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File: 1640820349974.gif (1.84 MB, 220x192, unnamed (2).gif)

No. 1008929

One rule: No one agrees on anything.

4D chess bad faith devil's advocate highlander mind hunger games only please

No. 1008939

This thread is great

No. 1008942

No. 1008943

Are you serious right now? This thread is ABSOLUTE TRASH

No. 1008948

So, the infighting thread 2.0?

No. 1008953

It's called the disagreement thread not the infighting thread why are you trying to make it a part of something else? This is about disagreeing about things not continuing things. You are wrong

No. 1008963

no anon, obviously this is a psyop. it might be an infighting thread.

No. 1008967

ACKSHUALLY you're ALL wrong and this is test and you FAILED

No. 1008972

ITT: I'd like to have an argument please

No. 1008975

I didn’t FAIL I barely PASSED MA’AM

No. 1008977

If by barely passed you mean TOTALLY BOMBED, miss

No. 1008982

PSSH, it's nothing like this

No. 1008985

File: 1640822275277.gif (1.07 MB, 498x278, 19005E6D-7B59-4E1E-9F23-8532FB…)

No. 1008986

File: 1640822341771.gif (85.03 KB, 220x190, yes-yup.gif)

No. 1008994

the sky is blue

No. 1008997

fucking retard it's black

No. 1008999

You're both retarded, the sky isn't shit we just perceive it as blue, get a grip nonnies

No. 1009003

Ackshually since the plot of the sketch is based on the idea that argument (or disagreement per the thread name) is different to contradiction, and so far we've all just been contradicting (e.g. In your reply), it's exactly like the thread. I came here to argue and so far it's just been bitches being contrary.
So allow make an inflammatory and politically charged statement:
Rabbits are superior to both cats and dogs

No. 1009007

How dare you involve innocent animals they are not bait for your disagreements. We all know cats rule, dogs drool and bunnies are whatever

No. 1009008

No way, cats are the best every time

No. 1009010


No. 1009011

At least you can carry a dog in case of an emergency, cats will scratch the fuck out of your eyeballs and bunnies will faint and die right there.

No. 1009018


No. 1009021

Um the bunny would have convulsions first, don't you know ANYTHING about rabbits? It wouldn't die right there the convulsions would have it move at least a few inches from its initial spot. Like what a thing to even say. Wow.

No. 1009022

listen to david fucking attenborough over here

No. 1009023

Wow, you're really gonna come at me like that. Those are clearly two men fighting and we are all women here so how could it be anything like this sketch?????? Like, use your eyes girl. That is, if you even is one…

No. 1009024

fuck off, let her minimod!

No. 1009025

people like you are so obnoxious!

No. 1009028

File: 1640823642021.jpg (59.17 KB, 650x433, Coniglio-alla-Ligure_650x433_w…)

Ligurian style rabbit >>>

No. 1009030

wtf did a rabbit ever do except get boiled in a movie for a meme

No. 1009035

Bruh rabbits helped BUILD AMERICA you are so ignorant I can't even deal with this right now

No. 1009040

I'm so sick of you cat-fags, constantly shoving your autistic, selfish creatures down everyone's throats, you're all literal simps, Suckers Idolizing Mediocre Pets, go get an animal that actually cares about you, you are like the bitches defending their emotionally unavailable nigels.

No. 1009042

No. 1009047

lesbian fujoshi are valid and amazing

No. 1009050


No. 1009051

dogs care way too much about people, they give you a free facelift and they're not trained plastic surgeons
that's why a tortoise is the best pet

No. 1009057

a tortise? are you fucking stupid i hope you rot in hell you touch that fucker once and you have slime all over your hands for years

No. 1009060


No. 1009062

more like invalid and cringe

No. 1009064

File: 1640825020314.jpg (81.41 KB, 918x499, 4ixznw.jpg)


No. 1009065

wOW, cranky because I called your autistic furballs for what they are uh?. There are entire societies praising them and the moment I say my opinion you jump at me?, is it not enough? okay catlady.

I could maybe like your cat if it looked like the ones on thread pic, but we all know it's probably weird looking and looks like an old man.

No. 1009071

I don't get why you guys want to argue, can't you accept that diversity is our strength?

No. 1009074

File: 1640825370767.jpg (85.31 KB, 736x736, adff2a6d8f9614e1211b632a648ac1…)

I don't wanna argue

No. 1009080

Man this is just sad

No. 1009081

No. 1009087

Diversity is our STANK more like. HA! You fell right into my trap.

No. 1009088

My rabbit checks my bike tire pressure and light batteries every week, and he checks my smoke alarms too. Why? Because he cares about my life, not my looks. He's not shallow like a dog, who perform dangerous surgeries to satisfy their own unreasonable beauty standards. Dogs are in league with the patriarchy. Being cops was never enough for them, they'll take your weed AND your hard earned wrinkles.

No. 1009090

I will kiss you but only out of spite and arrogance, then I will hip check you into next Wednesday HOEEEE

No. 1009092

I can't believe you're agreeing with her, you are sick and nasty and should be banned for lyfe

No. 1009100

Wait are you agreeing or disagreeing with me?

No. 1009103

No one’s doing either you fucking idiot

No. 1009109

damn can you girlies actually get to fighting? stop having fun

No. 1009115

You are not telling me what to do right now??? We're having several arguments over here.

No. 1009120

Anon should be disagreeing duh, this is the disagreement thread.


I actually compared the attitude their owners have towards them with the attitude of anons defending their shitty boyfriends, I didn't say cats are like scrotes because that would imply all animals are like scrotes and that's not true, I just think they're autistic but maybe I wouldn't hate them so much if Youtube didn't constantly recommend me unfunny cat videos.

No. 1009121

I disagree. This is the agreements only thread, fite me.

No. 1009124

No, you don’t. You agree with me.

No. 1009126

No one really dies, death is just a mind set

No. 1009127

>fite me
It's "fight me", what are you?, 12?

No. 1009128

Um ACTUALLY it's a colloquial play on words and I don't even know why you even bother speaking English?

No. 1009129

Screw you I've earned my fucking right to die

No. 1009131

>responded to the wrong person
A sine that you're rong

No. 1009132

You’re all a bunch of women

No. 1009133

except you

No. 1009135

No one has the right to die, you selfish bitch, you should live as long as possible so you can contribute the most to society. The end goal is immortality and that's that

No. 1009136

How dare you use that archaic word in my presence, I am nothing short of a Femdominous Rex and I am so sick of these old fashioned labels

No. 1009137

File: 1640827559321.jpg (38.64 KB, 540x720, 854795368535885.jpg)

Adam Driver is a very attractive man.

