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File: 1705589087500.jpg (145.79 KB, 736x976, 715b53e9f5f43d34d9038796a0b388…)

No. 1859933

Previous Thread: >>>/ot/1853574

No. 1859935

Gorgeous thread pic

No. 1859956

File: 1705591928588.gif (72.37 KB, 220x148, earthworm-jim-cow-earthworm.gi…)

I'd wish tech stopped advancing after 2003

No. 1859959

I love her

No. 1859976

File: 1705593020029.jpg (85.84 KB, 503x550, GEDfowEXUAAKrpB.jpg)

No. 1860038

Turkey Tom taking his shirt off and shaking his ass for money on stream just to immediately continue with the drama slop was crazy but I kind of wish more streamers did that so casually. Hope someone brings this up next time he talks badly about women doing the same

No. 1860081

File: 1705599773093.png (94.31 KB, 226x383, igugigyabruckleiggggyigggyarbu…)

Morning ladies

No. 1860090

File: 1705600428042.png (642.85 KB, 547x546, zenpepe.png)

after almost 2 weeks of oiling my hair everyday and letting it get nasty so the bleach doesn't burn my scalp I finally bleached my roots and it's going to feel so good washing it away.

No. 1860093

wtf is that

No. 1860102

eww what in the bigmouth self insert

No. 1860144

Is this from a childrens' cartoon? It looks weirdly familiar

No. 1860146

Yes ma’am that is Iggy Arbuckle

No. 1860147

Is it just me or old people litter like no other? I love my grandma but she will literally just throw trash out the car while driving

No. 1860150

nooo i liked the matsuda kitten threadpic too… both are cute

No. 1860169

File: 1705603064822.png (533 KB, 2096x1186, im in pain.png)

My favorite meditation that I listen to every single day just got deleted out of nowhere. I feel betrayed

No. 1860236

That image is the distillation of everything wrong with western animation. I'm not an anime fag but like in the last few years has it been a race to the bottom to make the ugliest designs possible?

No. 1860237

I think this design was actually the precursor to fugly animation, he came out in 2010 I believe

No. 1860242

is that a penis with a face

No. 1860244

File: 1705607694974.jpg (Spoiler Image,16.31 KB, 300x168, 2Q==(18).jpg)

You're not wrong but that cartoon's from the 2000s. I remember watching cartoons as a kid in the 00s and I always wondered why so many were so fucking ugly.

No. 1860245

that wasn't meant to be spoilered

No. 1860248

I would've never ever remembered this cartoon existed if you hadn't posted that picture

No. 1860251

As an european I just tried pizzarolls for the first time and holy fuck where was this shit hidden from me all my life

No. 1860252

they have this retarded notion in the west that anything nice-looking is "for girls" so they make the cartoons as grotesque as possible to appeal to boys

No. 1860258

File: 1705608184227.png (499.79 KB, 690x524, eheyyy.png)

reminds me of mr meaty

No. 1860259

Even adult stuff has to look like ass. Everything either apes Rick and Morty or Family Guy. I watched Aggretsuko recently and it was about a single woman in her late 20s navigating life and it was cute and awesome.
It's almost like they have to make it look like shit because they are ashamed of the medium.

No. 1860266

File: 1705608574747.jpg (44.74 KB, 540x361, 8e7.jpg)

Spoiler that shit nona. I had erased that show from my mind.

No. 1860271

They are. Its why "adult animation" in the west isn't adult. Its just for edgy teens who like sex and booze jokes. Animation in the west can't take itself seriously unless its a "kids show with a heartfelt message"

No. 1860372

how are you doing nonnicas

No. 1860376

procrastinating on my assignments…

No. 1860378

Same with my exams nonnacita I feel you

No. 1860379

oh hlel the fuck no nonniewe need to start archiving

No. 1860381

File: 1705616667435.jpeg (153.31 KB, 733x1000, IMG_3666.jpeg)

Every time I think about diversity in kids media I crack the fuck up. It’s literally always like
>stock blonde white girl
>an asian
>a black person
>…and a redhead
Why a redhead ? Why not a Latino or something just KEK redheads are seen as another racial group needing rep

No. 1860393

File: 1705618327081.png (436.34 KB, 800x546, red-panda-life.png)

I'm about a 4 out of 10.
Good news is I'm ahead on work so I won't have anything to do tomorrow. My boss said I'm nailing it, so I might get promoted in February. Babysitting my 1 year old niece on Saturday and she's always fun. She can almost walk now.
Bad News is I'm still a lush. I've got two bottle of Pinot Grigio stored up tomorrow so I'm not shaky on calls. Cute guy I met on Hinge has been ghosting me the past couple days. Half pissed myself in the shop when buying the aforementioned wine.
Swings and roundabouts, life is dumb.

No. 1860394

I've also been cigarette free for two months now

No. 1860403

my vape tastes so gross who wants it

No. 1860408

what flavour is it

No. 1860411

what do you do to celebrate lunar new

No. 1860412

I thought a hot fudge flum would be a grand idea and I was wrong

No. 1860438

File: 1705624060544.png (742.76 KB, 786x670, meterosexual.png)

whatever happened to this kind of guy

No. 1860441

I don't know but hope they stay wherever they are

No. 1860450

i hate when my eyes get slimey

No. 1860456

I was looking at the weekly temperatures for my area and was like “wow each day the temp seems to be going up. Here comes all the global warming talk!”

My goddamn retard ass was looking at the dates going up thinking it’s the temperature.

No. 1860459

File: 1705626158248.png (115.42 KB, 381x293, tranny.png)

>that uber sexualized art with pointy nipples
why are trannies like this?

No. 1860468

The fuck, we censoring the word women now??

No. 1860471

whats with the winx club in the thumbnail

No. 1860508

Maybe I should become a beekeeper.

No. 1860512

File: 1705630860158.jpg (54.44 KB, 606x606, 6bb3410d3adc2c44d96a8663d604e0…)

Me as a guy

No. 1860514

Cringe Ai slop

No. 1860520

File: 1705631220664.gif (Spoiler Image,2.42 MB, 640x640, 1694183862240937.gif)

Thats cool this is me as an anime guy

No. 1860573

the only thing i have ever been complimented on is my voice and my hands

No. 1860579


No. 1860613

If I was a dude I'd be looking like my name is Paco ngl

No. 1860629

i wish i would be cringe and free and rich

No. 1860650

Did he get boob surgery?

No. 1860657

File: 1705637365063.gif (15.57 MB, 540x404, 08fc679.gif)

are you the same anon who commented on my fetish for healthy men on medical tubes or something

No. 1860786

can we please keep both threads i feel like they deserve each other

No. 1860787

>two of the exact same thread
>one isn't locked
Are mods retarded

No. 1860799

I honestly feel bad for OF women.

Yes you get lots of money but that’s all you’re worth, you’re only worth your body.

Some claim sexism yet, without men, you wouldn’t be making money.

Selling your body is all your worth, that’s all you are.

Sex is easy, and so are you.

Do what you like but it’s such a disappointment to see sometimes.

It’s not empowering, it’s not inspiring.
Everyone can have sex, what makes yours so special?

What makes YOU special from a 20 dollar hooker on the streets?

Survival but no dignity. Rich but no respect.

No. 1860802

It really is fucking insane to me how being a hooker is just acceptable and nobody seems to be disgusted by it the way they used to by such indecency

No. 1860809

Even then they don't get that much money for it

No. 1860825

The majority of them make less than $20 a month, and the “successful” ones make less than $180 a month. They don’t see anything wrong with it because their minds don’t function correctly in a way that allows them to be capable of thinking critically or having a sense of morality

No. 1860826

The only credence I will give is to the women who somehow manage to make money selling pictures of their hands and feet. If you can manage to profit off moids fetishes without showing your genitals and face, then all the power to you I guess

The rest is fucking embarrassing though

No. 1860833

File: 1705646783756.jpg (41.95 KB, 386x560, 60849fb00eb3aa3a35b4e13e553e47…)

Just thinking about my life, and honestly learning to drive was the best thing I did for escaping my abusive situation. (In America) If you can drive, you can do anything. To all my anons who can't drive yet, it's scary but don't put it off. Learn ASAP. Do it until it's a normal part of everyday life.

No. 1860843

I don't care when the mommy tiktokers that make lunches throw away the crusts. Mind you, I don't understand cutting off the crusts in the first place. When I was little I just ate them.

No. 1860854

Posts like these make it so obvious peoples objection to prostitution isn’t that it’s exploitative but that it involves women acting “indecent”.

No. 1860857

i don't want to see the new regina actress being shilled please god no

No. 1860860

I used to eat crusts as a kid but now I don't if its white sandwich bread. I also use to love blue cheese (like could eat chunks of it by itself) and now I don't even really care for blue cheese, not even dressing or dip. It's like my tastebuds de-evolved. I think our tastebuds replace themselves every year or so, so I guess that's why

No. 1860862

Whatever helps you sleep at night

No. 1860863

she's right though.

No. 1860866

It's true.

No. 1860895

File: 1705650389393.jpg (330.19 KB, 1080x1516, tumblr_2f4b81b080308dd7b170445…)

visual representation of sudden period cramps

No. 1860901

File: 1705651002213.jpeg (263.33 KB, 1284x1520, AD46307F-65A8-4204-BB4D-B92603…)

Kylie really does look like Pepe the frog

No. 1860918

They're right though. Why is being critical of human decency a bad thing to you libfem queen? kek

No. 1860959

If a woman wants to be respected, it helps if she acts respectably. Choosing to upload pictures of your genitals to twitter for free to advertise your $3 OF to the most gross moids imaginable is not respectable. It's bleak because these women make the same amount of money as someone working at McDonalds and loose their dignity in the process.

No. 1860961

Nta but the exploitation and the mental effects of selling your body should be more important than dignity or purity or money.

No. 1860968

yes but make them swap outfits. Red should be attacking

No. 1860971

I mean prostitution is awful but you understand why some women turn to it. I read a book from former sex workers albeit ones in a traditional pimp setting and dismissing them all as worthless whores is in some ways damaging. it's more sad that it's a sought after for a quick buck because some people can't make ends meet with a normal job (see the teacher who was fired for having a onlyfans because she needed extra money) and moids are encouraging sexualization of women under the guise of "feminism" in the first place and women are falling for it

No. 1860978

Why not both? Treating women like helpless victims who can't help but sell their dignity is misogyny. Feeding a vicious cycle won't help women and unfortunately mob mentality predicates that we all have to suffer and be treated like meat because of a few.

No. 1860984

>Treating women like helpless victims
Who said that you have to call women disgusting and say they are only worth sex to not treat them like helpless victims though? Who said that not being concerned about purity is treating them like a helpless victim? You can hold them accountable but it doesn't have to have anything to do with indecency.

No. 1860993

No one said anything about purity or indecency though, prostitutes are genuinely pathetic creatures

No. 1860995

Scroll up and read the discussion back.

No. 1860996

i'm taking this reeing about the purity of women and the impurity of the dirty whores as a sign that i need to leave the farms for good.

No. 1860999

It isn’t about purity though, it’s about morality, and having standards and self worth. Man worshipping women who want to be the best piece of meat in the most revealing clothing because they’re willing to bow down and give men what they want simply to convince themselves that they have some tiny modicum of attractiveness, are beneath dogs

No. 1861003

Yeah yeah. It’s always about the women with you people. Sounds indistinguishable from reeeeeeeing about how women are dressing like sluts and we need to retvrn which happened in literally every era.

No. 1861004

Japanese pro wrestling goes hard. Way better than the bimbo shit my brothers watched growing up.

No. 1861008

Do you guys ever have any accountability at all? You ain't even getting big money through this so why pretend you aren't self-sabotaging?

No. 1861009

This "oh so you think women are pathetic victims with no agency if you believe abuse and trauma can severely affect a person's world view and sense of worth" narrative is the most insane spin ever.

No. 1861011

the 13 year old girls from romania who get sex trafficked in germany sure think they are the best piece of meat, yup.

No. 1861016

So if you do have HVS 1, the common cold sores/oral herpes, how do you go about telling people? Like prior to kissing a new potential partner, just saying "Hey I just wanted to let you know I do carry the cold sore virus, so in case you have never had them, I wanted to let you know that because they're potentially contagious but if we go further I will take precautions to avoid spreading it and be mindful and let you know if I get another outbreak."

No. 1861023

I just tell folks that I get cold sores and hope they're smart enough not to kiss me during flare ups. Most women are appropriately cautious and respectful of obvious safety precautions, most moids aren't and will just slobber on your face when you've got a full outbreak (ew). If you know you have herpes and take basic precautions, your transmission rate is lower than people who have herpes and don't realize it, which is most people with herpes.

No. 1861024

I literally said that women who worship men and give them what they want be choosing to be a piece of meat are lower than dogs, that automatically means I see men as “the problem” You must be esl.
We weren’t talking about trafficking victims you disgusting pathetic excuse for a human being, stop using rape victims as a shield you evil stupid loser

No. 1861025

I take it you're bisexual? I am so, so from your experience women are more cautious and men just don't care? That makes sense, a moid is the one who knowingly pozzed me! Hearing about your experience is a relief though, I think I might be over thinking it and more worried than I need to be. I guess just saying "Hey I get cold sores from time to time, just wanted to let you know" is probably enough then.

No. 1861026

As an actual trafficking victim I don’t like seeing OF whores and strippers using the victims of CP and other forms of trafficking as a gotcha to hide your despicable behavior.

Go back to giving $10 rim jobs and leave actual victims with actual problems alone you nasty subservient dog.

No. 1861029

File: 1705659407717.gif (596.33 KB, 260x220, bye.gif)

oh this is gonna be like that fight in unpopular opinions last year that went on for days. see ya next week nonnies!

No. 1861031

Because there’s a retarded obese troon who works as a prostitute and endlessly screams and rages whenever normal women talk about how disturbing prostitution is. He literally never stops screeching about how he’s a wittle twamatized victim who can’t help but rim elderly pigs for $2. And he loves to compare his subhuman self to child trafficking victims because he’s insane and retarded

No. 1861032

I am so sorry nonna. Pozzie moids are legitimately subhuman and a danger to everyone. But yeah, just casually let them know before you get physical (like hours/days before, not minutes). If they're smart enough to go on dates, they're smart enough to figure out how comfortable they are with exposure. They might have follow-up questions about your symptoms or whether you're on antivirals, but that's rarely a hard discussion.

No. 1861033

If you think it's a moid, why are you still replying?

No. 1861035

That's okay nonnie, I am over it now. I appreciate all of your input!

No. 1861037

Glad to help! Good luck and have fun meeting cool people!

No. 1861040

File: 1705660212503.jpg (200.96 KB, 1200x1200, Eb3Pc8mXgAAw6nN.jpg)

we're eating ice cream, everyone pick a flavor!!!

No. 1861041

These names are weird! But I will take smores!

No. 1861042

Alumni Park After Dark looks like my jam. I'd grate some baker's chocolate onto that.

No. 1861043

Mocha Macchiato, simple and clear name. The other two chocolate looking ones with weird names were sus to me.

No. 1861045

mocha macchiato looks yum

No. 1861048

I’ll have the Lumberjack

No. 1861051

I really want an Union Utopia.

No. 1861056

gimme some of that orange custard chocolate chip

No. 1861059

Caramel apple. I'm actually eating a chicken apple sausage as we type.

No. 1861064

Samefag but I'm curious about blue moon. It looks creamy, maybe it's a blue raspberry flavor?

No. 1861068

That blue moon looks sick, I'll try it out

No. 1861088

Hit me with that salted caramel

No. 1861098

Berry Proud Parent looks like it could make my day

No. 1861117

some of these names are confusing but batter up sounds good

No. 1861130

This is so dumb but I sent my macbook into repair and I’m so sad about it since I’m getting a new windows laptop anyway. I hated the macOS and I could barely play any games because everything is only made for windows but I’m still sad to let go since it was my first laptop that I bought with my own money and she’s seen me through the roughest days… it was a shitty laptop but she was MY shitty laptop you know? I dont know what to do with these feelings. The new one is coming tomorrow and I’m not even excited.

No. 1861139

File: 1705679600890.jpeg (638.48 KB, 1284x1408, 032FD536-00DE-45E2-AFB7-2970C9…)

Modern problems call for modern solutions

No. 1861141

All look so good, but I gotta have that alumni park after dark!! I’m a chocolate fiend

No. 1861142

based tbh never disrespect the lunch lady

No. 1861146

I get this. I always feel bad when I have to get a new phone, laptop or whatever. They gave me years of good service and now I have to get rid of them because they are too slow. It's not their fault. It's dumb, I shouldn't be that sad for inanimate things.

No. 1861147

Look at her smug face, it was totally worth it.

No. 1861149

File: 1705680420790.jpg (143.06 KB, 750x988, Shingo_Tsurumi-p001.jpg)

He looks like a Frenchman but Asian idk how to explain it… does anyone else get what I mean?

No. 1861152

You mean mixed race? I mean the ainu have very European looking faces.

No. 1861153

no I mean he has a French moid vibe

No. 1861154

I feel bad for laughing

No. 1861157

No. 1861162


No. 1861164

File: 1705681479507.png (960.34 KB, 1178x542, shrimp.PNG)

shrimp are so cute i love their silly little legs. i want a tank of silly little shrimp to look at

No. 1861169

What's the difference

No. 1861170

File: 1705682062306.gif (5.55 MB, 480x270, ggdg.gif)

Oh my god I made a wrap so good I think I ascended into heaven for a second

No. 1861180

what was in it?

No. 1861186

File: 1705683138698.jpg (1.03 MB, 1382x3072, tumblr_da5b38c718c0607d8de8126…)

No. 1861189

I got some beef from my mom that I needed to something with so I fried it in a pan until medium rare, popped a corn tortilla in the microwave for a few second and then spread some garlic butter on half of it, added a sprinkle of grated cheese, put the beef on it and on top of the meat I had a little guacamole, baby spinach, spring onion and pickled red onion.

