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File: 1632856314622.png (909.3 KB, 828x1035, happinessisaloadedgun.png)

No. 1336640

Thread #7

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https://lolcow.farm/rules before posting

Last Thread

The basic rundown:
> jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse toward several of his exes - pretty much any woman he comes into contact with he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
> most recently dated and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
> after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
> enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall/minnieskins. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
> since syd got pregnant there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, most of it not related enough to TND to post in her thread
> syd gave birth. this is a containment thread so people stop bitching about people posting Jonny/syd in the TND thread

Old milk:
>syd still vague posting jonny and archiving his pictures and bringing them back when theyre okay again
>jonny still following and interating with random women who look the same, and asking them for money much to syds jealous dismay.
>syd starts a gofundme for "personal situations" >>1234541, >>1234881 but it seems to be going towards hair and lash extensions >>1244430 and amanda shows up on the donations >>1242157
>every photo jonny posts seems to have an alcoholic beverage in the background/in his hand >>1261621, >>1262260, >>1264388, >>1268153
> Jonny goes to jail for domestic violence >>1088190 and pleads guilty his next court date is feb 1st at 9am >>1090762
> >>1090779 Storm has unknown surgery but Syn doesnt say anything and Jonny barely acknowledges it >>1091369
> Jonny contracts cellulitis and ends up being admitted to the hospital most likely caused by IV heroin use >>1107260 >>1107262
> Jonny posts two disturbing but typical (for him) videos to his instagram stories: one where he shows Syd’s bare but and then grabs it >>1109832 it’s also noted she has a mysterious and large bruise on her leg in a generally hard to bruise area >>1110293. Audio in second vid (which was of Storm with camera inches away from him as baby lays on bed) reveals a clearly super high Jonny slurring and unable to hold the camera steady >>1110163

New milk:
> syd vagueposts about someone (Jonny) cheating with someone you know. That someone posts in the thread revealing screenshots of Instagram DMs with Jonny and Syd >>1318548,Syd who accuses anon of cheating with Jonny for flirting on Instagram with Jonny and allegedly calls the cops on anon. Anon says she's known Syd since high school. In the screenshots Syd calls Jonny a waste,a fat junkie, says she'll show the conversation to Taylor so that she'll ruin anon's life, threatens anon. Syd doxxes anon on Instagram.
> anon posts more screenshots, looks like she was carrying the convo with Jonny. Syd sends anon a video of Jonny wasted. >>1319574 Turtle Mom ends up leaking the video >>1320319 and says she'll go the TX shows to expose Jonny with flyers, never does.
> tour starts, Jonny doesn't know the lyrics to his own songs so he's reading them off his phone. >>1322793
> syd goes on stage to hug Jonny and makes sure everyone know he has a kid whenever he looks in the direction of a woman >>1320416 >>1320417 She also keeps complaining about how hard working at the merch table is.
> jonny proposes to Syd again >>1332845 >>1333002 at a concert with the same ring.
> syd makes her Instagram account public

previous threads:
1: >>>/snow/987337
2: >>>/snow/1038163
3: >>>/snow/1082146
4: >>>/snow/1112272
5: >>>/snow/1270218
6: >>>/snow/1316852

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No. 1336657

thanks for the new thread nonnie!

No. 1336662

Great cover pic, bravo

No. 1336663

File: 1632859506781.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, 8B7AA38E-135C-47E0-8084-F885F9…)

Where is your kid now, hmm? Thought you were so excited to be back with him now that tour is over??

No. 1336676

Lollllll love the pic and love the name! Thanks nonnie!

Someone in the old thread said syd might have covid??? That would be hilarious considering she was anti vax and only got it because she basically was forced to

No. 1336677

File: 1632860855329.jpg (484.31 KB, 1438x3005, sydsowhorey.jpg)

Sage since it's not news, but since her profile is public again I went through some of her stuff. Love that she calls out other females for needing to whore themselves on the internet for attention, and yet she has this up there.

No. 1336680

File: 1632861018277.webm (1.73 MB, 720x1280, sydsosick.webm)

Thank you!

Here's the video she put on her story.

No. 1336681

>>1336680 fingers crossed it's covid and you die.

No. 1336682

thought she "went against everything she stood for" & got the vaccine? lmfaooo. Also, great thread name nonnie

No. 1336702

Sadly the vax doesn’t make peeps completely immune, it just makes you less likely to get it, or makes symptoms less severe if you do still contract it.

So if she has covid it will just probably fuel her dumbass anti vax views like “see the vax is pointless because I still got covid anyway”

No. 1336706

She only screeches at other women who get more of the attention she wants than she does without literally having to post censored nudes and heavily posed and staged pantyshots. She gets triggered by other women being better at what she does than she is, so she tries to shame them for it.

No. 1336726

File: 1632863987049.png (4.15 MB, 828x1792, 5B299F88-7CEC-4953-A5BC-4C7155…)

No. 1336727

File: 1632864011426.png (2.38 MB, 828x1792, 99133983-0E0B-4DCF-968C-CE94D0…)

No. 1336731

File: 1632864148648.jpeg (226.63 KB, 828x1415, 29270CCD-6149-411C-BCB2-26757E…)

No. 1336732

Good christ, calm down you fucking kook. She's exhausting me just reading her constant complaints/ride-or-die band lyfe bullshit. Girlfriend's brain needs to be studied someday.

No. 1336738

God anons can anyone screencap the absolute mess that is the rant on her story right now? I'm on mobile sorry.

No. 1336741

Okay but anyone just laugh the whole thread she made trying to defend herself??? Then ending it with “idc too busy living”.. living where? In this thread? In your furnitureless apartment?(sage)

No. 1336744

well if we didn't already know she read this thread (we did), she made it very clear now. if she really doesn't care about haters or whatever then why creep your thread??

No. 1336758

She made sure to mention she was on tour about 20 times in the course of 2 minutes. And she says “we don’t get to see Storm right away because I’m sick” I think that was definitely very telling the way she decided to say that. We don’t get to see him….. as in they don’t get to have their visitation. Nothing will convince me they have custody of their child at this point

No. 1336763

Why is it other peoples responsibility to send you pictures or videos from a tour that you barely had anything to do with? Jesus Christ stay in your lane you groupie bitch

No. 1336765

It's really embarrassing to see how stuck in a 15 year olds mindset she is. What woman at the age of 30 (or almost 30) goes on about "tour life" and "making friends that will last forever". The way she dresses, how she acts. She's intellectually still a 15 year old girl.

Being an independent, loving and dutiful mother is TPWNB, syd.

No. 1336766

Ugh, the smug lip smacking made me want to punch my screen.

No. 1336787

Screenrecorded and converting now gimme a min!

No. 1336821

Nevermind I tried two different sites to try to convert this to webm and it’s just not working for me. I’m sorry guys! If anyone has a different way to upload let me know. But her profile is currently public anyway if you wanna see for yourself.

She called us or whoever she’s talking about “smooth brained” but she can hardly even finish a coherent sentence the entire thing. The whole thing is pretty embarrassing and pathetic honestly

No. 1336830

File: 1632870017006.png (2.31 MB, 750x1334, 801E9A22-B630-4CA2-B3AF-F31FC8…)

Syd be looking like an actual alien…. Not that she’s ever a looker but this is new level fix those brows yikes

No. 1336836

Absolutely hilarious that she's all, "I look awful, I know it!!" and she can't take her eyes off herself for two seconds, to the point that she gets distracted by staring at her own face lmao

No. 1336842

I don’t know, I find them less offensive than the square blocks she draws too close together on her forehead.

No. 1336848

yOuRe TaLkInG aBoUt A mInOr— bitch you post that minor on your public stories for the world to see don’t act surprised when people acknowledge his existence. Or lack thereof in your life.

No. 1336863

File: 1632871509054.png (3.18 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210927-194240.png)

she did! Hence the potential for a hermain cain award is in her/their future. His and hers long covid would be great karma. Hopefully they haven't gone and seen storm yet. I highly doubt it last night she was talking about coping. I'm guessing jonny ran out of h and got kratom as he did with Taylor a few times and he just needs to get downtown for for their H and whatever tf else they get.

No. 1336885

File: 1632872983439.webm (15.73 MB, 720x1280, sheknowshelooksbad.webm)

No. 1336886

Nah the reference here is Downtown Battle Mountain. It’s the name of two Dance Gavin Dance albums so that’s why Jonny wanted to stop there

No. 1336887

File: 1632873035147.jpeg (553.29 KB, 1125x1999, 8DE842D0-4652-41CB-8BAA-EC90DD…)

Here she is writing his posts again “y’all”

No. 1336891

“Anyone who wants to talk about a minor has mental issues” no, we don’t. We are worried about him because YOU have mental issues

No. 1336904

Can both of these retards fucking shut up about this "tour", they played what? A total of 5 gigs? We're gonna be hearing about this for the next 5 years like they went on some worldwide legit tour. Calm down.

No. 1336905

lol she already deleted this. maybe she realized how stupid it looked for her to rant about not being able to see storm because "HEALTH AND SAFETY FIRST Y'ALL" but then the next second be openly out in public?

No. 1336911

Tinfoil- gma won’t let them see storm until they get a negative covid test or wait 2 weeks to see him. Since they’ve been around tons of people. So they’re stalling because she knows she has to live bomb her child she hasn’t supposedly seen in over two weeks. “The first time she’s ever been away from him”. Convenient for them to be sick as soon as they’re home. She doesn’t sound sick. She isn’t even sad about not seeing him. If I was away for 2.5 weeks and couldn’t see my kid I would be bawling.

No. 1336913


She’s more pressed people aren’t sending her photos of her than her not being able to see her kid.

No. 1336954

>>1336911 or she is literally not allowed to see her son, so she’s trying to buy time wile people become increasingly suspicious. Her excuses are getting as bad as TND’s.

No. 1336968

"I'm exhausted from being on tour!" Imagine what working an actual job 8 hours a day instead of sitting in a bus getting high for a few hours is like Sydney!

No. 1336991

It takes a lot of energy to get pissed at just about every person you come across. So exhausting!

No. 1337006

More evidence that she doesn't know what being a FT mother is like. This "tour" was one of the lowest tier tours you can do as a band and yet she's making it out like she personally ran amd managed a stadium-sized venue tour with over 10 shows for an A list band instead of tagging along with degen Jonny to get high with his friends and exes.

No. 1337012

She’s probably not even covid sick, she’s probably dope sick if anything.

No. 1337025

The alien head + BPD smugness + I have no personality so I just do my eyebrows like this
instead + bitchy girl with zero friends energy in this video is triggering my fight or flight instinct so bad. Oh my god how can anyone talk to her for more than two seconds without being high as… oh. Right.

No. 1337026

what is this. also i watched her stories and she had the fucking nerve to call other people mentally i’ll while making an unnecessary, disjointed and full of pauses, unhinged rant that made no sense after she dyed her hair back to that nasty ass red color she had before (???????) and ripped out her extensions in a manic episode. she is the last person to talk shit about mental health and what a seriously ugly thing to do. she then made a story passive aggressively calling out people who didn’t send her pictures of herself on someone else’s tour while disguising it as a compliment for someone else that shit was really funny ngl. she needs to take her anger out on the balloon animal that knocked her up not everyone else. or get a brain scan because she might have a tumor causing this idk it’s p bad

No. 1337066

File: 1632886917485.png (4.77 MB, 1125x2436, 02513787-B054-4F8E-B899-641711…)

We can see the rat cage here, hopefully they’re still alive and not dead. It’s probably empty aside from that hammock she really imitated Taylor with getting it to begin with lol

No. 1337080

Jonny also posted a story in their apartment (I’m having trouble posting vids here all day which is annoying) and you could see pretty much their entire living room. No children’s toys or items or any other signs a child lives there whatsoever.

No. 1337081

She posted a story with the rats. Wonder who had them this whole time? Also the faces she’s making and the posing she’s doing with the rats is so cringy I almost barfed. She’s so into herself lol

No. 1337094

isn’t that lol bro? do you guys think jonny even has a working dick at this point or has her shot into that too much

No. 1337098

Also didn’t these idiots get the vaccine literally right before tour when it takes a few weeks to even reach full effect?

