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File: 1620027319147.jpg (132.42 KB, 500x699, fruits.jpg)

No. 183281

Previous thread: >>154681

No. 183283

File: 1620027654948.jpg (141.97 KB, 581x1033, pin1.jpg)

No. 183284

File: 1620027746425.jpg (306.09 KB, 800x1127, pin2.jpg)

No. 183286

File: 1620028254625.jpg (173.5 KB, 750x818, pin3.jpg)

No. 183287

Nailed the Gypsy beggar style

No. 183306

File: 1620041854131.jpg (84.08 KB, 500x623, moon kana chan.jpg)

I still like Moon Kana photoshoots and am into this type of fashion

would like to embody similar vibe in everyday outfits, without replicating stuff 1:1

No. 183307

File: 1620041919511.jpg (1.18 MB, 1000x1534, 208444.jpg)

No. 183308

File: 1620042033423.jpg (203.68 KB, 1024x1366, 20cba3ea-5962-4929-a916-22017f…)

not moon kana, but this is also pretty nice

No. 183366

File: 1620066468536.jpg (111.07 KB, 450x670, 94932_448191_281460.jpg)

Does anyone have a pleated skirt like this? How do you ensure that it remains the same shape?

No. 183369

You don't really have to do anything, even if you iron it it will stay that way

No. 183370

If it's a fabric like that the other anon is right, you don't really have to do anything and it will usually keep its shape.
With sturdier natural fabrics you might want to iron the pleats in the proper place after washing the skirt in order to keep them that way. Either way, the pleats on long skirts like that will be less tight/noticeable towards the bottom just because it moves around more and needs the extra width to accomodate to your legs and stuff while walking. But there's no real way around that.

No. 183375

Oh good to know!! I always assumed that you had to painstakingly recreate the folds and iron them. That was the only thing holding me back from buying one

No. 183377

File: 1620071270310.png (177.3 KB, 333x447, 3 3 13.png)

I love reformation and love and lemons type dresses but they are so pricey. I am wondering if anyone found a way to buy similar dresses for much cheaper. I am not spending over 100$ for a dress I can only wear on occasions.

No. 183378

ebay and thrifting, bro

No. 183379

I'm not familiar with the brand but I'm pretty sure you can find similiar styles to the dress in pic on stores like asos or zalando etc. If you want it to be Reformation specifically you can try your hand at 2nd hand clothing, online it's pretty easy to find the brands you're specifically looking for, or maybe outlet shopping.

No. 183382

I tried to use depop but had no luck as people who sell their dresses second hand always want over hundred dollars for something they wore and rip the tag off?
Have you used asos and zalando before?

No. 183383

why would anyone use depop? look for it on ebay

No. 183386

Aliexpress, just google "love and lemons aliexpress dupe" and a bunch of people have usually already put together links on places like Reddit.

No. 183387

Depop is still pretty overpriced most of the time. If you want truly cheap secondhand clothes you need to go to secondhand sites that aren't exclusively for fashion, especially trendy fashion. I use European sites so idk what to recommend besides Ebay but basically the more literal garbage you have to sift through before you find something you like the higher the chances of getting what you want for dirt cheap.
On sites like Depop most people who use it will already be aware of how much they can ask for their stuff. Big generic sites is where people who are clueless about the secondhand value of their items go. IRL thrift stores are the same way, it's the difference between Goodwill and a place calling itself a 'vintage boutique'.

No. 183388

ebay plaform is cancer to go through and it's why I never gone through it.

No. 183395

This only looks passable on her because she has a pretty face.

No. 183396

This doesn't even look like it was meant to be an outfit, she looks homeless

No. 183423

does "cancer" just mean "not cool and pretty like depop"? yeah baby, you and everyone else thinks that, that's why stuff is 5x the price on depop. Depop sellers legit buy stuff off ebay to sell on depop and make 5x their money, that's how cheap ebay is. Like do you think depoppers just find all that cool stuff themselves? No, they mostly buy it off of ebay, take nicer pictures, and resell. It's a legitimate service because finding the good stuff on ebay takes time most people dont have. But if you want to cut out the middleman go to ebay yourself. Basically on depop ypure always paying the "cool tax".