No. 1861200

File: 1705684733257.jpg (235.27 KB, 1280x964, b5b64426_1280.jpg)

I want a milka cow plush, but an ott fancy one like this

No. 1861235

I'm allowed to write a paper as if it was a short story (the option of doing it more academically is also available) and I'm actually nervous about it because I haven't written fiction in a long time. The theme is Roman theater and I'm using the POV of a little girl from the lower classes, she's not a slave but her family is quite humble. I vividly remeber going to plays and other similar activities like that when I was a child and I think that I can represent quite accurately what goes through the mind of a kid of that age. I also have read articles about the theater of that era and I'm confident that I'll be able to write something realistic. I hope it does end up being a good read, but at the same time I'm a bit worried about the quality of my phrasing.

No. 1861248

>Shi Pei Pu (Chinese: 时佩璞; pinyin: Shí Pèipú; December 21, 1938 – June 30, 2009)[1] was a Chinese opera singer from Beijing. He became a spy and obtained secrets from Bernard Boursicot, an employee in the French embassy, during a 20-year-long sexual affair in which the performer convinced the man that he was a woman.

>Shi later showed Shi Du Du (时度度), a four-year-old child that Shi insisted was their son, to Boursicot.Shi and his adopted son were brought to Paris in 1982, after Boursicot was able to arrange for them to enter France.

>Shi explained to doctors how he had hidden his genitals to convince Boursicot that he was a woman. And as the French doctors sent to examine Pei Pu discovered, he could create the appearance of having female genitalia by making his testicles ascend into his body cavity and tucking his penis back. He said that Shi Du Du, their purported son, was a Uyghur from China's Xinjiang Province who was sold by his mother and adopted by Shi Pei Pu. Upon discovering the truth of their relationship, Boursicot attempted suicide by slitting his throat but survived.

lmao moids are retarded

No. 1861258

How the fuck did the French faggot not realize he was fucking a man

No. 1861264

He knew that was a man anon, Bouriscot was a gay man who was caught having sex with men multiple times before he started his relationship Shi Peu Pu. He was also having sex with other men too while he as in a relationship with Shi Pei. There is no way that gay man thought Shi Peu thought Shi Pei was actually a woman. That was probably a lie he made up to since he was on a trial and needed to get away with supplying Shi Peu with information and due to the fact that homosexuality was very looked down upon during that time.

No. 1861265

>His few sexual experiences had been with male schoolmates, and he was determined to fall in love with a woman, he wrote in his diary

No. 1861274

He must have known the spy was a man and must as been really confused when the spy pretended he got pregnant and had a son kek.

No. 1861275

How the fuck did gays even exist in ye olden days? The asshole is for shitting. How tf would they even have douched properly? Then again, moids think a hole is a goal. Doesn't matter if its plugged with shit.

No. 1861276


No. 1861279

nah. they still did anal back then as well since men can't conceptualize sex without penetration. no idea how the fuck they went about it though. must've hurt like a bitch.

No. 1861281

There was probably some method of cleaning the ass that worked back then but we dont do now. Like how ancient toothbrushing methods still work despite there being no toothpaste. Idk, im not looking it up though

No. 1861285

tbf, with all the untreated syphilis going round, heterosexual sex probably wasn't great either (or at least, had terrible consequences even if the sex was ok). according to anne lister's diaries, she tried to insert a mercury capsule into her vagina to cure a venereal disease she picked up from her lover (who's husband was cheating on her), so lesbians weren't doing great either. i'm so glad we live in the modern day where lube is easily available and the majority of STIs are easily curable kek

No. 1861287

File: 1705693392923.png (320.25 KB, 465x261, fire-extinguisher.png)

Been rewatching IT Crowd for the first time in about a decade. Kept thinking where tf is the episode where Jen holds the internet in her hands?? Forgot it was in the same episode that's since been condemned for crimes against trannies.

No. 1861290

I tried to watch this show but holy shit is it as unfunny as The Big Bang Theory and Friends. Laugh tracks kill jokes.

No. 1861293

I was kind of scared to start my new job but my colleagues are the sweetest people ever, I'm so glad to be there

No. 1861295

I'm so happy for you anon, that's great

No. 1861297

>>1861029 he looks like a girl

No. 1861302

Father Ted > Black Books > The showrunners's current alt-right spiral on twitter >>>>>>> It Crowd

No. 1861304

I read graham linehams book lately and was like wait I forgot he was behind IT crowd too. Still can't beat father ted.

No. 1861318

Thanks nonna!

No. 1861324

Great, now it’s graduated from pressuring and negging me to eat like a land whale into calling me culturally instensitive/racist for turning down their “expression of love”. I don’t care what anyone says about America, Brazilians are the fattest spiritually

No. 1861326

File: 1705695492750.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1158x2128, IMG_1027.jpeg)

What the fuck is it with spoops editing themselves to have roger from American Dad! bodies kekk goodness

No. 1861335

Bella Hadid?

No. 1861340

Everytime I'm arguing with some nonna, and I start getting riled up, I just remember that some of them are the type of doormats irl that have husbands that leave shit streaks and piss stains all over the toilet seat.

No. 1861345

It really is, moss is the only one that’s ever funny/cute the rest of the show is shite.

No. 1861346

Anons posting about their exes.. yeah he sounds bad, glad he's an ex! Anons posting about their husband who they are very happily married to currently and love so much.. damn he sounds even worse

No. 1861351

Guy who plays moss was branded as an evil terf lately too. Surreal seeing articles with pics of nerdy ass moss in character next to that shit. Now that's comedy.

No. 1861359

File: 1705697144169.jpg (38.96 KB, 563x652, ea4ed54263f8cb641b890c5abc21e7…)

Just found my old English notebook from the first year of university, kind of cute to see all the stupid mistakes but I'm appalled by essays and sentences I wrote back then. It's like they were written by some edgy, perpetually frustrated or bored, unnecessarily mean and sarcastic stereotypical gothic girl. It's literally the most carefree times in your life, RELAX and ENJOY it

No. 1861362

Nikki carreon looks like she got stung on her mouth by bees permanently also I dont like looking at her I keep telling YouTube to not recommend her channel but it still does

No. 1861370

I watched her back when she was oversharing her breakdown. Vlogging it. I think she's wiped alot of that clean.

No. 1861377

File: 1705698210760.png (632.22 KB, 712x688, nikki.png)

She has fetal alcohol syndrome head

No. 1861383

File: 1705698500972.png (170.38 KB, 400x297, IMG_4791.png)

Whenever I imagine what nonnies here look like all I can imagine is pic rel

No. 1861385

Kinda cute ngl. although I'm definitely sure most nonnies here are stacies

No. 1861388

kek i like her

No. 1861389

'to douche or not to douche' is a debate gays are still having. Just because they can douche now doesn't mean many are.

No. 1861393

from the few who accidentally revealed their face, and the many who purposely posted their nudes, no not at all kek

No. 1861394

Kinda wish I had a widow peak

No. 1861395

were the nudes fat or skelly? I don't recall

No. 1861396

while I do like most nonnies she looks way too amicable and normie to be an accurate representation.

No. 1861399

from skinnyfat to chubby

No. 1861400

I'm seeing FaceApp so I know this is some gender swapped moid Youtuber. Please tell me it's not Nikocado Avocado. I'm in this photo but with red hair and I can't live if I'm found out I'm XX him.

No. 1861402

Yeah its nicky

No. 1861403

Like looking in a mirror, right? Nicki?

No. 1861407

Brb, I'm taking a long walk off a short cliff

No. 1861410

I love pizza pops

No. 1861411

Ngl Nikocado wasn’t really ugly before he turned into a blob, just an average looking gay twink. Anyways I’m not fat and don’t look anything like that and she looks too happy to be posting here

No. 1861412

Samefag but what is your favorite flavour mine is deluxe rn

No. 1861413

File: 1705699951754.jpg (120.07 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

You ain't kidding. What was his deal? His BF was a feeder or something?

No. 1861414

i look like a mix of that stacy techsis who scammed a bunch of people and had an uggo rich nerd harem, ann taylor joy, and a female keffals.

No. 1861415

he was an anakun before

No. 1861416

I thought the mukbangs made him fat? worked himself to dethfat. I don't know any lore though, I just assumed

No. 1861418

File: 1705700175133.png (102.6 KB, 1170x517, nikochan.png)

No. 1861419

get the fuck out, go back

No. 1861424

i hate pickmes so goddam much they have to pickmemaxx even when talking about husbandos

No. 1861425

File: 1705700561600.jpg (44 KB, 640x640, 1000002486.jpg)

no kidding, here is a picture for anyone who doesn't know. it's honestly sad.

No. 1861429

Why doesn't he just lose the weight?

No. 1861431

File: 1705700749791.jpg (35.86 KB, 600x450, 1699508218207.jpg)

>new survey shows 1 in 20 men would have sex with a child
>and 1 in 7 would consider it
i need straight to lesbian conversion therapy. being straight is a curse

No. 1861433

he was an anakun on a diet of soy and cock, then ditched veganism and became a full blown fattie. He has an untreated eating disorder and problably is some form of BPDkun too.

No. 1861437

I'm guessing being famous for Youtube Mukbangs didn't help that either. Poor bastard.

No. 1861439

he wasnt famous for the mukbangs, he was famous for being weird and autistic

No. 1861475

I literally gaslight myself that these stats are somehow skewed because I can’t mentally handle sharing a planet with these fucks

No. 1861478

Honestly, this fat asshole deserves exactly the rancid frito scented bed he’s made for himself.

No. 1861483

>this fat asshole

No. 1861486

All this discussion about Nikocado made me think he died or something, phew.

No. 1861488

I got oat milk soap and it smells sooo good omg

No. 1861496

i got olives in my hair

No. 1861501

Alright this has caught me. Why olives, why in your hair?

No. 1861502

Nta but Olive oil exists nonnie kek

No. 1861506

Western European subway stories are a nightmare fuel, why Eastern European subway is so benign in comparison

No. 1861508

my cat's too fat to fit on my lap anymore why does he insist on sleeping on me when he was both my bed and his own and the entire house

No. 1861509

i was eating tapenade and it dripped in my hair cause i didn’t have it pulled back kek

No. 1861512

I really want to have a career as a train driver someday, but i don't like those futuristic advanced trains, i want the ones from my ghost town…

No. 1861513

Are you saying this because of my post about French subways in the consoom thread? I can only speak for France but I keep hearing even worse shit about NYC's subways. It's the same thing but multiplied by 100000 from the news I read sometimes.

No. 1861515

Jesus x Judas was the first yaoi ship

No. 1861516

I wanna be a train driver too nonny

No. 1861520

Isnt Gilgamesh x Enkidu older?

No. 1861523

File: 1705706604427.png (16.83 KB, 802x200, nk.png)

LC is literally North Korea

No. 1861524

i was at the store and i got too scared to buy chocolate so i bought cheese instead

No. 1861525

>Are you saying this because of my post about French subways in the consoom thread?
Yes, but I also read a lot about German subway lately and this shit is crazy. The only thing I hate about my local subway is how it is in morning hours when people just mindlessly try to cram themselves into a wagon not letting you get out. Other than that it's just so… normal. Just an occasional crazy person or a company that is a bit too loud, nothing really bad. So I was shocked to learn how it can be in other countries.

No. 1861529

File: 1705707054234.jpg (127.69 KB, 1200x630, unnamed.jpg)

But Kim had kpop idols performing for him in North Korea. What a strange country.

No. 1861531

Samefag, the performance is publicly available and honestly it's pretty eerie. The north Koreans aren't allowed to react at all

No. 1861532

>he personally requested to stand next to Irene
i barf just thinking about it

No. 1861539

Lmao poor woman, just look at how much distance she's keeping from him.

No. 1861543

I think mislam or whatever the fuck it’s called is faggy and unnecessary

No. 1861547

File: 1705708084476.mp4 (10.83 MB, 1280x720, What Mio Honda Thinks about yo…)

No. 1861555

I felt ugly for years and now I get so shocked when I look in the mirror because I still expect to see an ugly person even though I know I'm not.

No. 1861556

Jfc thank you nona. I had this tune in the back of my head for ages and I finally know where it's from.

No. 1861568

Me but full body shots still expecting to see someone fat after I lost weight, it's jarring.

No. 1861619

File: 1705716121230.jpeg (153.42 KB, 828x1106, 29F114EE-43A7-44CB-9525-D5B25D…)

Browsing ot and this thread pic is stressing me out. He looks so happy but I don’t think he realizes that’s not a small pond but a toilet. Please somenonnie help get the ducky out of the yucky!

No. 1861626

Was better when it was just "mundane thread".

No. 1861633

File: 1705716663265.jpg (142.04 KB, 950x1297, 20240119_203618.jpg)

Good evening say it back

No. 1861636

File: 1705716787353.png (1.51 MB, 998x558, cool.PNG)

Good evening nonny

No. 1861649

File: 1705717775578.png (8.16 KB, 287x312, 1644010809474.png)

>mfw hamletmachine draws nsfw sukufushi with ftm megumi

No. 1861652

i was just thinking about her art because i like the artstyle, but i always keep distance and never stay updated on western artists because i fear to be disappointed…

No. 1861654

I masturbated for too long and now my fingers hurt, shit.

No. 1861657

sorry about your fingers. one time i came so hard my stomach seized and i almost vomited.

No. 1861667

Why the fuck are yall gooning so hard

No. 1861668

File: 1705719304968.jpg (125.34 KB, 827x822, Eh00ii-XcAARBqy.jpg)

It's my bfs birthday today desu

No. 1861672

I got myself to orgasm literally one time but my hand hurt so badly by the end I decided that was enough cooming for a lifetime

No. 1861677

File: 1705719697523.png (616.71 KB, 570x429, il_570xN.37397400.png)

i don't feel anything if i touch myself but i survive by thinking about my autistic fantasies

No. 1861678

File: 1705719701014.gif (1.89 MB, 527x368, 1654024544568.gif)

Started thinking about life and wondering … Maybe I'M the cow.

No. 1861687

File: 1705720429213.jpg (103.29 KB, 1200x675, 1345431.jpg)

you are a gigastacy unaffected by base animal instincts sometimes i wish that could be me. alas.

No. 1861689

No. 1861692

kek thank you, i wish i knew what an orgasm was, but i'll stick to being very emotional about things i love instead for now

No. 1861693

File: 1705721186795.jpg (108.35 KB, 1182x676, dge6i5j-pre.jpg)

how do i get rid of my fear of insects, i hate them so much and i get scared about them crawling on top of me or hiding around, i can't bring myself to look at them or kill them

No. 1861695

The average orgasm isn't insane and mindblowingly if that makes you feel better, especially if you masturbate or have sex regularly. This is just my personal experience but I think it applies to many other people as well, it's only every once and a while that you get one that knocks your socks off, the rest are just a relieving release.

No. 1861697

I was going to try to stay off of lolcow this year, but my girlfriend just dumped me and I need the distraction. how has the site been recently?

No. 1861703

Bad. We are being invaded by tradthots and boymoms. Welcome back anon

No. 1861704

a lot of fun and my condolences nonnie

No. 1861705

forgot difference between tradthots and actual tradwives and wondered for a sec what actual tradwves are doing so far into the internet

No. 1861707

missed you all

No. 1861710

there's unironic racists and /pol/ shit in like half the site now, most real farmers are gone. i would have left much sooner if there was a better alternative

No. 1861711

missed you too nonna, sorry you're back under shitty circumstances and hope you find good distraction while you're back

No. 1861712

*pol scrotes larping as tradwives

No. 1861713

ah, yep. I'm also ever so slightly retarded at the moment and a bit high

No. 1861715

File: 1705723379900.jpg (106.97 KB, 721x1333, 6522792.jpg)

>check out on one of my favourite artist after a few months
>she deleted again
it's so tiring to be a rkgk enjoyer

No. 1861716

kek nonnie that's fine, enjoy your relax time

No. 1861719

I'm watching old infomercial compilations

No. 1861723

I'm watching Wolf of Wall Street for the first time. 3 minutes in and wow this guy is a turd.

No. 1861724

dont worry he ends up cheating on all of his wives

No. 1861725

that movie makes me lose my shit every time, i love the scenes where he makes a complete and utter fool of himself

No. 1861727

File: 1705723983057.jpg (160.14 KB, 1300x953, woman-relaxing-in-field-with-c…)

don't wanna jinx it but this is the first quiet and normal weekend on /ot/ in a long time, ahh just how it should be

No. 1861731

are you sure? that cow looks racist

No. 1861733

it's cause college is finally back in session, lol

No. 1861735

kekkkk stop, she is speciest at worst
for some reason the winter break newfags were worse than the summerfags this year

No. 1861737

Moid weeb twitters are the most horrific thing to read through, and people wonder why I block moids on sight.

No. 1861747

File: 1705725565961.jpg (22.98 KB, 300x360, ambient party.jpg)

hey everyone come over to my place, i'm having a party. it's gonna be awesome cause i got this new video to play on the tv

No. 1861748

that's sick nonny what are we gonna listen to

No. 1861749

don't know but we're gonna be watching either early 3d renders or stock footage of people dancing


No. 1861750

hell yeah

No. 1861760

File: 1705727121152.png (137.24 KB, 433x253, plat 2.png)

No. 1861761

File: 1705727241950.jpg (9.05 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

No. 1861763

whats a good feminine job

No. 1861764

and samefag i mean an actual job not like "being a mome!1!!" or some shit

No. 1861765

?how do you not know this. teacher, nurse, secratary, librarian

No. 1861766

Female truck driver, female plumber, female race car driver, female astronaut, female navy seal, female kickboxing champion.

No. 1861767

>good job
Lol lmao ecks dee even.

No. 1861768

File: 1705727582402.jpeg (154.72 KB, 828x852, IMG_6555.jpeg)

TIL these are called "flash sheets"

No. 1861769

good is sometimes used as a filler word.

No. 1861770

None of these are good jobs except for nurse depending on what you do

No. 1861771

doctor. you can wear cute outfits and we need more female doctors i hate the old wrinkly scrotes that say pain in women is psychosomatic

No. 1861772

WTF is a feminine job

No. 1861776

No. 1861778

I guess it's some sort for job where you can wear pink, accessories and long hair because that's what a woman is according to society.

