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File: 1646084828240.jpeg (868.43 KB, 1920x1080, wheresthekidsyd.jpeg)

No. 1454244

Thread #11

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https://lolcow.farm/rules before posting

Last Thread

The basic rundown:
> jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse toward several of his exes - pretty much any woman he comes into contact with he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
> most recently dated and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
> after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
> enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall/minnieskins. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
> since syd got pregnant there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, most of it not related enough to TND to post in her thread
> syd gave birth. this is a containment thread so people stop bitching about people posting Jonny/syd in the TND thread

Old milk:
>syd starts a gofundme for "personal situations" >>1234541, >>1234881 but it seems to be going towards hair and lash extensions >>1244430 and amanda shows up on the donations >>1242157
> Jonny goes to jail for domestic violence >>1088190 and pleads guilty his last court date was feb 1st at 9am >>1090762
> >>1090779 Storm has unknown surgery but syd doesnt say anything and Jonny barely acknowledges it >>1091369
> Jonny contracts cellulitis and ends up being admitted to the hospital most likely caused by IV heroin use >>1107260, >>1107262
> Jonny posts two disturbing but typical (for him) videos to his instagram stories: one where he shows Syd’s bare but and then grabs it >>1109832 it’s also noted she has a mysterious and large bruise on her leg in a generally hard to bruise area >>1110293. Audio in second vid (which was of Storm with camera inches away from him as baby lays on bed) reveals a clearly super high Jonny slurring and unable to hold the camera steady >>1110163
> syd vagueposts about someone (Jonny) cheating with someone you know. That someone posts in the thread revealing screenshots of Instagram DMs with Jonny and Syd >>1318548,Syd who accuses anon of cheating with Jonny for flirting on Instagram with Jonny and allegedly calls the cops on anon. Anon says she's known Syd since high school. In the screenshots Syd calls Jonny a waste,a fat junkie, says she'll show the conversation to Taylor so that she'll ruin anon's life, threatens anon. Syd doxxes anon on Instagram.
> anon posts more screenshots, looks like she was carrying the convo with Jonny. Syd sends anon a video of Jonny wasted. >>1319574 Turtle Mom ends up leaking the video >>1320319 and says she'll go the TX shows to expose Jonny with flyers, never does.
> tour starts, Jonny doesn't know the lyrics to his own songs so he's reading them off his phone. >>1322793
> syd goes on stage to hug Jonny and makes sure everyone know he has a kid whenever he looks in the direction of a woman >>1320416, >>1320417 She also keeps complaining about how hard working at the merch table is.
> jonny proposes to Syd again >>1332845, >>1333002 at a concert with the same ring.
> syd makes her Instagram account public
>syd, jonny, and the rest of their crew get awful matching tour tattoos >>1336731
>anon posts screenshots from cps that imply storm is not in their custody >>1338649 and Syd continues to confirm this by only posting a photo of them in a public setting >>1346847
>jonny goes radio silent on social media while syd's instagram use only increases, presumably because jonny is in rehab
>syd buys herself an iPad and starts to vague post about a new project >>1346549, >>1363620 eventually announces a date she will announce the project >>1366535
but does not announce anything.
>syd and jonny lovebomb announcing they have chosen a date for their wedding, 11/11/22 >>1367393, >>1367396
>syd spergs out about a fake jonny profile >>1372049, >>1372050, >>1372054
>syd and jonny traumatize us all with TMI about their (likely nonexistent) sex life >>1372165 and anon adds insult to injury >>1372206
>surprising nobody, anon finds jonny on tinder >>1372864 syd responds >>1374232
>surprising nobody, anon finds jonny on tinder >>1372864 syd responds >>1374232
>syd still trying to keep up the facade of being a parent >>1373001, >>1376986, >>1388466, >>1390689, >>1391059, >>1392428, >>1393204
>more information is found about the courtcase that likely caused JC and syd to lose custody >>1373075, >>1373156, >>1373401, >>1373420, and a previous DV case involving syd >>1373487
>syd flirts with lolbro >>1373616, >>1374083, >>1374084
>syd is alone on thanksgiving, trying to seem unbothered >>1375878 while jonny enjoys his rehab/sober living slop >>1375941 more sober living shots: >>1376927, >>1401281, >>1401284
>sydsosneaky visits storm at her mom's house for xmas >>1401841, >>1401842, and shows a picture of jonny with storm from last xmas, since he's away in sober living >>1401843
>syd is reading the thread >>1402818, >>1402823, >>1402826, >>1402828
>a fan comforts jonny about the death of a friend, causing syd to go on a sperg about him cheating >>1406759, >>1406761
>anon helps us ring in the new year by providing us with screenshots… sydsosmart gets caught cheating! and this message also proves that they lost custody of storm. >>1407044, >>1407062, >>1407070
>jonny and syd vagueposting, hinting at a breakup >>1407170, >>1407172, >>1407171, >>1407167
>syd psychotically harasses she-who-will-not-be-named >>1407204, >>1407205, >>1407217, >>1407235
>more screenshots of syd cheating are released >>1407243, >>1407258
>sticking to her usual groupie tendencies, it's this guy >>1407304
>he is an abuser (shocking) >>1407340
>syd harasses band-dude's ex-gf >>1407393
>jonny will be out of rehab/sober living soon >>1408154, >>1408168
>jonny wants a puppy >>1408355, >>1408449
>syd lovebombs JC >>1408808, >>1408891, >>1410001, >>1410002, >>1410776, >>1412175
>jonny begins the process of removing all signs of syd/storm off of his instagram >>1408893, >>1415883
>syd gets a tattoo pen, the outcome is just as awful as one would expect >>1409121, >>1409547, 1411772
>jonny is over syd >>1412293, but syd isn't over jonny >>1412296
>jonny is on the prowl for a new girl >>1414061, >>1417679, >>1419177, >>1419188, >>1419932
>syd goes quiet, leaving anons to speculate if she's been banned on instagram for harassment. she has been liking clothes on poshmark >>1421811
>syd is (unsurprisngly) back, posts videos of herself and "friends" watching some shitty emo cover band >>1424827
>have this terrible twosome finally broken it off? probably! grab some popcorn and enjoy the next installment of this trainwreck

New milk:
>jonny is out of rehab, no reunion with syd but sushi with da boyz >>1426972
>jonny returns to the Sac townhouse with all of his shit >>1427985, >>1427987, >>1432441
>syd says nothing about his return, ghosts and sadposts about her birthday >>1430578, >>1434657, >>1434774
>cowtipper confirms that jonny is indeed big boy pimping, living the single life because syd cheated on him >>1430884
>jonny starts his traditional post-breakup streaming career back up >>1434930, >>1439243
>big boy pimpin starts liking tnd's instagram posts >>1436428 >>1436485
>while jonny moves on to thottier pastures, syd starts posting her perfect bawd for validation despite calling every woman in a crop top a whore >>1438537, >>1439469, >>1440433, >>1443447, >>1445180, >>1445828, >>1445920
>syd embarrasses herself explaining that jonny doesn't want her anymore >>1440188, >>1440189, >>1440548
>syd's sad about her life, writes boring long story posts about how it's not what she wanted but it's so perfect >>1441750, >>1443451
>syd onlyfans saga when >>1445197
>syd kinda pretends to be a mom >>1445995, >>1446838, >>1447752, >>1448894
>syd posts more cringe rap content >>1447402
>jonny's probably trying to pull a new girl with google translate arabic >>1447738, >>1447739
>they unfollowed each other >>1448690 but syd will never take him out of her bio >>1448923
>syd embarrasses herself harassing a random instathot that jonny follows >>1449879
>jonny shows his inbox on stream, apparently paid rent 3 weeks late >>1450033
>jonny has upcoming court dates >>1453819
>jonny is big mad about his lolcow thread, posts and quickly deletes a rant about it >>1453538

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No. 1454263

Last thread was actually >>>/snow/1426051, it's correct in the link list

No. 1454279

10/10 thread pic

No. 1454287

Reposting this because it got kind of buried at the end of the thread before it was going to lock:


Jonny always compares his "bright future" to his teeth: the most valuable thing he owns, that he didn't earn or pay for, that he only has because of the generosity of a foolish girl who left him so he couldn't drag her even further down with him. He doesn't have anything else to compare success to because he hasn't achieved anything. Everyone in the scene only brings him up to laugh or talk about how much he failed his potential.

So there's Jonny, pacing the townhouse that he can barely afford with teeth he didn't pay for, angry at a thread that he knows is true and talking about how he's going to be great one day. So pathetic.

No. 1454289

File: 1646087664064.png (11.34 MB, 1170x2532, 1C8B40BE-2B64-44F7-81A1-CE1B72…)

Thanks for reposting nonnie. I’m glad I was able to catch it before he deleted!

Also pic related that he just posted. Jonny you aren’t a daddy in any sense of the word, considering you don’t have custody of either child, but you do seem pressed

No. 1454301

Np nonnie, it was a great catch.

'So pressed' that he posts a multi part story to show how unbothered he is with a fake forced laugh as soon as the new thread goes up.

Jonny, you mad bro? You need money? Jonny, you really should pay your rent on time and then you might feel better.

No. 1454302

Thanks OP; Love the new thread pic. >>1454289 "Daddy" wow. The delusion in that household is high. Syd sure has been quiet since the court date reminder… wonder if this will be the final date.

No. 1454311


Jonny eyefucking the camera to cover up the seethe.

No. 1454325

Look up the definition of hamfisted in the dictionary and it’s just a picture of BBP actual ham hock paws.

No. 1454326

I know I'm gonna catch heat for saying this, but he's actually looking better lately… and I mean that in like a "better by Jonny Craig standards" kind of way. But for the first time in a long time his face doesn't look like it's absolute to explode. I believe he's legitimately off the H this time. I wouldn't say sober and hate that he keeps saying that while posting himself drinking, but I digress.

No. 1454349

As a ex fan of Jonny, sadly I don’t think it will last. I genuinely hope it does, because I don’t want anyone to be addicted to drugs, even a scumbag like him. But history has shown he always goes back to it. And based off of the things I’ve seen him posting and saying, I don’t believe he’s truly living a life I’m recovery at the moment and is simply sober. Which I’ve seen fail him probably like 20 times at least in the past decade.

No. 1454464

What does BBP mean?

No. 1454473

No. 1454488

File: 1646107769764.jpg (38.51 KB, 640x1138, 274950356_744105206555633_5487…)

>"shut the fuck up" never gets her to shut the fuck up

Like this unmedicated horror show has any right to pretend that she understands healthy communication

No. 1454501

you can always tell who doesn’t go to therapy by the way they won’t stop posting “therapy” memes. most of them would feel better if they just got a job. Syd, you’re a piece of shit and you need actual professionals to sort it out, before Storm’s too old to remember you.

No. 1454731

File: 1646147389127.jpeg (146.77 KB, 828x765, 049FEBCC-B5FC-4369-B424-13DF9E…)

I lurk the Taylor thread as well, and there is speculation that Syd is posting there. Also in our last thread, I noticed random nice Syd posts scattered in to… has syd learned to Sage?
If this is true, then its more pathetic than ever. She has no home, no custody, no job, no bf, but made time to integrate bc thats how vain she is. So sad that the narratives here impact her more than her reality there.
(Ofc tinfoil till proven but id bet money on it)

No. 1454736

File: 1646148449755.png (403.93 KB, 828x645, 68A87B20-8E16-454C-A37D-17BC7F…)

Fixed it

No. 1454763

It does 110% sound like something The Empath Syd would spew out. Would even the biggest Taylor-hater care about whether she abooosed Jonny or not? Yeah no lol. If she really posts here I hope the mods out her like they did with Dasha and Creepshow
Sage for tinfoiling

No. 1454826

File: 1646158722326.jpg (45.61 KB, 640x1138, 275116443_727734718633721_1185…)

Because you wanted clout and now someone you thought was beneath you doesn't even want you anymore and you realized you're pretty unlovable?

No. 1454828

File: 1646158769865.jpg (41.96 KB, 640x1138, 274899056_365015355237257_7129…)

No. 1454830

File: 1646158836489.jpg (48.29 KB, 640x1138, 274895409_320414113393177_4227…)

No. 1454860

I could believe it’s jonny since he admitted to looking here recently.

No. 1454866

File: 1646162342107.jpg (10.45 KB, 640x1138, 274967692_3111110262496191_212…)

Jonny's story. They're both such immature weirdos: first, because they even agree with these dumb graphics and second, because they publicly share them. Go to therapy.

No. 1454869

File: 1646162827093.jpg (63.64 KB, 662x351, Screenshot_20220228-223430_Twi…)

Jonny made it a point to show the camera that he was drinking nonalcoholic beer the other night btw.

No. 1454883

Just drink carbonated water. Literally what’s the point except to get bloated and drink empty calories.

No. 1454889

This is probably the only nice thing I’ll ever say about Jonny, but it’s refreshing that he looks SLIGHTLY less bloated here

No. 1454895

He’s clearly sober and is always drinking non-alcoholic beer. Non-alcoholic beer has so many positives for people struggling with addiction. One of them being a slight placebo affect of feeling buzzed without having to actually consume anything harmful. I doubt that’s why he’s drinking them though, he’s said in multiple streams he really does just like the taste of beer.

No. 1454897

weird nitpick. people drink non-alcoholic beer for a variety of reasons, but rarely is it a reason you should make fun of someone for. this is probably one of the wiser things jc has done lately if he is serious about recovery.

No. 1454909

>>1454731 this screams syd, but it is properly punctuated and there are no spelling errors. So I have my doubts, but wouldn't put it past her to do it.

No. 1454968

File: 1646172758982.png (2.77 MB, 750x1334, 0296F929-A8EC-4D33-B371-83DCE0…)

He’s lurking hard. Can’t screen record right now but he’s with Lolbro today
>here’s your milk, I’m with Dylan…bitch
They must have been lurking for some time. About two weeks ago cobwebhead said something along the lines of
>it’s Super Bowl Sunday 9am and some of you are looking for milk already
I thought I was tinfoiling but now I’m pretty sure that was directed at us. He was on the intensely debated Syd Pillow kek.

No. 1454970

File: 1646172866515.jpg (34.49 KB, 750x1333, bpd sydz.jpg)

It prob is syd due to all the self-harm talk. She's probably blacking out and slashing her arms due to bpd and depserate for fatboipimpin's attention

No. 1454974

For someone who’s definitely not pressed he sure seems pressed to still be talking shit to us in his stories lmao

No. 1454976

I don’t remember her ever being an arm slasher before. Hate the fact that she’s sharing the SI graphics. Such an attention grab. Just look after your damn son…oh, wait.

No. 1454993

Also maybe I'm reaching here, but the scarf that he's being using lately is "Arabic" Palestinian to be exact. I dunno if this make sense

No. 1455011

shemagh scarfs were super popular (at least here in Cali) in like the early 2010s. Doubt it’s anything except an old scarf.

No. 1455019

He's big mad kek.

Jonny, are you a fan? I think you're a fan. This is fan behavior.

No. 1455030

No. 1455040

File: 1646175908382.jpg (46.76 KB, 640x1138, 274912381_743578956801250_7597…)

"the darkness"

It takes a special kind of weirdo to put that much pressure on an infant child (go to therapy if things are so dark) and to continue emphasizing that she "made" him when she's done fuckall to raise him since.

No. 1455095

Syd's been on a heavily transparent devoted parent LARP since getting dropped and it's deranged and cringe, but at least she's not still talking about her kid like a le epic bacon redditor

No. 1455098

I read this in Tays thread too and immediately thought it was Syd posting. That comment was a bit unhinged.

No. 1455224

The milk is so dry. Nothing either of them post is interesting. Of course we are going to speculate

No. 1455274

>me, he loves me, -I- made him, me me me

The way she talks about her son is chilling. It’s all about how he makes her feel, how he loves her, he she made him. She relishes that he connects her to Jonny forever, and that’s his main function as far as she’s concerned. He’s just a means to an end, a tool to break out when she needs it. Such as for keeping Jonny in her bio (the father of my child forever!!), a way to call out women talking to Jonny (he has a child!!), a way to be seen as a mother without actually putting effort into being one. I’m sure she feels some affection but it’s way overshadowed by the distant & vague way she talks about him. She doesn’t care about who he is, only what he represents to her. She’s fucking repugnant. Little guy deserves better.

No. 1455287

>>1455274 this is so unbelievably accurate. It's really sad that she seems more connected to what he represents for her, than to him as a human, and son. I agree with you that she probably does care for him, but not in the way a normal mother does. It's hard to bond when you're never around them, and are more focused on random females speaking to his father.

No. 1455292

Has anyone else noticed that bbp and skid aren’t following each other on Instagram anymore?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1455293

yes, screencaps were posted in the last thread. for the love of god please learn to sage

No. 1455368

I’m sorry but this is so dumb. Drinking fake beer and having a placebo effect buzz is NOT good for a recovering addict. All that’s going to do is lead to cravings of the real thing or something heavier and eventually relapse.

No. 1455370

File: 1646196837614.png (9.71 MB, 1170x2532, 44AA5363-F1D5-4920-8AA2-B1FE28…)

I literally thought this was some lady’s feet for a second

No. 1455413


Jonny got on stage tonight at someone else's show and is reposting stories. It's just the same boring runs over and over.

No. 1455420

File: 1646204311645.jpg (15.24 KB, 1170x2080, 274950692_112502454592378_8375…)

Syd ate her feelings and is emoposting.

>Wolf Lyrics

>[Verse 1]
>I would kill to be
>Your clothes
>Cling to your body
>And hang from your bones


>But I could make a mark
>If you would let me start


>You've been feeling smaller
>Take a different number
>Like you do, like you do
>When you talk about it
>You don't want to hear it
>Tell me more, tell it all, can you take it?

>[Verse 2]

>I would kill to be
>The cold
>Tracing your body
>And shaking your bones


>But I-I-I-I, I-I-I
>Ca-a-a-a, a-an't
>Sle-e-e-e, e-eep
>At ni-i-i-i-i-i-ight
>I-I-I-I, I-I-I
>Ca-a-a-a, a-an't
>Sle-e-e-e, e-eep
>At ni-i-i-i-i-i-ight

No. 1455738

File: 1646236408063.jpeg (105.45 KB, 828x443, 038D37F2-F619-4CD8-8311-7476DE…)

No. 1455744

>>1455738 pretty sure this was already posted

No. 1455746

Omg his ankles are massive

No. 1455752

ur right. shit my bad i should have checked first. sorry

No. 1455934

File: 1646249462480.jpg (125.59 KB, 1170x2080, 275083703_5589696061044793_186…)

Honest question: how much lower can her standards get?

Sage because I'm saving her bellyaching for posterity but the milk is powdered.

No. 1455936

File: 1646249510480.jpg (103.88 KB, 1170x2080, 275198553_476614887348379_3612…)

No. 1455939

File: 1646249619729.jpg (128.96 KB, 1170x2080, 274959123_1122138165237493_663…)

More therapy memes.

No. 1455941

File: 1646249733275.jpg (126.21 KB, 1170x2080, 275097293_300552202000960_3230…)

It'll pass.

No. 1455956

File: 1646250900817.png (1.99 MB, 1170x2532, C12A79A8-C950-454B-97A6-7356EF…)

BPD in full swing today folks, get ready

No. 1455963

>>1455956 her need for random internet attention is embarrassing. No one cares syd.

No. 1455968

This is embarassing, what is the point of posting this? Use a tissue for your issues Syd.
The tears and caption are so calculated and purposeful as an attention grab, like she just wanted to see how many people would DM her asking if she's okay.

No. 1455978


I don't make sucker bets but if I did, I would bet that Jonny said something about another girl from the show last night.

No. 1455980

File: 1646253645399.jpg (100.98 KB, 750x1334, 274957826_671692863984003_7584…)

"It's not becoming" ok schoolmarm Jonny thanks for the etiquette lesson

No. 1455983

That was my first thought too, she's having an episode rn because bbp is trying to score some new pusspuss.

No. 1456008

What are people supposed to be jealous of? Their 4800 Instagram followers or their 12 released songs since 2017?

No. 1456010

File: 1646256555764.jpeg (463.04 KB, 1170x2391, C51AFE24-9D5A-48DE-8F7C-756B14…)

You know what they say about small feet, BBP.

No. 1456016

"Good job Jonny you really pulled the ol' uno reverse on her"

kek what a mediocre man. He's twelve feet behind; what the fuck does he even mean, "keep up"?

No. 1456018

File: 1646256943172.jpg (118.62 KB, 750x1334, 275050233_1602638730095507_655…)

Jessica found making cat vomit noises at being sexually harassed by a ginger dwarf with ugly shoes.

No. 1456024

>I-I’m not bothered! I’m bored!
>I bet YOUR feet are huge! Take that Jessica.

>T-there a size 9! I’m still so bored and unbothered!
>I can’t think of anything witty so I’m resorting to playground banter!

No. 1456026

File: 1646257602235.jpg (158.26 KB, 750x1334, 275019246_1625696031096721_730…)

No. 1456037

When you get hit with a cowtipping ban, will it have been worth it to have the world's most inane fight with a man who takes better care of a Tamagatchi than he does his kid?

No. 1456040

>>1456031 you seem to be the loser for interacting and being a loser first.

No. 1456042

File: 1646258205304.jpg (27.8 KB, 750x1334, 274956158_3258685381020343_178…)

"The smoke" is actually just a burned bowl of Easy Mac that he left in the microwave for too long

No. 1456073

File: 1646260835080.jpg (734.49 KB, 417x4981, Screenshot_20220302-143632_Chr…)

It's still pulling up for me but in case anyone is curious, these are the rest of the screenshots. Nothing interesting.

No. 1456157

File: 1646267561722.jpg (147.09 KB, 1170x2080, 275142749_306925791340507_3892…)

What stage of "never giving up" is finding someone else and cheating while telling that person that there hasn't been love in your relationship for a long time and calling your current partner a junkie loser to strangers on the internet?

Make it make sense, Syd. Is that just you loving "so hard"? Who would want to be loved like that? Jonny doesn't even want to be loved like that.

No. 1456178

This is obviously Sydney. I have no doubt in my mind. I can just tell. You know she has nothing going on and has admitted multiple times to reading her own thread, so no doubt she reads Taylor's. probably isn't the first time she's posted either. she's a miserable job less loser. at least taylor still makes a small amount of change from her slight comeback to youtube, and is in recovery and trying to be better. I'm personally rooting for her to stay sober cuz i wouldnt wish addiction on anyone. Except maybe syd. if any of jonnys exes deserved to get hooked on heroin, its syd hands down. she doesnt have custody of storm anyway, grandma will take care of him for the rest of his life cuz we all know syd is gonna keep spiraling into insanity.

