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No. 359606

post here if you have a passion for fashion

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Pic: John Galliano Fall Winter 2009.

No. 359607

File: 1700296561938.jpg (109.66 KB, 598x900, DFRoTLZVYAAYPJD.jpg)

Bumping with stuff from my folder

No. 359608

File: 1700296598949.jpg (80.57 KB, 579x680, DFJyOr-W0AAPSqH.jpg)

No. 359610

File: 1700296930019.jpg (97.01 KB, 500x707, 403859612b165706f5dc78afb60c15…)

No. 359722

File: 1700348819626.jpg (134.63 KB, 1284x1377, E-yaR2kWUAIN7Mz.jpg)

ladies, I am craving a dramatic Mugler-esque blazer/jacket. accentuated wasp waits, pointy or padded shoulders, basques… I just obviously do not want to pay actual Mugler prices, obviously. Do you have any recommendations for the next closest thing (aside from the H&M collab lmao)?

No. 359730

Mugler was recreating 40s fashion with an 80s /90s sexy flavor so just go back to the 40s and look for inspo then build your own wardrobe. That’s what he did.

No. 359731

Not even being dismissive of Mugler I love his designs but in case you wanted a tip, that’s what he did. That’s why the new stuff after he sold the brand doesn’t hit right, they left out the structured vintage 40s flavor

No. 359736

File: 1700352496668.jpeg (89.31 KB, 370x946, IMG_2103.jpeg)

Please don’t mock me but I want to dress like this Barbie

No. 359738

Gothic bohemian is a very achievable and good style don’t feel embarrassed

No. 359739

Saw this on the front page and had to click. This is so cute. Unfortunately clothes like this are a bitch to find (unless you plan on making it) and where would you even wear this?

No. 359742

Just buy things with real embroidery not printed patterns, and also some lace embellishments. It’s an anti-fast-fashion style because you can’t get embroidery and crochet/lace in fast fashion. It will cost a bit more than some styles but not a ton, it’s a doable look.

No. 359861

I was thinking more along the lines of tips for less price-y dupes/brands but alright

No. 359864

>and where would you even wear this?
Anywhere you want aside from the obvious exceptions like your job at a law firm or a hospital etc. If you pull it off, you pull it off, simple as that. This thread is constantly baffled that people can go out in clothes that aren't a beige selection from Zara or COS

No. 359892

I adore this. It would work for any formal event for sure, just requires confidence. I'm not sure where you'd find that silhouette but black garments with gold embroidery are findable.

No. 359893

File: 1700412272498.jpg (15.34 KB, 430x811, underkjole.jpg)

What colour would be most versatile when buying a slip? I do have a black one on hand for darker dresses and I want one for when I wear lighter coloured dresses, which is better beige, cream or white?

No. 359896

I guess something close to your skin tone.

No. 359909

You can wear it anywhere. Lolitas dress in a similar way just to get iced coffee, it's a matter of confidence and not caring about stares.

No. 359924

Those clothes in that picture are completely unwearable in day to day life if you're concerned with socially fitting in instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. Unless you live in a big fashionable city where no one bats an eye at shit. Nta.

No. 359925

Yeah because they’re tiny Barbie clothes. Can’t fit into them

No. 359927

kek fair.

No. 359948

you know I don't disagree with you but I overdress anyways even if strangers stare or think I'm weird, fashion is my #1 love and form of expression. My joy from wearing cool clothes outweighs the social anxiety of sticking out but it was really hard to overcome at first tbh. I'm a little sad that all the cool "-core" aesthetics zoomers are coming up with are like an online-only phenomenon and then you go outside and everyone is wearing athleisure but oh well kek I will not spend my one life dressing boring to fit in

No. 359994

Nude for sure.

No. 360006

also ntayrt but idg this, is this kind of view an american thing? i wouldn't consider my city particularly big or 'fashionable' at all, unless you are one of those people who just consider all of europe inherently more chic or something, and i see plenty of uh. quirked up people in the streets. at my office we have a couple of zany colorful ladies and people absolutely adore them (helps that they also happen to be nice and bubbly people to match their fits). in a super corporate firm i get it, but otherwise? nobody gives a fuck

No. 360009

nta but am american and yeah outfits like that would draw attention. even a dress or skirt that's much more simpler/basic looking outside of formal settings results in people asking what occasion you're getting dressed up for (and in one instance accused of trying to 'show off' or seeking attention. again these weren't even detailed clothes, just non athleisure wear/not jeans)

No. 360020

File: 1700441674014.jpg (148.45 KB, 564x752, 2e7f638bc024930738795476c944d2…)

How to combine colors like picrel with more muted shades? I love this style but I don't fully know how to wear it and make it work without wearing all black.

No. 360032

File: 1700447430667.png (574.67 KB, 590x938, ziggy-angelic-pink.png)

Nonas, I'm really excited and nervous. I got this skirt from loveshackfancy that I've had my eye on all year at a crazy sale price and I really hope it fits, I've never bought anything from this brand before but I've been in love with the skirt's print since I laid eyes on it and am so happy it'll be mine soon. just needed to gush a little. (though i'm also kind of feeling the price, i got a cardigan to wear with it and I really hope I won't be disappointed since they're final sale kek)

No. 360033

The colors in your picrel are pretty bright, I find it difficult to match bright colors with muted ones unless it's a monochromatic palette. So rather than something muted, I'd pick a bright color similar to one in the pattern, preferably one of the main colors. For example, it it were a skirt, I'd pick a green or a magenta top. I'd sooner match it with another bright colored pattern or something neon than with muted colors. Alternatively, you get something in the same style but more muted or with fewer colors.

No. 360034

Yeah…I lived with those comments for years in a small city and then also in a large city but at the end of the day who cares

No. 360035

I am introverted but like to dress weird and deep down I wish no one would see me but they do and that’s just life. Even though other people want to say shit I dress stupid and retarded on the daily. I’ve had people say things like “you’re so colorful you must be trying to attract a man” and it’s kinda funny

No. 360121

File: 1700492629383.png (386.93 KB, 464x778, 77349hf8j.png)

>and in one instance accused of trying to 'show off' or seeking attention
I've had someone say something along these lines about me before as well. She was telling my friend that she thinks I "try too hard" because of how I style myself. Why are people so miserable kek, god forbid someone wants to wear something that isn't picrel not that I mind if people do, looks comfy but it seems like it's always people who wear the most basic clothing that talk shit about what others wear

No. 360147

Canadian so not exactly the same as America but when I wear a statement piece I tend to get compliments and people asking where I got x piece. There's probably some people who think I'm attention-seeking but they keep it to themselves.
You can't really match muted and bright like this, it just washes out the muted colours further. If you don't want to wear black you have to pick a color in the print and try to match with it. So one of the floral colors or green like the leaves.

No. 360165

What's the kibbe type if you have features that would look good in an older time period like medieval or victiorian, like when you have an 'antique' or 'old' looking face? I thought one of the classic types but my features aren't balanced enough. Thought dramatic but I'm far from looking sharp or well, dramatic and I look bad with slicked back hair and with straight cut clothing. My best hairstyles are long and wavy or curly but not in a messy way, and wavy and curly updos with tendrils around the face. As for clothing it's harder to figure out other than no sharp cuts, no tight clothing and nothing cropped.

I think my face looks like if you take a Romantic or SG face and stretch it vertically, but my body type resembles gamine (cannot pull off any of the clothing tho)

No. 360167

What's your height

No. 360173

162 cm/5'3

No. 360187

Does anyone have a good resource for determining your color season??

I've tried so many tests and quizzes online and I always get a different result. I even tried an app that used the paper test with the camera and I got a completely different result than what I usually get.

I mostly have blacks and pastels in my wardrobe which I think it's totally wrong because I usually get a type of autumn.

I'm also a (soft?) Gamine based on those AlyArt videos.

I just really want to clean up and reconfigure my closed with colors that actually will look good on me.

No. 360200

File: 1700516444571.jpg (78.89 KB, 956x1200, R U Mine.jpg)

I can't tell if my new shoes fit or not. I'm between size 8.5 and 9, depending on the shoes, and these are 8.5. They're a cute pair of low-heeled sling-backs–picrel. Not super comfortable yet which is why I'm not sure if they fit, but I think I might need to just break them in. It was the last pair in my size and otherwise sold out. I want to keep them but I don't know.

No. 360203

bring it to the color season thread nona (also, why are you spacing your post like that) >>348964

No. 360207

I think I'm just gonna start shopping at Zara and cheap Chinese retailers unapologetically because every time I go out to the mall and high end stores I notice loose threads on clothes. What's the point in spending more if it's already falling apart?

No. 360208

It's all made in the same place

No. 360210

theconceptwardrobe has a quiz that breaks down the elements of color analysis pretty well. if you're finding it really hard to figure out which season you are despite meticulous research it's possible you're in between two. I am as well, in between deep autumn and deep winter. my undertones are neutral warm and my overtones are warm so I'm too warm to be a winter, but my skin has a lot of brightness/clarity which is a winter trait (whereas autumns are muted rather than bright). I'm in-between both seasons (true dark) but lean towards autumn, so I stick with gold autumn jewellery and makeup with more warmth to the colours, but can easily wear the deep winter palette as clothing and have it complement me rather than clash even though I'm warm toned rather than cool toned.

if you have olive skin (like myself) it can be very difficult to pinpoint your season because of the yellow overtones. but the good thing about having olive skin is that it's actually easy to pull off clothes even if they're technically out of your season without them looking horrible, you can get away with breaking color rules with an olive skin tone

No. 360213

can't recommend going to tailors enough. get a regular black blazer that fits you right in the shoulders, then get it nipped in the waist, exact to your measurements. it shouldn't be crazy expensive.
i love getting my stuff adjusted to fit me or completely altered according to my vision.
not just mugler, but the 80s were so heavily influenced by the 40s. the main difference was how boxy rather than triangular everything was. (then you have more nuances with sleeve length and the overall size of things.) it gets to the point of 40s enthusiasts buying 80s clothes and styling them in a 40s way, since it's cheaper than buying 40s vintage.
i love how fashion cycles. the 70s had so much 30s inspo, and now we see the 90s making a comeback.
my schizo take is that dior's 50s feel a little bit victorian. i won't elaborate.
slight derail but tonnes of (shitty raschel) lace in fast fashion made lace feel tacky for decades. poor machine imitation of previously less accessible luxury makes even the real thing seem tacky. after polyester satin became a thing, satin (previously made of silk) stopped being associated with luxury. first it becomes accessible, then becomes overdone to death, then stops being coveted. its not accessibility im bitching about, but rather people overdoing it.
avoid white slips and white bras for thin white fabrics. they will shine through. something close to your skin tone is ideal.
reject the mall and be free. it's all fast fashion, even with a bigger price tag. i made the switch to small european brands and i'm happier. these smaller brands care about quality, and are more or less transparent about where and how they source and make their stuff.

No. 360226

File: 1700524208661.jpg (116.69 KB, 563x702, hyeinseo.jpg)

the description isn't much to go off of, but maybe SN. Apparently a lot of SNs initially think they're gamines. I think I remember the book saying something positive about antiques for soft naturals but I don't really remember. Just read the description and see if it fits.

I do this. It's fast-fashion or second-hand for me. Nothing else is worth the price tag. And honestly even fast fashion brands like Zara and HM feel really overpriced these days. I might have to suck it up and relearn how to use taobao.

No. 360700

File: 1700757096762.png (646.96 KB, 1148x696, h&m.png)

What the fuck happened to H&M since… quarantine? I used to buy there a lot, but nowadays it's almost impossible to find something that looks good, all the clothes are retarded and the styling is hideous.
Picrel, why the fuck do all the clothes have to be so short and show your belly???? It's WINTER, everyone, I'm not wearing that while is freezing outside! I wouldn't even wear this in summer, I hate when my belly gets cold, ffs.

No. 360710

Crop tops are a psyop to sell us half a shirt for the price of a whole shirt.

No. 360734

Try bershka

No. 360745

> i made the switch to small european brands and i'm happier
can you name any of these? i'm curious what's good. with many small online brands i'm afraid it's just regular crap from china but photographed well, even if they swear it's made locally, especially 'premium' basics kind of stuff.

No. 360776

File: 1700783166374.jpg (797.88 KB, 1219x1661, Malcolm-in-the-Middle-5x13-Loi…)

Where can I find a wool/any material jacket with the same soft feeling as this? The loose tie instead of buttons and trim make it more than a simple piece for me but I'm having a hard time finding something like it.

No. 360911

I wore a basic black Skims brand long lounge dress and an oversized cardigan out the other day and was asked what I was dressing up so fancy for. It's bleak in burgerland

No. 360942

File: 1700875289569.jpg (138.58 KB, 800x1200, emerson-fry-edie-dress-black11…)

Trying to figure out how to get my husband to buy me this dress for Christmas it's $200. He freaks out if I want clothes costing over $30 cause he's a man and that's what his clothes cost. Alternatively thinking of asking for a sewing machine so I can just make this stuff, my favorite clothes are usually right on the intersection of simple shape and high quality materials which for some reason is $$$. Only thing stopping me is r/sewing a lot of the stuff people make looks a little bad idk if that's just the way stuff looks when it's home made or if that's just cause its reddit. Wish clothing quality was better I refuse to pay $50 for a piece of shit see through t shirt at that point I'll just do it myself

No. 360965

>your man won't spend 200$ on your Christmas gift
RIP anon. If you have good communication you should be able to just ask for it, but if he freaks out about nice clothes it sounds doomed.

No. 360973

Stingy men belong in the deepest pit of hell. Love yourself nona.

No. 360976

girl you already know what to do

No. 360983

That's a very basic outdated dress and it doesn't even look high quality, if anything it looks worse than your average Zara or massimo dutti garment. Don't spend 200 on a dress like that, if you're gonna spend that much look into more detailed pieces that actually look expensive.
I think older women usually see a dress with a high price tag and just assume it's high quality because brands didn't use to do this types of scams back in the day, most high end brands are still producing low quality garments and most of them are just as unethical as fast fashion brands. If you want a good quality dress for a cheap price, check out apps where people are selling their second hand clothes in.

Your husband hesitating to spend as much is very weird but you didn't tell us how much you guys make and if you struggle financially so I can't really judge if he's being stingy or simply trying to save up. If he's the only one working and he makes barely 1.5k and you guys rent then yeah ofc 200 is too much for him but if you guys earn more he's being insensible.

No. 360984

>you can’t get embroidery and crochet/lace in fast fashion
Most fast fashion pieces I see have one of these three elements unless they're basics.

No. 360987

Sewing a garment yourself is often more expensive than buying if you purchase fabric new at full price, just keep that in mind if you go through with purchasing a sewing machine. Maybe look at the prices of high quality fabric per meter/yard at your local stores (if any available, plenty of stores just sell polyester) to get an idea of what you'll be spending per garment.

Cute dress but keep in mind high price tag =\=, fabric composition, stitching, details, lining etc. all matter and can't really be accurately judged from a picture.

No. 361069

File: 1700923139123.png (14.38 KB, 430x370, dunno.png)

I'm not exactly impressed, but I dunno how expensive clothes are over there so I can't tell how overpriced it is. I don't think it is a bad dress, tho a bit too boxy for my body type, but it being boxy should make it a little easier to replicate, not that I think you should go for something like that if you have never sew before, it's not too complicated, but it's not begginers stuff either. Home made clothes can just look off if the person making it doesn't have the hang of it yet, it isn't that home made clothes look bad because they are home made.

No. 361070

>viscose mix for 200
That's a ZARA tier dress, your husband is right for the wrong reasons kek

No. 361073

I like viscose and rayon, but it weirds me out a bit that something loose and boxy like that would need spandex and nylon. Are they trying to overcompensate for weak low quality rayon? For a model like that and what seems like it'd be worn in colder months there are definetely better fabric choices out there. Also, only dry clean? wtf

No. 361099

You can buy cuter and probably higher quality dresses in zara for cheaper prices.

No. 361111

For 200 and without any details (no lining, no buttons, no zippers, no pockets, no belt, nothing) that dress should've been 100% wool.

