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No. 1602730

If you're new, please make sure you read:
https://lolcow.farm/rules before posting
and please type ‘sage’ into the email field if you are not posting anything milky/important so that the thread is not bumped!

Last Thread:

The basic rundown:
> jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse towards his exes. pretty much any woman he comes into contact with, he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
> before his relationship with Sydney England, he had a toxic and drug-fueled relationship with and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - jonny is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
> after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
> enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall/minnieskins. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
> since syd gave birth there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, warranting her and jonny their own thread, though now they’ve separated, so their threads becoming separate may be inevitable. until then…

Old milk:
>syd starts a gofundme for "personal situations" >>1234541, >>1234881 but it seems to be going towards hair and lash extensions >>1244430 (later revealed to be to cover for the car accident she caused with the guy she was cheating on jonny with) jonny’s ex amanda shows up on the donations >>1242157
> Jonny goes to jail for domestic violence >>1088190 and pleads guilty his last court date was feb 1st at 9am >>1090762
> >>1090779 Storm has unknown surgery but syd doesnt say anything and Jonny barely acknowledges it >>1091369
> Jonny contracts cellulitis and ends up being admitted to the hospital most likely caused by IV heroin use >>1107260, >>1107262
> Jonny posts two disturbing but typical (for him) videos to his instagram stories: one where he shows Syd’s bare butt and then grabs it >>1109832 it’s also noted she has a mysterious and large bruise on her leg in a generally hard to bruise area >>1110293. Audio in second vid (which was of Storm with camera inches away from him as baby lays on bed) reveals a clearly super high Jonny slurring and unable to hold the camera steady >>1110163
> syd vagueposts about someone (Jonny) cheating with someone you know. That someone posts in the thread revealing screenshots of Instagram DMs with Jonny and Syd >>1318548,Syd who accuses anon of cheating with Jonny for flirting on Instagram with Jonny and allegedly calls the cops on anon. Anon says she's known Syd since high school. In the screenshots Syd calls Jonny a waste,a fat junkie, says she'll show the conversation to Taylor so that she'll ruin anon's life, threatens anon. Syd doxxes anon on Instagram.
> anon posts more screenshots, looks like she was carrying the convo with Jonny. Syd sends anon a video of Jonny wasted. >>1319574 Turtle Mom ends up leaking the video >>1320319 and says she'll go the TX shows to expose Jonny with flyers, never does.
> tour starts, Jonny doesn't know the lyrics to his own songs so he's reading them off his phone. >>1322793, syd goes on stage to hug Jonny and makes sure everyone know he has a kid whenever he looks in the direction of a woman >>1320416, >>1320417 She also keeps complaining about how hard working at the merch table is, jonny proposes to Syd again >>1332845, >>1333002 at a concert with the same ring.
>syd, jonny, and the rest of their crew get awful matching tour tattoos >>1336731
>anon posts screenshots from cps that imply storm is not in their custody >>1338649 and Syd continues to confirm this by only posting a photo of them in a public setting >>1346847
>jonny goes radio silent on social media while syd's instagram use only increases, presumably because jonny is in rehab
>syd buys herself an iPad and starts to vague post about a new project >>1346549, >>1363620 eventually announces a date she will announce the project >>1366535 but does not announce anything.
>syd and jonny lovebomb announcing they have chosen a date for their wedding, 11/11/22 >>1367393, >>1367396
>surprising nobody, anon finds jonny on tinder >>1372864 syd responds >>1374232
>syd still trying to keep up the facade of being a parent >>1373001, >>1376986, >>1388466, >>1390689, >>1391059, >>1392428, >>1393204
>more information is found about the courtcase that likely caused JC and syd to lose custody >>1373075, >>1373156, >>1373401, >>1373420, and a previous DV case involving syd >>1373487
>syd flirts with lolbro >>1373616, >>1374083, >>1374084
>syd is alone on thanksgiving, trying to seem unbothered >>1375878 while jonny enjoys his rehab/sober living slop >>1375941 more sober living shots: >>1376927, >>1401281, >>1401284
>sydsosneaky visits storm at her mom's house for xmas >>1401841, >>1401842, and shows a picture of jonny with storm from last xmas, since he's away in sober living >>1401843
>syd makes it obvious she’s reading the thread >>1402818, >>1402823, >>1402826, >>1402828
>a fan comforts jonny about the death of a friend, causing syd to go on a sperg about him cheating >>1406759, >>1406761
>anon helps us ring in the new year by providing us with screenshots… sydsosmart gets caught cheating! and this message also proves that they lost custody of storm. >>1407044, >>1407062, >>1407070
>jonny and syd vagueposting, hinting at a breakup >>1407170, >>1407172, >>1407171, >>1407167
>syd psychotically harasses she-who-will-not-be-named >>1407204, >>1407205, >>1407217, >>1407235
>more screenshots of syd cheating are released >>1407243, >>1407258
>sticking to her usual groupie tendencies, it's some band dude >>1407304 and he is an abuser (shocking) >>1407340
>syd harasses band-dude's ex-gf >>1407393
>jonny will be out of rehab/sober living soon >>1408154, >>1408168 and posts about getting a puppy from a place called Borderline Bullies (ironic kek) >>1408355, >>1408449 (ends up falling through)
>syd lovebombs JC >>1408808, >>1408891, >>1410001, >>1410002, >>1410776, >>1412175
>jonny begins the process of removing all signs of syd/storm off of his instagram >>1408893, >>1415883
>jonny is over syd >>1412293, but syd isn't over jonny >>1412296 and is on the prowl for a new girl >>1414061, >>1417679, >>1419177, >>1419188, >>1419932
>syd goes quiet, leaving anons to speculate if she's been banned on instagram for harassment. anons find that she she has been liking clothes on poshmark >>1421811
>syd is (unsurprisingly) back, posts videos of herself and "friends" watching some shitty emo cover band >>1424827
>jonny returns to the Sac townhouse with all of his shit >>1427985, >>1427987, >>1432441
>syd says nothing about his return, ghosts and sadposts about her birthday >>1430578, >>1434657, >>1434774
>cowtipper confirms that jonny is indeed big boy pimpin, living the single life because syd cheated on him >>1430884
>jonny starts his traditional post-breakup streaming career back up >>1434930, >>1439243
>big boy pimpin starts liking tnd's instagram posts >>1436428 >>1436485
>while jonny moves on to thottier pastures, syd starts posting her perfect bawd for validation despite calling every woman in a crop top a whore >>1438537, >>1439469, >>1440433, >>1443447, >>1445180, >>1445828, >>1445920
>syd embarrasses herself >>1440188, >>1440189, >>1440548 >>1449879
>syd's sad about her life, writes boring long story posts about how it's not what she wanted but it's so perfect >>1441750, >>1443451
>syd onlyfans saga when >>1445197
>syd kinda pretends to be a mom >>1445995, >>1446838, >>1447752, >>1448894
>jonny's probably trying to pull a new girl with google translate arabic >>1447738, >>1447739
>they unfollowed each other >>1448690 but syd will never take him out of her bio >>1448923
>jonny shows his inbox on stream, apparently paid rent 3 weeks late >>1450033
>jonny has upcoming court dates >>1453819
>jonny is big mad about his lolcow thread, posts and quickly deletes a rant about it >>1453538
>jonny compares his bright future to his fake teeth, which someone else bought for him and he never paid back.. sounds about right. >>>/snow/1454287
> anons speculate that syd could be rage posting in the TND thread >>>/snow/1454731
>syd sadposts >>>/snow/1455420, >>>/snow/1455934, >>>/snow/1455956, >>>/snow/1456157, >>>/snow/1457905, and teases making an onlyfans >>>/snow/1455738
>jonny seems to visit storm more than syd >>>/snow/1458775
>jonny randomly posts an old note that his ex taylor dean’s dad wrote him >>>/snow/1462405 then clarifies it’s old >>>/snow/1462537, anons wonder if he posted it to either rile up syd or get taylor’s attention
>syd officially moves in with her friend megan >>>/snow/1463462
> jonny is active on tinder, matches with a girl named mars >>>/snow/1474385 who immediately posts about him being ‘washed up’, ‘not worth the story’ & ‘a lot of Ls’ >>>/snow/1474386, >>>/snow/1474411, >>>/snow/1474415
> jonny shoots back, negging the girl he matched with on tinder and bragging about spEnDinG heR RenT on shoes 3 times a week (probably because you can fit into kids size shoes, JC) >>>/snow/1475483
> syd tries to shade jonny on her story >>>/snow/1482229
> jonny posts a selfie featuring a bunch of dirty clothes and beer bottles in the background >>>/snow/1486532 instead of cleaning up he just scribbles it out in future photos >>>/snow/1487187, >>>/snow/1487417
>sydsomanic spams her story >>>/snow/1487040 https://streamable.com/e4jql6 with a bunch of compliments that seem like they were sent in by herself, continues to bring up starting an onlyfans and teases about a ‘certain someone’ who makes her feel ‘frisky’ >>>/snow/1486643
>taylor deleted/privated her video talking about JC abusing her >>>/snow/1488984 speculation that they’re back in contact continues
>jonny makes references to being lonely due to ramadan >>>/snow/1489269 causing more speculation that he’s dating an arabic/muslim girl, possibly named ava >>>/snow/1489450, >>>/snow/1489610, >>>/snow/1489613
>syd returns to e-begging for rent, meds and essentials for the kid she doesn’t have custody for #itsokaytoaskforhelp >>>/snow/1490473
>syd harasses anon after she forgets to crop her pfp >>>/snow/1498275
>jonny posts a pic of taylor on his story >>>/snow/1498358
>if you want to flush some money down the toilet, you can find bbp on cameo >>>/snow/1499914
>syd sets the tone for her OF saga >>>/snow/1499974, >>>/snow/1497288
>syd is suddenly on OF >>>/snow/1500737 and leaves just as soon >>>/snow/1500754
>blah blah blah something about ava
>old man goiter screams at the sky aka tmobile >>>/snow/1504574
>syd calls out jonny for being a deadbeat (hmm very interesting syd) >>>/snow/1509691
>no words just this >>>/snow/1509695
>swanfest drama between the two tards >>>/snow/1509690, >>>/snow/1509726
>jonny really does not like syd >>>/snow/1511748
>taylor is following jonny on instagram >>>/snow/1513531, according to taylor they're speaking again for the sake of "closure" >>>/snow/1515623
>jonny shuts off syd's phone (kek) >>>/snow/1514632
>jonny expected to bring the milk by coming clean about "everything" in a livestream on twitch >>>/snow/1517232, >>>/snow/1518219
>syd ready to sell him out before he can make her look even worse >>>/snow/1517429
>another court date, anon listens in and reveals that the DA wants to press felony charges >>>/snow/1517793
>blah blah blah wigglewip layna asshurt ex-bf blah blah blah
>syd brings up goiter's original baby mama in her usual self-centered manner >>>/snow/1518829, more sperging about jc >>>/snow/1518852

New milk:
>emo tucker carlson interviewed jonny to try to rehab his image >>1519019 >>1519030 syd contests his narrative >>1519027 interviewer is accused of rape >>1521347
>syd thinks we're funny >>1519078
>a lot of athena shit; she doesn't deserve the attention, check the thread if you care because it's boring af
>anons in the know spill about the incident >>1519842 >>1519843 >>1519879 >>1519915 >>1519919 >>1519924 >>1519974 >>1519979 >>1520007 >>1520565 >>1521350
>jonny pretends everything is fine after asking for support >>1519519 >>1519568 >>1519625 >>1519674 >>1519758 >>1520751
>jonny's new victim layna goes private, tea is spilled about her trip to see him >>1519544
>jonny big mad at tmobile and syd >>1520854 and some clothing company >> 1521806 tldr he's poor and angry >>1524478 >>1524789
>jonny posts a performative video about how he's never going to be kept from storm >>1521015
>jonny's cat >>1521134 >>1521315
>jonny's tattoo >>1521294 >>1521301
>layna was warned about jonny, doesn't care, actively deletes comments about the situation >>1521944 >>1522095 >>1523621
>jonny is big mad people are telling his new girl about his bad behavior >>1522005 >>1522147 >>1522495 blames syd for his bad life/behavior >>1522599
>jonny is using kratom allegedly >>1524179
>jonny publically begs tommy lee to notice him >>1526997
>jonny begs for money for storm's room, later ups the goal, seemingly to raise funds for his rent >>1527261 >>1529299 >>1529960 >>1530342 >>1531985
>syd is trying to "frustrate" jonny into using >>1528759
>anon who knows syd speculates on her bpd >>1530988
>layna is still at jonny's >>1531589 >>1532073 >>1532335 >>1532338 >>1532948 >>1532951 >>1533264
>in reality-shattering irony, syd comments on the silly little brain of jonny's new child bride, says she thought she was his last victim despite being a feral bitch when people tried to warn her about jonny >>1532862 >>1533645
>jonny is big mad that layna is posted on lcf, threatens everyone with the cyber police and a libel suit >>1533421
>Layna looks absolutely nothing like her shooped jailbait selfies, looks her age IRL, to the surprise of no one >>1558920
>Jonny pleads not guilty to child endangerment

1: >>>/snow/987337
2: >>>/snow/1038163
3: >>>/snow/1082146
4: >>>/snow/1112272
5: >>>/snow/1270218
6: >>>/snow/1316852
7: >>>/snow/1336640
8: >>>/snow/1369688
9: >>>/snow/1407141
10: >>>/snow/1426051
12. >>>/snow/1493508
13. >>>/snow/1518926
14. >>>/snow/1533736

No. 1602737

Might be an unpopular opinion but I don’t think Syd should really be included in the titles going forward. Maybe not until there’s a trial and it’s really relevant to the thread.

No. 1602740

Quiet Syd.

No. 1602741

also everything linked in the “new milk” is from two threads ago. Kind of a garbage thread and is should be locked

No. 1602743

This is the third thread titled number 14. I’m not trying to nitpick but come on now. How do you make the same mistake twice

No. 1602744

File: 1659233703618.png (2.66 MB, 828x1792, CD3CFB6D-122C-4666-8277-2EAA93…)

When you get sober and lose weight and still look like… this.

No. 1602746

he looks like he was drawn by children

No. 1602751

Finally figured out who he reminded me of. On the right, the short one who busses in romantic interests.

No. 1602757

I guess I’m alone on this one but I think he looks good. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have those goofy bangs anymore.

No. 1602758

Ew he is fucking ugly and you’re a weirdo

No. 1602759


Sometimes it’s okay to keep your opinions to yourself.

No. 1602760

Nothing will convince me he's really sober. He's at least drinking (and he may be doing drugs, though not as much as before). The fact that he says he's sober does not mean he's sober. This is JC we're talking about. He may have gotten better at hiding it on social media. There's no need to believe him.

No. 1602766

In every candid shot his friends post of him he always has non-alcoholic beers beside him. Almost killing his own flesh and blood may have been what it took to really wake him up. As horrible as that is.

No. 1602778

File: 1659236977726.jpg (19.61 KB, 206x250, euhqd.jpg)

No. 1602780

It most definitely is an unpopular opinion. Together or not she is milky as fuck and unhinged, may her antics live forever on lolcow. Layna needs to be included in the titles now, dunno why she wasn’t.

I call making the next thread since nonnies don’t know how to count past ten.

No. 1602788

File: 1659237193142.png (183.31 KB, 750x1334, C523DDC0-CA96-430C-839E-91A4B9…)

What the fuck is she trying to relay. Does anyone understand retard language?

Her life must be sooo exciting and productive for her to post something like this, like it was a significant moment lmaoo

No. 1602792

File: 1659237329481.png (345.61 KB, 750x1334, 01225402-ADED-4A41-97F0-06A433…)

Syd if you’re reading this please do an ig live akin to what Taylor did with her Jonny video.

No. 1602795

File: 1659237432350.png (129.78 KB, 750x1334, 207531EC-2DEE-4829-AC20-4FD878…)

I’m assuming this is what inspired Syd to post what I can only guess means “major pedo energy”. Syd stop spying on your ex. I thought y’all had each other blocked. I wonder how many fake accounts she actually has.

No. 1602807

File: 1659237705511.png (2.52 MB, 750x1334, 1D5E3065-A553-4FC7-8E71-A9B42C…)

This bitch got major giraffe legs. Like her torso is unusually short, she looks disproportionate. She’s so lanky and absolutely flat everywhere. Girl has absolutely no muscle tone in her legs, butt, everything. Like a child just like Jonny likes them. Meanwhile Syd got midget stumpy legs. I can’t. Hahahahaha. Okay mr “I only fuck with bad bitches”. Where?!!!

No. 1602809

que deep dramatic vague poor me instagram story post after revealing her own pendulum eggplant sagbags unprovoked

No. 1602815

agree. can we please lock this thread and some righteous anon make a new one with correct recent thread links, milk, numbers etc

No. 1602816

You don’t even have the last thread tagged. This was so poorly done. For fucks sake, did taytay make this thread high off her tits?

No. 1602817

i did approve of the Eggplant Edition added to the title, though. so maybe sprinkle that on top

No. 1602820

KEK this response sent me

No. 1602827

Mira so sad how hard she tries to get under his skin now when he absolutely could not care less.

No. 1602829

If the thread is remade can it be that picture from her OF where she’s touching her crusty vag? You can’t see anything. maybe you could draw jonny and Layna in the pic KEK. You can title it “Jonny & Syd: New victim & the failed only fans edition”

No. 1602832


You have to be pretty fucking pathetic to be able to fail at OF

No. 1602865

Lol that’s IF she makes it that long with him. She’s so boring too

No. 1602879

File: 1659240415636.jpeg (61.54 KB, 750x293, 06A44DFA-CD58-4639-9720-7CCE44…)

The only reason I believe he’s sober is because I used to be on Vivitrol. My doctor told me it stays in your system for almost two months but I wasn’t sure if that was the right number until I looked it up just now. (The effects start declining after 30 days - Which is why you only take the shot once a month). He would have had to ditch his appointment, wait 50 days for the rest of it to be out of him entirely, and then relapse to be able to get high. Jonny’s past relapses were very impulsive and putting myself in his position, I would confide in my support system. That’s what I feel like he’d do. Some of his friends are questionable but I’m sure at least one person convinced him to remake the appointment.

That being said, even though he’s sober from opiates, nonnie was right he could be using absolutely anything else. I hope he’s not? I can’t really tell because the longer you use, the better you get at hiding it.

I don’t wish death upon this dude but I do wish he would humble himself, hold himself more accountable and stop ruining female’s lives. Aka stay away from them romantically. He needs to forget his flavor of the season… that’s all she’s gonna be to him. I’m calling it right now. Does anyone wanna start taking bets?

I don’t think they’ll make it to New Years lmao

No. 1602884


This has to be someone pretending to be Sydney at this point come on lol. Last time Sydney claimed Layna had the longest back, and has been the only one going off about a 25 year old woman who is taller than goiter “looking like a child” just because she’s thin. She actually looks great here. Must suck that Sydney thought being “so smol” meant being short when surprise it means not chunky, that was her only personality trait too.

No. 1602902


Sydney has absolutely no right to snark on anyone else’s body after seeing what hers looks like without clothes. Normally not one to shit on other womens appearances, but this one deserves it.

No. 1602945

Odd post. Having long legs is typically a positive thing. She has a nice body but she desperately needs a tan.

No. 1602992

Pack it up little miss swim skirt.

No. 1603176

File: 1659264143232.png (929.14 KB, 1271x627, 1658963467159.png)

this is 3rd thread number 14, also previous thread is isn't correct etc

But also great to see another thread!

No. 1603177

You and Layna are the only people who think a washed up felony junkie "looks good". I'm sure she'll let you suck his dick if you ask nicely xoxo

No. 1603178

news just in, girls have different shapes and don't all coheir to the modern standard set by fat incels online.

she's still scum hanging around goiter, but these personal observatrions do absolutely nothing to contribute to milk or the thread

No. 1603225

File: 1659270075559.png (996.49 KB, 1284x2778, 4953A3F2-2BDA-4797-B8B1-9AB7AA…)

Thought this was funny coming from skid, who is doing the absolute least to be a mother.

No. 1603268

Funny coming from the woman who laments about Jonny "breaking up the family". It wasn't him smoking fent around Storm that broke up the family in her mind, nooo. It was him breaking up with her. Notice how she has only acknowledged it as a tool to throw shade, nothing else. She showed her true colors as a mother by joining Jonny in Sac without their son AFTER the incident. She didn't find a place near her son (even if she couldn't live with Mommy any more), she didn't use this moment of at least partially being responsible for endangering her child to self reflect, she didn't even go to therapy. She did make time and effort to go to a music festival and multiple outings tho. Forget a drivers license! Who needs to try for that? And a job to at least add some substance and backing to this Strong Mommy LARP??

Point blank Syd moved in with Jonny 2 hours away from the son ~wHo LoVeS hEr~ and spent her time going rabid on any woman who breathed, all while cheating, thus making her fixations of being cheated on all the more useless. Truly a "groupie" thru and thru, just as she accuses every woman she seethes over. Jonny meant more to her than her own son , and she claimed to fucking hate him. I'll accept the ban for my autistic rage. I hope Storm is kept far away from her. This is just the beginning of her fucking him up if not.

No. 1603772

Not saging cause of the importance. I think someone new has clearly been making the last few threads thanks for not letting the thread die BUT.. We do chronological order usually so it should go thread #14,#15,#16 ect and so on. Each thread is the next number. The last 3 threads have all been #14 so its way harder to find the new thread once it locks so can next be 15 please? I only found this one cause I happend to check the TND thread. Idk how to make a thread myself at all. Thank you id appreciate it alot not even trying to be sassy. Sydney blocked me and my bf and we think all the girls jonny dates are the best lolcows around id hate to lose track of this

No. 1603787

He looks better than he has since before Taylor honestly. I think Layna has some mental issues like all his girls but don't get the same toxic vibe like syd.. I think she took a toll on him lol.
I don't think he looks GOOD but the improvement to his physical appearance is undeniable

No. 1603804

Of course sagney loves khloekuriatnyk's page that's another chunky self proclaimed "hot mom"

No. 1603818

Click "[catalog]" at the bottom of the page. While the thread # is annoying, it is not hard to locate.

No. 1603831

Sage for derailing but stop. That creator (or whatever I should call her) is a great mom and she is hot. Syd wishes she could be like her.

No. 1603883


standing ovation
truly on point. Skid is insufferable. she's the worse kind of mom -hovering shit over Storm's head; talking shit about his dad; using him as a weapon to get back at baby daddy. it does more damage to the kid himself than anyone else.

Storm is gonna grow up having to explain to his friends why he lives with grandma. He'll have vague memories of Skid psychotically clawing him out of grandma's arms; crying while daddy's nodding off and wondering where mommy is, then seeing her recording; he'll remember being hungry but mommy burnt the dinosaur chicken nuggies again because mommy was too busy threatening to release some methhead named Taylor's imaginary army on girls who liked jonny's instagram picture he posted of him and not mommy; Storm will remember mommy not being there cause she was too busy being strong at taking off-guard pics of dudes at shows then posting creepily long "Happy Birthday!" captions, left wondering why HE never got a present but instead spent his birthday in some dead grass in a random Starbucks lawn.

No. 1603897

Bet you all the folks going in to bizarre details about other peoples bodies are all fat fucks and far from coheiring to their own standards of what constitutes "a correct human body"

Fucking spot on.

Imagine the day storm is older and goes on the internet and finds his parents posts + the news articles and blogs. Poor kid.

No. 1604001

For once I wish she'd read this thread and dig deep for Storm's sake, rather than dig her heels into the "I was abused" arc she's trying to push. We're doing a lot of the heavy lifting by spelling out her fuck ups. The least she can do is admit the truth rather than embrace this fantasy LARP she has going.

Maybe court will sober her up.

No. 1604024

“All the folks” no it’s just Sydney lol

No. 1604034

I think he looks better than he has in a long time, but I can’t believe he is sober. I’ll also rather shoot myself than ever admit he is attractive.

No. 1604037

Holy shit why does her being skinny trigger you so much?

No. 1604064

He’s not fat like he was with Syd and he looks much better with facial hair. I don’t believe in a higher power because if one did exist it would absolutely give JC a receding hairline or male pattern baldness. He doesn’t deserve to have thick/nice hair.

No. 1604164

Just a thought but based on what tnd said in her vids Jonny was not a bad bf while sober. What if this time he really is? Still a pos obviously but that would explain dating him.

No. 1604185

Yeah I’m sure every abusive peice of shit on the planet is nice to their partners at first. Same with people who end up beating or raping or murdering their partner eventually. What’s your point?

No. 1604189

Just wanted to point out that a short time ago, Syd kept posting countdowns to her road trip to follow The Used on their tour for a few dates. Well, that countdown has come and gone and the band already did their California dates two weeks ago… Not a peep out of Syd about it, so I guess this was yet another thing she couldn’t follow through on. She probably didn’t make enough on her only fans to pay for tickets or whoever she was using for a ride bailed on her. Loser!

No. 1604190

Unpopular opinion but this is the most convincing he’s shown as sober. He and his exes have all said he was extremely abusive while in active addiction. Reading through the threads and he sent Layna many gifts, donated to her stream, flew her to California numerous times ect.
I’m not saying he’s not a piece of shit. I definitely think he will relapse at some point and traumatize the shit out of this girl. Which she has coming seeing as there’s sufficient evidence online of his dogshit scummy behaviour. He’s just been given to many chances and always continuously fucks them up, and I don’t see him stopping now. Maybe it’ll be when this court stuff is over, maybe it’ll be in a week. Who knows.

