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File: 1619632795795.jpg (93.97 KB, 540x516, 1618607401027.jpg)

No. 182352

I hope this isn't too similar to the other threads we have. Post and discuss any sexual fantasy you have; long and detailed, short and sweet, weird and unrealistic, anything goes!

No. 182353

is that a real song? what's the name?

No. 182355

Hopefully this doesn't just turn into another "fetishes you're ashamed of thread" because this has the true potential to attract more victorian era playwrights to vividly describe their 80 year old professor and their undying love for them. Do not disappoint me anons

No. 182357

No. 182359

Its called Aoba from Dramatical Murder.mp3

No. 182360

I'm in love with an average to ugly looking moid and hes a bastard but whenever I see other moids I feel absolutely nothing lol like I see people here calling other men attractive and I just do not get it. I like many types of women though. Am I 80% of female attracted bisexual or whatever?

No. 182361

Please don't copy paste my post on an unrelated thread.

No. 182362

I want this so bad. That is my one truefantasy

No. 182374

As an atheist/anti-theist sexy evil and cold angels are hot. No, not like fallen angels or demons who defied god but being ruthless is part of their role. Let me sexualize my anxieties over religion alright. You can even get into monster sex category if you think about how fucked descriptions of angels are in holy books.

No. 182390

I want to strangle a moid until he turns pale right to the brink of passing out and then gently nurse him back to health.

God knows there's someone out there who'd let me to that to him.

No. 182395

It's cold here today and I just want a woman to come spoon me and keep me warm and say cute mushy stuff to me and rub my clit until I come

No. 182403

>oh god

No. 182425

I want the same thing but for a hot man to do it

No. 182429

>Boy moaning like a desperate little slut
Nice. Any other anons browse the literotica audio sections?

No. 182468

I didn't know they had a section for this. Any recs? I can't remember what thread it was but an anon once posted a link to a Reddit sub where this guy did audio recordings for kinky m/f stuff. He had a really cute German accent and a variety of scenarios where he was more sub or dom or just playing around. It was super hot and honestly way better than porn, which is gross and exploitive, or even other visual content which tends to just feel very sterile to me. I'm a simp for sexy voices too so that likely played a role. Fuck. Makes me think of my ex, I used to love when he'd just whisper naughty stuff in my ear while lightly touching me. It was super intimate and the best foreplay. I'd be dying to tear his clothes off in minutes.

No. 182470

Well, I don't really to rp/dialogue as I mostly prefer straight-up moaning, so I'm not sure my recommendations would be as good. I mainly listen to either Mirage or Endless_Roads as I find their voices/moans cute. They have some RP stuff as well but I haven't given those a solid listen.

No. 182480

I want a man to cook me a nice dinner, watch me eat it and maybe even cuddle me from behind and rub my belly, take pleasure it taking care of me and then eat me out/gently fuck me right after. I don't think it's feederism, as I don't want to gain massive weight, and I don't want any age regression shit mixed in with it like daddy shit, I just want a man to be overjoyed with having me as a wife and excited to take care of me.

No. 182505


I do. I usually use gonewildaudio but after finding out there was audio on literotica I took a look. I like jaymasters45 and endless_roads, they're both pretty good. I just found a new one the other night though called jeremywashere and got so turned on listening to a couple of his audios, especially the one where he describes how much he loves eating women out. I've never messaged any guys who make audios but his was so good I wanted to kek

tbh listening to audios is my number one favourite thing I do to turn me on, other than my own fantasy/thoughts (since I don't watch porn). it's nice to have someone else do the heavy lifting, so to speak, when thinking up a fantasy/scenario though

I like roleplays best but only if the guy is a really good actor. I've listened to so many audios and tuned out within 10 seconds if the voice isn't right or if the acting is trash. I like deeper voices too, there's nothing more offputting than putting on an audio and hearing some high pitched voice purr 'heyyyy kitten' I laugh and close the tab immediately. every now and then though I stumble across an audio that turns me on so much and gets me so wet though, it's worth combing through the duds for those.

btw a question for anons who listen to audios like this - when you listen, do you imagine the person talking is someone you're already attracted to? cause that's what I do. I attach a face/body of someone who turns me on to the voice. I recently saw the (partial) face of one of the guys I listen to religiously from gonewildaudio, wasawaynowImback, and while he's not ugly by any means I'm not imagining him when I'm enjoying his audios, you know?

No. 182539

i just really wish i had a sweet snake boy bf with two dicks to cuddle me after coitus, or dragon bf.

No. 182540

forgot to add mermaid bf too

No. 182546

My sexual fantasy is being kidnapped, beaten up, and having them force themself on me. I always imagine that they would experience like a reverse Stockholm syndrome and start treating me like a doll in their house

(I forgot to mention that the person is insane so they're liable to do weird shit like that)

No. 182733

I want my partner who is 20+ years older than I to pat my head and say "you're a good kid, I'm proud of you" earnestly.

No. 182749

i would like to dominate two young men (18-21) and make them my slaves. they would wear fetishistic gear to look like cute little sex toys to me and would follow my every command during sex. i would sexually torture them, step on their balls, do breathplay, make them play with each other, not let them cum for days, etc. i would make them call me titles, not my name, and they would have to thank me for doing this to them.

this is going to stay a fantasy since it's completely unrealistic re: time, money and effort and reality is often disappointing. i just watch porn that emulates this instead

No. 182750

…a father?

No. 182753

Would they get you off in any way? I'm into femdom but so tired of all the porn that shows the woman getting no sexual pleasure at all while the guy gets sucked and jerked off and has his prostate milked for 4 hours straight. I want to get my clit rubbed and licked in addition to doing all of the more hardcore things but you rarely ever see that in most femdom porn.

No. 182762

nta but ding ding daddy issues

No. 182765

I wonder what that anon with the nazi fetish she and her bf roleplayed would think of it

No. 182793

File: 1619842930360.jpeg (Spoiler Image,30.5 KB, 613x389, DD2A012E-CA02-481D-830D-F15E93…)

I knows grey sweatpants are normie tier but I want to make out with a guy while he’s wearing these and he gets really hard and there’s a big patch of precum and he gets embarrassed.

No. 182796

maybe it's because I hate vulnerability yet am touch starved, but i want to tie a guy down to a bed or something and kiss him all over his body for a long time.

No. 182799

File: 1619846301227.jpeg (31.38 KB, 429x715, images - 2020-12-22T035316.494…)

I really like when men get embarrassed by how horny they are. Better if there's pre cum or even cum involved.
But it's so fucking rare with real moids. They are usually just proud about it.

No. 182889

File: 1619890719305.gif (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 220x367, eat peach.gif)

I want to be with a guy who is super into eating me out. someone who is good at it too and knows exactly what he's doing. who wants to do it for long periods of time because he loves it so much, pushing me to the edge only to stop before I come so he can eat me out for as long as I want him to. a guy who is so turned on by going down on me that he dirty talks about how he loves everything about my pussy from my smell, my taste, to the sounds I make and the way I writhe underneath his tongue. I want him to be so into it and so turned on himself, enjoying it more than getting a blowjob (a girl can dream) to just lose himself in my pussy, his only desire to provide me as much pleasure as possible

gif spoiled, it's a guy eating a peach in a very inefficient manner

No. 182890

I want to take a weirdo loner guy's virginity, see him lose his composure and be all embarrassed. But he can't be tainted by gross porn and incel culture - so it is but a fantasy.

No. 182891

Ah, I see this is common

No. 182894

I would just die to see a guy all embarrassed cause he was so turned on. and you're right, most guys are proud/cocky about it

>I want to take a weirdo loner guy's virginity

oh god yes. has no idea how to talk to women and is all flustered and overwhelmed one even spoke to him, let alone was being sexual with him. unfortunately yeah those guys are more likely to be incels and heavily into porn. I feel super pervy saying this but what about a good christian boy who wouldn't dare look at porn/spends very little time online and is unlikely to have fallen victim to the incel movement?

No. 182924

File: 1619898264065.png (612.33 KB, 961x602, 3 3 .PNG)

I just want a guy or girl to dominate me, put their hand on my neck or pin me down. I want to feel the pressure. Want to be bitten and even spanked.
I get a huge high from being dominated no idea why…

No. 182952

most of the guys on literotica creating audio are cringy as fuck. though this one guy's bio made me laugh. his location was also 'between your legs' kek

>First wife was bi. Introduced to swinging through Sexual Freedom League in Topanga Canyon. Active through eighties. She died of Lupus. Second wife, also bi. Betrayed me with her lez lover, destroying my life. Am rebuilding, starting over. Can't get writing out of my head, nor the lusty thoughts that must be expressed. Have hundreds of original stories to share as I get them scanned in and edited.

No. 182955

I want to be to be dominated and abused by a cute borderline sadistic girl who's simultaneously treating me like a pet and getting off to how much it embarrasses me and my resistance only amuses her. Every now and then she would allow me to overpower her to get back at her for the everything she put me through, but still keep her control over me because I've submitted myself to be her possession. I've dreamed of this dynamic since I was a baby lesbian and I don't even know why, and I still get tingles down my spine when I think of this girl I met who was exactly like what I described, her whole presence turned me on like nothing else.

No. 182958

File: 1619912742624.png (340.38 KB, 828x564, Untitled23_20210502014142.png)

this is what they took from you >>182799

No. 182961

Oh, don't make me cry anon.
>i hate the internet reeeeee

No. 182965


No. 183000

File: 1619929241277.jpg (79.16 KB, 564x705, tumblr_43c7838981cd8a6cf8f1c3d…)

I wanna become a Forrest homestead and have sex in a cabin. Don't know why I can't do it at my house. I just see cabins and think "I'd like to fuck in there"

No. 183002

ahh thats a wealthy persons air bnb insta worthy cabin. real ones are shitholes filled with leaks and insects and unregulated air temp nasty wastes of building material.

No. 183025

Cabins can definitely be cozy and romantic, like having a little sanctuary in the wilds just for you and your love to live apart from the world and focus on pleasuring each other. They're relaxing and put you in a sensual state of mind.

Shitty cabins and luxury cabins can coexist! Nothing wrong with anon wanting to enjoy one like she shared. I've stayed in a few Airbnb cabins along these lines for a reasonable price in addition to friends' cabins that weren't as fancy but still had decent amenities so we weren't uncomfortable.

No. 183115

nerdy boys are still misogynistic in some ways even if they're too wimpy and cute to do shit. and the types of men trooning out with long faces are no where near cute.

No. 183151

Literally my ex, except he was embarrassingly old to act the ways he did. He was a sweet and sensitive kid (and flashes of that are what made me stay with him as long as I did) then decades of 4chan and toxic male influences irl cultivated him into a racist, misogynist, homophobic piece of shit who constantly made “jokes” that genuinely insulted other people then got angry when they stood up for themselves and their boundaries. I told him but he was too scared to acknowledge it because admitting he was a bully would’ve meant admitting he used his bad attitude to divert attention away from his nonexistent self esteem. Dumbass. Scrotes are weak, they wouldn’t survive one day dealing with all the shit we do.

No. 183663

oh my god, I have so many sexual fantasies, and most of them are completely retarded. not like overly disturbing or anything, just ridiculous stupid things that would never, ever happen in real life.

one of them is me being a 30is y/o college professor. I'm nerdy, introverted and single, but attractive. a really fucking hot blonde fratboy type (who is like 20-23) attends my class, is an asshole to me and bullies me, then tracks me down outside of school and fucks me really good then we fall in love and get married and start a family.

like I said, retarded as fuck lol.

No. 183677

don't hi scrote me but this is such a female fantasy (lowkey love it)

No. 183683

File: 1620208768526.jpeg (24.68 KB, 554x554, images (29).jpeg)

Girls on thier knees, mouth open, drinking a steady stream of hot piss will always turn me on. Preferably if they have a leach around their necks and their wrists bound behind their backs. That is why I like Matsuri so much. She loves piss.

No. 183685

one of my fantasies is to go on a long weekend with a guy to a place like this. so romantic

ngl I'm judging you kek

No. 183687

pretty sure the second one is that guy that keeps seething over v-tuber threads being shut down

No. 183690

Wow, even on these types of threads we can still tell you're a scrote kek

No. 183737

You call it retarded, I call it charming. All my sexual fantasies are equally "retarded".

My retarded fantasy is being in an alternate fantasy universe where I'm some form of vampire/lycanthrope who ends up in a sexual relationship with a person paid to hunt me down and slay me

No. 183738

This is gonna be weird but ever since I saw a muscly guy on tt showcasing how his tits are soft I have this fantasy of groping from behind a bf with huge mommy milkers while he cooks. I would pretend to be a fuckboi and say things like "sheesh bby gurl your tits are bussin" and other cringy stuff.

No. 183739

I also imagine stupid fantasy things like living in a cabin and finding an injured soldier and caring for him or being married to a centaur (I'm not a zoophile we wouldn't do anything nasty but just like hold hands kek)

No. 183748

Human-monster being marriage is way too common in my rotation of sexual fantasies. It's not always that I'm a vampire or a werewolf, or that my spouse is a vampire or werewolf, like I'm talking me and a mothman tier creature

No. 183817


No. 183819

based imho.

No. 184184

I have a fantasy about living in a small rural cabin in the 40s with an older French lesbian where we bake and do gardening together and nobody knows we're lesbians

You call it cringe because you don't have the courage to treat the SCP foundation like a brothel, sis. Get on my level

No. 184185

>courage to treat the SCP foundation like a brothel
LMAO, ily anon

No. 184222

>a muscly guy on tt showcasing how his tits are soft
what's tt? link?

kek this is a cute fantasy

No. 184237

Lmao at the other anons taking this super seriously, learn to take a joke weirdos

No. 184269


No. 184288

File: 1620486003027.webm (1.23 MB, 576x1024, 1619152573174.webm)

No. 184308

File: 1620496050623.gif (1.57 MB, 640x538, interesting.gif)

thanks anon, very informative tiktok. I didn't know they got that soft haha I though pecs like those were permahard kek I know nothing apparently

No. 184409

File: 1620571940660.jpg (600.77 KB, 2415x3000, 1458520407-ben-affleck-henry-c…)

I would love to peg Ben while he blows Henry. Or vice versa, honestly I don't care

No. 184605

extremely vanilla thanks to virginity but i fantasize about sitting inbetween a girl's legs and having her rub me through my panties complete with gross squelching noises while her other arm wrapped around my waist pushes me down against her front. like my back is flush against her torso and squishes her boobs

the panties thing specifically bc i miss getting wet enough to soak through underwear kek

No. 184612

This changes everything for my coomer brain. Never understood anons who said they wanted to dig their nails into baratits because I thought they were always completely hard and it would be like fondling a rock, but i completely understand now.

No. 184614

File: 1620656509194.png (30.81 KB, 204x246, 57430453705843-543-53576.png)

That commenter knew exactly what they were doing and I thank them. Just lovely.

No. 184640

My horniest fantasies usually involve a woman riding my face until she cums. Just using my mouth and tongue to get off and probably pulling my hair while she does it. Also, seducing women in m/f relationships, especially an older woman…

Yes I'm a virgin.

No. 184662

Been playing lots of red dead redemption 2 lately and I cant stop spamming the horse care/bonding button just to hear Arthur say "theres a good girl" line and its driving me nuts.

Now I cant stop imagining him wanting me to ride him until I pass out and he calls me his good girl then we cuddle after a good fuck

YT video related its him talking to his female horse at max bonding

No. 184664

@all of the werewolf anons, id be so lying if i said this scene from bram stokers dracula didnt awaken something in me

Lol, this reminds me of me getting turned on by brynjolf calling me "lass"

No. 184687

This thread said anything goes.. so here goes.

I want to traumatize people and be traumatized from sexual experiences. I’ve already gone a bit over my limit with my partner not hearing me tell him to stop and him almost choking me to death because I couldn’t mutter the safe word in time. Idk the thought of me replaying it over in my head is traumatizing but in a good way. I get aroused when I think of someone putting real fear into me.

I also really would like to traumatize someone else in the same way. It just works for me both ways, I think it’s really hot. I love the thought of someone remembering what I did to them in the bedroom, and that they consented to it and can’t go back and undo it.

No. 184694

I want to be a spoiled service top to a rich MILF. I want her to take me out and buy me clothes, everything handpicked by her to mould me into the butch of her fantasies. I want her to take me out to dinner and tease me under the table and whisper into my ear about how she's going to ride my face and then my strap, but first I have to earn it by being the perfect gentlebutch and treating her like the super model looking babe she is. I want to take her dancing, to be the envy of every man in the room. I want to make out in the back of a car and have her bat away my hands and tell me to heel and be a good girl and wait. I want to ruin her expensive bedsheets. I want to die of a heart attack when she finally lets me cum after six solid hours of servicing her in any way I can.

No. 184696

God, I feel you anon. I have no desire to do anything like that to anyone, but I want to be done to me. Being with someone I love and trust and depend on, and having them utterly ruin me, body and mind.

No. 184700

File: 1620672983754.jpg (109.26 KB, 500x750, 3554a1d7d585f6589d7fcbb5eef8a6…)

One of these bad boys. I can't be the only one

No. 184706

File: 1620673731322.png (1.26 MB, 900x1250, d5iq37m-32f8266c-6164-44e3-a77…)

Not into predator, but the eroticism of Alien design is hard to not notice. I like monsters that are less "human", and more animalistic.

No. 184714

>I also really would like to traumatize someone else in the same way.
I can relate to this. I am always really careful with other people's boundaries, but one of my biggest fantasies is for my boyfriend to tell me it's okay for me to trample all over his boundaries and abuse and take advantage of him in any way I'd want to. If I ordered him to die for me, he would. That kind of obedience and devotion would be extremely hot.

No. 184716

Easily the thing that gets me off the fastest is riding an inexperienced, bashful but cute guy a couple of years my junior and asking things like "Has a girl ever done this kind of thing to you before? Have you ever felt breasts? Do you know how to please a woman?" etc. etc., and I dont let him cum until I ride his face and orgasm first.
>I want to traumatize people
This. I'm trash.

No. 184744

how can it be traumatizing if you enjoy it?

No. 184752

File: 1620681677682.png (83.12 KB, 229x189, tsoc22t.png)

I'm a male looking for a bisexual girl (biological female) who is into 2D loli, and wants a serious relationship with a man. If your idea of a dream boyfriend is someone who gives you oral sex while you look at loli, contact me at rel587@protonmail.com

Please be 24yo or older.

If you want to contact me anonymously, just make a protonmail yourself. I am pretty wealthy and good looking according to some cute girls. This isn't a larp, I just want to find someone like me, which has not been easy since this it not something people disclose openly.

This has got to be someone's sexual fantasy right? Am I alone in this world??(scrote)

No. 184753

tell us more

No. 184754

A male showing up in girl talk threads how invasive

No. 184755

Some people like feeling distress, don’t question someone’s kinks

No. 184757

Mental fucking illness.

No. 184759

funny thing is, it's not the first time he posted this. I'm surprised anons even responded tbh
just seems like a contradiction to me. why can't I question it

No. 184761

so r u just going to ignore the aliens? kek

No. 184762

File: 1620683656920.png (63.28 KB, 300x297, 0931b0004d72729ed0a1f7db9ed7e2…)

At least that one is completely unrealistic. You should be put in a psych ward if you're getting off to the fact that you're literally on your deathbed.

No. 184763

Maybe when it actually traumatized them their brain subconsciously tried to cope by making them take a liking to it. Idk it makes sense to me

No. 184764

File: 1620683878185.jpeg (82.71 KB, 933x892, 340AE271-826C-4C06-B390-54E704…)

Well thank god it’s just your opinion

No. 184765

Nah, sorry you're in denial.

No. 184767

twitterfag meme… hmm..

i wonder if anyone has actually responded to this man kek

No. 184779

That "twitterfag meme" is been used here on lolcow before. Nta btw.

No. 184780

fuck yes anon! would totally bang a werewolf. Used to fantasize about a werewolf eating my ass and his frenemy vampire bro eating my pussy. Absolutely degenerate.

I'd love for a guy that I at least find attractive anyways, stealing my panties and jerking off into them. Then he'd 'return' them and I'd wear them none the wiser that they would be covered in his seed. fucking filth.

>most of the guys on literotica creating audio are cringy as fuck
one guy, not on literotica anyways has to be peak cringe. "sending positive vibes UWU! cat daddy!" and he's in his mid 30s. Also, most guys doing erotic audio have the worst audio quality. If the dialogue is good, the audio is crap. If the audio is good, the dialogue is crap. Some guys sound like they are recording late at night in their bedrooms into their phones.

No. 184957

It's the same with ass. Unflexed it's wobbly and soft, flexed its hard as a brick.

No. 184985

Omg Endless_Roads' audio clips are so fucking hot. He's got the most perfect moans. It sounds weird but I'm kinda picky when it comes to how someone sounds when they're moaning lol, so when I find a guy who hits all the right notes it's absolute treasure. There was this one audio he did where he groaned really loud as he came then gasped in these shuddering breaths then laughed in relief and I had to squeal in my pillow because i couldn't handle how hot it was lmao. I like my audios where it's mostly moaning but there's still a bit of talking here and there, dirty talk is always a plus, unless it's too gross and unnecessarily explicit. I don't mind roleplay but it has to be very specific for me

No. 185228

is this the same guy or is it just a meme at this point? I kinda want somebody to just spam him via his email

No. 185366

Has anyone fugged an older man? Like how is his skin, rough, leathery, soft? Did he moan? Did he make you cum? Was it fun? Ugh, I have yet to have my first fling, I expect like magic sensation and floating in the air type of shizz.

No. 185391

>You call it cringe because you don't have the courage to treat the SCP foundation like a brothel, sis.
Hello? Based department?

No. 185502

Of all my replies to ever get reposted around lolcow, this is my favourite

No. 185519

I've been watching Hellsing Ultimate with my boyfriend recently… And on top of my vampire fantasies I now realized I have a thing for Catholic priests with thick Irish accents.

The show is so good and Im trying real hard to ignore my thirst to appreciate it properly.

No. 185522

There are some great men in that show. My favorite is the Captain. I love that mute muscular puppy.

No. 185527

File: 1620935676733.jpg (Spoiler Image,514.31 KB, 1053x765, 32288080_p3.jpg)

No. 185545

also started the show just about a day ago and I must admit father anderson really does it for me…

also walter

No. 185569

God how could I forget Walter. Middle school me had a thing for butlers (yes, from Black Butler) and this show really is hitting me with the combos.
Also Integra, I love her, I want her to take me out so bad. I think I just thirst for everyone on that show except for the Nazi Doctor.

pls stop I'm gonna have a heart attack

No. 187116

Guys burping after a massive fucking meal is cute to me for some reason

No. 187133

No. 187185

You share a fetish with pyrocynical

No. 187842

File: 1622001637668.jpeg (65.77 KB, 564x676, 511DA3F6-3F8E-4433-A849-505DBE…)

I want to kiss a fit guy while we grope each other, if he’s taller than me, great, because he would be a bit of a sub, if we’re laying in bed after spending the morning at the beach, with the air conditioner just cold enough so we’re clinging to each other, perfect.
I want him to awkwardly try to find a cute nickname for me as I give him a sloppy hand job, he would be trying to avoid looking at me in the eyes because he would be too embarrassed, I want to tease him and tell him that I won’t let him cum until he finds a nickname that I like.
I want him to desperately tell me that he loves me as I kiss his ear and grind my hips against his, I also want him to tell me that I’m mean when I stop just so he can’t cum too quickly.
It would be great if he could fuck me sideways as he holds me tightly, I also want him to fuck me from behind, like, I think that pose is called “prone bone” whatever that means but It’s like, I would be laying down on my belly with my legs relaxed and he would be on top is that even a comfortable position? I also hate anorectal violence
I want to kiss his freckles i love freckles and I want him to cum inside me, it could feel nice, specially if he won’t stop telling me that he loves me and that he just wants me to feel good.
He would lick my pussy clean and I would play with his hair.
I want to brush his teeth afterwards, he would be extremely embarrassed, like blushing a lot and asking me to please stop but wanting more, and I want him to suck my fingers as I pet him too, it would be really cute.
>writing is my passion
>tfw can’t find any irl scrote pictures of a body similar to the body of a guy I talked to at the gym once

No. 187844

File: 1622005639585.jpg (55.01 KB, 1200x1800, 07d4963d03f294490e9191a3c63726…)

Roleplay in mask or as monsters. Cringe because I don't know anyone irl into this kind of stuff or how to ask

No. 187845

i want a bunch (let's say 3-5) of bi men (even better if they're the closeted "no homo bro" type) to pull a train on me but i don't interact with any of their dicks, they just take turns eating me out and fingering me while the ones who aren't touching me at the moment are touching each other

No. 187849

recc me any stuff that has boy moaning like a desperate slut i dread having to browse through p*rn sites and wade through those stuff because some of it turns me off

No. 187851

File: 1622010962557.jpeg (Spoiler Image,83.03 KB, 800x594, E7C85BD3-3F90-4598-858E-46776C…)

sage since I feel deranged for posting this

I'm usually not horny but I guess my period makes the difference this time. farmers were talking about general hux in /ot/'s shitposting thread and suddenly I want to do bad things to him though I haven't seen all the movies

he looks like he is made to be femdommed, I'm not a fan of it and hardly have the personality to dom someone but this character sparked something in me. he can also have his way with me, I don't care. I imagined making him go down on me it's really hot to think of his face and the feel of my hand in his hair, messing it up. I don't know what it is but he has one of those faces. it looks broody and pouty, like he'd huff at you impatiently or in embarrassment while you tease him during secks.

I'm not usually horny like this and it's weird. I'm embarrassed and especially with a live actor, I get nervous looking at him like a blushing maiden… which I am. hopefully there is fanart out there to suit my taste without cringing at myself.

I have to watch this now too

No. 187855

File: 1622013468500.jpg (34.87 KB, 500x591, ea50f4ab27c698f3aae3543d5a55ef…)

I..I want to fuck a guy who is all put together and wears a suit to work in general life but when he's horny he just becomes a horny sweaty wreck.

Bonus if he is dominant but really nervous about it. IDK I just like the downfall of it all…same thing with meek men going insane or just getting super bloody and fucked up.

No. 187856

File: 1622013604096.png (121.14 KB, 396x310, 4830298403275035645.png)

>like a blushing maiden… which I am.
V… Victorian anon, is that you? The punished version, maybe? Or are you just typing in her style? If so you're mirroring her well. Not quite as elevated but the relative formality, ellipsis and spoilers.

No. 187860

I'm not her, I didn't realize sorry. I try to change my typing style to blend here but in my horniness I forgot

No. 187867

Kek it's fine, I just thought it was surreal if she'd fallen so far from propriety. The only proper way to engage with scrotes is if they're at your feet, so imo you're on a good path.

No. 187877

>Spoilers secks

How old are you anon?

No. 188007

File: 1622069609360.jpg (10.34 KB, 474x392, itscalledajoke.jpg)

No. 188192

Oh hell YES anon. I sometimes daydream about having like four guy friends and we're home alone just hanging out and we somehow end up talking about sex and things get progressively steamy until we're making out with each other. And I especially have my fun sitting back and watching the guys touch each other and instructing them on how to do it. Maybe even showing and helping one guy with sucking another's dick. Then they all take turns eating me out and fucking me. Wow am I still talking i'm sorry

No. 188357

Based kink.

No. 188412

I don't want to hurt a guy but I like the idea of taking on a guy who's a mentally fucked druggie mess and trying to help him out of his addiction, which seems wholesome on its surface… but to me is inherently harmful because I know what being the helper girlfriend to a broken man gets you. Shit.

No. 196430

I had a dream where for some reason I was laying down to sleep on my stomach next to a coworker, and he started absent-mindedly caressing my thighs while he worked. In the dream it didn't feel like he meant it sexually it was more.. affectionate and longing ig? But nonnies I have never been more aroused that when I woke up from that dream, wtf. Also the coworker was Richard Ayoade even though I'm not even that attracted to him idk

No. 196466

I just want to perform oral sex on a man's jawline and adam's apple while I fondle his earlobe and scratch the back of his head with the other hand. And then he starts drooling from sensory overload.

No. 199034

File: 1627023525910.jpeg (445 KB, 1242x1190, 0DA08510-4E87-4921-A8B2-B70B2B…)

I have too many fantasies because I’ve seen lots of hot guys during this trip, so excuse my autism.
I want to grab all of the guys with nice pecs and make them hug me at the same time so I’m surrounded by deliciously perfect pecs that I can enjoy because at least a pair of them will be touching my face directly.
I want to grope the guys with nice asses, pick my favorite one of the day, and study with him sitting on my lap, I would ignore his pleas for more touches because I’m really into desperate sounding guys.
I want to kiss and bite another guy’s abs and waist, it was just too delicious not to remember, like, when you’re at a restaurant and they show you the best cut of meat and you just want to bite it, just like that.
I also want one of the pretty guys I saw at the casino to make use of his tongue, I would grab his hair and keep him away from my pussy and he would beg for me to let him go because he just wants to keep licking and kissing me.
And I want the prettiest one that I saw to finger me from behind while showering, he would then kneel on the floor and I would just step on his dick, he would thank me and it would be nice.

No. 199050

hot stuff ngl

No. 199755

I want to have a guy rest his head in my lap, his hair tickling my thighs. It felt really good for me before idk why, I want to do it again. He'd notice by the heat that I got turned on and just put his face between.

No. 199765

File: 1627458676970.jpg (Spoiler Image,756.49 KB, 1280x1029, Heimkehr by Bühler.jpg)

Don't wet the floor nonna!

No. 199784

I know it seems tame but the sensation of hair on my thighs is great. Thank you autism.

No. 199793

Why is the man in a dress petting the man in the weird armor thing

No. 199834

i think that's a woman nonny

No. 199922

It's a German soldier returning from war to his girlfriend.
The artist was a Nazi unfortunately.

No. 200410

File: 1627847742269.jpeg (791.25 KB, 828x1696, FBCD5B3B-4943-405A-9881-C7211D…)

Posting here since there is not really a more appropriate thread to do so

Today I found out that my favorite erotic audio artist wiped ALL of his content off the internet I guess because he got cancelled for I don’t even give a fuck what reason, talking to girls online or something. I am so fucking pissed anons. This guy had an absolutely massive treasure trove of high quality, well written, well produced audios, most of which were free.

Like >>182505 says, it’s damn hard and annoying to wade through a sea of garbage audio content just to find ONE good piece of audio porn. I will check out their recommendations, but does anyone else have any other good recs for audio porn? I like ones where I’m being stalked, kidnapped or raped at knifepoint or something.

