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File: 1641156617685.jpg (1.34 MB, 1722x3592, sydsosleazy.jpg)

No. 1407141

Thread #9

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Last Thread

The basic rundown:
> jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse toward several of his exes - pretty much any woman he comes into contact with he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
> most recently dated and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
> after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
> enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall/minnieskins. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
> since syd got pregnant there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, most of it not related enough to TND to post in her thread
> syd gave birth. this is a containment thread so people stop bitching about people posting Jonny/syd in the TND thread

Old milk:
>syd starts a gofundme for "personal situations" >>1234541, >>1234881 but it seems to be going towards hair and lash extensions >>1244430 and amanda shows up on the donations >>1242157
> Jonny goes to jail for domestic violence >>1088190 and pleads guilty his last court date was feb 1st at 9am >>1090762
> >>1090779 Storm has unknown surgery but syd doesnt say anything and Jonny barely acknowledges it >>1091369
> Jonny contracts cellulitis and ends up being admitted to the hospital most likely caused by IV heroin use >>1107260, >>1107262
> Jonny posts two disturbing but typical (for him) videos to his instagram stories: one where he shows Syd’s bare but and then grabs it >>1109832 it’s also noted she has a mysterious and large bruise on her leg in a generally hard to bruise area >>1110293. Audio in second vid (which was of Storm with camera inches away from him as baby lays on bed) reveals a clearly super high Jonny slurring and unable to hold the camera steady >>1110163
> syd vagueposts about someone (Jonny) cheating with someone you know. That someone posts in the thread revealing screenshots of Instagram DMs with Jonny and Syd >>1318548,Syd who accuses anon of cheating with Jonny for flirting on Instagram with Jonny and allegedly calls the cops on anon. Anon says she's known Syd since high school. In the screenshots Syd calls Jonny a waste,a fat junkie, says she'll show the conversation to Taylor so that she'll ruin anon's life, threatens anon. Syd doxxes anon on Instagram.
> anon posts more screenshots, looks like she was carrying the convo with Jonny. Syd sends anon a video of Jonny wasted. >>1319574 Turtle Mom ends up leaking the video >>1320319 and says she'll go the TX shows to expose Jonny with flyers, never does.
> tour starts, Jonny doesn't know the lyrics to his own songs so he's reading them off his phone. >>1322793
> syd goes on stage to hug Jonny and makes sure everyone know he has a kid whenever he looks in the direction of a woman >>1320416, >>1320417 She also keeps complaining about how hard working at the merch table is.
> jonny proposes to Syd again >>1332845, >>1333002 at a concert with the same ring.
> syd makes her Instagram account public
>syd, jonny, and the rest of their crew get awful matching tour tattoos >>1336731
>anon posts screenshots from cps that imply storm is not in their custody >>1338649 and Syd continues to confirm this by only posting a photo of them in a public setting >>1346847
>jonny goes radio silent on social media while syd's instagram use only increases, presumably because jonny is in rehab
>syd buys herself an iPad and starts to vague post about a new project >>1346549, >>1363620 eventually announces a date she will announce the project >>1366535
but does not announce anything.
>syd and jonny lovebomb announcing they have chosen a date for their wedding, 11/11/22 >>1367393, >>1367396

New Milk:

>sydsostupid thinks we're cringey >>1370099 and ugly >>1375532

>jonny still has drugs on the mind >>1370741, >>1372532
>syd has a "magical bond" with her cats >>1370893 but what about storm, sydney? hmm?
>syd spergs out about a fake jonny profile >>1372049, >>1372050, >>1372054
>syd and jonny traumatize us all with TMI about their (likely nonexistent) sex life >>1372165 and anon adds insult to injury >>1372206
>surprising nobody, anon finds jonny on tinder >>1372864 syd responds >>1374232
>syd still trying to keep up the facade of being a parent >>1373001, >>1376986, >>1388466, >>1390689, >>1391059, >>1392428, >>1393204
>more information is found about the courtcase that likely caused JC and syd to lose custody >>1373075, >>1373156, >>1373401, >>1373420, and a previous DV case involving syd >>1373487
>more narcissist, er… "empath" posting >>1373163
>syd flirts with lolbro >>1373616, >>1374083, >>1374084
>syd lovebombs jc >>1375488
>syd is alone on thanksgiving, trying to seem unbothered >>1375878 while jonny enjoys his rehab/sober living slop >>1375941 more sober living shots: >>1376927, >>1401281, >>1401284
>syd thinks she's a poet >>1377897,
>>1388907 more syd being so0o0o deep: >>1380378, >>1386010, >>1388425, and complaining: >>1385148, >>1394858, >>1398855, (that one shows that she's definitely not a parent)
>syd gives us ladies some advice about facial hair >>1398727
>syd gets new piercings to match her trashy face tattoo >>1400582
>sydsosneaky visits storm at her mom's house for xmas >>1401841, >>1401842, and shows a picture of jonny with storm from last xmas, since he's away in sober living >>1401843
>syd is reading the thread >>1402818, >>1402823, >>1402826, >>1402828
>a fan comforts jonny about the death of a friend, causing syd to go on a sperg about him cheating >>1406759, >>1406761
>anon helps us ring in the new year by providing us with screenshots… sydsosmart gets caught cheating! and this message also proves that they lost custody of storm. >>1407044, >>1407062, >>1407070, to be continued!

Previous threads:
1: >>>/snow/987337
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3: >>>/snow/1082146
4: >>>/snow/1112272
5: >>>/snow/1270218
6: >>>/snow/1316852
7: >>>/snow/1336640
8: >>>/snow/1369688

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No. 1407142

File: 1641156684323.jpg (1.48 MB, 1909x3658, syd.jpg)

I reposted the thread with fixed links. Sorry, anons. Anyway, here are the other screenshots that anon posted (so noboody gets left behind on the new milk). I hope they come back with more.

No. 1407144

File: 1641156778420.jpg (22.46 KB, 213x275, sydsosneaky.jpg)

No. 1407151

Is the screenshot anon still around? Fill us in dude

No. 1407154

Damn we are drowning in milk right now. Never in my life have I wanted to cow tip as bad as I do right now and direct Jonny to these threads right now (don’t worry I won’t do that)

No. 1407155

I believe screenshot anon bc if you go back to the old threads around the time this was supposedly going down, she had took Jonny out of her bio, was crying about not being responded to, started that GoFundMe, etc >>1229084

No. 1407157

She also references a car accident in the GFM >>1234883

No. 1407164

File: 1641157827483.png (2.25 MB, 1560x1170, 041FC8BD-7342-4438-BD3D-63ED0D…)

Can’t wait to see how this unfolds

No. 1407167

File: 1641158061021.png (225.55 KB, 750x1334, E2519C6A-5F56-4B60-B359-AD87E1…)

No. 1407170

File: 1641158302304.jpg (242.1 KB, 1080x1944, Screenshot_20220102-211749_Ins…)

No. 1407171

File: 1641158327453.jpg (85.75 KB, 1080x1874, Screenshot_20220102-211751_Ins…)

did they break up?

No. 1407172

File: 1641158425936.jpg (87.3 KB, 1080x1828, Screenshot_20220102-211918_Ins…)

No. 1407173

I don't know if Syd would actually be able to let go of Jonny. That would mean she was wrong, and everyone else was right. I could see them doing a poly relationship or something before Syd would actually be willing to cut her losses.

No. 1407175


These are out of order.

Jonny posted the trees and lights whatever first, Syd posted `I was the light,` Jonny then posted `That's right make her think you write poetry,` and Syd posted `Are my feelings supposed to be hurt?`

No. 1407180

I kek'd hella loud remembering the barren room with the TV on the floor. Easy to draw poetic inspirations from your surroundings I guess lmao

No. 1407182

Yep, tinfoil sounds true. She went on that rant about not having a car or DL as an adult just recently too so.. GFM sounds like she had to pay back an accident she caused.

No. 1407189

She probably had to pay back the deductible.

It’s so hilarious how they vague post to each other passive aggressively through IG stories. I hope they break up. The milk will be amazing.

No. 1407190

I don’t feel bad at all for jc but this is fantastic, the cheater is cheated on while they cheat on each other both of them can’t help but want to control the narrative to better “light” themselves as a victim. It’s like get off the fucking stage and stop publicizing your every embarrassment.
Can’t wait for the breakup, I can’t wait for her to be an irrelevant groupie once more. But then again, that would mean a worse version of Syd is up next.

Poor Storm, I feel so bad for him.

No. 1407192

Live action Soap Operas of 2022 kek

No. 1407204

File: 1641161542805.png (1.24 MB, 1125x2436, F68D7815-7346-42DB-900E-0103C3…)

No. 1407205

File: 1641161565571.png (1.36 MB, 1125x2436, E9A37A90-E111-448A-A3A0-1F4622…)

No. 1407209

She deserves to be charged with harassment.

No. 1407211

>>1407204 this is very clearly syd. What a psycho. Making fake instas

No. 1407213

>>1407205 this coming from the same woman who literally days ago posted about karma coming to those who "bully, harass, and attack" people. Gotta love when she goes into these manic rages after posing like she's some angel from above who does no wrong.

No. 1407215

Yeah judging by time stamps she got blocked and two minutes later started messaging on the fake account. The most unhinged human I’ve ever seen. Such a miserable existence.

No. 1407217

File: 1641162108446.png (3.31 MB, 1242x2688, 1A89FF1C-7EBD-4CFD-A05F-B36E4B…)

hokiedoughkie ain’t up to no good

No. 1407218

File: 1641162131753.png (4.37 MB, 1242x2688, 5A03B6D9-908B-4DB3-A2D3-324AA2…)

projecting much, syd?

No. 1407220

File: 1641162194820.png (5.48 MB, 1242x2688, 95F47A13-22F7-4399-B013-58DE8D…)

did she just search “groupie meme” in google and post the first few that came up?

No. 1407221

File: 1641162236849.png (6.99 MB, 1242x2688, 02DB4925-5CE2-41EC-93B9-605B50…)

literally how sydney bagged jonny tho lol

No. 1407222

Liz’s current story is so honest and real. She knows syd is mentally ill, but also she went on about being in the music industry for years, and it’s just another aspect that drives “merch mama” syd insane. She’s(syd) the insane groupie

No. 1407223

(Samefag, sorry I can’t upload the videos)

No. 1407226

If you’ve screenrecorded you can upload to streamable.

No. 1407227


I'm sure Meghan feels the same way you psychotic bitch

No. 1407228


This user name alone gives her away, even without the repeated use of groupie memes. She speaks like a child all the time, and hokiedoughkie is definitely something she would spell in this way. What a complete trainwreck syd is.

No. 1407231

>”keep my name out ya mouth, bitch!”
Poor Liz, imagine barely speaking to JC in 10 years & when she does, she is just dragged into this wild ride of drama, harassment & mental instability just because she was sending condolences to a person during a time of loss, eeeeeesh!

No. 1407232

All of these are timestamped 2 hours ago, is that accurate? That's after her cheating was dropped on here, is she trying to change the topic so people don't talk about it?

Normally I roll my eyes at anons saying cows are constantly refreshing their own threads, but with Syd I believe it.

No. 1407234

Same anon here it is, it was a long one

No. 1407235

File: 1641162991864.jpg (39.84 KB, 640x1138, sNf098lHeL.jpg)

No. 1407237

Who is Meghan? Her friend?

No. 1407239

File: 1641163129366.png (402.68 KB, 1125x2436, FB477F9F-6E67-4259-9F4E-11D10D…)

No. 1407241

SHE legitimately sees nothing wrong with her actions. Jesus she really is mentally ill. Glad her baby isn’t around her. I think she would hurt him just to get at Jonny. “Look what you made me do!”

It’s so sick. Please get help syd.

No. 1407242

is this really all in response to this chick saying “love you so much babe”? nothing about that seems romantic in a reply to a memorial post. liz seems like she has her shit together and unless she follows syd (unlikely) she probably had no idea jonny was dating a sociopath. the fact that sydney expects every person who interacts with jonny to know that he’s “taken” is really fucking strange. i bet 95% of his fanbase doesn’t know he has a kid or a girlfriend, they just like his shitty music and listened to DGD forever ago. sydney doesn’t love jonny she just hates women

No. 1407243

File: 1641163236047.jpg (1.06 MB, 1543x3346, 20211009_103130.jpg)

No. 1407244

Jonny's first baby mama, Syd can pretend she's unique but Jonny's already ruined a family.

I've only been following this shitshow as long as its been on lolcow and the TND threads, so I don't know Amanda and liz past their names. I love Liz from these stories, good for her for getting away from jonny and seemingly being a good humoured person.

No. 1407245

Totally different Liz. Not his ex.

No. 1407247

It keeps coming! God bless you anon. She never mentally progressed past the age of 14, "you're so hot you could be a model" is such an insincere pickup line and she fell for it

No. 1407248

RE: The second part
I'm in the same boat. This isn't Liz the ex, is it? I have a hard time believing she'd still associate with Jonny.

No. 1407250

My bad, saw she was in texas and assumed. She's going crazy over a totally unrelated woman?

No. 1407251

Sorry for double-posting, but thank you for the confirmation anon

No. 1407252

That upload was terrible kek but thanks for providing it. The poor woman jfc. I feel so bad for her. She works in the music industry and blasted syd’s nasty messages on her stories. I hope that ruins any chances(the slim chances) she ever had of making it in the music scene.

No. 1407256

So Syd can cheat and flirt with other guys but God forbid jonny even looks in a woman's direction.

He needs to bail on this psychotic bitch, she's so unhinged and lacks self awareness, she's so convinced she's in the right here but she's making herself look like a total basket case.

No. 1407257

I’m sorry anon, I tried. But honestly, couldn’t harassment charges be pressed? How far does it have to escalate?

No. 1407258

File: 1641163968584.jpg (396.78 KB, 950x2042, Point Blur_Jan022022_143010.jp…)

No. 1407260

Lmao she wanted credit! Jfc. I’m sad the names are blurred though but I kind of get it. Syd is completely unhinged.

No. 1407264


Won't get too far sucking band D. Kek Syd would know

No. 1407268

Wait, so Liz is involved in the music industry and she's accusing her of being a clout chasing groupie? What an unselfaware nut.

No. 1407271

Dude, working production is not the same category, at all. It is a skill set. Handling power, stage layouts, lights all that shit.

No. 1407276

Not sure what you're trying to nitpick. Production is absolutely apart of the industry. To clarify I am in awe that Syd would claim someone is trying to be a groupie when this person is actually professionally involved with the industry, and is therefore less likely to be a groupie as Syd tries to claim.

No. 1407288




Did band dude have a gf too?

No. 1407295

>TheY'RE Both EquALLy aBuSIvE


No. 1407297

That’s what I was getting from that. That maybe he has a gf named meghan.

No. 1407300

same, but if hes the leak, why is he telling on himself for infidelity?

No. 1407304

File: 1641168383405.jpeg (928.65 KB, 828x1234, 32E588D4-5320-4AEB-9711-62B6D4…)

It’s definitely this guy. It’s the same pic as in the text messages. I remember she used to post tons of videos/pictures last summer with this guy/guy’s band.

No. 1407305

You sneaky super sleuth, way to go!

No. 1407306

Not saying you're wrong but "yeee" is bay area slang. It's used as a greeting, to show excitement, or used as a confirmation.

No. 1407307

Your icon is showing nonny

Nice catch I knew someone would figure it out kek

No. 1407312

You’re right because his band is called aquageist and he mentioned how hot she was in an aqua crop top. Yikes this dude looks FTM(sage)

No. 1407315


God I hope it is. This girl could knock Sydney on her ass, like she deserves.

No. 1407317

Oh fuck lmao I know of these people and have tons of friends that are close to them. (Before anyone asks, no milk but I hope Meg kicks Syd’s shiesty little ass)

No. 1407323

becuz he's a fuckin retard for posting that at all in the first place lol ilu guys for figuring it out so fast

No. 1407327

Well it’s a photo of a phone not a screen shot so it wouldn’t fully make sense if it was him? It would make more sense if he took a screenshot and uploaded it….unless he replaced his phone between now and when those texts occurred. Honestly, I think it’s Johnny taking a photo of the conversation on one of their phones and just now exposing them.

No. 1407330

That or the Meghan mentioned

No. 1407332

I hope Meg figured it out or is posting here

No. 1407334

Makes more sense the GF found it and is taking photos of the dudes phone. Why would the dude out himself?

No. 1407336

At least the anon who knows her can share the screenshots we got, if necessary. Love to see cheaters caught

No. 1407338

It’s still there for me. He posted June 7 2021 and credits her.

No. 1407339

People do this because screenshots are easier to fake

No. 1407340

File: 1641170891589.jpg (317.29 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220102-164659_Gal…)

They kicked him out of the band for assaulting his ex

No. 1407341

File: 1641171033886.jpeg (44.52 KB, 350x279, 812AF0E1-67CD-4782-B977-4D6CCE…)

Thank you all for the milk today. Wow, Syd, what a catch.

No. 1407349

When was this? He stopped posting in October. Syd really knows how to pick bottom barrel men

No. 1407350

kek right? what an amazing end/start to the thread

No. 1407356

File: 1641171797493.jpg (441.91 KB, 720x1448, Screenshot_20220102-200044_Ins…)

Wondering if this is the ex. Got the name meghan. Follows her. Hair color matches up with previous posts he has shared, if you scroll back enough through hers. What a nasty, pathetic man.

No. 1407358

I’m so glad she got out of that bullshit. Syd is so pathetic, absolutely stupid to do this shit while he’s abusing the gf.

No. 1407361

It’s likely @highstrangeness who has deleted or changed handles. That’s the only woman he has posted that looks like they were romantically involved.

No. 1407366

Their music sucks kek as if she could not fall any lower

No. 1407370

So this guy was in this band called Aquaqeist as some other nonnies mentioned. A few threads ago Syd had did a live that was like the most long and most completely pointless live ever if y’all remember. Anyway so I remember specifically from that live someone in the comments asked her if she was going to be going to the Aquageist show coming up and she got kinda awkward and was like “no I’m not going…. I wish them the best but…. no I’m not going…” I might have a screen recording of the live but either way this all makes so much sense now

No. 1407372

Unfortunately even that is giving her too much credit - those are lyrics from the song ‘Everything We Had’ by The Academy Is (from 2007 kek)

No. 1407375

File: 1641173590529.jpeg (109.38 KB, 828x1472, 1CE43ED3-FAA9-40F1-A3BE-EAD4E5…)

how old was she? like 20? how did she look this busted already? this was pre-baby

No. 1407377

File: 1641173929676.webm (12.53 MB, 720x1280, 01.webm)

Nona, I hope you and the others don’t mind I upload the videos. I don’t trust Streamable.

No. 1407378

File: 1641173994657.webm (10.71 MB, 720x1280, 02.webm)

No. 1407380

File: 1641174135496.webm (12.83 MB, 720x1280, 03.webm)

No. 1407381

>honest and real
SydSoSketchy could never

did Sydney ever mention this mysterious car wreck other than in the GoFundMe she set up for herself? seems like she’d be milking that for all it’s worth if the circumstances weren’t incredibly sus.

No. 1407382

File: 1641174253579.webm (4.57 MB, 720x1280, 04.webm)

No. 1407386

File: 1641174346597.webm (5.59 MB, 720x1280, 05.webm)

No. 1407387

File: 1641174476591.webm (4.9 MB, 720x1280, 06.webm)

No. 1407389

Wasn’t her profile private then? I feel we didn’t see that much milk then

No. 1407393

File: 1641175092170.jpg (442.01 KB, 1080x2280, Point Blur_Jan022022_175628.jp…)

No. 1407395

>using her kid as a guilt tripping pawn
She’s such a cunt. She keeps using that line “good job taking a son away from his dad”. The only person keeping storm away from his dad would be you. God I want to a-log so hard.

No. 1407396

Holy fuck milk is juicing hard tonight, syd is flying off the rails and we love to see it. Keep posting anon and so sorry you have to deal with her>>1407393

No. 1407406

Lmao her logic is flawless. I wasn't cheating, I learned it from Jonny!!

No. 1407407

Syd is real bold to be talking to a girl that has a lot more established friendships in the scene here. Not only could Meghan hold her own but she’s got multiple friends that I’m sure wouldn’t mind “just having a talk” with Syd either lmao. This girl loves to put targets on her back, it’s almost like she WANTS to be in danger considering who she dates, who she’s been cheating with, and how she runs her mouth.

No. 1407409

Good job taking care of that mental health there Syd. She also did not deny the Sterling callout. So if Jonny loses access to Storm because of cheating, does that mean you also lose access to Storm for cheating? Trick question, you both have supervised visits and it sounds like you're on your way to another psychotic break that will keep you have from having custody of your child. What a psycho.

No. 1407410

Throw it up. I want to see it. kek

Anon, I cannot emphasize enough how deeply nosy I am about the rest of this conversation if she texted anything else.

No. 1407412

File: 1641177049969.jpeg (74.27 KB, 828x1399, ABD13E41-C384-43AB-8398-017A2A…)

From Jonny, sounds like he’s sick of Syd’s shit

No. 1407414

Well if anyone is interested here is syd in July talking on her live about Aquageist. Idk it might be a stretch but she seems like she’s acting weird about it. I’ll let y’all be the judge


No. 1407415

I don’t even know Meghan and I would happily step in if I lived there, no lie. If anyone has ever deserved to get their ass beat for their actions, it’s Syd.
I really hope she gets shit on locally.also, she already has a record, so really calling the cops about her threats would be taken seriously. Let’s see syd be this hard in jail kek.

No. 1407416

If he ever wants to take sobriety seriously, he will dump her. Big if. He deserves every second of syd’s psycho ass. Karma’s a bitch. I just wish there wasn’t a baby in the middle.

No. 1407419

She's definitely being weird and pointed about it. The way she says "I will… not be doing… THAT" + her expression means she has a really bad poker face. Fascinating!

Tsk tsk, Syd. We knew you were up to something, loca.

No. 1407426

I knew that bloated, florid pig corpse wasn't fucking her lmao

No. 1407428

Wait I’m lost who posted this? Not Liz from earlier so is aus starting shit with someone else same day?

No. 1407429

Pretty sure this is the anon who posted the photos of the cheating screen caps. Syd knows who it is so she’s coming after her for posting them and acting like she’s unbothered because Jonny knew about her cheating? Whatever she’s unhinged.

No. 1407430

Assuming "Sterling wanted you" she is talking to the Ex Sterling beat on? >>1407356 She changed her IG handle too so possibility that's where the leaks are coming from, hence Syd's meltdown about her "getting attention" by outing Syd online.

No. 1407431

Sydney is very.. self loathing. Sure sure she was messaging a dude about how she's joking but not joking about being a groupie.. but this girl gets half a days worth of fail memes "hurr durrrr groupie girl". Johnny is cheating scum, but I'm not, I'm just acting like him, but I'm not because he knows about it.
This girl is terrible because she.. "is ripping a family apart". A non existent family because Syd barely tolerates him but to put up a front and doesn't have custody of her child. Oh and the girl needs to "tie a rope around her neck"

……. tell me again how everyone here #
(that just laughs at her pathetic lies) are the terrible ones now?

Love this frothy milk, bless you sharing anon.

No. 1407438

File: 1641180843447.jpeg (31.85 KB, 1200x479, 1200x0.jpeg)

i'm gonna guess it's meghan? if so hello and welcome to the farms! pull up a chair, we're some nosy bitches and we'd LOVE to hear your side of this

No. 1407442

She's literally made threats to damage your property. I wouldn't respond and just get a restraining order on her psycho ass.
The dwarf thinks she's so tough it's hilarious.