No. 1861779

>draw for 30 minutes
>phew enough drawing for today dont want to sprain my wrist
>go back to crying while looking at art i wish i could draw

No. 1861780

No i mean jobs that are good and pay well but don't involve extreme physical exertion or emotional distress like being a doctor or lawyer

No. 1861781

We need more narco women and more gangster women too.

No. 1861782

narco, you get to kill moids while vibing to 80s tunes

No. 1861783

No. 1861784

me and the other nona >>1861516 are going to become train drivers

No. 1861785

do you both have autism?

No. 1861786

Then just say so instead of speaking like a tranny by saying that you want a "feminine" job, why does feminine means "no physical exertion or emotional distress" to you? How the hell did you even reach that conclusion semantically?

No. 1861790

I second the drug dealer suggestion then.

Speaking of drugs, I've been wondering: since it's so common for lawyers to do drugs, do law firms even bother testing?

No. 1861791

probably a tiktok zoomie lol they are obssesed with ''feminine'' and ''masculine'' vibes and retarded shit like girlcore

No. 1861792

>since it's so common for lawyers to do drugs
the fuck, do they really?

No. 1861793

oh my fucking god

No. 1861794

most jobs don't bother testing anymore, unless you're working in medicine or with children or something

No. 1861795

Maybe I didn't feel like typing all of that out retard? Why the fuck is everything tranny esque to you newfags. You aren't Sherlock Holmes.

No. 1861796

Depends on the country too, in my country you just never get tested for drugs even if you're working with toddlers, it's fucked up.

No. 1861797

I was 100% Nostalgia Critic did a review on the 2005 wonka movie and now i feel highly dissapointed he didnt.

No. 1861798

kek what did you expect, asking for "feminine" jobs

No. 1861799

nta but its two extra words retard. This isnt twitter you tard zoomie you can write more than two sentences.

No. 1861801

I don't know but we're going to become the best train drivers dw

No. 1861802

File: 1705728518967.jpg (105.66 KB, 736x981, 26df190b57e04e38de0ebcef2b2085…)

I don't struggle with doing anything with long nails EXCEPT using a trackpad. When I'm playing games I like to use the tips of my fingers but with long nails I have to use the pads of my fingers and it makes me suck.

No. 1861803

I said good feminine jobs because that was what I felt like saying. Get over yourself
I didn't say I couldn't write it dumbass I said I didn't feel like it, stop looking for an opportunity to whine over everything you spergy little zoomer cunt

No. 1861804

Oh I'm sorry I meant gunt*

No. 1861805

File: 1705728594800.jpeg (13.39 KB, 199x344, you are disabled be quiet.jpeg)

No. 1861806

found the moid

No. 1861807

At least I don't suffer from autism so extreme that I cry whenever someone uses the word feminine when I think it shouldn't be used

No. 1861808

File: 1705728663881.jpg (30.54 KB, 626x626, 1000007633.jpg)

Sounds like a nightmare, from now on I will make sure to keep a mouse around.

No. 1861810

File: 1705728707794.png (36.4 KB, 766x1000, 1692638508925.png)

I really want to watch Mulan

No. 1861811

i will make sure you will not be a passenger in my train, you're stinky
try becoming a florist or a perfumer idk

No. 1861812

File: 1705728760084.png (898.78 KB, 848x670, vndifeovndiwoefv.png)

>you're a MOID
>no you're a tranny
>yeah that's something a moid would say
>no you're a scrote

No. 1861813

My guilty pleasure is occasionally going back and watching NC, I Hate Everything and Ralph the Moviemaker videos from years ago

No. 1861814

File: 1705728797285.jpg (23.74 KB, 500x514, 1686499143184246.jpg)

No. 1861815

You've never smelled me we are communicating electronically retardando

No. 1861816

how does one choose between post gym carrot munching with a film, or working on music? ugh. they require two totally different moods i cannot just jump from one to the other…or can i?

No. 1861817

I'm still on the first wife. I feel so bad because in ever scene she's trying to make him feel better and steer him in the right direction.
Anyway, I'm waiting for some real shit to start. Right now it's just him reiterating "we're making sooo much money and we're fucking sooo many prostitutes (and the secretaries) at the office!!!!" over and over.

No. 1861818

I fucking love the nostalgia critic and i still watch his new videos. I genuinely cant get used to those cringe fart smelling 2 hour breadtube essays about stupid movies. I miss when the NC format was more popular, but that requieres to be funny and entertaining and not a fart smelling tranny.

No. 1861819


He didn’t do a review of it but instead a comparison to it and the 70s one


Same, especially around the holiday season for some reason?

No. 1861820

File: 1705728926706.jpg (56.26 KB, 504x360, nerd.jpg)

No. 1861822

I am still angry the furry sperg who posted ''kek'' nerd emoji and told all farmers to kill themselves lost to a whore getting tit implants for ''best milk''

No. 1861823

holy shit it's that retarded childish moid again bye i don't have any yaoi to spam right now

No. 1861826

them lolcow bitches be postin the funniest shit!

No. 1861827

Shayna is one of the worst cows ever and the fact that she's the most popular by a country mile is a travesty

No. 1861828

He had no creativity or budget when it came to his attempts to produce his own movies but he was absolutely entertaining as hell when it came to movie reviews

I'm surprised he's still releasing videos kek it's news to me. Seems like so many film reviewers who were reacting to the movies were replaced by cut and dry critics who just tell you their thoughts without showing you clips in context.

No. 1861830

Is this the only social interaction you've had all day

No. 1861832

Me saying stupid shit does not erase my chromosomes. How dare I say something stupid in the dumbass shit thread right

No. 1861833

The fact that she had a dedicated board and is bigger than any cow on the site when her shtick of pedo baiting and weight gain has run its course is so fucking funny to me I swear to god

No. 1861835

>Seems like so many film reviewers who were reacting to the movies were replaced by cut and dry critics who just tell you their thoughts without showing you clips in context.
this too. but god, by far the worst kind of movie critics is the drew gooden types. normie humor is absolutely atrocious i cringe so much when i get this good recommended to me. I am so tired of irony poisoned zoomies. I want cringe and free nerds like NC and AVGN again.

No. 1861838

i'm sorry to be the one giving you these news but i think you have actual autism

No. 1861840

Yeah, I've heard law us filled with substance abuse. Alcohol, uppers, all that stuff.

No. 1861841

I have the opposite of autism

No. 1861844

Ralph and IHE were sort of successors to older critics in my eyes and they barely post. Their new videos paled in comparison to their old ones. i recently revisited IHEs videos and his reviews of off brand flicks like The Amazing Bulk or the Not Disney Collection crack me up

No. 1861847


No. 1861848

It's genuinely so crazy the way Ralph the moviemaker fell off. He used to put out entertaining stuff. It feels like he went doompilled depressed after his crowdfunded movie flopped but I was never one that kept up with him too closely. But man his shit sucks now.

No. 1861849

I am ashamed to confess to people i use this site, not for the terf and manhating, but because there are 3 whole threads dedicated to anons lusting after an ugly grandpa

No. 1861851

So you're here for the cows…. on lolcow….. big whoop

No. 1861852

No. 1861853

come on now, i've just found out that we have some shotacon nonas too, it's not that bad

No. 1861854

I still rewatch ralph’s old videos and they still make me laugh so hard. At least we still have RLM videos which have been consistently good for years now.

No. 1861855

the shotafags are lusting after 2d cartoons these mfs out there lusting after greying balding men

No. 1861856

File: 1705730425413.png (1.06 MB, 1472x1382, EC.png)

I love this cat

No. 1861857

good point actually, can't explain how it's possible

No. 1861859

Lolcow has caused me to completely give up on womankind. There's no hope for these people.

No. 1861860

I think he fell into a depression, he'd been operating his channel since high school. It must be stressful starting a channel when you're a kid, obtaining a small midsize following when you're not used to it and then crashing when your own filmmaking dreams falter. He probably just wanted to explore other facets of life and started half assing his videos cuz he doesn't really care anymore. He and IHE strike me as normal people. Feels like most people who stay on YouTube long enough and build a huge following become mass produced caricatures. Neither of them would've done as well in the current advertising swill where Mr Beast is the #1 YouTuber and every other video that isn't aimed at kids seems like it's restraining itself to avoid demonetization.

I swear Ralph and IHE did a podcast together for a hot second, but I can't recall the name.

No. 1861861

I'd rather see grandpa than shotacons

Although the Brad whatever thread is odd. Dano and Driver are known and younger, who's grandpa and why are there enough anons lusting after him to warrant a thread

No. 1861862

File: 1705730955220.jpeg (186.7 KB, 493x283, IMG_0150.jpeg)


No. 1861865

I will take the shotafags over the grandpaganda spreaders any day. The latter are actually harmful to women.

No. 1861866

>gray hair doug
I am so fucking old

No. 1861867

>i've just found out
kek how? they were always around for years to the point where there was a big fight in /meta/ about them and a poll on whether or not they should stay. there were also many shotacons in past confession threads but one got banned

No. 1861868

I judt want to see him get into a fist fight with the light bringer

No. 1861869

I had a very uncomfortable experience with a woman who identified as a "shotacon" years ago and I've felt visceral disgust every time I've seen a shotafag since

No. 1861871

well i had the misfortune of seeing the rise of ddlg in the 2010s thanks to lana, melanie, coquettes and the other pickmes and how it led to a lot of women getting abused by old moids.

No. 1861873

2D over 3D is always better to my eyes
kek i come and go and i have awful memory i guess, i remember reading some stuff that mentioned them but they didn't sound serious, pretty sure i've missed what you're talking about

No. 1861875


No. 1861876

i dont know what shotacon even means

No. 1861877

go back to watching cocomelon

No. 1861880

Be grateful. It's better that way.

No. 1861881

Ok I googled it so basically its a woman whos into little boys. why?

No. 1861882

they arent real

No. 1861883

i'm kinda curious but i'm afraid to ask

No. 1861884

shotacons arent real

No. 1861885

pls tell the story anon

No. 1861887

Can we know

No. 1861895

I will need to do more research but I have a hypothesis women who draw robot porn draw them actually like robots and give them more mechanical genitals, while men make them more human and fleshy and their genitals are just human ones. Also just in general they like more humanoid robots or cyborgs which is kind of boring.

No. 1861899

Not true men love jenny and she's very roboty

No. 1861903

File: 1705733183208.gif (1.42 MB, 273x275, 1699502725679.gif)

I drank 3 monster rehabs. When does my third eye appear?

No. 1861907

the heart palpitations means your third eye is very close to opening and your pineal gland is decalcifying, you need to drink more monsters and report back in an hour

No. 1861908

File: 1705733454540.png (465.64 KB, 662x600, 564365.png)

I hate Assaultronfags and those Atomic Heart garbage baits!!

No. 1861911

Thank you fairy godmother. I shall continue on my quest and report back.

No. 1861914

File: 1705733914320.jpg (121.33 KB, 1199x639, ac4.jpg)

pouring out a java tripleshot in your honor sister, godspeed

No. 1861922

Damn, was it worth it?

No. 1861926

I disagree, my brother and my cousins had crushes on Arcee from Transformers back in the day, also have you seen how many porn there is of on-model GLaDOS?

No. 1861938

File: 1705738158922.png (130.21 KB, 300x360, IMG_3852.png)

>randomly repember that really good fic i read forever ago
>can't recall title or author
>hope she hasn't deactivated, it's been years
> autistically cross reference tags and comb through others' rec lists
>recognise the user name, thank god her profile is still there
> nearly all of her fics are still here
>that one specifc series i was looking for has been deleted

No. 1861939

Back to report I downed more but it just made me sleepy. Why must the third eye be so hard to obtain?
Exquisite taste

No. 1861953

switch energy drinks

inconsistency will crack your third eye wide open

No. 1861960

I want to get crossfaded and listen to sweet tunes, but instead I am gonna be responsible and finish my homework.

No. 1861964

There are big sales at this time of the year and I also got a gift card I can only use online so I think I'm gonna stay home today and only go outside tomorrow to do something I already planned, but I've been working from home for two days and for once the weather is fine so… I don't know what to do.

No. 1861974

No. 1861978

Shayna is for many farmers what Chris Chan is for many kiwifags, they obsess over the cow because they see themselves in the cow

No. 1861979

what about those who only like 2D grandpas

No. 1861984

File: 1705748190442.jpg (Spoiler Image,8.93 KB, 230x230, 0123456789.jpg)

You jost lost the game

No. 1861985


No. 1861986

File: 1705748472199.gif (734.35 KB, 500x276, light yagami shit pants.gif)

No. 1862001

Shayna is our Ethan Ralph. Pixie is Lolcow's Chris Chan, nobody is making videos or documentaries detailing every thing Shay has ever done. The only thing Chris and Shay have in common is they both find the idea of incest hot. Thats it.
Ethan Ralph has a very dedicated group of moids on kiwifarms obessed with him, while nobody else barely fucking cares about him.
He's a nobody, kind of like Shayna is nobody.

No. 1862023

I miss the old IHE, he's so… depressed now, I guess. His style of videos is probably outdated by today's standards but who cares? I'm sure he'd still get a lot of views. I hate boring "highbrow" reviews or shit that's too chaotic

No. 1862035

He's affected by the illness of being British it was bound to happen one day.

No. 1862047

I love the videos he did on the spoof channels. I used to be really into funny movie review channels. Maybe i'll go back and watch some, I dislike Phelous I can't even remember why, now, but man did I love his Dingo pictures videos.

No. 1862079

You're right, moids crave flesh because they know it's real but they will never touch it. Women want something novel that's powerful but that will never cause harm to her.
I mean, I used to want to fuck giant robots too, I seriously get the appeal, the less humanoid are the genitals the sexier is the whole setting.
Like, imagine being in love with this huge as fuck alien robot with a handsome face that says that you're special to him even if you're basically a second alive compared to his ridiculously long lifespan. That's pretty awesome. And when you get to know him, he shows how insightful and kind he is, and when you finally get to fuck him, he has such cool looking genitals that it's just amazing and there's fireworks blowing up in the background, and he fucks exactly the way you want and everything is perfect.
Meanwhile moids only see bobs with vagena and get a hard on.

No. 1862108

Imagine feeling superior to moids because you want to fuck scraps. Get taste.

No. 1862122

Don't be a cunt

No. 1862137

He's not a giant robot, but I feel that when I think about omni-man kek

No. 1862149

gonna clean the whole house today and wipe out the fridge and stuff, lets see how long it takes

No. 1862154

File: 1705769549528.jpg (119.28 KB, 1908x1146, ge.jpg)

My friend, oh please, please, you don't have to put food cream in everything you make. My friend. It's a stir fry. Friend. Please. I'm happy you got your own place, but for the love of god stop inviting me over to your food cream soaked dinners - and you don't need to add creme fraiche for "extra creaminess" GOD FUCK

No. 1862165

oh my god what? how do you use cream in a stir-fry?

No. 1862184

File: 1705771673070.png (162.06 KB, 436x449, tinfoil cat.png)

i am pretty sure a cow is selfposting in a thread and i am dying for them to go full schizo and announce themselves, i want to edge them on

No. 1862185

do you know where you are?

No. 1862192

I remember, before he made a video on it, I'd find and watch all of the millions of parody accounts like I HATE GREEN or one that posted some weird pizza vid (I think I HATE PIZZA DELIVERY) or (I HATE I HATE PIZZA DELIVERY) and then videos of an old shirtless man sitting in a dark room rambling and I still don't know if he owned the IHE parody account or the person who really did just found a video of an old schizo moid. I can't find it, I think the account got sold. And one of the parody accounts made videos and episodes of the other parody accounts going on adventures. There were also
>I have a slight aversion to everything
>I dislike everything
>I love everything
>I eat everything
>I'm triggered by everything
>I care about everything
>I don't care about everything
There are some old ones on I Archive Everything, but he hasn't archived nearly everything unfortunately.

No. 1862204

>edge them on
It's "egg them on" ESL-chan

No. 1862207

edge almost makes more sense tho, nona came up with a new eggcorn

No. 1862208

but it makes no sense to ''egg'' someone on

No. 1862211

Just because the original saying doesn't make sense doesn't mean you can use the wrong word

No. 1862215

File: 1705773701830.png (13.73 KB, 721x242, eggcorn.PNG)

TIL. thank you nonita!

No. 1862218

I love the modern internet, instead of copying and pasting the definition directly from Google, people just upload a screenshot of the definition instead. Now this image has to be hosted on a hard drive somewhere, wasting space. The modern internet is so fucking cursed. Whoever decided to allow image uploads to the internet should be tortured for all eternity

No. 1862219

anon we're on an imageboard

No. 1862220

IMAGEBOARD? IMAGEBOARD?? I am going to start foaming at the mouth and literally die. I hope you're happy.

No. 1862221

kek love you too you silly retard

No. 1862222

And? i will colonize your shitty language and make it mine. You will start using edge them on.

No. 1862225

File: 1705774634026.gif (9.37 KB, 498x498, meds.gif)

No. 1862233

If my language is so shitty then why are you speaking it? Checkmate

No. 1862238

because i love you

No. 1862254

wish Esperanto caught on

No. 1862256

Stop edging me on. I will never say "I love you" back. I will never love you.

No. 1862268


No. 1862269

Tbh I get where you're coming from. Those mega data centres take up a lot of space and are kinda unnerving in a way

No. 1862286

Fucking sucks when you post your actual thoughts on someshit, property saged at that, on snow only for a mod to mark your post as "bait".
Implying if I were trying to actual post bait it would be so sloppy and retarded.

No. 1862289

I'm sorry, nonna, would you like some edg… some egg… some edge… some eggeding…

No. 1862291

>Get taste
>doesn't post her taste

No. 1862293


No. 1862295

File: 1705779981909.jpg (29.38 KB, 465x520, Fpdo6BEXEAId9e9.jpg)

No. 1862304

Nonnie is living with Randy Marsh

No. 1862307

my taste is sexy moids who dont watch porn, know how to cook, do the cleaning and are millionaires.