No. 1456221

It was the “go relapse” comment that sold me. She’s used that before, attacking prettier girls than her. She doesn’t try to hide it here at all that it’s her. She’s one of the most pathetic people I’ve ever seen. Mental illness is one helluva drug

No. 1456230

File: 1646273320681.jpg (73.13 KB, 917x216, Screenshot_20220302-180333_Chr…)

Definitely Syd. The anons who still follow Taylor's dry thread don't care enough to freak out like that over nothing.

This follow-up comment is interesting too, because Syd is in a spiral and bpd symptoms can worsen during your period.

No. 1456240


Did he really refer to himself as ´the boy’ and then ´a god’?

It’s been obvious for years that has some serious psychological issues, but this is reaching new levels of delusions.

No. 1456241

Her ex came in the threads and mentioned that she cut her wrists right in front of him, and that he still has PTSD to this day because of it. If you look at her pictures closely enough, you can see the scars. They're viewable in pretty much all of them if you wanna go look so that's why I haven't attached a pic.

I'm also using shitty hotel wifi and this thread barely loads, so please forgive me for not posting a picture anons

No. 1456244

File: 1646274497782.jpg (291.06 KB, 1836x1836, 20220302_182628.jpg)

From 2013

No. 1456265

That is ridiculously minor attention seeking self harm but i understand why someone would be traumatised by someone else literally cutting themselves in front of them. She's so BPD it makes BPD ashamed to be associated lol.

No. 1456270

I hear you, but you're kind of wrong. Recovery is different for everyone. It has been shown to be helpful to some addicts, but of course it's understandable how it can be harming. Think of taking suboxone for a long period of time to stay off opiates. It's saved A LOT of lives and kept a lot of people sober and from relapsing, but for some addicts, it just makes them crave the real thing. I know non alcoholic beer and suboxone is completely different but I was just trying to use to best example I could think of. Bottom line is everyone's recovery is different, everyone needs different things to stay sober individually. What works for some may not work for others. Some people don't like meetings because they're triggering, but they're very helpful to a bunch of people. Some people don't like watching Intervention because it can be triggering. I've been in recovery for almost a year now and honestly Intervention is very eye opening, and helps me want to stay sober. So yeah. He might be doing a good thing for himself, but I do agree that it's not always a smart thing to do. Only time will tell I guess. I feel like as long as Skid stays out of his life, he might actually stay sober because he doesn't have an evil psycho driving him absolutely mad. I know he's a chronic relapser and longtime user, but I've seen for myself people stay sober after their 50th try. Sometimes enough is enough. I actually commend him for working on himself and trying to do better, meanwhile Skid is just regressing on the daily. If she doesn't get her BPD in check real soon, she's gonna end up in a psych ward. Might do her some good. This bitch needs a lifelong therapist but she refuses to get help because she thinks she's an amazing emotional genius empath. She doesn't think anything is wrong with her or her actions are wrong and it's very alarming. Sad but at the same time entertaining to watch a cow spiral into insanity in real time.

No. 1456277

eek this feels like a taylor meth rant

No. 1456278

being able to say sorry and admit when your wrong
kindness, empathy, and compassion
critical thinking
problem solving skills

pls. skid could NEVER

No. 1456279

i'm not taylor lmao

No. 1456287

this picture was purposely posted to look like she has any sort of boobs lmao

here's a wild idea sydney… get a fucking therapist

No. 1456290

where is she while she's crying her eyes out? is she still housesitting? or back at jonny's apartment? i highly doubt she'd be hysterically crying if he was there, unless they got into a fight of some sort. i'm sooo curious as to where she's at rn tho

No. 1456296

You don’t think she’d be in their apartment nex to him, crying her eyes out for no good reason, trying to get his attention? Oh you sweet summer child kek. But jokes aside, I’m also very curious! I still doubt the whole “house sitting” story tho

No. 1456298

She's got to be terrifying to know interpersonally, really got to feel for her mom. I've struggled with SH in the past in my life and I can not imagine doing that in front of anyone for any reason at all. I understand being mentally ill to a point, having demons and addictions you battle with, but to do that in front of anyone else, regardless of whether or not they've deeply hurt you and regardless of whether or not you love or hate them so much in that moment.. she's absurdly vicious in my eyes to do that to somebody. I can not fathom the motive other than to permanently scar somebody.

No. 1456309

this must be what syd's "crying her eyes out" about. she got caught posting in taylor's thread and now looks mega pathetic on top of being a creep

No. 1456328

Well it’s definitely someone who knows them
Cobweb lolbro or skids exs. You’re right though sounded like a Taylor meth rant lol.

No. 1456404

So have I, nonita.
I can't imagine, it seems incredibly manipulative.

No. 1456426

Well done on a year of recovery!! Agree with what you said, it’s different for everyone and without WK at all, it’s good to see BBP is trying

No. 1456513

Sorry, he honestly think he is doing something here?? I m getting secondhand embarrassment here. Like this goes to show how much more desperate and press he is about his small feet lmao!! Not to mention his limp dick, no wonder he is abusive to women kek

No. 1456632

big boy pimpin/tiny man fragile

No. 1456664

Still got what jonny? Small feet? Lmao

No. 1456700

File: 1646325449298.jpg (230.37 KB, 1170x2080, 275004842_628606758213583_2407…)

Syd's story

No. 1456702

File: 1646325484478.jpg (60.88 KB, 1170x2080, 275032828_1320328481821068_289…)

No. 1456703

File: 1646325576632.jpg (95.75 KB, 1170x2080, 275042564_2098505473659215_591…)

No. 1456796

File: 1646332734380.jpg (309.11 KB, 1078x1914, Screenshot_20220303-103236_Gal…)

Interesting that everyone in their house only has one pillow and is always laying completely flat on their backs if they post from bed. Not a headboard in sight.

Broke boy pimping has a townhouse full of air mattresses because a bed is out of budget. Really jealous of your mattress-on-the-floor affluence Jonny.

No. 1456799

>>1456796 this is kind of a dumb assumption. I have a headboard and I don't constantly lay up against it. Also bedding usually has matching pillow cases and what not.

No. 1456806

Are you the headboard-chan from shaynas thread? Kek. Or are lolcow autists in general obsessed with headboards

No. 1456807

what's up with the smug look on her face? was this a photo she posted, or did she say something in a video post?

kek she dyed her hair back dark, how it was when her and jonny first got back together. and i remember her saying "guess i have to have dark hair and fake lips to be attractive for you i guess" on her stories months ago. it was posted in an earlier thread. syd, any type of makeover you do will not make jonny love you or want you back. like he's told me personally and others that he is never taking you back. it's pathetic that you even still live with him, just being an unwanted nuisance and a cockblocker for him.

No. 1456809

Can you post the video? Lol she's talking about her cat again with no kid in sight

No. 1456811

File: 1646333538301.jpg (122.21 KB, 800x800, hottest mom.jpg)

>moonpie face

No. 1456813


she's got the most square face i've ever seen in my life. sad that she looks better upside down.

No. 1456822

File: 1646334319224.jpeg (233.01 KB, 1125x1276, EF4A9D87-0E19-4C7B-B4D1-8D2D4B…)

what in the flying fuck is this thing?

No. 1456832

I am retard but is that a piercing on her forehead or is it just a stick-on ?? She always have them and its fucking ugly.

No. 1456837

Living bpd with dilated sanpaku eyes

No. 1456839

the world's "hottest mom", duh anon

No. 1456841

she looks completely unhinged here. like this picture is actually terrifying and would make little kids cry

No. 1456866

Seems to be a lot of nitpicking skids looks and spiteful/bitter mocking in this thread. I agree with it but at the same time I'm starting to wonder if the only ones still posting here are desperate sad chicks talking to jc.
Just a theory but who else could care enough to desperately stalk skids boring life this much. Idk JC seems to attract sad bitter cows.

No. 1456888

>desperate sad chicks talking to JC
Lmao Skid, no one wants your junkie or his shrimp dick. Hows sharing the apartment?

No. 1456898

lol don’t be retarded. skidney is just as detestable as jc but he’s trying to get sober which isn’t that milky cause it’s good news. meanwhile, every day that skid keeps jc in her instagram bio is a milky enough day for me since we all know jc is stuck dealing with her. use your imagination nonnie and stop standing up for that useless, feral midget.

No. 1456900

Also, Who other than skid would have the delusion that other women want him when he doesn't even take care of his own children??? In her words, "You Can HaVE HIM"

No. 1456902

how it nitpicking a person's looks, who has completely shitted on other women for their looks multiple times, told them to go overdose and die, sent them photos of their dead ex and tell them they should have been the one to pass, tell them to tie a rope around their neck, and completely stalk and harrass women who didn't deserve it, how does that make us desperate sad chicks talking to jc? that makes absolutely no fucking sense. syd is a vile human being and deserves to be shitted on. this is lolcow. idk if ur lost, but this is what goes on here. talking shit. and about someone who rightfully deserves it.

just because syd's life is boring to you doesn't mean we agree with you. she's one of the most entertaining cows for most of us because she is a special kind of deluded pyscho. if you don't like the nitpicking, then here's a crazy idea…. don't come to this thread maybe?

syd is the biggest bully on the planet and is getting a taste of her own medicine.

literally people nitpick jonny's looks every single day as well, calling him bloated and a fat corpse, sausage fingers, like him and syd are BOTH getting the exact same treatment. so what point are you trying to make here? they both get insulted the same amount.

there is no doubt in my mind that this is syd posting, or her one and only friend.

"who else could care enough to desperately stalk skids boring life this much"… anon what the fuck are you doing on this thread yourself then?! if her life is so boring then don't read the thread? problem solved.

god i would bet money that this is skid herself posting or she sent a friend here to come back her up.

No. 1456926

It's a dermal. She fucked up her face so much.

This has cow energy written all over it. Stalking her boring life? Are you fucking new here?

>just because syd's life is boring to you doesn't mean we agree with you. she's one of the most entertaining cows for most of us because she is a special kind of deluded pyscho.

There's always something interesting in the horizon no matter how well behaved they act (usually while charges are pending kek)

No. 1456947

File: 1646341377992.jpg (138.44 KB, 1080x1918, Screenshot_20220303-125844_Chr…)

cope harder, poor

No. 1456948

File: 1646341414460.jpg (18.5 KB, 750x1334, 275104698_104238535549656_4819…)

No. 1456950

Seems I've hit a nerve. I'm thinking my original post was correct.

No. 1456951

The definition of thriving kek. Looks like skid self posted and is mad she didnt get the response she wanted. The best part of all of this, if she just wanted to be left alone, shed make her stories private. She craves the attention, even if it is negative .

No. 1456957

Did you study at the Jonny Craig School For Retarded Fights That You Think You've Won? What part of the bpd spiral is this?

No. 1456960

This was Jonny

No. 1456964

your original post was not correct… you literally have no one agreeing with you. your theory that people nitpicking syd's looks are girls that want jc is retarded, especially since we are nitpicking his looks as well. so are you saying that the people nitpicking jc's looks are desperate losers that want sid? give me a fucking a break. you made no point, you made yourself look stupid, just stfu and move on and accept that.

god syd you must be really bored today fighting with the lolcow farmers.

No. 1456966

If a hivemind of retards agree with me, I think I've done something wrong in life.

No. 1456967

The only people who ever wanted Jonny Craig inside them have had their lives ruined by that choice and the only person who doesn't see that is Syd.

No. 1456972

File: 1646343258507.jpg (274.25 KB, 926x1696, Screenshot_20220303-133210_Chr…)

No. 1456996

the only retard here is you. your post had no point and made no sense. love how you didn't answer any of my questions either which were very valid. you're making it very obvious that this is syd herself or someone sticking up for her.

if we are all retards then what are you doing yourself on this thread? wouldn't that make a you a retard too? or are you some kind of special exception?

mods, please put this loser out to the pasture already.

No. 1457001

jc’s body count is probably like 500, don’t think all their lives were ruined.

No. 1457121

He has not done anything for that baby much
Less spoil him. He begged his fans for hand outs so he wouldn’t have to buy him anything. He can’t even see the kid because of his abuse. There is a thread where one of women syd was going insane at gave him money to “buy diapers” and he bought fent with it. Hahahaha broke ass loser. Normal people don’t have to post things like that.

No. 1457169

What on earth are you talking about

No. 1457173

File: 1646352504079.png (2.69 MB, 1170x2532, A85A8A78-66ED-4429-A8A9-816A82…)

It’s really not worth posting the vid. It’s just a stupid story about her cat, which is the only living thing that loves her, while she smacks her lips every five seconds. I don’t wanna put anyone else thru that kek. Here’s another screen shot. I wonder if she meant pets instead of pests, we all know the dumb bitch can’t proofread to save her live

No. 1457180


Anyone know the status on the rats she got in an attempt to cosplay TND?

No. 1457208

I wouldn’t touch JC with a taser and you couldn’t get me to even touch him if you paid me top dollar. whoever is on here saying we want JC, ur as delusional as skid and that loser. I’ll drag his looks and nit pick everything but don’t confuse any of this pure amusement with attraction.

No. 1457240

There is a 0% chance that his body count is 500. He's been on so much heroin that his dick has been mostly ornamental for the better part of a decade. It's optimistic of you to want to believe his cursed penis hasn't ruined everyone who has touched it though.

No. 1457257

File: 1646359949328.jpg (53.17 KB, 750x1334, 275063495_528527792039093_4427…)

Reviews are in. No one on Twitter appreciated Jonny's appearance at the show.

No. 1457260


His friend posted a story where he doesn't know he's on video and complains about "all the weird ass people" and it's basically posted at the same time Jonny posts his own story. Big Boy Pimpin' is so pressed.

No. 1457263

>mostly ornamental
KEK like an old unraveled stocking

No. 1457297

why would anyone go to his next show? lmao boy is delusional. Make sure you remember your lyrics this time.

No. 1457428

>>1456960 yup it was jonny and he visits here way more than Syd he’s even got cobweb and lolbro in on it.

No. 1457543

File: 1646401299582.jpg (307.53 KB, 1080x1731, Screenshot_20220304-083714.jpg)

The absolute obliviousness of this idiot is wild.

No. 1457545

I can’t stop cringing at the way he types. He probably thinks he sounds like a tough black rapper but he’s just giving white girls on tiktok trying to act like sassy gay men. He’s trying way too hard oof

No. 1457560

Can’t agree with you more. The way he says the stupid things he says is beyond cringe. He IS that white boy character trying so hard to sound tough and gangster. Literally out of a bad b movie. While he hahahas that his life is so great we all can see through his ignorant pathetic attempts at being such a hard gangsta junkie.

No. 1457575


He’s basically a shittier version of J-Roc from TPB.

No. 1457578

Well someone definitely lurks on here

No. 1457640

Twitter is fulllll of people bashing him and anyone who supports him gets flooded with people saying he’s a POS. this will be funny to watch unfold, he’s really trying to revive his music career and nobody’s here for it

No. 1457655


This deadbeat bitch. Jonny when is the last time you bought literally anything for your child or even like, saw him? Shut uppppppp.

No. 1457752

It's interesting to see the difference between the reaction to his tour shows and when he shows up unannounced to a show in the scene. There's no way for him to grow his fanbase beyond the handful of people who will show up no matter what (because they're idiots who don't care about what he's done) because as soon as he pops his head out, everyone is all ew no thanks. I found one positive tweet over the last few days and it was some girl he's trying to creep on. No positive support from the show at all.

No. 1457755

File: 1646418378910.jpg (137.11 KB, 1170x2080, 275191845_150856687338110_5716…)

Syd's story

No. 1457757

File: 1646418515679.jpg (166.17 KB, 1170x2080, 275182187_488360716266859_2863…)

Syd's story

No. 1457782

Like she wouldn’t take him back in a second if he wanted her.

No. 1457798

That's the thing; she's upset because he won't take her back. She thought being his ride-or-die through being assaulted, watching him nod out in their home, and losing their son was quid pro quo. She thought she had built up credit, so when she did something bad, he a) deserved it and b) was obligated to stick around. Maybe he would have if he was still fucked up, but it came out while he was in rehab and had the most clarity he's probably had in years. Jonny hasn't acted like he's had any dignity the entire time they've been together so she's confused and hurt that this is when he finally decides her behavior isn't acceptable. Even if she hadn't cheated, she thought she had credit with him, but she's been acting up for years and didn't realize the account was already overdrawn.

No. 1457905

File: 1646426459311.jpg (471.12 KB, 1080x1080, 2022_03_04_12_34_52_010.jpg)

That's exactly how I see it. She's just mad she isn't getting her way anymore. She's not devastated emotionally because she hasn't lost anything of value (her man, baby, home,etc.) she doesnt have storm, probably never has and she never had jonny on lock down even before she cheated, their home wasn't a success, none of it was real and we all knew that but now its just so obvious to anyone w a brain theyre done for good. She's bitter her ideal family image didn't work out and shes trying to get any sort of attention from it because the reality of what's shes done is too much right now. Anything off social media, actually being an adult right now irl, would be too much for her, so this is what we get just a constant moping about kek

No. 1457956

Agreed. I also think that skid thought since she was the one “not doing anything wrong” (before it came out she was cheating) that she could hold johnny’s fuck ups over his head and say “look at how awful you’ve been to me and i’ve done nothing wrong to you but give you a son, i deserve better from u” and guilt jonny into staying. but now that he has a “good out” he took it first chance he could get. She’s an idiot for not realizing that he wouldn’t give her half the chances she gave him

No. 1458075

File: 1646439457556.png (4.09 MB, 828x1792, 67056F63-C4F8-4967-B154-13B723…)

Still claiming his exes are stalkers when he still uses a burner phone to harass them years after..

No. 1458087

>>1458075ive always wondered what the scar on his stomach is from

No. 1458091

Well seeing as Amanda’s still incapable of moving on from him like 8 years later he’s not exactly wrong on this one either

No. 1458101

She is allowed to make fun or post about JC however long she likes because he is a POS. Stop calling women stalkers when she is posting tweets about their abuse experiences for cope (or whatever reason), its not the same as stalking as JC try to paint.

No. 1458120

I’d agree with you but part of moving on from an abusive relationship would probably include not posting about them everyday

No. 1458130

Amanda needs therapy. Not a Twitter account.

No. 1458139

Mandaxface, you’ll have an easier time moving on if maybe you don’t visit these threads boo

No. 1458169

First of all, tummy?? Second of all he was always so adamant about it being for artery records lol what a dweeb

No. 1458192

Lol nah subtweeting him all the time all these years later when she’s in a relationship with someone else to boot is clearly obsessive behavior. Don’t act like one if you can’t handle being called one

No. 1458288

starting to feel like i’m the only anon here who isn’t jc, skid, amanda, or taylor

No. 1458299

I see you anon & I’m with you.

No. 1458302

You are not alone anon, there is just no real
milk at the moment and the farmers get too thirsty. It makes them start acting silly

No. 1458314

Lmao there are plenty of us that watch the thread and just don’t comment often(sage your shit)

No. 1458315

Anything milky going on in his stream tonight?

No. 1458326

when did skid take bbp out of her bio

No. 1458346

Must have been today or yesterday kek never thought I’d see the day. Figured it would be up there a lot longer.

No. 1458371

it kind of feels like an anonymous group chat with only those 4 and maybe a couple passerby’s.

No. 1458372

It happened in the last 24h. She's obviously trying to see if Jonny suddenly crawls back if she pretends to be moved on and is spamming her story with those corny ass pictures bout how she finally realized she deserves better. It'll be interesting to see if Jonny's ego takes the bait

No. 1458373

Glad to see she did it. It would be cool if she made a YouTube and showed herself bettering her life. First by cutting out BBP and going back to school or something.

No. 1458528

I would never subscribe to her youtube. It would be painful and milky to watch, but her whole obsession would be eye fucking herself.
I would much rather her take motherhood seriously and take the steps to sobriety.

No. 1458543

(and by sobriety I really mean the sanity and clarity it takes to be a good mother, since she's addicted to this bullshit drama and BBP)

No. 1458549

It would be cool if she saw a therapist.

No. 1458561

Genuinely hoping this is sarcasm nonnie.

No. 1458666

You are genuinely no better than a moid.
So JC is commendable for being sober after abusing women for over a decade and counting, but Syd is irredeemable for being a bit of a cunt?

No. 1458670

Who is commending jonny? Pretty sure no one. Who the fuck would want to watch a YouTube channel of syd, aside from you? No one. She's obnoxious, and a do nothing. Would it be great if she got her shit together? Yes. Social media isn't what syd needs, she needs to take time off of it and work on herself so she can maybe try and be a mother for once in her life.

No. 1458714

Idk if I'm the only one who thinks this at this point but she's not well, I don't think she will ever take the steps to be well. She is a danger to herself and especially a small child, her mother knows what is best by keeping that innocent boy as far away from Sydney's crazy behavior as long as humanly possible. She's very capable of hurting storm in my eyes, or at the very least seriously neglecting him. Him being raised by grandma is probably best caze scenario.

No. 1458735

Hi cow!(hi cow)

No. 1458738

ntayrt but how hilarious is it to slowly watch her integrate. Maybe she will (eventually) get it, maybe not.

No. 1458758

Exactly people watch tana who is a complete dumpster fire like it would not be entertaining

No. 1458771

skid deserves better? idk about that one. i think they deserve each other lmao.

No. 1458775

File: 1646520963725.png (272.86 KB, 371x639, storm.png)

Jonny is being a dad for a few hours. that baby is so cute, i feel so bad for him.

No. 1458780

Did some of you forget about the whole "rape at knifepoint" thing? inb4 I'll get hi cow'd but I hate when threads about cow couples devolve into this. She's a child-abandoning narcissist junkie, but nobody "deserves" a violent serial rapist, those kinds should rot alone and not be inflicted on even the most pathetic of women. Most embarrassing behavior to imply as much.

No. 1458797

exactly what I was trying to get at earlier. laughable that anyone would think I'm syd for this viewpoint.

No. 1458813

The milk is cold so most people are in read only mode, which makes the self-posting so much more obvious. Syd is getting the hang of things though.

It would not be cool. It would be retarded. The only entertainment value Syd has is being a psychopath despite her delusions of grandeur. She looks like she's trying to keep her nose at the right angle and not to look fat in everything she posts, so trying to film around that insecurity means everything will look awkward and forced.