No. 361127

Honestly should but for some reason when I want something simple it seems to cost MORE than when I want something like a button down. Honestly I'm gonna go the sewing machine route I found a similar fabric for $25 a yard and I can't find the black shift dress I want in a good fabric for a good price. Will be a fun project at the least

No. 361137

Learning to sew is rewarding for sure! (Don't fall for Singer's brand reputation if you're looking into getting a new model, they're not that good anymore)

No. 361199

i'm not super into fashion but i am an artist who needs to design outfits for characters and holy fuck, this tidbit helps so much. love you nonas, if you wanna elaborate on your 50s theory i'd love to hear but just googling the similarities and comparing has been mindblowing for me

No. 361262

File: 1701007332004.jpeg (291.18 KB, 1588x1602, 89136555-69FD-4EE2-A9D2-99874C…)

I need this outfit so bad

No. 361269

This is something my mom would wear. She's 61. I guess I don't get zoomer taste.

No. 361272

What if that's your mom or another nona's mom posting on lolcow? Makes you think.

No. 361273

I wore a shrug like this in 2009 when I made a half assed attempt at mori-kei. It's cute and girly but I am very over it, hope you get it and enjoy nona

No. 361284

File: 1701022184819.png (1.54 MB, 1316x1315, suit.png)

Bit of a retard question but how easy or difficult would it be to get a man's suit altered into a female shape? I'm assuming the pants would be the hardest part and the rest is a matter of making the jacket shoulders smaller and the waist dip in a little more.

No. 361285

I'm only a hobbyist, disregard if you know better.
But I'm pretty sure suits like that will be made from a few layers like interlining materials, have basting stitches and such and ideally have hade the fronts and shoulders moulded to give the right shape???? If it was an H&M quality piece I would attempt it myself, but I wouldn't dare rip open something nicer.

No. 361286

you can get the whole thing for like $12 plus shipping if you look at secondhand marketplaces, go for it nona

I don't think it would be worth it unless you want a wide shouldered oversized 80s look or are moid-sized in some way.

If you need it tailored into a fitted modern suit, it would be the same as basically taking it apart to make a new suit out of the fabric because there's so many things to alter, even the collar, button placements, the sleeve and arm hole width, the length (and cropping it will make the pocket placement all wrong too) at this point it's better to have a suit made for you directly. Maybe if you got the moid suit for free from your dad or whatever it would be worth the trouble but besides that, it would be a lot of trouble for nothing. I'm not a tailor though

No. 361348

File: 1701054104483.jpg (27.39 KB, 400x400, Anna-Nooshin--953195746.jpg)

Places I've looked say skin/hair color like picrel go with everything, but not what looks best with it. What would look nice with it? I mostly wear army green, black, off white and brown but I want to expand my wardrobe a bit.
This jacket is so cute! If the pants are big on you it's easy to take the waist in and taper the pants on it.

No. 361404

omg nona I haven't thought about mori kei in years, I just got so nostalgic. I would never wear it today though, it's nice just scrolling through old coord pics from way back when.

No. 361421

idk but she's so pretty

No. 361564

Try wine red/burgundy, mustard yellow, burnt orange, etc. Jewel tones, basically.

No. 361740

What are the best places to shop online? (excluding depop and vinted)

No. 361745

That question is way too broad

No. 361760

Ok – trendy/everyday clothes, EU, not too expensive? Websites like ZARA or H&M but I'm wondering if there are some less mainstream alternatives people enjoy buying from.

No. 361828

Any thoughts about the 'style key" by Rita?
Sounds fun but I wanted to know if anybody ever heard of that and/or if it's complete rubbish like Kibbe

No. 361935

Does anyone know of any websites that sell decent cotton sweatpants for roomwear? I am tired of the polyster sweatpants I wear around the house, and I'd like to replace them. Taking recommendations as I search on my own here.

No. 361953

Idk how "less mainstream" it is but I almost never see those brands mentioned anywhere: Cropp and House (brand)

No. 361972

more of a vent but nonnas, I am so sick of the beige and neutrals trend. Everything's black, brown, white and MAYBE a navy if you get lucky. When did we become so boring?

No. 361974

Seems interesting, but with all style systems you should take it with a grain of salt and use it as inspiration not gospel.

No. 361976

that cardigan makes me think of labias

No. 361979

Other inditex brands like bershka, stradivarius, pull and bear maybe? Hm sucks fabric wise and zara is too expensive for the pieces when there isn't a sale although i like their style. You could also buy workout stuff from oysho, I heard good things about them and I like their underwear line.
Idk other euro brands.

No. 361980

Oh i forgot mango, similar to zara but more workplace oriented, I like their stuff a lot but some of their pieces don't last for longer than 1-2 years in my experience.

Inditex brands also do exchanges if you have issues with their products so if you're broke and can't buy better stuff, you can stick to inditex and get exchanges whenever your stuff gets deformed. I changed 2 different bags for totally new ones after they got worn out from me wearing them too much, I feel they're a trustworthy brand although they're obviously fast fashion.

No. 361999

You probably know this but this is a Sinéquanone cardigan. You can find a lot of grey ones from second hand. I've had my eye on it for a while and seeing it on a woman instead of a wire hanger is tempting me to buy one right now.

No. 362001

I like wearing neutrals but somehow the only neutrals most brands are capable of producing are black and shades of hot diarrhea beige and I don't look particularly good in either.

No. 362651

File: 1701668195817.jpeg (83.43 KB, 500x709, 2343213C-E353-4151-9D0E-BEC6E0…)

Scene is gonna make a huge comeback. Already seeing it a lot on tiktok and ig. I’m happy.

No. 362653

No. 362658

File: 1701669046375.jpg (17.28 KB, 236x260, ddcc2d9123999278d62a26d149ebdc…)

i prefer it to the disgusting trends we had growing up. the obsession with female torsos, barf.

No. 362661

Torsos and anorexia are extremely trendy right now.

No. 362665

crop tops are, but not combined with low-rise jeans. i don't see zoomers wearing shit like that.

No. 362671

I do, I’m seeing tons of zoomers on social media wearing jeans and skirts that barley cover their pelvises and start right about their mons pubis, paired with bra tops or crop tops and thongs pulled up. They probably just don’t wear them outside much because it’s freezing and also they probably don’t wanna get groped or harassed irl. Seen it quite a lot at zoomers clubs or parties tho where everyone is indoors.

No. 362759

I personally saw it frequently when it was warmer.

No. 362865

God I really don't miss the time when I'd sit down and my underwear would show. Horrible times.

No. 362875

File: 1701729839756.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.08 KB, 640x369, i1jTsHr.jpg)

I was too fat to comfortably dress this way and by the time I lost the weight the trend was over kek

> I do, I’m seeing tons of zoomers on social media wearing jeans and skirts that barley cover their pelvises and start right about their mons pubis, paired with bra tops or crop tops and thongs pulled up.
It sounds like they're trying to recreate the Manny Santos look.

No. 362876

I will never understand what's the appeal of showing off your underwear in this particular way, it makes most women look like fridges because not everyone is a hourglass or a pear that happens to have long torsos.

No. 362881

For the visible underwear, I think they think it signals sexual availability. For the low rise pants, the appeal for me was showing off a flat & toned stomach and to be seen as fit & attractive like the celebrities that wore the style. I was young with body image issues at the time..

No. 363464

File: 1701992121129.png (698.18 KB, 1020x924, 1.png)

Not impressed. Hope you guys are ready to see this colour everywhere and in everything.

No. 363520

Looks like someone's skin colour, no thanks.

No. 363523

Yes, yes, yes, I fucking love peach tones.

No. 363547

oh great just about the worst colour for my pale, cooltoned skin. Love that.

No. 363575

File: 1702040362985.jpg (101.25 KB, 800x1042, 14-1309_peachwhip_1.jpg)

Hopefully we get this peach too

No. 363585

That was my first thought when I saw it, my skin is pretty easy to match, but there are so many people who that is hard or impossible to work with or who will look like they are naked.

No. 363592

I mean… you don’t have to wear it, you know?

No. 363593

Kek that will make even more people look naked.

No. 363616

No.. but it makes shopping more difficult when a trendy unflattering colour is everywhere, that's all.

No. 363668

File: 1702075077759.jpeg (145.48 KB, 1080x866, 9FBEC57B-2FC6-44D4-9347-CACC8E…)

i was a very stereotypically fashion illiterate autist my whole life and i wasn't even aware of trends as a concept, much less had any appreciation for them. but getting a little bit into fashion has been making me very happy lately, it's nice. i may look like a real life paolo chiari figurine but i deserve to feel good in my clothes, and so do you nonnies.

No. 363671

That's nice to hear, nona. What fashion are you getting interested in?
They are literally Green Day levels of ugly kek

No. 363678

File: 1702078231803.jpeg (47.71 KB, 512x512, AA27DEC9-89C5-4311-ABE0-4D3680…)

i'm all over the place because it's kinda a whole new world to me! i think 90s (mens) streetwear is the one i'm feeling really hard after allowing myself to unapologetically like male fashion. it's all just looking at sneakers and hats for me right now though, it's much harder to find clothes i wouldn't drown in. at least having a big af head and feet is a blessing? like seriously how do you guys find pants, i've never seen anything shorter than 30 inseam even in the womens section. fellow non model height women how do you live? i don't want to get them tailored either because that's just sad.

No. 363696

Nonas, do you ever find it hard to wear some items because of what you associate them with? For example I love pleated skirts, but I see egirls/troons wear them and it makes me feel less comfortable. They're such an inoffensive item of clothing but I worry people will look at me weird for wearing them, as if I seem like some hyper-weeb type. Same goes for thigh high socks, suspender skirts, chokers and pigtails… Kind of depressing.

It might be harder with the mens section but in the womens section petite jeans are the way to go! Also the kids section may be helpful to you. I also wouldn't worry about getting them tailored, it's cheap and no one's going to find that embarassing. I know I've had to get a million of my jeans tailored. Enjoy your fashion journey nona!

No. 363810

I feel the same way about chokers. Some of them are cute, but even the normal ones (not just the ones that look like collars) make me think of BDSM and I would feel gross wearing them. Doesn't help that the only women I've seen wearing them irl were all sexually submissive and loud about it. The idea of chokers just disgusts me now.

No. 364477

i need to preface by saying that i'm a bit of a vintagefag.
i frequently buy from house of foxy (uk) and emmy design (sweden). i havent bought anything from vecona (germany) yet, but they have some really cool stuff also.
hof is great. british-made in yorkshire, super flattering. i recommend their blouses. timeless classics and the historical inspiration is very visible. the dresses are good too, but the fabrics they use for dresses aren't always historically accurate.
emmy has great merino wool knitwear. i have dresses and cardigans, and they hold up extremely well despite being worn all the time. trousers are extremely flattering, too. it can be hit or miss with fabric (i'm talking about some trousers being too thin for my very picky liking), but everything on the website is depicted and described in extreme detail, so you know what youre getting. they don't just say where the item is made, but also what country the fabric is sourced. their factories are in europe. emmy dresses are great for tall people or people with long torsos, and the bottoms have a good waist-hip ratio. they have historically-inspired styles, but also a lot of cute quirky twee stuff.
i like what katie did for underwear. british brand, but they have their factories in india. they show footage from the production process, so you can see it isn't a sweatshop. i can't recommend their 40s bra enough- it's so comfortable that i wear it even with modern clothes on the daily.
if you're looking for basic leather stuff, i bought a jacket from konopka recently. small polish brand and expensive, but in my opinion it's a better use of your money to get something once, than to get plastic faux leather every couple of years. nice quality. they do furs too, though i know that's not everyone's cup of tea.
speaking of leather, les debutantes on etsy is excellent for gloves.
memery is a small danish shoe business (with excellent customer service). their heels are so comfortable, that i can wear them all day, and i'm not a heel person at all. again, vintage-inspired designs, but those are timeless in my opinion. they recently started making knitwear, but i cant review it as i havent bought any. american duchess shoes are also good in terms of quality and comfort, but their factories are abroad. memery has a local workshop.
i do declare seems to have really nice stuff, but i haven't bought from there (yet). it's a small business. goatspell, too.
some other brands i like browsing are linen nave, sondeflor, and little women atelier. haven't bought from them, so i can't give a review.
i'd say don't bother if the suit is too wide in the shoulders (unless you want a shoulderpad 80s look). get one that fits perfectly in the shoulders, and nip the waist in with multiple darts.
i have the same issue with chokers. but there is a really cool one (two rows, with dangling peals) from regal rose that i want… i think i'll get it. i think i could pull it off with a black flowy blouse with the top buttons undone, without it looking "slutty".

No. 364741

thanks for the tips! i think i'll avoid the petite dept for now because i hate how women's trousers and jeans (appear to be?) designed, even the baggy ones manage cling weirdly to your asscrack. also maybe it's just me but wearing things labeled as petite while i'm literally average height puts a sour taste in my mouth, i just hate that word so fucking much. i just ordered a pair of youth sized levis, please pray for me anons, i'll kms if they're too long. really it's a good thing because if every cool pair of jeans fit me i'd just wanna buy ALL of them, that would be horrible. constraint makes life easier in a way!

i've seen girls style pleated skirts before irl that looked really classy anon, one girl i knew was wearing this nice gray trench coat and combat shoes with it and she looked super pretty and not like an egirl at all. she had half pigtails too now that i think about it so idk how she pulled that off kek.

No. 365389

How tall are you? If you're 160cm you can buy from zarakids and the pants will fit your leg size quite good. I don't like levis as they're too stiff and uncomfortable to me.

No. 365399

File: 1702573614598.jpeg (234.63 KB, 600x800, IMG_3350.jpeg)

striped socks and tights. i love them so much in an alternative fashion way but troons have made me embarrassed. they usually only wear those ugly pastel ones kek so i think i can get away with it
i’m a zoomer who started to dress this way and i really hope it becomes super popular again! (and the music with it) it’s so fun and unique but it’s hard finding clothes that suit the style these days. i really hope companies will catch on and start making cool clothing. hot topic has but it’s ugly compared to the old stuff. it’s the rawring 20s nona, stripes belong to scene queens not troons kek

No. 365401

>rawring 20s
oh my god that takes me right back to the Rawr xD days

No. 365425

I'm taller than average and often have problems with pant waistbands not reaching up to my waist even now so that era was a real nightmare. Low waisted jeans and especially the super skinny ones were so humiliating, I get war flashbacks whenever I see them, I am legitimately terrified about low waisted pants becoming the norm again. I always had to wear tunics or XXL moid tees to avoid flashing my asscrack in class. Not to mention if you have a hip dip low waisted pants will make it look like you've got a big fat muffin top instead. the bootcut or baggy ones were cute on a few people, I kind of like the middle from >>362658 but the others look ridiculous like their pants are just sliding off their bodies.

The entire point of fashion at that time was to get women to wax their entire bodies, starve themselves, hit the tanning beds and get surgery. Fuck that shit.

I think in this current era, the difference between an edgy/cool leather choker and a cringe thot black belt is how expensive it is, kek. More seriously they have a completely different vibe depending on whether it's made of genuine leather/good quality PU or obvious plastic, and the type of hardware they use. I'm a former goth so fetish and lingerie inspired fashion is kind of my guilty pleasure, but at some point it somehow went wrong and everything became tacky, obnoxious and cheap. My retarded PVC outfit which has accessories from an actual fetish designer somehow looks less fetishy than things you'd find in a regular alt fashion store, it's just stupid. I guess since being a pervert became a flex, they just gave up on being subtle.

No. 365572

I love mens fashion and it fits me because Im tall/broad. But Im afraid if I go too far people will think Im some sort of a genderspecial.

No. 365625

same but my goal is to look so good and fashionable that people don't assume that, since everyone knows gendies got shit style (most their fits are copying stuff they saw on tiktok).

ANON i just looked and they even have green wash pants??? did you know how much you saved my life right now?

No. 365957

File: 1702779141099.jpg (94.06 KB, 700x700, Loulou-de-la-Falaise-racontee-…)

Who are your favorite fashion icons? Mine are Luisa Casati, Loulou de La Falaise, Musidora and Grace Jones.

No. 365964

You just need to perfect your "I'm so disappointed in you" expression in case someone ever asks your pronouns. I bet you look amazing in men's fashion.

No. 366374

File: 1702935313522.jpg (132.59 KB, 508x699, 365212.jpg)

Very basic choice but I really like Carolyn Bessette's style. I think it really was casual and effortless: neutral colors, no patters, minimal jewellery and makeup… A lot of influencers try to emulate her but I think they don't make justice to her outfits because today even basic pieces of clothing have a different cut and quality than in the 90s. Bessette's style was very minimalistic but the pieces she wore were mainly from luxury brands so it's hard to get similar fitting pants or sweaters. I am not a fan of the bleached baby blonde highlights, but I still consider her facial features to be quite attractive, she looked fresh faced yet mature. She also had a rare but beautiful accessory: the Kennedy himbo (too bad he was a slut).

