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File: 1536798739257.jpg (643.82 KB, 1728x2187, size.jpg)

No. 95052

What do you think is the ideal penis size? Personally i think its between 6-7 inches as it usually gets me to cum. But i do think their are other factors that can help climax like foreplay or atmosphere/ the sexual tension.

Also, what do you tell guys when asked this? I'm usually honest and tell them around 6 inches. Does this make me look shallow and would it turn a guy off?

No. 95056

Does this chart represent actual dick shapes? Do Germans have road cone shaped penises?

No. 95061

Those tend to be self-reported, so I'd take the average of all countries with a bucket of salt.
I think huge penises hurt, with tiny penises you don't feel anything, so average is best. Plus girth. Most important thing is technique though, don't want some idiot just pounding and believing he's some kind of sex god lol

No. 95067

Ikr. That swede d looks mighty tasty tho

No. 95075

I've only been with one guy so that's all I can talk about.

He's about 7.5 inches. In the beginning it was difficult, but now I'm very happy with it. The sex is amazing. I also find his dick really aesthetically pleasing. Some people say genitals are ugly, but I love looking at it and feeling its size with my hands.

No. 95081

This just highlight that french and italians are big liars.

No. 95190

the ecaudor dick scares me

No. 95197

First dick I ever encountered IRL was 8 inches and I never put it in me because it barely fit in my mouth lol. Smallest I've actually fucked would have been a little over 5", largest around 7.5". I had no issues with either of those sizes but neither of the guys using them knew what they were doing. My current boyfriend is dead on 6" and uses it very well.

In that sense, I don't think size matters nearly as much as people seem to believe it does until you get in monster (+8") or micro (-4") territory.

No. 95200

I'm fuckin a French dude and nah it's pretty accurate(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 95201

I don't even see the point of discussing this because it depends on how deep you are. If a dick is too long, it's going to hurt. It has to just reach the end of your comfortably to be satisfying.

What I do have a problem with is thin, little pencil dicks that probably feel like nothing and look so unappealing. I also think uncut penises are disgusting and men should be cut to please us. There are enough expectations for us.

No. 95205

cut is gross and dry. uncut looks and feels better. nasty American bitches don't know. uncut also tastes better and you know it's clean or not.

No. 95208

100% this. Cut dick = rough and dry on your vag and harder to make cum (a really bad thing for bjs). Literally the only benefit is that the excessive friction makes them easier to ride, but that doesn't make it feel good. Uncut is a smooth and well hydrated experience.

Americans are straight up brainwashed and crazy about circumcision.

No. 95209

same and same. biggest/thickest i've had

No. 95212

Cut penises are the biggest turnoff. I'd rather suck a 3 inch dick with foreskin that a scarred looking cock.

No. 95213

This, too bad French dudes tend to be batshit crazy

No. 95216

Netherlands dick looks the best. Any woman who says size doesn't matter is a liar, too. Stop coddling male fee fees and start making them feel horrible and insecure like they do to us. I really hate skinny dicks. It must have a good girth. I'd say anything from 5,7 inches to 6,4 is ideal. Sucks I'm surrounded by 5,2 Australian cucks.

No. 95220

>uncut looks and feels better
That's an opinion but you're wording it like it's a fact. Also I live in Europe.

No. 95223


Are the asian ones really that tragic? ??

No. 95228

German dick looking tragic. Hearts out to South Korean ladies

No. 95232

Italians have massive dicks because they are Mediterranean.

I would never ever fuck a French dude again 10/10 avoid at all costs

No. 95233

Yes, on average they have smaller ducks than everyone else

No. 95235

>I would never ever fuck a French dude again 10/10 avoid at all costs
Will do. but why?

No. 95239

it depends. the smallest dick ive ever encountered was with a korean dude, but also the thickest dick ive ever encounted was a different korean dude. still to date the biggest dick ive been with was a polish guy and it was deeply unpleasant. average dicks are the best.

No. 95251

I exclusively fuck Mediterranean dudes so 6+ inches or more
I could take less but a biggest turn off is bad hygiene, idgaf if I hurt the guys feelings if he stinks I will get up and walk away

No. 95260

I'm italian and my bf dick does look like the one in the op pic lol

No. 95261

asians are pretty short so it makes sense. my fiance is chinese (shanghainese) and he's 8in, and the smallest guy i had was a white guy who was 3 so…

No. 95262

Egypt would be my ideal in terms of length,girth,and shape. Shape/aesthetics matter more to me than length. Anything less than 5 isn't aesthetic to me. Width is most important though.

No. 95263


Current boyfriend is Chinese, he's 6 and decently thick. He's also way taller than the average (6'1) so I don't know if there's any correlation there. He's also told me his brother is bigger, like 8.

No. 95267

Average to above average sounds best to me, so roughly 5.5 - 7 inches maybe. Anything bigger than that sounds scary and being below 4 inches could only be redeemable if he's really good at and enjoys cunnilingus.

No. 95274

That’s weird to randomly know your adult brother’s dick size

No. 95277

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who hates French men, they really are all insane. Something about their fall from cultural glory seems to have damaged french men beyond repair.

Even if it's good D, avoid at all costs

No. 95278

I never dated a French guy. Spill the tea girls, I wanna hear your stories!

No. 95288

5,5 to 6,0 it's ideal for me but they must be kinda thick and uncut. Besides USA what another country it's common to circumcise?

No. 95289

>tales about 8 inches asian dicks
LOL go back to r/AsianMasculinity/
You aren't fooling anybody.

No. 95291

NTA but I fucked an asian gymrat before with a sizable dong
Why are you so paranoid about anyone liking asian men must be a larper from reddit? Go back to your mgtow blog

No. 95293

thickness is more important to me than length, as long as it's not under 5 inches it's fine

No. 95302

can you stop objectifying us men?

Quite honestly its a borderline health disorder to care about the size of a mans sex organ LOL(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 95304

why has this anon been banned?

Anyways I only said they were big liars because I actually live in France and I only got mediocre tiny dicks, feels bad man.

No. 95305

this might sound stupid but, how do you know if a guy is thick or thin? what circumference( width?) is good? guys always say how long but never how thick

No. 95308

File: 1537001819947.jpg (174.29 KB, 1931x1855, elohel.jpg)

god, i feel so sorry for asian men. i bet the indians and chinese brought down australia's average too.

No. 95315

>tfw shitty mod thought they said "i'm a fucking french dude." rather than what anon said, that she is fucking a french dude.

No. 95319

3-5 inches because it's cuter and I guess I'm blessed because I've been able to get myself off with just one finger and minimal penetration before.
I'm lucky that my body and kink for tiny weak men are working together.

No. 95321

Frenchfucker in question here, this is exactly what happened.

No. 95323

what a mess…

>inb4 same farmtard bans you again for evading even though you got your ban lifted

No. 95331

Boyfriend is Central American. He’s uncut and a decent size and girth (between 7-8”).

Ex husband (American, white) was cut with an average 5”er (went down to 4” when he got fat). That shit hurt and often left me in so much pain immediately after in the worst possible way, even after several years.

Both were equally passionate partners. Uncut feels better imho bc he never hurt me. Only had two in my life, so I guess I’m biased (preference for other girls over dick).

No. 95333

First bf had a big dick, but I was so scared of sex that I could barely take it, so I never got to enjoy it. Then I got a FWB with a sad tiny cut dick, didn't enjoy it. Then I was in a relationship with a 4 inch dick man for 4+ years. I'm getting serious with a new guy at the moment, I know he has some italian ancestry so I seriously hope he's packing some meat down there, or I'm going to be extremely disappointed. I just want to know how it feels to take a nice dick, I want it to be pretty too.

No. 95337

I always thought foreplay and sexual tension would out rank penis size, but I've been dating a man who is the smallest I've ever been with and sexual tension is through the roof and foreplay isn't a problem but… All that tension and build up and he sticks it in and it's just……..where is it???

Is it a "me" problem? Do I just have a cavernous vagina??

No. 95339

I'm so glad I didn't fall for the "size doesn't matter" meme.

No. 95340

It hits parts of you that you didn't even know you could feel, especially in certain positions where they can get deep. Fiance is about ~6.5-7" and fairly thick. First time we did that position where you're on your back and he basically folds you in half with your legs on his shoulders, I had a loud, involuntary gasp and grabbed my stomach. I believe that means he hit my cervix, which some girls say is painful, but I thought it was amazing. Never had another guy do that.
I wouldn't blame yourself. Your vagina probably isn't a black hole. You guys can try different positions and techniques to try to make it better, but sometimes it be like that. Sometimes it's a really great guy but his dick game just isn't on the level you need.

No. 95341


It's not you, dicklets are just inferior human beings.

No. 95345

>Do I just have a cavernous vagina??
How big is he? If he's Sharpie size it's him, but if he's a decent size it might be you. You could try kegel exercises and see if that helps. Or get a new bf lol

No. 95347

How is this guy not banned but the anon fucking a french dude was. He admitted that he is a guy "us men"
How big is he? If he is actually tiny either ditch him or if you like him get creative with sex. You can do a lot more then just stick benis in bagina .If you have any kinks or stuff like that.

No. 95348

obviously the shit mod did ban but for some reason didn't redtext.

No. 95366

You might be over prepared for it with all the physical tension and be too relaxed. He should try sticking it in when you're both not quite ready for it.

No. 95384

anon that's fucked up

No. 95386

The general muscle tone of your pelvic region is what will determine how tight you can be. I can take huge dicks because I'm flexible but since I'm a dancer so my pelvic muscles are all toned. I can redirect where an average sized dick is going by flexing. The only thing I can't stand is a big soft dick. An average sized guy with a hard enough dick to drive nails with is better than a giant slug of a penis.

No. 95420

I don't think she meant for that to sound so rapey lol, the more you relax the "wider" your vagina gets, if you skip a bit of foreplay you can get more sensation from a dicklet.

No. 95469

For some reason I always thought that arab guys had small dicks

Anyway I'm a virgin so I can't say for sure but lengthwise I think probably 5.5-6 and girth idk but my vibrator is 4.5" around and it seems like pretty much the right size

No. 95476

Oh yeah I also wanted to say that I think dick aesthetics are far underestimated by the male sex. My ideal shape would probably be the lebanon one but uncut (and smaller obv)

No. 95479

Germany has a weird looking dick. Anyone around that's fucked a German guy to confirm?

I like the shapes of Lebanon and Egypt but would never fuck one, just not my preference. I have an American boyfriend and can confirm that's what his dick looks like kek.

No. 95480

My bf is half Jordanian and white he's 7 so many there's some truth to this chart?

No. 95484

As a german virgin that pic makes me scared… Why would everybody but the guys from here have the same shape, just different sizes?

I also always thought Arab guys have smaller dicks since most of them are very short.

No. 95490

Why does the korean dick have foreskin? Aren't the overwhelming majority of South Korean men circumcised?

No. 95495

Nein, German dicks do definitely not have that weird shape. I think the average length is quite accurate though

No. 95498

I've slept with a couple of German guys and none of them had a dick shaped like that (I have seen this type of dick on a Dutch guy once though).

Tbh I believe that the shapes displayed in the chart were chosen randomly. I doubt there is reliable data on what dick shapes are most common in those countries.

No. 95500

there definitely isn't that kind of data

No. 95511

I've never seen a "Greece", such a funny shape.

No. 95512

The Ecuador one is so inaccurate man, most of them are semi indigenous.. if anything Colombian and Venezuelan dicks are the biggest in the continent

No. 95513

There are many italian descendendants in those countries so you can be sure to expect big

No. 95518

lmaoo what are you talking about anon. Italians, where?? I think you mean the area around Argentina and Chile. If anything the big d comes from our heavy african descent, not some random tanned yt from europe

No. 95520

anon a lot of italians do have some african genetics and it shows in a lot of them

No. 95687

feels weird because boyfriend is french, has an average dick and I'm the loon in the relationship. hes definitely good at sex though. tbh I think hes a diamond in terms of french men? hes super fucking serious and not at all overly emotional like some latin men I've seen. hes also not in the same age group as me, and I've noticed young guys in general are dramatic and extra.

i think a lot of australians get circumcised, i had 2 and they were both cut

biggest dick I ever had was on a 6'4 guy, hit my cervix and made me bleed every time we fugged but I'm a masochistic slime so it was fine for me. smallest was this little shit from tennessee, I swear it was like 3 inches max. he was my first time so it was actually really comfortable. weirdest penis was a pencil dick, had to be at least 6 inches but it was so strange to hold and put in my mouth, at least it went in easy. any one else deal with weird penises before?