No. 1604210

It’s common for abusive men to be nice and giving in the beginning of the relationship. They’ll act like Prince Charming, mr nice guy, whatever. Then they find a way to gain control over you (usually financially) and isolate you from your family.

I hope she stays in college and doesn’t move to California.

No. 1604226

That’s called love bombing and narcissistic people always put a mask on in the beginning

No. 1604256

This is literally how abusive men operate. They love bomb the shit out of you so you can't possibly believe all the horrible stuff their ex truthfully says happened in the relationship or they're manipulative enough to make you believe they're changing from that "bad person" because of YOU and how special you are in their life. As soon as they have you hooked they go right back to the cheating, threatening, junkie habits because they know they've successfully managed to convince you its not them it's everyone else and now you causing the problems. Johnny is a textbook fucking narc and all the drugs he's done has fried his brain even more than it was originally fucked. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing to every woman stupid enough to come in contact with him. I dont get anons who cape for this scrote loser so hard. He literally has been domestically abusive in all 4 of his past relationships, all his exes hate each other but agree he's a fucking garbage human and he let his infant son get into contact with fent. He's a worthless waste of space and no amount of recovery is going to make him less of a threat to women. It's in his moid nature.

No. 1604298

Sure he lost weight but he’s still a short, beady eyed, wrinkle faced ginger who looks like he’s pushing 50 years old when there’s no skin smoothing filter on. The pedo stache isn’t doing him any favors either imo.

No. 1604361

Awful people are often good at being nice to get what they want. Hardly complex.

No. 1604371

Great post.

I can guarantee (tin foil) that he:
- Sneaks drugs on his own
- When high/drunk/horny, he messages women online. (he messaged my friend when with TND)
- Still has contact with his old dealers
- Has more legal troubles and debt/credit than we realise.
- Is talking to TND and making use of the power imbalance to gaslight her into retracting all her previous statements.
- Is barely taking any interest in Storm unless it's legally enforced. Then conveniently virtue signalling off any court ordered interaction with Storm.

No. 1604510

Exactly, very well said Nona. I'm so tired of the girlies itt pushing the Jonny redemption arc storyline just because a smidge of sobriety makes his god complex go wild and he's still in the lovebomb stage of his relationship. He could dedicate the rest of his life and his measly spotify stream riches to saving kittens and orphans and he'd still be a POS who mentally/physically abuses women and children. But he bought a 25 year old a plane ticket! What a saint!

No. 1604760

So refreshing to see common sense return to this thread. Nonas, you’ve been sorely missed.

No. 1604791

File: 1659404124903.jpeg (113.21 KB, 828x1229, 0C3D03FB-71C6-4CE3-8CC7-5AD43D…)

This is interesting.

No. 1604795

Is it interesting?

No. 1604819

This is not interesting

No. 1604843

the user most likely messaged her to “warn her” about him and just decided to leave that info out. twitterfags love to interact with cows for some reason. i mean she potentially was looking at the hashtag to read up on his antics (for some reason he’s still posted about in the tnd hashtag all the time) but that’s wishful thinking.

No. 1604929

He's not sober. Drugs make you lose a ton of weight fast which is why he has flabby loose skin and zero muscle tone

No. 1604954

He’s like that naturally

No. 1604967

I know right? Basic morals has been restored. Abusive, sexual assaulting, scamming, baby harming, junkies are bad again!

No. 1604970

Twitter people love to insert themselves anywhere to signal their virtue.

I'd love if Layna did a AMA here. We could ask her to respond to each piece of evidence and ask why she still chooses to commit to Goiter.

No. 1604974

The fact that goiter and taylor are still talking/on good terms now makes it very easy for him to trap another new girl just by saying all the abuse allegations are fake. Like what happened to “need to warn other girls” taytay??

No. 1604988

TND is probably in a psychological/drug hole right now and any form of affection/kindness will probably be intensely welcomed. So Goiter has chosen his timing right, he can now play the girls off each other whilst maintaining a "sober new JC" appearance. He has Syd pining after him, TND deleting her expose videos, and Layna in full Cognitive dissonance.

No. 1605119

Normally I’d agree with you about drugs making someone thinner but Jonny was at his fattest while he was with Sydney and while he was using, so not sure that point really works here

No. 1605123

I was here all along but I just didn’t feel like engaging with the whiteknight idiots

No. 1605132

Bet you the junkie/abuser fans are all just the one samefag.

My worry is if the whiteknights have kids and if they are cool when their kid wants to date an abusive/junkie.

No. 1605226

I’m betting it’s his friends/people that hang around him tbh

No. 1605295

Yeah taylor publicity forgiving him and saying god knows what behind the scenes over text is probably a massive contributor to layna brushing off all the abuse allegations. Taylor is basically helping him snag his next victim.

No. 1605341

I kept saying this but a bunch of retards who don’t know basic math were trying to tell me I didn’t know how lolcow works. KEK

No. 1605355

She looks like a joke letting him into her life.

No. 1605464

Depends on the drug. He wasn't using fent until the end of their relationship. He was just drinking heavily which makes you blow up and his liver is already severely damaged from the drug use so bloat. Also, weed makes people gain weight like crazy.

No. 1605473

It’s all speculation. You could just as easily say he’s skinny now from cutting out alcohol. I just watched the recent interview he posted yesterday and I’ve seriously never seen him like this. Speaks and acts completely different from any other time he’s claimed sobriety. If you aren’t familiar with the vivitrol shot I could see people thinking he’s sneaking fent or pills here and there but it makes opioid use virtually impossible. People say you can’t even get drunk when on the shot.

No. 1605496

If Jonny lil sausage fingers Craig has one hater it is me and if Jonny deadbeat dad Craig has no haters then I am no longer alive etc so this is definitely not me rooting for him or believing one word he says about sobriety. But it's hilarious to picture Syd seething over him finally being sober when she tried for so long to pretend like her 11:11 soulmate was anything but a bloated beer burp who couldn't stop nodding off while she took selfies and made instagram posts about their perfect lives. Sucks to just be another weak ex.

No. 1605561


No. 1605571

Weakest ex of them all.

No. 1605618

Your paragraph brings me great joy after Layna sneaking in to post comments about goiter “looking decent” thinking it makes her choices less humiliating and dangerous. People like him literally do not change, he just wants something and it’s probably to get through overdosing his kid and keeping Sydney quiet. Taylor is at her lowest and it’s disgusting what he has done and is still doing. Layna has to have a low opinion of abuse survivors for so many to speak out for idk how many years and think it’s their fault or that she’s any different than them.

No. 1605628

i'm sick of you retards enabling taylor's antics of taking zero accountability. i hate jonny. i hate taylor. but jesus christ, she did this to her fucking self. sure, the mucinex daddy didn't hug her or called her a bitch, but the way she plummeted was by her own account, her own choices, her own vices. if y'all's motive is to place blame and want to see taylor actually get better, then let her fall to rock bottom. cause god knows her worthless parents haven't let her and save her before she ever hits.

it's not that hard, it's not that deep and it's not that dramatic. rock bottom for her doesn't have to be fatal. quit treating this shit like a lifetime movies and go touch some grass, idiots.

No. 1605630

at this point, i wouldn't even consider taylor and jonny relevant to each other anymore. they keep in contact, so what? it contradicts her accusations and makes her out to be a joke but they literally have nothing to do with each other anymore. quit looking for a scapegoat.

and don't even start accusing me of whiteknighting BBP, i'm just telling it how it is. if some of you are pre-TND fans who got
butt hurt that she lied to you about uploading for the 10000th time, then jokes on you. get a life. grow up. the world is not fair and people you knew become strangers, especially when it comes to them throwing their life away over a fucking chemical.

No. 1605631

^^^^^^^^ A thousand times. I believe he’s done irreversible harm to a couple of his exes but Taylor and Syd were not them lol. Taylor’s abuse was straight up chalked up to him not cuddling with her and them fighting a lot.

No. 1605642

out of all the exes we know of so far besides the original bm and that other spiky haired chick, the exes that come to mind that he truly did irreversible damage to was Amanda and Liz.
My reasons for this: although Amanda ignored the macbook shit, she's a pretty big normie. she used to get on my nerves with her constant "poor me" but there's actual evidence of physical abuse, police reports, straight up humiliation, etc. they were both really young. Amanda seems to have gotten her degree in psychology or some shit and uses her experience to spread awareness of domestic abuse/relationships. Awesome.
Liz was the unsuspecting stripper from Colorado, though I'm not quite sure of her history of knowing/not knowing who he was, for the most part: strippers are dumb broads. If you lurk her instagram, she's still using 10+ hashtags that make no sense #since #like #2011 #i #point this out because it shows how technologically/social media-ly inept she is, so i can see her not really knowing about Jonny's past. he was extremely abusive, extremely controlling and jealous (she's fucking beautiful, look her up) he joked about shooting her up (which she did NOT think it was funny obviously) and kept going back to Chelsea. She tried to kill herself then got help and is thriving now, never looked back good for her.

when it comes to Chelsea, i DO believe he was a big ole prick to her, I DO believe he had drugged out blackouts around her but i don't believe he ever physically abused her. she bought a house and let him move in AFTER she first met him, had a threesome with him the first night with some other groupie, WHILE he was engaged to Amanda. I point this out because there was tons of bickering and back and forth between those two (amanda and chelsea, amanda tried to warn her then chelsea was publically tweeting how Amanda is psycho, crazy and obsessed) She let Jonny cheat on Amanda, and then she let Jonny cheat on Liz. Chelsea ended up trying to kill herself when Jonny dumped her in a borderline personality rage, I don't think it was particularly because of ~abuse~ but more so because she felt like a goddamn idiot and embarrassed who shoulda listened. Chelsea and Taylor are similar in a lot of ways that they wanted the clout of being with a "rockstar". she quit twitter to go take care of her grandpa but after he croaked, she's back on… same screen name and everything, and if you search her tweets, you can tell people are replying to her venting about jonny behind her private account. my point is, if he was so abusive, wouldn't you like… not use that twitter handle as an attempt to not be associated anymore? no, she loves the drama cause that means more internet attention for her.

the end

No. 1605721

Some people on a silly message board are not the ones to “hold her accountable”, get your head out of your ass you’re being so self important. You are the only one being emotional and it’s weird, stop.

She was 21, introduced her to heroin, and shot her up while spending all of her money. Most people have been affected by the opioid crisis and I’m going to hate whoever introduces intravenous heroin use to young women they are a generation older than all that I want and so will most people, get over it. You’re so creepy and no one wants to read your fan fiction. Who tf knows this much about his exes

No. 1605811

Nonnie are you ok hun? Lol

No. 1606020

New Jonny thread?

No. 1606034

Remain on this one till it locks, the next one I will set up the next thread and ensure the numbering and links are correct.

No. 1606063

I mean she already admitted to being an alcoholic and addicted to cocaine, but sure make her sound competely innocent. Fact is, she would have found some other drug addict if not for him. I mean it took her like two weeks to find some meth head in rehab.

Please stop acting like he had any part in her downfall, he's been gone for four years and she is worse off now than ever before

No. 1606078

Right? How do people always forget she was the one who asked for drugs, the story only changed after she broke up with him and needed to be the biggest victim of them all. Jonnys dated so many women and yet the one who was addicted to coke and alcohol just so happened to be the only one he “got hooked on hard drugs”? Don’t get me wrong he shouldn’t of ever agreed to help her shoot but he didn’t force anything on her. Taylor always wanted drugs, that’s why 4 years after leaving him and countless rehab programs later she’s still a mess.

No. 1606103

It gets on my nerves when nonnies say he “gets his girlfriends hooked on drugs” for this reason.

No. 1606128

Ty, you beautiful nonnie

No. 1606232

I think two things can be true at once.
There is victim of circumstance/upbringing/family/geograpgy/poverty etc
And then there is making bad decisions.

JC requires both in order to work optimally. Low self esteme and above average looks also helps. He's not some mastermind, he just picks derps.

No. 1606238

just need wait for the next goiter/layna/syd drama to blast this thread to the lock

will goiter be on court cam?

No. 1606323

i'm creepy? nona read what you just said: you're literally on a shit-talking message board participating in picking apart someone's life then deflecting and accusing me of writing fan fiction.

no idiot, this is all public information that all these people consciously decided to post about. there's no digging. if they didn't want their shit show talked about or their past brought up then maybe they shoulda listened to their parents about watching what they post on the interwebs.

you're deflecting. and i agree with the other anons about it being stupid annoying how you phrase jonny getting her addicted to drugs and shooting her up. like he fucking held her down and shot her up against her will. the more overdramatic and exaggerating you are, the less others can take it seriously cause there comes a point where enough is enough.

yeah let her hit rock bottom? as in quit coming to her rescue as the echo chamber and blaming jonny. god i hope you never have kids cause you'd make a terrible parent; a Jen in the making.

No. 1606331

File: 1659566974225.jpeg (527.24 KB, 1125x1557, E2FDDCB2-5084-40B8-9464-9A5591…)

another receipt for your stupid ass

Taylor confirming she KNEW who THE jonny craig of DGD and Emarosa was and STILL pursuing him despite ALL the public dirt on him. So yeah miss us with all that "a DeCadE oLdeR InTro a 21 Yr oLd tO hErOin"

from taylor's mouth herself, wasn't he like sneaking off being sketchy in the bathroom and shooting up? only then after being nosy did she figure it out? didn't taylor say herself that she tried to it "feel closer" to him?

tired of you painting her as completely innocent.

No. 1606334

I only participate to make jokes here and there, you aggressive ape. You wrote full blown columns and are still being so emotional. Yeah, it’s creepy. You trying to infer anything about my personal relationships is weird asf too lmao. It’s a comment, jfc.

Heroin isn’t the same as any other drug, very few people come back from it and people are hated for introducing it to others. That simple. No shit she’s still struggling four years later, she was 21 and already had brain issues when he shot her up.

Goiter literally said it was his fault and that he got her into this mess. A man in his 30s with a history of abusing every one of his exes knew what he was doing when he ruined Taylor’s life. When you read my response you’re putting your own emotion into it, and trying to control a random person. I didn’t say anything about my opinion on Taylor, I agreed with goiter’s statement that it is in fact his fault. Seriously calm down and stop insulting people on an anonymous message board, are you incapable of disagreeing maturely and calmly?

No. 1606335

taylor isn't 21 now, is she? she's what like 25 now? did JC intro her to methamphetamine? no. did JC shoot her up with methamphetamine? no. so shut the hell up with YOUR whiteknighting

No. 1606339

fair. but your argument is losing its thread because it seems like you're coming from a place of compassion for addiction. fair. but then it leads us down a rabbit hole of jonny's addiction. who introduced HIM to heroin? he's doing terrible a decade or however long later. so you can't pick and choose who you're gonna advocate for when it comes to heroin addiction because then you're gonna have to add jonny into that advocation too. again, i don't like him and i am not trying to WK him, i'm just saying… but i digress

No. 1606340

Lmfao I didn’t say a single positive thing about Taylor, I repeated a fact. I addressed that you psycho. Do you know the recovery rate of those who do intravenous heroin? You don’t do that drug with people you care about let alone a 21 year old when you’re in your 30s unable to quit yourself, not sorry and that has literally nothing to do with the identity of the people involved.

No. 1606343

you won't shut up. are you that fat girl that is still obsessed over JC running all the tea twitter accounts? i swear it's like two jealous ex girlfriends that are just trying to run his name into the ground. he's no saint, far from it, but taylor is trash, and stop acting like she's not.

No. 1606345

i have a feeling chelsea lurks here too and that fat friend was her white knight

No. 1606350

If you mean turtlemom then probably, she’s a (recovered?) addict so it makes sense she would defend the junkie queen.

No. 1606352

i mean even when Chelsea was trying to "save" taylor, it seems more so like it came from jealousy than concern. even the texts between them she mentions how she loves him

No. 1606353

Again, stop insulting random people because they are responding to you. This is a discussion, and if you don’t want a response, don’t post. And no it doesn’t take anyone involved to see the power imbalance. Like I said, most people have been personally affected by the opioid crisis, and it’s been this way for a long time to not fuck with people who introduce others to that lifestyle. That’s it. You’re the only one bringing up random things as excuses for some reason.

There’s a thread about Taylor if you want to evacuate your emotional bowels there, and I’m sure you can find a place for your goiter fan fiction. I don’t want to learn all these details about him and his ex girlfriends I’m just here to laugh not deal with your weird aggression.

No. 1606365

new anon here, this was the first time I posted anything to snow but ok. if you are here for laughs, why do you insist on replying to every single commenter to defend your opinion? goiter fan faction? just give up already

No. 1606369

OP from other posts, I wasn't the one you were responding to, remember there's more anons here than just us two, so… nice try?

power imbalance? okay well i can already sense your stance on most things just from using that term. because if you really wanna get into "power imbalances" then i'm telling you right now, taylor had more power than jonny when they dated. taylor had more genuine fans, a clean slate, and no prior dirt. so… this could turn into the twilight zone and we could get into the trenches of taylor preying on someone with a well-known history of drug addiction and casting him as the scapegoat when he wouldn't hug her enough ironically invalidating and bullying his actual real victims. but we can agree to disagree. and i agree with you, i'm here for the lols and this is getting too deep and beyond us

No. 1606372

What? Someone blew up at me in response and I clarified what they asked. There’s nothing to defend or be emotional about.

No. 1606375

off topic: i'm glad to know other anons didn't find my storybook of background information creepy and instead informative. it was a personal opinion but the "fan fiction" they claim i wrote is actually true. how do i know this info? i never actively searched for it, i just been chronically online and in the scene and this was passive drama on the TL for years so… sorry if it was overwhelming but it is all facts and you can search twitter handles yourselves and pick up the pieces, though a lot of this was years ago.

No. 1606377

OP here again, actually anon I wrote a general rant to all anons about stop blaming JC. maybe i shouldn't have called y'all retards, anywho, then you responded to me. so… you came after me not the other way around

No. 1606396

Everything you stated was true and common knowledge to people who aren’t newfags.

No. 1606421

File: 1659572530833.jpeg (187.68 KB, 1170x501, 649552CD-27A3-431A-82D4-9562A4…)

Just throwing it out there that 100% one of these JC white knights is scorpioxlady on instagram. She’s known to lurk these threads and has been a super fan since before I can even remember. Lately she’s been commenting on all of his posts and recently commented this on his newest interview on YouTube. Note that her profile picture is the two of them at a show from many years ago. Just wanted to throw that tidbit out there for those who remember who she is .

No. 1606422

She says friends in this comment but it’s basically a superfan he used for drugs and probably sex many years ago.

No. 1606439

OP of storybook, no im not the super fan groupie hoe but thanks for the heads up

No. 1606441

Not saying you were her, but I know one of these JC dick riders is. She reads the thread religiously.

No. 1606470

Y’all sound bitter and for what. This isn’t very interesting. JC has plenty of fans/friends. Why do any of us give af about this person.. Unless OP is Sydney… let it go missy go back to hiding in shame from your failed OF

No. 1606477

Why are y’all obsessed with this nobody. She gets brought up in every thread randomly. But she gets brought up by y’all, nothing ever happens. I don’t get it

No. 1606483

I only bring her up because she’s posting on here not so anonymously. She’s famous for posting here. So the JC dick riders you’re mad at includes her sad ass. That is all.

No. 1606485

What did she post? I don’t remember this being a thing?

No. 1606487

Weren't they a thing.. or something? It feels like so long ago and I can't remember who she is, unfortunately (fortunately?).
I thought there was some shit about them being involved in some way, or maybe that might have been Syd's own bullshit.

I hope I saged correctly. Long time lurker, very shitty poster.

No. 1606494

Syd accused them of cheating at one point but honestly Syd considered commenting a heart cheating so I’d take that with a grain of salt. They most definitely fucked at some point between 2014-2019 though since Jonny is a hoebag and will fuck any fan at any given time. Which isn’t interesting at all really. I remember way back in the Taylor threads people talking about how he’d go get free drugs from her.

Anyway the only thing about her worth mentioning is that she’s almost stalkerly obsessed and any JC white knight on here is a 50/50 shot it’s her.

No. 1606497

She’s brought up for the same reason TurtleMom is brought up and that’s because they’re cringey and obsessed stalkers. Only difference is goiter didn’t fuck TurtleMom because shes obese. Even then I wouldn’t be surprised if they fucked at one point.

No. 1606509

Queue Scorp herself screeching about there not being proof she posts here. I hope this teaches her and readers that this anonymous image board isn’t so anonymous.

No. 1606852

No. 1606856

that's great for her. im sure adolf hitler was lovely in the right contexts

No. 1606911

“I know he abused multiple women, but he’s nice to meeeeeeeee” as if he wouldn’t treat you the same way.

No. 1607210

File: 1659637288786.jpeg (165.06 KB, 828x1494, A7B85836-2E41-4103-AD72-E914FC…)

Anyways enough with all this pointless arguing shit
Can somebody translate this retard language for me?

No. 1607251

double post and no sage

Translation is something like: "This is lame and I'm disappointed. It feels like it's the be-all-end-all for some reason, but whatever. It's probably because of timing and the fact im cursed"

No. 1607353

File: 1659647470290.jpeg (159.6 KB, 1357x1533, E486752D-5D30-4074-9FB4-DAFED3…)

>just need to wait for anons to argue over subjective topics to blast this thread to lock.

Ftfy. There hasn’t been actual milk since we found out they accidentally drugged their baby. Syd just shitposts on Insta and jonny is just living his pos fake gangster life.

No. 1607357

True. But whether "by accident" or not is what the court will dictate.

Saying that using fentanyl in the proximity of a child and claiming it was an "accident" they got poisoned… is like saying it was an "accident" you set off a fire alarm by smoking under it.

No. 1607487

I think these threads will be pretty dead until the court case is over and they don’t have lawyers/cps telling them to shut the fuck up about each other online. After that, the floodgates will open 100%.

No. 1607527

Imagine they get split custody and while handing off Storm Syd is face to face with new GF. Maybe in the future we’ll get a more fiesty one than Layna and the two will fist fight. The milk will flow once again.

No. 1607530

You’re probably right, I’m just being a bitch and complaining because I can lol. Luckily I think the next court date is sometime this month. Fingers crossed it’s a good one and the call doesn’t sound like it’s coming from inside someone’s pocket.

No. 1607736

It’s the 15th of this month

No. 1607815

Yeah right neither of them will ever get custody he’s with Sydney’s mom

No. 1608143

He’s been with gma longer than his parents and is likely very bonded to gma. Removing him and placing him with parents who both have DV charges on them and one is a known junky, will just cause more issues.

Hard to say as this state hardly cares about drug charges anymore and often treat parents equal. Like, moms don’t get priority by default. 50/50 custody is pretty common. But neither of them have a car or a job. Goiter probably thinks he will get custody because he technically has income and a stable living environment. I’m sure his over-worked and underpaid public defender told him that.

No. 1608332

File: 1659737276714.png (4.09 MB, 1170x2532, 8F8A8919-F621-4912-8112-6674B9…)

Maybe the milk just dry and I’m looking too much into this but doesn’t she look upset? Like maybe she’s been crying? Or maybe she’s just stoned and got red eye, idk. But I will say that everyone else in this clip seem like the atmosphere is awkward. I will try to get a screen grab and post it if someone else doesn’t get to it first. Again, I could just be looking too much into this because I’m bored kek

No. 1608337

File: 1659737606964.jpg (287.64 KB, 720x1448, Screenshot_20220805-181231_Ins…)


Missed this nonnie.
Can't deny there is most likely a lot of distressing moments between them. I'd be shocked if there wasn't.
She might just have resting bitch face, I know I definitely do. Plus it seems like Jonny just shoves his phone around to everyone, in the most annoying juvenile way possible.

No. 1608344

I also thought she was crying when I saw the story but I guess the red eyes is just her swollen eye thing she had going on in >>1595265 allergies or whatever.

No. 1608425

File: 1659744737204.jpeg (937.11 KB, 1170x2033, F3914860-630A-477D-A27D-E2F8A8…)

Kek. Black box dye is such a bad idea when you’re a natural blonde/dirty blonde. The regrowth looms like bald spots.

No. 1608428

Yes he was spending all his time streaming and she was getting lonely, she wanted cuddles and baiting to kill herself, when that didn’t work she said she had to turn over to something they could bond over that none of his ex’s did. So she asked if he could do herion with her. She asked him. She said it would make her feel better and not lonely. I don’t know why people wanna create Taylor into this vicitum that she isn’t, she has said time and time again she was fully aware of his whole past and abuse and drugs.

No. 1608430

Honestly I’m a little scared for this girl.

No. 1608510

She. Was. 21. He was in his mid thirties and knows better, who give a fuck if she asked? He knows damn well not to introduce someone to intravenous heroin, he wouldn’t need to know the ridiculous recovery and overdose rates, he lived it.

Why are you infantilizing a grown ass man like he had zero autonomy in the situation, he shouldn’t have ever been dating her but he needed her clout, money, and platform to go after his exes. He himself admitted it was his fault. This has nothing at all to do with Taylor being a victim or not, it seems to be about his fans saying he dindu nuffin big boy pompous.

Your argument is that if someone asks you a favor that will ruin their life, it’s their fault because for some reason a seasoned heroin user “has no choice” but to inflict the same issues on a younger generation? No lmao, what the hell is wrong with you. If Taylor was acting that badly he should have left, and what do you expect dating someone whose frontal lobe isn’t done growing. Don’t do that shit, not that hard.