No. 1407448

Megan is like Syd's one and only friend. I think she's saying her only friend Megan is out of town so she has noone to hang out with

No. 1407451

ooohhh shit i thought megan was sterling's ex. i retract my earlier prediction in that case

No. 1407459

File: 1641182999019.jpeg (183.31 KB, 1170x772, 4EBD7CC0-48D7-441B-AE53-1B8390…)

Nah her friend Megan spells it differently. I’m pretty sure this is her. So “Meghan” is a different person

No. 1407460


Longtime viewers: have you ever seen Syd show any remorse for the horrific things that she has said to people?

Has she ever apologized for anything or admitted wrong or fault in anything she's done?

Because it really, honestly seems like she doesn't think she's abusive or has ever done anything wrong in any of these circumstances. She's very clearly unhinged. If she's not extremely mentally ill, then she's genuinely evil. Every veiled reference to the "hard times" or whatever way she phrases things are textbook abuser deflection techniques that move the responsibility for the traumatic event to the event itself and not the person who caused it. I feel so bad for her kid.

No. 1407462

I’ve been following her since the very beginning of her relationship with Jonny and through all of these threads. I can say with 1000% certainty she has never, ever shown any remorse or addresses it in any way after the fact. She just pretends it doesn’t happen and moves on with her sad life.

No. 1407464

No, she truly believes her actions are warranted and there’s nothing wrong with what she’s doing. She believes her actions are completely justified. She’s not sorry for anything she’s done. Syd thinks she’s just standing up for herself. I’m pretty sure she’s a sociopath.

No. 1407483

You are right I was certain of this also but some people ran with the idea tour gf is out of town too so come over. She did mean her one and only friend

No. 1407493

So basically Syd is such a dumbass she can’t even spell her only friends name correctly >>1407144 kek

No. 1407496

Syd the only person ruining your family is Jonny. It’s 100% his responsibility to not cheat and the other woman owes you nothing no matter how much you scream and piss about it. And this bitch has a lot of nerve preaching positivity when she literally tells women to kill themselves and creates fake accounts to continue harassing women who blocked her.

No. 1407498

“I just wish there wasn’t a baby in the middle.”

There isn’t because he lives with grandma far away from these psychos

No. 1407518

Riiiight. Because the kid will be completely free of Syd and Jonny’s bullshit.

The kid is absolutely caught in the middle. Sorry you can’t see that.

No. 1407528

I’m so confused, who is Meghan?

No. 1407530

File: 1641191050012.png (189.33 KB, 2640x1460, 2022-01-03 012206.png)

Looks like court is in session tomorrow – "Jury trial"…sounds serious

No. 1407534

File: 1641191595508.jpeg (541.32 KB, 1170x1586, ACE19C60-5B9D-47D8-8AD0-9ED1E1…)

(Reposting the phone numbers for remote listening)

No. 1407539

Megan is syd’s only friend. Anon’s thought the Sterling dude’s gf was named Megan based off the texts. Rightfully confusing. There’s no Megan that is relevant in the current milk.
We don’t know the name of the ex GF. Makes sense she would want to keep her name out of it.

Damn sounds pretty serious. Hopefully I’ll get to listen in but I’m sure other anons will be on it. I just hope it doesn’t shit out like last time.

No. 1407552

I'm wondering if it will shit out again too. I have half a mind to tinfoil she wants the internet traffic flooding in to point fingers at the "online bullies" but who knows. I'm wondering if they are able to suspend audio under "bluhbluhbluh he's a celebrity and our privacy" appeals. It's a little sus that all this drama drums up on the Eve of their court appearance, just like last time..

No. 1407615

Syd runs on a very narrow band of cognitive function and "I'm going to get exposed for cheating on purpose after accusing every black haired girl on Instagram of trying to fuck Jonny to deflect from my pending court case" is very far outside of it. She is a sociopath who thinks she's never done anything wrong in her life. She doesn't have the capacity for shame that a cover-up would need.

No. 1407644

Who’s car did she crash? I’m so confused. Was it Sterling’s, or Kyle’s??? Or the brother

No. 1407647

Which number do we call?

No. 1407662

Can anyone explain to me the current Liz Martian drama? One quick look at her Instagram and you can see she is very openly queer. Why would Syd accuse her of cheating with Jonny outside of being completely mentally ill?

It just doesn’t make any sense (not that I would expect any out of Syd).

No. 1407673

the first one, for department 24

the only explanation is that Syd is literally insane, anon

No. 1407698

Tell me that you don't know law without telling me you don't know law. There is a right for trials to be open. Celebrity or not. In California it's our first amendment right.

No. 1407707

go back to tiktok

No. 1407714

Apparently fully just on the basis of this reply >>1406759 to a post about a friend of Jonny’s passing away.

No. 1407718

File: 1641224326055.jpeg (187.92 KB, 828x1285, 843ADE80-94DD-413A-AE7A-F476BD…)

She says she’s queer so what’s the issue Sydney you’re literally harassing a lesbian. Get a grip.

No. 1407749

Liz just posted in her stories that syd sent a picture of Liz and her ex who was murder (she doesn’t say to who/what photo) .


No. 1407753

Anons who think Syd is able to deter the courts from letting people listen in to the court hearings because muh ~celebrity boyfriend are almost as delusional as she is.

Any other anons about to listen in? I’m calling now and will report anything milky. I’m curious mostly about the charges and if we will hear anything about storm.

No. 1407756

SA they’re currently going through all defendants and not mentioning charges. The judge is just giving a trial dates so I don’t think we will get much milk from this.

No. 1407758

sounds like the trial was postponed? why would it even go to trial unless he pled not guilty? a guilty conviction on a not guilty plea generally means a defendant faces harsher punishment. only scrotes plead not guilty to “prove everyone wrong” rather than accept a deal and add a charge to their record or be on probation. he knows that he can’t keep using opiates if he’s randomly drug tested. wasting taxpayer $ on the offchance he’s acquitted so he can continue shooting up, got it

No. 1407761

Charges were for both JC and Syd. They have a return date of March 7th in dept 26th (I believe). No mention of charges.

No. 1407767

I just listened to that. So sick. Syd thinks she's an empath but will send a pic of Liz's ex who passed away for what?

I think it's something to do with child endangerment

No. 1407787

File: 1641231988277.jpeg (403.98 KB, 1242x1923, E4595424-4DCD-485B-9246-D94C58…)

Their charges just say “family violence” which is just a domestic violence charge. They have a kid together and at the time the kid may have been in their custody. So that’s why they’re calling it family violence- because the kid was likely right there but not a victim (physically).

I looked up syd’s lawyer and he doesn’t seem to handle cases that involve children. I don’t think the charges are child related but I have no doubt their actions cause storm to be removed for his own safety.

No. 1407789

Yeah so this all must be related to, her words, “the Storm situation” I’m assuming. Because Jonny was also on drugs that’s probably why he had to go to rehab too

No. 1407790

I’m confused about cali’s no bail law. Didn’t jc stay in jail for a few days and had a bail? I know it was family violence but even in NY they let those people out as long as they go to a hotel for the night. I wonder if syd had the same. Tbh, I’m more interested in psychotic syds charges.

No. 1407791

He was in the hospital for a couple days per the record. But I believe he was held for a few days. You’d have to go back a few threads. It was about a year ago.

No. 1407792

SA to say I realize this court hearing is from July and I was thinking about the charge he got a year ago. Hard to keep track of all these DV charges. Kek. Sad

No. 1407804

Absolutely! He’s been doing this for so long I am surprised that none of those women stomped the midget. Not victim blaming but everybody has a breaking point. Tbh I have no idea why any woman but syd would even be with that dogface pig anyways. He’s one of the ugliest people I have ever seen.

No. 1407815

further proof that people who loudly self identify as "eMpAtHs" are just violent narcissists

No. 1407826

File: 1641235361444.jpg (921.78 KB, 1284x954, IMG_5095.jpg)


No. 1407832

Love that her and jonny haven’t unfollowed each other. Syd must be so pissed.

No. 1407840

exactly! every person i’ve known who made being an “eMpAtH” their whole personality, was actually just a narc/sociopath/bpd bitch. also, every accusation from a narc is a confession. sydney is especially obvious about it as the things she accuses others of don’t even really fit…. every insult does apply to her, though.

No. 1407841

Sorry I know this is Liz and Jonny but what is the point of posting it? No disrespect but just wondering what your intention was with it nonnie

No. 1407843

nayrt but you answered your own question dummy

No. 1407846

Referencing to the last time Liz saw Jonny in person, as she said in her IG story.

No. 1407862

No. 1407872

No. 1407879

Can confirm this isn't the only time Syd has told someone to kill themselves or threaten to damage personal property. I wish I could say I was surprised, but I'm not. History repeats itself. Insert eye roll here.

No. 1407887

Maybe Syd sent her a photo of her ex because he’s a dude and she’s showing that Liz has/had relationships with men and she’s not 100% a lesbian or something(Liz claims to be queer not a lesbian). Therefore that’s proof in her insane mind that she could have been sleeping with Jonny? Thinking outside the box here don’t come at me kek

No. 1407888

Either that, or to get under her skin. There's not enough context though to be sure. I'm guessing it's somewhere inbetween those two.

No. 1407890

File: 1641242254001.jpg (43.93 KB, 640x1138, fB0ey1cWky.jpg)

Syd using the BPD excuse.
Syd, your actions have consequences. Think before you react, you stupid twat. Be better.

No. 1407891

I think this is most likely. She's going full on narc meltdown so whatever will hurt, no matter how low, she will reach for it to fling.

No. 1407892

KEK. This is high functioning? What a joke.

No. 1407895

>high functioning
No car, no job, barren apartment, no friends, Currently in the courts fighting DV charges, child taken away.

Totes high functioning you guise

No. 1407903

File: 1641242760669.png (297.68 KB, 750x1334, A18A0B48-D828-4492-A3AF-E9C32D…)

Lol she’s trying to gain sympathy like this excuses her of cheating or just overall being an unpleasant cunt. She also posted a meme before this that says “can’t see the haters” lol she literally has no remorse for her actions or how they affect people. Such an ugly, trash human being through and through. I HOPE this year is absolutely miserable for her because that’s exactly what she deserves.

She’s such a fucking waste of space, I just can’t.

No. 1407905

people with Down's syndrome are literally more "high-functioning" than Sydney

No. 1407908


I’m screaming about this hahaha holy fuck. It was only what, 3-4 days ago she was talking about having her mental health under control?
Syd, you can’t be “high functioning” without accountability you absolute dolt

No. 1407911

Yet she feels therapy is out of the question for her kek

No. 1407922


If you shoot someone after your hand twitched, you shot someone because you were pointing a gun at them, not because you have a spasm, you dumb cow.

Bpd girls always come down from their whirlwind of crazy after an abusive meltdown, go "oowoo muh illness, I can't help it, I just have rly strong emotions you gwuys" and expect to be coddled and forgiven, and then they do it all again the next time. It's honestly disgusting.

Maybe she does have bpd, but she doesn't act the way that she does because she has bpd; she acts the way that she does because she's a dangerous mix of impulsive and mean to the point of being actual evil.

No. 1407927

Samefag so sorry for the double post but I just realized that a reason that Syd is going atom bomb crazy over Liz is that Liz got a shred of attention after her ex was killed and no one is going to ask Syd for any kind of comment at all when Jonny's liver goes out.

One is an incomprehensible tragedy and the other is inevitable, and no one is going to write a news article about her tribute to her dead lover the way they did for Liz.

No. 1407929


To further this, she acts this way because she’s been allowed to act this way with no real world consequences until it came to losing her son. I honestly don’t think she comprehends that they lost custody because she believes the lies she tells the public. She must think this is temporary until they get more settled or something, but no. Hopefully it stays permanent and he has half a chance of growing up to be a more functional adult than his parents.

No. 1407931

If JC died today and there was an article about it, Syd would lose her shit because she wasn’t mentioned enough and/or they didn’t mention all the great things she did for him and their son. Then she’ll go on her stories and say “thanks now my son will never know the sacrifices I made for his father! Hope you’re proud! 11:11 4L!”

No. 1407932

She’s going crazy on Liz because Liz is everything Syd wants to be but can never be because she fails at everything she does. Liz is in the music industry, she is an artist, she has actual talent. She is beautiful without having to wear tons of makeup and has an obvious confidence about her. She was harrassed in some of the worst ways and still didn’t stoop down to Syd’s level. Syd is intimidated by anyone who has everything she wants but will never even touch in her sad life.

That and because she’s the one actually cheating sooooo

No. 1407933


She will publicly call girls out and dox them at the slightest inclination that they're cheating with her man, but when the tables are turned she keeps it pretty hush hush. Interesting.

No. 1407940

And she calls it "acting like Jonny" lol. Also my memory is janky but didn't get ex come into the thread and claim she cheated on him with Jonny? Messy messy.

No. 1407950

I think i remember that too, nonnie. That and that she makes sure to have her next dude lined up before she leaves her current. Ya know, exactly like Jonny. kek

No. 1407961

She’s not borderline. Ppl with bpd feel intense regret after their episodes. As we’ve established she never shows remorse for her behaviors. It’s one of the distinguishing factors between npd and bpd.

No. 1407992

Nonny I’ve known many clinically diagnosed BPDfags and none of them ever feel remorseful in their actions or show regret. The only time they do is when they get called out publicly and use BPD as their excuse for being horrible and manipulative

No. 1407996


That’s not remorse, though. That’s protecting your public image.

No. 1408075

File: 1641256479595.jpg (55.7 KB, 1080x1464, Screenshot_20220104-003315_Ins…)

compilation of syd telling people to kill themselves, triggering sensitive topics to hurt others, etc. then posting shit like this after all the bpd posts. hilarious

No. 1408079

File: 1641257083717.jpg (30.85 KB, 842x1153, Fixedit.jpg)

>>1408075 Fixed it

No. 1408126

Lmfao at the much more apt edit.
Blog and probably irrelevant as am just one Anon but I’ve got BPD (diagnosed 2007) and the rise of self-diagnosis since then is astounding. Always by people who are just, in essence, spoilt entitled cunts with bad impulse control and a huge narc side, using BPD as an excuse for their shittyness.
I always beat myself up after an ‘episode’ and it fkn sucks to live with, I acted similar (said through gritted teeth) at 18-24ish. However now I realise it was a combination of shitty BF who made me feel insecure af, not really getting help, and smoking shitloads of weed that brought out the worst in my behaviour. Which sounds like someone we know..
She is also astoundingly deluded with zero self awareness too tho so yeah I’m not convinced on the BPD, but wouldn’t surprise me at all if it was Dr England herself who decided she had it, after careful examination of several tumblr memes.(stop playing amateur psychologist)

No. 1408127

no one cares.

No. 1408129

Agree. She’s a narcissist.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1408134

The thing is though BPD does not equal good or bad person. Mental illness doesn't equal good or bad person. She might actually have BPD and it doesn't even matter since she's using it as a cop out of abusive behaviour. The only thing that is certain about her is that she is delusional and a bitch

No. 1408146

>The only thing that is certain about her is that she is delusional and a bitch
This. Arm-chairing is pointless and it doesn’t matter. She would likely be a shitty person regardless of her mental health. She’s an angry, violent and bitter woman.

No. 1408154

File: 1641265484940.png (1.06 MB, 1170x2532, 3251CF59-F7D0-448F-A29D-9AA4CE…)

“I’m home” so pretty much confirming where he’s been, as we already figured out. Also…anyone dumb enough to give this scammer money at this point needs someone else to be in charge of their financial decisions

No. 1408168

File: 1641266375755.jpeg (919.75 KB, 3264x2817, AECCFBB4-4973-408C-BF52-F6D978…)

No. 1408174

"Such a big bad girl but act like such a fucking weak bitch"
Says the girl who literally just made a sock account to bully someone who did absolutely nothing to deserve it. Ya ok, Syd.

No. 1408183

I am the anon who posted this >>1408154
I guess I misunderstood and thought he was saying he was now home. My bad!

No. 1408190

What a freak who goes out of their way to call their partner a loser has been and harass people saying he’s your problem now just to post love junk a couple hours later. Being bpd doesn’t give her an excuse to be incredible abusive.

No. 1408192

This shit is too good, like the past 24 hours hasn't happened. JC is just saving face and working on finding an escape route for when he returns.
>still my goal
What is? Faking a relationship? kek.

No. 1408210

so if he has 23 days left, it obviously wasn’t a 30-day program. when did he get in? I only follow them here. was this a 60- or 90-day program? surely court-mandated

No. 1408244

Honestly though, Liz can’t be that great of a person if she’s saying love you babe to a abuser (Jc)….

No. 1408263

Perhaps she doesn’t know the full extent of his history. Not defending, just playing devils advocate. Because she said she was a victim of abuse so if she knew that about him I would imagine she wouldn’t support him

No. 1408264

Wait is this a certain someone (don’t wanna get a hi cow ban) trying to come in here and flip the script on Liz

No. 1408278

I doubt she has enough brain cells to figure out how to sage, but…
>a abuser
sure does give some validity to your tinfoil kek

No. 1408291

File: 1641280157621.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.08 MB, 480x362, 8F9D3330-F876-4F83-B6A5-E22FAF…)

I mean obviously Liz deserved all that harassment from Syd based only on that one single comment alone to a known abuser.

No. 1408293

ntayrt but go touch some grass. Not everyone is up to heel about musicians and their shitty actions/personal lives. Liz says she hasn't seen him in a decade. If she's a working professional odds are they have a distant yet professional surface level relationship at best. She expressed support to someone expressing grief and received Syd's psychotic meltdown, completely unrelated in context, in exchange. None of this was deserved.

No. 1408295

I accidentally spoilered my gif but it was sarcasm Nona go eat some grass

No. 1408296

Yeah sorry anon but I just don’t buy that. Jonny is very well known in that music scene by now to be an abusive piece of shit. She definitely knows; everyone who is close to him knows. It’s one of the first things that comes up when you google him. They just don’t care.

No. 1408298

Replied to the wrong anon, sorry Nona. I gotta stop using trip codes as a shortcut into the thread. My statement still stands to the other Nona though. People usually aren't in the habit of googling their peers, especially in their profession. I don't know Liz or her work but if she's involved with production then surely she's not limited to just the scene Jonny is involved in. Idk. Publicly expressing support to someone posting about a death that has affected them is pretty natural imo. Insinuating she deserved Syd's meltdown because Jonny is a druggy abusor in a niche scene that is pretty dead nowadays is a BPD stretch if anything.

No. 1408301

this anon is right. if you have to make yourself seem remorseful all for the sake of damage control, then you're not actually sorry.

i'm not a doctor and i'm not gonna speak for everyone who genuinely has bpd… but i don't think syd has bpd, I feel like she's just a straight up sociopath, incapable of feeling any empathy at any given point. syd could commit murder and be proud of it. the things she is capable of is actually truly scary. Storm needs to be put in foster Care and get adopted out IMMEDIATELT before he can form any new memories. i hope a good, stable & happy couple takes him from this unfortunate situation, and gives him a beautiful life that he deserves. poor little guy didn't ask for any of this & doesn't get a say…


No. 1408324

The thread pic just reminded me: I can't remember what Amanda and Chelsea said about Jonny's "intimacy troubles" but didn't Taylor say he was limp dicked for months at a time? And now Syd is whining to her side dude that she also hadn't had any intimacy in a long time? I think she means intimacy broadly but it's interesting that Syd lashes out at women who she thinks Jonny is sleeping with after their heroin-induced bed death has kicked in. Explains the insecurity.

No. 1408355

File: 1641294292101.png (7.23 MB, 1284x2778, 704B2F9B-E4A0-44E3-B9BF-7066E3…)

This dude can’t even take care of his own son and someone really let him get a dog……..

No. 1408358

Watch him post more photos of the puppy than the kid they created. yikes

No. 1408364

great so now we have an innocent child and an innocent animal for Jonny and syd to abuse

No. 1408366

Aw, another borderline bully for his life. He must really miss Syd

No. 1408375

>>1408355 this puppy should still be with it's mother. It's still very very small.

No. 1408422

Great the last dog he bought was abandoned and Chelsea’s mom ended up taking it in.

No. 1408435

weren’t they both just saying a few weeks ago that they were keeping all personal shit off of social media?? not that im surprised that it didn’t last but my god. they both have the emotional maturity of a 13 year old.

No. 1408444

Don't they live in an apartment? Some breeds of dogs are usually tolerated, like a Pomeranian or something. Not a freaking Pitbull.

Hopefully he just met the dog and took the photo. The last thing anyone needs is this Pitbull puppy to be taken away from her mom and not be socialized.

No. 1408449

File: 1641309300051.png (5.69 MB, 1125x2436, E81B039E-703D-4708-AA25-516C2C…)

Sadly the page kinda confirmed it. Why tf these idiots think they need a dog is beyond me. Do they think it’s a good replacement for Storm since they couldn’t grow tf up and be good parents?

No. 1408453

I could literally see them abusing this poor puppy when it pisses/shits all over their apartment and they have to get off their lazy asses and clean up after it. Neither of them will take the time to train it effectively. Can’t log off ig long enough.

No. 1408457

Damn. Lost their kid so they get a dog. Trying to show the courts they can care for something living? But why the hell would a relationship this unstable be getting fucking animals together jfc.

No. 1408464

No no no no the idea of this innocent animal being left in the care of these two degenerates is stomach turning. Two lazy druggies will never be able to give this pup the attention it needs, bully breeds need so much attention and hours of daily exercise which these two fatties obvs aren’t capable of. Wonder when the last time they took their little boy to the park was hmm? Ass holes. Rot you disgusting wastes. I hope the dog turns on syd when she inevitably abuses it (she has no soul) and eats her face!

No. 1408466

This is the only instance where cow tipping even crossed my mind. I’m so worried for her welfare. Not going to though anons but wow. This is so wrong.

No. 1408467

I agree, calling the local animal care programs would be best. Think this puppy company just wants to show off that they sold to a “celebrity”, they don’t actually care to know how the animal will be treated.

No. 1408490

There were mandated reports for them when syd posted the video of jc nodding off. So there shouldn’t be a puppy (or the cats) In their care. He’s bound to relapse if he stays with Syd, who wouldn’t?

No. 1408493

That’s super obvious because that puppy is way younger than the socialization age. A good breeder usually won’t let puppies go until 3-4 months depending on how they are interacting with the pack and maturity. An experienced dog parent knows and understands that and a dog breeder should be that responsible. That puppy looks old enough to just have been weaned. I am very concerned about this puppy. A frustrated and bored pit will tear things apart like chewing on molding. Its never going to go to the vet and will probably end up in a shelter.

No. 1408508

Where exactly are they living? Sacramento?

No. 1408512

We have no idea where his current sober house is (after 30 days he's probably gone through detox css and a holding unless he's in the holding waiting for a sober house) either way I've never seen one that allows dogs considering most sobriety programs say not to make any big decisions in the first year let alone not even out of treatment.this all seems bizarre

No. 1408516

>big commitment out of rehab
That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking, there’s no way he’s being honest with the breeder.

No. 1408518

Didn’t TND say he threatened to kill her kittens by dunking them in the toilet? I went to the breeders page, the pictures are indeeed from the breeders house so jonny doesn’t have the puppy yet. It makes sense considering he has 23days left in rehab. Pit bulls are notorious for growing up aggressive if they’re not trained and taken care of properly, this is a huge mess waiting to happen. Can’t believe this tool thinks he’s mentally and financially able to take care of a puppy, man can’t even take care of himself.

No. 1408521

That's not a pitbull. It's a french bulldog.