Ebay hints: in the search sidebar tick "buy it now" only because auctions suck, restrict it to your region to remove international results, and be prepared to scroll like 100 pages. Ypu can try using the search's size filters and stuff but most ebay sellers dont use them right so I wouldn't.

No. 183426

This. It's a sacrifice you need to be willing to make; either you spend the time and effort needed to scroll through a huge amount of listings in exchange for possibly finding a gem, or you decide it's not worth the effort for you and you buy from more expensive but also more user friendly sites.
Yeah, it can suck, but basically everything that makes ebay sucky, like the search filters being useless and half of the listings being the same chinese stock photos, is also what makes it such a promising place to look.
Personally I'm the type to scan every single page for hours on end because the thrill of finding good shit is worth it to me. I can't stand the thought that what I want could be just around the corner so I can do that shit for a really long time. It's really a matter of personal preference, you either have convenience but at a higher price, or a pain in the ass website for a lower price. Either is fine, but if you're outright asking for places to look and then dismissing the most viable options there isn't much else to do about it.

No. 183442

No reformation for you then I guess

No. 183444

I don't understand why you'd say that, I had more troubles looking for what I wanted on depop when I tried it than when I used ebay even 10 years ago lol

No. 183466


Uh no. I have used ebay for work and I have looked there before. I am not a fan of it. Depop is easier if you know how to use their search, it's not a cooler than ebay. It's a fucking website ffs. I don't like shifting through Ebay's layout and through million of stock photos. Not to mention, bidding is something I genuinely don't have time for because I have a life. Most of their listing is bidding if they are not bidding they around the same price on depop only some of the ebay listing are just straight stocks. That is my criticism.

Depop has a better layout and easier to deal with basic things like messaging. I can't imagine scrolling a shit load through ebay. Sure, ebay has them like what maybe 40$ cheaper but I don't have the time to win bids.

No. 183476

File: 1620132633376.jpg (82.3 KB, 571x745, 40c7ab86-79e3-4d6e-a56d-e1c681…)

…ok? So you won't use ebay because it's ugly and not fun? We know that, you said that already. But why are you asserting that ebay isn't much cheaper than depop, when at the same time saying you won't scroll through ebay? If you haven"t done the scrolling, you haven"t found the deals. There's no need to look at auctions, literally filter them out. Like, take the advice or don't, but don't call other people wrong when you literally don't know what you're talking about.

I'm sensing though that the real issue here is that you are shopping on your phone only, in which case, stop doing that or expect a shitty time. In addition to the "cool tax" on depop you're also paying the "people who only use they phone" tax. Yeah the ebay app is probably crap lmao I wouldn't know. Being an adult, I use websites and not apps.

The simple logic is, it's easier for people to list something on ebay and more unpleasant for buyers on ebay, therefore there's more sellers and fewer buyers and prices are therefore lower. The opposite is true on depop.

No. 183478


Hey then pay for internet and a computer for me. Yeah please go ahead

No. 183483

Nta but god that wasn't the point and you know it.

No. 183488

what is that supposed to mean? You are shopping for clothes online, you obviously have some disposable income, buy it your own damn self. Hey guess where you can get a good working used computer for dirt cheap?? ebay!! or literally anywhere!! A 5+ year old working laptop can be got for like $50 on ebay/craigslist with a little patience. If you keep spending money on depop instead of getting a real computer that's on you.

Funny that I hit the truth though…thank god for people who only use their phones to shop, everyone gets to gouge them blind cause they're so god damn stupid.

No. 183489

File: 1620136486203.jpg (33.1 KB, 390x585, 2e935f1367982f50725238ddd761a1…)

No. 183496

Does anyone else find that the clothes that should fit them in theory doesn't suit them at all? I have a pear shaped body and I read everywhere that I should avoid tight fitting jeans and opt for looser and straight cut ones and today I tried some mom jeans on for the first time and it just accentuated my unflattering lower half even more. I feel like skinny or slim fit ones suit me the best…am I a mutant pear or somthing?

