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File: 1430812347707.png (28.33 KB, 533x149, tail.png)

No. 146678

Someone mentioned her and it seems like she hasn't improved that much and has gone a little crackers. It's like Star's souldbonding but with demons?

Also why are there so many crazy girls named Ashley on this site? Anyone else notice that?

No. 146679

File: 1430812375878.jpg (283.31 KB, 2048x1366, ughwhy.jpg)

A+ craftsmanship

No. 146680

File: 1430812412858.jpg (21.71 KB, 356x438, kawaii.jpg)

No. 146681

File: 1430825935588.jpg (26.48 KB, 400x266, edie-e1356050704389.jpg)

No. 146682

File: 1430828626239.jpg (68.8 KB, 448x585, egglady.JPG)

No. 146683

love her fb. The statuses she posts most of the time are annoying and whiney, idk he hasn't improved much tho.

No. 146684

File: 1430891654599.jpg (114.13 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Wow fuck, forgot my pic.

No. 146685

File: 1430891738606.jpg (510.64 KB, 1365x2048, image.jpg)

No. 146686

File: 1430891833061.jpg (555.06 KB, 1365x2048, image.jpg)

Daenerys really let herself go.

No. 146687

File: 1430891948516.jpg (145.27 KB, 636x960, image.jpg)

Here she is as Sarah.

No. 146688

File: 1430892003353.jpg (525.43 KB, 1365x2048, image.jpg)

No. 146689

File: 1430892047378.jpg (127.59 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

dem lashes

No. 146690

Also here is her ED page for anyone new to Asherbee.


No. 146691

Sewing wise it looks like she has improved.
Not saying its great but I see improvement on that skill set.(she still sucks butts on special effects makeup.)

No. 146692

Kind of a shame she stopped doing youtube tutorials for her makeup, they were hilarious.

No. 146693

I wish she'd stop with the special effect makeup or at least watch a tutorial or something, goddamn.

No. 146694

Are there anymore Facebook updates from her?

No. 146695

File: 1431160324443.jpg (131.02 KB, 540x810, tumblr_no0p2iWvkb1rwdig0o1_540…)

She could have so much potential if she would take her time with her makeup. The faun shit is ridiculous, but this looks like it could've been okay if she could take criticism and learn to improve. It's been at least two or three years since seagulls honestly tried to help her, but she was bitchier than all of them when it came to critique, so /cgl/ let her become a featured lolcow.
I think that's what gets me: she has potential, but refuses to take any help to heart and rush through shit just to show it off.

No. 146696

This is hands down the worst faun makeup I've ever seen.

No. 146697

This would have been actually pretty cute if it wasn't so messy and the nose wasn't so awful.

No. 146698

File: 1431231008569.jpg (144.27 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Except that she's fucking orange.

In other news, this.

No. 146699

I have a really close friend with that disorder. It really sucks and causes excess hair growth, esp on her face. but she's freakin awesome and not insane like Asherbee. i wonder if this girl is lying?

No. 146700

I have pcos and it seriously causes a shitstorm in your body. so if she really has I feel for her. But there aren't any meds for it, unless she's talking metformin. To that that I say GIRL NO! That pill has an insane amount of dangerous side effects. Just quit sugar and junk food. That alone will help with a lot of symptoms and as a bonus it'll be easier to lose weight.

No. 146701

Yeah. I havent heard any meds for it. Just proper diet and keeping healthy to try to counter-balance it.

No. 146702

For a moment I thought she was just in her bra.

That blending is horrible… her nose looks like it's melting to the side. In the thumbnail it looked okay? but enlarging it is whoa, no. Those antlers are depressing looking, too.

I don't think ears are suppose to be that transparent?

No. 146703

File: 1431533029296.jpg (181.43 KB, 900x1350, 1345751800264.jpg)

Blast from the past from one of my top ten favourite cows ever. Mini dump commencing.

No. 146704

File: 1431533076696.jpg (419.72 KB, 1280x720, 1343857959175.jpg)

No. 146705

File: 1431533108466.png (429.25 KB, 868x1102, avenger otp.png)

No. 146706

File: 1431533749784.png (608.82 KB, 942x601, seriously.png)


No. 146707

File: 1431534005504.png (484.75 KB, 860x1030, horse.png)

No. 146708

File: 1431534080947.png (50.47 KB, 636x496, no.png)

No. 146709

File: 1431534164598.png (41.75 KB, 636x394, wasn't going to say anything.P…)

No. 146710

File: 1431534311407.png (120.79 KB, 521x1497, 1337548049038.png)

No. 146711

File: 1431534357464.png (558.46 KB, 844x2990, 1344137196209.png)

No. 146712

File: 1431534389438.png (35.12 KB, 823x145, 1344138115450.png)

No. 146713

File: 1431534445430.jpg (71.15 KB, 500x600, BINGO.jpg)

No. 146714

File: 1431534643589.png (1012.5 KB, 1428x448, 1379045534776.png)

No. 146715

Oh god, the tampon cheeks were my favorite.

No. 146716

>ride a horse
It's wearing a walking lead, bitch ain't riding.

No. 146717

Ah, the shit that started it all ~

No. 146718

File: 1431823420844.jpg (176.38 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

"don't be mean to Ashley guiz her sewing skills have totally improved"

No. 146719

File: 1431823440809.jpg (158.32 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 146720

File: 1431823515800.jpg (246.24 KB, 960x640, image.jpg)

No. 146721

File: 1431823561334.jpg (200.74 KB, 960x640, image.jpg)

Flood detected

No. 146722

File: 1431843403433.jpg (77.13 KB, 1024x575, untitled_by_asherbeeproduction…)

No. 146723

Is this Asherbee? holyfuck

No. 146724

This physically hurts me to look at. She has not progressed in the least bit good God.

No. 146725


No. 146726

File: 1432180259088.jpg (52.82 KB, 644x1024, art.jpg)

Art. That's not how anal beads work….

No. 146727

Holy shit, is this recent art?

No. 146728

My fucking sides. How old is this girl again?

No. 146729

OH MY FUCK,WHY WON'T THIS CUNT BLEND THE SCAR PUTTY OUT. this is literally the worst thing I have ever seen.

No. 146730

link to this drawing? i want to read what description she put on this

No. 146731

File: 1433922729121.png (100.46 KB, 1076x467, ash.png)

She's back to begging for cosplayers for her shitty CMVs. I really hope she records another one soon, they're so cringy it's glorious.

No. 146732

File: 1433922866828.png (102.67 KB, 860x431, ash2.png)

You'd think with how "bullied" she used to cry that she was, she wouldn't make things like her Skype public.

No. 146733

Who even cosplays vocaloid anymore?

No. 146734

It looks like a turd. How do you mess up that badly and still continue to waste materials on finishing something that terrible?

No. 146735

File: 1435859229485.png (847.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-07-02-13-33-38…)

Her newest cosplay thanks to my fb feed.

No. 146736

Good lord her makeup and eyebrows look awful.

No. 146737

File: 1445207216010.jpg (86.64 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Stay classy Ashley

No. 146738

File: 1445617026394.png (37.67 KB, 607x612, mhm.png)

No. 146739

Is this from recently?

No. 146740

Yup. Oct 18

No. 146741

Is she actually 12? Are we actually picking on a 12 year old? I'd feel bad if that were the case.

But no. She's like 21 or something isn't she. ffs.

No. 146742

>20 years old
>legally an adult
>still needs mommy and daddy's permission to travel

I can't.

And yeah you can live with parents as an adult and still tell (not ask) them that you'll be travelling. I guess. One of the perks to being an adult like having your own money and doing the dishes without being asked.
Does asherbee have a job? Or is she just a 5th year fulltime community college student? She strikes me as the second one tbh. She also strikes me as the sort who has to be badgered to do the dishes.
So yeah, maybe getting mommy and daddy's permission before travelling is appropriate.

No. 146743

Its a shame she regressed. She was doing much better on her own when she was in florida.

No. 146744

Aw man. this looks like the gaylord hotel, so probably Katsucon? Wish I ran into her in person.

No. 146745

She is so unfortunate lookin. jfc. Also, that makeup is nowhere near blended.

No. 146746

He's pissing anal beads. hahaha

No. 146747

File: 1450820565639.jpeg (175.81 KB, 750x1026, image.jpeg)

Okay, I was content to just sit back and hope Ashley learned from everything since she seemed to have stopped posting here, but holy shit she's such a fucking cunt sometimes. Context of the screenshot is basically she reposted some asspained chink bitching about a horror movie coming out that takes place in Japan's "suicide forest" and how it's whitewashing and appropriating his culture. I can't believe how much of a fucking hypocrite she is and calling Ty out on personal shit is fucking low.

No. 146748

>"attempted suicide" moar den once!!1

Who are you tryin' to fool, kid.

No. 146749

Dis message though
>whines about how Ashley is so lucky people love and want to help her
>goes on to say she could never accept any help because of guilt
>bitches Ashley out for asking for attention
>very obviously NEEDS some attention to deal with the debilitating depression and guilt

Wtf is this the mental health special Olympics?

No. 146750

agree tbh, the message is cringier than the response. the secondhand embarrassment is strong with this one

No. 146751


I always thought this too. If I were Asher in that situation I would have told socialanxietyanon to piss off as well.
And maybe called the venue to let them know they might need a suicide net, because some loon wanted to jump off the parking garage over being too poor to go to a convention.

No. 146752

Damn, Ashley has been one of my first and favourite cows, I miss those times.
I wish she was more active

No. 146753

As someone who still has her on Facebook, I can say she's still cringey and obnoxious, but she learned to tone it down on public forums and keep it to Facebook.

No. 146754

File: 1459226722092.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Glad to say Ash is still full of lulz. Between TMI Facebook posts about fighting with her family and basically becoming the next Pixyteri (in the sense of forever living with her parents and churning out horrible cosplay), she's now selling her old Hetalia fap comics and gorgeous wigs like this for a minimum of $6! What a deal!

No. 146755

I can practically hear the crunchiness of those wig fibers. Goddamn.

No. 146756

File: 1459230709578.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

This one she butchered for an apparent Yui cosplay from Diabolik Lovers and went on a Tumblr rant when someone "shamed" her about cosplaying her.

No. 146757

File: 1459231395446.jpeg (192.96 KB, 750x1297, image.jpeg)

Incoming TMI rant about her supposedly being sexually assaulted and how cosplaying Yui "helps" her. 1/5

No. 146758

File: 1459231418011.jpeg (233.91 KB, 750x1291, image.jpeg)

No. 146759

File: 1459231441895.jpeg (250.49 KB, 750x1293, image.jpeg)

No. 146760

File: 1459231460077.jpeg (231.4 KB, 750x1300, image.jpeg)

No. 146761

File: 1459231621345.jpeg (206.66 KB, 750x1300, image.jpeg)

I feel like lolcows/snowflakes always pull these long stories out their asses to sound so oppressed and special. Her rant had little to nothing to do with the anon ask, in my opinion. She could've easily left it at "most of the cosplayers are women and I'm comfortable with that" or some shit rather than telling everyone her supposed sexual assault stories.

No. 146762

File: 1459253656552.jpeg (62.42 KB, 720x480, image.jpeg)

"I've improved a lot, guys!"

No. 146763

>those dark circles
Girl, learn to concealer.

No. 146764


Holyshit, those choppy bangs… Fuck me. how long has this girl been in the cosplay hobby?

No. 146765

Anon is on point. Ashley is beyond a liar. No woman who was sexually assaulted would cosplay a character who is basically a prop (like anon said) for male characters to sexually assault and fuck with.

Everything about her stories feel so damn fabricated.

No. 146766


Poor horse… That mange looks awfully trimmed

No. 146767

That shit is obviously made up because Ashley being Ashley should would have screamed to hell and back about it on every social media account she has like she used to do about EVERYTHING!

No. 146768

I love how tumblerina liars who try to be special snowflakes with their abuse stories, always turn a simple question around to being OHMAIGOD U TRIGGERED ME THANKS ASSHOLE I WAS ABUSED AND NOW YOU MADE ME GO INTO A DEPRESSED STATE WHERE I NEED TO BE ON SUICIDE WATCH.

Being called out on your bullshit? Dont worry, you can always just say you were abused and that being called out triggers you into a anxiety fit. Now everyone will come and defend you even though you were called out on something legit. Works everytime.

No. 146769

Also people who claim that they were sexually abused and then cosplay a sexually abused/overly sexual character because they "feel a connection to the character"…. but wouldn't that connection be negative and bring up all the wrong memories? That just makes no sense to me.

No. 146770

she's too fat to ride.fucking cunt

No. 146771

This can all be managed and even rid of by proper diet and weight loss. Haha, she just pulled the 'muh thryoid' card.

No. 146772

File: 1459303473441.jpeg (52.95 KB, 750x349, image.jpeg)

Anyone going to DragonCon need a roommate? The way this girl whines about not being able to afford to move out and then spends all her money on shitty cosplay projects to go to cons is unreal.

No. 146773

File: 1459303712415.jpeg (139.14 KB, 749x903, image.jpeg)

I still have her on Facebook ever since she got noticed by cgl, so I'll dump some caps. She's also fucked over three other local cosplayers recently, but that will take some time to compile if anyone is interested. She's still my favorite cow too, and I feel like this cap just proves no one gives a fuck about her anymore since she ignores ALL advice to improve her situation or comes up with excuses.

No. 146774

File: 1459303769548.jpeg (169.52 KB, 750x999, image.jpeg)

No. 146775

File: 1459303850119.jpeg (150.56 KB, 715x1108, image.jpeg)

She's making mermaid tails now! Except not because she posts about working on them but never shows a final product.

No. 146776

File: 1459303930661.jpeg (190.8 KB, 750x1111, image.jpeg)

"Waaaa! My family is so abusive! Unless they're taking me out to dinner with them, then they're awesome!"

No. 146777

File: 1459303947529.jpeg (248.25 KB, 749x1107, image.jpeg)

No. 146778

File: 1459303965154.jpeg (206.07 KB, 750x1106, image.jpeg)

No. 146779

File: 1459303987085.jpeg (167.57 KB, 750x1114, image.jpeg)

No. 146780

It should be noted that yesterday on a status she was smart enough to delete, someone suggested waiting tables since her current job apparently doesn't pay enough and she basically responded with that sort of job being humiliating. I swear she's the next PT.

No. 146781

File: 1459315458801.jpeg (63.96 KB, 750x447, image.jpeg)

Maybe she'll finally accept her cosplays ARE trash…

No. 146782

Ashley, people already think that about your poop brooch.

No. 146783

she's seriously pretending to be gay now?

No. 146784

Deets on the cosplayers she fucked over!

No. 146785

If she wants to move out of her abusive household so badly, why is she spending money on cosplay and Dragoncon? That con is one of the most expensive ones on the East coast.

No. 146786

I'll need to dig up the caps, may take a bit, but it was ugly and involved Ash selling someone a used latex prosthetic and ruining a planned group cosplay.

No. 146787

File: 1459410438631.png (18.25 KB, 524x252, cap3.png)

Long story short, after this in a now deleted status Ash publicly accused another cosplayer, someone she's done numerous collabs and a CMV with, of using her for her camera and refusing to give her credit for her pictures and cosplay she apparently "made" for the cosplayer. She tagged the cosplayer by name, so it wasn't a vague status either.

No. 146788

File: 1459410514760.png (26.57 KB, 519x336, cap4.png)

After she deleted the status, she posted this half-assed apology. By then, though, the cosplayer had already been dragged through the mud for "taking advantage" of someone.

No. 146789

File: 1459410806614.jpg (214.19 KB, 814x728, cap.jpg)

So this was Ash's Tumblr explanation about dropping out of a cosplay group she had signed up for, but the group confirmed things happened very differently. Dump commencing, as well as a few examples of Ash starting "projects" and never finishing them.

No. 146790

File: 1459410857083.png (49.38 KB, 507x755, cap1.png)

One of the group member's comments on the Tumblr post.

No. 146791

File: 1459410949982.png (108.12 KB, 500x1563, Cap2.png)

Sick of Ash's shit, one of the members posted this vague rant. Edited to include only the necessary Ash parts.

No. 146792

File: 1459410990772.jpg (79.88 KB, 509x533, 12571061_10153867174699826_674…)

Ash's mature response.

No. 146793

File: 1459411077368.jpg (111.36 KB, 277x788, 12583792_646313358845168_42344…)

She also sent friends after the group members, playing the victim.

No. 146794

File: 1459411197649.png (152.4 KB, 526x2084, cap5.png)

The group member made a final post regarding Ash and her friends' accusations. Edited to only include Ash parts.

No. 146795

File: 1459411363838.jpg (205.47 KB, 2048x1014, 12557871_646313352178502_11046…)

The rest of the caps will be conversations between Ash and a group member (who gave me these after we talked about Ash going too far with this shit), and a few of her usual bullshit sprinkled through.

No. 146796

File: 1459411497157.jpg (556.3 KB, 1848x1010, 12591948_646313285511842_52713…)

These next two, I'm not sure which order they were sent, so forgive any confusion.

No. 146797

File: 1459411515642.jpg (231.99 KB, 960x691, 12516359_646313292178508_72438…)

No. 146798

File: 1459411556540.jpg (67.54 KB, 960x623, 12576245_646313328845171_11634…)

No. 146799

File: 1459411567247.jpg (67.9 KB, 960x613, 12583903_646313332178504_19699…)

No. 146800

File: 1459411583966.jpg (220.24 KB, 1956x996, 12596801_646313348845169_39384…)

No. 146801

File: 1459411609715.jpg (110.18 KB, 960x634, 12606752_646313335511837_18988…)

Oh the hypocrisy…And that's all I have.

No. 146802

That's fucking disgusting

No. 146803

Jesus, what a cunt.

No. 146804

Wtf, that's not what I typed.

No. 146805

welcome to april fool's day 2016

No. 146806

If that's the kind of shit she's churning out to sell, I can't WAIT to see her mermaid tails

No. 146807


>buys cosplay stuff

>paying for cons, hotel, etc
>needs to make prosthetics
>complains about not being able to move out of house

Okay, Ash.

No. 146808

File: 1459981650492.jpeg (80.02 KB, 480x720, image.jpeg)

The gaps in her teeth creep me out…But leave it to Ash to bitch about money problems while simultaneously buying shit she's going to ruin anyway!

No. 146809

File: 1459981731158.jpeg (51.85 KB, 720x480, image.jpeg)

A+ craftsmanship. Ash has totes improved, guys!

No. 146810

File: 1459981878098.jpeg (93.07 KB, 750x776, image.jpeg)


No. 146811

The urge to serge is rising.

No. 146812

File: 1460084604742.jpeg (425.27 KB, 1365x2048, image.jpeg)

Apparently this is supposed to be Grell? Ash just needs to embrace her manface, she'll never be a pretty girl.

No. 146813

This is some of the worst makeup I've seen in a long time. It's kind of sad to see that she has regressed. I like seeing cows improve but Ashley somehow wrecked herself. Why did she have to move back in with her parents? Did I miss something? All I know is that she's back to doing shitty cosplays.

No. 146814

Curious to know what happened, too.

I thought she moved to Florida with friends and they got an apartment and she was going to be oh so better with her cosplays?

In the few years since CGL got her, she has not changed or gotten better in the least bit.

Please tell me she's at least going to style that wig… It's not even long enough for Grell nor has the proper bangs.

No. 146815

>that tape on her jawline
Ash trying and failing that drag queen tape face lift shit I see.

No. 146816

My lips hurt looking at hers in almost every photo…
I've been very curious about this as well, I actually thought she was still in FL until recently.

No. 146817

She was staying with her sister, if I recall, and if her Facebook posts about being broke and then her constant spending for shit cosplays says anything, I'm assuming it was easier to go back to her parents so she wouldn't have to actually contribute to rent and being an adult. She complains about lacking independence and how her parents control everything, but blatantly refuses to do anything about being independent because it would cut into her cosplay funds. She's had numerous people on Facebook point this out countless times, but Ash is a selfish twat and would rather bitch and bemoan her situation rather than give up her precious hobbies and unrealistic plans to open a business for making prosthetics and special effects makeup.

No. 146818

File: 1460092330861.png (381.47 KB, 855x590, waaah.png)

Lo and behold, exactly what I meant. Ash KNOWS she'd have to give up cosplay for a time to be able to move out, but doesn't want to. Flat out.

No. 146819

I can't help but wonder how much of this she's exaggerating. It sounds like the problem with Ashley is that she has no ambition. If she really wanted to move out and make a better life for herself, she'd go on a cosplay hiatus, figure out her finances, save up and move out. She'll probably need a better job but that's where the figuring out her finances comes in.

But no, she sounds too god damn immature to do any of this. If she was actually up for contributing to household expenses and bills, she could get a roommate but from what we think may have went down with her sister? It doesn't sound like that's going to happen.

Come the fuck on, Ash. It'll take time but you can do it.

No. 146820

At this point, it's not whether she can or can't, it's specifically that she WON'T. She tried it when she stayed with her sister and would rather complain about her parents than be independent, because that means less money to spend however the hell she wants. Hell, she mentioned that the supplies alone to make those mermaid tails she's fucking up already cost at least $300, and then expects with her shit craftsmanship to sell them for $600. Ash would rather dream and whine than sacrifice anything. I just roll my eyes every time she says she's an adult now, because adults at least suck it the fuck up and get their shit together. But Ash? Nope.

No. 146821

Doesnt all of her money still come from her parents atm anyway???

