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No. 1533736

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and please type ‘sage’ into the email field if you are not posting anything milky/important so that the thread is not bumped!

Last Thread:

The basic rundown:
> jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse towards his exes. pretty much any woman he comes into contact with, he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
> before his relationship with Sydney England, he had a toxic and drug-fueled relationship with and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - jonny is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
> after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
> enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall/minnieskins. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
> since syd gave birth there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, warranting her and jonny their own thread, though now they’ve separated, so their threads becoming separate may be inevitable. until then…

Old milk:
>syd starts a gofundme for "personal situations" >>1234541, >>1234881 but it seems to be going towards hair and lash extensions >>1244430 (later revealed to be to cover for the car accident she caused with the guy she was cheating on jonny with) jonny’s ex amanda shows up on the donations >>1242157
> Jonny goes to jail for domestic violence >>1088190 and pleads guilty his last court date was feb 1st at 9am >>1090762
> >>1090779 Storm has unknown surgery but syd doesnt say anything and Jonny barely acknowledges it >>1091369
> Jonny contracts cellulitis and ends up being admitted to the hospital most likely caused by IV heroin use >>1107260, >>1107262
> Jonny posts two disturbing but typical (for him) videos to his instagram stories: one where he shows Syd’s bare butt and then grabs it >>1109832 it’s also noted she has a mysterious and large bruise on her leg in a generally hard to bruise area >>1110293. Audio in second vid (which was of Storm with camera inches away from him as baby lays on bed) reveals a clearly super high Jonny slurring and unable to hold the camera steady >>1110163
> syd vagueposts about someone (Jonny) cheating with someone you know. That someone posts in the thread revealing screenshots of Instagram DMs with Jonny and Syd >>1318548,Syd who accuses anon of cheating with Jonny for flirting on Instagram with Jonny and allegedly calls the cops on anon. Anon says she's known Syd since high school. In the screenshots Syd calls Jonny a waste,a fat junkie, says she'll show the conversation to Taylor so that she'll ruin anon's life, threatens anon. Syd doxxes anon on Instagram.
> anon posts more screenshots, looks like she was carrying the convo with Jonny. Syd sends anon a video of Jonny wasted. >>1319574 Turtle Mom ends up leaking the video >>1320319 and says she'll go the TX shows to expose Jonny with flyers, never does.
> tour starts, Jonny doesn't know the lyrics to his own songs so he's reading them off his phone. >>1322793, syd goes on stage to hug Jonny and makes sure everyone know he has a kid whenever he looks in the direction of a woman >>1320416, >>1320417 She also keeps complaining about how hard working at the merch table is, jonny proposes to Syd again >>1332845, >>1333002 at a concert with the same ring.
>syd, jonny, and the rest of their crew get awful matching tour tattoos >>1336731
>anon posts screenshots from cps that imply storm is not in their custody >>1338649 and Syd continues to confirm this by only posting a photo of them in a public setting >>1346847
>jonny goes radio silent on social media while syd's instagram use only increases, presumably because jonny is in rehab
>syd buys herself an iPad and starts to vague post about a new project >>1346549, >>1363620 eventually announces a date she will announce the project >>1366535 but does not announce anything.
>syd and jonny lovebomb announcing they have chosen a date for their wedding, 11/11/22 >>1367393, >>1367396
>surprising nobody, anon finds jonny on tinder >>1372864 syd responds >>1374232
>syd still trying to keep up the facade of being a parent >>1373001, >>1376986, >>1388466, >>1390689, >>1391059, >>1392428, >>1393204
>more information is found about the courtcase that likely caused JC and syd to lose custody >>1373075, >>1373156, >>1373401, >>1373420, and a previous DV case involving syd >>1373487
>syd flirts with lolbro >>1373616, >>1374083, >>1374084
>syd is alone on thanksgiving, trying to seem unbothered >>1375878 while jonny enjoys his rehab/sober living slop >>1375941 more sober living shots: >>1376927, >>1401281, >>1401284
>sydsosneaky visits storm at her mom's house for xmas >>1401841, >>1401842, and shows a picture of jonny with storm from last xmas, since he's away in sober living >>1401843
>syd makes it obvious she’s reading the thread >>1402818, >>1402823, >>1402826, >>1402828
>a fan comforts jonny about the death of a friend, causing syd to go on a sperg about him cheating >>1406759, >>1406761
>anon helps us ring in the new year by providing us with screenshots… sydsosmart gets caught cheating! and this message also proves that they lost custody of storm. >>1407044, >>1407062, >>1407070
>jonny and syd vagueposting, hinting at a breakup >>1407170, >>1407172, >>1407171, >>1407167
>syd psychotically harasses she-who-will-not-be-named >>1407204, >>1407205, >>1407217, >>1407235
>more screenshots of syd cheating are released >>1407243, >>1407258
>sticking to her usual groupie tendencies, it's some band dude >>1407304 and he is an abuser (shocking) >>1407340
>syd harasses band-dude's ex-gf >>1407393
>jonny will be out of rehab/sober living soon >>1408154, >>1408168 and posts about getting a puppy from a place called Borderline Bullies (ironic kek) >>1408355, >>1408449 (ends up falling through)
>syd lovebombs JC >>1408808, >>1408891, >>1410001, >>1410002, >>1410776, >>1412175
>jonny begins the process of removing all signs of syd/storm off of his instagram >>1408893, >>1415883
>jonny is over syd >>1412293, but syd isn't over jonny >>1412296 and is on the prowl for a new girl >>1414061, >>1417679, >>1419177, >>1419188, >>1419932
>syd goes quiet, leaving anons to speculate if she's been banned on instagram for harassment. anons find that she she has been liking clothes on poshmark >>1421811
>syd is (unsurprisingly) back, posts videos of herself and "friends" watching some shitty emo cover band >>1424827
>jonny returns to the Sac townhouse with all of his shit >>1427985, >>1427987, >>1432441
>syd says nothing about his return, ghosts and sadposts about her birthday >>1430578, >>1434657, >>1434774
>cowtipper confirms that jonny is indeed big boy pimpin, living the single life because syd cheated on him >>1430884
>jonny starts his traditional post-breakup streaming career back up >>1434930, >>1439243
>big boy pimpin starts liking tnd's instagram posts >>1436428 >>1436485
>while jonny moves on to thottier pastures, syd starts posting her perfect bawd for validation despite calling every woman in a crop top a whore >>1438537, >>1439469, >>1440433, >>1443447, >>1445180, >>1445828, >>1445920
>syd embarrasses herself >>1440188, >>1440189, >>1440548 >>1449879
>syd's sad about her life, writes boring long story posts about how it's not what she wanted but it's so perfect >>1441750, >>1443451
>syd onlyfans saga when >>1445197
>syd kinda pretends to be a mom >>1445995, >>1446838, >>1447752, >>1448894
>jonny's probably trying to pull a new girl with google translate arabic >>1447738, >>1447739
>they unfollowed each other >>1448690 but syd will never take him out of her bio >>1448923
>jonny shows his inbox on stream, apparently paid rent 3 weeks late >>1450033
>jonny has upcoming court dates >>1453819
>jonny is big mad about his lolcow thread, posts and quickly deletes a rant about it >>1453538
>jonny compares his bright future to his fake teeth, which someone else bought for him and he never paid back.. sounds about right. >>>/snow/1454287
> anons speculate that syd could be rage posting in the TND thread >>>/snow/1454731
>syd sadposts >>>/snow/1455420, >>>/snow/1455934, >>>/snow/1455956, >>>/snow/1456157, >>>/snow/1457905, and teases making an onlyfans >>>/snow/1455738
>jonny seems to visit storm more than syd >>>/snow/1458775
>jonny randomly posts an old note that his ex taylor dean’s dad wrote him >>>/snow/1462405 then clarifies it’s old >>>/snow/1462537, anons wonder if he posted it to either rile up syd or get taylor’s attention
>syd officially moves in with her friend megan >>>/snow/1463462
> jonny is active on tinder, matches with a girl named mars >>>/snow/1474385 who immediately posts about him being ‘washed up’, ‘not worth the story’ & ‘a lot of Ls’ >>>/snow/1474386, >>>/snow/1474411, >>>/snow/1474415
> jonny shoots back, negging the girl he matched with on tinder and bragging about spEnDinG heR RenT on shoes 3 times a week (probably because you can fit into kids size shoes, JC) >>>/snow/1475483
> syd tries to shade jonny on her story >>>/snow/1482229
> jonny posts a selfie featuring a bunch of dirty clothes and beer bottles in the background >>>/snow/1486532 instead of cleaning up he just scribbles it out in future photos >>>/snow/1487187, >>>/snow/1487417
>sydsomanic spams her story >>>/snow/1487040 https://streamable.com/e4jql6 with a bunch of compliments that seem like they were sent in by herself, continues to bring up starting an onlyfans and teases about a ‘certain someone’ who makes her feel ‘frisky’ >>>/snow/1486643
>taylor deleted/privated her video talking about JC abusing her >>>/snow/1488984 speculation that they’re back in contact continues
>jonny makes references to being lonely due to ramadan >>>/snow/1489269 causing more speculation that he’s dating an arabic/muslim girl, possibly named ava >>>/snow/1489450, >>>/snow/1489610, >>>/snow/1489613
>syd returns to e-begging for rent, meds and essentials for the kid she doesn’t have custody for #itsokaytoaskforhelp >>>/snow/1490473
>syd harasses anon after she forgets to crop her pfp >>>/snow/1498275
>jonny posts a pic of taylor on his story >>>/snow/1498358
>if you want to flush some money down the toilet, you can find bbp on cameo >>>/snow/1499914
>syd sets the tone for her OF saga >>>/snow/1499974, >>>/snow/1497288
>syd is suddenly on OF >>>/snow/1500737 and leaves just as soon >>>/snow/1500754
>blah blah blah something about ava
>old man goiter screams at the sky aka tmobile >>>/snow/1504574
>syd calls out jonny for being a deadbeat (hmm very interesting syd) >>>/snow/1509691
>no words just this >>>/snow/1509695
>swanfest drama between the two tards >>>/snow/1509690, >>>/snow/1509726
>jonny really does not like syd >>>/snow/1511748
>taylor is following jonny on instagram >>>/snow/1513531, according to taylor they're speaking again for the sake of "closure" >>>/snow/1515623
>jonny shuts off syd's phone (kek) >>>/snow/1514632
>jonny expected to bring the milk by coming clean about "everything" in a livestream on twitch >>>/snow/1517232, >>>/snow/1518219
>syd ready to sell him out before he can make her look even worse >>>/snow/1517429
>another court date, anon listens in and reveals that the DA wants to press felony charges >>>/snow/1517793
>blah blah blah wigglewip layna asshurt ex-bf blah blah blah
>syd brings up goiter's original baby mama in her usual self-centered manner >>>/snow/1518829, more sperging about jc >>>/snow/1518852

New milk:
>emo tucker carlson interviewed jonny to try to rehab his image >>1519019 >>1519030 syd contests his narrative >>1519027 interviewer is accused of rape >>1521347
>syd thinks we're funny >>1519078
>a lot of athena shit; she doesn't deserve the attention, check the thread if you care because it's boring af
>anons in the know spill about the incident >>1519842 >>1519843 >>1519879 >>1519915 >>1519919 >>1519924 >>1519974 >>1519979 >>1520007 >>1520565 >>1521350
>jonny pretends everything is fine after asking for support >>1519519 >>1519568 >>1519625 >>1519674 >>1519758 >>1520751
>jonny's new victim layna goes private, tea is spilled about her trip to see him >>1519544
>jonny big mad at tmobile and syd >>1520854 and some clothing company >> 1521806 tldr he's poor and angry >>1524478 >>1524789
>jonny posts a performative video about how he's never going to be kept from storm >>1521015
>jonny's cat >>1521134 >>1521315
>jonny's tattoo >>1521294 >>1521301
>layna was warned about jonny, doesn't care, actively deletes comments about the situation >>1521944 >>1522095 >>1523621
>jonny is big mad people are telling his new girl about his bad behavior >>1522005 >>1522147 >>1522495 blames syd for his bad life/behavior >>1522599
>jonny is using kratom allegedly >>1524179
>jonny publically begs tommy lee to notice him >>1526997
>jonny begs for money for storm's room, later ups the goal, seemingly to raise funds for his rent >>1527261 >>1529299 >>1529960 >>1530342 >>1531985
>syd is trying to "frustrate" jonny into using >>1528759
>anon who knows syd speculates on her bpd >>1530988
>layna is still at jonny's >>1531589 >>1532073 >>1532335 >>1532338 >>1532948 >>1532951 >>1533264
>in reality-shattering irony, syd comments on the silly little brain of jonny's new child bride, says she thought she was his last victim despite being a feral bitch when people tried to warn her about jonny >>1532862 >>1533645
>jonny is big mad that layna is posted on lcf, threatens everyone with the cyber police and a libel suit >>1533421

1: >>>/snow/987337
2: >>>/snow/1038163
3: >>>/snow/1082146
4: >>>/snow/1112272
5: >>>/snow/1270218
6: >>>/snow/1316852
7: >>>/snow/1336640
8: >>>/snow/1369688
9: >>>/snow/1407141
10: >>>/snow/1426051
12. >>>/snow/1493508
13. >>>/snow/1518926

No. 1533746

new milk (corrected links):
>emo tucker carlson interviewed jonny to try to rehab his image >>1519019 , >>1519030 syd contests his narrative >>1519027 interviewer is accused of rape >>1521347
>syd thinks we're funny >>1519078
>a lot of athena shit; she doesn't deserve the attention, check the thread if you care because it's boring af
>anons in the know spill about the incident >>1519842 , >>1519843 , >>1519879 , >>1519915 , >>1519919 , >>1519924 , >>1519974 , >>1519979 , >>1520007 , >>1520565 , >>1521350
>jonny pretends everything is fine after asking for support >>1519519 , >>1519568 , >>1519625 , >>1519674 , >>1519758 , >>1520751
>jonny's new victim layna goes private, tea is spilled about her trip to see him >>1519544
>jonny big mad at tmobile and syd >>1520854 and some clothing company >> 1521806 tldr he's poor and angry >>1524478 , >>1524789
>jonny posts a performative video about how he's never going to be kept from storm >>1521015
>jonny's cat >>1521134 , >>1521315
>jonny's tattoo >>1521294 , >>1521301
>layna was warned about jonny, doesn't care, actively deletes comments about the situation >>1521944 , >>1522095 , >>1523621
>jonny is big mad people are telling his new girl about his bad behavior >>1522005 , >>1522147 , >>1522495 blames syd for his bad life/behavior >>1522599
>jonny is using kratom allegedly >>1524179
>jonny publically begs tommy lee to notice him >>1526997
>jonny begs for money for storm's room, later ups the goal, seemingly to raise funds for his rent >>1527261 , >>1529299 , >>1529960 , >>1530342 , >>1531985
>syd is trying to "frustrate" jonny into using >>1528759
>anon who knows syd speculates on her bpd >>1530988
>layna is still at jonny's >>1531589 , >>1532073 , >>1532335 , >>1532338 , >>1532948 , >>1532951 , >>1533264
>in reality-shattering irony, syd comments on the silly little brain of jonny's new child bride, says she thought she was his last victim despite being a feral bitch when people tried to warn her about jonny >>1532862 , >>1533645
>jonny is big mad that layna is posted on lcf, threatens everyone with the cyber police and a libel suit >>1533421

sorry about the broken links, nonas, i tried

No. 1533748

Thanks for making this nonacita!

No. 1533780

File: 1653001996050.jpg (322.77 KB, 1170x2080, 281663554_1125371518244185_894…)

Layna's story

No. 1533781

File: 1653002035988.jpg (20.71 KB, 1170x2080, 281642600_722900069126974_7123…)

Syd's story

No. 1533817

If she was a Garbage Pail Kid she’d be Seethin’ Syd right now. Kek at “if” as she is literally trash.

No. 1533837

What is she even talking about here

No. 1533841

She must really dislike herself

No. 1533862

I went to high school with Layna and she had BPD as well. She lost her friend group for stabbing a girl she had drama with.

No. 1533866

Elaborate please!

No. 1533869

Also do you mean bipolar disorder or borderline PD? And do you know this or just speculating

No. 1533881

He really does have a type huh.

No. 1533883

This smells like bs.

No. 1533904

>look how tough she is we better leave her alone
Lol, such obvious self posting.

No. 1533905

Lmao imagine stabbing someone over high school drama. Even funnier, imagine lying about stabbing someone over high school drama. The girl that got stabbed looks more tough if true.

No. 1533921

lol layna is a puny nerd who has already been proven to be a spineless coward that hates herself. she didn’t stab no one because she reeks of meek. a large 8th grader could bend her in half.

and we all know no one wants to be her friend but a nearly 40 year old has-been junkie because if they did, she probably wouldn’t have felt so lonely that jonny was the next best thing. trust me doll, he doesn’t actually wanna be your friend, or girlfriend, but fucking you is better than fucking his new cat and it’s making sydney jealous so congrats to layna on the cum stained floor mattress selfies, aka the crowning achievement of your small town nobody lifetime. i bet your mom would be proud. i dare you to get pregnant to stay relevant. shit would be hilarious.

tinfoil but i don’t think her ex bf posted here at all. i think she did because no one, not even mommy or daddy, wants to pay attention to that manic depressive boney weirdo. she’s literally another unemployed nobody, acting like a clout chasing dick goblin, feeling briefly like a somebody, that will soon be back to being a nobody with no prospects, wasted youths and maybe an std.

No. 1533924

>fucking you is better than fucking his new cat
Kek but also, chill tf out.

No. 1533931

>i dare you to get pregnant to stay relevant.

Syd sounding pressed again by applying her logic to insult others.

No. 1533933

Sounds like Syd or a personal vendetta yikes. All that insight from Layna’s instagram?

No. 1533955

What do you think the over-under on Layna's first hit of Jonny Craig-sponsored fentanyl is going to be?

No. 1533958

File: 1653019150007.gif (33.77 KB, 150x200, 200.gif)

No. 1533960

For the record, Syd was active on IG right around the time that rant was posted.

No. 1533961

File: 1653019524232.jpg (290.6 KB, 1170x2080, 281892264_553025539706926_2157…)

Layna's story

No. 1533983

Of course he manhandles books too. Savage

No. 1534015

File: 1653027868136.png (2.49 MB, 1284x2778, A4E8571F-1778-4B0A-8D13-E641E4…)

“i wont stop until everyone knows” knows what? that youre a fucking piece of shit with no remorse for your actions?

No. 1534028

he’s probably reading captain underpants

No. 1534032

this gangsta self post is sending me. she couldn’t stab the shit from her own arse

No. 1534035

Almost killed his kid too.

No. 1534036

File: 1653031820854.jpg (154.41 KB, 750x1334, 281085480_422586079334288_8437…)

His personality is so boring. Barf.

No. 1534060

I definitely believe goiter lurks here on the reg it reflects in his stories. I don’t understand how anyone would want to date him let alone be a fan of his.

No. 1534135

Oh I know! Hahahah I think we have a wannabe attention seeker on here making up lies this person keeps showing up “from high school” and still seems to know all about these fools and their family members.

No. 1534159

You can easily prove this with a pic of your year book

No. 1534176

Or this is still Syd trying to clean house about the several anons here who DO know her personally and have confirmed that she is as remorseless and batshit as her "empathy" screams.

But sure, vendetta chan is totally a self-post and not Syd seething.

No. 1534219

File: 1653060846828.png (279.74 KB, 1170x2532, 65242D8B-157B-4D2A-B2EB-5AD103…)

Yeah this was posted around the same time as that very Syd-like post up there lol what a coincidence

No. 1534220

He's addressed us more then once, of course he lurks.

No. 1534261

Thank you, this is always my point exactly. I understand not everyone gets a yearbook but most do. Not that hard to post a yearbook pic of her to show she went to your HS. I would love to believe every person who talks shit on our cows but unfortunately a lot of people lie and self-post for shits and giggles I guess. I want all the milk we can get but it has to be somewhat credible, we know they ALL lurk here - BBP, Skid, Taytor, and this new sad girl. Could be any one of them talking shit on the other to make themselves look better.

No. 1534301

from what i’ve read secondhand fentanyl smoke inhalation is extremely difficult to trace. i think that storm was either exposed to it for an EXTENDED period of time or he accidentally consumed some which caused him to become unconscious or injured leading them to call police and causing his blood to be tested and him to be removed from their care. there’s a lot we don’t know and it’s probably a lot worse than we think. fuck you syd and fuck you jonny. you’re both putrid.

No. 1534302

Throwing stones from a glass house ya ho

No. 1534311

Do you think she'll smoke fent or will Jonny jump straight to shooting her up this time?

No. 1534330

File: 1653071975483.jpg (717.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220520-112615_Chr…)

Layna's story.

It's so sad to watch another young woman throw her life away after more than adequate warning that what she's doing is going to hurt her.

Jonny has a nose like a bloodhound for damaged younger women who have bad relationships with their moms which gives him the perfect window to trigger their oppositional behavior and wedge them further away from people who can help them get away. He's a streamlined manipulator that gets to add a sprinkle of underdog/redemption to his usual bag of tricks ("I'm an addict but nothing is going to keep me down! I'm a single father who loves his son more than anything!") and they just keep falling for it.

No. 1534342

Why do they all look the same lol

No. 1534344

Anyone wanna take bets on how long until she gets a face tattoo in a desperate attempt for him to love her? Kek

No. 1534354

Let’s be real, out of the two he’s probably the one who is desperate for companionship.

