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File: 1560779396541.jpg (17.48 KB, 354x471, qt.jpg)

No. 116931

This thread is for farmers to discuss what their ideal kind of man is and why he is better than what other farmers may think.

No. 116934

- Not a weeb. Idk how you girls even begin to tolerate male weebs as friends, let alone bfs or husbands. I unironically want to throw them firing squad fiestas. 98% of them are pedophiles and/or disgusting slimeballs that should be exiled. Plus like, all anime girls have child faces, so even the shit that isn't the most fucked is still pretty fucked in principle, at the least.

- Very sweet and compassionate, and this sweetness translates to all parts of life, not just having sex. So, like, even politically, he is compassionate and empathetic and very unlike the many lying-ass liars that claim to be "so nice that I get walked all over :(", but then you find out that they're katana wielding libertarians and you can't escape their company soon enough.

- Grew up poor/definitely doesn't come from a family with any money at all. Men that grow up with money are extra unnecessarily empowered and it "allows" them to be extra shitty. Plus I grew up a poorfag and honestly, I think it teaches you a lot to grow up without. I don't relate well to men who have had financial stability. They already take enough for granted even without the financial empowerment.

- Is a tiny waif that you could maybe break in half. Obviously if you insist on getting involved with a guy, they should be physically weak and unintimidating, both physically and emotionally/mentally. Strong guys are for squares and gay men.

- Is a practical doormat when it comes to dating you (not necessarily in other parts of his life, though I'm partial to a guy that needs to be protected a bit). Men are hardly worth getting involved with and are raised to be emotional vampires, so I think if they're worth anything, they'll understand that you're taking a major risk, and they should yield to you, and ideally, be happy to do so, because we're perfectly happy without them anyhow, and honestly, the minute they start their self-obsessed bellyaching, my attraction to them goes completely dead. I really just want to be with a guy that will do whatever I want because he's very cognizant of the fact that any involvement with men is risky to us on multiple levels and can't be compared to 0 risk women pose to men.

- Doesn't place high priority on working, career, or money. These people tend to be boring sociopaths, especially if they're men.

- Isn't judgmental

- Doesn't use porn/doesn't want to use porn in a relationship/definitely doesn't have the desire to rape/doesn't watch rape shit

- Is generally wholesome and sexually vanilla

- Isn't involved in gaming culture/isn't obsessed with gaming, and that can probably extend to internet culture too. Men are too retarded to be in possession of any technology, really. They should acknowledge this and be willing to give it up whatever technology you request, if they care about you, honestly. I'd be willing to give them a tamagotchi if they're good. This can totally extend to a guy that's willing to go off the grid with you, almost, like, be a complete hermit with you, beyond you guys having the technology that makes life more comfortable (plumbing, electric, etc).

- Doesn't really want to be around anyone but you. I feel this way and I have a hard time keeping and maintaining friends. It's a lot of work and I'm tired all of the time anyways. I would like someone that has perspective on our relationship and the time we spend together, knowing it can be taken from us at any time. I don't really enjoy having more than like, one friend at a time, if any, so someone similar to myself is good.

Idk, you guys will probably shit on me for this but w/e.

No. 116936

>emotionally available. let's himself cry, be a person in front of you etc instead of a statue.
>soft and squishy. either skinny fat or a bit of chub is better for cuddling
>cares about his personal hygiene
>can cook and clean and doesn't see domestic tasks as a threat to his masculinity
>not politically inclined at all

No. 116937

File: 1560785194579.jpg (52.87 KB, 672x1000, Garden_Study_of_the_Vickers_Ch…)

Well-read in a variety of subjects, always eager to learn, enjoys teaching.

>Playful sense of humor:

We can laugh and be silly together.


He knows what he wants in life and has clear goals, a vision of the future.


We are partners. He wants to see me succeed, because my success is vital to our future vision. He is supportive of healthy choices and calmly steers me away from my destructive nature when needed.


He lets me support him too, even if that support is uncomfortable at times. He loves trying new things and is not afraid to break the mold. He will encourage me to do so too, because I am.


Ultimately, the most important aspect is partnership. We are equals working together to achieve common goals. We honor the partnership, honor ourselves and each other.

I got everything I wanted in mine and more. I am very, very grateful.

No. 116941

File: 1560788025473.png (359.13 KB, 642x1102, 61033423_p2.png)

Well, there are few traits I seek, but I wouldn't say all of them are required
>isn't mentally ill
I don't mind aspergers, but BPD, schizophrenia, etc. are all out of question. I also honestly wouldn't consider someone who is severely depressed to be "ideal"
>not an emotional vampire, but doesn't mind opening up
I am more than happy to support someone else emotionally, but I expect to receive the same treatment and attention from them.
>we share some interests
Obviously, our interests don't need to be exactly the same, but it's good to have a starting point. I'm into literature, anime, manga, visual novels, rpgs, languages, basketball, so it would be nice if he also liked some of those things
>he is shorter or the same height as me
Short boys are CUTE. CUTE. Hnngg.
>grooms himself
Showers, shaves, puts on skin care, washes his hair regularly, etc.
>not a man slut
>black hair&pale skin combination
>isn't addicted to porn
>vanilla or switch

No. 116942

you posted a lot of shit you don't want, not much that you do.

also you sound like the weeb neckbeard pedos in your first post.

No. 116947

You say "first post" as if there is a second? I don't have any specific desires other than being skinny, kind, vanilla, etc, etc. I like long hair and I guess it's mandatory that he not want children? There's no similarities to pedo neckbeards but sure. I'm not rigid about other things and could accept all kinds of interests, behaviors, etc. I don't have an ideal for interests or their career or whatever. I just know what I really don't want.

No. 116949

Based taste anon. Manlets are adorable.

No. 116951

- not a complete normie, involved in internet culture but some retard to who spends his life on /pol/

- likes to read

- looks good but doesn't care about trends

- doesn't watch porn

- good sense of humour and can laugh at himself

- has his own goals and wants to be married and have a family

- tall (my bf is 6'4 and im not settling for under 6 ft)

- well endowed

- low body count

- not obsessed with the opposite sex or ig thots

No. 116954

meant the first part of your post.

wanting a weak doormat who has no friends is a huge red flag, anon.

No. 116956

- has a good education, has been to college and has had a job

-has lived on his own for some part of his life

-can cook and clean and doesn't make his mom do everything for him

-is generally healthy, but not a complete health nut or compulsive dieter. Exercises but isn't spending 5 hours at the gym getting /fit/. doesn't eat crap all day but isn't on some kind of ridiculous diet like keto.

-likes all dogs, not just big pitbulls or golden retrievers

-is into nerdy stuff and likes to enjoy movies and television shows, but isn't a snob who can only watch prestige oscar nominated films.

-has his own hobbies and a healthy social life where he has friends he can talk to

-preferably on the taller side, preferably has a muscular-yet-soft kind of body

-isn't a porn or masturbation addict

-likes and wants kids someday

No. 116957

- short, between 5’5 and 5’10. I’m 5’5 myself and love someone’s who close to my height, so much easily to kiss n cuddle them.

- not super skinny, broad shoulders, a dad bod with muscle underneath is the ideal. I love a bit of a belly on a man, not a true gut though!

- smart, but not necessarily smarter than me kek. smart in typical “man” stuff is important to me, like cars.. because I’m clueless and want someone to help me. but book smarts don’t matter as much as long as they don’t mind listening to me.

- kind, caring, supportive, motivated! without sounding like a tradthot, I’d love a man who makes enough to financially cover us both but if that’s not possible, someone who will be there to help me achieve my career goals.

- animal lover, likes kids but doesn’t want them.

- dorky. I play video games and watch anime, so someone who won’t judge me for that is great. But I don’t want a guy who also watched anime (been there, done that, it was horrible). Bonus points if we play similar games!

- isn’t a slob. I’m not super neat myself so two slobs in one house would be horrible. Need some sort of balance.

No. 116958

I'm a total slut for the 'Chris Pratt' type, plus some extras

>kinda chubby/dadbod-ish, not obese but a bit cuddly

>really good sense of humour
>really sweet
>a bit immature, but in an endearing way, not in a "still lives with his parents and can't do his own laundry" way
>a romantic
>will play vidya with me but isn't so obsessed with it that he stays up all night screaming with his friends
>no drugs. drugs ruined my childhood
>will always be the big spoon. never expects me to be. will fall asleep cuddling me
>at least 5 inches taller than me
>strong enough to carry my shit, not strong enough that he's physically intimidating and makes me flinch every time he gets mad
>not afraid to talk about his emotions or cry
>protective but in a caring way, rather than in a jealous way

basically all of my exes with none of their shitty flaws kek

No. 116959

Wholesome af not a single thing sexual or appearance wise
Congrats on finding your special person

No. 116963

>Kind, endearing, empathetic. Wears emotions openly, but maturely. Can show anger without placing blame or resorting to violence and/or yelling.
>Respectful of nature and the things around him, including himself. Doesn't guzzle himself booze, drugs, tattoos, or overuse general profanities. Doesn't share ill-will towards other people, such as commenting on stranger's weight all the time or looking down on retail employees.
>Good health. Doesn't have mental illness (sorry, dated a ton; done with it).
>Willing to go out and try new things; not afraid of the outdoors. I love hiking, camping, surfing, skating, etc. I really want to try hand gliding.
>Knows how to manage finances, and can provide for himself; isn't a materialist. I'm a minimalist and feel our lifestyles would be incompatible since I want to live in a very small space and save up as much money as possible for new experiences.
>Goal is marriage; sees me as his life's partner and the one to help mutually fulfill his needs with. Cares about my emotions and sexual satisfaction as I do his. (ie doesn't have anime/porn level expectations; doesn't compare me to other women, isn't repulsed by body hair/acne/cellulite and other things that are normal in moderate levels)
>A strong sense of responsibility and work ethic: cares for our children (if we decide to have them), helps with chores and home maintenance, never lets finances shift too much one way or the other. We both contribute.
>Willing to experiment in bed; lets me be the big spoon
>Doesn't hate my music (I listen to metal on full blast a lot and play drums/guitar; I imagine it'd get annoying if he didn't tolerate it)

>Has a well paid job and/or education
>Incredibly intelligent and likes having frequent debates and discussion, but doesn't take disagreement personally
>Likes board games and sports

Physical Bonus:
>He has those gorgeous honey brown eyes that go orange in the light and those really cute folds at the corders of the eyelids that made them narrow and match his scrunched up nose when he smiles
>Bear mode. Stocky boys with strong arms and a beer belly are the cutest thing ahhhhhh DEATH BY SNU SNU

No. 116965

If you take it completely without context, sure. You can't really compare women's desires for reassurance and security when involving themselves with men in a romantic capacity because they prove themselves to be resentful, mean-spirited albatrosses, especially when they feel slighted or bored, to men's porn-informed psychopathy. Really very different, anon.

No. 116966

Really solid, anon.

No. 116970

File: 1560809151274.gif (2.55 MB, 268x360, c3b6aa73-f8ff-428f-aeba-92eca0…)

No. 116971

File: 1560809571163.jpeg (123.66 KB, 540x763, 1559218283587.jpeg)

- is smarter than me. has a lot of unique interests/hobbies and can teach me new things

- independent/not clingy. does not need constant reassurance, and affection. is emotionally mature and can communicate thoughts and feelings like an adult. can relate on emotional level. 1 or 2 mental illnesses in common. edgy but pure

- taller than me. skinny lanklet

- decent fashion sense.

- loves cats and animals

- is into internet culture and memes so not a normie

- traditional values. wants a family someday but isn't in any rush. virgin. thinks casual sex is haram

- very open minded and open to new ideas and things!
sexually vanilla or submissive but doesn't know it

- introverted, shy, silly or quirky, romantic

- reserved but opens up with time. soft and squishy on the inside

- someone i can respect and look up to

No. 116972

What the heck my description is gone.

Anyway, I like guys who look pretty masculine but still have a boyish charm, pic related is the perfect example.
I don't have really specific reqirements, other than him being taller than me.
Someone who is similar enough to me that we get along, but different enough so that I'm not just dating myself lol

No. 116985

I disagree. You sound like you're either being sarcastic or are actually retarded. If you are that insecure about dating a man who is stronger than you, you shouldn't be dating.

No. 116991

It's not unreasonable. I don't feel comfortable with men that are especially physically imposing and I don't think highlighting strength differences is attractive, like, even on a visceral level. It's not even about insecurity, it's about the fact that a lot of women are literally sleeping with the enemy and they don't even know it until it's too late. Look at the dv stats or how they seek to financially and emotionally ruin women on a daily basis. Tiny men are prettier anyhow. My dad has always been physically abusive towards me, so I don't like men having the satisfaction on even a subconscious level, of like, being able to relish in an exaggerated size discrepancy between us and know the power is extra tipped in their favor, physiologically, let alone mentally. I probably won't get involved with any guy though.

No. 116993

Pretty much exactly what this bitch said. Too bad any guy that comes close turns out to be gay.

No. 116996

NTA but you sound really crazy. please fuck off out of the thread with your shitty radfem political lesbian crap.

No. 116997

>sweet, but still assertive
>kind to animals and vulnerable people
>slightly or a lot taller than me, slim
>long luscious locks I can braid and run my fingers through
>beautiful eyes. color doesn't matter, just beautiful eyes
>kind of or very much a pretty boy/pretty faced
>probably foreign
>some kind of engineer or scientist, nerdy but not in the shitty neckbeard way
>same or very similar sexual interests and preferences/morals and as into me as I am into him
>good listener
>open about feelings/emotions
>has good manners and a sharp dresser
>shares my bullshit obscure interests and taste in media
>funny in a way that clicks with each other
>intellectual and willing to discuss and think about controversial topics
>artistic or appreciates my artsy side
>adventurous when it comes to food, travel, etc
>protective but not overly jealous
>no serious addictions
I'm really lucky because my bf is exactly how I'd describe my perfect man. I had a hard day today and he listened to me and tried to comfort me, even though almost everyone would think I'm overreacting.

No. 117000

>likes to travel
>sweet and caring
More importantly what they should not be, and that seems impossible these days:
>not into internet bullshit politics (manosphere)
>not video game addicted
>not porn addicted
>not controlling (insecure)
>not a weeb

No. 117005

Anon just wants a non-threatening guy, her dad was abusive so it's understandable. Fuck off yourself. I have empathy for people like this.

No. 117006

File: 1560848130399.png (516.67 KB, 720x889, t65lgk5eO71vnw7k3o1_1280.png)

>Doesn't need me to be his new mommy, he's a grown man who can handle his shit.
>Not afraid to stand up for himself, but in a calm and flexible way. Good tempered, rarely lose his cool.
>Loves and respect women as a whole. He must have a good respectful relationship with his mom / granny / aunts (granted they're not abusive bitches).
>Not a virgin, not a manwhore, someone who's had enough experience to know what he likes and want in a relationship.
>Must be able to talk about his feelings and emotions like a well balanced adult. (Not afraid to cry, admit he's stressed out, afraid…)
>Doesn't struggle with jealousy.
>Prefer doing outdoors activities.
>Masculine with boyish charms. Takes good care of his appearance.
>Doesn't use porn.
>Bonus point if he as a decently sized dick.

I find kindness and softness irresistible in a masculine man.

No. 117007

File: 1560851621178.jpg (51.34 KB, 650x650, 1560441749333.jpg)

You are mental.

No. 117011

File: 1560857763762.jpg (38.62 KB, 640x640, f016256e4ffe1eecfada3faae0986d…)

>around 180 cm but not that important, as long as he's taller than me (165)
>athletic and fit but not super muscular or shredded, a bit of chub on top of muscle is my fave
>into sports, will watch/play my favorite sports with me (or is willing to let me teach him)
>strong and masculine, but in a chivalrous way, not toxic or insecure
>has lots of hobbies and interests we can talk about, intelligent and well-read, open-minded
>plays video games casually, always down to play mariokart or smash with me
>good hygiene, capable of dressing well and wearing clothes that fit
>not a total normie but not corrupted by degenerate shit
>doesn't watch porn, doesn't follow camgirls/ig thots, or have any gross fetishes, has absolutely no interest in anal
>loves his mom, and his family in general, ideally he'd have a chill and friendly family that I can enjoy hanging out with
>gets along with my family, is open to our culture (we're immigrants) and would never make retarded jokes about my ethnicity
>loves kids and animals
>well mannered, gentlemanly, has respect for others and is empathetic and kind
>good temper, doesn't flip out or yell, capable of having mature discussions without turning everything into an argument
>romantic, sweet and gentle, will always comfort me when I cry (which is often lol), loves to cuddle
>bonus points for being bilingual and/or having a qt accent, I fucking melt for cute guys with accents

This just made me depressed thinking how lonely I am. I really hope I can find a good sweet guy to marry, so jealous of you lucky anons with great bfs and husbands.

No. 117012

Honestly I kind of see where she's coming from and while she's too cautious, I think it's better than not being cautious at all.
A lot of women pick men who will mentally and physically abuse them and take advantage of them. A lot of guys also tend to be sexually predatory. Men who are aware of that inherent risk are really rare.
I knew my bf was a keeper when he at the beginning let me initiate physical contact in our relationship, even small things like holding hands and such (he straight up told me, he was so happy I initiated because he wanted me to be as comfortable as possible, and he didn't want to push me into anything). Imo I think more guys should act like that but they're always pushed into the "bE a dOmInAnT alPhA" brainwashing bullshit and certain types of low self-esteem women validate them and then they think it's ok to act that way around all women.

No. 117015

Anon I actually really like this and have a very similar taste. Sorry to see other anons are shitting on you for no reason.
>tfw no sweet, kind, empathetic bf

No. 117019

>Not on the right wing politically, but intelligent enought not to go all the way down the left wing
>Can distinguish between porn and real life, I really like sex and talking freely about it is a must. Been on a relationship with a man who didn't watch porn and never expressed "dirty desires". It was so bad and sex so boring I ended up distancing myself.
>Not into ethots
>Likes nerd stuff (sorry, I can't figure dating someone with no interest in most nerd culture)
>Mutual support is mandatory
>Talks sincerely and openly about himself, his feelings and his believes
>Open to confront but believes enought in his opinion not to be amoeba
>Has strong personality enought to keep head to me in arguments (and eventually wakes me up from mental torpor, to say)
>Someone with whom I can laught my heart off and feel free
>Doesn't drains me emotionally
>Passionate about whatever he does. I find this very wholesome and inspirational
>Mutual learning about anything in life
>Kind, loves animals, blahblahblah you know the goes.
>Not afraid of letting go to tenderness and softness
>Eager to grow together and learn from each other mistakes with no fear
>Phisically, not too tall (wouldn't go beyond 185cm), slender figure, let's say skinny to average with a bit of fat
>Black hair, beard, men with glasses is a kink of mine

I can't believe I've found a companion such as my boyfriend, totally the man I see married to in the future. He's more than a boyfriend and a lover to me, I learned so much from him and I can see it was the same for him. Wouldn't change a single thing

No. 117020

sage because same anon and a bit of blogging
>Not afraid of being sexually submissive, nor experimenting in bed. A thing I loved about my boyfriend is that he was a virgin for so long he was both fascinated and intimidated about my view of sex (which he had similar to mine), and he basically let me do all the courting and was really timid while approaching phisically to me, he wouldn't even dare take my hand and I was the one kissing him the first time. Eventually, he's the first man I let be dominating in bed out of pure, earned, trust

No. 117024

how dare you take away from men all the things that make them men. you're such a misandrist, anon! /s

i so want a non-threatening guy, too. one where if i say something stupid or make a mistake he wouldn't make a thing out of it, also
>is overwhelmingly positive
>humorous, fun to be around
>has similar hobbies to an extent
>same race
>drug free
>not a porn watcher
>doesn't want kids
>is me-sexual, never had an attraction to anyone else before

No. 117025

>is me-sexual, never had an attraction to anyone else before

You really think you're that beautiful?

No. 117027

Not her but it is an ideal thread. Not necessarily realistic. At the same time I have seen very very very few guys like that but they exist. Maybe one in 10k.

No. 117029

>never had an attraction to anyone else before
There's a difference between attraction and like, a full-out relationship. The former is absolutely impossible to get away from. You gonna get mad when he talks jokingly about his elementary school crush?

Wanting someone who's never been in a relationship is one thing, wanting what anon mentioned is just flat out psychotic.

No. 117032

Will probably trigger anons to say this but you could get a demisexual guy who isn't sexually attracted unless he's in a relationship and you might be his first.

No. 117033

i like abusive pieces of trash who like video games and intermittent reinforcement

No. 117034

love urself…

No. 117037

to him I would be :)

that's why it would be ideal, because everything in reality is bullshit. it would make me so happy to know i was special to my guy and i was the only one. how is this one specific want important to nitpick out of the (even more unrealistic) ideals i listed

No. 117039

Aaw yours sounds so cute

No. 117040

firstly, and this is very important to me: i LOVE guys with very masculine, charismatic demeanors. not exactly macho physically, but their posture etc is a huge deciding factor.
very kind and sweet on the inside though.
just a bit taller than me. about 5'8. average body, not exactly ripped but has a good amount of muscle. i don't like skinny guys or fat guys period.
deep voice & a great singer.
finally he has to be very intelligent with a dark sense of humor.

No. 117050

File: 1560905428790.png (173.11 KB, 500x538, anyway-take-care-of-yourself-4…)

I always find myself being attracted to a certain type of guys:


>gives me attention even when he has friends around like, he doesn't need to talk to me but he does
>doesn't see me ONLY as a potential fuck
>still talks to me even after discovering my cringey and awkward side

Met a few guys like that, but I got my dreams shattered because of a few things, so I guess I should add:

>is a genuine feminist and doesn't see women as walking chunks of meat

>not a depressed mess

No. 117057

The type I mostly feel attracted to is:

>outgoing, but a little bit shy

>has a slender body, leaning on the skinnier side
>a bit feminine, not really on looks but on behavior/way of talking/gesture
>Friendly and funny
>a bit less intelligent than me, but still fairly smart
>more cute than handsome
>a little bit jealous
>a little bit "crazy" - the impulsive and "fuck it" kind of "crazy", not the literal one
>smooth and slightly high pitched nasal voice

I like my guys to be more feminine than I am, lol.

No. 117062

you sound literally perfect

No. 117067

I never thought I'd read about anyone who wants these things. I always knew I was like, different in life but I'm glad to see this

I've always been the overly-attached and clingy type that gets way too loyal. I never understood it. I've never really liked any girls before but I've always wanted to be married and together 25/8. The whole me-sexual thing is so accurate, I completely lose the whole sex drive for people that aren't my partner. So much anime is just about japan's underdeveloped population and attraction to cute instead of what is normally sexually stimulating. I've always been a giant sweetheart and insanely compassionate. I grew up most of my life with like roaches and rats eating at me in the middle of the night and having to find food from food banks, I've even been homeless twice. I'm a huge doormat, I love it when I don't have to initiate anything and can just be co-pilot to someone else.

Even with the porn and sex thing, I hate any sort of sexual stimulation that isn't an s/o.

I've always hated money, I remember crying as a child when my parent told me about what it was. It's always been something I've wanted to be completely absorbed by someone and have zero distractions, the whole hermits-together things is so amazing. I have no problem spending 11 hours at a time just sitting with someone, not even talking.

I am the same way with friends and relationships, I need to do one thing at a time, and want someone very similar to myself. I have no problem with just one single person for the rest of my life.

I don't think you're crazy anon. or maybe both of us are just crazy, idk.

No. 117070

anon is crazy because she's describing a fucking codependent relationship. not wanting someone to be aggressive is fine but anon is basically looking for some innocent idiot with no friends to trap in her basement. go to therapy and stop idealizing your bfs like they're a kitten you find on the side of the road.

No. 117073

zip it manslut

No. 117075

To all the anons who want somebody who has only ever been attracted to them. Get yourselves some self esteem.

Seriously how can you unironically write you want someone to be "me-sexual"? It's so unhealthy.

No. 117078

Here we have it ladies, a femcel.

>self awareness
>decent time management
>so tall they hit their head on stuff in japan probs average height in Denmark or my height
>𝕬𝖈𝖚𝖆𝖑𝖑𝖞 𝖈𝖆𝖓𝖆𝖉𝖎𝖆𝖓 about life
> exactly the opposite to an Adam sandler character
>outdoor hobbies
> likes indie music but also gyms often
> wants a gym partner
> wants home cooked meals
> has his own life and close friends he goes with camping or w/e
> doesn’t mind festivals

No. 117079

I’m pretty sure they are femcels or 16

No. 117086

I have self-esteem but I just think it's a trait that would be really endearing and cute. I can't imagine why being attracted to other people, even in the past, would be an attractive trait? It's either neutral (as in you don't care or even think about it), or negative, but not a positive. Unless you get off to that sort of thing, of course.

No. 117088

This is the ideal bf thread, for like, the millionth time.

No. 117089

So what? It's still femcel tier and cringe. You guys sound exactly like incels obsessed with virginity.

No. 117092

It really doesn't, seeing as how men aren't the ones that have to cope with being made to feel inescapable sexually and romantically disposable from the cradle to the grave. Of course feeling special to the guy you love, in terms of sexual attraction, is something that some women would really want considering most men we interact with have been so hypnotized by porn that they want us to re-enact increasingly disgusting and/or dangerous things with them and are literally addicted to porn. This "you're just like an incel" thing is so unimaginably ignorant of larger context. It's really dumb.

And more importantly, the main distinction is that incels refuse to accept anything else but their fantasy and actually hate women who don't fit their fantasy. Their fantasies completely inform their real life standards. That's literally the opposite here. Try again.

No. 117103

It's not "attractive" but it's healthy. Unless your boyfriend is like, 16 (which I hope he isn't, pedo-chan), it is literally unhealthy and abnormal to not ever be attracted to people.

Anyway my ideal bf :

* An understanding of art. Someone who dislikes modern and contemporay art (or worse: thinks they're the same) is an absolute no-go.

* Had past experiences with mental health issues or drugs but is seriously over it and healthy and free of (serious) addiction.

* Not rendered brain-dead by porn.

* Ideally tall lanklet but any type of not fat and not Mr. Muscle Man, tall-ish body type will do.

* Empathic and with a kind soul. Can be selfless. It reflects in his political opinions.

* Slightly prententious/arrogant but not mean.

* Not a virgin. Decent in bed with our common complicity making him even better in bed.

* Not necessarily a loud feminist but any type of mysoginy is an absolute deal braker.

* Is absolutely attracted to me and loves me. Considers me as a whole-ass person and not some manic pixie dream girl fantasy.

* Funny, not funnier than me but appreciates my personal humour.

* Likes to read, is creative, intellectual, knows what's happening the world right now.

* A minimum of internet culture.

* Not looking for a mommy to take care of him. Can take care of himself. Not jealous.

* Passionate but doesnt put all the hopes of the relationship into "passion", is also dedicated.

* IDEALLY also STEM smart and can teach me about hard-science stuff I don't know about.

* Not someone who has ever said in his life "all my exes are crazy!"

No. 117107

File: 1560996953061.jpg (20.24 KB, 400x310, hugs.jpg)

>worships me like a goddess
>proclaims I'm the only girl he's ever loved
>touches me like I'm made of delicate porcelain and asks if he's too rough
>was a virgin before me
>vanilla but eager to experiment and satisfy my weird ass fetishes
>hates getting BJs; loves giving head
>overall, a giver rather than a taker
>never complains when I ask for 1+ hour massages
>places above all else our emotional and romantic bond rather than our sexual relationship
>doesn't brag about his dick size or height
>is overall humble
>despises porn and weeb shit
>plays an instrument so we can jam
>a love for literature and the arts
>doesn't pressure me into anything
>loves to do domestic duties and chores
>gives me compliments everyday and writes me love poems
>sensitive, gentle shy guy that's wholly emotionally available
>not addicted to the internet
>engages in intellectual discussion
>full head of long thick hair (the best feature in all men imo)
>feminine face that belongs in classical paintings
>masculine svelte body with well-defined muscles
>a love for all animals
>does the "right thing" even if it fucks him over in the end
>silly, quirky humor that's charming; he gets my dark humor and deadpan jokes
>doesn't see me as a bitch
>isn't afraid to apologize first when we fight; doesn't care if he "wins/loses" the argument

I think I've found "The One."

No. 117121

File: 1561012461418.jpg (63.36 KB, 564x705, 1f6c4be8f5018bc1ad0e18a722c012…)

>Is a total doormat and financially dependent on me

>5' tall max and weight no more than 100 lbs so I can easily smack and body drop him.

>Grew up with no money, regularly starved so he will be happy whenever I give him anything to eat.

>Comes from a severely abusive family so he'll feel extremely grateful for the tiniest things I do for him.

>Has never laid eyes on any other human being before. Had no concept of sexuality before laying his eyes on me.

>Vanilla but let me peg him with no lube.

>Has no friends and want none. I should be the only friend he needs.

>Loves the smell of my farts and always get a good sniff when I let one out.

>Don't care if I have no accomplishment in life and don't except me to ever get better.

>Always let me win arguments and genuinely believe I'm always right because I'm the smartest woman on the planet. Will apologize for making me mad when he disagrees with me.

>Has no hobbies outside of loving and serving me.

>Never masturbated before, doesn't know what porn is and cry when he learn what it is.

No. 117123

>Has never laid eyes on any other human being before.
You mean in a sexual way or is he blindfolded until he meets you?

No. 117125

It's a robot and it's bait/what he calls satire.

No. 117133

>I'm tall myself, but don't want somebody who's too tall, so 178~185cm
>slim and athletic body, works out
>I'm pale with light eyes, but want a guy who's a bit tanner, maybe with honey brown eyes
>I don't care about the colour, but I don't like short hair
>takes care of his apperance (skin care etc) and has a good fashion sense (more sporty/"urban" than elegant)
>has an amazing smile

>looks hot and confident, but is also bubbly, happy, energetic, childish, motivates me, cheers me up - balances out how shy and silent I am, gets me to leave the house lol

>mentally healthy
>I actually don't care whether he's intelligent or not, as long as he's not insensitive. And I hate people who act like know-it-alls.
>likes his job, never comes home in bad mood, doesn't vent his work problems to me all the time (like my father does to my mother)
>doesn't lose his temper easily
>is popular, has more sexual experience than I do, has nice friends
>has many hobbies and is open to mine
>is not one of those outdoor freaks whose only idea of vacation is hiking, camping or sleeping in a caravan (there are a lot of them in my country…)
>doesn't need to be around me 24/7, is not overly romantic
>isn't ashamed of me, doesn't lie to me, never makes fun of me, isn't late to dates… simply the basics

So, I guess I want a friendly chad, who miraculously puts up with somebody like me.

No. 117138

You and me have exact taste, anon lol

No. 117139

>Always listens to my problems and tells me everything will be okay
>Gentle, never yells or shouts at me
>No dumbass Twitch memes/internet humor
>We can talk about everything calmly like adults
>Open with his feelings, able to let himself be vulnerable around me when necessary
>Into 'female hobbies' and female-orientated media
>Vanilla, doesn't watch porn but open to experimentation
>Good at domestic chores and cooking, hygiene is great
>Always encourages me, and vice versa
>Smart but doesn't have to be an 'intellectual', just capable of holding conversation to some extent
>Willing to quit his job and be a house husband if I make way more money than him

No. 117141

>Bigger and taller than me.

I'm 4'8 and I'd really want to get with a guy whose lips I cannot reach for a kiss.

>Someone who can control their emotions and isn't afraid to express it.

Current BF is super bad at controlling his emotions and we always end up fighting about it.

>Not an edgy memelord

Every male I've met in my College is an edgy memelord. They're super obnoxious

>Not afraid of feminity

>Relaxed and laidback. Not a workaholic and goes with the flow but will take initiative if needed.

>Fat on muscle like Hiromu Takahashi. Average body types. Skinny on fat. Chubby.

I'm not picky with body types i just do not fuck with the extreme ones tbh. But I'm super into fat on muscle types. Theyre good for cuddling.

>Casual gamer + anime fan

It's nice to share the same interest with a guy and I like that. Especially for the casual gamer types. But I fucking hate the weeab types. There's a shit ton of those men in my college and I've talked to them about certain animes and all of them admit that they like lolicon and shoutacon.

>Good hygiene.Good at dicking.Good listener

>Likes a lot of music. Likes to eat or a big eater since I can't finish my food most of the time lol
>Is into softdom and pegging
>Stable income
>Doesnt want a big family
>Kind to Animals

>Guys with shoulder length hair and a bit of scruff on the face.

I honestly despise the undercut that most men have nowadays. They look like they joined the Hitler Youth.

