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File: 1663263135212.jpeg (746.56 KB, 2819x3464, SadGoitre.jpeg)

No. 1648936

If you’re new, please make sure you read https://lolcow.farm/info and https://lolcow.farm/rules before posting!

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1602730

The Basic Rundown:
>Jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse towards his exes. pretty much any woman he comes into contact with, he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
>Before his relationship with Sydney England, he had a toxic and drug-fueled relationship with and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - Jonny is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
>After Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
>Enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall/minnieskins. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with Jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
>Since Syd gave birth there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, warranting her and Jonny their own thread, though now they’ve separated, so their threads becoming separate may be inevitable. until then…

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l/?hl=en
Twitch: https://twitchtracker.com/thepearlboy4l/clips
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/minnieskins/?hl=en
"Art" Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skinniemins/?hl=en
OF: https://onlyfans.com/lilthiccghost

Old Milk:
>Cowtipper confirms that Jonny is indeed living the single life because Syd cheated on him >>1430884
>Taylor deleted/privated her video talking about JC abusing her >>>/snow/1488984 speculation that they’re back in contact continues
>Syd returns to e-begging for rent, meds and essentials for the kid she doesn’t have custody for >>>/snow/1490473
>Syd sets the tone for her OF saga >>>/snow/1499974, >>>/snow/1497288
>Syd makes an OF >>>/snow/1500737
>Taylor is following Jonny on instagram >>>/snow/1513531, according to taylor they're speaking again for the sake of "closure" >>>/snow/1515623
>Another court date, anons listen in and reveal that the DA wants to press felony charges for child endangerment (fentanyl was found in his baby’s blood) >>>/snow/1517793
>Bitch bf anon reveals his ex is dating Jonny >>1518419
>In comes Lanya (wigglewip/laynabrat/lazybani) a 25 year old “twitch streamer” from Canada
>Jonny buys a kitten >>1518923
>Syd finally makes OF content. Some cheeky nudes revealing her pancake nips >>1595638 >1595646 and a crusty video of her rubbing her snatch >>1595640

New Milk:
>Layna showing off her prince charming, >>1602744 or more accurately chasing that clout
>Syd still pathetically vague posts about Jonny >>1602795 >>1602792
>Jonny showing off his sexc sober gym grind bod >>1609802
>Syd posts painfully cringe videos of her screaming along to some hardcore music >>1609973 >>1609971
>Jonny living in a hovel >>1613403
>One of Jonny friends dies and he obviously can’t help making it about himself >>1613935
>Rumors that Syd fucked a member of the band “Cold Gawd” >>1614467 anon finds out she's following one of them on instagram >>1615599
>Jonny acting like a thirsty teenager after his gf goes home >>1617084 seems like Layna might be firing back >>1617628
>Jonny saying he’s the Freddy Mercury of this era >>1618803 >>1618814 completely delusional
>Jonny plans a tour with some of his butt buddies. Syd throws shade >>1618926
>Jonny continues to pretend he's not an abusive piece of shit >>1619416 (it's not like every gf he’s had calls him abusive or anything)
>Jonny coping HARD >>1623669
>Jonny plays a free show at a bar, the crowd is looking pretty sparse for a self proclaimed god >>1625734
>Jonny once again claiming the “charges are going to be dropped” >>1632377
>The fat comments seem to be getting to Jonny >>1633140 Mr.sausage fingers is pressed
>Jonny’s very proud of himself for buying his first vehicle at 36. It's an ugly second hand pedo van >>1640556 he plans to use it for touring >>1640446
>Jonny taunting his ex’s while he's passing through Texas on tour >>1642083 Layna stays behind >>1643007
>Jonny essentially admitting people don't want to associate with him because everyone knows he’s an abusive piece of shit >>1643799
>Syd goes on vacation >>1643935
>Some candids from his tour show Jonny’s been abusing filters HARD >>1644927 >>1645036 he looks at least 50.
>Jonny is still reading lyrics off of his cell phone at live shows >>1644975
>Jonny posts cringy emo stories while on tour >>1648507 >>1648517 then quickly deletes them.

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No. 1648948

praise be! new thread! now let's see goiter's "tour" shenanigans bring the milk.

let's see how many posts in we can get before the 3x#14 thread retards return to nitpick and/or simp for goiter

No. 1648964

File: 1663265197588.jpg (17.32 KB, 434x248, finallysomeonediditright.jpg)

No. 1648993

File: 1663267848344.jpeg (227.19 KB, 828x840, 6B75E2E5-C299-43CD-A31B-83DD6F…)

Skids new boyfriend looks like he was involved with DGD at some point? Any anon knows who this is?

No. 1649006

his involvement is probably that his current band sound like a dgd tribute slowed down kek

No. 1649021


Ian Cooperstein he produced their most recent album

No. 1649056

dgd? no that was kris crummet.

wonder if he'll drop some of syds screams on the next eidola kek

No. 1649057

She probably saw DGD, Eidola, and Wolf and Bear (the other two bands have members from DGD also in them) in his bio and her groupie spidey senses in her vagina started tingling. Poor guy, I’m sure she doesn’t actually legitimately like him for him. So I guess that’s were she flew to? To visit this guy? No doubt he paid for the trip

No. 1649064

File: 1663274731599.jpeg (191.25 KB, 828x1004, 09D8BD4F-5D26-4488-944D-EBBA3B…)

kinda old, but a fan posted a video from the balcony at the powerhouse when he played that free show. he can’t even moderately fill up a tiny pub venue anymore.

No. 1649068

File: 1663274970179.jpeg (771.17 KB, 1147x1445, 533969A9-89C7-4E02-8DD3-AE96F1…)

I google image searched “Ian Cooperstein producer” because I wanted to see what he looked like and I’m pretty sure it’s the guy on the bottom right, although this seems to be an old band he was in and an old picture. All the pics that showed up, including this one, were group pics but this guy was the common denominator in all of them. In case anyone else was curious. Inb4 Syd’s like “ewww weirdo pedos stalking me and my chiold and my new victim

No. 1649133

Yeah, Ian is the bottom right guy. He has been in a ton of bands/music projects. He's a decent musician, but i don't know what he is like as a person, except for the fact that he is a manlet.

No. 1649332

Thank god you’re not a retard nonny. Thank you. Blessed be thy milk.
The thread image is /chef’s kiss/
Kek What an ugly dude

No. 1649414

the guy on the bottom left is hot

No. 1649453

That’s just an old pic too. The more recent pictures he looks even worst kek (sorry don’t wanna start an Ian is hot/Ian is ugly debate with the anons who like to do that)

No. 1649532

Kek hold my drink - the fact you say Ian is unattractive when he clearly is attractive screams projected insecurities. I’d love to see what anons criticising him look like, anyone with eyes can see he has a great body, etc etc etc

Thanks for new thread anon! Blessed be the milk

No. 1649537

He is objectively ugly.

No. 1649546

Lmao you love to see it! And yet he is still not humbling himself, not even an ounce. Sad that skid didnt torch the last remaining fan base of his.

No. 1649552

File: 1663315256348.jpeg (634.83 KB, 828x1696, 15EF91F5-C1C9-4875-9B7F-BBBA8C…)

One of the groupie last night was hanging out with goiter and his retarded friends in their airbnb. Is that layna or a new girl? I can’t tell. They all look the same.

No. 1649817


The ever-present moldy spaghetti-strap tanktop from H+M and terminally-bored-in-JCs presence-face looks like Layna. Is she like suddenly on tour now to make sure her totally faithful and trustworthy bf behaves himself after this? >>1647568

No. 1649862

Tbf compare him to goiter, this is an upgrade for skidney. At least he is not nodding out and poisoning his kid with fent lmao

No. 1649866

File: 1663346749650.jpeg (985.57 KB, 828x1536, F256F47E-8CBA-4187-834E-DF455C…)

Kek nonnie you are right.. she tagged along on the tour after goiter boi started sexting other girls and had his vague public meltdown. Thought layna finally had some backbone and decided to fuck off back to canada..

No. 1649888

I wonder if her showing up has anything to with his mini Instagram meltdown yesterday kek.

No. 1649893

It looks like they fought and he posted those after she planned to go back home? Hence the “empty house” part? then he took them down when they made up and instead of going home she came to him?

No. 1649920

If that is what happened it’s perfect proof he hasn’t changed at all. Obligatory tf, They fought (probably after him thirsting over tour thots) so he says he wants to die and plays the victim to worry her and rope her back in, even though the fight was almost definitely HIS fault to begin with.

No. 1649937

Lelayna is giving off these ana chan vibes in her selfies and social media but whenever a candid is posted, she looks so flabby like an ex fatty lol and her arm looks bigger than here here >>>/snow/1646904

No. 1650008

In that candid her arm is pushed up against her but in the photo of her ass it’s out to the side so yes it’s going to look a lot smaller.

No. 1650012

example: >>>/snow/1584212 her arms are skinny in this candid he took of her
unless she got fat since then which is possible

No. 1650036

have you like never seen a human irl or something? that’s literally just anatomy? upper arms look smaller when they’re extended away from your body rather than squished against your side.

No. 1650065

Does anyone know how many more “dates” of this tour is left?
Jonny seems codependent af, like he got all emo at the thought of Layna going back to Canada. I mean with Taylor and Syd he was pretty much living with them instantly so makes sense. I can’t wait till she goes back to Canada and he cheats because he literally can’t be alone.

No. 1650077

I swear goiter is incapable of being by himself because deep down even he knows he hates himself. Thats why his constant need to call himself a god lmao. I’ve only know him through TND but swear this man has never ever been by himself. Ever.

No. 1650230

File: 1663569097397.jpeg (489.71 KB, 1284x2282, 141D7623-D264-4483-B0B4-CD7703…)

the resemblance is uncanny

No. 1650273

No. 1650282

File: 1663574852399.jpeg (293.11 KB, 826x937, 2FBA49FE-0183-485A-9028-F5EF75…)

I don’t know what’s more embarrassing; still trying to sell tickets off the back of DGD or playing a show at a Hard Rock Cafe knock off venue

No. 1650424

File: 1663594708695.png (4.72 MB, 1170x2532, 593097EC-CD7E-4D93-A2A6-772E01…)

Glad to be back with you bitches, let’s try not to squander it huh?

Syd is laying it on thick with this new boyfriend saga. It’s feeling like she chose the first guy who was interested and had money to fly her out, and latched on hard. And it’s feeling like she’s hoping it’ll catch Jonny’s attention when really I think he couldn’t care less about her or what she’s doing

No. 1650426

File: 1663594955314.png (2.85 MB, 1170x2532, BBEEADA9-45D6-4F23-821F-25D545…)

Also in syd news, her and Megan were tramping around in the cemetery which isn’t milk but mostly just funny to me. (This pic is of Megan but I’m sure we’ll get Syd’s soon. Or maybe not since she doesn’t follow thru half the time)

If this is the cemetery I think it is, then I’m pretty sure my grandma is buried there, so it’s great to know half naked wannabe goth girls may be taking shitty photography shots all over her grave. RIP grandma kekkkkk

No. 1650440

Wow that’s pathetic. Ends up on a tour she wasn’t invited on after throwing a fit. It’s giving syd energy. Then posts this weird pointless picture just to show she is now present after people questioned if that was her in the video. Bet his friends on the tour are annoyed, since she’s always there and they probably thought they could do something without her for once and then she flies in.

No. 1650443

Samefag. Dunno why that just randomly posted when I tried to post it days ago right as the site went offline. Irrelevant now.

No. 1650460

File: 1663596781571.jpeg (592.31 KB, 828x1025, C15CA7D0-5209-4376-AE95-8FA9AC…)

It’s so obvious she doesn’t have Storm. She went to the aquarium, but I don’t think she’s ever taken her son. So sad.

No. 1650558

Imagine being in your 30s and doing this.. and imagine your kid stumbling upon your cringy thot pic in the future. good god the second hand embarrassment.

No. 1650568

I genuinely like to know if skidney will still get back with goiter given the chance?

Also how fast are these two rebounding? Kek

No. 1650590

Gwen Stefani from the 90's called, she wants her cringe punk rock white girl bindi back

No. 1650768

Goiter invites every single one of his girlfriends on tour. This girl doesn’t really give “show up uninvited” energy.

No. 1650778


People are fairly speculating that he got busted sliding into DMs, as evidenced by this >>1647568 and the whiney stories he posted then deleted about coming home to an empty house like the next day.

No. 1650818

Yeah which to me points more towards him inviting her. She was probably going to go to Canada after he was dming rando’s and he weasled his way out of it.

No. 1650929

He probably invited her and she didn’t want to go until he had his little meltdown and then she felt obligated to go see him because he was talking about wanting to die lol. I do wonder how she got from California to Alabama so fast, he had his breakdown and the next day she was there. Was goitre really so sad he flew her out there immediately loool?

No. 1650940

He’s so co-dependant he definitely flew out there. Pretty sure that night or the following day he posted about only getting W’s

No. 1651017

File: 1663623378278.jpeg (200.78 KB, 827x1291, 0FAE8D17-CDB0-4952-A852-6BB271…)

I think it’s funny she showed up the a tour date where there was a rented air bnb and a bunch of other girls.

Goiter turned off his tagged pictures on ig too. Weird flex..

No. 1651020

Weird they’re back on again now

No. 1651132

Mf looks like Sam Hyde doing an impression. They're both equally as hideous and repulsive

No. 1651149

same for Jonny, he got a van for his shitty tour but can’t take his son for a day out, he even let his son got intoxicated, really really sad

is this Jonny?

No. 1651235

File: 1663632714783.jpeg (610.82 KB, 1949x3332, 17E3C369-3EC4-40AC-99C1-9B1D1B…)

his comments on this post are so cringe. he’s right he does look like a creepy kek

No. 1651320

Judging by the lack of shitty tattoos on his neck I’d say it’s someone else

No. 1651417

She's boring af, but I'll give her some credit cause at least she's behaving better than Skid when she was bumming on tour and humblebragging, making him pull her up on stage at every show, and making him re-propose to her on stage kek plus heckling his female fans with hE HaS a ChIoLd. There's still time though I guess.

No. 1651474

Anons please stop making shit up as fact. You know this game if lolcow telephone will turn into "remember when they fought and he whined about going home alone and she showed up on tour to prove us wrong?" Maybe she didn't want to drive in a van with smelly tour dudes and he flew her out to meet him there. She wouldn't be the first girl to do that. Maybe he's bummed after tour the house will be empty because she's going home. Maybe he's fucking with us because anons are making up narratives. Out of every thread, this one has the most anons commenting tinfoils as fact. Just like he "poisoned his kid" or "his kid OD'd" or "he's a rapist". Some anons are seriously living in a fantasy instead of talking shit about the proven milk.

No. 1651477

L'il Jon's sobriety/monogamy is getting boring so making shit up and believing anons with no receipts seems to be all we have for now
In b4 hi Lelayna/Shorty's boyfriends

No. 1651493

They honestly seem like a good couple and any fighting anons are speculating about is just that. Speculation. They could just be really good at hiding it. He could be shooting up constantly and she could be scratching the eyes out of every girl at his shows. It’ll come out eventually anyways.

No. 1651553

Lmao that was gold. I miss those times.

No. 1651580

The thread pic is absolute gold. Bless you nonnie.

No. 1651607

why are you so emotionally invested in this?

No. 1651624

Bc it’s Layna kek

No. 1651627

This is not Jonny. Jonny is covered in tattoos both arms

No. 1651632

Not always…. Lmao but go on

No. 1651639

Nope just a nonnie with at least 2 braincells to rub together.

No. 1651646

Err but his kid is literally poisoned? Nonnie are you a cow?

No. 1651663

File: 1663669730942.jpg (4.71 KB, 225x225, 307542701_8815561785136136_457…)

Right now, Layna's life is just sitting in various locations. Sits on a plane, sits in an AirBnb, sits in Goiters trap house, sits at the venue, sits on twitch….

Goiters life seems to be a Whiteboi Xan Rapper LARP, where he spouts incoherent garbage in a desperate attempt to stay relevant. Whether it's Chinese bobble-heads, a felony child endangerment trial, or shilling his generic trap-loop auto-tune music… goiter still is unable to realize he's is a cringey joke.

Syd's new bf doesn't seem phased hi's producer role has now stretched to nutting in the baby mama of an ex-dgd singer. I dunno if that bolsters his instagram credits.

No. 1651670

he "poisoned his kid"
- well documented pending felony case. court audio confirms

or "his kid OD'd"
- the potential exposure to OD from the biggest killer in america is why his case is a felony

or "he's a rapist"
- well documented, multiple sources, multiple years

No. 1651888

Yeah I was going to say, is he not a rapist? I thought women did accuse him of that. I didn’t want to get attacked tho kek

No. 1651948

File: 1663697231220.png (105.71 KB, 600x330, jc_logo_0-526323587.png)

does anyone else think of goiter when those jenny craig ads come on tv/youtube? kek his weight loss program would be straight up meth and C-brand energy drink

No. 1652254

Ayrt - sorry I didn’t specify it’s not him, but it was taken in the same air bnb and same hang out he was at. Didn’t realise it would cause confusion

No. 1652683

Me thinks that Skid got her new man (assuming he’s good with computers) to hack into the lolcow website for a few days

No. 1652685

That’s why I was like damn she’s 25 and still lives at home and everyone came for my neck. Okay but she’s obviously not working? Just being a mooch. Maybe Canadian parents are different idk (no my parents don’t love me any less for wanting me to move out younger and have a sense of independence, cuz that was said too)

No. 1652742

File: 1663730967353.jpeg (64.15 KB, 828x274, C8FAED2A-D65C-4D2F-9795-CA46C5…)

KEK wtf no. it was scheduled down time.

No. 1652772

It was a good enough guess lol

No. 1652775

File: 1663732604171.png (2.08 MB, 750x1334, 63CC0C5D-5F8B-428D-BB26-54B05B…)

What’s going on with her bangs on the left side?

No. 1652791

File: 1663733648979.jpeg (233.22 KB, 750x571, 0D4ADD98-B56C-4D88-BCAE-D11645…)

Someone said he’s uglier than Jonny. Thoughts?

No. 1652807

he looks like Moses Hacmon (Hila Klein’s brother) only a bit more ugly kek

No. 1652822

File: 1663734963816.jpeg (168.74 KB, 1080x1094, 717313AD-52FA-4914-9E44-3B664B…)

No. 1652944

Wooow he really is. That hook nose. He looks like the homebum in Ghost that taught Patrick Swayze how to flick the can in the subway.

No. 1652975

She looks so cringe and desperate. He looks like some weak soy cuck

No. 1652980

Kek this reference is sending me

No. 1653025

If she is there then who is watching the cat?

No. 1653100

The hearing just said the kid had fentanyl in his bloodstream. They don't have pure fentanyl on the street as it's usually cut with other shit. We don't know if it occurred during a hospital stay and Jonny and Syd are too dumb to remember.
The "well-documented" rape from cow adjacents that never went to the cops, have zero tests confirming, and could be pulling an Amber Heard for all who know. Not saying for sure they're lying or telling the truth, but I wouldn't call unreliable cows a reliable "well documented" source. Just like I wouldn't believe that cow Taylor and why I've never bothered with her thread. Every girl that made claims on social media seem pretty cow-ish to me. I don't think clumsy, formerly perpetually high Jonny could even rape himself.

No. 1653115

File: 1663761380944.jpg (117.28 KB, 1004x805, GetOffMyTrain.jpg)


I wonder how long before he yells at Syd, "Get off! My! Traiiiiin!!

No. 1653152

Oh she’ll ruin it in no time. Especially if they’re doing long distance. Someone as insecure as her not being able to breathe down his neck every waking second. Who thinks she’ll try to move to him asap and put even more distance between herself and her son?

No. 1653236

we don’t care about your opinion nona, and its just not one girl, lurk moar and condoning his behavior isn’t gonna erase the fact that he lost custody of his son for being a drug ass loser, he did harm to his own son when he was supposed to protect him.
nona get some glasses i think u r blind

No. 1653345

johnny boy craves instability. things with layna will never work. he’s addicted to drama and inflicting pain on women.

No. 1653397

Syds new bf looks like that guy from Ghostbusters hahaha

No. 1653404

idk this new guy seems more on Syd’s level looks wise.

No. 1653451

File: 1663786528204.png (3.38 MB, 1170x2532, 5A365505-3C38-4D8C-8002-BDEF9C…)

Hey nonnie, I guess Jonny really wanted you to know the cat is okay kek

No. 1653712

I wonder how far away he actually lives. Far enough for a flight… that would be so selfish of her to move away from her son. Maybe she’ll convince him to move down here so she can move in with him since Meg appears to be tired of her shit?

No. 1653714

Yeah but I doubt this man his groupies in his inbox constantly like Jonny does.

No. 1653716

She probably left a giant ass bowl of food and water out or he got Sonya to check on Robert the last remaining days on tour

No. 1653718

He looks like he belongs on some type of dollar bill here

No. 1653744

How does Meg appear to be tired of her shit? Genuinely curious if I missed something, not being sassy.

Also when googling this guy to see if he was actually a producer for DGD, it seems he might live in Salt Lake City but I could be mistaken.

No. 1653777

my sides. this is exactly who i thought of when i saw the pic

No. 1653826

File: 1663807478005.png (676.03 KB, 1170x2532, 64166482-F78E-4AA6-BBD0-F914E7…)


syd vague post from 9/15, meg’s probably sick of her shit but this was before their cringe cemetery photo shoot so who knows

No. 1653853

this is some textbook BDP shit. I know she loves raw dogging her mental illness but this kinda shit makes it so obvious she’s the furthest thing from a functioning adult. I’m sure she threw this embarrassing Instagram pity party over the smallest of inconveniences because she was fine the next day.

No. 1653890

No one is condoning his behavior. Your reading comprehension is lousy if you can't understand that the clout chasing I'm-going-to-report-my-questionable-rApE-for-thousands-on-social-media-but-not-file-a-police-report clowns aren't a reputable source.

No. 1653899

There's no indication Meg is sick of her. She probably is happy she has someone to hang out with besides kids since a lot of moms only have other mom friends. The Ghost lookalike guy probably just told Syd all the shit Jonny used to say about her and she's so surprised he thought her behavior was annoying.
I'm starting to think Jonny is just a former self destructive addict that dated damaged girls because he thought he was the same. It's pretty common with people with low self esteem to choose others that they think are on their level of loser. Once he got sober, he started being more basic bitch hence Wiggles now. I hope he stays a sober nobody so Syd can fume over his level of normalcy

No. 1653926

He used to always say this to trap girls into a relationship with him but I’d actually believe he’d use again if she dumped him.

No. 1653993

I fucking choked KEK


No. 1654057

vigo the carpathian? I see it nonnie!

No. 1654070

Yeah not playing devils advocate here but the “many” women who actually accused him of rape were just Amanda, Chelsea, and Taylor. All three of them are very mentally unstable and most of us have been here to witness that. I don’t victim shame but something about their claims just seemed to be out of anger or to try to destroy his already ruined reputation. However, I do not appreciate lil Jon’s story “how I feel waking up knowing I never abused anyone” because I would put money on the fact that he has most definitely physically abused most of his exes. I just don’t know how I feel about the actual rape claims. I never really believed them, but I’m sure I’ll get a lot of shit for saying this…. I could be wrong. I hope I’m not wrong, because actual rape is a very horrible thing. If they are lying it’s basically just a fuck you to actual rape victims.