No. 1534355

File: 1653074460630.png (326.44 KB, 1170x2532, 501C62A2-AC30-4B15-AE81-E49C4C…)

Y’all. Jonny just posted a cringy ass video promoting this. $80 for 6 songs that you can’t listen to on any of the standard apps people use, a junkie abuser child endanger bobble head, and a postcard? $80???? Plus shipping, so probably around $100? Am I just being cheap or is that ridiculous

No. 1534361

WHEN is this nigga gonna just face reality and get a job in a gas station

No. 1534369

No. 1534370

This makes me so sad. Based on her twitch she seems really sweet. Is this gonna be the one to die at his hands for the world to FINALLY stay away from him? If it were Syd we’d all probably laugh but life never seems to work out nicely that way.

No. 1534376

I wonder what Funko Legal thinks about Jonny directly ripping the design of this bobblehead off from them, given that he's obviously posted about being a collector and knows that the design is intentionally similar.

No. 1534378

I never realized how high-pitched and gay his speaking voice sounds

No. 1534380

>seems sweet
yeah i would agree with you but she sees the abuse and torture of women and children at the hands of this fucking monster and still decides to screw him

No. 1534381

Chill out Amanda

No. 1534382

omg it's not even a tape, it's $80 for a fucking USB stick with 6 songs on it lmao

No. 1534383

Is this old music he recorded and produced in 2020 when he was still living in Arizona? If so I wonder why he’s just releasing it now.
I know it sounds cold but I don’t really care what happens to this new girl, she deserves it. At this point it would be like somebody dating Ted Bundy then crying when they inevitably get killed. Unless she’s like clinically retarded she absolutely knows she’s dating a certified abuser, she just doesn’t care because internet points or whatever.

No. 1534391

I'm not Amanda but maybe they'll include my name in the C&D, big boi

No. 1534393

File: 1653078086333.jpg (242.36 KB, 813x1505, Screenshot_20220520-132117_Gal…)

Slurp slurp slurp

No. 1534395

File: 1653078236934.jpg (55.68 KB, 1170x2080, 282262189_967670170597647_8312…)

Thank God we have Shitney's profound insights to guide us down the path of enlightenment.

No. 1534397

File: 1653078311280.png (63.58 KB, 626x316, Screenshot 2022-05-20 at 21.24…)

this RT is so fucking telling. what is this narc obsession with likes. How can you be so thin skinned that you care if someone sees your story but doesn't like ur pic. Oh god it's sad

No. 1534398

Personally, I find it very hard to have sympathy for anyone who dates Jonny Craig in the year 2022 when anyone can Google potential dating partners, his wiki at the top clearly states his scams and sexual assaults.
I feel the same amount of sympathy towards them as I do towards people who fall in love with murderers in prison.

No. 1534401

File: 1653078351467.jpg (103.04 KB, 1170x2080, 282121878_568524531367431_8678…)

Syd cont kek

(the answer is wildly unmanaged bpd)

No. 1534404


But her mommy issues, nonnas. Don't show disapproval or raise your voice at her or she'll cry, she's just a smol lil streamer girl with wing eyeliner ooo-woo peace sign tongue out knee socks I love my cat sticker

No. 1534445

None of these people matter that much why would you have literally any feelings toward this girl? She willingly came out to see him for sex, it’s sad and I hope she gets out. She isn’t attacking anyone? Like at all so I don’t get it who cares. Sydney was a rotten piece of shit to people told her about Jonny’s record, worse than Taylor, so it’s definitely funny how she’s acting now when both her and Jonny are responsible for poisoning a child with fentanyl. I can understand letting out emotion on people that are that disgusting that they almost killed their baby and never cared even now, but fr who cares.

No. 1534457

Well, we know why Syd posted that: because she has the emotional regulation of a rabid ferret and she's mad that someone else is getting her back blown out on the same floor that she used to.

But the rest of us? Basic empathy. Syd had people who said the same things about her until the full moon hit and she embraced her true form as a bpd werewolf. No one likes seeing Jonny put another point on the board for a life that he's ruined. It's even worse now that everyone knows they almost killed Storm. People are just protective and then some people wear out that good will.

No. 1534463

File: 1653082649655.jpg (94.4 KB, 1170x2080, 282716473_399218615429500_6842…)

Layna's story

No. 1534489

File: 1653084157629.jpg (393.34 KB, 750x1334, 282558347_760743838636469_7109…)

No. 1534502

File: 1653085029597.jpeg (50.98 KB, 430x600, IkbODFD.jpeg)

this mf looks like dorf

No. 1534503


There’s always women attracted to infamous people for some reason. The romantic attention serial killers get when in prison is actually quite intense.

She knows what she signed up for. As did Syd. They’re no martyr.

No. 1534504

How are you going to flex on them? On foot? Gonna take a walk? Gonna show her scenic Sacramento as soon as your 4 star Uber driver finally accepts your ride?

No. 1534505


Did anyone clone Syd? I thought she was the original “I’m not going to give up like the others”.

No. 1534508

File: 1653085455998.jpg (107.4 KB, 750x1334, 281938323_127720506560923_7161…)

"Sorry bruh, the girl I flew out is crying because she's starting to think that she made a mistake, so I have to be really excessively performative about my sobriety to use it to gaslight her into mistrusting her gut feeling about me later."

No. 1534509

nonacita he finds all of these hoes on the same page of the alt girl with bangs monthly catalog.

No. 1534520

I think her post was a joke nonnie.

No. 1534521

File: 1653086105757.webm (589.18 KB, 576x1024, 9e716c38b4db724ff628a7e6fff325…)

Why is he posting in b&w when we know his sheets are red and she's filming in his bedroom?

No. 1534522

I am laughing that the USB mixtape.. what is this? 2010?? He will never stop trying to milk his remaining 10 fans out for money

No. 1534591

File: 1653092261070.webm (4.37 MB, 720x1280, B247434D591FD4F8DBBC37F54E94DE…)

I can't figure out what is funnier: that she caught a 5hr flight to sit in his living room and do nothing or that she saw this happen in person without the bad cats filter.

No. 1534595

File: 1653092644019.jpg (183.91 KB, 1170x2080, 282558061_286541250354494_8384…)

No. 1534597

File: 1653092671420.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1125x1986, 98FC1901-1CF6-4E6C-A5B8-BA1D62…)

for those on phones, it’s a video of jonny hovering over laynas fishnetted legs and then leaning back to dance and eye fucking himself with that bad cats catfish filter

No. 1534598

I think he’s trolling us with the filter at this point

No. 1534600

Layna already took this story down kek. Up for less than 5 minutes.

No. 1534601

File: 1653092922537.png (6.76 MB, 1170x2532, 947DE3FC-7E34-49D7-A571-D18B6B…)

I am so disgusted. Congrats on permanently marking your body with the face of a man who has been accused by countless women of abuse and sexual assault, and who is currently being charged with overdosing his son on fentanyl, and who is overall a horrible human being in so many fucking ways.

No. 1534603

File: 1653093039748.jpg (210.49 KB, 1170x2080, 281921250_495053445734946_1325…)

No. 1534605

Been a couple days since I’ve checked in and holy shit why the hell is he with a CHILD? this is not the flex he thinks it is this is actually pedophilic-looking

No. 1534606

How is she not losing attraction to him more and more by the minute? I sincerely hope she wakes up and uses her brain here, before she gets sucked in any further/ manipulated to believe he’s capable of loving someone. He’s not.

No. 1534610

Seriously she looks 16 at MOST.

No. 1534614

File: 1653093875117.jpg (434.89 KB, 972x3338, Screenshot_20220518-161028_Twi…)


She's 25 and in college.

No. 1534616

Sage for lame blogpost but I’m so intrigued about what the point of this all could be. He’s done nothing but insist he’s sober and coming back this whole time. Whether he is or isn’t either of those things, whatever. But he’s obsessed with the internet/opinions about him, and he’s obsessed with finding young little thots to bang (and at this point is literally flying them out TO him to bang). I’m sorry but where does that help Storm? Is he looking for anything more than a fan-fuck? Is this stupid little shit girl going to jump in and be Storm’s mommy when bbp WiNs iN CoUrT? If so it’s misguided as fuck. If not wtf is your point dude, you can be sober and still be a joke due to your continued bad choices.

Layna you can’t handle this shit ma’am. Go on back home with some dignity and try to erase these dark memories of laying around recording your “boo” play video games and read kid books. That isn’t a relationship.

If he’s as driven and focused as he claims he would have something better to do than sit around refreshing fucking lolcow all day. Do some work, get some cash bro. Give Syd’s mom some cash for taking care of your son.

No. 1534632

Yes we all know she isn’t actually a teenager. The point is that she looks like one and he’s in his late 30s.

No. 1534633

Jonny is extremely codependent. He said he asked Syd to move out two months ago in the Finn interview. He basically started talking to Syd right after Taylor left him and admitted in the Finn interview that Chelsea and Liz overlapped. He was even talking to someone else who didn't work out before Layna. (Two, actually: the Twitter girl who he matched with and was fucking with him and the Ava catfish.) He's basically due for a new relationship.

Syd got pregnant the second or third time they ever hung out. Layna hasn't gone home yet so she must not be too worried about Jonny ruining her life. Let's hope she packed her birth control.

No. 1534647

He is so disgusting, bloated, and washed up, not to mention his entire reputation. So I'm guessing that new bitch is not just naive and intellectually stunted, she's probably toxic af, possibly with bpd seething just beneath the surface, and we just have to wait until this new "relationship" implodes.

No. 1534648

Maybe if we’re lucky she’ll do that to BBP too.

No. 1534653

File: 1653095658514.jpeg (786.24 KB, 1284x1370, 88EDA832-36F3-45FB-A772-6FEEE5…)

Also wtf is this shit in Syd’s stories, she’s lost the plot. Spiritual this love that peace here acceptance there, but then posts unhinged shit like this… god damn her posts speak for themselves she is not a safe or loving human being.

No. 1534660

File: 1653096165968.jpg (30.69 KB, 1170x2080, 281795101_1218243508915260_311…)


No. 1534682

Layna seems closer to being Taylor-like than Syd-like. That's likely on purpose because a) Syd is going to make him miserable for the rest of his life and b) Taylor was much more willing to lie for him and put up a front that they were doing well when things were at their worst. Taylor is toxic; she's a liar, unintelligent, and anxious, but she's self-destructive more than she is scary or violent and she didn't out Jonny until he knocked Syd up. She was much easier to manipulate.

No. 1534683

File: 1653097213427.webm (2.76 MB, 288x640, z4l9iy.webm)

Local archive.
I agree. Plus, let’s be real, Jonny is not someone she stumbled upon in her town and who she doesn’t know. She has to be a fan. What fan, in 2022, doesn’t know at least some of his story?

No. 1534684

File: 1653097213532.jpg (28.46 KB, 1170x2080, 282147824_126335096715985_5683…)


No. 1534687

Murderers in prison are highly manipulative and have nothing better to do than watch human behavior and try out different combinations of personality traits to see what works on easy targets. She has mommy issues that probably mean she also has attachment issues and she's rebounding from a ltr. Jonny insists he's reformed and has nothing better to do all day than lovebomb her.

I'll eat my words if she turns out to be Syd 2.0 though.

No. 1534691

This. Layna gives me massive Taylor vibes. Maybe I’m wrong but I bet she won’t air any dirty laundry until they are through or something but happens

No. 1534696

Right down to the potential Twitch revenue. Based on her pictures her parents house looks massive too, she probably comes from money and JC sniffs that shit out.

No. 1534712

She’s still just a dirty kid though. Same three tank tops all the time (not just while visiting the dump truck), her streams show her bed with the sheets all jacked up exposing the mattress as she sits there sipping energy drinks waiting for someone to talk to her. A mess. They’re actually kind of perfect for each other in that they’re both fucking loser slobs who don’t care about Storm. Love connection!

No. 1534726

File: 1653100759606.png (226.13 KB, 1350x1800, Screenshot_20220520-223109.png)

BBP blocked me for trolling….. Seriously always flexing shoes but acting broke.(cowtipping )

No. 1534731

What was the point of this? Stop cow tipping, it just makes you look dumb and not the actual cow

No. 1534732

Hey how about minding your own fucking business and not cowtipping?

No. 1534736

> her whore mother
Storm is so doomed with these two as parents.

No. 1534741

File: 1653102061633.png (5.17 MB, 1170x2532, 45436EC9-2898-4223-90FB-4FE11F…)

This is ironic to me because I’ve been watching clips from this trial and Amber Heard sure does remind me of Syd. And I mean that in the worst way possible. She’s a liar, she’s manipulative, she’s completely insane, and she’s abusive I’m sure. I’m surprised she didn’t take a dookie on the bed when Jonny broke up with her.

The only difference is that Jonny Craig is not the victim and is nothing like Johnny Depp. He’s also a liar, manipulator, and abuser so they were perfect for each other lol

No. 1534742

Same nonnie. I realized right after posting that she says she knows the feeling and the audio is of Johnny Depp… is she comparing herself to Johnny Depp in this situation??? Oh honey…. the audacity.

No. 1534744

Layna and a guy named Albert used to like almost every one of each other's IG posts (he liked all of hers, she liked most of his) going back years until Feb/Mar of this year. Both have posted photos of each other's cats, Honey and Duck. Albert posted a studio apartment with the caption "new vibes" in late March. I think that's the ex Jonny was antagonizing when he was really fixated on the pegging thing. Jonny started liking her posts in Feb when she started posting about streaming. She started her tiktok in early Feb. She scrubbed everything on her Twitter in Feb too; it was created in Oct 2020.

Did Layna leave Albert because she was getting attention from Jonny? Ew kek

No. 1534746

The point of posting that is he actually took the time to respond to my comment on his story about shoes….. Also he obviously has to go through syds mom to see storm and now all of a sudden he's calling her a whore?? Also I highly doubt she has ever thrown anything away that he supposedly has bought for his child. I wonder if jonny will be seeing storm anytime soon since he seems angry with grandma

No. 1534751

The audacity kek. Layna is actually really pretty (Syd looks like a serial killer on video and Layna is cute in her tiktoks), hasn't been arrested for child endangerment, actually puts content on her revenue-generating platforms, and gets to get away from Jonny whenever she wants to. It's not a competition if you've already lost.

No. 1534752

File: 1653103127423.jpg (362.84 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220520-201812_Chr…)

Wow, brave of her to warn other people not to interact with her (Syd's story)

No. 1534756

Hmmm. I may get shit for this. But that seems to be some stalkerish syd-like behavior you are exhibiting here. Go touch some grass, Nona, pleaseeeee for your own sake.

No. 1534758

File: 1653103465979.jpg (832.47 KB, 1079x1920, Screenshot_20220520-202203_Chr…)

So Jonny got Dillon to take himself and his Canadian child bride out in public.

(Ty in advance to local archive nonnie) https://streamable.com/125slo

No. 1534761

It took less than five minutes to find on two public profiles while I was waiting for dinner. It's not that serious.

No. 1534775

>her whore mother
Cowtipping is cringe but jfc way to talk about the women who chose to raise your son after the state took him away because YOU poisoned him with fent. She didn’t have to do that. Raising a kid is hard. Fuck you goiter.

No. 1534787

Idk how it works in American but I can’t imagine calling you sons guardian/provider a whore is super productive in a custody battle, he’s the exact same bitter person as he was before getting sober and it’s obvious. He should really shut his midget mouth, at least syds mom doesn’t need a twitch fundraiser to buy storm basic fucking necessities.

No. 1534800

I saw them at concert in the park too. Layna seemed more interested in everyone she spoke to other than Jonny. Clout. Chaser.

No. 1534803

Unhinged. Get help Sydney

No. 1534805

Tell us more. With proof.

No. 1534824

File: 1653112598075.jpg (509.63 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220520-225407_Gal…)

Jonny met up with a group at the concert in the park and Layna isn't showing up in stories but Jonny's sausage fingers are.

No. 1534826

God. Imagine those hands touching you. Yarf

No. 1534830

You wouldn't let him run those little Vienna sausages down your fishnets for a few vacation days in sunny California? Kek

No. 1534840

I think it’s funny af that skid hasn’t been able to find a rebound. You know she’s trying. Must eat her up alive. She was the cockiest bitch I’ve ever seen. How’d that baby trap work out ya dumbass? Kek

No. 1534850

She tried. Another band dude, I think. She had a meltdown over it when they kissed (?) and he immediately cut her loose. She doesn't do anything social from what I'm aware of though. She just DMed guys on IG and then tried to meet up at a show.

No. 1534862

I agree. Kids can OD on fent just from coming into contact with one of the patches for instance. Storm definitely came into contact with Jonny's stash somehow, I don't know that I buy the smoke inhalation thing.

No. 1534880

File: 1653119375897.webm (801.83 KB, 360x640, 125slo.webm)

(Ty for your service an yw, Streamable nonnie)

No. 1534882

Kek this actually made me laugh though

No. 1534885

Everything about all of these threads is cringey though!
LOL @ the cowtipping police
You losers really have nothing better to do than mini mod some trash talking site on a Friday .. You're welcome for that screen shot of him calling syds mom a whore and acting like he has everything he needs at his home for Storm.
I was surprised he given bothered to respond… & he was so Salty it was funny(oof)

No. 1534891

Psst. The criticism for cowtipping is customary and a slap on the wrist compared to other threads. Take it on the chin and sage your non-milk. No one is actually bullying you and we're all talking about his comments more than your tipping so don't be a weenie.

I swear, the newbies to this thread always get so sensitive about the most minor snark.

No. 1534894

Because he is incapable of being by himself, deep down I am convince that he hates himself and constantly need young, naive thots like TnD, syd and layna to reassure that he is the “man”. Also I still remember from TnD video goiter boy cried a bunch of times from mean comments on the internet, lmao

No. 1534939

His behaviour screams of insecurity. No one who is self confident feels the need to act the way he does.

No. 1534983

Maybe the bobble head is voodoo and bobbles when jonny is talking hood or doing drugs. (So all the time)

No. 1534985

It nods off instead of bobbling

No. 1534998

Hahah fucking hilarious nonnie and it’s only morning time.

No. 1535063

Morphine time*

No. 1535264

File: 1653158209110.jpeg (473.55 KB, 750x1206, B68B170B-5FF4-474B-A5B1-6F0469…)


No. 1535267

File: 1653158273167.jpeg (420.52 KB, 750x1214, 76A985CE-5FBB-4348-B5FE-2F672B…)

Empathic emotional genius queen hottest mom in the world clearly unbothered by Child Bride Layna


No. 1535273

Not syd and ik this is filtered but Syd is objectively better looking than Layner, I genuinely think he downgraded

No. 1535287

I couldn’t agree more. At least Skidney looks like an adult woman. Nonnies keep saying Layna is cute, like okay so are q-tips and she’s built like one. No shape. Meanwhile Skidney is built like a Rottweiler. Way to put your nasty teen fetish out in the open like that Bitchboy Craig. You’re not hard, you’ve never been hard, and it’s a matter of time before someone beats your fat obese ass in broad daylight. Also to quote Azalea: why are you always beefing with bitches?? You are literally bullied by women around the clock Jenny Craig. Such a classic display of low fucking testosterone.

No. 1535296

I don’t think most dudes want to fuck a woman who is Rottweiler adjacent. He upgraded looks and personality wise.

No. 1535312

Nope. Syd is cuter.

No. 1535324

q-tips are cute? I don’t think I’ve ever heard a q-tip described as cute

No. 1535333

>>1535264 imagine if she put as much time into finding a job as she does at home seething and taking instagram photos to try and make people jealous?

No. 1535353

I think you need your eyes checked.

No. 1535359

Woah déjà vu. Pretty sure anons said that about Syd after the TND breakup and look where that got him kek. She's another bpd bunny boiler in disguise just like Syd was. Hopefully she gives Jonny more of the karma he deserves

No. 1535371

File: 1653162869038.jpg (90.61 KB, 1170x2080, 281840932_714535903213072_3648…)

Syd's story

No. 1535376

You guys know you don’t have to pick one right? Like they are both dumb asses for coming near to goiter boy. Good looking or not, skidney has a shit personality and genuinely have no substance. Layna is probably dumb af to sign up being a junkie rebound and step mom. Stop with this debate, its fucking stupid and no one cares.

No. 1535382

“How you hate on women” and “box shaped bitch” oh the irony.

No. 1535398

Yeah no. Syd is the ugliest bitch I’ve ever layed eyes on. Her makeup and style is fukn atrocious and she’s short and stumpy. The other chick is homely af but still much better looking then Syd or Taylor.

No. 1535401

This is the same story as his last two gfs. People wonder how he pulled a cute girl, time passes, they realize new girl is completely crazy, everything makes sense. By now we should know Jonny can only pull attractive women if they have major issues and lots of baggage. Just wait.
Agree, their looks are irrelevant , if you chose to associate with jc after 2018 you’re automatically an ugly bitch inside and out period.

No. 1535483

Thank you. We’re not voting here, no need to pick the lesser of two evils. They’re all gross af losers.

No. 1535536

Layna looks like a 15 year old runaway who ran away from home to prove her parents a point

No. 1535539

We should censor her pics since we can’t post minors in here

No. 1535561

She’s 25

No. 1535566

File: 1653175251594.jpeg (445 KB, 2598x2647, 4C036445-2953-4464-A6EE-B0E350…)

Choose ur fighter.

No. 1535570

This is the same story as all of his gfs. Name one woman he dated who was stable. Don’t even try saying that stripper liz

No. 1535618

The JOWELS on Syd, kek.

No. 1535629

This is perfect. 2 dumb bitches

No. 1535697

I really appreciated this response, I saw what is 100% Sydney’s post, the one you’re referring to, and this >>1534404 who could also be Sydney, and it was super vitriolic. I definitely understand following this because of an infant or another young mentally ill girl, just thought it was so weird her shit was getting blown up when she hasn’t said anything other than being a very young and naive fan. Also she’s from Canada, idk exactly what that means but I know it has to have a lot to do with her trusting personality, and I agree that is scary. I hope she has a good time and mother fucking bounces before the court shit.