No. 183497

Where do you go to shop for clothes that aren't 'fast fashion', both on a budget and if money isn't an issue?

No. 183507

What kind of style are you into?
I shop a lot on Etsy and thrift online (but not on Depop like that other dumbass)

No. 183508

Maybe the fruit shape-theory is just flawed in the first place? I always thought it was strange to categorize all women's bodies in just a handful of shapes.

budget: 2nd hand, not sure if it's possible to shop sustainabe/non-fast fashion on a tight budget.
money isn't an issue: There's (designer) brands like Stella McCartney, Reformation and Armed Angels that are sustainable. Here's a helpful website to find brands: https://www.fairify.io/ You can search for a brand and it has a rating + report on why it is/n't sustainable.

I must say, the label sustainable always remains a bit, uncertain? I can't find the right word. For example, Acne Studios is claimed to be sustainable because it's part of the Fair Wear Foundation which ensures that labor standards are high and adhered to but at the same time they're not transparant about what factories they're using. Often times a brand is sustainable or is working towards more sustainable practices in one area, for example paying living wages for their workers while neglecting other areas for example environmental impact.

No. 183520

The "thrift/shop second hand" is probably getting annoying to hear because it's recommended so often but it's great. If you know where to look and don't mind patience you can great deals. I do 90% of my second hand shopping online and have gotten beautiful pieces that are well constructed and made from nice natural fibers at Zara and H&M prices. It's great.

No. 183524

>What kind of style are you into?
I'm trying to figure that out. I'm about to hit 30 and have been losing a bunch of weight that I gained a few years ago so I'd like to start caring about what I wear + dressing age-appropriately. Stuff like turtlenecks, flannel, more vintage-style dresses that cinch at the waist oh god I have no idea where to even begin
This is extremely helpful info; thanks anon! Are there any red or white flags to look for?

No. 183530


I had no idea people did this tbh. those bastards. I've personally had no issue with ebay, I also encounter less issues with ebay sellers over depop. no one on ebay has ever told me they can't post my item cause their bf broke up with them and they're depressed.

No. 183577

NTA, but maybe you could afford a computer more easily if you didn't waste your money on clothes from ebay that have been marked up 500% on Depop.

No. 183586

File: 1620161622471.jpg (233.93 KB, 1200x1409, GettyImages-1265696338.jpg)

I really miss low rise pants. I know many people find them trashy but I find them a lot more comfortable than high and mid rise. I wear harem pants down low around the house but I was wondering if any of you nonas have found some good quality low rise that could be worn in public (besides thrifting/ebay)? Whenever I search for low rise I only get results for high waist pants and I hate that shit, but I know it has to exist somewhere because picrel is recent and doesn't look thrifted.

No. 183610

The pants those women are wearing are designed to be high or mid rise, you can tell by the length of the crotch seam and the fabric bunching up at the ankle. They're just wearing a bigger size and styled them to sit low at the hips to get that relaxed silhouette. The woman on the right has even folded the waistband over (a risky choice imo, if the rest of the look isn't well-coordinated a folded waistband is going to look really frumpy. The outfit in the pic is tied together by the crisp white shirt, clean trainers, fairly delicate jewellery, fresh hair/makeup, and a bangin body, that's why it works).

Just get a pair of classic cut jeans or trousers with a wider waist than your actual measurements, let them sit where they would naturally fall around the width of your hips. The beige trousers in the pic look like Dickies which are affordable, lightweight work pants. I recommend you reach for the men's section.

No. 183611

Also, this look is straight out of the 90's and would be really easy to thrift.

No. 183612

I love low rise too, I have hated high waisted clothes since about 2010 when those high waisted skinnies started appearing. I don't know why people think they're flattering, but maybe just because I think my body shape suits low rise better. Even in normal jeans I always tug them down a bit lower so they're not riding up my back.