>Loves me

No. 117143

>I'd really want to get with a guy whose lips I cannot reach for a kiss.
Why would anybody want that?

No. 117144

She's 4'8, it wouldn't take much. Even an absolute turbomanlet would be hard to reach.

No. 117146

I agree with many of the points that >>116934 picked tbh haha. This will probably look similar but maybe for different and less radfem reasons. I don't really see men as the enemy, I just like cute ones.

>4'11"-5'4" because I'm just unable to be attracted to men who are taller than me. I'm 5'6" for reference.

>skelly is good for tossing around, but squishy is good for cuddling. Either is fine as long as he's not athletic.
>some sort of interesting feature like a big nose, gap teeth, or acne scars. Perfection is weird to me.
>…same/similar race. There are actually very few of us. Oddly regarding this I do prefer short hair on guys, but if he grows it out I understand and support that pride.
>interested in the arts as a hobby so we can collaborate on projects in our free time
>decent at communicating and is a bigger talker than me but also a good listener. I prefer to talk less.
>very introverted and not interested in the party or club scene. I don't need him to be isolated, a few friends are obviously fine. I have a best friend myself. But in the end we should spend much of our time together because we'll be the best of best friends.
>not into drugs or alcohol
>very passive sexually. The ideal is a guy who just lies there because I dislike being touched.
>attracted to me…not alone, I just want to be his type
>good hygiene and decent fashion sense. It increases attraction tenfold, but just letting me dress him would also be nice.
>Overall just a calm and grounded person. Boring, even.
>will let me support him later as a sign of my love and devotion.
>loves animals

No. 117147

It doesn't really matter now does it.

No. 117150

I can’t tell if this is real or satire? Weird tastes but you do you, anon

No. 117151

My ideal type isn't real. I have insane unrealistic standards and men in real life are trash.

No. 117154

Genuinely (unironically-for you neanderthals)this.

No. 117155

Same except the fart part
fuck off scatfag

No. 117158

File: 1561048736260.jpg (76.83 KB, 600x800, 3bf57a8f92baad55fa407c83e22308…)

>>117151 but I'll bite. Saging for samefag and because my standards are insanely unrealistic, this man doesn't exist in reality and I don't care.

>Very wealthy. I don't particularly care if it comes from his achievements or his family but it would be nice if he is intelligent enough to be accomplished and has a good career.

>Masculine, toned but not beefcake and much taller than me.
>Dominant in bed and in life. Weak and submissive men are disgusting to me.
>Has never felt anything for, been in a relationship with or done anything sexual with another woman. Anti-porn virgin and no interest in looking at another woman.
>Attractive in the same tier as pic related. I have a preference for asian men but I'm not a crazy weeaboo about it.
>Older than me but not more than 8 years age difference.
>Serious, cold exterior but warm interior that is exposed only to me.

I'll get my romance fix elsewhere because real men are disappointing. Anons hook me up if you have any romance media recommendations like this.

No. 117159

File: 1561048957627.jpg (42.43 KB, 512x288, loveo2o.jpg)

Love O2O. The male protagonist is pretty dreamy and successful, a gentleman too. The protagonist is his first love. The video game parts are kind of cringe, though.

No. 117160

File: 1561050807181.jpg (9.78 KB, 236x298, 1536893653222.jpg)

ok let's do this, i've been dreaming of my dream boy for awhile
>white, black hair, pale skin
>sideburns, strong eyebrows, hairy
>slightly overweight
>round-ish features, stubble/shadow, a smirk and dark circles
>dresses in an eccentric way (like kramer from seinfeld-esque)
>either slightly taller or slightly shorter than me (i'm 5'9, so medium height is ideal)

>fun loving, extroverted, daredevil
>not politically motivated
>enjoys rough/passionate sex but is not into strange kinks/fetishes
>either blue collar or middle of the road liberal arts (i'm in STEM and can't stand the men i'm around)
>somewhat dumber than me (not preachy, will actually listen to what i say without AHKTUALLY-ing me)
>will tease me and has a sense of humour
>likes to be sexualized, ie: will let me dress him up, wants me touch him, handsy with me
>low maintenance but puts in effort, has an interest in vintage culture
>appreciates my coldness, thinks women like that are attractive

god sometimes i hate this website

No. 117161

Damn, I really like sideburns too. I'm always complimenting my bf's and touching them. He always gets shy and embarrassed about it.

No. 117162

sideburns are nice, i hate current fashion trends on men right now. this isn't even a "le born in the wrong generation" thing, i just can't stand undercuts and hoodies.

No. 117163

I feel you on the undercut thing, they are easily the ugliest hairstyle for guys

No. 117164

File: 1561053164292.jpg (51.62 KB, 385x600, Mr.-Fitzwilliam-Darcy-copy.jpg)

Appearance-wise you're practically describing Mr. Darcy

No. 117167

not that anon but this exchange made me giggle.
anyway, here goes nothing:

>dark, curly/wavy hair
>skin either porcelain white or straight up black, no arabs allowed
>not fat but not pumped with muscle, just lean with some definition
>big arms, nicely shaped legs, being bow-legged is a plus
>tall. sorry short kings, but my man needs to be tall, at least 180~cm. the taller the better tbh.
>if i'm dating a man i want him to be physically bigger than me and literally be able to throw me around in bed lmao

>not depressed, please god please not depressed, i already am
>interested in learning new stuff and hasn't lost his curiosity about life
>same intelligence as me but in different areas. i'd like to be a bit dominant in our day-to-day life but i'd like to let him have the reins when i feel like to, so he needs to be smart and quick. i don't want to explain things.
>a job. have a job. entrepreneurship doesn't count
>is good in bed, cares about me and my needs. doesn't get fussy when i don't feel like having sex/giving a blowjob.
>doesn't take himself too seriously. meaning we can joke around and roast each other. isn't too worried about his appearance but grooms still.
>isn't afraid of being silly with me and friends
>doesn't push me but still manages to take me out of my comfort zone
>doesn't see buying flowers, gifts, arranging dates etc. as a huge fucking deal

and most importantly, out of all of this,

>be funny.

No. 117168

Ideal cute bf
>>memetic 1.80 or taller
I just love tall boys
>>cute accent, I'm esl so all accent is cute but Welsh or Scottish is cute
>>funny and witty, someone that clearly loves live and joy
>>into self growth and connected with his feelings
>>takes pride in his looks and even eccentric
Thanks to previous relationships I don't have time or patience for guys with low self esteem, I want someone who shines because they love themselves
>>physically and intellectually active. Not necessarily a someone obsessed with either but I like hiking and walking as much as discussing epistemology or ethics
>>not the same but similar world views and morals
>>generous with their time, energy and money
>>gotta have artistic sensibility, in all its aspects.
>>into spoiling one another.
>>a hopeless romantic and passionate
If he's not into fistfight at moon light for my honor then what do I win lmao
>>a spiritual person or at least understand the sensibility of being spiritual
>>physically I'm not very exquisitive but big hands are always good
Astrology sperging incoming : sun and asc, either both fire signs or a mix of air and fire, sun in 3rd-5th-7th-9th-10th house, moon in water sign or Capricorn in 3rd-6th-11th, Venus in water sign, Libra or Leo.

Anyway basically someone like me who is into loving and living life.

No. 117169

File: 1561057082566.gif (1.17 MB, 300x292, 1.gif)

>Hygienic, funny, loyal, animal lover

>Curious, willing to try new things, loves to travel

>Race doesn't matter as long as he's a prettyboy with long lashes, but I tend to lean towards light skin brown boys or tan Asians

>Skinnyfat, slightly toned, or chubby bod. No gymrats or skellys.

>5'6" or taller

>Smart but doesn't act like he's smarter than me, even if he is. Can teach me stuff without being condescending about it (which is impossible for most men).

>Not overly self confident. I can't stand dudes who know they're good looking. Even the mildest fuckboy aura is an instant dealbreaker (hence why I'd never date pic related even though he's physically perfect).

>Bisexual. Most bi guys are mansluts, but I feel like they have a much healthier grasp of emotional vulnerability than straight guys. They also take better care of themselves. Plus it's hot to fantasize about your bf with another guy.

>Likes to play video games, watch movies, and listen to music together. Huge bonus points if he can introduce me to new media that I enjoy.

>Is receptive to my affection. I'm not a big romantic so he doesn't have to be either, but he has to tolerate my clingyness lol

>idc if he still lives at home as long as he has a job and knows how to take care of himself. Career path doesn't matter either, I make enough money for the both of us. He can be whatever he wants.

>Doesn't get drunk. Ever. Having a few drinks and getting tipsy is fine, but regularly drinking to the point of slurring, passing out, vomiting, getting loud or violent etc. is a huge no.

>I don't mind if he watches porn as long as it's not some degenerate incest/rape/abuse bullshit

>Small or average penis. Big veiny dicks disgust me.

I realize this all makes me sound kinda young/immature, I'm in my early 20s but I've more or less had the same ideal type since I was a teenager. Maybe it'll change as I get older, but my dating history is quite extensive so, at the moment I'm quite confident in what I like. I know my standards are high but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.

No. 117170

The Kiss Quotient .

Sexy Asian male lead. Dominant. Lots of steamy scenes.

Sucks that hardly any books have Asian romance leads in it

No. 117287

File: 1561073964673.jpg (18.09 KB, 236x345, 815de3ff1984555ad4ae2d3ed54abf…)

My bf has sideburns and very long hair, but it doesn't look like bad 70s hair. I wish more men had hair like that. Maybe not muttonchops though lol. Regency hair is nice too.
I think most men look just bad with undercuts. I don't really like them on anyone.
Pic related, a bit more muttonchoppy than I would usually like but I think he pulled it off.

No. 117291

am I being described

>worships me like a goddess

>proclaims I'm the only girl he's ever loved
I dunno you, but yeah
>touches me like I'm made of delicate porcelain and asks if he's too rough
>vanilla but eager to experiment and satisfy my weird ass fetishes
>hates getting BJs; loves giving head
I love both but the last one more
>overall, a giver rather than a taker
>never complains when I ask for 1+ hour massages
make it 3-6, one hour isn't long enough
>places above all else our emotional and romantic bond rather than our sexual relationship
of course
>doesn't brag about his dick size or height
>is overall humble
>despises porn and weeb shit
>plays an instrument so we can jam
no :(
>a love for literature and the arts
>doesn't pressure me into anything
>loves to do domestic duties and chores
yes but only if it's for you or us
>gives me compliments everyday and writes me love poems
I thought that was too clingy but yeah
>sensitive, gentle shy guy that's wholly emotionally available
>not addicted to the internet
>engages in intellectual discussion
>full head of long thick hair (the best feature in all men imo)
did someone dox me
>feminine face that belongs in classical paintings
did someone dox me
>masculine svelte body with well-defined muscles
who doxxed me
>a love for all animals
>does the "right thing" even if it fucks him over in the end
ive been doxxed
>silly, quirky humor that's charming; he gets my dark humor and deadpan jokes
>doesn't see me as a bitch
>isn't afraid to apologize first when we fight; doesn't care if he "wins/loses" the argument

should I be afraid? are you the one that emailed me(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 117292

>kind and sweet
>awkward and shy
>in tune with his feels
>intelligent or knowledgeable
>wants a family & marriage
>realistic ambitions and goals
>into some internet culture (no degenerate shit)
>a passion for an art (I prefer music, but any other form of art I can find appreciation)
>hygienic and cares for appearance
>leans towards a cool style
>cute face
>pale skin, dark hair
>thin, scrawny or skinnyfat
>low bodycount
>silent confidence
>average or somewhat big dick
>willing to dom and be rough with me in bed

No. 117293

>has positive attributes

No. 117300

Please leave this board scroate. You won’t get a gf here.(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 117303

I'm not a robot, I'm just making fun you femcels, and my satire isn't far off the mark considering >>117154
unironically want this.
And >>117160 think it's real.

No. 117304

>men r ebil so we can be ebil too!

fuck. off.

seriously though, you're crazy.

No. 117305

>not obsessed with being a stereotypical man

and i got him. sorry guys.

No. 117314

Physically, just be somewhat thin/fit, blue or green eyes, sharp jaw, scruff

Personality wise, I like them adventurous,respectful of me, understanding, a few common interests and they have to make me feel desirable and cared for

I like mommying too but in regards to sex, I like it when they're comfy enough to do kinky shit but knows how to be respectful about it but also doesn't act immature when sex mishaps happen like bone pops, farts and queefs, lots of sweat, etc

I have a guy I'm happy with so there's that, there's someone for everyone

No. 117337

Damn you.

No. 117344

File: 1561148784066.gif (1.73 MB, 400x314, youngtrentisqtplsnobully.gif)

>Dark hair with dark eyes that are perpetually tired looking (maybe a bit sunken or with eyebags).
I also really like dark, angry-looking eyebrows kek
>Pale and thin
>Doesn't have conventional goals for the future (ex. starting a family, living in a suburban neighborhood, etc.)
I want to leave my future pretty open-ended so I'd feel bad dating someone who has set plans to settle down and have a conventional life.
>Independent and has his own friends and interests
If we happen to have the same interests that's fine, but I'd hate for us to do everything together just because that's what couples are 'supposed' to do
>Respects the fact I need my space and am not a super gushy romantic person (if he's the same way, even better)
>Isn't a normie and thinks for himself/isn't overly reliant on technology or whatever is seen as cool and trendy
I know this is superficial and stupid but it's such a turnoff when I meet guys whose personalities are basically just the Office, going to parties, and Facebook memes.
>Has a few hobbies and interests that he's really passionate about
I always think guys are the cutest when they're talking about something they really like
>Has a more quiet, relaxed personality and is transparent with his emotions/feelings
I don't like guys who are stereotypically masculine and think its manly to be emotionally constipated, but as a result end up emotionally immature and lash out and say stupid things they don't mean when they lose their temper/are under stress/etc. Also in terms of emotional transparency, I just mean someone who doesn't change their personality to fit the occasion and is generally the same guy no matter the situation.

Am I asking for too much? Probably.

No. 117360

I used to think about 'my dream guy' when I was younger and his characteristics but nowadays I honestly don't give a fuck, I'd rather go with the flow

No. 117361

I don't know why ppl who seem to be scared of men want to get into a relationship, like you've got some issues to resolve before that girl

Wanting a tiny guy just because he'd be 'weaker and not as threatening' is insane, and I got some news for you he'd stronger all the same

No. 117363

It’s not asking for much anon…am married to a guy with all of those traits

No. 117374

Its sad when women are asking for basic things like this in an IDEAL guy thread where you can be as unrealistic as you want and they think they're asking for too much. The absolute state of men.

No. 117376

File: 1561215484844.gif (1.14 MB, 500x375, okay.gif)

>I'd be willing to give them a tamagotchi if they're good.
Now there, you'll spoil him.

No. 117380

>he'd be stronger all the same
Ntayrt but I've experienced having more upper body strength than some tiny men. I lift and am a stocky lady though.
Not saying I'm stronger than most men or anything (definitely not) but a 5'2" skelly guy? Absolutely. It's attainable for some women.

Disclaimer that I'm only into this for fetish reasons and not fear btw kek.

No. 117381

Same. I'm 5'10, that's taller than most men and naturally I'm also stronger.
Have some confidence in your strength, of course short body builders exist, but your average short or medium-height guy is not Hulk.

No. 117383

I know this is a troll but
>Vanilla but let me peg him with no lube.
Is so true of most of this site. A lot of women here hate anal and want a guy who doesn't watch porn but they want to put stuff in a guy's ass as a sort of revenge. It's hypocritical, even if he has a prostate.

No. 117386

>A lot of women here hate anal and want a guy who doesn't watch porn but they want to put stuff in a guy's ass as a sort of revenge. It's hypocritical, even if he has a prostate.
I haven't really seen that, the whole revenge thing. Pegging is really weird but I think some anons actually are into that, for whatever reason. A lot of anons want to dress guys up too. I don't think it's revenge, they're just weird.

No. 117389

>lefty feminist and outspoken ally
>bisexual and monogamous with a high sex drive
>5'9 and lean with lotsa tattoos and long hair
>extroverted and encourages me to go out with him
>drives a dodge challenger, or a classic bmw
>smells nice
>loves me

No. 117390

My absolute ideal 10/10 type that I will never find, forgive me for being so specific but I'm just going all out for once:

>A good person but not judgemental. Can be a bit cynical, gossip and acknowledge peoples' faults without sugarcoating it, but doesn't do it maliciously
>Has a good heart and helps other people without being a total pushover
>Independent and can voice his opinion, doesn't shut up and harbor some repressed bitterness against me because he can't open his mouth when it matters
>Has a hefty sense of (somewhat dark) humor, I love cracking jokes and bantering so I want him to be on the same wavelength instead of being too serious and no-nonsense
>I can deal with aspergers and slight depression/anxiety but crippling mental and personality disorders are too much for me
>Has his own income and doesn't mooch off my paycheck, but also isn't a penny-pinching cheapskate who drives 20 extra miles because the other gas station has $0.05 off gas
>Loves nerdy shit and discussing it in depth and theorizing, big bonus points if he's a weeb
>Isn't a prude and can enjoy porn and kinks, but doesn't force me to do uncomfortable and/or painful things I don't get off to (Like choking, deepthroating, anal etc)
>Likes kids and animals, doesn't have to be super into them but still tolerate and respect them
>Loves food and enjoys restaurants without being snooty about it
>Has his own circle of friends without being too dependent on me being his only social contact
>Respects his mother and other women
>Genuinely enjoys my company and doesn't see me just as a girlfriend but his soul mate and other half

>Over 180cm/5'10"
>Wide/muscular shoulders
>Narrow eyes
>Thick hair
>I really don't give that many shits about looks because I'm 90% about personality, just be taller than me and not morbidly obese and it's allright

No. 117394

File: 1561240785239.jpg (31.43 KB, 500x345, i_know_this_is_some_2012_tumbl…)

- is non-violent and non-aggressive. i cannot stand men who want to beat everyone up.


- is ambitious and has something going for him when it comes to school or work, has a great work ethic and will have a successful career

- does not watch porn and respects women

- likes cats

- is independent and confident! not a needy mama's boy

- has a silly sense of humor and doesn't take himself too seriously

- is into normie shit like football

- puts effort into his appearance and has a nice fashion sense

- works out and eats healthy

- is not a big gamer

- does volunteer work

- is non-judgmental and understanding when it comes to stuff like mental health issues. doesn't look down on people who are homeless or addicted to drugs

- when it comes to appearance i like handsome, but pretty, men who are taller than me. i'm a sucker for men with good hair (lol) and dark hair and brown eyes

No. 117408

At this point I've honestly resigned myself to being alone since I don't really feel like settling for less, but your response gave me some hope that I'll find someone kek. I guess it's also a matter of hoping that someone who meets my ideals also likes me back, but that's a whole different story. (also by any chance does your husband look like Trent Reznor/gif related- just curious)

It seems like a lot of men expect their partners to fill the emotional/loving role in the relationship because they're so shit at doing it themselves, so I feel like it's unrealistic to ask for a man who is okay with a girlfriend who isn't emotionally open, expressive, nurturing, etc and won't fill that stereotypical role. Some guys are okay with it, but they end up treating you like a 'cool girl' instead, which isn't much better. I could be wrong though, but that's just how it seems from what I've seen. Anyway, sorry for the rant just wanted to elaborate on why I felt like I was asking for a lot.

No. 117417

My ideal man:
>Dark hair
>Takes pride in appearance and into fitness
>Sports fan like me
>Not clingy
>Self assured, positive and encouraging
>Good job, if not striving for success. I don't want a man who sits around all day playing video games
>Out going and extroverted, lust for life, friendly and kind to everyone, basically the opposite of me.
>cooks and cleans (I grew up in a household where my father did A LOT and a mother who couldn't do much so I have this is normal to me and an expectation of how things should be.)
>Not a sexual degenerate
>Not a porn addict
>Understands me, doesn't try to change me.
>Non-judgemental personality
>A little boring like me kek
>Family oriented himself and must be respectful to my family. Disrespect towards my family or not making an effort with my family is break-up worthy.
>Similar politics and morals
>Not aggressive
>Strong and masculine but not in an overcompensating insecure way
>Brings the best out in me, improves my life, makes me happy.

No. 117420

I honestly don't really care about appearance as long as he doesn't look ugly, creepy or is morbidly obese/skeleton skinny. Though I tend to like chubby-ish guys or tall and lanky.

>Emotionally stable currently but with a past of depression or something else like that so I can better relate

>Sensible and isn't afraid to show his emotions and tell me what he feels
>With a tendency to introspection and a high degree of self awareness
>Likes to drink but once or twice a week only, like me, and knows how to without getting shitfaced and embarrassing himself like a teenager who just discovered beer
>Willing to listen to my problems and also willing to tell me about his instead of bottling it up
>No anger issues or if he ever had any, he got therapy for it
>Likes to read and can write properly, optional: is interested in academic pursuits but not pretentious about it
>Same level of intelligence or more intelligent than me
>Prefers to stay at home most of the time and hang out as a couple but sometimes likes to go out for a change
>Has only a close group of friends, not big on parties and not much of an outgoing guy, mostly introverted and keeps to himself
>Same music taste as me but also likes some different bands he can introduce me to
>Has his own political inclinations but politics isn't his whole life
>Likes to play video games but it isn't his main hobby
>Likes only a few anime but none of that moe shit
>Aware of social issues such as sexism and racism in society but isn't a SJW
>Shitty sense of humor like mine, likes to talk about gross shit too
>No hardcore fetishes but is willing to experiment whatever we come up with
>Has a nice family or if they aren't nice, he isn't close to them and won't make me spend time with them
>Not a manslut
>Loves having sex like I do but it isn't the highest priority of his life

No. 117581

Its just a loud minority
majority of us agree that mens asshole are disgusting and that an produces feces, farts and prolapses

No. 117588

I hate that I'm even attracted to men but here we go:

- Has a small number of past partners
- No drugs at all, rarely drinks alcohol
- Respects/agrees with my political (and rad fem) views
- Respects my career and my education
- Likes to cook, doesn't mind cleaning and is a generally clean person
- Doesn't have a weird fixation with anal
- Doesn't watch porn or have any other fake porn fetishes like titty fucking or face fucking
- Not into BDSM and prefers to make love passionately
- Has actual career goals and passions
- Not allergic to and likes both cats and dogs
- Doesn't go MIA when we have conflicts but resolves them with me
- Doesn't have extreme family issues
- Doesn't constantly need to be around other people
- Doesn't listen to degenerate music
- Will let me keep my last name and might take my last name when we get married
- Doesn't put me down for my interests and will partake in some of my cheesy hobbies
- Loves baseball (doesn't root for my rival team)
- Doesn't have bad spending habits

- Dark hair, brown eyes, preferably not ghostly pale like me
- Bonus points if he's Hispanic
- around 5'8 to 6'0 tall
- Average BMI, not super skinny with nice thighs and a cute, relatively flat stomach
- Nice face with not a giant nose (mine is pretty big) and also with dimples and a cute smile
- Some squish is fine and cute as well, not too muscly
- Not preferred but if he has questionable fashion, he must be willing to let me help him buy clothes
- Won't go bald or at least be attractive enough to pull off being bald later in life
- No beard or facial hair whatsoever, yikes
- Takes care of his skin and has good hygiene
- Nice broad chest with broad shoulders
- Dick is average to slightly over average with decent girth

I basically described my boyfriend, RIP me if we ever break up. I think I'm just going to try dating women or die alone if that happens (video related).

No. 117589

File: 1561597186708.jpeg (21.77 KB, 200x201, FAF039F9-17F5-4FFE-977B-64D953…)

Does anyone like men of average height? I feel like everyone here is either a Manlet chaser or only dates giants.

I hate to admit it but I like 5’11”. That’s the perfect height for me despite the media and incels memeing tf out of it.

No. 117590

Honestly it's not even that short, it's on the taller end. I'm pretty sure 5'9" is average in the US/UK. 6' is seen as firmly "tall" so? Lame meme.

No. 117607

5'8 for me, guess i'm a manlet chaser lmao fuck

No. 117608

I'm 5'7 and 5'11 is the perfect height for kisses and cuddle tbh. Why would you want to date a guy who have to bend over just to kiss you.

No. 117612

I think 5'11" is def tall. 5'11" is just as tall to me as 6'-2", realistically, and I could only ever begin to tell the difference if 5'11" and 6'1" stand right next to each other. At and after like, 5'9" or so my spatial reasoning goes to shit and men just seem "tall".

No. 117625

5'11 is an average height in my country (but I live in EE)

No. 117629

He is taller than 6ft and has proportions similar to Michaelangelo's David without the daft hairstyle.

He has hair on his chest, but not too much enough to run your hands through but not enough to look gross through a polo shirt. He never wears v necks lol.

He is lean and has definition but still his shoulders and neck are different entities and he has never taken steroids.

I like dark eyes because they feel more intense to look at. Dark hair of any shade as long as its dark so his eyes are frames by dark lashes and brows to give more intensity when he looks at me.

His hair is full and has body, but is never greasy or limp.

His face is gorgeous and angular with a gorgeous smile and a prominent nose to give character and look like a hunk.

His hands have to look nice as well. A tall adonis but he is humble lol

No. 117631

I'm 5'15" so I don't give a damn about height as long as he isn't the same as me because that's borderline midget for a male. I prefer average guys so it isn't TOO tall for me.

No. 118548

LOL what you described is legit a friend of mine, well almost all those check out except since he’s got into a new job the whole friends thing is abit hard for him to do since he works a compressed work schedule but he tries his best to hang out with his friends but they’re also on shift work. So if that isn’t something that bothers you then he pretty much checks out. He’s abit of a chubster but he’s no super fat or fat by any means but if by going off this thread, he’s most def considered “fat” by the ideal perfect male in some posts lol. You didn’t mention facial hair but he’s got thick dark hair, an a beard, shaggy kind of. He’s a great guy he’s kind of just dense to things at time almost oblivious but it’s kind of a cute thing at times lol.
I also realize this is from 15 days ago, but he’s out there.. in Canada if that matters haha.

No. 118577

>5'5" is borderline midget for a male
What. Guys above 4'10" don't have dwarf proportions. 5'5"/6" is king of manlets territory tbh.
Unless you meant to type 5'1"…in which case I guess it is technically borderline lmao.

No. 118593

What exactly is wrong with wishing to be with someone who's at the same experience level as you are? I was an adult virgin for quite a while and all of my friends kept telling me I had to find a guy who was experienced and could teach me. What I really wanted was someone at my level.

No. 118651

it's a post made by a slutty male

No. 118656

What if you found someone who really is me-sexual? There are some men out there who are extremely loyal and never stray away from their girlfriends, not even to check other girls out. Very rare, but they exist and are exactly my ideal.

No. 118666

"Experienced" guys are shittier in bed than virgins. They believe their dicks are magical due to so many chicks faking it and stroking their ego. A virgin is usually happy to please, eager to learn and doesn't expect anything.

No. 118704

>is into history, literature, language and music (those are my main interests) so we can talk for hours about these subjects
>has a passion for music and likes going to concerts etc
>likes all of the same video games I like (it's okay if he likes other games too, just not weeb shit)
>NOT a weeb
>doesn't watch porn
>close to my height (not super tall or super short)
>has really good communication and frequently asks how I am and making sure I'm doing okay etc
>doesn't ignore my texts
>facial hair.. or no facial hair, it really depends on the guy and what looks best on him
>thick black or dark brown hair
>bold/thick eyebrows
>smooth blemishless skin
>sexy voice
>hairy arms/chest
>not heavily tattooed or modded
>likes travelling
>loves cats
>is kinky but not into super weird shit (like wanting me to drink the c*m out of used condoms)
>can talk to him about anything and is literally my best friend
>has similar political views to mine

No. 118717

>(like wanting me to drink the c*m out of used condoms)

anon i'm so sorry for whatever you went through in the past…

No. 118718

That really isn't realistic. Sure you can find a loyal guy, but you can't expect a man to never look at some woman's ass at walmart or something.

No. 118719

Seconded, that's horrifying

No. 118728

my ex was like that, and it was honestly weird. it may sound great in theory but it's very hard to break up with men like that bc they have a crisis once you're not together anymore.

No. 118732

Literally just don't be fat, don't stink and treat me good
Too bad many men are incapable of just this

No. 118733

I dated a guy like this, he was very respectful of me, we went out to Vegas on Halloween, even with tits and ass all over the street his eyes were on my they entire time and he didn't make one sexual comment all night, it's now my standard for men and if you're a decent enough woman most men can comply

No. 118734

Why are so many women's standards at rock bottom? Love yourselves.

No. 118735

i just too much time reading through this thread and feeling like i've never had any kind of super specific running list like this going in my mind. like idk if i'm weird or what but i have dated such a bizarre mashup of all different types of men and they've all only gone badly when i got sick of them. so i guess i just look for someone who can stand up to me and doesn't get on my nerves lmao. there also has to be natural chemistry between us. you can have your ideal person sitting in front of you and be awkward around each other and it's never going to work.

No. 118736

"MeSexuals" don't exist. Even if he doesn't say anything or pursue other women, he will still look at them in a sexual way at least once in a while.
This is like when men want a kissless virgin who has the skills of a pornstar and super high sex drive.

No. 118738

File: 1562699075776.jpg (300.01 KB, 1920x1314, Chat-au-clair-de-lune-Theophil…)

I want a man who acts like a human in general, doesn't watch porn, doesn't see me as an object and is faithful while in a relationship. But maybe I'm asking for too much lol

No. 118739

same here, it sounds good until you experience it. his obsessive behaviour was awful and to this day he won't leave me alone.
i really regret dating him.

No. 118746

No one's asking "literally don't be attracted to anyone but me" just don't act like a pervert and gawk at other women, this is pretty much the default for women to do but most males are incapable of just this

No. 118748

Every man I've ever felt real feelings for has had a personality mostly stolen from Tim&Eric/Weird twitter.

No, it has never ended well.
Yes I will continue to fall for it.

No. 118749

Not into porn or any very extreme fetishes
Financially stable and bonus if they have a job they enjoy
Sense of humor (I like sarcasm, deadpan, and extremely bizarre)
Appreciates art, music, and literature
Is educated
Doesn’t watch too much tv (I don’t)
Doesn’t spend too much time on the internet
Isn’t addicted to video games
Has generally traditional values
Wants children
Loves dogs
Is kind
Rarely drinks alcohol

Good hygiene
Blue, green, or grey eyes
At least my height (5’9) or above
Not obese or a bodybuilder
Classic style
No tattoos
Clean shaven

No. 118750

Your looks are to my taste anon lol

No. 118756

>is me-sexual, never had an attraction to anyone else before

No. 118757

You're not alone anon. I'm 5'9" and I love guys who are my height or just a little bit taller. I'm not into 6'6" super tall guys.

No. 118759

No. 118761

only one anon said that though, the other ones quoted haven't

even so my point still stands about how women are expected to have eyes for no one but their partner, men aren't.

No. 118765

only shitty people think this way, anon. go out more.

No. 118768

It's shitty to have and expect basic respect from your partner? Just don't gawk at other women, it's not hard nor shitty to expect such thing, get out of here handmaiden

No. 118769

lmao, calm down idiot. i was referring to people who think that women are the only ones who need to be respectful.

No. 118770

shitty but common, just calling other people shitty doesn't erase the fact it happens and many people still think like this

just let people talk about it without shutting them down

No. 118783

NTA but are you underage? Your whining is OT and you have the gall to tell people to let people talk?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 118798

>Doing the exact same as the opposing side just with different opinions
>But but you're whining! You must be underage, how dare you make complaints about pure innocent men

No. 118801

i want a man who'll be into me sitting on his face and isn't a sub.

No. 118806

You sound lovely

No. 118824

He gotta look like Sawyer from LOST n tongue fuck me whenever I want n cook for me. Otherwise, gtfo

No. 118829

really though shut the fuck up and stop bumping the thread with noncon.(Take your own advice)

No. 118832

same height is literally top tier. hips, lips and nips line up for perfect cuddles uwu

No. 118844

Not really but aight.

No. 118862

is this sarcasm

No. 119218

isabel is a wonderful girl and deserves to have a nice day

No. 119247

really? that's always been a turn-on for me but oddly enough i've only been with like 3 guys significantly taller than me

No. 121738

This thread look like fun. I never really thought about an ideal guy, I'm kinda lonely so I'll take anyone, but if I get to build the perfect guy?

-I like guy my height or slightly taller. I'm 5'4 so at most 5'8. I notice that when super tall guy date me, they treat me very childishly.