No. 1535752

Never fuckin mind read that she’s 25 and in college, it is just that her outfits are so boring and juvenile and should obviously age alone or seeing-person alone should never give this old busted hep-c baked ham a chance. Now it’s just like what the fuck are you doing there is nothing to be gained from this and you’re knowingly helping an abuser

No. 1535779

Not to wk jc by any means but I really have to wonder if he’s got really good sick sometimes. Like why else would anyone put up with the level of shit he puts them through

No. 1535805

If you really want to know about his dick that much, there were nudes of his leaked. You could probably google it. It’s really not that great though.

No. 1535809

This post makes no sense. Her outfits are boring so she gives jc a chance?

No. 1535825

File: 1653192875102.jpg (216.52 KB, 1170x2080, 282114298_3212466208984104_851…)


No. 1535826

File: 1653192936620.jpg (137.04 KB, 750x1334, 282351138_1061063321509460_356…)


No. 1535835

Worse things are going to happen if she stays with Jonny than being one half of the Rottweiler Vs Q-tip debate or being made fun of for having winged eyeliner. He ruins lives: real lives, not internet gossip imageboard lives. I mean, buyer beware. If this thread and the documented experiences of his exes is what she wants for her life, then I'm not surprised or sympathetic that she's a topic of discussion in this thread.

We say mean shit. Most of us would own that. But we're also (with few exceptions) not liars; the criticism is often justified. I'll point out that no one is calling his first baby mama names. It is what it is.

No. 1535869

They look the same haha

No. 1535928

Catching up on a month of the thread and even though some of you emotional Karen "Where's a MANAGER" anons have chilled out, this shit is too obnoxious to witness without interjecting. Stop. Cowtipping. Some of you are acting as infantile as SydSoStumpy to be crying over a baby off the words of "anons in the know" with zero proof. How did a baby testing positive for fentanyl turn into "he od'd his ChIoLd and it nearly died waaaahhh"?
There are people that recover from addiction, and they shouldn't be kept from supervised visits for a situation we don't even totally understand.
Calling venues and creating cAlLouT shit is embarrassing and overstepping being observers of a shitstorm (no pun intended).
Btw, it's possible for fentanyl to reappear in your system despite not using. Crazy, I know. I don't want to blogpost, but I work in an addiction treatment center. A patient that was clean for a year tested positive for fentanyl and freaked out crying when it was mentioned. When we studied the levels, it was very low. We contacted the company that does our tests who confirmed fentanyl actually is stored in your fat and small amounts are slowly be released at random, often resulting in positive drug tests despite no drug recent drug use.
Moral of this comment is stop cowtipping because we're on a gossip site. We don't really know shit.

No. 1535966

You sound like the people you’re complaining about

No. 1535977

You sound like a smackhead

No. 1536005

"I don't want to blogpost" but blogposts.
"Emotional where's a manager Karen anons" precedes to be an emotional where's a manager Karen telling anons what to do.

No. 1536007

>There are people that recover from addiction, and they shouldn't be kept from supervised visits for a situation we don't even totally understand.

And there are people who get their kids back and kill them.

>I don't want to blogpost

>wall of text about your feelings

Literally no one cares that you're pro-junkie and eMbArRASsEd. Thanks for sharing that you prioritize caping for (alleged, according to the state of California, don't call Jonny's very real libel lawyer) unfit parents with histories, plural, of violence and drug use over empathy or concern for their victim.

No. 1536012

File: 1653222531607.jpg (79.99 KB, 1170x2080, 282824813_728707968271128_8580…)


No. 1536019

Can't believe she's 25. Wtf has happened to women. When my aunt was 25 she was a doctor with her own house

No. 1536024

What ridic incel comment is this. Lol

No. 1536025

I'm a female woman

No. 1536033

If you're unhappy with the thread feel free to leave

No. 1536035

File: 1653225501395.png (357.74 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220522-091555.png)

not shooting fent isn't "heroic" it's the bare fucking minimum, goiter

No. 1536122

File: 1653232972032.jpg (62.78 KB, 720x734, FB_IMG_1653230997817.jpg)

Non important but I laughed when I saw the OG meme and had to put a little LolCow spin on it - Hey Syd, how's that tattoo aging? With regret??

No. 1536123

all female women call themselves female women, comment checks out.

No. 1536143

Was meant to be sarcastic. I just think it's a shame we've come so far as a sex and some just choose to sit at home all day and do fuck all. What kind of life is that?

No. 1536144

Your aunt was from another generation and didn’t have to deal with the current housing crisis and through the roof inflation in Canada. A lot of the youth are “laying flat”, because why work and get nothing when you can not work and still get nothing. Salaries a shit here and we are overtaxed by the gov leaving not much in our pockets. Not saying this is the case everywhere, but it is like that in Canada.

Also not saying Layna isn’t dumb, but she isn’t the only 25 yo who can’t afford a house here.

No. 1536170

Sounds like sydney mentality

No. 1536173

Nice lie lmao

No. 1536176

Like to see how you’ll fare when you’re 25 as totally female woman, anon.. you sound like a out of touch retard.

No. 1536195

This. It is very very hard to get a house in Canada even for 35 year old people. Everyone wants to live there and prices balloon.

No. 1536229

I assume that you’re either someone who doesn’t live in Canada or have rich parents who helps you a lot. Just shop a bit for a 1 bedroom condo in Vancouver, maybe you’re the type of 25 yo who has the means to afford 1.5 M? Not everyone is though.

No. 1536241

can everyone stop derailing im just saying its a shame she hasnt made anything of herself and is fucking a junkie instead of achieving things or having any real social life

No. 1536248

How do you know this? She is in college, and some people don’t feel the need to post to instagram to prove to the world they have friends. It looks like any time she hangs out with bbp’s friends she posts absolutely nothing, not even stories. She hasn’t even posted a selfie with BBP and he’s fucking her. Seems more healthy than what schizo-syd does when she meets new people.

No. 1536252

What makes you think that? She uses her instagram to get attention from strangers which is something no healthy, well-adjusted adult does.

You know if she was in college or had friends she'd 1) Never stfu about it and 2) Be doing something other than taking selfies alone in her bedroom and playing animal crossing.

No. 1536261

reeks of self post how would you know she's in college? nothing posted here says she is
doesn't even mention being in college on her twitch hahah stupid fuck why is this how you want to be remembered

No. 1536264

She talks about university classes on her stream, and has also featured very normal well adjusted seeming friends. Finals season could be over and she’s spending her summer messing with jc.

No. 1536271

Agree with >>1536261 this seems like a selfpost, the most voracious anon here is watching hours of her streams. Mods pl0x.

No. 1536272

>25 and only just enrolling in community college


No. 1536273

Leading up to him flying her out, he had linked her twitch channel on his discord and instagram a handful of times. I’ve lurked here and there and she has mentioned university plenty of times.

No. 1536289

Self post

>mentioning things that you'd only know if you were her or had watched hours of her streams (unlikely)

>defending her character over petty shit

No. 1536309

Kek not to mention rabidly refreshing this thread in order to defend herself

No. 1536311

dude fuck off you are seriously scraping the bottom of the barrel with these posts and dating this fuckhead
go study for college please you need it

No. 1536319


I agree with

Since you only have a few hours before mods reveal you as Layna can you please just explain to me why you're with this faggot even after Tay's video and his Wikipedia literally repoting SA accusations.

She deserves so much credit from farmers at this point, everything she said, including her predictions for the future, i.e. Jonny is not safe around and infant and will do the same thing to Syd, was true.

This is no legacy for a young lady. Why are you overlooking all this? He has nothing to offer you.

No. 1536341

What's unlikely about it? Have you not seen the extremes people go on this site to stalk cows. Why are YOU so pressed? Sid?

No. 1536346

Even if it’s not layna I think it’s someone that knows her. Since she was first brought up one anon keeps referencing watching her streams even before Jonny flew her out (the thread only found out she existed AFTER he flew her out) and she’s a small streamer so there’s no way that’s just a happy coincidence.

No. 1536369

File: 1653248431035.jpg (75.57 KB, 1080x637, Screenshot_20220520-175013_Twi…)

We saw that she was in college when her twitter first dropped

No. 1536373

…so shes in high schools

No. 1536392


Midterms are taken in college.

No. 1536428

Autocorrect I’m sorry, what I had meant was her outfits are very mall-like so I thought she must be younger but maybe it’s just the Canadian thing. Because she is in college, 25, and has working vision, don’t know why she wants those hep-c leprechaun sausage fingers on her but maybe her lifelong dream was to go to Sacramento and meet an attempted baby murderer with an active blood disease, or something as dumb as making an ex angry. I have no idea and feel like Sydney or that Athena person are posting because no one else would care what she looks like and are worried she might become part of this lifelong car crash. Sydney has always been like “I’m sooo small!” as her only trait and now Jonny meets a girl that is skinny and she gets called a child when she’s fucking 25 lol.

No. 1536482

Your so right

No. 1536490

File: 1653255970774.png (11.59 MB, 1284x2778, FBA887C2-F7B8-4686-8D1B-E637DA…)

imagine being the manicurist who had to do this set on his 40y/o dried up leather hands

No. 1536501

File: 1653256610456.jpg (145.08 KB, 1170x2080, 283419361_3269673359982976_213…)

So Syd's roommate is getting married? She's in her married friend's guest room? Lol jeez.

No. 1536507

It's giving "hello fellow kids!"
Seriously, a female woman… as opposed to? A female bear? A male woman? What?

No. 1536533

File: 1653258950484.jpg (1.21 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220522-153513_Chr…)

No. 1536534

at the risk of contributing to derailing autism, in highschool we did have midterms (yegfag) however i think layna is an adult

No. 1536535

File: 1653259021064.jpg (474.51 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220522-153616_Chr…)

No. 1536548

Working out isn't going so well. Holy fuck that face bloat lol

No. 1536589

fucking rich that syd’s claim to fame is being small and his first girlfriend after her is skinnier.

No. 1536591

you’re from her city? do you know her?

No. 1536618

File: 1653265615928.jpeg (187.31 KB, 517x738, 45493FF1-2253-445F-B180-F93153…)

No. 1536621

tbf any farmer interested in what he’s up to probably keeps note of who he’s posting in his discord/instagram. Linking to a random thot isn’t really milk worthy to post here but it is worthy of keeping in the back of a farmers mind. Not WKing Layna by any means. It could 100% be her.

No. 1536647

File: 1653268549212.png (5.54 MB, 1284x2778, C526B27C-B1A3-4144-BDD1-67D058…)

No. 1536648

File: 1653268611798.png (5.93 MB, 1284x2778, 70D3DF45-3F64-4780-8C65-30957F…)

jonny without the bad cats filter

No. 1536657

Why do these need to be posted ? It’s just photos of them with stupid filters on.

No. 1536664

I like it, why do you need to bitch?

No. 1536668

Ah the heart tank top again. BBP with your alleged hella cash flow buy your lady some clothes JFC.

No. 1536677

Kek, if you were built to handle them, why the drug addiction? Unless he meant the drug addiction in the first place? Which would be a weird flex. In conclusion, you’re not special, Jonny. Not even a bit.

No. 1536678

Because if/when we talk about this in the future, I don't want to hear an anon screech about how this is an image board and that there are no posts about what we're referencing. Stories disappear so they get uploaded. They're all saged. Scroll if you don't like them.

No. 1536683

File: 1653271678607.jpg (191.09 KB, 541x895, Screenshot_20220522-190558_Vid…)

She looks so much like Sydney lmao wow he has a type

No. 1536694

File: 1653272422270.jpeg (347.07 KB, 1280x1440, 4C52AB63-9FBB-4BC9-827F-05B54B…)

i was going to say the same thing lol

No. 1536701

Glad I’m not alone. I had to double take when I watched the story because for a second I though it WAS skidney.

No. 1536706

File: 1653273807715.jpg (494.78 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220522-194131_Chr…)

Syd is so proud of that tour tattoo. Most people would have had it covered up months ago.

No. 1536713


They really don’t though. Layna has a cute alt girl aesthetic. That’s never been syd. She tries WAY too hard to be a baddie.

No. 1536719

Don’t call layna cute they’ll accuse you of being her

No. 1536722

black hair and winged liner with bangs seems to have always been his thing. they don’t really look similar otherwise

No. 1536727

File: 1653275298719.png (10.87 MB, 1284x2778, D1334D10-E13C-4338-A340-EEF6BB…)

initials of a child she doesn’t have custody over tattooed on the side of her face and with THAT font yikes

No. 1536729

Your child will always be your child but the last initial standing for “Craig” will always be hilarious. Nice one Syd you are branded on your face for life for taking goiters load.

No. 1536739

No hate it just looks gorgeous next to her butthole earlobes.

No. 1536755

The tattoo wasn't for Storm, it was to brand herself as "winning" band dick. There's a reason "groupie whore" is a regular insult of hers.

No. 1536795

Nothing she does is for Storm, no surprise here, just trying to squeeze every last drop out of her “merch mama” legacy

No. 1536810

Real question, because they would be working with his cuticles and potentially blood, isn’t he legally supposed to disclose his hep-c and do they have to work with him? Like fuck that and his stubby bubbled chiclet nails, the trend is supposed to be like chipped bc you don’t care as a dude but aren’t afraid. What is this ugly fuckshit

No. 1536814

Syd will always be thousands of times worse than any person he dates or has dated. The straight up evil shit she’s said to girls because they acknowledged Jonny’s existence is insane. Not to mention letting him smoke fentanyl around her flesh and blood BABY. She is despicable as well as just a weird little woman.

No. 1536865

I'll do you one better; isn't it a crime if you don't disclose your STIs/STDs before having sex with someone in California? So Syd just didn't care before he nutted in her? Did he have that conversation with Layna and she stayed anyway? Or worse: did neither of them know before they fucked him?

No. 1536921


Are you talking about Hep C? It’s not too common to catch Hep C through sex alone since it is a blood borne illness. So I’m sure she told him not to wear a condom or pull out…especially with wanting that baby from the start.
Maybe he’s gotten treatment for it at some point before now - some rehabs do offer help for getting it and the treatment is more effective and easier for the body to handle than it was years ago.

No. 1536932

This. And there is effective treatment now.

No. 1537058

I’d assume he’s gotten treatment. Pretty sure it’s just a pill.

No. 1537109

cute alt girl aesthetic? where? bitch looks like she shops at justice, with that heart tank top she loves so much. have you seen her ig? her clothes are ugly and plain. stop calling her style alt when it isn't.

No. 1537122

Syd, where's your kid?(hi cow)

No. 1537130

This isn’t Syd, I hate them both. You’re a fucking moron.

I’m tired of the hi Syd anytime someone insults layna, Jesus Christ

No. 1537133

Her and skid literally have the same low effort mall emo style. The wking of layma itt is weird af, spending ur time sucking the tits of the women who’s dating Jonny Craig is just beyond gross lol.

No. 1537138

I fail to see WKing itt tbh. It is hilarious seeing anons sperg about her tank top though.

No. 1537152

Nta but it is a pretty pathetic sight i guess she has to save her money for drugs

No. 1537166

here are just a couple examples from the last 2 days that sound like a retarded layna fan wrote them

No. 1537174

Wearing a shirt twice, two weeks apart?

No. 1537179

Doesn’t strike me as a junkie, she’s pretty coherent on twitch.

No. 1537190

Yeah and isn’t she far from home where all the rest of her clothes are?
Do y’all pack your entire wardrobe when you travel somewhere? I’m assuming she only brought a specific amount of clothes with her so yeah she’s going to wear the same thing different times. And please don’t hi cow me or call me a wk. She’s still a fucking idiot and disgusting for wanting to be anywhere near Big Boi let alone his little diseased weewee, but you guys sound so annoying talking about this tank top so much

No. 1537195


Can the Mods please put an end the incessant self posting. Layna you are so autistic and bereft of subtlety

No. 1537203

I’m like 90% sure she’s not. Sounds like one anon said it without proof and now other anons are just repeating it like it’s true. Dating BBG is crusty enough, we don’t need to lie to make her look worse.

No. 1537235

There are like 3 different I.P’s here anon

No. 1537324


Enjoy your ban lamer

No. 1537356

Californian in her 30s checking in! My partner makes decent money as an attorney and we still have to rent, haha…ha cries

No. 1537357

buy a prefab

No. 1537399

Canadian in university here, can confirm we have midterms at both college and university levels.

No. 1537403

File: 1653340949737.png (2.91 MB, 1284x2778, 79AFE11D-2EBE-4317-833B-67AAE6…)

“someone else will receive those spoils” posting about an ex while the new girls still at his house, sleeping on his floor bed i bet she’s swooning

No. 1537433

"Could of have had" this gave me brain rot. And we're supposed to believe big boy goiter reads? Like, at all?

No. 1537451

If I was his new gf I'd feel so fkn weirded out to see this, does she have no respect for herself?

No. 1537452

How is their comment grounds for a ban? Or do you too, suffer from mental retardation like the cows of this thread

No. 1537471

I literally see my own comment in that list and another comment has called out two of my own posts as evidence of both syd AND layna posting kek. The Spiderman meme finger pointing at each other when we're all farmers is legitimately really funny.

No. 1537502

Yeah all the hi cows are getting super annoying when someone insults the other, omg it must be Syd omg it must be Layna!!!!

Like shut the fuck up

No. 1537507


In the UK we have to ask clients about any health conditions and make a note of it, anything being used near the cuticle should be single use/disinfected afterwards, Barbicide claims it kills hepatitis, but technically anything that touches blood needs to be autoclaved to be considered clean. I'd turn him away. But he probably goes to a non standard salon and they don't give a shit.

Sage for nail tech sperg.

No. 1537557

This. I don’t doubt they’re posting here but Jesus. Every single post that doesn’t call them fugly groupies are accused of being Syd or Layna.

No. 1537573

no i dont, and i dont live there anymore but it does sound like theres a few nonas from edmonton in here. we're close in age, and i hang around the metal scene, but if she still listens to DGD at 25 she probably doesnt have a very good music taste (no offence to other anons, but, i dont know anyone who listened to them past 17)

No. 1537600

He’s on twitch right now saying syd took off with all the stuff “his fans” bought from the baby registry. He is caught in his own BS lol
That was 2 years ago. Jonny you stupid junkie the baby would still not be wearing the same
size clothes and using bottles at 2 years old. From what I saw on their registry he is hardcore scamming his fans.

No. 1537867

Yeah that makes absolutely no sense. I can’t think of anything that would be on a baby registry that Storm would still be using or wearing now at this age. But then again I don’t have children. Parent anons?

No. 1538186

Regardless whether or not the kid outgrew the items, what kind of punk bitch complains about the mother of his child taking things that help their baby when the baby isn't in his care? You just want the kid to roll around on the floor when he isn't with you? You're too cheap to replace it and make sure he's taken care of wherever he's at? Small dick bad dad behavior tbh.

No. 1538234

I’d agree but the mother doesn’t even have custody of the kid either.

No. 1538414

File: 1653392844341.jpeg (1006.01 KB, 1123x1325, 801A020A-7D2B-4E8A-8779-7DACE0…)

Gonna leave this here.

No. 1538573

This is besides the point. He is just finding excuses to scam fans out of money. It has nothing to do with Storm, Syd or her mom.

Jonny: 1) doesn’t have money despite claims of “hella money” 2) when he does blows it all on designer shoes, drugs and other stupid shit (Kratom and nicotine right now) 3) shift the blame, find excuses and tries to get donations so he can buy more junk.

Bottom line: don’t trust Jonny, ever. He’s a pathological liar and repeat scammer / thief on top of everything else.

No. 1538578

What makes you think this isn't directed at his newest girl? Maybe she ended it and flew home

No. 1538636

We should replace two of the pics with Syd and Layna and make it the next thread pic lol

No. 1538641

Right, he just spent $350 on shoes that he brazenly posted on his story not giving two fucks. And posted other things he bought that day too at that second hand hustler store. Not to mention all the times he’s posted him and his friend going out to eat or getting his fucking nails did. Those situations and things are not necessities they are splurges, if he wanted to buy stuff for his son he could but he chooses not to.

No. 1538694

She doesn't strike me as smart enough to do that.

Is he referring to himself as the spoils? Quality!

No. 1538700

Layna moved to Twitter after her IG stories were being uploaded here and now she's locked her Twitter.

No. 1538764

File: 1653422867615.jpeg (208.92 KB, 750x1105, C5C158CB-1A47-4CB0-BEC6-0C7136…)

This is gross to me.

No. 1538779

Well she did fly home yesterday and I think you are right though she’s probably not dumped him yet. I think it’s funny he referred to her on his twitch as having”dropped someone off at the airport”.

No. 1538781

How can she be so oblivious to his pedo tendencies? Girl, common. Pull it together.

No. 1538908

Kurt and especially Tilian era are far better than Jonny era, worth checking out.

No. 1538909


No. 1538937


No. 1538943

Jonny is a POS but this is the biggest cope of the DGD fan base. JC’s albums with them are just so much better it’s not even comparable.

No. 1538944

I bet skid is burning with jealousy when she reads this kek ‘ms minnieskins’

No. 1538988

File: 1653437268318.jpeg (153.31 KB, 298x622, CE79745E-6E17-4500-80C6-6080E6…)

Honestly Layna looks a lot like Chelsea to me, they have the same face shape and everything, If you look at Chelsea’s ig you’ll see what I mean

No. 1538989

I agree lol

No. 1538993

Happiness and Mothership > Anything Jonny has ever done musically. I guess if you like someone nodded out and blackout drunk moaning no sense in the recording booth, you'll think like that.