No. 1608513

File: 1659753570158.webm (3.07 MB, 720x1280, 01.webm)

I see sanity only briefly returned to the thread. The infantilisation of all of these people is so annoying, specially Jonny’s.
Yes, I think you’re reading too much into it. She looks bored, if anything. It’s easy to take a screenshot at an awkward facial moment and make a mountain out of a molehill. To avoid that, here is the entire interaction (1/4)
This “girl” is a 25-26 year old woman who has willingly returned to the USA to be with this piece of shit.

No. 1608514

File: 1659753694313.webm (616.92 KB, 720x1280, 02.webm)

She uploaded this earlier. If I were a fantasist, I could say she’s speaking to us and how we usually say she’s mostly angles! Layna, wear yellow the next time if you need to be rescued from your ongoing actions. (2/4)

No. 1608518

File: 1659753831554.webm (2.54 MB, 720x1280, 03.webm)

What’s this? Her acknowledging she was caught in a bad angle and possibly implying she wasn’t actually mad? No, common sense isn’t allowed.

No. 1608521

File: 1659753929144.webm (2.83 MB, 720x1280, 04.webm)

Not only is Jonny an irredimible human, he’s also corny and embarrassing.

No. 1608522

Sorry, autism

No. 1608536

He is in his mid 30’s now lol. She was 21 and he just turned 30.

No. 1608539

I thought Jonny was in his god era making fat stacks or whatever, can he not buy another set of sheets?

No. 1608560

is there a candid of her where she’s not on her phone?

No. 1608713

Dude get your facts straight before comin at me. Fucking pathetic

No. 1608716

Sorry I forgot to add~
I never had a argument, just stating what Taylor herself said what happened. Don’t know why that triggered you so hard, you ok?

No. 1608718

Taylor was a coke head, you are aware of this right?

No. 1608751

Don’t blame her. The more time she spends staring at her phone the less time she has to look at/ interact with bbp and be ashamed of herself.

No. 1608966

File: 1659811538600.jpeg (177.54 KB, 828x1206, 07DC4355-15EA-494B-B0B7-C36AAD…)

Another picture with BBP passed out. So strange the only pictures she gets with him are when he’s passed out. Pathetic.

No. 1608970

File: 1659811740944.png (1.88 MB, 1284x2778, A893494B-4B1A-4C2C-BDF3-67050A…)

You cropped out the best part tho lol. I’m sure it was a joke but it’s probably accurate.

No. 1609031

peeping in here and damn are you the SAME anon i was getting into it with on here DAYS ago? holy shit quit being creepy

No. 1609033

you're probably one of those retards who believes children under the age of 5 can pick their gender, yet come in here emphasizing on taylor being 21

No. 1609035

nonnie, ignore this retard. they were clogging up the thread days ago whiteknighting taylor's stanky ass

No. 1609113

i wish someone has requested the recording of the court sessions, i know it wont happen but still, i wish we had that milk

No. 1609480

File: 1659865388833.jpeg (71.57 KB, 520x520, tiger-king-1632412233.jpeg)

Ok. I have to ask. Why the fuck does he touch his mouth before saying anything on these? You can tell he fucks up and does loads of takes. Maybe he's just smelling his gooch sweat.

Also he's getting more and more TigerKing by the day.

No. 1609590

Well, according to Tnd he’s only bearable while sleeping.

No. 1609782

You. Are. Retarded.

No. 1609785

Oh yeah basically Jonny’s older brother at this point

No. 1609802

File: 1659904565164.png (4.28 MB, 828x1792, 80598EA1-6633-434D-8E12-61E0CB…)

Lmao he is so gross with his flabby man tits and 10 layers tummy. Imagine willingly letting this cringy human being nut into you

No. 1609919

Can y’all please open Syd’s stories I can not post them but she is trying to sing screams it’s so cringe

No. 1609930

This is the most unhinged thread ever. Obsessing over angles/facial expressions, whodunnit, who’s posting in here, like put the meth pipe down. Let’s go back to arguing about carpet textures. Also Check out Syd’s sick singing kek

No. 1609969

I think nonnies don’t know what to do since Goiters last two girlfriends were extremely openly milky and essentially nothing worth noting has come from Layna yet other than she knows her good angle.

No. 1609970

File: 1659920642710.jpg (200.44 KB, 1170x2080, 05.jpg)

Incoming all Sydney has posted in the last 20-ish hours.

No. 1609971

File: 1659920706687.webm (1.46 MB, 720x1280, 04.webm)

Here you >>1609919 go, Nona.

No. 1609973

File: 1659920833132.webm (748.88 KB, 720x1280, 03.webm)

No. 1609974

File: 1659920958566.webm (861.49 KB, 720x1280, 02.webm)

No. 1609975

File: 1659921035329.jpg (11.2 KB, 1170x2080, 01.jpg)

Perhaps she didn’t get the attention she wanted?

No. 1609978

This is why I don’t think they’ll last long, not just because she’s boring, but this is not what Jonny’s used to. I think Layna’s aware it’s “her turn” rn and just rubbing it in while she can but I don’t think she wants to be with him forever either

No. 1609979

Look at our unbothered queen.

No. 1609982

File: 1659921878562.jpeg (511.49 KB, 1125x1405, 7C54D201-E4A3-4CA3-AF0B-C0349C…)

wow, she just can’t help but exude psycho

No. 1609986

Does it feel like she's "rubbing it in" because their relationship is affecting your psyche personally? I never got the impression she's rubbing anything in.

No. 1610011

This is the exact reason I think they WILL last longer. He finally found a gf who seems to not be crazy drama. She doesn’t come across as the smartest so I don’t really see her leaving him even if he started pulling his bs (I mean so far she’s stayed with him knowing all the awful things he’s done) and why would he let her go when she’s the best he can do at this point in his life.

No. 1610019

From my POV he's going to hold on for dear life. Even he's probably surprised after the trainwreck that was his last couple of girlfriends he got someone young, attractive, and normal. Way waaay more than he deserves and deep down he probably realizes that.
Hopefully if things go sideways she has enough self-esteem to run away. She screams insecurity so it's hard to say what would happen.

No. 1610081

Another interesting thing she always calls him her boyfriend and he has barely given her any kind of nod in his socials with her.

Also big narc energy sending someone’s mom that you’ve only been hanging out with for a couple of months flowers. Jonny has been knows to try to suck up to these girls moms an d when they find out he really is the garbage everyone says he is he cuts them off or gets in between their relationship.

No. 1610082

File: 1659931220672.jpeg (681.08 KB, 828x1537, DDA69C1E-1A96-48B5-8535-2149F5…)

Forgot to post the pic

No. 1610283

omg shes 30. its sad. its just sad.

No. 1610285

Lmao I think I’d be a little upset if my bf called me a bean pole. It’d be funny if it wasn’t true. She back home again then? Shouldn’t classes be starting back up for her? Ten bucks says she drops out to bum around with him all day every day instead.

No. 1610306


1000% agree nonnie. i actually skimmed through some of Layna's twitch, and the girl seems mellow as fuck. sure she was tryna be all cute but i think that only human especially being on discord, i know id try to look good. but unlike taylor, she wasn't straight up eye-fucking herself. from what i infer, she seems above jonny considering she's younger, looks, and lack of online drama. if jonny and her broke up i could see her genuinely not really giving a fuck. she just seems like a chill stoner chick into anime and video games.

No. 1610307

sorry twitch* not discord

No. 1610310

i think the constant nitpicking on layna is reaching. like, really reaching. we should go back to making fun of syd, cause a lot of y'all are coming off as syd herself, one of his other exes or just some jealous fan girl who never got the chance to fuck the mucinex daddy

No. 1610344

Kek nobody is jealous of layna, don’t be retarded, we think she’s a pos for dating a known abuser. Ur dreaming if u think people are going to stop talking about her just because U don’t like it.

No. 1610411

dont feed the Layna wk anon

No. 1610731

I agree and what I don't get about all of this is why someone like her would date goiter.

No. 1610897

File: 1660019415153.jpeg (334.15 KB, 750x911, 3539A0FA-0AE2-4B3D-859C-19DBAB…)

What’s on her face yooooo

No. 1610898

File: 1660019489364.jpeg (674.38 KB, 750x1253, A4FA49F0-7721-489E-A23D-4A2D5B…)

This is garret. Pls tell me I am reaching and that spot is just a shadow? But why would it be so dark and small?

No. 1610919

Garrett? Spot? Anon what are you talking about.

No. 1610924

Nah, you're not tripping that spot on his arm looks like a bruise from a needle tbh. I'm anemic and I bruise like that every time I get an IV put in. Could be from anything tho, I think insinuating drug use is a stretch if we don't have background on whoever this is

No. 1610926

It’s the vendetta poster.

No. 1610936

these eyebrows are worst than syds

No. 1610952

Basically confirmed she's a junkie then.

No. 1610957

Ew is this her ex that came here and quite literally cried about layna going to meet up with BBP? He looks like a starving child.

>red toe nails

She has a type

No. 1610986


Looks like she’s on uppers, her pupils are huge and her eyes look really glassy in this…

No. 1611054

he is so, so much more attractive that goiter holy shit, epic downgrade

No. 1611061

I creeped his instagram before he went private and yeah. why this girl would choose goiter when she had this guy crying over her is crazy.

No. 1611165

The guy is average at best. She could find someone exactly like him at her local dollar store within minutes. Lol.

No. 1611219

This is so fucking funny. I wonder if she ever tried these in front of goiter and thought she would be the next Jon Mess kek

No. 1611224

He’s actually so cute wtf layna why trade to date shortstack!???

Gifts aren’t worth it girl, and trying to get Jonny to read manga and watch anime so you can carry over those cute nerdy vibes from your last relationship won’t work. Jonny is way too into himself to be lost in love for long, and if you go back to school and don’t visit like you have been all summer, you can bet he’ll be fucking around behind your back no matter how much he says he loves you or how much he says you should trust him because he’s at the very least emotionally cheated on EVERY girl he’s been serious with, and undoubtedly physically cheated on many of them.

Enjoy your summer fling and get the fuck out. That way you can avoid being dragged down like all his other girls and he’ll probably write some sad sappy songs about you on his next Soundcloud album or whatever.

No. 1611234

Remember ladies: If you give a cheater a second chance, he didn’t suddenly put your feelings over his and realize what’s important. He just got better at hiding it from you.

No. 1611380

why she do this to her eyebrows? is she actually tryna emulate syd and taylor now

No. 1611519

This pp is literally from Jan. it says it’s right there.

No. 1611691

Hmmm Taylor just privated her Jonny video again. Interesting timing right after his gf flys back home.

No. 1611735

Wishful thinking nonnie. They've been in contact without a doubt. They'll reconnect.

No. 1611742

They have been in contact but it seems every other week she privates and unprivates her jonny video, I’m guessing based on if their interactions are positive or negative. Just thought today was interesting timing.

No. 1611745

Clout chasing is a disease, and I mean, if she's lucky, she might actually catch some kind of disease being with this freak.

Taylor will never, ever get over Jonny. She's so pathetic and embarrassing. She can't even fully commit to calling out his abuse because she's a coward and she would take him back in a heartbeat.

No. 1611751

Nor will he get over her. He’s still in contact with her for what reason?

No. 1611755

I honestly think Jonny’s ego is too big to ever actually date Taylor again after all the public slander she made against him. He probably loves flaunting that she thinks of him fondly again though. All he’s doing is leading her on because it makes him look really good and discredits the slander.

No. 1611760

AYRT, but I sort of agree with this anon >>1611755. I can't say what Jonny does and does not feel, maybe he does care for Taylor as she was his greatest meal ticket and she chose to do the true love of his life with him, aka heroin. But I do think most of it has to do with him trying to be like "see, she's talking to me again, how can I be so bad when the supposed victim is wishing me the best and privating her video about me?". He'll always know exactly how to get what he wants out of her, and she keeps falling for it hook, line, and sinker.

No. 1611761

I especially think this is true because he's posting screenshots of their conversation for his current girlfriend to see.

No. 1611766

Oh yeah, that's what did it for me, and that's why I don't believe he's "not over" her. The fact that he posted the screenshot of their conversation was, at least to me, a dig at her credibility. She's so desperate and stupid.

No. 1611767


I don't think he's ever truly cared for any woman he's dated. Just what they can do for him. Taylor funded his lifestyle for 2 years and gave him a lot of extra clout from her youtube fans. He used Syd to pretend to be a family man (sick choice considering she consistently made him look like a loser/fool). Now he has this ditzy young girl who probably does well for his sober image as she's just a shut-in who plays video games. Maybe he's banking on her eventually making money from twitch so he can leech some more.

No. 1611781

Men love to control so any attempt to fix after cheating is just men not wantng to lose. They’ll leave you eventualy but it will be on their terms if you keep making excuses for them cheating and disrespecting you just like what happened with Syd. Jonny only stayed with Syd because he didnt want to be a bad dad but then he realized you don’t need to stay with babymama to be a good dad. Good for him honestly. It is the right choice.

I still can’t over that Syd willingly mothered his child with how little she had going for her, how long the relatiinship lasted despite being so toxic, and how unsurprising its that she lost custody. Bringing a kid into the world when you have NOTHNG to offer (no education, no job, no money, no prospects, no car, no hobbies) is absolutely reprehensible and someone like that doesn’t deserve to be called a mother. Noone like that has a kid because they want one unless the idea of breeding misery and perpetuating generational trauma gets them off or somethng.

I'm sorry for popping off but while you ladies are bickering about which Jonny cum dumpster has better eyebrows, Storm still haunts my dreams. That poor kid is nothing but a baby shaped bandaid for a failing relationship with an abusive shitbag and an excuse for that lazy leech of a shetard to stay home and live off government mommy benefits instead of finding a job or education. Worthless bottom feeders.

I get so annoyed when everyone derails to nitpick Layna when she is just a dimwit dating Jonny for clout. Obviously a stupid choice but she is going to school at least. Syd had nothing to give and still brought a whole ass baby into this world because she felt unloved and now she's just lounging by a pool every day while grandma raises Storm in a trailer park. I wonder if Syd found a way to continue getting those baby checks or if grandma gets them now…

Sorry for the novel. These white trash pieces of shit getting away with what they did to Storm has been really hanging over me. I hug my babies tight at night and really hope Storm can find some peace with all this when he is older. They are the same age. This whole thing isn't fun to bicker about anymore. It just makes me sad and mad.

No. 1611798

Anon this is exactly spot on!! You are right.
Each one of these girls including the dudes he’s spending his time with all provide him something. He won’t be around anyone that is t doing something for him. He needs layna long enough for his sober gig hoping it will
keep him sober long enough to get him through his court cases.

No. 1611808

Jonny is probably more a piece of garbage here for somehow getting fentanyl in that baby so go off about what a loser syd is. Jonny is so disgusting playing it off like he’s so great going an occasion visit to see storm. Playing like it’s no big deal and it’s all some mistake the child has been taken from their custody for such a long time now.

What baby checks was she getting?

No. 1611814

Yeah her pupils are fucking gigantic lol. Isn’t that typically coke or Molly? Don’t think adderall does that in case adhd was an excuse. Them doing coke would explain why goiter looks like a thinner rat right now, and what’s wrong with her to date him.

It would also explain the tweaker Spock eyebrows. Girl there are pretty decent brow products from drugstore brands or brands in ulta like morphe or colourpop. Thicker fluffy very natural looking brows would do a lot for her face considering that’s what her bangs are literally framing. Her skin looks weird or vitamin deficient from drinking and hanging out with goiters lifestyle, not a single second is worth that. I don’t think she’s ugly at all, this is unfortunately what happens to people around toxic men, they start fucking themselves up and rn she can still fix it before the inevitable face tat.

No. 1611824

You retarded anons cannot read. This photo is from way before she ever met goiter. It says JANUARY right on the pic.

No. 1611852

File: 1660115637934.jpeg (180.78 KB, 828x633, E1113561-2ED9-4BB8-A390-594034…)

Wonder why each time she goes home she’s always soooo sick and confined to her bed after a goitre visit. Seemed like she had monkeypox or or some other thing going on with her face a couple weeks ago.

No. 1611903

Maybe she gets withdrawals from whatever he's giving her.

No. 1611912

Ironically in terms of reading comprehension, the commenter above you politely corrected an understandable mistake. Your Sydney rage behavior is so embarrassing and unnecessary. The non issue was solved, scroll past it like everyone does when you start shit flinging insults because you have no emotional control or restraint. Take something to lower your testosterone.

No. 1612021

I hope she’s pregnant lmfaooo

No. 1612024

It’s hilarious that Jonny didn’t even love her voice enough to put her on a track.

By the way Syd when are you gonna finally sing for us? That post of you singing along to Gwen stefani made my literal ears bleed

No. 1612031

Maybe it’s an excuse to not to stream and she’s gonna get lazy like Taylor is now. I wonder if she is experimenting with pills. She seems like such a dumb girl. Even if damming evidence of Goiter cheating was right in front of her, she’d still stay. She has nooooo backbone. Fiancé number 5?

I hope he drops her, she’s boring af and not milky, and I want to see him and Taylor reunite

No. 1612034

File: 1660141707805.jpeg (83.62 KB, 1170x334, FE2BE036-AD0F-4231-AACC-FAD09E…)

Barf from her recent instagram post.

No. 1612077

Worry about your own lives you insufferable cunts

No. 1612086

kek why even lurk? You're hurting your own feelings

No. 1612088

What hoes?? He is literally a fat old man with bangs, I see no hoes flocking around that shit.

No. 1612122


Hi cow

No. 1612126

The fact that this was sage correctly lmao! layna a former farmer too? That would be a wonderful full circle really, happy for you

No. 1612138


Layna girl everyone should be worried about your life including you, out here letting a washed up deadbeat 10+ years your senior who got his baby high on fent and doesn't even have custody sweat on top of you for…what exactly? A fake LV from Alibaba and cushy digs in Sacramento section 8 housing with roommates? kek. Get the fuck over yourself Princess Mid of Canadia.

No. 1612185

bitter…yet excellent advice.

No. 1612210

Dance Goiter Dance - Fentyastic Felony Ft. Syd

Good take. Layna is cringe, but not fully milky. I'd still like to find out her moral reasoning to dating an objective low life. It's not like goiters abuse is rumor… it's logged by the State, court systems, journalists, blogs, archives, tweets, photos etc etc.

So she's either (tin foil):
A) Aware - but doesn't care (Sociopathy/Nihilism)
B) Aware - and does care (Cognitive Dissonance)
C) Aware - but doesn't understand (Low emotional intelligence)

No. 1612217

i tinfoil A, but I don’t think she’s a sociopath. she simply doesn't care about his victims and believes he will treat her better. a lot of his exs had the "but not me" mind set and look how that turned out for them. either way if he does end up pulling his antics I have no sympathy for someone who knowingly got themselves into a stupid situation. she's in the same boat as syd and tay, cares more about clout than her own well-being.

No. 1612247

I agree, but there is the child endangerment felony trial. I think there has to be a level of sociopathy to over look that walking into JCs life a few months back.

Or we can go by the theory: "Never Attribute to Malice That Which Is Adequately Explained by Stupidity" and say she's too unintelligent to care. Might be different if she was a mother though.

No. 1612294

Maybe I'm crazy but I couldn't imagine Layna calling anyone an insufferable cunt.
This anon also seems abnormally bitter. >>1612138
>Get the fuck over yourself
Nonnie she clearly has record low levels of self-esteem. I never understood trying to humble people that clearly already hate themselves.

No. 1612319

layna seem like boring pussy anyway, lets watch her get screwed by this old man, its gonna be fun!

No. 1612335

File: 1660166089139.jpeg (187.86 KB, 827x1163, 3AB37E49-2F84-4B1C-8518-7DC104…)

You know what I can’t even look at this without it confusing me. Why his head so big? Not metaphorically, like literally, your goiters are showing

No. 1612337

File: 1660166120570.jpeg (155.6 KB, 827x904, F3E1ADE3-E8BB-46ED-89BF-039380…)


No. 1612338

Begone scrote.

No. 1612340

Your retarded if you think that’s her, it’s just some random anon trying to stir up some fake milk

No. 1612342

Think they meant screwed over anon, not literally

No. 1612343

It’s very clearly a troll.

No. 1612345

I was referring to the “boring pussy” part

No. 1612361

The infighting on this thread is too much. I should be able to point out that Layna is built like a 2x4, ugly ass face and probably a disappointment to her parents without getting attacked for it.
Furthermore I’m starting to think her parents must be really absent if they’re just letting her stay with this man for months at a time. Would explain why any attention from anyone is good enough for her so she settles for goiter. I barely even want to say settle for goiter because I think he’s too good for her even. She’s a nobody. We wouldn’t even know who she is if it wasn’t for muccinex daddy. She probably would have died irrelevant but fucking Athena had to screw up her own relationship with goiter by being a weird bitch probably. And now I’m forced to know who Layna is. Thanks a lot Athena. And thanks Syd because if you didn’t cheat I also wouldn’t have to have the displeasure of knowing who Layna is. So fuck all of you.

No. 1612379

Her parents are probably just relieved to get her out of their fucking house for awhile.

No. 1612381

She’s probably an ungrateful bitch.

No. 1612387

"I should be able to attack people without being attacked for it"

looking more tiger king by the day

No. 1612389

Sorry but her rat face deserves it.

No. 1612392

the levels of your emotional investment is concerning. go spend some time in nature, or re-organize your spice rack?

please also wash that maroon fucking bed sheet.

No. 1612394

>I’m starting to think her parents must be really absent if they’re just letting her stay with this man for months.
she’s a 25 year old adult, even if she’s still living at home it’s not her parents responsibility to let her or not let her go stay with her boyfriend. Although I agree she’s probably a huge disappointment , I’d be devoed if my daughter was dating an abusive failed musician 10 years older than her.

No. 1612395

No I’m pissed off today that I even know who this ugly bitch is.

No. 1612401

What I don’t get is his music career is actually doing decently well (comparative to other “musicians” trying to pay their rent through their music) yet he still chooses to date this complete loser waste of oxygen canadian girl. Seriously. Pick someone worth anything.

No. 1612406

why are u on lolcow lol this layna stan is too much

No. 1612412

>his music career is actually doing decently well
>yet he chooses to date this complete loser
>Pick someone worth anything.
Extreme Layna hate boner anon is a Jonny fan confirmed. Don’t be jealous he won’t fuck u, I’m sure u can find another fat 36 year “famous” musician to cum on u.

No. 1612414

Hahaha I am dying to come up with a verse for Fentyastic Felony, maybe Syd can rap it for us? Or scream like Jon Mess LMFAO

Wtf is this weird ass energy? Sounds like Syd trying to throw us off, who else hates Layna that much? Or honestly I think this is Athena trying to remain relevant and get brought up. I mean she posted tweets trashing herself but it was from her own twitter she screenshotted.

“ She probably would have died irrelevant but fucking Athena had to screw up her own relationship with goiter by being a weird bitch probably. And now I’m forced to know who Layna is. Thanks a lot Athena” - this makes absolutely no sense??? Athena did not introduce us to miss wigglewip, it was her ex…. Which makes me believe that Athena wrote this. She’s so stupid.

No. 1612416

Shut the fuck up Athena, remember we know about your twitter posting, it can be very easy to spot you out.

No milk or contributing, just bitching about Layna’s existence. Very odd

No. 1612419

Why the fuck would anybody be jealous of some ugly girl NO ONE cares about.

No. 1612421

The absolute state of Jonny's groupies in this thread. His music career has been dead for many years, and he's a fat loser who's a joke in the eyes of anyone who's not a waste of oxygen. I sure hope you get your turn to get Hep C off of him when he's done with Layna's pathetic ass though.

No. 1612423

That’s what I’m wondering? Who’s this pressed about Jonny Craig dating someone who’s “not good enough for him” other than a huge Stan? Kek what a wack job.

No. 1612438

half of the Layna hate has got to be from JC stans and then backed by the odd post from her ex because jesus christ the level of emotional involvement.

No. 1612446

No because I could just as easily say any Layna whiteknight is just a fucking Layna STAN or Layna herself because no one in their right mind would waste hours of their life watching her streams to get a gauge on her "personality" except when JC was luring her to California with gifted subscriptions. and even then he probably had her stream muted and in a different tab while watching a girl who isn't BUTT ugly ignore his chats.

No. 1612447

Hep C is curable with some medication but I bet that hoe gave HIM something

No. 1612448

yall tripping kek since when lolcow is a safe place for down syndrome looking bitches? and why would Jonny have groupies? if anything Layna is the only one, nobody likes this sick old fuck.

No. 1612453

Syd is still obsessed. I can’t imagine still posting the 11:11 shit all the time, so embarrassing. It reminds me of when girls discover that the French “tu me manques” translates to “you are missing from me” and won’t stfu about it. Like… yeah. It’s fucking 11:11. That’s what time it is, twice a day. Good call noticing that.

No. 1612454

she looks HORRIBLE

No. 1612456

I honestly think it’s Athena posting. Think about it girlies.. remember she was in love with Jonny? Those texts where she said “Well fuck me. I just told you how I felt about you and now you’re going back to Taylor”. Plus Athena was RANDOMLY brought up when she has nothing to do with us? I 1000% believe it’s her and only her. I feel like someone is trying to fuck with us that Jonny has all these groupies so no one would think it’s her but she kind of told on herself. It doesn’t sound like a “fan”, these messages are pretty bitter and sound like someone who has feelings for the guy.

No. 1612461

If Layna is as ugly as y’all are saying then I must be repugnant lol. Just saying.

No. 1612463

Have you seen >>1610897 ???

