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No. 1316852

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previous thread: >>>/snow/1112272

34 year old heroin junkie wash up rockstar and the dumb bitch insecure enough to have a baby with him.

The basic rundown:
> jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse toward several of his exes - pretty much any woman he comes into contact with he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
> most recently dated and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
> after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
> enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
> since syd got pregnant there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, most of it not related enough to TND to post in her thread
> syd is close to giving birth & the rollercoaster has just begun. this is a containment thread so people stop bitching about people posting Jonny/syd in the TND thread

Old milk:
>syd still vague posting jonny and archiving his pictures and bringing them back when theyre okay again
>jonny still following and interating with random women who look the same, and asking them for money much to syds jealous dismay.
>syd starts a gofundme for "personal situations" >>1234541, >>1234881 but it seems to be going towards hair and lash extensions >>1244430 and amanda shows up on the donations >>1242157
>every photo jonny posts seems to have an alcoholic beverage in the background/in his hand >>1261621, >>1262260, >>1264388, >>1268153

New milk:
>Jonny announces September tour, at the date of this thread being made, only 4 more days. Sydney will also be joining him.
>Storm currently does not live with either of them. whether he was abandoned or taken away by law remains a mystery.
>with no baby in to take care of, syd spends gfm money on rats >>1289906
>Jonny relapses and has an artist drop out of tour with him >>1297472 and anon makes a good point >>1297485
>Syd and Jonny attend the used show, sydney obviously being under the influence of something makes a series of strange posts regarding storm trying to call out posts on lolcow >>1310143, >>1310146, >>1310218

previous threads:
1: >>>/snow/987337
2: >>>/snow/1038163
3: >>>/snow/1082146
4: >>>/snow/1112272
5: >>>/snow/1270218

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No. 1316864

File: 1630903318627.webm (4.02 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-minnieskins_241…)

Thanks for the new thread anon! Love the pic lmao

On tonight's "lessons with syd" we discuss eyebrows! We learn that one is not to obsess over them as they're just eyebrows (while we actively obsess over them)! Waah people complain with makeup and without! Probably because you suck at eyebrows when it comes to drawing & plucking

No. 1316865

File: 1630903376687.webm (4.03 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-minnieskins_241…)

Part 2/3

No. 1316867

File: 1630903490082.webm (3.39 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-minnieskins_241…)

And part 3/3

No. 1316884

Imagine being so mad at a few anons commenting on your eyebrows.

No. 1316890

She's like a pig in mud responding to Lolcow. At least she's found her purpose. Nevermind motherhood, that's for posting on IG about not-really-actually-supervised-visits. This girl's head is so far up her own ass.

No. 1316916

File: 1630911944334.png (106.41 KB, 750x1334, B6E0EAFA-B373-4361-86E2-9AC1F4…)


No. 1316928

they look like bloated inbred cousins who fuck each other in the thread pic, which is fitting i guess

she was so excited to find this filter and make a video about it

crazy that she'll address her eYeBrOwS but not her child neglect

No. 1316930

File: 1630913784207.jpeg (461.52 KB, 1125x2012, 413DC653-0CBB-4441-9198-1E0840…)

I wonder if syd will call this person out for being creepy or psycho for writing poetry about Jonny? oh wait a guy wrote it so no she won’t

No. 1316942

File: 1630915811703.png (191.32 KB, 750x1334, 42946278-1A78-41F4-8EF1-5894C5…)

No. 1316953

File: 1630917486371.gif (4.26 MB, 480x270, DD199538-36D5-4D4E-A4A9-83488A…)

Ohh here we fuckin go

No. 1316973

Kek, this right here killed me. Appropriate gif usage to be sure. Wonder if she's deleted this story post already.

No. 1316996

So jonny cheated on her or he’s accusing her of cheating with one of his friends? Lol either way this great. Maybe he’s trying to start some shit right before tour so he can easily tell her she’s not going.

No. 1316998

I think the most believable possibility is that Syd met a guy through Jonny who may be another musician and is smitten, Jonny called her out so now she's doing damage control.

No. 1317035

how can you neglect your own child??
answer that question you loser.
getting twisted up over a POS bloated loser, instead of getting back to your kid.
its too early for this stupidity.

No. 1317040

please savvy anons!

No. 1317041

Is she acting like no ones ever cheated with someone that their partner knows? Because that’s not an uncommon thing lol

No. 1317106

i honestly wouldn't be surprised if she did fuck someone else. yes jonny is a serial cheater but i feel that isn't neccessarily the only reason that she's always so scared of him cheating. she's projecting. tyv tror hver mand stjæler as we say in denmark

No. 1317430

File: 1630971723609.jpeg (166.18 KB, 1125x2010, F31B1B20-4597-4CE0-B200-5202A0…)

No. 1317431

File: 1630971746167.jpeg (236.73 KB, 1125x1999, CFAEA7FA-7170-4DA5-9012-0C6125…)

WHO lol

No. 1317432

She also just posted a clip of nicki minaj saying “he was hurting inside because he shitted on me and finally got shitted on. Imagine that”

No. 1317440

does this bitch not have friends? always publicly writing cryptic shit or just generally stuff where no one knows wtf she's talking about. this middle school behavior doesn't look good when you're almost 30, much less when you're "a mom"

No. 1317454

My money is on Tayter. She also just got an ugly haircut sooooo

No. 1317462

seriously! She acts like she's so high and mighty on some high horse but then she does shit like this that further shows she's no better than the next desperate loser.

Same I always assume that's who she's talking about

No. 1317487

Rolling on pre tour tin foil; it’s not Taylor. It’s the flavor of the week he’s setting up for stops on the tour.
Syd knows it; it can’t be prevented. Jonny can’t help but hoe it up each tour.

No. 1317496

I feel like he’ll partly hoe it up just for survival. who else would pay to feed and house him and get him high?

No. 1317508

Exactly anon. It’s that, or sleeping in the van.

No. 1317530

I miss the days when you could see the activity of people you follow on Instagram lol I'm sure Syd would be that person to like girls posts out of pure spite. also Jonny's likes and Syd flipping more shit over it

No. 1317708

Says the hag who gave her first born son a whole name her baby daddy picked out with his ex gf

No. 1318188

File: 1631048392343.png (247.21 KB, 750x1334, A99EAAA9-C65F-4E83-A513-682780…)

No. 1318234

Wonder what happened to all the so called friends she always posts memories of and tags in stories? How about all the times she’s talked about all the “beautiful souls” in her life? Can’t imagine people wanna stay friends with her once they get to know the real her. What a sad existence.

No. 1318239

Maybe she shouldn't have burned all her bridges with her previous friend and they'd MAYBE be there for you. Ffs.

No. 1318289


The contrast between these two posts is hikarious.

No. 1318308

So Jonny is acting single? Sounds like he’s distancing for tour hoe’n at every spot

No. 1318309

File: 1631056708145.png (809.56 KB, 1125x2436, EF75997E-8BC3-427E-BC2E-1A924C…)

No. 1318326

I can’t keep up with who’s skinwalking who in this situation lolllll

No. 1318353

To be fair Taylor is the one who posted about wanting a peach section in the front first, then Syd got hers done that color within days of her posting that lmao. So as much as I don't like either of these bitches, Syd is the one skinwalking Taylor here and yet has the audacity to shade that she copies her. It's just too good. I'm betting Syd rushed to get hers done first so that when Taylor inevitably gets her done Syd can cry on her stories about how Jonny's exes are haturZ and she's speshul and unique.

No. 1318357

Peach hair is a micro trend that’s being marketed to sell more shit and Sydney is too out of touch to know that and she doesn’t even have peach hair it’s can I speak to your manager fall edition where the middle age lady goes way too red to get her alcoholic husband to notice and it’s just never going to happen Cathy. Like her eyebrows, she needs to leave everything else about herself the fuck alone for a while including social media. All the girlfriends she could have had left when she attached herself to Jonny Craig and random strangers tried to warn her. Any fans of his are just like her and can’t form female friendships despite the internet.

How could taylor “copy” her when isn’t sysney’s Instagram private, it’s just Sydney stalking Taylor’s Twitter or wherever she live posts about shallow impulses about trends. She has an entire abandoned trap baby named after what taylor picked out, and they both look like shit because that’s how spending any time with Jonny ends up and they were warned. Now they both have no hair.

No. 1318361

It’s auch an embarrassing elementary scheme and she wonders why she doesn’t have female friends when she pulls nasty behavior like this. Both of them should just do a damn hair mask instead. Isn’t Sydney like six or seven years older than taylor? I can’t

No. 1318441

Taylor read about it and it’s dying her hair for the second time in like 2 weeks?! Lmao. Don’t want to repost from Tnd thread tho.

No. 1318489

File: 1631070158033.jpg (374.61 KB, 1440x2872, Snapchat-1171882987.jpg)

ask and ye shall receive anon (sorry for poor quality I made it on snapchat)

No. 1318526

>>1318489 This is totally awesome. Thank you for your labor of service, anon.

No. 1318542

This is so funny, great job anon. I hope they fill that board up on their 'tour' lol

No. 1318543

File: 1631074576224.jpeg (1016.48 KB, 1125x1975, 913F0FAD-38AB-4306-8FCA-859668…)

Here I was thinking she wouldn’t go but I guess Jonny still needs a babysitter

No. 1318548

File: 1631075106341.png (802.23 KB, 2600x1018, sydney_is_the_absolute_worst.p…)

Hi. I'm new here and found lolcow after doing some googling after Syd went absolutely ballistic on me at 3AM and tried to unsuccessfully blow up my life for no good reason other than her own painfully obvious insecurities. I was in college when Sydney was in high school and she was friends with my siblings who claimed I met her but she must have been so unmemorable that I must have forgotten about it. She always sounded weirdly jealous of me so I purposefully kept my distance.

Not to defend Jonny because after reading this thread it's obvious he has issues, but the most flirty thing he said to me was gassing up my bf so he wasn't even really flirting to begin with and I deal with much worse in my dms on the daily. My bf read our entire conversation and he just loled. It really was such a nothing burger conversation and Syd was acting like she had evidence good enough to throw me in jail.

I ALSO had the cops at my house yesterday to file a report because she started threatening me, and because I speculate that she was probably on drugs and knowing her long history with violence, I wasn't willing to gamble NOT reporting her. I now have grounds for a restraining order if she continues to harass me, but that's not all I got on her to protect myself.

I wrestled with posting any of this but she (1) tried to get my bf to break up with me (2) threatened me with violence (3) wanted to sick this Taylor gal on me to "ruin my life" and from what I easily found online, Taylor seems like she could but Sydney is probably the last person she would do that for. I showed our entire conversation to Jonny, Taylor, the cops, and now here so she has no power over me.

Sydney, if you haunt this thread like all these people speculate: I bit my lip for a long time and almost snapped at you when you took advantage of and hurt my family members, but that wasn't my battle, but when you come for me I aim to destroy. How dare you threaten me, my love, and my livelihood. Karma is a bitch.

I probably won't post here again; I prefer to be an observer, so hopefully this is enough milk to keep ya'll busy for awhile.

(ps - I didn't tell her I found this lolcow or anything and she came at me first so I think this post follows the lolcow rules? I prefer to remain Anonymous because that Jonny clout is real trashy, but if she reads this and comes for me with more threats then I guess that restraining order will look real good against (speculation) her attempts to get custody of her son back.)

(pss - (ref the attached image) The red blocked out parts are her listing off our mutuals and address me by name)

No. 1318556

holy shit. we knew she was crazy but threatening to sic Taylor on you? HAHAHAHA wow I have no words. thank you for sharing this is… WOW.

No. 1318569

Stay safe, anon! Thank you for this dairy goodness.

No. 1318571

Jfc she really is unhinged. Glad you talked to the cops. Maybe they will do a wellness check bc of the kid and we’ll get some police report milk.

No. 1318598

Is she… saying he shot HER up with fentanyl? Or implying he did that to Taylor/wanted to do it to her?

No. 1318599


Oh this is hefty. Only in Syd's delusional mind does she think that she could weaponize Taylor and sick her on other people like some sort of internet rottweiler. The only lives Taylor has ruined over the internet is her own and her animals'; Jonny ruined his own life, as did Syd.

Why so bitter, Syd? I thought you won? You got the junkie and the baby and to live out your dreams as a permanent groupie. Did it not work out as you expected? Did you think you were special lmao

Hella ironic that Jonny is "no longer her son's father" yet she's dropping her kid and running off to tour with him. Great mothering, Syd.

Her priorities are so.. skewed.

No. 1318609

She is absolutely psychotic, Taylor is the last person who would fight on Syds behalf, why is she acting like they have some kind of friendship?

I don't understand why she's with jonny if she hates him so much, it's like she genuinely enjoys the drama and feeds off the toxicity, she's such a sociopath acting the way she does. Unhinged.

No. 1318612

Anyone else REALLY hoping that Jonny sees this and sees how she talked about him behind his back? I wonder seriously how that conversation is gonna go - and right before tour, too. Is "Leave Syd stranded on tour" a bingo tile option? Because it should be

No. 1318615

File: 1631080395950.png (449.9 KB, 761x1280, makeupyourmind.png)

they are so fake ahahaha

No. 1318622

ahaha she got it just in time for tour

neither of them has a chin, just matching turkey waddles. hope their poor child fares better than these ugly fucks

No. 1318625

Dog bless u anon, u the mvp

No. 1318628

Ew Syd you can do a lot better, don’t harass any females over this gross-o!
Just leave.

No. 1318631

l have a feeling he has talked even worse about her in DMs

but I’m also anticipating the milk to spill once his tiny fragile ego sees this shit. popcorn.gif

No. 1318635

She can weaponize …. Taylor… against … another woman?! Lmao…. Where’s TNDs next YT about this stupidity???

The milkmas is early.
So much of this threads tinfoil has been spot on. So relieved she doesn’t have access to the kid while high.
(The kid Syd named to spite TND, but of course TND will defend innocent Syd against the internet bullies.)

No. 1318636

File: 1631083127609.gif (1.9 MB, 480x359, DE56DF3A-0BB2-454D-991D-52CF2A…)

>I don’t want that fat junkie
HAAHHAHAHA oh my god she is certified -P S Y C H O-

But in all seriousness, I’m sorry you had to put up with this twilight zone shit. Thank you for posting this.

No. 1318643

File: 1631084198203.webm (5.35 MB, 1080x2400, Screen_Recording_20210907-2323…)


No. 1318646

i love this edit victimanon the format is chefs kiss

No. 1318647


The damage control lmao. The scrunched up face and camera check screams "I made Jonny post this to prove how solid and in love we are" I mean, you can see her facial expression drop as she checks kek

Guess JC isn't the only love bomber in that relationshitshow

No. 1318650

Syd needs to detox and log off ; there’s no saving face anymore. She loves her own reflection too much.
I think JC disconnects because he realizes he’s the clearance rack prop for her narcissism.

No. 1318661

thank uuu :3

No. 1318664

So, so close homie… emojis are a no go here. Might get red text, but it’s ok.
We do all appreciate the organized milk. Cheers, you survived a cow attack.

No. 1318676

Does she have access to his account or something? What the fuck. He probably uses the vanishing messages feature, has a secret account, deletes messages, etc. A cheater will always find ways to cheat. If her dream was to be a “musician girlfriend” why doesn’t she understand what that actually entails and the etiquette you need? Usually if the partner is visible, they have their own thing going on and help cultivate fans and can do cool things with female fans to bond. She’s 30 this is so fucking pathetic. And if he’s such a bad person, she still had a baby with him that she abandoned, she approves of everything he is by procreating with him and dragging an innocent life into regarding that man as a “Dad”.

Also that make up is water activated white eyeliner, so she needs to keep a clean brush with her oN tOuRrRrr to so this “slay fire yas girl boss” lewqs which she could have done with a white pen liner but whatever. Love the grimes stanning yet again because the child thing wasn’t enough, you’re both brainless scoops of mayonnaise with giant noses who let misogynists create sons to abandon with your bodies. That’s it tho.

No. 1318681

She’s actually full blown evil the longer I process this. I give in, they are exactly as bad as each other it’s only that Jonny has lived longer and has more opportunities to abuse people, that’s it. Can’t believe she wrote about you ODing and dying more than once when she knew of you in person, you said it’s not true and that makes her evil to even say, why would she have kids with and keep trying to marry a “fat junkie”? They are the same person and deserve each other and I love it. I bet their sex life is soooo amazing and we should all be jealous, ladies.

No. 1318682

just catching up so sorry if this has already been said but JFC syd?? this is a whole ‘nother level of being insecure. atp what the fuck is this ugly cow even getting from staying with him? he’s not famous, he’s broke, he’s beyond fat and ugly so what is it that she’s willing to drive herself crazy for? this shit is embarrassing.
side note: but the part about shooting up fentanyl in to this girl “too” - am i overanalysing or is she implying he shot her up also?

No. 1318691

SF, this is just my opinion, but i think she thought that she could get in the spotlight enough to ditch him, so she wouldn’t even have to bother with the fans. she didn’t want him, she wanted the “fame” she thought he had - that’s why she says “have him” kek she’s tryna sell him off

No. 1318696

>>1318548 syd really needs to be medicated. Anyone who gets this upset about a conversation like that does not possess a rational mind. I know we all know this already, but Jesus fucking christ. I am so glad she doesn't have her child, because she seems to be the type that would maybe hurt him if she was upset enough with jonny, due to sheer lack of being able to control her mental and emotional state in an adult manner. She doesn't want him, but says she doesn't run away like all his other "weak" exes. The only weak one is the moron who stays when they aren't happy just because they know they can't do better because they themselves are a miserable fucking slop pile who did absolutely nothing with their life except be a groupie who happened to "get lucky". I'm glad the poster of this went to police, time for some accountability for this psychotic hoe.

No. 1318707

That’s what I mean, get “the spotlight” for what, what is there to spotlight? The spotlight is just a lot of people’s attention, and by people it would be his fans. She has zero personality, talent, charisma, purpose, skill, style, uniqueness, or anything interesting about her, if she was dating an actual celebrity she would be the biggest liability and fans would actively loathe her and clown on her way worse. She helped Jonny cheat, is ugly, had a kid to trap him while he was still using, abandoned the kid, and exposed how much she fucking hates Jonny actually. She’s a fucking scum bag lmao, she did all that to get a spotlight on her drug gofundme, butchered haircut, and psychotic fixation on grimy scenie weenie bands

No. 1318709

Wow. Missed where she called exes he raped, threatened, hit, and severely abused “weak” for leaving him. Unforgivable, fuck you Sydney.

Too bad she can’t be strong and choose her innocent child over a “fat junkie”, but he is so much safer without her. She can’t wait to get rid of Jonny and still won’t go to her kid. My heart breaks for him and I hope the grandmother keeps them both away forever. Maybe one day he can thank “the psycho ex Taylor” for his name.

No. 1318713

Holy shit, thank you anon for the milk and so sorry you have to go through this! She is truly so psycho lmao have fun on tour jonny!

No. 1318714

If she’s going around threatening people on the internet I think she might attack someone. She has had so many dramas with so many people can she even keep up? those messages are really embarrassing to read.

No. 1318718

>>1318714 quite honestly, I think she's just an internet tough girl. I feel if she were to get into a physical fight with someone, it would be because she was just verbally being a cunt and the other person made the decision to hit her. She's SO SMALL, remember? Haha. She's too pussy to walk away from a relationship she hates, so that's just my theory. However, she's unstable as hell so you may be right.

No. 1318722

>he shoots her up with fentanyl too
So Syd doing it with him is confirmed? And sorry you went through this, anon. Good luck with your restraining order!

No. 1318727

Syds the type of insecure cunt to talk shit online but in reality doesn't even have the guts to tell a worker they got her order wrong.

I hope jonny leaves her behind on tour or ditches her halfway through, it would be even better if she talks shit to the wrong group of girls and gets her ass beat.

No. 1318734

Good on you for not falling for her bs Anonita, stay safe and thank you for the milk! She's genuinely such a psycho she doesn't know which type of crazy she wants to be at any given moment. She's so cool and over Jonny? But she's threatening any woman he's ever looked at on Instagram? She's a fierce mama bear looking after her family but also she disowns him as the father of her child? She's starting a girl gang with Taylor who, in comparison, seems like the more sane person to risk hep c bumping uglies with Jonny Craig? I can't.

No. 1318749

Literally nightmare fuel she looks like a fucking gremlin kek

No. 1318757

>that restraining order will look real good against (speculation) her attempts to get custody of her son back.)

So wait, so you actually know if she lost custody of Storm?

No. 1318764

Hopefully the grandmother can change his name to something normal while he's still a baby, and also get him away from the surname Craig so he can have his own life away from the shitbag that is JC.

No. 1318767

File: 1631102545498.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1125x2005, 1624435367033.jpeg)

I just noticed something: what happened to Syd's SPMC face tattoo of Storm's initials? I just went back and grabbed some pics from the last thread and she doesn't have it anymore, or is covering it with make up??

No. 1318768

File: 1631102583431.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1125x2008, 1624538890171.jpeg)

No. 1318769

File: 1631102656752.png (1.96 MB, 1080x2400, 1624839404338.png)

No. 1318771

Right? Pretty sure Taylor wouldn’t join forces against some poor girl she’s never met who did nothing wrong. But I love how syd thinks if she leaves jonny she will have a new best friend in Taylor, maybe she thinks it would be another way to get her name out there, idk. I definitely feel like she implied jonny shoots her up with fentanyl. Wouldn’t be surprised at all. Also I feel like it was confirmed storm lives with her mom when she said “now that I’m not with a junkie I got all the help I need” I took this as she was in fact kicked out of her moms for choosing to stay with junkie jonny and the baby stayed there, she thinks she can go right back whenever she wants and magically be a mom again.

No. 1318773

Damn I wish she would’ve said something to warrant being arrested. Did they go to her house or just take a report? Imagine cops storming in and finding two drugged out people in possession of fent, he would no doubt be thrown in jail with his record and it would be hilarious to blow up tour before it even starts.

No. 1318776

File: 1631103729040.png (1.21 MB, 676x1188, Screenshot_20210908-081949_(1)…)

She still has it. Old threads say she got it 10 months ago, here's a pic 4 months ago of her going to an appointment with Storm via train where she has it still, she just covers it with make up every day that she wears it and a mask when she doesn't I guess. sUcH a PrOuD mOm.

No. 1318778

Tattoo always looked like shit so I don’t blame her. Was faded as soon as she got it. But am surprised she doesn’t flaunt it more just as a “hey look I have a face tattoo”. Can imagine she didn’t think it through that she couldn’t do a full face of makeup and would have to stop in an awkward place for it to still show.

No. 1318806

This means that everything A said was right. Holy shit. This bitch is pure evil.

No. 1318913

Thank you so much nonnie. I know you said you probs weren’t gonna post anything else but can you update us if anyone you notified like JC or Taylor responds?

This bitch is so crazy it’s scary, but at the same time incredibly pathetic. She had to reach real far for a lot of her accusations and a lot of her comebacks (like her correcting you for rule book being two words eye roll)

I used to be a fan of JC and I had sent him a supportive message in the past one of the many times he had relapsed. Everytime someone exposes her for doing this I think about her seeing my message and attacking me one day. She’d have to go back pretty far in his messages but I wouldn’t put it past her lol

No. 1318983

“You should of died when you OD years ago” … if nonnie didn’t OD, then do you think she is projecting all she wants to say to Taylor onto Anon?

It’s weird she even brought Taylor up as she would be the last person to help Syd…

tinfoil but I think Taylor and Jonny are talking again and Syd is going off on her drug fuelled attacks to any girl Jonny gives the slightest attention too…

I can’t imagine being this bitter and full of hate, she must think about Taylor 24/7.

No. 1319010

>do you think she is projecting all she wants to say to Taylor onto Anon?
Was wondering that too, where else would she get it from? She clearly had Taylor on her mind to bring her up in the first place in the other screenshot

No. 1319021

I mean we don’t really know if the anon who posted all that did have her own drug problem back in the day do we? Not trying to offend by any means. Seems syd was close with her siblings so she probably would’ve heard of this girl OD’d and that would probably be about all she really has to throw in her face and use against her. But I’m sure she’s thinking of Taylor too, then again I’m now convinced she’s shooting up herself. I half wondered if maybe syd and Taylor talk to each other and talk shit about jonny. Kinda like how Taylor talked shit about him to Chelsea back in the day and how bad she wanted to leave him and was waiting for an opportunity. It’s a reach. But someone here gave her the perfect idea to still gain followers and clout once jonnys gone by teaming up with Taylor for a video.

No. 1319022

Nvm now I see where she said she didn’t OD in the messages my mistake!

No. 1319062

File: 1631130377472.jpeg (509.91 KB, 1125x2436, 75DFD431-C77D-4AB3-A7C7-AF6DC9…)

Blocked out dairy spill anons name. But lolllll. She’s so crazy. And she name dropped someone which is so so sad and classless.

