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File: 1631490139737.jpg (89.77 KB, 735x1017, 1665849a42b01f6631a5acddd38bb4…)

No. 205330

Previous thread:

No. 205332

File: 1631491211528.jpg (45.35 KB, 400x627, 912d15bf722cd00665f4b8c6c447b1…)

No. 205333

File: 1631491234772.jpg (112.02 KB, 500x573, 89da2a02411d2232e34b8d46ccf92c…)

No. 205334

File: 1631491459788.jpg (88.04 KB, 480x800, 5792bfb8091ea8246a79bd7b507221…)

No. 205356

File: 1631507701148.jpg (25.17 KB, 318x360, 100062300464_152659-1.jpg)

24 year old anon,recently lost a ton of weight and will need to buy an entirely new wardrobe

I'd like to dress more cute and feminine now that i have the confidence to. The only problem is I have no idea how to shop and would end up wearing stuff meant for middle aged women i got at kohl's and jcpenney.I checked out express and h&m at the mall because I thought it would be what younger people wear but all the clothes looked like influencer bbl shit

What sites and shops would you guys recommend?

No. 205360

Is there a specific style or styles you like? I think that's the most important part before buying anything. It's impossible to recommend anything unless you have a more solid idea of what you'd like to dress like. Cute and feminine can be a million different things.

No. 205365

Sorry for not being more clear. I like a well fitted blouse,skater skirts and complementary legwear
I generally prefer more simple and elegant designs as opposed to busier stuff.

I wish I could think of something more specific but I'm pretty clueless about what to look for

No. 205375

What is a "flippy skirt"? I was window shopping online and kept seeing skirts described this way, but they mostly seemed normal mini skirts.

No. 205378

Aritzia has slightly more grown up/less influencer-y clothing that’s still pretty youthful. Los Angeles Apparel is pretty good for relatively well-made basics. What kind of price range are you looking for anon?

No. 205383

If you have some time and patience it can be really fun to go thrifting. You get unique styles, usually high quality but at a reasonable price. One trick is to visit the thrift stores in affluent areas since that's where rich people dump their old clothes and will sell at a fraction of the original cost.

No. 205398


Everyone from anons to influencers to actual magazine articles like to say this, but the pickings at thrift stores, especially of anything other than f21/target fast fashion, are SLIM. Even rich bitches are onto sites like Poshmark and RealReal by now and making a buck. If it isn't people holding onto their stuff to sell themselves, its pro flippers and vintage sellers "sourcing" anything left that was worthwhile. Thrifting is bleeeeeak the last few years.

No. 205404

Ty. Price isn't too important. I'm willing to spend more but not designer prices

No. 205406

know any good, inexpensive resources for 90s harajuku punk street fashion? finding old copies of Fruits magazine is so difficult and any issues that are available on ebay etc are overwhelmingly expensive.

No. 205408

This has never worked for me. Although I do online "thrifting" but that's mostly fast fashion, not neccersarily high quality clothing.

No. 205409

god so true. seeing these rich bitches "thrifting" is painful tbh. I live in a major EU city and the stuff is either insanely expensive or shit.

No. 205412

Where do you live? If you're in Sweden or Finland don't bother going to brick and mortar stores, but there's genuinely so much good stuff online? I can recommend some stores if you are local, at worst check Facebook Marketplace because that's where new moms get rid of their trendy clothing they can't fit into anymore.

No. 205424

Nta but which Swedish shops do you recommend anon?

No. 205426

I have a feeling thrift stores in less-obvious cities/towns still hold treasures. And estate sales have some great finds. I went to an estate sale of a former Disney background painter, got some awesome stuff.

No. 205427

Same anon, I also went to an estate sale less than a year ago and got some Afghan silver jewelry. You really have to look hard to find cool shit, but it's possible.

No. 205428

How to find estate sales?

No. 205459

southern Germany

No. 205470

googling "estate sales" would have been less effort than making this post

No. 205484

The issue with most thrift stores is not that they don't have enough coming in, it's that they only have so much shelf space and the few good things get bought fast, leaving shelves full of crap that then just sits there. Most thrift stores actually throw away 90%+ of their donations because their shelves are already full. Google "by-the-pound" thrift stores - these aee places where the overstock gets laid out in heaps for last licks before it's thrown away/sent to malaysia/pulped. It's basically the only place to reliably find stuff if you're willing to dig.

As an example, at the regular thrift store near me you will almost never find a good normal flannel shirt, sweater, or sweatshirt. That stuff gets bought fast. But at the by-the-pound that their overstock gets sent to, it's flannel shirts and grandpa sweaters everywhere. But be warned, it can be a very janky time.

No. 205491

seconding this. I went to a goodwill outlet last month and found a leather jacket that was real leather and not plastic fake leather. it needs a little bit of TLC with some leather conditioner but it's actually in really good condition considering i dug it out of a shit bin. probably cost me about 50 cents when you get down to it.

No. 205492

Last I went to a "by the pound" store, we don't actually use pounds here so I wasn't aware of how much (or rather little) a pound was. The clothes I wanted, just a bag of them, after weighing came up as 50 fucking euros. I didn't buy them lol.