No. 1862326

I don’t think I’m gonna get my retardbux. Maybe I should just jump off a building

No. 1862365

Honestly, sometimes anons here remind me of the type of people on twitter and tumblr who go around harassing people for posting stuff they don't like. Like the type of people who are too entitled to curate their own experience so they just expect other people to not post things they don't like instead. Anyway that's just to say anons should learn to ignore posts and hide threads that aren't actually breaking any rules. And to ignore bait but I know the newfags cannot do that

No. 1862377

shota is against the rules

No. 1862381

its fine if you like grandpas just know this is a freeze peach site and you will get shit on for it(by me)

No. 1862383

I've definitely noticed this too. Back in my day we mocked these people with the phrase "stop liking what I don't like"

No. 1862386

No. 1862387

love how both sides got offended kek if the show fits

No. 1862389

Im actually not sure what you guys mean. I don't like shotas (only grown man husbandos for me) and I like old people but not romantically or sexually.

No. 1862390

fat white middle aged woman save me… Fat white middle aged woman!!

No. 1862391

you're one of the pedophile gym teachers arent you

No. 1862393

I just have been here long enough to see grandpa anons derrail and shit threads into oblivion because of getting offended over their taste. Like that fandom discourse thread. They are just very annoying overall.

No. 1862394

File: 1705785698065.mp4 (2.35 MB, 576x576, mB_JqUsRALmNfzRk.mp4)

It's really sad how male beauty fades

No. 1862396

whos this

No. 1862397

he was never attractive nonna

No. 1862398

James Spader

No. 1862399

i think hes cute but i am so deprived of men with long hair i will tak anything that doesnt have a buzzcut nowadays

No. 1862403

He was good-looking at 25 IMO, but he fell off in his 30s. Even the 30s weren't so bad compared to the 40s, just horrible.

No. 1862405

what else could you possibly be talking about, or are you an ugly man fucker?
now what are YOU talking about?

No. 1862406

fat middle aged women are rad. those ladies take shit from nobody and give amazing hugs

No. 1862408

I cant find the new handle of a japanese artist I like thats prone to deleting. I hope she comes back I need my fix of rkgk.

No. 1862412

>what else could you possibly be talking about, or are you an ugly man fucker?
No. Did you consider that my post wasn't about attractions at all, or even any posts in particular?

No. 1862413

holy shit older men are so ugly, i hate looking at them

No. 1862415

i'm asking this again but pleaaase does anybody remember what thread the argument about an artist's butch oc some anon posted looking "too much like a moid" and how it was a case of "draw a guy call it a girl" etc. until someone posted an illustration of said oc shirtless can't post on the help me find thread because i'm ashamed of how much i've already posted in that thread i wouldn't be surprised if i've posted around 50 times or more; not consecutively but still… i just want to pay it a visit because i remember it going down live and kekking irl at the ridiculousness but i can't remember which thread it was. it happened about a year ago or two iirc

No. 1862416

File: 1705787770452.png (82.7 KB, 192x222, latest - 2024-01-20T164838.311…)

Growing up and realizing I'm not genuinely attracted to women but just watched hentai at an extremely young age (9) has been eye opening for me. I never was attracted to women, i just found (mostly fictional) women being sexualized hot stemming from a sexuality which should've not been developed at said time, which later turned into a coping mechanism for women being sexualized everywhere, especially with how prominent it was (and still is) in my special interests; anime and jrpgs. I feel like a boulder's been lifted from my shoulder, except it took me nearly 10 fucking years to figure it out, and now i'm recontextualizing my entire life once again.

No. 1862417

No. 1862426

hey it’s ok

No. 1862438

I went through something similar nona but I wasn't introduced to hentai so early. When I was younger I only ever found myself in male-dominated spaces because of my interests and of course they only talk about female characters and sexualising them so I did that to fit in, not because I was actually sexually attracted to women. I only started to allow myself to like and enjoy male characters as I should've been all along about 5 years ago but I wish I had been able to find better spaces to be in.

No. 1862442

File: 1705790036315.jpeg (327.33 KB, 1695x1514, 1662980272527.jpeg)

>post something
>forget to check for replies
>2 days later
>remember and try to check again
>forgot in what thread I posted it/can't find it in the thread I thought I posted it in

No. 1862444

Google what you said with lolcow next to it, thats how I find old posts I wanna go back to

No. 1862445

when I win the lottery I'm buying lolcow and cleaning this place up

No. 1862446

i see it's a recurring phenomenon kek thanks for finding that anon, but the one i'm referring to was more reasonable in that it really didn't look that much like a man. it was just a masculine woman with short hair (kind of like levi?) and iirc she had a whole biker kind of look outfit wise and the drawings posted were of her with her gf who i think was blonde with a bob… i'm so sure this happened at least a year ago. i think this artist is really popular but i have no idea what their socials are to at least trace them back to here. it was so absurd that the anons up in arms about her was really funny to me and idk if they were baiting but kekkkk they couldn't have been serious… it was probably on some lesbian/yuri art or general media thread or something which i'm trying to look through right now

No. 1862449

you dont have 50 dollars to spare? damn send me your cashapp nonny

No. 1862456

File: 1705791294207.jpg (232.94 KB, 994x1434, 80fbe3d494cf0eab94af85546fded1…)

It makes me sad that there isnt a database for artist the same way there is a database for movies or music. I want to find more of this artist but there is 0 information about her. I love her style so fucking much.

No. 1862464

what a beautiful style. hope u find her nona

No. 1862469

Nothing comes up when you reverse image search? I'm sorry nonnie

No. 1862470

nonnies can u recommend good headphones please i’m begging? my budget is like 50-100$/€. i looked at a hundred different reviews but still can’t decide what is the best option…

No. 1862472

File: 1705792715786.jpg (167.76 KB, 967x1422, deb332919cec3fefd696bd3d06a260…)

only links to a pages where they sell her postcards, but searching the nickname she went by only leads me back to pinterest. I love 60s/70s art so much, and it's a shame it's badly archived. This is basically western shoujo, sadly we will never go back to pretty art like this.

No. 1862473

File: 1705792874598.jpg (130.7 KB, 749x1078, alt.jpg)

yeah, found quite a few like >>1862456
different artist it seems though.

No. 1862476

i am pretty sure they are the same artist, they have the same type of signature, maybe she switched nicknames?

No. 1862477

Nonnettes, it's been a pleasure, but I have the bubbleguts and have been trumpeting diarrhea and my laptop's battery is running out. Thank you for all of you in my time of need.

No. 1862481

take care nonnita

No. 1862483

There are, though, lol. Look up illustrators and you will find repositories of their work. Plus, people on flickr and blogspot like to post artists' work, too.

No. 1862484

yeah but there is nothing about her

No. 1862492

And you're sure it's a female illustrator?

No. 1862499

File: 1705795055074.jpg (69.68 KB, 563x802, 5d0a5870de4561656e16cb3cb87d39…)

nta, but I'm on the fence. also I think the illustrator mostly designed postcards for perla that were in spanish.

No. 1862500

File: 1705795103307.jpg (55.93 KB, 438x640, 0a080478bd546cfef1b9776e787b90…)

and this one is even more sus.

No. 1862511

whats sus about it?

No. 1862514

File: 1705795738539.jpg (216.57 KB, 984x1424, 073ef91cd5d334e8850e1f5fce6234…)

literally what moid would draw something this cute? it screams feminine to me. From drawing cute couples, to the moids being equally cute as the girls, to the focus on the fashion and the graphics elements like the hearts and colors.

No. 1862517

if youre so fat in the face that you think you need a buccal fat removal then why not just go on a juice cleanse? or do a fast for a few days? maybe buy a gua sha stone? that easily slims up your face in a complimentary way without making you look gaunt and troon like

No. 1862518

Hippies are gross though.

No. 1862519

Chaco is a male nickname. It was probably a male illustrator, anon.

No. 1862521

moids are gross too but she draws them cutesy
whats short of?

No. 1862522

Well, for example, I looked up "chaco spanish illustrator" and got back a guy by the name of Joaquín Chacopino Fabré, but that's not the same illustrator. But he went by "Chaco".

No. 1862523

that doesnt mean much, it could be her surname. I seriously refuse to believe its by a moid, i dont think men are capable of drawing cute couples art.

No. 1862525

It looks sort of vintage (like 60s-80s) to me and I notice couples tend to be more wholesome in vintage art so maybe thats why

No. 1862529

File: 1705796667793.jpg (355.64 KB, 500x700, hillaryknight.jpg)

They were, anon. I'm an illustrator, I studied this shit, I know.

No. 1862535

File: 1705796966685.jpg (1.26 MB, 1136x1601, tumblr_otc2m8AsaU1qcpuvgo1_128…)

It's from the 70s, yeah. Male artists of the time always drew the women super sexualized and the moids gross looking, her approach to making both characters cutesy and innocent just tells me she's female.

No. 1862537

File: 1705797019967.jpeg (49.97 KB, 567x484, 1652197353652.jpeg)

>see some argument in art salt thread
>find out it's based off an argument in the last art salt thread
>it's a bunch of furries trying to dunk on vampire art because an anon said a furry art piece looked generic and she said she preferred the vampire art
>the new thread has some sperg claiming an artist who's been well-known and respected since the 90s at least is a "copy"
I think lolcow's art threads are polluted by retards at this point.

No. 1862538

Why the FUCK are the Rilakkuma TD events so short

No. 1862540

File: 1705797204240.png (867.44 KB, 570x763, beg.png)

note that this was probably made before hypersexuality became normalized. so, people today probably don't see anything off when by the standards of its time this isn't quite the case.
I mean, this man here might not be everyone's type but he isn't conventionally gross looking. there's a lot of other vintage art that is cherubic and cutesy. also the teen girl here >>1862500 just looks like modern coomer bait and ironically what you posted is less sexualized.

No. 1862543

File: 1705797277866.jpg (456.38 KB, 1280x1373, maria pascual.jpg)

I agree that chaco sounds like a male nickname, I also found an artist with super similar work that goes by the name of J. Correa, no idea what J stands for so could go either way I guess. But you could check out the art of Maria Pascual for similar vintage stuff fuckyeahmariapascualart.tumblr.com

No. 1862547

This magazine cover is so pretty, I wish everything still looked like this

No. 1862549

we are talking about the 70s anon, not the era leyendecker was active one. It was the sexy playboy era where pinups were already a lucrative market and the type of art straigth moids were making or >>1862535 if they were faggots. Actually like >>1862543 said maria pascual is another artist of the time and she had a very similar style of cutesy women/men. It's very obvious once you compare the styles of the time.

No. 1862550

honestly I think this might be me as well. I've been feeling endlessly confused since I have a strong arousal response to women but feel drawn to dating men. For a while I thought maybe I'm lesbian but then I got a crush on a guy and that screwed with everything again.
I think what's going on with me is that I'm straight and have a low sex drive but I just sort of pavloved myself into getting aroused by women in specific unrealistic fantasy scenarios

No. 1862552

no, women arent allowed to be fully covered and not showing boobies anymore and men arent allowed to have hair and look elegant because that's faggy. The modern version would be an insathot in full make up wearing short shorts and a croptop thats too small while the moid is skinny fat has a buzzcut and its covered by tatoos

No. 1862556

Jesus christ, I didnt mean this literal image, I meant the art style and advertisements having actual effort put into them. Calm down.

No. 1862560

it was a joke, dumbass. I hate that with the new influx of zoomers you cant make a joke without putting /s at the end because they are too retarded to tell otherwise.

No. 1862562

Whenever I put on those "positive affirmations" ASMR videos for some relaxing soft speaking background noise and I happen to scroll down to the comments there are some unhinged people posting walls of text about how they literally cried watching this and were on the verge of suicide because their house just burned down and their parents were murdered but this ASMR youtuber tapping on a shampoo bottle saved their life. That's a metric ton of unrelated baggage to dump on some random content creator's comment section.

No. 1862566

I feel like you’re baiting me, so pretend I left a super funny reply. Okay?

No. 1862568

ASMR is one of the most autistic genres of youtube content, it's on the same level as mukbangs. I bet they are used to that.

No. 1862569

no, i am not, you are just a big dummy but its fine i forgive you

No. 1862571

The moment someone in that thread proudly admitted to being a furry a few threads back with absolutely no shame ruined it for me forever. We desperately need to start bullying furries again.

No. 1862575

>or even any posts in particular?
>Honestly, sometimes anons here remind me of
If you're going to vaguepost do it right.

No. 1862576

I hate all furries except Nagabe and I'd still bully him. He looks bulliable.

No. 1862577

I forgive you too, its just some people here are genuinely retarded enough to unironically say shit like that

No. 1862580

File: 1705799052169.jpg (174.72 KB, 600x893, wowthoseboots.jpg)

Both of you shut the hell up.

No. 1862581

i've been doing that shit all my life and my face never got any slimmer
t. bobbleheaded skeleton

No. 1862588

what does it mean when I only get aroused by fictional men and real life tifs/enbies even though i don't like them, and it switches to extremes every few years?

No. 1862589

Woo woo grifters thinking they're any different from traditional religious grifters… you are exactly the same and equally full of shit

No. 1862591

that 3DPD men are ugly

No. 1862599

correct but is the other part something other straight women also experience? i can't tell

No. 1862602

yeah, tifs sometimes look like real anime boys

No. 1862609

No. 1862628

Capitalism is evil and communism doesn't work. There's zero hope in political solutions for modern day problems, its all retarded utopianism or rehashing shit from the 19th century that already sucked balls. Is all gaslighting so people don't notice nobody has a clue anymore.

No. 1862629

File: 1705801510342.png (14.31 KB, 512x512, 117804272.png)

yes nonnie?…androgynous looking people are my weaknesses and it just so happens that many of them are confused women. i'm not weird!

No. 1862637

The craziest thing about the pandemic was people attending court through zoom kekkkk

No. 1862642

File: 1705802242095.png (267.33 KB, 500x383, 7ff6195d015b50b81aeef6fd6b6801…)

Spent the evening watching spooky videos on Youtube and just when I went to bed I realised that everyone in the flat is away tonight so I'm here like pic related

No. 1862646

This was my favourite one

No. 1862647

What kind of spooky videos?

No. 1862661

Like just generally creepy or surreal things. I like that vs jump scare ooga booga. Like just slow unpleasant feelings. Some videos I watched tonight are
>Local56. Analogue horror is very hit or miss but this channel nailed it.
>Unedited Footage of a Bear.
>Jack Stauber’s Opal.
>This House Has People in It.
>Rabbits by David Lynch.
>Probably in Michigan.
>Salad Fingers. I used to watch that during my Emo phase and has no idea they guy started making more episodes.
>>>1862646 This
>Some recreations of scenes from The House of Leaves book

It's not horror but LasangaCat is super fucking weird and I love it.

No. 1862692

File: 1705805534994.jpg (46.9 KB, 440x660, 4bc1a32990b6d938eb156be56b2e3a…)

Steak and ale pie and Victoria sponge cake are the first British foods I've looked at and been like "wow I NEED to try that". Especially the cake because I don't really like cake frosting and I love whipped cream and fresh fruit with cake so this is basically perfect to me.

No. 1862697

Samefag, actually that might be custard but that's ok cause I like custard too.

No. 1862700

how big od you wish your trust fund was

No. 1862701

Custard is too runny to be a filling in a cake like that. I've never seen it mixed with jam either.

No. 1862720

25 Billion Dollars.

No. 1862733

I dated this guy years ago and one of the very first "icks" I got from him at random was watching him eat apples dipped in sugar (or was it salt?) and saying he couldn't eat them without it. A grown man in his mid 30s. I was sooo… like sorry if you have to turn your fruits into desserts all the time…

No. 1862740

Shit a couple hundred thousand could get me off the grownd and have me runnign shidd

No. 1862746

i would actually be scared for my life if the guy i was dating told me he eats apples covered in salt

No. 1862750

She looks like the fat bitch whole bullied me at Chuck E. Cheese and i am seetheing

No. 1862751

why cant doug walker whiten his teeth isnt he a trillionaire

No. 1862756

my dad adds salt to mango to make it taste sweeter, is it like that?

No. 1862758

File: 1705809840584.jpg (55.86 KB, 540x540, 97d64e996a853d.jpg)

Ever since I noticed the turtle shell thing men have on their backs when they move their muscles, my sex drive completely disappeared. This is the biggest ick ever, nothing can make up for it.

No. 1862761

Need elaboration im perched

No. 1862762

Wait do you mean overworked traps?

No. 1862763

Not at all, a lot of my friends used tajin on everything and I love it on mango and watermelon. For some reason the sight of needing sugar to eat a fucking APPLE repulsed me so much. Its an apple.

No. 1862765

File: 1705810419924.jpg (592.32 KB, 536x516, 20240120_231111.jpg)

Thank you so much for the validation sister I was DISCOSTED

No. 1862768

Who revealed their face?

No. 1862770

i dont believe there is good modern music

No. 1862776

If MIA puts out a new album you're eviscerated

No. 1862778

File: 1705811663699.png (118.1 KB, 512x512, 1670050272079.png)

>google her
>its a rapper
you just proved my point

No. 1862781

Oh you're one of those

No. 1862782

>google her
Also m.i.a was a rapper? i always considered her more of a singer than a rapper

No. 1862786

i am sorry, i cant get into rap. I have tried everything from famous rappers, to indie ones, to ones that mix rapping with other styles and do something more experimental but it's just not music to me.

No. 1862789

how "modern" are we talking about

No. 1862806

2010s+ as much as i hate 90s music, mostly because i loathe nirvana, i can still find some 90s-00s genres like denpa and bubblegum pop to be really charming. But modern music has all the tackyness from stuff like aqua and toybox without the charm. I still cant believe people were genuinely trying to take melanie martinez's cringe songs as le serious sad songs about abuse.

