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File: 1648287040067.jpg (66.78 KB, 563x867, 1997christiandior.jpg)

No. 251942

Previous thread >>205330

No. 251960

Yay the thread pic is from my favorite Dior show!!

No. 251972

Post your fave shows

No. 252001

recommendations for a beach cover up, kimono, or dress? I haven't been to the beach since I was a kid but I'm probably going in April. I have some anxiety about it. I have a black suit and a white one, but I think I should get something to wear over it in case I have to get drinks, etc.

I looked on Amazon for cover ups and they all looked kind of matronly or basically like stuff my mom would buy. Do younger women wear these things and look ok? Genuine q, since I have no recent knowledge of beach stuff. Or what kind of beach clothes should I get, if not a cover up?

Ah fuck I don't want to do this

No. 252007

File: 1648327142831.jpeg (1.21 MB, 3464x3464, 0DE3AB40-9BF6-4B97-902C-41868C…)

I wear any of these two, either a comfy jumpsuit or a short dress. You will want short stuff because changing rooms can turn into a disgusting mess, so long dresses/pants will be a bitch to put on. You will also feel too tired to deal with denim anything, buttons, fliers, or scratchy fabrics, so make sure it’s cotton clothes and with drawstrings or something you can just put on without struggling.
It’s better to go to the beach with a swimsuit in white or light colors because exposing yourself to the sun wearing dark colors can be harmful for your skin or at least I read that once and now I’m schizo about it
Wear sandals, they’re more comfortable than anything with socks, keep a cap or hat around, lots of sunscreen and water. Also don’t forget to pack extra underwear or even extra clothes and towels, I think it’s better to keep a claw clip around instead of hair ties because putting on a hair tie with wet, salty hair makes me want to kill myself.
I hope you have a good time, nonnie.

No. 252008

thank you nonna, this really helped calm me down. I'm going to take your advice. I really love my new white swimsuit (it was a gift to myself bc I spent Christmas alone again) and I checked to make sure it won't turn see-through. Now I am extra glad I got that one.

No. 252239

File: 1648468817405.jpg (35.66 KB, 500x675, bfb3bd60e7720945c378f18d7bf518…)

Thinking about buying second hand Lacoste pieces. What do you think of the brand and did Lacoste also develop a shit/trashy reputation in your country? I feel like preppy prenium brands like Ralph Lauren suffered from the logomania of the mid 2000s and now have a chav brand rep

No. 252275

What do I wear to an outdoor spring wedding? It'll probably be a bit warm and I have SH scars I'd prefer be covered.

No. 252276

How do I learn how to accessorize? It seems kind of complicated to me and on the off chance I make myself wear a necklace or earrings, I'm always concerned that they don't quite match the outfit even though I make the effort to use all matching metals and try to use jewelry that could go with anything but I feel like I'm kind of losing touch.

No. 252280

It'd be helpful to know where your scars are to come up with suggestions.

No. 252286

Some old homeless guy trying to bum cigarettes off me and then almost getting hit by a bus was wearing a Lacoste sweater, that's all I can say about the brand. That was 12 years ago tho, they might've turned their image around in that time

No. 252290

My arms

No. 252291

File: 1648491588262.jpg (101.13 KB, 734x1200, BBT039-MBL-1.jpg)

Nayrt and sorry if this sounds like grandma fashion advice but personally I'd go with any sun dress and wear a lightweight cardigan or one of those shrug/bolero things.

No. 252292

File: 1648492445888.jpg (75.3 KB, 800x800, BOHO-INSPIRED-white-women-dres…)

Yeah I'd go with either using a cute cardigan/shrug or maybe going for something a little boho with those puffy peasant type sleeves (sorry I know that's probably not the right terminology). Like pic related but obv not in white

No. 252293

File: 1648494468724.jpg (131.29 KB, 576x1024, 5205b628927ba6960f57172d325586…)

I'd wear a cute longsleeve summerdress. Maybe a lace one or a low back/cut out back if you want something more fancy. Dress it up with a nice pair of heels or sandals, a small crossbody purse or clutch and nice jewelry and you're all set. The weddings I've been to were all on the more casual side though so probably don't take my suggestions if your is very fancy/formal.

No. 252326

I’m 27 where should I shop? I like both dark, “goth” kind of looks but girly stuff like lace detailing, not too revealing or bold etc. as well as lighter girly basic/classic stuff like a lot of the tops Brandy Melville has with the small floral prints or plaid skirts.

It definitely seems I’ve outgrown Forever 21 where I used to be able to find things I loved regularly. H&M is hard to find even basic cute sweaters, everything is drab and ugly now. I feel like everywhere I look, everything is either very loud and skimpy or ugly and boring. Every store where I used to be able to find at least some cute items at have nothing for me now. Please help me.

No. 252331

File: 1648514373507.jpeg (268.46 KB, 750x1297, D5C79196-65AE-420D-BF17-0312A5…)

I’m back, picrel is a screen shot of some of my pins. Am I too old for these styles? If so, how could I modify them to be more age appropriate? I like the velvet dress as too but my bf said it looks like something a high school goth girl would wear but idk if that’s a bad moid opinion and should be disregarded.

No. 252333

Other than the dress, you could buy the pieces for these outfits basically anywhere. I see a gray plaid mini skirt, black shorts and skinny jeans, red flannels, and plain sweaters, turtle necks and t-shirts. Even the jewelery and shoes are literally things you could find at target or on amazon.

It sounds like you're overthinking it nona. The most important thing is that jewelery should match the other jewelery you're wearing. If you want to bring in colors or design elements from your outfit you can, but you don't have to. The only other thing I can think of to watch out for is making sure necklaces don't clash with the neckline of your top.

No. 252337

Are you looking for physical stores or okay with buying online? I use second hand apps like depop and thredup a lot and I like it. It's easy to search for specific things whether by actual clothing features like "lace detailing" or by a more general vibe like "goth". You can also filter by size, brand, price, etc. FOXBLOOD also has some pretty good wearable goth stuff imo. I'm not sure if they ship outside the US though. Also can't go wrong with ASOS if you want an alternative to Brandy Melville for adults with affordable pricing.

No. 252409

File: 1648552120627.jpg (64.64 KB, 600x600, fashion.jpg)

Is anyone here 18/19 and remembers using the internet for the first time and watching YouTubers like mylifeaseva, or seeing 'tumblr aesthetic lookbooks 2014' everywhere? I remember it was like my first time on the internet and all of the clothes looked so pretty and aesthetic. I really wanted to dress like a cool american/californian girl but i was too young to buy my own clothes and pick what I wore.

Now I'm old enough to choose my clothes, I really want to wear like
>white converse
>'boho' clothes, like tassled cardigans/boots and tatty denim shorts
>skater dresses with long cardigans
>studded denim
>shorts with tights

Yeah I think I just want to dress like a millennial substitute teacher kek

No. 252413

I'm 21 but I had the same experience (bethany mota my beloved), and I've been feeling nostalgic for that style of 2013 clothing too, it was comfy. I wanted to get ugg boots so badly this winter but they're so expensive. Shorts with tights are also the best, luckily they never went of fashion where I live

No. 252416

I love ugg boots so much! I got a floral skater skirt second hand and i think with tights and ugg boots it would be maximally cosy and girly. And shorts with tights should never go out of fashion, neither should long cardigans and those chunky knit scarves.

I’m pretty sad that youtubers like Bethany mota and mylifeaseva won’t make the same stuff again, all carefree and idealised aesthetic videos, but this year I definitely want to emulate an ‘i love fall <3’ pinterest board from 2014

No. 252439

Solid dark colors instead of the plaid/tartan patterns. More structured pieces instead of the slouchy jacket. Longer skirts that hit above the knees instead of mid thigh. The dress is cute, but I’d forgo the lace and perhaps either get one with a longer skirt or longer sleeves. Go for items with good quality material, something that looks thick and heavy rather than artificial and shiny.
Why not ask your moid what he’d be interested in seeing you wear and use that to gage if he has any fashion sense or an idea what you like. If he doesn’t, disregard and wear whatever, he may not even notice the outfit change. If he does it could be fun to dress each other up.
Ultimately it doesn’t matter, wear what makes you happy and what you can afford and ideally if you can the best advice for a wardrobe that looks mature/put together: get your things tailored.

No. 252474

The dress is a bit teenagery but everything else is fine. Disagree with >>252439 you don't need to wear ~structured~ pieces and skip on patterns(?!). You're only in your mid 20's, you don't need a ""mature"" wardrobe unless it's for your job, this is totally fine to wear in your free time.

No. 252477

Like I said wear whatever makes you happy. I just meant that style (to me mind) would look more mature with dark block colors and structured pieces. To me that’s timeless and very versatile,(whereas patterns and loose fits can be dated and hard to match) which is important when trying a new style because what if you don’t like it? All that money on things you’ll never wear again and can’t be absorbed into a different style. It all comes down to personal choice, just offering another take. Naturally everything I’m saying is informed by my situation, as anyones would be. Make the choices that best fit your context. And get your favs tailored.

No. 252480

skater skirts are the only dress/skirt shape that looks good on my body at all so i have no choice but to be cheugy i guess

No. 252481

File: 1648575126048.jpeg (876.1 KB, 960x1180, 561AE4F5-8769-4488-9B19-1F9F53…)

Might be too bold but I’m 27 and wear cosmic drifters dresses.

No. 252482

What do anons think of miu miu's aw 22 collection? Even though I like the ballet influences, I feel I've already seen it before online since 'balletcore' was more popular in February- it kinda feels derivative. That being said, I like the cropped 'preppy' sweaters, giant coats, neckerchiefs, silk panties and ballet shoes with socks. I'm interested in seeing how this trickles down into mainstream fashion

No. 252485

I don't really watch these shows because it's not like I can afford any of these clothes. What's up with the weird clay stopmotion throughout? I don't see the connection between that and the clothes.

No. 252493

File: 1648578253177.jpg (956.39 KB, 2000x1334, MiuMiu.jpg)

I don't hate it conceptually. I can especially get down with the structured blazers/coats and double belts. I just wish they would stop trying to convince us that their fugly pleated ultra miniskirts are cute. I keep seeing them everywhere in celebrity photoshoots and it will never not look stupid

No. 252497

Nona, shut up. You're not too old!!

No. 252498

The only thing that doesn't look atrocious is the top the black woman's wearing. Everything else with the cropped tops and low rise mini skirts look like shit trannies think is cute.

No. 252499

These skirts are so ugly, I can't help but see it as a man's business slacks cut across the top so that it turns into a skirt but they cut it too short so the pockets are visible. Quite frankly it looks retarded, as does the matching crop top.

No. 252501

Thanks I know that lol. Other 27 year old thinks she is.

No. 252504

I hate the tiny skirt, it's so impractical for real life. I have a theory that there's going to be a massive tiktok trend of "upcycling" frumpy thrifted skirts into hideous two pieces like the one in the middle of the picture >>252493 posted, and like every other shitty tiktok upcycle, they'll just wear it once and trash it.

No. 252525

File: 1648587912809.jpg (168.3 KB, 1160x653, eo9z-_oy38q.jpg)

Does anyone wear vintage suits? I've always loved the campy androgynous look of the Bright Young Things but don't want to look like a tit

No. 252613

Me! I actually found a vintage men’s suit I liked and had it tailored. It’s a heavier one than in your pic (wool) but it makes me feel like a smug sexy college professor. It’s truly all in presentation and confidence. I wear far more outlandish shit and still get compliments because I act like everything I wear was made for me (I guess it kind of is in the case of tailoring). A lot of people admire it when someone can rock an uncommon look, and those who don’t are petty and not worth your time anyway.

No. 252625

Can't you just appreciate the art? What this logic?

No. 252716

I'm looking for a romantic looking bikini but it's impossible to find one that doesn't look too much like lingerie. I just love black and lace and don't want to wear an ugly basic one. Any of you got suggestions? I wear a crochet/lacy coverup over it, I just need a basic one with some romantic details but somehow it seems impossible to find.

No. 252921

File: 1648757720257.png (315.47 KB, 318x673, 8945930534057834.png)

I may be misinterpreting what you mean by romantic, but couldn't you just wear a black bikini with some extra ruffles? I think it looks cute and feminine but not too much like lingerie. If both the bikini and coverup had a lace or crochet design it may be too much. I'm also not a huge fan of overly intricate swimsuits because of the weird tan lines you can get (although that doesn't stop me from wearing monokinis).

No. 252925

What, appreceite the clothes I can't afford or the clay thing? Ready-to-wear collections aren't art in my book and no I can't appreceite an ugly clay monster if I don't know why it's there, it's an disruptive element.

No. 252970

Doesn't tailoring cost a lot of money? I would love to have this though

No. 253005

How to dress for a formal/semi-formal event that isn't a dress?

No. 253009

A pant suit?

No. 253022

I don't think it's too bad, it was around $45 for the suit to be tailored and considering I got it for only $20, a total cost of $65 is awesome to me since buying something new would easily be $100+. It also depends on who you go to. The little old Asian lady tailors (often attached to drycleaning businesses) usually do a great job for much less than a "fancy" place would charge.

No. 253323

Does anyone have a good source for these lace-up jaquard dresses? I see some at Boot Barn but I'm wondering if there is a website with many different styles of this type of dress. There are brands like Scully & My Choice who produce these dresses, anyone know of other brands?

No. 253324

File: 1648855511498.jpg (4.52 MB, 4096x4096, InCollage_20220401_162224165.j…)

Samefag dropped pic

No. 253325

File: 1648855676948.jpg (596.15 KB, 2000x3000, 30a912962513a96d5dfb1f6a03f045…)

Also I've been looking for a simple button-up babydoll dress FOREVER like how can something so simple be so hard to find. Does anyone know of any brands who make dresses like this? Even when I search used clothing they are hard to come by somehow

No. 253327

File: 1648856315063.png (240.42 KB, 311x620, 548305843750543.png)

Holy Clothing has a ton of lace-up dresses like this. Some are more overtly fantastical than others depending on how much you want to play it up.

No. 253338

File: 1648860906375.jpg (87.44 KB, 688x802, Screenshot 2022-04-01 175344.j…)

Thank you nona, this website is great! I'd really like to start dressing more ~ethereal and ~hippie-ish. I just bought these hideous yet amazing patchwork harem pants. I'm short af tho so it's probably gonna look too stumpy but we'll see…

No. 253340

Anyone know where I can find mandarin collar shirts that aren't shit quality? Linked the vid 'cause Mark Knopfler (the lead singer) is dressed in the way I'd like to be.

No. 253353

File: 1648870581008.png (1.55 MB, 1456x1388, what is this.png)

What would you call this type of person?
They're usually wearing "Smart Casual" clothing. Their wardrobes consist pretty much of basics and classic silhouettes. I would call them normies but it just doesn't sound right if you know what I mean. also they aren't as cheap

No. 253363

I totally get it! Life is short so might as well spend it dressed like an elven princess. Or cozy hobbit. I really like those pants. I have a pair of Thai fisherman pants that are a similar style. They're that perfect mix of casual and comfy and yet more interesting than jeans/sweats. As a fellow shorty I would recommend wearing a crop top or something more fitted up above to break up the bagginess, but layering it with something flowy can look cool too.

No. 253364

Businesswoman or a prep? I know not all women who dress this way are/were posh private school-goers but it evokes that same kind of clean, classy but not flaunting it style.

No. 253373

this is OT for this post but still relevant to the thread I think, but how to avoid falling into the fashion victim trap of your clothes wearing you? I want to wear some really outlandish shit but still want to look good

No. 253377

idk but those shoes are horrendous. this is just what normal people wear who work office jobs.

No. 253378

File: 1648879763086.jpeg (128.26 KB, 853x1280, 643B35F2-1F5F-4356-BE59-7FF701…)

Nonnies I know this is pretty basic but what would be a cute way to style it. I figured it as a bit of a nod to my weeb days with the sailor neckline. So while my initial reaction is to put it with some basic bitch mom jeans I sort of yearn for something more youthful. (Tbh want to be called Unironically kawaii by a guy I’m talking too) but don’t want to be troonish or inappropriate

No. 253380

File: 1648880623944.png (303.54 KB, 372x349, 47328974302745.png)

I think flowy, pleated maxi skirts with this sort of loose-fitting sweater are cute. I wouldn't pair them with the crazy stilettos this girl is wearing though, just some cute flats or a kitten heel.

No. 253381

File: 1648882228075.png (634.17 KB, 628x440, 754074398535832.png)

I think there are a few aspects that help people avoid this.
>Fit. Clothes should flatter your body and not look like a pile of hand-me-downs you threw on. Be picky about how things lay on you, have something tailored if you love it but it doesn't look right at first. Loose/baggy styles are fine so long as you can still tell you have a body underneath them.
>Accessories. When you're wearing a loud outfit, to avoid that being the sole focus wear jewelry that also draws attention to the hands, face, neck, etc.
>Makeup. I'm never going to say women have to wear makeup but it can help make your face pop where it may otherwise be washed out. You can choose just one feature to emphasize and pair with your outfit like eyeshadow color, lipstick, blush.
>Hair. Don't let it be an afterthought and think about how it pairs with your outfit. Wearing your hair down when a major focus of your outfit is your top's collar, for example, can take away from its effect.
I feel like Indian fashion is a great example of this. A lot of Bollywood stars wear extremely colorful, vibrant, busy prints and patterns, and while it's a lot, I think it usually works. They typically use a lot of makeup and accessories, but even when they don't, they tend to look good because everything complements their body and they look well groomed/put together. Just remember that whenever you wear something unconventional it will always lead to strong reactions, many positive but others not so much. If an outfit makes you smile and feel confident that's all that really matters.