I don’t think she’s as grotesque as Taylor’s new swamp goblin bff, but she’s like a solid 6. On a good day

No. 1612464

Okay you could point to a bad picture of Ariana Grande and it won’t magically make me think she’s ugly.

No. 1612468

It’s not her safe space. Nobody here other than one WK is defending layna, she’s literally stupid as fuck for dating goitre, but being THIS invested
in hating someone is straight up obsessive.

No. 1612472

Not fair. I think Taylor’s friend is a solid 6. Layna is a 7, but could easily be an 8 if she took care of herself/put more effort into her appearance. (And no I’m not white-knighting. it’s an objective fact that’s undeniable unless you have some emotional reasoning for needing to convince yourself Layna is actually some horribly ugly goblin.)

No. 1612476

bitch i got more feelings for Shrek than for this disgusting human being who got no remorse into drugging his own kid. Layla is as ugly as that sounds, imagine staying by the side of that kind of person just fucking disgusting.

that bitch is crazy af and milky but she got a child with him, ill give her that pass because theyre are going to share a bond FOREVER. like all the baby mammas out there, thinking they win some prize or trophy.

No. 1612478

Layna could be a 9 but even being on speaking terms with JC makes her a 2. and same with all of those other little hoes that associate with him/spend time around him.

No. 1612484

Funny that you mention shrek because Layna is like an onion. is so ugly she makes my eyes cry

No. 1612488

I kinda agree with this, a lot of these posts sound like a scattered brained addict just narc raging out, they’re samefagging, half of them make little sense and you can feel the seethe in the posts. We know she has an unhealthy obsession with Jonny and his mutuals, remember the time she pretended she was friends with and moving in with TND or when she faked her death. She’s as unhinged as they come

No. 1612493

This isn't Athena's thread so stop shitting it up with her and her lore. What does this has to do with Layna being an ugly useless nobody with no future?

No. 1612554

Who the hell is this that keeps coming for Layna so hard it’s obviously the same person and congrats you have accomplished…. NOTHING. Even people who don’t care for Layna are sick of you. Farmers I suggest we ignore this cave troll. They are spamming and trolling for no reason. Yawn

Where are the mods? Can we put this unhinged no milk contributing person to the damn pasture already. They wanna be a cow so badly lmao

No. 1612557

i honestly think layna looks like fucking toad from mario with her big ass forehead. toad lookin ass

No. 1612559

No you can’t find one tho. People who look good at every and any angle are very pretty.

No. 1612560

Mods please ban this miserable person shitting up the thread

No. 1612561

She does look like fucking toad from mario brothers.

No. 1612563

Syd sweetheart go take your medication

No. 1612592

Dude Layna just needs glasses like calm down you sound so fucking hairy. What is Layna taking from you personally or making you so insecure about besides being an ape

No. 1612606

File: 1660184123315.jpg (100.01 KB, 881x1034, 1657227980333.jpg)

No. 1612607

all ur posts are obvious because ur the only one absolutely raging tf out about some stupid Canadian. it’s embarrassing, I hope when ur meltdown is over and u calm down you realize how crazy u look. nobody is even fighting u, ur just responding to every post with some some spergy bs about how you hate layna. put the phone down and take a breath for your own mental health.

No. 1612609

The only person on the planet who would claim Sydney has a “forever bond with goiter” is Sydney.

That’s not how that works. That’s objectifying an innocent child and using them as a tool to try to manipulate a lifelong abuser. If it’s not drugs like fentanyl, it is women and children. Sydney is just as bad because she only had a child to force Jonny to stay with her even after he got fentanyl into the baby’s system and could have killed him. Any half decent person would only want a fucking never bond with Jonny and it’s hideous that she doesn’t give a single fuck about her child, especially now that it didn’t stop him from breaking up with her and moving on even though she cheated, and tried every way to use her child to get him to stay. That child is going to grow up rejecting any kind of bond with his biological mother and she will still only care about Jonny. That’s fucked up.

No. 1612612

I refuse to learn who Athena person is and my eyes glaze over when she brings herself up or when Sydney gets caught posting and uses her as a scapegoat lol. I’ve never seen someone so angry at people who don’t want to talk about her lmao, like how is this website in your deranged “success plan”. Come on.

She doesn’t do that remember, she wants to keep her body pure in its authentic chemically unbalanced state while drowning her internal organs with alcohol, vaccines, and huffing whatever fumes that made goiter unable to read.

No. 1612614

nobody want anything to do with him besides these retarded carbon copy idiots.

No. 1612616

You mean you obsessively replying to yourself

No. 1612635

This has to be Syd. It has to be. We’ve all seen Syd harass other women over screenshots posted here, saying vile things and coming for this look. Syd you’ve been caught. NO ONE else hates Layna this much, I don’t even think anyone in here “hates” her. They may not like her as a person but it’s never gone this far. Sydney’s gone unhinged once again. I hope she never gets that baby back. She’s like a crazy Karen.

No. 1612642

No sorry some of us just fucking hate layna and her rat face. But cope and pretend that everyone who hates her is Athena or Sydney or whoever other made up people

No. 1612658

You’re right and I totally forgot she used to blast any woman who followed him/goiter followed/liked a post/commented/thought about him, and blasted her stories with screenshots of them screaming about them being “carbon copies” or “I KNOW WHAT YOURE DOING WITH THE FATHER OF MY CHIOLD HE HAS A TYPE GROUPIE/HOE”

No. 1612701

i think this is taylor taking out her anger and stirring the pot, knowing people will think it's syd

no i am not syd trying to stir the pot and make it seem taylor is trying to stir the pot and it's me

No. 1612711

well sorry to break it to yall but im not syd. im not even a burger but i love how you all putting names out there, blaming cows (taylor layna syd i dont care theyre all the same trash) for what nonitas like me put in this shitty thread that gossip about shitty people.

No. 1612730

Yeah we can tell ESL Layna hater.

No. 1612732

I just like calling Layna ugly cause I know it bothers JC. and it probably crushes Layna. Girl whatever self esteem problems you have to date goiter… You’re right goblin bitch.

No. 1612738

Lol are you that rando that she ditched. Sounds like you have a personal vendetta. There’s more hate on these random girls he dates that there is him.

No. 1612821

File: 1660221779864.png (426.88 KB, 856x480, F3010A51-7F48-4AAC-8E45-00283E…)

Let’s not forget 3 years ago this was who muccinex daddy was in love with.(derailing)

No. 1612823

File: 1660221812257.png (277.08 KB, 461x376, E01BD941-3215-49B1-884E-5AEF22…)

No. 1612824

File: 1660221952040.png (434.59 KB, 853x480, CBE2130B-BB33-445B-8F0C-AAEA7D…)

No. 1612825

File: 1660222102695.jpeg (1.01 MB, 3444x3444, EC821E3B-15AE-4965-B9C7-D536CA…)

No. 1612844

File: 1660225436791.png (551.05 KB, 757x532, 2BBEAE03-8C92-41B3-A722-C0F935…)

Even before she “ruined her amazing good looks” she looked MALE TO FEMALE.

No. 1612868

Lmao what in the hell is wrong with you? Take this to the TND thread if youre so pressed.

No. 1612871

File: 1660228626167.jpeg (60.94 KB, 465x399, 17C7275F-1F79-4538-97F0-0D0E6A…)

I wouldn’t even be a little surprised to learn she is trans.

No. 1612872

JC has not dated a single good looking woman other than that LIZ.

No. 1612875

The absolute state if this thread; a fitting dumpster fire of women who are pressed about shrimp dick goiter who cant even bother to care for his children.

No. 1612878

File: 1660229424657.jpeg (1.64 MB, 3464x3464, 9D6D4D5B-A5A1-4AA1-9F31-301EDE…)

she looks like this guy

No. 1612883

What is bannable about posts about the cows at hand?

No. 1612884

I've been reporting all the posts and even
posted in the /meta/ complaints thread trying to gets mods to ban them. They're clearly just attention starved and severely mentally ill, if we ignore them they'll probably get bored and leave.

No. 1612904

This thread has been a fucking nightmare since Goiter and Syd broke it off. What's even the fucking point anymore, arguing about boring ass Layna's looks? Arguing about who is secretly Syd? I hope they lock this fucking mess of a thread.

No. 1612905

did you mean to tag me? there was no mention of layna



go outside and feel the grass, learn a new hobby

To EVERYONE else debating looks; looks are subjective. None of you are right. You're all ugly fucks yourselves cus you don't coheir to my arbitrary standards.

No. 1612908

The anons in here are so retarded the past 3 threads have been labeled #14 what did you expect

No. 1612910

File: 1660232633668.jpeg (984.29 KB, 1170x1707, A91EA6A9-0600-4D95-85F3-2B36BA…)

JC dates beauty queens only remember that.

No. 1612912

I haven't checked this dumpster fire since thread #13 so I must've missed that, fucking kek. You retards have fun snorting evaporated milk and slinging shit at each other like apes

No. 1612915

The only women interested in big boy’s goiters look like apes.

No. 1612935

To the anon(s?) calling Layna and Taylor ugly and can’t understand why JC would ever choose to date them: I promise you your mom was lying and you are not as pretty as you think you are and should get over yourself(selves?).

No. 1612954

anybody know liz’s instagram or twitter? she’s the only ex i’ve never seen before (or know much about). and i can’t seem to find info in the previous threads either.

No. 1612957


No. 1612963

i ALWAYS thought taylor looked like a tranny MTF. never got the constant comments of her being beautiful.

No. 1612970

its one anon. they’re going back and forth between two devices probably thinking it will make them look like two different people lol.

No. 1612972

Oh wow, yeah she's hot kek like the other anon I've never seen her before. Imagine going from that to his other exes and now Layna.

No. 1612990

he did still cheat on her so he must not have cared to much for her. but he cheats on every single girl. I swear goiter has facial blindness or something. Half this thread does as well for thinking Taylor was ever attractive.

No. 1613002

Yeah imagine going from a stripper who cuts herself to a successful youtuber with tons of money. Then a psychotic baby momma to a young mentally stable canadian girl.

No. 1613008

Why are the mods not doing their jobs and banning this stupid bitch spamming the thread

No. 1613011

That’s exactly what I figured out. How fucking pathetic. I’d love to see what this farmer looks like. What a sad miserable life they must have.

No. 1613071

File: 1660243948987.png (3.17 MB, 750x1334, CDA83D07-FDA3-4A23-86F7-69CCE1…)

Is this goiter’s apartment or am I reaching? She’s hanging with mayor of spooky town, that Joe guy, and that christa Barbie girl who looks like a model and could have way better friends. I wonder how Layna feels about this

Sage just in case I’m wrong, sorry if I’m reaching it just looks a little like his place

No. 1613106

Yes, this is his place.

No. 1613111

On the surface it looks like Layna is friends with those girls so I don’t know why you think she should care. Also who is Joe.

No. 1613136

Junkie urinating in the corner of the living room? Yep, that's goiters place alright

No. 1613141

Yeah I don't see what the big deal is here? I mean yeah I'm shocked he has friends, but Layna has hung out with all of these people before. Why would she care that they're at his place? You can unclutch your pearls kek

No. 1613143

when Layna leaves, the party starts kek

No. 1613146

If by party you mean Sonya posts an instagram story then sure. I've seen all these people post stories at goiters while Layna was there though.

No. 1613149

Anons itt always tattle on themselves about not having friends, or a partner.

No. 1613176

Y’all missed my point. I know Layna is friends with these people too. But I just think since jc is a serial cheater, if he’s not flirting with these girls then he definitely has another girl when Layna leaves. A 100%. The man can’t be alone.

No. 1613181

If Layna is friends with those girls why would jc flirt with them and risk them telling her. That Christa girl even commented something nice on Layna's instagram photo. I highly doubt there is any milk here at all.

No. 1613186

I have a hot bartender friend in the area and JC is always blowing her up tryna get at her. Facts.

No. 1613189

Kek. These cows are so boring lately, pleeeease post proof if you can.

No. 1613193

I'm not disagreeing that Jonny is a serial cheating dirtbag, but is he never supposed to hangout with or be seen with anyone else because he's dating Layna? Like that's also unhinged behavior and something I'd highly doubt Layna would request or want, unlike Syd

No. 1613211

nona you're just jealous because kip chats with hot babes all day

No. 1613214

fucking kek

No. 1613216

File: 1660253954922.jpeg (182.21 KB, 828x1419, FD5F4CD4-5169-467C-96B8-1F6851…)

First it’s ghetto speak and now she’s adopting his god complex, HEH.

No. 1613223

She's posted 50 tiktoks of her eye fucking herself the past couple days. I hope >>1613186 can humble her with a screenshot.

No. 1613229

At least she's tamed her Spock eyebrows that inflamed the thread the other day but I will never understand baby bangs and why so many alt girls get them, they're hideous on everyone

No. 1613237

Lol that’s saying goiter has a “pick” lol wtf
He has to settle for what he can get. He’s a loser period.

No. 1613240

hideous beast

No. 1613253

It’s totally Athena. Everything she says is incoherent and rabid.

No. 1613264

It’s the apartment goiter lives in.

No. 1613282

The Spock eyebrows were from January for the last time.

Why do I care? I dunno but at this point it’s annoying me.

No. 1613292

Tbh I miss Athena. Come back, we are bored

No. 1613296

I'm guessing this >>1613240 was her.

No. 1613304

Whoever it was got banned
But I mean considering how unhinged they are they probably spent the last few hours trying everything to evade it. What else will they do if they can’t sperg about being jealous of layna?

No. 1613356

Look at the pile of shit on the floor next to her. Kek. All his girls are the same down to being gross messy bitches.

No. 1613360

of course she is! thats why she choose to fuck that homeless looking grandpa.

No. 1613377

Why do you care so much about constantly pointing out when that picture was from? I was even going to include in parentheses that I realized that was a somewhat old picture, but I still don't understand why you've had to mention it 45 times, unclench your ass, it's still her whether it from yesterday, last week, or January

No. 1613403

File: 1660269740584.jpeg (609.06 KB, 2750x1485, DD9863B2-FD54-41D9-A548-4B9A81…)

Well at least they have that in common, Jonny also has piles of shit all over his bedroom apparently.

No. 1613421

The superhero shit, the piles on piles of mess, and the six man orgy mounting each other for “tv”, ok goiter whatever

I will say that layna posting all these selfies is hilarious because it’s obviously triggering the person who set their last few brain cells on fire here over jealousy. I hope it results in her treating herself better but even if she doesn’t she’s a random girl from Canada I never thought anyone would have this strong of a reaction lmao.

No. 1613438

File: 1660275281379.png (84.53 KB, 976x1843, Screenshot_20220811-203154.png)

Not God, just a b*tch apparently

No. 1613471

Always holding the girl he’s with in high regard. Wonder what her mother would think of that, Instead of calling her a bean pole to her mother he should have been himself saying “thanks for making this bitch for me”.

No. 1613527

Song lyrics

No. 1613631

Fucking hell.. his room is pig sty… fitting really.

No. 1613672

File: 1660300157368.jpeg (76.06 KB, 674x605, 0E09E47B-DE30-48E2-B200-9D33CD…)

Read the rules: Do not lament about a cow’s shortcomings and past events if it isn’t relevant

No. 1613674

then this entire thread should be scrapped really.

No. 1613691

Can you also read the rules about mini modding and shitting up the thread repeatedly to point out the same thing you already said a bunch of times?

No. 1613935

File: 1660319231183.jpeg (195.4 KB, 828x1499, 67615DF4-8877-42E2-9EE1-7D48AF…)

Why is it whenever somebody in his life dies he has to make it about him. Why wouldn’t he just post a picture of his friend saying Rest In Peace? He did the exact same thing last time one of his friends passed away.

No. 1613945

It also just proves that this person wasn't even a good friend. This is probably the last conversation they had- two years ago- and it's not a sweet exchange or anything. It's the other guy wanting to hang out (for some reason) with JC, JC not showing any interest in doing so, and not engaging with anything but short answers even though the guy's obviously trying to get to know him better.

This just makes him look like a dick. Again.

No. 1614031

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride

No. 1614467

File: 1660360625351.jpeg (176.22 KB, 1170x753, E2E1CE4C-2D49-40AE-9187-24F618…)


No. 1614472

who the fuck is cold gawd boys

No. 1614496

File: 1660364850821.jpeg (623.57 KB, 1125x1908, E1547964-9625-4F17-9F86-EC9A7D…)

No. 1614499

Okay, Taking bets on which one she's banged out. The manlet with the mustache and monster logo tattoo seems most her type.

No. 1614598

she clearly has a learning disability. do you think anyone who would have sex for comic books doesn’t have a learning disability

No. 1614601

>her parents let her
she’s 25 lol what can they do? parents stop controlling their kids actions when they’re 18, generally

No. 1614608

she’s cute here kys

No. 1614609

She doesn’t have a learning disability she’s just a whore

No. 1614637

this is a joke right?

No. 1614643

how is she mentally stable whatsoever if she’s 25 and dating goiter

No. 1614649

she absolutely has a learning difficulty or is slow in some regard

No. 1614650

if she doesn’t have a learning difficulty why is she living with her parents and has no job at 25. come on

No. 1614652

apparently she's lived in her own place but moved back in recently. heard it in a stream. she talks about her job too but really vaguely I don't know what she does

No. 1614665


People can make poor decisions without a learning disability

No. 1614689

There's a nonsensical anon who keeps thinking "coheir" is a word and has used it multiple times in multiple posts. Yes we see your lack of knowledge.

No. 1614694

Holy shit. I officially can’t stand her. Bitch has no personality or mind of her own so she has to morph into whoever she’s hanging around. Absolutely pathetic and cringe. Even if it’s a joke it’s not even cute, it’s just fucking bizarre.

I wish the ex would come back, the real one that came in first, not the fake one that was another failed attempt by Sydney to break them up, (I swear it was her cuz of all the bizarre misogynistic comments) spill some tea on her, how she is in relationships, out her for being a Jonny groupie for years and that’s how she tracked him down. (Amanda and Liz both did this, Amanda attended shows anytime he was in her town for years before he even knew who she was. Her old tweets about being excited to see him were released some years ago on a twitter tea account and it was fucking hilarious. Liz followed his band’s tour around with her friend all over the state, they went to like 3 or 4 shows and that’s how Jonny met her. (This was posted on her instagram, she was bragging about how they were following slaves around on tour in some of the captions on her IG posts)

No. 1614696

Her eyefucking tiktoks are cringe but nonnies if you watch with sound it's from an anime and they said "Layna's God" which is probably why she captioned it that way. I personally don't think she was repeating JC's retarded God complex.

No. 1614701

She looks really cute here, why does she surround herself with trash. The trash on her floor and her trash boyfriend in her life.

No. 1614706

Speak for yourself, Athena. Not a single one of us feel that way. Be gone, hoe. Stop using multiple devices to keep posting in here you fucking obsessed, miserable psycho.

God I’m so sick of seeing this bitch’s name in this thread. Go take another drunken shit on IG live you herpes infested waste of space. You wanna be lolcow famous so bad it’s embarrassing. No one’s going to make you a thread bc no one gives a shit about your life. How about you make one for yourself? I could see you doing some weird shit like that.

No. 1614715

I’ve seen in some of her IG photos she has multiple laptops, probably also multiple phones possibly so I’m assuming she was using her phone and one of the computers to spam nasty comments about Layna, replying to each other and laughing trying to make it seem like it was two people (so fucking strange)!And then she got banned so now she’s using another laptop. Talk about a miserable life. Athena is way more of a “hideous beast” than Layna is. She looks like a troll who was created through generations of incest breading. Or she has Down syndrome or something. She’s freaky looking

No. 1614717

hey cutie your samefagging is showing

No. 1614718

You tagged 2 of my posts here.

No. 1614720

I wonder what her mother would think of Jonny if she found these threads and the truth about him. And he even gave her flowers like he did Taylor’s mom lolz. She can’t keep Layna from seeing him, she’s 25 (who the fuck still lives at home at twenty FIVE?) but maybe she’d make her choose between living there or staying with him. Taylor’s parents did exactly that to her as well.

No. 1614724

They posted two of mine too. Fucking retard, lmao. They tried though.

No. 1614728

New upcoming love song on goiter’s cd, “My Beautiful Bean Pole”

No. 1614733

Be careful you might incite another rageful meltdown from Athena.

No. 1614740

I don’t see what the problem is here? Or how he made it about him? That’s kind of reaching… He posted a positive chat about m this guy showing excitement about his friend becoming a father (again.) Lots of people post convo exchanges of them talking to a loved one. Not a WK just don’t see the issue here.

No. 1614742

Layna you better fly back before your man sticks his limp meat in someone's methmouth.

No. 1614745

She probably would have her dream fulfilled about becoming a lolcow main subject and having her own thread if she wouldn’t make it so obvious that it’s exactly what she wants. No one gives enough of a fuck about her to stalk her trashy life and that probably hurts her feelings lmaooo. She just wants a thread so she can feel special and have something in common with her bestie Tay and the love of her life Jonny. She probably thought hitting official cow status would bring more traffic to her onlyfans. We shouldn’t give her ANY attention at all. Remember on IG live when she was taking a shit and saying “I got y’all to spend the entire day talking about lil old me and that’s exactly what I wanted and you fell for it”

I wish her name was blacklisted on this website.

No. 1614746

What does this response have anything to do with my post?

No. 1614747

I honestly wish Jonny dated her instead of Layna. Oh the glorious milk we are missing out on.

No. 1614749

She probably gave him herpes. She said on her stories when someone asked her what it’s like living with herpes and she said “I just take a pill so I can’t give it to anyone”. Ummm… that’s not how it works. If JC was hitting her raw he should go get checked out. Visible symptoms can take up to a year or longer to even show in some cases

No. 1614752

No. 1614758

I keep forgetting they had sex. How utterly disgusting it is to imagine that. The only reason I believe he doesn't (physically) cheat on Layna is that he has literally no options left to choose from anymore other than gross white trash methheads. Weighing his options he probably wouldn't risk losing her for that since his dating pool is getting smaller and smaller. But if a decent woman came along he would definitely cheat.

No. 1614762

I agree with you. The rest don’t look like her type at all. Even if they are broken up I am highly interested in this story if it’s true. Was it a hit it and quit it and she went all obsessive over him? Did she drunkenly wreck his car? Does he have a history of beating girls? I have so many questions

I’m sorry but all of these men are freaking hideous. She really knows how to scrape from the bottom of the barrel…. Still chasing that Tour Band Wife dream I see

No. 1614768

“Heard it in a stream” lmao sure Jan. Layna sweetheart, nobody watches your streams but nice try. And how could she possibly have a job when she leaves every few weeks to visit Goiter for weeks at a time, one time being over a month?

No. 1614777

She most desperately has a learning disability to be willing to date JC… and to be foolish enough to believe he’s being faithful while she’s in a whole other country. I hope JC passed on Athena’s herpes to her. (Just like he gifted TND with hepatitis, what a dream boyfriend uwu goals) That should teach her a lesson. Then they may as well stay together at that point so they don’t infect anyone else.

No. 1614780

Kek. This man is seriously rotting from the inside out. His soul is rotting. His genitals are rotting. His liver is rotting. What a complete waste of space. I hope he gave Layna HIV as well because lord knows he's probably never been tested for that.

No. 1614784

Anon this is a discussion board/evidence compilation of cow behavior. I've lurked and skimmed multiple times for random bits of info because we know next to nothing about the girl. A lot of what is said in this thread is based on assumptions and we should encourage going to the source for some extra context/info and actual milk when it's available. What I added wasn't milk but it's better for our credibility instead of just constantly speculating.

No. 1614786

Do you guys think the next thread should even include Syd in the name? She will still be a big part of the thread and we’ll still post her obviously but I think it’s time for a thread named “Jonny & Layna”. I didn’t think they’d last this long but she’s mentioned here more than anyone so I think it’d make sense to include her in the thread names now.

Also, what are we gonna number the next thread? #15? Even though it’s actually #17? (How do you make the same mistake twice)

No. 1614788

Well she definitely doesn’t have a job, no way in hell. Unless she’s talking about streaming which she makes zero money off of

No. 1614814

why would you hope he gave Layna HIV wtf anon

No. 1614827

Does anyone have her moms socials? I want to know what she would do if she knew the flowers she received came from a rapist who drugged his 10 month old son.

No. 1614828


No. 1614940

Get a life, this is so weird and vendetta-y

No. 1614969

I don’t think Layna is around enough to warrant her name being in the title, and once school starts I’m sure we’ll finally see less of her boring ass.

I do like to imagine how flaming psycho it would make Syd to be replaced by the prettier Layna. So, yeah. I say go for it.

No. 1614980


No. 1615020

This is what this thread has become. Anons making their analysis and contributing, then the grammar police come along to dismiss an entire point over a technicality. That's what twitter is for. We all knew nonnie meant cohere.

kek. and yeah its pretty easy to use multi-hop VPN service.

No. 1615022

kek at this stage i wouldn't be surprised

cus it's a distasteful and self serving way to go about it.

No. 1615026

wishing diseases upon others is very goiter behavior. don't stoop.

No. 1615037

Yes she counts streaming as her “job”, based off view count there’s no way she’s making money (she gets like 6-10 views a stream). She’s essentially his unemployed sugar baby. I don’t even know how a 25 year old lives without a job, no wonder she’s fucking goiter for comic books, it’s not like she can’t afford them herself kek.