No. 95691

pencil dicks are so gross

No. 95694

Israel (obviously), as well as most Muslim countries and most African countries, Canada, Australia, and South Korea for some reason

>tfw can hardly imagine myself with a cut guy

>live in america

No. 95708

Anybody else hates watching porn with average dicks? I'm not saying I need to see a massive dick to get off, but I'm always disappointed when the porn actor is under 7 inches.
I like watching asian porn but this problem always makes me go back to western.

No. 95720

Yeah, I get that. Also, the strait pubes are kind of a turn of imo.

No. 95743

I’m the opposite of you guys lol, I hate huge dicks in porn and I’d rather see a guy with pubes than shaven

No. 96371

Yeah I hate how most guys in porn (and a lot in real life now) shave… the hair is just way sexier to me

No. 96440

This is me exactly.

Also, I'm not picky about height, except for preferring between 5'7"-6'0" (I'm very short), and a 5" looks bigger on a short guy than a tall one, which plays into how appealing it looks aesthetically.

No. 96466

Yes, big dicks scare me in real life because I'm small and inexperienced, but I feel the same way about porn.

No. 96470


I'm opposite too. Once i had sex with a big dick and it was fucking hell so i am scared for life.

It wasn't even that thick but he was a complete idiot in the sack.

It pisses me off just to remember because the man was a pain in the ass, opinionated af and very self absorbed. I only had sex with him because he had such a good rep among women cause of hic big dick and i thought that i would finally have a good experience but no.

Bick dicks are worth shit when the guy is retarded. And also women need to sopt putting idiots on a pedestal just cause of their size jfc.

No. 96476

I’m a virgin so I can’t really say what guys irl are like, but I’d image most guys who have big dicks think that’s all they need to be good at sex, rather than having good technique. Quality over quantity always.

No. 96575

>don't know men irl
Being inexperienced is perfectly fine but imho it's kinda pointless to talk about what dick size feels good to you then. You can't know. Even if you used toys of different sizes on yourself, you still can't know. Also, quality and quantity are different dimensions, not opposites.

Wtf that dude had some kind of harem praising him for his large cock? Lol. That's like an irl Chad meme

No. 96679


no, not an harem, just 4 chicks that liked to talk about dicks

No. 96710

I've been hurt by a guy who couldn't have had more than 4 inches to him because I get stressed out very easily during sex so I suppose it doesn't matter. If he can keep me relaxed he's good at any size.

No. 96799

Hi all it's >>95337. We fucked again and it was much, much better. He was actually half soft last time due to performance anxiety lol, and I was very relaxed and a bit tmi but I produce a lot of wetness. So all those things made me believe he was a dicklet, but actually he's pretty average.

>maybe the shortest I've had
>not the thinnest tho
>def most aesthetic
>nice, fat head
>surprisingly not at all that hairy
>neutral taste and fits very nicely in my mouth

Actually, he is Egyptian and it is pretty close to the OP pic. 8/10 dick, thanks for the moral support ladies.

No. 96800

Arabs can have admixture from Africans, esp north African arabs (obviously).

In terms of aesthetics:
I wouldn't have thought Swedes had smaller dicks like that. And WTF is Greece and Germany? Regardless of nationality, just cull any dude with a weird ass shaped dick like those.

No. 96900

File: 1537990566575.jpg (1.89 MB, 2848x2380, 1537902667828.jpg)

dicklets are pathetic

No. 96944


No. 96946

Men who honestly believe that they should just thrust it in without any foreplay should be excluded from the gene pool.

No. 96951

I read that as executed kek

No. 96953

The art is killing me, the accuracy as well. My favourite is
>girth is more important
because NO SHIT, what do they think women mean when they say a dick is big? An 8 inch pencil? Big refers to both length and girth, it's just far easier to measure/compare length so people use it as reference point.

No. 97204

So I finally had sex with him and he did have a beautiful dick (biggest I've ever been with) and I enjoyed myself so much it was ridiculous, I always had a difficult time getting wet but when we got into pronebone I became extremely wet in only a few minutes, I would moan and gasp every single he trusted inside me because he hit an extremely sweet spot.
I didn't came from PIV but it was okay since he fingered me until I came before he penetrated me. Told him I thought he had the perfect dick for me and he seemed very happy and flattered.

Bottom line don't fall for the size doesn't matter meme.

No. 100746

Why is there ALWAYS another penis size thread? it's not like we don't know the answer already…
this needs to be posted every time

No. 100753

>most girls do require clit stimulation outside of penetration to come
>foreplay and oral is MORE important than straight up penetration.
How are these mental gymnastics if it's absolutely true?

No. 100848

File: 1542304370297.png (832.73 KB, 1126x1891, Screenshot_2018-11-15-11-41-24…)

Used to date an American. He had a small dick and came within 15 seconds of penetration and always wanted to sleep for an hour afterwards. He wanted me to cup his balls all the time and do a million sex positions that always involved me sucking or stroking him.

My current boyfriend is Puerto Rican. We can last pretty long and go at it 2 or 3 times within a few hours if we're horny enough. It's rare though. Sometimes we have to change positions because he'll hit a wall and it starts to hurt. Most of our positions are vanilla and we don't have to do much extra stuff besides a bit of foreplay before insertion.

Overall, big dicks require less effort. 10/10 experience.

No. 100884

average to 6.5 inches is best

No. 100885

My weirdest dick was this Japanese guy, he was so fucking thick that I couldn't fit it in and when I gave up with that I offered to give him head and my mouth wasn't wide enough. It was pretty small lengthwise, so it looked really odd, kinda like the ball in american football.

Also I have absolutely no fucking idea what size penises I've had, I don't carry a ruler with me and boys measure them in the dumbest way anyway (from the pubis bone to the tip) but like half of that means nothing to me since it's not getting in anyway.

No. 100887

It's mental gymnastics because it assumes orgasm is the one and only important factor in a woman enjoying sex. The rest has to feel good too and without decent penetration you may as well just masturbate.

No. 100890

eh, there's still the intimacy of being sexual with another person that's missing with masturbation, but it means that you're not getting anything that you couldn't get with another girl kek.

No. 100893

the first time i ever saw a dick was my bf's. i remember the time he told he was about 5 to 6 inches and he fucking pops out something similar to the south korean dick on the picture.

but he feeds me good so idc at this point

also the Spanish and the Dutch dick looks mighty fine. id shove that in my mouth anytime

No. 100895

>The rest has to feel good too
Well if an orgasm is achieved that's usually a given. I can't think of a lot of reasons why someone would orgasm during sex they didn't enjoy.

No. 100896

I had orgasm during rather shitty sex, my ex bf used to almost force me to cum by overstimulating my clit, then we would do some PIV, it took him like 2 min to cum and it was over. Wouldn't call that satisfying sex.

No. 100897

I came when I was raped bc I come pretty easily from simple stimulation, did not enjoy it one bit.

No. 100930

Why are you being so obtuse? You don't need to even penetrate someone to give them a clitoral orgasm. A tiny penis doesn't feel 'bad', it feels like 'nothing'. It is psychologically and physically underwhelming, not enough to prevent orgasm but it doesn't contribute either. And in that case, there's no point.

No. 100932

This thread once again reinforced my will to stay away from sex or relationships, thanks for keeping me away from suffering lasses.

No. 100936

No. 101002

Do you ladies prefer curved or straight dick? I'm still a virgin and I've seen some anons post on here about how curved dick can hurt and how sometimes its pretty good. Does it depend on the direction of curve? This guy who was trying to get in my pants on discord said his dick curved upward and it "always hits the spot".
Why are boys so weird about their dicks?

No. 101008

My ex had a curved dick. Except it curved to the side. It made sex incredibly painful and awkward and he was very quick to tell me it was my fault and that there must be something wrong with my body. My current bf has a straight penis and it feels much better to me, personally. No more awkward stabbing pains or uncomfortable pressure or positions from having to try and accommodate a curved dick. I can see why some would find merit in there being a curve, an upward curve I'm assuming would be preferable, but not for me!

No. 101012

To be fair, that is how you measure the size of the entire penis. From the bottom to the top, just like anything else.

No. 101021

File: 1542542997501.jpeg (31.03 KB, 655x637, Dm204oSUUAA4WqN.jpeg)

So I feel kinda stupid for asking this but I need to know.

I'm from a European country where no one is circumcised. I've only seen cut dicks in porn, but never actually.. touched one, let alone fucked one.

My boyfriend is American and he is circumcised. We're seeing each other a month from now. I'm a bit intimidated honestly. Is there a difference between handling a cut vs uncut dick? I don't even know.

No. 101033

Heads dryer, and theres less skin to peel up over the head depending on how he's cut so lube is a bit more important depending on technique. Just dont grab the base and try to peel his entire dick over itself and you're golden.

No. 101038

Different vaginas can tilt different ways and vary in length, so no one penis can "hit the spot" with every canal.
That guy sounds like a high-schooler, maybe all his partners are those kinds of girls that feel the need to fake it being good so that he'll stop

No. 101068

It'll be dry, bring lube, and don't get offended if he can't cum from a bj. Honestly shit sucks I'll avoid cut dicks the rest of my life if I'm lucky.

No. 101072

cut dicks suck. it's basically genital mutilation and it should be outlawed.

No. 101117

File: 1542664368850.png (Spoiler Image, 677.35 KB, 692x904, fe849a3fa7f3ad57da7175656961f6…)

Please consider donating to Foregen.org, they are working on a foreskin regeneration procedure to heal cirumcised men, but need more money to fund their research and everything. You can donate one time, or ideally, do x amount per month so they can plan ahead.

I have a cut, somewhat thin, 5.5" dick and I fully understand that it is worthless for sex and that no woman would ever want to stay in a relationship with me. I have been nothing but extremely miserable (and extremely sexually frustrated) my entire life. All I have ever wanted is to have a decent, uncut, average-sized dick and have a loving relationship with a sweet girl. I never will. Foregen is my only hope of someday potentially having a real penis that can feel some real pleasure, and maybe having a relationship with a short, virgin girl that wouldn't hate me for my size. Until their procedure becomes available (assuming all goes well), I'm just going to be alone, there's no point in attempting a relationship when it's going to be ruined as soon as the girl wants to have sex, something that it would quickly become clear that I cannot provide. It really sucks because there have been plenty of girls that have liked me over the years- I'm not bad looking or socially inept or anything- but I always ignore them because I know that I'm worthless as a mate because of my penis. It's the only thing wrong with me, I hate it so much. You cannot comprehend how terrible it is to live this life. Please, spread the word about infant circumcision being an atrocity and cut dicks being ruined, consider supporting Foregen, but don't dehumanize us guys that were subjected to this torture against our will as babies. It's not my fault, never for one fraction of a second did I ever think that genital mutilation was a good idea, and I've been a miserable wreck ever since I learned about it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 101123


what the fuck did you just make me read you turbo autist

No. 101128

Hate to break it to you but depending on where you're from, you ARE average. Stop blaming your inability to find a gf or fuckbuddy on your dick or you will never make it anywhere.
Generally we don't like men coming in here waving their dicks around, this is /g/. You seem to be very self-loathing and need to take a break from the internet.

No. 101134

Your reply made me lol, thank you anon

No. 101157

File: 1542722727722.jpg (38.46 KB, 494x278, IMG_20151003_220630.jpg)

>I always ignore them because I know that I'm worthless as a mate because of my penis
The only thing keeping you from being in a relationship is YOU, you self-sabotaging sperg. Maybe unless you live in a place where circumcision isn't common, how the hell is that going to stop you from finding someone to be in a relationship with? Jesus, I can understand being upset about being mutilated without your permission but there are still millions of circumcised men who have partners and enjoy sex. It's almost like you want to have a miserable life.

