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File: 1514581777902.png (523.51 KB, 666x733, Outfitorwhateva.png)

No. 72269

General discussion for everything fashion:Styles,Brands,favorite influences, favorite icons etc.

Post outfit coordination for critique and advice. :)

Posting one I came up with for starters, not sure what to call my personal style.

No. 72277

File: 1514587665393.jpg (98.18 KB, 498x750, 146.jpg)

I wish lc had multiple image upload like 8ch does fml

No. 72278

File: 1514588846245.png (143.75 KB, 736x1004, chanel1987.png)

Pic related, I adore this entire look. I like stockings, heels, boots, sneakers, dresses, pants, pretty much anything. I used to feel like I could only be confined to one thing but I grew up a bit and realized that I could look good in any style. I hope it doesn't come off as snobby because that isn't my intent. I felt, for lack of a better term, liberated by not having to stick with one style all of the time.

At the same time, I'm also very into the 80s hi-cuts as they suit my build more than hipster or skinny jeans, boyshort panties, etc. I miss when bikinis were cut like that and I've been so happy to see that they're coming back in style because I was getting to the point where I debated asking mom if she still had her from back in the day.

No. 72299

These are very H.R Gigeresque, not sure if they are Iris Van Herpen or not as their colours tend to be more natural. I like them.

No. 72323

File: 1514671369206.jpg (103.69 KB, 500x679, 4984.jpg)

No. 72332

File: 1514688240657.png (303.13 KB, 400x523, 0183.png)

No. 72335

File: 1514690665814.png (177.69 KB, 245x350, 5485.png)

No. 72337

For some reason this makes me think of Coco Chanel as a NASCAR driver and it's cracking me up

No. 72341

File: 1514691970438.png (38.56 KB, 500x684, 80schanel.png)

kek I can see why

No. 72411

File: 1514754683613.jpg (76.98 KB, 500x750, 480.jpg)

No. 72412

File: 1514754983759.jpeg (337.08 KB, 600x810, 0E858600-AC91-474F-BF62-F6665C…)

No. 72416

File: 1514759585889.jpg (123.84 KB, 500x686, tumblr_n1pxcbGwsh1qam77jo1_500…)

No. 72445

File: 1514780913145.png (339.01 KB, 482x461, 5478.png)

No. 72478

File: 1514834563377.png (458.4 KB, 500x666, 3497.png)

No. 72482

File: 1514836291174.jpg (156.72 KB, 500x750, 459.jpg)

No. 72483

File: 1514837244922.jpg (123.37 KB, 458x1280, 02138e1dd15613d8e1c218a1afbe38…)

I would kill a man for a Valentino dress. The detail, the sheerness, the colours, I find them so beautiful.

No. 72484

File: 1514838089385.jpg (323.67 KB, 660x990, 2f.jpg)

No. 72486

File: 1514842069612.jpg (65.02 KB, 500x750, 08.jpg)

No. 72492

File: 1514845636405.jpg (65.83 KB, 500x351, 758.jpg)

No. 72496


No. 72544

Lately I've been really into the all-black slim silhouette with my favorite leather jacket. It feels liberating and very appropriate for winter since I normally wear feminine, detailed skirt/dress based outfits in soft colors and with high heels

No. 72546

File: 1514901164581.jpg (83.73 KB, 540x810, bffc2323f44260eb535094167933b8…)

No. 72547

File: 1514901264738.jpg (168.49 KB, 750x1200, Cv2942bUkAI53vf.jpg)

No. 72552

File: 1514905622059.png (1.77 MB, 927x1400, Paco Rabanne Spring 2006 RTW .…)

No. 72553

I would love to wear high-fashion girly like this, but I'm really heavily tattooed and I'm worried I'd look ridiculous.

I really like simple feminine fashions, like ankle-length skirts with fitted tops/slimknit jumpers. I struggle to find good quality skirts though, as they all seem to be made of this stretchy cotton material (viscose?) which isn't suitable for English winters. I also never know what shoes to wear with these skirts… any suggestions?

No. 72722

File: 1515016689918.jpg (128.69 KB, 450x619, 578.jpg)

No. 72727

I'm so in love with this simple look. Great statement pieces with the shoes and bags too.

No. 72810

I guess it depends how tall you are and what kind of general style you go for, such as fabrics/shapes/colours. I find it really hard to dress with tattoos too because it's either too basic as fuck, or if you wear lots of patterns/detail, you end up looking like a dog's dinner. I feel your pain girl.

No. 72920

File: 1515296145188.jpg (33.73 KB, 238x400, tumblr_p210umcHPX1rrzmi2o5_250…)

No. 72921

File: 1515296172850.jpg (38.64 KB, 238x400, tumblr_p210umcHPX1rrzmi2o4_250…)

No. 72922

File: 1515296200237.jpg (32.47 KB, 238x400, tumblr_p210umcHPX1rrzmi2o2_250…)

No. 72924

Santa chic

No. 72944

File: 1515342514915.jpg (126.65 KB, 1024x950, elie-saab-dark-green-evening-d…)

I want a life where I can own at least one Elie Saab dress.

No. 72952

File: 1515347426757.jpg (40.76 KB, 500x444, e6ef912a6dd449b8ea7ce95275c4f8…)

I honestly miss this shit.

No. 72980

File: 1515374327355.jpg (206.37 KB, 600x900, g6.jpg)

No. 72989

File: 1515377608679.jpg (35.24 KB, 400x535, 362.jpg)

No. 72990

File: 1515377656612.png (310.88 KB, 500x380, 587.png)

No. 72991

File: 1515378244043.png (396.55 KB, 500x504, tumblr_n6wkjiqwh71qe48e5o1_500…)

No. 73022

File: 1515442524653.png (197.25 KB, 400x276, 0184.png)

No. 73029

File: 1515447460100.jpg (214.84 KB, 807x1070, 38745.jpg)

No. 73213

File: 1515793449088.jpg (120.69 KB, 550x828, Monday6.jpg)

No. 73224

File: 1515856132780.png (1.76 MB, 1080x1063, 20180113_155651.png)

Any fashion savvy anon knows what this style is called?

I really like berets, high socks, oxford shoes, checked clothes, oversized wooly sweaters, shirts and high-waisted skirts (without going full schoolgirl/delicate lady mode, I often dress androgynous as well) but I have no idea what that style is called. I would like to know so I can find people who like it as well on insta. In the pic the shirt and accessories are over the top compared to what I mean but I couldn't find anything else.

No. 73228

File: 1515862743872.jpg (63.15 KB, 750x500, L_g0076698520.jpg)

I'm having real trouble finding relatively affordable clothes that I want to buy.
I'm looking for things that are interesting, architectural, monochromatic.
Brands like Noctex, Nuit Atelier, older Allsaints stuff. Basically gothninja/ strega.
Looking for Korean brands in particular, I found this one called Ultra Modern on Yesstyle but no more so far.
Can anyone help this noob?

No. 73231

larme kei probably

No. 73234

Sounds kind of like an asian version of preppy stuff

No. 73236


Scottish/tweedy English schoolgirl

No. 73241

File: 1515892911973.jpg (134.99 KB, 736x551, 6dbe536f7178c4e1005d76d3af31f2…)

No. 73242

File: 1515892920693.jpg (96.2 KB, 497x750, 1515178945573.jpg)

No. 73243

File: 1515892927579.jpg (13.71 KB, 236x354, 3b2da8fce3c954233bde73ada9ef4f…)

No. 73246

File: 1515895138467.jpg (237.18 KB, 964x1446, monki.jpg)

This store has some interesting pieces along with some cute basic items; I discovered it the other day in the mall and was surprised to see how cheap the clothing was especially with how OTT the store interior and displays looked.

No. 73343


Thanks anons, those keywords did the trick.

No. 73450

I do not understand the trend of wearing a nice outfit with ugly dad shoes. Can someone explain to me why this is a thing?

No. 73650

File: 1516450952811.jpg (237.81 KB, 1000x1334, b3a3b7644c6aa1a6a47652778cd8b4…)

No. 73651

File: 1516450980987.jpg (46.68 KB, 592x846, ab1ee3637f0858c17435728c5336f7…)

No. 73652

File: 1516451014591.jpg (121.63 KB, 640x992, 7dbfe836cc4d64ff7f173a20bf6012…)

No. 73661

Same, I also don't understand the trend of wearing opaque tights and miniskirts with chunky sports shoes, are you preparing to sprint away from a terrible date?

No. 73670

I think it's supposed to look slightly tomboyish and fun. tights and a miniskirt def work better then fancy dresses though

No. 73676

People have no idea how fabrics pair together or how outfits work. They think addin ugly sneakers makes the work look sporty instead of random and tasteless. Same goes for the people wearing sneakers and formal jackets. To them it’s making it more casual but it just looks silly and out of place.

No. 73678

Any other anons know the feel of being fashion conscious in a small town? I wouldn't even say I'm particularly stylish or innovative at all, but I feel like everyone here has a uniform and I stick out like a sore thumb if I deviate from it. Seems like unless you're a teenager, you're doomed to dress like it's 2008. Or is it just me?

No. 73688

I'm looking for advice.
I have a large bust, but small frame. Are there any anons that can point me to styles that are flattering on that type of frame? I've been trying to grow up and not wear baggy shirts and sweat shirts and actually obtain some sense of how to dress for my body type.

No. 73715

File: 1516612374462.jpg (135.27 KB, 640x800, 02aa9ee7c04aaf6f5f13ee3915bd21…)

I had a friend who was a similar build and she looked absolutely kickass when she would wear sundresses like pic related that flattered her bust and small waist. With a cardigan and usually flats and she had a textured bob haircut that was great with that body shape too. A lot of retro or pinup styles look great with your shape too, it doesn't have to be generic rockabilly Imelda May tryhard trash but subtle pinup silhouettes are great for flattering that figure. >>73678
Yeah I had this too and honestly it never changed until I moved to a bigger city rather than a small town. If the majority in the town or wherever you live dress very bland and generally frown upon alternative styles then I think there's sadly no hope as you'll always be the odd one out and you're up against generations of this being the norm. In a bigger city people usually may not always think your style is for them but will either not notice, not care, or admire it even though it isn't to their taste, they appreciate that it's different to see.

No. 73736

Surplice tops and dresses!

No. 73759

Thank you!
This was helpful

No. 73762

Got stubby gross legs, what’s nice alternative to jeans 24/7?

No. 73765

Skirts and dresses. Also, try tucking in your blouse to lengthen your legs (best with mid and high-rise pants).

No. 73782

I’m hoping for some advice as well. I’m a neat hourglass with naturally muscular / kinda broad shoulders. The main issue I have is finding tops that flatter both my waist and shoulders. If it fits my shoulders, my waist is swimming in fabric and if it fits my waist I look like a sexy linebacker. Any tips, ladies? I feel like I may have to get a few high quality pieces to get tailored but I’m saving that as a last resort.

No. 73785

I had a baby last month and I’m about 30lbs heavier than I was pre-pregnancy. Literally nothing in my wardrobe fits me, including underwear. However I’m now a completely different shape - I have no waist and my boobs are enormous, along with being the biggest I’ve ever been. It’s like dressing someone else!

Not really sure what I’m asking here, I just need to vent about post-pregnancy fashion #probs because idk what to buy anymore?!

No. 73792

Advice for what to do when you have cankles? Aside from sudoku, of course. I'm thin and 5'3 with a rectangle body shape. I've seen models with cankles, but somehow it looks better on them because they have long legs. But I don't.

No. 73812

Yup, exactly this. Especially when they're intricate and/or heavily coloured. I have a load of trad work on my calves… no patterned skirts for me, ever.

No. 73813

Is 32-22-36 pear shaped? My friend said I'm newspaper shape, which I've never heard of.

No. 73820

your friend sounds like a cunt.

it could be hourglass depending on your shoulders/ upper body.

No. 73822

A little heel can create the illusion of much slimmer ankles, avoid ankle boots with anything other than tapered jeans, and try to avoid shoes with ankle straps.

No. 73824

From one shoulder to another is 13 inches.

No. 74029

File: 1516847549758.png (312.4 KB, 730x732, t498745784.png)

No. 74092

File: 1516904106930.png (412.24 KB, 590x742, 5789676.png)

No. 74093

File: 1516904140122.png (291.78 KB, 590x745, 76483945.png)

No. 74124

Those boots and that dress are so awful lmao

No. 74137

I don't know. I think it fits better than heels or flats. I've tried picturing this with wedges in the same colour and its just ehh..

No. 74147

Tbh I like it. The only thing that bugs me is the "dress". Looks stretched, way too short, and looks like it was meant to be worn as a top instead. Other than that I think it's a cute look. I like the light colors of it.

No. 74316

File: 1517235215950.jpeg (187.73 KB, 750x668, 3C8ACB35-33DE-49F5-9F41-ADE2D1…)

No. 74320

That’s the style anon most larme girls wear boots like that it’s an unspoken gyaru thing

No. 74324

File: 1517247520121.png (4.83 MB, 1125x2436, B7B3E95B-C34F-4D86-9A15-F60DAA…)

Pic related
Basic gyaru uniform

No. 74325

himekaji isn't gyaru.