I feel like thrifting only works in specific areas. Estate sales aren't a thing here as far as I know, I've never heard of them anyway.

No. 205497

Tradera is pretty affordable, nice collections but high quality items get hoarded fast

No. 205498

This is going to sound dumb but as soon as I come back home I'll count everything I have in my closet and I'd like you guy to tell me if I have enough, too much or not enough clothes. I'm worried I wear the same shit too often, and on top of that most of my clothes don't look formal enough for my new job so I'm thinking about what I should potentially buy.

No. 205501

>enough, too much or not enough clothes
This is relative to the size of your closet imo. You need enough space to be able to actually see every item of clothing (for that season at least), otherwise you're never gonna wear it.

No. 205522

Love the thread pic, it's early 2000s Japanese fashion right?

No. 205523

A skirt that has lots of movement when you walk, according to The Guardian.

No. 205531

how long did you spend looking? this is about the cheapest you can possibly get clothing for, so there's really no answer other than to spend time lookong for stuff that is worth buying.

The first time I went, I spent about $100 on some very big sacks that probably weren't entirely worth the money, but I still got some nice things & stuff for my sisters that they liked. If you're selective and spend at least 3-4 hours looking through everything in the place, and only buy what ypu really like, it's a very good deal. A tip is to ask an employee when they bring out new stuff, so you can get first pick when they do. Depending on how busy it is there may be some competition.

These places, aside from vintage-wholesalers, are where depop and ebay sellers get their stuff. If you see a hipster dude in a vintage sweatshirt lounging & waiting for the new stuff to come out, that there is a depopper.

No. 205549

After a lot of BS, I finally found out I got an entry permit to do this uni thing in Israel. It's not religious/political, just study.

My mental health is really bad and I really don't even know what types of clothes to bring there. I know to leave my warmest stuff at home. I have a couple longer dresses for visiting sites (though I presume trousers are ok too). It's a long shot but does anyone have any advice, esp regarding shoes?

I'm going for months oh god idk if I'm going to make it through this tbh.

No. 205552

It's not a big closet but it can hold more clothes than I thought when I bought it. It's an Ikea closet, I'll post what it looks like once I'm home and I should be there in 30min or so.

No. 205565

All this talk about thrifting made go to this website from my country that is basically a marketplace for thrift stores and why must everything be such a struggle? They never say what the clothes are made off, the pics are so shitty, I can hardly guess the lenght of some skirts, and why would I want to buy something from forever 21????

No. 205576

I think I just went into a bad overpriced store because I only got like 5 or 6 items. If it's by weight it doesn't really matter what exactly>>205498
I get right? It was a store in the capital city of my country and as I said we don't even use pounds here, makes me wonder if the "by the pound" was just to bait people in.

No. 205577

>I'm worried I wear the same shit too often
Stupid. Wearing the clothes you have and making most out of your clothing should be normalized instead of wearing a different outfit every day of the month. Clothes are meant to be worn.

No. 205581

Yes I know and I always had a small amount of clothes from growing up poor and having a hard time finding clothes my size to this day and never cared. But I feel like most of my clothes aren't formal enough for my job so I probably have just 3 tops I can wear that don't make me look unprofessional. I'm not really sure how to explain what I mean here but basically I feel like I went from having a small but decent amount of basic clothes to having to wear almost the exact same shit everyday like some American cartoon character.

Nowadays there's way more choice for someone my size that aren't just jeans with holes and basic but comfy large tshirts but it's almost only on online stores for most widespread brands available in my country so I can't try anything and have to order clothes and hope I won't have to return anything. I don't want to buy anything that I'll never wear just because it's my size by some kind of miracle because it happened a lot these past few years and I regret wasting money like that.

No. 205586

I mean, different clothes weigh different amounts. If you tried to buy 5 big leather jackets or wool coats they could easily be 5 or even 10 pounds each. Where I went, textiles are $1.50 a pound, so that would be 10 pounds per item x 5 items x $1.50 a pound = $75. So that kind of stuff, big heavy wool & leather, is still going to be more expensive. But it'll be like 30 cents for t-shirts, $1 for flannels and maybe $3-4 max even for the heaviest knit sweaters.

The price although good is a secondary perk anyway - what matters is that, when they bring out a fresh load of stuff, these are donations that nobody has looked through before you. That means that you have a real chance of finding genuine gems. I've found a genuine Giorgio Armani vintage sweater myself, some genuine vintage Christian Dior, several vintage Starter jackets, etc, but it really really does take a lot of looking.

I've met some sweet old retired ladies at these places who go there every day and actually make quite a lot selling vintage & designer on ebay. Sharks but you would never guess. If you make friends with them they'll just start giving you nice stuff, they actually find way more than they want to bother with because they're there day in day out. Also important is going there when it's not busy, this means early in the morning and weekdays especially.

I can't speak to your specific country's situation, of course.