No. 1009140

true selfishness is the insensitive need to stay alive and use up resources that someone else would be far more grateful and deserving of than you, nerd

No. 1009143

here we go

No. 1009144

I only just found out today that some people use a MICROWAVE to make tea. Just revolting, I hope you savages learn some manners

No. 1009146

Ha! I can see through you, you want us to driverfag like a bunch of driverfaggots and no, you won’t make me do it! I will go back to the driver thread to look for sexy pictures of the forbidden man!

No. 1009147

no here we don't fucking go

No. 1009148

get with the times luddite

No. 1009149

yes, we will fucking go

No. 1009150

>muh kettle tea superiority meme
They literally taste the fucking same, stop gatekeeping tea when you could be gatekeeping orange juice being considered superior to apple juice.

No. 1009151

fuck no

No. 1009154

nta but I used to be like you. Stop it, you are literally killing your water. I will not reply again

No. 1009156

I love this thread. It's nice to let out some aggression.

No. 1009157

Vic Mignogna did nothing wrong

No. 1009158

Microwave tea tastes better because you don't burn the shit out of it. That's why tea has seeping times because all of you burn it

No. 1009160

wtf you cant burn tea.

No. 1009161

I'm the worst person in the world.

No. 1009163

No. 1009165

Fucking disgusting lop sided goblin fanged bucked tooth all chin no cheek limp dick flake pastry mother fucker

No. 1009167

No. 1009168

Hugs are a violation of personal space law #2 and a partial sub section of law #7 and I will NOT be violated by Edward fucking Elric of all the people

No. 1009169

yeah no no yeah

No. 1009171

there is no law retard

No. 1009172

No but yeah but no

No. 1009175

yeah yet no

No. 1009177

File: 1640828903910.jpeg (68.68 KB, 1080x1265, huglaws.jpeg)

Then why do I have this whole book right here

No. 1009180

File: 1640829144577.jpeg (59.23 KB, 1080x1161, huglawsss.jpeg)

No. 1009184

am i supposed to accept that that's a book? its a stack of shit bound by a strip of glue. NEXT

No. 1009187

BOOKS are what separate us from the Animals. Are you no better than an animal anon??? You filthy animal scum. Without books you have no knowledge and without knowledge you have HUGS

No. 1009202

THUMBS separate us from animals dumby

No. 1009207

File: 1640830021333.jpg (217.79 KB, 1024x683, 8201037792_ee445d936f_b.jpg)

No they don't, dummy

No. 1009210

File: 1640830179888.jpg (16.31 KB, 150x250, opposablethumb.jpg)

YES they do. You call that pathetic stump a thumb? Are you blind dear?

No. 1009214

Lame comparison to what separates us from animals. Humans walk on two legs all the time. There's no other mammal that does that. Birds don't count because they're birds.

No. 1009219

Monkeys can walk in two legs if they wish. All they have to do is believe in themselves

No. 1009224

fuck society

No. 1009225

You ain't never heard of a kangaroo?? Are you livin under a rock? You know bears can walk on two legs, right genius?

No. 1009227

Are you seeing that tarsier thumb right now??? It is just as good if not superior to the human thumb.

No. 1009230

Monkeys can't believe

No. 1009233

File: 1640830908610.jpg (79.52 KB, 600x900, aMlANWb7FgXbiQNurEasuU9fOWb.jp…)

You've obviously never seen MVP: most valuable primate. He believed. He believed in himself, and he believed in his team.

No. 1009253

Did he eat your jellybean?

No. 1009254

Stop projecting, you're just miserable because you're fugly, he's very handsome
Imagine being so self-absorbed and edgy to unironically believe you're the ~worst person in the world~ lmao, there are millions of (shitty) human beings in this planet bitch get real, you aren't even a killer or something

No. 1009258

That looks so gross, i'd rather kermit than eat it

No. 1009285

Fuck off

No. 1009289

Fuck on

No. 1009292

Fuck up

No. 1009293

Fuck face

No. 1009297

No. 1009309

It's literally not "Kek" worthy though

No. 1009313

File: 1640837310503.jpg (130.91 KB, 640x959, ztcp4cdxc0x71.jpg)

There is no animal in this picture.

No. 1009314

File: 1640837516739.jpg (852.65 KB, 1333x2000, camoflauged-snow-leopard-02.jp…)

You fucking liar

No. 1009315

File: 1640837764791.jpg (128.05 KB, 184x274, Lies.jpg)

One thing I hate about Lolcow is how much people lie on here, You and I both know it's not right there. Clearly it's right where i pointed in picrel.

No. 1009317

Icicles Are Not an Animal
A thesis by anon
Icicles, despite the (incorrect) opinion of some, are not in fact animals. Not being alive, that is, not having any characteristics of of a living being whatsoever, one would have to conclude that icicles are indeed not an animal.

No. 1009319

Who says so?

No. 1009327

File: 1640840372202.jpeg (268.46 KB, 640x959, 84F7F7F3-D3DE-436D-B3B0-9101AF…)


No way you fucking dumb cows, it’s clearly a polar bear climbing up for a tasty ice sickle snack

No. 1009330

File: 1640840443175.gif (42.38 KB, 1034x36, 8897ED82-47EE-4288-AC23-7AE201…)

No. 1009333

The average female fingers would be no where near the thickness of a gorilla areee yoooooou kiddiiinnngggg meeeeeeeeeeeee?

No. 1009338

You're so dumb and you're so wrong and you're so silly, there is no bear there!! THERE IS NO BEAR

No. 1009339

i agree

No. 1009345

Begone harlot

No. 1009347

You bitch, you're going to disrupt the whole system! We have a way of doing things here!

No. 1009348

i think can men be good (can i disagree with myself?)

No. 1009353

They will always be perverted no matter how good any other part of them is. They could be the most sensitive compassionate soul that absolutely worship you and still be sickly and depraved about sex. I know this from experience so I just dare you to disagree.

No. 1009355

nonny why have you cornered me

No. 1009356

And admin is no way flaming or a faggot! Agreed!

No. 1009369

STOP the rift in space time will tear the thread apart! Disagreements ONLY

No. 1009374

Yep. Male morality ends where their erections begin. That's why you can get a genuinely good man who does good things, like a philanthropist or hero or pacifist or w/e, and he will suddenly stop being good if women are involved. Ghandi sleeping with teenage girls for example.

No. 1009388

Most shonen/shoujo anime are for kids ages 9-12, fight me

No. 1009393

If you don't have anything disagreeable to say, you shouldn't say anything at all.

No. 1009394

Redundant, fun is for everyone regardless of the maturity level of the media.