No. 1319065

The Taylor tinfoil wouldn’t surprise me but it’s unlikely that Taylor would team up with her. If anything she’s likely enjoying the train wreck.
I can see syd trying to paint the picture of her being abused(she probably is, she is not innocent in her behavior however-not that she deserves it) and “I had to abandon my son because of HIM and because he’s a junkie! I couldn’t let my son around that! And I’m not a coward so I stuck around ! And he cheated on me constantly! I am the victim!” She will inevitably dump him (or shit maybe even murder him kek she is so unhinged) and use her son as a pawn. I hope Grandma keeps that boy and has filed emergency custody for him.

No. 1319066

I hope people come find her thread because of this kek.

Restraining order sounds better and better. I’m sure the courts will love to see that when you lose full custody of your son, SydSoPsycho!

No. 1319067

>>1319062 right… "The screenshots you've been sent" not the actual posts you read here on your own time. Hysterical.

No. 1319068

She’s acting like she doesn’t check this thread constantly, LMAO

No. 1319070

Kek is she still pretending they’re engaged?

No. 1319071

> where crazy people gather
Okay says the jobless, sonless, mentally ill loser with jonny Craig still lmao
Bitch always thinks she's so high and mighty, sit down goblin girl we know the real you BY now for sure.

No. 1319076

We all know syd is manic, and narcissistic. We all know she checks here, but even if she wasn't aware of this site, and was just now made aware, everyone knows she would be stalking the shit out of this page. She tries so hard to play like she doesn't care what people think, but she very obviously does, evident by the fact she's constantly addressing minor comments made about her here, and trying to justify. We all know it's eating you alive you stupid bitch. Take a look in the mirror before you call people crazy.

No. 1319079

SydSoSubstanceabuse is soooo mad she’s been exposed lol

No. 1319085

The craziest thing about all of this (and that's saying ALOT)
is thay Syd thinks anyone wants Jonny. Nobody on planet earth wants that man's body (if emojis were allowed I'd insert vomit emoji here.)
She doesn't even want him lol but she's too desperate to let go.

No. 1319086

Anyone coming here to defend Syd: please read these threads before embarrassing yourself by leaving a whiteknighting comment. She is completely insane and has done this countless times with many MANY innocent women who want nothing to do with Jonny Craig’s abusive loser druggie ass. She is not who she portrays herself to be and the proof is all here. We don’t need to say anything to convince you, there are plenty of screenshots of her telling on herself throughout these threads.

Syd if your reading this: get help. Stop embarrassing yourself. Leave him and leave the internet and focus on being an adult and being a mother. You are ruining your own life, no one is ruining it for you.

No. 1319087

Did this dumb bitch really just direct all her followers here, the place where all her lies and shitty behavior are documented? The place where they can see with their own eyes that her behavior towards dairy anon is unhinged? Is she actually delusional enough to think that her followers will see >>1318548 and think "Yes, that is the most grounded, sane way to handle a literal non-issue"?
So many of them are going to get curious about ~the ebul hate site~ and many of them will inevitably turn into hate followers because of this. She has absolutely 0 foresight or common sense.. way to shoot yourself in the foot Syd.

No. 1319091

Shhhhhh don’t make her realize what’s she’s done and delete her story hahahha

Don’t you all just love how Jonny makes no comment on any of this drama at all? Like does she hide her story for him or does he see all the nonsense she posts. I can’t imagine he would be okay with this craziness she’s stirring up

No. 1319101

“Well I guess you gotta get protection cuz I’m coming” is bodily harm threat, this has to be prosecutable.

No. 1319106

She's probably losing her shit hoping that she can make those messages of her calling Jonny a fat junkie and saying she doesn't want him just go away. I mean, those are probably the most truthful things she ever said about the greasy fuck, but it's an awful look and doesn't paint her as the smol supportive groupie gf she tries to portray herself to be

No. 1319113

Please post the videos of Jonny on heroin dairy anon kek. Fuck, post it all.

No. 1319118

God anonita, bless you for dealing with her bullshit. I think you should post your entire conversation with her thus far and add to it as she messages you, not just because it is milky but to set the record straight and like you said, show that you are not pulling anything out of your ass or manipulating what she's saying (obviously we all believe you here - but it would help for others who may be speculative). She's fucking batshit and I'm sorry you have to deal with her crazy ass. Keep all of this on record for your safety, she's definitely threatening you. Post it all - the conversations, the videos, everything. Then she can't say it's photoshopped either - can't photoshop a video now can we huh Syd? Maybe a different site/doc would be better to keep record of these on? I'm not good at this kind of stuff.

No. 1319120

Oh, I see she’s trying to use my actual name which is virtually useless unless she wants to send hate to the Facebook inbox I haven’t checked in over a year…

And to clarify about her insinuation I OD’d… she is (1) either mixing up me and Taylor like some of you said, or (2) she’s referring to when I was sent to boarding school in high school for an eating disorder? I know my dad told my siblings it was a rehab because they were young when I left and he thought that was easier to understand. The last time I was in the hospital was over a decade ago when I let my type 1 diabetes get too far out of control for the same reason and almost died, but that’s not an OD. It’s DKA. Get your facts straight Syd. I think we can all speculate that YES: she is throwing what little she even knows about me to hurt me because, like I said, I always tried to stay far away from her.

She’s in my dms again. Last night sending me literal videos of Jonny on heroin BAD and trying to pawn him off on me and today saying I’m a “weak and not adult and terrible” for only posting parts of our conversation but I’d be happy to post ALL OF IT if that’s what she really wants? I wouldn’t mind posting the Jonny dms either because I have nothing to hide. What do you guys think?

(ps - I almost spit out my coffee when I read her slamming my bf about therapy because while she was lashing out at him, his only responses were links to various therapy centers haha. I can post those too, idgaf. Wouldn’t want you guys to think I’m manipulating the info just to make the perfect Sydney England look bad.)

(pss - The fact that she hasn’t considered that name dropping Taylor led me to simply google “Taylor” “Sydney” and “Jonny” together to find this lolcow thread as a top result. YOU LED ME HERE just like you’re about to lead everyone else here, idddiot)

(pss - I saged this because I didn’t post screenshots, but is this considered an update or was the sage correctly used? Still learning)

No. 1319125

I got the quick draw on that quick delete, fix typo, and repost. Sorry!

No. 1319127

You did perfect with your first post and this post too. I'd sage unless it's something really interesting like a screenshot.

No. 1319128

definitely post everything you have. she's trying to blackmail you into silence so she can keep being shitty and abusive. as if the last 5 threads haven't documented her hysterical actions against random women online. hopefully people can read this and say "damn, I should really stay away from that psycho"

No. 1319133

You did perfect anon. And isn't it great how shitty this makes her look right before their "tour"? lmao I wouldn't be surprised if they try to tell her it's best not to come after this psychotic episode she is having, imagine how much of a FIT she would throw.

No. 1319139

oh fuck off Syd. like you dont spend hours going through Jonny's phone just to target and berate women for looking in his direction or liking his posts. anons come here for 10 minutes of reading/laughing and go back to their lives not constantly checking lolcow or stalking innocent people

No. 1319140

File: 1631136475665.jpg (183.34 KB, 1440x2547, holyshit.jpg)

This captures her true troll like essence..

No. 1319166

Or this IS the result of her being told she's not coming lelll

No. 1319167

Sorry for no sage fml

No. 1319178

File: 1631139074702.png (69.66 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210908-181105.png)

self awareness is at a negative lmao this bitch is insane

No. 1319180

Somehow she deleted our conversation in my Instagram inbox? What kind of black magic was that?!!

Fear not, for I screenshot everything as it comes in as advised to me by the police, so I will be post all the goodies when I get home from this doctor appointment because when a fox disturbs the coop, you don’t just scare it away. You shoot it dead.

No. 1319183

File: 1631139772576.png (8.01 MB, 1170x2532, F32D872A-614F-40F5-98FE-2EB74F…)

Is she talking about herself? lol

Pic: is this jonnys response to this drama?

No. 1319186

Omg his pinkie finger is fuuuckin fat

No. 1319205

Says the literal dumb bitch who got the police called on her for sending psychical threats to someone for simply getting along with her trash man and wishing death upon said woman. Who literally can’t go a week without a psychotic meltdown. Mother of the year right there.

Love you nonny sorry you’re dealing with her psycho behavior, you’re a stellar human for dealing so level-heatedly and exposing this literal troglodyte for her behavior.

No. 1319213

Lol Syd no-one wants your fat junkie boyfriend, also well done on proving that you're an unfit mother by showing your whole mentally unstable ass to the world.

Glorious milk anon, do you know if Storm is safe away from these lunatics?

No. 1319232

Is that even possible on IG?? One person can delete the conversation for both people?

As far as I know you can unsend messages but in that case she would have to do that for each and every individual message - which don't get me wrong, I can see this crazy bitch doing. I'm sorry anon but glad you screenshotted everything, I hope you still have the video too!

No. 1319241

omg stop, the fucking heart nose ring lmao. Seems him and taylor have the same affinity for buying the ugliest and grossest nose rings available. He said he's doing pink as well? and getting ready for the tour. He only seems to do this every time he's pretending to have his shit together

No. 1319246

100% Syd's crazy ass went back and unsent all of her bullshit. She's crazy and she has nothing but time lol.

No. 1319249

File: 1631143798261.webm (1.72 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-jonnycraig4l_24…)

>>1318615 oh it's SO much worse in video! Sorry anons I was busy and didn't have a chance to convert it and post it but I was able to snag it

They look like 2 gross trashy 13yr olds who think they're edgy and then she ends up being 16 and pregnant and he refuses to change a diaper (aka reality except they're way too old to be acting like this

No. 1319257

File: 1631144120358.webm (1.7 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-jonnycraig4l_24…)

and for anons who never see his stories this is what we mean when we say he's desperate to see tour tickets. It's laughable to even call it that, i mean seeing as they're just bars that probably feature some rando nightly or weekly. So obnoxious, he's too old for this shit; Maybe if he was a teen, or like 20, it would be funny but he is a 35yr old desperate addict who needs dope & booze money

No. 1319259

File: 1631144191841.webm (952.29 KB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-jonnycraig4l_24…)

second half

No. 1319262

>>1319249 this was posted already

No. 1319267

even though this was posted already, now that I'm watching it back a second time is it just me or do her pupils look huge?? Idk maybe I'm just tripping but what would even cause that if they were abnormally large?

No. 1319269

File: 1631144734513.jpeg (880.36 KB, 3024x4030, C42C019C-D2F8-4EFB-B5AB-07B137…)

The fucking deadpan stare, nothing behind the eyes, screams in sociopath: be jealous of my fat bloated has-been, bitches. Looking real chubby and goblin-esque in the face lately SydSoPsycho

No. 1319270

Catching up on this from last night, her posting that persons full name after she went to the police and was notified is so, so fucking stupid.

No. 1319275

She looks like an 11 year old boy.

No. 1319279

File: 1631145655115.jpeg (3.92 MB, 2840x2174, 7152BA4D-25F3-40DE-9687-E8376B…)

Tiger King looking ass

crazy that even Tiger King looks better than fat junkie Jonny Craig

no way this is real?! she looks like Jonny’s fat thumb kek

No. 1319285

That deep as fuck forehead and 11 lines on thick rotting orange peel skin, yech. Sweet potato fingers, yam handed goblin.

No. 1319287

ah damn it sorry for the repost then anons! Tbh I'm not finished catching up. I'll make sure to fully catch up on the thread in the future lol. Also yes anon I do think her pupils are huge

No. 1319304

File: 1631147602202.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 834.42 KB, 1125x1998, 170A3681-7017-4EC9-B20B-70D376…)

I guess she’s making veiled threats still via song posts. The portion she picked to share includes something about never trusting a slut and “fuck her up when I see her”

No. 1319305

Also sorry I fat fingered the spoiler image button instead of reply!

No. 1319315

I truly hope she gets her ass kicked on tour. She’s hilarious, acting like she’d actually do anything

No. 1319316

Did you save the Jonny on drugs vids? I’m thirsty for that scalding milk lol

No. 1319324

I just want to say 1. I'm sorry you're dealing with this and 2. Thank you, anon for the wonderful afternoon chuckles you have blessed us with on this fine day.

No. 1319325

SAME I want to see these lol

No. 1319371

Sydsopsycho had the nerve to post suicide prevention awareness when she's wishing people death and threatening harm on unsuspecting victims of her psychotic behaviour. The delusion of this woman is fascinating at this point.

No. 1319373

As much as I think the videos could be amusing I don’t think it should be shared. You never know what is enough to push someone over the edge. These are horrible people but still, I think it’s unethical to post them as if Jonny actually is trying to get help it could trigger him to relapse.

I wish that these two would BOTH seek out help but first they have to realize how toxic their behaviors are. Jonny seems like he has ~some~ idea, he’s just a typical addict. Sydney has no fucking clue and never will.

No. 1319375

post anything but that. fucking blast these mfs, jonny is a fuckin rapist anyways

No. 1319381

Normally I’d agree with you but…. Jonny really doesn’t deserve sympathy or mercy. I can make you a long, long list of why he’s a horrible shit person if need be. And he isn’t trying to get help. He will never stop being a drug addict. Every time he “relapses” that’s just code for “oooops me lying about being clean has been exposed I guess I should claim it was a one time relapse.”

That being said, I would totally understand if anon didn’t wanna post it for the reasons you mentioned. If it were me I wouldn’t hold back lol

No. 1319404

I’m late in saying this but Syd sending her and JC’s fans here to where there’s brand new DMs of her trashing her own partner is so fucking funny to me

No. 1319432

File: 1631160721839.jpeg (132.08 KB, 1096x604, 675BCC3F-D8A3-4898-BC6C-2A0485…)

Jonny has fully and completely relapsed on heroin beyond a shadow of a doubt, and Sydney enables him by just standing there instead of leaving. I saved the videos. You will see soon.

I had an operation on my eyes this afternoon so I took a huuuge nap but I’ll be at my computer compiling all of mine and Sydney’s messages into one file soon. It’s a lot of work but she’s the one that complained about that in my dms so I’ll give her what she wants. She loves to play with fire, but can she take the burn? I think I’ll include the messages between Jonny and I since she thinks they’re so bad. You be the judge. Hold tight—milk is on the way.

In the meantime: Advice on the best way to upload a video on here?

No. 1319438

Oof the projection.

People use Dropbox a lot.

No. 1319440

Hang on, it’s me again.

I have this funny question bouncing around my head and that is: WHY?! Why would Sydney send me (the girl she just tried to ruin and has hated since high school) the most incriminating videos of Jonny that could ruin everything for both her and him, not just the tour and his career but also this “family dynamic” she claims to hold so sacred… And then turn around and blame anyone but herself for their downfall? It’s been racking my brain…

No. 1319444

Because she hate him and wants to humiliate him as much as he’s humiliated her.

Also because she’s fucking psycho.

No. 1319445

She sent them to you because she wants you to post them.

No. 1319446

She is soooo deluded. I think she took the vids to blackmail Jonny but she is waaaaay too stupid.

She has no one too, does she think the JC fans (who hate her) are gonna stick up for her? Or Jonny himself haha? Syd thinks Taylor could help her LOL. She is beyond pathetic and I hope this kicks her up the arse, and the ego kick knocks her down and few pegs… probably not though since she’s way too dumb for that. Thanks for the milk, I’m excited for more.

No. 1319452

"No wonder you're into this dude" Like… her dude? The one she's so proud of herself for snagging? As if there was a line of women trying to hop on his musty dick? Better hurry and lick Jonny's face again Syd, before someone else runs in and scoops him up! That's your man!

No. 1319459

yikes. Syd can’t leave him bc she’s probably on fent herself. I mean, why not leave him with storm and have a SydSoStrong moment? oh….. bc you don’t fucking have your own CHILD. literally she’s poking at someone for posting here but she doesn’t have a job, doesn’t have her son, doesn’t have any sort of reasonable relationship with ANYONE. it’s really really sad and embarrassing tbh. Imagine Storm growing up and seeing what Syd has done and said. And Jonny too. Holy fuck, I’d be traumatized and hope that I didn’t get any of their horrible disgusting sociopathic genes. I wonder if Storm’s actual caretaker knows about all of this absolute insanity and abuse. I mean, there is actual proof. Syd acting like there isn’t is a bit concerning. She really just needs a job even at dollar tree to keep her mind occupied for 4 hours

No. 1319461

It bothers me a lot that she pretended to be supportive of jonny during his relapse online and even went as far to complain about not receiving enough praise for it, but she's sociopathically just filming him while he's high, why? What for? So she can send them to strangers to humiliate him for no reason? It's disgusting, jonny is a sheet stain but anyone battling addiction doesn't deserve to be filmed at a low point and shared around for humiliation purposes by anyone, especially not their partner and mother of their child.

I still want to see all the contents admittedly, I hope jonny leaves her behind on tour. She does not deserve the attention and will likely start shit with his female fans.

No. 1319463

Not only that, but being treated like that when you are an addict sure isn't going to help you feel like you deserve to not be an addict. When everyone is reinforcing what you already feel about yourself for their own benefit or just pushed you further down the hole.

No. 1319465

Tinfoil but I have this sneaking feeling that she's gonna go on tour, try to start something with anon since they mentioned LA and there IS a tour date for LA, and she's gonna be left ditched in LA because Jonny isn't gonna put up with it. Or heaven forbid is left somewhere like TX for starting shit with a long time female fan of Jonnys. I can't imagine her seriously thinking getting physical with a fan and catching ANOTHER police report is gonna look good to CPS because y'all know they're not gonna bring their child who is ~DEFINITELY IN THEIR CUSTODY~ on tour and that within itself creates a real bad look.

No. 1319484

I could def see him leaving her in a state stranded

No. 1319492

Nonnie, I hope you heal up well and the blue light from your cell/ computer isn’t hurting your eyes… but holyfuck can’t wait for the screenshot shitshow.

No. 1319495

What if syd is always filming Jonny nodding off, and then she turns around and threatens him constantly with the evidence?
What if she’s just wanted them reposted here so the attention moves towards JC more, and less on her.
I could see her using it against jc for any future with Storm down the road?
Not white knight’n , just assuming the worst bc syd IS the worst.

The cream would be jc filming and releasing videos of her nodding off next to him on fent too

No. 1319522

If that was her motive it's pretty pathetic of her.
Jonny sucks, but filming him makes nobody look bad but her.
She's enabling him, obviously she's around when he does it otherwise she wouldn't have a chance to whip out her camera and film it like the sociopath she is.

OT but she chose a man she allegedly hates and loathes over her own child, she must hate her child a lot. She chose a toxic, disgusting lifestyle over being a mother and that makes her the weak one.

No. 1319524

Video converters help a lot, I'd upload them as Webm files those worked best for me on this site in the past.

No. 1319533

Anon you’re so right… it does say how little she cares about being a parent. I hope Storm is getting love and support elsewhere.
Also, has anyone seen the mice or rats they adopted a while ago? I assume they are dead or rehomed since it looks like they are too loaded to care for anything besides social media

No. 1319559

I know this post was yesterday but I can't emphasize this (she led her followers here who may not even know this place exists, like an idiot) enough. Does anyone know how long it took her to delete that story post? I don't check her story.

No. 1319562

The Milkbar in SF is mostly trivia/debate team nights lately so yeah, the stops he's pulling aren't exactly up to par. Dude needs to move the fuck on already.

No. 1319574

File: 1631181308034.png (2 MB, 4214x1457, sydney_and_jonny_dms_master_du…)

As promised, your milk is served.

I am still wrestling with the idea of posting the video just because my beef isn't with Jonny. I did include a preview of the video in the screenshots for confirmation.

I'd also like to say one more thing to Syd since she admitted to lurking here, and that is:
I have enjoyed my life since I moved away. It's been very peaceful, no thanks to you. I've never liked messing with people like you do, but when someone messes with me as you have, I make sure they never try it again. You have nothing on me now because you have always been a talentless bottom feeder; too impulsive and too stupid to plan ahead and we all know you'll never get a one-up on anyone with a brain like yours. And it's so painfully obvious! This which is why NO ONE is scared of you. Not back home. Not online. Not anywhere. I knew you never had anything on me to begin with but you so easily handed me all the ammo I needed to shut you up; and now that I've released this into the world you can stop pretending that you could blackmail me with any of it, and I can go back to living my beautiful life with my beautiful man in our beautiful house. Best of luck to you and whatever pit you inevitably stumble out of or into next.

No. 1319575

Is this milk for ants?

No. 1319578

You have nothing against a deadbeat dad x2, rapist, domestic violence, heroin addict??? Who loves heroin more than his own son? Post that shit please this is what he deserves after a lifetime of escaping judgement.

No. 1319584

Anon you sound v nice but I can see how this would get on nerves. You sent multiple messages and mostly carried the Convo when he was giving very little input towards the end. Syd is a psycho but for a chronically insecure BPD wreck, she handled herself better than I expected. I mean, she legit sounded like she was trying to level with you (albeit on her terms) about why she was so bootytickled. It's a shame she went nuts and threatened you tho. That's where she crossed the line.

No. 1319591

Yeah a bit of it seemed unnecessarily flirtatious but someone who is secure in their relationship probs wouldn’t realise that because it’s so far removed from their intentions in having the convo? No indication of any personal relationship here let alone meeting to fuck & shoot JESUS Syd get a grip

No. 1319592

if you think this is something that would get on peoples nerves, you have BPD as well.

A regular sane person wouldn't stalk their boyfriends messages behind their back to begin with, but even the average BPD person would just get mildly annoyed, I saw zero actual flirtation in that conversation tbh. At most she should have made jonny block this chick, vague posted and moved on, messaging threats to randoms is a huge mistake btw Syd since you're reading this, one day you're going to cross someone more insane than you and you'll be in big trouble

No. 1319595

Nah, like >>1319591 also said there was some unnecessary flirtation ie. downloading an app, continuing the conversation when he gave dead-end responses. Trust me, Syd and Jonny are the cows but I still stand by what I say.

No. 1319606

Yea and she’s still defending Jonny now by not posting the full fat milk, like stop defending this cretin if you don’t care for him like u stated in the screenies otherwise it’s just shady tbh

No. 1319609

Wow. Just in the still it looks like they live in some slum apartment with no furniture

No. 1319620

Use this to convert the video to webm format and you can post it here.

No. 1319622

nta but i agree with them that you're nuts if this would get on your nerves. if you think downloading an app to play and trying to make conversation is flirting, then i feel sorry for your partner/future partners.

No. 1319626

File: 1631188265293.png (8.37 MB, 1125x2436, 8630B24A-BA86-4CB4-BA78-B27247…)

Zoomed in for anons on small devices etc, is his tv on the floor next to some random trash littered around?? Nice

No. 1319627

Syd and JC are all Pearl necklace & no knickers honestly, who has a tv that big with no table to put it on??? He buys his dumb designer shoes and Syd adorns herself with retarded dermal piercings and tattoos but they can’t afford the basics- doesn’t stop them from flexing on the h8rs tho

No. 1319632

This legit makes my stomach turn. Him being high on heroin, their slum apartment, her recording him instead of leaving because she’s “not weak,” this confirms the baby does not live there though. If he does she is truly twisted for keeping him in a dangerous situation

No. 1319634

not white Knighting Jonny but her behavior makes me sick. He's slowly killing himself and she's filming it for kicks? Doesn't know it'll get shared or does she even care? He needs to LEAVE her ass.

No. 1319641

Day one of JC's "tour" today, would really be a shame if these alleged videos happened to surface today as well….

Syd acts like she wants "fame" so deeply, but the second someone on the internet criticizes her she folds in half. Ma'am, you cannot handle the heat, get out of the kitchen and fix yourself.

No. 1319643

>Oh no your one those lol

Kek. He just can't stop thinking about Taylor

No. 1319682

Jonny is a huge piece of garbage, but Syd is just as bad at this point… before it was “he’s a literal rapist” vs “just” being a psycho pick-me girlfriend but this is pretty sick. Not even mentioning all the bad shit she’s done before, but standing by and filming him while he’s high to mock a girl on Instagram seems super sadistic to me. She strikes me as one of those moms that murder their children by prolonged physical abuse, or stabbing a cheating SO in their sleep. I don’t doubt that she dishes out any abuse she gets on the same level, if not more severe.
Also strikes me as one to sit there while he ODs or something because she’s holding onto a petty grudge (cheating isn’t a petty grudge but she’s KNOWN he’s a serial cheater for a while now) exactly like those screenshots. Just gross.

No. 1319694

is anyone else thoroughly enjoying the irony of Syd starting to collect some of the same animals Taylor has (& likely also mistreating them similarly) and also getting the same haircut and dying it a similar color– okay we get it you live in Tay's shadow

No. 1319703

This is cringe and corny on your end, IMO. Extremely pick me behavior, but definitely innocuous if you're not a completely insecure loser.

No. 1319705

You guys are fucking wild and insecure if you would be upset at your partner having this kind of casual conversation w someone kek. Syd is an entirely different breed obviously, but yeah anon absolutely nothing was warranted wtf

No. 1319732

Don’t blame anon for how Syd reacted. Honestly I don’t see anything wrong with this convo? Can’t people just talk? Honestly you say she’s a ‘pick me’ or the convo was overly flirtatious then I’m worried about you. You’re right about Jonny not needing anyone defending him, but she was just treating him like any other human, without any of the knowledge we know already about Jonny. He’s already being exposed too because of how Syd is treating people, so stop attacking Anon because it seems very woman hating behaviour, almost like ‘she asked for it’ for messaging someone? Madness.