No. 74327

Not gyaru, but still cute.

No. 74328

I need help. Badly. I’m 5’0”, fat as fuck, inverted triangle, but flat chested, and my calves are huge. What can I wear that won’t make me look…like a big, doughy breadstick?

No. 74329

>inverted triangle, but flat chested, and my calves are huge

then you're not an inverted triangle?

No. 74330

If your stuck with linebacker shoulders and no hips and waist then yes, you are an inverted triangle.

No. 74336

Not being fat as fuck would probably help a lot…a wrap dress that skins the slimmest part of your calves would be the most flattering thing. No spaghetti straps or skinny jeans, fluttery sleeves or a dolman sleeve soften and feminise big shoulders, avoid anything with any kind of puff or volume, linens, silks, and light woollens should drape nicely, avoid tight, shiny, stretchy fabrics at all costs. A line skirts or a small peplum should help balance your shape. Tunics and shift dresses are no good but anything that creates a wasps waist might be good.

No. 74337

It’s a terrible style then. Early 2000’s style
clothes that don’t match. Cant are those boots looking nice with anything and the dress is just awkward as hell.

>>73029 fungus shoes.

Even if her clothes actually fit her this outfit is pretty lame. The bagginess of those leggings looks so bad

No. 74341

File: 1517271855020.jpeg (203.18 KB, 821x1024, 5CAE8D5D-980E-408A-8939-ABD301…)


…? This is gyaru.

No. 74342

My linebacker shoulders and I thank you, anon. I’m trying to put the fork down. Having body inspo would probably help.

No. 74344

So what do you actually like, anon?

No. 74345

that's not himekaji, anon.

No. 74349

Clothes that are clean, well fitted, modern, and aren’t covered in tacky embellishments like slogans, logos, studs, no cutesy useless accessories, interesting and bold shapes, monochrome,

Maison margiela, Ann demeulemeester, couple Rick owns bits, yohji Yamamoto, I like loads of stuff just not things that fit badly, or don’t coordinate at all.

Also the fungus shoes are cool. Fungus isn’t a negative.

Happy to help and hey, it’s a lot easier to say ‘lose weight’ than to actually lose it. Good on you for making the effort.

Depending on your torso to leg ratio you could also do very well with black tights and a skirt (any really) paired with all-black shoes, or from tucking a blouse into high waisted jeans.

No matter what shape you’re made in there’s something out there that looks excellent on you and feels good. If it’s not too expensive you could even consider getting your clothes in a larger size and having them tailored to fit so that nothing sits awkwardly between wide shoulders and a narrow torso.

No. 74383

Try taking up bicycling. My ankles are also on the bigger side but they appear a lot smaller now because my calves are more muscular.

No. 74387

File: 1517355202187.png (491.79 KB, 1562x892, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 5.32…)

i wasn't expecting to read this here! I actually just ordered a Margiela sweater, boots, and some ann d boots to add to my collection, what a surprise.

Sometimes I get into the loop of wearing cheap clothes like brandy melville or urban outfitters, and then I go out shopping and see other people wearing high fashion and immediately feel inferior. I'm just donating most of my cheap clothes now.

No. 74389

The tabi boots yessssss!! Vintage Dior is really something special too, like the ‘new look’
I absolutely love high fashion and couture too but you’re never inferior for not wearing it!
I’ve taken up sewing and pattern making to have the wardrobe I really want, it’s a good hobby and if you’re willing to learn everything you wear could be couture.

No. 74390

How do you girls afford high fashion?

No. 74396

I usually just buy secondhand

No. 74398

You can find some nice pieces at thrift stores
A good tailor really helps, and is often times cheaper than buying your size directly from the brand

No. 74591

Super late but MNML on DollsKill is pretty good aesthetically, but I'm not sure about the quality

No. 74627

Sure, Dollskill is cool if you want to spend twice the money than buying direct from the manufacturer
I'd rather trust an Instagram shop claiming that same top you saw on Aliexpress is totally one of a kind

No. 74740

Sales at websites like SSENSE and NET-A-PORTER. They usually have nice pieces for 70% off during the big ones.

No. 74790

File: 1518096570457.jpeg (81.41 KB, 750x1235, 15876264-ED85-4B81-BE69-4831C1…)

No. 74791

File: 1518096620721.jpeg (81.39 KB, 750x1258, E7FFB727-3EA0-4C53-8F6E-FC6FE2…)

Would this style work on everyone?

No. 74800

It looks good on narrow chin ppl but that’s about it

Unless you are cosplaying the matrix I wouldn’t recommend

No. 74801

File: 1518104585923.jpeg (84.54 KB, 594x600, 0BE6AA3E-5502-4A36-A541-C973C2…)

Does anyone know where I can get boots similar to this ones online

Any larme/gyaru boots would also be super appreciated

High end ish western brands would also work.

Thanks in advance anons

No. 74802

File: 1518105023131.jpg (41.44 KB, 499x749, riri.jpg)

No, not even on Rihanna.

No. 74804

File: 1518105268996.jpeg (45.08 KB, 640x520, 9CF6B43A-550A-4A61-B9D7-84F477…)

No. 74813

i got the link for aliexpress bootlegs lmk if u want it.

No. 74819

File: 1518134130208.jpg (96.62 KB, 634x771, fe.jpg)

what kind of casual styles/brands/cuts works well for smaller waists but fat arms and legs? i would love to just throw on a pair of jeans and a t shirt but i look like a fatass because my waist is the smallest part of me and if it isnt highlighted, i look like a blob. i cant wear tight dresses or belted dress all of the time, nor do i want to

i cant even find many shirts that hug the midsection, as everything is like, straight cut or loose bc skinny girls that have skinny limbs look great in that shit, but no matter how thin i get, my arms and legs still look disproportionate. i know a lot of JUST pear women can look great, but my arms are kinda chubby, so casual stuff is a nightmare

this is what im dealing with, basically, but i'm a bit thinner, though my legs are bigger than hers so i look even worse

No. 74820

Anon pls 🙏🏻

No. 74822

That is like my dream body type tbh good for you. I'd be rocking dresses and skirts every day but I can see how that might get dull.

No. 74847


>i can be your angle

>or yuor devil

No. 74873

My body is fairly similar to this, different in some ways but I also have comparatively thick upper arms/hips compared to most women so I'm always having to work around that in outfits. When I'm not wearing A-line dresses then I'm wearing A-line skirts pretty much always. If you go for ones with stretchy material or a stretchy waistband then they're comfier than having to actually wear pants anyway

No. 74998

File: 1518426185869.jpeg (50.48 KB, 500x500, 8243F46B-68D6-4CD1-9A2B-231572…)

No. 75007

No. 75010

File: 1518471612903.jpg (127.36 KB, 768x898, 4e.jpg)


No. 75038


I don't understand how this >>74998 is gross??
Its just piercings. Ear plugs/gauges are the disgusting ones.

No. 75040

File: 1518593429912.jpg (11.59 KB, 254x247, 26940998_10210964711530213_176…)

I'm a huge advocate for body modifications being a person who is into them and has a lot of them personally, but that cluttered ear is pretty unappealing and tacky. Ugh.

No. 75042

Cause it looks trashy as hell. Big diamanté love hearts? Ew

No. 75043

The triangle of piercings is so cute!

No. 75045

how many lobe ear piercings is too many in everyones opinion? (not anything else like cartilage, just lobes).

No. 75065

File: 1518635461695.jpg (61.85 KB, 392x498, SMG.jpg)

I think three is perfect, that's just me. But go for as many as you'd like, look up inspiration online.

No. 75081

Imo it depends a lot on what jewelry you wear. A row of three of four small studs or very small sleepers can look great, but only two bigass studs can be overbearing.

No. 75094

I currently have 4 lobe piercings. I usually wear small studs (easy to clean and comfortable when laying on my side in bed). Or my main lobes are small hoops, and the other 3 are small studs with some sort of design, like a tiny heart, diamond, animal, etc.

No. 75177

Is there a place that sells slips with pockets? It would be great to make every dress a dress with pockets.

No. 75865

File: 1520110027573.jpeg (31.41 KB, 474x679, A2F0EBA2-0E87-4692-BFA9-512FC1…)

I’m going to shill for a brand I like that I found through amazon, oddly enough! They’re called Mordenmiss, and they seem like they’re trying to fill a gap for bigger girls, too, which some might find useful so I thought I’d give them a shoutout.

I’m 5’6” and about 124lbs, and I love both strega and mori, this company has a lot of pieces that can work really well with strega in particular as I’ve not had much luck with thrifting. I generally get their one size fits all or if they have a size, a large so that I can layer well. They only thing I wish they’d make are those wife beater petticoats you see on aliexpress, but they’re also surprisingly receptive to user feedback so who knows? If we flood them with pictures maybe they’ll start making their own.

http://www.mordenmiss.com/ or just go to your local amazon and search for mordenmiss.

pic related, it’s a top I wear all the time.

No. 75918

File: 1520223462246.png (2 MB, 997x997, Collage.png)

pinterest is ruining my life because i've started to create a dream style that is completely impossible/unobtainable for me. i can't afford clothes this nice.

No. 75920

Learn to sew if possible. You can make couture for yourself and always be well dressed

No. 75923

Dupes for Some of these pieces could be found on eBay like the leopard coat. But that orangey floral one is a beaut.. I'm guessing it's some one off unnatainable designer piece

No. 75925

I’ve never bought off eBay before. I think I’m worried about sizing being way too off, but learning how to sew like >>75920 said might help.

The most I’ve done is altered dresses that were too short into crop tops.

Maybe there’s a class I can take…

No. 75929

File: 1520272444322.jpg (194.6 KB, 811x1216, AU631.jpg)

Hey I know it's still a bit pricey but I think you might like things on nomadsclothing esp coats

No. 75943

There’s hundreds of hours of free tutorials and free patterns you can use. It’s jusg a matter of how willing you are to do it or how much you want nice clothes.

No. 75951

File: 1520309918645.jpg (40.43 KB, 473x621, pants.JPG)

what do you guys think I should wear with these pants?

No. 75959

Depends how you choose to style them and what your body shape is, doesn't it. I wear similar but I only style them with something plain and understated. They are definitely something that can be made to look smart or casual so I guess they're a fairly versatile piece to have. Do what you want, anon.

No. 75962

Plain tshirt, white or black. Black loafers (no visible socks, ugh) and big round sunglasses

No. 75965

where did you get these pants? theyre super cute and ive been looking for good quality plaid pants!

No. 75966

What is that hair color called?

No. 75969

File: 1520334606058.jpg (43.61 KB, 480x566, Jimingrey.jpg)

Grey hair

No. 75989

OT but I can't be the only one who finds mens kpop fashion and styling ugly, right? This is old lady tier clothing.

No. 76006

File: 1520398224973.png (193.14 KB, 480x364, tumblr_n6g7btUAlW1txfirco4_500…)

he really is serving us that Dorothy Zbornak style fish huh

No. 76010

File: 1520411424890.jpg (88.09 KB, 1008x1008, white-cotton-slouch-socks-l020…)

I have a physical feature which is overall nbd but still seems not too common…?

I naturally have cankles. From head-on my ankles look normal but from the side they are way thick and my ankle bones are kinda lost in all that flesh. And I'm not fat, have always been around average-below average bmi that's literally how my muscles are. There aren't squishy it's all muscle. It's been like this my whole life

I've been embracing 80's style scrunch socks and hi-top shoes because of this. I got a rainbow assortment of socks from an eBay seller. Fun stuff!

No. 76011

I forgot to mention I know jacksshit about online shopping outside of ebay so if anyone happens to know any brands who are down on this style of socks please hook me up

No. 76012

Rope skipping will help you.
Trust me my PT had the same issue

300-500 skips 4 days a week

No. 76014

File: 1520414371507.jpg (77.72 KB, 1024x730, Calf-Raises-External-Rotation.…)

do you think doing different types of calf raises could help it look more balanced?

No. 76039


Have this too, anon.

Here in my country it was considered a good thing about 15 years a go, but now…

BTW, I do skip rope, more than 400 skips and almost daily, never went away lol I just cri evrtiem

No. 76074

what type of sneakers are in right now? I kind of like nike huarache but aren't they considered passé? Yeah yeah, I know I should wear what I want but I like feeling trendy

No. 76087

I'd recommend the Nike Air Max 97. They're really trendy right now and there are a lot of pretty colorways to choose from (they also go with almost everything).

What's also in fashion currently are ugly sneakers like the Balenciaga Triple S, but unfortunately most of the really popular ones are super expensive.

No. 76093

Invest in a stationary bike anon. Cycling will make your calves more muscular and in turn your ankles will appear smaller.