No. 366491

Nta but just wanted to say thanks for suggesting emmy, they have some stuff that really appeals to me! I'm really short tho so hoping the lengths work out ok

No. 367328

Btw but It’s owned by zara so same problem with shit quality clothes

No. 367332

I want to create a collection but I have no background in fashion :( but I am a design student!! But idk where to start from(:()

No. 368987

File: 1703581343584.jpeg (459.31 KB, 806x1343, A510B651-7144-4393-A992-804C55…)

Can someone help me id this purse?

No. 368989

File: 1703582207478.png (2.48 MB, 1088x1446, Screen Shot 2023-12-26 at 13.1…)

I found it, it's on shein with the code 11774973

No. 369060

File: 1703616827801.jpg (33.24 KB, 400x600, 397571981a1d116dea9bcf4d0e0119…)

I know this is 5 months old but if not being able to dress up for a few hours a day affects you this much then it seems like you have self esteem issues. Not trying to sound rude, you're probably young based on your posts and if you were a neet before then it must have taken its toll on you.
Slightly ot, but since the first lockdown I've noticed that people have become obsessed with 'self expression' to a pathological degree, I genuinely believe that people obviously it's mostly women who feel the need to spend hours each day getting ready and that they're only being their 'real' selves when they dress a certain way have extreme identity issues and a distorted view of themselves. Dressing up can be fun and is somewhat expressive but you're still you when you don't do that. Whether you're in sweats, taobao lolita knock offs or naked you're always yourself. It's a very TIF sort of worldview as well, that your appearance must match whatever it is that supposedly lies on your inside which is an impossible task btw.
I think having a personal taste and style is different from the relationship most of online have with clothes. It actually put me off from fashion so much that it was one of the things that made me drop out from fashion school which tbf wasn't the best choice in the first place and I'm glad I switched majors.

No. 369082

You wouldn't say any of this shite to a man practicing a hobby you deem worthy, or even a woman.

No. 369085

File: 1703625127279.jpg (240.02 KB, 2880x2880, 2pinterest2furious.jpg)

rate my zara order

No. 369090

why late 90s anti-fashion is still revivied in shittiest manner ever? i'm just so tired of it

No. 369097

youll throw this out by may guaranteed

No. 369099

i'm way too stingy and autistic for that

No. 369121

look into massimo dutti, similar style and colors, better quality for the same price(how much zara costs these days is unreal)

No. 369175

Does the black top have pre-molded cups or something?

No. 369191

Thanks nonna, their sale seems pretty good! Found a nice silk skirt for 60€ which is crazy, Zara would sell you a plastic one for the same price.
It's just her titties, I assume she's wearing one of those chicken cutlet stick on bras.
To elaborate, I don't throw clothes out unless they're falling apart and can't be mended. If I'm not feeling something I bought I'll get it altered or tailored, search through instagram and pinterest to find inspiration etc and "shop my stash". Sometimes you just have to let an item marinate in your closet for a while until you find a way to enjoy it. Last resort I'll sell it, donate or exchange with my friends. Maybe thrift something super cheap to go with it.

No. 369215

File: 1703682131513.jpeg (928.57 KB, 1066x1342, IMG_0415.jpeg)

I’m starting to rebuild my wardrobe from scratch. I was completely lost with clothes all over the place. Now I got the spark back that I used to have as a teen when I was into J fashion. I’m getting long skirts, super cute lace up boots, mules, a trenchcoat all in the colors creme, white or rose. I still am looking for a cute purse, cardigans and dresses. I want to make it cute but adult and kinda chic. Super excited I’m just a little bit worried that I look frumpy, though I’m quite skinny and tallish so is it something to worry about?

No. 369225

Tall + skinny is like the ideal combination for basically any type of fashion, aside from maybe over the top uwu jfashion (which isn't the picture you posted). You'd have to try pretty hard to make yourself look frumpy imo

No. 369273

File: 1703705335516.jpg (767.41 KB, 2368x2160, coach leah.jpg)

I've been looking for the perfect pair of loafers, but it's been hard. I'm a semi-recovered jfashion weeb and I wear lots of long skirts and cardigans. I feel like the chunky square loafers with chains that are trending right now really don't match my clothes, but I want something with a bit more edge than straight-up granny shoes. Here's my requirements-
>real leather
>no oversized lug soles (I think they're cute but I'm worried it's too trendy)
>no dramatically square/pointed toe
>a bit of heel
I feel like I've scoured the whole internet but these Coach ones are the closest I could find.. I'm not really a fan of the logo on them though. There's also a really cute Miu Miu block heel loafer I'm in love with but that's a bit out of my price range kek

No. 369309

Japanese women love to layer clothes and it can work well for them because they’re usually skinny with narrow frames. If you have wide shoulders, wide hips, a wide ribcage or thick legs, layering especially with voluminous fabrics like tulle skirts can easily make you look fat and frumpy. It works well for women who are ‘straight up and down’ because the volume creates the illusion of hips and a waist.

No. 369316

Lasocki. they have multiple models that match your description.
i don't know if they ship outside of poland though.

No. 369333

textures are your friend and if you ever get stuck check out wear.jp for inspo

Handbag recs: Samantha Thavasa

No. 369334

Jo Mercer Luca Loafers Black Patent? They're leather and very comfy

No. 369336

Extremely autistic post incoming but maybe somebody does get my issue: I like certain clothes on japanese women but if I see the pretty much same style on a western woman it gives off totally different vibes to me and I immediately dislike it.
For example >>369215 is cute and simple but if she was a blonde it would look like an obnoxious scandi style ig hoe who likely lives in a sterile grey beige apartment to me. Is there a difference between these outfits and the outfits I hate that I'm not noticing? Is it the bangs/hair color? The less curvy body type? I genuinely feel at a loss. I know it's stupid but when buying clothes I always feel really limited by not wanting to look like a certain type of person.

No. 369354

You know normally I'd say it's the body because Asians and Caucasians objectively have different physical traits so carry the same clothes differently but you just sound like you've got a hate boner for Western women on top of that.

No. 369393

This outfit is very cute, I think I'll buy a skirt like this.
What is your body type nona?

No. 369439

Other than smaller frame/not being fat, it's probably the hair and makeup. I can imagine a westerner in the same outfit having a hairstyle like in >>369085 or harsher makeup which doesn't mix with the image. Though those girls would still look better than a regular person

No. 369485

File: 1703774743031.jpeg (454.45 KB, 2098x1636, IMG_7042.jpeg)

God I hate Instagram fashion ads this looks like absolute shit this is not amazing fashion technology magic it is cheap stretch bullshit. And $52? Get the fuck out that should cost $7 at a sex shop

No. 369491

File: 1703777809635.jpg (125.46 KB, 564x1050, 1000002522.jpg)

I imagine them coming off more like :
It's a different vibe because of the hair and makeup but I don't think it's unreplicatable.

No. 369505

This is what I’m scared of, I have broader shoulders so I won’t layer that much and stick to necklines that flatter me. My hips are non existent though so I hope I can pull it off in some ways.
>>369336 I know what you mean, when I looked at Pinterest for outfits and the same outfit was on a western woman it just looked completely different I think it’s really about the vibe the hairstyling and make up gives >>369491

No. 369511

File: 1703784214376.jpg (14.43 KB, 275x216, 1641160660455.jpg)

No. 369512

Maybe you are just a weeaboo

No. 369514

Seeing a very stereotypical fashion of a country on another ethnicity usually looks off because we're not used to it and it usually doesn't suit them. Asian fashion is going to suit petite women while scandi fashion is usually geared towards taller model-esque women for example. Your hair texture, color and skintone also affect how an outfit looks on you.

No. 369530

File: 1703789620108.png (838.79 KB, 991x993, skirt.PNG)

Thoughts on this outfit? Because I wear some version of this every day. In colder months it's a heavy or layered sweater with a pleated skirt and tights, in warmer weather it's a thin sweater with a pleated skirt and no tights.

Usually with uggs or sandals, sometimes sneakers. I'm like an NPC with my same handful of outfits but having this combo is so easy and comfortable for me. I just worry I look childish or too casual.

No. 369556

where do you buy this kind of outfits? I want to wear something similar.

No. 369560

I think it's cute. Too casual for what though? Uni? You're not wearing a pleated tennis skirt to the office right?

Nta but like.. everywhere? It's a basic turtle neck and a basic cardigan, they sell those at any random store. Sweaters too. The pleated tennis skirt is maybe a little harder to find in store since I don't think they're trendy rn but there's several for sale on asos and zalando.

No. 369564

I also dress like this kek. I wouldn't worry about looking too casual, I guess it depends where you live but tbh I always feel overdressed when I compare myself to what people around me are wearing. If you want to "mature" the look a bit you could go for a longer skirt, or a fancier shoe like heels or loafers.

No. 369583

I could never wear this outside, I already get harassed and catcalled when I dress like Jesse Pinkman, any outfit like this would be a guaranteed automatic creepy middle aged moid magnet.

No. 369584

You can literally buy this whole outfit for under $15 on aliexpress kek

No. 369620

Honestly I find cute, somewhat unique sweaters at Ross, Marshall’s, various other cheap outlet type stores. It’s a lot of sifting through junk but I don’t mind it
Thanks nona, I would like to make my look more mature but definitely do struggle with that. I think the change of shoes would help a lot, because wearing sneakers with this outfit definitely makes it look very young
Since acquiring my own personal scary looking moid I don’t get catcalled often anymore. But honestly the last time it happened I was on the brink of death picking up a prescription at CVS and I think I was wearing a 2xl hoodie and sweats. The only real solution to the catcalling problem is making it a crime punishable by death, or at least letting us start pepper spraying them freely

No. 369690

I prefer seeing outfits on East Asian women but that's because I'm also East Asian so it's easier to get inspo lol. A lot of western makeup also doesn't suit my features or tastes. But I've still seen non-Asian women who pull off the same vibes effectively, and I still appreciate styles that don't suit me personally, it's not really inherent to race but just what's trendy in different countries I think.

No. 369759

I think simply wearing trousers rather than a miniskirt will make it look more mature, its just a sweater and shirt in neutral colots after all.

No. 369763

This is exactly what I mean. I'm not talking about westerners looking ridiculous in typical jfashion because they're simply too big, I mean that often scandi style and typical uniqlo jfashion share many clothes and yet it can look so different based on whether a japanese or a western woman wears it. Part of it is definitely tanning and harsher makeup, but I wonder whether there are other things you can do to look more cute and less office 'girl boss' (or straight up middle aged)

No. 369814

File: 1703885323214.jpg (887.25 KB, 2200x1404, autism v2.JPG)

i did a style goals collage last year >>316716 and wanted to redo it because i was curious how it would change. i like both but they're really different, probably because i live in a big city now. susan kare is still there and i'm still bald and that's what's truly important. do you guys think it's an improvement?

No. 369816

do you buy an entire new wardrobe every year?

No. 369817

Absolutely an improvement. This board is much more cohesive and has a lot more personality. There's a subtle cuteness to it that feels really genuine, sparks of love and passion pinned onto a sporty, tomboyish, fresh and fun look. The blues are great, too. All this feels very timeless to me, though I'm sure your tastes will change again as you settle into yourself. I'm so proud seeing your style evolve, nona. You inspire me, too. As for actually acquiring a wardrobe, how well did you do getting clothes aligned with your goals?

No. 369818

you can't be serious

No. 369819

i actually own none of the clothes in either collage, at least not the exact ones. the vibe is what's important! and also trying to achieve a different look with what i already have. i did buy a whole lot of new shit, not gonna lie, but i still wear browns and khakis often because they look good. the collage is more like a platonic ideal kek.
thank you, i love your description nonna. vinted has been my bff, and it's crazy how when you take the time to find clothes that fit your body properly it actually increases your confidence. but i'm such a fashion noob that i'm kinda scared of buying clothes, i'm still figuring out what looks good and what sucks, so i'm glad that you feel like i'm on the right track at least!

monkey is timeless

No. 369822

Sorry kek, perhaps "timeless" means something different between you and me? I meant timeless as in cute and appealing regardless of date or location, simply because the aesthetics, shapes, and colours are well balanced. Obviously the looks are "dated" and from a specific era, but just as people enjoy Edwardian fashion today, I can enjoy anon's style any time, too. Note that idgaf about trends or what have you, so surely that worldview influences my definition of "timeless." Words have meanings, though, and I wouldn't be surprised if my understanding is inaccurate. If you think there's a better word to say what I meant, please tell me.
It is a learning experience for sure, and it's obvious that you are learning. It sounds like improving your sense of style has been beneficial in unexpected ways, too. That's great! I've never used vinted before. I normally just buy "normie" clothes that I think are cute, flattering, and pleasing to the touch. I wonder what it'd be like if I put in the money and effort to collect clothes that I really, really love? I need money first though kek. Until then I'll just enjoy fashion from afar. I hope that you will keep cultivating your wardrobe nona. I can't wait for next year's collage!

No. 369824

Did you quit smoking by any chance? Or is the smoking PSA ironic lol? I always liked that animal campaign

No. 370091

What do you all think of the advice in this video?

No. 370131

huge improvement and you're pulling off actual turn of the millennium teenage fashion… you get it, bless you nonny

No. 370134

She seems like she’s having a lot of fun! So it was fun to watch. I would wear almost none of those outfits, the clothes seemed flimsy and there were so many mini skirts but I remember a time where my wardrobe had a lot of stuff like that so I probably would have liked this then. She’s right about layering tights although she didn’t give good or interesting examples it can be really cool to layer tights especially open designs over colors.
Her fashion is a little chaotic which is fun for her as a well groomed fit young woman but on a different person would give off a strong hobo vibe. Especially the layering coats thing lol

No. 370137

>listen guys the military layered clothes too
that got me

No. 370331

thanks anon!
i don't smoke, just showing my support. "it looks just as cool when you do it" is honestly such a great motto to tell yourself in every possible circumstance, you need to try it.
i wish money wasn't such a huge barrier in fashion, pinning and planning stage is fun but we would be so unstoppable with money. normie clothes are perfectly respectable though, as long as you like the material and fit.

No. 370631

File: 1704242179423.jpg (23.7 KB, 640x640, shirt flowers.jpg)

How to dress down floral/frilly shirts? The only thing I've found is pairing them with bell bottoms but I'm sick of only being able to wear mine with my 2 pairs of pants lol.

No. 370636

I feel like that can be combined with any neutral/matching coloured skirt or pant and nobody would think you're overdressed. At least not in Europe, but I know america has a huge athleisure culture so maybe its weird there?

No. 370640

Idk anon, I feel like skirt/shirt combo makes me look a bit like an old lady even if it's technically cute. Maybe I just need to put on different accessories and own it kek.

No. 370666

I appreciate the Delias catalogue chic.

No. 370765

I don't think such a casual and dated shirt needs dressing down.

No. 370803

The middle aged roma gypsy women in my town would wear this with an ankle length skirt. If you don't want to look like a gypsy than jeans I guess, but these shirts are just meant for maxi skirts

No. 370849

If you go to japan you’ll see thousands of Japanese women dressed exactly like this with highlighted hair and holding a LV bag, Starbucks cup and wearing uggs, contrary to what weebs believe most Japanese women dress designer-casual and more similarly to bougie American women on an average daily basis. The hyperfeminine dolly cutesy look or 100 layers of Milk and Commes clothing is actually pretty rare especially outside of areas like Harajuku.

No. 370850

No, you’re just a weeb gatekeeper.

No. 370861

The difference between these outfits and the outfits you hate appears to be a prejudice that you are holding on to. I hope you will spend less time on insta and touch more grass in the future.

No. 370862

girl it's been a week…

No. 370864

Based, time to cop some gypsy drip then

No. 370866

File: 1704327100541.jpeg (343.78 KB, 1810x1024, DA7876BB-532B-4186-8130-E6DFE2…)

I like coquette style but I don’t know what to wear on the bottom half. There’s so many cute coquette camis and cardigans but I never really know what type of skirt or pants to wear as I feel it throws the delicateness of the look off somehow. Short pleated skirts look too ‘slutty schoolgirl’ and are too hard to wear outside anyway as they constantly blow up. I guess shorts can work but I’m not sure what kind of shorts exactly, especially as I hate denim. I see some floaty pink and white short lacey skirts but they’re mostly off aliexpress and look very cheap and tacky. I also don’t know wha kind or color of jeans to wear with a delicate coquette type top. All of these skits look weird to me and throw the outfit off, make it look cheap. I also don’t want to look like pedobaiter pastel nightmare, I want to look whimsical and innocent.