No. 1009398

File: 1640849486834.jpeg (42.55 KB, 320x255, 8E8B596E-5BBA-4A80-A1A0-03FF88…)

shounen anime is not for kids, it's for dumpsters. (not including naruto, which deserves a proper execution)

No. 1009407

Actually by agreeing with anon I was disagreeing with the very premise of the thread, fuck you OP I'll agree when I want. Also I didn't notice where I was posting.

No. 1009412

Sasuke is a faggot who’s gay for Naruto

No. 1009415

Disappointing, your performance only worsens. I'm not surprised though.

No. 1009417

Do you have any pictorial evidence of this?

No. 1009418

File: 1640851058120.gif (Spoiler Image, 557.65 KB, 500x281, main-qimg-1dffb7e39edf03945f9c…)

Ummm Naruto is gay for Sasuke. Get it right. The order does matter to those of us on planet Earth.

No. 1009420

File: 1640851577321.jpg (64.83 KB, 749x421, E_Fifn2XoAAt7Ut.jpg)

W - whaaaaa … My boyfriend is the most handsome in the entire world ! What do you girls think ? Tee - hee !

No. 1009425

I disagree, this looks like every heterosexual couple I know. Your boyfriend is average.

No. 1009427

File: 1640852824668.jpeg (43.72 KB, 1280x720, 406CB4A2-2D93-4E98-B194-7FD3A5…)

>Arguing about the order of things yet failing to cite the ACTUAL moment they fell in love

No. 1009444

watashi wa anata ni doishimasen

No. 1009973

9 hours since the last reply? Are we like just done fighting now!?

No. 1009978

File: 1640886907881.gif (23.89 KB, 200x200, 40be438bdf6b04c0e4231ad86072da…)

sonic the hedgehog is a genuinely good, albeit imperfect franchise

No. 1009988

File: 1640887306462.jpg (79.73 KB, 570x721, DuEFkwqVAAA0HTj.jpg)

Fuck sonic, Tails is the real star of the show, in fact sonic should be the beta sidekick! They did Tails dirty.

No. 1009989

looks like tails hit the wall HARD

No. 1010008

Not everyone needs to look like a wax faced pre pubescent Bratz doll, internalized misogyny much? Tails looks fine. Let people age naturally

No. 1010011

tails is a SCROTE

No. 1010013

All the shit Tails has been through and all you can think about is how rough he looks? Rich coming from a sonic fangurl..

No. 1010014

So? Plastic surgery is misogynistic regardless of gender

No. 1010015

File: 1640888102183.jpeg (48.99 KB, 342x342, BD977EBE-D6B2-403B-B15F-6F6909…)

Sonic the hedgehog is a boring set of boring games, the only exception of a good Sonic game is Sonic adventure battle 2, in which you can actually have fun and listen to probably the best Sonic songs ever released.

No. 1010020

ugly scrotes still shouldn't exist tho

No. 1010029

File: 1640888517900.gif (805.87 KB, 384x288, PointlessCharmingCockatoo-size…)

I'm not related to Dylon Klibold but I wish I was because he's a major fucking hottie

No. 1010030

ableism doesn’t exist because autistic people deserve every hate they get

No. 1010040

Wrong. Autists are literally the superior people.

No. 1010048

hes not hot and i dont know him

No. 1010052

You have to be 18 to post here.

No. 1010055

That makes no sense at all, also i wish moids actually tried to enhance their mediocre looks
Autism speaks
Nobody deserves discrimination for something they didn't choose and not all autistic people are the same
He's supremely ugly, his smile is creepy and his outfit is cringe, you need therapy

No. 1010058

Actually no, ugly scrotes should exist because we need someone to laugh at

No. 1010060

File: 1640889346276.jpg (121.72 KB, 486x730, Paris_Hilton_at_the_US_Capitol…)


No. 1010061

Don't pretend like you don't want that blue dick rammed down your throat just as hard as I want it. It's popular to shit on sonic right now but lets be real… I'd fuck him, you'd fuck him. We'd all fuck him if given the chance..

No. 1010066

Lesbians can't be feminine

No. 1010067

Sonic X was a good anime and had a kick ass op

No. 1010068

File: 1640889707112.jpg (16.79 KB, 236x321, dd153604a80a6e334a584294bacf83…)

wdym she butch af

No. 1010071

That's more futch than butch

No. 1010074

Nah, she has to be the straightest person in this world, stop trying to make it happen
He's a literal hedgehog kek and if you're into him you're a furry
Sonic boom is better

No. 1010078

stop gatekeeping butchness!

No. 1010081

Come say that to my shaved head and hairy legs

No. 1010084

fuck off ayden

No. 1010085

File: 1640890136872.jpg (17.59 KB, 250x300, unnamed.jpg)

A straight woman could never be this smug. Sorry babe but she's coming out in 2023-2025.

No. 1010092

It ayyyyyyden, One y aydens are basic bitches, couldn't be me.

No. 1010097

She's such an icon.

No. 1010107

No she's not? She literally shilled herself into relevancy back in the 00s and her influence is mostly negative anyway

No. 1010109


No. 1010116

File: 1640891561766.jpg (234.72 KB, 1134x1200, Dp8-_uyU4AAqfan.jpg)

omg guys I think chris and sharla might be dating!

No. 1010122

File: 1640891684801.gif (3.69 MB, 444x250, DB6E32EF-F1E4-4A19-B77A-7376BC…)

sigh MALE autists deserve ableism

No. 1010124

no, male autists deserve postnatal abortion.

No. 1010127

She’s a fried hipless dumbass, how is any of that iconic

No. 1010128

um when people are lacking in empathy the solution is clearly to bend over for them.. please trample on me male autists, we must protecc tistmales at all costs

No. 1010132

File: 1640891915579.png (2.47 MB, 1059x1500, tumblr_ac0cd66db6ae496e182afed…)

Arataki Itto is objectively superior, if you don't like him you can go with your twinks, he's peak male performance and yes his model should be even more muscular.

No. 1010137

File: 1640892190932.jpg (122.78 KB, 768x1152, Paris-Hilton-wearing-low-rise-…)

Not a lesbo but totally would go full lesbo for this bitch

No. 1010141

His design is a hot mess and he's not even buff this fanart is doing him a lot of favors. He's also obviously male aligned as he's prone to anger and general problematic behavior like stealing, peak scrote behavior. If you like Haraka Kitto or whatever his name is I'm assuming you're a moid

No. 1010143

are you saying women can't be angry or steal?? so much for "gender critical" smh

No. 1010152

never noticed how weirdly her thumb bends in that pic i actually ran to the mirror to check if mine bends that way

No. 1010156

There's a difference between female anger and scrote rage, and most stealers are men anyway

No. 1010160

stealing is literally a female trait anon, you know gathering??

