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File: 1619632795795.jpg (93.97 KB, 540x516, 1618607401027.jpg)

No. 182352

I hope this isn't too similar to the other threads we have. Post and discuss any sexual fantasy you have; long and detailed, short and sweet, weird and unrealistic, anything goes!

No. 182353

is that a real song? what's the name?

No. 182355

Hopefully this doesn't just turn into another "fetishes you're ashamed of thread" because this has the true potential to attract more victorian era playwrights to vividly describe their 80 year old professor and their undying love for them. Do not disappoint me anons

No. 182357

No. 182359

Its called Aoba from Dramatical Murder.mp3

No. 182360

I'm in love with an average to ugly looking moid and hes a bastard but whenever I see other moids I feel absolutely nothing lol like I see people here calling other men attractive and I just do not get it. I like many types of women though. Am I 80% of female attracted bisexual or whatever?

No. 182361

Please don't copy paste my post on an unrelated thread.

No. 182362

I want this so bad. That is my one truefantasy

No. 182374

As an atheist/anti-theist sexy evil and cold angels are hot. No, not like fallen angels or demons who defied god but being ruthless is part of their role. Let me sexualize my anxieties over religion alright. You can even get into monster sex category if you think about how fucked descriptions of angels are in holy books.

No. 182390

I want to strangle a moid until he turns pale right to the brink of passing out and then gently nurse him back to health.

God knows there's someone out there who'd let me to that to him.

No. 182395

It's cold here today and I just want a woman to come spoon me and keep me warm and say cute mushy stuff to me and rub my clit until I come

No. 182403

>oh god

No. 182425

I want the same thing but for a hot man to do it

No. 182429

>Boy moaning like a desperate little slut
Nice. Any other anons browse the literotica audio sections?

No. 182468

I didn't know they had a section for this. Any recs? I can't remember what thread it was but an anon once posted a link to a Reddit sub where this guy did audio recordings for kinky m/f stuff. He had a really cute German accent and a variety of scenarios where he was more sub or dom or just playing around. It was super hot and honestly way better than porn, which is gross and exploitive, or even other visual content which tends to just feel very sterile to me. I'm a simp for sexy voices too so that likely played a role. Fuck. Makes me think of my ex, I used to love when he'd just whisper naughty stuff in my ear while lightly touching me. It was super intimate and the best foreplay. I'd be dying to tear his clothes off in minutes.

No. 182470

Well, I don't really to rp/dialogue as I mostly prefer straight-up moaning, so I'm not sure my recommendations would be as good. I mainly listen to either Mirage or Endless_Roads as I find their voices/moans cute. They have some RP stuff as well but I haven't given those a solid listen.

No. 182480

I want a man to cook me a nice dinner, watch me eat it and maybe even cuddle me from behind and rub my belly, take pleasure it taking care of me and then eat me out/gently fuck me right after. I don't think it's feederism, as I don't want to gain massive weight, and I don't want any age regression shit mixed in with it like daddy shit, I just want a man to be overjoyed with having me as a wife and excited to take care of me.

No. 182505


I do. I usually use gonewildaudio but after finding out there was audio on literotica I took a look. I like jaymasters45 and endless_roads, they're both pretty good. I just found a new one the other night though called jeremywashere and got so turned on listening to a couple of his audios, especially the one where he describes how much he loves eating women out. I've never messaged any guys who make audios but his was so good I wanted to kek

tbh listening to audios is my number one favourite thing I do to turn me on, other than my own fantasy/thoughts (since I don't watch porn). it's nice to have someone else do the heavy lifting, so to speak, when thinking up a fantasy/scenario though

I like roleplays best but only if the guy is a really good actor. I've listened to so many audios and tuned out within 10 seconds if the voice isn't right or if the acting is trash. I like deeper voices too, there's nothing more offputting than putting on an audio and hearing some high pitched voice purr 'heyyyy kitten' I laugh and close the tab immediately. every now and then though I stumble across an audio that turns me on so much and gets me so wet though, it's worth combing through the duds for those.

btw a question for anons who listen to audios like this - when you listen, do you imagine the person talking is someone you're already attracted to? cause that's what I do. I attach a face/body of someone who turns me on to the voice. I recently saw the (partial) face of one of the guys I listen to religiously from gonewildaudio, wasawaynowImback, and while he's not ugly by any means I'm not imagining him when I'm enjoying his audios, you know?

No. 182539

i just really wish i had a sweet snake boy bf with two dicks to cuddle me after coitus, or dragon bf.

No. 182540

forgot to add mermaid bf too

No. 182546

My sexual fantasy is being kidnapped, beaten up, and having them force themself on me. I always imagine that they would experience like a reverse Stockholm syndrome and start treating me like a doll in their house

(I forgot to mention that the person is insane so they're liable to do weird shit like that)

No. 182733

I want my partner who is 20+ years older than I to pat my head and say "you're a good kid, I'm proud of you" earnestly.

No. 182749

i would like to dominate two young men (18-21) and make them my slaves. they would wear fetishistic gear to look like cute little sex toys to me and would follow my every command during sex. i would sexually torture them, step on their balls, do breathplay, make them play with each other, not let them cum for days, etc. i would make them call me titles, not my name, and they would have to thank me for doing this to them.

this is going to stay a fantasy since it's completely unrealistic re: time, money and effort and reality is often disappointing. i just watch porn that emulates this instead

No. 182750

…a father?

No. 182753

Would they get you off in any way? I'm into femdom but so tired of all the porn that shows the woman getting no sexual pleasure at all while the guy gets sucked and jerked off and has his prostate milked for 4 hours straight. I want to get my clit rubbed and licked in addition to doing all of the more hardcore things but you rarely ever see that in most femdom porn.

No. 182762

nta but ding ding daddy issues

No. 182765

I wonder what that anon with the nazi fetish she and her bf roleplayed would think of it

No. 182793

File: 1619842930360.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 30.5 KB, 613x389, DD2A012E-CA02-481D-830D-F15E93…)

I knows grey sweatpants are normie tier but I want to make out with a guy while he’s wearing these and he gets really hard and there’s a big patch of precum and he gets embarrassed.

No. 182796

maybe it's because I hate vulnerability yet am touch starved, but i want to tie a guy down to a bed or something and kiss him all over his body for a long time.

No. 182799

File: 1619846301227.jpeg (31.38 KB, 429x715, images - 2020-12-22T035316.494…)

I really like when men get embarrassed by how horny they are. Better if there's pre cum or even cum involved.
But it's so fucking rare with real moids. They are usually just proud about it.

No. 182889

File: 1619890719305.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 220x367, eat peach.gif)

I want to be with a guy who is super into eating me out. someone who is good at it too and knows exactly what he's doing. who wants to do it for long periods of time because he loves it so much, pushing me to the edge only to stop before I come so he can eat me out for as long as I want him to. a guy who is so turned on by going down on me that he dirty talks about how he loves everything about my pussy from my smell, my taste, to the sounds I make and the way I writhe underneath his tongue. I want him to be so into it and so turned on himself, enjoying it more than getting a blowjob (a girl can dream) to just lose himself in my pussy, his only desire to provide me as much pleasure as possible

gif spoiled, it's a guy eating a peach in a very inefficient manner

No. 182890

I want to take a weirdo loner guy's virginity, see him lose his composure and be all embarrassed. But he can't be tainted by gross porn and incel culture - so it is but a fantasy.