-alt. fashion, street wear, goth, metal, doesn't matter. I want to take cute matchy alt. clothes at live shows.

-personality? High self esteem. Self motivated, not close to his mom, can take a joke and laugh. Not a jealous, violent type.

-Doesn't need to drink to have fun and vaping is the least they smoke. Masculine and enjoys some type of sport. They has to be

-independent and Understanding and maybe a little dumb? I'm pretty dumb myself, so let be dumbasses together.

- would love if they play videogames beside CoD, Fortnite, or other shooters. Would love to talk about mmos, action/rpgs with.

-Anime and manga isn't a must, but again, it a common hobby I would love to shared.

-no cosplay guy, eguys, or fuck boys.

-they enjoy trying new things. I love eating at new places, trying new things and is too curious about life to get stuck in a rut. I want to shared these discovery!

I feel like these are very basic wants after writing them down. I understand couples fights, but I don't want a relationship that mostly bitter with little sweet. I have enough stress in my life that I choose guys who won't be stressful for me. Which lead me to be alone.

No. 121810

How can you want a guy who is into anime and manga but not cosplay? That doesn't make sense to me.

No. 121812

Not everyone who like anime/manga cosplay. Most guys don't. So, it be cool to like a guy who like anime/manga, but don't cosplay.

No. 121830

>shorter than me (175 cm)
>normal weight, not fat, spoopy skeleton or too much muscle
>nice thick hair, not balding, shaved or really short hair. doesnt have a beard
>kind to others but not a doormat, is confident and knows his personal limits
>not jealous or too clingy
>not violent even against other males (unless self defence), doesnt yell often
>considers females human, not objects or some glorified goddesses
>has things in his life he cares about (not just me) or is trying to gain them
>doesnt drink, smoke or do drugs often, once in a while is fine
>high sex drive, sexually submissive and likes being the little spoon
>can watch porn but understands it =/= reality
>supports me and lets me support him
>honest and talks about his feelings
>likes to go outside home
>dumb and dark sense of humor

I know this is like a unicorn but one can dream.

I would like pegging but I also like stuff in my butt. Has to be done gently and only if the other person wants it of course, people who just stick things up there by force deserve to get cancer.

No. 121836

File: 1566157378561.jpg (102.72 KB, 1357x960, 1565264212074.jpg)

No. 121837

You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.

No. 121838


No. 121857

can I ask what you have against cosplay? I find it strange that you like anime and manga but dislike cosplay.

No. 121859

nta but cosplay is for attention whores and it goes for both men and women. i can see why that isn't desirable.

No. 121926

File: 1566308436707.png (574.31 KB, 600x629, 1563233476494.png)

This is gonna be long 'cause I'm so lonely.
- 5'6" or taller. I'm practically a midget (5'1") and I worry for my future kids.
- Green or blue eyes.
- Brown or blond hair, nice beard.
- Not fat and not a skeleton. Fitness is a bonus so long as he doesn't force me or guilt me into joining him.
- Practices good hygiene and smells nice. Wears good cologne.
- Decent fashion sense. Nothing too fancy or attention-grabbing.

- Loves gaming and enjoys talking about it. Absolutely no casual shit allowed (Fortnite, PUBG, Fifa, CoD, etc). Only the best of games old and new.
- Anime and manga are also good. No cosplaying in public.
- Has good taste (read: my taste lol) in all forms of media.
- Not a cringy leftist.
- Likes animals.
- Wants children and is willing to help with our kids when I really need it.
- No drugs or alcohol.

Personality and behavior:
- Isn't a cocky bastard. I want someone I can make feel better about themselves.
- Introverted. Shyness is fine with me, but I'd still like him to be assertive with men.
- Not too lovey-dovey all the time but not too cold towards me, because I don't want to feel overwhelmed OR underappreciated. Likes it when I smother him with affection.
- Isn't controlling. Extreme dominance is a huge turn-off. Doesn't get offended when I ask for space.
- Is okay with me being a housewife.
- Is a handyman.
- Is always learning something and teaches me things without looking down on me. Also doesn't get threatened if I know more about something than he does. Allows me to explain.
- Has a great sense of humor and can take a joke. Can handle serious conversations.
- Doesn't ignore me in public, doesn't gawk at other women and doesn't make me feel inferior in any way.
- Is decisive. I'm indecisive as hell so nothing would ever get done in our house if he was the same.

Sexual interests:
- Isn't selfish in bed. Isn't too forceful or rough. Doesn't want to degrade me.
- Can watch porn… just not in front of me.
- Doesn't like anal. Doesn't have weird fetishes like shit or period blood. No daddy stuff either. Vanilla is totally fine.

No. 121939

this reads like the text accompanying somebody's hedgehog OC

No. 121950

File: 1566331227831.png (1.4 MB, 1200x896, sorcerers will suffer.png)

My ideal man:

>very tall and muscular, not too much though

>red/blonde hair
>blue/grey/green eyes
>gentle to me
>intelligent in a nice way, doesn't brag about his intelligence
>likes the same stuff I do, and if not then bears with me if I sperg hours about my fav subjects
>doesn't like porn
>understands that women are human beings and not just pretty fuckholes
>knows how to communicate, doesn't give me the silent treatment, bang doors shut angrily or other shitty behaviour
>smells nice
>lets me dominate him in bed occasionally

Sigh. I'm never going to find him, am I girls?

No. 121974

>noticeably shorter than me (I'm pretty tall so should not be impossible)
>generally fair features, freckles are a huge plus
>androgynous looking, long-ish hair
>no manly behaviour
>soft spoken and empathetic
>good listener
>shy, generally quiet and passive, but still fun to a degree so that it's bit boring to be around him
>somewhat conservative, religious and a bit of a prude
>quite nerdy, wears glasses
>is into art, bonus points if he has actual artistic talent for music, painting, drawing, dancing…
>has a sense of fashion and takes care of his appearance
>loves animals and kids, wants a family one day
>it'd be nice if he was a foodie like me
>enjoys long walks at night
>willing to learn my language
>ideally a virgin, I'd like him to not have a lot of experience with girls so that I can teach him
>high sex drive to keep me satisfied
>well hung, I really like the contrast between that and the rest of an androgynous body and it'd look even bigger on his tiny frame to boot
>the dick should also be good looking so no weird curvatures, shapes or skin tones, MUST be uncut

It's a shame that a guy like that probably doesn't exist, I think some of these characteristics are incompatible with each other, but oh well.

No. 122020

I think one of the traits of my dream man would be that he doesnt have social media. That's probably too much to ask though.

No. 122098

Oh, this is a good one, anon. Sadly it is just a dream for us.

No. 122143

I've only dated guys without social media. Although maybe it's less common outside of the 20 - 30 age group. People my age seem less interested in that stuff than older and younger generations.

No. 137662

Men without social media are alarming because it means they’re abnormal and don’t socialize

No. 137663

No. 137667

my fiance only has facebook (and only to talk to his family overseas) it's great. i also don't have social media either, but we do post cute pics together from time to time on fb.

No. 137671

File: 1587952735323.jpg (83.41 KB, 564x1002, 39876b36a9e8f847d3f44f75cb3a7e…)


>Significantly taller than me, at least 6 ft, preferably more
>Fit, with visible abs
>Nice jawline and a pretty, young looking face
>No facial hair or excessive body hair
>Brown hair
>Big dick
>Smells nice
>Dresses very casually, but not sloppy
>No piercings

>Is very straightforward, and does not try to play games
>Is not interested in politics
>Not pretentious when it comes to art or music
>Plays a sport (literally all my serious crushes have at some point played soccer)
>Is not smarter than me when it comes to "general knowledge". I like being right. But also not dumb as a rock either.
>Slightly jealous and possessive
>Likes showing me off, and is not embarrassed to be seen with me
>Does not play a lot of video games
>Social and has lots of friends
>Likes partying
>Drinks (but does not act like an asshole when drunk)
>Does not take everything super seriously
>Is not a doormat to other people, but puts up with my bullshit
>Has a very high sex drive and is naturally dominant/rough in bed (but is not into bdsm and does not have fetishes)
>Not easily shocked/offended
>Not overly emotional
>Generous with his money
>Outwardly confident
>Willing to take care of me
>Not religious (and does not have any.hang ups about being raised religious)
>Not much older than me

So chad who is nice to me. I had a two night stand with someone who matches a lot of these, and we still talk sometimes but he lives in Germany (which is not on the other side of the world for me or anything but still), and now I can't get over him.

No. 137674

No nice, accomplished Chad like you’ve described is going to want a girlfriend who has one night stands, lmao.

No. 137676

Ok incel.

No. 137677

this is the ideal man thread, why are you so triggered. I’m incapable of trusting anyone anyway, so I don’t actually even want to be in a relationship ever.

No. 137684

Well it’s good your incapable of having a relationship then since the type of guy you want probably wouldn’t settle for someone like you.

No. 137695


gtfo incel / tradthot

No. 137710

Not interested in dating so never thought about my ideal type, but let's try:
>basic shit like not a slob, respectful and polite with others, has a steady job… but that's how everybody should be like
>not overweight or chubby, skellies are fine
>don't care about height
>preferably long hair, bald is an absolute no
>older than me, around my age is fine but not younger
>into alternative fashion
>yes for tattoos, no for piercings
>vegetarian but not vegan
>loves animals
>not a normie, must have some fringe interests
>has some kind of passion for music like playing an instrument, going to concerts or being extremely interested in a specific genre (not necessarily the same as me, as long as he doesn't say shit like Ed Sheeran is good music)
>preferably into manga, but not the mainstream (One Piece&co) or weebie (ReZero&co) shit
>doesn't watch porn, but reading hentai is okay as long as it's not his whole life (would be hypocritical since I read some)
>likes to read but doesn't pretend he's hot shit because he does it
>believes conspiracy theories like pizzagate or pedowood
>not the party type, likes to chill at home or in a coffeeshop or museum
>not wanting to spend all the time with me, likes to be on his own or with his friends rather than with me
>doesn't worship me
>is okay with never meeting my family
>doesn't want to start a family or get married

No. 137721

File: 1587993358823.jpg (39.32 KB, 500x478, 034b857d9542dcd1da11444b166d6c…)

My ideal type is extremely unrealistic, but oh well lol. I don't expect to meet anyone like that.
>calm, emotionally mature and secure
>doesn't have problems with making friends irl
>romantic (gets me flowers, cooks for me sometimes, etc.)
>doesn't have many previous partners, treats sex as an expression of love, not a purpose for pursuing relationship
>doesn't watch porn with real people (idc about art or hentai)
>male butterface (fit and an ugly face is the best combination imo)
>likes anime and manga a lot, but not a pedo/lolicon
>some feminine interests (like cooking, farming games, etc.)
>likes to spend time outside (going on walks, cycling, hiking)
>not a neet, idc about his job, but being a neet damages your brain
>dom but not into any weird bdsm stuff

No. 137726

what manga is that from?

No. 137727

>Beautiful face…I don't care about the body as long as he's not fat. This is the #1 thing btw, yes i'm shallow as fuck.
>Full head of hair and no signs of future balding.
>Basic hygiene at least. Doesn't smell bad and nothing about him looks gross.
>naturally wide shoulders

>liberal + not religious
>good family with similar aspects, no tragic abuse story or fucked up childhood
>vanilla sex.
>likes animals a lot
>a fun person. goes all out on holidays

a soyboy basically. who's really pretty.

No. 137733

here’s mine

> cultured, open minded, knows internet trends but isn’t one of those dank memer types, smart but not condescendingly smart, listens to all sorts of music

>good humour and is quick witted

>tall enough for me to reach their shoulders because I like a good size difference.

>not addicted to porn or jacking off too much. I’m ok with a little porn but if the dude watches some rapey shit I’m gone

>can cook and likes to eat

>same interests as me

>brown skinned and chubby/dad bod type. I like men who are soft

>a little kinky and into so some soft femdom

>medium to big dick


>Isn’t into too much anime. Big fucking red flag if they like pedo/lolicon/shotacon or anything hentai

All the men who are into anime I know in my university has a distinct scent

No. 137740

>Most body types, except obese/fat (I'm fine with some chub) or super muscle-y body builder like.

>Short or tall, at least 5'6.

>Hairy but facial hair is iffy

>Not into white guys, I do think nerdy white guys can be cute. Otherwise brown/black/Asian.

>Long hair is super cute but not a requirement. Dark hair and dark eyes.

>Nice teeth.

>Big noses are hot

>I've been told I'm into butter faces but I just like average to cute guys. I don't want a really hunky guy with a super immaculate chiseled jaw line.

>Big hands

>5+ inch dick at least


>Smart but not smarmy and robotic

>Kind and values family. I want someone who values me and my opinions. Someone who will defend me.

>Hardworking, bonus if they like to work outside

>Cleans up after themselves

>Knows how to cook and is self sufficient

>Wants to workout with me

>Limited to no porn usage

>Some drinking okay but very very limited. If he has bad experiences with alcoholic or drug user parents/family members like me.

>Takes care of themselves/appearance and has aspirations outside of me. I want a guy who wants something out of life.

>Wants kids

>Need to funny, I can't be with someone if I don't find them funny.

>Animators and artists. No hentai watchers or furries tho

>Has friends and likes to hang out with them outside of me.

>Into nerd shit but not to the point of addiction. I'm fine if they play video games as a way of relaxing.

>Liberal and not a red pill loser.

>Loves animals, is fine with a Chihuahua as a pet.

No. 137765

File: 1588020132934.jpg (93.48 KB, 800x600, Y2B_zdvzvBiVJ34TnS6VKMzX_pFvyh…)

Summary: Pretty & smart. Those are the most important

>Feminine traits, either in personality or looks (or both)
>Went to a university at the level of mine or higher
>Well-read in terms of politics/ideology/academics/culture–absolutely MUST have meaningful opinions
>Niche hobbies or interests such as cooking/pickling/cheesemaking etc, model building, writing…
>Gaming and anime is fine if he has great taste
>Plays at least one instrument, preferably more (I have no real reasoning for this)
>Speaks a language other than English
>Mostly detached from internet/social media/forum culture, doesn't love memes, no conspiracy shit
>Close with his family, or at least expresses love and respect for them
>Preferably non-white (cultural reasons)
>Has previous partners and a circle of friends including female friends
>Low sex drive, little to no contact with porn and critical of porn industry

>Introspective and thoughtful without being a silent robot
>Introverted but easily makes friends; well-liked
>Stupid and dorky sense of humor
>Melodramatic and OTT romantic/saccharine in private
>Mature and self-assured, maybe even cocky at times
>Ambitious and hard working

>As thin as possible
>Below 6ft (above is ok if he's really feminine and thin)
>Absolutely no muscle mass, muscle tone is ok
>Darker + longer hair, puffy brows, no facial hair
>(At least some) pretty or youthful features, clear skin
>Interesting sense of style but a little unkempt (no techwear software job uniqlo-core pls)

Bonus points
>Unique ethnic/cultural background, especially if he actively partakes in it
>Socialist tendencies and supportive of/interested in modern Communist societies
>Somewhat religious or at least agnostic
>His interests in art, lit, music, and history include things from all over the world
>Into old-school glam rock style androgyny, without attaching any trendy gender ID or label to it (like David Bowie, for example)

I kind of just Frankensteined all the traits I like in my bf, previous partners, best friend, male family, etc. I know the word "feminine" is in here a bunch, and if it sounds like I just want a woman it's because I probably do. Also I don't understand the height sperging ITT or the assumption that manga/anime=stinky pedo freak but maybe you guys know something I don't

No. 137769

> body type bigger than mine (I'm very average/skinny but hate stick thin) but no obese bodies. Not a total fan of a lot of muscle. Dad bods are fine.
>taller than 5'6 but shorter than 6'4
>facial hair is a plus but I don't mind clean shaven
> white/mixed
>any hair/eye color
>must be hairy! I love a burly looking man
> veiny arms & hands
> good posture
> dress well (had my fair share of men who dress really gross)
> 4.5 -7 inch dick
> she's be kinky overall but able to switch to being sweet

> must be funny and get my sense of humour
> smart (I like college educated guys) and want to better themselves
> respectful and caring
> not always jealous
> is willing to accept my budding career
> loves kids
> want to have a family
> wants monogamy
> is able to have an adult conversation instead of breaking up

> has a hobby
> works out or will work out with me
> likes the outdoors
> has friends
> doesn't use their mental illness to define themselves
> is clean (washes themselves, cleans their place, etc.)

No. 137775

I think I'd like a chill normie guy who likes music and sports more than anime and vidya, but I know I'm too weird to ever attract one.

No. 137776

>the default 180+cm tall
>Attractive eyes
>Nice smile
>Not obese and not rail thin, muscular is nice but not necessary. just average body is fine
>Nice hair, can be a bit longer, thick straight/slightly wavy hair ideal
>Doesn't dress like a complete slob

>Makes me feel safe around him (no emotional or physical abuse) and trusts me with being open with his feelings too
>Quick wit is especially charming to me
>Can hold a conversation like a normal person
>Has hobbies he's genuinely interested and passionate in
>Earns his own money and doesn't live out of my pocket
>Has a good sense of humor and doesn't get offended by more low-brow type of jokes
>Respects his (hopefully not crazy) mom and other female relatives and coworkers
>Treats customer service workers with dignity
>Is a weeb or at least a video game player or at least doesn't mind me being a weeb
>Likes animals and going out in the nature
>No substance abuse or alcoholism
>Doesn't talk over me
>Enjoys good food and restaurants
>Has his own life and friends and doesn't cling on to me as his only social link
>Takes care of his hygiene and cleans up after himself without being a compulsive neat freak
>No perverted kinks that are painful or humiliating to me and no pressuring into performing whatever repulses me
>Not an obsessed cheapskate, I mean one of those people who'd rather drive to a gas station 50 miles away because their gas is 2% cheaper than the closest one

It seems literally impossible to find a man like this who's still single.

No. 137778

File: 1588028228001.png (305.46 KB, 401x502, Bitmap.png)

I was all about brunettes until my ex, who made me realize I like blondes. He was 6'4, blond and blue eyed and I now refuse to settle for less. I only go for Chads. All men are disappointing but at least when I get my heart broken it'll be by someone good looking.

No. 137780

>170 to 185 cm.
>Skinny to muscular-but-still-slender is fine. Absolutely no man tits. I'd rather date a guy that's too skinny than a fat one.
>Any skin/eye/hair colour except redheads. My hair is auburn and I don't want to look like I'm dating my sibling.
>Has tattoos/piercings or likes them.

>Childfree, and if he had a vasectomy even better
>Doesn't drink or do drugs in excess.
>DOESN'T SMOKE. Smokers are gross.
>Vegan or at least vegetarian.
>Enjoys working out or at least respects that it's important for me.
>Educated and ambitious, I'm bored of guys who barely finished high school and think they deserve anything.
>His family is not insane and he has a good relationship with them.
>Is clean and tidy both for himself and his spaces
>Isn't intense about the relationship and understands I have no interest in worshipping or mothering anyone.
>And doesn't want to move in or get married after like 6 months.
>Preferably introverted or an extrovert that understands I need alone time and isn't insecure about it.
>Likes games and perhaps (good) anime. No harem/fantasy titties garbage.
>Doesn't want sex all the time and won't bug me about anal.
>Doesn't think I'm his fucking psychologist and can deal with his own crap.
>Doesn't like populism.
>Loves nature and animals

Even if this perfect guy appeared I don't think I'd want to date him lol men are just too much work for not enough reward

No. 137782


cute af

No. 137814

>noticeably taller than me
>Not a fucking autist, can hold a conversation with me without making me bored
>Has a fucking hygiene
>Is functional and has a job and source of income, doesn't expect me to fucking support or mommy him
>Is genuinely interested on me so he'll try to at least understand and accept the music, shows, movies I like etc instead of just trying to shove theirs down my throat.
>Not obese nor anorexic
>Not pornsick
>Genuinely loves me
>Isn't interested in politics, or is strongly against troony genderspecials and attention whoring faggots
>And ofc isn't a violent chimp and doesn't yell at you when he runs out of arguments
I probably would have found something that at least comes close to my criteria if parental abuse didn't fuck me up and stunned my development. I elaborated this list in function of the fucking autistic manchildren I had to deal with and the traits I don't ever want to have to deal with again.

No. 137815

slightly shorter than me, submissive af, cute and slender body, pretty long hair, big dick, kind gentle and caring and puts me first, very hygienic and clean always

No. 137833

File: 1588080308515.jpg (39.13 KB, 410x512, unnamed.jpg)

even then this guy looks better as a brunette kek. brunette guys are my thing, it's hard to find a blonde blue eyed man that doesn't look as a cold person

No. 137834

File: 1588080553983.png (268.05 KB, 438x358, kost.png)

I don't know what happened, normally I would agree with you. But I just love blondes now. It must be my ex.

If I like brunettes, it's very dark hair with blue eyes. pic related, a Greek singer. When I went to Greece there were so many beautiful guys.

No. 137835

File: 1588080645207.jpg (49.21 KB, 1024x576, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

No. 137840

Oh wow, I'm not alone after all! I'm >>121974 and you have excellent taste anon.

No. 137847

wow, he's pretty.

No. 137856

File: 1588094152369.jpeg (218.91 KB, 1280x943, EARSDiaXYAExDCL.jpeg)

I am a romantic soul, and believe in true love that transcends checklists such as these. Fifteen minutes in a room with the right person, I would find most any item on an arbitrary list (about appearences, hobbies etc) could be negotiable.

For me, the only traits that ultimately matter are: virtuous, ambitious, more intelligent than me, and good humour.

The rest, I leave to fate and chemistry!

No. 137857

Why do you type as if you're LARPing as a 19th-century lady, on an imageboard of all places?

No. 137859


Dunno lol, it's just my personality and honest answer to the prompt… Perhaps I'll attract a chivalrous knight who can appreciate my pretentious vocabulary.

No. 137868

i kinda agree with this, it always baffles me when i see people post/talk about their laundry lists of what makes their perfect partner, i just don't get it. I just want someone not obese or retarded whose morals align with mine and we have good chemistry. like i couldn't care less about their exact eye/hair colour or clothing sense. it feels like i can find near anyone attractive if given enough time to observe the little things about them but also i am a touch starved khhv virgin so hehe.

No. 137885

wow anon your list is literally mine if i had put more effort into writing it lmao, freckles are so fucking cute, i love everything you wrote lmao, yes a virgin and yes uncut no weird american dick lmfao

No. 137930

No. 137931

Well, it just all came quickly to my mind, I've always had a good imagination. And yes, freckles are so cute omg! Just a handful of them are enough to make most guys look better.

I'd also love it if he was somehow "ashamed" of his high sex drive, probably because it's sinful or something like that. And masturbation is a sin too, so I'd basically be able to have him on the edge whenever I wanted and decide when he gets off. I know it may sound a bit unhealthy, but the idea of being able to control his sexual life like that is just so hot to me. What do you think?

No. 138225

File: 1588497907396.jpg (72.13 KB, 849x1200, c669f3a4eece87a37d8e9503322469…)

pic related

No. 138238

i want someone who understands feminism for what it really is. i don't want a guy who calls himself a feminist. i want a man who genuinely is able to see women as equals and respects them as human beings.

i also want someone who is honest and won't cheat on me. if things don't work out, he'll tell me. he won't go behind my back and betray my trust to keep things "smooth". he will be direct about confrontation and immediate when it's needed.

also would like him to be a bit of a planner. i have a hard time motivating myself to do things. i'd like him to force me outside more.

i want our political ideas to line up on important things. i'm a bit of a moderate with left-lean, but i also criticize many things in left-wing politics as much as right-wing. he should be able to see both sides.

ideally he doesn't want kids, but he likes kids, and loves animals. men who are cold toward children or animals scare me.

as far as appearance, i just don't want him to be super overweight. preferably no beard unless he takes really good care of it. don't care about balding or dick size or height or anything, though i'll admit i have a bit of a preference for guys to be at least my height (5'3) or taller. i'm not especially attracted to men with red hair or blonde hair at first glance but those aren't extra important.

oh, and he would ideally be submissive in bed like many are saying. i'm a very dominant type myself and i don't like the idea of a man taking control in most situations. he should enjoy being sub to me.

No. 138239

imagine being this internetbrained

you know there's a whole outside world beyond screens where people talk to each other, right

No. 138245

>i want someone who understands feminism for what it really is. i don't want a guy who calls himself a feminist. i want a man who genuinely is able to see women as equals and respects them as human beings.

the most unrealistic part of this post. good luck to you and other anons finding your blue moon of a man.

No. 138249

>Either into tasteful fashion or just has a minimalist style, but I always go for guys who wear all black

>Extroverted and equally energetic as me
>Intelligent, self-driven, and accomplished (preferably in STEM too). I care a lot about having admiration for someone and being motivated by that
>Shares some of my music taste
>Has his own friends, hobbies (not a weeb or gamer), etc that he can introduce me to
>Babies me sometimes. Not in the ageplay sense, but as in acting gentle and protective and finding it cute if I act a bit childish at times
>Doesn't get angry or annoyed easily
>Positive in general, not a whiner
>Kinky, brings up new things to do sexually
>Confident (even a bit cocky)
>Actively plans things to do together and brings me out of my comfort zone, and is similarly open to my suggestions like travel. Likes spontaneous plans.
>Playfully teases me a lot
>Doesn't want kids

The first person I ever dated was an obese, weeby NEET who spent way too much time on 4chan (and is still that way 5 years later), so it brought to light just how fucking insufferable some types of people are. I'll gladly stay single for a while if it means having decent standards in place.

No. 138261

I would literally let this bitch fuck me over as many times as he wants to. Inferior 3D men need to leave

No. 138262

they exist, but they are very, very rarely single. that's the hard part.

No. 138263

if you're going to be sexually attracted to cartoons why not pick an attractive one

bobble-headed bugeyed girly anime lookin ass

No. 138266

File: 1588546809122.jpg (100.68 KB, 960x771, 951eabfc-1e57-43d7-b9d7-baa88e…)

The most important things for me are that he is honest, has good hygiene, is cuddly, is emotionally intelligent, and that he's healthy (no STIs, not obese, etc.)

In terms of aesthetics, I definitely have certain things I'm drawn to. I like long hair, long eyelashes, and a lithe body. I don't find tons of muscles attractive, I'm just into men who are healthily thin. I love freckles. I don't care about height so long as he's not shorter than me. I'm not really into men that are super tall, though (probably because I associate that with my brother.) I usually don't like facial hair. None of these things are necessarily requirements for someone I would date– they're just the traits I find attractive in celebrities and such.

My biggest turn offs are probably misogyny/toxic masculinity, porn addiction, and bad smells of any kind. Cluster B personality disorders are usually a deal breaker, too. Absolutely no Republicans.

No. 138303

yeah controlling a guys orgasm is also a fetish i have lmao god its like were twins anon, nice to know there are other girls like me out there in a world where most girls want guys to take the lead, may we have cute sub bfs soon anon

No. 138310

just because you're ugly doesn't mean my man has to be, bitch

No. 138331

I'm a womanlet so as long as he's taller than me, I'm fine with dating a man who's 5'10/5'11ish

>religious, even if it's more of a once a month or when I feel like it kind of guy

>normie enough to not know about all the degeneracies of the internet so when I sperg about different shit I see on tlc shows it's coming from a fresh face
>open minded enough to be okay with my shower thoughts tier conversation topics
>no mental illnesses
>generally a positive person who is still realistic
>great sense of humor
>isn't afraid of talking about his emotions and is pushy enough to get me to talk about my own
>has dorky interests he's shy about
>aggressive in bed
>a softie who cries when I unintentionally poke at his insecurities
>isn't a neet who needs mommy to clean after him
>basically like the mom of his house
>can cook
>either attending college or has stable job
>sociable/has a big social circle
>wants to push not only himself but others to be the best they can be
>likes to game and often wants me to play with him or talk to him while playing
>smarter than me
>despite only knowing of entry level anime is still willing to take an interest
>willing to experiment in bed
>can be a challenge/butt heads with me
>loves dogs
>has a spine and knows when to say no to family members and friends
>outgoing and adventurous
>has a good relationship with his family

No. 138376

This is all well and good, but the part where you said you want a guy you can make cry is a little messed up.

No. 138404

I met a dude almost like that(but he couldn't dress himself to save his life and was into cringy internet politics)

No. 138416

God I hate when men can't dress themselves and just wear teenage boy clothes despite being in their mid 20s and above. Hottest man I met dressed like a typical teen and I just wanted to take him out and redo his style, because he was ruining his potential.

Seriously, everyone has SO MUCH potential but either don't care to reach it or go on believing they're unattractive because they fail to take fashion, fitness and hygiene steps.

No. 138438

Why religious? I'm just curious

No. 138447

He's 18, mid-20s guys are too old for me anyway.

No. 138448

Ah, 18 is young. Cut him some slack :) My point still stands about mid 20 dudes that dress like that though lol.

Protip: men are still the same at 25, just with jobs rather than schoolwork. This is the most hilariously endearing thing about them.

No. 138452

i thought i liked men smaller than me who are shy but now i can tell that my boyfriend is interested in trooning out so that's too volatile to ever go after again

>over 5'9

>sleepy, calm demeanor but is extraverted or at least an introvert who tries to be social
>not a fan of anime but will watch with me
>actually cares about how i feel love rather than be selfish
>likes to cook so we can do it together
>no porn
>no video game addiction
>motivated, has actual life goals
>regularly asks me what i want to do and doesn't make me feel bad for what i want
>generally healthy
>wants kids
>likes cats

No. 138462

It's not my only "type" but I find guys who are twinkish looking yet have deep voices to be so so hot. Like James Spader when he was young

No. 138491

I come from a devoutly roman catholic family (much to my parents' ire, I am not nearly as fanatical about jesus), and have an overprotective father, who views it as a sign of good character. As for my family as whole, even if our partners don't share the same faith as us, my family respects those who have what they view as a "closeness" to their respective God(s)/beliefs.

No. 138499

This sounds great. I'd love a guy exactly like that except I want him to be into gaming so we can discuss it together.

No. 138502

Really?! Where did you meet him? Tell me more about this guy please, I just want to daydream a bit…

No. 138543

File: 1588828071546.jpg (46.9 KB, 600x789, 49100518-long-hairstyles-for-m…)

It's probably normal, but the people I'm attracted to (both men and women but this thread is about the guys) are so few and far between. I feel like I'm being shallow but it's just the 'special something' that draws me to people is rare. One of the big traits I find attractive in men is long hair. It's not as common nowadays and not all of them take good care of it. Maybe as a history/fantasy nerd it just speaks to my hopeless romantic-ness, and having long healthy hair is a sign that they take good care of the rest of themselves too. (Bad hygeine/being very overweight is an absolute turn off.) Plus I can play with it. I almost exclusively find myself attracted to long haired men for some reason. Preferably with goatees or some light facial hair. Basically metalheads, fantasy nerds, vikings or pirates.

Personality is easier perhaps; someone who is nice as well as confident(no assholes or doormats please), interested in similar hobbies so I can spend quality time and gush about things with them (having different hobbies while supporting each other is also a bonus), and is serious about being with each other. I have friends who I can chill with and all that, but I kind of want a life partner and someone I can see myself living my life with and having pets with (don't think I ever want kids).

No. 138560

Same, I'm bi as well and I have the hardest time being attracted to people, men more than women, I can count on one hand the number of men I've seen I can say are hot. Even celebrities that are considered extremely attractive are average/ugly in my eyes (Brad Pitt and ScarJo being the worst offenders), I feel like an alien.

No. 138561

Damn anon, this perfectly describes my ex husband down to the "no kids". He was thin, long haired, goatee, metalhead and big time into fantasy shit. Hope you find your guy someday, that type is def out there.

No. 138563

I find it extremely hard to find someone I'm attracted to, because my standards are SO HIGH. If I go on Tinder, I swipe right on like 1/1000 men. I can't help it, with me it's either the hottest man I can find, or no one. I'm not settling.

>Personality is easier perhaps; someone who is nice as well as confident(no assholes or doormats please), interested in similar hobbies so I can spend quality time and gush about things with them (having different hobbies while supporting each other is also a bonus), and is serious about being with each other. I have friends who I can chill with and all that, but I kind of want a life partner and someone I can see myself living my life with and having pets with (don't think I ever want kids).

YES. I want to have a husband I can't spend the rest of my life with working on our hobbies and enjoying life. But NO KIDS. This is SO DIFFICULT to find. I find someone I like and it's almost guaranteed it won't work out because every guy seems to want kids.