No. 1538998

Have you listened to his albums with them? It’s insane how he was blackout and on drugs and could still sound so crystal clear like that. It doesnt mean he’s a good person. But your bias is very obvious.

No. 1539001

it’s almost like different people like different vocal styles
nah, must just be haters

No. 1539010

Absolutely. Never called you a hater. But to say he’s objectively their worst vocalist is incorrect.

No. 1539025

Of course, been a fan since 06. I didn't say he was their worst, Kurt was, but Kurt albums are still better.
Also DBM > DBM2

No. 1539026

File: 1653440699411.jpg (592.29 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220524-180455_Vid…)


No. 1539027

File: 1653440752537.jpg (197.03 KB, 750x1334, 283273795_721811048959517_2743…)


No. 1539028

File: 1653440878179.jpg (116.6 KB, 490x586, Screenshot_20220524-180707_Chr…)

Why did Jonny get a tiny dick tattooed on his stomach?

No. 1539033

Super OT but I was listening to Will Swan’s label’s bands and it was striking to me how similar Kurt Travis and whoever the lead singer of Eidola is sound to JC. He really doesn’t deserve to be put up on a vocal pedestal anymore when like every other next gen post-hardcore band has some midwestern commuter emo kid singing exactly like him, but without being a druggie rapist garbage fire.

No. 1539042

Exactly like him? No. Over processed garbage does not equal having a good voice. Some people can’t tell the difference. JC is a trash heap but the dude can sing unlike any other unfortunately.

No. 1539136

Next time you’re at the gym work on those love handles ya fukn midget

No. 1539151

File: 1653452072580.jpg (48.5 KB, 604x453, tumblr_kxquypxfQz1qb43xpo1_640…)

I feel like she looks closer to larkin than any of the exes and she's the one ex jonny didn't trash after their relationship ended

No. 1539155

thought this to. he has a tattoo for larkin as well.

No. 1539174

The fucking state of that bathroom

No. 1539193

Yep! I was hi cow’d on the last thread because I told someone they needed their eyes checked for saying layna looked like a transsexual. Moronic

No. 1539200

jonny dated a literal child? who is larkin

No. 1539206

They dated around 2009/2010 back when Jonny was dating women who were the same age as him. There was a post a while back wondering who the woman in the phone call on Blue Dream was and it was Larkin.

No. 1539236

All of these comments comparing her to his exes are just proof that all of them looked the same just like we stated before kek

No. 1539346


honest question: why does his tattoos look so bad and why are there some places where the ink is missing. Is it the drugs or bad tattooing? I've never seen something so bad

No. 1539349

He was built for the car seat minus the car? Or for sitting on the side of the road looking like a beggar?

No. 1539383

Pretty sure he's cheap af and he's never spent more then $200 for a tattoo which usually means it's not good work. Plus he seems impulsive and not someone who would do even the slightest research on an artist

No. 1539388


Probably a bit of both. He’s definitely picked at his chest tattoo, which we know from Taylor is drug related. I don’t think he’s ever gone to a reputable artist either. The guy doing his lower stomach was doing it in his living room.

No. 1539397

I truly cannot imagine letting this manlet grunt on top of you a few times in the name of groupie fame. Although, not that he or any of his girlfriends/failed fiances are actually "famous" in a true sense kek. Honestly this is barfffff. Fresh out the shower pics like this are meant to look hot but unfortunately Jonny you are not fit enough for this. Thought him and Syd were ~all about~ the gym?? Doesn't seem like it's paying off.

No. 1539483

He’s sucking it in so hard and still looks fat kek

No. 1539526

I m pretty sure he stop going to the gym after that few stories posted with his “bois” if not he would be posting gym stories constantly since he loves to flex so much. Instead he is just doing cringe vids of him shaking like a fat manlet infront of his computer kek

No. 1539645

It’s $9.99 a month. And they’re not gonna pay you better. But okay, Big Bucks Pimpin’

No. 1539649

That bear tattoo is TERRIBLE and doesn’t match the tattoo underneath. I know the one underneath is newer, but the tattoo he covered up with the bear looked so much better. It was an upside down house in thin lines, which would look so much better with his lower tat he used to cover Amanda’s initials.

No. 1539656

He has had a tattoo for Larkin, Amanda, Chelsea. No tattoo for his baby mama LOL. Unless he got that 11:11 tattoo with Syd? But I think it was only her who got it, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong tho cuz I really do not remember

No. 1539668

He has 11:11 on his face

No. 1539673

pretty impersonal compared to larkins name and amanda's giant initials across his stomach

No. 1539916

Jonny never cared for Sydney the way he cared for those other girls though. The way he wrote his sappy anniversary posts showed it: basically "you just wouldn't go away and now we're a family, happy whatever day, midget!" That's not even affectionate. Even if he said the right things sometimes, you can tell that subconsciously he never fully bought in to the lovebombing. He's just freakishly codependent and didn't want to be alone after Taylor left him.

No. 1539928

Pretty sure syd was a rebound that ended up being something he never wanted

No. 1540151

And she knew it too which is why she tried to keep him there with a kid.

No. 1540240

And the initials he got for Chelsea that he covered up

Lol and Syd has how many tattoos tying to him? 3 or 4? Yikes

No. 1540245

File: 1653531149948.png (207.08 KB, 750x1334, BD70DCE4-236F-4AC6-A4C8-4E1A76…)

Lol I feel like she’s calling out someone’s IG name at the concert she went to but of course she’s not tagging them. Just like she didn’t tag Joe when she called him a horrible person. She’s pathetic and not gonna publicly threaten anyway cuz she knows her midget self would get mopped across the floor

No. 1540251

File: 1653531345165.jpeg (447.05 KB, 750x1005, 6D5EFAA1-6AC6-49CA-A25E-D7F810…)

I bet Anthony didn’t even guest list her or acknowledge her even tho they have such a magical friendship according to her

No. 1540254

File: 1653531500236.png (231.97 KB, 750x1334, 3E1BBDEE-29FB-43A4-8387-E8E670…)

Another blow and Jonny and/or Layna.

You’re right, you DO think you’re hot shit but you are literally cold diarrhea and so is your personality, Ms. Skidmark

No. 1540550

She’s creepily obsessed with Anthony G. Fukn stop embarrassing yourself skid. He’s not interested. Ffs she had her son say hbd to him. B doesn’t even see the kid and she’s making him tell some rando happy birthday. She’s so fukn pathetic

No. 1540632

Yeah and jonny blocked him from that stunt lol

No. 1540660

File: 1653551359127.jpg (528.85 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220526-004904_Chr…)

No. 1540661

File: 1653551395887.jpg (280.64 KB, 1170x2080, 284117067_140275901929008_2718…)


No. 1540714

This gives off strong creepy movie stalker vibes. The one with her son even more. I’d be terrified if I was Anthony.

The fact he called out Jonny on his abuse and scams 2 years ago and now goiter’s baby mama is going after him is kinda funny.

No. 1540873

She talks more passionately about music and shows then she does about her own living child.

No. 1540902

Yeah probably because she goes to concerts more than she sees her son kek.

also she seems to make all of these “magical” connections at concerts. I highly doubt she actually interacts with anyone. She’s probably just talking about the people standing next to her in the bar line or peeing next to her in the bathroom or something. Sometimes I wonder if she also has HPD, what with her thinking relationships are way closer than they are and the impressionistic speech. I’m not a psychologist tho so what do I know

No. 1540917

>raw emotion
Definitely not unnerving for people nearby.

No. 1541066

I wonder who paid for your tickets syd?

No. 1541100

I find it really ridiculous she's allowed to collect disability. She's very clearly not disabled, just emotionally unstable which could be controlled with medication.

Just picturing all the crying, psycho faced screenshots that have been posted in here of her. Hahaha.

No. 1541210

File: 1653603183158.png (3.66 MB, 828x1792, 316DBABD-6546-4AA4-8021-5B2887…)

I m gonna barf from all the laughs! What is he trying to flex at all?? There is barely even a muscle to squeeze there kek… seriously imagine having this old washes up junkie have sex with you.. gross

No. 1541238

File: 1653604885612.webm (4.16 MB, 720x1280, BC4D3AD286F9DAD79DA8E00DBF154A…)

The still photo really doesn't do it justice. My horrified cackle can still be heard echoing throughout the nearby mountains.

No. 1541240

Samefag but is this his mating dance? It can't be. His genetic line would be extinct. I can't get over his facial expressions omg

No. 1541262

god the bingo wings
top kek

No. 1541275


The bingo wings, the nails, the belly dance. Janice Craig

No. 1541326


My eyes! Put the bad catz filter back on!

No. 1541366

Look I’m all for guys getting their nails did but like.. with how “hard” and “gangsta” he acts plus the whole scene guys nails thing was that they’re meant to be chipped n stuff, so the thought of HIM going to the nail salon to get like SNS, picking out a colour from the swatches.. having chitchat with the nail technician.. holding his sausage fingers under the little fan while they dry.. getting cuticle grow out.. just the picture in whole really fuckin tickles me. Like everything he does is so try hard and always a swing and a miss. Cannot believe there are actually still stans of his, buying that stupid $80 usb tape and bobble head and being excited to receive them. The mind truly boggles.

No. 1541436

uhh does this mean he relapsed, because there is no way I believe anybody would post something like this dead sober. Like seriously this video should be illegal.

No. 1541458

That double chin though

No. 1541509

he’s honestly so gross - and his weird blunt cut baby bags make him look even worse

she literally has the worst piercings - if she didn’t have them and those weird penciled on eyebrows she would actually be cute.

No. 1541532

Might be an improvement but she’s still ugly. Her nose is huge. And this is filtered

No. 1541533

He's been acting up in his stories since Layna flew back and I keep thinking he's either trying to keep it spicy while they're apart or he's trying to lure another woman into his gross little den because she told him that she wasn't interested.

No. 1541534

File: 1653636566158.jpg (215.7 KB, 1170x2080, 283207595_1176142573152229_746…)

Nvm that explains that >>1541533

Layna's story

No. 1541540

a man who has his toddler taken away due to fentanyl in his blood stream.. flexing for his new child bride. bleak.

No. 1541542


Why does he like grown ass women that speak in child and/or meme speak / seem so childlike and stunted? Very telling honestly. Ew.

No. 1541613

Yeah my brain could not tolerate someone who thinks it’s cute to talk/type that way. It’s not cute it just sounds uneducated.

No. 1541648

That’s because it is, and because he is. He dropped out of school very early.

No. 1541866

File: 1653682664825.jpeg (998.94 KB, 1125x1155, D7A0EBF3-C243-4A4D-929C-D447A6…)

she brags about being a hot mom so much cause she knows deep down she’s nasty lookin now.

No. 1541919

File: 1653685322734.png (485.79 KB, 1440x2521, Screenshot_20220527-170036.png)

OBVIOUSLY inaccurate lmao

No. 1541922

probably the most autistic shit i ever seen on lolcow(sage)

No. 1541930

File: 1653686200341.jpg (92.16 KB, 1080x430, Screenshot_20220527-141020_Dis…)

No. 1541932

File: 1653686229991.jpg (82.79 KB, 1080x1904, Screenshot_20220527-141537_Ins…)

Blocked out her number

No. 1541946

Post them here, goiter. We all know you frequent this thread

No. 1541958

So I was going to reply to this post >>1541542
about how he probably chooses younger girl and girls who act younger because he himself is stunted and childlike. The drugs fucked up his brain and he’s mentally stuck in his early 20s or even teens.
And this >>1541932 >>1541930 just perfectly proves my point. He’s immature as fuck.

No. 1541960

Well Goiter you do say shorty things about skids mother. You can dish it but you can’t it. What a train wreck!

No. 1541968

Also no mature, successful, stable “older” adult woman would touch him with a 10 foot pole. He’s an addict, a mooch, abusive and unstable. Hard pass

No. 1541972


No. 1541999

Kek she is so unhinged and it’s poetry really. He deserves to be tied to that psycho for the rest of his life.

No. 1542015

Haha I was wondering where her crazy has gone, she probably knows best to not post it online SOMEHOW in that little stunted brain of hers… but I’m sure friends and family are getting their portion of it.

OR she’s texting Jonnys mom some truths in a very unhinged way. Either way I want to see it lol

No. 1542016

File: 1653692113603.jpeg (427.98 KB, 828x1191, 3B542C3B-BB72-4E23-8932-D9B11A…)

She is exactly the perfect victim for goiter boy and also playing into the whole age gap, daddy, maid fantasy for him. I dont really kink shame but this is gross given their age gap and the power dynamic here. Exhibit A. She is definitely hanging around with goiter boy because of her shelter life and having 0 friends.

No. 1542024

What normal sensible woman see this and not run for the hills? I also think layna is not ugly either? Surely she can do better than shagging up with this manlet?? No amount of clout is worth this monstrosity and putting your dignity (and health) at risk

No. 1542361

Can we stop posting about Layna? She's really boring and hardly a cow.

No. 1542364

She is dating goiter boy so no we cannot stop posting about her since everything she does correlates to him as a cow

No. 1542368

It just feels weird psycho-analyzing the posts of some small-town nobody with low self-esteem.

No. 1542412

Thats an accurate description of 99.9% of cows on this site.

No. 1542424

No. 1542445

I agree, she's boring as shit. I'm sure I'll be accused of being her for saying that, though. kek

No. 1542490

BORING as shit, but I agree she’s relevant by proxy, she stays in the thread.

The big question now for all for us is how long are we betting an international relationship is going to last? Does he move there or does she move here? Somehow I don’t see goiter taking his fat lazy ass there.

No. 1542510

Fair enough, she is relevant by proxy no matter how boring she is. I have a feeling the minute a misguided local girl starts giving him attention he'll forget about her and dive in fully like the codependent mess he is.

No. 1542593

he’s from Canada, so could move back
maybe he can get “Canadian content” airplay for his new boring music

No. 1542671

If he wasn't absolutely broke and currently facing felony charges I could see him trying that, but the hole he's dug for himself in the US is a bit steep for his 5' 3" ass to climb out of.

No. 1542695

Also he’s from the Vancouver area, which tremendously expensive. Unless he lives in a tent, he can’t move back there.

Maybe Edmonton with Layna? It’s still cheap there and drugs are everywhere. Sounds like it’s right up his alley.

No. 1542936

Thanks syd that really is him lmmfao

No. 1542947

My bet is since he’s too broke to always be flying her out or flying there, and since he probably can’t move to Canada with his pending felony, she’d be moving into his place at any moment.

No. 1542962

syd pulling some real "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" shit lmao

No. 1542967

Hey is this

No. 1542974

Or Ava.

No. 1542976

Come on guys! Jonny clearly doxxed syd a few days ago so now she's just paying him back.

No. 1542977

If it were syd lol she’d have posted all over on IG and we would have seen a novel teaching a lesson. Doubt it’s her.

No. 1542979

Just tell us is this you syd, who is this?

No. 1542980

Yeah you know she would want the credit for it.

No. 1543005

What was posted? I missed the entire thing now I'm mad kek

No. 1543006

Jonny’s number

No. 1543042

For the anons who missed it, Syd still cant figure out how to sage. Since she cant beef on insta bc shes dealing with court shit shes come here. Lmaoooo bring it on syd.(shit attempt to hide doxx)

No. 1543076

File: 1653790552492.jpeg (215.28 KB, 828x1182, 1C1620AB-D599-41D7-B245-7E304B…)

Layna is back in Sac this afternoon. Bet she’s going with him to later this week “on tour” lol
This bitch is already folding his nasty socks

No. 1543085

Because you have to be emotionally stunted and have room temperature IQ to be willing to date him so he takes what he can get.

No. 1543092

What’s the front zipper for? Is it for her fake penis to peg goiter lol

No. 1543100

Topkek great job censoring, anon

No. 1543123

That material looks so cheap and awkward. Cringe.

No. 1543133

I don't think she meant she's literally folding jc's socks.

No. 1543144

i dont care enough, let ‘em go for it. Sign him up for all the most annoying alerts and subscriptions

No. 1543163

File: 1653801069248.jpg (1.01 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20220529-010851.jpg)

Jonny currently roasting Eugenia on his twitch

No. 1543168

How is she alive it looks like her arm would break like a twig omfg

No. 1543172

Ngl he looks a lot better. Syd really got him at his absolute worst kek.

No. 1543174

File: 1653802341608.jpeg (101.61 KB, 750x199, DA1D6AFF-CEB5-41FF-8E61-8DCE46…)

No. 1543232


I don’t think she has too much longer. It’s really fucked up and JC should probably leave her alone.

No. 1543242

hey Jonny, this is the same as someone streaming you, saying “lol everyone look at this nasty junkie” just fyi

No. 1543243

This is just another thing that proves that he doesn't have a personality beyond talking shit/being toxic. It's literally basement tier personality development and guys like him are tedious and terrible to be around. Layna is so damaged if this is what she looks for in a fuck buddy.

No. 1543347

All her stories from yesterday were clearly of her at her own home with her cat. Although they seem to be on good terms atm I’m surprised he hasn’t liked her recent pictures she’s posted.

No. 1543405

People have donated more than that to him I watched as people were donating to his PayPal and through twitch.and a few of them asked why it still said 0 donated cause they had given him money. he’s acting like it’s broken and leaving that there so people feel bad and donate more.

No. 1543518

I hope those fools report him. He doesn't deserve to use these platforms for scamming.

No. 1543533

Yeah, like putting fentanyl in a baby for example.

No. 1543645

File: 1653855314861.png (1.13 MB, 1284x2778, 93605376-F13E-4B85-A9FB-8CF9AF…)

No. 1543657

he’s so painfully unfunny oh my god

No. 1543661

Kek I wonder if Vendetta ex-bf of Layna is bothering him.

No. 1543706

Can't stand how he always uses the term blood.

No. 1543729

If she doesn’t brush her teeth or wash her vagina how is any of that desirable to you Jonny? Disgusting. He’s probably riddled with sti’s

No. 1543772

There are times when he talks and I realize he really would fit in with my local deranged middle schoolers. Bleak.

No. 1543884

File: 1653880875374.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1170x1976, D0A8E199-6295-4CB4-B7F9-BCB2DD…)

Stalker Syd waited outside Anthony Green’s tour bus for god knows how long to get this pic and he looks so thrilled to see her….

No. 1543885

File: 1653880899192.png (3.06 MB, 750x1334, 44752E6B-3D1F-45F1-8BDB-0EFD07…)

Nice cankles

No. 1543896


this chick cant sing, play an instrument, read music, or identify a drum by sound alone. bach would ROLL

No. 1543897

Skidmark Squarepants

No. 1543898

Those calves are FAT SHEEESH

No. 1543906

He follows her back so I doubt she waited long

No. 1543911

Anthony follows lots of fans. She ain’t special or a friend

No. 1543960

What in the hell is that outfit?

No. 1543971

looks like she’s about to saddle up for the badminton horse trials

No. 1543979

She is so busted. It's funny when short girls make their whole personality about being small but proportionately they're lumpy af and awkward looking.

No. 1544014

Not trying to nitpick but she genuinely looks like shit here.
And yeah, Anthony follows a lot of fans back, and he used to give his number out pretty freely, too. That was years ago so Skid probably missed out. Too bad. kek

No. 1544015

First things first, what tf is that outfit and specifically those white pants and boots and random masculine v neck. Come on girl.

Secondly sorry I think this is really sweet for her and definitely of him. Don’t know him but based on skimming I hope she admires him realistically enough to pick up his sober habits and tries to become healthier. I think he called Jonny out at some point and I thought it was very kind, he’s a lot more mature so I can see why Sydney has a crush. Hard not to be happy for someone who meets their heroes, hope it does actually make he look at her life and value the one person who doesn’t have a choice but to love her and always will, her son.

No. 1544022

File: 1653898450460.jpg (112.81 KB, 1080x520, Screenshot_20220530-011048_Gal…)

Layna pulled this tweet down after a while.

No. 1544023

when did she tweet that?

No. 1544051

+/-2pm pt

No. 1544054

Anon what autistic sperg was that second part??

No. 1544055

Is like she got a bowl, fitted onto her head and cut along the edge to get her bangs. She looks like a ball..

No. 1544108

It is genuinely so upsetting that Sydney and Jonny are done. They really were perfect for each other. Syd was exactly what he deserved, in every way. What the fuck did he do to deserve a younger, prettier, nicer girl? With the added satisfaction of seeing Syd failing miserably at getting a rebound. This feels like the worst ending possible. At this point I could see his case actually getting dismissed because he never ever seems to get what he deserves. Ever. Karma continues to miss him at every chance.

No. 1544134

There's always gonna be a dumbass starstruck girl with baby bangs and daddy issues.

No. 1544136

we must be patient anon, there is potential yet for this new girl to be just as batshit as skid, and more girls just means more allegations of abuse, just imagine in the future when jc’s reputation is so bad that he can’t find work in music or convince his deluded fans to socially martyr themselves for him anymore and has to work at whataburger in his 40s serving fries to Trailers mom in the drive thru

No. 1544149

Idk about that anon, imagine getting stuck with a psycho baby mama for life (pun intended) with a kid that seemingly has a lot of health issues. Also slowly spiralling down in his career with no actual bands, reputable record label looking to sign him anymore. Not to mention.. his very shaky sobriety. I feel like karma is getting him now, slowly. I feel like in 10 years time we will be seeing goiter boy homeless and basking by the streets if he hasn’t OD yet. The only bounce back he have had was dating TND but he managed to destroy that. So dont worry, goiter boy will find a way to ruin his own life.

No. 1544175

I can sort of imagine him panhandling at the side of the street, his fake teeth fallen out, Simple Jack hair cut, and rambling incoherently about how "he gone get his keeed back".