No. 253522

Hell yeah! Thanks for the tips anon ♥

No. 253532

File: 1648926093410.jpg (125.83 KB, 541x800, (111)-2.jpg)

I'm like 1 foot tall so this is a big problem for me. Keep in mind I am a very casual dresser, so this is relative. I hate Kibbe but I learned about how important fabric weight and draping can be through Kibbe. I've found that I look best and least overwhelmed with very drapey fabrics. Stiff and structured garments seem to "wear me." Also as soon as I am uncomfortable with any aspect of the outfit I know it will be "wearing me." If I am fully confident in it then I wear the fuck out of my outfit.
Another thing that helped me personally but by no means is a hard rule, is dressing for the area you live in/are going to. I tried a few things that I saw online that looked really cute and not out of place but when I tried wearing those fashions in my life, I was uncomfortable with the look. Think t-shirt and denim cutoff shorts paired with high heeled sandals (same vibe as picrel). This probably works for a lot of women but in my middle-to-lower-class area, I stuck out like a sore thumb. I mean I knew I wouldn't exactly blend into the background at the grocery store in heels, but I felt very, very uncomfortable which was a sign that the shoes were wearing me. It's taken a bit of that embarrassing trial-and-error but that's the nature of personal style and I try not to get too cringed out by it. If you have a more confident and boisterous personality, the heels might not be an issue for you as it was for me, so it's very personal. The way I remedied the situation was by toning it down a bit & buying a pair of like 1.5 inch sandals that give the same feel of grungey outfit + feminine shoes without making me feel self-conscious.
I'll post a pic of the first pair of heels vs. the second pair if I can find them bc the contrast between them is kind of hilarious. I feel like it's very difficult to gauge how I am going to feel in a particular LEWK or style until I try it irl, as opposed to being able to gauge it just by looking at photos, if that makes sense.
This isn't going to be true for everyone obviously, but this is how I've learned over the years not to let clothes wear me. I still deal with this issue every time I get dressed but it gets easier and easier over time.

No. 253551

File: 1648927641193.jpg (198.32 KB, 1080x1686, ZomboDroid 02042022121630.jpg)

LOL this is embarrassing but here is an example of the types of shoes that I thought I could wear casually (I was young ok?? And spent way too much time on Tumblr. This was a huge lesson learned kek) vs. what I can easily wear and feel cute in. I didn't really know that the first pair were like, clubbing heels, (I really like bright green kek) because my perspective was a bit skewed from looking at too many fashion bloggers who wear crazy shit regularly. The contrast of the two pairs is admittedly hilarious though. Now you see why I try not to cringe myself out of existance for wearing the green ones to the grocery store lol but it's a learning process and every failure is a new lessin learned. Eventually you will know from experience what kind of clothes you can wear and vice versa. This turned into a blogpost, my lord. I'll shut up now but that was an interesting question, >>253373. This was part of my personal styling ~journey~; if you want to wear outlandish shit I say go for it and see how you feel! It's the only way. Maybe you will enjoy the looks and attention that your outlandish clothing brings! It's cool when you get comoliments from ither people who you think dress cool too.

No. 253872

Anon that is literally the cutest dress I’ve seen!! That’s gorgeous!

No. 253884

Recently had an interesting experience ordering clothes online.

Found this brand that sews its clothes in Ukraine (https://www.lipinskaya-brand.com/en/) and was a little intrigued. Debatable whether a Ukrainian sewing operation is any better than a Chinese one but I'm Ukrainian living in Norway so Slava ukraine and all that. I ordered a dress and a body totalling about 70USD.

(https://www.lipinskaya-brand.com/katalog/platya/koktejlnye-platja/sinie-oblegayushhee-plate-mini-little-art-382/ this dress specifically - love a little over the top eastern european number. )

Then the war broke out and I just sort of assumed that those $70 ended up being a donation to the UKRAINIAN RELIEF FUND and I'd never see the goods, fine by me. A month goes by and I get a notification on my phone that there's a package waiting for me from Odessa, from some man named Alaksander. Don't know anyone in Odessa, but okay.

You can see where this is going. It was my order, sent from a private person, with the addresses written by hand. The clothes fit like they were made for me and have great stitching. Hate to say great customer service 5 stars would buy again but great customer service 5 stars would buy again.

Reading this back it sounds like a sponsored post but actually I wouldn’t recommend ordering anything yet, considering how Odessa just got its shit handed by Russia… Wouldn’t want Aleksander forced to fulfill orders under duress.

No. 253890

ntayrt but these are great posts and you perfectly explained the way I felt about clothes and my personal style for years now, something I was never able to express in words.
For me the area matters a ton too. A while ago I started experimenting with more outlandish eyeshadow. My uni is in a big city so looking like a freak there is not a problem at all and I feel confident. Commuting to it is a different story, since I live in a small boring town. I feel like a freak when I'm walking to the train station kek. The feeling of sticking out like a sore thumb subsided over time but it took a while.

No. 253904

Sounds great anon. I'm in the EU and I've always thought in the back in my mind that I would want to buy from smaller stores/brands across the EU and not buy from, you know, like Zalando or Asos all the time. But I never know how to find those little online stores.

No. 253909

>Bollywood stars wear extremely colorful, vibrant, busy prints and patterns, and while it's a lot, I think it usually works.
do you understand anything about indian fashion or culture? the right is a more formal outfits and both are not out there with regards to clothing designs, very bright and intricate is the norm.

No. 253914

ot but the model for the new collection has an amazing body, she makes me want to order everything

No. 253918

File: 1649080530508.jpg (48.91 KB, 610x605, fxnqyv-l-610x610-shoes-black-t…)

This is killing me, I too was terminally on tumblr and thought I could pull off casual t-shirts and huge platforms. Except I was like 16 and 5'9". Tbh I still love the look, especially velvet platform sandals.

No. 253939

you can wear any height platform heel you want if that interests you, anon

No. 253957

Wat? I’m aware those two pictures are not the most extreme, I was using them as an example of matching a single makeup aspect (lipstick in this case) to their clothes. That being said, they absolutely are more vibrant than the average western outfit.
>very bright and intricate is the norm.
That’s the entire point I was making?

No. 254148

Sorry, didn't mean to imply I/anyone else tall couldn't. It was just pretty eye catching and definitely not casual. Tall women wearing heels look badass.

No. 255112

in the UK we would simply call this style 'put together'

No. 255923

"put together" sounds kinda right. You are being inoffensively presentable without being "too much" but not necessarily fading completely into the background, I think I'll use that one anon.

No. 256232

File: 1649867104630.jpg (29.51 KB, 888x1110, 23865300.80.jpg)

I've been wanting a pair of Doc Marten Jadons for forever (never owned any Docs in my life) and I'm thinking about biting the bullet and buying them. I wear black converse high tops nearly everyday and need to get some other shoes.

Any anons here want to tell me if this is a bad purchase and whether or not I should buy them secondhand?

No. 256241

I have them and I can only support you in this decision, they're great. Wouldn't buy any shoes second hand though as I think getting a new pair would ensure longer lifetime, but that's just me; overall though go for it!

No. 256242

Get them anon! They are a bitch to break in tho, just a small warning.

No. 256244

iirc doc marten's quality has been trash ever since they moved production overseas so the thing to do now is to look for either made in UK docs, or solovairs.

No. 256246

No input on this particular model but I got mine second hand and would do it again. Got them for a great price looking like a new pair would after a season or two too and they look better worn anyway.

No. 256259

Yes get Solovairs, the quality is much better

No. 256304

I bought these exact ones five years ago and they’re still going strong. Seconding other nonnies with the breaking in warning, they’re the worst non vintage docs I’ve had for ankle biting.

No. 256305

What is a good comfy goes with everything summer shoe for bitches with narrow feet? I like Birks but they’re so fucking wide even the adjustable ones. I bought a lot of cute sun dresses and I have 0 shoes that don’t look retarded with them.

No. 256309

File: 1649884213372.jpeg (48.99 KB, 768x1152, hmzipfrontboots.jpeg)

these boots are so versatile. if you can afford buying a new pair then go for it anon.

i would like to have a pair if im not too lazy to tie my shoelaces every day. im considering getting a pair of zip up front boots that are on sale but i wonder with the metal ornaments it wouldn't mesh with a wide variance of what i have in my wardrobe.. my other option are chelsea boots but those look like rainboots to me and hate how huge it looks when worn.

No. 256366

File: 1649908300211.jpg (68.17 KB, 500x750, acefbc44a4554133decb4fb1e450f3…)

Solovair didn't have an equivalent to the Jadon, is there a specific recommendation for platform Solovairs?

Thanks to everyone who responded! I think I'll look into it and possibly buy some this weekend.

OT but picrel is one of my fantasy/impractical looks that I wanna replicate even if it looks like a painfully pretentious and 'quirky' thing to do. Maybe it's bc I love 90s alt rock but I love the juxtaposition of feminine clothes with combat boots like what Courtney Love used to wear on tour.

These are cute anon I like them a lot! If you don't like the detail of the zipper then there's plenty of similar looking boots on Asos.

No. 256491

Does anyone have recommendations for cute bras that don't have wires (or at least very minimal wire) but still have padding? It seems like my options are either uncomfortable quadruple-padded pushup with metal jabbing my underboob or super supple barely-there mesh bralet that offers zero support and zero nip coverage so I may as well be wearing nothing in the first place.

No. 256541

I know it’s a basic bitch brand, but I found a few like this from Victoria’s Secret a while ago. Some of them are a bit too push up-y, but they had a nice selection of padded/wireless bras last time I was there. The ones I got are pretty comfortable.

No. 256561

File: 1650003773009.png (246.08 KB, 353x473, 3458943703457934.png)

Hey I'm all for basic bitch if it gets the job done. I thought pretty much all of their stuff was push ups but you're right, picrel is apparently lightly lined with no wire so that'll do it. Thank you!

No. 256564

These are super cool, I love chunky boots because I’m lazy with outfits and I feel like it adds something necessary to my presence

No. 256567

File: 1650010950432.jpg (25.8 KB, 465x535, 81Qt2bsbX2L._AC_UY535_.jpg)

these are my stompys and they weigh about twelve pounds but I love them

No. 256578

Same here!

I found this polish shop a few years ago:


Small family business, I've got one of the cardigans and a tennis skirt and they're both really good quality.

No. 256584

These are really cool, what brand are they?

No. 256588

They are from h&m

No. 256604

Aye these are my current combat boots! To the strings with the lil metal ends swing and get caught in your shoe? Idk what to do but accept it.

No. 256618

Ah sucks, my experience with shoes from H&M and such stores hasn't been good. Shame they're really cool

No. 257134

Luckily they do not! Does tightening or loosening the string with the little metal ends make any difference for you nonna? I got mine used and super beat up from ebay and now I want a new pair… How long have you had yours?

No. 257136

I read this comment a few days ago and it stuck with me. I like this perspective

No. 257159

File: 1650297036557.png (493.53 KB, 602x914, Screenshot 2022-04-18 175012.p…)

I love these from h&m. Super comfy

No. 257318

What season, type, whatever am I if I look the best in bright colors? Grass green, primary blue, bright teal, barney purple for example. Pastels/light color wash me out and make me look sickly, but lavender can sometimes look ok. My hair is dark brown and I'm around nc25. I thought I had olive undertones but I'm not really sure anymore.

No. 257334

I already replied to you anon, but I actually saw some more like this the other day at Uniqlo. Slight padding, no underwire, looked like decent support without being sky-high push ups. I didn’t buy any myself but check them out if you’re still looking!

No. 257460

File: 1650390141376.jpg (354.82 KB, 2000x2000, vivienne-westwood-betty-tartan…)

If I make a bit over 4k a month and don't currently have to pay rent, is it really dumb to buy this bag for around $400? I don't really care about bags (I have just one that was like $30), but I like this one. I showed it to my mom and she was shocked, so now I feel a bit unsure about it lol

No. 257462

I don't like that bag but if you do and think you're gonna use it, do it.

No. 257464

I loveeee that bag omg so cute u have gr8 taste

No. 257466

if it is authentic VW literally what are you waiting for.

No. 257467

U shuld definetly get it, even tho its patterned it looks like it can match w everything.i sent it to my friend and she hates plaid but says this is gr8888. i rlly love it

No. 257468

It's cute. As long as you are saving and keeping a budget it's fine to invest in nice things for yourself.

No. 257477

Is there a fashion that's cute but also mature? For years I was super into gothic lolita, fairy kei, and pastel goth fashion. I didn't have the money for it but now that I do have money I'm too old to be dressing with aesthetics based heavily on childlike things. Is there a style that is both cute but suitable for a 20 year old?

No. 257480

20 isn't old at all dumbass nor an age to feel like you have no choice but to be wearing "mature" clothes at, you're not 38. I don't know how you can want to wear lolita or faerie kei or some shit and the thing that's keeping you from doing that is your age (which is only 20????) and not the fact it's ridiculous ott japanese fashion that will make you look like a clown anywhere outside Harajuku.

Anyway depends on what you define as cute. I'd say Freddy my love on yt dresses "cute" (and she's mid twenties I'm pretty sure) but that may not be your idea of "cute"

No. 257482

>too old for j-fashion

No. 257486

File: 1650398355944.jpg (4.39 KB, 317x305, 4e68ae01e2dcca19ce74d9eb71208d…)

>20 isn't old at all dumbass nor an age to feel like you have no choice but to be wearing "mature" clothes at, you're not 38. I don't know how you can want to wear lolita or faerie kei or some shit and the thing that's keeping you from doing that is your age (which is only 20????) and not the fact it's ridiculous ott japanese fashion that will make you look like a clown
Dang she only asked a question about cute clothes

No. 257489

>she thinks she’s mature at 20 year old

Cringe. Sister in Christ, go and have fun. You will have plenty of time to look for “mature styles” when you’re at least a decade older.

No. 257495

that's a beautiful bag! but ask yourself if the price is worth how often you'll use it and how it will wear down over time. looks like a tougher leather but doesn't have the feet at the bottom to lower how it will wear down there.

No. 257499

File: 1650404415472.jpg (127.02 KB, 500x693, tumblr_nnonmySp1O1ruoqrro1_500…)

Can any fashnonita help me find a dress almost exactly like this if not this one? I'm not an avid clothing shopper and I'm going insane trying to find one like this that's of high quality not Amazon bootleg quality. I'm looking to spend in the $300-600 range preferably but I could go higher for the right one. It doesn't have to be the same color (though I wouldn't mind if it was or even if it had a nice nature-y print on it) but I really want this exact style of dress for my music festival wedding. It looks like it would flatter my body, be easy to not ruin it in a porta potty because I could just take it off, and it has the sort of hippie vibe that I like. Plus it doesn't look so fancy that I would feel the need to baby it all day long while trying to dance and party and I could even wear it again as a duster or something, but I could still dress it up nicely for my wedding pics. Feel free to laugh at my taste because I know this style is out of fashion right now but if anynonny could help me find something like this I would be so grateful! I searched for this image but all I could find was the photographer and model's names, no information about the dress.

No. 257500

File: 1650404558418.jpg (153.46 KB, 700x700, badass-grandma-instagram-baddi…)

Sweet nonina you are not too old for those fashions. I'd say your best bet is to experiment with aspects of the styles you like if you are afraid of coming off as ""childish"". My advice is just have fun and try those fashions!

No. 257502

I'd look on Free People or Anthropologie, they have similar styles

No. 257504

Thanks for the suggestions nona sadly I have looked at both places online and in store. I've tried on many FP dresses and all were incredibly long (I'm average height but it was still way too much to have it altered) and Anthro didn't anything close to it. I looked shops with similarish styles like Doen, Hemant & Nandita, and some of the brands FP carries (hoping for a smaller size) but no dice on finding one in that style.

No. 257505

I'll wear lolita in the nursing home idgaf. Life is too short to not wear what you want anon. Don't be insecure, as long as it's making you happy that's all that matters.

No. 257509

can anybody help me with dark academia aesthetic? I want to get into wearing the same sort of style but I have no idea where to start - what base clothes should I get to start with? I don't really have the money to go and buy a massive haul but I'm wondering if anyone has like a list of basics I should get?

No. 257513

File: 1650408641971.jpg (149.12 KB, 800x800, 3423904832965.jpg)

The closest I found is a Chinese Ebay dress kek. But if you're willing to pay up to $700 and it's for your wedding why not commission a dressmaker on Etsy or something to make one? It's not a particularly complicated style and it would be made specifically to your measurements. Look for people with similar styles like https://www.etsy.com/shop/AYAsacredwear or https://www.etsy.com/shop/LelaSilk

No. 257514

I mean it depends on your body type and preferences. Im general, I'd say a button down, sweaters sweater vests, plaid skirts and wool pants are essential.

No. 257517

if this is your wedding dress you might be better off looking for a designer anyways to get the perfect color, fabric type, and tailoring.

No. 257528

Thanks for looking, the Chinese dress looks good tbh but I used to order a lot of bootleg they never seem to hold up for long or really match the photos in real life. But you both had a good idea, maybe I will have it commissioned instead of hoping to find it ready made. I didn't really think of that. Thank you.

No. 257619

File: 1650465290278.jpg (150.99 KB, 1280x1280, rIm4P2p.jpg)

Is anyone else constantly disappointed by more expensive brands? I just bought some Realisation Par dresses for $500 and they are nice, but the quality is just okay. I got a dupe from aliexpress for one of their dresses an honestly the dupe's material feels slightly better. The only more expensive things that I own that I feel are worth it are from Lululemon, everything else has been meh.

No. 257620

She’s so ugly

No. 257621

Your picrel is listed as $190 and 100% silk crepe, ouch. Even on the model it looks cheap and gauzy.
Can't believe this vid is 5 years old, but it was my first lightbulb moment of how to recognize quality without relying on prices or reviews.