Men always have the most defeatist attitude when it comes to their insecurities I swear to god. They have one seemingly undesirable trait and throw in the towel for the rest of their lives. This is why most incels exist.

No. 101163


5.5" thin dick is suicide tier tho

No. 101165

>t. Insecure Robot
5.5 is probably close to the global average.

No. 101171

I didn't want to post here again, but I need to clear a few things up that I should have foreseen and clarified in advance.
>Hate to break it to you but depending on where you're from, you ARE average.
Average isn't good enough, read this thread. Virtually all women prefer above-average penises, and it's unanimous among non-brainwashed people that cut dicks are completely worthless. If my penis were the same exact size, but intact, I wouldn't have that much of a serious problem; sure, women might be unsatisfied and dump me because I'm too small, but at least I would get pleasure out of it. Since I'm cut, there's no point in attempting a relationship or sex at all.
>Stop blaming your inability to find a gf or fuckbuddy on your dick or you will never make it anywhere.
>The only thing keeping you from being in a relationship is YOU, you self-sabotaging sperg. Maybe unless you live in a place where circumcision isn't common, how the hell is that going to stop you from finding someone to be in a relationship with?
I already explained that there have been plenty of girls that wanted to be in a relationship with me. I ignored them because there is no point because my penis is not good enough. One in particular, a cute, shy, redhead girl, would sit in front of me in class every day and brush her hair, hoping I would notice her. I completely ignored her and probably destroyed her self confidence for years. If I had instead asked her out on a date, we would have a happy relationship for a few months. Then, she would want to lose her virginity, and the relationship would be ruined because she is expecting sexual pleasure that I cannot provide because I lack the requisite anatomy. My penis is the only thing wrong with me- yes, I might not be some 6'2 Chad with a jaw that can cut glass, but you don't need to be; I'm otherwise good enough. You do need a decent-sized, intact penis, however, and I don't have that.

Yes, I can chat with a girl, flirt with her, we like eachother, I take her out on dates, we hug and kiss, everything is fine and dandy. But eventually, she will want to have sex, and I cannot provide sex. It would be uncomfortable and devoid of pleasure, and once we try it, she would lose all attraction to me as a result. It would be a complete waste of both of our time, and I'd only feel worse afterwards.
>I can understand being upset about being mutilated without your permission but there are still millions of circumcised men who have partners and enjoy sex.
Their relationships are terrible because the sex is terrible. They only 'enjoy' sex because they don't realize how pathetic and terrible it is compared to real sex with an intact penis. They've never known anything else. Why do you think the divorce rate is so high? Why do you think so many women cheat? Because the average man has a small penis, and in the USA, a huge percentage are cut.
>Men always have the most defeatist attitude when it comes to their insecurities I swear to god. They have one seemingly undesirable trait and throw in the towel for the rest of their lives. This is why most incels exist.
If you have a small, cut dick like mine, nothing else matters. There is nothing that can make up for it. Sex is by far the most important part of a relationship, at least for a woman. If a man has a large, intact penis and can provide a woman with intense sexual pleasure, she will never leave him, even if he abuses her. However, if a man has a small and/or cut penis, there isn't a woman in the world that would want to be with him. Even if she is genuinely in love with him, she will still cheat with 7" intact penises off Tinder because her sexual appetite will always come before sentimental romantic attraction. Penis size and the presence of a foreskin are the primary determinants of the value of a man to women; I don't have a nice dick, and therefore there is no reason why any woman would want to remain in a relationship with me once it reaches the point where she expects sexual fulfillment.

No. 101173

>I already explained that there have been plenty of girls that wanted to be in a relationship with me. I ignored them because there is no point because my penis is not good enough.
That's exactly the point, retard. You've had many opportunities to pursue a succesfull relationship but cock-blocked your own damn self because of an irrational insecurity. Some people's preferences don't equate to what everyone is willing to take in relationships. You have a victim mentality like all men of your type and that's clear as day.
>Why do you think so many women cheat?
Men cheat more than women and that is statistically verified.
>If a man has a large, intact penis and can provide a woman with intense sexual pleasure, she will never leave him, even if he abuses her. However, if a man has a small and/or cut penis, there isn't a woman in the world that would want to be with him. Even if she is genuinely in love with him, she will still cheat with 7" intact penises off Tinder because her sexual appetite will always come before sentimental romantic attraction
Damn, I almost sorry for you but you're absolutely pathetic. Now fuck off you miserable cunt. Not even going to bother responding to anything else because 95% of the novel you wrote is just more wah wah wah self-pitying bullshit.

No. 101175

Give up on him anon, he's a typical man that won't listen to a woman even though he came to /g/
It makes my skin crawl that people can be this pathetic when there's no reason for it

No. 101180

I don't know why you are on this site but
>One in particular, a cute, shy, redhead girl, would sit in front of me in class every day and brush her hair, hoping I would notice her. I completely ignored her and probably destroyed her self confidence for years

Uuuuhhhhhhh sorry to tell you, brushing hair is not a mating call for women.

No. 101182

>a large, intact penis and can provide a woman with intense sexual pleasure

Virgin who got his sex-ed from porn. There are no pleasure points in the birth canal. There are only pleasurable areas outside. You don't need a penis at all to pleasure a woman. Ever heard of lesbians?

Plenty of women are dick-shy or have low libidos. You're psyching yourself out of a relationship or even sex because
>muh dick

Most of women's sexual attraction is based upon personality, trust, affection, and attention paid to her. A dick, or a big one, is less important than you think.

Unless I'm misreading and it's 5.5 cm

No. 101185

I legit laughed at that
>bitches want me bcuz they brush their hair around me
>but I don't want them bcuz I know they won't like mah weewee
>therefore I destroyed her confidence with my own lack of self-confidence

Like wat, that's so pathetically amusing.

No. 101191

File: 1542760712419.png (10.91 KB, 426x327, sympathetic gf.png)

>You've had many opportunities to pursue a succesfull relationship but cock-blocked your own damn self because of an irrational insecurity.
It would be definition not be a "successful relationship". It would only be successful until the girl expects sexual fulfillment- at which point it would be ruined, because I cannot provide that, because I lack the requisite anatomy. It is am empirical, scientific fact that a mutilated penis (especially one of my somewhat below statistical average dimensions) cannot provide a significant amount of sexual pleasure to either partner. This entire thread is women unanimously agreeing upon this objective fact.

Yes, there have been plenty of girls that liked me, and that I could enter a relationship with. However, they wouldn't like me if they knew what I had for a penis. A girl "liking a guy" is essentially her "considering him as a potential candidate for a mate, provided his phallic organ is up to snuff". I do not fulfill that criteria.
>Some people's preferences don't equate to what everyone is willing to take in relationships.
What woman would remain faithful to a man that can only provide her with mediocre intercourse? The only ones that I can think of are women with vaginismus, because they're not particularly interested in intercourse. And even then, because I'm cut, it would be even more painful for her. Women with vaginismus would be best matched with a small, intact penis to maximize the chances of enjoyable intercourse. No woman wants or needs a cut penis, other than a Jewess, or maybe a Muslima, or some maybe brainwashed American thot that would want a large cut penis, none of which I would want to be with.
>You have a victim mentality
Because I am a victim of infant genital mutilation.
>Men cheat more than women and that is statistically verified.
Only the Chads that have the sexual capital to do so. Virtually all women have the requisite sexual capital to do the same.
That was only one example of her behavior, she clearly liked me.
>Virgin who got his sex-ed from porn. There are no pleasure points in the birth canal.
False. There is the g-spot- within reach of an average sized penis, but better stimulated by the girth of a large penis. And there are the fornices that only a long penis can reach. For some women, the risk of bumping their cervix discourages them from wanting their fornices stimulated, but for others, the fornices (particularly the anterior fornix) are their favorite erogeneous zone that gives them the best orgams.

Your "dicklet internet defence force" (DIDF)-type argument is proven patently false by this entire thread. Virtually all women prefer an intact, above average penis, although the exact preferred dimensions vary both by the woman and depending on how aroused she is, among other factors.
>Plenty of women are dick-shy or have low libidos.
Where do I find them? They're definitely a minority.
>Most of women's sexual attraction is based upon personality, trust, affection, and attention paid to her. A dick, or a big one, is less important than you think.
I am genuinely incapable of comprehending this, I am not a woman. This is the way I see it:
>women want to be in a relationship with a man that can fulfill her sexually
>women require an adequate penis to be sexually fulfilled
>I do not have an adequate penis
>therefore, I cannot sexually fulfill a woman
>therefore, no woman would want to be in a relationship with me, once she realizes the fact
There may be women that are attracted to 'me', regardless of my penis, but they will not be sexually satisfied, and that's what matters. Ultimately, sex is what holds a relationship together. It doesn't matter how much she 'loves' him if he doesn't give her the cummies she feels entitled to. There are plenty of other men out there that can provide them. I simply lack the sexual capital that would justify a woman choosing me over other men that have intact and/or larger penises.
>Unless I'm misreading and it's 5.5 cm
5.5 inches, or 14cm. Slightly below the American average of 5.6 inches, and significantly below women's preferred size.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 101194

This manon is either autistic as fuck or just very dedicated to fucking with us.
Probably both lmao.

No. 101196

you fucking moron,
>I am genuinely incapable of comprehending this, I am not a woman. This is the way I see it:…
you are correct about one thing, that being no woman WOULD want to be with you, but it's not because of your dick, it's the thing attached to it. I'm telling you right now, your "incapability" of understanding that there is more to human relationships beyond peepee in vagene has nothing to do with you being a man. "Autism" gets tossed around as a general insult, and I'm not a mental health professional so I'm not going to diagnose you, but you need to talk to one. If you have any sincere desire to improve your life and stop wallowing in self pity then you need therapy. You are stuck in a self defeating mental loop and you need a change in external stimulus over a long period of time to get out of it. Now fuck off, and good luck.

No. 101197

Sorry ladies, but you're being stupid right now. If you see a scrot, report its bullshit. Don't talk to it. He's useless, dumb as shit and won't ever shut up. Report and ignore.

No. 101199

Based AND redpilled

No. 101200

This Anon is 100% correct. Men are predisposed to cyclical (or obsessive) thinking, and he even says "I don't understand" and then repeats his cyclical train of thought. I agree he needs therapy or a diagnosis of some kind. It is not helping anyone, least of all himself, to trap himself in a feedback loop like this.

No. 101206

>This entire thread is women unanimously agreeing upon this objective fact.
There are more than a few posts ITT of women saying they would prefer average or don't care for big dicks. You're fucking retarded lmao. It's obvious you have no actual desire to improve your life, otherwise you wouldn't keep making excuses for yourself and feeding your confirmation bias. Must be exhausting to put this much effort into being miserable.

No. 101215

LMFAO of course there's a scrot in here sperging about his tiny useless dick
Please kill yourself :)

No. 101222

I just wish there was a way to increase dick size, if there was every guy would do it and not for their 'ego' either trust me.
The only reason guys ever care about penis size is because almost all women have the same preference of above average and thick.
At least 90% and they're always so disappointed when it's not. If the worldwide average is 5.1 like most studies show, that means a lot of them vary from 4-6. However according to this thread only the larger tail end can actual be felt or enjoyable. Sucks don't it?

I have no hate, only disappointment within myself and my limitations in 'dick game' that basically concludes as being not as good as others or un-preferred in an aspect that i'd probably trade a testicle for in order to have some control over.

So to conclude: Sorry we're not big enough. Sorry I can't please you in that way as much as your ex could when he gave you that "sweet full feeling", and sorry for guys constantly being insecure about it too, but these things will always go hand-in-hand.
I hope you all find the perfect above average dick with a good thickness and I hope you don't have to settle for anything smaller because you'll only be unsatisfied and eventually detest your man for it. Also think about him if you can, don't get his hopes up only to find your Internet history about how "he's not the best I've ever had and I sometimes wish he were bigger but he has good health insurance" Please.