No. 76094

File: 1520608360521.jpg (32.59 KB, 340x510, Women's Regular Sleeveless Cot…)

What's a good long sleeve jacket or cardigan to wear with dresses with a silhouette like pic related? 3/4 sleeves don't work.

No. 76096

File: 1520609289443.jpg (88.22 KB, 943x696, collage.JPG)


Thanks for the tips!


I got them at dollskill.com ! they have a bunch of too edgy stuff for me but they have some cool pieces as well. I also just bought both this bomber and this brallette/skirt set (plan to wear with like a leather jacket maybe idk yet because alone it makes me feel "too naked")

No. 76859

File: 1521817389598.jpg (2.42 MB, 2560x1920, 18-03-17-20-50-16-965_deco.jpg)


Thanks for all the tips, anons!

I just started doing a beginners work out with this Costco setup my dad bought. Im gonna see how that progresses and decide from there if I want to work on my ankles/calves. They are honestly already pretty meaty lol.

I know to avoid: flats and low heels, thin strappy shoes, low top sneakers

Flattering: wedges, high tops sneakers, platforms, very high heels

No. 76869

I have the exact same thing and I feel you
Some days I like it some days I feel like a carbon copy of chunky Kotas runway walk

No. 77423

File: 1522332925536.jpeg (47.12 KB, 640x640, 2056F9EC-FCD4-4CA2-B07A-06AF4F…)

So this was the artsy alternative girl 2013 edition

Does anyone know what the 2018 version is?

No. 77431

Basic Korean bitch.

No. 77435

I’m not in the korea boo scene how does that look like?

No. 77440

Me neither, just looks exactly like what you'd see on yesstyle or basic korean girl outfits on pinterest until the next fad comes out in 3-4 years. Basic korean fashion looks awfully twee and what someone in their early teens would find to look good.

No. 77606

File: 1522589612637.jpg (61 KB, 320x400, frye-paige-tall-riding-dark-br…)

What misery is appropriate to wear with brown leather boots?
Boot socks? Boot cuffs? Leggings? Tights? What colors?

No. 77666


No. 77858

I love grey socks with leather boots

No. 77879

Black socks over blue jeans also looks good for a casual look

No. 77941

I love brown boots, black leggings and an oversized sweater (preferably in maroon)… but thats prob just because im a midwesterner

No. 77954

Cheer up anon

No. 77991

Could anyone direct me towards an online wig shop that sells decent quality with fair price?

Haven't ordered any wigs in 3 years so I'm a bit out of the loop and I don't trust these youtubers shilling shitty websites. Thanks in advance.

No. 78024

what's a fair price in your opinion? and would you be ok buying a good brand from rakuten global?

No. 78044

i used to get them on this site where they would sell pretty long synthetic wigs for $30ish bucks. They were from a korean wig website but I forgot the name. Please share if you even know what I'm talking about lol.

I've never gotten anything from Rakuten but I will give it a shot if it's a decent shop.

No. 78054

Could it be Gabalnara?

No. 78086

Anons, do you have recs for good everyday clothing brands? Normally I just buy Uniqlo but I want to try clothes that aren’t as plain. I bought a couple items from J Crew as a start.

I also used to buy a lot from Gap but they’re so hit or miss it felt like a waste of time.

No. 78118

File: 1523014332925.jpg (65.31 KB, 750x1125, 00227148-05.jpg)

How does tham feel about bodysuits?

I think they do wonders for a thin waist and emphasize the chest in a flattering way but they look inconvenient as fuck, I'd still like one for the novelty though. Do farmers think they're worth the trouble or should I just stick to tank tops and shit.

No. 78120

Real cute til you need to pee.

No. 78140

Don't most body suits have an open-able crotch area? The ones I inherited from my sister from the 80s-90s all do

No. 78175


No. 78176

File: 1523063576463.jpg (46.62 KB, 657x987, hmprod.jpg)

yeah i've seen a lot with snaps like these but i guess there's no standard so you have to look for it

No. 78178

All mine do except one.

What sort are you wearing that make your waist look thin? In my experience, they don't cling to your skin so they go from your boobs to your hips in a straight line instead of curving inwards.

No. 78722

I really like ankle boots and booties on other girls but I can't figure out how to make them work for me. I don't have cankles. I have slender calves imho. But when I put on ankle boots I feel like my legs turn into tree trunks. Any tips? I do have BDD but I think this is real and not dysmorphia.

I saw this girl at a techno event with black ankle boots that were wedges. She looked so damn cool. I wish I'd asked her where she got them instead of being shy.

No. 78750

It definitely is real, not all ankle boots are made in the same shape and not all will fit you. Try a bunch of different ones until you find ones you like. Not all of them will go well with all types of trousers either.
It could also be a heel height issue, if they're too flat and the rest of the outfit is bulky it will make it look unbalanced.

No. 78759

thanks, I'll keep trying then! I'm glad to know other people have this problem, as weird as that sounds.

No. 78896

File: 1523491054755.jpeg (26.31 KB, 313x470, 07920F1D-4B9E-4945-9465-6997A1…)

Does anyone know wha this style is called?

No. 78897

"Harry Potter was my only real achievement-core"

No. 78898

File: 1523491693444.gif (253.16 KB, 500x331, b87.gif)

it's just any first year liberal arts college boy

No. 78899

Yeah but does it have a name?

No. 78906

maybe if you have more example pics. the only style choices in that pic are glasses, a plain solid color shirt and plain solid color jacket, not much of a style. If you had more than one full outfit pic it would be easier to tell what you're after.

No. 78908


No. 79114

Pretentious pseudo-intellectual /lit/ and /his/tard.

No. 79575

No. 79794

Ginsberg was a beatnik, that's what the style is called.

No. 79801

File: 1524268555212.jpg (30.89 KB, 343x760, larmekei.jpg)

Is there larme kei but a darker one, mostly dark colors/ black/ lace?

I love the romantic soft baby doll look but as I'm getting older I would like to have a style that's a mixture of still cute but more suited for older girls. My kind of aesthetic is peter pan collars, berets, frills, lace, that sort of thing.

No. 79803

It's still larme kei even if the colors are darker. That's exactly what the style was created for, looking cute but offering styles that are appropriate and flattering for women in their 20s and 30s. I know the pink and black look is the most popular but there's blues, whites, dark reds and browns that are shown in the photoshoots as well. The neutral look is very mature looking and cute at the same time if you don't want a goth vibe.

No. 80006

File: 1524427961606.png (548.59 KB, 958x720, 1507311225062.png)

Does anyone know where to find a skirt like this? It looks comfy and I like to wear skirts but the trendiest ones right now are tight ones or too long on me. I don't feel like wearing tight ones all the time, especially casually.
I found this:
But it's out of stock! I looked on yesstyle too. They only have the pleated ones which kind of sit too high on my waist (I'm short).

No. 81123

What do you guys wear to go out? I am shy and very inexperienced in terms of bars/clubbing. I'd like to look cute rather than sexy, but also fit in. Any advice helpful.

No. 81145

Can't help you with the skirt but I'm glad I clicked on that pic, made me chuckle

No. 81460

Are highwaisted mini skater skirts too outdated? I wear them a lot, I think they flatter my body and I love a very girly style (please don't confuse 'girly' with 'kawaii' style or any Japanese fashion) but ehhh I also don't want to come across as a 2013-2014 tumblr teen. (Especially considering I'm 21). I'm considering just completely overthrowing my whole warderobe and start a complete new style if that makes sense. Thoughts?

No. 81464

It's not outdated, but definitely much too twee, screams 90s and 2012 early teenager years. Get yourself a nice casual sundress, it's much more flattering than a skirt and a shirt and comfier too.

No. 81466

File: 1525283969168.jpg (29.65 KB, 360x480, cf583ab4a7b0f4ca6bf0d5a9865be0…)

No. 81467

File: 1525284172427.jpg (44.16 KB, 564x776, jjj.jpg)

No. 81471

File: 1525288863633.jpg (90.77 KB, 600x668, 1942-collar-dresses-01.jpg)

I'm obsessed with 1940s British fashion. A time of war and rations, women had to be inventive and simple in order to express themselves. They were a generation of working women who had to go to factories or work in the fields. Yet, they still managed to make their functional dresses feminine and attractive. I love the construction and the patterns, there's a mix of urban and country.

But I feel like the era has been co-opted by "plus size" American women and now the style is seen as matronly or frumpy. I cry.

No. 81472

File: 1525289089261.jpg (89.04 KB, 898x701, 65916.jpg)

No. 81474

Some aspects of this style are represented in korean and japanese "office lady" dresses. I don't think it is intrinsically frumpy, but having a certain body type and the right makeup will help a lot.

What things do you like about the style? Did their dresses have pockets? (I suspect not, but I didn't google)

No. 81475

What’s a good store to buy lolita dresses and skirts from? I’m very petite, my measurements are all in the twenties. Does anyone here know of reliable lolita sellers in America that cater to skinny girls? I’m not trying to break the bank, I really don’t make enough money to afford Angelic Pretty or anything.

No. 81485

File: 1525301772962.jpg (36.67 KB, 542x800, default.jpg)


I like the structured lines and ingenuity. I have a tall, slim figure so I think the style would suit but I'm afraid itll be seen an outdated.

I'm a history major, so this is basically my shit.



I love how even in war, fashion was still at the forefront of culture and society. That women were still adapting and expressing themselves, despite the rations and restrictions. Pockets and bows were banned because they were considered unnecessary

>“Imports were limited and raw materials and manufacturing capacity were needed for the war effort. As the war went on people became very creative.”

>Indeed, armed with handy tips such as how to unpick old jumpers, create decorative patches for concealing holes in worn-out garments and protect against the menace of moths, we became a nation of tailors.

I think it makes me proud of my country and what we have gone through.

>“It is often assumed that it was drab time but people used bright colours and patterns, partly as a way of putting on a brave face and cheering yourself up during wartime,” adds Amanda.

I love color and wear bright clothes often, including dresses. I usually stick to the more wrap-around 70s style but I'd love to add in some more structured, militaristic pieces.

>Another impact of rationing was to improve the quality of British-made clothes, which had to last, and make production more efficient.

Some more pieces here


No. 81568

Skaterskirt anon again. I've decided to completely change my warderobe. I want to go for a feminine and stylish but comfortable, easy to wear style that fits my age (21). Any recommendations what I could go for (maybe refer to a lookbook or youtubers idk) because I'm LOST.

No. 83417

baseball caps (like pastel colored ones) look good

No. 84744

File: 1528650443852.png (344.43 KB, 386x436, 1mPY1kI[1].png)

where do you get this? Searching tunic has too many variations.

No. 84770

Try searching boho tunic, some similar styles come up

No. 84773

this shirt is horrifying

No. 84777

Not that anon, but why?

No. 84780

ntayrt but it looks like something a decidedly free-spirited 50 year old mom would wear with cropped cargo pants and dansko clogs

No. 84784

don't know whats worse
the shirt or the photoshop

No. 84798

Ew..search for peasant blouses if you really must inflict this on yourself.

No. 84802

(off shoulder) gypsy/hippie/boho/peasant blouse/shirt
Clothes chains like h&m are also selling a lot at the moment because summer.
I've worn these for dressing up as a pirate in larp. Please don't combine these with ugly regular jeans like in the pic.

No. 84803

File: 1528698913186.jpg (109.75 KB, 683x1024, Moonchaser_Peasant_Top_1_1024x…)

Free People do something similar called Moonchaser.

No. 84846

Try searching "empire peasant blouse."

No. 84860

File: 1528735208578.jpeg (17.46 KB, 470x313, images (15).jpeg)

Does anyone know where I can get something similar?

No. 84958

Who are your fashion inspirations?

No. 84980

Wow I would like to know too! This seems like a super cool idea (except the shoes) and the top would look cute with jeans and the skirt with simple black turtleneck

No. 86258

Does anyone know of ways to stay ontop of trends outside of Insta? I like to mix trends into my outfits but everything on insta is just so goddamn tryhard.

No. 86277


Pinterest is the best platform for fashion imo, you just meed to know who/what topics to follow. I hate the instagram slut-chic fashion as well and it's not as prevalent over there.

No. 88339

I hope this is okay to ask here. Any advice for apple shapes? I'm a fat piece of shit and most of my weight is in my stomach. I assume people think I'm pregnant because I've been offered seats on the bus by elderly women, and a lady supervising a public toilet offered me the disabled toilet because there was a line.
I need to lose weight obviously but I also need more flattering clothes on the meantime. All advice appreciated

No. 88495

File: 1531708193413.jpeg (19.86 KB, 235x353, 04326F5A-702E-43AF-98F1-D2D5E6…)

For an apple shape, I recommend wearing stuff that directs the eye away from your belly. If you have slimmer shoulders and and presumably skinnier legs, an oversized sweater look might work.

Personally, I think dresses like pic related are nice for plus size apple types, try finding one that cinches under the bust instead of at the waist, which would help divert attention from the biggest problem area. Basically, avoid anything that’s going to define your stomach, go for styles that are flared at the ribs and try using interesting patterns elsewhere on your body.