No. 200413

It's a sea of misogynist pedo garbage out there.
I was about to post my vanilla favourites until I saw your last sentence. Love yourself nona.

No. 200415

I have a bf so I can get my share of pleasant vanilla sex irl. once in a blue moon I just wanna enjoy something different that my partner isn’t into. that’s life !

No. 200431

File: 1627856124071.png (233.75 KB, 309x339, ENJpYJ6WwAA7iw4.png)

Does anyone else not self-insert into their fantasies at all? I never have and only fantasize scenes between fictional characters as a "camera" viewpoint. I identify with the woman in any scenario but have never enjoyed imagining it happening to me. I'm a virgin though so who knows if this will change or if I'm just asexual, but I've never considered myself to be.

No. 200439

Yeah, I definitely do this most of the time. Occasionally I self-insert, but it’s kind of rare.

No. 200441

With male on male or most straight scenario fantasies I never self-insert. Not too long ago I figured that I only really self-insert when it's a lesbian scenario. Honestly not quite sure what that means even for myself but it might be the same way for you?

No. 200446

Same, but I attribute it to being ugly growing up and hating myself.
People who can usually seem to have always been cute, normie, or ugly-but-confident (based).

No. 200474

i want to date a man cleaner than me and then have hot sex arguing over chores. maybe he's naked in an apron and some cleaning gloves as well.

No. 200532

>a man cleaner than me
sadly this may remain in the realm of fantasy

No. 200555

Not a virgin or asexual, but I do this too. I've never been able to self-insert into my fantasies.

No. 200562

does anyone here have a fantasy of making your own bf fuck or get fucked by another dude?
not gonna talk about me but…

No. 200568

I've been thinking about how I want to sit on my boyfriend's lap while we're both in our underwear and I feed him sweets while staring into his eyes and in random intervals passionately kissing him and then force him to eat more. I think it would be ideal if he was tied up in this scenario as well.

No. 200570

I sort of ship my bf with one very cute friend of him. I caught myself thinking that it would be hot if they would make out. Idk, they look cute together and I like how they interact. I‘m not even a hardcore fujo, but if two guys have a nice dynamic with each other that‘s kinda hot.

No. 200605

My bf has a very cute younger co-worker (who is somewhat popular on tiktok) that basically hangs off of him and I've let my mind wander a couple times. Absolutely feel disgusting over it because the co-worker is 19 and my bf is 33 though lol.

No. 200607

Very much so. Before we got together my boyfriend told me about how he used to be curious about gay shit and had let a gay dude hit on him for a while before chickening out. That made me super horny but in the end he's as straight as can be.
He doesn't have any hot guy friend unlike other anons above me though. Oh I wish.

No. 200711

No. 200740

When I've just started seeing my - allegedly very straight - boyfriend and we weren't officially dating yet he told me that he made out with a hot guy at a party; while I wouldn't necessarily want it to happen now as we're exclusive I wish I was there at the time to see it, the very idea of it happening is so hot; and the fact he wasn't ashamed of it too.

No. 200743

I don't have a boyfriend but yes I fantasise about this all the time lmao. I always fantasise about having a boyfriend one day confess that he's into guys as well and wouldn't mind me watching him get it on with another guy. And that I could join in and kinda show him how to touch and suck another guy, basically it would be a bit of a threesome, but I'd mostly just sit back and watch and kinda tell them what to do.

No. 200809

I'm the same way, I can't even imagine anything sexy happening to me

No. 201169

So I saw this guy at the beach, really pretty and with a nice body, and I really want to take him to the public bathroom of the beach and suck his salty nipples.
Then I want him to fuck me at a really nice hotel, and it would be great if he could lick my pussy clean after we fuck.
Then I want his friend, another pretty guy I saw at the beach, to finger my pussy as he masturbates because he’s not allowed to fuck me with his dumb dick, I like the idea of a guy seething because his friend has the privilege of fucking me while he’s inferior for no particular reason.
Such nice dreams are those that can’t be part of this reality.

No. 201172

i'm 90% like this and i don't consider it a form of "asexuality" tbh. it's still getting turned on by sex even if you're not in it, it's kind of like how normal people watch porn. for me it was a self esteem thing and other stuff going on

No. 201174

File: 1628402430819.png (964.44 KB, 759x614, 3600B50D-385C-4CCA-A605-D78915…)

I’m sexually attracted to NOTHING except for grotesque rotting monsters or interdimensional inhuman aliens. I wanna be a dom of a fucking giant grotesque monster so bad but it’s impossible.

No. 201202

File: 1628435367502.jpeg (Spoiler Image,14.61 KB, 225x225, 8556F51C-A526-4509-9FA9-97C933…)

I want him. My boyfriend shows me his videos and all I can think about is this man meeting me at a bar where we hit it off super well. We head back to his place drunk asf and go hard on each other like five times that night. He’s super gentle on the foreplay but once we get into it he’s rough and possessive and talks so dirty to me in that dark voice of his HNNNG. Spanking and grabbing and rough fucking but the whole time it’s super romantic and he’s really into it. When I think about how he must moan during sex it makes me want to cream.
And he cums in me again and again but we’re so horny we don’t even care. And then I get pregnant and he has to marry me b/c traditionalism. Essentially the entire fantasy is that I’m his wife a good 20 years younger than him.

No. 201203

I support your attraction nonnie not because I agree but bc the image of your sargon fanboy bf getting metaphorically cucked like that is hilarious

No. 201210

i want to tie a fit guy down to a chair or bed, and edge him for a very long time, followed by overstimulating him.

god me too

No. 201213

i want to breastfeed my crush

No. 201350

I had this weird sex dream in which I gave a punk guy a titjob and a blowjob, he had three dicks that at first were kind of small but then they got huge.
We were at this punk ghetto house fucking like our life depended on it and it was nice.

No. 202390

ive been going to the gym heaps because im ovulating and really energetic and i swear im going insane
why do men have to be so insane and retarded about sex with women why cant we play by gay dude rules. literally just want a guy to come instruct my form while doing squats or deadlifts and get really flirty and feel him slowly get closer to my ass until hes rubbing up against me with his semi. and then we go fuck in the sauna.
but also i want nothing more than to go out for dinner with my ex gf and get drunk and handsy with her. then uber back to hers hardly keeping our hands off each other. then id eat her out until she was about to cum, stop, strap up with one of the dildos with a vibrator at the base and fuck her like crazy.
im dying here anons what do i do ive had like 5 cold showers past 2 days everyone i see thinks im sick but im just unbelievably horny

No. 202393

why the cold showers? Just coom
I have the same gym fantasy but it's only appealing in theory, I don't want men to even acknowledge me at the gym irl

No. 202394

anon what if you combined the fantasies and helped your ex at the gym with her form before fucking her with a strap in the sauna.

No. 202395

anon… why would you fuel the fire like this. kms
cooming literally just makes it worse because its so unsatisfying in comparison to being fucked/fuckking. help. mfw cant hook up with men because theyre fucking retarded and always make shit weird but equally cant hook up with women because of oneitis for ex who will never fuck me (shes reformed gay, "straight" now). there is no end to the suffering of horney women

No. 202417

that sucks, do you think anyone may have downloaded any of his audios and would be willing to upload them? I always download the ones I like just in case. I don't have any notwhorosethinks though unfortunately. one of my favourites went patreon only recently and I feel like he might also scrub anything free.

the only person I can think of for stalked/kidnapped/raped/knives is f_stop_fitzgerald, if he's still around. he has some really fucked up audios IIRC.

nayrt but that's so true. the sheer amount of dd/lg is staggering, most male posters have at least one and I've never heard anyone take a stand, put their foot down and refuse to do these clearly pedo inspired audios.

No. 202497

This is haram nonnie.
Beg for the prophets(mpbuh) forgiveness.

No. 202519

just want a virgin loser who I can tease mercilessly and then top the fuck out of. I wanna just climb on top of him and slowly ride until he's begging me to move. Something about tearstained whiny boys are so hottt

No. 202812

nonnies what are some interesting roleplaying ideas? this guy jokingly said he can be a guerilla fighter and we started going back and forth for a while and i kinda liked it, classic rps like maid-boss, teacher-student stuff doesnt turn me on much and dressing up as anime characters feels too cringey, i wanna go all out with production i'd appreciate your ideas

No. 202813

french aristocrat & angry peasant about to put her on the chopping block, unless she can make a very good bargain?

No. 202840

have him be a capture guerilla that you're interrogating

No. 202845

A bratty prince getting captured by a witch bc she wants to test out her new potions and spells

No. 202872

Ooh I like this one.

No. 202917

I've always wanted to have a threesome with two other women, but do such things even really exist outside of porn?

No. 204514

File: 1630963292699.jpeg (108.29 KB, 706x813, cover2.jpeg)

damnit i just want a big sexy hairy mountain man to pick me up and take me to his cabin and have lots of babies with me and we can hunt and farm and cook and just live

No. 204525

File: 1630968191437.jpeg (227.55 KB, 750x514, C876DD93-1CF5-41D3-A337-F2A95B…)

All I’ve been able to think about recently is writing smut. I think I’d be good at it but the fact that you have to pump out pages and pages of super esoteric shit to make any money in it turns me off. But I’m losing my mind over one of them and need so share.
Imagine with me, nonnies, that you’re an English peasant women during the Viking era. You have a head of thick red hair, which ever since you were a little girl has led to rumours about you being a witch. You're nearly six foot, the tallest woman in your coastal village and towering above most of the men. You've resigned yourself to a life of being treated like an oddity, betrothed to a skinny little man who despises you for the attention you get.
Then one day, a ship comes in from the North. The men who step off it are giants, even compared to you. Their hair is woven into intricate patterns and they smell fresh and clean. You recognise their tattoos and the strange lilt of their speech. They are traders, come to collect supplies for their journey home.
Two of them walk past you. One looks you up and down, almost in awe, and nudges his friend to get his attention. They both slow down, taking you in. The attention makes your stomach jump. Your whole life you’ve only ever been looked at in fear and disgust, but these men have something else in their eyes. If you didn’t know better, you’d think it was lust.

No. 204528

1 of 3? An hour ago? Nonette come back! I want to read

No. 204533

Ask and ye shall receive, nonnie ;*

One is golden-haired, with a full beard and a broad, strong body. The other has dark, shorter hair and a shaven face. He is lean, but only compared to his friend. To every other man you’ve met, he is Goliath. They whisper something to each other, too quiet and too foreign for you to make it out, but you know the meaning from their eyes and faces.
Word spreads that they’ll be here for days. It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do, but for the first day they are in the village, you can’t seem to escape the pair. Every path you walk and every corner you turn, there they are, looking at you in a way that sets something deep in your body alight.
Unfortunately, looking is all they can do while your betrothed follows you around, puffing out his chest like an angry little rooster.
That night, there is a feast to welcome your friendly invaders. Your husband-to-be gets drunk on their mead and tries to fight a navigator. He’s dragged outside by two men twice his height.
You stand up to follow him, already reciting you usual please for mercy whenever he embarrasses the two of you, but you find you path blocked. The two friends, appearing seemingly out of nowhere, stand before you.
“Hello,” says the tall, dark one.
You stutter back a ‘good evening’.
“I am Erik,” he says, “and this is my friend Anders.”
“Are you enjoying the feast?” asks Anders, the blonde one.
Their accents bend and morph their words, like they’re speaking in song. It sends a flush of warmth through you.
“I should be going,” you say. “My man-“
“Your man has gone away to war,” Anders laughs. “You won’t be able to help him until the mead has left him. Why not join us?”
Erik nods, holding out a big, work-rough hand.
“Come, sweet lady, show us poor sailors some Saxon hospitality.”
You can suddenly feel your heart in your chest. You smile at them both, slipping your hand into Erik’s. You’ve never felt small or delicate in your life, but when his fingers wrap around yours and he guides you to their place at the table, Anders’ arm around your waist, you feel like a princess.

No. 204535

I can't believe I'm recommending this one to anybody but mangamg.com/manga/beauty-and-the-beasts/ is right up your alley.

No. 204545

Loving the shit out of this and hoping for part 3: the fuckening

No. 204546

as a 6ft woman, holy fucking based. ily

No. 204585

I have this reoccurring fantasy about meeting a virgin online or in a college class. Wherever, it really doesn't matter. But he has to be a raging misogynistic incel who gave up on women long ago… also approaching wizard status. Like outspoken blackpill ideologies praising Elliot Rodger type shit. I just imagine hanging out with him and slowly trying to corrupt him. Bonus points if he's a literal subhuman. The worse the better honestly, because at that point he would never be able to get anyone else. This can't be that rare of a fantasy…

No. 204604

File: 1631044637196.jpg (10.25 KB, 350x200, buffalo 66 end.jpg)

This is mine too. Except he falls for me and just loves me and no one else. I just want to be someone's oneitis so bad.
But then again I used to sleep to Rodge's videos.
Be the lonely retard virgin you want to see in the world :')(don't use emojis)

No. 204605

those guys are disgusting irl nona. They're unuroncially autistic and not the shy quirky kind of autistic but the mentally challenged kind. I get the appeal of the fantasy but it would never happen

No. 204656


Sorry to keep you waiting ladies, it’s been a long day.
Also ended up writing a ton more sex than I expected because I broke up w my boyfriend two weeks ago and a bitch is Horny kek.

Erik sits down, guiding you next to him. Anders follows, sitting so close that suddenly you’re hip to hip with them both. The conversation around you moves fast, but the two of them clue you in where you can. As the night wears on the laughter gets louder and your head gets lighter, thanks to the mouthfuls of mead Erik donates to you at your request. At some point your legs end up tossed over Erik’s lap and Ander’s hand is woven into your hair.
People start to peel away from the table, but you remain, pressed between the two of them.
Erik’s hand, which has been drawing circles over you ankle, is suddenly drifting up your shin, pushing further and further up your dress every time.
“You look tired, my lady,” he says. “Perhaps you should retire for the night.”
“Oh?” You just manage to keep from pouting.
“Ja,” Anders says. “Erik and I can walk you to your home.” He leans towards you, running his hand up your bare arm.
“Oh. Yes. That sounds wonderful.”
You let them help you to your feet as they say goodnight. You don’t know what Erik tells the other remaining sailors, but when they respond, they sound like they’re congratulating him.
The walk is quick. You hut is small, and the two men have to crouch to get through the door. You stand before them, anticipation burning through you.
“Well, Anders, I suppose we should take our leave.” Erik eyes you slyly in the half-light of the fat lamp in the far corner. “We wouldn’t want to offend an honourable lady by taking up even more of her night.”
“Honourable lady?” Anders glances around in surprise. “Where?”
You knock him in the chest, limbs footy and head still light with mead. Anders has a clever mouth.
“Unless, of course, she’d rather we stay?”
You feel the shift like a change of the wind. Something draws you to Erik, and you’re pulled into a gentle embrace, cheek against his chest. You feel Anders press against your back, just before he lays a kiss to the top of your head.
“What do you want, dear lady?” Erik asks softly. “If you tell us to leave, we will be gone. We will leave you be for the rest of our time here, and never speak of this again. But ask to stay, and we promise it shall be worth your while.”
Your fingers dig into his sheepskin vest, and you reach back and pull Anders closer behind you.
“Stay.” Your voice cracks a little. “Both of you, stay. Please.”

No. 204720

I have had this fantasy too, ever since high school. I was popular in high school (not that that is something to brag about but whatever) and always fantasized about the most skinny awkward loser guys who thought they were better than everyone else bc they were in all the advanced classes. It’s still super embarrassing to admit to and after a few years of college one of my friends actually asked if I had a fetish for “ugly guys” lol. I couldn’t even cop to it then.
I have a major corruption kink and I love to imagine seducing a bitter, hateful virgin, teaching him everything he knows about sex, having him eventually worship me, getting weird stares in public because we don’t match in looks and him realizing that I’m the only girl who’s ever gonna look at him so he has to be good for me even when I bully or degrade him.
I eventually just started dating “normie attractive” and nice men because this fantasy is insanely hard to map onto real life. The guys who have the look I like rarely have the right attitude and vice versa. I never encountered one but if you dip into the incel world you’ll meet a lot of psychos as well, who are not the best bf material to say the least. but it’s so hot to me!

No. 204757

not that anon but I've been reading this shit for nearly three hours now and it's absolutely retarded but my very silly girlbrain just won't stop and now i want a hot snake bf. Thanks I hate it

No. 204765

I know, right?! It's absolute trash and I love it. I only started reading it because it was rated top every time I visited the manga site. It's like Megan Fox as the girlfriend in transformers level bad, but I can't stop reading it.

…The snake is my favorite, too.

No. 204767

i support your fantasy nonas, and this kind of did happen to me in real life, so i have hope for you guys. virgin men are quite cute, and i admit i kind of did have a fantasy for it awhile, as i was a virgin for a long time too.

No. 204771

as an autist myself i love it. i can sperg about romance shit i read and he'll start reeing, how entertaining.

No. 204905

File: 1631231205980.jpeg (237.97 KB, 750x597, 96932CB8-9DCE-4359-92AB-0E52B5…)

No. 204908

kek I want a movie with this premise (and good looking actors of course)

No. 204920

This sounds stupidly adorable.

No. 204958

yes pls i want a hot priest to fall in love with me

No. 204961

Anderson has a Highlander accent, not an Irish accent.

The difference is difficult for none-Gaels to the point where, during the Troubles in Scotland, Highlanders were also heavily discriminated against because even Scots couldn't tell the difference.

No. 205394

I know this sounds like a cliche, but I find the idea of getting fucking against an office desk really hot. There would be sexual tension building between us for weeks, moments where we almost get caught with his hand up my thigh or something, and then one day the damn breaks and we lock the door to his office and screw each other senseless on the desk with his tie and half his shirt undone and my skirt pulled up over my waist. Wheeewww

No. 205417

File: 1631547981775.jpeg (321.54 KB, 1502x834, 588A217A-9462-419A-9DDF-FDDC54…)

I’m currently so in love with this character from Fate Grand Order and have a HUGE romantic and sexual thing for guys with big chests, boyish looks and fluffy hair, with an encouraging, cute, cheerful and very moralistic (in the good anti-sexist and hero way, not the cult way) mother-ish sort of personality. I just love how their confident innocence stands so steadfast against the world in that sense

Double it as a fantasy since so many males irl jerk off to porn, get off on women’s suffering and abuse women worldwide for their own issues and amusement. I want OUT!

No. 205451

File: 1631566572358.jpg (63.31 KB, 770x489, Untitled.jpg)

legit me too, but like in a closed room. i rewatched the matrix the other day and the part where the agents all put neo in a room and interrogate him, hold him down and force his shirt off to put a bug in him, fffffffuck i wish that were me except they were just gangbanging me while the work continues as usual outside the room and no one has any idea.

i find this extra embarrassing bc i am very dominant in bed and don't like a guy to be in control. i guess this is some kind of desire to be "forced" out of control.

No. 205494

I don’t want children and I have a fear of pregnancy but imagining being impregnated by a porn-repulsed, gentle giant who’s as dumb as a brick but has a heart of gold is really getting me through these lonely days

No. 205495

anonita you deserve this, thrift a man’s XXXL Pendleton and spray it with some cologne in the meantime

No. 205539

This is so late Nona but somehow I did find a site with a bunch of his audios uploaded, I think it was linked in a Reddit comment? Warning that this site has massive porn ads https://kemono.party/patreon/user/7252162

No. 205548

You are a saint anon, thank you kindly. There's not a whole lot here but at least it's something

No. 205594

File: 1631647256052.jpg (62.7 KB, 390x260, shutterstock_8824519e.jpg)

I want to get gangbanged by the members of soundgarden until my entire body is bruised and my vagina bleeds and i cant get up. and then get a warm hug from chris.

No. 205595

Yeah I have similar fantasies as well… I’m pretty much a voluntary femcel and don’t care to talk to men anymore for the rest of my life, but I can’t help that I’m attracted to (some) of them. In my head I think it would be hot to degrade an incel with my misandrist beliefs and even though he hates me for it (and the fact that I’m taller than him) we still have sex because we’re both just that desperate and the only people who can stand each other. It’s pretty pathetic and is definitely the kind of fantasy that would only be hot in my head and absolutely terrible irl, but you aren’t alone.

No. 205610

I have this fantasy where it's a post apocalyptic separatist world where adult men and adult women are divided, but the women have mass surveillance of the men to pick which ones they want as mates. You get to see which are the kindest and strongest and have the best bodies versus the whiny ugly incel types. Since men are always horny idiots I can call one over at any time, have a baby with superior gentle genes and erase the serial killer psycho gene out of civilization while having some nice orgasms along the way. It's autistic, but nice to think about

No. 205612

God I wish this was real

No. 205656

I usually imagine similar but always fall back to the idea that they become a better kinder person as a result too.

Purfication needs to be a valid kink

No. 205658

Incredibly based, me too. OG grunge fashion looks so hot on guys.

No. 205664

I want to get in a relationship with someone who has a foot fetish because I have an ugly face but nice feet and only someone with a foot fetish would appreciate and find value in, unlike my face.
Besides I like the idea of a man worshipping my feet but I'm not sure if I'm into giving footjobs.

No. 205689

if the guy is only a little bit into feet it's great. getting your toes sucked feels nice and who doesn't like foot massages? but if he's obsessed with feet it's a red flag. you'll never have a normal sex life, because he will refuse to have sex with you if you don't want to involve feet

No. 205839

File: 1631821114060.png (531.04 KB, 1086x1555, Unicorn.png)

I can't stop fantasizing about sexually destroying a guy. We've kind of started dating (waiting for COVID to lighten up) and this is the first guy I've ever been actually physically attracted to. Granted he is a manlet at 5'5, but he's also that diving combination of gym muscular with a lil bit of fat to make him look cosy. Thing is that he's so fucking cocky about his sexual abilities and I just want to throw him around and show him that he's got nothing on me. Can't blow my fucking mind if I'm already rocking your shit, midget, I'm going to wait until we do doggy to reach back and grab him by the fucking throat. Fucking pin his XY chromlet body and pull his stupid handsome Levi Ackermann haircut out of his scalp and make him beg for it like a little twat. I wish he looked less like Trent Reznor in the Hand That Feeds music video RIP

No. 205842

File: 1631821528019.jpg (123.56 KB, 1044x1080, IMG_0030.JPG.jpg)

Kronk is the himbo breeder for you, nonny

No. 206049

I want a cute bf who I can cuddle and jerk off while he's half asleep

No. 206467

Any recommendations from gonewildaudio? I tried looking up the wayawaynowImback guy but I think he deleted his account since nothing came up. I've listened to some of the M4F stuff there but all of them ended up being cringy.

No. 206473

Same girl, I always think about this. His soft moans and his hips lightly grinding into my hand, our legs flush and entwined beneath the sheets and our lips close.

No. 206519

I'm as lesbian as a lesbian can be and utterly repulsed by men and their dicks but jesus christ ironically enough I only get off to penetration. I wish I got fucked raw by a strap on a handsome butch girl.

No. 206523

File: 1632244438069.jpeg (704.4 KB, 958x1920, 3200FDA1-CB19-4BAC-9C15-412B99…)

wanting penetration from women is based

No. 206531

I really would like to be fucked by two guys at the same time

No. 206537

same, thought of this irl is weird and terrifying to me but i can only get off to dp erotica while masturbating

No. 206553

this is the most tumblr thing ever, anon. good lord

No. 206571

You're not allowed to call yourself homosexual on Tumblr.

No. 206601

I have a huge fetish for European but mostly Slavic men. The thought of being teased and agreeing to things I don't understand in another language, the accents and the fact that they're stereotypically very macho just destroys my brain.

No. 206604

I've started flirting with a guy who is weird about monkeys and cavemen, and its awesome because my sexual fantasy is being an explorer in the 50s who gets kidnapped by a tribe of natives. One of them is a super beefy sexy hunter with a strong jaw and they give me to him, and now I'm his tribe wife

No. 206609

my girlfriend is similar to you. we often joke about her magically "renting a dick" for a day so she could fuck me and get some stimulation on her end too. she is also obsessed with creampies to the point that it's hilarious. i think she's cute and wonderful and i want her to finger me again soon.

No. 206614

still based

No. 206620

Imagine a world full of cute himbos

No. 206627

Me too. They're great. Now i miss my ex. Gonna go cry now.

No. 206634

Too bad they're sexist and ugly

No. 206647

a nice voice does it for me so much, i miss my ex. his voice and dirty talk was so hot.
i love kinda weird dirty sounding accents? (not accents that sound classy or something). he had one of those accents and a deep voice and it made anything he said sound hot.
we could be having a normal convo and he'd say something in a teasing way to me and id get wet instantly.
when he actually dirty talked during sex id just lose my mind so when im masturbating i just think of the things he used to say to me…
but its been almost a year and my memory is kind of fading. also i have never heard such a hot voice since. im sad guys

No. 206654

I need to get lovingly and devotedly eaten out by a big strong man. I broke up with my boyfriend and swore off casual sex two months ago and I think I’m going crazy because of it. Please God just send me a sweet catalogue model to devote all his time and sexual energy to getting me off.

No. 206658

>15 days ago
You can't quit now, viking smut anon, we haven't even gotten to the best part.

No. 206727

Hey, let nonna enjoy her fantasy!

Eastern European/Slavic gal here…all I'm gonna say is I hope you get yours, nonita!

No. 207108

Which part of the world has non-sexist men?

No. 207117

Can’t speak from living there but I dated a German guy last year who was a complete sweetheart and I’ve heard good things about German/Scandinavian men in general

No. 207130

goodluck surviving domestic abuse and slave role in a relationship while not winning any money in custody …
t. slavic who also moved to a diff EE country, all the same everywhere.

No. 207135

do you not know what the word ‘fantasy’ means? if not, you and the other seething slavanons should look it up posthaste

No. 207150

Yeah, I keep hearing that about Scandinavian men. Makes me wonder if they are hiding something

No. 207160

File: 1632758630378.png (50.36 KB, 766x330, percentage-of-men-by-country-w…)

No. 207173

I want my crush to be super nervous about having sex with me for the first time. I want to calm them down with a hug and guide them into gentle missionary so I can whisper instructions and encouragements in their ear. They're clumsy and embarrassed but I keep telling them they're doing great

No. 207201

>made out with a guy in a cemetery while mass was happening near so I could basically hear all of it (we were hidden in one of the work cabinets)

Is it weird that now I get slightly aroused when thinking about cemeteries or being near/in one?

No. 207211

Nah it's kind of taboo in addition to the risk of someone possibly running across you which makes it more exciting

No. 207248

When is this from?

No. 207254

No. 207303

File: 1632846999349.png (31.52 KB, 784x241, gross.png)

Sorry, I'll stop bringing reality to this thread now, reality sucks

No. 207422

Did you ever actually check statistics of how these things vary for country to country? You really think outside of Ukraine and Russia things are bad in EE relative to anywhere else? I guess you're allowed to dream. lol

No. 207427

File: 1632956933265.jpeg (41.48 KB, 750x741, 1629472796335.jpeg)

I made the mistake
of creating a hot clown
guy on picrew.me
and now I want to fuck him
until his makeup smears with
desperate tears of climax.

No. 207434

post. It

No. 207448

post it coward

i keep having this fantasy where i'm dating this cute older guy and we're like at a dinner party or something and i keep messing w him and building tension. then when we get home he pulls me onto his lap and tells me how frustrated i made him, moves my dress and panties to the side and slides it in right off the bat, says something like "this is what you wanted the whole time right?" and then starts fucking me like he's got a week to live. its very specific but it gets better every time i imagine it

No. 207469

File: 1632991890552.png (249.36 KB, 402x403, clownboi.png)

I want to fuck a clown I want to fuck a clown
I came up with an entire lore around how in a fictional realm I'd fuck a clown

I went experimental with his hair, I might do different designs as well
It's hard to make them not hot though

No. 207516

gotta admit thats a pretty fuckable clown

No. 207528

Been having very strong femdom/dominatrix fantasies lately. Want to tie up and dress up a skinny lanky guy in a cute little maid dress with cat ears and peg his cute ass. Like,I kinda wanna obliterate him and make him worship me. >.< Hard to explain, but I'm sure you all get the idea!(emoji)

No. 207574

File: 1633054083222.jpeg (391.22 KB, 750x755, 7F316EA6-6C23-4AF6-A7CB-2A3B16…)

i want to creepily inspect a man’s face. Poke and hold his face, shave his face, brush and floss his teeth, comb his hair, inspect his mouth, clean his ears…

I don’t know, there is just something arousing and intimate about someone trusting me to poke around their face

No. 207611

my bf sometimes do something similar to me
After I get a shower he will then dry, comb and generally groom my hair(apply creams and that sort of stuff), for maybe a good 10-20 minutes, while others he will straight up wash my hair as we bath.
According to him this is not sexual ( and I kinda believe since it generally doesn't lead to sex), but it feels nice being taken care of this manner.

No. 207614

I looove this! I want a guy to let me examine every feature of his face. I want to analyse every inch of his fucking face. The thickness of the strands in his eyebrows, the exact number of freckles spattered over his nose, the smears of colour in his irises

No. 207671

I'm a loner and generally don't enjoy being around people too much, let alone be in a relationship, but when ovulation comes around with the inevitable horniness (like now) I get off from a really elaborate fantasy, like every month I add more snippets to the lore.

A busty woman would befriend me, gain my trust, and one day roofie me and chain me to her bed when I visit her home. She would do anything she wants to me, with scenarios such as: pinching and twisting my nipples while she sits on my face; calling my barely-there boobs cute and squish our boobs together, kissing until the inexperienced me runs out of air; long hair sweeping across my skin as she sucks and bites everywhere on my body; using her thigh and knee to grind my slit, or herself grinding on my leg as she speaks in a low voice in my ear how I'm destined to be hers and I can never leave her, that she loves me and has the right to keep me; asking for my permission before using her myriad of toys on me but gets to work before I could say anything; discovers my lack of a hymen and fucks me a lot rougher when I confess that I broke it on my own using a dildo, pissed that I didn't save it for her, and I blubber apologies in between moans.