No. 101223

as if men don't complain about their gfs all the time, kys and stop replying.

No. 101224

Learn how to eat pussy and STFU.

No. 101225

File: 1542805138084.jpg (43.88 KB, 635x515, IMG_20180806_145648.jpg)

Jesus Christ you are autistic. Get the fuck off of lolcow and go to therapy.

No. 101226

Already done and noted homie.

Yeah but the guys that do are fucking assholes who have no right. Whenever they complain it's always something pedantic, they should just leave.

Why? Therapy isn't this magical thing that makes everything go away. If you have a permanent scar, you either do magic to fix it or live life with a scar. Therapy doesn't do anything for these types of issues and if it did it would only do a complete reverse when the shit you already knew comes back inevitably. Because therapy can change you but not the world. I won't reply anymore. Sorry for being autistic but I have no hatred I just wanted to make it clear why men are so obsessed with penis size (hint: the whole thread).(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 101227

For the autistic pit party you just threw yourself, you bumbling moron. Now stfu and gtfo.

No. 101229

I'm not sure I understand. If the majority of women in this thread say they prefer larger/girther dicks rather than my own pencil dick, should I not be insecure about it? Even if I know how to eat pussy etc.

No. 101230

Girls weigh other things as more important in a relationship.
Get that through your head.
And take a peek in the vagina thread, many (if not most) women can't have vaginal orgasms so oral is preferred. And no, you don't know a woman's body better than she does before you pull that bullshit.

I personally don't give a fuck if my bf has a fucking vagina as long as he's cute and sweet.

No. 101231

File: 1542812921868.gif (1002.83 KB, 218x228, giphy.gif)

No. 101234

I am the anon that made these three posts, and no more:
I have carefully read all of your responses multiple times. Do not think that I am 'not listening' to you. So far, the most interesting ones are:
>Some people's preferences don't equate to what everyone is willing to take in relationships.
>Plenty of women are dick-shy or have low libidos.
>Most of women's sexual attraction is based upon personality, trust, affection, and attention paid to her. A dick, or a big one, is less important than you think.
My mental state has not changed (and is basically summmed up by what this guy >>101229 said); I have heard all this probably hundreds of times over the years that I've been complaining about my penis over the internet to strangers. Omegle is one site where I used to do this a lot. Anyway, I understand that you ladies don't want men posting here, so I'll stop. I do not have autism and I am not going to see a therapist; anything that is fucked up with my brain is either due to what happened to me as a baby, or due to a decade of pornography consumption (which I deeply despise have tried to stop numerous times, but ultimately cannot because it is my only means of sexual release). If anybody wishes to message me and maybe help me work my way through this issue, you can reach me via scrottism@cock.li. I would really appreciate it because this is a very long-term issue that has a severe effect on my well-being, and I'm clearly incapable of resolving it by myself.

I will leave you all with one last question. How would YOU feel, femanon, if a guy that you liked and that you were dating turned out to have a 5.5", cut dick? What would that change about how you perceive him? When you have sex, wouldn't your mind be filled with thoughts like, "ugh, this sucks, his dick is so pathetic, why can't he just have a nice one? then this would feel amazing and he would be perfect." How can a relationship survive when the woman is never satisfied with the intercourse, how could she still respect him? Those responses that I quoted above generally say something to the effect that women are willing to forgive a man for having an inadequate penis because they care about him as a person, and that how they feel about 'him' justifies wanting to be with him even though they don't like his dick and aren't getting the sexual fulfillment that they crave that can only be provided by a nice dick. If this is true (for some women, anyway), then I would like to read some femanon put her money where her mouth is and explain to me the female perspective of how this kind of relationship would actually work.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 101237

Answering your question, I'm >>101230 and >>95319
Glad you ignored my original post in your blanket statement of all posts itt wanting monster dicks.

I'm sure some women are "size queens" but most are fine as you don't neglect getting her to to orgasm during sex.
I also reckon the meaner posts itt are a sort of response to the strict guidelines men often expect us to adhere to (.6 whr, huge tits, perfect face, etc.).
It does just seem that you have a weird neurosis about your penis, it's very strange but relatable. Happ3ns to tge best of us. I hope you can overcome it.

No. 101238

>I have heard all this probably hundreds of times over the years that I've been complaining about my penis over the internet to strangers

You continue to need therapy, even if you say you don't. You're literally asking us to email you and be your free therapist.

Please: Therapy, then work on making friends, then natural relationship may blossom which didn't start with you talking about your dick on the internet.

No. 101241

Also, whew phoneposting sure did ruin the mood of that post. Sorry.

No. 101243

This is crazy, literally. The last quarter of this thread belongs in the mental health thread. I have no more sympathy for the dicklet, only because you cannot help those who refuse to help themselves. It's like telling somebody with psychosis that they need to speak with a professional, and they refuse because the voices told them that mental health workers are all lizard people. The issue is not the subject of the delusions, but the delusions themselves.

No. 101256

I really wonder about those of you who continued to be fucking stupid enough to engage this male trash in conversation. How do you fall for shitty male bait every time? How fucking hard is it to ignore the degenerate morons? Apparently very.

No. 101258

It's even more disgusting with them actually trying to answer him honestly even though he's not changing his mind
I think I prefer them taking the bait and being angry instead of actually trying to be sincere in responding

No. 101368

I (>>101234) am back. I know I said that I wouldn't come back, but I've been doing a lot of thinking and I'd like to share some of my progress with you. My intention is not to cause discontent; if you are bothered by my posts, you don't need to read them or reply to them.

I have placed the various ideas behind the sentiment that a man with a lame penis is not completely doomed to be alone forever into several categories:

Diminished Significance of Phallic Dimensions Theory (mostly bullshit, imho)
"When high sexual expectations remain, but the blame for dissatisfaction is targeted at the man, rather than his penis."
>cervix contact is too painful for many girls- thus, excessive length is often undesireable
>women generally overestimate penis size, both in person and in their expectations and preferences
>"average" sizes can still reach the g-spot and the most sensitive portion of the vagina
>women of smaller stature likely have smaller preferences
>cunnillingus is allegedly superior to penetration for many women

Phallic Prerequisite Negation
"For some women, the need for sexual fulfillment is either forgone, or expected from non-phallic means, such as oral."
>penetration less desired due to "dick-shyness" or vaginismus
>low sex drive, or generally 'not too fussed about sex'
>struggle to orgasm from vaginal anyway, prefer oral for own pleasure
>may put her partner's pleasure above her own, finding her own pleasure in his

Phallic Prerequisite Forgiveness
"There is more to human relationships beyond peepee in vagene."
>some women are willing to reduce their sexual expectations due a man's other redeemable factors (see below)
I have included some dictionary definitions for terms that have been used:
the type of person you are, shown by the way you behave, feel, and think
to believe that someone is good and honest and will not harm you, or that something is safe and reliable
a feeling of liking for a person or place
notice, thought, or interest
to like another adult very much and be romantically and sexually attracted to them

And have paraphrased and consolidated them, plus some femanons' posts, into a summary of the idea that I am supposed to understand:
>Some girls weigh things other than the penis as more important in a relationship because they believe that 'there is more to human relationships beyond peepee in vagene'. Such a girl may like a man very much and be romantically and sexually attracted to him because she believes that he is good, honest, safe, reliable, and will not harm her; she enjoys that they have a mutual feeling of liking for each other, granting each other notice, thought, and interest; and she likes the type of person that he is, shown by the way that he behaves, feels, and thinks.

Ultimately, I am not remotely confident in my ability to satisfy a woman with my penis. I could not have a successful relationship with a woman that expects her man to have a nice dick and provide her with impressive, satisfying intercourse involving vaginal orgasms. However, it is theoretically possible that not all women are like this and that I could find a girl that would want to be with me because she likes me for non-sexual reasons; her sexual expectations would need to be modest, or at least she would need to have a strong preference for cunnillingus.

I would like to thank those of you that offered sincere and helpful responses. I am still extremely unhappy with my penis, and my self-esteem and confidence are still extremely low. The length is not atrocious, but the girth and having been mutilated render it entirely dissatisfactory; it may be very close to the statistical average, but whatever it is, it's garbage, quite frankly. The chance that I would be compatible with a given woman is still, I believe, very low. However, there is a slight glimmer of hope that perhaps there are some women out there that I could be compatible with, that would not disqualify and dehumanize me because of what hangs between my legs. I've always had a sense of this, but having discussed this matter with some of you, it seems a bit more real.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 101376

If you ever want to have sex with a women and satisfy her, you need to listen to her. What does she like ? What position feels better ? And lots of foreplay. Big or small dicks, if the man just want to slam it in without foreplay he's 99% of the time garbage. Flirting can be a kind of foreplay. Don't try to pressure her to orgasm, because some women don't think the goal of a sexual intercourse is to orgasm. Try to have fun and to both feel good, you'll be better than most men out there.

No. 101380

Stfu and stop reposting this shit, this board is not your therapist.

No. 101441

Okay slight derail but the thread pic gets on my nerves.

Circumcision is outlawed in Sweden (and most of Europe) so why is it represented by a cut dick? Most European guys are uncut. It's really only the States, Muslim countries, and Japan that still cut dicks.

Also citation needed for soms of these shapes and legths. Like wtf kind of bizarre shape did they give Germany?

TL;DR thread pic sucks

No. 101941

I see you're trying to invade every part of /g/ you can to talk about fucking penises and how its the end all be all to any relationship. You're immature as fuck and obviously only think of women as "holes" anyway. You think personality doesn't matter in a relationship because you HAVE NO PERSONALITY! As if a relationship vouldnt survive without the man having a decent sized dick. Ha! HAHAHA! I hope you look in the mirror every day and realize what a failure of a person you are because you've decided to waste all your time, energy, and thoughts to focus around sex and objectifying women and putting yourself down because you've come to realize your a shell of a human being with nothing going on under (or above) the surface besides wondering if your good enough. Or rather, if your dick is good enough. Congratulations, you're right! With your childish mindset and hyperfocus on something that doesn't even make up some of the most enjoyable and pleasurable parts of life, you have made yourself inadequate!

No. 101946

Japan in general doesn't cut dick. It's really an American/Muslim/Jewish thing.

No. 101959

Yep I swear I see the same anon elsewhere on the board. Their obsession with genitalia does not represent the majority. Projecting his opinion onto strange women (who most certainly don't hold that opinion) is getting very tiring.

No. 101995

Not only are the pictures complete nonsense, but the numbers are as well- the studies are self-reported. What could be a less reliable source of data than a self-reported penis size survey? The studies that have been conducted involving actually measuring the subjects' penises:
>a) generally have a significantly smaller average size than self-reported
>b) show little to no correlation between factors like race, height, hand size, shoe size, etc.
>penises and how its the end all be all to any relationship
It is. Whether the penis is nice or not determines whether the sex is good or bad, and whether the sex is good or bad determines whether the relationship even has a potential to succeed. You cannot have a relationship with bad sex, and you cannot have good sex with an inadequate penis (either cut, thin, or under 6" without being disproportionately thick).
>You think personality doesn't matter in a relationship
That's not exactly what I mean; what I'm saying is that the penis is more important. It doesn't matter what personality a man has, or what he looks like, or how much money he has, or whatever if he has a small penis. No woman would ever want to be with him because he can't provide sex, and sex is the most important part of a relationship. The only possible exception is some mentally ill imageboard girl that fetishizes "small, weak men" with tiny penises, or a woman with vaginismus. In other words, <1% of the female population.
She was probably thinking of South Korea.
>Their obsession with genitalia does not represent the majority. Projecting his opinion onto strange women (who most certainly don't hold that opinion)
Let's say a guy that you liked happened to have a small penis. Would you still want him to ask you out? Would you still want to date him or even marry him? Remaining faithful to him? Note that this means you would never be able to enjoy a good dick again. The rest of your life would be spent cuddled up next to your small dick husband, because you "love" him. Personally, I doubt that any woman would want that. There's no trait(s) or 'personality' that any individual man can have that would make him better than another man with a better dick. Good sex with a good dick from a woman's perspective (and thus the pinnacle of sexuality) is too good to justify sacrificing it for sentimental, emotional attachment to a person.