No. 1319733

So were you like a friend or follower of JC prior to he and Syd? I'm confused about the connection here unless I missed it. But I agree with the other anon, bragging about your degree and Blizzard and all that was extremely cringe. Why anyone with a functioning brain would even want to be associating themselves with him is beyond me.

No. 1319735

It's pick me behaviour because literally nowhere did he ask anything about her education or being interviewed at Blizzard. It's pretty apparent she was trying to impress him and be literally didn't give a fuck kek

No. 1319743

He was suggesting giving anon an app later, he was interested on her animals and financial status; it was a normal ass conversation not flirtatious, pickme-ish, or one sided in any way.

Mentioning a cool potential job isn’t trying to impress someone necessarily, you guys are just socially stunted because that’s just how conversations work.

No. 1319746

Is it possible to know who Jonny Craig is enough to follow him on social media and NOT have any knowledge about his behaviour and reputation??? I knew about most of the stuff discussed here with his exes, heroin use and general shit antics, before I ever found out about lolcow, it's not exactly a secret.

No. 1319747

Kek I literally don’t see any flirting in these messages. It’s called a conversation between two people. Are some of you so socially inept that you have no idea what actual flirting looks like? Cause this AINT it.

No. 1319748

Interesting how the tone changed real quick in this thread. Can’t you heifers just be happy we were provided milk? We aren’t here to judge nonny just indulge in the milk and SydSoPsycho’s meltdown.

No. 1319749

Obviously…the majority of people don’t actually know much about band members/celebrities on a personal level, and everyone is cancelled so bad that people probably don’t care or pay attention. Not WKing, fuck JC and idk if dairy anon knew anything about him prior, but generally speaking, of course there are people who don’t know or give a shit about his antics. To this day I have friends who say they love his voice and when I tell them he sucks they’re like “what, really?”

No. 1319751

tone only changed because anon withheld milk to protect Jc? Why do people still give that obese ginger rat the time of day

No. 1319753

How is downloading an app to play a trivia game flirting? Or continuing a conversation? I don’t see any flirting in the messages. She could have talked to a child that way and it would be fine but because he’s taken to Syd a female can’t speak to him like they would a child? Weird

No. 1319755

I dunno, kinda torn on this one. JC was definitely flirting that's for sure "he's a lucky man" then her overly long explanation about "soft blocking" (whatever the fuck that means) and then advising him to use vanish mode for his conversations. People who use vanish mode are generally having convos they shouldn't be and don't want a partner to see.

No. 1319764

Sounds like anon was trying to be comforting and syd is acting like chatting with other women is cheating. Also she brings up her son like 10 times which is hilarious because he CLEARLY doesn’t live with them and if he did, and is exposed to Jonny being high, they deserve to get him taken away.

>after seeing him cheat with tons of women tonight

Kek what? Jonny who has no car is just banging tons of women nightly?

No. 1319786

I really don’t think anon was flirting at all and I really don’t think y’all should be shaming her when she came here share all this with us. She didn’t have to. Her conversation was not flirty, and if she’s a fan of Jonny I could more than understand why it would feel cool for her that a musician she likes is responding/engaging. I have a lot of musicians or actors that I would be so stoked to have convos with and I don’t see my husband feeling threatened by that at all. Just like if he had the opportunity to chat with someone he’s a fan of wouldn’t be weird to me. Y’all are starting to sound like Syd by claiming it’s flirting lolllll

No. 1319800

Would going to one of the concerts and posting pics, etc. be considered cowtipping?
I'm tempted to go to one in TX. Obviously I wouldn't provoke them or do anything stupid… I'd just be incognito as a regular "fan".

No. 1319806

I think anons are just disgusted that she’s so amicable with Jonny cuz we all know he’s a scumbag, that’s the top n bottom of it

No. 1319807

incognito? Don't waste your time. You'll be found out.

No. 1319808

This thread has suddenly turned into a stan circlejerk for this fat, rapist, junkie manlet. Can’t believe someone would engage with him in the first place if it wasn’t to shit on him or ask him where his baby is.
“uwu posting his videos is unethical and could lead him to relapse. Mean!!” no ladies his toxic broken brain is what will lead him to relapse, always. He deserves every bit of dung thrown his way. Syd is enabling and just as crazy. In fact, the only empathy that should be shown here is toward the child. The more evidence posted against these rotten leeches, the better.
Post milk and simp for better moids, nonitas.

No. 1319820

I have no doubt in my mind that syd records jonny while he's high and threatens him daily with it. I know everyone calls him a junkie rapist and all, but it's still deeply sad that this man is killing himself with this, and the mother of his child is hiding his secret until she can gain something from it, or just gets too emotional. Just as he's choosing to put heroin into his body, she's choosing to stay. These are both terrible people, but it is honestly so sad to see how they choose to live their lives. Miserable, and sick. They should have never brought a child into this world.

No. 1319821

You guys are doing the same thing you did with A - pushing your milk far far away from you so that you can't be fed again.

Don't post the videos just yet - I think Syd might be trying to take the attention away from her. Classic manipulation tech.

No. 1319825

and what would happen if I was "found out" Syd?

No. 1319827

Hold up - am I reading too much between the lines or is Syd implying that every time Jonny TALKS to another girl he is cheating? As in talking = cheating? Whew she’s nuts. I wouldn’t want to talk to JC given he’s a massive piece of shit so idk your rationale there but whatever. Thanks for the milk nonita, shit is wild.

No. 1319832

Thats the only thing that made me lol too anon!

What a self destructive dumpster fire jonny is.

No. 1319833

Why would you say you’re going to post the videos and then not post them. Unless you’re trying to get attention yourself, in which case mission accomplished. Stop flip-flopping and either post the videos or shut up about them.(sage your shit)

No. 1319837

File: 1631206320494.gif (331.64 KB, 220x256, BA367756-E3D2-413F-B4AB-043657…)

Go outside and breathe some fresh air.

No. 1319856

and sage your autism

No. 1319858

> stan circlejerk
Where? Please wipe the foam from your mouth and like chill kek

No. 1319860

Syd would only text a man if she was trying to hook up with him so she assumes that's what everyone does too. Look up projection as it's used in psychology–very interesting in the context of a lot of these cows kek

No. 1319870

“found out” doing what? buying a ticket for an event open to the public and taking photos in a public place? what’s the problem with doing any of that?

No. 1319874

It’s bc DGD fans are terminally retarded. They act like the mediocre mall music this man produced is some emotionally poignant upper echelon of art bc it made them cry when they were 15 & never moved past that point. They’re -all- Syd, more or less.

No. 1319879

Same. I'm seriously contemplating buying tickets just to see this possible shit storm

No. 1319881

Kek you’ll be like one of 10 people that show up out of pity or curiosity.

No. 1319903

While I agree this 100% wasn’t a flirtatious conversation, the mentioning of degrees and trying to work for Blizz is cringe af when the screenshots provide no context as to why you were bringing it up when JCs responses were dry af

No. 1319912

We aren’t here to determine if victim-anon is cringe or not. It’s literally irrelevant. What’s relevant is the fact that there’s zero evidence of cheating or anything inappropriate.
Like another anon said, she was probably excited someone she is a fan of was engaging with her. Maybe she knew of his past, maybe she didn’t. Still doesn’t explain sydsopsycho’s insanity nor give her an excuse to threaten her.

Some of you want to pick apart the victim for some weird reason. Syd is insane and filming her BD high on dope and sending it to someone all while just a couple weeks ago was throwing a fit because she wasnt being praised online for being JC’s support system.

Sorry for the run on sentences but some of you are weird as fuck.

No. 1319917

I feel like if you knew of SydSoPsycho or her behavior, contact shouldn’t have been made at all. With Jonny or Syd. Any other circumstance, this would be a normal interaction between two people on the internet. For Syd it’s the literal end of the world. At this point her craziness should be expected. Also thinking she could ever be rational is just as crazy as she is.

No. 1319922

Does anyone know Syds reaction? I got blocked on insta for voting ‘no’ on a poll months ago ha ha

No. 1319923

This is exactly what I don't understand. This person clearly had a past with Syd, which she explained and that her psychopathic behaviour was evident in highschool. So why on earth would you even initiate conversation with her boyfriend? I'm not trying to victim blame and Syd is clearly in the wrong for all of this, but isn't this like poking the bees nest? I was the anon who asked for clarification on how she even knew JC in the first place. Seems sus that she has a past with Syd and is also a fan of his.

No. 1319927

Kinda seems like cow tipping tbh

No. 1319935

If you read back anon said that they didn't know syd all that well, just that their siblings were friends with her.
"I was in college when Sydney was in high school and she was friends with my siblings who claimed I met her but she must have been so unmemorable that I must have forgotten about it. She always sounded weirdly jealous of me so I purposefully kept my distance"

That doesn't imply they knew how crazy Syd was, just that they thought she was weird so they purposefully kept distance. Again though, we have zero idea if Nonnie knew the extent of Jonny's drug addiction or shittiness in general - they also stated they found lolcow from a Google search of Syd, Jonny, and Taylor's name. If anon genuinely knew how crazy all this shit was I'd like to hope they wouldn't have engaged at all but who knows as they've disappeared since questioning if they should post the video of Jonny nodding out on drugs.

No. 1319946

I’m only halfway down the thread but this is what always fucks me up. How could you not feel attachment to the innocent entire person that you created for months and birthed? I’m really shocked she didn’t have a moment where she realized while holding her baby that she is that person’s entire mother and that person is going to love them forever, and that it didn’t give her an epiphany, any perspective, or motivation to stop making the most destructive choices ever and be a decent mother. I don’t understand how your entire life doesn’t immediately change, that’s your literal baby??? They don’t care about your mistakes, they just want you. Whatever life she could provide for him while living with her mom and trying to get her shit together would have been enough as long as Jonny wasn’t around to provoke and antagonize her because that would have been so destructive emotionally. They’re not married and she’s nuts, but he’s another dangerous person that doesn’t need to be around and she could have gone into a program to make solid changes before her child could talk so she could communicate better.

She literally gave up being “Mommy” to an innocent child for a “fat junkie” she hates. No amount of fame in the world will ever compare to being a mother to one person who can’t just choose to stop loving you ever. Her own mother is raising her grandson out of the love in her heart, and Sydney still can’t log the fuck off of MySpace. She could never be a mother and doesn’t deserve to talk about the child she birthed.

No. 1319947

There's still a weird prior connection there. She claimed Syd was weirdly obsessed with her so obviously knew about or heard about whatever Syd was doing. It's also not a secret Syd and JC are together, she's on his IG timeline. If she was weirded out enough about her in college to stay away why would she be going out of her way to get in Jonny's DMs?

No. 1319949

I agree. this thread is about Syd and Jonny. picking apart op's actions is fucking annoying to read. who cares what she sends Jonny, it's not like she's sending ass pics anyway. be happy she even posted screenshots

No. 1319967

Thank you, agreed. Who the fuck cares what anon decided to message. I'm happy for the SS but only thing that sucks is if anon decides to withold the milk (this alleged video) to protect him. Who cares if your beef isn't with Jonny? Jonny is with the chick who is threatening you lol, all the other things he's done aside he's automatically guilty by association with her. Please release the video anon

No. 1319982

oh my god can you weirdos stop nitpicking the anon, we're in this thread to talk about a rapist junkie and a psycho bitch. you're trying to scare someone with milk away because you question why she messaged him? who the fuck cares, shut the fuck up

No. 1319990

Nobody cares why she messaged him, real question is why defend him

No. 1320005

And just like that, you mentally retarded douches scared off SS OP with your nitpicking lel kik

No. 1320015

Anons, be nice to OP. it sounds to me like the videos are only being withheld because she doesn’t know how to post them. Someone give her instructions and stop shaming her for literally having a normal conversation with a male.

If I saw those DMs in my husbands Instagram inbox, I would be much more concerned with how strung out he sounds, obsessing over GOT trivia, which seems entirely irrelevant, than the fact that that conversation was with a woman.

No. 1320024

>>1319574 why is syd so much of a pathetic loser that she goes after women, telling them that they are responsible for making sure her boyfriend isn't "cheating" by flirting with them? Grow the fuck up and leave his ass if you're so uphappy and he's cheated on you. She sits there and tells random women that they are part of the problem.. is she that diluted? No, you dumb whore… You're part of the problem. You bring these problems to yourself by not leaving. She goes on about not wanting him, calling him a junkie loser and says she doesn't want him, but then throws a fit about how he has a son and a family so girls shouldn't talk to him. If you don't want him why do you care, syd? Let it the fuck go. You've made yourself look so fucking foolish it's beyond embarrassment. Seriously, grow a fucking pair and walk away.

No. 1320029

he already had a daughter when Syd got with him!

No. 1320034

>>1320029 it's not like they all live together and have this happy little family.. they don't have their kid at all, and if they did WHY on earth would you want the only child you've ever birthed and claim to love more than anything, to be around a drug addict?

No. 1320040

Some of you are acting surprised that other anons aren’t kissing SS anon’s ass as if this isn’t a shit talking forum. She willingly came here and shared DMs, if she can’t take retarded criticism herself she shouldn’t have come here in the first place. And if someone gets “scared away” by being called cringey they need to either grow up or grow a thicker skin.

No. 1320044

These takes are so fucking dumb. First the anon came to this shithole to share an interaction just to entertain us, she didn’t have to. And she said something about going to the doctor and having an eye surgery, and she edited all those screenshots just for us with like probably one working eye and a stomach of painkillers and is getting attacked lmao. Anyone that’s attacking her has probably given up on holding either of them accountable, but that’s as crazy as Sydney attacking this woman because she can’t get to Jonny. Stan behavior.

Also she said she does twitch streams, how she’s acting is probably exactly how she interacts with random people all of the time. Doing nerd quizzes with anyone is funny and entertaining. She said something about her bf having a good job, so she talked about an interview (which is dope) and then explained that having an equivalent job in her relationship means a lot to her. Jonny probably then got silent because he’s insecure and has nothing to contribute in a conversation about healthy relationships or life goals. She then later says she’s been drinking wine and probably just wanted to socialize because engaging with other nerds is her career. This is how you actually build relationships with fans, she’s interacting like an entertainer on twitch would so people watch her shit and pay her.

Hating how a woman doing her job as an entertainer better than Jonny, who just fucks his young fans, is seen as flirting and is getting criticized for providing all of this while probably wearing an eyepatch. That is so harmless and she was actually pretty nice to Sydney, probably because she feels bad for her and going to the police forces a boundary on Sydney that she desperately needs, and Jonny doesn’t even care enough to do that. Really disappointed people in this thread who mock Jonny rightfully for his failure are like “wow, really bragging about your job interview” lol. And if she doesn’t want to post a blackmail video of a junkie not being able to function, she shouldn’t be insulted into it.

No. 1320054

Why are you so bothered? Go for a walk and get some Vitamin D cause you sound miserable

No. 1320058


This thread finally has some good milk but I wouldn’t be surprised if you nonas scared her away. Messaging someone in IG doesn’t mean she had to be aware of every shit Jonny Craig has done, much less be up to date with whatever insane shit Sydsopsycho is up to.

ily milky anon

No. 1320063

Kek you’re a retard straight up. No one is kissing her ass or expecting others to praise her every move. Incase your pea brain forgot, this is a JONNY and SYD thread. You want to tear apart ewhores? There’s a few threads for that.

Literally zero reason to pick apart victim-anon. If you want jonny’s bloated carcass on top of you so bad, message syd. She seems like she’s looking for an adoptee.

No. 1320065

Ah shit now that you mention it, I noticed she is remarkably familiar with the rules/board culture for someone who supposedly just happened to stumble here through Google.

No. 1320079

It’s really easy to look up site rules. Like damn y’all criticize “newfags” for not learning site rules and culture but then have responses like this when someone actually does it? What a useless take

No. 1320081

Just want to throw out there: Syd is acting like if one of the many musicians she fawns over messaged her she wouldn’t have a convo with them. But it’s not okay for her musician “fiancé” to engage with his followers…. What a psycho hypocrite Bitch

No. 1320082

Anything she’s posted regarding the situation has been posted here nonnie, you haven’t missed much else

No. 1320094

so now that milkanon has been in here i think the “cheat with someone you know” post is about her. and in that case chill out syd a conversation on instagram about her boyfriend isnt cheating. go get dbt or something

No. 1320096

can we drop the screen shot anon sperging for a second to focus on this? >>1319626 and how fucking horrifying this situation is. not only Jonny nodded the fuck out in a weird position but Syd taking pictures of it? who does that. especially if it's your SO. you put them to bed and make sure you don't have to fucking narcan them. Sydney is a garbage human and I'm so glad they don't have storm so she can't reeee online and post pictures when Jonny nods off and rolls over on the baby

No. 1320097

i know this is blog but there are legitimate reasons syd didnt form an attachment to storm. someone i know didnt bond with their baby at all because they werent allowed to breastfeed because of a medication she was on. she never took care of her after not bonding and the grandparents took over. i feel like this is common

No. 1320104

He showed interest in her finances, he implied she was rich. Conversations about finances typically involve careers and educations.. I swear to fucking God more than half of your are socially stunted autists or BPDfags who wouldn't be able to hold a conversation with a wall.

No. 1320108

Lol he probably looking for next rich girl to buy him veneers and drugs

No. 1320110

It's not ok, and honestly usually inexcusable, for someone to bring a child into this world and then pawn them off on their parents.

Plenty of parents don't really form an attachment with their kid(s) for various reasons, but still take care of them because that's what you're supposed to do as a parent.

Don't get me wrong… even though we don't know what kind of care Storm is getting living with Syd's mom… it's DEFINITELY better than the care he'd be getting living in a drug den and seeing his dad do the dope fiend lean.

So it's a good thing her mom has her son. I'm just saying, she's wrong for putting her mom and son in this situation in the first place.

No. 1320114

You can still bond with your baby if you don't breastfeed. Plenty of women can't and have to use formula and still love their kids. Syd's problem is that she's a self obsessed piece of shit and put Jonny before her kid.

No. 1320121

Abandoning your child isn't common enough to handwave it over not being able to brestfeed, and in Syd's case we know thanks to her ex that she refused medication for her BPD so she can drink and party and live the "rockstar" life. Storm was nothing to her from the moment she got pregnant but a mean to an end to get her next to Jonny and his remaining scraps of fans/fame because she knew NOBODY else would touch her crazy ass. She cared so little for her son that she gave him a name TAYLOR and JC picked out for their baby bc it was more important to her to shit on Taylor than to give her son his own name for the rest of his life that means something special to them. She only got the da e tattoo of his initials when people first started noticing Storm was nowhere to be found once Syd was back to posting round the clock and back with Jonny.

No. 1320135

File: 1631223764208.jpeg (438.73 KB, 1242x2489, E12A8533-AEE3-4AB9-8A3C-7CB6A3…)

She didn’t bond with her baby because she was too busy being a psychotic piece of shit like she’s always been. Too busy messaging women prettier than her and attacking them.

This is from the 1st thread when her baby was an infant. I don’t remember when he was born…July?

No. 1320152

>>1320135 syd has a huge habit of telling people they aren't special. Either are you. To be completely honest, can anyone in here blame him if he was to cheat on syd? She is totally out of her mind and that is only what we see/experience online.

No. 1320153

The way she talks to people is so insane. Like as if she's better at anything than anyone else?
>Don't act special either like people are hitting you up about jonny
Sis, you literally just described yourself. You're only claim to being "special" is getting knocked up by that has been loser, that and your actual special needs but I digress

No. 1320156

Kek wtf like she doesn’t have half naked photos all over Instagram herself

No. 1320167

I recall Jonny posting a Happy New Years pic licking Syd's saggy ass from the most flattering angle he could manage on his stories, but I guess when SHE does it it's different!!

No. 1320175

File: 1631227056383.jpg (207.86 KB, 1080x1910, Screenshot_20210909_183646.jpg)

Sure, bud lol

No. 1320184

Sage for possible irrelevance, but has Taylor made any kind of public statement on Syd claiming that she’d sic her on Anon to ruin her life? it was claimed that the messages were also sent to Taylor, and knowing that cow there’s just no way she’d leave this unaddressed… esp after how Syd treated her around the time she first got knocked up.

No. 1320194

TND has her own struggles, mainly bathing and exactly when during her three hours awake to get high. I wouldn't hold my breath on any statement.

No. 1320204

must be doing so well for him to have to advertise there are still VIP tickets available just hours before the event, kek. he's gonna have so much dough rolling in to flex on us with soon

No. 1320221

Kek anon.
But seriously, I almost don't think I can tolerate these cows interacting anymore. Taylor weighing in would just involve a lot of crying and general self centredness, followed by Syd losing her shit in her usual illiterate crackhead manner.
What I really want is just for Sydney to shut the fuck up. Or post jonny nodding out to her insta story.

No. 1320223

File: 1631232753991.jpeg (219.42 KB, 750x787, 4829A273-146F-4F58-9F75-E2EE5C…)

I wonder if this actually gonna happen. Lol

No. 1320231


I’m sure syd is ruining his mood every chance she gets kek.

No. 1320232

What’s the voice message?

No. 1320234

Breast feeding isn’t the only way of bonding and being a mother you fucking weirdo lol. That baby is developing a brain around socialization, touch, behavior, etc. and that has nothing to do with breast feeding. Plenty of amazing mothers and parents use formula for a number of reasons, and Sydney has proudly stated she’s not taking medication she needs. She is likely on the same drugs as Jonny, but I’m hoping she wasn’t during the pregnancy and could have kept it up after that. My point was she went through 9 months and then birthed a child, while fighting with Jonny, and then when she held her innocent baby at no point did she have the rational epiphany of that child deserving her world. No one on Earth is capable of loving you the way your own child would, why would you give that up for anyone or anything, let alone Jonny Craig? That’s insane to me.

How a child socializes with their mother and how the mother responds to them is how they form patterns of attachment for the rest of their entire life, their brain grows that way and they will have to consciously change it in therapy to avoid repeating those patterns. It has zero to do with breast feeding and I’m positive that if a child doesn’t get a boob they still need their mothers, and if children don’t immediately bond the parent shouldn’t get insecure about that because they’re babies and they have the rest of their lives to bond. Her self worth is tied to a man she hates but her child has two parents that don’t give a fuck about him and he can never change that. Whatever she is going through that kid is going to have to experience so much harder and there is literally nothing keeping her away from him besides spending money people donated for the child on a fucking microdermal in her forehead. I hope he rips it out one day because it belongs to him

No. 1320235

She is saying how ironic it is that JC relates to Tory Lanez. She also plans to show up with a sign to show people who he really is and passing out flyers with screenshots on them. She said violence won’t be her main goal just to ruin their night but if Syd swings first she weighs almost 300 lbs and will gladly swing back.

No. 1320239

pfft, what a try-hard. she really thinks she's like a badass vigilante or smth

No. 1320240

>handing out flyers
Oh lovely. She will be handing out garbage.

No. 1320249

File: 1631235963734.jpeg (824.22 KB, 1125x2286, 0E2997B6-0F4E-435C-B5B1-3A8597…)

Can’t ever get video to upload from mobile but the irony of her saying “so handsome!!!! too handsome sometimes!” during this video after calling him a fat junkie… lmao

No. 1320251

I really hope this happens lol. gonna get most of this bingo sheet crossed off and they haven't even started touring yet!

No. 1320254

People like Syd aren't like you and me (and most people). They don't feel at all. I'm finding it very hard to wrap my head around her behavior and reactions to things, because it is so far out of the realm of normal. She doesn't recognize her actions as abnormal. Storm is far better off with someone else. I truly feel Syd is the kind of person who would harm her child in order to get back at someone else.

No. 1320271

Super cringe. Don't cowtip people jfc.

No. 1320273

I almost completely forgot about this fat bitch hahaha the stars are aligning for an epic showdown in Texas, I can't fucking wait

No. 1320274

She reminds me of Jodi Arias.

No. 1320278

File: 1631240420233.jpeg (179.96 KB, 1124x1262, 8ACB8CCF-B131-4693-B663-BD0083…)

Lmao he’s sticking her on the merch booth!

No. 1320281

He would be 100% justified in getting a restraining order against this fat bitch. There are unconstitutional laws being ratified in Texas that take away the rights of women and voters and this obese heifer is really going to stand out in the Texas heat to try to IRL cancel this junkie with PRINTED SCREENSHOTS. This sow is the reason the phrase “get a life” became a thing.

No. 1320285

File: 1631241123899.jpeg (843.46 KB, 3072x3072, 551A4004-BB6E-4E4B-ACA9-796E00…)

I don’t know what’s worse. Her bangs or her eyebrows. Nice new hair Syd! Didn’t like matching Taylor’s fugly orange hair?
Have fun at JC’s show among the 30 people who show up. Try not to look around or you’re gonna see someone who looks better than you and get triggered. Keep your eyes on your fat junkie!!