No. 88498


Ok, this is very dope. Thanks!

No. 88805

Thanks for the advice! I'll try to find pieces matching the description.

No. 88807

In sh0eonhead thread people mention how she dresses as a teenager, rather than a woman her age, which I found odd because her clothes look age appropriate to me, a person from Eastern parts of the Europe. Could you guys show me some examples of 17 vs 27 year old fashion in the US?
Usually, over here, you won’t see much of a clothing difference between these age brackets, except teens would be more prone to wearing sweatshirts and sweatpants or have a combo of plain T-shirt and jeans combined with expensive sport shoes (as brand name, pricey footwear can be often worn as status symbol).

No. 88809

Most of the people here are teens/early 20s. They think we all wear women's suits and grandma sweaters after the age of 25.

No. 88921

Petite anons, where the fuck do you buy clothes? I can never find anything for my waist and shortness. I look better in shorter, high waist skirts but so many basically go down to almost my knees. When anything is too long it makes my legs look even shorter and frumpy. I'm 25 and have no choice but to shop at teenybopper mall stores if I'm not shopping online, and a lot of time I'm lucky if even they fit correctly. I got a couple skirts from yesstyle and they actually fit, but shipping takes so long from them, though I guess I have no other choice. I just wish I had more options for cute petite clothes. I guess Asian sizing works? Are there more options for that besides yesstyle?

No. 88930

everything in this thread is hideous

No. 88936

High waisted anything is ugly af, anon.

No. 88941

This is a really old post, but thanks for linking this website anon. I have a few accessories from this brand that I got from asos but I'm a fatty-chan and didn't think they made clothes in my size, but they do!

No. 88949

AliExpress, I'm 5'0" and everything seems to fit.
Otherwise you could try children's clothes (not joking, I fit 11yrs+).

No. 88950

File: 1531983629904.jpg (52.61 KB, 394x600, GettyImages-88188511_master.jp…)

Not that anon, but how? You realize she said skirts right? Almost all tasteful skirts fit around the waist. If not, you get shit like this.

No. 88952

File: 1531987717161.jpg (547.4 KB, 1240x620, qZYEDJY.jpg)

in my opinion, high waist is the way to go especially if you are petite. it optically lengthens your legs. low/mid-rise clothing can easily make your legs look short. it can look nice but you need to have a certain body type to pull it off imo.

No. 88964

That pic is kinda misleading, seeing as the high waisted jeans girl is wearing heels, and the low rise girl is wearing sneakers. It's still true; but there's multiple factors.

No. 89048

you're retarded

No. 89052

I know that this is an older post so Idk if you're still around… But I really appreciate all the dedicated research you put into your interest. You really care about what women during the period actually wore and the context behind it. I hate it when girls get into '40s/'50s vintage style and they just smack together a generic ModCloth dress with bright red lipstick and an anachronistic hairstyle, then act like they're the second coming of Lana Turner.

No. 89063

Not really. Maybe on you, but not on most body types.

No. 89069

File: 1532053475308.jpg (222.8 KB, 1968x2944, 11.jpg)

anyone have recs on thigh high boots?
ive always wanted to get some but i dont want to shell out 120$ on a pair unless i know its highly rated. id prefer to go for much lower price since I think I just want to start off with plain black high heeled boots.
Some outfit inspo would also be highly appreciated as I want to make this my look in the fall. I always dress in gym clothes because I'm lazy and find it easier than bringing clothes with me all day before I hit the gym but I'd like to change that. I want to look like a proper lady, but have no idea where to put my cash.
Should I just do a fashion nova binge? (Sorry if this is all over the place fuck)

No. 89077

File: 1532056435567.jpg (118.91 KB, 600x901, p9skzb-l.jpg)

Get stuart weitzman boots. Expensive as fuck but they make your legs look amazing.

No. 89132

mine are Steve Madden and I adore them! they're on sale rn on their website

No. 89176

File: 1532129548115.gif (9.86 MB, 550x313, 00-holding-marie-antoinette-ho…)

Can you guys give me some advice about putting outfits together and improving my shopping habits in general? I have a really hard time coordinating my clothes, but I'm also kind of addicted to thrift shopping.

I have a closet full of unique vintage pieces, but I seldom wear them. This is because I have a bad habit of snagging cheap but cool pieces without considering what I'm going to pair them with. In addition, there's a lot of different aesthetics and eras catching my eye that I want to tap into. But I feel like the styles I'm into have no consistency, therefore there's no solid "look" I'm going for… Lastly, I'm kinda lazy, and usually when I leave the house I just end up wearing really comfy, normcore tier shit.

The plus side is I'm not spending myself into ruins. I only go to thrift stores when I know I have enough to treat myself, and everything else I own is cheap department store stuff, a lot of it which I've owned for years. I just feel like a fucking mess with a diverse closet and nothing to do with it.

Any suggestions of what I should do? Even if that means ending thrifting altogether and selling my clothes? (also let me know if this post is more appropriate or the advice thread)

No. 89180

I would recommend choosing a cohesive color palette and getting solids that work with various vintage finds across eras. Pick colors that you like wearing, sell off the cool things you have that don’t fit your palette, and then use that money for staple pieces etc.

I wear a lot of vintage styles, and my wardrobe is primarily comprised of black, grey, wine, pink and white. Having a lot of neutrals makes it easier to start bringing in other colors when I want to, though, so I have some green and blue in my wardrobe too. I look like shit in yellow and orange so I don’t have any in my closet.

No. 89204

File: 1532170861246.jpg (142.43 KB, 1204x900, body visualizer .jpg)

How to woman?

When I was a cringy teenager I'd mostly wear 'alternative' fashion styles like Goth or Lolita. I was alright with coordinating, but not exactly with choosing anything that actually suits me.
After I had a fitness phase and was okay with just walking around in sportsgear 24/7 I now realize that I have no idea how to dress myself and I feel like I am shooting myself in the foot. My boyfriend said he wants to be able to show me off like a Ferrari, but I don't know how to dress for my bodytype. I have very broad shoulders, ribcage and hips, small boobs, relatively long legs. My best feature is probably my ass+legs. I'd currently describe myself chubby muscular (off-season), but a few months out of the year I have a 4-pack.

What kind of style would suit me? What clothing items would suit my body? Other than that I am cookie cutter long blonde green eyed whitie, not a striking beauty so I can't get away with too far out there stuff.

No. 89221

File: 1532190323910.png (221.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180721-122340.png)

Unrelated, but I've tried out the body visualizer for the first time now, and it really pisses me off how you can't make a busty hot woman's body lol. When you increase the bust, the ribcage gets large, the tits sag, the face becomes witchy and something weird happens to the hips. Wtf
Also you can't build a super jacked man, no matter what, he'll always have skinny woman legs

No. 89222

I know, but at least it gives an idea of the measurements I am working with. In reality I have very broad shoulders and no violin hips, but the program is indeed very limited and doesn't work well for jacked people. Upping the exercise slider doesn't make the puppet more buff, just more defined.

No. 89249

This sounds like a really good game plan. I think one of my issues is indeed colors being all over the place. My most worn pieces are black, white, and blue, and I have some neutral tones as well. But many of my thrifted items are a weird mix of pastels and earth tones and various patterns haha…

Anyways, I'm about to do some deep cleaning before the summer ends, so I'll definitely go through my closet and sort out what I won't actually wear. And in the future when I shop I'll focus on getting practical pieces that match with a lot of things, like you suggested. Thanks again anon, you're a life saver!

No. 89287

Can I ask for opinions/advice? I need a new handbag. I’ve been looking at Rebecca Minkoff’s Mini Mac for a couple of weeks and and it seems not ~too classy~ for my basic bitch needs but it’s also kinda edgy (not into that). But it’s the only bag I could find atm that comes with metal accents that aren’t gold. How do ya’ll feel about RM? Also, do you know any places I could find second hand HE-bags that aren’t ebay? I’m not really into any of the current styles. Idk why but I haven’t been able to make any gd decisions lately!

No. 89301

File: 1532261312153.png (401.33 KB, 570x775, kyuuteshtuff.png)

I'm the exact same way anon, lately i have been buying a few pieces from shein. Theyre stuff is pretty trendy and not super expensive but I have no doubt its cheap chinese sweatshop teir.

I own some aliexpress thigh highs and they are godwaful to wear but i usually coord it with plain spandex and one of the tops i got from shein for an easy street to gym transition. All and all I would say light but formal tops have saved my wardrobe.

No. 89354

I used to order a lot of pieces from Romwe. Had no issues with delivery, and everything fit fine and was decent quality.

I stopped shopping there though cause the site got really weird, like they started selling men's and children's clothes (???) and all this random ass house crap. It's not even a women's fashion site anymore, it's another Ali site.

No. 89382

File: 1532340408305.png (380.65 KB, 459x965, dress.png)

I normally wear a lot of pastels and a lot of pink (general weeb fashion), but because I'm short, it makes me look like I'm 12. I recently got this dress from Mango and it makes me look way more feminine and actually my age. Does someone have recommendations on where to get similar styled clothes? Cute, girly and pastel but with feminine cuts.

No. 90300

How do you guys wear streetwear while flattering a feminine figure? I look like a boy and I'm not into it

No. 90305

Keep your waist defined, tops that are boxy or sit badly on the chest (y’know the tube-boob look?) are unflattering.

Been seeing a lot of braids or loose hair styles which help counter a more masculine style outfit, and little accents like nails, jewelry.

No. 90309

>Keep your waist defined
that's the problem i'm having with. HOW? everything i like is too boxy

No. 90310

I’ve seen a lot of cropped shirts and fitted black turtlenecks being worn with vintage denim
Use a belt, or switch up your shapes and wear a boxy top with bottoms that make your legs look ten miles long.

Boxy tops are cruel because they only suit long thin bodies. Short or thick figures get lost and look bulky

No. 90311

it's easier to dress that way in the cooler months :(

No. 90326

Idk, shit. Look at other outfits and try things out.

No. 90366

What kind of shoes should I wear with olive colored corduroy pants? I just bought a pair for fall.

No. 90404

File: 1533006825724.jpeg (59.41 KB, 513x655, 5307429-1-darkbrown.jpeg)

brown doc martens

No. 91954

File: 1534102880719.jpeg (232.64 KB, 1365x2048, 244C3A3A-8482-4662-8BAA-DD7ABF…)

What do you guys think of this playsuit? Do you find it cute? Ugly? Does it look too much like labia?

No. 91955

It looks like a tongue

No. 91956

It looks like something a sex worker would wear tbh

No. 91988

The pleats on the front look pointless. They don’t add much aside from a flap at the crotch.
The hem line will make it impossible to sit or bend without showing your ass cheeks, and the crotch depth on playsuits ensures that it will also jam itself into your crotch when sitting or bending, unless it’s made of a stretchy fabric. (Which would be a whole other issue here because jersey would cling horribly and the scuba fabric everything trend is just ugly af)

The garment on the model doesn’t even fit nicely tbh. It’s bunching at the waist and ribs because the darts don’t fit her bust.

No. 91989

File: 1534119085323.png (1.32 MB, 620x1337, salopete-elas-usam-620x1337.pn…)

jumper/overall dresses? y/n?

No. 91990

not a fan of blue denim ones in general, but ones like the red one in the center and most plain black ones can be cute over a white tee with a nice cut

No. 91992

I think they look nice on other people but everytime I've tried one on I look like a child.

No. 91994

File: 1534122739021.jpg (322.6 KB, 1538x1433, c45498ba844fe30d4822114405c317…)


I'd take some cues from the 90s with the tight top, loose/baggy pants combo for a more figure flattering look.

No. 92002

As someone who actually wants to look androgynous/like a boy (im not a tranny), what DO you wear lol? im kinda chubby so it's kind of hard for me to hide my "bumps".

No. 92003

tight top with a cropped jacket over? tight ripped jeans with a baggy jacket and a crop top? streetwear doesnt have to be baggy all over.

No. 92004

i dont like the color, but the fit is nice, except i would prefer it to be a bit longer so the ass doesnt show. i would wear a jacket over though.

No. 92008

jacket??? bitch its boiling outside

No. 92568

can we get a spreadsheet of stores going? I can only think of a handful of online stores such as
forever 21
Mango (mentioned earlier in thread)
Lazy Oaf

No. 92569

Nasty Gal
Brandy Melville
Dolls Kill
Urban Outfitters
Miss Selfridge

No. 92588

What do you guys think of Kibbe's theory of body types? Aly Art has so much videos about this theory.

In my opinion it is very interesting and legit. I learned a lot and I'm more confident what fits me and my style. I am a soft gamine btw

For example this model is a flamboyant natural and she looks hideous in this pink childish dress which emphasizes her harsh features. But this dress would look good on gamines on the other hand

No. 92594

ohh lmao i thought you said it was harder to dress like that in the cooler months, disregard my comment

No. 92598

This is actually the first body type video that clicked for me, I’ve spent a lot of time wondering if I’m rectangular or Apple or whatever fruit, but she really broke it down in a way I could get. Apparently I’m a soft gamin as well, thank you for sharing anon!