TBH from what we have seen of her parents they seem totally normal and the such. It's just another 'my life is so hard feel bad for me' shit.

No. 146822

She has a job, though I don't know how much she makes, but her parents still pay groceries, utilities, rent, ect. As for her parents, it's hard to say. She constantly flip flops between them being awful and then great, and it's been like that as long as I can remember. Her sister occasionally posts advice for her when Ash complains (and she's obviously the sane one) and it seems like her mom is just immature and on medication for bi-polar disorder, and her parents are just in an unhappy marriage.

No. 146823

What kind of job makes someone use a photo app to clock in/out?
Also, I pay like $45/month for my phone with no contract. She has a job and I doubt she pays rent and bills at the moment. if she has issues, she can always get a cheap phone plan. So many exist now with unlimited talk/data.

No. 146824

Man, didn't she move to Florida at one point, lost a bunch of weight and still manage to do her shitty cosplay bullshit? What happened to all that? Why is she back at her parents?

No. 146825

No. 146826

Add to what >>146817 points out, she was probably pretty disgusting to live with, if her room/bathroom pics from before the move were any indication. I'm sure that fueled her going back to her parents, since they didn't seem to care much.

No. 146827

File: 1460162267596.jpeg (69.68 KB, 480x720, image.jpeg)

Apparently this is "finished." All those loose threads…Rest in peace, Utena

No. 146828

File: 1460162326808.jpeg (390.59 KB, 2048x1365, image.jpeg)

At least her bathroom looks less disgusting?

No. 146829

All those frayed edges, horrible satin ribbon and puckering… How can she make so many costumes and not even improve the least bit?

No. 146830

File: 1460165377218.png (90.93 KB, 250x196, asheer-k.png)


I just knew I'd seen this train wreck around somewhere before.

No. 146831

The florals make it look nicer at first glance, but when I opened the full-size image the first thing I saw was the grotty sink, washcloth and light switches in the background. Still nasty as ever.

No. 146832

She needs some concealer for her dark circles. Stat. I really shouldn't be surprised she couldn't be bothered to style the wig. Utena has very distinct bangs and face framing layers.

No. 146833

She fabric glued ribbon for trim … and didn't hem anything … did she just buy a pink shirt and rip off the sleeves? Hemming is the most basic thing you learn in sewing so I refuse to belive she can form a shirt and some how not know to hem. Jesus h christ.

No. 146834

File: 1461049602234.jpeg (124.69 KB, 750x1086, image.jpeg)

Watch out, ladies

No. 146835

Has she gotten fatter? What a mess.

No. 146836

holy shit, turns out there is a way to turn lesbians straight

No. 146837

File: 1461656892559.jpeg (612.74 KB, 1280x1920, image.jpeg)

Jesus christ that eyeliner. And wtf is going on with her eyebrows?

No. 146838

File: 1461656945978.jpeg (40.86 KB, 750x367, image.jpeg)

I'd watch an episode with her on it just to watch her crash and burn horribly.

No. 146839

she'd never pass the screening process.

No. 146840

File: 1461665088164.jpg (303.01 KB, 937x799, 1449521011930.jpg)

>I don't think I have the skills

No. 146841

She's fishing for complaints. Hoping people tell her to do it.

No. 146842


what's with all these ugly fat bitches who think they're like professional makeup artists

can they just like. religiously watch NikkieTutorials on YouTube and stop making fools of themselves

No. 146843

I don't know much about Face Off, does it have recorded screenings like American Idol and AGT? I'd love to see her on something like that.

No. 146844

You may have meant compliments but complaints works perfectly.

No. 146845

id say it's more like project runway

No. 146846

File: 1461821325840.jpeg (55.13 KB, 540x720, image.jpeg)

This cut does her face zero favors

No. 146847

File: 1461821355225.jpeg (148.22 KB, 960x1280, image.jpeg)

At least she's finally embracing her ogre face

No. 146848


No. 146849

File: 1461828212188.jpeg (196.49 KB, 1000x1500, image.jpeg)

What is a very good question.

No. 146850

How do you do make up for so long and don't even improve at least a little bit? How is it possible to be such a mess at 21 years old anyway?

No. 146851

File: 1461828936582.jpeg (117.06 KB, 960x1280, image.jpeg)

How dare you, she's totally improved!

No. 146852

>going skrillex
No…women shouldn't do this. I've never seen it look good even on attractive people.

No. 146853


Sorry but I like it.

Even if you guys think it looks bad, at least it's a display of personality beyond just "fat Hispanic cosplayer". It's not like her old hair actually looked particularly nice or anything.

No. 146854

>at least it's a display of personality

Ah yeah, nothing screams personality like shaving off a portion of your hair some 8 years after it was the cool and rebellious thing to do. So edgy and brave tbh.

Imo her hair is probably one of her smallest problems, but holy shit am I ever tired of people who argue that dressing in any way that deviates from the norm is an expression of ~personality~. No it's fucking not. Buying a spiked choker does not make you a badass. Wearing a "geek" shirt does not make you a true and honest nerd. You know what actually makes you an interesting person? Experiencing life and having stories to tell, not the shitty poser crap you wear.

Polite sage for autism.

No. 146855

it would be a display of personality if it wasn't becoming the stereotypical hairstyle of edgy tumblr teens.

No. 146856

This. 1000x this. Undercuts or whatever might look good on some or terrible on others. But this hair cut is hardly individualistic. Same goes for just about everything else on this planet.

No. 146857


Say what you want Anon, changing your hair is an expression of your personality regardless of how popular it is among tweens, even if it's a shit personality.

Call me a cuck but I appreciate expression.

No. 146858

It looks like shit regardless of whether you consider it to be an 'expression of her personality'

No. 146859


Well that's just, like, your opinion, man :^)

No. 146860

File: 1462031987247.jpg (93.06 KB, 545x703, sJiDJay.jpg)

Aw shit, looks like she's going to cosplay Uda the Beast.

No. 146861

File: 1462185363459.jpeg (86.63 KB, 561x720, image.jpeg)

She looks so damn haggard for a 21-year-old

No. 146862

Well this looks 10x better than this shit >>146851

No. 146863

is she cosplaying fru fru?

No. 146864

Nope, Sarah from The Labyrinth

No. 146865

How many times has she cosplayed this character?

No. 146866

At least 2 or 3 times it looks like? Likely because that's probably a second hand wedding dress from the 80s that sort of looks like the one from the movie.

I actually saw her in passing at Katsu a few years back dressed as something from Hetalia, but seeing her now… I just wanna do her make up.

No. 146867

There are so many different ways people can cut this hait to make it look good on any face shape … and it seems her sylist chose the most unflattering one … A face like hers needs shape to it. She should have kept some form of bangs with this. God I've never seen this hair cut excited so badly. Makes me miss my shaved head … but asymmetric bobs are better.

This girl needs an older sister to show her the ropes. just sayin.

No. 146868

ikr I want to take her under my wing and show her how to do makeup/style herself.

No. 146869

I didn't even recognize her there.

No. 146870

Full on ugly tumbrlina.

No. 146871

Thing is she has an older sister (or cousin?) who's cosplayed Black Widow. She's also overweight, but looks a million times better because she's aware of her body shape/type and deals with it.

No. 146872

when scrolled past this i thought this was that fat tranny dude what eats his own shit that was posted elsewhere.

No. 146873

File: 1463526818219.png (Spoiler Image, 257.55 KB, 539x650, ash.png)

So she posted this

No. 146874

File: 1463527529145.png (120.49 KB, 225x288, 1462135368742.png)

Send this to her mother.

No. 146875

No. 146876

File: 1463602623168.gif (357.57 KB, 240x203, image.gif)

What is bugging me so much about this is that she tagged it as a male character but drew them like a girl? I know Ash has never been good at drawing, but what the actual fuck is going on with this thing's anatomy? Is what looks like a vagina supposed to be its asshole? What the fuck even is this?

No. 146877

I guess it's supposed to be a ballsack of some sort.

No. 146878

File: 1466466299246.png (146.38 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

So does her mom care about her cosplay

No. 146879

File: 1466466334658.png (155.7 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Or nah?

No. 146880

It's just supposed to be a really fat vag. A lot of hentai artists draw pussies like this, but they actually extend the slit, and don't make it look like a ballsack to the unknowing eye… Maybe her puss is that fat and has a tiny slit so she thinks it's suitable? Idk.

No. 146881

You know things are going A.O.K.AY when you're getting emails from debt collectors tho.
I get it, dentists are expensive (i just got a surprise bill in the mail because my deductible hasn't kicked in yet, and it's a bit) but like… she can afford to cosplay and do weird gore makeup and shit like that. She should've been able to sort paying her dentist without a collections agency getting involved.

No. 146882

Thing is she just spent $100-something on a fucking Sailor Moon proplica, but somehow the idea of putting that towards a $300 dental bill is unrealistic in Ash's world. Also, hi other Ash Facebook friend! I wish I had screencapped her meltdown about the dental thing and people telling her how to be responsible before she deleted it. Basically everyone pointed out how Ash needs to put cosplay and cons on hold for the sake of bills and Ash bawleeted because no one was giving her sympathy. I still think she's Pixy 2.0 in the making.

No. 146883

It's been almost 3 months and absolutely zero posts about those tails. Yet another frivolous "project" Ash wastes money on rather than getting her shit together. No wonder her parents are frustrated with her.

No. 146884

File: 1466498534148.jpeg (205.06 KB, 750x1108, image.jpeg)

No. 146885

File: 1466498561541.jpeg (337.88 KB, 1365x2048, image.jpeg)

A+ makeup, as usual

No. 146886

File: 1466498607263.jpeg (123.64 KB, 750x984, image.jpeg)

A wild logic appears!

No. 146887

File: 1466498655114.jpeg (148.51 KB, 750x1010, image.jpeg)

But Ash is ready and uses "emotional cunt" attack!

No. 146888

File: 1466498675987.jpeg (170.77 KB, 750x936, image.jpeg)

No. 146889

File: 1466498722716.jpeg (66.14 KB, 750x436, image.jpeg)

And wraps it up with a failed excuse/attempted guilt trip. I'm amazed she has any friends at this point.

No. 146890

how old is she btw?

No. 146891

The rest of us are just jelly that we can't afford to go to every con because we're plebs who have to pay bills and buy groceries and shit, and are saving towards grownup things like better apartments and cars and proper vacations.

i just can't with her.

No. 146892

Almost 22, and has been doing this shit since she was 15, I think? Perpetual child.
Honestly I only keep following her on Facebook because it makes me feel like my life is infinitely better by comparison. Petty, I know, but she's just my favorite train wreck that just keeps going.

No. 146893

File: 1466533713008.jpg (5.32 KB, 384x266, Usami-chibi.jpg)

Ex Friend with logic here, I have friends who are friends with her who sent me the post after she deleted me. Good to see that people can take criticism and real life advice. However It irritates me to no end that she uses her 'Disability' as an excuse when I have one (well doctors say I have one, isn't no self diagnoses shit) what will make me flip shit and break down shaking if someone just raises their voice at me. Only differences between her and I is I work through it and strive to achieve shit verses using it as an excuse to get poor hours and an excuse to live at home

She was bitching about Vaguebooking when I was upfront about what I was upset about. Via messaging where I called her out on her shit (and shit posting behind my back as well as deleting me off her FB) She went on to make accusations about Yayahan. to which I went the offensive explaining how marketing works and why she is so popular (Spoiler alert it aint just the titties).

Oh and apparently I am the anonymous person shit posting on her tumblr despite not actually using my tumblr in months. If the real one is out there, Send me a Friend request I think I might actually like you.

As per her Guilt Trip. It's not a guilt trip it's an excuse she is looking make look like Legit reasons. I just gave up because people with her mindset will always remain the same. She Feels entitled and like the world owes her shit. I am just waiting for when reality hits and she reality people were actually telling her the truth and she can't use her "Bitch" parents as an excuse.

However given the excuse I would send the message with the rude comments about her parents to her parents if I can find them :)

Also, Hello Ashley. :)

No. 146894

Can you provide any caps? Based on how she talked to the person in >>146797
I imagine she just plays "woe is me" on Facebook but is actually really bitchy one-on-one. She flat-out can't take any criticism, even when it's polite. Ash is forever a cow to me.

No. 146895

File: 1466535714357.jpg (218.85 KB, 1279x721, hannibal-bride-of-hannibal-sea…)

The only caps I have is where she pretty much put her animals health below "her saving for a car and apartment", People suggestions for her to save money, Her talking about her future tattoo (Who mommy is probably going to pay for) and a Few odds and ends.

However I do have access to our entire Messages when the shit started with her and I found out she allowed her friends to spy on other friends via her Facebook and the short convos we had about money, A proper chest binder a friend sold and the fallout we had when I called her out on her spending money she doesn't have when she should be paying bills.

No. 146896

File: 1466535842091.gif (1.21 MB, 450x248, image.gif)

No. 146897

File: 1466537533750.jpg (66.51 KB, 540x960, WTF.jpg)

So let me tell you why I'm doing this. Because she pissed me off. And it is incredibly hard to piss me off. Okay less about me and more about her.

I added her because I thought she had changed and gotten better with the Drama shit. Looking around I quickly found I was wrong.

No. 146898

File: 1466537609098.jpg (44.35 KB, 540x960, Poor cat part two.jpg)

And also I have a love of animals. Cat gets sick? take that guy to the vet.

No. 146899

File: 1466537667467.jpg (79.53 KB, 540x960, Poor cat part three.jpg)

People give her legit advice about the cat situation. person talking is a Vet student and a really kind one.

No. 146900

File: 1466537726408.jpg (84.88 KB, 540x960, Poor cat.jpg)

Yes. She's Serious. Your animals depend on you to live. That means your animals should matter more than your hobbies and should have top priority.

No. 146901

File: 1466537816947.jpg (51.86 KB, 540x960, Hahahaha.jpg)

So the savings to move out are where? I think I died a bit inside when I saw this post.

No. 146902

How the fuck did she win a award for Sarah? How?

No. 146903

File: 1466537910661.jpg (68.67 KB, 540x960, They be famous thats why.jpg)

A short intermission where she bitched about an national Icon who died. I'm pretty sure if her Idol died she would want to be there. and in this case many people wanted to pay their respects but couldn't.

No. 146904

File: 1466537923901.jpg (104.48 KB, 736x736, f694ad8f395e4d6d54ebbd65d3fb7e…)

Lord, this ugly cow is doing Dramatical murder cosplay?

Photo of the character she wants to cosplay btw

No. 146905

Never change Ash, never change.

You used to be my favourite lolcow

No. 146906

File: 1466537979990.jpg (60.64 KB, 540x960, one.jpg)

So when the fallout with Ashley came about I tried being the nice friend who tried helping her through it.

No. 146907

File: 1466538024624.jpg (60.18 KB, 540x960, two.jpg)

And it continues

No. 146908


What an obnoxious cunt.

>it's no ones business what I do with my money!

>posts about debt

>cries about it

I hate this fattie.

No. 146909

File: 1466538150061.jpg (57.16 KB, 540x960, Three.jpg)

No. 146910

This pisses me off SO MUCH as an animal lover. Is there anyway to send these caps to ASPCA or somewhere that can remove her pet for abuse?? This is horrid.

No. 146911

File: 1466538189266.jpg (56.92 KB, 540x960, four.jpg)

Day my friendship ended a few years ago

No. 146912

File: 1466538239666.jpg (66.1 KB, 540x960, Five.jpg)

So debt and more debt verses savings? Not gunna get that car now.

No. 146913

Because she didn't make the dress herself.

No. 146914

File: 1466538393006.jpg (59.43 KB, 540x960, six.jpg)

So this is where she thinks I'm part of the tumblr alliance

No. 146915

File: 1466538559130.jpg (70.4 KB, 540x960, seven.jpg)

Kinda sad I dont. Whatever porn I have found there is beautiful

No. 146916

File: 1466538594550.jpg (68.43 KB, 540x960, Eight.jpg)

No. 146917

File: 1466538635605.jpg (62.27 KB, 540x960, nine.jpg)

I'm passionate about it too however It's called common sense

No. 146918

File: 1466538658272.jpg (68.99 KB, 540x960, ten.jpg)

No. 146919

File: 1466538697999.jpg (63.08 KB, 540x960, eleven.jpg)

High road being I call you out by name in a post to embarrass you orrrrrr?

No. 146920

File: 1466538734195.jpg (69.07 KB, 540x960, twleve.jpg)

No. 146921

File: 1466538812594.jpg (76.37 KB, 540x960, thirteen.jpg)

Woe is me….

No. 146922

File: 1466538837231.jpg (77.49 KB, 540x960, Fouteen.jpg)

No. 146923

File: 1466538865132.jpg (64.28 KB, 540x960, Fifteen.jpg)

No. 146924

File: 1466538889443.jpg (67.63 KB, 540x960, Sixteen.jpg)

No. 146925

File: 1466538918011.jpg (68.79 KB, 540x960, seventeen.jpg)

No. 146926

File: 1466538962814.jpg (67.15 KB, 540x960, Eighteen.jpg)

I know those number intimately.

No. 146927

File: 1466539003510.jpg (68.87 KB, 540x960, Nineteen.jpg)

Even the sales they give deals on. I Make costumes for people I have to know this.

No. 146928

File: 1466539032861.jpg (58.78 KB, 540x960, Twenty.jpg)

And Suddenly Subject change

No. 146929

File: 1466539052527.jpg (72.83 KB, 540x960, Twenty one.jpg)

No. 146930

File: 1466539103980.jpg (67.05 KB, 540x960, Twenty Two.jpg)

Funny, mine is usually in high demand.

No. 146931

File: 1466539143915.jpg (64.65 KB, 540x960, Twenty three.jpg)

Because being photographed everywhere you go gets annoying after a while

No. 146932

File: 1466539248289.jpg (70.48 KB, 540x960, twenty four.jpg)

No. 146933

File: 1466539285477.jpg (62.97 KB, 540x960, twenty five.jpg)

No. 146934

File: 1466539313300.jpg (68.75 KB, 540x960, twenty six.jpg)

And this is where it ends

No. 146935

File: 1466539431678.jpg (73.13 KB, 540x960, saving.jpg)

And finally this one, She just bitched another friend out because she was trying to find a way to save money and anyone who even THOUGHT about telling her to slow down on cons and costumes (aka Logic) She tore into them and deleted the thread. I Happened to catch it before she deleted it because I just got off work and looked at my phone

No. 146936

If that's where it ended, did you just stop talking to her and remove her on Facebook?

No. 146937

File: 1466539739980.jpg (59.4 KB, 833x960, 1437659544197.jpg)

Also If she Chooses to make a scene about this, I can just forward all saved images of her calling her parents a bitch, Being happy about her brother cancer dianoses and the accusation of her dad beating her to her parents. Just remember sweet heart I am friends with people who aren't on our list but still talk to me via phone or messaging.


No she removed me after the vague statue I talked to her after. Where the image is tagged one is right after she defriended me for pointing out that she should have not bought the fabric and paid the dumb bill off.

No. 146938

She was HAPPY about a cancer diagnosis?! Fuck that, I say message her parents the caps, that's disgusting.

No. 146939

File: 1466540214534.jpg (94.77 KB, 800x640, tumblr_nuqyt0svN71s3ewmvo1_128…)


She has an entire excipedia Dramatica page dedicated to her. Even to the point she claimed to had cut her wrist half way through and about two weeks later taking a picture of her nails and a perfectly clean wrist. My entire family has been involved in the medical field, That shit doesn't heal that fast

No. 146940

We all know she was bullshitting about self harm, I wouldn't be surprised if she was faking any "abuse" for asspats.

No. 146941

>these stories from others are people who think people are out to get them because of how fabulous they (think they) are
Is she talking about herself?

No. 146942

File: 1466564099179.jpg (132.16 KB, 500x750, r6vQqSk.jpg)

No. 146943

File: 1466565274669.gif (1.4 MB, 333x200, GM_20150201_182620_zps3nrdb2sx…)

I hate when fat chicks attempt sexy cosplay.

No. 146944

I really regret clicking that link

And here I thought Lamento was safe from this shit because of its age

No. 146945

This cosplay looks like she didn't try

No. 146946

I don't know what pisses me off more, the wig or the nude bra.

No. 146947

File: 1466575821106.jpeg (321.7 KB, 1365x2048, image.jpeg)

At least she didn't stick with this

No. 146948

File: 1466582154961.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.27 KB, 540x960, RQRTTT4.jpg)

whatever that is on her chest reminded me of pic related

No. 146949

Does the pers in her name stand for perspiration

No. 146950


In most of these ash was more tolerable than you.

You really can't tell people how to spend their money, even if they are an idiot. And you're clearly deliberately antagonistic. You are quick to bring up your mental issues when they're irrelevant and youre just all round bitter sounding.

Ash might be a dick but you too are also a dick.

Also vagueblogging is bad don't do that, you sound horrible and are no better than her.

No. 146951

Did we read the same text? I thought OP had good points and only brought their mental issues because Ash is always using them as an excuse. Again, to make a point.

And wow, vagueblogging is so hurtful and bad, right. Not sure what your issue was here. Also, sage your posts if you're OT. And no, I'm not OP.

No. 146952

I don't understand what I'm looking at. Was it a bad attempt at open shirt binding with packing tape?