She would make me say yes to being her girlfriend when she brings me over and over again close to the edge, and I would eventually give in and shout whatever she wants. She would take photos of the aftermath, me being absolutely ravished and she puts me in any pose she wants, the photos are souvenirs as well as safety measure, in case I go back on my word. I would be forced to move in with her (to which I agreed to without opposition, because of her bookshelves which I have envied ever since I learned of them before, and I count as a perk in dating her), she would show up at my work to pick me up, also show up with me at friend gatherings to solidify her status as my girlfriend. She enjoys hugging me from behind, leaving hickies and bitemarks on my neck and shoulders, and I have to wear the high collared shirts she buys me, making me look even more unapproachable, often she couldn't stand it and would rip the shirt I'm wearing to leave marks all over me, at times even starts fucking. I don't cover marks that cannot be hidden by the shirts, which pleases her. After sex she would cuddle me, telling me how good I am for her, and we share chaste kisses.

I would get used to it quickly, even enjoy her possessiveness, not even bother to struggle or fight back. She never believes that I fully accept her though, she puts a gps tracking app in my phone, gets full access to my social medias (which I barely use anyways), makes me report to her details of my day when we're not together, demands me to never leave her during sex etc. To make her feel secure I would never deny her when she shows affection in public, and I would reciprocate, I introduce her as my girlfriend when asked, we meet each other's parents, I always thank her for claiming me whenever I can etc., but it's never enough.

Once she sees me getting too touchy with a coworker, and I could tell how angry she is by the strength she grips my wrist with. Ignoring the pain I give her a kiss, flaunting to my single coworker about having an awesome girlfriend that cares about me, which calms her rage slightly. She acts as usual during dinner outside, but when we get home she pushes me hard against the wall (but keeping a hand behind my head so that I wouldn't get hurt) and kiss me as if she wants to swallow me whole. With my free hand I unbuckle my belt and slide off my pants and underwear, she gives a cold laugh at my compliance and obedience. When we reach the bed she pushes me onto it, and I raise my hands above my head, keeping my wrists together for her to grab with one hand, just as she usually likes it. However this time she opts for the chains secured around the bed, and I spread my legs wider just so the chains can reach my ankles. As she unbottons my shirt she goes on about how disobedient I am, how inept and unaware I am at keeping distances, even questioning if my coworker is in on my plans on escaping her. I apologize profusely, deny the existence of such plans, but she shuts me up with a ball gag, something she never used before because she loves to hear how desperate I am for her. All through the night she brings me to orgasm regardless of how I felt, even when I pass out she doesn't stop. At the end she takes off the restraints and gag, and pull me into a near suffocating embrace, tired and thoroughly fucked my overstimulated sensitive self could only whimper, and she finally said something nice, telling me how I did a good job taking her punishments, to which I nuzzle her nape in response.

After we bath and she changes the sheets we settle in bed. I recuperate enough to tell her I love her, appreciate her for being straightforward with her feelings, express how important her honesty is to me, and thank her for still wanting me. Her grin gets wider at every word I say and I couldn't help but kiss the corner of her lips.

God it's so cringey, I just wrote like a wattpad's worth of shit and there's even more, one month I even played with the idea of omegaverse where we're both alphas and she, being the more superior alpha, subdued me. Outside of those ovulating days I have no desire for being in a relationship at all, not even going out for a one night stand or masturbate. Is this normal? Did I conjure an imaginary girlfriend strong enough to make me not want a relationship irl? I'm really impressed with myself.

No. 207696

…teeth brushing is an actual fetishized thing already depicted in manga, several times… incidentally I realize how much time I spend on imageboards.

No. 207932

File: 1633324229923.jpg (281.3 KB, 1280x1280, original.jpg)

I am a profoundly sexless idiot who is almost never aroused. BUT I have had one recurring fantasy since my teens, and it's very embarrassing/shameful/autistic/tumblr-tier and I will be made fun of for it but here goes. I'm only sharing this because you said long, detailed, and weird are accepted categories

I imagine it's Victorian, or preferably, Edwardian times, and that I unfortunately work in a brothel. It's seedy and all sorts of awful. I picture this man who ultimately falls in love with me the second he enters the room. His sexual desire instantly turns into love and he immediately realizes that he's making a mistake. He's impossibly gentle and treats me like I'm made of porcelain. He comes back every single day after work just to have his stress relieved by me, and only me. He doesn't care for any of the other women. I'm the only reason he comes to this part of town at all. Sometimes he doesn't even have sex with me, preferring to just talk instead sometimes because he knows I'd rather too. I could list all the things I'd imagine him to say but I'd just embarrass myself further

Anyways yeah uuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he rescues me from my shitty life and we elope to somewhere in America and he supports my dream of becoming a novelist, artist, or some other vaguely romantic thing. We become big famous art people and are photographed for the papers. Our great great great great grandchildren provide enough information about us for a wikipedia page.

I have also recently fantasized about my therapist taking me to his home and having sex with me, even though I've not seen him in about 3 years. I do miss him though.

No. 207940

File: 1633327819298.gif (105.6 KB, 540x304, 541c4936688adba2b05f16bcca775a…)

>sexual fantasy ends with descendants writing your Wikipedia article
comedy gold, ily anon

No. 207941

i desperately want to be your best friend, anon

No. 207976

File: 1633355964062.jpg (14.91 KB, 750x421, Es1LRyUUcAgLsXW.jpg)

Idk if this is rare, but huge, monstrous fictional beings that at least can speak. First noticed this when I read The Hobbit, and was thirsting for Smaug.

So, flash-forward 15 years and I now own a variety of 30+ cm. bad dragon toys. I like to fantasize about a particular monster with each one- like with ika, I imagine cthulhu, and baron with galio from league.

I really wanna meet a guy who would be down to cosplay whilst fucking, but I feel like they'd just get irritated

No. 207978

although really cheesy, that's some quality daydreaming. I think I'd like to read a novel like that if it's only touches of romance and you get to know about the adventures around the world post-brothel.

No. 208021

That's some Mark Corrigan level of realism in something so self-indulgent as a daydream (take it as a compliment)

No. 208053

There is a novel (sorta) similar, Slightly Sinful by Mary Balogh. But I absolutely love this fantasy anon it's adorabley cheesy.

No. 208064

there are plenty of regency romances with somewhat similar plots or have to do with courtesans if that's up your alley. I can't even think of specific recommendations, maybe check out if your local library has an app and if they have a good selection of historical romance.

No. 208072

>Did I conjure an imaginary girlfriend strong enough to make me not want a relationship irl?

God I have thought about this so many times. Conventional relationship dynamics are already so unappealing, but something about being able to create such a specific self-indulgent fantasy in your head makes irl relationships seem even less worth it. Both you and >>207932 have some pretty great imaginations though and none of my sexual daydreams have ever had this much lore, but now I'm inspired kek.

No. 208092

File: 1633422814327.jpg (12.12 KB, 286x286, 31vvrPjQM8L.jpg)

Sometimes I dream about dating Aileen Wuornos and going on a lesbian crime spree romance. I want to rescue her out of prostitution and make sure everything is better planned, so she doesn't get caught. I want to give her an orgasm after every kill. I'd also get her off the drugs. I will never forgive the US for murdering my waifu.

No. 208113

This is so lovely anon, not even that cringey. It reminds me of that one episode from Samurai Champloo

No. 208142

i fully support you anon. this is beautiful

No. 208189

File: 1633472641912.jpg (101.33 KB, 725x713, AW.jpg)

>I'd just like to say I'm sailing with the rock, and I'll be back like Independence Day, with Jesus June 6. Like the movie, big mother ship and all, I'll be back.
I hope when this queen arrives to our realm again she is given the childhood she deserves.

No. 208634

>I was laying on the couch belly up
>Bf comes to talk to me
>Start to rub my belly and scratch my neck
>Calls me a good girl

Go fuck yourself goddamn, I'm the Dom of this relationship, who the hell you think you are to make me all mushy by treating me like a dog. He is lucky I liked it

No. 211098

File: 1635299249361.jpeg (32.84 KB, 515x595, 96443E14-1B44-4FBB-9A50-F6EDBB…)

I’m not sure how to describe it but I’m obsessed with the idea of the devil (in the form of a super hot suave guy) trying to seduce a pure virginal girl (who resists him to her best effort at every turn but doesn’t know how long she can hold out) and corrupting her so that she can be his queen of Hell.
I think I picked it up from some fairy tale I read when I was like 11 about a farmer promising his daughters soul to the devil in return for a good harvest but when it was time to collect on his debts the devil couldn’t even touch her because she was too pure of heart.
I’ve tried finding books or movies that match the feeling but either the dude in question is a vampire or werewolf or the mood is completely off and they try to paint the guy as a sympathetic victim. If anyone has any recs for works with a long dark will they/won’t they supernatural seduction, send that shit my way. Tbh I’m surprised it’s not more common seeing as how suffocatingly conservative most of the USA is and how women’s sexuality is still treated as something dark and sinful.

No. 211099

Based and same

No. 211105

dangerously based

No. 211107

This sounds lovely. I'll be on the lookout for any novels, but literally using the devil especially in romance works is pretty taboo still in the US so it may be easier to find such romance in other forms, like one I skimmed had a dark elf male lead, and another was of course vampire. Neither really have the vibe of otherworldly powerful diety though.

No. 211114

>literally using the devil especially in romance works is pretty taboo still in the US
I guess that makes sense, I forget that published romance still follows some pretty rigid moral standards in the US. The closest anything has come to really scratching this itch was watching the Vampire Diaries and reading Loki/OC fic when I was 14 kek. Plus any of the books that I’ve thought were going in that direction in the first few chapters swerved away for a stale pale male love interest, because of course they would.

No. 211126

That's funny because I'm a Christcuck and have fantasies about being fucked by a demon. Like impossibly tall, with hooves, horns, tail, goat eyes, fangs, claws, the whole shebang. I imagine being strapped down to a pentagram as part of some candle-lit ritual where I'm raped and impregnated with devil-spawn, or inoculated with an evil spirit and am possessed afterward. Bonus points if I'm a virginal nun. Out of all the fucked up fantasies that I have, that's one of the only ones that kind of worries me.

No. 211133

File: 1635324795892.jpg (Spoiler Image,392.67 KB, 1028x1131, EhGG9WVWkAMlcUW.jpg)

I >>211098 went digging through my twitter bookmarks to find this and thought you'd get a kick out of it too. All I want is more occult erotica where Satan isn't ugly old man or some sad little goblin creature with a weird dick. Is that really too much to ask for?

No. 211136

Very nice, saved. I wish I had sexy demon pics to give in return.

No. 211204

File: 1635367398309.jpg (301.25 KB, 700x993, C65000C-N1112129N-4.jpg)



Kind of reminds me of the plot to this manga. Check it out if you're into manga.

No. 211219

Same, extra points if they stray from humanity like this >>211133 but are still hot enough.

No. 211235

I need a cute, shy, chubby virgin guy to abuse dominate. Stat.

No. 211241

This guy is 100% my type, but I hate how these ecchi mangas always have such tame angles so you can't really get a good look at the guy during the action, and there just has to be lame drama.

No. 211246

Least degenerate christian.

No. 211250

Nona I hope you get your pussy eaten some time very soon. Thank you for sharing this.

No. 211253

This is very cute ty for sharing Anon

No. 211254

Kek, I'll finally be able to do demon/nun/priest roleplay after marriage.

No. 211255

In hell too, teehee.

No. 211258

File: 1635403697237.jpg (23.94 KB, 918x648, IMG_8711.JPG)

I want a cowboy. Not a cowboy cowboy, but a cowboy like a catboy. I want him to wear cute ears and horns, skimpy cow-print underwear, and a cowbell collar. Maybe a little cowbell cock collar too. I want to dress as a milkmaid or cowgirl and jerk him off into a glass milk bottle. I want him to moo pathetically while I milk him. Sometimes I think about a big dairy farm with rows of guys all hooked up to those milking machines. Some of the livestock require extra attention and hands-on milking of varying techniques to encourage them. Of course, I want to drink the milk.

No. 211261

I want to be raped and bred by a hot guy

No. 211262

How is it rape if you want it?

No. 211265


I can't get the show Good behaviour out of my mind. It's not the best show, it's got pacing issues but the main dynamic between the two leads is so fucking hot. The guy is a trained contract killer and the woman is a con artist and they escape the law while battling with each other morally. It's so hot and I often fantasise about having a contract killer bf who kills for us to live, but constantly moving around, changing identities, and having him fuck me hard and relentlessly with burning desire. There's a scene in the show where he finds out she's cheated on him and when she gets home, he pushes her against the wall and finger fucks her hard with complete anger and distaste, before sliding his cock in and really pounding her while she's leaning with her chest against the wall. and honestly, the coldness of it all was just so raw and enticing. No man is ever going to compare to a sexy, quiet but intelligent Spanish contract killer bf, why live?

No. 211269

"Hot ravishment and cum inside pussy"

No. 211275

I'm a dancer so I've always had the fantasy of having a private class or rehearsal with a teacher/partner, the choreography gets us very physical between each other, we're all sweaty and attracted to each other and end up fucking right there. It can also apply to any other physical discipline in which he has to teach me something and guide my movements with his body, or maybe in reverse too
Also sex on the beach but that's kinda common I think

No. 211292

Bc she just wants to be dominated. Not raped. She's dumb.

No. 211331

Yall making me feel normal. Well, somewhat normal…anyway. Bless, nonnies.

No. 211340

File: 1635464490210.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.32 MB, 3400x2084, 20210209_190733_2.jpg)

No. 211341

File: 1635466249741.jpeg (3.45 MB, 3200x2128, ie_79084.jpeg)

Just watched the new season of You and now I want to be in a loveless marriage living in the suburbs and hook up with the neighbor's college aged son who is deeply infatuated with me

ironically I myself am currently college aged kek at least I have something to look forward to

No. 211343

Had that minus the marriage and it was not worth it anon still felt the same way watching this season anyway

No. 211344

WTF nonnie, are you me? I kind of want to be a single mom who fucks her son’s bully, at first to protect my son from him, but then I catch feelings for the bully who was already in love with me, and who bullied my son because he wanted to find a way to let his feelings reach out to me, but like, in an enemy to lovers kind of way

No. 211345

Typically I am repulsed by guys younger than me anyway, idk why I was so into it on the show because irl I would probably never be interested. Maybe because the actor who plays him is actually older than her irl…

This isn't really what I said at all but uhhh you do you anon

No. 211353

OT but holy shit, I fucking love coming here occasionally. Why are you girls always so fucking funny? Can't find anyone else irl or online who talks like this. It's been 7 years and I still can't fucking completely leave bc of yall

No. 211366

holy fuck

No. 211375

File: 1635495473033.jpg (Spoiler Image,288.72 KB, 850x1177, sample_e115dc1ed0fe38592d5ccfd…)

There is more of it and more lewd

No. 211377

Fucking messed up you freak
Don't have children

No. 211379

you know i was going to call you a moral fag but I read the ayrt and you're right

No. 211383

Itt, if someone is moral-fagging 99% of the time they are right.

No. 211387

More like 100% right.

No. 211479

Well for starters I guess I love cute guys to death. Nearly twinks. But I won't say I really like twinkish personalities. I hate weak personalities. They just have to be cute.

I want this kind of guy to fuck me crazy so he has complete control of my orgasm.

I also want to chain the same guy to the bedpost everynight and pour hotwax on his back into detailed wax sculptures… Take series of photographs to capture the madness… I want to sell replicas and great photos of my process to galleries and post them to social media anonymously. Its all anonymous. He doesn't get to cum until I say so. Obviously these wax works take hours to complete.. And hours and hours and hours and…

I also visualize a ton of scenarios. They play like movies in my head. The latest recurring story I have involves the vampire CEO for an intelligence corporation.. His lover volunteered to undergo experiments for this company's research in order to find a way to "return home". He's lost a ton of his memories but.. That volunteering lover is a master at deactivating bombs, and spends most time doing so, because terrorists plague the city. (Its lost control of the problem.) Multiple times he's nearly killed…They spend a lot of time apart because they are both so busy and forced apart for various reasons. They lose their minds thinking about each other and fuck each others brains out. A lot of people would probably think this is meh.. Well its just some random thing that evolves in my head.

No. 211483

Holy shit these are so funny.. I'm losing my mind reading these. How did you find ecchi art specific to your cow boy fantasy anon? I can't breathe I'm going to choke kekekek

No. 211485

kek I once read a book with a similar premise it's called Morning Glory Milking Farm by C.M. Nascosta, and yes I would recommend

No. 211488

I'm the cow boy OP and I just saw them for the first time now.
They are amazing btw thank you so much.
Nice, I'll check it out!

No. 211510

File: 1635604767967.jpg (105.96 KB, 1099x1097, sample_e115dc1ed0fe38592d5ccfd…)

I'm not >>211258 >>211488
I just read >>211258 and the image in >>211340 came instantly to my mind while reading it.
The artists is called 0Lightsource, the female character is Claudette and her beefy husbando is called Clark.
Here is a link to their NSFW set
But a trigger warning 70% of the set looks like art for scrotes

No. 211611

A man being afraid and scared for his life is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen and makes my pussy tingle

No. 211623

I want to have sex with a magician, taking off his top hat, gloves, and fancy suit. He would do card tricks in his underwear and teach me while we're cuddled up together. I want him to be so skilled maneuvering cards with his hands and tease me for being clumsy.

No. 211644

Especially if they are breathing hard and whimpering.

No. 211655

This is weirdly adorable and endearing. I hope your fantasy comes true some day anon. Maybe he'll even buy you a rabbit

No. 211660

File: 1635696154987.jpeg (570.96 KB, 1280x600, FAEB249A-6E54-4079-815A-AC476F…)

I want to fuck a hot guy in a luxurious private jet, preferably if the plane is ours and we’re just a hot couple doing hot people things.

No. 211789

someone overdosed on DoL's cowboy route kek it's okay nonny I understand your obsession…

No. 211818

I want to sneak into my bf's place of work and suck him off under the desk while he takes phone calls and does paperwork.

No. 211819

Which man was it and what happened?

No. 211855

1 million times this. Add in some physical pain and discomfort as well.

No. 211858

Please tell me what this is so I may go overdose.

No. 211892

Degrees Of Lewdity, a text-based adventure game that you can play for free. You can make your avatar male and have him get kidnapped to a human cow farm where he'll be milked for all he's worth and slowly transformed into a cow boy.

No. 211895

No. 211909

File: 1635859259807.jpeg (977.17 KB, 1920x1357, carmilla_I_love_you.jpeg)

Carmilla. I know it's that Halloween festive spirit time so she gets brought up often but I think about her throughout the entire year. I love the gothic novel (even though it's written by a man) and I love the idea that a woman would love me so much, so ardently that she would selfishly take me with her to the afterlife. I want a vampire gf to suck the life out of me even if I don't get to become a vampire with her, I just want to experience that passionate type of love. And I find the idea of waking up in the middle of a night to find a woman in bed with me hot and playing with me however she likes.

No. 211937

>5th post down is Jesse Pinkman sobbing
Beautiful. This is an absolute goldmine.
Holy moly, I'm definitely checking this out.

No. 212093

File: 1635964940843.jpeg (31 KB, 571x537, 1CA7D847-2BFA-41D5-A539-D641D8…)

I fantasise about the average man knowing how to show dominance without catching a DV charge. I used to ask my ex bf during sex whose pussy is this and he would literally growl “mine, it’s all fucking mine” in response. That’s what the fuck I want, and I’ve talked to other girls who’ve said all they want is a little bit of being held down or pushed up against walls or dominant dirty talk. But any guy you tell you’re dominant, thanks to their porn-fried brain, thinks you want them to tie you up and piss on you and break your nose. Why do they have to keep self-sabotaging. Why can’t they just be normal. Sage for derail.

No. 212387

File: 1636174139303.jpeg (1.59 MB, 3464x3464, 89183910-46FC-41D3-950E-F00E1B…)

So I will vomit this fanfic I just thought about. Pic related has inspo for the guys and outfit inspo too, because I’m retarded and graphic design is my passion.
It would go like this, Hot demon guy who looks kind of like the guy on the right on pic related is in love with me, and Hot priest guy who looks kind of like the guy on the left on pic related is also in love with me.
But the reasons why will surprise you! not clickbait
So it would start with me, helping around the church like usual, hot priest guy is usually focused on the word of god, so he doesn’t really have any time to prance around with the people of the city we live at.
That’s when he falls in love with me, main character, he notices how my dress accentuates my body, he likes the way that my hair sways as I move around while guiding others, he wants to know what his name sounds like when my voice is agitated. But he restrains himself like whenever he has intense feelings, he will have to whip himself tonight, it has been such a long time since he had impure thoughts about the ladies around him, but his mind had to gallop like a wild horse after looking at me.
Now he doesn’t know what to do with his feelings, and he won’t know as the time goes by and the weeks turn into months full of self-flagellation and impure thoughts.
Because of the weakened priest, who protects the city from the demons, lots of weird things begin to happen in the city. People getting lost and never returning home, without any sort of trace, not even a dead body to mourn for; people going insane from day to night for no reason, the wealthiest zones of the city experiencing blackouts and earthquakes that only seems to affect them.
Everyone wonders just how could this happen, the priest seems to be doing fine, so everyone starts blaming each other when it was just the demons going rampant because of the impurities of the priest.
That’s when the demon lord comes to congratulate little ol’ me, who was just minding my own damn business while helping at church like usual.
The priest tries to stop the demon with holy water, but it doesn’t work, he’s too impure to use the holy artifacts, that breaks him and makes him unable to even retaliate.
I try to protect the hot ass priest but the demon doesn’t even look at him, he kneels in front of me and tells me that over the months, since the holy barrier got weakened, he was watching me, he wanted to know what was the priest’s weakness, but all he discovered was that I was his weakness too.
He didn’t expect falling in love with a simple human who was just constantly trying to keep her faith by preaching the word of god, even if everyone was losing theirs, I was there trying to get it back for them.
The demon lord appreciated that earnestness of mine and thus, he wanted to propose taking me to the demon realm as his queen.
Then the priest gathers some strength, maybe induced by the adrenaline rush that was caused by the idea of losing me forever.
He makes the demon lord agree to accept a duel, in which they must find a way to please me, whoever manages to make me the happiest woman in the whole ass world, wins and gets to keep me.
The demon lord is hesitant at first but agrees to play such a silly game, he isn’t very fond of the idea though, he doesn’t think of me as just some shiny prize to gamble for, he wants me to feel for him the same adoration that he feels for me.
And that’s how the romancing battle begins.
The demon lord agreed to keep his army at bay, and the priest agreed to make the holy guards stay put, an uneasy atmosphere makes the two of them as they explain the game to me, who is baffled but kind of likes the idea.
The first move of the hot priest is to take me to the secret garden of the main temple, the moment I sit down to rest after a long walk, he kneels and tells me that he desires me with his whole body and soul and that he just wants to be able to touch me at least once.
I agree and he hugs my knees, already panting and desperate, he wishes that my dress was shorter so he could just ravish me, but he has to behave.
He spends most of that time trying to make me cum just with his tongue, he didn’t expect getting addicted to me as he was in that moment, he wanted to keep hearing my breathe getting agitated and he wanted to keep feeling my fingers intertwined with his golden locks, he could give away all of his divine powers just to keep on licking my pussy and feeling my thighs around him.
The hot demon lord takes me to a beautiful palace, he made his army decorate it to his liking, he says that he just wanted me to know what would it be like to live with him, he holds my hand and guides me through the place, the house that was of a rich man is now in the possession of the demon lord, in a blink of an eye he made it get turned into a summer palace, with gothic accents, lots of muted colors and beautiful flowers.
He takes me to the balcony that overlooks the garden, with different kinds of flowers, those that I’ve never seen before, they come from the demons’ realm, he’s proud of what he has done, he kisses my hand and asks if I would be happy with him.
I’m still unsure about it, I say, he understands and just kisses my cheek. He looks adorable when he blushes, he just feels embarrassed because he didn’t expect to be able to have a cozy date like this.
I kiss his lips and then it all gets steamy, he doesn’t want to overstep my boundaries, he wants to know what could make feel the most pleasured.
He explores my still dressed up body and he enjoys every second and centimeter, he wants to touch me more, but he prefers waiting for the right time, I feel amazing because his hands touches the right places, his caresses are firm but careful, he doesn’t want to hurt me, he wants to appreciate me like how a blind man would appreciate a sculpture.
After many dates, most of them ending steamy with lots of kisses and both of them on their knees.
They find each other in the same room as myself, ready to start the final fight that will conclude this whole game.
The priest looks hotter than usual with his formal clothes. The demon lord looks finger lickin’ good with his military outfit.
The priest tries to kiss me first and it works, the demon lord just caresses my body as if I would disappear.
The demon lord is great with his fingers and the priest knows how to move his tongue, working together they make me feel like I’m in a place even better than heaven itself.
After lots of raunchy sex, and 4 creampies during which they won’t stop calling my name the demon lord drools a bit.
The conclusion is that the priest needs to protect the city after all, that he desires me, but that he shouldn’t keep me as a secret, so he prefers letting me go, he cries and feels miserable because of that, but he can’t just marry a lady and leave the city unprotected.
I thus leave the holy city with the hot demon lord, who cherishes me with his whole heart and who knows how to fuck like a champ.
Le end.

No. 212388


do you know this is already basically a manga? It is called Akuma Na Eros

No. 212403

Nice, I really haven’t read that much manga in my life, so this could be interesting to read, thanks, nonnie.

No. 212408

File: 1636203281889.jpeg (266.29 KB, 1242x865, 7904BD3C-1576-4998-A1BB-B4D77C…)

Samefag, I would’ve loved this when I was in 3rd grade of high school myself tbh, I don’t know, I don’t really like the focus on the virginity and purity of the girl, and the whole “dear god, pls give me huge badonkers” was kind of annoying to read, as well as the hot demon guy acting like the girl’s brother
Thank you for the recommendation though, nonnie.

No. 212417

extemely based read thank you nona

No. 212436

I like to imagine myself as an attractive guy with a big dick fucking women. How weird is it for a girl to do this? I feel like some kind of reverse autogynephile

No. 212437

I have a similar problem often when imagining I'm doing something with a man, I switch my mind's eye to his perspective, and when I notice I think this makes no sense and try to switch back. But I can't help it, I have trouble imagining things being done to me. But when I imagine me doing things to someone then it doesn't happen. But I prefer things being done to me…

No. 212442

I think it’s because we’re so used to seeing stuff made for men’s POV, that we just don’t know how sex works unless you’ve experienced it.
It took me a really long time to be able to stop imagining that I’m a guy fucking a pretty girl or even a pretty guy. I would force myself to stop thinking of fucking myself as the guy, I actually tried searching for female POV porn easier done when you look for normal lesbian porn for a long time to actually get the visuals so I could then imagine stuff like how I want them to go.
I sometimes still imagine myself fucking a woman, but at least I don’t imagine fucking myself anymore, it’s better than imagining weird shit.

No. 212453

Why is fanfiction from the guy's perspective so much hotter? When I can know his thoughts and feelings, the female POV cannot compare.

No. 212454

Sometimes when I'm being eaten out, I imagine I have a dick and I'm face fucking my boyfriend, and for some reason that makes me cum really hard. It must be autoandrophilia or some other similar brain problem.

No. 212482

I wish I was a cool empress who has the cutest boytoy, a buff guy who has to wear some really sheer fabric to barely cover his body full of scars.
He would be by my side all of the time, and he would be embarrassed because he has to stand there while everyone around us glances at him.
I would wear some really beautiful outfits while he tries to cover himself, a huge, tall as fuck guy standing behind me because he doesn’t like being seen by anyone else but me.
Once we’re in private he would help me take off my clothes and he would bathe me, then he would ask “does the empress need any other services today/tonight?” And if I were to say yes, he would have to kiss me from my toes to the top of my head.
Then he would have to ask what I want and I would tell him the things that I would wish for that session of the day/night, he would do everything perfectly and he would be extremely happy about it, but like, not in a “stupid boner that won’t go down” kind of way, but in a “wow My life has a meaning and I’m fulfilling it, I’m so glad to be alive”.
Would just sit somewhere comfortable, sometimes on his face, sometimes on a comfy chair, divan or bed, and he would start licking and kissing my pussy with such adoration that it could be considered a ritual.
He wouldn’t be allowed to use his hands and he wouldn’t need them anyways, if I were to play with his hair he would get a raging boner and he would pant and moan.
He would fuck me sideways on the bed while I gaze upon the capital of my nation, sometimes he would prone bone me while I watch a series or a movie.
If I feel like it he would cum inside me, if I don’t, he would have to kneel in front of the window and masturbate while I go get ready for whatever else I have to do, if he doesn’t cum by the time I’m ready, he has to be punished with cold showers for a whole month.
If I go to sleep, he would go to clean himself properly and cuddle me, making sure that I have a good night, and then he would feel safe and sound because he would be with me, the only person who cares about his well being.

No. 212484

I want to fuck Leorio. I thought he was atleast 25, so I'm just going to pretend he is, or older.

I just know he's a lanklet with a fucking giant hammer of a cock, and he probably spent the entire Heaven's Arena arc jerking off instead of trying to learn nen, or "studying".

God, I want to fuck Leorio so bad. I don't know what happened, I've been celibate for MONTHS - and then I picked up HXH, and something horny happened to me. What the fuck, guys.

No. 212504

I have no desire to transition and thing all the bodily changes from HRT are nasty and am a full blown terf, but I think it would be hot as hell to have a big clit like some TiFs get after taking testosterone. I imagine it has to feel amazing to have that thing stroked, the oral has to be heaven.

No. 212508

No idea why, but I 100% feel the same. It's always a treasure to find a good written one lol.

No. 212542

had a heart thump when he flicked out his switchblade. like he doesn't even have crazy abilities… just gonna try to make it through the hunter exam with this switchblade. kind of made him seem like the everyman even though he's not the mc. and suit & switchblade is a good look… young frank sinatra rat pack kind of thing.

No. 212543

it doesn't grow any more nerve endings so it probably doesn't feel any different. if anything, having the same number of nerve endings, but now spread over a larger area, probably dulls sensation.