No. 257636

Do you mind giving us that aliexpress link anon…

No. 257664

File: 1650477688118.jpg (1.87 MB, 3024x4032, 2diYCxa.jpg)

I bought it a while ago, but pretty sure it was this one: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000757430482.html
Picrel is of the Alba dress dupe (left) and the right is the Isabelli dress I just got. I think the pattern is almost identical, and the dupe's material is a little bit thicker. It's also not the best quality ever but they are about the same

No. 257682

File: 1650483570897.jpeg (530.65 KB, 2048x2048, FPZxAivagAEpE6J.jpeg)

Bare with me for posting a kpop idol but does anyone know what the pink hood thing is called and where I could buy one? I'm not sure what to search for, the knit hoods I find online are bit frumpy-looking.

No. 257683


No. 257684

File: 1650484654569.jpg (7.87 KB, 300x200, s-l300.jpg)

Definitely not a balaclava, which is a mask. This just seems like a neck warmer/gaiter that he pulled up over his head.

No. 257686

File: 1650485049270.png (702.72 KB, 1131x753, il_1140xN.3741405420_b15i.png)

definitely not a balaclava expert by any means but if that's a neck warmer, once he pulls it back down around the neck it's gonna be terribly wide all around right? here's a ''balaclava'' i found on etsy that looks similar. maybe sellers use the term wrongly nowadays? i know originally it covers nothing but the eyes, yet….

No. 257702

Uh, interesting. Maybe you are right, and different people use it differently. About stretching the thing, maybe it could happen, but if it's very elastic it could go back to its original shape.
I guess that anon could look for both balaclava and neck warmer and find the better option for her!

No. 257712

could someone (preferably french I guess) explain to me what Parisian style actually is? all I seem to see when I google it is jeans and white shirts or like, pantsuits. surely the whole of France isn't cutting about in a white t-shirt and levis and calling it the pinnacle of self-expression kek

No. 257724

Thank you both so much! Turns out some people call those "modern balaclavas". I found some knitting patterns online so I think I'm gonna try and make one myself.

No. 257726

Isn't Parisian style just what Anglo fashion bloggers want to believe French women wear?

No. 257727

how long do you think people will continue to wear the spiky chokers/collars/etc.? i know they're sort of tacky lol but i'm still interested, just not sure how much more mileage i'd get out of them

No. 257734

Thanks nona!!

No. 257736

I've seen things like this called a snood

No. 257835

Just look at what brands Sézane, ba&sh, Maje, Sandro, Claudie Pierlot, etc are doing, that's Parisian style basically.

No. 257838

wear what you like and don't worry about trends nonnie

No. 257847

Parisian style is just NLOG normcore and anyone who tells you different wants you to click on their affiliate links

No. 257890

Get them! They're extremely comfy and durable I love stomping around in mine.
On another note all this shein garbage needs to end I'll take dumpy jfashion over it at this point. It's as if they took the worst articles from mid 2000s LA public school trends and ran with it.

No. 257896

Spiked collars have been "in" since goth fashion became a thing, don't worry about appearing out of date because it's a pretty out there clothing item that will always catch peoples eye no matter if its passe or not.

No. 257898

Don’t buy them if you drive because I always had a hard time with the shoes being heavy on the pedals. I sold mine a couple months ago because I hated how heavy they were. My TUK Dino’s are light and comfy despite the laces being trash.

No. 257911

So after owning and wearing trenchcoats on a regular basis, suddenly I realized that they are not my thing. I thought wearing them would somehow automatically make me look put together, and elegant even though I'm the opposite, I'm always late and my hair always looks unkempt. This is just a small fashion related confession I guess

No. 257915

I know, not everything is for everyone, we have to figure it out but sadly we have to get it and wear it first to realize it. I tried on a trench coat I got from a friend and I looked like a legit school shooter, my roommate tried it on and she looked like in the movies when the main character goes on a trip by plane so she puts on a trench coat for her trip, fashionable and ready to see the world.

No. 257924

yeah i started to think about this. i tend to dress pretty plainly most of the time so i think i'm just nervous about trying something new
thanks nona!

No. 257996

Are mules too informal to wear to the symphony? I have a pair of black, closed-toe ones that look fairly dressy, but I'm worried the open back would look too casual to wear with a nice dress.

No. 257998

do you have a ref pic for the mules and dress? it’s more abt cohesiveness imo

No. 258001

File: 1650602165927.jpg (3.47 KB, 200x250, Z.jpg)

Sorry for the microscopic filesize but the shoes are these. I'm not sure about the dress yet

No. 258021

I would say the belting makes it look more informal than the actual shape of the shoe. A pair of unadorned mules in that exact shape and color would be fine. They are cute, not trying to hate, but they aren’t super formal.

No. 258132

File: 1650656742295.png (2.32 MB, 1947x1356, wardrooo00be.png)

Looking for crit on a wardrobe I'm building. I already have some of the shoes, tops, and one of the dresses but most of it I haven't bought yet. I'm aiming for a wardrobe where I can mix and match a lot of different clothes and shoes. I've had a problem my whole life with buying so many non-matching clothes or just items I can only wear in one specific outfit. I split the clothes into neutral lights, darks, and atheliesure/basic girl shit: I hope that reads okay. I'm really new to this and I feel like it needs to be worked on. Any advice is appreciated! (Didn't bother with accessories/jewelry for simplicity sake but advice is also appreciated with that)

No. 258136

This looks really cute anon, not much I can find fault with. Maybe add some comfy but attractive flats you could wear with the dresses and skirts? So you aren't always stuck with heels or platforms. Outside of that you could maybe get a few more layering options like coats and jackets but if you live in a warmer climate obviously not necessary.

No. 258140

I looooove absolutely everything on the left side. Please, what are the brands/stores you got them from?

No. 258142

Good call on the flats! And thank you anon.
Almost all of it is axes femme, I'm pretty much cheating since all their stuff goes so well with each other lol. I'm addicted to them. Also just browsing the higher quality taobao shops and Liz Lisa.

No. 258146

Why the addition of athleisure if easy mixing and matching is important to you? None of the athleisure matches with the lights/darks. You'd just be buying two seperate wardrobes when it's smarter to put your money towards one style for more and/or higher quality clothes that you can mix and match.

No. 258148

Maybe anon just wants to wear normie pieces once in a while. Or does yoga. It's just a few items anyway.

No. 258150

I guess it is two separate wardrobes. I need clothes for when I'm just going to the store or gym or being lazy. And like the other anon said it is just a few items. If this is my entire wardrobe (barring pajamas and the random tshirt) which I'm planning on it being, I need something to wear inside the house.

No. 258196

File: 1650673979826.jpeg (27.48 KB, 236x313, 1CBF5329-0A55-4AA4-82A7-90FD6A…)

Apologies for the Euphoria skanky glitter vomit collage but what’s this kind of set called?

No. 258240

File: 1650685290086.jpg (90.59 KB, 777x1700, 498831a.jpg)

I've been a neet for 3 months but I've applied for a job, if I get it I will treat myself to this beauty. It's so beautiful, I love the color and the details on the pockets.

No. 258250

File: 1650686453404.png (484.43 KB, 369x692, 4328473927402.png)

Try searching bandeau skirt set. Specifically that's a ruched skirt. Picrel is kikiriki, check them out they have a lot of stuff like this

No. 258251

Good luck, anon! I hope you get it!

No. 258392

Thanks nona! I hope so, can't wait to escape neetdom and have some money again.

No. 258415

File: 1650743040238.jpeg (271.63 KB, 1240x1748, 29399327283.jpeg)

Anyone feel like their fashion choices don't match your facial/body aesthetics? I can't explain it well, but my face is very round and I have big but deep set eyes, kinda like Shelley Duvall and curly short hair. I could almost say I would look good in vintage styled clothes, but what I feel most comfortable in is really baggy black clothes and alt style makeup looks. But my appearance just doesn't work with what I want to go for, instead of that 'sharp' look I want I look awkward, like a deer in headlights. I also like extravagant clothes but I never feel confident enough to pull them off, which I know you'll look like you fit your style if you wear it confidently, I just don't want to look frumpy

No. 258420

I'm the same as you, I decided last year whatever, I'm going to be a cool girl like I always wanted and I dyed and cut my hair in an edgy style and wore edgy clothes but it just really didn't suit me. I'm back to wearing frilly shirts and skirts, I feel better in it even if I really envy those who dress in a punk fashion. Maybe try to find a mix between what suits you and what you like.

No. 258428

like >>258420 said there are definitely ways to compromise on what suits you and what you like. but i know what you mean. personally i think i mistake anxiety about standing out for looking bad a lot of the time.

No. 258431

File: 1650746288673.jpg (141.67 KB, 736x1035, dd86d52f337deae1b1b257af29708d…)

Gosh I was thinking about this the other day when I was wondering why is it that I can't wear shirts with bold, curvy or floral patterns on them (the attention goes immediately to the pattern instead of my face and I sort of…disappear in a way? Idk how much sense does this make). As I thought about this, I got this idea (and sorry if this is obvious kek I was happy with my revelation as a person with zero spatial awareness and no attention to visuals) that if a person's body and face contains a lot of straight lines (straight eyebrows, thin lips, long face, tall, or just thin body), geometrical patterns and stripes look better on them because they match their natural features. And the same goes for the opposite, if a person has a lot of softness and curvy lines in them (big, round eyes, big lips, fleshy body) then they should look good in floral prints. Obviously this is simplified and there are a lot of exceptions but you get the idea. Picrel is a fellow straight liner drowning in a floral shirt. I wonder if there is a subtype of alt style that has 'romantic' elements like lace or puffy sleeves or things like that that would harmonize with the roundness of your features?

No. 258433

File: 1650746714133.png (226.33 KB, 500x362, 4837aac3538823787beaf474f021a1…)

Yeah. I like cutesy clothes and frills but it clashes with my sharp facial features. I feel like I look prettier in sexier clothes so I just try to mix the two. It's hard to find cutesy clothes with sexy silhouettes that doesn't look like gross kink shit so I try to accessorize in a subtly cute way or choose cute or romantic colorways. I don't really care if other people think it suits me, but I do care about what I see in the mirror. No matter how cute something looks on a model, if I wear it and look dumb I just can't enjoy wearing it. I look like a freak in something like picrel for example.

No. 258436

I think that makes sense, I actually love floral patterns though I don't like a ton of bright colors, I have a few black flowy shirts with pops of color in the flowers. I'm jealous she would look good in the dark clothes I'd like to wear. Another thing I always wanted is really straight sleek dark hairstyles, I think even shaved heads on [some] women make them look even more elegant and feminine, so I did it myself but I didn't have the features to make it look cool, I just looked ill…

No. 258562

File: 1650787916752.png (1.49 MB, 879x864, 34832749732401.png)

We sound similar anon, I have defined features more associated with a sexy look and while I haven't minded leaning into that sometimes I just want to look sweet and innocent. I think you can get away with cute clothes if you style yourself elegantly. Either a sleek bun or flowy hair. Makeup can also soften a lot by enlarging eyes, dewy blush, a pouty lip. You obviously won't transform into an uwu j-pop starlet but you'll come across more like a refined princess or mermaid which is still nice. I think Fanny Rosie is a great example, her looks are really not cutesy at all but she's beautiful and her more "womanly" features still work due to styling.

No. 258570

What the heck this is so cute. Mayor 2013 tumblr/lookbook vibes, I miss this.

No. 258577

I've been wondering.. do you think you can dress "edgy" in light(er) colours? If so, any examples? I've always loved "edgy"/alt styles on others just not all that damn black

No. 258581

File: 1650798699013.jpeg (2.08 MB, 1242x1532, 1C17EC71-F5FF-44AB-AC48-72A479…)

Pastel goth? You basically want to replicate some goth/punk characteristics like fishnets, spikes, (faux) leather, PVC, rivets, chunky accessories, colored hair, platforms but make it rainbow instead of all dark.

No. 258582

What are your opinions on off the shoulder tops on broad shouldered women?

No. 258583

File: 1650798888653.jpeg (78.25 KB, 533x800, 62661E9C-E070-4DFC-B181-693610…)

I also think raver, music festival, clubbie sorts of styles can get weird and psychedelic in a fun way. A lot of it is pretty revealing but it doesn’t have to be

No. 258586

looks like something I would have saved from lookbook.nu

No. 258606

I have them too and always thought they accentuated my shoulders more. It’s up to you but I found this video that could help.

No. 258608

How do I make my broad shoulders appear broader? I want to dwarf and emasculate all moids in the vicinity with my masculine british woman phenotype. I want people to quiver at my mere shadow and stutter in my presence. Thank you in advance ♥

No. 258680

Wear puffed sleeves and shoulder pads.

No. 258681

seconding >>258680, particularly if you wear outfits that make your waist look smaller in proportion

No. 258722

Hey anons, I've dressed like an emo for about half my life but I really like lovecore, not sure how to incorporate it into my current style though (I wear a lot of tracksuits, crop tops with moons on them, hippie style pants, just outdated shit). I ordered a red dress with a peter pan collar and embroidery recently and am planning on wearing it with combat boots and polkadot tights. I changed my piercings to all be pink which helped a lot imo, and I wear my heart necklace pretty much all the time. Does anyone have tips for styling lovecore outfits with a bit of an edgy twist (that don't scream e-girl!)? Pastel goth really isn't my thing btw, the only ways I've found to incorporate lovecore is buy dusty/not too bright pink accesoires. I don't have a very cutesy face so full on lovecore outfits just wouldn't suit me. Basically, how can I incorporate lovecore into my regular style which is just baggy black pants with a black crop top and a black cardigan.

No. 258727

what the hell is lovecore

No. 258735

A zoomer microtrend lol, think pixielocks 2017-18 ish. Basically any convenience store during valentine's day, a lot of pink, red, and romatic patterns like lace and hearts. Very cutesy, I love it but I'm not going to dress like a toddler and completely give up my personal style.

No. 258787

File: 1650873156764.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1080, 1650872611970.png)

Not sure how strictly you wanna stick to the labels of emo or lovecore but here are some ideas I had for incorporating lovecore into your wardrobe, esp with an edgier twist. First just add more pink and red even if in the form of smaller accents. Both pair pretty well with black. It's easy to find a striped sweater with those colors. Also maybe opt for a cute heart sweater paired with something edgier like ripped/fishnet tights. I think the key for making this work is the juxtaposition between cutesy elements and edgy ones in the same outfit. Slips, esp with a lace trim, feel very reminiscent of old valentine cards for me and it's easy to find them in red. Red velvet skirts/dresses would also work well with this aesthetic. Heart shaped anything. To keep it simpler, you could just have a basic solid dress or plaid skirt but have heart shaped accessories like a bag or locket. There are also a lot of tights with heart designs. Just some ideas I had, hope this helps

No. 258792

What an overly specific style, I can't see this sticking around for long

No. 258793

This is a very cute nice style, but do you really have to call it a "-core" anon? you must be 18 to use this website

No. 258795

Time flies anon, many zoomers are in their 20's

No. 258816

Thank you nonna, this is adorable! I especially love the heart bag on the upper left, do you know where it's from? The tights and accessories should really help! I also love the red dress over the black top with the heart tights, super cute!

I hate saying it but it's the only name that implies what I mean lol.

No. 258847

Lol I’m in my mid 20s. I’ve heard the term lovecore for years, but it wasn’t very popular. And it typically wasn’t referring to clothing, just aesthetic pictures of old valentines and stuff like that on tumblr. Yeah I think stuff like cottagecore, fairycore, even lovecore are stupid names but like >>258816 said, I can’t really think of another name that encapsulates what is meant by the term. All in all, it’s not a big deal and a pretty stupid thing to get mad about

No. 258852

Genuine question for all the -core fashion anons. What is appealing or satisfying about having such a strictly themed wardrobe?

To me it seems like a lot of time and money to have a very inflexible look. Or do you treat it more like Lolita where you put outfits together for the internet while dressing more uh "normal" in daily life.

No. 258860

OP here, looking back I phrased my post really stupidly. I meant I wanted to incorporate more elements of that specific style into my current look (only really said that in the last sentence), and just wanted tips on how to do that. Not that I wanted to have one certain style for the rest of my life. I don't want to be any kind of 'core' and don't even have social media, I know about the core stuff via youtube. To answer your question, I have no idea why someone would want to adhere to a specific style so closely. I think it's mostly teens and young adults who haven't quite found themselves yet and want a sense of belonging. Most corefags will grow out of it probably.

No. 258888

>treat it more like Lolita where you put outfits together for the internet while dressing more uh "normal" in daily life.
I feel like this has to be the case 99% of the time. No matter how much you love a certain style, no one wants to have to pull on a complicated/expensive/perfectly coordinated oufit even for a 10 minute grocery run

No. 258890

This, no tiktok loser actually dresses up perfectly all the time. Maybe when going out, but I can't believe there are people who dress in any kind of 'core' every day. Maybe they tone it down a bit, but those full outfits, no one wears that.

No. 258891

Yes! I think about this all the time. In my case it's more that my face and body don't fit anything. I have some "cuter" / more feminine traits, but also some very sharp, almost manly ones. I feel like I always look so out of place whatever I wear.

No. 258894

File: 1650916241168.jpg (196.24 KB, 1441x1919, v7tvge3ua4u81-2.jpg)

Does anyone know where to find a dress similar to this that's good quality? I have found ones in fast fashion places but they are all very thin and not well tailored. Picrel is vintage 1940s btw.

No. 258896

Reminds me of dresses made by smaller brands on instagram like ofherownkind or ovate, they seem to focus on high quality linen and an antique aesthetic.

No. 258898

I thought this was Ezra miller and strange aeons

No. 258901

hate to be that bitch but this looks like a modern photo that's been run through a vintage filter. This has no bearing on your question but I'm genuinely curious if you have a source for it?

No. 258902

I meant the dress was from the 40's haha, the picture is from some reddit rando's. In love with the picture though, especially the woman looks gorgeous.

No. 258924

Can't you hunt down a vintage piece?

No. 258943

these brands look lovely. does anyone know any uk based brands similar to these?

No. 258966

Believe me I searched all over etsy and my local ebay type site, sadly not luck so far.