No. 1654073

How did you just pull that tinfoil out of your ass? That they had a conversation about Jonny talking shit about her? Syd is definitely used to the fact that Jonny talked shit about her and did not appreciate her

No. 1654078

I don’t think anything will make Layna dump Jonny. She seems so out of touch with reality. Very naive. All of his past girlfriends stayed thru the abuse, cheating, using, and there’s no doubt in my mind she is no any different. That’s why he picked her. Little miss “now it’s my turn” kek

The only way I see them breaking up is if Jonny gets bored of her or meets someone hotter and closer to him that’s willingly to sacrifice being an absolute joke in order to date him. But maybe he likes boring bitches now. We shall see. I can’t remember when they got together, like April or May? So it’s been nearly five months?

No. 1654081

Just like TayTay he couldn’t make it anymore obvious he reads here

No. 1654083

Yeah a cheating aggressive shit head? Most likely. Rapist? Hard to say, as those 3 have their own mental issues. Chelsea was only in the psych ward because he broke up with her for Liz and she was so jealous and upset about it she tried to kill herself.

No. 1654089

I remember this. Do you remember her cheating on him with a Vans manager? Whoever she was hanging out with took pics of them in the hot tub together and everything lmfao. I wonder if it was around this time, because I do believe it was summer

No. 1654091

Samefag but Liz also tried to kill herself and took pictures in the ER and everything. Like damn, knowing this man drove two different women to suicide really gets under my skin, no matter how attention seeking they were. Like if I were Layna and I found this out I’d ghost the motherfucker

No. 1654095

File: 1663831511139.jpeg (353.4 KB, 750x1096, 11121C4D-228F-4799-ACA1-0BC1E8…)

I just randomly came across this but I’m shocked none of his exes tried to start this petition to keep Jonny out of the music business. It would bring me pure joy to see how many people actually sign. I thought they were all gonna ban together to plot against his career? But nothing ever came of it. I doubt the exes even talk anymore. They also all have new partners now, except for TND.

No. 1654102

They actually did do this and made a petition which got his band dropped from their label.

No. 1654405

File: 1663862996120.jpeg (161.36 KB, 1080x1350, signal-2022-09-22-170655.jpeg)

that goiter bobble head tat really bothers me. she should put R Kelly on the other arm.

No. 1654429

If you love goiter so much, go hangout in his instagram comments with the mexican moms. You don't just get upgraded to a felony for "the lulz and maybe hospital teehee." You don't need a police report to make something true. Amber Heard? Terrible comparison, that was one person, this is multiple corroborating stories of people who never met.

Imagine being such a low life, room temp IQ, mongoloid, to say that someone is unlikely to of "raped" because they probably "couldn't rape". Jesus titty fucking christ. Next you'll be saying Epstein probably wasn't a pedo because he didn't work at a school.

No. 1654438

no one is saying that, we are reporting on events that have more evidence than your presumption of innocence.

if this is you goiter, spend less time on here and more time learning your lyrics.

No. 1654446

there are too many big words and complete sentences for this to be jenny craig

No. 1654450

kek. touché.

No. 1654499

those flat ass eggplant boobs omfg they so wide and flabby

No. 1654522


>mexican moms

I stg this is the funniest thread on the site even though the milk is basically non-existent at this point

No. 1654579

agreed. seems the goiter shills are doing the PR round.

"iT CoUlDnT Of bEeN ThE HiStOrIcAl jUnKy dAd uSiNg fEnT LaCeD DrUgS, iT WaS ThE HoSpItAl" fuck up hahahahahahaha

No. 1654699

Ohhhh I thought they got dropped just because of allegations, but that makes more sense

No. 1654701

Wtf is the Mexican moms thing all about? Literally it’s just something you made up and are the only one who keeps saying it. Stop trying to make this a thing, it’s cringey and not even accurate.

No. 1654711

Also if you’re gonna say his fanbase “mostly” consists of Mexican moms then back it up with some proof, if not then shut the fuck up.

No. 1654714

File: 1663881985344.jpeg (425.61 KB, 750x972, 45DF3FD0-FDBC-4688-BF76-4FB334…)

She looks greasy to me here

No. 1654729

of all the things to suddenly get offended about? kek. are you equally offended if i say white moms at a def leppard concert? you gonna defend eggplants next?

PS i copied the joke from above so there is at-least 2x of us kek. cope.

No. 1654736

File: 1663882729072.png (267.75 KB, 357x346, rustlethejimmy.png)

No. 1654791

It’s pretty accurate if you look at the pics of the crowd at his shows and the comments of his posts. The only other fans are grimey looking dudes and chicks that look like meth head trailer trash or look like they’re trying to grow their social media career. “Mexican moms” just rolls off the tongue better and it’s funny. Cope.

No. 1654866

File: 1663890128473.png (10.17 MB, 1284x2778, FD47794F-FDEF-44A7-AA0C-D6CA4A…)

it pisses me off when people flex their money but have the worst tattoos like what the fuck is on his arm

No. 1654899

those upper lip dermal things are…a choice

No. 1654910

Anon, maybe you're too young but there was a time when we got tattoed by whoever was there when we walked in and didn't have some aesthetic nonsense to try to live up to.
We're really out of L'il Jon milk when anons are reaching like this.

No. 1654914

nta, are u a Mexican mom or smthin? why are u so pressed over this kek?

No. 1654915

Good Lord not the ridiculous hi cows again when it's obvious L'il Jon and his adjacents aren't in here. They're too dumb to be coherent.
It's not crazy to want a reputable source. Besides him being an addict who pulled scam shit and a shit dad who has charges that he hasn't been convicted for and most likely won't, I haven't seen any other actual proof of anything. You want to believe nut case women who claimed he's a rapist but were so upset he left them that they tried to kill themselves or another meth addict who is now friends with him? Sounds to me like you're just grasping at straws for some obsessive hate boner. Those 3 psychos only made those claims after he moved on and they stayed in their vendetta phase. It's pretty obvious they just wanted to trash him.

No. 1654917

NTA but "Mexican moms" is so inaccurate it just makes you look like a fool for latching onto one anons stupid statement.
I miss the days this thread went by actual receipts and not just anons making shit up because it's fUnNy or just because it fits their personal narrative.

No. 1654925

nope i have a few home tattoos and none look even close to as grimey as whatever that shit is, but go off anon

No. 1654943

File: 1663897828332.jpeg (53.72 KB, 750x493, 39FE1B12-27C8-4AAE-98B1-A63319…)

No. 1654961

>you look like a fool for latching onto one anons stupid statement. I miss the days this thread went by actual receipts
Are you okay? This is literally a joke, the same way anons call jonny goitre or syd skid. No one is visiting the thread to confirm if jonny’s fan base is mostly composed of mexican moms or anything, calm down lmao.

No. 1654987

agreed. whoever keeps going off about mexicans is really making this a 4chan type place. we get it, mexicans like jonny. anon can move on now about it.

No. 1654989

she's literally the ugliest chick jonny's been with. crazy how out of all the 10s he's been with he knocked up the hard 4

No. 1655000

All the 10s? Maybe Liz is a 10. Chelsea and Layna are like 7s at best, maybe 6s. Tay a 5 after ruining her looks, and Amanda a 4.

No. 1655025

this pic was posted before, maybe she really is putting up some weight lol


No. 1655060

Was it posted here? I posted it a few hours before she posted it lmao. Maybe she just takes several pics that look alike in the same outfits.

Also, it appears some ladies in the thread are on their period or something. Sheesh.

No. 1655064

Kek you’re so mad over a stupid joke. Go touch some grass, gabacho

No. 1655066

So who is better looking Amanda or Syd? I think it’s a tie. 4 is appropriate.

I hope milk comes soon. While lame Layna is away, Jonny will play. Look at the shit he tried to pull on his little tour and probably would have gotten away with it had the friend not came in here and ruined it. Dammit I want some milk. I wonder how long Layna will put up this innocent, peaceful, no drama act. They’ve probably said I love you by now, planning their future together (gag), surely her insecure jealous side will come out soon. It’s happened with every other girl because Jonny is a shitty boyfriend.

No. 1655068

Nobody is mad just bc they don’t agree. It’s ignorant and racist and they are simply pointing it out. But yall are proud of it bc it’s funny. I’m not even gonna go back and forth about this tho. Even the stfu anon doesn’t seem mad. If cursing means angry to you then yikes. Can we move on now?

No. 1655098

it’s about as edgy as laughing at Syd’s eggplant tiddies or Layna’s lack of ass. Something tells me you’re one of the fat Hispanic moms.

No. 1655210

File: 1663918448087.jpeg (711.21 KB, 1284x2255, 380238A0-FFC1-4187-8388-37883B…)

“#ilovecemeteries” Then go live in a fucky wucky forever box miss “#spookybabe”

No. 1655220

sorry you have tweaker tattoos anon

No. 1655234

he’s clearly an abuser. they’re not lying

No. 1655235

Hitler also drove about 3-4 of his girlfriends to suicide

No. 1655255

Oh dear god.. asking for a non-american anon.. is this alt cringe or is this basic cringe? Kek. Syd go take your meds please

No. 1655266

I love this pink wig era. Queen shit.

No. 1655267

I think he’s a bad guy

No. 1655391

Her poses when she’s attempting to model are always so fucking awkward. I’m not sure if she’s trying to be seductive or what but she just looks stiff and uncomfortable. Close your legs skid. We can smell this picture and it’s disrespectful to the dead.

No. 1655392

File: 1663939963250.jpg (76.55 KB, 768x1003, hurt-form-within-hurt-feelings…)

Why in particular have you chosen for this to offend you and not any of the jokes on here? Are you a Mexican Mom? Please fill out

I was a joke based one some of the photos of his fans, just like everything else on this site. Please fill out this form if you are going to nitpick what offends you.

No. 1655418

the dead don't care but just imagine going to pay your respects to your loved ones grave and smelling this thot's miasma like cheap polyester and lukewarm eggplant parmigiana

No. 1655429

File: 1663943111546.png (1.26 MB, 1920x1080, lol.png)

I'm loving these new factions that have showed up in this thread. The Goiter PR team going HARD on the damage control. Then the Mexican Mom Protection Agency showing up to attempt to censor jokes.

What do you gain from shilling this smelly old troll?

No. 1655438

Sydney England fits into the Mexican Mom category since she loves pretending she's so ethnic. I think its an accurate description of his fan base kek

No. 1655439

> We can smell this picture and it’s disrespectful to the dead.
KEK, thank you anon. Her and her party city wig are so trashy! Also purity ring? Could she be any more basic?

No. 1655526

what a lovely young man, would be perfect to date and have a choild with.

kek. i feel the streisand effect doing its work here. except the rumor is kinda true if you look through his fans photos kekek

No. 1655548

good lord, my sPoOkY goth friends and I did this kind of shit when we were in high school. she really is forever 15 years old

No. 1655554

What’s going on with Mexican moms? I feel like I missed a chapter.

No. 1655574

You missed nothing. Some one can’t take a joke so anons are meme-ing Mexican moms. Idk how saying Mexican moms is racist but apparently it’s racist to say the word Mexican.

No. 1655612

Because gringos tend to use “Mexican” as a slur

No. 1655642

>angry Mexican mom about to simp incoming
Learn to sage juanita

No. 1655654

Can you read anon? If anons says the only proven milk is Jonny was a scamming addict who's a shit dad and had a few hearings over charges he hasn't been convicted of and there's no reputable proof of actual rApE or aBooSe besides unfounded claims from the 3 stooges, then you post a pic of a scamming addict who hasn't been convicted of anything, you're literally just proving the point.

No. 1655666

You know who else loves to rag on minorities for no reason other than to just do it? L'il Jon. I'm underweight and nowhere near Mexican and even I'm getting second hand embarrassment from anons who are literally using Mexican moms as an insult to Jonny. Obviously if someone says "Tom Hardy has a lot of Mexican moms who love him", that's not an insult. Anons saying "L'il Jon is such a washed up loser-only Mexican moms like him", is an insult. Are you that dumb that you don't see that lumping an ethnicity in with a guy you hate for breathing now just because he was a scammer addict, is an insult? Anons clearly are needlessly trashing family oriented mothers that are Mexican. That's below L'il Jon's humor, congrats.

No. 1655672

Pretty sure none of us are trying to be someone's PR team of Lol cow kek. But apparently anyone who doesn't believe every Shorty rumor is either going to get hi cowed or being his PR Team. Anon, real adults actually look at proven evidence and form their own opinion. High school kids minds like Syd's and some anons here are so wrapped up in hate that they lash out at rational thoughts in their quest to hate Midget for everything he does, even if the narratives are just rumors. Anons, some of us don't share your opinions. Cry more, talk less nonsense

No. 1655688

I'm not reading all that shit but calm down maria it's not that serious

No. 1655703

You cannot say one word giving JC or Layna the benefit of the doubt without being “hi cow”’d or ripped the fuck up for “white knighting” “simping” ect.

No. 1655739

to all u uglies desperate for some man like JC in your lives: this is a GOSSIP site, get over it already!
go clean his image on a fb fan page or some ig account, maybe he will notice yall kek

No. 1655743

but syd looks like a gringa wtf lol she even looks like a canadian like big girl lelayna caldwell, anything but a mexican mom kek nona your racism and syd boner is showing

No. 1655767

To many nonnies so far up JC and lelayna’s asses. Like they both aren’t SCUM.

No. 1655792

File: 1663971680513.png (667.34 KB, 828x1792, 82A5FE8C-C008-46C4-A26B-DBD0F1…)

Just Google this shit, everything he said about the allegations when they came out, is exactly what’s being said here - funny that.

Shock to some of you but some men do specifically abuse and assault partners, because it’s easier, less likely to be reported, and more easily disputed if it is reported. Case and point all these tests saying they made it up.

Okay so they made that up. This girl also made this up.

No. 1655793

File: 1663971789224.jpeg (127.75 KB, 827x917, A595B0D4-1BED-41C8-AD20-096B17…)

Oh and I suppose this issue was just some mad ex making stuff up too?

Assault = abuse. How many excuses have you got to make up?

All this is on the other threads too read them before you come in here and defend scum

No. 1655856

thank u noni for doing God’s work

No. 1655868

Those are cows. Stereotyping his fans into “fat Mexican moms” is racist, and no I’m none of those things. I’m just not ignorant. Some jokes are funny like jc and Syd’s nicknames and some are tasteless. But keep defending yourself since it means that much to you

No. 1655889

Thank you anon. Yet someone just said this is the funniest thread on the site because of the joke. Clearly y’all haven’t been reading any other threads then because this thread is far from funny, if anything it’s embarrassing. But letting them know they are being racist, ignorant, and tasteless definitely means we are a “Mexican mom” or our feelings are hurt.
If that’s the funniest joke to you then I swear the majority of you have two brain cells. Why is this still being defended and discussed? Talk about something else that’s milky. Or keep clogging the thread with elementary school level jokes.

The secondhand embarrassment is real right now.

No. 1655898

Were talking about the actual rape claims, no one is is saying he didn’t hit his girlfriends or ask minors for nudes.

No. 1655899

God lord just shut the fuck up no one cares about your stupid politically correct bullshit. The statistics speak for themselves. It's all trailer trash and that includes big fat bloated mexican mothers that idolize anyone they think might be famous.

No. 1655902

Calm down Jade, no one is defending JC or simping for him lmfao. They are saying the rape claims are questionable. I fully believe physical abuse went on. I just don’t fully believe he raped anyone, and that apparently means I want him or something. I’m as gay as it gets, men are disgusting.

No. 1655905

What statistics? Lmfao was there a study done? You just say it’s the majority of people in his fan photos but haven’t posted proof. You shut the fuck up then with your inaccurate statement. You can’t make me do anything. But you wanna go back and forth so bad because you can’t stand not getting the last word in.

No. 1655906

So he has no fat/bloated white fans? You make no fucking sense

No. 1655908

You just bashed the ethnicity again, saying only “Mexican” mom will idolize anyone they think is famous. Leaving other races out of it.

Just say you’re racist and move on. You look dumb as fuck.

No. 1655912

Yeahhhh time to put this conversation to rest. The more the “joke”…? gets defended the more racist you look. It’s not a good look. Yet you’re willing to die on that hill, for what?

No. 1655925

100% this. all his fans are fat trailer trash in general it’s just also funny that there’s a lot of Mexican boomer women that comment love on his posts. That’s it. You’re on lolcow not your little hugbox. Cry about it.

No. 1655929

Are you gonna cry about us calling Layna fat next? Get over it.

No. 1655951

Shut the fuck up retard.

No. 1656077

Mexican is a nationality not a race anon. People shit on my nationality all the time here, just ignore it or report if it really bothers you.

No. 1656094

>getting personally offended in the jonny craig thread on lolcow.farm
Idk this thread is as funny as Sydneys wideset eggplants and Jonny nodding off to me

No. 1656105

I don’t understand how you think thats racist? If I said a lot of middle aged white men like nickleback is that racist? It’s just a general statement, I’m not trying to be mean to the middle aged white men. You’re making assumptions and doing mental gymnastics just so you can be offended
>if anons say Mexican moms like JCs music that has to mean they hate Mexican moms so they’re obviously a buncha racists.
That’s some schizo logic fr.

No. 1656114

I worked on that tour and haveb mentioned this a million times. He was drunk and made misogynistic jokes to a female staff member who even wrote an article saying she wasn't even bothered. All the other bands called a meeting and wanted him off the tour. Good job reading tabloids that literally weren't there.

No. 1656119

Sounds like you clearly are so into Jonny that you're jealous of his fanbase a la Syd and have to resort to putting down Mexican women to cope. The Racist and jealous anon and your 2 anons that are pandering to your personal hugbox, all forgot your retard logic goes both ways. We get it, you feel threatened by Mexican moms. Tell me you're racist trash without telling me you're racist trash. Keeeek

No. 1656129

Samefag but anons who act like gossip magazines are a source despite a game of telephone can read the actual statement written by Colleen. She was not bothered by the dumb jokes Jonny made. She wasn't assaulted. She sold merch and was literally laughing while Jonny was joking around and he never even touched her. I was there in NJ and personally don't like Jonny but making shit up turns lolcow into National Enquirer tier nonsense


No. 1656132

This isn’t even a statement from Colleen. It’s someone named Shelby who worked with JC previously and felt like she needed to stand up for him. Abusive people aren’t abusive to every single person they meet.

No. 1656135

Anon an allegation of assault does not mean assault. Just like an allegation of you being too dumb to vet your sources or comprehend words doesn't mean you're proven to be asnoverly retarded as you seem.
Dislike cows for what they do, not dumb rumors.

No. 1656136

Shelby posted it for Colleen, anon. Colleen didn't want to be interviewed or questioned and this was the best way to keep her relatively anonymous

No. 1656142

Even the whole band came out to clarify. I watched the entire thing go down and Colleen was laughing awkwardly and saying "haha that's so stupid". At the town hall in jersey it was discussed that he didn't touch anyone and it was mysogenistic jokes someone else overheard him saying to Colleen that got reported. Jonny has never been likeable and a lot of bands wanted him gone. The sewage dumping was also outed as a lie when they asked if anyone actually saw them dumping sewage and someone said they saw an orange container that looked like it was dumped in the sewer. It ended up being ice from their water cooler.


No. 1656262

File: 1664016765372.jpeg (736.94 KB, 1282x2253, 170164AA-08A7-49B5-88BE-535A3E…)

Whats up with her neck in the third pic

No. 1656264

Idk what's funnier the Mexican girl infighting for her mom or everyone keeping the joke alive somehow

No. 1656325

She’s looking rough here, yikes.

No. 1656346

They really don’t have any fucking chemistry at all do they.

No. 1656352

She looks Mexican

No. 1656354

Yeah I would have way better chemistry with Jonny.

No. 1656379

File: 1664031491790.jpg (99.18 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

ive told you before, save that rhetoric for goiters insta comments. here we are free to have the opinion that the terrible things he's been accused of are inline with his character and moral compass. only one person is playing kangaroo court and that's you asserting innocence whilst others speculate guilt.

No. 1656386

mexican moms seems a very random place to start censorship on lolcow. kek

No. 1656393

How do you feel about the term… "Fat white moms at a Def Leppard Concert?" without knowing my race…

No. 1656403

Your victimhood and autism is unmatched. Maybe stop spitting and foaming at the mouth on an anonymous gossip forum and head on over to tiktok or twitter where you'll fit in more.

No. 1656441

File: 1664034336470.jpeg (43.28 KB, 544x649, D7DE0212-9332-4AED-A025-2F5C54…)

is she doing drugs too or what? she looks like shit and old as fuck kek
it wasn’t just a tinfoil, she’s really going down.

No. 1656462

Meth no doubt with those hollow cheeks and under eye bags.

No. 1656551

Why are you assuming she's on meth? The fuck?!

No. 1656589

Nah it’s prob just sadness. Dating a pos will drain you. He prob is wearing her down she’s just quiet about it. We’ve all seen him creeping on the dl. There’s not a doubt in my mind he makes her sad and down.

No. 1656614

File: 1664047327010.jpg (292.37 KB, 1080x1440, Sydney caldwell.jpg)

Found this in Sydneys IG. syd is definitely the anon with the hate boner for boring ass layna kek. She must be so jealous and seething that jonny moved on to someone so similar after she tried trapping him

No. 1656618

Reminds me of toxica sydney and her mom taking pics with bert mccracken at her very first Used concert

No. 1656631

this was already posted several times in earlier threads

No. 1656636

File: 1664048689881.jpeg (35.06 KB, 400x400, 0637F2AE-C259-438A-900C-EA2B1E…)

also wtf kek jonny its fine that u cannot get over syd but honestly, this is laynas look when layna was prob looking like picrel

No. 1656733

File: 1664057437327.jpeg (Spoiler Image,363.92 KB, 1080x1409, B3A8B9FD-2F09-4D9E-A188-CE2E8F…)

Saged as stale old af milk but excuse me while I skip the whole ‘innocent until proven guilty’ agenda for a man who at any point thought any of this was acceptable.

This isn’t web sleuths it’s a gossip site. A guy going from publicly tweeting shit like this actually raping women isn’t a reach. This type of shit is testing the water and seeing what can be gotten away with.

No. 1656762

Agreed anon. just because one woman has spoken his praises doesn’t erase the others he’s abused, threatened, or assaulted

No. 1656883

This thread is filled with JC stans who get jealous and hate on his girlfriends or any other girls he interacts with now. Extreme cringe olympics going on.

No. 1656938

Not everyone who hates on his gfs wants him ffs. Some of us truly think they’re pieces of shit for attaching themselves to him without a care in the world.

No. 1656940

100% truth. There's a few anons that hate Layna solely for the fact they think they would have better cHemIsTrY. Just her existence is making some of these anons jealous. Like omg! I see neck tendons! Omg, she has a hint of eye bags! Ewww she's slender without a big ass, quel horror!
Uhh anon… >>1656733
You really wanna use Kiki Kow Kannibal as a reputable source? You're welcome to run with your "I don't care for receipts, I just want to tinfoil to hate a cow", but really, maybe read Kiki Kannibal's thread. For real though, a gossip site still posts receipts and has credible sources. Otherwise just write your own fan fic

No. 1656953

nobody is jealous of fucking stupid air head Lelayna Caldwell, you’re the one that brings Syd up everytime when she’s not even milky anymore, she’s not having breakdowns and shit like when she was with JC. this is a a Jonny Craig thread, and his current girlfriend (whoever it is) will get picked on here because pieces of shit stick together honey, face it.

No. 1656988

Sydney and Jonny literally have a child together. She will always be relevant. They will always have to be interacting when handing off Storm and other things as he gets older. She’s the mother of his child, not some random nobody ex.

No. 1656999

i know, but she’s not entertaining anymore. i wish they could get back together just for the milk lmao

No. 1657001

What? Are you okay?? Wtf does that have to do with anything?

No. 1657005

They have a special bond. He’ll dump Layna when he’s bored of her and go back to Syd. He knows it’s the right thing to do, and they were really in love. She loved him when he was obese as fuck and ugly, he loved her through all of her psychotic bullshit. They were really good together.