No. 205605

I've had some luck thrifting but it was definitely better 10 years ago when going to goodwill was still for "poor" people, it's ridiculously competitive now. Lots more shein tissue paper polyester clogging the stores as well. I live in a big city and in my experience the stores in the rich neighborhoods are fully gentrified by now and full of upper class zoom zooms hunting for stuff to scalp. Personally I've had the best luck in suburban shops and thrift outlets in shitty parts of town where all the stained/damaged clothes go and are sold for like 50 cents a piece, I've gotten tons of beautiful vintage pieces that just had a small stain or missing button. As for estate sales, a lot of them are run by a company that knows the value of what they're selling so they make sure their deals aren't too good. The ones that have shitty pictures, advertise via yard signs and are run by the deceased's family are gold though.

No. 205606

Try Tise also, they're not Depop-tier expensive (yet)

No. 205638

As you said, thrift stores in weirder areas are better. Basically the fewer young people shopping there the better. But why are you so sure the zoom zooms are rich lol? If they're out hustling chances are they're the ones who don't get a fat allowance. They are annoying little ayybros but upcycling is an environmental benefit so I can't really hate them. Let's not forget that the purpose of thrift stores is to supoort charities and employ the disadvantaged, not to make sure you can get cool finds.

No. 205700

File: 1631739737730.jpg (417.65 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_pfgr2by3T11qla6e4o1_128…)

So, I counted what I have in my closet, here's what I have:
>6 pairs of jeans, there's two pairs I barely wear anymore
>2 pairs of trousers that aren't jeans
>6 pairs of shorts but it's been a while since I wore any of them because I hate shaving and waxing my legs
>2 sweat shirts
>11 sweaters but I need to get rid of some of them because I've worn them too much. Maybe I'll use them as pyjamas though.
>9 blouses, but not all of them are my size so I should think about selling some of them
>17 tshirts, mostly graphic tshirts and crop tops so they don't look professional no matter what. I can't wear them at my job but they're great for summer though
>two basic black dresses for summer and a fancier one I bought when I was invited to a wedding, but I almost never wear them
>3 black blazers with very different cuts
>3 skirts I absolutely never wear
>one denim jacket, one leather jacket, one army jacket, one cute jacket for when it's rainy and a really worn out coat I need to replace soon
>1 pair of sandals, 2 pairs of high heel boots, 1 pair of really ugly flat boots, 4 pairs of sneakers

I plan on giving some clothes I didn't count here to some stores that can give me coupons so I can buy new clothes for less. I also made myself a list of things I should get to complete my wardrobe. Most of what I have looks very basic and I'd say half of the things I have are at least 5 years old. Would you say I have more than enough clothes or I could buy more stuff?

No. 205706

You own more than I do, idk why you say you have little clothes when you have 17?! Shirts. But of course if you need more formal clothes, get what you need.

No. 205710

>idk why you say you have little clothes when you have 17?! Shirts.
I knew I had a lot of tshirts compared to the rest but I didn't notice it was that much, I'm surprised too tbh. I accumulated them over the past 10 years because my size never really changed and on top of that there are some tshirts I completely forgot about and only found them recently hidden in my closet because I didn't put them where they should have been. On top of that I usually grab the first things I can get in my room so there are tshirts I like and wear way more than others so I thought I had like what, 10 tshirts maybe?

I feel like I should redo that list once I get rid of all the clothes I don't want to keep and once I bought things I'd like to wear more often.

No. 205715

It depends on how often you do laundry. I have two weeks worth of clothes because I go to a laundromat.

No. 205731

If you have a lot of clothes that you don't like, get rid of them and get something you like (and think you will continue to like in the future. There's no right amount of clothes to own, but generally, you want enough that you have something clean to wear for any occasion you regularly encounter. You also want to make sure you have few enough clothes that you can easily find the outfit you want to wear.

No. 205750

I say, make a selection of everything you have and want to continue wearing (so leave out the stuff that's worn out or simply not your taste anymore etc.) and fits in your lifestyle. Then decide how much you think you need to comfortably dress everyday without getting into a pinch because all your good clothes are in the laundry basket.

No. 205765

File: 1631791251753.jpg (119.79 KB, 634x951, photo-1524906481572-3bde0ae4da…)

i've lost 50 lbs but am still somewhat fat and losing weight.. i really need some tips/tricks for how to look thinner on my way down. i'd also love any examples you have of kinda bigger girls who dress well so that they look thinner/look good still, without looking like a frumpy grandma in the process :( thank you so much.(:()

No. 205920

How do you get black clothes back to black after they come out of the washing machine covered in all those white bits? It looks like tiny white bits of fabric idk I hope you all know what I mean. Is there some magic super sticky lint roller or what? Also washing blacks seperately to prevent it doesn't seem to help so I'd really like to know how to restore them

No. 205929

that sounds like too much detergent/detergent buildup to me. Try using a liquid detergent if you're not already and use less than normal. Also grab some white vinegar and use a cup of that as a fabric softener/to help dissolve any remaining bits of crap on the clothes. It could also be lint buildup from your washing machine so check that the filter is clean and that the drum doesn't have bits of lint left in it after a load.