No. 92600

Same for me! I wonder if we could make a new thread with Kibbe related stuff. It isn't only body types but hairstyles and makeup too and I love discussing based on a theory. It would explain a lot why some people look good with a certain style while others don't

No. 92601

i don't see how it's a theory. is there something i'm missing? it just seems like a subjective way of recognizing patterns in different body types, same as the old fruit thing. it does seem more useful and less vague than the old way, but it's not like there's anything empirical that would make this "theory" "correct" and the old way "incorrect."

i always thought the fruit method was too vague. you can be an hourglass and 6' with a long torso and square violin hips or you can be an hourglass who's 5'2 with round hips and a short torso. you're telling me those people are going to look good and bad in the same things? so i like that this method takes lots of factors into account besides just your shoulder/waist/hip ratio.

i took her test and i'm a theatrical romantic and it checks out because the clothes and styling she recommended are the ones i've gravitated to over the years.

No. 92603

File: 1534717701361.jpg (80.78 KB, 1024x580, yin-yangscale_zps75e7ea63 (1).…)

It is indeed a theory. You can google it. It's by David Kibbe and the book is called Metamorphosis. It is about understanding forms, yin and yang.

No. 92605

gotcha. thanks for clearing it up! i shouldn't have been so cynical. i guess i'm a little tired of hearing shit like "the spoon theory."

i'm actually kind of excited about finding out about this. i could never tell how feminine or masculine i read and this clears it up very well.

No. 92606

Look at Alys playlist. She has so many details and tests you can make if you are insecure

No. 92607

i took her test and watched a few videos and i'm almost certain i'm theatrical romantic. i'm tall with long limbs and high sharp cheek bones but the rest of my facial features are big and soft, my shoulders are very round and narrow, proportionally small waist, very wide hips, fairly big boobs, small hands and feet. to me that seems like mostly yin skeletal structure, mostly yin features, yin flesh, and just a few yang features which would be theatrical dramatic. this is fun lol

No. 92609

It is ok. I mean you are somewhat right because it is not scientific paper which you can prove.
David Kibbe just made up his own "theory" of body types. For some it's a good orientation and others think it's bs. What I like about Kibbe is that it is so diverse that everybody can identify with a type

No. 92610

yeah that makes sense.

is there a male version of the test/theory? i feel like just using the regular female version for a man wouldn't quite work. i want to see what my bf would get. actually now that i think about it with these types i feel like he would be an inverse of me. eerie.

No. 92612

File: 1534718842690.jpg (118.84 KB, 670x642, TypesGuys-names.jpg)

Yes! Unfortunately the most information you can find online is for women but you can find some interesting stuff for men too. I recommend reddit of you have some questions because they are really active and helpful


No. 92613

File: 1534719124657.jpg (181.02 KB, 1080x1151, Screenshot_20180820-005011_1.j…)

You can also look for outfit ideas in pinterest btw if you know your bfs type

No. 92615

ah ok that makes sense
i found these descriptions


"Kibbe says he wrote the men's section in the book Color For Men (the edition of Color Me Beautiful for men). That only has the base types no subtypes, though. He considers himself a Theatrical Romantic and works with men as well as women."

so it's a shame i can't sperg out with subtypes and tests. from the descriptions i think he's right in between natural and romantic honestly.

No. 92661

So I'm going away soon and I wanted some advice.

I'm thinking of getting a denim jacket (wearing it open) to try to hide my stomach with layers. With that a pair of black shorts and some colourful, patterned tops for a little colour that I'll half tuck into my shorts. I could also wear a floral dress with the jacket. I'm looking for a pair of good shoes because I'll be doing a lot of walking but something that looks nice like a pair of white canvas shoes and a pair of heeled sandals for the dress. I have a few mini backpacks but I don't think they'll match what I'm planning. I have 2 pairs of denim shorts already but I'm not sure what to wear with them (maybe a light, long sleeve shirt but that might highlight my weight). I'm trying to pack as light as possible but also give myself a good few options, like a little capsule wardrobe.

Does anyone have anything to add/critique? How do you stay cool when you're touristing? I would have made you guys a visual but Polyvore is dead, RIP xx

No. 92669

I would be very much interested in a thread!

No. 92902

File: 1534969869565.png (653.52 KB, 695x697, Collage - PicMonkey Photo Edit…)

getting a new pair of doc martens and i can't decide between these two: 1461 Bex (on the left) and the Adrian Smooth (on the right). i love the chunkiness of the 1461 Bex but i also love how the other ones look like loafers. in the winter i wear a lot of miniskirts with tights and i think both of these would be cute with those outfits. for versatility, which of these would look better with pants as well? which one would you guys choose?

No. 92903

The left ones look like my fathers shoes to be honest. Both are chunky and have the same effect you desire to achieve if you wear a dress or pants. The right ones are more feminin and versatile in my opinion. Overall it depends on your style anon.

No. 92908

go with the loafers because the 1461 bex is for art hoes. There's just too much of those shoes rn

No. 92911

File: 1534973090860.png (138.12 KB, 319x627, Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 2.21…)

if anyone finds hunting for clothes online fun, i really want a dress exactly like this in black. i know this actual dress is from trashy diva, but i'd like to find a cheaper version as i know i've seen similar dresses before. i'll post again if i find one.

No. 92932

This is strange because I've wanted the Adrian loafers forever but was just recently considering getting the 1461s, haha.
To me, loafers suggest more of a preppy style and the 1461s seem a lot edgier. If you wear more alt fashion I'd get the 1461s, but if you have more of a "classic" style then the Adrians are probably better.

No. 93545

File: 1535511070531.png (14.68 KB, 255x251, 1506029049643.png)

pls post qt apron recs!

No. 93590


this is my favorite apron for work since you don't need to worry about ties and it looks like a cute denim dress. i got it as a gift tho and didn't realize it was $45

No. 93622

File: 1535593167069.jpg (20.19 KB, 513x700, 61S2V1g6wkL._AC_UY700_.jpg)

No. 93785

File: 1535736977750.jpg (103.41 KB, 870x1110, monki.jpg)

does anyone know where to get dresses like pic related? i've been looking for one but they all seem to be sold out so if anyone has seen similar dresses sold somewhere please tell me!

No. 93799

File: 1535748843060.jpg (40.9 KB, 569x571, sheer dress.jpg)

Go to amazon, type in "sheer dress" in the search bar, enter.

No. 93889

Any petite UK farmers here?
I'm on the hunt for basic t-shirts that aren't baggy at the shoulders.

No. 97942

File: 1539136600671.jpg (252.1 KB, 800x1200, 65676_Copyright_RedDressBoutiq…)

I hope this is ok to post here, anyone know what this style of dress is called? I've seen a lot of girls wearing this style but can't find any online

No. 97964

Realisation par

No. 97986

try searching for floral "peasant dress" or tiered dress, boho dress, prairie dress.

No. 100456

Any suggestions for a nice warm winter jacket.
It's so hard for me to find one thats timeless, elegant, good quality and affordable.
I like fur and velvet and just generally romantic, gothy but simple clothes with character.

No. 100463

File: 1541806269542.jpg (279.6 KB, 1280x720, 73132434cc4d0e755a5e7caf1435a3…)

Anon, I sincerely hope you meant faux fur and not animal fur…

No. 100465

File: 1541810250218.jpeg (101.76 KB, 960x716, 8145F0B7-82E0-4A61-BA79-55EE75…)

Take it somewhere else. Anon asked for a coat, not your morals.

No. 100473

God forbid if someone recommends faux fur instead of dead animal fur. Not like 9 out of 10 people are against fur, you're the one who is in the minority.
>In the poll for the RSPCA, 95 per cent of people said they would refuse to wear real fur and 93 per cent thought products should be clearly labelled as real or fake fur.

No. 100475

They’re just asking for a coat not freaking out over fur.
There’s vintage and inherited fur pieces out there, and fur is a nice extra to managing invasive rabbits in Australia. The market isn’t entirely black and white. Anon just wants a coat.

Imo the better choice is felt treated with scotch guard in a classic cut like a princess coat or a tailored trench coat. Lighter, less bulk, really warm. If it’s really freezing something lined with fleece with tighter fitting sleeves.

No. 100477

Faux fur is made of plastic, which is way more harmful for the environment (AND a ton of your pwecious animals)

second hand real fur >>>>>>>>> new real fur >>>>>>>>>> faux fur

No. 100485

No. 100497

>mocking someone for caring about animals
Oh, bravo

No. 100498

>mocking someone for caring about animals
Oh, bravo

No. 100499


Jfc just fuck off already. Nobody asked for your opinion on fur. Go lecture ppl somewhere else.

No. 100507

plastic will be used for everything anyway whether you purchase fake furs or not, disgusting cruelty against animals can be stopped and only serves vanity.

No. 100513

>Implying dumping plastic into the ocean isn't cruelty against animals
Just say you only care about the "cute" animals and go

No. 100517

I’m the anon asking for jacket suggestions. I would only ever get second hand fur… sorry for starting this :(

No. 100518

No. But plastic is used for so many things it's hard for me to imagine plastic no longer harming ecosystem. I do need to inform myself more on the topic though. I do think that real fur needs to be stopped either way. I stand by my opinion that it is a completely unnecessary cruelty.

No. 100520

File: 1541884479019.jpg (25.63 KB, 600x397, 4a8he.jpg)

Original person who commented on your post here. Glad to hear that! Recycled clothes > new clothes (even though I personally find wearing dead animals kinda icky, I think it's better that it's used rather than thrown away in the bin)

I hope >>100499 can take a chill pill lol (and thanks to everyone who stood up for my comment <3 )

No. 100575


spoil that shit, not everyone wants to see that

No. 100576

What are some fashion styles that aren't basic af but also not alternative or seen as weird?

No. 100584

File: 1541969150871.jpg (12.89 KB, 367x550, 752b64b7a1506615c61553dd7ee27e…)


My go to when i want something slightly eye catching but not full blown alternative is a cute vintage-girly look, somewhat reminiscent of 2000s hipsters

tho it might be a pain in the butt to coordinate, i used to make some hideous fashion crimes back in high school

No. 100585

File: 1541969985960.png (127.33 KB, 300x300, private-category-hm4-s300.png)


My twenties are starting to creep out and
"Dressing my Age" really bothers me, not in a womanchild way but "Mature" clothes just look absurdly unflattering on me, blazers, office trousers, almost every dress that doesnt have a bit of a Poof, i just look like someone's kid trying their aunt's clothes, even with petite sizes it just looks
I personally enjoy the way i dress alot but i cant help but feel pressure to change as i grow older.
Theres no workplace dresscode or stuff like that since im a baker so its just about social situations

Im 5´1 and around 110 lbs, just overall very petite and girlish in body

Style is a bit like pic related, i always end up getting compared to cassie from skins style-wise

No. 100586

any anons know how to adapt to a new style? i've been into fairy kei for years and my wardrobe mostly consists of pieces that are bright and pastel, but i want to go for something more modern/casual now (like f21 stuff). my main problem is that i don't know how to coordinate those kinds of clothes, i always feel like i'll look tacky or plain ugly.

No. 100590

Her outfits were so bad and so deliberately quirky! and different! and ugly.

Love yourself anon. She was dressed like a kindergarteners art project.

No. 100591

File: 1541972728695.jpg (453.38 KB, 514x900, 7678_saia_bem_me_quer_289_00_1…)


I gotta admit i can be a biit extravagant sometimes but my level of Quirky is a bit more self contained haha

i guess pic related would be a better example, i do own quite a few items from the same brand

No. 100594

That’s adorable, and so much better than Cassie. She’s a mish mash of random garments, the outfit you posted is much more mature and sane.
Quirky can be good, based bug anon was excellently quirky. It’s when it’s forced that it sucks.

No. 100598

>based bug anon
I'm glad I'm not the only one to remember her.

No. 100599

Such good style amongst so much teenagey tumblr looking crap.

No. 100609

Ah yes because 90s mini erasers and literal ants and rolypolys crawling around your things is totally not forced. How desirable and definitely not disgusting. Are you that gross anon with the obsessive crush on her?

No. 100627

More salt.

No. 100632

I'd rather have salt in my bag than ants, bed bugs, and roaches crawling around my shit.

No. 100642

>being this bitter over anons casually liking another anons style.

Die mad about it.

No. 100687

do you hear yourself? not any of those anons but sperging about how much you hate bug anon and her lighthearted fan, over multiple threads over months, is so much more fucking deranged and autistic than joking that you have a crush. you sound like a middle schooler trying to get their friend group to pick you over some other random girl kek

No. 100728

File: 1542173263570.png (69.13 KB, 640x637, IMG_6661.PNG)

Anyone else just brand hoes for certain brands? Which ones?