No. 370867

What kind**

No. 370868

The skirts make the outfit look cheap because the outfit is cheap. Can't you wear a mid length skirt or are you a midget?

No. 370872

File: 1704329379788.png (1.26 MB, 996x1263, shorts.png)

There are those flowy running shorts (some of the especially loose/flowy ones even could be mistaken for skirts at some angles) that I think could work with the more casual tops, but I don't know if that's too "athleisure" for you.
As for jeans, maybe a soft brown, possibly corduroy too? I guess that's just regular trousers instead of jeans though lmao.

No. 370888

I originally commented about wearing a light wash of jeans, kek. I agree a lot of those skirts that you are talking about look like shit, but i think what you can do is to hunt around during the spring/summer months for cute stuff from somewhere like free the people, they tend to sell stuff like that sometimes. I'd also try to look online for second hand stuff, i think the key is to scour around in brands that sell a boho type aesthetic or very feminine stuff like loveshackfancy. I've gotten some really cute stuff from them second hand for a decent price.

No. 370894

For skirts, I'd recommend anything like LoveShackFancy. They are PRICEY though, so try to look when sales go up! Or try to look for similar styles from them from actual stores and not aliexpress or shein. For jeans, a light blue wash. Pale brown corduroy pants are good too.

No. 370938

where do i buy actually high quality , long lasting denim? im so tired of ill fitting paper thin fast fashion stuff. im willing to splurge.

>but they’re mostly off aliexpress and look very cheap and tacky

the tops look aliexpress taobao tier too. though perhaps a long , flowy white skirt might look good? very whimsiscal forest fairy vibe

No. 370939

File: 1704354430772.jpg (5.88 KB, 183x275, hhhet.jpg)

sameanon. the brandy melville izzy skirt seems like the perfect thing for this

No. 371036

File: 1704399830230.jpg (69.91 KB, 474x955, 9baeeaef645998d60197015ae2b40b…)

On sale, I bought picrel boots. How can I style them for everyday wear without looking tacky? One option is wearing them with skirts that cover the upper part of the boot. Are there any other options? How would you accessorize an outfit with boots like this?

No. 371040

>I guess shorts can work but I’m not sure what kind of shorts exactly
Not really familiar with the style so maybe I'm way off with what you're trying to achieve, but paperbag style shorts maybe? Or tweed or boho lace shorts? Pale blue skinny jeans? Skater skirts? Maxi satin skirt? I realize most of those suggestions aren't in style but whatever.

Btw no offense but most of the outfits in that collage signal the opposite of innocense

No. 371056

Second hand vintage jeans. Sadly even more expensive jeans like levis have worse quality than h&m nowadays. Tore a hole in the crotch on my new levis after a few months, while my h&m jeans took years. My hand-me-downs levis however are like 3 times as thick, had been worn by like 3 other family members for years and are stil going strong.

No. 371104

I don't think you can. The material, color and fit make the boots look "too much" in all of those regards. Sometimes less is more.
You can always try them with an outfit(in your house) and return if you find out you can't style them.
Don't buy stuff you can't wear just because it's on sale.

No. 371125

Black jeans

No. 371146

>how can I style them for everyday wear
You cant

No. 371181

File: 1704470646308.jpg (88.01 KB, 736x981, COPORDIE (copalane).jpg)

Where's a good online store that carries long, billowy pieces (skirts and shirts mainly) that aren't excessively feminine or frilly? My style inspiration is pretty much Tilda Swinton's character in the Suspiria remake. While I don't want to wear literally what she's got on in picrel, that's the vibe I want: lots of loose fabric and draping that makes big, dramatic shapes. I already dress weird so I don't care how outlandish I'd look, I just want to be big and bold but also comfy. And sorry for the spoonfeeding request, I never shop for clothes online so I feel rather clueless about what's good and what's crap out there.

No. 371185

My first thought is to try and pair them with a top or sweater that is in a similar berry-red color (or features the color if it's multi), and I'd probably stick with black or white bottoms. Brown or navy blue might look nice with that color too, actually. I hate the way they're styled in picrel though, it looks ugly and uncoordinated. Something with more coordinated colors would balance them out if you like things to be matchy-matchy, or an outfit that's monochromatic to let the boots take center stage.

No. 371269

honestly? look into abayas for muslim women kek

No. 371398

How can I dress more youthful?

I'm much more attracted to male zoomers because any man in my country above 20, 25 dresses horribly but the kind of clothes I wear likely only attract moids above 40. But I hate female zoomer fashion. I tried to be open, went to stores like urban outfitters with my little sister but everything there looks like total garbage to me.
Right now I probably look like a poor old librarian and on the streets you either see the exact same zoomer outfit, boring scandi fits or girls trying to look rich and boogie, which I hate too.
I feel really lost at what to do, I haven't bought any clothes in a year because nothing appeals to me.

No. 371403

What is your weight, height, and are you curvy or slim?

No. 371405

File: 1704544150892.jpg (903.75 KB, 1063x1051, collage 2.jpg)

Sorry dropped my sage. I think the key to looking youthful is looking casual and comfortable rather than trying to look sophisticated and refined. I made these little collages for you anon, I didn't know much about your style so just went for pretty normie fashion. Do any of these appeal?

No. 371407

File: 1704544204673.jpg (751 KB, 1080x1047, collage 1.jpg)

No. 371410

Just download tinder and set your age range to your preferences. It's weird to try and dress up youthfully in hopes of attracting men. That's way too much effort. Also most zoomers don't dress that differently than any average person on the streets, jeans and a sweater/sweatshirt is the usual fit they wear.

No. 371425

Coquette is just a ripoff of former Larme-kei and Nymphet styles, just do some more research using that, and you'll find better examples. Everything in your picrel looks like you could buy it for one and a half euro on Vinted. Nothing looks like you could wear it outside without it falling apart. Also if you think all of this is fine innocent fashion but pleated skirts are slutty, you have perspective issues.

Another anon already mentioned light brown cord and light denim washes. You can get cute 50s style shorts from pinup brands sometimes. There's also A-line miniskirts with button or pocket details.

You can't. Just own it and pull out your best leopard print kek. More seriously, I think it would be cute with oversized sailor stripes. In a way it would be like the casual version of your picrel.

I'm sorry to ask but what is your method for meeting moids ? Because from your post it sounds like you just wait for them to come to you on the street.

I noticed younger guys go kinda apeshit over cargo pants for some reason. that and the crop top x oversized shirt combo. Some kind of idealized cool girl style, tough but cute. It's not the sort of fashion you like though, right ? I guess the oversized piece x form fitting piece thing is applicable to other styles. Also, your hair and make-up play a lot. I second the advice of the other anon who said to just set your preferred age range on a dating app as it's overall easier than all that fashion telepathy shit.

No. 371431

File: 1704550641256.jpg (45.01 KB, 425x1382, 61o 280gVyL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

I'm very tall and more on the curvy side but I hate dressing sexy or showing skin.

Thanks for your effort nona. Except the red shirt one all those look more millenial-ish to me tho, especially the dress/skirt outfits? All teens/young 20s I see wear ugly old-looking baggy jeans and some tiny flimsy crop top (no matter how cold it is) paired with some chunky shoes and that slicked back hairstyle. On guys baggy pants look good but most of the female outfits looks so wannabe cheap/poor and messy. The rare ones who don't show skin wear super old-looking shirts or pullovers that look like somebody threw it away decades ago.

I don't like dating apps, I want to meet somebody organically, so I want to dress right when going out someplace.

No. 371583

You're welcome anon! You're wrong on the millenial front though — all the dresses and skirts except the black denim one are recent Brandy Melville, the navy blue dress is from a promotional pic and is actually still available on their US site. From what I could find, the girls in the photos were gen Zers too and these are all pretty recent (2022/2023) pics from Pinterest. Also if you don't like the gen Z trends you mentioned - why bother trying to emulate them? The outfits I showed you all read as youthful and overalls/sneakers/jeans and a graphic tee are pretty timeless. As a gen Z, most of my outfits resemble the ones in the pictures more than the crop top / baggy jeans trend you mentioned. Don't worry so much about whether something's "millenial" or "gen Z", go for something that makes you happy and still reads as youthful! Trust me no guy is going to look at you and go "ackshually that look would better suit an individual born in 1993".

No. 371588

File: 1704571622870.jpg (27.09 KB, 800x450, dr-martens-and-solovair.jpg)

I know I'm going to get laughed at for this but I've been really wanting to get a pair of Doc Martens but everyone online keeps advising against it in favour of Solovair but I think Doc Martens just looks nicer because of the yellow stitching. I'm in the UK right now so if I wanted to get the 'made in England' line or drop by a physical store I can but I don't want to spend money on crap that will fail me.

No. 371590

I am in desperate need for a someone that will force me to buy clothes, I really want to get new clothes but can't find anything that I like. I've been like that for the past 3 years or so. Only thing I bought is new jeans/pants but I can't find any nice tops to wear. Idk what I want.
Also out of curiosity, where can I get an oversized genuine leather jacket

No. 371599

I was in a similiar position a few years ago. Wanted to get a pair of Docs but the online reviews saying the quality nowadays is shit scared me off from paying retail and I thought Solovair looked weird. I can't pinpoint what it is, it's not just the yellow stiching because that's the only thing I don't like about docs. So I bought a second hand pair for a steal and I've really enjoyed mine a lot, so that's another option to consider.

No. 371604

I've worn mine nearly daily for 5 1/2 years now, one boot is damaged by now, but I guess it has something to do with my work and that there has always been more movement and pressure on one shoe. They are still the most comfortable boots I ever had and honestly, I dislike the yellow stitching but I probably will get a new pair just because I can walk in them for hours and my feet won't hurt. I should mention that I have the virginia leather option and I think that it's one reason why they are so comfortable and I only needed a week to break them in. I might look into Solovair boots if I have a chance to try them somewhere, but I guess I will go back to Docs.

No. 371606

The soles are nice but quality seems to be hit or miss in the six airs I've owned over the years. If you do insist on going down the docs path, try to purchase in store vs online so you may inspect the quality.

No. 371616

I guess a simple black short skirt longelseeve dress to really let them take center stage.

No. 371655

File: 1704590307311.jpg (79.95 KB, 564x927, whatshoes2.jpg)

which shoes could I switch out for in an outfit like this for winter? I'm thinking of adding a cute long coat + maybe a tote.

No. 371656

for the leather coat, try thrift stores/second-hand. I find most new purchases are either overpriced or synthetic . Just be sure to check for smoke smells etc

No. 371659

Doc Martins

No. 371663

File: 1704591487948.jpg (1000.62 KB, 2075x3130, 000016140011.jpg)

Fashion Brand Company has put out a couple pieces like that

No. 371665

I'm losing my mind at the toe talons

No. 371667

File: 1704592008371.jpg (350.65 KB, 1280x960, MANOS HANDS OF FATE.jpg)

Kek that's a cosplay from Manos the Hands of Fate.

No. 371670

File: 1704592836785.gif (13.76 MB, 550x825, ezgif.com-optimize_7_90e333e9-…)

I only know this company because a minor cow got mocked for some wizard sleeve thing she had from there. Never actually looked at their website, it's like something directed by Tim & Eric

No. 371671

File: 1704593007323.gif (11.2 MB, 550x825, alien strangling you dress - F…)

No. 371674

I'd wear it anyway

No. 371900

File: 1704668016451.jpeg (789.05 KB, 1170x2080, D1374278-9E05-4308-84A9-959CB5…)

any nonnies know where i can find food themed accessories like picrel and if this style has a particular name for it??

No. 371906

etsy, check out shops like sweet dolly house. also i think that middle right picture is by hexenhaus, you can buy their stuff on minne which is like japanese etsy. you’ll need a proxy to buy though

No. 371918

Aw this pic gave me instant nostalgia. Food themed accessories used to be so big in the late 2000s and early 2010s especially in Japan.

No. 371925

File: 1704674207503.png (1.7 MB, 1828x1344, fakefoodjapan.png)

I read a weeb blog about japanese fake food a while ago – https://www.tofugu.com/japan/sampuru/ in case you're interested. They recommended FakeFoodJapan https://fakefoodjapan.com/pages/catalog
It's more fruit and savory stuff than cakes and pastries but you might like it or there might be a link in that blog that helps you.

No. 371940

File: 1704679064785.png (1.42 MB, 1886x703, Screenshot 2024-01-07 205909.p…)


No. 371941

It's the perfect business casual look with an appropriately modest high collar neckline. Pair with a practical low pump and it's dressy enough for an interview.

No. 371942

File: 1704679368703.jpg (148.76 KB, 1154x628, q-pot collections.jpg)

I know it's kind of expensive, but what about Q-Pot? I have a small collection of jewelry from them that I cherish.

No. 371945

you're crazy that's a clubbing dress

No. 371946

if you live anywhere near a city they must have art and craft expos, women who make handmade food themed jewellery flock to them like flies. i have no idea where they congregate online because it's not really trendy anymore, i'd say it has to be facebook and instagram.

No. 371949

this will be a disaster on the wrong body type imo, but I agree with >>371945

No. 371963

File: 1704681817857.jpg (107.91 KB, 861x1024, charming-heart-01-861x1024.jpg)

bbandb make some stuff that's not too expensive. They don't open their site until the 8th of january though.

No. 371968

I'm sorry to be judgmental but this is 100% overtly sexual and even fetish-adjacent to me, idk how the other anon sees "business" or "modest" at all. I can't even see this being appropriate at most parties, this is firmly for nightlife/clubbing only.

No. 371969

nta that posted it but first post was definitely a joke

No. 371977

This takes me right back to 2008. Anon above me is right, you can still find women selling handmade ones on arts and crafts markets.

No. 371980

kek you're evil

No. 372128

I tried but every used leather jacket i’ve come across feels gross. Idk it i’m looking in the right areas.

No. 372307

File: 1704833729842.jpg (163.29 KB, 1029x1028, Screenshot_20240109_205533_Chr…)

what kind of keywords can I use to find blouses in this boxy kind of cut? picrel is from uniqlo.
mens shirts tend to be cut like this but they also tend to be made of thicker fabrics or more linen blends, which im not a fan of

No. 372311

i bought some patterned tights because i want to dress more maximalistic but i'm not sure what outfit to do. I'm always scared of colour cordinating except my usual black + one extra colour if im feeling ballsy. Any advice to break out from that?

No. 372312

time to go down the color season and kitchener essence rabbit holes

No. 372314

File: 1704835127216.jpg (107.17 KB, 494x750, cbccfe8093a9db4945d1395784579a…)

I've heard about those but my question is more how do you layer everything without it clashing? Just took the first pic that came up on my pinterest too show you what i am talking about, like these girls have a lot going on but it doesn't look out of place

No. 372315

samefag i am aware they are just doing simple colour combos but like, how do i do an outfit with 2-3 colours without making it look clashing?

No. 372321

File: 1704836635401.jpg (98.7 KB, 736x1040, c9a68d57b03934519ddb3e22002244…)

Well that's the point of colour season analysis. It's colour theory applied to fashion. That way, if you curate your wardrobe to mainly consist of clothing in colours from your season, you'll never have to worry about colours clashing because they're all complimentary due to being from the same palette. For example, these colours are all in the same palette and despite all being different, they blend well together. Nothing clashes. You can pretty much throw on anything from your wardrobe and as long as it fits right and doesn't have some hideous cut, you'll never look garish or make other people think you're colour blind.

No. 372464

File: 1704912073533.jpg (47.55 KB, 600x900, merlin_150649353_1effee6b-a18e…)

What is you opinion of Les Bouledogues Vigneronnes, the Sackler fashion line?

No. 372468

They're just copying townie outfits from The Sims

No. 372473

I think the pic you posted is very ugly

No. 372474

Looks like a thrift store challenge, butt ugly.

No. 372544

File: 1704933057268.jpg (28.98 KB, 640x960, 2057208-04-2.jpg)

Are zoomers for real with this long denim skirt trend? Does anyone actually like it? I'm horrified, usually I don't mind old trends coming back round and quite like zoomer fashion, but this is too far. It's only ever going to make you look like a homeschooled fundie.

No. 372547

I've only seen Gen X women wearing this irl and some old millenials

No. 372555

File: 1704934546062.png (213.98 KB, 380x735, ms.png)

yes, i work in fashion and this was trending. I think it's already on the way out thankfully, its kind of a hard trend to wear and doesn't suit anyone who isn't tall and relatively slim. I think maxi skirts in general will remain strong for a while yet, but the denim ones should be falling off soon

No. 372565

I love that fit

No. 372567

At least this works. The other fit was terrible and awkward. The blue denim is such an eyesore.