No. 212741

i found a reddit community of women (not TIFs, just regular women) who are attempting to enlarge their clit, some claim it makes it more sensitive and orgasms are more intense, but it could be a placebo effect. i kind of wish i could try it myself to see but i worry about the risks of hormones (and i've tried pumping but it didn't change anything for me)

No. 212774

I just want a fit bf who will workout with me and who likes to cuddle with me and grope me on bed even if I’m a fatty-chan, he would be all like
>Well, you’ve been losing weight because I can feel it
And he would hold my thighs with his big hands or poke my belly as he holds me closer and tries to give me kisses but I would be a bit embarrassed.
So he would tell me that he loves how my body feels like when we cuddle because I’m all soft and nice to the touch, and that he gets turned on just because he gets to touch me this way. I’m coping because I know I will never we be completely toned
He would love my thighs, and he would always want to try to find a way to put his face between them, he would love to feel them squeezing him.
And when it comes to me touching him, he would get all fidgety and embarrassed because he’s self-conscious of his own body, he would be like
>p-please don’t poke my muscles, I’m not ready yet
While he blushes like crazy, he would also be into me being a pillow princess and he would prefer making sure that I’m feeling nice rather than him getting off, but he would love getting handjobs as he gets kissed on the neck, he would like being told that he’s a brute when he licks my pussy or while fingers me from behind and he would just apologize and try to do better, but he would somehow manage a way to be too rough again but not too rough and he would feel bad but also turned on because he likes being told that he’s just too dumb to know how to do his only job properly.
He would gradually learn how to please me by trial and error and he would be really happy when he finally gets to understand what’s the best to make me feel good. But he would still like being told that he’s a dummy in an affectionate way.

No. 212810

Anon this was me and my Crossfit bro ex. I’m skinny fat and he was obsessed with my boobs and my thighs, literally would kiss them every chance he got, never shut up about how good I felt during sex.
He also travelled a lot for work and he would worry about losing his gains and didn’t want me looking too much at him because of it even though he was still ripped as hell and had a very visible six pack. He was also a bit of a showman and wanted to make me feel good and make himself feel like a sex god, so he was very good at taking directions. I wish he hadn’t been such an idiot because we could have had something so great long-term.
Sage for horny nostalgic blog but just wanted to let you know that it’s possible.

No. 212812

I’m reading one that is half and half, and every time it switches to the male POV, I feel my heartbeat pick up like crazy.

No. 212845

this is horrific but there's this beautiful man i know who was sexually abused by his mother and i desperately want to give him a handjob while bullying him about that

No. 212860

No. 212870

Not even entirely sexual I just want a handsome second gen Indian bf who wants to kiss me all the time and loves to cook and would tease me for not being able to handle spicy food. Maybe he also knows a lil some about the kama sutra and we could work through it together page by page. I’m gonna find him someday I swear.

No. 212872

Second Gen? He'll have a local accent sure but you won't have a good time lol, to rid him of the cultural misogyny will need a lobotomy.

No. 212891

i just wanna dominate a younger guy. why do all zoomer scrotes have to be into misogynistic bdsm though?

No. 212901

I want to dominate my crush but in a nice way. I want him to make my tea and bring it to me while I'm gaming then kneel on a pillow by my legs so he can rest his head on my lap and let me pet him like a dog. That, and he can do my pedicures, and I'll let him cum as reward

No. 212912

this is what scrotes should be for

No. 212914

This is just a regular relationship dawg

No. 212915

Except they should make you cum too.

No. 212927

I used to think a lot about living on a small spaceship alone with a man (a cute cyberpunky man with long hair and eyeliner), not seeing another person for months or years, and wearing skanky futuristic outfits to entice him kek and then we would have sex on the control consoles. Or I imagine being a scientist on a big spaceship and my colleague being an alien, and I ask him to show me how his body, you know… works. And his genitals are in a "shell" that opens when aroused and there are like lots of small tentacles. And he's struggling to keep the shell closed when I touch him but can't and it's twitching and the tentacles all spill out… Also his body would be hard and angular and bony so a human's soft body would be exciting to him and very importantly he wouldn't have a face like we recognize faces. Like you can see two dots and a line anywhere and it registers in our human mind as a face, he would not have that, his head would be truly alien. His body should still be bipedal though because I'm not a furry. Aw man. Alienfuckery is not as degenerate as furryism right?

No. 212932

Ayrt. The perfect scrote is a human puppy. Timid nature, treats you gently, is jovial, eager to please, and affectionate. The idea of my crush being so big and handsome while also being my little sub is beyond adorable

No. 212972

File: 1636622746396.jpeg (19.39 KB, 554x554, B8C7FA7A-2A22-4DD2-A380-BB493C…)

I’ve been reading way too much of the Shay/Sol threads but I’m obsessed with the idea of some sad little skinnyfat “daddy dom” knowing me irl and wanting me super bad, but I reject him without a second thought and without being nice about it because he’s a 3/10 coomer with a dirty dick. I carry on with my life but he’s in pieces for days afterwards and crying to his army of sub orbiters, yoyoing between “this stuck up bitch thinks she’s too good for me reeee” and “I love her idk what to do she won’t even pay attention to me.” Half of them try to stroke his ego and tell him I don’t serve someone as good as him. Half of them suggest fun little dates he could ask me on to try and get me to say yes. All of them are on suicide watch because his obsession with me has completely dried up the supply of attention he was delivering to them. They’ve all realised no matter how much they jump up and down and shout “Me!”, they’re not getting picked.
Not even a sexual element to this. Just knowing that some coomer is out there seething that he’ll never have sex with me would be gratification enough.

No. 213005

same but letting him let me c*m as a reward

No. 213011

Very hot nonna. I like the tentacle shell idea. I think monsterfuckery (including aliens) is separate from furries, but that’s just my take.

No. 213026

File: 1636666593955.jpg (355.44 KB, 1583x722, 1636074881186.jpg)

This has probably already been mentioned, but masks. I love masks so much. If a character is evil/murderous and wears a mask, it's over for me.

No. 213028

Ah I feel a bit relieved I'm not the only one. Godspeed

No. 213032

I like the freedom people have to come up with all sorts of creative genitals in sci-fi and fantasy.

No. 213045

SAME. Horror movie slashers have been my weakness for forever because of this. My first horror con there was a party and I'm sorry but I was living my fantasy grinding on some dude dressed as Michael Myers lmao

In that same vein: motorcycle helmets. My bf rides one and I secretly wish he'd man handle me with his helmet on.

No. 213053

Ask him! He will probably happily do it. I'm going to ask mine to cosplay as Ghostface and a bunch of my other favorites.

No. 213094

Feeling so depressed/stressed out by real life so I've been daydreaming to cope. Just wishing I was lying down on a couch while one of my problematic husbands lies on top of me with his face buried in my chest and while I play with his hair he tells me about his day. The intimacy would make it so that he'd be at least semi-hard the whole time also probably has mommy issues or something fuck. I imagine his torso would fall somewhat in between my legs so that whenever I shift my legs to get more comfortable they'd brush against his crotch and he'd try hard to hide his arousal. He'd do a good job for the most part, but occasionally his voice will catch while he's talking or his breathing will shift and occasionally he'll make a noise but pretend that it was nothing. And then probably after a while to mess with him I'd press my thigh up against his crotch and wait to see how long it takes before he says something about it. The response really depends on who I'm imagining at the moment.

Too bad I don't have a couch and also as a B-cup I'm not sure if having someone bury their face in my chest is feasible or if it would even feel that good for him. I also have a somewhat similar fantasy where it's kind of the other way around, but today is just one of those days where this particular fantasy is really on my mind lol.

No. 213095

I love it. Sounds so comfy.

No. 213137

File: 1636770844038.jpg (33.66 KB, 510x340, 36781e3350747afc6b783a6a7b52e9…)

I apologize in advance. Ever since I saw this one movie remake of a yaoi manga, I can't get the following idea out of my mind. Having sex with a guy, he cums in me and then a second guy eats me out with all the cum still inside, but he doesn't get to fuck.. Lord forgive me. I don't actually want this irl. I just like the idea of men being cucked or whatever into eating other men's cum.
Again I apologize.

No. 213158

Why are you apologizing anon? That sounds hot

No. 213159

Idk I was scared it came across too coomerish lmao. Anyway if you like the idea, there's a scene with it in Double Mints (movie and manga), it's a small part of the story tho.

No. 213164

God bless you. Never knew this was exactly what I needed. And girl, I have bigger boobs but they fall sideways so my husbando will be resting on my ribs haha, don't worry about that. Fantasies are meant to be indulgent like that and yours is really hot.

No. 213360

File: 1637000697333.jpg (70.93 KB, 620x960, c872cb7eb3e87406a677781369807d…)

This but I want to fuck all the masked villains from the Gundam franchise.

No. 213394

Medical roleplay turns me on so much it's not even funny, I want a female doctor to use me as her test subject and praise me for enduring everything so well. I love the thought of being injected with syringes, having various measurements taken like blood pressure, temperature etc., being bandaged and having my wounds treated, having my body parts examined, giving samples and so forth. I went through traumatic medical experiences a while back so I guess it's a cope.

No. 213402

The obvious implications are that he's a tired soldier that came back from the front, when he got back he came back to the comfort of his wife/gf whatever
Really he's dressed in a coat to fight off the cold or something and the armour is a helmet
I saw another anon claim it was a nazi painter so I assume it's WW2 and he's back from the eastern front

No. 213480

One of mine is me joining a crew on an alaskan fishing boat because I'm depressed and have no direction in life. Reality hits me quick when I see like 10 rough men eyeing me, both in a leering way and disdainful way because I'm pretty weak tbh, and I have 3 weeks and no way to contact land.

Anyway, one of the biggest hairy rough looking guys turns out to be an absolute himbo and would avoid me because I was hostile to any other men coming on to me, I was very high alert becase of the circumstances. I start to talk to him and one day, when the seas are rough and his blanket is soaked and it's cold, I offer he share mine with me. We kiss and enjoy the shared body heat. When it gets to fucking, because he's huge he has enough clout by default to have the cramped quarters cleared out. Other nights we cuddle while fucking, and he's holding my head with both his hands and giving me gentle, quiet kisses all over my face and looking in my eyes with appreciation over the treasure I am. The sex is fully unprotected and he cums inside every time.

No. 213482

>alaskan fishing
>unprotected sex
must be really interested in catching crabs!

No. 213484

File: 1637097932728.gif (2.14 MB, 435x250, youreawhatnow.gif)

God I haven't seen dealiest catch in years. Memories.

No. 213497

I want to do it in an Igloo. I will try putting a blanket over me the next time I have sex with my boyfriend so I can pretend like I am in an Igloo. Were can I get a bunch of snow and ice and where can I build one

No. 213903

>be bi
>dated girls before, like to get more domme with them
>current relationship is with a guy, he is kind of your average gymbro (maybe he browses /fit/ I dunno, have to investigate further)
>Since there is a clear strength gap between us, most of the time when we playfight he ends up on top. When I "win" it's clear that he let me win
>Met a new girl at my job, a bit taller than me but thin and with shy demeanor.
>Can't stop thinking about the cute noises she can make
>Can't stop thinking about doming her
>Can't stop thinking about doming her with my bf

Why can't I just be a lesbian.
But no, I have to have this coomer cucquean fetish.

No. 213906

idk nona, that sounds cute

No. 213907

don't indulge on my coomer fantasies
I might feel enabled to write hornyposts and write how I fantasize things happening

No. 213919

>>Can't stop thinking about doming her with my bf
Shit taste, men should be submissive in such a scenario.

No. 214076

Sometimes I imagine that I’m living in a little historical European village and that there’s a wolf man terrorising the town and attacking the towns men, and I get chosen as the virgin sacrifice to save us. So the villagers dump me in a clearing in the woods on a full moon night in nothing but a sheer white night gown, and out of the woods comes the biggest most beautiful man I’ve ever seen, he’s got huge muscles and thick dark hair and he towers above me, but he’s so gentle and kind and reassures me that he only harms men who enter his domain without invitation.
He takes me back to his castle in the deep dark forest and spend the next month proving that he will be a good husband to me by pleasuring me to the best of his ability every day and night. I agree to stay there as his wife and he spends the rest of the night eating me out as a thank you. The village boy I was supposed to marry sets up a posse and marches into the forest to rescue me, and my new monster husband dispatches of them without effort.

No. 214077

Lol that did not end the way I thought it would. Godspeed nonny

No. 214079

File: 1637444467237.jpeg (32.03 KB, 300x437, C85133A0-E18E-4C94-8276-75DC43…)

This book has a similar plot to your fantasy, might be up your alley.

No. 214081

That's hot but also very cute anon, thank you for the cool story.

No. 214098

good for you nona!

No. 214100

That's hot nona

No. 214101

Racebait troll please fuck off now. You're not slick. You manage to give yourself away in four different ways, every single time. FOUR.

No. 214103

Agree it's a troll (probably incel since a lot of them think we want to fuck dogs) but I have no idea what it has to do with race

No. 214111

Damn y'all making me want to read some bodice rippers. And I'm fucking gonna read this book.

No. 214198

I want a handsome, tall, muscular butch woman pin me down, fuck me with a strap and LARP all the embarrassing, smutty yaoi fantasies that I have. I honestly go crazy just fantasizing about it and I'm so embarrassed by this, where the fuck is my horny female fujo prince

No. 214201

We can be embarrassed together anon that's so hot

No. 214206

"white girls fuck dogs" is an incel meme

No. 214233

File: 1637566425819.jpg (37.29 KB, 770x515, Closed-Guard.jpg)

Deleted for a typo and forgot to copy + paste, fuck.
Basically I really really want a judo/jiu jitsu sensei bf who can grapple me to the ground and show physical dominance over me without me actually getting hurt.
When I was 16 I went to a mini BJJ self defence class and as part of a demo the hottie teacher's assistant pinned me down like picrel with my hands above my head, and my job was to push up with my hips and roll him over so that I was on top.
It was the first time I had full body contact with a guy and I think it gave me permanent brain damage. Even now just having a guy pin my wrists above my head during sex gets me close to the edge. Ever since then I've wanted a qt jiu jitsu bf who can gently grapple me into submission. To bad any guy who would willingly do this with a girl is probs a psycho kek

No. 214237

File: 1637566979525.jpg (27.66 KB, 640x316, 35d93d05f3b1fe8423cc9008dbadcd…)

samefag, deranged horny greentext incoming
>me: "I bet I could take you in a fight"
>him: "anon please, I'm a trained professional, I could take you down in five seconds."
>me: "okay, prove it."
>I am grappled, manoeuvred and on the floor in five seconds
>him: "See, I told you."
>me: "Oh no, my big strong handsome boyfriend has me pinned down and completely at his mercy. Whatever shall I do?"
>him: "Cute. Now try and throw me off"
>I try to wriggle away like someone who doesn't want to get away
>him: "C'mon nona, is that the best you got?"
>I keep half-heartedly squirming
>him "Geez babe, you'd make a lousy sparing partner. he leans down right in my face If I had to guess, I'd say you like this."
>me: leans up and kisses him "and what if you guessed right?"
And then we fuck like the world is ending with him pinning down my hands the whole time. Now all I need is a bf to do it with haha.

No. 214246

I get you. This reminds me of when I watched the Jenna Marbles and Julien do Jiu Jitsu series and it turned me on. You should check it out, it’s really cute.

No. 214257


My suggestion would be to find a "normal guy" (as normal as scrotes can go) and suggest to him to hold you or pin you down or something

Your best bet would be to land a normal dude and try to coach this out of him

I got a choking fetish (coomerism I know) and managed to convince my bf to do it with me while we have sex or are just chilling in private

No. 214260

That is dangerous, I hope you are the one doing it to him at least since women don't have tard strength.

No. 214274

I love fighting sports so much.

No. 214275

It goes both ways
He choking me is "holding my neck with a little bit of pressure"
I choking him is "both hands on neck trying to snap it"

No. 214280

I want to lick sweet hot white sugary cream as it oozes out of -'s ass. I have no idea how I got so attracted to this man but it's so perverse and rapey. I can only guess a desire this feverish and irrational has something to do with pheromones. The way - smells… I want to smell his muff, to huff in that pissy musk of his nice fuzzy cock that all men have. I want to push him up against the wall, make out with him, that feeling of our noses rubbing together as we kiss, temporarily suffocating one another with our flesh. He has a big honking nose and I really fucking love it. I bet it would feel real nice buried in my pussy. I want to stroke his nipples and stick them in my mouth and suck on them and hear him moan like a bitch from the unbearable ticklish pleasure in that soft sexy voice of his. I bet they're so pink and perky. I love when they pierce through his shirt and tease me, begging me to check out his big round hairy muscular chest in class in front of all my peers. He knows I like him. He teases me all the time, sticking his glasses in the collar of his shirt, pulling his pants up in front of my table. He gets off on knowing that I have to force myself not to devour his body with my eyes or even my hands hungrily and ravenously in front of everyone. I want him so good. He can have me any time he wants to. He can even force himself on me if he wants. I wouldn't ever tell on -. He's a good little boy.

No. 214286

is this about him?

No. 214306

File: 1637614162530.gif (3.6 MB, 531x354, 7r432170.gif)

>I want to lick sweet hot white sugary cream as it oozes out of -'s ass.

No. 214310

fuck you anon i read this while I was eating something white and now I want to vomit

No. 214431

I wish someone was very gently and adoringly kissing my boobs rn. I’ve sworn off men and it’s the one thing I can’t replicate when I masturbate

No. 214448

Can you not reach them with your mouth? Mine are just big enough that I can simulate it while I'm doing my thing. Still not as good as the real thing though.

No. 214462

File: 1637700407451.png (572.55 KB, 983x624, b.png)

Any yandere/kidnapping themed stuff recommendations? Mangas, movies, games, anything. The only good thing I've managed to find is a visual novel called "Nothing special". Except for that one everything I've come across was cringy and clearly made by moids for moids.

No. 214475

File: 1637705299116.png (2.65 MB, 1181x1199, tumblr_oyqw7gst3d1rwxkaio1_128…)

i want to be a witch traveling with her lumbering, mute knight bf who is a very competent warrior but gets really bashful when dealing in matters of the heart. hes a submissive top who does anything hes told and enjoys it more than hes willing to admit

No. 214479

I have no desire to troon out and I’m not retarded enough to think it’d be attainable (real men are ugly af) but sometimes I fantasize about being a hot guy who doesn’t act like a disgusting scrote LOL it’s mostly an escapism thing, but there’s a slight sexual slant to it. I think about having straight, vanilla sex with beautiful women in this ‘form’ and I think it’s because I want a man I’m attracted to involved but I also don’t want to take dick.

IRL I like getting rimmed by stupid scrotes, especially when they stick their tongue all the way in. I do not return the favor lmao.

No. 214485

where is this from?

No. 214489

File: 1637713981445.jpg (52.32 KB, 729x729, 1591246839692.jpg)

I physically can't express how much I love this, holy fuck. Why can't I have a cute knight boyfriend irl.

No. 214529

I love this

No. 214539

the game I've mentioned, "Nothing Special"

No. 214540

Randomly reminded me of how I used to have this type of 'autoandrophilic' gay fantasy of sorts where I'd be a guy fooling around with another one, but in a beautiful, warm and romantic way, completely without anal penetration. Feels weird looking back at it now, but I understand my past self kinda.
What this has common to yours is the 'being a man but beautiful and good' angle. Like the combination of having a masculine body and a woman's sexuality. Taking the male physique and detaching it from male degeneracy.

that last bit about rimming sent me though lmao

No. 214547

I don't want to be male, but I love bl. Dunno why I get slack for fantasizing about what you describe either? Why the hell does it have to be bad for a girl to daydream about a DESCENT also attractive male???? Why do people dogpile on her for that??? Its the most repugnant thing to me. That I should want an ugly masculine cliche or
"I'm shallow". Why? They want that from us! Yet always feel wierdly perverse just for wanting a guy with none of the male degeneracy attached. I know that makes me "shallow" (HAHAHAHA yeah right) but I don't care much. I can take real or fantasy too, they're both equally awesome. Actually in ways, maybe fantasy is better. I don't know why one is perceived as better than the other.

No. 214549

>Why the hell does it have to be bad for a girl to daydream about a DESCENT also attractive male?
because this offends le male de l'average

but seriously, nothing can ever stop you from fantasizing beautifully about a man with a healthy and loving sexuality

No. 214570

I have pregnancy fantasies, especially rapid pregnancy and lately the most intrusive idea is riding my partner, him ejaculating and me instantly becoming full term pregnant. I do not want children of my own and I don't want either, so I'm not sure I'll ever even be sharing this fetish of mine with him.

No. 214655

I don't necessarily have pregnancy fantasies like you, but I do have a lot of fantasies about being impregnated. I don't want to be pregnant though

No. 214798

That's interesting anon, I'm similar in that the thought of being impregnated makes me hot but I don't ever want kids or to be pregnant. Must be something primal.

No. 215068

I was talking to this guy (before I knew this stuff about him) who smoked weed 24/7, was a former heroin addict, and kept piss bottles in his room. Which is weird as fuck because he looked nothing like a neckbeard and he was good looking. After I found out that he kept piss bottles in his room, was a druggie, and was into anal, I was so turned off that I ghosted his disgusting little ass.

For no reason except maybe his cute looks and some control aspects on my end, I had a fantasy about disgust-fucking him anyway. I thought about how sad his life must have been that he couldn't even get himself to walk to the bathroom to take a piss, how he feels the need to be high all the time, and how he definitely gets no chicks at all because they run the other direction when they get a glimpse of his bullshit. I thought about how I could easily seduce this total loser and make him infatuated with me since he didn't have anything going for him.

I imagine him to smell a little dirty and his hair slightly greasy and of weed. I would give him a blowjob, his dick tasting salty with every lick and a little like piss at the tip. Maybe his dick wouldn't even work properly from drug dick, but I don't care. The goal here is to tease him with my tongue and make him feel pleasure that he can't get from another human being because he's such a sad sack of shit.
I would also want to get eaten out by him, stroking his long hair while I grind on his tongue and sit on his face. Since he's into anal (and I absolutely am not irl), he would force my body and position it so that his tongue is in my ass and he eats it out while I get pissy and tell him to stop, mentioning how gross he is.

Yup. That's my lame little fantasy. And before one of yall tells me I need some self esteem, I have it. That's why I stopped talking to him immediately and this garbage stays inside my head where I can control it.

No. 215073

File: 1638083240148.jpg (15.55 KB, 396x202, BREASTS.JPG)

i want squishy and nice male pecs in my mouth so bad. ive never seen a decent porno that had a woman on top and is sucking on the dude's fat fucking tits. its always all male on male and im tired im sick and the only time ive seen women sucking on male tiddies is on JAV and the men there always so ugly and practically have no definition to their fucking pecs.

No. 215074


No. 215076

Nta but this is just a bara thing sis. Love me some thicc man titty

No. 215081

lol these are just regular tits at this point

No. 215222

File: 1638150253731.webm (Spoiler Image,2.94 MB, 714x640, 1638107463542.webm)

No. 215248

This is link

No. 215288

File: 1638183814379.png (140.78 KB, 712x616, tumblr_inline_ojlbc3vpPB1r573z…)

shit nona ur right !!!

No. 215418

File: 1638298020046.jpeg (18.03 KB, 236x231, 7C062A95-F2BE-44CD-8566-229777…)

Last night I dreamt that I had a boyfriend and we were living together and on a night in we were just flirting and teasing each other and then I straddled him in his office chair while we were making out. Everything from there just felt so natural and he knew exactly what to do to turn me on and what pace to move at.
I’m so mad it was just a dream. Every guy I’ve ever had sex with was a selfish asshole who was more interested in getting himself off on my body than actually making us both feel good. I haven’t been dating since April and I’m so scared the next guy is just going to be the same as the last ones and use me for sex. Why why why can’t my sweet sandy blond dream husbando come to life nonas?

No. 215424

gross, you sound like a moid

No. 215573

shitting and screaming and crying bc this reminded me of a really good drawing i saw of Sett from League cuddling someone while they suck on his fat fucking bara tiddies and now i can't find it anywhere

No. 215631

I love the idea of a guy being dominant and aggressive but only when he’s going down on me. The rest of the time I want to be treated nicely and respectfully but something about the thought of a guy growling against my pussy and pushing my thighs apart and eating me out like I’m his last meal is so hot to me.

No. 215632


Sounds like you don't have much sexual experience because being eaten out aggressively does NOT feel good lmao.

No. 215633


No wonder lesbians are put off by bisexuals.. most of you guys end up with men and only like women when it comes to your kinks

Also dont get how you aren't jealous thinking bout ur bf with another woman. Yikes.

No. 215673

i just want a woman to grab and play with my breasts agh help me

No. 215674

cuckqueans are basically the female versions of cumbrained moids
And yeah, this is why I avoid bishits like the plague. Imagine just being nice to your coworker and she has creepy fantasies about fucking you with her crusty ugly bf

No. 216100

Sorry this is totally normie tier but I just want my bf to cum in me. Idk if this is driven by baby fever but the thought of it turns me on so much. He’s really good about pulling out so I think it’d be hot if one time he just lost control and couldn’t help it. There’s also some risk involved since I’m not trying to get pregnant (although my hormones make me secretly want to kek) and I think that aspect turns me on too. Every time I’m near my period I consider trying to convince him to since the chance of getting pregnant is low.

One time, he finished on my pussy rather than my stomach or whatever and I used it to get myself off after and it felt so good. I wanna do it again but would feel guilty if I got knocked up from it lol

No. 216105

I'm glad my reply to this thread inspired this post

No. 216571

pulling out is not a guaranteed or good way of preventing pregnancy

No. 216576

about as effective as condoms according to studies. enjoy your fucked up hormones, weight gain, acne and god knows what health problems from pills tho

No. 216583

God I hope you get pregnant

No. 216584

hope you get blood clots <3

No. 216585

Birth control isn’t the only contraceptive, Plan B only has symptoms that last maybe two days at most, and you’re retarded for using the pull out method.

No. 216586

plan b is very hard on the body and has many side effects. it should not be used regularly as a form of contraception. i've been using the pull out method longer than you've probably been alive, worry less about me and more about your future deep vein thrombosis

No. 216601

File: 1639065545426.jpg (53.28 KB, 615x410, you dropped this your majesty.…)

knows hormonal contraceptives are biological warfare against women, an absolute queen

No. 216619

File: 1639071170614.png (419.37 KB, 600x437, fae.png)

No. 216627

Anon I hope your moid isn’t diseased, I wouldn’t want you to get a bad case of BV from all that.

No. 216629

Based souls art

No. 216723

I let my bf cum in me during the first or last day of my period, when the flow isn’t so heavy. Never had any problems. And you don’t have to use a condom or BC.

No. 216854

I wanna stroke and massage my girl's tiddies when I'm sleepy as hell and make her super horny just like that. We'd both be cuddling and talking lightly about mundane shit and I'd play with her nipples teasingly and whisper stupid sexy shit in her ear and ask her if she wants it. Then when she's wet as hell I want to rub her clit super softly until she cums on my fingers and then spoon her while she falls asleep in orgasmic bliss. fuuuuuuuck i love women.

No. 216858

Sperm can live in you for close to a week, you’re gonna get pregnant if you keep doing that.

No. 217002

My friend was talking about catboys or men dressing up as catboys and I agreed that the concept of it is cute but I don't like the idea of fucking a guy who enjoys wearing a catboy outfit without shame and leans into it too much. I thought in my head that it would be ideal if it was in the context of bullying some incel-adjacent guy who was so desperate to have sex, but I allowed it only under the condition that he dressed up for me and had to wear a collar and that he would be so embarrassed the whole time.

Sadly, I'm sure it wouldn't work out this way because I'm sure some men would enjoy it, but the idea of a really desperate guy dressing up for you and acting in an embarrassing (to him) way just because he is so desperate for sex is very hot to me. I couldn't tell if my friend was judging me after I said this but oh well.

No. 217007

This is so hot

No. 217011

i just don't get this or the dressing men up at all. first of all, they'd definitely lean into it too much and it'd be a fetish for them in a week. secondly, their bodies are not made for any of this. men's bodies look mostly retarded and should generally be covered.

No. 217017

Womens bodies arent made for cat outfits either, dumbass

No. 217034

>men's bodies look mostly retarded and should generally be covered.
Are you gay or?

No. 217041

Yeah, I agree that they’d definitely enjoy it too much which is why this is only a fantasy of mine, but I think a lot of the appeal (to me at least) of dressing a guy up is less about how they look and more about the embarrassment they would experience that I would find very cute. I think men have been mostly desensitized nowadays to that whole femboy/catboy stuff, so my fantasy probably wouldn’t work…

No. 217071

nah, farmers will post about how much men disgust them and how they hate them and then will go back to dating them anyway
>Yeah, I agree that they’d definitely enjoy it too much which is why this is only a fantasy of mine, but I think a lot of the appeal (to me at least) of dressing a guy up is less about how they look and more about the embarrassment they would experience
then you'll just end up with a guy who's getting off on being embarrassed. he'll enjoy the experience anyway even if he doesn't enjoy the outfit. if you don't a man to enjoy sex, stop having sex with men.

No. 217073

You sound unhinged and bitter

No. 217082

you sound like you post in the female separationist thread then close your laptop and go to sleep next to your moid after telling him he's one of the good ones

No. 217084

Most men do have ugly bodies though. They should keep it to themselves.

No. 217090

kek, underrated post nonnie

No. 217100

Most women too. Most people in general are ugly and have gross doughy misshapen bodies.

No. 217102

That's because most men now are doughy and skinnyfat, but they aren't supposed to look diseased like that. What makes it even worse is that men have fast metabolisms and put on muscle easily due to testosterone, which makes them even more repulsive when they let themselves go. A man who is naturally active looks toned and sexy.

No. 217103

Lmao why you guys always come with this one? i don't even have a bf, stop hijacking anons posts to tell them to stop having sex with the people they're attracted to, is very weird

No. 217109

>if you don’t have a man to enjoy sex, stop having sex with men.

Oh don’t worry nona, I have never had sex with a man and don’t plan to. That’s why it’s a fantasy.

No. 217116

You don't have to defend them, they'll fuck you anyway.

No. 217175

I want a 6'3 guy to wrestle me, like I'm entering this private ring not knowing who I'm going to fight next, and then behind me appears this massive shadow, i turn around and see this absolute unit just crackling his knuckles while smirking maliciously, because he knows he's going to win this round.

As expected, he pins me down with ease, he doubles me in size and weight so feeling his body against mine is very overwhelming. Even though he's not being specially rough or violent he's actually taking this mildly-seriously so he's not aware I'm actually into it until he tries to pull a full Nelson on me and i get too flustered, he notices and well…y'all know how it ends. i wish I could attach a pic but this fantasy of mine is relatively recent so i didn't have time to search

No. 217185

File: 1639404984197.jpg (48.52 KB, 500x365, 1590399019953.jpg)

I really want to eat out a cute girl with her thighs pushing against my head while she holds my hand and squeezes harder the closer she is to cumming. Eventually she doesn't realize how tightly she's squeezing my hand anymore and if it were anyone or anyplace else it would hurt but at that moment I love feeling her hand around mine. Then after she cums I would hold her and move my face towards hers for a kiss. She goes in for the kiss but she closes her mouth the second our tongues touch, laughing a little bit because she should have expected there to be pussy juice on my face and yet the taste took her by surprise for a brief moment anyway. She rests her head on my shoulder and we cuddle for a while, just feeling the softness of eachothers skin and drifting in and out of sleep.