No. 138564

**can spend the rest of my life with
lol, not can't

No. 138573

I could've written this lol
It's like looking for a needle in a haystack and the needle might not be there

No. 138591

You'd think being bi would double my chances of finding attractive people but it's not really how it goes. I can acknowledge that many celebrities conventionally attractive, but there's not that "spark" in them to me. It's also kind of silly but when actors have longer hair for a movie/show, I like it but when I see them with normal short hair it's like "oh." Prime example is Henry Cavil as Geralt. So hot. (Geralt was already my husbando to begin with though) Normal Cavil? He's fine but looks average for a celebrity.

I feel kind of happy that I'm not the only one who feels this way about partners. I'm kind of disillusioned with "hook up/casual" dating or whatever. I tried online dating sites previously because it's easier to see what people look like and get a feel for them by what their profile says, but few were interesting to me (or they lived too far away) and the guys who messaged me never seemed very serious.

I go to Renn faires, game stores, and other outlets for the hobbies I like so finding people with compatible interests isn't too difficult. At the very least I enjoy making friends there if a relationships isn't in the cards. Just have to parse out the neckbeards occasionally.

No. 138592

File: 1588877796444.jpg (391.07 KB, 2518x1024, FDgk0rZLn8-rlctmB0aDTxf6gVFFMF…)

You two gave me a stupid idea so here it is(btw I tried to make chad a manlet for our resident manlet chaser but couldn't think of anything)

No. 138593

I love you Anon, you’re my ideal partner

No. 138600

Holy shit yes, this is quality content, men will hate it but it's true

No. 138604

>the virgin is stacy's bf

No. 138624

Admittedly, my friend John
Smart, wicked smart actually, he's probably one of the smartest people in the state. I'm biased of course, but everything he does he does with this analytic mindset and he puts so much thought effort/brain power into doing things
He's also pretty cute. He's short, which I kinda like, but he's got this really young looking face. He's probably balding a bit, but his hair kinda sweeps over the top of his head so it doesn't really look bad.
He wears glasses and looks so sophisticated with them on, but as soon as he takes them off he's got the goofiest look and the goofiest smile
I don't know if he's still athletic, but back in high school he was always one of those surprisingly gifted guys. He was one of the top 10 sprinters in our grade, top 5 maybe even. I couldn't believe just how in shape he was.

Also we just really click in so many different ways. I WISH I had this relationship with anyone I could actually date.
Our humor is the same, our music tastes are so intertwined, and we end up venturing down the same youtube algorithm almost always

He's got blonde hair and blue eyes, but he's the type to say his eye colors change. They've got flecks of green and gold in there so I don't mind when he does say it.

I hope he has a big dick, I wouldn't mind if it was smaller than average though
I don't think I actually enjoy bigger dicks, they just look nice.

No. 138628

File: 1588900631442.jpg (48.46 KB, 377x750, ESYfcUkXYAA7IQ-.jpg)

>Jokester, I always had a thing for the class clowns back in school, not bullies just genuinely funny guys.

> Average height, Skinny-Fit swimmer look, or just plain boney, someone who can carry boxes for me but not too strong, strong and big men make me feel threatened because im relatively small (5'1).

> Striking appearance, coming from style or looks doesn't really matter but i like guys who stand out from the crowd, tattoos, uncommon facial structure, alternative or vintage styles. Im guilty of dating ugly guys and thinking they were the most gorgeous in the world just cause they stood out from the crowd.

> Eccentric but not mentally ill, its pretty obvious i like people with a more flamboyant persona but being an extrovert is not a must.

> Most importatly: ABOVE AVERAGE SMART. I need someone I can have stimulating conversations with, heck I even prefer guys smarter than me because I love learning new things and being able to do that in a relationship is like my ultimate catch.

> Im pretty flexible when it comes to sex, strange fetishes and more than just mild shit BDSM are a hard pass tho.

> Adventurous, im prone to shitty manic pixie dream girl shenanigans and I want someone who can keep up and be as equally obnoxious and spontaneous.

Honestly I think the most important thing to me is the guy having an actual personality, men in my age range seem to come in like three boring flavors (Gamer Weeb, Sporty Fuckboy, Pretentious Right Winger Prick) that make me want to stay single forever.

No. 138629

a guy posted this

No. 138630

Why? It reads kind of like describing character in a novel but I don't necessarily get the vibe that anon is a dude.

No. 138631

>Knowing how to treat mentally ill women, poor women, homeless women, animals, etc is number one for me. I saw my current boyfriend treat mentally ill women with respect and kindness as well as children and animals, ever since I always hold that to my standard
>Puts effort toward the relationship, no more "lets get taco bell,fuck and you watch me play video games" type dates, actual dates, him wanting to explore with me and travel with me, isn't afraid of being in public with me
>isn't a baby about baggage
>isn't a hypocrite (ex wanting threesomes but only with girls, wants me to forgive his past sins but can't forgive mint, etc)
>grooms properly, keeps up with hairstyles and facial hair styles that flatter his face, knows how to dress, showers, puts on cologne, works out)
>wants children
>appreciative of what I do
>likes how I look, borderline worships me and appreciates what i need to do to keep myself in shape
>has a career and plans for life and is willing to go forward with it
>faithful, mind and body wise, as in no porn, I don't mind him reading smut though
>acts respectful in public and towards my family
>loyal, is willing to stay around and not leave just because "I just don't feel it anymore"

looks wise I don't really care tbh just don't be too fat or too skinny but I guess
>blue eyes
>dark hair
>big nose
>sharp jaw
>flat chest

No. 138671

>uniquely handsome face, the kind that stands out in a crowd
>kindhearted, doesnt pick on losers
>very talented, creative and ambitious
>at least avg height not too tall
>broad shoulders with narrow hips
>well built
>nice ass
>huge iq and dick
>a voice i can listen to all day long

No. 138672

you're all going to end up alone lmao

No. 138677

a girl can dream

No. 138679

File: 1588972574441.gif (865.38 KB, 500x360, 123484327124.gif)

I wish I had a boyfriend to grow up with.

I dream about the kind of sweetheart who would never hurt anybody. I want someone that I can trust with all my heart and gives me comfort.

I wish I had someone who was considerate towards me, the way I feel and think, is understanding and assuring with my problems. I want both of us to be each other's supports. Someone I can talk to all the time and never get bored of.

I crave committing to someone like this, having his emotional support and friendship, I want to cuddle and fall asleep in his arms. I want to soothe each other.

I want to fantasize about only him and him only fantasizing about me. Someone who genuinely finds me attractive.

I'm fucking lonely, I want a sweet boyfriend to talk with, have sex with and cuddle with all the time.

No. 138731

File: 1589055699491.jpeg (108.76 KB, 749x936, 45E6FC07-EA21-4DEC-AFE9-8DC810…)

Basically the same as you girl. I’m at a point in my life that I would just rather be single forever than to date some guy who is below my standards when it comes to looks. I have spent a shitton of money to look as good as I possibly can, and idc if people think I’m shallow. I want a tall-ish (or if he is shorter than me, a cute significantly younger) goodloking guy who treats me well, and I wont settle for a soyboy redditor type. Literally would rather kms

No. 138741

I promise that neither of you are attractive enough to warrant standards like this.

No. 138743

this. all of these hoes are fat and ugly i bet lmao

No. 138747

>no fun allowed
Apparently neither of you know what "ideal" means. Maybe work on your reading comprehension next time, yeah?

No. 138761

I too would project my low self esteem onto others on an anonymous imageboard if I was an ugly pickme.

No. 138764

I can't tell who's being serious and who's being ironic anymore.

>I want a normal, good looking guy
Your insecurity is showing kek

No. 138767

You are embarrassing yourself lol. Wanting a good-looking, kind bf is the norm. Work on your self-esteem.

No. 138770

>Women get asked to talk about their standards when we are asked
>Scrots mad

>Scrots never-endingly talk about their standards for women, including shitting on women who innocently exist in their present just for not meeting their standards

>"Oh it's just x stop being so sensitive lol"

No. 138771

File: 1589120174672.jpg (39.46 KB, 564x717, e436e618cbc1c9c4dd866a61e45995…)


>dark hair that's thick and fluffy or slightly curly. It doesn't necessarily have to be long, but definitely not super short or flat. I don't know why hair is so important to me lol, but I usually fall for guys with dark, fluffy hair

>really nice, full lips. Not big, just the perfect size and kissable and pink. Really small lips are a turn off
>a perfect blend of masculine and feminine features - not too much on either side basically, a good balance
>big beautiful eyes, again small eyes are a turn off
>nice jawline
>big hands
>has to be a good dresser and have good taste in clothes. Nothing too fancy or flashy, just classy, clean, respectable, and proper, like a student at university
>thick thighs, yum
>don't really care about how buff he is, just don't be stick thin


>funny with a great sense of humour, we have a lot of inside jokes and such

>isn't afraid to be a little goofy and silly - not a total obnoxious idiot, just someone who likes to let loose a little
>a little introverted and shy, maybe a bit awkward, but he's still social
>really kind, caring and friendly to me and also others
>smart and sophisticated, not a show off about it but genuinely likes sharing and discussing things
>is a great conversationalist, we can talk about any subject for hours, either philosophical deep shit or just funny/ordinary things - good with his words and expressing things
>passionate about his likes and hobbies and career
>artsy and creative, into things like art, history, poetry etc, and very well read. He's a bit nerdy and dorky. A big imagination and daydreamer, a little adventurous
>not afraid to be open and honest with his emotions or cry; emotionally mature and aware. Total crybabies are a turn off though
>is a good listener and comforts me when I need it, makes me laugh when I'm sad
>gives lots of random hugs and kisses and compliments, he's not clingy but he's affectionate and likes showing me how much he loves me (and I'd do the same, I'm just that kind of person)
>likes chilling at home, a little laid-back and not super energetic, easy going - but he likes to party at times and has a fun, wild side
>someone I can trust completely with any secret

Sex stuff:

>doesn't or at least very rarely watches porn, especially extreme gross shit

>really passionate and sensual, knows how to set the mood and atmosphere lol
>doesn't mind letting me take the lead sometimes
>makes me feel loved and confident, and I do the same for him

sigh…..it got more unrealistic as it went on didn't it

awww anon, I share all your same thoughts

No. 138805

lol you triggered all these femcels(15 year old spamchan)

No. 138813


No. 138817

Now that you mention the sex part, it reminds me of another trait I really want in a guy and it sounds so basic but: willing and comfortable to do good foreplay and give me pleasure as well as me to him.

The only guy I've been very intimate with in the past was so neglectful. Jumping straight into the main sex without any warm up, and never really tried to play with me, go down, etc even when I did so to him. Part of it was me not really asking, but it just makes me want a partner who's equally willing to make each other feel nice and wanted.

No. 138819

I want a guy that wants to make me cum every time before he gets his. Only one of my boyfriends has ever even actually tried and succeeded, and that was after a year and a half of dating.

No. 138821

Ya'll should date men with sisters. They're always so much more respectful and attentive to women.

No. 138823

unless they hate their sister and thinks she's trash like my ex

No. 138826

I used to think this was the case too until I befriended a guy with younger sisters. He watched a shitton of hentai and ecchi anime and it wasn’t just vanilla stuff either. I’m talking about BDSM, borderline sexual assault, and so on. He also had female anime figurines in his room and saw nothing wrong with buying them. The dude also would treat me as a therapist and ask me to do shit for him way too often (which was a big reason why I dropped him along with aftermentioned ones). He wasn’t super close to them though to be fair, but you’d think having them in his life would made him have less objectifying views.

On the otherhand, my SO is an only child and although he has some scrote tendencies, he’s much more respectful of women and younger girls for sure. Basically, you can’t really judge a guy’s views on women based on whether he has sisters or not.

No. 138831

Not always, but watching how a guy treats or talks about female relatives can tell you a lot.

My last ex disliked his sister purely because she married a well-off man and he was bitter about her 'easy life'. He also ranted about his mothers stupidity because he hated carrots and when he visited her for Sunday dinner she'd sometimes have carrots on his plate.. tiny shit that shouldn't matter. I wish I had payed more attention to his overly negative talk about exes and women in his family.

No. 138851

Yup. My abusive ex hated his sister too. He'd always roll his eyes when talking about her. Having a sister doesn't magically make a guy like women.

No. 138868

If they treat their sisters well. jus watch how he talks about his mom and other female relatives. A poor attitude towards women in general is a red flag. Even if his mom is a crazy bitch, him being unkind to her is a bad sign.

No. 138869

So he has to be nice and respectful to a seemingly abusive family member? Obviously he shouldn't be an asshole in return but he has no obligation to accept that sort of treatment.

No. 138872

i'd love a guy whom i not only find super hot but also my friends find hot too. so they can be rly jealous whenever he's there with me.

No. 138882

Nta but they didn't say abusive in their post, I've met women I'd call crazy bitches and sometimes 'crazy bitch' just means someone is irritating or a bit full on

No. 148041

File: 1597757443107.jpg (322.4 KB, 960x1280, 1570111267506.jpg)

I basically want a feminine, skinny guy who has a pretty face and a full head of healthy, shiny hair. It would be great if he was short as well, but that's not a requirement.
As for his personality:
>likes physical intimacy
>a bit shy
>cares about his diet
>likes to drink tea and bake

No. 148048

>So he has to be nice and respectful to a seemingly abusive family member?

He does if he's nice to other abusive family members. Believe it or not, victims can be sexist, and crazy moms are usually married to crazy dads.

No. 148061

> shy but tries to keep up conversations, never rude
> likes romantic shit, shows affection with words and actions
> cares about ethical and environmental issues
> doesn't act like women's issues don't exist
> not very energic, i like calm people. but doesn't have the "idc about anything" vibe
> somewhat similar music taste

> unable to grow facial hair
> i kinda like acne scars, moles, facial "imerfections" so those would be nice
> 5"7 (im 5"6)
> on the lower end of healthy weight or in the skinny/underweight category
> HAIR pliz dont be balding (preferably dark brown but i like all colors)

lewd shit:
> is a switch, ok with being a sub but gets rough other times
> likes vanilla stuff
> likes cuddling

No. 148062

File: 1597770280393.gif (1.49 MB, 350x250, tumblr_pt2dpfPA5t1uokbg8_400.g…)

samefag but rodrick from wimpy kid fits the description so much

im a basic bitch when it comes to my taste in men

No. 148066

The problem with hermits is you're unlikely to encounter them.

No. 148068

I'm sorry guys. I have a very generic type.

>long hair
>fit but not "gym obsessed"

>loves learning about new things
>extremely outdoorsy and adventurous

I wan't to be able to camp with them every weekend. Go on hikes. Go rockclimbing. Someone who is very survival fit, not "lift just to look good" but has that ENDURANCE to last.

No. 148073

File: 1597772495373.jpg (67.78 KB, 1200x630, space-between-us-trailer.jpg)

Yeah, that's true. You can meet them online, which can be tough, because more often than not they take on toxic manosphere views and basically change completely. Or you can meet them at one of those easy minimum wage jobs, like working in a factory, or at night shift in some retail job.

Top tier taste, anon.

No. 148078

>intelligent but not in a showy way, comes through in his sensitivity and approach to things
>loyal and honest
>respectful to everybody even behind their back
>gentle with women
>kind of soft and needy
>can stand for what he believes is right under pressure
>doesn't drink or smoke often, no drugs, but not pious about it
>not elitist
>not especially political
>kind to animals

appearance etc
>soft spoken
>skinny and kind of insecure about it
>dresses like a librarian or similar
>good hygiene
>taller than me (over 5'9")
>not particularly hairy, smooth chest and back
>black or dark brown hair, curly is a bonus
>not balding
>brown or blue eyes
>deceptively strong
>big hands

lewd stuff
>low body count, no interest in porn
>despite appearances, high sex drive and an open approach to sex. mostly dominant and kind of a weird horndog in bed also open to pegging
>appreciates bodies for their individual qualities rather than how they match up to an idealised standard
>sex is a loving act

No. 148079

i forgot to add, loves kissing. constant make outs. can't get through a film without frenching.
not afraid to hold hands in public. touches your back and your side and your hip lightly and casually when out and about, like he needs to be physically with you, but not in a gross gropey way or a possessive way. almost unconscious

No. 148167

What does "ethnic" even mean?

No. 148171

not white

No. 148200

My type is the dead one. No, not a zombie. Just plain dead. You can't beat my taste.

No. 148267

>kind rather than simply nice, never mean spirited.
>dark humor but doesn't throw a fit when told not to make certain jokes around me because they're retarded
>rather shy
>understanding of people
>complementary personality
>doesn't get angry to the point of screaming/slamming things
>behavior actually shows he's always thinking about me instead of simply telling me
>does 30% of the decision making. if i don't wanna make a choice he does it but doesn't mind tagging along most of the time.
>has a different culture/background. whether through his studies or his heritage, i want him to teach me things, share things with me
>makes me see things differently simply by having a different outlook on life

>t h i c c but not to the point of hindering movement or getting noticeable moobs. clothes have to fit. if too fat to look decent even with proper clothing it's a nono
>tall, but not too much. over 5'8 but not a basketball player either
>little body and facial hair. shaves whatever facial hair grows
>no buzzed hair
>has to have LIPS. they can be thin but them papercuts don't get to touch me lmao
>can be any ethnicity but rip middle eastern men…too much hair
>no noticeable knock knees, esp if thicc. people with knock knees look like tards and fatter than they actually are
>doesn't dress in ways i personally find embarrassing (hippies, typical gamer/nerd, hood tracksuit with the fake gucci bag, etc). mostly black but not goth/edgy is good.
>doesn't wear shorts because he simply understands men look bad with shorts unless they're purposeful booty shorts
>no booty shorts tho not into feminine men

>asexual or extremely low sex drive
>porn is ok but no "what do you think of this actress", no onlyfans subscriptions, no body pillows or bishojo figures.

No. 148280

>big nose
>sexy accent
>taller than me
>witty, charismatic, a bit cocky
>good in bed
>fun to talk to, can handle my silliness
>emotionally intelligent
>high sex drive
>has passions, goals and interests
>dresses well
>doesn’t have a stick up his arse
This describes most men I’ve been attracted to

No. 148283

I think my taste in men has always been a little weird, although I'm bisexual so I think it effects it since I'm into more feminine guys.

my ideal partner would probably be

>Kind, sweet, empathetic, respectful (to everyone)
>Able to stand up for himself, but nowhere near the "alpha male" sterotype
>Not a weeb/gamer/nerdy type of person
>Able to show emotions
>Preferably slightly left leaning politically (just no extreme views)
>Good with socialising, maybe slightly shy
>Intelligent and has common sense
>Likes animals/nature
>Good sense of humour

>Slim and healthy body, not muscular
>Soft features, slightly feminine
>Hair that isnt super styled

>Lets me dominate him
>Porn is fine just nothing extreme, no step family shit or extremely gross fetishes

No. 148294

>good looking
>enjoyable to talk to
>high sex drive
>low body-fat

Ideal fuck buddy

No. 148295

10/10 taste

No. 148314

Haha, I love a bit of cockiness. Kind of attractive. And everything else too, really. A+ taste.

No. 148399

I have garbage taste, my type is almost solely right-wing edgelords, to the point where we would have regular arguments. An interest in cooking would also be nice.
>why he is better than other farmers may think
he's not.

No. 148400


No. 148401

You can just say Davie504, it's okay.

No. 148402

>can hold intelligent conversations
>actually listens to what I have to say and gives meaningful replies
>funny obviously but super goofy and weird too
>will baby me (not in a weird fetish way)
>affectionate, never lets me forget how much he loves me
>open and honest about his emotions
>will financially support me so I can go to college full time
>manages his finances well
>spoils me when he reasonably can

I don’t think I ask for too much.

No. 148420

File: 1598008205790.jpeg (40.82 KB, 475x597, E87D6D83-2787-47E7-A819-58FE15…)

I was thinking more louis garrel in terms of looks

No. 148442


yes anon, yes! this is my type as well. Just chefs kiss good shit.

No. 148473

File: 1598056553584.jpg (66.59 KB, 564x564, c3c2c5dcb494addb63cb826e933d1b…)

>youthful, soft facial features
>nice jawline
>puppy eyes, preferably brown
>full, shiny hair, preferably dark
>little body hair, does not shave
>little facial hair, shaves
>average height (1,70 -1,83)
>small frame, fit, but not particularly lean
>good posture
>nice ass
>thick thighs
>average dick
>same age or a few years younger
>soft voice
>smells nice, excellent hygiene
>cares about his appearance
>is into fashion

>average intelligence

>good natured
>bright, playful personality
>slightly feminine gestures
>does not watch porn
>likes older women
>has goals in life
>is eager to provide for his loved ones
>likes kids and animals
>very affectionate and cuddly
>is into foreplay, vanilla sex
>does housework
>wants to marry me

No. 148486

File: 1598078120507.jpg (45.72 KB, 936x178, Screenshot_20200822-013349.jpg)

Lol I keep seeing chef's kiss on this site all the time. Is this you anon?

No. 148488

File: 1598079642458.gif (3.58 MB, 540x378, ca16e76bf10bb9d5ebd7e087ce4908…)

>>Not "manly" handsome, I would prefer if he was more on the cute side. Curly, unruly hair is a plus
>>Average build, preferably much taller than me but tbh anything goes regarding height
>>Has a really cute smile. Ideally wouldn't have a beard but I don't really mind if he does
>>Not obsessed with his appearance but cares enough to look decent most of the time. Owns more than 3 shirts and 2 pair of shoes, looks good in pullovers
>>Calm, smiles a lot, kinda shy. A gentle, nurturing person. Introverted but can handle social interactions if necessary
>>Does not have a lot friends. I've discovered that for some reason, the more friends a guy has the higher the chances he is an asshole
>>geeky interests, similar moral code
>>Very affectionate, loves hugging
>>Impossible zone: not overly sexual, doesn't watch porn

No. 148492

dare i ask what in the FUCK this is about or is it gonna wind up being like that one girl on twitter who fantasized about some kpop boy being a baby cow with milkable tits

No. 148495

hahah no it's not me.

No. 148500


Anon this is just perfect. And who's the cutie in the gif?

No. 148514

100% my type. Tall, dark, handsome trope is real. And I hate bald men so men with good hair gives me an instant crush

No. 148536

i like the "dad bod" like the loser i am. a little bit of chub on top of a muscular torso, a nice beard that isn't long or pubey, hairy chest/arms, strong arms/bigger hands, etc. it feels manly and gets me blushy.

lanky pretty boy types are the most unappealing to me. reminds me of the soyboys i dated in high school

No. 148545

File: 1598130330247.jpg (48.58 KB, 640x701, ELcYzbpWsAAODbB.jpg)

You've got A+ taste anon. That would be Aneurin Barnard. I know absolutely nothing about him though, I refuse to google his name out of sheer terror that I will find out he is a creeper like pretty much every famous man out there.

No. 148550

I am so lonely I have reduced my standards to

>taller than me (150)

>isnt a fucking dumbass

and yet nobody fucking meets it?

Anyways let's get fucking serious this is the true ideal type:

>170cm +

>really funny
>interesting enough to hold a conversation over a wide variety of topics
>earns enough to influence GDP
>cute in the way they act
>not too masculine looking
>some muscles but not a beefcake
>can talk about hobbies in a nice way not some mansplaining asshole
>can deal with people i hate people who are way too introverted please let's fucking function in the society
>is willing to send me at least 2 messages a day or one phone call
>is willing to deal with my hyperfixations because im a fucking sperg ;_;

aside from finance i dont even require a lot please exist

No. 148556

I'm sorry to perpetuate negative steretypes about women, but I like terrible men. Also my list is probably unrealistic.
That said, perfect partner:

>> ambivert leaning on extrovert, good with people, high social and emotional intelligence.
>> difficult to offend, relatively even tempered, not easily freaked out, not jealous or controlling.
>> witty, cocky and socially domineering, but not all the way into asshole territory.
>> intelligent, not necessarily as in education, but as in raw intelligence. Is a critical thinker.
>> generally curious and able to find interest in the world that surrounds us.
>> is both able to laugh at himself and to take himself seriously when the need arises.
>> some sort of interest in art / literature is great.
>> dresses well, decently stylish, likes to look after himself, doesn't equate masculinity with being a slob.
>> honest. Doesn't hide shit from me, doesn't pretend to be something he's not, is comfortable with himself.
>> is able to look after himself to a reasonable degree, won't try to turn me into a mom figure.

>> has an attractive voice and accent, speaks loudly and clearly, doesn't mumble. I like deep voices and foreign accents.
If I had to go with just one thing it'd be this. I'd be attracted to a wet boot if it had a nice enough voice, everything else is just a bonus tbh.
>> preferably taller than me but not obscenely tall. Shorter guys also considered.
>> dark hair, straight or wavy, longer hair a plus. Absolutely no receding hairlines or bald men. No blondes allowed either.
>> is able to grow facial and body hair but doesn't keep a longer-than-stubble beard.
>> not a hard must, but dimples destroy me. freckles too. glasses are also hot.
>> perhaps bizarre criteria, but longer face.
Those square jawed, short nosed, pug-looking types absolutely do not do it for me at all.
>> vague aura of unhealthiness and sleep deprivation
>> nice ass.

sex / intimacy:
>> hard must: has to be a switch. Has to be a bit of a tease.
>> high sex drive and a little kinky is good.
>> I wish I didn't find slutty men extremely attractive, but I do, so that's that.
>> very cuddly and physically affectionate, preferably not uncomfortable with public displays of affection.
>> ultimate kryptonite is if he sleeps with his head on my chest.

tfw no super affectionate, mischievous, socially domineering but not masc role adhereing, slutty but loyal husband to cuddle to sleep every night.

No. 148557

He’s a chill man, anon, I follow him on Instagram and he seems really nice, he posts music and cozy pictures of pretty places.

No. 148573

>big nose
>Shaggy hair or long hair
>Loves their mom
>Brown boy of any variety (Native American, Asian, Latino, Black)
Usually these men are short kings lmao.

No. 148576

Lmao anon you could be posting about a friend of mine, even the short king bit.
Hope you find a guy like it.

No. 148642

>big and ugly
>not overly stocky
>nice hair
>isn't insane

No. 149178

serious question, why do you want an ugly guy?

No. 159593

File: 1605248707735.jpg (47.12 KB, 720x939, 1ajbk4D.jpg)

Screw it! Here is my unrealistic and idealized guy type.

>Big tiddy goth bf.

>Shorter than me so I could give him kisses on the forehead.
>Foreigner, preferably asian.
>Thick accent and broken english.
>Kind of dumb, I don't really need him to be smart.
>Does the house chores, mostly cleaning and cooking for me.
>Sexually active, but submissive.
>Nice, thick thighs.
>Doesn't get angry at me for having friends, either male or female.
>Actually, no jealousy at all, I also need space.
>Honest with me, I should trust that he won't trash talk neither me or my interests from behind.

That's pretty much all I have in mind now, I don't want to give up yet, but anyways that's has been my fantasy bf for a long time.

No. 159636

>Smart and intellectual
>high iq if possible
>Talkative and engaging but knows when to shut up
>Not too overbearing
>Not too normie
>slightly passive personality
>thin but if overweight, willing to lose weight
>low libido or asexual/demisexual
>isn't into casual sex or tinder culture
>doesn't have kids from previous relationships
>likes literature
>into occultism
>doesn't have a personality disorder, is not schizophrenic or/and is not too depressed
>emotionally available
>doesn't use social media frequently or at all
>not into ethots
>funny and interesting personality
>not misogynistic
>niche interests
>likes animals especially cats
>cooks healthy food
>someone I can truly trust and vice versa
>someone who I can talk to and not worry there is nothing to say or conversations run dry constantly
>direct and honest
>fun life
this is gonna sound autistic and unrealistic but it's my ideal
>psychic powers or medium

I hope this is not too much and this person is out there somewhere.

No. 159641

>No anger issues
>Can drive
>No religious beliefs
>Has basic empathy
>Works, lives independantly
>Happy living seperately
>Decent tattoos would be a bonus
>Dark hair
>In a healthy weight range
>No chest hair/not excessively hairy
>Short/not much taller than me
>Not controlling or paranoid
>No history of cheating
>No ruminating over 'bitch exes'
>Clean, both himself and his home
>Sees the bright side of situations
>Fun, hopeful
>Needs his own space and gives me enough alone time
>Has his own seperate hobbies
>Also shares at least one of my main interests
>Not into anything anal
>Healthy sex drive
>Not intimidated by sex toys
>Shares my kink
>Reliable in an emergency
>Doesn't have to be well off but I don't want someone who counts every penny when you split the cost of something
And no joke would prefer a passing transguy over a regular guy, as long as the only surgery he has is chest surgery

No. 159646

>taller than me (I'm 5'1 so it wouldnt be an issue)
>a normie, pretty average, and is a great listener
>someone that can make me calm without freaking me out
>kinky kek
>adventurous, very motivated to go outside and explore
>goal oriented
>soft hair
>not afraid to try new things
>a bit possessive, but trusting
>not bitching about exes
>has no violence or anger issues, basic care and empathy
>not too religious, or atheist
>not misogynistic
>hard working and very passionate
>pretty dominant
>Family over anything else (and their partner is part of that family)
>caring and willing to grow in the relationship (like learning how to cook)
>has basic hygiene
>doesn't have a plethora of mental illness, doesn't blame their shitty behavior on mental illness, self critical
>can be codependent but not entirely reliant
>someone I can go get churros at 3 am
>can joke around or go along with my jokes

I'm pretty flexible, and I never really had a specific type. I just don't want an asshole, a cheater, or an abuser. (am i being too picky..?)

No. 159647

>a good person, with good morals
>cares for me, respects me
>hardworking blue collar
>not too smart, because smart guys are so fucking arrogant holy shit
>not too dumb, because dumb people don't make good life partners
>no big vices (gambling, drugs, alcohol, trooning out); responsible with money
>isn't a cheating slut; i don't mind porn as long as it's not degenerate (scat, trannies, pedo, zoo); no STDs; no hookers
>doesn't have to do chores, but has to be clean (i'm not cleaning skid marks, and dick cheese gets kicked out of the house)
>not fat, unless he's built like a bear
>perferably taller than me, but if he is a manlet i don't have to wear heels, so win-win
>good teeth

And most important
>is a good dedicated father
Honestly, i could overlook some flaws (would still divorce), but if he's not a good father he's worse than fucking trash. It's not enough to live in the same house and just being there like a wallflower. If he doesn't care about his children he might as well go away and die far.

No. 159651

My dream man
>is an alien
>looks vaguely reptilian
>takes me to research various planets with him
>loves me

No. 159657

>mestizo mexican
>skinnyyyyyy but with sqeezable thighs if that makes sense
>intelligent. Not necessarily a bookworm or super academic guy but hes gotta have some wits
>into BDSM; switch
>has a hobby
>will listen to me ramble about stupid bullshit
>likes having deep conversations
>will let me give him presents and take him out places
>we have a dog together
>idc how he dresses as long as its not hypebeast shit
>lets me draw portraits of him
>we stay together forever

No. 159658

Over 6ft
Not balding
No kids
Has never paid for sex
Doesn't take hard drugs
Not an alcoholic
Doesn't think women live on easy mode and doesn't bring up sexism to debunk it as a myth
Has a belief system and set of values
Humour isn't just parroting whatever is trendy on social media or the TV
Doesn't talk about his exes as an extension of himself
No mommy issues

No. 159660

All you need is a bit of maladaptive daydreaming and you're sorted, achievable

No. 159665

File: 1605287916092.jpg (110.94 KB, 564x846, b7cecc4d6fc0adac90b2d6ace19ccb…)

>around the same height as me (5'8~6'0)
>average looking, would feel bad if he's too pretty
>"muscle with a layer of fat" kind of dad bod
>bob the builder type
>likes to be physical, always snuggling
>a lil nerdy, a lil outdoorsy, a lil artsy. can probably play guitar or piano
>outgoing, affable, and social with other people. the extrovert to my introvert.
>doesn't do drugs or watch porn
>works to make the money while I take care of the house and cook
lets me dress him up and choose his hair cut and how he smells. treats me like his baby too

No. 159666

>works to make the money while I take care of the house and cook

in this economy ?

No. 159669

>>"muscle with a layer of fat" kind of dad bod
I genuinely don't understand when women say they want a guy with a dad bod? Like how's that better than a nice fit body?

No. 159670

Plus even if you find a well off guy.. if you split you have this several year long gap in your employment.. screws you over if you need to move on and pay for yourself again

Guess we're all just fantasizing tho

No. 159684

Just speaking personally, I think it gives them a cute, homey look. A soft tummy looks nicer to snuggle than abs.