No. 146953

File: 1466618987466.jpg (45.2 KB, 640x431, 28ck9051.jpg)


I'm a dick because before I sent that She was using her mental disorder as an excuse as to why she can't do anything? A mental disorder is a mental disorder, My family has them Ranging from severe Autism to Schizophrenia, yet they STILL are able to work through them (Getting their education and a really good job to support themselves), take criticism and then actually do something to make their life better not wallow "woe is me" I told her I had them because It was relavant because I have Two doctors who think I am bad enough I shouldn't be working. However I am taking the grown up way and doing things myself, I work and fund my own conventions/trips while taking care of my bills without calling my parents names when they don't help me.

I am assuming this is ashley and I would like to say, I will be thrilled to see what happens when your parents stop helping you with cons and everything else. Being by yourself you have to do shit you don't like and drop things you don't like.

I am not bitter, I am disgusted. I am disgusted that her parents try to help her and she puts them down. I am Disgusted that she puts her friends down when they attempt to give her advice when she is crying about being in a tough spot. She wants to be miserable? Stop putting her problems out there, then ripping into people who point out she needs to do more than cry about it. She Needs to stop going to conventions and save up like she has bitched about for the longest time. then MAYBE just Maybe she might get somewhere and like her life better than being depressed as shit all the time.

No. 146954

File: 1466620010137.jpg (20.49 KB, 500x610, FB_IMG_1464866516625.jpg)


Do not see it. They are showing how they relate and if I wanted someone to give me advice I would want it from someone who is in the same boat as me.

Obviously op can speak on the subject and like anyone else on asheerbee is tired of watching her bitch about not going anywhere in life, yet making excuses as why she cannot do anything about it.

Like the other day she made mentions of her parents making fun of her cosplay for the 100th time and people made recommendations she should try to go to school for makeup and design. Yet again she made excuses why she could not citing something about her dad being why she can't get a loan. She made no effort to check out community college to see if she can even get a loan, only going off assumptions.

People like op are tired of her shit and sometimes you have to give a person tough love for them to learn. Otherwise you are an enabler.

No. 146955

File: 1466621329526.gif (1.04 MB, 550x330, CaogEdw.gif)

I think the best part of this whole thing is she has that 300+ dental bill but was still able to purchase a PS4 and Until Dawn video game after the fact.

# priorities

But seriously that logic friend has a reason to bitch. They are tired of Ashley cries, I personally cannot withstand people who scream how life is unfair then try the pity me routine when people give her solutions.

Her cat was a great example. Someone made mentions the cat needed medical attention which she blew off and proceeded to buy frivolous shit. Between the PS4, game, new sorry excuse for cosplays she keeps turning out and Sailor Moon wand, Ashley could have easily paid her dental bill and gotten her cat looked at. Haven't seen pictures of the cat since it was mentioned.

No. 146956

Way more tolerable than you lol. Seriously?

If someone bitches, moans and complains. Then their families or friends have a right to step in and give advice. In this case, Ash spending her money. That all Ash seems to complain about. No money for this or that. I'd get annoyed to having a friend like that.

Anon brought up great points. If Ash can't pay for a vet visit, she has no right to keep an animal. Ash brings this upon herself.

Also, NO mental issues are irrelevant. You're a dick for saying someone's mental condition is irrelevant. Stfu and sit down.

You're defiantly Ash or a friend. Bashing another for a mental illness, yet don't point out how Ash ALWAYS uses her as a shield or, pity me! Act.

No. 146957


Lol hi Ash.

No. 146958

How the fuck does she walk around like this? Repulsive.

No. 146959

File: 1466626893391.gif (748.44 KB, 220x183, nope.gif)

Looks like it. Most cosplayers who open shirt bind are actually thin enough to do so. When you're fat or obese, your tits are going to be cow udders and you can't physically tape them apart. She's really disgusting…And she is definitely in denial with how fat she is if she is cosplaying muscular bishonen characters from a BL game.

I havent seen too many fatties cosplaying from Lamento. It's my favorite from the Nitro company, but fuck me.. Ever since Dramatical murder got popular, I guess it also affected Lamento?? I hate obese cosplayers who want to dress naked. No one wants to see that!

No. 146960

File: 1466627355749.png (193.88 KB, 1280x1280, e9f22835-4bac-415c-b366-c0c40e…)

This is the reason why I never do open shirt male cosplays. I am disgusted with my flab and know better to cosplay gay male (or any) characters with my stomach exposed.

No. 147164

File: 1466654469447.jpg (16.54 KB, 500x277, FB_IMG_1464668464304.jpg)

So I do have more screenshots when she mentioned she hoped her dad wouldn't make it through his surgery. Who wants that!

No. 147188

No. 147367

Me also!

No. 147525

File: 1466736822559.png (175.61 KB, 1058x1487, One.png)

So it got weird at first…

No. 147526

File: 1466736935915.png (257.79 KB, 1069x1455, Two.png)

And then I remembered she needs money to fund her hobby. Sad she thinks money is more important than a human life.

No. 147537

File: 1466738263274.png (20.33 KB, 838x200, Wat.png)

Wasn't she trans earlier this year? Sorry honey, I slept with my fair share of women and with your known hygiene habits, I doubt anyone will want to get down on you pussy level.

No. 147858

Well, I'm glad a lurk this thread, I learned some interesting info. Thanks for all the chat caps.

No. 147948

File: 1466863913617.jpg (34.74 KB, 500x364, 9cd.jpg)

No. 149410

File: 1467258121940.jpeg (63.66 KB, 1436x769, received_1162944170434558.jpeg)

And suddenly a wild con appears.

No. 150431

ew could you imagine sharing a tiny hotel room with her

No. 151944

File: 1467845921722.jpeg (124.7 KB, 750x739, image.jpeg)

Oh this should be good.

No. 151945

when will they learn

No. 151961

wtf does she think she can do even with a legal team?

No one's openly done anything to her and boohoo words were said on the internet.

If she hopes to get some kind of huge reward for being slandered, about 80% of it will go to her legal team… I don't understand this girl's logic at all and she hasn't changed since the days Voldie started shit talking and baiting her.

No. 151972

Only person I think she MIGHT be able to accuse is OC, but I don't think she has any evidence other than like one screencap from PULL. We all know OC was a chan-whore and very likely gave /cgl/ information, but there's no actual proof. And then there was Ash's friend Amy who was caught giving seagulls info, but she bolted when /cgl/ found all her accounts and saw she was a more interesting brand of crazy, and Ash's ED page has zero info about her; no screencaps or anything that might incriminate her. Only slim chance Ash has would be the Wayback Machine to get caps from threads five years old. All she's going to do is get laughed out of a lawyer office. On the off chance someone actually takes her case, all it's going to do is cost her parents more money and make them resent her further for her bullshit. Her shit cosplay and attitude started this drama, and it's only made them hate her and she knows it.

No. 151976

File: 1467858207727.jpeg (269.24 KB, 750x1196, image.jpeg)

Internet lawyer! kek Big fucking surprise, Ash, you can't do shit about mean gossip said on the Internet five years ago. And if she DID try to drag OC into it, there's caps here that blatantly incriminate Ash in harassing OC as well. Ah, I love her degree of stupid.

No. 151977


What state is she even in at this point? The statute probably ran on whatever the fuck she's trying to accuse other people of if it's been 5+ years.

I hope the attorney charged her a consultation fee for something she could have easily googled.

Who the fuck writes $3,500 out as "35 hundred"? Staph.

No. 152071

WOW Who would have thought you'd have to PAY someone to do this shit for you, Ash.

This just in, water is wet.

Did she think she could pay them off with cheap ass cosplay and poop props? How does this girl's mind work especially for things that happened in 2011/12.

No. 152203

Still friends with her on FB just to watch drama pan out but personal story with her!!

So it was a con last November and she didn't have a ride. And something in me was telling me to be a good person. So I offered to drive to her place a good TWO HOURS away from where I lived. My boyfriend and two others were with us and we get there, and she isn't packed and ready. We spend a good 45 minutes waiting and she brings out like, six big bags. That's… A lot. I had a 2015 Cruze LT at the time. Not a whole lot of trunk. And then she decides I get the hump. In my own car. She's loud and tells us she'll give us gas money the next day at the con. I don't see or hear from her all weekend.

Sunday afternoon comes and out of nowhere she's like "I'm ready" and we're like, already on the way to take someone home. Like on the highway and an hour away. She never gave us money for gas. Never let us know when she wanted to leave. Never kept in contact. But then, in her typical way, the vague Facebook post came up. So yeah.

We told her we were at the hospital with family all night and weren't in the area.

No. 152284

"20 hundred dollars" is a weird way to say $2,000

No. 152293

File: 1467940017806.jpeg (127.12 KB, 750x595, image.jpeg)

Checked her ED, nothing's changed. Good luck wasting your time, Ash!

No. 152306

'Donate to me to help stop bad things being said about me on the internet'.

The most blatant scam ever. She won't put a single penny towards that shit. Ugh, she really has not changed at all has she?

No. 152484

File: 1468003167651.jpg (40.11 KB, 600x800, tumblr_nv18cnHEXl1qz66gdo1_128…)


They didn't delete much. I still have the screen shots on my computer and all the conversations via FB.

She truely isn't that smart. Everyone trash talks each other,It's part of life. She isn't some special fairy who deserves an exception.

Ashley, your logic friend here, since you follow this page, Please learn to take Criticism. It's part of life, sometimes you have to move on, other wise you will fuel the fire and create more of a backlash. If you can't take Criticism, you might as well stop cosplaying and hide in a hole because that shit is everywhere. It's called life and you are just going to have to get used to it. Everyone has something bad to say about everyone else, again it's life. Stop bitching, Make changes to your life so it gets better and move on. No one is going to hold your hand through your 30s-40s-50s and up.

Cosplay is important however, It isn't supposed to be your entire life. If you strive to do something, you must take care of your needs first. If you take care of yourself then you will be able to continue your hobby.

No. 153170

File: 1468114517599.png (169.95 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_nbz9nq3zNe1qgp29…)


I guess she forgets that IP addresses change, Residents move and people change computers. Unless someone lives in the same place (not likely), Has the same Internet and the same computer (again not likely) Then her case is a lost cause.

No. 154064

File: 1468283205597.png (532.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-11-20-25-29…)

When did she become mama ash?

No. 154139

File: 1468302333424.jpeg (73.78 KB, 750x445, image.jpeg)

And she deleted that and posted it again without the "mama Ash" shit. Hi Ashley! We know you're lurking! And it's actually several of us who know you personally "talking shit" here, not just one person. And yes, we talk about you with each other too. Kind of like how you did to Lexi, Ollie, Kira, the list goes on and we all know, and the local convention groups know too. You like to act like you're above the "people on 4chan" but you're just as bad as us and you know it because you're so pathetically insecure. But hey, at least you're "cosplay famous" now! Know why? Because every time there's a cringe thread or bad makeup thread on /cgl/, you always get posted, even your recent stuff. And you will never figure out who all of us are.

No. 154144

My bad, didn't realize the "mama Ash" thing was on her cosplay page and not her personal one. Rest of my point still stands, though.

No. 154150

File: 1468303075831.jpeg (252.61 KB, 749x1137, image.jpeg)

And on today's episode of "Shit That Never Happened!"

No. 154160


Is she implying that, to play Pokemon GO, you need to actually throw pokeballs?

No. 154161

File: 1468305400515.jpeg (206.83 KB, 750x1000, image.jpeg)

Keep painting yourself as a martyr, Ashley, we all know the truth that you're just as toxic as the rest of us. You're a bloated hypocrite and the whole community knows it. And why has no one confronted you? Because everyone thinks you're crazy, especially given how you've threatened people with your "dragons" you try to convince people are real. You're either delusional or just desperately want to be seen as different and special.

No. 154163

File: 1468305645239.jpeg (70.83 KB, 749x368, image.jpeg)

Awfully convenient your friend knows what's posted here. Three guesses on if they're participating here and just enjoy watching you get upset while pretending to care, because no one has ever done that in the history of lolcows. Hint: even your friends laugh at you, Ash.

No. 154243

Amazing she purged friends who likely have nothing to do with us. Poor guys. Judging them without probable cause.

But seriously we still can see everything.

No. 154244

Why lie to yourself. You lurk. ♡

No. 154245

What legal action can she take? It isn't cyber bullying and everything she post is public record. Unless she can prove we are threatening her life there isn't much she can do about people talking about her.

I just love that she thinks she is exempt from people talking about her. People talk about everyone.

No. 154264

Literally none. Aside from an occasional Tumblr anon that can be solved by simply blocking anonymous messages, no one is directly harassing her, this isn't even considered slander since all we do is discuss the things she does among ourselves. She was recently denied a photography job because they found her ED article, but all her page is at this point is just mocking the things she directly said and did. She can't do anything about any of this.

No. 154336


Good. Should have done that a long time ago so you can get your priorities straight.

No. 154696

File: 1468382997963.jpeg (90.17 KB, 750x681, image.jpeg)

So she says, buuuuuuuut…

No. 154698

File: 1468383058939.jpeg (132.25 KB, 750x962, image.jpeg)

"I'm only giving my new account to people who ask!"
"jk I'm not getting enough attention, so here it is!"

No. 154700

File: 1468383088964.jpeg (212.78 KB, 750x1095, image.jpeg)

And the whole post in case someone wants to read it

No. 155330

File: 1468455382372.jpeg (33.14 KB, 640x480, zB4CJXcl.jpeg)


I'm taking everything she says with a grain of salt. Something tells me she is going to try the mole with the new account. Either way she isn't going to change. She talks about change all the time and yet to make progress.

No. 155537

File: 1468478646215.jpg (16.81 KB, 325x251, mysides.jpg)

>The internet detective

>whaaa stop saying mean things about me on the internet

And this is why tumblrinas can't function in modern day society.

No. 155540

So, that was painful to read. Does she suffer from a mental disorder or is she just painfully stupid?

No. 156184

No. 156256

File: 1468727846683.jpeg (35.16 KB, 224x219, image.jpeg)

No. 156260

File: 1468729832147.png (405.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-17-00-27-15…)

She is still using the account.

No. 156330

File: 1468754013890.png (430.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-17-07-02-15…)

So I have been here from the beginning? Girl please I have never been able to access your shit for years because (1) you have your shit to private and (2) I was trying to rekindle a friendship. You just pissed me off enough to share public information with people. Guess what, it isn't illegal because again IT'S PUBLIC INFORMATION. There was a ln article years ago I could link you to which explains that I could have access to all your messages if I wanted to. Which is tempting so I can send the stuff to your parents and friends so they know you trash talk them. That is if I really was a bitch,but I'm not. :|

Also let me remind you everything you do is open to the public. I posted something a month ago (hello, the logic friend post) and watched the thread.

Ashley is watching the thread yo and I had 5 minutes to explain myself despite not doing shit and being asleep because of work. Thanks guys for making me a suspect.

No. 156331

Also android phones all have the timestamp. You know that right?

No. 156364

Just so you know logic friend can post evidence as proof of what was said as long as they do not post false information. Screen shots aren't illegal and are a good source of proof of what went down.

Slander is illegal, so is posting addresses of where you live, work and your number. Logic friend has done none of that. Logic friend also seems to randomly capitialize words, So in their defense, they are innocent and haven't been here since the beginning.

No. 156386

She most definitely lurk .. She posted here when all that shit with OC went down.

there's no way she wouldn't lurk.

No. 156391

File: 1468773102805.png (840.58 KB, 1280x1052, dceee0a1-c11c-40af-bacd-aaf058…)

Hey ashley since you blocked me without reason, If it is known to me are posting I did post that, I will consider suing you for slander. You have no "Proof" I posted that Outside of a 'like' post. Just because I liked something doesn't mean I posted that cap. And saying I did such means You are attempting to damage my character which is slander and highly illegal. And I will use legal action to defend myself.

No. 156393

File: 1468773282332.png (247.31 KB, 1080x1920, Slander.png)

And Just in case you Don't know what Slander means, Here is the definition.

No. 156396

File: 1468773933577.gif (896.63 KB, 309x272, zoidbergslinky.gif)

No. 156398

File: 1468774063522.gif (41.83 KB, 300x200, received_1406121592737166.gif)

Hello! I talked to logic friend a while ago, not really friends with them but they are pissed right now!

I think logic friend should get an apology from Asherbee. But Asherbee would likely stay adamant that logic friend is responsible when logic friend isnt. I wanna see Asherbee get sued for slander! It might teach her that she should be very careful who she falsely blames because it will piss them off.

No. 156400


No. 156457

Yet again she missed. And this time she royally pissed someone off. Hahahaha!!!

Though I am not sure how she keeps missing me.

No. 156464

File: 1468788764048.png (123.47 KB, 668x539, 20160717_164946.png)

> anon liked the post
> person who posted what ashley accused her of didn't like the post, but was sad.

Poor girl. As usual ash can't even do research right.

No. 156553

File: 1468791669789.jpg (10.33 KB, 260x275, mj-is-here.jpg)


Sounds like an idea, anon was nice enough to point out that the person in the snap shot only liked the post ( >>156464 ), and that you did not like the post but left the sad face instead. So her coming at you accusing you of something you did not do, is an attempt to smear your character, and the fact that she posted the image on Facebook, it can be pursued.

If Ashley is smart, she would apologize to you. Do not hold your breath because while she is watching, she will probably think she is right despite another anon coming forward and the evidence showing other wise.

I just saw your post from the anon who admitted to posting it here, you are at least open that you posted the information and that you were showing proof of your side to back what you said. Just enjoy it, she is jealous that you are doing something with your life and she is sitting in her shambles trying to find to put the pieces together deleting random people in attempts to justify her misery.

No. 161409

File: 1469757004727.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.1 KB, 500x375, myeyessuck.jpg)

A while back I recalled her asking about schools in her area, after talking about how she had to go to one kind of school and a few people offering to help, she made mentions she couldn't get financial aid because of her dad owing taxes.

>Made mentions in her tumblr about her parents claiming her to get $7000

>Made mentions of wanting to go to a school in New York City or California.

With all the money she spends, she will likely never go. She will also need to build a portfolio which outlines her work. Work that would never be accepted in their school.

No. 161438

File: 1469765457161.jpeg (89.33 KB, 750x676, image.jpeg)

She can't commit to shit anyway, she'd be thrown out of the school and bury herself in debt before she could finish a semester.

No. 161439

File: 1469765690938.png (378.74 KB, 1598x1600, moarplz.png)

No. 161446

File: 1469768917988.jpg (35.57 KB, 960x540, 10653479_1249999408350343_4676…)

She could always work while in school. Though, I see that turning out spectacular and the meltdown to follow.

No. 166044

Can't wait to see her mess for Dragon-con. It's such a treat <3

No. 166049

File: 1471312632122.png (9.68 KB, 598x268, lulz.png)

DC is very expensive. My friend just had 3 drop and with the 5 in the room they were paying over 300 each. Wonder how this is going to bold.

No. 166067

Oh man I would pay money to see a picture of what her room looks like after the first day she's there. I imagine her being the type to hog all the space and expect everyone else to be clean and keep their stuff out of her way

No. 166168

Over $300 per person?? Fuck that.

No. 166171

I normally just lurk but I can tell you right now that's gotta be her skimming off the top because I'm at a host hotel with four people in a room and we're only paying 300 per person for Wednesday through Tuesday so unless she booked a crazy expensive suite that doesn't make sense

No. 166182

It was around the 300 mark I thought it was a bit extra though my friend tends to go for the suites because of more sleeping room.

No. 166187

What are the chances that she got a suite though. tbh I'm amazed she even got a room in the Marriot to begin with since she's usually so bad at organizing

No. 166190

Not likely. I'm sure if her friends drop out her "mommy and daddy" will subsidize it. Otherwise it's going to be hilarious watching the fallout of her not being able to go. Or she will attempt to sleep in her car.

No. 166963

Which would be even more hilarious as
She doesn't even have a car…

No. 167486

She gunna be sleepin in the bushes. Hahaha

No. 169394

File: 1472438931595.jpeg (161.52 KB, 749x910, image.jpeg)

And here we go again. Another "idea" of trying to sell her shitty crafts. Still no sign of those mermaid tails she wasted at least $300 on, so I'm sure this will end up the same.

No. 169438

Nearly any crafter in any Artist Alley have had a variation of horns with flower crowns. She's jumping about 3 years late on this bandwagon and acting like it's some brilliant idea of hers.

It will just be turds with flowers.

No. 169580

Someone should ask her if she's bringing mermaid tails to DragonCon.

No. 170005

File: 1472614733554.jpg (34.57 KB, 439x960, rock.jpg)


I've got to see her bitch ass at AnimeUsa? Pleaseeeee let me run into her because I want to tell her how entitled she really is.

No. 170687

File: 1472779854719.jpg (70.8 KB, 975x1463, http://40.media.tumblr.com/e4f…)

Wonder how DC is going for her.

No. 171436

From what I understand, she's still trying to go to AWA which is 2 weeks apart from Dragoncon, PLUS AUSA which is in October. How the hell does she even have the money and time to go to both of those, especially AWA. It's expensive to even hit up both Dragoncon and AWA but with her income, it's impossible.

No. 171770

Maybe she is hooking it on the side?

No. 172109

File: 1473303200417.jpeg (80.58 KB, 750x575, image.jpeg)

Less than a week after her "new idea" to sell headbands and other shit that's losing popularity, she's on to a new "project!" I'm sure her doll repaints will look totally awesome and sell really well in the overly saturated market of doll repainters.

No. 172219

File: 1473347222212.jpg (64.59 KB, 400x533, tumblr_mqrxjlTfL21s1n4mqo1_400…)

Oh, dis gon be gud.

