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No. 1369688

Thread #8

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Last Thread

The basic rundown:
> jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse toward several of his exes - pretty much any woman he comes into contact with he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
> most recently dated and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
> after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
> enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall/minnieskins. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
> since syd got pregnant there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, most of it not related enough to TND to post in her thread
> syd gave birth. this is a containment thread so people stop bitching about people posting Jonny/syd in the TND thread

Old milk:
>syd starts a gofundme for "personal situations" >>1234541, >>1234881 but it seems to be going towards hair and lash extensions >>1244430 and amanda shows up on the donations >>1242157
> Jonny goes to jail for domestic violence >>1088190 and pleads guilty his last court date was feb 1st at 9am >>1090762
> >>1090779 Storm has unknown surgery but syd doesnt say anything and Jonny barely acknowledges it >>1091369
> Jonny contracts cellulitis and ends up being admitted to the hospital most likely caused by IV heroin use >>1107260 >>1107262
> Jonny posts two disturbing but typical (for him) videos to his instagram stories: one where he shows Syd’s bare but and then grabs it >>1109832 it’s also noted she has a mysterious and large bruise on her leg in a generally hard to bruise area >>1110293. Audio in second vid (which was of Storm with camera inches away from him as baby lays on bed) reveals a clearly super high Jonny slurring and unable to hold the camera steady >>1110163
> syd vagueposts about someone (Jonny) cheating with someone you know. That someone posts in the thread revealing screenshots of Instagram DMs with Jonny and Syd >>1318548,Syd who accuses anon of cheating with Jonny for flirting on Instagram with Jonny and allegedly calls the cops on anon. Anon says she's known Syd since high school. In the screenshots Syd calls Jonny a waste,a fat junkie, says she'll show the conversation to Taylor so that she'll ruin anon's life, threatens anon. Syd doxxes anon on Instagram.
> anon posts more screenshots, looks like she was carrying the convo with Jonny. Syd sends anon a video of Jonny wasted. >>1319574 Turtle Mom ends up leaking the video >>1320319 and says she'll go the TX shows to expose Jonny with flyers, never does.
> tour starts, Jonny doesn't know the lyrics to his own songs so he's reading them off his phone. >>1322793
> syd goes on stage to hug Jonny and makes sure everyone know he has a kid whenever he looks in the direction of a woman >>1320416 >>1320417 She also keeps complaining about how hard working at the merch table is.
> jonny proposes to Syd again >>1332845 >>1333002 at a concert with the same ring.
> syd makes her Instagram account public

New milk:

>syd, jonny, and the rest of their crew get awful matching tour tattoos >>1336731

>anon posts screenshots from cps that imply storm is not in their custody >>1338649 and Syd continues to confirm this by only posting a photo of them in a public setting >>1346847
>jonny goes radio silent on social media while syd's instagram use only increases, presumably because jonny is in rehab
>syd buys herself an iPad and starts to vague post about a new project >>1346549 >>1363620 eventually announces a date she will announce the project >>1366535
but does not announce anything.
>syd and jonny lovebomb announcing they have chosen a date for their wedding, 11/11/22 >>1367393 >>1367396

previous threads:
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No. 1369691

File: 1637033436834.png (2.35 MB, 750x1334, FCA0E9F1-A92B-4A5A-814A-1A830B…)

Buying some books for the bookshelf they bragged about… wow now storm will have a complete bedroom set kek

No. 1369719

Thank you nonnie for the thread! Syd just posted a video of her cat and did another one of her demonic giggles…. I’m scared and I needed you guys lol

Also it’s funny that anytime she posts a video you never hear Storm in the background…. He must be the most silent baby ever to live

No. 1369731

File: 1637039524239.jpeg (156.95 KB, 744x1323, 90F64F87-3191-43C9-9951-41E00C…)

Anyone else notice/surprised that she has not posted her face tattoo/seems to almost intentionally hide it? Probably just speculation but I personally expected her to brag about that one for at least a minute. Instant ragert Syd?

No. 1369743

Unpopular opinion on here but I think she’s pretty

No. 1369748

Looks like she’s trying to do a Taylor pose

No. 1369782

File: 1637052685913.webm (3.52 MB, 720x1280, demonic giggle.webm)

The giggle in question

No. 1369820

Probably because she realized too late she can’t do a full face of clown makeup without hiding it with her foundation. It’d look pretty dumb to work around it and would clearly be two different skin tones. And I personally think she looks atrocious without makeup. Example her video from the other day with her half inch eyebrows and looking like she hasn’t slept in weeks (cause she stays up all night patrolling social media).

No. 1369842

she would be, if it weren't for the rotten personality and hatefulness seeping through her pores

No. 1369863

also those tragic eyebrows kek

No. 1369893

Honestly agree but its the choices she makes for her appearance and how she treats people that make her ugly tho. When someone has atrocious style and her type of hateful personality yet spews fake bs "spread love and kindness uwu" i cant even see them the same shes just become so ugly to me.

I thought jonny really stuck it to taylors crazy ass when he first got with syd if im being real i was kinda giddy that taylor must have been burning with jelousy that he got with someone prettier than her but then she turns out to be way crazier and less work ethic/a more worthless non-contributing member of society than taylor could ever be and i didnt think anyone could top taylors odd fashion choices , but syd deff takes the cake. I will atleast hand it to her that her style is long running and genuine tho she has always been a try hard alternative band groupie where as taylor went from clean cut pink clothes blonde hair as a kid to faking her "emo phase" in her mid 20s to look like an e girl.

If we have to choose whos worse its syd 100% taylor may be shitty but syd deserves jonnys bs so much more she makes taylor look like the patron saint of perfect girlfriends in comparison

No. 1369924

File: 1637086842963.png (3.26 MB, 750x1334, 07F4E30F-0E81-4ED4-B5DC-5B1483…)

For someone who hates tnd she’s sure doing some tnd shit and looking at the camera real smug like. Idk which is worse, tnd eye fucking herself or whatever this is.

No. 1369930

I would be so incredibly embarrassed to show those brows to anyone, let alone broadcast them on the internet. Also is she intentionally covering where her ring would be? Always hard to tell if things are mirrored so idk which hand that is.

No. 1369935

File: 1637088803744.png (2.86 MB, 750x1334, 96C98297-972D-4A38-85FA-CAA9EB…)

My favorite clip of the many videos she posted of this interaction is this, boasting about all the love she has to give to these rodents, instead of her physical human child

No. 1369938

“lovins” kek can you imagine the vocabulary storm would develop if he was actually living with her and taking in all the weird fake words she uses

No. 1369966

Thank you! Sorry I didn’t post it, every time I try to convert a video to webm on my phone it craps out

I agree. I’m not into her drawn on eyebrows or her face tat/piercing or her dumbass haircut, but overall she doesn’t have an ugly face. But her incredibly ugly personality and attitude will always overshadow anything good about her looks.

No. 1370049

In fairness to tay, she is way younger than syd but syd is how many years old now? And got a face tattoo? That screams a freeloader/parasite for me. But agree anon, she is not ugly, but I would put up with tay than syd any time any day. At least for tay on her best days, she was making money vs syd that just leech on anyone around her. She is the perfect reflection of JC tbh

No. 1370050

File: 1637101538984.jpeg (197.42 KB, 828x1483, 0F5A18ED-E036-4DA7-9E27-6A74F7…)

Holy fuck how swollen is he? Kek he really did let himself go!

No. 1370056

I was just trying to figure out if he had his dentures out in this or what lol. He always looks like he has no teeth unless he’s intentionally showing off the obviously fake ones.

No. 1370057

I never thought syd was prettier than taylor, even now seeing how awful her wasp sting looking lips came out. I agree with the other anon though, that she's not ugly, but her attitude and actions make her extremely ugly.

No. 1370077

This actually frightened me. He looks disturbing. They are a perfect alien match

No. 1370080

Lolllllll he doesn’t have dentures he got the dental implants! They don’t come out. Thank you for making me laugh tho nonnie, picturing this fat fuck walking around toothless Hahahahah

No. 1370094

File: 1637108669799.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, E1E4E36B-4397-4C88-8366-4DC24F…)

Here’s a peek at what that looks like:

No. 1370097

File: 1637108957832.webm (7.48 MB, 720x1280, sydsonarcissus.webm)

No. 1370099

File: 1637109221434.webm (278.3 KB, 720x1280, you tell us syd.webm)

Nonas, a tragedy! Syd thinks we’re cringy. Whatever would we do? (2/2)

No. 1370114

>>1370097 she stares at her self the entire fucking time.

>>1370099 she posts this shit all the time. She loves that people do that, so she can gloat, but hates it because she knows most of what people point out is accurate.

No. 1370116

He has lost at least 1 when he was recording a song about Taylor aftrt the break up there's a video of him saying how his tooth fell out and its affecting his singing or that it was sore, I can't be bothered to find it so. Idk if he got it fixed but honestly doubt it if he let them get into a state where they fall out and his over all having no money

No. 1370137

Fellow cow Tessah did the same thing with ugly ass face tattoos and she hides them 90% of the time under full drag makeup. Pick mes like her and Syd do impulsive shit for male attention and then realize how stupid they are especially in situations like this where their mistakes are permanent. Honestly I’m surprised TND hasn’t gotten a shitty face tat yet to add to her collection of horribly done mismatched shit

No. 1370226

Her calling us cringe when the videos she just posted of herself making these psychotic-looking faces and fake smiles at the camera are 100000x more cringey than anything we do or say. Also she seems to have found the new thread real easy, seems she’s very familiar with how lolcow works eh?

No. 1370334

I hope those rats shit all over her kek. Those smug faces. She definitely thinks she’s something. Her entire existence is cringe. How she can’t see that baffles the hell out of me.

No. 1370360

Lol- I guess that tat used to be his jawline, a few years ago?

No. 1370516

Lmao nonnie you made me laugh! And yes even his tattoo wants to get away from him lol

No. 1370607

File: 1637187901120.png (3.78 MB, 1125x2436, 87B082CD-FA7B-43A3-B86F-26D52A…)

Does anyone feel like Sydney accidentally forgot to log out of jonnys account when this was posted? I’m wondering how fast it will get deleted

No. 1370647

kek, what a fucking idiot

No. 1370667

>Sydney's beats solo 3

You can't make this shit up

No. 1370681

That’s exactly what I thought when I saw this also

No. 1370683

Wait wait wait…. Is this proof of what we’ve been saying all along? That shes been pretending to be him, posting about herself on his account? Where the fuck is he? Did she murder him? Jonny are u ok Kek

No. 1370698

File: 1637194667189.png (5.35 MB, 1170x2532, 573E2F9A-B458-4F45-BBE8-691A7A…)

Doubling down to make it seem intentional?

No. 1370716

File: 1637197436133.jpeg (550.34 KB, 1242x2130, E595004E-5ED9-4A88-A775-E7F629…)

>if that ain’t me lmfao
What’s she been doing since there’s no merch to sell or baby to care for or special announcements to fulfill?

No. 1370741

File: 1637199062597.jpg (512.13 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211117-172915_Ins…)

So sober kek

No. 1370758

File: 1637200433019.png (128.25 KB, 750x1334, 24ACE0BF-A39A-4A2B-9D52-BD4F41…)

What is she crying about now

No. 1370763

A hardened fentanyl addict that has ruined so many lives including his child’s shouldn’t be posting this not even funny drug meme, this is something Sydney would do. Is there proof he is even back? She could be fucking with his shit and he has no way of knowing because he’s not there. It would be very funny if she did all that numerology bullshit and he didn’t even know, picked out a wedding date, wrote he would drown himself for her or w/e, and fought off his well meaning fans in the comments. I mean their relationship has essentially been him being fucking zooted and she steals his phone to fake a relationship with his bloated corpse on a social media platform maybe four versions past the one he was known on. All of this is so much funnier because we know how much she fucking hates him and isn’t even attracted to him. Like dump him and take care of your kid? Life is too short, he’s going to go into cardiac arrest before she can steal his cursed last name I can just feel it, she’s only going to inherit debt and will have a huge jealousy complex of Storm inherits a singing gift and he gets out of her control.

No. 1370765

No. 1370770

Syd blocked me, even though I've never interacted with her content. I think I've posted one whole screencap of her here.

That makes me wonder how many (Or how few) people actually watch her stories for her to have weeded me out.

No. 1370776

Someone mentioned the other day her subscribers was at 15.1 and went to 15.. it's now at 14.9

No. 1370808

Can you imagine how long her list of blocked accounts is

No. 1370826

So hideous. I'm about to the point I can't check in on this train wreck anymore bc I can't stand looking at that nightmare fuel face.

No. 1370836

I had an issue with porn bots viewing my stories. They were always at the bottom of the list. I don’t know how it works, but in my case, non-followers were at the bottom. It seems to list the viewers based on interaction once there are multiple views.

That said, I doubt she gets more than a couple hundred viewers.

No. 1370847

Yeah I have a feeling most of her followers are inactive ghost accounts based on how many likes she gets. She probably did some lame follow for follow shit before jonny came along then unfollowed them. We all know how desperate she is to feel important.

No. 1370854

I always make sure to like some of her posts so she thinks I'm a fan to avoid getting blocked. Probably hasn't seen your name anywhere else and got paranoid

No. 1370893

File: 1637220925971.jpg (464.3 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211117-233440_Pho…)

Then how come they act terrified of you on camera lol

No. 1370901

probably fooled around with his account posting songs and shit and then found out some DMs she wasn't supposed to find or TND messaged him while Syd was on his phone kek

No. 1370909

Maybe he was just using her headphones?

No. 1370989

Gushing about her magical bond with cats cause the one with her human child is non existent. He wouldn’t be able to pick her out in a room of people at this point.

No. 1370998

Yes, if you have pets they will usually tend to like you, you're the one they see everyday and get food and attention from. But the way she posts things like this makes it seem like a lie bc who feels the need to tell the internet they have a bond with their cat? It's assumed you do. Telling elaborate lies about being normal bc she's a goblin person that all living things recoil from.

No. 1371000

Yep, I got that vibe too. she's exactly the type of emotionally stunted narc who thinks the most mundane shit makes her special and superior

No. 1371044

Funny how she can write up on her cats like this but the most we ever hear about her son is “he’s growing!”. Her whole cope about “I can have more than one love!” is so transparent. Just stfu sydsopsycho. Nothing pisses me off more than a mother who chooses a man over her own baby. But also uses the baby for ego or pity. Whichever fits the narrative in the moment.

No. 1371115

Fun fact: she manipulated one of her many exes into buying her cats and dumped him right after. Good shit syd haha

No. 1371199

>>1370893 why is the bitch always going on about how she loves her animals? Seems like a childish thing when it's constantly being done, especially on social media. Most people who have animals love them syd.. most people with cats have cats that do the same exact things. Shut up.

No. 1371202


She does it to distract from the child she doesn’t love.

No. 1371218

Idk but I watched TNDs new video which a good portion was talking about her special bond with her rats and the timing seemed odd. Like she wrote that right after the video was out. I’m sure she was the first to watch it lol. Maybe a coincidence but I thought it was weird syd got rats to begin with when she can’t even care for herself. What’s she gonna do next, buy a snake? Start a YouTube channel?

No. 1371245

How do you know this nonnie? I wouldn’t put this past her so not necessarily doubting you

No. 1371249

She never posts stuff like this about Storm but her cats? Yikes.

No. 1371266

And we all know moms on social media can’t shut up about the cute shit their kids do, regardless of if they loose their faces or not. Syd has nothing to say cuz she doesn’t experienced the day to day ~cuteness~ Storm is up to.

No. 1371314

Ya'll are gonna fuck around & make her post some delusional shit to prove the h8ters wrong. I can just see it now. "WoW i LoVe My SoN sO mUCh. I wIsH i CoUld PoSt HiM BuT fReAkS r So ObSeSsEd." kek

No. 1371332

It’s only a matter of time until she slips up. It’s been a month since their last visit. A happy family~ photo shoot coming soon.

No. 1371360

Definitely can’t wait to see if he’s included in any holiday posts/stories. By that I mean actual photo evidence he was in her presence. Hopefully her moms smart enough to keep her away though. Last thing that kid needs is for her to pretend he’s important to her for the sake of a holiday.

No. 1371371

Idk what would be worse, if they do post and pretend or if they don’t. They didn’t last year, for Halloween or even his birthday so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s nothing this year either.

No. 1371565

i just want a tnd and jonny rerun. they were kind of cute and way less….. miserable

No. 1371672

Lmao true anon, they were so much pleasing to the eyes back then instead we have to deal with fat JC and sydsopsycho now. Plus no child was involved back then, so it wasnt this much of a shitshow

No. 1371934

Are you serious? I would not wish that man on anyone. He used her for her money and got her addicted to heroin so she wouldn’t leave his abusive ass. She already was very stunted as a person and could have some issue with her brain because her brother is special needs, her functioning was questionable. Her being pretty and having an unsociable personality doesn’t change that, it only makes people who want to pick apart women find even less reasons to point out the power imbalance and how she was used. She could not function on her own before and was in her early twenties when this washed up junkie tried to use her for her following and to deny his exes accounts of abuse. He ruined her life and he knows enough to stay away unless he can contribute but he’s too much of a little bitch to fix or help anything. Let him rot with the dumpster, I’m surprised anyone would say that about any of his previous relationships.

No. 1371946

File: 1637353900190.png (194.61 KB, 828x1792, D3E0C052-FB1B-4258-B066-C9DD98…)

No. 1371977

Can someone who speaks retard please translate lol

No. 1371988

Lmao at anons pretending Taylor isn’t fugly. She has anus lips, is literally balding from frying her hair, her head is 2x to big for her body, she’s a dirty IV drug addict with nasty skin sores, and her facial structure is weird as fuck and not in like a cool high fashion model way. I hate to say it because syd’s such a crazy bitch but besides her ugly eye brows and unflattering make up shes a model compared to Taylor.

Also just to be clear taylor was doing meth before she met jc, he was on one of his sober streaks. One of jonnys old band mates actually confirmed in one of Taylor’s older threads that she got him back into heavy drugs…not the other way around. Let’s stop painting dumb bitches that date known abusers and drug addicts as victims.

No. 1372001

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder than I did at this. Taylor has natural beauty and Syd looks like troll. If you put pictures of them side by side with no makeup they would both look ugly but Taylor blows Sydney away. Syd is bland and her face is as flat as her chest. Also, models are tall. As we are so frequently reminded, Syd is too sMoL.

A lot of this is subjective and everyone has their own opinion, but I don’t see this argument as being productive. We can all collectively agree that Syd is ugly, if you don’t think she is on the exterior, you can’t deny she is internally. Also gassing her up in here is only going to contribute to her misguided ego.

No. 1372009

File: 1637359741360.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3205x2902, 6F0D7619-9134-446A-B911-F0EAD4…)

Whatever you say anon.

No. 1372013

>>1372009 so you're using a photo of taylor with no makeup, all natural, aside from the lips, and one with syd covered in makeup and a filter, and trying to argue that syd is better looking? Hi syd.

No. 1372016

I’m not syd. I think she’s a horrible cow, thats why I’m on this thread. but I’m not going to pretend I think she’s ugly because she a cunt. That’s just stupid and vendetta-ish.

No. 1372021

Taylor could’ve pulled anyone she wanted at her peak had she had the self confidence to do so. Sud could never and had to scape from the bottom of the barrel to baby trap the first one stupid enough to nut in her. I’d say that makes it pretty clear who’s pretty and who isn’t.

No. 1372028


Bad comparison even without your blatant favoritism. Taylor has better bone structure lol

No. 1372032

File: 1637361689196.jpeg (1.15 MB, 3284x2581, D68F8306-2B3F-4F36-B9D6-538E9E…)

Better comparison. Both in 2013 taken by other people. Anon is right, it’s subjective I guess…

No. 1372035

They are both sevens on a good day can we move on

No. 1372047

Wooooow that is so weird they look the same

No. 1372049

File: 1637363661538.png (777.48 KB, 828x1792, B6E16955-2CEE-4E4A-A5D1-74785B…)

No. 1372050

File: 1637363693559.png (758.85 KB, 828x1792, 0F444453-3009-4127-882F-7DD32D…)

No. 1372054

File: 1637364598093.png (2.28 MB, 828x1792, 15B57DCA-7BB6-4AEA-B1AF-257FDA…)

No. 1372059

At least she admitted to reusing photos. Progress for a chronic bullshitter!

No. 1372060

Is "4" not a number? Jonnycraig4l??

No. 1372064

Spam bots do this literally all the time, she's acting like they stole his literal identity. She absolutely thrives off drama and it's so obvious

No. 1372066

>>1372059 she didn't admit to reusing photos. She's saying a person with a fake account not reusing photos her or jonny have posted already on their own accounts, is a give away of being fraudulent. Also why does she feel the need to post so much about it.. and still with her grammar issues. Damn girl, proof read before you try to act all intelligent on us.

No. 1372075

Lmao anyone who is in a band with a serial abuser and rapist who has been kicked out of every band and off tours for his abuse just so they can get money and try to further their name and connections as a musician is likely another abuser who hates woman, or obviously does not respect them as people to not only give Jonny more access to new victims but spend so much fucking time around him and handling him. She was 20, homeschooled, starstruck, did not even have the frontal lobe of her brain developed, and was fucking up enough to be another young idiot with no concept of consequence doing meth in Texas, why aren’t you questioning why a grown ass man well into his 30’s who is a long time heroin user that got away with wirefrauding his braindead fans out of thousands is doing fucking with Taylor when he is supposed to maintain his grown ass male sobriety and whole ass career dependent on his sobriety that others and their families also depend on? A victim is someone that was perpetrated against by a criminal, that’s it. It’s not a compliment it’s a fact. He knew exactly what he was doing and drove the ex who had his first child out of the country. It doesn’t matter how unlikeable Taylor is, he knows his victims being misunderstood is all it takes to leverage misogyny and get people to deflect onto the women to criticize and hold them accountable instead. I don’t care about Taylor or how much I dislike any woman to argue that they were not victims of a criminal, and doing so only makes you an instrument to Jonny never being held accountable. Fuck off.

No. 1372079

File: 1637367691198.jpeg (126.26 KB, 500x638, FBF16FE7-D385-4CC4-90E5-807DAF…)

No. 1372080

“I don’t care about Taylor” …sure Jan

No. 1372082

File: 1637367969707.png (57.73 KB, 228x221, 77e.png)

wow this is a really fresh take anon. i dont think anyone has brought any of this up at all

No. 1372084

>censored version of this meme

No. 1372089

Sorry I didn’t realize there was a different version!

No. 1372091

This series of screenshots is possibly the funniest part of this saga yet. He has a number four in his handle you absolute loon. The urgency in these posts are hilarious, you’d think they were posting her nudes or something but it’s just a troll making fun of her cheating boyfriend. And using the nightmare song in there was the cherry on top. This is some top notch middle school shit. you can’t make this up.

No. 1372118

Duh? Is she trying to school people about fake pages? We know what a fake page looks like and what a blue check means. Spam bots are extremely obvious.

Thank god for syd to let us and all her followers know how to spot bots. Phew. Before this moment I thought LeoDicaprio096754 really wanted to see a picture of my boobies.