I know, I'm pathetic. I just want a qt gf.

No. 217232

I'm a lesbian so I sure hope they don't. I'm speaking from my personal experience when I say women need to step their game up. I should not be telling grown women that they should use sunscreen even when it's not summer.

No. 217234

why would anyone be attracted to men in the first place? grow up

No. 217235

Same. I really like play wrestling but all the guys I've been with have been too scared to accidentally hurt me. Ho hum.

No. 217327

File: 1639461291787.jpeg (274.42 KB, 761x1335, F8BCF6F0-FC03-4CB8-A31E-7C6543…)

This anon again, I just went hunting through twitter for more material and thought I’d share. Is this really too much to ask for? (1/3)

No. 217332

File: 1639461795547.jpeg (367.26 KB, 900x1391, 6D5135B9-DD1B-4B04-9413-9FEB98…)

No. 217333

File: 1639461832306.jpeg (Spoiler Image,91.13 KB, 750x627, C87722E2-2D22-4B5C-8302-076819…)

(3/3) this one goes out to all you monster fuckers out there

No. 217338

No. 217384

sublime taste nona

No. 217599

This ones kinda specific and wouldn’t be hard to achieve but I love the idea of wearing an oversized tshirt while straddling my bf and having him slip his hands up and touch me under it without the shirt moving, maybe he could even put his head up there and suck on my tits without me having to take it off heurgheugheughdydbaidbdk

No. 217611

kek at the contrast between >>217333 and >>217599

No. 218026

No. 218093

yeeeeeaaa nonnie i dig it. i just love the embarrassment aspect like >>182799 described. its very cute and hot to feel like you are uncovering the secret horny side of a moid that he can conceal around everyone but you. i would like a non-pornsick husband someday who will let me shame him and tease him for displaying sexual arousal. ill act annoyed when he expresses the desire to stick his wiener inside me. and while we have sex i will tell him how gross and lewd his face looks and make him say all kinds of embarrassing shit about how horny he is and spit in his mouth. then (in my fantasy) hell get fed up with my teasing and flip me over and tell me to stop acting so cocky if i dont want to get pregnant right then and there. then we finish with loving gentle intercourse

well this was kind of rambling but it is basically my ideal sex life, if i ever get married i would like to have sex just like this. no whips or chains or nothing just really aggressive mutual teasing and maybe some occasional orgasm denial

No. 218115

i'm sorry but that gif is nauseating…

No. 218120

Honestly men with healthy attitudes toward women and sex. You ever been told in the middle of sex that the ugly laugh you made while making dinner is what has been on his mind all night and that he loves you so much? If I'm ever dumped by him I truly believe I will never have this again.

No. 218124

I agree with you, nonnie lol. I was given flashbacks of this guy with a huge tongue who thought vids of him licking stuff was sexy and sent me way too many.

No. 218148

File: 1639822475426.gif (Spoiler Image,1.75 MB, 320x218, c68.gif)

I was reminded of that gif of Chris-chan licking air and spreading imaginary pussy lips open like they were the saloon doors kek

No. 218152

No. 218168

is there an edit of this gif where he wears a cowmboy hat and a pair saloon doors being pushed apart by his hands

if it doesn't exist could it perhaps exist please?

No. 218231

i'm sure you'll make some schlubby redditor very happy some day

No. 218240

File: 1639865552485.jpg (203.28 KB, 982x1185, Untitled.jpg)

i want to fuck an 18 year old skater boy

do those still exist?

No. 218241

Wow his outfit is terrible.

No. 218242

anon you just awakened something in me. too bad skater boys have been replaced by inferior tiktok "emos"

No. 218263

Glad someone replied to this because I have the same turn-on, to think I spent so many years not wanting to be eaten out bc I was insecure or whatever…big yikes! It’s also hot to be held in place and getting to squeeze their head with your thighs and grabbing their hair.

No. 218272

File: 1639893996523.jpg (45.87 KB, 600x450, full.jpg)

mid-00s boys were so fucking cute

No. 218338

obviously its only hot if theyre hot dumbass

No. 218363

the only men into this kind of stuff would be hideous nerds

No. 218379

File: 1639976943173.jpeg (99.01 KB, 419x512, FA5B11CC-ED42-493E-8647-F09D17…)

ive spit in a cute guys mouth before and i will do it again

No. 218397

I love you anon.

No. 219228

What if I were into hideous nerds, though?

No. 219499

I was tired once during sex and my bf asked me if I'm tired and actually pulled out while he was hard and just… continued cuddling me then we got up and watched TV. This is probably minor but I found it a turn on how he just casually stopped having sex when he noticed I was tired in the middle of his animalistic horniness.

No. 220297

File: 1640867559391.jpg (91.95 KB, 537x810, 9d1388e81b0b302ed3090af06a2019…)

I just want to fuck masculine men that work manual jobs in uniforms. They don't need to be too muscular, average is fine.
It gives me peace, to just see them at work. I'd fuck them with the uniform and dirt still on. They look like simple creatures and kinda wholesome, at least in my fantasy. I imagine them to be too pragmatic and masculine in an healthy way to spend time on the internet where their brains would rot.
I think I'd like to dominate one but actually I just want to have some thoughtless sex.

I also like the idea of having one crying with his head on my chest.

Kinda classist maybe but I dont care since I'm poor.

No. 220298

File: 1640868374155.jpg (85.81 KB, 564x623, roy.jpg)

this was my ideal type as a teenager, ahh brings back memories
they still exist but ofc dress slightly different
I'm too old to feel sexual about them now but I remember thinking Roy purdy was somehow attractive (check his skate videos if you don't know him)

No. 220299

samefag. this is him in a cute vid that gives off early 2000s vibes

No. 220319

a man would see it as beneath him to ever date a hideous nerd woman, regardless of how ugly he himself was, so why should you give the male ones a chance?

No. 220331

File: 1640878396870.jpg (301.33 KB, 787x1050, 9429343294.jpg)

Me too, anon, me too…

No. 220332

They look so fake yet so real

No. 220460

I just want to peg a cute guy and see his face while i'm fucking him, that's all.

No. 220467

File: 1640925522117.png (3.43 MB, 828x1792, D936CEC1-642E-4D64-8D00-55E9C9…)

Honestly I’m more into women myself; but this guy showed up on my fyp and got me feeling a certain type of way after. I’m almost embarrassed tbh

No. 220581

Not worth it nona, in my experience manual labourers are the biggest scrotes on earth. Most of the ones I know are addicted to either uppers or painkillers and they’re the biggest consumers of pornography. No one has ever made me feel less comfortable or worried for my safety than a “salt-of-the-earth” road worker who was trying to flirt with me at a party. They also take terrible care of themselves because they work in an industry where if you’re not the roughest, toughest, least health conscious man on the lot, you’re a faggot. Also they’d sooner knock their girlfriends teeth out than openly cry in front of her.

No. 220595

i wanna bully a really confidant "top/dom-energy" man into a sobbing mess while he begs me to peg him

or bully a wimpy nerdy pos scrote into a dress, call him a girl while he pathetically denies it, then also peg him.

consensually, of course.

No. 220633

the first on would end up assaulting you afterwards (how most of "switch" men operate), the second one would be a closet troon. better keep these fantasies as fantasies.

No. 220673

I loved every word of this post, exactly the sort of thing I'd conjure up to masturbate to


No. 220674

nayrt but I'm the same. I don't want kids ever and the idea of being pregnant for 9 months doesn't appeal to me but being impregnated, having a guy finish inside me cause he's trying to get me pregnant is hot as fuck to me. must be primal.

No. 220677

I'm the op and the gif wasn't meant to be hot lmao. I just found it funny and thought it fit my post. I'd forgotten about the post and now I'm laughing again over the gif

looks like the wrestler matt riddle

No. 220690

i want to pull on a big burly bara catboy's tail and make him cry

No. 220691

I want an imperial japanese soldier to murder me.

No. 220707

I never understand why it is always the old fucks or horsefaced skinny scortes with abnormally high hgh that turn into the most insane troon demons. All the troons that looked somewhat cute as guys are always "femboys" or "boymodders". They are still degenerate, just seem less delusional and somehow less creepy despite being most of the time just as much degenerate coomers. Even looking at the femboy thread on /snow/ I cought way less cringe then from the average terf thread on both this site and CC. Why do they always need to be far more extreme despite clearly their goals being out of reach?

No. 220711

I want to be pinned down flat on my belly and get pumped from behind (no anal). I prefer for him to lean down over me while doing that and to hear his restrained moans as I squeeze my thighs together and get tighter and tighter

No. 220729

File: 1641077906629.jpg (208.15 KB, 800x1199, 6a010535647bf3970b01a3fcff4d6a…)

Tortoise play. I like my bf to have me on his back then cover me with a box. I pretend he is a galapagos tortoise and he has me inside his shell. Thr thought of the protected warm environment turns me on big time. I'll sometimes get him tk record audio of hunters hunting tortoise and play it while he carries me, then have him roleplay as a hunter killing him removing the shell finding me inside and raping me.

No. 220730

>get pumped from behind (no anal)
Whenever I hear a scrote say 'do you like it from behind' I don't know if he means anal or just.. from that angle

No. 220731

woah woah woah… you had me right up until the rape.

No. 220747

sadly I think majority of the time they're asking about anal
vaginal lazy doggy is not very popular. The sensation at that angle is 10/10 for me and if they're sort of hugging me while they do it feeling a bit of their weight pressed against me is even better

No. 220782

File: 1641097951661.jpg (48.5 KB, 960x679, edc03cc33f8d2cef8735d71be5112c…)

No. 220783

Am I a "Scrotette" if I want to bone a perfect white girl with a flat ass and big tits

No. 220786

Hit me up anon i thing i have what you're looking for

No. 221151

I feel this. They're almost extinct, like most countercultures. Everything is about looking like a fucking internet cosplay emo retard now for tik tok.

No. 221306

File: 1641325948700.gif (541.41 KB, 400x214, 19BA67F1-2F15-4339-91A2-0760D6…)

not a full blown fantasy per se but I have fantasised about gently putting my hand on a mans cheek and then giving them a playful surprise slap

No. 221307

File: 1641326012931.gif (1.24 MB, 498x358, 295AF250-61E6-4BEB-B081-D71280…)

No. 221315

Kek, I have actually done this and highly recommend (was my bf so he wasn't entirely surprised by the random violence but it was still unexpected enough to be fun)

No. 221576

I've discovered that I'm really turned on by pretty looking men sucking on my nipples. The weird part I guess is that I actually think of breastfeeding them while looking down at them, there's something incredibly hot in the idea of a guy being hungry asking me to whip out my tits, even though I am not at all maternal towards men or enjoy any other mommy bullshit. Obviously it is a bit of an uncomfortable fetish thanks to the whole association with you know…babies.

No. 221622

lmao, I already imagined every farmer like April, now it's getting confirmed

No. 221631

thank you anon this is so good

Her smacks are perfect just saw a blooper where Chris Pratt got slapped around and it made him hard
hnnng I hope I find a guy who gets off this
I feel like most guys will react aggressively or go on a whiny MGTOW rant about how men shouldn't hit women but not vice versa

No. 221888

I don't give a fuck about babies either way and I don't know why people here hate "breastfeeding" even when it doesn't involve lactation, or why they hate lactation in general. I've always loved the idea of a hot guy sucking on my nipples, whether they're the dominant one or I am. It feels good, and it makes them look good as well, it makes me feel desired too, so I guess it has a similar effect to cunnilingus.

No. 222164

File: 1641624632174.jpg (405.23 KB, 1678x2048, 20220108_004743.jpg)

Into guys with with "femboy-ish" hips and ass without all the cringy trap shit, like I just want a cute emo dude with thighs almost ripping through his tight jeans and I snuggle my head between his legs or letting me play with his ass and watch it jiggle

No. 222165

Why hello there ass

No. 222247

Fuck off tranny self poster

No. 222269

I'm thirsting over a blonde guy at work. He literally always stares at me whenever I do anything, even just my hair or something. Idk if I want to risk it but I want him to bend me over my desk and fuck me. Sounds cringe but I know he wants to and I do too. I also found his instagram and he looks really good shirtless.

No. 222363

i do not wish to be horny anymore. i just want to be happy . . .

No. 222389

Hot plz write fanfic

Me and my boyfriend used to play wrestle all the time and I think it was often out of sexual frustration, but I could never figure out how to get it to more seamlessly turn into sex. I only once achieved that by being more of the dom and , ew, hate that

No. 222474

File: 1641745712483.gif (3.44 MB, 498x498, hamster-meme.gif)

I really don't understand my brain with sexual fantasy stuff. The extent of it seems to be big scary alien monsters trapping me and laying eggs in my pussy to a sweet trans girl showering me in gifts, going on picnic dates (then fucking in the woods) and treating melike i'm her pet in the most loving way. I've always loved monster porn because the idea of a giant terrifying creature picking me up and using me like a cum rag is nice, but I don't know why I want a trans sugar mommy, it's such a specific thing. I love women but I also love being able to relate to my lover, and I seem to relate to trans women the most… I am probably just insane

No. 222481

>I seem to relate to trans women the most

No. 222484

i have no idea… they've been my longest friends + i can have a conversation about stuff that i like and normally i feel like they actually understand what i'm talking about and they aren't just ignoring me like everyone else does

No. 222487

My condolences.

No. 222488

you will never be a woman

No. 222490

File: 1641748187813.gif (2.8 MB, 362x640, killer-fish-san-diego.gif)

completely glossed over the fact i talk about aliens laying eggs in my cooch, right?

No. 222491

whatever you say, anon.

No. 222493

you mean your puss-filled hairy wound

No. 222495


nooo!! the point of the post was that i'm biologically female, i can't believe that y'all are thinking i was saying im trans…

No. 222501

god damn it stop giving monsterfuckers a bad rep tranny

No. 222505

File: 1641751148323.jpg (36.23 KB, 249x352, 147.jpg)

>nooo!! the point of the post was that i'm biologically female, i can't believe that y'all are thinking i was saying im trans…

No. 222508


No. 222519

I know right, we monsterfuckers don’t deserve being paired with shitty people like.

No. 222525

File: 1641755405708.jpg (291.54 KB, 1200x1200, main-image.jpg)

anon, just romance the big scary alien instead. i promise you it would have a much smaller propensity for violence than a troon.

No. 222533

you can say whatever you want but you cant force me to believe that you're female

No. 222548

And you can say whatever you want but you can't change the fact that there are actual women with fucked up fetishes.
(NTA btw, I'm just sick of this fucking attitude of people here as if the only ones capable of being degenerates were males. Yes, there is a difference in how many male and female degenerates there are, but that still means there's a lot of women who are into weird or gross shit even if there are more moids like that.)

No. 222549

On the topic of trannies I would actually want a cute, shy softboy pre-T Aiden fakeboi weeb to bully around and dominate in bed until she's begging me. And then peak her and keep her as a cute butch terf gf

No. 222550

I'd love to go out to a bar with another bi girl I'm FWB with and seduce a man together. Having that bond with the other woman appeals to me so much more than hooking up with some het couple.

No. 222554

File: 1641768703833.png (208.59 KB, 480x640, tumblr_ms6a6rWBvr1qa7qr0o5_500…)

Based take.

No. 222559

File: 1641771387604.png (84.87 KB, 480x640, 1634665803478.png)

Sorry for off-topic but are these the same characters? I'd love the source for these characters, it's exactly what I love.

No. 222561

No. 222567

Thank you so much anon!

No. 222647

The origninal persons tumblr.
I didn't realize they still posted new things on that tegaki though.

No. 223646

File: 1642190447851.jpeg (9.08 KB, 480x340, c92aa362a9dff9aa0c6b897fe9b21e…)

I don't know how weird this is but furobas (or any other bathroom where the toilet is separated) make me horny.
There's something about the steam from the filled bathtub, the heat, the cleanliness, the nice soap smell, the wet bodies… I don't know. I highly enjoy fucking in the bath, even more so considering it's a very post-sex-mess-clean-up-friendly environment.
I wanna soap the guy up with my whole body, and then we do it in a super hot bath, all muscles relaxed from the heat and also slightly lightheaded. Then we can relax together in the tub while he plays with my tits until he gets hard again.

No. 223656

File: 1642193947261.jpeg (Spoiler Image,479.75 KB, 838x1200, AB476511-5555-4492-80D7-9CC6E2…)

Wtf i was just thinking about this artist i found today and how i love this shit what a coincidence

No. 223664

Have you ever actually done this? Cause shower/bathtub sex is actually fucking miserable. The water is like anti-lube and washes away all your natural lubrication making it a surprisingly dry and uncomfortable experience despite being in water. The water also splashes everywhere, it is too slippery to get a proper grip on anything which you need to get a motion going and it just ends up being entirely awkward. Sorry to ruin your fantasy.

No. 223672

File: 1642197558116.jpg (50.56 KB, 485x330, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

I actually have! The thing about the water washing away your natural lubrification is very true, but other than that I could fuck in the shower/bath no problem. I guess the actual penetration have to be at least started outside of the water. Japanese bath tubs especially are usually very deep, so I haven't had a problem on being pu like that. Doing it in the shower standing up is a bit more tricky though, but I still think blowjobs are fun and I like when he finishes on my face/body, so it's good being able to wash that away as soon as it over

No. 223674

>wanting a monster to fuck you
>wanting a tranny to fuck you
Can you spot the difference? I can't.

No. 223694

Do not insult monsters like this ever again

No. 223713

What did the monsters ever do to you? Shame on you for even daring to compare those subhumans with monsters!

No. 223759

File: 1642246269419.jpeg (91.61 KB, 418x734, 790D2A9B-5D25-4810-85E1-8270BF…)

Samefag, sorry for never posting the rest of this story, I got banned in the middle of writing it and at the time the thread was moving so fast that I completely lost interest kek. I do have most of the sex scene written if anyone here wants to read about getting tag teamed by Vikings.
In the mean time I’ve been chipping away at a little sumn inspired by picrel and the bigger story of Merlin and Nimue. Basically it’s like the story of King Arthur but instead of being a fucked up old man Merlin is an immortal silver-haired kuudere anime boy.
A plot comes from two nobles to take down Arthur’s court from the inside, so they plan to use one of their daughters to spy on Merlin until he either reveals something that will destroy the crown or have her betray him and break his heart. Her friends swing between teasing her terribly and telling her stories about how under his robes he’s covered in scales and feathers and he’s got a snake where his penis should be, and being really worried about her and what’s going to happen.
There’s a persistent myth that Merlin has no interest in romance, which makes it strange when he locks eyes with you at a banquet and can barely look anywhere else all night. Nasty rumours spread that he was putting a curse on you, or working out which parts of you he’d best like to dissect and put into a potion. You never even speak to each other until a week later, when your father and his accomplices stage a robbery in the path of Merlin and his horse that leaves you lost, penniless, and completely at his mercy. He dismounts his horse and helps you to your feet, wiping the dirt from your face with a handkerchief instead of simply magic-ing it away.
He invites you to stay with him at the kings castle until your party return to collect you, and you agree. Once you arrive you sit with him in his room, and the two of you talk. Your spark goes beyond just staring contests, it seems, and you laugh and share stories until your throat is hoarse. Once the sun sets, he offers to leave you and find a bed elsewhere, but you invite him to stay. When he kisses you, a tingle runs through your whole body. You make love on a strangers bed in a strangers castle and get a strange rush out of how this ageless man, who has seen kings rise and fall and could end the world if he truly had the desire, driven to almost tearful ecstasy by the shape and feeling of your body.
When you wake the next morning the first thing he does is ask you to be his wife. He even offers you the secrets of his immortality if you say yes.
When your father tries to collect you on the agreed date, you see him off, a gemstone ring on your finger and one of Merlin’s shawls across your shoulders.
You live a long, beautiful life with your wizard husband, wandering the earth and observing the folly of man as if you were people-watching and gossiping at the park.
I’m actually thinking of finishing this one and publishing it, so if any of you see an Arthurian-themed pulp romance novel on the Kindle store any time soon, keep your mouths shut.

No. 223763

this is so sweet nonna, i missed u

No. 223765

I love this anon!! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. I'm >>204546 so yes I'm very interested in reading the viking story

No. 223775

I feel like a degen for this but I really just want to shave a man’s head. Especially if he has super long hair. I’d wash his hair with such gentleness and care and just shave it all off. It’d be a bonus if he had a beard I could get my straight razor on.
The thought of running my hands through his clean hair as I cut it off makes me so fucking wet. I would literally pay a dude to let me do this to him and hopefully never see him again afterwards lmao
Just the thought of being able to lick his cleanly shaven head gets me going

No. 223790

I'm also interested in seeing the conclusion of the vikings, plus your Merlin is a 10/10 husbando

No. 223824

How the fuck do i find a guy who's addicted to eating pussy?

No. 223826

n a p o l e o n

No. 223834

How is it scrote shit??

No. 223901

File: 1642290267587.jpeg (53.16 KB, 750x326, 7A809F3E-C513-41F9-BB3A-369443…)

It’s here, the epic conclusion. This is a meaty one ladies and I don’t know LC’s character limit/if it has one, so apologies if the format fucks up. Hope you enjoy x

You feel a familiar big, rough hand against you jaw. Erik draws you up to kiss him. He tastes like honey mead, and he sucks your bottom lip between his teeth. He breaks the kiss and guides you to face the other way. Suddenly a mouth is on yours again, this time Anders. He has less precision but makes up for it with his enthusiasm. You wrap your arms around his neck and lose yourself in the feeling. This isn’t supposed to be you. A woman like you isn’t supposed to awaken desire in a man, never mind two of them together.
Erik pulls your fleece-stuffed mattress to the ground and begins shedding his skins. Pelts and leathers scatter around him until he stands there in nothing at all. Your breath stops at the sight of him. His body rolls and ripples with defined strength. He reaches out and draws you into him while Anders repeats the process.
“I dare say, my love,” he laughs between pressing kisses to your cheek, “that you are just slightly overdressed.”
A pair of hands reach for the hem of your dress and start hoisting it upward. You scramble for the buckles and laces that secure it around you. It comes up and over your head and suddenly, you’re standing naked between two giant Vikings.
They guide you to lie down on the mattress, Anders laying his sheepskin between you and the cold canvas. He perches next to you, brushing hair out of your faces.
“Lovely,” he breathes. “We were struck the moment we saw you.”
Your breath catches as Anders kisses the top side of your breasts, and you gasp when he sucks a nipple into his mouth. You don’t have a chance to regain your breath when Erik kisses you, pushing his fingers into your hair and massaging your scalp. His front presses against the length of your side, and you want to sink your fingers into his taut body.
Anders glides down your body until he’s kissing your thighs. He pulls your leg over his shoulder and kisses you on your-
Oh, God. Anders has a clever mouth indeed.
Your whole body is alight with sensation, being claimed, worshipped at both ends. Anders slips a finger in with his mouth, and he does something that sends a bolt of lightning through you. You throw your legs around his neck and pull him close on instinct, like you were made for this. Erik breaks the kiss, laughing against your cheek.
“I think you should stop teasing her, Anders. Any more of this and it’ll be over before we’ve even started.”
“Fair enough,” Anders breathes. He’s panting like he’s run a mile, and suddenly you notice his hands are clenched in restraint. “Who’s going first?”
“You can,” Erik says. He looks down at your face with a fond smile. “I want to take my time.”
The cadence of his voice sends heat surging through you. You never knew a man could make you feel like this with his voice alone.
Anders pulls your legs down from around his head. He says something to Erik, rushed and incomprehensible to you. But Erik understands enough. The two of them manoeuvre you gently onto you stomach, Erik slipping his body between you and the mattress. Anders’ big hands land on your shoulders, trailing down your body until they land on your backside. He whistles low in appreciation.
“This is a view I could get used to,” he hums. A heavy kiss lands in the dip of your spine. He trails a hand between your legs and slides a thick finger across your sex. A moan slips out of your mouth.
“Good?” Erik asks.
You try to consider a response, but your mind is a wisp of smoke. You’ve never felt anything like this before.
“Strange,” you finally say, “but good.”
He chuckles. “You will get used to it, I promise.”
After a moment you adjust, and the feeling of fingers pressing inside you has gone from too much to not enough. A soft whine of need escapes you.
Anders leans down over your shoulder and whispers in your ear.
“You want more?”
“Yes, please.”
He kisses your shoulder and leans back again. The fingers are gone and suddenly replaced with something thicker and blunter.
“Tell me if it’s too much,” he says. His hips push forward, and that thick blunt head slips inside of you, making you let loose a moan. Never in your life have you felt his full, this whole. He keeps pushing until his hips are flush with your backside.
He mutters a curse in Nordic as he pulls out and plunges back in. He hits a part of you that you didn’t know existed, and the sensation makes you cry out long and loud. Anders’ hands are on your hips while Erik’s grip your waist, helping to keep you moored against Anders’ thrusts.
“Gods,” Anders mutters. “So good. Good, strong grip.” But you can barely hear him over your own moans. You’re crying like a stuck lamb, and you think briefly of how the whole village can probably hear you right now. Somehow the thought whips you on even more.
“Look, darling,” he pants. “Look back at me.”
You twist your head around, to watch the giant taking you in action. He’s staring down at you with such intense focus that you feel like the centre of the universe. When your eyes meet, somehow, pulling from his seemingly endless well of strength, he speeds up. The sounds of slapping skin and Anders rough, huffing breaths combined with the sight of him pounding into you sends heat coiling in your abdomen. You feel a strange sensation in your sex, as if something is welling in you, and the dam is about to burst.
But the dam stays intact. Anders lets out a long, rough cry, and pulls you upright against him. He grasps your hip in one hand and breast in the other, panting hot, warm breath against your neck.
“Beautiful,” he breathes. He pushes your hair out of the way to kiss your neck. You twitch in his arms, exhausted but not quite sated.
After a moment Anders withdraws, leaving a smear of something warm and slippery against your thigh. He lowers you gently towards Erik, who welcomes you with open arms. The still warmth of his energy is welcomed after Anders frenzied passion.
“So beautiful,” he murmurs against your temple. “Your hair, your body - we did not know women like you existed in this land.”
You try to nod, your mind distant and foggy. Something is twitching in your pelvis, like the dam is still ready to burst.
“Do you want to try something new?” He breathes against you. You nod.
“Good.” A kiss brushes your hairline as he encourages you to sit up.
“Lean back, darling,” he says. He reaches down to his sex, which is stiff and dark. You don’t even know what these things are called, but you think you love them. You’re addicted in some strange way, after just a taste.
“You see this?” He asks. “Try sliding down onto it.”
A shiver runs right through you. Anders’ hands are on your sides, helping you up. Erik holds one of your legs and guides himself against your opening. And suddenly, Anders’ support is gone, and your sinking back down onto that wonderful full feeling. It’s so good you could almost cry.
“Gods,” you pant. “Now what?”
“Nothing,” Erik says. His hands trail up your body until they’re cupping your breasts. “Just enjoy the feeling. Move as you need to.”
You’re not sure what he means, so for a moment you are still. Experimentally, you shift your weight back, and you feel his sex press against your walls in a new way. You start twisting your hips, rotating around him as if he was another joint in your body. After some trial you settle into a rhythm of rolling back and forth, your body undulating in a way you’ve never done before. You ride him completely on instinct. It feels good, but you still need something else.
As if reading your mind, Anders slips a hand around your waist, his lips pressing to the name of your neck.
“You look so good like this,” he growls, “but I wonder if you can go any faster?”
His fingers find the top of your sex, and he touches that little bunch of nerves just above your opening that send a bolt straight to your heart. The sound that leaves your mouth is high and keening. You pick up your pace and Anders’ fingers work their magic, and you feel a new heat in your body join the one he put there. It’s shallower this time, but no less intense.
“Fuck.” You grab Anders’ free arm to support yourself.
Erik’s hands slip from your breasts and down your body, until they’re gripping your hips. You feel him lift you up and wonder why, until he hoists himself up into you in one swift thrust.
If anyone were to be listening right now, they’d probably think you were being murdered. You imagine, for a moment, your betrothed charging in, thinking he’s about to save you from the brute sailors attacking you. What a site would greet him.
You dig your fingernails into Anders’ arm. Whatever’s going to happen to you, it’s close. You feel like you’re about to burst into flames. A little spear of heat travels up your opening, new and strange but wholly pleasant.
“Look at her face, Anders,” Erik says softly. Anders frees a hand to brush your hair back and rest his chin on your shoulder. “It won’t be long now.”
Anders hand speeds up at the same rate as Erik’s thrusts, and suddenly it happens. It’s like a lightning strike hits you between the legs. You let out a long, keening moan as warmth floods every inch of your body. You tense over and Suddenly you feel loose and boneless, and you fall back into Anders’ arms.
“I think she liked it, Erik,” he chuckles. He slowly passes you forward and Erik pulls you close. He asks you how you feel and how much you enjoyed it, but you feel boneless and his voice sounds far away. You’re still riding the wave of your high when he rolls you both over so that you’re on his back underneath him. He pulls your legs up and thrusts forward into you, and even in your heightened state the pleasure still reaches you. All you can do is let out a long, content moan as he moves in you.
“Ohhh, sweet girl,” Erik huffs, his composure slipping as he moves faster. “Did you like that? You liked getting fucked by two big cocks?”
You whine in the back of your throat at the obscenity and the feeling of him moving in you.
“You feel so good. You want to do this forever?” Erik’s voice is suddenly rough. Whatever rush overcame you and Anders is about to overcome him. “You want to be our little wife? Live in a big castle and have us fuck you whenever you want?”
“Oh, God.” Your nails sink into his back. It can’t be possible. Not again so quickly, not when you’ve had to time to recover.
Erik hoists your legs up and over his hips, and is suddenly hitting that wonderful deep pet of you over and over again. On instinct, your hand snakes down your body, rubbing yourself just like Anders had, until another wave of pleasure overcomes you, not as intense as the first but just as enjoyable. You ride it out while Erik reaches his own peak, and you feel something shoot out of him and hit your front wall. It’s unusual, but not unpleasant.
He collapses boneless on top of you, but still with enough presence of mind to not crush you under his weight. You feel sweat press against your chest and roll down his back and along your fingers. All words seem to have escaped him except for tired little moans and grunts. Once he has the energy back, he kisses you, gravy and open-mouthed. Anders slips in next you, bringing their cloaks as makeshift blankets with him.
“I think what he means to say is ‘thank you’.” He arranges the cloaks across the two of you and climbs in next to you, nudging Erik’s recovering body over so that you are lying between the two of them, back pressed against Anders and legs tangled with Erik’s. “You have, after all, just done us a great favour.”
You turn your head to look at him. “What do you mean?”
Erik draws you forward and presses a kiss against your forehead.
“I’m sorry, my lady,” he chuckles, “we should have told you this before we got so involved.”
“For many decades,” Anders explained, “our two kingdoms were at war.”
“Every option was explored to make the fighting stop,” Erik continued. “Every generation a royal marriage was proposed, but it seems both lines have been cursed to only produce sons.”
Something clicked in your mind. “So, that means you two are -“
“Princes,” Anders chuckled. “Yes, we are.”
“Before we left home, we proposed to our fathers that if we both lay with a woman, and made her wife to us both, that the child she bore would be heir to both our lands. They thought we were ridiculous, but they liked it better than seeing us become warlords of our own.”
Erik’s hand rests against your abdomen. “We hadn’t been planning on finding the right woman until we returned home. But then we saw you, like a walking dream, and we knew if we left here without you neither of us would forgive ourselves.”
You pause at his word use. “Without me?”
Anders reaches across you and takes your hand in his. “Dear lady, we ask you to join us on our journey home, and be the thread that weaves our two kingdoms together. Your child shall be our future ruler, and you will be Queen to us both.”
Erik pulled you close by the waist. “You would never work a day in your life. You would be dressed in the finest gold and skins, and with us at your beck and call whenever you needed. But, of course, if you wish to stay, we can remain here until the birth and leave with our child as soon as you wish.”
A shudder washed through you, suddenly remembering the reality of your life before meeting these two. How could it possibly feel so long ago?
You lean back into Anders and pill Erik close by the neck. “Nothing ties me to this place. I’m ready to leave whenever you are.”
Two mouths kiss you wherever they can nearest reach.
“Wonderful,” Erik says softly. “We sail midday tomorrow. In the meantime get some sleep. You won’t have much on the journey home.”
The two of them draw close either side of you, like a wall of human strength, protecting you from the world outside as you drift off. What a good night it has been, and what a good life it shall be.