No. 182891

Ah, I see this is common

No. 182894

I would just die to see a guy all embarrassed cause he was so turned on. and you're right, most guys are proud/cocky about it

>I want to take a weirdo loner guy's virginity

oh god yes. has no idea how to talk to women and is all flustered and overwhelmed one even spoke to him, let alone was being sexual with him. unfortunately yeah those guys are more likely to be incels and heavily into porn. I feel super pervy saying this but what about a good christian boy who wouldn't dare look at porn/spends very little time online and is unlikely to have fallen victim to the incel movement?

No. 182924

File: 1619898264065.png (612.33 KB, 961x602, 3 3 .PNG)

I just want a guy or girl to dominate me, put their hand on my neck or pin me down. I want to feel the pressure. Want to be bitten and even spanked.
I get a huge high from being dominated no idea why…

No. 182952

most of the guys on literotica creating audio are cringy as fuck. though this one guy's bio made me laugh. his location was also 'between your legs' kek

>First wife was bi. Introduced to swinging through Sexual Freedom League in Topanga Canyon. Active through eighties. She died of Lupus. Second wife, also bi. Betrayed me with her lez lover, destroying my life. Am rebuilding, starting over. Can't get writing out of my head, nor the lusty thoughts that must be expressed. Have hundreds of original stories to share as I get them scanned in and edited.

No. 182955

I want to be to be dominated and abused by a cute borderline sadistic girl who's simultaneously treating me like a pet and getting off to how much it embarrasses me and my resistance only amuses her. Every now and then she would allow me to overpower her to get back at her for the everything she put me through, but still keep her control over me because I've submitted myself to be her possession. I've dreamed of this dynamic since I was a baby lesbian and I don't even know why, and I still get tingles down my spine when I think of this girl I met who was exactly like what I described, her whole presence turned me on like nothing else.

No. 182958

File: 1619912742624.png (340.38 KB, 828x564, Untitled23_20210502014142.png)

this is what they took from you >>182799

No. 182961

Oh, don't make me cry anon.
>i hate the internet reeeeee

No. 182965


No. 183000

File: 1619929241277.jpg (79.16 KB, 564x705, tumblr_43c7838981cd8a6cf8f1c3d…)

I wanna become a Forrest homestead and have sex in a cabin. Don't know why I can't do it at my house. I just see cabins and think "I'd like to fuck in there"

No. 183002

ahh thats a wealthy persons air bnb insta worthy cabin. real ones are shitholes filled with leaks and insects and unregulated air temp nasty wastes of building material.

No. 183025

Cabins can definitely be cozy and romantic, like having a little sanctuary in the wilds just for you and your love to live apart from the world and focus on pleasuring each other. They're relaxing and put you in a sensual state of mind.

Shitty cabins and luxury cabins can coexist! Nothing wrong with anon wanting to enjoy one like she shared. I've stayed in a few Airbnb cabins along these lines for a reasonable price in addition to friends' cabins that weren't as fancy but still had decent amenities so we weren't uncomfortable.

No. 183115

nerdy boys are still misogynistic in some ways even if they're too wimpy and cute to do shit. and the types of men trooning out with long faces are no where near cute.

No. 183151

Literally my ex, except he was embarrassingly old to act the ways he did. He was a sweet and sensitive kid (and flashes of that are what made me stay with him as long as I did) then decades of 4chan and toxic male influences irl cultivated him into a racist, misogynist, homophobic piece of shit who constantly made “jokes” that genuinely insulted other people then got angry when they stood up for themselves and their boundaries. I told him but he was too scared to acknowledge it because admitting he was a bully would’ve meant admitting he used his bad attitude to divert attention away from his nonexistent self esteem. Dumbass. Scrotes are weak, they wouldn’t survive one day dealing with all the shit we do.

No. 183663

oh my god, I have so many sexual fantasies, and most of them are completely retarded. not like overly disturbing or anything, just ridiculous stupid things that would never, ever happen in real life.

one of them is me being a 30is y/o college professor. I'm nerdy, introverted and single, but attractive. a really fucking hot blonde fratboy type (who is like 20-23) attends my class, is an asshole to me and bullies me, then tracks me down outside of school and fucks me really good then we fall in love and get married and start a family.

like I said, retarded as fuck lol.

No. 183677

don't hi scrote me but this is such a female fantasy (lowkey love it)

No. 183683

File: 1620208768526.jpeg (24.68 KB, 554x554, images (29).jpeg)

Girls on thier knees, mouth open, drinking a steady stream of hot piss will always turn me on. Preferably if they have a leach around their necks and their wrists bound behind their backs. That is why I like Matsuri so much. She loves piss.

No. 183685

one of my fantasies is to go on a long weekend with a guy to a place like this. so romantic

ngl I'm judging you kek

No. 183687

pretty sure the second one is that guy that keeps seething over v-tuber threads being shut down

No. 183690

Wow, even on these types of threads we can still tell you're a scrote kek

No. 183737

You call it retarded, I call it charming. All my sexual fantasies are equally "retarded".

My retarded fantasy is being in an alternate fantasy universe where I'm some form of vampire/lycanthrope who ends up in a sexual relationship with a person paid to hunt me down and slay me

No. 183738

This is gonna be weird but ever since I saw a muscly guy on tt showcasing how his tits are soft I have this fantasy of groping from behind a bf with huge mommy milkers while he cooks. I would pretend to be a fuckboi and say things like "sheesh bby gurl your tits are bussin" and other cringy stuff.

No. 183739

I also imagine stupid fantasy things like living in a cabin and finding an injured soldier and caring for him or being married to a centaur (I'm not a zoophile we wouldn't do anything nasty but just like hold hands kek)

No. 183748

Human-monster being marriage is way too common in my rotation of sexual fantasies. It's not always that I'm a vampire or a werewolf, or that my spouse is a vampire or werewolf, like I'm talking me and a mothman tier creature

No. 183817


No. 183819

based imho.

No. 184184

I have a fantasy about living in a small rural cabin in the 40s with an older French lesbian where we bake and do gardening together and nobody knows we're lesbians

You call it cringe because you don't have the courage to treat the SCP foundation like a brothel, sis. Get on my level

No. 184185

>courage to treat the SCP foundation like a brothel
LMAO, ily anon

No. 184222

>a muscly guy on tt showcasing how his tits are soft
what's tt? link?

kek this is a cute fantasy

No. 184237

Lmao at the other anons taking this super seriously, learn to take a joke weirdos

No. 184269


No. 184288

File: 1620486003027.webm (1.23 MB, 576x1024, 1619152573174.webm)

No. 184308

File: 1620496050623.gif (1.57 MB, 640x538, interesting.gif)

thanks anon, very informative tiktok. I didn't know they got that soft haha I though pecs like those were permahard kek I know nothing apparently

No. 184409

File: 1620571940660.jpg (600.77 KB, 2415x3000, 1458520407-ben-affleck-henry-c…)

I would love to peg Ben while he blows Henry. Or vice versa, honestly I don't care

No. 184605

extremely vanilla thanks to virginity but i fantasize about sitting inbetween a girl's legs and having her rub me through my panties complete with gross squelching noises while her other arm wrapped around my waist pushes me down against her front. like my back is flush against her torso and squishes her boobs

the panties thing specifically bc i miss getting wet enough to soak through underwear kek

No. 184612

This changes everything for my coomer brain. Never understood anons who said they wanted to dig their nails into baratits because I thought they were always completely hard and it would be like fondling a rock, but i completely understand now.