No. 1372126

Not my jonny with the blue check mark! Cringe that she mentioned that not once but twice. We get it. You really feel like you’re dating some high profile celebrity. That blue check mark would not exist today if he didn’t play in one decent band years and years ago (that he got booted from for being a piece of shit).

No. 1372127

I feel like she’s more upset that they didn’t post about her than anything lol

No. 1372128

ikr? Imagine the huge deal she’d made if they’d had use her or Storm’s pictures. Sydsopsycho indeed

No. 1372143

File: 1637375964587.png (4.57 MB, 828x1792, 8B2704E6-25EE-4115-924B-35E872…)

No. 1372145

well there’s your proof that jonny is in fact using sydney’s beats solo(3)s

No. 1372155

Love how he’s covering up his chins lol

No. 1372156

What on earth made him think this was Instagram story worthy? Like congrats on your gold teeth….

No. 1372165

File: 1637379132420.png (712.67 KB, 750x1334, 85AD53BD-CC1B-4EC9-AAAA-9D75E6…)

No. 1372166

Ew I'm gonna puke

No. 1372167

No. 1372171

>>1372165 are they really sending each other instagram messages when they're together? Aside from that being a totally gross, and inappropriate thing to post, why would he think anyone would want to know that, or want her?

No. 1372174

This is gross shit teenagers post because they think it’s edgy. I don’t know how any self respecting woman would be okay with her fiancé posting this trashy shit. Like ya flex on us that your man eats you out with fake teeth his ex gf brought him, because his hygiene is so shit his teeth literally rotted out of his head.

No. 1372176


She’s gonna lose her mind when shes reminded that Taylor bought those teeth hahaha holy shit that was so good

No. 1372180

The whole "yes for lifeeeeeee" thing is literally something a teenager would say, not a man approaching his 40's. Ugh, lmao these guys are the epitome of cringe.

No. 1372183

I don’t even wanna think of all the stds that vag has acquired from this fat fuck. Can’t his hep c be transferred through bodily fluids? I feel like I need a shower after that disgusting image that was put in my head.

No. 1372194

I fail to see how getting your pussy ate makes you a bad bitch????????

These guys are always reaching so hard for attention with their normal ass shit. “My cats have a special bond with me. An Ikea desk. Showing off cooking talent with a rice bowl.. Music is my life. Art projects for kids by adults. A TV on a wall. A bookshelf for a baby. Stay at home mom life. A drawing of eyebrows. A cheap gift. I eat pussy.”

No. 1372198

I bet he probably can’t find the clit or even knows what it is

No. 1372206

File: 1637387127597.jpeg (Spoiler Image,66.51 KB, 497x700, 1A7BF855-F623-46F6-87FC-E813A8…)


This ur man, syd?

No. 1372219

This is so on point anon.

No. 1372222

Ew who the fuck is this and why did they post it lmao

No. 1372223

File: 1637391753628.png (2.03 MB, 1200x1200, 9B1DE8E7-68E9-4E74-B094-A35A2E…)

Why nonnette. Why.

No. 1372225

You can tell by the nose that it’s Jonny

No. 1372226

Hey turtlemom

No. 1372241

File: 1637400925493.gif (3.68 MB, 426x213, D8C639C5-3ED6-4271-8D82-D470E0…)

Kek what

No. 1372268

File: 1637409860948.jpeg (254.61 KB, 572x613, F8BE6974-7ECC-4C34-A380-758CD9…)

When you zoom in, her lips look weird. Idk if that’s supposed to be a piercing but it looks like herpes lmao. And her Monroe piercing is red, looks like she took it out and it’s a bloody scab.

No. 1372272

They were both highly addicted to heroin and there’s nothing cute about that. I’m not WK Taylor but she seems to be doing A LITTLE better as far as sobriety goes. Jonny got her addicted and cleaned out her bank account. So I highly disagree, I don’t want them back together. Taylor doesn’t deserve a scumbag like Jonny, but Syd sure does. This is her karma. And Jonny being stuck with her psychotic ass is HIS karma.

No. 1372284

Sydney's instagram is in Spanish…? Can she even understand spanish or speak it?

No. 1372293

That's cleary jonny, and I feel like one of his exes kept this picture (god knows why), and decided to post it. I just wonder what ex it was… hm….

No. 1372324

that’s Portuguese, and it’s the settings of the person who took the screenshot, not Syd’s settings

No. 1372369

Bump to hide porn.

No. 1372372

>>1372332 uhm..(stop replying to the scrote)

No. 1372409

Wow way to kill this thread.

No. 1372441

Bets on Amanda..
And maybe Amanda kek

No. 1372532

File: 1637438960322.png (5.08 MB, 1125x2436, 5E443808-9A6B-4565-A6A6-C238C4…)

Is he really joking about shooting children up with heroin when he’s supposedly trying to be sober? Can tell that’s gonna last.

No. 1372598

Seeing as Jonny accidentally got Storm high by smoking it around him, this is even less funny.

No. 1372604

What. I’m so sorry to ask, I kinda just check the highlights-they’re so boring lately. This is 100% confirmed/true?

No. 1372644


Now that you mention it, I do remember seeing a screenshot of one of Jonny’s stories that had a comment about getting his child high on fent and taken away… I think maybe 2 threads ago?? Sure there’s some ridiculous theories on here, but something like that doesn’t seem too OUT THERE

No. 1372662

I’ve been in these threads since the beginning and I don’t remember there being any proof of this, just speculation. That being said I wouldn’t be surprised because he is a piece of shit sooooo

No. 1372663

Recovering addicts who are serious about recovery wouldn’t joke like this. Source; am a recovery addict and know many recovering addicts

No. 1372769

Sick flex on that gold tooth when mans ain't even got a dinner table to eat off

No. 1372842

File: 1637474985535.png (5.48 MB, 1125x2436, DFCF88D3-F676-4121-8161-CB6A64…)

she posted her child(don't post minors)

No. 1372856

Figures. She was due for her monthly court visit. He is so cute. I hope he stays with grandma.

Censor the poor kids face next time.

No. 1372864

File: 1637477782794.png (8.68 MB, 1284x2778, 43291124-A449-4D7F-9CBB-9E4BF1…)

Could be a fake profile, but Jonny Craig is showing up on my Tinder. He’d prowl around the city a bit when I was a teenager and I knew people who were friends with him so who knows, there’s a chance it could be legit. This is Sacramento, California

No. 1372867

Holy shit anon. He lives in Sac now too. Can you see when active? Wonder who would be interested in cat fishing him besides his psycho baby mama

No. 1372868

Oh I hope this is real. Syd's incoming spergout will be glorious and I need a fix of schadenfreude

No. 1372869

KEK the fact that he’s using initials and not his full name makes me think it’s legit.

What a manlet.

No. 1372870

Oooo good find anon, match with him and check it out if its legit? I dont know if he would be so brazen about it tho given how unhinged syd could be and probably checks his phone all the time? Does he even need to be on tinder? I assume he still get loads of fans dm him on SM?

No. 1372873

I bet this is what Mama Dean tells herself to justify enabling her daughter

No. 1372877

Because he's lurking. We were just talking about the headphones, his teeth, and his tattoos placed where his jawline used to be rip

No. 1372882

tnd stan continues to cope

No. 1372884

teehee that drug that almost killed me uwu so quirky

No. 1372885

I know tinder profiles will only show up if they’ve been active on the account in the last week I believe? I’m pretty active on there, I date a lot and it’s my first time coming across his profile. I did like his profile to see what would happen.

No. 1372890

Don't out yourself before anything happens haha, still time to delete this post

No. 1372998

That or she begged her mom to let her come see him for the sole purpose of getting an updated pic in a sad attempt to prove the haters wrong. Once again can’t see anything in the background to prove it was at her place. I’m sure it wasn’t. So much for not posting him to “protect” him. Knew that was a bullshit excuse for never posting him but now it’s laughable.

No. 1373001

File: 1637503981420.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1087x1977, 912AA938-70B9-4D38-9371-19A144…)

the responsibility of giving your parents the will to live is a horrible thing to put on a child

No. 1373003

Goes to show again how some people shouldn’t be parents! RED FLAG ALL AROUND, I hope storm grows up ok, its so sad to see this unfold for him. Bipolar mom and narcissistic H addict and alcoholic dad, its textbook child trauma for him

No. 1373004

Something is throwing me off about him using this pic for his tinder tho. Did he like just post this pic to his story last night? And now it’s popping up on tinder. Wouldn’t he have used a pic of just him considering how into himself he is? Like I’m sure he has tons of selfies he could have chosen. Am I thinking too hard about this? Lollll

No. 1373005

Their purpose for living is a child they chose drugs over? And was yesterday her birthday? I’m confused cause if so she didn’t even get a story post from jonny?

No. 1373006

If I recall correctly her birthday is in January. I remember her posting something about being an Aquarius but I could be wrong

No. 1373008

I am thinking he used a group pic to throw off any suspension that it is indeed him. Say if anyone found it, they would swipe right through it and wouldnt notice it was JC? Also if syd finds out, he could deny saying someone stole that pic instead of using a selfie which is more obvious. Tinfoiling this but I feel that the fact he used initials than his full name and the bio description is very him.

No. 1373019

Would not put it past him to try and line up another girl before ditching the psycho. He probably wouldn’t use IG for that because he knows syd is a pro level stalker on there. But considering he clearly isn’t taking rehab seriously I doubt he will make any positive changes when he’s out.

No. 1373029


I think it is him cuz he posted it recently and it would be easy to pass off that someone else stole the photo.

No. 1373062

File: 1637513065443.jpeg (122.8 KB, 828x1129, B9C32D6A-76FB-4291-99BD-804C3B…)

context. Yesterday wasn’t her birthday, but before she posted that she posted this meme.

No. 1373066

>giving a baby a job- the job of keeping your parent(s) from killing themselves

Ahh yes spoken like a loving selfless parent.

No. 1373075

File: 1637514635329.jpeg (212.59 KB, 1013x1936, DB7C8212-F84D-4B70-A355-1575A8…)

I thought maybe JC was arrested in Jan but I went back and he was actually arrested 1 year ago yesterday. 11/20. It would explain her weird posting about why she hates her birthday and wants to die when it’s not even her birthday. She can’t talk about Jonny’s offense that got their kid taken away so she’s putting that anger onto her own birth. YIKES.

No. 1373115

You need to censor storm
Y'all never learn on this thread stg

No. 1373135

This is absolutely why she's upset rn

No. 1373144

No it’s not why she’s upset her birthday is in January so who knows wtf she is crying about it now.

No. 1373154

Do you not know how to read

No. 1373156

File: 1637521555984.jpeg (260.14 KB, 828x1414, 497A9643-AB6B-4156-B892-EE1C5A…)

Went to look at what you posted on the court site and look what I found there is another filing against him this past July. There are lots of nonnies here that think the storm thing was because of what happened
A year ago. It never made sense to me but now that I see this he’s in trouble again after that case.

No. 1373157

The scum bag even tried to play it off by saying “I just shoved her” >>1091163 (like anybody believes that). Even if it was a shove, as an adult you should never feel the need to lay a hand your significant other when you’re upset. Letting your son around a man that you know can be violent and has hurt you is so gross, no wonder she got him taken away.

No. 1373163

File: 1637521988738.jpg (145.67 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211121-111102_Pho…)

She's poorly role playing an empath now apparently lmao

No. 1373173

>>1373157 syd is just as unstable as jonny is, but in different ways. They both should want to keep them away from each other, and themselves. (If they were self aware and could actually realize they are not fit to be parents currently.)

No. 1373181

Omg yeah that makes sense actually, now I’m also thinking this lines up too perfectly with that fake profile she was on about. Maybe Jonny jumped on making a tinder because he thought it’d be the perfect excuse like “oh it’s probably the same person who made that fake IG” even tho we all know that was probably a bot and not a human haha

No. 1373183

Oh damn… interesting. The case number is different. I’m surprised we didn’t hear about him getting arrested again. Isn’t this around storms bday? When we all started to suspect they lost custody.

No. 1373184

she posted him? why tf does he need to be censored

No. 1373190

He’s a minor and a baby. It’s against the rules. Are you new?

No. 1373193

This Narcassistic bitch is nearly 30 and she's whining about her birthday like she's a tweenie missing out on a party or something. Grow up Syd, the world doesn't revolve around you.

Only Narcs call themselves empaths, they assume what they think others are feeling rather than actually ask them and trust their answer. She's so self centered and has the weakest mind.

No. 1373195

i went back to thread 5 and the day prior to this (7/19) they were having one of their dumb passive aggressive instagram story fights. the day it was filed (7/20) was the same day they did the instagram live about ~paranormal experiences~
*i've tried twice to link to the related post but i forgot how and messed it up twice i'm sorry anons.

No. 1373206

i thought she wasn’t posting storm to protect him from the weirdos… what’s this then?

on a saturday too, like clockwork.

No. 1373218

>>1372842 why does this look weirdly edited in the bottom left corner?

No. 1373234

She tilted the whole picture so Instagram cropped it weird, presumably to cut out the background so you can’t tell she’s in a public place for a visitation and not her apartment. Every time she post him lately it’s very closely cropped so you can’t see the background.

No. 1373275

File: 1637535697784.gif (2.98 MB, 480x270, retard-alert-south-park.gif)

No. 1373280

She's such a shit liar, this and the time she blatantly colored his shirt black like we wouldn't notice it was from the same fucking day
She's truly an idiot

No. 1373294

Oh I’m sure she stocked up on plenty of pics for her visit that she will also try to pass off as new. After being called out for editing his clothes last time she probably even made an excuse to change his outfit a couple times while she was with him lol

No. 1373346

Clearly they are new because they didn’t sage either

Sage your shit and we don’t post children here, as been discussed many many times before…. That’s basically giving her what she wants (to call us weirdos) and plus storm is innocent in all of this. He’s not the cow and he’s a minor obviously. This shouldn’t have to be explained, you could have figured it out on your own

No. 1373401

File: 1637552908001.jpeg (281.78 KB, 1284x1376, D4EA39EC-10F1-4C6F-AEFB-B4509E…)

No. 1373410

Someone finally found it. The real reason Storm isn’t in their custody anymore and why Sydney projects so hard. Just ask grandma. It wasn’t the first time Sydney has laid hands on her, but imagine doing that while someone is holding your child? I’m proud of you little detectives figuring it out finally.

No. 1373412

This aged well.

No. 1373415

File: 1637554005121.png (1.32 MB, 828x1792, D5FF21EB-8AD1-47E9-8363-2E6163…)

No. 1373419

Forgive me for not only being retarded but also not being American, I also took a look and found this. Looks like she just had a court hearing and has another upcoming. Also next to the recent date it said “held,” does this mean she was found guilty on the charge?

No. 1373420

File: 1637554192304.jpeg (195.11 KB, 1242x2013, 06EA6D0D-AC2C-41BB-AEC2-66EEC3…)

Dropped pic

No. 1373421

File: 1637554193234.png (1.42 MB, 828x1792, 8A105B63-42C6-4892-AD59-60AA99…)

No. 1373434

It just means the hearing was held as scheduled

No. 1373441

File: 1637556339035.png (1.13 MB, 828x1792, 0906EB46-CA76-4FB5-A441-8E5B8B…)

No. 1373443

File: 1637556453714.png (2.06 MB, 1170x2532, C0D6A715-3A96-4968-B099-FB3194…)

Well seeing this makes this story 100x more pathetic now….

No. 1373470

Lmao the timing on these looks kinda like syd complaining about being ancient because she found out Jonny fucks teenagers.

No. 1373487

File: 1637562192317.jpeg (224.82 KB, 828x1279, 2B62E656-7139-43C5-94A1-E5F2C0…)

Is this who A is? She’s got a few cases on there

No. 1373491

Yup that’s A aka Anthony aka Antwan

No. 1373495

Whoaa good find

No. 1373503


Of course this absolute lunatic is a legit criminal too. I couldn’t think of any 2 people less fit to be parents than jc and syd.

No. 1373512

They’re clearly both violent people and why storm isn’t in their custody. Plus the drug usage. So sad for that little baby.

If I recall, there was an option to listen on the phone. I hope nonnies will listen in. I will definitely try. This court hearing is in a couple days. Wonder if she’s staying with her mom until the date. Might explain the storm posting.

No. 1373570

Woahh good find anon! Retarded question from a non-american, does this mean is A filling that against Syd or the other way around here?

No. 1373608

Storm's birthday is July 8th, so this was twelve days after it

No. 1373616

File: 1637578352420.jpeg (417.64 KB, 1284x2341, FAF4EAC2-1930-4D7B-BEE1-715029…)

I just lost brain cells trying to read this conversation

No. 1373621

File: 1637579057046.jpg (29.63 KB, 700x467, she4.jpg)

Cue everyone in the Bay. Holy shit this is cringe. Syd is 30? And still sounding like a white girl waffling around with some new kid slang.

No. 1373637

so Syd and Jonny both have another family violence case from July? Wtf happened then? Anyone actually know?

No. 1373658

Based on the subject of the email, way to out yourself for once again ripping people off on your so called vocal lessons. Hope this guy finds him and beats his ass. Someone needs to.

No. 1373666

Why is this something he needs to brag about? “Haha I told this troll off” that’s literally what they’re trying to achieve by trolling you? Also his follow up responses gave me a stroke

No. 1373764

>>1373443 make it more obvious you have just seen him for the first time in awhile

No. 1373766

Interesting she responded with two cat emojis in regards to her “boys”. At first I thought he meant boys as in JC and their son. But she clearly knew the guy meant cats.

No. 1373832

English is not my first language so forgive me this question:
- The complaint from Filing Date 7/20/2021 is that a complaint against Sydney for her being violent or did she complain about violence? So does that mean Syd maybe beat Jonny or her son?

- The complaint filed on 8/15/2013 is that Anthony filing a complaint against Syndey? D/V Prevention w/o Minor Children is that some form of sexual abuse?

No. 1373850

If this person is correct it sounds like syd hit her mom while she was holding storm?

No. 1373863

For the July filing, because it is the State of California vs. sydsopsycho (criminal filing, not civil)it looks like she committed an act of domestic violence and the victim (whether that be her mother, jonny, etc.) called the police. Being that she had a minor child in her custody at the time, this likely spurred loss of custody at least temporarily.

As far as the 2013 complaint, that looks like Anthony filed a restraining order against Syd.

No. 1373868

It's a restraining order. D/V prevention w/o minor children means domestic violence prevention (fancy legal term for restraining order) involving a couple that does not have minor children. The designation of no children just means the court does not need to consider the wellbeing of children in a particular case. Tbh, it's confusing even for native english speakers.

No. 1373881

Domestic violence(D/V) without (w/o) minor children. So other resources aren’t needed like CPS or a child therapist, etc.

No. 1373887

Also, I don’t think she harmed her kid. It would have child abuse or abuse of a minor…something along those lines. Domestic usually just means between two adults with a relationship in the same home (family or spouse).

No. 1373906

Thank you anon for clearing up on the 2013 restraining order that A filed against syd. Holy fuck, how unhinged can she be?? Yay for jonny for sticking to the craziest crazy.

Also does all these court cases 100% confirms they do not have custody of storm? Or is it just jonny?

No. 1373911

It was the other way Sydney filed the restraining order against Anthony. He tried to rape her

No. 1373931

File: 1637613441574.png (50.21 KB, 1721x455, image001.png)


Yeah Syd's the petitioner on this one, so she filed the restraining order against him, not the other way around

No. 1373938

that's fucked, how do u know?

No. 1373939

was this mentioned/proven in past threads? how do you have this info?

No. 1373942


My dudes, look up, I posted a screenshot with more detail from the website. Shes the petitioner on it meaning she requested it, not him.
Don't know if the rape allegations are true but she requested the restraining order.

No. 1373945

I wouldn’t be surprised if syd cried rape just cuz she was pissed off for some dumb reason. Or it could be the truth…but ya know how she is.

No. 1373949

You can request transcripts ore recordings of past cases off this public portal. All they seem to ask for is a name and phone number to submit the request. Wonder if it would be worth it kek

No. 1373950

I could definitely see her doing that. But if it is true it’s even more fucked up that she decided years later to get engaged to an actual rapist.

No. 1373961

They dropped it because Anthony lives in Colorado from 2011 to now. Hence why they said they couldn't find him on the report, because she put in a bogus ass report.

No. 1373962

Lying doesn't get you far Syd. Anthony didn't rape you. How could he when he lived 2000 miles away

No. 1373963

File: 1637616688852.png (489.37 KB, 1316x2248, IMG_20211122_162911.png)

For anyone who wants to listen in tomorrow. Dept 43 toll free number and access code. The lovely couple is on the docket for 1:30pm PST

No. 1373969

water seeks its own level
or, shit draws flies

No. 1373977

Samefag but I wonder if either of the realizes the judge could take either one or both into custody at this arraignment and set bail, as happens a lot with violence related misdemeanors, and especially given that neither of them even have custody of Storm right now.
Get the popcorn ready.

No. 1373986

If it was about her getting raped it would say sexual assault, not domestic violence lmao retard

No. 1373999

why does this type like syd

No. 1374000

>>1373963 someone please record this. I'll be working, but am super interested in hearing what is said.

No. 1374005

>lmao retard
probably because, like syd, they sound mentally 13. maximum.

No. 1374009

Iirc it's illegal to record but I'll listen in and try to include as many details as possible. Last time it was really fucking hard to hear, the voices were really muddled and distant and the audio was fuzzy. Hope it won't be the case this time around.

No. 1374016

When you try to get people to talk about your ex of almost 10 years so they don't talk about your court date.

We're not dumb Sydney.

No. 1374020

Please document what happened to get them there at the court date and if they still have custody of the child. This is going to be sweeet

No. 1374047

I don't know if they'll go into that much detail. An arraignment is typically just whatever the charge is being read aloud and then the accused offering their plea. Then the judge decides whether they go into custody there on the spot, with or without bail, or gets released on conditions until the court date.

No. 1374049

Their public defender could bring it up but it’s likely that is all done in family court which I’m pretty sure is completely different. Rules and how things are done are different because the privacy of the kids is a huge deal. The likelihood of us knowing is slim.

No. 1374062

Holy shit, thank you anon. For sure will listen if I’m able. This is golden milk

No. 1374083

File: 1637628965554.jpeg (1008.87 KB, 1125x2047, 1E8A80E0-475F-445B-B50C-FBC100…)

No. 1374084

File: 1637629019510.jpeg (792.6 KB, 1125x1999, 82308F4E-8AAC-4A15-85CA-2D5A15…)

does she even hype Jonny up like this

No. 1374114

Literally never. That’s such an excessive amount of pics to take of a dude that’s not your boyfriend. And some of them he actually looks caught off guard like he didn’t know she was photographing him. Creep status. She’s definitely trying to keep this one in her back pocket for when jonny finally leaves her. She also looks really drugged out in some of these.

No. 1374121

I was more referring to the "he tried to rape her" info, I didn't see that in the screenshot, but ty for the screenie nonnette

No. 1374127

File: 1637632920750.jpg (103.77 KB, 766x1546, PSX_20211122_210058.jpg)

Lookin like moe howard from the 3 stooges.. yikes

No. 1374128

She looks like a chemo patient wearing a headscarf

No. 1374130

>>1374083 find it hilarious she got a face tat just like this dudes

No. 1374131

Genuinely thought this was a dude

No. 1374141

>14 messages
>only one email from the "crip", rest from Jonny

No. 1374211

Are you dumb? This was info was posted by another nonnie about court dates this is not Syd trying to talk about a 10 year old ex to distract, pay attention.