No. 205985

Dont layer clothes is number one, second is if you have a big belly then wear form-fitting pants and baggy shirts and vice versa if you are bottom heavy
Third is to not try to hide your figure because at most times you will just look like a blob

No. 206160

Do any european nonnies know which brands make 100% cotton jeans that are cut for a wide ass? I am perfect 38 in Zara (probably other Inditex crap too) sizing but their jeans suck and in most other brands it seems there's a mismatch between my waist and hip measurements, so I'm discouraged from ordering anything after a few fails. (Yes, I'd rather research this on the Internet for hours than go to a store and try putting something on my ass.)

No. 206161

I feel like giving up on fashion entirely and simply dressing like I'm ready to go hiking at any minute. polyester zip up fleece, cargo trousers, big ugly boots. fuck it

No. 206162

If you run a shaving razor (same one marketed for legs or armpits) it'll remove lint and little white bits

No. 206191

Perhaps Agnès B.? I don't know where you live, so perhaps there is not much available to you. I live in a relatively affluent European city and there are a lot of independent boutiques in specific quarters of town that have very unique yet fashionable clothing, but aren't easy to find if you would search for them online. I would avoid H&M and similar chains as a whole aside from for basics.

No. 206193

I have found that thrifting primarily has value if you know how to tailor clothes. I often find garments with a lot of potential, if only I had a sewing machine. (I tried hand sewing and it's not the best idea for the alterations a lot of clothes would need).

No. 206209

>if only I had a sewing machine
It's pretty easy to get a good sewing machine for little money or for free. I see them every now and then at thrift/second handstores I visit for like 20-25 euro. Old models of course, but that's okay, sewing machines have hardly changed over decades and you don't need a computerized one for basic stitches. Or look online for second hand ones.

No. 206216

File: 1632078086005.gif (3.01 MB, 457x343, 1628807204265.gif)

Yesterday I went shopping and I wanted to buy a pair of skinny black jeans, something as basic as possible, and no matter what I tried everything was either too small but the size right above was way too big, too big despite trying the smallest size available, or the legs were too long while the jeans were too tight around the waist. I hate the fashion industry so fucking much. And because of covid some stores can't let anyone use their changing rooms anymore, and if I order clothes online I'm worried I'll get a wrong size and I'll have to pay to ship clothes back. On the other hand I noticed I have an easier time finding tops my size, mostly because I can finally find bralettes my size that aren't made for 10 years old girls so I don't have to just wear completely opaque clothes anymore, and it's easier to find tops with normal collars.

No. 206237

File: 1632089101433.jpg (19.3 KB, 668x220, Screenshot 2021-09-19 150436.j…)

>dressing like I'm ready to go hiking at any minute
lmfao my sister, pic related is a note I made regarding my fave aesthetic. I totally feel this

No. 206276

>ready to go fishing
Yo I'm fucking down, I flyfish

No. 206325

How do you shop for pants when you're short waisted but bottom heavy? Everything seems like it's high waisted these days and my waist vs hips always seem to be 3-4 sizes off from each other

No. 206336

I just went to look at my fav jeans only to find out that they are part of an American Eagle order I made in the states. sigh.

No. 206348

Get pants that fit hips and tailor, something simple like that should be inexpensive

No. 206520

File: 1632243375094.jpg (63.25 KB, 600x747, maeve brennan 001a.jpg)

No. 206522

Really? I always had the impression you had to buy a new one and be very careful with it. Do you have maybe a blog or website that talks about using second hand sewing machines you could recommend?

No. 206534

New ones are plastic Chinese shit, you're more likely to get a good one buying used

No. 206541

Sewing machines after 1950 started being made with plastic parts instead of metal (there's a couple brands that still use metal today but they're pretty expensive even secondhand since they last a long time). The older machines you'll find at thrift stores will be plastic parts usually but better to get one for $20 and it lasts a year then get that same one for $200 and it lasts the same amount of time. Try to make sure it works before you buy it though as its very unlikely someone will be willing to service a machine with plastic parts.

No. 206803

File: 1632503200398.jpeg (860.13 KB, 1242x2004, 22036020-2059-4053-B8CC-88991F…)

I’m really looking for an opportunity to wear this dress. Is it appropriate or too flashy to wear as a wedding guest (with the side buttoned up of course)?

No. 206817

It's very beautiful! I'd say it's appropriatie for a wedding unless it's a more sober-dressing type of crowd, but you'd probably know if that were the case.

No. 206839

Brunch, not even kidding. Just tell your friends to dress up a little too. But yes wedding also works.

No. 207252

File: 1632792064720.jpg (53.15 KB, 763x511, koifootwearherselclassic.jpg)

do any anons have any recommendations for shoes similar to picrel? i actually ordered these but the size i got was too small and after i sent them back they discontinued them lol.
& i know they are just generic combat boots, i just have a really hard time finding ones i like online for some reason

No. 207256

Look on either army surplus stores or ebay. Look for "Doc Marten boots".

No. 207267

File: 1632811460098.jpg (109.35 KB, 1720x1201, unisex-solovair-8-eye-derby-bo…)

idk your budget anon but look up solovair if you're looking for something that'll last. it's the company that made the original doc martens or something. the quality is much better than the crap dr martens churns out today

No. 208283

How do you dress when you love the ''kawaii aesthetic'' but you are in your mid 20s? Is larme kei acceptable? Does anyone have any inspiration pics or instagram accounts to share?