No. 1010162

File: 1640893231342.jpg (20.32 KB, 300x348, 300px-400px-ChaosDwarf[1].jpg)

>peak male performance
bitch, please

THIS is peak male performance!

No. 1010167

manlet detected

No. 1010173

File: 1640893556727.gif (694.65 KB, 390x260, 9282661829284.gif)

The majority of kleptomaniacs do tend to be women. Could this be why I have an affinity for male characters who steal but have good hearts? No, I have to disagree.

No. 1010204

>sonic boom
I watched the first two episodes of that shit and it was unbearably boring, what are people praising it for? The animation, even though it’s 3D -cheap shit- is pathetic and the audio and jokes are retarded as fuck.

No. 1010228

otomefags are homophobic retards with room temp IQ. They probably like dogs because they need constant validation from a creature with the same amount of intelligence

No. 1010234

what a beautiful inflammatory bait, good thing you posted it ITT. Taken at face value, it's absolutely retarded

No. 1010261

No1curr, faghag

No. 1010264

anyone who has opinions this strong about anime is retarded

No. 1010275

No, you’re wrong actually yes, you’re right

No. 1010318

File: 1640904432420.png (477.67 KB, 706x560, Clownmaeda_buff.png)

all of you dumb bitches above me are mega retarded. good thing all of you are morbidly obese with at least 2 kg of cysts around your mutated ovaries. your pathetic genes will be going nowhere.

No. 1010345

Yo her style will be WILD once she hits her 60s. The glam.

No. 1010421

holy shit you just gave a whole new meaning to hunter-gatherer wtf anon you’re a genius

No. 1010446

File: 1640914700197.jpg (89.52 KB, 652x1024, komaedaclown.jpg)

How have you been recently?
I heard things weren't going so well.
I just wanted to let you know that I'm here for you.
Me and the rest of the clowns.
Any time you need us, just call my clown phone.
Just dial me up, you know my number.
I'll drive on over in my clown car, bring all your best friends.
We can have a party. We can have a good time.
You aren't alone in this.
You need to lay back every once in a while.
Need to… Clown around, you know?
So, I just wanted to reiterate that…
I love you.
And if you need me, just let me know.
And one more thing.

No. 1010450

File: 1640914794427.jpeg (9.73 KB, 211x239, bloon.jpeg)

Take my bloon.

No. 1010452

super mutant komaiaeda

No. 1010472

The rot's final form. It is here.

No. 1010473

A millennial, an empath, a “gifted person, a nonbinary and an ADHDfag walk into a bar, who is the first to introduce themselves?

No. 1010475

the greeter probably

No. 1010477

There's nothing wrong, and I don't need your help OR your balloon. And for the record, I am a Jester, not a lowly clown. I was appointed my position by those in royalty and you are nothing but a sad little man in a costume. Jesting is a way of life for me, and I don't need some clown to help me through the tough times. I can handle the tough times.

No. 1010478

They're the same person

No. 1010480


No. 1010490

Is your bar a Walmart by chance?

No. 1010492

Is the joke that they're all the same person

No. 1010511

NTA but thanks for the laff

No. 1011375

brown eyes look like doodoo and if u disagree ur just jeluz of bootiful bloo eyes!!!!

No. 1011376

Bich, having no eyes is the superior colour for eyes

No. 1011385

you must be blind

No. 1011388

Imagine being this priviliged… some of us dont have eyes nonnie

No. 1011398

File: 1640985636731.jpg (545.06 KB, 3701x2082, me bitch.jpg)

yeah I am. picrel

No. 1011408

Shut up, eye-haver.

No. 1011432

Happy new year everyone

No. 1011434

File: 1640988614275.jpeg (120.64 KB, 828x400, DDD8B62B-DAB5-4E9A-94E6-B51F2E…)

Fuck you round eyes the real new year doesn’t start for another month

No. 1033843

Stevie Wonder is not blind and people who actually believe this lie are totally wacko coo coo bananas

No. 1034024

pretty sure ray charles is the only blind man to exist

No. 1034070

Stevie Wonder just copying Ray Charles

No. 1034075

Go buy another thong why don't you

No. 1034895

im sick of artists who appropriate blindness they should both be ashamed

No. 1034909

Its just acting lmao imagine being this sensitive couldn't be me

No. 1034922

Acting is basically playing pretend and I can't think of anything more childish. Basically Stevie Wonder is agere.

No. 1034934

You replied therefore you are gay and cringe

No. 1034951

She's clearly based and very, very straight.

No. 1034968

considering you are defending that anon i belive reason stands that you are both in fact gay together and should be punished accordingly

No. 1035050

You can't punish me for being gay, because you can't prove that I'm gay. Prove I've touched even a single boob, you will have a very hard time.

No. 1035059

File: 1642737042609.jpg (22.16 KB, 275x275, 1642186612938.jpg)

No. 1035065

No. 1035082

disgusting of you to even promote smoking its so bad for you

No. 1035087

No peter hammill posting allowed

No. 1035089

The first time I saw this image was when an anon posted it in an FTM thread, claiming this is the look most FTMs want.

No. 1035090

I bet you like that adult Charlie and Lola picture that some smoking sped keeps posting around lolcow.

No. 1035091

Wait, touching boobs makes you gay?

No. 1035098

Does being gay mean you touch boobs?

No. 1035107

how would they know what FTMs want unless theyre an FTM?

No. 1035109

File: 1642739593652.gif (87.16 KB, 267x200, 200.gif)

Mind reading. Duh.

No. 1035110

Does it?

No. 1035114

Mind reading isnt real

No. 1035122

Mind reading is 100% totally real and fact. You're just scared that I'll learn your secrets.

No. 1111560

Someone get in here and fight me

No. 1111561

Fuck off

No. 1111578

No. 1111600

It's not fucking rude I literally asked for it

No. 1111672

shatna is a fat ugly whore.

now who’s going to disagree.

No. 1111687

UM she's just a big boned liberated queen with unique features and you're jealous.

No. 1111691

Alcohol related health issues are IN this season, you're just jealous

No. 1111862

alcohol is gross

No. 1111867

Youre gross sweaty

No. 1111877

She's a hottie and you're jealous.

No. 1111967

she's not hotter than my mom

No. 1111969

Your mom is so fat, she walked in front of the TV and I missed two pokemon episodes

No. 1112201

I think you photoshopped the snow leopard out of it just to fuck with us.