No. 372585

Never heard of or seen it, if it's any consolation I don't think anyone really buys into this. >90% of the people I encounter are zoomers (live in a high school and university neighborhood) and most of the alleged retarded zoomer trends that people complain about are nonexistent in real life and only represented by like 10 people sperging online or a brand trying to force a trend, don't take them too seriously.

No. 372598

Oh yeah, I wasn't complaining about it because I see zoomers wearing denim skirts all the time, it's because zoomer oriented stores are full of them rn. That's why I asked if anyone actually liked it because surely fucking not. Though I guess >>372555 can confirm it is actually a trend somehow.

I feel like tiktok and instagram have sped up the cycle of fashion trends to such an extent that designers are resorting to almost anything to have new stuff out. Just throwing old trends at the wall and seeing what sticks, either way it'll be in and out of style within a very short period of time.

No. 372603

I never saw this irl, the majority of online micro trends don't seem to trickle down to offline life.

No. 372622

In muslim countries this trend gets made fun of and you get told you look like you're going to a quran course if you wear it so no, zoomers don't actually wear it. I never saw one anyway. It seems so impractical and uncomfortable.

No. 372625

File: 1704964240206.jpg (43.14 KB, 730x1054, 1319993704_1_1_3.jpg)

I like the a-line long denim skirts better. The tight ones never fit well around my ass/waist and make me look like a square kek, plus they're uncomfortable to walk around in. I've got this one and I pull it off well but I wear it with chunky shoes or docs and black tight tops and weird belts, sometimes I also layer the skirt with a longer flowy black skirt underneath. It generally fits within my style of maxi dresses and long skirts.
I've seen a lot of stylish zoomer and millenial women pull off denim skirts this summer, but I come from a country with very tall people.

I don't know what's up lately but a lot of these fast fashion brands love to place skirts and pants way below the waist even if the garment looks better when it sits higher, like pic related I posted. I wear it on my waist and it looks way better. I know it's the y2k trend but low waist looks unflattering more often than not.

No. 372690

File: 1705000376845.jpg (1.8 MB, 2053x3264, skiert.jpg)

I'm a young millenial/old zoomer and I LOVE maxi denim skirts. Mid-waist, a line cuts are pretty flattering on most body shapes, they can be worn in summer with crop tops and t-shirts and with chunky sweaters in winter. Almost any shoe works, from low trainers to chunky loafers to docs. They're very comfy too.

No. 372695

>Mid-waist, a line cuts are pretty flattering on most body shapes
You're blind.

No. 372698


No. 372699

the top two don't fit and the bottom two would look 100% better as pants.

No. 372712

Imo denim maxi skirts look better if they have a slit or if they're asymmetric. The A-line skirts have that church girl look.

No. 372723

Me too, except I don't know that they are flattering on most body shapes compared to pants. I just personally like long skirts because I'm tall and skinny and I feel like it's a comfy feminine look that works for me (but even so I still usually just wear pants). I didn't know that denim skirts were so divisive.

No. 372731

File: 1705009086130.jpg (2.03 MB, 3264x3264, itsmyopinion.jpg)

Mid rise is the superior rise for most body shapes and weights. It doesn't let your ass hang out like low rise, and it doesn't accentuate fupas like high rise. It accentuates the hips and creates width, visually cinching in the waist. It can also hide hip dips. Only if it's a looser/baggy fit though.

No. 372734

Maxi denim skirts are a staple for the bible belt ladies.. I find them very frumpy. Not even the pretty skinny models posted above can get away with them. I like maxi skirts too, but the denim ones are just stiff and unflattering on nearly everyone and look even worse in motion.

No. 372736

I love how dowdy super religious woman and long jean skirts is a duo that transcends countries and even religion.

No. 372749

Speaking of questionable denim trends, has anyone else been seeing jorts around? Past few days I've seen multiple teen girls wearing knee length, low rise jorts and a crop top.

No. 372764

as a zoomer I had no idea this was supposed to be a trend till reading this thread. I have never seen anyone wearing a denim maxi skirt. a handful of depop teenagers on tiktok wearing something does not a trend make

No. 372870

Conversely, just because you don't like it or see it in Bumfuck, USA or wherever doesn't negate it's a trend.

No. 372875

I meant the denim maxi skirts since that's what we were talking about.

Anyway it's interesting how even the perception of what's flattering changes throughout time.

No. 372878

I live in a large capital city in Europe and have never seen this. stop trying to make people disagreeing that it's a trend a thing of them must having to live in small town USA when in reality it's not a trend, at least not outside of whatever corner of tiktok this is a thing on

No. 372885

I haven't seen them on anyone, but I see them in physical stores. Like racks and racks of the things and presumably nobody is buying.

No. 372969

File: 1705075172872.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1872x2984, my_queen.jpeg)

Does anynona know where to find scanned 90s fashion magazines (or just street photos)? Pinterest is mostly serving 90s aesthetic pics akin to the y2k trend.

No. 372973

File: 1705075673665.png (1.61 MB, 1040x1272, Screenshot_20240112-160211~2.p…)


I'm super old and love maxi skirts. Maybe that's not a good endorsement. They can look super frumpy so other anons aren't wrong per se buuut i like them on me. I have a nice one like this (can't find the maxi version just the midi version). When I wear it I just go full 70's vintage vibe with it, tight top tucked in, belt…. and pile my hair up on my head like I'm Loni Anderson…. I get compliments…. But from gen x people kek (I'm tail end gen X)

No. 372976

File: 1705076071598.png (4.24 MB, 1908x1474, Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 11.15…)

No. 372979

File: 1705076257593.jpg (24.07 KB, 474x294, th-2419784626.jpg)

Nonna have you tried looking for the Delia's catalogue? That's the style we all coveted in the 90's. There are lots of pictures online I'm sure someone must have scanned one or done an asmr nostalgia flip through on YouTube. I still feel grief over my long-gone Delia's stuff.

No. 372991

Piggybacking onto this, also Sassy scans. I’ve got my mom’s old Sassy issues because she saved them so I could maybe scan in some to post ITT if anyone wants. They’re early 90s, and she does have the Kurt and Courtney cover one kek very coveted

No. 372997


Your mom must have been popular because Sassy was the cool girl magazine - (I was a loser and had a subscription to YM.) But I can also attest that in the mid-90's probably 99% of our clothing on a daily basis was simply jeans and a tank top with an open flannel shirt over it. We all wanted a boyfriend who wore a soft henley shirt we could steal, smelling of Farenheit cologne. Piratey ruffle shirts also had a moment, just waiting for those to come back kek. We never wore blush, that was too 80's (same with tucked in tops, so 80's) I remember the first snap crotch bodysuit I ever owned, a cream mock turtleneck like in Fatal Attraction. Wearing tight tops felt very modern because the 80's was all about volume. It felt weird to wear something that clung to your body. I remember twists on 60's mod stuff also being popular, that lasted into y2k. We wore an awful lot of makeup trying to get the "no makeup" look. All very matte, lipliner in earth tones (ugh.) It's weird to watch TV shows when they try to show fashions you're old enough to remember. They always try to make them more palatable to modern sensibilities and get it all wrong. 80's hair is always wrong. It was so huge and dry and fluffy and pretty ugly. Just watch Working Girl. I was watching Twin Peaks recently and that reminded me a lot of how people really dressed and styled their hair in the 90's.

No. 373014

Thank you so much! I honestly feel retarded for not finding these kek.
I'll check it out (Sassy as well). Thanks for the recommendations!

No. 373035

Nta but thanks for an interesting comment nona. I didn't get into fashion until the last few years of the 90s, because it was then I entered my teens. I missed grunge and was all about things like printed mesh tops and other ultra modern cyber/rave inspired fashion. It felt very new and exciting and it's weird to see similar items come back now.

No. 373059

I really liked reading your comment nonna. My mom actually was in her early 20s and had me when she was getting Sassy kek she was an art teacher at the time as well. She really liked the fashion editorials in it and I grew up liking them. A lot of my style evolved from my favorite issues and the spreads within (can remember the Twin Peaks one, this one focused around roses, and one that was all light blue.) I’m 30 now but I still look back at those magazines and love them. I also had some very cool girl babysitters who wore amazing clothes as a kid. I know what you mean re trends you were old enough to actually see being watered down in modern media set back then. I’m obsessed with real 80s stuff (mom also has a lot of various magazines from then) and it’s never done right in modern stuff except maybe Stronger Thongs kek

Do you remember any outfits or spreads in particular from any magazine that stand out in your mind bc you liked them (or even hated them) so much?

No. 373095

denim is simply too stiff, bulky, and casual of a fabric to function well as a functional and flattering long skirt. each one of these outfits could be improved by with a different material or pants.

no matter how you style long denim skirts, they still make you look like a secret Mormon.

No. 373162

Oh nonna! Very fun to read about your experience, too. I do remember one fashion spread… In Delia's, it was a navy blue military style sweater with epaulettes. I coveted that sweater so much but didn't have the money. Benetton ads were extremely memorable and the brand in general was quite cool at the time. I would only hope to get my sister's hand me down Benetton stuff. Another thing I remember is a Swatch watch advertisement but that was the late 80's I think, because I remember there being pictures of Timothy Dalton as James Bond. A mint green Swatch watch seemed like the most grown up accessory to me kek. Still don't own a navy blue military sweater but I have a Swatch watch now at least. I was watching A Different World a while back for nostalgia purposes and I thought man, what I wouldn't give for some of Lisa Bonet's clothes. They just don't make clothes like that anymore. She was always so well dressed (also doesn't hurt that she is gorgeous)

No. 373178

File: 1705151454894.png (2.08 MB, 824x1624, IMG_5866.PNG)

I really really hate the newest iteration of trendy layering and maximalism among deluded instagram kids. Girl you look insane. this is just a screenshot from a reel I saw this morning, and instagram keeps recommending me these girls who dress themselves like toddlers allowed to pick out their own outfit for the first time no matter how many times I hit not interested. they all are clearly dressing to try to be unique but there's not even anything genuinely fun or eye-catching about the outfit beyond the surprise of so many ugly layers, it's just sludge with all these different elements competing with each other to be the focal point.

No. 373443

How does anyone leave the house like this? Literally Disney TV show character layering techniques but somehow worse

No. 373897

File: 1705429375098.jpg (95.5 KB, 1035x1200, enfnts-terribles-blokette-16-e…)

I really dislike blokette style in general or any subfashion/fit that seems like they came straight out of tiktok. This and blokcore (kek) are so fucking weird to me, I'm not from the UK but dressing like a working class football lad as a fashion statement is really odd to me. Also, fuck sambas

No. 373941

File: 1705439149353.jpg (311.89 KB, 719x938, IMG_20240116_220247.jpg)

nonnies how would you style this coat? My aunt gave me a similar one but with a rounder collar from when she was younger and I love how it looks but I'm lost on how to style it

No. 373953

She looks like someone you'd see chain smoking near a dirty uni accommodation in london.

No. 373970

File: 1705444147739.png (3.96 MB, 1569x2043, TaOhoPZ.png)

i had to look these terms up, and it such an ugly, unflattering, and incohesive style. sometimes wearing contrasting fabrics/fashions can be fun and look nice, but this just seems like you got dressed in the dark.

so much of zoomer fashion is just larping these days instead of actually living the lifestyle associated with the clothing and subcultures. the y2k revival trend in general is a bit strange and soulless. nothing about it feels organic and authentic, which is how much of these pieces (football jerseys worn by football fans, etc) functioned and existed during the 2000's. the clothes were just clothes. people who happened to like or do the same things tended to dress in similar ways. they weren't some contrived, blahblahcore tiktok fit like >>373178

No. 373993

This is off topic, but doesn't anyone else feel bothered by the fact that when a lot of these fashion girlies where brogues or mary janes, they always have to go for the most unnaturally bright opaque white sock that hit such an awkward and unflattering part of the calf?? I don't even need to post examples because they are right there in the post.

But to be back on topic, idk why i feel slightly irritated about stacies adapting this kind of style, i feel like a very awkward teenager would wear this unironically with no makeup and gross hair, not Bella Fucking hadid with her cat eye and slicked back hair. Also they don't seem to be embracing the frump, the pictures show them doing mild body checks to reaffirm their hotness that they lost jumping on this trend for clicks and clout. I don't really hate the blokecore trend, but i feel like it's something that shouldn't be a trend and they will all be laughing at themselves and thinking they look gross when this is all over.

No. 374063

File: 1705498701421.jpg (44.06 KB, 750x750, Gabrielle-Arruda-12-seasons-co…)

Can a kind hearted nonna recommend an app that analyses colours to me (a hopless retard)? I'm having difficulty determining where on the seasonal colour wheel I fit in because the examples provided for people to compare themselves to literally all look like me regardless of where on the wheel they are

No. 374065

If you're having difficulty with the colors, try working out your 'aspects' instead. A good website for this is theconceptwardrobe.com. For example, I thought for a year that I was a soft summer because that color palette has the colors I wear. However, I've since determined that my primary aspect is light and my secondary aspect is cool (the first thing I notice about myself is a bright/lightness, and I'm cool toned). Therefore, I'm a light summer. Soft summer has a muted primary aspect and a cool secondary one.

No. 374070

don't use apps, they're not very reliable. especially if you're olive skinned or a poc (who they basically just lump into deep autumn or winter).
warm + muted = autumn
warm + bright = spring
cool + muted = summer
cool + bright = winter. it's easy to find your subseason just by eyeballing once you know what season you're in. like if you're a deep autumn (which is high contrast with darker hair and eyes against lighter skin in comparison) the soft autumn palette will look way too desaturated and boring against you. the best way to find out your season is by doing drapes tbh (doesn't have to be your whole wardrobe, you can just do cream vs ivory white or black vs dark brown, etc) but the concept theconceptwardrobe is good at breaking things down

No. 374073

Just drape different coloured fabric on yourself when youre out shopping and you'll see what suits you or not.

No. 374099

Why bother with this if you can't tell if your own skin is cool or warm, muted or bright, how are you going to tell the right colors from the wrong ones apart when buying clothes

No. 374137

File: 1705526733508.png (330.93 KB, 606x570, EB3E5ED5-1271-49C2-B70C-8D2450…)

i can do this with other people, even from photos pretty well, like i watch color draping vids and go "yeah, i can see where you're coming from, that totally looks better" but with myself i can't get past how ugly i look in every color. should i just kms

No. 374141

Can you try to describe your coloring? Hair/skin/eyes?

No. 374151

If you hate yourself this much then maybe worry less about fashion for now. Focus instead on comfort and ease. Wear your favorite colors regardless of their season. Please be kind to yourself anon. Even if you were the most hideous person on the planet, you would still deserve to live.

No. 374217

that doesn't seem like a reliable method… anyway, probably some kind of autumn cause the other colors look slightly more horrible? maybe? also isn't it only your actual skintone that's relevant?

that's really good advice, thank you. that's interesting, because fashion to me IS mainly about confidence, not self expression. i don't see any point in wearing the styles and colors i love if they make me feel like shit. that's why i'd like to find my season so badly. i don't even feel like i hate myself, mostly just baffled at how much easier it is to see on other people. is comfort important to you, anon? how did you achieve it in your style?

No. 374265

>also isn't it only your actual skintone that's relevant?
No it's a combination of your skin, eyes and natural hair

No. 374337

Ayrt I have brown hair with dark eyebrows, light blue eyes, and very fair skin

No. 374346

File: 1705619404741.jpg (54.58 KB, 1617x921, jaxi loafer.JPG)

I'm this anon >>369273 and I finally found my perfect loafers!! Thanks for the suggestions but I should've clarified that I'm in the US. These are the JAXI from steve madden. They look pretty big in the pics but they're a perfect amount of chunk irl. They match basically everything. I've been wearing them almost every day since I got them, and gotten tons of compliments.
I actually also got the coach loafers from my original post too and while the construction and leather quality was amazing, the shape of the platform was a bit odd and I hated the giant logo so I returned them kek

No. 374392

Probably a cool season, try to drape summer and winter colors

No. 374417

File: 1705666789968.jpg (62.96 KB, 564x961, bjork red look.jpg)

Tips on drawing inspiration while still making it 'your own'? With styles I'm familiar with I can draw out the main things I like about the look but when it comes to specific people or pictures I always feel a bit lost with how to approach it. Like I can't pinpoint the main things I like about ie Bjorks artsy type of style, she just rocks it.