No. 259129

File: 1650990791370.png (890.57 KB, 700x836, abomination.png)

Why are kurt geiger employees always so rude? My mom wants to check their stuff out sometimes and they always suck. Aren't they like a "luxury" brand for middle class people so they can pretend they are rich? I don't really care about designer brands but employees in actual high end stores are way nicer. I saw some sandals I liked today but I just don't feel like buying them because of how much the sales people sucked lol. It's funny though because the clothes I was wearing were more expensive than the shit they sell, except you can't tell because I hate being covered in giant logos and just like how some materials feel. And I'm not rich but if I was I would definitely avoid signaling it by wearing tacky stuff. I mean wtf is picrel supposed to be

No. 259135

When I was a teenager I had a phase where I wanted to look like a valentines card all the time so this trend is so funny and nostalgic to me

No. 259147

Looks like something you'd see in Claires accessories

No. 259151

>"luxury" brand for middle class people
That's your reason right there. People who are actually rich tend not to really care about showing off their status or even explicitly don't want to show off their status because of all the issues that come with being known as the rich person. People taking advantage, fake friends, being targeted by seedy types. It's mostly middle class people who want to come across as "better" to their peers by flashing their (relatively) expensive designer purse or brand name clothes. It's why you get people basically going bankrupt all so they can try to keep up with the Joneses. Not surprising a middling brand would attract those types.

No. 259167

You could maybe look into jfashion brands like An another angelus and F.i.n.t, I've seen dresses that had similar cuts to the picture you posted. Their clothes are good quality, I buy them secondhand from yahoo auctions/closetchild.

No. 259179

I hate summer because its too fucking hot where I live but my go to clothes are always sweaters boots and pants. I have like 2 pairs of pants baggy enough for summer but nothing else and they are dark colored. I dread summertime every year because of my lack of functional wardrobe can anyone recommend some summer clothes that cover skin but breathe well in 95+F weather?

No. 259181

It's a matter of the fabrics you choose to wear, look for breathable fibers like linen and cotton.

No. 259183

Anything linen or made of light cotton, flowy pants, long skirts, dresses with long sleeves, crochet tops, rayon…the choices are endless.

No. 259205

File: 1651013113508.png (700.81 KB, 680x762, f4f.png)

No. 259233

File: 1651023777688.jpeg (103.93 KB, 1400x1400, iu-140.jpeg)

Any way to wear swing dresses (vintage remakes) without it looking like a costume? I barely wear mine and when I do it's with combat boots and a baggy jacket. Thought I still feel (and probably look) like a teenager in that.

No. 259251

As long as the material is decent and the colours are toned down I don't think those dresses look costumey, I really like the one you posted. tbh I don't see the point of wearing combat boots and baggy jackets with a style like that, it's mismatching in an awkward way and ruins the silhouette of the dress. It would look nicer if you leaned into the look, like with a fitted waist length cardigan and preppy shoes like loafers or mary janes. It might look overly dressy to some but sometimes you've just gotta go hard or go home imo.

No. 259276

Eh, I think trying to tone down the vintage vibes makes it worse honestly. I can't picture it looking great with combat boots or a baggy jacket. It doesn't match the cut of the dress nor the feel. Like the other anon said, lean into it.

No. 259300

90% of the time the costume look comes down to hair and accessories. Avoid pearls, pin curls and kitten heels and you'll be fine!

You might find it hard to style with flats because of the signature length, which looks awesome with heels but does read vintage. Try taking up the hem to just above the knee and it'll be a much more versatile piece. You don't have to cut it, just tack it with a few stitches and iron flat to see how it looks.

Swing dresses came back in the 70s and 90s so you could draw from both those eras. For 70s picnic vibes you could do sandals, wear your hair down, straw hat, loose crochet cardigan and long beaded necklaces or stacked bangles. Besides your 90s boots and baggy jacket, you could do a fitted sweater that shows the collar and Mary Janes, maybe a burgundy lipstick.

No. 259335

File: 1651066960794.jpg (77.12 KB, 640x642, nina2.jpg)

what do you nonas think of the [off duty] ballerina look ?

No. 259338

File: 1651067600926.jpg (65.4 KB, 564x1002, example.jpg)

some examples

No. 259339

File: 1651067626763.jpg (49.37 KB, 564x743, example2.jpg)

No. 259340

File: 1651067717628.png (1.73 MB, 936x743, elle fanning.png)

No. 259342

the middle one is kind of pretty but if someone was just walking around like this I would wonder why they couldn't put on some pants. the others you posted are the same kind of boring normie athleisure outfits that look cute on a skinny posing girl and look messy and lazy on any normal person. it's cute to throw a sweater over your jumpsuit and slum it at the farmer's market but if your daily style is leggings and pink cashmere you're going to look cheap and frumpy, idc how expensive your lululemon set was. and wearing uggs without socks is going to make them fucking stink.

No. 259344

Unwearable. It doesn't look like "off-duty" at all, it looks like it belongs in ballet class. At best they're lounge clothes for when you stay at home.

No. 259354

I have a whole lot to think about when it comes to "-cores" and "micro trends". For context I'm 25 and generally dressed quite mature from a young age.
I hate and love micro trends, because I never had to words to describe how I wanted to dress but it's easier now to search those styles online to look for inspiration.
What I don't like is just dressing a certain way because it's trendy at the time and wasting clothing and resources to fit a trend that's over in a couple of weeks and then tossing that clothing for the best and latest. Sustainability in fashion is being thrown out the window when zoomers consoom every new trend that pops up off of tiktok and get a $200 shein wardrobe to match it.
So as a categorisation I like microtrends, but taking them and blindly skinwalking to fit whatever's trendy just makes me cringe

No. 259356

Samefag but the bit about mature seemed weird, I meant to add that context because my style has stayed consistent and hasn't really kept up with trends so I might be a little out of touch, but I do use phrases like "cottage core" or "dark academia" when searching for new pieces I'm looking for outfit inspiration.

No. 259359

File: 1651071953973.png (1.09 MB, 630x814, shorts.PNG)

What's your personal style nonnie? I dress quite andro and to add to what others mentioned about breathable fabrics if you're not a skirt person vintage shorts are flowly and loose, great for warmer weather and can be found pretty easy online. Loose blouses, I've tried to branch out into sandals. Sometimes you have to force yourself to accommodate to the weather, and this might be one of them.

No. 259363

File: 1651072860208.jpg (43.27 KB, 700x525, 71aXjq1PHJL._SX700_.jpg)

Bought these a while ago and every time I wear them I feel a little bit like board-tan ngl

No. 259365

File: 1651073948509.jpg (182.76 KB, 1135x1135, tumblr_85ca7075a396762456a82d6…)

I've always loved it since I was a little girl. I love the femininity, the soft baggy sweaters, open necklines, layering, flowy fabrics, leg warmers, wrap-style tops and skirts, how comfy it looks, the colors, and the simplicity and understatedness. The other anon was right tho it's kind of an ana-chan style because normal-sized people would look pretty sloppy in many of these outfits imo.
It's kinda hard to find pics of this aesthetic for some reason. Apparently balletcore is the next big thing.

No. 259367

>It's kinda hard to find pics of this aesthetic for some reason.
Probably because it's not that wearable and there's not a lot of variety?

No. 259369

You can layer sweater over a blouse, have it down one shoulder and wear jeans to balance it out. A nice casual bun and some delicate jewelry would also be nice.
I also like some "core"s but wearing the full outfit together looks like a costume. You can take a few elements for example delicate jewelery, flowy fabrics and pastel colors and wear them in a normal casual way.

No. 259384

I saw a cow print belt at the store the other day and strongly considered getting it

No. 259477

These are not off duty looks, these are literally on your way to ballet class looks. I do love it, legwarmers and crossover cardigans are cute, pastel pink is my fav, but I would never wear it in public.

No. 259529

What are some good jeans when many jeans in my size are slightly loose at the waist but fit well through my hips and thighs? I'm not even super "curvy" but this has always been a problem even when I was underweight.

No. 259532

Have you considered just wearing a belt?

No. 259534

I wear a belt but they're still slightly loose/a slight gap. Should have mentioned that.

No. 259592

Go to a tailor and get the waist taken in. Shouldn't cost more than a few bucks.

No. 259736

What are some good goth style inspiration blogs/YouTube channels/etc.? I've been in a bit of a rut lately and Pinterest keeps giving me ugly zoomer crap.

No. 259745

File: 1651208135728.jpg (1014.84 KB, 1947x3000, GettyImages-818173276.jpg)

I got wide hips and a small waist and I usually just wear jeggings or low riders

No. 259747

Threadpic scares me, she's like a slender spaghetti man that will claw out my gallbladder

No. 259786

I just heard good things about Abercrombie's Curvy line

No. 259789

File: 1651235691251.jpeg (87.41 KB, 570x760, iu-143.jpeg)

I recently thrifted some pretty embroidered granny ribbons and want to incorporate them into outfits. They aren't wide enough to be used as waist belts like some jackets have and I really want to show them off in their full glory. And ideas? I'm okay at sewing (not from scratch, but adjusting I can do no problem) but I'd prefer for them to have multiple uses because I don't have very many of them.

Lol anon

No. 259803

File: 1651241988505.jpg (27.15 KB, 404x560, stjohnknits_k613qy1_ebec_a.jpg)

You think they'd look good as a jacket or cardigan trim? Something like pic rel might not be too hard to add to an already made jacket.

Or you can glue them to some leather strips and make bag handles with them?

No. 259818

I had that problem a while ago and eventually bought levi's ribcage, fit me best from all the ones I tried.

No. 259826

Sadly they are a bit too thick for jacket trims but I love the bag strap idea nona, thank you!

No. 259830

based st john lover. you have good taste

No. 259832

File: 1651250373833.jpeg (105.67 KB, 1500x1500, 204536_669_ALT110.jpeg)

What is your favourite color for Crocs? Mine is picrel.

No. 259838

I'm gonna get the tangerine ones when I move and use them as yard shoes

No. 259854

File: 1651258458994.bmp (13.39 MB, 1800x2600, celery.bmp)

I have off brand black ones
If i had money to waste i'd buy celery (picrel) or stucco (greige)

No. 259898

File: 1651265179854.png (181.92 KB, 700x585, 84975001-2F54-4698-BCFA-C4BB05…)

I really like my white trash edition crocs

No. 259945

I have pink Rilakkuma patterned fake crocs I got from Harajuku, they're the best. The material feels like cheap foam but is unironically comfier than any crocs brand shoes I've owned.

No. 259985

File: 1651302523571.png (313.44 KB, 575x498, 2747859385043957.png)

I don't really have experience with proper office wear so apologies for being stupid, but I've been trying to find blouses/buttondowns for a new job and I'm wondering if it's common for all of them to be so insanely boxy and unflattering? I see so many tops like left picrel where the shape is literally a rectangle when I want something like on the right. They make me look like I've gained 40 lbs and have no waist. I've tried tucking them into my pants to essentially cinch them around my body, but if the pants sit on my hips then the shirt remains shapeless. If they're high-waisted then the fabric still sticks out at odd angles and looks sloppy. I'd really prefer not to have to wear bodysuits all the time to look more sleek but is there any other option for me? Should I only be looking for "fitted" blouses? This is ridiculous

No. 259988

File: 1651302919678.png (329.9 KB, 507x768, 2934023849759346.png)

Another example of the sort of "blouses" I'm finding at Nordstrom, H&M and Uniqlo. I'm looking for business clothes not maternity wear, what the hell?

No. 259990

Yeah… that's common. H&M has some tailored blouses though as part of their standard collection? Or did they get rid of those?

No. 259992

Look for blouses with darts in the back. Because it's cheaper and people still buy it, a lot of brands don't bother actaully sewing garments anymore. It's not a fashion statement, it's to cut prices.

No. 259997

God it's tragic really. Guess I'll just keep looking. I didn't see any fitted styles when I recently went to H&M (and I tried quite a few) but maybe my store was out of them
Thanks anon, I figured there had to be some cheap reason behind it considering how bland and standardized a lot of fashion has become. I'll give that a go

No. 259998

Around 5-6 years ago when I was working an office job I bought some shirts from Brooks Brothers that were fitted really nicely and were made of nice fabric. If you're a burger try looking secondhand on Ebay or Poshmark there's a lot in the $20 range. I don't know if the sizing has changed since now then though

No. 259999

My solution is more drapey blouses in thinner fabrics. They aren't fitted but don't give the same boxy look. Zara usually has some nice basic ones every season.

No. 260004

File: 1651309487959.jpg (61.79 KB, 736x552, cracks2.jpg)

Easily the blue lightning ones

No. 260118

Forgive me if I sound retarded, I'm not really an avid shopper. But now that I've finally got some money, I want to buy some nice clothes that'll last a while. Problem is, it seems like every brand I look at reviews for has the same complaints about being poor quality. Lately I've been shopping at Aritzia because I like the look and fit of some of their clothes, but everywhere I go there's people talking about their clothes being bad. I haven't the faintest idea of what constitutes as good/poor quality, as I've just recently started buying my own clothes, but I don't want to feel like I'm wasting my money. Does anyone have any recommendations for where a 20 year old college student could shop at for basics that can still look slightly cute?

No. 260139

File: 1651346208043.jpg (50.17 KB, 309x400, 9c01ebd29d52767f0b26d5b3646244…)

Bump warning cp spam

No. 260144

File: 1651348148067.png (394.95 KB, 555x902, bandcollar.png)

I love their clothes

No. 260153

File: 1651350129499.jpeg (1.13 MB, 3464x3464, 09B4A648-9ACD-4072-A566-BF7D04…)

These with star charms, leggings, crop top and a cream animal print swetaer.

No. 260159

I looooove this idea, I love Crocs so much!!!

No. 260219

File: 1651374161298.jpeg (72.61 KB, 900x900, iu-152.jpeg)

Sage because I don't know if this should go in the confession thread lol. I've been wearing babushka scarves pretty much every day (with my bangs and sometimes braided hair out) for the past month and I love it. I hate the way I look in hats and this keeps me form wanting to dye my hair 24/7! Especially when it's just tied in the front and has two Dutch braids plus my big earrings sticking out, call me ratarded but I love it! I have been wearing all black for so long and this helps me look more cheerful also it helps protect my braided hairstyles I sometimes wear so I can wear them multiple days! I can incorporate more colored skirts and general clothing items in my wardrobe too which I have never been able to, it makes it so easy! Plus they keep my head warm while walking home on cold friday nights.Babushka kerchiefs for the win!

No. 260297

You sound cute nona, I wanna try it too but worry about looking like an actual babushka or a muslim.

No. 260373

File: 1651416996682.jpg (105.61 KB, 656x1000, DARKIL181.jpg)

What is this style called? How can I dress this way without looking like I'm wearing a costume?
I love ribbons, lace, buttons, and anything delicate and feminine, while maintaining a dark color palette and goth vibe. Basically, I want to look "creepy cute."
A lot of clothes that I see online that suit this style are either cheap, too revealing, costumey, or all of those things at the same time.
Picrel i what I'm looking for.

No. 260374

File: 1651417021598.jpg (19.84 KB, 400x600, bc25c0295023de5d9d690aec0dd1e5…)

Second pic

No. 260376

>How can I dress this way without looking like I'm wearing a costume?
Be really pretty and slim. That's all.

No. 260377

Seconding this, also if they don't fit you please send them my way

No. 260381

not really, the materials and construction are the biggest factors in whether or not it looks costumey.

No. 260382

Seconding this. I was going to say the same. If it's cheap/cheap-looking it's going to look like a costume.

No. 260383

You're not answering my questions, nonnas!
I'm thin, but I don't see how that would make the clothes look any less like a costume?
I want high quality, detailed, clothes that can be worn in everyday life, yet all I find are costume pieces?

No. 260385

Yes! I'm just unsure of where I could find such clothes? Some basic lolita shirts and shoes seem to fit the aesthetic, but I'm at loss with skirts and pants.

No. 260391

Designer clothing is your best bet. Either luxury or small indie designers. As well as lolita and lolita adjacent brands.

No. 260394

File: 1651418772150.jpg (97.53 KB, 736x736, 0842f6a82a0db72c64e2d46f9db96e…)

Have you tried looking into lolita fashion? Gothic or classic (specifically that 90s era fruits mag) is probably closest off the top of my head, despite being expensive it doesn't look cheap. If you want something more everyday then look into Jirai, it's based off that whole creepy cute "cute looking but crazy gf" thing (picrel) but that's only really in japan, western girls who wear it just wear it because it's cute
If you have a good outfit visually and wear it with confidence then it doesn't look cheap, like nonnies said material is a factor but I've seen girls walk out in hideous shit but because they're so confident it doesn't look as bad as it would on some girl who hates herself kek

No. 260421

i think the babushkas in my village would be weirded out if a young girl wore this lol

No. 260427

I'll look into it! Any brands you know of?
Your picrel is exactly what I want, ty!