No. 1544248

Her arms are so short.

No. 1544269

Anon… it’s not that deep. She literally just wants to hook up with band guys for clout and the hopes that they’ll bring her on tour as a “merch mama” so she never has to get a job. And she never give two shits about her son, she just had him to baby trap Jonny so she could be associated with him forever.

Also I think it’s pretty pathetic that the highlight of her life is going to concerts and that she acts like they’re these magical, special moments.

No. 1544399

File: 1653938706686.jpeg (105.34 KB, 828x347, FF77BED2-672F-4853-9714-AFB9E5…)

No. 1544402

For someone who rarely sees her kid, she picked a stupid ass photo to post of them.

No. 1544403

File: 1653938945328.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1125x2021, A2596A2A-EEDB-47F1-833B-51AA8F…)

the skin blurring is unreal, so it’s obvious the nose and lips are altered too as filters do. it’s funny cause we all know she looks like this >>1543884
100% of the time. the levels of copium this girl has to feed herself just to exist every day is tragic.

No. 1544407

Hilarious that she's confidently throwing "sperm donor" around when both of them are beyond being even deadbeats, they're child abusers.

No. 1544420

Yeah she has no right. She lost custody and is facing a felony right along with Jonny. Sydney Englund and Jonny Craig are child abusers for exposing their son to Fentanyl.

No. 1544423

And she can't hide behind "I wasn't there when it happened." Sydney openly filmed Jonny nodding off and sent it to women she thought "wanted" Jonny and stayed with him after her son was hospitalized.

No. 1544437

I saw this persons comment and lost it. For those of you who can’t see the picture it was a heavily filtered pic where the filter gives everyone the same lips lollllll like sorry but this commenter is stupid as hell

No. 1544442

I love that she essentially dug her own grave with that video.
If she knew he was using and was that bad and still let storm be around him she's legitimately responsible for fentanyl being in storms system as well, even if she wasn't using it at the time she should've known better.
I can't stand her, living at her friends house without storm is so bleak, I hope she has a mental breakdown soon and does something milky.
She's deranged af, just hiding it a bit better lately. When the mask slips I'm sure we'll all be here to enjoy it.
She could easily retaliate like taylor and make a video or just in general share her experience with jonny on instagram, but I think unlike Taylor she's too much of a pussy to actually put that kind of vulnerability out there. Not that I like Taylor she's a POS in her own right, even though she could be talking to him recently she at least "owned up" to the public about the truth, even if lolcow exposed that for her lol. I don't forsee syd telling us all some of her gross, painful/personal details unless she is forced to do that in a court room.

No. 1544449

She deleted the comment

No. 1544455

I mean I don’t expect her to say anything while a court case is pending doubt it has anything to do with “being a pussy” she always shows she has no fear or shame in saying anything she wants to anyone.

No. 1544460

The real shit flinging will start as soon as their case wraps up. The only reason she's not BPD raging daily right now is because she can't afford to look any worse than she already does.

No. 1544464

I cant wait I want to hear the truth

No. 1544475

Tinfoil but I think Megan has posted here before. There was an anon a few threads back gloating about how Syd will never guess who it is that has access to her IG stories, and that they'd never be deleted because of it. And who else would have had known what exactly happened to Storm before the court hearing confirmed it? They ended up being right. The only other anon that was confirmed to know Syd was her ex, who posted here when she and Jonny first got together, and I doubt her ex would be privy to what happened to Storm. Hmm.

No. 1544479

I've always thought this. The "you'll never guess" was pretty ominous and people like Syd never have actual friends.

No. 1544481

imagine how entertaining it must be to read this thread while also having insider information. watching strangers figuring it out and getting it right thanks to your breadcrumbs because you secretly hate that bitch is a high in and of itself.

No. 1544499

Kek I also suspected this. What a trip that would be.

She seems to get a bit unhinged before a court date. It’s coming up on the 9th I believe so we have a few days until the poo starts flying.

No. 1544551

The only thing that makes me say tinfoil is because doesn't Megan have a chiold of her own? Imagine knowing all this shit, breadcrumbing LC, and still letting her move in. That'd be something.

No. 1544575

Holy shit his face. He looks like he’s being held hostage
She doesn’t know the difference between angels and angles and allowed vs aloud

No. 1544585

That's a good point. I wonder what the layout of the house is. Imagine being a kid getting up for school and Syd is putting on her rectangle brows in your bathroom kek

No. 1544606

File: 1653958085855.jpeg (116.84 KB, 750x938, E6A2923F-F523-426D-A76C-C4067E…)

3 posts later she lost another thousand followers, we love to see it (first ss was taken Friday, the other today)

No. 1544617

File: 1653959786880.jpg (612.87 KB, 3023x2160, sss.JPG)

Picrel, censored Storm but you can see the filter (one of Jonny’s favourite) on both. As >>1544449 said, she deleted the comment. Perhaps because the person wanted to see a picture of baby Sydney?

No. 1544623

That's 100 followers nonny. 13.5k is 13,500 followers. Still a pretty big loss though.

No. 1544625

File: 1653960665480.jpeg (109.32 KB, 827x768, EB160CD3-DD20-4F27-804A-0D448B…)

Her boo. KEK

No. 1544661


Right in time for that felony child abuse charge to come down. W for you Layna!!

No. 1544663

File: 1653965481281.jpeg (596.93 KB, 2563x4000, 562080F4-EB33-40E0-85E1-AED14F…)

Caught this on my Facebook feed. This girl lives in Niagara Ontario. He’s also following her on insta

No. 1544665

hilarious she keeps calling him boo when he has no intention of being her boyfriend

No. 1544715

She also went on a random blocking spree: I never commented on anything, I liked a post here and there just to "lay low", but got blocked just now. Oh well

No. 1544719

File: 1653971629746.png (2.81 MB, 750x1334, 3913C1FC-2841-4046-997C-4A7926…)

Looks like a literal child. So glad Jonny will get to be reunited with his daughter soon!

No. 1544720

Wait this is some other chick he’s trying to
get with besides layna?

No. 1544777

I hope Layna sees this and her ego gets crushed a little bit. Someone else is calling your boo their boo, Layna. How do you feel about that?

I hope she turns out to be super psycho and clingy

No. 1544787

Anon… That's not her.

No. 1544789

File: 1653978121856.png (4.72 MB, 828x1792, F8DA1CD1-A77A-4D73-A944-BE5386…)

This is literally in her story right before that photo you fucking dingus

No. 1544796

File: 1653979500966.jpeg (396.29 KB, 1170x2405, B540155D-54E1-45E1-9956-614398…)

lol covering for layna

No. 1544809

late response lol but if you told me that two of these photos were of Syd and the new girl I'd believe you

No. 1544847

Kek. She already deleted that tweet probably realizing he is not her boo and he’s already cheating. What a dumbass running out of options and still doubling up.

No. 1544879

It’s funny to me that she continues to go on these blocking sprees even though she must know all too well that we can still see her posts and stories through other apps. Truly all she is doing is reducing her follower count and probably the number of likes she’s getting since several anons who have been blocked admitted to liking her posts. Queue more complaining from syd about how her posts don’t get enough likes kek

No. 1544928


This girl is a recovering addict as well so I guess they have that in common. But never stays sober lol

No. 1544945

What is her IG? Is jonny really trying to play like he’s not talking to her?

No. 1544959

File: 1654008107658.jpeg (110.64 KB, 1170x698, 9B2C9626-BB74-4EDC-9E67-BB5A78…)


This is that girls IG who is johnnys “boo thang”

No. 1544998

Im thinking it’s either a clout chaser trying to get back to 1k followers by lying (not sure why she thinks name dropping jc would get her anywhere though apart from on lolcow) or jc is being an untrustworthy man whore as usual, both are very likely so I struggle pick one

No. 1545003

File: 1654012010368.jpeg (85.06 KB, 1170x641, 8BD34D87-075A-416A-AF04-DDDE12…)


He is following her

No. 1545004

He's definitely fucking around with multiple girls, he's a scum bag. Part of the reason he exclusively dates girls in their 20s is because it's a lot easier to lie to them and fuck with their heads as opposed to women his age who have no time for this shit.

No. 1545011

He’s such a sleaze honestly, do actual reputable artists compulsively follow reams of younger women on their main artist page??? Nothing about him is professional and it doesn’t take a genius to see that he’s a greasy stunted piece of shit

No. 1545043

her pfp has me rolling what is that filter

No. 1545046

These women are dating him strictly for clout and are getting what they want.

You just know he talks gangsta during sex and has a serious case of limp dick, so they definitely don’t ‘date’ him for that.

No. 1545057

Lol and the filter doesn’t change the fact that her false eyelash is hanging off, Every girl he hooks up with is the exact same he rlly has a type

No. 1545151

File: 1654020968827.png (123.57 KB, 750x1334, 30E59A36-C984-4E34-B326-51A1B2…)

She’s Such a psycho. Wishing at 11:11 won’t bring Jonny back. How’s the wedding planning going Syd? Get fucked

No. 1545153

i think the eyelashes come with the filter

No. 1545154

aw yes, syd’s special number and daily reminder for life that not even a fat junkie could love her. love that for her.

No. 1545156

You mean 100….

No. 1545161

Her latest post has her nipples in it, so that’s nice. What a catch. Jonny goes for the classiest broads

No. 1545167

File: 1654021689949.jpeg (449.29 KB, 750x984, 206ECD7E-75AC-4856-855F-7A631A…)


No. 1545175

What the fuck? Is this filter abuse or a genetic disorder kek

No. 1545184


No. 1545187

Ew she’s like Shayna but with a smaller nose. Dry lumpy skin, looks 45 but in her mid 20s, crusty and unwashed. Eyebrows too far apart and small.

Idk she’s definitely in goiters league.

No. 1545204

What a mess. Just how jonny likes them

No. 1545209

File: 1654024130653.jpg (Spoiler Image, 258.44 KB, 1080x1854, Screenshot_20220531-120331_Ins…)

Click at your own discretion, the new hoe jonny is talking to posted this on her public page kek.
It must make layna feel super important to jonny to see stuff like this from like every single woman he follows kek.

No. 1545210

File: 1654024132635.jpg (455.68 KB, 1080x1849, Screenshot_20220531-120536_Ins…)

Junkie inspo

No. 1545211

File: 1654024185015.jpg (128.73 KB, 1072x1651, Screenshot_20220531-120712_Ins…)

She has a sw account

No. 1545212

File: 1654024225171.jpg (100.98 KB, 1080x863, Screenshot_20220531-120632_Ins…)

Dead band boyfriend

No. 1545218

Her face looks different in every single photo I've seen so far and absolutely none of them look good or even human

No. 1545229

Oh Lord, she's actually leaning into the Toxica meme. at least she's becoming self-aware.

Edited to add: in Mexican culture right now, "los toxicos" is kind of a meme, usually used by trashy couples who refer to themselves as toxic, jealous and crazy as a term of endearment.
You all know the type, it's the equivalent of those couples who post the Joker & Harley Quinn quotes "She was fearless and crazier than him. She was his queen, and God help anyone who dared to disrespect his queen", shit like that.
You'll see trucks with stickers on them that say "tengo novia toxica" ["I have a toxic girlfriend"] and it's supposed to be cute and funny. Which I also hate because it reinforces the "spicy jealous crazy latina" trope, but that's a rant for another time

No. 1545249

Damn she is fugly. Definitely more in line with goiters league for sure.

No. 1545313

kek shayna wishes

No. 1545325

Wait, that means she MUST have seen the story Jonny posted with Layna's legs in it. And she's okay with that…?

No. 1545343

Honestly nonnie I don’t think any of these weird ass girls are ok with him showing attention to anyone else like that; I genuinely think in a sick sense they enjoy the competition and ending up being “the one” he picks to be with/interact with. But I always find it hard to fathom that in this day and age where one can easily google an artist like Jonny, and in his case endless negative things about sexual abuse, drug use, abandoned kids, and now potentially OD’ing his own son with fent are on his record and these bitches still want anything to do with them. If it weren’t for the internet I would feel sorry for them, but the fact that they are ALWAYS warned about him and choose to compete for his limp dick fatass is just beyond me. They deserve whatever mess they get into for choosing him over any amount of self-worth for themselves.

No. 1545346

Also I’m retarded and don’t word things well, by “potentially” OD’ing his son I meant it potentially pops up in a google search at this point, not arguing that it “might” have happened. Sorry!

No. 1545411

She seems like a totally random chick lying about dating jc so I don’t know why she’d care about Layna’s legs

No. 1545416

File: 1654036548719.jpeg (232.47 KB, 1284x741, 2992FE4A-F8EE-4696-81C9-8EABB6…)

Second boo thang’s IG post of bf passing. Yikes. Lol

No. 1545447

File: 1654038593992.jpeg (448.13 KB, 1800x2400, 5B522DEE-4F65-4E76-A9EC-A9A0FE…)

not that this chick matters, but whoever is harassing her sounds like a sydney. of course the wannabe boo is mixed up in this kind of shit. jonny craig has trash orbiting him 24/7.

No. 1545467

thats gotta be syd lol

No. 1545474

File: 1654040412670.jpg (69.19 KB, 951x1497, Screenshot_20220531-163222_Chr…)

Okay but at this point literally taylor has spilt more personal juicy details about him then you have?

Lol like you've hardly damaged his reputation at all skid hate to break it to you. She has hardly said anything about her relationship, the most she gave as proof was a video of him nodding out and if recall correctly that was leaked somewhere, it wasnt her intention to spread that im sure she wanted it as blackmail against him? Anyways I'm not saying I dont think he abused her I'm sure it went both ways tbqh, but her acting like she's came out all high and mighty against him is hilarious. You've practically been in hiding since the breakup kek.
I can only assume she's just as much of an annoying, mopey, whiny mess irl whos done nothing for actual abuse victims because she's done little to no speaking out about this alleged abuse online. Also her acting like she endured so much and totally didn't also facilitate domestic abuse and her son ending up with fentanyl in his blood.

No. 1545476

I feel like this is Layna honestly or Layna’s friend trying to make it sound like it’s not

No. 1545477

Layna doesn’t strike me as being this unhinged. Also it’s from days ago, before anyone knew he was talking to her.

No. 1545480

Yeah but Jonny seems to be mad at her. His first story says “well fuck you too then.”assuming he doesn’t believe her. No one has harassed Layna yet, I’m not saying Syd has moved on or doesn’t care, but I feel like it’s Layna. Of course they don’t always seem unhinged at first. But you have to be for letting BBG fuck you

No. 1545481

She doesn’t believe him*

No. 1545483

I don’t think that commenter is anyone from Jonny’s circle. The comments are from 5 days ago and also weeks ago. This girl is apparently a drug addict and probably has weird unhinged beef with plenty of people. How would Layna even know this girls fiancé cheated on her or who this girl even is weeks ago.

No. 1545489

File: 1654041774683.jpeg (74.8 KB, 1170x560, 8A4D54B3-A09A-480F-B250-080B6B…)

Looks like Jonny unfollowed her.

No. 1545503

Makes him look guilty to me

No. 1545512

Maybe Layna made him unfollow her.

No. 1545537

1000% Guilty. This is his MO. He does shit any then when the girlfriend finds out he stopped following whomever. It’s a mindfuck he plays.also jonny reads here constantly it’s no wonder all this happened.

Layna is just like syd too with her vague stupid posts that no one cares about she removes them once it’s brought up here.

No. 1545543

he literally did this to me while he was with sydney lol. it’s not a brag (i’m honestly embarrassed) but it is definitely his m.o. bro lies constantly and has a long documented history of cheating. layna can ignore the abuse allegations cause she thinks it’s edgy to joke about wanting to be hit, but she’s in for a rude awakening now that the honeymoon is over and she realizes she’s doing long distance with a serial cheater.

No. 1545553

Got any screenshots, nonna? I would love to see Goiter's wandering eye in action kek

No. 1545580

No cause it’s probably ScorpioxLady

No. 1545592

Who tf is that and what makes you think this?

No. 1545595

There's always gotta be that one person trying to stop the milk flow before it even starts. Girl chill, some of us are nosy.

No. 1545597

A super fan he hooked up with who is known to post here

No. 1545598

When did any of this happen? Because I know I am not having a fever dream over here

No. 1545600

Lmao yeah and Syd just tried to fuck my bf last week. Wtf are you talking about

No. 1545603

that bitch looks like Syd, do they all use the same filter or what

No. 1545612

If you idiots actually read all the threads you’d know ScorpioxLady

No. 1545623

File: 1654055251063.jpeg (15.29 KB, 460x148, 13D9A31C-2AAC-480A-9D29-5C1745…)

Every time she posts her aboose victim shit all I can think of is this. We Stan a queen who only stands up for abuse victims when it benefits her personally!

No. 1545624

“Weak little exes” Syd is so fucked in the head.

No. 1545642

I love when people say their account got hacked at whatever amount of followers, 1,300 followers or whatever she wrote is even funnier I hope it’s ironic

No. 1545655

I have read them and it sounds vaguely familiar but I can’t remember either

No. 1545669

Am I the only one that thinks the thread is overreacting? It’s fucking goiter dating long distance, of course he’s getting nudes from random girls with developmental disabilities. Where’s the milk?

No. 1545676

File: 1654061125082.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1170x2095, 23E979F3-F6FD-4995-B58C-A87460…)

>I’ll be making money while you just straight make shit up

more damage control for Layna

No. 1545693

This man couldn’t win a game of checkers against Lil Xan and no pretty sure deceiving sexual content from traumatized enough women that you’re calling them disabled isn’t dating, it’s predation and it’s fucked up. That’s who he targets and I really don’t think anyone deserves that except for Sydney and her little person smol rickets.

No. 1545725

And you think this comment is a better contribution? Maybe keep quiet if you don't have milk either, dummy.

No. 1545727

Lmaooo is this goiter posting

No. 1545838

I absolutely fucking hate to defend Jonny in any capacity but he's had a bad reputation for so long now that it's a huge reach to call what he's doing "predation". These women know who he is and are still entertaining his advances, they're no better than Syd in that regard. They're not poor traumatized victims, they're fully grown adults who make bad fucking choices.

No. 1545839

Nta but what about this reads as Jonny posting? Because it's antagonistic to Syd? This entire thread is antagonistic to Syd kek

No. 1545916


She deleted the Johnny Craig post off her Facebook too about him calling her.

No. 1545941

Love the Karen manicure

No. 1545981

File: 1654100875136.jpg (606.02 KB, 1080x1420, Screenshot_20220601-092557_Twi…)

Layna, what are you fucking doing? Trainwreck decision.

No. 1545984

File: 1654101068569.jpg (36.44 KB, 750x1334, 284987936_609254086765997_3560…)

Jonny, begging for rent/his son's furnishings money on the internet: I stay on top

Ok Jonny. Sure.

No. 1545985

Lol so he love bombs after the cheating by inviting her to live with him for a month? Why is he so predictable.

No. 1545989

Hey Layna, in case you didn't watch the interview yourself: when Jonny talked about his mistreatment of his partners, he blamed them. He said "Yeah, I was shitty and I was an awful boyfriend, but they knew I was an addict and they knew what they were getting into with me so I don't know why they were acting like they didn't."

When he hurts you, he's going to say the same thing about you. He's the scorpion and you're the frog and when he asks you to carry him across the water, he's going to sting you, and when you ask him why he did what he did, he's going to look you in the eye and tell you that it was in his nature and ask what you expected.

No. 1546003

Don't use this analogy it makes me feel sorry for the girl kek.

No. 1546038

She deserves it. She’s willingly asking to be abused. Go for it. Ot but the way he try’s to flash his nails in his stories is so fukn painfully cringe. His whole personality is very egotistical. I can’t imagine being around him for more than 5 minutes

No. 1546056

File: 1654105929143.png (402.88 KB, 750x1334, 3095ED4D-DEB2-4C86-906A-658EE7…)

BBP’s story

No. 1546066

What does that even mean?

No. 1546067


is this the same girl from >>1545489 ??

No. 1546078

imagine leaving your beloved pet for over a month so you can play fake house with a nasty child abusing loser. You get what you deserve.

No. 1546086

This looks like a different girl. He probably slid in her DMs and got called an ugly manlet kek

No. 1546088

she can kiss her growth on streaming goodbye and have fun with less than half the viewers when she gets back from her goitercation, as such happens when you are a small streamer that abruptly stop streaming for more than a few weeks. getting slapped in the face by jonny craig’s saggy chode and spending your summer indoors is totally worth it.

No. 1546089

Think he’s really taking her on tour with him? If so that’s so weird. A gf you hardly post about who looks like a teenager hanging around by herself. Wonder if he will stick her on the merch booth lol

No. 1546091

nothing more “on top” than insulting randos
“on top” of seventh grade

No. 1546097

My tinfoil is he’s not posting about her or taking her on tour so he has a chance for last minute pussy before it’s out/common knowledge he’s dating again.

No. 1546099

I wish he takes her on tour to sell merch and Syd comes to the show

No. 1546101

She either called him out for the disgusting pile of shit he is or she’s threatening his domination over layna. The only reason he likes layna is because she has a general look and she has NAIVE tattooed right in her forehead, she’s not by any means the Instathots he’s really trying to get with. Those are the hoes his clout really thinks he he can get.

No. 1546104

Hardly a tour though, 3 shows?!

No. 1546121

She's not nearly as naive as you make her out to be. Like everyone with the internet, she's surely well aware of his past.

Also it's not like she was so lonely and this was her way out of solitude. She dumped her ex just to get with goiter boy.

TL;DR: She's not naive and deserves what's coming her way.

No. 1546123

Layna doesn’t have the insta-thot aesthetic he likes/wants but girl is still way out of his league. She needs to respect herself and gain some self esteem and sprint away from this mess.