No. 1112700

>t. womack

No. 1112826

File: 1648368837575.gif (1.69 MB, 200x164, 108CC241-F669-4CBD-B67B-157DDF…)

Who wants to fucking fight? Like actually meet up and have a mass brawl. I’m tired of squabbling on the web anonymously and I want to punch all of your faces and be punched back. No weapons or scrotes allowed (except for handbags)

No. 1112827

I would love to do this but only if it’s fueled by slight sexual tension

No. 1112837

No. 1112880

disagree with us you fuck

No. 1112958

bpd nonnnies ruined the site

No. 1112980

All nonnies have bpd.

No. 1112981

No, some of them have schizophrenia too. Except me, I'm the only normal one here

No. 1112987

Schizophrenia doesn't exist and is just a psyop, so you're probably an agent.

No. 1113027

Stfu glownonnie!

No. 1113078

keep glowin glowin glowin glowin uh keep glowin glowin glowin glow in uh keep glowin glowin glowin glowin uh keep glowin glowin glowin glow in uh

No. 1113437

There wasn't even any scat posted retard

No. 1132295

Sasuke is a faghot whose in love with me Gaara of the Sand.

No. 1132366

Do you think that when Gaara wipes his butt, he sandpapers instead

No. 1132879

no, he uses sand directly because it's antimicrobial

No. 1132903

I love you

No. 1132912

No I love you.

No. 1132915

File: 1649813729866.jpg (41.01 KB, 540x721, 1649532999402.jpg)

Well I hate you, b-baka!

No. 1133061

I don't like this thread, because I don't like disagreeing and fighting with nonnies. I will hug you whether you want it or not.

No. 1133080

I will pee while you’re hugging me

No. 1133096

You're gonna pee while she hugs you??? What a weirdo, at least shit or smthn

No. 1133106

Weak stuff. If someone hugs me I'm going to break down in tears like a proper millennial.

No. 1133107

I can do all 3 at once?

No. 1133214

Pffff, yeah right, post proof

No. 1133219

No don’t post proof. Never come here again

No. 1133231

Well now I'm never going to leave!

No. 1133237

I love you more

No. 1133261

i think you both hate each other

No. 1133267

You’re a jealous hoe, shut up

No. 1133272

No you are and your feet smell like cheese

No. 1133280

wut this thread is still allowed? lol i’m surprised

No. 1133286

I'm not surpirsed at all, what are you stupid or something? This is the greatest thread of all time!

No. 1133287

You're really gonna bad mouth my handiwork? The fuckin nerve of she

No. 1133292

File: 1649859314952.gif (1.68 MB, 275x155, doggy.gif)

I really miss the Kpop Critical threads. It's not the same in CCC. It misses the critical factor.

I say, bring them back.

No. 1133295

No. 1133310

they attracted the worst userbase and they were the fucking worse nitpicking gorgeous women

No. 1133316

No, fuck you. I disagree!
I miss them too, we'll never get anything quite like it. I like ccc though, it's fun.

No. 1133322

simple you just get a janny to babysit the thread and ban anyone who tries to derail and nitpick. they already do it with /snow/

No. 1133466

That guy is so hot

No. 1133467

Somehow whenever I see this gif now, it cheers me up kek

No. 1133793

He's disgusting.

No. 1133795

It makes me fucking MISERABLE

No. 1133812

No he is not he is so kissable and loveable

No. 1133819

He's so punchable and unlikeable

No. 1133833

I fucking hate that gif. I want to slap his hands away from him then slap him alongside the head. Why do people encourage this creepy behavior?

No. 1133840

I love him his name is Jimin.
His name's Jimin.

No. 1133844

This means lil crybaby bitch right?

No. 1133845

>I want to slap his hands away from him then slap him alongside the head.
Sounds hot

No. 1133848

I don't care what his name is. It's creepy dog man to me.

No. 1133849

His name is Jimin Francis Kennedy.

No. 1133852

File: 1649891475408.gif (216.87 KB, 400x225, 74ad89bf-0c4a-42df-8dbc-cdbb38…)

No. 1133859


No. 1133866

kek I remember that one day this gif was posted over and over and I saw it so much I was surprised I didn’t dream about it

No. 1133978


No. 1390191

File: 1666999016296.jpeg (76.72 KB, 540x675, BBA1C058-15F6-4DFA-A139-D6AF9C…)

Why is this thread not utilized more wtf. Need to see my nonnies engage in war

No. 1390196

this is the background music for the pearl clutcher strut in case anyone was wondering

No. 1390208

File: 1666999675302.jpeg (50.67 KB, 830x900, 420221DF-4FE0-4051-81FD-EF2075…)

Um I have been here since 2017 who are YOU?

No. 1390219


No. 1390222

And yet they're clearly winners? Get your eyes checked.

No. 1390243

No that's actually not low ball you're just dumb.

No. 1390253

File: 1667002297658.jpg (149.11 KB, 600x600, Lord-Lady-Bloom-human-statues.…)

God if you could only know how wrong you are.

No. 1390254

Enough with the war where is the love. I'll ice you all if I have to to get some damn peace around here.

No. 1390268

picrel looks goofy as hell

No. 1390274


What about me and my shit, huh? Did you ever consider that? Get friended or get lost, you're the weak link.

No. 1390280

Yes you do.

No. 1390283

No, she doesn't. She has to grow it anew.

No. 1390286

brainworms, everywhere. my god, you are all so fucking stupid.

No. 1390288

And yet you spend time here seething instead of finding something else to do. Have fun being mad, no-lifer.

No. 1390296


No. 1390303

Cause we are all tsundere.

No. 1390305

kek, yet here you are, yelling at me. classic.

No. 1390307

We are intelligent you are stupid idiot

No. 1390308

Did you think this was clever? It's like being a vegetarian and seething after walking into a steakhouse, then getting all smug when the patrons tell you to just leave if you don't eat meat. You're the one who has an issue being here.

No. 1390312

Seethe, you tards. I hate you all and you can't make me leave.

No. 1390321


No. 1390324

I don't want you to leave since this is the disagreement thread, it'd be stupid to genuinely get mad over anything here.

Wanna share more about your day since you're going to hang around anyways? Let's pick apart the other parts of your shit life.

No. 1390340

File: 1667007849035.jpg (18.66 KB, 640x343, eb7e1be1c04048a848ee8e66155d39…)

You're all a bunch of nerds

No. 1390343

You can leave

No. 1390352

File: 1667008493175.gif (1.1 MB, 640x640, uni-cat.gif)

Tuxedo cats are the best. I love how they're always dressed like little businessmen. Their professionalism is to be respected.

No. 1390356

I can't possibly disagree with this. Thread over.

No. 1390358

Okay toe hoe faggot

No. 1390359

Why’d you have to ruin it for everyone

No. 1390362

No, wait, it's a pro-level move. She's pulling an attempt at disagreeing with the very concept of the thread itself.