No. 183634

low rise makes torsos look too long imo

No. 183636

Thank you anon, I don't know why I'm so retarded I didn't think of just measuring where I'd like them to sit and ordering a bigger size. The only reason I didn't want to thrift is the pandemic, but that's also retarded because you would wash used clothes before wearing them anyway.
I agree. High waist doesn't work on my proportions either. I think you can pull them off if you have a long torso because it's supposed to give you the illusion of longer legs? But my torso is shorter and my legs are long so the high waist makes me look like all-legs Peter Griffin.

No. 183637

I've long legs compared to my torso, so it makes me look very odd I think.

No. 183646

File: 1620189246377.jpg (163.3 KB, 750x758, lucy liu.jpg)

What brand is the shirt she's wearing/where could I buy one?

No. 183649

Facebook sales groups, Poshmark, subscribe to email list and wait for the sales on sales. I shop pretty frequently from For Love and Lemons. There are brands I would spend $300+ on a dress on. For Love and Lemons is not one of them. Wait for those sales.

No. 183654

Is it possible to pull off a midi skirt plus flats combo without looking frumpy or matronly?

No. 183658

File: 1620194549418.jpeg (132.09 KB, 750x1125, B394987E-38AF-4B37-8552-B2700A…)

I think so and I hope so. pic related is the look I'm hoping to achieve myself lately so it's funny you'd say that. I guess by being modest it could be seen as matronly but I think it's cute and feminine on a young woman or anyone confident enough to put in effort. To me depends on the skirt and what it's paired with. Look at pictures like this one on pinterest and pay attention to what makes them different than the frumpy versions.

No. 183662

File: 1620195633188.jpeg (111.35 KB, 748x748, 1615269110932.jpeg)


As much as I hate to say it, the only way to truly look fashionable in a skirt like that is to be anachan-tier skinny and have the right proportions to "pull it off". I still wear them regardless, but since I'm tall and a healthy weight for my height I always have people assuming I'm a mother (at 19). Ymmv though, of course

No. 183666

I think it helps a lot when they're high waisted like this. A skit sitting at your hips and stopping mid-calf isn't very flattering (unless someone is very tall), but you achieve a longer looking silhouette with this style.

No. 183671

File: 1620198294670.jpg (326.34 KB, 1200x1800, Juny-Breeze-Vintage-Paris_9E6A…)

Yes, it's the materials, silhouettes and accessories you go for that are going to determine the vibe. Either lace up flats or Mary Janes with a low heel and narrow, square toe will look the most stylish while also being comfortable imo. Pic rel is just an idea to bounce off of.

No. 183673

This doesn't look good imo.. And it's not the modesty that makes it matronly/frumpy, it's the style of the skirt, the way it sits nearly below her boobs and the slit, the cardigan, the accessoiries, the colours.

Midi-skirts are difficult to pull of because they cut off the calves which is unflattering on most people. It's easier to just go all the way with a maxi skirt that ends just above the ankles.

No. 183692

everything about this from the colors, materials, cut, styling and accessorize is frumpy. the cherry on top is her hair cut and posture.

No. 183693

File: 1620214522432.jpg (382.9 KB, 1333x2000, P_688988317TM.jpg)

Could this skirt work with white sneakers and a simple, short sleeved white T-shirt? If I was going for a more leisurely look

No. 183694

Also, the skirt is dark blue, although in the pic it looks black

No. 183695

No. 183698

I fucking love that skirt. I want one in faded black and style it with band tees.

No. 183704

File: 1620223562897.jpg (58.88 KB, 600x600, 530793-04.jpg)

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but:

I'm a US size small/dress size 4 and looking to buy my first two piece swimsuit ever. I love pic related, but the size chart is throwing me off, especially because I haven't worn j-fashion in years.

I'd feel safer buying size L than size M, especially because I'm tall and don't want to risk it being too tight whatsoever.
It says size L is 85-88cm bust, 92-100cm hips, and 64cm waist for the skirt. Isn't the waist a little small in comparison to the other measurements? Does this seem like it would have stretch to accommodate ~2 extra cm?

I'm just confused because I'm pretty sure my bust and hip measurements are actually smaller, but my waist is probably around 66. I can't imagine myself being an LL, even in Japanese sizing…

Sorry for the stupid question, I have no experience with buying swimsuits.