No. 1546126


Well, it's the closest thing to a tour he can get these days. Not like his last "tour" was huge either. He's not playing Madison Square Garder, that's for sure.

No. 1546180

Layna is obviously only posting these updates for us. Like she has no Twitter following, no one that cares about her stupid daily updates.
She knows exactly what she’s doing with BBP and she’s relishing in the small bit of attention she’s getting from all of this, good or bad. What a sad little girl, she’s extremely easy to see through. Can’t wait to see what pitiful excuses for overlooking how god awful JC is when he inevitably uses and abuses her.

No. 1546188


No. 1546192

I can’t in a million years imagine leaving my cat alone for months on end in exchange for that bloated whale flopping on me. Bleak.

No. 1546196

Just Madison Square Goiter

No. 1546212

File: 1654116308736.png (208.45 KB, 746x791, weirdo.png)

No. 1546213

Man this is the third girl I've been following involved with him (some anons even longer) and I don't even feel bad for them anymore. I mean, I definitely didn't feel bad for Syd either. Anons, they already know everything about him. There is no convincing them not to get involved so just enjoy the milk because they deserve to be laughed at for their clown cow behavior. This girl is so obviously wrecking her life starting now.

No. 1546259

File: 1654119081016.jpeg (469.94 KB, 828x1232, 0F11AFEB-707C-4DA8-BF02-52F91B…)

Ewww here we go! That was fast him claiming “it’s mineeee” barf.

No. 1546370

File: 1654124278458.jpeg (124.28 KB, 824x1216, DF15716F-8C14-4FB6-9ABB-7D287B…)

Wtf is going on here!

No. 1546414

Ok, sue me, I find her very cute here. He finally ascended from bottom of the barrel Syd.

No. 1546416

You’re gonna get “hi cow”‘d into oblivion

No. 1546421

How many times this needs to be said? Nobody actually cares if you find his gfs attractive, same thing was said about Syd threads back. They're all retards that knowingly date an abuser.

No. 1546438

Yeah sorry I’m just gonna say it. I don’t believe this at all. She’s another Amber Heard.

No. 1546441

Doesn’t matter if she’s cuter than Syd. Literally everyone is cuter than Syd. She’s still a fucking dipshit dressing like a Japanese school girl trying to take Blimpie’s useless dick from soft to slightly less soft. She’s still abandoning her cat for a month to chase an abusive junkie, still filthy (she always has food/sauce splashed on her computer monitor, bed sheets pulled up to expose the mattress behind her… she ain’t shit.

No. 1546445

There’s been so much sketchy stuff about Tillian. It just gets brushed away cause Jonny is so much worse so everyone sucks Tillians dick. But he’s always been a shithead to. He’s super into alt-right shit for fucks sake

No. 1546454

Can you show an example of her dressing like a Japanese school girl? I haven’t seen any photos like that.

No. 1546462

> He’s super into alt-right shit for fucks sake
Please elaborate

No. 1546466


Are these not her? If not then my bad but she’s still baiting with it and ultimately still sucks.

No. 1546473

File: 1654130749070.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1284x1970, F8702832-A831-43F5-903C-432A9A…)

I do love how he smears his shit into any possible male interactions with her. It’s almost like he’s taking lessons from Syd at this point. May 6 I know it’s not super recent but still. So fragile.

No. 1546476

There have been 3(?) other girls with allegations and one with photo evidence. This girl was 'interesting'though, people were claiming she was notorious within the alternative online fan circles

No. 1546478

This post is so stupid. So does he have an age gap ddlg thing or an insta-thot onlyfans baddie thing? Or does none of that matter as long as they’re completely emotionally stunted and have bangs?

No. 1546482

I wonder if Syd cheating turned him into a paranoid mess kek. If so W Syd.

No. 1546486

Idk guys. Obviously I want to believe victims but there is a lot of red flags and contradictions in her story. And Tilian posted a response with pictures of their texts and after the alleged assault and all the stuff that he supposedly did, she is sending him nudes, calling him daddy, and even flies all the way to Cleveland to see him again while on tour. When he breaks up with her via text, she responds with “well, if you ever are in Sac and need someone to come spit in your mouth I got you daddy” so I just don’t see how someone who was abused and assaulted would talk to her abuser like that? And then also try to hang out with him after he gives her the out. Maybe he has done stuff to others but I don’t think I believe this particular girl. Anyway I’ll stop derailing the thread now!

No. 1546487

I think all of the above. Even how he calls girls “so small”. Like why is that the turn on? I think it reaches farther than simply liking short girls (I was going to say short and thin but, Syd), it totally reads as little girl fetish to me. Hence all of them having wittle baby bangs. Collecting fucking plushies and bobble heads. Of him kek

No. 1546493

Kek thinking the exact same thing. Karma is a beautiful thing

No. 1546501

Lmao I honestly love the people defending her cat’s feelings, you’re not wrong

No. 1546511

LOL. Imagine getting caught talking to a side hoe then running to your main hoes insta to scare away fuckboys. He’s probably worried she’s cheating because he knows how easy it is.

No. 1546512

That’s pretty full coverage and she’s some gamer, really think she is just doing this for herself considering she’s a full blown streamer. Let her have her dumb ass hobbies you would get just as angry at her if she dropped them, and it’s a way for her to realize she is worth more than dating a rapist. Start somewhere because the problem isn’t going away and it’s so weird reading people take things out on her when she hasn’t done or said anything just because they have more access to her instead of goiter and rickets.

No. 1546513

You guys just gave me a tinfoil.
He called this chick >>1544663 the same night Layna was with her friends at a lake, some of them male >>1544789 he also seemed to be angry with her while she was at the lake, skimming the thread I can’t find his story now but some vague bullshit ending in “fuck you”. Might not have been directed at her though.

I wonder if he was so paranoid about Layna cheating he hit up a bunch of girls to save his little ego. How insanely pathetic. Too used to SydSoFriendless.

No. 1546514

I've been on this thread before the beginning, but honestly I kinda want farmhands to expose syds pots. especially since layna came into the picture. I have a feeling it'll be milky

No. 1546518

Defending her is such a joke. I don’t give a fuck what she wears, it’s her own words. Folding socks, cleaning house and then just laying around the house in this? I mean ok, lay around in whatever you want but that’s bait my friend. I guess it is less schoolgirl and more maid but still is that better? And that’s literally what she does, she’s useless when she goes to his shitty little low budget apartment complex, she has nothing to do but probably clean and lay on his skanky bed in fishnets waiting for him to post about her. Quit with the “SHE HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG” she’s literally doing every possible thing wrong rn

No. 1546519

Just seems like a typical cosplayer/streamer/gamer culture thing. Sometimes it feels like everyone in goiters thread is super out of touch because they do drugs or they’re 45 years old. Like really? Child bride? She’s 25.

No. 1546520

But then it went too far and these little side babies are popping up embarrassing him so he has to talk about these “hoes”. Haha yes I can see all of this.

No. 1546529

Kek I hope she does cheat and fucks him up further if this is true.

No. 1546540

Since when does she clean his house? God you guys are retarded. She put on some cringey cosplay maid outfit to appease weird gamer boys into sending her money via twitch. I agree with the above anon and genuinely don’t think she’s posting that shit for JC. We’ll know she’s looking for goiters attention when she starts posting things like this >>1545209 or like the attempts from Taylor to be an insta-thot.
Side note: It’s hard to know what happens when she visits because they seem to go a bit quiet.

No. 1546578

lol at gamer and full blown streamer comment.

are you high? she started streaming a few months ago and probably doesn’t even make enough to reach the $100 minimum for twitch payout every month. she gets like 6-9 viewers on average, and since she became jonny’s chosen cum dumpster she’s been doing it way less. not to mention leaving for a month is gonna make her growth go backwards for sure. you talk about it like she has a whole ass career when all she does is twirl her hair and play valorant with one of the lowest viewerships in the category. gamer my ass. just a fucking kid with no other prospects that seem cool or interesting and plenty of time to fuck around.

No. 1546589

How is this girl that much different than Jonny’s supposed victims then? They all went back to him like this too

No. 1546650

idk how familiar you are with twitch but for just starting a couple of months ago with no previous audience, and streaming randomly without a schedule, 6-9 average viewers is pretty insane. She probably won't be able to capitalize on it now that she's with goiter though you are right on that.

No. 1546656

File: 1654143472089.jpeg (61.79 KB, 1170x197, 94A26623-EF05-48C5-8D25-4ED8A9…)

Left on her recent instagram photo. He’s making a joke out of it.

No. 1546680

He’s trying to do damage control cuz he knows he’s not faithful

No. 1546699

Nayrt but as a girl who has been streaming on twitch for years, 6-9 viewers is not hard within a few months of starting, as long as you’re a cute girl. It’s pretty typical for guys to orbit around low viewer count girls specifically because it’s guaranteed female interaction (cute girls get stuck talking to fat dudes living in their mom’s basement for months) but they leave once they feel like it’s too crowded, so that initial growth definitely plateaus below 10-15 for a long time.

It’s a lot more difficult for dudes to grow, so yeah, it is surprising when they get above 10 viewers within the first year or two even.

No. 1546730

File: 1654151405119.jpeg (384.52 KB, 1170x1311, 0FCD11DB-9D79-4731-9C9C-9D63A6…)

I will probably get a ban for a blogpost, and for derail, but I know a lot of DGD fans read here so whatever.
I knew Mikaela for many years online, and to put it simply: she’s insane.
She used to roam the fields of Deja Entinder which was an old group for Brand New fans.
She was always causing drama, and it was always a sob fest with her. She would make up rumors about someone stalking her, beg people for money, rinse & repeat.
There are videos that are circulating on Reddit of her whipping her ex and throwing an air fryer at him.
She also allegedly accused Travis, and has made a few comments about coming for “Jon” when she got her three seconds of fame for starting the vigil for Tim.
If you go to her twitter, you can see her tweeting DGD lyrics after the allegations.

She is an attention whore, and we shouldn’t give her any credit.
She also wrote to someone “I hope you get picked next” implying they should also be raped by Tillian.

No. 1546734

I've seen this broad post positive things about JC as well, as recently as a couple months ago.

No. 1546741

This kept getting thrown around in reddit comments. Which makes her post hard to believe. It came off fishy to everyone (sorry for OT not sure where to keep bringing up this)

No. 1546749

File: 1654153725646.jpg (116.11 KB, 690x405, 20220602_030755.jpg)

No. 1546753

File: 1654153888598.jpg (344.11 KB, 711x968, 20220602_030737.jpg)

No. 1546755

Why is this being posted here wtf does this have to do with Jonny or Syd or Layna

No. 1546777

No they wouldn’t. I had to go back and search her name and I’m disappointed I wasted my time. She got called out with Carissa for commenting underneath a photo. I didn’t find any milk about them hooking up or her posting here

No. 1546779

Who is spamming the thread with stuff not cow related

No. 1546795

Search TND thread also. Girls been orbiting for a looooong time.

No. 1546831

No. 1546868

Pretty quick for him to start that love bombing. Here we go again!

No. 1546955

(Ntayrt) okay that’s fair but just wondering if anyone might be interested in creating a thread, maybe even just in ot or something for those of us who do want to discuss this? I would like to hear more about either side, Tilian being accused by possible others or this girl being a possible psycho, but I don’t know where else to go nor do I have experience making threads. Just throwing it out there so it stops being discussed here!

No. 1547023

Yes! Maybe in OT? There was another girl accusing Tilian that posted texts and a picture inside his house. Also curious to hear more about this Mikaela chick because there's some milk there. Saw videos of her whipping her boyfriend while he accuses of her of driving three hours to chase some band dude.

No. 1547159

Go to PT with this shit omg. There's literally a thread request for this exact reason.

No. 1547207

File: 1654194217962.png (626.33 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220602-142319.png)

She's such a bitch kek

No. 1547211

File: 1654194313609.png (548.57 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220602-142434.png)

Here's the full story, I wanted to post a zoomed in pic first so the text was more legible

No. 1547259

the way she talks about people is so weird. literally the most negative person i've seen

No. 1547261

Remember when her ronald mcdonald karen hybrid hairdo debuted and she loved it and it was total riot hw vibes? Now a year later she's slamming the same stylist. Pretending to love her ugly fried hair, pretending to have her kid, tomato tomahto for good ol' skid.

No. 1547275

I usually just lurk here so idk how to reply properly and tag stuff so opologies in advance. Info about Tilian: I can confirm Tilian is at least a lech with women. I ended up hanging with a few of them one time and he was really pushy, touchy feely and full on trying to sleep with this girl (who's boyfriend was literally there at one point). He came across as rude and arrogant the whole time and some of the others in the band actually made comments about his behaviour. The gist of it was that this was a common occurence. The girl was definitely a lot younger than him too but she didn't look underage. He hadn't drank and didn't drink the whole time I was with him so that's obviously how he must be sober.

I was pretty upset to see that he was like that because I am a huge long term DGD fan.

No. 1547278

Going from black to blonde is a big no no. Expect damage and weird colors of blonde.

No. 1547281

Sydney looks like her crotch stank

No. 1547284

Great, this fucking Tillian debacle has already attracted unsaged newfags. Please just make a thread for that shit, it doesn't belong here

No. 1547287

No need to be rude, you can just explain something like a normal person. This is one of the reasons I usually just lurk because of how some of you guys come across. It doesn't seem like everyone but it seems like a few of you are just mean to some anons for the sake of it.

No. 1547289

Go back to lurking if you can't handle it

No. 1547309

File: 1654201191974.jpg (136.64 KB, 1170x2080, 285413437_152960073939677_4168…)

Does she… think she's kind? Syd England? The bpd werewolf?

No. 1547314

Hey JC stop posting about Tilian here bro(hi cow)

No. 1547370

File: 1654205729574.jpg (617.61 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220602-143036_Chr…)

Jonny Craig and bringing addictions to the airport. Old habits die hard, don't they?

No. 1547371

File: 1654205847359.jpg (220 KB, 1080x1128, Screenshot_20220602-143308_Ins…)

They're both pussies for hiding behind locked comment sections but also, barf.

No. 1547432

File: 1654209701432.jpeg (162.64 KB, 1242x1452, received_3239218333065359.jpeg)

Reminds me of someone lol

No. 1547650

File: 1654227836538.webm (177.1 KB, 480x854, someone pretending to be good …)

I’m sure you know all about pretenders.

No. 1547693

File: 1654234481540.jpeg (649.55 KB, 750x1067, 6E7039A9-D23F-4EFA-A890-500E7A…)

Layna seems to be unarchiving old unflattering pictures. Look her flat her ass is, she doesn’t even have one she just has a long back

No. 1547699

that looks like a 12 year old boy

No. 1547707

We all know how much Syd took pride in her ass. Just saying.

No. 1547715

Idk syds body looks really similar

No. 1547723

Which one of you took a screenshot of a 2 year old post of this girl in ugly baggy clothes out in the country, just to hold onto until she archived it. I'm dead.

No. 1547736

It’s gotta be Syd So Fridge Ass

No. 1547754

You’re dumb and can’t read. I said she unarchived it, as in I’ve never seen it before and it’s back on her page. So it’s a new post to anyone pretty much

No. 1547860

Eugenia Cooney core
Is he just vaping in the restroom? Those bad boys are loaded with smoke detectors. This man is retarded

No. 1547902

She’s retarded and doesn’t realize that she is the actual cow. Wasn’t before, is now.

No. 1548008


>this man is retarded

I’m starting to believe he has an actual form of mental disability. His behaviour is anything but normal for a man his age.

No. 1548010

File: 1654270051093.png (100.86 KB, 570x901, FireShot Capture 003 - Faceboo…)

She popped up on facebook today on a call out post for a pedo in ontario.

No. 1548056

Who cares, she is not Syd, Jonny, or Layna

No. 1548059

Lmfaooo so true

No. 1548136

Flat back with a crack. She does look like she has an ed or drug addiction

No. 1548150

Taking the Tillian discussion to celebricows in ot.

No. 1548265

File: 1654287505579.webm (6.34 MB, 1080x2400, Screen_Recording_20220603-1111…)

His voice sounds thrashed. If that's what he sounds like from rehearsals for three very small shows, that's pretty sad.

No. 1548333

Not really, she doesn’t look underweight at all. Just needs to get off her ass and do some squats

No. 1548337

Anon I think she’s talking to the field of literal cows in the picture….

No. 1548411

I know, I just meant she’s slowly becoming a cow (here, not literally) herself.

No. 1548412

File: 1654299282858.jpg (135.09 KB, 968x1270, Screenshot_20220603-163025_Ins…)

This is Jonnys repsone to Dance Gavin Dance's post about Tilian stepping down. Like they would throw out a man with 2 allegatiojs to pick up Jonny with multiple rape allegations, physical abuse, thievery, and current court case. Dream big

No. 1548423

This would never happen but could you imagine how much Syd would be seething… Got her "rockstar gf" fantasy with the fattest lowest version of her rockstar baby dad. Just for him to have a real comeback after dropping her.

No. 1548615

File: 1654320966412.jpg (338.71 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220603-223542_Gal…)


No. 1548685

Good for him

No. 1548791

Yeah definitely nonnie, good for him. Do you know where you are?

Really telling that being the center of attention for an audience of 30 brings him to tears but his child nearly dying because of his addiction is no biggie.

No. 1548796

File: 1654347706750.jpg (133.08 KB, 1080x1920, 1654347590679.jpg)

At this point I'm just waiting for Syd to start claiming she's autistic too and that music helps her stim kek

No. 1548900

File: 1654357016657.jpg (1.11 MB, 2048x2048, Ig.jpg)

Comment replies to Jonny's DBM3 comment.

No. 1548960

Jonny looks surprisingly good lately. We really bullied him into unbloating.

No. 1549035

Or… just a thought… he started using again and lost all his sobriety weight real fast

No. 1549037

Praying you’re the same person because after all he’s done, I refuse to believe he has several people rooting for him in this thread.

No. 1549038

File: 1654364592882.jpeg (551.32 KB, 750x1334, 1884EAAB-52FA-4A3B-B3CA-AE0A82…)

No. 1549039

I think this is very likely, he knows he's going to jail soon so he's getting in his last pussy/drug binge

No. 1549043

>sorry i cant see you today, Im too busy trying to fuck uglyass chicks and rejoin a band no one wants me while pending court charges for getting you high with a heart defect.
Next time, Kid!

No. 1549044

lots of parents work & still see their kids. the way him and syd talk about their child is fucking weird. it’s like they’re resentful they have to sober up and be parents. the language they use makes it sound like their child should be grateful they’re doing the bare minimum.

No. 1549059

File: 1654367179638.jpg (90.42 KB, 967x1035, FB_IMG_1654366925096.jpg)


No. 1549076

come home? he doesnt have a house; does he think people is stupid aa he is? everybody knows how hard is to get a child back even if you sober up, you have to work a lot to prove youre gonna provide him and take care of him.
im tired of this ugly delusional fuck, i hope he rot and choke on his own crap.

No. 1549145

Clayton Bigsby and anyone trying to play detective can choke on a dick. L8er.

No. 1549147

Why would ANYONE find him to be a suitable father to a toddler? I doubt they’re ever going to give him custody. At least Storm is living somewhere where it seems like he’s stable. Living in a trailer doesn’t make you a bad parent, getting your kid high on fentanyl is unforgivable

No. 1549181

This shit and the other anon wking scream goiter lurking his own thread again. Great job reading off your ipad last night, very professional

No. 1549225

Stay mad junkie loser. Your son will be visiting you in the rec room of the SCC adult detention center.

No. 1549408

Y’all sound so certain he’s going to serve time and I just disagree. Believe it or not courts generally want to see kids reunite with their parents, especially if they’ve committed to rehabilitation. Whether he commits to it is up for grabs, opinion-wise, but I bet he gets Storm back. Even considering his living situation. Yes he shares what looks like a low-income apartment with someone, but that doesn’t make him “unfit” to a judge. A lot of kids have been through a lot worse and end up back with their parents (or a parent). I’m not saying it’s fair or right, and I’m certainly not wk, it’s just how shit works. Sad but true. Yes he’s a maximum douche canoe but idiots raise kids all the time.

No. 1549417

This. Kids end up worse off if they get adopted out or something. 90% sure he’ll at least get partial custody. Maybe even full since at least he has an income, Syd has yet to find a job.

No. 1549445

It's entirely possible he'll eventually regain custody but it's certainly not happening any time soon. His charges were upgraded, he is absolutely not headed towards a dismissal or a slap on the wrist. You can only fuck up so many times and get off easy.

No. 1549480

File: 1654390182864.png (12.13 MB, 1284x2778, 713051C5-F2D9-4FB0-B2C6-155B1C…)

imagine being cursed with this on your body permanently wtf is up with the eyes

No. 1549519

I’m the anon you’re replying to, and I hear ya but I still don’t think it will take that much time. He’s in the thick of it right now, he did the rehab thing and the supervised visits thing. The next step is custody reclamation. And the person above is also right, Syd hasn’t done shit but lay on her ass in the sun and use what little money she has to go to shows and fangirl. Maybe I’m wrong but I’ve never seen her post anything about a cool toy she bought for Storm, or… anything. Either of them actually. Syd’s got cash for trashy eyelashes and Jonny gets his little manicures but what do they contribute to their child? Still. Court’s choice looks pretty clear here. Like we all know he isn’t “working” but he does have legitimate income.

It’s so layered though. I mean enter Layna, or Layla or whatever her name is. It’s one thing to be like omg your bb is so cutes. Another thing to commit to someone and help RAISE the kid. She seems useless. And even if he gets Storm back the reality check is going to be heavy. I don’t know if he can do it. I assume he can’t. I have ten thousand kids and it’s fucking hard haha. Hopefully he can help make a decent life for ONE, especially after nearly killing the poor thing.