No. 102003

does anyone object to fucking fat guys? does it seem to affect the usefulness of their dicks? i get they'd be less mobile and might get tired faster, but that doesn't stop penis from entering. also, i've heard when fucking, their stomach/fat above their genitals is a good rub.

No. 102007

>some of the bottom of the shaft will be covered by the fat pad, effectively reducing its length
>fat produces estrogen which reduces testosterone- reducing sex drive, masculine/dominant behavior, and erectile function
and of course the general lack of fitness which you mentioned. as for the rest, I cannot comment

No. 102053

File: 1543810735608.gif (12 KB, 470x470, yGSNHpBG.gif)

-Deficits in Language Comprehension
-Inappropriate Social Interaction
-Intense Focus on One Topic
-Lack of Empathy
-Lack of Understanding Social Cues
-Preoccupation With Specific Topics
-Problems With Two-Way Conversation
-Repeating Words or Phrases
-Self-Abusive Behaviors

No. 102068

Thank god you're never going to have a relationship.

No. 102082

> his dick curved upward and it "always hits the spot"
Okay, it depends on your anatomy, but I have to be honest, best sex of my life has been with my partner who has his dick curved upward. If you have a sensitive g-spot then yeah, it's a huge blessing (depends on the position though) I honestly cannot even begin to explain how much pleasure it adds. Ever seen one of those g-spot dildos? It's like that

No. 102103

For me, girth is way more important than length. I'm pretty short but if a dicks too long it's the worst, but a too short dick doesn't matter so much. My current bf is like 5ish inches and not that thick and it's so noticeable to me lol. Sex is still okay but not as good as it should be. My ex was like six inches and decently girthy, it was my jam.

No. 102110

>My current bf is like 5ish inches and not that thick and it's so noticeable to me lol. Sex is still okay but not as good as it should be.
Why are you dating him, then?

No. 102116

She probably loves him.
Are you dick-sperg-manon? pls go.

No. 102492

Lol anon I feel like you're dating my ex. He's Chinese-Malay and 6'1 with a 6inch (according to him, I figured a bit under) and used to mention his brother has a "fat cock" (he apparently noticed when he was wearing sweat pants). Idk what's up with all these guys scoping their brothers junk

No. 102823

My boyfriend's dick is nearly 10 inches and it's great. Hurts in certain positions sometimes, but mostly I just feel really full. Honestly I could never do under 8" again. All dicks in thread pic are a fail.

No. 104478

I think you just have a bad sense of scale.

No. 112388

i dont think you know how inches work

No. 112389


Dated a Japanese guy, his dick was pretty small maybe like 4.5 inches max and not thick. Not the smallest I’ve seen though (I had an ex with a smaller dick and he was white).

My old fuck buddy was Chinese and his was pretty average/normal to me around 5 inches maybe and average thickness.

The thinnest dick I’ve ever seen was from a Spanish guy, straight up pencil dick and like 5 inches. I legit just touched his dick and de escalated the situation and left because it was such a turn off.

No. 112390

I prefer average-sized dicks. My boyfriend's about 5-6 inches, thick with a nice shape. Girth is as important if not more important than lenght.

My ex had a 7 inch dick, which hurt me most of the time. I wasn't as into him and was pretty inexperienced at that time, which might have played a role, but every time I had sex with someone with a bigger dick than 7 inches, it mostly just hurt and we had to be super careful.

I prefer to have sex without trying to avoid pain the whole time.

No. 112393

once dropped a guy for his disgustingly big horse dick. he was sexually depraved and i could see that he gets off to the idea of "ruining" a girl.

my ideal is a nice thick dick up to 15cm. ive been with a man for so long that i almost forgot what other dicks look like tho

No. 112394

Don't know how accurate
this chart is
their is a huge amount of variation in Penis size even with in countries
e.g vast majority ranged of Indian guys I was with were mostly below average however the biggest I ever had was a Indian guy

No. 112421

at first glance I thought OP pic was something with a lot of black censoring
>it's all dicks

No. 112423

I dont get why this is a big deal for some, I have had small dick that felt nice and big dick that felt nice. And I am not saying this to not hurt lurking robots feels, I am pretty picky and it really bothers me if a guy is fat, old or balding for example.

No. 112428

Well they're averages. Of course you can have bigger ones and smaller ones.
I once slept with a Korean guy who had the tiniest dick anyone has ever seen, which was really awkward. Partner now is Japanese, never measured but it's rather thick and feels good which is all that matters.

No. 112438

I need to measure my hands, I can't exactly bring tape measure to the bedroom. I don't trust my eyes alone.

No. 112443

Like literally everything else having to do with sex and relationships, it's individual preference and situational. I've had big dicks that I wanted to marry, big dicks that are absolutely useless, small dicks that rocked my world, and small dicks that had me thinking that maybe I just don't like sex at all. It all comes down to the individual, on both sides. That's why people argue about it so much, because there's no flat, across-the-board answer.

No. 112456

File: 1554345927777.png (397.23 KB, 1036x1176, South_Asia_Ethncity.png)

but you can never average out countries with extremely diverse and large populations

No. 112457

anonette had all the dicks and can give a nuanced approach

No. 112460

I think my bf’s penis is 6 inches, maybe 6 1/2? We’ve never measured. After 2 years of pretty much daily sex, deep penetration is still pretty painful. Doesn’t matter how aroused I am… in fact I feel like the more aroused I am, the deeper he can go and the more painful it is. I think I may just have a very shallow vaginal cavity. And I’m almost 100% sure it is the cervix, because it’s a sharp, pinching/scraping pain that only occurs in deep thrusts. He’s the only person I’ve ever had sex with and I truly cannot fathom having sex with someone with a large penis haha

No. 112467

My bf has an average dick, but I've had larger in my past and other sizes, big, small, uncircumcised. I feel like what really matters is the technique and how much they love you. It makes a huge difference, at least to me.

No. 112714

I've had big dick and smaller dick and somehow smaller dick is more painful

someone explain this

No. 112732


I doubt it's a big dick vs. small dick kinda thing, sounds like you just happened to be less into those guys.

No. 113815

Sense of scale? I measured it with a tape measure clearly marked with inches.

No. 113816

Used to date an obese guy. Fat pad and belly does eventually affect how close to you they can get. Also limits positions you can do, and usually means they get tired easily. Belly didn't add any unexpected pleasure for me, anyway.

No. 113822

Small dick is harder than big dick and more pointy when it gets inside, i have had a variety of dicks and can tell you this: smaller the head the worse it hurts.

No. 113823

File: 1556291152196.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 148.79 KB, 1300x866, F9BB8C47-1795-43EC-842F-63C256…)

I‘ve given a blowjob to a guy with a really thick but weirdly flat dick. A bit like the head of a snake, just less pointy.
Like, I could literally not put it in my mouth sideways, I just couldn’t open my mouth wide enough. Kneeling in front of him worked perfectly fine though.

It was so awkward and made me appreciate perfectly round dicks.

No. 113850

I personally prefer somewhere between 4-6 inches. I'm more of an oral pleasure kind of person, so size isn't really a high priority.

No. 115942

Haha Benis :DDD
In all seriousness, 7 inches looks huge on this scale holy shit.

No. 115965

It's not about length or girth, it's about strength and dexterity.
What use is a long penis if he can't open pickle jars with it?

No. 115979

Do you guys like a really thick head on a thinner shaft? Small tip/heads are so weird. Thicker heads matter more than general girth imo.

No. 115981

It should be well proportioned. Very small heads are just as ugly as huge heads on a small shaft. The head should just be slightly bigger, not like a fist on a stick.

No. 115986

do black guys really have bigger dicks? and do tall guys have bigger dicks than manlets?

No. 115987

Yes to the first one and no to the second one

No. 116123

as someone whose been with black guys, white and Latino guys I will say that Penis size varied between all the races Some white guys had big dicks and some black guys had big dicks,Some black guys had small dicks and some white guys had small dicks

No. 116124

manlets have big weanus ime

No. 116125

File: 1559572025205.png (106.42 KB, 353x345, d8b.png)

>tfw manlet chaser
Is it not just proportions though? I imagine 6" would look bigger on a 5'2" man than on a 6'2" man.
Too big is frightening anyway, don't scare me off tiny boys anon!

No. 116130

True. I used to date someone who had a larger than average dick but it looked tiny on him because he was 6'3.

No. 116154

Are there a lot of manlet chasers here?? I swear this is the only place I go where I see women actually going for really short guys, it's kind of cute/cool tbh
Also do you guys think that really skinny guy's dick might look proportionally bigger for the same reason a manlet's would? Just occurred to me

No. 116158

Oh shit. Are small heads really that ugly? The current guy I like told me his is 3” thick at the head but the majority of his dick is 6” thick. Should I smash or no?

I typically don’t like manlets and used to chase after giant men (6’3”+ tall) because I was all about that cutesy ~height difference~ but then I saw the cutest little manlet in my class that changed my perspective. He was my height (5’6”) and had the prettiest boy face ever and curly long thick hair… I find shorter guys don’t bald as quick as taller men.

He was very feminine looking but was obvi a guy and not trans. Never knew how big his dick was but apparently the longer the ring finger compared to index finger the bigger the dick… and his was rather long lol.

No. 116160

ayrt and I'll be honest, I post about it a lot across various threads which may inflate the numbers. I'm a lonely lady.
That said I have seen a good number of other posters who dig them and it's quite nice. A lot of femdomfags here tend towards liking smaller men.

No. 116164

Different Anon than >>116160, but I’m also a manlet-chaser. I don’t know if it’s me being 5’10” or being an edgy domina, but wew, I like ‘em twee.

No. 116270

Not perfectly related to the topic but I find uncut dicks to be really cute/sexy, especially when the head peeks out just a little bit.

I love the idea of a cute, subby, uncut boy.

I wouldn't necessarily describe myself as a "manelt chaser", but I like men that are my height (5'6") or a few inches taller. My current boyfriend is 5'8". I don't like enormous men bc they're hard to kiss.

No. 116273

I have no problem with cut dicks but I've never seen one irl and I'm worried I wouldn't know what to do with it. Do they really need lube just for a handjob?

No. 116274

man this whole story is pathetic af, a guy that measures his dick and tells me before we have sex and I think about fucking him? Fuck you guys are silly. Don't shop according to dick-measurements, just fuck the guy if you like him ffs

No. 116276

who the fuck measures their genitals so autistically? not that the usual "i'm 5.75 inches" is much better but imagine this dude just sitting there with a tape measure kek. imagine if it was commonplace for women to say "yeah,my vagina has a 25cm^3 capacity and my clit has like a 7mm projection but it is a grower, i swear!!"
actually nvm, troons do just that

No. 116279

My bf is cut and no, he absolutely doesn't. Not really sure where that meme came from.

No. 116296

It's because a lot of cut men need lotion or lube to jerk off because they tend to be less "wet" than uncut guys. I've never been with a cut guy so I'll plead ignorance other than that, but that's what I hear. Some guys may have less of an issue than others.

No. 116888

My boyfriend has a really thick 8 inch penis and I'm a virgin… also really tight, like I struggle to get 2 fingers in. Any advice? Am I just not arousing myself enough? Also i can feel my hymen, should he break that with his fingers first?

No. 117061

See a gyno maybe? Can't hurt to ask.

No. 117357

I had a similar problem, anon. My bf is not as large as yours but I couldn't have sex with him for the same reason. What I did was start with very small things and progress up to a dildo close in size to my bf. I started using tampons once I was able to fit them, I was honestly that tight. If your hymen is thick and covering up a lot of the opening, there is simple surgery to remove it, but beware because my insurance called it "cosmetic" and would not cover it (wtf?) I'm able to have sex comfortably now so the non-surgical method worked for me.
Take some time in a low-pressure to try penetrating with your own fingers. If your bf makes you feel calm, he can do it, but it's possible that unknowingly he's making you feel under pressure to "perform" or loosen up faster, even if he isn't treating you that way.