No. 260456

Aritzia is honestly just fast fashion with some nicer designs and a higher markup than somewhere like Zara or Mango. There’s no shame in shopping from there if you like their clothes, but it’s definitely not built to last, and is on par with any other fast fashion brand for the most part.
It might be helpful to learn what good quality clothing looks like in terms of construction (checking the seams and how it’s put together, testing the buttonholes with a gentle tug), which materials are most durable and which ones work for different purposes (a linen sundress vs a crisp cotton Oxford vs a silk camisole top vs a thick heavyweight denim) and go to stores in person to feel the variation in quality with your actual hands.
That makes it easier to shop secondhand or thrift nicer pieces, and vintage or luxury consignment is always an option if you are able to spend more, so that you don’t have to dig through pounds and pounds of cheap polyester garments that will fall apart at the seams in the wash.
It’s easier to find brands you like when you know what decent quality, durable or investment pieces look and feel like, what the composition of materials should be, etc.
If you want to buy secondhand luxury or designer, I would go with Grailed (decent markdowns on less coveted pieces that have been up for a while, some sellers will haggle with you, within reason) or eBay sellers with good feedback who only sell those types of pieces over a greedy and frequently deceptive scalper goblin market like Depop.
Department stores can be a good place to scope out different clothes of varying quality. Their stuff ranges from cheap and poorly made to decent quality with decent construction.
If you are a college student and don’t have a ton of expendable income, well made and versatile basics that can be dressed up or down in different contexts will never steer you wrong. It’s better to get something boring like a cream knit sweater, button up or blouse that can both be worn when going out and in a dressier professional context, and pair of trousers or jeans over something flamboyant that is difficult to wear and plan an outfit around.
A couple of pairs of decent quality shoes in a neutral tone that can pair with anything, and you can cheap out on most accessories.
You don’t have to become a minimalist or build a capsule wardrobe, but people who do live that lifestyle tend to have good pointers on building a simple and interchangeable wardrobe that is a little bit higher quality, and they have their own favourite brands to recommend depending on their personal taste and their use case for their wardrobe.
If you window shop in some department stores or wherever else, you can take lots of fitting room pictures and see which cuts and silhouettes you like best on yourself and your frame, save a little folder on your camera roll so you know what to shop for when you do want to drop the money on something.
Sometimes two pieces of clothing look identical on a mannequin or a shelf and look wildly different on you for reasons you might not pick up on. Drapier tailoring vs darting at the waist, a lower seat on jeans or trousers, different blends of similar materials.

No. 260464

Also, in terms of actual brand recommendations, that really depends on what you like to wear and what your lifestyle is. A young professional working an office job, someone who is a bit masculine, or someone who likes luxurious materials and glamorous silhouettes, someone who wants to look normal but put together, with nice details such as good tailoring and a subtle accessory.
Let me know what you like to wear and where/how you will be wearing it, and I’ll drop some recs.

No. 260479

File: 1651425252287.jpg (110.02 KB, 1000x1000, classic-shoe-turquoise-origina…)

I've had the same pair for well over a decade and I was really into this colour at the time I bought them. If I were buying a pair now I'd get pink but I literally only use them when I have to go out to my garden for two minutes.

No. 260483

I wear lolita and for my casual staples I usually buy Axes Femme. I think I bought all of my Axes stuff secondhand from Closet Child and they carry other feminine casual brands too

No. 260520

She is so ugly plus those cankles. I will never forgive blind retards shilling this creatura as some godly beauty.

No. 260522

nta but I would love suggestions for luxe materials and glamourous silhouettes

No. 260566

Haha thank you, it does looks a bit muslim/babushka-y but so long as you leave your hair out I don't think it's too bad. Wearing a somewhat modern outfit with it helps a ton! I usually wear crop tops with high waisted baggy pants and cardigans, chunky boots and a lot of chunky accessories. If your style is a bit more feminine or covered up it can give muslim/babushka vibes. But honestly I think that's a super cute look too, try it nona! why do I sound like an advertisement for headscarves kek

I'm not an East-Eurofag so it's not much of a thing where I live lol. I do get mistaken for Muslim from time to time though, but that sometimes happened even before a started wearing them (I have naturally dark hair and a very Turkish looking nose lol).

No. 260567

christ not cankleanon back from the dead

No. 260714

Thank you so much for the in-depth advice nona. I'm definitely a newbie when it comes to examining the quality of clothes. I don't really have a style right now, but I'm leaning toward something like "romantic academia" (tumblr term, I know). I prefer clothes that are basic but still slightly feminine, like with a few frills here and there. I hate cropped shit on a lot of the feminine blouses I see. I prefer neutral or muted colors, don't really like colorful prints. Mostly I just want to look nice at school instead of slapping on a hoodie and pants and calling it a day kek. If you have any recommendations, please do drop some!

No. 260822

File: 1651538817542.png (176.02 KB, 303x496, unknown-2.png)

Sorry about poor image quality. Nonas what do you think of this outfit? Assume whatever context you want for it.

No. 261138

File: 1651649035711.jpg (268.73 KB, 1200x1198, s646922585900369517_p4705_i97_…)

Do you wear no show socks with mary jane flats? Or tights? Or nothing?

No. 261140

Really plain? I feel like the necklace and shoes are trying to add more quirkiness and fun but they just look like someone blindly grabbed whatever was available when they were rushing out the door. At least do something more interesting than the bland sweater. I don't like the harsh black with the lighter accessories either, though.

No. 261150

The pieces don't work together- that necklace doesn't look good with a plain top and jeans nor does it look good with the boots. The top and jeans itself while OK are very plain. The boots and necklace don't match with the top and jeans colours-wise either. That statement necklace should be left in 2012 anyway. Poorly coordinated outfit sorry.

No. 261152

no show socks, bare feet in your shoes makes them stinky. I guess you could wear just tights but I personally I always wear socks over them to protect them from friction causing damage.

No. 261155

I don't think of it as an outfit, it feels like someone selected random pieces and thrown them together, sorry. The necklace feels formal but the pants and the shirt is casual. Also I feel the necklace and the boots clash - they are too busy together, I'd keep only one statement piece, either the boots or the necklace (I'd say boots, as another anon ha said, this style of necklace feels dated)

No. 261199

You were kidnapped in 2011 and set free after a decade of isolation.

No. 261202

Nta kek, I knew that necklace looked familiar

No. 261203

No. 261204

Thanks for your honesty, nonnas. I asked my best friend and she said it was great, but she doesn't have it in her to tell the truth if it hurts.
All my clothes are super plain (mostly just the same things in different colors) so I try to dress them up with colorful shoes/jewelry. Can you give me some advice about how to do it better? Like, say with this jeans and top, what kind of accessories would you wear?
My other idea was to wear black flats and dangly earrings instead of a necklace, with my hair up?

(I promise the earrings are not tassles, feathers, sequins, or those little rubber spikey ball things Claire's used to sell.)

No. 261206

i showed my husband this comment and he said i do dress like kimmy schmidt oh my godddddd

No. 261211

File: 1651683282372.jpg (136.37 KB, 720x936, image_746ca1a4-eabb-481a-9744-…)

There's a saying "black makes color look cheap, and color makes black look boring" so try stay away from mixing black and color in one look. A pair of brown trousers or mid wash jeans would update your picrel outfit a lot.
If you feel comfy in black, pairing it with white always looks fresh and classy.
As for jewelry, minimalism is really in right now as is layering. Combining dainty pieces like picrel is pretty common.

No. 261217

I had not heard that before about black/color but it makes sense, thanks a lot! Even I knew something was wrong with that picture, that's why I came and posted it… I just couldn't figure out what.
And I can make this look with what I have, thanks so much!

No. 261226

I'd focus on nicer more modern basics before accesoirizing honestly because the skinny jeans (especially) and top look quite outdated especially together. You can't really save those with accesoiries imo.

No. 261245

File: 1651692011046.png (234.66 KB, 501x325, Untitled.png)

I know…the nona who said I have been kept in a basement for 10 years isn't that far off-base. I have a shopping list I'm working on, but I won't bore everyone with the details other than to ask this:

What's everyone's thoughts on outfits like picrel? I like them cuz I think they have a cool, effortless look.

No. 261253

How old are you?

No. 261255

I mean… I don't think I'd describe them as cool or effortless. They're fairly smart and mature looks, but because they're so dated I wouldn't call it stylish. You'd look 'put together', but in a middle-aged small-town teacher kind of way. What look are you trying to go for? Do you want to look smart for work, have good casual outfits, going out outfits? Just so we have something to work with for suggestions.

No. 261256

File: 1651694530940.jpg (28.06 KB, 721x355, Screenshot 2022-05-04 125959.j…)

Sorry for the shitty pic, I can't find any more of this particular style, but how are these types of drawstring supposed to be secured? I've been seeing them lately in athletic wear and I don't understand…
If you can't tell, it's a drawstring that is a fully closed loop. There is about an inch wide opening where it can be grabbed and tightened but there is no mechanism to keep it tightened???? What is this witchcraft.

No. 261261

File: 1651694971066.jpg (468.24 KB, 1280x1584, miumiu.jpg)

Throughout winter I wear jackets like picrel, but what would be a good summer equivalent? Like a lighter jacket with the same vibe.

I'd guess just friction? The inner fabric where the drawcord lies probably has a grippy coating to prevent the cord from slipping. Idk though.

No. 261266

Middle is pretty Oprah, left and right are reading millennial bossbabe to me, which isn't a bad thing. Just quite formal for everyday wear, especially with the heels. You'd fit right in at an office but I would look twice at this outfit for hanging out at a friend's house or even going to a bar.
Then again I live in a country where it's not a crime to wear shorts to a wedding so my sense of casual and relaxed may be warped lol.
I don't think you need to worry about what looks "right" just wear clothes you feel comfy and cute in, rock the Kimmy Schmidt vibe if you want lol, fashion is meant to be enjoyed not optimised by committee.

No. 261267

File: 1651695719252.jpeg (121.63 KB, 1125x1436, 202442422-1-tan.jpeg)

A suede or denim (fringe) jacket maybe? Might not at all be what you intended but I get kinda boho-ish vibes from your pic

No. 261270

File: 1651696284866.gif (1.51 MB, 500x281, 5022455_orig.gif)

I wish I had a fringe jacket, I would just walk aroumd like this

No. 261271

Nah, you've got me spot on, I actually already have a suede fringe jacket! I think I want one that's a bit lighter material though, not leather as it's quite heavy.

You should seriously get one, it's amazing. The fringe hitting against the jacket can be pretty loud though, sometimes I wear it with my cowboy boots and I sound like a horse in a hailstorm.

No. 261283

File: 1651698650327.jpeg (137.93 KB, 1000x1000, iu-156.jpeg)

I have a maxi skirt in navy blue, like picrel but with dark green and red stripes throughout (very subtle, it just looks navy blue unless you get very close). I find it very hard to style though because of the color, the only color I can think of that would look good with it is a dull orange but I need dark colors around my face in order to not look like a corpse. I have worn it in the past with black tops/cardigans but I don't think it looks good together, it clashes and not in an interesting way. Suggestions?

No. 261286

maybe find something that has the same navy blue colour? If you need darker colours and you don't want to go for black, what I wouldn't do with navy blue, get a shirt that is the same colour. A dark green might also fit, or you can try something lighter, maybe off-white. Don't know if it's okay for you, I would look dead with any white colour, but I haven't seen your skin tone. You could also go find a fitting red, but red is difficult, but I would think that a darker red with the right undertone could work.

No. 261287

Forgive my autism but why would light colors make you look like a corpse? I think this color would look great with a white blouse, and white usually makes your skin tone look darker and warmer. Even an off-white or light beige if you don't like paper white. I also agree with >>261286 I think a deep red would work great.

No. 261321

Ugly, dated, and cheap.

No. 261381

nta but just like how some light complexions can't handle dark colours (it doesn't make them look "brighter") some dark complexions can't handle light colours because it makes them look ashy.

No. 261439

Ayrt thank you, I learned something today!

No. 261465

It's not even just a thing with darker complexions, light colors can wash pale people out too. It's more about your undertone, hair color and contrast.

No. 261482

File: 1651783332472.jpeg (523.61 KB, 2000x2000, iu-158.jpeg)

I'm going to a family thing, it is a birthday and we're going to a semi-nice restaurant so I'd like to look a bit more modest and put together. I'm thinking a fitted top, long cardigan, nice jewelry/hair and some cleaned, nice looking combat boots are alright but is picrel too casual? Should I go for a midi/maxi skirt instead? Maybe this is a retarded question, they are nice quality pants though (no stretchy jersey material, nice cotton) and don't look old and beat up like most other clothes I own. They're also high waisted and will be very covered by the cardigan so maybe? I usually dress like a slob when going to family things so they're used to it lol, just want to look okay because we're going somewhere nice. these are not the exact pants btw, just something that looks similar

No. 261486

I'm sorry but this style of pants is not what comes to mind when I think of "put together". The whole outfit is a bit too casual.

No. 261488

They're harempants right? They're too casual for a restaurant. I say go for one of the skirts and a nice blouse or fitted top.

No. 261490

Thanks nona, will do!

Thank you, it is not very put together no but I'm seeing my family so I don't really need to. I will pick out something nicer though, as you and the other anon said it's just too casual.

No. 261504

File: 1651788324674.jpg (61.14 KB, 1000x1500, 64032840-32478921.jpg)

If you ever want a relaxed fit pant somewhat similar to harem pants but nicer, I would recommend paper bag pants. They lightly cinch at the waist but are loose below. Good for dressy but still comfy looks.

No. 261508

I'm quite pale and I can't wear white at all, only one or two shades of off-white, I just look unhealthy and sick wearing white. You have to try those colours, for example red, I can't wear red with a yellow undertone, red with a blue undertone works really well.

No. 261519

Anyone have shoe recommendations that are cute and comfy and won't leave blisters on my feet? (I get blisters from like, every shoe except tennis shoes, idk why)
I want some cute, neutral (black/white/brown) colored shoes that can be casual or dressed up. I don't own a lot of shoes and have never really been a shoe shopper so idek what I'm looking for kek. I'm going to Florida later this month and idk what shoes I could wear that would match cute summer dresses, skirts, and just regular Jean shorts and a cute top

No. 261524

I hope anons answer, I'm also in the same boat. Literally all the "comfy casual" shoes I've tried have destroyed my feet after longer than an hour's use. I've only been able to wear sneakers without crippling myself but I really need something that looks more polished

No. 261534

File: 1651795743183.png (220.88 KB, 363x801, 473028473207412.png)

Opinion on wide-leg trousers on not model-height women? I love how comfy they are but at 5'5 I feel like they just make me look more dwarflike.

No. 261555

I’m 5’3” and I really like them. I only need to wear like 1/2” heels to look okay in them, so you’ll be fine.

No. 261568

it's all about where the pants fit you, they should be at your natural waist. that might not be where they fit you off the rack and you may have to hem them. also kind of the point is that they make your legs look a jillion miles long so if you feel like you look short, no you don't

No. 261569

Thank you nonnies this gives me a lot more confidence. They're a newer style to me so maybe I just have a distorted view of them on my body. I recently got a pair that do sit right at my waist and I liked them but started second guessing myself.

No. 261613

For any anons who may be interested I also found this video from a cute lady regarding styling with wide-leg pants that gave me some additional ideas.

No. 261673

Nta but I love her videos! She has excellent ideas for petites.

No. 261691

File: 1651841804498.jpg (64.11 KB, 564x1021, 4df728873fcc7ca02a7ded642733cf…)

I have broad shoulders and big boobs, but want to achieve a look similar to picrel. What tops could I wear? Large jumpers or oversized shirts make me look obese because they hang off my boobs, but I don't like wearing fitted tops that accentuate them either. I want to keep the modest look without looking frumpy. If that's possible.

No. 261693

Look into kibbe, you sound like a Soft Natural. Check their lines recommendations and apply to the style you want to achieve.

No. 261783

Nothing to add other than I feel you completely. It's so annoying, I cannot stand the stares, and the clothes that look weird on me.

No. 261792

Minimizing bras help and lighter fabrics that drape nice instead of thick heavy sweaters. And just being in good shape, low bf% with moderate muscle mass.

No. 261812

NTA, but I am a disgusting gymrat and I still get this problem. I just want fashion nonnies.

No. 261819

File: 1651876679608.png (926.16 KB, 850x604, 459347593048705743.png)

A few things. Look at the sleeves on tops, is there a seam at the shoulder? That's called a set-in sleeve. This helps to visually minimize the appearance of shoulders and present a more "polished" look. Compare shirt on the left with the one on the right. See how that helps to lean out her frame? Go for that. Don't just go for the huge blousy shirt, go for relaxed shirts that still have some structure to them.

No. 261820

File: 1651876943658.png (237.48 KB, 358x639, 14302984092375.png)

V-necks. I know they may seem like the opposite of modest, but they don't have to be plunging down between your tits. It just has to be enough to create a more angular, tapered look.

No. 261822

File: 1651877268751.png (279.83 KB, 360x558, 68904823907542.png)

Accessories. You don't need to cinch your waist like a corset, just a lightly fitted belt (fabric or normal) will break up the blockiness and give you more shape while remaining fully covered.

No. 261828

File: 1651882282383.png (145 KB, 285x513, Schermafbeelding 2022-05-07 om…)

Is this an attempt at CWC-core?

No. 261829


This is really old, but if you're still around these are very easy to find. Look on Etsy or Ebay for 90s ditsy floral babydoll dresses. I sell vintage clothes and I have sold a ton of these.

No. 261830

No that's more Where's Waldo

No. 261834

I question if the chill and comfortable look with loose shirt and skirt can across the same way by larger busted women. It's a common look in Korean fashion I'd think because women on average have smaller busts there. Maybe layering an open longer sweater or shirt of a thicker fabric over a shirt with a neckline, keeping the skirt and boots could work. Also could wear lighter fabric button up with top button or two undone. Higher necklines can make your bust look larger. Try to look at silhouette and if they have darts. This video has good tips, I'd see if other ones on youtube help you either.

how do you get soft natural from that description alone? anon mentioned nothing about hip to shoulder proportion.
Thank you for this tip I've watched multiple vids and never heard this myself!

No. 261953

File: 1651929009093.jpg (53.48 KB, 350x963, 7c6718119d42250fae0c7cbcc1627c…)

Hard disagree with that saying, isn't black supposed to go with everything? It's so easy to use it to make color pop, although a bit expected. Maybe I don't understand what the saying is supposed to convey.

No. 262095

yeah it's bs and depends on the specific items of clothing used

No. 262105

File: 1651949272008.jpg (274.32 KB, 1333x2000, image.jpg)

Your pic looks so dated imo. It can work just fine but not when it's combined with a 2015 baddie aesthetic or original anons 2012 chic. I like black and orange.

No. 262114

File: 1651950225868.jpg (1.44 MB, 3264x2437, kljujnh.jpg)

Some more casual examples, I really like black with green.