No. 1320286

File: 1631241277737.png (2.01 MB, 1440x2712, Capture _2021-09-09-19-33-51.p…)

Haha they are out and about Sacramento

No. 1320294

File: 1631241692356.png (367.54 KB, 794x392, Untitled-2.png)


No. 1320299

Is he missing one of his fake teeth on the bottom or is that a cap

No. 1320304

I was just looking back at some of her old pics on Jonny's timeline and she looked so much better with her natural dark hair and especially without these weird "I was manic and cut my own baby bangs myself" look. It's like she's purposely making herself ugly and I don't get it

No. 1320307

turtle mom posted the jonny nodding out video on twitter. on mobile but i screen screen recorded it & can upload tomorrow if no one else does.

No. 1320308

Dang, she must know that anon who came here with the milk. Weird she wouldn't post it for us but gave it to her no questions ask to upload to twitter

No. 1320312

File: 1631244440639.jpg (284.07 KB, 1080x1736, Screenshot_20210909_232701.jpg)

Turtlemom on a fucking rampage on twitter

No. 1320319

File: 1631246196004.webm (3.15 MB, 720x1264, TfTFOB1rD2ptRmS3.webm)

Jonny on heroin, ladies.

No. 1320321

what a catch
i love my men chubby washed up and unhinged

No. 1320322

The hurry in putting the phone down. God how fucking embarrassing and its literally all her fault. kek sydsostupid

No. 1320326

That's dark to watch, Syd is a fucking sociopath. How could you allow that to happen and film it? Call for help or something! Get away from him! I seriously hope they never get custody of their son.

No. 1320328

Gdi I don’t have my laptop near by…what mobile browser allows webm’s?

No. 1320331

She sent the video like it was nothing. He actually fucked up Taylors life and she’s a lot younger and she didn’t even do that to him. I don’t know how the turtle bitch could possibly find the screenshot anon so I would assume she either reached out to Sydney directly or made a fake account to “help”. He didn’t consent to this and could fight it but he will probably just do something sick and far more abusive because now he has taken away any support she could have had. Him being dangerous isn’t a joke and he’s already been physical with her, why does she think all of his exes had to flee and that they’re still struggling with his abuse

This isn’t going to end well

No. 1320332

Thanks for your service.


No. 1320337


Delete your double post, and please cut down the novels homie.

No. 1320339

>contacted TMZ
Ok I was totally defending you earlier but girl, chill. It’s getting a bit cringy.

No. 1320341

It feels a little too vendetta army for me, going tmz.
Jc and syd are not that important.

No. 1320342

Doubt the double post was on purpose but seriously piss off if you're gonna make a comment on the length of their post after the SEA of negative, shitty comments some of y'all had left for them to read through, they can respond how ever they see fit ffs. Imagine being ungrateful for milk y'all were never entitled to, to begin with

No. 1320347

I deleted everything. You're right. No one wants to read an essay, I get it. I was just trying to answer every question. But now that the video has dropped, it probably doesn't matter.

I figured since I hadn't heard of lolcow until this weekend, if I gave the video to someone like TurtleMom then it had a chance of actually being seen and resulting in some sort of real life consequence, and I knew you'd all repost it here.

No. 1320348

TMZ is a bit much and won’t give a shit about Jonny Craig but I bet the old music news sites like Alternative Press would eat this up. places like that covered his MacBook scamming and abuse allegations iirc

No. 1320351

Kek I know it’s early but it looks empty.
Also Holy Diver never posted about Jonny’s gig kek. I hope it’s a sad flop.

No. 1320352

You’re totally in your right to share with whomever, and I’m glad you dropped all that shit here. Fuck both of those piece of shit dead beat parents. But, we don’t need to know who all you sent it to or why etc etc.

Keep it short and simple. Turtlemom is also literally insane so that’s basically the best place to start.

This tour is starting out fantastically. My body is ready.

No. 1320365

wow I really don't know why Syd cant walk away from this toxic situation. I hope she's not using too

No. 1320367

The barren room with the TV on the floor and the only toys to be seen are for cats.
This is so pathetic.

No. 1320369

Because it's obvious now more than ever Syd loves the drama, she's creating it recklessly for no reason when she could easily walk away. I don't think jonny scares her one bit because she wouldn't be doing half the shit she's doing otherwise, jonny has finally met someone truly crazy like he's claimed all his exes were, Syd is his karma.

No. 1320370

Is anyone else watching the livestream of this show? He’s reading the lyrics off his phone lol

No. 1320373

On Facebook it said only “13 people are interested in this event” on the JC event page at Holy Diver. Sad. Also one of the locals playing with him had been involved in some drama (I wanna say last year) about allegedly sexually harassing some other local women. Gross.

No. 1320378

link it nonnita

No. 1320380

File: 1631253353515.jpeg (329.26 KB, 1242x1282, 905FF918-FCA5-438D-92BC-297989…)


No. 1320381

File: 1631253391556.jpeg (155.26 KB, 1242x374, 8A4890BF-0008-443E-A8FE-E07318…)

lol part 2
seems like this tour of his is off to a WONDERFUL start

No. 1320383

Now, let’s see Syd get out of this.

No. 1320384

I don’t know, it seems like no matter how much she exposes him or blows up on randos, it never seems to matter much to him. It’s hard to feel like she’ll ever have to deal with any consequences that would actually register as a consequence in her mind since she clearly doesn’t give a fuck about her (and Jonny’s) antics affecting their relationship with Storm.

No. 1320385

that's offensive. don't talk about jodi like that

No. 1320386

File: 1631253885352.jpeg (812.68 KB, 1242x1858, B005A5A9-A879-4CF9-9D26-298E67…)


this is SOOOOO bad holy hell, you know syd has to be dying from secondhand embarrassment after constantly acting like jonny is still some amazing hot shot rockstar and then he shows out like THIS
girl nobody, and I mean nobody is jealous of you hahaha

No. 1320388

File: 1631254267862.gif (2.26 MB, 498x326, 0632AFE5-76E9-4162-B3EE-FF8D74…)

This is so embarrassing. Karma at its greatest. I’m living for every moment.

No. 1320390

Syd is already melting down. I watched the live and had to rewatch to get what he was saying to the fans and he walked up to a couple of fans in the front which are female and they reached out to touch him and he touched their hand and you hear sydsopsycho yell he has a child!!! LMFAO

No. 1320391

Stfu!!! Oh man. Timestamp?

No. 1320392

If anyone has a link to the live and wants to share that would be lit because I can't find it on his insta (was it taken down?) and I am itching to see this shit

No. 1320393

What I need to see this

No. 1320394

Stop it. You can’t be serious. Lmao

No. 1320397

the username is gabz_410 she posted an igtv vid and he is reading lyrics off his phone. insane

No. 1320408


She deleted the tweets; did anyone save the video? He sounded, quelle surprise, like garbage.

No. 1320409

Found the video and you can't hear her say that at all, in fact you can't hear much of anything except the shitty drums including JC.

No. 1320410

Yea I screen recoded it and listened a couple times and didn’t hear that at all. So unless theres a different recording ….?
I can barely understand Jonny. He’s a fucking mess. I don’t think he’s even speaking English kek

No. 1320411

Yeah I think that was a sad attempt at exposure for some weird autistic JC fan's ista.

No. 1320412

File: 1631260168337.webm (17.21 MB, 1080x2220, jonnycraigphonelive.webm)

Here's the video

No. 1320413

Go watch whiskeyncoke Instagram stories. JC sounds like shit and Syd was on stage proudly hugging her “fat junkie”.

No. 1320416

File: 1631260877490.png (622.61 KB, 660x1165, Screenshot_20210910-035836_(1)…)

>pls send help

No. 1320417

File: 1631260953525.webm (9.14 MB, 826x904, JC has a child.webm)

She does say it it’s not when drums are playing it’s between songs when he talks to the crowd and touches some fans hand and she reaches out to touch Jonny I don’t know how to upload the file but I will try.

No. 1320418

File: 1631260970522.png (604.96 KB, 684x1170, Screenshot_20210910-035833_(1)…)


someone really should DL and post this one, his face is hilarious in it when he hugs her.

No. 1320420

Kek she dyed her hair black
He looks miserable

No. 1320421

Timestamp is 0.13-.015 seconds. Loud and obnoxious LMFAO she's so cringey

No. 1320422

"That's enough, he has a child"
Oh my god it didn't take long for the crazy to come out (again) they really deserve each other, happy for them

No. 1320423

>JC touches fans hands for literally 3 seconds
>Syd SCREAMS from the back over everyone including JC with a mic "THATS ENOUGH HE HAS A CHILD!"

Imagine being this much of a fat, insecure cunt. People who paid money to support your ugly BF that HE willingly interacted with and you have to insert yourself because you know he's trying to trade up. Syd is digging herself in deep, I wonder what her endgame is?

No. 1320425

I think he will ditch her on tour, and she will have to figure out how to get home

No. 1320426

His hand did linger on the fans for a moment though, lol he must be starved for affection from a female that isn't a screeching bottomless pit of neediness.

No. 1320428

Having a child didn’t stop him from abandoning his first one for new poon, now did it Syd? Kek I'm hollering. The desperation of this bitch.

No. 1320429

Thanks for uploading, can you do this one too? >>1320413

No. 1320433

Yikes some of these IG clips are embarrassing. He needs to read the lyrics of his #1 single from a cell phone?..And still botches it?..Seriously? It's just a 50 second song looped twice with 45 seconds of a beat playing in between. Who can't remember 50 seconds worth of lyrics before embarking on a tour. Sad.

No. 1320434

File: 1631263541373.webm (10.5 MB, 1080x2400, Screen_Recording_20210910-0136…)

Different anon but I'm happy to oblige. Have to say they are my favorite shit show lately. What a horrible 'tour' so far kek, they're perfect for each other.

I'm glad this got around. Shocked but not shocked that the anon who spoke to him didn't want to upload it. But she sent it to turtle mom? And or Tmz? Tf? And she has nothing against a rapist who shares their heroin addiction with younger partners and friends? Someone who abuses people? If that's truly how you feel about him please seek help because that is actually deplorable.
I'm grateful for the milk at least. Sydney is absolutely unhinged so if I were you I'd definitely file a restraining order if possible.

No. 1320448

Thank you, anon! God, his face + the emoji just fucking send me. Solid gold.

No. 1320458

She’s built like a fridge, crazy seeing pics that aren’t manipulated by her to create a distorted self image

No. 1320462


>if only you knew how bad things are

No. 1320469

File: 1631269108387.jpeg (230.86 KB, 750x1056, E262B861-9DD5-4B94-80B7-041F1C…)

No. 1320475

I love when she pulls away and you can see how smug she looks, you can tell she thought she was owning the audience in some way by hugging him up there. Nobody thinks this is the flex she sees it as.

No. 1320476

It’s all Syd has ever wanted… to be a groupie and have attention by a crowd despite having no talent whatsoever! It’s glorious to watch because it’s soooo cringy. When is the next show? This milk is so entertaining

No. 1320482

Well I feel like this was pointless because they don’t have their child lol

No. 1320486

All she did was show off how flabby, shapeless and unstable she is.

They have had visits and taken him to doctor appointments since moving away from him, those could vanish due to this until these two comolete court ordered rehab and therapy, and likely medication for Syd. Unstable assholes like her shouldn't be able to just run around all day living off handouts and shitting on people wherever they go out of jealous narc rage. Aociety never tolerated this kind of shit until recently.

No. 1320488

I like the term "smugly".

No. 1320490

Syd really loves to point out that they have a child together. Where's your child Syd?

No. 1320493

I hope she does that at another shoe and someone screams back "YEAH, WHERE IS HE?" kek

No. 1320494

They can't even try to claim this was an old vid either. With that stupid braided man bun he was rocking just before cutting his hair for the show last night.

No. 1320496

I wouldn't put it past Syd to take pics of the crowd and try to figure out who releases videos by comparing phone camera angles. This is the chick who zoomed in on a reflection on a motorcycle, she'd definitely go there. Crazy how she's being obnoxious the very first night of the tour lol.

No. 1320503

Damn, never thought of that but you're absolutely right. She probably has all the female faces in the crowd burned into her brain now anyway too… Plus this was their hometown show so even more reason to try to figure out who's who. I second this tinfoil.

No. 1320510

As if his career wasn't already dead, this really does it. Can't even remember the lyrics to his own songs, how pathetic. Why did he think was a good idea? The only fans he has left from his warped tour days, who still had a shred of hope left for him, are gonna give up after this disaster. You can already see their disappointment all over social media.

No. 1320516

Blogpost but I was a warp tour kid around 2005, and my first thought was how sad his performance was last night. H is one hell of a drug.
This may be his last tour… every one he sold VIP tickets to deserves a refund.

Surprised syd hasn’t started the meltdown about turtle mom getting the nodding off video.

No. 1320526

Wonder if that pathetic hug he clearly hated was before the “he has a child!” Or after. Was she invited on stage or did she ditch the merch booth and hop up there with him lol

No. 1320527

File: 1631277180747.jpg (288.38 KB, 1080x1828, Screenshot_20210910-223027_Ins…)

Well this is just blatantly two faced of her.

No. 1320530

I don't think she's going to address it at all anon. She put it out there on a jealous rampage & is clearly doing damage control by not mentioning it.

No. 1320536

is this suicide bait?

No. 1320538

They probably fought all night after the show and now she’s trying to manipulate by acting suicidal. I do wonder if she threatens that when they argue or if/when he’s ever tried to leave her for good. Didn’t A say something awhile back about her cutting her wrists in front of him or something batshit like that?

No. 1320548

The only stigma we have here regarding her mental health is her refusal of treatment- extremely selfish when you have a child. Grow up Syd

No. 1320554

>>1320417 what syd should really be yelling is.. "that's enough, he has an insecure girlfriend who doesn't like when he interacts with any female in any capacity whatsoever!"

No. 1320555

Late, I didn’t get to read your deleted response post, but still thanks for sharing the milk here anon. Seeing SydSoPsycho in her pathetic attack mode has been hilarious.

No. 1320557

Right! Jonnys not the only musician to ever have a kid but you don’t see every other band dudes girlfriends at their show babysitting them and telling them they can’t interact with female fans. She’s gotta be the most jealous bitch I’ve ever seen.

No. 1320561

This made my day. Holy shit the tour milk is already better than i ever could have imagined. "Thats enough he has a child" MUST be incorporated into the next thread pic

No. 1320564

I have never been to a show where they bring girlfriends up on stage and make a deal about it yet jonny does it with every girl. He’d have chelsea and amanda up there too making a scene like people paid to see that crap.

No. 1320573


Plenty of cat toys but not baby toys… Weird how she's yelling about the kid they don't have custody of but not that he's supposedly engaged

No. 1320574

I wondered about that too, like since when has having a kid ever stopped someone from cheating before. Well fiance too for that matter but it was just such a weird thing to scream across the room kek

No. 1320645

File: 1631291348577.png (4.88 MB, 1242x2688, 9920E812-B40F-4996-BC55-D4CE34…)

If you have an iPhone and can’t watch the WebM’s, download OplayerLite from the App Store. Download it and open it from the browser, then open it with the app. Worked great for me.

No. 1320646

Sydney I know you’re reading this. How dare you post that. You have refused help since you were a teenager! You manipulate your friends to not leave you by threatening suicide. You told your greatest friend to fuck off and die, and countless others. Fuck you. I’m so tired of your lies.

No. 1320648

Sorry for spoonfeed but if you go to the thread on desktop, will the videos work? They don’t work for me on mobile and I want to see, but can wait til I get home if that’s the case kek. Thanks for the heads up tho nonny!

No. 1320649

Ooh, you got screenshots? Or are you friends with sydsocrazy?

No. 1320650

Yes, a desktop will work. Some browsers don’t support it tho. I think chrome works.
laptop is in for repair so I can’t say for sure. Stuck with my iPhone

No. 1320651

No. 1320660

dude you guys were instantly on her ass and picking her apart, i wouldn't have posted it either after that. idk why anons are such huge cunts to the people who willingly come here and share their stories just to make us laugh. they don't have to do anything. the same exact thing happened with anthony - bitches being cunts to people just trying to make us laugh/entertain. so maybe if you guys didn't start dragging her, she would've. istg its impossible for some of you anons to act decent, its a wonder people come here at all to share their stories.

No. 1320667

I think some or one was a Jonny stan. They had nothing to say about anything the victim went through, or the absolute darkness that syd had to record JC high as fuck (secretly) and then send it to someone to humiliate him. They only wanted to pick apart anon and act like her conversation with JC was highly inappropriate. Kek. Fucking autists.

No. 1320675

VLC works too, just install the webm and open ur files app to where it would b downloaded & then select the webm & open in VLC! Easy

No. 1320683

That secret filming was sick. He looked like he was about to keel over and at the end like he was gagging until he noticed her in the doorway. This girl really is a psychopath who filmed that for ammo, only to send it to some random she thought was cheating? Accusing Jonny of cheating and directly name-dropping seems to happen a couple of times a week. Why'd she finally send the video to this specific person? Jonny is totally an abuser but Syd is definitely his sidekick not victim.

No. 1320684

It was because she didn’t want to post the video she had built up because ‘her beef wasn’t with jc’ but aight. Why ppl still going on about this when we have even fresher milk?

No. 1320701

Aaaahaha this is the funniest shit. The tour meltdown arc is going so much better than expected, we have been blessed

No. 1320707

File: 1631294956815.jpg (316.6 KB, 1080x1894, Screenshot_20210910_132849.jpg)

He looks hungover af in his recent stories. Also claims he lost his voice from the show but he barely sang??

No. 1320710

Pretty sure if he lost his voice that fast from singing he's doing it all wrong. Jeez, he looks horrible. >>1320417 I absolutely cannot wait for someone to scream back "you're not special" kek

No. 1320715

File: 1631295286070.gif (404.65 KB, 220x124, FF065466-40A6-4FA6-9645-68073D…)

He was barely audible. At least in the videos. He sounded incoherent, mumbling. And how do you not have your own lyrics memorized? Most people can memorize a song after listening to it like 5 times. It was like watching a 5th grader read speech highlights on notecards.

It’s a rhetorical question. But still. Gonna be two weeks of flowing milk.

No. 1320716

Damn, even his eyelids have edema. He was also sporting a pretty thick ascites belly. Dude looks like he's one salt shake away from bursting.

No. 1320737

File: 1631296672095.png (552.96 KB, 1284x2778, A0CA1B1F-D719-42BE-8165-C3C65C…)

here we go

No. 1320743

Nice to see these 2 finally woke up from their drug induced slumber…

No. 1320746

Shes probably laughing because turtlemom mentioned CPS but the joke’s on us because she never had custody in the first place. Kek

No. 1320752

I know we've fully established that Syd clearly doesn't care for Jonny at all.. but it's pretty weird she doesn't hype up his albums or videos. She never shares things that he's done or shares his stories promoting anything. She only mentioned that one video because SHE was in it. He's always promoting this shit in his stories, you'd think to be a proper groupie gf she'd share it for clout or something.

No. 1320757

Bey you 100$ they woke up to the CPS check.

No. 1320759

Put the phone down and go hug your son

No. 1320770

I'd pay Syd 20 bucks to prove she has custody, she could buy more spider leg lashes, or fuck up her hair more.
she cant make a live video proving it, but can show off her nodding, bloated junkie man.
truly hope she gets her ass kicked at a show after picking a fight with a fan.

No. 1320776

That's exactly how I read it. She either got a call/visit or just saw people talking about it and thinks she's got the upper hand somehow. Losing custody to own the haters.

No. 1320785

He probably didn’t even bother to try and memorize the songs. Too busy shooting up and nodding off. This whole album and tour was thrown together because he needs drug money. Clearly they’re broke if they can’t even afford furniture.

No. 1320787

File: 1631301328827.png (3.27 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210910-151435.png)

>>1320299 I believe he has two gold teeth

No. 1320791

i wonder if it’s a coincidence that pandemic unemployment ended last week and now he has this dusty ass tour thrown together. I bet they were scamming and getting the pandemic money and are panicking that it ended

No. 1320793

100%. How else would they be paying rent? Are either of them on disability?

No. 1320798

I bet he was hoarse from screaming woth SydsoPsycho all night after the show.

No. 1320801

Heroin affects your voice too though doesn't it… Gave his vocal chords a triple whammy last night if you can count his mumbling

No. 1320805

Here’s the Twitter link for people who can’t watch videos on here


No. 1320810

Why is this person openly admitting to spending forty fucking dollars all on Jonny Craig and I think that person is a lady they could have just been let in for free what is wrong with these people

No. 1320811

File: 1631302848152.gif (2.48 MB, 469x480, A635DA6C-7C53-4BCB-BDBF-0EE58C…)

Hoooolllyyy shit

No. 1320814


No. 1320817

Jonny is deleting comments of anyone talking about the video of him strung out!

No. 1320819

God that's embarrassing. it'd be less so if he just forgot some lines, reading off the phone means he's not engaging with the audience and just stumblign around the stage looking at the floor/phone.

No. 1320821

The people commenting in response to the video holy shit he deserves every second of this lmaooooo. The best part is him walking away like a little bitch and the person that held his hand did some creepy lingering trying to reach for his leg or some shit and they dead ass look like some sad middle aged lady. How the fuck do you get offended or insecure about that what is going on

No. 1320822

Damage control, at least he’s aware that Syd is crazy. I can’t wait for the milk and to see sydsopyso’s meltdown. Kek. First day of tour and we’re already this deep.

No. 1320824

That Taylor paid for!

No. 1320827

Hey for you or anyone else who might need the info: another quick way to do it on your phone is to download it, go to cloudconvert.com and convert to mp4. It takes like 5 seconds to convert and the vid automatically starts playing right when it’s done on the site itself. Super fast and easy!

No. 1320838

Just realized, what if he ODs on tour in a different city? There's that whole phenomena with junkies overdosing when they're not in their usual space to shoot up. Hope Syd packed the Narcan in her makeup bag.

No. 1320843

Well if he’s already taking fentanyl like Syd has told random people, then he doesn’t have to worry about the risk of getting something stronger instead like when you take heroin lol

No. 1320858

File: 1631305271053.jpg (183.8 KB, 1080x1369, Screenshot_20210910-155217_Ins…)

creeped his comments to see if anyone mentioned the vid. this is old but good god this is sad

No. 1320860

File: 1631305495697.jpg (286.55 KB, 1080x1663, Screenshot_20210910-162420.jpg)

Hopefully everyone is tagged properly. The tour managers need to see this.(cowtipping)

No. 1320861

She lost her mind last year when Jonny was watching TV with her mom when they were still living in her house. If the attention isn’t on HER she flips her shit. Doesn’t matter who.

No. 1320863

File: 1631305897750.jpeg (153.74 KB, 750x615, C673F40A-D451-46E5-8DEE-3D6CC6…)

Creeped his comments

No. 1320871

My friend in Sacramento was walking between bars in midtown last night and overheard a group people coming out of Holy Diver to smoke and they were all making fun of the show and saying it was more interesting outside lol

No. 1320873

A part of me lowkey believes thats exactly what her evil ass wants so then she's forever known as the "soso small poor mother of his child who desperately tried to save him"

No. 1320877

Lowkey I’m glad TND didn’t have a child with this worthless asshole. She’s terrible in her own right, but naive and stupid when it comes to the real world.
Syd lives for this toxic drama and wants to emotionally manipulate everyone that she comes across. She’s just too retarded to get away with it. Sucks that there’s a baby involved, hope he’s happy and healthy with grandma.

This is milkmas

No. 1320881

File: 1631308729484.jpeg (759.91 KB, 1125x2051, 4A48716F-FAE9-40C1-8320-ACCE21…)

She’s really out here acting like she’s some huge rockstar’s girlfriend on a big tour lmaooo

No. 1320884

I love that these people are so socially inept and saying things are bAd FoR bUsInEsS because of Twitter people who don’t understand tons of musicians use drugs, some people even become musicians to keep using drugs and gain access to better ones and larger quantities! All the time! And that’s the life they want to live and you can’t blackmail them into stopping they need to do it themselves. You think anyone who works with Jonny Craig in 2021 thinks he’s sober? He does not want to get better and never will, he will lie and get high for the rest of his life and that happens with a lot of musicians. Random people online getting outraged will not change anything and if it could it would have already when his voice was salvageable. The only thing that’s “bad for business” is that he got snitched on by his own baby momma and now moms against drunk driving or whoever have a tangible video to circulate with their demands to repent. This is a hardened middle aged addict with zero remorse who has truly ruined multiple lives, he looks like the bloated and rotting corpse of a scene toddler because that is literally the least offensive form he is able to take at this point so he can continue to subsist off of fucking fentanyl. Which everyone has known since the MacBook scandal of the 2010s which was actually BaD fOr BuSiNeSs and nothing happened and he’s still adding “lol” to the end of everything because as long as chucklefuck gets his fentanyl he does not care about committing wire fraud lol and a video in 2021 circulating on Twitter will not stop that. He’s going to say “it’s not me lol” and lock Sydney in a dumpster while he shoots up.