No. 1657046

how did i not know there was a jc and kiki crossover

um, k

No. 1657072

Because you don’t read the threads. It’s been posted in here dozens upon dozens of times.

No. 1657107

I cannot WAIT until he dumps that smug bitch and she realizes how insignificant she is.

No. 1657133

Goiter will only pick you if you look like Simple Jack. Love yourself nona.

No. 1657140

Isn’t Jonny the one who looks like simple jack? I think your confused lol

No. 1657141

I really don’t wanna get hi cow banned so I won’t say who you sound like but… they were absolutely not in love. Jonny said himself that he didn’t want anything to do with Syd but she pushed and pushed until he gave in. And then she got pregnant very shortly after so he was stuck with her. And she only wanted to be with him so she could have a ticket into the music world, although I’m sure she didn’t do her research or she would have seen earlier on he has burned all his musical bridges at this point. True love? Special bond? Good together? Please tell me you’re being sarcastic and I’m sperging for nothing

No. 1657160

I think she would be way prettier with blonde hair, away from goiter, and if she ate. She looks homey like a kind mom. I Hope she gets some sense and ditches him.

No. 1657189

I could of bet money that some anon would ignore the vile things he said and focus on the Kiki tweet. At this point it’s funny what you choose to see and not see.

‘But they were ex’s’ ‘but she’s also a lying cow’ ’ but there’s no eViDeNcE’

No. 1657195

Layna don’t listen to this anon, anyone who tells you to go blonde is praying on your downfall.

No. 1657227

Anon obnoxious tweets aren't evidence that someone's aBoosIve. It would be wrong of me to call you retarded just because you "could of" been from a non-English-speaking country. By your logic, this post is irrefutable evidence that I'm an English professor at any Ivy League school.

No. 1657265

I didn’t say it was proof I said it’s not a reach that someone who openly tweets shit like that goes on to rape women. It’s a pattern of behaviour. Men say shit like that for years with no repercussions and slowly push further and further.

I’m not saying it makes him guilty but the level of excuses made to give him the benefit of the doubt is shocking. He could of taken legal action to disprove everything and hold the exes accountable where’s that evidence?

Inb4 the next excuse that he was in active addiction so couldnt be expected to get his shit together enough to do that.

No. 1657444

I wish farmhands would reveal the posts of all the cows mentioned in this thread

No. 1657532

keep on wishing because it not gonna happen.
if anything Lelayna Stans and JC stans are trying their best but this is lolcow kek

No. 1657576

learn to read. a samefag visits lolcow, reads horrific hate and jokes… but decides enough is enough after reading a mexican mom joke kek.

No. 1657581

moral of the story… don't nut in the woman you want nothing to do with. cus then she'll be everything to do with.

No. 1657594

again your presumption of innocence is just a hopeful guess. I'd look at the testimony, his character, arrests, drug use, alcoholism, assaults and combine that with opportunity, lack of morals on tour. i would say it's not out of the realm of possibility BEFORE saying he's innocent.

No. 1657701

Kek, you're like those cows that think lolcow is one person samefagging all day for years. Hate to crush your dreams, but only a couple of those posts are mine. Most anons wouldn't needlessly drag minority mothers by accusing them of simping for an ugly failure like Jonny. I'm sorry your dad left your mommy for a Mexican mom and you carry your prejudice like Syd carries her droopy ass.

No. 1657734

Nonnie do a better job at hiding the fact that you’re an above 30 mexican woman.

No. 1657794

Can you show the proof where he said he wanted nothing to do with her? I am sure that’s not what he said but your twisted version of him saying he didn’t want a relationship after Taylor.

No. 1657801

It was in an ig caption that was supposed to be cute about how they met but he said “she just kept messaging me over and over until I finally gave in.” and “she even tried to keep talking to me when I started just responding with “ok” and “lol””

No. 1657813

i usually only read comments here, but i just wanted to say, as an outsider who has no skin in this particular lolcow thread: i don’t think the initial comment about mexican moms was racist. mexican americans love moriessy. that’s not racist. that’s a well known fact people in the music scene have been aware of for decades, especially in california and texas where jonny frequents (not a scholarly source but you can do your own digging after recognizing that this is a genuine phenomenon with older achey breaky ballad rock singer type common in the old scene: https://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2014/10/08/why-do-mexican-americans-love-morrissey-so-much)

i will note that jonny craig has a lot of mexican fans in general, both men and women, likely for a similar reason morriessy has a lot of mexican fans.

i feel like the original commenter was calling out a similar phenomenon. not as a racist, just a thing you notice that is well known in adjacent groups.

the comments afterwards from all sides have gotten out of control though. lolcow is a weird place to crusade against racism, a forum centered around tearing people down. racism sucks, but you’ll get about as far on 4chan calling out incels. the incels don’t care. they know what they are. same difference here. far better to let a thread go quiet without milk then waste time arguing with anons who could pretend to be anyone at any moment, including a racist to keep the drama from the cows.

No. 1657834

As the anon who made the FIRST Hispanic mom comment, I literally meant the only fans he has left are Hispanic moms. With NO racism intended at all. Just a phenomenon that mexican moms in general seem to fill up his die hard fan base right now, and that’s only bad because he’s trying to be mainstream and want the general population listening to him. I’d say the exact same phrase if it was white dads or elderly Africans lol. Seems I hit a nerve with the JC Stan’s in here though I guess.

No. 1657883

Nope you can read the threads because that’s where I read it. I didn’t twist anything, he said she kept messaging him until he gave in. I’m not going to spoon feed ya sorry

No. 1657960

The juxtaposition between this and JC repeatedly using his credit card on twitch/amazon/flowers to loosen up Layna’s legs for a visit is cracking me up right now.

No. 1658007

weren’t u trying to say that because Syd larp as a latina? now im confused

No. 1658319

I think the confusion came in because anons started framing comments in a "he's such a loser that all he has is just Mexican moms" kind of way. OP's initial comment wasn't shitty. It was the anon who insisted on repeating it as an example of how far he's fallen. There's nothing wrong if Hispanic moms like your music. But dragging the ethnicity as an example of what a loser Jonny is for this being his fanbase (which isn't even true after I looked at who follows him) is unnecessary. >>1657734
You're doing a terrible job of hiding your trailer park roots. I also hate kids and am pretty far from Mexican but keep running with your cringey assumptions.

No. 1658323

She was sleeping with him before he bought her gifts, though. Have men that like you really never bought you anything? Tough world you live in if you've only received gifts from men that wanted to "loosen your legs" and not because they like you.

No. 1658457

Nope, she didn’t fly down until May and he was already spending money in March. Read the threads newfag.

No. 1658534

because he’s trying to portrait himself as a succesful musician that got tons of money but can’t afford a room for his baby (he got donations and never did it) and neither buy her some new clothes because she’s been wearing the same all this time.

No. 1658647

yeah she only has 2 outfits

No. 1658682

No he was acting like a fool in her stream, sending her money consistently before they got together. That’s why anons joke she’s like his sugar baby.

No. 1658709

Right there is one anon that’s been stalking her since before she even flew there which is just weird as fuck if they aren’t an ex of his or Layna’s.

No. 1658714

that anon also said that she had a job, and honestly laynas ex was looking cute compared to shrek.

No. 1658729

Why would she throw her life away for this complete piece of garbage, he’s a shit person and ugly as hell. She has to have some sort of personality disorder like there’s no way in hell.

No. 1658768

she doesn’t have a life to throw away. no job and living at home at 25

No. 1658783

oh no what ever will we do. there are now two overly sensitive mexican mom white knights… shudders. come on… tell us why particularly you are singling out mexican moms for censorship? it's been asked like 5 times.

No. 1658817

Can you read? Anon just said she did have a job right before dating him. She was also apparently in university. And do we need to open up another can of worms about how living at home at 25 is perfectly acceptable and if you think otherwise you’re very very out of touch? She had a life and seemingly threw it away. For what? Seriously I can’t figure out why? Schizophrenia? A manic episode? Fugue state?

No. 1658825

I wonder if she’s doing online school because she was still on ‘tour’ with JC when the semester started. hopefully she didn’t drop out to spend more time with him, although considering how codependent he is it wouldn’t surprise me.

No. 1659126

Uhh, no one censored anyone, especially not Mexican moms. Hot tip: If you take ESL classes, your ability to put together understandable English sentences will improve.

No. 1659131

Tinfoil, this anon is definitely a self-hating, lonely Mexican mom who is using this thread to vent about how she hates herself for wanting to be with ugly Jonny, but knowing he never would want her.

No. 1659134

While it is normal for stunted adults to need to be cared for by their parents, I don't think it's very hard to understand Layna is a sheltered young girl feeling starstruck with a D-list musician and enjoying the attention he gives her. It's not that deep.

No. 1659255

File: 1664268059519.jpeg (881.62 KB, 828x1494, 8B5C2C30-164E-4D96-B2B3-11CD99…)

Kek not only is layna dating a washed up junkie with a felony charge, she is also taller than goiter boy lmao

No. 1659263

Are you blind, anon? They're clearly about the same height.
What an ugly crew.

No. 1659278

Goiter is build like a size of a thumb and you know it. Also the cap added a few inch. He is short

No. 1659285

god that’s an unflattering pic of her

No. 1659286

seems like he’s the smol now kek

No. 1659297

It's those damn Mexican moms

No. 1659310

File: 1664276926782.png (478.27 KB, 1284x2778, E189EF49-55E3-4F97-B9A4-F90B9C…)

really grosses me out that a platform as large as iheart would interview him….

No. 1659358

Did they make a segment for mexican mom music? Kek

No. 1659359

i don't know anyone except washed up boomers in their midlife crisis that still listen to iheartradio but maybe that's just me

No. 1659459

He gonna speak about how he has/had a pending charge for family violence? Or try to paint himself as father of the year for getting sober (not because he wanted to, because he literally had to to not go to prison).

No. 1659824

Their sex is probably so gross. N she is looking a little goofy here. Didn’t realize she was taller than him too lolz whose the midget now lil jon?!

No. 1659830

Is there a reason you keep clogging the thread with this? No one even cares what you’re saying at this point, you’re an obvious troll, but you’re clogging the thread with nothing of contribution or funny to say.

No. 1659851

lets ignore it, its so obvious bait, guess someone needs to touch some grass

No. 1659879

File: 1664310210127.jpeg (199.45 KB, 559x592, 405FED79-685E-4BA1-A924-B29E1F…)

What is going on here, was she stung by 100 bees!?

No. 1660098

File: 1664322485358.jpeg (318.8 KB, 1284x2282, E8C01BBF-73FA-45A2-9016-79E6E0…)

The exaggerated skinny face filter and big pupils yikes

No. 1660161

I was autistically arguing with an nonnie a while back insisting layna was naturally pretty and didn’t edit her pics. My deepest apologies, I was clearly wrong.

No. 1660223

She’s got that same egghead as Kate Moss’s ugly nepo daughter topkek. He went from a moon face to an egghead

No. 1660243

File: 1664331652959.jpeg (1.73 MB, 3000x4000, 0829C790-C640-4267-9C58-F14EF2…)

Kate Moss has a gorgeous daughter why would you compare these two?

No. 1660266

Layna is so hideous and this pic finally proves it. Is there software that changes your face during livestreams? Because she looks so different in candids vs twitch.

No. 1660377


fucking kek the audacity. Layna seems more and more like a deeply boring insecure narcissist which actually makes her terrible life choice to involve herself with a grandiose basket case like Jonny make alot more sense.

No. 1660384


No way dude. Kate Moss' daughter actually has identifiable bone structure…Layna has a potato head + 6000000 filters + an extreme case of Get A Grip.

No. 1660388

Kek I see the california fake bitch aesthetic is rubbing off on her. Keep filtering your face Layna it’s better than your MySpace angle pedo-baiting 16 year old larp.

No. 1660396

File: 1664341137349.jpeg (712.25 KB, 1170x1331, BAF55605-413E-4733-A8AF-06CEAF…)

Fucking hilarious he looks like a midget next to giant Lelayna

No. 1660416

She posted these photos for us specifically. How pathetic.

No. 1660464

why does jc repeat the tongue touch licky pic with every girl?

does it mean anything that layna didn’t oblige to do licky face back?

No. 1660475

Because she’s properly disgusted by him. As she should be.

No. 1660543

Taylor did no women any service by paying 40k for that dentures for goiter boy. I feel that if goiter is still toothless, it will humble him down a little.

Still cant believe they are back on “good terms” tbh..

No. 1660612

yeah if my tits looked like that, I'd be playing ignorant about their existence too

No. 1660614

These photos are giving syd energy. I remember she was always taking selfies with him where he’s making dumbass faces not taking it seriously and she’s smugly staring at the camera, smirking, trying to get a good angle. Nice try but we saw those candids and ya ain’t that cute haha. I wish I cared enough to dig up all the copycat tongue photos he took with exes.

No. 1660715

Oh so the petal getting upset over mexican is happy for the jokes to continue?

ESL? As in the abroad language studies? kek. If I wanted a come back I'd of scraped it off your mexican moms teeth.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1660717

lol it's the mayor of spooky town decided to empty the town's sex offenders unit.

No. 1660720

because it's funny + provokes an emotional reaction out of you which is also funny + this is lolcow

No. 1660786

she old too lol

No. 1660803

>>1660720 kek
its lord farquad and simple jack out in full force

No. 1660898

You’re right nonnie, jc is such a whimsical soul, never taking life seriously, living in the moment. Burdened with his evil gfs who want to look pretty in selfies.

No. 1660913

The Mexican moms in this thread would take much better spontaneous photos with JC that show how much their superior chemistry is flowing between their souls.

No. 1661149


Tell us u know your deadbeat washed up bag of trash is sliding into other women's DMs without telling us kek. Looking pretty smuhg for being so incredibly pathetic and embarrassing there Miss Catfish.

No. 1661185

God she’s so fucking smug and fucking ugly. Her face is so punchable I fucking hate this bitch.(a-log)

No. 1661200


The smug is what kills me, like what are you so proud of? Layna, humble thyself. Your little prized pig is definitely at least trying to cheat on your ass and if he’s not it’s only because he’s striking out because no one wants a 40 year-old stone cold fucking loser with felony child abuse charges and hep C.

No. 1661206

Right? She thinks she’s such hot shit. News flash Layna: YOU ARE NOT HOT. Jonny will never love you and will always be looking for other women. I wouldn’t be smiling at all if I were you. Most stupid bitch alive.

No. 1661209

File: 1664408208611.jpeg (846.69 KB, 1170x2391, 4AD3C490-08A9-4C35-8401-D21019…)

Yeah show just how pathetic you are.

No. 1661237


More like show us how BORING you are. Has this woman ever had a single interesting thought or anything to say, does she have any interior life at all or does she just sit around taking misleading stupid photos of her extremely mediocre face all day for her legion of like 100 followers?

No. 1661250

All she does is sit on her fucking flat ass and take selfies and take Jonny’s flaccid peen. Zero thoughts in her brain at all.

No. 1661266

Bow legged rat face.

No. 1661317

she doesn’t even got a personality and that music she put up on her ig history its just ew but what could i say? she was a Glee fan. basic ass.

same feeling for me, like u can see shes mentally ill in those empty eyes.

No. 1661373

If I was that ugly I’d be mentally ill too.

No. 1661497

File: 1664425627816.png (7.29 MB, 1284x2778, 2CB13A28-10FE-48FD-AF91-DF6796…)

They probably share that one tooth brush and the two remaining braincells either of them have

No. 1661509

Yeah keep smiling girl. As soon as you leave I’m going to be getting a dm or two from him and your ignorant brainless ass will be waiting on his texts.

No. 1661532

Joe Exotic

No. 1661534

I’ll wait until he hits up my friend again kek.

No. 1661558

She’s so dumb he’s ugly, lame, and playing her

No. 1661564

He’s probably so proud of himself too. Can still treat young girls like shit so he still will forever and always until he’s 6 feet under with absolutely zero people who think fondly of him. Which is what he deserves.

No. 1661577

Nah go to her tik tok, she posts one like every day that’s what her life consists of. At first when I saw it I was like oh she’s kinda cute. Now seeing how much she posts, she seems more vain and narcissistic than anyone else he’s been with

No. 1661583

She needs to be fucking humbled. She AINT all that.

No. 1661587

25 is old…?

No. 1661589

So she still hasn’t flown back home yet? And she’s talking about streaming on her story? No one is gonna bother watching your streams

No. 1661595

This is an image board.

No. 1661606

Too old for JC. He likes them young and that’s not her.

No. 1661618

I notice how even goiter boy is not reposting her stories. Its shockingly how less he is love bombing her compare to taylor and during skid’s pregnancy. I genuinely want to understand what is she expecting to get out of this relationship by being a stepmom at 25

No. 1661656

Well if it isn't obviously anons showing off their Syd-sized hate boner for someone so boring they're barely noticed. What in the jelly filled rants is this weird hate? Like log off the internet if you're so triggered by this kid's resting boring face. I don't see anything smug about her. It's just. Her. Face.

No. 1661659

How is she being stepmom to a kid that lives with grandma?! Plus why would he repost her when he's making music and keeping personal shit more to himself for once?

No. 1661661

Looks like the Layna hate boner anon is back replying to themselves. I’m assuming this happens every time their meds run out/they hit the booze too hard

No. 1661694

Ok which cow is this?

No. 1661716

The only thing personal he’s keeping to himself is her. And most likely so it appears they’re not that serious and he can still see what his options are when she’s not around. He had no problem airing out dirty laundry about his court case and bragging about dismissals and shit. Has no problem posting his cat or friends or his NA beers. Still desperately tries to flex on the haturz and ppl who won’t work with him anymore. So can’t really use the excuse of his page being solely for music stuff. He said that one time to try to save his ass during the syd/storm drama.

No. 1661725

There’s plenty of people who can’t stand her. Idk why it’s so hard for the WK’s to comprehend that ppl hate her for committing herself to Jonny fucking Craig. Scum of the earth. She made the choice to attach herself to a man who treats women like dirt and isn’t allowed unsupervised visits with his child he lost custody of. A giant red flag waving right in her face and she’s like “this is fine, sign me up!”

No. 1661781

There’s a difference between WK and pointing out that there’s one specific person who keeps coming back here to sperg

No. 1661784

show us you then. im sure someone like yourself will nit-pick you as an ugly fuck.

im sure she is aware she is financial dead weight and wouldn't be there if she didn't have a vagina. her refusal to be anything more than a colostomy sack for goiters jizz is a real shame.

No. 1661789

You're assuming goiter and layna to have functioning IQs above room temperature, which isn't the case. Goiter is too stupid to calculate foresight. He inevitably will include Layna in child visits down the line.

He's also not making music, someone else makes FL Studio beats for him using generic trap sample packs, then he sings over it, then the producer drenches it in compression, auto-tune and reverb. It's not an intensive process.

He's not keeping personal shit to himself, he's splurging all over instagram about his trial and thoughts on stuff. Being vile in the comments to people.

Jesus. Christ. Man.

No. 1661793

i thought she really had a WK legion but it’s so obvious it’s one person, im hoping for us to not take that bait and keep talking shit about these two losers.

why should anon do that? kek Lelayna is ugly without filter and her head looks made in minecraft or something, get over it.
and we are here to talk about cows, not for us to show ourselves newfag

No. 1661804

cus your subjective opinion of "sHe sO UgLy" or sHe sO pReTtY", has 0% contribution or milk. it's just like listening to 5 year olds in the playground.

saaaaammmeeee. last time he tried with my friend, he'd just been kicked out of Slaves and was with Taylor. he was trying to find people in the EU ahead of time.

No. 1661922

I typically defend her to be honest but gave up because I think the one or two hate boner anons may have learning disabilities so why bother.

No. 1661974

yeah they’re trying to be the vocal minority kek. this is lolcow, people are going to hate on cows and cow adjacents idk why they think layna’s above that.

No. 1662017

File: 1664477866302.jpeg (206.34 KB, 828x763, 343F7FCD-4AB1-411C-A146-31957A…)

Lmao! not layna jumping on the short goiter jokes. Girl, like dump his short ass

No. 1662038

the lurking is so obvious, can’t wait for her to go full syd kek

No. 1662113

File: 1664481847060.jpeg (31.81 KB, 354x319, FA417B80-2F94-44C5-8802-6F0483…)

Literally what is wrong with you

No. 1662200


U ok hun? You feel better now for saying all that?

No. 1662378

its the candle toothbrush holder for me

No. 1662395

File: 1664497203497.png (555.69 KB, 1170x2532, 263B6991-E5E4-4754-A770-7AC439…)

In syd news, she’s posting sad shit so I’m wondering if her and that weird guy already broke up. If I were him I would def run far away from her craziness and eggplants so

No. 1662396

Omg anon I hella thought that was a bunch of grime at the bottom of their toothbrush cup and it made me almost barf

No. 1662406

I like this girl for picking on Lil Jon's height publicly.
So far this has been the best girl for him. Plus she has a sense of humor. Plus this has to make Syd crazy enough to come on here and show us her giant eggplant-shaped hate boner even more.

No. 1662555

File: 1664511557436.png (650.32 KB, 750x1334, F8F4A42F-432D-4FBD-AF45-61165C…)

Yup like this

No. 1662556

File: 1664511597880.png (2.7 MB, 750x1334, 886F632F-27B2-49D1-B8C9-189D5E…)

You wish you looked like this Layna, lol

No. 1662557

Is she back at home then finally

No. 1662569

File: 1664513268791.png (2.86 MB, 750x1334, 16DDB4DC-0832-4D82-AB75-79A651…)

Still there it looks like

No. 1662642

if she's joking about brain injury, that's fucking low. however if it's true, it often leads to stunted cognitive development and an inability to regulate emotion. often manifesting similarly to autism.

No. 1662671

eye roll

No. 1662682

That a pic of his and syds chiold as the desktop wallpaper? How sad. Can’t put any effort into being a real father to him but at least he can see an old pic while he sits on his ass playing computer games right?

No. 1662850

Anon she spends months at a time with him. I’m pretty sure she can figure out he’s short without lurking here.

No. 1662858

nonnies were poiting out how they were the same height after this >>1659255 was posted and then she post >>1662017
it’s easy love.

No. 1662917

Her post and anons posts aren’t even similar at all. Imo she doesn’t lurk.

No. 1662919

that can be a symptom yes

No. 1662928

anon did u really get a severe head injury? kek

No. 1662929

File: 1664560834107.jpeg (230.45 KB, 934x1600, goiter.jpeg)

No. 1662951

Saw this pic with the caption and my first thought was that’s a nice way to get a list going of trashy girls who are still willing to open their legs for him lol

No. 1662959

"Allegations" aren't always true you twats.

No. 1662982

My first thought was his posts get no engagement and that’s a decent way to up ig impressions.

No. 1663006

correct. but allegations + multiple of them + different people + across 12 years + is a terrible person + makes rape jokes on twitter + junkie behavior + no moral compass + lack of empathy =…. some reasonable doubt. kek. "twats" what is this? UK public school in 2006? also learn nuance and how to have a joke.

No. 1663092

This. She’s sane which is more than he deserves, but a sane step mother is exactly what an innocent child deserves. Could you imagine Storm with a histrionic BPD mother AND step-mother? Shudder. Layna might be a fucking air head but those types can be very loving mothers. If she’s willing to look past all of Goiters horrible shit AND his ugly mug shes more than capable of unconditionally loving another woman’s child. Kids with horrible fathers like that can get by with minimal psychological damage when the stepmother repeatedly encourages contact between father and child and placates any drama/fighting/disorganization of the home environment. If she is as laid back as she seems then that could be really good for Storm, even if she’s constantly getting cheated on and being made a fool of by dad. The unfortunate thing is that this man cycles through women every few years so any goodness that would come from step mommy Layna would be ripped away; giving Storm really bad abandonment/attachment issues as an adult.
All in all no matter what I really think Storm is fucked which is very sad.