I fucking love Lazy Oaf. It's cute and delightfully tacky. Just bought pic related. Now I can dress up like it's Halloween erryday.

No. 100729

Lazy oaf occasionally has a cool piece but that jacket is shit. The bones aren’t even cute.
(I’m a massive wanker who still likes rick Owens and Margiela so my opinion is worth dick lol) If it makes you happy wear it until it’s falling apart.

A bug brooch means you have bedbugs and roaches in your purse and hair, apparently. Anons are mental.

I can’t deal with fast fashion crap any more. Bad sizing, bad craftsmanship, bad fabric, bad business practice, bad prices for what it is (fifty dollars for some polyester and six seams is a joke. Only an idiot would wear it)
But it’s so hard to escape unless you make all your own stuff down to knickers, or if you can afford insanely expensive things. It shouldn’t take a $600 dress to get a french or flat-fell seam and no garment over $100 should be zigzag stitched but here we are.

No. 100732

File: 1542174872898.jpg (43.38 KB, 300x300, ecd49b95cd093812c47b1a8023cef7…)

Understood, anon. I am just a magnet for bad tacky shit. I can't help it. I always get roasted eveytime I post about it on /fa/ lmao. I love Tricky Ricky as well. Wanted to cop a pair of memebaskets.

I also own this fluffy Lazy Oaf kitty sweateru~

No. 100733

You only live once, wear what makes you happy anon!

No. 100734

I hate it so much but I hope you love it.
People are too antsy over what other people wear. If you like tacky shit, revel in it. It looks fun at least, which is better than another safe combo from Pinterest with a million identical outfits walking around the city.

I’ve got a treasure trove of tacky brooches and Bakelite bangles. Uglier than sin and so much fun. Best one is a big orange Bakelite parrot. Size of a fist and shiny.

At least it’s an interesting and personal style even if I dislike it. Boring is far worse than a fluffy jumper or silly prints.

No. 100742

Whqts wrong with Margiela?

No. 100749

Nothing really, more pointing out that I’m a basic bitch with really basic taste (at least by the standards of /fa/ they’d roast me as hard as anon gets roasted for lazy oaf)

There’s nothing wrong with liking any clothes.

No. 100757

I have been finally losing weight, but it's accentuating my pear shape more. I do like small top and waist with wide hips, but i don't want to look gigantic on my bottom. Would you post some nice inspirational pics of outfit that helps enphasizing my shape without making me loook weird, please?

No. 100780

File: 1542207366836.jpeg (92.88 KB, 480x400, 7F0C8ACB-2817-432B-964A-EBAA10…)

is wearing victoria secret scarves and beanies childish/cringy? they’re so cute…

No. 100792

why would it be? fashion is only cringy when it looks like shit on you. (something i think anons forget). if you rock it there's no issue wearing whatever you want.

No. 100801

Do you feel good wearing them? If you feel shitty wearing them it’s cringey but otherwise nah, you stay warm anon.

No. 100820

wrong, the cringy aspect doesn't come within, it comes from the opinions of others.

No. 100845


They look cute and comfy. Go for it and stay warm during the winter season.

No. 100995

File: 1542501267631.jpg (53.63 KB, 564x559, 8464e13aef0391909339747ec582a2…)

Do any anons know where I can get clothes like this online? (worldwide shipping if possible) Silky, pretty feminine angelic looking things… I feel like I've been looking for eons but nothing..

The only place I've really found are gossamer and reformation but who has the money for that shit lol.

No. 101004

Not exactly a store, but I know Jill Stuart has a lot of dresses and coats with that asthetic. Glancing at ebay they have a decent amount of nice clothing for under $50USD.(search "Jill Stuart Pink")

If I may ask what country are you from?

No. 101007

File: 1542525784718.jpeg (213.21 KB, 750x1091, 6DEA5A12-0345-4BF6-B40F-80F697…)

Hey ladies,
So, I feel like I have a lot of neat/cute clothing pieces, but I have no idea how to put them together

or i get overwhelmed/nervous to “dress up” and I always end up wearing my goofy ass ripped jeans and over sized hoodie— which i think is comfy and cute sometimes!! But i am tired of lookin the same every time I put on clothes lol idk

Does anyone have any tips on how to pair clothing/find a style ??

Do you find style/fashion is about confidence?

Idk where to start/what I am doin tbh.

No. 101011

I'm Australian, currently living in New Zealand :)

No. 101014

Isn't most of that lingerie or nightwear?

No. 101015

If you want to, you can do a body type test and from there look up what fits your body best so it helps down narrowing styles? Ali Art on youtube has a bunch of video's on it and there's also a thread on it here somewhere I believe

No. 101016

I wouldn't wear those unless you're in your early teens

No. 101017

I gotta say it's disturbing that Victoria's secret stuff is aimed at young teens.

No. 101018

File: 1542538930055.jpg (72.71 KB, 563x557, 410ea24849b4867e8c37ca4ec77344…)

Not to me! personally I really enjoy pairing lingerie-esque items with a pair of high waisted jeans or a skirt to make it more casual.

No. 101022

If you really dress like pic-related then that's super cute! I wish I was skinny enough to not look like a dumpy mom in clothes like that.

No. 101027

Nah, i am skinny and still look dumpy as shit lmao.

No. 101049

>super cute
Imagine having the taste of a dumpy 12 year old.

No. 101100

God, seriously. Anytime I see a grown woman wearing an oversized hoodie in public I'm wondering if she has some form of autism that stopped her growing up past middle school

No. 101102

>being this judgemental and bitchy over a piece of clothing
My god.

No. 101109

I wasn't feeling the first collage you posted, but the 2nd pic with the jeans is balanced and wearable! It's nice, I like it

No. 101111

That's the real autism.

No. 101113

right? people always bitching ITT about anons should dress "like adults" or "their age", when dressing like an adult means dress however you damn well please.

No. 101118

It's the fashion thread, not the frumpy teenage tomboy thread.

No. 101119

People think after the age of 24 we all start wearing dress suits and business casual attire 24/7

No. 101141

That shit is why I generally don't seek fashion advice from LC. Some anons are lovely, but others will act like you've insulted their mother if you post certain clothing items, most noticeably when it's stuff that looks best on skinny frames, like baggy clothing or most J-fashion.

I have a hunch that such anons are probably overweight, aged-looking or dumpy themselves, ie they flat-out can't pull off certain things and need to "dress for their age/body" at all times. They either seem to assume all of us must be the same way, and want to "help" by dissuading anons from wearing clothing that'd be unflattering on themselves, or they just get irritated whenever they're reminded that there are others who actually can pull off things they can't, so they go on attack mode.

No. 101145

File: 1542701430017.jpg (10.3 KB, 180x240, SCV000184_WR-1_medium.jpg)

Can anyone tell me what type of cut that dress is in. I really love the look.

Also sorry if the picture is horrible quality

No. 101148


It's an A-line skirt with a capelet top, anon.

No. 101149

File: 1542714820839.jpeg (92.52 KB, 662x993, 18BE303A-7710-45E6-AA50-24166D…)

Does anyone have any recommendations for dresses/skirts that would look nice and feminine without heels? I don’t want to damage my feet just for the sake of looking cute, and I also consider comfort to be the most important aspect of my clothing. So far I’ve found that tshirt or bodycon dresses work really with sneakers, but I would love to hear more suggestions for cuts that would look nice with non heeled shoes that aren’t necessarily flats as they can be difficult to walk long distances in.

No. 101150


I find that the higher the skirt, the better it will look with flat shoes. Skirts that end somewhere above the knee are usually the best, and you can pair them with pantyhose if you don't feel like shaving your legs that day.

No. 101155

File: 1542721463258.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 921.03 KB, 800x3341, 0C585717-90D9-4C64-B74B-D66E05…)

‪i think this collection is really cute but i worry most of them are too cutesy/childish ‬to wear in public… guess i can at least use the hoodies as loungewear.

(spoilered bc of the size of the pic)

No. 101162


As someone that has been buying stuff from this brand and others similar too it, I would say no it’s not too cutesy. Unless you go over the top with your stylization you should be fine.

No. 101176

File: 1542736375978.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.64 KB, 458x458, fargerik-80-talls-grilldress.j…)

My biggest problem with finding clothes is that I'm extremely picky when it comes to comfort:
>I always feel cold, but find nearly all pullovers to be too scratchy
>I have a very sensitive neck, to the point of feeling like I'm choking when something touches it lighty, so no turtle necks, scarves, etc - but on the other hand I also don't want to show cleavage
>everything remotely tight on my waist like skirts or skinny jeans triggers my ibs
>leggings or yoga pants always feel too tight and make my skin itch
>I probably own over 30 pair of shoes yet have only one that doesn't give me blisters
>can't even put my hair into a ponytail because even that gives me a headache
I wish I could just wear a loose tshirt, trackpants and my favourite sneakers all year long… What should I do? I buy things but then end up only wearing them only once because I can't stand the feel of them. If something is itchy or tight it literally ruins my while day.
Pic related would unironically be my ideal…

No. 101240

File: 1542821201421.png (92.38 KB, 714x805, dsgsg.png)

(pls no bully)

what kind of clothes would go with this bodytype? I'm not too picky, but the complete lack of ass makes anything sexy a big "uhh" lol

No. 101242

Fitted/tight tops and loose frilly skirts slightly above the knee

No. 101274

don't listen to that anon. it's not 2007, no one wears frilly skirts anymore. go for a-line skirts + shirts that aren't too bulky that won't swallow your waist.

No. 101275

File: 1542863089176.jpg (157.51 KB, 600x900, black-ilyn-corduroy-a-line-ski…)

don't listen to that anon. it's not 2007, no one wears frilly skirts anymore. go for a-line skirts like pic related + shirts that aren't too bulky that won't swallow your waist.

No. 101276

File: 1542862928527.jpg (157.51 KB, 600x900, black-ilyn-corduroy-a-line-ski…)

don't listen to that anon. it's not 2007, no one wears frilly skirts anymore. go for a-line skirts like pic related + shirts that aren't too bulky that won't swallow your waist.

No. 101277

File: 1542862989593.jpg (157.51 KB, 600x900, black-ilyn-corduroy-a-line-ski…)

don't listen to that anon. it's not 2007, no one wears frilly skirts anymore. go for a-line skirts like pic related + shirts that aren't too bulky that won't swallow your waist.

No. 101278

nta i think every shopping would beg to differ. skater skirts are considered frilly btw. i don't think anon meant fluffy tulle skirts or anything, but loose, flowy skirts will help hide anon's lack of ass like she requested. it will also help balance her out.

No. 101281

I'm frilly skirt anon- you get me. And I do count a-line or basically anything that goes outward at the hem. The idea is it highlights the small waist and covers the thighs.

No. 101309

thank you three! I wasn't sure whether A-line or flowy skirts would work, since i was like "wait won't this bring attention to my huge hips or something"
but highlighting my waist is exactly what i want to go for.

No. 101420

File: 1543154334338.jpeg (122.15 KB, 640x816, 38217887-72F9-4E09-B123-86D44A…)

thank you anon! it’s one of my favorite clothing brands, glad to hear i’m not alone on this site.

if you don’t mind me asking, what’s your opinion on this piece? it’s one of the cutest ones imo but also one of the items i’m the most worried about being considered childish, regardless of styling.

again i suppose i could use it as loungewear if nothing else but $49 for something to just lazying around in at home seems a bit much…

No. 101422

File: 1543157809520.jpg (256.67 KB, 1274x757, idk.jpg)

as far as i can tell from this pic you have a large hip to waist difference so i made this collage to show why you should stay away from these corduroy/denim a-line skirts that are trending now, like the one that the other anon posted. you should stick to soft fabrics if you go for an a-line and buy more tailored skirts (like the pic on the right) if you want a harder fabric.

sorry if my english sucks but i hope this helps.

No. 101434

>not wanting to bring attention to hips
Why? That's an aesthetically pleasing trait on women.
wtf the fuck

No. 101437

some ladies dont like that for themselves. its not that hard to comprehend

No. 101439

there are always going to be people who think its childish because its pastels and has a cartoon bunny on it. but if you really like it, who cares?

No. 101474

I highly agree with this anon.
Personally I have a very similar body shape to you, and those denim a-line skirts look hideous on me as my hips stick out waaay too much.. it looks weird. I imagine there would have a similar result on you.
Soft fabric a-line skirts are the way to go like anon mentioned. If your height is shorter than average, midi length a-line skirts worn on the waist will make you look amazing.

No. 101483

Eh, I guess. From the pic it just seems like anon and I have the same body type and I see my hips as my best asset.

No. 101572

File: 1543340631471.png (1.04 MB, 1400x666, itsabitlateformetolearnaboutfa…)

I hope this is the right place to ask this, I'm saging it anyway. I've recently taken an interest in fashion, I'd say in "Haute Couture", but I know absolutely nothing about fashion, so I'm not even sure it's actually "haute couture" I'm into. It's just "not everyday fashion" I'm talking about (pic related is what I'm looking for). Could anyone recommend me where/how to go looking for more of this kind of, uh, pictures ? I draw for a living so they make great inspiration.