No. 184614

File: 1620656509194.png (30.81 KB, 204x246, 57430453705843-543-53576.png)

That commenter knew exactly what they were doing and I thank them. Just lovely.

No. 184640

My horniest fantasies usually involve a woman riding my face until she cums. Just using my mouth and tongue to get off and probably pulling my hair while she does it. Also, seducing women in m/f relationships, especially an older woman…

Yes I'm a virgin.

No. 184662

Been playing lots of red dead redemption 2 lately and I cant stop spamming the horse care/bonding button just to hear Arthur say "theres a good girl" line and its driving me nuts.

Now I cant stop imagining him wanting me to ride him until I pass out and he calls me his good girl then we cuddle after a good fuck

YT video related its him talking to his female horse at max bonding

No. 184664

@all of the werewolf anons, id be so lying if i said this scene from bram stokers dracula didnt awaken something in me

Lol, this reminds me of me getting turned on by brynjolf calling me "lass"

No. 184687

This thread said anything goes.. so here goes.

I want to traumatize people and be traumatized from sexual experiences. I’ve already gone a bit over my limit with my partner not hearing me tell him to stop and him almost choking me to death because I couldn’t mutter the safe word in time. Idk the thought of me replaying it over in my head is traumatizing but in a good way. I get aroused when I think of someone putting real fear into me.

I also really would like to traumatize someone else in the same way. It just works for me both ways, I think it’s really hot. I love the thought of someone remembering what I did to them in the bedroom, and that they consented to it and can’t go back and undo it.

No. 184694

I want to be a spoiled service top to a rich MILF. I want her to take me out and buy me clothes, everything handpicked by her to mould me into the butch of her fantasies. I want her to take me out to dinner and tease me under the table and whisper into my ear about how she's going to ride my face and then my strap, but first I have to earn it by being the perfect gentlebutch and treating her like the super model looking babe she is. I want to take her dancing, to be the envy of every man in the room. I want to make out in the back of a car and have her bat away my hands and tell me to heel and be a good girl and wait. I want to ruin her expensive bedsheets. I want to die of a heart attack when she finally lets me cum after six solid hours of servicing her in any way I can.

No. 184696

God, I feel you anon. I have no desire to do anything like that to anyone, but I want to be done to me. Being with someone I love and trust and depend on, and having them utterly ruin me, body and mind.

No. 184700

File: 1620672983754.jpg (109.26 KB, 500x750, 3554a1d7d585f6589d7fcbb5eef8a6…)

One of these bad boys. I can't be the only one

No. 184706

File: 1620673731322.png (1.26 MB, 900x1250, d5iq37m-32f8266c-6164-44e3-a77…)

Not into predator, but the eroticism of Alien design is hard to not notice. I like monsters that are less "human", and more animalistic.

No. 184714

>I also really would like to traumatize someone else in the same way.
I can relate to this. I am always really careful with other people's boundaries, but one of my biggest fantasies is for my boyfriend to tell me it's okay for me to trample all over his boundaries and abuse and take advantage of him in any way I'd want to. If I ordered him to die for me, he would. That kind of obedience and devotion would be extremely hot.

No. 184716

Easily the thing that gets me off the fastest is riding an inexperienced, bashful but cute guy a couple of years my junior and asking things like "Has a girl ever done this kind of thing to you before? Have you ever felt breasts? Do you know how to please a woman?" etc. etc., and I dont let him cum until I ride his face and orgasm first.
>I want to traumatize people
This. I'm trash.

No. 184744

how can it be traumatizing if you enjoy it?

No. 184752

File: 1620681677682.png (83.12 KB, 229x189, tsoc22t.png)

I'm a male looking for a bisexual girl (biological female) who is into 2D loli, and wants a serious relationship with a man. If your idea of a dream boyfriend is someone who gives you oral sex while you look at loli, contact me at rel587@protonmail.com

Please be 24yo or older.

If you want to contact me anonymously, just make a protonmail yourself. I am pretty wealthy and good looking according to some cute girls. This isn't a larp, I just want to find someone like me, which has not been easy since this it not something people disclose openly.

This has got to be someone's sexual fantasy right? Am I alone in this world??(scrote)

No. 184753

tell us more

No. 184754

A male showing up in girl talk threads how invasive

No. 184755

Some people like feeling distress, don’t question someone’s kinks

No. 184757

Mental fucking illness.

No. 184759

funny thing is, it's not the first time he posted this. I'm surprised anons even responded tbh
just seems like a contradiction to me. why can't I question it

No. 184761

so r u just going to ignore the aliens? kek

No. 184762

File: 1620683656920.png (63.28 KB, 300x297, 0931b0004d72729ed0a1f7db9ed7e2…)

At least that one is completely unrealistic. You should be put in a psych ward if you're getting off to the fact that you're literally on your deathbed.

No. 184763

Maybe when it actually traumatized them their brain subconsciously tried to cope by making them take a liking to it. Idk it makes sense to me

No. 184764

File: 1620683878185.jpeg (82.71 KB, 933x892, 340AE271-826C-4C06-B390-54E704…)

Well thank god it’s just your opinion

No. 184765

Nah, sorry you're in denial.

No. 184767

twitterfag meme… hmm..

i wonder if anyone has actually responded to this man kek

No. 184779

That "twitterfag meme" is been used here on lolcow before. Nta btw.

No. 184780

fuck yes anon! would totally bang a werewolf. Used to fantasize about a werewolf eating my ass and his frenemy vampire bro eating my pussy. Absolutely degenerate.

I'd love for a guy that I at least find attractive anyways, stealing my panties and jerking off into them. Then he'd 'return' them and I'd wear them none the wiser that they would be covered in his seed. fucking filth.

>most of the guys on literotica creating audio are cringy as fuck
one guy, not on literotica anyways has to be peak cringe. "sending positive vibes UWU! cat daddy!" and he's in his mid 30s. Also, most guys doing erotic audio have the worst audio quality. If the dialogue is good, the audio is crap. If the audio is good, the dialogue is crap. Some guys sound like they are recording late at night in their bedrooms into their phones.

No. 184957

It's the same with ass. Unflexed it's wobbly and soft, flexed its hard as a brick.