No. 172227

No. 172241


No. 172254

Lord help us

No. 172258

I've been out of the loop for quite some time with Ashley, does she actually have some form of a mental disorder? I feel like the fact she hasn't improved and is ok with all this sloppy work is a sign something else is going on.

No. 172266

Fucking dead. hahaha

No. 172286

Apparently she's been confirmed an aspie with BPD, but those are her claims so it's hard to say if it's true or not.

No. 173693

File: 1473795635804.jpg (204.59 KB, 1195x1950, FB_IMG_1473795437613.jpg)

JFC Her aoba though! That is not how you're supposed to put on his belt like what even is she doing?? Look, can you not?

No. 173736


…is she pregnant??

No. 173745

No she's probably just using her fat gut as a mpreg gimmick. She's gotta get those photos some how since her awful costuming alone isn't doing it.

No. 173869

I would work out every day for a month and eat nothing but veggies/fruits if I had that gut. She's disgusting.

How is she not embarrassed?

No. 173887

She's still trying to find a way to get to AWA. Like girl, you need to plan for these things ahead. You just got back from Dragon*con and now she's expecting someone to drive her there. Haha that's cute. How is she gonna survive living in Atlanta when she doesn't have the funds to get there??

No. 173892

While everyone likes to say they are some form of mental snowflake I would not be surprised is Ashley is the real deal.

She needs shape wear. The way she's standing makes her look like a dwarf. From the thumbnail I thought the boots were good. But it looks like she sloppily painted some clogs.Her coordination with paint and makeup has always been hilariously bad. Does she have motor skill problems or is she just too lazy to do things right?

No. 173899

File: 1473874490063.jpg (51.01 KB, 417x469, notboots.jpg)

I also thought the boots were actually boots until I enlarged the pic. They look like loafers with a very bad paint job, black socks and then some kind of fabric covering her calves that's falling apart.

No. 173992

File: 1473889619137.jpg (164.5 KB, 1429x518, Screenshot_20160914-173639.jpg)

Like you need to start thinking before you plan for other cons. Does she really think she's willing to she can ride with someone without paying any money? I mean if she wants to go then take the fucking amtrek or the greyhound. You might be paying as much as gas for someone you might be riding with.

No. 174026

I make 16 dollars an hour and cant afford all these cons shes going to. does she have a good job?? or is she getting this money somewhere?

No. 174047

She literally went to Katsucon, Momocon, one day of AMA(when she says she wasn't going to save herself some money), Dragoncon, and now AWA, AND AUSA. She says she's not going to Nekocon but odds are, she probably will. Dude I make around $18 and I don't even go to that many cons in a year and most of those cons are expensive as fuck. coughcoughkatsucon,momocon,dragoncon,awacoughcough*

No. 174075

Oh fuck, is this mess in Virginia? I hope she goes to Magfest so I can witness the cringe up close.

No. 174092

Looks like she deleted this status, probably because everyone was telling her to be an adult and plan and budget again. She probably baww'd her usual excuses and then decided to pretend it didn't happen.

No. 174093

she does have really nice legs though. im jealous of that

No. 174096

File: 1473907082405.jpeg (100.54 KB, 750x558, image.jpeg)

I honestly think she craves the negative attention at the point. In the thread she told someone they were Tumblr messages, and when someone pointed out Ashley had disabled anonymous messages on Tumblr, she claimed people were making bot accounts to send the messages…to harass her…about something at least 2 or 3 years old…Sure, Ashley.

No. 174099

whats a tika

No. 174100

it sounds like she gets alot of advice and ignores it

No. 174103

File: 1473907756226.jpeg (36.19 KB, 313x470, image.jpeg)

Being even a casual acquaintance can be exhausting when she publicly posts asking for advice, and then chooses to completely disregard it when you don't give her the answer she wants.
They're a headpiece jewelry in Indian culture, usually used for weddings and other major celebrations.

No. 174105

is it sound advice or crap advice?

No. 174106

Sound advice, every time. "Hey, if trying to go to so many conventions stresses you financially, weigh which ones are more important to you and plan accordingly." "If you can't afford medical treatment for your pet, why not take the money you were going to use to start a new cosplay and use that instead?"
I could go on.

No. 174110

No. 174111

Can confirm that >>174106 is completely spot on. She'll whine about something but the moment you offer advice she immediately flips out and comes up with excuses as to why she can't then if you keep trying to work with her she'll rage delete or block you depending on the website.

No. 174127

I should point out that her AWA status she wrote is in the Anime Weekend Atlanta FB groups, not on her actual profile. That status is still there. One person is literally freaking how crazy she sounds from going from Virginia to Georgia. She does sound pretty crazy if, the odds are of someone in Virginia is gonna drive her down to AWA.

No. 174131

Ah, guess I assumed she'd deleted it since she's done it before. I checked it out in the thread and she repeatedly admits she can't afford to actually GO to the con, so why the fuck is she trying?! If you can't afford to even get to the convention, don't buy a fucking badge.

No. 174141

Wait, she already bought a badge?

No. 174143

I would assume so, given her shit planning and how insistent she is on going. She hasn't mentioned needing roommates at the hotel, though, so it's possible she hasn't yet.

No. 174147

Wait, are you serious? She literally said she can't afford to go and yet she STILL insists on going?? WTF?? I wanna see screenshots of this. She just got back from Dragon*con! Why the fuck does she believe she's gonna be able to go to both cons that's 2 weeks apart from each other on her low cost budget?? If she can't even afford gas or transportation money, then don't fucking go! Priorities man! WTH?!

No. 174148

File: 1473920210917.jpeg (134.57 KB, 750x877, image.jpeg)

Ask and you shall receive.

No. 174151

So she really expects someone to give her a free ride that far? I wouldn't even expect that of my closest friends.

No. 174255

File: 1473972165593.png (24.23 KB, 1029x52, brokeassbitch.PNG)

>I don't really want to pay that much for a greyhound bus
I don't know where the hell in VA she is so I used Richmond. Yes, I mad.

No. 174271

As far as I know, she lives in Chesterfeild.

No. 174349

Both basically correct. Girl, that is not that expensive. If you want it badly enough, save up your money!

No. 174430

I'm pretty sure I ran into her at Dcon. I recognised her teeth.

No. 174492

85 Barely got me from Northern VA to GA to halfway through SC

No. 174848

File: 1474176778633.jpg (883.93 KB, 1437x2452, Screenshot_20160918-012745.jpg)

How is she STILL trying to hit up AWA AND AUSA?! She's fucking nuts. She doesn't even have the funds! Like how the fuck on her minimum wage budget? If I see her at AWA or AUSA, I'm gonna fucking judge her hard.

I'm still gonna keep calling her Asherbee cause that fucking name she's using is slandering poor Axel's(KH) name. JFC and stop getting into Nitro Citro stuff. You're ruining it for everyone. Like stop!

No. 174904

Did she always slander her sister?

No. 174938

Probably is expecting someone to offer her a free ride to Atlanta at the last minute.

No. 174951

If Erin is the one who gave her the DA membership, she's actually the sister Ashley really likes but is also extremely jealous of. Erin dyed her hair red? Ashley did too immediately after. Erin cosplayed Black Widow? "OMG WIDOW AMD HAWKEYE ARE MY OTP!" She blatantly jumps on anything someone she both admires and envies gets positive attention for. The parallels between shit she's done this year alone mirroring another person she used to be friends with is insane.
Now yeah, almost nothing in the cosplay community is original, but Ashley ALWAYS suddenly jumps on and becomes obsessed with something that got someone she knows positive attention and feedback. Her constantly tossed aside projects are evidence of it too.

No. 174954

Also forgot to mention, Erin is apparently a decently popular comedian at a local place in her city. As soon as she started getting minor recognition for it, suddenly Ashley is all, "LOL I COULD TOTES BE A COMEDIAN GUYS, I'M SO WITTY AND HILARIOUS!" Then crickets when no one pat her ass and encouraged her, and she hasn't mentioned it since.

No. 174957

Wow that's news to me. I didn't know about that. Kinda makes you wonder how she got into Nitro+Chiral stuff. Like ew, who'd want to pair with her as both Aoba and Konoe. Like she doesn't even showers or brush her teeth everyday.

No. 175266

File: 1474338203206.jpeg (248.84 KB, 750x1135, image.jpeg)

Wtf is with her and meek, girly boys? Without the caption, I would've assumed this was human MLP fan art.

No. 175780

I wonder if she's still going to AWA. Any news on her stupidness??

No. 176738

File: 1474779531594.png (170.19 KB, 750x726, IMG_2846.PNG)

No. 176739

File: 1474779568220.png (57.77 KB, 688x373, IMG_2845.PNG)

Nobody needs to know these things…

No. 176751

File: 1474786185663.jpeg (12.57 KB, 208x172, image.jpeg)

Is…Is she implying she used nair on her pubes? Fuck, Ashley, why do you publicly share this shit?!

No. 176823

File: 1474814951915.jpg (90.24 KB, 1280x960, http://40.media.tumblr.com/5b5…)

I just got uncomfortable reading that post

No. 176828

I hope she patch tested and only has a small area of reaction because otherwise she's gonna be embarrassed and uncomfortable for a while

No. 176876

File: 1474831039133.png (655.52 KB, 800x816, Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 11.2…)

No. 176883

>likely on pubic hair
That shit's going to burn and itch for days if it doesn't leave permanent marks. That stuff burned the fuck out of my leg in one place so I can just imagine how badly she's just wrecked a part of herself that she shouldn't have been slathering Nair on in the first place.

No. 176884

File: 1474832342664.jpg (83.77 KB, 605x830, 6b9c7dd3fd6cd0ef8926c26e59d8b2…)

Sorry for the double post but this looks like she just ripped off that one femboy from Teahouse and made his hair longer.

No. 176927


There's literally no indication it was pubic hair, yall are reading too much into it. Maybe it was a mustache or something. All Nair burns are embarrassing ffs

No. 176949

File: 1474846628527.png (117.68 KB, 747x975, IMG_2850.PNG)

No. 177233


No. 177351

File: 1474964669464.png (39.72 KB, 747x260, IMG_2864.PNG)

Apparently She is still going.

No. 177381

Welp, I'm gonna judge her hard at AWA then. She's so stupid to be spending so much on a greyhound bus for a con that happens every year, when she could've used that money for something else. And lord, she better not be doing any more yaoi shoots cause no one wants to that.

No. 177536

So she's confirmed for taking the Greyhound? Shit, if I were going this year I'd have to share a bus with her since there's only one to Atlanta and we're a state away.
Suddenly glad I don't have her fountain of mystery money flowing that enables her to go to all these cons.

No. 177554

File: 1475031412499.jpg (163.34 KB, 1438x840, Screenshot_20160927-225210.jpg)

Her line-up is disgusting. Ain't nobody wanna see her nasty ass Aoba and Konoe, hell I cosplayed from Diabolik Lovers, I ain't sucking her nasty blood for photos. And JFC Grell really?? Omg why?! She's gonna ruin that one. Fuck me, I better not run into her AWA.

No. 177574

I dont understand why people bring any more than 4 serious cosplays to a con. I can understand if some of them are casual and some are like a PAIN to wear but if they're all like in that middle ground what's the point? It's gonna take you like an hour to change costumes and AWA isnt even a super late night con so it's such a waste of time. What happened to just enjoying costumes???

Like imho it's best to take 3-4 'legit' costumes to a con. You can carry more if they're super casual (something like Pretime-skip Nami from one piece or even casual Usagi stuff) but it just feels like a HUGE hassle to me

Then again this is Asherbee we're talking about so it's not like she has any groups or anyone to hangout with so I guess it doesnt matter.

No. 177593

I think it's cause AWA is pretty much a 5 day con. Their pre-reg starts on Wednesday night. So I guess I'm assuming some people bring more cosplays if the con is a lot longer like D*Con. Other cons like Katsucon that start on Thursday, people bring about 6 so they can wear 1 cosplay on thursday, 2 on friday and saturday, and 1 on sunday. That just seems easier that way. But bringing more than 6 is just nuts. I know one person who does that every con.

No. 177607

To be fair, 5 is about average here at UK cons. 3 for during the days and 2 for at night for after parties but they're usually super casual variants

No. 177893

File: 1475146341424.jpg (1.05 MB, 1394x1645, Screenshot_20160929-064945.jpg)

God damn it! What makes her to believe this looks good on her. Like stop, it's gross.

No. 177894

File: 1475146403388.jpg (992.77 KB, 1413x1623, Screenshot_20160929-065018.jpg)

Another shot of her gross new haircut.

No. 177917

File: 1475157705661.jpg (1.38 MB, 1436x1844, 20160929_100013.jpg)

Wait wait, so now she decided to fly to get to AWA?? Where the fuck is she getting that kind of money??

No. 177921

How is she going to fit all this shit on a plane? She'd be paying out the ass for extra baggage fees.

No. 177925

Oh my god, that's the worst haircut I've seen in years.

No. 177926

File: 1475163379902.jpg (23.81 KB, 438x308, why.jpg)

Holy shit, why not just shave it all off at this point?

No. 177957

I have to say, she makes the best fakeboi yet. She looks EXACTLY like the nerdy boys in my high school, it's uncanny.

Imagine her slurping a Monster and listening to KMFDM.

No. 177962

All met up, all on same flight, all rooming together? Looks like she suckered some friends into chipping in for a plane ticket.

No. 177975

That look in their eyes. Poor children.

No. 177977

This is unfortunate.

No. 177980

I don't know what it is about this photo, but Ash doesn't look distinctly fug in it like she does in others. Weird.

No. 178043

File: 1475197194201.jpg (128.71 KB, 1152x2048, FB_IMG_1475197148407.jpg)

JFC That face

No. 178053

Not just the face that wig

No. 178069

That wig is fucking awful. JESUS!

No. 178073

i feel really bad for saying this but i had my glasses off and at first glance i thought this was the cake version of aoba lolololol im so blind

No. 178214

Not even the blur filter could save this.

No. 178227

File: 1475252140244.jpg (92.24 KB, 1152x2048, FB_IMG_1475251748535.jpg)

Who's that cause that is not Grell.

No. 178282

I thought it was bad until I saw the eyebrows and now I just feel sad for her.

No. 178295

her lips look like a pale, powdered pussy

No. 178402

File: 1475304187571.jpg (116.86 KB, 1152x2048, FB_IMG_1475304048767.jpg)

Her costume is good but my god, that make-up hurts. Wtf even is she doing to her eyebrows??

No. 178406

She couldn't even be bothered to change makeup for her characters… same crap she had on all day…

No. 178413

File: 1475306428371.jpg (61.61 KB, 405x720, IMG_2891.JPG)

No. 178421


No. 178434

Oh my god! I didn't even notice until I enlarged the image. Does look like it doesn't it.

No. 178464

I don't know what to be disturbed by more in this photo.

>that bad craftsmanship

>that same makeup with different eyebrows
>that ratty wig
>the trashed hotel room in the back

No. 178479

File: 1475338688092.jpg (71.25 KB, 1152x2048, FB_IMG_1475338593707.jpg)

I'm pretty sure she didn't do this kind of make-up herself. It seems waaaay out of her make-up techniques. I'm just gonna assume one of her roommates did it.

No. 178487

Anon, it looks like utter garbage, so I'm guessing it's her own work. Suprisingly original, I'll give you that.

No. 178626

File: 1475385055416.jpg (89.95 KB, 1152x2048, FB_IMG_1475384908406.jpg)

Somebody fucking stop her like ew, no one needs to see more of her DMMD cosplays. Sly Blue seriously?! How about FUCK NO!

No. 178635

I'm almost afraid to ask what is going on behind her…

No. 178666

What kind of filter is she even slapping on all her pictures these days? It's like an early Myspace photo.

No. 178756

File: 1475434354173.jpg (44.99 KB, 1137x640, FB_IMG_1475430481378.jpg)

Jesus that wig! Those poor vampires.

No. 178763

Tbh this looks like a pic of 4 Ashs hahaha goddamn shitty cosplayers

No. 178764

fucking hell why do weebs want to hang around at cons being cringe in wigs and role playing and shit, people and life are artificial

No. 178768

Why do all her pictures look so blurry? Idk if it's an app she's using to try and look less like shit or she needs to really clean her fucking lenses jfc.

No. 178777

If you look at the face of the person on the left compared to the one on the right closest to her, you can tell she's using a blur tool probably thinking it makes her look better. Maybe it's Meitu app?

No. 178803

File: 1475447435042.png (63.55 KB, 750x376, IMG_2893.PNG)

The fact she didn't know to either move her stuff to a more secure bag or lock up her case is astounding. Maybe she'll realize exactly how much this trip has cost her… but then I remembered who we were talking about here. Mommy and daddy will probably just buy her all new stuff if her box can't be recovered…

No. 178844

File: 1475462879015.jpg (177.14 KB, 1440x489, Screenshot_20161002-224420.jpg)

WTF?! She JUST got back from 2 cons 2 weeks apart and now she's planning on going to another one 2 weeks from now?? GOD DAMN!

No. 178854

File: 1475465337447.jpg (275.07 KB, 1440x610, Screenshot_20161002-232446.jpg)

Serves her right for spending so much money on a con she could've gone to some other year and should've used that money to save for a car, or her teeth, or her hip issues but as usual cons>adulting according to her.

No. 178868

This better not be an attempt to gain pity and soon a sk for donations for her cosplay shit and all the stuff she 'lost'.

No. 178922

It sounds like maybe she might cancel AUSA? I mean she did lose all her wigs and stuff so she might cancel it just get herself more pity. Heaven forbid she go to a con just to have fun.

No. 178924

Well good cause she don't need to be spending money on just conventions. She needs to learn how to adult. She's 22 years old and needs to understand how the real world works.

No. 178929

File: 1475509256935.jpg (165.34 KB, 1377x471, Screenshot_20161003-113654.jpg)

Apparently she's still going?? She better stay the fuck away from me.

No. 178939

How the fuck does a camera 'not tale all of the photos'??? Like if you took them you took them it sounds like MAJOR bs cause I'm pretty sure every single camera will show you the image before you continue taking pictures they dont just disappear.

No. 178961

File: 1475518372850.png (119.01 KB, 750x569, IMG_2902.PNG)

That's what we've been telling you, stupid dumbass.

No. 178962

Mine doesn't show them right after I take a picture. And maybe her memory card ran out? Agreed total bs though. Just looking for pitty.

No. 178963

What? She's planning on attending Ichibancon now?? Girl, you're already pulling cons right out of your ass.

No. 178992

Fucking hell she's edging into NC cons now. At least she'll never go to Animazement after she threw a fit in the FB group and got laughed out.

No. 178995

Omg what? What happened in the AZ group?? I didn't know she was trying to hit up AZ before.

No. 178999

This was back when she was big on /cgl/ but she wanted to go to Animazement one year and someone on /cgl/ said if they saw her they'd be tempted to push her into the fountain up front.
Despite her claiming that "I don't go on 4chan because it gives me computer viruses!!!" she made a big fuss on the AZ FB group about how threatened she felt and how she had wanted to go and now she'd changed her mind. Some of the AZ people knew about her drama and pretty much just told her to not come because no one would miss her.
I'd check the archive for caps but I think it's been too long for anything to still be there.

No. 179013

That's hilarious, omg.

No. 179267

File: 1475632345234.jpg (281.91 KB, 1420x592, 20161004_214849.jpg)

Oh God why? No one wants to see her as Aoba. JFC why?! GTF AWAY FROM NITRO+CHIRAL CHARACTERS! She better not cosplay from other NC games like Sweet Pool and Togainu no Chi. I doubt she would handle the graphic materials but God, will she just stop and leave the gay boys alone and stop making them look feminine??

No. 179340

I had a feeling this would happen. If she whines loud enough she'll some how guilt people into 'donating' stuff to replace her ratty, dirty stuff.

No. 179344

And she hasn't even given the airline time to find her missing bag either. Makes you winder if she really lost it or if she just forgot it at the con. She said someone took a couple eyeshadow from the other part of her case… but wouldn't you be able to tell if the tape was broken?

No. 179347

The better question is who would WANT her old used eyeshadows?
Also this has been bugging me but what kind of makeup case does she have that she can fit wigs plus props and "other items"?

No. 179351

File: 1475667779455.jpg (495.23 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_2907.JPG)

It had two parts. This is the top one.

No. 179354

Aah, okay. With how bad and same-looking her makeup is, I was expecting a tiny case, not one of the professional ones. If this is the part leftover from after TSA lost the bottom half, it looks perfectly fine to me aside from a few dents. I don't see how this is a "total loss".

No. 179366

She's so stupid if she thinks she's gonna get all her shitty cosplays, wigs, and make-up. And from what I heard, she said she feels the most comfortable in Aoba. Why?! Plus I'm pretty sure Delta doesn't give a shit about her stuff cause they gotta deal with other important bs too. But whateve, that's what she gets for flying to a con she knows she doesn't have the money for. Karma's a bitch honestly.

No. 179367

File: 1475675224951.jpg (351.27 KB, 1426x720, Screenshot_20161005-094453.jpg)

Guys, keep a watch out for a GoFund me account.

No. 179369

I really want to think her bag is fine and she just realized how shitty her wigs are becoming and is running low on makeup. So she's throwing this pity party in hopes people will give her free money to spend on shitty costumes and going to 8798793942 different cond.