No. 1374228

File: 1637642889890.png (3.96 MB, 1242x2688, 94BDF2A3-1CB7-492E-AC64-CA8CE2…)

Grab the popcorn ladies. It looks like it’s about to go down.

No. 1374230

File: 1637642926657.jpeg (76.93 KB, 640x1138, AE657BF8-D2C1-4805-8F39-3C8F9A…)

Y’all seen this yet?

No. 1374231

File: 1637642940323.png (654.82 KB, 1242x2688, 990AB068-6144-4B9F-BE75-043FC3…)

pt. 2

No. 1374232

File: 1637642952280.jpeg (41.58 KB, 640x1138, 4BE445B0-EF31-4AE3-B481-89787C…)

No. 1374233

at least sydney is finally admitting she’s an idiot

No. 1374237

Looks like the Tinder profile was real after all kek. Perfect timing for another blowup right before your hearing, dumbasses. Storm will never have to worry about these two raising him.

No. 1374239

Whatever happened with this did you get anymore info do you have more tinder screenshots??

No. 1374240

Kek I knew that shit wasn’t fake. Whatever it’s not like she’s going to leave him. Its funny because she publicly humiliates him all the time.

No. 1374265

Even if she did want to leave him, where would she go? It’s not like she can move back in with her mother and Storm anymore. She has nowhere. She’s stuck in this bed she’s made and deserves every second of it. But she’ll delete these stories and go back to posting about their wedding/how in love they are within 24 hours.

No. 1374272

And it’s already deleted lmao

No. 1374273

Idk man… like yes he’s an idiot but is he really that much of an idiot? To make a profile on a popular dating app when he knows his baby mama is crazy as fuck and always ravenously on the prowl for proof that he is cheating, even going as far as harassing innocent IG girls and sending vids of him on drugs? Like he would literally have no brain cells whatsoever to take this risk hahahaha

No. 1374274

Top right is him just chilling on what looks like a bed… that is creepy as fuck. She either wants to suck this guys dick or already has. “Like a brother” my ass. That’s what girls say when they wanna get closer to a guy but don’t want people to know they fancy him

No. 1374275

She's so guilty of cheating and Jonny knows it. She oughta give him a pass for this one

No. 1374292


I know this is what Jonny does, and this is not a defence, but honestly I’d probably cheat too if I was dating Syds crazy ass. She doesn’t look like a good fuck as is and she would have to be to make tolerating her worth it.

No. 1374293

Dude has to be completely miserable lmao. And yes, he has no brain cells. He also probably knows he has nothing to lose. Syd isn’t going to leave him. She let the state take their fucking kid and got herself arrested. She wants or is getting something from this relationship. He could probably fuck a girl in their bed and she wouldn’t leave. In her sick mind, staying with a “fat junkie” makes her better than the other girls he’s been with. She’s insane and has absolutely no self esteem. I would feel bad if she wasn’t a piece of shit who abandoned her baby.

No. 1374306

Not wk but what makes you think it was not Jonny that got the baby taken by the state? He was obviously arrested. Sounds like you are a JC fan

No. 1374312

i’m not who you replied to, but as one of sydney’s ex friends, i’d wager my own life that she is just as capable as jonny in terms of getting their kid taken away. i’ve seen how she can get first hand and how quickly she can fly off the handle scared the shit out of me.

No. 1374332

Lmao! Right before his hearing too! I bet jc is doing some emotional manipulation now (ie “do you want storm back?) he is fugly, what a prize….. kek

No. 1374337

Oh please. I hate it when anons get all pissy when we choose to rip apart only one of them at a time. I get they’re a two for one deal but stop being nit-picky. Syd has been the milkiest of the two lately anyways.

A fan. KEK. Next time I’ll be sure to address all of JC’s short comings while roasting syd.

No. 1374345

It was prob both, but if syd had nothing to do with it at all then storm would probably still be in her house, since Jonny is clearly not there rn

No. 1374372

Are you all missing the fact that she was arrested TOO?? The hearing today is for both of them, not just him.

No. 1374381

So if he had already been arrested for pushing her (I know she dropped charges) and then got arrested again in July for family violence, how tf is he not in jail? Hopefully he will be after the hearing. But I’m sure he’s gonna use this “went to rehab” to butter them up and get off easier.

No. 1374382

File: 1637674681299.png (5.73 MB, 1125x2436, 334AD4C6-6C24-4A42-8976-3FFCD5…)

Love that he posted the song Taylor has tattooed on the back of her neck lol

No. 1374388

Syd could decide not to comply, but that does not mean the state is going to drop their case (even tho they did dismiss the november charge). That is often the outcome, but jonny is already a felon lmao. The state could almost definitely move forward on a domestic violence charge without a compliant complaining witness.
It's hilarious that syd was also arrested for domestic violence lmao. What a peach she is.

No. 1374389

I'm curious about this too, so this will be his second charge for family violence, even though like you said, Syd dropped the first one, but now they're BOTH being charged. If anything I hope it's clear to the judge, and I'm sure it is, that this isn't an environment to raise a child in.
I hope her mom is there today, she should be.

No. 1374392

I hope her mom has someone monitoring their social media so she knows that literally nothing has gotten better between these two and they’re as unfit as ever to be parents. My biggest fear is she buys into their “were really trying to be better for storm, look we got furniture and jonny went to rehab!” ploy. I don’t know her mom at all so not sure how naive/gullible she can be but I hope she’s past the point of defending her psychotic daughter.

No. 1374492

>listening on "Sydney's Beats Solo"
lol this fuckin bum is using his fiance's headphones while "creepin". love to see it

No. 1374585

Wait I'm confused about this image—it looks like the original pic had the "look at me creepin" on it, (posted on his tinder? Or dm'd to someone?) then that original image was screenshotted and posted on his story with the "fall for the bullshit" added (by Syd?? So she's posting on his account confirmed?)

No. 1374593

Jonny posted the look at me creepin pic on his story and syd reposted it with her own caption, if that’s what you’re asking. He also said yesterday was a “huge fucking win” for him. Curious what that meant. Finished rehab? Found a new girl?

No. 1374606

File: 1637697943562.jpg (376.14 KB, 1080x1927, Screenshot_20211123_150454.jpg)

Did she post this to urban dictionary herself?? Kek… I've never seen a name page this long and elaborate before.

No. 1374626

definitely sounds like it. There's so many things she praises about herself so I wouldn't be surprised at all.

No. 1374640

"Her body is perfect, curvy rather than anorexic-skinny, yet her personality is even more perfect." Bro wut

No. 1374648

The narcassism on this bitch is so strong like how do you go through life so obnoxiously obsessed with yourself? It's so embarrassing how little self awareness she has.

Is she trying to cope by saying she's perfect because jonny was caught on tinder?

No. 1374651

i was just on hold for like 15 mins trying to listen in, it kept saying 'your conference will begin shortly, please hold' and then all of a sudden it said 'we're sorry, your conference is ending now. please hang up' and hung up for me…

No. 1374652

Redial it in currently on hold rn

No. 1374654

i just tried to join again and it says the host hasn't arrived so idk lol

No. 1374656

I'm literally on hold rn - says it will start any moment…

No. 1374659

Your conference will begin momentarily, please hold.

No. 1374660

yeah it said that for me for awhile before it hung up on me like that. then when i called back it said host hasn't arrived.

No. 1374662


oh my fucking god im a dumbass. rn its only 1pm PST hahahahah

No. 1374664

I remember looking up my name on Urban Dictionary… in middle school. hahaha she’s so stunted

No. 1374667

ya’ll are so excited for this you showed up 30 minutes early lol

No. 1374674

lmfaoooo omg, the worst part is i used to live in california so i even know the time zone too and how many hours it is from where i live now!!! i was just cleaning and didnt think correctly. funny how we show up early but i bet on my moms eyeballs they will be late

No. 1374675


It's an IG share trend right now. She's just following the masses.

No. 1374688

Currently holding. Anyone else listening in? Said there were 4 others including me kek

No. 1374693

I’m here but I don’t hear anything, how about you? I assume it hasn’t started yet?

No. 1374694

10 other participants. Just silent for me?

No. 1374697

Yes silent. I’ve been listening to nothing for 10 minutes.

No. 1374699

Is this all anons listening in kek

No. 1374703

This happened last time too, just hang tight, nonnies, setting up and getting started takes a bit. I think it was like 15-20 mins last time before they got started

No. 1374705

14 of us here kek I'm on listening mode rn, it's silent

No. 1374709

File: 1637703866929.gif (344.94 KB, 220x146, D50A6208-9DEE-4425-AA67-EB0B42…)

Oh man here we go. I hope this is milky.

No. 1374710

Here we goooo!

No. 1374711

Here we gooooo

No. 1374714

Uh what just happened? Also did anyone catch “Spanish interpreter”?

No. 1374716

Did it go silent for anyone else? What is going onnnn

No. 1374717

Same, idk whats happening

No. 1374718

Bless you all of you americans anons doing the lord’s work, keep us posted kek

No. 1374724

Oh wow it hung up via the host. Maybe try again.

No. 1374725

“Your conference is ending now as requested by the host, please hang up”

No. 1374726

It hung up on me & said the conference was ending as requested by the host

No. 1374728

Same here. I just called back it says the host has not arrived and I’m back on hold again

No. 1374729

I called back and Host hasn’t returned. So I’m on stand by.

No. 1374730

Maybe they didn’t show up

No. 1374731

I called back in and it says the meeting hasn’t started and there’s music playing. Possibly tech difficulties??

No. 1374733

Same, says it will begin momentarily tho

No. 1374734

It’s not specifically for syd and JC. It’s the whole court room and everyone who was summoned for the day.

No. 1374735

It started 30 minutes late last time give it a minute friends

No. 1374736

Yea, i'm thinking maybe judge just showed up late so they're behind or some shit

No. 1374737

Nah the judge was there, he was giving his opening disclosure when it randomly ended

No. 1374739

If you think I won’t sit on hold for 3 hours waiting for this you’re wrong

No. 1374743

Judge was there talking when it cut off. I hung up. Didn’t care to be on hold any longer. This is so lame.

No. 1374748

Please keep us non american nonnies updated, y’all are doing the lord’s work fr

No. 1374749

I’m thinking it was some kind of technical difficulty and got disconnected. Looks like we may miss it folks

No. 1374750

Yup it just hung up on me again

No. 1374753

Yea, i called back & again it's saying the host hasn't arrived

No. 1374754

Do you think JC and Sydsopsycho requested for the call to end? Is it even possible and legal?

No. 1374755

File: 1637705256017.gif (965 KB, 480x270, A8AE6E5C-399A-4F7A-A851-190F03…)

I am so salty rn

No. 1374756

depending on how many cases are on the docket, it may go on for quite some time! don't give up hope y'all

No. 1374757

>>1374606 there are no grammar mistakes so it mustn't be syd. It is however, totally on point in what this narcissistic cow thinks of herself. In reality there is nothing mesmerizing, perfect, or curvy about this woman.

No. 1374761

Didn’t another anon say you can request transcripts? Maybe if you can’t listen in someone can just do that afterwards? Wouldn’t be surprised if syd did beg for them to not let people listen.

No. 1374764

You can’t beg for that. You can clear a court room during a trial but this isn’t that. Transcripts yes you can request those.

No. 1374767

I just tried calling back. Still no host. I doubt it’ll come back.

No. 1374771


Same, I'm on hold too. Fingers crossed!

No. 1374793

Still on hold - this is bogus

No. 1374798

Why does everyone feel the need to keep saying they're on hold/was hung up on and calling back? How about just don't leave comments until it's either clearly over with or you've gotten through and been able to listen.

No. 1374799

omg are you seriously still waiting? anon pls.

No. 1374802

Scc portal says the hearing hasn't been held yet.

No. 1374804

Kek anon, it’s not coming back. And court proceedings are likely done at this point.

No. 1374807

Is there any possibility at all that they unhosted for their trial specifically? Anons here were discussing sitting in for the call several days before, could that have worked in anyone's favor in getting the line cut?

The updates were saged and 30 minutes apart, calm down. It's the autism in-between that you should be cranky about.

No. 1374827

seriously, these anons are coming off as bored losers. like if something interesting happens post that, nobody fucking cares you wasted hours of your life on hold

No. 1374829

i work somewhat in the sacramento court system and know that it may take 1-2 days for their case to be updated to reflect whatever happened today, so it may not update today

No. 1374844

>>1374807 nothing in my comment gave any indication I was anything other than calm. Many of them were not 30 minutes apart… Whether saged or not, it's pointless to keep mentioning the same thing over and over.

No. 1374848

File: 1637711218416.jpeg (178.32 KB, 1080x1927, 8A2D4EA9-D89F-44AF-AF29-6E9BBA…)

ftfy syd

No. 1374923

…. So I’m assuming the court thing didn’t happen?

No. 1374929

Assuming not but they’re both awfully quiet on IG after it so let’s hope it went terribly for them lol

No. 1374943

This is perfect anon, I chuckled.

No. 1374997

"Her body is mismatched" got me good, fantastic anon, ty

No. 1375007

>>1374848 idk why but
>Is she Sydney?
>You bet!
Is what sent me kek

No. 1375058

What felony was he convicted with?! A felon is someone convicted of a felony, not just someone with felony charges.

No. 1375134

Maybe the MacBook thing years ago when he scammed people out of thousands of dollars?

No. 1375137

It’s related to drugs I think. He was arrested a few years ago for it.

No. 1375140

File: 1637756770036.png (4.47 MB, 1170x2532, A318512E-68B2-4403-8C1D-F4522B…)

I remember a while back he was arrested in Vacaville for something drug related. Here’s the mugshot lol

No. 1375141

File: 1637756850240.png (79.88 KB, 620x214, 4045DB6B-94CF-455E-AED6-DB0E71…)

Oh and here’s the list of charges

No. 1375362

File: 1637790463629.png (45.19 KB, 1576x532, 1637790293969_image001.png)

So the arraignment did happen yesterday, it's now listed as "held" on the website and the next date is December 8th for the "pretrial conference and identification of counsel"

Same is listed under Jonny's name except for the identification of counsel because he's probably already got a lawyer or public defender.

Sorry for the size of the pic had to take a screenshot from my desktop. You can zoom in though.

No. 1375372

File: 1637791240375.png (560.23 KB, 828x1792, 9D4C38C8-DC40-48EC-BF4A-CAA2FD…)

No. 1375375

>>1375372 what a loser lmao

No. 1375422

Says the bitch who has definitely never acknowledged or apologized for her terrible behavior once in her life

No. 1375435

File: 1637797635587.png (617.28 KB, 828x1792, 6BD9F1BB-E2D4-4AA2-B926-D7B3FE…)

No. 1375444

>>1375435 her posts are like a teenagers diary

No. 1375488

File: 1637805010749.png (995.55 KB, 828x1792, 70F76412-41FB-4749-B399-342BEB…)

No. 1375490

Shes always jumping quickly between my life is so amazing to everything is absolutely terrible. Very unchecked borderline vibes.

No. 1375491

Sounds like they will be spending thanksgiving just the two of them, more than likely arguing, in their childless loveless drug den lol

No. 1375499

Why does she take so much pride in not giving up on a fat, ugly, beady eyed, useless junkie who treats her like garbage and contributes nothing but to her misery? That’s really the hill she’s trying to die on. Would be neat if she was that dedicated to the fucking innocent life she so selfishly brought into this world.

No. 1375507

Oh, is he done creeping now, syd?

No. 1375523


Do we think this in response to how the court proceedings went?

No. 1375529

Tomorrow is thanksgiving so she’s just pretending to be in love and saying she’s thankful for not giving up on Jonny and their shitty life they made together.

No. 1375532

File: 1637810644448.png (3.3 MB, 1242x2688, A55056A6-8097-47B8-8752-813226…)

Come on, Sydney… We both know this isn’t true. Not only did you admit to our mutuals when we were growing up that you hated me because you thought I was prettier than you, but in our most recent conversation on instagram you not only said you hated me and wanted me dead, but also admitted to still thinking I was prettier then you.

What the fuck is this status then? I definitely hang here for the hilarious hypocrisy and karma dealt daily. Maybe more people would tolerate you Sydney if you ditched your weird ass hostile behaviors, like hating people based solely on the fact that you’re jealous of them? No one wants to be around that.

No. 1375533

If she's having that many issues with everyone maybe She's the problem, lol what a dumb ass.

No. 1375536


She’s so ~love and light~ when it comes to people hating on her but is an absolute psychopath when it comes to literally any other woman with a pulse. Make it make sense plz

No. 1375537

File: 1637812438969.png (2.47 MB, 828x1792, 48D3133D-F3FF-4E0D-9F17-7515A7…)

No. 1375538

File: 1637812462564.png (286.37 KB, 828x1792, A8206A8A-2629-4C53-AF41-1C8C40…)

No. 1375545

If she had half a brain of her own maybe she could figure out how to cook a meal for herself instead of bitching about the poor dude bringing food to her lazy ass.

No. 1375565


I had an aneurysm trying to read this

No. 1375575

I have no clue what is going on in these two posts

No. 1375614

>>1375538 says the idiotic, jobless, unstable woman. Delusion is so heavy with this one.

No. 1375624

Sydney's hostile insecurity lead me to this thread and I almost feel sorry for her. I wonder if she realizes that there are mental health resources available to people in her presumed financial situation?

No. 1375629

>>1375624 the problem with her is she doesn't think there is anything wrong with the way she acts. She blames everyone else for issues that lie within herself.

No. 1375642

File: 1637833750843.png (231.36 KB, 560x315, scarecrow.png)

More brains that work in this world? Syd you have the worst brain in the world. Like God really chose shuffle mode when making you. You have no morals, no work ethic, no empathy, your brain and how it "works" is the most unstable, unhinged process I've ever witnessed and it's scary. I feel bad for anyone who knows you, has to deal with you, or even has a simple encounter with you. When I went to Jonny's show to check it out (I was the superfarmer who took the cringey engagement vid) people were talking shit about you at the bar and how crazy you were. By the way, that video is at 1,179 views with 13 likes and 62 dislikes. Asbolutely hilarious especially when you bragged about "the cuteness of last night making it to youtube", bet you didn't think it would get so many dislikes. People do NOT like you Syd. You are by far Jonny's most hated girlfriend and we've literally had people that know you irl come into this thread with stories about how awful of a person you are. I can't wait for this white-trash wedding, who the fuck is gonna pay for it? Y'all are most definitely getting married at the courthouse with only your mom and Storm in attendance. I can't wait to see what fugly, unflattering, gothic wedding dress you choose. But keep trying to fool us this next year with all the "wedding planning" you'll be doing. Yeah fucking right. Wedding my ass. I hope it brutally thunderstorms that day.

I need to figure out how to turn comments on that video, working on it now.

No. 1375644

There was a popular video months back of a woman singing "you're a stinky baby, you smell like wet beef" etc etc and ppl put it over vids of their pets. Sydney has just discovered it and thinks she's very funny and unique

No. 1375647

Her vagina probably smells like wet beef. She's more deluded that I thought if she thinks she's the only one he's fucking. He's literal communal dick.

No. 1375744

File: 1637857659705.png (902.74 KB, 750x1334, B44AC913-C487-4F34-94D9-1DF1C0…)

This room is what your apartment actually looks like Syd.

No. 1375749

>>1375744 this bitch doesn't pay her own bills, or love her family so this post is extremely laughable

No. 1375803

File: 1637865429389.png (694.12 KB, 1170x2532, 65CAA544-4F5B-4009-BEF6-1941C9…)

Too bad syd isn’t a singer because now she can’t get a job either kek what a bunch of losers

No. 1375804

File: 1637865553033.png (2.72 MB, 1170x2532, DDB3E1D1-BF7D-4634-8C99-894ED7…)

So you have a small mind syd, got it. Considering literally 5 of your previous stories before this one were you talking about people, not to mention all of the times you screenshot random girls IGs and posted them to your story talking shit about them…. Have some self awareness ya dumb bitch

No. 1375806

I love how JC has posted a bunch of stuff on his story the past 24 hours and didn’t share this post

No. 1375807

It's really easy to spot someone who has moved out for the first time because they get all high and mighty about paying bills for a period of time. Cracks me up every time.

No. 1375878

File: 1637876132175.png (3.17 MB, 828x1792, 355E1EEB-5C92-4452-80D1-05ED18…)

No. 1375881


Jfc what a poet and a diplomat. She really pats herself on the back for making posts like this. She. Is. So. Stupid.

No. 1375893

Long time lurker first time poster I hope I'm doing this right. x

I hate to give her credit but she's right about the day. However talking does nothing at this point if she cares so much about us what is she really doing to help support our community? She's just on a high horse rn. Sage for partial blog I just really hate it when white people try to act all high and mighty and so woke with the absolute minimum effort.

No. 1375903

…Did Storm get taken from her on Thanksgiving? Am I reading into this right? Or am I very far off

No. 1375905

Look at all those stories, I cna't even count how many she's posted, and this bitch is about to turn 30.

No. 1375922

She doesn’t give a shit about native people. She doesn’t have anywhere to go or anyone to celebrate with and so she’s using this social justice warrior stance to try to act like that’s the real reason she’s all alone and not with family or friends today. Also I might get shit for saying this but I hate people who are like this. No one nowadays celebrates thanksgiving because of the pilgrims or natives or any of that. It’s just a day to not work and a reason to have a big meal with your family and be grateful for what you have. Just let people enjoy things without the guilt trip. Every time I see post like this one I roll my eyes so hard I almost go blind

No. 1375927

Welcome nonnie!

Like she is not fucking special/right for knowing the “truth” about thanksgiving, I am not american and live half way across the world, even I know it.

Syd, you’re not woke or “smart” for having a stance about this or for sending out good vibes for the “victims” lmao. She so 1 dimensional and stupid for posting shit like this thinking it makes her woke and “kind”. Lmao!!

No. 1375941

File: 1637883823020.png (5.03 MB, 828x1792, B7C3ACCA-A50E-4164-B2B6-582AA3…)

No. 1375948

Please don't try to act like you're an ally or advocate for us when you've never fucking spoken a word before about the issues native peoples face
Oh my god I hate this woman

No. 1375964

>>1375804 she discusses people and events all the time… She's so dumb that even when she is passive aggressively trying to shade others, she's roasting herself.
Also, highly intelligent people discuss events and people. So do unintelligent people. This post is just stupid all around and a way for her to try and point out that she's "so cool" because people talk about her.

No. 1375980

Syd you've made your manlet unhappy taking away thanks giving, that food looks gross.

No. 1375982

File: 1637890227472.png (3.91 MB, 828x1792, 4F804128-B92D-4485-A85B-AFA6F5…)

No. 1375983

File: 1637890299014.png (101.72 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211125-182920.png)

So he just confirmed he isn't home. Essentially saying he wishes he was celebrating with his family while Syd is going off about how she doesn't celebrate kek.