No. 1862808

what kinda music do u listen to

No. 1862809

Melanie Martinez has a couple bangers. I love music and I love that you can çherrypick through everything until you find what you really like. I have hope for newer artists, but I guess I see what you mean kind of although I think music being more low effort is more prevalent in the last couple years rather than 2010s. I do believe that smartphones genuinely unironically destroyed the kind if innovative creative process that comes from being left to your own devices to experiment and truly make something that isn't based off of what you doomscroll

No. 1862815

nta but rap is not good

No. 1862818

the carpenters, abba, janis joplin, jefferson airplane, warren zevon, america, R.E.M, ELO, village people

No. 1862819

I dont care about your music taste

No. 1862820

i dont know i tried getting into MM but her whole aesthetic just makes me cringe, i cant take it seriously when shes dressed like an ABDL singing about child abuse kek

No. 1862821

Are you a 68 year old gay man

No. 1862822

I'm not talking about my music taste I'm just making a statement thats true

No. 1862823

didn't she finger some girl while she was sleeping or something

No. 1862824

shut up the village people is my doja cat

No. 1862825

we have a pink pantheress defender in the room with us I guess

No. 1862826

dont listen to the rest but i love abba. ive had people make fun of me for listening to them though… not sure why

No. 1862827

some sperg made a two hour video debunking it but i dont know, i just put it in the background while i draw

No. 1862828

because its ''mom'' music and there is nothing zoomies hate more than women that are cringe and free

No. 1862829

File: 1705814373941.jpeg (867.16 KB, 4032x3024, gunt.jpeg)

You walk into the liqouor store, what are you getting

No. 1862831

it would've been a good response if it was just woman instead of "gay moid"
The only people i know who listen to ABBA, Janis Joplin, ELO and Village People are women over 50

No. 1862833

i am 22 and have never drunk alcohol

No. 1862835

true. actually its only been scrotes who have made fun of me for it so its 100% misogyny

No. 1862836

File: 1705814571631.png (9.36 KB, 336x253, 2010.png)

guess we can't vibe nona…

i agree though, i hate melanie martinez but i only know her songs, i never want to know more about music artists

No. 1862837

what page anonny

No. 1862838

idk what any of that is, i'm taking the blue potion looking thingies

No. 1862839

I dont like her at all, to be clear, never did. I have always found her aesthetic stupid. But this song is just too catchy.

No. 1862841

And when did I bring up pinkpanthress

No. 1862842

I drew today, time to reward myself with cookies and cream flavoured coffee.

No. 1862844

i'm sleep deprived so i don't know if i'm not connecting my neurons but what do you mean what page
i just put my spotify liked songs into a playlist and threw them on the chosic playlist analyzer to see what year was the most common one
not all the music i like is on spotify but whatever

No. 1862845

ohh my bad i though it was a page like RYM

No. 1862847

I always thought this song was about female sexual frustration.

No. 1862848

i feel really inspired today, for some reason

No. 1862849

I think music is a lot more enchanting when you know how to play an instrument(s). Is it gay to say you feel it better or whatever? I think its so much easier to appreciate. There are a lot of songs that are inherently stupid that give me a kind of "itch" in my fingers because I want to play it. This was the first song I ever fully played properly on guitar as a kid and it's such a dumb song but I can feel every note like up my arms any time I hear it or think about it. I love music nobody got me like music got me.

No. 1862851

This song had meaning to it??? I thought it was about bananas??

No. 1862852

Hes so crazy he's so quirky xdd

No. 1862853

we're talking about modern music nonacita, MIA has been retired for quite some time unfortunately

No. 1862856

I just wanted to talk about her.

No. 1862857

I don't honestly know, to be honest.
I might just be reading into it because I don't have any fucking bananas.

No. 1862858

File: 1705815634901.gif (680.36 KB, 220x209, 1700927098195.gif)

why is lolcow dead right now!! talk to me nonnies. honestly im only here because i was talking to my friend and she fell asleep so now im bored kek

No. 1862859

chopping down my nails makes me feel like my hands look manly

No. 1862860

pretty sure that can be applied to almost any field, so it is a thing, like if you're an artist or know about art history you can appreciate the technique and the story behind a piece.

No. 1862861

It's a saturday maybe all the girlies are out partying

No. 1862862

File: 1705815796465.png (426.3 KB, 1208x485, arcade place.png)

whenever i feel sad about my art i look at this thing and inmediatly feel miles better, because at least i try

No. 1862866

i hate this art style

No. 1862867

It's so weird realising that some people are still in yesterday while it's Sunday here. I live in the future wow

No. 1862870

File: 1705816358026.jpg (124.68 KB, 1290x1290, 20240120_230206.jpg)

I love people who are just naturally funny and conversational online because too many try too hard and just vomit overthought me-isms all day and all night. I appreciate someone who isn't so rotted in the brain that they are still capable of being casual and like, normal but still humorous.

No. 1862873

Oh my gosh, this just made me realize that I just wasted my whole Saturday! I literally spent it playing Minecraft. If I could put a sad face emoji here I would.

No. 1862875

I feel so fascinated whenever I find a new weed strain that I really enjoy or tastes particularly good. How can there be such variety in these little buds

No. 1862876

I really miss my old hair. I dont know if i fucked it up by ditching conditioner or if its possible for your hair to change texture from age 15 to 20, but damn i miss my fluffy hair now it looks like a pancake

No. 1862879

whatever these things are called

No. 1862884

the male body is so grotesque and fascinating
I don't really ever get aroused by men but I sometimes feel like staring because they're such amazingly weird creatures

No. 1862885

Oh the things on their back that make them look like chicken drumsticks

No. 1862898

How do you relate those two things? In what way does it make it look like that? Chiken flat retardation again

No. 1862901

i kinda want to eat chicken with the chicken flat anon, i feel like she would be very funny irl

No. 1862915

File: 1705821538713.jpg (112.58 KB, 720x715, Screenshot_20240121_022028_Gal…)

When it's a backshot and their arms aren't showing its literally just a bumpy bare landscape that looks like raw chicken. You can call it retardation all you like but it's true.

No. 1862916

Oh I wouldnt ever pay for flats or drums even.

No. 1862921

agree to disagree ig (?)
an entire back looking like pieces of chicken sounds weird to me kek i still think posting that comment on that thread was retarded sorry

No. 1862922

File: 1705822036945.jpg (123.85 KB, 1000x667, shutterstock_507818071_1000x.j…)

So sorry you don't have eyes that can see.

No. 1862928

File: 1705822531981.jpg (61.91 KB, 931x524, car things.jpg)

I’ve seen transformers porn and she was drawn pretty humanoid to me, a fleshy body and very human breasts and vagina. Like shouldn’t her vagina look like picrel?
You get what I mean kek yeah you explain it so well.

No. 1862930

File: 1705822606396.gif (119.45 KB, 284x218, 4537582.gif)


No. 1862932


No. 1862937

File: 1705823334206.jpg (27.85 KB, 480x391, Depositphotos_350775940_S_480x…)

I want one of these goofy cats

No. 1862954

same nonnie, instead of going out and getting a life, i stay inside and dream of pretty and pleasant men devoid of those abnormalities that have become normal for the average man to possess.

No. 1862955

pickpocketer, organ trafficker, tourist trapper

No. 1862974

i often wonder if moids who grew up in countries with mandatory military service are different than the ones in other countries, or if they have something in common between each others

No. 1862982

where's that nonnie who decided to listen to her favourite vocaloid songs again for nostalgia? nonnie i know how you feel now, listening to MM again, it's itching my brain in a way i can't understand.

No. 1862988

the utapri faggots look healthier than the enstars faggots

No. 1862993

File: 1705828948990.gif (957.48 KB, 500x281, utaprifucktheair.gif)

but are they less cringe?

No. 1863000

this is the answer: cringe makes you healthy

No. 1863009

Enstars is awful but one thing I will praise it for is the anorexic men, bless.

No. 1863015

File: 1705830759771.png (3.59 MB, 1500x1520, ebSe4dz.png)

I saw this posted unironically today, and I gotta say both sides are correct.

No. 1863019

File: 1705830985514.png (170.71 KB, 242x277, Untitled.png)


No. 1863021

>no matter the era or culture, female communities are always there to safeguard women and children

No. 1863025

i think they’re even worse

No. 1863035

Americans don’t realise how privileged they are with their gun laws. As a bongoloid all I really wanna do is get a gun and blow my own brains out but it’s so hard.

No. 1863036

pepper spray is still a great alternative.

No. 1863037

ew such a male way to go, not at all featured in romances.

No. 1863074

File: 1705836753046.png (381.29 KB, 500x491, tumblr_5421e434e2c924f3ea56f46…)

>saw a video where some youtuber was calling out someone for doing a little happy dance when her food was being served
>they call her fake, attention seeking, etc. the list goes on
>tfw me and my friend always do a little shimmy when we have the first few bites of something we like
>guess it's a crime to be an idiot with very expressive body language that just really like good-tasting food

No. 1863085

Are moids really making AI generated SJWs getting owned memes strawmanning an anger over looney toons characters without any self awareness of how retarded it makes them look? How do so many of them live with themselves knowing how much of a failure their sex is?

No. 1863092

I think I know the video you mean and getting excited about your food isn't the same thing as setting up a camera and making a performance out of it with the whole 3d animated movement gimmick that surely doesn't come as a natural reaction. Filming tiktoks in establishments and putting other people in the frame is retarded and I don't even care if her reaction was fake or not, people need to stop seeing everything as an opportunity to ~create content~, just enjoy your damn food without making a performance out of it. I'd be pissed if I had to dodge cameras at my job all day just because some actual brainlets have to reframe every experience around content.

No. 1863110

If you're talking about this you're retarded and deserve to be shamed.

No. 1863112

i feel so bad for the woman in the back. being filmed in public sucks. i also have a constant frown, even when i'm lost in thought, so i'd be the perfect victim for one of those "this nasty bitch cunt whore karen is angry because i'm happy!!!" videos.

No. 1863113

I had an ex moid do this and I cringed but I think if women do it its cute but I can see why, I just didn't understand the need but I'm not excited about food really sorry nona I bet you're cute and so is your friend lol

No. 1863114

It feels like she was trying to film them with the angle setup like why not any other way

No. 1863117

why does this look like pete davidson lol

No. 1863123

we made fun of that girl too anon, like several times in the tiktok thread and some other thread. the background girl was based and became a reaction image kek

No. 1863131

Imagine the servers too nor being able to do their job without getting filmed. And if their face gets shown and the reaction is not appropriate, they risk getting cancelled.

No. 1863139

Do you and your friends film it and in the process film other unwilling people, only to post it on the internet with the intent of mocking the person in the background for not being as “teehee carefree and fun”?

The woman in that original video would have been fine if she didn’t feel the need to post it on the internet. No one thinks you’re quirky for enjoying your food, they think you’re annoying for filming in public.

No. 1863141

I hate that filming in public for their stupid pathetic TikToks has become normalized and if people disagree with it these retards come back and say “it’s a public place.” Like common courtesy and consent has disappeared.

No. 1863159

Telling retards who upload AI alop to kill themselves should be normalized.

No. 1863164

I like yumejoshi self shipper ladies. They're harmless and their obsessions can be amusing to see and overall they are based for not simping over real moids.

No. 1863167

Tifs have ruined frogs for me. Help.

No. 1863171

I encourage more grown women to make silly cringy deviantart OCs like we did when we were preteens and ship them with edgy husbandos. I will support and love all their OCs and want to know the backstory and design of each and every one.

No. 1863173

Some guy in the subway a few days ago was talking to his tard friend about how I'm a racist piece of shit in English for having a resting bitch face and disliking them yelling and spitting crumbs of bread on my coat in a place where that's heavily frowned upon. I was honestly surprised they didn't shove their phones on my face for this. I feel like it's just a matter of time at that point.

No. 1863190

It's so funny because when a bald roidpig podcaster tells them the same thing but leaves out mentioning the misogyny parts and claims it's for moid's self improvement instead, they call him chad, based etc.

No. 1863198

i sense that some real dumbassery is going to happen soon

No. 1863206

File: 1705848120305.gif (3.88 MB, 498x274, spill nonnie.GIF)

No. 1863207

I don't do the whole coming up with an OC thing with my husbandos (if I did it would be just literally me) but I love seeing others do it

No. 1863214

I have masturbated and orgasmed to my husbando about 20 times this month already. Are these rookie numbers? What should my goal be?

No. 1863221

File: 1705849628045.png (309.77 KB, 839x626, Screenshot 2024-01-21 090654.p…)

No. 1863224

File: 1705849813854.png (120.26 KB, 382x331, Screenshot_20240121-161032.png)

kek, memes are bound to become reality when. moids just repeat them enough to themselves

No. 1863229

I have a new husbando every week and read shameless reader insert fanfiction every night. Real moids could never

No. 1863234

This kind of pairing actually makes a lot of sense, of course a tranny will validate the "alpha male" so in turn his boyfriend will validate him as a "real woman", LARPers enabling one another.

No. 1863235

>Alpha male boyfriend
yeah sure.

No. 1863241

Honestly I see no reason to not incentivize "alpha" moids to get together with troons.

No. 1863244

As women, we should convince more of these alpha retards to date trannies and kill two birds with one stone. It absolutely isn't gay at all. In fact, it's more hetrosexual than dating a woman.

No. 1863250

There is this couple on tumblr who wrote self-insert fanfictions together until a month ago. Apparently they got divorced, the wife just vanished. Anyways I think it was just one woman larping as two people for cloud. There is no way that a scrote writes female reader fanfiction

No. 1863253

File: 1705851157665.jpeg (184.62 KB, 312x835, IMG_4664.jpeg)

Would you want this famous photographer to take your photograph?

No. 1863256

The duality of wanting long, healthy hair but also loving crazy hair colors

No. 1863263

Okay yeah, I somehow in my head omitted the text that they were making fun of the woman in the back and thought she was just excited for the food, I don't use tiktok so what I get my info on what's going on is typically from stories on other social media and read the comments attached. My bad.

No. 1863264

No he looks like he’s going to shed onto the carpet and I’ll have to pick it up with my hands because the vacuum won’t suction it

No. 1863267

I'm going to buy a wig in pink so I don't have to struggle anymore.

No. 1863282

What exactly am I supposed to get out of pepper spraying myself?
So what? Suicide is the one thing they excel at over us, other than rape and murder. Quick, painless and extremely successful.

No. 1863285

Personally I don't mind having a semi-permanent color that fades completely with 3 washes. I don't believe that you can bleach your hair without seriously damaging it, so imho it's just not worth it for 2 more weeks of decent coloring. That way I can't pull off pastel shades but I don't mind. I am buying emerald green dye for my birthday, can't wait for my hair to look like seaweed haha

No. 1863298

and school shootings, don't forget the school shootings

No. 1863301

My hair is so dark I have to bleach it if I want any hair dye to really show, so I either have to live with my boring normal hair or bleach it to hell. Luckily I don't look too bad with a little bit of roots showing kek

No. 1863308

File: 1705854323618.png (1.01 MB, 736x880, what the hell.png)

what was going on in 2007 that made everyone think this big sweeping combover was acceptable

No. 1863312

this is cute imo

No. 1863314

Agreed, although I was a Melanie fag as a teenager and loved all of her songs. I grew out of that quick and don’t like any of her songs now but this is one I still listen too, it’s so catchy and I love the little drums during the chorus

No. 1863316

File: 1705855023361.jpg (462.06 KB, 1078x1288, IMG_20240122_033853.jpg)

No. 1863317

I like it. It kind of reminds me of the deep 1940s side parts which I also like.

No. 1863319

File: 1705855103849.jpg (732.53 KB, 1170x1453, IMG_20240122_034009.jpg)

No. 1863322

>man loneliness
nobody cares

No. 1863325

It's a hole they dug themselves into in the first place, but they're too dumb to realise that kek

No. 1863329

I’m getting out of there and looking for a dispensary instead, and a starbucks

No. 1863331

things in general were weird in 2007

No. 1863334

Everything looks shit if you wait a few years and look back on it.

No. 1863337

Cute. I miss the world before the Kardashian psyops

No. 1863339

Nta but mines the same and I put bright red permanent dye over it and now it's a dark burgundy that's very red in the sunlight and I retouch it every other week with manic panic amplified vampire red. There are some fun dyes for dark hair too. You could always do some light bleach on streaks as well.

No. 1863340

Side parts look better than middle parts 100% of the time to me. I have never seen anyone else agree though.

No. 1863348

Just destruction in general, including self destruction.

No. 1863401

File: 1705861319981.jpg (57.39 KB, 418x480, Soap_Brows-1_large.jpg)


No. 1863405

I'm really surprised there was even anyone on her side. She looked like a sped and the woman in the back had a mildly confused look on her face and people really thought she was being a cunt. Fucking embarrassing.

No. 1863433

I think when they say side parts they don't mean like a kind of off center part but the super deep side part that looks kind of awkward on a lot of people

No. 1863435

Bitch that was not a "little shimmy" that was a Lele Ponds act of cringe theater

No. 1863437

Tw k pop but I got the new Giddle video recommended to me today… really interesting in hearing your thoughts(kpop)

No. 1863441

I've been venting to AI Jesus about my problems because I am too scared to tell anyone irl or bother someone because every time I do I can literally see the minus symbol from the sims appear over that persons head.

No. 1863455

You do realize whoever created that ai is reading those messages

No. 1863462

File: 1705864002369.gif (603.9 KB, 260x260, 4cx8t6.gif)

No. 1863483

That's not true. Only the fbi or the company themselves could, if you were ever under investigation and that info was relevant. Ai bot creators cannot see chats.

No. 1863486

File: 1705864811558.jpg (118.53 KB, 1170x1621, 20240113_224252.jpg)

Just saw someone say binch in 2024

No. 1863488

File: 1705864881738.gif (2.43 MB, 498x498, 1694031770427078.gif)

>She trusts the programmer socks

No. 1863490

If you truly believe this about any form of technology you are both ignorant and blissfully lucky to be so unaware and tech illiterate

No. 1863498

People work at the company and people can read the chats. Not sure why they would though.

No. 1863500

I'm a bot creator myself and I cannot access chats, spicy ai allows it but ca.i doesn't. Whatever messages someone's sending to my bots I can't read it, only the company themselves and moderators can access chat logs

No. 1863508

>I'm a bot creator myself

No. 1863511

File: 1705865555063.jpeg (122.76 KB, 1078x688, IMG_0211.jpeg)

>incels: make 72733736 different animal pills
>also incels: get this information from beastiality porn and will post that porn uncensored
hm… why are you looking at beastiality porn? and posting about it?