No. 223930

File: 1642299458912.jpg (2.01 MB, 4608x3456, e6n711wx96771.jpg)

fffffffuck that was well worth the 3 month wait
thank you, author-nona, that's two more hot men to add to the list of hot men I'll never have irl

No. 223943

Was he really? Enlighten us.

No. 223984

He dead anon

No. 224026

I’ve recently had the urge to dom a guy, not in the typical ropes and leather way but in a psychological way, like I jerk him off in front of a mirror or tell him he’s not allowed to come until I say so. My fwb is coming over this week and he’s says he’s down for anything, so looking forward to seeing how true that is and testing it out kek.

No. 224041

I think nona's point is find someone with napoleon complex aka someone who is short (or short-dicked) and wants to overcompensate by eating lots of pussy

No. 224067

I just want a guy with elegant fingers to touch my lips and caress my face with them

No. 224177

File: 1642410476524.jpg (21.93 KB, 360x360, Nunnn.jpg)

i want a man of faith to fall desperately in love with me to the point of believing me to be an angel on earth. he cant control his carnal lust for me and we have hot confessional sex while he whimpers apologies in my ear for his sinful passion (epic style)

No. 224198

Awww thank you nona, I’m glad you enjoyed and apologise for keeping you waiting for so long

No. 224332

I want to do this to. I keep thinking about this Eric andre interview where they were doing all kinds of small things to the guest and seeing him get more and more flustered. The 'You sound insane' is the cherry on top

No. 224437

God I want this so bad, I want to corrupt a priest it make me legitimately feral. I wish I could find audio porn/erotica of this scenario because it'll save my life lmao

No. 224458

This is my literal fantasy omg. It's on my bucket list to get a guy to stand in front of a mirror with his hands tied behind his back, and make him see the things i'm doing to him. I'd constantly stop and start touching him until he's completely desperate and delirious with lust and he's moaning loud like a little bitch. I'd probably film it too lmao

No. 224462

This has awakened something new in me. . . Thank you anon

No. 224464


Nonny I started reading this thread because I was bored so I didn't have to wait like the other anons, but I thought you weren't going to post again and was sad. Thank you for the hot vikings, feel free to post other stories here also!

No. 224469

i want a guy to wrap his arms around me and put his head in my lap and cry and cry and cry. i would just get off on his suffering. i don't know if i'd want to make him feel better. maybe, probably not, more likely i would just watch him cry.

i rarely participate in my own sexual fantasies. i just want to watch men suffer and everything else is really mostly secondary.

i wish i could burrow into the minds of men who are scared or in pain and listen to their thoughts… i wish i could follow them everywhere and watch. they're the most fascinating and beautiful thing on earth - i'm happy just observing, just being a voyeur… no need to involve myself. sex is boring and not as intimate.

No. 224486

kek based

No. 224677

I want to hear a dude whisper gomen under his breath

No. 224768

This image brought back memories of catching those fucking things on my beautiful frame's neck and not knowing what it was and freaking out

No. 224785

space aids duh

No. 224963

>banned in the middle of writing it
this is so funny. thank you so much for your sacrifice, anon. never let the jannies get you down

No. 225875

i have an ojisan kink

No. 225884


Anon please don't be shy and post about the wizard boyfriend or any other story you write because you're honestly a gift lol

No. 225921

Don’t we all.

No. 225927

No. 226696

Fuck i fell down the rabbit hole of audio porn and im not going back. This is much cleaner and better than visual ones. I keep this one guy on tab and only listen to him like maybe once a week or once a month. Like a special treat lmao.

Im a pathetic virgin so his vanilla stuff keeps me entertained and now im fantasizing about my first time with a super sweet guy. Kill me now nonas.

No. 226701

>im fantasizing about my first time with a super sweet guy. Kill me now nonas.
These sentences do not belong together. Enjoy yourself nona.

No. 226705

yes because im an absolute retard when faced with real romance

No. 226721

A super sweet guy won't mind; he'll just take it slow with you.

No. 226724

what's his username, nonna

No. 226732

He's on reddit and here's that one audio i super liked : https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/pytdey/m4f_comforted_by_your_unrequited_crushs_big/

Fair warning if you browse through his other stuff you'll see things like femboy,rape,etc

Happy listening nona!

No. 226752

File: 1643307182547.png (160.42 KB, 294x401, 341-3415925_sticker-tom-hanks-…)

ehhh he sounds like Tom Hanks

No. 226756

>good girl
That phrase always ruins audios for me, sounds like the guy is talking to a child or a dog. Why is it so common?

No. 226758

Some people (mostly women) have praise kinks plus bdsm has been normalized esp in porn and it's common to use good girl/good boy towards subs, also the gross ddlg fetish

No. 226762

I know it's used in bdsm but that audio, like others I have come across, was supposed to be vanilla. Ugh. I'm a grown ass woman fuck off audio dudes

No. 227006

KEK nonnie that's what I heard too. He sounds so….. old?

No. 227045

A retarded fantasy I have is being a degraded assistant/sexual slave on one of those reality shows with rich bitchy housewives. Basically an unpaid intern who does anything they need. I'd be stationed in the shower and personally scrub them down, wash their hair, lightly massage them, shave their legs, etc while they stand there bored and order me to do better. When they need sexual relief I'd eat them out while they sit on their phone and scroll Instagram. Before they go to bed I'd rub up and down their legs with lotion. If they needed to create drama for the show, they'd have me give them hickies/fuck them with a strap on and send pics to their husband to make him jealous, or send to paparazzi to drive buzz. At the end of the season, they throw a wrap party and go skinny dipping in this nice infinity pool. Then they proceed to gangbang me as payment for the job.

No. 227066

Like 9 years ago it was a trend to have erotic audio threads, I don't know if they are still doing that or what, but I liked to listen to the male recordings sometimes. There was this scottish guy, he did a recording of his popular erotic hypnosis recording.
The recording starts out, he tells you to take calming deep breaths and weave your fingers into your fingers, laying down on your bed. And you tense then relax every part of your body, and your fingers, and you deep breathe in a way to feel yourself sinking into the bed and relaxing. Then he turns it erotic and starts talking dirty and all the time he has this super thick accent, and he tells you when to touch yourself and then at the end he gets aggro and tells you to cum. I am not going to lie it was both goofy and hot hearing it with that voice but I really fucking liked it. I am like, 2 computers later and I have never been able to find the script he used or the recording. I miss cumming to his silly voice like Willie from the Simpsons if I found it again I would be sooo happy. That's the good shit

No. 227093

This is so based, thanks I now have this fantasy too

I think I know who you're talking about, I don't listen to hypnosis but there was a Scottish/UK guy I used to listen to and I know he's done some hypnosis stuff. I can check his audios later and let you know if I find it.

No. 227102

he may be, i sometimes listen to this one middle-aged recorder on the same subreddit, but the difference is that he has a youthful voice

No. 227209

File: 1643505352198.png (106.42 KB, 353x345, damb.png)

damn this is giving me feelings. this would be fun to play as a sim game or something.

i have a milder but kind of similar fantasy of being a teachers aide that is an assistant to the most prestigious and bitchy professors at a women's college. they run me ragged and use me sexually when they get frustrated at work, and I dote on them and do any degrading task they demand like painting their nails or fetching their dry cleaning or using me as a footstool to reach the top of the whiteboard. and if I would fuck up or say something stupid they would insult me in ways I was too dumb to understand until later.

No. 227220

>If they needed to create drama for the show, they'd have me give them hickies/fuck them with a strap on and send pics to their husband to make him jealous

No. 227265

Sounds stressful tbh, where is the fun part?

No. 227478

Hi nonny I'm back, I don't think this is him but I also didn't listen to all of it because hypnosis audios bore me. Sorry if this isn't what you were looking for!

No. 228096

this is the first time in my life i’ve found an irish/scottish (i’m too much of an ignorant amerifat to distinguish the two) accent sexy

No. 228267

I like his voice too! I think it's calming and it's pretty soft. I recommend listening to his audios because of it.

No. 228270

>Daddy was a little tapped out earlier after making so much candy, but Princess wanted a little playtime with Daddy's lolly…
I'll pass. Dammit is everyone on soundgasm a pedo?

No. 228276

very cringy

No. 228299

I haven't listened to all/most of his stuff I found him through a master list of submissive male audios so I've only listened to those so I didn't know he posted stuff like that, sorry

No. 228303

i mean, is it really surprising that scrotes who make porn are weirdos?

No. 228307

Don’t be shy post the masterlist!

No. 228349

I've also recently gotten into audio porn but more otften than not the cringy talk ruins my mood, even if the audio starts out good. Men just don't know how to talk sexy so I usually just put some solo male masturbation stuff on and listen to them whimper.

No. 228382

File: 1643908706847.jpg (8.38 KB, 260x194, download.jpg)

I need to suck on tits. I'm not into any mommydom stuff or whatever. I fantasize about another woman just shoving my face into her cleavage and letting me suck her nipples for ages. It's so simple, but I feel so desperate about it. If I had a gf who would be really into it, I could die happy. Though at this point I'd be happy with a bicurious woman who wants to experiment. Please, just shove tits in my face. I don't know why I'm so into it, partially it's because it feels really good when done to me too, but it can't be just that. I feel like I could orgasm from it if I did it long enough. Even if it's nothing serious, I'll get her roses, help her fix things around the house, cook for her, if she'd want me to. Maybe we could be just friends. A random encounter with a stranger would be hot too. It doesn't have to be anything more than me sucking on her tits, but she can also sit on my face and use me if she wants. I feel this is kinda scrote tier.

No. 228529

Here you go! You're gonna have to sift through these audios but there are some normie vanilla stuff in here and other genres. My ESL ass mistook soft with submissive, but I don't think there's any male dominance in it. I haven't listened to all of it but there were a few I liked, and the op posted a description of each audio so you can use discretion on what to click on.

No. 228533

People on this site really need to relax.

No. 228535

The gwa subreddit is tiring to browse imo. The m4f audios always has too much mdom/ddlg/rape shit.

No. 228536

this is a thread for sexual fantasies

No. 228541

kek it’s the energy in the words. ppl here sound real desperate.

No. 228542

Thank you so much

No. 228549

Exactly, which is why I said that people here need to relax. She sounded way too afraid of talking about something so tame and harmless, her desire to suck some woman's breasts, same with everyone who talks about wanting to get their nipples sucked, because it's taboo around here to mention anything sexual involving women's nipples, it's seen as "mommydom" or "lactation fetish", therefore something that "only scrotes like", which means that it's bad and you should be ashamed of it and shamed for it. I think that's fucking insane, personally, dunno about you.

And then people here say that you shouldn't take negative replies seriously as if all the constant criticism against completely inoffensive things didn't affect people's willingness to post.

No. 228566

I don't think it's just because of anons here, there's feminist theory around desexualizing women's breasts and how it's culturally dependent. Also in my case my own internalized lesbophobia. Doesn't stop horny brain though.
It's been difficult to date during the pandemic, besides the regular difficulties of women trying to date women and the weird 'community'. So yes, I'm desperate, I admitted that.

No. 228908

merlin-bf anon here. I’m drunk and horny but I kind of don’t have anything. Erm er uh imagine having sex with a ghost. How weird would that be ay team? What would ghost dick feel like? Anyways hope you’re all well and happy. Much love.

No. 228910

>>182352 I am super into femdom but only the type where the man is made to get the woman off, not all that weird ball busting Male-centric shit.

I've never met a man who is into the type of stuff I am though, even my current bf is hesitant towards it:

I really like the idea of sitting on his face and grabbing his hair/facefucking him until I'm done. Or like choking/smothering him with my own pussy in an aggressive manner.

I would love to try this with my bf but I feel like he would just not be interested in that level of aggression, I also don't want to hurt him and he's not a submissive type at all - the problem is we are both dominant types.

I'll get these really intrusive thoughts to grab his hair or neck or cover his mouth during sex and "punish" him or something. I'd love to try this out in real life but it seems it's just destined to be a fantasy.

No. 228911

Since you mentioned that you're both dominant, is he aggressive with you or are your interactions vanilla?

No. 229040

>>228911 it's a mix of both to be honest, we try and keep a good balance of stuff as I feel like doing kinky stuff all the time soon feels "performative" for me.

I would really like to experiment with me being dominant without pushing his boundaries or making him uncomfortable, I just don't know what "tame" stuff to start off with.

No. 229049

I'm into ectomorphic meth head looking guys so I sometimes fantasize about having wild, drug-fueled sex with them.
But I've never done drugs so it will never happen, thank god.

No. 229078

Sorry anon, but that's stupid. He's a man and he's being aggressive/rough with you, yet you're worried that you're going to make him uncomfortable if you do the same to him? I really dislike how it's normalized for women to be roughed up in bed by men despite them being stronger and there being more potential for harm, yet women are scared to lay a finger on their moid because he might be uncomfortable or hurt uwu.

No. 229102

>>229078 I feel I may have worded myself wrong. I enjoy the rough stuff from him, if I didn't i would speak up about it and he would stop immediately. I'm not scared to tell him if I dont like or don't want something, and he's never even questioned whenever I've done that.

I just wanted advice on how to approach a more dominant role for myself without coming across as like a dominatrix porn stereotype.

No. 229232

File: 1644257740835.png (10.33 KB, 381x351, fuckyoucrazy.png)

Pretty sure I'm some kinda fucked in the head because for me what gets me going with guys is fear. Their fear, mind you.

Like genuine fear, facing mortality, terror. Some part of my brain is fucking hardwired to detect the slightest bit of vulnerability in men and it just brings out the predatory lizard brain in full force.

I'm so god damned keen on picking this shit up that it doesn't even have to be a sexual context. And most of the time? It isn't. If there's a scared man in like a doujin or whatever the moment it gets to sex it's fucking ruined because the dude stops being scared or some part of the lizard brain can tell the dude who drew / wrote this thought it was hot. There's never a "real" reaction because that'd be too fucked up. The problem is the brain worms literally living rent free in my head are convinced this is the hottest shit ever and I agree too much to evict them. The lasting psychological trauma afterwards and EVERYTHING that comes with that is like the sugarcoated cherry on top.

This manifests the strongest, again, where I pick up even the slightest hint of "weakness". It's usually the happy go lucky sorta of guys, sometimes it's the cute guys, sometimes it's the shy guys. Whenever there's even a HINT they might be nervous, or god help me, scared; It's hot. It's REALLY hot. I've tried to find some of this kind of content online in literally any form but its surprisingly incredibly rare.

Someone tell me I'm not the only one.

No. 229253

You sound like a scrote

No. 229256

I guess that answers my closing question then. Can I ask why?

No. 229275

>Someone tell me I'm not the only one.
To a lesser extent, I feel the same, but only in fiction, only rarely and only with certain characters, vid related. It used to be worse (thanks to fujo brainrot in my teens) but now it's restricted to a select few fictional men, thankfully. I think I've got it under control, in part because now I'm not as porn addicted as I used to be. How did you end up like this?
>If there's a scared man in like a doujin or whatever the moment it gets to sex it's fucking ruined because the dude stops being scared or some part of the lizard brain can tell the dude who drew / wrote this thought it was hot
lol then stop looking for it in scrote-oriented shit. I think there's plenty of that in BL, particularly the darker stuff. Though I'm not sure I understand exactly what you mean by "the moment it gets to sex it's fucking ruined because the dude stops being scared", like what exactly is it that turns you off?

Also, maybe this belonged in the "fetishes you're ashamed of".

No. 229281

I don't think I ended up like this, it's been like this since I first hit puberty. As for what I meant by that, I just mean, like, they stop being scared. You can just tell when a moid is the person who's made something. I ended up getting a thing for monsters because horror was literally the only genre where it seemed that the intent was genuine.

That out of the way, pardon the fact I'm a complete and utter newfag. I'm too used to scrote dominated spaces and having to blend in. I guess that means there's no harm in asking what BL means.

No. 229283

>woman on imageboards
>doesn't know what BL means
Girl… that's "boy's love" AKA "yaoi" AKA "gay anime boys drawn by and for women". There's some really sadistic shit in some BL manga and games, though I'm not sure if it would appeal to you.
>I just mean, like, they stop being scared
So if the character is still scared, but feels physical pleasure, does that turn you off or not?

No. 229292

God I've heard of the term before but I didn't put two and two together. Sorry.

>does that turn you off or not?

Nope, but what you're describing is more or less the ideal that never happens. You end up getting "oh nooo… hahaha, please don't rape me nooooo hahah that'd suck so much why do i like it haha" instead of… well, nothing, because they've mentally retreated to distance themselves from the situation all they can do is be a little bitch about it.

No. 229294

>Nope, but what you're describing is more or less the ideal that never happens.
Weird, I don't think it's that rare, at least not in older (2000s) stuff.
Alright, I'd recommend a certain BL game, but it's only in Japanese. You might like it though. https://vndb.org/v1401
Also, Sadistic Beauty Side Story B (it's a BL manhwa and you can read it on Bato.to, but imo it's more enjoyable if you read the original femdom story to know what the fuck is going on and who those characters are)

No. 229311

Sorry you are weird, that isn't a normal fetish or turn-on.

No. 229315

Being aroused by terror and submission is what rapists do

No. 229320

>Being aroused by terror and submission is what rapists do
>%2 of women commit rapes! Women as dangerous as men!
You should realize that there are far more men who'd enjoying being in scared and overpowered positions like anons scenerio than women who'd like to see them like that, a large majority of men enjoy bring humiliated because they're perverts. Also women cant harm men the way they can to us so comparing anon to a literal rapist because she likes seeing cartoon boys scared is stupid at best.

No. 229321

I mean they also do the raping
Arousal from something isn’t the same as fucking it against its will

No. 229323

I get you anon, maybe join the femdom thread as well. And look up whump.

No. 229324

File: 1644310725551.jpeg (171.32 KB, 378x381, 1DCF2326-9FFD-4673-AB3C-76BDC2…)

i’ve been the same way since long before puberty, so even after my sex drive got nuked i'm still very much excited by displays fear and pain in a strange non-sexual way that operates on a plane between attraction, sadism, and platonic affection. might as well accept that’s the way i am.

No. 229344

Ignore that one idiot, it's very common for women to be turned on by vulnerability/fear/pain in men. Like that one anon said, look up whump and see how many women fantasize about putting their favorite characters in cruel situations even without the comfort aspect of it.

No. 229353

File: 1644333775116.png (485.52 KB, 578x746, (you).png)

you sound like this(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 229363

>I've never met a man who is into the type of stuff
And you don't want to, they're damaged goods.

No. 229365

Those are my favourite fantasies as well. Some more vanilla men are into facesitting though so try asking if he'd be willing to do that.
Speaking from experience?

No. 229367

Any man who doesn't solely get off on pleasing his gf/wife is damaged goods. So like, 99.9% of men.

No. 229369

good, i'm damaged goods too

No. 229370

Moid alert?!

No. 229373

women can be pathetic losers too, moron

No. 229385

>Speaking from experience?
These type of men have BPD.
First love bomb you, then they become distant, they can be verbal abusive and then apologize for their behavior just to start the circle again and in the end they vanish from your life like they never existed.
Two broken wheels don't make working tumbrel nonnie.

No. 229388

How are men who are into getting their face rode damaged goods?

Wouldn't a guy be damaged goods if he doesn't eat pussy? I'm confused.

No. 229391

They're good for sex but I don't think LTR's work with them.
>How are men who are into getting their face rode damaged goods?
He told me that the reason why he has a huge femdom fetish is because he was sexually abused by his cousin, when he was 13 and she 15.
Hypersexual people always have some sort of childhood trauma.

No. 229395

Why do the moids in this thread keep trying to say facesitting and pussy eating is femdom. That's literally just basic sex.

>not good for LTR
Ok have fun not getting pleasured, "sis".

No. 229398

She's a psycho. Let her settle for her "non-damaged" moid who treats her like a fleshlight and never eats her out, never touches her clit or any other part of her body.

No. 229402

I'm still bewildered as to how they would be somehow unsuitable for a long term thing. I just don't get your logic and feel like you're talking shit.

Not defending moids but my brain isnt registering men getting their face sat on regularly=bad at long term relationships?

I'd assume a man who is willing to do stuff like that would be better at relationships because you know…he views women as more than a hole. The bar is in hell, I know.

No. 229403

We do facesitting already just not really to the "intensity" that I described in my fantasy but yeah I'm gonna have a talk with him about it.

I think some people assumed I was like being robbed of enjoyment during sex otherwise but this isnt the case, it's just a scenario I daydream about.

No. 229409

Or just do it? Men aren't dainty little pixies who can't handle if you lay a finger on them.

No. 229412

I get that but I generally don't want to try intense sexual things with people in general without at least discussing it with them first.

I'm not talking about a little hair pull here and there either or some slightly rough riding, or else I would have just done it.

When it comes to very rough things I don't just do it without communication first as I think that's a pretty shit thing to do in general. I wouldn't like it to happen to me suddenly and by surprise so idk there is no harm in me asking.

No. 229413

I would understand if he was a normal vanilla moid, but you said he's dominant so he's aggressive and not gentle with you despite you being a woman. Why do you think it's okay for him to dish it out and potentially hurt you, but you can't do something that's slightly rough with him? He's a man, not dainty little girl.

No. 229415

I get your point yeah, the only reason I say that is because I already discussed that I like him being rough with me - otherwise he wouldn't do it or would at the very least ask about it first, and the dominant stuff from him is maybe only about 40% of the time we have sex.

I'm not concerned about hurting him like he's an uwu gentle flower but at the same time I just don't want to push a fantasy of mine into our sex life without talking about it first. The only reason he can be dominant/rough with me is because we talked about it a lot beforehand and I also enjoy it.

I still dunno what to say exactly though as I come across as too blunt when I speak so that often it sounds like a joke.

No. 229418

>Two broken wheels don't make working tumbrel nonnie.
i have no way of connecting with "non-broken" people and they don't want anything to do with me either, that doesn't make a working anything either
anyway, have fun fun with your "relationship material" men who will never make you orgasm and casually try to choke you during sex, kek

No. 229429

Maybe you read over it in my first post but he LEFT me without any notice.
I tried to call his number but it nobody picked up and after the second week the number was dead.
At least you know what you want and I wish you best luck in your pursuit.

No. 229445

>facesitting and pussy eating is femdom
They are, especially facesitting. It depends on how you do it and in what context of course; cunnilingus could be part of maledom too, for example. If we're talking about pussy eating in general, it's not female domination by itself, but it can definitely be done in a way that allows you to dominate. We could argue all day about what acts you think count as femdom but we'd reach the same conclusion as always, which is that people (women) who are into it have different ideas of what counts as femdom, and different things get them off. I don't know what's so fucking hard to understand about this stuff.

No. 229449

>I'd assume a man who is willing to do stuff like that would be better at relationships because you know…he views women as more than a hole
lmao implying that moids who are addicted to femdom porn and facesitting and stuff are somehow supposed to be decent partners automatically just because they're happy to lick pussy.
You people, I swear, make the most idiotic generalizations. And by you people I mean the ones who always get aggressive and start stupid childish arguments when this subject is brought up.

No. 229453

Is everything ok at home? I also wasn't talking about addicts or moids who consume porn at all - the wants and needs of scrotes like that are utterly irrelevant to me and they'll be bad at relationships regardless - just the small percentage of men who don't watch porn but still enjoy stuff like facesitting and female domination. It doesn't always have to come from porn, hence my point about men who aren't porn addled being into that stuff generally viewing as more than just a fleshlight.

You're getting really heated about this and I'm not sure why…then again, this site breeds stupidity to the point where men who enjoy licking pussy outside of a pornified context are considered or called "damaged goods". This wasn't even in the context or porn/coomers/addicts either, nor was it specified to be that. We all hate coomers it's true, but to act like stuff like this can't exist outside of a porno/fetishized context is just stupid.

No. 229458

The point is he beats you, or whatever he does, half the time you're having sex, so it shouldn't be a problem. It doesn't matter if you ask for it, he shouldn't be aggressive towards women no matter what, the least he can do is fulfill your fantasies and they aren't even extreme like you're making them out to be

No. 229466

>facesitting is femdom
How much porn do you consume, moid?

No. 229467

>this site breeds stupidity to the point where men who enjoy licking pussy outside of a pornified context are considered or called "damaged goods"
This is the kind of retardation I was referring to. You're putting words in that anon's mouth, she never said that men who are willing to eat you out are damaged goods. She said that men who are into femdom (as in, they express enthusiasm instead of just being ok with it), in this case being aggressively facefucked by a woman and not just any kind of oral, are damaged goods because they're hypersexual and that usually means they have some trauma, and that she doesn't think that kind of man is good for long-term relationships. That's what she clearly said here: >>229363 >>229385 >>229391
She never mentioned anything about guys in general who are considerate enough to pleasure their girlfriend, she was referring to this kind of femdomfag moid in particular, but somehow you missed all of that. Also, no one ever said pussy eating is the same as femdom, just this one kind of "forced" or rough oral. And yes, men who are into facesitting, especially the rougher kind, are very often pornsick.

No. 229468

ladies, is having sex with the person you love "porn sick" and "coomer shit"?

No. 229506

Refer back to >>229468

No. 229515

where did she say that her bf beats her? There's a difference between rough in bed vs straight up violent or beating someone. why are you trying to make victims out of women who may enjoy their partner being rough with them?

No. 229524

File: 1644399932589.jpeg (16.93 KB, 274x274, 4A566B8F-69CD-4BE9-BFFF-B0886D…)


No. 229529

OK let's get back on track I want my man to stand behind me and rub his cock between my thighs, on the soft part. And it would be especially nice if we could get a big mirror to do it in front of, I want to see the tip of it poking out, and I want to see the look on his face, and his hands grabbing my body. I imagine we would go to a market with used items for sale and I'd spot a mirror, he'd lament that we have nowhere to put it, but I'd whisper in his ear what I want to do in front of it and he'd walk off and buy it right away

No. 229533

>leaving a man who pleasures her during sex because he was raped as a child and therefore that's the only reason he must care about her pleasure
>promoting men who don't eat pussy as as non-damaged
I'm cynical but this reads like something written by a moid. Men usually think women are "damaged goods" after rape and also think femdom is for weak "cuck" men as well so it does fit perfectly. I also think it's quite weird for you to cut him off right after he told you he was sexually assaulted as a child, doesn't sound like something a woman would do. How would you feel if you told a bf that and then he dropped you because you were damaged? It is something men do very often while I don't think any emphatic woman would do because they'd think of how they'd feel themselves, even if you cut someone off because they were abused, you wouldn't call them damaged. Or mock them for putting women's pleasure first, peak male behavior.

No. 229538

This is what I thought too. The entire wording just sounds like something a scrote would type after finding out his gf was abused or something.
There's also a huge thing amongst those macho alpha moids about how eating pussy is seen as a weak or pathetic trait/behaviour or just simply "gross and yucky" because apparently vaginas are gross in all contexts apart from when they can be used as a fleshlight.

There's a huge list of things I'd assign to a male to consider him not relationship material but I can definitely say eating pussy and actively enjoying a woman in charge isn't one of them.

>She said that men who are into femdom (as in, they express enthusiasm instead of just being ok with it)

I also don't get what's wrong with expressing enthusiasm about something or a certain part of sex either. Isn't the point of it to be excited and enthusiastic about something you'd both genuinely enjoy, as long as it doesn't become the sole reason you have sex or turned into a fetish?

No. 229552

I was half-joking about the beating part. I just think it's funny that we're talking about men being damaged goods and they mention men eating pussy out of all things, instead of the men that are rough with women. Because that is 100% trashy damaged man behavior, even if the woman asks for it and he obliges.

No. 229563

yes queen, don't these sexuality shaming prudes don't get it that it can be empowering to get choked, slapped and deepthroated until you cry and puke?