If turtlemom got invited backstage with Jonny Craig would she be doing heroin with him yes or yes, I have a feeling it’s only Not Ok because she wasn’t invited

No. 1320888

She's trying to be a night in shining armor for Chelsea

No. 1320889

Already love bombing so that when she inventibly gives up on being at the merch table so she can stalk Jonny and harass his fans these poor girls can pick up the slack. lol

No. 1320891

His voice has been changing for a couple years now. Voice is getting thinner and higher, losing the power and growl from the heroin. Happened to Layne Staley and Scott Weiland too. As they got worse from the heroin, their voices got thinner and weaker.

The only thing about the video is is there any proof that whatever he was doing was because he was high in heroin? Obviously he looks like it and she was clearly incognito filming him which is pathetic but I've gone down like that just from getting up to quick and getting lightheaded. I would hope there is actual proof this was him high and they are not just spreading around a random video and saying that's what it is. Wouldn't put it past her at this point.

It's a shame, she's a freak in psychotic disaster, and he's another singer who is ruining what was an amazing voice and slowly (or not slowly anymore) killing himself. These artists sure are effing stupid.(sage)

No. 1320894

He's nodding off which is a symptom of heroin use. Plus it's fucking jonny craig. wtf are you talking about getting up too fast? Go white knight some hwere else

No. 1320896

Are you retarded or just naive? That was nodding off, clearly from opiates. If that’s what you look like when you stand up too fast you need to go to the doctors ASAP

No. 1320898

fuck off with your cowtipping, this whole saga is milky enough without retards interfering

No. 1320900

File: 1631310056155.jpg (231.38 KB, 1080x1049, Screenshot_20210910-174024.jpg)

Forever a fat greasy junkie

No. 1320901

Kek thank you anon

No. 1320902

My God you guys get way too defensive. I literally said his voice is changing because he IS using heroin. Can't make it any clearer than that. I then said artists are effing stupid which is referring to him as well. He's literally a waste of space at this point. Nobody white nighting anything. And actually I have gone to a doctor for it and have a medical condition that causes it which is why I was simply stating that I would hope this isn't just the psycho Syd making shit up or it won't stick.(sage)

No. 1320906

Yall are so quick to hop down anons throat can you please shut the fuck up and just be happy that the milk is spilling all over Twitter. Ffs

No. 1320908

Visit any major urban downtown area or skid row to witness for yourself what nodding out on heroin and fentanyl looks like. It looks exactly like this and you can’t miss it when they’re standing around in groups like a bunch of zombies.

No. 1320911

Kek you clearly didn’t watch the video. Why would you even suggest the idea of it being “he got up too fast”? Because you have some sort of condition so there for the obvious answer is he got up too fast? Lmao.

No. 1320916

jonny's performance was pathetic as hell and it's even more embarressing considering the "when i get big, it's over for ya'll!!"-attitude he has had lately. he really wanted to prove something to old friends and connections who wants nothing to do with him and this is all he could manage to do. i'm sure he knows that his best days are long gone though, he looks absolutely miserable on the stage, meanwhile his psycho gf is behaving like this is the best time of her life.

No. 1320917

Lmao getting up too fast from what? They don’t even have any furniture.

No. 1320918

No. 1320919

Kek the Bart stations in SF are full of people standing up too quickly.

No. 1320920

who tf are you even talking to, no ones talking about anon anymore

No. 1320921

Lmao. Comment of the day!

No. 1320923

Omg anon my sides!!!

No. 1320924

Jonny accidentally stood up too quickly and now he's fat, poor, and childless. Truly sad to see

No. 1320928

How did syd manage to mess up her makeup so badly, black and white can’t save face.
Honey, what is this foundation situation?
Ps friendly reminder both syd and jc are antivaxxers. So they’re just hosting spreader events.
The fans get a shit show and a virus as a souvenir

No. 1320930

They actually ended up getting vaxxed. Jonny had posted this thing saying “Syd went against everything she believes in for the fans and we got vaxxed!” They are both in fact pieces of shit however lollll

No. 1320933

File: 1631311927859.jpg (74.52 KB, 500x784, 5mkkuh.jpg)

No. 1320934

File: 1631311942041.jpg (18 KB, 320x320, sydsoshrub.jpg)

>she was clearly incognito filming him

Actual picture of Syd's disguise

No. 1320935

Well, at least there’s that. Thanks for the update.

Are there any anons going to the shows? I look forward to the candid shots of her in action

No. 1320937

No. 1320938

They got vaccinated. And probably because in a lot of metropolitan areas, they require you to be (or neg covid test) in order to enter a venue.

No. 1320940

Fucking kek. This thread has been cracking me up the last few days. Bless you bitches.

No. 1320941

this whole first dumpster fire of a "show" pretty much solidified that i'm going to our date. I can't wait to see this shit irl

No. 1320942

Nonnie, I can’t wait.

No. 1320953

He’s supposedly going live tonight on IG at 7pm PST. So of course Syd will be breathing down his neck to see what girls are talking to him kek

No. 1320955

Anonitas I love you all topkek

No. 1320974

Let's not forget that Syd herself sent this to someone minutes after saying "he's using rn" like come the fuck on, obviously it's heroin

No. 1320984

Anon he was clearly "using" gravity. Come on.

No. 1320988

Inb4 syd sees this thread and claims “that video was not of Jonny high but of him standing up to fast you haterz”

No. 1321010

these cows have been entertaining for a good while but at this point it feels like morbid curiosity more than anything. their lives are just so bleak and i have a feeling they're going to absolutely crash soon. this "tour" is such a low in jonny's carreer and i have no doubt that he realises that and i don't think he will feel any motivation to keep going after this cus he has nowhere to go but down. no one wants to work with him and most of his past fans are long gone. he can't even try to keep up a facade that he's totally doing great and not using because his psycho gf is exposing all his dirt. if he leaves her, he will still have to deal with her crazy and be connected to her through storm, unless he chooses to cut his ties to storm as well, and then he'll be even more hated by everyone for that. syd will crash after this tour cus she won't be satisfied with how unsuccesful it was and that she didn't have her groupie rockstar dream come true. jonny will keep using, probably completely give up on even trying to be sober, and die. it's not going to end good

No. 1321032

I agree. This was his last chance to show people he could still sing, could make it through at least a short, small tour, could be stable and stay clean. It was his last chance at making it again and having a chance to continue his career and get into a financial position to get away from Syd and do it on his own. But, even knowing all that, he couldn't do it. He couldn't even do it for the 1st night of a tour. One stinking night. Now the dirt is coming out, no fooling anyone, he sounds awful, can't remember his own lyrics, and he is literally drowning in his addiction again. Hard to see it doing anything but getting much worse for him. Gonna be a hell of a mess from here on out.(learn2sage)

No. 1321033

File: 1631326539085.webm (3.07 MB, 648x1252, 220758-720x16001.webm)

As soon as I hopped on the live I see people talking about the video Syd shared.

No. 1321034

Jonny is doing a live right now ( so sorry I didn’t think to get screen recordings) and at first people were hellaaaa talking shit about him being high and even someone saying “he’s not clean check out the video on Twitter that syd leaked” lolllll. And then some fan innocently asked “is Storm coming with you guys on tour” because obviously anyone with any common sense is going to start to wonder where their baby is while they are on tour… and he was so fuxking rude about it. He said in a super sarcastic tone: “oh yeahhhh I’m gonna bring a one year old baby on tour. Like come on, are you serious? Not even trying to be a dick but like come on.” He sounded extremely defensive when he didn’t have to be. Probably because they don’t have custody and it’s a sore subject.

No. 1321035

Ah sorry I didn’t see you post this when I wrote out my recap!

No. 1321037

my deaf ass appreciates the recap nonnie

No. 1321038

Watching the live now but not recording, he said he and Syd already “talked about” the video of him nodding and he already admitted he relapsed but is clean now. Kek. What he needs to address is Sydsoinsecure recording in like that and posting it to women she accuses of flirting with Jonny.

No. 1321052

Wow he is even more pathetic than I thought. I cannot fathom why he would want to stay with this psycho bitch after all that she’s done but especially after this… he must realize that he can’t do any better than a crazy bitch

No. 1321056

Shes unhinged now. Imagine if Jonny dumped her. She would probably murder every pretty girl with dark hair in Sac. And then catfish him.

No. 1321058

KEK he’s currently joking about killing syd and burying her in the backyard for sharing
the video.

He’s also shitting on his fans for saying shit like “I hope you say clean for your son” telling them to stay out of his business. He’s really being mean to some of the only people stupid enough to support him.

No. 1321060


She probably had INSANE dirt on him. That would end his "career" once and for all and make it difficult for him to see his son ever again.

He probably stays with her for that reason. She probably has a vid of him shooting up or throwing up all over himself or something.

No. 1321061

File: 1631329490808.jpg (278.41 KB, 1080x1614, Screenshot_20210910-230422.jpg)

Damn fans are going ham!

No. 1321063

Much like this "tour" I'm sitting here thinking why the fuck he'd even decide to do a live Q&A, like it's over Jonny, you're a failure and everyone knows it. It's just retarded at this point to be trying to keep up this act.

No. 1321069

Lol someone asked if him and syd live together and he said “of course we do with our son” so he’s blatantly lying. If she’s at a show where is storm currently??

He also is joking about killing syd like other anon said which is so creepy oh and HE SAID HE HAD 300 PEOPLE at his hometown show. Can anyone confirm/deny? It looked more like 30 people lollll

No. 1321072

if your fake/throw away insta is wiishuponastarr on Jonny's live, stop cowtipping you absolute retard

No. 1321073

Imagine paying (even $40) to see any somewhat reputable artist, or not even reputable, and they had to stare at their cell phone on stage all night to still just partially mumble rap their own songs. It's so embarassing I'd kms, and he and Syd are out here like it's some massive comeback.

No. 1321075

There are already videos of him doing those things tho. Granted they are older videos, but still. I do agree tho that she prob has tons of dirt on him, and vice versa

No. 1321076

There is no fucking way, absolutely no way. Like is he joking or does he really think his fans are that stupid

No. 1321077

This is stupid. Like I get it but you already paid them the money so why do they care that you tossed the ticket

No. 1321081

>of course!!

>never seeing a baby toy/item

>never hearing the sounds of a rambunctious 1 year old
>going to concerts, tour, various outings all the time with no child in site.
>must have the worlds cheapest babysitter??
>shares a photo of him once a month because ~muh baby isn’t a prop
>syd has all the time in the world to go through jonnys phone and lose her shit on girls because he chatted with them. At 3am.
>never -talks- about motherhood or anything about her son

Yea…totally obvious they have their kid.

No. 1321084

File: 1631332440826.jpg (246.95 KB, 1055x1886, Screenshot_20210910_235255.jpg)

"Fuck all the haterz"… Kek god damn he looks like shit, and his hand and fingers look like a medical glove blown to capacity

No. 1321085

Samefag but you can't even see his fucking knuckles. Kinda funny his drug of choice is heroin because he looks like he'd pop getting stuck with a needle

No. 1321086

Swelling is something that commonly happens to IV users. Especially when they can’t shoot up in their arms anymore and try the veins on their hands.

Also in that story he sounds different than he did on the live. He claims he’s tired but I think he finally was able to take a hit after he did the live and then filmed this story after it but that’s just my mini tin foil

No. 1321088

Completely agree, I'm the anon who posted that screenshot. I noticed his voice again right away and thought the same thing.

No. 1321096

The tweet of him singing live badly got deleted I didnt get to hear it. Hopefully more videos get posted.

No. 1321125

fucking kek, the laugh i just let out. thank you nonnie

No. 1321156

Nitpick but the bone hair clip from fucking tumblr 2012

No. 1321160

I noticed that too, kek, the last tine I saw anyone wear one of those was around when Dakota Rose went viral. Syd seems too out of touch to know what looks good vs what looks dated and tacky.

No. 1321267

She's firmly stuck in the past trying to relive her late teens/early 20s before she fucked up her life so immensely

No. 1321361

File: 1631386926158.png (4.63 MB, 1125x2436, 5F02F75E-162D-4F2C-BFEA-DB457B…)

Syd talking about how stressful the tour is and how she’s doing it for the fans and encouraging people to come to the one tomorrow. I can’t get my head around how retarted she is, Syd has no fans, the only people who are coming are female fans who she’ll most certainly attack and people looking for milk. She needs to go worry about her child and stop living this sad excuse for tour life, it’s so embarrassing. This lady is really insane, poor Storm.

No. 1321366

Yeah it’s hard for her because she’s been doing nothing forever and now she has to do something. Imagine if she had a job like a normal functioning adult

No. 1321383

Selling tour merch is small potatoes, wtf. We all knew this bitch has no work ethic but jfc.

No. 1321389

It was literally one show in the town where they live, they were back in their unfurnished apartment that night. Wait till they’re all packed in some shit van for a few hours on the way to the next destination. Someone’s gonna get left at a rest stop along the road and i hope they livestream the whole thing.

No. 1321406

>>1321361 if she was actually parenting her child and taking care of him she would find selling her baby daddy's merch a pretty easy job.. babies are more difficult than standing at a table for what, a couple hours? Selling shirts and shit.

No. 1321407

> a medical glove blown to capacity
rip to my fucking sides, nonita. the tour milk is flowing already.
i can’t believe how both of them are really doubling down on the “fuck the haturzzz” and “everything is fine!!!” facade. everything we saw from one night of the tour was a shitshow, absolutely no one is fooled.

No. 1321464

Jonny just posted a story saying they just now got their second covid shot. You are not considered fully vaxxed until two weeks after your final shot. San Fran, where the show is tonight has a mandate where you have to show proof of vaccination to enter any public indoor spaces. The date on the card has to be two weeks or more ago. Source, I went to a concert last night and these were the city rules for all venues and bars and restaurants etc. so basically these two are dumb as fuck and I really hope they aren’t allowed into their own show. Also I was really fucked up after my second shot, I had to stay in bed for a few days. So I also really hope that Jonny and Syd feel like shit for the next few days of tour lol

No. 1321467

You gonna post it here or just tell us about it?

No. 1321469

Sure I can screen record and convert and all that if y’all want. It’s really not exciting tho it’s literally just him saying “I just got my second covid shot.”

No. 1321477

Yeah SF is full vaccination only. There is no option for presenting a negative test. They may be turned away, kinda surprised the venue didn't settle it beforehand. I don't really know Milk Bar's reputation though, they may just not care.

No. 1321483

I’m really confused as to how Syd went to the DGD show last night tho in SF. Maybe she is fully vaxxed already but Jonny didn’t go because he’s not? I saw it on her stories but didn’t post it because it wasn’t mily besides maybe the fact that masks were required indoors and her dumbass wasn’t wearing one of course

No. 1321488

File: 1631397095266.jpeg (55.12 KB, 599x804, 4B1AEFF7-6FD9-4A76-9A39-D1C86F…)

Jonny literally looks like this meme. get ur blood pressure checked JC

No. 1321525

Isn’t LA the same way? Kek that would be hilarious if they got turned away.

It’s hard to say how strict some businesses are. I imagine some may allow non-fully vaccinated individuals. I wouldn’t be surprised if they allowed JC to play. But also wouldn’t be shocked if they turned him away. Milk Bar is super small tho so they might be strict about it. It’ll be interesting for sure.

No. 1321531

KEK stressful? It’s been one fucking day and they went back home that night.

She seems totally torn up about leaving their son behind for 2 weeks.

No. 1321556

“ToUr LiFe”

Syd it’s been one day stfu.

No. 1321584

Morons not knowing the difference between ‘a part’ and ‘apart’ will never not make me laugh. Maybe it’s unintentional foreshadowing in her case

No. 1321601

File: 1631405785652.jpeg (259.51 KB, 750x1294, 840D7310-725F-459B-A188-1913F2…)

Sage for off topic but im a petty bitch who knows syd reads here. Here’s one of jonnys exs on tumblr back when they were together going on about tour life, acting like she was really doing something. He just recycles the same old relationship patterns over and over again. Then they break up before the wedding ever actually happens.

No. 1321629

I'm sure Syd would blackmail him into marriage at the couthouse before she ever announced any wedding to avoid him being able to cook up a way to get out of it. She already has him wearing that ugly black ring on stage.

No. 1321631

File: 1631410955833.jpg (424.89 KB, 1080x1325, 20210912_034058.jpg)

the tour and famous bf life sid craves vs the absolute trash she gets

btw jonny looks like a normal person on tumblr it's unbelievable how bad he looks now

No. 1321694

Bitch isn’t it night one

No. 1321732

This is a v similar blog written by his ex in 2015

No. 1321854

“family business in the works” bitch what? jonny trying (and failing) to save his lame ass “career” is not your family business, you delusional retard my god.

No. 1321965

I hope to God she doesn't shit out another kid.

No. 1321968

Glad you pointed this out. I literally don’t understand how one night of tour equates to a family business. What does she even do!!!??

No. 1321973

As a dependa, she does nothing but whine aboutbwhat she wants and stalk other women on IG who have it, so yeah sheblikely has never worked for a single thing in her life and thinks doing something that isn't 100% for her personal gain is hard work. For a narc, not being surrounded by yesmen and asslickers IS hard work.

No. 1322354

I thought she was an ugly hipster dude kek

No. 1322550

File: 1631489699531.jpeg (371.63 KB, 1170x2033, DAAEC200-1CA3-4B3D-AD70-D8D267…)

No. 1322559

Wow what a great mom

No. 1322571

Oh well now I'm convinced! Not psycho at all, clearly loves her child. I'm sure he appreciates the thirty seven dollar profit in merch sales over a steady home, love, emotional stability and a bond with his parents.

No. 1322576

>>1322550 no syd… This is all for you.

No. 1322598

When you have to leave your actual infant to go babysit a man child so he doesnt stick his dick in anything with a pulse

No. 1322619

>>1322550 pretty sure that is not how you wear a seatbelt but okay

No. 1322628

Lol like it stops him

No. 1322651

Nothing wrong with being a working mom but that’s not what syd is lol what a weirdo shouting out your baby on an Instagram story when not only is the tour not going to be profitable enough to sustain his life but he can’t even read what she posted.

No. 1322698

“Getting your kid high on fentanyl and getting him taken away from you?” That seems pretty damn specific… Didn’t Storm have some kind of health issue too? Maybe that explains why they don’t have him??

All things considered, Storm is probably better off with his grandma. She’s likely the only REAL (stable and mature) adult in his life. Don’t see any crazy Instagram posts from her KEK!

No. 1322713

I would take that accusation with a grain of salt, probably some retarded cowtipper with a case of chronic tinfoil.

No. 1322714

I think they mean to say “having your kid while [jonny] is high on fent. Maybe people are speculating why they clearly don’t have their kid. Most people assume something horrible happened to get them taken away. Since literally abandoning your child for no reason is extremely bizarre and makes no sense.

No. 1322733


No. 1322788


That was pretty funny anon, js. You have a way with words.

No. 1322793

File: 1631511718186.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1125x2286, 95EF662D-DC80-4D17-A748-EBFC95…)

She recorded just enough live to show off Jonny reading the lyrics off his phone lmao

No. 1322796

And she already deleted it

No. 1322800

He looks like a special needs over weight toddler in that outfit. Overalls? Who let this man dress himself ?

No. 1322812

Y’all screen grab this shit and post it. I got blocked for voting no about wanting to hear her super dope ass rap. Like, darling, that was kindness. I can’t even imagine how embarrassing it would be to think anyone wants to hear her perform… a rap?!?! Real friends are honest don’t just gas you up… all that to say I wanna see this train wreck.

No. 1322813

You would think after the first night of embarrassment reading lyrics from his phone he would have practiced learning his songs the last couple of days.
He’s too high to remember them I guess.

Hahah couldn’t have said it better anon! Overweight special needs indeed LOL

No. 1322816

He’s honestly never looked or sounded worse. He should blame COVID and cancel the “tour”. That would be less embarrassing. He has to realize how incredibly pathetic this is.

No. 1322818

Sage and stop bitching about getting blocked over voting. No one gives a shit.

No. 1322819


No. 1322823

Cool. I thought I did sage. Guess I don’t know how.

No. 1322828

Put the word sage in the email spot

No. 1322843

File: 1631517602312.webm (1.57 MB, 348x560, clip0008.webm)

Quick search of Milkbar on IG and came across a girls story showing about 20 people there including Jonny. No luck finding any clips of him singing. Somebody please record him at an upcoming show.

No. 1322899

Oh my god, this is sad. They only added the other band so that guy could take his shirt off for the female fans, but guarantee it's making Jonny feel like a giant fat toddler kek

No. 1322921

Kinda sus that a fan girl posted a picture with him and tagged him in it but when i viewed her stories, she recorded everyone live except him. There are no live video clips/stories of this show, i wonder why!!! Also the venue itself posted all the other bands live but again, no jonny. I almost wonder if it was so bad he asked people not to post videos

No. 1322923

You can report images and vids of you and have them taken down, can't you?

No. 1322972

I think it's more likely that she was just like, "oh hey, famous person, check it out" and didn't post his set because by all accounts it's a garbage tier performance

No. 1322983

Yea not even surprised. Milk bar is small as fuck. Plus it’s Sunday night. And the How Weird street festival was that day and it was busy. Sunday evening are not ever poppin. It was doomed from the beginning. I’d bet there were around 5-7 people left by the time Jonny huffed his bloated carcass on stage.

No. 1323033

Dude is dressed like a whole chucky doll

No. 1323094

weird how this abusive junkie rapist looks like a poor, innocent downs syndrom person in this

No. 1323136

Omg there's only 20 or 30 people tops in that whole audience. Thats embarrassing. His old bands Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa, and Slaves sell out venues literally everywhere they play and need room for hundreds to thousands of fans. He ruined his own career by being too much of a liability to ever have a band again with his frequent relapses and scams. People clearly only wanted to see him when his performance is complimented by a band.

No. 1323138

Imagine going from solding out medium sized venues to playing in front of 20 people in a small bar not by choice.
This is what he deserves.

No. 1323174

Ok I was thinking the same thing! If I were out and about I'd be like "Who's this poor dude looking like Baby Huey" and feel embarrassed

No. 1323237

Every time I listen to any of those bands, I just wonder what it must feel like to have pissed your own career away not just once, but three times. All bands are doing so well and are more successful than ever… then you have Jonny and his trainwreck life, having a psychotic baby mama that records him for blackmail material when he cheats on her for the millionth time. Bleak.

No. 1323239

I bet sydsopsycho is like creepshowart and is in here bashing herself

No. 1323252

Would not be surprised. Probably any one of the un-saged posts that have no specific reply to it that seem to vaguely WK Jonny but bash Syd or the Milk-anon.

No. 1323253

Didn’t someone post saying Syd went to see dance Gavin dance? How can she be so smug about being on tour with Jonny after seeing his old band in a sold out venue lolololol

No. 1323256

Probably the anon who suggested Jonny got up too fast kek

No. 1323270

Because she’s trying to scope out her next actually relevant rockstar boyfriend kek. Too bad they’re probably already taken by girls that aren’t so insecure to stalk their pages and pick fights with every female that dares to comment on their pictures.

No. 1323341

Dude for fucking real haha like she doesn’t go on YouTube

No. 1323344

File: 1631575358639.jpeg (335.95 KB, 2560x1920, BhgTHtg.jpeg)

No. 1323431

File: 1631582230713.png (1.98 MB, 750x1334, 54B13FED-4C04-4B00-AEE2-9892D3…)

lol from a video on Jonnys stories. Idk how to post videos. They were like “dancing” if you can even call it that

No. 1323446

File: 1631584075326.webm (5.83 MB, 828x1472, LA Syd.webm)

Here it is

No. 1323451

ooh look! syd with her 1 and only supporter! Or they recognized her and jonny and are trying to embarrass her, which is far more likely

No. 1323454

Lmao forreal like Dance Gavin Dance, the band she saw their lead singer tilian is engaged and never once has his fiance done the weird jelous shit syd pulls and people are actually obsessed with him (like syds delusional mind somehow thinks girls are obsessed with jc) cause hes actually attractive and actively a successful musician. Yet syd searches for jonnys last few remaining obsessed fans with his name in their bio to put them on blast and say theyre weird or someone comments a simple eyeball emoji on jonnys post promoting his album and they get a nasty dm from sydsopsycho cause everyone knows commenting the eyeball emoji is crossing a line HE HAS A CHILD. How is she so off in her own universe that she thinks her behavior is normal?

Also someone post the video from jonnys story idk how to do it its of syd with some transgender prostitute in a parking lot lol can u imagine the milk we would get if jonny so much as said hi to some hooker shed lose her damn mind

No. 1323464

kek he called syd his girlfriend

No. 1323512

File: 1631592527501.png (347.66 KB, 1284x2778, 778AC9E8-2136-4933-898C-A969FF…)

No. 1323515

File: 1631592875839.png (138.07 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210913-221349.png)

No. 1323519

File: 1631593307969.jpg (1.19 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210913-210749.jpg)

No. 1323520

File: 1631593339630.jpg (945.76 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210913-210753.jpg)

No. 1323523

scuzzy bitch

>(particularly this one area)

vaguely alluding to the “cool” neighborhood to pretend you’re hip with the kids

No. 1323526

This probably cost more than what Jonny will earn on his tour.