No. 159694

>Seems gay

These are guys who maybe have "femme" interests or tastes. They are "particular" like a stereotypical gay man. They are interested in aesthetics, polite, maybe quiet, talk a certain way, have "femme" gestures.

A lot of girls are turned off by this, and he's had trouble with women rejecting him because they want him to be their emotional tampon not their bf. But he is the BEST boyfriend I have EVER had I'm so happy with him.

Everyone thinks I'm my SO's beard, but it only bothers me that they are gossiping about him like that. Plus they're basically making assumptions about our sex life which is rude.

He is very attentive to my needs in bed. He is an amazing listener. Gives sentimental gifts. Isn't afraid to do activities that might seem "girly" like shopping with me. He likes to cook. He'll learn the moves to a Lady Gaga dance with me. He'll watch a chickflick and be into it. He will sit and watch me try on clothes then tell me his favorite outfit, and his taste is pretty good. He pays attention to his appearance/makes an effort. We pick out furniture/decorate together.

We are legitimately best friends with a good romantic and sex life. I love him so much.

The only drawback is that he doesn't have a lot of guy friends. The ones he does have are all over the country so he doesn't see them much. But they are actually chill people instead of bros.

No. 159695

File: 1605297709952.jpg (26.21 KB, 500x373, 4a998813e2454621cb95b851c10665…)

>around my height (5'8")
>dark, straight fluffy hair. not too long but long enough for me to pull
>thicc eyebrows
>tired-looking eyes
>pale and skelly
>not a total normie
>has at least some knowledge of internet stuff bc sadly it's a big part of my life
>has comfy, introverted hobbies like playing vidya, reading, coding, hiking, etc.
>lets me sperg about my edgy interests and nihilistic opinions without making me feel bad about it. preferably we could be nihilistic together.
>is honest and straightforward with his thoughts and feelings.
>has his own independent opinions that he feels strongly about and doesn't blindly do things because of societal values
>doesn't care too much about what others think of him/not desperate for social validation.
>sensitive and more emotional than me, but tries to hide it. would be cute if he cried when we fought and then got embarrassed about it
>genuinely likes me as a person. isn't just settling for me or with me because he wants to get laid.

i've come to accept that this is what i'm into. it's honestly too embarrassing to tell friends irl that my ideal type is a pale, skinny manlet who looks like he hasn't left his room or slept in days. and not even in a conventional way like timothee chalamet or something, like actual mentally ill school shooter/incel vibes. i always lie and say i don't have a type. does anyone else feel like they have to do this or is it just me lol

No. 159732

i know a guy who basically fits all of this anon, it is achievable!

No. 159795

Lmao what is that pic from?? I need to know

No. 159799

File: 1605379996120.png (Spoiler Image,738.15 KB, 680x522, Schro.png)

I'm a short moid lurking here and I have a question for taller women(anything taller than 5'7") which are into manlets.
What do you find attractive about manlets?

10 out of 15
Im into GFD tho

I got 15 out of 21

>but he couldn't dress himself to save his life and was into cringy internet politics
I have the same problem but I think my hikki years and pol fucked me up in this regard.


No. 159805

My type of man is one who knows when to shut up and not post.

No. 159806

Don't respond to male posters and just wait for them to get banned lol

No. 159808

thank you! this gives me hope

No. 159809

File: 1605384819158.jpg (242.95 KB, 703x900, tumblr_nkcngqEIPJ1rln4hio1_128…)

>Nerdy, I just want a cute boy nerding out not much to ask for
>A bit clumsy, I find this really cute
>Not manly more on fem side a bit about stuff.
>Dry humor and dad jokes.
>Semi-clean person, as long as they try to to pick after themselves I am okay
>Has to like art, I can't deal with another guy who doesn't know about art.
>A little petty
>Spergs out about random stuff, this is just so cute.
>Calm and a bit empathic
>Not stuck up and a bit open minded within reason
>Around 5'7-6'0
>Lightly muscular, not looking for a gymcel
>Dark Hair
>cleaned shaved
>Good shoulders
>Dresses plain but doesn't wear sweats all the time
>White or Asian preferably
>Maintains himself
Ideally, though a guy who wears nice clothing and takes care of himself well but this is more of a culture thing like in South Korea they do it…. man
>Likes to be rough
>Doesn't watch porn daily
>Doesn't want to do anal, threesomes, public sex, or anything with nonconsenting party

No. 159811

smaller than me
small bones
tiny legs

No. 160264

Hilariously unrealistic expectations but I am really into the epilogue anime/video game protagonist kind of character… Although I have never met anyone who remotely comes close to this. Anyway!

>mixed race/racially ambiguous

>really good looking in both masculine/beautiful/exotic ways
>charismatic - can lead and inspire others
>a voice I would never tire of
>open minded
>not a sexual deviant
>a good heart who struggles with a dark past/inner demons
>funny with a good sense of humor
>good listener
>very thoughtful
>protective of family/children/animals
>at least medium height
>loves animals and animals love him
>skilled at cooking/cleaning
>highly intelligent both mentally and emotionally
>sexy figure - well proportioned with broad shoulders
>in very good shape, strong and well muscled but in a natural way and without looking like he hits the gym too often
>artsy - great at drawing/painting/design/architecture
>wide interests
>lightly into video games/anime but not to the point of being weebish
>has a substantial ____
>basically good at everything

Yeah so I kind of want to marry the protagonist of Real Life if there is such a thing…

No. 160395

>doesn't watch porn
>some interest in arts, doesn't matter what kind
>mellow personality
>emotionally mature though that should be the bare minimum
>enjoys caring for others
>booksmart but not pretentious
>preferably a bit introverted but not overly so, just enough to balance out my more extroverted side
>longer hair would be nice but i don't have a specific type appearance wise
>enjoys listening to me, once again, the bare minimum but I've had unpleasant experiences with people thinking I talk too much
>leftist or left leaning but not a neolib or any sort of breadtube cringe
>preferably not from my shithole country but that's on me to move once i have my degree
>at least one non normie hobby, so something that isn't travelling, hiking or mediocre white indie boy bands that only he thinks are underground

No. 160529

File: 1605855895111.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1145x1349, 9914E59A-A762-4255-BCC1-4708B8…)

>empathetic but doesn’t make a big deal of it, just cares about others and the human race
>great morals, loyal and trustworthy
>optimistic but understanding when dealing with depressed people
>cheeky submissive-leaning switch who likes being bossed around
>bit obsessed with me
>doesn’t care if I know everything he does and looks at since I have trust issues
>cooks well and frequently, does chores
>pursues me of his own accord and is respectfully persistent
>virgin or few partners, has never felt as strongly towards anyone else as he has for me
>comes up with creative and romantic dates
>makes me laugh
>into talking about complex and deeper topics
>artistic, can play an instrument and sings for me
>emotionally expressive and not embarrassed by it
>deeeeeep husky voice
>loves cute things and will fawn over them with me
>enjoys personal freedom, works remotely and/or runs his own business
>can be assertive and get things done
>will play video games and watch animu with me
>a little freaky and into the occult, in a fun way

No. 160536


most people won't get "lightly muscular" outside of a gym, manual labor or some sort of strenuous outdoors activity

No. 160614

my ex was like this to a fucking T. he looks nothing like the pic you posted though lol. still good friends with him. not unrealistic at all!

No. 160626

Bit ot but if you don't mind me asking, he sounds like kind of a catch. Why didn't you two work out?

No. 160699

>emotionally available.
>doesn't ask me to be his therapist or mother.
>does not want kids and has already had a vasectomy/will get one upon discussing it with me
>average sized dick at most. I've never had penetrative sex but I've attempted dildos, either I'm doing it wrong somehow or the big dick thing is just a meme.
>confident without being arrogant
>loves animals and is nice to kids even though he doesn't want them
>hates porn. i don't mind him jacking off, I just don't want a pornsick loser as a bf.
>cute goth vibe without going overboard with it. can dress like a normie for family gatherings, formal events etc.
>excellent hygiene.
>not a sexist.
>likes doing chores.
>has a good job.
>pretty rather than handsome.

I already know this ain't a realistic list, but this is the ideal type thread not realistic standards for men thread so I don't really care.

No. 160703

college ended, we both moved to different cities for work. i still miss him in a romantic sense, but as it stands logistically speaking it wouldn't work out in the long term. one of us would have to throw our entire career down the toilet or adjust in some other way, which during covid is just unviable.
plus again, we're still good friends and we talk semi-frequently. it sucked in the moment A LOT, don't get me wrong. in the moment it made zero sense to break things up when things were going well, but in hindsight i'm happy because things ended due to outside circumstances and not because we grew to hate each other or something. sorry for the blog.

No. 160733

I’m sorry anon, that makes me sad (and obviously I’m sure it was 100x worse for you). It seems like you two were really doing well and it was only location and circumstance that split you apart. I’m glad you’re still in contact, I’m sending good vibes that it might work out for you two someday if it wouldn’t impinge on your career or passions.

No. 160746

thank you for your kind words and good vibes anon :-)

No. 160934

good taste, anon. especially the part about being cocky and having a big nose. they're must haves tbh. louis garrel is beautiful, that nose!

>> difficult to offend, relatively even tempered, not easily freaked out, not jealous or controlling.
>> witty, cocky and socially domineering, but not all the way into asshole territory.
>> intelligent, not necessarily as in education, but as in raw intelligence. Is a critical thinker.

huge yes to these three points. I think the not veering into asshole territory with the cockiness and social dominance is important.

>>Absolutely no receding hairlines

I would've agreed a few years ago but I've been attracted to a couple guys who've been my type physically but also probably have too much testosterone lmao thus leaving them with receding hairlines. I find them endearing now

>>vague aura of unhealthiness and sleep deprivation

why is this so attractive??? I feel the same and don't get it

very cute picrel, definitely would

No. 161028

File: 1606230182939.jpg (172.89 KB, 1110x1194, tumblr_pc27ek6JxD1w2h29to1_128…)


>dark hair, shorter at the back and longer on top and at the front, something I can play with and hold on while receiving oral sex

>nice voice. I like deep, gravelly voices but it's not super important
>dark eyes, deep chocolate brown eyes are hands down the best eyes
>big handsome nose, small dainty noses on men make them look too feminine
>lips aren't something I focus on much, but like other anons I don't like them really thin. I need a certain level of softness
>large, broad shouldered and stocky, nice muscle definition on his chest and arms, the kind of muscle build from manual labor. I like softer bellies, though. thick thighs are a must too
>hairy as all hell. crazy arm and leg hair and chest covered in a thick shag carpet of hair I can stroke as I lay in his arms. I don't particularly like back hair but finding a guy as hairy as I like w/o some back hair is probably unrealistic. I wouldn't want him to shave it or anything
>I really like beards but prefer scruff. long, thick sideburns with scruff is my ultimate fav
>taller than me, I'm 5ft 3 and like guys who tower over me but nothing much over 6' is really necessary
>as for styling, I love when guys wear just a simple t-shirt and then jeans that are kinda tight, not skinny jean tight but enough that it hugs their thighs/asses. as for shoes, just casual like the rest of the outfit, like a pair of converse/combat boots. I love seeing guys who work blue collar jobs in their work outfits though, I can't really explain why, it's just very manly and probably signals to my brain that this guy is a hardworker who can provide/care for me!
>glasses are cute, so if he has poor vision that's a plus


>around my age, so 30 - 35

>own place, car, job
>not overly concerned with personal grooming. obviously he'd have to be clean but guys who fuss too much with their personal appearance turn me off. I don't like those beards that look like they used a ruler to shape them. I like a guy who knows he's sexiest when left mostly natural and doesn't need to spend hours in front of the mirror!
>funny. this is such an important thing, if a guy I like can make me laugh my attraction to him will increase tenfold
>confident and self assured, a little cocky too. cockiness is a huge weakness of mine
>interested in similar things to me so we can have shared hobbies, would love a very outdoorsy guy who'll take me camping and hiking. also into similar music to me so we can go to shows together
>he doesn't have to be super intelligent since neither am I but I'd love someone I can have at least decent conversations with. he also has to be an excellent communicator and an emotionally mature grown man who shows his emotions in healthy ways. understanding of my issues/hang ups. is kind/caring and knows how to comfort me if I need it
>don't mind him gaming/spending a fair amount of time online as long as he'd rather spend time with me/fuck me
>respects my boundries in bed. is ethusiastic about eating me out. no overly weird/gross kinks. foot fetish is fine cause my feet are cute and deserve to be worshipped. open to exploring the shit I'm into and is a master at dirty talk. will do romantic shit and make love to me all slow and sensually, but will also fuck my brains out
>preferably doesn't watch porn. a coomer with brain rot and a broken dick is a hard no
>doesn't have to pretend to be a feminist ally to please me or whatever but actually grasps the basic idea of why feminism is important and holds absolutely no incel/mgtow ideas
>preferably vegan, at least vegetarian. I would date a meat eater but since this is ideal guy then I'm gonna say he doesn't. would also be cool if he understood that my veganism is super important to me
>doesn't want kids but has a good relationship with his family and have a nice family I get on well with. sees me as a long term/life partner, someone he'd marry and fully commit to, not dump me if some 25 year old shows interest in him.

pircel is pretty close to my ideal type, at least physically, though not nearly hairy enough lmao. he's also very funny and a vegetarian. I love him

No. 161035

Who is this? Great taste anon btw

No. 161049

Nta but it's Brett "Hundar" Hundley. As OP mentioned, he's got a really cocky attitude/dry sense of humor, which personally turned me off from him.

No. 161428

I like fit pale blonde boys with big doe eyes between 5'8 and 6'4. Bonus points if glasses.

No. 163128

>a good heart who struggles with a dark past/inner demons
fuck ya got me

No. 163149

Amazing taste anon and you also seem like a swell person, would befriend both you and your ideal guy.

No. 164339

>165 to 180
>Black hair, can be slightly above
>Brown eyes
>Yellowish skin tone yes I prefer Asians but wouldn't mind a mestizo like me
>Lean/twink body, non visible abs but obviously works out
>rather than typically handsome, a cute delicate face (yes I know it ages like shit most times)
>isn't insecure about being short/cute
this is where things start to get unrealistic
>likes videogames
>isn't a turbo faggot /pol/cel whining constantly about women in videogames
>likes to read, not only fantasy but nonfiction, doesn't sperg about one being superior to another
>takes interest in history, politics but not to the point where it rules his own life
>don't care about his taste of music but would like him to introduce me to new things, as I really only like a couple of genres and autistically stick to it
>has a sense of humor, I love love love it when guys can laugh it off
>is able to contain it when it's time to get serious
>cocky but not an asshole
>can do chores around the house and motivate me to do the same
>is willing to wait for sex even though he's probably 25+ and a virgin, one sexual partner at best
>isn't too clingy, understands that sometimes being on your own is okay
>obviously an introvert
>also knows that being together is the best thing
>enjoys walking around aimlessly, either in a park or the city
>doesn't like parties or socializing a lot
>but loves his family and is willing to be friends with my siblings/mom
>can take care of himself but doesn't try to take the reins of the relationship
>on sex, must be somewhat inventive, willing to try in different positions and places
>both dominant and submissive, is able to roleplay a bit
yes I know I'll die lonely, it's okay I'm coping with it

No. 164359

>someone who's got issues or baggage, but tries to cope with it
I couldn't fathom being with someone who isn't some kind of fucked up, because I'm that myself. I know this can turn toxic, I just want someone who can empathize with me on a base level. otherwise it creates a further rift between me and him. In a way we would be aiding another with our tragedies and pasts

>has a decent sense of a humor

Men who are overly serious bore me, I irritate the fuck out of anyone who doesn't understand sarcasm. need to be with a fellow snark machine or else I will die


I need manic energy to counteract how fuckin' depressive I get. someone who encourages me to actually get up off my ass and not wallow

>someone who appreciates subjectivity, art, and fluid concepts, and enjoys consuming music, art, tv, cinema, etc

somewhat ties into the abovementioned humor aspect, men who are cold, tactile, and objective tend to be a bore to speak to. someone who's artistically inclined will always be interesting to be around and talk to

>has strong beliefs and isn't timid, is far more outspoken, and is emotionally able to put himself out there

self confident and assured, slightly narc-y, not to the degree where it hurts others

>dark hair

>nice eyes
>cute nose
>charming smile
>exceedingly expressive face preferred
>preferably 5'11"-6'5", ideal 6'1"-6'3"
>slimmer figure but not too slim
I feel like I have a few physical archetypes set for what my ideal guy would look like but I'm not gonna say them

>more sexually dominant in bed

I'm not a dominant person, especially not in the bed, nor do I want to be, would prefer this with him steering more towards vanilla, nothing too extreme, light sexually sadistic stuff maybe, but nothing to the degree of abuse

>maybe just a bit possessive and love bombing

I am very clingy and I do not mind being clung onto back

No. 164377

Tall, on the thin side, dark hair, glasses and a tease.
I'm a simple woman.

No. 164997

>dark hair (or at least non-blonde)
>not fat
>dresses like a hollywood nerd
>has an interest in life and not only in media and porn
>preferably doesn't wantch porn at all
>+point if he has prominent nose
>-point if he likes blowjobs
I just don't like giving blowjobs, had bad experiences in past relationships.

No. 164999

That's not unrealistic at all. I know someone who fits like 95% of that.

No. 165002

youknow what, i'll bite. this is in no way my "standards" but more like an ideal

> tall, lanklet type but still some strength and fitness

>dark hair, strong eyebrows
> roman or greek nose
> a bit hotheaded, impulsive, maybe a tiny bit macho in his presentation of masculinity
> shy around women, respects them
> confident and playful but still subby in bed
> doesnt watch porn or does absolute degen shit
> looks good in black turtleneck
> otherwise kinda grungey but still normcore style
> either haxxxor or doesnt use the internet at all
> has some understanding about art but is not an artist
> veiny cut dick
> nice hands with long fingers
> smoker bc I am one so it would be weird otherwise
> wears like one piece of jewellery for emotional reasons like a tacky gold chain with a cross his grandma gave him
> jewish (i will accept atheist raised catholic that retained all the guilt)

No. 165011

File: 1609290658792.jpeg (123.46 KB, 750x735, 81ADA6B7-4E24-4F27-AB65-AD1AE0…)

>body like pic related
>likes working out with me
>likes cooking
>regular sex drive
>likes learning about new things
>sub but not into pegging
>only drinks every once and then
>doesn’t consoom porn
>has emotions
>not into retarded political debates
>not into retarded religious debates
>equilibrium between himbo and smart
>around 24-28 years old
>likes dancing
>likes singing
>has lots of freckles and/or regular moles
>likes dogs
Something kind of like that.

No. 165031

Good luck finding a guy who doesn't like blowjobs lmao

No. 165045

So 2D men only, basically?

No. 165047

ntayrt, but I too don't like blowjobs and having a guy who doesn't expect them is nice. Having a guy actively dislike them would make me worry about his past though, like something bad must've happened.

No. 165048


No. 165068

I know it's a hard criterium, that's why it's more of a negative than a dealbreaker. I'm fine with it sometimes, but not as a constant expectation existing in his mind. I also have restricted jaw movement, so that doesn't help.

No. 165994

God I can dream at least

- Hot. This is pretty broad but I don't really have a set type, just someone I'm attracted to. They should be physically fit though

- East Asian. Because I'm east asian and I'm not going to deal with having to teach and baby a boy into trying things in my culture. The also thought of being arm candy to someone with yellow fever makes me physically ill

- Has a good career and earns roughly the same or slightly more than me. I need someone who can match my life style, but if they have too much money I'll probably get intimidated and start spending more to keep up.

- Has a stable, non toxic family that's moderately well off. In my experience, Men who are born poor covet money and if they're too rich they take it for granted. I also don't want to deal with family drama

- Actually has thoughts that don't make me wonder if they're actually an NPC. Someone interesting and I can have a proper conversation with that keeps me engaged

- Aligns with me politically

- Knows when to be silly and when to be serious. Isn't socially constipated and can read the mood. I think I like the silly type who's self aware

- Engages with my interests and makes an effort to do stuff with me that I like, not force me to do the stuff they want every time

- Between 175-180 cm in height

- Grooms themselves and dresses well. I like to dress up and the boy better keep up and moisturise

- Affectionate, gentle and sweet but has a backbone. They should have some self respect while being a good person

- Doesn't simp over other women or follow camgirls/instathots etc

- Isn't clingy and enjoys their own space/respects my space

- Listens to what I say thoughtfully and respects me, doesn't try to brush me off or disregard my opinions in anything

- Has their own friends and active, fulfilling social life. Their friends must also be good/decent people otherwise it's a red flag

- Wants to get married and have a family. I generally don't want to have kids but if it's with the perfect man, I'll happily do it

No. 166006

>I'll probably get intimidated and start spending more to keep up.


No. 166020

I'm a prideful, immature and competitive person that hates the idea of a man I'm with being more financially successful than me. Probably something about wanting to have equal power and not wanting to 'drag' them down from doing activities I can't afford. Like if they suggest something like 'lets go do xyz' and it's a bit out of my budget it'll hurt my pride to say so and I would feel bad that I'm holding them back out from doing stuff they want.

I know it's irrational and any decent person would accept 'no' for an answer, and if I'm dating a person that rich they'll probably happily pay for my share because they love me (I'll do the same if I dated a less cash rich person) but it's just something I feel.

No. 166022

you sound fucking annoying

No. 166023

Thanks, am working on it

No. 166033

>I'm a prideful, immature and competitive person that hates the idea of a man I'm with being more financially successful than me
Besides that, what do you bring to the table?

No. 166036

at least you’re self aware. wish you luck finding your dream guy anon <3

No. 166063

Same, I even made a post some time ago about not feeling great about my bf making more money than me, every reply was like ENJOY IT GIRL. I'm just glad I'm not alone feeling like this

No. 166112

A lot, but I'm not here to blog how dateable/undateable I am

Thanks anon, I'm trying my best to be a person I can be 100% proud of. I'm not there yet but i'm working on it :)

Yeah I can understand feeling alone with your craziness (for a lack of better word) when everyone seems to think differently. I wish you the best!

No. 166148

Must be why you're here

No. 168613

File: 1611499765961.png (574.92 KB, 713x704, maeo71mmocy41.png)

This man in every single aspect

No. 168614

Completely agree also Miku's nose looks so weird here

No. 168626

including that he's fake.

No. 168645

fake as in not real or does he end up not being what he seems?

No. 169284

>170cm or taller
>Hapa or full Asian
>Dark hair
I like my moids slightly feminine looking tbh. I'm fairly tall myself so I don't care about dating same height as long as they aren't being an insecure douche about it. I'm hapa myself and I don't want to fucking deal with dumbassery, plus I find white men fuggo as shit while blacks and hispanics treat me like I'm their Bulma DBZ Mikasa waifu. Gross. Plus, I don't want to explain my culture to them. I hate bulky muscles and fat of any kind, so being slender is a given.

Personality though…
>Witty and fairly sarcastic
>Good sense of humor
>Nice taste in music
>Nerdy, but not to the point where they're a retarded weeb
>Not porn-addicted
>Into femdom kek
>Will cook for me
>But will gladly adopt three cats
I'm a STEM bitch so I want to verbally spar with someone who's on the same wavelength. Also, I really value humor for some reason. Pretty self-explanatory for the most part. Hate kids and the idea of pregnancy, but I love kittens and animals.

Anons, I think I'm going to be alone forever kekkkkk

No. 173464

>is 10-15 years older than me
>black hair going gray
>wears glasses
>hairy chest
>hairy arms
>manly hands
>a few (good) tattoos but not heavily tatted
>at least my height but preferably a few inches taller than me (I'm 5'10)
>has a sexy voice
>likes to read
>likes to talk about books with me
>likes rock/metal (no country or rap)
>has a good job, but not a business man or lawyer or doctor
>not a weeb
>can watch vanilla porn but no weird shit

No. 173478

> tall, but not more than 2 meters
> athletic, toned, strong and proportionate (doesn't have to kill himself on the gym, I don't like super big muscles)
> fluffy hair
> dark brown eyes
> nice bone structure (doesn't have to be model-tier but neither a butterface)
> clean skin
> good smile
> dimples
> not pale
> not a receding hairline please I'm begging

> brain not rotted with porn, anime, videogames, social media
> prefers being outdoors and staying active
> has fun hobbies
> considerate of others, mature, emotional intelligent, respectful and kind
> makes me laugh a lot
> confident
> loves his job and has an interesting one (i'm attracted to architects idk why)
> eats well and balanced
> takes care of himself and is clean
> has many friends and is easygoing, not necessarily an extrovert
> attractive voice
> is intelligent in the way that he knows how to fix problems
> calm and chill, doesn't get angry easily and very few things disturb his mood
> appreciates and respects me as an equal, individual human being (or sees me as a goddess, I don't mind)
> physical with me
> sex is fun, often, loving, hot and satisfaying
basically I just want a normie and someone similar to me

No. 173488

Why that age gap? You wanna be stuck taking care of his shit diapers for his remainder of his life?

No. 173706

Idk, but my grandma and grandpa only had a 5 year age gap and she still ended up taking care of him a lot.

No. 177017

File: 1617008721451.png (161.01 KB, 600x600, IMG_2644.PNG)

i dont think my ideal is better than what other farmers think but this is it
>looks like pic related. i made it in piccrew
>dark brown hair. fluffy hair maybe a middle part. its cute imo
>thick dark eyebrows
>dark brown eyes
>high trust face and nice smile
>thin or medium sized lips
>defined jawline
>tallish and broad shoulders
>light brown skin
>hispanic,white,asian, or mix of those
>fit. some muscle
>dresses nice
>cute voice
>average size penis
>good hygiene
>objective 6/10-8/10 cant look too perfect

>introverted and kinda shy
>flustered easily. its cute
>is nice to people and respects women. not a "nice guy" expecting sex or a gf in return. but genuinly nice
>very loyal
>kinda conservative
>doesnt watch porn or masterbate
>doesnt check out other women
>doesnt follow women on social media if theyre not his family or friends
>few female friends
>wholesome affectionate and cuddles
>thinks im pretty
>above average intelligence and is interesting
>not a normie
>is funny has the same sense of humor and fun to be with
>doesnt like anime too much
>can deal with me being insecure and help
>not judgemental and openminded
>good morals
>isnt a pedophile and doesnt have weird or fucked up fetishes
>wants kids
>likes cats and other similar things as me
>strong and protective
>ignores other women that flirt with him
>only loves me
ik its long but this is the ideal my standards arent that high but yea

No. 177021

> Isn’t a pedophile
kek anon? Isn’t that a given, why did you even mention that!

No. 177911

>isnt a scrote
>isnt black
>has an insane crush on me
>low bodycount
>pretty boy face
>no facial hair
>sweet and calls me everyday
>same interests
>likes foreplay and kissing
>skinny, i dont like muscular guys

No. 177912

That's cute anon

No. 178032

My ideal guy is more like ideal guys. I have conflicting ideas of what I like. I like the cool stoic but secretly cuddly and nice only to me type but also like the nice to everyone and generally a good guy type and I don't know which guy type I like more so I end up being in a fictional poly relationship with 2 fake dudes. Sad.

No. 178043

File: 1617674197074.jpeg (58.86 KB, 446x293, 9EA7E6CB-2A03-4337-80A9-BAB59E…)

Dream bf
Not even gonna lie

No. 217274

>dark brown hair
>blue eyes
>wide-eyed stare (idk if how to explain it)
>eye bags
>doesn't care about tik tok, the latest netflix shows, or any other zoomer/millennial trends
>life doesn't revolve around having sex or a gf (obviously can care about that stuff, but not the type of person who can't exist without sex/gf)
>very passionate about his hobbies/interests
>treats me like an equal (or even looks up to me/relies on me for things related to social situations)
>introspective and isn't completely incapable of talking about how he personally feels or reflecting on things and their deeper meaning
>forms his own opinions outside of just agreeing with me, his friends, his family, etc.
>quiet, but would really open up and we could spend most of our time just doing our own thing but occasionally talking and having very intense, personal conversations just the two of us. maybe i am one of the only people he has ever connected to and been able to open up to like that. though maybe that's too selfish and codependent of me to wish for
>neurotic energy just like me

don't think i'll ever have the social skills or the confidence to get a guy i'm actually attracted to, but ain't that just the way. reviving this thread because i always love reading/hearing about girls' ideal types. they are always more varied and interesting than mens'.

No. 217277

Ayo we like the same type, good taste anon

No. 217287

and same

No. 217322

nice. my nonas of culture. i haven't met any people irl who have the same type as me (which is why i'm too embarrassed to disclose this in real life) but it seems more common on the internet. makes me wonder if we have other similar underlying traits (besides browsing lc) that points to why we'd be into the same type of guy. obviously there doesn't have to be any correlation, but it's always fun to wonder

No. 217441

>is not human
>is a robot
>has cold skin
>is unnecessarily snarky
>makes metal noises when he moves
>will forgive me for being human

No. 217481

Same, except any eye color would be hot to me, and idk about "neurotic energy".

No. 217605

File: 1639594369291.jpeg (21.66 KB, 270x275, 1563843769566.jpeg)

I'm not rly articulate, or super intelligent, but I like the idea of finding someone who is patient and bookish. Plus, they can pick up, almost intuitively, on what I try to say to elaborate when we discuss concepts and shit. Essentially–I'm a willing learner and they are a willing dispenser. yeah

No. 217658

Intelligent, witty, with a bit of a flamboyant spark
Empathetic, looking to commit and wants to be a father
Enjoys the outdoors and being in nature
mentally and physically healthy, has passions, a positive mindset and a perpetual drive to learn and create
loves me accepts me as I am
self-assured and mentally strong enough to navigate the world on his own without putting blind faith in the predatory system
level physical attractiveness no higher or lower than mine- I like a longer angular face with pronounced cheekbones and a tall chin, reddish skin tone
aquiline features, narrow eyes, a slightly gaunt look
deep soft voice, average height and build, strong legs

No. 217662

based taste

No. 217672

File: 1639619259645.png (89.47 KB, 224x300, sam.png)

I can fix him

No. 217677

fuck off cunt i was ere first.

helo ladies im looking for a true gretchen to peg me.

need me a tall 6''+ woman prefereably a man hating infertile white femminist to peg me day in night in my maid outfit while force feeding me estrogen. Must have face of deceptive youth and slight masculine features not a total butch but still an inborn ghoul like contorted face of savoring castor oil. Must also be blond white bitch like Dachau oberaufseherin and put me in my place for being a bad brown untermensche and male and saying things like "Ich liben du wenn du biest fruline" and cuck me with a butchy bull dyke because only a woman's touch can truly satisy her(you disgust me)

No. 217709

i imagine this is what plastic surgeons think when they see ugly people out and about.

No. 218427

File: 1640018318196.jpeg (122.83 KB, 722x1161, A8767D2A-8D85-4C6D-ABB2-527E4E…)

I like legs like these

No. 218441

No offence but I can't figure what's special about them? Besides being short and not stick thin. Is that it?

No. 218443

Stocky big boned bow legs

No. 218451

>involved in church
>prioritizes family
>healthy social life
>income at least half of mine
>book reader
>eclectic music enjoyer
>will occasionally watch old anime with me
>wants kids
>good cook
>works out
>decent fashion sense
basically i just want to date myself and until clones are possible i will be single

No. 218455

so… ugly ones?

No. 218457

>until clones are possible i will be single

No. 218462

more for me then

No. 218534


I bet you aren't as ambitious or stylish as you think. Why did you add the comment about yourself? I don't think that's what Jesus wants, anon

No. 218550

File: 1640067302031.jpeg (45.63 KB, 448x339, 183C8EF5-083F-46A7-AB17-F4BE08…)

I couldn’t say my type now because I’ve been single by choice a few years, but I very specifically remember what kind of guy I thought I would be with by now in middle/high school:
>preppy bordering on nerdy fashion
>completely clean shaven
>soft spoken and sweet
>grown theatre nerd
>maybe an academic, definitely a lot of brain power
>skinnyboi, same height or slightly taller than me
Basically I wanted a tumblr dream bf lol. But since I’ve grown up and actually finished puberty I’ve realised I value physical strength and stature wayyy more than I did as a kid. The funniest thing is I kissed a guy at a party a few weeks ago who was everything 13-year-old me wanted, but I just couldn’t for any further because none of those are things that grown woman me wants anymore kek.

No. 218551

Samefag - things I don’t want anymore excludes brain power. Nothing is a faster turnoff than a man with nothing between his ears.

No. 218627

This screams virgin to me, not the anon but the person it describes.