No. 184985

Omg Endless_Roads' audio clips are so fucking hot. He's got the most perfect moans. It sounds weird but I'm kinda picky when it comes to how someone sounds when they're moaning lol, so when I find a guy who hits all the right notes it's absolute treasure. There was this one audio he did where he groaned really loud as he came then gasped in these shuddering breaths then laughed in relief and I had to squeal in my pillow because i couldn't handle how hot it was lmao. I like my audios where it's mostly moaning but there's still a bit of talking here and there, dirty talk is always a plus, unless it's too gross and unnecessarily explicit. I don't mind roleplay but it has to be very specific for me

No. 185228

is this the same guy or is it just a meme at this point? I kinda want somebody to just spam him via his email

No. 185366

Has anyone fugged an older man? Like how is his skin, rough, leathery, soft? Did he moan? Did he make you cum? Was it fun? Ugh, I have yet to have my first fling, I expect like magic sensation and floating in the air type of shizz.

No. 185391

>You call it cringe because you don't have the courage to treat the SCP foundation like a brothel, sis.
Hello? Based department?

No. 185502

Of all my replies to ever get reposted around lolcow, this is my favourite

No. 185519

I've been watching Hellsing Ultimate with my boyfriend recently… And on top of my vampire fantasies I now realized I have a thing for Catholic priests with thick Irish accents.

The show is so good and Im trying real hard to ignore my thirst to appreciate it properly.

No. 185522

There are some great men in that show. My favorite is the Captain. I love that mute muscular puppy.

No. 185527

File: 1620935676733.jpg (Spoiler Image, 514.31 KB, 1053x765, 32288080_p3.jpg)

No. 185545

also started the show just about a day ago and I must admit father anderson really does it for me…

also walter

No. 185569

God how could I forget Walter. Middle school me had a thing for butlers (yes, from Black Butler) and this show really is hitting me with the combos.
Also Integra, I love her, I want her to take me out so bad. I think I just thirst for everyone on that show except for the Nazi Doctor.

pls stop I'm gonna have a heart attack

No. 187116

Guys burping after a massive fucking meal is cute to me for some reason

No. 187133

No. 187185

You share a fetish with pyrocynical

No. 187842

File: 1622001637668.jpeg (65.77 KB, 564x676, 511DA3F6-3F8E-4433-A849-505DBE…)

I want to kiss a fit guy while we grope each other, if he’s taller than me, great, because he would be a bit of a sub, if we’re laying in bed after spending the morning at the beach, with the air conditioner just cold enough so we’re clinging to each other, perfect.
I want him to awkwardly try to find a cute nickname for me as I give him a sloppy hand job, he would be trying to avoid looking at me in the eyes because he would be too embarrassed, I want to tease him and tell him that I won’t let him cum until he finds a nickname that I like.
I want him to desperately tell me that he loves me as I kiss his ear and grind my hips against his, I also want him to tell me that I’m mean when I stop just so he can’t cum too quickly.
It would be great if he could fuck me sideways as he holds me tightly, I also want him to fuck me from behind, like, I think that pose is called “prone bone” whatever that means but It’s like, I would be laying down on my belly with my legs relaxed and he would be on top is that even a comfortable position? I also hate anorectal violence
I want to kiss his freckles i love freckles and I want him to cum inside me, it could feel nice, specially if he won’t stop telling me that he loves me and that he just wants me to feel good.
He would lick my pussy clean and I would play with his hair.
I want to brush his teeth afterwards, he would be extremely embarrassed, like blushing a lot and asking me to please stop but wanting more, and I want him to suck my fingers as I pet him too, it would be really cute.
>writing is my passion
>tfw can’t find any irl scrote pictures of a body similar to the body of a guy I talked to at the gym once

No. 187844

File: 1622005639585.jpg (55.01 KB, 1200x1800, 07d4963d03f294490e9191a3c63726…)

Roleplay in mask or as monsters. Cringe because I don't know anyone irl into this kind of stuff or how to ask

No. 187845

i want a bunch (let's say 3-5) of bi men (even better if they're the closeted "no homo bro" type) to pull a train on me but i don't interact with any of their dicks, they just take turns eating me out and fingering me while the ones who aren't touching me at the moment are touching each other

No. 187849

recc me any stuff that has boy moaning like a desperate slut i dread having to browse through p*rn sites and wade through those stuff because some of it turns me off

No. 187851

File: 1622010962557.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 83.03 KB, 800x594, E7C85BD3-3F90-4598-858E-46776C…)

sage since I feel deranged for posting this

I'm usually not horny but I guess my period makes the difference this time. farmers were talking about general hux in /ot/'s shitposting thread and suddenly I want to do bad things to him though I haven't seen all the movies

he looks like he is made to be femdommed, I'm not a fan of it and hardly have the personality to dom someone but this character sparked something in me. he can also have his way with me, I don't care. I imagined making him go down on me it's really hot to think of his face and the feel of my hand in his hair, messing it up. I don't know what it is but he has one of those faces. it looks broody and pouty, like he'd huff at you impatiently or in embarrassment while you tease him during secks.

I'm not usually horny like this and it's weird. I'm embarrassed and especially with a live actor, I get nervous looking at him like a blushing maiden… which I am. hopefully there is fanart out there to suit my taste without cringing at myself.

I have to watch this now too

No. 187855

File: 1622013468500.jpg (34.87 KB, 500x591, ea50f4ab27c698f3aae3543d5a55ef…)

I..I want to fuck a guy who is all put together and wears a suit to work in general life but when he's horny he just becomes a horny sweaty wreck.

Bonus if he is dominant but really nervous about it. IDK I just like the downfall of it all…same thing with meek men going insane or just getting super bloody and fucked up.

No. 187856

File: 1622013604096.png (121.14 KB, 396x310, 4830298403275035645.png)

>like a blushing maiden… which I am.
V… Victorian anon, is that you? The punished version, maybe? Or are you just typing in her style? If so you're mirroring her well. Not quite as elevated but the relative formality, ellipsis and spoilers.

No. 187860

I'm not her, I didn't realize sorry. I try to change my typing style to blend here but in my horniness I forgot

No. 187867

Kek it's fine, I just thought it was surreal if she'd fallen so far from propriety. The only proper way to engage with scrotes is if they're at your feet, so imo you're on a good path.

No. 187877

>Spoilers secks

How old are you anon?

No. 188007

File: 1622069609360.jpg (10.34 KB, 474x392, itscalledajoke.jpg)

No. 188192

Oh hell YES anon. I sometimes daydream about having like four guy friends and we're home alone just hanging out and we somehow end up talking about sex and things get progressively steamy until we're making out with each other. And I especially have my fun sitting back and watching the guys touch each other and instructing them on how to do it. Maybe even showing and helping one guy with sucking another's dick. Then they all take turns eating me out and fucking me. Wow am I still talking i'm sorry

No. 188357

Based kink.

No. 188412

I don't want to hurt a guy but I like the idea of taking on a guy who's a mentally fucked druggie mess and trying to help him out of his addiction, which seems wholesome on its surface… but to me is inherently harmful because I know what being the helper girlfriend to a broken man gets you. Shit.

No. 196430

I had a dream where for some reason I was laying down to sleep on my stomach next to a coworker, and he started absent-mindedly caressing my thighs while he worked. In the dream it didn't feel like he meant it sexually it was more.. affectionate and longing ig? But nonnies I have never been more aroused that when I woke up from that dream, wtf. Also the coworker was Richard Ayoade even though I'm not even that attracted to him idk

No. 196466

I just want to perform oral sex on a man's jawline and adam's apple while I fondle his earlobe and scratch the back of his head with the other hand. And then he starts drooling from sensory overload.