I'm starting to feel a little bit too old for certain clothes but I still don't want to give up on my style completely.

No. 208287

What sneakers work well with black and/or gray ponte pants? I have white vejas for jeans, but they are not right for black pants at all.

No. 208307

Larma Kei looks really cute (I had to Google it). If you're worried about looking immature I'd give you this advice, as someone who successfully went from goth teen to goth mid 20s- look at lookbooks of normie women our age, and try to recreate those looks with your own style. It helps SO MUCH when it comes to actually looking your own age while still maintaining style

No. 208929

i like some Aelfric Eden clothes but it's a chinese reseller of an aliexpress store called TEDSN that's muuuch cheaper. not all of the clothes are there tho

does anyone know if taobao will have them for cheaper? where else can i look? feels like i'm being ripped off

No. 208942

eh probably unpopular opinion but I feel like whether you can pull of larme kei is mostly dependent on your body type. Cutesy j-fashion, even if it's not extremely kawaii like larme kei, looks awkward and out of place on tall(ish), broad(ish) Western girls regardless of age. But if you're cute and petite like the Japanese girls the style orginated from, you can probably pull it off in your mod twenties.

No. 208944

Can anyone recommend some really nice leggings with pockets for me? I've tried shopping around but the ones took a shot on just get those fuzzies and look sloppy and wornout after a couple months. I know brands like Carhartt have better quality but I don't want way drop a ton on something that won't last.

No. 208962

Zoe, GymBeam and Squatwolf

No. 209035

Tbh I hope this is the right thread to post in but I'm looking for some outfit tips and/or ideas. I'm from the United States. I'm going to see Andrea Bocelli in a few months and I wanted to pick out a nicer outfit but "nice" really can mean anything with me rn because I haven't bought any new clothes in like 10 years lol. Can some ladies help point me in the right and appropriate direction for this occasion? I don't really know what's out there in terms of clothing lines… I think Express was one of the last stores I remember poking around at but I overheard a customer complaining about how she doesn't buy their shirts anymore because they pil so easy so idk. And I'm not fashion forward enough to put something together on my own in h&m. I hope this makes sense?

No. 209037

sorry for double post. for context I need to dress layered for warmth (will be cold getting there but warm inside). I'm kinda inbetween an inverted triangle and hour glass shape for body type. i'm more comfortable with darker tones and colors in my clothes but tbh I'd love to see any and all recommendations… it's a special night tbh.

No. 209062


this is way too generalized if you want good advice. what's your price range? what size are you? a nice dress and a coat is really all you need for this, but you can wear a pantsuit or just some nice slacks and a blouse.

you could pick the most formal piece of clothing you have and try to build an outfit off that.

No. 209135

Oh oops sorry. I'm 5'5 and 125-130ish lbs, 26 years old. My budget would be like $100-150 max for the whole outfit, including shoes. Is that enough? I haven't shopped for new clothes in like 10 years and I don't really have anything fancy unfortunately so it's going to be from scratch. I like the idea of a dress and jacket. Could you recommend me some companies to check out? I'm sorry for being so useless, I don't know anything about fashion at all so I'm feeling very overwhelmed. Thank you

No. 209211

File: 1634059437631.jpg (83.43 KB, 500x501, dark-academia_2083801.jpg)

Anyone know any good dark academia blogs to get outfit inspiration from?

No. 209272

File: 1634096457074.jpg (174.84 KB, 1140x887, 57403957803466.jpg)

Nta but I'd look for a simple but flattering formal dress like https://www.etsy.com/listing/811007896/navy-bridesmaid-dress-custom-lengths

No. 209275

File: 1634096767425.jpg (338.76 KB, 1140x1710, 70493284832756.jpg)

Or this. https://www.etsy.com/listing/952836581/the-marie-slip-satin-midi-bridesmaid - pair with a complementary neutral heel and a loose crop jacket or shrug made from light material so it doesn't overwhelm the look

No. 209328

File: 1634138633607.jpg (167.7 KB, 1256x1884, 1D140Gp.jpg)

How would you style a lime green top? I bought a knit top in a similar color, on impulse but now I'm not sure what to pair it with. I was thinking light wash wide leg jeans or maybe a skirt in some bright color like purple.

No. 209329

If you're gonna go for a slip dress like the second anon suggested, you can find one in any major retailer. Even Zara has some nice ones currently.

No. 209331

I would do a bright orange skirt

No. 209333

Look at some Jojo art for inspiration.

No. 209335

File: 1634140705124.jpg (392.79 KB, 1032x1500, mztFMaF.jpg)

Not the worst advice I've gotten on here
Road safety couture.