No. 1615079

You seem really stuck on this comic book thing anon

No. 1615420

“Unemployed sugarbaby” cancels each other out you idiot

I created that joke a while back and posted it like maybe twice, I’m going to need to revoke their usage of it twenty spammed comments ago. It was funny when he had just bought the comic books/manga and it looked like that was it or she would sensibly cut him off after he got exposed talking to other women. Maybe they have some open shit, who knows, the economy is bad everywhere and so is housing, she looks like a she’s having fun and nothing has happened to her yet so who cares at all.

Has the thread number 14 existed three times now only to get spammed up because it’s Sydney trying to bury the eggplants? I’m out of ideas unless someone with the brain of a 13 year old boy has convinced himself he’s really doing something. No one has this much emotion about any of these people come on

No. 1615558

File: 1660472775270.jpeg (968.82 KB, 1170x2064, 5BFE4693-5974-4688-836B-A2664B…)

Syd posted this 10 hours ago. I almost missed it but she wrote “Def sure there’s other ways you can get that clout. Lol talking about me?”
Did Layna snark Syd somewhere and we missed it?

No. 1615559

in the bottom right in white text btw since it’s hard to read.

No. 1615572

maybe talking about someone saying she slept with some nobody band member

No. 1615599

File: 1660480070458.jpeg (638.89 KB, 1283x2538, CC53B775-90FF-4D62-9ED1-D0D338…)

So yes, I have too much time on my hands but I was too curious which one was brave/desperate enough to bang her. It appears this guy is the only one who follows her/ vice versa. Could be coincidence just figured I’d throw that out there.

No. 1615722

Throw it back

No. 1615743

Wow you really did something there lol ok. I know I’m not the only one itt who was curious which member it was.

No. 1615882


No. 1615997

File: 1660512591453.jpg (446.07 KB, 1080x1910, Screenshot_20220814_172902.jpg)

Oh look, back to Spock eyebrows and it's not "a pHoTo fRoM JaNuArY" per the unhinged anon, are we allowed to talk about this pic because it's recent? kek

No. 1616000

Yes I condone this milk now thank you for asking

No. 1616111

The only reason why it was annoying before was because an anon said goiter started deteriorating her looks which makes no sense since the photo was from before she met him. Do you have a learning disability?

No. 1616230

File: 1660533148139.jpeg (161.55 KB, 828x1436, DB9BCAB3-A74E-4DE0-80EF-5CEF74…)

Jonny is a chameleon with his gfs
>unless it’s anime
Girl you’ve never spoken about anime until you snagged yourself an anime loving gf, stfu.

No. 1616276

yeah he doesn’t realize anime is short for animation, you read manga not anime

No. 1616320

Yeah I do

No. 1616336

He literally can’t read and is nearly entirely illiterate, him gate keeping bookshelves is fucking hilarious is this real.

“I don’t put books on a SHELF where they BELONG because IM NOT A LIAR” ok so that’s why his floor is filled with shit thanks for the intel joiter. Probably why he didn’t even fucking own shelves for years he didn’t want to be a FAKE READER.

He buys a book without pictures to impress a vision impaired Canadian and suddenly he’s telling people with books where to put them like anyone is out there following him for his authenticity based interior design tips. What an arc.

No. 1616350

What arc anon? For the past 10 years, he's talked a ton about how he's read the Game of Thrones series multiple times over and other fantasy novels. He talks about GOT in detail in interviews he's done over the years. It's pretty obvious he's not faking that. Even Amanda has tweets about him being huge into reading fantasy books.
It's not hard to find things to come down on goiter for so why grasp at straws?

No. 1616476

He’s doing a shit job of chamelon’ing - anime is animated, clues in the name(sage your shit)

No. 1616642

> when did fake reading become a thing
Probably before the printing press lol. I don't know what rock she's been living under here. Having pristine unread books on your shelf is a trope as old as time, the library in the The Great Gatsby comes to mind, they even used to make fake books for that purpose you could by. Maybe still do.

No. 1616794

Isn’t there a court date for august 15?

No. 1616807

Question: Does anyone know who the underage girl is whose body jonny was in love with according to taylor?

He wanted to be with an underage girl… his new girlfriend looks so young, could that be her being groomed by him?

No. 1616818

I don't think twig would sit and wait for skid's turn to be over with goiter, but that's just me.

No. 1616819

Even tho she looks like a preteen, I am pretty sure Layna and Taylor are the same age.

No. 1616820

iirc her name was Jenna and she was 2/3 years younger than Taylor.

No. 1616834

Yes. They had a plea hearing at 9am. I did not listen in and their record hasn’t been updated.

No. 1617007

No straws were grasped, he literally told people he doesn’t put books on his shelf that he has not finished. Where else does one store books. You only read the first sentence.

There’s always someone that brings up that “he can read because he’s read GOT” and that’s nice but his writing comprehension and ability is unbelievable. So no I really don’t care if he’s read some fantasy books, children do that, it has gotten him nowhere so he may as well not be able to read period. Please keep your fun facts to yourself.

No. 1617084

File: 1660606005702.png (10.16 MB, 1284x2778, 30CECB16-B459-44B9-B171-272F9E…)

First of all ew, second does his gf not care that he’s attempting to bait in the ‘hoes’ while she’s not around? I know he can’t mean hers cause they’re like non existent.

No. 1617120


Holy shit he’s gross.

No. 1617201

Jenna Story she also goes by Yenna

No. 1617202

Must suck to never get to have titties in your face since your own gf doesn’t have any

No. 1617206

This is exactly what I meant when I said I wonder how Layna feels when she is away

No. 1617234

He's wearing his own merch kek

No. 1617252

Does he get off on embarrassing her kek.

No. 1617254

Funny that he deleted the story after it was posted here lol

No. 1617273

I kinda thought this was a ‘ganggang’ way of him telling layna he missed her, although he probably would’ve tagged her. Idk, I could totally see him thinking “I want tiddies in my face” is an endearing way to say he misses his gf, man has half a brain cell and types like a shitty sound cloud rapper.

No. 1617279

aaww Layna-stan, youre too pure for this world kek

No. 1617318

i'll probably get banned for this, but tell me why he sorta looks hot here? it blows my mind that taylor and syd both lost him and he basically got sober and glo'd up

No. 1617322

File: 1660622231261.jpeg (43.58 KB, 275x178, 853346A8-4ED4-487A-B04E-05F686…)

meanwhile, this thumb thumb is so lazy yet violently stalking him she looks like humpback. she can't walk two meters to her bathroom to take a wiz so she pees in whataburger cups. her room must reek of booger breath, body odor, sweaty feet, piss and animal shit.

No. 1617331

it took drugging his kid to wise up. anons are in denial but he looks pretty good.

No. 1617341

Cause his beady ass lizard eyes aren’t looking at the camera and he’s stretching his neck to the side so you can’t see the permanent double chin. Also helps that he’s hiding that nasty mustache.

No. 1617382

Kek at his basic bitch mustache tattoo on his finger.
And the irony of his fat face saying "Forever young" while his doughy body and wrinkles say otherwise

No. 1617386

Kek I wonder if Layna cried because we were calling her tits small so he removed it.

No. 1617394

File: 1660630216243.jpeg (328.4 KB, 750x496, 6C1F16C5-D006-4A4F-9708-F3AD75…)

They are all so fugly, I really need to know which one she willingly fucked

No. 1617395

Y’all think she reads the threads?

No. 1617552

File: 1660647097512.jpeg (358.19 KB, 828x1347, 8C9FA8D3-38D4-499D-9D5F-7EF976…)

She clearly does.. i feel like this was her >>1612077 ? Also she just private her twitter page lol good job nonnitas

No. 1617553

Its not like she is a catch either?? The fact that goiter boy dumped her crazy ass the minute he could find a reason to says a lot….

No. 1617577

when he runs out of clean clothes, he dips into his merch for sure. probably sells i on uncleaned with bbq sauce and cum marks all over

No. 1617586

kek fatty cope. we don’t give a shit about people calling us flat chested. all that means is that you’re acknowledging were not fat

No. 1617587

Just to be sure, what you're saying is….

Being "Sober and glo'd up" is when you have a pending felony for endangering a child, still are taking drugs, acting like a petulant child on instagram, living in someone elses apartment, borrowing someone else car, flexing fake shit on the gram, not cleaning, flexing fake teeth his ex bought him cus hes broke…

Your standards are dangerously low and you will be open more susceptible to abuse as you are willing to engage cognitive dissonance. Aka an emotional retard.

No. 1617590

I'm gonna say top right (pink hair)

Second place would be blue jacket mullet guy on the left as he's got the "creepy scene perv" vibes

No. 1617622

Pretty sure it’s the one on the far left since they follow each other on ig.

No. 1617624

Imagine thinking having big boobs automatically means your fat? Wtf. No one really cares she has no boobs but when your bf is requesting titties in his face while you’re in another country that’s embarrassing af.

No. 1617628

File: 1660656508681.png (7.39 MB, 1284x2778, A6C8770D-5D73-40D2-87E9-B90D3D…)

So obvious she was trying to give him a taste of his own medicine after his titty post lmao they’re like teenagers.

No. 1617646

How would that be embarrassing for Layna? It’s pretty obvious to anyone following him he’s a trashy hoebag. Guaranteed no one but this thread even thought twice about it. Isn’t he the type to go see strippers while in a relationship? He’s getting boobs in his face there. He’s just one of those trashy dudes that talks about women in the grossest way possible. It’s embarrassing for him but not really Layna. She can plead ignorance to it.

No. 1617653

File: 1660658383246.jpeg (879.4 KB, 1170x2086, 0B24D0A7-DFA3-43E1-8F1C-E7A8BB…)

This whiny black and white photo after Layna posted hers. Kek.

No. 1617655

Idk I’d be embarrassed/ashamed to be partnered with someone who acts like that but that’s just me.

No. 1617657

Good for her, at least we know she has a back bone.

No. 1617677

same. it's all just signaling and reacting on social media. peak cringe.

since he can't make women jealous with money or success, he has to make the jealous via toxic subliminal posts. Sad.

No. 1617696

Kek he’s so butt hurt what a little bitch

No. 1617708


Interesting that of all things, he chose to post a frog when Taylor frequently meth spergs about them. Feels very baity.

No. 1617716

Probably didn’t get any titties in his inbox and Layna’s baited simps.

No. 1617733

doesn’t look like anyone in this band has involvement with jonny or skid besides one of them following her. seems like grasping at straws for drama

No. 1617735

Or perhaps it was one of the other guys but he didn’t want to be with her after he slipped it in so she got blocked.

Or another theory, she used the guy who follows her to get in with the band and then she fucks one of his band mates.

Just saying there are different scenarios and we may never know which it is

No. 1617800

shes a streamer with 67 followers on twitter? and call it a job? damn

No. 1617818

Where did she call streaming her job?

No. 1617873

1. Learn to Sage
2. >>1614467
3. That's the point of this website

No. 1618138

At least he finally posted an unfiltered picture of himself here

No. 1618142

Filters anon, filters.

Also you may have forgotten your glasses and/or might be smoking crack.

No. 1618172

This is hilarious, it’s really not that hard to put goiter in his place, good for her but better if she doesn’t go back. She looks way better without the fringe and would look best with dark brown hair, the box dye is tacky and ruins the quality. She’s way too pretty for him and he only deserves women who will rip up his clothes to make a heinous and unwanted quilt in his sleep, and lose their voices in a screaming match when he doesn’t “appreciate their gift/love them”

Lmao. I literally can’t tell if people are lying about thinking he looks decent and I never want to discuss it. Love yourselves, he’s a walking recessive gene with sociopathy and beats women, the hell is wrong with you get help. There are better looking gas station attendants it is sad here

No. 1618178

I think one of the reasons she looks so much better in posed selfies is because she angles it so her horrible bangs aren't in the shot.

No. 1618208

That fool must be extra thirsty cuz I accidentally liked a random photo on his profile while I was lurking and he immediately followed me, it wasn’t even a selfie of him or anything. And then he unfollowed me when he realized I wasn’t gonna follow back lmao

No. 1618226

File: 1660712164702.png (118.71 KB, 750x1334, 9DDFDACB-2361-4C52-9F7B-5B8113…)

Aww what is little miss swim skirt crying about now? Court must have not gone well. Also, I was the one who suggested we include Layna’s name in the threads (we can still include Syd’s as a three way containment thread) and someone said no because Layna has not been around long enough/may not be around that long when school starts? Well she should have been included in the earlier thread names then. And I noticed she literally gets talked about more than anyone in here. This is like Layna’s thread now with how much she gets discussed… so why wouldn’t we call it a Jonny/Layna/Syd thread? Layna has obviously achieved cow status a long time ago and I noticed nobody even posts Syd’s stuff anymore? All of her stories have basically just been the same looking selfies but here’s some stuff posted on her page in case anyone is blocked and can’t see.

No. 1618228

File: 1660712269442.jpeg (468.69 KB, 750x911, E9ADAFB5-01C3-4CB4-AE63-8FD48C…)


No. 1618232

File: 1660712344041.jpeg (389.1 KB, 741x908, 7702887C-765F-47E7-85DB-AC46FA…)

2- this was a tribute post to her “new boyfriend” Meg

No. 1618234

File: 1660712446178.jpeg (405 KB, 750x929, 33598EDC-7AA3-4785-92A0-E05D7E…)

Honestly her new boyfriend looks more MTF than Taylor does, maybe they’ve been scissoring lately to cure Syd’s loneliness. Sterling looked majorly MTF, maybe Skidney has a type

No. 1618236

File: 1660712646580.jpeg (583.5 KB, 1936x1936, AFC2A761-7DD7-40BE-862D-353A2D…)

inb4 anyone comes for me, the scissor thing was just a joke nonnies

No. 1618237

File: 1660712691000.jpeg (103.17 KB, 750x745, 95024C54-F62A-43CC-A4AD-E99B60…)

Recent selfies Syd has posted 1/2, she looks extra ug here

No. 1618240

File: 1660712768946.jpeg (275.85 KB, 750x587, EF769698-8794-47A6-8ECD-60A000…)

Clearly pushing her chest together to make it look like she has boobs, looks like she’s been reading the thread and seeing Nonnie‘s make fun of Layna’s nonexistent boobs


No. 1618287

I love how these were supposed to be a tribute post to her friend but syd made sure to include pics of herself looking (what she would consider) good and didn’t give a shit if her friend looks goofy or fat or ugly in them

No. 1618290

Interesting how someone suggests we add Layna to the title because she’s talked about more than Syd, and then someone comes and posts a bunch of week-old boring shit from syd hmmmmm

No. 1618334

Is this the woman who also has a kid and is dumb enough to let Sydney move in? Sydney is the literal worst friend lmao, her “friend” looks so unflattering and she’s nice enough to be doing undeserved charity housing opportunities. I don’t think middle school girls are stupid enough to pull that shit, it just makes the “flattering” one look so much more insecure and gross on a day 100% not about them. She’s so gd rude.

No. 1618409

The big court date is today right?

No. 1618481

Unless they have another one I’m pretty sure it was the 15th

No. 1618549

It already happened. Nothing milky will come of the court dates until a trial is set. Their next date is 12/5/2022 at 9am. It’s all listed as “plea hearing”. Maybe a law-fag can chime in, but I think the DA is working out a plea deal and goiter and skidmark are rejecting them.
Courts always try to offer pleas because they’re cheaper and easier for everyone. The problem is you have to plead guilty/no contest but you’ll have a record and will have to do time and/or probation. But it’ll be less time and a lesser charge than if you’re found guilty by a jury.

No. 1618708

File: 1660768519546.png (6.85 MB, 1284x2778, FE2B5742-F0B4-4CE3-8668-55E971…)

By borderline gay he means sucking dick for drugs

No. 1618787

…that’s interesting? Not really. I was saying no one has been posting Syd’s stuff, it’s only been about Layna, so we should include her in the thread. And then I posted some of Syd’s stuff that was missed out on. If that’s interesting to you, then you need to get a hobby.

No. 1618796

File: 1660775061812.png (2.43 MB, 750x1334, E76FE84F-4A27-4474-B21D-47E182…)

Sick muscles bro

No. 1618799

DECEMBER? Damn they really should have just taken the the plea deal, but these assholes safe dragging it out all the way to a trial, where they will NOT win. Wtf do they think they’re gonna get out of the trial? The evidence is damming, and this only prolongs Storm ever being in their care again (not that either of them deserve custody)

They are both so fucking stupid and selfish. Poor storm. They’re gonna be like strangers to him. I bet he calls his gma mom, and genuinely thinks that’s his mom which is for the best. Better than calling syd mom who is in and out of his life. Storm does not love his parents. He doesn’t even know who they are. Best case scenario he gets placed with a normal family who will adopt him.

No. 1618800

They probably wanted a trial because neither of them can pass the drug tests for probation, I know Skid can’t, with all the weed she smokes. Can’t even quit weed for he own chiOLD. Even Jonny sobered up for him. Pathetic

No. 1618803

File: 1660775641590.png (4.12 MB, 750x1334, E17DC352-D4E7-41D0-A299-A94F33…)

Humble yourself, boo

No. 1618806

File: 1660775839141.jpeg (670.11 KB, 750x829, ECC69CFE-2A02-4E25-A7E6-50E668…)

Why would she post this unflattering photo of her creepy, deformed feet? Gross

No. 1618814

File: 1660776662972.png (2.9 MB, 750x1334, 212FD565-CBD9-41AE-8902-6A9A63…)

Lmao seriously

No. 1618821

No offence but syd is dry af, the only milky
thing she does anymore is be ugly, it's gotten
so redundant, who tf cares.
Point in case, reposting a month old pic to
nitpick her feet. It's like there hasn't been milk
for so long we've forgot what actual milk is.

No. 1618827

File: 1660777638437.jpeg (799.23 KB, 1170x2391, 752087D7-8949-4D20-A031-1DFD89…)

How in the world does Layna find this man “smexy”. Barf.

No. 1618894

Find something else to be grossed out about. It's just a picture.. and I'm pretty sure that is it. Not everything that gets posted has to go on here…

No. 1618917

File: 1660787220661.png (10.28 MB, 1284x2778, 214A8D00-8E59-4A2C-9001-8095F4…)

No. 1618926

File: 1660787983726.jpeg (37.63 KB, 828x873, 1DA66CD1-8B04-41B0-A553-9502B3…)

goitres been talking about going on tour today, skid responded with obvious shade. ngl I laughed but it’s also weird she’s still viewing his instagram stories and indirectly replying to them like a year after they’ve broke up. he’s moved on skid, let it go.

No. 1618976

File: 1660791090464.jpeg (450.5 KB, 1231x2189, 963C7739-D26A-4322-82A2-995ACC…)

No. 1618981

does she have an humiliation fetish or what?

No. 1618989

Why should she be humiliated by the body she was given?

No. 1618995

Okay say that to everyone grossed out about Jonny’s mug being posted on here twelve times a day. And the same exactly insults used. All of his selfies don’t need to be posted but they still do.

No. 1619038

Hmmm you know who else doesn’t proofread before posting? And you know who else wouldn’t like that Jonny/Layna is getting more attention? Syd and Syd.

No. 1619042

everyone posting about layna is just sperging about her looks. despite her being dumb af with obviously poor taste in men, she hasn’t otherwise been much of a cow for her name to be on a thread for all to see if anyone ever google her name. give her some time to see if she ever escalates to syd level psycho cuz she’s kinda boring af rn. at least syd still blatantly vague posts in response to lurking johnnys stories and up to the same bleak groupie shit

No. 1619058

at least she doesn't have eggplant tiddies

No. 1619059

syd is such a loser. i vote for her name to be taken off next thread

No. 1619077

This is really Jonny's circus and he's the most "milky" of them all. The rest are just side characters.

No. 1619087

Idk those eggplants should not be forgotten kek. I bet Sydney is mega triggered and wants to be left out

No. 1619207

This makes me want to throw up. He is miles from being anything like Mercury. He can’t even fill a bar, let alone a stadium. Keep dreaming goiter man kek

No. 1619256

is that why the terrible mustache? because he’s deluded enough to think he’s the new freddie mercury? kekkkkk

No. 1619415

Maybe, but the end product is more like Joe Dirt.

No. 1619416

File: 1660846514489.jpeg (313.6 KB, 828x1507, 2C36D14D-0626-44EC-9B1F-46430D…)

I blame taylor for goiter’s constant believe that he is not abusive..

No. 1619418

File: 1660846599509.png (334.39 KB, 828x1792, 5C517495-D14B-4DDB-8AD0-C204CA…)

And syd’s response on >>1619416

Would love syd to do an hour long video to document jonny’s abuse tbh. I would even pay to watch that!

No. 1619446

Same. I bet Taylor is probably one of those
people telling him he's doing so great. It's
bonkers that she went from calling him an
abuser who raped her, made her scared for her life, threatened her animals and shot her up with drugs, to being buddy buddy with him.
Just search "Jonny Craig" on her twitter for a
reminder of the the way she used to talk about

No. 1619467

the way he talks absolutely blows my mind.
its like he stopped maturing at the age of 15.. his body's aging but his brain isn't keeping up

No. 1619476

So what we are witnessing is actually very very common in substance addiction. It's called arrested development. The brain becomes stuck at the age when they first started using drugs (in jonny's case early teenage years). Once you overcome addiction your brain can actually face things head on which helps you mature a bit. Since his early teenage years he hasn't been sober longer than a couple months. If he actually keeps sober this time we might see some maturing over the years.

No. 1619512

File: 1660855629828.jpg (10.97 KB, 474x319, th-483184962.jpg)

No. 1619521

from all the body shaming on here, im guessing this thread is made up of mainly beautiful, genetically perfect, gigga chads. I mean WOW the odds!

20 dollars and a financially dead weight gf… minted.

No. 1619528

i think this alot too. i think her meth habit is lowering her moral standards to staggering depths. think how low you'd have to be to think that GOITEY BOI is worth forgiving for the 1000th time.

drug and drink has probably regressed his cognitive development. we was already pretty stupid before that so no wonder he's singing his own lyrics off an ipad. mayor of spooky town probably cuts up his meals and reads him his fantasy books.

No. 1619535

File: 1660858174792.jpeg (746.14 KB, 1284x1999, D36D7FF3-BFCE-4056-AB28-8957CD…)

mucinex man has return to this thread

No. 1619559

Ok waitttt this is my first time visiting these threads in a couple months. Sorry to be retarded and ask to be spoonfed but can a nonnie pleeaaase link the bologna nips part in the threads?? That is hilarious, fucking kek

No. 1619563

Prepare yourself.

No. 1619627

KEK ANON. the way i just SNORTED

No. 1619757

tf is this pose? she looks like she fell down an elevator shaft

No. 1619768

File: 1660877574254.jpeg (148.49 KB, 828x626, 518B8D10-B97D-479E-88B6-12A2B9…)

No. 1619779

TF is this thread anymore..

No. 1619795

File: 1660881487694.jpeg (335.57 KB, 1284x2282, F7236163-0E36-41E4-A817-8529E8…)

Posts about eyebrow rings then followed with his ugly ass mug like worry about your fucking kid before getting upset about body mods

No. 1619799

i know people his age dont know shit about trends but come on, its a 2000 revival!
its 2022 and you still haven’t made it goiter man.

No. 1619805

File: 1660884023170.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1170x2325, DB5C3B5F-B1BD-49BA-864A-D787D6…)

Skidney he drugged your son. Why do you want to “figure things out” with him?

No. 1619826

omg, my sides, ily nonna

No. 1619829

Very amazing work, however I think the eggplants should have been posted in the opposite direction m, no? Based off of Syd’s eggplants haha

No. 1619847

File: 1660889314260.jpeg (638.73 KB, 1438x1272, 6373D9E5-A779-4CA6-90BB-3411A5…)

just for you <3

No. 1620053

Truly a masterpiece, bless you nonnie!

No. 1620156

it's called the "set timer and run to pose within the 10 second limit"

No. 1620164

File: 1660929204006.png (1.21 MB, 1284x2282, Untitled.png)

memes and fun whilst we wait for new milk

No. 1620223

omg this one + sydney elevator shaft or eggplant shoop one for next thread pic pls!

No. 1620279

Lol I still can’t believe she did OF for only a day and quit like wtf

No. 1620299

File: 1660941535624.png (2.88 MB, 750x1334, 6C29170D-5A88-4F0D-A311-EBE77D…)

No. 1620306

She looks like she’s lifting up her one leg to let out a fart

No. 1620308

Even turtle mom has or had a successful onlyfans and Syd fucking hates her, so I hope she seethes when she sees this

No. 1620310

that bra is not cute, it looks dirty

No. 1620312

Seriously she didn’t even give it a shot. Just wanted to show everyone her eggplants and then vanish? Add a little pic of her touching her dusty crotch?

No. 1620498

The only thing syd knows how to commit to is junkie band losers. She couldn’t commit to OF, to her “art”, her rapping, to being a mother… the examples are endless!

No. 1620521

File: 1660961655187.png (258.92 KB, 750x1334, 773FF623-0501-4F75-9676-3491E0…)


No. 1620522

File: 1660961763101.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, B17297B5-E039-4CFF-8993-04C406…)

Did someone take offense when I said “humble yourself boo” when he tried to compare himself to Freddie Mercury?

No. 1620525

File: 1660961879006.png (4.37 MB, 750x1334, 94DE0E06-B3EF-4B73-94B4-BFC669…)

Odd to repost a story of a girl praising morphine when you’re trying to convince everyone how great sobriety is. Also, why does this girl look like all of his exes

No. 1620527

File: 1660961955511.png (3.3 MB, 750x1334, 5DF41E94-070D-4EFD-B606-5F75B0…)

His new hair looks fucking horrible. Sweetie you’re almost 40 stop trying to bring back iced white tips

No. 1620585

Fucking kek

No. 1620690

File: 1660979920648.png (2.16 MB, 750x1334, 048631FA-6F38-47AA-83E8-1494E4…)

Please make this the new thread pic. And for the love of god, to whoever makes it, please get the links right and don’t number it #14.