No. 218722

>dark hair
>skater boy
>boyishly charming. silly. god, i’m so serious. i need the silly
>fondness for the outdoors.
> dog person
>always an artist of some kind
>dark eyes
>i met a boy once with the most gorgeous dark blue eyes. i thought they were brown until i got a good look at him while we were talking and walking. thinking about it still makes my heart catch

No. 219363

File: 1640474623403.jpeg (31.64 KB, 308x400, 733C882D-A1E9-44E5-A479-A19730…)

I have several types. This is one of them

No. 219394

File: 1640493448413.jpg (182.67 KB, 1080x810, 6da6c73a7e1f289c6cde8b7648ec29…)

looks type is
>tallllll (I'm tall)
>wide shoulders and chest/back
>dark, shaggy hair
>dark eyes
>olive skin complexion and a bit tan
>cute/boyishly handsome face
>plain, dark clothing

basically looking like a buff nerd

people have joked i have yellow fever but i just find the rare tall, buff asian guy has that with the combo of the cute face more often

personality type is
>sense of humor
>straight forward/honest
>animal lover
>open minded
>has basic intelligence, vocabulary and world knowledge…

I'm not asking for a rocket scientist but lately I feel like there's so many people in my age range that have really shitty vocabularies and like they've been living under rocks. Like I can't have a normal conversation with them without a word coming up that they don't know or I reference something I thought was common knowledge but they have no idea what it is.
It's just a pet-peeve ig and makes people seem retarded to me.

No. 219397

>basically looking like a buff nerd
extremely based

No. 219413

fuuuuuck I can't analyse why this pic is so attractive
is it his pin straight hair and slight frown
great taste

No. 219414

just read the rest of your post
based taste
nothing hotter than glam rock androgyny

No. 219465

Its not rare anymore, every chinese zoomer is in the gym

No. 219468

They all use steroids and rogaine anon. They lift light shit at the gym yet have big muscles, it doesn't add up.

No. 219481

They probably get it for cheap as fuck too, meanwhile im getting skinned alive for navar

No. 219492

>involved in church
>watches Anime
wat… lmao.

No. 219498

eh, it's possible, i know there are those super catholic anime fans who only watch "the classics" or ghibli type stuff

No. 219533

kek I can tell he's a manlet from this pic
short moids look so funny when they're buff it throws the proportions off

No. 219551

File: 1640576747409.jpg (176.65 KB, 539x754, ErMmxk1VkAEaEw1.jpg)

hes a japanese actor and hes 187cm

No. 219579

damn who is this

reverse image search didn't help

No. 219595

Haruto sakuraba

No. 219644

H-haha im late on my yellow fever shot that must be why i feel like this hhaha..ha

No. 219713

is that bokuto's stage actor ? the only good looking irl moid

No. 221337

File: 1641333863521.jpeg (719.95 KB, 2433x3041, E598D14A-126B-43F0-91CE-450D1F…)

>Smells good and is hygenic. Uses cologne, I associate people with scents very often and for example, my Grandma’s favourite perfume is super nostalgic and comforting to me. I don’t know if this explains it well lol, but I specifically like warm woody scents on men.
>Tall, as tall as possible.
>Someone who is well built, a decent amount of fat and muscle. Low body fat high muscle I’m not a fan of because he won’t be strong, and it’s all about aesthetics not health. Plus I want him to enjoy my cooking and baking, and to be strong like caveman
>Hairy… Yeah I’m verging into caveman territory. I just find it so sexy when a man has chest hair and hairy arms and legs lol.
>Cares about presentation but not too much, just to look smart and put together. It doesn’t hurt to use a face wash and moisturiser, and wear smart fitting clothes. Sweatpants are a big no-no and so are baggy tops. It really isn’t difficult to wear a button ups and a sweater over top with jeans, or a plain fitting t shirt slightly tucked in to show a nice belt. I’m going into detail but that’s my idea of casual smart.
>Likes video games but not competitively. Appreciate having fun in a shooter, but not seriously competitive about it. Mostly into story driven games. Requires good taste lololol
>Pale, disney prince esque looks. Handsome and soft, not overly chisled but masculine and kind looking. I hope that makes sense
>Wants to be a father and a provider, hard-working and driven. I want to live a quiet comfy life working with animals part time when I’ve had children, and mostly staying at home looking after the house and garden and kids. I grew up wanting a family more than anything else because of my own circumstances so this is pretty important
>Anti-porn, not a coomer, doesn’t ogle other women. Please just a man that sees sex as an intensely romantic and intimate act. I want to wait until marriage for this reason and if he can’t deal with that it’s over. Literally non negotiable
>Really truly in love with me and only me. For all the otome games I’ve played I’ve always fell for the yandere characters for this reason. I just want to be special in the eyes of my man, and to be his ideal type. I think it’s a reflection of my own obsessive tendencies, because I can guarantee I won’t be cheated on or left if he’s genuinely besotted with me. This is probably the most important reason
This is super in detail but covers my ideal hahaha. I think Christopher Eccleston is a beautiful man and has also aged fantasically. I can’t explain it but I feel so much warmth and genuine(ity?) from his face. But my type isn’t really set in stone when it comes to the face

No. 221341

Wow your first point is so accurate. What a boss.

No. 221351

1 cm dick

No. 221501

File: 1641398827472.webm (3.06 MB, 576x1024, 5167d7633e214b115d6003db6f063d…)

Good taste, anon. Pretty face + built body really is the superior combo. Where do I find men like this?

No. 221517

File: 1641403725509.jpg (863.37 KB, 1080x1713, PhotoCollage_1641404352113.jpg)

I'm bored in a waiting room so I made a collage to pass the time
>dorky but in a Markiplier way. Like a nerd but goes to the gym
>slightly tan, blue eyes, dark hair
>I'd prefer body hair but not like a fucking full body werewolf
>himbo but not retarded
>I like thick joints because skinny men freak me out, especially little wrists because they make me think of mass shooters

No. 221556

File: 1641409107518.jpg (105.54 KB, 852x1280, felix1.jpg)

i know some anons will hate me for giving a kop boy but felix from skz is genuinely the most "feminine faced" guy i have ever seen while having abs so just wanted to recommend him.

No. 221558

File: 1641409142136.jpg (46.23 KB, 517x647, felix2.jpg)

samefag. another pic.

No. 221726

East Asia

No. 221936

>has to look like a boyfriend
all i see are two creepy uncles

No. 221973

>straight nose
>central european
>dresses in either vintage or milsurp
>low body count
>submissive in bed
>only a head or so taller than me
>has refined taste in art and food and media
>practical skills
>likes guns or horses or both
>not atheist
>not protestant
>not a fucking musician
>not into phptography
>not into techy gadgets
>not into suit and tie politics

No. 221997

>likes guns
>low body count
Kek is this a troll post or are you fr looking for an incel school shooter?

No. 222000

>obsessed with me
>smart but not pretentious
>kind but not a pushover
>dark hair
>older than me
>similar sense of humor to me
>good taste in movies and music
>doesn’t watch porn
>doesn’t use social media
>doesn’t have a savior complex
the rest doesn’t matter that much as long as he’s obsessed with me

No. 222005

NTA but why low body count? Low body count is considered ideal since it usually means these men are capable of having long term relationships without something being wrong with them that makes women ditch fast/ or them ditching fast. I get red flags for men who have body counts above 3 in their mid 20s since all I can think about is what is so wrong with them that makes women not want to stick around, or I assume they're obsessed with being a player and treat women as disposable

No. 222009

I thought the combo was funny, low body count is a preference I have as well.

No. 222087

File: 1641602887514.jpg (19.91 KB, 500x284, sexual-fidelity-heterosexual-h…)

Hate to burst you bubble, but men with low bodycount dont have it out of virtue, they just cant get laid more. If you want to see how male sexuality is unrestrained by having to attract women, just look at gay men, where most have bodycount in three digits or more.

No. 222090

Based taste nonnie. A solid human man.

No. 222092

An italian?

No. 222094

>brown eyes
>brown or black hair
>race doesnt matter BUT
>needs angular facial features
>dimples help
>BIG fucking mouth and teeth
>like im talking about put a whole grapefruit in his mouth no problem
>needs to be slightly gross (or big gross who am i kidding)
>bigger than me either in height OR build
>he needs to know and accept that i am with him primarily to wrestle him and humiliate him when my tenacity overtakes his nasty male strength
>needs to make jokes that make me laugh
>either has a broken dick due to SSRIs or something else OR has some kind of fucked up history that means he never got into jerking off as a hobby
>dumber than me and knows and readily accepts that
>no active substance addictions

i will die alone

No. 222095

>doesn't watch porn

No. 222096

A rare italian then?

No. 222102

>>needs to be slightly gross (or big gross who am i kidding)
I'm almost scared to ask but, why

No. 222104

if he's TOO clean and tidy i will feel inferior since i myself am gross in minor ways

No. 222105

>almond eyes (rare on a guy especially)
>white and not american
>light brown hair
>light brown or blue eyes
>shoulder length hair or shaved head
>doesn't watch porn
>attentive to my needs and doesn't ignore me (yes I've been hurt)
>dresses like Mark Renton from Trainspotting
>will teach me how to skateboard
>takes me out and shows me cool new things
>reassures me when I need it
>always makes sure I finish
>doesn't have a loud mouth to family and friends regarding our relationship (been with dudes like this and it was really creepy)
>vanilla - just wants to make passionate, sweet love
>foreskin in tact and at least 6 inches
>fit - a little muscular
>some chest hair
>yummy thighs
>likes hardcore punk and/or heavy metal
>listens to me about feminism and takes it seriously
>solely attracted to me, eyes don't wander when we're in public
>attracted to me no matter what style I'm in, doesn't berate me for wanting xyz
>will take me camping and would fuck in the woods
>likes cats
>doesn't like anime, not big into video games
>will go to the renaissance faire with me
>at least 5'10"
>no social media
Honestly he doesn't have to match this looks wise since I don't focus on stupid shit like colors in appearance but I guess this would be my ideal rn.

No. 222108

pete davidson?

No. 222109

anon… you think pete davidson isn't actively addicted to anything? i know for a fact just from looking at the guy that he's a regular user of whatever fucked up new york/LA synth drugs they have ppl hooked on these days. they gotta have evil mega weed laced with K2 just to go grocery shopping over there. also his bleached hair makes him look even more retarded i gotta add no hair dye to that list

No. 222110

>nerd (glasses preferred but not required)
>smart and/or passionate about his interests
>about as depressed as me
>not too normie
>small friend circle
>not a soyboy-looking fag
>not racist, sexist, etc. just a chill person
>doesn't have strong political views (so that I can influence him)
>doesn't have normie/zoomer taste in fashion
>doesn't watch a lot of anime/mostly only watches good or decent stuff
>not too immature (having a bf who is more mature than me but not much older would be nice)
>isn't a lolifaggot (pedophile)
>isn't a hentai/porn addict
>isn't rich
>not an incel faggot

preferred looks:
>dark hair, dark eyes
>pale (from lack of sunlight)
>either chubby or a bit skinny
>soft facial features
>thick eyebrows
>clean shaven or a bit of stubble
>melancholic face
>not too tall, other than that no preferred height
>a bit of an overbite
>cute upturned nose

NTA but I get it

No. 222112

Keep 'em comin' nonas. These are fun to read

No. 222157

File: 1641622287186.jpg (13.32 KB, 236x353, CUXGM5G.jpg)

Not all of these are a must and I can compromise on some things. I'm sort of a hopeless romantic. I know I have high standards, but I would rather be single than settle.
>Long hair that's black, blonde, or very light brown
>Blue or green eyes
>Has a friendly smile and shows emotions
>Friendly, but also sexy voice
>5'8-5'9". I'm on the short side myself, so I don't want anyone freakishly tall. Over 6'0" creeps me out
>Muscular, but not roided out
>Good hygiene, shaves, moisturizes
>No beard and not that hairy
>Tbh I don't mind large scars or pock marks, they add character
>Dresses nicely, perhaps femininely sometimes and doesn't mind being gender non-conforming, androgynous
>Is interested in horror, puzzle, or mystery games. No fps or mmos
>Open to learning about different subjects and enjoys doing so
>Nerdy and likes to read, perhaps into poetry or classic literature
>Can appreciate fine art and music
>Is interested in travelling
>Likes animals
>Knows how to cook and clean
>Polite, doesn't swear
>Has hobbies that are outside of the internet and is not terminally online
>Does not currently watch anime
>Not that into social media, no twitter
>Ideally, straight edge. Doesn't do drugs, doesn't drink, and doesn't engage in casual sex. I've been with an alcoholic partner before and don't want to go through that again
>Against porn and doesn't watch it
>Likes rock and goth music. Doesn't listen to rnb and rap. Preferably no modern pop either
>Doesn't watch movies that are violent and objectify and/or brutalize women
>Has never visited a strip club or other places that make women a commodity. Immediately gives me the ick
>Spiritual, but not overly religious
>Morals align with mine
>Views sex as an expression of love
>Devoted and loyal
>Vanilla but is willing to indulge in some harmless kinks once in a while
>Likes giving oral sex
>Patient and can handle difficult conversations maturely
>Doesn't want kids
Picrel is more of an ideal example, but I've liked nonconventional guys before too. Kindness, values, and dedication are more important than looks.

No. 222195

Based fucking taste. But the "doesn't swear" gives me church vibes lmfao.

No. 222213

File: 1641653841644.jpeg (24.62 KB, 294x255, 86F95A07-DB82-454B-89F8-6D0026…)

chris pratt with brown hair and eyes and a lower hairline is my ideal face wise

No. 222222

hot taste anon, excellent A+

No. 222224

>I would rather be single than settle.
at least you're realistic in that regard

No. 222234

>t.used up dicklet coping

No. 222244

A serious, emotionally intelligent and professionally successful man. He isn't socially awkward, but he is introverted and homebody. Likes animals, cat person. Black hair.

No. 222254

File: 1641673749582.jpg (181.83 KB, 1200x1165, 20220108_212819.jpg)

i need him so bad

No. 222259

Heyoooo. Foodie cutie.

No. 222262

What about women with the same qualifiers? I'm curious.

No. 222283

>rare chubby + glasses
CUTE what the fuck

Are you the same anon from CC and/or /h/ by any chance? Either way thank you so much for posting this, I don't have the willpower to go through thousands of pics on art sites to find something like this

No. 222315

File: 1641684818936.png (283.67 KB, 613x800, diet_before_man.png)

hi anon! sorry i'm not that anon…but i went and read her CC posts…she's so based. i can't believe some anons thought she was a troll lol.
if you have some recs to find more ideal guys like these ones, please do tell…

No. 222325

Are… are you trying to slut shame a guy?

No. 222358

low body count + good person is nearly impossible. i will say that mansluts tend to treat women better even just to interact with normally

No. 222443

Not one bit, every guy I know with a large body count was an absolute shitshow. Men everywhere are shit but the good ones are the ones with a low body count. This is the kind of stuff that gaslights women to be with shitty men

No. 222450

idk what to tell you, this is my personal experience. not many men with low bodycounts that aren't weird about female sexuality or about women in general. men with low bodycounts have been weird about both my humanity and my sexuality and about women in general, while men who slept around tend to have fewer complexes about women.

No. 222460

The only guys with a high body count who were nice, were only nice to those they wanted to fuck and other men. A guy I thought was a friend was straight up ignoring my (female) BFF because she was chubby, she's pretty and not even that fat but it was so clear to me then that he was just orbiting me and hoping to get pussy.
There's a reason why they have a high body count and it's not because they're good people.

No. 222480

Or get this, whether you are or aren't a good human being has nothing to do with your bodycount. There are kind sluts and asshole virgins.

No. 222482

The idea of a guy having slept with a lot of people is just nasty though.

No. 222496

You can think it's nasty, that's fine. I'm just saying you shouldn't judge someone's character based solely on their body count. How much someone fucks isn't related to how moral or kind they are.
>There's a reason why they have a high body count and it's not >because they're good people.
This sentence is what I had a problem with, the two are not related.

No. 222507

Kek have you met a woman or man before? Isn't it funny how every single man talks about how several men they know are objectively unattractive, unemployed, unhygienic, etc but "are always taking girls home"? Then magically when they want to manipulate women into being more desperate they pull the "poor men never get women! They're so unloyal" card
You honestly just sound inexperienced. I hoed throughout my teens and 20s and can honestly say men who are near virgins if not already virgins are objectively better. Less STDs, less cheating and they don't have bizarre complexes about what women's bodies are supposed to look like or how women are supposed to perform. Men with a high body count "well she was flexible and rode me for 3 hours and she had basketball tits on a 90 lb body so this is what I expect you" although they're most likely lying, this is the kinda stuff they say

This could also just be my experience but men with high body counts are a lot more stalkery and clingy where as you can easily put up boundaries with men with low body counts and they'll comply and respect you out of fear of fucking up, guys with high body counts are never worried about fucking up since their ego is what ruins them so you can't explain to them that they can't do this or that without them getting deeply offended about how "but but Stacy let me do it!!"

No. 222511

It sounds like you had some bad experiences and can't understand they are not universal.

No. 222512

Men don't get shamed for their body counts as much which is why they treat women as disposable, cheat so much, end relationships quickly, and aren't afraid to pump and dump. Women do get shamed for their relationships so they're often tricked into staying in abusive relationships or forgiving cheaters because they're scared of telling the next possible guy their body count is over x and men tell women with high body counts they're not suitable partners, pair that with the idea that ugly and shitty men totally have low body counts and won't cheat (spoiler: they do) and you have the reason why so many western women are in relationships with ugly men they're often financially supporting

No. 222514

Neither or yours, mine or anyone else's. The only proven thing we know is that higher body count = more likely to cheat, more likely to have STDs and more likely to have ex girlfriend drama/baby mommas and any other issues that are likely to come from a man involving a lot of women sexually in his life. On top of that I find lots of men who get around often have an ex or two they're obsessed with who "pop in" here and there and cause problems

No. 223434

> educated, ambitious, seeking improvement in both self and relationship
> looks at me as an equal partner, human being, gives 50%.
> funny!!!!! good sense of humour, no normie shit
> non judgemental, open minded
> protective, but not overbearing, non-imposing
> good taste in music, fashion
> willing to participate in my hobbies
> emotionally available
> has been in a long-term relationship before
> ambiverted/extroverted or at least willing to participate
> generous
> not excessive on social media
> not excessive on video games
> passionate about something
> appreciates and accepts me for who i am (lol)
> sexually open with a healthy libido
> encouraging!
> philosophical (lack of better term)
> emotionally mature
> bonus: a nice family
> bonus: no past break up drama, emotional baggage

looks wise:

> good hair! curly hair, long hair bonus

> tall enough so i can wear heels (ideally 6'1+)
> tattoos are nice
> quirky features are nice

No. 223441

>ideally my height (183) or taller though this is optional because I'm retarded
>doesn't watch porn ever
>doesn't hate women
>not too religious
>no retarded political views (fascism, communism, eu fanboy-ism in particular)
yes I will die alone

No. 224193

>Dark hair and eyes
>Southern European, Balkan or light skinned hispanic
>Angular facial features with nice cheekbones and hunter eyes
>Right leaning
>Smart but not pretentious
>Likes the same autistic experimental electronic music, drum and bass, house and rap as me, no cringe folk bubble grunge indie girl voice shit
>I am an artist so he needs be creative
>I have a good salary so he needs to make more and pays the bills
>Emotionally mature
>No porn or gay tik tok egirl shit
Listens to and respects women
>Disgustsed by trannies
>thinks pick mes are cringe
>I'm a good cook so he needs to be too. Men take advantage of this and it adds to women's labor
>Understanding of Radfem ideology
>No cape shit and pop culture
>Video games are okay
>No shooters though
>contrarian taste in memes, again no cringe pop culture shit
>loves kiss
>good relationship with family

No. 224195

Kids* not kiss kek

No. 224234

>not too tall nor short, preferably in the 170-180cm range
>slim-ish but can have a bit of a belly i don't mind (though abs are nice too), not too muscular and big
>dark hair, dark eyes
>christian or atheist
>gamer (cringe i know i can't help it)
>likes to eat a lot
>preferably vegetarian, but if not then at least doesn't eat meat around me
>not too hairy, clean shaven face (a little stubble is ok)
>good hygiene
>basic music taste (justin bieber, ariana grande etc…)

No. 224368

>freakishly tall
>strange and offputting
>steady, cold, thin hands
>makes weird references to books nobody has read
>eats cigarettes
>eyes like a cat
>anon please dont tell me you brought Him along again
>likes to hold my hand

No. 224387

Jack Skellington mixed with V from DMC5 ?

No. 224391

File: 1642469363097.jpg (147.6 KB, 1075x1200, ea16e58750d21e4c3eb91d79f4aeda…)

You'd probably like this artist interpretation of human Scrat

No. 224393

>Cute in the face
>nice body
>a shell of a person, nothing inside its brain it only exists to provide warmth and company

No. 224396

File: 1642470477765.png (198.15 KB, 323x574, hhhh.PNG)

i'm not expecting to find someone like this because he doesn't exist
>tall, more than 190 cm
>naturally thin, not overly athletic
>long, dark or bleached blonde wavy hair. will not go bald
>can grow facial hair if he wants to, some body hair but not too much (hairy legs and stomach are sexy, but not werewolf level with excessive back hair and chest hair)
>artistically gifted and successful, preferably in the music field
>we match in music taste and like the same memes
>film buff, knowledgeable in obscure shitty movies
>has at least one comically manly interest like cars or guns
>great sense of humor
>educated but doesn't take himself too seriously
>can dress well, has his own personal style and he pays attention to how he looks. dresses kinda vintage
>no retarded political views
>hates porn, hates trannies
>not a coomer, no degeneracy
>has nice teeth
>good personal hygiene
>no mental illness, no weird baggage, no addiction to anything
>has a big family that's nice to be around when you visit over the holidays
>will encourage me to be more productive
>open to experimental fun in the bedroom, will make effort to keep things fun for both of us
>not great at cooking so i can cook for him all the time. but he is still good at barbecue
>loves pets
>he is extroverted and maintains a social circle but still has an air of mystique around him
>has at least one tasteful and interesting tattoo
>at least 5 years older than me

No. 224446

This is literally perfect, pretty much what i want too. Though preferably with no tattoos

No. 224463

>not a coomer, no degeneracy
>open to experimental fun in the bedroom, will make effort to keep things fun for both of us
at least you acknowledge someone like that doesn't exist i guess

No. 224470

no… not like tumblrfied weird like real pale victorian ghost in a haunted house weird

No. 224524

i want someone who will want to try to dress up a bit in the bedroom and won't be afraid of sex toys and will keep track of what i like, not someone who will want me to step on his nuts until they explode or someone who will jerk off to tranny porn

No. 226113

I wrote this for fun, it doesn't matter in real life anyway because loving someone doesn't come from just fitting a checklist, and nobody in real life could fit so many criteria at the same time. But if I could make my perfect boyfriend he would:
>support me in my hobbies, and maybe join me, I would like it if we could make costumes together
>like the same music I do, he doesn't have to like all of it, it's better if our tastes don't overlap completely
>be the same age as me give or take a year or two
>not be impatient, rude or talk in an annoying way
>have a deep voice
>look just like my husbando, with a long nose, dark hair, sideburns, narrow face and eyebrows low over his eyes, it's not important that he is tall but it would be nice
>be a little more interested in fashion than the average male slob. He doesn't have to be a fashionista but I would like it if he wanted to wear cool clothes like vests and pants with braces and cool coats also he would wear shirts with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows (this is very important)
>have some body hair, not too much but not too sparse, as long as he has nice hair on the forearms, belly and chest
>have a creative hobby, any kind it doesn't have to be art or music, just as long as he makes something
>love animals
>be a virgin, I am and it's important to me that he is too
>be a loner, I don't want a guy with so many friends who always hangs out with them and pressures me to come hang out too
>be lovey dovey towards me, he doesn't have to bring me roses or say stupid lines from romance movies, but if he doesn't show he loves me in absolutely any way what's the point?
>doesn't smoke or drink, or at least does so rarely
>I would make him a creature costume and he would wear it when we sleep together
>and he would trust me enough to let me tie him up and blindfold him
>and he would like it if I dressed up as a robot or monster too kek
>is very critical of himself (I know that's not good but I am like that too and I find it endearing)
>doesn't want children, doesn't care much about material things, is environmentally conscious, recognizes that some of the traditions we hold are retarded such as that women should do all housework
>I don't care what kind of job he has as long as it's honest work and he tries his best
>loves me

No. 226114

File: 1643151675086.jpg (51.51 KB, 1200x675, cole.jpg)

I thought of Cole from Dragon Age Inquisition. Hm actually when I played the game I found him way weirder, he looks kinda normal looking at him now

No. 226125

Apart from the costume thingy maybe this doesn't seem out there at all nona, I hope you find him.

No. 226179

You think so? Thank you, I hope so. I just feel like, asking for a virgin who doesn't smoke or drink but is handsome and a loner is already too much, but maybe it's not too much, I'm like that too and I'm not some ultra rare specimen so there must be guys like that too out there

No. 226307

Blonde guys with green eyes who look handsome but cute at the same time. Pretty much no body hair except for arms and legs. One of my exes was this type and wow. Never going back.

I hate hairy men with thick, dark hair. Gross.

No. 226804

sis youll die alone

No. 226876

>post from 2 years ago
she already may have

No. 226882

Nta and I never played dragon age but I looked him up and he's adorable

No. 227234

>no interest in porn
>doesnt watch porn
>no porn

you're so fucking insecure. 99% of men watch porn regularly in a relationship

No. 227236

File: 1643520315901.jpg (36.47 KB, 540x540, h73veozni0c21.jpg)

>being so insecure, so desperate, so male identified, that you'd put up with a coomer
Sucks to be you, the rest of us have self respect and high standards that we won't lower just because 99% of men are trash. 1% or nothing.

No. 227237

> well spoken
> vegan
> hates troons, but also an anarchist
> crust punk or qt disrocker
> doesn't drink
It's impossible nonnies. All the cute ones are asshole tweakers who worship trannies.

No. 227239

And 99% of men are not worth being with

No. 227243

Go back to reddit

No. 227244

File: 1643521856735.jpg (99.72 KB, 1251x954, 553.jpg)

i just want a husbando who looks like (and larps) as a chad from the 1940s

No. 227246


So a hottie with hair grease who thinks black people shouldn't vote and beats you with the iron cord when dinner's cold?

No. 227249

File: 1643522136486.gif (9.63 MB, 320x320, 55A79626-602A-4230-BA73-733011…)

No. 227250

NTA but damn, you must be fun at parties.

No. 227251

>that you'd put up with a coomer

I wasn't talking about coomers, was I? Your future bf (if you ever get one) will watch porn behind your back

No. 227252

You’re not wrong, they all watch porn but it doesn’t mean women are insecure for being disgusted with it

No. 227253

File: 1643522919432.jpg (30.85 KB, 595x597, 1478429276490.jpg)

besides you can quite literally watch and wank together. Altho I bet you're vanilla dry cunt

No. 227261

well how else does a 1940s guy act

No. 227270

Yeah getting off to exploited women together sounds like a dream. And imagine thinking that being vanilla is an insult to non-mentally ill women.

No. 227271

This must be bait, or a scrote… or both

No. 227284

I hope you're male because if you're a woman this is sad

No. 227293

How can you even get wet watching women getting raped is what I'm asking myself…

No. 227307

File: 1643560384216.jpg (74.27 KB, 826x545, 16421036722.jpg)

ever heard of porn for women or amateur couples?

you're mentally retarded

No. 227315

with amateur couples you also are never sure if the videos aren't revenge posted or coerced. Though personally I have some hope in ethical porn by female directors. I don't watch though, and I'm still wary tbh

No. 227327

Ah picrel is so cute!

No. 227328

Me too! I watch films and they seem so charming.

No. 227332

well somehow they made america great

No. 227333

I used to think anti-porn people were silly too, then I actually looked into the issue. learn about the thing you're supporting https://antiporn-activist.tumblr.com/post/169561710786/that-feels-like-a-sexual-assault-men-try-to

No. 227342

The thing is, you can consume more ethical porn but most people don't care about the exploited women so they just don't. Erotic voice recordings, written erotica and similar medias don't really have high chances of exploiting people in the production.
You could also use your imagination which would be the most ideal.

No. 227360

File: 1643572019378.png (210.19 KB, 706x837, 1642601467717.png)

can you fill this out for me quick?

No. 227361

File: 1643572198882.jpg (63.04 KB, 1136x852, 61e623bc04ce6e0018d77f40.jpg)

>I have some hope in ethical porn by female directors
yeah women would never coerce or pimp someone out for money

No. 227369

Dammit I fell into the rabbit hole

No. 227377

this is so oddly specific kek, also what's wrong with chili??

No. 227383


No. 227384

File: 1643575003925.png (110.49 KB, 680x680, ddspi7p-766897cf-28ee-4c9a-8f7…)

>can you fill this out for me quick?

No. 227405

File: 1643577249862.jpg (184.95 KB, 1200x800, y7us6OeLwr4J77ywmts7LQmivDonFS…)

>yeah i'll post the zillionth wojak variant, that will show them

No. 227407

>ethical porn
>female directors are suddenly gonna make porn ethical because women can do no wrong
True. Individual actions won't change shit. The change must be systemic, the porn industry must be destroyed altogether for there to be a change.
You have to read it yourself. Just skim it, reading a couple of paragraphs makes you feel sick enough anyway.
kek, at least she has a harem I guess

No. 227416

one of them tried to beat her baby to death

No. 227417

holy shit

No. 227418

>used to cope with MDD but even her daydreams make her sad now
f-fuck you anon

No. 227605

File: 1643643161127.jpg (39.6 KB, 480x346, 4648297629_f9a16c3d9d_o.jpg)

>White or Asian
>Dark hair and dark eyes
>Not over 176cm
>Older than me, in his late twenties or thirties
>Loves me and is possessive but not too clingy
>Doesn't cheat!!!!!!!!
>Appreciates me cleaning and cooking for him
>Never had a gf before me
>Kinda childish at heart
>Pats my head when he's proud of me

No. 230057

File: 1644591584850.jpg (72.58 KB, 291x390, peterbadenhop.jpg)

No. 230062

File: 1644592765053.jpg (142.52 KB, 1920x1080, 2020-esquire-inorout-ep05-jack…)

>but I attract beta soyboys with receding hairlines, porn addiction and a software engineer degree.
but thats exactly what he is minus the degree? the degree might be even un upgrade

No. 230120

hes a wannabe black boi

No. 230135

>Employed, but works to live, doesn't live to work
>Interested in ANY arts or creative expression that aren't anime or games (those are fine, but please not JUST that)
>Stylish, not a fashion whore
>Wears other shoes besides Sketchers or flipflops and keeps them clean
>Comfortable talking about boner but not to a coomer degree - guys who never talk about their junk/what turns them on aren't to be trusted
>Sense of humor w/o pathologic need to turn daily life into open mic practice
>Empathy for people and animals
>Social intelligence & ability to read a room
>Not narcissist
>Not libertarian

"No porn" is definitely an ideal fantasy b/c in my experience there are only men who watch porn and men who lie to you about watching porn.

No. 230137

>good sense of humour even if it isnt similar to mine, needs to be able to act rarted without being embarrassed or feeling emasculated
>taller than me but ideally not above 5'10 as I am 5'0 and it looks like noncery if he is over that height
>employed full time or making money equivalent to full time. idc if he is a cleaner or a self employed plumber, I just think long term unemployed people are insufferable and I'm not gonna be his mom or carer
>can cook and clean and is willing to compromise and plan chores cooking etc
>likes exercise, even if it's something like walking around nice places. I also can't understand people who don't feel the need to work out
>doesn't watch porn and doesn't think I won't find out if he watches porn (i will)
>neglect dumb gender roles/misogyny in general but also in bed specifically. no it's not gay or emasculating if a woman spits in your mouth
>doesn't have skinny legs. Its literally so easy to build muscle as a moid and if you have chicken legs in 2022 you need to grow up
>doesn't put on a weird deeper voice around his friends as if asserting masculinity. seriously why do they do this

No. 230140

These are all good, but for an "ideal", your bar is pretty low, no? Also, I'd say that while it's impossible to find a man who has never used porn, it's possible to find one who has sworn it off - though these are pretty much always ex-coomers, so take that for what it is. That's what my ex was, anyway.

No. 230148

>Not libertarian
kek why?

No. 230149

nta but why not?