Sorry, blog.

No. 1549522

How fast and how cheap can you give me a screaming cross-eyed Jonny Craig portrait

No. 1549540

Kek. It feels like Layna is trying for an insta-thot aesthetic while jc is at his shows to try and dissuade him from cheating. Girl he will either way. Guys a man of opportunity.

No. 1549545

File: 1654394021140.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, 5AE6E93A-8E3C-4F1B-8C07-3F7717…)

He literally just followed this fan he met and she’s pretty cute I looked thru her profile. He’s back to following attractive fans he meets at shows. Oh Jonny, please never change.

No. 1549550

Nonnie she’s busted like every other JC fan, but I hope this upsets Layna.

No. 1549619

Are you forgetting he made the kid OD or at least ingest fentanyl? How is someone who could have killed their child going to get custody back? Especially with his history. He had been in the court system before so this is not his first offense. Maybe if this were only a drug charge, sure, they want to reunite children with rehabilitated parents… but when they put the kid in danger to that degree? Are you kidding?

No. 1549636

his kid ODing is just a tinfoil right now tbh. all we know is there was trace amounts of fent in his blood. could have been the smallest bit from sweat. which is still incredibly fucked up but might not take away custody forever.

No. 1549679

File: 1654404990116.jpg (62.89 KB, 400x600, W5L4K5F2-20190501124026.jpg)

No. 1549684

File: 1654405487847.jpeg (414.88 KB, 1242x1362, 9CAF5556-6A31-4A04-9361-0E2520…)

Here is something I found in a Twitter thread (1/3)

No. 1549693

File: 1654406134138.jpeg (741.15 KB, 1234x1715, 4E448A20-9568-427E-9F96-F7E48E…)

No. 1549697

I would be so embarrassed if I was layna

No. 1549699

File: 1654406372736.jpeg (828.58 KB, 1242x1520, 6D12652F-4263-4F4A-9794-C641B4…)

Right, every girl is THE one just like how DGD would consider for half a second to take him back. Kek.

No. 1549702

They really captured his goiter kek

Syd blabbed to friends and they came here. More than one person confirmed that storm was unconscious. They don’t just test a baby’s blood because they’re curious. There was a reason they tested him. I’m sure it doesn’t take much for a 10mo old to OD. And considering there’s been a few cases of babies in California dying from their parent’s fentanyl, and he has a history of drug abuse and DV, I don’t see him getting custody. And it’s likely grandma may fight for sole custody if she wants to.

No. 1549720

File: 1654408848356.png (1.02 MB, 1274x721, Picture_1.png)

No. 1549737

I meant this may not be the best picture of her but go to her page she is clearly very pretty, otherwise Jonny wouldn’t have followed her

No. 1549741

File: 1654412736693.jpeg (448.98 KB, 750x901, EE5E3035-17B0-4F5F-987B-595DC3…)

Here’s her onlyfans. Hahaha Layna could NEVER

No. 1549744

File: 1654412871322.jpeg (702.38 KB, 750x1234, 7E1029FF-E1F3-4C6A-ADD6-BF8912…)

Here’s her ig too. Way too attractive for BBP. So he settled for someone who looks like a literal child

No. 1549745

She probably doesn’t want to. Who wants to take care of their almost 30 year old daughters child? He’s a toddler and gonna be very active, terrible twos coming up, she’ll probably be happy to give him up. I don’t think she has the most means to support him either

No. 1549758

She has like 50 “likes” I think you could get that with some well lit pictures of a goldfish tank that’s fucking pathetic is this really what onlyfans looks like congratulations on 3.5 dollars

No. 1549759

How is any of this relevant at all. Those screenshots are from January of we don't even know what year.

No. 1549762

Yeah idk why this anon is sperging about some plain-looking lumpy chick that had a fling with goiter many months ago.

No. 1549780

How do y’all know this was months ago

No. 1549782

I see the thing from January but why would she post it now? Clearly he recently blocked her so they were still talking recently

No. 1549784

anon she took the screenshot in Jan as you can see here >>1549699
it looks like she's just posting it for attention now cause of the recent DGD drama

No. 1549786

No he didn't "clearly" block her recently. Some old irrelevant drama shortly after him and Skid split, that this chick is milking attention from under DGD tweets.

No. 1549815

File: 1654420851910.jpeg (28.11 KB, 400x400, D8E2151E-ACA0-4824-8F95-3274C8…)

way to attractive for BBP

No. 1549831

hayfever bussin me up

No. 1549934

File: 1654437502221.jpg (105.17 KB, 1170x2080, 285899611_425747929396748_6470…)


No. 1549957

Of course BPD Syd would liken the Cold Shoulder as abuse. Of course.

"Storm I moved 2 and a half hours away with the man who smoked Fent around you because I was trapped in an abusive relationship!! He'd ignore me sometimes!!"

Get fucked. You're both worse than deadbeat parents.

No. 1549981

It was just showing how Jonny over reacts when he doesn’t get attention and it’s hilarious Jonny thinks DGD would take him back for DBM3 now that Tillian is gone. When he didn’t get the reaction he wanted he tried to slough it off as a joke. Damn. My bad for thinking this was a threaded archive for Jonny’s idiocracy.

No. 1550021

Pffff she simply didn’t try hard enough and abandoned like all of his weak exes.

No. 1550029

File: 1654445458500.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1284x1246, 36AB8EF0-880D-47D7-A48A-0089AD…)

imagine paying to see someone who needs an iPad to sing their own songs

No. 1550039

Being an ethot is not impressive or desirable kek. If anything this is just another example of his terrible taste in women. Syd is gross, Layna is gross, this bitch is gross. Goiter, I challenge you to get a girlfriend with an actual fucking job

No. 1550058

Yeah not a flex

No. 1550074

This looks like a high-school party where they set up karaoke in their parents' basement. How professional.

No. 1550078

I can’t get over how bad his haircut is.

No. 1550126

I would doubt that. How do you know what “means” the grandma has and I’d she’s been stepping up this whole time to take care of him I doubt she’d want to get rid of him. Show wouldn’t have taken it on in the first place.

No. 1550143

Grandma and Jonny aren't on good terms according to his own insta stories and I'm sure it's because she's fighting this every step of the way. Also super bizarre to even suggest that the woman who's been raising him this entire time would suddenly abandon him because of the terrible twos

No. 1550213

File: 1654458058938.jpeg (228.8 KB, 827x1399, 29939FB9-ABF7-4D13-BE41-5E0178…)

Guess who’s seeing her boo tomorrow (or is it someone else’s boo?)

No. 1550216

No one cares, what if it’s not even jonny

No. 1550355

Yes we do, and they said they were together on ig. Cry less.

No. 1550458

Kill yourself, you worthless junkie

No. 1550479

You first hoe ^

No. 1550484

How long is this bloated child abusing shithead going to get to hang out in his own thread before he gets banned? Might as well out his posts too while you're at it, not that they're difficult to spot considering his extremely limited vocabulary

No. 1550494

Oh, and Jonny, quick question while you're here: you gonna try and get custody of your daughter too?

No. 1550498

Considering the chick refused a paternity test and he’s not even on the birth certificate… there’s pretty much nothing he can do at that point.

No. 1550500

I was being sarcastic, nonnie

No. 1550501

You genuinely have a learning disability.

No. 1550507

If you’re having a weird time alone, put on a giant polyester maid outfit made for men with a flasher zipper in front and drink alcohol? Works every time for what? Making it weirder?

No. 1550548

>Fucking around with a known abuser/drug addict/child abandoner/general pos
>Having a weird time rn

That's how it starts kek

No. 1550560


the lack of teeth shown in this tattoo is a great showcase of realism

No. 1550589

Super embarrassing for him to check on this thread so often. He should probably spend a little more time practicing his songs so he can remember the lyrics, and a little less time on here pretending he isn’t pressed lol

No. 1550592

I’d bet top dollar if manlet wasn’t an ex celebrity showering this hoe with gifts and flights she would of never given him a second look. Can wait for them to get more serious, her social media makes her seem unhinged so I have a feeling it’s going to be milky once they’re in the thick of it.

No. 1550595


This unfortunate girl seems legit dumb as a box of hair.

No. 1550615

File: 1654485658109.jpeg (424.26 KB, 828x1094, 02ACF429-D872-406D-9417-BF2362…)

No you’re right nonna they are her.

No. 1550630

No nonnie, home girl is definitely there for his good looks and amazing personality.

No. 1550696

Why would you go through the set up of streaming or camming and not have a ring light or at least turn the gd lights on? I think she’s decently pretty but without lighting she looks so much like Sydney and is limiting potential that other people pointed out.

What happened to him “helping Taylor out of the mess he got her into” btw?

No. 1550697

She has a fetish for goiters obviously

No. 1550702

I think someone touched on it earlier saying Jonny was out on his last attempt to get pussy before he goes back to play house with Layna. And complete tinfoil, but his text stories almost sound like he went to see a girl and it didn't work out. Which has me laughing.

Side note, just watched an old 20/20 news report and Jonny reminds me of a ginger Harvey Weinstein. Sausage fingers and all.

No. 1550733

Retarded tinfoil. If he’s dating Layna why would he make text stories referencing a hook up he was trying to set up. He’s stupid but years of cheating would make him sneakier than that.

No. 1550840

Why on gods green earth is it so hard for him to put in the slightest bit of effort? Memorizing YOUR OWN LYRICS is literally the bar that's on the ground and he can't step over it. Pathetic

No. 1550894

If he weren’t a scamming child abusing rapist, his complete lack of shame would honestly be impressive. You’d think it’d be bad enough when he got roasted last year for reading his lyrics off his phone, but now he’s back reading those same lyrics off a bigger screen this time. Couldn’t even learn his lyrics after a year. And yet he gets up on that stage like it’s no problem lol

No. 1551091

File: 1654536314126.jpeg (148.47 KB, 1078x1078, 7928F76D-84C5-464A-89AF-66723E…)

how I imagine goiter boy and his conquests

No. 1551136

I still can’t get over the fact that anyone would shake his hand, much less his penis. he’s so gross looking now yet still manages to find a girlfriend who isn’t a crackwhore and also women to cheat on her with.

No. 1551367

My guess is that he fried quite a few cells through his alcohol and drug abuse. Alcohol abuse is notoriously bad for memory and cognition.

There was a time when he could do shows without reading, but I think that neurological ship has sailed.

No. 1551798

Can confirm ^

No. 1551825

Try to memorize the lyrics next time, dope fiend

No. 1551996

Imagine paying for tickets to see karaoke from a shell of a performer who gets his own kid high, absolutely bleak.
Also, BBP doesnt know how to reply yet?thought hed figure it out kek

No. 1552094

Imagine getting absolutely roasted for reading off of his phone when he's supposed to be "tHe OnE/a GoD" and thinking "You know what I need next time to seem more credible? An iPad on a stand."

No. 1552223

File: 1654620859837.jpeg (377.69 KB, 750x1081, B1A20700-E818-4137-BBD5-AE413D…)

No. 1552267

She was ranting in her ig stories the other day about someone’s bad eyebrows. Had a pic up of them with the eyes scratched out, just the brows visible, saying that this chick had ‘chola brows’ and that ‘hers (skids) weren’t chola brows.’ She ended up deleting it and I didn’t cap. Just got blocked from jonny’s which was surprising because I have followers on the account. He got butthurt for my comment in the thread about him trying to show off his nails kek and went on a blocking spree

No. 1552284

Hello Lolcow, it’s turtlemom_. I’ve taken a lot of time off of the account bc my phone was stolen and ever since then I haven’t been able to login. But anyways, I was catching up on all the fuckery that’s been happening and saw y’all were wanting me to post something in the last thread. I also saw y’all saying I was some anon but idk how to work this site and this is my first time actually posting (let’s hope I do it correctly) so anyone here that you thought was me in the past, is not me. I’m glad y’all are still documenting everything so once I’m able to log back in, I can post and give credit to you. Hope all is well and I hope this reply actually works bc idk what the fuck I’m doing.

No. 1552294

No. 1552295

No. 1552297

Reading rules isn’t very hard.

No. 1552313

File: 1654625643485.jpg (247.23 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220607-111400_Vid…)

This was all she left up.

No. 1552364


after so many attempts, i don’t think the world wants me to kms :/

No. 1552365


My bad

No. 1552370

Why do they always say “I don’t know how this site works” jfc it’s not that difficult

No. 1552393

They want us to say it’s ok for being a lazy retard and not taking 5 minutes to read the rules and figure it out like everyone else has.

No. 1552441

Isn’t goiter’s next court date coming up real soon? Like this week? I’m patiently waiting for the charges to NOT be dismissed.

No. 1552490

love how goiter acts like a gen z kid with all the street talk and cringe flexing. his stories are a museum of room temperature IQ financial decisions. the simple jack hair completes the look. bone crushing lack of self awareness will always provide great organic milk

No. 1552494

It's Thursday I believe

No. 1552507

Should say #ineedtogetajob

No. 1552555

Thursday the 9th, 9am I believe

No. 1552591

Anyone can confirm?

No. 1552632

File: 1654646821128.jpeg (76.1 KB, 1576x398, B2AFFFDC-407D-4EDA-A9D4-151B56…)

Sorry for shitty screenshot but it’s confirmed. Does anyone have the number and access code to call in? It’s in a different department this time

No. 1552644

File: 1654648860363.jpeg (416.42 KB, 1242x1141, 7BC420D3-90FF-46E5-A8A0-79D7BD…)

Department 24

No. 1552659

File: 1654650057184.png (4.03 MB, 828x1792, 64B516C7-E9AD-4D9F-8FDD-B3D1E9…)

Layna there just in time to see goiters jail sentence.

No. 1552675

it would be cool if someone recorded it, that would be the maximum expose.

No. 1552692

Tf why isn’t a grown man flying to her so she doesn’t have to leave her own cat, new job, or safety, girl ask those fucking questions.

Is she going to watch him deal with court shit coming up? What could he possibly be saying to make her ignore the emergency level red flags around that and his potential travel restrictions? Someone came here to seriously defend that this man can even read, and how does she not feel guilty that any money he spends on her should be going to the kid he almost killed? She obviously has problems but sorry she would be cute if she took out her piercings and changed her hair, she really could get so much better and I’m actually sad she doesn’t understand the real risk she’s taking for nothing good in her life.

No. 1552706

>What could he possibly be saying to make her ignore the emergency level red flags
Some women are genuinely just stupid hos who have so little self worth that they’ll fuck people like BBP if it means getting a crumb of attention and some gifts. I would feel bad but you honestly have to brain dead to date Jonny Craig in 2022.

No. 1552712

Deeply pathetic to take a vacation to Sacramento(lol) just to sleep on an almost 40 year-old deadbeat junkie's floor while he ignores you all day to post about how amazing he is on IG stories with his lil beauty filter. She straight up sucks as a person attaching herself in any way to him with his long storied history of being a total piece of dogshit, and when he eventually destroys her life she'll have no one to blame but herself.

Manifesting a felony for your Short King this week Layna <333

No. 1552733

Just an observation, but it appears this is a plea hearing so they would either be pleading guilty/not guilty which normally takes place right before trial (if needed).
Assuming if this is indeed the case and it’s just the plea hearing than I bet it will be very quick as they are both convinced they’re not guilty.

No. 1552759

Yes just a plea hearing. They’ll say not guilty, then the courts start a jury selection which takes a couple months and ultimately select a date to start trial.

No. 1552772

anon he might not be allowed to leave the country right now kek. she’s clearly jobless so he’s probably paying for her flights. why is he so good at finding hopeless bimbo latch-ons.

No. 1552774

I live in San Jose. For once in my life I am hoping I get a summons for jury duty lol

No. 1552775

If anyone knows better than I do, feel free to correct me but as far as I'm seeing when looking it up the hearing would be illegal for any of us to record per California law.

No. 1552796

File: 1654666085393.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1125x2191, C6C38832-20B3-412B-91E3-3E8F3A…)

yeah, you’re right syd. the new you is unemployed, unmedicated, and has a biological child that you’re not allowed to see without supervision… big come ups.

No. 1552801

Turtle mom, ignore the posts being rude and telling you to kys, that was probably just Jonny. He’s such a loser he has nothing better to do than jerk himself off to this thread. Anyway, people wanted you to post about him causing his baby to possibly OD on fent, or at the very least allow him to ingest fent in some way as it showed up on a drug test that was ordered for Storm. They don’t test for no reason, so probably because the baby was found unresponsive or something of that nature. The more it gets spread around the better so he will get what’s coming to him. Also total tinfoil, but after Tim of DGD died of an overdose, Jonny had posted something about being the last person to see him before he died…take that however you want. Thanks for doing the lords work, hope you’re doing well with recovery still!

No. 1552813

It's illegal, which is why it hasn't been done already. This comes up every court date lmao.

No. 1552827

Yes it’s illegal. In California, all parties have to consent. Even in a public setting. No one is really interested in risking it since it’s very easy to call in and listen yourself. If you can’t listen, there’s usually an anon or two that can and come here to relay what was said.

No. 1552842

File: 1654673257603.jpeg (767.74 KB, 1170x1558, CB5E74D2-771B-47AA-9660-721D9D…)

If jc gets any amount of custody at all this kid is going to be fucked. This bitch is buying herself a leash while also trying to become a step-mother? What a fucking joke.

No. 1552870

I’m so sorry for asking but does anyone have the link for the new tnd thread?

No. 1552881


This woman is like 25 right? Loser behavior.

No. 1552904

She’s probably dead which is why they didn’t make one

No. 1552909

>>1552842 what a fucking weirdo. She's already aware she's Jonny's dog, and seems happy about it.

No. 1552912

So many of these women would be so pretty if they got a decent haircut and stopped dressing like they’re in high school, but they’re more dedicated to looking “alt” than being attractive I guess.

No. 1552933

dat facetune

No. 1552972

I just found out that Taylor is 1 year younger than Layna and it’s blowing my mind… How is that physically possible, Layna looks 7 and Taylor looks 37.

No. 1553017

Drugs and bad cosmetic procedures?

No. 1553048

Taylor fully fudge up her face with veneers and tacky tattoos. Her face changed so much when she got veneers while dating goiter boy (who probably make her feel constantly insecure). even post-breakup, her try hard attitude to look like goiter’s type was insane.

No. 1553063

That’s assuming she has a job lol

No. 1553066

Because plastic surgery alters your already youthful features. Makes you look older. And drugs obviously don’t help.

No. 1553098

Layna is such a confusing mini-cow, like it's hard for me to believe that someone could truly, really be this stupid, it's breaking my mind

No. 1553149

sorry anons im not an amerifag so i was asking

No. 1553295

There isn’t one. I was making the threads for a while but she’s so boring it’s not worth my time anymore, the only way her thread comes back is after she croaks.

No. 1553323

File: 1654713937513.jpg (74.34 KB, 1170x2080, 286209156_1064692887453838_132…)

Oh was the fentanyl video that you messaged someone how you quietly handled Jonny while he mistreated you, Syd?

No. 1553451

Who says she’s trying to become a stepmother?

No. 1553464

It’s probably the same small minded anon who thinks the grandma would get rid of the kid cause he’s turning 2 and knows what means she has to take care of him.

No. 1553471

Not that he will actually get custody but considering he’s convinced himself storm will be “coming home”, and she has been at his place more often than not, I hope she has considered what that would mean for her and what her role would be in his life.

No. 1553481

Also if he got any visitation in his apartment the CPS department would make her go through background checks before they would
let a child come in. Plus all the druggies like his fanboy Uber driver other half of the rent “best friend” has got to be a bad look.

No. 1553533

I get it, it’s just been stated multiple times. Different states have different laws about recording and consent. Expectation of privacy etc etc.
Technically the court is a public setting and you can go there just as a rando off the street and listen in(family court is different but this is not that). As far as them allowing you to record- they would say no. Which is why you have to pay for transcripts and stuff.

No. 1553658

Uh something tells me that’s one of the cheap gifts from Amazon she said Jonny got her and she’s making up a story so she can post it publicly and not get made fun of.

That’s not a pet store collar and it’s a cheap fetish one, really doubt they went out to a sex toy shop to pay more for that than they would on amazon considering they’re both broke and it’s clear neither of them value quality

No. 1553703


Once I’m able to log in, I’ll post everything. I might have to make a whole new account bc I don’t think I set up a real email which was stupid but yeah. I can’t believe but I also CAN believe Jonny would do something like that to Storm but I’m just happy he’s away from him and lost custody for the time being. I’m doing really well with my recovery, I just hit a year sober last month <3

I know some people here hate me but I do respect the dedication to documenting everything. I’m going to read the rules to make sure I’m not breaking anything.

No. 1553711

anons will always be rabid, some of them have chased away milk too.
also, put sage in the email field luv

No. 1553728

If she got there two days ago ( says flying out tomorrow 3days ago >>1550213 )
that means she was in California when she “bought” it, so he was most likely with her and it’s entirely plausible he bought it. Or you’re right and this whole story is just made up to hide the fact her bf who’s 10 years older than her bought her a leash as a welcome back gift.

No. 1553833

What’s confusing? She’s a canuck fuck, and as if that weren’t bad enough she’s from Alberta. Dating Jonny is the only exciting thing to happen in her life

No. 1553837

Thank you for your service!

No. 1553886

File: 1654742240198.jpeg (86.15 KB, 1284x522, 3B966088-A890-4434-A75F-92383E…)

Alright anons how long till Jonny complains he has no money? Assuming these were her gifts, for going there.

No. 1553899

Is this what the “storm’s room” fund actually funded

No. 1553909

Last I checked, Storms room fund was at like $40. Also twitch donation goals are just goals with a random reason, I don’t think he’s actually struggling for money for Storm realistically.