No. 1337117

yep basically they got their second shot days before they left so their protection is just now kicking in lmao, because as syd said "safety first!". I knew they were going to catch covid on tour but I'm sure they'll make sure to get tested too soon so they'll inevitably have "negative" tests so fans can't come for them when they get sick too. Personally I don't believe the whole "colds are back" bs because those people have the same symptoms as covid and almost all say it was their worst "cold" of their lives. I think they just got tested at the wrong time or at worst our tests aren't as accurate for delta. Either way I'm sure they'll be seeing storm for fake family time in a starbucks parking lot sooner than they should.

No. 1337124

I saw that too. Just a bunch of cat stuff everywhere. Not a single baby item.

No. 1337129

File: 1632896607694.png (2.35 MB, 750x1334, 1361BDCF-19E5-4074-BB43-C330CA…)

Should have included this pic in the thread pic LOL. And the screencaps of her saying “I don’t want that fat junkie”. But next time ladies! Good thread anon, thank you for making it!

I am DYING at this video. Every time I watch it, it gets funnier. (The stills make it pretty great as well)

I can’t even begin to take her seriously when she begins her rant contradicting herself. Saying health comes first, then proceeded to insult people that went to the tour or just people in general that don’t give a shit about other people’s safety. Umm bitch? You literally threw a fit over having to get the Covid vaccine and got it at the last possible second, only so you could go on to live out your stupid tour fantasy. So that was laughable.

Then she says we have no right to be discussing other people’s children, and tries to turn it into needing to get mental help. OH THE IRONY. THIS bitch needs mental help. She is the one who is smooth brained and illogical and unhinged. God she’s so delusional it’s scary. She truly lives in her own reality. Her child is being discussed because people are worried for his safety. Literally that’s it.

God this video was great. It’s like she was talking to/complaining about herself. Her holier than thou attitude kills me every time. She really think she is superior, gods gift to earth, and has to be so condescending the way she goes about things. This is why you’re an unlikeable bitch. This is why your evil ass will never have any real friends.

No. 1337154

File: 1632900854954.webm (19.3 MB, 720x1280, lv_0_20210929013835.webm)

Okay put together the vid clips. Sorry its in 2 parts as the free converters have MB limits.

But yeah we got Ms health & safety who doesnt care about criticism cuz she too busy livin' over here!

No. 1337156

File: 1632900924401.webm (17.89 MB, 720x1280, lv_0_20210929013941.webm)

Part 2

No. 1337158

hold up, did she just dye her hair the same color as Taylor

No. 1337161

File: 1632901409945.png (296.41 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210929-023818.png)

She clearly couldn't spot a lunatic or pedo to save her life as she's a lunatic dating a pedo. She also clearly intends for some of her stories to be reposted here which is incredibly cringy. If she were so bothered she just wouldnt post. She has literally 0 content to offer that isn't drama or lovebombing people she's barely acquaintances with.

No. 1337166

File: 1632901764128.jpeg (215.75 KB, 828x1012, 210745D0-36A0-45F1-BEC4-C57FEC…)

It’s so fun when she puts herself for not having him. She reads and instantly posts about his milestones as if she’s actually present for them. We know you don’t have him, Syd. We know he’s “always in that onesie” cuz they’re all photos from the same day. You’re a piece of shit deadbeat and don’t deserve to get to call yourself a mother.

No. 1337167

File: 1632901789128.jpg (54.08 KB, 784x641, 6136b06451627ec99c798290c930ae…)

No. 1337176

File: 1632903190650.jpg (78.51 KB, 650x623, pixiz-29-09-2021-10-10-59.jpg)

Syd so psycho

No. 1337190

File: 1632904783612.jpeg (543.11 KB, 1124x1982, C64C89F8-F806-43C4-BE4A-16B918…)

Everything she does sounds so sterile like is she actually an unfeeling psychopath cuz that’s how she comes across especially in the first few lines where she has to point out that she’s so great for visiting her bereaved friend and treating her guys!!! All of her followers had to know that!!!!! If she really did do it, the sentiment is no longer there as she felt the need to flaunt the fact of her supposed generosity just to look good for her followers? How selfish and transparent can one person be. She honestly turns my stomach- if she thinks anything she says is subtle she has a smooth brain.

No. 1337268

I’m absolutely dead. Yes, yes she did. The funniest part is I’m sure it wasn’t intentional akin walking, but it’s completely evident to all of us. Even in the video she says “yeah, I know I just dyed my hair”. This bitch dyes her hair ONCE A WEEK. She’s not gonna have any hair LEFT.

So in the video she also mentions taking her extensions out. Funny she does that right after tour, after being around all those girls that are Jonny’s “type” and being in Texas where he his four exes from - it’s obvious the extensions were for that. Then as soon as she gets home she hurries to dye her hair like Taylor. She was clearly stalking her IG the entire tour, especially at the Texas dates. She was stalking her so much that she got inspired to have the same hair as her. Hilarious, honestly.

No. 1337282

In motion, that eyebrow tattoo looks like smeared eyeliner on a drugged out trailer park mom.

No. 1337298

File: 1632917725743.jpeg (199.75 KB, 750x718, 7B6F15B0-7E9F-4F95-9A58-CFD0A0…)

‘Merch Mama’ are you fucking kidding me lmfao. Can’t be a mother to her child so if you want someone to poke holes in your shirts with her press-on nails and try to get on stage with you to sing her terrible rap verses DM her!!!

No. 1337302

Already trying to take off on her kid again for another “tour life” experience, without jonny this time? Guess she didn’t get enough pics of herself for clout on the first one. So pathetic that’s her only goal in life at 28 or whatever.

No. 1337323

Lmao thank you anon for this side by side comparison! Not to WK taylor but holy fuck jonny really traded in for a shittier and crazier version of tay with syd! At least TND was still making money and sending clot over to jonny. What is syd bringing to the table? Oh right her bad shit craziness and an innocent life! Lmao

No. 1337325

File: 1632920535633.png (3.42 MB, 828x1792, 5A227EEB-E38C-43E3-B1BF-E20EC5…)

Idk if any anon feels the same but I realised that syd has been doing post and feels like this to copy Taylor? She started doing this recently and I just cant help seeing how much she is trying to skin walk tay and copy her movements too. Ew

No. 1337326

Lol y’all she’s gonna dye her hair again once she realizes we made the connection.

She loves the attention; she’s addicted to social media. That’s what I love about these stupid cows; they never seem to realize that they provide the drama and the milk, and we are just here for the keks. She can’t save face, and her narcissism forces her to keep the show going.
Meanwhile she’s so obsessed with Instagram and her image she’s missing out on every moment with her child.
We expect nothing else from Jonny, but come on lady. I know you are reading this thread.

No. 1337333

Too bad the Used just finished their tour and can't hire Syd to sell their T-shirts

No. 1337343

Oh my god hahahah she is really telling on herself with this one! Se clearly reads these threads because how many times have we said “they don’t say anything specific about this child, no milestones, nothing.” And this is her half assed attempt to do that? “Saying words, growing teeth, laughing” Jesus Christ that’s the saddest attempt I’ve seen of her trying to act like a real mother. Also trying to make an excuse ahead of time because she already knows we will notice it’s yet another pic from the same visit? You are so fucking pathetic Syd.

No. 1337350

I saw this earlier on her profile and was waiting for someone here to mention something. She would absolutely, 100 percent cheat on Jonny with another musician if she went on a tour without him. And if this is what she wants her new career to be, for fucks sake could she not wait till he’s older? Who is she supposed to leave him with? Jonny? LMFAO. I mean I know he’s already in her mother’s care so I guess that was a dumb question. But this is even if she WERE to get hired to go on a tour.

What are the chances of that even happening…..?

No. 1337352

Did anyone else think her lips are a weird asymmetrical shape when she talks. Thats all i could look at while she was talking all crazy like that.

No. 1337355

>>1337352 I did too. Looked like she was trying to have big honking lips like Taylor's fake shit.

No. 1337357

Pedos? She would actually have to post her son in order for pedos to save her post. Which she never does because she doesn’t have him.Or is she calling us pedos because nice try, we never post the child’s face here…

No. 1337359

She was using some stupid Instagram filter. I’ve never encountered anyone who was so self conscious about how ugly they were yet so incredibly into themselves at the same time

No. 1337392

this bitch. i love how every cow goes through their "who even does this, they're crazy pedophiles" phase and not a single one reflects on their behavior and why people are talking about it.

if she didn't get negative attention, she wouldn't get any attention at all. how much engagement has she gotten from singing? none. apparently it was that unremarkable. she didn't even know the words. (that's par for the course anyway. jonny's singing notes app karaoke for songs he supposedly wrote because he has junkie brain.)

No. 1337408

Not to mention she posted Storm in that onesie well over a month ago… Don't kids normally outgrow onesies in that timeframe at that age? Def just trying to set herself up with a future excuse lol

No. 1337426

He’s one, so he won’t grow out of clothes as fast but yes, typically after about 3-4 months most kids his age will size up. And if you’re a fan of a specific item of clothing, it’s not unheard of to buy a size or two bigger so it lasts longer. But that onesie looks pretty baggy with lots of room to grow.

No. 1337449

>saying words, laughing, walking, popping out teeth
kek she sounds like an alien who has to pretend to be a human mom. there is literally no real emotion in this text, just a vague description of what little children do. if she had him, she would have more unique stories and observations about his personality to talk about, and let's say she does have him, that would only make her a shitty mother. a mother who has nothing to say but "yea he walk", a mother who has a livingroom unfit for a little kid, with no toys, tv on the floor and completely devoid of any decor and colour. imagine growing up in a home with all white walls and just a rar cage in the corner, yikes

No. 1337512

File: 1632937986799.jpeg (205.75 KB, 750x815, 06BABA0D-DBC4-4C50-AA14-376F3C…)

Anyone else dying of laughter inside at the number of dislikes that increase on this video every passing day? What’s extra funny is Syd posted on her IG stories the next day “awww The cuteness last ofnight even made it’s way to YouTube uwu” with heart emojis. Probably not expecting all those dislikes to happen so quickly lmao. I wonder how high and drunk he had to get that night to think that re proposing to that psycho cunt was a good idea.

The ultimate rOmAnTiC part of all of this is that he proposed to Chelsea on stage, literally in that same metroplex just on the other side. So about 30 minutes away in the same city. How charming and eloquent, that man is. Oh and I hope you’re reading this Syd - he proposed with an $8,000 diamond ring from Neil Lane.

No. 1337514

It’s called a filter idiots.

No. 1337516

She posted him in the same clothes fool, pay attention. Know what your talking about before you make yourself look stupid

No. 1337522

Hm, well doesn't look too far off from her normal face then!

No. 1337526

Lol I had no idea he proposed to Chelsea there too this is so sad

No. 1337529

i think the fact that she didn't realise it was a farmer who posted it is even more funny. she really thought she had fans

No. 1337534

Look who's calling people an idiot some retard that doesn't know how to sage their shit. Good job ya fucking cunt.

No. 1337574

Kek I was thinking the same. “He got some teeth and he growing”. Same level as Jonny on stage talking about storm. “He’s one!”. Literally all he had to say about him. Such lovely parents they are, raising their kid in their barren apartment where, apparently, the animals have more toys and activities than their baby.

No. 1337575

Sure Jan. Hope your next court appointed visitation goes well!

No. 1337590

she argues like a child going “no you”. like what rational mother would make these videos thinking that it doesn’t prove the opposite of what they’re saying? someone bringing up valid concerns is a great chance to prove stability if you choose to answer it, or just fucking don’t answer it. i hope the grandmother gets custody fr.

No. 1337597

she could never be a texan woman, even a junkie one.

No. 1337613

Does she seem like she’s on downers to anyone else? My nephew is the same age as Storm and he does not fit into his clothes from 2 months ago. He barely wears onesies at this age point. All her pics are from the same day.

No. 1337633

Yea onesies are moot once babies learn to walk and are more active/squirmy. Trying to snap 3 buttons, and then put on pants, after wrestling a diaper on your toddler is aggravation no tired mom cares to deal with.

No. 1337634

We all know she constantly checks these threads, It’s inevitable that she’s gonna crack and lose her mind even more and I can’t. fucking. wait.(sage)

No. 1337638

Why would you use a filter that makes you look like you had a stroke tho?