No. 1663094

Sorry about the novel. Just theory-crafting. Also adding to this; personally I don’t think the Layna chapter will last more than another couple months either way. Hopefully she never meets Storm. Best case scenario he’s placed forever with Grandma or an entirely different loving put-together family.

No. 1663096

Kek wtf is this weird ass step mom layna fanfic?

No. 1663110

1. Thank you for explaining the meaning of the word ‘allegation’ to us, I’ve always just thought it meant the same as ‘convicted of’

2. State the obvious somewhere else you div

No. 1663140

Ntayrt, but your weird equation leaves out the fact that the allegations from multiple people is actually 3 unhinged women who made these rApe claims after he left them and wouldn't go back to them. Clearly your issue with this nobody is that he's a scamming former addict who says dumb, childish/not PC shit. You have your opinion set so you don't care what the reality is, but maybe save the equations to just come out and say the truth: "I've read a lot of rumors and I don't like him for being a scamming former addict so I'm just going to hate this cow instead of just laughing at his stupidity like we do on other threads".

No. 1663142

…and that's your opinion… cope and move on

No. 1663147

Anon, every saged post on here is an opinion. Yes, you should probably cope with opinions better and move on. Agreed.

No. 1663149

"How to have a joke"? Way more embarrassing than an anon calling you a twat. You wanna go outside and have a catch, too? Btw, you don't appear to be joking since you clearly continue thinking those 3 exes posted their claims on social media after getting dumped because they must be true. They're crazier than Lil Jon back in his drug heyday

No. 1663151

"that anon" lol.

No. 1663171

All of his exes are histrionic and BPD AND suicidal before even meeting him. He’s a shot person and probably genuinely a psychopath but those types attract the craziest bitches. Do you think a normal woman with a functioning brain would ever use goiter for anything other than sex? No. Even in 2015. Hes always been the same, 2008, 2011, 2015, 2022, and 2040. Any woman willing to DATE this man at any point in time will be mentally unwell.

No. 1663173

File: 1664578636428.jpeg (338.11 KB, 1170x2115, CE8BAD7E-BB40-4D46-8DDF-CCE9BE…)

Layna spotted in his live, along with weird comments about her ass.

No. 1663180

you've taken that meme way too literally, hyper focused on one part of it and made unprovoked assertions of innocence on behalf of goiter for some reason. folks are gonna think he's rapey regardless of your PR campaign throughout this thread.

No. 1663196

File: 1664580311286.jpeg (29.01 KB, 750x135, BE9F6F61-6A9D-4BF8-8F3E-CA0623…)

What weird comments?

Also, this was commented under his live. Imagine if he was dating Syd still lol. And he liked the comment

No. 1663210

He likes every single comment hate or thirst.

No. 1663213

She’s built so weird. Huge head and small body like a lollipop.

No. 1663229

File: 1664583660252.jpeg (101.08 KB, 1170x507, D4F6E634-CADD-4DCC-8861-977D81…)

Barf. The way he calls his girlfriends “bitches” is so gross.

No. 1663247

I said imagine if he was dating syd, sus if u to run to his defense tho

No. 1663256

Kek at you not realizing you're responding to multiple anons. Yes anon, anyone that disagrees with you is one person.
Tf are you talking about a meme when no one responded to a meme anywhere, but keep showing your Gen Z idiocy

No. 1663259

Anon, she literally called herself a bitch. And he responded using the same thing she just called herself. You sound triggered over the fact he's not with you, but less un medicated than the other anon who fumes over wiggles' boring existence.

No. 1663262

Nitpicking isn't milky nor a fascinating take for any one of us

No. 1663267

Where do you think you are right now?

No. 1663272

>you sound triggered over the fact that he’s not with you
Anon are you OKAY!? No one wants goiter but the weird low iq latinas in his comments and wiggles.

No. 1663304

Layna is that you looool(hi cow)

No. 1663307

File: 1664591965932.jpeg (308.51 KB, 1169x2368, D6F85CFF-35B5-41E5-9030-233C95…)

No one fucking cares about you wiggle.

No. 1663321

Why she catfishing now

No. 1663322

E-begging for bleach and dye? Umm

No. 1663329

Sounds like Sid.

No. 1663331

File: 1664593755843.jpeg (86.08 KB, 1170x267, 1531F917-47AA-4A63-944A-8234EC…)

The comments on his posts are wild lately without Syd policing them. I wonder how Layna feels about it. I’d make a collage but I’m lazy.

No. 1663415

Thank you anon that’s the point I was trying to make, above, I’m aware he likes most of his comments lmao

No. 1663547

all my points stand regardless

>>1662929 is the meme
>>1662959 the response

We don't need to constantly be reminded that allegation are allegations. your obsession with this platitude and semantics is as worrying as your inability read nuance.

No. 1663668

i just wanna say, as a weird low iq latina, i would never EVER ever in my life, fall for someone as ugly and old with those Shayna Clifford eyes, not even if i was a homeless junkie.
the only bitches that like him are insecure tiny lil girls not like the other girls that think they totally can change him or they’re blind or got brain damage idk i can’t think of a good reason to be with that disgusting man.

No. 1664261

File: 1664670325733.png (2.81 MB, 750x1334, F4E4FB96-7060-45EF-81A5-FCAB51…)

Hideous tattoo

No. 1664264

File: 1664670390716.png (3.21 MB, 750x1334, D1D39832-FD4B-4833-8977-ADEA90…)

No way is her hair red and blonde like Taylor’s?! LMAO

No. 1664284

File: 1664671889074.jpeg (73.56 KB, 828x1379, 30008750-765A-4790-B4A1-D82883…)

Is he calling her a fool already!!!

No. 1664286

File: 1664671985101.jpeg (193.78 KB, 828x1441, 526A957F-0B87-45D0-B161-1C3C98…)

Ooh seems like goiter thinks his “bitch” looks dumb.

No. 1664291

>we get it you got your hand and neck tattooed
this obviously isn’t @ her, it’s on her arm not her neck or hand. do you even read this shit before you post it?

No. 1664325

Anon you are truly retarded. Immensely.

No. 1664360

You’re so right, clearly he fucking hates her and would be much better suited for you nonnie.

No. 1664752

Layna, you're not signaling yourself as a "spontaneous" or "cookie" person when you post this stuff. It infact does the opposite. Your life has been lived a billion times before. It's not "wild" to pay someone to draw their art on you whilst you sit in a chair.

What is cool and spontaneous is having a craft, hobby or skill.

No. 1664831

I think her hobbies are anime and video games.

No. 1664898

ah yes, media consumption. such hobby, very unique.

No. 1664932

File: 1664738843322.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, A8399589-C477-4D59-975A-C85DAC…)


No. 1664936

Good luck bleaching that black hair lameLayna

No. 1664964

not syd but std is genuinely hotter than layna in when it comes to candids. Any media depicting Layna that is posted outsider of her express control are manipulated to make her more attractive, whereas Syd just uses beauty filters (still deceptive and a form of shoop)

No. 1664969

They both use beauty filters. Syd is a lot uglier.

No. 1664973

they’re the same or syd is better sorry

No. 1664986

I know it’s customary to say each new girl is uglier than all the rest but it just doesn’t work here nonnie. Layna looks a lot like chelsea and larkin to me. Amanda, Syd, and post drug Taytor are in their own gross looking category. Liz in her own 10/10 category, random event for goiter.
Not to start the looks debate again from lack of milky content.

No. 1664988

I don’t think Larkin, Chelsea, or Layna are particularly good looking either, just a small step above the other 3 mentioned and a huuuuge step below Liz.

No. 1665067

File: 1664745825779.jpeg (1.04 MB, 828x1520, D8C2AD8C-45C6-490B-A79C-F3A611…)


Ahh yes. Such better candids than Layna. Are you new here or are we just gonna forget the gems last summer gave us? He went from a stumpy idiot to a long idiot. Oh well.

No. 1665073

File: 1664746242919.jpeg (920.69 KB, 1066x1865, 726A658C-21A8-48CF-9B93-0B0FDA…)

She’s even ugly with a beauty filter and her own hand controlling the camera. Bulbous nose, beady eyes, weird shaped head ect.

No. 1665082

File: 1664746803851.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1170x2049, FA57170F-0972-42A7-8E33-866F2C…)

I think it’s valid to believe this post was a slight at Layna. It was after her post retardedly posing so you can see all 6 of her tattoos. He probably threw in the bit about hand and neck tattoos to throw her off, but it’s obvious enough to be about her to maybe get some hoes thinking they broke up/are at least fighting.

No. 1665086

Can anyone please record this live

No. 1665095

At least she has hobbies like her art.

No. 1665101

>I know jonny said somthing which explicitly proves he’s not shit talking his gf but what if he’s talking in a secret code so he can shit talk her publicly without her knowing
kek literal delusion. Why are you so desperate for him to hate his gf? It’s giving major jealousy tbh.

No. 1665102

File: 1664748940392.jpeg (668.06 KB, 1170x1450, 8202B6CA-3C64-4C09-95BF-319263…)

All this talk about the girls looks as if the prized pig in question doesn’t look like this.

No. 1665122

Sure Layna. Cope.

No. 1665166

NTA but stop being a weirdo.

No. 1665378

Why are you mentioning her failed art phase as if its something she should be proud about KEK

No. 1665437

Syd is live rn I can’t record

No. 1665565

goiter just posted a live of him doing the spicy chip challenge. it was 20 mins of him and his friends saying the same things over and over again. the house is also a fucking mess. layna appeared and mumbled something too.

No. 1665597

That was posted a couple days ago. I tried to watch but stopped around the part where he had snot pouring out of his nose and then kept showing the dried boogers up his nose. Fucking nasty. What a prize he is kek. From what I saw though my main thought was that his neighbors must fucking hate him. Has a bunch of dudes out on the balcony yelling and puking all over.

No. 1665606

File: 1664804676980.png (11.06 MB, 1284x2778, B9C610F0-C2B9-4007-B737-300707…)

He’s really trying to flex with random trash laying on the floor next to him. What a slob. Also those nasty scabs on his arms and balloon hands must be permanent at this point.

No. 1665664

The odd stuff he’s posting lately is giving me the feeling that he’s using again. Like it’s more odd and more pointless than usual. It’s a complete tinfoil and I have no proof other than my gut instinct so take it as you will. But I’m one of the nonnies who has been following Jonny for a very long time and was one of the ones believing he’s been sober this whole last year or so. Now? I’m not so sure anymore. And it would kinda make sense since he doesn’t have to take drug tests for court anymore and I don’t believe he can stay sober for anything other than court ordered reasons lol. so idk I guess time will tell!

No. 1665780

My thoughts exactly. I think it’s a mix between pointless drug posting and also him looking for a new girlfriend.

No. 1665783

File: 1664820071287.jpg (35.18 KB, 600x524, mootcat.jpg)

No. 1665787

oh for sure. the worst neighbors. dancing around screaming like children.

No. 1665794

Doesn’t he live in a shithole apartment? I’m sure his neighbors are similar if not worse. He lives with the trash where he belongs.

No. 1665802

i think you're right. that was probably mayor of spooky town or someone else's flop house. can't imagine him staying sober hanging around with those guys. they probably don't care what he does.

No. 1665811

Damn, junkie hands fr. I forget how bad his tattoos are. Instead of blowing what little cash he has on size 6 Nikes he should invest in trying to fix some of that shit.

No. 1665820

It seriously looks like he let Storm loose with a tattoo machine.

No. 1665821

Where is this idea that he’s leaving his gf coming from? If he was really so sick of her he would just stop flying her bum ass out, it’s not like she has a job to be able to buy herself a plane ticket lol.

No. 1665825

I don't think he's allowed to see Storm for long enough to allow him to draw anything…

No. 1665832

Someone said he gets free flights but I don’t really believe that considering he’s been touring with 8 people crammed into a pedo van. He’d be flying at least a couple of them if he could. Or himself but I’m sure he enjoys stopping for random pussy here and there kek.

No. 1665903

File: 1664828827172.jpeg (686.09 KB, 1038x1855, 2BA9FE10-0785-4329-990B-2773B4…)

Ok Sydney.

No. 1665908

wish syd was still milky

No. 1665938

I believe Jonny brings out the Syd in every woman by being a huge piece of shit. So I’m sure we will get her in Layna soon. I think the only reason why Tay didn’t act publicly histrionic is because she actually had a fan base.

No. 1666121

Jonny deleted these after they had only been up for like 6 hours. Seems to me like he posted them when he was drunk or high and then when he came down realized that they weren’t such a cool idea afterall. Flights of fancy while high? Perhaps. Just to go along with the relapse tin foil kek

also he just posted a video on his story of him talking about getting a new tattoo and he seems drunk or high. I’ll try to get a screencap and convert it to webm but my phones always weird about it so no promises. If another nonnie can do it quicker it’d be appreciated!

The tattoo? His fucking sobriety date. TWICE. One is a tramp stamp and one is on his arm. Really hope that sobriety streak lasts and I’m wrong or that is going to be yet another joke of a tattoo along the likes of “Dance Gavin Dance” and Amanda’s initials blasted on his stomach, or “Slaves” tattooed on his fucking forehead lol fuck, I can’t with this douche

No. 1666127

File: 1664845619068.jpeg (207.42 KB, 828x1493, 60C45E63-C3B1-4924-A53C-89B468…)

Please post caps of things you talk about, this is an image board. I’m pretty sure the tramp stamp was just a troll post (the Artist didn’t actually touch his skin with the needle and it was just the template) but here’s is the sobriety date tat on his arm.

No. 1666145

File: 1664846470980.jpeg (257.61 KB, 1170x1932, CA7720F3-FA17-4884-967D-2FAF8D…)

idk it’s quite red

No. 1666154

I was thinking he deleted them after we called him ugly kek.

No. 1666161

File: 1664846857827.jpeg (211.9 KB, 828x1245, 800EF48D-4C23-4121-B854-47BF15…)

No you’re right, that looks very real. I only saw this quick video, not the finished product.

No. 1666180

File: 1664847554357.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3072x4096, 285056F3-2B95-4BC6-AC5F-62616F…)

“unavailablity to do work”

No. 1666199

Nitpick I'm sorry but ugh puke. This shit needs a spoiler. Nasty moid back is worse than uncensored breasts. Even if they were Shays.

No. 1666201

im sure im reaching here but i cant help but be reminded of sydneys "ethereal" tattoo w this.

No. 1666223

She’s skinwalking Skid with the bangs and black hair. Not a reach.

No. 1666224

NEW here. Does anyone know what kind of back surgeries he had & why? Thx.

No. 1666226

Kek sorry nonnie you’re right. It’s the back acne and muffin top for me.

No. 1666236

Ahh yes. The date the state forced upon you to get sober or face jail time.

No. 1666257

File: 1664851120145.jpeg (341.2 KB, 1125x1295, 25AE51B1-C504-462B-A9CB-B4BA5E…)

skidney’s eggplant floptits except make it halloween

No. 1666258

Someone already posted this

No. 1666280

Is that real? Fuck I hope not. Such awkward placement. Why does every gf of his feel obligated to litter their body with the shittiest tattoos? Just because it’s free doesn’t mean you should.

No. 1666283

i dont like syd either but she got a chiOLD, that’s how women body works anon don’t know if u are a real one

No. 1666286

Are you for real? We have been making fun of her eggplants for 2 threads now. It ain’t stopping. Her tits are ugly as hell, no wonder she was so insecure of other women.

No. 1666369

They were a nightmare beforehand, as well. Not all boobs get ruined in pregnancies

No. 1666370

Gotta bring it back every year for spooky time.

No. 1666379

How do u know?

No. 1666616


Oooh not a good look. Some tacky trailer trash shit going on here. Like nonnie said, it's hardly difficult to pay someone to draw art on you. drawing art on a turd doesn't stop it being a turd.

Layna clearly looks up to these maggots if she's copying their obsession with paying others to draw on them. Bi-Lateral appropriation in order to fit in.

No. 1666624


I wish people would stop already with the LV pattern and it's variants. It's become so tacky by this point.

No. 1666688

i wanna know how do you know that too kek

No. 1666712

Omg ty! I saw her post was so confused what it said, I thought the n was a u and thought cutropy? Eutropy? Neither of those are words? Regardless it’s super ugly.

No. 1666743

saged because i can't remember the details. but i'm pretty sure he got an infection because of his heroin addiction.

No. 1666758

I believe it was heroin induced surgeries that he stuck Chelsea and her mother with the massive hospital bills for. While cheating on her with Liz. Definitely should have let him die tbh.

No. 1666937


Wow she really tought she did something
"it means like chaos but like in a scientific term like you known LOVE to talk about atoms and space uwu"

Ok Syd 2.0. For your next trick add some energy to clean up the entropy that is your crack shack home

No. 1666990

kek-fest. you know dumb people are really spiraling up when they start getting tacky tattoos. that + animals + a baby usually completes the package of "my life is a novel" illusion that appears to anyone on the outside as a copy-paste dumpster fire.

No. 1667132

File: 1664927483972.jpeg (93.71 KB, 640x640, B2ADAE24-A1F9-4218-A41A-DC9884…)

Syd GLOWING without BBP.

No. 1667143

Or trying way too hard to convince everyone she is

No. 1667168

Ding ding that is correct we have a winner

No. 1667184

syd tries but lelayna caldwell try harder kek >>1665082

No. 1667220

I am absolutely convinced she self posts here and in the TND thread because she craves the attention

No. 1667222

File: 1664932952781.jpeg (389.77 KB, 1284x2282, 435A730F-0DB8-4AE3-B1F2-BD08B8…)

original was “not having the ability to be fake or a sheep. always authentic.”

No. 1667353

File: 1664942160293.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1170x2099, 02554F8F-7DAC-42D0-A481-E413F0…)

I am so confused by her hair cut. Did she show her hair dresser thinning hair and decide that was what she wanted? Or is her hair falling out?

No. 1667454

Nah he prob tells them all to dye their hair black because it’s his weird fetish. I have a friend that does that to every girl they date. Even takes them on the same dates and says the same exact thing to all of them. Somehow they all go with it. Insecure girls

No. 1667463

I would not be surprised if she got pregnant too

No. 1667479

Casualties vocalist is a rapist, no?

Ironic lel

No. 1667494

File: 1664952169447.png (3.95 MB, 750x1334, 62FE6BBF-1BFE-4C9C-A5BE-EFB77F…)

I sat thru her live and it was pathetic. She kept saying “feel free to ask me any questions” “well I guess no one has any questions for me” but the comments were off? Or I would have asked something. At first her live 40 people, then it shot down to 4 and stayed there for a long time before I casually left. Kek

No. 1667496

File: 1664952234559.jpeg (634.21 KB, 750x1116, 1A40D843-B11C-4820-9AC1-DAF01A…)

She was doing some arts and crafts with meg

No. 1667502

Yep he was a rapist and a paedo, the rest of the band knew about it but turned a blind eye to it for years

No. 1667550

not to be cringe but that's actually a huuuuge compliment in the myproana world… being compared to a lollipop is a milestone. taylor could never.

No. 1667580

imagine syd just doing something for the joy of doing it. not streaming, not projecting, not signaling, not updating us on how she feels. maybe her serotonin update is so saturated from perpetual social media usage, that she is unable to enjoy things without validation from others,

No. 1667589

Lol Chelsea made a tik tok about all her exes and said Jonny got a blowjob the night after he proposed to her and was cheating every night. Yet some people in here think he’s being faithful. Looool

I can’t link it or anything her TikTok is Raiiine

No. 1667603

typed in Raiiine into tiktok to rip the video and all it is is a bunch of sub 10 follower accounts.

No. 1667629

Chelsea's a cunt

No. 1667632

gotta be a cow reading their own thread lolllll

No. 1667673

Lmao that is so fucking sad..

No. 1667675

What’s that shit on her forehead now? Is the dumb piercing not enough?

No. 1667711

Looks real Cluster B

No. 1667732

Wow she makes herself look terrible.

No. 1667745

Looking a lil rough around the edges aye skidney

No. 1667878

Aw, she's hiding her cool-ass cutropy tat
What's wrong, show it off girl!

No. 1667960

She does this stupid Indian thing on her forehead that she probably doesn’t even understand the meaning of, which is pretty offensive I would say haha

No. 1667993

She kind of had it coming considering she knew he was engaged to Amanda the first night she fucked him/met him. Plus she also fucked other dudes while dating him. Granted she may not have cheated if he was being faithful.

No. 1668091

He cheated on a cheater many years ago, or so says a cheater. That doesn't mean he's cheating on his current partner when she's cuter than anyone he could even dream of and actually sane. Despite the jealous anons who wish they could be dating Lil Jon and insist on calling Wiggles by her first and last name like it's an insult, or claiming he's in their dms with zero proof, this is really the best relationship for Midget Man. I personally have no issues with cows straightening out their messy lives, but it never seems to happen. If Lil Jon keeps staying sober, even if he continues making shitty music or no music, he's still doing better than most cows who just maintain the train wreck status quo.

No. 1668109

Kek the best case scenario for him would be to make an average living making garbage R&B at this point. As long as he’s sober and not beating women even HIS milk has dried up. There’s nothing milky about Wiggle not looking like Liz, and so far personality wise she’s just another directionless Gen Z, which is pretty normal. Shit thread; as fun as the SydSoPsycho chapter has been. I can only hope that after their case wraps up they both start spilling real tea about each other and publicly fighting again, maybe wiggle will care to comment.

No. 1668135

> she's cuter than anyone he could even dream of and actually sane
Despite still being miserably ugly he IS a lot better looking now than he was when he was with Syd. That mixing with his lack of foresight, empathy, and brain cells he will probably cheat or has been. You just can’t turn a hoebag into a house husband no matter how you slice it. Chris Fronzak has an insanely good looking woman who carried his child, and he still manages to cheat with lumpy hoes whenever they’re apart. Whores will always be whores and will give up any woman for a 3 minute blowie behind the venue from a troglodyte they’ll never see again. I blame fetal alcohol syndrome and no respectable father figure kek.

No. 1668165

File: 1665011568229.jpeg (1.27 MB, 3464x3464, 0235870E-352D-4C89-B0D4-0B5976…)

Kek I can’t believe Taytors thread tried gaslighting everyone into thinking Chelsea was the most beautiful woman in America. She used to self post there doing small AMA’s and shit, it wouldnt surprise me if the compliments were herself. Goiter really loves these long faced bitches. Was his childhood crush Sarah Jessica Parker? I think Chels and Taylor look a lot a like too.

She was so smug and vile to poor Amanda on twitter. I wish there was a record of that.

No. 1668352

I’m not saying she’s cute because I don’t think she is at all, but you could have at least not paused at the worst moments of videos to try and prove your point.

No. 1668363

Your friend sounds like a piece of shit

No. 1668364

I honest to God tried to pause at decent moments except for that last one kek. I'd even use her own posted selfies but she's wiped her twitter and her instagram is private.

No. 1668368

“Cuter than anyone he could have dreamed of” kek PLS

I don’t think Layna’s ugly, she aight but can we stop acting like she’s this goddess? Even saying she’s one of the best looking girls he’s been with isn’t a compliment.

Her whole personality is making TikTok’s all day. It took me days to watch her tik toks (well I watched them in parts cos I have a life) and i swear there are no thoughts in that brain or hers.

No. 1668369

File: 1665031791162.jpeg (927.39 KB, 1170x1159, 61B74306-3F09-4C29-AFB6-FEBE6C…)

Here kek.