No. 374418

Sage for doublepost but I meant how to implement something in your own style without copying kek, don't know why this was hard to word.

No. 374422

is your undertone warm or cool? is your skin bright or muted?

No. 374425

File: 1705670178297.jpg (89.05 KB, 960x705, 529036_329693670446339_8838627…)

I think drawing inspiration from something means a deep understanding of the style you're contemplating. If you like Bjork's pants, for example, you know that it's the combination of the cut, the color, the pattern, the fit, the fabric what makes you think ''Oh, I like that'', but all those categories may rank differently in appreciation (for example, you probably would like something shorter/larger in colder tones, but would keep the same flower pattern, anything). And when it comes to building a look it's exactly the same, you may like the combination as a whole but every aspects of it would catch your attention differently (''I wouldn't wear those shoes but the top is ideal''). So basically you need to slowly build a wardrobe by experimenting while following your intuition. I think it's impossible to become a copycat when your inspiration is alternative fashion and you need to thrif in order to acquire the pieces you're looking for. People that have no originality at all imitate everything from their inspiration source (hairstyle, makeup, clothing, color palette, shoes, accesories…), but someone with criteria that knows that inspiration and appreciation for something will only get you so far because you actually need to feel and learn what looks best will eventually build their own style. And you probably enjoy different styles, that's another aspect to consider, there's some uniqueness about mixing styles. Pic unrelated

No. 374427

Thanks nonna! I'm mostly going to be closet shopping so that should help. I mostly like the childlike quality of her style (bright colors, unusual fabrics/appliques), she looks like she buys clothes that make her happy instead of worrying about if it's super flattering or too out there. I'll keep it in mind, thanks again!

No. 374501

File: 1705703048304.jpeg (127.52 KB, 768x768, 586749BF-B7C0-42D6-95CB-F7DAAC…)

Anyone know what season and Kibbe she is? I don’t know my own S/K but I have been told by a few people that I look very much like her and we also have nearly identical skin, hair and eye colors.

No. 374503

True autumn, I think

No. 374528

Soft or deep autumn. She’s not warm enough for true autumn

No. 374615

I can't tell kibbe types just from the face.
What about the contrast level though. She doesn't have high contrast for deep autumn. A bit too dark for soft autumn.

No. 374830

File: 1705844434472.png (2.82 MB, 2000x1421, Illustration2.png)

What is this called? And do anyone know brands like that? I have been looking for stuff mostly on Zalando, but it's rather limited + only part of brand's clothes is sold there, while the rest is accessible via their websites. The best if it's an European brand

No. 374861


No. 375041

I was born in 1990 and this was so interesting to read, thanks for sharing nonnie!

No. 375108

File: 1705949550509.jpg (488.66 KB, 3840x2160, Jdvs1b60.jpg)

Which boots to go for?? I can't decide between Jadon Pisa and 1b60 Bex. I found both on sale for around the same price and I've been wanting both styles since I was literally 13. I mostly wear pants but I figure the tall ones would be ok with wide leg/bell bottoms.

No. 375109

I personally find the ones on the right an awkward height. The left is cute and versatile, but that probably makes me basic.

No. 375116

AYRT and you're right, jadons are definitely more versatile. I'm still very undecided though, I find both cool in their own regard. The height of the 1b60s is a bit awkward but I always liked the idea of tall docs. On the other hand, the jadons are iconic and have that tall platform.

No. 375120

Well, what type of shoe is missing from your wardrobe? Every day black boots, or flashier boots for flashy occasions? For the record, I feel like your heart is set on the 1b60s and you just want someone to validate your unconventional purchase. No judgement from me. Follow your heart and wear what you love, make your tween self proud.

No. 375124

I don't actually need boots, I guess that's why I can't decide. I have some sleeker suede knee highs, everyday chelsea docs and a fun printed pair of regular docs. I was dead set on jadons till I saw the price of 1b60s. My one worry is how practical they'd be to wear and style. I know I can throw jadons on pretty much anything. And to be honest I dress far less edgy nowadays.

No. 375240

Slim trousers and round toe ballet pumps.

No. 375255

>My one worry is how practical they'd be to wear and style
Idk about you but for me they'd pretty much be covered by wide pant legs most of the time which kind of defeats the purpose of getting boots like that. I guess if you regularly wear short skirts/dresses or skinny jeans/trousers that lets you show them off?

No. 375287

some kind of summer, the top she is wearing fits her well

No. 375329

Ayrt, nonna you were right. I do want the tall boots more. But in reality the short ones are a lot more practical and wearable. That's why it's so hard to decide.

No. 375388

You already have two other pairs of docs (and probably at least a pair of sneakers), that's enough pairs of shoes that practicality/versatility stops being a concern imo. You can't wear several boots daily no matter how practical and wearable they are anyway, might as well get the ones you actually want and just accept you'll only be able to wear them every now and then.

No. 375413

Nonnie several of these sample images are older Antik Batik, a French brand. Extremely expensive new but they have great sales a few times a year and stuff always shows up on Yoox, Real Real, places like that

No. 375467

but looking at your own belly is fun and cute

No. 375525

File: 1706153592930.jpg (122.96 KB, 1080x1350, 1000016242.jpg)

Opinions on selkie dresses? Any anons purchase a selkie dress in the past? I'm looking for a good quality red dress for a valentine's day date next month. I don't know where to start looking.

No. 375531

Do you have any boutique shops in your city? If you have a decent budget, the price spent on a Selkie dress is probably better spent on a better quality one. Selkie dresses are not known for quality or good manufacturing, they're just pretty looking and got popular after a few influencers wore it

No. 375579

I honestly think they're ugly for the most part. Lots of them look like something a stuffed babydoll should be wearing, or maybe a flower girl at a wedding, not an adult human being. Especially the really short ones, they almost look like fetish costumes and there's no way you could bend down without flashing your whole ass. The maxi ones are decent looking sometimes.

No. 375613

They already feel dated. I rarely see women wearing them these days, but in the rare instance I do, they look a bit silly and juvenile. It's a hard style to pull off and I'm glad the trend has died down tbh. Your picrel is one of the cuter ones I've seen, to be fair.

No. 375627

if you have Facebook there's a second hand selkie group. try posting there and hopefully someone will be selling the one you want for cheap. these are so expensive full price for something that's not wearable most of the time

No. 375785

File: 1706303631638.png (2.33 MB, 982x1326, that darn shirt.png)

Be honest is this shirt ugly? I remember thinking it was really cute and wanted it so badly when I saw it in the movie Dot the I (upper pics), but now that I'm really looking at it… Its seems like the type of thing that only looks good on insanely beautiful women but not so much on an average person IRL.

No. 375788

i'd be worried about the sweat lol. super tight fitting and the fabric might be too synthetic, making you reek very quickly.

No. 375792

it is a bit ugly, the colours are muddy and the print used is odd, the different prints aren't matched well either(the motifs or whatever are too close in size), the blue brown frill is odd too, why's it all around the front of the collar and not the back? i think the frill and sleeves are what's cute to you, maybe find something else that works with those elements

No. 375801

looks like my vomit after drinking soda

No. 375802

It's hideous but ugly clothes and really weird coords are 90% of what seems to be in now so what do I know

No. 375808

it reminds me of a hyena with the frill down the back and the dots. Which is kinda cool actually. More seriously if you like it so much that you've been wanting it for ages maybe you should buy it

Platform docs weigh a ton and are wildly uncomfortable, practicality isn't something you should be worried about because neither of them will be wearable everyday, just buy the ones you want to show off.

There are no words that can accurately describe my hatred for these stupid faux bra cups that look terrible on everyone

No. 375848

>>375808 >>375802 >>375792 >>375788
Thanks anons, I do really love parts of it separately like the sleeves and the brown orangey colors but together it's all a bit ugly but I swear that shirt was so cute. I hate when that happens. Shirts with meshy sleeves are/were a bit trendy recently so I'll have some luck with finding some more in style.
Kek I see it

No. 375933

I wear docs/platform shoes almost every day, they're comfortable to me. The heaviest pair I own are ironically oxford shoes with no platform.

No. 375951

How do you dress for bright spring without looking like a box of neon crayons? I can't find any normal, casual, non-celebrity outfit examples

No. 375979

>Stick to one bright colour as your main colour
>Add in one or two other bright, complimentary colours for small accents. If you want
>Make the rest neutral
>Strive for 60/30/10 colour ratio distributed across your whole body
If you don't like those colours or dressing like this, then don't. You have only one life, so wear whatever you want. Colour Seasons seem to be in, at least on the farms, but it's not the be-all end-all of fashion.

No. 375980

This is so beautiful anon I’m jealous. Anyway I would style it with a black mini skirt and blocky or Oxford heels. White turtleneck or button up shirt underneath maybe. The cut of it looks perfect for showing off your legs.

No. 375983

File: 1706378848989.jpg (95.86 KB, 1540x1608, bright-spring-color-palette.jp…)

Easy way would be to wear colorful tops with neutral bottoms. Just pick a color and pick jeans/trousers that don't clash. Any of these colors can be paired with light wash jeans, charcoal jeans or neutral trousers. You can also do the opposite, neutral top with colored pants/skirt.

No. 375984

File: 1706379299565.jpg (59.64 KB, 564x1002, 462c6495c84eeac39ba84a3810264f…)

You don't have to go for such bright clear colors, but this is a good example of a "realistic" colorful wardrobe.

No. 375986

File: 1706379968655.jpg (2.28 MB, 4000x3000, 2475647445.jpg)

I like the style of old Hongkong actress Joey Wong but I fear that it only looks good on her because she is a beautiful star and otherwise is too laidback for a normie adult woman. I also don't really know there I can find clothes like these? It is somewhat similar to the style some 90s loving teens have but without crop tops and all that.

Another issue I have is that I know which summer clothes I like but anything suitable for cold winter is so ugly to me. Anything more warm than a denim or leather jacket looks so posh or just old imo. Most young women seem to wear nearly ankle length scandi style coats this winter and I hate those. I also hate pullovers, warm cardigans, basically everything I'm forced to wear due to the cold. Anons here seem to like japanese style, like long dresses and stuff, but I never wore skirts and dresses all my life, even as a little girl I was put in pants, so I feel like I can't do that.

No. 375988

what jeans fit is good for hiding hip dips? i have an hourglass shape but quite severe hip dips and i don't mind it normally but it looks kinda dumb in certain pants. i'm 5'8 if that matters in some way

No. 375990

Jeans with wider leg that aren't super tight around the hips. I found a pair in Zara that kind of flares out at the hip and they're very flattering. They have a little seam right on the hip that creates more of an a-line shape.

No. 375993

o, thank you. i've never tried out that style before!

No. 376007

I love her style, it’s so casual but not slobbish, just cool and simple. I think anyone could pull it off if they are clean and well groomed and confident. All of these clothes look like pieces I thrifted from the Salvation Army from 2010-2017. You can still get stuff like that at thrifts before the scalpers (resellers online kek) get to it, just gotta look and be really eagle eyed and fingered (to feel for fabrics and quality which are always better when from the 80s/90s)

No. 376008

Samefag, some of these things you could for sure find modern remakes of as well at plenty of places of course (I mostly thrift so I can’t give you any good basics shops off the top of my head. Last place I got any was OVS kek). The tops in your picrel are all very basic and look like natural materials.

No. 376014

File: 1706390815963.gif (9.59 MB, 600x594, 394f8f8b9190a376601e956ef82c3c…)

Thanks for your advice. Sadly I don't think I can thrift, I have really zero idea what to look for in fabrics, I couldn't tell what is good quality and what's bad, and what's a good price.
Plus she was so famous and rich, she likely wore stuff that might have looked simple but was actually by super expensive stores. She often wore plain white for tops, so I will try that but I'm worried about just looking boring.

No. 376019

Just..google? You literally have all of the worlds knowledge on fabrics and materials at your fingertips.

No. 376024

honestly i think this would be really easy to emulate if you just acquire a few key accessories. Some really chic nice black sunglasses, a beret, a gold crucifix on a gold chain, some other easy gold jewelery, a good leather belt with not-too-shiny gold hardware. Literally log onto etsy for all of this stuff and select "vintage" (not handmade which is dropshipped crap).

Everything else is just properly fitting vintage basics. A pair of levis that fit you. a white button down. a white t shirt. All of this stuff can be 100% cotton and doesnt need to be super high end to look good.

No. 376031

god, i've spent so much time hunting for authentic 90s pieces, but it's worth it. modern rehashings of 90s trends just feel childish and hollow. so i agree that it can help solve anon's dilemma, i feel like my style isn't that immature despite being like 10 times more casual than >>375986

i felt like this a year ago but now i don't think it's that difficult, basically for common fabrics, good = cotton, wool, maybe linen, bad = everything else that fast fashion is made of lol. different rules for winter gear and other specialized clothing obviously, but polyester is still never good for your tops and dresses. it's literally so horrible and clammy. also, a $5 cotton t-shirt and a $50 cotton t-shirt are basically the same thing.

No. 376036

Where I’m from, 90s and even 80s real vintage is still fairly easy to come by at the local thrift stores, usually Salvation Army and another school-owned and VERY fairly priced one where lots of old folks donate things or their things get sent when they pass. Just last year I got a super cute super comfy fine-check gingham button-front play suit with a sailor lattice detailed collar and wide pleated legs that make it look like a dress. It is by a label I was able to confirm as being from the 80s (G. Pellini) for around 4$ US. I noticed living in Europe thrift stores are more like true vintage and the prices are more boutique. Sorry for sperg about the romper it literally just makes me so happy to even think about it being warm enough to wear again, it’s so cute and fits so flatteringly.

No. 376075

File: 1706420332718.png (1.51 MB, 2312x1126, Screenshot 2024-01-27 at 9.39.…)

oh my gosh I LOVE this Ralph Lauren ballet bear she's so cute, whyyy does it have to be $1,690 that's just ridiculous

No. 376102

>good = cotton, wool, maybe linen
This is a risky oversimplification imo. Yeah 100% wool is great in theory but if you don't pay attention to anything else you can get a 100% merino wool sweater that's alteady pulling threads in the store because it wasn't woven tightly. Or a 100% wool coat that has uneven stitching and isn't lined.

You are so whiny. Why even ask anything if you're just going to respond with "I don't know how" and "I don't think I can"

No. 376159

true about oversimplification, that reminds me, what do you all prefer for your wardrobe essentials t-shirt/top fabric? 100% cotton, 50/50, triblend, or something else? i always go for cotton for warmer seasons but i've been thinking of giving blends another chance.

No. 376165

A Ralph Lauren jumper has no business being that expensive

No. 376167

File: 1706475613472.jpeg (154.28 KB, 800x800, 3E650D20-C009-4DC5-8A05-9857B8…)

Does anyone have any ideas on how to dress like a fairy but in a subtle everyday style? I like fairycore but not that cheap tulle dresses aliexpress kind, nor the grunge slimey colors fairycore that zoomers liked in 2021. I just want to look subtly ethereal and feminine like a fairy. I like outfits like this especially with long boho skirts.

No. 376168

File: 1706476314140.jpeg (142.37 KB, 640x640, IMG_0013.jpeg)

Anons with really wide hips in comparison to their waist, where do you find pants that fit flatteringly and last? I usually have to settle for low-waisted pants but I want some high-waisted ones preferably, because when I buy low-waisted ones the leg part is too baggy. I have a 14-inch difference between my waist and my hips and the rare solution is being lucky and finding 60s vintage cigarette pants in thrift boutiques. I have to cinch in the belt so much when I find pants that fit my hips, but then it makes my thighs appear larger than they are because I’m more slender in those areas. I can’t really explain it but my waist goes from being small to flaring out immediately and there seems to be no modern, high-quality pants that can cater to that. I don’t know if it’s worth it to learn how to make my own pants.

No. 376204

I wouldn’t know, I only wear skirts tbh. I kinda hate pants. They’re uncomfy and were invented by evil moid savages who I don’t want any association with.
t. Large hipped woman

No. 376208

I think the best is just getting the waist adjusted or learning to do it yourself.

No. 376242

Buy pants that fit your hips, get the waist taken in or do it yourself.

No. 376259

Look for brands that market “curvy” fit jeans/pants.

No. 376272

File: 1706538469905.png (439.97 KB, 493x618, lizlisasweater.png)

i'm not sure if you'd like this alternative but it reminds me of this liz lisa sweater, it's around $60

No. 376275

File: 1706538885528.jpg (12.4 KB, 169x200, B_781.jpg)

I'm going to lose my shit. I just bought a trench coat thinking it would be my size because it's XS. It's way too big. I'll never find anything my size. I have a puffer jacket that's way too big and I bought it because it was either this or dying from the cold, it makes me feel like pic rel when wearing it. I'm sick of looking like a slob and it was never a choice to begin with.