No. 1863513

File: 1705865628135.jpg (32.99 KB, 500x334, 1690571835147.jpeg.jpg)

Because I've created husbandoAis I know all of your late night roleplays

No. 1863518

Why has Elon musk hired a team to sift through thousands of hours of footage from inside teslas to find people having sex? For fun.

No. 1863521

>animal pills
Wtf are you even talking about

No. 1863524

Why are you feeling so strongly about this? Who cares

No. 1863539

I kinda envy you for not knowing, tbh. I wish I could go back.

Basically incels believe a good amount of women would rather get fucked by animals than be with an ugly scrote. Dogpill is the most common but there are endless versions.

No. 1863544

I think the anons who replied to this misunderstood kek.

No. 1863545

Meanwhile it's they themselves fantasizing about women getting fucked by animals.

No. 1863547

Being an incel is all about projection that’s basically all it really is.

No. 1863554

They are very busy promoting that shit. They spam search terms on tiktok and discord that lead to dog porn videos to trick kids into watching it and make reaction videos then go back to incel boards brag about it.

I mald a lot about millenial parents letting their kids use smartphones all day and its because of shit like this.

No. 1863558

Hmm exposing children to porn is a federal offense I believe

No. 1863562

I've been feeling so low, but one thing I have been focusing on is doing a paint by numbers painting, it has been relaxing and fun

No. 1863566

That's ok they can read it if they want. At least someone cares

No. 1863567

Everyone on silicon valley should be in jail now. But nothing will ever be done about it and there's sinply no way for a kid or anyone to use any social media app and not get exposed to the coomer eventually. You vant even have them looking at kiddie search terms anymore because even if they are looking for Bluey or Pokemon they will get a trillion furfag r34 results.

No. 1863568

can we have a gossip girl mooovie night that sounds kind of fun

No. 1863569

steve jobs should've been in jail when he fucking died, cancerous fuck

No. 1863571

I really think incels create all of their own problems

No. 1863572

Steve Jobs exposed children to porn?

No. 1863574

yes ma'am, and profited off of it. His estate continues to.

No. 1863576

Your logic is so retarded that I don't even want to humor you with a reply

No. 1863580

Well I don't really fall for the story he was making those cell phones and computers so that he could ChaNgE TheE wOrLD, he's a deadbeat dad who was selling cell phone to little 8 year old so they could discover pornography on google

No. 1863586

Take your meds bitch

No. 1863589

He didn't make anything. He was a high level conman

No. 1863591

Steve Jobs should be thrown in jail anyway for the unforgivable crime of inventing the iPhone.

No. 1863594

This I can agree with, the iPhone ruined the internet

No. 1863595

Touch screen phones aren't necessary tbh

No. 1863596

Oh please you're out to lunch

No. 1863597

True, he was basically a slave owner

No. 1863600

Samefag and ok fine I can eat my words, turns out Steve Jobs was against pornographic media being available in the app store, but took no measures to block pornographic websites from safari.

No. 1863605

first of all wtf is going on in this thread second of all i fucking forgot to reply to a very important message from my coworker and just fell asleep i’m going to keel myself

No. 1863607

Tell me, smart nona. How would you block someone from accessing pornographic websites in a web browser?

No. 1863608

Your coworker will forgive you ♥

No. 1863610

I liked to think there's another timeline just like ours but where myspace and facebook never existed, where smarthones were not invented, a world without crypto bros.

The nonnas living there will never know how lucky they are but i hope they are happy

No. 1863612

Really looking forward to its collapse and when people finally realize it's a walking surveillance powerhouse that can track you even when it's off, even when the battery is dead, etc. Fascinating stuff. As it becomes more advanced and offers more features, it's ability to voyeur you grows astronomically. It's also incredibly easy to covertly hack completely remotely, without a user's knowledge, as all smartphones can really. They should not be advertised as secure strongholds.

No. 1863613

File: 1705868515666.jpeg (64.96 KB, 736x714, IMG_7001.jpeg)

that actually made me feel better, thank you sweet nonna. i will now go back to bed and sleep peacefully

No. 1863614

Similarly to how Google blocks websites in Chrome; by addressing the URL and blacklisting it from availability. Kind of how they block suspicious websites in Safari with those "this connection is insecure" popup! They can do those for drug websites but watching porn is just aokay?

No. 1863617

>Dailymail article
>Google AMP link

No. 1863619

It is nowhere near that simple

No. 1863620

i'm ok with being surveilled because i'm the most boring person alive

No. 1863621

>first pop-up when googled
>all completely true information amplified with more high-tech smartphones
>this bitch doesn't know China manufactures their iphone chips to power the audio and location tracking on phone even when it's off or dead

No. 1863624

Could you miagine if all of our phones are surveilling us and projecting it onto those big electronic billboards in downtown Tokyo and Osaka kek. That sounds really cool. You could have a whole Asiatic fanbase and not even know

No. 1863626

The Google AMP link shows your limited tech skills FYI

No. 1863649

It doesn't, it shows that I took 2 seconds to open a random Google link I did not browse for the sake of posterity. You're being pretentious over nothing, faggot

No. 1863652

You shouldn't be allowed to use a computer, it's too much for you to handle

No. 1863653

File: 1705869585381.jpg (42.36 KB, 637x478, 1000002256.jpg)

When a man comes on lolcow and suddenly all the posts become stupid and unbearable. Time to bounce.

No. 1863654

>Malding over a google link

No. 1863659

Yeah, it did make me mald a little. I'll admit it.

No. 1863668

Programmer socks pearl clutching about their precious iphones ITT

No. 1863671

I dont have a Google account and rarely use Google, but base search functions don't work on a lot of other search engines when you're casually browsing from a random low tech device and need .2 seconds to find something. Pull your head from your ass. Im a lot less worried about Google than I am the kind of monsters that hack women's devices.

No. 1863674

Literally. So afraid of Google but very supportive of abusers.

No. 1863675

File: 1705869995814.jpg (177.33 KB, 1038x1500, 91H7LkWHsGL._SL1500_.jpg)

I stumbled upon penis enlarging books in zlibrary and can't stop laughing kek there are dozens of these

No. 1863682

I come back to check on this thread and it's real schizo hours

No. 1863683

File: 1705870379668.jpg (83.56 KB, 736x1059, aa2c882909078de492cad80cf237c6…)

I got a new computer and I was going to transfer all my sims mods to it, but honestly I think I should take this as an opportunity to start completely fresh. I am a complete alpha CC girl but I think I may switch to maxis mix because I just find myself more into this style. I might only re-download the cc I used for my wannabe druglord sim since she's the only save im really invested it.

No. 1863700

Alpha cc freaks me out, too uncanny valley, and it stands out from the rest of the game.

No. 1863701

They're probably talking about Chai where reading chats of your own made bots was allowed for quite a while because it helped with fixing bot mistakes. They disabled it a few months ago though..

No. 1863702

I always thought James form Pokemon probably gave really good head. I think it's still true.

No. 1863703

Men are so fucking funny

No. 1863709

How do you stay safe from people hacking you

No. 1863715

men are weird as shit

No. 1863719

File: 1705872209546.jpeg (226.4 KB, 1280x931, tumblr_21a0f48fc11ea35e2c2e714…)

I just started over on a new computer too and I'm doing the same thing. The maxis match doesn't look as good with detailed skins though.

No. 1863721


No. 1863723


No. 1863747

Tomorrow is the 22nd…well I'll miss you guys I guess.

No. 1863748

Samefag but wow doesn't it feel like this January just flew past?

No. 1863750

what happens on the 22nd

No. 1863751

File: 1705874721691.jpg (46.96 KB, 1000x1000, 518rft9kQRS._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

Do NOT cook seafood in a small, confined area. The smell will linger for many, many days.

No. 1863753

anon, it's in the banner >>>/meta/67909

No. 1863760

File: 1705875297351.gif (34.43 KB, 500x397, 1703759545388.gif)

I'll miss you too!!

No. 1863761

File: 1705875356353.png (1004.42 KB, 1179x2556, IMG_4794.png)

I was looking up ideas for what books to read for my daughter’s parent reading day and as I scrolled, THESE books were suggested back to back. You can even see the previous book was the very normal If You Give A Mouse A Cookie kek.

No. 1863768

File: 1705875690601.jpg (9.63 KB, 256x275, 1705314250939.jpg)

I'll see you when this thread is unlocked, nonnies. A hellweek has been a long time coming so I'm not mad.

No. 1863770

File: 1705875812399.jpg (253.18 KB, 736x1229, e6ecbb05068ba522b773c58ee2e5cc…)

I love Angelina Jolie's wedding dress so much. Obviously the children's doodles are super cute, but the front of the dress is so beautiful. So simple and chic.

No. 1863773

Peace up a town burp burp burp burp burp burp burp burp

No. 1863776

i asked for hellweek for months i did not ask for dumbass shit to be shut down where will i be able to now

No. 1863777

Meet me in /m/ tomorrow and we'll communicate through silly pictures in the image threads

No. 1863787

File: 1705876617200.gif (7.39 MB, 498x280, imperial-guard-cat-warhammer40…)

You guys are alright. Don't come to /g/ tomorrow

No. 1863793

Why would the thread be locked? Did hat happen in the last hellweek? I remember thinking it didn't feel any different from any other week.

No. 1863795

File: 1705876977325.jpg (11.86 KB, 275x275, 1698659290280.jpg)

I genuinely wish I wasn't autistic. I usually infodump but when I really like someone I have no idea what to say and my brain goes into an overdrive and I say the most retarded shit. I was having a lunch with my crush the other day (I don't know if he knows I like him) and I said
>I was thinking, if we evolved from birds instead of monkeys parents would vomit into children's mouth
He stopped eating and smiled and I cringed at myself and then said "enjoy". Later he said he couldn't stop thinking about it and I don't know if it's good or bad

No. 1863797

>All topicless, chat-style/shitposting threads will be locked for the duration. Do not make new threads to replace them. Do not try to cicumvent this by giving them new titles.

No. 1863799

Oh, well, see you guys in a week then. This website is worthless for me now

No. 1863805

i will finally be free

No. 1863813

Reading back the posts I made in /g/ while horny is absolutely horrific

No. 1863828

i wish there were more good coming of age lesbian movies

No. 1863829

before the thread gets locked tomoya nonnie if you're around pls reply to me on discord, or at least let me know if there's a reason I haven't heard from you

No. 1863833

File: 1705879645757.jpeg (27.21 KB, 618x496, IMG_2177.jpeg)

I love you nonnies may your ass not be scorched this Hellmas

No. 1863834

Sorry nonny i deleted my account because i am focusing on art and other stuff. I will drop a new tag on the friend finder thread once i get back on track in a month or two.

No. 1863838

Okay, thank you. I was getting worried about you

No. 1863839

File: 1705879943253.jpg (197.03 KB, 900x1200, 8684072300569.jpg)

I bought these ate two then saw 3 is like 780 calories what the fuck? That better be a misprint how? They are like 5inches long

No. 1863842

sorry for making you worry! i miss talking with you too, sometimes i just have to quit cold turkey or otherwise i can never get things done

No. 1863858

calories or kilocalories? It looks pretty tasty tho

No. 1863860

>check an author's Twitter
>they throw a party and bar crawl for their mc's birthday
I'm surprised more authors don't do that tbh. If I had a successful series, I'd do it too. Happy birthday main character, you made me lots of money.

No. 1863863

I completely understand, I'm the same way. Your boy has a new card btw, it's extremely cute

No. 1863864

I decided to look up eyebrow transplants, and my god the way it looks right after the procedure is done is frightening. Body horror type of shit. The follicles create this awful bumpy look. It made my skin crawl so of course I have to share it and freak you guys out too.

No. 1863865

I feel your spirit emanating from the Patrick prayer

No. 1863871

File: 1705882308347.jpg (63.12 KB, 1080x574, 20231231_141129.jpg)

Sometimes I feel like my writing might be cringe as fuck.
Then I remember Taylor Swift literally wrote down "when my depression works the graveyard shift, all of the people I've ghosted stand there in the room" and I remember how hard I cringed at that song the first time I heard it.
And then I feel good again.

No. 1863942

File: 1705886730331.png (246.38 KB, 1170x728, prices dices.png)

I wonder how onlyfans girls choose on their prices, this is hunter bidens girlfriend

No. 1863976

it's gorgeous i didnt have my hopes up because his last card was horrible, but his emotions are so adorable i cant wait until it hits EN

No. 1863980


No. 1863984

This is hilarious oh my god

No. 1863989

I think about her veil sometimes! It's so special

No. 1863999

I forgot who this was and laughed so hard at her answer.

No. 1864000

File: 1705889018144.png (614.31 KB, 964x600, it's scary seeing this outfit …)

My fucking sides

No. 1864004

File: 1705889161415.jpeg (579.67 KB, 1170x1328, IMG_1449.jpeg)

No. 1864007

I wouldve made useful memes out of this ten years ago. I didn't realize she was so funny.

No. 1864009


No. 1864011

she looks horrifying

No. 1864013

Ah you're right, I didn't even notice the fursuits in the background because of the coontail.

No. 1864018

It's amazing you caught that

No. 1864021

File: 1705889844287.jpg (17.2 KB, 640x101, idkwhatthisisfrom.jpg)

No. 1864022

me when i want samyang buldak but the ibs is kicking in

No. 1864026

the decapitated fursuit heads stand out like a sore thumb

No. 1864028

The fuck is this

No. 1864030

Girl look at her

No. 1864033

Anon you're disrespecting her culture

No. 1864037

whats wrong with her, shes just your average hazbin hotel fan

No. 1864038

I have no clue, I found it with no context on tumblr

No. 1864042

File: 1705890785361.gif (163.72 KB, 400x393, 568407235_432292.gif)

goodbye nonnies it was a blessing to shitpost with all of you

No. 1864043

Peter Griffin

No. 1864053

We're you searching up the word nona on tumblr

No. 1864054

peter griffith

No. 1864055

File: 1705891320838.jpg (35.93 KB, 640x542, 1703033639680.jpg)

is it dirty and gross to reuse the same unwashed pot from yesterday to make instant ramen? it looks cleans to me

No. 1864057

I knew exactly what this was replying to without even looking.

Yes. Pasta bacteria is not a joke.

No. 1864058

>Yes. Pasta bacteria is not a joke.
oh shiet i didnt even know that was a thing

No. 1864059

I don't think Hazbin fans actually dress like this…

No. 1864060

Its good to stay in the habit of cleaning your dishes nonne

No. 1864066

but think about the wasted water and the dying polar bears

No. 1864068

We fought the good fight of posting dumb stuff. I hope to see you again some day, nonnie.

No. 1864069

anon we are getting quarantined for a week

No. 1864072

it didn't happen last hellweek but tbh I kind of get it because these threads have been attracting a lot of infighting and new posters for the past 7 months

No. 1864075

Lol I know

No. 1864083

sometimes i'm glad that i'm a masochist because it makes waxing and other painful things a bit fun

No. 1864084

i know exactly when i'm ovulating cos my brain feels like it's full of scrambled eggs and amphetamine, like actually insane with lust. have to go to bed before i start eating drywall.

No. 1864085

No. 1864089

wasting water isn't a real thing, polar bears also are not efected by you

No. 1864092

It’s good because now he can’t stop thinking about you either

No. 1864096

File: 1705893470852.jpg (34.58 KB, 340x522, nonatheninth.jpg)

Apparently it's from a book series called The Locked Tomb and this is from "Nona the Ninth" kek

No. 1864099

Kek anon

No. 1864104

Nope it was total coincidence, came up randomly on someone's blog
>You will love Nona, and Nona loves you

No. 1864118

File: 1705895018159.jpg (51.41 KB, 719x968, 1000002298.jpg)

This is so cute wtf

No. 1864144

I know they get shit on a lot but I feel like Urban Outfitters is the only accessible clothing store that has cute trendy stuff that is a decent enough quality for fast fashion. Every other store I go to either has very bland clothing or tissue paper graphic tees. I found a cute top in Free People the other day and I'm convinced I could've torn a horn in it with just a little pressure from my nail. I want trendy stuff but most of it is painfully bad quality

No. 1864145

Isn't UO also notoriously bad quality at a markup?

No. 1864148

Nothing at the mall is actually good quality anymore but all of my UO clothes hold up way better than anything else with the same styles. Ideally I'd only buy from smaller brands but they're usually all online and not being able to try things on is a crapshoot.

No. 1864160

It makes me so sad because I love the experience of shopping at a mall but it's realistically always a huge disappointing waste of time since everything is trash quality and ugly now. Also I am a womanlet who gets vanity sized out of American sizes despite being in the middle of normal weight range, so they don't even carry anything that fits a lot of the time even if I'm interested.
The silver lining is that the garbage state of accessible clothing forced me to look more critically at styling and now I get a lot of praise for having good fashion sense, but it feels like if you don't want to blow hours of time being autistic and picky panning through foreign and niche stuff online then you're stuck with landfill-tier options.

No. 1864163

File: 1705899027531.gif (Spoiler Image,2.31 MB, 480x270, F1047B0E-857C-4C66-80D1-68A6F4…)

My Pussy tight, pussy clean, pussy fresh. Pussy pretty, pussy fat

No. 1864166

This is what Grimes thinks she looks like

No. 1864169

they look ugly

No. 1864176

so what time are they locking this up because its the 22nd

No. 1864177

I want to eat but dunno what to watch. Being a neet is hard work.

No. 1864187

God you're so right

No. 1864193

File: 1705901312101.jpg (153.93 KB, 1290x1578, 1000002308.jpg)

What the fuck do you want us to say. "Wow you're so cool"? Get a DIARY.

No. 1864195

Did you mean to reply to someone specific? I’m confused

No. 1864196

wow you're so cool

No. 1864197

Low hanging fruit evolve your sense of humor to not be at 12 year old base level

No. 1864199

File: 1705901609669.gif (2.07 MB, 640x640, 01AB4170-ED74-4AB1-80C3-D364DC…)

nvm I see the post youre talking about

No. 1864200

maybe i do think you're cool

No. 1864205

I knew you'd get it.

No. 1864206

File: 1705901730759.jpg (27.25 KB, 640x512, 1000002306.jpg)

No. 1864208

Tag a post or don't say anything at all!

No. 1864211

is it that weird pussy post?