Anyway I thought this was ironic. She probably meant this as a stab at Jonny bc she’s obsessed with him, but she needs to follow her own advice and stop being a raging cunt. Not sure if this is even possible for her because her heart is black (if she even has a heart it’s probably made of coal)

She’s always posting things about being positive and all uwu full of light and love but she does not have these traits. Most negative Nancy I’ve ever met in my life

No. 1620693

File: 1660980027035.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, F4F06870-FA70-4F97-A224-A43CB1…)

He wishes he was this legendary. First Freddy Mercury and now this? Lmao

No. 1620698

File: 1660980472351.png (3.13 MB, 750x1334, F15C332D-77BD-47CD-A32A-EBE9AA…)

Does he get like free shit from these companies or something? It seems like he’s an unofficial sponsor (meaning he doesn’t get paid in money just merchandise). They probably have no idea who is advertising their company they just do it bc he has a large following

No. 1620699

File: 1660980570560.png (125.8 KB, 750x1334, 3BE17E6B-087D-4F66-A2CA-3B4CE9…)

He’s such an immature angsty teenager with all of these passive aggressive super vague posts. No one ever knows what the hell he’s talking about, idk why he does this

No. 1620702

File: 1660980937269.png (3.39 MB, 750x1334, 0ADC72AC-EAA2-4CFB-B2AA-B53EA6…)

I love the strategically placed Homer Simpson to cover up her hairy ass armpits. Why else would she put it right there.

I’ve noticed whenever she’s with Jonny she doesn’t post the most flattering pictures/non flattering candids get posted of her. But when she’s away it’s allll about the thirst traps to remind him of what he has so he doesn’t cheat. Like the post on her page of her in a clubbing dress that she probably just threw on for a picture. Layna your insecurities are so loud and obvious

No. 1620720


I wonder if these posts are connected. Maybe goiter is getting insecure, especially after being cheated on. Surely if Layna wanted to she could just send goiter nudes? Maybe she's baiting local guys.

No. 1620807

did she really just sunburn her face and then ask if she's tan now? kek

No. 1620869

wait… i was sure that was wet shampoo'd hair… hahahahaah

No. 1620889

brands will happily link up with rappers with felonys, abuse charges and all sorts. this brand prints two letters on Chinese hats so i doubt the are doing background checks.

No. 1620898

yup. imagine having to use social media to communicate subliminally to the person your supposed to be emotionally connected to lol. exposing the entire world to your pathetic attempt to thirst trap a scamming, rapey, junkie who would happily throw you to the curb the moment a cool new play thing comes along. bruhhh

No. 1620980

It was easy to make these assumptions about Syd or even Taylor but I genuinely don’t think we know enough about Layna/her character to know her intentions.

No. 1620987

anon please tell me why Layna is so special?

No. 1620994

We don't know anything about her. The other two publicly shared their character flaws so it was really easy to extrapolate based on that. Layna's a pretty girl, she could be getting dick back at home. How would JC know? She hasn't done much to warrant me thinking she's desperate for him like Syd was, so I have no reason to think she posted those for him and only him.

No. 1621017

it's giving first bra mom bought me in 5th grade and it's a little dingy now but still fits

No. 1621070

Ntayrt. I agree she’s out of his league looks wise, other than that they’re pretty on par. She seems unintelligent and immature, that’s why they get along so well. Emotionally intelligent, self confident, well adjusted women don’t date well known serial cheaters/abusers/drug addicts. I do however think she’s more like Taylor in that she won’t air out dirty laundry and bring milk like skid did, we got spoiled with him dating a unmedicated raging BPD bitch kek.

No. 1621075

I'm banking on it turning out like Taylor where he will wear her down until a breaking point where she feels she needs to vent. TND and JC would break up, then TND would post about him being horrible, and then the next day delete the tweets and they'd be together again. Layna seems immature enough that if they were in a really rocky place she'd do something similar.

No. 1621079

Yeah because a woman being a little dumb and immature is ON PAR to a man who RAPES AND ABUSES WOMEN. You lot are brain dead.

No. 1621094

Girl just stop. This sounds like Layna herself. Posting thirst traps while you’re away has nothing to do with her “character”. Lots of single women post thirst traps to get more likes but ever since she started dating Jonny, it’s clear as day that her personality has changed and she’s not being authentic. She
mimics the way he talks, she’s either doing that on purpose to either to impress him or so that he will like her more. Or she’s in un-subconsciously doing it because she has no personality so she morphs into whoever she’s around (much like tay tay). It doesn’t take two years to figure someone out, obviously we know his last two exes better but Layna has been around since like April now? And we’ve seen enough to know what kind of person she is. As the other anon said, she’s emotionally unintelligent and immature, and she’s clearly VERY insecure, like I said it doesn’t take two years or a rocket scientist to figure that out. Jonny had to write on the mirror “Layna you are beautiful” to make her feel better, then she wrote “Now it’s my turn” which is a very pathetic thing to say, no confident woman would do that. Before Goiter she NEVER posted thirst traps, or in her opinion “sexy” pictures. But that seems to be all she posts now, with that body con dress from Shein that was probably 15 dollars, the picture on twitter of her chest captioned “I take the best titty pics in the world”, and then letting him put a measly $20 bill sticking out of her tank top like it’s some type of flex.

She’s insecure, get over it. I don’t know why it bothers you or why it’s so important for you to defend her. We’ve all seen her personality drastically change ever since she got with her “rockstar” boyfriend that she is so excited to be with, doesn’t care about the horrible things she’s done because she’s “never met a celebrity” - her exes words. Go cope somewhere else cuz you’re really sounding like Layna or one of her friends she sent here to defend her.

No. 1621096

This is totally the vibe. Haha I thought
It was just me thinking it looked filthy and dingy. She certainly has no awareness of how unattractive this looks. Killed my boner lol.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1621102

Did you know Layna before she dated JC? Because I didn't. Did you know what type of stories she posted to instagram before she dated JC? I'm not defending the girl but I think it's pretty pathetic to think she's purely posting sexy pics for JC when she could just send him nudes. What about her personality has changed since she got with him other than the normal couple thing where they start to talk similarly? I really don't mean to white knight but it feels like a huge reach to me. Where's the drastic personality change? Putting on a dress? I think she's a complete retard for willingly being around Goiter but this narrative seems kind of delusional.

No. 1621103

She posted two pictures in this outfit, the first one saying she was gonna attempt to tan, did she really lay out in the sun in this outfit? She’s gonna have horrific tan lines. And I do believe she tanned in these pants cuz they look just as dirty and dingy as whatever cloth material bra type thing she’s wearing.

Mr. My Shoes Cost More Than Your Rent, please do her a favor and buy home girl a proper bathing suit.

No. 1621108

Nonnie you’re kind of insinuating that her posting thirst traps has something to do with her character.

No. 1621109

Look at her fucking profile for Christ sakes. She makes the same face in every boring selfie that looks the same. She’s wearing nothing revealing. You say you don’t mean to WK but that’s exactly what you’re doing. And you do realize you’re literally the only one who feels this way? That should tell you something. She probably does send him nudes because she according to her takes the best titty pics ever, but she’s also posting thirst traps which she NEVER did before. They’re probably for Goiter and to make his exes jealous, she never showed her body before in revealing clothing, you must not have ever looked at her profile? She went private when they first started dating and now she’s not, because she wants everyone to see that she’s his “hottest” new victim. It’s not a pathetic or delusional narrative at all, we all see it and you’re the only one who doesn’t. You look so stupid dickriding for Layna so hard and for what? It’s entirely obvious to the rest of the thread that she is extremely insecure and showing off publicly for her boo, his exes, and his fans. You sound like one of Layna’s mates or perhaps you’re Layna yourself? If that’s the case, stfu and close your thread, and get back to your “streaming duties” to all of your 12 twitch followers. I’m done arguing with someone this stupid. If you don’t like what we are discovering about Layna and discussing, then get off lolcow since it hurts your feelings that much. You act like we’re calling her the worst person on the planet when we are just noticing the drastic change in content that she’s posting.

No. 1621111

How? Where? All it makes her is insecure, nothing about her character or the kind of person she is. What a stupid take

No. 1621116

if u associate with an abuser rapist ur a disgusting pos i dont think thats a crazy concept? u can act like she’s some innocent victim but shes an adult who knows exactly what people say about jonny and still chooses to date him. thats on her.
ya im confused how are we supposed to see that shes changed when we have only been following her since she started dating jonny? maybe this is the crazy ex bf again lol.

No. 1621117

File: 1661034117980.jpeg (308.5 KB, 1936x1936, F6508232-EADC-479C-BAB0-765D88…)

Who was he even talking about here? As if he is in the position to roast ANYBODY

No. 1621120

You seem way to emotionally invested in this. Obviously she’s extremely insecure for posting desperate thirst traps but trying to say she’s only posting them for goiter and his exes??? Retarded. Did you follow Layna before she got with Goiter? She could have been posting thirst traps to her story all the time, how would you know? I think she’s insecure too but you’re making weird assumptions that make me think you’re projecting because you are an ex that is getting personally victimized by Layna’s selfies.

No. 1621123

How are you gonna insult Layna for dating Jonny, bringing up what kind of person she is to date a known piece or shit and then stick up for her in the second paragraph? Weird fucking energy.

No. 1621124

Samefag but the only reason why I’m being a WK in this situation is because I think it’s a completely delusional and retarded narrative. I’m fine with ripping Layna apart and believe she deserves it.

No. 1621126

No I’m just pointing out facts and you don’t like it. Imagine defending someone for dating Jonny Craig in 2022.

No. 1621128

because some arguments against her are valid and some are just completely random and don’t hold up at all. do u have a low IQ as to not understand that

No. 1621131

I’m not “defending” her for dating jc I’m “defending” her posting pics that make her feel confident because it’s so completely irrelevant to nitpick at

No. 1621135

You just contradicted yourself. Agreeing she deserves to be ripped apart yet saying how dare you speak on her character. I’m losing brain cells going back and forth with you. This is probably Selene, aka s.elienophylia on IG

No. 1621140

That’s the thing though she’s not posting them because she’s feeling “confident” she’s posting them because she’s INSECURE. Just like the “he picked me” bathroom mirror message. Confident women do not write that

No. 1621145

I believe she wrote the "my turn" thing on the mirror because a bunch of twitterfags were at her throat about how he wrote first for Syd. Never did I say she's not insecure. She clearly is and I don't think anyone in any of these threads has claimed she's confident.

No. 1621147

im not going to go along with something just because i think laynas a bad person. it makes no sense that we would see her personality change from when before she was with jonny we didnt even know she existed before jonny lol?

No. 1621158

nonnie do you not understand you can hate someone but that doesn't make you agree with every hateful word someone else says about them?
I can hate trump but still disagree with someone when they say he punches immigrants in his spare time.

No. 1621159

Spot on. I said this earlier and all the layna Stan’s jumped no she’s not talking like him, no she isn’t posting thirst traps. Girl, it’s plain as day to me and I’m sure most of the original thread anons her personality is shining through.

No. 1621160

How about maybe buy some laundry soap so she can wash her bra.maybe she thinks she doesn’t have to wash it because she only has mosquito bites.

No. 1621161

No one in here is a "Layna stan". Personally, my shit-talking to """"defending"""" (using that word lightly) ratio is pretty good. Some people in here just don't lack common sense.

No. 1621164

^ and it decreases the quality of the thread to make claims that aren't reflected in reality while waiting for milk

No. 1621272


No. 1621326

im another anon thats been telling this for a long time, i have even been posting here about Layna just to piss Layna Stan and call me “too emotionally invested” kek u can see for every post bashing Layna, theres a reply from Layna Stan. weird.

No. 1621330

The same 2 anons are arguing with any anon that doesn't agree with them as being insert One of Jonny's current or former Loser Lovers' name, but this unhinged anon really is admitting they stalked Wiggly before she met Jonny…
Their long ass hate novel is really reminding me of her bitter ex who came here to cry about her leaving him before any of us knew about her. No one else knew she existed. Most of us don't hate the Canadia Labia for her lack of dating experience and her teenage starstruck behavior. Watch, Wiggle's Stalker is now going to tell me I must be her or her friends.

No. 1621360

Some goofball behaviour. What in the world would make you think she’s posting selfies to prove she’s “the hottest victim”. Or make his exes jealous. Just weird conclusions to make.

No. 1621389

She looks anorexic

No. 1621391

He is so ugly he looks like a pedo

No. 1621405

File: 1661062468295.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, EA02AEE0-AB9A-436B-9A0C-4B8CF8…)

These are the pants she tanned in. Fucking disgusting. I hope she washed them before she made this tik tok, or I just pray the tik tok was made before she decided to tan in cloth biker shorts lmao

No. 1621406

Her uneven Spock eyebrows are sending me

No. 1621408

She really does look like a bean pole. I love how Jonny can never come up with cute names for his girlfriends, they’re all insulting.
Amanda- he called her his “baby bird” because of her nose and her bellybutton his “teddy graham” because her bellybutton is extremely unfortunate looking. It was super wide. And she was proud of these names!! That’s why I know about them, she was replying to a tweet “he calls me his baby bird with a teddy graham bellybutton” with a million hearts at the end like she thought it was the cutest thing ever. And then for years proceeded to put the teddy bear emoji over her bellybutton anytime it was visible in a photo. Dunno if she still does this, can’t be bothered to look at her IG cuz idc and she’s boring now
Taylor - my lil sewer rat
Syd - my lil midget, also my lil trash can or my lil dumpster, can’t remember which one it was
Layna - my lil bean pole

Not sure if he does this on purpose to be an ass or if he thinks it’s a cute boyfriend thing to do.

No. 1621413

File: 1661063346706.jpeg (446.82 KB, 750x1100, 4104AF99-2375-4088-8947-EF4C77…)

She got a big ol’ long head

*cue the Layna stans running to defend her: “how dare you!!!1” “we know nOtHiNg about her personality! reeeee!!!!”

In the wise words of Kassi/ohmytinylungs - “imagine being concerned over a person who doesn’t even know you exist” kek

No. 1621414

T pose on em

No. 1621420

Calm down block head

No. 1621423


You guys really take her too seriously. A lot of her looses are clearly to troll the fuck out of people who lack internet literacy. I really believe that save for maybe some of the attacks on her appearance she could not give less of a fuck about how mad y’all are.

No. 1621425

I wish all the Layna stan(s) would properly shut the fuck up or leave lolcow if they’re too sensitive. These threads used to be fun. Everyone in Goiter’s orbit has gotten picked on, cobweb head, Sonya, Dillon, Athena, Sterling, Syd’s only friend Meg. We “don’t know enough about their personalities” but everyone has had their turn. It’s not that serious. These are just him and Syd’s FRIENDS, yet the poor uwu Canadian gamer nerd whose willingly dating Mr. Bad News Bears should be spared? Complaining will not stop it from happening so I’d just get used to it if you don’t like it. I miss when we were witty, fun little mean girls. Lolcow is not where we praise people “but she’s in uNiVeRsItY” “we don’t know her cHaReCtEr”….. she’s dating Jonny Craig, has been warned, she knows everything awful he’s done but doesn’t care cuz she’s never been with a “celebrity” that’s all I need to know about her.

Even Jonny is too stupid enough to realize she’s with him for the “clout”. And comparing her to TND and Skidmark is irrelevant. They all suck.

No. 1621426

Thank you. Amen.

No. 1621431

yeah majorly this

why are you so triggered. back in the TND days she had plenty of people trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. reason why Syd didn't have that is because she's a lunatic. and all those others you listed were defended as well. why does it trigger you so badly when theres one or two replies who dont agree with you.

No. 1621432

Not to mention she blocks anyway who has tried to warn her and limited her comment section. She knows she’s playing with fire. She probably loves any attention because this is the most she’s ever gotten in her entire life. And with a whopping 12 twitch followers, there’s nobody in here who watches this nobody’s boring ass streams. She’s barely been streaming since she ever even made her lolcow debut. It’s just so painfully obvious it’s Layna or one of her mates who comes here to defend her, even throwing in an insult or two thinking they are fooling us that it’s someone else. The smart farmers that have been here for years can see right through that bullshit.

No. 1621433

File: 1661065205670.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x1961, 3A42BF02-DA77-4D2A-85C7-C5908A…)

It’s the greasy hair, unmade bed, and 100 followers for me.

No. 1621434

She is a fucking nobody

No. 1621437

Wrong. No one came to cobweb’s, Dillon’s, or Athena’s defense. Posting more than two sentences doesn’t equal = triggered. I’m just laying out facts in detail and you don’t like it because I’m right. I can be annoyed about the WKs without exaggerating and saying I’m “triggered”. It’s annoying because this is a shitposting thread and the WKs (Layna herself or her mates that she sends here to her rescue) are the one’s “triggered” when someone insults their precious Layna. If it’s not her or her friends that’s pretty sad. Imagine defending someone that does not know nor gives a fuck about you on a lolcow thread. I love how you’re directing this at only me when I am not the only one who has insulted her today. Defending cows derails the thread and contradicts the whole purpose of these threads. So does arguing with sensitive retards, so I’m peace-ing out and going to bed.

No. 1621442

File: 1661066263799.jpeg (97.95 KB, 760x590, ED6ACE12-C406-4528-AFB3-C62E9E…)

Okay now is Layna and her friends in the room with us right now anon?

No. 1621446

Lmfao love coming to this fucking cursed place to skim the quick levelheaded actually funny comments while scrolling up to wherever the fuck this EXACT SAME ARGUMENT EVERY TIME started

Problem with this thread is literally everything including the fucking gems like this because then I have to come back. Great job funny lady

No. 1621451

Fucking kek.

No. 1621455

I can’t stop laughing that this very sane, rational, logical, and simple comment is what set off this >>1621094 nuclear waste dump. She could not have been more polite or calmly stating the obvious without any personal bias. Like come on lmao how did that threaten anyone

No. 1621467


For me it’s just odd that people are so invested in Layna either way. She does literally nothing. While I don’t necessarily miss Syd, I kind of miss just how messy she was. The only thing you can fault Layna for is dating JC in the first place, but it’s still weird to me that people in here care about her enough to hate her so much.

No. 1621494

nobody hates her, its not that deep. and nobody cares about syd, shes boring now but all im saying is that i will keep telling that LAYNA IS A DISGUSTING PIECE OF SHIT FOR DATING A RAPIST, ABUSER WHO PUT HIS SON… his fucking SON on danger for being a 30something drug addict loser. Layna can be better tho, but she won’t.

No. 1621538

>I move forward
Pedo stache from the 90s
Frosted tips from the early 00s
Haircut from, god knows.

>we progress faster than THE REST

Of course, has to think he is better than anyone else.

No. 1621539

At least he "covered" that stupid haircut and his body and looks like a normal-sized human.

No. 1621545

Says the man with pedo stache and frosted tips.

No. 1621672

Thank u! I don’t see cow potential in her. Taylor and skid both had their own milk, layna is just dating a cow, it’s not the same. Some anons are hating so hard it seems personal, yeah she’s a shit person for dating goitre but what else has she actually done that’s so terrible it warrants this kinda insane sperging ?

She blocked u because that’s harassment. Yeah she sucks for dating him but she’s an adult who makes her own choices, she doesn’t need U to save her. Hands off the subjects.

No. 1621687

I have been called Layna numerous times for repeating this sentiment, and have seen this anon reply to multiple anons with "you are the ONLY ONE IN THE THREAD THAT FEELS THIS WAY GET OUT" and it's absolutely hilarious.

No. 1621906

yeah she’s not milky at all. she’s dating a rapist and that sucks but other than that nonnies have nothing but her looks and follower count to dig on, and they’re literally foaming at the mouth about it. other lolcow threads of substance tear down people that are genuine menaces to society, but layna buys a comic book and cocks her eyebrows weird and this thread goes into a rabid fit. it’s kinda funny just because of how dorky and delusional their cope is without flowing milk.

no shit she is a nobody. every girl jonny has ever dated has been a nobody but taylor, who actually became a nobody after jonny. are you somebody? is anyone here anybody? who gives a fuck about that but bitter nobodies, temporary somebodies, or regina fucking george?? what kind of weird high school retard koolaid is you still sipping?

No. 1621919

why are u so obsessed with me?

No. 1621994

spoken like a true nobody desperately clinging to the idea of being somebody

No. 1622069

checking in this thread after a couple days… jesus fuck nonnie, go outside and touch some grass, you sound like taylor's stinky ass with your endless novels i didn't even bother reading

No. 1622124

I have also been called layna for saying she’s not milky lol. The psycho rants are clearly one angry anon projecting their own assumptions and feelings onto her social media shitposting kek.
>She went private when they first started dating and now she's not, because she wants everyone to see that she's his "hottest" new victim.
>We've all seen her personality change ever since she got with her "rockstar"
>she is extremely insecure and showing off publicly for her boo, his exes, and his fans

No. 1622133

I think there’s a couple in there that really hate her. 99% of everyone else is ambivalent so idk what “Layna stans” she’s talking about

No. 1622184

Layna if u are reading this: go wash your bra

No. 1622212

EXACTLY! I’m convinced the novels are from the same insane person who seems to have a weird vendetta against Layna.

No. 1622219

ALL either Layna or her fucking friends if she has any.

No. 1622223

File: 1661148015550.jpeg (136.29 KB, 750x1138, F4DDC161-079B-4008-A4CE-AB7009…)

No. 1622224

How on earth did you miss this one >>1621919

No. 1622226

That one was me. Someone is obsessed with my ""novels"". I think these anons are just illiterate and can't read.

No. 1622228

noni that was me lol i said that because the regina george commentary but u know im probably you because as the no layna stan said, its all just one anon!!! delulu

No. 1622257

No. 1622295

Hhahaha lmao nonnie! Also is it weird that Layna Fawkes is giving me a lady-boner?? Lol

No. 1622299

Not Layna or one of her “fucking friends” just someone tired of your fucking spergs

No. 1622354

Unhinged anon, Layna doesn't even have friends. She doesn't egg on the online drama so I seriously doubt she'd come in here to dEfEnD herself to a bunch of gossiping fellow nobodies. Some of us just don't have a hate boner for her because she doesn't do anything worthy of vitriol.

No. 1622471

im not layna nor her friends you fucking retard. no one here is illiterate, we just can't be bothered with your raging novelas. you are coming off as psychotic and really should take a break from the internet for a bit, you're clogging up the thread and giving personal vendetta/jealous bitch vibes. either you know layna irl or you're salty for some insane reason and maybe it's cause you wish you had freddie perc-ury's worm all in you. not cute look, anon.

No. 1622478

this is my angle too. like y'all the ones who lack in valid nitpicks are the ones turning this thread into a joke and just making it seem like we're all either haters or stans. whoever keeps posting the long ass two cents needs to chill

No. 1622492

shhh anon, taylor's gonna hear you and post her emaciated body again

No. 1622495

ok nonnie i read your novels and you miss the mean girl vibe, that's what it comes down to. say less…. i feel you nonnie, i see you now. i agree. lmao

No. 1622498

File: 1661185412651.jpeg (1013.53 KB, 2828x2828, FB82CC12-A870-4DFE-AE41-F81B4E…)

Lelayna Caldwell AKA big titty girl definitely has an ED.

No. 1622523

File: 1661187463657.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 286.7 KB, 1713x1736, 713F12ED-6FB6-4E4A-8E3B-70C4D6…)

>all these people have differing opinions from my own, they HAVE be layna or her friends because everyone else HAS to share MY opinion.
lol the cope is real. looks like it’s time to take a break from the internet, sorry lolcow isn’t your perfect little echo chamber.

No. 1622559

No. 1622583

nah, more just cus it's kinda cringe, low ball, useless, subjective splurging that no one asked for.

you seem a bit sensitive, maybe its you who should leave for your own sake

ugh the "put make up on greasy unwashed face" look.

No. 1622679

the state of this thread…

No. 1622731

its as bad as Laynas bra.

No. 1622734

I know you want the bra thing to be a meme or whatever but it’s not gonna happen. Please latch onto something else. Maybe instead you can fixate on her socks, or maybe her sheets. Something more nitpicky.

No. 1622774

no, the sheets have been discussed before. maybe as bad as her megamind head? or as bad as her hygiene?

No. 1622812

Nobody can convince me this retard
Isn’t this one
from a little over a week ago that finally got their ban lifted keek. The chaotic seething is just so familiar. Extreme layna hate boner anon is back.

No. 1622859

her dirty bralette is cute and in character.

No. 1622873

File: 1661214698664.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 206.04 KB, 1200x626, CB708FF0-DBAD-4B98-B541-0DBC76…)

lelayna caldwell big chest

No. 1622937

File: 1661218445951.png (402.08 KB, 750x1334, F99156EF-8DF3-4E3F-98DF-8FB579…)

Kek(off topic)

No. 1622945

lmaoooo i cant believe shes lurking

No. 1622962

the comments about being sooo skinny now and also totally having big boobs/not a flat chest is hilarious.