No. 1408527

File: 1641315319280.png (3.67 MB, 828x1792, 28751C4E-2F70-4170-8F34-6B929D…)

He parents both look like pit bulls to me.

No. 1408537

so many bpdfags in this thread lately screaming about how she totally doesn’t have bpd because it makes them look bad kek.

No. 1408540

They're Frenchies, but they're deformed little gargoyles. It looks like deliberately bad breeding to create pocket pit bull-esque French bulldogs when the breed already has health issues in responsibly bred lines. This is gross. Of course this is what Jonny chooses.

No. 1408541

Hopefully a local anon can rescue her when the inevitable happens. This isn’t fair.

No. 1408542

Jonny will probably trade her for heroin when his life falls back apart. He's investing in hood bitcoin.

No. 1408543

Don’t want to tinfoil as it’s pointless but I have a weird feeling about the timing here as it is a sudden decision. Jc just posted his details for people to contact him for work, what if this breeder saw and offered him a dog in return for a shout out and stuff?

No. 1408544

All good nonny. Liz doesn’t deserve any hate from Syd for a single comment(although let’s be real, she’s just majorly jealous of everything Liz has and found an excuse to tear her apart). I don’t know Liz but she seems genuine and a nice person.

Those are deformed pit bulls. That bottom adult looks so uncomfortable jfc. Breeders are an abomination. Borderline bullies sounds like pit bulls trying to pass as frenchies. But those aren’t frenchies. No one will think they’re frenchies. Is this some sort of loophole to be like “but it’s nOt a PiTbUlL “.

>inb4 it eats syd’s rats

No. 1408545

I can just see Syd treating this little pup in the same way Ariana treated her little kitten Tarte. Total resentment will set in soon once they see just how much of a commitment having a bully breed is. It’s not the same as with other dogs, they require so much attention and need to be trained well from a young age otherwise everything becomes completely out of control and they’re strong as fuck. Heaven forbid they ever did get Storm back and didn’t do their due diligence with training this pup and it gets stimulated by a toy of Storm’s or something and charges to “play” and hurts Storm in the process. This is all around a terrible fucking idea.

No. 1408552

SA to say now I see it is a frenchie based on the size next to that persons leg.

I don’t know how much these freaks go for but frenchies go for several thousands of dollars. Where the fuck is he getting this money? Use that money towards your kid. What the actual fuck

No. 1408556

Would the court even allow a child as young as storm to go back into their custody if they have a bully puppy? It seems kinda unlikely but I don’t know law

No. 1408584

So many things wrong with this dog situation I can barely wrap my head around it… I live in California and it is super hard to find an apartment that allows animals let alone two cats, two rats, and a dog. So I’m assuming they aren’t actually telling their landlord about
All of these animals. I hope they get caught and have to deal with some real life consequences. And furthermore I looked at the breeders IG and these dogs look like their whole existence is discomfort. I fucking hate breeders. Syd and JC you couldn’t at least go to the local shelter and adopt a dog there? Not that I think they should be taking on responsibility for any life form at all, but they could have at least done a good deed instead.

No. 1408595

Syd is creating her perfect TND lifestyle now. She has rats, posting her cats more, talking about how they are getting goats (lol) and now they have a dog.

No. 1408597

>>1408449 these morons WOULD support a breeder. They can't even take care of their child, let alone a new born puppy. Disgusting.

No. 1408601

I'm sure the courts will be impressed with negligent parents filling their home with animals that can hurt unattended babies.

Pitbull or frenchie, still could easily attack storm, neither are safe for babies.

No. 1408603

File: 1641321693646.jpeg (305.87 KB, 828x958, F6C964C9-47DD-49A9-84AA-A0A05E…)

I found the post from the owner of the sire and they are indeed micro pitbulls, or at least that’s how he’s selling them.

No. 1408614

This is gross. Those dogs look like they are going to have major joint issues. How do they even hold their bodies up comfortably. JC and syd is exactly why we have so many backyard breeders, cause idiots will buy without knowing anything. Hopefully it’s a scam, you send $ and they mail (not) you a dog.

No. 1408629

because the optimal time to get a puppy is before your baby hits the terrible twos said NO parent ever. we will see more puppy toys than baby toys, that’s for sure.

its crazy that sydney is just gonna let this guy ruin all the hard work she put into convincing her followers they have storm when everyone knows adding a puppy to the mix would double the work and greatly take away from raising a child at this early stage. they’re such narcs. i love it.

No. 1408632

Ah yes. I remember when my abusive ex boyfriend got me a dog so he could throw it in my face every time I said I felt lonely. He’d leave for hours and I’d be stuck at home “being loved” by the dog.

Have fun raising, walking multiple times a day, feeding, taking it to the vet for mandated shots, and paying for that dog by yourself while Jonny keeps doing the same old shit in a few weeks/months, Sydney.

No. 1408633

I wouldn’t be surprised if JC did this without talking to Syd first. Why hasn’t Syd posted about being excited for their new addition? I honestly bet she’s not happy about it. It’s going to piss the rest of their animals off.

No. 1408644

I’m hoping you’re right about it being a scam because this is getting too bleak to handle. It’s animal abuse, it’s all about turning a profit even if it means a lifetime of pain and health issues for the dog and going to a good home is never required as long as the breeder is making money off of people’s ignorance. There was never any love put towards that puppy by allowing it to be bred that way and then separated from its mom to be sold off to a heroin addicted abuser. Anyone perpetuating this cycle by purchasing these unethical “designer dogs” is scum, so of course Jonny is a perfect candidate. Syd being exposed for cheating was a delicious turn, this is just nauseating. Pls let those poor puppies not actually exist, no creature deserves that fate.

No. 1408672

Right? Let’s pretend they have storm. They’re going to take this dog out for walks every couple of hours to pee? Potty train it, obedience train it? Teach storm how to act around a puppy? He’s 18 months old. He’s going to poke and grab that puppy and get bit. Eat the dog food and dump the water dish out repeatedly. I can already picture the chaos.
Good thing they don’t have storm. I can’t imagine them getting him back honestly.

No. 1408688

Syd: Why won’t you love me?
Jonny: I’ll change!
Jonny proceeds to get her a dog so he doesn’t have to change anything. Taking a page from the TND book. Fill that empty hole in Sydney’s heart with pets and she’ll never notice how unloved she is—she’ll be too busy cleaning up dog pee out of the carpets.

No. 1408695


They're microbullies: French BULLdogs. They're calling them Frenchies and breeding them to look like a smaller version of those fucked up pit bulls but they're still Frenchies. I wouldn't be surprised if they had other bulldogs bred into the line, but Borderline specifically calls their dogs French bulldogs.

No. 1408712


This is not a French bulldog. French bulldogs are much smaller and don’t have such a wide set stature. This is a very poorly bred “pit bull” that will have nothing but problems.

No. 1408716

I can see it being a cross between a pit and an English bulldog but I dont see anything that resembles a frenchie.

I’m curious how much these dogs cost honestly. Imagine the vet bills alone for when it inevitably starts to have spine and joint problems in a couple years.

No. 1408719


Holy shit these poor dogs are so deformed they have lots of medical issues and joint pain which usually comes with aggression because they are uncomfortable - not mention these dogs have smelly assholes that usually get clogged and need to be expressed - good luck
With that and your child lol

No. 1408722


wtf is with all the dog autism? you guys argue about the dumbest shit like school children. go bitch about breeds in a dog forum where people give a fuck.

No. 1408724

Not to dog sperg because it doesn’t really matter, but you’re correct. These are American bully’s which is like a pitbull crossed with an English bulldog. It is much more muscular than a French bulldog and is closer to a pitbull or even a staffordshire bull terrier than a Frenchie. I would imagine the breeder is marketing them as “frenchies” because they know the recent rise in demand for frenchies has been insane as they have become a much more popularly sought after breed and American bully’s are not considering it’s rare you can find a rental that would allow you to have one and their temperament being much more aggressive than that of a Frenchie. These dogs ARE typically owned by lowlifes like JC though so it doesn’t surprise me at all.

No. 1408725

Daugtism lol

No. 1408808

File: 1641339143037.jpg (144.94 KB, 1080x1759, Screenshot_20220104-233130_Ins…)

No. 1408809

File: 1641339203744.jpg (65.82 KB, 1080x1543, Screenshot_20220104-233133_Ins…)

there is no hope

No. 1408810

They’re allowed to have pets. Sydney complains about her neighbors dogs barking all the time in stories.

No. 1408822

Made me lol nonnie. I appreciate you

No. 1408823

Now we’ll get to hear her bitch about her own dog barking kek
She doesn’t seem like a dog person at all. Did she even post about it in her own stories?

No. 1408853

>>1408809 Seems like Jonny is checking out and slipping away. He's looking for a new companion. If he's serious about sobriety I could see why he'd get himself a dog. Not that he doesn't already have one at home named Sydney kek

No. 1408891

File: 1641343688079.jpeg (940.4 KB, 3339x3112, 3288268F-1C50-476A-B59C-DF4B16…)

She’s so mentally ill it’s concerning. How the fuck can she post about how much she loves and misses jonny when two days ago it was revealed she was lining up a new band dick to hop on? She’s been caught at least 3 times now completely ripping him apart, I guess this is the love bombing that comes after the verbal abuse. She should really give it up because after those DMs no amount of damage control is going to keep the charade going.

No. 1408893

File: 1641343911242.png (625.3 KB, 828x1792, 3750370A-4F0E-4048-91BF-D69B04…)

Jonny has deleted all his pictures with Sydney and storm and posted this on his story. I wonder what recent events he’s talking about.

No. 1408894

What if she hasn’t looked on here in a minute? She might not have any clue these screenshots were leaked—which is honestly hilarious

No. 1408906

Thaaats right Jonny, just erase any evidence of storm and then everyone will just forget that you’ve failed and abandoned TWO CHILDREN now. He’s def preparing a clean slate for his next victim.

No. 1408907

This dog looks like a complete genetic abomination..poor thing

No. 1408913

Well, Syd wanted to be Taylor so bad, now she's repeating her cycle of
>post new animal
>get backlash
>refuse to admit it's a bad idea
>people contact breeder
>(hopefully) refuse to hand over the animal
I like how as soon as he lets it slip that he's been locked up somewhere, she drops all pretense immediately. So transparent.

No. 1408916

File: 1641345377760.gif (1.6 MB, 460x250, AAE1DA07-C5C5-4B57-A5B9-531048…)

> Daugtism
I instantly thought of picrel

She definitely knows.

I’m sure people are coming into his DMs wondering wtf is going on with him and Syd. She’s still in his bio. Hard to say what he will do but he won’t stay sober with Sydney ripping him to shreds every second she gets.

No. 1408922

>I sing like no other

You mean staring into a phone in front of a paying audience? Yep, you got us there mate kek I can't believe he still thinks he's this amazingly talented singer

No. 1408925

Dude I’ve seen so many fans call him out over that and he just blocks them. He’s as big of a denier as Syd.

No. 1408936

If Jonny gets murdered we know who did it.

Btw enough with the dog sperg already can we get back to the milk, I’m already bored

No. 1408995

Bold of him to assume that anyone has respect for him in any capacity these days.

No. 1409029

Turtlemom doesn't know shit about mandated reporting. When a mandated reporter, you follow the guidelines outlined in by the state/county,bin the course of the reporter's professional duty. When not at work,they can report, but are not required to. So no, I don't think anyone will report anything about the puppy.

No. 1409092

File: 1641368670672.jpeg (83.9 KB, 1440x1440, A1806E46-16E1-4B0A-8A7D-2CB828…)

This is Sydney and JC

No. 1409121

File: 1641373153599.jpg (666.29 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220105-035814_Ins…)

oh god she got a tattoo gun

No. 1409139

>>1409121 she's really trying to "be an artist". Jesus christ, just because you purchase things artists use does not qualify you as an artist. To be a tattoo ARTIST you need a license.. she's just an idiot with a machine and delusions of grandeur.

No. 1409148


That puppy is still with the breeder, probably put a deposit on it to pick it up when he gets out of rehab. This is exactly what they need - two arguing adults, a couple of cats, an active dog with health problems likely, and maybe possibly eventually a preschooler who hasn’t lived with them in a couple of years; they will have zero experience with a kid and not even know THEIR kid if or when the time comes.

No. 1409166

Nice one Syd, tell the whole world about your shitty backyard setup so that no reputable artist or shop will take you on as an apprentice or worker because most proper artists don't like inexperienced backyard fuck wits like yourself.
I hope she gives herself a festy infection for being so mentally challenged.

No. 1409218

>can’t draw, at all
>0 completed art on her “art insta”
>goes for the most permanent drawing tool possible

White trash bullshit, buying cheap a ass tattoo machine….. y’all say she’s like TND, but she’s vibing with icky Vicky’s “talent”, KEK

No. 1409237


I can’t believe how blown out the lines are on that JC pop figure tattoo in the upper corner. It’s been less than a year that she’s had that.

No. 1409249

Did she even buy a tattoo gun or are these stick and pokes? Either way it’s hilarious if she thinks she would ever make it as a tattoo artist, or that anyone would take her seriously or even give her a chance. Her drawing skills are that of a 5 year old and she hates people. Whoever told her this was a good idea is playing a sick joke on her lol one more thing for her to fail miserably at.

No. 1409273

I bet no one told her to tattoo, she’s just skinwalking someone that jc is friends with. (Tinfoil)

No. 1409284

>>1409273 the fact that she even got that is embarassing as all hell.

No. 1409374

>no experience
Yea no shit… it shows. That humble brag though. She’s so embarrassing.

No. 1409416

File: 1641409679265.jpeg (285.08 KB, 709x1273, CFEA2610-E0C9-4A9F-A7D9-FB94B6…)

Oh she’s larping as an artist again. Vickey shingles is quaking.

No. 1409422

I'd rather die than have a bf who calls you his bitch

No. 1409476

I’d be beyond mortified if my partner called me bitch like this. What adult finds this cute to say??

No. 1409483

File: 1641415775709.jpeg (870.25 KB, 1125x1991, A56B64F8-E7AA-475D-AF8B-92516C…)

More crap to add to add to her crap posting

No. 1409486

Yeah nothing screams “healthy relationship” like getting called bitch or dumpster by your husband to be

No. 1409488

“… You cannot convince me that there will ever be a reason why someone needs to lose their child…”

Ok Syd, so people shouldn’t say “everything happens for a reason” to you regarding Storm or your relationship with JC. Sitwithwhit wasn’t talking about you and JC losing Storm though. The reason you lost/losing Storm comes down to being unable to raise him in a safe environment to the point where his welfare is at risk.

No. 1409497

I took a lolcow break for a few days and of course the milk was flowing and I apologize for the late reply on this but I fucking love this girl! Not only sticks it to Syd for actually having a job, but one that Syd would literally kill for. I am living for this kek

No. 1409503

This quote means there is no reason why a parent should lose a child in the sense of death. The full quote is “nobody can convince me that there is a reason why someone needs to lose a child, why kids get abused or why someone gets sick”. This creator is a therapist, she probably agrees with kids being taken out of harmful households.

No. 1409511

Pretty sure there's no gun anywhere. She probably got a tattoo pen off Amazon. Not even a tattoo machine since she wouldn't know how to put it together, build needles, get an autoclave, buy tubes…
So don't worry, she's not working with supplies and will never apprentice anywhere since it's not the same machine or skill set. Not that she has any skills.
At least she'll look like the idiot she is and maybe even get a SoundClout going!

No. 1409523

No, she didn't buy a gun.
Guns shoot bullets, not tattoos.
She bought a tattoo pen since she wouldn't know how to put a machine together.
Blow outs have nothing to do with how long you have a tattoo. It's from a shit "artist" that is going too deep on an area of skin. >>1409121
Kek it looks like she's a Michael Jackson fan. Guarantee she's going to put a JC somewhere.
She also won't be able to tattoo anything that won't have gaps when she moves since you can't stretch your own skin with one hand while tattooing with another. I can't wait to see her featured on Sucky Tattoos with her doodles and no gloves, and no knowledge of blood-borne pathogens and sanitization procedures.

No. 1409527

What a strange nitpick, they are indeed referred to as "tattoo guns" pens and machines also, but guns as well.

No. 1409547

File: 1641420048586.jpeg (55.96 KB, 570x635, 7BEFC4AF-D0E4-4ADE-A530-1675EE…)

Are you special? Anon pretty clearly meant a tattoo gun, it’s not uncommon to call them guns in context. It says right there on the screen cap that “MJ” stands for Mortimer James not Micheal Jackson.
her thumb is my favourite. Four point stars are super easy to tattoo and hers still look completely uneven and sloppy.

No. 1409558

It's not even a nitpick, it's just what it's called. Look up the definition of a gun. They don't create tattoos. I promise you every tattoo artist ever laughs at idiots that call machines a "gun".
A pen is also different than a machine. A pen is one of the cordless pieces of shit sold on Amazon for fucktards like Syd.
Tattooers in every shop use tattoo coil machines. Idiots like Syd wouldn't know how to put it together which is why I'm saying with certainty that she's not using coils of any kind.(derailing)

No. 1409559

Irl she's not going to have a screen cap under her shitty tattoo. I'm saying it'll look like she's into Michael Jackson or Mary Jane from Spiderman to anyone that sees it.
And clearly you're extra speshul judging by your idiocy over not realizing that only retards call them tattoo guns. But join the retard club with the other anon and try to tell any tattooer that a coil is a gun.

No. 1409560

She drew him a picture and he's selling it? Who would buy that unfinished pencil trash?

No. 1409563

Shut the actual fuck up.

No. 1409565

File: 1641421514011.jpg (286.85 KB, 1039x1010, Screenshot_20220105-172140_Sam…)

Nta, but anon is correct. They're not called guns unless you don't know anything about tattoos or tattooing or don't have any friends that are professional tattooers. You might as well be friends with Syd if you want to be that stupid by calling it a gun.
Pic related

No. 1409566

…so then who is "Mortimer James"?

and sorry, but I have to second the fact that no one calls them "guns" anymore

No. 1409568

Nta but you sound like std. Stay ignorant.

No. 1409573

Pretty sure you wouldn't know what's easy to tattoo, seeing how you call it a tattoo "gun" and spell Michael "Micheal"
Ignorant anons aside, it's funny that Syd says she made a stencil for this yet this is the best she can do. Those odd gaps come from not being able to stretch the skin. It'll heal even worse.

No. 1409589

Kek probably her cat

No. 1409593

As one of the anons who called it a gun, and is fully aware that the correct term used by artists is “machine”, I apologize. Gun was faster to type and didn’t know it was gonna be such a sensitive topic lol

No. 1409595

I'm pretty sure Mortimer James is the name of her black cat, or maybe the tabby one. So stupid, years from now when the cat passes away she will probably write a novel on Instagram about how much she loved him because she got a tattoo "MJ" lmao

No. 1409607

She literally said she didn’t use a stencil. How’re you going to call someone ignorant when you can’t even read properly lol.

No. 1409609

You do realize you can learn pretty much anything on the internet nowadays right? I agree that Syd’s an idiot but is it that far off the realm of possibilities that she maybe watched a YouTube video or, internet aside, bought a kit that had instructions?

Furthermore your commentary is pointless. Between arguing whether she got a machine or a pen, whether to call it a gun or a machine, and thinking that her tattoo was for Michael Jackson (kek how retarded can you be to automatically assume that) this thread is very ridiculous today

No. 1409612


Im in the UK and I'd say most people who aren't in the industry would also be fine with it being called a tattoo gun. Heck, when you buy them online that what the post lists them as. I'll know for future too(don't use emojis)

No. 1409617

No. 1409623

Ntayrt, but Michael can be spelled both ways. My god the derailing autism ITT is off the charts tonight

No. 1409627

kek, was this you shitting up the pnp thread months ago over the same thing? sorry about your debilitating autism.


No. 1409800

Anyone notice he’s deleted her pics and took the rings off her name in his bio? Must have been the last straw her going off on Liz for him to finally break up with her!

No. 1409804

See >>1408893

We’re not blessed enough for that kinda milk today

No. 1409807

File: 1641441593360.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1726, 36728311-4F44-4989-B46D-3D693A…)

Yeah if they had broken up I don’t think syd would have just posted this with a bunch of pics of him. Shout out to her only friend Meghan (someone save this poor woman!)

No. 1409809

Sorry same anon but a thought just occurred to me. If she is manipulative and dishonest enough to pretend she still has custody of Storm, who’s to say she wouldn’t be delusional enough to pretend to still be JC even if they did break up? Kek I’ll take my crazy tinfoil and go

No. 1409826

I looked earlier today because I was reading about the Megan/Meghan confusion from earlier and saw Megan wasn’t following her. Then I saw Syd’s post and that Megan commented. I checked again and now she’s following her? Either my IG was effed or she just followed her back today, lol. Sheesh. BFFs, amirite.

No. 1409835

Sorry for spoonfeeding request, but what does spmc stand for? Obviously Storm something something Craig, but I've only ever seen them post the initials

No. 1409836

Parker Monroe

No. 1409837

storm parker monroe craig. it's totes the coolest name ever anon

No. 1409850

File: 1641445595847.jpeg (278.81 KB, 1170x1798, BFA4288E-FEA9-41ED-9AB0-F4098D…)

holy self-awareness, Batman!! I hope he’s not being facetious, bc this is the truest thing he’s ever said lol

No. 1409854

File: 1641446459211.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1170x2156, 6ECCBDAB-C98B-4853-AEF5-87FB80…)

Tinfoil but it sure looks like he’s dumped her and now she’s love bombing him n begging for him to take her back after she realised she’ll no longer be fAmOuS without him

No. 1409858

lyrics to this song if anons are wondering

No. 1409869

No one who's serious about their chronic, relapsing disorder would make such a unnecessary, life altering decision like adopting a puppy before they've even left their rehab.

No. 1409877

I hope he dumped her psycho ass but chances are they will crumble and end up back together because they're both weak minded and have no care for themselves.

No. 1409879

File: 1641449256537.png (2.9 MB, 1284x2778, 3BAD0238-EF67-47AE-8FE2-81100E…)

Not juicy break up milk, but my god jc is a fucking manlet, picking fights online, what a tough guy

No. 1409898

File: 1641451156904.jpeg (190.3 KB, 827x1107, FE23BDAB-6A4E-41D3-829F-4B352D…)

The one what?? Another bio change

No. 1409905

>you will NEVER understand what my PAIN is. Never ever. So don’t even try… it’s too painful. single tear

Tryin to get sympathy w the victim angle. Nice

No. 1409906

File: 1641452606133.png (2.07 MB, 1170x2532, 84134078-D59F-4878-BFC3-FCD61B…)

She also posted this song. The part that goes “I’ll miss your laugh, your smile, I’ll admit I’m wrong if you tell me, I’m so sick of fights, I hate them, let’s start this again for real”

Soooooo maybe y’all are right?

No. 1409908

These 2 subhumans & their vagueposting kek

No. 1409922

He's "going home" in 23 days and talking about guns? Jfc Also didn't he just say he was going to keep it professional?? Is he getting drugs at the sober living or something? This man is delusional. I don't really see posts about JC just bpdsosmol I thought JC was the cow?

No. 1409953

Thread’s for both of them and he’s been away in rehab mostly not posting, of course most of the posts are gonna be about her. Plus Jonny is many things but he’s not the psychotic one constantly going off on anyone who breathes his partner’s way online

No. 1409977

Where did you even get Michael Jackson? So fucking random. What a dumb post. If you lurked better you would know Mortimer James is the name of her cat. Take a seat.