No. 119499

Im a virgin and clueless so someone please educate me. does testicle size matter at all? Like if you have bigger balls does that affect anything at all?

No. 119503

usually larger loads/more testosterone the bigger they get
maybe they'll slap up against you
sometimes more fun to play with

won't affect the dick for the most part
I've seen 7-8 inch dudes with tiny balls

pseudoscience says that tiny balls make a dude a better father, but that's not a given

No. 119506

It doesn't matter at all.

No. 119508

What’s considered big and small? Walnut size is average? Tennis ball size is large? Even though it doesn’t matter I’m just curious

No. 119512

No. Balls are all kind of silly-looking, and size does not matter.

No. 119513

the only thing I’ve noticed is bigger balls do have that slapping effect in certain positions and it can be enjoyable.
load size varies a ton, doesn’t seem to correlate with ball size.
I think small balls look funny bc when they get cold and scrunch up, they practically don’t exist. But really big balls are kinda gross, it’s less the testicals being big and more the sack being oversized. “Average” is best imo

No. 119525

hen's egg is large.
ping pong ball is small.

No. 119527

No to the first one and yes to the second one.

No. 119557

idk if you're a porn watcher but if you are don't believe that "play with his balls" thing. Balls don't really feel anything besides pain.

No. 119562

that’s not true lol. guys have different preferences and levels of sensitivity. some might only feel pain, but others definitely get some pleasure out of it.

No. 119567

Yeah, what >>119562 said.
My bf loves getting his balls touched when I blow him or give him a handjob. That alone won’t make him cum and if I did he would lose his erection at some point. But it sure as hell is stumulating and feels good (to him).
You just shouldn’t treat them like a stress ball or yank them really hard. Because that sure will hurt. I mean, unless the guy is into that kind of stuff.

If his balls are sensitive enough that touching alone will hurt, he definitely should get them checked because that sure as hell ain’t normal.

No. 119583

>That alone won’t make him cum and if I did he would lose his erection at some point.
Sounds like a mild form of ED. Tell your bf to stop watching so much porn.

No. 119592

you can just look up averages if you want

when people say stuff like this, I can't tell if they are talking about the entire thing or just each separate one

No. 119611

I never met any guy who‘d come from exclusively getting his balls touched tbh. Don’t really think that’s a ‘too much porn’ thing.

No. 119673

It's not about the balls thing, it's that he otherwise can't keep an erection.

No. 119687

Well, if he only ever touched my labia and literally nothing else I at some point would lose arousal too. And I never watch porn. Teasing is nice and all but at some point there would have to be some kind of actual stimulation like penetration oder touching my clit.
But maybe we‘re just both not the kind of person for that kind of teasing.

No. 119720

Latin American dick is super underrated. Usually thick and uncut. I will take a Mexican or Salvadoran over an Caucasian/ Jewish/ Asian dick anyday.

No. 121151

File: 1565276177056.jpg (Spoiler Image, 115.77 KB, 900x978, 1565270432203.jpg)

No. 121162

I can only take about 5 and a half inches in length but visually I like a dick so big that I could never actually manage it..

Maybe porn has affected me but I considered my ex to have a small dick when in reality that 5 and a half incher was a good fit, not impressive to look at though..

No. 121170

They make things that look sort of like cock rings that act as a buffer so even if a guy is too long, wearing one or two will stop him from penetrating too deep. So you can totally have your big dick dreams come true and not have your cervix jabbed a bunch lmao

No. 121172

Ew. Gross racism.

No. 121177

Yess, and from my experience native American men are usually rock hard, can stay rock hard and can last

No. 121178

i love the look of very big ones (7"+) but wouldn't be with a guy who had one, simply because i really like giving oral but i have a bad gag reflex so… it has to be 4" or smaller, even though it's not very satisfying for piv. it can't be thick either because i have a small mouth

No. 121237

Aren't white actually the biggest tho, I thought actual studies said that the average in africa was slightly below average and like denmark and iceland were the biggest.

No. 121239

Those are European white men, American white men are tiny af

No. 121247

I mean, this whole thread's pretty much racist. It's not about anyone's ideal dick type. Everyone's just generalizing dicks based on a few experiences with different races. It's kind of dumb.

No. 121259

File: 1565455940263.jpg (Spoiler Image, 126.48 KB, 1280x720, image.jpg)

Some studies say that dick size is very similar across all races, but when you look at porn you see black and white men with ridiculously big dicks, but the biggest asians barely reach 8 inches.
So why don't asian men have those huge dicks too? I'm talking about sizes like pic related.

No. 121265

that's a prosthetic anon

No. 121293

It's definitely possible, it's probably just that there are more people with bigger dicks in parts of the world where people are just bigger
A lot of asian people are shorter on average, but every now and then there are super tall asian people in the news. I'm sure the same goes for dicks

Not only that, but a lot of American Porn focuses on how big dicks are because American porn is made for American men and American men think that a huge dick is the only way to please a woman
Correct me if I'm wrong, but basically anyone in japan can become a porn star because so few people actually want to be in porn, leading to a smaller sample size
So there's a lot more people with big dicks in American porn–and it's hard because there's a lot of bias in getting answers from anywhere

No. 121299

But it's so weird that you never see one of the massive ones. I've seen so many dicks in the internet but none of the massive ones have been asian.
I think by now some asian guy would have showed off a dick that big.

No. 121303

Admittedly, it's harder to find, but it's not impossible

Just 30 seconds on google led me to a bunch of gay porn I'm not going to post links to here

No. 121324

I haven't watched a ton of porn in my life, but I can't recall seeing an Asian man in porn even once. It might be that you just don't see big Asian dicks because there are so few asian men in porn just in general.

No. 121325

Porn has a whole other stigma in Asia than it has in western countries. Iirc they still have to censor all genitalia in China/Japan (?). And the Asian porn produced for western audiences usually is hardcore fetish stuff like drinking buckets of cum, extreme bekkake, scat and piss stuff, etc. And since it’s almost exclusively Asian women, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were trafficked, leading to the point I was trying to make above: There are less Asian people overall doing porn voluntarily.

No. 121413

My partner is Korean American and he is over 8 inches and thick. The other men I've dated have all been at least over 6 inches and are Asian as well but I think you're onto something about height because I only date guys 6 feet tall and up. Big Asian dicks are out there in my experience.

No. 121428

A korean over 8 inches? wow

No. 121437

The other two Koreans I've slept with have been just over 6 and about 7 1/2 inches also. Although the 6 incher was lanky and had a really skinny dick so it was like getting fucked up a long enoki mushroom. The 7 1/2 was equally as thick as my current partner I can't fit my middle finger and thumb around the circumference of the thickest part. My current 8+" and former 71/2 are both really broadly built mesomorph types with thick bones and large feet and hands. I think that has a lot to do with it it's just proportional to size. I know that's not always true but in my experience it's been a good guide. Man I love sperging about dicks.

No. 121451

I was happy with my bf at 5.5 with decent girth but since he lost weight and quit smoking he probably gained an inch and his erections are bigger and sex just doesn't feel as nice anymore? But I'm trying to roll with it and figure it out.

No. 121456

With all the emphasis on huge dicks and size Queens I wonder what most girls really seek. If you're saying 6" is too big does that mean most girls are unhappy with the dicks in their life if they're larger? I don't have a lot of friends I am comfortable to ask about their boyfriend's dicks and their satisfaction.

No. 121458

Dif anon but I’ve been generally more satisfied by average sizes. There’s more wiggle room so to speak since there’s no worry of hurting me. My current bf is 7.5/8in and thick, like my thumb and middle finger don’t touch around the thickest part (for reference: they DO touch around the thinnest part of my wrist) and certain positions can only work if he’s careful. Plus it takes more foreplay to get him in comfortably. Still satisfying as hell tbh, but that’s more because of the girth not length.

No. 121459

That sounds like a stellar dick anon, give it a whirl for me tonight

No. 121464

no doubt I will lmao. It’s nice looking too, a very brag worthy dick

No. 121538

Reminder to make fun of scrots dicks so they might kill themselves.

No. 121543


I'm probably older then most posters on here (guessing) and my size preference has changed back and forth a few times over the years, honestly owning toys that vary alot in size has been the answer to my satisfaction.. cos the guy doesn't always match up with whatever my current tastes will be

No. 121881

Sure, seems legit.

No. 121882

>smaller the head the worse it hurts.
Shouldn't it be the other way around though? It doesn't make sense.

No. 121886

I'm guessing it pokes their cervix in a weird way? I've found that toys with a pointed tip do this too

I love feeling my cervix get ..bashed. I thought all women did til an experienced fuck buddy told me alot of women hate that

No. 121890


No. 122580

No. 122585

I'm a size queen and don't give no fucks, penetration is what gets me off best, I like feeling like I'm having sex with a man and anything under 7.5 makes me feel like I'm having sex with a child, keep crying dicklets

No. 122621

File: 1567365596885.jpg (37.73 KB, 500x372, 1547550288915.jpg)

I have a strong suspicion that 50% of posts ITT are r9k poking jokes at themselves

No. 122622

I like average length but larger girth. Any time my cervix gets even a love tap I feel like I’m going to throw up. My favorite position is doggy style so long dicks hurt me.

No. 122665

I can tell this was made by a guy with a small dick and a humiliation fetish just by the amount of effort put into drawing and writing all of that. There's a whole essay in that picture.

No. 123805

No one thinks that but ok. You sound like a buttmad american boy.

No. 123807

scrot literally every fucking man on the planet except americans and jews has foreskin. the delusion kek.

No. 123809

File: 1568945012193.gif (1.99 MB, 400x240, 1486874692876.gif)

There are people who will actually believe this chart is real

No. 123820

why would you post a gif of a child in a dick thread. that's gross

No. 123823

You've got some deep issue, get some therapy

No. 123824


Attempting to revive a dead topic…But I just got out of a relationship with a braindead French dude and would love to hear about other's experiences dating this demographic

No. 123833

There are other snarky reaction pics, why would you choose one with a kid?
And thanks, would love to as long as you pay for it!

No. 124652

Between 6 and 7 inches is perfect. Enough for penetration and provide orgasms for me. Not too big that a blow job feels impossible.

No. 125299

What’s considered small/average/large/monster girth? At what point does it start to go from pleasurable to painful?

No. 125301

At what point does it start to go from pleasurable to painful?
At the point where you're not into it (having sex) / not into him. I.e. when you're not aroused.
Nothing to do with dick size.

No. 125306

Depends on your body.
Some girls can take something longer or thicker some can't.
I've only had dildos but I'm pretty sure my limit is 6 inches before it pokes weird.
And that one is 5" in circumference. But I could probably take more.
I'd say anything smaller than 4" long, or smaller than 3" in circumference is too small.

No. 127000

Is it true that taller guys have bigger dicks?

No. 127005

No lol

No. 127007

not at all, the tallest dude i was ever with actually had the smallest dick out of all the men i've fucked to date

No. 128841

Why is it so common now to have tight foreskin?

No. 130087

Is dick better bigger at the base and tapering to the head or bigger at the head and narrowing at the base? Or is it better maintaining the same girth and thickness throughout? Dumb virgin question but I’d imagine it feels different due to the shape?

No. 130104

For me personally:
>bigger at the base and tapering to the head
Imagining something like the German dick in OP/small head, thick base: Feels weird. I can’t even put into words what it is, but it just feels like there’s something missing. It also makes it feel like his cock is half flaccid the whole time.

>bigger at the head and narrowing at the base

Depends on how much bigger than the base the head is. I have a dildo that has a really thin base but a big bulbous head. It feels okay and kind of hits the G-spot well, but overall it’s not ideal. Most women are most sensitive at the entrance of their vagina (plus the clitoris is there) so a thin shaft can fail to stimulate that area well enough.

>maintaining the same girth and thickness throughout

Of the three you mentioned probably the best. But the ideal would be the head being a bit bigger than the shaft, but the shaft being pretty even.

But again, that’s just my experience and personal preference.