No. 1668370

File: 1665031880395.jpeg (604.27 KB, 750x1278, 2966AA76-AB29-4FFF-82C1-53DD47…)

Not milk but I’m following her on IG and her longtime bf cheated on her kek. Sorry the stories aren’t up anymore. She was ranting about it for three videos and left this comment under his post. Then she said she’s moving to a new country, does anyone want an international gf?
Guess what goes around comes around.
And Liz is living her best life, married, just had a baby. Love that for her.

Sorry not related to Syd or Jonny I know there’s just no milk and we were already talking about chels

No. 1668371

Nitpick but I fucking hate the long ass extensions trend

No. 1668372

She’s honestly Syd levels of melodrama and milkyness. I so wish there was a thread started while her and JC were together.

No. 1668373

Bitches with gums like this always be engaged. Maybe that’s why Jonny made her his fiancé kek.

No. 1668375

its the layna stan who think i wanna date that fucking 40year old fat manlet kek as if we all wanted a junkie deadbeat dad with those nasty fingers to touch us lmao only low self esteem balding nobodys with bangs are in, ew

No. 1668379

Right Layna is not fucking Gods Gift to earth. People will realize sooner or later she’s NOT SHIT and I cannot wait. I’ll take my a-logging ban idc. Ugly NOBODY with NO THOUGHTS.

No. 1668386

File: 1665033097979.jpeg (446.64 KB, 750x1001, BDF82F94-0B7A-4AC2-87F8-EECC4F…)

Here’s some proof of her being a bitch to
Amanda (her tumblr has some gems)

No. 1668390

File: 1665033379168.jpeg (470.91 KB, 750x1139, 527CD316-1FDD-44D0-8D72-0A0374…)

Yikes kek

No. 1668394

People call Layna smug for having a face, but Chelsea invented smug kek.

No. 1668398

File: 1665033687650.jpeg (235.12 KB, 750x890, 389F64FE-4929-40CD-9AE8-88148E…)

Real OG’s remember Amanda tried to baby trap Jonny after he cheated on her. I mean, I would fuck with their relationship too lmao.

I used to hate Amanda but looking back on hindsight, I’ve completely switched teams and I understand how she felt.

Chelsea also talked relentless shit about Liz and Taylor sooooo she just gave what she was dished out basically, she turned into a huge hypocrite acting like such a bullied victim then became a bully herself

No. 1668399

Why do people go so crazy for this man

No. 1668401

His girls really are constantly having a mid-off over him… Yawn.

No. 1668405

It’s legitimately because he only pulls psycho women. That’s it. The rest of us do not want this man kek. We can smell his bullshit from a mile away.

No. 1668406

File: 1665034415877.jpeg (110.72 KB, 750x451, 6E85ACA7-46B1-4787-82D6-A65447…)

Okay I’m done sorry

No. 1668407

But we’re so jealous of him and Layna uwu relationship goals, and we think we can have a better connection with him kek

No. 1668408

#powercouple #numberonegroupie kek

No. 1668410

File: 1665035004556.jpeg (252.09 KB, 750x1036, CD167471-CF24-4C43-8175-60F4D3…)

She really was such a bitch. Okay if anyone wants to lurk there’s her tumblr handle. I said i was done.

No. 1668413

All these Chelsea posts are making me think Layna isn’t as insecure as we think she is… or maybe she’s just too embarrassed to parade around her prized pig like Chels did kek.

No. 1668415

File: 1665035347556.jpeg (415.99 KB, 878x887, 54E18330-3890-4FC6-9C54-2A5569…)

Not the pfp…

No. 1668424

He was a known hoe back then as well. Women who date known hoebags will either parade them to try and prevent cheating (never works) or will hide them to prevent embarrassment. Women with self respect don’t date them at all though and just use them for a quick cheeky fuck.

No. 1668444

he clearly got a type, has he ever had a stable and decent relationship?

No. 1668447

Maybe with his turtle Gavin? Unless he microwaved it to death.

No. 1668451

Kinda offtopic but does anyone remember socials of Liz? I used to follow her on insta and can't find her anymore. Liz has always been the most beautiful of Jonny's girlfriends imo can't comprehend how he pulled her lol

No. 1668455

She's very beautiful but a stripper who cut herself, was addicted to drugs, and tried to kill herself after he dumped her, despite how horribly he treated her. Her mental state is a great explanation for what lead her to date him.

No. 1668459

File: 1665043880150.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1170x1438, B63C0F2C-10B6-4A61-A8DC-2A3DE6…)


She was even gorgeous while giving birth.

No. 1668463

thank u!!

that explains the relationship between them lol. Judging on the insta it seems her life has gotten better since then, good for her.

No. 1668465

File: 1665044747105.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3464x3464, 51A0B13B-1C11-4E12-818B-E89E7F…)

Liz while she was with goiter. He had this at home and was still cheating on her. Like I said earlier hoes will be hoes. Chels was probably so insanely jealous of Liz. I wish I had the screenshot of his tweet shitting on Liz for being a stripper when that’s how he met her…… As a customer of her strip club kek. Something about being a 2 dollar whore? Well you paid the 2 bucks JC.

No. 1668471

what an insufferable, smug pig. then of course he did the same to her. karma

No. 1668505

Gonna be a sofa-psychology nonnie here… but I think these women go for goiter due to cultures obsession with dating a concept, rather than a person. Goiter as a concept is a "famous" singer with tattoos, tours, fans etc. But goiter as a person is about as interesting as a wooden spoon. So when the initial honey-moon period of dating a "famous" singer concept is over… the women realize how much of a worm goiter is.

Layna is about to hit the end of the honey moon phase. Hi gross, bloated, unsympathetic personality is exposing itself. She can either value her self worth and leave him, or go into denial.

It' also the classic "people want him so if I have him, I win" attitude. Which is classic monkey in the wild behavior haha.

No. 1668508

Nonnie you missed a perfect opportunity to say “as interesting as a heroin spoon”

No. 1668509

tuning in and KEK. i don't want chelsea to live this down, she was literally so cocky around this time and got her karma. she was honestly on syd's level of possessiveness + taylor's level of starving for internet exposure

No. 1668514


No. 1668515

it's really strange to me how she's regressing somewhat. she stayed offline for awhile but my tinfoil is she lurks here and is fiening for some exposure once more and hoping everyone would just forget how cruel she was (kinda like how syd wants us to forget her eggplants) little did she know, anons would be pulling up her cringey receipts showcasing just how mean she was before and it's comical in contrast to her "teaming up" with amanda and liz to "save taylor", when it was clear as day, she was just jealous

No. 1668517

100%. if this was 6 months ago i'd still be convinced lil jon was aging out of his antics and genuinely growing up (somewhat). but lately with his behavior, he's like going through a midlife crisis it seems. Layna could definitely pull a kinder, hotter dude. she's too cute for him. she has her youth though so time is on her side. especially cause she isn't doing meth like taylor.

No. 1668546

It sucks that cheaters get better at it and more careful as time goes on… That mixed with Layna seeming so oblivious and sweet makes me sad for her. Best case scenario for HER is he gets exposed for cheating which breaks her heart and she notes all the red flags and dates a much cooler and kinder person. Best case scenario for man kind is he dies. Syd should take one for the team and assassinate him. I’m still so upset they’re really over, she was perfect for him. He deserves daily misery at the very least.

No. 1668865

I genuinely worry that layna might get knocked up.. like as if goiter boy needs another baby to poison

No. 1668878

Lelayna could never

No. 1668989

Lelayna, Chelsea, Taylor, and Amanda could never.

No. 1669033

I’m assuming Liz never reads these threads, she’s probably so far removed from the situation and has basically forgotten who JC is at this point, but man if I was her I’d come here purely for the ego boost kek, she has a gaggle of fan girls. Apart from that one anon who thinks “stripper” is an insult, which is probably the pig himself. (Which is hilarious by the way as he’s known to frequent strip clubs).

No. 1669122

actually that's not how he met her!

i DO remember what texts you're talking about though. he said something like "i don't love whores and in my eyes that's what you are" and a bunch of other awful stuff.
Liz actually has a slaves lyrics tattooed on her inner thigh "dear shame, are you forever?" and she lived in SC when they met. she was a huge fan of the band and went with her friend to see them live at several tour dates in her area. of course the photos are deleted now, but her and her friend we're getting ready and she'd caption it "going to see slaves again!" or whatever.
the only reason i know this is bc when jonny announced her as his gf i got very confused and went to her IG to lurk. she deleted all the photos mentioning slaves, jonny, and pictures of her in vip at the concert before they were a "thing".

regardless he knew she was stripper and probably gave her hell about it the the entire time.

someone in here said she was on drugs but i also want to clarify it was usually lots of alcohol or xanax bc liz said herself she is "allergic" to opiates. that's why she freaked out when he pretended like he was gonna shoot her up.

No. 1669124

did u wrote that fanfic by urself? lmao

No. 1669154

She didn’t do opiates but definitely was a coke head in her stripper days. I’m assuming all of that’s behind her now since she seems to have a very loving family and new baby.

No. 1669163

File: 1665108772913.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1811, B33E2BBE-826F-4673-8AAA-E7F85F…)

Kek for that anon that said Syd’s eggplants were from Storm. This was pre-storm and you can tell they’re still very much eggplants.

No. 1669166

File: 1665108893335.jpeg (525.93 KB, 1436x2988, B3088BA3-38A1-412D-B7CC-379D12…)

Honestly best couple. I’m pissed off Jonny couldn’t swallow his pride and stay with her. Who cares she cheated you cheat too loser. Match made in heaven.

No. 1669197

No I’m just not a newfag

No. 1669201

File: 1665110533590.jpeg (543.47 KB, 750x1087, 4EFE2695-6E38-4A04-A992-7DD934…)

Months before they met or knew who each other was. She was a fan of the band, he didn’t meet her at the strip club. He met her at a show. Lots of farmers remember how he got with Chelsea, and this was more recent than that. Good memory doesn’t mean fanfic. Chelsea hated Liz and called her names for being a stripper and a groupie because of how they met.

No. 1669234

That must really suck to have your shitty ex’s song lyrics tattooed on you forever

No. 1669294

she probably had it removed

No. 1669310

At least it’s not his face as a funko pop kek

No. 1669363

File: 1665135576968.jpeg (652.11 KB, 828x1232, F6B667E0-083F-4837-910A-6715AA…)

No. 1669384

Anyone…. since on the topic of Chelsea catch her onlyfans back in the day?

No. 1669403

Yikes BARF. People on here like to say he used to be good looking but he’s seriously so ugly. And slaves was probably when he was looking his best. I guess girls will look past a fugly male for the clout gained by dating a Z list celebrity… Even in his prime less than half of the alternative music scene fans knew who he was. So not worth an ugly moid who isnt even kind to you. Exactly why he can’t keep a girl. Just not worth it.

You can see the low levels of Testosterone through every photo posted of him kek.

No. 1669412

kekarino. imagine people having bobble head R Kelly on them and keeping it

No. 1669430


I didn’t realize Liz had literally just given birth days ago. It’s nice to see at least one of his exes went on to live a normal, happy and healthy life. Good for her.

No. 1669548

Only days into being a mother and eons better than wheres-the-kid-syd’s definition of motherhood. Its been what, at least 6 months since she gloated about her perfect chiold?

No. 1669629

exactly. id go with the theory of >>1668505 and say she likes the concept of having a kid (for the attention and virtue signaling), but doesn't like the part of actually having to raise them.

No. 1669814

Does no one else realize that Layna is hands down the laziest person he’s ever been with? It seems like she left her entire life behind in Canada to just be a live in girlfriend? No goals, just directionless. Maybe she gets a disability check like Syd does but I doubt it. She’s a bigger leech than syd. Idk something tells me she’s gonna ruin her life for this man, aka not do anything at all with her life and possibly get pregnant. Besides syd all his other exes worked a job or “occasionally” put out YouTube videos. I just can’t bring myself to like this girl. No redeeming qualities whatsoever, no ambition (at least syd wanted to be a singer kek). Literally just a warm hole for Jonny to fuck, and someone to be there so he doesn’t have to be alone. Is he ever gonna get tired of her leeching off of him? I have a feeling she’ll permanently move in soon since ya know, she’s still there….

Remember when lil Jon complained about his house being empty after tour? I really wanna know what he said to her to convince her to stay longer/possibly cancel her flight back home. Idk her life is so boring. She makes tik toks in those red sheets of his every day, she’s super proud to be the girl he is currently fucking.

No. 1669817

File: 1665180620014.png (598.39 KB, 750x1334, 9C38BD14-CCA3-49AB-B1C6-981C45…)

“Can’t wait to hold this hand again” so creepy, very weird wording. Shocked she hasn’t scared him off yet, he probably has no clue how horrible of a person she’s been.

No. 1669819

What’s her OF? I’ll sub

No. 1669824

She’s been posting pics from her families home so she must have flew back.

No. 1669829

File: 1665181094309.jpeg (713.38 KB, 1170x1659, 323E5F6A-5986-41F4-A743-FEC05F…)

I didn’t post because boring but it looks like she’s home again, she posted a screenshot of them on facetime. I think the comments about her being lazy are getting to her cause she tweeted this kek.

No. 1669853

That’s cool, I’d love a job that would let me fuck off for weeks at a time to visit my predator bf. If she’s referring to her “twitch career”, girl sit down lol.

No. 1669897

That’s absolutely what she means kek. Twitch. She doesn’t stream on a regular basis, leaving for months at a time. I thought you had to make money by streaming regularly? Idk how it works.

Lmao you can’t convince me she doesn’t read here now after seeing that tweet.

Lol can’t wait for Jonny to do what he does and cheat now that she’s gone.

No. 1669900

Why would she be talking about twitch though she doesn’t stream. She could even “work and make monnies” at Jonny’s house on his computer if she was talking about that. She could have a job, if she bags groceries or some lame shit why would that be interesting to tweet about.

No. 1669910

Syd, I heard you have a sex tape that got leaked somewhere in the ether. Post it here, let's see those tommyknockers in action

No. 1669922

scrote vibes are hard ln this thread

No. 1669930

Samefag but people want Layna to be a cow so bad they come up with make believe reasons to hate her. Dating goiter is reason enough to hate her. We really don’t know anything else about her personal life. Unless you’re some vendetta ex with insider info; you’re just speculating.

No. 1670017

Taylor is trans,&& Liz more than likely is too bc she doesn't have childbearing hips. It's called SCIENCE. and how the fuck do you know what Layna does and doesn't do at home? Kinda creepy. id also subscribe to Chelsea's only fans but only if she put a bag over her head. no cappp

No. 1670026

File: 1665198153029.jpeg (694.85 KB, 1951x2581, C3BB7E8E-85C8-4F2A-A4C7-70D8EE…)

Taylor def has MtF vibes but you’re on drugs Liz is a very feminine woman, she’s just petite.

No. 1670070

id say layna a troon too

No. 1670105

No. 1670262

I never use the term scrote but in this case… Obvious scrote

No. 1670289

no milk = everyone's a tranny

No. 1670296

that is the lolcow equation which has sustained the board for years yes

No. 1670302

File: 1665242267016.jpeg (126.4 KB, 828x447, 6BFB1BBD-71DE-4C7F-AA87-0F95DF…)

>Taylor is trans & Liz more than likely is too bc she doesn't have childbearing hips.

No. 1670426

File: 1665253158465.jpeg (283.91 KB, 1170x2060, E5B8BC0D-8B34-43EE-B1B6-9D982A…)

Kek who is snarking

No. 1670439

She went back Wednesday she’s in Canada right now. She’s been here 3 months this time. Her immigration status is running slim on days left.

No. 1670447

inb4 visa wedding

No. 1670451


You talk about her like she’s not in I university getting a degree. Syd is a legitimate leech to society and always will be. She won’t even provide for her chiold. Layna has no responsibilities so what exactly is it you expect from her? Like ok she’s boring, maybe because she has no drama? Get over it lmao

No. 1670452

File: 1665255119944.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x2069, 21D85356-BFEF-4FD9-9514-AB5C81…)

She knew she’d get people calling her out for her bullshit.

No. 1670463

File: 1665256139875.jpeg (330.73 KB, 1170x2040, 9012DBAA-DFE4-4A07-A8C6-5C0C79…)

According to Layna Jonny is sober and wants her to quit drinking as well. I wonder if he’s hiding drug use from her or if she’s just a liar

No. 1670468

Kek could you imagine her being the first girl he actually marries, just so she can work a job in America and not leech off of him because he’s broke as well. How romantic.

No. 1670474

she’s such a nutter for thinking he will spare her his wrath. 5 women and serious DV and family violence charges and this woman STILL thinks im special he won’t do it to me

No. 1670483

A lot of women like this genuinely think “Yea he brutally beat every woman he’s been with but they probably weren’t acting properly. If I fall in line I’ll be spared”

No. 1670494

This. I fail to see how she’s lazy because she doesn’t have responsibilities like children or her own mortgage. Unless she’s a MASSIVE liar, she’s apparently in university and has a job. I think the majority of those in school would stay living with parents rent free if they had that privilege. Though right now I’m taking her word for it, she’s shown no proof of either school or a job.

No. 1670515

get a pass when maybe its only one bad relationship, but when all of them are a disaster. good luck lelayna

No. 1670519

He brutally beat 5 women. The fact that Layna doesn’t care is so beyond fucked up.

No. 1670551

File: 1665267140072.jpeg (353.84 KB, 1170x2069, B3DA6DC8-0A79-4011-BEDC-57288C…)

it must be so embarrassing to have to say “He thirst followed my instagram and slid into my dms” considering thousands of women could say the EXACT same thing and could probably say he did the same thing to them last week kek. Layna you’re the only one lame enough to agree to hangout with this fool instead of using him as a late night ego boost like the rest of us who accepted his message request. I hope you know how embarrassing it is to claim a man like this as YOUR man. He’s not. He’s everyone’s. Hopefully you’re cheating too or this is just pathetic.

No. 1670572

Sure anon. You're totally getting messages from an ugly cow and you're proud enough to boast about this supposedly current exchange yet have no evidence of it. You look even more pathetic for being proud of making this up. Totally a Syd thing to do.
Same with this cringe fan fic. Especially when we have 0 evidence he brutally beat anything besides his small dick.

What's with these anons trying to manufacture soy milk and call it sweetened condensed milk?!

No. 1670585

Tinfoil - this anon is trying to make shit up in hopes Wiggles lurks here and reads it. Anon, even if he really "pushed a bitch (SydSoStumpy)", that hardly counts as brutally beating let alone to 5 women. I've followed this thread for years now and there have never been receipts like this. All of the recent lies and unfounded claims are actually making Lil Jon seem like the victim of vendetta anons/exes. No milk does not mean make shit up.

No. 1670635

I’m not boasting about something half the women on the internet can claim happened to them. Lil Jon infests the dms of every half decent looking girl it’s not a flex. It’s just ultra embarrassing for the woman who has the displeasure of claiming him as “their man” and I hope Layna knows that. Other women know that and it’s one of many reasons they stay away. If anything I’m trying to save her future (and current) embarrassment. I’m not trying to break them up because Jonny boy will do that himself. Just properly warning his current “bitch” that she’s not special. Just the only girl shameless enough to publicly claim him. Reminder that the only chick with self esteem low enough to touch his penis before Layna was Athena, and even then, she only dates band guys and was just sniffing out some clout before she becomes a homeless crack head. Layna “”won”” because that’s her competition. Established attractive women would rather sit on a hot grill than even consider dating OR fucking Jonny boy, and if they did want to, Layna would be tossed aside quickly. He lives in the most highly populated state and still had to fly someone in from Canada because she was the only one that took him seriously as a potential mate. And why girl? Why would you do that kek.

No. 1670743

she’s been in America for the last month, uni started in the beginning of September in Canada. idk if you’re in post secondary but dipping for the whole first month of the semester is super weird and unsustainable. If she was even telling the truth about school, I’m tinfoiling she dropped out to spend more time with him. she knows if she stops visiting frequently he’ll cheat on her, he probably doesn’t have enough money to fly her out and back home just on weekends and he can’t enter Canada with a pending felony.

No. 1670775

She has been here since a couple days after 4th of July, jonny was saying in his IG story her original flight was canceled which would have had her here to celebrate the 4th but he was going to spend it bbq with shandan She has been here 3 months.

No. 1670784

Jonny is coming to my city in November. Should I go see him in person just to see how shitty he is? On the other hand I don’t want to give him heroin money…

No. 1670790

File: 1665297317206.jpeg (817.21 KB, 3464x3464, 1D80E388-16D3-4040-B1F2-DC250A…)

Kek Lil Jon flirts with Sinya like a 3rd grade boy. I wonder how much it bothers Layna.

It must get under her skin how Sinya’s only out to play after Layna flies home. Like clockwork. That alone ought to humble her.

No. 1670791

His big greasy paw in the first frame.

No. 1670830

File: 1665303583146.jpeg (425.85 KB, 1125x2009, FA344E27-E060-4C82-814B-DA7B73…)

looks like people were trolling him on his anonymous post thing

No. 1670848

my exes new whore also thinks this

No. 1670941

Clout chasing truly is a disease. Setting aside the fact that he's old, a junkie, irrelevant, toothless, and bloated, it amazes me how anyone could actually be interested in him solemnly based on the fact that he can't even put together a half coherent sentence. We've seen his message exchanges with many people, he's so fucking dry and uninteresting. This is why I refuse to believe anyone's into him for "who he is", because he's nothing, he has no personality, and when he speaks, he sounds brain damaged (which he is). He's an empty shell full of heroin and undeserved ego.

No. 1671055

Kek his text threads that have been posted here are so interesting. He’s so unpredictable and odd in his instagram videos and then seemingly dry as fuck and boring in texts. At least in the texts posted here it always felt like the female was leading and continuing the conversation even if his replies were like “Lol” and “Yeah”. That plus his shit personality and shrek like looks… Barf

No. 1671239

The majority, if not all, of his texts posted here definitely sound like the women are carrying the conversation, sometimes even baiting him to say something to share with the internet, or simply women trying to keep the conversation going. They're desperate to date the concept of a musician but he's no musician.
Now that I'm thinking about it, it must be why this anon >>1670635 has no proof of conversations where he's "in her dms" or anon is embarrassed to post an interaction where she looks desperate for attention and deleting those sad sections would mean deleting the entire conversation. Just like anon who claimed Lil Jon was "in her (friend's) dms" while Wiggles wasn't with him, then claimed she just didn't want to out her fRiEnD.
We know how clout hungry anons are to manufacture milk and we know how Lil Jon is non-conversational in dms. Anons need to sit down and quit making claims of him in their dms because without proof, they're just making Lil Jon look like a victim of women who are bitter he isn't in their dms.

No. 1671261

File: 1665359531593.jpeg (181.56 KB, 1170x710, AD0379A7-1389-4D35-A154-9D2E75…)

This needs to be next thread pic kek. Or incorporated.

No. 1671275

You are very confused. We don’t want him. He wants us. The way I even found this thread was he got thirsty in my inbox and I googled his name wondering why tf he had 100k followers and this thread popped up. I did some reading and was both disgusted and absolutely cringed out. I still reply periodically because it’s funny to laugh at him with my boyfriend. I don’t post proof because that would probably bring an end to that since he reads here. and I care more about laughing with my boyfriend than helping out Wiggle. Sorry Wiggle.

No. 1671290

but if hes not interested, why does he keep replying? fucking clown

No. 1671291

He has a girlfriend so he’s not actively looking for another one. Probably stringing them along enough until he’s horny/bored/desperate. And if they’re not from his town then probably until he’s nearby touring. He’s so slimey.

No. 1671435


You know online classes are a thing, right?