No. 1409980

Kek I love how it says “family and FRIEND edition” instead of friends. She knows she’s a friendless loser

No. 1409995

Kek now SydSoSelfObsessed is going to bitch about the tRoLlS stalking uer because anons have committed the name of her cat to their memory

No. 1409997

Syd's annoying voice AHEM, that's a ONE friend loser to you!!!

No. 1410001

File: 1641469845200.png (3.8 MB, 1125x2436, A72E3574-F2CA-4341-85C9-E26FF7…)

No. 1410002

File: 1641469871270.png (2.16 MB, 1125x2436, E03112AD-5829-4F88-869E-9D48B9…)

No. 1410006

Ok… does anyone else find this a completely psychotic thing to do? Seriously a woman in her 30’s is acting like a middle schooler?

If I was sent this from my significant other I would find it rather threatening lmao

No. 1410015

Loving the nose/mustache combo here Syd

No. 1410032

It's especially wild considering how many times she has said she doesn't even want him when talking to people privately by now kek

No. 1410036

>not a day goes by that I’m not into you
>frame of herself
Sounds about right

No. 1410037

Honestly, I think he’s broken up with her after the latest text reveal/ Liz saga. She’s love bombing him and he’s basically ghosting her.

No. 1410055

File: 1641475304221.jpeg (216.92 KB, 1125x2334, C64DCF9D-52B6-4689-BDA1-5E8FB8…)

Nah JC is in the clip too, licking her face

No. 1410057

Doesn’t he have her @ in his profile description and everything tho?

No. 1410059

True, unless he’s just forgotten to remove her @ from his bio? He hasn’t reciprocated anything other than saying he’s in love with himself. Usually he reciprocates her love bombs. I’m just speculating so I could be way off.

No. 1410068

File: 1641476986706.jpg (364.21 KB, 1080x1896, Screenshot_20220106-134739_Ins…)

He still has this post up and only removed the emoji next to her name. I think what he's done is given her a warning and scared her into thinking it's the final straw Maybe Syd will be on her best behaviour from now (not gonna happen)

No. 1410082

except for the days when she’s lusting after other losers and in their DMs.

No. 1410084

I’m inclined to think they’re on the outs right now but they don’t want people to know, so he’s giving her the bare minimum. He won’t cut the cord completely until he lines up another girl/home. And I think there’s just some photos he forgot to archive. Like the hospital one of them when Storm was born didn’t immediately disappear but then it was gone the next day. Seems weird to fake still being together but really the only praise they ever get is for the false narrative that they’re a happy little family with a cute baby. I could totally see them agreeing to continue the facade because they refuse to give us haturz the satisfaction.

No. 1410095

NTA but some of you have such poor reading comprehension. They meant that people are automatically going to assume she's a Michael Jackson fan if they see the tattoo and don't know context.

No. 1410108

Honestly if I knew Syd but didn’t know the context of her tattoo, I would probably assume it stands for maryjane kek.

No. 1410113

kek that's clearly exactly what's happening and she's trying to lovebomb her way back. Imagine how fucking ballistic she's gonna go on another woman when he inevitably leaves her and immediately is with someone else and she realizes she's stuck with a child she never wanted while ALSO being alone. The only place she has to go is her moms house it's not like she's useful and can pay a bill. If what other nonnies have said is true and that she hits her mom there's no way that woman has enough backbone to let her daughter be homeless regardless of the legal situation. Tinfoil but i'm sure that's another thing keeping them together rn is her telling him she has nowhere to go

No. 1410126


Sage your fucking shit. You're literally contributing nothing.

No. 1410127

He literally said he’s taking all personal stuff off of his account and keeping it music related, read the fucking thread

No. 1410129

‘And his wonderful woman’ does she not have a name like? This bitch is so tapped who tf talks like this all of her posts are so desperate

No. 1410223

File: 1641495039525.jpeg (193.12 KB, 826x1372, 1498D41C-92AD-457F-B37F-6C3031…)

The abuse cycle continues. I get the vibe that he’s only staying with her because she’s holding storm over his head. Storm lives with syds mom and Jonny has a family violence charge, those two things might make seeing him after they break up more complicated.

No. 1410230

As if JC ever gave a fuck about his kids lmao

No. 1410256

File: 1641497048392.jpeg (195.82 KB, 1125x1969, DE07A838-F140-46D6-8F0D-278863…)

No. 1410258

I agree that he doesn’t care about his other kid(s?). He refuses to even acknowledge his other children, but made quite a few posts about how perfect storm is, he named storm, was present at his birth and consistently posted about him on social media. He is by no means a super amazing or attentive father, but imo he cares about storm and probably wants to at least be able to continue to see him.

No. 1410276

I think JC is with here, because:
- Sex
- can´t be alone
- needs constant validation by a groupie
- doesn't want to cook, tidy up etc.

He probably wishes he was still with Taylor, she gave him money and she looked way better than Syd.

If Jonnie ever makes something out of his "career"(which I doubt), he will dump Syd for a hotter groupie.

No. 1410296

Only cause he’s a boy though. If it was a girl jonny woulda bounced long ago. Fucked up but I really think he’s such a narcissist/egomaniac he doesn’t actually want a kid or to be a father he just wants a miniature version of himself to exist because he thinks he’s god.

No. 1410310

>>1409807 is there something over his face? it looks like there's something plastic under where his chin is.

No. 1410325

It’s a birthday hat.

No. 1410328

>>1410325 thank you anon that was driving me nuts.

No. 1410349

Between her mustache and his extra wet tongue, I'm gagging over here. What must their sex look like?

No. 1410356

According to her, flaccid and non existent

No. 1410357

this fucking sent me kek

No. 1410392

>>1410256 is this supposed to be deep? Hahah

No. 1410455

>>1410108 Eric you loser when will you get no one except you calls it MaryJane.

No. 1410481

That’s what he says but it’s probably easier to cheat. He can just say they’re separated and she’s crazy to other girls. Then say to her they’re together 4evr 11:11

No. 1410541

File: 1641515405665.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 95.31 KB, 828x1281, 3F6B9648-6C1E-4E35-BB79-9C9366…)

presented without comment kek

No. 1410543

sorry for accidental spoiler I swear it was unticked smh

No. 1410549

This is hilarious for so many reasons. Syd, you're an idiot if you think you or your fat junkie are celebrities.
Now go suck some more band d

No. 1410550

She really thinks they’re celebrities huh? How embarrassing lol

No. 1410552

Syd you're a groupie. it's embarrassing watching you be so unaware of your situation when you post hypocrisy like this.

No. 1410553

The audacity to question others intelligence while simultaneously posting this shit lol

No. 1410576

Says the groupie who is obsessed with The Used

No. 1410611

Bert is her totally epic homie 4l

For real though, every time we think she can't be more delusional, she proves us wrong. It's like christmas everyday!

No. 1410631

Kek, is she trying to say she and JC are celebrities. The only notable thing JC has done is getting kicked out of three successful bands and the only notable thing shes done is being a failed musicians cum dumpster.

No. 1410680

File: 1641526208870.png (4.62 MB, 1242x2208, 19AB2102-BC9D-490B-BC07-8F2E8F…)

Didn’t someone say Chelsea mentioned he’s all about shaving and keeping his appearances up when he uses? Look at his pupils… oh man… I hope he didn’t but…

No. 1410718

Look how fucking psychotic she looks in this photo, oh my god. I can’t believe she even posted this

No. 1410722


is that a track mark on his finger?(sage)

No. 1410724

Idk but it looks gross as fuck

No. 1410726

Next thread pic for sure. And I’m sure we’ll get some more milk to add onto the picture between now and then

No. 1410738

Ahaha Syd, you're lying to yourself. You're not really attracted to this thin lipped grease bag, are you? No wonder she cheated

No. 1410740

Wait. Syd posted this? I thought anon made the edit.

No. 1410741

I didn’t even notice that when I screenshot it and posted it here. It looks like a burn that reopened. It very well could be a track mark.

No. 1410745

Says the bitch (Jonny’s name not mine) who is constantly tagging Anthony Green, The Used, Grimes, Lights, etc etc etc in stories. Who is the one who is obsessed with “celebs” syd?

No. 1410766

yes to both. syd posted the memory, anon made an edit of it.

No. 1410776

File: 1641536963806.png (3.05 MB, 750x1334, 3108C7C7-AD06-4449-88E9-7D0EAC…)

She’s so pathetic. Syd sweetie, Jonny doesn’t give a fuck about you. You’ve done enough damage just by being with him, everything you touch turns to shit. Everyone knows Jonny is already moving on and I guarantee he’s already talking to a much hotter girl who’s not batshit insane.

Also, please keep getting shitty piercings, tattoos, and ridiculous hair styles. You genuinely get uglier each week that passes by and the damage you’re doing to your appearance is permanent. So keep it up, within five years you’ll be a used up, tore up from the floor up, busted single mom who still doesn’t have her child, with more psychotic breakdowns to come, and it brings me pure joy to see you miserable and regress in life.

No. 1410777

File: 1641537351167.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, EE53DB18-8440-4039-B80B-88A0AF…)

Love that she posted this because this is literally all she does every waking minute of the day. Keep telling on yourself Syd, we love to see it.

Kek this girl would be nothing without Instagram. All she does is cry and complain in her stories about missing Jonny, post pathetic throwbacks that no one cares to see, stalks Jonny and whoever comments on his pictures, his followers, who he follows, oh and stays stalking lolcow. No one is sending you shit posted two months ago. You’ve picked through every single post on every single thread with a fine tooth comb. If you weren’t such an embarrassing piece of garbage person with no soul and psychotic tendencies, you wouldn’t have 9 threads about you. Eventually you’ll have 70 just like TND, and we all know how badly you want to be her.

No. 1410778

I'm high rn and burst out laughing at the thought of her angrily yelling and her facial piercings all jingle-jangling together

No. 1410810

File: 1641542427365.png (694.75 KB, 533x800, H.png)


His arm Ew

No. 1410811

File: 1641542452998.png (489.12 KB, 480x800, Ugh.png)

No. 1410812

File: 1641542635467.jpeg (356.9 KB, 750x527, 683E0C66-2BED-45EE-9827-974038…)

Well, those tracks look fresh….

And my favorite is the thumbnail of his meaty knuckles posted on Syd’s page

No. 1410813

That ring looks like it can’t come off. No wonder he needed a rubber ring instead of actual jewelry, we already know that shit would get stuck

And yes I’m aware it’s a thing that married couples wear plain bands to work so they don’t get stolen or ruined, something I’ve been seeing out in public lately

No. 1410824

I always die laughing when she posts things and tags Anthony Green or his band. I wonder if she’s aware that he follows turtlemom on Twitter and likely views her the same way we do lol

No. 1410832

You're drug tested at sober living. And yes, men shave sometimes so it's a stretch to say he shaved and now he's using.
That's also cut on his finger, geniuses. Track marks aren't a single long cut. Plus he's worn out the veins in his hands which you can tell from their bloated appearance.
Some of you have no clue about what iv use looks like. He's in a bright room and even your pupils do that. The drug tinfoil is out of control.

No. 1410842

Do you guys even know what track marks look like?!! Every red dot on someone isn't a track mark.
Track marks a multiple pinprick scabs in a row with faint bruising behind it. And shooting up over tattoos doesn't work because you can't see your vein.
Someone with a long history of iv use has run out of veins on visible spots. Most men then hit their femoral in the crook of their groin, where their stomach meets their leg since that's visible despite hitting there often. Or the side of their neck while looking in the mirror.
Free tips from a US harm reduction worker so the ridiculous tinfoilers can learn what to actually look for.
Btw, a single photo of small pupils in a bright room doesn't equal pInNeD pupils.

No. 1410851

agreed with them not being recent trackmarks. They don't even look like recent injuries, just poorly healing scars on a gross old junkie.

I dont think this picture is even recent lol, Syd posted it and she's not with him right now. imo you can tell this is a few months old because of how much worse he looks, I think the fact that he's less bloated and sick looking says that he's actually sober for once.

No. 1410872

Ntayrt but "some of you have no clue about IV drug use, and it shows!" isn't the flex you think it is lol

No. 1410896

File: 1641557955647.png (3.91 MB, 1125x2436, A8B41EA9-FF05-4CFC-BC26-9DD1B8…)

No. 1410898

File: 1641557986407.png (4.23 MB, 1125x2436, B310561F-4C61-4038-A75A-AF289E…)

No. 1410900

File: 1641558022762.png (6.09 MB, 1125x2436, BF3A2E04-D370-4CEB-A175-4C0D1C…)

No. 1410925

I still cant get over how he needs to steal syd’s headset and syd is rushing to keep this useless broke ass in her life. I actually hope they stay together and keep each other away from doing any damage to other people. Also added brownies points that they are also making each other miserable.

No. 1410974

> Everyone knows Jonny is already moving on and I guarantee he’s already talking to a much hotter girl who’s not batshit insane.
why would a hot, not insane woman want to be with this bloated, washed-up junkie?

No. 1411030

Lol yeah, I get that anon is trying to push Syd’s button but let’s be real. He’s talking to other girls for sure, but they’re probably mostly younger, quieter & easier to manipulate. He learned his lesson getting with someone age appropriate (and psycho) and realized she has just as much if not more baggage than he does. The next girl will know how to shut the fuck up and will probably actually help heal his image.

No. 1411031

she's so gross, who wants to sit and watch her flap her tongue around

No. 1411035

>>1410776 forever in his clothes cause she can't afford her own

No. 1411050

He's driving with both a hat and headphones over his ears. I'd be embarrassed to gloat that the person I loved was putting up so many different distractions during quality time lol. Nothing says "Im invested in this" like headphones on lol.

No. 1411100

He’s not driving, they’re both in the backseat of a car

No. 1411122

File: 1641582158116.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1630x2037, D4FCE743-F085-4957-9820-DA1DD5…)

Sage because nothing new, but since she’s unfollowed the guy we all know she was recently DMing with (thanks to him or his ex sharing caps with us), I wanted to leave this here for posterity, before she dirty deletes all her comments.

No. 1411141

She’s really scraping the bottom of the musician barrel. Funniest part is he didn’t even wanna touch that with a ten foot pole despite her basically begging him. No syd, you can’t fuck your way into a feature on a song. Thought she woulda learned that by now.

No. 1411155

Do you know this for a fact, nona, or basing it on what we’ve seen ourselves the past few days. Would love more dirt on this. The audacity of her dEaTH tO aLl ChEaTeRs insanity, then she gets caught out like this. Kind anon shared the caps then that was all we heard. She definitely knows it’s been discussed, why else would she unfollow that other band moid.

No. 1411171

Certainly seemed like they fucked based on their texts. And no guy will go through all that effort to sneak around on their gf or bf to not fuck. Make it make sense.

No. 1411179

Yeah, this is an older photo I’m pretty sure. But the guy sitting next to him is definitely twacked out with those pupils, no doubt Johnny is also high in this pic

No. 1411196

No, not for a fact. Just based on the things she said in the messages about how he wouldn’t come over when she was home alone and how she couldn’t sweep him off his feet and was gonna die alone or whatever. It does look like he definitely entertained her and flirted back. Maybe they did actually fuck and she wanted more from him and he was all set after lol

No. 1411217

From what I got in the texts he just wanted an easy fuck but Syd is crazy and wanted more and he didn’t. They had sex at least once.

No. 1411225

How do you know for a fact they fucked at least once? Nothing in the caps even implied that. The jist I got was that Syd wanted him and he bailed before anything could happen.

No. 1411246

File: 1641591367236.jpg (140.14 KB, 1170x2080, 271353135_968371530767649_1708…)

sydsobroke can't afford a 50 dollar hoodie. why isn't her good friend bert getting her one?

No. 1411248

I find it odd, but not odd seeing as it's syd, that in a couple of the photos of storm she has edited certain areas to be blurry.

No. 1411249

>>1411246 what a scrub. Yet again begging

No. 1411260

I hate to give her any ideas, but it’s kind of shocking that she hasn’t tried her hand at onlyfans yet. Ladies, bets on how long before she launches her edgy alt queen OF?

No. 1411264

I thought she hated her birthday?? This cunt.. lol

No. 1411284

Whaaaat, you mean to tell me that between her and her fAmOuS rOcKsTaR baby daddy’s “celebrity status” they can’t afford a $50 shirt? Say it isn’t so!

No. 1411305

well if you got off welfare and got a job you’d be able to afford luxuries like buying merch on top of taking care of yourself without having to beg online. how can two adults, one who’s ‘famous’ not afford a 50$ hoodie? are they actually that poor?

No. 1411315

She always does that so that we can’t see where the background is. Likely because she has visitation in some public place or somewhere that is clearly not her apartment

No. 1411316

Yeah and I’m assuming that dog from the breeders wasn’t cheap. Even if they don’t have the dog yet they would have had to pay money to reserve it. I guess that’s why she can’t afford a hoodie at this time kek

No. 1411346

File: 1641597629197.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1125x2009, D2F79A4F-2909-4D8D-A19E-4D8FC7…)

Yeah I’m sure her “happy kid” is really with her and she still has time to do her makeup and dye her hair and take selfies to post to Instagram while she’s taking care of him all alone

No. 1411364

God she looks horrendous, learn how to do eyebrows & eyeliner! This is how I did it when I was 13 yo grow tf up kek

No. 1411373

Wow, I’m part astounded, part mildly disturbed at how they’re both just glossing over the milk of the last few days like nothing happened. Does Jonny even know? I’m sure his egotistical ass still checks here. Bizarre, fascinating to watch them really.

No. 1411376

Had to make sure she got her hand in there to show off her shitty self-done tattoos. Really needs more things to fill out her day. Also looks like she put storms birthday on her finger. We can really tell she loves him now lmao. For someone who claims to be an artist she sure has some of the most generic tattoos.

No. 1411383

Absent kid
Miserable syd
Pick me shirt

Obvious Filters
Patchy liner
Wonky wiggly-lined brows
Dots under eyes typically worn by 16 year old E-girls four years ago
Fried bangs
Terrible piercings
Awful “love me Jonny” face tatt
Why does this list exist

No. 1411464

>>1411346 oh boy, is it just me or does this have 2007 myspace vibes?
Also, I know it's a filter but pretty sure she still has foundation on, not just "moisturizer".

No. 1411490

What would they need to keep “hush hush” about? Online flirting? Sure there’s no hardcore proof of them having sex, just like there’s no hardcore proof they lost custody of storm. But it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.

No. 1411501

She’s perpetually stuck in 2006 and never left

No. 1411510

Oh man the hand tattoos are worse than I thought. That red ink is definitely going to age well on your hands Syd. Also looks like it was written by a 10 year old but what did I expect. Maybe next time get a job so you can get those tattoos that people will see 100% of the time professionally done

No. 1411641

He knows. I spoke to him about it.

He said, “don’t trip I always come out on top” and “it’s cool don’t even stress. I’m big boy pimpin.”(cowtipping)

No. 1411660

Legitimately thought this was an old man with the turkey neck and no chin combo

No. 1411713

Anon you cow tipped?? What do you mean you talked to him about it? Tell us more.

No. 1411753

Syd must be going insane in her house alone, glued to her phone without Jonny after she got caught.

This is the most she has uploaded to her stories in a long time and it screams desperate, bored, not taking care of a child by any means, and most of all, pathetic “please love me” bullshit. QQ more Syd.

No. 1411754

It's almost like she's trying to reassure Jonny that she's not out cheating. Since he pulled all her pics from his insta she started going hard. Like she has to make sure everyone knows he hasn't dumped her ass..yet

No. 1411772

File: 1641636707109.jpeg (510.14 KB, 750x983, 15333486-0D34-48AD-8657-195542…)

Are those the “stars” she was bragging about? Whatever it is they look absolutely terrible, like she accidentally got ink from a pen alll over her. If they’re supposed to be dots then MAJOR LOL. Bc 1) WHYYYY, 2) they are very poorly done and misshaped, how hard is it to do a DOT, 3) that shit is permanent so please keep making yourself as fugly as possible.

Lol these are the hand tattoos she did herself that she’s SEW proud of and they’re SEW special to her bc they were done by her. She gets more embarrassing everyday, incredible. We love to see it

No. 1411779


The stars are on her thumb. But if seriously looks like when I was in high school and the girls would draw on their hands with colorful gel pens. That level of quality.

No. 1411780


So sorry I forgot to sage, can’t remember password to delete

No. 1411817

Could you post screencaps of the convo? Block your name out though!

No. 1411864


This anon is obviously joking, come on guys

No. 1411865

Do you type a password everytime you post lol

No. 1411873


my password is JCbigboipimpin4L

No. 1411884

I first wondered if this was the anon who posted the syd/sterling messages. Figured maybe they didn’t know about the whole cow tipping rule but maybe you’re right and it’s a joke. Just sounds like something he’d actually say kek

No. 1411932

omg kek

No. 1412080

Luckily for her, red ink fades the fastest and will be long gone by the time the kid grows up and realizes how embarrassing she is

No. 1412087

Of course she would want to keep it on the DL she's trying to fuck another bigger loser. She wouldn't thirst that hard if she already boned the dude.
And anon clearly didn't cowtip otherwise you know they'd be posting the conversation like the eager beaver they are.
I don't think Jonny checks here as often as Syd so he probably won't see it for a long time. But I bet after the Liz drama and their back and forth story post bickering he was just done (for now) showing their fights publicly.

No. 1412110

My speculation is that Jonny is basically putting her on warning for the next however many days he is in rehab. After this latest Liz debacle (and perhaps the cheating stuff if he saw it) he probably told her she better be on her best behavior. And took her off his page, took the emojis off her name in his bio to scare her into believing his threat. So that’s why she’s acting the way she’s acting, love bombing and trying to do everything she can to convince him to stay with her. But I also agree with other nonnies that he’s also trying to find someone else in the meantime and won’t break up with her finally until he finds his next victim kek

No. 1412172

Its cool don't even stress I'm big boy pimpin is my new favorite thing to say

No. 1412175

File: 1641676758450.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, F211E6A0-1804-4B47-B971-85BD57…)

No. 1412196

File: 1641678233130.jpeg (856 KB, 1125x1862, E9263C92-FC77-4A7D-B9D6-37ABE6…)

What in the penis-bun, untoned-roots, tiny-piece-of-bangs-sticking-up mess is this

No. 1412214

File: 1641679207703.jpeg (293.1 KB, 1186x1915, B9B40033-0A5E-48EC-8B9A-295475…)

I don’t care about your rules. Hit me with the red text again. See if I care. Text blocked to keep my personal info out of it so don’t even ask.(cowtipping retard )

No. 1412221

File: 1641679968341.jpeg (86.66 KB, 992x615, 61315D35-E6E4-40C2-87D8-2416C8…)

Accidentally blocked out too much text.

I would have rather not posted anything so not exactly an eager beaver. You all are craftily manipulative and called me a liar knowing I’d post it cause I want you to know that he knows so you can make better more accurate theories to entertain me. I’m an agent of chaos. Get to work.

No. 1412237

Can someone translate please greasy fat junkie isnt my first language

No. 1412249

You really should post the whole Interaction, (I’m the one who gave you credit to begin with anon, truth echoed across when you posted) but just showing he said that proves
Only to the idiots here it’s not a joke, give us more to work with, what have you got to lose agent of chaos?

No. 1412250

“Void”, while being a totally great mom who loves her son and has an epic bond with him. Ok.

No. 1412257

I would of bet money that you were joking in >>1411641 Cow tipping is cringe but his response to someone telling him his fiance is cheating on him is meme level hilarious. I still get the feeling from these that he’s leaving her and just not posting about it because he’s not about the online drama, but that’s speculation.