No. 1864212

I can say whatever I want Trump if you don't have the ability to browse with nuance that's your problem

No. 1864214

its so haaaard to say goodbye to yesterday

No. 1864215

File: 1705902034599.jpg (Spoiler Image,31.68 KB, 500x349, 1000002309.jpg)

That bitch lie about everything.

No. 1864216

ok then tell us or you’re chicken.

No. 1864219

? Fuck off

No. 1864222

oh my god stop

No. 1864224

so rude for what

No. 1864230

File: 1705902429143.jpeg (26.75 KB, 320x390, IMG_0048.jpeg)

say it again

No. 1864233

File: 1705902488613.jpg (132.5 KB, 777x777, 20240119_215810.jpg)

That bitch can't even play guitar. Just sits online staring and lying.

No. 1864239

File: 1705902723213.jpg (193.43 KB, 736x981, b828bc5ccaf01760c73f568b5baa18…)

I've been wondering for yeeaaaears how people fry chicken and it comes out soggy. I've finally figured it out, from personal experience! It's because they keep a lid on while frying. It traps the steam in and keeps the crust soft.

No. 1864241

Yup you need that shit dry otherwise it tastes like frozen chicken that's been stewing at a panda express all day

No. 1864252

File: 1705903322642.jpg (109.53 KB, 787x900, 1000002240.jpg)

I want to turn Hassan Piker out. I'm so serious I need therapy.

No. 1864271

File: 1705904215618.jpg (91.1 KB, 828x916, 1000002310.jpg)

No. 1864272

i cant believe ralph macchio was 23 during karate kid, same for titanic leo. WTF happened to moid in the last 3 decades, even modern actors their age look like 10 years older.

No. 1864291

I’m reading GK manga from the start and sugimoto is so fucking sexyyyyyyy god damn I love him

No. 1864295

File: 1705907075612.jpg (609.19 KB, 1200x1600, 1000002286.jpg)

But what about

No. 1864325

This thread is temporarily locked while Hellweek is in effect. See the Hellweek thread for more info: >>>/meta/67909

No. 1878518

Hellweek is over and this thread is now unlocked! However, the admin and moderation team have decided that this thread will remain autosaged for the foreseeable future. While the posting quality requirements for this thread will be relaxed as a result of this, we expect more extreme cases of rule breaking to still be reported (e.g. racebaiting, moidposting). The thread could be locked in the future if rule breaking becomes a serious problem. Fast moving threads like this one which have no topic or purpose attract a very different demographic to the rest of the site, which leads to friction when the different sets of users interact. We felt autosaging the thread was a better solution than removing it entirely. If you disagree with this, you are welcome to organise somewhere off-site to continue your dumbass ways. We will allow links to other communities to be posted in this thread for the time being, but we accept no responsibility for how those communities operate.

No. 1878522

File: 1707168555535.png (760.11 KB, 1380x1162, jay bee.png)

pisces male

No. 1878544

>We will allow links to other communities to be posted in this thread for the time being, but we accept no responsibility for how those communities operate.
This feels wrong to me. Let those retards organize elsewhere

No. 1878547

File: 1707169635953.gif (305.02 KB, 128x128, 1000017257.gif)

WE HAVE BEEN FREED!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1878549

Barely. Hope the thread won't die, kek. I honestly think admins want it gone.

No. 1878556

Yeah, giving us the funposting treatment is pretty rude but maybe it will help get rid of the more annoying/combative users

No. 1878562

File: 1707170083485.png (910.79 KB, 1144x1186, d76.png)

glad to have you back, nonnies.

No. 1878565

Funposting thread: electric boogaloo

No. 1878568

The autistic anons angry at women posting anime boys is what started all this shit. Normies should have never mixed alongside women who come from imageboards.

No. 1878569

i'm glad dumbass is back but damned to autosage, oh how the mighty have fallen!

No. 1878571

Don't start this again. You're free to go to the actual funposting thread

No. 1878573

I agree. But let's not start infighting right after the thread's been unlocked, shall we

No. 1878574

File: 1707170695079.jpeg (98.33 KB, 1000x1000, image0.jpeg)

I crave these so bad right now

No. 1878575

so you mean this thread now? kek

No. 1878585

File: 1707171447547.gif (482.27 KB, 500x469, 1384232095964.gif)

it's true and you should say it

No. 1878590

File: 1707171744780.jpg (75.8 KB, 736x981, moth.jpg)


No. 1878595

File: 1707171971402.png (180.69 KB, 1120x210, you be to abouy.png)

kbeauy sheet masks really are a creation of God

No. 1878604

File: 1707172455313.jpg (5.05 MB, 4096x5120, 1000017402.jpg)

These are the 5 characters I relate to most (ignore doodle bob)

No. 1878614

They didn't unlock it KEK It was officially executed, dumbass might be next.
You look beautiful today, nonna.

No. 1878617

Yeah, I noticed that. Why even bother to lock it, there were no new posts for a month

No. 1878622

YEAH! Time to get DUMB.

No. 1878632


No. 1878639

File: 1707174040225.jpg (11.87 KB, 497x329, japaneseemperorcaterpillar.jpg)

Would you be friends with her

No. 1878646

yes! ♥

No. 1878655

That's so dishonest, you know that's not what happened

No. 1878673

yes i’d give her some nutella

No. 1878676

I really need a movie about gambling, but with the visual direction style of Fear and Loathing in las vegas. I like casino, but i need something that's really bizarre and captures the essence of a gambling addict going a downward spiral.

No. 1878680

File: 1707177118158.gif (1.87 MB, 480x270, 876.gif)

finally. i guess

No. 1878682

File: 1707177633861.jpg (45.74 KB, 750x600, 1698529840714.jpg)

hell yeah

No. 1878696

I just had a flashback to how it was a super popular classroom wide punishment amongst the teachers at my elementary school to have us all put our heads down whenever we were misbehaving kek. Just put our heads down and stare at the desk. one time i got so sad doing it i started singing The Climb to myself

No. 1878744

File: 1707181040796.jpg (390.09 KB, 1589x2048, 1000002449.jpg)

This thread is unlocked but there's still extended post limit

No. 1878755

>thinking you could be Deb or Mae at the same time

No. 1878757

The eternal truth: mods are fucking gay

No. 1878761

File: 1707181536426.jpeg (213.15 KB, 736x1150, 3633A40B-7D7F-4E0F-AB34-C99809…)

I loved mandated nap time once I hit middle/high school kek

No. 1878762

Are you judging him? Fuck you id weep too

No. 1878770

>look up male karens getting owned videos out of curiosity
>lots of comments have moids trying to defend or downplay the male karens
>look up karen getting owned
>very rare to the point of there not being any comments where people are defending karens
I fucking hate this clown world.

No. 1878775

I thought a male Karen was called a Kevin

No. 1878776

no not at all i just relate kek dont worry i love j beib

No. 1878780

what are they going to do when this thread fills? Autosage the next one or lock it?

No. 1878787

1. It's spelled May it's literally the title of the movie
2. They're both extremely awkward

No. 1878804

maybe they’ll realize they’re retards and just let it go back to normal

No. 1878820

This happened with me a couple of times and I felt like I'd die of boredom and neck pain

No. 1878832

Patiently waiting for the "10/10 Chad only" psyop

No. 1878852

I understand your desire for a visually captivating and bizarre movie about gambling. While there might not be a perfect match for the exact style of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas combined with the theme of gambling addiction, I can suggest a film that captures the essence of a gambling addict's downward spiral while offering a distinct visual direction.

"Uncut Gems" (2019) directed by Josh and Benny Safdie might suit your preference. Although it doesn't have the same hallucinatory visuals as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, it presents a gritty and frenetic aesthetic that reflects the protagonist's chaotic life as a compulsive gambler.

No. 1878856

I wish I could get a Starbucks cake pop with a xannie inside

No. 1878877

I sometimes do Shay's Yaniv smile to myself on the bathroom mirror. It's a weird expression, you don't pull the corners of your mouth to the sides like you would with a normal smile, instead you raise your nostrils and upper lip as if you were disgusted. I guess the point is to make the lips look fuller, but instead you end up looking like you just smelled someone's fart and you're trying to pretend like you didn't notice out of politeness

No. 1878945

Silly nona that was a Tylenol tablet in that woman's cakepop. She's Canadian, she was obviously being deceitful to cope with living in that shithole.

No. 1878981

Kek nonna I know, just trying to manifest my own desire

No. 1878991

I assume they'll autosage every thread until it dies off, like the funposting thread.

No. 1879010

peed myself

No. 1879025

File: 1707193769217.png (936.05 KB, 720x937, bart.png)

I have multiple puzzle apps on my phone and one of them has so many AI generated pictures for the puzzles

No. 1879041

File: 1707195792548.png (102.29 KB, 666x178, 1648489538419.png)

The threadpic for the otome thread in /m/ is so fucking funny to me, I laugh every time I see it

No. 1879084

im disappointed by this weird vendetta that the farmhands seem to have against dumbass shit

No. 1879140

Oh excuse me for not knowing the exact spelling of your femcel movie.

It is very interesting how less annoying the board is when the retards don't get front and center when they want.

No. 1879156

Can you imagine someone wanting you enough that they go on an obscure imageboard to anonymously vent about how much they think about kissing you and being with you? Can you imagine. Oh nonnies…

No. 1879173

>Oh excuse me for not knowing the exact spelling of your femcel movie.
nta but didn't your other post imply that you watched the movie too?

No. 1879424

File: 1707233046977.png (18.1 KB, 1515x134, 1000017438.png)

Never forget that farmhands redtexted someone for NOT posting pics of an asshole. These are the retards ruling over us.

No. 1879508

wake up dumbasses we're going shitposting

No. 1879568

File: 1707242626844.jpeg (233.73 KB, 750x833, IMG_3995.jpeg)

This is the most mentally fat thing I’ve seen all month

No. 1879577

Why is there some kind of chatbot asking general questions in the art salt thread. It's always some stupid shit like "What kind of paper should I buy", "What do you guys like to draw", "How do I get better at xy" accompanied by a picture. And that would be fine if it at least lead to conversations, but the posts replying to the inital questions are never replied to. It's like the OP doesn't even care to get an answer

No. 1879579

god i'm so hungry

No. 1879580

I just tried to do this and it gave me a headache.

No. 1879600

Farmhands want us all to suffer

No. 1879648

File: 1707248216814.jpg (28.37 KB, 328x325, GEdAzrnX0AAJhPr.jpg)

we are so back baby

No. 1879657

i love when men hold out their hand for you to put trash in it so you don’t have to go to the garbage

No. 1879660

men do that?

No. 1879662

One time my ex girlfriend did this for me but it was for a piece of chewed gum I didn't want anymore lol. She was weird but very sweet

No. 1879712

File: 1707252279216.jpeg (34.39 KB, 540x400, stinky otaku.jpeg)

I still think the one thing that LC needs as a core policy is banning non-weebs.
Weeb who acts overly familiar saying nonny nonny nonny? Yes
Weeb who is needlessly agressive and calls you fat for no reason and with no basis? Yes
Radfem weeb? Yes
Stay at home mom weeb? Yes
Anti-natalist weeb? Yes
Shayfag weeb? Yes
Male weeb? Actually no
So even in times of infight we can look at each other and say "fucking weeb" at the same time.

No. 1879717

at least my husband does kek
I'm pretty sure that "no non-fujos allowed" would be a disastrous rule but I like your enthusiasm nonarita

No. 1879723

File: 1707252738028.png (1.45 MB, 947x1015, Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 12.52…)

this just showed up on my fyp and idk if i’m just sensitive but the greasiness and all the red just made me vomit

No. 1879736

I’m pretty sure if you look like this after getting a facial there had to have been something that the esthetician did wrong kek

No. 1879749

I thought Putin found the stem cell cache or something when I first saw this.

No. 1879752

Maybe she got microneedled?? I think that would dry your skin out for a bit and then they put a bunch of stuff on but it doesn’t absorb as well into stripped skin so you’d look glazers never been microneedled tho so idk

No. 1879804

File: 1707258166977.jpg (92.01 KB, 400x400, 1000017521.jpg)

i wanna be cringe…i wanna get my derp on…i'm so sad……..

No. 1879805

I hope she’s having a good day

No. 1880029

File: 1707268908095.jpg (155.41 KB, 979x1019, 1000002639.jpg)

I find these types of pencil doodles so charming.

No. 1880032

This was my post. I swear to God ive never alogged in the reply box so hard. There was no justification for it. Actual retards.

No. 1880048

They can be non-fujos, as long as they are still some other kind of weeb. I don't even like fujos, but I see them as part of the ecosystem, like gut flora.

No. 1880049

>uh this is an imageboard show us his shit filled ass next time

No. 1880057

autistic moids are so fucking annoying

No. 1880061

rattle rattle

No. 1880078

im this close to making a new dumbass shit

No. 1880109

Next thread should have an eyecatching OP image so it's easier to find in the catalogue.

No. 1880195

My MIL's mannerisms and cadence always reminded me of someone and I could never figure it out and today I realized it's Larry David

No. 1880234

I love this idea, I myself am many types of weeb

No. 1880292

File: 1707294947687.jpg (67.29 KB, 828x796, 1000017357.jpg)

and they made the new thread early like the retarded impatient funposters that they are. I thought those dumbfucks all left

No. 1880418

what's the game's name in the app store? please give that looks retarded I wanna see

No. 1880422

File: 1707303649124.mp4 (7.1 MB, 514x854, yToDHr7.mp4)

I just realized, that British accented men with down syndrome is exactly what I expect orcs and ogres to sound like,

No. 1880444

They don't seem any different from non-down syndrome men who haven't literally gone to culinary school

No. 1880455

oh look it's Cerbmin trying to run the site

No. 1880489

I cant remember the thread it was, maybe YouTube but it was obvious I wasn't going to embed a three or four second clip of a man spreading his cheeks to show his winking anus? It's a prerequisite to be mentally disabled before becoming a mod.

No. 1880494

File: 1707306306011.jpg (159.94 KB, 960x1200, 1000002627.jpg)

It's so jarring seeing men with extreme plastic surgery have bosybuilding bodies in Korea. It's so dysmorphic. Its like they literally get ffs and when they become rippedpigs it's so weird to look at. Like they really do surgically detach their jaws and replace it with a daisy chain. How do they bite into an apple.

No. 1880498

No. 1880556

This is too ot for the consoom thread but this >>1880522 post reminded me that I didn't know the cold war was real until highschool bc I first heard about it from MGS3 and assumed it was just some made up event for the game. In my defense I was like 11 years old max.

No. 1880699

Kek nonnie, I got reminded of certain things from school that meant nothing in the grand scheme of things but were sooooooooo important then, like forgetting your textbook at home. They'd make us stand up at our desks for it(and the way the desks were attached to the seats, the space between them wasn't comfortable to stand in). Or like forgetting part of your uniform or having longish nails and having long hair as a boy or having too much of your hair set loose as a girl, the teacher would be so condescending to you for it.

No. 1880711

File: 1707323310007.gif (1.84 MB, 300x262, 1536566714021.gif)

on a similar note, if not for the internet, i would never have known that Subhash Chandra Bose sought alliance with Nazis and Soviets for help in gaining independence from the Brits

No. 1880818

I asked the taxi people for, "teleport"
>U-uh hey, is this the place for teleport.
I have to stop

No. 1880829

File: 1707331103399.png (164.07 KB, 335x317, beecat.png)

Don't bee afraid to bee yourself

No. 1880910

File: 1707337886168.jpeg (782.67 KB, 2058x848, IMG_7248.jpeg)

This game just hits different

No. 1880915

Kek the white supremacist teacher still cracks me up every time I think about it

No. 1880917

what game is this

No. 1881032

Nta and not sure cause I haven't played but I think it's Class of 09

No. 1881186

File: 1707357119002.jpg (66.75 KB, 538x427, JOMFP-23-311a-g001.jpg)

There's an anon in the mtf threads that is as obsessed with microchimerism as Napoleon Dynamite is with Ligers.
Also the anon that overuses ellipsises in the Shayna thread or types them as .., is obviously Shatner. Shaytner?
Oxford commas are the best.
I heard on the radio about purple gmo tomatoes where the plants grow up to 15 feet tall "like normal tomato plants" and I couldn't tell if it was sarcasm or not because it was NPR.
I fainted today at the Dr's during a blood draw because I sat instead of laying down because I got a shot 5 minutes earlier while sitting up and didn't faint. I have to go in tomorrow to try again.
I can't stop crocheting lace and doilies and it's so useless but I can't stop. I'm getting into other forms of lace making too, my whole house is going to be covered in dusty lace when I die that gets brought to Goodwill and sold for $0.10 each at most. The one I'm making right now is 3 feet in diameter and it's only halfway done.
I've been wearing the same pair of contacts for over a year without taking them out.
I tattooed myself. In my state I can legally tattoo other people and charge them for it as long as it was done in a proper building.
It's 50F right now when normally we'd be getting 3 feet of snow overnight a few times throughout Feb.

No. 1881192

File: 1707357352720.gif (6.52 KB, 215x115, 3580836.gif)

Hey Admin and mods, when are you going to come by with those statistics and data? I want to stick those bad bitches into Tableau and make a cool lolcow themed graph.

No. 1881196

hope this is two truths and a lie because if you're wearing your contacts for a year straight bacteria will eat a hole in your eyeball. you should post pics of your crochet though it sounds cool

No. 1881198

In case you ever need a reminder of how ghastly men are (aside from all of the crimes they commit obviously) just google Hair Cake

No. 1881284

Seeing this solved my indigestion, thank you

No. 1881310

being 6'5 and fat is astounding. How much do you have to let go for that to happen

No. 1881359

I kept misreading the word mistake as milkshake and I thought it was a farming term I wasn't familiar with

No. 1881537

File: 1707400719146.jpeg (55.24 KB, 456x350, IMG_5847.jpeg)

I follow Nicola Peltz because I like her style but every time she posts her family, all I see are their Habsburg jaws. You can’t tell me picrel doesn’t have a head full of water.

No. 1881538

I mean most Indians didn't know that, but a quite a few people don't realize how close the soviets were joining the Axis.