No. 199034

File: 1627023525910.jpeg (445 KB, 1242x1190, 0DA08510-4E87-4921-A8B2-B70B2B…)

I have too many fantasies because I’ve seen lots of hot guys during this trip, so excuse my autism.
I want to grab all of the guys with nice pecs and make them hug me at the same time so I’m surrounded by deliciously perfect pecs that I can enjoy because at least a pair of them will be touching my face directly.
I want to grope the guys with nice asses, pick my favorite one of the day, and study with him sitting on my lap, I would ignore his pleas for more touches because I’m really into desperate sounding guys.
I want to kiss and bite another guy’s abs and waist, it was just too delicious not to remember, like, when you’re at a restaurant and they show you the best cut of meat and you just want to bite it, just like that.
I also want one of the pretty guys I saw at the casino to make use of his tongue, I would grab his hair and keep him away from my pussy and he would beg for me to let him go because he just wants to keep licking and kissing me.
And I want the prettiest one that I saw to finger me from behind while showering, he would then kneel on the floor and I would just step on his dick, he would thank me and it would be nice.

No. 199050

hot stuff ngl

No. 199755

I want to have a guy rest his head in my lap, his hair tickling my thighs. It felt really good for me before idk why, I want to do it again. He'd notice by the heat that I got turned on and just put his face between.

No. 199765

File: 1627458676970.jpg (Spoiler Image, 756.49 KB, 1280x1029, Heimkehr by Bühler.jpg)

Don't wet the floor nonna!

No. 199784

I know it seems tame but the sensation of hair on my thighs is great. Thank you autism.

No. 199793

Why is the man in a dress petting the man in the weird armor thing

No. 199834

i think that's a woman nonny

No. 199922

It's a German soldier returning from war to his girlfriend.
The artist was a Nazi unfortunately.

No. 200410

File: 1627847742269.jpeg (791.25 KB, 828x1696, FBCD5B3B-4943-405A-9881-C7211D…)

Posting here since there is not really a more appropriate thread to do so

Today I found out that my favorite erotic audio artist wiped ALL of his content off the internet I guess because he got cancelled for I don’t even give a fuck what reason, talking to girls online or something. I am so fucking pissed anons. This guy had an absolutely massive treasure trove of high quality, well written, well produced audios, most of which were free.

Like >>182505 says, it’s damn hard and annoying to wade through a sea of garbage audio content just to find ONE good piece of audio porn. I will check out their recommendations, but does anyone else have any other good recs for audio porn? I like ones where I’m being stalked, kidnapped or raped at knifepoint or something.

No. 200413

It's a sea of misogynist pedo garbage out there.
I was about to post my vanilla favourites until I saw your last sentence. Love yourself nona.

No. 200415

I have a bf so I can get my share of pleasant vanilla sex irl. once in a blue moon I just wanna enjoy something different that my partner isn’t into. that’s life !

No. 200431

File: 1627856124071.png (233.75 KB, 309x339, ENJpYJ6WwAA7iw4.png)

Does anyone else not self-insert into their fantasies at all? I never have and only fantasize scenes between fictional characters as a "camera" viewpoint. I identify with the woman in any scenario but have never enjoyed imagining it happening to me. I'm a virgin though so who knows if this will change or if I'm just asexual, but I've never considered myself to be.

No. 200439

Yeah, I definitely do this most of the time. Occasionally I self-insert, but it’s kind of rare.

No. 200441

With male on male or most straight scenario fantasies I never self-insert. Not too long ago I figured that I only really self-insert when it's a lesbian scenario. Honestly not quite sure what that means even for myself but it might be the same way for you?

No. 200446

Same, but I attribute it to being ugly growing up and hating myself.
People who can usually seem to have always been cute, normie, or ugly-but-confident (based).

No. 200474

i want to date a man cleaner than me and then have hot sex arguing over chores. maybe he's naked in an apron and some cleaning gloves as well.

No. 200532

>a man cleaner than me
sadly this may remain in the realm of fantasy

No. 200555

Not a virgin or asexual, but I do this too. I've never been able to self-insert into my fantasies.

No. 200562

does anyone here have a fantasy of making your own bf fuck or get fucked by another dude?
not gonna talk about me but…

No. 200568

I've been thinking about how I want to sit on my boyfriend's lap while we're both in our underwear and I feed him sweets while staring into his eyes and in random intervals passionately kissing him and then force him to eat more. I think it would be ideal if he was tied up in this scenario as well.

No. 200570

I sort of ship my bf with one very cute friend of him. I caught myself thinking that it would be hot if they would make out. Idk, they look cute together and I like how they interact. I‘m not even a hardcore fujo, but if two guys have a nice dynamic with each other that‘s kinda hot.

No. 200605

My bf has a very cute younger co-worker (who is somewhat popular on tiktok) that basically hangs off of him and I've let my mind wander a couple times. Absolutely feel disgusting over it because the co-worker is 19 and my bf is 33 though lol.

No. 200607

Very much so. Before we got together my boyfriend told me about how he used to be curious about gay shit and had let a gay dude hit on him for a while before chickening out. That made me super horny but in the end he's as straight as can be.
He doesn't have any hot guy friend unlike other anons above me though. Oh I wish.

No. 200711

No. 200740

When I've just started seeing my - allegedly very straight - boyfriend and we weren't officially dating yet he told me that he made out with a hot guy at a party; while I wouldn't necessarily want it to happen now as we're exclusive I wish I was there at the time to see it, the very idea of it happening is so hot; and the fact he wasn't ashamed of it too.

No. 200743

I don't have a boyfriend but yes I fantasise about this all the time lmao. I always fantasise about having a boyfriend one day confess that he's into guys as well and wouldn't mind me watching him get it on with another guy. And that I could join in and kinda show him how to touch and suck another guy, basically it would be a bit of a threesome, but I'd mostly just sit back and watch and kinda tell them what to do.

No. 200809

I'm the same way, I can't even imagine anything sexy happening to me

No. 201169

So I saw this guy at the beach, really pretty and with a nice body, and I really want to take him to the public bathroom of the beach and suck his salty nipples.
Then I want him to fuck me at a really nice hotel, and it would be great if he could lick my pussy clean after we fuck.
Then I want his friend, another pretty guy I saw at the beach, to finger my pussy as he masturbates because he’s not allowed to fuck me with his dumb dick, I like the idea of a guy seething because his friend has the privilege of fucking me while he’s inferior for no particular reason.
Such nice dreams are those that can’t be part of this reality.

No. 201172

i'm 90% like this and i don't consider it a form of "asexuality" tbh. it's still getting turned on by sex even if you're not in it, it's kind of like how normal people watch porn. for me it was a self esteem thing and other stuff going on

No. 201174

File: 1628402430819.png (964.44 KB, 759x614, 3600B50D-385C-4CCA-A605-D78915…)

I’m sexually attracted to NOTHING except for grotesque rotting monsters or interdimensional inhuman aliens. I wanna be a dom of a fucking giant grotesque monster so bad but it’s impossible.