No. 101587


No. 101610

heyyy that's a really nice pic! thanks for your time anon, ill definitely try it out (also your english doesn't suck!)

it's cool if you like your hips anon lol like >>101437 said, i just dont like mine, no hate to big hips in general

im 5"10'ish, so lets hope they work for tall people too haha but yea denim skirts only work for me if they're super stretchy, and i usually end up covering them with a long shirt anyway

No. 101627

File: 1543388855931.jpg (148.74 KB, 378x750, tumblr_p8ulba4A6g1s487d6o1_500…)


archivings on tumblr aka http://archivings.net/ is prime for this, the guy behind it has scanned fashion magazines/photobooks from the 70s onward for years. the 80s was a great time for this look specifically. his "scan rejects" and miscellaneous blog is good too, and a lot of the stuff he posts fall in line with it. you'll get to know designers/their work as you go through. designers you will probably want to look at, outside of pic related for this stuff, include Thierry Mugler, early YSL (look up "le smoking"), early Dior, Jil Sander, and Gaultier. maybe some Comme Des Garcons and Yohji Yamamoto.

rarebooksparis on instagram puts up a bunch of fantastic old photo book scans as well.

also spend some time browsing thefashionspot forums. i wish there were more spaces for women to talk about high/non-fast fashion and avant-garde designer stuff, tbh.

attached pic is from a 1986 mugler show.

No. 101636

That's awesome thank you !

No. 101857

File: 1543652424564.jpg (37.42 KB, 528x510, 0edae8dc048e1b753f746b5c4cb913…)

Can any anons please tell me where I could maybe find a dupe of this reformation dress? why does nobody make this style its perfect… and my wallet will not let me get the real thing

No. 101883

with the risk of sounding like a spoiled giga bitch, when i browsed their website i couldn’t find this specific one but others similar to it were around $218. for a high quality dress that should last you a really long time and that you really really want, that’s not insanely expensive. if you restrict yourself and don’t buy a shit ton of forever 21 items that will be distressed beyond repair within a year it shouldn’t leave too big of a hole in your wallet.

i don’t know how small your budget is or how much you usually spend on clothes, but the real deal is always better than the knockoffs and it’s usually a better investment in the long run to own a few items of high quality than to spend money over and over again on less expensive ones that won’t last nearly as long.

No. 101898

reformation isn't worth the price
source: I have a bunch of shit from there with holes

I would start by googling "shirred mini dress" or "square neck mini dress" to see if anything comes up. you could also search on poshmark/depop to see if anyone is reselling. topshop or asos might have similar dresses too

No. 102071


Thank you both!
I see where you're coming from first anon… but reformation stuff isn't actually that good quality LOL. They say they're sustainable and charge a huge bunch but at the end of the day the fabric is still coming in cheap from china.

I will search what you've suggested anon #2 :)

No. 102076

I may sound like an idiot, but what is that style of dress called? I know it's like a mini dress, but what's a term to narrow down my searches. They were common-ish in the 90's but that hasn't helped much. They silhouette is really flattering on me so I'd like to try and find more.

No. 102077

You could try square bust or square neckline but there's no specific name for the shape as far as I'm aware :( If you figure it out report back!

No. 102081

You can also try "long sleeve square collared skater dress".

No. 102184


Sorry for responding 8 days late anon, I like it for the most part. I'm not too big on animal graphics on shirts but if you wear it similar to what that girl has I think it's fine. Have some matching pink/purple hair pieces.

Honestly, at the end of the anon-chan wear shit that makes you happy. For 49 buck bitch u wear that shit out of that sweater outside

No. 103026

File: 1544689021684.png (307.57 KB, 868x808, itsa me.png)

alright help, how to dress when you have absolutely no hips? Pic related is me, for reference I'm 5'6" so not short.
My boobs aren't exactly small either, so with my lack of hips or ass I feel like it makes me look really unbalanced.

No. 103029

I’m 5’6” and “top-heavy” too.

What are your measurements/weight, if you don’t mind?

When I put my stats into this thing, I feel like it’s not how I look at all. But I can’t tell if it’s just denial/BDD or I’m really just a board with tits.

Anyway… my go-to is a loose-fitting blouse or sweater with fitted pants or skirt. It’s a bit imbalanced, but at least my bobbies aren’t front and center, but I don’t look frumpy either.

No. 103094

Glad to hear you share my struggles anon, my measurements are B:35 W:24 H:31 and I weigh 110, the pic is pretty accurate to me I think.
I've definitely been wearing the loose sweater fitted pants look for awhile, but it's not exactly the most exciting look… I feel like wider pants (to give the illusion of hips) and a tighter shirt might even us out better? I just have so much trouble finding pants that fit since my hips/waist are so small, I haven't been able to try it out yet.

No. 103097

Holy shit wow
Have you found smth similar u like? asking for a fren

No. 103153

I have the same stats(except my chest is 2 inches smaller, but it used to be bigger)
Would absolutely recommend wider pants either highwaisted that flare out at the hips or if you want to go lower, then pair them with a big belt. Also a line skirts are a good choice. I feel like dark tight tops with lighter wide pants or skirt is a very good combo for this body type.

No. 104024

File: 1545793585829.jpg (136.78 KB, 600x742, CCgMVrUVIAAk2cY.jpg)

Could any of you anons give me some advice on more tomboy-ish fashion? Recently I've been more inspired to cultivate my personal style (aka dress how I really want), but I have trouble doing so because the only 'fashion' influences I can think of are male. I really like somewhat edgy, but casual alternative styles like how Kurt Cobain or teenagers in 90s alternative/metal scenes dressed, but I don't know how well those styles would translate on a female frame, especially because I'm on the taller side. I know most anons on this board tend to like more feminine styles, but I'm wondering if anyone has experience in translating male fashion inspiration into something a girl could wear without looking frumpy. Or am I just doomed and should start trying to find more feminine fashion inspo instead?

No. 104028

Why is it so hard to just go out, buy the clothes you like, and if something doesn't specifically work you can change it and then maybe ask for opinions with specific problems?
It just seems kind of contradictory and pathetic that you say you want to dress how you like in an incredible casual style, using a picture of the literal human embodiment of "I do what I want, whatever people think", but you need strangers on the internet to order you about and give you formal rules

If you're scared of being frumpy then just do what you do in any type of fashion and just be mindful of the things that make you frumpy aka if you need a defined waist then only buy fitted girls tops

No. 104031

File: 1545815884507.jpeg (1.76 MB, 996x1428, CF92DF18-45DB-45C8-843A-8E1B92…)

Fuck off, that’s the fucking point of the thread.


No. 104032

File: 1545815917926.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1125x1433, 820441FD-A1C7-4DF0-98D9-DEF328…)

No. 104033

File: 1545815989258.jpeg (891.49 KB, 731x1363, 3390C122-7EC0-47F1-8A39-6EB400…)

No. 104077

File: 1545891450239.jpg (10.15 KB, 320x400, images-1.jpg)

Try boyfriend fit jeans, anon. They're a more loose, casual look but not frumpy.
>Borrowed from the boys, the boyfriend jean cut involves a slouchy, relaxed fit, as if they were actually his but tailored for her. By understanding the history of the boyfriend jean, women can learn the evolution of this cut and how these jeans should be worn for a menswear-inspired, yet feminine look.

No. 104967

File: 1546728460474.jpg (364.29 KB, 1200x675, deathgasm-1200-1200-675-675-cr…)

Im not happy with the image people have from me with my clothes.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my wardrobe, it took me a long time to curate it (also because poor), its pretty much Spring Vintage with 00s and 90s influences.
I have problem that its completely dissonant from my interests, Metal, horror movies, weird shit. I find it hard to make friends because people are judgemental, don't even say they are, life is just like that you know.

Should i ditch my yellows and pinks to try to fit in? Try to go uwu sadbbygurl nicole dollanganger? Screw everyone but accept my hard time fitting in with my "crowd"

No. 104970

Your looks don’t have to fit your interests. People are multi dimensional. You can like metal and horror movies but still dress in pink and yellow. Don’t worry about it.

No. 104973

Ikr, but I like the feminine look and the "metaller" look, it just depends on the day. I don't know if you would be confortable, but you don't have to commit totally to one style or use just one style in an outfit.
But anyway, if you like just the music and don't feel the need to dress metaller, you shouldn't do it just to blend in, find people that are not judgemental about your clothes instead.

Looks like the goffs fights over liking only the music and not dressing goth or liking dressing goth but not listening.

No. 104974

File: 1546734474977.jpg (72.5 KB, 676x676, too-faced-x-kat-von-d-better-t…)

Thanks for the advice it really made me feel better!

Omg i feel like you are this palette anon
Thank you!

No. 104999

File: 1546769220254.jpg (848.14 KB, 1280x1745, tumblr_oe18qszPHG1rqkbz4o2_128…)

I am also like you but I think it's really cool when someone dresses unlike you would expect them to based on their interests.
If you want to be more edgy you can check out Larme fashion, sometimes it's all about pretty pastel dresses but sometimes it's more dark like this.

No. 105027

File: 1546798592320.jpg (68.67 KB, 513x513, 20190106_101557.jpg)

Anon I love these looks. I don't know anything about Japanese (?) fashion. Is there a certain subculture of Larme that is dark like that? How do I search it to find more? Pic related calls it "urban goth larme", is that legit? Tytyty!

No. 105047

File: 1546807687870.jpg (152.89 KB, 920x1380, 7a60a809052835f8bd9282d711bd0a…)

Sorry if not quite on topic, but can anyone ITT make their own clothes? How did you get started? I really hate the clothes I find in stores today, and I don't have the money to have them made or buy couture.

No. 105051

I've made a couple basic things in a high school fashions course. You would need to learn how to use a sewing machine and how to work with sewing patterns. You could start out by taking a sewing class or watching YouTube videos. It's kinda fun once you get the hang of it.

No. 105094

Anon I feel you.. I go to a lot of punk/psychobilly gigs and my friends dress to that genre. I just stand out so much and always look like I don't belong there.

This might be the reason I'm always insecure of how I dress. I'd like to be more interesting looking but I love the minimalistic look also. Sigh.

No. 105110

It isn't really a subpart of larme that is like that, it's just a section in the magazine that had looks like that and it was titled Urban Goth, but western bloggers tend to put labels on everything. Lots of people like to break down Larme fashion into styles like "pheromone fetish", "classic French" and whatnot but it's not really classified at all in the magazine. These edgy looks aren't very common in the magazine, it was just this one section. However larme looks often have edgy elements like leather skirts, chokers, lingerie like clothes etc. so it's kind of a mix of sugar and poison. Lol sorry that was kinda spergy wasn't it?
Here is a blog post with scans from the issue which had that urban goth section. This blog has a lot more scans of other issues as well. https://emiiichan.blogspot.com/2016/09/larme-024-rhapsody-of-night-and-fog.html

No. 105112

Ty anon! Your sperg is much appreciated!

No. 105120

Yep. It’s way better. A basic sewing machine can be had for under $100. Patterns are free online and cheap in thrift stores, fabric can be picked up cheap.

I like sundresses, and make mine from vintage fabrics from the thrift store.
Everything fits better, no more fake pockets, no more jacked-up prices for shit seams, higher quality garments (better jersey for your shirts, proper seams even for basic garments, never have to go back to shitty clothing stores like f21 or whatever crap)

I didn’t get lessons, just dicked around for a year until I got the hang of it. There’s heaps of YouTube tutorials out there to help. I like MellySews for patterns and written tutorials.
Good luck!

No. 105123

File: 1546900695955.jpg (104.14 KB, 964x694, 8RPnPrL.jpg)

Does anyone have any tips on how to look elegant on really cold weather for someone who is 5'0 and has thicker legs?
I love trenchcoats but look like a burrito whenever I try to use one.
Pic is my measurements and pretty similar to what my body looks like.

No. 105132

File: 1546908357576.jpg (507.73 KB, 1066x1600, _MG_9314.jpg)

I'm 26 and work a government related office job with a business casual dress code that leans more towards casual than business. I really, deeply love twee fashion but I know it's not really looked upon favorably in fashion communities. Is there anyway to make it look more age appropriate?

No. 105148

longer skirts or trousers?

No. 105150

Had the same problem, just switched to a darker palette and smaller prints.

More dark green and burgundy, no more cutesy prints like bunnies or deer. Classic styled jewelry, plain leather bag.

No. 105155

I have thick legs too.
What I do is wear lots of flared skirts or dresses with thick thights/leggings under it. (normally you won't lose that much heath from your legs but you can wear thermal leggings for those really cold days)
Make sure your coat goes no longer than your hips or get a coat that's a bit flared to the bottom and has a defined waist.