No. 1412259

White knighting JC now the norm here? Never thought I would see the day when these threads would become so sympathetic toward Jonny that cow tipping in his favor is looked past.

No. 1412265

>I honestly miss being pregnant

!??!!?!!!! WARNING RED FLAG jfc as soon as she gets within fucking distance of JC she’s gonna find a way to impregnate herself with Storm 2. Hey if the first baby got taken away, let’s just make another one right!?

No. 1412274

If Jonny is considering leaving her she would definitely be the type to try and reel him back in with another baby. I think she got pregnant with storm on purpose in a desperate attempt to trap him.

No. 1412282

File: 1641683787187.jpeg (916.16 KB, 1125x1999, 3925657D-D039-449B-9CE4-C00E09…)

Only 2 of her highlights of the decade are about her child. Poor Storm never had a chance with these two

No. 1412284

These were my same thoughts reading that. She will get pregnant again as another attempt to lock him down. I honestly believe that she’s willing to even over look his using even around a child to keep him. We all know if jc is sober it wont last and definitely if they are together.

No. 1412291

He is straight up saying it is what it is and doesn't care purely because he knows he holds the power in the relationship lol. He is a narcissist and knows Syd will jump through a ring of fire to stay with him. Such true love. She gets what she deserves by staying with an abuser, just please don't make another fucking baby

No. 1412293

File: 1641684604016.jpg (67.65 KB, 720x1074, Screenshot_20220108-182659_Ins…)

No. 1412296

File: 1641684826022.jpeg (744.26 KB, 1125x1978, 82BB1F96-7B02-4506-9142-8219B0…)

“He can have her” while she’s posting about her forever lmao

No. 1412310

"almost died a couple times" meaning threatening to kill yourself when your friends don't answer the phone

yes this actually happened

No. 1412317

File: 1641686293915.jpeg (86.37 KB, 789x789, 5A7D7B30-05B9-4EB1-AEE8-8B83A2…)

Wow! It must’ve taken ages to get the scrotum ~just right~

No. 1412322

Tinfoil: Jonny is being so quiet about syd’s psycho shit because he knows he looked so bad in his past breakups and he knows his career can’t take anymore negative attention. He’s been fired from everywhere and there’s not much further down the ladder he can go so he has to put on this charade publicly but he doesn’t give a fuck about syd or that kid in private. Anything to keep the little troll satisfied so she doesn’t go airing all his misdeeds and getting him kicked out of whatever bottom barrel label/management company or whatever he’s on now. Plus if they’re both facing charges he wants to keep her quiet so she doesn’t go running her mouth in court. They deserve each other and i love it.

No. 1412335

I’m cackling that JC is so ridiculous that we couldn’t even tell if anon was joking about his response to Syd cheating. And once again fascinated by the obvious disparity between what he says and what she’s posting. These two should be studied by anthropologists…or psychologists kek

No. 1412340

To piggyback off of that, I’d she’s willing to share a video of him nodding off so easily, there’s probably some more ammunition she could use against him now

No. 1412349

File: 1641687992353.jpg (283.4 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220109-012532_Ins…)

Im New here, just wanted to post this(cowtipping is against the rules )

No. 1412353

This twat really included “started tattooing” in this cringe bragging post? She chicken scratched dots and numbers on her own hand. Sit the fuck down, Syd. It’s insulting to actual artists who worked their asses off to get to where they are. Also lol that she said she had 8 jobs like it’s a good thing. That means she couldn’t even keep one for a single year considering she hasn’t had one in the past 2 at least.

No. 1412386

File: 1641689546418.png (560.51 KB, 828x1792, DB69BC3A-16F1-4831-B09E-B6B6AD…)

No. 1412405

I wouldn’t say this is whiteknighting Jonny. I think this is choosing between two evils and wanting syd to get what she deserves. That being said, I don’t condone cow tipping, but also don’t think you should jump to accusing anon of being a whiteknight because they hate syd a little more

No. 1412409

Oooooh boy I can’t wait for her to make her daily visit to this thread today

No. 1412411

I think he’s waiting until he’s out of rehab to finally break it off. Because if he does it now, she’ll probably destroy the apartment and all his stuff in a bpd rage

No. 1412415

Lmao at her “taken more flights than some people have in their life time” syd I can assure you a 5 year old would have better achievements than that. She is so white thrash, unhinged and self-absorb. I love the delusion!

No. 1412417

Idk which is more pathetic? Syd love bombing JC now after being caught cheating with a worse loser/singer or jonny crying on instagram when taylor dumped him. Either way, ye love to see it.

No. 1412418

Lol what stuff? The half-built Amazon furniture? Kek. I guarantee he’s got all his most prized possessions (ie ugly shoes) w him at the rehab. I think he’s just having trouble finding a girl dumb or ignorant enough to leech off of. Maybe it’s time for TND to swoop back in lol

No. 1412427

If he’s in sober living I don’t think he technically even has to go back home unless he breaks the rules, so maybe this round of sobriety is his out. I think it would be great if he maintained sobriety and got custody of his son back on his own, but those are high hopes given who we’re talking about lol

No. 1412440

I can’t decide if the love bombing is syd trying to win Jonny back or if it’s another attempt at fooling the trolls, like the way she plays pretend that she still has her son. There’s also a strong possibility that these two clowns are still together and Jonny is just saying this shit because he knows someone is asking so they can post it online. These two have been fighting for the entirety of their relationship and syd has said this kind of mean stuff about him before. Neither one of them seems to have the emotional maturity or self awareness to see that they are awful for each other, hopefully Jonny is getting therapy in rehab and is realizing their relationship is completely toxic.

No. 1412443

The eyeliner gives me Amy Winehouse vibes because it´s so thick… would look way better with a very thin eyeliner, completely black hair and also black eyebrows… her bangs are white, the rest is black but the eyebrows are reddish brown…

No. 1412444

"recently started tattooing" is on the list

Doing your own tattoos is the worst think you can do to your body, there is a reason you pay people that actually learned this.

No. 1412477

the idea that he could have custody of a child, what the actual fuck are you on

No. 1412485

do you have any old screenshots?

No. 1412490

File: 1641699244841.jpg (292.7 KB, 1080x1894, Screenshot_20220109-033309_Ins…)

Feels like she's having the beginning of a breakdown lol

No. 1412500

damn i'm not even one of the anons that dogs on syd's appearance constantly but what the FUCK is that bun

No. 1412501

samefag but also kek at "barely there" natural brows

No. 1412502


You’re right syd, you do look the same and it’s not a flex. Still alone, still dead behind your eyes. Still lookin like a 17 year old groupie.

No. 1412512

seriously only thing that's changed is that she looks like she's on something these days. She literally hasn't changed and I mean that in the most depressing way

No. 1412529

Nitpick but why do her bangs go all the way to her ears, it looks so weird, especially since they are a different color. I’m guessing she fucked up cutting them herself because I doubt any stylist would go that far to the sides.

No. 1412538


A literal bowl cut

No. 1412539


jeeeeesus christ the amount of effort and energy this almost 30-year old(!!!) woman puts into thinking about herself, talking about herself, and navel-gazing over her own miserable existence. She is as exhausting as she is awful.

No. 1412543

Why does she keep repeating what she’s wearing for makeup and constantly mention her face tattoos and piercings? It’s so fucking weird. Yes everyone can see. No one is impressed.

No. 1412550

Syd said this same crap to the women who commented on his pics. “You can have him. He won’t love you tho”
“You think I care about that fat junkie?”

They hate each other it’s pretty obvious. Why they continue to stay together is beyond me. I guess for the fans? Lol. How pathetic. I guess we will see in a couple weeks when he supposedly is home from sober living.

Hope they get married and make each other miserable until they die.

No. 1412605

Wishing death on someone else is disgusting.

No. 1412621

learn to read

No. 1412699

File: 1641728566945.jpg (167.49 KB, 1080x1596, Screenshot_20220109-114152_Ins…)

The echo of your goodbye
Lingers like a shadow
How can I
Make you stay a little longer?
Stay a little longer
Stay a little longer
Blinded by the look in your eyes
If the world's on fire, I still won't mind
Romantic stagnancy
Was softly killing me
It's fine for me, if it's fine for you
Just stick around, and we'll see this through

No. 1412757

He took every pic of her off his ig. He had one post left and deleted it. She’s gonna snap

No. 1412771

No washed-up junkie musician and no child but at least she'll always have terrible taste in music. It's the little things.

No. 1412775

I can’t wait for her meltdown leading to unsaged rage post here kek
>in b4 it’s “ALL OUR FAULT”

No. 1412778

Also noticed last night he either unliked a ton of her pics or never liked them to begin with.

No. 1412781

She will absolutely blame us lol “my son has no father now because of internet bullies!” When in reality it’s her own shit decisions that pushed him away. If she could’ve just kept her fucking mouth shut 99% of the time she was talking shit they might be doing alright right now.

No. 1412800

Watch them break up and syd still has minimal interactions with her son. If JC is out of the picture, there goes the internet attention she wants, and she’s only used her son as a prop for her gram anyways.
I can’t wait; it’s such a great example of karma for such a mean, self absorbed troll of a “person”

No. 1412844

How many days has she been in this shirt?

No. 1412994

She probably took a set of photos and is spreading them out.

No. 1413027

Didn’t he say he was removing personal life from his instagram? I don’t think they broke up , syd would have reacted by now right?

No. 1413032

You call all these love bombing posts not reacting?

No. 1413037

It kinda looks like they did break up and she’s trying to do her usual convincing the internet that her life is not what it actually is bs and Jonny is just staying quiet.

No. 1413046

he's literally a women beater as if he wouldn't fly off the handle at the kid considering he's still in court proceedings for having a domestic infront of said child, you need to put the crack pipe down

No. 1413051

I have heard this has happened
many times to multiple people. If you have screenshots we would definitely like to see. It really is shocking that someone her age still uses Im going to kill myself as a threat to keep people, pathetic.

No. 1413056

Agree. She’s desperately clutching at straws. I don’t remember that story highlight being on her ig until today. Maybe it was and I’m dumb but considering he hasn’t interacted with anything on her page recently I really think they’re broken up and she’s in denial hoping he comes back. He’s gotta be talking so much shit about her to his rehab homies with all this drama, and I’m sure they’re telling him to ditch her too.

No. 1413077

I'm cackling. Seems the feeling is mutual.

No. 1413078

My experiences were from before sceenshots existed, so all I have is my word.
But she's threatened to kill herself probably over 30 times in her life, with serious attempts as well. It's honestly heartbreaking, because in those moments of desperation I genuinely believe that she was intending on following through. I genuinely believe when she tells someone she's going to kill herself, she really means it. I know what it looks like when someone is full of shit and is threatening to kill themselves as an act of manipulation to get someone to stay. And although her attempts on her life were usually in direct correlation of someone leaving and inherently were manipulative - she really felt that was her only option. She needs serious therapy, and better meds. She has almost zero ability to cope with her emotions and has been latching onto toxic coping skills for over 15 years.

No. 1413152

File: 1641761545741.jpeg (208.53 KB, 1170x1903, 0FD6FAE3-F74A-4067-AD87-646B6A…)

A+ vague posting

No. 1413161

Sorry not white knighting but just because someone hurts adults doesn’t automatically mean they hurt kids too

No. 1413166

File: 1641762276339.jpeg (854.7 KB, 1391x869, 33B805B4-8F76-4743-92EA-C7164C…)

Sorry samefag, I can’t fucking stand his casual use of Ebonics. He’s like a real life b-rad from Malibu’s Most Wanted lmfao

No. 1413175

Syd is def not a Virgo (her birthday is this month and Virgo is end of august/early sept) so she’s really gonna love him posting this about some mystery woman kek

No. 1413190

He’s clearly bored and doing it to upset her. So much for his IG being only for only his music now but eye roll

No. 1413217

File: 1641766273045.png (769.36 KB, 750x1334, E73C0CC7-9D35-4A79-A700-A10AC1…)

The desperation is building

No. 1413225

“The one” lmaooo why’d you stop tagging him, what’s wrong???? Not getting the validation you need?

No. 1413244

This is going from pathetic to creepy rather quickly. She’s been publicly adoring him for 6 days now and he hasn’t acknowledged a single post, the only thing he’s done is remove basically all traces of her from his social media. Any self respecting person would of stopped by now, I’m so embarrassed for her.

No. 1413252

Kind of funny to watch her panic and love bomb despite cheating and calling Jonny a junkie she doesn't want. Sloppy lol

No. 1413256

how the hell could Jonny take care of a child, even if he stayed sober?

No. 1413332

Is this A? If not - I recall syd’s ex A shared that syd slit her wrist a few times infront of him after he tried to break up with her. So I reckon she will defo pull some bigger now if jc tries to dump her. Its all very sad for poor storm really, smh can white thrash stop procreating? Wtf.

No. 1413401

Anon you’re responding to… where in that reply did I say anything about him taking care of a child? Read it again maybe

No. 1413402

Slit her wrists or scratched her wrists? People like her do it for attention and aren’t serious about actually hurting themselves, let’s be real

No. 1413441

This is getting dark. I'm just going to leave the number for the national suicide prevention line here for anyone who needs it. We may be trolls but we're not sadists.


No. 1413471

File: 1641782021078.gif (1.48 MB, 480x270, 0940361C-C3F3-452A-A2F2-B6A7D2…)

>Nona asks a question
>you guise are getting so dark here’s a number to call cause you’re apparently suicidal

No. 1413474

kek spot on

No. 1413519

Sorry I made you suicidal nonnie

No. 1413532

File: 1641788521239.jpeg (1.41 MB, 2020x1170, 779FE7A7-DF43-4F24-8D36-724F4F…)


I can’t stop thinking about this—even the same hat tho!! Definitely big boy pimpin don’t even stress yooo

No. 1413575

File: 1641795046856.jpeg (555.35 KB, 1170x2030, 24188301-6A45-4299-980F-3F3617…)

Yes us dumb. sydsosmart so intelligent. pls educate us w your word vomit

No. 1413597

File: 1641797939568.png (4.84 MB, 1170x2532, DEE950AF-9FB4-4C9E-8A8B-458D51…)

I know Liz is not the cow but is it a coincidence that this is pretty much what’s going on with a couple we know? hmmmm

No. 1413645

The things she’s describing (having empathy for others, feeling “vibes” or whatever) does this bitch not realise that literally 99% of humans are innately capable of this…? Unless someone’s on the autism spectrum or has some other antisocial pathology, being able to empathise with people or read a situation does not make you speshul babe, sorry.

No. 1413747

33weeks ago, is this around the time she changed her handle to Sydoknee or something like that? Just so she could have a little secret in joke with her flirt, Jonny not realising she was rubbing it in his face.

No. 1413788

>>1413575 uhm, correct me if I'm wrong.. but this stupid cunt says the most ignorant things ALL the time to people and in her posts. Forget the rose colored glasses, she's in total blackout glasses. Unable to see absolutely anything for what it really is. How is she made it this far in life without someone knocking her ass down a peg. Or seven.

No. 1413867

Misery loves company nonnie, I reckon all the people around her that are still friends with her probably are as dumb as her.

No. 1413879

empaths tell people to kill themselves when they are stressed ok?? stupid trolls!!!

No. 1413880

Yeah and send pics of people with their dead ex’s and say “it should have been you!” Yeah she’s such a total empath, empaths don’t always have to be noice guyz

No. 1413897

why do people (and especially Sydney) pretend like empathy is some sooper speshul magic power that has been bestowed upon them and just themselves? unless you're a narc, sociopath or highly autistic everyone possesses empathy. it's easy to see if someone walks into the room and how sad/angry/happy they are by subconsciously reading body language. and if you have BPD, all your emotions are going to be explosive and draining. this retard needs a job for fuck sake. get off the internet

No. 1413904

Whatever you guise. You’re just jealous she can hear music and see colors and feel feelings. She’s speshul and her kid loves her. None of you understand.

No. 1413929

she's a living embodiment of the empath joke trending on tiktok rn. You're not an empath syd, you're just retarded lmfao

No. 1413961

So sad how she’s so completely boring and unexceptional that she has to make up shit about herself to try to make herself feel better about her lame existence, it’s painfully obvious and no one takes you serious, syd-so-insignificant

No. 1413962

> why do people (and especially Sydney) pretend like empathy is some sooper speshul magic power
> unless you're a narc, sociopath or highly autistic everyone possesses empathy.
Question posed, question answered.

No. 1413968

File: 1641846969119.jpeg (210.58 KB, 827x1420, 70C804DC-D43C-4704-B8C2-BC1110…)

Syd, you’re even a cunt on Poshmark, shut the fuck up

No. 1413996

her attitude is so fucking entitled

No. 1414047

Anon must be need a job as much as syd to have found enough time to dig that up!

No. 1414055

Jfc. She literally cannot keep her entitled bratty mouth shut for one day?! I hope the seller sold to the other person.

No. 1414059

File: 1641854086919.webm (2.09 MB, 888x1574, FullSizeRender.webm)

Kek “singing”
Also I like how she’s trying to give us rationale for a completely empty floor devoid of baby things, in an empty apartment…

No. 1414061

File: 1641854287426.jpg (162.07 KB, 1080x1273, Screenshot_20220110-223208_Chr…)

lol he's definitely looking for a new girl

No. 1414062

Kek you can't even hear her… she's trying to blend in with the style and make herself sound better than she really is

No. 1414063


seriously. telling people to kill themselves, harassing them, making sock accounts to harass them more… how does she think she makes other people feel? just spreading her own delusions and weird self loathing.

No. 1414069

And 3..2..1 until she goes off in this girls DM’s accusing her of taking her sons father lol

No. 1414072

What is her credit card situation that she has to harass people online with her poor person drama?

No. 1414074

Kek next loser to fall into his trap. Who would get excited about this ugly ginger following them

No. 1414076

A JC fangirl who looks like what Syd wishes she looked like, and is probably younger too. I can't wait for SydSoSad's meltdown and story posts!

No. 1414079

File: 1641855611419.png (1.45 MB, 828x1792, 2230F6BD-79F2-4199-977B-32C04A…)

And she’s got an OF KEK

No. 1414080

I don’t think Sydney goes on Twitter so how would she know

No. 1414086

She reads here obsessively.

I bet Jonny subs her OF, she posts about it & Syd ends up making one & then quitting after whining on her IG about not making $10K her first day.

No. 1414087


nuh uh nonnie. her friends (she has LOTS btw) send her screenshots of the haters so they can totes laugh at them together.

No. 1414090

Ol' girl has the site open in her browser at all times & we all know it.

No. 1414094


this. her mental illnesses would allow nothing different.

No. 1414107

File: 1641856939473.jpeg (736.72 KB, 1170x2145, 967975B2-FF31-4775-83F9-2AD892…)

omg she’s PERFECT. This is perfect. Although I do feel bad for whoever comes next, JC’s history is not a secret or surprise to anyone anymore, there’s almost no excuse for falling for his bs.
The only ppl he’s followed on IG recently have been decent looking alt/scene queens kek he is so predictable!! Love it.

No. 1414109

JC is so predictable kek. Posting these girls is basically putting a target on their backs, Syd will be angrily creating Twitter and onlyfans accounts now to harass them. The ensuing meltdown will be interesting.

No. 1414115

Oh come on, don’t be a dick to nonnie. It’s very easy to just type a name into a search bar

No. 1414120

File: 1641858040934.png (326.21 KB, 1080x572, Screenshot_20220110-183910.png)

super tinfoil tism alert:

she changed her hair cus she has a bunch of pics of her and storm from when she had this hair and she wants to start spamming them since her life is gonna be "empty"* without JC lolol

No. 1414141

This is the virgo he was talking about or targeting more like it. Still going for 22 year olds, hasn’t changed.

No. 1414152

File: 1641860008166.jpeg (171.78 KB, 805x698, BFD2A591-C59C-45EA-A4C5-9EB054…)

cmon anon (also super satisfying post number)

No. 1414159

weird infighty comment aside, that username used to be her Instagram handle and is tagged on her mom's insta, it's not like it would be hard to find or Google search

No. 1414176

You have access to Syd’s mom Insta? I was trying to find it again to see if she posts anything with Storm but no dice

No. 1414186

great news! the anon you're replying to just told you how to find it

No. 1414187

Jonny would stick his dick in any woman with a pulse and winged eyeliner, you’re not special, sorry

But unlike Syd at least this girl has a source of income that Jonny can leech off

No. 1414189

File: 1641862942418.jpg (371.91 KB, 720x1448, Screenshot_20220110-200136_Ins…)

Her face is horrifying.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1414198

Is this her mother? She's so cute. I totally believe she's mixed (the mom I mean) I can see it.

No. 1414200


Hmm, Syd's mom is a virgo hahah(don't post family members)

No. 1414203

Wow, I guess good looks skipped a generation. Yeah I always thought she was part Latina..? If Sydney didn’t fry her hair every week, it looks like she’d have a pretty nice head of hair.(don't post family members)

No. 1414207

ahahaha oh my god
if only, that would be incredible
Her mom def doesn't deserve the hell that is Jonny but god, Syd's reaction would be premium

No. 1414209

>>1414189 syd looks like joan cusack here lmao

No. 1414228

>Storm was learning to crawl
Wait how old is Storm now? If she thinks he's just now crawling that's her giving herself away again. If Storm really is just now crawling, uh oh.

No. 1414230

Her mom’s Insta is not in Syd’s tagged pics… you really thought you did something there huh

No. 1414231

The story clearly says “1 year ago”

No. 1414236

Her mom deleted that picture after it was posted here. That pretty much confirms that syd has this thread open all the time kek.

No. 1414259

reading comprehension anon. work on it. the username anon was referencing here >>1414159 is indeed tagged on her mom's ig.

No. 1414274

Syd’s mom is on here too. Everybody wave!(hi cow)

No. 1414285

Literally nobody has ever threatened or attacked Storm online, Syd. Except you IRL & you posting made up lies to drag your delusions into reality at the expense of your innocent son. Nobody would even know what he looked like if not for you.

No. 1414286

File: 1641875156579.png (241.5 KB, 750x1334, 572093F6-400A-4A3B-AF03-ADBF15…)

such empath

plus syd a cheater too and how does she know what Liz’s sex life is like lmfao

what a fucking psycho(cowtipping)

No. 1414288

While you're technically correct in all these, it's still pretty cringe to do this & then post it here ASAP. Other anons have messaged her before & gotten nowhere bc she's heard it all before and knows it's true deep down. It's just beating a dead horse at this point bc Syd's entire existence is nothing but trying to drag her fantasy life from her head out into reality with as little work or effort as possible.

No. 1414289

File: 1641875546728.jpeg (168.57 KB, 749x1078, E5E6450A-24C0-48B9-89BD-121D87…)

No. 1414290

File: 1641875573723.jpeg (195.65 KB, 750x1076, 1EE4D168-C6E9-478D-9731-0DCD56…)

No. 1414294






Why did you repost all these?

No. 1414295

you could see my name so i had to black it out more

No. 1414298

these were from last night when i saw her comment on a person i follow. so not really asap, and ig this is technically ~cow tipping~ but jesus she is horrible

No. 1414299

>I had people stealing my ultra sound and sending death wishes/ threats
>somehow that means my child is attacked

she really just makes up stories and then tells people them like they actually happened. She’s hands down the craziest person on this website and some of these hoes are schizos

No. 1414307

File: 1641877793926.png (5.83 MB, 1170x2532, 0D949DFE-FA07-456B-A641-138195…)

Mr anti vax himself

No. 1414313

omfg. If you google syd's @ in the picrel (yendysengland) you will find her mom's ig. that username is tagged in the caption of one of her pictures. it's that easy.