No. 376289

Similar proportions and cinching waist with belt always looked weird, i just always make sure to french tuck. Learning this skill is always desirable, but you can find someone for that, it saves a lot of nerves.
It might create a problem of not being able to wear it over hips.
Kek true, i wish i wasn't feeling stupid in them.

No. 376305

You can't. Taking pants that fit your hips to the seamstress and getting the waist made smaller is the only way in my experience.

No. 376310

If you're that small and/or short, maybe check the kids' deparment or Asian brands?

No. 376316

The only store that has a kids' section that doesn't make me look childish is very expensive. I'm not willing to drop 350€ on a polyester coat, even if it's kind of cute and my size but I'm still occasionally looking for what's on their website from time to time because in case there are sales. As for Asian brands, small sizes for coats tend to be out of stock fairly often so it seems like I'm not the only one with that issue, but they helped me getting really nice trousers and sweaters before so I also occasionally check their websites. I'd like to wear neutral, business casual clothes that make me look my age. Kid's sections seem to be either the same things as what's sold to adult women but just a little smaller or the same size, or the most childish, ugly, bright pink frilly garbage ever, no in-between. I'm going to the mall tomorrow, wish me good luck.

No. 376317

Seems obvious but have you tried petite brands/lines? Asos has a bunch.

No. 376335

File: 1706560558058.png (526.67 KB, 736x965, 31029756_hi.png)

I'm not familiar with Harry Potter. Are these supposed to look like turds?

No. 376348

They are wizard hats, cataract-chan

No. 376351

Kek it really does look like lovingly crafted plastic poops

No. 376448

Me again, I think I should bitch here more often because I just found two coats my size instead of just one, after years of looking for one in that specific style. I gave back the trench coat I bought yesterday too. I guess going to Zara twice in a row was worth it because they change their collections way too often, the coat I found there today wasn't anywhere in the stores I checked yesterday.

No. 376479

File: 1706643647753.jpg (48.78 KB, 700x700, venus_necklace_1.jpg)

What do you think of venus symbols in jewellery? Tacky or beautiful? I'm thinking of buying a silver tiny one like the picture.
You'll have to buy pieces one buy one having in mind actual styles like boho, like you said. I think you should go for natural fabrics like cotton, wool, viscose and linen, maybe some beaded things (preferably glass beads not sequins), vintage floral patterns and small silver accesories with natural crystals. You could learn how to crochet and make yourself some cute tops and shawls. A lot of women sell handmade clothes on the internet that look fairy-medieval-hippie, but they are probably expensive (quality is great tho).

No. 376482

Wow is really does look like two joke dog shits lol

I think it’s adorable

No. 376484

I've never ever seen someone wear a venus sign before so I can hardly think of it as tacky. I think the one in your picture with the slightly uneven edges is cute.

No. 376485

I’ve started making and knitting my own clothes and embracing the kind of raggedy hand knitted look. But for some reason I feel kind of embarrassed in public at times especially when I’m around very groomed stylish people, because I feel like I look like a hobo/slob. I don’t care as much as I used to. But I think it’s because I grew up poor and having raggedy or dirty looking clothes was always something I was terrified of being shamed for and I always made a huge effort to look as neat and groomed and clean as possible so people wouldn’t make fun of me. I don’t like the clean groomed girl look tbh and have no interest in wearing it, but I still get these weird pangs of insecurity at times. The only girls I knew who dressed like slobs were ultra rich girls who had nothing to prove. But ofc I wasnt one of them. How do I stop feeling embarrassed by my outfits in public even though I know I like them? .

No. 376490

Anon, you said you have just started to knit your own wardrobe, maybe you should check videos with tips on how to make your projects look more well fitted? I've seen those in the sewing community, old ladies helping people by pointing out how some small details give away the fact that your clothes are handmade (nothing wrong with that, but sometimes people want them to look less obviously handmade). I've only been crocheting for some months and I plan to make my first knitted scarf next month so I'm an absolute beginner but I've noticed that I feel more comfortable wearing my stuff if I use good quality yarn (NO ACRYLIC EVER) and I make sure the colors complement me well.

No. 376504

Thanks nona, the clothes I like aren’t really the fitted kind. I joined a hippie commune of ravers and most of us make our own clothes and give pieces to each other. They are really good at knitting and sewing, and they dress in very free fitting, unstructured type clothing, which I also really like a lot. I also get pieces from them because they make really nice crochet and silk pieces from other clothes, everyone here dresses in that kind of raggedy style lol. But they’re mostly all rich kids and have no insecurity about being perceived as poor in public by others. For some reason I feel weird going out in public wearing the kind of stuff they do, but it’s annoying because I like it and feel very comfortable in it. It’s all my own neurosis, I just wish I could shake it and wear whatever I want without worrying about judgment.

No. 376505

Also agree with you, I feel less uncomfortable when I’m wearing silk or high quality natural yarn clothing. I’ve always felt more self conscious in cheap fabrics, and I avoid wearing anything that’s badly knitted or badly made.

No. 376556

File: 1706670380931.jpeg (94.77 KB, 500x682, Tara Turner for the Face with …)

every day i'm surrounded by young people who dress like tiktok influencers, pls pray for me. i don't think of myself as very susceptible to peer pressure but it's making it difficult to cultivate my own independent style when everyone around me looks so vibrant and cool and there's such an overwhelming amount of fashion related input going into my brain which i'm struggling to navigate.

No. 376577

Honestly if I'm thinking of the right type of clothes you're wearing, I'd be thinking of you as weird/artsy, not poor. Poor people dress like regular people but more unfashionable because they're wearing old/mismatched pieces Unstructured hippie stuff is not what I think of when I think of poor people's clothing.

No. 376583

anon this sounds awesome! I crochet and whilst I know a few people who do I'd love to be able to be surrounded by people who make their own clothes - sounds really exciting. I know you feel really insecure about wearing them but as someone else who grew up poor, in all honesty you won't look like a poor person. It could be because I live in a University city but the kind of people wearing those kinds of clothes are like art school/student/rich types anyway

No. 376610

What kind of "girly" clothes could look good on someone who is average-curvy and tall? The only stuff I see are kawaii or lolita adjacent clothes that only really look good on skinny petite girls and women. I love cute stuff and pastels but it's hard to incorporate it in a way that doesn't look childish or outlandish. Sometimes I think "just wear what you want" but then I see pastel fashion girls my size at conventions and it just looks… childish and ugly (and I'm into the style so I shouldn't feel that way, ya know?). Is it possible to make it look good or is it really just for petite women?

No. 376614

File: 1706708372437.jpg (113.68 KB, 564x701, 77887aa4a1c289bff093cef7b1dfa4…)

In my opinion the kawaii lolita stuff looks childish on everyone, even petite women… isn't it kinda the point? First off I would focus on what suits you : are pastel colors flattering on you ? I think they are really hard to pull off for a lot of people and they can make you look really bad (especially if it's a full pastel look). Finding something that suits your coloring and shape is the most important thing to feel confortable imo, so you don't have to exclude a whole style that you like but just adapt it to yourself. I'd look into preppy and romantic keywords on pinterest, those styles feel girly but mature at the same time (like I just searched up romantic curvy outfits and found a ton of nice inspo). You can tone down a look by using more muted colors, neutrals, with some pastel accessories, or mix up basic pieces with cutesy girly stuff, or wear pastel with fitted clothes in a more elegant/sexy way like picrel. It's all about finding a balance between girly and mature. I'd also look for vintage fashion inspo, you'll find more curvy models and Definetely try to find inspo from people who have the same kind of build and features as you do, for me it's way easier to shop and find what could suit me and differenciate what I'd like to see on myself vs what looks good because someone else wore it.

No. 376626

File: 1706711337271.png (362.23 KB, 525x525, otonagirly.png)

Maybe you could take some inspiration from the adult girly/大人ガーリー style if you're into j-fashion? There are lots of cute and feminine aspects to it but it's more mature looking/less costume-like than lolita or other kawaii j-fashion styles.

No. 376627

Otona kawaii/"adult girly", retro-inspired styles, and other subtle kawaii classics like big sweaters, tulle skirt etc.

Just avoid the very stereotypically childish things like big peter pan collars, high twintails, leg warmers and that stupid jirai kei make-up and you'll be fine.

No. 376658

Surely there must be outfits or styles you can think of that aren't kawaii/lolita/jfashion but are still girly or feminine to you, even if it isn't in a very youthful/childish way, right? Take those outfits and get similiar pieces but in pastel instead. People think too much in boxes so it's hard to imagine a more mature/grownup/mainstream feminine look in pastels when it's always presented to you in neutral or dark colors.

No. 376683

File: 1706739244575.png (2.06 MB, 1391x1053, 291377155.png)

I treated myself and bought this ring. There was a matching necklace but I refrained for now even if it was beautiful. Maybe if it stays on their site for a while.

No. 376731

Boot indecisive anon here, I got the ankle boots (jadon pisa) and they don't fit. I got my usual dr marten size but they're too narrow and short as well. And they don't suit me kek, they look like clown shoes on my bigfoot self. Newer dr marten models all seem to be more narrow than the ogs. So in conclusion: if you have flat feet or can sometimes go half a size up, order jadons in a bigger size and get insoles, don't be like me.

No. 376735

>look like clown shoes
The fucking struggle of bigger feet esp if you’re on the leaner side bc it makes them just look yoog. There are some styles of boots and shoes I stay away from bc it looks like I’m a Kingdom Hearts character kek

No. 376736

but if you got big shoes, then they take up more space in your outfit, and if you pick good shoes it'll basically make the whole outfit look good. embrace your cartoon character feet.

No. 376757

Thank you for this refreshing take nonna I really appreciated it kek

No. 376780

>In my opinion the kawaii lolita stuff looks childish on everyone
ayrt I didn't mean exactly "kawaii", but it was the only "all pastel" style I could think of (as a non-fashion savy person).
>are pastel colors flattering on you?
I feel like they aren't, which makes me sad because I love them. I wanna find something that works for me.
>I'd look into preppy and romantic keywords on pinterest
>Maybe you could take some inspiration from the adult girly/大人ガーリー style
>Otona kawaii/"adult girly"
Thanks nonas, these help! I think especially the "romantic" tag helps. "Otona kawaii" looks cute but it again only gives me petite skinny japanese women so it's hard to tell if it would actually look good on me.

No. 376788

File: 1706810940504.png (232.95 KB, 385x533, churchmonkee.png)

AYRT, you are so right finally someone to commiserate with. Most of the time I don't mind the look, especially on other people. I have other big ass boots but these just don't make me feel good kek I think it's the fact they're more narrow? Not sure but my dream is dead. Now I'm back to looking at knee highs and also these cute lil goofy shoes. They also give clown vibes but they're so ugly-cute it works.
I fully support anyone with big feet wearing yoog shoes, my hang ups are entirely my own! Wear what makes your heart sing.
Color wise, pastels can be tricky but I think anyone can make them work. You just have to find the right undertone and brightness for your complexion. I look horrid in pastel pepto bismol lana del rey 2014 pink, but light, muted greens and slightly darker muted pinks compliment my skintone well. On the topic of cute fashion, I don't see why the only options being presented are kawiwi and pastels. Western styles can be romantic and girly too. Cottage-core is dead but I'd consider it romantic and feminine. You could take elements from it like ruffle blouses, long skirts, flower prints, cozy knits and adjust to whatever your vision is. Searching modest coquette outfits on pinterest brings up cute, feminine fashion that's not too outlandish.

No. 376789

File: 1706811272035.jpg (20.34 KB, 310x527, ac5fc86145c6d40656a5171a000798…)

For example, this is neither kawiwi nor pastel but it's still pretty cute and feminine.

No. 376790

Ntayrt but how can I make pastels work if ALL muted colors look terrible on me and my skin/hair/eyes are too saturated and high contrast?

No. 376791

Accessories and accents.

No. 376792

So you're some kind of a winter then?

No. 376794

Can't pastels also be bright though? Or are pastels inherently muted and people label them wrong?

No. 376795

pastels can indeed be bright

No. 376805

I can't believe I got meme'd into buying high-waisted jeans. They're alright while I'm walking around and make my butt look great, but the moment I sit down for five minutes the pressure on my stomach becomes unbearable.

No. 376814

you might need to buy a size up. I love high waisted jeans and they never really cut into my stomach while sitting down. I've had this one pair of high waisted old navy jeans for 8 years and I wear them nearly every other day. I only feel comfortable if I know my ass is securely inside my pants kek.

No. 376863

File: 1706845526005.jpeg (322.21 KB, 1297x1794, IMG_4645.jpeg)

I want to buy something from the online store sweetchilling but there have been so many online Chinese resellers that I don’t know if it’s worth the $100 price tag or if it’s actually a decent quality brand.
Any help nonas

No. 376864

or… they might not be high waisted enough

No. 376881

Nothing in that pic is worth $100

No. 376890

File: 1706854736208.jpg (52.49 KB, 500x667, 036975e6f6618131.jpg)

nta how high is it supposed to be? any higher would probably hurt even more kek

No. 376891

File: 1706854920798.jpeg (79.62 KB, 600x714, 6F0EF75E-7A58-4169-8146-1F148F…)

i just made a grailed account and i'm gonna flirt with the sellers to get cute graphic tees.

No. 376892

I'm not familiar with the brand but everything in the picture looks thin and polyester. I looked the website up because I was curious to see if I was right and they don't even list the fabric composition on any of their items, says enough. Product pictures are sketchy too.

No. 376894

I beg you to use ur brain and read the material composition

No. 376895

>memed into buying high waisted pants
Are you a time traveller from 2008? How did you not try high waist until 2024? What is happening

No. 376897

Just smoke some weed and you’ll lose inhibition

No. 376908

Excatly. The three golden rules for me are: good quality materials, correct size and right colors.
That looks like a ring a mermaid would wear. What's your style?
Pastels inherently muted and have low saturation, all seasons have pastels in their palettes so you just have to find what pastel tones work best for you.
>graphic tees
Are you the lesbian anon who dresses like Jared Leto? Sometimes I think of her

No. 376910

I feel like this could be replicated using Uniqlo or similar tbh

No. 376911

File: 1706869370367.png (9.39 KB, 800x520, rainbow-of-neon-pastels.png)

Pastels range in saturation, they don't have to inherently be muted.

No. 376913

i'm the opposite, i can't stand my belly hanging out above the pants like an old beer gutted moid so i love high-wasted pants. And feeling like my ass or panties are showing every time i sit down is stressful

No. 376918

File: 1706873469253.png (22.2 KB, 642x153, pastels.png)

You posted a pic of the most brightness pastels can get but that's still low saturation, all the colors present in the picture remain very soft. Pastels do come in a range but that range is always is in the low saturated/muted side, you just posted the most intense possibilities. As I said, all seasons have pastels in their palettes so the anon interested in adding them to her wardrobe will have no problem regardless of her season.

No. 376920

>lesbian anon who dresses like jared leto
she sounds awesome! but no, i'm the straight anon who dresses like adam sandler. i'll flirt with the depop girlies too though, as long as it gets me a discount.

No. 376923

I know haha. To my defense I don't follow trends and I bought these two years ago, I only wear them in winter. I guess I gained weight since last year but they still seem to fit me perfectly fine overall, except the waist part that presses precisely on the spot where I can't handle it.
Totally valid points nona. I'm jealous they work for you.

No. 377138

File: 1706983494159.jpg (58.12 KB, 564x701, 5bd1f92e514e5c9c77911b28ef3e14…)

What anonnas think of indie sleaze revival?
I feel kinda ancient seeing how I dressed at 12-16 (fashion gets late in my country) make a come back. In the other hand, I already put some fits together as I have clothes from that era and I have two pair of skinny jeans from my boyfriend waiting to get tailored.
I kinda dig that you have a range of options, from the alexa chung really cool and put together look and more leaning to a rockstar feel, to the party girl full of sequins and in provocative outfits.

No. 377165

I bought a lot of stuff on sale this winter but I don't feel that bad. I'm excited about putting together new outfits! It's like pinterest but irl.

No. 377166

I didn't understand what indie sleaze meant back then and I still don't get it now. Like I see a bunch of pictures and can't see what they have in common besides having terrible hair. That's not a "range of options" to me that's just several different styles that got lumped together because there weren't enough folks in each to make a bunch of -cores out of them. I need explanations.