No. 262193

Black and orange is my favorite color combination, but this is atrocious
The only thing dated about >>261953 is the hair, imo. Maybe the shoes.

No. 262216

Everything is dated from the bun, to the ripped skinny jeans, shit tattoo, cardigan and shoes.

No. 262223

nta, but I'd rather wear that "dated" outfit than that ill-fitting orange-black thing, the cardigan fits is so bad that I want to go to that woman an help her find the right size / get a better fitting piece.

No. 262226

Not everything has to be fitted.

No. 262230

nta but I think there's some truth to it. Most people play it safe and don't pair black with a bright colour like that red cardigan but with other dark or muted colours.

No. 262256

I'd agree with you in general but that outfit is genuinely fugly

No. 262334

All hideous except the middle outfit.

No. 262354

This poor woman looks like she literally went dumpster diving to create this outfit

No. 262359

I completely agree, I'd rather look untrendy than wear whatever those trends are.

No. 262364

I like the right one, it looks cool and comfy.

No. 262370

That left outfit is going to age horribly especially the horrible skirt. The other two look ok

No. 262374

but you don't want to wear a cardigan that makes your breasts look like sloppy sacks of sand. I agree, not everything has to be fitted, but that one fits nowhere and looks like she borrowed it from someone else.

that, I'd rather be comfortable with what I'm wearing than going after a trend, for example low rise jeans/trousers, nothing for my body type, so if they come back one day, I won't buy any of it.

No. 262413

IF they come back? They are back kek what is this thread I didn't know lolcow was this geriatric.

No. 262438

the low-rise jeans come-back seems more like a meme than a genuine trend. I have yet to see anyone but thotty tiktok zoomies actually wear them, and never out in public

No. 262439

I'm sorry that I don't care for trousers at the moment and so I only see what people are wearing and no one near me got back to low rise trousers the past months, so I assume the aren't trendy enough like way back when you could see every girls underwear.

No. 262470

Any idea for summer clothes? I've gained like 20 kg over the last two years (working on it, but summer will be here sooner) and I just don't know what to wear. I wear only black or dark, muted colours, I don't like linen and I easily get sunburns. Wouldn't that be enough, I've got scars on both arms, but they are old and t-shirts are okay for me. Any brands (Europe) to have a closer look at, any ideas how to avoid boiling and dying from the heat while still not having to wear a skirt or dress?

No. 262672

File: 1652131167046.png (233.37 KB, 672x319, 349508435743905.png)

Anon I'm >>261524 and I ended up finding some pretty good flats that are a bit more structured than the flimsy ballet flat style. I've only had them a few days but I have worn them for several hours at a time and so far so good. They are simple but nice looking, versatile, haven't given me blisters, although of course only time will tell and ymmv. It's the Naturalizer Women's Flexy Flat - https://www.famousfootwear.com/product/naturalizer-womens-flexy-flat-1041215/black-leather-32158

No. 262700

File: 1652141155409.jpg (75.98 KB, 504x609, images.jpeg-267.jpg)

My autism is showing because i think jojifuku is the best thing since sliced bread, let women wear cute things goddamnit society.

No. 262704

File: 1652144192897.jpg (126.58 KB, 606x813, Untitled.jpg)

i am so tired of cropped tops. there are so many cute shirts and sweaters and jackets i want completely ruined by the fact they're cropped for some fucking reason

No. 262714

I support you and your autism, nona

No. 262717

SAME like they’re often cute, but I just can’t wear a fucking crop top in to the office. I swear they make up like more than half of tops in stores/online these days.

No. 262745

Is it worth it to get Hotter shoes? They have triple extra wide and I got flipper toes.

No. 262756

I can't stand it. Practically everything is cropped these days. Sometimes I don't feel like either showing my stomach or wearing pants that go up to under my tits. For the love of god manufacturers need to start making normal length tops again for women outside of the 80+ age range.

No. 262769

probably a ploy to get people to pay the same amount for less fabric

No. 262771

I believe this. At the same time I can't relate to hating on crop tops. Nearly everything I own draws in at the waist so the appropriate top ends there too, it doesn't show my midriff unless it's really stupidly short. I only wear long tops if they're tight enough to wear tucked in or loose enough that you can't see the outline of my bottoms underneath it.

No. 262776

I feel like I only get the choice of stupidly short at the women's section or stupidly long at the men's section. I'm gnc FN and I don't want to look like I'm Honter straight out of Euphoria or a teenage boy from the 90's.

No. 262786

File: 1652178148622.jpg (106.89 KB, 640x480, tumblr_fbc54aa200eef9cbe24161a…)

What in the jav studio bts is this
For the love of god, stop at fairykei

No. 262791

ageplayer looking shit

No. 262799

File: 1652189638065.jpg (35.22 KB, 470x652, images.jpeg-268.jpg)

Why do you guys have to make everything sexual? Its supposed to emulate girly anime like pripara and precure and old shoujo manga.

No. 262806

>Why do you guys have to make everything sexual
stop fooling yourself please. that group image looks like nymphet convention, adult women dressing like that looks creepy, what difference do those women have with someone like belle delphine than just "but it's not meant to emulate little girls"

No. 262810

File: 1652191797867.jpg (143.28 KB, 720x900, Xr8220004_6-1.jpg)

Because current japanese mainstream fashion trends are shapeless grey,black and beige uniqlo and zara office appropiate clothes and it's a direct counter style to that, it's textbook "alternative" fashion birthing process.

No. 262818

anons, jojifuku is literally japanese ageplay. a lot of porn was filmed of it and it's secondary point was anachan body checking because the fashion is based on wearing literal child sized clothing. i think this was discussed some years ago in the mickey moon thread.

No. 262819

this links to an OFs type site where you can sub to porn of it, it's just ageplay with diapers and all. wearing children's brands is a huge red flag to begin with. everything from japan isn't just kawaii innocent shit

No. 262831

I've unfortunately seen shit like this recommend on pornhub when you search for jav shit. It always looked wrong and sus to me. Sorry I was a porn addict at some point in my teens and I was into jav wlw because I thought it was hot and didn't had a gf at the time, don't be like me and don't watch any porn

No. 262873

This woman actually looks like a stylish adult, fuck that other shit.

No. 262894

but even the ones that aren't super short still don't cover up enough, especially if i lift my arms (or just move at all)

No. 262926

wanted to say the same and as soon as I've lost some weight I will go for that style, don't need colours and shapes, kek

if I had to wear crop tops, the wouldn't even reach my waist, I'm taller than the standard height they use to make fashion, it would look like I would be wearing kids clothing. Also, I find a quite annoying if I have to pull my shirt down all the time to cover skin. It's really a thing of body shape and preferences.

No. 262965

I wish I was a poojeta to wear those cool outfits

No. 262982

I suppose I’m biased but I barely ever think someone looks good in a crop top, it requires such an extremely specific top and bottom combo to look good that just isn’t practical for most body types imo. You need a short torso, long legs, and zero belly fat.

No. 262989

I feel like I'm imagining something totally different to anons… how short do you think counts as being cropped? I include anything that doesn't end at your hips, ie tops that end at your waist. You don't need any specific body type for that, you just need a high waisted bottom and then the crop top naturally ends right where the bottoms begin. Visually it looks no different to a long shirt tucked into the bottoms, how tf would belly fat prevent someone from looking normal in an outfit like that?

No. 262993

NTA, but not everyone looks good in high waisted shit and not everyone wants to wear high wasted shit. The crop trend forces you to wear high waisted everything or expose your belly. It's incredibly difficult to find something which isn't cropped, you practically have to go to the men's section for that or a secondhand shop.

No. 262995

File: 1652251106756.jpeg (427.25 KB, 1396x2000, 2CBE910F-FC1B-401F-A6CF-FF273F…)

something about lady gaga’s mother exudes elegance and youthfulness and i cant pin point what or why. she looks younger and classier than gaga

No. 262996

She let herself age naturally?

No. 262999

It literally isn't, you just have to avoid zoomer stores and sections.

No. 263003

please point me to the magical shop with gnc clothes for women

No. 263004

Don't change the goal posts now nonna. I replied to your post about cropped shirts and high waisted pants. If that's all you want even Zara has some. And stop thinking about clothes in aesthetics, identify what you need and go out and search for it. Is it mid rise straight jeans, button ups and flannels? Tailored pant suits and blazers? T-shirts and cargo shorts?

No. 263006

Jeans with proper pockets and good material, which aren't ridiculously expensive just because it's for women, which don't emphasize curves and are the correct length. Button ups and flannels in the correct length, but also without insane tailoring and which actually fit broad shoulders. Pantsuits and blazers which fit properly and are the correct length, but don't give cinched waist and actually have enough room in the shoulders and back. T-shirts which actually have thick fabric and a normal round collar which aren't super long, instead of a feminine collar and too short. I have to go to the men's section since almost all women's clothes is shaped trapezoid, only accommodating small shoulders and big hips, with no room for biceps if you workout. But I'm also not the height of men in my country, so then everything ends up too long and all tailors have disappeared so no that's not an option.

No. 263010

She looks classy and like she isn’t trying so hard. I’m all for a good flamboyant outfit now and then but well-done basics will easily outshine a bedazzled feathery dress with lapels (why) because it’s just trying to do too much at once.

No. 263013

>Also, I find a quite annoying if I have to pull my shirt down all the time to cover skin
Same, especially when I live in a place where 25C+ isn't the standard year wide, having a wardrobe full of crop tops would just render it useless for most of the year. If it's not warm outside I always wear camisoles, couple that with being 5'9'' with not exactly a short torso makes crop tops only possible and appropriate for summer hanging out with friends type of situations. Even though I'm blessed with a flat stomach a crop top is just so inappropriate to me for most situations. God forbid it's a loose one and I dare to raise my hands, I could flash somebody kek.

No. 263427

Does anyone know of techwear-style tops for women with big boobs? I really like the style and want to wear it more, I'm not scared of revealing clothes but a lot of the ones I like are half mesh and would make me look like a prostitute. I feel like the boob-cut out thing is a bit dated, do you nonna's have any suggestions? (I usually wear all black utility pants, crop tops, army boots, a neat updo and a big green parka plus some accessories). I also don't like too much silver btw, it clashes with my hair color/skin tone plus my accessories are mostly made of natural materials like wooden beads, fabric or they're brass colored. I've been recovering from my emo phase for two years and went full hippie for a while, then had to wear work uniforms and had no friends so I never went out lol. It's why my style might sound a bit all over the place

No. 263435

Samefag, techwear isn't the way to describe my style but it is inspired by it quite a bit, especially the silhouette and general neuromancer/rivethead/matrix-y vibe I like very much.

No. 263440

bruh I used a parasol today (very sunny and 80 degrees) and saw two men pointing and laughing from their car.

westerners really do love their skin cancer and premature wrinkling

No. 263443

File: 1652401489858.png (189.75 KB, 314x574, 68095438450832.png)

Try some of these for edgy/futuristic styles that aren't always revealing:
Punkrave: https://www.punkravestore.com
Psylo: https://psylofashion.com
ZOLNAR: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ZOLNAR
MoWestCreations: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MoWestCreations
RoscheBoutique: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RoscheBoutique
Yogi8Apparel: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Yogi8Apparel
Demobaza (very expensive, might want to look secondhand): https://www.demobaza.com

No. 263444

Thank you anon, the Mowestcreations looks really good and like it would go with my general style!

No. 263451

I found it’s not just enough to have something with a shelf-bra but you want a very “lined” shelf bra. Express used to make these and they were so perfect: the thicker material on the boob part meant you could better adjust your boobs in the shirt to whatever aesthetic you like and it wouldn’t “spill out” as easily and distract from the look (or get the “durrr is this on purpose???”)

No. 263465

spf and sunhats are a thing. You got laughed at because you looked out of place and not because you're protecting your skin and you know it.

No. 263483

Yeah it's still unusual to use parasols but the idea is great. Portable shade! What did yours look like nona?

No. 263492

Westerners pride themselves on their individuality and nonconformity, but also bully everyone who isn't as reckless as them.

No. 263510

I hate the western relationship with sun and sunburns and tanning so much. Had to go through multiple sunburns as a child (great parenting) and later getting bullied for not wanting to tan. I love that you just did it, I'm always searching for shade to walk in or wear long clothes, as I can't work with sunscreen on and would have to wash it off before work and apply it again after work.

No. 263512

parasols protect you skin wayyyy more than spf ever could

No. 263516

yeah I never really took skincare seriously until I lived in asia for a year and saw women religiously moisturize their skin and use parasols.
my mom looks way older than she actually is because she's one of those 80's sun worshippers and thinks the temporary tan is worth the wrinkles and blemishes. and so many people still seem to think that. which is fine I guess, but imagine mocking someone who actually gives a shit abt their skin lol

No. 263531

People in the west generally act like you're a conspiracy theorist if you mention that the sun ages your skin. They think it's all just natural aging and bad luck. The cancer risk isn't taken seriously either, especially not for the eyes. White people with light eyes are at higher risk for eye cancer, but how many people wear proper sunglasses diligently or some sort of parasol or hat? Even when cloudy and especially when you're in snowy mountains? You can also get decreased vision, cataracts etc.

No. 263537

yeah it’s almost like the sun wasn’t made for you pasty bitches, it was made for my melanated ancestors and me kek

No. 263543

White skin is an adaption to climates with less sun, so we can easier absorb vit D. But it also makes us sensitive to burning.

No. 263547

inferiority complex is ugly

No. 263549

File: 1652447427182.jpg (54.97 KB, 700x1050, aKdLWqO_700b.jpg)

tanning does nothing but give premature wrinkles, spots, and possible skin cancer. no one should ever just be laying out in the sun with the goal of roasting their skin darker. sad that it's so accepted in the west and seen as "being healthy" when it's causing pure damage to your skin.
im pale as fuck and will never be tan. i tried tanning and i just turn red, so i gave up. instead i look at other fair skinned queens who dont care about what's trendy and just embrace their look. i am consistently mistaken for being 10 years younger than i am.

No. 263551

File: 1652447742941.png (318.47 KB, 400x533, tumblr_kzb1iytktI1qzbaqlo1_400…)

also wanted to add that i had a coworker who was a few years younger than me who always gave me shit like yOu ArE sO pAlE and i'd just respond with "yeah, i don't tan, i like taking care of my skin". said coworker had some extremely deep lines on her face. at some point later she got botox. she was in her 20s. imagine getting botox in your 20s.
people who make fun of that stuff are severely insecure and you should make them feel bad if they say things to you.

No. 263552

i'm lucky i was a mall goth and generally withdrawn when i was younger, my parents used to complain about how pale i was because i didn't spend time in the sun or outside in general but i was obsessed with vampires and avoided tanning like plague kek

No. 263555

Same. I don't give a shit about tanning anymore, I love the outdoors but always wear spf and hats etc.
Embrace your natural tone and take care of your skin everyone!

No. 263558

File: 1652449126714.png (1.29 MB, 774x956, Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 9.39…)

tbh the one good thing about tiktok is that a lot of overly tan sun worshipping girls who go viral on the fyp are getting roasted in the comments for their leather skin. I hope more people catch on.

No. 263560

you don't look like the girl on the right nonnita you look like shayna go outside already you vampire

No. 263569

File: 1652452758092.jpeg (259.56 KB, 541x907, 6EC1FF95-F79F-4428-B882-62CEF3…)

anon you did not just make me go on a wild ride to research dark skin and fair skin and type all this shit out like a sperg in this thread lmao. darker-skinned people are able to stay in the sun longer because our amount of eumelanin is able to process UV rays, fair skin is only a result of evolutionary pressure of dwelling in the barbaric snow for too long and needing to retain enough vitamin D. from what I also read, vitamin D absorption might be related to bone density, african americans or darker-skinned individuals have higher bone density (stronger bones) than fairer skinned people so why would it make any sense if darker-skinned individuals are vitamin d deficient? it’s because ethnically we have different metabolic conversion of the same vitamin, so it doesn’t mean we are vitamin d deficient. enjoy your red pizza faced skin-shedding master race skin that needs more vitamin D because it’s inherently weaker! go fuck yourself anon don’t ever pull that shit on me again

No. 263573

File: 1652453914936.png (1.73 MB, 988x1238, Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 6.53…)

>so it doesn’t mean we are vitamin d deficient.

you said all those words for nothing. this is literally common knowledge that darker skinned people take a longer time to absorb vitamin d than lighter skinned people, and it has been documented in africans who live in northern climates.

Do you know what happens when dark-skin people go to live in Northern latitudes in Europe?


>somalis in sweden with autism:


study on somali women in sweden:

>African American infants and children are at higher risk of getting rickets. In adults, severe vitamin D deficiency leads to osteomalacia. Osteomalacia causes weak bones, bone pain, and muscle weakness.

>enjoy your red pizza faced skin-shedding master race skin that needs more vitamin D because it’s inherently weaker!

enjoy your wobbly ricket ridden bones and your anemia lolololol

No. 263577

Doctors even prescribe the use of tanning beds in my country and even with all the knowledge today, if you are pale or don't want to stay for too long in the sun, people act like something is wrong with you. It's still hard to find foundation in paler colours in my country because having a tan is still associated with being healthy and the ability to be on holiday lying in the sun often.
I'm also quite pale, I will turn red and then I will look like I haven't washed myself in weeks. Also, I never liked the sun, my skin starts to hurt very fast and I get headaches when it's sunny outside, so why should I punish myself with something that isn't good for me. I'm still angry at my parents that they never cared and I had my first sunburn while I was only 5 years old, I could have had skin without moles, but no, they had to be shit parents.
Fun thing, my grandma is over 90, her skin looks younger than that of my mothers because my grandma never sunbathed, smoked and always was pale.

had a girl at school, she used tanning beds like 3 times a week, while only being 18 years she had the skin of someone in her 30s, well, her skin looked older back then as my skin looks today and I'm in my 30s, kek.

No. 263580

Why are you being so rude about people's natural skin, it's racebait at this point.