No. 1323530

Obviously vague posting passive aggressive feeling about the 3 dudes including Jonny she is traveling with.

No. 1323537

>This is all for you chugga Storm

No. 1323540

Dog skull and some flowers. And it’s nearly vicky-tier. Yikes.

No. 1323545

Lmao never noticed the shitty little bat tattoo before

No. 1323569

So I’m guessing Jonny nodded off before they could go out? I wonder if she took another vid of him before decided to leave him there and go get a tattoo by herself

No. 1323575

>muh family business

is that the Blair Witch below it or just some '00s emo bullshit

No. 1323637

why is she still wearing that disgusting bracelet

No. 1323669

I had a look at the tattoo artist's Insta… SydsoOriginal got what's called a 'predrawn' tattoo. That's when the artist draws out some quick stencil sketches and offers those designs at a discounted rate. There's ZERO original thought put into this. It means nothing to Syd because the artist drew it for literally anyone days/weeks ago. Pathetic.(sage)

No. 1323674

KEK how is that pathetic? People get pre-drawn designs all the time, that's why artists draw them. Sage your shit-tier reaching

No. 1323701

because it’s syd and everything she does in pathetic? lol(sage)

No. 1323720

It’s the circa survive logo. More groupie bs.

No. 1323744

fr, the most pathetic thing about it is that she paid for shitty art done poorly, but she's not known to have good taste lol

No. 1323752

wtf happened to that bat’s wing wow

No. 1323790

File: 1631626395370.png (1.59 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210914-073155.png)

She also shared a video of all four of them sharing one hotel room.

No. 1323793

>New self made fam
Damn… What's Storm then?

No. 1323810

they sure are the best parents, arent they?

No. 1323814

By self made does she mean the family she wants, not the family she has? In which case, big yikes

No. 1323832

It’s barely been two shows get a grip. She’ll be lashing out by this weekend.

No. 1323851

she makes out like she's the one on tour

No. 1323863

LOL what the hell are you talking about? That isn’t shameful at all or pathetic. Pre-drawn sheets and flash sheets are standard in the tattoo industry. Go away virgin

No. 1323867

ugh how daRe My MoM RaIsE mY SoN!!11!!11!! I'M mAkInG mY oWn FaMiLy!!11!!11!!1

No. 1323878

Why isn’t there any videos of his last performance? Shouldn’t someone take over his stories and film him live… well I guess that’s hard to do when he doesn’t even know his lyrics (obvious proof he doesn’t write any lyrics)
No fans filmed him in San Fran? Not a single TouR FAm is filming?

No. 1323897

>>1323637 she wants everyone to know she's cool and goes to shows/has a musician baby daddy

No. 1323926

File: 1631635763288.jpeg (143.64 KB, 828x1225, 276285F3-611D-48D3-A5E0-78A5FD…)

Lol a fan is calling him out… how long till Syd picks a fight.
He’s the one deleting comments and buying followers, and it’s obvious

No. 1323940

Nah jk I take it back, you're pathetic. I love the little hall monitors on here that get SO angry when someone doesn't sage and follow their precious little lolcow rules. I can legit see you getting all hot and bothered in your room, absolute loser. I'm really glad you have this in your life Anon, at least its something. Chef smooch, sage baby(sage)

No. 1323950

Why does this sound like how Syd types hmmmm

No. 1323952

And you still didn’t sage retard

No. 1323953

Why would it be Syd when they're calling out Syd's retarded predrawn tattoo

No. 1323954

Wouldn’t be the first time a cow came to this site to self post and talk shit about themselves for attention or to go cry about how they are the victim

No. 1323971

Sage your shit you fucking neanderthal and stop fucking nitpicking Syd's tat that shits normal for people to do. You sound like one of those elitist assholes who have like 3 tats on their body and shame others who are covered for having tats the "dDoNT mEAn SoMEthinG PErsOnAl!" stfu you walnut.

No. 1323999

Nah jk I take it back, you're pathetic. I love the little hall monitors on here that get SO angry when someone doesn't sage and follow their precious little lolcow rules. I can legit see you getting all hot and bothered in your room, absolute loser. I'm really glad you have this in your life Anon, at least its something. Chef smooch, sage baby
Ohhh angry little anon! Love it. You're right about one thing, I would definitely shame you for having crap tattoos that don't mean anything to you. Unfortunately you're wrong, I am indeed covered. And all my tats are very original and elitist.

Now can someone PLEASE send me to pasture or whatever it is you small potatoes do to give yourself a rock hard power trip? Thanks in advance baby!(ban evading sperg)

No. 1324031

If you're trying to somehow offend anyone in this thread it's a shitty ass attempt. First of all you fucking inbred retard if you truly were covered or even had half a brain cell you would know the industry norm. No one gives a shit about you or your so called tats you fucking loon. There's other places on the internet to sperg your dumb bullshit too. Seek professional help

No. 1324034

Can we not nitpick like this? Next thing we know she'll be posting about how lolcow is a bunch of idiots that know nothing about tattoo shops. Literally every tattoo artist does that and theyll post them on instagram and someone likes the design and messages them to claim it. Also.. are we forgetting about her cartoon jonny Craig tattoo? This is a huge upgrade from her usual tattoo choices lmao

No. 1324037

This idiot is just derailing and trying to troll. I wouldn't be surprised if it was one of her "new fam" white knights.

No. 1324069

junkies love to go on & on about found family and how they go waaay back when in reality they just used drugs together lmao

No. 1324085

>>1323926 i would definitely not say it's obvious.. most of the comments appear to be fans actually complimenting the album. Just because he makes terrible choices doesn't mean all people are going to not enjoy his music. Many people probably don't know or care about his choices either.

No. 1324088


Lmao these losers aren't even breaking even. She keeps telling on herself. The only 'logistics' this 'tour' faces is the expense of gas, food, hotels, and apparently tattoos for Syd. Logistics my ass lmfao.

Straight up getting another bands logo tattood on her fAmIlY bUsSiNeSs tour top kek.

No. 1324091

doesn’t it looks like a cover up????

No. 1324092

Are you joking? He’s been deleting any negative comments mentioning his performance / being high

No. 1324156

>>1324092 that still doesn't mean he's "buying" comments. He's just removing the ones that make him look bad.

No. 1324183

I feel like she's definitely a shannon, wake up.. log into Instagram to stalk, go to lolcow to shit on self and others, or one of her shifty friends because this happened in one of the old threads too I'm pretty sure. It's best to not give them attention because they eat it up and couldn't be bothered to stop and find something worthwhile to do kek

No. 1324184

Is there a Karen/Sharon/Shannon/Becky meme cheat page of these types somewhere?

No. 1324207

File: 1631656799074.jpg (63.51 KB, 1080x639, 20210914_145915.jpg)

Sage because this isn't relevant but I urban dictionaried Shannon and although this isn't the official meme term, it definitely fits

No. 1324278

This is a thread about Jonny Craig and his insufferable girlfriend and yet you guys somehow can’t stop being lame. Don’t post urban dictionary nonsense she’s not satan she’s just delusional and picked the unhealthiest option for her 2007 baby/tour mama larp. I think Jonny only puts up with it because he’s addicted to the delusion and false pedestal as well, but look at the fucking cost. This is rock bottom and he still won’t get sober, I really thought the jail and court case would help him into considering other life options but no.

I think he uses sydney and her unmedicated and untreated issues like smoke and mirrors for his drug addiction. The people that give Jonny chances can’t hate him so they need someone else to hate, and Sydney doesn’t care about being treated right.

No. 1324285

Nail, meet hammer. Syd is only with him and vice versa bc they're the only ones who are still invested in the delusion of his fame.

No. 1324311

Nah she’s satan

No. 1324401

Did syd have those awful claws from her latest insta story before tour? If not it seems like she's doing a lot of selfish purchasing for someone who's "doing this for the fam" the hair, the tattoo, now nails - wonder what will be next

No. 1324412

File: 1631675921780.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1125x2001, 8A0A9201-9AEA-49C7-BF6C-529058…)

No. 1324421

Sped and Nancy

No. 1324424

He looks like he’s wearing a toupee

No. 1324425

>>1324412 I'd make the same face if I had to sit next to her too.

No. 1324430

oh bravo anon!

No. 1324456

lmao. i thought they were similar to sid and nancy too because everyone fucking hated nancy, but she was an icon and diagnosed schizophrenic as a child. sydney could literally never, no matter how crazy she is, it’s not the creative kind. sid and nancy also loved each other and neither of these scrubs know what that is otherwise they would have it for their innocent child or the grandmother raising him for them.

does anyone want to predict what happens after this “tour”?

No. 1324460

Wow good catch. Why would she get very long square tipped nails to be a merch wench? It will make every aspect of whatever her job is more difficult but she’s probably a neglectful “tour mama” too.

Did she do her own hair to fix the last fuck up? Her hair has to be so fried by now and she has nothing but black box dye to show for it. Gruesome…

No. 1324497

Was busying myself earlier reading from one of the previous threads just because and upon seeing a sort of fresh "then and now", WOW while they could really use some blending in the corners as she still makes them so blocky and square Syd's eyebrow game has actually improved somehow.

No. 1324513

File: 1631687061523.jpeg (253.68 KB, 1242x2181, F5B3E664-98A9-430C-AA56-15E06A…)

He wasn’t singing in this clip, just flailing his body around the stage. But I noticed he got a phone mount finally kek

No. 1324518

File: 1631687742791.gif (5.48 MB, 500x500, 659C42A9-0C0E-450B-AE72-DBDA83…)

Here’s a gif I made of him dancing like a sped. Enjoy.

No. 1324571

Bless you anon. I’m always on mobile and can never watch the vids. It’s actually sad how far people will go to not have to work a normal job, including living in an apartment with no furnishings away from their baby.

This tour must be costing them money, how is she able to afford a decently sized tattoo and all of the other accessories.

No. 1324601

Pretty sure the whole "tour" is just a cash grab/dickhunt for Syd. I'm sure he only still tolerates her bc she has some kind of blackmail on him and he's hoping she gets something out of this tour that gets her to lay off hin at least a little. Guarantee she keeps doing her hair/nails/getting ink bc she thinks she just has to find the right look to snatch a better JC.

No. 1324703

No amount of hair color/nails/tattoos can fix how ugly she is. She's horse faced. Trapping an inflated corpse balloon into a relationship by birthing offspring is the best she can get in life. There is absolutely no way in hell she could land a real musician. She's a fucking meat sleeve at best. She's talentless, insufferable and JC is looking for the door as well. They are a match made in heaven.

No. 1324747

I don’t know if she qualifies for the monthly child tax credit or the most recent California stimulus money(I mean has she ever worked or filed taxes ? Probably not) but she might have gotten money from that.

Maybe her mom gives her money. I don’t know. They get money some how to go to concerts, get tattoos, get her hair done twice a month. I can’t imagine Jonny gets that much money from his music streams. He’s gotta be doing shady shit to pay his rent. How are they paying rent? Maybe they’re not. I don’t believe they’re evicting anyone in CA right now so they could be squatting.

Assuming they have their kid(HA) how are they affording new clothes, food, diapers and apparently a full time baby sitter? Ok maybe WIC/EBT for food but everything else?

No. 1324780

Don’t forget paying for drugs and alcohol. Maybe Jonny is also selling the drugs he’s doing lol

No. 1324796

If she still legally has custody she could probably get that 300/month although it’s an advance from the child tax credit on next years, so if she is collecting it she will owe the irs money next year. I can’t see her mom raising her kid and supporting him 100% and not fighting to receive that 300 herself. Probably not easy to do if she didn’t claim him as a dependent last year but there must be a loophole to keep the money out of hands of deadbeat parents who don’t have their kids in their care.

No. 1324810

File: 1631724344561.jpeg (160.96 KB, 828x1240, C93825CC-9E79-418B-BE8C-4D1B62…)

Considering artist make something like .05 cents max per play, this isn’t a big flex.
To top it off, this asshole can’t even remember his own lyrics

No. 1324812

File: 1631724508340.jpeg (218.42 KB, 828x402, 85142B5E-D7DF-4FEF-BB26-D7D515…)

Samefag, it’s actually more bleak than that

No. 1324959

.003 x 2 million streams is $6,000, so not chump change. If he got his head screwed on properly and did steady releases (you know, like a serious musician) he could maybe make a living.

No. 1324967

I fail to see how he can provide for his family off of empty venues and chump change though

No. 1324969

But is that # what the artists gets it does it get split up more?

No. 1324976

It get split up more on Spotify’s side because the top top streaming artists get larger cuts and then it moves down the charts… Jonny is pretty low on that chart.

No. 1324980

Oh, I agree, just saying, $6K is not nothing, and if he actually worked at being an actual musician instead of whatever he is these days… well. I guess he is not capable of shame or embarrassment upon seeing the videos of his tour. As far as his family, Sydney should get a fucking job instead of being a leech on his dick and start supporting her child. As far as JC, he perhaps has the capability of making money with music, he just doesn't because he's a junkie and all he seems to give a shit about is his next high of whatever type. The whole tour thing was a waste of everyone's time and money as far as I can see.

No. 1324988

Right on the money.
I bet they’ll blow it all before Halloween.. and there will STILL be no furniture in n their crack den, kek

No. 1324993

File: 1631733784950.jpg (132.56 KB, 585x1066, 20210915_121847.jpg)

Tinfoil but I'm calling it now - syd's next victim in her web of lies. He's been in her stories almost as much as Jonny has since this tour started. Looks like he could be her type. Heavily tattooed and in a band. Can't wait to see how this unravels. Wonder how Jonny feels about her getting so disgustingly lovey with this dude.

No. 1324995

That's also before taxes, assuming he pays those

No. 1324996

i can smell their stretched ears from here

No. 1324998


The fuck is on her face? Is that a filter or did she choose to glue a bird’s ass to her face?

No. 1325000

Hope he knows she’ll film him nodding out too.
The only person Syd needs to focus on is Storm.

No. 1325004

damn that was really shitty lmao. i don’t think she’s ugly at all, but her crippling self esteem issues to the point of having and abandoning her child is very ugly. it’s also very alarming she gave birth to and just discarded her baby like she did not grow him inside of her for almost a year, and has what appears to be literally no sentiment towards him. she’s a sea of red flags but that one is disturbing, besides choosing a washed up junkie from a scene band as a father who has an even more disturbing history. she has no heart or warmth towards her own child, that’s unattractive in a man but so much worse in a woman.

people who are self conscious about their noses always get a lot of piercings in them i’ve noticed, but it draws more attention to it. there’s a lot of beautiful women with big noses and it’s not worth trashing the rest of your appearance and life over. she doesn’t seem to find pleasure in these things only escape from adjusting to her appearance. calling her a “meat sleeve” is fucked up and male musicians aren’t exactly prizes. if she went overhaul with her mental health and left jonny she could fix her life and find love with someone that is actually suited for her, but she should get offline and focus on her kid more than anything. it’s weird that she’s this old and subculture plays any role in her life. like just take the fucking medication sydney

No. 1325008

>if she did this and that she could fix her life
that's the case with all cows, even jonny, but they won't do it and that's what makes them cows

No. 1325009

nigga why's she even mad at johnny when she does the same shit lmao calling another dude her brother barf. she's like right up against his body with his arm around her. her arm is probably around him too & johnny can't touch a rando fans hand for 3seconds. shes fucking insane and so hypocritical

No. 1325017

File: 1631735085823.jpg (939.31 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210915-124245_Ins…)

Isn't this her bone clip? Where is Jonny in all this? I didn't see him in her stories at the "best club" on the "best tour". Dunno who this guy is and I'm not even religious but I'm praying for him. He has no idea what he's in for. Or he does, and he's just as crazy. Either way disaster is gonna strike.

No. 1325023

File: 1631735662601.jpeg (338.19 KB, 828x585, 2C67E002-237E-4F76-A376-57A8CD…)

When people want to know who you ruined your life for:

No. 1325026

Guaranteed they fuck one night when Jonny is passed out after shooting up.

No. 1325030


Lmao everyone knew before the tour ever started that the ONLY reason Syd is going is to troll for a new band BF dick to hop onto. I'm sure Jonny would be glad to dump her on this guy and find a much more pliable fan to manipulate. Bet Syd gets pregnant again by the end of this "tour".

A hit dog will holler; she knows the tour is her only shot to trade up to another musician and she never intended to sell merch or tail Jonny once she found any band guy willing to associate with her. I don't even think Jonny has the privacy or time with SydsoPsycho around to even legitimately cheat anymore, just hopelessly flirt and tease before she swoops in to grab onto his dick.

No. 1325031

male musicians have the same issues as male comedians they can just play instruments. based on his permanent subculture camouflage on weak natural features he only gets her type but watered down, i’m rooting for them and hope that they ruin the whole fucking tour, band, and jonny takes this as his cue to really run amok for her sydney’s poor social media performance. this “lol brother” can make his name by stealing jonny’s baby mama, that’s the best outcome of attaching your name and time to this “tour”.

jonny is no where because he planned this and nothing on earth could make him interfere. i hope he spends his stream money on liposuction after the breakup in a revenge scheme, and they get everything except his neck or cankles.

No. 1325041

$6k is 3 months rent max in Sacramento. With how much they spend going out and with the supposed expenses of a one year old…$6k will be gone shortly if it isn't already. It absolutely is nothing when it comes to the COL in California.

No. 1325074

I know. That is why I said he would have to exert himself and act like an actual musician and actually do the work, instead of putting out 1 song and talking abt how great it is. And his stupid baby mama should get off her ~smol~ ass and pretend like she is an adult and support the child she chose to bring into the world. As fucked up as JC is, at least he is apparently bringing in some money, however pitiful and pathetic it is. She's just a parasite.

No. 1325076

I think she learned her lesson with getting pregnant to trap a guy the first time. She lamented about looking fat, being stuck at home etc. I'm sure we all didn't help with that either, kek. Her having a baby with JC to make him stay with her kind of blows my mind in the first place. How does looking really unattractive and not having time to do your makeup and being completely pressed for time and constantly worn out help you out in the situation especially when you're with a complete ass who will probably leave with the first decent looking chick who throws herself in his direction? Js.

This is so spot on, would not be surprised if this is what's going on.

No. 1325113

She had the baby with JC because she knew he was a cheater and she was just a rebound. If she doesn't have a baby with this new guy, I'm sure once Jonny isn't around to make her look less like a bag of shit by comparison he will get sick of Syd's constant, insecure narc rage whenever another female fangirls over him. I don't gully believe her craziness is all caused by JC just being a shitbag, some of it has to be her shit as well.

No. 1325123

I wonder how Syd feels singing along to all the new songs Jonny wrote about Taylor, who he obviously still holds a huge candle to if not made evident by all the girls he ends up flirting with that look like Taylor did when they dated.

No. 1325137

And I don’t think he’s trash talked Taylor once like he has with every other ex

No. 1325176

Why would he? He wants the chance to crawl back to comfortable money. Syds bringing in nothing.

No. 1325199

Neither is Taylor these days lbr

No. 1325232

At least Taylor has liquid assets, property, and a hobby. Not a huge fan of her, but at least she ended up picking herself and her sobriety over that bloated mess of a man.

Meanwhile, Sydney, who barely has more to offer than a high school diploma, might as well have sold her own kid for heroin money for that fat junkie she loves so much.

No. 1325235

I know this isn’t the Taylor thread but what hobby? Doing drugs? Collecting random junk? Killing/mistreating animals? And sobriety? Oh you sweet summer child…

No. 1325270

It's not even like he got the 2mil streams all at once; the screenshot shows 430k in the last 7 days. That's not even 1300/week. I would say pretax but kek I'm sure Jonny is very meticulous about his tax bill. You would think he would have to pay out for things like management if anyone still cared about his career, but that's reserved for actual musicians and not 4x fired tour-ruining junkies or whatever the final count was. It's a trickle that is going to be a drip in no time.

No. 1325277

He looks like he's wearing pantyhose over his face, but he's not. Very uncanny valley…

No. 1325375

Taylor lives in her childhood bedroom, is in a constant state of relapse, and her only liquid assets are her animals and maybe the container store enclosures she just invested in.

No. 1325411

Yeah it’s pretty bad. Shes so old and not a functioning adult but neither is Sydney

No. 1325518

File: 1631792254545.png (3.57 MB, 750x1334, 247D73B1-A2BA-4B89-8100-32EE8E…)

Where’s syd while he’s out wandering vegas? He kept flashing the margaritaville sign. Idk has he never seen a margaritaville before?

No. 1325532

I'm sure she's busy with her "lol brother".

No. 1325541

Pretty sure this is one of jonnys long time friends. If I remember right he’s the one who drove him back to his dads in New York last time he needed to get his shit? He just chopped his hair so looks different. I’d be shocked if jonny hasn’t talked shit about her to him if they’re close and talk often. Definitely seems as though syds throwing herself at him though. She’s probably annoying the piss out of him.

No. 1325659

Dude Whoever goes to the show and tonight is inevitably going to see a strung out JC mumbling to his cellphone on stage

A junkie in Vegas can’t stay sober.
Also, she has to be cheating, since Syd is so quiet and not screeching every minute on her insta story

No. 1325681

Looks like they've unfollowed each other on Instagram. Can't wait for this to unfold

No. 1325687

Wait wasn't his Vegas "show" last night the 15th? Did anyone see any pics or videos of his show cause tinfoil but it seems like Syd might have been left in LA.

No. 1325690

File: 1631808198881.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x2183, A5BCFD89-3118-48E3-9614-92E22E…)

Yes. There’s a video of him sounding like shit. It’s on IG tagged under the venue’s name.

No. 1325707

Anyone using the bingo card bc we almost got bingo kek

No. 1325714

File: 1631809861531.gif (782.28 KB, 460x426, joker-popcorn.gif)

HELL YEAH, i'm ready. drinks and popcorn are on me, ladies

No. 1325735

Whore ass Syd didn't even stay by her baby daddy's side for 2 whole shows on "their" tour after talking all that shit about his fangirls lmfao

No. 1325762

Is his “band” just this one drummer? He lost his old drummer cuz of his drug use. I guess he couldnt find anyone desperate enough do guitar or bass for him either. Im surprised syd didnt suddenly decide to pick up bass.

No. 1325769

she's too lazy to learn an instrument, she doesn't even draw which is supposedly her hobby

No. 1325771

There’s videos on that Dillon guys Facebook from 1 day ago surprisingly I didn’t see him reading lyrics off his phone but another long awkward hug on stage from syd. Puke.

No. 1325773

She is too lazy and lacks any natural talent to see this through. She just wants to leech onto someone else with any level of talent so she can gain “fame” without having to move a muscle. I mean, you’ve all seen her “art”.

No. 1325791

She's a 'singer' and the second they start lovebombing each other, she's going to be invited onstage for an 'incredible' night that she 'wouldn't trade for the world.'

She'll probably still post a story of her holding a guitar after she reads this thread though. She can't stand being perceived as less serious or credible in the scene than your average groupie. She had to have a baby with a fat junkie with a dying liver to even get a merch girl spot on a tour. Embarrassing.

No. 1325885

>>1325681 they didn't unfollow each other, she just unfollowed him. Either way, can't wait for a syd rampage.

No. 1325898

I wish I grabbed the screenshots but he keeps deleting any negative comments about his live shows… yikes homie has thin skin.
Now he’s trying to sell vocal lessons? Didn’t he already run this scam?

No. 1325915

File: 1631822434010.png (4.12 MB, 1170x2532, 35BBBA0B-8A78-41F7-8ECB-D10717…)

Well her last story was this so I’m not sure what transpired between then and now

No. 1325939

Still?? Who would want to take lessons from him now? He destroyed his voice. Blue Dream era? Maybe.

No. 1325942

Maybe they both read here & JC threatened to kick her and him off the tour?

No. 1325949

Well ofcourse he has thin skin, have you seen his bloated ass?

No. 1325958

he doesn’t have thin skin he’s just trying to gaslight people as always, his charade is really funny. it shows how stupid he thinks his fans are and i don’t blame him. he’s been scamming them out of anything he can including hundreds of dollars in a wire transfer fraud and no one did fucking anything lol. they’re all going to keep up the act that everything is going great, you can’t really only call out sydney for the larp it’s everyone and anyone around this dilapidated rotting leprechaun.

lmao i’m sure they lurk but no this switching scam is not influenced by this gossip board. there’s people that give legit advice and the only thing anyone listened to is sydney’s brow advice. she would probably be way better at makeup if she idk took her fucking medication. if this is jonnys old friend then he has his back in all his scumbag shit, he’s probably supposed to babysit her so she has a good time while he shoots up, and if anything happens it would be to pass her to him and later hold over her head that she cheated. it’s crazy how the one who cheats is always the one accusing the other. if she backed off he would be cheating and accusing her, but since she is full force psycho he is doing way more drugs to compensate.

his friend is doing him a favor because sydney cannot chill but now she’s getting a sense of what someone who’s entire life is a drug addiction can provide. if she did go with him then it would prevent her from going all the way off in a breakup, and he could keep her quiet. it’s healthier for all of them for her to leave, and if that’s jonny friend from way back he must really be in love with that evil son of a bitch to have his back through everything so i bet he would love to raise his kid.