No. 1623030

All her most recent meth rants have been indirect responses to things people are saying in her thread or jonny’s. We’re like her main audience it seems and while she’s always lurked and accidentally exposed herself for doing so she no longer bothers trying to wait a bit or changing the scenario a bit to her “coincidental” stories

No. 1623082

This is my first time posting in days but for the clueless anons that are Layna hasn’t got any mates… you obviously haven’t been paying attention. She’s been posted more than once on here hanging out with her friends in Canada. And if I were being posted on this ridiculous website, I would absolutely tell my close friends about it. So it’s not far fetched for anons to think her mates are Wking, and I’m sure some of them aren’t her friends, (they just don’t know where they are apparently). Layna seems absolutely spineless and like she cannot stand up for herself. So maybe she sent them here, maybe she didn’t. But I would bet my bottom dollar that she wouldn’t leave Jonny for cheating on her just like Syd wouldn’t. She’s desperate enough to date him in the first place when she could do way better. This is just my opinion, nobody is right or wrong here because at the end of the day none of us really know who the annoying whiteknights are. It’s just hilarious that every once in a blue moon someone comes in here to try to tell us to mind our own business, as if that’s gonna stop anyone. So the WKing is pointless, you’re just screaming into the void. Farmers gonna farm.

No. 1623084

File: 1661229437623.jpeg (455.41 KB, 713x914, D3B81A04-0A18-4F23-A8CA-8ABBC3…)

Layna’s face while lurking her own thread

No. 1623108

This thread isnt even Jonny’s anymore it’s a weird layna sperg hate thread. Praying for a break up just so the obsessed layna fans will leave us alone. Like yes you think she’s ugly, yes she has small boobs, yes she’s skinny, yes she has wonky eye brows, yes she owns an old bra WE GOT IT ALL, NOW LEAVE. How much you hate layna is not milky and never will be.

No. 1623113

Last one you quoted is mine and wasn’t even about layna, it was about how zen asf that post was and then your creepy ass had to evacuate your emotional bowels again in disturbing detail.

The linked posts aren’t evidence of anything, this has to be a male who is trolling and being a complete asshead, or Sydney thinks she’s getting some kind of revenge for people identifying her posts. Idk but when goiter was dating swamp monster Sydney people were pretty happy because he deserved it lmao, only problem with Layna is that she’s not science experiment levels of stupid and crazy like Sydney, so it’s weird when anyone can have real emotions or reactions to her. She’s just there idk.

No. 1623120

how are we even sure she lurks here?

jonny might not have told her about it because he’s not trying to be outed as a rapist who got his kid high. he hasn’t really addressed us “haters” since they started dating, and looking back, there’s no real correlation between laynas social media posts and the posts about her here besides speculation. yeah, she went private and blocked people, but people were also flooding her inbox and harassing her???

i dunno, but if i found out there was a board of people talking shit about me i’d avoid it like the plague. but that’s just me. i could be wrong, but it’s worth a thought. this board is a tiny little microcosm i never knew existed until catching wind of some epic taylor and jonny break up drama and i every time i bring up lolcow to someone they have zero clue what i’m talking about.

No. 1623124

My guess is that Taylor, Sydney, or Athena (or maybe they have teamed up) are tearing down Layna out of spite because the kind of hatred she gets is definitely personal. No one writes novels like that without being personally invested. It’s probably Sydney because the posts are that unhinged.

No. 1623140

File: 1661234714715.jpeg (308.39 KB, 1307x749, 7CE69BEF-2122-4B2E-A59B-58F086…)

Of course the man with a history of being violent towards women thinks this is a profound excerpt (from his ig story, rotated so it’s easier to read for nonnies)

No. 1623143

Sage for OT but why did you not get banned or called a Twitterfag for saying "y'all," but when my southern ass does it, I do…?

No. 1623151

She lurks here because her Facebook is now unsearchable, right after her last name was posted here.

No. 1623153

She deleted her Facebook is what I meant to say. But here’s her mom’s, in case anyone wants to message her any Jonny milk screenshots from the first TND thread. It’s time she knows who her little girl is really flying out to see and the man sending her flowers kind. I’m positive she has no idea who her daughter is dating.

I’m not gonna message her because I can’t be bothered, seems like a lot of work to make a new Facebook and email but if anyone wants to save Layna from this monster here you go. Maybe someone in here cares enough to get her away from him.

And don’t get it twisted, I’ll gladly take my ban. I don’t even post here I just read and this thread has gone to shit. So let’s go off with a bang. Bye sluts, it’s been real.(cowtipping )

No. 1623155

Honestly someone should break them up cuz she’s boring as fuck and I want Jonny to be miserable and alone

No. 1623156

You win the award for the most retarded anon here. One, for thinking Layna doesn’t lurk and two, for assuming she doesn’t know anything about him or the things he’s done. She fucking knows. She has been warned. She does not care

No. 1623158

Everyone is fully aware that it’s not milk nor will “ever be milk” KEK you sound like you’re trying to tell us off and you didn’t.

People talk about how much they hate Layna or trash her looks because they want to. Because they’re bored. I can’t make it stop and neither can you. This is what happens here when nothing milky is going on. Taylor’s looks get ripped apart on the daily and no one complains about that. And now you’re gonna say you can’t compare Layna and Taylor. They’re both fucking cows. They both dated Johnny knowing what a piece of shit he was.

No. 1623159

I fucking cackled at “NOW LEAVE”. Oh you sweet summer child. You sure told them. They’re definitely gonna listen to the big scary anon telling them to leave OR ELSE.

No. 1623160

Can your unhinged ass take that other psycho novel anon with you? No one is messaging a middle aged woman because we're here to observe and report, not make shit up and meddle.

That's the problem with boring cow adjacents- they dont give milk so anons resort to making shit up. Mom Stalker anon, maybe she went private because you and novel anon are sending her an abundance of psycho messsages.

No. 1623162

They were flooding her inbox about Jonny. They weren’t harassing her. You are seriously so stupid it hurts. You think Layna just knows absolutely NOTHING about Jonny’s past? She didn’t watch the two interviews he just did? She doesn’t have access to GOOGLE? Her, Sydney, and Taylor all knew and have been warned. Thats why Layna went private and limited her comments. People tried to tell her about Jonny and she doesn’t care. Now she knows she’s gonna get backlash so she limited her comments. No one was “harassing” her

No. 1623165

This is so stalkerish and creepy holy shit. Seek help.

No. 1623166

I’m not doing shit, I’ve never tried to contact Layna’s dumbass. She deserves to be with this piece of shit. And cute for you to think you can make me leave. I can just change my VPN. This thread has gone to shit so now I’m just having some fun. But I’ve had enough fun for the night, bye.

Also, there’s multiple anons writing novels if you know how to check, you fucktard.

No. 1623168


Oh look more of Layna and her fucking friends trying to distract from her being a POS who doesn't wash her bra. Layna, eat a burger, wash your bra, and stay in Canada. And above all else, stop drastically changing your personality to fit what you think Jonny wants. You will never be what he wants.

No. 1623171

Nta, but be real about it. If you were an inexperienced girl into a man, would you listen to a bunch of bitches you don't know saying "he's sooo aboosive, dump him!" Like oh sure, random bitch I don't know- I'll leave the guy who is nice to me because all of you ladies that are emotionally invested in my relationship

No. 1623174

I don't really think she lurks either.

No. 1623177

Who knows what was even said to her as well. From what I remember she got a couple of comments calling her homely and one saying jonny shot up his son with fent which is just retarded and explains why she shut off her comments.

No. 1623179

Funny you telling me to seek help when I don’t even post here, y’all do. And y’all are the most unhinged fucking losers I’ve ever seen. Talking shit on an anonymous board. None of you would ever show your faces. Every single one of you is obsessed with Jonny and his love life and it’s fucking disturbing. Y’all been going at this for years. I read this thread to laugh, y’all are so emotionally invested and wasting so much time stalking these people’s lives when you could do something better with your life. Y’all think you’re accomplishing anything? No. You’re just sad, ugly people miserable with their own lives so you call yourself “farmers” HAHAHA and think y’all are so cute and slick with your little gossip girl thread. Or mean girl burn book. Y’all need to seek help, truly. The only bad thing I did was post Layna’s mothers Facebook. I’m embarrassed for y’all. What would your friends, family, boyfriends, and workplace think if they knew this is what y’all did in your free time? Creepy ass fucking no life bitches. Y’all need to seek help. I just felt like shitting up the thread to ruin everyone’s fun. Y’all need to take a good long look in the mirror. Not one of you is happy with your lives, normal, sane, happy people with fulfilling lives don’t do this. It’s so fucking embarrassing. But at least y’all have each other, other people to be psychotic weirdos with.(No1curr)

No. 1623180

You don't have to announce your departure every night nonnie.

No. 1623183

You are the weirdest one here for posting her moms facebook calling for people to message her. Trying to create another Taylor situation where it severs the relationship she has with her mother and just drives her closer to Jonny. Which is exactly the shit he wants.

No. 1623184

And what the fuck are you gonna do about it? Keep gossiping some more and stalking Jonny and his love life, you miserable cunts.

No. 1623186

>y’all are so emotionally invested
Says the one who tracked down laynas mom and was checking laynas socials so often you noticed she deleted her Facebook. I can’t tell if you’re trolling you’re acting so fucking stupid. You’re literally stalking her family and encouraging people to “save her” how can you criticize anyone for being “too invested”.

No. 1623187

I’m the weirdest one on here for one post verses thousands, and years worth of it. Screenshotting every story they post. Hahaha okay. If I showed this to a psychologist they would be deeply disturbed by YALLS behavior

No. 1623191

I did ONE thing, and I’ve searched for Layna’s Facebook twice. One to dox her mother (y’all doxxed Syd’s mum too, and where Taylor’s apartment was, her house, her sober living.) and just now to tell that retard that thinks Layna’s never seen this thread. She deleted her Facebook right after the Layna Caldwell skeleton meme was posted. I could go on about how creepy y’all are. So shut the fuck up and stop masturbating to the thought of being “secret farmers”

No. 1623192

Earlier people posted screenshots from her Facebook account that had her full name???? Why didn't she delete it then oh smart one?

No. 1623195

hey retard, that’s cowtipping and involving family

read the rules or get banned

No. 1623199

i knew it. this is athena.

ban evading extraordinaire on this thread by now, and how many times did she squint her eyes and call us cute for “fussing over lil ol me all day” on her sad little stories?

No. 1623200

Athena would get stuck on a stinky bra cause someone’s definitely called her ass out for that.

No. 1623202

athena again. there’s that threatening “bitches won’t say it to my face” and “fuck those coward bitches on an anonymous board”

ya’ll let her back in. stop feeding the sad boring crack troll.

No. 1623210

why is there an anon in here that is more milky and cow-like than the cow.

No. 1623243

Wake up every day to see some anon forgot to eat their meds.. nonnie, do you want to tell us who you are and we can start a thread for you? X please, let us be the unhinged loser stalker in your life! I beg you !

No. 1623267

this is fucking creeepy, lurking and posting her mom's facebook. yeah, go back to lurking instead of integrating, anon

No. 1623270

yeah anon. you posted one supposed post but it was of her mom's facebook…. we post but it's to laugh and poke fun. you literally went out of your way to find her mom's facebook. even all of us anons who bicker can get behind just how fucking weird that is. now that screams emotionally invested, sounds like you're deflecting and everything you're saying towards us is just how you feel about yourself. it's funny how you went on a rant when you realized that you went too far and even the "loser lolcow-ers" didn't support your weirdo behavior

No. 1623275

although i have to agree with you it was pretty lame to dox sydneys mom in the first place there's two big differences than you doxxing layna's mom. 1) syd posted her mom + her profiles herself whereas layna never has 2) syd was like straight up letting jonny get high around an infant and posting video evidence so like…. yeah, a baby was involved. last i checked layna does not have a baby and so your doxxing is seriously unwarranted.

No. 1623277

iI was for sure not their only post. Types just like the sperging anon, unless there's a few of these anons that have such a vitriolic hatred for Layna.

No. 1623280

i'm rereading their posts and i'm seriously not tryna derail but it really gives me taylor vibes. like they brought up taylor's apartment, sober living etc. + it's 6 in the morning in texas and she could be on a methampethamine rage

No. 1623282

Would make sense given their hatred towards farmers as well. Tay would hate us, she was made fun of for years and years on here.

No. 1623302

im curious about what messages Layna supposedly received and how do you know that? but totally not laynas friends tho

No. 1623324

I think it's implied by the sperging farmer who keeps repeating "SHE WAS WARNED" that that anon at the very least sent her messages.

No. 1623333

There’s no way syd herself didn’t message layna all the dirt on Jonny when she first found out about her. With how quick she was to harass any girl that he acknowledged. Can’t see her letting him move on peacefully lol

No. 1623335

but it is a fact? or you’re just tinfoiling?

No. 1623393

Absolutely Athena. Any IG rants I had seen, she said y’all a lot, just like this nonnie. She also kept claiming she posted one time (aka the time she self posted her twitter, highly doubt it was the first time) and oh look this nonnie is saying “this is the only time I’ve posted.” This is just two examples but anyone who has watched her rants can see the similarities. And she has tons of free time on her hands to find random fb accounts or write novels because she’s a loser. But no, the majority of us who check this thread once a day, at the end of the night or while on the toilet are the “miserable cunts.”

Yup this sounds just like her >>1623179 Athena or Harlow or whatever the fuck your name is, we’re not gonna make a thread about you no matter how much you want it

No. 1623395

Are those bras from justice sydney? She will never be what he wants because he wants “your womanly body” instead right? I can hear the soggy swimskirt and lip smacking “y’all”s from here. You’ve been the only one writing shit about goiter’s “love life”, most of us want to laugh at his god awful fashion/style choices, inability to stop his Billie Eillish AAVE larp, and only paid any attention to his situation because Sydney was fucking carpet bombing his life from every direction and he deserves nothing more. Then a damn baby got involved, come on. Click on any of the old threads, they are hilarious and require literally zero emotional investment or knowledge of either person’s past because Sydney actually is an unbelievable person.

Also why would layna send friends here it’s just you and she can probably tell who it is. Why do you want her to notice you so much

No. 1623402

I thought Sydney but that makes sense I believe you. I only read about her from a few posts and she was with goiter after Sydney but before Layna? Girl. Didn’t she try to dunk on him by saying she “gave him herpes and now layna has it too probably”????? What the fuck how do these people even exist

No. 1623418

girl youre here more than once a day lmao are u having digestive problems? but i agree how desesperate has someone to be to selfpost, sadder than Layna’s tits.

who would want to be what Jonny wants? only Layna and mentally ill women with really low self esteem or crackheads lol hey wasn’t Laynas ex a junkie too?

No. 1623421

KEK. it's funny to see nonnies ban together after a deadend debate over nitpicking layna. nonnies setting it all aside to kick athena, taylor or syd outta here is hilarious.

No. 1623426

Layna’s boobs are so small and sad. She should get JC to pay for her boob job with his riches.

No. 1623447

that’s because athena is obsessed with taylor, remember?

when athena was sperging on her ig before it got deleted for having an abnormally flabby labia out in the open, she talked about using a vpn to ban evade and that she was very amused with causing infighting.

it’s. athena.

No. 1623451

she uses a vpn to seem like different people and ban evade because this is entertaining for her and she was booted before after we refused to give her her own thread. i feel like she’s been here the whole time, probably even fighting with herself.

No. 1623487

LOL this is almost as funny as the “I'm probably the best looking girl posting in this thread” anon.
Mental illness is one hell of a drug.

No. 1623498

this site is for organic milk, not artificial dairy.

No. 1623499

honestly im amazed at how im not banned yet when i have been shitposting about Layna all this time but other shit is getting banned so i guess mods are enjoying this fuckery lol
im not asking to be spoonfed but can some of you at least tell me in what thread i can find the Antena bullshit? i dont remember reading about someone so pathetic like why are these hoes so hysterical for that middle age dwarf wtf

that sounds like Syd to me tbh got some BPD in it

No. 1623502

i dunno… a bombardment of unwanted communication is kinda harassy. you really think anons from this forum where cordial and polite in telling her? have you seen the behavior on here? lmao

No. 1623504


No. 1623511


settle down petal

No. 1623515

File: 1661276492462.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 662.24 KB, 990x1047, FCA6291E-9BC3-425F-92EC-D3B646…)

…. drumroll….. THIS is athena, aka a TND-obsessed fan who got butthurt that jonny didn't want to fuck her. i don't know much about her either but she was posting how taylor was gonna move to LA with her and they were gonna do porn together. she's washed up and desperate for lolcow attention.

No. 1623518

holy shit looking back at old posts, it DOES sound like her… jesus fuck this bucktoofed whoville is so weird

No. 1623521

also pretty funny how awhile back she changed her name to seasonsofharlowe and now she changed it back to seasonsofathena… probably because she's being talked about here

No. 1623530

Can someone start a thread for her cause some anon here are honestly invested to talk about this cow and she obviously wants to be on lolcow.

No. 1623576

is this even Jonnys thread anymore??

No. 1623590

Yeah I have no doubts it’s her. I really think we should just ignore it. The only remedy for attention hungry cows is to starve them of attention. She’s probably rubbing one out to this many people mentioning her name.

No. 1623660

sometimes i wonder, how can cows check on their own threads and also how people would like to have a thread, like its out of my comprehension but i forgot that there are really mentally ill people out there and they look like this >>1623515 mostly of the time

No. 1623669

File: 1661286647025.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1170x2102, B232199A-93FA-4F32-8A4B-BE9DF5…)

Pending a felony charge?

No. 1623678

I hate wasting my time on Athena but she is a pest that needs to be dealt with one way or another because her shit is smeared all over this thread.

After she:
(1) made all those terrifyingly obsessed but also pathetically miserable pleas on her stories for her ex-husband to give her another chance and even tried to Venmo him or something to get his attention, and he wanted nottttthingggg to do with her stinky bra and cut up pussy
(2) got rejected by Jonny (the least likable person on earth), who then went on to humiliate her in front of all his fans by posting pictures of her thirsty "plz cum fuk me texts" (ew)
(3) annoyed Taylor (who was following Jonny again at that time and was probably disgusted by what she saw in those texts, i.e. Athena shamelessly lusting after Taylor’s abusive ex) enough to ghost her, sending Athena into an embarrassing "omg, I'm so worried about my BFF Taylor" spree across social media. And Taylor still hasn’t reached out to her so take the hint Athena, you creepy.
(4) realized no one wants to hang out with her unless it is to bang and ditch…

My expert analysis is that no matter how hard we slam her and tell her to fuck off, this is the most attention she's got in a while and she loves it because for someone as neglected like her as a kid, any attention is good attention, and it's fucking sad and extra fucked up and she is clearly mentally unstable. She can't swallow the painful truth that even the "miserable anonymous cunts" rejected her. That’s how unimportant she feels inside.. so much that she needs validation from lolcow. She longs for the day she can tell people (who probably don’t give a fuck) that "there's an anonymous board of people who stalk me and talk shit about me" like it's some achievement. So fucking weird.

I'm on the side of ignoring her and don't think she should have her own thread, but part of me wants someone to make a thread just so we can get rid of her.

I doubt anyone will care to follow it and she’ll probably end up arguing with herself to feign importance, but if allowing her to stand proudly atop her manufactured castle of hate gets her farrr away from us, I say do it. Giving her a thread will be the thing she is most proud of cause what else does she have to be proud of right now? Being completely unlovable? Being obnoxiously rat-faced >>1623515 and a solid 5 or less on the attractive scale? Being crippled with a back brace from a car accident but NEVER wearing it because she isn’t really crippled? Being a petri dish for STDs that you can smell from across the yard? Being nothing but a pitiful collection of cheap-looking nude pictures and easy pussy for nothing but low-life dudes to cum in? I'm all for sexual empowerment and supporting sex work, but when it’s the only thing you have to offer it’s just sad, and participating in a thread about her would be so boring because all the things wrong with her are so painfully obvious, there is zero investigating that needs to be done to see through her bullshit.

I have no idea what the better option is, but do all bitches that have herpes end up acting like a literal herpe?

No. 1623724

File: 1661291455886.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x2119, 412EDB82-0490-49A5-807E-8AB01C…)

No. 1623727

I’m starting to love Sydney. She’s the villain we all love to hate. A cuntress if you will. She’s been keeping it interesting for us for years.

No. 1623747

Also she made JC's life a living hell during his time with her which is fantastic.

No. 1623755

So having custody of Storm would be a downgrade?

The fact he had to post that means the opposite is true.

If THIS is where he wanted to get his life to… man his standards are fucking low. He probably thinks taking a shit is character development

No. 1623961

Yeah I kinda miss her, come on syd being a milky rude ass crazy bitch again. I’m tired of Layna and Athena bs kek

No. 1623962

(Okay it won’t let me delete this but please ignore my typo! I meant to write be not being)

No. 1623997

She's our queen for causing JC emotional distress for a couple of years and posting that funny video of him nodding out.

No. 1624080

Queen of the eggplants

No. 1624108

File: 1661329256909.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1170x1977, 00754E6B-3F9E-4AFA-B790-FB48E1…)

Queen Cuntress

No. 1624139

I agree actually. I used to find her a pathetic person, and still do in a way, but now that he’s with Layna I realise that she played a pivotal role in fucking Johnnys life in a splendid display of karma. He has never deserved anything more.

I am beyond grateful that she terrorised and called him out on all his nonsense.

I also sympathise as a fellow BPDette, wouldn’t wish that shit on anyone.

Layna is no less a loser than Syd.

No. 1624149

File: 1661336862701.jpeg (981.61 KB, 1170x1765, 03AAF734-C27B-4B70-9EB7-E08096…)

We were spoiled. We didn’t know how good we had it. She gave us the best gems in the world.

No. 1624151

Does anyone know what app she uses that that adds the white overlay thing?

No. 1624156

File: 1661337777342.jpeg (607.81 KB, 1170x1220, B35C491E-756A-4251-9178-C05B5D…)

She complimented him perfectly. There was a lot of truth she spoke when she would talk about their special bond. She was the perfect woman to bear his child. There is nothing to connect him to any woman except for her. His name isn’t even on his first child’s birth certificate. Sydney is the only one. Seriously some sort of divine intervention brought these two together. And it’ll continue bringing them together for years to come.

No. 1624160

File: 1661339140443.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x1828, 4B34053F-E7BB-42B7-9837-5210A7…)

She also didn’t leave him when he looked like this which means she must have really loved him. You guys may not agree but I really think he loved her too underneath the narc mask.

No. 1624464

they’re made for each other, that’s why none of them got custody of their son.

No. 1624524

since we’re all talking about Queen Skidney, did anything ever come from this?

No. 1624586

Queen skid! Queen Skid! Queen Skid! God I miss that milk haha

No. 1624596

File: 1661369016865.jpeg (62.17 KB, 859x982, 826DE246-464B-4625-9420-937E5E…)

She is the hero.

No. 1624597

File: 1661369159377.jpeg (706.49 KB, 1170x1276, 55F03746-5F5A-4BC2-B8F8-A137C3…)

I’ve genuinely never seen him so happy in pure ecstasy. Maybe he’ll wise up and keep their family together.

No. 1624676

Whats with all the samefag circle jerking over the saggy eggplant failure of a mother kek. I've been wishing farmhands would reveal sydneys posts for months now. That would be some good milk.

No. 1624710

File: 1661376033968.jpeg (135.71 KB, 761x1096, 0DB0061E-2046-46AD-AAB6-3AB7D4…)

The Jonny/syd era was hands down the best because they’re both abusive pos that we’re made for each other. My absolute favourite was when she would manically dm female fans that commented on his posts to scare them away and just shit talk the absolute fuck outta him.

No. 1624792

File: 1661381841972.jpeg (117.54 KB, 975x1084, D20605D3-4415-49A4-82AA-088E22…)

I fucking love this bitch

No. 1625024

lol syd and jonny are the broke amber and johnny
“fat junkie” sounds familiar

No. 1625187

Honestly I have to admit you guys are right. Goiter can deny it all he wants but he probably imagines he’s still with Sydney when the lights are dim. He got a carbon coby of her but without the personality. I mean, Sydney would have died for him, so what if she “harassed” his fan base, he loved how she was so psycho obsessed with him. Look at that gleaming fat baby smile on his face, and Sydney seeing past his incomprehensible amount of flaws and being so in love. They’re meant to be and have a kid, it’s the best thing to do and goiter should support her getting better instead of Taylor. They’re done now and goiter can step up as a man and you know, make an honest woman and mother out of Sydney. She did full on have his entire baby son, that’s forever and I have a feeling her glow up is going to be as bright as the earth burning in flames from global warming. Ethereal.

No. 1625214

feel like pure shit. just want them back together

No. 1625216

File: 1661421809563.jpeg (382.14 KB, 1125x1234, 93093DB5-1886-43F1-8BBC-423868…)

lol sydney

No. 1625231

THIS. I feel like once he’s got whatever he needs to out of his system he will recognize the best way to be a father to Storm would be to put his family back together. He cheats all the time he needs to swallow his pride on this one and forgive Sydney.

No. 1625259

kek what is happening in this thread hc

No. 1625301

Seems like one absolute retard that wants the attention off of Johnny's new uggo. It's extremely transparent.

No. 1625353

Obvious troll

No. 1625727

kek what the fuck

No. 1625734

File: 1661460047874.jpeg (1.02 MB, 3464x2088, 2EDE4798-38D6-436B-8317-EBCC39…)

look who played a show last night. it looked like there was maybe 50 people there tops, what a rockstar kek.

No. 1625768

They will get back together.

No. 1625860


Rockstar? No, according to himself, a GOD! kek

No. 1625871

>it’s free
Kek oh how the mighty, I use that term lightly, have fallen

No. 1625910


The best way to be a father to storm is to bring him back to a toxic as fuck environment where one parent caused him a fent overdose and the other one just fucking allowed it? Are YOU high? The best way to parent storm would be for each of them to get their shit together separately but it’s never gonna happen.