No. 229576

Where does it say any of those awful things? You can be rough in bed without choking slapping or harming anyone kek. The lack of reading comprehension in this thread is retarded and full of people crying on about damaged goods and the fact some women enjoy more than just slow gentle sex all the time. Idk why people have to take it to the extreme and assume the worst shit is happening when A. dominant can also mean the guy just being mostly on top and B. There was nothing even said about puking or physical violence

No. 229587

File: 1644426053281.jpg (40.17 KB, 397x600, 97e752efca20e42f14e3641c5dd548…)

ok i really wanna have a goofy alternative guy who coincidentally resembles matthew lillard in slc punk and has broad shoulders and is around 5'7 with a tapered manlet dorito physique eat me out for like 3 hours~ with no pressure to orgasm just having a really fun time. i'd also be just idly looking at my phone or watching criminal minds on amazon while enjoying this because i need to catch up on the episodes.

i would also dream about him throwing me (not like a baseball tho) on to the bed and grasping my hair and biting my neck while fucking me in missionary while he still has some of his jewelry on - although he can't grab my hair too hard because i don't want alopecia and this isn't porn.

No. 229588

I want a bestie like him not a bf. But I know where you're coming from nona

No. 229590

nice to see another matthew lillard appreciator nonna. i would love a bestie like him too if we just ignore my fantasy, but most men i know are annoying as fuck or think you are attracted to them after like 2 weeks of talking to them. a girl can dream though

No. 229593

File: 1644427040869.gif (6.55 MB, 540x319, tumblr_c192b852ce2f5c3e9301ca3…)

>(not like a baseball tho)
amazing. i support your passions anon
personally i favor goofy hackers era lillard

No. 229600

two girls can dream*

No. 229711

i get aroused thinking about having a hand around my neck in a sexual situation and i thought it was bad and lame but tonight i realised i really want to put my hand around a guys neck too. i just like necks

No. 229831

The neck is generally a very sensitive area so this makes a lot of sense and why so many people like their necks held or kissed etc.

No. 229893

File: 1644524233313.jpeg (38.19 KB, 500x328, CA1B7E8C-EB19-43D4-95CE-9753EC…)

>tfw i read the bl rape story and it didn’t make me horny but i did enjoy it
my brain is broken

No. 229935

File: 1644536724555.jpg (Spoiler Image,160.88 KB, 600x848, 1549236256705.jpg)

i mean i think your brains just a tiny bit broke but the anons calling you a scrote and a rapist are on the wrong board. completely lost the plot

i have fantasies that feature hesitancy, shame, disgust, moral dilemmas on their part. i don't know why, i've just always been this way. i unironically get turned on by mocking and making men uncomfortable or teasing someone who's skittish irl. pushing boundaries on men who are insecure, nervous, inexperienced, but nothing fully amounting to fear, though it's on the same side of the spectrum.

picrel, kaneoya sachiko art for my fellow 'men uncomfortable hot' degenerates

ps. i have a long term boyfriend who lets me suffocate him between my legs for hours. only one of us is damaged goods and it's not him. that one anon is insanely bitter.

No. 229938

I wish I could get my boyfriend to send me videos of himself masturbating, but it's sadly too early for that. He seems like the type who's into being "objectified" later on so it's a matter of waiting. I'm just feeling impatient.
An extension of this fantasy involves me opening it in public, resulting in everyone seeing and hearing him in such a state. I'd tell him and he'd feel humiliated but also extremely aroused, so he'd go and crank one out immediately. But of course I likely wouldn't do this part in real life without consent, and even then probably not.

No. 229951

>i unironically get turned on by mocking and making men uncomfortable or teasing someone who's skittish irl.

I can relate to this a lot, the way I usually describe it to myself is seeing that sort of nervous or shy fight or flight response, I don't want someone to be uncomfortable, but seeing that nervousness or being out of their depth makes me want to tease or just grab and hold them.

but its something I only ever want if its something they secretly want to but can't say outright.

It's that perfect mix of introvert bookworm guy and extrovert wholesome girl.

No. 229974

I've started to fetishize normie men. Most of the scrotes I've slept with have been some brand of alternative; be it punky, malnourished skater bros, "musicians" with a weed habit and no ability to emote outside of strumming a guitar.
But recently I have been chatting to this d-list celeb man who is the epitome of default white man, black hair. There's something other than his mild fame that draws me to him, and I think it's the fact that he's just built well, clean cut, what you imagine an average man to look like. I don't know what it's like in other countries but here all the men are so unfit, limp-dicked with weak chins and patchy facial hair (inb4 race-bait I'm pretty much exclusively talking about white men), very few look like they have good, strong genes, and I don't even want kids.
Given the usual kind of men in my city I almost always have to take charge of every situation, ask them out first, pick places to go, lead conversations.
In the conversations I've had with this guy, he's so well spoken and wants to take charge but in a way that isn't overtly sexist, he seems to dominate but is polite and cheeky. He's got nice hands, and I can't help but think of his genetically superior strong fingers inside of me. He mentioned living in an apartment in the main part of our city so I keep thinking about him fucking me against the large glass windows a lot of city apartments have. I think he's one of the only men I can see taking complete sexual control of me, who'll have an idea of how to pleasure me.

Given the scarcity of these sort of men around me, I'm fixating on this guy even though we haven't been on a date yet. I'm thinking of all the ways I want him to fuck me, throw me around. I don't have to read too far up about how anons on here sperg about moids being consensually rough, but trust me when you've been through so many weak dicked men who can't stay on top for more than 5 minutes without running out of breath because their lungs are filled with bong resin, all I've been craving is a man who can take control, throw my body around and fuck me from behind over every piece of furniture they own.

No. 229996

File: 1644571256698.gif (870.25 KB, 220x162, 23D5E493-826B-4773-9708-DB6BD7…)

I completely get you
sounds exactly like the men where I live I'm so sick of it. They look like frail sickly children. I think it's generational rather than the country

No. 230003

That is so boring you can get that anywhere around here. I've never seen this problem you're describing with 'pale sicky-looking children' anywhere either. Mostly they're all average looking, and make minimal effort.

That or beards and neck beards. All you have to do is move to the Midwest at least. You will see this watered down, basic masculinity appearance for miles. God this post sounds so much like a scrote posting as a woma

No. 230006

It's definitely not scroteposting, I've experienced the same thing. Weedy sickly boring men who either hype themselves up about their sex skills and then disappoint you or they're just the equivalent of starfishes and "yeah if you want" their way through any contact to the point where you'll question if they're gay or something. They have no desire to please, to take charge of things or to show you what they're made of, so to speak. A man being indecisive or unable to take charge of a situation is a big turn off imo, it shows they lack spine or personality.

I'm definitely not supporting the porn definition of rough sex but being with a moid who wants you so bad he will pick you up and take control of the situation is very very hot. It's also not even comparable to whatever violent degenerate porn shit they were sporting about above, but to act a woman is essentially being beaten because she likes a man in charge is just stupid…when the alternative is men who expect you to do all the work and somehow work with their death-grip because they forgot how women work irl.

No. 230008

Meant to say sperging* not sporting kek

No. 230010

>"yeah if you want" their way through any contact
im crying kekk

No. 230017

It's humiliating nonna, nothing triggers my flight or fight response like a moid saying "if you want" to something that could very easily be decided. It's so lazy

No. 230040

File: 1644588483010.png (369.58 KB, 540x540, tumblr_95a61df8fd88550f55a1327…)

Gentle femdom. I like the idea of roleplay a lot. Recently, I've had this fantasy of being a doctor and fucking a cute guy in the examination room. I like guys that'll let me play with their tits, close their eyes, and moan while I take care of them. I also love guys that'll eat my box.
>>224177 damn, thats hot nonna

No. 230041

>trannime picture
>wants to touch a man's moobs
>eat box
Damn this post reeks of stinky male.

No. 230047

Hope your day gets better nona <3

No. 230052

Hope you will one day realize that you will never become a woman.

No. 230068

>but being with a moid who wants you so bad he will pick you up and take control of the situation is very very hot
I never got this shit. As if a man desiring a woman so much that he can't hold back and is rough with her/treats her like an object is something positive or even special. Seems like so many woman are brainwashed by porn/media. Why can't it be "he wants you so bad he does anything he can to please you and put you first sexually" which is actually a fantasy because god knows most men pleasing her is secondary and if they do it, it's only so that she keeps having sex with him instead out of a genuine desire to please.

No. 230072

go back

No. 230075

you can enjoy both of those things and it doesn't have to be objectifying in the slightest. Some women think they enjoy it because it's all they know and they are brainwashed by porn sure, but there's also plenty of women who just enjoy it because they like decisive and/or dominant men. It's a grey area.

No. 230076

Samefag but when I say dominant I also dont mean choking or violence, but taking agency and rough kissing or sex. I don't agree with bdsm and violence in the bedroom especially as I'm getting older and noticing how embarrassing and horrible a lot of "kink" shit is.

No. 230079

You need to touch grass

No. 230081

medical roleplay sounds fun but i prefer the idea of prisoner/guard roleplay. need a guy to beg me to let him eat me out in exchange for basic necessities or smth.

No. 230082

i wish i never read this. i hate that i got turned on, fuck you.

No. 230083

Having a harem of cute and beautiful men, having them all naked and begging me for pleasure as I tease them all occasionally, then letting them all fuck or pleasure me. I'd love it if when the time of fucking comes, they all feel so good that their legs tremble and they moan uncontrollably. Also I suck on their pecs and kiss them. Ahh the dream

No. 230092

>it doesn't have to be objectifying in the slightest
But it is. Any guy who is rough towards a woman doesn't respect her, otherwise he wouldn't treat her that way. Not to mention it makes him look absolutely pathetic and weak. Too many woman romanticize dominant men when the fact is they only act that way because they see her as lesser. Then again women are conditioned to have low self-esteem so it's not surprising they want to be treated as lesser in the bedroom too.

No. 230094

Telling women what they enjoy is purely down to them having "low self esteem" is patronizing as fuck and it just makes you look really pathetic in comparison kek, you need to get off the internet. You don't have the ability to read individual womens minds nor do you have the ability to accuse them of things you know nothing about and make blanket statements. This is also a thread about sexual fantasies, there doesn't need to be an extreme psychoanalysis of every woman who posts here about how she doesn't want a submissive or passive man sexually. It's time to log out and go look at some trees, you're ruining the horny.

No. 230103

Every sex act that I personally enjoy is healthy and moral and every sex act that I personally do not enjoy is degenerate coomer shit.

No. 230105

this. Plus, it's not like being kinda rough during sex (at her request no less) means that he's the same in every other aspect of the relationship too.

No. 230133

Im attracted to men but the thought of dominating them is so unappealing, equally as much as the thought of being dominated by one.q Man acting weak and pathetic in order to have sex with me doesn't arouse me, it disgusts me if anything. The only thing grosser than a dominant rapist is a spineless manchild worm begging me to touch his peepee or he'll just die kek. Im bi and prefer fantasizing about women much more. Sometimes I imagine hanging out with an imaginary female friend and having her tell me it's okay if I want to touch and kiss her breasts because I'm a woman so it "doesn't count" and we are "just being friends" despite her obviously being turned on by it and consenting/asking for more. eventually it escalates into us having sex that is amazing for her and I make her cum harder than she ever has. 10/10

No. 230138

>Telling women what they enjoy is purely down to them having "low self esteem" is patronizing as fuck
you know this the exact same argument libfems use to explain why women actually love being choked unconscious during sex and why blowjobs are empowering

No. 230141

>but the thought of dominating them is so unappealing, equally as much as the thought of being dominated by one
did people forget that you can have sex without dominating someone or being dominated, is bdsm just the default now

No. 230142

No. 230143

yeah people only make fun of bpd anachans and their daddy doms because they personally don't like it, those girls have a healthy self-esteem and are making an empowered choice!

No. 230145

>yeah people only make fun of bpd anachans and their daddy doms because they personally don't like it

No. 230146

File: 1644625222491.jpg (68.3 KB, 640x639, 003ca3440c28bb01490a86b6017f47…)

No. 230147

No. 230153

File: 1644629339365.jpeg (51.67 KB, 424x724, 4736B802-76B3-4D50-B4F6-E83240…)

Since every action of lifestyle now needs an aesthetic to justify it, I propose a new aesthetic of “romance novel core.” It stands in complete contrast to bdsm/ddlg shit and it’s when you only sleep with only the hottest buffest single guys and only after they’ve courted you for long enough to fill up half a novel. All sex is with the aim of peak female pleasure and the guy follows every queue he’s given and is mostly just happy to be there.

No. 230156

>if you disagree with me you're obviously saying the extreme opposite
Why are you like this

No. 230158

Glad you got me nonnie

I'm not a burgerfag, which should be sort of evident from my post, and I'm not going to move from my city just to get better dick, THAT would be scrotey.

Rough sex doesn't always equate to a man objectifying you and treating you like shit, a man can be both rough and sensual with you, which is what I was going for in my original post, I agree with >>230079

No. 230159

Will there be plenty of stalking and rape, too?

No. 230160

Sorry nona but the way you painted this picture made me imagine that you call out or ring some sort of bell when it's time for sex and the whole harem collectively starts trembling and moaning out of no where like they're starting some sort of mating call

No. 230191

I walk past this cute jogging guy while on my way to work every day and earlier I had a fantasy about just taking him aside to pull his shorts down and give him head.. I don't even really like doing BJs but the thought of blowing a hot guy in public really gets to me.(male)

No. 230192

KEK anon I guess that works too

No. 230194

I love how your argument is so insanely flawed you have to rely on extreme examples every time.

No one is defending that shit, again learn some nuance or get off this thread and stop killing the horny

No. 230444

You're wrong.
Men aren't a hive mind.
They don't all have the same standards or preferences.

No. 230449

I want to sneak into my online crush's house and start doing his dishes and laundry and running the dishwasher. I want him to wake up, go downstairs to wonder what all the commotion is about and see me dressed all hot for him. I want to feel unwelcome and embarrassed, but for him to enjoy my presence and start cuddling me on the couch. I want to then bear his children and live with him.

I get really horny when I think of domestic chores and pregnancy with my crush.

No. 230501

kf is down huh

No. 230552

File: 1644830855283.jpeg (194.87 KB, 456x453, 84DC9692-98A7-410D-8DBD-84045A…)

I need a dude with giant oven mitt baseball glove hands to pin my wrists above my head with one hand and cover my face and neck in kisses while I suck on his thickass sausage fingers

No. 231488

Kf is probably extra suicidal because of what day it is

No. 232662

i want to be in a relationship with a guy who has a fairly high libido and suggest to him that he abstains from masturbating and sex with me for a week. i'd want to minimise contact with him in that time but be able to trust that he wouldn't get off at all. and then i'd want him to message me the very minute the week has passed and ask if he can come over. he'd knock and i'd tell him to wait a minute or two when i wouldn't really be doing anything, i'd just want him to get a little more frustrated. and i'd open the door to him, and he'd look at me with the most desperate, lustful look in his eyes. he'd walk in and i'd close the door and he'd cup my face with his hand and lean in close and ask if he could make love to me that night. i would say yes and he'd kiss me suddenly, and have his hands all over me. and from there, it's not difficult to imagine

No. 233057

I wanna share a lollipop with a guy

No. 234271

i'd love to lick a guys lollipop as an aggressive and bold flirtation. Im not brave enough though and the closest thing to that I can realistically do is take a sip out of their drink

No. 235255

Haha, I would offer him my lollipop, it seems easier. Now I wanna have one of those strawberry and cream swirl lollipops…

No. 236742

i want my nigel to dress up as the superjail warden

No. 236836

Maybe fucking a blind guy. I would love the freedom of not caring how I might look in the moment.

No. 239519

I've been so incredibly horny lately that I almost came from rubbing my bare feet on my bedsheets. I can't have sex

No. 239528

Just masturbate tf.

No. 239633

Kinda related but I fed a spoonful of chocolate to my crush once at a party. At that moment I didn't really think about it, and despite me having been kinda rude (because he tried to politely refuse at first, but I insisted) he still ate it and his face was pretty fucking hot and he was so shy when he looked at me with the spoon in his mouth kek
Later I remembered that and realized what I had done (how rude I had been, but also how hot that was because I wanna dom him). I will never forget that look on his face

No. 239693

No. 239700

I know that shy look you're talking about. I just want to push them down and have my way with them.

No. 239704

I want a guy to be gentle with me while I sit on his lap. I want him to softly say dirty things in my ear, lick my ears, and kiss my neck. I want to feel his dick twitching on me through his pants. I like it!

No. 239850

i just wanna have a lady eat me out tbh

she'd be a no bs classy business woman, tall, but a monster in bed

No. 239852

hot and wholesome

No. 239936

I love being played with like this while being covered by their body as much as possible and just feeling them all over me. There is something so sexy about a man being gentle. Gentle touches and soft voice…ugh. And feeling their dicks twitch, so eager to have you. It puts me on a little power trip knowing they want me that badly. I am so horny right now ngl.

No. 240775

File: 1645355475674.jpeg (18.22 KB, 188x200, 7C095D52-47E8-4322-AC5F-21C636…)

very hot, imagining his flustered face and innocent little eyes
I want to do this

No. 240827

Christ do /g/fags think this is hot
that sounds cringy asf(shitposting)

No. 240936

Hide the thread and fuck off

No. 240951

If the mods don't fix this then we will be staying here and so you better get used to us

No. 240972

/g/ fags are not at fault for this situation don't disrupt their threads unprovoked, you wouldn't like it if /g/ fags did the same if /ot/ was the functional board

No. 240986

hello (c)rap-chan

No. 240989

Ignore and report

No. 241394

File: 1645379943992.png (454.76 KB, 578x701, you.png)

<- the face behind that post(stop spamming this shit )

No. 244830

I like messing with men and making them annoyed. I want to hate-fuck a guy. I don't know why but I think it'd be hot if I was arguing with a man and all of a sudden he kisses and seduces me to shut me up.

No. 244854

>I don't know why but I think it'd be hot if I was arguing with a man and all of a sudden he kisses and seduces me to shut me up.
You and every other underage fanfic writer in existence

No. 244881

What has your panties so bunched up? It's the sexual fantasies thread

No. 244883

No. 245467

I want to go shopping clothes at a mall with a girl friend and lick each other in the fitting room, trying to be as quiet as possible so other shoppers don't notice. I've had this dream for years

No. 245535

Okay a bit autistic rambling ahead

Having a guy lay back naked in bed, I usually imagine someone with slightly long blonde hair and muscles, more like a dancer or runners build than a bodybuilder.

I picture them being thin enough that when they exhale you can see the slight outline of ribs or muscles when flexing.

It would be a slow handjob up and down, the guys uncut so the dick isn't dry af and it can get wet with pre and hearing it slick up and down is hot to me, eventually I work him up enough its throbbing and twitching then I form a tight circle with my finger and thumb and have that slowly stroke the head of his dick but not enough to get off.

He's not allowed to move or touch me so I just wanna hear him moan and whimper, seeing his chest take deep breathes and his hands grip the sheets then he can start to plead and beg a little too, also maybe he gives a hip thrust trying to reach my hand more.

>This is more of a daydream sort of femdom thought but I never really want anything beyond this.

I also usually imagine its alucard kek

No. 245537

File: 1645553228596.png (486.48 KB, 578x746, still you.png)

>I like messing with men and making them annoyed. I want to hate-fuck a guy. I don't know why but I think it'd be hot if I was arguing with a man and all of a sudden he kisses and seduces me to shut me up.(ban evasion)

No. 245542

I want a guy to eat me out while I'm on my period. Hilarious that they're okay with eating ass and e. coli remnants but not clean blood. Porn ruined them.

No. 245543

How's this femdom when he's getting pleasured/edged for a long time while the woman isn't getting anything in return?

No. 245545

No. 245546

I think it is, because I'm the one that's in control, I'm not naked, I can decide when to stop and start and I'm doing it for my own enjoyment.

I never mentioned about him finishing or getting off either.

If it was reversed roles he would be seen as a shitty moid that can't get someone off, there's been comments in this thread and the femdom one that try and question every little bit of enjoyment some anons have for fantasties as though there's only a specific way to enjoy something or someone and if not its just playing to scrotes.

Sometimes foreplay can be hot in of itself.

>also he can be worked up and then get me off too.

No. 245548

You're right anon. I'm sorry I worded it that way, I've just known so many men into femdom who think it's just a woman edging them forever so I was biased.

No. 245549

I'm sorry for getting annoyed too, I didn't mean to take it out on you or seem rude.

Just it always gets to me when it feels like my choices or desires are made out to be not of my own volition.

And yeah most femdom is just awful tbf so I get it.

No. 245551

File: 1645556628736.jpg (154.02 KB, 735x919, ad10cf7a09a8540e2871d45efeeae6…)

Im too lazy to find that one anon from the femdom thread who wrote such a pretty essay about like femdom msub dynamic. I cant remember the exact words but it's mostly about the msub being emotionally and physically devoted to the fdom.I want to be adored and be called someone's beloved/darling whatever lovey dovey pet name while we fuck I think I'm going insane

Nonnie…impeccable taste….and also same

No. 245567

NTA but seeing and hearing him like that while I am in control would be what I "get in return". Especially if I'm not naked or look as hot as him at all because then he would be the one being objectified and not me.

No. 245705

File: 1645634604044.jpg (100.91 KB, 960x557, sephi.jpg)

i think i might be alone in this but the more sexual something is, the less sexy i find it…maybe its just because mainstream western porn is so gross and nasty and in your face. so, sexually, it's all about the build-up, the anticipation. the minutiae in between…graphic sex will absolutely never do it for me (and even if it did, i still would avoid pornos like the plague) but i love shit like sephiroth in ff7(r because fantasising about pixel sex is OK but it has to be at least decent quality pixels) and the way he speaks, demands control, etc etc. it's not so much a literal desire to have sex with sephiroth but also yes it is and i'm only partially ashamed. the idea of a long-haired, big guy becoming submissive also…shame he has a mommy kink.

No. 245717

I've been wanting a handsome, muscular Brazilian man to fuck me and I want to lay in his strong arms. We would make tender, passionate love to a sexy playlist and I want him to sweet talk me in his language kek.
It started when I was at an airport and I kept finding myself attracted to this muscular Brazilian man who kept looking at me. He was hot. Men in my country (US) are ugly as fuck.

No. 245726

>i think i might be alone in this
Nonita I'm literally you, down to having the same husbando.

No. 245730

File: 1645641901174.png (624.23 KB, 594x701, C5F916C0-B64F-4756-85A1-8CFF6E…)

my shoulders are always stiff. i need a gentle shoulder and neck massage that escalates into impregnation

No. 245812

File: 1645676243098.jpg (98.86 KB, 660x330, Las-fotos-más-calientes-de-Mig…)

Brazilian men are all chauvinists anon, I'd much prefer Spanish men, but the fantasy itself is hot as hell

No. 245813

Spanish men are pigs nonna. I'd rather have a italian

No. 245818

I'm from an Italian family myself nonanita, and I can tell you Italian men love to swing their big dicks around like it's the only thing that matters.

No. 245820

italians can be insufferable lol

No. 245822

Spanish and Italian men are horrible.

No. 245825

Italianon from above and while I've slept with Italian men and know what they're like, can you explain why Spanish men are bad too?

No. 245826

All I need to figure that out is the statistics of prostitutes in Spain. Moids are degen pretty much everywhere for one reason or another, prostitute hiring, crime statistics, son preference and coddling, etc.

No. 245842

Not contradicting you but ive never yet seen on this website the statement "[nationality] men are great"

No. 245881

Spanish and Italien men are sexist and porn ridden. Don't do it. I don't know anything about Brazilians I just thought the guy at the airport was hot.

No. 245896

Anon needs to realize that men from all Latin speaking countries are sexist/chauvinistic lol it comes with the culture. That includes Brazilians/Italians/Spaniards, but that just might be men in general.

No. 245961

I am so horny for Majima. I want a tall, buff Japanese yakuza man with long hair and a shitload of big tattoos to fuck me. Seeing his chest tattoos poke out from underneath a kimono would be sexy af. I want him to gently manhandle me then pound me hard. Afterwards, we will drink expensive whiskey and he buys me expensive items lol.

No. 245965

I've already fucked a Yakuza member and they're absolutely crazy, 9/10. Ruined sex with white guys for me

No. 245968

Anon please spill the beans

No. 245972

excuse me?????????? spill

No. 245974

He was wild and liked to be dominated, he fetishized body hair, specifically bushes and armpit hair which I liked because I didn't have to prep to shave and stuff before meeting with him, he begged me to slap him and punch him and stuff and was incredibly rock hard with a large dick the moment we kissed. He also liked using a vibrator on me while fucking me which was fun

Fucking white guys is extremely exhausting since they complain over the littlest body hair/razor bumps and it's impossible to keep them hard and when you do they just use you to masturbate

No. 245980

Damn nona sounds like a great time. Thanks for sharing!

No. 245982

If this is true then that sounds hot nonnie, though
>Fucking white guys is extremely exhausting since they complain over the littlest body hair/razor bumps
What kind of white guys have you been fucking? I haven't shaved my pubes for years and I've never received a single complaint. Maybe it's because of the men I sleep with but they usually tell me it's refreshing to see a woman who doesn't shave.

No. 245993

There's no fucking way you aren't making this shit up, nona… How were his tattoos? And his body?

No. 246083

He had a sexy dragon tattoo wrapping his back and he was one of those Asian string beans but he got buff but not roid buff

No. 246157

File: 1645825129362.jpg (36.18 KB, 798x644, EfXCE01UYAA8csO.jpg)

fake and gay

No. 246170


No. 246199

Yeah she said he was crazy but he turned out to be some boring sub?

No. 246244

I want to be fucked by a giant, blue slime. Said slime should be sentient and in love with me, does this count as monsterfucking?

No. 246245

That’s monster fucking.

No. 246247

File: 1645881220919.jpg (13.21 KB, 432x392, j22wh3t2tw351.jpg)

You mean this guy?

No. 246248

File: 1645881279627.png (503.93 KB, 960x520, b6dd96e9e38e9f5bfc32e74cc13881…)


No. 246251


No. 246255

Op here I'm literally crying why would you do this to me??

No. 246320

im calling fake but in reality its only because im jealous and got a twinge in my clit reading this

No. 246331

Submissive men are fantastic. I didn't think I'd be into it but I've never had so much fun in bed before. You mean I get to berate and tease a man, never letting him touch me unless I say it's okay, ride his face violently without being concerned about him choking, and he'll thank me and beg for more?

No. 246449

File: 1645937416116.jpg (54.95 KB, 564x768, 28c7c20a5f6136ef0272fd408080b6…)

I saw a pic of one of my husbandos holding a water gun and since then I've been thinking about someone just soaking me with it and then sucking me (nipples and clit) through the wet clothes, that would be thin summer fabric and transparent by that point. idek.

No. 246455

File: 1645943702873.jpg (35.9 KB, 612x408, gettyimages-1302784053-612x612…)

this may sound corny but the though of doing pottery with a cute guy while he's hugging me from behind turns me on

No. 246497

I like the idea of me and whoever I'm lusting over being trapped in a tight space together with no obvious escape. Not so much that we have to be directly pressed together, but close enough to it so that any movement will result in a touch. Scenario itself usually changes depending on who I'm thinking about but most of the time we're either captured or have to hide and the close proximity causes arousal.
Not sure why I like this type of thing but its become my comfort fantasy when i'm in a "no brain, only horny' mood

No. 246508

This is hot

No. 246510

I think about that too

No. 246518

File: 1645974335277.jpg (87.24 KB, 640x601, Clean-Cardboard-Box.jpg)

No. 246543

God I loved reading this fantasy, thank you anon

No. 246665

how did you even meet each other? i feel like the chances of encountering a yakuza without getting killed are pretty slim lol

No. 246980

Lately I've been fantasizing about a threesome with two cute guys where one eats me out while the other kisses and caresses me.

No. 247312

i'm all over the place. anons i just wanna messily make out and have my fingers in a guy's mouth right now i'm down so bad

No. 247313

kek anon, i'm sorry i just don't believe you. it just seems so hard to believe!!

No. 247356

NOT IRL I want a hot guy to hold me hostage. This is definitely influenced by movie scenes. There's so much about it that is arousing (in a fictional fantasy setting). His strong arm holding me to him, being pressed against his larger body, the adrenaline from being in danger, the helpless onlookers, and the fact that he could do anything he wanted. Bonus points he states exactly that as a threat while caressing me all wrong. Partly to upset the spectators, partly because it's true and he'd like to, maybe he's even planning on it. Fuck, anons, villains are so sexy okay that's why. Of course the reality is not sexy at all but revolting. I'm naturally a shy, submissive person so maybe that's why my fantasies are about someone completely taking charge and exploiting that. Let me be a blushing maiden in peace, kek.

No. 247391

God yes you and me both anon. I won’t even lie- that’s 90% of the reason I started playing rainbow six siege. I know I shouldn’t but dudes in tactical gear get me. That combined with being in a hostage situation just gets me going

When it comes to actual sex irl I’m vanilla though. It’s like a Hannah Montana situation what I masturbate to vs how I root irl.

Also Yakuza anon from a bit above is ‘interesting’. Went out once with a trust fund Yakuza kid. He was an international student in my country.I went on two dates with him because he seemed nice at first- Uber rich parents that owned night clubs and had some level of ownership in a north japanese ski resort. Found out from one of his friends his family had ties to them and did some dodgy things with financial fraud.

He was just your average run of the mill, entitled rich kid (hence why i didn’t go for a third lol) that bounced between foreign women. Pretty much admitted to dating me on the second date because he wanted to see how many blonde, European countries he could mark off. So fucking gross/worked his way around campus.

No. 247404

I want to make hot love with a curvy butchlet, no straps though, just fingering and eating each other out, maybe also a clit vibrator involved.

No. 247496

God, same nonna, luckily and hilariously butches come in the small variety

No. 247971

The idea of a fuck machine(? Idk what the proper name for it is) is really arousing to me. You get the good stimulating part of the moid minus the rest of the whining death-gripped moid, and you can control it or do whatever with it. God, don't you just love technology? I would love to get one but they're probably expensive asf. It just seems really hot.

No. 247976

Bf offered me a second round since the position I wanted was too intense for him the first time. Even though I finished already I took him up on it and he got me off again, all good. But what I found so hot was that he didn't want to get off a second time. Like I was just using his dick before he made me breakfast. He still had a massive erection when he put his pjs back on. I can see this being tough to recreate organically sighhh

No. 248034

This is so hot.

No. 248682

I want to start writing a bodice ripper with a bunch of short stories because I swear all of my fantasies are historical rn. One of my favorites is that I'm a princess who's sleeping with my head knight/guard. I'm a little naive and bratty and he's seen the world and is rough around the edges. He seems stern/mean but he's eager to please and actually a sweetheart. It's all very sweet and when the time comes to choose someone to marry to become queen I choose him because we've fallen in love after all of our escapades lol

No. 248790

nonnie…this will stay in my brain forever now i hope you know that. in the good way!