No. 183707

Well, if it's swimwear, it should be that stretchy plasticy material so I think you could take a smaller size. The measurements you listed seem pretty crazy, I'm sure it's stretchy

No. 183708

>Does this seem like it would have stretch
>Isn't the waist a little small in comparison to the other measurements?
I think that's because the waistband seems to be made from faux/plu leather, which is non-stretch. The material around the bust and hips does seem to be made from stretchy fabric so it makes sense there's more allowance there. To be certain, what does it say it's made from on the website?

Still if you suck in your stomach a little you may be able to just squeeze in the excess 2 centimeters, it's not a whole lot extra.

No. 183711

File: 1620225868808.jpg (59.07 KB, 600x600, 530793-d03.jpg)

Thanks for the input, anons! It's 84% polyester, 16% polyurethane. I'm planning on losing maybe 5-10lb anyway so maybe my waist will shrink by summer either way, but I don't want to fully bank on that in case I fail at dieting.


Well, I'm a bit over 5'7. I have one swimsuit from this brand that's like a mini dress, and it does indeed cover my butt! (It's a size L and fit me at a higher weight, but more stretchy than this looks.)

The top and bottom aren't connected, it just looks that way because of the hanging straps. It's a 3 piece (top, skirt, and a typical swimsuit bottom), so if it's a bit short, I'd probably just buy bottoms that are like black shorts to put underneath the skirt.

No. 183714

>It's 84% polyester, 16% polyurethane
Plu leather is made from polyster and polyurethane so yeah I think it's safe to assume that the skirt's waistband is non-stretch.

No. 183715

File: 1620226460384.png (2.82 MB, 1200x1200, 5f80009b99ebc187a17b0fbea88484…)

What are these types of jackets called and where can I get one?

No. 183719

bomber jacket with uh satin material? Someone correct me.

No. 183720

Those are (baseball) bomberjackets. Not sure where you could get one with that kind of embroidery though.

No. 183723

Scrolling by I thouht this was some kind of S&M lingerie lol

No. 183725

Samefag, actually I think the satin ones with the Japanese-themed embroidery are actually called sukajan jackets. If you're down for second hand, you can easily find them on etsy by searching for sakujan or embroidered bomberjackets.

No. 183727

Thanks, I was searching for bowling jackets with embroidery for some reason.

No. 183729

I don't think so; look at that photo, it's the normal stretchy swimsuit material, see how non rigid it looks and how the waistband looks

No. 183736

I want to buy some litas secondhand, what’s a decent price for them? I never usually buy things used.

No. 183743

There’s a girl I went to high school with who goes to a big fashion school, and I was looking at her ig and other people from her school- but like, their style is no different from any other zoomer? I just found that sad

No. 183762

It's called fashion because it's trendy. I'd expect people in fashion school to most closely follow current trends.
I think you've confused fashion for an art, it's not, it's just an industry.

No. 183814

File: 1620252485025.jpg (535.02 KB, 1920x2623, s20_01_a01_78185_1275_on_a.jpg)

If you wanna wear sneakers I'd recommend high top converse. A white top would work if you go for something with fine details, maybe a slightly cropped, form-fitting knit tee. I think a bit of statement jewelry like chunky hoop earrings and delicate layered necklaces would make it more interesting

No. 183916

I don't have anything to add to the discussion on the cut of the skirt, but the outfit on the left in this pic is so cute

No. 183985

Do any of you use Vinted for 2nd hand shopping? What do 1-star system reviews that say (roughly translated): Automatic evalution, the sale has failed mean? Like what happened there? A seller I want to buy something from has like 6 of those automatic reviews and then 1 5-star review from an actual buyer.

No. 184000

Thank you for the tips!!

No. 184019


Sneakers look good with this length too. Something like AF1 low-tops with a slight platform. Sandals work too. Ballet flats are really dopey looking and hard to pull off in general unless you're a gigastacy imo

No. 184273

I don't use Vinted, but Mercari has something similar to what you are describing and it usually means that the other party in the sale waited too long to rate the item and the website needs to give the buyer and seller an automated rating so they can receive their funds. This is just my best guess at what it could be.

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