No. 201202

File: 1628435367502.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 14.61 KB, 225x225, 8556F51C-A526-4509-9FA9-97C933…)

I want him. My boyfriend shows me his videos and all I can think about is this man meeting me at a bar where we hit it off super well. We head back to his place drunk asf and go hard on each other like five times that night. He’s super gentle on the foreplay but once we get into it he’s rough and possessive and talks so dirty to me in that dark voice of his HNNNG. Spanking and grabbing and rough fucking but the whole time it’s super romantic and he’s really into it. When I think about how he must moan during sex it makes me want to cream.
And he cums in me again and again but we’re so horny we don’t even care. And then I get pregnant and he has to marry me b/c traditionalism. Essentially the entire fantasy is that I’m his wife a good 20 years younger than him.

No. 201203

I support your attraction nonnie not because I agree but bc the image of your sargon fanboy bf getting metaphorically cucked like that is hilarious

No. 201210

i want to tie a fit guy down to a chair or bed, and edge him for a very long time, followed by overstimulating him.

god me too

No. 201213

i want to breastfeed my crush

No. 201350

I had this weird sex dream in which I gave a punk guy a titjob and a blowjob, he had three dicks that at first were kind of small but then they got huge.
We were at this punk ghetto house fucking like our life depended on it and it was nice.

No. 202390

ive been going to the gym heaps because im ovulating and really energetic and i swear im going insane
why do men have to be so insane and retarded about sex with women why cant we play by gay dude rules. literally just want a guy to come instruct my form while doing squats or deadlifts and get really flirty and feel him slowly get closer to my ass until hes rubbing up against me with his semi. and then we go fuck in the sauna.
but also i want nothing more than to go out for dinner with my ex gf and get drunk and handsy with her. then uber back to hers hardly keeping our hands off each other. then id eat her out until she was about to cum, stop, strap up with one of the dildos with a vibrator at the base and fuck her like crazy.
im dying here anons what do i do ive had like 5 cold showers past 2 days everyone i see thinks im sick but im just unbelievably horny

No. 202393

why the cold showers? Just coom
I have the same gym fantasy but it's only appealing in theory, I don't want men to even acknowledge me at the gym irl

No. 202394

anon what if you combined the fantasies and helped your ex at the gym with her form before fucking her with a strap in the sauna.

No. 202395

anon… why would you fuel the fire like this. kms
cooming literally just makes it worse because its so unsatisfying in comparison to being fucked/fuckking. help. mfw cant hook up with men because theyre fucking retarded and always make shit weird but equally cant hook up with women because of oneitis for ex who will never fuck me (shes reformed gay, "straight" now). there is no end to the suffering of horney women

No. 202417

that sucks, do you think anyone may have downloaded any of his audios and would be willing to upload them? I always download the ones I like just in case. I don't have any notwhorosethinks though unfortunately. one of my favourites went patreon only recently and I feel like he might also scrub anything free.

the only person I can think of for stalked/kidnapped/raped/knives is f_stop_fitzgerald, if he's still around. he has some really fucked up audios IIRC.

nayrt but that's so true. the sheer amount of dd/lg is staggering, most male posters have at least one and I've never heard anyone take a stand, put their foot down and refuse to do these clearly pedo inspired audios.

No. 202497

This is haram nonnie.
Beg for the prophets(mpbuh) forgiveness.

No. 202519

just want a virgin loser who I can tease mercilessly and then top the fuck out of. I wanna just climb on top of him and slowly ride until he's begging me to move. Something about tearstained whiny boys are so hottt

No. 202812

nonnies what are some interesting roleplaying ideas? this guy jokingly said he can be a guerilla fighter and we started going back and forth for a while and i kinda liked it, classic rps like maid-boss, teacher-student stuff doesnt turn me on much and dressing up as anime characters feels too cringey, i wanna go all out with production i'd appreciate your ideas

No. 202813

french aristocrat & angry peasant about to put her on the chopping block, unless she can make a very good bargain?

No. 202840

have him be a capture guerilla that you're interrogating

No. 202845

A bratty prince getting captured by a witch bc she wants to test out her new potions and spells

No. 202872

Ooh I like this one.

No. 202917

I've always wanted to have a threesome with two other women, but do such things even really exist outside of porn?

No. 204514

File: 1630963292699.jpeg (108.29 KB, 706x813, cover2.jpeg)

damnit i just want a big sexy hairy mountain man to pick me up and take me to his cabin and have lots of babies with me and we can hunt and farm and cook and just live

No. 204525

File: 1630968191437.jpeg (227.55 KB, 750x514, C876DD93-1CF5-41D3-A337-F2A95B…)

All I’ve been able to think about recently is writing smut. I think I’d be good at it but the fact that you have to pump out pages and pages of super esoteric shit to make any money in it turns me off. But I’m losing my mind over one of them and need so share.
Imagine with me, nonnies, that you’re an English peasant women during the Viking era. You have a head of thick red hair, which ever since you were a little girl has led to rumours about you being a witch. You're nearly six foot, the tallest woman in your coastal village and towering above most of the men. You've resigned yourself to a life of being treated like an oddity, betrothed to a skinny little man who despises you for the attention you get.
Then one day, a ship comes in from the North. The men who step off it are giants, even compared to you. Their hair is woven into intricate patterns and they smell fresh and clean. You recognise their tattoos and the strange lilt of their speech. They are traders, come to collect supplies for their journey home.
Two of them walk past you. One looks you up and down, almost in awe, and nudges his friend to get his attention. They both slow down, taking you in. The attention makes your stomach jump. Your whole life you’ve only ever been looked at in fear and disgust, but these men have something else in their eyes. If you didn’t know better, you’d think it was lust.

No. 204528

1 of 3? An hour ago? Nonette come back! I want to read

No. 204533

Ask and ye shall receive, nonnie ;*

One is golden-haired, with a full beard and a broad, strong body. The other has dark, shorter hair and a shaven face. He is lean, but only compared to his friend. To every other man you’ve met, he is Goliath. They whisper something to each other, too quiet and too foreign for you to make it out, but you know the meaning from their eyes and faces.
Word spreads that they’ll be here for days. It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do, but for the first day they are in the village, you can’t seem to escape the pair. Every path you walk and every corner you turn, there they are, looking at you in a way that sets something deep in your body alight.
Unfortunately, looking is all they can do while your betrothed follows you around, puffing out his chest like an angry little rooster.
That night, there is a feast to welcome your friendly invaders. Your husband-to-be gets drunk on their mead and tries to fight a navigator. He’s dragged outside by two men twice his height.
You stand up to follow him, already reciting you usual please for mercy whenever he embarrasses the two of you, but you find you path blocked. The two friends, appearing seemingly out of nowhere, stand before you.
“Hello,” says the tall, dark one.
You stutter back a ‘good evening’.
“I am Erik,” he says, “and this is my friend Anders.”
“Are you enjoying the feast?” asks Anders, the blonde one.
Their accents bend and morph their words, like they’re speaking in song. It sends a flush of warmth through you.
“I should be going,” you say. “My man-“
“Your man has gone away to war,” Anders laughs. “You won’t be able to help him until the mead has left him. Why not join us?”
Erik nods, holding out a big, work-rough hand.
“Come, sweet lady, show us poor sailors some Saxon hospitality.”
You can suddenly feel your heart in your chest. You smile at them both, slipping your hand into Erik’s. You’ve never felt small or delicate in your life, but when his fingers wrap around yours and he guides you to their place at the table, Anders’ arm around your waist, you feel like a princess.