No. 248822

There’s a hot guy and a kind of cute guy working at the school where I’m doing my internships, I want them to fuck me.
I would finish my work and wait for a family member to pick me up to go home, but no one would come, so I feel bad because I don’t have money, and start walking back home even though it’s dangerous.
So the taller guy with longer hair would tap my shoulder and tell me that I could wait for him and the other guy so they can take me home.
I would tell them where I live and one of them would be like “hey, this guy lives around here too, I could give you two a ride” I would accept of course.
Then over the time, we would become great friends and we could start going out to different places for lunch and such.
Then the guy with curly hair and I would be hanging out at his house, and he would ask if it would be okay for us to hookup, and I would say yes but that I’m not experienced, so he would be really gentle with me.
Then straight hair guy would ask me the same another day in which we’re at the park or something, and he would take me to his home and I would have lots of fun with him. Maybe he’s packing and can fuck me from behind, so that’s a good idea.
And then, after hooking up with both on different occasions, they would ask if it would be fine by me to have a threesome.
Curly hair guy would finger me from behind and straight hair guy would make out with me while fondling my body and then straight hair guy would lick my clit while curly hair keeps fingering me.
I would pick one or another and the other guy that isn’t fucking me would jack off while looking at me getting fucked and he would beg to get a chance with me so I would tease him and tell him that he has to be patient, but he would while and that would be cute as fuck.

No. 248839

i stopped talking to a wannabe “alpha” scrote who kept insisting i sub for him even tho im a dom, and then immediately dreamt of domming him. the idea of breaking that damn ego and making him my grovelling bitch has made my day. what helps the fantasy that he’s actually sperging on social media about me like a loser kek

No. 248862

I think it would be fun to a medical roleplay someday. I’d do basic stuff like taking his vitals, flirting a bit and teasing him about his heart rate being a little high. Then I’d test his motor strength and act fake surprised at how strong he is. I would test his hearing by whispering something lewd in his ear and making him repeat it back to me. Of course I’d act scandalized like he’s such a creep for saying that out loud. Then I would close his eyes and test his dermatomes by running my fingers lightly across each one, still stating that this is part of a routine exam. I’d tell him I’m very concerned about some of his spinal nerves and that I have to test his BC reflex. Of course I have to explain it was hard to tell the first time so I need to do it a second time and use my mouth instead. I’d ask him to undress fully and watch him squirm, there’s a good chance he’d be laughing by now but I’d tell him to stop joking around because I’m obviously very concerned about his health. So I would “test” him for a bit and then when he’s getting excited I’d stop abruptly and tell him there’s something else in the exam I forgot. I need to test his stereognosis so I’d have him close his eyes one more time and climb on top of him, put his hand on my tummy right at my waistline and ask him what he’s touching. Of course I’d test him again but a little lower this time, and a little lower, and then I think the roleplay will be complete

No. 248871

File: 1646977184285.jpg (1.56 MB, 1373x1420, akemi-san.jpg)

I want to thoroughly pleasure a woman. She can be a frustrated lesbian/bisexual or a curious straight woman, I don't mind. I'll kiss every part of your body even if you are shy or embarrassed about it, I'm here just for your satisfaction alone, I could be your perfect tool for the night. I'll do anything you need, nothing is off limits, as long as it is pleasurable for you I'm happy. You can be the clean white dove in need of release and I the filthy degenerate for your use and delight. I just want to look at your face in pure ecstasy, loosening in bliss and intimacy.

No. 248877

whenever i read about women like you fantasizing about being such a generous lover, all i think is you deserve a woman equally willing to please you. godspeed!

No. 248879

Thank you anon, in my heart pleasuring women is on the very top of the list, I have extra love to give so I want to share it with who needs it the most.

No. 248886

Thank you nonny! Historical fantasies are so delicious, it's hard to find and the ones that are available don't do much for me. I have a few more fantasies from this "series" that I won't put in the thread until they're more fleshed out, and I'll keep you in mind if I ever start writing my book lol

No. 248890

I love this

No. 248898

this felt weirdly long when I read it for the first time… Good stuff.

No. 250299

I want to bang younger dudes when I’m old.

No. 250300

I neeeed to suck an Asian man dick

No. 250302

Fuck me too.

No. 250329

File: 1647507192367.png (220.06 KB, 327x307, 125.PNG)

I had this weird fantasy since I was a kid. I don't even watch porn….
So basically I fantasize about some girl who has a parent that married another family. In the other family, there is a boy just a bit older. Having sex with a stepbrother in all different ways and doing sexual shit behind everyone's back.

No blood-related shit, I don't float with that shit.

No. 250331

File: 1647509632238.jpg (1.05 MB, 2415x1801, akemixkaname.jpg)

I wonder if a woman would be interested in an elaborate fantasy where we plan a calm and fun day date and we end it in a passionate night at a place of her choice.
We could meet for breakfast on a bohemian cafe, I'll take a Kouign amann with a black coffee and you can have anything you want, this entire date is on me. Later we can go to a museum, art exhibition or even a farmers market, you can take cute selfies for your instagram and enjoy the culture and scenery.
After that I'll treat you to lunch at a local bar and grill that has sitting outside so you don't get too suffocated by the crowd, I'll take a bourbon and branch and a siciliana pasta, again you can chose whatever you desire along with dessert. After eating till our heart's content we can go take a light walk at the park to snap more pics and promote food digestion. Once a nice rest is taken looking at the gooses in the lake I would insist to take you to the aquarium as I find them very romantic and I wan't you to feel like you are the only woman that matters on this earth. You can take more selfies there, I'll assist you if needed, but I'll also gaze at you lovingly and push your hair behind your ear every once in a while reminding you how beautiful you are.
As dinner time approaches I ask you what would you like to get, maybe you want something fancy, maybe some take-out, but we settle for something light to make our later activities more effortless. I'll be getting a cold matcha tea and a Mediterranean chicken salad, you chose something delicious yet easy.
Now we leave the restaurant, is cold outside but not unpleasant, I fix your scarf looking into your eyes half-lidded, the quiet excitement still in the air. Is your turn to elect the place to unleash yourself from the tension that aches you. I'll accept any place you wish, it can be at your home, at a hotel or even in an alleyway, I'm here to make your desires a reality. For now I'll be selfish and get us a hotel room so we can be warm and you don't have to worry about any disarray that may happen. I tell you I need to take a shower first because we've been outside all day, you can join me if you wish or wait for me, any way is fine. After the shower I'll guide us to the bed and after that is all about you, just tell me what you need, I'll fulfil all your requests. I'll kiss you, I'll hold you, I'll bite you if that's what you are into, your enjoyment and gratification is all I need. After you are satisfied I can stay or leave at your command, if you want me to stay I'll cuddle you while stroking your hair till you fall asleep.
Sadly I will be gone before you wake up as I'm not your partner but your lover, your tool, a mere object for your pleasure. You can go have breakfast at the hotel, everything monetary related has been taken care of, enjoy yourself and your afterglow. IF you think I did a decent job at satisfying you, you have my number, I'm always available for you only.

No. 250332

I really want someone to eat me out while I'm handcuffed and blindfolded

No. 250341

I know threesomes and poly shit are scrotey but I would love to have sex with two (or three) guys who also make out and pleasure each other.

No. 250348

Come over then

No. 250351

scrote larp

No. 250361

Lesbians exist retard

No. 250364

>that syntax
>anime pictures

No. 250366

Anime pictures have always been used on this website and they're a part of imageboard culture. You're chronically online if you don't think there are women out there who like anime, especially Madoka. I don't get anons like you.

No. 250367

File: 1647522893083.jpeg (106.09 KB, 1080x991, 1622300278677.jpeg)

>You're chronically online if you don't think women like anime

No. 250370

Go to any con I promise you'll see actual woman, not to mention the literal anime threads we have on this very site

No. 250371

nta but you're literally wrong kek do you have no nerdy female friends?

No. 250381

i thought she was implying if you're even the least bit online you'd know women are into anime instead of the opposite being the case? idk though, could be anyhting.

No. 250397

I'm actually bisexual nonny but thank you for defending my name. I did expect being seen as a scrote, but I believe posting an image of real women in such intimate moments is a little impolite.

No. 250426

dw nona i found it hot

No. 250435

No. 250469

File: 1647570748641.jpeg (306.01 KB, 1780x2048, 1DDD9B2A-2964-4C29-BAD2-128ECA…)

I want a handsome muscular playful demon boyfriend so so bad, preferably with horns but as long as he’s handsome it’s daijobu He would be naughty and tease you endlessly in and out the bedroom, but inside he’s very caring and puts your needs above his and worships the ground you walk on. He adores your praise, words of affirmations and remembers all the sweet talk you tell him, glowing with pride when he recalls them. Ironically, it takes him some time to admit he really loves it due to his own pride, but eventually he lets you know how desperately he wants you. He secretly loves it when you’re the assertive type to talk back to him and tease him back.

He would be a soft dom type physically, similar to a incubus, making you beg for him and give him words of praise. Emotionally, you hold the most control over him and he’s happy to serve you; he’s highly attuned to your needs and loves pleasing you, giving you sensual massages, tender kisses, washing your feet, any gift you desire and confessing his love for you regularly. Not to mention, he would be truly a demon at eating you out, his favourite sexual act hands-down. He would know your body better than you do, how every touch elicits certain responses and the areas which you feel soooo good. Skilled with his tongue, he would take his time to gentle tease you across you clitoris and vulva, redrawing when you’re close to climaxing and denying your orgasm temporarily, gushing over how cute you are and how much he loves you and your body, holding back his erection for your pleasure. After you moan out his name, he can’t hold back and would eat you out passionately, going into your vagina and tasting you fully, which makes you come multiple times over the night.

Frequently in or outside the love making sessions, he loves to touch you all over, kissing or naughtily touching your thighs, legs, breasts and butt. He enjoys leaning into your sensitive neck/ears and kissing or biting you softly, breathing in your human essence while you stroke his fluffy demon hair. During sex, he would growl or moan your name sultrily, sometimes tapping into his predatory side to show you how much he wants you. Touching his muscular body all over, especially his chest & juicy pecs, turns him on.

When you’re out on normal dates or simply cuddling, he would occasionally bring your hand up to his lips and kiss you. Or even princess carry you while laughing heartily, especially when you’re around other people. He loves ‘marking’ you as off-limits to others and showing off what a wonderful girlfriend he has! Normal human acts of affection like kissing him back, stroking his face tenderly, hugging him suddenly makes him extremely weak for you.

Sometimes he gets insecure about being a demon and lacking ‘normal human features’ so you reassure him that you still love him the way he is, which makes him blush and melt inside, and makes him more determined to protect and love you even more. Out-of-touch with normal human activities, he loves it when you introduce him to everyday hobbies like video gaming, cooking, painting, crafting etc and puts his all into learning it along you. He wants to be the best (demon) boyfriend for you. What makes you happy makes him happy!

Make him a protective Yandere who’s jealous of other people around you and that’s just chefs kiss he would be the type of demon who marks you I could go on and on

Please know that I’ve been thinking about your fantasy for many weeks since I’ve first read it, if you ever come back write more this is too hot !!

No. 250470

You will get banned because of the emoji, newfag-chan.

No. 250471

To add on, he’s a sexyyy demon who’s highly attuned to smells and scents. He can smell when you’re on your period (which leads him to giving you greater care and tender love), when you’re aroused or wet, even when you’re afraid or sad or happy and respond accordingly. It doesn’t take too long to realise he’s extremely turned on by the smell of your sweat. When you come back from the gym or other forms of exercise, he’s immediately sniffing you all over, restraining you gently as he buries his nose into your neck, hairy armpits or pubic hair, letting out deep hungry growls and occasionally licking them. He loves face sitting and riding your clit on his face is pure heaven (or hell ) for your demon boyfriend. Drowning on your juices and grabbing onto your thighs is his ideal way to go.

As a demon, he’s unrestrained by societal norms and doesn’t care much for them (if he even bothers to find out about them). He loves seeing you in your natural state, and goes wild when he sees your full pits and bush hair, along with your musky scent. Sometimes, he wears revealing clothes like crop tops, tight fitting shirts or deep-V kimonos to show off his chest and muscles, and loves it when he catches you staring at him. A favourite couple activity of his is to go to a hot spring together and relax under the stars, while sexy teasing happens ;))(emoji)

No. 250472

It has been an honor, my nonnies and mods

No. 250491

File: 1647580741387.jpeg (104.45 KB, 750x830, ECFBCD59-CFDD-48BB-9FC4-BE5D3A…)

You're cute, Akaza anon. For that reason I will tell you: don't use emojis here, and if your post >>250472 isn't relevant to the thread, put "sage" in the email field so it doesn't get bumped. Otherwise I enjoyed reading your extensive Akaza fantasy. I also have a demon husbando.

No. 250495

Guess everything isn't daijoubu anymore, heh

No. 251366

Hi everyone I wrote about my marrying my knight husband a while back but I'm back with a different scenario. Basically I want to summon an incubus and when I'm successful an angel comes down to protect me. Long story short we start having a threesome with the incubus praising me while the angel degrades me. Not really fleshed out, I'll write the full story eventually, but just the thought of it gets my heart beating faster lmao

No. 251404

i really want to ride my bf in the backseat of our car and cover his mouth or hold him in place while i fuck him but 1. we're in a Peugeot hatchback and the car is too small and 2. i don't want to get caught and put on the sex offender registry

No. 251421

I agree that the fantasy is hot but the potential of being put on the sex offender list??? Hell no I'd never do it

No. 251433

Use a garage. If you don't have one, rent an airBNB sometime for an anniversary or birthday.

No. 251450

File: 1648060981799.gif (519.93 KB, 220x219, 250A0C23-CD3A-4BF9-A57F-6DF69E…)

It’s way too much commitment to do irl but I love having my nipples kissed/played with and I imagined getting a little bunch of mistletoe tattooed above each nipple. I don’t have any other tats and am a turbonormie in my day-to-day life, so the thought of teasing a guy for hours and then finally taking my shirt off in front of him and his reaction to seeing them (hopefully good) does something to me.

No. 251453

you could put on a fake tattoo or use henna!

No. 251476

I hope this isn't too weird, or too basic, but I want to grind my wet pussy against a guy's hard dick until he cums. I tried it twice but both times the guy ended up slipping it in and fucking me

No. 251480

Replying to old post but…

There was this "ugly" skinny nerd guy when I was in high school. He was not actually ugly, things that made him ugly were easily changeable like bad haircut, skin problems, bad sense of style. He also had that frustrated virgin incel attitude so no girl was interested in him. I actually saw his potential but was too shy and autismo to actually make a move.

Anyways he moved out and then when he returned to visit one day he has gone through a big level up looks wise but he also started acting like a dumb normie tier moid. His sense of humor became boring facebook normie tier shit (he had that deadpan humor which was hilarious before imo), he dropped his nerd interests and was into gym and tindering 24/7. He hit on me and I decided to meet him for a date, but it was just boring and the feeling was gone. A year later he started balding because he was roiding like crazy.

Anyways I still occasionally fantasize about going back in time when he was a frustrated nerd, getting him to date him and then slowly mindbreaking him into worship while he leveling up his looks into a skinny-ish light ottermode prettyboy.

No. 251507

File: 1648082542208.jpeg (13.48 KB, 260x290, 095896CE-23F4-4838-BD60-3CFE30…)

i really like the idea of mutual masturbation with my crush and him being vulnerable and moaning in my ear struggling to focus on pleasing me (but still finishing me off and being happy that he made me cum)

No. 252038

File: 1648353607318.jpeg (21.56 KB, 480x414, 77A883B1-6C3E-49CB-B2D7-0398F6…)

I just want my coworkers to fuck me, I want to take turns and be like, okay, you will fuck me every day that ends with a three, you with every day that ends with a two, you with every day that ends with a one and you every day that ends with a 0.
Most of them are soft spoken, I don’t want to be in a relationship with them, I just want them to fuck me, I want to step on the dick of the tallest guy and I want to hear the cute guy with glasses whimpering because he doesn’t have permission to cum. I want the brunet to twitch while he cums on my hand and the shorter one to lick my pussy.
They shouldn’t be this cute.

No. 252040

I just want a guy to twist aldenté riggotoni over my clit and whisper sweet fake Italian gibberish in my ear. Make-a me squirm papa.

No. 252060

File: 1648362275849.jpg (305.07 KB, 1546x2048, kanamexAkemi.jpg)

Today I'm feeling a little lighthearted.
Maybe you are lonely and need some friendly, romantic but platonic love. I could go over and cook some chicken and veggies lasagne (as it is my speciality), I'll bring some lattes and juices just to avoid consuming too much sugar. We can watch a movie of your choice while eating, relaxing, unwinding and laughing, a perfect sleepover. Then after dinner is finished and you are too tired for another movie round we can cuddle on the couch. I let you nestle on my chest, please don't worry about your weight on me, you are alike a blanket keeping me warm. I'll caress your hair and nuzzle it; I wonder which shampoo you use, it fits you, sweet and slightly fruity. Slowly I lightly rub your back in tiny circles while I continue caressing your hair, maybe we can both fall asleep on the couch. But if you yearn for more contact we can gently kiss, unhurried and shallow. To cover your face with soft kisses that dissipate your unwanted feelings, to aid you in this moment of intimate need is my only wish. To be able to look at your half-lidded eyes and see a lusty shine, a shine of desire, a shine of need. I want to satiate that need. I sit you down the couch and kneel at your knees, after that I'm ready for your commands, I'll do anything you require. Planting delicate smooches on your thighs, massaging your legs, kissing your belly. I'll go as far as you need and stop when you need me to stop, this is your night. In the morning I'll make you french toasts topped with fruit and almonds. I'll leave you to enjoy your Sunday in peace, I hope I was able to comfort you appropriately.

No. 252075

Why do some women get interested in incels who are very ugly? I've written in another thread that I believed this was a mix of mental health problems and low confidence but preferring a woman hating pimpled greasy dude to a normie who looks cute is so weird. Why are you like this? Don't you know how incels are?

No. 252083

Theyll worship you since no other girls like them.

No. 252087

I've been fantasizing about a foursome with three cute guys ever since I had a weird dream about it two weeks ago. It never appealed to me before but maybe it does now because I haven't had sex in a while. I want them to worship me and cater to me and my pleasure and stop once I orgasm, even if they haven't yet.

No. 252098

Wrong. All ugly men I know say they "settled" for their actually beautiful gfs and still have their eyes on other women while they're on hunt for someone better. Get someone who loves you because they do, not because you're the only woman who'll, in those ugly men's eyes, spread her legs for him.

No. 252167

I wish there was like regency historical costumed porn that focused on female pleasure. Like Bridgerton but explicit.

No. 252218

I wanna get gangbanged but have the dudes not in me to rub my feet, scalp, and ears at the same time to see if the pleasure cancels each other out or if it would feel even better. It's barely even a fantasy I'm just curious kek

No. 252338

The closest we have is written smut but I've found/watched a few historical costume porns, most are vintage (like 70's-mid 00's) but I enjoyed them. I try not to watch porn since it's not good for the brain and idk if the women are being abused but they're there if you look hard enough

No. 252342

This is so embarrassing but I always daydreamed/fantasised (that feels like such a strong word) about being in this exact same scenario. I don’t know why but I always wanted a woman to teach me how to kiss and do other things.

No. 252356

Drop those historical smut stories nonnie. I need to find something to read

No. 252366

File: 1648536334564.png (145.1 KB, 625x357, screen-shot-2013-01-23-at-8-50…)

I've had a longtime fantasy of seducing a priest. Not being preyed on by one, but that I'm just so irresistible that he can't help but to break his vows. There has to be some build up to it where he's struggling with his earthly desires before ultimately giving in. I feel guilty because I think it's technically a rape scene, but that one part in AHS Asylum where the devil in Sister Mary Eunice's body fucked that priest was so hot to me. I liked Fleabag a lot for that reason, but I didn't like the whole "kneel" scene. It gave him way too much power in that scenario (and felt kinda gross and predatory, given the fact that she was just having a mental breakdown about grief and guilt and hating her life) and I think the whole thing about the fantasy for me is that I have to be the one with the power. Lmao just catholic trauma things

No. 252368

File: 1648536559247.png (383.89 KB, 796x647, who-plays-father-paul-in-midni…)

Samefag but Midnight Mass was also very hot to me for this reason

No. 252374

You have my exact fantasy. The fact it's taboo and you're with a man who actually has standards and morals (or is supposed to) and yet he breaks down only for you. Hot

No. 252380

Haha you get it. The thought of you telling him your dirty thoughts/actions in confession, while he's getting all flustered with the fact that it's turning him on. He's just thankful you can't see him in the confession booth, but he feels guilty because he's definitely gonna think about it later. I blame movies and tv largely for portraying hot priests when all my priests were old and fat and unattractive.

No. 252394

since I had that dream about my foursome polycule mess with the three actors I'm most physically attracted to I hate to admit it's come back to plague me. I don't like polyamory so where this came from baffles me

idk why I'm idealizing them, I find them hot but not one of them seems like a good person

No. 252407

I can't believe how ugly male actors are allowed to be

No. 252430

Kek, and men in general.

No. 252500

File: 1648579697592.jpg (171.03 KB, 1200x800, Chi-è-Gordon-Ramsay.jpg)

>I go on masterchef
>he insults me like everyone else but I answer back and never get intimidated
>obviously this makes him incredibly attracted to me because I'm so confident and clever
>after the show we're alone in the kitchen for some reason, we argue and he does something super cliche like tell me to put my mouth to better use
>we have passionate slightly angry sex
>then we start dating and he always cooks for me and is madly in love with me
he's significantly taller than me too which like maybe 1% of moids are hhhhng anons I need him

No. 253087

Heh, lesson learnt my fellow Demon Slayer nonnie… Glad you enjoyed my writing.! If you ever write one I’ll be all eyes for it

No. 253403

I want her to sit on my face.

No. 254061

Omg I'm getting strong Sword Song vibes from this. Spoiler alert: there is a subplot with this Saxon princess Aethelflaed whose father marries her to this slimy weasel Aethelred for strategic reasons. Aethelred feels emasculated by Aethelflaed's friend Uhtred (protagonist) so he takes out his violent cuck rage on his 13-year-old wife, hitting her and making her drink dirt because the Bible says it will prove if she committed adultery. Also at one point the priests he has tormenting her and testing her "purity" want to expose her naked in front of a whole Church congregation and examine her body for signs of adultery but Uhtred saves her.

Then during a battle these viking brothers Erik and Sigefrid capture Aethelflaed and intend to hold her for ransom, but during her captivity Aethelflaed falls in love with Erik and has sex with him. They plan to run away together and start a family. But she is rescued by Uhtred and they discover she is pregnant and we can never know for certain who the father is. Ironically, Aethelflaed was an obedient good Saxon girl when she married Aethelred and never dreamed of cheating on him with Uhtred (a Viking who she sees as a brother) but his seething cuck rage alienates her to the point it drives her to seek comfort in a Viking man whose ways are so different to the Saxon men - less hung up about obedience and living a "pure Christian life." Oh and also Aethelflaed was only present at the battle because the cuck was unable to stand the idea of not being able to monitor her vagina at all times.
It's the book series that The Last Kingdom on Netflix is based on so you could just watch that instead.
Anyway I love your story, nonnie, I'm a sucker for this trope

No. 254066

i want him too…

No. 254078

Sage for violent fantasy cringe. I had a dream recently where I stalked a guy and then ambushed him. The dream ended with him restrained and trembling in fear as I was stroking his soft face. I want to kidnap a cute male with youthful looks and keep him captive until he eventually forgets about the outside world and unlearns all male socialization. Then I'd keep him as a pet/companion/assistant/punching bag lol

No. 254250

tfw no spartan bf to nurse back to health after battle and make sweet love 2 me…

No. 254672

I was riding my boyfriend and I came super hard, but he kept bouncing me and I become overstimulated. To get him to stop I kept smacking his face (involuntary) but it was so sexy seeing his eyes glossed over, under me, being smacked over and over again. I would love to do it again but I'm too lazy to ride him consistently lmao

No. 254961

I need to say this somewhere goddamn: there's this cute guy in my class: he's nerdy, intelligent, well-spoken and very polite, he looks somewhat homely but that's part of the charm. He has these sexy, almond shaped eyes and every time he looks at me I get hot flashes and start thinking on all types of scenarios. I wish I could kiss him and bite his lip, his eyes and face are pretty cute too, I want to jerk him off while I watch his flustered expression, I would kill just to get to hear his moans, I'm down bad. It's kinda crazy how he probably perceives me as this very normie, unassuming girl, he will never know I fantasize of fucking the shit out of him every time we interact, I want to obliterate his pelvis

No. 255022

i bit my bfs ear yesterday jokingly and he moaned
so i kept doing it and i never heard him moan so much in my life, it turned him on so much that he could not control himself at all and i kept doing it the entire time he was fucking me

new fetish
also he has the cutest tiny ears of any man ive ever seen so it makes it a million times better

No. 255025

I'm not into cuckhold or threesomes at all usually but the idea of crouching over my boyfriend and hugging / kissing him, feeling his warmth and safe in his arms while some other guy fucks me from the back makes me feel feral for some reason. I could never do it, I think it would be disgusting in practice, but can't help my mind from wandering sometimes when we're cuddling…

No. 255029

you and me both nonnie. and it has to be a guy like you described or else the fantasy just doesn’t work.

No. 255030

prob worse has been said in these threads but i fantasize about an attractive older man (usually 40-50) in power (so like a college professor, boss, whatever) who takes advantage of me.
or some nerdy guy (preferably with glasses) who i bump into on the street or have a class with but don’t speak much too and he just becomes obsessive and a stalker, kidnaps and forces himself on me.
but it can’t be just anyone, they kinda have to have a specific look? best example i can give is the riddler guy from the new batman movie.
should i speak to a therapist about this, probably.

No. 255031

get a older ugly bf

No. 255033

the riddler shit is reaching levels of thirst i'd previously figured to be unthinkable. he looks like a serial rapist on prednisone for god's sakes

No. 255036

no i agree, the thing is iv never seen the movie either. just saw the character the actor played and was like, yeah that’s exactly the kinda freak i want.

No. 255037

File: 1649397741366.jpeg (157.83 KB, 1200x1200, A0C4C3DC-B910-48A9-B642-7C5E5B…)

in light of sonic 2, angrier jimbotnik kidnapping and forcing me to do his bidding. except make his styling look like picrel. dark longer hair, no mustache… but keep the villain outfit.

paul dano reminds me of a skinny young version of my aunts husband the more I look at him. I will always support danofag rights, I too understand what it's like to be attracted to weird villains. even if he's not my type physically he gives me tingles lmao

No. 255068

You could probably get him, anon

No. 255072

you guys always seem to assume these men are not total freaks. guys that look homely, awkward or nerdy are even bigger wackjobs than normal guys and expect sex for their "suffering" and have like no shame. i experienced one genuine male who was like what you ideally described but he wasn't homely or insecure but still was sexually embarrassed and would cum so easily for me when we were still engaged in light foreplay and get super humiliated. it was so hot but then i had to comfort him for like 5 hours about it not being embarrassing, that i love it, that i think it's so hot, and eventually after years of the same shit it gets annoying exerting hours of emotional energy just to comfort the dude over something i have clearly explained to be hot, or else i would not be with him. and he still turned out to be an entitled dick in other ways so even when it goes right with these kind of guys, it goes wrong. and that's assuming your guy is actually not a pervert, which he probably is. the full package is impossible to find

No. 255260

Nonny sorry you've had bad experiences with scrotes but damn let anon have her cute fantasy

No. 255291

sorry true, there's just a pervasive trope about men that really rarely turns ot to be true. i blame 80s movies for this "appreciative shy cute nerd" trope.

No. 255300

I like the classical 80s nerd, but ngl, I'm also turned on by the possibility of this guy being a secret freak kek

No. 255335

shinji sato’s voice gives me monkey brain
hear fishmans must fuck

No. 255654

My ideal type would be a pale, skinny, shy, and somewhat nerdy guy (I have specific examples of people in my mind) who was also a turbovirgin. I have this specific fantasy where we'd be hanging out and I'd straddle his lap and get him so overwhelmed just by kissing him. And then I'd go and kiss his neck and his collarbones and occasionally ask him if it feels good or if I'm doing okay. He would be so embarrassed, but also wouldn't want me to stop so he'd answer "yes" in a very quiet and strained voice. We wouldn't fuck because I wouldn't feel up for it and he would be too shy to initiate so after a while I would stop and we would just go play videogames or something and for the rest of the night he would just be incredibly sexually frustrated and unable to do anything about it until I left. Sadly I think it's an unrealistic fantasy because 1) I'm way too inexperienced to ever initiate anything like this in real life and 2) most men probably wouldn't react in a cute, shy way to you initiating intimacy with them especially if they're sexually frustrated types. But I can imagine at least.

No. 255655

There is a specific ‘mu-core’ artist whose voice makes me fucking melt. i dont wanna say his name because i mentioned him in another thread recently, but i feel you, anon

No. 255657

This is my boyfriend to a T, I've essentially lived what you described and it's awesome. Just make sure he's the type to place your pleasure above his. Otherwise he will start acting extremely entitled and you'll have to put him down, which can be kind of costly with vet prices nowadays.

No. 255691

Thanks for the advice kind nona. I definitely don’t have the time or money for those unnecessary vet costs. Unfortunately (and fortunately) I work in a field that is like 90% women (and otherwise just hang out at people’s houses) so I don’t think I’ll be able to meet the qt introvert bf of my dreams. But I am happy there’s a nona out there who gets to live out the dream. Sounds like you trained him well.

No. 255710

File: 1649648141977.gif (1.43 MB, 360x259, 9F5D834D-15AF-41DB-82AC-1736E9…)

I want to travel back in time and fuck Till Lindemann. Whenever I watch ‘Du riechst so gut’ I just feel this need to be pinned down for him to have his way with me. I can’t with his face features and strong body in that clip. Not to mention his voice. I’ll never forgive the gods for letting him age so poorly.

No. 255714

I’m curious and want to know who you’re referring to

No. 255767

God anon, same, and not only he aged like milk or worse but also became more cringe… or maybe he always was but we just didn't know because it was harder to get this kind of info about famous people without social media and so on.

No. 256765

File: 1650106509222.jpg (27.58 KB, 500x602, 1649946569189.jpg)