No. 1337643

Sage your God damn shit. Jesus Christ if you have no milk don't bump the thread.

No. 1337647

I can't imagine she doesn't, there was enough dirt on both of them posted by each of them, plus whatever Syd's mom had up her sleeve from literally raising and housing her for her entire life before JC. There's no way they habe custody, or get more than supervised visits based on both their histories and recent/past behaviors.

No. 1337690

Because she’s an unmedicated, unhinged, delusional, desperate, evil, unstable, insecure, deadbeat mother who radiates nothing but toxicity. Kind of a silly question to be asking on this forum. Her choice of selfie filters should be the least of your concerns.

No. 1337694

if she is the pawn jonny used to cheat on taylor, she was probably watching him here that entire time. she seems to live for attention and negative attention more than anything, that’s all she posts about or responds to. i really think she sees this as an accomplishment because older girlfriends got the shit and she can’t tell the difference. i don’t think she’ll “crack” to me she has obviously cracked enough already to be at the place she is dating jonny. why wouldn’t you be able to wait if you’re referring to a mental breakdown? no one wants that she doesn’t need to be harmed or harm herself to be funny

No. 1337731

Nah bish I disagree. She will reap what she sows. I'm fuckin here for it. Shes a garbage can and I hope it gets bad for her. Idgaf watching this person act like a child and abandon her kid and act so selfishly high and mighty.. She needs to get knocked down a couple pegs either physically or mentally. What I'm not here for you your shit attitude towards other farmers for wishing she would get what she deserves. You seem more of a wk to me.

No. 1337735

Stop shitting up the thread with your opinions on weather farmer should find her misfortune halarious or not. It's fucking halarious or else you wouldn't be here reading about it. Her going to a mental hospital would be absolutely wonderful. She would actually stay medicated and be far away from her kid for a while.

No. 1337738

I hope for Storms sake they never have custody of him again.

No. 1337749

Absolutely a white knight. This person always writes with no caps and either low key white knights or always sympathizes with Syd. Should really be kept in their head instead of clogging the thread.

Jonny didn’t cheat on Taylor with Syd, she went to treatment and ghosted him and he cried on social media about it for a week before she made it clear she dumped him. Long before Syd and Jonny started posting stuff together. Not sure where you got that from, unless you’re syd and know something we don’t lol

No. 1337754

As someone who used to take opiates, I 100% believe she is on opiates for many different reasons

No. 1337781

File: 1632960053669.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1125x1995, 1DA0C3AF-3D03-4A55-A762-1AAB5A…)


No. 1337831

none of what i wrote is even positive at all. sorry you took it that way just ignore it jfc. you can’t even spell hilarious correctly and were bold enough to fuck it up twice.

No. 1337832

doesn’t maw mean “middle aged woman” that’s really funny and that has to be a very embarrassing accident, yikesssss

No. 1337890

It means mouth of a large animal. Like a lion’s maw.

No. 1337909

I really don’t think she’s smart enough to know that. I thought she was just calling her self “ma” to remind us all she is still a mother but spelling it so it rhymes more with straw. But it doesn’t matter either way lol

No. 1337925

File: 1632977192938.jpg (604.18 KB, 1080x1912, Screenshot_20210930-144520_Ins…)

I thought she was super sick? How come they're at some mermaid bar but she's too sick to see her kid? They tell on themselves so much.

No. 1337957

Kek wait wait…what was that rant about people being irresponsible?

Big doubt she was ever sick. Had to come up with an excuse as to why her son wasn’t home when she got home. No love bombing. No “hardest thing I ever did was leave you for 2 weeks”. Etc etc.
She’s so terrible at pretending to be a mom.

No. 1337966

That’s fucked to go out when they might possibly have covid exposing tons of people.

No. 1337985

File: 1632983363582.jpeg (231.19 KB, 1242x2125, E16C4145-9BC2-457B-BEFA-536DF4…)

Syd: I might be sick, hope it’s not covid, but just in case I can’t (my mom won’t let me) see my kid.

Also Syd: Goes out to a barcade looking perfectly healthy rather than hanging out with her kid that she missed so much. “WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE.”

She whines about him enough on tour, but she obviously feels fine enough to get drinks at a bar and watch mermaids and whatever the fuck else > Storm.

Based on her actions: Everything > Storm.
Based on her Instagram: Storm > everything.

No. 1338034


I noticed she’s been drinking a lot. Probably a way to deal with and bond with Jonny at the same time. Of course tour lyfe is appealing to her, she can drink and not think about responsibilities, her empty apartment, and her son. She needs to get control NOW.

No. 1338068

File: 1632999249215.jpeg (905.39 KB, 1125x2046, B57DA8E6-0F61-4FEA-BC4A-2CBA99…)

looking thru her pics and saw this comment. posted in 2018 so she must have been DMing him since he started following her when she had black hair lol

No. 1338069

Not surprised at all, considering how upset every girl makes her. She knows she only got him because he cheats. maybe she thought she could "change" him with a kid.

No. 1338079

>this is the pic that got him following me

That was your biggest red flag, Syd. Love the brutallly honest top, though.

No. 1338101

This narc bitch can't even go 24 hours without telling on herself. Too "sick" to see her own son but can go to some mermaid bar with her "tour lyfe" degenerates, infecting everyone else at the bar. But it's all about health and safety first, folks!

No. 1338113

I don’t doubt that they’re shitty enough people to go to a bar when they’re sick, but I also definitely think that was a cover for not seeing storm right away. Tinfoil but if turtlemom really did send the video of jonny all fucked up to cps they may have done a welfare check on the kid and told her mom about it. Especially if they’re already in the system. I assume they have contact with his guardian and would’ve told her to cut their visitation rights for now. Then again I know how fucked the system is in my state and how many kids end up dead cause of their negligence. I wonder if syds mom knows about/ reads this thread.

No. 1338118

File: 1633008540041.jpeg (348.03 KB, 828x975, 6366A070-EEA0-491A-942F-3AA81E…)

This vid she reposted has over 5k views; no doubt it’s been noted in the case for the kid. Mandatory reporters are obligated to make noise, if even 1 out of 500 is a reporter, the odds aren’t good for syd or jc ever getting custody.

No. 1338220

She looks like a drug addict

No. 1338249

She is one

No. 1338266

Jonny should learn from his colleagues Blackbear and Tyler Carter. They share the same niche

Blackbear has pancreatitis from alcohol abuse and Carter was accused of sexual misconduct with a minor. Jonny still has a chance to turn it around but time is almost up

No. 1338320

What’s makes anyone think he can turn it around? Sobering up doesn’t erase shitty things he’s done.

No. 1338338

she really exposes him every chance she gets, why doesn't she see this embarrasses her? she's always showing his alleged side hoes (aka random followers on insta) "what they're getting" when she's the one who's staying with his messy ass. syd your whole life is an L and you shout it from the rooftops.

No. 1338364

>>1337985 wasn't this dumb cunt just going on about how, people don't care about health and saftey. in her exact words "I was just around a whole bunch of people who not only don't care about health and saftey or people with high risk like asthma (points to herself), or children that have gone through other health issues". She's sick, with no results back yet, but is out and about, not masked in a bar full of people. Some of whom, probably have children, have other health issues. Hahaha, she contradicts herself so much. She's being one of the people she was trying to throw shade at. Further proving she doesn't give two shits about others, or her own child. It never ceases to amaze me how much of a dumb cunt she really is.

No. 1338368

it just looks like she’s going to spill it all on her face and i wish she would have

No. 1338412

Syd probly turning into a fent head

No. 1338447

File: 1633037682096.jpeg (50.8 KB, 1000x1000, FD4FA63B-C770-4C02-A048-AEF405…)

Kek her skin the same color as the background, and I thought she had handsome-squidward chin for a minute

No. 1338538

I love seeing these 2 idiots and knowing exactly where they are every time. Maybe one day I’ll happen to be in the same space and get to observe the bullshit.

No. 1338544

File: 1633046947370.png (704.43 KB, 750x1334, 25DDDBE3-6D3C-4A3C-9B2D-38B1A9…)

Lol sydsostupid acting like she and grimes share the same struggles of media attention…. The only similarity you two share is getting knocked up by an egocentric douchebag who gave your child an idiotic name that will haunt them forever

No. 1338546

She only had the baby to trap Jonny in her life in case he ever breaks up with her and because she’s a desperate loser who needs to feel like she “won.” She never intended on actually taking care of him and honestly it’s better that these psychos aren’t raising him.

No. 1338554

These lyrics literally sound like something an angsty 8th grader wrote so of course she thinks it’s deep

No. 1338649

File: 1633057024274.jpeg (352.34 KB, 1184x2085, 72966CF3-14F6-4FBB-A17F-68686E…)

i am not tm but i did report syd and jonny for drug use, child endangerment, and unsuitable living conditions for a child, alongside at least 30 screenshots of messages syd has harassed others with and the video of jonny on drugs that she herself leaked to cps and the department of child, family, and adult services. they actually called me back this week and they’ve been thoroughly caught up to speed. i can’t prove it cause it was a phone call but they told me not to worry, that the child in question is safe and has already been placed with a guardian, and thanked me for valuable information that would help them evaluate the case further.(cowtipping)

No. 1338654

So you are basically saying that they confirmed Storm is not in their custody?

No. 1338659

Is this for real? Insane that they were this quick for getting back to you since I’ve heard plenty a story where they take eons to do a damn thing.

No. 1338660

Assuming that this is real, I'm glad to see what we already knew is now confirmed. Can't wait to see the impending Syd freakout… I wonder how she'll try to explain this one.

No. 1338661

I mean, we all know storm isn’t in their custody and clearly hasn’t for a long time. But hard evidence to call them out with would be so nice. Syd is such a lying narc psychotic cunt.

No. 1338708

awwww you think you're an FBI agent or something by being a little bitch.

No. 1338714

no syd, you’re a little bitch. Stop scrolling this thread and figure out how you can leave Jonny, get a real job and be a real mother to your son. what kind of sicko abandons their child for a heroin addict. he’s not worth the tiny bit of clout you think you have from being with him

No. 1338716

Yeah I just realized that with the legal guardian being confirmed as the grandmother syd completely chose jonny over her child, and what created that ultimatum was jonny’s domestic abuse that she lied about to benefit him. She could have told the truth and had her son. Jonny will literally never get better and chose sydney because she has and will do everything in her power to enable him. Apparently while calling him a fat junkie.

No. 1338757

Actual meth addicts get reunited with their kids if they do the bare minimum and the state of California thinks that Syd and Jonny are literally even less fit than that to raise a child.

Larp harder, Syd. Put your whole back into pretending to be a mom. Your insta followers don't know you're a fraud, but every time you lie in your stories, remember that there are people out there who know you're a fraud.

No. 1338758

It will catch up with them soon. Everyone who was a former fan of this bloated corpse isn't underaged anymore at this point. I think they'll begin to notice when his dickshit pig double-fiance is blatantly lying and unable to show any evidence of having their poor, poor child around.

No. 1338789


It’s sad that people will create a whole ass fucking human being and not even take care of it - and justify not being there as doing what it takes to give them a good life, they are actually being great parents. I think some people truly underestimate how much development goes on in the first few years for a child and how that affects their entire life. It’s called Adverse Childhood Experiences and there is a test you can take to get your score. They are scoring a lot of points for Storm and it’s sad.

No. 1338792

The only plausible, but unlikely, scenario that I can imagine where Jonny turns his career around is:

#1 Jonny gets legitimately sober.
#2 Emarosa replaces Bradley with Jonny.
(Bradley recently had allegations and the band was dropped from their label and doesn't appear to be doing anything right now. Nothing they did with Bradley surpassed Jonny era Emarosa, so why not bring Jonny back? Both are controversial, but there would be a ton of hype bringing Jonny back)
#3 They release an album on par with or better than Relativity/Self-titled.
#4 Jonny cleans up his live performances, stops reading lyrics on cell phones and performs on par with 2010 warped tour.
#5 They get signed to a good label.