No one is commending him for anything. His sobriety is an observation, nothing more. People don't 'commend' dog shit for drying out; he's still just dog shit.

It's an "everyone sucks here" situation, and because there's a kid involved, it's pointless to argue about who deserves who. No one deserves to be raised with either of them as parents. Jonny deserves jail and Syd deserves inpatient.

No. 1458823

File: 1646523921507.jpg (231.71 KB, 750x1334, 275134067_310556647726424_7164…)

Everything about the kid's body language in the photo and video reads as uncomfortable with being touched by someone he doesn't know and it's so sad. Jonny is holding him like he's an unhappy cat to get him to take a picture with him.

No. 1458827

File: 1646524045287.jpg (66.61 KB, 1170x2080, 275167138_634040594322120_7395…)

Syd's story. Alone it is.

No. 1458880

Thank you anon! I feel the same when I saw it too!

No. 1458903

How nice that grandma let Jonny come visit. I wonder if Syd joined, I guess we’ll see if she posts any pics. And I agree, the real quick snippet of video before the pic looks like Storm is trying to get away from him. Poor kid doesn’t even know these strangers

No. 1458978

File: 1646537530067.png (8.23 MB, 1170x2532, 9C8323E6-8CB3-4B66-8F1A-CEAA34…)

I hate to play detective and hopefully I’m not breaking any rules but I’m just so curious. Is there any San Jose peeps in here? I live in the same area abut don’t recognize the sushi place. I thought maybe if it was in SJ then that would confirm that he went to Grandmas to see Storm since I’m pretty sure that’s where she lives

No. 1458995

What is the time stamp from this Pic compared to the one with his son? Will give an idea on distance.

No. 1459001

Sorry to say it and not post the link but In twitch stream last night he was talking to lolbro about going to San Jose today. We all know storm lives with grandma, it all makes sense.

No. 1459052


Clip of the kid trying to wiggle away while Jonny glares into the camera

No. 1459054

File: 1646545502872.jpg (58.8 KB, 1170x2080, 275250779_1489167081498193_845…)

I don't think she went. She was sadposting on her IG stories.

No. 1459065

Damn if this tinfoil is true, then… damn. Imagine your mom abandoning you for a junkie she claims to hate, and then putting the break up angst above you when it comes to visitation. Grandma really is his only fighting chance…

No. 1459081

It could be a court thing, depending on who has which charge against who. If Jonny assaulted Syd but Syd assaulted her mom, Jonny may not have limitations about meeting her mom to see Storm, but Syd might have to do CPS office visits or police station exchanges. All tinfoil though.

No. 1459082

File: 1646547438493.jpg (265.97 KB, 1170x2080, 275193447_497603998619493_7384…)

More Syd sadposting

No. 1459083

I have no clue because no one on this image board posts screenshots or screen records and I don't have social media. But you know, who needs to preserve any images of these pieces of shit so they can just deny, deny, deny?

No. 1459085

The fuck they don't. You just love bitching about it. There's heaps of screenshots and videos in this thread. Heaven forbid anons miss one update for you because you can't make a finsta.

No. 1459086

Kek is this bait?

No. 1459089

Screen record shit, newfag
Just a heads up, streamable always ends up deleting the videos. When I started following this thread 2 years ago, every streamable link said the file couldn't be found.

Like we've said a million times, even record using Xrecorder, cloudconvert to convert the file to webm. Yes, iPhone fucktards, you can see it, too when it's posted in the thread. Use Chrome.
Anons are making this the worst thread due to "did anyone catch ___? Sorry I couldn't record it!" And "omg, that stream was so annoying especially when Jonny Small Feet said ___ and sKiD said ___! (Posts only a screenshot of Jonny Goiter's face") That's going to be really useful a year from now when someone new comes in and it's just a conversation with no videos, and a ton of "did you see"s.

No. 1459102

What's this Skid nickname a few use? Are you trying to say skid marks? Like she's streaks of s3hit in underwear? I regret to inform you but she's a pile of shit laying in the middle of the floor. She's not private enough to be hidden by underwear.
Everytime someone uses BBP, I only think of what that usually stands for - Bloode Born Pathologens. BBP really doesn't carry the hilariously embarrassing÷ weight of Big Boi Pimpin.

No. 1459115

An anon last thread called him Big Boi Blimpin which gave me a mighty kek. Love the snark.

No. 1459134

I feel like the only one who thinks the kid looks like a cross between Jonny and Syd… as in not cute at all.

No. 1459140

That's funny until an anon write BBB and suddenly I'm thinking of the Better Business Bureau.

BBP is just dry af.

No. 1459153

Making a finsta is using social media. When I say I don't use social media it means I don't use any social media. Some people have literally dangerous stalkers (not what Jonny considers a stalker) and can't have any social media. This is the only access to anything close to social media I can get because it's anonymous.
And I hate bitching about it, and I've seen other anons besides myself pointing it out, too. Saying "did you see…" with no image or video rarely happens in any other thread. Just this one. If we're not trying to save evidence to preserve a story timeline on an imageboard, then we're just saving a written text record of us chatting.

No. 1459256

Kek are your enemies after you anon? Simon Lievev is that you? Lol get over yourself.

No. 1459304

Ntayrt but I’ve posted videos from streamable and none of them have been deleted, they are all still on my account. Webm never works for me, even after downloading chrome on my iPhone and iPad, and always says the files too big if I try to convert it. So. I’m going to post my milk however I’m going to post my milk aka the easiest way for me, at least I post the screenshots and videos somehow. please stop complaining, beggars can’t be choosers

No. 1459330

You know you don't have to use your real name right? You could make an insta account just for following bbp&skid since you're so pressed, and no one would be able to tell it's you. Bad excuse for your laziness

No. 1459343

Lol you're something else. Expecting random anons to document the social media of two retards because you're too special to view the stories on your own? If your life is so threatened by social media i think talking shit anonymously on autistic image boards should probably be the least of your priorities. Just sayin. I bet you know them personally and are afraid to get caught lurking and shit talking

No. 1459346

Fuck off. This is social media too you retard.

No. 1459367

File: 1646584387709.png (705.23 KB, 1080x1536, Screenshot_20220306-113150~3.p…)

She's mentally 14 (1/2)

No. 1459368

File: 1646584408670.png (246.9 KB, 1080x1825, Screenshot_20220306-113157~2.p…)


No. 1459457

Look at her smug ass reply to the person telling her that her hair looks nice. Also, she's posting about moving on when she's clearly not if she's posting about it. Anything to try and get his attention.

No. 1459470

BDD BPD myspace angles to win back BBP.

No. 1459518

File: 1646597124559.png (2.71 MB, 1170x2532, 6AA0733B-10B5-43E6-A8B0-886FAD…)

Hey remember last thread when someone was doubting Jonny could read and we were discussing how he is a big fan of fantasy genre shit? Hmmmm interesting that you’ve never ever mentioned liking this type of thing f before, Syd. Almost like you’re trying to get someone’s attention with this, after all other attempts have failed

No. 1459569

not a meme literally everyone in the world can understand, SydSoBPD. i know the milk is stale at this point but i’m still deriving a kek here and there from her rabidly shoving herself into any niche Jonny mentions, it’s so predictable and pathetic. perfectly on brand.

No. 1459709

Kek that boxy doo-wop haircut looks so ridiculous on her already square head. No wonder she posts everything upside down

No. 1459715

File: 1646611623408.jpg (2.93 MB, 1366x2048, MV5BMTUyMzQyNTg5OF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

No. 1459772

File: 1646614466664.jpg (26.48 KB, 750x1334, 275203564_655688748962144_9150…)

Jonny's story

No. 1459825


He’s taking advice from vampires?

No. 1459874

wow, good one. top tier humor on the lowcow boards as per usual.

No. 1459897

File: 1646623436033.jpeg (198.02 KB, 1242x546, C301212B-4C84-492B-91E9-087490…)

Reminder - tomorrow morning 9:05am PST is BBP and Skidmark’s next court hearing.
Department 26

Not exactly sure the nature of the court hearing. It just says “jury trial”.

And yes, Jonny is in San Jose taking photos with his kid because he has to go to court. Not because he’s a good dad and wants to see his son just because he misses him.

No. 1459964

I’m off work tomorrow so I will call in and try to report as much as I can for y’all

No. 1459991

File: 1646631267171.jpg (145.83 KB, 1440x2328, Screenshot_20220307-002943_Ins…)

From BBP's story 30 minutes ago

No. 1460006

This is not the self-compliment you think it is big boi pimpin’

We all know Syd settled for you because she couldn’t get any better. Let’s not kid ourselves. She even tried to pawn you off a few times and she didn’t get any takers kek

No. 1460020

>inb4 bert mccracken

No. 1460026

I mean, he's not anyone's first choice either.

And "I cheat, I don't get cheated on" is a weird thing to be proud of.

No. 1460079

Saying thank you to a compliment isn’t smug or weird. Bizarre nitpick

No. 1460089

Lol you had me at skidmark anon. Thank you for the laugh and new nickname.

No. 1460108

File: 1646655349858.webm (465.75 KB, 720x1280, 9gmdy3.webm)

Local archive

No. 1460372

It was assigned somewhere else for another appointment on the 14th and then back to the judge from today in May. They just called it a family court matter.

No. 1460373

File: 1646674786439.gif (3.53 MB, 480x270, 699951CD-087A-41CC-B5F0-D92FCF…)

Just listened to a bunch of messy public defenders for 45 minutes before the judge called our cows. He called Syd “Cindy” kek.

Anyways. Nothing to report except more court dates. Typical court crap. Usually takes about a year for anything to happen so it’s not surprising.

No. 1460520

Aren't court dates the cutest most romantic thing ever? Surely Jonny won't be able to resist taking her back, given all the time they're spending together in front of a judge! /s

No. 1460686

does anyone know which of Jonny’s exes is on the voicemail at the end of Blue Dream? I’m curious and I feel like y’all would know that kind of thing lol.

No. 1460709

I don’t think it’s any of his ex’s. I think it’s just a female friend of the band that they called while recording. Honestly I always thought Jonny sounded like he was high as fuck and didn’t even know what was going on. At the end he quickly says “alright let’s go” as in “okay I did it can we move on?” Fun fact: Jonny once posted on twitter that he didn’t even barely remember recording that album when someone asked him to clear up some lyrics from it. Wish I had a screenshot of that lol. Sage for complete irrelevance to current milk kek

No. 1460748

he’s owned up to being too fucked up to remember album recording and filming music videos on his twitch stream while talking about his recovery so i don’t think you’re revealing the deep dark secret you think you are.

No. 1460763

File: 1646698861502.jpeg (76.62 KB, 828x616, 8712B415-D296-48BE-A03B-A88F8A…)

She finally removed him from her bio.

No. 1460788

Nayrt but they didn't act like it was a deep dark secret, they were just giving background information for people who didn't follow Jonny back then. Interesting that this comment was a sore spot for you though.

No. 1460789

File: 1646700456770.jpg (53.52 KB, 750x1334, 275362551_775181900121509_2288…)

Is Jonny going to go full Taylor Nicole Dean in his stories from now on?

No. 1460792

File: 1646700489236.jpg (93.48 KB, 1170x2080, 275397914_3184047445205625_260…)

Syd's story

No. 1460838

He has said it was an ex and he said it was a real call, he was so fucked up that he forgot the color of his girlfriends eyes, and he called to double check so he wouldn't say the wrong color and get in trouble. He said he didn't know they were still recording.

No. 1460861

Chelsea or Liz probably. Can’t remember what color eyes Chelsea has, but Liz’s are blue.

No. 1460870

interesting that you’re so autistic you couldn’t sense ‘deep dark secret’ was sarcasm, but go off sis

No. 1460887

>>1460763 this was discussed days ago.

No. 1460890

He and Liz dated when he was in slaves, would’ve been way before that

No. 1460925

the lolcow thread cop must have forgot that multiple people asked for picture proof

No. 1460926

Yeah…. Anon who wrote that “fun fact” as I called it, and I honestly don’t know how you misinterpreted what I said. Some of y’all are so cranky I swear.
Thank you for understanding what I was trying to do anon. Sheesh.

No. 1460931

Chelsea and Liz both came after the second time he was kicked out of DGD. Because he was writing songs for Chelsea on his album with Kyle Lucas and Liz was during Slaves like another anon said. Downtown Battle Mountain 2 came out in 2011, so I think that was even before Amanda if I recall correctly. So if he was calling an ex, it’s probably not one we really know much about. I remember him bringing some random girl on tour right after the DBM2 album came out because I saw them together at the show in Oakland. Could have been her. I unfortunately don’t know her name but I can tell you she kind of looked like a stripper. No offense to strippers, ain’t no shame ladies don’t your thang kek.

Anyway I’m ashamed I know so much about this scumbag’s history so I’ll go touch some grass

No. 1460932

I meant “ain’t no shame, ladies DO your thang” obvs

No. 1460934

File: 1646716818003.png (3.84 MB, 1170x2532, E04DD83F-C8F9-4833-B997-36F064…)

Speaking of Taylor, maybe Jonny has also started doing meth? This looks kinda manic

No. 1460936

What is it with cows and their need to flexx Michael Kors?

No. 1460944

Haha yeah they like to shop at Ross

No. 1460959

Yeah, I know exactly who you're talking about. She had tattoos on her knees. I don't remember her name either unfortunately.

No. 1461095


He probably just couldn’t afford the used Rolex he was perusing in rehab.

Isn’t this MK watch the one Syd bought him?

No. 1461103

Nonnie just gave supplementary info, they didn’t say it was a secret. Don’t be such an asshole

No. 1461110

File: 1646743290281.jpg (75.83 KB, 500x333, larkin.jpg)

Her name is Larkin. They were engaged

No. 1461126

Is she first baby momma? Some old threads suggest so? Appreciate you may not know!

No. 1461134

Nope not his babymama. His babymama and him weren't ever boyfriend and girlfriend, or a couple. It was a one night stand

No. 1461136

Jfc, how many engagements did BBP have in total?! Is he incapable of being alone??

No. 1461140

Four. Larkin, Amanda (Amanda proposed to HIM with a ring and a card, "Will you marry me?" I'm gonna try to dig up a picture, kek
Then Chelsea (chelsea had a very nice neil diamond ring he dropped 8 grand on)
and Sydney. Syd had the ugliest ring out of all of them, and I feel like he felt obligated to propose cuz of storm

No. 1461160

File: 1646749487228.jpeg (868.82 KB, 2560x1680, neil.jpeg)

>neil diamond ring
kek what a funny mental image. i think you meant neil lane tho nonnie? regardless anything is better than the Halloween trinket looking trash he gave syd

No. 1461162

yes i meant neil lane diamond ring and forgot to put lane LOL excuse me im stoned

No. 1461163

Bahahaha thank you for this laugh

No. 1461167

File: 1646750541390.jpeg (1.04 MB, 828x1453, DDA72064-8882-48F6-8CD7-5F00CB…)

Looks like she also took out all of her pics with BBP. Kek… cant believe they didnt even make it to the “wedding” poor storm has to carry that pathetic last name for the rest of his life. Oh god lets not forget the funko tattoo and SPMC initials tattoo syd got. What a train wreck…

No. 1461170

Delete before someone spergs for showing the ugly ass kid

No. 1461197

It was already posted WITH screenshot and talked about jfc keep up.

No. 1461244

File: 1646759962429.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1242x2393, 0C4AA643-608B-41FD-BA7E-4C2004…)

Does that say “pee” in his sunglasses? What the hell lol

No. 1461248

I originally posted about this being incorrect but I think you’re right actually, so I deleted my post. For some reason I thought Larkin was the baby momma but “Children if Divorce” which is about his first child (gotta love the lyric “this child was a mistake” I sure hope she never listens to that song…) was from the solo album in 2009 and I’m seeing a 2011 interview of Jonny talking about his life revolving around “staying sober and keeping his relationship with larkin alive” both of which turned out super well for him. I’ve been a fan of DGD since the first EP and I always thought the girl in Blue Dream was just a random girl. Ya learn something new every day here on lolcow I guess kek

No. 1461255

File: 1646760855407.png (1.03 MB, 1170x2532, 92F561D8-7E05-4E45-804E-0654B6…)

Not that it matters that much but even if it wasn’t LArkin I don’t think your correct that they weren’t together. There was an interview for AP where he said it was an ex girlfriend. And I also found this supposed post by the baby momma posted by turtle mom. I can post the two close ups if anyones interested

No. 1461336

He mentioned a girl named Crystal on twitch when he was talking about his old DGD days, not sure where she fit in timewise

No. 1461345

File: 1646767292354.jpg (457.37 KB, 1080x1843, Screenshot_20220308-111830_Chr…)

Sage for old milk but she was the girlfriend during the MacBook era.

No. 1461356

post close ups please :)

ugh im so nosy to see how the child turned out/if she turned out okay.

No. 1461364

File: 1646768754523.jpg (133.65 KB, 1080x689, Screenshot_20220308-110816_Chr…)

Speaking of the Larkin era, this post is indistinguishable from his stories in 2022. He has the psychoemotional development of an avocado.

No. 1461376

He is unrecognizable here.
It took me so long to realize that's jonny that's insane he's literally the fat bloated corpse of his former self

No. 1461393

File: 1646771768016.png (1.36 MB, 1170x2532, 16F7E7A2-C48F-405F-BB3E-DFAEB9…)

Okay here is part one

No. 1461401

File: 1646771937040.png (1.21 MB, 1170x2532, 23F2F8FD-AC9B-4E5D-AB35-23472D…)

And part two. I’m very nosy too as you can probably tell haha. Im super curious to see what she looks like but mostly I just really hope she is doing so so so good without Jonny in her life. It kinda sucks that she knows his name and can google him tho

No. 1461408

im so confused, i know you're on tumblr, but where did you find this? this was posted in 2022?

No. 1461421

I think nonnie was saying that this was an old tumbler post that Jonny made and it sounds just like how he still writes, so he hasn’t grown as a person at all lol no suprise there

No. 1461423


It's from 2010. If you browse his Tumblr, you're going to want to keep the eye bleach handy.

No. 1461427

File: 1646773935687.jpg (106.08 KB, 750x1334, 275388903_1185140125572406_199…)

Kadie, you dodged a bullet girl

No. 1461429

File: 1646773971516.jpg (9.58 KB, 750x1334, 275305010_1018827478714146_297…)

Jonny's story cont

No. 1461437

File: 1646774086989.jpg (192.71 KB, 750x1334, 275413836_468550201679374_1028…)

Jonny's story cont

No. 1461646

The milk is so dry we’re digging up Larkin tinfoil? Yikes

No. 1461657


These old pictures make me more sad than anything. Seeing all the potential and then what he actually went on and did with his life.

No. 1461700

Everything old becomes new again. He'll be lovebombing a girl who insists that he's changed by the end of the year.

No. 1461832

And theres "not a toy" storm on his access visit, it's so obvious, they literally post him every time they're with him.

No. 1461837

Larkin is not his first child’s mother. He said it in an interview with KLSU.

“ KSLU: Um, I have a question from Mamma Misha- she asks, was writing Children of Divorce a healing factor for you?
Jonny: It was. That was probably one of the roughest moments of my life. I guess I can explain it. I was dating a girl, her name was Sarah Amalia, I’m not going to say her last name, but most people just by saying that will know who she is. I have no really hard feelings against her. I just didn’t feel happy in the relationship whatsoever, and I just decided to, you know, to break it off with her. At the time, it sucks, but she was actually pregnant, and she decided to keep the child. But she has yet to give me a blood test, and she won’t talk to me. She lives in Canada so it’s kind of hard to do anything legally. So it’s kind of just a big blank. So I wrote that song as a release for myself from like all the feelings that I was feeling at the time about the situation. Now I don’t feel so bad about it because I made an effort, I tried my best to tell her, you know it’s not my fault that I don’t have feelings for you but obviously I would love to be a father to the child, if it is mine. So, who knows.”

No. 1461846

Thanks for the source but if you read what I wrote I also said that it wasn’t Larkin. I said whoever it was, was someone he had been with in a relationship. Because the person I responded to said they were never dating and it was a one night stand which is clearly incorrect. Sorry if I worded it weird but yeah

No. 1461848

Eh not really tinfoiling. Just bored and talking more about Jonny’s past. Some newer anons may not know about it and if anything it establishes a pattern of bad behavior and failed relationships for any one who ends up here

No. 1461901

File: 1646810799557.jpg (112.64 KB, 1080x380, Screenshot_20220308-232219_Gal…)

I'm not doxing the mom so throw whatever tantrum you want to about it, but thank God Jonny was a deadbeat. He would have ruined them the way he ruins everyone else. This kid's actual dad adores her.

No. 1461904

File: 1646810948151.jpg (37.57 KB, 1080x222, Screenshot_20220308-231255_Ins…)

No. 1461906

File: 1646811179919.jpg (64.73 KB, 1080x246, Screenshot_20220308-233205_Gal…)

No. 1461911

File: 1646811554010.webm (2.77 MB, 720x1280, 614E9BEA4BC58BEF77AFD4E9DAFA5C…)

"What happened to those late nights, where everything was borderline?"

kekekek jonny you shady bitch

No. 1461913

File: 1646811675549.webm (2.38 MB, 720x1280, 5340A1121ED13F8BC40FBDC25A9EC5…)

No. 1461918

File: 1646811903469.webm (1.02 MB, 720x1280, E6416F888783FD38844D9E635A1C03…)

No. 1461926

File: 1646813153660.jpg (1.26 MB, 960x5303, Screenshot_20220308-235438_Chr…)

Crystal was after the Children of Divorce girl, Sarah. 2009ish

He also says he's marrying Crystal in the lj anon board.

No. 1461927

File: 1646813219730.jpg (1.38 MB, 972x5723, Screenshot_20220308-235524_Chr…)

No. 1461931

Wow 13 years later and he’s still the same. He will never change.. just be that weirdo old man at parties talking about his golden years.

No. 1461945

She really just discovered grimes, didn’t she. Syd is such a cartoonish parody of an alt girl from 2008

No. 1461949

I’d like to take a moment and say congratulations to my fellow nonnas who totally called it and bet that the wedding would be over before it even happened

No. 1461950

God. Storm has the same fetal alcohol syndrome symptoms that Bam Margera’s son has. Note the long, flat philtrum, thin upper lip and flat mid face/short nose.(don't post children)

No. 1461955

File: 1646817048870.jpg (522.53 KB, 962x3726, Screenshot_20220309-010628_Twi…)

Wow. There really is no comparison between her and Syd.

Poor Storm. He could have had better.