No. 179383

Yeah I mean, it's bad enough you see people asking for money to go to cons. Honestly, this is no better. She needs to learn that shit happens and that's life. I mean, I had shit stolen from me in my car when it was locked up and STILL haven't received payment from all the things that robber stole and it's been years. I swear if she makes a gofundme for her cosplays then I'm just gonna laugh. She's gotta learn to try and resolve the problem with Delta and go from there but as usual she's impatient cause she wants all of her cosplays in time for all her other cons she was planning on pulling out of her ass.

No. 179391

>the one method I don't want to use
She makes it sound like she's never begged for anything before, much less recently.

No. 180054

she's referring to mfc, not a gofund me.

No. 180059

her and that camgirl friend she ratted out on here can cam together. That would be a beautiful nightmare.

No. 180144

lord, if she became a camgirl, she'd be like kassi kandi ver 2

No. 180150

File: 1475733358985.png (121.01 KB, 750x623, IMG_2909.PNG)

Now pick whichever character is most girly boy or abused and that's who she's going to cosplay…

No. 180205

File: 1475754952259.gif (515.46 KB, 268x268, tumblr_odcrh1DxqL1v24kzto4_400…)

God help us all. She'll probably dump mad cash on ice skates too to be THE BEST then get upset when con staff won't let her bring them in as a prop.

No. 180221

GDI ASHLEY! STOP TRYING TO THINK YOU CAN COSPLAY FROM A SPORTS ANIME! First Free! and now this?? For those of you that don't know, yeah, she wanted to cosplay from Free awhile ago. Gdi just leave all the sports animes alone. No one wants to see that on ice at all.

No. 180225

Inb4 she anounces shes doing a female to male transition.

No. 180264

File: 1475777404580.jpg (207.61 KB, 1437x538, Screenshot_20161006-140809.jpg)

GDI ASHLEY! No ones gonna wanna see your skanky ass DMMD. She's honestly gonna fuck it up and bring in a bunch of underage kids.

No. 180274


No. 180280

Bitch stay away from Yuri on Ice…

No. 180282

whos got news on her lost suitcase fiasco?

No. 180296

>implying DMMD wasn't for 15-year old girls to begin with though

No. 180301

You know, I've never truly been grateful for being a non-popular series fujoshit but now I am. Could you imagine truly liking this stuff and seeing Asher's face in every single fandom?

No. 180363

It's so sad and disgusting. I'm just now liking a lot of the series that are coming out this year and here she is trying to make a name for herself and thinking she can cosplay from every single thing I've been into so far. It's kinda stalkerish tbh and it's starting to get on my last nerves.

No. 180636

She does have some stalkerish tendencies. Hasn't she cosplayed from stuff before she didn't even know because she saw X on her FB doing it first?

No. 180732

Pretty sure she did. Like I don't even think she even knows the DMMD game,just the anime and same goes for Lamento. She only wants to do it because it's yaoi and she believes she'll get a gf/bf. I don't even know anymore. I mean she also does the same thing with sports animes. She's just now getting Yuri on Ice? Why?? Because of all the male touching.

No. 180733

File: 1475879621087.png (973.62 KB, 800x974, wigs.png)

shes selling old wigs to get her lost wigs back

No. 180848

She can't even brush her wigs before she tries to sell them off? Let me guess, the prices are ridiculous as well.

No. 180867

>that silver wig
Just throw it away if it's been hacked up that badly. Gross.

No. 181092

File: 1475978267770.png (87.98 KB, 540x667, Screenshot_2016-10-08-21-54-55…)

No. 181105

icant remember how much I spent on toilet paper and she can remember it down to 75 cents???

No. 181106

How the fuck can she spend so much money on those kind of things?

No. 181107

987 litterally seems like she just chose three numbers on the keyboard and went down the line then added the 75 cents for good measur

No. 181204

File: 1476024900242.png (415.45 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-10-09-10-50-33…)

Hurricane Matthew may have cut my power but my salt lives on. It's potentially going to hit her but even if it doesn't be prepared for whining on every platform she has.

No. 181218

File: 1476028274931.jpg (22.9 KB, 214x317, IMG_0972.JPG)

All I can think of with her new hair is Divine. And then I feel sorry for insulting Divine

No. 181313

File: 1476046680817.jpg (179.66 KB, 553x720, IMG_2920.JPG)

No. 181317

File: 1476047365754.png (72.98 KB, 750x498, IMG_2919.PNG)

No. 181319

Is she ripping off Rose of Versailles fashion now but with Dorito-senpai and Shota Boy drawing style? With how dumpy a face pinkie has, you know it's gotta be her self-insert.

No. 181329


Oh fuck no….

No. 181331


There's just so much wrong with this. The pink-haired balloon head, "brutal Koo" (what?), the…are those arms on Pinkie?…THAT FUCKING WONKY EYE on Blondie…

Please tell me this is something she did in middle school.

No. 181350

File: 1476054776213.jpg (879.49 KB, 1575x2048, IMG_2921.JPG)

So… you fixed it but left the "c" capitalized? Not sure which is worse…it's obvious this chick didn't finish high school.

No. 181355

File: 1476057076829.png (118.83 KB, 750x516, IMG_2922.PNG)

No. 181356

She mispelled seize as well.

No. 181360

File: 1476057713857.jpg (135.47 KB, 750x740, IMG_8741.JPG)

No. 181361

File: 1476057935944.png (136.2 KB, 694x569, IMG_2925.PNG)

No. 181362

Ha! This is just another example of Ashley getting sound advice then getting mad and playing the victim.

No. 181376

>you're kingdom
I'm sure he is, but the writing and sentence structure on that page is something you would expect from 13 year old learning english as second language.

No. 181380

and shes 22 years old???????

No. 181382

Even the most basic free spellchecker would be able to point out mistakes like "sancutary" and ”favoite" to her. Bad spelling aside, the lack of white space makes it really annoying to read as well.

No. 181470


You're kingdom, I'm kingdom, he's kingdom…we're all kingdom.

No. 181481

File: 1476103047697.png (214.55 KB, 360x360, image.png)

"Are there any other Kingdoms I should know about?!"

No. 181607

Posting the page with the blatant error then fighting about it's importantnce makes you a moron..

No. 181622

File: 1476138164053.jpg (64.25 KB, 476x344, meyow.jpg)



No. 181643

File: 1476142742947.png (143.51 KB, 1440x724, 20161010_193722.png)

Apparently she's trying to make bunny suits herself at Katsu next year. Ain't nobody wants to see all that blubber.

No. 181644

File: 1476143124287.jpg (283.14 KB, 1392x1515, Screenshot_20161010-194121.jpg)

You're not lying there. She is honestly ruining the DL and the DMMD cosplay community. Why does she have to copy what everybody else does? Like I saw someone wanted to do the same thing and then she goes off and decides to cosplay bunny suits herself at the same con the other person is. She's crazy if she thinks she'll get a bf/gf/trans partner by doing this cause that's clearly her intention.

No. 181646

Her Aoba is awful enough without making it tighter and skimpier. She does realize it's going to be freezing cold at both those cons, right?

No. 181684

I don't think she cares as long as she gets with someone in her Aoba or Yui bunnysuits.

No. 181685

If she wears fishnets I bet her legs would look good

No. 181687

Nobody wants to see her wearing fishnets either. I don't think anybody does.

No. 181689

File: 1476150372231.jpeg (46.39 KB, 480x360, image.jpeg)

anyone who wears fishnets I see this

No. 181700

My brain is raging hard at all these punctuation errors.

No. 181775

File: 1476173297177.png (45.72 KB, 731x314, IMG_2935.PNG)

I think someone lost a bet

No. 181777

File: 1476173598992.png (187.16 KB, 750x988, IMG_2936.PNG)

No. 181779

Muscle?? What muscle?! She still looks the same to me and I'm pretty sure she sucked in her gut to take that side photo.

No. 181822

Why is that wall plastic wrapped with palm trees?

No. 181863

they seemed to have prepared for hurricane matthew

No. 181902

File: 1476203413983.png (402.42 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161011-080904.png)

Did anyone catch the post she deleted?

No. 181980

File: 1476216898355.png (32.92 KB, 734x308, IMG_2937.PNG)

Insert "someone should come hang out! Come get me!" Pitty party.

No. 181996

Did anyone write under that status cause apparently she deleted it probably cause people got sick of her whining.

No. 182024

i didn't get a chance to read it but it looked there was a lot and large paragraphs of writing

No. 182188

Ah shit and I missed all the fun.

No. 182311

It was mainly "head up, I am going to be abusive due to my mental issues" than someone suggested that she used a journal instead of being a twat, but ofc she had to throw a fit that "My mental issues aren't like yours. Let me ABUSE people"

No. 182324

File: 1476253436479.png (28.08 KB, 692x162, IMG_2938.PNG)

Get the fuck out. Don't you touch the vollydorks…

No. 182329

And hunter x hunter… no. Keep your yaoi fangirl bullshit away from Gon and Killua's 12yr old selves. Creep.

I bet she's going to be into Hisoka x Gon too.

No. 182331

File: 1476254823418.png (39.98 KB, 612x253, IMG_2097.PNG)

No. 182332

she yelled at someone who gave life tips? what a shock.

No. 182333

This bitch kind of reminds me of momo with how big of a try-hard she is in so many different fandoms. The momo of shit yaoi cosplay.

No. 182338

no not overwatch!!
And why is widowmaker "daddy" ?

No. 182421

File: 1476280491887.png (911.04 KB, 1440x2259, 20161012_095150.png)

Idk why she thinks this sports anime is different from all the rest. If she thinks she's gonna make a cute Yuri, she's crazy. And btw she calls it Yaoi on Ice. IT'S NOT YAOI ON ICE, ITS YURI! Get it right, bitch!

No. 182426

File: 1476282193698.png (132.15 KB, 750x631, IMG_2939.PNG)

No. 182428

Gender fluidity pisses me off. Most of the time it's just girls who some days feel like they want to jeans and other days want to wear dresses. That's life, that's not special of unque in anyway and its problematic in of itself.

Ash is retarded and try hard as fuck.

No. 182450

Isn't that saying that she's a tomboy?? Sometimes I feel that way too but that doesn't mean I'm genderfluid. It just means you're a total tomboy at times. One of my sisters is the same way. God, why is she so stupid.

No. 182470

File: 1476313846428.png (123.57 KB, 750x824, IMG_3886.PNG)

"Rofl here's a funny story about me and my dad!"
"Jk fuck that sperm doner."
Even her parents are only convenient props when she wants them.

No. 182484

At what point is she going to realize that her best option is to get a job and move out of her parent's house? She makes daily FaceBook posts about how much she hates her parents but has never taken any steps to be independent. I mean fuck, she's talking about turning off her phone to make her dad worry, but who is paying for her service?

No. 182495

File: 1476320684847.jpg (391.68 KB, 1434x877, Screenshot_20161012-210017.jpg)

Hahahaha is she serious right now? Does she know how badly she treats her wigs? Arda is a top rate wig company. There's no way she'll get accepted.

No. 182557

Because it's not a stupid sport, it's ~elegant performance art~ or whatever shit she rambled on to justify getting on the newest thing.

No. 182559

HA. After the photos we got of her recent cons and her unkempt, unstyled wigs, Arda's gonna easily look over her. Don't even know why that's worthy of a Facebook post. Now if she actually made some really nice, complex wigs then that's worthy of a FB post that she was going to try for Arda.

No. 182562

File: 1476332040801.jpg (573.4 KB, 1404x1247, Screenshot_20161013-001120.jpg)

I was thinking about attending this con and then I saw this. Turns out she might have a table at Ichi?? Just another con she pulled out of her ass to attend when she said she wasn't gonna do that anymore.

No. 182565

anyone see if she uploaded photos of her in her wigs? curious to see if it's the ones she "lost" at the airport

No. 182566

this is probably going to be another post with friends of hers telling her to save her money and not go and then she gets angry and deletes it

No. 182567

It's actually in the Ichibancon FB group page.

No. 182568

where is she getting all this damn money????? i only go to around 2 cons a year and it's about a thousand out of pocket yet this girl goes to as much as 10

No. 182571

Out of her ass?? Wish I knew and she only works a minimum wage job. I know most people who have full time jobs that work way over $7-8 an hour and they don't go to half of that many cons as she does. Honestly, it makes no sense. I hope she never gets her money back from that airline cause she's honestly gonna just use that money to go to more cons than ever.

No. 182717

File: 1476384458221.jpg (945.84 KB, 1468x2048, IMG_3887.JPG)

>When you draw your fav little Dark Woods princess in something resembling Kimono Street Style/Japanese Street Style. And she comes out adorable af.
For someone who claims to ~love fashion~ and Japan so much, it's pretty sad she gets the most basic shit wrong.

No. 182718

File: 1476384548598.png (156.51 KB, 750x948, IMG_3888.PNG)

And god forbid anyone even politely point out her mistakes. But no, Ash, you've totally changed and can handle constructive criticism.

No. 182739

File: 1476391677964.png (80.53 KB, 750x672, IMG_2940.PNG)

No. 182741

File: 1476393119219.png (66.13 KB, 750x368, IMG_2941.PNG)

Take your scrap fabric and your ideas, put them in a barrel and burn them.

No. 182742

lol why do fangirls always think they are anime guys?

No. 182757

Because she's a weeaboo

No. 182758

Cause she's a "gender fluid" weeaboo who wants to be and / or fuck an anime character

No. 182794

File: 1476412306406.png (41.3 KB, 750x221, IMG_2942.PNG)

No. 182801

ah yes because lipstick doesnt stick to straws. What a genius of our time.

Its sad that she's been into 'makeup' for all these years now and she still doesnt know basic stuff like this.

No. 182923

One step away from Fictionkin.

No. 183154

File: 1476495667870.png (102.18 KB, 750x584, IMG_2946.PNG)

No. 183315

I got that e-mail too. It was a mass e-mail sent to people that get their newsletter. It's nothing special.

Honestly? She probably never pays bills. Don't her parents usually foot her bills when she does colossal fuckups like when people drop out of her room?

No. 183337

I know for a fact she pays a cell phone bill but that's pretty much it. Makes me wonder the reason why she ain't looking for a car right now is cause she doesn't want to worry about paying for it. Welcome to life sweetheart.

No. 183395

File: 1476586658077.png (96.98 KB, 982x406, Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 9.56…)

No. 183397

""""""""""""""a little"""""""""""""" more anatomy practice

No. 183398

'a legit mangaka' and yet she doesnt say who it is. I bet it's some webcomic artist that she shoved her art at and wanted her out of their face. I've seen so many horror stories of people in artist alleys have no-talents like asher shove their art at them and try to tell them their 'totally original comic idea'

No. 183410

'A little more practice'. If that practice includes taking a life drawing class then I approve.

No. 183411

its probably just someone from tumblr

No. 183412

She said it's some person who did the collaboration art work on the Vampire Kisses one shot manga.

No. 183414

File: 1476590372865.jpg (90.5 KB, 505x714, vampire_kisses01.jpg)

Ah, it's Tokyopop.

No. 183415

lol she's gonna get her ass kicked in the fashion world, especially with the way she takes critique

No. 183416

File: 1476590477198.png (70.79 KB, 988x282, Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 10.3…)

someones been reading fifty shades

No. 183417

Except she didn't delete it. XD she nasty

No. 183419

>designs for my comic
>should consider a career not in comics

Is she that dense she didn't realize she'd just been insulted? Clearly we all needed to try this approach from the start.
Instead of telling her that her dozens of useless craft ideas are going to go no where, we could have said if she'd get a 2-4 year degree she could pursue a job in marketing pitching product ideas.

No. 183428

So, did she get the Artist Alley slot?

No. 183451


Hah, yeah. The 'that's really nice' head-patting was probably because it's not in a pro manga-ka's best interests to be a dick to weird weeaboos who shove animu drawings in their faces.

The whole thing says to me that the manga-ka thought Ash's grasp on figure drawing was static, basic and lacking any dynamic elements to indicate she'd be able to handle sequential art. Which is entirely true, and I hope a little constructive criticism makes a positive impact for once when Ash inevitably spends a few weeks churning out fashion designs because ~a REAL MANGA-KA told her she's amazing at them~.

Sage for art sperging.

No. 183659

File: 1476637199039.jpg (252.72 KB, 1440x615, Screenshot_20161016-125849.jpg)

So now she's into this. Guys watch out.

No. 183681

IDK I still cant imagine Rem complimenting her like that. Seeing that it was Rem I'm side eying the statement more. She probably said something along the lines of 'have you been into fashion design? Your anatomy looks like it's heading in that direction.' I cant imaging in my life that Rem would compliment Ash's designs to that extent because she herself is actually a pretty god-tier designer imho. Her current webcomic Devil's Candy is some of the best comic art I've seen, and even moreso since it's a manga style and she does it mostly traditionally.

No. 183689

My rage cannot be contained.

>Yoosung is so precious like a little brother

Shit tasted confirmed. Yoosung is a whiny little bitch so no wonder she likes him. She does realize this is a dating game, right?

No. 183744


It's not even a good game, jesus christ

No. 183748

For someone stating that she hates guys(not transgender ones), she's being very hypocritical on herself.

No. 184043

File: 1476675820230.png (113.75 KB, 723x669, IMG_2947.PNG)

No. 184047

There's fairly simple youtube tutorials on how to make kanzashi petals yet here she is with this mess…

No. 184065

It's not her worst craft she's done

No. 184087

File: 1476687019551.jpg (53.91 KB, 405x720, IMG_2948.JPG)

No. 184094

Those burnt edges and loose threads. I guess it's not the worst thing she's made though?

No. 184105

If she just puts them in her hair and doesn't take close up shots I think it's a passable ornament. I don't think the errors will be noticeable to someone just talking to her from a normal distance. Fairly surprised it came out okay but then again, it's just smaller fabric and not clay so.

No. 184121

File: 1476695596242.png (117.27 KB, 750x920, IMG_2951.PNG)

No. 184258

everyone: well, it's not the worst thing she's made

ash: say no more, i got you fam

No. 184554

File: 1476738759137.png (130.64 KB, 750x964, IMG_2952.PNG)

No. 184803

File: 1476760236486.png (62.06 KB, 747x444, IMG_2294.PNG)

What's with that language

No. 184816

>"But please do not be a passive aggressive cunt."
>Makes passive aggressive status.

No. 184821

File: 1476765888281.png (124.01 KB, 990x482, Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 11.4…)

Yes. that show that NO ONE knows about

No. 184923

File: 1476783856406.jpg (40.27 KB, 547x393, IMG_0267.JPG)

I love this so much. The only reason she feels unwelcome is because she's got a bad reputation and the community is done with her shit. Oooo I could tell stories I swear. So she gets dirty looks and no one wants to be around her because of the drama she starts and how she sucks everyone she knows into it. No one caters to her entitled special snow flake ass anymore, So she's forced to make a cosplay team. That's just sad. With this no drama rule she is likely to be kicked out of her own team. BTW this team is such a copy move, as usual, she can't do anything original.

No. 184929

She's already edging her way into NC so I wouldn't be surprised if that's where she goes next when absolutely no one in VA wants her. She's been sucking up to a FB mutual of mine that I had no idea was friends with her so who knows how long it'll be until she's popping up at every NC con since she's already making plans for Ichi.

Also does anyone else just get the urge to just outdo her in everything like some bizarre motivational tool? Like her shitty cosplays have made me just want to rage cosplay the same characters and have them actually look good to give them some sort of decency after what she does to them.

No. 184962

I can tell you right now she's burned enough bridges in the NC cosplay community and enough people here are done with her selfish bullshit too that that ain't gonna work. Georgia as well by proxy since a lot of them also hang out with the NC community

No. 185125

I do! It does seem that way. Her costests are shit and she thinks it's horrible when people critic her on her make-up but the thing is, it's called a costest for a reason. To improve your makeup with that specific character before the con. But as usual, she thinks everyone being mean to her but in actuality, just sick of her shitty excuses with improving her make-up. She needs to stop copying what everyone else is doing cause it's disgusting. She's a little stalker is what she is.

No. 185175

File: 1476825001313.jpg (251.06 KB, 1408x582, Screenshot_20161018-165633.jpg)

Guys guys!! She's planning on hitting Nekocon after she said she wasn't. Good grief. XD(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 185176

File: 1476825068024.jpg (378.77 KB, 1429x987, Screenshot_20161018-165655.jpg)


She's going just to buy ALL those wigs she lost. Wooooooooow

No. 185180

File: 1476825676643.jpg (61.8 KB, 405x720, IMG_2957.JPG)

No. 185197

File: 1476828479157.png (125.02 KB, 750x1078, IMG_2956.PNG)

She has to have used a sticker, there's no way she painted that eye ball iris…

No. 185206

File: 1476829624328.png (91.07 KB, 730x484, IMG_2961.PNG)

No. 185208


No. 185214

File: 1476830636986.png (43.17 KB, 737x265, IMG_2962.PNG)

No. 185230

File: 1476832904999.jpg (509.06 KB, 1434x960, Screenshot_20161018-192013.jpg)

For anyone that's going to Nekocon, watch out for these cosplays. Dear God, she's bringing her disgusting bad ending Aoba. Does she even have an Aoba wig for that?