No. 1325963

I’ve been to lots of shows and I have never, ever seen anyone pull their baby momma up on stage just to awkwardly hug them

the funniest part to me is that this is literally Syd’s dream. this is all she aspires to.

No. 1325971

File: 1631827213381.png (5.75 MB, 1242x2688, B2FD31CF-1CC7-4FF0-898E-5161AA…)

Jonny’s long time friend and Sydney’s lol brother last night. Can’’t upload video but audio says: “People don’t know how to act in Vegas.”

It might be a stretch, but I hope Jonny decked Sydney and now this Dillon Bailey is white knighting for her.

No. 1325979

File: 1631828074850.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1125x1996, 8D89CD82-0A23-489A-91E4-B90E3F…)

Lol Jonny your career IS over. can anyone screen record this? He’s shitting on some dude singing “my girl” (maybe karaoke or a cover band?) who doesn’t even sound bad and who has better acoustics than his “tour”

No. 1325997

File: 1631830338668.png (1.89 MB, 1170x2532, 4DB42973-A1A0-412B-95CE-B96AE1…)

Screenshotted before she can delete.

No. 1326007

For all we know Jonny could have asked this guy to keep Syd busy while he fucks around and shoots up.

No. 1326008

Girl just go out, live your life damn.
Or better yet, go home to your kid; he feels abandoned as well

No. 1326010

This is hilarious considering Jonny went to jail for ""pushing"" Syd.

No. 1326016

what happened gorl
i wish she at least monetized her crazy but she doesn’t have the self control to keep things behind a pay wall. jonny probably wanted to stay out and she’s trying to guilt him or some boring bullshit like leading people on here too. i hate her attitude, like she’s in vegas and she’s not deformed, go have fun you beige idiot. go take stupid pictures and enjoy it.

No. 1326019

yeah it’s really weird she’s getting her nails done and a tattoo and not like, what cute things can i bring back for my son who has never been to this part of the country? it never fails to blow my mind that he never crosses hers.

No. 1326027

Putting her ugly little bone clip in his hair and taking all these pictures of/with him. Like this is how kids in jr high flirt. She really is so mentally stunted. Maybe she thinks the playful flirting doesn’t count but pretty bland conversations and little hand touches are just the end of the world.

No. 1326067

According to Sydney, simply talking to a member of the opposite sex without explicit permission is cheating so she might as well be dry humping that Dillon guy on stage if she’s gonna play with his hair like that imo

No. 1326074

Syd realizing that no one actually wants her around for the millionth time in her life. She is so pitiful.

No. 1326113

So he did ditch her?! The irony that she’s whining about being alone and sad after gloating while she was pregnant that she couldn’t wait to have her baby so her life wouldn’t be so lonely and she’d finally have ~unconditional love~. Too bad she couldnt give him the same.

No. 1326120

I think it’s as simple as she was being a Bitch and he didn’t want to hang out with her lol

No. 1326121

kek. remember, syd: you're not special. you're a nobody who has to whore yourself online to get attention. you don't have friends because your personality is a biohazard and your fat junkie boyfriend ruins everything he touches.

enjoy tour!

No. 1326213

File: 1631845934846.webm (3.75 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-jonnycraig4l_24…)

Here is the vid anon

No. 1326222

File: 1631847147909.webm (5.15 MB, 720x1280, 242137521_280877563586038_3118…)

This is from 17hrs ago. I wonder if he kept playing after that alleged +600$? A lot of people lose it all that way. Assuming he did have some self control and stopped I'm sure that'll be gone in days toward dope and dumb shit. Sad thing is that he probably made more casually gambling than he will the entire tour and I love to see it lol

No. 1326233

File: 1631848343442.webm (4.01 MB, 720x1280, 241951529_1217616795397840_838…)

nonettes and anons this is the walrus Syd is acting like a pscyho for! But don't watch too long - he has a child!

No. 1326236

This gets uglier the longer you look at it.

No. 1326253

He dedicated one of his songs to her and pulled her on stage in LA for that awkward fake kiss. Talked about how much of a crazy year he has had and that he had his first child. Eye roll. After the show he was at his merch table meeting fans for a few minutes, took pictures and thanked people for being there. He was in a rush to get to his bus after and left syd sitting behind the merch table with the other two dudes.
He seemed sober during the performance, complained about being super hungover and made jokes about having to read the lyrics off of his phone because it’s been so long since he toured. Really no excuse not to know your own lyrics but lord knows what kind of brain damage he has from all the drugs.
There was probably somewhere around 200 people there and some clearly die hard fans. Didn’t play many songs, talked about doing another tour later in the year with his old band stuff. Everyone ate that shit up.

No. 1326376

File: 1631870599111.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1125x1999, 228483D1-DF3F-40C9-B59D-385D0E…)

No. 1326378

File: 1631870652815.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1125x1996, 285C2278-39A9-4D39-AF2F-86E969…)

No. 1326384

Is she wearing a fucking fake ponytail omfg hahaha

No. 1326390

She got out of the hotel room! True love!

No. 1326460

I love how Syd tried to look so different than TND and insta hoes to end up looking like a shein-tier clearance rack look a like

No. 1326554

What is it with instahoes and this sad, deflated, low hanging boobloaf they ALL seem to think is cute/sexy??

No. 1326567

Every time I check this thread it’s whiplash kek

No. 1326573

Oh wow, yeah, that dude sounds fine! His voice is way stronger than Jonny's. JC has such an inferiority complex (as he should) lol
also karaoke is literally about having a good time, singing ability be damned, he's such a wet blanket

No. 1326574


No. 1326609

File: 1631893085585.webm (3.52 MB, 720x1280, creepylovebombing.webm)

idk why he lovebombs like this. It's so cringey and seems to actually be more him exposing her for all the angles she uses lol. I'd be embarrassed if I were her that he posts this sort of shit on his stories

No. 1326619

File: 1631893831963.webm (3.46 MB, 720x1280, yetstillbrokeasajokefurniturel…)

gambling report lol. Working on developing a gambling addiction i guess; still more than they'll come home with from the tour. Can't believe women are fighting over his ugly mug. I wonder why they didn't have some sort of trashy chapel wedding? I thought this was enviable true love!1!!11 /s

No. 1326628

Lmaooo he's really exposing her square ass

No. 1326633

How is he a mid-30s adult man, yet when speaking he still sounds like his balls haven't fully dropped yet?

No. 1326818

He doesn't even look like he believes what he's saying.

CA stimulus II checks are depositing - and they're $600. How convenient.

No. 1326823

i thought that too when i went to his ig profile for the first time the other day lmao. it’s so bad. he probably makes high pitched lady voices in bed, vomit emoji

i’m glad she took the advice, did anyone make her take that “i’m alone in my hotel room how dare u” story down and then take her out to look better or do they really not care at all? if this is the company you have to keep just go to rehab

No. 1326934

File: 1631910447361.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1284x2235, 3EFBA92B-2DCC-49D1-AB61-BDDF13…)

I checked JCs tagged photos and this got posted an hour ago. Why would you want this man tattooed on you????

No. 1326948

oh the secondhand embarrassment…

No. 1326962

That sugar skull ahahahaha

No. 1326979

This looks like some horrifying character Junji Ito would make up, holy hell

No. 1326986

Should've gotten a slightly more zoomed out version of this tat, to show Jonny reading the lyrics off his phone.

No. 1327032

the hand looks so tiny

No. 1327033

Terrible choice of motif aside, that is some Vicky tier art

No. 1327122

Minimal shade to the artist because one can only do so much with garbage but this looks like a wax museum Josh Homme melting out in the desert. I cannot believe anyone on earth would walk up to this dude like, "Wow is that a portrait of incredible vocalist and all around decent guy, Jonny Craig, on your arm?"

No. 1327124

KEK anon pls

No. 1327129

How does she have little man hips after giving birth
I've never seen that before on literally anyone after a pregnancy

No. 1327148

Arizona show tonight! Anyone think he knows his lyrics by now?
Ps, the loveboming on daemon or whatever stopped real quick

No. 1327153

Did Jonny delete this picture from his story??? I don’t follow Syd so I don’t know if she still has it up… trouble in paradise maybe?

No. 1327157

just a theory but is syd another mtf like tay tay??

No. 1327160

Are you retarded? She had a baby…

No. 1327184

is this a jonny fan or the dumbest person on here.
i don’t care about taylor or all the excuses people want to make for having her as much as jonny, she was like 21 and a very sheltered person when jonny took advantage of that and grifted so much shit from her, introduced and addicted her to fucking heroin, destroyed her career, and got people to keep the focus on hating her instead. she’s still struggling with drugs and life, and people just hate her because she’s a woman. if that was a male friend he moved in with and did that too, getting them to pay for his kiddy pageant flipper teeth implants and introducing them to heroin while sabotaging their career, all while being in his mid thirties to their early 20s, people would hate him. but because these are “just women” it’s their fault because he emotionally manipulated them too. i for real still can’t believe he dated taylor and another woman after that was willing to date him and trap him with a whole ass child.

No. 1327186

No it’s still up for both of them.

No. 1327190

This isn’t the TND thread. Regardless, she was a trash person before Jonny. Not saying he wasn’t a leech, but she had plenty of warning and decided to jump in anyways. I feel no pity for anyone who dated him after Chelsea because she was so vocal and open about the abuse

No. 1327209

Agreed. This isn’t the TND thread but she wasn’t a completely helpless victim. She made a lot of poor choices and it’s unfortunate she associated with Jonny but she made the decision even with the information she had….it’s not like was blissfully unaware of his history and became a recluse shut in with no way out. Syd is just the same- willing to overlook all the horrible warning signs in hopes of being some special by associating (or reproducing) with him.
It sucks TND is an addict and I hope she gets sober but people need to quit enabling her complete victim complex. It’s old. It’s tired. It’s stupid.

No. 1327217

Didn’t he have a “show” tonight? Weird that he and syd aren’t posting all over their stories about their perfect tour and life, wonder if he’s even there

No. 1327235

No, we don't perpetuate the idea that trannys can give birth 'round these parts

No. 1327271

Sage for OT and obviousness but I'm listening to Downtown Battle Mountain and holy fuck, like I just can't believe a person would just completely ruin such a natural talent the way JC has… It's depressing af

No. 1327272

Imagine explaining this to someone. "Oh he used to be cool in 2005, before everyone knew he was a heroin addict, abusive rapist" Jesus Christ…

No. 1327293

if you want a laugh go watch the ghost runner on third music video to see/hear pre heroin jonny

No. 1327390


Ex fan here.

Jonny was on heroin back then. He has been since his teens. Ghost Runner on Third even has a song called H. He sounds strange there as he was trying to rip off New Found Glory’s and other pop punk vocal styles and then dropped it in other bands.

No. 1327516

Also an ex fan from the first DGD EP and can confirm this is correct. Some of the lyrics on those songs also allude to his drug use. It’s a miracle (or I guess a curse) that he is still alive at this point

No. 1327678

How many people in this thread thinks Syd will be joining him for the east coast tour? (Supposed to be happening in November/December). Not I. I feel like they’re gonna break up as soon as they get back to Sac and Syd will go back to her mom’s with Storm, and Jonny will either have a new girl to stay with by then or be staying with one his tour mates.

No. 1327691

If this bloated fuck gets to the east coast, I’ll take the bullet Nonnies, and go to the show.

No. 1327723

I don't see them breaking up unless she leaves him. Come to think of it has he ever dumped a woman first?? I think she'll definitely go along with him and be just as annoying as now if not more-so. I feel like she's going to constantly complain about the weather and being a uwu cali girl, idk why she just gives me that vibe.

No. 1327739

File: 1632003235226.jpeg (609.29 KB, 750x1093, 5C203D36-FDB3-4155-9C1F-9FDE01…)

For fucks sake. Of course with a super cringey, toxic quote to show off how speshul their relationship is. Fakest couple I think I’ve ever witnessed

No. 1327741

File: 1632003526517.jpeg (167.2 KB, 750x518, F24B31C3-CC3F-4FB7-A37F-51AF47…)

She changed the icon on her art account (an account/business that’s never gonna see the light of day…) I find it extra peculiar that she was dying for this hairstyle and cut, and she kept it for not even a week? Had to hurry and dye her hair black before tour so she can resemble Jonny’s “type”. If you’re changing your looks based off your significant other/for them to find you more attractive… what’s the point. They should find you attractive already.

Syd is literally the type to jump off a bridge with Jonny if he asked her too.

No. 1327747

I’m going to one of the Texas dates. Hoping to witness an epic fight or meltdown because he has an ex is literally every city. I’m very curious to see how she’ll act at these dates.
For some reason I would love for Taylor get a general admission ticket to show up with a friend, just to piss Syd off.

No. 1327752

>>1327747 >>1327691
Y’all take lots of pics and videos I don’t think we have been getting as much milk as we though we would.

No. 1327760

>>1327739 her mindset is that of a 15 year old. That caption is something an emotional teenager would tack onto a photo. Isn't she almost 30?

No. 1327769

I can't tell if this would be pathetic or an incredible power move

maybe both

Syd is petty af herself so I would pay to see this.

No. 1327774

oh wow he is a longtime user - thanks for the info

No. 1327775

Why is there not more footage of the shows available? Any smart performer would record every show, and record interacting with fans….

No. 1327790

Yeah if I recall correctly he dumped Amanda to be with Chelsea while he was on tour. And Amanda didn’t let it go for like a whole decade and that coulda been a whole other thread of its own lollllll that’s all I’ll say about that

No. 1327791

Lol Amanda was the ultimate cow. It only I knew about this site back then. Would’ve legit been the milkiest thread ever. I don’t think the constant, hourly tweets from her stopped until about five or six years later.

No. 1327792

File: 1632009993166.png (2.34 MB, 750x1334, 856B7F68-1A2B-4E2F-BC38-8C0F5F…)

She really acting like she’s doing something/making moves for her son. Lmao. Also - nitpick but her arms are super manly and stubby.

No. 1327793

File: 1632010030926.png (4.63 MB, 1284x2778, 7A6E4E9D-8198-471A-B76D-69B5B9…)

You miss him napping? Where would he be napping.. on the floor at your apartment bc you have no furniture??? Stop acting like you’ve even seen him you deadbeat

No. 1327796

Yeasss I’m so glad someone else was drowning in that milk like I was lol. I wholeheartedly agree on her cow-ness but I also didn’t know about lolcow back then. Actually thinking back on that, makes me realize I know way too much about this fat trash junkie and the history of all his ex’s and all his drama…. Yikes

No. 1327798

1000% using photos her mom sends her.
If she had him full time her narcissism would be fueled by mom posts and edits

No. 1327832

Jesus that IG post is bleak

No. 1327834

a hoe never gets cold no matter what coast but yes i predict the same level of bitch assness

No. 1327838

she’s an entirely stubbed person so idk what you were expecting, and she has no muscle mass so i don’t know why else you would call her arms manly? they look perfectly fine.

what does she mean by day off? all days are off for her. like clinically off but whatever, imagine a forever21 worker posting this instagram story after like one hours work. you can’t even compare shitty retail to what she does, and she requires a bit onstage where she hugs a man who irresponsibly jizzed in her so she can post photos of the resulting person that her mom takes care of to keep an iron grip on his balls when no one else who wants to live wants him. she’s so fucking determined but her goals are insane. also pizza is heavy and carby their moods are probably icky. no part of this looks fun and the whole point of this is fucking around.

No. 1327873

storm is absolutely adorable, it's painful to think he'll grow up and learn how shitty his parents are (/were, doubt jonny will live long)

No. 1327892

Does she wear their engagement ring on her neck?

No. 1327940

I literally busted out laughing, this anon was right about the arm thing but what makes it even worse is that the wife beater and the chain do not help the situation at all.

No. 1328109

File: 1632049448734.jpeg (2.04 MB, 2560x1600, backedintoacorner.jpeg)

sorry but i'm still having trouble getting over the unnaturally sharp corners that are supposed to be this girls hips/ass

No. 1328113

She’s so jealous of other women, you’d think she’s work out a little

No. 1328140

Yes. Wow. They are clearly enjoying a very happy relationship.

No. 1328199


Nah, that would require actually putting effort on Syd's part. She knows Jonny will forever pine for other women who have too much self respect to ever dip down for him. Plus, she's the one holding the nuclear detonator on what's left of Jonny boy's career should he try to leave her. There's no incentive for her to try to steer his attention to her and her alone.

No. 1328246

File: 1632065191098.jpg (87.1 KB, 500x567, 3pg654.jpg)

Syd receiving her shitty engagement ring from a washed up junkie with a failed music career. Good job.

No. 1328261

She has a skirt or shorts over her pants. You can see the material between her legs as well.

No. 1328277

>>1328261 she's literally in jeans and only jeans.

No. 1328280

You can see in this pic
She’s not wearing a skirt or whatever you said tho

No. 1328282

Wow she really got a skirt ass I love that for her!! It seems shitty to nitpick peoples’ appearances but she is so focused on hers it’s hard not to. Especially after the vile comments she has made about other girls who at least put work in at the gym, something she can’t bring her lazy curtain ass to do!

No. 1328461

No. 1328464

her saying awful things doesn’t mean you have to stoop as low? she had a kid and it would be great for her mental health to work out, but since when does it matter if she has a perfect body? jonny fucking sucks and idc what she looks like as long as it drives him insane. if she has a flat ass than that’s a power move.

No. 1328498

Okay syd

No. 1328547

It’s not like she doesn’t have a bunch of free time to work out considering she probably doesn’t have custody and doesn’t have a job. She has no work ethic.

No. 1328570

Hasn’t Jonny been engaged before too? How much you wanna bet that Syd is wearing the same ring? Could you imagine?

Syd singing along to songs written about his exes on tour, changing her hair to resemble them, and wearing their old engagement rings… I would be so embarrassed if I were her. Nothing is more pathetic than begging for someone to love you that obviously is only with you because you trapped them with a kid, but that’s shitty too so she deserves it.

No. 1328574

we literally saw the ring on the website

No. 1328575

Yes he had been engaged at least two other times (Amanda and Chelsea) but I don’t think it’s the same ring. Why would he keep a ring this whole time in hopes of finding someone else to give it to? If either of his former fiancé’s gave the ring back it was probably sold for drug money immediately let’s be real

No. 1328576

Syd is just the discount version of the babes Jonny used to pull when he was relevant, but he’s fat and washed up now so Syd will have to do. Better her than someone who doesn’t deserve it. She’s basically a Martyr.

Please Syd, do us all a favor and keep him off the market forever and consider it a community service.

No. 1328606

jonny is so shallow that i think it’s funny she’s average and he may hate it, when he’s an abomination. i am happy that haunts him, and i’m not going to criticize her body when it doesn’t matter. her behavior is so insane and tbh i really don’t care about the shape of her ass we all know she has bad habits i’m surprised it’s not worse.

did their tour end already? was the point of this just to parade his bloated body around like a circus animal so his baby mama could hug him every night on stage and accost people loudly in public if they looked too long? how much heroin is he going to shoot into his neck in front of sydney because she owes him for this charade

No. 1328837

File: 1632114825833.jpg (305.64 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210920-011240_Ins…)

where are they now?

No. 1328840

same anon. oh shit they're in TX. here we go

No. 1328871

Lmao who is watching their rats tho. Why did these dummies buy rats rat before tour

No. 1328880

The same reason Taylor has any animals, period.
> they think it makes them uwu aesthetic animal parents.
Barf. They're so transparent, it makes me the most mad they left their son over the rats tho. They could've easily dumped their pets onto grandma as well when its convenient for them.
Real responsibility, like a paid petsitter, is out of the question I'm sure.

No. 1328904

Things are about to get real interesting if they're in Texas now. Buckle UP, folks.

No. 1329015

Common, Turtle Mom! She’s going to be at one of these shows right? I look forward to her posts.
I hope Syd mouths off and gets slapped around by some Texan ladies,YEE HAW.

No. 1329016

We will never see those rats again, no way they take care of animals… they don’t give a flying fuck about their son.

No. 1329020

I’d be shocked if syds mom is watching the rats, first of all they would’ve had to bring them in their cage to her hours away, and she’s already raising their kid so doubt it would fly. I can’t imagine they have a good relationship after syd dumped her kid on her permanently and took off with junkie jonny. She’s gotta know her daughters a heartless piece of shit. As for the rats, would not be surprised at all if those retards the just put a big bowl of food and water in the cage thinking it’ll last them a couple weeks.

No. 1329032


bit late, but that 6k gets split up in a lot of parts. unless he produced, mixed and mastered the entire album/song, he's going to have to pay the people that share rights to the music. mixing/mastering engineers, the band (even say, a session guitarist who wrote the riffs and played them) and producers all get a piece. so yeah, seeing as jonny can barely read some lyrics from his phone, i doubt he earns a living wage from his music. maybe from merch, but it takes a lot of sales to break even

No. 1329057

Pretty sure turtlemom already bailed on that plan, unsurprisingly

No. 1329070

Is everyone forgetting she has cats too? My guess is she got one of the girls she went to the first show in Sacramento to watch them for her. She is a master manipulator, I bet they did it begrudgingly too. Either that, or they left the rats as food for the cats kek

No. 1329226

you dont pay people who worked in the studio for live performances. the artist makes ticket sales after the promoter takes a cut and merch and he doles that money out to his crew which i think is the one drummer and other guy.

No. 1329229

if ur talking about streams im being dumb but i thought the original anon was talking about 6k from the tour

No. 1329276

Typically (but not always), producers and studio engineers are paid either a fixed or hourly rate and do not retain rights on the music. Label however will profit on streams and etc.

He might need to pay the sound guy and techs. But shitty bars and smaller venues often provide a sound guy (usually pretty incompetent).

With gas/hotel/price of his tickets and level of attendance, he most probably will not break even and loose money on the tour. That is unless his label pays for some of it per contract.

Source: been in a band, recorded, toured shitty bars.

No. 1329355

the poster was talking about Jonny’s brag about Spotify streams
the tour is almost certainly a money loser or break even at best

No. 1329375

i can’t figure out why anyone was convinced this fermenting piece of shit needed to go on tour right now, in this state, to promote himself, at the shittiest places, to lose money???

didn’t jonny say he was bringing a personal trainer on tour and his bike, mf needs a ventilator

No. 1329427

A ventilator… KEK, my SIDES

No. 1329498

Have they shown what they are traveling in for tour bus? Tab 4? Corolla? I’m so curious.

No. 1329522

File: 1632182071671.png (2.47 MB, 750x1334, 50C1D043-2B82-47F8-9DFB-27D3F2…)

>>1329355 well they’ seem to be making enough for her to pay for plenty of terrible tattoos… oof.

No. 1329528

“Ethereal” rofl okay… “ extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world.” sure def describes you syd

No. 1329544

She’s so fucking stupid.

No. 1329570

Ford Econoline or Dodge Caravan

No. 1329580

As if she wasn’t already an unemployed degenerate she just made herself the most undesirable employee possible.

No. 1329593

Between this and the forehead piercing and the bangs, it's like she's trying to make herself ugly

No. 1329603

File: 1632188173014.jpg (407.73 KB, 1433x2987, PSX_20210920_213356.jpg)

Wow… Branding herself as a pussy and or still clinging to the idea that she's so small and delicate.

No. 1329610

Tag yourself, I’m the bat earring that was stolen from a middle schooler

No. 1329617

I’m the tarnished cheap ring hanging on the aliexpress chain

No. 1329624

I’m the teeny tiny eyebrow

No. 1329628

im the E in the tattoo that looks like a backwards 3

No. 1329632

I'm the faint mustache

No. 1329636

I’m the rash from the AliExpress chain

No. 1329638

I’m the tacky dermal that still looks like a sticker

No. 1329640

I'm Syd's love for her child… oh wait

No. 1329643

File: 1632190978818.gif (591.96 KB, 200x150, D273D8AB-CB42-493A-8B46-E892A1…)

No. 1329644

Wow she looks like she does pills

No. 1329645

I’m the baby bangs self cut with nail scissors in the bathroom mirror

No. 1329653

I’m the faint remnants of green manic panics past

No. 1329655

Best part is, the other side of her face has an even shittier Storm tattoo. She’s really going for it, huh?
Tinfoil but what if Jonny is encouraging her to do this stupid shit so she’s uglier. Like it somehow boosts his esteem to fuel her stupid impulses. If she fucks up her face permanently she’s more likely to stay and put up with his antics

No. 1329662

More like she wanted to copy her bloated sperm donor because she doesn’t have an original thought in her body and she can’t not actively fuck up her body for .02 seconds.

She’s truly a Great Value TND.

No. 1329668

I'm the irritated cat ass stretched ear lobe

that's an interesting theory anon. he tried to convince taylor to get one too and also convinced her to get the nostril piercings. Obviously she didn't get them with him but after she left rehab her mom made a twitter post about how he had almost convinced her to put two holes in her face that would've ruined her looks. He's such a fucked up person I could see that be his motive.

No. 1329671

File: 1632192269202.jpg (39.75 KB, 639x505, 1512521648340.jpg)

>Face tattoos

Talk about a blast from the past!