No. 1414323

Lol this person really responded to their own post

No. 1414330


isn't the word "babe" what started her on her rage against liz in the first place

No. 1414337

File: 1641880846924.jpg (279.85 KB, 1080x1932, m.jpg)

No. 1414345

Syd, any real lawyer will tell you that you don't have a case, and that the people you've posted on your own IG have way better cases than you do with the way you constantly and shamelessly spew your hate.

Nobody is gonna give her a win for an internet harassment case with the way she uses her IG and her JCBM clout to shit on anyone she gets jealous of with zero provocation.

Nice going tho, IG anon- good to know she still gets massively triggered by the same old tricks.

No. 1414346

Nonnie syd didn’t post this, Liz did

No. 1414362

Syd blocked me for no reason on ig lol. I dont follow her or jonny.

No. 1414382

Wait who is Emily?

No. 1414387

I'm confused? NTA who posted them, but Syd's mom has definitely posted in previous threads and I don't remember anyone getting banned for that. Also, Syd's mixed– I don't remember what with, but it was also talked about pretty extensively in past threads.

No. 1414398

read the rules newfag

No. 1414422

File: 1641894776171.png (874.79 KB, 1242x2208, 02E52A13-ECD2-4AA7-8EFF-EBA172…)

This was posted 4 hrs ago, as was Liz’s IG story about harassment laws in Texas. I hope Liz takes it all the way. This bitch really thinks it’s funny. (So creative to put it in the bottom right corner…)

No. 1414426

Syd you're as bland as a saltine cracker and a copy an paste of every alt girl from 2006, stop acting like you're top shit.

No. 1414430

More like more bland than an unsalted cracker and she'd be lucky to be a copy and paste of an alt girl from 06. She's like the ugly girl poser that wishes she was one of the pretty 06 alt girls.

No. 1414432

No lawyer will take on a case like this when there isn't even a financial payout. There's no case for harassment unless it's documented that it goes on for awhile (like longer than 2 weeks), causes Liz to lose income, contains death threats (more than "it should have been you that died), and continues well after a cease and desist letter.
If talking shit from a fake account and vague posting on IG stories equaled a lawsuit, then 98% of the internet would have a "harassment" lawsuit going on right now.
I'd love Syd-o-needy to get her comeuppance, but realistic expectations are important.

No. 1414433

True. Maybe it helps that it's all documented here that it is Syd, or she has received more messages she isn't showing?

It's so annoying >>1414290 you weirdos feel like getting in contact with her when she will go batshit by herself in due time. Get a life, you just give her a reason to act like a victim

No. 1414434

She's probably obsessively checking who watches her stories

No. 1414458

What are you talking about? It doesn’t sound like Liz is trying to sue her. She more than likely is trying to get a restraining order or TPO. Neither of which need a lawyer. The length of time someone is harassing someone is pretty much inconsequential if the harassment falls under the state’s qualifiers.
It appears more has happened that we haven’t seen. I don’t believe Liz would be vague posting this stuff if Sydney actually stopped, because Liz seemed to be done with it the day or two after it all happened. If we know anything about Syd, we know it’s probably just escalated.

No. 1414494

god not this vaccine shit again. besides, he’s been fully vaxxed since his tour

No. 1414515

I got blocked too kek, imagine sifting through thousands of profiles to block the sock puppets, that's assuming her follower count is actually legit and watching her stories

No. 1414540

Dude her mom looks so much better than her. Syd literally looks like she’s in her late 40’s in this pic. They looks like friends hanging out and Syd is the uglier friend.

No. 1414543

Holy shit you’re right HAHAHA

No. 1414546

Are you actually retarded? The irony of you calling someone out on reading comprehension. The anon you responded to clearly said her mom’s ig is not tagged on SYD’S profile, not the other way around.

You guys are such cunts to each other sometimes and for what? If you’re going to be a cunt, at least be correct on what you’re speaking on and don’t make a fool out of yourself by doing it.

No. 1414547

On lolcow? And what drew you to this conclusion……?

No. 1414552

I hope everyone Syd has ever harassed teams up together and they all file charges. Would be hilarious to see Syd get charged with over 20 counts of harassment, hopefully get enhanced to a felony due to the amount of charges for the same thing, and it would be very much well deserved. Syd doesn’t need therapy. She doesn’t deserve it. She needs to sit and rot in a jail cell for several months. That alone will make it nearly impossible for her to get her kid back, which she doesn’t deserve.

No. 1414557

Yeah but he’s been consistently posting anti vax bullshit on his stories and “Covid is a hoax” nonsense as well. So it’s pretty funny that he now has Covid when he was just posting about how “it’s not actually that bad”

No. 1414561

Did y’all end up following Liz maybe? I could see syd blocking people who watched her story who don’t follow her but are following Liz

No. 1414566

Why is everyone arguing based off of assumptions and not facts. No one here can read what’s in Liz’s mind and knows what she intends to do. You don’t need to give anons shit for thinking she might sue when she literally googled “online harassment attorneys” and we know from Syd’s past experiences that she does not let up. If she thinks Jonny is going to break up with her of course she’s probably been non stop finding ways to harass Liz about it.

PS, if Liz needs proof of pattern of behavior we got plenty of it here kek

No. 1414646

Not a newfag in the slightest, dumbass. Just weird that the mods choose now to be mad over pictures of Syd's mom when they didn't do a thing about it in previous threads.

No. 1414677

We can’t actually see exactly what Liz Googled, just the results. So, what was that about assumptions?
If Liz wants to sue, cool. It’s just more immediate to petition a TPO for harassment and defamation instead. Especially since they’re in two different states and that alone is a mess in itself.

No. 1414687

i always felt like they made the vaccine shit up, or just got one shot. i know at least that whole “sydney got vaxxed for the tour cause she loves the fans” was bullshit the second it was spoke cause she has admitted to not respecting jonny’s fans outright. they both continue to post a bunch of anti-vax shit despite that one time they said they got vaxxed before tour. always seemed sus. hope jonny fucks up his lungs and voice forever.

No. 1414692

File: 1641928555505.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x2196, 1377E5EC-4C09-444F-8271-C17704…)

LOL We got Jonny out here fixing to buy an impossible to find graphics card that cost more then their rent probably, and Sydney out here begging someone to buy her a $50 The Used sweatshirt cause it’s not in the budget. You can’t make this shit up.

No. 1414732


This is hilarious and sad at the same time. This guy is a natural at being an irresponsible and abusive douche. People try to defend him using the addict card, but this has nothing to do really. Just an eternal manchild stuck in 2005.

Anthony Green was also a heroin addict for the longest time and you never heard anything like that about him.

No. 1414733


By anything like that I mean: screwing people and fans over, addicting partners to opiates, domestic violence, abandoning kids and just being a trash human all around.

No. 1414744

Nonnie, What are they on aboutso confused >>1414387

No. 1414745

File: 1641933991484.png (7.11 MB, 1170x2532, 13CD02B1-94D8-46D1-861D-D47CD5…)

I love when he posts shit like this because he’s just reminding us all what a loser he is and how no one in the music scene or just life in general wants anything to do with him anymore (Tai is his ex band mate if ya didn’t know)

No. 1414753

Lmao pretty much, this thing costs like $1800. Who needs to pay bills when you can flex on the haturz with a graphics card for the computer you already probably pawned?

No. 1414786

File: 1641937922203.jpeg (556.33 KB, 1242x2559, 40ECF946-BAFB-4520-B89C-102D8A…)

>It’s ya girl Syd, merch mom of the year, waking up at 11am after staying up all night posting on Instagram, I mean taking care of my 1 year old who says words and loves me so much.

Enjoy that $12 Door Dash coffee, you lazy narc fuck.

No. 1414802

File: 1641939034570.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.8 MB, 1323x2617, 81DDA90D-A795-4AAD-A491-50DFFF…)

Love that Jonny Boy is spending all his time creepin on IG. What does he mean by this? Spoilered because gross.

No. 1414809

The opposite of “you’re doing the most.”
Or, “y’all need to chill” ig.

No. 1414820

He’s really gonna waste almost $2000 to stream Fortnite once a month to his 15 remaining fans

No. 1414848

My translator might be off but I think it means, "Please stop posting photos like this because I am paralyzed by jealousy and tired of beating my meat to your girl every night. I have a rabid gremlin who doesn't fuck me at home and they are forcing me to go back to her this month so I am very sad. Compassion, kind people. Sanctuary."

No. 1414853

Ayrt that’s what I got from it too, nona. He’s on the hunt.

No. 1414877

File: 1641945966563.jpeg (646.4 KB, 750x1170, 32ACBE45-3E6E-4E07-9053-66749D…)

The vagueposting continues. Trust issues, relationship ending etc. I think we can all guess who this “I hate you” message is for.
But she’s still in his bio and vice versa. How the fuck can these two numb nuts even consider themselves adults…with a child.

No. 1414915

The couple in this picture are his friends. I think this is just his cringe way of trying to be funny, there is no deeper meaning to it.

No. 1414957

Jonny is absolutely milking this because it's the first time someone else is the bad guy instead of him.

Sure, he thinks he's funny, but he's also bored, sexless, and washed up. He's jealous, pure and simple.

No. 1414970

Hey how do you sage on here? Syd blocked my spam account lol I wanna participate on here but idk at all how to use this site or what "saging" is(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1414980

Put "sage" minus the quotes in the email box. It keeps from bumping the thread
Also, lolcow.farm/info will help clear up other questions

No. 1414984

Thanks got it

No. 1414988

File: 1641955329535.jpg (57.29 KB, 1080x1493, Screenshot_20220112-023938_Ins…)

No. 1414989

Of course you have seen this before JC, it’s literally what YOU do to anyone dumb enough to get close to you. What a narcissistic manlet.

No. 1414995

Awe poor wittle Jonny, so much for “big boy pimpin” I guess.

No. 1415005


“how it’s end”

No. 1415026

I love that he's either a victim or flexing on those haturz. There's no in-between, normal, middle ground.

No. 1415041

Main thing I love is that in Sydsofucked genuinely believes in her deluded mind that she can salvage her and Jonny's relationship through lovebombing On her IG stories. Which I almost positive he'll only look at about 2/10 times. He straight up gives no fucks about her anymore. So she's either fully fucking mentally challenged or she's fully fucking mentally challenged. Haven't figured out which yet.

No. 1415077

That and her harassment does absolutely nothing he’s still following liz and whoever else.

No. 1415121

File: 1641972646524.jpeg (223.65 KB, 1242x2514, B730B09D-7550-44E3-9A2C-AAD8FF…)

Vague posting continues

No. 1415154

I genuinely hope he grows a set of balls and actually leaves her this time for good, he should do it now while he's in sober living and she's acting like a psychotic sociopath online. He might win some big boy pimpin points with his fans and have a micro redemption in his "career".

No. 1415233

Nah I hope they stay together and syd continues to make his life a miserable hell. Also again I cannot express this enough, they are keeping their toxic ass away from other people which is probably the only good deed they are doing for the world.

No. 1415285

she blocked me too even tho i often liked her photos and followed other bands lmaoo how did she find out? i can only imagine how much time she spends on insta blocking people
she’s deeeeeeefinetly so busy taking care of her kid(learn2integrate)

No. 1415341

Agreed. He hasn’t changed one bit throughout the years. Staying with Syd and not ruining another life is the best gift he can make to the world.

No. 1415360


I don't think he's leaving or that they'll even actually break up at all. They do this retarded vague posting via IG Stories shit pretty much EVERY time they get into it. Do think he's following other girls and throwing the feelers out for a new victim but unless he finds one before hes out of rehab they'll be back on their bullshit… They're still in each other's bios & all that.

No. 1415469

File: 1642017906692.png (764.63 KB, 828x1792, DC138105-7159-4B04-B231-08BAF9…)

No. 1415479

You beat me to it kek
Syd must be shitting herself right now and I'm fucking here for it
Since I've been blocked on all my burners, has she posted anything other than her unreciprocated love bombs recently?

No. 1415483

I even googled this to see if it was song lyrics and I found nothing. Amazing

No. 1415485

Nope, radio silence.

No. 1415531


Who is in the image then?

No. 1415546

Jonny Crek: Victim of Heartbreak album out when?

No. 1415575

Kid laroi?

No. 1415584

Yes, kid laroi. More specifically, an image from his video for the song called "without you".

No. 1415651

she’s probably off pretending to be dead somewhere as a last ditch attempt to win jonny back kek

No. 1415666

Maybe she’s in a psych ward

No. 1415685

One can only hope.

No. 1415706

stay strong jonny. sydney is about to pull every unhinged psycho antic she can think of to force you to stay with her. love bombing, going suspiciously silent to cause worry, vague posting threats, self-mutilation, using your son as leverage, “exposing” you, etc. but that only makes her look more crazy.

don’t be a little bitch and keep a girl around who tells people on the side she hates you and is just doing it for show. that is the least big pimpin thing you could do!

No. 1415716

*Big boi pimpin

I'm still getting a mighty kek at that days later lmao. But you're right anon, I think this silence is the calm before the storm.

No. 1415846

Sydney is such a mentally ill retard. I love all the comments about her blocking randos on here. She must not suspect me even though I watch her stories all the time. I wonder how she makes her cuts. Man I can't wait for the upcoming milk as her life continues to crumble

No. 1415873

and she’s out of his bio

No. 1415882

File: 1642054302336.jpg (75.92 KB, 1080x662, Screenshot_20220112-220843_Ins…)

She still has him in her bio. Picrel to timestamp; let's see when she changes it.

No. 1415883

File: 1642054363680.jpg (87.73 KB, 1080x657, Screenshot_20220112-220851_Ins…)

No. 1415901

File: 1642055746310.jpeg (194.2 KB, 1242x365, 4E622E23-CE18-49B5-BE42-6BE073…)

I feel this is fitting for the occasion.

No. 1415961

Are you rooting for JC? That's how I interpret your post. He has multiple children with women he raped and drugged. Your a piece of shit if you think he deserves to get away from Syd. She's the perfect yin to hid yang.

No. 1416019


Not to white knight Jonny, but he doesn’t have any children from rape.

No. 1416046

File: 1642071235227.png (474.27 KB, 828x1792, EE450248-D717-4CDC-B66D-63F084…)

lmaoo what

No. 1416058

He's probably got a place to go after rehab ^

No. 1416067

i was thinking the same, maybe staying with one of his recovery buddies(sage)

No. 1416128

Y’all don’t think that’s it’s his apartment she’s in? I have no clue but it does make you wonder since she has absolutely no job or income and I’m assuming he makes something from his

No. 1416146

was the finger-in-hole gesture intentional lol

No. 1416154

I wonder if he’s bi

No. 1416186

No. It’s just a childish “bro love” joke. The kind you make when you’re 15.

No. 1416198

JC is always making dumb jokes like this. He’s perpetually a 10 year old.

No. 1416236

No shit he's bi. Was wearing pink and painting his nails not a clue

No. 1416241

>>1416236 straight dudes also wear pink, you idiot.

No. 1416260

Jonny fucking sucks we all know this which is why we're here. But I'll say I'm definitely rooting for anything at all that will upset syd, more so than Jonny. Simply because of how annoying she is.

No. 1416280

She gets some kind of money from the government for disability or welfare, and she probably used to get a child benefit before she got storm taken away. I think the only reason either of them can afford an apartment is because they’re together, if memory serves me correctly before this she was living with her mom and he was living with his dad.

No. 1416298

don’t be so dumb. ever heard of reverse psychology? people like jonny always get what’s coming to them eventually so i’m just manifesting him ripping syd’s life apart by leaving her. i want nothing more for them both to crack and never have a chance at raising their son together, or alone.

No. 1416356

Syd never could keep a job, she is too emotional and would always lash out/cause a scene and get fired. I think the longest job I've known her to have was a month. She's been getting state disability because of this for at least 5 years. She has also mooched off of all the friends she use to have since before I could remember, she has never been independent.

No. 1416368

I don’t think there’s any proof of this though. Idk I’m in California and the whole unemployment/disability system is fucked right now because of Covid and how overworked those departments are. Don’t want to blog so I’ll just simply state I know from personal experience and from my family members experience. I would just be surprised to find someone like Sydney is able to get benefits easily is all when she hasn’t worked in god knows how long and doesn’t have custody of her child and doesn’t have any obvious disability

No. 1416369

I wrote this, sorry I meant to reply to this >>1416356 as well

No. 1416378

A bpd diagnosis is qualifying enough to be on disability. I know more than one individual that can’t hold down a job because they don’t treat their bpd and so they have insane emotional outbursts, they both collect over 1k a month on ‘disability’.

No. 1416380

>>1416356 being too emotional isn't a disability. She's perfectly capable of working. Being a lazy spoiled brat isn't a disability.

No. 1416381

>>1416379 if you aren't posting milk please put sage in the email line as to not bump the thread.

No. 1416462

1k a month is barely enough to cover her doordash bill, much less rent and necessities in even the most backwater poor California town. Even if she got disability (which she doesn't because she's too proud to admit she had covid, much less a totally broken brain) she would still be living in poverty without some part of Jonny's mediocre streaming income

No. 1416475

So then how is she surviving? How is she buying groceries and paying for things like jonnys Christmas gifts, a tattoo pen, piercings, her I pad or all her pets food? She’s getting money from somewhere and it’s not from working. Someone she knows literally said she’s been on disability for years now. 1k isn’t enough to live alone, she wasn’t living alone before she met JC. Their combined ‘income’ is the only reason either of them can afford an apartment, they’re both broke leeches.

No. 1416530

Lollllll okay but y’all really have no idea how disability benefits work because she would lose those benefits if she married JC anyways. The system literally keeps you destitute and if JC made anything work a lick she wouldn’t get paid anymore. She has another income stream.

Sage or whatever(banned or whatever)

No. 1416544

But they aren’t married? You also need to learn to sage your shit

No. 1416549

>>1416530 for the last time, put sage in the email slot. How dense are you?

No. 1416556

File: 1642116710039.jpeg (33.57 KB, 399x340, CEA2B245-48D3-4CBB-9BA5-40CBCF…)

>never sages
>”married” instead of dating

You know, I’m curious. The only delusional person I know who thinks they will get married… on 11/11 is Syd….

No. 1416560

What you said mixed with the last sentence that WKs syd, saying she has other income when we all know she doesn’t also makes me a little suspicious.

No. 1416568

>syd has no friends and so she’s lurking here to get updates on Jonny boi

No. 1416571

She’s only too proud to admit she had covid cos she was such a loudmouth about her opinions on it previously tho.
I imagine she’d skip to the dole office with a broken leg to get diagnosed with a disorder that not only could she brandish as an ‘excuse’ for every pathetic psychotic outburst she has, but also absolved her of having the responsibility of having to get a job or pay her own way at all in life, as well!

Idk how it works over there but if you’re on benefits do you not get housing too sometimes? I find it impossible to believe she works in any way for money.
Rich family member maybe?

No. 1416573

>>1416530 lmao what planet are you from? They don't take disability payments away from someone for getting married. You're saying someone who is missing hands and receives disability would no longer get those benefits if they were to marry someone? I'm not sure where you're from, but it's not the US.

No. 1416589

diff anon but that’s exactly what happens in the UK & usually the US is equally or more fucked up so it’s not too wild of an assumption tbh lmao. Anyway who cares about where sydsodumped leeches her money from, let’s just enjoy the ride when she has to face the fact that she can’t even hold on to someone as abusive and scroungey as JC because SHE’S too mental for HIM

No. 1416593

They’re actually technically right. Once you get married your finances become combined and if your partner has a high enough salary then you can loose assistance qualification. Although Jonny doesn’t have a real job so he doesn’t have a set salary so I doubt this would even apply to them.

No. 1416611

File: 1642120627992.png (366.09 KB, 1242x2688, B64125AB-59C4-4383-A3CA-56C0CD…)

update on sydney: still pretending to be dead or something because her around the clock story posting and love bombing has been radio silent for 48 hours. i bet you anything she is using a sock puppet account to watch jonny’s stories, which continue to prove that he doesn’t give a flying fuck about her. i’d say this post is a direct result of sydney’s jonny sperg posting insanity over the last week.

i am so excited to watch this bitch crumble into nothing. i’ve been following the jonny drama for years and really want him to get what’s coming to him but somehow after all this, i hate sydney more.

No. 1416630

Are we betting on a Jonny/Taylor reunion?

No. 1416632

I guess because she is such a massive cunt to other women. Tough time for her to find out that no matter how much of a cheating scrote Jonny boy has been in the past, same rules don’t apply to her (in his eyes) because she has a vagina. There is no way on earth he will overlook her messaging that other band loser. Also, I agree with anon from a couple of days ago who said he’ll keep in touch with Storm cause he’s male. Can totally see that.
Absolutely not a WK for JC, just think the whole thing is hilarious. Well…not for the kid but he’ll be fine with ‘ol mama England.

No. 1416653

I’m wondering if she got frustrated trying to block all da haterz and is posting on a close friends thing instead

No. 1416680

She only has 1 friend.

No. 1416686

Yes she only has one real friend but we’ve seen her tag plenty of other people who she thinks are her friends. I can see her putting people on a close friends list who don’t actually give a shit about her. She’s delusional as we have seen

No. 1416716

What I would give to see the wild shit she posts on her friends story. It has to be a whole new level of unhinged.

No. 1416732

I am absolutely loving that he removed every trace of her off his instagram. I find it amusing as all hell.

No. 1416749

I agree, Jonny is a pos but syd is on another level. The way she talks to women she’s threatened by and tells them to die really shows what kind of person she is, and mental illness doesn’t excuse it in the slightest. She loves to call Jonny abusive but she got a family violence charge earlier this year >>1373401 so it’s not like the abuse is a one way street.

No. 1416752

I also agree that Jonny is a lowlife but Syd is straight up sociopathic the way she talks down on people and does the very things she scolds and bullies others for doing.

I remember earlier in the threads a few people theorised that Syd constantly accuses Jonny for cheating on her over simple interactions because she was projecting guilt over how easily and willingly she would cheat herself and it was proven to be true all along.

Id bet money on her sleeping with lol bro too, what a giant evil skank.

No. 1416818

Definitely!! Because now hes ALL changed and is a TOTALLY different man n will stay sober for EVER. And Taylor really wants that too, them being sober together n just ~holding~ each other in bliss.
Plus I would fucking love to see TND stick it to syd by taking her greasy trophy back. Her head would prob explode then n there.
2022 is big boi pimpin’s year!!!

No. 1416822

Sorry samefag. I’m betting that when he has his next kid, he’ll still name it Storm. Bc the first Storm obvs didnt work out for him kek. Syd would lose her fucking mind lolol n become the next Amanda, except way more dangerous

No. 1416835

I don't think TND would do this because of how much attention she's drawn to herself through her abuse stories with him. She knows she would be totally ruining her image by going back. Her entire image at this point is solely based off her past relationship w JC.

No. 1416846

I don’t think Sydney has enough self control to not go on social media she’s is probably in a psych ward. Especially since she just disappeared out of no where.

No. 1416848

File: 1642146474838.jpeg (810.61 KB, 828x1427, 3B06C05E-B39E-4288-8761-0475C3…)

Not one of those dollas I bet goes to his kid in any way.

No. 1416849

Ahh yes. Make it publicly known you carry a thousand dollars on you at all times. Whether true or not it’s a stupid thing to advertise when you’re recognizable.

No. 1416852

Nah, she'd probably find some way to spin it as an "unavoidable part of the cycle uwu" and her sycophants would eat it up

No. 1416867

File: 1642149389737.jpg (114.82 KB, 1080x1477, Screenshot_20220114-083557_Ins…)

No. 1416880

I'm so naive I had no idea that's what he was saying lol

No. 1416890

Creepy hope he didn’t hurt her… she’s been playing with fire. I could see them ending up on dateline.