No. 1625948

Are you on the spectrum, Nonnette? I ask because it should be obvious none of those posts are serious.

No. 1626027

I highly doubt there was 50 people there. It looked more like 20 kek. Funny to because last night Dance Gavin Dance played a sold out show in SF. What a great juxtaposition for how much he fucked up his life and career

No. 1626114


I actually don’t see that at all, it comes off like syd or Megan wrote it cuz who else calls that cum dumpster by her full name

No. 1626142

File: 1661507464192.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x2067, 281C76AE-AFDD-46B9-8D1F-BECC4F…)

No. 1626419

I wonder as of late which narcissistic cow would post their selfies in their thread. Which cow time after time cares more about their self image more than being an actual mother?
A cow who gets so little attention in the real world, they stay glued to a thread where they are constantly bashed?
Girl, you are not milky, you are not cute. You know what would be the most impressive choice moving forward? Actually earning the role of being an active mom in Storms life.
This thread sucks. Their are plenty of piece of shit parents why do we bother fueling their delusional narcissism anymore?
I wish Storm the best but what is the point of this thread anymore? Im bored watching limp dick “god” and eggplant tiddies eye fuck themselves.

No. 1626633

Glow up already started.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1626637

File: 1661550209860.jpeg (783.78 KB, 1170x1811, 3C0AA525-4B6C-476C-8F64-794CF6…)

She will get back with BBP.

No. 1626665

oompa loompa doopity doo

No. 1626734

She’s so pretty.

No. 1626797

Lol. Agree to disagree I guess. It’s a filter, other than that she looks exactly the same and those piercings are still tacky af.

No. 1626969

She is goddess status

No. 1627142

no one asked, no one cares.
why do people feel the need to wax lyrical about something as subjective as visual appeal. is it like, cathartic?

kek. half of those people where probably in the venue drinking anyway. they didn't expect to see Simple Jack do a Craig David tribute act, using an iPad.

No. 1627543


The real glow up would be living like a functional 30 year old but go off I guess

No. 1628202

File: 1661686580010.jpeg (208.58 KB, 1170x2391, 1A786411-AEB9-47BD-A84D-8C9AEB…)

What was the adventure a year ago?

No. 1628206

File: 1661686662536.jpeg (149.32 KB, 1170x2391, 0408DFF6-16D7-461E-9FAE-CBE320…)

No. 1628207

File: 1661686769438.jpeg (946.66 KB, 1170x2391, 83F2C472-BDC6-41AE-BB26-2BC235…)

No. 1628449

>syd is so desperate for JC to watch her she reposts her stories here because she knows how insecure he is and how often he checks here

Can we please shut this shitshow down?

No. 1628758

Jonny’s 10 stop tour maybe?

No. 1629010

File: 1661727715122.jpeg (946.91 KB, 1284x2244, 421AE8DE-9BBC-46B8-BBF8-7611D7…)

the whole caption is giving 16y/o girl on tumblr “I want to say this was a weird point in my life…but that’s my whole life lol” like get a grip

No. 1629138

File: 1661733724031.jpeg (846.81 KB, 1170x1446, 8ACE53E9-5F14-439F-8AFE-BA5EAD…)

No. 1629139

File: 1661733764645.jpeg (842.51 KB, 1170x1749, D76D3545-E098-449E-AD6A-ED71CE…)

queen of living her best life away from the abuser

No. 1629140

File: 1661733844804.jpeg (2.73 MB, 1170x2098, BFFFC489-50CC-43A1-A7AF-77BDE4…)

Went for a walk.

No. 1629144

File: 1661733990203.jpeg (422.53 KB, 1170x2079, F7D9A0E4-FE9E-4DC7-B5AD-5A94A9…)

No. 1629191

File: 1661738056087.jpeg (622.65 KB, 1170x2013, F022CA35-FF05-422E-A44A-F130E9…)

She’s so right.

No. 1629199


Sad boobs

No. 1629312

sup with JCs girls with their jean shorts and fishnets lol

No. 1629315

Such bad fashion.

No. 1629366

Why does her dress look like she drew it on in MS paint lmfao

No. 1629462

I get why she has black hair and bangs now. She looks like a damn egghead here.

No. 1629532

Wasn't this around the time that she was cheating?

No. 1629607


Scroll back on her feed and it was 1 year since she saw The Used. Boring.

No. 1629750

kek that mural looks just like Abby Brown

No. 1629758

they all dress like shit as if pinterest wasn’t free

No. 1630232

Using Pinterest for fashun inspo is equally embarrassing and more importantly, is the epitome of the basic bitch-dom the Hot Topic wearing Sped Syd desperately avoids more than her chiOld.

No. 1631040

Nonnie using pinterest for fashion choices tells me you dress like shit too.

No. 1631190

File: 1661897187599.jpeg (675.51 KB, 828x1500, 427C35B2-9292-4F88-84E3-D8EEAE…)

I think so, and I also think this is Layna calling her out.

No. 1631200

I have nothing against Layna other than choosing to stay with goiter, so I'm loving when she chooses to dip her toes in the passive aggressive vague posts. shows she's not so spineless uwu smol bean pole after all

No. 1631216

and that post actually made me chuckle.

No. 1631238

File: 1661900823863.jpeg (342.1 KB, 825x1421, 8E423618-1DFE-465B-A704-4D76CD…)

Syd’s story. Reminding us she is so small.

No. 1631243

File: 1661900960499.jpeg (599.27 KB, 849x1461, 7C63E60D-1B08-44DB-935A-01B404…)

No. 1631266

File: 1661902887174.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, E8246B5E-6A1C-4B1A-9B87-F79441…)

I mean she’s right

No. 1631268

File: 1661902979328.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, CEFAF745-85CF-4DB5-8DB5-9494BB…)

Lmao. Girl he’s already moved on. Remember when she called Taylor a psychotic weirdo for not being over Jonny? Whew how the tables have turned

No. 1631275

File: 1661903318285.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, EADD847B-4DBE-420F-956B-D79ECB…)

Of course he needed you to drive him to Reno, Sonya. He’s got no car. No license at 37. What a great catch! And Layna “swoons” over him. I wonder if she just likes the clout of having a rOcKsTaR boyfriend, because how could you be attracted to this man?! No redeeming qualities whatsoever. Lmao his friends have to drop them off and pick them up whenever they have one on one dates, just like a 15 year olds parents.

I mean she’s 25 and living at home still. They are both so under accomplished for their ages.

No. 1631278

Is this bitch living with him or something? She’s literally never home. So much for her streaming duties and twitch career that will never happen, cos she’d rather get constant dick from JC.

Anon must be right about his dad or grandpa who used to work for airlines so he gets free flights, that must be how he’s flying her out literally every two weeks.

No. 1631292

Her stomach is looking big. She getting fat out there with goiter boy?

No. 1631299

Looks like she's slouching. Nothing about her is big… That kid is so slight she could hang glide on a Dorito.

No. 1631398

She's so stupid, what the actual fuck does this stand for??

No. 1631477

constant dick? doubt it, even syd has confirmed there’s no intimacy

No. 1631494

Well Syd is ugly as sin, with a lumpy body and was pregnant half their relationship so that doesn’t say much.

No. 1631500

They are obviously having sex. If they weren’t, why would she even bother wasting her time flying out there. They are in a long distance relationship. Sorry Sydney, just because he didn’t fuck you enough since he was on fent and heroin doesn’t mean he’s not fucking Layna. He’s sober now so his dick can actually get hard now. Ew I felt so gross typing that out.
And speaking from experience of being in recovery, early recovery users are very naturally horny. It’s like your a born again virgin and sex feels brand new. I’ve also heard others in recovery say the same. Since you were numbing yourself from drugs for so long, sex is actually enjoyable now and releases a chemical that is similar to the pleasure of drugs. Tons of people turn into sex addicts after drugs.

No. 1631501

Just because he didn’t fuck Syd doesn’t mean he doesn’t fuck Layna. Killer logic tho.

No. 1631502

File: 1661917716469.png (457.84 KB, 750x1334, C89714FD-6281-4187-A8BB-3BF51D…)

I love how when her and Jonny were together she was constantly publicly calling people out. But now she doesn’t have the balls to name names and talks shit vaguely on her stories.

No. 1631503

Taylor also said they didn’t have sex.

No. 1631508

You'd have to be crazier than Psycho Syd to want to have any kind of intimacy with her. She looks like she'd go Lorena Bobbitt over a heart emoji reply to a Jonnyboy post

No. 1631569

yeah… i mean tbh when he was an addict he had no libido but like other nonas have said, you can become hypersexual in recovery. similar convo was happening in the luna thread too.

No. 1631573

Yeah I think the correlation here is the drugs tho. He was probably too busy nodding off to get a boner. Apparently he’s sober so maybe not having that prob now. And now I’m going to go throw up because my fingers just typed this post about Jonny Craig’s boner.

No. 1631642


Living at home at 25 is kind of nit picky considering the state of the world and the fact she is/recently was in school. It’s not an unusual thing - plus she’s seeing a guy in another country, so i can see why she would keep her parents house as her home base. Some of you are really out to get her and it’s weird.

No. 1631789

Living at home at 25 is not fucking normal in any country. You must be over 25 and living at home. It’s pathetic. And lots of people in college move to dorms. She’s 7 years out of high school, no job obviously since her full time job is being a warm hole for Jonny to stick his dick in, most people have graduated college at 22. Im not “out to get her”, I didn’t attack anything about her looks or anything. She’s dating a fucking rapist. I have nothing nice to say about her. She’s a piece of shit but association, especially knowing everything he’s done and doesn’t care. Just because I am not complimenting her doesn’t mean I am out to get her, sorry my post hurt your feelings though. How dare I speak negatively on your precious Layna.

No. 1631799

The only person “out to get her” is Taylor, Sydney, or Athena for doxing her elderly mother. I really thought it was Taylor at first cuz she’s geeked on crystal meth constantly and people do weird obsessive shit on it. But the strange hostile messages afterwards with the holier than thou attitude makes me believe it’s Syd or Athena. Athena loves to talk shit about lolcow and is in love with Jonny - “I just told you how I felt about you and now you’re going back to Taylor”. But Syd has publicly called out lolcow before too, using the same words like calling us obsessed weirdos, but who really knows which one it is. It just has to be one of them. The only two ladies on the planet who are interested is this monster is the baby mama and the bitter, herpes infested fuck buddy.
Hey Big Boi Pimpin, since we all know you’re gonna read this, go get your junk checked out.
You can go several months without noticeable symptoms, especially if you don’t get regular check ups, and we all know he’s too irresponsible to do that. I hope she gave him something worse like syphillis and now he’s sterile and can’t get Layna knocked up. Because I have a very sinister feeling that was the next step.

No. 1631819

Living at home at 25 is totally fucking normal, how out of touch are you?

No. 1631834

No living at home at 25 is normal these days boomer. Tbh considering how expensive rent and houses are in Canada I actually think it’s a good idea to stay at home as long as you can to save money although the bitch doesn’t even work so I’m leaning towards her just being lazy. I’m genuinely starting to think she’s looking for a sugar daddy, there’s no reason a 25 year old should be unemployed in this economy.

No. 1631909

She's seething because she spends her entire salary on rent

No. 1632014

Why are you so pressed about where 20-somethings live. The cost of living has skyrocketed everywhere and rental prices are the highest they've ever been. Some places even require proof you make 3x the price of rent. How many 20-somethings are making $4800 a month where you live?

No. 1632048

No. “In any country”. In countries that aren’t USA families actually like each other and even if children have the means to move out they won’t until they’re married to stay with their families.
If someone is in university why would they move out if they have a good relationship with their parents? It’s just unnecessary stress on top of school. “Most people are graduated university by 22” No. Just no. If you go straight out of high school yeah but there’s nothing wrong with taking a few years in-between. Smarter than jumping in and regretting your choice and then being stuck with debt AND a job field you hate.
Anyways done rant but you retards that think there’s one life path for everyone and look down on others who do things a little differently can choke on 8 dicks at once.

No. 1632090

You’re all so obsessed with defending ugly rat Layna, go suck the shit from her ass then.

No. 1632115

Sorry you live with your parents and don't have a degree. You sound upset.

No. 1632131

File: 1661978972671.jpeg (33.89 KB, 800x450, FB99EC83-CF27-44C5-A9A6-121A79…)

We all know it’s you hate boner anon. Seek help or take a writing class because you clearly love to write novels lol.

No. 1632132

>cope here is so strong
>writes a fucking novel

No. 1632134

No one is defending her. We just think you’re an idiot for ripping on 20 somethings who go to college and live with their parents. The projection is real.

No. 1632139

NAYRT on any of these but the cope here is so strong I feel like some of these are the same people.

LOL at the nona that is obviously still living under the same roof as some parents. Move out already. They don’t want you there. Trust me.

It’s not normal. That is a huge cope. The cost of living has gone up but there are plenty of people 25+ that moved out and are paying their own bills. It’s the lazy under achievers that only ever aspired to be retail associates and baristas that are struggling. Move in with a friend or a few. If Sydney’s can live with a roommate on disability checks alone so can these adult children but they don’t want to spend their money on rent. They all say the same thing about living being too expensive despite spending all their money on frivolous things because mom and dad don’t charge rent. Yeah living is expensive but you can’t cry about rent being too much from you iPhone, or your expensive gamer PC, while playing on your PS5 or Xbox, eating your second meal from DoorDash in a day, making sure not to get the extra sauce they charge $3 for on your new clothes, putting a down payment with Afterpay on make-up hauls and concert tickets that cost more than a car payment.

The only way I see living at home with your parents as an adult not being something people laugh at you for behind your back is if you are taking care of a sick parent or family member. That’s very noble and saving money because of it is your good karma paying off. Anything else makes you a child shaped leech.

How many adult children are living with parents that would rather them not be there, but have to put up with it because their 25 year old toddler hasn’t figured it out yet? I know way too many parents housing their adult children that are sick of it. Their marriages are stressed, their retirement eaten into because they have to pay utilities, provide food, buy toilet paper so everyone can wipe their ass. If you’re an adult living with parents, they probably would be happier if you were gone. I hope you sleep well at night knowing you are a burden that takes away from them being able to fully enjoy the later half of their lives in peace.

Everyone I graduated college with lives alone or with roommates and makes at least $4000 a month. Most of them work salary actually but they make around that monthly and get bonuses because they applied themselves to professions that pay well and have good benefits. I am 28 and I make $90000 a year in an entry level job in bank account management that I could have and should have prepared for with community college to save money. The difference between these people and the adult children in question is their ability to manage and prioritize their finances and plan for the future.

Just because you haven’t figured it out and you surround yourself with an echo chamber of bitter zoomers that don’t like paying bills doesn’t mean it’s normal or excusable. There’s plenty of well paying work out there right now even in big businesses that require only a few months of vocational school. High paying jobs need to be filled and the bar is getting low but no one wants to put in the work to get the bare minimum experience or go to events where you can rub shoulders with likeminded professionals. These opportunities exist out in the world but you have to put the social media and lolcow down to obtain it.

Even washed up Jonny Craig lives alone. In a 2 bedroom apartment. With a pricey cat. New computer gear all the time. Buying gifts for Layna. It surprises me but if he can do it so can you and if you’re not you’re more useless and less determined to make it work than a junkie.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1632142

Preach, nona

No. 1632145

Cry more about how your parents hate you and wanted you out as soon as possible because you were a burden to live with. Me and all of my friends aged 20-25 live at home with parents. It’s rare to find people my age who live on their own. No one laughs behind anyones back because we are all adults that understand each other. The only people my age that I know who live on their own get their apartment paid for by mommy/daddy and yet still have a weird superiority complex about it. No one cares but you.

No. 1632157

> I am 28 and I make $90000 a year in an entry level job in bank account management that I could have and should have prepared for with community college to save money.
Nonnie I’m sorry but no one’s impressed by this but high school kids. Keep the blog posting to yourself.

No. 1632194


“I am 28 and I make $90000 a year in an entry level job in bank account management ”

And yet here you are, on an anonymous forum talking shit about 25 year olds. Do you feel accomplished?

No. 1632197

File: 1661983249405.jpeg (622.75 KB, 2176x3420, E567846A-41C8-4F23-B3FD-7E189A…)

Yeah I’m sure the sperg who’s sitting itt 24/7 writing stories about how much she hates layna is so uber successful kek what a loser.

No. 1632202

File: 1661983586146.jpeg (57.97 KB, 389x430, 46CD4462-C1A7-409C-A29C-D1D0B2…)

struggle olympics and seething mad because your parents don’t love you enough to keep you at home kek, fail!

No. 1632207

And I’m 32, living in my own condo, graduated university 3 years ago. But I don’t talk shit about young adults for living with their parents because I have enough self esteem to not punch at people for their life choices that have no negative affects on me or anyone else. Looking down your nose at people like this just shows you sit on a throne made of paper machete. Thinking you’re the shit. A lot like Big Boy Jonny.

No. 1632213

is Jonny actually sober or is it part of the Layna pick-me fanfic?

No. 1632219

Quit making excuses for fucking loser Layna. Lazy nasty bitch who sits at home all day. Parents hate her. Has no friends. Wasting oxygen. At least she’s wasting Jonny’s resources instead of her poor elderly mother.

No. 1632221

I’ve been following Jonny since 2010 and this is the most convincing he’s ever been. Especially on his Instagram lives. Plus he’s always holding a Non-Alcoholic beer and he’s never cut alcohol during his past sober days. In 9 months no one has caught him holding a regular beer even. I believe it, but who knows if it’ll last.

No. 1632233

Ntayrt, but as much as your parents might love you, spending this much time depending on them is pretty selfish. Throw them some rent. After 21 it's super embarrassing to be this dependent, even if you're in school.

No. 1632234

>Everyone I graduated college with lives alone or with roommates and makes at least $4000 a month.
How do you know the salary and living situation of every single person you graduated with? All of my classes have over 50 people in them and I don’t even know most of their names. This sounds like a LARP you made up to try and own the haturz and it just makes you look insecure and retarded. Seriously trying to flex on lolcow is massively embarrassing.

No. 1632253

It’s not a cope you absolute fucking retard, it’s just having common sense and understanding that cost of living is insane and living at home is a viable option for people. Start a fucking blog if you’re so obsessed with sharing your bullshit cause we’re all done with it

No. 1632254

Actually jonny doesn’t live on his own in that apartment and never could. He had to have skid in order to get in there and when she left that’s why he pulled his bitch Dillon in to pay. Remember also the non payment of rent email he had showing in his screen??

No. 1632259

Who’s depending on them? There’s a big difference between eating all their food and using them for money vs just living in a room of their house. Personally my parents live in a huge house and when I suggested moving out they were supportive but also said I could stay if I wanted since they have plenty of room and I could put away savings for a house instead of wasting money on rent.

No. 1632262

It’s incredibly embarrassing for you to have a bunch of people on a hate forum be so unanimously agreed that you’re a fucking moron. No one gives a shit about you or how much you claim to earn. Go live out your LARP fantasies somewhere else

No. 1632266

So give them some money to compensate them like a big girl?

No. 1632269

I’m this anon >>1632197
I would like you to point to the part of my post where I said I still live at home? I don’t. Your rant was just cringey and retarded.
Kek yea, whatever you say weirdo.

No. 1632282

Not that it’s any of your business, they’d rather I save for a house than take my money that they don’t need. But take your weird superiority complex back to your landlords pocket.

No. 1632291

He will trade Layna in soon. There’s a lot of girls in his comment section begging for his attention. Only a matter of time. He’s not bound to her like he was with Sydney through Storm.

No. 1632292

Sorry about your choices, but I bought a house in my early 20s. Stay on topic(no1currs)

No. 1632296

File: 1661991727196.png (854.52 KB, 1242x2688, 1592683114714.png)

lol syd take the advice you gave Taylor two years ago

No. 1632346

Nice larp loser.

No. 1632377

File: 1661999178643.jpg (441.3 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220831-192601_Ins…)

so while you autists were infighting jonny posted this

No. 1632383

Nice gloat. Your kid still tested positive for Fent you narc.

No. 1632384

File: 1661999702511.jpg (124.4 KB, 1005x630, Screenshot_20220831-193503_Chr…)

No. 1632392

100% agree that some zoomer anons are acting like it's normal to live that Stepbrothers lifestyle because they can't cut the apron strings, get roommates and budget (most of us had roommates while earning $6.75/hr and paying $800/month when we were 17/18 yrs old), and learn independence. It had nothing to do with being loved by parents like cope anons are saying and everything to do with learning to rely on yourself.
However, you not-so-humble bragging nullified your point.
Not surprising at all since some of us anons realized quickly a lot of evidence would be needed to convict even for negligence. Even if "insider info" was 100% accurate, a baby having possibly a small amount of fentanyl in their system only proves they were given it at some point in their life. I don't believe the ugly baby almost dIeD from an OD. Some anons really jump to conclusions or play the Lolcow version of telephone.

No. 1632396

Yeah suspended refers to the punishment being suspended and just getting probation and dropping the charges if he acts right during probation. So no punishment. Clearly there wasn't overwhelming evidence that the Sperm Spawn was given drugs by the incompetent parents or that he OD'ed.

No. 1632400

Yeah, but you’re still a vile creature and you’ll need to live with yourself until you die, hopefully, alone, miserable and forgotten.

No. 1632403

He’s incapable of feeling remorse, even for his own flesh and blood. I really can’t imagine thinking it’s cool to brag about this.

No. 1632404


That face and hair combo looks like a Jim Carey-esque sped character from an earlly 2000’s comedy.

No. 1632405


$800 each? Or $800 in total? Cuz a decent 1 bedroom across Canada is like $1600-1800 and a 2 bedroom unit is like $2000-2800.

No. 1632416

Anon, you currently make $6.75/hr?clearly this was awhile ago, but the point is many of us og senior citizen anons made shit money like $850/month and could barely afford $800/month for a studio in the hood. In fact, I would say it's much easier now to afford rent in the US since our minimum wage is higher, compared to 2007.

No. 1632420

minimum wage has been $7.25 since 2007 and the cost of living has only increased in most cities, have you been living under a rock?

No. 1632421

What an out of touch nonnie.

No. 1632444

>I was successful rather young so everyone who’s not successful when they’re young is clearly making bad choices
unfortunately your very individual experience doesn’t represent the reality for the majority of people.
Yea wages are increasing but not fast enough to compensate for the insane inflation. The cost of living just keeps rising and wages aren’t going with it. Don’t act stupid.

No. 1632468

Uh, a lot of states still have the same min wage from 2007. $7-$9 is the average minimum wage.

I’m sure your son, who doesn’t even know you, is thrilled you nearly killed him and faced zero consequences. Funny how having an infant son couldn’t keep him sober but jail is enough motivation to stay clean.

No. 1632483

I'll add in some Canadia input but our minimum wages vary per province, usually around 14-17$/h but with high competition in our housing markets along with the prices >>1632405 a 800-1100 paycheck every month doesn't cut it. paying for utilities and damage deposits can be a pain as well. I don't blame anyone living with their parents if they're making an effort to make a higher salary.

and before anyone comments that our minimum wage is pretty good, our gas is at 194/L and I spend 12$ at the grocery store today buying a bag of potatoes and two cans of gravy(derailing)

No. 1632514

And you’re actually believing him why? He could just be putting in a front for the gram. Why would the raise the charges from a misdemeanor to a felony just to suspend or drop it?

No. 1632547

File: 1662019219095.jpeg (645.79 KB, 846x1462, 24EF9245-C7DB-4762-9625-52B2D9…)

No. 1632553


I mean it’s easy enough information to look up and verify. They might have taken his current sobriety into consideration. California has an overcrowding issue in their jails and prisons and we don’t know the specifics of his case, but that might be part of the reason why they have him on probation and possibly some sort of drug program. He DOES have to stay clean and keep his shit together for an entire year though.

No. 1632564

Honestly in light of recent info I’m really doubting this story of him smoking fent in the room with Storm. It’s so strong that it could easily kill a child and in that case I doubt he’d be able to dodge jail time. Fent is so strong I bet it was transferred through something like sweat while JC was holding the baby, so not quite the same amount of negligence. Would make sense that they just want him clean and no further punishment needed.

No. 1632576

Why is his response on the child endangerment court case piss me off so much?? I honestly hope he get run-over by a car but not die - left his face all mutilated and his throat fucked. So he cant sing and cant be such a sociopath anymore.

No. 1632613

we all know jonny is dumb as fuck, could be that his lawyer is talking him up and he's just taking his word as gospel

No. 1632656


His “charges” aren’t suspended. He’s probably taking a deal, he’ll plead guilty and his sentence will be suspended after he completes a year of good behavior and whatever stipulations the court sets out. If he fucks up within that year, he’ll go to jail. This isn’t the win he’s claiming it is.

No. 1632744

I’m not sure why anyone is just taking his word for it anyways. This is his third time saying “the charges are getting dropped” and the last 2 times they weren’t dropped at all. He has a court date set for December so something still going on. He’s just to stupid to understand the whole processes.

No. 1632796

I’ve never heard of a court completely dismissing a felony child abuse case. Even if he completes the requirements for his suspended sentence…courts require things like completing a drug treatment program, complete parenting classes, he’ll have a parole officer and he’ll have to prove he’s employed & submit to regular drug/alcohol screenings. Even if he does all the requirements to stay out of jail, the charges will be reduced to a misdemeanor not dropped. These type