No. 1375996

So is he in rehab or what? Idk maybe I’m reaching but this doesn’t look like a table from their barren apartment. And I highly doubt syd made all of this food when she has been going off about thanksgiving and not eating turkeys and holiday season being “sugar poisoning” season all day kek

No. 1376003

So she got dolled up on a holiday she hates just to take a selfie and fish for attention? Looking for a hot date? I don’t see any other reason for putting that much effort into getting ready to bum around your empty apartment.

No. 1376008

No nonnie she’s trying to pretend to be an ally and talking about the indigenous people that were killed by Mr. Columbus

No. 1376025


lol the gravy on the table

No. 1376050

He most likely went to a restaurant since he publicly humiliated her so no holiday to celebrate. My time line was flooded with kids first holidays and nothing from them. They don’t have storm and aren’t fooling anyone.

No. 1376053

File: 1637905507658.jpeg (85.73 KB, 1170x2089, DCA78E13-0050-4DEB-AD1E-FEA267…)

No. 1376062

That's not a restaurant plate. He's either in rehab or sitting on the floor dripping gravy at someone else's house.

No. 1376064

Kek. I've got $5 she hooks up with tourdick.

No. 1376067

Honestly all her weird stories and JC posting this…I wonder if he’s at a homeless shelter. All this after their court date and the tinder profile.

So funny that she’s all dressed up and smiling NOT celebrating thanksgiving. And JC sad posting; stuffing his bloated corpse with mashed potatoes and gravy.

No. 1376114

Anons, calling someone a felon without understanding the definition of a felon is Syd level dumb. Looked it up and he's not a felon at all. All the charges were dropped. He was in jail, not prison. Anons are posting charges, not convictions. He's never had a felony conviction. People are usually just charged with felonies for drugs and they're dropped most of the time if the judge sees the person is getting help since it's common knowledge that punishing addiction doesn't stop the root of the issue: addiction. These days it's common for addicts to never get charged with drug felonies as liberals always remind people that black/brown/poor people are disproportionately convicted of drug crimes. You have to have a lot of repeated crimes related to drugs (like strong arm robberies, crimes involving guns,etc) for judges to convict you and send you to prison over drugs, which is what would make him a felon.
Here's an article showing the outcome of the charges being dropped and a quick Google search will show he's not a felon.

No. 1376128

Nah, she's trying to make the fact that she's alone on that Thanksgiving into an "I'm doing it on purpose because I am so worldly and deep" when just last year she was proudly showing off that sad tortilla chip spread

No. 1376139


I totally agree with you. I can’t imagine anyone thinks they are celebrating the “pilgrims and indians” version of thanksgiving that was taught in the past. It’s definitely turned to be a day for family and being thankful. I can definitely get on board for native people wanting to educate about the atrocities their ancestors faced, but I also think it’s important to let the holiday and people naturally take the turn away from the original meaning - not just say to shut the whole thing down. Especially seeing as Syd is a white person pretending to advocate for not celebrating anything at all because she’s all alone.

No. 1376175

File: 1637932726855.jpeg (147.84 KB, 1125x1991, 277F4707-23E7-48C5-9F10-671AB8…)

No. 1376178

>>1376175 this was already posted

No. 1376223

sorry anons the prior image didn’t load so I didn’t know and now can’t delete!

No. 1376226

kek, we understand what "felon" means. I think we were all under the impression he had been convicted, I know I was. Thanks for clarifying.

No. 1376240

Okay Jesus calm down and stop arguing semantics. So the wrong word was used but the point remains the same, he has a record and I’m sure his history would play a part in current court dealings.

No. 1376883

File: 1637990665137.jpeg (918.13 KB, 1284x2138, 8F31F253-DBD5-47F4-8921-43AFB1…)


No. 1376887

And ugly ass sharpie brows once again. When will she learn how to not make them look so overly fake? I guess she has no choice since she was a dumbass and shaved them off but there’s ways to imitate a natural brow with a little bit of skill.

No. 1376890

File: 1637992525027.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x2080, 9D0937A9-AA5E-449A-8162-1BA95A…)

No. 1376901

Lol maybe after band dick breaks up with you for totalling his car

No. 1376920

i guarantee she spends 20 minutes cleaning these up with a wet q tip before shes “done”

No. 1376927

File: 1638003745657.png (4.43 MB, 828x1792, 075EB538-D957-4435-9CA2-DC537E…)

Looks like he is in rehab ? The background of his clothes hanging on the sides and he is in a room with other dudes in the background. Wonder if its court mandate. Any nonnies that knows how to upload videos?

No. 1376934

File: 1638004464057.jpg (189.44 KB, 750x1334, 260914514_861156754531335_4587…)

No. 1376938

If he was in rehab I don’t think he would have access his cellphone. I mean…I don’t know how rehab works but I was always under that assumption.
More likely a homeless shelter.

No. 1376940

You’re right anon but I wonder if they got their phones back in midst of thanksgiving? Also Syd is still tagging him in her stories so not sure if she would have kicked him out ? Plus he would probably leech on his other friends than to stay in a homeless shelter. My bets is on rehab but any americans nonnies feel free to correct me

No. 1376954

File: 1638007946261.webm (3.41 MB, 720x1280, Rihanna.webm)

Here you go, nonita (1/2)

No. 1376955

The TND thread has proven in the past that some rehabs allow access to phones. I remember her posting video tours of her room and of other people in the rehab center like a dipshit.

You have to convert it to a webm file, and if you can’t, you could always upload to streamable and post the link

No. 1376956

File: 1638008028553.webm (2.1 MB, 720x1280, Beyoncé.webm)


No. 1376957

File: 1638008137961.webm (2.04 MB, 720x1280, edgy.webm)

He also posted this

No. 1376986

File: 1638016845631.png (409.64 KB, 828x1792, A85D3EF9-1637-4372-A149-04FFB0…)

You don’t have a job, what do you care about not being able to sleep

No. 1376996

>>1376986 lmao if you had raised / were raising you son you wouldn't be complaining about your neighbors keeping you up, it would be about your child keeping you up.

No. 1376997

Once again, her vocabulary is fucking mind boggling. All she does is complain. Sorry other people have kids who live with them unlike yourself. If that bothers her so much and the lack of sleep she could never tolerate caring for a toddler every day/night. She really does tell on herself for not being a real parent. Also, beggars can’t be choosers. When you refuse to get a job and choose a man with no real job or steady income, your only option is a people farm (what I call apartment complexes). If she hadn’t fucked up her whole life refusing to grow up she could probably have a house with a decent man by now.

No. 1377001

Maybe a sober living? Feel like he’s been gone over 30 days and was quiet for about the first 30 so maybe they didn’t think her was ready to go home after rehab and sent him somewhere else where he has access to his phone now? I can tell just by the way he’s acting in videos with those dudes nothing has changed at all. It’s like a vacation away from syd for him.

No. 1377018

Probably explains why he is on tinder cause sydsopsycho doesnt have access to his phone to check through. Also anyone has updates on his tinder? Lol he better not trap another girl and ruin another person’s life..

No. 1377131

imo the good rehabs take phones away and regulate electronic usage (for example, if they need the computer to complete assignments for treatment or school). Some rehabs will let you work to gain privileges, such as through doing treatment work, staying in treatment, etc. Other rehabs are a glorified babysitters, meet court standards but don't actually teach any discipline. Taylor went to the latter, as evidenced by her lack of dress code and phone usage from the start of her stay. I'd imagine Jonny's at a place that let him earn phone privileges, seeing as he's been quiet for a bit before this.

No. 1377136

samefag, true he could be at a sober living also. Most people can't afford long term treatment in the US.

No. 1377166

Jonny is infamous for getting other people to pay for his failed substance abuse treatments. He's probably on medi-cal because none of his income is on the books. This is most likely some shitty public insurance sober living house to show that he's doing the bare minimum and keep himself out of lockup.

Can't wait for him to get out and get asspats on social media for getting sober when he could give a shit about being clean. Jonny has always hovered just above the stigma of a bona-fide street junkie because he's a mUsIcIaN and junkie musicians always get a pass compared to junkies at the corner gas station. This is just another fake recovery to give people who still listen to him an excuse to keep supporting him while they ignore the rape allegations and assault charges. Gross.

No. 1377238

Where the hell do they even live in Sacramento? Are they in section 8 apartment housing or

No. 1377254

I can't see how they would even have a place if they weren't. A has-been singer and an unmedicated psycho with no job couldn't pay CA rent prices.

No. 1377404

Just some info to help non-US anons- he's definitely not at a homeless shelter since they kick you out after every night so you're not going to be hanging your clothes up and putting your things away. To get into sober living, you're required to complete detox first. Medi-Cal covers the cost of detox and sober living (as well as any medical, dental, and vision expenses) if you make less than a certain amount. Your filed taxes and reported earnings are what's used as your proof of income (or lack thereof) and is the deciding factor on whether Medi-Cal covers all of your medical/ dental/ vision or just a certain percentage.

Section 8 (low income) housing means the state covers some or all of where you're renting from. It takes awhile to be approved without a care navigator, but possible him and Syd applied months ago and that could where Syd is now.

It's also not out of the realm of possibilities that him and SydSoSpermBankSepticTank are fighting and he's staying with one of his bOyS, while she's lurking for some strange.

No. 1377419

how do you know who pays for Jonny's treatment? Do those cunts Chelsea and Amanda post here? hahahahaha

No. 1377428

Shut up nobody cares about them.

No. 1377464

Hmmmm wonder who posted this…. Must be boring without your child or your drug addict there with ya

No. 1377471

Lol looks who’s still obsessed with their exes. Jonny, you’re the one in rehab now and have a baby with a real psycho. Have fun pretending you still have your life when you cant even afford furniture for your shit apartment lmao or even losing custody for your kid not even less than a year

No. 1377486

I don't know how it is in cali, but even with the lack of furniture and what not, their apartment seems a little too decent to be section 8. Atleast for east coast standards. I would really hope the tax payers aren't paying for anything for them. Especially with syd always getting her hair and nails done, and spending money on other stupid frivolities. As far as his treatment goes, sorry buddy you stuck the needle in yourself, you should pay for your treatment yourself. Maybe stop pining over dumb ass sneaks, and pine over being sober and not a shit stain to society. (The same applies to syd).

No. 1377514

I’m east coast too and agree. Their place appears to have potential to be nice if they could afford to furnish it properly. Only thing you get with section 8 here is a shit hole in the slums. Can’t imagine they’re living there for free. Does CA still have the covid rule where you can’t be evicted for not paying rent? If so it’s possible that they had enough money for deposit and first months rent and have basically been squatting since?

No. 1377551

Cali anon here.
If you are in a halfway house you get to leave your things.
Also with a shelter you can leave your things be in and out at a certain time in the mornings and evenings.
Section 8 allows you to rent anywhere that allows section 8 vouchers but the list is like a 5 year wait.

You all do not know what yall are talking about.
Assuming and infighting is so bad here.

No. 1377557

File: 1638122228295.jpg (221.87 KB, 1080x1909, Screenshot_20211128_125543.jpg)

I really think he's in rehab… He posted this last night and there's been speculation about where he's been staying

No. 1377563

Ok was just stating how it is here. Wasn’t trying to fight anyone? Most of this thread is speculation. I have family in CA and I know they are about as liberal as it gets with handouts. I highly doubt he’s in a homeless shelter or halfway house though while syds sitting pretty in an apartment she can’t pay for herself. I asked if it was possible they haven’t been paying due to covid. If you live in CA you should know the answer to that.

No. 1377637

File: 1638129816958.png (806.45 KB, 828x1792, ADEA838E-0E62-4565-9DFA-C3D586…)

I dont feel sorry to anyone that still choose to pay/work with this POS and not have him see through in the end. Tale as old as time, I only started following JC shenanigans from tnd and honestly lost count on how many scams he did. Stop giving him money?? Damn

No. 1377698


Seriously, he’s been scamming for as long as he’s been a public figure. Can’t believe people are still falling for it with his track record.

No. 1377711

So he thinks he’s clever by now telling the people he scams that he never promised it would be anytime soon? Just makes him look like an even bigger scumbag. He seems pretty upset this dude didn’t wanna continue arguing with him. He doesn’t know how to survive without feeding his ego.

No. 1377897

File: 1638153194617.png (3.4 MB, 828x1792, 325B7C11-348E-4F27-818E-59239B…)

No. 1377909

wow so deep, so poetic…. gag

No. 1377912

This made me throw up in my mouth.

No. 1377914

So basically he’s saying here that it’s not a scam being he tells them ahead of time he gets to choose the “timeline”. So someone can pay him and he can do it in what…. A year? 5 years? 10 years? Sorry but legally that would never hold up. If someone paid him for services and he doesn’t give them said services in a reasonable time, it doesn’t matter what his initial email said, that’s a fucking rip off scumbag drug addict move and he knows it.

No. 1377916

I really cannot believe she posts this and doesn’t understand how cringey and embarrassing it is….

No. 1377928

Nah syd, any woman capable of abandoning her baby for an abusive junkie ain’t worthy of shit. But keep trying to convince yourself. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

No. 1377943

He and Taylor really are two shitty sides of the same sad coin, huh. Just constantly talking about how this time, for really real, without the drugs my life is really gonna take off, totally. Flexing into the void while doing nothing to change.

No. 1378003

I've seen elementary kids write better poetry than this, way to out herself for having limited vocabulary and creativity.
Also why does she type like that? Poetry shmoetry.. she's so dumb I'm surprised she wasn't in special ed.

No. 1378006

>gives herself credit at the end
This was the most cringe part tbh

No. 1378081


You really cannot convince me that she’s not developmentally delayed. She’s like a 15 year old.

No. 1378171

She really thinks she’s the main character

No. 1378178

kek, schizo Lucinda Belinda writes better poetry than that. Sydney’s delusions are stronger than that of an actual retard’s because she shat this out and thought it was worthy of receiving asspats for. imagine being trapped by someone this developmentally delayed, I’m sure Jonny accepted court ordered rehab with absolute glee.

No. 1378182

is she in seventh grade?

kek it reminds me of how Vicky Shingles quotes and credits herself in her Facebook bio. same energy.

No. 1378197

I have never seen someone who needs to work a job more. She is such a waste of time who needs to do something actually productive instead of whining into her phone screen all day. This is not inspired, I’m pretty sure I wrote something almost word-for-word in my 13 year old journal. Grow up and get a real life instead of making your junkie boyfriend your entire personality.

No. 1378293

Lucinda AND our junkie queen over in PT Luna both write better shit than what ever this is and that's sadly very telling of where Syd is at mentally.
I agree with others, nothing will convince me she doesn't have some kind of developmental delay, she really does seem stunted at 14 or something.

No. 1378323


that part. Even shit is more worthy than her

No. 1378339

Is she writing this from her sons point of view, in the future when he realizes that his parents abandoned him? She’s complaining about not feeling loved, while she brought a little human into the world that is probably going to grow up feeling the exact same way because she’s crazy and selfish.

No. 1378399

It’s definitely about JC not actually liking her. Feeling inadequate from all the randoms he hits up behind her back.

No. 1378400

I noticed that JC hasnt liked her latest selfie on her insta posted 3 days ago and theres none of his usual lovebombs too.

No. 1378451

File: 1638225167007.png (1.87 MB, 1391x2722, Screenshot_20211129-173050~2.p…)

>>1378400 he did like it

No. 1378455

File: 1638225526884.png (258.12 KB, 828x1792, 7EF9A5C8-A22F-45DC-85EF-553807…)

Weird its not showing up on mine and he didn't block me or anything. My bad then

No. 1378523

lol I was joking anon. That’s my fault though, it wasn’t very funny.

No. 1378662

File: 1638246063346.png (175.67 KB, 828x1792, 5A96842C-F795-4533-B609-34D171…)

No. 1378664

File: 1638246085755.png (766.18 KB, 828x1792, 38AEE53B-0DF3-4737-A2EB-7F9233…)

No. 1378672

>two grown adults communicating like 15yr olds on MySpace

I fucking can’t.

No. 1378699

Irrelevant but Syd seems like the type of self obsessed that would make her own selfies her home screen so she can look at herself every time she goes on a social media scavenge hunt.

No. 1378788


Maybe Jonny actually is sobering up and getting some therapy which is making him realize how fucked up the relationship is. Or taking a step back to focus on sobriety and saying “if this is meant to work out, it will work out” or something. Could he actually get better? Brandon Novak was a junkie seemingly beyond help but to the best of my knowledge is going strong sober still.

No. 1378807

File: 1638270500154.png (4.75 MB, 1284x2778, 51F24391-7868-4163-8A19-CB02A0…)

Did anyone see this? Where he actually acknowledges more than one son…

No. 1378817

He isnt saying more than one son. His grammar is just shit. He's saying "one of my son's middle names" because Storm has more than one.

No. 1378835

“Get got”….? Is this supposed to be threatening? Genuinely do not understand this post.

No. 1378843

Think he meant “don’t be dumb and pay over a thousand dollars for a ticket” but in his usual embarrassing vocabulary. Thinks he sounds cool or tough or something but really just sounds uneducated af.

No. 1378845

When I first saw it I thought he was calling his sons middle name stupid lol but that’s just how hard it is to decipher wtf he’s trying to say anytime he types. Honestly had no idea that the “Parker” in storms name was Spider-Man related and now I feel even worse for the poor kid. Named after fictional characters in fandom movies and his junkie absent father. Hopefully he’s able to change his name when he’s old enough if he wants to.

No. 1378882

I think they're definitely fighting over him not being home. He's absolutely at some rehab facility and Syd's not liking being home alone… Obviously she's got to make whatever attempt at recovery he's trying even harder by being a whiney little cry baby because she has no life whatsoever outside of him

No. 1379033

I mean Storm’s name was from Storm Trooper so his whole name is a big joke of white trashiness from JC really. Poor kid..

No. 1379436

I hope they never stop acting like this, tbh. They're like red snakes in the wild; the more they act like fucking psychos, the easier it is for other people to avoid them. And it's fun to watch.

No. 1380378

File: 1638351379664.png (1.56 MB, 828x1792, EDF9A180-55FF-4493-AE06-29BF3B…)

It’s almost like she has no social skills whatsoever to think telling a story about her dreams or even thought that ANYONE would want to know about her dreams. Syd, no one cares about listening to your dreams 100% of the time, its only interesting to you, not anyone else.

No. 1380399


Yes Syd, we know what dreams are as well as the different types of dreams one might experience. You aren’t special.

No. 1380440

>>1380378 I'm buying this girl a journal. There's literally no one that cares about this. Most people dream syd. You're not "connected to the dream realm" anymore deeply than most people. Jesus christ.

No. 1380504

“I’m not very good at explaining them…” well then how about don’t. No one gives a shit and you sound, yet again, like a 12 year old trying to be deep

No. 1380506

Nonnie I’ll donate to your “buy syd a diary”gofuckme, drop the link kek

No. 1380565

Nta, but let’s all get her a diary kek

No. 1380583

File: 1638373063638.png (5.11 MB, 1284x2778, CC525CA0-1A99-4653-A783-A930E1…)

Okay but adults don’t do this. She really is stuck in high school making these weird ass dedication posts to people???? I would be so embarrassed if my friends did this to me

No. 1380615

So desperate to prove she has friends by reposting every person she knows irl who’s ever followed her. Doubt any of these people actually like her today or want their name dragged into her shit-storm of a “life”. I’m sure they’ve moved onto way better things. She obsesses so much over the past because now she has no one and nothing.

No. 1380619

>>1380583 this is so EMBARRASSING. this is like a middle school year book entry… Except she's pushing 30.. if she's such a great friend and you've had 20 years of friendship why do you feel the need to post this, and not even post it with a photo of the two of you together. It's literally just your profile images. This bitch needs to get a job and make herself productive.

No. 1380714


It’s funny cuz she posts all these dedications about how great of a friend they are and not once have ewe ever seen them on her profile until it’s a post like this. How great of a friend could they really be then?

No. 1380742

she says “i dream every single night!” as if it means she is special for it. EVERYONE dreams…. every single night. some people insist they don’t but they do - they just don’t remember it. but yes syd, you are so very special and connected to the spirit realm and sPiRiTuAl because you have dreams every night, just like all other 8+ billion people on this earth. man, the completely mundane things people tell themselves to make themselves seem better than they really are is crazy.

No. 1380751

“we never had a bad time as far as i recall”. this is a lie. she adds the “as far as i recall” bit to add plausible deniability in case she’s proven wrong. you don’t just forget the fights that you’ve had - and you will have some sort of squabble if you’ve been best buddies for 20 years. she’s too desperate to project a perfect image to people and it’s very easy to see right through it. it’s not a bad thing to have occasional fights, its actually healthy… to a certain extent. if you really have not had a single fight with someone in 20 years, they’re probably just an acquaintance you don’t really care about.

No. 1380797

Every time she posts some cringe shit like this I get one second closer to the grave from the secondhand embarrassment I feel for her.

No. 1381743

Yeah and none of these people ever respond or I’m sure we would see her reposting it just to be like “see here’s proof people actually like me!” She has such a sad life, I almost feel bad for her

No. 1381850

File: 1638429141152.png (1.23 MB, 1284x2778, DE0D8EDA-8848-4828-BA6F-1EA8D3…)

No. 1381852


Yeah big enviable things are really happening for you out there in court-ordered rehab.

No. 1381987

I swear he’s been 15 mentally for almost 20 years now. And that’s not a compliment. Just a complete lack of self awareness and maturity. At this point it’s safe to say he’s never going to make any substantial changes and continue in this path of: get high, abuse a partner, scam people, go to rehab, brag on social media like he’s 15, wash/rinse/repeat.

No. 1382005

It really is embarrassing that he’s been trying to “prove the haters wrong” for years and hasn’t proved shit. Things have only gotten worse for him and it’s time he ends the bullshit facade that he will ever be successful. His last tour was absolutely pathetic, he claimed he was going on tour again in December but that obviously isn’t happening. Just give up. People would respect him more at this point if he admitted his whole life is a lie and got a job at Walmart. When is the last time people were impressed by anything this fool has accomplished? Cue the “2022 is my year!” post.

No. 1382060

I think your right on the money with that one, nonnie. Doing drugs stunts your mental maturity and he has been doing them since he was a teenager if I recall correctly, or at least since his early 20s. Only difference between him and Syd is she doesn’t have a good excuse, like years of drug use, for being mentally a 12 year old lol

No. 1382068

Doesn’t heavy marijuana use every day for years kill brain cells though? I like weed as much as the next guy but that was pretty much her whole identity before she had a kid and I’m sure it hasn’t changed, she just doesn’t post about it now. It has to have contributed at least a little to her stupidity.

No. 1382362

Kek I don't think that's why she's retarded, but sure anon
> weed, the almighty rotter of brains
You sound like a dare ad

No. 1382408

Didn’t say that’s the reason she’s retarded but ok. Not sure where you got anti-weed out of that when I said I enjoy it also but when all she’s done the past 15 years is get high all day I’m not convinced that hasn’t at all affected her overall intelligence.