No. 230171

>works out
>taller + older
>not porn addict
>not pedo/racist/homophobic etc

No. 230179

what do libertarians do are they annoying kek

No. 230189

male libertarians are obsessed with wanting to lower the age of consent and refer to children as "property" to justify parents abusing their kids

No. 230238

>active lifestyle
>high sex drive
>likes children and pets
>above average hygiene, esp teeth and genital area
>doesn’t need to have a lot money but is willing to work hard and is responsible about his finances
>doesn’t drink or do drugs, smoking/vaping is the only thing i might tolerate
>cooks and cleans by himself
>not a know-it-all
>generally a normie

No. 230256

Anon I think you just met some shitty ones. Most male libertarians I know are strictly against child abuse and I know a few who want to raise the age of consent

No. 230264

File: 1644689822598.gif (953 B, 50x50, AC6DD0FB-6ABB-4128-AAEF-733684…)

>built like a shrimp
>scraggy puny limbs, 0% muscle
>unusually mobile face
>lazy eye/exotropia
>suspicious aura
>a lot of ambition in his small manlet body
>has a sentimental collection of useless junk
>embarrasses me by breaking social conventions and committing embezzlement
>kisses my shoes to apologise

No. 230288

ew thanks, why are they obsessed with kids tf?

No. 248978

I've always found guys who were kind of nerdy (not sure if that's the right word) sort of cute. I like that they are passionate about their interests and there is something about them that is very familiar to me. I think when I was a kid most of the boys I was friends with were the ones who played videogames, didn't play sports, were obsessed with cars and Star Wars and shit, so maybe that's where that comes from. My friend told me that they'd probably be the worst types to date because they'd constantly be mansplaining things to me and being condescending and she might be right. Besides, even though I find them cute they can also be really cringe in excess. It doesn't matter since I've sworn off dating, but hypothetically I think it would be cute to have a gawky, introverted bf who slouches a bit and is very shy and antisocial, but knows a lot about things and gets very excited about his specific interests and talks to me about them.

Artsy/alternative guys are cute too, but I find them harder to talk to and get along with. Usually their personalities aren't as appealing to me, so I appreciate them purely on an aesthetic level.

No. 249017

File: 1647044733811.jpg (47.65 KB, 736x736, 18437982a560e3024c77102d9094e9…)

>blonde or brunette
>grungy but clean
>my age
>above 170cm
>always goes with the flow
>smokes from time to time
>likes to be manhandled during sex
>doesn't cry
>not into social politics
>only uses instagram and youtube
>doesn't eat much

No. 249020

I am also attracted to those types because I imagine we could have some things in common, we could play videogames together, or read the same books. But either 1) when I talk to them I can feel they go on reddit a little too often or 2) they like some nerdy things I hate like superhero movies or anime

No. 249022

File: 1647046136956.jpeg (464.65 KB, 1707x2560, 3BE603B2-E8AA-4288-B92C-580975…)

>shorter than me (a must) (not that hard to find i’m 5’9)
>big eyes
>cute face
>either very little sex experience or virgin
>white or asian raised in the west
>agnostic but not the edgy r/atheism type
>adores and cherishes me
>showers every day and uses deodorant, duh
>bonus points if he looks cute like picrel

i am gonna die alone btw

No. 249023

>I've always found guys who were kind of nerdy (not sure if that's the right word) sort of cute. I like that they are passionate about their interests and there is something about them that is very familiar to me. I think when I was a kid most of the boys I was friends with were the ones who played videogames, didn't play sports, were obsessed with cars and Star Wars and shit, so maybe that's where that comes from. My friend told me that they'd probably be the worst types to date because they'd constantly be mansplaining things to me and being condescending and she might be right. Besides, even though I find them cute they can also be really cringe in excess. It doesn't matter since I've sworn off dating, but hypothetically I think it would be cute to have a gawky, introverted bf who slouches a bit and is very shy and antisocial, but knows a lot about things and gets very excited about his specific interests and talks to me about them.
Holy shit nona, same. Bonus points if he wears glasses… I also think that's how my taste developed. I have this theory that we all naturally develop attractions to certain types of people out of necessity or exposure to them in our childhood. Of course, your own personality also influences what kind of person you're attracted to, and I happened to be nerdy and tomboyish.

In my personal experience, nerdy guys aren't all assholes nor do they always automatically assume they know more than you. Maybe it's because of where I live (not a first world country/the US), but I've had 2 boyfriends who didn't really mansplain things to me. Perhaps it helped that one of them was a year younger than me, but we became good friends and we're still friends years after breaking up. He even asks me about stuff that I know more about. We just share our knowledge and autism and there are no feelings of superiority between us.
Maybe I was just extremely lucky, or maybe the place I live has something to do with it, but yes, nerdy guys who are decent people and treat women like equals do exist.
But, I have met at least one condescending, elitist, asshole nerd, and he also happened to be ESL and a regular 4chan user. Coincidence? I think not! I think male Anglo nerds are worse for some cultural reason and infect any ESL nerd who uses the internet with their shittiness. Their culture, trends and ideas also end up being spread over to non-English-speaking nerdy people online (males and pickmes) a few years later (it's always around 5 years later) and it becomes worse than it originally was in the English-speaking internet. But I'm getting off-topic. It's something I've thought about a lot.

No. 249031

File: 1647048915820.jpg (92.71 KB, 1300x867, businessman-and-house-husband_…)

He must be either intelligent with a good career and future laid out or a man that is kind and genuine and who is not afraid of the notion that he will become a house husband. Personality and looks are all forgiven or not based on if we're compatible.
I don't think I've asked for too much.

No. 249035

I feel so evil that I manifested your dream man and he didn't even make his way to you.

No. 249207

File: 1647116574333.jpg (68.01 KB, 1080x675, 1643270204320.jpg)

My type IRL is the typical edgy /pol/ Jordan Peterson loving varg loving scrote. Stoner musician types. I hate it but I guess i can't say much as a lolcow terf, and usually their politics align with mine more which is a total deal breaker

No. 249225

Girlies need to hear that wanting a guy who is for example gorgeous, successful, AND kind is not that unrealistic. The socialization an attractive boy receives primes him to be an optimist go-getter who loves people. A kind boy tries to look/smell/act nice for everyone around him. If he has one desirable trait, then he likely has many more. The venn diagram of traits is nearly concentric with a separate concentric venn diagram off to the side for incels who think it's acceptable for them to be ugly, smelly, bitter, broke porn addicts.

No. 249602

Isn't that mostly a meme? I never see this brought up in libertarian groups/subreddits (or any other political place really, it's not a popular position from any major viewpoint as far as I know)

No. 249604

not even remotely "just a meme". it's very, very true and is one of the biggest draws to right-libertarianism. also see: fewer responsibilities, drugs, sex with whoever they want, less oversight or protections (again, less responsibility), denial of historical reality and the necessity of regulation, etc. there's a reason it's mostly popular with teens and developmentally arrested adults

No. 249739

>dark hair
>dark brown tired eyes
>thick brows
>keeps hair short-medium length, preferably curtain haircut
>large hands with elegant fingers
>well-dressed but still looks good in trackies
>big nose

>likes to have an intimidating air but is more caring than expected
>cultured to an extent, not pretentious about it
>reserved, shy, and quiet unless with friends
>slightly edgy but self-aware. boyish humour
>loving, romantic, doesn't watch porn. likes to be rough sometimes but isn't interested in anything extreme
>employed, stable income and at least some vague direction in life
>has a creative hobby, is passionate about it
>likes to act goofy sometimes
>likes animals
>low body count or, ideally, virgin
>genuine interest when i talk about what i like
>non-argumentative, mellow

No. 249740

Wasn't the title of this video click bait? I remember some anon saying she watched it and he basically said women aren't to blame because the shitty people are all governmentfag moids or something. Like he listed off the evil people, and admitted they were all men and are at fault.

No. 249745

you're allowed to kill yourself

No. 249749

a man is perfect if he has these traits

>an ambivert (bonus if he treats different type of people with an equal amount of kindness or friendliness)

>has artistic sensibilities ( except if he only plays the guitar and likes maroon 5. my current crush is into russian constructivism and dadaism)

>doesn’t encourage my misanthropic views but lets me vent. encourages me to be independent and teaches me how to deal with things practically without patronising me.

>is an open book with me. likes to go over how his day went and the people he met and shares his random thoughts.

>has good hygiene and knows how to cook for himself / takes good care of plants, pets or siblings

he is IRRESISTIBLE if he has the traits above with either of these physical attributes:


>has shoulder length hair

> has cute/emotive facial expressions when they talk to people

> toned arms

> has delicate yet sharp facial features

No. 249769

My boyfriend has 95% of these, 100% looks wise.
You'll have to fight me, anon.

No. 249799

ayrt, god, I wish that were me. at the moment I have a crush on a guy who fits into a good majority of it but I highly doubt anything will happen between us. I also realised most of what I wrote describes myself so I guess I just wanna date male me

No. 250011

For a sec I thought I had made this post. And yes I also think I just wanna date myself but as a guy (same personality but slighly specific look of course).
>dark brown tired eyes
supreme taste

No. 250282

thanks nonnie, men are cancer keep me away from my ovulation fantasies

No. 250327

how do you find one like that and get him to like you?
>so I guess I just wanna date male me
same, I'm not ashamed

No. 254083

i know someone with all those traits, but he works out and he's 18 and middle eastern but looks whitish brown.

No. 254087

Jesus christ crack open a history book sometime. You're ignorant as fuck.

No. 254094

fuck i mean by whitish brown, he's tan. i know that girls on here prefer only guys who look like tiktok e-boys. white and pale with perm and upper middle class.

No. 254107

same, have his discord!

No. 254156

How is that post 'ignorant' for implying that men from the 40s are misogynist, it's true (and applies to every other decade too)

No. 254239

No. 254252

Realistically my type is gay guys because of the unfunny amount of times I have developed a crush on a man, only to find out he's gay, it's tragic.

But for real:
>Ideally Eastern European or Middle Eastern kek
>Takes care of himself
>Isn't a coomer
>Nerdy in a bookish way, not a geek redditor way
>Good taste in the arts but not pretentious
>Good sense of humor
>Body doesn't matter as long as he isn't overweight or underweight (I like skinny fat guys for some retarded reason)
>Dominant but completely respects my boundaries and doesn't boss me around
>Cute face

No. 254524

i know a guy but he's biologically hetero, hit up a gay bar for gay men or redditors.

No. 254532

>Don't really care about height as long as he isn't shorter than me or 6'2"
>In shape, works out, nice arms and pecs, strong enough to carry me around
>Likes anime and video games a normal amount and has hobbies outside of those
>Nice to and enjoys children and animals
>Has a stable job and good work ethic
>Sexually experienced but not a manwhore
>Good hygiene
>Keeps his home clean, doesn't live in filth
>Can make me laugh
>Needs to be slightly obsessed with me but not in a scary way
>No degenerate kinks like crossdressing or ageplay, must not have a porn addiction

No. 254539

sorry but you described 0.01% of guys. most of them are weaboos or femboys who like crossdressing into maid outfits

No. 254540

File: 1649271973929.jpeg (824.92 KB, 5000x3451, najqD8R.jpeg)

Date a Tik-Tooker, they all fit y'alls preferences.

No. 254547

File: 1649272612832.jpg (108.52 KB, 1861x1046, indian guy.jpg)

don't think girls prefer indian or middle eastern guys on here. they are stereotyped to hell… lmaooo
>picrel indian

No. 254612

Looks like that one Sabrina episode when she turned herself into a dudebro hair curtains and all.

No. 254619

No. 254623

you have great taste anon

No. 254627

Hello sirs

No. 254629

Hello sirs - Do you have any nuts, now would you gargle on them? paajeta

No. 254632

wait, are you maleposting or playing around?

No. 254635

>must be 6'2
>from a western country
>be aesthetic
>dark hair and small nose
>short-medium length hair
>only have ig
>must be into older women
>must be open to veganism
>fit and skinny
>don't want a bulked up boy
>talk to me everyday
>order food for me
>knows how to cook and clean by himself
>nice to his mom or sister
>has a great job that he likes, not hates
>buys his mom and sister whatever they want, including feminine products
>doesn't do dumbshit ever
>great large hands
>well dressed, can buy clothes.
>needs to own more than 5 pieces of clothes
>low body count
>high sex drive
>does not watch porn
>does not argue back
>submissive, switch..
>smokes from time to time
>not into politics
>don't want a redditor or channer
>doesn't eat much only 1kcal everyday
>4 to 5 inch dick
>both parents together
>antisocial and awkward
>not a soyboy
>has a great future ahead
>willing to give me his credit card

East Asian over South Asian

No. 254636

Hello sirs show bobs and vagene

No. 254639

File: 1649290863872.jpeg (49.37 KB, 477x635, FPNZ-6jWYAoc5NW.jpeg)

Look up Low value Male vs High value Male, they have to offer something back in nature.

No. 254640

male birds of paradise perform the most incredible dances and songs to woo a female. male pufferfish often spend weeks creating complex pieces of art in the sand to lure a mate.

male humans are on twitter complaining about females who want them to wash their ass!

male gorillas must demonstrate superior protection, hunting, and leadership skills to be considered worthy of a female. male penguins are expected to tirelessly care for their mate and her egg.

male humans get angry and spiteful if a female's standards are too high.

humans are the only species where the LOWEST value males are largely dictating reproductive selection and the reproductive standards of the females in the species.

No. 254645

>A man that is respectful, loyal and faithful
>A giving man that pays for dates and a relatively higher proportion of expenses in the relationship
>A man that is confident, consistent and reliable
>A man that listens to what you say and tries his best to do as you ask
>A man with a good, sustainable job
>A man that appreciates you and shows you that he loves you
>A responsible man that keeps his word
>A man that takes care of his body, his face and his physical appearance
>A man that cares about your sexual pleasure and goes down on you regularly without being asked
>If you’re interested in having children, an attentive, responsible father and caretaker

No. 254647

I will copy-paste from r/FDS

He needs to be respectful. That bears repeating, he needs to be respectful. Respectful of your boundaries (sexual and otherwise), your emotions, your time, your dreams, fears, and ambitions. He needs to hold you in the utmost regard and if he doesn't do that, he is not high value. That means no repeated behaviours that make you vaguely uncomfortable or stressed, no off-colour comments about you to friends or relatives, no looking down on your career or personal goals, no teasing or jokes that you have to convince yourself are funny. He should be helping build you up rather than wear you down.

He needs to be financially responsible. Note that I didn't say wealthy, because wealth doesn't mean he'll treat you well and it doesn't necessarily mean you'll have a happy life with him. It also doesn't mean he's financially responsible, there are countless pro athletes who've made millions and gone bankrupt in the space of a few years. Whatever his pay grade, your potential partner should be able to budget and live within his means, pay bills on time, save for the future and not take on unnecessary debt. Mortgages (and student loans if you're American) are difficult to avoid unless you're the 1% and fine as long as they're being paid off on schedule, but he shouldn't be racking up credit card debt, overdrafts, or small loans for things he could have just saved up for. He should also have no problem with you earning and having your own money (this goes back to respect) and I strongly advise against ever becoming totally financially dependent on a man. On the subject of money, he should also have no problem with you earning more than him.

He should be attractive by your standards. Again, maybe you want a dude who looks like life breathed into an ancient Greek sculpture of the perfect male form, there's nothing wrong with wanting that. But maybe you like slim guys rather than shredded, maybe you like stubble, or a lot of tattoos, or softer facial features. Being over 6' tall gets memed but I don't like men who are too much taller than me, it's inconvenient. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and theres no one way for a person to be attractive. But he should be attractive to you, don't try to force yourself to be into someone just because you feel like you should give them a chance.

No. 254649

File: 1649292416541.jpeg (6.3 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

Men have frail and weak egos. They also crave consistent wild sex. They also value their money.

There’s your recipe and now here’s how you use it against them and leverage them to commit.

First, boost the mans ego. He is your king and can do no wrong. Tell him how much you love him and how perfect he is. He’s the best in his career. He’s going to be famous one day. Blow his fragile ego up to the clouds!

He will eventually learn to depend on you for his own self-esteem and ego.

Next give him tons of wild crazy sex that he won’t get anywhere else! Pull out all the tricks. Make it frequent as much as he wants.

Third, make him invest in you. Find whatever way you can make him spend as much money on you as possible without turning him off. The more money he invests the harder it will be to walk away from you.

Now how do you make this force him to commit and give up all his other options and love you the most?

Well you tear all of those things away from him.

When he doesn’t commit you WALK. When you do that you take his sense of self-esteem and ego, wild sex and invested money with you.

Make sure he indirectly knows you’re dating other men during this time, it will tear his self-esteem down even further. (Share photos on social media etc).

After a week or so he will buckle and come back hat in hand.

You rinse and repeat this cycle of building him up and tearing him down (also financially increasing his investments) until he’s addicted to you and willing to do anything for you, including marriage, financing you at a higher rate and submitting to you in general.

You can’t go wrong with this strategy it works like a charm.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 254651

I highly recommend buying a chastity cage for your scrote. Not only does it give you complete control over your scrote, it's a good way to weed out LVMs and NVMs! Chances are if he has a problem with being caged, it's because he wants to touch his disgusting scrote-cock while he objectifies other women

At the very least, demand why he MUST have it unlocked. There is literally no good explanation unless he is cheating or is a porn addict. A true HVM will understand. If he wont get in his lil scrote cage then sis, RUN(emoji autism)

No. 254652

Someone authentic, humble, and kind like my dad

No. 254658

anon, there are men who will be willing to give up porn for you. don't sell yourself short – that's easily one of the most reasonable things in this thread

No. 254665

why has this thread been riddled with weird, nonsensical replies for the past 2 days

No. 254666

bots and incels

No. 254726

besides the bare minimum:

>quiet but assertive when needed

>looks serious/mysterious but is actually silly, gentle, and chill
>in general, difficult to approach for others but won’t shut up around me/other close people
>happily anticipates my needs
>needs his own or respects alone time
>slightly needier than me
>dependable, i can literally put my life in his hands
>likes nerdy stuff and reads, no gaming
>high standards for his own buddies

No. 254767

Picrel is cute, I'd date

No. 254772

thank god this is the ideal guy type thread and not the "bare minimum scrote that i have a high chance of finding in real life" thread

No. 254808

>arab, south asian or Mediterranean
>over 5'11
>strong, works out
>virgin, but because he hasn't met the right person yet, not cause he can't get laid
>STEM or white collar job
>still knowledgeable on the arts in his free time
>loves music
>spoils me. tsundere to others
>high sex drive. very visibly attracted to me
>assertive. doesn't give a fuck about validation from people
>loyal. doesn't watch porn or that degenerate shit. thinks most of society is degenerate. doesn't hate women
>more than meets the eye
>opinionated, holds his ground but willing to listen to others.
>doesn't get annoyed by how loving i am. loving and romantic

he doesnt exist

No. 254809

>doesn't like anime

No. 254822

>tall and scrawny
>red head or light brown hair
>big nose (aquiline)
>long hands
>loves all animals
>compassionate and cares deeply about others
>cultivates his mind and constantly reads and challenge himself intellectually
>extremely well connected with his emotional side, cries easily, feels strongly
>gives his all in everything but specially in love
>use lots of pet names and show his love by spending time togheter and doing things for one another
>clear cut morals, despise injustice in all its forms
>Whore past(good sex)
>loves himself enough that he takes care of himself on all its forms(grooming, self respect, etc)
>doesn't have to believe in anything but has to be respectful to the idea of having faith and spirituality in all its forms
>loves puns and is easy to joke with, just great with verbal humor
>wants to travel n see the world
>is anders dragon age (but without the bitchiness lmao)

No. 254833

>doesn't hate women

No. 254835

>not a coomer
>south asian
>over 5'11

No. 254843

>Whore past(good sex)
isn't that just a meme

No. 254849

Rich, kind, generous, handsome. Thats it kek

No. 254851

Those American ones born outside of their country are differently raised

No. 254856

South Asians are among world's shortest people not entirely due to Genetics but due to Malnutrition, Asians Diets preferences, majority of South Asians don't eat enough varieties of foods like say people from Netherlands.

Swiss, Dutch, Scandinavians are Tallest people in the World. South Asians today are only as tall as Scandinavians were 100 yr ago.

very sizable % South Asians (35-38%) are stunted during childhood itself due to lack of Nutrition
Yes, if these People fixed their diet and hygiene. It would all be fine, they won’t even have to worry about anything at all, anon.

No. 254858

>dark hair with a bit of curl
>wears glasses, the dorkier/less fashionable the better
>chubby or built/muscular, just no man tits or beer gut
>around 5'10
>low voice, cute laugh
>no piercings or tattoos
>my age or older (25+)
>smells nice and keeps self and surroundings clean
>demeanor is serious and quiet, but he also knows how to have fun and make me laugh
>strong sense of morals, has closely held beliefs and knows right from wrong
>not a consoomer and can handle his finances
>not violent and doesn't own guns/fight people
>not a religious zealot
>no social medias or only uses them to interact with family/friends
>has a few autistic niche interests that he's really passionate about and will try and involve me in them
>willing to try new things with me
>musically talented and will teach me how to play his instrument
>good listener
>no drugs or other habits like gambling, prefer if he only drinks socially
>loves to read
>very smart but not a know it all who brags about his intelligence
>different set of skills than me so we can learn from each other/provide for each other
>stable and loyal
>submissive sexually, not very sexual in general
>low body count or virgin

No. 254878

problem with south asian guys is if they date out of their race, they always want it to be with a certain type of white woman- blonde and blue eyed. Same goes for east asian, latin, mediterranean and black men

No. 254883

They are all self loathing cunts, same with women who prefer dating outside their race and continue to vilify their own men.

No. 254889

how can they date men of their race if their own men don't even want them though

No. 254891

There was a whole subreddit filled with self loathing people hating on their ethnicity, culture genes just because they couldn't get white pusy/dik in West. Later it got banned for racism. Inferiority complex seems to be deeply ingrained among Asians/Blacks and Mediterraneans. Not so much among Latins or whites

No. 254897

what I'm saying is, if their own men don't want them then the only other option is men of other races

No. 254901

A lot of times those men of other races are also pursuing white women. Or they go for east asian women. White guys especially, if they go interracial they have a strong preference for east asians. A disproportionate amount of femcels are black and indian women

No. 254902

Their own men do probably want them, but since you mention it, I have seen only a few of brown men date outside their race, and if they did they had standards like you mention,
>certain type of white woman- blonde and blue eyed
Also moids are desperate fools, and I wouldn’t generalize 4/6 of the entire worlds population. One of them could be your soulmate, if you believe in that

No. 254903

I disagree as a "muslim" woman. If your men rape and murder women on the daily and you know you're going to be killed if you don't bleed on the first night with your Muslim husband even if you're a virgin… Of course you'll vilify and refuse to date them. I've also had luck with men of other races so I don't think you're doomed to be a "femcel" if you have standards.

No. 254906

Are you an Ex-Muslim by any chance? I do understand where you are coming from.
Great to know you have standards, girl.

No. 254911

this is so dumb, as a brown woman, sure the vocal minority of men of your own race want white women but the majority won’t date outside of their race. you femcels cope so hard

No. 254912


I’ve met a lot of North Indian and Pakistani guys who are well above 6 feet

This isn’t some south india vs north india bait btw I just haven’t interacted with many South Indians.

No. 254943

Most Kids have grown up watching ads showing fairness bringing success in career & love life, while dark skin bringing only failure.. And subtle racism against dark skinned people in Bollywood films too. Could be a result of that

No. 254955

File: 1649375005091.jpg (91.56 KB, 800x1200, tumblr_plc35hWr8h1t11r9qo1_128…)

I seem to have a preference for them (and clearly so do other anons). South Asian features are very pretty to me, on both men and women. Ime the real issue is family and religion, depending on what the latter is.
Several have liked me and I'm only half white with the other half not even being SA. So…false on that front.

No. 254969

File: 1649377203797.webm (13.96 MB, 854x480, PCyGeScQ.webm)

>vocal minority
Sure jan

No. 254975

No. 254977

I don't have a facebook account can you post a screenshot?

No. 254978

I don't see how this disproves anything. She outright says the men naturally approached her.

No. 254982

it's just muh white worship in third world countries

No. 254983

Changing skin color to look white ("whitening" creams are very popular in Asia)
see >>254943 comments

No. 254985

im embarrassed to admit it but guys that look like drug addicts…

No. 254986

Sorry but these people need to be educated, they prolly took pics and posted them on ig calling her 'my bitch'.
can we end this convo already?
It's been three days.

No. 254988

It’s funny how as a dark skinned woman, I get stared at in Korea and Japan. Random strangers ask me to take photos with them. Yet nobody says Japanese/Korean stare, it’s always “Indian stare”

Spoiler alert: homogenous countries are always going to be curious about foreigners

No. 254989

Hey watch this.

These Asians countries worship white skin, that's why they are all like this. Their minds are colonized, this is why us black women need to stick together and decolonize

No. 254996

kek, example?

No. 254998

File: 1649384005933.jpeg (32.23 KB, 306x434, 29712406-8431781-A_recovering_…)

No. 254999

File: 1649384230562.jpeg (23.92 KB, 400x400, justgetabeard.jpeg)

He really needs skincare, his skin looks damaged and burned. Hygiene is key, a part of his is light and other dark. Crooked nose, just do mewing and build a jaw.
>sephora should start adversing to men not even joking

No. 255000

discolouration is normal nonny. After a certain point you can’t fix it without skin bleaching

No. 255002

Nta but I find the guy in her pic more attractive than this one tbh

No. 255004

oh, i was about to agree with you until i saw what you meant by it. no thanks to that one.

No. 255007

File: 1649386444852.jpg (118.66 KB, 1000x1339, Jeenu-Mahadevan-by-Dham-Srifue…)

Coming after Jeenu smh. That's my modelsbando. My ex didn't like him either and said he looked like he was starving kek.
Some tone differences in that last pic are lighting, but like other anon said it's just a natural minor pigmentation difference.
And the nose is part of the charm.

No. 255013

File: 1649388948871.jpeg (23.06 KB, 306x434, 29712414-8431781-A_recovering_…)

him now. nonny thats his before pic

No. 255014

File: 1649389023744.jpeg (96.8 KB, 634x793, 29712428-8431781-image-a-102_1…)

No. 255019

i can see it here but he's too white for me. like his facial features are too typical white american guy for me

No. 255038

File: 1649398571339.jpeg (408.99 KB, 1536x2048, FAbpDlPUYAYvgfw.jpeg)


No. 255039

File: 1649398665322.jpeg (365.45 KB, 1536x2048, FAfrQDiVcAkJO50.jpeg)

No. 255040

File: 1649398982244.jpeg (442.76 KB, 1536x2048, E9GcoAWVoAQg1Rr.jpeg)

both north and south india have been intermixing ever since they went independence. that's what i heard from my high school friend…
i hate men who look different in every pic but whatever…… they have exotic phenotypes coming from a white Canadians.

No. 255041

I'm also a brown woman and brown men are the shittiest. They'll date and trick white women while having real brown gfs they'll marry, who they cheated on with white women. They'll also cheat on their wives with white women because they have a madonna whore complex and simply don't see women as people, have no remorse about hurting both women in the process. Nothing good comes out of dating a brown man unless he's rich.

No. 255043

File: 1649400910368.jpeg (Spoiler Image,159.89 KB, 976x1024, kwkkiwcc8ms11.jpeg)

They are brown fuckboys? I bet you dated a small amount and began to hate on all of them. Same goes on with any other race

Just don't be a l.edditor or channer

No. 255044

No I've seen plenty of married women get cheated on with Russian women and plenty of the same Russian women getting dumped because they're not virgins and "unworthy" of marriage. Both sides are getting hurt and it's disgusting. They've also called me whore and other insulted because I dared to date out of my race, kek. Stop acting like women choosing not to date some men is genocide, it literally is not.

No. 255045

ofc it's always Russian women. I swear to God. Date a Russian too nonnie

No. 255046

Wait is this in India or US, UK, Russia, Canada? May've heard stories about this

No. 255047

I had a Russian bf that's why they called me a whore, kek. So ironic, isn't it?

No. 255048

White men call white women who date black men coalburners, while they do it. They get called nothing. They love throwing double standards at us
What race or person are you dating now?

No. 255049

Currently single but I was talking to a girl a while ago. I'd date guys my race if he proved he wasn't a coomer who sexualizes women based on their ethnicity which seems to be unlikely. Even my father was so obsessed with Russian women that he was trying to hit on them while I was like 2 or 3 in a pool next to him and almost drowned because of his retardation, kek. Men act like this and still act like they're entitled to women's love.

No. 255050

Date a girl or one of those feminine men. They are only worth it, in the long term. These Moids hide behind toxic masculinity. It doesn’t matter their race, but they’re all desperate and craving for one thing only and that’s sex. Focus on getting a Man that does what you do and get him to cook food with you, don’t do it alone.

No. 255061

I've known a feminine man like the one you describe, he'd cook and clean for his wife even take care of the kids. But secretly he'd steal her panties and beat her up, when it got found out everyone still blamed her for getting her arm broken. If I ended up in the same way, they'd blame me too for my husband/bf' s actions so I simply don't want to date a man whoever he is. Men can hide shit very easily until they've made sure the woman is trapped whether that be by marriage or kids.

No. 255066

the solution is to never get married or have kids with men. DON'T DO IT, ANONS. have them put your name on the deed and hold a joint bank account or demand they give you money (not to be a "golddigger" but just to make things more even, because inevitably we find they pull fucked up shit or we end up doing more work than they ever do, be it emotionally, sexually, manually, etc). do not get married and do not have kids.

No. 255075

Is this scenario considered to be avoided if he gets balls and introduces you to his parents? Particularly with a Westernized/2nd or 3rd gen dude?

No. 255085

Westernized but not whitewashed

No. 255093

Depends on the guy. Also if you're not a virgin don't sleep with him and pretend you are, this way he'll think you're wife material and also you'll know if he's only with you as a placeholder because he'd dump you if you didn't have sex with him. Then get your hymen sewn or whatever if you ever plan to marry one of those types because like I said, not being a virgin makes them have all kinds of weird thoughts and I've heard of stories of girls getting killed or the husband deciding its a-ok to cheat on her whenever because of that.

No. 255095

what do you mean by whitewashed?

No. 255104

Someone with no concept of their origins, culture, or language.
See what she said, don’t go near people who hate their own selves and they try to erase parts of them to fit in. Major red flag

No. 255115

Is it wrong that I straighten my hair to make it easier to comb and try different styles or is that considered "erasing"?

No. 255117

NTA but obviously not. What the fuck is this thread lmao

No. 255125

This thread is talking about type of men you should date or avoid now, get used to it nonny

No. 255126

Let’s get talking to guy types now only

No. 255159

>don't sleep with him and pretend you are [a virgin]
Tfw my ex asked me to do that lmao. I guess that's not rare then (even outside of Islam? I aim to avoid the religious anyway because I am very much not).
I did split before we did anything and will again if I come across such issues once more, thanks anon.
Why is whitewashed bad?

No. 255160

Uncle Toms

No. 255171

My type in nutshell is nerdy and submissive. I have to say that it’s very convenient preference to have

>kind boyish features, big eyes

>no beard, moustache is tolerable only if it suits him
>good manners
>emotionally mature and knows how to communicate
>high sex drive
>sexually open to try new things
>submissive, eager to please me
>tall (at least 5’11)
>interested in politics but not fanatic
>not racist
>has a job (+1 for higher education)
>likes animals
>treats me like a queen
>knows how to cook

No. 255175

File: 1649445149980.jpeg (158.81 KB, 800x662, I_Serve_the_Soviet_Union.jpeg)

Brown men:

No. 255180

>only date men who are into trades. they make good money
>may have mental issues
>no debt
>watch for any red flags
>good body
>doesn't smoke or drink
>tall and smart

Don't date a debt driven person unless he's a orthodontist. Since dentists are richer than doctors…

No. 255181

all dentists and especially orthodontists cheat

No. 255183

This posts seems weird.

No. 255185

my ex a 19 y/o who does pest control

No. 255187

If he’s shorter than 6’1, I’m gon dump his ass

No. 255220

based. It's almost as if I made this post, even the age is the same (spooky)
What kind of dorky/unfashionable glasses do you mean? I hate it every time a style that I enjoy suddenly becomes popular, like big round glasses lately.

No. 255249

File: 1649455349808.jpeg (191.73 KB, 1106x2048, E9gUQLoWEAM6zoo.jpeg)

>where my blondies at, prolly him

No. 255251

one of the worst kinds of moid

No. 255252

don't you find him attractive? he's perfect in every way

No. 255253

Stop self posting, scrote.