No. 209345

File: 1634151126475.jpg (142.15 KB, 1000x1481, bad-60s-fashion-trends-14.jpg)

the jojo image reminded me that clothes in bright neon colours look really good when they're paired with neutrals, kind of like an accent colour

khaki, neon lime green, and white together kinda make me think of tennis, but it's still a solid color combo and you could play up the preppy vibe with a blazer and a pleated skirt in light neutrals or something along those lines. or, depending on the fit of the top, you could go for a more edgy, Y2K-revival fit like your idea with the wide-leg jeans or some other wide-leg trousers made of a more structured material and chunky platforms/sneakers. i'm not sure about pairing it with purple, though if you want to go that route you could look at 60's mod fashion like picrel for inspo (ignore the filename lel)

No. 209350

File: 1634153871782.jpg (144.21 KB, 588x793, VZ2M1on.jpg)

Thanks for the advice nonna! And 60s mod is exactly what I was thinking with the purple suggestion, I love how colorful and ridiculous trends were back then.

No. 209378

your best bet is going to a department store like macys or saks. $150 is kind of low for a coat and shoes, you can easily get a nice dress for $50 but the coat and shoes will be the most expensive part of the outfit. I've gotten nice coats at target before but I'm not in the US anymore so I can't speak for the selection now. Check out TJ Maxx or Marshall's too - the only thing with these stores is that you arent guaranteed to find anything, expect to leave empty handed.

I would suggest that you go into a physical store to at least try on different kinds of dresses to see what you like to wear. You dont have to buy anything, you can try on some different things and then go home and order something similar online.

also if you aren't used to wearing heels, def don't choose this occasion to be your newest attempt at it. just get something comfortable.

No. 209387

I would suggest getting something extremely neutral and basic but nice. Try Banana Republic or Ann Taylor sales. If you don’t have to dress up often you should buy something you can keep in your closet for any “upscale” occasion in the future. Don’t try to make a fashion statement if you’re not comfortable, just dress nice enough for the occasion so you’re comfortable in the setting. A very basic neutral (some anons might say boring) is fine!

No. 209391

oh i forgot that nordstrom and nordstrom rack have large dress sections and will have a lot of different silhouettes for you to try on too.

No. 209500

It feels impossible to find 1920s fashion without everything being durrrhurr flapper XDD. What should I look for in order to create a 20s inspired wardrobe?

No. 209502

File: 1634256809370.png (900.43 KB, 612x792, dta.png)


all my examples are from downton abbey but the costuming is fantastic so. 20s is all about breezy fabrics, pleats, and embroidery. look for beading, sequins, embellishments and choose fits that are loose on your frame. the fashion of the era was all about that long drop waist torso, the body silhouette was long and slim, tall and boyish. no hourglass waists here - that's what your grandma wore. lots of eastern influence on the fabrics and colors of the time, deep red, navy, drapery. a little bit of military influence as well here and there, especially on hats and gloves. big shoulders.

No. 209503

>your grandma

I had to kek because my grandmother is in her 60s, but I understand what you meant. Thanks so much, anon. Its been frustrating looking online and only ever getting Gatsby looking replicas, as if women walked around in nightclub gear of the time during the day.

No. 209504

File: 1634259479788.jpg (51.98 KB, 500x703, tumblr_27898d7d41a9382f52d367a…)

Literally just wear longish dresses with big collars and a lightly belted waist, and mary jane shoes. Hate to shill cheap chinese goods, but alien kitty on aliexpress has many such dresses. I find that hair and makeup matters more when it comes to looking 1920-ish.

No. 209686

I'm tall, broad-ish frame with no curves. I guess my body is quite unfeminine and shapeless but I'm not skinny like a fashion model that would 'justify' having no curves. (I have a mid-range healthy bmi) What kind of fashion/silhouette looks good on a body like mine? Looser-fits make me feel like a potato sack and tight things just emphasize my chubby legs or nearly flat chest and no waist definition. Do I have any options or am I just doomed with my unfortunate body shape?

No. 209693

File: 1634395902142.png (826.08 KB, 612x792, gchristie.png)

this is completely impossible to answer without seeing you. but your best option is to choose a feature you like and highlight it. i chose pics of gwendoline christie for an example because she is very tall and not especially curvy. she usually emphasizes either her legs or her shoulders. but the biggest thing anon is that when you really like your clothes, it shows.

No. 209714

File: 1634410964310.png (548.35 KB, 728x547, imagen_2021-10-16_140145.png)

I saw this basic guide on the internet about how to dress your body according to your bodytype and I liked it because it uses more up to date styles. Imma link it here
I don't think these are "body flaws" per se, but you know.

No. 209715

File: 1634411051514.png (754.97 KB, 728x766, imagen_2021-10-16_140322.png)

I didn't know you aren't supposed to wear sandals if you have big feet. I don't like sandals, I preffer closed shoes anyways but this is very good to know

No. 209716

File: 1634411136247.png (783.03 KB, 728x679, imagen_2021-10-16_140536.png)

I also liked this advice:
>Fortunately, the times when stylists recommended that all full-figured women wear black clothes are gone. Nicki Minaj shows her response to the stereotypes of the past.

>Don’t wear any patterns or animal prints, instead wear solid colors, bold, oversized silhouettes, and as few decorative elements as possible (no fringe, bows, or other stuff like that). And of course, any look like this goes great with a belt.