No. 1390364

based cirno tho

No. 1390365

Cirno is not based she is an annoying little bitch

No. 1390366

File: 1667009179182.jpg (28.09 KB, 540x385, 172yehhd7q737e66wy.jpg)

Take it back

No. 1390373

File: 1667009589299.jpg (54 KB, 600x707, cirno irl.jpg)

No. 1390376

The faces of the women in the background, kek

No. 1390377

Calico cats are better, if you disagree you aren't a true feminist.

No. 1390395

File: 1667011242302.jpg (93.57 KB, 1020x1274, 1666741262997.jpg)

No. 1390397

I think someone said in a recent thread that Gibby would be Cirno

No. 1390403

Makes sense

No. 1390408

You're supposed to disagree retard

No. 1390412

This is pretty decent

No. 1390445

Sorry, but the rarity of calico males doesn't make their overvaluation any more feminist

No. 1390450

i want to fight the rude bitch who asked me how old i am. where are you hoe?

No. 1390451

I think women who push the whole "you've been brainwashed into liking dick" thing are just jealous of the femcels who got unfemcelled and dicked down. Men are still hott and I'll be fucking a man till I die.

No. 1390452

Why do you feel entitled to fight with her? Shut the fuck up and stop stirring the pot.

No. 1390468

>Men are still hott and I'll be fucking a man till I die.

More like youll be faking orgasms and suffering a dick in your mouth in hopes of a little affection until you die

No. 1390469

No. 1390470

My man is really good at eating pussy and I've come pretty close to orgasming from piv. Not only that but men look, smell, and taste so much better. I don't get excited looking at a woman or being next to a woman ever. I love women just platonically. Very platonically.

No. 1390472

Wait I just called you based but you haven't cum from piv?! Shit girl dump your man and find one that can fuck you properly. I cum an average 3 times per fucking session.

No. 1390473

I can orgasm just from sucking dick bc it actually gives me pleasure (I touch myself while doing it). That’s how sexuality works. Why does straight sex ALWAYS have to involve penetrative orgasms for it to be “valid”? Most women can’t experience those types of orgasms anyway and if your bf/husband knows how to eat pussy then the issue is solved.

No. 1390474

I'm honestly pretty happy with oral and then having more occasional PIV sex but I love him so I don't care. Point is men are more exciting and stimulating and while I would enjoy for female companionship and even miss it sometimes it would never be as fun as meeting a man.

No. 1390475

Dicks are actually really stimulating to me as well, I can get off just looking at guys from the waist down with nice hands on their dick, nice thighs, calves, fuck it even feet. Faces, biceps..

No. 1390476

File: 1667016847294.jpg (55.4 KB, 564x685, 1659121104762.jpg)

>finding male feet arousing

No. 1390477

Literal moid logic thinking “a good dicking” can fix women, kindly off yourself retard I can’t believe mentally ill bitches are agreeing with this gross shit.

No. 1390479

Nobody is telling lesbians to like dick retard. We're telling you to stop telling straight women they're brainwashed into liking dick. LEARN TO READ.

No. 1390481

Ooohh she's mad

No. 1390482

>learn to read
>just jealous of the femcels who got unfemcelled and dicked down
are you not implying that getting dicked down can fix “femcels”? how is that not moid logic
this is the disagreements only thread in case you didn’t notice

No. 1390483

Yeah I know, I'm egging on the disagreements like a fight club lol

No. 1390485

Wow, so the mythical "cumming from giving a bj" is real? With a guy, I can only cum from being fingered for like 10 minutes straight.

No. 1390487

>Wow, so the mythical "cumming from giving a bj" is real?

No its not, she even says shes fingering herself while doing it.

No. 1390488

File: 1667017752623.jpg (112.3 KB, 735x722, ba4de223fdfec530e220f61bdb4753…)

When did this thread turn into /g/? Ffs

No. 1390489


at this moment >>1390451

No. 1390491

The G-spot exists, whether it's an actual "spot" or a muscle or whatever, I don't know. But they exist and they're hard to achieve but when they happen shit feels like full body ecstasy and gets wet as fuck. I don't even know if this is arguable I literally just found out about the "g-spot is a myth" debate And no, a man has never given me one, they're very difficult and require like 10 minutes of hitting the right spot, no man could maintain that lol.

No. 1390495

My man has usually offered to keep fucking after he cums but I usually stop. I've gotten kinda close after being fucked really fast and hard. I want to keep going but sometimes it feels like I'm going to both cum and pee at the same time, both pleasurable yet slightly uncomfertable?

No. 1390501

Yeah that's it, you described it perfectly it's like almost uncomfortable right before and it feels like your going to pee. It can be frustrating if you get to that point but not get the actual orgasm but if it happens it's literally the best feeling ever, and can last a minute or two and leave you feeling half braindead with jello legs after lol.

No. 1390502

I've only had clitoral orgasms is this going to make me make weird cross-eyed faces or weird noises? I'm almost afraid of having a PIV orgasm what if it makes me love him too much?

No. 1390507

Lol maybe, or possibly noises. If you're not wanting your moid to see you like that you could do it yourself with a silicone dildo. It is pretty intense, tbh I don't think I would even want a moid to give me one I feel like it would make him over confident, and then of course the possibility of getting too attached. What's weird is if I touch my clit at all during the build up to the g-spot orgasm it completely ruins it, I don't why but I have to refrain from touching my clit if I'm trying for a g-spot orgasm. It's like I have to do one or the other not both, it might just be me though who knows.

No. 1390510

Usually I have to have my clit stimulated to be wet enough for penetration otherwise it feels like I'm being ripped open. But I think I will ask him to take some dick pills and keep going after he cums see if I can get there.

No. 1390519

I believe that woman get pleasure from sex with men, I just feel bad for thek that they need anything from a man.

No. 1390523

>not being a based yumejoshi that doesn't need to fuck moids.
Sad, couldn't be me.

No. 1390526

>not being born a lesbian and not eloping in the future with a Nonna and getting strapped down
couldn't be me

No. 1390536

I got here just in time. Time to clutch these pearls.

No. 1390538

File: 1667022776836.jpg (37.76 KB, 800x496, cow-computer-surfs-work-779325…)

>not being a herbivorous hooved mammal that spends it's days farting so hard that it fucks up earth, conversing with the herd, eating yummy grass, and occasionally going on lolcow.farm to watch humans lament about struggles that I will never know
Sad, couldn't be me.

No. 1390539

Sex with men is degrading and you were brainwashed into liking dick.

No. 1390541

brainwashed by what means?