No. 1382756

You implied it moron, and she's definitely got something wrong with her mentally outside of the weed.
You're delusional lol(infighting)

No. 1382823

>>1382756 why are you acting like such an asshole? This anon literally said they think all the weed has atleast contributed, A LITTLE to why she acts so dumb. Yes, everyone here knows she has mental issues, and that's the main cause of her actions. You're calling this person delusional for stating something that is true. Long term marijuana use affects people's ability to control their impulses and to learn things. So, like they said, I'm sure it has exaggerated her mental illness more. Stop being a jerk.

No. 1382927

Yeah you need to tone it down, no one is here to argue with you and you’re sounding like syd so psycho with that irrational shitty attitude

No. 1382928

Ayrt, def a good point although I think heroin is probably worst on the brain than weed haha

No. 1383006

It absolutely does!! And just speculation here obviously, but Syd strikes me as the type that started smoking weed at 14 and didn’t stop until getting pregnant. In that case, her brain didn’t even have a snowball’s chance in hell to develop normally.

I also find it humorous how much people downplay the potential effects of weed. I’m not anti-weed by any means, in fact i’m jealous if you’re able to indulge lol. However, if you have a predisposition to mental illness and smoke weed, it can have much stronger effects than it would on a normal person, even in small amounts. It can trigger acute episodes, but can also result in long term mental health consequences. Possibly explains part of sydsodumb’s lack of brain cells :-/

No. 1383118

Gotta love how everyone in this thread is suddenly an expert in substances and brain development lol

No. 1383147

you don't really need to be an expert to have common sense that prolonged drug use alters your brain, nonnie

No. 1383197

More like one druggie in denial

No. 1383220

File: 1638514583477.jpeg (484.53 KB, 828x1341, 1AB5182E-8871-41D6-A171-C93525…)

Just for context, he posted that story about things happening for him after posting his Spotify wrapped numbers. It’s not on his story anymore and I didn’t get a screenshot of that but he made a post about it too.

No. 1383274

Ntayrt, but I Googled peer reviewed sources and the only thing I found is that weed can fuck with a developing brain (adolescents and teens) if used heavily, but not a fully grown adult brain, which is why many states legalized it for adults only.
It's also a myth that people emotionally and mentally stay the same as when they started using.
Instead of infighting, let's agree to disagree on any opinions about the effects of drugs and go back to our usual scheduled program of laughing at StoutSkins and her bloated loser bf/ex bf/fIaNCe/baby daddy (depending on her SydSoPsycho mood).

No. 1383441

So salty. I don’t need to keep talking about this, but I am the nonnie who originally brought up jc and his mental maturity being stunted. I am no “expert” by any means but I am a recovering addict currently in a program where I take classes and I have been taught about how addiction and drugs effects your brain. So that is why I brought it up. I’m not just speculating, just sharing what I’ve learned and why Jonny acts like a retard all the time instead of a grown man.

No. 1383942

File: 1638565098887.jpg (185.82 KB, 1080x927, Screenshot_20211203-124447_Chr…)


If he didn't pay any taxes, production costs, manager fees, or the normal expenses associated with being a musician, and assuming this calculator is right and none of his ugly af merch sells in any meaningful quantity, that's the equivalent of a $19/hr full time job. His actual take home should be much lower than that and that's supposed to cover rent, living expenses, a kid, and legal fees associated with, what, three pending charges between the two of them?

What a king. You're putting up approximately the same numbers as a fast food worker in the Bay Area, Jonny.

No. 1383949

File: 1638565464583.png (1.13 MB, 1284x2778, 0365EF9C-B91F-49A5-ABD3-EA3CBE…)

Did anyone see what it was or were you all too busy arguing about what weed does to your brain lmfaoooo

No. 1384052

But anon his shoes pay more than ya rent, kek

No. 1384151

>>1383949 she wants people to ruin it so she can complain about people ruining it.

No. 1384208

Did anyone see what this was? Someone ruin it! (on here, no cow tipping of course)

No. 1384707

I wonder if it disappoints her when even her obsessed ‘haters’ are too bored to care what she posts.

No. 1384742

File: 1638628478806.jpg (295.54 KB, 1080x1811, Screenshot_20211204-092849.jpg)

This is giving off major creepy vibes. Idk how she could think this photo is attractive or cute to put on social media. She looks psychotic and fucking feral…

No. 1384770

Wasn't she making a huge fuss about other chicks posting selfies like this a while ago? She's a saggy tiddied hypocrite.

No. 1384784

>>1384742 i find it sort of sad she feels the need to post images of just herself from years past.. Really syd, who the fuck cares? Nobody.

No. 1384825

How are her tits both small and saggy at the same time? This was before she had storm so idk what is going on with those floppers.

No. 1384831

Learn to tightline queen holy shit

No. 1384908

>>1384831 I think she purposely used white liner to have her eyes look bigger but it looks terrible

No. 1384977

File: 1638649632572.png (933.09 KB, 1364x2809, lmao.png)

No. 1384995

>finally going to get what you deserve
I know this is meant to be a cute post about his girlfriend but it sounds like he’s threatening her lol

No. 1385129

He’ll treat her nice for a few days when he returns from rehab then it’ll be the same old shit. Everyone knows it, including syd. Sociopaths like jonny don’t magically develop emotions.

No. 1385148

File: 1638665631258.jpeg (389.82 KB, 1170x2074, BB345055-4998-4E84-84B2-1EA10B…)

No. 1385152

File: 1638665984281.png (1.32 MB, 1170x2532, CF894074-3BA1-4EE4-807E-B2B000…)

She really is a lonely loser and it’s clear she has no friends. Between this, then finding the ball, and the post about the hair dye…the shit she posts on social media is like so mundane and pointless. If she actually had friends or family to talk to she wouldn’t be posting every single random pointless thought that she has in her head as if anyone gives a shit. She has absolutely nothing going on in her life except social media you can’t convince me otherwise

No. 1385154

maybe skip the door dash next time and you can put that $15 for one cup of coffee towards a cheap coffee maker at rite aid. what a lazy wasteful human. so enlightened. so ethereal. so couch bound.

No. 1385157

So she spent $20 to get a coffee delivered (yes that’s how much doordashing coffee plus all the fees and tip is in California.) how about getting off your lazy ass and walking or taking public transportation to a coffee shop instead of complaining about someone just doing their job. Something she has never had herself sooooo

No. 1385158

When she says she wasn’t expecting to be able to get a beverage, uh? I figured they had no money but this reads like she can’t even afford a cup of coffee and someone bought her one.

No. 1385160

I’ve always wondered what kind of idiot orders coffee on DoorDash, and today I discovered it’s sydsosloth. Also, what a small first world problem to cry about on INSTAGRAM. You really have nothing going for you in life huh

No. 1385162

>>1385148 she has such a princess complex. Make your own cup of coffee you lazy piece of shit. Who spends money to order and have delivered, a single cup of coffee? I love that she's complaining about people doing their job correctly, and yet she doesn't even have a job, or have the job of raising her son. She literally does nothing except be on social media all day and has the audacity to call out people who are actually working.

No. 1385165

For real, she truly knows only negativity, which is funny because she tries so hard to portray herself as someone who is so enlightened and spiritual and whatever else positive things that she is so clearly not. I’ve never encountered such a huge Debby downer in my life who just complains constantly, finds the bad in every situation, or just straight up creates it at every turn. She really needs therapy kek

No. 1385289

File: 1638677414438.png (5.15 MB, 828x1792, E45F003F-865C-4A62-A6A9-249792…)

No. 1385297

Boil a kettle and make your own you lazy slag, it takes 2 fucking minutes.

Syds crying over spilt coffee and here jonny boy is slamming mount dew, is he passive aggressive towards her intentionally or does it come naturally?

No. 1385318

File: 1638680292023.jpeg (1003.91 KB, 1125x1981, 0EFC2464-BE5D-4822-B8E3-5449BA…)

No. 1385349

Because nobody likes you bitch and they’re just trying to be cordial to your face so you don’t go apeshit on them. Or maybe it’s because you post rude ass shit like this? Also people who are past high school age have jobs and responsibilities and not a lot of free time to hang out. If she had any of those things she would understand that, but she’s a loser

No. 1385365

She literally posts like 5 instagram essays a day, this bitch seriously needs to go get a hobby, no one’s reading all that shit. You’d think that getting her son taken away would at least give her more time to work on her art that she’s sooooooo passionate about

No. 1385385

yes i saw it but didn't took a screenshot. it was a painting. there was a creepy woman lying on
bed looking straight at you (the watcher of the picture). kinda looked like angelina jolie in girl,interrupted. her mouth was open and she had pills on her tongue. there were a few more normal things around her, but I dont remember them anymore.

then she wrote her usual shit how much she loves art and the artist and blah. and it sounded like she got a picture for jonny too.

No. 1385447

Girl take a hint, they don't wanna hang out because YOU are unlikable and post whiny shit like this all the time.

No. 1385472

I'm really curious how her average day is spent. We don't see any evidence of Storm, we don't see or hear about her going out and grocery shopping or anything, we definitely haven't seen any art, etc. It's kind of sad, honestly, her days seem so empty. No wonder she clings to posts from years and years ago

No. 1385481

Lmao this cunt… she really thinks she is the main character of the universe and everyone owes her their time of the day. No syd, no one cares about you, you are right, you have no REAL friends.

No. 1385506

My guess is she's addicted to social media and can't stay off it, probably harasses jonnys msgs all day too.

I've noticed she has never posted being anywhere on her own, every time she's out she's with at least one other person which makes me wonder if she struggles to leave the house by herself, it would explain some of her meltdowns when she's alone, I've seen highly co-dependant and insecure people act that way and Syd reminds me so much of the same behaviours.

No. 1385524

She definitely sits on her phone literally all day and just orders takeout every time she’s hungry bc she can’t cook and is too lazy to learn. Her credit card debt must be ridiculous

No. 1385534

Maybe if her or her raggedy ass fiancé actually had their own car or a license they could go to starbucks in the car and get fresh coffee that hasnt been riding around in a strangers car. But no, they're both broke sitting on social media whining and posting childish shit like this.

No. 1385597

>>1385534 or instead of spending whatever she spent on that dumbass handbag she could have bought a coffee pot and some coffee. Eliminating the need to bitch about poor souls actually out there working to feed themselves, instead of grubbing off everyone else.

No. 1386008

File: 1638751720378.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, DD9F0850-DFA7-49B4-A263-907137…)

No. 1386010

File: 1638751744116.png (1010.93 KB, 750x1334, 61846CE5-7221-4505-B42E-69FF46…)

No. 1386014

>>1386010 hahahahahaha. She really thinks she's an "emotional genius"? Oh my. More like emotionally unbalanced, and unable to control herself. The narcissism with this woman is fucking unprecedented. She really thinks she's something special, and so unique.

No. 1386016

Oh Jesus Christ lmao

No. 1386025

Holy delusions of grandeur, this bitch is a bowl of crazy

No. 1386038

sydsosnowflake! This is how I’d imagine an immature teen describing themselves and why they’re so different than all the other music listeners. To them, it means something

No. 1386056

This bitch has got to be on drugs. I honestly thought one of you created this and posted it as satire….. none of these things she calls herself or describes herself as are true in the least bit (like her being an empath or being a genius in any way shape or form) and it’s sad that she can’t figure that out and stop making a fool of herself. Everyone likes fucking music hahaha that’s not special! I can’t think of one person I’ve met in all my years that didn’t enjoy music… like come the fuck on syd stop embarrassing yourself please I can’t handle the cringe

No. 1386066

File: 1638758764805.jpg (82.78 KB, 959x889, 263722857_1312004069267779_186…)

No. 1386088

Ok I think this honestly might be one of the most unhinged things I’ve seen from her. Does she really believe she’s the only person who has an emotional connection to music? That’s like…. The whole basic point of music? I’m sorry, are there people who actually don’t haven any sort of emotional relationship with music? This is WILD she is absolutely bonkers

No. 1386243


Syd: abandons her baby
Also syd: I am emotional genius

No. 1386256


Not only do a countless amount of people feel emotional connections to music and have it be a huge part of their lives, but I’m sure LOTS of people feel goosebumps as well. I’ve felt goosebumps with music, should I consider myself this ultra musically connected empath who feels in ways no one else has felt ever? Fuck no. It means I’m one of the people that get goosebumps. Wow.

No. 1386257

File: 1638785242259.jpg (208 KB, 875x1022, Screenshot_20211206-050606_Sam…)

Sorry SydNeedsAttention, your online test probably isn't reliable for one of your many "conditions"

No. 1386271

This woman's brain is the size of a lepton, this is delusional grandiosity at its finest.

No. 1386287

Lmao cant with this stupid bitch, i love that she is so unhinged and air out her thoughts like this publicly!! Keep posting syd, we love to see and laugh at it… there is literally a whole industry, art so mainstream and uncommon that it makes retards like JC has/or had a career, enjoying music is literally the most basic common thing in the world syd.. why do you think they exist in the first place??

No. 1386292

>>1386066 I am 30, and I listened to the used in middle school. The fact that she's still so hung up on them is really odd to me. Don't get me wrong it's nice to go back and listen to older music from time to time, but she's obsessed with bands that made music for angsty teenagers over 15 years ago.. she has several band tattoos, it's really telling on her mental state.

No. 1386392

This, literally most of the population gets goosebumps when listening to certain parts of music, it's called frisson. She's ~unbalanced~ mentally

No. 1386461

File: 1638810524593.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x2320, F20BE6C1-CE7E-43ED-B50E-A40BAE…)

Another throwback. Is she ok? I feel like she’s having another breakdown

No. 1386468


No. 1386546

the fact that she claims all of this while not understanding how embarrassing is it to post it on Instagram in the first place is blowing my fucking mind

No. 1386560

>>1386461 who randomly posts photos of themselves from 4 years ago? It's not even a special occasion, like a birthday, or event. It's literally just her looking stupid.

No. 1386563

She must scroll back reminiscing of a time she didn’t have a kid she has to pretend to care about for clout, and a ‘fat junkie’ (in her words) boyfriend lol

No. 1386594

This is almost as cringe as Jonny saying he’s such a big spider man fan and he had to remind everyone his son’s middle name is Parker. They really are a match made in hell.

No. 1386625

Why is she constantly posting about the past? It seems like every other day she's posting a "throwback".
It's not cute, it just confirms that she's mentally years behind everyone else.

No. 1386694

Because her life currently is so empty and sad and lonely and delusional and pointless that all she does is sit in her empty apartment and reminisce on the past.

No. 1386751

File: 1638831692710.jpeg (67.37 KB, 1170x2037, B373D487-9165-4983-B9E3-274B41…)

No. 1386767

Did doordash spill her coffee again or something, the fuck is she complaining about when she’s home alone

No. 1386783

This can't just be BPD right? Like I don't know enough about it but like this unhinged behavior makes me think shes on drugs.

No. 1386784

>>1386461 the fact that this hasn't been posted before on her insta, shows that she sits there being self absorbed looking at pictures of herself from years ago, and decides she's going to post it. She goes from loving herself to hating herself constantly. She's so unbalanced.

No. 1386813

I agree nonnie, I 100% think she is on drugs. She posts a lot of shit that reminds me of what I used to post when I was in a drug fueled euphoric state and then deleted once the drugs wore off and I realized how cringey it was haha

No. 1386847

Yes that's exactly what I mean. It reminds me of the feeling you get when stimulants first kick in but like the fact that she's actually POSTING these things makes me feel like she's on meth or something. It doesn't help that she could legitimately have a learning disability based on her content.

No. 1386859

File: 1638840312339.jpeg (530.7 KB, 1125x1960, A3534135-525C-4B4D-8B28-FC2FF7…)

No. 1386882

>>1386859 there she goes again calling their apartment "our home".

No. 1386903

Well, according to the definition of a home, it actually is one?(sage)

No. 1386904

i think anon was emphasizing the "our" part as she's there alone at this point. also learn2sage

No. 1386982

Yeah as if she didn’t vague post on purpose so that she could get some attention from people thinking it was something worth while eyeroll

No. 1386985

File: 1638854203446.png (2.84 MB, 1170x2532, 22A0855E-88E7-4D50-897B-187154…)

Especially when she posts this less than an hour before she posts the “fuck it” like obviously this bitch is fiending for the attention

No. 1386994

Blogpost but I work in mental health and this chart is ridiculous.

No. 1387007

the bottom two don't even align topically. poor regular ptsd gets "sleep issues" while cptsd gets those exact same issues but with names. looks like something jillybean would make (only its legible)

No. 1387016

So CPTSD is PTSD but with a thesaurus?
Muh hindrances~

No. 1387097

nah, she doesn’t think she’s anything special. she knows she’s not “special” and below average. that’s why “you’re not special!” is her go-to insult, disordered people’s insults expose what they are insecure about themselves.

kinda like our gorl ariana’s favourite insult is “you’re ugly” because she thinks (ahem knows) she’s ugly and hates herself for it.

No. 1387099

samefag but above reply was meant for you, whoops

No. 1387137

Of course the crackhead that hustled jonny is gonna say the stolen iPad is "brand new", you're the idiot for believing it

No. 1387148

Good call. I was thinking it was an actual household problem like heating then I remembered it’s Sydsodramatic

No. 1387232

Yeah if it was an issue with the actual apartment then she could just call the landlord/maintenance and get it fixed for free? Could be though and she just has to use it for a reason to complain on ig stories. They showed that the iPad came from Best Buy but maybe it was an open box/ refurbished.

No. 1387235

File: 1638893267331.jpeg (66.88 KB, 1242x352, A10D8ED9-B822-4D0C-B1EC-CB20CF…)

Old milk to me, new milk to you.
Syd is an absolute psycho who can’t accept the fact that people can naturally have an upper lip, unlike her.
(Jonny followed me is what prompted this attack, I didn’t even follow him back lmfaoo)

No. 1387238

File: 1638893463159.jpeg (365.6 KB, 1242x1101, 1BB78E07-37F7-495A-A0B0-0E631D…)

Here are some screenshots of things she said after I messaged her. Left out what I said because unfortunately I was entirely to nice to her psycho ass in hindsight

If your dude has messages underage girls in the past, it’s probably a red flag idk

No. 1387240

File: 1638893546280.jpeg (67.99 KB, 1242x221, 1E9CF1D1-B210-434A-B447-0C5085…)


And additionally

No. 1387245

Syd..:. You’re like 30… you don’t need to be doing this shit. If only you set boundaries and just walked away from trash

thank you anon for the screenshots. I’m sure she’s just jealous that you’re prettier than her

No. 1387248

She was able to easily get him over IG so now she attacks others because she knows how easy it is and is threatened because, like anon said a few replies up, she knows she’s not special.

>he’s not cool or famous enough for it to be worth it

Syd has no idea what love is. Love for herself or another person. I wonder if she dislikes her own child because he wasn’t able to keep a leash on his dad.

No. 1387273

>>1387238 the fact that she sends these messages and then still doesn't leave, and on top of that tries to act like a happy family is embarrassing. How is she not ashamed and embarrassed enough to leave.

No. 1387348

Because her appearance, both literal and in terms of how she’s perceived, is the only important thing to her in life. It doesn’t matter that she’s miserable and Jonny makes a fool out of her time and time again, what matters is that her and Jonny’s followers think they’re a happy little family with their son definitely still in their custody and Jonny definitely not in rehab. All that matters to her is that she’s seen as the one who won Jonny where all the women before her failed (when really they dodged a massive bullet), so she’s gonna ride this train wreck all the way to unholy matrimony at the altar. She’s gonna legally bind herself to a cheating junkie who’s partially responsible for losing custody of her son out of pride and spite. And it doesn’t matter to her if she messages a few random women the truth if she gets to stick it to them in a “See! You’re not hot shit for pulling a junkie who cheated on me when I was pregnant!” type of cope like how most of them read.

Also, what else does she have in life besides Jonny and social media? She knows if she ditches him all of her followers go away too. Absolutely no one’s following her for her drawing, singing, or charming personality. She doesn’t wanna lose her precious narc supply.

No. 1387606

Also I highly doubt she does any chores either. She orders takeout all the time so she probably doesn’t even know how to fry an egg. Hell, she pretty much admitted she can’t even make her own coffee; I wouldn't be surprised to find out her mom comes over every week to do laundry and dishes.

No. 1387709

She’s so nasty and bitter. What does she want people to say? Like damn bitch, sorry you hate yourself

No. 1387744

Imagine choosing to marry someone you hate? She needs actual help, she's so mentally chaotic.

No. 1387848

Not to mention, why would Jonny want to marry her? When she does shit like this? They both are straight up retarded

No. 1387850

File: 1638941717555.png (3.37 MB, 1170x2532, B4B6DDBB-EA78-44EC-A63C-F88219…)

In other less milky news, did anyone see this story? Jonnys breathing sounds so shitty in it and there’s random classical music playing even tho he’s got headphones on. Idk maybe I’m stretching but really makes me wonder if he’s at home or at some rehab/sober living type of place instead (sorry I would post the video but converting from iPhone never works for me)

No. 1387853

Samefag but I also noticed he shaved. Wasn’t there something in a past thread about an ex saying he usually shaved when he was using? Or do I have it backwards?

No. 1387855

I believe it was Chelsea who had tweeted that he shaves & does like cleaning or repetitive stuff when using.(sage)

No. 1387870

Jonny and Syd literally hate each other, he's constantly trying to cheat and she's constantly bad mouthing him publicly and privately, they don't have their child so what is it that's keeping them together? Surely nothing is worth putting up with that kind of hell

No. 1387871

File: 1638945669735.png (561.17 KB, 828x1792, 73F4569B-5B07-4CB1-A70F-D8BE02…)

No. 1387875

Hey syd ever hear the phrase “if you smell shit everywhere you go, maybe you have shit on your shoe?” Maybe if you stop being so delusional you would realize that the problem is YOU. People like this are not “rare” you just don’t have people who “live like this” in your life because you aren’t worthy of it. No one wants to waste their positive energy and love on someone so evil and horrible as you! Please get some self awareness, be a better person, and stop embarrassing yourself so much.

No. 1387876

Dammit I meant *love not live. I pulled a syd and didn’t proof read

No. 1387879

kek she is such a whiner.

No. 1387932

She does nothing but put bad energy out there and she expects people to fall on their knees and kiss her ass.

Imagine hanging out with her and Jonny. I can’t imagine a more uncomfortable situation

No. 1387941

I’m just imagining her fake ass “influencer” voice and lip smacking while responding to his baby talk voice. ew

No. 1387983

If he's in rehab/sober living, he's obviously not using. Chelsea is a whole cow on her own LOL

No. 1387988

File: 1638968669527.jpeg (789.52 KB, 828x1324, F8671385-7A7F-4717-9A4F-B4EE06…)

Not to derail this but anon you prompted me to look up Chelsea again and I found this gem of JC proposing to her on stage. Its like dejavu from seeing syd’s proposal (i only started following JC’s mess during TND era so this is the first time I m seeing this!)

Not saging this in case there are new farmers like me too

No. 1388067

All these threads have become about SydSoPsycho… ImSoSickOfIt. Atleast Jonny's drama/milk is entertaining. Even the TND days are like NFL highlight reels.