No. 209723

huh is it considered having big feet if they're proportionate to my height? I'll keep wearing sandals regardless but I'm curious
t. 6ft and size 10

No. 209776

File: 1634439603515.jpg (14.76 KB, 300x225, a27046b17a7736f40f1d6a5f8145b1…)

do any scene queens remember these??

No. 209782

File: 1634445293135.jpg (327.47 KB, 1064x1600, Tumblr_l_260161334390545.jpg)

I love this look so much. Wish it was in color

No. 209786

What would you call this style? It looks slightly bohemian to me

No. 209791

This may be good advice, but it seems a little unfair to compare these two women with clearly different bodies as examples of a full figured woman dressed wrong and right. The woman on the left is wearing an unflattering outfit, but I'm not sure it would be fixed by putting her in what Nicki is wearing there.

No. 209806

Not everything is a style anon, sometimes it's just an outfit.

No. 209807

Rich lady in the 1970s?

No. 209860

It looks really cute but those shoes don't really look warm enough for the kind of weather that warrants a coat like that

No. 209862

File: 1634503413230.jpg (148.58 KB, 1001x1500, FIGTNY_191120_31255-1001x1500.…)

Does anyone recognize this bag by chance? The blog I took this picture from listed everything except for the bag for some reason.

No. 209878


FINE, Mom, I'll go change

No. 209913

von holzhausen market tote

No. 210007

Amazing, thanks anon! ♥

No. 210025

How do I learn more about brands and their history? Has anyone began to have an “eye” for designers signature tailoring, fabrics, designs, etc.? I want to become more knowledgeable about high fashion and couture designers

No. 210030

why don't you make a thread about high fashion and couture?

No. 210038

File: 1634607068281.jpeg (359.59 KB, 848x1663, 374E052B-B838-4A53-A4F1-29544F…)

I’m tired of wearing tshirts. What should I wear nonnies? No I’m not a troon I’m just tall.

No. 210039

Dresses if you hate shirts or maybe just wear a better form fitting shirt

No. 210040

Kek are you an oldfag or did you thrift that shirt? I'm an oldfag and remember when those prints were popular. I think you should go for a pant with a looser leg fit because the skinny is a pretty dated look, and try tops that aren't so long because the length of the top is making you look a bit stumpy even though you're tall (neckline and sleeve length are fine tho). Try looking for tops that sit around your waist or top of your hips. I think midi dresses would look nice on you too. It's hard to infer your style from just one pic but I think a midi dress or midi skirt with some pleating would look pretty on your figure.

No. 210042

I'm in my mid 20's and have had these jeans for over 5 years at this point. Honestly don't care about current trends but I'll keep my eyes out for looser fit jeans. Only downside about shirts is all of my tallgirl ones are sooo long on me it's bullshit.

No. 210044

File: 1634614486412.png (823.95 KB, 908x1462, graphict.PNG)

I agree with some of the other anons here. Tucking in your shirt will help make your legs look longer and give you a defined waist.

Before you try and completely redo your wardrobe, I always think it's good to make use of what you have. Try layering an oversize flannel or denim jacket over a t-shirt and pair it with bottoms of your choice, as long as you don't match the color of your jacket to the color of your bottoms you'll be fine. It might help you get a sense of what sort of style you'd like to follow. Picrel is an example of a way to wear a graphic tee that's a little more exciting than just jeans, but it may not be your style.

No. 210045

Nta but how do you wear skirts that length? My ass will peak out or is it for more flatter bods

No. 210046

it's cute but looks rather juvenile unfortunately. I have a skirt similar to that from Lazy Oaf though.

No. 210047

not the anon you're responding to but this outfit is hideous, nothing matches.

No. 210048

lmao i was trying to be nice.

No. 210062

You should try picking shirts that are more your size and not as long or loose fitting, because like the other anon said it makes you look kind of stumpy. If you want, you can invest in some fabric scissors and try trimming some of the shirts you have (follow a tutorial online). Also you mentioned your jeans are 5 years old, you should probably invest in some new, higher quality ones. I recommend getting something without a print or pattern on it (like regular old denim) so you can match it with your tops better.
You should wear safety shorts or leggings underneath so your whole ass isn't out. If you still feel uncomfortable maybe try skirts with longer cuts.

No. 210063

Defiantly never for a length that short. I go above the knees since my ass will usually ride up the skirt.

No. 210064

Just start reading. Pick up some books on brands you're interested in or read Wikipedia. Vogue has great resources for runway shows, with a gallery of images and a short article. But I agree with the other nonny, making a thread would be a great option.

No. 210065

I hope those are pajamas.

No. 210093

omg is that famous amongus gamer and emo king singer corpse husband??

No. 210105

Thanks for the feedback my nonnies!! If there’s anything else just let me know I’m open to it.
I’m laughing my ass off because your comment is so ironic in more ways than one.

No. 210114

I also forgot to ask what kind of looser fit jeans. Would bootcut be trendy enough? because they say flared jeans work good on my body type.