No. 1390545

By being born into an inherently patriarchal and phallocentric society that sees women as sex objects who exist to please men and tells them that their own sexual pleasure can only come from getting men off and that the only way women can enjoy sex or orgasm is by having sex with males, you’re not immune to propaganda that has been pushed on you since basically birth in both obvious and more subtle ways.

No. 1390547

File: 1667023162094.jpeg (94.41 KB, 800x600, cat-im.jpeg)

Jesus guys, this is supposed to be a shitposty thread. Why are anons being serious and getting on their high horse

No. 1390549

You do know that LC stands for lesbian community right nonnie?

No. 1390550

I wish it did

No. 1390554

I will muster up the courage to message mullet Nonna and we're having a lolcow farm themed wedding, but DICK OBSESSED NONNAS ARE NOT INVITED, I'll personally throw them out. fujos and husbandofags are ok

No. 1390563

File: 1667024116050.png (1.18 MB, 1360x764, aaa.png)

But I live in sewers, and holes in walls? How could I be influenced by men if I only see them when I'm crawling in their vents?

No. 1390573

Are you really ugly or something? You remind me of my stalker. I wish you a cute bf or gf I can't tell your gender but you seem very troubled. I can't be your gf anon because I feel nothing for you but somebody out there can don't lose hope!

No. 1390577

No I am a literal rat posting on here

No. 1390580


No. 1390581

File: 1667025586394.jpg (60.07 KB, 720x742, 0bd855ee443f22033c87cb9a397e3e…)

You're breakfast then

No. 1390583

I don't know how you had a stalker when you're this dull and take banter nowhere

No. 1390584

Half this board is moids from kiwifarms and reddit now anon…or do we suddenly drop the whole feminist act when its a woman you don't like?

No. 1390586

I will be insulting or fucking with any woman who replies to me in this thread for any retarded reason I come up with

No. 1390588

No you won't, coward.

No. 1390590

What are you even talking about

No. 1390595

I wasn’t that anon btw I just think you’re really unfunny and the whole hehe I’m a rat thing is very tumblr of you

No. 1390603

No it was a very subversive, and creative way of deflecting any serious discussion I think you're just projecting.
Reading comprehension is horrible in here

No. 1390607

Its a male that constantly brigades female spaces anon the rat is either a reference to Jews (he's a mixed race Mexican so lmao) or women. He thinks its clever or something idk.

No. 1390612

Men who constantly whine about being suicidal should throw themselves into taking care of other people and their own mental health instead of expecting strange women to give them head pats. Oh no I said something most women should agree with..nvm..

No. 1390613

i thought you were gonna say throw themselves off a bridge but then you just lost me

No. 1390614

Why do you assume any jokes involving rats automatically means it's referencing jews or women? There was nothing in my post to suggest it was about jewish people or women. Do jewish people or women crawl in people's vents? I don't think they do. I'm also not a mixed race mexican male? Not sure where that came from.

No. 1390694

People who can't run 1km without stopping should kill themselves, and if you can't operate a chainsaw you shouldn't be allowed to vote.

No. 1390696

People who think exercise is a hobby are completely retarded.

No. 1390700

i think they should just go ahead and DO IT

No. 1390701

File: 1667040610127.gif (987.54 KB, 640x360, machoke-pokemon.gif)

Learning to love doing something which literally makes you live longer and will enhance the quality of your life will always be a good thing.

No. 1390705

Learning to love it is not enough, exercise is not just my hobby, it's my religion

No. 1390710

File: 1667042029266.png (1.21 MB, 1400x500, oli london.png)

Race is a social construct, transracial people are real and valid.

No. 1390760

No it’s not possible to orgasm without physical stimulation (I think?), I just meant that I enjoy it so much to the point I can orgasm WHILE touching myself. I get really wet and horny when I do oral with my bf so I start rubbing my clit and orgasm in like 3-4 minutes.

No. 1390768

i just know for a fact you're that anon who shat on hamster-chan

No. 1390770

Go back to /g/

No. 1390777

Not /g/ retard she should fuck off to cc

No. 1390790

1000% based god I hate 90% of /g/

No. 1390804

I only browse /g when I'm desperate for interaction but majority of the time I scroll the first page and exit.

No. 1390808

hey not all of us de/g/ens are into the sex discussion either, i'm a husbando and fashion enjoyer personally

No. 1390811

Husbando = cringe to me

No. 1390814

3DPD = cringe

No. 1390815

File: 1667052436645.jpeg (99.18 KB, 649x657, 1654578998654.jpeg)

It's better to be cringe than to actually date men.

No. 1390863

I like /g/ but the threads I like are slow and often bumped off the first page, meh.

No. 1391166

OI we're supposed to disagree, stop saying based opinions!

No. 1392812

File: 1667180545056.jpg (323.93 KB, 2048x2048, Shawn-Mendes.jpg)


No. 1392819


No. 1392832

So gay

No. 1392860

I only ever see this guy being mentioned when people are arguing if he's gay or not. So I'll say he isn't gay, but that is all his marketing team got to work with.

No. 1392862

Snapchat filters are cute and funny, stop shitting on them because you think having a dog nose will make you to fuck up your face with pawastic suwurgery uwu.

No. 1392864

People still use snapchat?

No. 1392865

>she isn't living in November 2015
What are you doing with your life?

No. 1392879

They're ugly and the only people I see use them are trashy overweight single moms with bright box dye red hair who are going to school to become nurses.

No. 1392892

No they're not, you get to decorate your pictures and look super cute. You just have shit taste and probably take pictures while looking like you're trying to look serious for your ID picture and failing miserably.

No. 1392900

retarded and gay twitter opinion

No. 1392913

twitter pedophile opinion

No. 1394792

File: 1667331315135.jpg (26.65 KB, 360x309, tranp blonde.jpg)

retarded and gay just like SHAWN MENDES

No. 1394807

He’s not gay he’s not gay HES NOOOOT

No. 1394867

File: 1667335613990.jpg (43.98 KB, 540x375, tranp acktually.jpg)


No. 1394901

No, anon's mom is straight and has decently capable mental faculties

No. 1394907

I love how you only disputed the accusations against anon's mother.

No. 1394911

You ruined the joke

No. 1394915

File: 1667337950662.png (160.24 KB, 351x327, dog.png)

So you agree? You think Shawn Mendes is retarded and gay?

No. 1436830

You took my post the wrong way, but it's okay. I have the 'tism too.

No. 1436837

Your boyfriend should die.

No. 1436852

I don't have a boyfriend.

No. 1436886

You do, and I hope he dies.

No. 1436901

Why do you care if he dies or not? Stop thinking about men all the time.

No. 1436912

I'm doing my part by willing the death of men into fruition.

No. 1436953

Ok? If you really cared about men dying you'd kill one instead of typing about it online.