No. 263583

Nta but you know why. Kek

No. 263586

File: 1652455716018.jpeg (142.98 KB, 750x454, F241A8FB-302D-4EA8-A528-D63012…)

>implying somalians are african americans
>anemia is an evolutionary trait to protect from malaria
>anemia can be easily treated by taking supplements and eating specific foods
>anemia is also common in women because of our periods/pregnancy
>white people have weak ass bones

eastern eurofags can’t read for shit. you process more vitamin D because in reality white people have weaker bones KEK, that’s why you never see pasty demons running like hell in the olympics because you would literally dissipate into dust. don’t try me you waifish slavic bitch, pale skin is also a symptom of anemia

No. 263587

don’t be a coward anon spell it out for us

No. 263591

No. 263593

never knew that there are only pale people in eastern europe, nice to know, learned something new today, kek.

No. 263594

File: 1652456729886.jpeg (114.61 KB, 980x551, 126B2111-A862-4327-A219-291D3C…)

>that’s why you never see pasty demons running like hell in the olympics because you would literally dissipate into dust.
Your muh olympics are little more than glorified monkey races nonnie. I'd much rather enjoy the "slavic bitch" performing arts. If I wanted to see a chimp run I'd go to the zoo.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 263596

Why are you bitches so fucking crazy

No. 263597

ooo damn is that why you guys can't swim for shit?

No. 263599

File: 1652457304641.gif (5.05 MB, 720x540, B2A6A184-7043-4700-92D1-40AEEF…)

white people only know how to swim because that’s clearly the only way they bathe properly
picrel (eurofags L + ratio + owned + slavic men + unseasoned beets and potatoes + ugly buildings + shittiest country in europe)(equal opportunity ban)

No. 263600

stop it you guys

No. 263602

Firstly that was a shit landing by competition standards.
2nd, racebait kek

No. 263603

no written languages except ethiopian + average 70 iq + malaria + aids + moldy brillo pad hair + can't swim + rickets + only being depicted in anime in the most goofy comedic way possible

No. 263606

File: 1652458041970.png (95.8 KB, 481x688, veromoda.png)

Ignore the bs.
Let's talk about SHOES.
Which sandals are you nonas wearing this summer? I kinda want some real colorful ones.

No. 263608

I don't care about the infight, I'm just upset she got shit for that amazing move. I get that the move was banned due to it being dangerous, but it seems like all the more talented and athletic ice skaters got shit on. It's not even just about race, they never gave Tonya a break either. I wish ice skating stayed a more athletic event, instead of being obsessed with underage girls and forcing them to become anachans who need to retire as soon as they turn 18. Surya actually looked super fit and healthy.

No. 263609

File: 1652458128415.jpeg (790.18 KB, 599x895, B06C467B-430C-44CB-960D-40B38C…)

such a beautiful aryan race.. DEUS VAULT 14 WORDS FOR SURE(ban evasion)

No. 263610

File: 1652458261285.webm (2.97 MB, 480x480, 1585420030534.webm)

ugh… nubian queens…(racebait queen)

No. 263611

File: 1652458505434.jpg (15.93 KB, 400x381, D-gzmQJU8AATtBF.jpg)

would you wear picrel as your only footwear for an entire month for 10 billion $?

No. 263612

heck yeah I would!!!!

No. 263613

No. 263614

kek yes, those are hilarious

No. 263615

So where can we get them?

No. 263619

Sorry to reply to racebait, but that gif is so cool. Iirc, Surya was the only person to ever do this in the Olympics. It must have been fucking terrifying for her.
Yes, but can I stay in my house the entire month?

No. 263620

would buy and wear that for a month for already 1 billion $, they go well with my all-black outfit.

No. 263627

It's not just the danger, backflips/somersault type moves have nothing to do with skating ability. It's akin to a gymnast lifting weights in a competition.
Surya was a gymnast who switched to skating and she refused to adjust and play by the rules. She got shit because she willingly performed an illegal move and was not a good skater. Good acrobat, perhaps, but not a good (competitive) skater.
Also the "amazing move" can be performed by literally anyone who can do a backflip and skate somewhat OK. The only difference is you just rotate yourself a bit less and land flat, on 1 foot if you can. There's a scrote who learned how to backflip on ice in a day.
That's not to say it's not a cool move, it just doesn't have a place in competitions and not that big of a deal as people make it out to be (probably going by the fact only a handful have done it, which is more due to the rules rather than ability). You can do it on shows to your heart's desire but it has no place in competitions.
+figure skating will always be elegance and skating skill first and athletics second. There's a reason why it's also considered a performing art.
>I wish ice skating stayed a more athletic event, instead of being obsessed with underage girls and forcing them to become anachans who need to retire as soon as they turn 18.
>Iirc, Surya was the only person to ever do this in the Olympics.
Because it's an illegal move. She literally only did it because she had no way to win anyways. Competition was too great + she had a injury so her jumps were really bad.

No. 263629

Anon, I really don't give that much of a fuck about ice skating or why she did the move. I'm aware that it was illegal, but I still think it was great and that she had to be talented to do it, that's all. I don't think it's that big of a deal.

No. 263630

File: 1652460202872.jpeg (132.08 KB, 749x1226, 1A90D552-A432-4EC7-82C7-7AA35D…)

I really want a long skirt, they’re so comfy and cute, or at least a midi skirt. I would pair it with some sped sandals and a comfy t-shirt, maybe add a sweater.
Actually, is traveling with midi or long skirts comfortable?

No. 263633

nope. you have to go outside.

No. 263635

Fuck it, for 10 billion I would take the shame of being seen in public with those.

No. 263645

What to you mean by travelling nonnie, like in a train or a plane ? I use to wear a lot of them and even if they are super comfy to travel with once you are seated, they are a pain in the ass to manover if you have a lot of luggages to carry ! >>263630

No. 263658

File: 1652467326740.jpg (79.13 KB, 696x1044, blush-pink-long-maxi-pleated-s…)

I loooooove long skirts, I'm wearing one today! If I wear a nice blouse I look effortlessly elegant, if I wear a t-shirt tucked into it, it's like a comfortable, casual-cute look! So versatile, and I love the look of it flowing around as I walk.

I think midi skirts are better for travelling though. My skirt today hits my ankles and I have to hold some of it up when walking up/down stairs and dealing with my skirt length + luggage seems like a nightmare. Midi lets me have the length I want but without as much of the nightmare (but I still prefer the look of long skirts over them).

No. 263659

File: 1652467456722.jpeg (40.67 KB, 609x608, images.jpeg)

wearing these as we speak!

No. 263665

File: 1652469449581.jpg (219.95 KB, 984x1060, Untitled-1.jpg)

What could I do to this outfit to make it look…interesting? Also, is it too black? Should I wear tights with it or no? I love these shoes to death but I'm not sure if they'd work with this dress tbh. And yeah, needless to say I'm not much of a fashionista kek. It'd for a small, informal gettogether

No. 263667

File: 1652469501610.jpg (297.26 KB, 898x1155, Untitled-2.jpg)

This is potential outfit nr2. It's basic, I know, but somehow still more visually interesting than the set above

No. 263676

The outfits are basic but cute and honestly that's fine too? Not sure about the shoes though, they're so frumpy church girly and I don't think they fit the casual cute vibe of the dress or the casual sporty vibe of the top+jeans outfit..

No. 263703

Personally I think the shoes are cute nonny, the church girl look is in now anyway kek. If you want to spice it up wear more colorful accessories but it's fine to keep it simple sometimes too.

No. 263713

File: 1652479830680.jpg (227.75 KB, 922x1008, I_have_no_clue.jpg)

I have literally ZERO clue about fashion. I just want to look like an actual adult, but also not melt in the heat. Yes these are men's clothes, but apparently a men's xxs/xs fits my shoulders perfectly, with the seam actually at the shoulder, instead of a few inches too close to my neck. I'm not going to battle with women's clothes again, when you try a bigger size, the shoulderroom just never seem to get bigger, just the waist and I like big pockets and I cannot lie, you other nonnas can't deny. I'm not looking to be convinced to not wear men's clothes, it doesn't feel assuring, it's just really annoying. I'm just wondering whether this looks absolutely retarded or not. I've mostly been wearing cargo shorts and t-shirts due to the heat, but that made me look a bit too immature.

No. 263736

Yeah, that particular outfit looks stupid. The colors go together okay-ish, but every single item is at a different level of formality, and it really clashes.

If you like the shirt, wear it with khakis and boat shoes or something. If you like the shorts, wear them with a polo or t shirt and sneakers. If you like the shoes, wear them with long pants. Please.

Also, check out madeyoulooks on YouTube for gnc fashion advice.
t. Butch appreciator

I love long skirts. They’re the next best thing to sweatpants in terms of comfort imo and I love that they actually make me look like an adult. The only thing I like better is long dresses, bescause then I don’t have to waste brain power on putting an outfit together.

No. 263744

where do you guys find low rise functional pants with a bit of a flare at the end? literally everything is high rise and tapered, which just makes me look like I am wearing a diaper, cuts into my fupa, and accentuate my flipper feet.
I'm tired of living like this!!!

No. 263760

File: 1652507804647.png (278.74 KB, 349x645, 249032984032876.png)

How casual or polished do you want to go? There are options out there, you just have to dig through stuff. Picrel is Asos. https://www.asos.com/us/asos-design/asos-design-super-low-rise-hipster-flare-pants-in-taupe/prd/201213373

No. 263763

yes. I'm sure i could make it look somewhat cute… kek who am i kidding, id do it just for the money

No. 263764

Ime Asos's own clothing is trash, just a heads up. I have never bought an Asos piece that didn't have something come off on the first 3 wears, or lost all it's colour upon it's first wash or came unlined when it shows the inside of the colara. It's ALWAYS something with Asos clothing they're not eveb trying to be subtle about putting out shit quality to save money, I stopped buying it.

No. 263765

>but every single item is at a different level of formality, and it really clashes.
That makes sense
>If you like the shirt, wear it with khakis and boat shoes or something.
I have khakis, I guess I'll look out for some boat shoes or loafers maybe when I'm out.
>If you like the shorts, wear them with a polo or t shirt and sneakers.
Should be easy enough.
>If you like the shoes, wear them with long pants. Please.
Don't worry kek, I've never worn them with shorts before and I'll listen.
>Also, check out madeyoulooks on YouTube for gnc fashion advice.
Thanks for the recommendations and advice, I'll try to learn and commit fewer crimes against fashion

No. 263778

I need a nice basic skirt or two, but the problem is I have no idea what kind of skirt works for my body type
I think I'm probably an hourglass with a short torso but my hip bones and thighs are pretty big and make things like pleats stick out.
I don't like bodycon stuff cause i don't wanna show the shape of my whole bottom half so much… but anything thats not bodycon is either not flattering the bit of waist space i have or still showing off my bum too much. I think lower rise stuff is also just unflattering on me in general.
so wtf do i wear?

No. 263787

File: 1652531321073.jpg (124.01 KB, 736x550, pinkjeti.jpg)

you could dress like a pink yeti when wearing those

No. 263809

does anyone have recommendations of business casual clothes for a 21-22 year old? I have worked in food service my whole life so I'm not used to putting effort into my work outfits. It's also summer here so dressing for the weather is difficult I feel like most things I have tried look pretty unflattering and unnatural on me. I'm 5'4 and in my personal life I don't have a very girly style, more like crunchy masc-ish

No. 263835

Where can I get bralettes that are padded? What's a good brand? I like my bralettes but they're unpadded and I don't want my nips to show through (I don't mind but people around me do)

No. 263838

H&M has padded lace bralettes afaik. Not a good brand, but cheap and easy solution.

No. 263848

File: 1652548941860.png (152.99 KB, 610x605, 19845-13mrhv0.png)

h&m has lots to choose from and I have 4 identical ones bc they are super comfy, but also it's h&m quality.

No. 263906

I unironically love this, though maybe not in pink. If I ever go skiing, I'm looking for a fit like this

No. 263920

File: 1652554691023.jpg (110.31 KB, 700x1045, copenhagen-fashion-week-street…)

>wearing tight pants in 2022
I seriously hope you nonnies don't do this

No. 263924

She looks like she dumpsterdived. The fit of her outfit looks bad, imo, and is only ok now because it's trendy.

No. 263925

I hate tight pants too but this outfit is hideous and unflattering. She looks so squat and frumpy in this.

No. 263927

File: 1652557227335.jpg (92.85 KB, 800x800, rBVa3l_tr7KAToJaAAF3KD5aQjY049…)

It's a cool dad fit tbh. Here's a girlier example.

No. 263928

i hate tight clothes in general tbh

No. 263929

It's not. The jeans from this pic are cute, but the top ruins it. Both outfits scream slim pickings at Goodwill.

No. 263932

File: 1652557598450.jpg (105.8 KB, 640x960, large_trendy_jeans_every_girl_…)

>slim pickings at Goodwill.
Pic rel is literally what like 80% of zoomer girls are wearing these days.
Also Goodwill > H&M trash

No. 263933

I hate this mentality so much, holy shit
Some people or some outfits will look better with tighter pants, some won't. Dress for your body type and for yourself, not for what is trendy.

No. 263934

Popular doesn't equal good.
>Goodwill > H&M trash
You're still comparing two types of garbage. Both are terrible.

No. 263937

but I look good in tight pants

No. 263938

Exactly. I'm very petite with short legs so if I wear baggy pants I look like a little boy.
Goodwill is also full of poorly constructed fast fashion garbage

No. 263941

ohh my fucking god I'm so tired of this style of jeans only being high rise! why do they never come in a nice low rise, people have to sag them just to get the effect like in >>263920, it looks so fucking stupid.

No. 263949

Sorry tight pants will always be cool and sexy

No. 263993

Not that anyone cares but no dancer ever wears this except for principal dancers who get to wear whatever the hell they want, which usually isn’t aesthetically approved wrap cardis and leg warmers but random neon leotards and ugly dance warmup gear that they got handed down from older girls in the ballet company. As a soft summer toned ballet dancer, I really wish all of the gear was muted like tiktok girls seem to think but most of the stuff available at actual dance fashion stores was bright and usually tacky as hell.

I also feel like people look worse with their hair pulled tightly back in a bun as companies and classes typically require you to have your hair slicked back with no flyaways.

No. 264001

I'm going to a darkwave/post-punk concert in a while and have no idea what I'm supposed to wear. I pretty much completely ditched my goth wardrobe and wear mostly colors now, and if not colors black but hippie style things. I do have a regular black dress and my old winklepickers, should I just wear that with a lace overlayer and some goff jewelry? (I know nobody is paying attention to me there, I just want to dress up fancy for once lol).

No. 264013

These look comfortable.

No. 264026

I'm jealous anon. But yeah I think that sounds like a good outfit.

No. 264040

File: 1652603960197.jpg (210.83 KB, 912x1028, I_have_no_clue.jpg)

So this would be okay, right?

No. 264045

black but hippie sounds better

No. 264088

What is your aesthetic goal anon? If it's to look like a 2014 frat boy then mission accomplished

No. 264119

I have a humongous lolipop head, so in theory I should be able to pull off baggier clothes, right? do you nonnies know of any resources that go over different baggy silhouette s?

No. 264123

nta but thanks a bunch for posting this channel

t. gnc jock

No. 264141

a black belt with a gold buckle would pair great with the dress. in terms of tights it really depends on the season. sheerer black tights with black socks would look good. you could add some type of knitted cardigan to add some texture. in warmer weather, no tights and the black sock combo looks good as well. you could also pull from the colors in the floral patterns of the dress for the socks instead of using just black. cute fit!

No. 264146

>a black belt with a gold buckle would pair great with the dress
nah that would look ugly

No. 264151

File: 1652645717919.jpg (48.8 KB, 356x480, 38658r4767478g.jpg)

I wanna dress like this everyday tbh

No. 264166

I wanna dress like this and wear crazy face paint every day. This show is so iconic, and the music, ahh.

No. 264170

You're right, nona. Tight pants look weird and I like being free. They can try to bring us down with their skinny jeans, but we will prevail. They'll learn one day.

No. 264181

Why can't this be socially acceptable to wear every day?

No. 264193

it's ok to be wrong

No. 264196

idk to me it would look too cluttered because of the print and just doesn't match. if it was a on a solid colored dress then i'd think differently.

No. 264208

File: 1652657751674.jpg (15.71 KB, 170x592, 79f33004f65577b36fee86bf8244e8…)

I really like this type of clothes. It look so feminine, yet comfortable and warm at the same time.

No. 264209

File: 1652658617385.jpg (1015.45 KB, 1280x720, denp6zt-892ce385-3902-40d6-a0f…)

Maybe during the peak of covid. Now bitches mad when people can't see your entire face in public again. I just want to dress like a power Rangers villain when I go to get groceries damnit

No. 264211

File: 1652660487153.jpeg (100.16 KB, 800x591, 2838726A-D04C-49ED-BD3A-416A03…)

omg yes! i‘ve been trying to think of ways to modernise clothing from classic art. i just want this vibe back.

No. 264227

Hard agree.

No. 264232

agree, it sounds outdated

No. 264237

Just go with a nice pencil skirt anon. You can get one that's high waisted and it should be fitted but not suctioned onto you like bodycon party wear. It's a timeless look and will be fine on your frame.

No. 264238

pls are you single and into women?

No. 264239

With cottagecore massively trending lately it's not too difficult to put something like this together

No. 264251

Yup agree. I especially don't like a belt on dresses that disrupt a pattern.

Honestly do you really want this to become socially acceptable, you know it wouldn't stop at being "socially acceptable" it'd become the new standard to dress with outrageous effort and inconvienience.

No. 264261

I kinda doubt it, because I don't think scrotes will like it and the standards are generally based on that.

No. 264316

Yeah and yeah if you see someone dressed like Ria Repulsa at Target come talk to me kek

I don't think this would become a standard in modern society, I just like the aesthetics of covering up most of the face/body in intricate pattern. Many would believe it's 'restricting' to women to be forced to cover up even if they wanted to for themselves. Scrotes will unfortunately think any fashion choices made by women are somehow catering to them.