Unless all of those things happen all I see is Jonny riding out his career playing in small bars/clubs with a yearly release of a generic R&B album. I don't see a scenario where DGD or Slaves ever take him back because their success following his departure was even better than when they had him, but that's not the same case for Emarosa.

No. 1338843

Why tf would Emarosa want Jonny back after the absolute fool he made of himself on his recent tour and his ongoing drug abuse.

No. 1338849

Did you tell them that they both regularly post explicitly claiming to have Storm? Can they get in trouble for that?

No. 1338857

does dcfs routinely give out info about a child's placement? Like, they'd legitimately give you case details about an endangered child? Can any social services nonnies confirm?

No. 1338864

>>1338857 in the state in which I'm from you HAVE to place a call to cps of dcfs. There isn't even an option to submit and email. I don't know about other states. I would assume if it was a family member they may give out the detail of the child no longer being in the situation and with a new guardian. Again, not sure.

No. 1338865

No they will not tell you who the guardian is. Unless you are trying to get custody yourself. (My shithead family had cps involved a lot growing up).

No. 1338884

They don't tell you where the kid goes, but they are allowed to tell you the child has been removed from the environment. That's minimal information.

No. 1338895

File: 1633097576556.png (4.83 MB, 1125x2436, 409F52D7-18BE-449B-A432-FCCE7E…)

Wtf is even going on in this pic on jonnys story lol

No. 1338915

ok, thank you for the clarification nonnies! I'm (obvs) unfamiliar with the system so I don't know what standard practices are

No. 1338942

Ive been in the system multiple times. If they just make MINIMAL EFFORT they can easily start the process of getting their child back. They are simply choosing not to and just pawned Storm to the grandma. Sick

No. 1338967

I wonder if Sydney ever looks back at all her online bullshit posts and feels deep embarrassment. From the harassment; to the obvious constant lies, and pretending her relationship is perfect when it’s clearly not. It’s beyond cringe. Now she looks like a drug addict with that face tattoo. Jonny obviously trolled her after her sharing that video of him high as hell. I can’t believe she believed him when there’s old posts of his saying his deep disdain for face tattoos on women.

No. 1338971

thats their love language though, sabotage and drugs.

No. 1338986

Deep disdain? He loves face tattoos on women and “broken” types. Even Sydney knows that and those are exactly the types she has manic episodes about. He loves that crazy shit so he can endlessly gaslight them and fuck with their heads, and they’re too spun out on their own unmedicated shit to notice. He’s also always been a bully to girls online, he’s just some playground mentality chubby bitch.

It’s for the best that he gets the least amount of exposure to them, I just hope that there’s extended family or family friends he sees healthy relationships with. And also that the grandmother is telling him things that protect him from knowing anything about them or wanting to know anything about them. It’s a fucked up situation either way, I’m just glad he doesn’t have their mannerisms around him all the time to pick up.

No. 1338993

>>1338967 pretty sure he was made a comment about how he wants to rape women with face tattoos because he finds them attractive on women.. or how if he sees a girl with one he's automatically going to fuck her

No. 1339259

File: 1633128129985.jpg (211.05 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20211001-174011_Chr…)

No. 1339260

JFC glad you went out in public without a mask you stupid idiotic bitch. “I was just on a tour where people didn’t care about health and safety” you’re a despicable hypocrite and I hope you do die from this and reap what you’ve sown.(a-logging)

No. 1339268

god what irresponsible pieces of shit jfc

No. 1339270

She needs to get a covid test and confirm it’s not that. They’ve probably had it for a while and went out anyways, which puts people who have been vaccinated in danger too. Don’t even know why she would post this after posting about how irresponsible she was, I’ve literally never seen someone crave negative attention this much.

No. 1339279

File: 1633129957962.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1125x2037, 8BD239B7-BC87-4284-B74B-4DA23F…)

No. 1339280

File: 1633130008239.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1125x2058, 90279C99-66E9-4AEE-8755-7C7DCD…)

No. 1339310

So much love bombing, if only he treated his first baby momma with the same respect he wouldn’t need a second.

No. 1339331

yes Im sure there’s SO much respect going on behind the scenes

No. 1339339

Are those track marks on her hands? Or are my eyes playing tricks on me?

No. 1339345

you dolts….if the vaccine actually worked they have no reason to be afraid to be around unvaccinated people. The vaccine is literally killing people but OK…

-NOT Syd (;((;)

No. 1339350

Keep to your tinfoil containment thread, nutto.

No. 1339360

File: 1633138456019.gif (9.95 KB, 220x220, 3EC903B5-A96D-4DF0-8548-3C8F81…)

No. 1339361

Hopefully it’ll take her out, then.

No. 1339366

That’s not how it works. Do some research by reputable sources before making yourself look like a dumbass

No. 1339393

I'm on mobile and zoomed in, just weird lighting accentuating the veins in her man hands

No. 1339397

Good to know he’s cheating yet again. Only time he posts this disingenuous love bombing

Considering they weren’t fully vaccinated your post is entirely useless, fucking mong

No. 1339402

File: 1633147117659.jpeg (664.88 KB, 1242x1408, 47FE98D5-414C-498F-9203-F78B6E…)

This made me lol


she has weekly public bpd meltdowns on her instagram for all to see instead of seeking treatment. come on

>perfect mother

well, no one is a perfect mother so this is cringe regardless of who it’s aimed at

No. 1339415

Why did you like it then anon lol

No. 1339417

Not the person your replying to, but some times I randomly like Syd’s pics just so that she doesn’t block me for being a random follower her is obviously just lurking her lol

No. 1339456

Why is their presence on Instagram so important to them? They feel the need to be constantly validated by likes. What are they gonna do when this platform dies like MySpace did?
It’s so much effort to control how the world sees them, and so little effort into how their kid will see them one day. The difference is, Storm will last a lifetime. No amount of likes will make any of what JC said true.

Maybe they think if they get it enough likes they can prove to cps how great they are kek.
Junkies for attention, drugs and drama. Parents of the year.

No. 1339515

Why do I feel like syd wrote that caption? “Nothing compares to the mother of my son” - feels like syd when jonny could not give a fuck about his kid (and kids) at all. Lol stay delusional syd.

Also if syd really wrote that, I m SO happy for that, I remember TND said jonny has control of her socials and was posting comments to troll his exes. Oh how the table has turn.. have fun jonny, keep sticking your dick into crazies

No. 1339516

I’d say keep them coming anon. I m bored while the weather turns and we all know about jonny’s toxic love bomb, it just further confirms how bad things really are.

Kek I hope syd is making his life miserable, the tour itself was a shit circus show!

No. 1339522

File: 1633168419946.jpeg (306.96 KB, 1125x700, 0067F066-3252-4C5C-93E5-A83952…)

They’re back in each other’s bios

No. 1339523

File: 1633168447812.jpeg (320.95 KB, 1125x785, 3E77B766-2641-49C4-B7CB-EA8D82…)

No. 1339563

Until she finds something else to flip her shit over.

No. 1339654

Sorry for absolutely no contribution but I cannot get over how hideous her icon pic is

No. 1339704

So,I was just wondering how Syd manages to watch TND's new video if Jonny is around all day. Does she hide in the bathroom and secretly watches it or you have better ideas? Please, entertain me!

No. 1339759

Why would you think she watches her? Not being a jerk, genuinely curious lol

No. 1339801

>>1339654 it's one of the worst photos she has haha, not sure why she went with that one.

Also, no one is going to try and book her as a merch woman. Hysterical that she even has that in there.

No. 1339919

Why tf would anyone take a mother away just to sell bullshit they get their friends to do. This is such a basic issue, she’s either on hard drugs or she’s really that fucking delusional

No. 1339937

1339919 it's also weird that she was "so excited to get home and be with storm and her pets" but she's available for tours now. She's so fucking stupid haha I can't handle it. What, is she going to go sling merch for someone else and leave the "fat junkie" to "watch their son

No. 1339962

It's so sad how Instagram is literally her whole life and purpose for living and girl has… 15k followers. Every day for her revolves around posing for the gram and bragging about her ugly ass man on the internet in such a tiny sad echo chamber of aging emo adults who are scrolling through their phones on the toilet and farmers who think she's an idiot. What a life.

No. 1340002

>>1339919 which is it Syd, are you a “tour mama” or an actual mama, you can’t be both

No. 1340042

File: 1633226356216.jpg (307.85 KB, 1080x1557, Screenshot_20211002-214626.jpg)

Why is it that Syd can post revealing photos on insta but bashes any other woman that do as well? I'm convinced this hypocrite only hates on others because she doesn't receive nearly as much attention as other way more beautiful women do in her "scene". She has to call them sluts and hoes to cope with it. How fucking sad this girl has to tear down other women because she's not getting the googlie eyes and other girls are. She's so insecure and full of hatred. She craves any kind of attention she can get even if its negative. She stirs up shit just to try and be relevant. How pathetic. How does it feel to be dating a fucking washed up junkie who has to read his own lyrics on stage cause he's too fucked up every day to memorize them? A dead beat dad you follow around like a hawk. Abandoning your own son to follow some dream that will NEVER EVER HAPPEN. Jonny's days are over and yours will never start bitch. Your a fucking joke.

No. 1340071

Probably because most women have bigger boobs than her and it makes her insecure

No. 1340145

File: 1633238325149.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1125x1995, DC97E4F4-19C7-4659-88B6-88C4EA…)

No. 1340155

She looks psychotic. Girl put those eyebrows away you're scaring the children. This is why you don't have storm. He's terrified of those caterpillars on your forehead.

No. 1340162

She looks like she's on on some shit. Girl them pupils. Also Syd, if you lurk, you should know damn well that there's a shitton of tainted supply going on with pill presses. That fent will kill you.

No. 1340194

File: 1633244500847.jpeg (57.99 KB, 828x1459, 7884E3D7-862F-4292-AA75-70F4AB…)

No. 1340230

Lmao at her claiming "cold/flu" ITS COVID you dumbfuck. All the idiots in denial claiming colds all say the same shit, that its the worst cold of their lives. Yeah because it's covid and you just disnt get tested at the right time.i really just cant with these idiots who won't take responsibility for their actions anymore

No. 1340251

The wide ribs and fridge body determine that is a lie. I guess she’s still a midget with no tits (even after a kid, damn), but we all know she just wants to be skinny.

No. 1340352

I don’t understand why she keeps emphasizing that like having a regular flu instead of covid is a flex or something. they’re both spread the same way. imagine being so determined to downplay something that you can’t even admit you’re part of the statistic.

No. 1340373

Yeah and the flu still kills people with a low immune system & elderly folk. Selfish going to bars and being maskless even without factoring the risk of covid in. But hey that’s our sydsofridge.

No. 1340387

hell of a turnaround time lmao

No. 1340493

One thing that always gets me is the vagueposting. Does anyone besides farmers find genuine entertainment in her IG story? If I actually followed her I think the constant vagueposting would annoy the piss out of me. Like girl, wtf you on about this time? Posting some vague sentences all the time that nobody understands and is extremely subjective you while you are trying to keep up an account with 15K followers and keeping engagement up and all the rest, isn't that kind of counterproductive? It seems like she would be totally annoying/boring every follower of hers that is not a farmer but idk.

No. 1340494

samefag sorry
*Extremely subjective to you

No. 1340541

Did he give her drugs bc she was sick to get her to stop crying about being sick??? Her pupils are HUGE and normally she shows off any little thing Jonny does for her.

No. 1340583

She definitely looks like she's on something. E/MDMA is still pretty big around Sac, which is my tinfoil. I'm >>1340162 and, yeah, she's gonna run into terrible times if they don't test their shit. There's been a shitton of fentanyl being found in quite literally everything here. Pill presses, coke, H, meth. A lot of big busts but the market is just flooded with terrible shit rn

No. 1340590

I can assure you this woman is still on MySpace mentally

No. 1340677

File: 1633305651499.png (740.3 KB, 1284x2778, 176FA115-CC82-4EC4-9E13-2EAC98…)

No. 1340690

Hmmm, is Jonny getting jealous over her ongoing convos with her tour lyfe brothers?

No. 1340694

Y’all. Opiates don’t make pupils bigger it makes pupils tiny. I’m not doubting she does drugs, in fact I 100% believe she is doing them with Jonny. But that wouldn’t make her pupils look like this.