No. 1461965

No. 1461999


Topkek at his band discussing his sex life and cheating at “In and Out”.

Also scary that he still writes the same way he did 13 years ago. “Watch me risseeeeeeee” yea yea we haven’t heard that one before

No. 1462149

She sounds like a good mom and smart of her to bounce and keep big boi away.

Take notes Syd. This is what real love towards a child sounds like. Not “He LoVeS mE” and “He’s the reason I don’t kms”.

No. 1462180

Between Crystal and Sarah (who married actually hot guys and had cute kids who they never lost custody of, without a single face tattoo in sight) it seems like Jonny wasn't the one who roseeeee kek

No. 1462235

Kek so much for "the father of my son will ALWAYS be in my bio", took this psycho long enough

No. 1462301

File: 1646858915401.png (5.42 MB, 1125x2436, 6527A4AE-113B-4AA0-8C5E-4BC4DD…)

So jonny moved lolbro in with him? Wonder if that means he finally gave syd the boot or if they’re all gonna live together as a big happy family kek

No. 1462319

I keep seeing anons calling Jonny friends lolbro? I thought lolbro was some rando syd was flirting with. I see people call cobwebhead lolbro and now in this post you’re calling daemon lolbro. Did I miss something?

No. 1462320

My thoughts too. Cobweb and lolbro are two separate people. Lolbro is who Syd was talking to. Cobweb is a friend of Jonnys.

No. 1462329

Actually this anon is right >>1462301 this is lolbro that Dillion guy. The guy syd was cheating with is another loser trashy band dude - sterling. And Cobweb guy is the uggo with the spiderweb face tattoo. But honestly they all look the same and I too get confused sometimes kek. But yes feels more likely that syd got kick out.

No. 1462334

Jfc, 10+ years later he is talks like the same narcissistic asshole. You can literally swap Crystal’s name for Taylor, Chelsea or Syd or whatever and it would play-out all the same. Like you can literally see his actions are having consequences now, but he will never stop leeching of the next woman.

No. 1462335

Sarah has several face tattoos. I mean, they’re tasteful instead of shit, but they’re very much there

No. 1462337

Thanks for the clarification.

No. 1462351

I checked and yea, anons were calling this Dillion guy lolbro when they were speculating syd was crushing on him. He’s the guy Jonny and syd went on “tour” with and he got that retarded matching “TPWNB21” tattoo with the two of them.

No. 1462372

Fair point. I didn't catch them when I scrolled through her older posts.

No. 1462375

if syd got kicked out, that means her psychotic revenge arc is imminent. any day now ladies, syd will out jonny as an abuser and the milk will floweth uponeth us.

No. 1462381

File: 1646864192895.jpg (263.27 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220309-141445_Chr…)

xo_meganleigh reposted Syd's story about deep friend connections… (1/2)

No. 1462386

File: 1646864275735.jpg (21.77 KB, 1170x2080, 275415970_543334363629722_1789…)

…and then Syd posted this. (2/2)

OnlyFans tinfoil?

No. 1462391

If syd does a Onlyfans I’m sure Taylor will follow

No. 1462393

I wondered what this would look like if Syd wrote it in 12 years but realized that she simply doesn't have the capacity to show this kind of vulnerability and growth without making it about herself and her dreams. Sarah seems like a parent who is trying her best and Syd seems like a brat who had a baby to spite everyone who told her not to.

No. 1462399

File: 1646864907505.jpg (93.45 KB, 750x1334, 20220309_103536.jpg)

Speaking of face tattoos, I saw this when I was trying to verify some other old girlfriend milk.

Jonny made Amanda promise to get a face tattoo?
Syd did you fuck up your face because he told you to??

No. 1462405

File: 1646865171974.jpeg (154.59 KB, 828x1469, D92F70DB-02F3-4A62-9138-FF5B2D…)

Speaking of Taylor…

No. 1462407

>>1462405 WTF… why would he post this? And why would he ever get Jonny a gift anyway didn't they always dislike him being with their daughter?

No. 1462416

This has to have been while they were together and he's stocking the bookshelf his new "roommate" built. He's only bringing her up to get a rise out of Syd (he's also posting his Syd-is-a-cheater song today so he must be upset about it) or because he's feeling nostalgic.

Now is Taylor going to go nuts over it or are the tinfoil reunion anons going to finally be right about them talking again?

No. 1462466

They have a 3 bedroom town house or is he taking over “the baby’s room”? Such an interesting dynamic in this household.

No. 1462469

File: 1646869267488.png (12.09 KB, 857x293, Capture.PNG)

Somebody should update Jonny's wiki page.

No. 1462473

It’s a two bedroom apartment. I don’t think they’ve had a baby room for a while because he moved in a second bed in January, they probably moved storms things to syds moms house when she got custody.

No. 1462477

Two bedroom; the three bedroom units in this property don't have the downstairs bathroom door visible the way it is in >>1462301

I think he kicked Syd out and that's why she's been moping for the last few days.

No. 1462519

Yes I know. It was sarcasm. They continue to larp as parents and Jonny talking about how we don’t know anything and this is all made up. It’s funny how he doesn’t see what we see and if all he does is post photos of his kid once a month then the larp is fool proof(in his mind)

No. 1462526


As if they ever had a baby room to begin with. Remember when syd was all “omg we got storm a bookcase!!!” For what? All the books you read to him? All the toys he has? Okay then skid.

No. 1462537

File: 1646872686017.jpeg (196.58 KB, 828x1365, 104B0C41-5279-4FA9-B7D6-DE9DD9…)

No. 1462546

File: 1646873284851.png (1.91 MB, 1170x2532, 5CA773F3-7DDA-4400-A163-37D7AF…)

This might've gotten ignored for a reason bc it's just another dumb cry baby post but I HAAAD to come back on this thread n post it because SHE! CHEATED! ON! HIM!! The fuck is she talking about posting this? Lol she did all those things to him now she posting this acting like she never did. Sorry af

No. 1462549

Why do I feel like the only way he would feel comfortable posting this is if him and Taylor were on decent terms again?
Even if it was to upset skid he's never outright given Taylor and her family a shout out on his story to get under syd's skin. Part of me is hypothesizing that him n TND are at least being cordial

No. 1462560

File: 1646874497942.jpeg (90.6 KB, 828x401, 66001DCD-6112-4A9F-91AC-43AA82…)

She tweeted about escaping him less than 2 weeks ago. I seriously doubt she would ever get back with him, it would ruin her victim larp and the story she tells everyone about how aBuSiVe he was.

No. 1462576


she’s fucking insane i wouldn’t doubt her going on some “everyone deserves forgiveness” arc

No. 1462580

“We communicated with our partners instead of posting about it on social media” I’m crying this is the same bitch that vague posted shit every time Jonny upset her in the slightest this bitch is unreal

No. 1462581

Like why even post it? What is the reasoning behind it besides trying to either rile up Syd, rile up Taylor, or get Taylors attention? He does things that make no sense (prob cuz his brain is absolutely fried.)

Yeah I was able to find her. I also don’t want to dox but just want to say it’s really heartwarming to see both the baby momma and his daughter doing so fucking good without him. He doesn’t deserve them and they are 10000% better off without him. His life is so sad and empty and is only getting worse and worse as time goes on. Seeing the first baby momma and daughter and how their life has been and how Jonny’s has been over the last ~decade, they are truly completely opposite

No. 1462606

still cannot believe an anon forum is how she got caught red-handed lolcow is going to go down in history

No. 1462610

I doubt JC was ever even upset over the cheating screenshots, i think he just was more concerned with it blowing up here and him looking like a cuck

No. 1462616

File: 1646878274084.jpg (190.93 KB, 1170x2080, 275438064_336683888403926_4971…)

>She looks like she's trying to keep her nose at the right angle and not to look fat in everything she posts

Syd's story

No. 1462620

All it took to lure her out of hiding was for him to mention Taylor's name, what, twice?

No. 1462649

He never seemed that into syd, it’s weird. Why even date her? Did he knock her up before they were official and that’s why?

No. 1462654

He literally wasn't into her. I'll look for the cap and post it if i find it, but the way he describes the start of their relationship was that he didn't want anything to do with her and she just kept at it and wore him down. He says they didn't have sex right away, but someone in the last thread posted
>This caption says that they were "talking" for almost a year in June 2020 and the "first real date" picture lines up with their Horror Nights trip from late Sept 2019. They met up in mid October and Halloween 2019, and she was posting her sonogram that was dated 12/11/19 by 12/30/19.
>She got knocked up the second or third time she ever met Big Boy Pimping in person and, shocking no one, was ready to cheat and bail on Jonny before the kid's second birthday.

No. 1462658

File: 1646881448339.jpg (416.38 KB, 1080x1045, Screenshot_20220309-190246_Gal…)

Samefag, sorry it was easier to find than I thought it would be

No. 1462675

“I love hard” aka “I love so hard that it makes me physically and/or mentally abuse every single woman I date! Whoopsie Daisy I’m just such a lover!”

No. 1462682

File: 1646882871323.jpg (466.4 KB, 972x2851, Screenshot_20220309-093607_Chr…)

The more old messages you read, the less unique his relationship with Syd looks until you get to the very end.

He sets these women up over and over to be the two of them versus people who try to warn her about him and it's always the same: the women speaking out about him are whores, they're not strong enough to stick around, he's changed, she's special because she sees it and brings out the best in him, they're going to be around forever. He isolates them completely and cheers them on while they burn bridges to isolate them even more. In every other relationship with receipts, he's still begging for her to fight for them as she tries to leave.

This time, she made him look like an idiot just at the right time where he's trying to build momentum on a perception that he's finally changed for good. He didn't like her much to start with and she was drama from the very beginning, so it was easy to cut her loose.

No. 1462687


This is so funny given what syd looks like.

No. 1462695

>I tried to ignore her messages but she wouldn’t give up
LOL what the hell. Skid really was just a crazy fangirl that saw his breakup as an opportunity to snag some “famous” dick and then get knocked up to ensure she had something to tether herself to said “fame”.

No. 1462696


He absolutely would’ve gotten back with Taylor if syd hadn’t gotten pregnant. There’s no doubt in my mind.

No. 1462746

File: 1646890312772.jpg (708.08 KB, 1080x2187, 123.jpg)

Who do y'all think think this book is from?

No. 1462816

Considering Taylor Nicole unblocked him on Instagram (if he was even blocked in the first place) and he was liking her pictures I'm 100% sure they're talking. She just has to keep it a secret or she'll loose all the victim ass pat's and destroy what ever following she has left.
She already lied saying she didn't unblock him

No. 1462833

Thats from syd if I recall correctly. Jonny posted about the gifts she got him for christmas when he was in rehab and I vaguely remember a book like that (cause its so high school kek)

No. 1462856

File: 1646904031837.jpeg (109.26 KB, 828x1462, BAD0157D-142C-4588-91DD-6C1858…)

Well she is officially dumped. Kek wonder if she is moving in with her friend megan? Okay which anon call it that they are not going to last till the wedding? Lmao. Also what do we do with this thread? I want to keep seeing spiral but i dont know if her BPD ass could keep me entertain long enough without JC.

No. 1462875


She would probably freak out if we cut her from this thread and she wasn’t getting any attention anymore. Back to being a regular person, a single mother without custody of her child. I wonder if she’s regretting everything.

No. 1462933

>posting self injury as a precursor to bpd self harm meltdown
We all know shes a slicer, its a matter of time, also, Where the fuck is she going to live?

No. 1462954

File: 1646917055118.png (593.87 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220310-052722.png)

just for lols, because this is one of the funniest things she's ever posted. people who post this stuff are so goofy and almost universally are not smart or educated enough to have any kind of meaningful, interesting discussion on those topics

No. 1462969

It's really not uncommon for the "abused" to completely humiliate themselves repeatedly by going back to their abuser over and over again after perpetuating intense "pity me!!!!" stories over the relationship. I've done it with an ex actually alarmingly similar to BBP kek.
Also wouldn't you think that maybe she can't get over him BECAUSE she can't stop talking to him??? If TND really hasn't been speaking to him at all since they broke up she would've moved on by now. They def still communicating.

No. 1462971

ALSO – she literally did the same thing with the drugs. How many times has she made a big deal about gEtTiNg cLeAn OnCe & 4 aLL!!!! and then relapsed 949284838 more times after? Kek

No. 1462999


Statistically it takes abused women 7 times before they leave an abusive partner for good. Just throwing that out there.

No. 1463176

If she hasn’t already, TND will for sure make some contact with Jonny in the near future, “fOr ClOsUre”.

No. 1463369

I vote to cut her from the thread. She’s pathetic and boring.

No. 1463388

Well this current thread is relatively new still. So I say we just let it ride as it is and if she’s still boring by the time we need a next one, decide from there. I do think she would hate not getting the attention anymore kek how sad is your life if even lolcow doesn’t want you either

No. 1463404

I'm hesitant to call this the end of Syd. Breakups with insane bpd psychos are never clean breaks. Something else – probably some idiotic drama – is going to happen before long. Let's keep rolling with Syd just a bit longer.

No. 1463407

I vote to leave her in because Jonny is also pathetic and boring.

And because both of them have a history of trying to astroturf the conversation on anon boards, so I take any suggestion to erase her from future threads with a huge dose of skepticism.

No. 1463419

Same. I’d leave her in here until he gets a new girl. Because that’s guaranteed to be a shit show. Plus they still have more court dates.

No. 1463424

File: 1646958291667.webm (4.11 MB, 720x1280, 834E19587A4E80CBE80DAD1AAF3877…)

No. 1463427

She's going to bpd meltdown over the kid as soon as the custody stuff gets rough. She's only on her best behavior right now because they're trying to wrap up court stuff without losing their kid for good.

No. 1463461

Personally I only check this thread for skids antics, I think BBP is just a boring SoundCloud musician at this point. I could care less about what insta thot he’s chasing this week. I’m excited to see how skid is going to spin the storm situation now that they aren’t living together. Now that we know she moved out this post >>1446838 is gold.

No. 1463462

File: 1646961129309.webm (834.01 KB, 720x1280, 524D693EC53DFBC428B9496EC79046…)

Syd moved in with xo_meganleigh

No. 1463472

She has no idea how to paint a wall… can't wait to see that blotchy mess in the background of all her upside down selfies

No. 1463476

jonny really has the upper hand in all of this. if she outs him for abuse, he can just say she's trying to make him look bad because she's mad she got dumped for cheating. i don't think anybody likes her enough to rally behind her, either.
this is going to put a dent in her psycho revenge lol.

No. 1463486

Blob wars episode I: the phantom meth-ance

Blob wars II: attack of the relapses

Blob wars III: revenge of the Skid

Blob wars IV: a new dope

Blob wars V: the empire strikes crack

Blob wars IIV: return of the Skidmark.

Wonder where we are in this trilogy?

No. 1463489

"and I can do it by myself". She is living with someone else, has no job, and doesn't have custody of her child. Tell me how you can support yourself, let alone a child? Painting a wall like a tard doesn't make you a strong, independent woman.

No. 1463494


II is such a classic. It’s been on repeat for more than 15 years.

No. 1463506

Has to use both arms to paint a wall lmao - none of that mommy strength in sight. Keep telling on yaself Syd

No. 1463517

Wonder how many of her psychotic meltdowns her friend can handle til she kicks her ass out. Buckle up Megan kek I can’t imagine living with such a miserable bitch.

No. 1463521

>be getting shit together for my baby boy and myself
Still acting like she didn’t lose custody. I wonder what Meghan thinks of her pretending she has her son, must be weird af living with a delusional weirdo who’s lying to the internet when you know the truth.

No. 1463600

File: 1646969659566.png (4.93 MB, 828x1792, 77236D38-34EF-4343-B613-B9146D…)

No. 1463604

> Hint Twitch
She might end up with her own thread

No. 1463607

She's fundamentally unlikable so this is gonna go really well.

No. 1463610

>knocking out rooms
Kek she painted a few walls and acting like she remodeled a house. This is how you know she’s never worked a job in her life.

No. 1463616

File: 1646971627766.png (173.7 KB, 392x492, 1644716773829.png)

i disagree, for example h3h3 and trisha threads are still joint even though they stopped being friends a year ago.

syd should stay in the threads, if you read them all most of the milk comes from her not jonny. jonny is barely verbal at this point. if you do a jonny thread its going to die cause no one cant tell what hes saying most of the time. and if you do a syd thread its going to die cause she's a literal who. they should stay together so the threads continue.

No. 1463626


Lmaoo this is gonna be such a hit to her ego. What the fuck would she even talk about? How much her baby loves her? I cannot wait for this shit show.

No. 1463631

Twitch… yeah right girl. Just like every other thing she says she’s gonna do, she will fail to do it. She’ll do what she always does, gives one half assed attempt and then never speak of it again. See: her art, her singing, her rapping, poetry, doing q&a Instagram lives, proofreading her posts, being a “tour/merch mama”, being an actual mama, being a band dudes wife… i mean the list goes on and on.

No. 1463718

25 years ago? As in 1997, when the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal was international news? lol

No. 1463774

Twitch? What the hell is she even going to talk about or do? She's the most basic, uneducated and boring person who relies on 2007 pop culture for a personality.

Is this her way of competing with Jonny or sticking it to him by trying to prove she can do better? She will quit immediately when people in the chat start calling her out for the piece of psychotic shit she is. She tries so hard to act relevant but she's completely unaware how cringe, fake and annoying she comes across.
Not to mention she will be cancelled if she does get anywhere with it because of how misogynistic and nasty she has been toward other woman for no reason at all, she's a cunt, nobody likes a cunt.

No. 1463789

File: 1646982695869.jpg (172.08 KB, 750x1334, 275655874_524733185877407_6905…)

he looks a little high. cloudconvert is erroring out so here's the video of him blowing vape smoke into his friend's face: https://streamable.com/568ob1

No. 1463791

File: 1646982817903.jpg (93.44 KB, 750x1334, 275521098_1037642927097440_298…)

No. 1463796

File: 1646983549365.jpeg (720.75 KB, 3464x2136, 8D117460-029D-4FCE-870A-FBF944…)

Very bold choice to post selfie with a beauty filter right after posting a raw selfie.

No. 1463834

lol as if this bitch has a computer to stream from. inb4 miserable mobile live streams. pathetic.

No. 1463854

Maybe she is trying to compete with Jonny in some weird way. I also think she’s just trying to find a way to make money doing the absolute minimum. I don’t think she even plays video games, so is she just going to stream her talking about random shit and doing her makeup, or…?

No. 1463857

File: 1646995286978.png (4.25 MB, 1284x2778, FA99477E-FDDC-46E3-AF88-F33932…)

No. 1463860

Someone took the post about updated Wikipedia seriously. Just was googling him and someone changed his personal life

No. 1463903

??? Did one of them post this?

No. 1463907

Does the meghan chick know syd for long? Like does she know what is she getting herself into? I assume that sydsopsycho doesnt have many friends due to her BPD ass? But tbf the meghan girl look as milk as skid is. I cant wait for skid’s twitch career take off like her art “career” lmao.

No. 1463910

I don't think so, I think this anon just thought it was fitting for them

No. 1463971

She has never posted a single complete piece of art lmaoooo it will never happen
Her bpd ass is just lovebombing megs and when thet tactic no longer works then we will see her fishing more seriously for a man to take care of her.

No. 1464039

File: 1647018040889.jpg (59.61 KB, 1080x427, Screenshot_20220310-183944_Ins…)

This was posted 9/12/19 and it's the oldest public interaction between them on Megan's page. Megan was in a tour photo from 9/10/21. Syd told the dude who she tried to cheat on Jonny with that she wished he could come over and that Meg was out of state in 6/2021. It seems like they got closer in 2021 but met online a couple of years earlier.

No. 1464044

So is Syd still living in Sacramento or is this meghan person in san jose/bay area?

No. 1464063

File: 1647019077231.jpeg (23.65 KB, 487x169, 2492A40E-027A-4516-855E-68C8E2…)

The Meghan she refers to in those texts is actually sterlings gf not her friend. In one of the other texts she’s making fun of his gf and calls her a groupie.

No. 1464075

Are you retarded? This clearly says "mega fucking groupie" with sloppy blur applied. The whole lolbro/sterling arc is confusing but this isn't her talking about Meg

No. 1464094

File: 1647020215291.jpeg (7.06 KB, 180x73, EC660278-38DB-4E92-BE75-43BDE3…)

The second part of the name is blurred out here the first text. It very clearly says Meghan…

No. 1464102

I didn't remember there was confusion about Megan vs Meghan. So if you remove that from the timeline, they started hanging out between 9/19 and 9/21. I saw Syd bring up getting close to Megan in a 2021 wrap up post but I haven't been able to find the cap and Megan isn't tagged in it anymore or it was archived.

No. 1464168

Spelling is Meghan and >>1464063 says "mega".

She really going to cry about Meghan out of state and promptly after saying like a "Megan-lastname- groupie"? Makes no sense.

No. 1464169

Honestly I don’t think this said “mega fucking groupie” it doesn’t look like there’s enough room for “fucking” where it’s blurred.
I don’t wanna post her IG but it’s been posted before a thread or two back, but sterlings gf’s name was Meghan. Maybe Syd misspelled her name and put “I don’t want to look like a Megan’s bf groupie.”

Either way it’s odd that it was blurred out, whatever it was.

No. 1464175

I think what syd refers here is meghan her friend is out of state and maybe she needs a ride to go hang out with sterling from meghan? Idk lol doesnt matter we know there’s 2 megan (sterling’s ex) /meghan (skid friend)

No. 1464179

She was saying she wanted sterling to come over because Jonny was gone and sterlings gf (Meghan) was out of state. Go lurk older threads, we already had this debate n somebody found sterling’s gfs insta and her name is Meghan.

No. 1464196

It was "mega Aquageist groupie" when they were still blurring the other dude's personal information. It's not Megan or any variation. It's about her not wanting to post it to look like a groupie of his band but wanting credit if he posted it.

No. 1464202

Samefag but it's aqua for short. Sterling said she looked hot in an aqua tank top and I thought it was a weirdly specific color before his band got doxed. The other anon is right though, it's all in the old threads.

No. 1464214

File: 1647028777662.jpg (12.71 KB, 750x1334, 275627131_985244418556550_2358…)

Jonny's story

No. 1464218

File: 1647028893611.jpg (491.03 KB, 922x1788, Screenshot_20220311-115919_Chr…)

>I’ve made a lot of bad choices
>Not necessarily, like
>You know, the worst mistakes
>But there’s definitely been
>A lot, a lot, a lot of bad choices

When the Genius annotation burns you harder than your "killer" lyrics

No. 1464275

His hand is fucking gargantuan

No. 1464284

These lyrics are a symptom of whatever brain rot the drugs and alcohol have finally caused him, like usual I have a hard time deciphering what the hell he's saying other than he's a piece of shit and a fuck up.