No. 255256

no i don't, scrotes like that are always loud and arrogant

No. 255258

i know you love him, all that hate isn't great, girlie

No. 255265

File: 1649459140400.jpg (21.88 KB, 375x542, umu.jpg)

my ideal type?

real men are scary and you cannot trust them

but for the sake of this thread:
>smart but stupid
>a himbo, perhaps
>takes care of their hygiene
>knows how to set boundaries
>knows how to follow boundaries
>funny, or at least interesting
>a genuinely good person
>emotionally mature

i'm sure i can expand on it but that's the general idea

No. 255275

Bang! Outed yourself brown moid

No. 255279

>smart but stupid
I get what you mean though
>a genuinely good person
>emotionally mature
unfortunately these are pretty rare.

No. 255349

>tall (1m80 or more)
>pretty muscular but not ultra cut bodybuilder, like maybe a bit of chub on the muscle
>curly thick dark brown or black hairs
>why not a beard, but short and well trimmed
>black/dark brown eyes
>a little bit older than me (max 5 years older)
>white, mediterranean or asian
>doesn't follow ig/tiktok thots
>student or stable job
>knows how to actually function alone (aka knows how to cook, do laundry, make the bed etc)
>good sense of humor, likes to laugh
>i don't really mind if we have different hobbies tbh, i like when people make me discover other things and seeing ppl i like sperging about their interests is funny/cute lol
>good sense of fashion
>likes to cuddle
>occasionally smokes or drink but no addict
>doesn't want kids
>not religious
>average to high sex drive but into vanilla shit
>squish me almost to death in his arms when he's happy to see me

Of course that's my ideal man, finding a dude that has a good personality and look average or above average is a challenge already kek

No. 255438

I like small wire framed oval or rectangle glasses that look like he's not trying too hard. Any expensive trendy glasses like the big plastic frames with tortoise shell or something just look weird to me

No. 255468

Holy shit same! I love those glasses and I also hate the obnoxious thick black frame ones that are really trendy now. Tortoishell ones are just not sexy to me but I don't hate them either.
It's a real shame that in real life nowadays, most men who wear simple wire frame glasses are horrible incel types or otherwise have undesirable traits (like being a porn addicted weeb or troon).

No. 255672

They felt the need to put down one race to uplift another. For example large amount of brown moids and foids, fetishize ethnic groups, religions, skin color and even race.

Here these moids/foids obsess over the most weirdest things. As i said if you were Punjabi they would fetishize a Tamil. Or if you were Hindu, Christian, Sikh. They would fetishize Islam, Judaism, Neo-Spirituality.
>I'd date guys my race if he proved he wasn't a coomer who sexualizes women based on their ethnicity which seems to be unlikely.
so much this.

I am sorry that your dad was one of those LVM.

I haven't see this but yes, you are right.
Self-hate is deep within these people…


No. 255677

File: 1649635950454.png (33.53 KB, 645x770, 29.png)


No. 255678

>plays some type of instrument, and/or does some type of art
>likes to read
>not stupid, but not smarter than me
>doesn’t have a twitter account (i dont want my boyfriend trooning out on me)
>not from a rich family
>taller than me (not very hard, i’m barely 5 foot)
>doesn’t watch anime
>not ‘tiktok-ified’
>not against drugs, but not s1 jesse pinkman
>likes dogs over cats
>doesn’t hate women

No. 255681

I am talking about both genders, and they are equally bad enough

No. 255682

men are always worse

No. 255684

Men that stereotypically look like are, Yes.

No. 255692

File: 1649639905483.png (166.45 KB, 500x491, b.png)

I understand why East Asian men are popular in KPoP, they have a brain or two

No. 255721

File: 1649651853252.jpeg (109.57 KB, 1080x1080, c96b764834af34ed00e4a5b360235f…)

Ladies, is his hair stylish enough for your taste?

No. 255722

It's gross
He looks like a huge faggot

No. 255723

File: 1649652000279.jpeg (36.21 KB, 474x474, 30a1d37872b021191f24390d26a5ea…)

be honest

No. 255724

File: 1649652133389.png (1.03 MB, 1000x1235, beff7b9293be003f1ad53c4fb922f6…)

emma chamberlain if she was a boy

No. 255725

File: 1649652310906.jpeg (68.98 KB, 736x891, e17deff8318ee569992c7df81e1b2d…)

No. 255727

No. 255729

File: 1649652886435.jpeg (19.17 KB, 400x400, 79b8889823fa8ef0dadc7d2c33d352…)

love for guys with big masc noses too

No. 255731

File: 1649653128068.jpeg (126.11 KB, 1080x1080, e64dc489234c95da7e6b35883318bc…)

No. 255732

this isn't the right thread to post these

No. 255736

why so?

No. 255737

feels like it's another self-poster tbh

No. 255740

posting pics of a hot yt guy means im a scrote wtf

No. 255742

No nona, you're a scrote for not reading the thread or looking at the basis and posting a random selfie of a mediocre teenage boy.

No. 255748

NTA but there's a thread specifically for that. The "attractive men you want to fuck" thread.

No. 255812

No. 255820

>knows how to be a leader and takes control
>usually very calm but can kick ass.
> is the one that plans everything and I will follow
>knows how to cook (would love to cook with him)
>not a pushover and will fight for what he loves and deeply cares about.
>looks dont matter that much but yeah if he looked like Zhao from y7:LAD id be set for life.
>tall 6'1 (185 cm)
>Extrovert (I'm a huge introvert so I probably need someone who can help me be less of an antisocial weirdo)
> Looks like he doesn't care about anything but will tell me anything and be open to me and those super close to him.
>hard working
>loves cats
>doesn't care about social media at all
>thoughtful and romantic but discreet when in public.
>not the one to kill and tell
>no kids and doesn't want any either
>has stable income
>a good person
>keeps me safe
>looks very intimidating but is really kind
>dominant in bed / being on top
>good sense of hummor
>deeply cares about me as I will care about them

No. 255821

>kill and tell
I meant kiss and tell

No. 256089

File: 1649800598150.jpg (34.32 KB, 432x432, 09a02842321b1605de2d9eebe620a6…)

Take hairstyle of pic ref on >>255721 and add mild dad bod, medium height, with toned arms/legs and glasses. Basically >>222254 in 3D form.

>is also sweet and compasdionate when he needs to be, but not afraid to be blunt when I need it

>doesn't have 4-chan shitpost humor, but isn't above making dumb jokes at times
>doesn't care about making it big or being rich; just wants to have a normal life without excessive luxury
>is willing to talk when upset and won't act distant when I voice my problems
>doesn't sacrifice energy to get everything done or spend time with all friends
>will stand his ground in an argument but not get verbally offensive about it
>is not sexually deviant, but isn't necessarily a virgin; coukd still be shy about it and the idea of it
>doesn't care for politics or religion
>is proud of their appearance
>we don't have to share interests, but wouldn't mind talking about his with passion
>has good friends that don't take advantage of him, and has a good family
>doesn't mind being alone sometimes
>isn't a heavy or frequent drinker; also doesn't smoke
>likes pets, mostly cats
>doesn't mind cooking or cleaning
>doesn't have to be a genius, but isn't dumber than rocks

No. 256107

Sure you're not just seeking a yandere husbando?

No. 256131

It's been three months, but I still wonder what nona meant by this

No. 256433

I think she meant that the guy anon was describing would probably be a virgin, given his general description

No. 256596

Posters here are as bad the as average moids

No. 256632

No. 256657

File: 1650048669677.jpeg (16.06 KB, 360x360, E94D6A93-0B68-48B9-9EA6-D088BA…)

>Either white or asian
>light brown hair or blonde (okay with black hair if Asian)
>non-blue eyes
>If white, has American, English or Eastern European facial features
>any height above 5’1
>has some feminine/androgynous facial features (high cheekbones, non-wide face) but without trying to look like a coomer ‘uwu femboi’
>retains some masculine facial characteristics
>short or medium length hair that is well-groomed
>no acne, but some is tolerable
>good fashion sense (more in a ‘has a Pinterest’ way than a ‘googled timeless men’s fashion once’ way)
>either lean with some muscularity or soft muscularity with bara tiddies (majorpectoralis as an example)
>practically hairless body/face
>braces (optional)
>freckles (optional)

>smart in a practical sort of way
>reads books for pleasure but isn’t a philosophyfag
>uninterested in/doesn’t like anime
>has artistic passions (making music, doing art, writing, photography)
>doesn’t use social media much
>not socially retarded
>good listener but is able to keep a conversation flowing
>plays some sort of sport for fun
>wants kids one day
>likes cooking

>has had between 0-2 sexual partners
>limits porn consumption, but preferably doesn’t use it at all
>is vocal during sex
>is extremely vanilla/has no real fetishes
>dislikes the idea of power imbalances

No. 256664

You're the plastic nosed brown manlet who's been spamming his picture, aren't you?

No. 256687

No. 257106

Rich incels.

PROTIP: there's a bunch of crypto millionaires on /biz/ too autistic to find a gf the conventional way. If you're into boys with money, it's a good hunting ground.

No. 257143

nice try

No. 257200

/biz/ is full of people with bad life decisions

No. 257431

What is it about watching anime you don't like? What if they watched anime but had a normal personality?

No. 257450

Most scrotes who watch anime are coomers

No. 257487

This has to be a male

No. 257555

File: 1650431043026.jpg (43.26 KB, 1200x900, photo.jpg)

Conventionally unattractive Asian and Jewish boys with low self esteem and high paychecks/rich families seem like they would make great husbands.

No. 257616

I think it depends. Some scrotes are only into shonen jump shit or isekai shit or mecha shit. Of course there's some who watch everything and others who are into ecchi and coomershit amd hentai

No. 257618


don't do it. super emotionally stunted, babied by parents, super intrusive parents, and the men are very controlling in those cultures.

No. 257687

most shounen and isekai shit also contain coomer shit/overlaps with ecchi

No. 257739

Easy money do it. They're just retarded and annoying sometimes but living comfortable is soooo nice

No. 257801

Have you had experience with this? all my past experiences have made it not worth it

I have had a much more pleasant experience dating a rich white dude

No. 257804

>white dudes
they seem narcissistci to me

No. 257809

idk obviously depends on the guy, but that was my most positive bf experience. most liberal, feminist, and willing to spend on me, compared to all of my Asian exes.

could be an outlier because he is really insecure, but out of all my insecure ex's, I really don't recommend dating an Asian dude, especially a not well adjusted one (which they likely tend to be, given Asian emotionally distant upbringings).

No. 257837

it always sounds good on paper cause a lot of these kind of guys are excelling at their work and not doing things like fucking around, but in my experience they are just insufferable to be around. like some things that i commonly saw was very low self esteem, no sense of humor and mommy/daddy issues.

No. 257884

Nothing but experience with this. If you can shoot down their inflated ego easily then I would say go for it. Or just get a nerdy black guy in tech; big dick and potential to make a ridiculous amount of money, win-win.

No. 257917

Why do most posts in this topic seem like they're made by men? The bbc meme, the /biz/ incels being ideal bf, brown moid crying that brown women don't date him and so on…

No. 257948

white men get progressively more abusive the longesr you stay with them, and then if you have kids your kids will suffer narcissistic abuse too. They are literally incapable of empathy. All of them. it's just a matter of how long until their mask slips.

I have not seen a single successful relationship involving american moid, it is a bottomless pit of shit. An illegal immigrant would make a decent husband but only because he knows you can have him deported at any time.

No. 257962

Ikr, I swear it's just desperate moids trying to convince women to date worthless scrotes

No. 257987

The gif and file name are not helping your case.

No. 258009

>Why do most posts in this topic seem like they're made by men?
Because they are?

No. 258028

What was the post? Was it a moid again?
You can date an European man or better just wait until you find a decent man regardless of race… I'm brown and from how I've seen brown met treat white women, I'd advise you not ever touch them unless you're a virgin or know how to manipulate them. I don't have experience with American men but I know some are very misogynistic but even then, trust me it possibly can't be comparable to an immigrant man, I mean just look at how the women in their native countries live, you're going to be in the same situation if you date them.

No. 258046

Can't tell if asian fetishists are trying to whiteknight their fetish or if actual asian nonnies trying to whiteknight their race's men

Maybe I got lucky by dating a white dude raised solely by his mom and sister and he's much more empathetic than me kek

No. 258055

It was an edited gif of a moid sucking a black dick

No. 258058

I should be ashamed, because I am way to old to post here, but damn it.


No need to be super smart, but some kind of knowledge would be good. Street smart would be also nice.


not silly but my type of humor, dark, cynical and word play maybe. No one who thinks he has do joke all the time, that is annoying and no scaring me! I hate that!


I am not very confident, so it would be nice if he could step up for that. No arrogant.


I am not an easy person, decisions are hard to make for me and I need lots of time for close bonds to form. He must have the patience of a saint to be together with me.

>must have one or two good friends and a cricle of not so close friends

I need much time for myself, so it would be nice if he can go to friends and do stuff while I need time off. Also social skils are important.


I hate clingy people. He should be able to live alone.


He must be good with money. Not rich, but able to have a stable income. No spontaneous spending. Be capable to put a little money to the site. Like me.

>other character stuff

Calm, I tent to get nervous so he should be collected and be able to calm me. Mature, polite, kind, friendly. Protective without controlling. Does not hate animals.
or plants. Keeping a cool head in stressful situations.
Not slowpoke, but not hyper energetic. A a litle bit sporty, maybe he will motivate me to do more sport. Doesn't mind getting his hands dirty if needed.


clean room, clean body. Sad that It needs to be adressed.


I am freezing often and my hands are cold I like the idea that he would take my hands in his and warm them.
Or he hugs me in winter and I don't feel cold anymore.


I like tall people. So he should be at least a head taller than me.
Not fat belly. Black or blonde hair. Blue or grey eyes.
Muscles should be workout muscles but also work muscles. A ratio from 2:3 workout to work muscles. would be nice I like it wen men can actually pick up and carry stuff without half an hour of warming up.
This one is really weird, but I find scars very attractive, so he should have scars. Face, body all very nice.
Not too hairy. I don't mind body hair, but I don't want a monkey beside me.

>pleasant smell

No overuse of perfume or after shave. Just a nice natural body smell.

>deep voice

I love deep rumbling voices. Like a far away thunder. When angry like a growl or when flirting like a purr.
Does that makes sense?

some things my 13 year old self needs to say, because I had it on my list for a very long time too is: Pointy ears. Must be able to turn into a magical Dragon or be able to cast Magic

Jesus that took way longer than intended.

No. 258125

>not silly but my type of humor, dark, cynical
I'd be careful with this one, the vast majority of men are too retarded to be capable of this. Every single man I've ever met who said he had a "dark" sense of humor was just a self-absorbed asshole trying to play off his (frequently misogynistic) insults toward others as "jokes"

No. 258127

I know most say they have a dark humor and just be horrible to each other.
I will never understand it, a friend once showed me what he though was dark humor, but it was just a guy insulting.

My descrpition is unreal anyway.

No. 258188

No1curr about protecting "their men", there's lots of weebs and weebs usually like asian men, why is it so hard to believe that other women aren't attracted to mayo tom cruise or Channing Tatum clones?

No. 258279

I don't think weebs are into south asians and muslims.

No. 258708

Excuse me nonny are you a sandnigger?

No. 258715

my ideal bf would be a cute blonde blue eyed boy, with a funny sense of humor and nice hands. he would not judge me for my weeb tastes (he doesn't necessarily have to be an otaku like me), and i wouldn't care if he's extroverted as long as he has a quiet, comfy side.

No. 258723

>No one is into south asians
>except for the women are great

No. 258900

>long (straight) hair is nice
>at least not balding and not too short haircut
>body hair not too abundant (facial hair preferably absent)

I try not to care too much about beauty conventions but as a baby and toddler I had a phobia of balding dudes with facial hair and I still find these traits repulsive. I consider the body hair thing fair because I don't have that much body hair either. Long straight hair is my one unreasonable obsession. Besides that, as long as they're suitable for a somewhat off grid lifestyle, it's fine.

>touches grass

>tropical climate proof
>life/survival skills
>not religious
>unconcerned with beauty standards
>no stupid cope memes
>actually just no memey takes on aesthetics, morals and whatnot in general, please
>not obsessed with reproduction.
>level headed and reliable
>goes straight to finding solutions instead of making a fuss out of regular life stuff
>extensive nature knowledge, but doesn't feel the need to hierarchize every living creature under the sun into arbitrary categories (i know this is already comprised under "life skills" and "no memey takes" but this is an important point due to my autistic fancies)
>display of affection isn't performative or based on societal expectations, both the cause and the proof of our bond resides in our good cooperation and mutual self improvement, not in movie dates. We're going strong for so long as we're living well and count as a favorable circumstance in each other's lives.
>doesn't get angry easily

Pretty much all men who share my specific odd brand of nihilism (i'm illiterate idk how to call it) are straight up sociopaths or schizoid and don't mean the same thing as I do when we use the same words. But living alone in the middle of nowhere is really risky as a woman. sage because it's getting blogposty in there.

It would be better if I became a husbandofag probably lmao imagine some hermit carving a fictional man in a little piece of wood.

No. 258952

Are you actually autistic anon?

No. 259059


Diagnosed aspie when that was still a term. Unfortunately I don't really get along with the others.

No. 260760

how do you approach partners who don't match you ideals since the person you actually end up with will likely not be your ideal? Do you consider it a form of settling. If I found out my future husband had made a lit of his ideal partner and i didn't match up with it I'd be devastated but at the same time I can logically work out that such feelings would be kind of silly. It's throwing me through a loop though.

No. 260767

i feel like my type just changes from time to time. Right now i don't even think i have one.

No. 260779

i fit nearly all of those criteria but i am not a male unfortunately so put me on the off-the-grid bestie waitlist

No. 260977

File: 1651597405635.jpg (97.45 KB, 506x544, a289693d196136e1a6815195c28347…)

Sorry about 2D, and i'm not actually very fond of Disney per se, but the nerdy bookish energy of Milo Thatch kinda describes my guy type (and gal type too tbh). I just want someone with whom i can sperg about obscure literature / linguistics shit and live in the woods in an old log house full of etymological dictionaries.

No. 260998

Ultimately I think it’s all about chemistry. You can meet someone who matches all of your ideals on paper and you still might not be attracted to them for whatever reason. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having an ideal type or an idea of what you want to look for, but also it’s nice to keep an open mind because you never know. My ideal type is introverted, kind of nerdy guys with brown hair, but if I met a guy I really liked who didn’t match that I wouldn’t mind. I don’t think I would consider it settling if I really liked the person in question. It would just be more like ‘huh, I didn’t know I could get along with ‘x’ type of guy so well.’ Likewise, I’m not attracted to every guy I’ve met who fits my ideal type description.

No. 261006

i'm too lazy to study linguistics but a linguistics gf sounds fun!

No. 261223

heres what i don't understand, how will you meet these guys if they do exist?

No. 261231

obv in my imagination, nona.

No. 261238

You have to search somewhere, do tell. Through online or through friends

No. 261595

You are right on everything. Brown TikTok proved this to me. Those stereotypical brown guy or desi TikTokifed guys are worse. There’s so much horniness and constant seek for validation for these Moids. They put their own women, so that they can date white women, but will marry their brown gfs. It’s so so bad. I don’t know why any girl wants to date these men, unless they hate themselves

No. 261598

Just open TikTok, so many brown men dating white women and fetishizing Latina/white girls. They are 4.5/10 w perm hair and no personality

No. 262279

File: 1651971349736.jpeg (148.87 KB, 828x1792, FBIiqmyXsAUgr8C.jpeg)

No. 262280

File: 1651971514757.jpeg (Spoiler Image,64.7 KB, 473x1024, FBJuHLqWUAkdRLK.jpeg)

No. 262281

File: 1651971569053.jpeg (Spoiler Image,137.4 KB, 1080x1290, FJU1mGjWYAYKBiJ.jpeg)

I have seen black guys post this type of crap too. Ladies you are right about it

No. 262283

File: 1651972051727.jpeg (164.72 KB, 946x2048, FOYHIuOUYAQhj1U.jpeg)

you can change this with any minority guy and it'll make sense. Janny's don't sunset me. I'm showing Truth

No. 262288

Eww, none of these guys are even appealing and I wonder what this has to do with the thread topic. Literal opposite to the point.

No. 262289

every girl wants a 5'10 light skined indian pre-med student. that's what i am saying

No. 262290

File: 1651973414323.jpeg (165.01 KB, 1124x1627, FIk7T8UXMAEF-jm.jpeg)

No. 262404

I know what you're trying to do with these posts but I do feel like Indian/Asian men living in the west are in a sad position. They are viewed very unattractively by white women and women of Indian/Asian ethnicity date out with white men at quite high rates.

No. 262410

have you seen the state of those countries and how women are treat there? of course they'd prefer to date white men, as they should. indian and asian moids are insanely misogynistic under the guise of "culture and tradition" and do nothing to hold themselves accountable. they regard themselves too highly and think they are gods because they're like 5'7 with a patchy beard and a shrivelled dick, yet they still expect a freaky submissive white woman or latina because they consider themselves "too good" for women of their own race, the same as black men.

naturally this is why black moids get mad and start raging that black women prefer white men after those same black women have been constantly shit on all their lives for looking "too dark and not as freaky as a latina" by men of their own race. they can't handle the heat, pathetic scrotes - if you can't even treat the women of your own culture with respect and dignity then don't be surprised when she fucks off to find something better.(Racebait)

No. 262414

its not without reason they're usually avoided, usually they are severe mommy's boys who dont work out and are unabashed porn addicts who think in porn categories so if you are white you are a whore. their culture involves kissing the feet of his mother and family and if you even want to have a future with him you usually have to move in with them. plus they are kings of backhanded compliments and negging. I am white and Ive dated one brown guy, didnt get very far before his confusing conflict between self hating plus the intense pride and ego really made things uncomfortable. I'm talking literally joking that his mom will only tolerate me because I would make light skinned babies.

No. 262416

this is also precisely why i won't date black or asian men - i'm aware muh not all of them are like this, but the majority of black and asian/indian men i have met are incredibly addicted and obsessed with viewing women as porn categories and it makes me feel uncomfortable around them. if you're a white woman who thinks you won't be fetishized as a freaky submissive whore from these types then good luck because it's almost impossible. they also use you as leverage against women of their own race as if you're somehow better than them, which is disgusting. it's very much the madonna/whore complex simplified in the eyes of these men: if you are a white woman or latina you are the trophy whore from porn, if you're a woman of their own race you are a sexless younger representation of their mother and they consider themselves "above" you.

No. 262420

the last part is very true. Its funny because if they got their foreign trophy wife, he'd constantly compare her to the women of his culture. If he got a woman from his culture, he'd constantly compare her to women of other races.

No. 266810

File: 1653808638995.jpeg (13.26 KB, 236x295, 51c6a209-ae1d-492d-ad0e-af4c5e…)

>Skinny, with a lankly built
>Tanned or extremely pale skin
>Long, slender but masculine hands
>Nice shoulders, with a v-shape
>Medium to long hair
>Slightly defined jawline
>Any hair color, preferably brown or black
>Straight or slightly curly hair
>An interesting nose shape

>Artsy and slightly melancholic
>Thoughtful and very mature
>Compassionate and naturally nurturing, likes kids and animals
>Strong morals and values
>Very creative and extravagant
>Very well groomed and clean, hygiene game must be strong
>Independent and competent
>Good in conversations
>Worships me and treats me like a queen
>Respects and admires the women in his life
>Hates violence
That's it

No. 266822

tell me more, nona

No. 266830

Did you just describe Tarzan?

No. 266857

File: 1653830104100.jpeg (80.72 KB, 640x960, b55e4543-3ab2-4eee-a00a-750cc2…)

>Likes swimming and non-moid aligned sports
>Takes care of himself, eats healthy and hates junk food
>Down to earth
>Remembers my allergies (very important)
>Hates anime and porn
>Not too chatty, mostly quiet but not exactly introverted
>Likes jazz, ballads and chill music
>Doesn't gossip or shit talk people
>High self-esteem
>Likes art but is not pretentious about it
>Appreciates the beauty in everything
>Respects old women
>I'm his Muse, likes to draw me doing mundane tasks
>Doesn't mock my autistic tendencies
>~Mediterranean vibes~

No. 266885

I like reading this thread because the specifications are very fic/ tulpa-esque

No. 268741

File: 1654610607193.jpeg (375.11 KB, 500x524, ABDDE1DC-4551-44A7-B3FF-9702FC…)

No. 268794

File: 1654623169460.jpg (98.01 KB, 1320x660, nekfeu.jpg)

Kinda looks like French rapper Nekfeu

No. 268881

This is probably better reserved for the fetishes your ashamed of thread but I'm going to try to manifest

>slightly shorter than me (i'm 5'6)

>insecure about his height
>slightly below average dick size
>insecure about dick size
>lets me domminate him and tease him

Feels weird admitting this kek. But idk I'm more shy and reserved so I feel like having someone opposite to that fits me better, especially as I don't talk a lot so I don't mind a guy speaking a lot more and me just listening or going along. I also don't know how well I can dominate since I'm more submissive by nature but god it's my fantasy.

No. 268907

Here are mine. I am aware these are high hurdles but w/e, I'd rather die alone than settle for less

>tall (at least 6', 6'2" to 6'4" is ideal)
>not lazy & eats healthy and works out. No need to have washboard abs but any jiggle or pre-dad bod is unforgivable
>wears sunscreen and uses basic face products so he doesn't have insane wrinkled face like his peers
>low, pleasant voice that's mellow

>doesn't watch porn
>doesn't smoke cigarettes and cigars(very important)
>doesn't drink excessively and only drinks socially / in moderation
>doesn't brag but has natural confidence
>doesn't just sit in front of a TV and watch netflix all day (has something other than watching The Office or some mainstream normie show as their personality trait)

>blushes often, kind of in a tsundere type way
>my age - up to +4years gap
>educated and smart, a bachelor's degree at least
>teases playfully, but never to the point where I'm upset, likes to banter back and forth with me on interesting subjects
>will wait until marriage with me
>has good, intellectually stimulating hobbies(sports, educational things, artisanal things like smoking meats or woodworking)
>not a man whore / low body count
>extroverted but won't talk over me until I'm done with what I have to say
>down to try my hobbies + I try his
>interested in learning new languages so I can practice mine with him (ideally French, Spanish or Japanese so I keep my skills sharp)
>down to travel with me
>wants 2-3 kids
>likes to cook with me
>responsible with money but knows when to splurge and enjoy
>verbally praises me often / tells me when to rest

autosage for autism

No. 268927

Non negotiable.
5'8 or above (5'10-6'2 is peak), wavy hair. Dark hair and tan skin is my ideal combo. Lean and slightly built, looks his age. Dimples are nice. Defined nose. Grooms self and looks at least average with decent sense of fashion.
>less than 700 ig followers/doesn't use social media too much
Manwhores. Negotiable but it's a big sign of a ho.
>outgoing/willing to fake it
>has a job & career goals/ambition
Absolute must.
>some sort of ambition/hobby that requires dedication
>doesn't play a lot of league/fps, but still a little nerdy (anime, before mentioned in moderation)
>wants and likes kids
>won't cheat or look at others
>willing to try new things
>believes in actually being a gentleman, makes romantic gestures
>likes having stupid conversations with me about mundane but calm tiny things in life
>has guts.
>not porn addicted
>not conservative.
I really don't care otherwise as long as it's not a core personality trait.
Those are just things that I value the most. Guts is probably the biggest deal breaker for me, I need someone with ambition and that means guts. Could literally mean just being confident in day-to-day life where it matters. God I just need someone above or AT average height, average or above looking, who is smart, not conservative, has ambition, guts, and wants a future. Good lord is that hard to find where I'm at. Can't wait to graduate and gtfo this hick college town. Fuck the men here. They're either racist, absolute scum, or losers, from thorough personal experience. I've given up. Nothing is possible until I fucking graduate.

No. 271114

what kind of retarded freak are you?

No. 271128

It's just the scrote baiter from Unpopular Opinions, ignore it.

No. 271414

The infj man

No. 276061

>Fluffy brown hair
>Lean with a smallish waist that I would want to wrap my arms around
>Cute smile
>Takes care of his appearance, cares about looking presentable, and dresses in a way that he thinks is nice (would dress in more of an alternative style since I'm not a fan of street fashion or high-end fashion, but other than that I'm not picky)
>Cute, puppy-like personality. Kind of rambunctious and energetic, emotionally open, maybe a little clumsy and affectionate (but not in a sexual way)
>But not a complete extrovert. Introverted and somewhat shy or at least more reserved in public/toward people he doesn't know.
>Submissive and relies on me for some things. Likes being taken care of.
>Very loyal and devoted, just like a doggie
>That being said, has a job, friends, and hobbies so that his life doesn't revolve around me or being in a relationship (massive turnoff)
>Has things he is very passionate about and works hard toward (maybe something related to art or music? but he'd obviously have to be good)
>Sarcastic, dry sense of humor
>Free-spirited, nontraditional, and doesn't care about getting married or having kids (doesn't have to be against it, but those things aren't something he absolutely expects)

I posted on here a while ago, but my ideal type has changed a bit so I thought I'd post an update. I used to want somebody who was very similar to me because I was afraid otherwise I wouldn't be able to relate to them. Now I think I'd prefer if I was the more bookish, serious, cynical one and I just had a cute, fashionable, clumsy boyfriend who loved me. I can dream…

No. 276136

Aww. Here's hoping that your dream comes true then someday nonnie with the boy of.. well your dreams. Best of luck and don't give up on finding the person your meant to be with.

No. 279767

looking at my "old" post and its crazy how i like bald men now, especially russian jewish bald men

No. 279771

wait til you find out about the pillow grease stains they produce…

No. 280819

i have awful taste in men, and i like a whole range, but there's one specific type that really gets me going and it's probably the worst one, i guess it's what you'd call a typical gross old guy:

>38-55 years old

i'm 19 btw


beard, body hair etc


at least 6ft with an average to chubby build, i.e. a big size difference between us


smoking is hot, idc that it would actually be gross

>dominant in bed

>protective, caregiver type

i think a good example would be hopper from stranger things

feel free to critique me kek

No. 280820

>that spacing
>”I’m 19 btw”
gtfo here

No. 280824

ayrt, i have reading difficulties

No. 281338

>Is a tiny waif that you could maybe break in half
>Is a practical doormat
>Grew up poor
>Isn't judgmental
>Doesn't really want to be around anyone but you
Literally outed yourself as a abusive person. Not surprising you put:
>98% of them are pedophiles
1000% projection seeing that you're for power inblanced relationship on the level of that of a pedophilic one.

No. 281349

>responding to a 3 year old post

No. 281352

I like buff guys with a lil tummy and thick joints

No. 281368

horrible, hamfisted attempt at psychoanalysis. either you're a male-identified woman or a moronic man

No. 281402

Feel free to judge, nonnies:
>no coomer, no porn/hentai addict, no drugs, never visited a prostitute or massage parlours (maybe a drink or two in social events)
>not an AGP nor will troon out
>100% straight
>speak two or three languages
>in college/ have a degree/ decent earning job
>have multiple and varied hobbies: mostly reading, playing an instrument, gaming (in decent level)
>is a hardworking man and a helpful member of society
>likes pets
>blond or light brown straight hair, great hair genes (no balding)
>green/grey/hazel/blue eyes
>6'5 tall
>lean but with some muscle
>a perfect mixture of boyish and handsome face
>6.5 inches penis (not too small, not too big)
>sweet, loving, loyal, truthful, caring
>not a selfish lover in bed
>very affectionate
>decent fashion sense
>is friendly and sociable enough but prefer to stay at home chilling
>good chef
>respects his family
>no criminal past and don't have any criminal inclinations

No. 281426

Most of this is reasonable besides being 6'5. Less than like 1% of the population are 6'5

No. 281430

I like your dream guy! Although, I'll change the whole scheme a little bit, after my preferences:
>speak two or three languages
two is alright
>blond or light brown straight hair, great hair genes (no balding)
I don't care about the hair color as long as it's a natural one tbh, but again that's my preference. also NO balding. NONONO don't go bald in my presence.
>6'5 tall
I don't care as long as he's a little taller than me
>is friendly and sociable enough but prefer to stay at home chilling
eh I would prefer to go outside and just chill on the grass somewhere in a big beautiful floral park
>good chef
not necessarily, but it would be nice
Overall nonnie, your taste is great. Hope you'll meet this guy

No. 281443


No. 281449

most obvious bait ever

No. 281453