No. 105177

Thanks, anon. Will definetly look into these pieces.
I think a huge mistake I used to make in winter is using jeans or pants that make your legs even thicker instead of going for thighs that usually slim our figures

No. 105220

File: 1546975777899.png (1.16 MB, 1054x1054, Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 11.2…)


fuck social norms about "age-appropriate", just another way society tries to depersonalize you into submission

No. 105493

File: 1547148936671.jpg (361.24 KB, 956x919, SmartSelect_20190111-062541_Ch…)

Do any farmers know of any good reputable websites or brands that sell proper leather chokers? Preferably similar to pic attached. I like the aesthetics of it, but if it breaks after a pull or two I'm not down. I took a look at CreepyYeha but I'm not super keen on them. Also the site has to ship to AU.

No. 105494

i don't remember any brands by name but i used to shop at sex stores when i was a goth and chokers weren't mainstream. leather chokers by higher end bdsm brands are great quality, maybe look into that.

No. 105507

I've had good luck with etsy

No. 105543

Pretty sure she had a thread on here at some point.

No. 105609

File: 1547244782294.png (1.62 MB, 896x1058, Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 5.12…)

having trouble figuring out what color tights to wear with an outfit similar to this color palette, any suggestions?

No. 105613

What shoes are you wearing?

No. 105615


that's another good question. i just can't figure out what color tights or shoes would work with this

No. 105616

Maybe plain pantyhose with roses, or something like a light gray lace over-the-knees. I think trying to make tights work with this would be hard.

No. 105617

sheer white?

No. 105624

beige would probably be good imo. and brown shoes maybe.

No. 105629

Nude or nothing.
Black or white would look weird, socks would look too schoolgirlish.

No. 105652

I need some help. What are some of your favorite fashion/style accounts IG? All I wear is jeans and hoodies and I really need some ideas.

No. 105775

Do you guys have any recommendations on where to buy lingerie?
I want some for my wedding night/honeymoon.
Don't want anything too crazy expensive just something cute?

Sorry if this is the wrong thread I just didn't want to make a whole thread about this.

No. 105778

No. 105780

Those are really cute anon.
Sadly my wedding is in two weeks so I was hoping for something that would arrive faster.
I've gotten stuff from uh Shein before that was cute but kinda also fell apart so fast.

Everything on Amazon is super trashy looking so I'm just unsure what to do, I should've just ordered some from taobao 3 months ago lol

No. 105781

Look for some sellers within the country on eBay perhaps? Some of same the items you can find on AliExpress end up on there, just a couple more dollars, sometimes cheaper

No. 106059

File: 1547901477287.png (719.16 KB, 800x533, 133B52BE-0F86-4A3E-AA36-831804…)

I’m irritated because I live in Paris now and the fashion here is starting to influence my own fashion choices and overall style. I came basically dressed like a casual goth or alt girl with bright green hair and now I have jet black hair and dress like a casual chic clone that wears various shades of black and grey. I use to hate the oversized coats and scarf combos I’d see constantly, but seeing it so often now I want to incorporate it into my wardrobe. The true irritation I think lies within myself, that I dress as a reflection of what’s around me/the groups I’m in instead of just for myself, and my idea of fashion was always to use it as an expression of who I am as a person to reflect that to the world around me. Anyone else struggle with their fashion identity, or maybe you don’t have this issue, and what do you think influenced you personally/culturally to feel this way?

No. 106067

File: 1547912227228.png (139.11 KB, 517x608, fs.png)

Where the hell can I find more casual, simple dresses in the cut like pic related? I mean, every site I go to is littered with some goofy ass bottom hem, asymmetrical something, or has weird, unflattering sleeves. It's even hard to find a simple kimono sleeve that doesn't look completely ugly or has any of the above listed added to it. I need some site/shop recommendations. I'm in dire need of dresses for the upcoming spring and summer.

To make things harder, petites ONLY please!

No. 106068

File: 1547912276616.jpg (2.18 MB, 1920x2400, inCollage_20190119_073651346.j…)

Maybe incorporate the new silhouettes and ideas in with your beloved gothy/alt details? For example, casual chic coat but with gothy accents/edgy buttons/a cool edgy brooch? I haye using the word edgy but you know what I mean!

Pic related: I've never been to France so these styles may be way off but I hope you get what I mean!

No. 106069

File: 1547912356230.jpg (17.04 KB, 236x447, 081879030052648b8d4e2eddb00b11…)

Also LOOK AT THIS HNNNG idk if this even fits the casual chic aesthetic but I found it while searching for the others

No. 106071

File: 1547912877703.jpg (1.89 MB, 2881x1920, inCollage_20190119_074610844.j…)

Sorry I am getting carried away but this is so much fun! I'm loving the idea of alt/French/chic/casual. Sorry again if I'm missing the mark lol
Some of these aren't super casual but could be dressed down perhaps?

No. 106075

File: 1547912955887.jpg (31.1 KB, 400x500, NMTXGYB_mk.jpg)

Last post I promise but I cut off the sleeves in the collage whoops. I feel like they're an important factor tho.


No. 106077

File: 1547913271435.jpg (2.31 MB, 2881x1920, inCollage_20190119_075347751.j…)

No. 106080

File: 1547915595408.png (387.81 KB, 399x750, 358A73DD-75BA-43D8-B997-8F719D…)

I appreciate the enthusiasm! It’s interesting trying to find myself (fashion wise) in a foreign country, but these give me a lot of inspiration and ideas to incorporate into my wardrobe. I’ve always been a creepy/girly type of girl, so this might be something to delve into. It’s honestly kinda nice to shop in France, the clothing quality is heaps better than what I’m use to in burger land.

No. 106082

I'm so glad you liked them and got some inspo. So did I whist making them tbh so ty for that fellow creep-girl!
>the clothing quality is heaps better than what I’m use to in burger land.
Ugh so jealous. I walked into Kohl's to make an Amazon return and I was actually pissed at how absolutely shitty eveything was. Not that Kohl's is the bastion of quality but it's so gross. Anything decent costs hundreds and even then it might be cheap bullshit. I feel like more and more is taken away quality-wise every year from products and fashion in general and it makes me so mad.

No. 106088

maybe look up something along the lines of "sleeved skater dress" i do like that cut as well

No. 106098

>mfw when i head off to the uk urban outfitters site and the dresses are somewhat better and more normal looking
God the US has such wacky, shit trends right now but it's not even what we want. Who's wearing this shit

No. 106103

Anons I know nothing about fashion and I'm shopping for a formal dress for an elegant dinner soon, what's your general criteria for formal dress shopping?

No. 106105

Anyone have tips on judging materials/production quality? I wanna wear gaudy shit a la Scream Queens but of course as a poorfag I can't afford brands. So like basics on how to tell mid tier replicas from chinese garbage. Am I making sense?

No. 106109

My main criteria is above anything, you can never go wrong with a lbd. Depending on the type of occasion you can get something sleeveless, high collar, lower cut, short length, past the knees, it’s personal preference really. If it’s a truly elegant dinner I’d suggest nothing above the knee, it might be better to go floor length to be on the safe side but if you have nice legs calf length (mid length/midi online) can look okay. I’d suggest something with a higher neckline depending on the dress, lower cut v’s can turn into casual very quickly. Strappy heels with manicured toes are always trendy, but you can always do a closed pump if you don’t feel like showing off your feet. But you should MOST DEFINITELY wear heels. Minimal jewelry, try to keep any necklaces, bracelets, rings etc on the dainty delicate side, preferably one of each if you feel you must have some sort of jewelry on. Earrings should match the aesthetic your other jewelry is given, ala if your ring is emerald use small emerald earrings, if you wear pearls

No. 106111

shit it sent before I finished typing but I got sidetracked anyway whoops. I’m a weirdo and like to basically molest the clothing I shop for, texture is a big thing for me. If it catches on my fingertips in a weird way or feels oddly scratchy I steer clear. You might be able to find something nice at an outlet or wholesale type warehouse deal, but I try to go for boutiques or high end department stores as the quality tends to be better than “prom dresses r us”

No. 106113


I would avoid largely synthetic fabrics (polyester, acrylic etc) with the exception of viscose if you're not sure about a brand/store's quality as they're usually poorer in appearance. They are ok in smaller percentages:
80% 30% acrylic.
However, they're not always shit but it's depends on the production of the fibres (usually more expensive for synthetic fibres not to be shitty) - natural fibres tend to be of a better quality regardless of price-point. I trust cotton, wool, linen even in random sites they're going to look better. Most things will be cotton though.

It's pretty difficult to sus production quality without having the item irl but for me the most important is the fabric.
You might want to observe:
- thickness and opacity (thin cotton fabric is not great either)
- observe in the modelling pictures by zooming if the seams and stitching is neat and straight (crappier mass produced items is sometimes obviously sloppy here)

Also for mid-tier-ish brand for some Scream Queens-esque clothes Valfre quality from what I've gotten has been good.

No. 106161

File: 1548040970246.jpg (63.52 KB, 580x580, Bigpink.jpg)

I found this weird pink suit at a thrift store. I have no idea if it's too hideous to wear or not. I usually don't wear bright colors. Any recs on what shoe color/type I can wear with it? Or what type of shirt would look good under it?

No. 106166

fucking love it, looks like 90's Barbie clothee

No. 106167

Nice find anon. That would be super cute if tailored to fit you! And change the buttons. Black/cream turtleneck or bow collar blouse perhaps?

No. 106172

Please please let this perfect suit have its moment in the sun marge Simpson style. It’s fantastic and will look fantastic on

No. 106195

File: 1548081784337.jpg (60.28 KB, 400x600, 3d704bd519f409058ba13ace20b985…)

Is there a way to avoid looking "frumpy" in modest clothing when your face is ugly?
I dress like pic related with some variance (basic idea is always a long sleeve tucked into a long skirt though), but I'm not nearly as cute or willowy. Thing is I feel even worse in things that are popular where I live now, like athleisure and "art hoe" 80's shit (I'm basically diet amerifag btw, Canadian).
Should I just suck it up and accept that I'll always look dweeby no matter what? Or is there some way I can make the outfits look a bit more elegant?

No. 106199

having your hair and makeup look neat is very important in outfits you like but think make you look frumpy

No. 106213

I need high waisted jeans because my current ones have too thin material for the cold weather.
Anyone have recommendations?
So far Urban Outfitters has good thick jeans that are high waisted and vintage so it doesn't hurt my knees from teh tightness when I sit.

No. 106216

anon where do you find this

No. 106223

Levi’s are my go to and around the same price as urban outfitters brand bdg, the only reason I wouldn’t recommend urban outfitters is because they changed their jeans sometime last year to a thinner, flimsier material.

No. 106243

File: 1548124908587.png (608.77 KB, 614x820, marge.png)

>first thing that came to mind when seeing this post

No. 106250

Fuck, I love this episode. It's really classic, I miss this show from the early to mid 90s.

No. 106266

I wonder if the Simpsons have arched doorways in their house specifically to accommodate Marge's hair. I only just realized that.

No. 106267

File: 1548171540851.png (259.42 KB, 465x360, screen-shot-2011-12-23-at-1-54…)

Love your outfit. The vest says "Let's have lunch" but the culottes say "You're paying".

For real though, what type of environment would you wear this in? What's your everyday style like? Would you want to dress it up classically, or down in a modern/trendy style? Let's try to style it! It really is a nice suit. What's the brand? How much did you snag it for? What's the fabric content?

No. 106318

I was planning to wear it for a school event where everyone is in formal/business clothing. Most of the girls at my school dress really cute, so I wanted to try for once. My everyday style is very boring with mostly dark colors. I try to blend in as much as possible. But I wanted to make a change recently and wear brighter colors.
I wouldn't mind more of a modern style for it. I don't want to look super formal.
The brand is Ann Taylor, cotton material, and I got it for $10. I would like to wear it, I just haven't allowed myself to wear noticeable/flashy colors, so I have no idea what to add onto it and how to avoid looking tacky.

No. 106324

Imo go for neutrals or white.
The suit itself is bold and doesn’t need much.

No. 106336

File: 1548250193712.jpg (481.81 KB, 720x1064, inCollage_20190123_052718165.j…)

Will it be cold? Can you pull off a white turtleneck under the jacket if so? A modern cut, not a mom-from-Wisconsin one if you know what I mean. Heels or white/cream/etc. loafers would be cute too!

>neutrals or white

Pic related- examples of cute loafers and bottom right is example of cute turtleneck with suit. Of course it doesn't need to be cropped if it would be inappropriate. I tried to find the right color combo of pink + neutral but it was hard.

No. 106337

File: 1548250357320.jpg (32.72 KB, 800x800, customized-new-business-formal…)

This color combo of pink + black + brown shoe is nice too!

No. 106406

Is it possible to wear a beret and not look like a tool? Either I wear it wrong and look frumpy, or I manage to make it sit right (off to the side) and look pretentious and asymmetrical in a way that doesn't seem as intentional as I'd prefer. I wonder if it's the beret itself, it was only cheap so maybe it's ill fitting or something.

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