No. 1464291

>>1463600 syd: can't wait for you to see what's coming next!
nothing ever comes next
>>1464102 they might be close, but we all know syd loves to exaggerate her relationships with other people as well. so that post could've been the usual delusion and megan is in for a big surprise lol.

No. 1464311

Nitpick but Syd your cooking is gross, your chili looks like watery soup with canned veggies

No. 1464315

I think she means she’s lonely and has no one to hang out with because the one and only person that puts up with her is out of state so therefore she can’t hang. But a ride to hangout is also plausible lol

No. 1464415

File: 1647040226082.jpg (206.85 KB, 750x1334, 275725629_117993984153099_1263…)

omg ew

No. 1464417

File: 1647040291412.jpg (190.78 KB, 1075x1910, Screenshot_20220311-150915_Chr…)

No. 1464424

What a fucking hater. He's not even funny. They're the only people who will spend time with him and he can't even be nice.


(cloudconvert is still giving me an error, sorry about the streamable link)

No. 1464436


I truly cannot imagine a funnier sight than these idiots in the fucking gym dressed the way they are. Absolutely nobody else there would take them seriously.

No. 1464520

Haha when you pay your roommate to build shelves but don’t pay your apartment rent.

No. 1464523

File: 1647046643603.webm (1.46 MB, 404x720, unfunny asshole.webm)

Hope you don’t mind, nona. Teamwork etc.

No. 1464525

Vile! I have a visceral reaction whenever I see his face.

No. 1464585

Him and Shat are the ugliest cows on this site. Momo looks like a freak but these two are just plain revolting with their beady eyes and bloat face.

No. 1464626

Not at all nona, ty for your help

No. 1464630

File: 1647051408552.jpg (127.71 KB, 750x1334, 275568549_386972166599756_6938…)

Beauty filter abuse

No. 1464632

File: 1647051491843.jpg (65.03 KB, 1170x2080, 275635247_504683721022739_5409…)


No. 1464698

In other words trying to look good so he can find a girl to take home. I’m surprised syd isn’t having a meltdown begging her friend to drive her to emo night so she can ruin his night.

No. 1464730

>grown man using beauty filters
Kek how embarrassing

No. 1464785

Oh look it's the beauty filter police^

Fuq OFFFF (:(infighting/ emoji)

No. 1464789

Is the cow fat and angry?

No. 1464810

You would think Jonny would be used to the police by now.

No. 1464832

Local nonny here- the only ladies in Roseville that might possibly be interested in hooking up with Jonny would be literal teenagers/early twenty something’s looking for some clout and even then, I doubt they’d want him either. Sucks to suck Jonny boy.

No. 1464838

Lmao emo night in Roseville!! Where all of the fat former emo bros who owe child support go to hang out because they never left their hometown or the year 2005

No. 1464847

File: 1647068709610.webm (1.8 MB, 720x1280, 5441C1194CB15B68895F4DCE8F3F9D…)

The Used in the background. Petty.

No. 1464850

no one in the room cares that he's there but he's acting like he needs to hang out with security kek

No. 1464867

Really the only thing that's making JC somewhat "hot" is the fact that he still has hair. If he had the same male pattern baldness as the majority of men his age, he'd have literally nothing left. Not to say that he has anything to offer otherwise, but just an autistic, late night observation

No. 1464872

So you're telling us that this >>1464847 is the venue security? Shouts to mans drinking his High Noon Sips. Sounds about right for Emo Night if so

No. 1464874

To clarify the manlet to the top left of Jonny is drinking High Noon Sips. Can't name whatever is in jonnys hand

No. 1464876

A nonalcoholic beer named Clausthaler, label out so no one can accuse him of not being sober.

No. 1464878

Blonde hair and a beauty filter working overtime, nona. Nothing more and neither work in person where you can tell the drugs have worn him out. His hands and arms are grotesque.

No. 1464881

Totally agree nonnie, I'm the one who commented that. But imagine him for all he is, with a typical 35-40 year old male head/hairline kek I think that's how he manages to snag these way younger women and probably why he's constantly ruffling up his hair on his snapchat vids. Of course it's the worst men alive who maintain their hair lol

No. 1464884

File: 1647075331836.webm (1.95 MB, 720x1280, B8493CB4DF6B886AAC7E84B87C7252…)

The guy Jonny was being a hater about reposted the story with the audio muted.

They've only hung out a handful of times over the last couple of weeks. Jonny's already wearing thin.

No. 1464971

Trilogy means 3… L'il Jon is more like the Die Hard or Fast &the Furious movies since he doesn't know when to just stop.

No. 1465005

Jonny is a tool, but it's actually normal for dudes to clown each other like this. It probably just seemed like hate to you because we all know Jonny is jealous of every other dude in the world and knows his inferior he is.

No. 1465006

I think >>1464850 is saying he needs to hang with enough people that it makes him look like he has a security and friends posse. That's not the venue's security. It just makes him feel secure to surround himself with people to protect him in case Syd shows up.

No. 1465007

Jonny and his friends all suck, but that little shorts guy definitely has some long,bfeminine, lean sorority girl legs

No. 1465437

It's normal to clown each other, but it's usually funny and the other dude thinks it's funny too. Jonny wasn't funny and Joe reposted with no audio so he obviously didn't think it was funny either. Jonny isn't very smart and his sense of humor isn't funny. I've never heard him make a smart or funny joke and I've followed him for years. He makes mean ones instead.

No. 1465439

File: 1647117421206.jpg (134.14 KB, 750x1334, 275614617_536015311213027_1924…)

No. 1465598

File: 1647126676821.png (785.79 KB, 1284x2778, 904790C5-4F6F-49E9-B94F-A432D9…)

Why do I feel like tbis is about this thread

No. 1465603

Anon, your pfp is showing

No. 1465607

lurk more, this was already posted a few days ago >>1462560

No. 1465614

U still have time to delete this anon

No. 1465617

Not strong enough for basic cable management though.

No. 1465624

youre really pretty but crop your pic next time

No. 1465625

Child proof obviously kek

No. 1465800

File: 1647137066350.webm (1.85 MB, 720x1280, D345770979D499EA959915AA759278…)


No. 1465837

File: 1647139926805.jpeg (140.97 KB, 828x1448, 97436785-1C57-4CE3-B8D1-A1593C…)

Syds started to flip the narrative. It’s not like she’s obsessed with him, has been begging for him back and refused to admit he dumped her for months or anything…

No. 1465877

It’s not me so idc. Fake Twitter account(sage your shit)

No. 1465932

What's sus about that vid?

No. 1465943

Looks like he's playing footsie and wants to give that guy a nice footjob with his girlish feet

No. 1465977

she's better be talking about Jonny's exes here and not herself. JONNY has more claims to "abuse" in their relationship than Syd does.

No. 1465986

I knew she would pull the “I’m a victim of Jonny’s abuse too!” card sooner than later. Somehow I just don’t believe she dealt with any actual abuse like some of his exes have. I honestly think Jonny was a little scared of her crazy ass kek

No. 1466007

We all saw this coming, she couldn't be anymore predictable.

No. 1466027

File: 1647154324566.jpeg (436.02 KB, 828x830, 66353031-209E-412F-9DD8-253702…)

Not surprised since he’s into dudes

No. 1466075

Who's he kissing? Is that Joey from A Skylit Drive?! lmao

No. 1466076

Good luck. There are 10 threads of receipts that show that she's a nasty, cruel, explosive, obsessive abuser to total strangers and the people she's closest to. There's no doubt that Jonny was abusive to her. He's admitted it. I don't think she deserved it because no one deserves it, but I think that she's an abuser in her own right and she won't get any sympathy from anyone who knows her true character.

No. 1466083

File: 1647159775388.jpg (61.19 KB, 750x1334, 275629374_501084671462422_6814…)

Sac town hide yo kittens

No. 1466103

Kek why is it always the same pattern with him?? How many pets jc has abandoned from his strings of engagements and relationships??

No. 1466119

Since when JC admitted abusing skidmark? Or any of his exes at all on that matter?

No. 1466122

Are… are you literally stupid…?

No. 1466151

Are you?? I m asking when did he ADMITTED it. Because he never did. Yes he is abusive to skid, but he never once in his life admitted being abusive to anyone.

No. 1466152

Plus, he literally said he only “pushed” her when he was charged with domestic violence? So tell me when did he admitted it cause I like to see an ounce of self-awareness from this POS.

No. 1466164

Didn’t he already buy a puppy when he was in rehab? What happened with that?

No. 1466188

Oh shit thank you for mentioning this, I totally forgot! What the hell did happen to that? I wonder if he didn’t have the money for it or if he got backlash in his dms for it? So curious

No. 1466292

>>1466083 he literally posted a story the other day saying in a couple months he's going to the east coast for a tour.. whether that happens or not remains to be seen. Why would you choose to get a cat if that is your plans?

No. 1466334

Its a prop, just like everyone else is.
Storm was his prop, the lil puppy never adopted was a prop. To show the world how caring he is. Like; how TND owns so many animals, but does not love them. Just props them up for a few selfies to secure his little redemption narrative.

No. 1466339

Oh shit if bbp is showing his face on the east coast (finally), I will happily provide milk. I will tower over him kek.

No. 1466397

Sadly I didn't screenshot when it happened because I was outside at the time and thought someone else had already, but the instagram for those puppies posted thanking people for letting them know about JC and Syd's history so they decided not to let them take it. I kind of thought it had been mentioned here but I guess not. So it was thanks to cowtippers they didn't get to abuse a puppy

No. 1466413

Lol this whole time skid was worried about girls maybe it’s his boys she should of been concerned about

No. 1466432


That’s actually amazing, animals don’t deserve this.

No. 1466525

He admitted he pushed her. You're right that he minimized it and called it no big deal, but he did admit to putting his hands on her even if he wasn't accountable for his wrongdoing.

No. 1466597


Someone (I assume from here) made a bunch of videos making fun of BBP (including parts of the video skid took of him on heroin) and posted them all to his discord a few days ago. He must not have watched them because they're still up and he's talking to this person in the discord normally.

No. 1466635

These are pretty autistic, but I lold

No. 1466745

File: 1647216280035.jpg (582.23 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220313-170305_Chr…)

Oh great we can all get rise n grind affirmations from Jonny Craig now

No. 1466838


The second hand embarrassment I got from watching him workout incorrectly while spouting off like this as if he’s been doing it for years.

No. 1467189

his feet look like peanuts

No. 1467224

that's the best

No. 1467225

Lol nonnie. And yes I have never seen a man so insecure about his tiny feet and the need to flex on his shoes every few seconds. Is he 15??

No. 1467250

His form is SO bad, on literally every exercise—n I love that his friends just stand there n let him work out like that. Top tier sabotage, well done. WHY are his feet so close together here? He’s def gonna hurt himself if he continues doing this… which he won’t bc when has he ever committed to anything remotely challenging.

No. 1467863

When he injures himself will that make him Big Boi Limpin’ ?

No. 1468127

Perhaps trying to get in shape to angle for a high profile collab with distant cousin Jenny

No. 1468258

topkek anon, this made me chortle

No. 1468356

Kek@jenny craig. It could be his new name when he troons out

No. 1468665

File: 1647357169205.jpg (23.05 KB, 750x1334, 275753579_7009127895827915_746…)

No. 1468702

>>1468665 syd wasn't in any type of bag. Except maybe a garbage bag.

No. 1468811

I'm actually really bummed we won't get to witness the big boy skid wedding. we knew it wouldnt happen but a girl can dream

No. 1468996

Kek I am also sad this didn’t happen. Big boi pimpin took the first opportunity to bail and he did it without hesitation. Not surprised after her freak out with that Liz chick from texas. That was so embarrassing.

I think the milk will be stale until JC or Syd get a new victim. Bets that JC will find a girl in the next couple of months and Syd will join OF shortly after.

No. 1469014

haaa K I'm just really impressed that someone called this like 3 weeks before it happened. Meg is in for a treat! n I don't feel bad saying that bc she definitely knows what she's getting if she's letting Skidmark move in.

>I'm betting she'll move in with Meg, her only friend that puts up with her.

No. 1469038

File: 1647377799869.png (1.69 MB, 1170x2532, 595C81B4-685D-4EEC-900F-815BB6…)

Screenshot from his story. Is this person dumb? “Cuz I got sober?” Nah more like “cuz I’m using a filter.” He looks nothing like that and is still bloated and not hot at all haha. next victim perhaps? You’re being catfished, boo

No. 1469039

File: 1647377956755.png (5.52 MB, 1170x2532, CD283F19-360E-42B1-93FC-FD7448…)

Pic of the story that person replied to. It even says the filter he’s using, it’s not rocket science Allie kek

No. 1469067

"42 followers. 3 posts" lmao

No. 1469095


I feel like he made this account himself to gas his selfies up.

No. 1469105

>like a god
This is Jonny for sure on my god I can’t even. KEK this is so embarrassing

No. 1469184

File: 1647385033146.png (1.9 MB, 750x1334, 64F9A170-A269-4D43-B354-776080…)

You’re not “shanked up” nor do would you ever shank anyone. You ain’t about that life. You’d cry your eyes out and run off like a little bitch

No. 1469199

She looks like she could use some of Jonny's "rise and grind" affirmations

No. 1469229

Jonny when you read this, know that the filters you use make you look like a bigger feminine bitch than you already are.

No. 1469268

File: 1647387734766.jpeg (223.1 KB, 1125x2191, F76A51EF-DFFD-4422-89E0-F0C0DC…)

>no tits club

No. 1469278

srsly tho. not only no tits, but saggy nipples club too. her boobs ain’t got no weight but they def flabby like little deflated ballsacks.

No. 1469344

Wow so hardcore I bet Jonny is just shaking in his boots. Fr skid is so embarrassingly cringe it hurts, the only person she’s ever cut is herself.

No. 1469378

I’m sure Syd’s mom would beg to differ

No. 1469483

File: 1647400756127.jpg (79.29 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220315-195112_Chr…)

Syd's story

No. 1469738

File: 1647421718504.jpeg (160.27 KB, 828x1483, 836BAF9A-C96B-42DE-90B8-5B0E1D…)

Kek BBP out there still using Skid’s headphones. He so broke he cant even afford his own. So not only skid got knocked up, lost custody of their kid, got kicked out by BBP, even lost her headphones?? Lmao what a bargain. At least JC didnt try to steal the cats this time. Hope you get to pawn of the cheap engagement ring for a new headphone syd

No. 1469851

Oooh, is it going to be Syd's first Tinder date since having a cHiOlD with Pig Boi Gimpin'? I know that whenever she has her first date with an internet bachelor, she'll most definitely mention her cHeAtIng, aBooSivE, ex-fiance THEE Jonny Craig, that will surely elicit the same "I don't know who that is" reaction that I first had when I started reading this thread.

No. 1469853

You know she'd never pawn it. Not just because it's worthless, but because it was given to her by a Z-List cElEb that wanted to marry her- Plus she's saving it for the day (she hopes) he comes back to her!

No. 1469875

Nah, she wouldn't pawn it because "that's the ring the father of her child gave her" ya know, since he'll always be in her life kek

No. 1469962

My guess is OnlyFans/Twitch announcement or debut. Since she’s all about posting her bare ass on Instagram lately and mentioned she wants to start streaming. Any guesses on what her riveting Twitch content will be?

No. 1469987

>>1469962 lip smacking and complaining most likely.

No. 1470069

Singing and staring at herself while her main selling feature is really just "the "mother" of jenny craig's spawn"

No. 1470288

Singing and art streams most likely. She's going to be so toxic.

No. 1470306

Honestly I doubt she will ever actually do twitch. She’s the queen of not following through on anything. Or she will do one and feel embarrassed that no one is watching or the ones watching are only from lolcow and never do it again kek. Only fans on the other hand…..

No. 1470440

>>1470306 i don't know if she's capable of embarrassment, considering how long she kept jonny's name in her instagram bio after he dumped her lol.
not to mention all the other shit she's done that should've produced feelings of shame.

No. 1470627

Lol yeah like the art

No. 1470835

Same with OF though… she'll only get a few farmers who will repost it in here for all of us to laugh and she'll realize she's still a cow, not a cash cow.

No. 1470842

The only dribbles of milk we might get would be when Syd realizes there’s no hope of JC and herself making it out together. She will then attempt to come to terms with him being the villain, and will post his dirty laundry.
He will undoubtably distance from the kid, and will pretend like she’s the reason for it.
She will make a few jabs, but that’s it.

No. 1470920

File: 1647483766770.jpg (232.73 KB, 1170x2080, 275854585_965332281018344_1965…)

Or maybe you're just a bad person Sydney

No. 1470994

Skidney you literally harassed any women who gave BBP a second thought. You told multiple women to kill themselves and threatened them for as little as innocently dming him. He might be a massive piece of shit but don’t for one second pretend you’re also not a stain on plant earth.

No. 1471023

File: 1647489168779.jpeg (697.78 KB, 2048x2048, 0F66C5F2-8F1F-4A3D-BF9D-A361A0…)

Kek she’s unhinged. I feel bad for her roommate.

No. 1471109

File: 1647499088779.jpeg (96.66 KB, 750x591, AD101D39-9EBF-422D-AAF9-A20848…)

Jonny is following Taylor on Instagram

No. 1471148

She must be starting her new job at hot topic kek

No. 1471270

File: 1647520504502.jpg (33.02 KB, 640x1138, 275850939_1009275156370529_674…)

he unfollowed her. probably doing it for attention

No. 1471283

Jonny follows TND and unfollows Skid, and magically Skid has a sudden scawy near death asthma attack in her sleep uwu I bet she wouldn't have nearly died if Jonny wasn't too busy following TND and going to the gym to be in bed next to her saving her from her "asthma"

No. 1471284

Samefag to say I misread who he unfollowed, I guess he unfollowed TND not Skid. My point remains

No. 1471504

or she blocked him and removed him as a follower

No. 1471517

I feel like it would be a very Jonny thing to do to follow tnd and not be in contact with her tho. He doesn’t really care that it fucks up her head, prove a point to sids and have us screenshotting it

No. 1471537

You had heart burn you dumb bitch. Lay off the ciders and screwdrivers. So dramatic.

No. 1471573

I honestly don’t think it’s Jonny. I think it’s Taylor blocking him and unblocking him to see what he’s up to, probably during one of her meth binges or something. And you just happened to see it while she had him unblocked. Same with a few days ago when a bunch of his likes showed up on her photo. But she of course was on twitter like “I didn’t unblock him idk what you guys are talking about.” Ummmm that doesn’t add up, boo!

No. 1471580

As someone who actually has asthma, I find it weird she called it “breathing treatment” instead of “inhaler.” I’ve never heard anyone say it the way she did. Idk I just find it hard to believe anything she says haha

No. 1471601

File: 1647536761690.jpeg (86.12 KB, 1125x312, 9DDE4866-911E-4C25-A69B-BDDFE6…)

sydney is hemorrhaging followers. i started following this drama a little over a year ago when she had about 15.3K, and now she’s about to dip below 14K. embarrassing for her that the clout train is ending.

No. 1471616

When you unblock someone it doesn’t put the follow back. So it’s Jonny or both of them

No. 1471661

Sage you herb ^

No. 1471662

File: 1647539487204.jpeg (560.96 KB, 1119x1026, 708842F9-3C60-4C44-95DF-E8460D…)

i couldn’t resist

No. 1471810

what >>1471616 said, plus his likes were on pictures of taylor's that were fairly recent (aug 2021 i believe). it's not like these were likes showing back up on pics from when they were for sure in contact before the breakup three years ago.

No. 1471812

I wonder if it’s related to her blocking followers as well. I followed her on 2 accs, my alt and main and always liked her stuff yet she chose to block. Yet she kept me on her art accounts kek(sage your shit)

No. 1471814

Next thread pic pls 1000000% my vote(sage your shit)

No. 1471866

He's clearly trying to get TNDs attention without actually saying anything to her or looking "weak". kek

No. 1471880

IDK if ya'll read the TND thread, and take this with a grain of salt cuz there was no proof posted, but someone mentioned TND is considering getting back w/BBP. I wouldn't be surprised

No. 1471917

you don't get to vote if you can't follow proper etiquette.

Ironic of her to post this. She treats people terrible, says awful things, all while she's the one pretending to be some high and mighty saint. However I doubt she feels guilty for doing so. She's so god damn contradictory and lacks even basic self awareness.

No. 1471927

File: 1647552611930.png (2.9 MB, 1284x2778, F7027165-C0AE-431B-90A7-254360…)

No. 1471952

>mine has gotten significantly better
Then why share that pic?

No. 1471960

>mine has gotten significantly better
I love her acting like she’s better off without Jonny when he had to block her to get her to stop talking about him. Less than a month ago she was posting time hop memories of the two of them reminiscing and scaring insta thots away from him. Her saying she’s doing amazing after losing custody of her son, getting dumped because she’s a two timing whore, and her boyfriend kicking her out is a hilarious delusional cope. Never change skid.

No. 1472040

Is it one anon samefagging or is this thread full of misguided TND fans who think she'll return to pettubing if she gets back together with jonny?

Jonny's known for harassing his exes for years and even got new girlfriends to harass exes. All of the "conversation" between jonny and Taylor has been one sided. Him trying to trigger her on social media with his presence, while she tweets about having ptsd and not having healed from his trauma.

Idk what "y'all" are trying to manifest with all this fake milk, but jonny liking her Instagram posts and following her doesn't prove anything. Definitely doesn't prove that they're going to embark on a sobriety journey together, rebuilding jonny's music career and Taylors YouTube career.

No. 1472047

This gets my vote too lmao this has to be the next thread pic

No. 1472058

Even in the least probable chance they will got back togerther. Why would anyone think either one of them has any career to build on? She will be rinsed if she does, and thats her last shred of “career” and Jonny is going to relapse faster for sure.

No. 1472062

No one mentioned her career. We are just talking about him following her. The hopes are sud goes crazy. Not they get back together(sage your shit)

No. 1472115

that’s rich for someone who hasn’t done anything but post a new story to instagram every hour the last few days. that shit is 5 minutes long right now. go outside and touch grass you bored ass do-nothing have-nothing be-nothing bottom-of-my-shoe bitch.