No. 1553910

I’m still struggling to figure out if her “man’s” is actually jonny and not some other guy.

No. 1553929

I mean he got exposed for talking to multiple women after her first visit to Sacramento and tried to lie about it, got her a dog leash she herself had to lie about, left her cat and beginning of her streaming because it was more convenient for him this second time, and is accepting gifts from a 40 year old leprechaun with a life threatening goiter who has to split rent and already proved he can’t pay that or his phone bill so you know that’s money he could be using on his kid and should be saving, so Jonny belongs to nothing but the streets and everyone has known that forever. It literally might as well be someone else because she is so fucking stupid. But that was his cat and her meeting up with someone else would actually mean she has basic reading comprehension, and we have all now read her tweets to know better.

No. 1553938

We don’t know if he bought her the leash, there’s not really any evidence he did.

But agree with everything else you said.

No. 1553945

Lol How! She’s at his apartment, he’s the one Bing fake LV stuff for himself and we all know he has to buy the hoes he sleeps with shoes. Pretty obvious who her mans is

No. 1554052

He can buy all that for a piece of pussy but can't provide for his own child. Moids gonna moid.

No. 1554126

He’s butting her up before he goes to jail.

No. 1554177

Anons saw people in his chat say that they paypaled him directly and that he played dumb about why the donation bar wasn't going up. He likely raised more than that and then spent money on knockoff Louis for a little bit of kitty before his court date.

No. 1554179

File: 1654758127122.jpg (193.28 KB, 750x1334, 286003643_152368723997189_8686…)

Vienna sausages

No. 1554181

File: 1654758224006.jpg (876.4 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220609-000326_Gal…)

Run Meg

No. 1554182

File: 1654758245131.jpg (660.71 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220609-000307_Vid…)

No. 1554184

File: 1654758520106.jpg (51.52 KB, 1055x303, Screenshot_20220608-235608_Twi…)

Jonny's girlfriend, the night before his next court date:

No. 1554199

Why do you have to log in to post something? Or is she talking about twitter…

And LOL at her saying this is her first time posting on lolcow

No. 1554327

This morning at 9:00 AM. Anyone listening in?

No. 1554342

It’s 9am pst so it’s still a few hours away

No. 1554368

>LV purse

oh so she’s a massive chav then, lmao. at least ask for Jimmy Choos ffs. how are Nike trainers a nice shoe?!

No. 1554396

Planning on listening in.

No. 1554424

goiter does not seem able to comprehend that just because he has cHaNgEd and is "sober"now does not mean that he escapes the consequences of his past actions.

can't wait for his stories about moving toward a dismissal after the hearing today just for the state to be going full steam ahead on the charges. you love to see it!

No. 1554435

and just because he’s on his temporary for now sober flex does not mean that he escapes the consequences of his past because he still is a piece of shit without drugs. He’s still an uneducated scammer, liar, insincere, user steaming pile.

No. 1554445

Wow lol. Just shocking. This little bitch is so out of touch. He’s stroking this desperate little girl starved for touch” in Just the right way, how could she say no to being with a 40 year old junkie child abuser?

No. 1554537

I will be here in about 10 minutes

No. 1554554

Hard to hear what anyone is saying. The judge just arrived

No. 1554563

Yo wtf was that creepy child voice? Anyway he plead not guilty. There's gonna be another hearing of some sort on August 10th at 9 AM

No. 1554570

Its kinda hard to hear. Did someone say they have a discovery? More evidence?

No. 1554571

Not creepy just some dumb anon unmuted letting their kid play near the phone.

No. 1554575

It was going "that's not nice mommy, that's not nice!" I just thought it was funny

No. 1554578

can legal anons help…would they make them plea if the charges are getting dismissed? I thought the whole point of plea deals/dismissals was to avoid going to trial, which if discovery is being mentioned, is happening. Not sure how Jonny is going to spin this now.

No. 1554583

Are we sure that was his case? I don’t think his case has been brought up yet. Haven’t heard them say his name. There are multiple cases in the same courtroom. They said it would take approximately 2 hours to read through them all.

No. 1554585

They call evidence discovery in court.

No. 1554590

I heard a woman about 15 min ago say something about the “Craig matter”. But it was hard to hear what was actually happening after that. I feel like they haven’t done it yet though.

No. 1554592

Can’t understand a word being said outside of one of the lawyers chiming in every once in a while. This shit sounds like it’s being recorded in someone’s pocket. Wtf?

No. 1554595

The only person who can be understood is literally a public defender coming through Zoom.

No. 1554596

Not any sort of legal person but you only get plea deals if you plea guilty after they offered. BBP pleaing not guilty means he wants a trial by jury. It also means that any sort of deal they offered is no longer on the table & if you're convicted you get whatever tf the judge gives. I hope the cops didn't drop the ball on this & there is plenty of evidence to throw him the fucking book. I wonder how skid will plea.

No. 1554650

In my experience you would plea, then the DA may come up with a deal to avoid a trial, especially if they have shaky evidence. But with the increased charges I really don’t think they have shaky evidence or the DA wouldn’t have bothered risking an expensive trial.

No. 1554653

the whole reason his charges were upgraded to a felony was due to evidence the prosecution found and the judge reviewed…they definitely have the evidence.

No. 1554656

I came back into the call, you guys are probably right that first one wasn't his case so disregard me jumping the gun upthread >>1554563
Hopefully some anon can decipher any of this, it's my day off so I'm just gonna keep casually listening to these strangers court cases kek

No. 1554676

Literally no one would ask you about the names you idiot.

No. 1554779

Maybe the charges really were dismissed

No. 1554784

At one point I heard something along the lines of "this would be better heard in a family violence court" and setting a date in a different department but I have no idea if that was the Craig case

No. 1554789

It was not dismissed it was moved to family violence court on August 15th I just could not hear the department 9 am.

No. 1554805

The department number will show up on their online file along with the date and time. Usually takes a day or two to show up.

No. 1554957

No way in hell were they dismissed when there was blood that tested positive for fentanyl lol

No. 1555005

File: 1654810633322.jpg (42.12 KB, 750x1334, 286349431_720944219217468_6241…)

Jonny isn't crowing about how great his lawyer is today so apparently his charges aren't gEtTiNg DiSmIsSeD. More junkie inspo though.

No. 1555007

File: 1654810695742.jpg (70.84 KB, 1170x2080, 287085236_544958573953893_1162…)

Syd told someone else to come take her cheating junkie man but now she was "discarded"

No. 1555009

File: 1654810718857.jpg (427.54 KB, 1170x2080, 286433538_537919954655966_7267…)


No. 1555236

Kek, does this apply to her as well?

No. 1555456

No. 1555458

no one gives a shit about you 5'2 washed up leprechaun retard of a "mans". bros got two kids and facing prison time. i literally cannnot with these fucking cunts. dumb ass bitches. they all got what they deserved. playing dumb all for the name of "clout". idiots

No. 1555462

crazy how the only ex of his who moved on and seems to have a decent life now is Liz, can you imagine how pathetic these girls must feel to be one upped by a trashy ass stripper? i'd kms by now if i was any of them.

No. 1555545

You be sounding bitter af girl, It’s ok he didn’t pick you girl he’d probably ruin yo life and give you mad sti’s. You can find better for sure.

No. 1555550

shut the fuck up retard

No. 1555559

shut the fuck up farmer

No. 1555570

File: 1654840397092.gif (449.33 KB, 356x200, 5ACC119E-F6A1-486B-9FB7-3B241A…)

>nonnies itt

Kek some of you need to touch grass and chill tf out

No. 1555584

Seriously it’s moments like these that remind me this thread is full of 40 year olds/jonny dick riders or exes of his. No matter how much crack you’ve smoked ladies he is not worth it.

No. 1555868

You really think you did something there huh

No. 1555928

I hope if/when she does it falls back on Jonny.

No. 1555960

The most lukewarm twitter.com comeback as loosely understood by elder millennial. AKA a Jonny ex.

Nitpick but Jonny and his uwu, cat-girl, maid cafe gf just now finally discovered Berserk lmao. Get your chorizo fingers off Miura’s work Fatty Craig. They aren’t even good at being shut-ins.

No. 1556030

File: 1654879426026.jpeg (113.24 KB, 828x1321, 99E8AD65-722C-47ED-8495-B1E04D…)

Talking about shut ins. Why does she always post such stupid low grade thoughts and then responds to her own posts. She’s pathetic. Jonny must be ignoring her for her to sit there and post mind numbing sentences.

No. 1556089

Currently picturing and wondering what goiter and Layna’s sex is like and I’m shuddering. Neither of them are sexy. With his bear paws and her 12 yr old body. The creepiest, most vanilla sex on the planet I bet. If I were Jonny’s roommate I would be so fucking grossed out by this couple. They are genuinely so disgusting together.

No. 1556092

I want Jonny and Syd back together lmao I miss the daily public fighting

No. 1556260

I’m sure if these two stay together they’ll be bickering and vague posting in no time.

No. 1556287

Why are you picturing them having sex? You are genuinely so weird.

No. 1556342

They were so milky together and it was more fun picking on her because she was such a cunt.

No. 1556524


Agree, he already got caught cheating and they've been together for like a month kek. Wonder how long she'll sit around in her troon maid outfit and amazon prime bdsm gear while he dogs her out in between court appearances.

No. 1556539


Love how dogshit her engagement is in relation to how often she posts. Always a marker of a great personality when someone is extremely online and jabbering into the ether to basically nobody for 20 hours a day. She's just a huge fucking loser which is why Jonny is in the mix and is in any way appealing.

No. 1556546

When did he get caught cheating?

No. 1556626

read the thread

No. 1556650

File: 1654907212884.jpg (16.92 KB, 750x1334, 286875742_722167392434263_4833…)

Jonny. Dry heave.

No. 1556653

File: 1654907309088.jpg (253.71 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_20220610-172502_Twi…)

This man has about five dollars and twenty six cents left to his name but I'm sure he's very excited that you're so impressed by a fake Louis, Layna.

No. 1556657

Thank you I seriously have this same mother fucking thought whenever someone brings up anyone mentioned here engaging in coitus and I will not apologize for my profanity because I’m so sick of swallowing my vomit when I just want to read dumb silly shit. I imagine them all as Lego people and would love to keep it that way for so many reasons I’ve lost count. Love when the post starts off like “CaN u EvEn ImAgInE” like first of all fucking no stop right there you’re a hazard to public safety, then they go on using descriptions like “his fat blubbery hairy slimy goiter” or “bloated hep c root vegetable fingers” full fledged fanfic mode so secondarily to one hundred plus attempts to bring up that subject, fucking no. No I don’t want to imagine, literally no one wants to imagine, get help for your imagination. Now. Dial your emergency number immediately

No. 1556661


When was the last time he bought something for his kid tho? Sick brag Layna.

No. 1556662

File: 1654907851527.jpeg (124.98 KB, 720x960, DC95D715-F8AE-4DC8-8774-FBF360…)

Saged for shitpost but I laughed.
“Only 5 tickets left DM me”
“Big things coming!”

No. 1556667

File: 1654908426558.jpg (540.7 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220610-172917_Vid…)

No. 1556674

Zoomers have no attention span, which is why they have to put "WAIT TIL THE END!" on TikToks that are 8 seconds long

No. 1556676

File: 1654909221111.webm (388.62 KB, 480x854, @mirrorlaketx.webm)

No matter how innocuous whatever it is she’s doing, she set off all my “run, don’t walk” sensors.

No. 1556677

File: 1654909311671.webm (183.1 KB, 480x854, Tóxica.webm)

I think she shouldn’t be wearing anything labelled as “toxic”, even if it’s band related.

No. 1556696


ooooooo smug and impressed with some Canal Street-ass LV and AirMaxs' that are almost as played out as her aesthetic. The bar is subterranean with this one

No. 1556738

Oh honey. Check the label on his collar. It says Gildan doesn’t it, poor thing. Wearing good designer clothing is about recognizing and respecting the style and work, not blasting their label on a Cricut-printed little Hobby Lobby T-shirt or a DH Gate bag. But for sure flex on your little pursey and tennis shoes. Step-mommy of the year.

No. 1556759

File: 1654915211444.png (2.91 MB, 750x1334, 72982E50-EF4C-4FC6-8592-96CBC2…)

Has Jonny even been into manga before dating Layna? People can say what they want about the women he dates conforming to him but he definitely is a shell of a person enough to do that shit too

No. 1556790

File: 1654917685902.jpeg (258.44 KB, 828x1517, D4242116-24F4-49D7-B679-4055FD…)

Ok this is disgusting. She posted yet another same pose selfie and put a smiley face on the cum spot in the sheet.

No. 1556808

Where did you get the idea there was a cum spot there?

No. 1556823

huge reach anon…

No. 1556885

Zoom in. To the right and below her smiley face.

No. 1556913

>I imagine them all as Lego people
KEK nona

>zooming in on sheets
Skidmark energy

No. 1556919


kekkkkk I cannot with that fucking FaceTuned Jay Leno chin!! This bitch is so lame.

No. 1556947

That’s just the instagram filter she always uses.

No. 1556981

Nice long pit hair you got there Skyd.

No. 1556985

that’s Layna not Syd

No. 1556992

File: 1654933704001.jpg (140.6 KB, 750x1334, 286936398_438537434331520_7062…)


No. 1557005

he used to be handsome kek what a shame

No. 1557045

Ew maybe like 7 years before THAT picture maybe he looked decent

No. 1557160

What is even her thought process behind posting these pointless videos? I feel like this immediate repellant.

No. 1557170

Fuck no. He’s always looked like the type of scrote who punches holes in walls when he doesn’t get his way

No. 1557291

File: 1654968803696.webm (5.02 MB, 720x1280, 01477B0C1151DA210291DFD40A5359…)

No. 1557293

File: 1654968825245.webm (3.01 MB, 720x1280, 684895FF4A2BCE3577F38F5C63A386…)

No. 1557296

File: 1654968856819.jpg (292.18 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220611-103429_Vid…)

No. 1557298

File: 1654968932623.jpg (550.42 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220611-103543_Gal…)

No. 1557299

File: 1654968974746.jpg (313.8 KB, 1170x2080, 286910848_1215289032546917_494…)


No. 1557352

Even people who are ‘only human’ don’t drug their kids and scam their fans. Admit you’re scum THEN try and be better person…

No. 1557399

Imagine buying some random new bitch nikes and a lv purse, but still needing your roommate to transport you to go see you own child because you don't own a car.
Flex on em boy.

No. 1557415

Exactly what I was thinking (probably everyone else). That Dillon guy is so far up jc butthole it’s not even funny. Remember that guy in LA he lived with, with the girlfriend and kid? He was his best friend too. He drove him everywhere and paid most of the rent. Goiter is so predictable. All these dudes are his new best friend when they prove they will do anything for him.
Wonder what Dillon and layna do while he visits his kid.

No. 1557426

That’s what I was wondering. I can’t imagine they’ll go with him to syds moms or wherever. So then his roommate is stuck entertaining this weird girl? That’s the first candid kinda video I’ve seen of her and definitely not as pretty as her edited pics.

No. 1557445

Wouldn’t that be funny if she and his roommate cheated hahah

No. 1557539

I just learned so much about the world of knockoffs from these posts alone haha

No. 1557545

To be fair those flavors slap

No. 1557603

what was that little "weeweeweewee" pig squeal lol

No. 1557608

I thought she looked kind of cute in some of her selfies but then the candid pics/videos show that she has that same square block head like syd kek

No. 1557626


It's how he calls his homely dog in the backseat.

No. 1557629

I wonder if he’s gonna bring Layna in to see his son. Syd would be pissed. I can’t wait till Jonny takes a photo with Layna and storm

No. 1557647

Dawg those flavours do slap she got good taste in ONE regard.

No. 1557649

He got sur has a type. Don’t know much about his exes for sure but Taylor and Syd had square ass giant ass heads and Layna seems no different.

No. 1557656

Different strokes for different folks I guess he likes big blocky head broads.

No. 1557676

Why wonder something so stupid? I doubt he can bring anyone to the visitation let alone his fuck buddy of a couple months into suds moms house. No brainier.

No. 1557704

We all know Goiter is codependent as fuck. He seems to be latching onto this chick, he flew her out like 4 times? And we know he isn’t made of money. Only a matter of time until Layna and Storm instagram stories.

No. 1557752

Haha I know for a fact that everyone in adtr and everyone involved with them hate Johnny Craig because I've brought him up and they have nothing but contempt for him. I have no one else in my real life that knows who he is so when I gossip about this thread it's only to people involved in adtr.

No. 1557815

This is Jonny we’re talking about, taking his sugar baby to see his abandoned son is so on brand for his trashy lifestyle. Although I agree the logistics don’t make sense, where I’m from if you don’t have custody you need to go to court and get a court order saying you’re allowed to bring a specific person to supervised visits.

No. 1557835

i’m sorry but canal st knock offs are high quality and expensive - he can’t afford it! LV was like $400-500. he’s def getting some cheap vinyl LV off alibaba or getting scammed off depop lmao

No. 1557872


Ouuu she gettin chubby in the face now too

No. 1557889

Ding ding ding narcissist alert!

No. 1557938

That was my thought, oh your PERFECT fucking voice? The same one that was completely shot after three days haha. Ok boi. What a joke.

Petty but can he stop with the little blonde baby bangs? Style your hair back dude you look like a cute little chonky lesbian. Don’t have bangs man. It’s not working. Christ.

No. 1557966

I think she's just leaning more into the "Toxica" image that was mentioned in >>1545229

No. 1557974

Who gives a shit about how his hair looks worry about yourself hun

No. 1558004

Hey, you lost? You need us to call you a cab?

No. 1558013

File: 1655017915690.jpeg (829.46 KB, 1242x1150, DB8CCA1E-4E51-4899-B444-1D130E…)

Kek nonita’s boyfriend probably also looks like simple Jack and is projecting

No. 1558135

File: 1655038377138.png (3.07 MB, 750x1334, 083BC824-02D8-4600-A7F7-661954…)

Let’s be honest she literally looks like Sydney’s sheltered little sister.

No. 1558136

File: 1655038439639.png (4.53 MB, 750x1334, 5D94085C-8C39-4D4E-BCFF-642B71…)

Lookin like Flat Stanley

No. 1558154

File: 1655041613517.png (3 MB, 750x1334, D52CD323-F510-48FF-B6CE-68CA53…)

Expectation vs reality

No. 1558156

Omg yes you are right anon - I didnt finish the video and completely missed this. She thought she is baby face pretty but this vid makes her look 100% like skidmarks with that box haircut. Good pick layna, rebound for a washed-up junkie psycho baby mama

No. 1558158

Holy shit shes ugly

Is she not the cat fish lol(refuses to sage)

No. 1558192

Wow she even has a big schnozz like Skid, she does NOT like this in her heavily photos selfies she posts

No. 1558212

Jonny has those baby bangs to match his girlfriends, their twinning lmao

No. 1558243

She’s busted lol ppl really do abuse filters l

No. 1558245


Woof. If the dog collar fits I guess…

No. 1558262

File: 1655050589446.jpeg (554.13 KB, 1124x2194, 7C0397B9-4019-4E29-8646-F5D7A4…)

meanwhile, sydney finally embraced the fact that she is a middle aged woman by showing off this frumpy little swimming skirt from target while at the pool yesterday. i’ve only seen old and or fat insecure people wear shit like this. yikes. i would never.

No. 1558287

weird nitpick. revealing swimwear isnt for everyone

No. 1558290

she looks her age here

No. 1558307

Yikes syd, this is really not the look you think it is. That top is not flattering either

No. 1558315

When I saw she took pics from one angle I just knew she was gunna be a big nose bitch. Tbh she’s average looking but in comparison to her strategically angled and edited pics she looks like shit.

No. 1558327

You people need to touch some grass, she is not that ugly. Hi Cow me I guess but she's so average looking you're all just thirsty to shit on her for something new.

No. 1558330

Damn you guys are being so mean lmao. I actually still think she’s pretty, her hair is super unflattering and she looks maybe dehydrated from getting weird in her polyester maid costumes, but sorry she’s still way out of his league even being a sheltered and clueless at least decent looking Canadian nerd lady. Like why is she asking for anime when she could get a better streaming set up or rent? Or a professional to get that bad black box dye out of her hair and give her scalp and self worth a good scrub idk.

No. 1558363

She looks fine but she doesn’t look like the infant she larps as.

No. 1558372

This girl has not committed enough bad behaviour to have her looks blasted like this. She looks like how your normal average woman looks unposed. Syd deserved/deserves it for the way she insulted other women and a host of other cow behaviours. So far this girls only cow behaviour is hooking up with JC.
+Telling this girl to get some self-esteem/self worth and then tearing down her looks she was born with is pretty ironic.

No. 1558392

seconded, she doesn’t look bad, she just looks different IRL and larps as a loli

No. 1558455

Something is truly wrong with her brain/soul/moral compass if she's giving Jonny the time of day after his storied long history of being a total piece of shit towards other women (and infants!). You lie with dogs you're gonna get fleas, and that includes the nonnies dunking on you when it is revealed that your actual face looks VASTLY different from the the heavily filtered whateverthefuck she's doing. None of us actually think she's like dogshit-ugly we're just being hyperbolic because it's funny and she sucks.

No. 1558487

you can wear a one piece and still be hot, but swim skirts are not.

No. 1558542

You realize she has a twitch he’s been stalking for months right. You can see her with no filters, and at all angles of her face while she moves around and does shit.

No. 1558545

She doesn’t larp as an “infant”, what the fuck? You guys are nuts. Jonny made creepy “smol” comments, that’s literally it. Tons of women have more playful styles, that’s how I think all of us were socialized? She’s not the problem and people who jump on her because they found a