No. 204535

I can't believe I'm recommending this one to anybody but mangamg.com/manga/beauty-and-the-beasts/ is right up your alley.

No. 204545

Loving the shit out of this and hoping for part 3: the fuckening

No. 204546

as a 6ft woman, holy fucking based. ily

No. 204585

I have this reoccurring fantasy about meeting a virgin online or in a college class. Wherever, it really doesn't matter. But he has to be a raging misogynistic incel who gave up on women long ago… also approaching wizard status. Like outspoken blackpill ideologies praising Elliot Rodger type shit. I just imagine hanging out with him and slowly trying to corrupt him. Bonus points if he's a literal subhuman. The worse the better honestly, because at that point he would never be able to get anyone else. This can't be that rare of a fantasy…

No. 204604

File: 1631044637196.jpg (10.25 KB, 350x200, buffalo 66 end.jpg)

This is mine too. Except he falls for me and just loves me and no one else. I just want to be someone's oneitis so bad.
But then again I used to sleep to Rodge's videos.
Be the lonely retard virgin you want to see in the world :')(don't use emojis)

No. 204605

those guys are disgusting irl nona. They're unuroncially autistic and not the shy quirky kind of autistic but the mentally challenged kind. I get the appeal of the fantasy but it would never happen

No. 204656


Sorry to keep you waiting ladies, it’s been a long day.
Also ended up writing a ton more sex than I expected because I broke up w my boyfriend two weeks ago and a bitch is Horny kek.

Erik sits down, guiding you next to him. Anders follows, sitting so close that suddenly you’re hip to hip with them both. The conversation around you moves fast, but the two of them clue you in where you can. As the night wears on the laughter gets louder and your head gets lighter, thanks to the mouthfuls of mead Erik donates to you at your request. At some point your legs end up tossed over Erik’s lap and Ander’s hand is woven into your hair.
People start to peel away from the table, but you remain, pressed between the two of them.
Erik’s hand, which has been drawing circles over you ankle, is suddenly drifting up your shin, pushing further and further up your dress every time.
“You look tired, my lady,” he says. “Perhaps you should retire for the night.”
“Oh?” You just manage to keep from pouting.
“Ja,” Anders says. “Erik and I can walk you to your home.” He leans towards you, running his hand up your bare arm.
“Oh. Yes. That sounds wonderful.”
You let them help you to your feet as they say goodnight. You don’t know what Erik tells the other remaining sailors, but when they respond, they sound like they’re congratulating him.
The walk is quick. You hut is small, and the two men have to crouch to get through the door. You stand before them, anticipation burning through you.
“Well, Anders, I suppose we should take our leave.” Erik eyes you slyly in the half-light of the fat lamp in the far corner. “We wouldn’t want to offend an honourable lady by taking up even more of her night.”
“Honourable lady?” Anders glances around in surprise. “Where?”
You knock him in the chest, limbs footy and head still light with mead. Anders has a clever mouth.
“Unless, of course, she’d rather we stay?”
You feel the shift like a change of the wind. Something draws you to Erik, and you’re pulled into a gentle embrace, cheek against his chest. You feel Anders press against your back, just before he lays a kiss to the top of your head.
“What do you want, dear lady?” Erik asks softly. “If you tell us to leave, we will be gone. We will leave you be for the rest of our time here, and never speak of this again. But ask to stay, and we promise it shall be worth your while.”
Your fingers dig into his sheepskin vest, and you reach back and pull Anders closer behind you.
“Stay.” Your voice cracks a little. “Both of you, stay. Please.”

No. 204720

I have had this fantasy too, ever since high school. I was popular in high school (not that that is something to brag about but whatever) and always fantasized about the most skinny awkward loser guys who thought they were better than everyone else bc they were in all the advanced classes. It’s still super embarrassing to admit to and after a few years of college one of my friends actually asked if I had a fetish for “ugly guys” lol. I couldn’t even cop to it then.
I have a major corruption kink and I love to imagine seducing a bitter, hateful virgin, teaching him everything he knows about sex, having him eventually worship me, getting weird stares in public because we don’t match in looks and him realizing that I’m the only girl who’s ever gonna look at him so he has to be good for me even when I bully or degrade him.
I eventually just started dating “normie attractive” and nice men because this fantasy is insanely hard to map onto real life. The guys who have the look I like rarely have the right attitude and vice versa. I never encountered one but if you dip into the incel world you’ll meet a lot of psychos as well, who are not the best bf material to say the least. but it’s so hot to me!

No. 204757

not that anon but I've been reading this shit for nearly three hours now and it's absolutely retarded but my very silly girlbrain just won't stop and now i want a hot snake bf. Thanks I hate it

No. 204765

I know, right?! It's absolute trash and I love it. I only started reading it because it was rated top every time I visited the manga site. It's like Megan Fox as the girlfriend in transformers level bad, but I can't stop reading it.

…The snake is my favorite, too.

No. 204767

i support your fantasy nonas, and this kind of did happen to me in real life, so i have hope for you guys. virgin men are quite cute, and i admit i kind of did have a fantasy for it awhile, as i was a virgin for a long time too.

No. 204771

as an autist myself i love it. i can sperg about romance shit i read and he'll start reeing, how entertaining.

No. 204905

File: 1631231205980.jpeg (237.97 KB, 750x597, 96932CB8-9DCE-4359-92AB-0E52B5…)

No. 204908

kek I want a movie with this premise (and good looking actors of course)

No. 204920

This sounds stupidly adorable.

No. 204958

yes pls i want a hot priest to fall in love with me

No. 204961

Anderson has a Highlander accent, not an Irish accent.

The difference is difficult for none-Gaels to the point where, during the Troubles in Scotland, Highlanders were also heavily discriminated against because even Scots couldn't tell the difference.

No. 205394

I know this sounds like a cliche, but I find the idea of getting fucking against an office desk really hot. There would be sexual tension building between us for weeks, moments where we almost get caught with his hand up my thigh or something, and then one day the damn breaks and we lock the door to his office and screw each other senseless on the desk with his tie and half his shirt undone and my skirt pulled up over my waist. Wheeewww

No. 205417

File: 1631547981775.jpeg (321.54 KB, 1502x834, 588A217A-9462-419A-9DDF-FDDC54…)

I’m currently so in love with this character from Fate Grand Order and have a HUGE romantic and sexual thing for guys with big chests, boyish looks and fluffy hair, with an encouraging, cute, cheerful and very moralistic (in the good anti-sexist and hero way, not the cult way) mother-ish sort of personality. I just love how their confident innocence stands so steadfast against the world in that sense

Double it as a fantasy since so many males irl jerk off to porn, get off on women’s suffering and abuse women worldwide for their own issues and amusement. I want OUT!