No. 1416925

Real rich people dont need to flex cash like that, they would be using cards, not cash. Its 2022 and in a pandemic still jonny, having wad of cash just shows how poor credit you have.

No. 1416936

File: 1642156301436.jpg (666.62 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220114-022728_Ins…)

Looks like she's out the bio again

No. 1416937

Your icon is showing.

No. 1416948

I think she’s gone to ground while she works out what to do next. She’ll be wondering if this really is it, and he’s fully done with her, or whether she can still claw her way back. She’ll bounce back - either playing everything down or just plain ignoring it, having been given the nod from him that he’ll take her back, or, she will double down on the mUh AbOoSiVe bf and start the process of ripping him to shreds and airing it all out on IG.

No. 1416954

Not too worried about it tbh. ‍♀️(don't use emojis)

No. 1416955

I kinda feel like maybe she’s been admitted, too. I find that more easy to believe than her just not posting. Or, she broke all of her electronics in a fit of rage.

No. 1416970

Yeah, something like that. I doubt she has enough self control for the other possibilities.

No. 1416991

What, did he put her back in and take her out again after the last time someone posted this yesterday? Or are you just really late?

No. 1417053

Just late and stupid (icon showing) and can't sage, per the follow up kek

No. 1417064

No. 1417089

Maybe I’m reading to much into this but does he lurk here? anons were saying how broke he was yesterday and now he’s showing off cash in his designer wallet.

No. 1417102

I don't think Jonny would do it because Taylor isn't hot anymore. Taylor wouldn't do it because she got too much attention for being a victim.

Even odds at this point that Jonny finds a new girl shortly after getting out of rehab and Syd has a complete meltdown or he and Syd have a microwedding and spend two years making each other even more miserable before Jonny dies or she leaves him for some dude in a band.

No. 1417109

Kek I bet that wallet isn’t legit— probably one of the knock offs you can buy from weird dealers from China that look identical to the brand but are $5

No. 1417110

Oh god this is so cringe and such a teenage-boy-mentality flex. Dude you’re 35. If you’re tryna impress us, show us your credit score kek
But I guess the cash does add up if ur not constantly blowing it on fentanyl

No. 1417113

I hope he gets robbed after this. A halfway house isn’t exactly the best place to be flaunting a wad of cash around

No. 1417144

>>1417089 this is just his typical behavior. Always "flexin" as he puts it.

No. 1417150

I hope he’s flexin on the child support payments

No. 1417164

I used to be around a lot of illiterate moids. Be happy in your naivety.

Funny how he said he’s keeping his IG strictly music, an excuse to remove all traces of Syd. But still vague posts about her psycho behavior.

No. 1417176

Yass Queen flex that money on that scratched up particle board dresser from 1992

No. 1417189

I feel he does cause i remember TND days, she was saying how much all these affects him like he would cry and say “everyone hates me” lmao yes we do

No. 1417235

there is no way this germ actually always has 1000$ in his fake designer wallet. It’s more likely he took money out so he could pay for something (possibly the down payment for his puppy) and took this picture to try and seem gangster because his brand is constantly being the biggest tool ever.

No. 1417249


it’s the febreze for me

No. 1417375

The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced she’s gone back to her mom’s. Total meltdown back to mom’s. Now she’s hiding from everyone and everything including insta.

No. 1417392

Kinda off topic and we don’t know the details so it’s hard to speculate on, but if her mom has custody of storm would syd be allowed to stay with her? Pretty sure she was a part of the reason storm was taken away so I don’t know if she would be allowed to live with him.

No. 1417401

Tinfoil but I think she’s totally unhinging at Jonny rn. No messages to random girls who happen to follow him, just pure crazyness at Jonny every hour of the day

No. 1417422

Was thinking about this too. I suspect Jonny was the issue, the solution offered being either she could leave with the kid or the kid would be removed. If the kid went to Syd’s mom, I could see Syd being allowed to be there if she and Jonny have split.

Honestly, this is the most likely scenario. Kek.

No. 1417426

Yeah I feel like if she was at her moms she’d being posting Storm cause it’s the only positive attention she gets. My bets are in a psych ward, jail for harassing liz (unlikely but she did disappear a day or two after liz posted about harassment laws), in her empty apartment begging jonny privately to put her back in his bio lol or she could be shacked up with one of his buddies getting revenge. Hard saying not knowing.

No. 1417491

I'm familiar with the system, but different state. Depending on the circumstances or how hard you you fight for it, they could say it would be okay for her to be there if her mother acted as a supervisor at all times (basically taking full responsibility if anything were to happen and reassuring the courts that she (mom) would make sure the environment is safe at all times. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Considering the sydney and jonny would then be separated, its very possible that would at least go in favor.

No. 1417495

File: 1642206496928.png (445.63 KB, 750x1334, F6A394E0-A049-4D40-85A0-312BFE…)

No. 1417498


…don't you have roommates in the state-ordered halfway house you currently reside in? Humble thyself.

No. 1417505

He’s always flexin on peoples rent. Folks his age own by now…fucking loser

No. 1417508

what a fucking imbecile. He’s shaming ppl for having roommates when he doesn’t even have any sort of house/home to go back to.

I wish he’d spend that kind of money on one of his abandoned children.

No. 1417512

>>1417495 spend it on getting a car you idiot. Or maybe something that will benefit your child.

No. 1417513

Also, when has he NOT needed to have a roommate in order to live somewhere? Please remind me of a time when he was ever living on his own earning an honest income without scamming or mooching ??

No. 1417516

Says the guy who moved from his father’s guest room to his girlfriend’s mom’s trailer topkek. I was wondering when the “my shoes cost more than ya rent” posting was gonna return. Since he’s back to bragging about money there’s no doubt he’s out trolling for his next victim, I mean relationship. Get fucked, Syd!

No. 1417521

File: 1642208088769.jpg (106.98 KB, 1080x1032, Screenshot_20220115-005341_Sna…)

who's brave enough to add?

No. 1417531

>>1417521 notice the devil horns. Fitting.

No. 1417532


$1000 watch but his kid’s eating food grandma bought tonight. the only thing this man could do to impress anyone would be to take care of his son

No. 1417538

It’s so obvious why she disappeared… because she realizes she fucked up big time and JC is legitimately done with her. She’s offline because she want the washed up cLoUt that comes with having Jonny Craig emoji ring in her bio. She’s most likely terrorizing him bts until he puts her back in then she’ll be on her best behavior until next lol bro comes along. I doubt JC is bluffing though. This is his chance to really get away from her while simultaneously scoring pity points from other groupies who still foam over his long gone era.

No. 1417539

from his girlfriend’s apartment to his father’s guest room to his baby mama’s mom’s trailer park to some empty slum apartment in Sacramento to some kind of sober housing shit

No. 1417542

To elaborate, I am sure she rather play dumb and make it seem like she’s so busy with her overdue tattooing/singing career. Or with her son! When really we all know what the reality is: she’s hush hush because if she was to be active and show she’s online and STILL have JC in her bio, she’d look pathetic (at least in her BPD mind she thinks a simple @ of an ex in your bio equates to pathetic) when really, the only thing that’s pathetic is that she chooses to engage in all of this and threaten to harm herself to some thumb thumb when she has a whole ass human to mother. Sorry for rant.

No. 1417546

Pointless to add her, she won’t accept and you couldn’t screenshot anything even if she did.

No. 1417550

I been periodically checking on these threads mostly out of boredom when im on the pot. But i been familiar with the JC drama since Amanda, Chelsea, Liz. I feel bad for all three. Taylor.. meh she’s boring now, don’t feel bad for her but don’t hope bad for her. I always hoped for JC’s downfall. But THIS. THIS right here is why I at this point I’m team anti-syd. Harassing other women and telling them to go k*ll themselves… now that’s just low. So unbelievably low… she woulda been better off being the babymama who stayed of socials and we’d only get a glimpse in JC’s stories. She could have gotten away with looking like the picture-perfect family/good mother. But no, she had to try to piggyback delusional perceived “fame” off JC. What a loser. She needs to stay off the internet.

No. 1417552

I kinda took this as he’s spending his half of the rent on jewelry so syd should probably start looking for a roommate but deciphering anything he says is like interpreting hieroglyphs, so I’m probably wrong.

No. 1417559

I definitely took it as he’s out spending the rent on watches. The rest yeah is up for debate with his whiteboy wannabe gangsta slang. He’s trying to get to her and taunt her. Or it could be some new OF girl who he’s trying to get rid of her roommate so he can make them be together a thing.

No. 1417564


No. 1417570

I think he’s saying he has no where to live now that him and Syd are done. I’m sure the state is paying for the sober living. So he has rent money and is looking for a place to stay. And since he has rent, but no place to live (I think those 23 days are coming to an end soon) he’s pretending to spend it on watches? Like..: just say you have rent money and go.

Best to save that money for the dog food and vet bills you have coming up Jonny boy.

No. 1417571

I always need to read his posts at least 5 times to understand half of it. It makes my brain hurt.

If life was a “biggest manchild” competition, he’d be top of the food chain.

No. 1417580

He’s got 12 days to find a place to live. If Jonny was paying rent at their apartment, it makes sense Syd would go back to her moms. And she’s been quiet about that fact because she doesn’t want people to know they’re split up. And it’s possible she’s not allowed to be at her mom’s because of the DV charge against her.

Nonnies think she’s in a psych ward- I think she’s losing her absolute shit rn and has no idea what to do cause she’s homeless, jobless and has no one.

No. 1417582

>>1417580 she's probably plotting some huge scheme to say that he abused her and wah poor me.

No. 1417601

It sucks but I honestly think Jonny will be fine. He has connections and people that will support him, pretty sure I remember him crashing on friends couches between living with tnd and living with his dad. Syd has nobody, I sure hope she can stay at her moms house because other wise she probably will be legit homeless, and more importantly her kitties will have nowhere to go.

No. 1417610

i’ve never witnessed someone so self-centered, dishonest, and evil. i hope she becomes homeless because of it so every person on this planet will avoid her toxicity. it’s probably inevitable unless her mom lets her move in for the rest of her life, and even if her mom is dumb enough to give sydney a second chance, it probably won’t last. she’s unemployable at this point, especially with those shit face tattoos. i’m sure mom wants to work extra to provide for both her grandchild and her adult child that physically abused her.

i don’t think anything good will happen in sydney’s life unless she gets herself into therapy, and a lot of it. that should be mom’s requirement for letting sydney move back in. this is the only way syd has a chance at some semblance of a normal life.

No. 1417611

I 100% agree with this.

>I was paying your rent but now you’re trash so I’m spending your rent on watches. Find a new roommate. It’s over.

No. 1417613

No way she’s got to be in a psych ward she has no self control what so ever. She probably said she was going to hurt herself and he got her 51/50d

No. 1417640

I think the best part of this breakup for me is that Sydney’s insecurities were right. He doesn’t love her and never did. She always took it out on the wrong people but at the end of the day, she was right. Who COULD love her psychotic ass? Oh right, sorry. Her son loves her so0o much!!!

No. 1417662

I see this as him talking to someone else that was trying to “flex”

Like “you’re spending your rent on watches, Let’s talk when you don’t need a roommate” kind of thing

No. 1417679

File: 1642224994423.png (3.28 MB, 1284x2778, 4C9478D5-0A90-4D40-9E47-B22EE0…)

Who’s game? Kek

No. 1417704

Sus. Farmers tread lightly.

No. 1417711

Don’t forget to make your avatar have black hair nonnies kek

No. 1417717

Someone happens to find and post Syd’s Snapchat and hours later Mr Desperate Craig posts his on the stories…?
I know we don’t do emojis here but if we did i’d be using the chin-stroking ‘hmmmm’ one…

No. 1417723

File: 1642229915422.jpeg (222.82 KB, 1440x1590, 35888A98-5E93-41A5-BC22-61F002…)

He posted his first.

No. 1417725

Major tin foil prediction but what if syd tries to join forces with TND so she can jump on the “Jonny Craig ruined my life” clout chasing train with her

No. 1417731

He's like a cockroach. He somehow always finds a place to scuttle away to and apparently can't die

No. 1417774

Worry about your own life ya cunt^(^idiot)

No. 1417777

I don't think this will ever happen, have you see how Syd speaks to woman? She was rubbing it in Taylor's face when she got with Jonny and I'm sure Taylor's peeked at these threads a couple times. It would be a bad move for her and I'm sure her fans already hate Syd.

I low-key hope Jonny finds a new bitch who rubs it in Sydney's face as much as Sydney did to Taylor in the beginning.
She's a cunt of a person and I wish nothing but bad on her, she brought an innocent child into the world just for attention and probably just to spite Taylor, she may have hoarded animals but she was smart to not have babies with him.

No. 1417795


I honestly think TND and JC are absolutely done. I don’t think there will be a reconnection in anyway. They both have moved on to their own separate spiraling lives.

No. 1417796

LMAO was just about to say this. She truly is a devil with no soul, almost as bad as Jonny if not worse. Jonny seems worse because all of his terrible antics have been public. But we have no idea how truly terrible of a person Syd is behind closed doors. We’ve already witnessed how shitty she is just online alone, she has two assault charges: one against A/Anthony, and other towards Jonny. I bet she’s an absolute goddamn insufferable nightmare behind closed doors. And to think this piece of shit is a mom. That’s a scary thought. If she doesn’t get her bipolar disorder under control, get in therapy and get medicated, there is no doubt in my mind that she will abuse Storm at some point. Especially since he looks so much like his dad. That poor child. This is so scary and sad. Storm is definitely gonna need intensive therapy growing up….and have severe behavioral issues.

No. 1417801

Hi sydney, we’re all laughing at you losing not only your son but jc as well. Hysterical. Now go rot in hell where you belong, you soulless cunt.

No. 1417849

For the last fucking time, sage your shit. Pretty simple.

No. 1417865

File: 1642250776687.jpg (483.88 KB, 720x1448, Screenshot_20220115-074449_Ins…)

Soo did they break up or are they playing some sort of game?
He still has that awful painting from syd hanging on his wall. Wouldn't you just trash it?

No. 1417869

File: 1642251302469.png (232.45 KB, 750x1334, 639359B1-A46D-48BE-815A-B8ADB2…)

No. 1417897

He must be talking abt all the times she went off in a rage telling him to go back to trolling IG for hoes, kek. I wonder what the blind man emoji means.

No. 1417899

Oh nonny, no. If you rotate the pic, you can see it's just sitting up there against the wall, propped up by the DOOR HOOKS THEY SCREWED INTO THE WALL. What in the actual white trash fuck lmfaooo

No. 1417926

File: 1642258649366.jpeg (54.27 KB, 612x612, F1CCB80C-6C0B-46A2-A9D7-FF3583…)

Lmaooooo it’s an over-the-door hook system not meant for the wall omg I’m dead I haven’t seen anything this ratchet ina long time

No. 1417933

Did they really just bend the over-the-door prongs so they could fix it to the wall?!?

No. 1417934

What, you think JC is going to throw away something that was created in his image? Even if they did call it off he would likely still keep it as a token for his ego.

No. 1417937

when you try to flex but your LV backback strap is fucking disgusting kek

No. 1417983

Yeah didn’t he save some weird figurine he and Taylor found together and continued to post pics of it after he had moved to a whole different state? He probably does that shit on purpose to get under his exes skin.

No. 1417997

Imagine leaving your child to go live with JC just so he can leave you and now you're not allowed to go live where your child is a.k.a. mom's place. lol

No. 1418000

> you think JC is going to throw away something that was created in his image?
he’s done it to two kids so far, so….

No. 1418005

How embarrassingly broke bitch of him to keep taking pictures of the same three mediocre murses when he doesn't have a house, a car, or any legitimate assets that actually convey wealth. He can have a participation award for trying, I guess, but no one is impressed with a several year old sling bag when it's the most valuable thing you own, 'ya cunt'.

No. 1418020

Lmaooooooo this is great. I’m here mostly for the burns

Also I love how quiet syd has been. Wonder what fake insta she’s lurking on now.

No. 1418049

File: 1642270944845.jpeg (223.39 KB, 1170x1605, B790F30F-D007-4B32-97CD-A5591E…)

Jesus fucking Christ if he were ever in my presence and spoke this B-rad Ebonics bullshit at me I’d straight up smack him in the head.

No. 1418059

Yes sir, we are ready for you to not sing while reading your lyrics like it’s karaoke night.
I’m a broken record, but holy fuck I pity his children.

No. 1418097

The "flex" was negated by the crackheaded "screw a door hanger w hooks into the wall instead of hanging it on the door" move.

Like, those don't come with screw holes in them, and it looks like he used a screw meant for drilling thru metal, and bent the hooks up to do it. So that means he went miles out of his way to stage this "flex", only to end up with this hilarious shit. I think Jonny is a bit more self aware than he gets credit for, maybe he's aware of the fact that he's a broke junkie joke playing pretend?

No. 1418131

I think you are giving the loser too much credit, isn't he still in rehab? Jonny couldn't glue two sticks together and he thinks he's too good to do projects like that. No doubt the government paid housing put it up.

No. 1418165

Looks like the breakup ep is in the works.

I’m inclined to believe syd still has access to social media wherever she is because JC keeps posting things clearly directed at her. It’s pretty pathetic she still has his name with a ring emoji plus their “wedding date” in her bio and has him proposing to her as a highlight. Like girl let him go.

No. 1418172

get an actual job and support your kids you brokeass fuck
most people do music as a side hustle

No. 1418245

This is by no means wking this idiot, but it's actually just a super cheap hook bracket and not a door hanger. I had one like 15 years ago from Kohl's that was on clearance for like $5. You can put it behind a door, or on a wall and it comes with screws and the holes to mount it. The part sticking out that everyone thinks was part of a door hanger is for hanging either towels or leashes, keys, etc.
He's too lazy to bend shit and drill holes through metal with their cheap power drill and buy wood screws for the wall or a drywall anchor. That man child only gets things in a kit.

No. 1418248

You're giving Bloated Baby way too much credit if you think he knows what kind of bits drill through metal or what type of screw will work on that wall material or and whether he needs to get an anchor to hold the weight of his boy bags that are still smaller than Syd's saddle bags.

No. 1418252

I bet she's been avoiding social media and the internet entirely because she doesn't want to see what people are saying about her or to her. Kinda like broke people avoiding looking at their bank balance, she knows it's bad, but it just hurts too much to see it.

No. 1418260

But remember he said he got all his face tattoos so he has no other life options so he has to make it work.
Most people that aren't professional musicians make
music for the love of music and not actually as any kind of income source. But Jonny's different since he isn't a professional, isn't a musician, and doesn't love music. He just is in love with not working and trying to flex his big boi pimpin muscles.

No. 1418303

That Slaves tattoo is even more hilarious now that the band changed their name.

No. 1418304

They don't give you power tools in rehab, and I doubt they let you drill random shit into the walls there either.

No. 1418310

Ntayr but no, I have this exact door hanger & it's not at all what you're saying it is. Jonny deadass bent the door hooks up and screwed an over the door hanger into a wall because he's a cheap druggie dumbass. That's why it's bent, and the screws aren't even driven in all the way. Also a cheap hook set would not come with screws specifically made for going through metal, they would come with matching screws and have holes for placing it on the wall. This one didn't, which is obvious bc of the screws & the fact that they don't go all the way in. Not to mention, it doesn't even remotely NOT look like an over the door hanger that was bent up.

This is just ignorant white trash druggie MacGuyver-esque attempt at functional decor. Probaly got it from Ross.

No. 1418333

File: 1642290160920.jpeg (862.89 KB, 3065x2840, E505413D-91E2-4D83-B77C-9091EA…)

This reminded me that skid got 2 Tats for JC, one being his cartoon face. Hope she can find a place that does cheap cover ups KEK.

No. 1418336

He literally say this “new year, new me” bullshit since I started following this mess in TND days, lol and he has not been “better”since 2017 (and even managed to make his life WORSE and brought an innocent child into this world) karma working its way now and I hope he will never bounce back ever

No. 1418339

Actually feel like these two narcissistic asshole would get back together just to spite strangers on the internet lol and I hope jonny stays with syd and they keep making each other miserable

No. 1418345

I think jonny being in rehab and probably getting sober for the first time in years helped him realize how fucked Sydney is. All his other exes, even Taylor, don’t even come close to being as absolutely insane, even abusive junkie jonny knows he can do better.

No. 1418353

As much as he SHOULDN’T be able to do better, depressingly there probably are hot, cool women out there that would still give him a chance. Even knowing his past fuckery. All it takes is a self esteem lower than shidney’s integrity, and a love for band bad boys and his voice/old music and there’s the recipe for another poor woman to be hooked in and ground down into misery and madness by the ‘notorious’ JMC

No. 1418363

>tattoos on his face
Plenty of jobs that allow face tattoos. Even the Target by my house has employees with face tattoos. He only lives a couple hours away from me. I’m sure the many Sacramento targets would hire him.
He could bartend or be security. I’ll bet Amazon would hire him or even Tesla in the factory. He has no excuse especially in California.

She has her tattoo pen. She can just change it to look like her next boyfriend kek

No. 1418372

File: 1642293201886.jpg (189.59 KB, 622x966, bitches who get back with thei…)

>bootleg funko pop looking ass drawing
>OUR time 11:11
she's is like a parody of stupid middle school relationships except she really does think 11:11 is real for her and her cheating bf. how embarrassing.
cover that shit up soon, Skid!

No. 1418406


Sadly I agree, like that one getting excited over him following him was really pretty :


No. 1418412

Still hilarious that she got this in Roman numeral lettering and in Roman numeral lettering this actually says 2:2

No. 1418444

Maybe she broke her phone in an angry jealous rage when JC broke up with her and we all know she doesn’t have an income to buy a new one, so she physically can’t access social media

No. 1418471

Yeah and sadly some women are drawn to the “bad boy fixer upper I can change him!” types

No. 1418489

Holy shit, this made me sadly laugh from the depths of my soul. Not only did he nail it to the wall but he maniputed the over-the-door piece to make them straight enough to hang. Now he has a sweet hook for his designer bags to flex on the haturz with!

No. 1418524

I know there’s not enough milk flowing but over it already about the door hanger! Jonny didn’t do it it’s in his rehab.

No. 1418534

lmaooo nonnie this killed me, thanks for this

No. 1418562

I’ll be a little sad if this is it for them just because they are sooo milky. I hope syd will keep up the public antics and she can have her own thread, though I don’t know if she is worth it enough for her own since these are usually for actual public figures and not just people pretending to be one

No. 1418607

You can thank sterling’s gf (band dude)our lovely cow tipper for cutting off the milk supply by showing jc the phone screenshots. I think that might have just tipped him over the edge, usually jc gets past being publicly embarrassed by syd, and they as he puts it “keep fighting”. “He doesn’t give up” lol

No. 1418610

He's still in rehab so he didn't put anything up.
There's no such thing as a screw that is built for going through metal btw. You drill with a drill bit and then use the type of screw that's built for what type of wall material it goes into. It's not a surprise that rehab reuses materials since you can make anything work anywhere.

No. 1418633

File: 1642326054681.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, 6B04D4AD-B2A9-4A8F-8F0B-D47D37…)

For fucks sake, he’ll never own a rolex unless its from the flea market

No. 1418699

He’s so obsessed with showing off, but none of his expensive shit will ever change the fact he can’t get it up, kek.

No. 1418744

Yes, ice your wrist!! The dry, mottled, blown out ink-filled track mark graveyard you call an arm will show off the piece nicely.