No. 185232

File: 1476833449083.png (120.91 KB, 750x820, IMG_2963.PNG)

No. 185242

File: 1476834905165.jpg (416.23 KB, 1376x1100, Screenshot_20161018-195141.jpg)

I fucking knew she'd be going to Neko if AUSA didn't work out for her. I called it! Ichi probably didn't either cause I didn't hear anything about her having a table there. I still think she's pretty crazy to think she can get 6-7 people in her room, let alone the embassy and so close to the con too. JFC

No. 185244

> "in not going to pull cons out of my ass anymore"
>> (proceeds to pull a con out of her ass)

For fucks sale where is this endless fountain of money that she's swimming in to pay for these conventions? What she do? Guilt trip more "friends?" Use the money she's supposed to use on her own car or the health of her pets? Like Jesus my sweet summer child. Stahp. BE A RESPONSIBLE ADULT!! Where did that "life over cosplay" attitude go from that time you emotionally abused your 'cosplay partners' until they fucked you with a logic stick cuz gurl you need it now. I will say a silent prayer for anyone un lucky enough to be going to nekocon.

No. 185248


Why the fuck would you get a hotel room when you are strapped for cash and you could easily drive from Richmond to Hampton. It's maybe an hour to hour and a half drive (depending on traffic) , and I am not saying comment every day but stay one night versus three nights.

No. 185249

commute, damn auto correct.

No. 185251


But then suddenly

It's only been 15 days.

No. 185263

I'm dying cause I knew she was gonna pull this shit! XD

No. 185285

File: 1476839522537.png (105.84 KB, 750x809, IMG_2965.PNG)

Even if I was rooming with someone for a con, or multiple people which I have done… never have I stayed at a place so expensive. Cons are tight for me but… if you need 5 people to lower the price to 164 per person, Thursday to Sunday (3 days since I'm assuming you're leaving Sunday) that would make the cost roughly a little over 820 if I did the math right for the weekend. That's seems rediculously high to me…

No. 185365

That does seem high. I'm only familiar with west coast cons but cons (on this side) usually offer group discounts for rooms. Does NekoCon not have that or did she just get a last minute room through the hotel for that busy weekend? That would explain why it's so high.

No. 185372

She did. She just decided to go at the last minute. I think the reason being it's so high is cause she reserved it so close to the con. She's an idiot for doing that. She's gonna get fucked over like she did last year. She almost couldn't get a room cause she used FB to transfer her hotel money, then she found out the hotel never got her money. Not sure how she was able to recover after that fuck up, might've been her parents again.

No. 185376

Her parents bail her out way to much. And after the shit she gives them… if it were me she'd be kicked out. She's so bi polar on her family. One days it sunshine rainbows and "I can't live without them" then the next day they are dead to her and the worst people ever. I'm just waiting for this to blow up in her face like last year.

No. 185378

Sounds like she lost so many wigs. how is she going to afford replacing them?

No. 185384

Also why the fuck would u bother going Thursday when you haven't prereged? Save money and go down Friday morning instead of
Fronting the hotel for an extra night?

No. 185389

File: 1476851811314.png (248.03 KB, 990x864, Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 11.3…)

shes coming to canada

No. 185390

And then she's going to bitch about not being able to
Afford to get up there and oh whoe is me, gofundme to Canada fam!

No. 185395

File: 1476853206264.jpg (28.89 KB, 183x275, IMG_2966.JPG)

No. 185418

Good luck finding a damn job. Even if she somehow did move, she'd be hurting to come back to US cons since the CAD is weak to the dollar right now. So that sudden $800 USD hotel just became $1000 CAD or so.

What do her parents even do? I lurk a lot so possibly missed this info. They've got to be loaded or something if they keep bailing her ass.

No. 185419

Never known what her parents do, but her house is no bigger than a double-wide. They are anything but rich, which makes it all the more confusing how they pay for all her antics.

No. 185439

File: 1476862598354.png (95.56 KB, 750x930, IMG_2967.PNG)

I got her mother, or her occupation based on what she posted on Facebook.

No. 185449

>>185197 It actually kind of looks like she lay a circle lens down and just coloured in the pupil black… Don't tell me she wasted a circle lens on that!

No. 185457

File: 1476869049204.jpg (215.25 KB, 957x646, eyeballpingpongpkgblgpic.jpg)

Don't worry, she didn't actually draw the eyeball on that ping pong ball at all. They could prepainted but you know she didn't want to mention that part.

No. 185458

*they come prepainted
Sorry for the doublepost but I can't type so early in the morning.

No. 185485

Am I the only one who wants to send all this shit of her bad mouthing her parents or bullying others to her mother? like HERES YOUR LOVELY LITTLE DAUGHTER ISNT SHE A PEACH.

No. 185493

People did that in the past, I believe she logged into her mum's account sometimes and saw them and deleted, or her mum just didn't care? But that was a while ago, I don't know if it would be different now…

No. 185650

Yeah back in the cgl days people tried to contact her mother through FB and she freaked out and would log into the account and delete it all.

No. 185668

She tries to cover her ass by deleting posts on both her and her mothers accounts. But still isn't going to get away from her past. She tried to sue the internet cuz she lost a job cuz the hiring agent actually did the research on her. One of these days it's going to seariously come back to haunt her.

No. 185709

File: 1476916423214.png (169.8 KB, 990x682, Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 5.32…)


No. 185727

I think the anon above is refuting to when she went in for an interview and when she was denied she claimed it on the Encyclopedia Dramatica page that's on her. I think that bs was filed above on here. But yeah she was all ready to sue the web page or something. Even called an attorney and when she was told that what she wanted was impossible and the best she could do was pay a shit ton of money to like get the page removed so she got friends to try and take down the ED page. They didn't take down a single thing. But is was a huge deal for her. And she started a deleting spree. With both posts and people.

No. 185729

Omfg did she rly call the news station? I find all that so hard to believe. Who does stuff like that?

No. 185737

Yeah, I believe she's the kind of asshole who would do this, she's probably cost that poor woman her job and a poor reference when I'm willing to bet she didn't have a bad attitude at all, she probably just didn't lick Ash's boots the way she thinks she deserves.

I've known people like her, don't want to go through the proper channels so they throw a bitch fit and go to the news so they can have some power over who ever it is they're trying to screw over because the airline won't want bad press coverage just for one crazy bitch.

No. 185738

Great! Now I feel sorry for that woman. Ashley was the one that started the bitch fit which probably got the check in lady all hyped up. Now thanks to ashley's fucked up antics, that woman is no longer gonna have a job in that company. Sure, blame your illness's on other people cause that sure solves everything.

NOT ONLY THAT, she'll have a shit ton of money by Nekocon and she's gonna feel so damn proud of it. GTFO U CRAZY ASS BITCH! I'm honestly feeling bad about that check in lady.

No. 185739

I agree. She's one of those people that makes it out to be everyone else's fault and when they don't grovel to her every wish she lashes out. Take the "Inside Out" cosplay group she vile reared herself to be apart of than made some bull shit excuse, mentally abused one of the participants, then tried to make them out to be the bad guys. I heard she went so far as to try and recruit people to post of 4 chan about them and send them hate messages. Basically tried and ruin their lives just cuz they wouldn't take her shit. So it doesn't surprise me that she would go that far to ruin a life of someone she doesn't know when she's so ok with trying to ruin the lives of her "friends".

No. 185741

The worst thing for that poor woman is its close to Christmas, always an expensive time of year, and is she going to be able to get another job in time with a poor reference and a dismissal? Probably not.

No. 185742

Holy hell ash. This is a life you are playing with. This is not one of your bad fanfictions or misspelled comics. This is real life. I can't even.

No. 185743

Oh that just makes everything a WHOLE LOT better for her, doesn't it?? >:(

I hope Ashley is happy cause sooner or later, karma is gonna happen and it's gonna bit her fat ugly ass. SO MUCH KARMA!

Christmas also means that Ashley is gonna bitch and complain about her parents, religion, and what things she cannot get, and then it goes to loving her parents. Til she makes another 180.

No. 185746

No. 185754



No. 185761

She still looks like shit even on the news.

No. 185783

she looks like the michelin man

No. 185785

I hope any future employment sees this article in connection with her bull shit.

No. 185788

Must be an extremely slow news day…

No. 185793

This makes cosplayers as a whole look bad. How are people like this being allowed to represent this art. She's ruining a life, getting people involved that shouldn't, bringing more unessesary attention to herself (how much attention and drama do you need to create ash?!) when she should be saving lovey to get an appartment, go to school, actually become an adult. Like cosplay is a great /hobby/ but that's all it is. I mean yes there are some that do it full time, but ash will never be one of them.

No. 185797

Holy fuck. That delta workers life is forever changed now.

No. 185801

Love how she's goes and bashes her parents. Then cries because the luggage that was broken was a gift from her mom. It's not about the money. But the sentimental value. Which is it Ash? You either hate or love your parents

No. 185803

She only loves her parents when it's convenient for her or when they are paying for her fuck ups

No. 185811

Can someone find out who this delta woman is so we can fight on her behalf?

No. 185813

Now she'll have money for days assuming if they reimburse her for that $900 estimate she made.
Let's see how quickly she goes through it.

No. 185817

I give it less than 72 hours after she gets her refund. She'll burn through it quickly. She seems like an impluse buyer.

No. 185897

I worked in news before so I bet you the ONLY reason Ash got on the news so quick was because she said 'I cosplay' and that's very unusual for the average viewer. That would pull in ratings so they probably jumped on it quick. Had she just lost a normal bag I doubt they would have bothered since it's such a common problem.

Also seeing her suitcase in full view was dumb as fuck. I would NEVER take a detachable case like that on a plane, especially when TSA handles even basic luggage so harshly.

No. 185908

Anyone else surprised she wasn't all over Facebook going "guys! I'm totes on the news! Bitches be jellous"

No. 185929

Yep, this. Unless there was a way to fully lock it on, that was stupidity on her part. That just seems like it would be a pain to carry around and another case would be a lot easier and wouldn't have a chance of falling apart on the way.
Also showing the makeup in the case… nothing was high end, it was all drugstore stuff. I doubt she had a separate section for high end stuff, and how many wigs could she stuff in the bottom of that? Maybe 6 if they were in bags? I highly doubt there was actually $900 in there.

No. 185942

The closeup shots of her makeup case are so fucking gross, everything in there is covered in grime/old product/hair. I love the random bottle of Malibu knocked over on the table next to it too. Stay classy, Ash.

No. 185960

She was on the fucking news this morning and I started screaming and laughing

No. 185962

File: 1476967351712.jpg (428.88 KB, 1439x1275, Screenshot_20161020-084111.jpg)

Someone get this trash away from Yuri on Ice.

No. 185963

File: 1476967498073.jpg (242.02 KB, 1439x701, Screenshot_20161020-084348.jpg)

How does that make you Yuri?? I'm pretty sure A LOT of people feel this way someone like that gets so close. Damn weeaboos

No. 186034

Pick any anime where they get too close to a character and respond like Yuri did. She's those characters too.

No. 186035

Nina and Alexander.

No. 186045

>"Ash was on the news!!"
>oh gosh did she finally get into it with her family?
>"Baaaw Delta lost my luggage!"

How the fuck is this news?

No. 186375

>>"I am scared of men!"
>> (proceeds to like anime that is either just a bit rapie or strictly male and hella gay)

Ok ash. I see how it is.

No. 186386

lets be real NO ONE had gotten as close to ash as victor did yuri in that scene nor would they want to

No. 186465

File: 1477049084743.png (327.82 KB, 640x960, IMG_2452.PNG)

Definitely a lot of doubt when Ashley's $500 estimate went to around $1000 after these comments.

No. 186495

Is she really scared of men? I never would have guessed with how hard she's trying to be one and how obsessed she is with malexmale sex and even rape.
Give it a year or two and she'll be a full fakeboi. She's already headed that way with her hair cut.

No. 186634

No she made this huge deal over being scared of men and that's why she's gay after things went south with some of the cosplayers she was trying latch on to like a parasite. There was like this whole big Tumblr rant on it. See>>146789

No. 186652

File: 1477103829576.png (125.88 KB, 750x841, IMG_2975.PNG)

So…. with 5+ it was close to 164, but with a couple people now it's only 120? Getting your refund check and not having to take some off the top are we?

No. 186668

File: 1477105992349.png (151.66 KB, 717x738, IMG_2976.PNG)

No. 186679

File: 1477107591910.png (148.19 KB, 986x602, Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 10.3…)

> 15 cent raise
> Delta realizing this is a shit show
> where is she getting money to afford all these conssssssssss

No. 186680

File: 1477107962886.png (188.17 KB, 750x929, IMG_2983.PNG)

No. 186681

why is ADHD in quotations?

No. 186686

File: 1477109028931.png (91.64 KB, 750x738, IMG_2985.PNG)

No. 186687

File: 1477109253366.png (114.71 KB, 750x941, IMG_2986.PNG)

No. 186688

File: 1477109404217.gif (31.07 KB, 200x200, 87929_movie-will-ferrell-ancho…)

No. 186696

How tf is she even watching yuri on ice
Like by episode one yuri is basically called a pig and a fatass and loses the weight by episode two

MC yuri is also a professional athlete lel

No. 186742


No. 186743

Of course she'd cosplay MC. It gives her more chances to have all the attention on her and flirt with people. Ash seems the type to force people into fanservice as well. I'm salty as a bag of peanuts over this because I love some MM and MC's outfits are so easy to make but I know she'll fuck them up.

No. 186805

File: 1477161853352.png (109.12 KB, 1010x330, Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 1.43…)

and shes doing attack on titan

No. 186858

Might wanna get a back up for that Mikasa, Levi. You may need it.

No. 186876

Correction, they will definitely need one.

No. 187042

File: 1477218076350.png (33.94 KB, 750x276, IMG_2988.PNG)

Funny how those last minute con problems work…

No. 187048

File: 1477221450969.jpg (48.71 KB, 540x356, IMG_5312.JPG)

No. 187103

> "I can totally aford this last minute thing!"
> "ugh why can't I afford this last minute thing?!?"

Bringing typical ash since 2011

No. 187420

File: 1477295993053.png (242.76 KB, 750x1077, IMG_2993.PNG)

No. 187427

Oh dear sweet Jesus no.

No. 187438

What I'm getting from this is that it's a story about the tragic last moments of a microcephalic crossdresser with mpreg stretchmarks and his lover, the Elvenking’s retarded goth brother, after Thranduil set Mirkwood on fire to cleanse it of this unholy fuckery.
Well, it’s certainly creative.

No. 187455

Those aren't stretch marks, they're clearly wafts of the putrid smell of his cum filler butthole.

No. 187471

It's sad when even a shitty Amazon were-dolphin homolove book cover is less disturbing than this.

Is this even the same character as the other drawing she posted because aside from the same colors it looks nothing alike unless >>181350 is after an allergic reaction.

No. 187519

10/10 best description

No. 187559

i was told htere was new drama on her page and she deleted the post shit did anyone get that???!

No. 187929

File: 1477363042222.png (277.47 KB, 990x1052, Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 1.25…)

No. 187932

File: 1477363439200.png (346.6 KB, 710x744, Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 2.06…)

No. 187954

Hell, considering how up until the last minute she was whining that she couldn't afford to go, I don't even think she paid for that plane ticket herself so she's got no right to complain about anything. She couldn't even afford Greyhound so there's no way she bought a last minute plane ticket herself so really, she owes some of that refund money to whoever bought her the ticket because I doubt she's paid them back with her next con already in sight.

No. 187958

Christ what a baby. This whole thing almost smells like a scam because she would absolutely lie and throw a temper tantrum to get money. This bitch has always been a scammer and she's just upping her targets.

If this succeeded, which it seems to have, then after her next conventions look for another 'THEY LOST MY —-' and whine about money until she gets it.

After all this time, I had hoped she'd grown up but nope. She's still the bitchy poop-broach child.

No. 187970

yo that anon exploded on her

No. 187996

File: 1477373681325.png (109.77 KB, 750x992, IMG_2994.PNG)

No. 187998

File: 1477373841505.png (54.9 KB, 750x411, IMG_2995.PNG)

Bitch, no one wants to flirt with your gross ass… and why is you actually being gross any motivation for anyone to get at

No. 188000

even if she had enough make up, whatever she did, it wouldn't be good.

No. 188035

File: 1477380050015.png (109.92 KB, 745x1001, IMG_2997.PNG)

On her room/con post on the ichi page

No. 188038

File: 1477380580496.png (38.81 KB, 750x342, IMG_2998.PNG)

No. 188093

Good motivation to make people NOT room with her on a simple question she could have easily answered.

Bless this person for getting on her damn ass. 30 days is pretty standard. Getting anything back from a company usually has to go through departments and get approved before a check can be mailed out. They'll probably use the slowest speed too to save a bit of money since it's not a high priority. This just screams 'I'm entitled and don't know what I'm talking about nor do I care but agree with me, dammit'

No. 188126

I like how no one did it (I assume). She can't even get pity flirts.

No. 188226

It's pretty sad that she can cosplay dudes and yet she doesn't want any of them rooming with her?? That makes no god damn sense. I mean, she's practically watching every show on earth that's either malexmale. Clearly she said she's afraid of males. Okay? You're just contradicting yourself bitch.

No. 188227

She's so nasty. All these pity flirts she's doing is just a cry for do this pairing with me or do that. Like no one wants to go out with a vagina smelling yellow teethed bitch.

No. 188270

literally did not read the warning on the nair bottle. stupid girl

No. 188580

File: 1477447778314.png (138.56 KB, 745x922, IMG_2999.PNG)

No. 188645

File: 1477459107220.png (48.04 KB, 738x318, IMG_3001.PNG)

No. 188653

How about no? Seriously, I heard horror stories when people came to pick her up. She also brings waaaaay too much shit and takes up a lot of space in anyone's cars. And she takes way too long cause she argues with her parents nonstop. Seriously, I hope no one grabs her. She's not worth the time. She be better off taking a Greyhound since she has money.

No. 188655

Or take Amtrak, it actually runs the whole way and isn't that expensive.

No. 188658

Is she actually talking about attractive fathers or is 'Hot Dad' some new Tumblr thing? I'm not with the whole special snowflake identity shit, so I apologise if this comes off as a dumb question.

No. 188699

File: 1477475323648.png (138.6 KB, 749x1063, IMG_3002.PNG)

No. 188701

> >:(

Fuck off back to tumblr

No. 188703

Afaik yeah "hot mom" and "hot dad" is new slang nonsense for someone you consider attractive. I've mostly seen it used for homely transtrenders and fictional characters.

No. 188712


Oh my god No. That is horrendous. She better hem the black fabric around her neck and the pink tie looks nothing like it should. How does she think this looks good.

No. 188724

I'm not familiar with the source, but I'm guessing this is supposed to look like a seifuku? Holy hell, that's atrocious and I'm surprised I managed to figure out that that's what she's trying with this mangled piece of shit.

No. 188729

File: 1477490479230.jpg (88.73 KB, 454x944, image.jpg)

here's what the character she's cosplaying actually looks like

No. 188753

File: 1477497734557.png (91.9 KB, 595x786, IMG_4783.PNG)


This is worse than her fucking draculaura cosplay or her milku kimono thing that fell apart mid con

Hey ash


I can hand sew better than this shit. And she thinks she can do commissions for mermaid tails holy hell just shoot me.

No. 188769

This is something Venus could cosplay but Ash…

No. 188770

Thank you anon.

No. 188771

She's again contradicting herself cause now she wants to surround herself with hot dudes. Okay, girl, you literally just said that you don't want to be anywhere near them and yet you're bringing male transgenders into the mix. They are considered MALE. What's with her cosplaying otome games/series. She's only gonna attract a lot of those male perverts out there. Sadly enough, there are a few that want to bang that. shutters

No. 188800

JFc is she an actual orc??

No. 188811

She never actually bothers to pay gas money. This is probably not surprising to hear, but her offering it is laughable.

No. 188814

Things I've heard from the people who have shown her kindness by driving her somewhere. Never pays gas money. Begs the driver to arrive early. Takes 3 hours to get into the car. If she wasn't enough of a whale already she doesn't know how to condense her packing and fills most of the car space. I can't imagine the living hell of driving with her.

No. 188837

Pretty much hit the nail on the head, yup.

No. 188838

Also never shuts up the entire ride and it's all either drama or tumblrbabble

No. 188853

>Hamilton soundtrack
First she ruins MM and now this. In before she cosplays King George and asks for an Alexander for fanservice.

No. 188857

I hope no one gives her a ride and she is stuck in Richmond.

No. 188862

File: 1477518540713.jpg (238.29 KB, 1374x562, 20161026_174702.jpg)

Too late

No. 188863

File: 1477518575725.jpg (432.05 KB, 1318x1404, 20161026_174736.jpg)

No. 188864


I hope someone warms this person, lol.

No. 188866

This is actually one of the people she flew with to AWA so I guess she could handle her bs?

No. 188869

File: 1477520329582.png (203.46 KB, 750x995, IMG_3007.PNG)

Because all her jewelry was "either really expensive or had great sentimental value"…oh hey! I can replace everything from walmart…smh

No. 188950

File: 1477534821892.png (579.36 KB, 1010x1146, Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 9.20…)

No. 188951

File: 1477534930416.jpg (51.71 KB, 540x960, 14883636_1593749087317456_2022…)

She looks pretty cute here!

No. 188957

nah son

No. 188958

You're being duped by her not looking as awful as she normally does, plus a lot of blurring with FGA.

No. 188959

>She looks pretty cute here!
is this Ash self posting?

No. 188961

Pretty sure it is. God that top looks awful. She hasn't improved on her sewing skills at all. JFC take a sewing class.

No. 188965

bad eyebrows. fat. shitty cosplay.

No. 188972

i wouldnt call her fat shes got nice legs

No. 188973

File: 1477537597977.jpg (44.52 KB, 446x400, 1408679188276.jpg)

>nice legs

No. 188974

Her body is so weird. She's like perma-bloated up top but has pretty thin legs compared to the rest of her.