No. 1472147

Can you guys sage how about shit the fuck up already. I just get a new ip everytime someone blocks. I don’t care. I will continue to post how I want. It’s a fucking gossip website you loser(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1472165

This reads like Dom venturing out from his sisters thread lol

No. 1472244

She's in someone's DMs. Bet.

No. 1472268

File: 1647564686652.jpg (216.24 KB, 750x1334, 276046631_331835492302462_5136…)

He looks like he just got his new playground fit at Oshkosh B'gosh kek

No. 1472280

File: 1647564895096.jpg (493.96 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220317-175222_Gal…)

A 3 star Amazon polygraph for a YouTube video

No. 1472283

File: 1647564953047.jpg (270.75 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220317-174554_Chr…)

Syd is fishing

No. 1472354


short men look even shorter with shirts this long

No. 1472359

File: 1647568981061.png (288.54 KB, 662x680, bigoof.png)

Oh god…

No. 1472360

he dresses like he bought all his clothes at urban outfitters in 2013 and never went shopping again

No. 1472365

who gave a leprechaun heroin

No. 1472375

What is with the influx of newfags not knowing how to sage or reply. And posting expired 6 month old milk.

No. 1472376

Is he wearing a child's sized beanie on top of his head?

No. 1472408

His nugget legs are 1/3 in proportion KEK

No. 1472509

You can't get away with shit talking the brother of a cow on another thread since anons told you to gtfo so you come on another thread to do it. You're definitely a cow yourself.

No. 1472857

Which cow posted this, Trailer Tayter or Skidney England no longer Mrs. Craig

No. 1472858

Next thread pic definitely

No. 1472877

File: 1647620235777.jpg (254.72 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220318-091655_Gal…)

You named him Parker because Syd didn't let you name him Storm Trooper.

No. 1472882

Lmao it makes his little legs look like 1/5th of his body

No. 1472905


No. 1473158

I kinda want to watch how he lie through his teeth about all the abuse allegations. Tinfoil that he is going to make a video about Tnd’s claims on her video and clarify all the allegations with the shitty lie detecter.
Assuming it works at all kek.

No. 1473228

Kek I’m sorry but how does this make any sense?
>he would rather lose the ones he loves to save people he doesn’t even know
I mean, I’m no Spider-Man lore keeper but I’m pretty sure that’s wrong? Peter wears the Spider-Man costume to protect the ones he loves so that he can save the innocent without it falling back on the people he cares about most. That’s like …super hero 101 kek

No. 1473264

I also think he’s going to try and disprove all of his exes claims about him, he seems to be doing stuff to try and get more attention (twitch, insta live, and now YouTube) midgetman is as delusional as skid if he thinks he’s ever going to be a real musician again.

No. 1473299

He’s so fucking retarded and why would he think he will be there at all to teach storm anything in life? The best he could do is stay away from storm and keep paying child support. Storm’s whole name is fucking ridiculous itself, idk why he is so proud of this the whole namesake shit.

No. 1473326

File: 1647645094818.png (1.51 MB, 828x1792, E95F87EB-8D82-43E0-81FD-9C0AA1…)

No. 1473442

what happened to Friday at 4pm skidney???

No. 1473446

Imagine thinking that it's okay to teach your kid to let someone he loves die to save a bunch of strangers? Thank God he's noncustodial because that's psychotic, not selfless.

No. 1473451

Wait, he’s saying the message is…it’s good to sacrifice the people you love for people you don’t know? So your loved ones get hurt, and since you love them, that actually makes you the selfless one, for bravely letting them pay the price? Weird ass mindset. I get what he wanted to say but he just missed the mark so, so bad.

No. 1473504

File: 1647652406983.jpg (215.65 KB, 750x1334, 275946226_662587971625215_2138…)

You can tell the difference between someone with money and broke posers by looking at their body art and Jonny looks like he paid two cans of Monster & a hand job to his cellie for his ink.

No. 1473508

File: 1647652640084.jpg (82.26 KB, 1170x2080, 276014224_340902911331047_5100…)

No. 1473509

File: 1647652699829.jpg (47.17 KB, 1170x2080, 275858124_156431740079836_1865…)

Syd's story

No. 1473516

I was about to ask if she deactivated her IG but she must have blocked in the last week.

No. 1473518

I can’t decide if she means she wants to go to mommy’s house and live with her son or if this is some dramatic way of saying she misses Jonny and he is her “home”. But they’re both equally retarded.

No. 1473551

File: 1647655062936.jpeg (360.9 KB, 828x1447, 26CB13CD-E486-47F1-BD14-C212CF…)

Looks like all his gym days are paying off, just look at those flabby bingo wings!

No. 1473568

File: 1647656426021.png (48.15 KB, 753x249, sadney.png)

No. 1473588

Did she go private or did she block me?

No. 1473603

She’s on a blocking spree. I’ve been following her for years on my real account (since 2018, before Jonny Craig) I don’t watch her stories on that acct but occasionally like her posts so I’m not a ghost and I was randomly blocked td. I feel like this website has gotten to her and she’s paranoid. My finsta somehow survived the culling though and I can confirm it’s still there.

No. 1473663

She clearly didn't "let" him name anything. She just went along with what he wanted since she got her dream of being with the biggest has-been name that she could secure for a couple of years. SydSoLonely isn't a fan of comic books or Star Wars, but she is a fan of being a merch mama waiting to be discovered for her natural singing tAlEnT.

No. 1473682

Keep in mind Jonny is almost 40 and comes from the MySpace era, when you saved up and got work little by little from whoever took walk-ins, resulting in the style of work he has. Zoomers now save up every last DoorDash tip to go for what they think is a "cohesive" sleeve knocked out in a few sessions the day they turn 18 with some basic tattooer/apprentice seen on IG just to emerge with a muddled mess as technically lousy as ol' Johnny's tattoos.

No. 1473686

Home is where her cold heart is and that's definitely in Jonny's flabby arms, not mom's house where her perfect chiold is.

No. 1473764

File: 1647671213319.jpeg (343.51 KB, 1125x2196, A8EF3111-5A0F-4B21-9D99-B39244…)

oh pUHHHleas. get a fuuucking grip skid. this is the most unhinged and delusional list of excuses for not holding yourself accountable and going to therapy skid. just because you say being unhinged makes you spunky and spontaneous doesn’t mean people have to put up with you, and they won’t, cause all this list tells me is that you’re still in denial about needing to go to therapy—the only thing that might help you keep the people you deem “loved ones” around.

i swear whoever makes these bpd things she posts is either memeing or also looking for some major copium. christ.

No. 1473833

>>1473764 yeah, sorry syd.. courts don't look at it that way. They don't want kids in the hands of impulsive, uncontrollable people.

No. 1473834

She's romanticizing being mentally ill, just because you have a mental illness doesn't mean everyone around you has to support you and put up with your shit skid.

She's so in denial, also kids don't want chaotic, angry, spontaneous manic pixie mothers, they need stability, calm and routined mother's that are dependable.

No. 1473846

what post is this from?

No. 1473888

Its syd’s comment from this >>1473508 she is such a loser lol

No. 1474218

File: 1647719444718.png (341.41 KB, 1170x2532, C7DCABD9-4F1F-4574-8851-3ACECF…)

So syd posted this almost immediately after posting just a single word “chances” but I see it wasn’t posted about here so… who is she even talking to? Like I highly doubt a bunch of people messaged her commenting on it or something. She is so weird lol

No. 1474317

She just wants attention, because she gets none at all unless she's being all woe is me.

No. 1474334

File: 1647725870297.jpeg (991.18 KB, 3464x3464, 9D800C54-CC71-48D8-A3E7-FBBC05…)

Wish you guys could see the look on storms face because he looks terrified.

No. 1474376

>>1474334 you're being ridiculous. The child does not look 'terrified'
in the least. He literally looks like a normal baby looking down inquisitively into the phone. Grow up.

No. 1474385

File: 1647729794767.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x1867, 7307CD11-DD7A-42F1-B9CD-3E35E8…)


No. 1474386

File: 1647729905136.jpeg (290.84 KB, 1170x860, 627653E8-DB86-4701-BDDF-F9C4FC…)


No. 1474389

trying to find a syd replacement doesn't seem to be going well for BBP

No. 1474411

File: 1647731390944.jpeg (268.82 KB, 828x1331, 1CC82D3F-94E4-4D7A-AEA6-9A8613…)

No. 1474415

File: 1647731631096.jpeg (105.24 KB, 828x420, EECBBDE3-5B28-42D7-9BE4-985B4B…)

BBP is killin it, clearly

No. 1474426

He’s seeing storm more than syd has since their breakup which honestly leads me to believe he was taken away because of her and not Jonny

No. 1474439

I don’t get jonnys end game with this kid. He’s gonna raise it on his own? How

No. 1474440

She looks way too pretty for him, good call mars.

No. 1474450

File: 1647734767264.jpeg (134.76 KB, 828x1429, 1BAE2EDF-B19C-4C6C-9A03-40838E…)

He posted a video w/storm and you can see that he’s not at his condo. I think he’s at skids moms house. Skid must be having a breakdown right now lol.

No. 1474500

He posted two pics with the baby I doubt that loser has seen him anymore than she has just be cause he advertised it.

No. 1474512


And where’s skids advertisement of it? Cuz you know she wouldn’t be able to see him and not post. Jonny has seen him a few times recently and it’s more than he saw him when he was with skid.

No. 1474540

tinfoil: I think Jonny is just posting about his storm visits more because he thinks it will impress women and I think syd is posting less about him because she thinks he will scare away men.

No. 1474549

I was thinking the same thing! I am sure he thinks he’s getting credit or sympathy from females.

No. 1474550

I was thinking the same thing! I am sure he thinks he’s getting credit or sympathy from females.

No. 1474630

Oh, poor Storm in this video. He is pushing and struggling to get away from Jonny, clearly uncomfortable in this strange man’s embrace. It feels like he shows off Storm in the same way he shows off his pets or his watches. My heart breaks for this kid.

No. 1474633

Ikr, in both the posts storm looks upset or uncomfortable. It must be weird only seeing your dad like once a month. Although if your dad is Jonny Craig it’s probably for the best.

No. 1474708

It’s so obvious he’s forcing him to talk and pose for the video despite his best efforts to get away. Treats him just like the shoes and fake designer bags acting like it’s some huge flex he’s trying to prove. We still know you harmed your kid and he’s not in your custody BBP.

No. 1474720

what are you talking about once a month? not to wk jonny but get your facts straight. he has posted pictures with storm every weekend (in different outfits, more than syd could do) for the last few weeks except for last weekend.

think about it. jonny has his bros living with him. bros with cars. jonny posted videos eating sushi with a friend after his visit a few weeks ago, and jonny said he was buying. why do you think he bought his friend sushi after that? mayhaps a way of saying thank you?

meanwhile, sydney has no one willing to do that for her and her life is probably even more of a mess now that she moved out.

No. 1474737

Std was always a mess, but if anything, she's just emotionally messier than before since she doesn't have that smug mug that she did before, thinking she won the GF of a Loser Award. She just has wet t-shirt contests by herself, soaked with tears while dreaming a picture of an "unsent message" about missing "Syd" are signs from the universe that J-Tard misses her.

No. 1474743

Whichever anon said he looked like a normal, inquisitive baby is high; Storm treats Jonny like a weird relative he barely knows from holidays, not like his parent and protector. Jonny has no self awareness and treats him like an especially valuable accessory.

No. 1474747

Not to wk but to wk, lol Give me a break! I have counted 2 pictures and all of sudden you are acting like BBP is doing something right. For weeks! You are either one of bbps shady af buddies or you are getting messages from him in tinder dm. Pull your head out of your ass

No. 1474752

STFU carissa. Every weekend? That’s not a fact sounds like YOU have to get YOUR facts straight. We all have seen how many pics and what does it prove?? You seemed very triggered and the need to stick up for jc SMH

No. 1474755

Your tinfoil isn't fact. He didn't harm the ugly chiold. He pushed Syd.

Anons, if your heart is bReAkInG over the spawn of 2 cows that's cared for by Grandma in an actual home, you really gotta get out more. You cry over those commercials where "for less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can feed these (slow montage of children playing) children who don't know where their next meal comes from? You handing out food to poor kids in the inner city that often can't secure food on the weekend? Cow Spawn is in a stable, loving home, yet you want to sound like a bleeding heart idiot because your heart breaks that he sees his real dad more often than he used to. If he didn't see the kid like Syd doesn't, you'd talk about your hearts breaking over not having a dad that cares to see him. Take a break from Lolcow if you're getting that emotional over a cow's family.

No. 1474763

Ntayrt, but wtf is a Carissa when we're all anons?! Quit playing the guess-an-anon game. No one cares who's who.
I don't care if Jonny sees down syndrome looking baby once a year- it's still more than Std is because we should all know by now she'd post about it, along with a caption about how much baby God saved her and how much he loves her.

No. 1474780

The last time he posted him was when he was in San Jose for his court date. Not because he -wanted- to visit his son. Maybe this time sure he visited just because? But he has not been visiting storm every weekend.
He might have friends and he might have a roommate but you really think they’re taking 4 hours of drive time every weekend for Jonny to see his kid?

No. 1474792

File: 1647754877183.jpg (911.31 KB, 972x2391, Screenshot_20220319-223930_Chr…)

Interesting and specific accusation, >>1474752

No. 1474794

File: 1647755123117.jpg (278.41 KB, 1080x1614, 1631329490808 (1).jpg)

Someone is periodically pushing a narrative that Storm was taken away because he was positive for fent. Either (or likely, even) tinfoil or the local rumor mill. Enough people have problems with Syd in town that I can see how that kind of gossip would spread quickly.

No. 1474801

File: 1647756456722.jpeg (57.47 KB, 828x616, 36794B05-8899-4AF3-A2AC-9A1742…)

Are we sure this isn’t just a skid burner account. It looks brand new and she’s definitely batshit crazy enough to do that kinda shit.

No. 1474808

I think it’s just a reasonable tinfoil people have for why his child would be taken away. He’s been a junkie for years so I think this person is just running with it. We still don’t exactly know why he was taken away or what exactly their court dates have been about. It it’s clear they don’t have storm and they both don’t want to talk about it.

No. 1474847

File: 1647761371735.jpg (512.6 KB, 1054x1528, Screenshot_20220319-223707_Chr…)

It's from six months ago, before they broke up and before rehab I think? I don't think it's Syd.

No. 1474881

I think you guys are reading too much into Storm. Genuinely just looking into the phone in the picture and just being a squirmy two year old in the video. You really can’t take those two tidbits and accurately say how he is around Jonny. Once he gets older though, he will start asking questions and the long term effects of all this will start to emerge.

No. 1474988

Exactly! Two years olds squirm around, he doesn’t look scared in the slightest. Some people on here love to feed their internal narrative that BBP walks around being some evil monster or something. I don’t like the guy, but people need to get a grip

No. 1475026

I was the one who said that he didn't look terrified and was just being a normal baby. I can assure you I am not high, and that you and the original anon who posted that picture are in fact lacking even basic intelligence regarding children. Just because he may not be fully comfortable around jonny doesn't mean he's TERRIFIED. I swear some of the people in here just make up what they want.

No. 1475030

He got high in same room with kid, passed out, left kid unattended while asleep, kid falls on the floor, unresponsive, 911, run tests at the hospital, trace of fent in kids system, cps.

Not tin foil if it's true.

No. 1475037

How do you know this?

No. 1475082

File: 1647792853133.webm (2.04 MB, 746x1398, FullSizeRender.webm)

Sry it was hard to blur out the kid—prob because he was trying to get off the lap of a strange man..
I dunno bout you, but I think telling a 2yo what to say/do for an IG video is the definition of using your child as a prop.

No. 1475088

File: 1647793242081.jpeg (633.14 KB, 1169x2051, CEDE86CF-E7F8-4772-9BAA-D174BE…)

Wow it’s really obvious that BBP doesn’t give a fuck that everyone thinks he’s a joke /sarc

No. 1475094

File: 1647793537578.jpeg (138.61 KB, 1169x1618, EF7D6A3F-F746-4589-8FAA-9318A2…)

So much so, that he has to keep posting about it…
also trying to shame ppl for having actual jobs now?? Bahaha big boi goiter couldn’t get/hold a min wage job if his fentanyl supply depended on it

No. 1475095

This doesn’t make sense why BBP gets to see the kid and Syd seemingly stays away.

No. 1475154

Like we can’t see his account transfers and the late rent. Get a grip dude. Your like 40 in the same spot as a 18 year old moving out for the first time. Your a loser. Always have been always will. I can’t wait till your working at McDonald’s for minimum wage at 50 cause you did nothing with your life. I hope people take videos of throwing their ice cream back at you in the window

No. 1475157

Talking about washer up holler at me. The girl you just tried to get at told you to work at t mobile and made fun of you on Twitter. You ain’t fooling nobody fool

No. 1475159

File: 1647796450781.jpeg (196.37 KB, 1170x1625, 82332A9F-756C-4902-B4F6-F31691…)

I love that he can’t post his goiter mug without a beauty filter anymore

No. 1475160

File: 1647796555261.webm (2.46 MB, 888x1534, FullSizeRender.webm)

bleh I literally gag when I watch this

No. 1475164

File: 1647796889105.jpeg (107.37 KB, 1168x1749, 2B3CF8CC-8773-47FD-B6ED-23FCC0…)

>I aM tHe CuRvE
Ok bud we're all very patiently waiting for you to SHINEEEEEE. no pressure.

No. 1475208

File: 1647799987939.webm (7.38 MB, 888x1578, FullSizeRender.webm)

>cmon lolbro be a team player n wear this SpringBreakers-era cheugy ski mask with meeeee
These are real people y’all. Claiming to be sober. And still doing this shit n posting it for potentially thousands of people to see.

No. 1475254

Don’t post this type of stuff unless you have proof. All your doing is giving the cows fuel to be like “see the haterz are spreading lies about me!” That’s not what we’re here to do. Tinfoils, fine. But don’t say something is true unless you give proof.

No. 1475290

coming at his tinder matches kek >>>/snow/1474386 what a catch you are, Jonny.

No. 1475328

KEK he's absolutely seething

No. 1475341

File: 1647811352684.png (161.37 KB, 750x1334, B20BE329-CEF1-45AE-8F9B-A88068…)

The fuck?

No. 1475375

File: 1647813684079.jpeg (226.73 KB, 1170x1461, 95D341F1-2167-4E69-A35D-5ED79F…)


No. 1475399

Lol at the way he flips on women when he realizes he can’t get them. Like the girl who made fun of his feet and he was all “catch this dick” until she said no then he started making fun of her. Dude is walking red flag.

No. 1475406

he needs to realize he's gonna have to majorly date down from any of his exes. everyone knows of his past.

No. 1475429

How is he ripping on a women for making minimum wage when his baby momma is literally on disability and unemployed. Lol you’ve proven you’ll stick your dick in anything BBP, get off your high horse.

No. 1475432

that's why I think that if skidmark just waits it out for a few months he'll want her back just out of sheer desperation. We all know he can't survive alone. And lolbro and cobwebhead will stop caring about the stale clout eventually… also what happened to that designer dog he supposedly paid for?

No. 1475437

There was a case like this a couple years ago where I live in California, the dad OD’d and the baby died and it was all over the news. Shit like that gets traction in the media even if storm didn’t die. There would be proof somewhere.

Last time JC was in court for charges someone came in here saying he was arrested for selling drugs or some shit and was going away for 20 years. Turns out he assaulted Syd. So you can’t come here without proof.

No. 1475483

File: 1647819390555.jpeg (292.59 KB, 1284x1801, 9A90EC0B-7F3B-4BE6-A247-E7D5F3…)

This was BBPs post 20 minutes ago, could things start to be heating up?

No. 1475487

God, he’s so pissed about being told the truth, ugly as fuck. Literally one of those nice guys that says your so hot then insults you after denying him

No. 1475498

Why has he been using the “my shoes cost more than your rent” line for years now? Literally no one cares about his tiny shoes.

No. 1475499


You can tell he’s not used to being turned down

No. 1475502

File: 1647820450194.png (3.17 MB, 1170x2532, BF3E48FB-59E2-4BF4-87B1-BADFCE…)

Someone’s reading the thread again! Everyone say hi to Sydsopsycho. She probably came here to see if we were discussing her previous vague post story about “the last 24 hours have been quite the experience!” which I’m sure she posted to get attention

No. 1475504

Um isn’t he paying his rent late? I mean we saw the email, pimp

No. 1475505

nah these days he's used to being turned down. just not by mid looking chicks he's trying to get a quick bang from. he needs to be humbled.

No. 1475506

The fact that she thinks ANYONE in here is a groupie is mind boggling.

No. 1475514

I could definitely see some JC whiteknights in here being groupies. like that carissa chick

No. 1475521

File: 1647821303215.jpeg (161.73 KB, 1170x650, 7F325A13-3503-4BB7-8D07-756E51…)


No. 1475525

File: 1647821405404.jpeg (217.42 KB, 1170x785, 229435B2-AA24-4663-81B2-C2CD2D…)


No. 1475528

>Like anyone tryna fuck that hefty cow
Dude what? YOU were trying to fuck her?? or is your brain so damaged from the drugs you forgot you swiped right and then followed her on Instagram.

No. 1475534

AND he was blowing up her phone at that. ->>> >>1474386
he's so desperate

No. 1475535

File: 1647821958184.jpeg (111.61 KB, 828x1101, 896CC12C-3196-454E-8A4D-4A87A5…)

No. 1475540

anons I knew his single era would be a good time

No. 1475571

Jonny is a known loser just like SydSoStumpy now is, but this other dumb bitch is clearly trying to get attention from this. She just had to tell Twitter that he swiped right (and so did she) and how younger her would be so impressed/ashamed of the clout she thinks she'll get from this, then rushes to Twitter to say how he's just not worth it "sorry girlies", and now they're both playing like Jonny and Syd before he dumped her, both sharing their butthurt feelings about one another on social media.
It's also a known fact that men often swipe right on EVERY girl on Tinder because they can see who likes them and weed them out from there.
SydSoSingle has definitely been here this whole time so no need to hi cow her. Where else did you think the "Jonny got his chiold high on fetty" accusation came from? She's just hoping she can fool da trollz and make herself look better when she's the only one who never sees that retarded baby that didn't help her have the shotgun wedding of her dreams.

No. 1475578

The email just said the rent was paid. Anons just guessed it must be late because they assumed he wouldn't pay early. We really don't know for sure though.