Sage for irrelevant opinion. Run Jonny

No. 1388132

LOL I remember this. I recorded this engagement just like I recorded the 2nd engagement to Syd on stage in TX back in Septembmer. I've been following the Jonny shitshow since 2013, when Amanda asked JONNY to marry her/proposed to HIM, not the other way around lmfaooo. My friends enjoy his music and don't know of his antics so I will admit I go to a show every time he's in town. He's listed me a couple times though, to where I don't have to pay, and that's all I'm going to say without revealing my identity.
Lmao I even sent him money out of the kindness of my heart when he asked and I've been blessed not to be called out by Syd. I'm not bragging about any of this. I just have a lot of milk from over the years that would be irrelevant to post now. It's funny watching him repeat the same thing with each girl. Funny thing is that they all left HIM when they finally realized they deserved better (with the exception of Amanda). Syd stays because she's not "weak" like his other exes. Bitch, staying with this guy is about the weakest thing you can do. She needs to check herself in somewhere for mental health, get on meds and therapy, but that will never happen.
This couple fucking disgusts me. This is the worst girl he's ever been with. I'm not WKing for him but he needs to leave HER because she will never be the one to leave him. And if he wants any chance of actually STAYING sober, this is the last person on earth he needs to be with. She's literally going to be the death of him. And there crazy ass relationship is going to drive her to the point of insanity, I'm sincerely worried she's going to hurt somebody, her baby, or herself. Like yeah all of her antics are entertaining but at the same time it's just sad. They need to give it up, no one takes them seriously together. ok rant over.

No. 1388245

While I agree with the part where you said that Jonny should run lol (I honestly thing syd is capable of murdering this man in his sleep one night after he likes a girls pic on Ig or something) there is no Jonny milk to be spilt. So I’m not really sure why your complaining about the state of the thread as if we are just ignoring Jonny stuff. If you don’t like the thread you can, i don’t know, just not come here anymore?

No. 1388249

I’m not wk for Jonny either but I definitely agree with you about him leaving her. It makes no sense to me as to why he would stay. There are so many reasons to leave, so many that I don’t even have time to list them all right now lol, and I can’t think of any reason to stay. Like even if I pretend I didn’t read all these threads and know the dirt on him, I don’t understand why he would be with her. She keeps blowing up his spot every five seconds, even going so far as to send a video of him on drugs to at least one random (she could have done this multiple times who knows?) and just in general making a mockery of whatever career he has left. I think you are a piece of shit JC but seriously JONNY RUN FOR YOUR LIFE

No. 1388351

>>1387348 to be fair, she doesn't need his help making her look like a fool. She does that entirely on her own.

No. 1388356

It's extra sad bc she was just posting about she has the best and truest friends to have ever friended

No. 1388369

File: 1639004807716.webm (1.07 MB, 720x1280, gross.webm)

Such a punchable face, here it is for posterity

No. 1388411

you send him money? are you a fan of him?

No. 1388425

File: 1639009469254.png (1.62 MB, 1170x2532, A18EB967-A7EA-4139-92EA-26ACD4…)

I couldn’t even look at the rest because this almost made me throw up from rage… this Bitch really believes this about herself? Emotional depth? Acting batshit crazy and not being able to process/handle your emotions in a healthy way doesn’t mean you have emotional depth, in fact it’s quite the opposite. An emotional genius, as she has called herself, would see a girl Jonny follows and try to come up with a logical explanation as opposed to attacking the girl. And don’t even get me started on how she hears music and sees colors differently….. Syd pleaseeee stop embarrassing yourself.

No. 1388440

>>1388425 3 things that make you special

Syd's favorite line: "you're not special."

The only thing deep about this girl is her psychosis.

No. 1388452

The ability to see colors differently??? IM CRYING THIS IS THE FUNNIEST THING SHE HAS POSTED TO DATE

No. 1388453

Most mom’s would immediately think of their children. This bitch is listing her ability to see colors differently? What the actual fuk does that even mean? Truly psychotic

No. 1388466

File: 1639015309516.png (827.24 KB, 750x1334, 05CB41C7-0070-4D4E-9A13-BA729C…)

(Has to include herself as one of the three people because she doesn’t have anyone else in her life)

No. 1388467

File: 1639015424811.png (755.84 KB, 750x1334, 5A1E207C-1CB6-43CA-89B2-AA5BED…)

This???? Is your challenging experience???? Sis…

No. 1388496


Not even listing her mom? Someone who has, no doubt, put up with a lot of her bullshit… and watches her child… Very telling

No. 1388521

She likely resents her mom for having storm and being storm’s guardian. Probably jealous of her mom as well. We know she lost her shit one time because Jonny was watching TV with her mom instead of her. She’s insane.

No. 1388605

Can’t wait for day 27. Oh wait.

No. 1388642

"every day I get to spend with my son, Storm, because being a mom is tHe HaRdEsT jOB"

No. 1388746

I think this is called colorblindness

No. 1388815

People can and do relapse in sober living but this touchiness is interesting, anon 'LOL'

I was actually looking up data on sober living relapse rates and found this paper, which looked at a sober living system in (coincidentally enough) Sacramento: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3057870/

"CSLT is located in Sacramento County California and consists of 16 houses with a 136 bed capacity. Residency at CSTL is divided into two phases. Phase I lasts 30 to 90 days and is designed to provide some limits and structure for new residents. Residents must agree to abide by a curfew and attend at 12-step meetings five times per week…

The second phase allows for more personal autonomy and increased responsibility for one's recovery. Curfews and requirements for 12-step attendance are reduced. All residents, regardless of phase, are required to be active in 12-step recovery programs, abide by basic house rules, and abstain from alcohol and drugs…. In order to be admitted to CSTL prospective residents must have begun some type of recovery program prior to their application."

Curious to see if he can follow the rules. It seems like he's in phase two.


This bitch is a narcissist. No one treats you that way because you're a literal nightmare person and no self respecting person would choose to associate with you if they could spend time with normal people. She's a c-list friend at best to people she pretends are her "brothers" and "sisters." She can bang her own drum about how deeply she loves and how much work she's done on herself, but it's giving very much unmanaged bpd.

No. 1388907

File: 1639047665750.jpg (261.47 KB, 1080x1950, Screenshot_20211209-105838_Ins…)

syd's "poetry"?

No. 1388922


LMAOO this bitch just keeps it comin’

No. 1388937

File: 1639055002327.png (1.28 MB, 828x1792, 8B57BEAC-0894-411D-8C2F-9F5A89…)

I really hope she keeps this same energy when it comes to TNDs recent tweet about Jonny.

No. 1388959

Can u post tnds recent tweet for those of us who don’t have Twitter? Please and thank youuuu

No. 1388966

File: 1639059544189.png (485.8 KB, 828x1792, C5DC9717-FE50-4408-A5C9-7342EB…)

Here you go nonnie! Sage cause unrelated!

No. 1389027

‘Down to the deeps layer of the soul’ Right, right. It’s always hilarious when ppl out themselves for their poor language skills, apart vs a part, then brazenly attempt to write poetry or song lyrics. The most incompetent always erroneously think highest of themselves

No. 1389098

She gives me strong Vicky vibes. I’m surprised Syd hasn’t boasted about her totally high IQ and rare personality type.

No. 1389109

Thanks for sharing nonnie! This definitely sounds like Jonny based on what allll his ex’s have said about how much of a dick he could be

No. 1389143

File: 1639081672817.jpeg (1.24 MB, 2828x2828, 860E1E07-CC1E-4732-89A0-565138…)

Here anon someone compiled all the replies of that tweet in in the tnd thread. Wonder how many times he has cheated on syd tbh

No. 1389145

File: 1639081830391.jpeg (310.83 KB, 749x1194, F53C12AB-DD36-44F3-A242-8558F9…)

Since we’ve been bringing up old tea, wanted to drop this reminder of when JC was actually a relatively attractive person before he blew up like a balloon. Also Liz was his most attractive ex IMO. Syd, if you’re reading this, you don’t hold a candle to her, and I bet that she is also capable of getting goosebumps from music and seeing colors kek.

No. 1389169

He clearly likes crazy stage 5 clingers with dark hair. It’s like Groundhog Day with all his girlfriends.

No. 1389196

It baffles me how he even pulled attractive girls like Chelsea, Liz, and Taylor when he had like more than half of his teeth missing. Like did they not get disgusted by kissing him…? Can't help but think these three girls literally only dated him because he's jOnNy CrAiG. It's not like they would have dated some regular every day dude with no teeth. AND they let him disrespect them/cheat/treat them like trash. Idk, gives me MAJOR clout chaser vibes cuz who the fuck in their right mind would even give that toothless goblin the time of day, let alone let him walk all over them. Chelsea was warned by Amanda and multiple people. Liz was warned by Amanda and Chelsea, TAYLOR was warned by all three of them and I KNOW all these bitches had access to google/knew how terrible of a person he was. I'm not saying they asked for it, but… they knew what they were getting themselves into, so it's really impossible for me to feel bad for ANY of them. I understand abusive partners can be very manipulative but like, come the fuck on. This guy didn't even have any TEETH. I don't feel bad for a single one of them.

No. 1389476

File: 1639110659949.jpeg (683.43 KB, 3264x2611, EA0D04D7-174E-4355-9219-34A43A…)

No. 1389479

No. 1389488

Damn nonnie ya saw and posted these hella quick lol.

No. 1389490

Aaaaaaand she deleted it already

No. 1389523

File: 1639118539850.jpg (242.85 KB, 1080x1805, Screenshot_20211209-204145_Ins…)

No. 1389525

File: 1639118588788.jpg (117.88 KB, 1080x2177, Screenshot_20211209-204143_Ins…)

No. 1389534

File: 1639121118069.jpg (197.82 KB, 1080x1895, Screenshot_20211210-072356_Ins…)

(talking about her cat)

sooo what about your son?

No. 1389595

Because he couldn’t possibly be talking about his extremely mentally unstable fiancé? I don’t doubt he’s been entertaining other women while he’s gone but damn she’s quick to assume the worst.

No. 1389596


All of these girls have the same thing to say about their relationship with Jonny - we fight a lot but I fucking love you. You’re an asshole but you’re my everything. So many up and downs but no one I would rather do this with. We fight but we will fight for our love together. Like?? Syd your shit with him isn’t special. He literally does this roller coaster bullshit with every girl. Oh and the cheating.

No. 1389599

This is gold lmao

No. 1389608


You’d think for someone that’s so about music she’d maybe promote her fiancés once in a while or something, but I’m almost positive she literally never has.


I 100% thought it was gonna be about storm when I had the volume down, but nope. She only posts about her cats so much cuz she can’t fake post about her sons milestones.

No. 1389634

Good work nonnie, this is hilarious. Endless entertainment from these two.

Aww, Syd, are you not an exception to his traditional cheating ways?

No. 1389664

Lmao good job nonnie! Thank you for your service and risking for a block with that psycho

No. 1389667

Nonnie, nta but if you can see all the women that would fall for that POS has certain type of trauma/low self-worth with them. Coupled by JC manipulation and his fame (yes hate to say it but he was famous back in the days) I can understand it. Plus all of them met him very young? Idk how old chelsea, amanda or liz was but tay was defo young and stupid enough to make that mistake regardless if she is a cow or not. Abusers dont show themselves too soon sometimes, sadly. But all these women had/has somewhat mental health issues which JC knows how to pick them. hence why they went with him - andAs you said no self-respecting person would.

No. 1389681

Liz is 27 now, so she would've been 21-22 ish I think? Not sure abt chelsea

No. 1389721

Believe Chelsea will be 29 next month according to an old ig post.

No. 1389750

>>1389523 saw this last night and love that he's making fun of their relationship

No. 1389765

Going back to this— did anyone request the transcript from the court proceedings/find out how to request them??

No. 1389829

that wonders me too, even TNDs MOTHER has written about Taylor being warned by everyone and that she is baffled that Taylor still continues to live with him (she wrote it when they were starting to live together and she was worried about Taylor).

I could imagine they were all fans of JCs music before meeting him and therefore idolizing him as this "sensitive guy". Like I only know who JC is because of TND. I was If his music is actually good. Then I found a song from him "I´d rather see your star explode" and this song is sensitive, If you didn´t know who Jonny is you may think this was written by someone who actually cares about the people he loves.

They probably see him as this struggling artist and Taylor thought it was just the drugs, he is a good guy… yeah drugs alone don´t make you such a shitty person, he did it himself.

No. 1389897

That’s actually pretty good insight nonnie. I used to be a big fan of JC unfortunately kek and the thing that I resonated with the most was his lyrics. He portrays himself way differently in his songs, and I obviously see now how inaccurate they are now because he is the one torturing (aka abusing) others. He often sings about losing people or losing friends, as if he’s done nothing wrong. I can see how people would be tricked by him and still be fans.

No. 1389899

Sorry I accidentally deleted a part where I wrote he acts like such a tortured soul in his songs and that’s why I wrote the part about torturing others lol

No. 1389925

File: 1639167835665.jpg (531.75 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20211210-152251_Ins…)

I'd say wow why are you spreading such garbage info to your fans.. if he had any fans with brain cells left

No. 1389934

“If fentanyl can’t kill me COVID ain’t”.
Damn, that’s caveman level reasoning right here. Fentanyl is not killing you because you’re not taking enough to overdose at your current tolerance level. Clean up for a few months, take as much as you do now and you’ll enjoy a “Beautiful Death” smh.

No. 1389957

Not to wk but he’s right about the vaccine

No. 1389997

gr8 b8 m8

No. 1390001

Has he ever dated someone not bipolar lol

No. 1390019

>>1389525 these two are so passive aggressive and childish with one another. Telling people to mind their business but throw all their business in everyone's face. Whether vague or not.

No. 1390055

You may not be a white knight but you are retarded

No. 1390061

I was thinking the same exact thing nonnie! She obviously has nobody else in her life but to not say her mom who has taken over full time responsibilities of her kid is so shitty and like you said she has probably endured a lot of her bullshit. Also anyone that chooses Jonny Craig over their mom smh. She chose jc over her son so guess it makes sense?

No. 1390164

File: 1639193070111.jpeg (497.41 KB, 750x925, 106A1181-9088-48DB-8AF0-05BB38…)

This caption gave me an aneurysm

No. 1390174

File: 1639194828726.png (4.65 MB, 1284x2778, CC32F55E-7427-4392-BF1E-7AF99F…)

No. 1390176

File: 1639194855733.png (3.51 MB, 1284x2778, E5CA50DB-F42B-4400-92CC-7313A6…)

No. 1390178

She’s getting more looney and cringy by the day, this is seriously some infantile behavior

No. 1390181

ok doctor. lmfao fucking idiot

No. 1390182

I'm sure these people cringe when she messages them. Or maybe they never talk at all. She's pretending to have friends because she reads here kek

No. 1390192

Tru sadly

No. 1390201

>begging for likes
How long until she starts an OF? Kek
The desperation for attention is strong.

No. 1390204

shut the fuck up and go eat horse medicine then.

No. 1390274

Anyone arguing either side of the vaccine is an idiot. Mind your business and move on.

No. 1390305

File: 1639209446246.jpg (43.82 KB, 720x540, 68d3ab6591487aadb8407bf4684f06…)

Kek no. Go back to the neutral planet

No. 1390324

File: 1639212017932.jpeg (348.77 KB, 828x1389, 45F663D3-AD09-4BCA-9123-8AF001…)

Here she goes still mentioning people that don’t even follow her

No. 1390328


Love how it’s phrased to appear like her “kiddo” was with her but we all know she doesn’t have custody and was just inflicting herself on someone else’s children instead.

No. 1390345


lol I was also just thinking “by kiddos does she mean cats?”

No. 1390367

>>1390176 heckin? Again demonstrating that she's at a 14 yr old level.

No. 1390411

“Heckin’” a fav word of tnd, quit copying tnd syd!

No. 1390688

Curious what she wrote about day 10.
I’m sure something generic about her son and “he makes me smile” and for Jonny it’ll be “my ride or die 11:11 4L!!!”.

No. 1390689

File: 1639263327813.jpeg (715.64 KB, 1125x1913, 4D212C25-984A-4F39-AD97-D0C329…)

No. 1390690

This is just so accurate lmao

No. 1390699

She wants to be Taylor sooo bad LMAO

No. 1390709

Where's the pictures then? I highly doubt this happened. Unless by "kiddos", she meant that Megan's chick kid or kid(s). We all know that if Storm was there she would have posted some sort of photo of him. Is she even allowed to take him out by herself? Probably not, and thank god. She's so unhinged, he's honestly not safe in her custody.

No. 1390711

have to chime in and say he is right too. stuff has gone on for far too long and the fact that people are still gung ho about all these mandates/restrictions/etc is scary. esp here, on an anon forum.

No. 1390719

"caveman level reasoning"
"this is bait"
"fucking idiot"
"shut the fuck up"

why are you guys so hostile? there were like 2 people who just stated they agreed non aggressively but then get piled up on like this with the level of aggression totally not matching what was said. why so mad? like you guys are so angry for no reason, its weird asf. you guys are acting as if those 2 people casually chiming in had just insulted yer moms or something.

here is something for you guys from the us food and drug administration youtube channel:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFph7-6t34M&t=15593s

and go to r/vaccinelonghaulers on reddit. this sub is quarantined for some reason. dont have a knee jerk reaction and get angry… actually go look and listen/read. people are dying, getting disabled, and having their lives ruined.

one of the higher profile people who got injured is eric clapton and kyle warner. these injuries and deaths are being censored. just open your mind and read about these peoples stories.

No. 1390723

sorry, go to 4hr20mins on the youtube video i linked. its long. forgot to give time stamp.

No. 1390730

Don’t even post in this thread before you “” me but you should learn to greentext. You sound super offended btw, who cares what these idiots think about the vax? Also, the people you’re trying to convince aren’t going to listen to anything from the FDA, stop trying.

No. 1390731


too many people got this and cant even connect their strange new symptoms to it. even little things like fatigue. there is micro clotting happening in most people and that is causing a lot of issues. please, i beg you, just listen to the people who have these problems and be on the lookout for people who are having new issues.(derailing)

No. 1390733

i am not offended i am worried, maybe people are having issues or know someone having issues and they have no clue. this could help to send them in the right direction

No. 1390749

Can this thread just shut the fuck the up about whether or not to get vaccinated? Keep this bullshit banter to Reddit and dumb info wars deep web sites.

No. 1390770

oh my god shut the fuck up. vaccines and mandated ones have been a thing for a long time. you are retarded. mrna vaccines have been studied for more than 20 years you fucking moron. the reason covid is still a thing and all these variants are popping up is because people dont get vaccinated. stop being fucking stupid and dont bring up this fucking shit on this site. i mean literally speak with a few doctors please. "Yes JC is right" lmfaoooo yikes shut the fuck up and please keep to the milk you fucking idiot. god

No. 1390773

absolute yikes hahahahhahahahahahhahahhaha yeah you go read. i deal with this on a daily basis but ok. hahahahha

No. 1390775


check that out. lol

No. 1390788

Actually the variants won’t disappear if the whole human population is vaccinated since it’s carried by animals too so unless we can figure out how to they the virus to stop transmitting to/from animals we are fuckt forever.

Syd and JC, please post some juicy shit so this thread can get back on track because no one here will ever agree about the topic lol(derailing)

No. 1390791

You're literally part of the derailment problem, shut up
This is so weird! I've never seen any mom talk like this about their kid. Good parents generally don't have to write about how their kid loves them soooooo much like they're trying to convince themselves lol

No. 1390794

Also love how she has to end it by making it all about HER and how incredible SHE is

No. 1390795

small pox was evolved by african rodents and is now totally gone but go off retard.

You dont know anything lmfao PLEASE speak to a doctor or pharmacist jesus fucking christ

No. 1390797

awwww babe what is ur degree(retard)

No. 1390845

Of alllllllllll the things someone could write about their family this is the best she could come up with? 1, we’re small. 2, we’re small and have a special bond. 3, yep we are a family. That’s what her “3 things I love about my family” translates to hahahhahahaha And speaking of “Storm has such a special bond with us.” Um…. I would hope…. Considering he’s your child. People who actually have a special bond with their child, aka basically almost every parent, don’t need to state such an obvious fact. Sounds like she’s trying to convince herself more than anyone else.

No. 1390861

Especially with the
>he loves us so much
Kek. She’s so bad at this.

No. 1390872

Why the fuck is covid/vaccines even being discussed in this thread? Are you guys lost? Shut the fuck up and read the title. Go medfag somewhere else because it's already apparent that not everyone on this earth is gonna have the same opinion on it. And this is NOT the place. We're here to discuss Jonny and his goblin of a fiance. Seriously… Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

Nobody cares about your opinion. Good job on clogging the thread with your useless ass opinions that literally have NOTHING to do with JC and Syd, you morons. Jesus fucking christ.

No. 1390880

Because they're fucking stupid and so are you. Simple as that.

Do you even know where you are? Most anons are hostile as fuck for no reason. This wasn't no reason.

No. 1390884

Poor baby, do you need a hug?

No. 1390892

File: 1639292890023.jpg (259.73 KB, 1080x1856, Screenshot_20211212-070535_Ins…)

so instead of ignoring them u decide to clog the thread more?

look syd is proving you all wrong, she can cook!

No. 1390894

File: 1639292956977.jpg (353.29 KB, 1080x1782, Screenshot_20211212-070609_Ins…)

No. 1390907

Oh fuck, Sydsohealthy is really nailing it hard with the nutrition influencer shit lately, with all her green smoothies & protein powders kek!

No. 1390909

Shes been all around the world?

Her answers to all of these are all …weird. Over stated and too much. She’s trying too hard by stating obvious facts. The point is to have fun. Obviously anyone’s favorite place is their home with their family.
Name a place you go with your son. A park. The beach. A bar or a favorite restaurant.

She says so much yet nothing at all.

No. 1390913

Long time lurker… this gratitude challenge is a fucking goldmine. It’s really shows just how little Syd has, no Storm, no JC, no friends, no life skills, it’s hilarious because she is definitely the one who alienated herself from everyone with her horrid attitude, get rekt you gremlin!

No. 1390918

Long time lurker to just pop on to say jfc stop bitching and arguing about COVID vaccines. Literally no one gives a shit, it’s not milk, pls shut up and stop in-fighting.

No. 1390981

Lmao incredible. Every time she makes these posts to prove how deep she is, how fulfilling her life is, she just proves the exact opposite. This isn't how ppl who love their lives post

No. 1390995

File: 1639308524363.jpg (183.91 KB, 1080x1885, Screenshot_20211212-112639_Ins…)

she 100% wants to be TND with the random urge to get different animals

No. 1390997

Caveman level reasoning was directed towards Jonny and his breakthrough idea on fentanyl and COVID survival. Not anon.

No. 1390998

Maybe it’s because I miss my first cow, but I really want Syd to go to the Raven route. She’s halfway there with all these posts that are worded to give the impression her kid’s with her. She uses photos from day visits with the kid. Curious if she’ll get to the point of faking audio in the background.

No. 1391008

>>1390892 lmao this looks like a can of progresso and piled salad on badly avocadoed toast.

No. 1391059

File: 1639322489062.png (3.17 MB, 750x1334, B6E03EE3-0327-45BD-90B4-CF953D…)

And Syd wants us to believe she changes diapers with these? Fat fucking chance, just keep telling on yourself

No. 1391109

Those are even uglier than Shayna’s.