No. 1329675

I'm the progressively worsening 'baby weight' that makes that tacky ring too small to wear on a finger these days

No. 1329676

File: 1632192430708.jpeg (1.34 MB, 3464x3464, 09538AFC-7247-4D7F-B736-D33E27…)

Jonny got an ugly face tattoo as well

No. 1329682

I'm the glimmer of regret just 5 minutes after having the tattoo done.

No. 1329683

> rape at first sight

I know it's general consensus in here already, but my god he is disgusting.

No. 1329684

is there a handbook that tells tattoo artists to exclusively scratch the shakiest and most lopsided trash of their careers on people's faces? or are the only ones who are degenerate enough to ruin other people's entire futures just actively high during the tattoo? kek stellar life choices once again from junkie craig and the bpd wonder

No. 1329699

I think some tattoo artists live to ruin people permanently.

Ps, anyone still playing tour bingo? We almost got the whole bird covered KEK. Shout out to the nonna who made it

No. 1329710


Honestly we missed out on a LOT of good options for bingo- horrible tattoos, Jonny forgetting his song, preachy posts about how hard tour life is

No. 1329716

Next tour card, cause we all know this ain’t the last round

No. 1329718

it could be-my side bet is another domestic violence arrest after a massive bpd-fueled fight over an Instagram mutual before the end of the current tour

No. 1329738

is the “Ethereal” part of her bpd skinwalking of grimes, because they both got knocked up by misogynists who hate them and don’t care about their child. and they both have big noses and faded hair. that’s it.

the 3 could be touched up to make it flow and be more readable and balanced. i can see her looking better with more tattoos, i want her to get the cool bad on purpose with style ones and save up money, going to better places. it suits her. that is the wrong word choice but if she gets other shit to balance it out it will be less noticeable and just part of an overall image. them lines is also faint so she can get it lasered, she’s getting all these unplanned incongruent pieces so fast.

No. 1329748

hold up are those tiny fineline hearts in the cliche 11:11? how is that part of his style. it’s way too delicate on both of them and that looks like a pinterest tattoo that belongs on some girls wrist in 2011, and even she wouldn’t be lame enough to put tiny filled in red hearts.

i bet she asked him to get her name or initials and he said no, and then she gave him the silent treatment and he liked it so much she started hitting on lol brother

No. 1329794

If he actually likes face tattoos why doesn’t any of the girls he cheats on Sydney with have them. I think it’s pretty obvious at this point he is fucking with her. Probably told her mullets look cool.

No. 1329797

im the rest of her eyebrow thats still stuck inbetween the blades of the razor in the shop trash can

No. 1329853

I'm her blotchy skin

No. 1329857

I’m the last shred of self esteem that vanished the moment that tattoo entered her forehead.

No. 1329904

Just showed my bf this without saying anything and he said “Damn she ugly. That’s rough. Imagine that 10 years from now. I’d kill myself” and I’m crying hahaha big ooop Syd. You fuckedddd uppppp.(no1curr)

No. 1329909

Bf again: “This nigga really that kind of guy that sets his alarm to 11:11 so he doesn’t miss his wish and still thinks it’s a coincidence. What a girl.”

He knows nothing about this board and his takes are still so spot on, proof it’s not just the haters. It’s everybody.

No. 1329910

no one cares what your scrote says, this is an imageboard for women. male thoughts not allowed

No. 1329916


So I genuinely could not figure what JC’s tattoo was at first, so thanks - did anyone else have trouble or did I just can sucked in to the awful scratchy ball point pen awfulness of it all?

No. 1330007

All the anons who tagged themselves, wow. Pure comedic gold. Thanks for the laughs

Besides “ ethereal”, what other words could she have used that’s more fitting?
I think “deadbeat” would’ve worked better.

No. 1330058

Groupie or Desperate

No. 1330068

Boring, unoriginal, irrelevant. Cum dumpster would have been pretty good too.

No. 1330088

Not sure why anon got heated over the this comment earlier calling it fucked up. Prob a wk but I digress.."Meat Sleeve" would be more fitting than Ethereal.

No. 1330143

File: 1632239540334.jpg (530.32 KB, 1080x1694, Screenshot_20210921-114937.jpg)

This looks like a shitty prison tats. Everyone on tour got the same thing. I predict in less than a year they will be covered up or lasered off.

No. 1330147

File: 1632239801243.jpg (239.69 KB, 1080x1424, Screenshot_20210921-115236.jpg)

KEK. The whole crew got matching chicken scratch tats. My sides are killing me rn. I hope the artist didn't change the needle or properly dispose of the needles so everyone on tour can have matching HEPC.

No. 1330164

File: 1632241304737.png (3.55 MB, 1284x2778, 419E873B-521B-43DD-9902-593DBB…)

is this chick ever not dramatic as fuck???

No. 1330211

She's actually a decent tattoo artist so I can say this was not her design choice. But laughable she actually tattooed all these losers. Her boyfriend still about that scene so not surprising tho.
Sorry I forgot to sage earlier.

No. 1330226

File: 1632246546987.png (4.81 MB, 1170x2532, 86689A46-1B70-4B68-B106-B85F0D…)

Hmmmm aren’t the Texas dates next? Is she not mentally ready for them because Jonny has so many ex’s there lol? Also get ready for her to have more pics of this stupid ass tattoo than her own child on her IG

No. 1330230

Also somewhat nit picky but the cheap ass tour merch she’s wearing already has a hole in it. Great way to promote the merch and get people to buy it!

No. 1330238

of course sydsochildish can't possibly comprehend that someone can be civil to you and still not want you in their space

No. 1330270

File: 1632249046571.png (455.21 KB, 750x1334, FF5EF523-27E7-4851-82ED-7F23E5…)

Aww sweaty has someone never had a real job before?

No. 1330277

lmaooo as far as I can tell she's never even at the merch table, she's too busy yelling at women in the audience

No. 1330285

Any retard can sell merch oh my god sidsocoddled. Is making change hard? Did y'all not organize the shirt sizes? Ohhh poor wittol chubsterrr

No. 1330286

>>1330270 why doesn't this bitch proof read her long ass posts. She always has so many grammatical errors. Raising an infant is much harder than selling fucking t shirts. She's constantly seeking people to give her credit for things. It's sad.

No. 1330288

This chick really worked 12 days and wanted an award… wow

No. 1330333

>>1330288 right, if less than two weeks slinging merch for a couple of hours leaves you this exhausted, you've clearly never had an actual job before. I'm surprised she's telling people she won't answer those questions anymore, she's the type who seems to relish attention.

No. 1330343

-'touring is hard work!!'
-jonny reads karaoke lyrics off of his phone

pick one syd

No. 1330353

Well how about that. Now that they're living in Sacramento, she's really leaning into the Rio Linda look

No. 1330374

I cringed so hard reading this… She hasn’t lifted a finger in her life, she can’t even be arsed to raise her own child… she’s so entitled for someone who is so lazy

No. 1330389

Also no filter can save her face now, lmaoooooooo she tried to hide the mustache too, love it when she proves she lurks.

No. 1330396

Pretty obvious she got the face tat just in time for the Texas shows so she could flex on his exes, warped insecure syd mental gymnastics

No. 1330469

It’s a shame this is the version of herself that Syd thinks will make Jonny love her. She destroyed her mediocre face to look like a junkie herself and I’m beginning to think that’s Jonny’s plan; ruin her so no decent human will want her when he’s done with her.

No. 1330471

She likes attention when she can be smug and superior but she's very conveniently 'working too hard to answer the same questions over and over' when she's sadposting about how shitty things are going.

No. 1330520

Long time lurker here.. but the venue they’re playing at here in TX tomorrow is literally walking distance from where I live and a bar that I frequent. I definitely will be there tomorrow.

No. 1330530

Nonnie, thank you… ready for the milk delivery!!!

No. 1330575

I love when cows make posts like this, like can almost guarantee nobody's asked her shit, she's just trying to feel important. And if people actually are, how hard is it to just not reply? You don't have to make a whole ass novel out of it, I doubt anyone's harassing her in her DMs lol

No. 1330579

i don’t think he can ruin her, and if a fucking miracle happened and she got her shit together and rehabilitated, yes she could find a decent person. i’m just saying jonny and fat bitches like him love the idea of being able to do anything permanent to anyone, it’s bullshit and they’re learned limitations. her personality and lack of mental health care are what ruin her, not her appearance which is always manageable and would happen naturally if she did the work. jonny loves this kind of look though and lets not pretend a face tattoo is preventing her from getting work.

also the visible mustache completes the grimes larp, i hope she takes out all three of her stupid nose rings and embraces her nose or learns to contour if it bothers her that much.

No. 1330613

I hate do even say this but I’ve gone on a tour, longer than this one and I get that it is hard but she acts like she’s the performer. Idk it’s just not easy to relate to her whining like she’s been touring for 365 days straight with no break. How long has it even been for them?!? A week??

No. 1330815

How is slinging merch for less than a few hours a night hard? Especially when every gig they've been too looks like there's been no more than 20-40 people there and I doubt all of them are buying stuff.
She's so lazy, I've never seen anyone complain like this during a tour before. If this is so hard on her, she's definitely not waking up early every morning to look after a child which is far more mentally exhausting and some days physically exhausting too.

No. 1330844

I second this. SydSoLazy is self-reporting so hard right now. Slanging merch would be a cake walk for a mom, something she obviously is not.

No. 1330854

Time to talk to anyone but her son? Does she think talking to him in her Instagram stories that he can’t even read is “talking to him”? Because we know she is not bothering to talk to him at all, maybe the occasionally face time with her mom who actually has him and talk to him everyday but no way Syd can talk to him consistently what an idiot.

No. 1330873

File: 1632278952243.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, 78771D07-C164-496B-8FA3-1325BA…)

You KNOW this has got to make Syd jealous. I wonder if she’ll get on stage and “perform” with him before tour ends. Hahahaha

No. 1330877

So if Syd is wearing her ring around her neck, are they engaged anymore? Does Jonny even wear his at all? I remember him calling her his girlfriend, not fiancé, in that video he took with her pasty albino ass with that prostitute.

No. 1331001

File: 1632290434159.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1125x1987, 75DA9CEC-F60D-4002-A27A-3DE207…)

No. 1331002

File: 1632290472843.jpeg (884.74 KB, 1125x1952, 81CB26C8-7B6D-4D04-9A48-11A74F…)

No. 1331011

File: 1632291662190.png (402.67 KB, 798x600, setlist.png)

For those curious about the setlist this tour.

No. 1331012

oh come on syd. you won't hesitate with the narcan for just a moment the next time he gets bad dope? your time to shine girl.

No. 1331036

I like how her mom also isn't worthy of talking to either. As she isn't raising her child and wasn't semi supporting them for a while. Clearly when Jonny's case came about she must've laid some boundaries (unlike doormat enabler mama dean). There's clearly been bad blood since. She used to hype up her mom in her stories regularly; clearly they were very close. i guess jonny just likes to "motivate" his girlfriends to be independent and move out on their own! /s

No. 1331048


“This is all for you, Storm!!”

How does your 1 year old benefit from your facial piercings and your shitty tattoos?? Did she even “need” to go on this “tour”? (Love how her initial post about the tour is all excitement about “new places and people”, etc, no suggestion of being broken up about being away from her kid for some weeks… Must be real nice taking no responsibility for anything) Grow the fuck up and take care of your damn kid.

No. 1331087

kek. No sweetie, you're fucking the fentanyl addict.

No. 1331105

I just want to know what the letters stand for.

The People Who Never Bothered
Toasted Penis With No Butter
Taylor Pussy Willow Nicole Bean

Anyone have ideas?

No. 1331111

the places we’ll never be. think it’s his album title.

No. 1331164

The Places We'll Never Be 21, for 2021… It's the name of the tour

No. 1331180

Why do I feel like she made it a point to announce she was alone (wink face and everything) because she was hoping another dude would come keep her company while he was gone? That’s so weird to put a wink face in there. And where does jonny go at night without her while she’s alone in hotels? I can’t believe she lets him out of her sight. This whole tour fam thing is also hilarious. I am positive that none of them actually like her and are simply tolerating her tagging along cause they have to.

No. 1331194

amazes me how he can pretend how well he’s doing, like we’ve not all seen him read his lyrics off his phone and look like he’s about to give way in stage.
jonny, you should be fucking embarrassed not getting celebratory tattoos.

No. 1331199

Honestly I think they both know the "tour" is a sexual fishing expedition, but they both keep getting shot down after a year+ of airing out how toxic, nasty and drugged out they are. I think they'll keep failing back to each other and putting themselves and their relationshiT on a pedestal as a desperate cope like they have been for as long as Jonny keeps wheezing on this Earth.

No. 1331202

She's talking about masturbating.

No. 1331211

Either way a sad attempt at getting dudes to DM her. Why else would you announce that if not for attention?

No. 1331234

I think she means "alone time" with Jonny. AKA fucking him so he won't wander around.

No. 1331328

Kek if I saw Syd IRL wearing this shirt I would assume she’s the addict. She looks like a fucking mess.

No. 1331502

File: 1632341249839.jpeg (435.14 KB, 750x1100, 13B2A1E7-FF9E-4BA8-B8DB-20620A…)


No. 1331503

Also jfc, how does this man close his fists???

No. 1331519

“lol brother” has a tattoo over his left eyebrow. Wait…didn’t sydsooriginal get a tattoo over her left eyebrow? Hm. How weird.

No. 1331520

Christ, she's acting like she flew into a disaster zone and performed humanitarian aid or something. She sold fucking t-shirts at a couple of dive bars for her boyfriend's crappy band. Now it's all "family" and "lifelong memories" and "amazing advice/talks." Calm down, bitch.

No. 1331588

Lol thanking them for “checking” her when she needed it. So these adult men had to babysit and act as her therapist through her meltdowns and try to rationalize with her batshit crazy ass. And they probably thought they were gonna have a fun time on tour with the guys.

No. 1331649

Lololol I was truly coming to write that she behaves like she is at war!!!

No. 1331660


I wish I was apart of this too! Oh wait…

No. 1331687

lmao those desperate enablers have been doing it for jonny his whole life, didn’t the lol brother drive him across the country to get heroin after ruining taylor’s life or something? they all deserve it and each other. fuck it i hope she never takes medication again and leaves it in God’s hands. i hope next time she does the laundry she shrinks all his shit on purpose and makes passive aggressive comments about his weight. the sky is the limit. there’s a 99% chance he’ll die from engaging his body too quickly so it’s not like she can’t outrun him even with her stubby carnival legs.

did the lol brother just get the stupid face tattoo? i don’t remember seeing it in the other one but i’m not looking again i’m already so pissed waiting for jonny to croak that i’ve had to see more vintage stretched ears than i have ever needed to

No. 1331701

You think Syd does laundry? That’s cute

No. 1331704

How many times have we seen her boast about “lifetime friendships” when really it’s clear she has absolutely no real friends lol

No. 1331717

He does follow Taylor on IG which I find funny because syd thinks they’re just so close, yet he hasn’t done her the favor of unfollowing her “fiancé’s” ex that she despises so much.

No. 1331814

File: 1632355992090.jpg (460.51 KB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210922_171132153.j…)

Jonny hasn't followed tayter since her video on him I believe. I'm sure he checks up on her socials even if he's blocked.

No. 1331825

They're not talking about Jonny

No. 1331859

jonny surely doesn’t so do they never have clean clothes and sheets and towels ???

No. 1331888

File: 1632363095968.jpeg (377.22 KB, 1242x2688, 6F5151EC-12F0-456F-B406-4E77BE…)

I saw jonny being posted in a Fb group I’m in and the comments didn’t disappoint

No. 1331889

File: 1632363136115.jpeg (344.91 KB, 1242x2688, EED96B05-1543-480A-9DC2-6A5F22…)

No. 1331893

Oh so they must have paid for this famous VIP package Jonnys been advertising so heavily. I sure hope it was worth it (I’m sure it wasn’t)

No. 1331912

it looks like he’s using those two giant honey baked hams on both sides of him as crutches.

the irony of that person saying he has a punchable face while vaping in round sunglasses.

No. 1331915

to further cement the fact that jonny's career is dead.. the people he's on tour with have a couple thousand followers. Nothing wrong with musicians working their way up, but a big difference from being in DGD and playing Warped.

an aside, someone he's playing with today is someone from my hometown. he's banned from some venues there because of how he acts - used the hard r n-word in a video. also apparently into lots of drugs. jonny's type of crowd.

No. 1331936

This reads just like the love bombing they do to eachother after they fight lol. Im callin it- she has been such a pain in the ass the whole tour so shes tryna suck up to them

No. 1331943

His hand looks like it’s about to pop.

Also is he a manlet? He looks so short next to those seemingly average-height dudes.

No. 1331956

File: 1632371922252.jpeg (174.07 KB, 1125x1983, CF7C5138-1627-4B37-BE7F-A39A80…)

This was posted in between recordings of him singing. Maybe she realized the song he was singing was about Taylor and not her

No. 1331962

I've been listening to too much Elliot Smith so I thought it was a "between the bars" tattoo. The 11:11 thing makes more sense but if that's what he atually went for it's so badly designed that he's gonna have to explain it constantly.

No. 1331970

He probably touched some random fans hand in the crowd lol

No. 1331975

Nah man they're just waiting til the baby gets big enough to do the chores, then they'll get done. Just like every other junkie parents.

No. 1332066

THIS. I think you're spot on with that one.

No. 1332156

File: 1632403217172.png (102.76 KB, 442x656, B1A9D1B1-80B5-48A0-8473-618B8D…)

He’s an absolute manlet. Claims he’s 5’8” but him and Taylor were the same height in pictures together and she’s 5’5”-5’6”. This throwback always gives me a hearty kek.

No. 1332174

I doubt he's even 5'5, he's like the same height as SydSoSmall and isn't she a "midget" even according to him? Lol

No. 1332191

If the tour eventually rolls out on the east coast, I will wear platform boots and loom over them, kek. I’m 6’2 in my fav boots.

Why do women find short men attractive? They usually got a Napoleon complex and little dicks… like how is he “cheating” on Syd? He’s an ugly bloated gremlin, and she’s on her way to matching.

No. 1332263

he's not 5'8 lol, I walked past him at a festival and I was taller than him and I'm like 5'7
he's short

No. 1332294

Because not all short men are abusive waster junkies. Some are Elijah Wood.

No. 1332334

i had to enlarge the picture because that mama beard is so flaming red and they say he has brown hair lmao. he’s an evil fat fuck ginger leprechaun. he’s probably only with sydney because the height difference is greater so he can trick other women into contacting him.

No. 1332360

I do love Elijah Wood, you right you right

No. 1332557

I think you're right, especially since she poses like a jackass to make their height difference seem hreater to help her delusion of still being smol: >>1327739

(sidenote, why do the SADDEST PANCAKE TITTY HOES insist on wearing these cropped undershirts with no bra?? As if we needed more evidence she wasn't taking care of her baby, her tits disappeared when he did.)

No. 1332563

File: 1632440174187.jpeg (12.68 KB, 271x122, D7BD3D59-85BC-40C7-BE5C-738D7E…)


I met him in 2012, I’m 5’5 so I’d say he’s 5’6 or just under.

No. 1332579

What was your experience meeting him?

No. 1332596

File: 1632444498297.jpeg (146.43 KB, 1125x1987, 93C1D9FB-DE2B-4C82-B075-3781DA…)

No. 1332604

Nonny, you have made cracckmouse upset.

No. 1332605

I love that she will never call someone out to their face. Just little aggressive comments in her controlled little bubble.

No. 1332615

Welp im at the show and Syd is clinging to Jonny while he’s doing his meet and greets and watching him like a hawk. She’s even the one taking Polaroids. I wonder what female is making her insecure already? Ffs, the show just started and Jonny hasn’t even performed yet.

No. 1332620

Poor fans paid so much to be harassed? Yikes, feel bad for them

No. 1332624

Omg anon keep us posted will you?!

No. 1332625

> what female is making her insecure

duh, all of them

No. 1332630

youre a real one for going out there nonnie

No. 1332644

File: 1632448069760.jpg (298.35 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210923-184039_Ins…)

He's such an overt narcissist. So the multiple women who have come out against you is none of your business? Or your failures as a father and musician? This is why he's a human lump that never grows, sometimes what people has to say hurts but it's the truth.

No. 1332671

I’ll keep y’all posted for sure. Jonny and his girl are hanging at the bar rn. Like damn she is following him around EVERYWHERE. I overheard him asking syd “are you good? You sure?” When he was taking a Polaroid of him and this really pretty girl. She had the bitchiest attitude and looked at him all weird and was like “yeah? I’m good.” The third band is playing their last song rn then Jonny is gonna perform next.

I’m a little disappointed turtle mom didn’t follow thru, I saw her NOWHERE outside. Lol she really thought coming up here and handing out flyers would make her the ULTIMATE hero for all of his victims. Tinfoil but I think turtle mom is lowkey in love with Jonny. She’s obviously already obsessed.

No. 1332673

Let us know how his performance goes, and thank you 4 ur service

No. 1332674

Has to ask permission to take a photo with a female fan who paid for tickets lmao so sad how whipped he is by this troll. When I say sad I mean hilarious.

No. 1332675

I’m lowkey scared to buy merch from her cuz she has such an evil/miserable look on her face and I’m a female. (I’m here with a friend who is a huge fan and wants me to buy him some merch cuz he doesn’t have cash on him, he cash apped me money earlier to get him something.

Oh lord. Now fans are coming up to Jonny at the bar trying to get pics with him and she is pissed. I’m near the bar and I keep hearing him ask her “are you good? Come get in these pictures with us.” Yikes. Both of them keep buying shots. I hope syd gets so drunk to the point where she’s screaming at Jonny at the end of the night. Or has some kind of meltdown. She does NOT look happy tonight, I haven’t seen her smile or laugh ONCE like Jonny has been doing. He’s having the time of his life and she is VISIBLY miserable/annoyed.

Oh Jonny just came up on stage.

No. 1332676

Nonnie you are doing gods work.

Try include photos!

No. 1332687

praying for you anon. go have a drink and make syd feel insecure lmao. gotta have fun at the JC show somehow

No. 1332688

Lots of Photos videos please nonnie thanks.

No. 1332689

File: 1632452958956.png (229.23 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210923-200838.png)

hey tx anon any insight as to who she's vagueposting?

No. 1332695

I’m not sure, there’s lots of girls screaming “I love you Jonny” and he finally said “I love you too”. But other than that idk. She’s not even side stage and he’s on his 4th song. She’s Wayyyy in the back at the merch booth. Dude this bitch is like 4’10, wasn’t expecting her to be so short in person. Which makes it even more hilarious that she acts so hard and tough on IG. She looks ugly af tonight, bangs SUPER short like Jim Carrey in that one movie. She’s wearing a giant ass t shirt and some pants. Lmao Jonny keeps thanking “Dallas” saying “Dallas make some noise!” He’s said that four times now and we’re in Fort Worth. I’m gonna tough it out and go to the merch booth when he’s done just to see how she acts towards me, and to get my friend to shirt he wants. Oh and also on stage he’s mentioned twice now how it’s been a “tough night/weird night for him” but that he’s gonna make the most of it now. He keeps skipping versus/switching them up and not even performing the songs in full

No. 1332696

This is amazing, thanks for being boots on the ground nonnie.

No. 1332700

Oh this is good. Someone please tell me how to post a video, he just went on a speech about syd and his son and he brought her on stage and said “I’m gonna get on my knees and ask her to marry me again.” He put the ring on her finger. My phone might die while I’m here but I recorded the whole thing, I’ll post it here when I get back home. I’m leaving right after his set.

No. 1332705

Omgggg so go to cloud convert and convert it to webm and you can post it here. Seriously we love you bb

No. 1332708

Cloudconvert.com specifically is what I meant, that’s what I use and it’s free

No. 1332709

before you leave anon please scream DOWNTOWN BATTLE MOUNTAIN TWOOOOOO

No. 1332710


No. 1332713

Not the first girl he’s “proposed” to on stage. She must’ve called off the first engagement and demanded if he really loved her he’d have to ask again in front of all those people lol and let me guess even though she was a miserable bitch all night she put on her best show like they’re so in love and probably cried like it was a special moment lmao. So gross that they use the son they abandoned for fan points when anyone with a brain can see they don’t give a shit about that poor kid. Tossed aside like nothing so they can fuck off together and waste money on tattoos, piercings, drugs and booze.

No. 1332717

Thank you so much anon, I'm looking forward to all the milk you'll gonna bring to us.
As others anons mentioned, if you or your friend can take pics or whatever embarrassing or relevant thing we will always be grateful!


No. 1332721

Okay awesome I’m waiting on my Uber outside and then I’ll be home in like 20ish minutes and I’ll definitely post the video. Lmao. I couldn’t even find syd or Jonny after the show :((( but I recorded that, and like two videos of him butchering his own songs.

No. 1332724

omg bless you anon! I can't wait to see some footage that isn't from a fan's perpective. I'm sure they're not posting his sloppy moments or the creepy syd moments. That's what we want to see! thank you!

No. 1332729

Is this a video? Can you repost the video or did you only get a screenshot??