No. 1475586

yeah… cows seem to attract other cows and this lady seems like a look into the sanity of any woman willing to give Jonny the time of day.

No. 1475595

Kek he has such thin skin for a goiter

No. 1475610

File: 1647826689800.jpeg (1.31 MB, 3406x2675, AEFD560C-1F00-49BC-8F57-F38F55…)

They should stop throwing around the f word. They both have the same untoned lumpy body type lmao.

No. 1475628

Who cares if she called him fat? She might be milking the attention but this thread ain’t about her and posting photos of her body makes you seem bitter as fuck.

No. 1475650

Right? What we are not going to do is go after a woman who Jonny Craig is attacking because she is doing the same shit we are but not anonymous.

No. 1475697


Also, we’d be laughing at her if she did fall for him so who’s the real winner here.

No. 1475706

What "we" ARE going to do is whatever we want to do.

No. 1475731

Cool. Be like the cow syd who harasses random women instead of focuses on Jonny. Gross

No. 1475742

Who are you replying to and why are you not saging? This was clearly the same person

No. 1475748

ok so does anyone know exactly the county all the storm stuff happened. i want to look up the case files and get the truth

No. 1475782

If it was in San Jose then it would be Santa Clara County

No. 1475787

File: 1647836343007.png (55.62 KB, 475x598, lol.png)


None of this aged well, lol

No. 1475821

Ok skidmark we get it, you’re jealous big boi goiter is swiping right on girls when he should be with the mother of his choild. 11:11 and all that crap. Grow up.

No. 1475828

the plot thickens! thanks for this deep dive, long live mess and online over-sharers.

No. 1475860

What plot? 10/12 year old posts made by a random that she likely tweeted when she was a teenager?

No. 1475887

Jonny's next girls' name is ava. Keep a lookout.

No. 1475895

Broke bitch shit. Show the statement that says you paid for your own teeth, you lumpy goblin.

He's so low value that he can't even find some dumb groupie to be impressed with his secondhand Kors anymore, so he had to move in another low value manlet for the emotional intimacy. KEK.

No. 1475900

Syd, you're going to be held to the same standard as anyone else on this message board: if you're going to make a claim about a cow, receipts or shut the fuck up. If you see your kid as much as you say you do, prove it or shut the fuck up, because no one believes a word out of your lying cow mouth.

No. 1475947

Omg he is so pressed about some rando he matched on tinder. How many times does he have to use the shoe rent line? No one is impressed jonny. You leech off every single women you dated and you were still in your dad’s apartment before syd stupidly offer herself to you. Lmao.. this dude will never stop being abusive to any woman that crossed path with him.

No. 1475962

Fuck off with this shit

No. 1475988

What does it say about Std considering he didn't leech off of her because she has nothing to offer anyone ever?

No. 1475991

Ntayrt, but cow adjacents are fair game. Like some upset anon that bitched how we have to ONLY focus on Goiter, we definitely never have and never will. Anyone trying to get with Goiter or be friends with Goiter has always and will always be fair game. You don't need to cry about it on behalf of some bitch trying to fuck a "ging".

No. 1475999

File: 1647865219202.jpg (75.04 KB, 640x1138, 276172839_505903031249710_8948…)

syd's story

No. 1476088

Hate to break it to syd, but shes not better than jc, and the mental gymnastics are not fooling anyone.
Quit trying to change the narrative for the select few people who have receipts on your harassment and stalking.
She must be so lonely. She has one friend and this thread. Oh, and court mandated child time.

No. 1476107

File: 1647875795597.png (2.06 MB, 828x1792, F102E26F-AB6F-4676-8E3D-326021…)

Omg is this why he always buy sneakers?? Cause look at how small his feet are in slippers lmao. Like its not enough that his legs are so swollen and looks even chunkier in skinny jeans. It actually makes his feet even smaller to proportion. I m loling, jonny shops in the kids section for his shoes.

No. 1476118

Proof. Or. Shut. The. Fuck. Upppppppp

No. 1476298

not her but Amanda hasn't posted about Jonny in 2 years and when she did she was responding to him

No. 1476310


fucked up to come after the kid, come on, he's an innocent. plus he is very cute

No. 1476355

Responding to things from weeks ago, hmmmm

No. 1476484

If you want anons to not state their opinion about the chiold's looks, why bring it up along with throwing in your opinion about how it looks? I think SPMC aka Son of a Pussy Man Child genuinely has a fetal alcohol syndrome face mixed with legit retardation, which makes sense since he's the child of a stubby Goiter and a stubby retard. I'm not wishing the kid harm or anything, but he's definitely been fucked in the gene pool lottery and it's already showing. Glad you insisted on bringing this up.

No. 1476489

File: 1647899621691.jpeg (273.08 KB, 1166x2011, BB2CB72A-0BE1-4233-8F59-BA8E59…)

Jonny has bigger titties than syd does

No. 1476492

This thread and a couple other cow threads always have a couple of annoying anons that say shit like "the timing of this is… iiiiinteresting", "veery suspicious that this is being posted with this language, hmm, I wonder who this is" and everytime it's literally just an anon. Cows and cow adjacents/friends are either religious about reading and then post obvious lies on here, post rebuttals on their page, or just don't read this shit because they don't care.
There's more than a couple of anons that get their feewings hurt over people not giving 2 fucks about the damn kid- nothing to hmmmm about.

No. 1476493

It's a sick, sad world when someone that painfully ugly still can't look decent with a wrinkle-smoothing heavy filter.

No. 1476509

File: 1647901359341.jpeg (388.27 KB, 1170x1458, B1A0170F-D5BE-4128-9096-AD7F24…)

The fuck is he talking about now

No. 1476561

Idk but this sounds like Vicky Shingles and how she has to state that she doesn’t want to fuck your man, he’s just a friend/tattoo client. And that women are totally threatened by her and she won’t steal yo man.

Except it’s Jonny and he’s so hot but don’t worry he won’t steal yo girl jealously isn’t a good look pussio

No. 1476681

We're not meant to know, says Jonny "Vaguepost" Craig from Munchkin Land.

No. 1476686

We refer to JC as the real Jonny Rotten around here….. He's a rotten fat bastard…. Apparently still scamming people on features so whatever you do if you're a musician do not try to work with him. He's a half ass, unprofessional sack of shit.

No. 1476688

Jonny has a short fat ween(namefag)

No. 1476691

Sounds like he’s paying a girl for nudes? Based on the money/jealousy thing? Just a shot in the dark here.

Unrelated to the above, do we know what the deal is with Syd and JC in terms of them living together? I know Big Boy Goiter was still there, and Syd was out cat sitting, but are they still cohabiting?

No. 1476697

File: 1647913627767.png (1004.44 KB, 1284x2778, 9D0583CB-F583-4B60-AACC-D81DE0…)

ok so i’m trying to dig,
in my county you can literally look up every info on someone’s case. does anybody know how to do this in the county they’re in(newfag)

No. 1476698

Lol in this triangle, Sydney is still the most pathetic of them all. At least that Mars girl had the sense not to pursue BBP further even for the lulz. She took her myspace goggles off, unlike Sydney.
Jonny is a fat, stupid, washed up druggy and Sydney the pick-me still wanted him and shat out his ugly choild.
I'm glad this girl provided us with some 2% milk kek

No. 1476719


Where have you been? She moved in with her one and only friend Megan.

No. 1476720


Weird thing for someone that supposedly has custody to say.

No. 1476723

He has to pay for nudes now? Definitely at the end of his hayday that's for sure.

No. 1476727

I honestly bet he'll crawl back to syd.

No. 1476746

Twitter chick mars is a queen, she sent him fucking spiraling KEK. He's trying so hard to cope.
He's in the 7 stages of grief now. He knows his career is dead. He probably will go back to syd once he reaches "acceptance"

No. 1476753

I thought this too, he’s paying for nudes from a girl who’s in a relationship

Jonny Craig confirmed cuck

No. 1476765

So pathetic. It looks like he's licking his wounds because he got stupid in an OF girl's dms and her boyfriend told him to btfo. What a fucking loser.

No. 1476769

File: 1647918689832.jpg (68.12 KB, 1170x2080, 277030326_328288572666313_5722…)

Syd, your magic is a pending domestic violence charge.

No. 1476833

File: 1647924104127.jpg (78.14 KB, 1080x1440, Skydmark.jpg)

Skid the narcissist justifying her outbursts as "healing".
Also lol@her deleting ig sprees. She must be so paranoid of all the people who watch her story.
Doesnt she have court soon

No. 1476912

File: 1647932257207.jpg (257.21 KB, 1080x1080, 2022_03_21_23_57_10_725.jpg)

No. 1476917

It always baffles me how Narcissists have issues with so many people throughout their life, constantly involved in drama and lashing out at people verbally, think everyone but themselves is the problem.

No. 1476918

They have court in may I believe

I feel like skid is building up to a narrative that explains why storm was taken away. And of course she will be the victim and JC is the whole reason. Eventually it will come out in court what happened. The state seems adamant about pushing charges and they hired an outside attorney. So the charges seem pretty serious.

No. 1477023

No matter what tattoo is on your face syd. You are still a stalker. Acting like you dont make finstas to harass women please get your life together

Also where are the mods? The namefagging is getting old.. 3 from last night?

No. 1477024

If thats the case this is hilarious. Any lawyer on the case would google her and find this thread… oh man, shes FUCKED

No. 1477213

Oh no, not names! The horror!(newfag)

No. 1477426

AYRT and I just looked up to see if JC was represented by the same attorney but he has a public defender which I found interesting. I had assumed they were both represented by the same lawyer but that’s not the case at all.

Big boy goiter should stop spending everyone’s rent on his shoes every week and hire a real attorney kek

No. 1477512

That's a big indicator that std will try to spin it as Jonny's fault.
That's also a big indicator that's collecting crazy money, I mean, disability, as there's a large network of free lawyers for anyone who gets disability. Syd is perpetually jobless and Mom is financially caring for the calf.

No. 1477522

Sorry for having a touch of the 'tism, but I remember the day an anon called her "skid" and a few others seemed to think it was hilarious, but I'm still befuddled everytime I see it. I don't really get it, or maybe I do, but just don't find it as funny and clever as anons using it all the time…
Is the joke that she's a streak of shit on (Jonny's) tightie whities? Or is it because of the speed at which Papa Goiter skidded to a stop when she unleashed her crazy beast too many times?

No. 1477531

It’s just a nickname it’s not that deep.

No. 1477571

File: 1647985809027.jpeg (89.31 KB, 828x412, 454968C2-C308-4688-9FCD-6AED01…)

I’m the one who actually stated it and it’s because where I’m from skid is a term for like a emo loser and it sounds so similar to syd. I think a lot of anons think it means skid mark which also makes sense and is jokes af.

No. 1477762

File: 1647993084154.jpg (488.67 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220322-165105_Pho…)

Skid so enlightened

No. 1478167

all meanings are suitable. Sydney England is a metaphorical skid-mark. She is but a shit stain on this earth.

No. 1478177

She has none of that, not even a bag. She is a welfare medicaid mom. She doesn't even get marriage benefits because jonny never married her lol. If she's on disability she probably gets like $1400 max for that. I feel bad for her choild.

No. 1478382

File: 1648025488995.png (245.89 KB, 1440x2621, Screenshot_20220323-044842.png)

Hate to break it to ya Jonny but if anyone tells you they don't think you're stupid, they're lying

No. 1478442

File: 1648031761797.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1284x2232, 836C234E-4B32-4A17-B9F5-90BABC…)

goes to the gym for two weeks dAmN iM cUt

Ok BBP how about you flex that bloated belly for everyone

No. 1478449

His hands are so puffy it looks like he's wearing gloves. Why is he draping them over his face like an egirl? Honestly such low T energy

No. 1478475

He’s looking better not going to lie, I bet he could get to the same level of attractiveness he was at his prime

No. 1478478

Girl you are insane, the amount of drugs hes ingested over the years will never allow him to go back to his “hot bod” in his 20s

No. 1478488

You’re an actual weirdo for saying this, he’s a bloated man child who abuses women.

No. 1478511


Sorry big mush pimpin but that shower selfie says otherwise your chest muscles and collar bones are nonexistent

No. 1478515

Ahhh this makes sense! Thank you!!

No. 1478612

KEK don’t be mean nona.

No. 1478684

lol seriously only a stupid person would be concerned about that. people who are confident and know what they're doing couldn't give af if others underestimate them.

how HOW could any sane female come within ten feet of that thing!?? no wonder he's gotta pay girls for their company/nudes (allegedly, or whatever the fuck he's talking about here >>1476509

No. 1478693

Can confirm skid is on a blocking spree - been following her for the past 2 years and following here on lolcow but I've never posted here before let alone interacted with her other than a liked photo once or twice. Suddenly I'm blocked on both her main and her art profile. I don't know what her goal is here but like, maybe, instead of blocking your 14k followers you just like… stop posting stupid things on the internet and you won't have to worry about people's judgment? I mean when she went dark socially for those few days there was nothing to post here…. just saying.

No. 1478717

File: 1648053069069.jpg (303.32 KB, 1080x1524, Npdskydz.jpg)

I wish I could be a fly on the wall during her mentally ill blocking sprees. I think it will get to the point she will start blocking friends if she suspects them. She must live with extreme paranoia to go out of her way like this. She hasn't and will never block me so her ig stories will continue to be posted here KEK. Keep on suspecting Sydney, you narcissistic twat.

No. 1478766

For anyone who can't view her stories but want to, this website currently works for viewing them anonymously. It's also an easy way to download them

No. 1478854

It also once again proves you couldn’t possible have a child in your care when all you do is go thru your Instagram followers and block people in between the million stupid things she posts. She will do anything except work towards getting her kid back. I will never sage so keep blocking it. Nothing people are talking about is newsworthy. Get a life(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1478867

Almost the exact same thing for me, I’ve been following her for at least a year and never watch her stories or anything so she’s really just going down her followers list blocking random people. She’s going to have no followers left if she keeps it up.

No. 1478950

I thought these were Syd's stumpy lil legs

No. 1478961

Ohhh like the methy emo dudes in Letterkenny! Just made that connection

No. 1478969

The closest Syd's ever gotten to 'securing the bag' was getting $100 headphones that BBP keeps for himself, kek

No. 1479064

File: 1648067862835.jpeg (1.85 MB, 1284x2375, 6C29F989-9590-4184-A799-1D7515…)

stumpy boi pimpin at it again

No. 1479067

lmao why is he squeezing his double chin? his hands look like a corpse fished out of the water after days

No. 1479110

Skid you left your deodorant behind you stinky bitch

No. 1479131

File: 1648070483017.jpeg (427.5 KB, 787x2041, F907D05F-0ECE-4D66-8533-1DB36E…)

Confused, what’s going on with his lower body? Is it just a perspective thing?

No. 1479139

perspective + wearing one of those extra long tshirts that are "trendy" right now + manlet body is what's happening here, i'm guessing

No. 1479185

No you’re right now that you’ve pointed it out I think its just the long shirt, his legs are probably a lot higher. sorry I’m retarded.

No. 1479292

A turd returning to it's prime is still just a microwaved turd

No. 1479298

Are they trendy right now? I feel like he is literally the only person who still dresses like this and it’s really not a good look. Short fat men shouldn’t wear shirts like this lol

No. 1479301

this image haunts my dreams now, thank you.

No. 1479306

kek, the dig at syd..

No. 1479307

Sort of. I see kids in their early 20s who do the whole long shirt + khaki combo but they're typically tall and their jeans don't look like they're painted on kek. This is absolutely a case of arrested development. He has some ugly ass shoes and murses tho.

No. 1479400

sorry incoming for OT sperg but yeah, it's called a longline shirt & is quite popular in streetwear rn, but usually for tall people as >>1479307 said.

personally think they look dumb as fuck regardless of what body type they're on but we all know jc gravitates toward stupid trendy shit (funko pops, these-cost-more-than-your-rent sneakers, etc) so it's not surprising this is what he chooses to dress in kek. keep turning out lewks old man jonny!!

No. 1479404

File: 1648083107352.jpeg (59.67 KB, 828x1213, 769B1CF7-994D-4974-8214-65B533…)

They’re not really unfortunate events if they’re just consequences of your own actions skidney.

No. 1479450

Yeah I know plenty of parents and they don’t have as much time as this bitch does to be browsing memes and emo shit all day. Just seeing how much she reposts gives a great idea of how many hours she spends scrolling. She probably spent hours scrolling that unsent message IG looking for ones with her name kek. She doesn’t have a child in her care, give me a break.

No. 1479451

I think he’s just hiding his double chin which he’s insecure about.

No. 1479461

Anyone else notice skid removed all the pictures of our pillsbury doughboy from her Instagram?i really would’ve expected her to keep them up for “clout”

No. 1479636

Maybe she’s so insecure that she’s blocking female followers in general?

No. 1479664

Yeah it was posted a few weeks ago >>1461167

No. 1479744

File: 1648123309359.png (1.24 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220324-075904.png)

pfff, you literally cheated on him and talked major shit every chance you got, but yeah, you were so good to him

No. 1479830

>She probably spent hours scrolling that unsent message IG looking for ones with her name kek.
Kek what???

No. 1479835

Ever since goiter boy shouted us out, we’ve had an influx of retarded newfags that are on the same level as him.

No. 1479897

File: 1648137804628.jpg (470.82 KB, 1080x2220, Ig screenshot.jpg)

Syd trying to show off her fridge body on IG. She also keeps posting infographics with about her self-diagnoses adhd. Homegirl needs to diagnose herself with narcissistic personality disorder first kek
If she really had storm she would be posting about it nonstop. No way would she have him and not post every miniscule milestone even to "protect his privacy" shes too narcissistic kek

No. 1479970

been about it

No. 1479975

Doughy fridge goblin

No. 1479976

Two mentally ill narcs thirst-posting their ~gains~ after poorly working out and sweating. Funny tho how skid decided to “work out” after JC posts a couple times about going to the gym and how “cut” he is kek
They’re so transparent.

No. 1480030

I’m not a new fag I’ve been here since the first thread and post plenty of milk for you ungrateful anons. I’m not sure what is hard to understand about what I wrote. I was referencing this IG she reposted

No. 1480114

You worded what you said in a dumbass way. Calm down.

No. 1480137

Not to mention they think there are any noticeable differences after a few weeks of working out? Lol the delusion

No. 1480142

Yeah idk what the confused even was? It made perfect sense to me. You said she spent hours scrolling that Instagram page for a post with her name on it. Some people just don’t know how to read.

No. 1480185

>I post “milk”, therefore I am immune to anyone roasting my poor grammar commentary that reads like ESL
Go touch some grass

No. 1480405

The only way I could have written it differently was to put the “unsent messages” in quotations and maybe added a word or a comma. I’m really sorry if you don’t know how to read. Let me rewrite it for you since you’re having so much trouble.

She probably spent hours scrolling that “unsent messages” IG page looking for a post with her name on it, kek.

Didn’t realize lolcow was so adamant about grammar or punctuation being correct but I’ll do better friend!

And yes I’m going to talk about providing milk when I’m being called a new fag, it has nothing to do with my grammar being “roasted.” Going to touch some grass now, maybe you could try too.

No. 1480514

New here. I've gone through 9+ threads & can't seem to find where the talk began about Syd cheating. Would there be someone willing to point me in the right direction? Thx in advance.

No. 1480540

Read the green text description at the top of this thread. Scroll thru til you see the part about syd cheating, it’s right after she went off on someone for sympathizing with Jonny about his friend dying. The blue numbers are links to the posts your looking for.

No. 1480593

File: 1648181010951.jpeg (467.28 KB, 2399x1919, C9D3D562-A28B-41B1-B2FF-2347F1…)

jonny breaks up with sydney.
jonny says he wants a girl that reads.
jonny says he loves lotr.
jonny starts working out every day.
sydney doesn’t know how to read so she starts posting multiple lotr memes every other day.
sydney starts “working out” and has “always been about it”.
jonny still wants nothing to do with sydney.
sydney sleeps alone again while jonny out here living his “best life bruv”.

does that mean if jonny gets high on heroin, sydney will pick it up so me might finally notice her uWu? please do. i pray every day.

this shit is down right embarrassing to watch. why don’t you invest time in discovering your own personality for once instead of globbing you little midget hands onto shit you think people will like you for. even her most confident posts scream insecure.

No. 1480604

File: 1648181499111.jpeg (506.05 KB, 1009x1839, DDE96733-656C-4575-BEA6-749C10…)

Embarrassing is right. She posted this to her story so I fixed it for her. Dumb cunt.

No. 1480607

Learn to sage this non-milk and keep your cringe edits to yourself, retard

No. 1480615

File: 1648183625968.jpeg (200.59 KB, 1170x2169, 5FB66905-4100-46A3-B4B2-E53044…)

Syd did a “what’s wrong with me” filter and got “nothing.” I wonder how many times she had to refilm the story til she got that answer. Well I paused it on the correct answer for you syd!

No. 1480618

anon your behaviour is also embarrassing, like wtf is this kek.

No. 1480625

Tagging myself in this one, I'm the out of trend Betty bangs that she insists on sporting even though they only make her look like the most try hard, pick me, basic of bitches on the internet kek

No. 1480632

Kek are they even Bettie bangs though? Looks like a bowl cut

No. 1480670

I think she’s really pretty

No. 1480719

it’s a fake cover-up tattoo that says “embarrassing” over her already embarrassing “ethereal” tattoo. sorry you guys are suddenly too cool to make fun of her dumb fucking face tattoo.

i thought i saged. my bad, you sour virago.

No. 1480724

in:b4 someone calls me retarded for accidentally swapping the replies. i’m aware. please redirect your anger at these two well-deserving bums.

No. 1480727

With how bpd you sound one could only wish this was a self-hating Syd edit and self-post lmfao. You're not wrong though, she might as well have "embarrassing " stamped over her shitty tattoo choices. Wonder what she'll do once the anger of being 'abandoned' finally sets in. Cause y'all know she'll never admit to herself that her erratic cunty behavior caused even a washed up has-been, whom she shares a CHIOLD with, to nope the fuck out.

No. 1480738

She can suck it in and flex those non existent abs all she wants. She’s as doughy as they come. Sis probably can’t do a single squat or sit up.

No. 1480876

>>1480604 this looks like a teenager from 2005.

No. 1480900

Ok syd, the only person who keeps commenting “shes really pretty” through this last thread. Funny how it started after the breakup?
Shes so narcissistic its pathetic. Too busy to take care of storm, but plenty of time to eye fuck her reflection.