No. 188977

Soooooo Dr. Eggman from the old Sonic games??

No. 188978

does any one have a full body picture of her?

No. 188980

In or out of cosplay cause there was that full body pic of her Aoba somewhere in this thread.

No. 188981

Out of cosplay.

No. 188987

File: 1477540389062.jpg (174.15 KB, 1385x550, Screenshot_20161026-235156.jpg)


No. 188994

I'm sorry Anon. I hope it just one of those things she mentions once then forgets about for the current hotness.

No. 189000

I doubt it. Sadly, she's still into Yuri on Ice and the Haikyuu fandom ain't going away soon, so who's to say who she'll cosplay from this series. Honestly, I can't think of any since a lot of them are masculine with evil looks, and not pretty boys.

No. 189132

File: 1477569819493.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3008.PNG)

Learn how to use your sewing machine properly … or save us the trouble and burn it with fire…

No. 189147

Physical appearance aside she's a shitty person on the inside and it bleeds to her outside.

No. 189314

File: 1477599345325.jpg (204.36 KB, 1337x489, Screenshot_20161027-161232.jpg)

Her Nekocon schedule guys. Good thing I'm not cosplaying from any of these cause I don't want her anywhere near me, especially bunny suit Aoba.

No. 189403

File: 1477609959232.jpg (890.31 KB, 1482x1097, Screenshot_20161027-190115.jpg)

Be prepared for the spam guys. This is on her DeviantArt and so many answers to questions. Some of this sgit had me cringing.


No. 189405

File: 1477609996984.jpg (1.01 MB, 1441x1072, Screenshot_20161027-190212.jpg)


No. 189415

Well since the site won't allow me to post anymore screenshots, if you wanna read the rest, then go on her deviantart called AxelAsh. The rest of this dumb highlight is there.

No. 189487

>a girl her shape cosplaying a fit figure skater in a snug outfit
Why the fuck would you ever?

No. 189510

Somebody better take pics of this monstrosity.

No. 189515

If any of this actually happened (which I highly doubt anyone tried to kidnap her), I'm surprised she didn't post anything on Facebook about it. Probably because whoever was at the con with her could call bullshit, but hardly anyone who actually knows her follows her DA.

No. 189536

because she's a borderline genius anon duh

No. 189579

No. 189599

Screen shot? Not available for those of us without da's

No. 189602

File: 1477634860710.png (740.9 KB, 1024x1488, kaysha_by_axelash-daj1kgj.png)

Different anon, this isn't cute, those boobs…

No. 189603

Sage for samefagging, but I just saw the random lines on the right and just… how can someone not erase the color outside the lines? Her art never fails to astound me.

No. 189617

Those…horrible pink copy-paste roses clash with the red so bad. All those messy lines everywhere, no real cleanup job.

And she thinks she can sell her shit in artist alley?

No. 189671


What is the sudden gust of "oh this is cute, oh she doesn't look to bad" like for real ash stop self posting. No one things your bull shit is diamond studded.


There's no way that actually happened otherwise her facebook would be blown up just like with the delta thing. DA is her way of starting drama without anon logic punishment. She could say anything on her cosplay page and her DA and no one would care cuz no one pays attention.


That's horrendous. Along with sewing classes, not being a shitty person classes, she needs drawing lessons.

No. 190125

File: 1477717055451.png (131.32 KB, 750x1074, IMG_3016.PNG)

No. 190128

…does she even HAVE an ex?

No. 190133

File: 1477718936680.jpg (256.47 KB, 1437x608, Screenshot_20161029-012644.jpg)

I'm sorry but is she serious right now?? She REALLY wants that Aoba wig and all that cheap make-up shit she has which can easily be bought at Walmart or the dollar store.

No. 190134

She really should stop bashing Delta. It's becoming old and ridiculous. Karmas a bitch when a couple of people told her not to go to that con but she did anyway.

No. 190136

File: 1477719493437.png (65.37 KB, 750x433, IMG_3017.PNG)

No. 190141

File: 1477720279434.png (1.01 MB, 1072x1454, whereisyourhair.png)

Okay, I need to know the desperate guy who would date her.

I also had to check her IG, and this has the be one of the most unflattering photos ever.

No. 190258

>tfw you're wearing those exact Zenni glasses right now
I feel strangely grimy now.

No. 190304

File: 1477764162809.jpg (145.62 KB, 1331x482, Screenshot_20161029-140139.jpg)

That's foul bait right there.

No. 190309

So it was just a date? That's not an ex, Ash.

No. 190376

Lmao me toooooooooo

No. 190476

File: 1477798776377.png (54.75 KB, 738x341, IMG_3020.PNG)

No. 190488

And the funny thing is, she just said she was thinking about retiring her Sarah. Guess that cosplay won't be going away anytime soon.

No. 190491

She was going to retire it because she didn't have a partner. Providing someone with a costume would solve her problem.

No. 190618

I hope it doesn't happen. I mean, the only people she would approve of are transgender males and the odds of that happening is slim. Unless she develops the courage of liking nontransgender males.

No. 190623

Her Sarah is like a thrown together moge life of fabric and pubic hair.

I remember hearing something about her only making it to show up this Sarah cosplayer who she hated and tried to like seduce that Sarah's Jareth.

No. 190624


That's weird cuz wasn't that Jareth male? Oh ash. You and your gender fear confusion.

No. 190626

Her mother is just as bad as her when it comes to dressing up. She did Jersey Shore one year and now Tina Turner?

No. 190683

Yeah but that was before she changed her name and before she randomly feared men. And making these stupid rape stories.

No. 190718

Diff anon but if I recall wasn't this the same cosplayers she fucked over and tried to ruin the image of after she abused the Sarah? Wasn't that incident what started her "I fear men" craze? Or was it before? It's hard to tell where the bull shit started.

No. 190735

It is the same cosplayers. But I'm pretty sure she started the rape stories and the fear of men thing until they rejected her. I didn't start seeing her fear of men thing until her tumblr rant about it before trying to force friends to bad mouth these cosplayers on 4-chan

No. 190748

theres a story here about an episode with another sarah cosplayer

No. 190765

File: 1477873505821.png (102.48 KB, 427x362, Screen Shot_13654.png)

Her deviantart is a goldmine.

No. 190834

File: 1477892180017.png (144.36 KB, 734x934, IMG_3021.PNG)

No. 190836

File: 1477892600313.png (133.89 KB, 784x1020, page_4_by_axelash-dajck1y.png)

i know it's nothing new or that hasn't been said before, but jesus christ that anatomy is just absurd. how does she think she's capable of drawing a whole graphic novel when she can't even draw a straight on female figure?? look in a damn mirror if you cba to use a reference or learn how to draw correctly

No. 190839

File: 1477892887047.jpg (110.38 KB, 436x678, 11157852545.jpg)

(samefag for redline) i can't fathom that she even attempted to draw any kind of basic skeleton or figure under this

No. 190841


How can she churn out so many pages and not improve one single bit?

No. 190844

File: 1477893584482.png (849.28 KB, 1100x580, wait.png)

No. 190854

Yuri on ice ep3 costume

No. 190855

File: 1477895540790.png (140.17 KB, 750x634, IMG_3022.PNG)

No. 190865

File: 1477897325118.png (139.65 KB, 750x692, IMG_3023.PNG)

Oh I see you are also doing an aoba cosplay, let me try and worm my way in too… but doesn't take the polite no as an answer.

No. 190867

File: 1477897588017.png (57.66 KB, 1280x720, AF24360D-CD7A-4979-9424-765B3C…)

No. 190871

Could this picture of Yuri be any accurate to that monstrosity above? ROFL I feel so sorry for Yuri at this point.

Thaaaat's ashley for you. Always trying to butt in and then brings in unnecessary drama. This is honestly one of the reasons why I never ever had her anywhere near me cause all I get is bs from her mouth.

No. 190936

There are so many things wrong with this, starting with her eyebrows. One looks twice as long as the other. Another is please don't tell me she's just going to wear a nude bra with that outfit.

No. 190976

Is that a white stain on her outfit? God man, clean your shit.

No. 190981

File: 1477928370556.png (174.3 KB, 1004x664, Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 10.3…)

No. 190999

And it seems like she is tracing the hands from somewhere.

No. 191014

I feel sorry for this Syd person. Why they even bother putting up with her bs is beyond me.

No. 191042

Probably the same reason the rest of us are.

No. 191220

lol you'd think after being turned down by many Jareth she'd give up on her obese nasty Sarah. Girl give up no one wants to be your Jareth.

No. 191312

File: 1477981346866.png (136.8 KB, 750x903, IMG_3024.PNG)

No. 191317

File: 1477981795792.png (45.08 KB, 737x372, IMG_3025.PNG)

No. 191318

i mean there are some ideas happening but they're all happening at once and its kind of busy

No. 191377

File: 1477991433077.png (108.98 KB, 750x1136, IMG_3026.PNG)

No. 191395

She doesn't even know what lolita is though and get's buttmad if you correct her on a style she doesn't even wear. Just look at what she thought was a kimono. >>182717

No. 191600

What, does she believe she can look like that cause jfc that would look awful on her. And the girly boys continue.

No. 191646

UGH this gives me the biggest case of second hand embarassment. I remember when the 'crossdressing shota who is totally tough n angry uguu' was the big trend on DA

back in like 2002

the fact that she can look at that OC and still totally be about it makes me cringe so hard cause it's outdated as fuck

No. 191719

Is that kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho

No. 191950

File: 1478067428492.png (69.04 KB, 750x434, IMG_3028.PNG)

Smart thing would be to learn how to properly secure your cases so you don't loose them during air travel or get a travel case instead to transport things…

No. 191955

Technically that is smart. Except the company won't cover the damage if she takes it on a plane and TSA decides to play ping pong with it again.

No. 191988

Don't you insult Kurama like that.

No. 191993

>TSA loses most of your 3in1
>get 4n1!

No seriously, is she going to seriously try this again?

No. 192013

File: 1478092818645.png (185.19 KB, 540x844, Screenshot_2016-11-02-09-16-51…)

Her whining about being sent NSFW fanart by underaged DMM fans when she's being making her own since she was underaged herself.

No. 192087

Omg I was about to say that. It's funny cause she draws a bunch of them on her DA. What a hypocrite.

No. 192439

File: 1478121451981.jpg (267.95 KB, 1301x674, Screenshot_20161102-171632.jpg)

For those of you who are going to Neko, watch out for these.

No. 192441

>Black Butler
Any one know which character? I'm almost nervous to find out.

No. 192454

I'd bank on Ciel because she was posting that dress everyone does up down and sideways a while ago, but then again she also does Grell and since she's been in a grabby forced shipping mood lately I wouldn't put it past her.

No. 192517

I'm pretty sure it's Grell cause I remember her stating she was gonna do ciel for katsu cause her friend is gonna do sebby with her there.

No. 192732

File: 1478135376690.jpg (1.02 MB, 1443x1222, Screenshot_20161102-210830.jpg)

It's Grell

No. 192814

File: 1478141632529.jpg (827.91 KB, 1391x1778, Screenshot_20161102-225225.jpg)

NOPE NOPE NOPE NOOOOOOPE! What Viktor cosplayer would ever hug her?!

No. 192933

File: 1478158800016.png (106.43 KB, 747x710, IMG_3032.PNG)

Bitch you aren't…

No. 192983

Katsu is next February isn't it? She'll have forgotten entirely a month from now.
And damn that promo picture looks awful. That's some bad CGI on Beast.

No. 192990

File: 1478177489556.png (118.68 KB, 540x717, Screenshot_2016-11-03-08-49-04…)

No. 192995

I'm gonna just take a wild guess and say that the only people who would kiss her ass are people who didn't know her very long. Bruh! Just wait til you actually meet her in person. God so disgusting.

No. 193011

Beast looks terrible. Why do we need live action movies of everything now? Hollywood is only doing remakes of good movies or live actions of animated shit now. Ugh. Sage for mini rant.

No. 193037

Her. Tango? OMFG. I'm so glad I'm going to be there to watch that disaster.

No. 193055

Okay but WHY ARE MAKING YURI WEAR A DRESS?? HE'S A GUY! YOU DONT PUT A FUCKING DRESS ON YURI! He's an ice skater, NOT a pretty boy. My god, what is it with her and putting cutsey dresses on guys?? Like STOP!

No. 193100

She hates men and therefore wishes to humiliate male characters by making them wear dresses.

No. 193118

Maybe. I have a feeling the whole thing is just an excuse for her to be handsy and innappropriate with people under the guise of lolrandomXD yaoi life.
I'm not sure how much 'being the yaois irl lolXD' would get her excused from being creepy but it would probably get her less shit than just being that gross whale who gropes and tries to kiss people at the formal.

No. 193136

File: 1478202290198.png (107.24 KB, 750x922, IMG_3033.PNG)

No. 193148

You know, you might be unto something here. I wouldn't be surprised if she'd be a a sexual predator. She does touch people all the time uninvited.


No. 193160

File: 1478205725435.jpg (136.55 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_5491.JPG)


No she's totally a sexual predator. I mean with those looks and personality shed have to revert to forcing people into things.

No. 193274

File: 1478217583451.png (882.27 KB, 788x1102, Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 6.54…)

No. 193295

Not only does she touch people, she touches random people's fucking children and pets. I swear to god, I was so embarrassed when she was cooing at some stranger's baby and decided to touch them. And if she sees any animal, regardless if she's given permission, she will touch them.

No. 193459


Lord all mighty leave ginger Ann alone you confused pervert.

No. 193490

File: 1478266342570.png (204.97 KB, 1152x2048, huh.png)

gotta give a girl props for trying but are those spray painted christmas ornaments?

No. 193501

Why yes, that is what they appear to be… points for effort?

No. 193504

File: 1478269159673.gif (934.26 KB, 338x338, tumblr_ofzyn4YEPN1vixpwlo1_400…)

I mean does it count as effort when the only thing correct is the color and general area?

No. 193510

File: 1478270069647.png (81.88 KB, 346x190, Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 9.34…)

No. 193534

Ummmm is that supposed to be Yuri cause dear God the wig is all wrong. And Christmas snowflakes? What?

No. 193540

Cosplay disaster level: Ash

No. 193545

File: 1478277750096.jpg (2.15 MB, 4160x2340, 20161104_115213.jpg)

Spotted cow
I miss her in her Yuri outfit

No. 193570

I cry for every decent wig she buys

No. 193590

Wtf? To be accurate all she needed to do was get thick card board and either paint it or cover it with shiny foil/Xmas paper if she was doing things cheap/quick. Hell, even just cutting shiny card stock in the right shapes would have been more accurate.

She is beyond disgusting. I feel sorry for those people, children, and animals. Has she ever been told to fuck off by a parent or pet owner before?

No. 193600

Any of the times that I've been with her, no. The people just usually give an awkward smile as she goes, "Awww!" as loud as she can. I've seen one woman who looked incredibly uncomfortable when she touched her baby while the mother and her family were out eating. She looked like she wanted to get up and stop her but she didn't because we moved Ash away. It isn't the first time and I know it won't be the last.
As for pets, the owners can usually just walk past her and be fine. But she never asks, just goes, "Awww!" runs toward the animal and pets them without asking. It's uncomfortable for us around her too. It feels like we're baby sitting a child who doesn't understand personal space yet.

No. 193604

File: 1478288276912.png (1018.71 KB, 1280x714, rampaging_kaonashi.png)

It feels like this when she runs after pets & babies.

No. 193638

Has she ever done that with a service animal…? The idea that she would go up to a working dog just to pet it really riles me up.

It's like one of those cosplays on a budget. You'd think she would have laid down the money for a front lace wig at least since she got that ~SICK DELTA CHECK~ she whined about for a month

No. 193664

apparently she complained on facebook that it was going to take a month for the money to get to her and she insisted Delta was doing all of this on purpose to spite her

No. 193677

Not anytime I've been with her.
Off topic, but still about Ash.
Back in the day when I did hang out with her, there was this time her room was so filthy, she was sleeping in the living room.
You couldn't walk in her room, the floor was covered in mess. And she had so much stuff piled on top of her bed.
There was old bloody underwear on her floor, ruined clothing, sharp objects. The last time I was there, it was better, but god help her if that happens again.
She also likes to steal friend's suicide attempt stories and say she did it.
It's likely any story she tells is actually someone else's experience.

No. 193807

It's still odd to me that she likes Brother's Conflict when it's literally a series about a girl living with a ton of men in their house. Wouldn't that be a nightmare for her?

No. 193813

File: 1478313638281.png (81.47 KB, 750x756, IMG_3045.PNG)

-gets drunk, then wants to wander around in bad ending cosplay and will probably act suggestively-

Calling her going off like "oh god guys! Like -insert almost raped story here-"

No. 193814

Ugh, I work with airlines and idiots like her drive me crazy. They bring these extremely frou frou suitcases full of valuables, or in her case just shit she thinks is valuable, and check those bags in without consideration that TSA agents literally have any right to tear it open and confiscate anything they please. This is literally in every ticket contract, airlines shouldn't be responsible for this shit.

Then they get all bent when their luggages get scuffed and dented not realizing that the ground crew don't have time to place her specific luggage on a fluffed pillow as they load it onto the vehicles and ready the plane with 300 more bags before pushoff. During the flight, the luggages shift around and knock into each other so all the fragile tape in the world doesn't save it.

She put a DETACHABLE case in the belly of an aircraft!

Lol, she's not getting $1k back for cheap wigs and some used makeup. At best the airline will pay depreciated value, they never reimburse for full amount.

Yeah, she doesn't understand that it takes a certain amount of days for a bag to be officially declared lost. She has to fill out another form when it is declared lost and then claim the damages and value of the items.
There's no such thing as "top priority list" like she mentions >>185709, it's just something baggage agents tell problem customers who threaten to go to Twitter to get them to shut up. The processing times wind up being the same had they just submitted the claim to begin with. Probably wasted more time trying to get on the news.
She's fucking stupid.

>find each item at its most expensive
Then we get thieves like these who are talking out their ass.

>30 days processing
Standard. Very hilarious how she acts like this is some unusual thing and Delta is out to ~kick the autistic~

Suspicious that she didn't take a picture of that $1k checkarooni she was supposed to get. Kek. Oh well, $200 would have sufficed to cover whatever shit she needed anyway and she knows it.

>tempting fate by checking a makeup case again
>muh warranty

Sorry to have gotten all quote happy but holy shit what a dumb bitch. I wish people like her would drive or take a train so she wouldn't burden working people with her stupidity.

No. 193836

File: 1478319453481.png (54.81 KB, 996x216, Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 11.1…)

and she doesnt have a ride home

No. 193837

"Almost raped! Almost assaulted! Almost kidnapped!"
The sad thing is, she steals every trauma story from someone else she knows.

No. 193841

I would prefer no one give her a ride home. Make it a lesson in being an adult and having your shit together because eventually people are going to get tired of having to haul your ass around. I wonder how she'll function when she's 30.

No. 193847

File: 1478320809883.png (179.98 KB, 750x1169, IMG_3046.PNG)

Sees cosplayer who politely rejected her want to join their group and then comments on needing to find her… hope she didn't… no need to spread that filth around…

No. 193867

holy shit shes hispanic? i would've never guessed it

No. 193917

I heard she freaked out when she found the Trip and Virus. Like she was huffing and puffing and practically scared Trip shitless. I also heard she came off too strong to them. God, it's not Trip and Virus to be scared for, the same goes if you cosplay Mink, it's a mother fucking fat aoba.

No. 193961

Did she ever say how much Delta refunded her? Surely it can't be the 900 she estimated. Thats way too high for the junk she had.

No. 194344

She'll probably never say how much unless she can either brag or milk asspats from it. It doesn't matter the amount though. She'll blow through it with useless shit then turn around and whine how she can't afford X.

Since we didn't hear about it right away it was probably just enough or a little above the amount she needed for the new shiny things she wanted that instant.

No. 194369

just how old is ash anyway? 22?

No. 194440

Yeah, about but she acts underage.

No. 194459

File: 1478442718051.jpg (209.43 KB, 1345x532, Screenshot_20161106-092953.jpg)

Why is she trying to one up people when it comes to DMMD? I highly whoever that person is thinking of doing Tae probably said that just to make her feel better.

No. 194484

I'm amazed that she's still latching so hard onto DMMD. Who legitimately cares about it anymore geez?

No. 194493

She's really late to the party on this fandom. Thank God most of the mature people who have cosplayed from this have moved on. I doubt any of the mature dmmd cosplayers wants to be a part of her crazy dramatic group, no pun intended.

No. 194812

So who survived the facebook purge?

No. 194834

Apparently 320 or so people.

No. 194959

File: 1478533172101.png (386.66 KB, 716x466, nekocon.png)

No. 194981


I see that being an easy 1k in travel expenses alone with the way she handles things. If not with flight then with the added baggage fees she'll get. Assuming she goes to AX, another grand for hotel and lodging– provided she can even snag a hotel early. I can see even a low tier CA con being a disaster financially if she doesn't plan it through.

No. 194985

Okay, I have to say this, because if I don't I'll probably explode.

Ash, NO ONE, except YOU, is responsible for your actions and your feelings! No one can MAKE you feel any way! Take some fucking DBT classes and learn to take responsibility for yourself for fucks sake.
No one else can make you get drunk and cry. You did it to yourself. And you're mentally ill, you shouldn't even be fucking drinking in the first place.

God. I remember the first time she went to Tucker's and she started taking like 1mg of an anti-depressant and fucking bragged about it. Now she isn't taking anything and she's getting worse.