No. 1391144

"Tempory"… um LOL. You would think with how much she complains about making typos she would at least spell check. What 29 year old can't spell TEMPORARY???

A TTUE emotional genius, you guys!

No. 1391146

>>1391059 holiday vibes? Looks like she tried to do a grinch like theme and it really just looks like scabs. And lmfao at "tempory". Missing a whole ass syllable.

No. 1391150

I'm… an idiot because I just called her out for spell checking and I can't even spell "true".

Just ignore my post! No one saw anything… (:((:)

No. 1391152

She probably also pronounces it with the misslng syllable as well. Her and Jonny together have ALMOST half a brain cell.

No. 1391374

You whiny anons posting about clogging up the thread are clogging up the thread.

No. 1391407

And you are now clogging up the thread, and I am having to clog up the thread to tell you this. The best way to stop clogging up the thread is to ignore those people and report if necessary. Now can we all drop the following subjects: pro vaccines, anti vaccines, pro clogging up the thread, and anti clogging up the thread. Thanks!

No. 1391462

Take your own advice. Should've kept lurking instead of posting this shit.

No. 1391509

File: 1639363736208.jpeg (410.4 KB, 828x1430, E89BE73C-A496-471E-9145-3E40FB…)

LOL ok syd. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

No. 1391512

>>1391509 I would hardly call this woman a mom.

No. 1391564


The audacity of this deadbeat piece of shit, OMG.

No. 1391597

She's like an NPC, she has three topics and that's it lmaoooo
"Um um I'm a mom and I'm definitely totally good at it, my son loves me more than any child has ever loved anyone ever. Did I mention I'm super empathetic??? I'm like, really good at feeling things. Another thing I'm good at? Listening to music. No one loves music the way I do, I'm special"
It's sad

No. 1391616

I would hardly calls this “woman” a woman kek

No. 1391634

File: 1639373621139.png (6.4 MB, 1284x2778, 891C7DD4-803F-4F11-A12D-A01794…)

How did anyone find this actual serial killer face to be attractive, I’m bloody speechless!

No. 1391652

More non answers and the same non answers.
>a mom with a son that loves her
>deep love for music
>muh emotions so strong

No. 1391683

File: 1639381204915.jpeg (506.18 KB, 828x1471, A40F15BF-84C1-4F23-9BCA-504273…)

wtf is wrong with him

No. 1391690

File: 1639382299720.jpeg (548.17 KB, 828x1145, 354778E1-64A1-42B5-9C93-092056…)

i just found this picture again on jonny’s ig… am i the only one who thinks that Storm looks a little bit emaciated here?
Kids at that age would normally be chubby and look healthy
It wouldn’t surprise me if syd and jonny sometimes forgot to feed him during that time

No. 1391691

Not that I disagree with you at all because I don't doubt they neglected him but they've said he has health issues, though I'm not sure they ever said what

No. 1391734

Not all babies are chubby and fat. If she was BFing and had a low supply, it could take a couple months for him to catch up to an optimal weight. He also has(or had?) health problems and could also factor in his low weight.
I doubt she was starving him.

No. 1391737


I often wonder if his health issues are part of the reason he was taken. Like coupled with the abuse if there was medical neglect as well kinda thing.

No. 1391740

Why no one reacted on Jonny saying that fentanyl "can't", not "couldn't" kill him? Like he's taking it right now. I got the vibes that he just gave up and is now taking fent and heroin publicly.

No. 1391742

I don’t disagree that it’s possible, but JC is also known for being extremely dumb dumb small brain with his words & therefore the message comes across completely different to how he initially wanted because he’s an illiterate mong.

No. 1391744

Can we also please bring back “manlet”? I hardly see it used in this thread anymore & it makes me sad.

No. 1391749

File: 1639390711367.png (1.32 MB, 1284x2778, 19F1D03B-E623-4E40-BDCA-B09C9B…)

No. 1391887

I’m pretty sure he’s in rehab or sober living right now. In his latest stories that anons have posted screenshots of above, you can hear other people talking in the background and it doesn’t sound like a tv or something (as well as his heavy breathing haha)

No. 1391935

You realize all you guys are abusive assholes too right? Ragging on someone you don’t know who was horrible to people you DONT KNOW. Meanwhile there is things happening to girls much worse than what Jonny did and from people who have waaaay more power and you’d rather spend your time on here reading and writing straight hate that’s gonna accomplish literally nothing. You are all bullies worse than I’ve ever seen, I hope you raise kids better than your parents raised you. Clearly none of y’all are in ANY place to judge another parent. Or another human being for that matter. #yallneedjesus or some more drugs! Chill….

No. 1391936

And by the looks of it most of you are coming here from Taylor’s channel so talk about OBSESSED. You know karma is real right? Let it bite them how it’s already doing and stop digging your own grave as well

No. 1391937

this just in: because people of higher standings are abusers, lower level abusers are suddenly free of criticism.

wow syd, oh sorry, ANON. so smart!

No. 1391938

Ppl that use y’all are always so gd stupid. You’re literally raging on ppl you don’t know dumbass

No. 1391940

But so are you?(autism)

No. 1391963

> Meanwhile there is things happening to girls much worse than what Jonny did
Kek the mental gymnastics. Whew.

> Let it bite them how it’s already doing
I don’t want to “hi, cow”, but yikes.

No. 1391967


The dead give away here is “ You are all bullies worse than I’ve ever seen, I hope you raise kids better than your parents raised you.”

Syd, you’re not even raising your own kid so maybe sit this one out cuz you have no ground to stand on.

No. 1391989

For me the dead giveaway was that neither of these idiots have any friends or supporters who would take the time to come on here to defend either of them. Especially SydSoStoopid. At least Bloated Man Boy used to have some people who thought he had talent. Syd's only talent is chasing away any potential friends and how she manages to look in a mirror at her stout body and deranged face without vomiting.

No. 1391995

At least you're big enough to admit both SydSoStubby and Pawn-athan are abusive assholes! Except our "abuse" if you want to call it that can be turned off by just not typing in lolcow.com, while SydSoStocky and her beloved that she describes as a "fat junkie" are abusive to each other and anyone who is close enough to talk to them.

No. 1391999

It was literally discussed in the screenshot someone took of his story where he said that. Lurk better.

No. 1392051

>you know karma is real right?
You must be 18 or above to post here.

No. 1392066

>>1391935 there have been people in here "raging" on these two who do in fact actually know these two personally. Also, most of the people in here aren't being abusive. They are literally just commenting on things these idiots post publicly, that just happen to be fucking stupid from all angles. Hilarious you're telling people their comments in here accomplish nothing, just like your comment in here accomplishes nothing. People having opinions on the ridiculous actions of these two isn't anything to do with parenting current children or how any of us may have been parented.

No. 1392068

Damn I really don’t wanna get a ban for “hi cow” but I mean come on syd, at least try to pretend you aren’t you. There are at least 10 things in both of these posts that scream that it’s you. You really gotta start proofreading and stop bringing up Taylor sweetie. Plus we know you don’t have any real friends who would do this for ya. Close the tab and go listen to some music differently than everyone else or maybe work on getting custody of your son again

No. 1392080

I hardly post here but I know of at least 8 people who visit lolcow for funsies that knew Sydney growing up and some of those knew her right up until she got with Jonny so I wouldn’t be so quick to say we’re judging someone we don’t know. Who knows how many of us have heard about this page through eachother by now, but the number grew quite a bit recently. Maybe even one of us is still friends with her? Be paranoid Sydney. No one likes you. That’s why you’re alone. And as retarded as some nonnies get, they’re not wrong about you and you know it.

No. 1392090

File: 1639426446996.jpeg (458.07 KB, 828x1415, E1C1EB59-4080-477B-A730-B7AF61…)

She looks like a legit chemo patient

No. 1392096

They’re both legitimately awful people and deserve far worse than just a bunch of anons talking shit about them online

No. 1392100

Looks like mold

No. 1392101

This video is so hard to watch. Between the lip-smacking and the whining it was difficult to focus on what she was actually saying. For those who are blocked, she explains her water heater is “finally fixed” but she has COMPLAINTS (dramatic sigh and eye roll). She bitches about their lack of communication about when the repair would happen and then she says she told them to take off their shoes in her apartment and they didn’t.

I can’t imagine what it must be like to have time time to complain about small mundane things in this manner. Also is she posting this hoping she will get sympathy? Because that’s just some every day shit that no one who is an actual functioning adult is going to have empathy for.

No. 1392102

I clicked the full-size pic and fucking gasped out loud

No. 1392103

Look at how flat his upper lip/missing philtrum is. Looks like fetal alcohol syndrome, lol

No. 1392107

Are you lost

No. 1392112

the cracked paint on that saosin t-shirt from 2006

No. 1392142

Is it just me or is it super weird to ask a repair man or any sort of worker coming into your house to take off their shoes? I would never expect a stranger to do that idk it’s a bit much and also even weirder to post a story about. She really has nothing going on in her sad life kek

No. 1392148

Right, you’d think she has ample time to clean the floors after they leave, considering she doesn’t have a single responsibility besides shoveling kibble into her cats bowl twice a day.

No. 1392180

super fucking weird. i believe they must wear shoes to protect against electrical shocks or other injuries. ofc, sydney wouldn’t get that or care since her LANDLORDS floors might get dirty. no mention of storm, which would be a semi acceptable reason to request that.

No. 1392189

Lmao why are you even in here to begin with if that's your view on them / the situation in here?

No. 1392196

Who here agrees with me that he looks high here. I think he is still using in his sober living home.

No. 1392210

Ngl, digging the Green Bay Packers vibe, Syd. ARod is antivax too and from California too, so you can rock the green and gold without fear.

No. 1392213

File: 1639436370945.webm (5.74 MB, 720x1280, cracked paint on that saosin t…)

No. 1392226

>>1392213 she always needs to find something to complain about. "because I have things to do up there". This bitch doesn't have a job, doesn't do anything except play around online all day. Go write a Yelp review if you had such TERRIBLE service you dumb cunt.

No. 1392243

> because I have things to do up there
I’m cackling!

No. 1392272

Absolutely fucking weird to even think they should. "Oh hey mister repair man, fixing appliances with tools and gadgets, why don't you take your shoes off so if you accidentally drop a wrench on your foot, you'll have nothing to protect it" she's so fucking stupid. As other anons said, potentially muddy floors is just a part of having a repair man in your home.

No. 1392349

Why does she even bother to keep those two little fur scabs attached to her face? It's weird, just shave them off, you look so gross and weird

No. 1392428

File: 1639458503313.png (1.48 MB, 1170x2532, 397FE4CB-17BD-4021-A81A-CAAAA6…)

More proof that it was syd up above posting. She must have read the thread and saw all the times we called her out for not talking about storms milestones. Nice try syd but we still don’t think you have custody. PS how many times is she gonna post about getting people gifts? Everyone is buying people gifts right now… It’s incredibly narcissistic to keep saying every time you buy someone something so you can get asspats or feel good about yourself. Buying gifts doesn’t equal being a good person but I have a feeling she believes that. These “gratitude” posts sure do have a lot of her talking about herself hmmmmm

No. 1392432

the lol seems so weirdly placed here. that's an infant, anon. he didn't ask for those pieces of human garbage as parents.

No. 1392467

NTA but while you're right, the possibility of Storm having FAS has been discussed pretty extensively in this thread before.

No. 1392475

Her pronouncing "so" as "seeeewwwww" combined with the ultra face smoothing filter and half eyebrows is annoying af.
And while workers leave shoes on, they always can wear protective shoe covers like the ones they wear at hospitals or even plastic bags over their wet shoes since a lot of apartments have carpeting… but SydNeedsAttention was busy doing sTuFf upstairs (like stalking women who might want her fat junkie) and didn't have any time to walk in the workers.
You can tell she's never had an apartment of her own otherwise she'd know to send her comPLAINTS to management like a proper Karen and not social media.

No. 1392492

Jonny really does like women who look like they're on hard drugs lol

No. 1392506

She's so goddamn ugly. She's got a hell of a goblin/gremlin face. Definitely the worst looking girl Jonny has ever been with. AND she's the craziest and most broke. Even Amanda with her bird beak nose is better looking than this horrid looking creature.
I bet he's texting/DMing so many prettier other girls right now tryna to line up his next victim, so he hae a plan C to fall back on if they indeed don't last. And I dount they will. There is no way Jonny loves this monster. She's done nothing to support/rpromote his music since they've been together. But she can post ten songs a day, all by the real love of her life, Bert from The Used, or her 2nd place lover that she will never get - Anthony Green from Circa Surive.
Neither of those men wil ever date you Syd. And now that you are officially a cow and have your own thread, all of your embarrassing/crazy/unhinged posts that you can't take back now that they are posted here forever.
SWeetie, get off social media for like a month at least. Get into therapiy and see a psychiatrist so you can be fucking medicated. Get custody of your goddamn son, move back in with mom if you have to and let Jonny continue staying with random friends I guramtee he's much more happy with the current living arrangement, he gets a break from her psycho ass.

No. 1392526

hi Chelsea ^(hi cow)

No. 1392542

I do not blame Jonesing Jonny for taking drugs… you'd have to be high as hell to fuck SpeshulNeedsSyd while she's raising her ¼ eyebrows at your dick and saying "Seeewwwwww… what po-si-shun should we deeeewwwww next besides our usual missionary in the dark? Sseeeeewww, let's deeewwww missionary in the dark so I don't have any comPLAINTS later!"
Then complains for hours later and vague posts more complaints on social media while stalking his exes.

No. 1392581

She's a huge narc. Constantly talking about what great things you do is pointless. If you're a good person, people will see it. So far she's proved to be dismissive of others' feelings and performative for social media. You're not an 'empath', Syd.

No. 1392984

I cannot imagine going from someone that's clearly a ppl pleaser out of fear of abandonment the way TND was to being w/Syd who literally NEVER does anything other then complain. Jesus christ, how could her mom deal w/living with her for so damn long?

No. 1393204

File: 1639555224915.png (1.51 MB, 1125x2436, 2C8DD814-9518-4E47-B7EA-4B2C41…)

Another throwback to Storm with an essay caption.

No. 1393210

How weird to use an old photo to talk about your son’s current milestones.

No. 1393221

Chicken baby? What kind of nickname is that? Sounds like something she just randomly made up

No. 1393233

File: 1639558713763.jpeg (494.4 KB, 1125x1986, 93A359E4-D639-4A7D-B935-4EC3D3…)

Is there some other place people are reposting this? She posted this 7 hours ago way before it was posted here

No. 1393236

She’s obviously checking here religiously to see what has been said about her. However, there may be some other spectator forum.

No. 1393237


Those are all average things that will make a young child laugh. I’m not sure why she feels the need to break down each silly thing she does as though it somehow explains their AMAZING BOND. I guarantee I could walk in there and make that kid laugh doing similar silly kid shit. I guess it just bothers me how she goes on about their special one of a kind bond when she doesn’t even have him in her custody. She’s relying A LOT on this “bond” and his existence in general to make her happy…what is she going to do when ge completely rebels when he gets older or starts asking questions about why he doesn’t live with mommy and gets pissed.

No. 1393241

Also sorry if this has already been discussed but is she still copying TND? Literally with the mullet story, “heckin”, crazy makeup posts it’s like watching a TND re-run minus the animals and health updates

No. 1393247

Weird how she turns a post about her son into a post about herself. Also, please censor photos of children

No. 1393258

She is been trying to skin walk taylor for ages now and even the way she poses in her pics, the rats, and yes recently all the long essays of captions.

Also>>1393233 so stupid that she has a business account for her insta, she obviously only wants the clout and not to protect the storm’s privacy (oh wait… she doesnt even have custody so..)

No. 1393296

Holy run-on sentence

No. 1393307

Not really understanding how those marks on his arms are sticky residue from bandaids after shots? All of my sons shots at that age were given in the thigh because there’s more fat. She really does need to try to convince herself he loves her though. As a mom that’s just such a weird thing to keep repeating how much your child loves you. I don’t think I’ve ever had to tell anyone that, they can just see it. Syd, I promise as much as your son might giggle in the hour or two a month you share with him, he loves grandma 1000x more. You know, the person who feeds him, keeps him safe, kisses him goodnight, teaches him things, is always there for him. That’s the real bond you’ll never have.

No. 1393355


Gotta post the most random shit to prove she’s an actual mother after all the call-outs here of never posting his milestones or anything about his personality. A vapid and transparent attempt if I’ve ever seen one.

No. 1393356

>>1393204 no parent with their child in their custody details shit to this extent in an online post. It's very evident she's either making things up, or exaggerating to make it appear she's actually involved in this child's daily life. It's really sad, for the child and to see that syd is trying so hard to convince everyone and herself that she has him. "He's not a toy, I'm not going to share him on social media because all these pedos lurk him." Yet still continues. Her desire to prove everyone wrong, whilst proving everyone right speaks volumes on her mental health.

No. 1393361

She sounds as defensive of the “band-aid marks” on her kids arm as TND is about her track marks that are conveniently never track marks.

No. 1393363

File: 1639577210789.jpeg (201.4 KB, 807x1369, 8F7BCD1A-1426-429D-A783-2CD721…)

Pretty sure this was posted in response to us hating on her last selfie… but holy fuck.
Let’s play tag yourself, I’m the 20 nose rings in 2 nostrils to prove I’m so hardcore

No. 1393366

I’m the extremely large upper lip she’s drawn on for herself, even tho she’s always talking shit about girls with lip fillers. Sure seems like she wants to be one of them….

No. 1393372


I’m where the eyeliner and the eyebrow almost touch points

No. 1393375

I’m middle school grade eyeliner caked on the lids because she has no toddler to focus on.

No. 1393387

>>1393363 I'm the very terrible posed face thinking I look good when I actually look like an idiot.

No. 1393401

All I see is sewer rat.

No. 1393412

As if wearing the hoodie changes the fact he is cheating, or trying to. Wonder what happened with the tinder anon, I’d be curious to see is attempts at getting a third baby momma

No. 1393416

I’m the app she used to remove her skin texture

No. 1393418

I’m the vomit worthy “lub yew” that should not be spoken by anyone over the age of 12 much less typed

No. 1393425

I’m assuming it’s because even she finds it hard to seriously say she loves that abusive bloated corpse

No. 1393430

I’m the stinky earlobe

No. 1393455

I’m her awfully trying to hard posed lips

No. 1393476

However remember that this is the same idiot that regularly calls her rats "leetle chimamas".
When you lack vocabulary skills and cleverness, you make up ridiculous words to try to express yourself.

No. 1393559

Did she give into her jealousy and get lip fillers like she complained the girls JC lusts for all have? Her lips look different and weird, unlike her past pictures.

No. 1393615

>>1393559 it's the filter..

No. 1393686

I don’t think it’s being posted elsewhere but you can see on IG who is saving your vids or stories.

No. 1393702

Yeah, I suppose you’re right, it’s just I guess I’ve never seen a filter make someone’s lips such a fugly/odd shape like that. They look like TND’s.

No. 1393714

It’s because she’s jealous she can’t afford them so she just pretends she hates them instead

No. 1393715

Heckin, boop, bonk? She can't even make a simple, nice caption about her Son without using 2015 meme words.

Also a mother here and I agree, its weird to brag about how much your child loves you, when you spend all day every day with them you absolutely don't need to tell yourself that.
She says so much but nothing at all, everyone acts like a goof around toddlers, even people who don't have kids act like that around their nieces, nephews or friends kids. She has no idea how to articulate anything truly unique, special or different about her Son or herself, she just throws out barely coherent word vomit.

No. 1393723

One thing you can count on as surely as the sun will rise is that a bpd gremlin will have the same strained/tense and unnatural look in their eyes in every picture because they deeply hate the way they look and want to curate the exact, perfect photo of themselves that will get them the most attention online. It's never just natural and fun. Syd is going to get to the point that Taylor is at where the less validation she gets, the more you can see the desperation in her eyes. You can already kinda see it when she's trying to serve bitch but just ends up looking like a failure with a face tattoo and a scar on her forehead lmao.

No. 1393751

how so? there is no way to do this. if I had to guess, she is making paranoid assumptions as she usually does since she lurks here and assumes the video would be posted

No. 1393759

It really is fucking shameful that they couldn’t
give enough of a fuck about this precious boy to get their shit together. I mean in the long run he’ll be better for it, but how do you hear your child’s laugh and see their smile and not want to move mountains for them? No, instead there’s that shitty tour that was the highlight of this narcs life, and Jonny off doing whatever the fuck he’s doing. I can’t stand them.

No. 1393762

I’m the knotted hoodie strings that the hoodie came with

also I’ve never seen a mom say “I know (my kid) loves me so much” unless it was sarcasm lmao

No. 1393784

Kek anons I'm dead at all of your tag yourself replies. Like pointed out earlier for someone who gets pissed off Jonny loves girls with lip fillers she sure does try hard to meet that expectation.
I also like how Jonny reposted this but didn't throw some love bomb shit in it, that probably pissed her off.

This is seriously fucking weird. Not only is her verbage so close to TND's at this point but no real parent feels the need to prove themselves or talk like this. Why does she have to make it so painfully obvious she doesn't have her son? Like another anon pointed out, using an old photo to talk about his current milestones is next level autism. Just show him currently then… oh wait.
Apparently she dropped the "wahhhh I don't take advantage of my son by posting him" act real quick or whatever the fuck she said.

No. 1393811

You can't see who's saving or downloading your stories. You can just see who's watching them, even on a professional account. She's just paranoid and trying too hard to morph into someone Jonny might like and not cheat on.

No. 1393826

You can see how many people save your posts on a professional account but you cant see who or saved as what. So i reckon someone is saving all the videos of storm in their collection and thats why syd meant but i dont blame you, she is incoherent

No. 1393843

Well if someone were trying to post it here or on twitter or something, they would screen record probably because that’s the only way to save a video off Instagram. You can’t see if someone did that. I don’t see why someone would use the save function in Instagram for this video and I don’t think that’s what she was referring to considering what she’s said in the past about people “saving and sending her posts”

No. 1393874

File: 1639619881216.png (712.34 KB, 828x1792, 49177DDA-A5ED-4C55-9388-757A89…)

No. 1393881

Awh, shit. Here we go again>>1393874

No. 1393889

File: 1639620828704.png (2.68 MB, 750x1334, DF7699FC-62F4-4CC1-8F7F-4290E0…)

No. 1393907

Sound familiar? >>1108931
Almost to the exact day this was said. And yet here you are, still the same loser. Relapsed a hundred times this year, had an awful unsuccessful comeback tour, still with the same embarrassingly insecure babymomma (if she's even deserving of that term), oh, and lost custody of your son not even 6 months into him being born. Huh, what a year 2021 was! Can't wait to see what this new year brings for you! /s
Yawn. I couldn't have said it better myself. Same shit, different year.

No. 1393909

>>1393889 yes, doing absolutely nothing all day, whilst your child is being raised by someone else must be EXHAUSTING syd. I can't stand this bitch. She would last about two seconds in the real world.

No. 1393930

wow Syd, you’re tired? imagine how exhausted your mom must be

No. 1393968


Okay, Mr. Walrus

No. 1393998

She's wearing those eye gels backwards.