No. 264361

File: 1652715656849.jpeg (83.1 KB, 600x839, 428EF441-9ECB-4FEB-AFD3-3BF44F…)

No. 264369

File: 1652716735652.jpeg (375.54 KB, 1272x823, 14296CBA-3159-4246-8F2A-762A22…)

Spoilered the picture by mistake, where can I find these shoes?

No. 264370

Isn't lovecore what pastelbat wears nowadays?

No. 264372

File: 1652717336864.jpeg (149.35 KB, 675x1200, C38F7A90-E0A7-48E5-AF61-CA2BC4…)

I wish I could dress like this everyday.

No. 264374

File: 1652717581927.png (1.72 MB, 900x900, fratgirl.png)

No. 264377

Jewellery, preferably gold. Big earrings. A long or loose coat or cardigan, a denim jacket. Maybe kind of sheer black tights. Not necessarily all of that at once.

No. 264388

This pic brings back so many un-comfy memories of being a teen in the late 2000s wearing itchy ass henleys and a face caked in bronzer holy fuck

No. 264390

File: 1652722930480.jpeg (84.82 KB, 400x400, 289E777D-5CFB-40A0-B32E-5E5938…)

Omg I loved playing with these when I was a kid

No. 264393

File: 1652724212484.jpg (154.17 KB, 958x959, Teenage_boy.jpg)

Already sounds more age appropriate than the 90's teenage boy thing I've got going on kek (picrel). What are adult looking warm weather outfits, with no feminine stuff? I don't want to look like Honter, but also don't want to look like a teenager either (so no super oversized stuff). It's fine if you want to wear feminine things, amazing if that makes you happy, but it's just not for me. I'm not looking to be convinced to grow my hair out, wear make up and buy ill-fitting clothes from the women's section. The names of these sections aren't laws and or prescriptive, it's not illegal anymore for women to wear men's clothes!
Still better than Honter or teenage boy
I have short hair and I've got no boobs, so it wouldn't look like that. No, I'm never going to grow my hair out again.

No. 264399

im sorry for teasing, nona

No. 264405

Pixyteri is that you? no one's trying to make you dress more feminine by calling that outfit ugly

No. 264407

Oh you're the person from the kibbe thread aren't you. No one is forcing shit on you, but "feminine" clothing isn't all the same and since you are a woman the cuts will fit your body better most of the time. You don't have to rigidly stick to one box, shop or aesthetic. As you said, it's all just clothing in the end so why not explore? Especially since current trends aren't about extremely body fitting silhouettes like in the past.

No. 264409

>and since you are a woman the cuts will fit your body better most of the time
Most clothes at the women's section are made for women with tiny shoulders, who have at least some boobs and hips, not inverted triangle. When you go a size up, only the waist gets bigger and the garment gets longer, the shoulderroom never gets bigger. How often do I have to explain that? You can suggest different masculine aesthetics, I'm just not interested in feminine aesthetics, because that is what has been pushed onto me all my life and I've been beaten for not wanting to conform. Why do I need to explore something which is already being forced on all of us through female socialization? If I want to hear this bullshit, I can just go back to conversion therapy. I'm sick and tired of this pressure to "do both", because wanting to be exclusively gnc or masculine is just sooo taboo. I don't feel comfortable in feminine shit, it makes me look like an AGP. I don't fucking care that there is oversized crap at the women's section nowadays, when the shoulders still have no fucking room and oversized shit just makes me look like a teenage boy. When I buy men's shirts in size XXS-S, the seam actually hits the end of my shoulder without being oversized, instead of being bunched up halfway to my neck, strangling my upperback and being a tent around the waist. Call shit ugly all you want, but why the fuck do the suggestions always have to be "please perform femininity for me, please get back into the box of acceptable amounts of androgyny, please do both!".

No. 264410

If you remember that anon from the Kibbe thread, then don't you also remember her difficulty finding female clothes that fit her shoulders? You're right that fashion trends have evolved beyond bodycon, but mass produced clothing is always going to aim for the "average" female form and that does not include wide shoulders and other "unconventional" measurements. I think she knows better than some random anon which clothes are actually proportionate to her body. Plus she already said ITT that she's not interested in feminine fashion, so why tell her to explore? On top of that your writing style is so weirdly hostile. If she wants to dress masc and thinks that how she looks best, then just let her be.

No. 264411

File: 1652728840242.png (230.53 KB, 220x380, ecafbe64ebe708ee9d15ca0cf8facd…)

this woman is not broad-shouldered, but how do you feel about a look like picrel for yourself? its a bit similar to the green outfit you posted first and its more grown-up than most of the menswear-for-women styles that rely on baggy clothes.

No. 264414

The look would be fine, but I wouldn't be able to recreate it with clothes from the women's section without it looking ill-fitting. I already dress like that on some days, just with clothes from the men's section instead. The trousers and boots are too warm for hot weather though. Stuff for hot weather just seems like a minefield.

No. 264440

Nta but post hand

No. 264443

You could buy men’s shirts and get them tailored. That’s probably your only option if you want something that fits lol.

No. 264446

Wait so you're telling me that you can just go to the men's section and buy men's clothes for yourself? I wish I had realized that sooner instead of letting my mom shame me for asking for more masculine women's clothes.
The only problem is that I'm probably too small for most men's clothes.

No. 264449

Don't need to get it tailored, size xxs-s fits me just fine, at most need to hem it a bit sometimes (which I just learned how to do myself). That's what I'm trying to say, why should I struggle and feel defeated when trying to fit in clothes from the women's section, when I can already fit in men's shit easily and the seam actually hits where my shoulder ends, instead of being halfway to my neck and bunched up? I can't help it that somewhere between the 80's and the 2010's the industry decided that women cannot have broad shoulders.
Yeah you can, at most you'll scare some men away from the men's section (which is funny), but you definitely can. They carry size XXS sometimes nowadays, which is not that big.

No. 264497

I'm 6'0" with broad shoulders and wonky proportions yet I can find womens clothes just fine. Anon isn't the first woman on earth to not be a tiny petite gamine or whatever your concept of a feminine woman is.

No. 264502

You're missing the point. No one is asking for you to perform anything, I'm just saying women's shops have andro basics too. Jackets, t-shirts, shirts etc. Your obsession with "looking agp" is strange, stop letting trans live in your head rent free. You don't look like a man no matter what you wear.

No. 264511

File: 1652771778060.jpg (90.17 KB, 540x306, HASSF_S.Shoulder_2E.jpg)

I never even mentioned height as a problem? Most women in my area are around 6 foot tall and I'm short in comparison, so that's not the issue. I just have a ridiculously big ribcage and very wide shoulders, I measured, I know it's fucked and out of range of what is normal for women. /fit/ would be jealous of my frame. I've decided to embrace it and started lifting, but that also means everything has gotten even broader. Since when does off-the-rack women's clothes take into account whether someone is a powerlifter or bodybuilder? There's a reason a lot of female bodybuilders and powerlifters who have no problem being feminine just live in stretchy bodycon stuff, the rest just doesn't fit.
The shirts generally have a feminine collar, are thinner fabric (requiring you to wear a bra or pasties at least), the formal shirts don't fit my shoulders, arms and upperback and swim at my waist, I got a faux leather jacket from the women's section which doesn't fit my shoulders and strangles my upperback but fans out at my nonexistent hips, it looks comical. I don't like to wear the oversized trend either, because that makes me look like a teenage boy, I want to wear things that actually fit well. Why is it so difficult to understand, that things have to fit right at the shoulders? The seam has to hit the end of the shoulder, otherwise everything looks bunched up. Women's clothes is shaped like a trapezoid. If you go a size up, only the waist and length gets bigger, shoulderroom stays tiny.
>You don't look like a man no matter what you wear.
Nice that you and other RFs have that opinion, problem is that when I had longer hair and tried to fit in a woman's blazer and shirt, I was asked at work whether I'm an AGP a couple years ago. The ill fitting clothes, in combination with my features, makes people think they are "clocking" me. I've heard enough of it since puberty (people would constantly ask me whether I'm intersex) and I really don't want to deal with it, especially not in this climate. Women's clothes also have fake pockets, shallow pockets, no inside pockets, worse thinner fabric for a higher price etc. I swear you can go to the men's section and the women's section at the same shop and you will notice that either the men's is cheaper or will be higher quality at the same price. Short fashion cycles are created by retailers to drive purchasing of cheaper, shoddier clothes for high price. Maybe some women are amenable to this because they enjoy adopting new looks rapidly, but it completely swamps out availability for quality clothing at a fair price for the not insignificant number of women who want quality staples. I don't want to run around like a headless chicken or spend extra just to find something good at the women's section, when I can just go to the men's, since I'm privileged to be flat and have straight hips so I can fit. Even women's workwear (for manual labor) has this problem, you wear it for safety, but as soon as you get the women's version it's suddenly a worse quality and not as durable. The differences are so vast, that you really cannot convince me, unless it's the women's section at a secondhandshop, because the 80's knew that women with broad shoulders exist and vintage clothes have better quality than whatever you can get new at the women's section for a fair price.

No. 264534

Can we PLEASE stop pretending that women never look like men? Hating trannies is not an excuse to be awful to actual women.

No. 264597

does someone have pics of ngc outfit for women with wide hips ? If I wear random oversized clothings I just look like barnies wearing a tent.

No. 264633

I'm the same height and build, nonnie. I have a hard time finding shirts because I like them long.

No. 264675

>Most women in my area are around 6 foot tall
where do you live, basketball club?

No. 264757

The land of giants and giantesses, especially in the more rural conservative areas. I feel more average height in the progressive mixed areas and tall as soon as I go over the border.

No. 264790

File: 1652877880641.png (644.87 KB, 528x685, shirt.PNG)

Late but if you're still looking then this brand has some fitted shirts and blouses that might be more up your alley, picrel is one of their blouses https://fas-bee.com/brands/VI8697/items

If you're looking for ryousangata/jirai outfits like the one in this anon's picrel >>260394 you are going to want to look at MA*RS, Rojita, Noemie on palemoba, dearmylove on dreamvs, Ank Rouge/JamieNK, Bubbles Tokyo, or Pium. Bubbles especially is really good for dresses similar to >>260373 but a bit more understated.

No. 265013

Nonnas, do any of you have cankles? Damn, even at my thinnest, my calves and ankles are so disproportionally big that it seems almost any pants look wrong on me. Maybe I just didn't try all the options.

No. 265055

Those blouses are lovely, but is that some kind of Aliexpress/Shein store?

No. 265116

File: 1653008083247.png (1.23 MB, 1200x900, queens-gambit-fashion-1200x900…)

call me basic, but i really want to start dressing like beth harmon

No. 265117

60s clothes are the best, anon.

No. 265120

ikr! not only is it cute and feminine, it's also comfortable and practical. the dresses aren't too tight, the skirts aren't too short and the heels are walkable

No. 265121

What are the names of some dress styles that are cinched(?) in the middle, like those button-down ones with collars?

No. 265141

File: 1653015163783.jpeg (72.89 KB, 375x480, 4DAEE088-0977-472B-8387-A837B1…)

Hmmm, shirtwaist dresses?

No. 265147


blouse dresses maybe

No. 265151

I disagree with this too. You can make black work with colour, just depends on how. I usually pair it with browns for a more understated look.

No. 265155

Thanks nonnies! I'm trying to build a new wardrobe and need clothes that accentuate an hourglass figure while hiding a bit of a spare tire/protruding belly fat. Any and all suggestions welcome

No. 265160

A-line anything sis, there are tonnes of different styles of dress that will do exactly what you want but the defining factor is an a-line skirt. I have the same fat distribution as you plus thunder thighs so it's my go to.

No. 265188

How do you wear this sort of blouses without staining it with sweat?

No. 265204

No, it's a proxy shop that sells clothes from japanese brands. As for the quality of each of the individual brand's clothes you might want to research it, but they stock clothes from a range of stores at various pricepoints.

No. 265216

This is exactly what I was looking for; thanks!! Now all I need to do is find clothes that don't fall apart immediately; you have any go-to stores for quality a-line dresses?

No. 265223

File: 1653057722258.png (245.61 KB, 591x782, Capture.PNG)

How would you style this dress without making it too tennis-dress-y?

No. 265224

for a start, don't put your shirts and dresses in the wash with your jeans. separate by toughness and wash/dry stuff that tends to fall apart on gentler cycles.

No. 265267

File: 1653071422233.png (1.18 MB, 1280x2068, laundry.png)

>also dont use fabric softener. no idea if dryer sheets are harmful but they're not necessary either, and they might give you acne or dermatitis.
>if you line-dry, don't do it in direct sunlight unless thats the only way stuff gets dry (if you live in a high humidity climate).
>heat ages fabrics. lower heat in the wash/dry cycles is always better.
>mechanical tumbling also ages fabrics. when you transfer clothes from the washing machine to the dryer, notice which ones already feel almost dry. take them out and let them air-dry. two benefits: that item doesn't get dryer abuse, and the items in the dryer probably dry a little faster.
>if it says hand-wash, and you really care about it, actually hand-wash it in a sink, bucket, tub, whatever. the pro-tip is to wear these items sparingly and then wash all of them at once like once a month or once a season or however often makes sense.
>get a little mesh garment bag for putting bras inside of in the washing machine if you don't hand-wash them. do NOT put them in the dryer, lay them out flat somewhere to dry.
im giving this advice because its the advice i needed when i first started spending real money on clothes and it seemed like everything was falling apart for no reason. i had a brand-new bra ruined in the wash by an ignorant past-self and i'm still bitter about it.

No. 265268

It looks like the majority of them are made from polyester, which is water resistant. Otherwise try an antiperspirant that reduces how much you sweat in the first place.

No. 265322

You can put a panty liner in the armpit area if you sweat a lot

No. 265393

Appreciate the thought, I actually ended up doing what >>259998 suggested and bought a bunch of secondhand Brooks Brothers shirts (found them on ThredUp). They fit perfectly like they're made for actual women instead of building blocks and I like the thick cotton material so my bra doesn't show through. Thanks anon for the advice!

No. 265463

Is there any way to incorporate jewel and fall tones into summer outfits? Unfortunately I'm not a fan of bright colors and most of my casual clothes are black and more fall colors so I look out of place dressing for this season

No. 265483

I feel like a lot of warm brown shades are really summery, see picrel. I also feel like fabric type, sheen and weight is important to consider as well. A dark green velvet dress or a burgundy jacquard skirt will read fall/wintery, while a burgundy silk cami paired with denim cutoffs and heeled strappy sandals, or a dark green cotton sundress with white shoes/accessories will both read summery.

No. 265485

File: 1653167452543.jpeg (204.82 KB, 1242x1863, D8DFDD23-6E00-41EC-A1A6-E2BB53…)

Samefag, forgot to attach image

No. 265487

File: 1653168673438.jpeg (60.87 KB, 1050x1400, 1648103233000-jtX2rE.jpeg)

has anyone bought anything from cider? specifically their bathing suits? they have a lot of cute styles but i'm not sure about the quality of their clothing. some of the pics look like aliexpress listings so i'm suspicious, but i don't know where else to buy cute swimwear from

No. 265489

>>265487 it's a bit like yesstyle where they buy from china and repackage/relabel stuff. It might even be a dropshipping site. From my experience, stuff from China is a bit hit or miss, but sometimes you can find great pieces :)

If you reverse image search the item you like on aliex, you should be able to find it cheaper!

I hope this helps :)(:))

No. 265543

integrate newfag

No. 266120

File: 1653436738198.png (492.04 KB, 1146x530, shoez.png)

Can someone tell me what type of shoes these are, or what they're called?

No. 266447

ankle boots (but those look quite low)
blocky heel
square toed
elastic at sides similar to chelsea or austrailain work boot

No. 266452

I found cute quality swimwear on Unique Vintage. But it's pricey

No. 266459

chelsea boots with heel would probably get you the closest results

No. 266472

Thanks nonnies!

No. 266511

Jewel tones? Yep.
>I'm not a fan of bright colors
That's what jewel tones are. I wouldn't consider them dark muddy colors like brown and olive.
>most of my casual clothes are black
You're just not creative or haven't experimented. Find some colored clothes so you can dress for warm weather/year round.

No. 266654

File: 1653744017118.jpeg (299.7 KB, 740x1330, 8508E5CC-6F22-49D7-93E3-8F0570…)

I think this is what nona means by jewel toned vs bright, fluorescent colors like hot pink. I think jewel toned usually describes colors like navy, burgundy, evergreen, etc.

No. 266659

Does anyone have recommendations for stores that have swimsuits that actually cover the whole ass? One piece or bikini are fine

No. 266660

File: 1653745856549.png (2.05 MB, 805x1093, geode.PNG)

Geode's swimsuits have basic, nonrevealing cuts and shorts versions as well if you want even more coverage. Also Land's End has a modest section that covers the asscheeks. https://geodeswimwear.com/collections/all-products-cute-modest-swimwear-full-coverage-one-piece-swimsuits

No. 266662

NTA but thanks for sharing this anon, they're beautiful!

No. 266671

These colors are so calming and nice together.

No. 266672

These are so cute!! NTA but Thank you.

No. 266685

If you want a cheaper option, I find that H&M usually has a good selection of normal swimsuits, alongside the more trendy cuts.

No. 266716

Any have any sneaker suggestions ?

No. 266725

Nonnie I'm also a jewel-toned, autumn coloring person and I think if you find a lighter white type color that suits you it goes a long way. I have to buy all my clothes in Autumn, but if you find a few lighter, cooler feeling pieces in your colors and pair them with white/ivory/whatever it doesn't look too AW. I also go for a lot more mustard, rust brown, deep blue kind of tones than the deep reds and greens in summer as well. It can read more warm tropical beach than rainy pine forest.

No. 266744

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