No. 1437016

I don't see you getting your hands dirty, miss thing

No. 1437024

begone fedposter

No. 1437031

How about come over to my house and we'll make custom vehicles out of Lego? Smart ass.

No. 1437046

Fuck legos, k'nex are better for making vehicles.

No. 1437062

File: 1670487780866.gif (868.33 KB, 498x379, 0DB70A8A-B1F3-4464-AB8A-104DE8…)

I hate all of you

No. 1437063

wrong, neither are good.

No. 1437109

Well I love you, you silly goose.

No. 1437112

I'm not a goose, I'm a duck you asshole

No. 1437120

You're a stupid rabbit, jackass.

No. 1437153

Both of you are snails

No. 1437162

stop referring one another as animals. They are more intelligent than you all.

No. 1438498

I am more intelligent than ANY ANIMAL

No. 1438499

No. 1439709

humans are animals so you're both wrong idiots

No. 1439711

I just checked my period cycle and I'm definitely pmsing but everyone is wrong anyway and I AM NOT THE PROBLEM

No. 1439773

No, you literally are the problem! So cowardly to try to displace that on to others. Do better.

No. 1439785

you're right ignore the other anon

No. 1472173

Fuck all you guys for letting this thread die

No. 1472180

Why are you getting ass mad about this? You could've revived this thread the entire time it was inactive. Jesus fucking Christ, why do you even care to complain?

No. 1472181

no nonny fuck you for bringing it back

No. 1472191

More like you’re the lazy one that didn’t keep it alive. Blaming us. Sheeesh

No. 1472195


No. 1472225

Nta but I don't see how is it that anon should be responsible for bringing back the thread? Couldn't you just revive it yourself? You're so lazy.

No. 1472228


No. 1472311


No. 1472714

Avocados make me puke

No. 1472746

I didn't even know this thread existed but I bet it's your fault it died

No. 1472925

They’ve escaped containment. Do you have any idea what’s been done you mad women?!??

No. 1472927

You trying to pick a fight kid?

No. 1472932

This reminds me that I hate people who say they can't eat cucumbers and watermelons. And people who say they get heartburn from spicy food, YOU are the problem.

No. 1472933

Non lethal duelling should be legal and a way to solve conflict. Maybe better phrased- consensual fisticuffs.

No. 1472941

All going to fight club in Susan’s basement. You’re better bring non shitty snacks!

No. 1472978


No. 1472980

I actually don't know what the shaytorium was, I wasn'tt around when it happened.

No. 1473010

Shays powers are second to Fupauls!!!

No. 1473179

No, the heart is the problem

No. 1481112

purple is an ugly color. you have shit taste if you think otherwise

No. 1481116


No. 1481175

File: 1674641831050.gif (1.17 MB, 480x480, 7ihO.gif)

you'll never catch me alive!!!

No. 1481221

File: 1674650537167.jpg (2.18 MB, 2797x2797, Mixed_onions.jpg)

Onions should not be edible.
Putting this stuff in any food should be a capital crime. Eating it alone much more so.

No. 1481224

this post was made by an angry vampire

No. 1481226

fuck im a retard onions and garlic aren't the same

No. 1481227

Onions are delicious

No. 1481276

Get out of my swamp!!!

No. 1481286

Sometimes i boil 4-5 onions and eat them like that

No. 1481359

I will eat fried onion like noodles without anything else and you can't stop me. Seethe and cope.

No. 1576813

No. 1576942

this post makes me angry and I am going to hunt you down and kill you

No. 1576978

File: 1684020049925.png (45.04 KB, 360x274, TheDictator.png)

Todas las tiras comicas Estadounidenses de los 80s, con niños rubios como protagonistas, fueron hechos por Nazis (ya que esa es la raza Aria) :D

Translation: J.e.w.s are making America better again. :)(racebaiting :))

No. 1577025


No. 1577166

cálmate, güey

No. 1577169

i wish i could enjoy onions but they have this sweet waxy taste i dislike

No. 1583422

sounds like a you problem, onions don't enjoy you either, more for me, the more onions you don't eat the more i eat

No. 1610645

What the heck. Why did an anon report me for "tiktok censoring". I didn't even say any slang. I'm going to use boiling wax on your butthole hairs.

No. 1610649

seems like a skill issue since you can cook onions in several different ways.

No. 1675359

Bitches ain't nothin' but hoes n' trickz

No. 1675361

You didn't even sing it right

No. 1675369

This is my own original bar, do not step to me

No. 1675474

This isn't a karaoke. Post milk or fuck off, retard.

No. 1675507

this thread can be fucking literally anything!

No. 1675559

no it can't

No. 1675642

threads don't fuck you autist coomer!!

No. 1675925

That's clearly not what she meant get your mind out of the gutter!

No. 1675938

Why are you defending a moid? Are you a moid too?

No. 1675957

Um that's not a moid you're just a schizo

No. 1676016

moid. moid. moid. you are all moids. none of you are free of y chromosome

No. 1676024

only a moid would call fellow nonnies a moid… Moid!!!!

No. 1676145

You are WRONG. Plain and simple. Bitches are MORE than how’s and tricks. You need a job.

No. 1676157

Learn to sage, newfag

No. 1676172

You don't have to sage in OT, retard.

No. 1676177

Wrong, this isn't even /ot/.

No. 1676779

Ma'am are you blind? This is, in fact, /ot/ the land of unsage

No. 1676781

You are drunk and blind, this is my home and my name is Cappy

No. 1676790

Like, Mario's hat? Hats can't type, dipshit.

No. 1676845

File: 1692971374831.png (4.5 MB, 1668x2224, 20318FBF-D8D5-4524-9DEA-DBA8EB…)

Of course hats can type you troglodyte! I’m using my $626.42 Versace Baroque-Embroidered Curved Peak Baseball Cap to type right now. You’re just jealous.

No. 1677480

i bet you dont even own a hat, fuckwad. you just lie and say you do because your a pickme, like " oh pick me pick me!! im i have a hat and i can even type with it!! chad pick me pick me already! "

whos gonna guess that this retard only bought a hat because it was the latest trend on tiktok or something lol

No. 1677512

Spoken like a tard who doesn't own a hat of her own. How's it feel absorbing all that heat through the top of your head? I bet your hair is so fucking hot to the touch after you've been out in the sun for 30 minutes. Loser.

No. 1677777

covert Trump supporter spotted!! GTFO

No. 1677909

Are you retarded? Red is a commie colour, that's not a trumptard, that's a communist.

No. 1677911

fake commie spends 630$ on a hat! sad!

No. 1868379

I think vaping is good for you

No. 1868381

Good for you to look like an idiot.

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