No. 195011

File: 1478542070439.png (12.34 KB, 459x124, suchpurge.PNG)

Better question is who didn't survive the "purge".

No. 195013

She needs to stay the fuck away from my California cons.

At least 1200 bucks for an LA con.1500 if you want to be comfortable and eat well. I've gone for years and have to fly out. Every little thing adds up and if you are reckless with money as she is, then you will blow through it quickly

You can drink if you are mentally ill but when it comes to that aspect and you are on medication, you need to be very open and honest with your doctor about how much you drink when you are on medication since some Mental Disorders are more prone to alcoholism than others. However Drinking without medication and with depression can lead to alcoholism as well since people tend to drink when they are depressed and it can lead to being a crutch. I have that issue with my partner.

No. 195022

She fucking bragged about getting drunk at the host club on FB plus a smiley face asherbee selfie. NO ONE GOT HERSELF DRUNK BUT HERSELF. I'm about to fucking explode too. She needs to go and get herself checked out cause she's honestly keeps getting worse and worse. And going to all these cons is NOT gonna make her life even better. It's gonna make it worse cause I'm sure everyone else who lives on the west coast is gonna have the same reaction towards her just like the east coasters. It doesn't matter what cons you go, asherbee. Clearly, you're gonna have drama any con you go to.

No. 195045

File: 1478547470309.png (302.01 KB, 1888x1144, Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 1.36…)


No. 195062

One of Ash's biggest problem is she lacks the skill of forethought. When she has an idea, she plans it out with very little detail. Problem is, it never goes that way because her thinking is very distorted. So when it doesn't go how she plans, she doesn't know what to do and lashes out, blames everyone or anyone for personally attacking her, because she does believe it happens to spite her.
This is coming from someone close to her. She takes everything personal and believes everyone is out to get her.
She believes there is a Russian dragon in her head named Zavik. She believes she is a "system," and has multiple souls inside of her. She claims her doctor knows and says she's perfectly fine. But that sounds like symptoms of schizophrenia and if she did tell, she would be on anti-psychotic medication. No psychiatric is going to say, "Oh, yeah. That's normal to hear and see things that no one else does." She is either faking it for attention, which is why she doesn't tell, or she doesn't want the delusions to go away.
She believes she is a witch. Her mother fuels this idea by saying there have been witches in the family before.

So when I say Ash is sick, she is sick. She needs to get into Dialect Behavioral Therapy or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She is still in Chesterfield, fucking go to Chesterfield Mental Health.

No. 195078

Any full body pics of her Yuuri cosplay yet? I really want to see that disaster.

No. 195082

I'm sorry it takes more than one drink to get tipsy. the drinks the host club serves is not served that heavy handed, on the small side and normally it's 2+ (and they have to be heavy) that will start getting people tipsy. On top of that, she knows depression will lead to bad behaviors. since she can comprehend that, she is aware of what she is doing.

Schizophrenics tend to be detailed oriented. I could believe her being a Paranoid Schizophrenic (most commonly diagnosed one). She obviously loves the attention crying about her disorders give her. So it would be difficult for me to believe that she doesn't tell it all. Otherwise she would be seeking help and actively being medicated. DBT only helps if she is willing to work with the group and therapist once a week. (I have the information booklet sitting next to me which talks about it)

No. 195107

ehh, the manic phase of bipolar disorder can all cause hallucinations.

No. 195121

However Mania comes in high and lows. Highs can cause paranoia and making plans for things that you shouldn't do without care of what your financial situation and all that.

No. 195123

It depends. I never did stuff like that but I would experience auditory hallucinations and paranoia fromnot sleeping for like, 2 weeks.

No. 195199

File: 1478565056133.png (129.9 KB, 741x616, IMG_3065.PNG)

The roads just got a whole lot more dangerous

No. 195263

She can talk the talk but can she walk the walk?? I'll believe it when I actually see her behind the wheel. XD

No. 195266

I get she can borrow her parents' if it is to work or something, but how will she get to cons and stuff without a car, though? We all know she can't save up for one.

No. 195269

File: 1478569532193.png (519.24 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-11-07-20-38-58…)

She posted a story on Instagram so I got some good caps before it vanishes.

No. 195270

File: 1478569570259.png (503.02 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-11-07-20-39-00…)

No. 195281

God, her Aoba is shitty.

No. 195289

Her lip singing is terrible.

No. 195295

its honestly not the worst ive seen. maybe its because its zoomed in

No. 195307

File: 1478571998652.png (137.88 KB, 252x252, aoba.png)

I don't even understand HOW she got smeared red eyeshadow from looking at Aobas face. FUCKING HOW.

No. 195329

Yeah! I mean, if you look at most Aoba cosplayers, they put the red eyeshadow near the corner at the ends of their eyes. Why is she trying to make Aoba look feminine?? Just fucking stop! He's a god damn guy. It's bad enough she's putting him in a bunny suit and lord knows, perhaps a blue wedding dress.

No. 195331

She'd have to pay for more bills like car insurance and down payments on that car as well. Then later, we're gonna get complaints about not able to attend this or that con due to no money. Oh woe is me~ Welcome to reality sweetheart.

No. 195385

Don't forget about maintenance. I can already hear her crying for someone to give her a ride because she doesn't have $300 to fix her car but has $300 to buy 10 new wigs suddenly.

No. 195468

Was that what she was doing? I just saw her mouth moving and her looking demented and didn't really want to know past that.

No. 195480

Those teeth look like smashed piano keys

No. 195486

Yup, I suffered through that atrocity and that's exactly what she was doing.

No. 195487

It's funny cause I remember her saying she was gonna get those fixed. Like instead of using the delta money to buy fucking wigs, get your god damn teeth fixed or for that matter, a car??

No. 195738

File: 1478642236756.jpg (1.27 MB, 1422x1940, Screenshot_20161108-165524.jpg)

STOP. MAKING. AOBA. SO. FEMININE. HES. A. GUY. Guys don't wear kimonos.

No. 195742

They actually do.
However, that's not a proper kimono. Where are the layers below? And why is she dead? Don't even want to see the rest of it, this looks just so shoddy.

No. 195800


Im no Kimono expert but don't the patterns usually go together a little bit better and don't clash so fucking much?

No. 195891

File: 1478655033105.png (202.24 KB, 500x530, tumblr_inline_n7alzegSf81qec7j…)

He's a character from a game called DRAMAtical Murder. >>195738 And Kojaku literally wears a kimono, it wouldn't be too weird if Aoba wore one either. He's also a pretty feminine character, so I don't know what you're talking about.

No. 195895

Actually, he wears a yukata which is a term for men's style kimono but for the female, they're only called kimono.

No. 195896

Dude, does anyone want to see her wear a feminine version of aoba? I sure don't.

No. 195904

Koujaku wears a yukata though. What the cow is wearing is not a yukata but a fake looking kimono.

No. 195905

bru, a Yukata is just a lighter kimono for warmer seasons.
sage for OT

No. 195924

Men wear kimono. Google before talking out of your ass, anon.

No. 195928

Hahahaha what is research right??

No. 196000

>boobs flopping over the obi
At least put on a bra.

No. 196022

Have you forgotten? She thinks she's a feminine man. XD

No. 196043

It looks more like a yukata that she's wearing, so there wouldnt be any layers under it, but yes, why is she wearing it as if she was dead? There is a reason the seam doesnt hit the obi and that's not because it doesnt fit her. She's got it on back to front jfc…

No. 196046

Did anyone screenshot her posts on the election?

No. 196083

File: 1478716787457.png (49.68 KB, 732x273, IMG_3083.PNG)

No. 196120

Fucking good. Go to Tucker's. Tell them about the voices in your head and Zavik the magical Russian dragon. Get on some fucking medication and stop drinking you twit.

No. 196353

File: 1478782458695.png (364.06 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-11-10-07-52-49…)

No. 196354

Oh god, i feel sorry for all the Koujaku's cosplayers out there. When is she supposed to be doing Beni? I have a hunch that it may be Katsu?

No. 196359

File: 1478783212786.png (526.96 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-11-10-08-05-03…)

The filth on the floor has probably been there since the poop broach days.

No. 196360

File: 1478783258349.png (484.47 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_2016-11-10-08-05-15…)

No. 196380

Countdown to the next time she gets on a plane and TSA just completely loses the whole thing.

No. 196408

File: 1478796792117.png (496.68 KB, 724x722, art.png)

shes taking art commissions guys. probably because she spent all her delta money on a new makeup case adn airbrush

No. 196411

File: 1478797133095.png (1.62 MB, 990x1032, wig.png)

i mean at least she has confidence? thats a good thing to have i guess

No. 196414

File: 1478797571350.png (1.71 MB, 986x1030, lipstick.png)


No. 196451

File: 1478806550256.png (969.76 KB, 960x642, Boot.png)


I get you are a special snow flake but Trump won. I am not here to bash anyone for their choice however, Most who did vote trump probably voted on the issues (I know I voted on issues not the person) the others voted other because they weren't brained washed idiots who fail to do their research and fell for the scare tactics. (I'm not knocking any Hillary supporters my closest friends are Hillary supporters however they did their research on her before voting. This is aimed towards people like her who only vote off the little information people feed them) A small portion of Trump suppers are making asses of themselves that make me want to string em up.

Telling your mom that her god is a lie is a piss poor reaction to getting bad news. Grow up. If you want change you have to earn it. You cannot sit idly by while sucking the tit of your family while simultaneously insulting them. For all they have done you are extremely lucky they do not drop your ass on the street and abandoned you. You want to change the world? Stop sitting on your ass, stop babbling that you have a slight disability, get a real job, Research future candidates information verses tidbits that are fed to you so you are full knowledgeable on what the fuck is going on around you and do something more with your life than cry about how unfair it is.

Life is unfair get used to it. You aren't special because you have a mental disability. There are millions of people with conditions worse than you can imagine, that happily work hard and earn their keep. You seem to be one of the few who have it easy and still manage to bitch and whine about it.

No. 196465

File: 1478808192934.jpg (446.63 KB, 800x500, 4ac6b87604f402d1ee1d167b9afc28…)

I had to google who this was and have I even gotten the right person? They look nothing alike aside from red hair.

No. 196468

Hahaha honestly, she looks like a clown. I can hear all the Koujaku's now crying in pain. My poor Beni is ruined! And confidence? Sure, she may have it but her confidence is fucking terrible in person. She comes off too strong for a lot of people. One time she was heavy breathing all over me when I cosplayed Mink and she wouldn't stop following me for awhile. Be aware, if you cosplay Mink or one of the two twins, this is what will happen if you ever approach her horrible Aoba cosplay.

No. 196472

Aw man I thought the wig was /okay/ because I just assumed it was one of her 'original' ideas (as a thumbnail on mobile, it looks greats just don't enlarge it and you won't see the obvious fuck ups).

But if it's supposed to be this character

Then what the hell are feathers doing in the hair? Where's the bang, why is there a poNY TAIL. I GOT QUESTIONS.

sage because I legit have no idea if the wig is for the character in a different outfit or not.

No. 196481

I don't understand, none of the facepaint matches any characters even if she got colours wrong.
I am so lost, is it mpreg child of two on the left?

No. 196537

File: 1478818962486.jpg (43.6 KB, 300x300, Fuamベニ_通常_normal.jpg)

its supposed to be a human version of this thing. i dont think theres an official design but since aoba's dog in the game/anime has a "human" form i guess there doing it for all the allmates

No. 196559

Imagine Ash trying to clomp around on wooden geta..
Ah, what am I saying? She'll find a way to bring boots or sneakers into it.

No. 196571

File: 1478824323001.png (36.98 KB, 750x268, IMG_3085.PNG)

No. 196583

Please don't! She should've learned her lesson from making that poop broach. And Len from what? Vocaloid?? I wouldn't even brag about doing wig commissions cause Len is too easy to style. Now if it were a character from Yugioh with those crazy hair-dos, then I'd be impressed.

No. 196586

Omg, I can fucking see it. Her falling flat face right into the fucking floor, with make-up and cosplay accessories all around her.

No. 196591

File: 1478825576745.jpg (1.15 MB, 2560x2560, PhotoGrid_1478825454693.jpg)

I found this little gem on her tumblr. From someone who says they don't go on tumblr anymore, I'm pretty sure she still does for her "I want that but I don't want that cause they're gonna rape me" attitude. Clearly her statement is a lie.

No. 196620

i want to commission a turd brooch wig

No. 196624

I just gagged. If anyone would attempt rape it would be Ash by forcing herself on someone.

No. 196646

Exactly, like that sad little rape story she made up on her DA journal not long ago.

No. 196649

File: 1478832387372.gif (1.01 MB, 480x270, f3c.gif)

No. 196651

>if I ever date someone.
Oh, Ash… You really don't expect us to believe that do you?
And yes. Here's the thing about Ash. She thinks relationships are like what they are in her anime or yaoi. Where one person is oblivious of the others affection, or that if they're mean to you it really means they love you.
She just needs to get over herself and admit she's into bsdm and wants to be dominated. But she's too fucking stupid to realise it doesn't happen that way in real life. Bdsm is consensual. No one who (really) practices it would do it on without the submissive's consent. It's fucking role play of power and control.
But she thinks it's real life. No. That would be sexual assault, the thing you claim you don't want to happen to you, but you clearly have a fetish for it.

No. 196678

But when she does want it, she fucking runs away screaming "No! I DONT WANT THAT STOP!" Does she think she's motherfucking Aoba?? Please stop!

No. 196692

… did u keep the receipt?

No. 196697

Because she thinks they'll "romantically" (rapey) go after her and "lovingly" (without consent) take her. She pretends she doesn't want it, and if the almighty God above ever damns someone into actually having feelings for her, if they aren't in her mind, knowing she wants to be "forced," they're going to stop. And then her little fantasy will never come true. Jfc she should just be honest with herself. Tbh a lot of girls have rapey fantasies. She writes about them her fucking self if you read her shitty comic.

No. 196702

Ikr! But she gets all innocent and shit and I'm just like fucking stop. Clearly no one wants to go after…..uh that. And yeah, I've read that terrible comic, with her horrible english. The only reason she's only into Nitro+Chiral games now is cause she FINALLY figured out what she's clearly into but when it actually happens to her, it doesn't fucking go her way. When is she gonna learn that romance like that isn't an anime better yet, a yaoi anime.

No. 196708

I legit just tried to read some of her shitty "stories?????" I don't know what they would actually be. Shut I guess? Fuck if I know, point is…
They openly have a theme of small innocent boy and rough and tough man and this "pet" and "master" thing. Like bitch, you're literally writing about it. Stahp fucking lyin.
You have rape fantasies. You don't /have/ to admit it, but your "writing" does it for you.
And then at the same time of her crying, ah no pl-please…! She's also rubbing it in our faces??? Please for the love of all is holy. Stop.
I remember being at her house once and her document and picture files opened, and it just literally full of yaoi hentai. I wish I was kidding. Like, make a private file for that shit I don't want to see it.

No. 196710

File: 1478841155043.png (192.99 KB, 750x1019, IMG_2632.PNG)

dont bring it on a plane

No. 196711

Sorry to double post, I meant Smut. Not shut.
I just wish I could grab her by the face, get close enough to make her nervous and think she might finally get what she wants, and then whisper, "Life isn't a yaoi anime."

No. 196714

i don't cosplay but I don't understand how she could possibly need so much stuff? like I know she wants to wear 16 costumes over 5 minutes but still.

No. 196725

This looks like a shany case maybe. I own one, different design but looks like same quality.

either way these things are NOT designed to be luggage and be banged around at an airport.

The shiny outside is just painted sheet aluminum, the inside is made of plastic and foam lining with layers of hard cardboard. The locks are fine but not that strong and the case's frame will bend over time so the prices won't nest perfectly and lock looser.

On ebay most were around $200-$300, if you look hard enough you can find deals. I got mine for much much less (the tag attached said $400) off ebay b/c it was damaged, looked like it was dropped and the outside wall had a long crack/tear, only bought it b/c I knew I could fix it.

Dropping these things wI'll damage them. Durable enough for its intended use but it is NOT luggage.

No. 196730

vacuum, child.

No. 196738

I don't know how on earth she thought that this was going to work as luggage. It's clearly not meant for that. MAYBE if you removed the big bottom and carried it on, but even if it didn't break off and get lost, all your stuff would be banging around in it.

I could see it being useful if you only go to local cons and are driving there, but never for a plane!

No. 196747

Please bring it on a plane.
I can already see TSA going 'oh no' then throwing it like normal into their luggage bins and it just falls apart on impact.

No. 196780


KEKK I just realized she her previous case that got fucked at the airport was the EXACT SAME KIND and she bought another one!!

Okay sorry im late to the party and if this was said before but here's what I theorizs happened with the old one:

the 2 pieces which were only held together (no interlocking just held together) with just 2 goddamn side buckles and nothing else just fell apart on their own somewhere and got separated in the luggage tranfer process b/c it was not built for such rough handling.

Top half of case has all the tags and stickers and no physical indication that its missing anything, so employee shuffles it through with the rest of the bags

Another employee finds bottom half with no tags and has no idea where the fuck it came from or what so it's turned in to lost items.

But if your first case didn't make it thru air travel wHy wOuld you bUy it agaIn??

No. 196790

Because she's fucking stupid. I can't wait to see what happens after she brings it on a plane again. If she ever mocks Delta again over shit she fucked up on, I don't mind chewing her out. YOU CHOSE TO GO TO THAT CON! YOU CHOSE TO BRING A SHIT LOAD OF MAKE-UP, YOU CHOSE TO FLY. DONT BLAME DELTA FOR YOUR SCREW UPS MISSY.

No. 196816

She'd probably piss herself in excitement before you even got the words out.

No. 196819

No you don't understand anon. She didn't buy the same case again, she got one with an extra tier added. Means more to lose next time.

No. 196885

But she bought one with a ~warranty~ this time. Clearly the warranty will cover damage done by an outside party and not if the case breaks on its own, right?

She needs to learn what travel insurance is if she wants to take that bigger on a plane.

No. 196951

why does she need so much make up if she does the same horrible crooked eyeliner and concealer lips for every character?

No. 196960

Because she thinks she's one of those good cosplayers that carries a ton of make-up when clearly she only uses less than a quarter of it.

No. 196978

Anyone else remember when we were getting the police called on us for harassment and she had some sort of case? The fuck happened to that?

No. 196996

it was addressed earlier in the thread. it'd cost too much money for her broke ass to get a lawyer and what not

No. 197019

But what about this new found money she's coming up with left and right? And the Delta check? I'm curious if she knows how to save money.

No. 197024

Remember, this is asherbee we're talking about. She'll never start saving any. God I hope she fucks herself over when mommy and daddy are no longer with her.

No. 197054

If she ever wanted to open a court case against the site, she would never be able to save up the amount needed to hire a decent lawyer, first of all. Second, I think she possibly spent some of the money on the new luggage case? I feel like we're seeing some of her refunded money already being slowly used. The smart thing would be to either save the money or upgrade her stuff old stuff but again, it's her, she's not going to do that.

No. 197064

Funny thing is, she should've used that money to buy herself a decent vehicle so she wouldn't have to beg people for rides all the time including her parents but in her world, COSPLAY IS EVERYTHING! COSPLAY IS LOVE COSPLAY IS LIFE! FUCK ME, IM A WEEABOO FOR DAYS!

No. 197067

File: 1478924626722.jpg (166.76 KB, 864x1296, FB_IMG_1478924402970.jpg)

MMMMMM!! LEMME OUT SO I CAN EAT THE OTHER DRAMATICAL MURDER COSPLAYERS! Did you guys know she changed her page name to "AxelAsh Cosplay"? God her Aoba is awful and what is lighting and good photos. Some of them are blurry af! Why would you post them on your page??

No. 197070

She's got business cards too.

No. 197075

File: 1478925449121.png (526.23 KB, 540x920, Screenshot_2016-11-11-23-35-44…)

The amount of caked on makeup in these photos..

No. 197081

OH NO! Is she planning on cosplaying Noiz too?? FUCKING HELL ASHERBEE!

No. 197083

Haha I saw them. Too bad not many people know where to find her since she changed her cosplay name after Nekocon.

No. 197085

Oh fuck I'm gonna have nightmares now.

No. 197086

File: 1478926539543.png (157.1 KB, 333x594, Stノイズ_通常_normal.png)

why is she trying to ruin my husbando?? she doesnt even have the piercings. ugh i've noticed that she only cosplays characters she wants to fuck or characters she wishes she can be in similar predicaments i.e. heroines in reverse harems

No. 197087

Noiz's brows aren't black! WHY ARE THEY BLACK???

No. 197088

Yuuuuuuuup, exactly. My life is an animu and I gotta be that cutesy flamboyant pretty boy everyone can fuck.

No. 197093

File: 1478927353855.jpg (13.92 KB, 86x130, IMG_3109.JPG)

No. 197096

File: 1478927607852.jpg (80.34 KB, 480x720, IMG_3110.JPG)

Sorry, didn't load before I saved it so that ones blurry

No. 197098

those eyebrows look she smeared cheez whiz on them. at least the black eye looks decent?

No. 197099

jesus christ of nazareth

No. 197103

Oh man this is cringe. I'm beginner at SFX make up and even I can do it better than her.

No. 197132

File: 1478937027771.jpg (79.14 KB, 480x720, IMG_3111.JPG)

Stuff nightmares are made of…

No. 197136

she looks like she ate a ton hot wings. jesus this is horrifying