No. 131444

I've only been with 3 people, a 7 inch, a 9 inch and my current bf is about 7 inches so I'd say 6-7 inches is probably the best. girth>length tbh though

No. 131791

Is it true that men who have big feet have big dicks? Or is that just a myth?

No. 131805

Myth, tall men don't all have huge dicks either

No. 131980

After only having had sex with dudes who had <5" dicks, I recently did it with a guy around the 6-7" range and it really made sex a completely different experience for me. I never thought I'd be the type to care much about size.

No. 132723

No to both, blacks have average, the biggest ignoring self reporting are actually nordic countries. There's no conclusive evidence for height, but HGH, which controls height has nothing to do with dick size.

No. 132735

I always thought 7-8 was the best, not 6-7

No. 132736

Best way measure a dick is to compare it to your phone. Ppl cry about poor measuring but it's pretty easy to get accurate sizing like that.

Below 6 inches all around is a nono.

No. 132806

I’m being conservative with my estimates and I kind of wonder if it’s actually more toward 7” considering I feel like any bigger than that would cause nothing but pain. I never thought I was the type of person to make a lot of noise during sex but my previous exes were much smaller and never made me feel the way this current guy does.

No. 132844

I'm average height but feel like I have a short vag. I know you expand when aroused but anything more than 6 inches is wasted on me

No. 132848


OT but this chart always pops into my mind when i see pictures of kpop men on here

No. 133149

I'm 5'9'' and my bf can hit my cervix in a lot of positions even when I'm super horny and hes 6.5 inches. I don't think vagina depth is related to height just like penis size isn't tbh

No. 133558

haven't had any personal experience(obviously) but i've heard alot of guys on reddit and irl say it almost seems inversely correlated. wouldn't be surprised

No. 133565

why would chinese people report their dicks as tiny? why wouldn't everyone self report a 9 inch cock?

No. 133631

because they are honest, lol? and actually these data are not always self-reported, sometimes they are measured by the researchers

No. 135277

so … say i was actually the owner of a penis would that be a bad thing and it being kind of touch over 7.5 inches and maybe like 6.3 thick would that be a good thing ? cos im in england and all the dicks ive seen are fucking huge im talking kids with loppers with curly hair and look like monkeys on smack then have some wham cock or like just all loads of trams with just stupid hard ons running down there legs probably because i must turn them on or something idk but yeah i used to think the Penis that isnt mine could be bigger but im not saying it wont fill you up but is 3 mens handfuls a good thing then ?

No. 135289

>all the dicks ive seen are fucking huge im talking kids with loppers with curly hair and look like monkeys on smack then have some wham cock or like just all loads of trams with just stupid hard ons running down there legs probably because i must turn them on or something idk but yeah
holy shit lmao this post is gold

No. 135295

hate to praise it, but this is a gold star post

No. 135303

Is there no actual surgery they can have to increase their size? Can't they just take male sex hormones? I've seen female body builders grow a mighty clit after abusing steroids so…

No. 135318

Funny thing is men actually get shrinkage from taking steroids

No. 135452

based britfag anon

No. 135487

Can someone translate this into english?

No. 135489

I agree with this for the most part but clitoral simulation is absolutely necessary, I wouldn't want a guy with a big dick who doesn't know what he's doing

No. 135506

some swear jelqing does give some results

No. 135538

Some people forget that the clitoris isn't just a little bead at the top of the vulva, it's an entire structure that runs along the front of the vagina

In that way, girthier dicks can actually help clitoral stimulation

Honestly, not worth it
From what I've heard/read, the results are like 1.5 inches in length rather than 3 or 4 inches
The results arent' worth breaking a dick

No. 135543

My personal experience is that a huge penis is actually painfull. I had the worst sex with a boyfriend that was 20cm. It would hit my cervix and we had to stop.

I believe an average penis is the best. It fits well, it doesn't hurt and you can try all sort of different positions.

No. 135547

File: 1585888654897.gif (3.21 MB, 540x285, 42B6B82F-6018-40D0-B726-63519A…)

Penises around the world // hoe edition

From biggest to smallest

Turkish: 10-12” 5’10
Genuinely painful during some positions, however the sex was good enough to make me deal with the rest of him for about a month

Italian: 9” ish? 5’ 11”
Not remarkable due to it being so thin, he didn’t last long and neither did the relationship

Swedish: 8” 6’0”
Not much to comment bigger than average where I live but he wasn’t the best in bed.

Japanese/Australian: 7ish 6’0”
ok? But his size wasn’t necessarily why it was meh

Vietnamese: 7” 5’10
Sex was great but he knew that he was doing and paid attention to foreplay

Mexican: 5” 6’0”
It was … awful honestly he was self conscious and asked me to tell him it was big which I pretended not to hear

Argentinian: 4’ 5’10”
Second best in bed knew what positions would work best and was really good at gauging how to use it

No. 135582

> he was self conscious and asked me to tell him it was big which I pretended not to hear

I hate this. Even when I was young and stupid enough to pretend that I had cum… I refused to do that shit. Always played deaf too.

No. 135792

Are uncut and cut dicks different in terms of physical sensation?

No. 135827

I know it's been a year or 2 but I'm reporting back to say I finally got the swede d, unexpectedly.

His dick was pretty but his brain was fucking slow lol so I eventually said bye bitch

No. 135829

And it was 6 inches for anyone who was curious (lel)

No. 135886

do you mean that it looks like the swede dick or did you get a swede dick regardless of the shape?

No. 135898

He was swedish and it looked like the swedish dick in the chart. Since he was slightly over 6 inches instead of 5.8 inches though, I'd say it was a combo of the netherlands d and swedish d in the chart. Same shape but nice and girthy while still being long.

No. 135908

sounds hot, glad you finally got your swede d, im hopefully next

No. 135922

Hope you get it too, anon. Here's to penis hunting. Cheers!

No. 135956

This is probably racist as hell, but do different countries have different preferences?
From what I'm seeing, all of the studies about what women prefer are from America–so would it change depending on the country like it does for men's sizes?

I don't want to imply that black women are used to larger sizes or that asian women prefer smaller, but does what counts as big vary between countries?

No. 135977


No. 140691

god that dutch dick looks so good

No. 140697

sage sadly these are mostly self reported sizes

No. 140700

Nta but it's pretty fuckin sad to think that even with ego boosting exaggeration in reporting their sizes.. men in my country are 5 inches. All my exes were small so rings true.

No. 140736

Was his name Oscar?

No. 140737

Anon, the biggest dick ever recorded is 13", stop exaggerating.

No. 140741

Jonah falcon is a fraud. He doesn't have anywhere near a 13-14 inch dick. Photographic evidence of the largest, functional erect dick there is, is no more than 9.5 inches when measured properly. Anything beyond 10 inches is statistically impossible. An 8 inch legit dick would look like 10 inches in person. And in my experience, anything approaching 8 inches is exceedingly rare. For a time I was in the swinging scene… Also op's chart is a mixture of self reported and survey measured results. And it's obvious which results were self reported

No. 140751

Well then, that anon is even more full of shit then.

No. 141570

>tfw i was about to post something then saw these replies

but farmers i have genuinely encountered it, a 10-11 incher that is as thick as a soda can. obviously i can't prove it but realistically is it even possible to put it in my body? wtf do i do with it? i'm completely serious please be nice because i am at a loss

No. 141571

Could he even get it fully erect? It's a problem with big dick. Not enough blood and that shit worsen with age. You end up with 32 yo not even able to get it up.

No. 141582

Bf is 6 inches but I wish he was a little smaller tbh. The girth is nice but if he goes all the way in it's uncomfortable for me and we need to stop for a second. It's not the biggest deal in the world but it would be nice if he could "lose" himself without accidentally hurting me.

No. 141583

wtf, the thickness is cool, most of the times you can fit in a lot with enough foreplay but that lenght is TERRIFYING.

No. 141585

I'm sure this would be heaven to some women but..

I mean I like when a guy is 6.5 inches and am disappointed when a guy is say only 5. Offer me 10 inches and I'd just tap out though. If I thought I could stretch that much I'd be trying out fisting already.

No. 141596

File: 1591812366370.png (72.36 KB, 382x397, 1396232328283.png)

Honestly, I used to be a size queen until my current guy.
I had 7in and thick, but he made me cum like once every six months. Circumcised. Only up and down motions did anything for him so it kind of got old quick, but I thought maybe this was as good as it got.

I've only been seeing my boy for a few months and I cum almost every time. I haven't asked, but he's somewhere around 5.5-6in and average girth. I can grind and do all sorts of things. Plus his responsiveness drives me wild.

On the other extreme, I once had a Korean-American Tinder date. He was literally the length and girth of my middle finger, bordering on micropenis… Decided to give it a go, cause heck, what if I'm just being an ass and he knows how to use it? HE DID NOT.

No. 142631

I always hear about how euro men have larger penises than americans but for me it's been the opposite, euro men's penises are fucking sad even if they were prettier than their american counterparts.

No. 142632

6 inches isn't bad at all, I'd say anything less than 5 would be called small.

No. 142633

I can't believe people still talk about length in 2020. All that matters is the girth.

No. 142634

I've never heard of that before. Maybe due to all the inbreeding?

This truth right here. Nobody wants a pencil dick

No. 142636


No. 142637

what are you sperging about, retard.

No. 142638

I prefer girth over length. But I have a low cervix

No. 142653

My bf has a fat, above average cock but I'm a virgin, will it hurt when we fuck? He's a virgin too btw. It's also really veiny.

No. 142659

There're angles that you can't do but it kind of depends on the person. Just expect it to hurt and adjust until it doesn't.

No. 142676

Some time ago I got advice on lolcow to prepare myself before having sex and honestly I'll post it everywhere now. My first time was great and nothing hurt. The guy had quite girthy cock as well.
Masturbate with your fingers if you don't already and invest in a toy. And use it vaginally. This way you'll stretch yourself and get way more comfortable so you won't tense up.

No. 142684

This. I used toys for months before having sex for the first time. One of the best decisions I've made.

Maybe my hymen was particularly stubborn but it took a good few sessions and lots of patience and pain tolerance for me to start comfortably taking penetration. The first few sessions consisted of slow insertion without any thrusting because the pain was too much. Even if I had somehow found the sweetest man on earth I wouldn't be able to find any romance or pleasure in 'losing it' that way. I'm glad I took matters into my own hands.

No. 142691

same with me, except still a virgin, but when I first started using toys it hurt a lot, it was so uncomfortable and took several times before it didn't hurt, but I was determined to enjoy it lol. I actually got a different toy that was bigger and it hurt all over again once I started using it. guess I had a hardy hymen lmao. I'm now glad that when I finally have sex for the 1st time I wont have to worry about that horrible uncomfortable sensation

No. 142716

big thick cocks look great and all, but i kind of prefer them around 5"-5.5" for actual sex… and of course, i prefer the look of uncut. cut dicks just make me a bit sad.

No. 142721

5-7 inches length is ideal with 6 inches being perfect imo. I definitely like “girthy” though, like around 5.5 to 6 inches circumference is best, but a little above 6 iches circumference starts to get too thick. I honestly think only men care about dick length because it “looks better” in porn because you can see the penetration easier.. because 90% of the time it doesn’t fit in all the way and they can’t get off if a dick fits a girl perfectly.

No. 142731

I prefer a man to be at least 5 or 6 inches. Anything larger is kind of intimidating for me. It's also good to know that I'm not the only woman who deals with pain during sex. I'll try using more toys.

No. 142911

kept bothering my friend to know his size and he told me he's 6.8", is that considered big? i think we'll end up fucking after quarantine but am kinda scared since i'm still not that comfortable with penetration and pretty tight down there

No. 142924

Save your first time for someone you really love.

No. 142928

This thread seems very scrote-tier can't quite put my finger on it…

No. 142931

>he told me he's 6.8", is that considered big?
Trying to gauge your dick, scrote? If you actually are serious, as the other anon said, don't lose your virginity just to lose it.

No. 143049

Guys im a virgin and i can't even fit 2 fingers, like ill make sure I'm really wet down there but it still doesn't work. I'm scared for when I'll have sex what should I do?