No. 1340730

>>1340677 she's such an idiot. So why is it okay for her to have male friends that are just friends, but jonny can't have female friends that are just friends?

No. 1340735

Well, I guess being a delusional hypocrite does that. I wonder if she has a past history of cheating like Jonny. Wouldn't trust either of them as far as I can throw them. Which obviously would not be very far.

No. 1340766

can't hurt tho

No. 1340767

File: 1633316420318.jpeg (623.11 KB, 1170x1544, E9DADDAF-F264-41A2-BE3B-D6EB09…)


No. 1340768

Her ex that posted on here confirmed she did cheat.

No. 1340770

100% without a doubt cheated

No. 1340779

wonder if anons in this thread will ever learn to sage

No. 1340788

There hasn’t been that many but here, I’ll spoon feed all the newbs in here because I’m feeling nice. When you have no milk or nothing important to add to the thread type Sage in the email field so the thread doesn’t get bumped. It’s in the rules, feel free to read them!

No. 1340824

It’s true she’s cheated on a lot of bfs she had and makes it so they can’t have friends of the opposite sex probably out of guilt

No. 1340830

Anon here >>1340583 clearly stated that mdma/molly (uppers) is what she looked like she was on. No one said opiates make your pupils bigger. We know they make them smaller

Even if the stuff is cut with fent her pupils would be big if she took uppers with it. I’m not necessarily agreeing with the tinfoiling tho, I’m not sure if she’s on hard drugs. Maybe weed and alcohol. Maybe she did coke or pills on tour cuz we all know that wasn’t a sober Tour. To me she just looks super unmedicated, her pupils are always super big.

You would think if she cared about health as much as she tries to preach she would get healthy for STORM, get medicated and hopefully some therapy so she can be a better mom. Mental stability - Why does she not want that? I can’t imagine the roller coaster she puts herself thru is any fun. She needs to wake the fuck up before she loses custody permanently:

No. 1340833

I didn’t realize she had so many boyfriends. She was with A for like 8 or 10 years?

No. 1340860

File: 1633329187292.png (159.9 KB, 750x1334, 0ECE1A5E-9438-454B-9ADA-129745…)

No. 1340863

File: 1633329265434.png (253.05 KB, 750x1334, 27142F6B-B8CE-4F1F-B47D-E06883…)


Well Syd I bet your mother is sick of raising your child while you do whatever you want.

No. 1340875

Clearly she got covid. Nice of her to go out to that mermaid bar and spread it around.

Not surprised she caught covid and then blames other people for it.

No. 1340879

That bf A was when she was in high school.
What makes you thinks she’s cheated on everyone because she has a bf from high school clearly still obsessed with her?

No. 1340880

Being sick doesn’t mean you have COVID that’s just nonsense accusation. If she had Covid she’s be at the hospital with all her asthma issues.

No. 1340900

Well, we know she's vaccinated since she made this big huge deal about how she got vaccinated (lol) and since she is her symptoms shouldn't be as bad if it were COVID. But yeah.

No. 1340971

I mean… syd is clearing still living in high school? Remember she went and attack anon from her high school when she thought jonny was cheating with her? Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 1341003

They went on tour before the vaccine was effective, though, and she got sick immediately upon getting back.

No. 1341050

Idk for sure though. Covid doesn’t care. It’ll send some asthmatic people to the hospital and not some other asthmatic people. Sometimes it doesn’t really get to your lungs for a few weeks after infection. This virus is wack. She could have gotten a rapid test last week. It’s interesting she seemingly hasn’t. I feel if she did it would be plastered all over IG.

No. 1341052

It would be another gofundme situation, for sure. She’d milk it for all it’s worth.

No. 1341072


“ It typically takes 2 weeks after vaccination for the body to build protection (immunity) against the virus that causes COVID-19. That means it is possible a person could still get COVID-19 before or just after vaccination and then get sick because the vaccine did not have enough time to build protection.”

No. 1341074

Yeah thats very true. a friend of mine has severe asthma and tested postive, she only even knew to get tested cause the 2 people she lives with had tested positive. Neither of them have asthma but they were sick with a cough and typical covid symptoms, yet my friend with severe astham only had stomach flu type of symptoms? Lol makes zero sense, i agree its strange how much the symptoms vary from person to person. Sorry if this is blogging just felt it was relevant.

I do however think if she had covid and is soOo sick she would milk tf out of it and we would see hospital bracelets on her story and she would be dramatic without givin too much detail so she could act as if shes hospitalized even tho she only went thru ER triage for an hr for a covid test and meds.
I am gonna guess she didnt bother to be tested. Shes not willing to spend any of the big fuckin bucks she made as a merch momma on tour to go to a doctor kek, or could it be shes showing uncharacteristic self awareness? and keeping her positive covid test to herself since she just went on a rant about people on tour not caring about health and safety first and she knows shed open herself up for criticism over that and going to dive bar while knowingly infected.

No. 1341076

I disagree. I don't think Syd would be honest if she actually had COVID because it'd give us another reason to shit on her, not sympathize with her. It'd make her look even more stupid.

No. 1341084

I think she has to either have no self awareness or purposely bait the hate for attention tho. If she wanted to avoid criticism or knew how dumb she looks then certainly she wouldnt post half the bs she does. I imagine she thinks this thread is an accomplishment, she thinks shes an influencer like taylor becuz a small group of ppl on lolcow have chosen her as one of their favorite online shit shows to watch. Narc fuel

No. 1341095

I think shes gonna keep this to herself & when she's all better use it to perpetuate the antivax narrative. She does dumb shit because she has no impulse control & wants to feel superior. She's not stupid, she probably knows she has covid & doesn't care to get tested cuz it's obvious. It'll be less money for their bullshit

No. 1341194

Stupid and selfish of her. If she's sick enough she doesnt wanna see her kid she needs to get tested. plenty of the people at the mermaid bar she was maskless at have kids so shes exposing everyone else but storm. The governments paying for vaccines and testing for a reason- so that even poor people dont have an excuse to spread. if its covid some unlucky person could literally die cause of her needing to go bar hopping with jonny while claiming to be deathly ill

No. 1341204

Does anyone have the video of Syd and Jonny singing together on stage? I can’t find it anywhere

No. 1341207

Oh no, insta is down - I wonder if she's having a breakdown about not being able to vaguepost her feelings or complain about being sick to get sympathy.

No. 1341217

It’s because she cheated with A on her ex bf

No. 1341223

tinfoil that this exact singing video is what she was throwing a fit about in that icoherent wall of text on her story "this band ACTUALLY SENDS PICS from tour without being asked" bitch nobody cared to video you singing youre nobodyyy

No. 1341262

If she did catch Covid, Is it illegal to not tell anyone you might have possibly exposed? They have that law with STDs but I don’t know the Cali state laws/health laws

No. 1341264

I think there’s a law about knowingly and willingly spreading it to others. But if there’s no test to confirm, then it’s pointless. Not sure how enforced it is. I’m sure it works in the sense that she infects someone knowing she had covid, that person gets sick and can press charges or some shit. But I don’t think Syd would just get arrested for being a dumb bitch.

No. 1341272

Lol I thought the same. She made such a big deal about going up on stage like it was the highlight of her life and no one even got to see other than the 20 people in attendance. She probably asked someone to record it and they didn’t.

No. 1341278

File: 1633391807973.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1125x1972, 2BB38589-C772-4D56-A2B7-170533…)

No. 1341298

“A lost cause” how sweet of him lmao.

No. 1341370

Syd actually looks really cute here

No. 1341386

No. 1341394

This is embarrassing lol. The self awareness is a big fat 0

No. 1341406

I’m super late but I’m the anon you replied to and you can clearly see I was replying to so someone attributing her huge pupils to pressed oxy pills, aka fent, aka opiates soooooo my point remains the same

No. 1341412

File: 1633414873027.jpeg (144.94 KB, 1125x2020, F88FF165-5590-417D-B28A-ED060E…)

Awww… Jonny is so sweet to buy you gifts while probably messaging other girls

No. 1341414

File: 1633414904407.jpeg (207.34 KB, 1125x2008, B3FA0882-23BE-41F7-9B38-0C4F97…)

No. 1341415

File: 1633414946627.jpeg (190.55 KB, 1125x2017, 74C31DB8-3B78-418F-805B-E6656D…)

No. 1341417

File: 1633415112645.jpeg (707.25 KB, 1125x2113, D46CCAF7-2585-4894-BFF1-FAAED4…)

Found this by clicking the “hidden comments” on Jonny’s latest love bomb post. This is one of the girls whose spot Syd tried to blow up lol

No. 1341437

File: 1633419188495.jpeg (147.22 KB, 1125x1996, 1BEA198F-8ADD-4C8A-9FF2-C2A824…)

Jonny just posted some video of his dude friend and a girl talking to him/them in the background and Syd is probably flipping her shit lol

No. 1341446

Tinfoil but I think that Jonny getting those rats, his latest story with the dogs and just animals in general is all cause he actually still wants to keep the door open for Taylor to come back and can use this stuff as evidence he always burned a candle for her. And this isn’t out of love, it’s out of love of money.(learn2sage)

No. 1341447

I def think Taylor is the “love of his life” per say. She was the only gf that shared his addiction and she had money to afford drugs and whatever other shit he wanted to flex with

No. 1341448

Yes exactly anon. I’m sure he must miss the subservience she offered as opposed to Syd

No. 1341452


yes yes
and she used to keep quiet about the drugs and the abuse. she used to put on a pretty face for the world to see. she kinda fucked it up with slaves but I think he would be better off/a better musician/better facade wit her
not like syd

No. 1341454

Yes! And please don’t think I’m defending Taylor’s terrible choices, she made them and no to blame but herself. I’m just saying Jonny has certainly been hinting and sending msgs this whole time about things that he probably hopes captures her attention cause Syd is psycho lol

No. 1341460

Her "ew" and "stupid evil" and similar stories are my fav

No. 1341471

"stupid evil" and anons say she has no self awareness

No. 1341514

Underrated Kek

No. 1341601

Lmao how obnoxious and edgy. No wonder she's constantly complaining about other people - the people who see the shit she posts and thinks "yeah she's cool" are bottom of the barrel kek. People drop retarded all the time but don't make it a public statement or identity piece. Syd is how old and still has anti-pc as a personality trait? Fuckin cringe lmfao what a sped.

No. 1341690

File: 1633458310241.jpeg (328.97 KB, 828x1439, 12C78DA4-430A-4F65-8943-2215E0…)

So they can clothe their friend and not their own son? Righhhht. This is one of the dudes from the tour, you know, Syd’s brother

No. 1341749

File: 1633464812871.png (3.89 MB, 1125x2436, C53EDDC0-73C3-41DB-901E-3AE370…)

Lol it appears someone had a meltdown after reading all the Taylor talk here. Cue the lovebombing. Funny he says he gave up on her but she’s the one who left him. Kicked him out, (kinda) tried to get sober and had a new dude as soon as she left rehab. Pretty sure the only ex he ever left willingly was Amanda? The rest had enough of his bs and moved onto better things.

No. 1341751

Yeah hes delusional if he thinks he’s the one who gave up on “all that came before.” Unfortunately I’ve been witness to it all lol and you are correct that Amanda is the only one who he left willingly (to be with Chelsea) Sorry Syd but Jonny would still be with Taylor today if he could be, and you would still be a nothing groupie pretending to be friends with all your favorite bands living at your momma’s house with no job, no life, and no one to pretend to care about you.

No. 1341759

Lol so right anon, classic gaslighting there too - he would definitely go back to taylor in a heartbeat! Funny how he spoke ill and troll the shit of all his exes before tay but he barely said anything about tay post-break up. Even when taylor posted that long ass video about him. Why?? Because he doesn't want to close that last sliver window of possibility that taylor would take him back!