No. 1418752

File: 1642342283679.jpeg (377.9 KB, 827x1856, 65CFCF80-ED4D-42B7-B9AB-6EDC1B…)

Or if his broke “disabled” baby mama buys it for him. The watches Jonny flexes vs. his actual watches and how he gets them. Wonder if I’ll curiously get called a NEET again for posting this topkek

No. 1418760

Lmaooo love how syd continues to out him and embarrass him like that. But seriously why do women continue to finance this manlet that had no prospect, no money, no career,literally no redeeming quality is beyond me! Ladies, what are you thinking??

No. 1418779

I’ll never understand people who think wasting thousands on a useless item they could’ve easily bought for $30 is a flex. Only broke people ever buy designer shit and no one but them is actually ever impressed by it.

No. 1418796

They definitely only date him for attention and to live out their high school dream of being a band girlfriend because there’s no way the dick is good enough to put up with an ugly, broke, washed up retard with a long history of abusing women and drugs. TND straight up said he can’t even get it up and that he sucks in bed. All he has going for him is the fact that he used to be in a popular band over a decade ago.

No. 1418799

I cannot imagine buying a second hand michael kors…or a new one for that matter. That is so embarrassing.

No. 1418845

Can confirm. I make very good money and my match isn’t worth more than 50$. I usually think of people buying and flexing their luxury items, like JC here, as idiots.

It’s not going to a) make you look as cool as you think and b) make you happy.

This mentality is a big part of why he’s stuck in an eternal loop of addiction. Arrested development at its finest.

No. 1418884

>Can confirm. I make very good money and my match isn’t worth more than 50$.

Nobody cares, retard

No. 1418886

File: 1642354087799.jpeg (192.09 KB, 1168x1261, 804CC342-D642-4E32-9420-6DE5A5…)

I voted y’all — bahahahaaha

No. 1418888

File: 1642354145059.jpeg (74.82 KB, 1169x1456, 6B23F417-D7FB-4A37-81F4-A7622A…)


No. 1418899

File: 1642355125096.jpeg (867.51 KB, 1170x2154, DA5A6AB5-9C8A-4EEA-A7B0-EF524D…)

Oh. My. God. kek the desperation though!!! Buying a used Rolex to flex on the haturz. Tinfoil but he prob gets all his designer goods second-hand through consignment websites.

But you know, I also kinda get what he’s doing. If he spends all his cash on things he can wear on him at all times, it will be easier to pawn later for drug money.

No. 1418901

I voted no on a Syd poll once and got blocked, I wonder if Jonny will do the same to the h8turzzzz

No. 1418904

Haha ya but syd would block someone if they looked at her wrong. I got blocked by syd after I LIKED a comment on JONNY’S photo that said she’d look better without heavy makeup.

No. 1418908

File: 1642357200673.png (261.13 KB, 750x1334, 0BD0E789-FA18-47E6-8D4C-B26254…)

I’m sorry, what? Reading between the lines he’s saying that if he’s being accused of it 24/7 he may as well do it. Guessing Sydsopsycho is constantly manic raging and has been for days.

No. 1418940

Tinfoil: I wonder if part of syd being so quiet with him right now is Johnnys ability to put her for not having her kid? I feel like she has no friends so no one can spill the beans but Johnny! It wouldn’t mean shit to him if everyone knew he didn’t have their baby but it would probably crush her idea that she’s better than everyone when she’s not.

No. 1418994

>I feel like I’m in the twilight zone
It’s called “sobriety” Jonny kek get used to it. Or don’t.
Btw we’re all patiently waiting for that “flex”…Foreal lol

No. 1419022

Maybe she went to jail for harassment and violence. Or a psychward for threatening self harm

No. 1419031

Nonny unless you're Jonny or in that rehab with him you can't really be saying things like you know them for a fact. Especially when anyone with eyes who has bought a hanging door hook knows that's exactly what it is. You don't have to be embarrassed for him, he was proud enough of his handiwork to post it online!

No. 1419064

Just check the time on your phone? Like this retard couldn’t even afford furniture but now he’s trying to spend $9k on a used fucking watch to show off on social media as if anyone gives a shit. Rolex watches and Gucci belts and Louis Vuitton purses aren’t very impressive when you’re sleeping on a mattress on the floor and don’t shower.

No. 1419093

> these are usually for actual public figures and not just people pretending to be one
Shayna has almost 100 threads and she’s an absolute nobody, nonny. Name one thread about anyone actually important or influential. We’re here to mostly laugh at dumb nobodies whose crazy online antics would otherwise go unseen because no1curr but our autist asses.

No. 1419155

It's sad that Jonny is trying so hard to fit in with Gen Z that he can't even spell hos right. He can flex on garden tools all he wants.

No. 1419162

Nta but we all know for a fact that he's in rehab still per SydSoPsycho's countdown. Anon is right though, it doesn't matter what a rehab center uses for hooks and certainly wasn't worth multiple anons commenting about when the only thing that he had anything to do with in that picture were the little boy purses.

No. 1419177

File: 1642373133828.jpeg (446.84 KB, 750x1105, 45D7F956-930E-4A04-8EB4-C7BA29…)

Syd’s going to be hating this.

No. 1419188

File: 1642378921838.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1242x2099, 5EF6093C-FFB4-4569-B4E4-E82837…)

Looks like he’s looking around , he’s liked this girls last few posts (ex wife of another warped tour band member lol)

No. 1419296


he’s gonne be hard-pressed to get with any woman more attractive than syd now that he has a second, much more public child that he’s abandoned. but i’m selfish and i want him to move on to someone else purely for new milk

No. 1419328

The real clowns are the ones who dated him when he had like seven teeth. I will literally never get over that and forever view those girls as straight clout chasing clowns. (Amanda, Chelsea, Liz, Lindsey, Taylor)

I mean Syd is obviously the worst and the biggest joke of them all but I feel like she’s way too vain to date someone with more than half their teeth missing or rotting in his mouth. This is the first girlfriend he’s had where he’s actually had teeth going into the relationship so she probably felt like she got such a prize/the best version of him.

I’m actually one of the few not rooting for them to stay together so they can “keep themselves off the market.” I’m very excited to see who Jonny’s next girl is gonna be, and for the absolute meltdown Syd will have. I could see her doing something absolutely crazy when he moves on to a new girl.

No. 1419329

Lmao this is what Syd wishes she looked like. Seriously, down to the haircut and everything, Syd is just an uglier, white trash version of this girl.

No. 1419331

This girl needs to brush her tongue. Gross.

No. 1419335

Meh I think he MIGHT be able to score a few hookups with some low self esteem trailer trash girls like Syd, but he'll never be able to "upgrade" or move on because he's washed up and Syd would stalk and harass anyone he tried to have a serious relationship with. He's just playing games right now leading her on, enjoying having the upper hand and her kissing his ass while he gets to openly hit on other girls

No. 1419340

Holy cow that’s such a good point. Had to go back and see what his rotting teeth looked like. Jesus Christ yeah those were total clout junkies. Imagine how bad his breath musta smelt when they’d kiss him

No. 1419348

File: 1642391403694.jpeg (809.41 KB, 3072x3072, F178AEDC-EB24-4AAC-B101-A10EF6…)

Taytay did him a huge favor

No. 1419349

Those obviously fake dentures lmao

No. 1419366

I’d rather have obvious dentures than rotting yellow/brown half-missing teeth.

No. 1419430

File: 1642402903163.jpeg (131.46 KB, 828x1385, 9EFA064A-F4FF-4F67-AF95-5C3E97…)

No. 1419448

Oh sorry I’m newish and only have really kept up with this thread. I thought the cows on here usually were some kind of “public figure” like JC and TND

No. 1419451

I think syd just got lucky that he got his teeth done before she got the sloppy seconds (or sixths) pretty sure she would have taken him any way she could just for the “clout” of being with anyone who has touched a recording studio. Maybe she would’ve even added that to her virtue list because she “was able to look past the flaws” I mean she is already pretty disgusted with him per her own words

No. 1419482

As the other nona pointed out, she doesn’t need to be public figures, in the sense those two are. As per /snow/ rules
> All subjects must have:
>• A documented history of bizarre behavior displayed online
>• Some sort of public presence outside of private circles, groups or irc channels. Personal cows can go in the personal lolcows thread
Even if she were to private, I think she’d still be discussed here as long as she continues to provide milk

No. 1419502

Too bad she lives in Germany, and recently married a way better looking dude and they have a young baby together.
Jonny is just dreaming of a better life besides his own.

No. 1419595

Too bad this girl is married so he's shit out of luck. Can we do ACTUAL research instead of posting random assumptions like we're in hs. Ffs this thread use to actually be good now its just a bunch of karens pulling shit out of their ass hat.

No. 1419602

I personally want to see the bloated turd shoot his shot with women way out of his league and get ignored. Keep em coming.

No. 1419615

Sage your shit anon. No one thinks Jonny has a chance with that woman but Syd's crazy enough to freak out over a liked pic. She's probably pulling her hair out over the fact that Jonny even looked at a woman more attractive than her.

No. 1419630


What if Syd isn't posting bc she went batshit insane when JC took down all her pics and, instead of breaking her phone, tried some white trash rage move like showing up at his rehab to scream at him and got her stupid ass arrested again? I think if she broke her phone, she would sell some stuff to get a new one to get her IG fix.

I just have trouble believing Syd is staying offline by choice or because of something like a broken phone. Even if she got kicked out of the apartment and is at her mom's with Storm, she would at least still be vaugeposting to her stories.

No. 1419639

File: 1642436425858.png (3.91 MB, 828x1792, C99C825D-7431-48B8-8CB6-8A4C09…)

Which cities would be best to look for arrest records for Syd?

No. 1419650

Wherever JC is in rehab, but I thought that was San Fran?

No. 1419652

Depends. They're most likely not in Sacramento proper. Sutter / Yolo / Solano counties surround the area as well as Sacramento county. If she was arrested she was most likely turned out before the night was done. Jails aren't really holding onto anyone for too long right now. Doubt we'll find anything but if nona's wanna check, go for it.

No. 1419655

Biggest doubt. Rehab services are jammed packed right now everywhere. He only got a spot because it's court ordered. He's most likely receiving county services from Medi-cal because he's a broke bitch.

No. 1419723

lol at his fat minuscule feet, it looks like someone wrapped hams in a sock and shoved it in a slide.(sage your shit)

No. 1419733

did I miss something? Why would she be arrested?

No. 1419763

Anon was replying to someone's tinfoil about Syd going to Jonny's rehab and getting in a fight with him there and thus ultimately getting arrested. It's a tinfoil I could believe in given their multiple domestics already on file/in progress. I also don't believe this bitch would be capable staying off the internet unless she was 5150'd or in jail.

No. 1419786

Sorry I’m dumb. Thanks for the clarification.

No. 1419788

Baby feet Craig

No. 1419861

>>1419723 am I the only one getting really irritated with these idiots not saging? Recently there's been someone or someones not saging even after repeatedly being asked to do so.


No. 1419921

File: 1642452911859.jpeg (185.16 KB, 1170x666, A98EB1AB-7494-4888-BF4B-CDBBCD…)

Yes it’s really not hard to do. And the people not saging are usually not contributing anything of value or complaining or whatever else doesn’t need to be posted

Let me make it easy for you idiots for the last time:

WRITE “sage” IN THE EMAIL FIELD BEFORE YOU POST or better yet don’t post at all

No. 1419932

File: 1642453192934.jpeg (91.17 KB, 1284x613, C6B432DE-6336-45E8-BF89-8F1B24…)

jonny’s really out there looking for his next girl. i will be shocked if him and sydsopsycho get back together after all of this. i can’t wait for the inevitable shitstorm when she returns to posting on instagram though

No. 1419944

Syd will 100% be the psycho baby mama that will make his life hell forever. The milk may never stop, BPD narc rage is forever.

No. 1419963

I guess this is the closet thing to actual breakup confirmation as we’re going to get.

No. 1419969

Give it time. If Syd was 5150d she has a mandatory 3 day hold. If she doesn't cool olit by then they can extend it to up to 2 weeks. Seems like its been a week since we've had a Syd sighting, but issa coming.

No. 1420016

oh, her eyebrows rival Syd's in how awful they are… but at least Syd won't chimp out at her having lip fillers.

No. 1420066

>>1419932 apparently she’s a sugar baby. Wait until she finds out Jonny is broke as fuck & can’t afford her “services” kek

No. 1420072

You getting so persistent about it is just an incentive not to for trolls lol just so you know.
Apply to be a mod if you're so hard pressed, idk man. Other anons don't care so much because why tf would they, it doesn't really change much for casual users who aren't like actively obsessed w the drama.
You can't force other people to sage, they'll hopefully be banned but until you're a mod you're wasting your energy.

No. 1420074


I’ve seen that latex mask in the first pic, it was in the Halloween section of my local costume shop… horrifying

Eh, if they break up I’m sure syd will warrant her own thread, she’s linked to JC for life (or should I say 4L, kek) just as she plotted by gettin knocked up with her trap baby. If he gets with someone else there will be endless milk from her.. when she finds out about new woman, when JC gets a tatttoo of new woman’s name.. when he posts pics of her on a tour with him and syd will not be the ‘special only one merch mama’.. not to mention him moving in with other woman or when JC insists on introducing OW to storm! Sooo much potential there haahah.
Of course if they get back together it’s gonna continue to be a shitshow. So, either way we’re all happy farmers.

No. 1420088

I’ve found it’s incredibly hard to google this bitch because she has two locations as her first and last name kek

No. 1420117

And the new woman will probably be a cow too since only a truly desperate retard would date Jonny at this point.

No. 1420134

I dated Jonny Craig and all i got was single motherhood status and a face tattoo

No. 1420174

File: 1642475332520.png (1.32 MB, 1170x2532, AD475F44-3C3B-444D-A3FA-C9CB19…)

Oh for the love of god, please do not give this man your money.

Also, 10 more days y’all

No. 1420178

It's just board culture, man. If it's no big deal, keep doing it and get banned. No skin off our backs kek

No. 1420181

I just wanna know where “home” is at this point lol

No. 1420242

Dumb as fuck
SaGee(dumb as fuck)

No. 1420252

I fully agree with this. I was afraid to post at first cause I kept seeing ppl cursing each other out over this Sage shit but nobody was explaining how u sage. I'm sure 9/10 ppl not saging have no idea what it is or that they're expected to. Chill the fck out yall(go to meta)

No. 1420292

FYI 5150s can hold you up to 3 days. Some if not most are released within hours because most calm down when they're talking to the doctor. 2 weeks is if they send you to a psychiatric hospital for further evaluation, but you gotta be threatening to harm yourself, others, or just aren't capable of basic self-care while you're with the evaluator. Syd is psycho, but she's capable of talking normally to someone assessing her.

No. 1420298

Bloggy but true

No. 1420311

It literally tells you how to sage in the info/rules at the beginning of this & every other thread learn2read

No. 1420319

File: 1642494629630.jpeg (123.57 KB, 828x1477, D41352F4-1EC1-41C1-9F93-644AF1…)

Is this an indirect attack at Syd? kek

No. 1420356

Lmao whoever still gives money to this loser is like donating money to that africa prince scam.

No. 1420359

Lol I just remembered Sydney’s birthday is literally less than two weeks away (I believe it’s January 30th) and she’ll be turning 30. The thought of this bitch spending her birthday all miserable and alone because no one gives a fuck about her (not even Storm because he doesn’t know who she is nor do they have that natural mother and baby bond) brings me pure absolute joy.

Get fucked, Syd. You deserve to rot in jail for a few years for all the people you’ve harassed over the last two and a half years.

See we’ve only known about her since like October 2019, and think of all the harassment and and abuse she’s committed. Now think about all the harassment and abuse she’s done BEFORE we even knew who she was. No doubt she’s been an abusive piece of shit for the last 20 years.

Happy early birthday, you horrible, soulless evil cunt.

No. 1420368

Nah, I think you’re reaching. Seems like he’s just making a statement to stick it to the haters by attempting to convince them he’s working sO hArD.

I mean, I don’t think it was his intention, but it IS an insult at Syd in the sense that she’s constantly yapping about being ~sew connected to the dream world~ with her very unique speshul brain that totally makes her an emotional genius. She does a lot of talking but no action is out behind it. She literally never works for ANYTHING. Anon above stated she got with Jonny roughly 27 months ago, and she hasn’t had or even tried to find a job. Not even to provide for her own fucking child. She’s truly a huge steaming pile of dogshit.

Unless you want to count her doing merch for Jonny’s tour as a job… but we all know she didn’t get paid for that mainly because Jonny wouldn’t even have been able to afford it. He literally only stuck her at the merch table to keep her occupied and the fuck away from him. He obviously didn’t want to bring her on tour, but she probably threw a giant fit about it and threatened to blackmail him with a video if he didn’t do it. She’s such a brat, amongst other things….

Oh WAIT. She sent someone the video the night before tour started anyway! Like the totally supportive couple goals fiancé that she is! And at that point he had no backup plan for a merch person, because, again, his broke ass wouldn’t have been able to pay someone to do it anyway.

No. 1420374

Whenever he posts this bullshit scam he always has to include that he has “only two spots left” like people are just blowing up his email to work with him. Seriously, how many times in the last several years has he “only had two spots left”…. ?? Like you can only make that claim so many times… he’s trying to convince people he’s such a desired, relevant, highly demanded hot commodity in the music scene. This is literally his oldest and longest running type scam. Not even a month ago was someone complaining on Twitter about being scammed from him about a feature. The drugs have obviously fried his brain too much to even come up with a convincing scam. It’s wash, rinse, and repeat with this guy…. And the cherry on top is he feels no remorse from literally robbing all of these people. Obviously he can’t afford to send anyone their money back but like, maybe just do the damn feature? You’re literally a music artist still trying to be relevant, why not take the opportunity to make as many songs as possible to stay popular and stay getting paid? If he had any work ethic at all he might actually have a stable, consistent income and be able to get his own place away from that psychotic demon of a baby mama. I just don’t fucking get it….

No. 1420378

My bad, not exactly relevant but I just realized and wanted to correct myself and say she’s turning 29.

No. 1420391


No. 1420489

Serious kek cuz wasn't the bitch whining about how all of her birthdays are miserable and she hates them not too long ago?

No. 1420577

File: 1642528430865.jpeg (651.27 KB, 1170x1494, 75308066-A60F-43DF-93CC-30F12D…)

Was feeling nostalgic over old milk lol and I happened to see this comment. Sage for no new milk but Jesus this made me want to barf. She has convinced this person she’s a good mom or this person believes her delusions. Or both. Either way it makes me sick

No. 1420582

File: 1642528833269.jpg (284.46 KB, 1080x1542, Screenshot_20220118-174655_Chr…)

Sorry if this has been posted but lol Syd has a matching tattoo with an ex already? And how tattoos of Jonny as well? This girl is impulsive..

No. 1420598

File: 1642530459322.png (2.36 MB, 1125x2436, FBCFB54B-929E-4F4F-B2E0-55623F…)

At least he got that shit covered up lol don’t blame him for not wanting that reminder of probably the worst time of his life.

No. 1420749

For facts sake that video was not sent out the night before his tour.

No. 1420772

What does it matter? So much arguing over semantics in this thread

No. 1420785

Bet she’s about to explode that the used just announced an insane stupid fest and she can’t post about it because of all the drama with jc hahaha

No. 1420792

He's probably super bummed he's not allowed in DGD anymore… they're playing in a huge "When We Were Young" festival in Las Vegas with like 50 other emo/screamo/post-hardcore/pop-punk bands ranging from the early 2000s to about 10 years ago. For a moment I thought his pervy ass would be there with all the other young trendy girls, but then I remembered no bands want him to sing for them anymore.
I bet SydNeedy will be there since the great love of her life Bert McCracken will be there with The Used. Plus she can hunt dudes from all her favorite bands like Saosin and see if she can latch onto any dude in any band as her next victim.

No. 1420796

Ah exactly what I was referring to >>1420792
Once I saw the lineup I rushed on lolcow to laugh about where Syd is going to try to insert herself and didn't even see your comment! Sorry anon!

No. 1420805

File: 1642543059160.png (1.05 MB, 1170x2532, C634C79F-D93B-4632-87AE-84BC99…)

These tweets are so good. Nobody respects this mess.

No. 1420809

File: 1642543264940.png (1.9 MB, 750x1334, 91BE9885-C17E-40DD-99DC-86D81B…)

Is this what you’re both referring to?

Tinfoil but what’s the one thing that would make sure Syd stays off IG for now? What if a condition of Jonny ‘taking her back’ is to keep quiet for now.

No. 1420852

Is he saying he’s gonna go there and sing in a tent all day despite not being invited to perform? Because if so that’s insanely embarrassing for him lol

No. 1420866


No. 1420870

I can’t understand why anyone would spend all that money to go to a fest with much bigger artists, only to waste their time hanging out in a tent getting their nasty emo tits signed by a washed up, bloated manlet…

No. 1420876

My bad apparently I’m suddenly dyslexic. Wouldn’t think they’d be going to sign things if they weren’t even put on the roster to perform. That in itself is embarrassing.

No. 1420877

Entry level for people like Syd looking to snare a ‘celebrity’ manlet, excited at the thought of being one step closer to another manlet a little higher up the food chain. Which works vice versa for the manlets on the rebound looking to score a desperate Syd 2.0.

No. 1420885

sydney is not going to when we were young. she can’t even afford a used sweatshirt, let alone her own apartment. jonny broke up with her and now she is busy at work trying to schmooze up to another guy or trick a friend that doesnt really know her into feeling bad for her because she is incapable of being alone or paying her own way. she has ALWAYS depended on someone to take care of her, but she’s wasted so many chances with her friends that’s she’s probably gonna have to double down real hard to not end up homeless, hence the no posting. it’s not to win jonny back. they’re done.

jonny on the other hand will no doubt be going to when we were young, which will irk sydney beyond belief because this is her dream lineup. how you gonna be so crazy that you got a washed up fat junkie to dump you? you let him put his spud in you and didn’t even get to go to the emo cumback tour. you would look great in an “i dated jonny craig and all i got was this lousy baby” shirt.

No. 1420887

File: 1642549059713.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x2570, 4DE2E3B8-47EB-4783-BEB1-5C5C7D…)

Anyone know who this is and why Jonny is posting her? Don’t want to jump to conclusions in case it’s nothing

No. 1420890


Please please please can someone who is better at photoshop than me, mock up syd wearing this anon’s t shirt idea. It would be a perfect cover pic for the next thread!!

No. 1420892

She’s a white girl trying to rap… like a white trash nicki I guess. Tinfoil, he’s pushing for a collab so people notice him and his heartbreak music.

No. 1420914

It’s kreayshawn, shes recently single so he’s probably trying to hit on her since that is just some random post she had from 2020. shes way too cool for him and is a great mom and would never date his pedo ass.

No. 1420916

She doesn’t rap anymore though. She said she quit to make room for black artists. Not sure what she even does anymore besides a podcast.

No. 1420928

Oh shit, that’s pretty cool of her, thanks for the update.
He’s tryna find a new home to mooch in, kek

No. 1420940

Lmao anon, idk whats worse - having a child or getting addicted to H after dating JC.

No. 1420942

File: 1642552439822.jpeg (894.43 KB, 940x1792, DFA891C0-BAF7-4C73-A6C4-D15517…)

Speaking of which…look at his creeping and crawling. It’s so embarrassing. Never any likes or replies.

No. 1420943


anon, there is nothing cool about "making room for black artists"- that is some of the most virtue signaling woke pandering BS I have ever heard