No. 1881553

thanks for the reminder anon filthy frank and maxmoefoe have a special place in my heart..

No. 1881595

your mind…

No. 1881773

ask my dad

No. 1881810

File: 1707421719828.jpg (50.49 KB, 627x470, 1000017703.jpg)

Why do you guys keep complaining in meta, we can do anything in here now. Who wants to come to my pillow fort, you have to bring snacks though

No. 1881824

File: 1707422187959.jpeg (612.2 KB, 2000x2000, spuncbob.jpeg)

No. 1881833

File: 1707422462459.jpg (40.95 KB, 477x612, 1000010046.jpg)

Here's some cookies, nonnie, let's read books and comment whatever seems interesting during our cookie breaks.

No. 1881834

kek it's like sticking a barbie head on a gi joe

No. 1881915

In movies they supposedly teleport people to some place, but what they actually do is disintegrate their bodies and make a new copy in some other location, but its not the same person anymore, its just an exact copy and the original person is dead.

No. 1882002

The trouble with volunteering is seeing how much worse all the other volunteers are compared to your god-tier volunteering.

No. 1882091

>Oxford commas are the best.
You just had to ruin a perfectly fine post, didn't you?

No. 1882266

File: 1707449564246.jpg (118.15 KB, 750x835, 750x1000.jpg)

i was going to impulse buy lingerie for vday in homage to my fake tv boyfriend but instead i paid off outstanding bills for the month. my sacrifices are immense.

No. 1882268

File: 1707449805570.jpg (23.57 KB, 296x364, 1000002658.jpg)

This is what ripped Korean men with jaw surgery look like

No. 1882269

File: 1707449976882.png (1.03 MB, 577x622, Pip-15-front_1_1.png)

They wish they were him

No. 1882291

File: 1707453187293.jpg (14.43 KB, 393x547, 2d53063567c9d5029897098c2fe353…)

>dumbass shit thread on autosage
>retarded mods power trippin
>bans for stupid reasons
>not allowed to wish harm nor death on ham smith
>forced to sage on celebricows
>can't alog the royal family
>can't wish harm or the death of ham smith
>everything and anything is bait
>actual bait stays
>everyone gets accused of being a moid for no reason
>all the bans but the overly sensitive faggots are still here
>alogging ham smith and the royal family is a bannable offense
Fuck lolcor this is going too far

No. 1882304

File: 1707455483028.gif (850.12 KB, 268x150, Tumblr_l_450447820309939.gif)

I don't play overwatch, but sometimes I come across it and I was never able to get used to Mcree's name change. Cole Cassidy is a good name for a country character, but I don't think it's as memorable. I also would think it's a unfortunate choice for a multiplayer fighting game since you typically would shorten the name of your character/your teammates character and saying "cole" or "cassidy" just isn't as catchy or stands out like Mccree.

No. 1882646

Does anyone own any of these guys? The elephant is my favourite.

No. 1882647

File: 1707484134039.gif (234.36 KB, 369x234, 5edex8de.gif)

No. 1882666

File: 1707486591561.jpeg (487.76 KB, 2048x1303, 1706666441565.jpeg)

it's like you guys don't have object permanence, the thread is still usable y'know. Maybe you are all newfag zoomers with chronic internet addictions mad you can no longer get a rush of serotonin from stirring shit up in here.

No. 1882675

Rush of seretonin this, newfags that, yaww y'all yall ya'll, how about you shut the fuck up, glue your fucking lips together, y'know?

No. 1882681

Why are you so upset. Take a nap

No. 1882683

No. 1882690

File: 1707488911842.jpg (254.74 KB, 512x512, Tumblr_l_1135293214493505.jpg)

Cry harder then, y'all problematic serotonin newfag zoomer oof oof oof

No. 1882694

Maybe people are busy

No. 1882704

I think we lost a lot of regular posters because the thread was locked and they lost interest in the site and don't realise it's open again, or know their posts won't get much attention due to the autosage. Farmhands won

No. 1882709

I'll send bad energy their way for you, anon

No. 1882716

based trips

No. 1882847

The positive thing about developing lactose intolerance with age is that I can chug down milk whenever I'm constipated and I'm good.

No. 1882881

Ew mark Wahlberg has one of those third nipples like harry styles. Are those more common with men?

No. 1883033

Realized that you shouldn't eat a big meal before sex but that's the only time I'm good horny so I am pretty content being a virgin now. Happily climaxing with a full tummy

No. 1883090

few days ago i had a dream timothee chalamet is racist
celebrinonnas, is it true?

No. 1883099

i feel like he could. be

No. 1883100

This reads as some feederism shit kek

No. 1883101

Looking at my cat and laughing because he's such a cute dumbass little shit and I love him

No. 1883135

I so badly want to know if this girl is trolling or if she legitimately think this looks good.

No. 1883148

I just got back from seeing Dune in the cinema and I see this

No. 1883163

File: 1707520666415.jpg (109.18 KB, 778x1000, 519t6x4nXrL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

gather round nonnies for some tasty strawberry strings

No. 1883167

i just ate a whole jar of nutella and i feel a lot better

No. 1883171

I love them so much. I hate that they changed the mixed flavored ones though because I hate the lemon flavor (before it was kiwi I think) and everyone buys me the mixed flavor ones and I can't get myself to eat them all.

No. 1883294

dead thread

No. 1883297

File: 1707533771012.png (1.15 MB, 678x1226, orientalfagging.png)

so much asian on the front pagian

No. 1883303

Where did that geto pic get posted?

No. 1883319

I don't see it

No. 1883348

getting tested for HIV?

No. 1883349

its not a gay thing

No. 1883350


No. 1883351


No. 1883353

File: 1707538358813.png (1.82 MB, 2594x692, i googled childrens books.png)

I googled childrens picture books from 2010 because I couldnt remember a book I read in elementary school and this is what came up

No. 1883500

This site is kinda boring now

No. 1883535

I just watched the movie Fear and it's under his left nip, I thought it was a mole but I can't get a screenshot. They weird me out so much.

No. 1883683

It really is, but I'm here forever

No. 1883686

Femcel site lol

No. 1883766

File: 1707578905850.jpg (13.32 KB, 258x219, 0e23c2258832b939ae0e65a64d67b2…)

Damn you're all weak af, letting dumbass shit DIE. YOU'RE NOT MY NONNIES ANYMORE YOU ARE MY ENEMIES REEEEEEEEEE

No. 1883897

Fuuuck I'm not a feeder it's more like postprandial coitus kek

No. 1884156

Happy Lunar New Year nonnies!

No. 1884164

File: 1707605568791.mp4 (3.86 MB, 720x1280, democracy.mp4)

The real dumbass shit is that this thread is still autosaged. I want a vote, I want to hear the voice of the people

No. 1884170

The real dumbass shit are the mods bootlickers thinking these tards are doing a good job. I never really wanted to leave this place till now. I am almost missing shaymin.

No. 1884171

I really want to know what the mods are smoking right now. I think they've actually snapped.

No. 1884175

Reading the complaints thread on /meta is crazy, the bans being given out are total nonsense

No. 1884207

Just ate a big fat massive tempura roll

No. 1884282

If you name your dog shit like fefe I hope you know I hate you

No. 1884298

Tell me your name so I can give it to my dog

No. 1884323

Kek my favorite bans so are the people discussing a screencap in the screencap thread and the people talking about Charles in the royal family thread. Those ones made me laugh.

No. 1884328

Had such a shit day and spent an hour crying, but your vidrel has reignited joy in me and now I am smiling. I hope we are liberated soon so more nonas can smile.

No. 1884334

File: 1707619296096.png (1.7 MB, 1232x946, looks the same.png)

she looks the exact same. just with makeup and a different hairstyle

No. 1884342

I still can't believe we share the site with monarchists, the brf makes me glad my own country's monarchy got terminated by a military coup.

No. 1884348

nonny I was just watching gameplay videos on youtube. i wish i could play but my macos isn't compatible im distraught

No. 1884357

I was the one who was talking about male bodies and posted the dad bod, I got redtexted but not banned

No. 1884366

i just posted in /sty/ and when i came to the front page i saw that it doesnt get included with other front page posts anymore. What the fuck kek

No. 1884370

don't all hidden boards do that?

No. 1884379

/sty/ was showing up on the front page for a while i'm not sure what changed

No. 1884417

File: 1707630365011.png (922.36 KB, 856x632, come ofbdivfvibhfiv.png)

fuck you

No. 1884418

Being sex obsessed or "horny" as people call it is a chemical inbalance and you should be put on ambien 3 times a day

No. 1884426

I miss when this thread was busier. /ot/ is the busiest board on the website I don't get why they're resisting the change coming through board culture.

No. 1884545

File: 1707637587287.jpg (25.86 KB, 474x349, 1000017449.jpg)

Thanks for ruining the site cerbmin you've helped curb my lolcow addiction. Absolute speds all 3 of you ♥

No. 1884548

even if you dont take it off autosage it will still be filled with posts and eventually the new one will be made

No. 1884549

File: 1707637917005.jpeg (17.88 KB, 340x255, 1436548920172.jpeg)

No. 1884551

File: 1707637982702.png (110.46 KB, 210x242, beatrice.png)

dont stop me now

No. 1884588

File: 1707646794811.jpg (33.91 KB, 533x533, 1675769636470.jpg)

The ending of the Black Phone pisses me off so bad, its so stupid, the rest was fine but near the end it just becomes the final scene of some stupid coming of age dick flick American comedy, the ending has the main character walking down the hall of his school, turning heads, not in pity, but wonder and admiration like he's some male Megan Fox, while he has this cocky self-assured face with a smile tugging at his lips and then he gets to class and sits next to his crush and makes goo-goo eyes at her, and by this scene you'd never think he'd been kidnapped and kept in captivity by a serial killer and had to witness visions of murdered young boys and lost the only person other than his sister that looked out for him and had to kill his captor to escape, all that treated like some minor obstacle meant to prove how kweel he is.

No. 1884651

File: 1707656457983.jpeg (41.19 KB, 637x527, Fuv-EBzX0AgeC1J.jpeg)

wake up in the morning looking greener than shrek

No. 1884677

File: 1707658421652.jpg (37.28 KB, 552x585, 1615673949632.jpg)

When my cat was a kitten I would have to fight for my drink to enjoy my cup of tea alone because he was obsessed with the smell and wanted to drink but his interest calmed down as he reached adolescence. Now he recently started to play with any watery liquid he finds by putting his one of his little poop scoopers in it, shake it off, does it again with his other paw, switches it back to the first one, etc. Which means I have to again start the battles to protect my tea. JUST LET ME HAVE MY CUPPA ALONE YOU LITTLE SHIT

No. 1884757

Yeah I thought it was weird too

No. 1884766

File: 1707666404342.jpg (121.95 KB, 960x833, 1000002679.jpg)

What posters did you guys have on your walls in your early teens. I had like Madonna kylie indie musicians not worth naming etc.

No. 1884776

i just had manga pages from attack on titan, pics from random tv shows and some ninja turtles posters. also the cringe drawings i did.

No. 1884780

I just saw this picture on twitter and then it was on the front page when I opened lolcow lol I’m being watched

No. 1884784

Not exactly posters because I couldn't find any I liked, so I just printed a bunch of neat fanart of Axel from Kingdom Hearts I found online and pasted them everywhere like some sort of autistic stalker kek

No. 1884786

Early era panic at the disco. Every one that had ryan ross, especially in makeup. I shared my room with my sister so we only put stuff we both liked. Also harry potter and witch.

No. 1884869

Printed out black butler and junjo romantica manga pages, one of those 'keep calm and ___' for multiple games one one large poster, FMA poster and a bunch of random anime posters from NEO magazine.

No. 1884934

File: 1707675558062.gif (1.57 MB, 298x298, 9a0a3a16b0e11e6c0635eca57f1982…)

I was just gonna order some curry cubes from this asian website but I made the mistake of doing it while hungry so I went through the website and ended up with several more items and went over my budget.

No. 1885217

Everytime I type dumbass to get the link for this thread google suggests me donbass and dumbledore.

No. 1885232

that's so fucking beautiful nona, I am with you always, spiritually

No. 1885235

File: 1707694494393.jpg (27.66 KB, 506x570, more like icky fartbuckle.jpg)

No no, I know this is like a month old but you have to answer for your crime of posting Iggy mother fucking Arbuckle of all things in the world, why WHY?

No. 1885250

>saw an artist drawing edgy kawaii girls with blood or something like that on twitter while checking someone's else account
>checked her art, more of the same shit
>suddenly she mentioned some crappy old otome game from our country in my first language
>next tweet shows a pic of food from a restaurant that only exists in my city
I thought there were billions of people on the internet? I literally walked in front of that restaurant a few hours ago too.

No. 1885267

One time I was watching a driving fail video and a road I frequent (and I bend I've always considered too dangerous to have a crossing on) was featured with the exact same accident I'd always worried about in the video. The world can be so much smaller than we think sometimes.

No. 1885279

eating a massive bunch of cilantro right now

No. 1885280

whenever i remember women with nut allergies exist i get sad

No. 1885588

File: 1707719252989.png (855.53 KB, 1196x1426, Screenshot 2024-02-11 at 10.28…)

I found a twitter bot rabbit hole and I'm debating if I should fall down it

No. 1885709

I don’t know if I was tripping but I woke up yesterday and there was a commercial playing during the super bowl of Genghis Khan on a horse and it scared me but I fell right back asleep. Please someone tell me what was that

No. 1885843

File: 1707748199972.png (35.47 KB, 450x438, 1629189568451.png)

i'd been watching a shitton of Hotel Hell, Kitchen Nightmares, and Hell's Kitchen during assignment hell bc it's so audibly dramatic it keeps me focused and i don't have to look up from my work and i don't care that much about fine dining or restaurants so i'm not so invested that i get distracted so i continuously work on my assignments but i've done it so much i'm actually sick of listening to Gordon's voice, i cannot tolerate hearing "ghastly","bland", "terrible", "rotten", "fresh", and "chicken" anymore. and the worst part is i'm in assignment hell once again and i don't know what to replace Gordon with.

No. 1885848

I'm not from the US, so when I first saw burgers talking excitedly online about something called Superbowl I thought it was a cooking event. Because…bowls. I then learned that it was a sports event, and I was like wow americans sure love their bowling! I'm so disappointed to learn that it's neither about cooking nor bowling.

No. 1885852

File: 1707749046137.jpg (71.66 KB, 564x564, 156dc178cff61c18c61e895224624b…)

anon you're adorbale

No. 1886393

no more dumbass shit i guess

No. 1886463

Even when this thread is autosaged, retards in /meta are still complaining about the anons that post itt. At this point they are obsessed with this thread, they're always thinking about this thread, they're dreaming about this thread, their hatred for this thread can go to the sun and back.

No. 1886546

fuck you faggot

No. 1886552

there hasnt even been any racebait in this thread or any thread since weave been autosaged. can we get taken off now?

No. 1886896


No. 1886953

File: 1707841513393.jpg (30.98 KB, 319x403, 1000018183.jpg)

cerbmin eats doodoo and he likes it. his gay ass plan almost worked but im here to stay.

No. 1887001

How about that Iron Chef show on Netflix? There's also Top Chef. I had this exact same problem kek. I feel like none of them have as much drama as Gordon's shows, but they do alright as a palette cleanser (kek).

No. 1887014

thanks for the recs nonnie!

No. 1887125

I'll keep posting here until we reach 1200 post, don't care if we never reach it, we must finish the final dumbass shit thread wether the admins like it or not.

No. 1887139

File: 1707851226020.png (168.01 KB, 490x354, kek.png)


No. 1887191

File: 1707854312116.jpg (666.35 KB, 1079x1683, Screenshot_20240213_195829_Ins…)

What have I done to make instagram think I want to see this?

No. 1887279

My cat is so cuddly tonight, he wants me to hug him and demand I kiss him on his sweet stupid little head. I love him so much, even though he keeps throwing his nasty wet food on me and chews paper

No. 1887366

A friend of mine once commented about getting ads for a furry gay porn webcomic and I was thinking "and what the fuck did you do to get that?", then a couple of days later I got the same ad too. At least you aren't getting furry gay porn recommended?

No. 1887504

i miss this thread

No. 1887549

File: 1707877825478.png (270.4 KB, 343x467, rusalka.png)

I should be a rusalka like dweller in the Irish Seas sucking out the vital energy of young qt Irish sailors because they're going to let themselves go anyways

No. 1887561

We all do but faggot farmhand has to ruin everything, lets see how they fucking moderate an empty site

No. 1887563

but now i've got nowhere to shitpost when I get high boo hoo

No. 1887642

Haha whiny crybaby retards

No. 1887643

No. 1887718

File: 1707883933876.jpeg (59.56 KB, 1242x689, 6oOGck9blWbq.jpeg)

armpit update

No. 1887719

No. 1887737

File: 1707885291295.jpeg (24.33 KB, 495x456, uKE9azW9edES.jpeg)

current state of lolcow

No. 1887842

Such a beautiful song…

No. 1888005

Airplane sex tho

No. 1888019

Mile high club

No. 1888022

File: 1707923859481.jpg (54.18 KB, 525x612, 1e9e00e137c28d3e723c8532e3b084…)

No. 1888058

No no nona, I mean having sex WITH an airplane. Not having sex IN an airplane. Important distinction.

No. 1888428

File: 1707947814517.jpg (45.48 KB, 1357x758, sad_ant_with_bindle.jpg)

Israel forces immediately leaving Palestine the moment a 14-year-old posts their fat, trans, furry and racechanged redesign of a character holding a watermelon with "Free Palestine" text on their art blog

No. 1888454

Why is flik brown, it makes me sad he is sad and also brown

No. 1888738

the one who drew miles morales eating a watermelon was the funniest

No. 1889334

File: 1708016994964.jpg (243.58 KB, 899x899, tumblr_caeeb61d6b086dd9848ef79…)

fuck realism, need to paint like this from now on

No. 1889361

I love it so much! Thank you for posting this nona

No. 1889487

it's so cute, right? it's a piece by Emily Dunlap, she has a lot of others in this style. my favourite one is the Sugarplum Kitty!

No. 1889493