No. 1671443

How would she have time for online classes when she just makes tiktoks all day.

No. 1671503

File: 1665388455478.png (3.43 MB, 750x1334, 38DCECC6-9FA4-4589-A39C-168FEC…)

What’s he whining about

No. 1671507

How come she never mentions she’s doing an online class then, when all she does is stay online? Posting stories and TikTok’s and tweets. She would love to prove to us that she’s enrolled in classes (since she reads here) and she hasn’t.

You’re dickriding way too hard for someone who is dating Jonny Craig.

No. 1671513

Someone rejected him and he’s trying to seem unbothered. That’s how I read that at least.

No. 1671515

File: 1665389220645.jpeg (120.07 KB, 1170x2080, F6470D2F-3F8B-4D90-AF0C-1BBB88…)

What’s our queen snarking about today.

No. 1671517

File: 1665389379187.jpeg (145.09 KB, 471x464, 7DC8694C-8199-4125-BF0E-88C1FE…)

What’s with her weird new pfp Lmfao.
Looks like French Infant Syd’o’nee

No. 1671544

File: 1665395798637.jpeg (206.77 KB, 1170x555, BF8D64D3-8F89-43DB-B940-13B4D9…)

Just leaving this here .

No. 1671557


Why would she care to put every detail of her personal life out there for some retards to pick apart. Making TikToks or posting online takes no time at all and you can do any of that without blasting where you work or go to school. People just assuming shit on this thread drives me crazy. She mentioned having to go and make money already - but why anyone cares if she works or not baffles me. Why care about that?

No. 1671558

Is no one going to mention the "Hungarian basket weaving" reference? She got it wrong, but Chan users say they found things on a "Mongolian basket weaving forum" so they don't have to admit they lurk degen sites.

No. 1671578

You mean he is being this obnoxious, cringy, borderline sociopath sober?? Afraid to imagine how he is like when he is high on H and alcohol

No. 1671662

Idk but seems like every time she’s not around he’s posting vague shit like this. They probably argue when they’re not together over insecurities. Maybe that sinya post got under her skin lol

No. 1671694

Imo he’s always guilt tripping her and purposefully making her feel insecure when they’re apart so maybe she moves there for good. I only assume this because it’s exactly the kind of manipulative actions he would pull with exes.

No. 1671709

File: 1665417372951.jpeg (1.07 MB, 4095x2730, E2B1738B-EA7C-4A39-9796-F09D68…)

I was wondering why an attractive woman in her 30’s was actively choosing to be flirty friends with goiter boy, but after a little bit of creeping it makes more sense now. Filtering your face into oblivion has to be bad for your self image no? There should be a study done on these women kek.

No. 1671714


God get ready to strike me down. Syd is looking cute here.

No. 1671751

I would agree for the first time ever I just can’t fucking stand those angel bite piercings so that ruins it for me kek

No. 1671753

Too bad she looks like a psycho in her candids and irl and can't be filtered and at this angle all the time. And too bad her personality makes her look like a horrific goblin irl.

No. 1671760

Honestly if she wasn’t such a psycho-bitch I think I’d consider her a lot prettier but she has such a rotten personality it’s almost impossible for me to perceive her as attractive.

No. 1671781

Women need to stop falling victim to lip and cheek filler, they just start to look like Donatello Versace. I’m sure her face looked fine before

No. 1671812

i thought u were talking about layna kek

No. 1671829

The comments about Layna, Syd, and Sinya’s candids make me realize how poisoned we are by the internet and our expectations of women. They’re all perfectly normal looking ladies tbh. Almost any women you see on Instagram look “worse” in person. I think we all need a break from the internet.

No. 1671966

I don't think Syd's ugliness has anything to do with expectations of beauty. We know how psycho she is so it makes what could have been a normal appearance much worse. Sinya looks like she needs a break from injectables in her face, but is otherwise slightly below average. She also hasn't been exposed as insane. Layna is the only one I think looks pretty… for now. But if she turned into a psycho à la SydSoPsycho, I can see me thinking she looks bad.
Personality and an annoying voice like Syd's really fuck up an otherwise average female.

No. 1671972

inb4 you get 6 angry replies sperging about how ugly Layna is while simultaneously sperging about talking about their looks.

No. 1672008

File: 1665447212698.jpeg (240.96 KB, 1170x2086, 103D2B4B-7CFA-42BA-8A9F-9958CC…)

Kek I think they really are fighting. He doesn’t liked her more recent posts or love bombed on them. Plus it looks like she’s trying to make him jealous with a younger more attractive guy. She should trade him in.
Please Layna, Lil Jon deserves the worst of the worst, he will only take advantage of you and exhaust you until your mental breaks. Seriously. That’s what abusers do. If y’all don’t believe he’s a physical abuser… fine. But no doubt he’s a horrible man and partner regardless. She should get out now while she’s home and never go back. We all make fun of his exes and do a fair amount of victim blaming but honestly it takes a special kind of horrible man to get women to the point of acting like that. Layna you will become that psycho too because he will never make you feel safe and secure. Then afterwards, after you go publicly crazy due to neglect, betrayal, lies, and verbal abuse, he will laugh at you publicly just as he does with all of his exes. Do not walk away girl, run.

Even with Taylor, the “love of his life” and unlimited bank machine, not only was he constantly cheating but according to her, she saw messages where he literally told one of his side girls he wished Taylor would DIE. Not because he actually wishes that, but because holding onto side chicks is easier when they think you hate your “horrible girlfriend”. That’s how little he actually cared while telling her how in love with her he was. He would tell girls he wishes she was DEAD. What a catch.

No. 1672031

I wouldn't put stock in anything Taylor says though tbh

No. 1672039


This dude would be an upgrade and doesn't dress like Justin Bieber circa summer of 2016. Do it Layna.

No. 1672049

Fair enough but goiter is so egregious I wouldn't put it past him.

No. 1672257

File: 1665478760274.png (Spoiler Image,710.32 KB, 989x669, laynaa.png)

I don't normally look at this thread so I'm sorry if it's old milk but is it known that Layna is a camgirl?

No. 1672266


Tbh I’m not surprised. She’s got the uWu so smoll look to her and neckbreass eat that shit up.

No. 1672267


Neckbeards** damnit.

No. 1672305

Is this old/new? Didn’t know she was a cam girl, only know she is on twitch. Kek does she actually have a real job?

No. 1672326

She was live when I posted that

No. 1672332

"I have milk evidence, but I've logged into lolcow to tell everyone I'm not posting it." - A Retard 2022

Layna and goiter say alot of things nonnie. That doesn't make it true

No. 1672339

Exactly. I'm sure if these nitpicking nonnies posted their own photos we could have a field day making fun of them. Seems like folk are obsessed when people fall out of the slim realm of physical acceptability.

No. 1672348

Is that a dildo? Her parents must be so proud, her doing this in their house makes it a little disturbing. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sex work but doing it in her childhood bedroom is kind of sad. She doesn’t even make enough to get her own place.

Jonny I hope you’re okay with your girl doing bj teases and “pussy flashes” to random men all over the world, no doubt is he gonna use this as an excuse to cheat.

No. 1672356

File: 1665489408782.png (Spoiler Image,934.33 KB, 1145x675, layna2.png)

yeah it is. she must lurk here a lot because she disabled her MFCShare profile from public viewing pretty quickly.

No. 1672358


No. 1672360

Syd should follow suit and start camming, since her only fans was a complete fail.

No. 1672365

Kek of course she is. Well that solves the mystery of how she “has a job” and is still able to fuck off for weeks at a time. Doesn’t Jonny have history of talking down to sex workers? I wonder how he feels about his gfs job being getting random men off, I never thought it was a coincidence that syd waited until after they broke up to start her OFs.

No. 1672392

Holy shit lol i do wonder if goiter knew about this? I feel like he doesnt if not he would have pull the same shit he did with liz for being a stripper.

No judgement on being a cam worker tbh but it really makes sense why she is dating goiter boy now. Even taylor at least pretends to work a 9-5 at petco

No. 1672427

Some organic, semi-skimmed milk.
So she's flicking the bean online to strangers whilst goiter cheats his way around the US on his "tour". 2022, what a time to be alive.

No. 1672428

Aaand now we are confirmed she is a liar too. On her NGL she was asked if she would do OF and she said. She’s shy and didn’t want people she doesn’t know well looking at her butthole.

No. 1672431

Holy fucking shit lmao so that’s her “job” huh? Does she fly home specifically to do this? You’d think she’d at least clean up her pig sty of a bedroom before going live. Room looks as dirty as the old men watching her diddle herself. Kinda sad she puts this out there and still complains about not having money. I’d have to be making BANK to be ok with a career in SW.

No. 1672436

>she was asked if she would do OF and she said she’s shy…
This mixed with the fake name, quickly disabled account and seemingly zero link to her other socials makes me think she was absolutely hiding her camming career and nonnie just outed her. Fucking KEK.
Now I’m just wondering the same as >>1672392
Does Jonny know?

No. 1672472

Nta who pointed it out originally but any nonnies interested just Google myfreecams cuteholly in images, she's been doing this for a while which makes her lack of income even sadder. You might be able to scrub your profile but Google lives on forever, Layna.

No. 1672487

Curious how anyone even found it since it’s under a fake name.

No. 1672488

File: 1665500472767.jpg (Spoiler Image,20.2 KB, 568x318, preview.jpg)

Im cackling someone had to know what she does and snitched on her
This is gold

No. 1672489

File: 1665500545243.jpeg (Spoiler Image,3.4 KB, 180x135, images.jpeg)

Last one I post.

No. 1672491

I couldn’t bring myself to screenshot them lol but she does have a few that were clearly taken at Jonny’s. Wonder if that was when he was gone a couple days before her on tour.

No. 1672492

File: 1665500936329.jpeg (102.54 KB, 828x654, 64CCADA2-6F58-4D3C-8A04-DC069F…)

Ty anon! It looks like she did a stream in his bedroom, so I’m guessing he knows? Unless this was when he was ‘touring’ and she stayed back at his.

No. 1672514

File: 1665503487340.png (149.14 KB, 750x1334, 5C759A7A-8664-4BF7-8C87-8D0DA6…)

Wonder what he’s talking about

No. 1672515

Lmao anons for months were on here talking ABOUT how wholesome and the best college student and how she has the best work ethic.

She is just a basic ass cam whore.
We were wondering how he bought his Bengal cat. She probably bought him it.
For a cam whore she doesn't change her clothes much.

Lol im wondering how much she actually gets doing cam work.

No. 1672517

One of them is dated 8.21.22, I wonder if he was on tour then. He probably does know. But he’s probably mad as fuck that they leaked and that everyone knows what she does lololol

No. 1672518

Which is weird cuz she tweeted “at least I can work and make monies” when she was home, which makes me wonder if he knows she was doing this at his house, getting random men off while he’s behaving himself on tour only cause he got caught. Lmao the irony

No. 1672581

She’s probably making less than she would at a full time minimum wage job. This site uses a token system, each token a model earns means 0.05$ that they make in real money. If you look at her “menu” on the top of this screen cap >>1672356
it says 91 tokens for a “pussy flash” that’s not even five real dollars for her to expose her vagina. That really should tell you everything you need to know about how much she values herself and why she’s dating Jonny Craig.

No. 1672598

yeah i'm really on the fence about johnny not knowing, she did cam in his house, but the tweet makes me think she hid it. maybe goiterboi had a change of heart and SW is no longer a deal breaker, i could see him compromising on his values for her to stay together. he wants to avoid having another SKIDNEY in his life

No. 1672602

Yup agree anon. Makes total sense and lmao would it be so funny she is actually financing goiter boy failing career with her cam money? Or at least flying herself out from canada. Jesus that is sad

No. 1672604

Of course she is, now everything is starting to make more sense.

No. 1672614

maybe someone asked him if he'd go on cam with layna kekkekekeekkekek

No. 1672622

Lol just a matter of time

No. 1672631

File: 1665509641476.jpg (80.43 KB, 1280x720, kekeke.jpg)

No. 1672634

i bet jonny knew, that’s the only reason why he got eyes laid on her, he’s the worst kind of disgusting scorte so no surprise but Layna being a camwhore lol thank god for this gift.

No. 1672638

i cant see goiter being mega chill about his gfs sexual organs being public domain. usually cheaters are insanely jealous because they get suspicious their partners will do the same.

No. 1672642

I bet that’s how goiter met her was in a cam room or porn site he is known to visit those looking for his ethottie. Also fitting with her avoiding the truth about her and jonny meeting in a basket weaving class.

No. 1672644

Also makes more sense then the "met on Twitch" when she had the weakest following and seemed incredibly unlikely.

No. 1672655

Goiter could of proven to us he truly was "moving up" in life and dated as such. No offense to layner but dating a twitch/cam girl is a lateral step to his usual pick. He writes these romanticized lyrics about intense love escapades, but ends up just farting in bed with a cam girl he found online.

No. 1672674

Jonny boy is unusually quiet today, he must be so embarrassed lmfao. I wonder if this will cause a fight

No. 1672677

Syd's OF may have been a complete cringe embarrassment, but I wonder if Layna started camming because she felt like she somehow had to compete. Imagine being intimidated by old balogna boobs.

No. 1672696

File: 1665514219324.jpeg (Spoiler Image,917.24 KB, 1050x1057, 6B55AD12-42DB-4F20-9265-D84AE3…)

LOL looks like that maid outfit Layna bought for Jonny wasn’t for Jonny after all. What a cuck!

The internet is forever, so you can view some of the archived videos of her fucking herself for free online here: https://camshowdownload.com/nlrYq0/21dc1243/model/myfreecams/cuteholly

No. 1672697

At least it finally makes the French maid costume make sense

No. 1672699

Lol our brains synchronized, cheers nonny

No. 1672706

File: 1665514555513.jpeg (Spoiler Image,263.31 KB, 2400x1350, D5FA441A-1161-4592-B088-CF80AB…)

Yikes this is rough to look at. I initially thought Layna was pretty cute but now she’s just a fugly braindead whore. How boring and predictable to end up with a washed up ex-heroin addict lol.

No. 1672712

can you spoiler this shit?

No. 1672731

Who cares lmfao. You offended by women’s bodies?

No. 1672732

This isn't a porn site you dumbfuck.

No. 1672734

I’m aware, get over it you sensitive fuck

No. 1672735

your link makes you pay, but i found free vids (works on mobile) on xhomealone: https://xhomealone.com/search/cuteholly/

there’s actually a bunch of sites that uploaded her videos so all you have to do is google if you’re interested

No. 1672737

Nta but spoiler tags have nothing to do with offensive content, they’re used so people don’t have porn on their screen without warning. Some people lurk in public places and getting caught with naked women on your screen can be awkward lol. It’s common courtesy to spoiler nudity, learn to integrate.

No. 1672763

kek at the layna stan trying to put syd eggplants on the spotlight kek u mad we found out lelayna caldwell aka cuteholly is the worst kind and theres so much evidence online omfg i would be mortified

No. 1672765

File: 1665518202105.jpeg (Spoiler Image,188.85 KB, 750x393, 470303F0-71B2-478C-B5E9-F17EFD…)

Haha in this video I guess someone in the chat showed her his penis cuz you see her clicking on something and her facial expression, her jaw dropped and said “wow, that’s a big peepee”

Haha get FUCKED JC. Ur woman is a whore flashing her pussy for less than $5 and now we all know. You must be so proud.

No. 1672769

I’d rather have ten mugshots on google than my camming pics/videos. Holy fuck. I’m so disturbed that she does this living with her parents in the next room. These are only gonna spread around more and more and get worse.

No. 1672774

Lol I just know Syd is somewhere laughing her ass off over this, thinking she won.

No. 1672783

File: 1665519835797.jpeg (59.02 KB, 827x390, 1656369665340.jpeg)

old screengrab! remember when we all thought she was talking about sending jonny nudes in this tweet? turns out this was her ""job"" fucking kek. everything about this layna sagaa makes so much more sense now

No. 1672787

Pretty sure goitre had pics on his insta of them together. Can't see any now? Eek.

No. 1672788

You don't need to type "Anonymous" into the name field. Also, I don't think he had photos on his feed. Only in stories.

No. 1672790

It’s interesting because he follows a lot onlyfans girls/camgirls so I can’t see this being a huge deal to him? Or maybe he’s the type that literally doesn’t see them as people, just sexual objects to jack off over, and now he doesn’t see his gf as a person anymore either.

No. 1672797

Bringing camwhores into your home while trying to get your kid back. Father of the year. Cuteholly Layna Caldwell will make a great stepmother for Storm kek

No. 1672798

Nonnie not one person here said she’s the BEST college student or has the BEST work ethic. People just said she’s in uni and has a job. Calm down.

No. 1672801

Maybe goiter is fine with her choice of occupation as this is the best he can get after Skid that faintly resembles the fresh new teeth and free heroin bar times with taytay. I bet he is already leaching off of her hard, wouldn't be surprised if she founded the pedo…I mean tour van…all the manga shopping…she just needed to spoil the old man a lil to have him be immediately okay with his gf streaming from his crusty bedsheets.

On the same note, I really wish he just learned about from here…can't wait to see his heartbroken 'bitches be fake' posts

No. 1672804

Her body is honestly incredible, I wouldn’t be that embarrassed if I was her, and I don’t look down on camgirls either especially if they’re attending school.

No. 1672814

File: 1665522186044.jpeg (Spoiler Image,86.54 KB, 563x1059, 45C15C19-60A5-447C-96FD-57776B…)

I found part of the stream where she’s at Jonnys and she confirmed he was out touring and she was home alone.
>I’m in California right now but I’m just house sitting, I’m normally in Canada.
So there’s still a possibility he doesn’t know. Picrel is the website if anyone wants to watch for themselves.

No. 1672815

I’d be more concerned about storm entering a house full of drug addicts than a camgirl anon.

No. 1672816


No. 1672818

How did you find or see her profile, seems to be private now?

No. 1672820

look at all that garbage by the bed, nasty

No. 1672821

Safe to say Storm will enter no such home, considering they both don't have custody.

No. 1672822

You sound like you’re having a stroke anon but might be right about that last part. Maybe he really is a step up for her, shudder to think.

No. 1672823

Her own bedroom doesn’t look any cleaner either lol. Trash couple.

No. 1672825

He’s actually never posted her on his feed. Which was strange to me cuz he always immediately publicly lovebombed the rest of his girlfriends.

No. 1672826

Same fagging but In this >>1672814 stream (sept 14, school had started by then) she talks about staying up all night on her phone, laying in bed all the time and sleeping all day so I’m guessing the school thing is just a lie to keep anons off her back. She obviously lied about having a real a job to seem less milky so I wouldn’t put lying about uni past her. Until I see any kind of proof she’s in school, I seriously doubt it.

No. 1672833

nona im having a hard time writing with one hand and fighting with autocorrect but the gossip is superior kek

No. 1672835

File: 1665522924712.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.32 MB, 1076x1783, 4D89A51E-FD4E-4FD1-9745-9DD4DF…)

Kek to me that means he definitely already knew she was a camgirl, and probably why he was lowkey about her on his stories as well. He’s trying to paint himself has a good father so dating a camgirl doesn’t really fit that narrative.

Side note she’s actually really really pretty wow. It’s a shame she felt like this was the best way for her to make money. She must have a low self esteem.

No. 1672838

Okay… having a good body doesn’t mean I want my nudes blasted all over google images. I don’t see your point here. She is no doubt embarrassed now that everyone on lolcow has seen her vagina and found out about her, and so is Jonny, which is why he’s unusually silent today.

No. 1672839

Same anon, kek at milk so good you have to type with one hand in utter disbelief haha

No. 1672851

if she's used to that dildo… i'm not sure goiters acorn is going to satisfy

No. 1672858

>Her body is honestly incredible
Fatty-chans when they see a girl of normal BMI and her tits aren't flapjacks, fucking kek

No. 1672859

Kek I guess she took all those “no one is gonna watch your boring ass stream layna” comments to heart. Had to whip her tits out Lmfao.

No. 1672860

She has a weirdly wide rib cage and mosquito bite a cups kek.

No. 1672865

Wow you’re easily impressed kek. She just has pretty much no body fat. That doesn’t mean her body is “incredible”. It’s not toned, no six pack. And there’s nothing wrong with her body type, but calling it incredible is a generous statement.

No. 1672869

File: 1665525328449.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3000x3999, E221CA34-AB4C-4F9D-BADC-CD92B6…)


No. 1672872

put a spoiler jfc

No. 1672873

So she's a 25 year-old mid-as-hell camgirl who still lives with her parents and charges $5(!!) to flash her puss on MFC, unsuccessfully at that. Like anon above said her horrendous life choice to involve herself with the likes of JonJon makes SO much more sense now lmfao.

No. 1672878

Lol she called her dildo a “cervix slammer” to all her viewers in the video I watched then put it next to her body in comparison to how deep it would be. Lmfao she might have a loose used up vagina from that thing

No. 1672879

File: 1665525551995.jpeg (439.49 KB, 1386x2699, 8A2A0C4C-5D1A-4398-B147-5760C3…)

She's still private on MCF share where she
streams this is just on a random reupload
website. But I did find an account with
ucam.xxx that seems like it might be hers?

No. 1672885

“Bubble butt”


No. 1672893

You must be a moid or underaged if you think taking a dick once a week makes you loose or “used up”. Moid, a girl is tight when she’s not that into you/nervous/not turned on. She’s looser when she’s really horny/turned on. Biology is amazing kek.

No. 1672900

fuck off scrote

No. 1672902

nice work restating her full name so any future employers or jonny fans can find this thread with her titties all over it. don’t forget to include it in the next threads updates and links.

No. 1672903

File: 1665526454769.png (Spoiler Image,757.35 KB, 1143x678, layna3.png)

I mostly come to lolcow for the camgirl thread and was browsing MFC looking for girls camming at the event in Vegas. I saw "cuteholly" and thought she looked familiar. Matched her tattoos to this thread.

Looks like she started sometime in May this year. She seemed really nervous and not comfortable at all. I think her camscore was over 4k so she's making okay money when she cams but not anything crazy.

No. 1672906

No need to shove that poorly picked suitcase so close to the camera

No. 1672910

male detected

No. 1672912

She should get her asshole bleached if she’s going to make this a full time thing kek.

No. 1672915

Her full name has been posted several times, take a seat

No. 1672916

wow that’s one dark ass taint. her butthole is stained brown lol bless this mess.

No. 1672921

take a seat? mam, i am sitting. i was giving props for the one time i saw it in this thread cause i skim. why waste your energy calling out whatever you’re calling out?????

No. 1672922

Kek I thought she was too shy to do only fans cuz she doesn’t want strangers seeing her butthole? Now we can all see it for free, good job loleyna.

I bet Syd is having a field day right now. I love this milk. Best we have gotten since Syd’s cheating texts got exposed.

No. 1672925

I misunderstood you I apologize

No. 1672927

ew this is something i expected from shayna not from lil cuteholly KEK

No. 1672932


Ok you can hate SW all you want but putting someone’s government name along side their screen name is dangerous. You don’t have to like her but don’t put her in danger either.

No. 1672935

How is that dangerous when her name has been posted here so many times…

No. 1672939

It’s different now since her scrotes who jerk off to her stream might find this thread while going looking for where she went. Now they see her full legal name. Putting someone in danger for doing nothing wrong but showing their private parts on a nsfw website is kind of messed up. No matter how stupid you think she is for linking up with goiter.

No. 1672943


Oh god, shut up. I guess she has to change her whore profile boohoo
I would be more terrified having my butthole on blast next to my government name than my username kek

No. 1672944

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 1672946

I get your point but if you're doing online sw you're aware of the risks… plus most sw start with people they know irl, or they blow up enough that they find out anyways. Also if you're scared of your cover being blown you probably shouldn't be getting into a public relationship with a somewhat "famous" person.