No. 205451

File: 1631566572358.jpg (63.31 KB, 770x489, Untitled.jpg)

legit me too, but like in a closed room. i rewatched the matrix the other day and the part where the agents all put neo in a room and interrogate him, hold him down and force his shirt off to put a bug in him, fffffffuck i wish that were me except they were just gangbanging me while the work continues as usual outside the room and no one has any idea.

i find this extra embarrassing bc i am very dominant in bed and don't like a guy to be in control. i guess this is some kind of desire to be "forced" out of control.

No. 205494

I don’t want children and I have a fear of pregnancy but imagining being impregnated by a porn-repulsed, gentle giant who’s as dumb as a brick but has a heart of gold is really getting me through these lonely days

No. 205495

anonita you deserve this, thrift a man’s XXXL Pendleton and spray it with some cologne in the meantime

No. 205539

This is so late Nona but somehow I did find a site with a bunch of his audios uploaded, I think it was linked in a Reddit comment? Warning that this site has massive porn ads https://kemono.party/patreon/user/7252162

No. 205548

You are a saint anon, thank you kindly. There's not a whole lot here but at least it's something

No. 205594

File: 1631647256052.jpg (62.7 KB, 390x260, shutterstock_8824519e.jpg)

I want to get gangbanged by the members of soundgarden until my entire body is bruised and my vagina bleeds and i cant get up. and then get a warm hug from chris.

No. 205595

Yeah I have similar fantasies as well… I’m pretty much a voluntary femcel and don’t care to talk to men anymore for the rest of my life, but I can’t help that I’m attracted to (some) of them. In my head I think it would be hot to degrade an incel with my misandrist beliefs and even though he hates me for it (and the fact that I’m taller than him) we still have sex because we’re both just that desperate and the only people who can stand each other. It’s pretty pathetic and is definitely the kind of fantasy that would only be hot in my head and absolutely terrible irl, but you aren’t alone.

No. 205610

I have this fantasy where it's a post apocalyptic separatist world where adult men and adult women are divided, but the women have mass surveillance of the men to pick which ones they want as mates. You get to see which are the kindest and strongest and have the best bodies versus the whiny ugly incel types. Since men are always horny idiots I can call one over at any time, have a baby with superior gentle genes and erase the serial killer psycho gene out of civilization while having some nice orgasms along the way. It's autistic, but nice to think about

No. 205612

God I wish this was real

No. 205656

I usually imagine similar but always fall back to the idea that they become a better kinder person as a result too.

Purfication needs to be a valid kink

No. 205658

Incredibly based, me too. OG grunge fashion looks so hot on guys.

No. 205664

I want to get in a relationship with someone who has a foot fetish because I have an ugly face but nice feet and only someone with a foot fetish would appreciate and find value in, unlike my face.
Besides I like the idea of a man worshipping my feet but I'm not sure if I'm into giving footjobs.

No. 205689

if the guy is only a little bit into feet it's great. getting your toes sucked feels nice and who doesn't like foot massages? but if he's obsessed with feet it's a red flag. you'll never have a normal sex life, because he will refuse to have sex with you if you don't want to involve feet

No. 205839

File: 1631821114060.png (531.04 KB, 1086x1555, Unicorn.png)

I can't stop fantasizing about sexually destroying a guy. We've kind of started dating (waiting for COVID to lighten up) and this is the first guy I've ever been actually physically attracted to. Granted he is a manlet at 5'5, but he's also that diving combination of gym muscular with a lil bit of fat to make him look cosy. Thing is that he's so fucking cocky about his sexual abilities and I just want to throw him around and show him that he's got nothing on me. Can't blow my fucking mind if I'm already rocking your shit, midget, I'm going to wait until we do doggy to reach back and grab him by the fucking throat. Fucking pin his XY chromlet body and pull his stupid handsome Levi Ackermann haircut out of his scalp and make him beg for it like a little twat. I wish he looked less like Trent Reznor in the Hand That Feeds music video RIP

No. 205842

File: 1631821528019.jpg (123.56 KB, 1044x1080, IMG_0030.JPG.jpg)

Kronk is the himbo breeder for you, nonny

No. 206049

I want a cute bf who I can cuddle and jerk off while he's half asleep

No. 206467

Any recommendations from gonewildaudio? I tried looking up the wayawaynowImback guy but I think he deleted his account since nothing came up. I've listened to some of the M4F stuff there but all of them ended up being cringy.

No. 206473

Same girl, I always think about this. His soft moans and his hips lightly grinding into my hand, our legs flush and entwined beneath the sheets and our lips close.

No. 206519

I'm as lesbian as a lesbian can be and utterly repulsed by men and their dicks but jesus christ ironically enough I only get off to penetration. I wish I got fucked raw by a strap on a handsome butch girl.

No. 206523

File: 1632244438069.jpeg (704.4 KB, 958x1920, 3200FDA1-CB19-4BAC-9C15-412B99…)

wanting penetration from women is based

No. 206531

I really would like to be fucked by two guys at the same time

No. 206537

same, thought of this irl is weird and terrifying to me but i can only get off to dp erotica while masturbating

No. 206553

this is the most tumblr thing ever, anon. good lord

No. 206571

You're not allowed to call yourself homosexual on Tumblr.

No. 206601

I have a huge fetish for European but mostly Slavic men. The thought of being teased and agreeing to things I don't understand in another language, the accents and the fact that they're stereotypically very macho just destroys my brain.

No. 206604

I've started flirting with a guy who is weird about monkeys and cavemen, and its awesome because my sexual fantasy is being an explorer in the 50s who gets kidnapped by a tribe of natives. One of them is a super beefy sexy hunter with a strong jaw and they give me to him, and now I'm his tribe wife

No. 206609

my girlfriend is similar to you. we often joke about her magically "renting a dick" for a day so she could fuck me and get some stimulation on her end too. she is also obsessed with creampies to the point that it's hilarious. i think she's cute and wonderful and i want her to finger me again soon.

No. 206614

still based

No. 206620

Imagine a world full of cute himbos

No. 206627

Me too. They're great. Now i miss my ex. Gonna go cry now.

No. 206634

Too bad they're sexist and ugly

No. 206647

a nice voice does it for me so much, i miss my ex. his voice and dirty talk was so hot.
i love kinda weird dirty sounding accents? (not accents that sound classy or something). he had one of those accents and a deep voice and it made anything he said sound hot.
we could be having a normal convo and he'd say something in a teasing way to me and id get wet instantly.
when he actually dirty talked during sex id just lose my mind so when im masturbating i just think of the things he used to say to me…
but its been almost a year and my memory is kind of fading. also i have never heard such a hot voice since. im sad guys

No. 206654

I need to get lovingly and devotedly eaten out by a big strong man. I broke up with my boyfriend and swore off casual sex two months ago and I think I’m going crazy because of it. Please God just send me a sweet catalogue model to devote all his time and sexual energy to getting me off.

No. 206658

>15 days ago
You can't quit now, viking smut anon, we haven't even gotten to the best part.

No. 206727

Hey, let nonna enjoy her fantasy!

Eastern European/Slavic gal here…all I'm gonna say is I hope you get yours, nonita!

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