No. 143054

use a dildo. i thought i had vaginismus for my whole life and avoided the fuck out of sex til recently when i started using a dildo now i really enjoy penetration. give it a shot. you definitely have to figure out what works for you, just like regular masturbation. everyone is different.

No. 143115

I refuse to believe a woman wrote this.

No. 143444

I have endometriosis so half the time I stick to small toys and can't take deep penetration without sharp pain, the other half of the time I crave deep penetration like crazy. Most of the guys I've dated have been smaller which I guess suits me as long as I have bigger toys for those days when I'm feeling up to it

I remember I used to browse the smalldickproblems subreddit and one time a woman started a thread saying she had severe endo and preferred 4 inch dicks (or below) because of it. All the small dicked losers that spend their days wishing a woman would say those exact words to them.. told her to fuck off because nobody wants to fuck a diseased/damaged woman.

No. 143450

Reddit is just a cesspool. No matter what subreddit or topic you’re talking about, the answer is always going to be at least 50% more degenerate than the average answer. Even higher chance if it’s a painfully insecure guy with a tiny wiener that’s answering.

No. 143475

it's 100% a dude. women don't talk about how "tight" they are, that's scrote speech

No. 149822

does anyone know what happened to that armdick guy that was in the discord a few years back? all of you talking about having had multiple 8", 9", 10" dicks fell for the shit guys claimed btw, real life dicks above 8" are basically nonexistent

No. 149823

yeah that sub is cancer, but you have to feel for the guys. i think porn is largely to blame for them making it such a huge part of their life though.
on the other hand, they're so vitriolic it's clear they don't want help or reassurance.

No. 150004

Confused by thread pic because I've never seen a dick under 6" even when I was a teenager. Idk if I'm lucky or not, I just expected Australia's average to be a little higher tbh.

No. 150129

or maybe the guys you've been with lied to you, they do it all the time and it's the reason most women seem to think that 7 is average when it's well above

No. 150136

My ex had a 18 cm dick (7” I think?) and it was just too much. It was nice in some positions but it mostly hurt, we had to be careful. My boyfriend probably has 14 or 15 cm (5”?) and it’s perfect.

No. 150138

my boyfriend has a very average dick, it's definitely not small but also not huge. i'd estimate like 14-15cm. but it's really pretty, it has the perfect shape. he has adhd and terrible self esteem issues though and so he often starts out all innocent trying to talk about anal or sexual stuff and ends up wanting to know which one of my ex boyfriends had the biggest dick and what he did with it. if i tell him that it doesn't really matter to me and i can't remember, he tells me i'm lying. but i really don't care and i like his dick. the only thing i hate is him being insecure and him talking about how he hates his dick. i put several boundaries around that topic now. i suggested him therapy several times but being the unmedicated adhd idiot he is he won't ever pursue that. he told me he won't ever talk to a therapist about his dick issues because it's too intimate to talk about. will he ever be able to get over that shit? i think he won't and it's driving me insane

No. 150171

The fact that you're asking him to get help and he won't says everything you need to know
>he tells me i'm lying
Gonna predict it right now, this won't end well

No. 150196

Men have an embarassing habit of measuring so it's not the fact they were lying funnily enough. On that note, I always thought 6" was the average. I guess they sold themselves short KEK.

No. 150215

File: 1599259032069.gif (602.29 KB, 500x300, 49C2B541-6CA9-406D-BAB0-D8ED87…)

>tfw recently broke up with my ex and realize I can finally get an uncut guy now

No. 150241

Never been with a guy who wasn't uncut, but from images it looks dry/crusty/fluff ridden. Am I correct in my assertions?

No. 150257

ex had a cut dick and it looked and felt horrible. It looked dry, chapped and painful and being fucked with it felt like being fucked with a broom handle. Cut guys feel smoother and more natural and less abrasive inside. Uncut look cuter and healthier too.

No. 150311

File: 1599360516322.gif (1.37 MB, 200x200, df89.gif)

dry and crusty yes, and fluff ridden holy fuck yes. i was always so turned off fucking or blowing my ex if he hadn't literally just showered because his tip and shaft were perpetually covered in cloth fibers from his underwear. and there'd be like little fluff balls stuck along the scar tissue too.

>smoother, natural, cuter, healthier
god, i can't wait.

No. 150314

My boyfriend has a loose circumcision?? Idk what to call it. He's cut but but there's still skin that you can move and when he's flaccid it mostly covers his head. It's pretty soft and cute tbh. Uncut is the dream though sighhhhh

No. 150315

Seeing all the foreskin stanning in here is making me feel weird…I don’t really have a preference? Should I? Like cut or uncut, as long as the sex is good I really couldn’t care less.

No. 150322

My ex was uncut and my current bf is cut. My exes penis would smell after like a day of showering because of his foreskin and it was a big turn off. I also found it hard to suck his dick bc of his foreskin. I much prefer cut as these things don't happen w my current bf

No. 150334

I'm from Central Europe and I've never been with a cut guy… Maybe once, but we didn't do a lot (I never even jerked him off because I didn't know what to do with it). Only guys that are cut over here are either religious (mostly Muslims) or had to have it done for medical reasons.
I definitely prefer uncut dicks. I like to be able to move the foreskin and it looks much cuter and more natural even when flaccid.
Can you even give a spontaneous handjob without lube if he doesn't even have foreskin?

No. 150348

You can but it feels shit to give. You haven't got the natural resistance of the foreskin moving along with your hand. It's like trying to give a massage without any sort of oil or lotion.
Also the uncut dicks smell argument is so tiresome. Nahh, your bfs dick smelled bad because he's a lazy asshole who doesn't know how or when to wash. Never been with a stinky uncut guy, but maybe cut guys who think they don't have to wash properly because they're not intact.

No. 150391

Nah, I don't really even notice if someone's cut or uncut either.

I know this is old, but: even though I'm in America, only 1 Asian guy I've fucked had a small penis. The rest (like…a good number of them) were all probably around 6 inches and definitely prone to hitting my cervix during rough sex sometimes, so I've never really understood why some people cling to that stereotype.

No. 150482

Maybe American men just have garbage hygiene, and that's why the few intact guys there are in the states don't know how to wash their dicks.

No. 151199

Go to California all the asian guys there have micropenis

No. 151248

Why is this comment scarily accurate.

No. 151263

my ex bf (white 5'11") had an average size dick (between 5.5 - 6 inch) and an above average girth, the sex was great but I rarely had it.

most men I had sex with or I am interested in have 6 - 7 inch dick sizes and for a while I thought that was average for white males until I saw this thread. I did do some foreplay with a guy who has a small dick, he was the best I ever had with the foreplay but he was too insecure to have sex with me because of his size.

No. 151398

In my experience all the big dicked Asians must have settled on the east coast because NYC and Eastern Canada seem to be full of them.

No. 151411

East coast here. I only had one Asian guy (he was Korean, I'm Asian myself) when I was going wild after a breakup and he was the length+girth of my index finger.. Maybe like three inches long. I've taken small dicks before, but I couldn't feel him at all.. So, I don't even try to chance it anymore with Asian men.

No. 151420

compare it to women stressing over their labia. it's nice to see men appreciate bigger, more visible labia and know they don't all desire that child-like porn look. i like to voice my preference for a natural, uncut cock.

No. 151458

I'm not the biggest fan of penetration so a small dicked guy who is too shy to fuck but is great at other sex stuff… that's my fantasy right there lol

No. 151462

I'm a virgin and I'll soon have sex with a guy who's like 17-18cm (around 7 inches I think). Is it tolerable? I know the first time hurts and I know it's not enormous but I'm pretty concerned because of my height (I'm 156cm/5'1).

No. 151465

Have you been fingered yet or done anything with smaller toys?

No. 151466

my first bf was 7 inches. i didn't prepare beforehand and it hurt like fucking hell. so much that i jolted upward in pure shock. i would recommend using a dildo to get used to how it feels first.

No. 151503

There's girls who are more experienced and taller than you that won't touch that, and you want to do it as your first one?

You're brave.

No. 151505

Just be prepared for it to hurt if you don’t take it slow.

No. 151511

Oh god, you poor thing. Bring lube. Slather it on your vag and hope for the best.

No. 151557

I've been fingered but never used any toys.
He's my bf so I wouldn't feel comfortable with anyone else. I hope we can find another way if it doesn't work out…

No. 151708

Oh, don't scare the already scared girl.

7 inches is on the bigger side and also my favourite size… go slow and use as much lube as you want. Try being on top if you want to make sure that he doesn't go to deep. Be super honest that you're nervous and he'll be happy to help you.

No. 151826

No longer interested in sex with men, but back when I used to sleep with them I preferred 6 or 7 inches. Now my preferred dildo size is about 5 inches.

No. 151830

I'm shallow (in so many ways) so 4.5inches is perfect for me. The best is when he's a decent girth and can fill you up and make contact with your clit on the inward thrust.

Long dicks are overrated, he's far away bouncing his pogo stick in you knocking on your uterus and high fiving himself meanwhile you're the one dealing with your clit by yourself on ground zero

Anons who fear pain with bigger dicks, make stretching yourself out gently a regular part of foreplay. Wetness/lube alone isn't enough of a warm-up when you're going for the record lol

No. 151835

Ordered a toy online lately and it's probably right on the edge of what I can comfortably take. I picked it out mainly for the girth. I have a pretty shallow vag but the length will come in handy just for gripping the toy.
> buys a size queen toy and only ever plans to insert the first 4 inches of it

No. 151959

anyone else find small, shaved genitalia really unattractive in both sexes? it looks childlike and unnatural. also circumcised dicks look mutilated and wrong.

No. 151962

Yep. Small hairless dicks make me wanna puke- show me some pubes if you're a real man

No. 151963

File: 1600538437956.jpg (851.32 KB, 1785x871, nakedmoleratsmithsoniannationa…)

No. 151965

Nope. I like some pubes on both sexes, trimmed though. A large penis with trimmed pubes please

No. 151967

Circumcised dicks make me queasy, the red scar part really puts me off.

No. 151991

6-7 inches is the sweet spot honestly. doesn't even have to be close to 7, 6 is good, girth is where its at though, and a slight bend (AS LONG AS ITS NOT FUCKING DOWNWARDS, WHAT THE FUCK) is great.
I'm one of those people that only gets off with clitoral simulation so it shouldn't really matter to me, but I enjoy the full feeling and any dude who's 5 inches or under tends to have massive insecurity thats really hard to deal with.

I once dated a guy with a massive one but it bent EXTREMELY downwards to the point of actual pain, on top of that he was pornsick or something so he couldn't cum from intercourse. it was just hours of masochism, i'm still a bit traumatized by the memories

No. 152011

what do you mean by describing a woman’s genitalia as “small”? like a less prominent labia minora?

No. 152071

yes, and with no visible clit either

No. 152156

does anyone else think that dark-skinned dicks are better looking and more appealing than light-skinned dicks? i feel like certain flaws like weird bumps or lumps are kinda disguised and don't stand out as much on darker cocks, like they're easier to look past. idk they just seem nicer to look at, more attractive in a way

No. 152209

uncircumcised dicks look weird to me, they creep me out a little

No. 152217

File: 1600740388483.jpeg (54.65 KB, 750x215, 3753C678-81C3-4104-BA59-837EBE…)

Do you agree?

No. 152230

No. 152234

No. 152246

Wish people would stop using the phrase 'you are literally insane if you think this thing'

More than 6 inches is a bonus

No. 152257

Not necessarily. Over 16 or 17 cm equals pain

No. 152258

Guys lie about their size all the time and I doubt most guys are letting people fucking them take out a tape measure to get the exact figure. Half the time a 6inch cock and really a 4inch one blah blah blah. So for some girls "6 inches" will feel unfulfilling whereas "4 inches" for some will be snug.

No. 152270

I meant personally.., I'm not saying what other women like. That's my own preference

No. 152577

>Pornsick scrote
>only got off with hours of masochism
>Extremely downward curved dick

Even his dick was disappointed in him, glad you're free anon

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