No. 210115

Anything that doesn't hug your calves so tightly. Bootcut, straight leg, flared, and probably even wide leg would work well and I recommend if it's possible with covid restrictions in your area to try on a few pairs in different styles at a store you like. Even if you don't see one you want buy from there, you can test which cuts are more flattering and comfortable.

No. 210122

I found dresses I've seen on Princess Polly on yesstyle and aliexpress, are those dupes or does princess polly just resell them? I've ordered from there before and the quality is nothing special, so I'd just order from aliexpress if it's the same thing because it's so much cheaper

No. 210123

They're an AliExpress reseller.

No. 210124

Go with flared jeans if that's what looks good on your body type but try not to get caught up in trends too much, trends are fleeting after all. I suspect looser fit jeans will be on trend for years to come but whatever type will be most trendiest will change from season to season so it's fruitless to chase the absolute trendiest. It's better to opt for whatever fit is most flattering on your body type.

No. 210127

IATA who said skinnies were dated and I didn't mean to imply that nonny should go with what's trendy. Skinnies were really trendy back then and nearly everyone wore them even though they aren't flattering on most women. I agree she should focus on how it works with her figure plus how comfortable she feels in them rather than what's in style. Thankfully different leg cuts are always available no matter what's on trend. The rise gets more complicated since most brands are stuck on high rises atm, but being tall she has the benefit of any rise working for her.

No. 210129

I’ve always hated low rise because I felt I looked so fat in them. It sucked being a teen in the 2000’s because all that was available was low rise.

No. 210131

I've actually always wondered if it was the case because I saw the clothes they were selling all over Ali last summer too. I just always assumed that ali being ali just copied it.

No. 210139

The easiest way to know at a glance if AE is the copy or the original, even if you can't feel the quality of the original garment, is to look at the number of items available to purchase in the other shop. PP has a massive active inventory and affordable prices (tho not cheap as AE). They don't design and produce all those different SKUs for a season or two and then it all happens to get replicated by AE. They order a shitload of products and then sell them at a markup. Smarter and bigger brands like PP, as opposed to low scale dropshippers, will eat the cost of shipping to their warehouse before shipping items out to their customers to avoid long wait times that are a tell-tale sign of drop shipping, and take their own photos of the products on models. They can make the money back because of their huge margins and because they don't work with any designers. You're not at fault for being on the fence because they go to lengths to make it appear legit knowing that most people don't know or consider how hard it is to fill up a store to that capacity if what you're selling is original.

No. 210181

Skinny jeans were also worn by those of us who are short and didn't want the cuffs of jeans inevitably dragging under our heels as we walked home from school, only to get torn up and ratty. Rolling them up looked stupid. Honestly, I despised low rise back in the day and they are certainly not good for every body type, but skinny jeans at least fit me and lasted longer.

No. 210274

any recommendations for places to find comfortable trousers anons?
i almost never buy any because finding ones that fit properly and are actually comfortable is difficult. plus unlike with tops i feel like it's hard to know whats gonna look good unless you actually try them on

No. 210291

This is such a general question nonna. What's your style? Age? Body shape? Do you need special sizing(tall/petite/plus-size)? What price range? Materials? Are you looking for an ethical/sustainable brand? Are you talking about casual trousers or work appropriate ones?

No. 210334

ah im sorry, just… basic trousers, idk how to describe it, stuff you can wear daily but im not too fussy about styles. my problem is that i will buy trousers or jeans or whatever and a lot of the time theyre just not comfortable, so i guess it'd be nice to hear from anons who have bought trousers before that have turned out to be super versatile and comfy to wear. i buy most of my clothes second hand from ebay and second hand stores these days, and im a uk 12/5'9" if that helps (i get bloated to hell and back so i guess that's a contributing factor to my clothing problems)

No. 210359

File: 1634785705255.jpg (100.4 KB, 650x975, 176564_174916_tonyanude_168956…)

What color tights would work with this? I don't want to freeze.

No. 210366


The Uniqlo EZY Ankle pants are great IMO

No. 210368

No. 210445

Everlane pants are very simple and comfy.

No. 210446

File: 1634858850843.jpg (404.3 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210912-230056.jpg)

what are some bra/lingerie shops that you really trust? online or in person doesn't matter i just want as many recommendations as you have

pic unrelated except im thinking of buying these next paycheck, idk

No. 210507

File: 1634910438694.jpg (71.02 KB, 1126x752, photo_2021-10-22_15-43-48.jpg)

I want to style those in a more exciting way, I've already paired them with rolled up Mom Jeans - any suggestions for tops?

No. 210518

She makes interresting videos, but I legit cannot watch any of them because of her obnoxious voice. Her forced vocal fries make me wanna sudoku
I want them too nonny. My friends hate them kek

No. 210547

What are some jewellry brands/stores that sell more chunky/less dainty type of jewelry? Bonus points if they sell it in silver.

No. 210565

What sneakers work with black woodcut pants. White sneakers do not look right.

No. 210570

A pair of nice boots, try ASOS

No. 210652

File: 1634984226927.jpg (440.51 KB, 1801x2600, zxpylYA.jpg)

Why not try a dress or a skirt instead? Kinda hard to make mom jeans exciting. But you could go for a fun sweater like picrel.

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