No. 1480953

I just think it’s funny how she tries so hard to push her lips out in every single picture to make them look bigger. Just save your pennies and get the fillers of your dreams. Spoiler alert, jonny still won’t love you.

No. 1480959

Sage or not you’re still being embarrassing, your edit is just not funny or clever nonnie. Just calm down.

No. 1480972


How has her makeup gotten even worse

No. 1481017

File: 1648220446379.jpg (118.98 KB, 416x600, tonsure.jpg)

KEK she butchered her bangs and looks like a monk now. Maybe she can shave a patch on top next

No. 1481034

ur right, she's really pretty for a single deadbeat mother who lost custody of her only child because staying in an abusive relationship with a heroin addict was more important!

No. 1481061

File: 1648224275073.png (294.46 KB, 750x1334, B0018D33-7FD1-433F-86E1-616958…)

No. 1481063

Funny thing is, I could totally see syd doing something like that because she thought it made her unique.

No. 1481073

Surely someone who progressed beyond the third grade would know it's isle, not all. But what is 2020 supposed to add to this? 20/20 vision or what? What does that have to do with telling someone to stay in their lane?

No. 1481082

Kek hes so out of it, he doesn't know what year it is?! Killllllin me smalls, too good. Hes trying to embarrass her, but its equally cringe for him

No. 1481087

> She’s as doughy as they come
Go awayyyy anachan. She’s as average as they come. Hardly doughy, hardly skinny. Her body is just normal. I hate anons acting like normal sized girls are fat as fuck. Eat a piece of bread please so you can see and think straight.

No. 1481089

Most of you are just as stupid and lame as syd and JC…. Sorry I'm not well educated on weird chat form lingo or how to use or rely…… Probably because I'm not a fat internet troll who has nothing better to do but post on shit like this….(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1481090

Look skid you finally got what you wanted, he acknowledged you on Instagram. Relationship goals!

No. 1481091

he's def talking about Skid here and I loveeee it

No. 1481095

Find the rules and learn to READ them you dumb as fuck retard. You spend enough time staring at this thread. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the /rules/ link and educate yourself. What a concept

No. 1481097

NAYRT but doughy doesn't have to mean "fat as fuck". i dont see anyone here calling her "fat as fuck", so keep your own securities to yourself. doughy as in NO muscle tone, flabby, not as in "fat as fuck" - something you just made up.

"i hate anons acting like normal sized girls are fat as fuck" - again no one called her fat as fuck. she's one of the worst human beings on the planets so anons are just calling her out on whatever they can. if it bothers you don't contribute and ignore it? posting stuff like this won't make anons stop.

No. 1481099

Maybe its desperation, maybe its Maybeline

No. 1481104

it was posted the same day that she shared it. not wking, i definitely agree that she spends a pathetic amount of time on social media

No. 1481109

You mean aisle but I think he just meant lane check as in staying in your lane (which still doesn't make sense because it's [[current year]]).

No. 1481111

>>1481089 and yet… here you are.
Didn't you say you've been here since first thread? You had enough time to come back and check to see if people responded to you. Clearly, you had nothing better to do, right?

No. 1481128

>insulting the cows
>insulting the farmers
>sucks own dick
Kek imaging coming here of all places to feel superior. Take your sad life-projections somewhere else. Like, to a therapist.

NTA but I think doughy is a perfect description? She’s “skinny fat”. Doughy. Average. She’s acting like she’s “been about” the gym. She’s posting her body, it’s fair game to talk about it.

No. 1481143

You all are so stupid… Arguing with each other on this thread….. I bet you're all doughy broke bastards(retard)

No. 1481156

>>1481143 Hardly a flex, how's that pending court case going Merch Mama? Or are you lashing out because you've made no lasting connections in life - including your own child.

No. 1481230

Aaaaaaand he already deleted it

No. 1481240

No even close but tbh I’d rather be chubby and broke than a ugly delusional unemployed cum dumpster who lost custody for choosing a fat junkie over my own flesh and blood. To each their own I guess.

No. 1481266

File: 1648237499162.jpeg (1.16 MB, 3464x2098, 1145FFD4-00EC-43D8-B150-808AE7…)

BBP never posts without this “bad cats” filter anymore, he’s still desperately trying to get woman and failing so he’s hoping using a lens that cuts 15 years off his ugly mug will help. Big boi catfish.

No. 1481303

>mid 70s/ low 80s outside for the last few days
I think you mean you like to flex on designer items you bought when you were bringing in an income years ago.

No. 1481312

If one of his friends didn’t pity gift it to him like those ugly Gucci glasses, then his sugar momma taytay probably bought it for him way back when.

No. 1481314

He’s built like a Total Drama Island character

No. 1481326

She’s very average looking, she’s just good at using angles and filters and lighting to her advantage because she spends every waking moment of her life on instagram.

No. 1481403

File: 1648248347356.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, B72A6490-9902-4987-B8BC-066657…)

Worlds hottest mom, you guys. Watch out

No. 1481408

File: 1648248754461.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, C373DDFE-CC1C-4A64-B9FD-8572DC…)

I just noticed that not shortly after Larkin was first mentioned and posted in this thread, syd is now skin walking and try to cut her hair like hers?

No. 1481412

File: 1648249005389.jpeg (37.34 KB, 249x333, AB5D8434-2498-42DD-B95D-0C397E…)

No. 1481414

>>1481408 she had short bangs before in the past.

No. 1481427

Pure coincidence, she already had this sped hair cut like a months ago >>1450465

No. 1481436


I think she’s just trying to look the way she did when she first trapped Jonny in some desperate attempt to make him thirst over her again.

No. 1481449

Probably because someone said his ex was the reason for the blue eye song and Syd needed to feel special again

No. 1481464

Kek she posts shit like she's thriving and doesn't need the guy she dumped her chiOLD for, posting memes about moving on from a man that failed to keep such a lOyAl and lOvInG whooaaa-man, then Jonny shatters her larp by admitting how she's just annoying tf out of him like a stalker.
You know you're looking extra retarded and immature when Jonny is the most mature between the two.

No. 1481480

File: 1648255279721.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1300, 4D0E1C1D-736D-4ECB-A8D0-FC65D9…)

Hey Jonny I know a merch mama if you’re looking to hire! Kek syd is probably having major “fomo” right now

No. 1481492

I would've killed to see her face when she read
his post, she tried larping as an abuse victim
and BBP put her in her place reeeal fckin quick
Bet syd is throwing a tantrum rn.

No. 1481544

File: 1648260869152.jpeg (266.34 KB, 828x1461, 50E308D8-CEDA-4F88-B14A-D58E27…)

Or maybe they just don’t larp that their life is perfect and lie to everyone about the truth. Skid should try being real for once. Where’s Storm Merch Mama kek

No. 1481581

How immature of her to vague post on ig behind this persons back instead of being an adult and telling them to their face. Has she completely given up the facade of her being an empath? Because this isn’t how an empath acts. I’m not suprised tho. Her “friendships” are probably incredibly one sided. If they aren’t focusing all their attention on her, listening to her problems, listening to whatever she wants to flap her gums about, that doesn’t work for her. I really loath this bitch lol

No. 1481633

File: 1648269345805.jpeg (752.57 KB, 750x901, 78367CC3-C714-4116-82C7-8FAF43…)


No. 1481638

File: 1648269687260.jpeg (123.67 KB, 410x446, 3CCA52F7-2CBB-4C0B-84A0-CF9B9A…)

Them eyebrows tho

No. 1481643


No. 1481645

File: 1648269908261.png (924.95 KB, 828x1792, 98A993CC-C533-458E-9CE3-3A6B0B…)

anyone want to pay to go to a BBQ didn’t think so

No. 1481700

No it’s all fake designer stuff he bought in rehab. He makes sick with his need to announce designer names like it’s impressing anyone. People who buy these things done have to say it it can speak for itself.

No. 1481718

File: 1648276155108.jpg (11.86 KB, 210x300, s-l300.jpg)

why she looks like a lego

No. 1481733

File: 1648277294899.jpg (157.39 KB, 1080x1215, Screenshot_20220325-234515_Ins…)

She's so frightening when she's in love bomb mode. These people have no idea what they're in for when she crashes.

No. 1481781

the funniest part is that she thinks posting about being an empath on her instagram stories daily reinforces to her followers that that's who she is… but she forgets that they also have seen her act like an outright child throwing temper tantrums and passive aggressive bitch over the years too. most of them HAVE to be clued into how completely delusional she is about being empathetic and spiritual. she can say it all she wants, but her actions say–no yell–otherwise.

No. 1481869

File: 1648289549478.jpg (104.93 KB, 1080x1664, Screenshot_20220326-100740_Chr…)

she still thinks she's a hot mom

No. 1481887

File: 1648292049286.jpg (120.05 KB, 820x892, Remini20220326115302975.jpg)

No. 1481897

File: 1648292706301.jpg (27.56 KB, 782x161, Screenshot_20220326-110315_Ins…)

next thread pic

No. 1481933

What in the good god damn hell is up with her thighs and calves? They look like an obese 40 yr olds legs.

No. 1481947

>hottest mom
She looks like a lego with down syndrome here holy shit

No. 1481950

First thing I saw was that calf. Wtf? Also it looks like she’s wearing a nightgown kek. I love when we get to see pics of her taken by other people. A whole different person.

No. 1481980

I just find it so strange how she spends so much time taking pictures that make her look hotter than she actually is, but then posts this weird dumpy ugly stuff. You would think she'd pouring over these to make sure they match all the fake filtered pouting posts. Maybe she knows it's ugly but just needs to prove she goes out in public and has 'friends' . (Betting she got a stranger to take this though)

No. 1482035

>they decided to catch up
>searches “JC and syd”
>finds this thread
>JC loses another fan in the small pool he has remaining to watch him “sing” his lyrics as he reads from his phone on the next “tour”

Great move jonny boi. Just admit you love people being in your personal business, otherwise you wouldn't make it such PUBLIC entertainment for all to watch. With the TND threads included, he has how many threads now?
Hes such a narc, and with no talent, money, or respect to show for it.

No. 1482039

File: 1648306599846.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1170x1999, F47D41C5-C0CD-4A69-AE75-231CB8…)

I love that his “friends” let him walk around like this. You’re your own woman-repellent, goiter boi blimpin.

No. 1482049

Maybe he likes wearing dresses lmaooooooo

No. 1482079

Who tf talks to their friend like that? They both sound so fake and cringy. It's all meaningless weird fluff

No. 1482091

He looks like someone is currently strangling him and put him in a dress for it.

No. 1482092

File: 1648311312368.jpeg (158.44 KB, 750x568, B9479EFA-D80E-4C37-88F1-1C26FF…)

Hottest mom in the world

No. 1482096

Look at that deflated balloon looking titty. It’s so small… it honestly looks strange. Omfg. I can’t believe she actually posted this(tit sperg)

No. 1482126

There are sexy ways to do side boob…. But this is NOT IT.
Imagine having parents who only eyefuck themselves on a stupid app that wont matter in 10 years instead of growing up and accepting the real role as mom and dad.
That kid is going to have so many self esteem issues when it clicks for Storm that he was aways a prop and never important enough.
AND neither of them are hot.

No. 1482229

File: 1648319680018.png (171.22 KB, 828x1792, FBE7C771-9E74-4808-8425-B0812C…)

No. 1482242

Kinda sus you got this within 12 seconds of it being posted. Anyway, nice attempt at a burn Syd, but it's even more embarassing you're commenting about it, when he's long moved on from interacting with or posting about you.

No. 1482252


I feel so creepy saying this but her boobs literally look under developed. They look like mine did when I first got boobs.

No. 1482303

You safe police are so annoying. I just keep changing my IP address cause I don’t give a fuck and it’s funny it bothers you. Get a life(retard)

No. 1482314

You'd rather go thru the hassle than type sage?


You want an award?

No. 1482322

No it’s because I respond to shit just like everyone else but the sage police are like nazis. Get a grip it’s a fucking trash talking site and you got your panties in a bunch. People like you is why people don’t want to post milk here and have given shit to people like turtle mom instead or they give milk once and you all jump down their throats. It’s like a bunch of Jonny Craig’s in here with the little bitch shit

No. 1482326

That is the most disingenuine and awkwardly arranged side boob setup I've ever seen. Syd so desperate, do you realize how many people are cringing on your behalf?

No. 1482328

Maybe you didn't bother to read the rules of the site, but the reason why not saging pisses people off, is because it bumps the thread to the top of the list on the homepage and in catalog view. Unsaged posts and thus bumping the thread indicates there's new milk and something worthwhile to read, not a retard who's so indignant about doing it they'd rather just change their IP address and keep doing it, like a retard

No. 1482333

This haircut was appropriate for the time kek
Then we get this larping the scene days 10 years later
Embarrassing. Imagine how gross and creepy she'll act towards storm as he grows up. Storm will be a future reddit user posting in "raisedbynarcissists"
>posted 12 seconds ago
I wonder if lego faced syd comes to lolcow as a form of self harm

No. 1482335

dude, whenever she is not in control of the camera she turns out so pudgy hahaha. suck it in, syd!!

No. 1482338

>>1482322 you seem to be the only one on little bitch shit. Trying to be cool by not saging to try and "stick it" to others in here. I bet you and syd would be great friends.

No. 1482347

That’s exactly what I thought, they look sooo weird…. but better watch out you might get a “tit sperg” warning (even tho that was my only comment about them?)

These mods are retarded as fuck

No. 1482350

Syd got them silver dollar pancake titties, if you can even call them that

No. 1482356

Who are you even talking to? Lmfaooo this comment made no sense.

Funny Syd posted this tho, first Jonny embarrasses her with his story now it’s her turn to call him out for being broke lmao

No. 1482369

Are you stupid? Clearly, I was talking to the person who posted the screenshot, where it literally shows that Syd had posted it "12s" ago.

No. 1482380

She looks like if you poked her, she would retain the finger indent. Like a corpse with edema.

No. 1482422

Stfu im the reason why everyone found out Shiddney is bat shit. You're welcome.

No. 1482423

Would you look at that, I forgot to sage lmao

No. 1482427

File: 1648330700881.jpg (155.43 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220326-142602.jpg)

No. 1482433

File: 1648330881929.jpg (103.25 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220326-142606.jpg)

No. 1482434

File: 1648330911203.jpg (159.63 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220326-142609.jpg)

No. 1482455

lol is this your claim to fame, cow? i know sydney has at least 5 old friends in here who have shed way more light on how psychotic she is than some internet dweeb. why are you even bragging about that anyways? go touch grass, weirdo.

No. 1482469

bro, you’re so embarrassing lol. do you dedicate more time to ban evading or bragging about it? you’re not even like—sticking it to anyone. you just come off as obsessive and weird. like oh, wow, you evaded ban again. you must be so clever! first one to do that ever. so brave. so unique.

No. 1482489

>>1482422 Anyone who has a phone and an instagram has been able to see that for themselves. She allowed everyone to find out on her own behalf. The fact that you believe that makes you even more embarassing and sad than you already are.

No. 1482765

It literally takes a second and the fact that it bothers you guys so much yes I do get enjoyment because you all flip about saving in a post where we talking about other people’s lives and dissect them. You get a life instead of constantly complaining about the people who don’t sage in here. So yeah I will Glady take a second out of my day to irritate you(still sperging)

No. 1482821

>brain-dead-junkie spelling and grammar
This is me not “hi cow”-ing

No. 1483012

File: 1648357958576.png (801.42 KB, 1440x2569, Screenshot_20220327-005702.png)

Barf. Can't believe men in their 30s talk like this

No. 1483013

File: 1648357994037.png (387.11 KB, 828x1792, 1112AD31-CED2-4EBC-BAE6-9C3960…)

Actually my bad, she just posted more passive aggressive stories about one of JC’s friend Tai and calling his partner/gf hefty, saying tai is trying to sell his car before turning homeless - in response to his post. Also syd you literally have no ground to make fun of someone careers and being homeless?? You are squatting in someone elses house rn?? (Also she deleted the 2nd post way too fast)

No. 1483015

File: 1648358039171.png (1.59 MB, 1440x2568, Screenshot_20220327-005706.png)

Looks like BBP may have set his sights on his next victim

No. 1483025

if they've spent enough time in here with each other they may have sync'd up by now.

No. 1483026

>syd is self posting here because shes getting no attention anywhere else.
>so desperate for any attention shes trying to make more drama so we pay attention
>she needs the haterz more than a job, a home, or her child
>still has zero tact posting here

No. 1483030

This lady is in her 30’s with a 2 year old daughter and is still choosing to associate with (or fuck) BBP for some clout…

No. 1483056

Always trying to paint JC's female friends or potential partners as v i c t i m s is getting old. Get jobs or something, constantly bullying the guy isn't a good look

No. 1483071

oh sorry forgot this was a website where we praise the cows

No. 1483104

File: 1648364027938.jpeg (7.52 KB, 483x161, 1a8.jpeg)

Does…does she think this is a burn?

No. 1483137

>>1483007 I somehow doubt he 'wanted' a kid with her. I think it just happened so he was like.. okay.

No. 1483153

File: 1648366214661.jpg (278.35 KB, 1170x2080, 277416290_1434236290327515_697…)

Dillon is such a weird little sycophant. It's strange that he's so down for such a trash human. Like, who wants to be permanent passenger Jonny Craig's live-in driver and emotional support groupie? Is he just a really bad clout chaser..? Like a hound dog with a broken sniffer..?

No. 1483184

Exactly lol syd he probably just wanted a place to crash that is not his dad’s spare room but you’re dumb enough to have a child with him.

No. 1483206

Yea. Having a kid could be an amazing feat… when both people actually become parents. Theres nothing impressive about throwing “motherhood” in anyones face when you lost custody of the kid.
In this case her and JC use the kid as nothing more than a tool for manipulation.
In reality, for two idiots glued to their screens, they couldn't bother to learn safe sex to spare the kid the tragedy of growing up knowing their parents cared more about insta clout than raising/loving him.
But sure BBP; all the ladies want you in your lil tee shirt dress. Syd, we all cant cope with the envy we get seeing you eye fuck yourself in insta filters. And self posting here is not cringey at all.
Friendly reminder, both of you could stop adding fuel to the bonfire that is your drama, but you are so desperate for any form of attention you’ll do anything to keep the milk coming.

No. 1483243

cringe sydney posting stories aimed at making jonny mad or jealous like he gives a flying fuck what she does. he hasn’t cared for a loooooooong time honey.

No. 1483298

>he hasn’t cared for a loooooooong time honey.

cringe jc groupie

No. 1483312

File: 1648377862192.jpeg (1 MB, 1125x1903, E54AEB40-90CB-4015-A39B-5826C7…)

No. 1483339

Jonny has been a cow longer than Syd, the JC fanboys need to make their own fandom space elsewhere. Weird what this thread developed into the second they broke up.

Jonny's filter abuse, selfie spam, and teenager drama has been just as bad as Syds, he's not cared in "looong time"? He was literally posting their drama on Snapchat 2 days ago >>1481061

Interesting that she has a daughter. I was surprised to see him sticking to the "I'm the best dad ever" stuff, but maybe it's to impress her.

No. 1483363

File: 1648382020444.png (1.78 MB, 1284x2778, F2890458-DE6D-488D-A17D-996836…)

Looks like Syd is talking about Taylor.

No. 1483364

File: 1648382041169.png (4.91 MB, 1284x2778, B3E53DD9-CCD7-42D0-A7D1-6DC40B…)

No. 1483365

File: 1648382068874.png (8.88 MB, 1284x2778, 4538AB49-C450-4837-B339-3C137F…)

No. 1483476

Am I the only one who isn’t understanding how this person >>1483243 is a “Jonny groupie” for stating a fact, aka that Jonny probably hasn’t cared about syd for a long time?

Is this still just Syd posting in the thread calling people Jonny groupies/fans or what?

And why was Syd’s post replying to Tai deleted when so many anons here replied to it? What’s happening in this thread lately lol

No. 1483557

There's just as many low functioning retards in this thread lately, as shaynas. Between the constant infighting and the ban evading IP loser, and this groupie shit, I'm getting brain damage reading most of these posts. My guess is it's either Syd or JC or their loser friends constantly trying to derail the milk.

No. 1483679

Stable empath right here. She definitely worked hard on improving that mental health, thank God./s

No. 1483680

wow, such an empath!

No. 1483684

Kek she’s so mad big goiter has a type. Filler isn’t permanent, unlike her garbage face tattoos.

She’s aware nicki minaj is like 90% plastic right?

No. 1483720

I get a feeling that syd has been lurking on this thread more than she ever has lol

No. 1483729

Yeah it’s probably her only way to check up on Jonny. I’m sure he blocked her on socials

No. 1483761

make it more obvious that you’re mad that you’re too poor to buy lip injections, syd. this screams insecurity.

No. 1483765

The groupie energy oozing from this thread… You guys realize Jonny is NOT a prize right? Let us remember that every woman who chooses to associate with Jonny is absolute shit. Being Jonny's type is not a compliment. I know some of you are just saying some of this to get under Syds skin, but there are also some weird women out there chomping at the bit for some of goiters clout, good or bad. Who else would care enough to race to the threads and let us know how moved on Jonny is, if not some wannabe Instagram famous clout chasers he's been dm'ing. As much as we hate to admit it, Jonny always has orbiters, desperate to be picked. I mean look, Syd gained 10k insta followers just for having unprotected sex with the guy.

Anyway I'll always be weary of replies along the lines of "Oh syd, he's moved on, TRUST me ;)"

No. 1483767

bro, literally no one is complimenting jonny. are you guys on crack? stop getting confused by the influx of people hating on sydney.

No. 1483784

No. 1483806


Says the cunt with a giant shitty "ETHEREAL" tat and her child who she doesn't even sees' initials scratched into her face in LiveLaughLove font. God she is fucking awful, truly.

No. 1483818

Where is said post where syd is talking about tai’s gf?? Why was it deleted? Can whoever post it post it again? Absolutely no reason for the mods to delete that, like I said they are retarded as fuck.

It’s annoying hearing about milk and it’s not posted on the thread nor is it on syd’s stories.

No. 1483836

File: 1648407658403.jpeg (166.62 KB, 828x1457, 1648357627105.jpeg)

NTA who posted it originally, I just haven't refreshed the page yet. This is the only one missing and it's not even that interesting. Looks like it was in response to >>1483013

No. 1483842

Taylor is still better than you in every way, shape, form. Taylor was the real love of his life. She bought him whatever he wanted, NEVER lashed out at a friend or fan of his out of jealousy, she wasn’t an insecure psycho