Sit down syd, let us know when you can afford to get him new teeth and an atrium room (also his stupid gaming system) not to mention jonny using tay’s credit card constantly. The only thing syd brought to the table was an innocent life plus a whiplash of meltdown and shitty singing. Cant even secure a job or even do shit about her “art” lmao he would leave her in a heartbeat when the next girl comes along, narcs gonna narcs

No. 1341772

Just another love bombing situation, that or homeboy gots a connect JC wants to take advantage of. (Drugs or music or both)

No. 1341784

File: 1633467655994.jpeg (467.38 KB, 828x1117, E7B1A282-77D0-474C-BBC3-7C287C…)

Also doesn’t take that long to find the same playbook love bombing from jonny to taylor on twitter l- blessed turtle mum lol - say what you want about her obsessing with jc but her twitter account is literally the handbook of jonny’s abusive tactics and its great to find the compilation of all that.

No. 1341789

File: 1633468258216.jpeg (542.31 KB, 828x1254, 745293E8-F859-4953-95B5-479BA3…)

Kek found it, also quote from the dickhead himself “taylor is and will always be the love of my life” lmao! Wake up syd, run and take storm with you, its literally rinse and repeat with jonny.

No. 1341800

Eh, I’d rather she stay away from storm even if they did split. Although she’d have no other options than to move back home where he is. I truly don’t think she should ever have custody or unsupervised time with him unless she were to finally seek therapy and take meds for her mental illness. We’ve seen how unhinged she can get over the dumbest shit. I don’t doubt it’s even worse behind closed doors.

No. 1341801

I like to believe that as a mother, she will at least an ounce of love towards storm but you are right! Who knows what could trigger her spiral, and again and again, syd just shows how unhinged and unstable she can be. God i hope that kid grows up okay and away from this mess.

No. 1341815

yep. Syd doesn't care about being a good mother, she just cares that people think she's a good mother. classic narc behavior

No. 1341842

I never got why any couple, not just these two idiots, brag about how they fight all the time but they stick together. Like who the fuck reads this and feels inspired??? Relationships have hiccups but healthy people don’t fight all the time.

No. 1341870

Thats because they are both toxic pos anon of course they think fighting, doing heroine and dumb shit like this endearing. And tbh, people who eats it up with that kind of romance from are the same type of people aka white thrash junkie coupled with other mental health problems and issues.

No. 1341910

I was gonna comment the exact same thing Nona. Like people are supposed to read that and go, "oh gee, I sure wish I had someone to fight with every day who considers being with me a struggle. How romantic." They're just telling on themselves.

No. 1341934

It’s so obvious she had a baby to trap Jonny (like he doesn’t have form for abandoning his kids) and not because of any maternal instinct.

No. 1341943

File: 1633483563068.png (2.18 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20211005-212429.png)

I just love the idea of syd telling jonny they need to get furniture because the lolcow bullies are making fun of them. RGB tv center? Where's the fucking crib?

No. 1341945

The baby sleeps in the TV center obviously!!!

No. 1341953


He should get with Amanda Bret kek

No. 1341959

The OTP I never knew I wanted to happen so bad.

No. 1342020

I’m so confused, a lady and a man are in this picture but they both have the littlest feet. Who is who. Their styles fucking blow. I am vomiting

No. 1342022

That apartment is so small lmao. That's literally the cheapest piece of shit desk on the market, an ugly chair that his fat junkie ass won't fit in and that won't hold him, and he thinks a $20 wall mount for a bargain bin tv is supposed to be a flex. This looks like set decoration for an episode of a TV show where cops respond to a domestic violence call. Not a speck of kid stuff in sight.

No. 1342028

i mean he named his kid with Sidney the name Taylor wanted, if there’s anything more desperate idk

No. 1342029

File: 1633492393483.png (2.76 MB, 1125x2436, 4B0A8AD3-084A-4C9C-B10B-020EF0…)

I like how she says “we” added hoodies as if she has any part of Jonny’s merch the delusional gf really thinks she’s famous like him. I hope she drops shitty songs soon like she said she would that’ll be hilarious and plays well with the fact we already know she’s bat shit

No. 1342075

No. 1342099

No and I do not know why a lot of people think it was Taylor’s idea to name a kid storm. This has been Jonny’s crazy dream forever to name a kid after storm troopers no matter what girl he was with. It’s all Jonny’s idiotic idea.

No. 1342118

Yea that apartment totally screams “I have a 1 year old living here”.

Never have I ever seen a place completely void of a SINGLE kid item, all while parents are claiming to have a child. Like, even the most random thing like a toddler shoe. A crayon. A cluster of stickers on the floor.

You cannot convince me they have custody. I wonder what it’s like getting all the praise of being a mom but only pretending to be a mom. She’s not even good at pretending.

No. 1342247

no shit they don't have their kid, quit sperging about it and move on to something else.

No. 1342263

You can tell by the way she's hyping this that this is their first peice of furniture that wasn't free, and that she's never furnished a single living space other than her bedroom in her entire life. 30 years old and she's showing off something most people don't bother to mention.

No. 1342329


It's actually two dudes kek

No. 1342390

This literally looks like two cheap card tables lmao

No. 1342414

It's actually Jonny posting but your point is dead accurate. This isn't even decorating. This is the cheapest version of necessary items with no sense of style or taste but it's story-worthy because they're insecure about being roasted for having no furniture kek

Tinfoil but I think they made like, less than $500 from tour and spent it on plywood and plastic furniture. The TV stand is probably >$160, the chair is +/-$160, and the desk is probably >$120. Jonny loves bragging about spending money on expensive items but this is all Amazon trash.

No. 1342769

File: 1633568691631.jpeg (163.18 KB, 1125x2009, 55F3674D-C771-47F7-B6E8-954A1B…)

No. 1342771

File: 1633568760693.jpeg (806.73 KB, 1125x1985, 2F39BFB0-730A-4AEF-A929-8257AE…)

Aww. Jonny got his tour payment and couldn’t bother to buy outlet covers for safety for their child that “lives with them”

No. 1342774


She just saw the new furniture.

No. 1342781

You’d think if they were that interested in making people believe they has their child they would put a little more effort into keeping the facade going (aka child safety locks like you mentioned.) I guess I shouldn’t give Syd ideas tho, since we know she reads here lol

No. 1342806

File: 1633572908395.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, C0052382-FF5E-4CB5-BE0F-7A5FAA…)

“Please help us buy more crappy furniture”

No. 1342825

Bahahahhaha. For all the mean girl shit this whole socket covers thing wins. God bless your heart and your service to the internet.(sage)

No. 1342848

Please write sage in the email field if you don’t have any fresh milk or anything new to add to the thread, and are just commenting

No. 1342882

No. 1342891

the fact that they could have lined that tv up perfectly with the window and didnt irks me. sage for autismo

No. 1342895

Maybe Syd can start a gofundme for the $8 she needs for socket covers.

No. 1342984

Is this that barren ass room she filmed Jonny nodding off in? At least she addressed the HaTeRs who mentioned she cant possibly have Storm because of her TV on the floor. She's slowly catching on and showing us haters wrong! Slowly and surely lol.

No. 1343011

yes we get it, you're so very above gossip and you're not like other girls. please sage your posts

No. 1343443

Just saw a video on Jonny’s IG where he was petting his cat and his arm was bandaged up from the elbow to his knuckles but now it’s gone. Did anyone else catch that?(sage)

No. 1343463

I didn’t see it but they seem to suddenly have money. Maybe he just got a new tattoo? Or if he deleted it it could be something he doesn’t want people to know about lol

No. 1343508

File: 1633665485961.jpg (337.22 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211007-215500_Ins…)

Sydsodeluded trying to find justification for her unfurnished apartment

No. 1343514

tinfoil but he could have another issue with his health. or a tattoo. but i remember a few threads ago he had some type of infection from his past (present) drug use. maybe someone got a cap of it?

No. 1343537

I looked everywhere in that picture and didn't find a bundle of heroin anywhere, so I'm not sure why it's so relatable for Syd

No. 1343637


Yes, cellulitis. It’s a skin infection common in IV drug users.

No. 1343676

Lmao! Also, independence and peace? Does she mean from the poor kid she took off on? Yeah I bet it’s so much more peaceful for her without him around! How fucking selfish. God I wish she’d get hit by a bus.

No. 1343688

>>1343508 Syd is far from independent. She's very much codependent and without jonny she has nothing.

No. 1343693

This is so embarrassing. Why would you ever admit to living like this when you “have” a baby. Its funny she thinks she’s better than this pic now because she got a tv mount and desk. Moving up there in the world, aren’t ya syd.

No. 1343711

>>1343693 tbh I’m surprised she hasn’t been brag posting about their new setup. Also haven’t seen her in any of Jonny’s videos recently, almost wondering if she’s not there atm? Bc their fight or whatever is going on that they’re both vague posting about

No. 1343726

Independence from her 'toxic' mom, the person who is raising her son to keep him from being taken away by the state?

They'll be in the apartment for maybe six months. He and Taylor only held out for longer than that because she spent her snakebux but Syd is incapable of supporting herself, much less her kid or her junkie boyfriend.

No. 1343771

I wonder if she got paid for being a merch mama

No. 1343777

The only way this tour benefited Storm was putting some physical distance between him and his "parents". Like how TF is she gonna argue this was for Storm when she's out getting tattoos, lovebombing about MaKiNg MeMoRiEs, whinging about not enough photos being taken of her, buying a TV mount and a desk… Literally nothing went to their Chugga lmao.

No. 1343824

How is a dumb picture she liked news worthy?

No. 1343830

They have already been living there in that apartment longer than 6 months.

No. 1343831

I know anon wtf is this person trying to elude to? Jonny has been the only one posting anything about his tv and desk. She has been very quiet lately.

No. 1343837

They definitely haven’t. They were living in San Jose with her mom and he only just changed his bio to “Sac Town” or whatever maybe in June/July or something like that. I’m too lazy to go look at old threads so someone feel free to do so and correct me if I’m wrong

No. 1343878

Just because he put it in his bio late doesn’t mean that’s exactly when they moved they were there in at least March of not earlier but based off of a comments she made months ago yes, you are wrong.

No. 1344007


kek idk why you're acting like that's any better. It's more pathetic if it took them this long to buy tacky particle board trash and then brag about it like it's something important. Even if they have been there for six months, they won't be there for another six.

No. 1344034

What comments? What makes you think they moved there as early as March? I live in San Jose and I’m pretty sure saw them posting stories places that I know much later than March. But whatever it doesn’t matter much honestly lol

No. 1344100

File: 1633742318256.jpg (558.96 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211008-181843_Ins…)

No. 1344107

File: 1633743124391.jpeg (151.7 KB, 1125x1986, 970277C7-1959-46E4-B01C-11A892…)

No. 1344131

Yawn. She'll be back to lovebombing in an hour. She's the type where you shouldn't take anything she says seriously.

No. 1344171


why can’t he call it an album no one says cd, its not even accurate

No. 1344194

Cause hes pushing 40 so all albums were on CD back in his day. I dont think online streaming was the norm til iTunes so he woulda been in his teens maybe even early 20s before cds were obsolete. Youre absolutely right tho and its a hilarious to call it a CD instead of an album cause how many fucking actual CD hard copies do you think this album sold like 10? Lol

No. 1344219

Damn they must be withdrawling, sucks for them lol

No. 1344224

Forever? Really? Sure Jan.

She'll never have the nerve to leave Jonny and will allow him to walk all over her until he's bored and moves on. The whole time she'll pretend that tolerating it makes her strong and she acts like she has something to prove, but Jonny isn't some famous person who is at rock bottom and will pull out of the nosedive to get rich and successful. She's going to be begging for funeral expenses on GoFundMe if he doesn't leave her first and it's so embarrassing.

No. 1344299

I wish she would leave for storm. We all know Jonny is abusing her. No one is falling for their love bombing.

No. 1344363

She doesn’t care about Storm, she only had him to trap Jonny into staying and to brag about what a good mom she is on social media. She’d dump him in foster care without hesitation if Jonny wanted her to because dickriding what’s left of his career so she can pretend she’s famous is more important to her than caring for her own son.