No. 377171

File: 1706995564263.png (768.14 KB, 881x855, bbb.png)

a lil collage of latest buys

No. 377175

I got my order recently, and the items are really nice but everything is slightly but noticeably oversized on me. I may try to get them tailored.

No. 377190

I love the style but would hate to see it go through the hands of tiktok zoomers to satisfy their constant need for always the next new thing only to be discarded in 5 months when the next next new thing comes along.

That said I haven't actually seen it even though I've seen claims of it coming back since the pandemic

No. 377299

Do you have pictures of you/your friends' style? Or online pics similiar to it. I'm quite curious about the handmade stuff especially.

No. 377373

File: 1707072614958.jpg (59.41 KB, 483x720, ce3e2b2c475e6dea9fb9ac77bb66fe…)

Well sometimes searching for inspo I have the same confusion lol. My guess is that how aesthetics work before the -core era: Just a vibe, a bunch of scenes from different areas, a set of "influencers" to look at (Alexa Chung, Cory Kennedy, Cobrasnake subjects, Chloe Sevigny, Sky Ferreyra, Effy and the Skins cast, etc), brands that have quite the vibe like YSL or American apparel.
Btw this is PJ Harvey.

No. 377374

File: 1707072982355.mp4 (5.32 MB, 720x1280, 91af6028badbe2cdc3cf79a301718c…)

I have bad news for you anonna… though the forth outfit is cute.

No. 377401

maybe i was preoccipied with life but i'm almost certain nobody dressed like that in 2007

No. 377472

I was 18 in 2007 and no. If anything her style feels more tumblr indie girl circa 2012.

No. 377538

same. maybe it's just where i lived but i never saw any girls dressed like this. it was all about vests with skinny jeans, layered tops, and dresses or skirts over leggings.

No. 377556

At home I've started dressing as a scene queen. I dont think i'd ever leave my house like this but its so healing to my inner teen who used to dress like this

No. 377572

None of these looks strike me as "it girl" from any year between 2007-2024.

No. 377899

File: 1707301588221.jpeg (887.11 KB, 873x1134, 1707251333218.jpeg)

What shirt is she wearing?

No. 377902

Dior, judging by context clues.

No. 377910

I know a lot of girls who dressed like this in 2007 actually. Most of them are 40+ now though, mainly early 40s late 30s. It wasn't considered cool I think they called that shit indie or hipster or something.

No. 377975

Yeah, I think my confusion mostly stems from the fact that I didn't listen to any of the music or know a lot about the scenes. Just from looking at it the common thread style-wise seems to be "curated cheap" + old school rock star vibes with an ironic twist, I guess ? but the only real staple still seems to be the messy hair and make-up.

No. 377982

The "indie sleaze" aesthetic is too broad and varied to be defined. It's only a style retrospectively. If you look at cobrasnakes photos or the indiesleaze instagram the only constants are drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Makeup and hair are messy because you snorted coke in the bathroom of a club and went on a multi day bender.

No. 378018

It was super popular until like 2012 or so, no? Then it evolved into that… weird tumblr thing. Remember how popular nipple pasties were? Such a weird era. Seeing litas make me feel like I'm in a fever dream.

No. 378161

>too broad and varied to be defined
I feel like this is only true through the lens of 2020s aesthetics/core-styles that exist within this tiny framework of hyper specific elements which define the style and from which next to no deviation is allowed or it gets labeled as something different entirely.

But maybe that's the difference between a "style" and an "aesthetic"

No. 378300

Americafags, any advice on where I could find full cotton feminine clothing on a budget? Would just going to thrift stores be my best bet? Last time I went, I was not surprised majority of the clothes there were Shein rejects.

No. 378410

You're sorta right and wrong. Indie sleaze was a scene, first and foremost. A music scene, a clubbing scene, an indie diy scene and later a pop-cultural moment for the rich and famous as well as normal people. The music ranged from indie to rock to electroclash and dance and the likes of LMFAO. It's silly to try to define it strictly.

No. 378789

How do I wear black/fully opaque tights? I thought they would be cute but I tried them on my favorite skirts and it looked ugly.

No. 378792

File: 1707750357216.jpg (284.53 KB, 1920x2457, 25891adc8599a90080f5fbd6f57e58…)

i just got these for a huge discount, they were the last size in the store and sold out everywhere!! tiny bit small for me but after stretching them in the freezer they're all good. any suggestions on what kind of outfits to pair them with? i'm really into floridacore/burgerpunk atm

No. 378815

what brand are these? they’re cute

I think white chunky tennis shoes look good with cargo pants or a sleek dress/skirt, since it subverts the classy look

No. 378818

What can I wear with hot pink vans shoes?

No. 378827

File: 1707761793913.jpg (638 KB, 1080x1947, B jsisjwnynsja.jpg)

They look the best if you go monochromatic with your whole outfit imo. Or if they're a pop of color like picrel. Also this might be autistic but I think opaque tights look better with heavy weight clothing, like a knit dress.

No. 378828

I think Bershka. They were really popular some time ago.

No. 378829

File: 1707762099780.jpg (92.72 KB, 735x732, 4621da47a7b26ba4b8caa6e23b9e28…)

They also look nice with grey tbh.

No. 378841

nta but god that sneakers with classy dresses trend is so hideous

No. 378889

File: 1707770306528.jpeg (99.22 KB, 564x846, IMG_0379.jpeg)

ayrt I think it’s cute if done right

No. 378892

struggling to think of a fit in which hot pink vans would look good, but something alt/y2k sounds like your best bet

No. 378894

File: 1707770912651.jpg (48.33 KB, 640x425, swimsuit.jpg)

Does any brand still do patterned swimsuits sorta like pic rel, or any that have so I could get it second-hand? I don't want plain solid color ones, I like it when they have unique designs with different patterns and that early 2000s color scheme.

No. 378902

Other anon gave great advice. And maybe black is not the color you need for your fav skirts? Fully opaque gray, brown, navy, white, or cream could be better.

No. 378903

Do you mean that specific style of bikini top or just patterned swimsuits in general?

No. 378905

I'm just glad women have the option to opt out of heels with dressy outfits.

No. 378908

File: 1707774512327.png (789.46 KB, 691x663, swimsuitinspo.png)

I realized I was pretty vague sorry. I looked up the image on yandex and found some designs I liked. I know it's pretty tacky but I'm a sucker for this brown teal jerseyshore-esque look because it feels like the only sort of design that still looks good on me.

No. 378911

If you're in europe, Calzedonia and Tezenis have super tacky, fun swimsuits.

No. 378923

File: 1707778752433.jpeg (135.67 KB, 600x800, swimsuit3.jpeg)

Banana Moon definitely. I remember seeing stuff like this there up until 2013 at least, good chance you could find an unused one on some second hand website.

Most fast fashion brands did it at some point so you can just search any of them and filter by color since you have a precise color scheme in mind. I used to own picrel in 2008 or so (I'm a big fan of brown x teal x gold as well) and the listing I stole this picture from is only 3 euros !

No. 378966

The first response you got is really helpful, you're doing a lot of color blocking with opaque tights since they're bolder in color. If you have a blended palette it can be a little more difficult to gauge what works.

No. 379029

i found a cute fleece jacket and as i was considering if i should buy it, i thought "shit, that's a bit expensive, i bet i could find one that has fireproofing AND kevlar for that price" so now i'm in a rabbit hole looking for fire resistant jackets which i don't need. should i get one

No. 379033

File: 1707832454537.jpg (112.04 KB, 600x711, 1211459174101.jpg)

Thank you! I tried it on an outfit like in this photo but the skirt was a cream plaid instead and I felt like puking a little bit.Also felt the same when I tried it on my plain black skirts for a fully black outfit. I don't know if it was just me being insecure, but I'll try to go with your advice.

No. 379049

Buy what you actually need, nonita. Is something like fireproofing essential in the setting you'd be wearing it in? If not, just go for the cute option.

No. 379054

Fleece pretty much always ends up matting ime, especially around the arms and wrists, not worth it if it's a lot of money imo.

No. 379140

File: 1707875645650.jpg (274.66 KB, 958x667, paisleyprint.jpg)

Ty for your inputs! I did find really nice ones from your brands, and I learned paisley print is a good searching term for these fun tacky designs.

No. 380468

File: 1708368338123.jpeg (36.15 KB, 460x1000, IMG_1078.jpeg)

Sorry for a spoon feeding request but does anyone know where to find these style pants in a cotton/breathable fabric?
These pants are everywhere and it feels like I don’t even know where to look. All of the ones I’ve found are synthetic and it feels like it’s begging for a yeast infection

No. 380470

They're athelisure leggings so it makes sense they aren't cotton but a sporty fabric. However if you google cotton flare leggings you can find many cotton ones with just a bit of spandex. If you want actual pants then search for flare cotton/wool/linen pants.

No. 380472

The priscilla pants from brandy melville might be what you're looking for. The website says they're 96% cotton and 4% elastane.

No. 380474

Thank you !! It worked

No. 380494

Sometimes I work in a formerly abandoned touristy place and it's so fucking dusty and dirty and it can't be helped. Every time I leave from there, my hands are deeply cracked and by the time I go back it gets re-infected. It hurts so bad so I came back with pharmacy cotton gloves but they're still too thin and it feels a little silly. People look at my hands a lot so I would like to have some fashionable gloves that are delicate but protect my skin, does anyone have recommendations?

No. 380495

File: 1708378611424.jpeg (665.9 KB, 1062x1190, IMG_3460.jpeg)

Maybe something like this

No. 380499

Thank you, I meant to say that I also checked out these sunscreen/driving gloves and they also seem very thin

No. 380514

File: 1708388383826.jpg (664.3 KB, 1587x1181, showa FLOREO GLOVES.jpg)

I'd honestly just use lightweight gardening gloves.
Showa 370 FLOREO Unisex Lightweight Strong Sensitive Gardening Gloves Nitrile>>380494

No. 380575

That's what I feared it would end up being but I don't think I can wear these for hours at a time because that also gives my skin major issues. Gotta bite the bullet, I guess

No. 380622

Get some thin leather gloves?

No. 380929

layer cotton gloves underneath? That way you can change them if you start to feel your skin getting sweaty or irritated?

No. 381002

File: 1708587544016.png (1.23 MB, 960x1450, DIOR-WX4_V1.png)

can anyone help me find the closest thing possible to picrel
my mom threw out a third of my closet without asking me and this was in it

No. 381095

File: 1708636503542.jpg (68.25 KB, 553x530, 05615a91a1c04c47c8044e06b5dac2…)

How would you a style a dress like this in winter?

No. 381110

That’s kind of vague…what kind of winter? Where I live winter is typically 55/60 midday …so high 40s low 50s in the evening. A nice formal coat and some ankle boots would be enough.

No. 381141

Are we going to work, brunch or what?

No. 381148

Depends on where you're wearing it tbh. I have a similar dress I wear to work in a business casual type office and pair it with tights, ankle or calf high boots, and a long line cardigan. You could dress it up with a nice wool coat but since I'm just going to work I out a long parka over top kek

No. 381177

Casual office setting in very icy canadian winters. I'm just looking for layering advice that won't make the outfit boring and outdated. I'd like to channel the 90s/office siren/sexy librarian vibes.

No. 381193

I feel like this is a dress you shouldn't layer, any layering is going to cover up the beautiful neckline and the sleeveless shoulders which is what makes this dress stand out. Unless you want to layer a blouse underneath the dress but I'm personally not a fan of that look.

No. 381202

That's what I thought, buying it would be pretty much useless then.

No. 381357

The reason this worked back then is because those girls weren't trying so hard.

No. 381569

File: 1708829547170.jpg (94.44 KB, 544x558, necktype..JPG)

I don't know anything about fashion, but I have a hobby of browsing ebay for weird items. I came across this shirt and the pattern is atrocious so I will not be buying it, but I'm super intrigued by this unique neck. Is there a term for this? I'd like to search for another top with a neck like this that doesn't have such a hideous pattern.

No. 381585

File: 1708840113210.png (1.7 MB, 1200x852, 1000002974.png)

Miu Miu new balance collab… $1200… lol.

No. 381586

These look like the shoes you rent for $5 at the bowling alley

No. 381594

There's only like 3 colors too, Grey brown and white I think. Anyone who buys these are a sucker

No. 381641

ultra rich nepo baby zoomers will be all over these

No. 381678

File: 1708914246795.jpg (121.77 KB, 764x1149, mugler fw rtw 82.jpg)

Nonnies do any of you know where I can find more pictures of Mugler F/W 1982, the catsuits look so cute but I can only find a few images of them which makes me sad.

No. 381682

I think this is the fullest video of them! Gettyimages has a few too

No. 381689

Thank you so so much Nonna. The way the models move is so cute I’m in love

No. 381790

File: 1708972497180.jpeg (58.57 KB, 640x799, mugler fw 1986.jpeg)

I loved that mugler show. the fact that it actually looks really warm is a big plus. my favorite is the f/w 86 star knits, super cool and cozy looking in my opinion

No. 381800

That's super cozy, they look like retro scifi inuits!

No. 381807

something scene/emo

No. 381808

No. 381813

It's barely an aesthetic to me personally. It's like a fusion of american apparel ads, heroin chic, coachella and whatever was generally popular from fast fashion brands of the time. I do think a lot of the fashion decisions made by the pioneers were unironically influenced by drugs, but also the clothes that a lot of popular rock bands wore, particularly in the UK. Cheap clothes were completely indistinguishable from expensive clothes, everything was practically thrown together with no thought. I personally don't think tiktok teenagers can do this justice at all since it was never really a trend meant or that involved them, it was primarily based around a music scene and lifestyle that they know absolutely nothing about. Everything was effortless and having no handbook or guide to do it correctly will just lead to a lot of them looking like they are cosplaying which is generally the case whenever a trend becomes popular with them.

No. 382364

Fashionable anons, is there a way/good placement to wear two dangle earrings on the same ear without looking stupid or hearing the earrings hit each other every step I take? I really want to get a second ear piercing just to wear 4 dangle earrings at once, but so far every placement I try out doesn't work. Sorry if this is a stupid question but the stupid question thread gave me no answers.

No. 382389

File: 1709260242572.jpg (29.78 KB, 474x474, 2a5698a4e5999947d657f28632ffa0…)

Perhaps ordering dangling earrings by their length as the get closer to the lob like picrel might help. I'm personally not a fan of multiple danging earrings (unless they're hoops or closed chains) in one ear, but you do you anon.

No. 382390

File: 1709260336594.jpg (71.97 KB, 564x705, 33fc34a32785a9ffa971a9d3c34de9…)

samefag, but here's an example of how awkward dangling earrings can look if they're not spaced out, descending, or the same length. Also nonnie, does the sound bother you that much? I have never paid attention to it on other people. I don't think you have to worry too much, unless it's a sensory problem for yourself.

No. 382406

File: 1709267646200.jpg (110.4 KB, 1000x1000, Fruit-earrings-Food-Dangle-Ora…)

Oh I see! The earrings I was thinking of are the bigger ones like picrel, so the hitting sounds are kinda loud kek but I was hoping against hope that there'd be one non-awkward configuration. I'll pivot into looking to layer them by sizes and lengths, thank you anon!

No. 382408

File: 1709268090249.png (247.41 KB, 1100x1652, IMG_3518.png)

I posted this dress before and so far when I’ve worn it people have offered to take my coat four times. It’s extremely awkward every time, how do I style this so it’s more clear I’m wearing a dress?

No. 382411

don't button it up all the way, perhaps. If possible, rolling up the sleeves a little bit could help. Some kind of jewelry (necklace, brooch/pin). Wear another coat over it and make a big show of handing that one over.

I have only had this issue with a similar dress once, but the sleeves are 3/4 length, which I think helps. Obviously you need to test out how any of the potential solutions look irl,possibly none of them will suit the dress.

off topic and probably silly, but I hate it when dresses that have interesting details like this one are modelled by such gormless bland models. I hate the vacant stare idk. Guess in a couple years I will just be happy it's human and not AI.

No. 382429

A necklace should signal it's a dress.

It's weird though, I don't feel like the picture looks like something you'd easily mistake for a coat. Does it look very differen on you?

No. 382451

Idk I think this looks good in a cool way

No. 382504

Actually I really like this. It's a little edgier than usual setups.

No. 382595

anyone else sick of the arcteryx hat? i'm an outdoors clothing enthusiast and can't wait til everyone forgets about those things in like a month.
same, the other example is a bit girly for me personally.

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