No. 1672950


Yeah; they know the risk which is the entire point of an anonymous screen name. Idc if it’s an unpopular opinion, publicly outting SWers is irresponsible as fuck. Like the absolute hatred you have for a stranger on the internet is something else.

No. 1672951

I don't even have a problem with camgirls but this is just so funny because I KNOW JONNY does hahahaha. I doubt he'll break up with her over this because it's hardly a character flaw but I just know he's most likely verbally abusing her over it right this minute. Just like he did liz, calling her a worthless whore ect.

No. 1672957

Kek she’s hardly a “SeX wOrKeR” just a lazy kid who doesn’t want to get a job. Sorry for the weird crop but this said she only streamed 9 times since may.

No. 1672958

Wait so if she started in May, that’s only a month or two after starting twitch kek. She didn’t even give her twitch career a chance, just took the easier way out to make quicker money.

No. 1672959


Can you stop simping for the prostitute for one second? She chose this and why should we feel bad for her? She won't pick you Nonna so calm down

No. 1672964

Ntayrt but I feel pretty bad for her. I’d kill myself kek.

No. 1672969

you guys are jonny’s biggest fans

No. 1672974

Seriously. Calling this woman a prostitute, ect for this. This man drugged a baby and raped women, is a world renowned sex pest. Ect. Syd was a horrible woman and would bully girls to the likeness of the current state of this thread. What garbage.

No. 1672975

And thats why you don't sell asshole pics online. Like, she been aware of the threads, inserting herself and now we gonna act all sad that her name, username and mucho labia pussy got connected? Naaw, no one felt this way for Syd so why start now lol

No. 1672978

Because Syd was a horrid petulant person who was Jonny’s perfect mate.

No. 1672979

"This man drugged a baby and raped women"
And still lanya decided to be his "bitch".
Yeah, no love lost

No. 1672982

Lelayna Caldwell aka cuteholly doesnt care and has a relationship with said man, so she’s choosing this, eat shit layna

No. 1672983

Maybe you sell asshole pics online because you have bodily autonomy and can do what you want and shouldn't be expecting crazy stalker fans to out her real name alongside her camming name (hence the whole part of having a separate camming name). But I forgot, nobody on this website uses their fucking brain, they just wanna talk shit.

No. 1672987

If lelayna wants to put herself in stupid situations, let her.

No. 1672989

honey u are on a gossip site lol go cry with layna and her ugly asshole

No. 1672990

Nah fuck you, I got nothing to do today so I'll just keep typing away :)

No. 1672993

Ummm. This is a website specifically FOR talking shit.

Not saying she deserves this at all but this is the chaos and ugliness you bring into your life aligning yourself with a unrepentant piece of shit degenerate abuser like Jon. If she wasn't proudly dating him no one would know or give a shit who she is.

No. 1672997

For a website not specifically for talking shit, that's kind of all I see. Dating that fucking loser is on her 100% but if not for this website and the obsessive psychopaths in it, she could cam and do whatever the fuck else she wants fine.

No. 1672998

Ngl, shacking up with a cute lil camgirl who makes bank and isn't morally questionable sounds like the GOOD ending of the jonny craig saga. Almost exactly what you could have predicted when guessing best case scenarios. Her camscore is actually quite high considering it looks like she cams once a month? If you're familiar with mfc/the cam girl thread you'll see what I mean. If she markets herself right instead of deleting everything she could actually find a lot of success in this field.

No. 1672999

File: 1665530939576.jpeg (450.5 KB, 1231x2189, 1660791090464.jpeg)

yeah, heres a month ago said man and layna playing her pick me girl. he's absolutely trash, and shes still a fucking dumbass for simping for him, are you kidding me? you really think she didnt know of all the shit youre saying? KEK good one. she was gladly fucking this abuser deadbeat junkie. we make fun of him here. huge difference.

No. 1673000


kek this comment makes me want to barf

No. 1673001


She pretty much has no other choice at this point since any future prospects she could hope for after getting her degree were basically just destroyed.

No. 1673007

Yeah how is she gonna be an engineer or attorney or astronaut now kek.

No. 1673009

I mean at least she’s getting paid for her nudes. I know some of you are out here sending shit like this for the barest scrape of attention.

No. 1673012

I'm confused at how small and weird her boobs look here, but during her camshows they look great?

No. 1673016

It sounds like the good ending because a greasy cheap cam whore is legit the best he can do and even he knows it. He couldn’t pull a women with a respectable job, plans for the future and a shred of intelligence if his life depended on it, just looks at the last 3 gfs: failed YouTuber/drug addict, welfare OF “mom” and now little miss 4$ pussy pics. His type is lazy trash and layna fits in perfectly.

No. 1673020

it's that angle, it cuts out the larger portion of the breast that tends to sit further closest to your arm

No. 1673021

No…no nonny most women don't post nudes for money or attention. Worst "at least" pissible. Although our many sad cases on lol cow would have you believe otherwise. Getting less than or equal to the pay of a Tuesday afternoon West Virginia "dancer" at The Sugar Gulch Nighclub and All You Can Eat Nacho Bar is not an accomplishment.

No. 1673023

File: 1665532400580.jpeg (995.46 KB, 1170x1529, 4137F63F-4C6C-40F3-A5E7-82C5BC…)

I really wonder WHAT is going through her head right now. She has to have seen this mess. She’s probably having a mental breakdown kek.

No. 1673026


Reading comprehension just isn’t your thing, huh?

No. 1673027

So she started camming and dating Lil Jon right at the same time pretty much? What a quarter-life crisis. I wonder if her friends and family have noticed a change in her.

No. 1673029

samefag but genuinely is she having a manic episode kek.

No. 1673061

At least she doesn’t have an unwanted bandaid baby. I’d take having my family find out about my failed camwhore career over having a whole ass baby in effort to keep some deadbeat baby daddy by my side because I’m an unlovable and irresponsible idiot.

At least one of those you can quit and it would be looked at as a good thing you did. Young stupid motherhood is a well deserved lifelong tradegy, so wipe that smile off your face, Skid.

No. 1673064

ok layna stan, she still flashing her pussy for $4

No. 1673068

maybe she does who knows? shes in a relationship too but good thing is shes not with a scumbag unlike layna who clearly got issues i mean shes full nude on google, shes not helping herself but i guess they’re both low scum thats why both ended up with a person like jonny craig

No. 1673069

samefag it was meant to you nona

No. 1673070

Personally don't think camgirling makes you scum. It's wild how showing your goods is somehow equal to drugging a baby, raping women, and beating them. But carry on thread.

No. 1673072

Ok I'm not one to "hi cow" but I'm convinced some of these are Syd. She fucking hated "e-whores"

No. 1673076

realtalk i'm convinced all-caps anon (>>1672816 >>1672869 ) was skidmark herself having an all out BPD celebration over her perceived W over layna

at least she's got people willing to buy her titties, skid. god the bar is low with these bitches

No. 1673077

That chair is NASTY.

No. 1673078

Sprinkle in some ladies with government jobs, upset he got bored of talking to them over instagram like a couple other anons.

No. 1673080

i love this thread today

No. 1673082

Poor Layna just ruined her entire life for a few extra bucks and our entertainment for the week.

No. 1673083

Jfc the white knights here are insane lmao. Layna doesn’t suck because she’s a cam girl, she sucks because she is doing the same thing all of Jonny’s exes did that made them suck, too. She’s in a relationship with a POS abuser and defending/promoting him online and on tours, while knowing allllll about the shit he’s done and is capable of. So therefore, she’s enabling and co-signing that behavior. That’s why she sucks.

Also, she’s the one who chose to put her naked body online for pennies. She posts her face right next to her nasty asshole and pussy lips, all while dating a semi-infamous person. A fake name would not save her from having her identity outed. People here are so fucking delusional I swear

No. 1673087

Idk nonnie seeing people say things like "we found out Layna is the worst kind of person" ( >>1672763 ) really makes it seem like the anons here view showing your body is a moral failing. They can have that opinion but it's just an interesting take. I'd say the worst kind of person is mean-spirited, abuses children, and is destructive to those around them. Not those who show their cooter for extra money while doing schooling. Idc to whiteknight but this is some scrote logic. Same scrotes who watch and love camgirls too.
I'm sure the girl is aware she could get caught but it's hard not to feel for her just based on how vitriolic this thread is toward her.

No. 1673092

Every Layna wk in here brings up she’s “in school” and y’all sound so fucking dumb. It’s clear to most of us that she’s not. Oh so she mentioned it in a stream six months ago? That’s not the first time she’s lied. Cue “I’m 2 shy for onlyfans ono strangers seeing my butthole omg ew”

Plus that could have been last semester. If she even WAS in school.

It’s just annoying seeing WKs bring it up until there’s actual proof, they’re just taking it straight from the horse’s mouth. (I mean cow)

No. 1673096

I agree that her being a cam girl doesn’t make her a shit person. Who cares if someone is a cam girl or a sex worker? You don’t have to like it, but that doesn’t make someone a good or bad person. So I agree those nonnies are wrong. BUT she is a shit person for other reasons. Like enabling and defending a POS like Jonny when she knows good and we’ll just how shitty and awful he is. It’s the same story all of his exes have. Defending him and thinking they’ll be the one to change him, even after they were warned repeatedly and have read all the threads here documenting the shit in crystal clear detail (because we know they ALL lurk these pages, even still). She’ll sing that tune until he does the same shit to her, and then cry “woe is me, I was a victim!” It’s too predictable at this point. Anyway, enabling a POS junkie who abused his child is reason enough for me to not feel sorry for her. She’s grown enough to put her asshole on the internet, she has to deal with the consequences of her own choices

And no, I still don’t feel bad for her having her real name attached to her cam videos. She’s dating a semi-famous person AND knows there are threads here documenting her online activity. She posted her face and had a public profile. It’s on her, sorry.

No. 1673100

Ugh, I didn't even notice that. That's beyond disgusting. If you're gonna cam, at least vacuum your room prior.

No. 1673105

>defending a POS like Jonny when she knows good and we’ll just how shitty and awful he is
where did she defend his actions?
>Defending him and thinking they’ll be the one to change him
You live in her brain? You know what she's thinking?
>She’ll sing that tune until he does the same shit to her, and then cry “woe is me, I was a victim!”
Sing what tune exactly? Because she doesn't really comment on Jonny or his actions at all. Just posts random photos here and there. That Q&A she did was the most she ever spoke of him and even that, she just answered really basic questions and said nothing of how she'll "change him"

>Anyway, enabling a POS junkie who abused his child is reason enough for me to not feel sorry for her. She’s grown enough to put her asshole on the internet, she has to deal with the consequences of her own choices

this is the only point I can agree with.

No. 1673108

Samefag but my point is she's way quieter online than his exes ever were. She doesn't try to justify why she's with him or get smug about his exes at all. I understand that it's frustrating she doesn't because then we don't know what's going on in her head or how she feels about things but that doesn't mean make it up.

No. 1673110

It’s almost like 2 things can be true at once. I don’t think she’s a great person. Birds of a feather, guilty by association, whatever. But it’s also true that it’s fucked up to put her safety at risk by outting her. The cognitive dissonance in this thread is wild.

No. 1673111

Why do we even care if she’s in school? Does it make her more worthy or a better person? Her being in school or not brings literally nothing into the conversation and just wastes time.

No. 1673113

Because nonnie Jonny who lurks here needs to realize I'm the better gf!!! Not this loser lowlife scum of the earth WHORE!

No. 1673124

No. 1673127

You tagged at least 3 different anons.

No. 1673130

ok layna stan

No. 1673140

I’m not going to spoon feed you specific examples because I cannot be assed to go back through these threads, but at the very least, you can just use some common sense to reach these conclusions. Publically dating and posting your partner (even if it’s not super frequent) is publically claiming them and associating yourself with them and their behavior. She wouldn’t be dating him if she believed he was a POS child/woman abuser. Therefore, we can deduce that she does not believe he is those things. OR if she does believe he is those things, she doesn’t care.

Similarly, no normal human willingly enters into a relationship with someone that they know has a past of abusing/cheating/generally treating women like shit unless they believe it will be different with them. Why would you knowingly enter into a relationship where you know you’re likely going to have these awful things done to you? You don’t. Victims always think it will be different with them. That’s how they get sucked in. So since we know that Layla does indeed know about Jonny’s history and sooo many nonnies here claim she’s normal/the best girl he’s ever been with/etc…. Again, it’s just common sense to deduce that she believes he will be different with her. Or the other option is she’s actually more fucked up than we all think and is actively seeking out abusive relationships. Can we stop being obtuse nonnas now or are you still gonna break your back reaching for shit to defend this girl?

No. 1673154

This makes more sense laid out, I just don't enjoy when anons on ANY thread say things like "she/he is thinking ____" when we have no idea. Sure you can make educated guesses all you want, but they're still guesses. Any examples people have pulled from before usually come from more nonnies just guessing. Chelsea, Liz, Amanda, and Syd (Taylor a tiny bit but honestly hardly at all, and it was really just Chelsea's fault for making their texts publicly where in all honestly Taylor was being a sweetheart) all publicly shit on each other and claimed to be the best girl for him and how the others failed and were awful. They constantly kicked up drama with each other (or in Syds case other women). They were extremely smug about their relationship with him. I can see how anons would project this onto Layna as well since she is the next girl in his life but she hasn't done any of that weird public gloating those women mentioned did. (and no, posting pictures aren't the same as posting your wedding ring and rubbing it into the exes faces in the caption. Or tweeting directly about how shitty Amanda and Chelsea are and that he's yours now and you've won. It's just really not the same.)

And just to make it clear, I agree that even being around JC silently is fucked up and invalidating to the victims. I just wholeheartedly feel that the vitriol towards this woman for doing anything is weirdly unproportionate.

No. 1673158

Sometimes I do think the exes are in this thread shitting on her because it would look weird to do it publicly since she's so boring and whatever publicly and doesn't incite hate between women the same way. That anon that is so insistent he's definitely cheating on her every moment he gets just screams Chelsea to me because she would constantly say things like that, said it to Taylor, and is even currently still saying it on TikTok. I know many of you are completely unrelated to the situation but some of the anons with more obvious typing styles stick in the brain and you can tell who is emotionally invested.

No. 1673172

>And just to make it clear, I agree that even being around JC silently is fucked up and invalidating to the victims.
If you believe this, then you are acknowledging that Layna is not a good person. Sure, maybe she’s not as harsh and blatant about posting their relationship as past exes have been. But she’s still in a relationship with him despite knowing every fucked up detail in these threads. She does post him and post about him on her socials. Just because she isn’t as vicious and evil of a human as Skid is doesn’t mean she’s a saint. She is also not a good person, she’s just quieter about it and might be slightly less shitty than Skid or Taytor or the rest. Simply associating with and claiming Jonny Craig as her man is enough to tell me that she is not a good human being.

I don’t see “vitriol” being posted about her, really. Mostly just that she’s boring and stupid. The worst stuff I’ve seen posted about her has been tonight after the cam girl stuff was revealed, and I’ve already stated that I don’t agree with nonnies saying that camping means she’s the worst type of person. She’s not a good person for other reasons and that’s fair game to talk about here. Anons constantly trying to paint her as an innocent “good girl” are the ones who need to stfu. Do I think the girl deserves to get death threats or get doxxed or whatever? No, but that doesn’t mean she’s free of any and all criticism.

No. 1673179

I definitely see way more vitriol than anyone saying she’s a saint or an innocent good girl, but otherwise agree with a lot of what you said.

No. 1673188

We probably have different ideas of what “vitriol” entails then. To me, simply talking some shit about her on an anonymous website meant precisely for shit talking (a site that she has to actively seek out to even see) isn’t vitriolic. It’s just anons doing what anons do

I feel like things like wishing death/injury/other fucked up things is more what I would describe as vitriol. Or like, people cowtipping to say cruel shit directly to them. But I haven’t seen any stuff like that posted

No. 1673196

at least syd attempted it in a shared apartment with a roommate and not next to her parents room kek. i actually was an anon who was team layna. ew…. nothing but a stupid whore. cmon jonny get back with syd already, do the family thing, get y'all's kid back

No. 1673208

another sEx WoRkEr has entered the chat with clickbait keywords such as ~danger~ haha what a fucking loser. you dumb bitches are all the same. posting your asshole online is something you do knowingly screwing up any future job prospects. don't hate the player hate the game hoe

No. 1673210

Sorry you're bored with your desk job Laura but some people like making an 8 hours shift worth of money in an hour kek.

No. 1673214

File: 1665548237290.png (3.48 MB, 1440x2712, Capture _2022-10-11-21-14-14.p…)

I smell trouble in paradise.

How long are they gonna last after this bombshell.

I can see syd using this in court.

No. 1673220

Kek I imagine she's loosing her shit about being posted here and he's just calling her a dumb whore or something and making it worse. Gold bitch.

No. 1673243

Yea and you can do that without spreading your asshole for men. Sex work isn’t real work and most of you only scrape by making min wage. Such a waste.

No. 1673244

ouch did i hit a heartstring anon? are u spreading it online for a buncha incels then screaming men are trash too!? the fact u gotta post "make in an hour what u make in 8" shows me u make fucking pennies. hah. fucking loser

No. 1673250

Calling me a loser from your shitty desk job and judgemental attitude kek. No sense was made today. Sorry no one would pay to see your hairy asshole anon.

No. 1673258

File: 1665553672872.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1069x1726, 452EC5AB-985D-4201-B4DB-B28C39…)

Men jerk off to literally anything. If you think a hairy butthole is gross to them you’re an idiot lmao. Men have no standards.

No. 1673317

File: 1665560002516.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1170x2079, 22CE4157-1D8B-4CED-A1F9-AC297D…)

Cant think straight cause you’re unsure if you want to dump your gf or not? kek.

No. 1673335

I thought she was cute (albeit brain dead) too, of course she’s a literal whore like so many other lazy, entitled, abuse-glorifying pieces of shit who get threads made about them. Sex work isn’t real work, spreading your greasy holes on the internet for the price of a happy meal will never be empowering.
That’s one poorly packed kebab, and that chair looks like it has literal shit on it, fucking nasty. This is proof that disgusting coomers will pay for/jerk off to/fuck literally anything

No. 1673352

Waking up to see the amount of fucking scrotes and incels clogging up this threads is insane.. i for one would like to see goiter doing cams or OF with her so we can all laugh about his limp dick

No. 1673353

The Belle Delphine effect.

No. 1673354

+ femcels who sound scared of their own body.
Kek goiter should. Fronz and his wife do OF together.

No. 1673367

Go cry somewhere else, why you even here if you gonna wk prostitutes who support rapists?

No. 1673369

idk ladies, since this thread has been so active, and everyone wants to throw in their two cents, since laynas nudes dropped I can't do these threads anymore. I made two of em just bc I wanted to see syd and jonny go at it, not watch a whole thread of people ripping on syds mom tiddies and layna for making 5 cents on her butthole. shits weird now

No. 1673372

Men fuck goats, horses and dogs ans you really think they have standards?
They could jerk it to you or a literal animal but you're the one winning, ok lol

No. 1673373

Okay? I'm making 6 figures a year off of it and don't even have to see or touch men at all. It really does not bother me as much as it bothers you apparently. There are more things to worry about in the world than cam girls babe. Comes across as very insecure.(no1currs)

No. 1673375

Go cry for Dolly Mattel too while you’re at it. Layna’s no better than Shayna or any of the other prostitutes on this site. Bitch ain’t getting special treatment

No. 1673377

File: 1665570069037.jpeg (128.77 KB, 1170x463, 56142C0A-6ACD-4DC5-A8E3-D3B06E…)

Same nonnie… I feel like the quality of the threads have dropped so much in the past few months even. People are moving to more interesting cows and all that’s left are these infighting shit-flinging retards in here.

No. 1673381

Girl Shayna uses a soother while taking dick in the ass and shits in an actual diaper kek. As well as acting unimaginably cringe online. Layna shaking her titties for the camera is no where close to Shayna’s level of cow behaviour. Not even comparable or close. Sorry.

No. 1673382

Shayna isn’t made fun of on lolcow because she’s a camgirl. She’s made fun of here because she wears a baby bonnet to shoot porn in. Do you have a learning disability?

No. 1673385

wasn't he making a bunch of vague tweets about a camgirl not too long ago?

No. 1673397

>I'm making 6 figures a year off of it
Nta but no one is jealous of you sexworker-chan, much less believes you. Coming to an anonymous imageboard to brag about your bank account only makes me pity you. Some people don't see degrading themselves as real work, a big strong independent woman like yourself should be able to cope with that fact.

No. 1673403

Agree nonnie, I would just let this thread die after, as much as I hate goiter boy and wants to see his demise + keep making fun of his dying career but 4chan incels/femcels anons here is making me feel ick to the core.

No. 1673442

layna stan you been here for a while, you must be used to the lolcow behavior by now lol because showing urself naked for pennies is so normal and not degrading at all lol like at least be smart enough to do that shit in private and not in a public chatroom

No. 1673446

Two things can be true at once:

Layna can of chosen to show her butt hole and to date goiter… and this is all very entertaining to watch, but let it evolve organically. Don't start entrapping her into further into situations of possible abuse. Let the milk flow organically.

No. 1673450

File: 1665579486245.jpeg (Spoiler Image,39.91 KB, 736x414, 3F9122B2-B11A-420D-B172-F1CA86…)

Lelayna Caldwell aka cuteholly better clean your room kek

No. 1673462

>4chan incels/femcels
Way to out yourself as not being from here kek

No. 1673464

It's unreal how little dudes on here know about average female bodies after consuming pop media/culture. "wHaT iS Up WiTh hEr lEfT eLboW oMg" haha fuck up. If you spent less time comparing women online to Hollywood actresses, you might get some pussy, and learn how tits sit kek.

No. 1673470

theres no dudes in here hun its just women only, are you talking about troons?

No. 1673471

We’ve had a dimensional merge of cc miners and twitterfags kek

No. 1673477


Hard pass on seeing Jonny's overcooked spaghetti in action.

No. 1673480

Don't forget kiwifags, I swear some never left. The influx of anons who can't reply to posts hasn't died down since their site went back up.

No. 1673484

File: 1665581246472.jpeg (1.1 MB, 2828x2828, 66858935-0C58-4712-BBF8-19F832…)

i bet one of these ugly bitches is the layna wk if not both of them kek they’re so ugly i swear

No. 1673490

Based on what? Are we just posting random women now?

No. 1673495

I don’t think the thread should die but I do think some anons took it too far yesterday and can only assume that it’s his exes. No one other than them truly hates her that much. Its one thing to out her dirty secret and poke fun, but could’ve done without all the visuals and let the people who actually wanted to see her butthole search for it themselves. It’s hard not to feel a little empathy for the girl but yes she’s a grown adult who made the decision to show her body on the internet for money so if I were her I’d just embrace it at this point.

No. 1673496

horny creepy men create the demand. women create the supply. some might say it's smart capitalism to drain the pockets of horny men in return for very little work.

showing your tits online has no parallel between someones moral ….. but you know what does?


No. 1673498

that's because your low IQ and cognitive functioning doesn't allow your brain to multi-task

No. 1673500

You have me laughing so hard rn nonnie “mucho labia pissy” haha ok

Can I remind everyone llelayna is the one who posted her real full name for everyone to see so she could prove something by showing goiter sent her flowers and manipulative flowers to her mom.

No. 1673501

This thread begs for milk for weeks whilst micro analysing peoples bodies. then when when milk appears, this thread just micro analyses peoples bodies. kek

"WHAT IS UP WITH HER ARM HERE?" WOW THANKS for the contribution anon, you gonna tell who you think is pretty now too?