No. 1344374

File: 1633784863513.jpeg (280.49 KB, 828x1119, 1AF9A332-0F4E-456D-B234-87C352…)

Shout out to grandma though, I bet she’s raising Storm well. Out of the people involved she had less obligation than any, but she’s proven to be the most pivotal for Storm.
(Light blog) but when I was little my mom was a piece of shit, and I got so close to my grandma, I’d call her Ma. One time I said it in front of my bio mom and she flipped.
Storm probably treats grandma like mom and mom like a stranger.
Of course, does it matter to Syd if it’s not on social media? No. But the moment it is we will here her delusions of being the Parent of the Year.
For now, here’s my autistic merch contribution I

No. 1344375

Samefag sorry for typos I’m typing with a cast on hand, afraid to delete and make more typos

No. 1344398

Not autist at all thats hilarious someone get the shirt and wear it to her next merch mama gig

No. 1344415

Nitpick but I audibly laugh whenever he calls his album a CD. We get it Jonny, you’re like 40.

No. 1344549

This is one of the funniest things about anyone posted on here, and he should know they’ve been obsolete for a very long time regardless of age. There’s no drug that makes you think cds are a thing. Not one.

No. 1344552

It’s even better because records would make more sense if he had to be throwback, and have an actual collector/artistic value, cds are such shit. It never gets old. You know someone, perhaps very many, people have corrected him. And he can see how many “cds” he sells and it has to be like MAYBE nine, and that’s his drug money so he is in fact watching those numbers. I literally can’t remember the last time I saw like a cd case, but records are classic even to non musicians.

Who tf has actually purchased a jonny Craig compact disc for their compact disc player I really need to know, I need them psychologically profiled and tracked

No. 1344558

If she wants to be a “merch mama” so bad why doesn’t she work at forever21 or hot topic if she likes overweight substance addicted men in humiliating outfits and fugly shoes telling her what to do? If it was about stinky minivan road-trips she missed out on with her dysfunctional family, she could keep more of her dignity if she broke up with Jonny and joined a traveling circus

No. 1344594

File: 1633819761371.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1125x2023, A7E86549-CB06-4EFD-92D4-8E7AB3…)

Anthony green follows her and reshared her story like once so now she’s always tagging him… god forbid one of Jonny’s fans did that

No. 1344605

File: 1633822496469.jpeg (212.94 KB, 1125x1982, 6D3214DE-D01B-4CF8-BFC3-CC35CA…)

No. 1344606

File: 1633822626312.png (283.41 KB, 828x1792, F2558007-26DB-49DC-A6F4-9DD15C…)

Not the flex you think it is, my guy. You have no other skills and you’re proud of that? You have NOTHING? What about the son you love ~so much~

No. 1344627

Did he spend all his money and no dealer will front him? So sad, too bad.

No. 1344655

He thinks it makes him scrappy and dedicated. Maybe at 20. Pushing 40 and having nothing left to lose means you wasted two decades of your life.

No. 1344657

*wasted nearly 4 decades of his life lol

No. 1344665

Lol get out of here with that “treat yourself” bs. Like she hasn’t fulfilled every selfish want she possible could with jonnys tour money. How about they treat their son to a toy for once? You know they don’t buy that kid shit because they’d be bragging about it on stories for good parent points.

No. 1344697

"I have nothing else" says the newly re engaged father of two/one who is "making it". I love how transparent they are. They tell on themselves all the time and it's the funniest shit because at this point I think they just… Can't recognize when they do it.

No. 1344837

File: 1633868926242.png (692.31 KB, 828x1792, F305B0B7-4761-430E-801A-26D309…)

No. 1344881

tell that to ur girl

No. 1344889

Wow, he must be fucking lonely to have convos with himself on insta. Like boy get your bloated ass to the gym, no one cares. I feel bad for all his old band mates,

No. 1344899

I never thought about this. All years with your child are special that you can never get back, but the first few years are really special. They know nothing about him or interact at all, or they would definitely be bragging. I know it’s for the best and that Jonny is incapable of change, I’m surprised the mom couldn’t be strong enough to buckle down for the most crucial years of the child’s brain forming. She has no instinct towards Storm and has no problem sabotaging Jonny and hatefully calling him a “fat junkie” she doesn’t even want. If that’s who she chose over her son, what does that make Storm?

No. 1344952

Knowing who Syd is, how she behaves, and the things she says online - its also a blessing that SHE will never change, and will be kept at arms length with her child. He unfortunately will grow up with an abandonment complex, and will struggle with self worth knowing that his mother and father actively chose other things over him, essentially abandoning him. But that is a hell of a lot less detrimental to his growth than being exposed to abuse between Jonny and Syd, neglect from the two of them IN FRONT of him, being exposed to drug use from one (if not two) of his parents, and honestly probably having to endure emotional abuse from Syd herself. Knowing what we know about her in the type of person she is, she'd absolutely take her feelings out on her child when Jonny blocks her and dips out after a fight. She's codependent to a fault, and will never leave him until he decides it's time - and even then, she'll likely manipulate him into staying as I'm sure she's done before. The kid is way better off not having either of them actively in his life.

No. 1345140

File: 1633911799242.jpeg (74.78 KB, 720x720, 6BD24E50-3C63-4BD0-A9C6-408599…)

“Mama” should have treated herself to this instead. Maybe Jonny will see this and buy it for her with his booze cruise money.

No. 1345148

>>1345140 she definitely owns this in several different colors hahah

No. 1345165

If it said “my boyfriend stole me this shirt” this would be flawless.

No. 1345245


Topkek. Someone create this and sell it under "Merchmama" and request she rep the brand. She's the spitting target image for this jumbled ass targeted tshirt.

No. 1345264

Yeah someone please do it and post screenshots of the reaction

No. 1345404

Holy shit anon kek I've never seen truer words that summarize their relationship, this is gold

Yeah exactly, honestly seeing her buy the stupid shit they do still is sad af when she literally started a GFM saying she was going to send ~art~ to the donors as a thank you and whatnot… then again we all saw it coming. She still has that dumbfuck art page and hasn't posted a single thing on it. So much for that "passion".

No. 1345471

It’s all about the image for her. She desperately wants to be a “band wife” so she jumped on the first washed up band guy that gave her any attention. She hates Jonny and resents having Storm but pretends like they’re a happy family regardless because she needs validation from strangers on instagram

No. 1345548

That's the idiotic part about her logic though - even if she'd have been partly out for the clout, had she overall been a decent human being and actually care about Storm, she would have been idolized by more people. Jonny getting clean, getting engaged, having Storm and actually living as a happy family as good parents would have put them both in the spotlight as potentially changed people. But we all know Jonny will always be a POS and care about nothing but drugs, designer shoes and fucking any female he sees, and as we've learned Syd is absolutely psychotic, more than any of his exes. They can't even maintain the image of looking like a functioning relationship and parents. But had she actually put Storm first she would have at least placed herself on a better pedestal as a mom who actually cares about their kid, not some loser "band wife". She so desperately wishes she could have gotten with a well known and loved musician but all she could tie down is this "fat junkie" Jonny Craig, and you can tell she's salty about it.

No. 1345584

File: 1633998091971.jpg (36.45 KB, 750x1334, 244779183_290401736246994_5208…)

So is Jonny a permanent resident/resident alien or a naturalized citizen? It seems like multiple arrests for drug possession and beating your spouse would cause them to revoke his visa but he's still terrorizing the greater Sac area so I guess not.

No. 1345586

File: 1633998284350.png (1.47 MB, 1125x2436, AFA12B69-CE4B-48FB-A427-50CA50…)

So what you’re saying is you wanted the name and she didn’t at all, but let you… is this supposed to be a flex?? That you both can’t wholeheartedly agree on something and you have to “ask” your baby mama I what to name your kid? I’m sorry but he’s so unfiltered it’s funny kek

No. 1345597

“Hey so me and Taylor were gonna name our future child Storm… but since that didn’t work out what do ya say, Syd?” Lolllll

No. 1345607

Translation: My rebound had no personality of her own and only cares about pleasing men that were sort of famous (in certain scenes, a decade ago) so when she got knocked up and I had a dumb idea for a baby name she was like "sure babe, whatever you want" and that's true love because I have the maturity of a preteen. Yuh.

No. 1345647

She already reads this garbage thread why would you need to do all that and post about it here to expose your Master Plan are you twelve

No. 1345669

Are you? You obviously didn't catch the snark. Also obligatory "don't interact with the cows."

No. 1345678

He’s American by birth. Born in Minot, North Dakota.

No. 1345713

File: 1634018274966.jpeg (898.98 KB, 1125x1991, D2C08201-47F6-4410-A113-C6D5CA…)

Of course a woman who has a history of harassing and threatening an abuser’s victims would be her “#1”…. eww

No. 1345730

Will never understand how anyone can still stan nicki at this point.

No. 1345875

It's weird that she's a grown ass woman & constantly tries to find similarities between her & these huge celebrities. I've met alot of ppl that eat ice, it's not that uncommon/special.

No. 1345881

"she snacks on ice like meeee" yeah we get it Syd you're smol and so skinny~ except many photos of you posted by Jonny prove otherwise lmao

No. 1345883

Side note Syd (if you’re reading) if you’ve only been craving ice since Storm was born, you might wanna get checked for anemia.(newfag)

No. 1345890

Nonnie please read the rules, you messed up posting. Leave the name field blank, no one cares who you are.

No. 1345955

Woman drink some fucking water damn you’re probably dehydrated as fuck, maybe some vegetables if you remember what those are they contain water and are crunchy too

No. 1345959

File: 1634069596632.png (66.25 KB, 720x323, Screenshot_20211012-131221.png)

born in Abbotsford, British Columbia

No. 1345972

Where did you get this information? I was a fan of him for a long time before realizing his shitbag-ness lol and always only saw info that he was Canadian by birth

No. 1345975

Soz didn’t see this >>1345959
Before adding my reply

No. 1346003

lol she posted a bag from best buy as a flex. what’s next? groceries?

No. 1346007

>>1345713 preteen mindset

No. 1346028

>>1346003 going to best buy to buy him "goodies" but doesn't stop and get her son anything. #momoftheyear

No. 1346042

File: 1634085091458.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1242x2470, FA81FD60-EE10-47BF-9021-3D1B61…)

Ewwwwwww!!! She literally is the stubbiest thing! She’s not skinny at all. She’s a fucking dwarf. Stunted arms. Bowed legs. Haha, I cannot belief how ridiculous her body shape is considering how she tries to pass it off. What a goblin!(sage)

No. 1346044

File: 1634085372011.jpeg (671.83 KB, 1242x2168, 121B6DAE-5DF9-4F20-A31C-15E98B…)

And somehow she thinks having an undo button will make it better. Baby girl, that iPad will be used for YouTube only because we all know you aren’t talented. Can’t wait for the shit show she is going to pawn off as “art” before ultimately giving up. I hope she endlessly compares herself to real artists and people she is jealous of and second guesses ever piece because my high school planner has better doodles in it than any of he drawings Syd has shared thus far.

No. 1346052

He says out of his own mouth in this Alternative Press podcast that the stuff online is wrong, he was born in Minot, North Dakota. Time stamp 44:30.

No. 1346063

Lmao “familybusiness4l” what goes through this girls brain, honestly. How does scribbling shitty t shirt designs on an iPad for a dude who plays at dive bars qualify as a business? Why has no one close to her told her how bad her art is and to find a different hobby? She’s so desperate to insert herself into his career any way she possibly can. If this is her life goal then that is pathetic.

No. 1346086

File: 1634090547369.png (389.95 KB, 828x1792, 1FDA105E-F977-4D7E-9C50-6DE125…)

No. 1346087

File: 1634090568253.png (367.13 KB, 828x1792, A1404BA6-8E8D-4E3D-AC9C-CCA7A8…)

No. 1346088

Wow syd is like so mature and like SO wise. Mature mama about to sling truths and tees watch out now

No. 1346091

He says he doesn’t give up, but 2 children abandoned says that’s a lie.

They are not in love with each other, they are in love with the echo chamber. Can they even have a direct conversation face to face, or are these catty little stories foreplay?

No. 1346097

Her legs aren’t bowed, from this and other pics it’s clear her knees are hypermobile (which isn’t that uncommon).

No. 1346113

6min since posted, no caption, and no sage…. Did syd come here to post this for us haturz

No. 1346114

Syd why are you losing your precious seconds responding to "haters" then?

No. 1346121

Amazing what you can suddenly afford when you're not paying for your child. No Gofundme this time? Wow big spender, look at her go.