No. 1394006

i'm the "total riot hw vibes" oxymoron of a mullet, somehow so crusty and dry but greasy at the same time

No. 1394041

Well, since no one called it, I guess I'll be the shadow on her upper lip.

No. 1394161

Syd embellishing about the band-aid residue being from a shot literally just shows how stupid she is and that she hasn't even been with Storm when he's gotten them. She'd know they don't go in the fucking elbow/forearm, they're given in the thighs and upper arms. Something so miniscule as that speaks volumes. She shoots herself in the foot overexplaining things and basically just ends up telling on herself lol. What a moron.

No. 1394193

is that a HW mullet or a TND mullet?

tell me you don't have custody of your own child without telling me you don't have custody of your child

No. 1394195


Not only that, but isn’t she antivax?

No. 1394217

Omg yes! Further proof then that she doesn’t have Storm. I bet her mum isn’t that fucking stupid and actually makes sure Storm is protected against deadly diseases

No. 1394270

i'm the piece of drawn on eyebrow connecting the stumpy hairy alien brows all the way to the horrific eyeliner

No. 1394285

oh fuck, her moustache kek!

No. 1394288

Pro-vaxxers are iiiiidiots (:((:)

No. 1394290


No. 1394356

But she went against all her morals and got the shot for tour “for the fans”

No. 1394385

Lucky them, they didn’t deserve it!

No. 1394400

kek, she's such a fucking idiot

No. 1394403

The repetitive anti vax posts are so boring and pointless, it has to be syd trying to switch the subject up because she has no real life. Syd can’t argue the fact she’s not a shitty mom, and that she’s not a piece of shit just like JC. So the next option is to use half baked arguments are about vaccines? Bleak.

If she spent the hours she lurks here doing therapy or hitting the gym she’d be so much happier. Instead, she searches for validation from strangers on the internet and buries her head in the sand and ignores all chances to get her kid back.
All that kid wants for Christmas is healthy functioning parents, not a shitty Instagram post declaring love.

No. 1394406

Syd so manly at it again for the holidays

No. 1394656

All that throwback to storm post did for me was show yet again that she doesn't have custody nor does she spend any decent amount of time with him. Any mother or aunty or grandparent etc does these things a million times a day. It's what all people around babies do a million times a day. Ahh…. boop! Baby laughs so you do it again to amuse them. The fact she needed to explain in such detail what she did shows she isn't aware that this is run of the mill behaviour. It isn't some special bond. It isnt even worth mentioning as it's that basic. It's obviously a one off or special occasion for her and so she details it like a special event.

No. 1394696

This post is…weird. She always goes into detail on posts of Storm but never says anything. Syd, do you know Storms favorite shows? Which foods and drinks he prefers? Do you even know what music makes him dance? I mean after all, music is your WhOlE lIfE so he's heard a bit of everything, right? Tell me you don't have custody OR check up ever on your son without telling me. Poor baby smfh

No. 1394734

File: 1639689426828.png (14.38 MB, 1284x2778, 29A9DAB4-4976-4166-B38B-64C38F…)

Apparently she’s been “sOoO bUsY” guys kek!

No. 1394819

>>1394734 who dumps mesclun mix and tomatoes on top of mini quesadillas? Feel like she's trying to make herself look chefy. And yes, we all know you've been sooo busy doing nothing all day sydney. It must really wear you out, you poor thing.

No. 1394858

File: 1639702309510.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1125x1960, 05D7C29D-AC67-4585-A6C5-6F9CEA…)

No. 1394871

These eyebrows were the end result? Kek

Does she ever not complain, jfc

No. 1394877

Uber driver probably saw her profile pic on the app and got scared away kek.

Also… So where is Storm in all of this? You’d think if she had custody she would have included the fact that she has a child to carry with her in her list of complaints. You can’t really take babies in Ubers anyway because they usually don’t have a car seat for children. I highly doubt she can afford a babysitter sooooo riddle me this syd

No. 1394891

>>1394858 stop spending money on dumb shit then and buy yourself a car you fucking idiot. Shouldn't a MOTHER that cares for a child have a car for emergencies? (Obviously excluding individuals who have medical conditions preventing driving). It amazes me how much this chick complains for someone who has 99% less to worry about in life than most adults.

No. 1394907

Bold of you to assume she knows how to drive.

No. 1394916

>>1394907 her go fund me said she was in a car accident and her car was the only thing harmed.

No. 1394918

I mean maybe her brain a little too kek

No. 1394943

She complains constantly but doesn't do anything to solve her problems.
Get a job, get a licence and a car you lazy piece of shit, she really is quite a Karren with how much she complains over little things.

No. 1394946

Truly amazes me how dense she is. How does she not realize she tells on herself almost every day for not having custody? It just shows how disillusioned a habitual liar like her can be. And stupid, cause she's not even good at it. I get immense satisfaction knowing this cow is all alone, not even her junky bf wants anything to do with her. How does it feel knowing not even your bloated, rotten mouth, drugged up loser of a boyfriend wants to be around you Syd? Your poor son probably doesn't like being around you either when he's forced visitation, I can't wait until he's old enough to tell his grandma he doesn't want to see you or Jonny.

No. 1394987

She doesn’t have to pay for childcare since she doesn’t have her child so I’m really confused as to why she can’t get even a part time job. I wonder if she’s just trying to not have to give her mom money for diapers and formula and food and other essentials for a small child. She obviously has the money to be door dashing cups of coffee and Ubering to the grocery store. She could make it to work. How lazy and useless. She’s a stay at home what? Not a stay at home mom. Not a housewife cuz Jonny is obviously not even there right now

No. 1394992

She’s literally a bum who is one step above being homeless. Either her mom pays for her to stay tf away from them or jonny and her combined make just enough on welfare to swing rent and food.

No. 1395061

File: 1639717104459.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1170x2532, CDEBD838-6801-46B0-839B-5704FC…)

I know this is petty as hell but is this bitch really calling chopped up tomatoes “salad”?! Kek I can’t

No. 1395094

No. 1395114

I feel like if she had a job she could have her own car, a life, and she’d be too busy to harass randoms online. It would help her self esteem immensely and she'd probably leave JC. It would show Storm a good example too.

No. 1395128

File: 1639724092125.jpeg (414.67 KB, 1125x2009, 78B6E279-30B3-4D57-B229-3CBBAD…)

No. 1395142


You know what would be really impressive, syd? Show us an average toddler meal. Show us what you cook for storm.

No. 1395176

There she goes again making a huge fuss over something publicly when she could just block the account and move on.
Does she not realise that making a fuss over things like this is showing people how easy it is to fuck with her? I hope more people make accounts with variations of her name just for her to seethe and froth at the mouth over.

No. 1395219

God syd is must be so tiring for you to be jobless and just obsess over this fucking site all day long while you sit and eat your salad alone in your cat piss squalor hole of an apartment you and the manlet call home
This is why you have no friends you have nothing to you outside of this you are as bland as wet oatmeal and I wish you luck in your weird internet stalking like you'll ever be competent enough to figure out who us trolls are kek

No. 1395340

Probably a massive reach but just wanted to throw it out there anyway, the only person I know who’d keep dropping things and stumbling over themself like this was a major heroin addict. Stuff would slip out of his hands when he’d start to nod, then pull that same “I don’t know what’s wrong with me today” bs

No. 1395388

I'm convinced she lives off of apps and is not only a raging Karen but also doesn't tip so these poor workers avoid her like the plague. kek

No. 1395450

Lol she prob has a one star rating on uber

No. 1395533

Neither of those struggle plates contained any actual cooking, none of it even required heat to prepare. Do they not have a working stove/oven? Microwave?? Pitiful

No. 1395638

>>1395061 that's a lot of bread for one sitting wtf

No. 1395891

File: 1639795795386.jpeg (548.89 KB, 814x1444, 75192AAD-0C6D-487C-90B2-57391C…)

How are her brows from 5 years ago better than the sharpie blocks she calls brows now

No. 1395922

Because she actually had eyebrows, not tufts

No. 1395952

Oof, the brow game has fallen off…Syd, you have nothing else going on for yourself all day, if you could just model the current brows after the right (or left?) one here I would be very OK with that.

No. 1395958

That’s really saying something because her eyebrows aren’t even sisters, they’re distant cousins

No. 1396006

You're being generous because they look like they were adopted from 2 different countries.
But I agree, she'd look so much better with either of these unrelated eyebrows as opposed to her either current state of either nonexistent or cartoon eyebrows.

Then if she'd just stop posting deranged shit on social media she wouldn't be ridiculed as badly. She'd still be a joke for being with Bad Bloat Boy and choosing him over the kid she pretends to have, but at least that's a couple of less offenses deemed worthy of endless ridicule.

No. 1396026

She kinda looks like amanda here minus the glasses?

No. 1396197

Funny cause I think she looks a lot like Amanda in her “art account” profile pic.

No. 1397031

File: 1639923314828.jpeg (Spoiler Image,487.64 KB, 818x1067, A6378A10-6E5B-4E90-B899-5DE6D7…)

Looks more like Amanda Bynes in her spiraling years

No. 1397063

>>1395891 there is nothing but blankness behind her eyes. So much for being an emotional genius.

No. 1397277

File: 1639946833216.png (693.73 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211219-154502.png)

I know this is kind of a nitpick but it really speaks to her broader insecurities. This is the way people post when they can't just share a funny joke, they need people to know that they know why it's funny, as if it makes them appear smarter/more in-the-know.

No. 1397411

is it even a good joke? what’s the context please nonnie

No. 1397525

File: 1639972166541.png (941.38 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20211219-194603.png)

I don't think adoration quite equates to you posting videos of him nodding out, or the various screen shots we have of you saying "if you want him, have him" or basically saying he's washed up and wonders why anyone would want him, really just admitting you wanted the rockstar life and getting a broke junkie instead. inb4 "2022 is our year baby!"

No. 1397550

File: 1639977854111.jpeg (801.89 KB, 1242x2326, EEF56427-6A7C-4953-9BE4-BEF594…)

she’s literally talking about herself. she’s been booted from so many friend groups and no one that puts up with her now willingly refers to her as a friend—leave it to sydney to call anyone that blinks at her a best friend cause we know that narc ain’t got nobody.

No. 1397558

Not really. The instrument is called a china cymbal, it's used in a lot of hardcore and metal music, especially in breakdowns and when shit gets crazy, so the joke is your standard, "next year is gonna be EvEn WoRsE" meme that we've suffered for the past like 7 years. Syd just thinks it's absolutely hilarious because she needs the validation of feeling like part of a "niche" group

No. 1397645

Breakdowns in hardcore aren't when shit gets crazy… that's actuality the slower part when people 2 step and do other "dances".
This is actually a splash cymbal and they're the smallest cymbal in a kit, even smaller than China cymbals. There's also something called China splash cymbals, but you can tell from the edges this isn't it. Splash cymbals are for accents. You can use them during metal blast beats, but they're literally just for that tinny accent.
This meme was created by someone who doesn't play drums and for people who don't know shit about playing drums (like Syd). It would've been a better meme if someone just put a fight bell in the picture because this meme is all about pandering to dummies who want to pretend they know music- Perfect for Syd!

No. 1397650

I love how ol' Jonny boy posts that 2022 is hIs yEaR while Syd attempts to imply 2022 is going to be worse, while using a meme that isn't even musically accurate. It seems like she's trying to tell him that life isn't getting any better ever. They're just from 2 different crazy planets.

No. 1397786

Breakdowns and when shit gets crazy, nonnie.
Thanks for the corrections tho

No. 1397810

No its a zilbel. Not even close to a splash or a China lmao >>1397645
And actually she posted it in the right context.

No. 1397864

Nobody gives a shit what it is. The point is Syd thinks she's being knowledgeable about the music she hears sooo differently when it's a meme of a damn accent cymbal that isn't even the best reflection of how shitty Thing 1 and Thing 2's life is going to be in 2022.

No. 1397893

File: 1640031900242.png (1.66 MB, 1440x2555, Screenshot_20211220-152309.png)

Now you don't even have that responsibility! :)

No. 1397927

I have never seen anyone repost their memories on social media so much more than syd does - she is so miserable, its so cringy but it also makes me laugh at the same that someone hitting 30, a mom, could be like THIS. But then again, she probably doesnt have storm to share about all the new milestones hence why she keeps looking back.

No. 1397964

>>1397893 it really irritates me how stuck in 2005 she is.

No. 1398001

All she does is romanticize her past and bitch about her current situation. Just say you hate your life and move on already.

No. 1398091

File: 1640052859392.jpg (180.49 KB, 1435x1499, hah.jpg)

I found this amusing. Back when she had self awareness apparently.

No. 1398727

File: 1640113953841.png (1.97 MB, 828x1792, 2BA77D09-A4C9-4010-AADC-EDE00C…)

No. 1398736

Syd your mustache is far from peach fuzz I doubt removal would make it any worse than it is already

No. 1398742

LIVE FREE AND HAPPY unless you want to shave your facial hair, then please do not. Unless you’re talking about your eyebrow hair, then DO shave it all off like mine uwu

No. 1398754

Sounds like her being insecure about her mustache after reading here lol what other reason would she make this random ass post. Yes syd, you wear that mustache with pride!

No. 1398756

Who the fuck cares what anybody does with their own facial hair (cis or otherwise, why she even specifically mentioned cis women is weird though like what about cis women with PCOS, do they need your permission to shave their faces?). Definite projection going on in this post. Go get a job or take care of your kid so you don't need to waste your time worrying about other people's facial hair Syd… Smh

No. 1398785

Then I don’t know drive a car or take a bike with a box?

No. 1398786

Does she seriously believe this old wives tale? One Google search will enlighten her. This has been disproven for so many years.

No. 1398787

She deff needs a job and to stop worrying about other people's mustaches lol what a weird thing to nite pick about syd

No. 1398831

Sydney, honey, I bet you'd look better WITHOUT that real ass mustache you got going on. I guess the reason you don't get rid of it is cuz you're dense enough to believe it will come back thicker and faster? Also, loving the mention of LGBTQ+ when you openly call ppl/things faggots and gay as an INSULT. Don't you have a baby to tend to? Oh wait..

No. 1398855

File: 1640126450502.png (1.9 MB, 828x1792, 0E3A08D6-407A-4296-8B0D-9856F3…)

No. 1398856

Syd, you're not teaching YOUR kid how to behave because you're not there. The only thing you're teaching him is that mommy and daddy barely exist, and they can't be relied on for anything but a few hours of playtime now and then.

No. 1398858

You're an ugly, evil NARCISSIST, Syd.

No. 1398866

No one cares if a child stares at them. Damn bitch tell on yourself more. She must really loathe children as a whole. Stfu hairy ass cunt

No. 1398868

File: 1640128135532.png (1.21 MB, 828x1792, B100305A-34CA-4489-AB23-0B4222…)

No. 1398871

Imagine being almost 30 years old and being bothered by a CHILD staring or listening to music out loud. What a miserable cunt. I'm supposed to believe she wants her son back when she bitches out minuscule shit all kids do? What a pathetic loser lmao

No. 1398872

>>1398855 says the dumb cunt who yells loudly in public to try and be "funny".

No. 1398876

Little children/babies staring is normal, it's how they absorb the new world around them and different people can be very interesting to them, they even did studies on this year's ago about why they do it because it's so common.
As for the noise, children are noisy! Some kids need distractions out in public like music playing to keep them from having meltdowns or being to hand grabby in shops.

She's so dense and making herself come across as the type of mother who would absolutely tell her child to shut the fuck up if he was playing "too loud".

No. 1398886

>>1398727 I just don't get why a mother would abandoned her child for a drug addict, but still pretend that she's this loving, devoted mother who still has said child in their care.. but you know… To each their own.

I hate this chick so much haha.

No. 1398892

JFC that post about teaching kids shit.. just SCREAMS she has exactly zero
experience raising a kid 24/7/365. This is literally all children unless they’ve been abused into being silent. The fact she thinks that this is not how kids should act really hurts me for Storm.
Also fkn lol at “teach your kids not to stare”
So blinkers for under 5’s, anyone? Ooh she could turn it into a business! Maybe she could even draw funny eyes on them, since that is the only thing she’s ever fkn drawn

No. 1398928

Wow. This bitch is pure evil. This is so heartless. I already knew Syd doesn’t know love, but this post tells me she is not capable of love. All she knows is ugly and cruel. She will always be lonely. What a miserable human being.

No. 1398934

This is only my second post after lurking for years since TND so hope I didn’t fuck up. Hi nons, I’m anon!
Ok pleasantries over, this post whoo Boy she really let the internalised misogyny fly here huh. Shall we unpack?

“To each their own” ~ I’M super open minded and don’t care what you do to ur face long as YOU feel confident!
But here’s 3/4 of a post ranting about WHY do other women shave their facial hair? I JUST DON’T GET IT???1! it’s almost like it’s none of MY business and I’M just a ratty bitchy twat making a pointless post designed to make ME feel better by making other women feel shit!
(Oh but I do get eyebrows,cos I do that so that’s cool) But ew just WHY would other women not do what I do, wierdos. You’re gonn look so ugly I bet Burt Reynolds is jealous of the bush on your top lip!
I read in teen vogue that shaving your face means two hairs grow back for every one!! I never got the memo that it’s been disproved since like 2001. Speaking of 2001 did you know I am proud merch mummy to MY merchandise baby STOEM, his father is MY moon and stars, JONNY CRAIG!!!!! yes THE Jonny Craig!! Why did you visibly shudder when I said that? I bet you’re shaking with jealousy that a World Famous Rock Star chose MEE! he is MY world!!2!, (oh I mean the baby is. Maybe.) God you’re all gonna look so UGLY, stupid women! I’m not like you losers who did the WRONG thing HAHAHA
I’m smart and hot and cake MY delicate peach fuzz in foundation and powder that makes it INVISIBLE to the naked eye COS I AM BETTER THAN YOU ALL! That’s why JC loves MEE!!172!!! hEhE rAWR
Oh shit better disclaimer that I don’t mean TRANS women, they rock that stubble! Grow full beards you’re so hot live your best lyf! YAS KWEEN SLAY look at me virtue signal I’’M wokest RAINBOW ALLY while simultaneously dragging down cis women! ~#*
LQBTG FAMILY!!^** (fuck you cis women I KNOW you ALL want a chode ride on MY potato faced junkie neckless manlet! I SEE YOU!! HE HAS A TRAP CHILD RELUCTANTLY with MEE! I WIN SLUTS!!!
-/ remember to try to practice Love and Light/~_ maybe one day you might understand what a hard life an empath goes through, feeling every pain every single human is going thru at every moment. It’s a burden… but I love that about ME because it means I’M special, and extra sensitive and kind!

No. 1398950

Removing hair is A SIGN OF WEAKNESS AND INSECURITY…unless it's the way I was already doing!

No. 1398974

You saved your one post and really let it all out. This was a great chuckle to read. You really captured sydsosexist

No. 1398977

What a moron. Kids stare because they’re absorbing information. Who cares if you’re uncomfortable? Move? Kids stare. Has nothing to do with being rude unlike your bothered ass. Imagine ranting about how moms shouldn’t let their kids stare lmao.

I can’t believe this woman chose to give birth to a human. “No storm! Don’t look at that person! It’s rude. “ fucking yikes

No. 1399033

Her Instagram followers went down another thousand I noticed…. Kek

No. 1399064

It felt like she was in the room haha

No. 1399082

If you tell me a fedora-wearing incel posted this.. I would actually believe it.. jfc why is this even taking space in her head?

No. 1399102

Because she doesn't have a personality. She thinks that being judgmental is the same thing as being a cool, aloof taste maker. She's mean and hateful. She got the smallest crumb of public validation because a micro celebrity pumped her full of junkie batter and now she thinks that she can punch down at people after being on the fringe of every friend group who never liked her enough to integrate her into it.

Tldr she's a pick-me chill girl and it's gross.

No. 1399146

Kek did she find out one of jonnys exes wax their face hair

No. 1399204

Junkie batter! Amazing

No. 1399231

Sooo gross, I dont think i have met anyone that passed the age of 15 still acts like a pick-me girl. But hey ho, introducing sydsodesperate and she is here thinking she is woke-est, most sensitive, empath, special being in the world when in reality… she has a mental capacity of a 13 year old stuck in 2005

No. 1399252

That’s actually quite young for that behaviour. Old people have been complaining about youth since the dawn of times.

No. 1399276

No. 1399333

This dumbass has big ol’ hideous “~ETHEREAL~” tatted across her face and is blaming the parents for kids staring at her, top fucking tek

No. 1399339

Oof it’s so embarrassing that she’s still a scene kid at her big age. And it’s even more embarrassing that she’s stuck in that age mentally.

No. 1399361

I've met people well into adulthood with this mentality. The older they get, the less normal people tolerate them. She's getting to an age where people are starting to get their lives together and be the people they'll be for the rest of their adulthood and if someone can use their limited time away from work and kids to hang out, they're not going to hang out with a bitchy groupie who thinks being mean to people makes her cool. The icing on the cake is their relationship drama; they're unstable, have multiple pending charges, and they don't have custody of their kid. The only people who would lend a sympathetic ear are people in the same boat. She's too high effort, low reward as a friend. People only interact with her on social media where they can keep her an arm's length away.

No. 1399423

She’s a young Raven in the making.

No. 1399484

She probably saw some dry razors at the register when she was buying discount hair dye at Sally's and figured now was her chance to insult everyone who uses them. Just shows how much of an idiot she is, Carli Bybel taught everyone who loves makeup how to dryshave in like 2014.

No. 1399508

File: 1640204459326.jpeg (356.63 KB, 750x1197, 0DC25B1E-D7D3-4998-B48B-D06340…)

Never in my life have I seen another couple LICK each others tongues, and I’ve seen it from these two on multiple occasions. Do they think it’s cute? It’s not. All I can think of are the teeth that rotted in that same mouth and can’t imagine anyone having the desire to put their tongue into that same space.

No. 1399525

>>1399508 it's all for attention. Normal people don't do that and post it on social media.

No. 1399945

Keekk check out the witch nose on SydSoDesperate

No. 1399948

Oh but haven't you heard? Syd isn't normal! She's soooo speshul that she hears music and sees colors different!!! And she loves that no other teenagers who liked emo bands in the early 2000s is like her!!! Have you heard she's also an eTheReAl EMPATH?!

No. 1399975

Why is she allowing the acts of a child with no common sense or experience socially to make her anxious?? She’s seriously so petty and thinks the world revolves around what she wants and her weird standards. Like yeah loud kids are annoying but you don’t need to make a psa on your Instagram story jeez sad sack of shit

No. 1399978

Please write the description for the next thread kek

No. 1399986

>>1399508 I love that she made a post about children staring and being loud, and how that shouldn't occur, but in her mind it's totally okay to be an adult out in public licking and being a total fucking weirdo with someone else. No issues with that or posting it online for the world to see. What an idiot.

No. 1400012

its funny, the only people i have EVER heard describe themselves as "empaths" have all been total narcissists. even just on lolcow theres syd, pnp, shane dawson, to name a few. never met an actual empath who describes themselves as such, its always the overt narcs.

No. 1400307

File: 1640290870427.png (2.05 MB, 1284x2778, DBFEEA72-B7AE-4429-8C45-429356…)