No. 1673512

File: 1665583365106.jpeg (17.2 KB, 400x400, kiki.jpeg)

"they're so ugly i swear"

No. 1673529

Seek help

No. 1673572

Literally nobody here is “entrapping her into further situations of abuse,” Layla is doing that all on her own. She is willingly dating Jonny. And willingly posting her butthole on cam girl sites.

She has public profiles with her real name and her face posted on them, and on the same profiles she has tied herself to a washed up celebrity. She posts that same face next to her naked vagina on a cam girl profile that was public. It would be absolutely stupid to say she can expect anonymity with her cam videos at this point. She was bound to get recognized at some point. Plus she knows she is discussed on these threads… If she had taken other steps to preserve her anonymity online completely, then yeah I would agree she shouldn’t have her real name outed. But she posts that shit all over the internet so she can reap what she sows. At this point in her grown ass adult life, she should be aware of the basics of internet safety, especially if she’s gonna be a camgirl and date a shitty semi-celeb

No. 1673573

Man some of ya'll are embarrassing af. She looks cute, she's making her own $, why do you care how she makes money? I've never seen so many internet veterans clutching their pearls so hard. Oh no, a cute girl with cute tits fucked herself on camera. Who cares… grow up, get laid, or get your own orgasm so you can stop foaming at the mouth (kek) over how she gets off.

No. 1673579

>too far
>shouldn't have posted pictures
This is an image board you stupid bitch. It's literally what we do here. We post all the dumb shit you do online PUBLICALLY. Don't like being discussed? Don't post it. What's with the fucking confusion in here on this day? Too many newfags.

No. 1673589

Keep defending someone who doesn’t give a fuck about you or know who you are and associates herself with Jonny craig. You Layna stand keep forgetting who she is dating. That’s what it all comes down too.

Y’all look stupid as fuck, Layna doesn’t need you to defend her and you’re not going to get the reaction you want out of it. Omg, let’s stop discussing her since anons are upset. HAHAHA. Not gonna happen until they break up, so fucking deal with it or leave if you don’t like it.

No. 1673604

AYRT hehehe overcooked spaghetti that actually made me chuckle. He is more of a overcooked macaroni nonnie, spaghetti is way too generous for him. But is ok, we can bleach our eyes after that

No. 1673609

Jonny’s nudes also leaked and can be found online easily. So cute they finally share something in common (:((:)

No. 1673617

I don't think people care that much about her flashing her butthole for coins. I think everyone's reeling in the fact she lied. Her stories didn't make sense or were obvious made up things and people knew something was up. Her, playing innocent and saying she would never do OF because she shy? That they met at basket weaving? Etc. Obviously people will dig deeper when you're being so sketchy and clearing lying. So this is on her.

No. 1673618


literally shut the fuck up, pussy, it's a drama site and you sure are acting personally fucking invested in this whore. you're supposed to laugh, idiot, if not, why are you here?

No. 1673625


The constant Layna WK-ing in this thread has been so tiresome and honestly really weird considering we're on fuckin lolcow. There is nothing wrong with being a camgirl. There is a lot wrong with publicly dating/claiming/caping for a deadbeat parent who has 10+ years of credible abuse claims and a felony charge for child abuse under his belt because he got his baby high on fent and almost killed him. None of which he has ever apologized or showed an ounce of remorse or introspection for if he even acknowledged it all. Trite to say but if you lie with dogs you're gonna get fleas. I've had my fun poking at Layna for being a mid-looking catfish who is smug about her bag of trash BF, but hope she has a wakeup call here and realizes that by being with Jonny she's inviting this shit into her life by proxy, and I doubt he's providing much comfort or support right now. Like is dating a washed up 40 year-old with roommates and an expired (by his own doing) music "career" really worth it?

No. 1673632

this is it, but still camwhores were never praised here

its just the Layna WK that post like they were multiple anons but its too obvious that they’re not regular lolcow anons kek

No. 1673635

File: 1665594123632.jpeg (Spoiler Image,48.64 KB, 750x368, 9A0777B2-BE59-44C9-BC20-EF5D5D…)


No. 1673638

Literally how hard is it to reply to the anon you're trying to quote newfag?

No. 1673706

these are some Shayna mismatched looking tits kek

No. 1673709

Tf is wrong with you? They Layna’s friends or something? Jesus.

No. 1673713

File: 1665598544825.jpg (179.15 KB, 752x1280, IMG_5382.jpg)

What is CSM?

No. 1673714

This isn’t a “drama site”. This is a place for shitty behaviour to be recorded and exposed. May as well start a thread for every camgirl if you think that alone warrants this much outrage kek.

No. 1673716

That’s right you’re on lolcow kek. If someone seems not milky and otherwise somewhat likeable, people in the thread are going to say something about the unwarranted amount of shit flinging. Lolcow isn’t a place for you to vent out your personal vendetta and a-log.

No. 1673723


Chainsaw Man. It’s an anime that just got an adaption form the manga

No. 1673729

She lied? What are you talking about. Does anyone have a SS of her saying the thing about her butthole? I somewhat remember her phrasing it like “I doubt want everyone I KNOW to see my butthole”. I feel bad for her because immediately after now everyone’s seen it.

No. 1673732

Oh, I was hoping it was a typo for cam and she was attempting to acknowledge it haha.

I can't believe Syd has been so self-contained during all of this.

No. 1673746

I don’t think she’ll be camming anytime soon, it looks like she has deleted everything. Layna honey if you’re reading here, just so you know you can send DMCA take down notices to those 3rd party websites reposting your stuff, and they’ll typically come down in a few days.

No. 1673756

AYRT Yes she lied. They didn't meet in hungarian basket weaving. Whether she said she wouldn't do OF because of strangers, people she knows or specifically her grandma seeing it. She did and was doing OF when she said it, making it a lie. It's no doubt shitty for it to go this way but again, don't say stupid stories trying to hide the truth. Better yet, she didn't even need to answer any of those questions.

No. 1673760

imo she’s been self contained because she’s letting it out in this thread kek.

No. 1673767

moderators should delete layna's pictures, at least the very explicit ones, I thought this isn't a porn site

No. 1673768

Stop, purest heavenly angel anon. This site is full of shit like that, made available by the dumbasses who posted themselves in public to begin with. Nobody's WK for Syd's embarrassing bitch tits, or for Shayna.

No. 1673776

Lelayna Caldwells friends thinks shes so special shes gonna get everything deleted kek well im going to post all the content i found on google and maybe send it to his dad (hes hot) just because im bored and people related to Jonny Craig is instantly pure trash so go cry somewhere else u delusional stan, go fix Laynas butthole or something.(cowtipping)

No. 1673781

Idk what’s wrong with your reading comprehension but there’s a big big difference between Layna, Syd, and Shayna. Don’t have to be friends with Layna to realize that.

No. 1673782

You’re going to send her nudes to his hot dad? Ok nonnie.

No. 1673784

I'm starting to think that this thread is now just Layna and Syd talking to each other.

No. 1673785

Precisely anon!! Well said!

No. 1673786

please elaborate, i mean, Syd is not a cam girl unlike Layna and Shayna that are here to do every disgusting thing a moid ask for the price of a burger, but she had a OF that lasted like 2 days so it was mainly a scam which puts her at Shaynas level so, please enlighten me

No. 1673787

Ntayrt but I’ve been on lolcow for many years and out of any active threads, this one has the biggest femcel/vendetta-chan vibes.

No. 1673793


No. 1673794

If you have eyes you can see it being explained throughout this thread why Layna isn’t a cow for simply being a camgirl but here I’ll spoon feed you because I’m feeling especially nice and anons itt are particularly retarded.

No. 1673795

>This is a place for shitty behaviour to be recorded and exposed.
Yeah, like Layna choosing to date a shitty abuser who almost killed his kid and enabling his behavior

>May as well start a thread for every camgirl if you think that alone warrants this much outrage kek.

Nonnie, is is getting fucking exhausting. People are not shitting on Layna just because she’s a cam girl. It’s because of her dating fucking Jonny Craig and cheerfully associating herself with him and his behavior


>If someone seems not milky and otherwise somewhat likeable, people in the thread are going to say something about the unwarranted amount of shit flinging.

Layna does not seem like an “otherwise somewhat likeable” person. The fact that she associates with Jonny Craig and claims him as her man is proof that she also is fucking shitty.
>Lolcow isn’t a place for you to vent out your personal vendetta and a-log.
No, but that’s not what anons are doing? They’re discussing the current girlfriend of the subject of this thread, and the fact that she’s revealed to be a camgirl is milky because Jonny has talked mad shit about SW’s in the past and now it’s come out that he’s dating one, AND she was fucking herself on cam for pennies from other scrotes in his room while he was gone. That’s fucking hilarious.

Lolcow is not the place to white knight some boring girl who enables abusers and fucks herself on camera just because you relate to her since you’re a camgirl yourself. Take your projection to a therapist, none of us want to hear it.

No. 1673796

i just wanna know why Jonny hasn’t even liked her recently pictures when he’s all about that lovebombing kek

okay u lil soft feminist go girl only good vibes 999

seems like youre retarded too now that youre itt, okay now why Syd is a cow? wasn’t she a cow just for being with JC? why are they different? tell me with who you sleep and imma tell what kind of person you are?? doesn’t work for prolapsed anus Lelayna Caldwell from Edmonton, Canada aka cuteholly ?
also i love that farmhands dont give a shit about this thread lol

No. 1673798

> okay now why Syd is a cow? wasn’t she a cow just for being with JC? why are they different?
tell me you’re a low iq newfag without telling me you’re a low iq newfag

No. 1673801

im waiting cause the only shitty thing that Syd did that none of the others low self esteem retards is having a baby that she isn’t even raising so that’s good for the boy, all of them got in permament delusion because we talk shit about them on here kek like it was some sort of big news channel or whatever, keep being pressed

No. 1673802

>No, but that’s not what anons are doing?
Nonnie, I hate to disagree with you but that’s exactly what anons are doing.
>the fact that she’s revealed to be a camgirl is milky
Completely correct however posting close ups of her butthole, sperging about her being a worthless prostitute, and saying you’re going to send photos to his father next is not just discussing milk. If you can’t see that this thread is just vendetta territory at this point I’m just going to assume you’re the vendetta-chan.

No. 1673803

File: 1665605047506.jpeg (Spoiler Image,21.68 KB, 180x135, 93C188A9-BB25-45B8-95DA-5339E4…)

lelayna caldwell from edmonton, canada, cuteholly myfreecams on google full face

No. 1673805

Syd there are 17 threads full of documentation of your absolute psychotic bpd mess. Layna showing her cooter doesn’t make her more cow-like than you kek.

No. 1673808

ntayrt but you're pathetic for caring this much, go outside, or pick one of the other hundreds of threads where the cow's pussy and butthole pics get blasted, i guarantee you none of them consented to being posted here. for someone pointing fingers calling everyone else vendetta-chan you sure are personally invested in this thread

No. 1673810

Sydney is arguable the worst fucking one of his exes, kek. She’s easily the most evil bitch he’s ever been with. She baby-trapped him and bragged about it like it was the biggest accomplishment in the world. She acted so fucking embarrassing throughout the entirety of their relationship (one example, screaming at fans for touching his hand while he was on stage, god I’ll never forget that lmao). Thennn she left her baby alone with Jonny while she knew he was using drugs and the kid ended up almost dying because of it. And then promptly ditched her kid with her mom and doesn’t even visit him as much as Jonny does. She’s bottom of the fucking barrel. And this is just the shit off the top of my head

No. 1673811

assume whatever the fuck you want i can’t see anybody here giving a shit just infinite KEKEKEK

No. 1673812

I’ve honestly seen threads get locked for less.

No. 1673817

the post literally prefaces with: "this thread". clearly not a reply to any one anon. if you want to get an idea of the people i'm referring to, press ctrl+F on your keyboard to open the search function and type "pretty". you fucking spoon.

No. 1673818

this exactly i dont see why they trying to make it look like one is worst than the other FOR A FUCKING GOBLIN KEK all his exes and current and future girlfriend are gonna be the same smelly shit and this is why we don’t like layna either because just shes the fool on turn like she chose this so shes okay with it.

No. 1673820

It’s not what nonnies are doing… Layna is a valid subject to be discussed here simply because she’s dating Jonny. People just talking about her is not a vendetta-chan, unless she’s personally done something to each and every one of these anons to cause them all to have vendettas against her. And shit talking does not automatically equal a-logging. Again, that would require people to be like literally wishing death and grievous injuries upon her or something. That’s just literally not happening here

I’m pretty sure the anon that said they’re gonna send her nudes to someone’s dad was just talking out of their ass because there’s so many people here WKing her and saying her nudes should get taken down. If they actually did do that, it’d be cowtipping and that’s not cool. But there’s literally no reason for her nudes to have to be taken down from here, she posted that shit online herself on a public profile. Play stupid games, win stupid fucking prizes

No. 1673822

File: 1665605645240.gif (524.96 KB, 220x165, B0B7FB1C-FDC1-4F27-B7D1-57D4A1…)

>all of Jonnys ex’s ITT

No. 1673826

File: 1665605963921.gif (812.54 KB, 500x333, typing.gif)

No. 1673831

File: 1665606108003.jpeg (16.34 KB, 251x201, 99200732-C308-44BF-9C14-589191…)

cuteholly lelayna caldwell

No. 1673832

File: 1665606193559.jpeg (Spoiler Image,21.9 KB, 180x135, 2A728179-8F5E-4E7E-9510-5C1D6C…)

layna wigglewip lelayna caldwell cuteholly myfreecams

No. 1673835

i dunno. there is a difference between being recognized… and having your body, life and personal details discussed in vast detail on a forum. the latter being great resource for some retard to contact a cow for abuse/blackmail etc. think logically and look at bizarrely invested some anons are in this colostomy bag for goiters jizz.

No. 1673841

File: 1665606660458.gif (843.07 KB, 220x297, crying.gif)


No. 1673843

the bpd oozing from this thread… scary stuff folks take your meds.

No. 1673844

omg im late to the milk but she’s insecure of course she was a camgirl so predictable kek(samefagging)

No. 1673846

even if it's milky there is definitely vendetta chan here lmao

No. 1673847

File: 1665606996603.jpg (311.03 KB, 814x720, excellent.jpg)

No. 1673853

File: 1665607549968.jpeg (73.7 KB, 750x600, E500A0C6-2C98-44AC-AAD1-B2B4FE…)

No. 1673855

File: 1665607632224.jpeg (72.75 KB, 750x562, 4D4BFA33-469E-4C75-A991-D5CB50…)

No. 1673858

Damn, this shit is funny af. This is like watching a bad novella

No. 1673859

File: 1665608032669.jpeg (101.86 KB, 828x566, 1345556B-11C2-470B-B83F-37E8EB…)

To the faggot(s?) trying to get the thread locked by complaining to farmhands over in /meta/ claiming we’re doxing layna and telling people were she lives, grow the fuck up. Seethe all you want nobody is going stop discussing her unless they break up.

No. 1673864

i can't tell whats creepier… the people who post their but holes to old men online… or the people who catalogue their every move on an image board kek.

No. 1673868

kek its obvious layna or one of her ugly friends at this point because nobody cares that much also its not doxxing when its public information and nobody is putting her address or phone number and im not interested in publish her family (which you can access by doing some google research) idk why they’re so scared like Layna shouldn’t put all these nudes on public display or show herself on a public chatroom if she cared enough but she did.
blessed be the anon who found her out kek maybe it was jonny outing her

No. 1673872

next thread pic winner

No. 1673873

File: 1665609051772.png (75.07 KB, 295x309, andthatshowitstarts.png)

No. 1673874

No. 1673878

wait… she LIED? on SOCIAL MEDIA?

fuck that's serious. anyone who does that should have their their nudes collected and reviewed on an image board. what an ATROCITY. hope posting the butthole pics are assisting in your healing xoxo

No. 1673883

finally the lelayna caldwell saga kek

No. 1673884

Says the person browsing said image board. The moral fagging is getting out of hand. Quite frankly if what’s going on in the thread is upsetting you maybe it’s time to stop visiting the thread, hm? Camgirls get posted all the time, in fact there’s a whole thread dedicated them. posting her content is not the heinous act that some of you are trying to make it seem like, stop being so winey and dramatic it’s annoying af.

No. 1673885

Cringe morally bankrupt camgirls get posted and made fun of. Not every camgirl you personally have a problem with.

No. 1673886

Lying on social media when you don't even have to, will cause the image board you are being discussed on to post images as proof that what was said were lies…What do you expect? The image board may be more ruthless when your only on said image board for dating a POS, but play stupid games, win stupid prizes as an earlier anon stated.

No. 1673893

how many times have anons itt said: dating jonny craig makes u morally bankrupt. if u saw her streams u would know they’re awkward and cringe, so apparently she fits the bill to be a cow by ur own standards. but go off.

No. 1673895

No one has doxxed where she lives. It’s obviously Layna complaining or someone doing it for her. Maybe Jonny because he’s got to be absolutely mortified at this point. I love how he’s so silent, lmfao he thinks he’s so untouchable. Karma.

Try to get the thread locked all you want, we will just make a new one and post the pictures all over again. They’re literally on google search. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. You’re not getting your way out of this one, Layna. Break up with BBP and we’ll leave you alone, how about that? And no, no one in here fucking wants him after witnessing the kind of person he is and all the shit he’s done. It’s just protocol. Date Goiter, then you’re gonna be discussed in his thread.

No. 1673898

It brings me warm joy to see anons so mad about Layna’s nudes being posted here, because they’re literally just screaming into the void. Accomplishing absolutely nothing. It’s like they think they can argue their way into getting them taken down? Trying to guilt trip us by telling us how “wrong” it is when no one gives a fuck or sees it that way. Absolutely hilarious. Or they are trying to clog the thread to bury them, when the links are gonna be posted in the next thread anyway and one of the pics is gonna be part of the thread pic kek. Learn to cope. You’re not getting your way and no one gives a fuck how you feel about it.

No. 1673908

I love that it's suddenly a PrIvAcY iSsUe when it didn't bother her for shit when this was already mentioned three months ago.

But I suppose she was excited about it back then because she was becoming relevant.

No. 1673911

>No one gives a fuck or sees it that way
Clearly multiple nonnies do. Only you and Syd are so smug about this tho.

No. 1673915

Its hilarious watching layna wks seething out of their minds. They’re actually telling made up stories to mommy admin to try and get their way. Biggest kek.

No. 1673918

i've been waiting for this episode

No. 1673919

Lelayna Caldwell Lelayna Caldwell Lelayna Caldwell Lelayna Caldwell

No. 1673920

officially on the first page when you google it

No. 1673923

is it true? if so that was fast as fuck kek

No. 1673924

ooo hit a nerve did i ;) cope.(;))

No. 1673925

HA get fucked.

No. 1673926

im all here for ripping on her for goiter. but the "sHe lIed tO mE" stuff is kektasticly retarded.

No. 1673928

Someone better get a new thread pic and info going, Lelayna Camcon 2022 pretty much smoked this one.

She isn't even shitposting on Twitter right now. Except to say she wants snakebite piercings now haha trying to be more and more like our queen every day.

No. 1673930

Especially when one of the lies was “we met at an ancient hungarian basket weaving class” kek it was clearly a troll and not meant to be taken seriously.

No. 1673931

Can confirm! iIt’s the first thing that comes up below her Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and Foursquare lololol.

No. 1673932

i think you missed the mark, it's the posts like >>1673803 and >>1673776 people understandably freaked out by. calm your sydtits.

No. 1673933

with all the traffic this thread got from WKs refreshing for 48hrs straight i'm not surprised, their dedication and investment only caused the thread to have more visibility

No. 1673938

Funniest fucking thing I’ve ever seen, next thread pic for sure

No. 1673945

People are not upset about her lyingto them? As you stated it was an obvious troll and that is the point. Basically baited people to snoop and find the real reason. Or people who already knew to squeal. If you are lying, baiting people with obvious trolling, then caught in what you were trying to hide, you can't play victim when they find your public shit.

No. 1673946

Keep this same energy for TND if her nudes ever leak. Or Syd. Oh wait, it’s only wrong cuz it’s uwu precious layna who must be protected at all costs.

Ladies, at this point there’s no use in arguing with WKs, it’s clear they are trying to clog the thread FAST to get it locked at 1200. Even though her pics will literally be linked in the next thread.

A lot of biased shit going on in here and I’m so glad I’m not emotionally vested in ANY of the cows, just here to laugh at milk which is the point of this place.

No. 1673949

Tay abused animals and Syd stalker and harassed women anon.

No. 1673956

>people are not upset about her lying to them!?
>replying to an anon replying to an anon who’s only upset because she “lied”
the state of the iq level in this thread rn

No. 1673957

File: 1665613428665.jpeg (Spoiler Image,54.95 KB, 750x395, 46E2408D-AA19-494D-A102-DB03B4…)

Jonny’s prized possession lmfao. Is camming and flirting with other men (I watched some of the videos where she said oh that’s a nice peepee to someone in the chat) and getting them off = cheating? If so it’s almost like Jonny has been the more loyal one this time which is absolutely fucking hilarious. I’m glad that POS is probably embarrassed by all of this. This is not great for his image which he has been working so hard to improve. (Muh court ordered sobriety) Let’s see if he ever posts her on his page now lmao.

REAL question tho, does anyone in here think this will cause a breakup? I’m gonna go with no cuz BBP might try to make it seem like he’s unbothered and will stand by his queen thru ~anything~ since this is the best he can even get.

No. 1673958

so its okay to leak their nudes because of that? and Laynas nudes are meant to be protected because of what? kek

No. 1673960

Anon it was mentioned well more than 3 months ago. It’s not something anons exposed. She’s had that she’s from Edmonton in her instagram bio this whole time kek. In fact it’s still there. “yeg”

No. 1673962

Ya she said in a camming stream she has to drink alcohol to kill the social anxiety but apparently after three drinks it just makes it worse kek. I love how the full videos can be viewed.

No. 1673963

Go suck Lanyas pussy somewhere else, we both know from what we seen its a full-time job

No. 1673966

Idk about “not good for his image” since a lot of his female friends are full on porn stars/longtime OF girls ect. His image is basically trailer trash so this wouldn’t really have any affect on it other than that he can still bag a cute young girl who makes money.

No. 1673970

Okay well we don’t give a fuck how those other anons feel. This isn’t the place for accommodating others feelings. If you’re that emotionally invested in a cow then close the thread and you won’t have to see it. Or keep arguing into the void. Either way you won’t get your way.

No. 1673971

You seem fairly emotionally invested kek.

No. 1673976

File: 1665614105853.jpeg (195.61 KB, 539x555, 02B027F9-C049-4C11-8C3D-F6E4E2…)

What is this face she’s making with her nose scrunched up? Is she pushing out a shit or trying to look hard? Either way idk why she’d post this.

No. 1673978

I’m too evil for emotions but go off.

No. 1673980

No. 1673981

"BlAcKmAiL" like Nonna what? She posted these herself. On the internet. For everyone to see… They gonna start blackmailing her NOW due to a obscure internetforum compiling her own retarded life choices? Like you're fucking unhinged
Top fucking kek

No. 1673984

Shhh let’s not even pay the WKs any mind they are just trying to get this thread to it’s post limit. I guarantee if all the non-wks just stayed hush for the rest of the night, the WKs would still be in here, screaming into the void. It’s pathetic really.

No. 1673985

OF is over saturated with lazy e girls who think it’s “easy money.” Maybe the top 1% make good money but the majority definitely do not and most of them quit when they realize it takes more work than they thought. Leyna probably doesn’t even make minimum wage off it.