Delusional. "Aching" kek okay Syd. If people didn't think of her with distain, they wouldn't think of her at all. Reflect on that in a mirror before worrying about anyone else's wasted life.

No. 1346205

File: 1634113455023.jpeg (764.53 KB, 828x1442, F6B329DC-2A4A-4D1D-A3F8-130211…)

Lmao how short is JC?? And he has the audacity to call syd - “midget” when he barely a few inches taller??

No. 1346211

Google says he's 5'8". Is syd yet another one of those average height cows that lie about being "so smoll uwu"? Or is Jonny the liar here and he's a whole 5'5" irl? either way kek

No. 1346218

This is an image board.

No. 1346241

What is actually going on wit her leg(s) though?

No. 1346244

It's a pickme bodychecking pose to create a thigh gap and allows her to stick her ass out at the same time.

No. 1346245

She really is built like a dumpy little Mexican man with no tits, wow.

No. 1346253

Lol no one is making this “the purpose of their life” syd, we are only here cause its amusing to see cows being abso cows and keep continue to make poor choices.

No. 1346254

He's a fucking Oompa Loompa

No. 1346260

File: 1634126230103.jpg (75.81 KB, 750x1000, bg,f8f8f8-flat,750x,075,f-pad,…)

No. 1346265

Her nose is worse than I thought. That’s quite the beak she’s got.

No. 1346272

I can’t unsee it

No. 1346298

Knew syd back in the day, can confirm she's around 5'1/5'2. Which means Jonnyboi is about 5'4/5'5 kek

No. 1346320

>>1346211 he's not 5'8, 5'6 at the most

No. 1346322

so sorry you know her but we are here for any milk you got.

No. 1346452

>>1346298him calling her midget all the time made me think she was 4’10……women being around 5’1 or 5’2 just isn’t that short. Average female height is 5’4 so it’s just slightly below.

No. 1346463

If shes really 5'1 or 5'2 thats hysterical cause thats not even significantly short. I always thought her desperation to be seen as smol atleast had some truth in her height being like 4'11. Lets be real shes not fat but shes very average with some meatier than average thighs. The only smol thing about her is her tits

No. 1346464

Im ABSOLUTELY DYING hes taller than her but his legs are at the same exact level?! What the fuck like hes all torso and head- his legs are the shortest stubbiest little legs i have ever seen on a grown ass man

No. 1346466

File: 1634145753628.jpg (169.18 KB, 1080x1698, Screenshot_20211013-132149.jpg)

Looks like someone's lurking again

No. 1346474

This was already posted yesterday Nonnie, but yeah she couldn't make it more obvious she gets so triggered when people start talking shit on her here and I think it's hilarious. She sits on her high horse acting like she's so much better than everyone but yet sits here scouring the thread and desperately trying to prove the "haters" wrong more than any of us are even here. We're just along for the ride and get entertainment out of watching their trainwreck lives.

Kek anons agreed she's not obese or anything by any means but I also think it's funny that she's so desperate to play the smol & skinny girl when in reality she's slightly below average height and is built stubby at the same time. The videos Jonny posted of them at the beach months ago totally outed her and now this photo she herself posted, not sure what babygirl thought she was proving but all it does is show how tiny Jonny is and how much bigger she is than she acts like

No. 1346485

File: 1634147159002.jpeg (118.22 KB, 817x1364, 9D3661FD-B597-49AB-A4CF-E6DC3E…)

Saw this the other day… she’s awful close with this musician from tour. Maybe she was just circling the musician circuit to get a band baby daddy kek
This guy seems really close to
Jonny too; maybe this “fam” does drugs together . I couldn’t imagine a nice person being friends with JC for long.

No. 1346519

I bet her lol brother is the reason she goes apeshit on Jonny when he likes a pic or touches a woman's hand. She has to be projecting something to react that way.

No. 1346532

File: 1634153197342.png (3.21 MB, 1242x2688, 88E7C027-C0AA-4EFB-9BBB-B49A6A…)

She would try to stunt over getting the cheapest iPad out there haha what a loser.

No. 1346538

I'm not sure if she's grown since back then, but when we were in middle school/high school she was around 5'1.
There's not a whole lot of milk that I have because we weren't all that close but I can confirm she's always been called psycho. No one really wanted to be associated with her because her behavior was so erratic and abusive towards the people who stuck around her. I constantly heard personal testimonies from others of her going off on her friends, physically attacking her gf at the time, things like that. I can honestly say she's struggled with mental health issues for a really long time. It's kind of sad, but also she sets a self fulfilling prophecy cycle by refusing to get any help and I don't know how much I can pity that.

No. 1346549

File: 1634154712618.jpeg (157.35 KB, 828x1478, F672F31B-72E6-48C4-8E67-EA29DD…)

No. 1346558

she’s taller than me, kek. she’s just average short height

No. 1346559

I guess she finally decided to try being an artist kek she reads here so often, so painfully obvious

No. 1346593

>>1346549 ….notice again how she's drawing her own self. Eyebrows and a forehead dermal. The narcissisim runs deep with this one

No. 1346602

I would put actual money on her trying to draw herself as an eventual merch design.

Of course she started with eyebrows because she draws them on every morning. They look just as bad on the iPad.

No. 1346612

I can’t wait for her to start unapologetically tracing in Procreate. Get your reverse Google image searches ready, ladies, cause you know this talentless hack is going to fake skill cause she has none.

No. 1346684

Lmao as a graphic artist this literally is not anything special, that splat in the middle of the forehead is a stamp, and you can copy/reverse the brows, then edit around to make it look less mirrored. Also betting she can't do any more than what she has got now with regards to facial structures/features.

No. 1346716

Lmao she’s drawing eyebrows because it’s the only thing she can draw bc she draws them on her face obscenely every day

No. 1346726

File: 1634167505370.png (847.36 KB, 750x1334, DCC641B4-D2B6-49F9-A05D-2E3D61…)

iPOD I’m crying

No. 1346742

Someone that's actually really into art doesn't wait until they have an 'ipod' js. I know of actual homeless people living in a tent on the street that have more art posted than she does.

No. 1346791

She posted this tragedy almost 4 hours ago and it hasn't even broke 40 likes.
Nobody gives a shit about your mediocre hobby Syd and you sure as hell won't make bank off it, just get a real job.

No. 1346798

File: 1634171340776.jpg (51.11 KB, 1080x736, Screenshot_20211013-172650_Ins…)

Its looking awful bleak for ya there syd kek
She's not even remotely talented at traditional drawing and painting, what the fuck possessed her to think she's ready for a digital art tablet.
Didn't you recenyly have a gofundme for your son who is sick Sydney?
So pathetic and unworthy of being a mother.

No. 1346824

I knew her also but anon she’s never been 5’1 or 5’2 she’s 4”11. Funny you know her that well but you remember her height and for over 5 feet is not Impressive. Your wrong she’s 4”11 and yes she’s always been psycho treating her friends and mom horribly.

No. 1346833

Idk how tall Syd actually is but I’ve unfortunately hung out with Jonny a few times and he was maybe an inch or two taller than me. I’m 5’5.

No. 1346841

ipod kek how very generous of grandpa Jonny. I love how he has to subtly drop that he got it for her as if he's some great provider and she's ever spent a dollar of her own money.

Buy her good behavior for the next ten minutes Jonnyboi but this bitch is still going to make you miserable no matter how many pencils you buy her.

No. 1346846

File: 1634175542438.png (235.8 KB, 828x1792, 75B983B2-DAE3-4641-9188-BC91AF…)

No. 1346847

File: 1634175689046.jpeg (352.93 KB, 1284x2053, DEFAD2F6-129B-452F-82B5-68236F…)

No. 1346849

How about you buy your child toys that are appropriate for his age????

No. 1346851

File: 1634175924372.jpeg (599.05 KB, 1125x1992, 461715C4-EB82-4ACE-817A-1690E6…)

No. 1346856

Did she dye her hair back to red or is this an old picture AGAIN?

No. 1346862

Kek she wants to marry jc but can’t commit to her own kid; classic.
Even if that is a new photo with Storm, that doesn’t make up for all the time she’s already missed with him.
The real flex would be showing Storm’s bedroom in her apartment, but that will never exist.

No. 1346868

File: 1634177066546.jpeg (365.19 KB, 828x1360, 8F4BF130-B911-4F47-90FE-596370…)

There she goes again, being fucking psycho

No. 1346870

She’s got the new nails in the pic so unfortunately it looks new. How disgustingly irresponsible for his guardian to allow these two around him when at least one if not both of them are using fentanyl. Even if she’s not she knows he is and is ok with it.

No. 1346873

Notice how most new photos of Storm obscure the surrounding area from view unless it’s out front of a Starbucks. We know what the inside of her house looks like and she knows it. They had to have taken more photos, maybe one with her and him smiling, but no, post the one where you can’t tell where the fuck they are. She thinks she’s so crafty.

No. 1346875

It’s obviously a troll account when they only follow Taylor and one other person lol settle down syd. No one wants your nasty man.

No. 1346878

File: 1634177742587.jpeg (153.92 KB, 1242x509, FDA02C17-4B66-455A-AE2E-E40CDA…)

She’s so retarded. She thinks that account is a real person when obviously it’s a troll. Jfc nothing but a soft brained junkie cum dumpster lolol.

No. 1346888

Syd literally has nothing better to do. I’d love to see her screen time reports, with Instagram probably peeking at 99% usage. I visualize her checking her and Jonny’s page obsessively, combing through his comments, checking her likes, putting the phone down for a minute before anxiously picking it up again to checking her likes again, maybe zoom in on her own face in her favorite pictures of herself, put the phone down briefly again, picking it up again to check his comments and stalk people she wishes she was, rinse repeat. Miserable existence.

No. 1346889

Yep. Exactly. Nothing in their apartment has had a black table top. Their piece of trash desk is fake birch laminate. She's deliberately cropping the photo tight to make it look like they're at home together, but this is probably supervised visitation. She's getting her one hour a week in with her kid.

No. 1346898

Lmao chill anon they said they don't know her that well how are they gonna know her exact height
Also you sure are adamant about that 4'11", sounds almost as adamant as syd is about her height. Sus

No. 1346904

Awwww looks like they finally were able to have their court mandated supervised visit for the month

No. 1346911

File: 1634179004038.jpg (509.81 KB, 1080x2192, kek.jpg)

kek she is so fucking dumb. predictable too. she's out here shadow boxing burner accounts because she's coming down from bpd love bombing over the iPad.

No. 1346923

Sydney needs to shut the fuck up i only come here for Jonny’s deterioration. She only gets included if she records him in hostage situations, and it’s sweater weather so we better get another hot dog hostage situation. I get sad about their child, but then shit like IPODS in 2021 then literally brings me tears from laughter. Does Sydney notice this shit and is this why she has repressed anger, just listening to him stuck in 2005? Like how many times has he called it an iPod in person or talked about his cd sales?

No. 1346925

You mean iPod.

No. 1346928

File: 1634179827383.png (1.11 MB, 828x1792, D9209DBC-C64C-49F0-A098-9E2AEF…)

No. 1346931

Are you fucking kidding me

No. 1346933

How long until the iPad disappears and gets sold to multiple people on Craigslist

No. 1346934

Pretty sure she made this bio. A singer? Following TND? In love with Jonny? and some how Syd found the page so quickly?
Maybe calling out fans is her only self esteem boost. So tragic

No. 1346936

It’s worth like 10gs dude

No. 1346945

>and some how Syd found the page so quickly?
That's actually a good point. The account has been active since at least October 5th. It took Syd just over a week to nuke it. He has 105k followers on IG. Does she audit his followers or something? KEK

No. 1346957

I care, I’m a regular on the OT bad art thread and I live for this stuff. Fingers crossed she keeps posting art instead of forgetting about her ‘hobby’ in a week.

No. 1346967

File: 1634181707698.jpeg (119.17 KB, 1125x949, 924E9599-3820-4081-AE0D-CB6B96…)

she’s really commenting on the fake insta lol

No. 1346972

I love how she just drags Taylor into it out of nowhere kek

No. 1346983

That account doesn’t even follow jonny so no idea how she would’ve found it.

No. 1346986

I’m sure she cried about it and made him block the account

No. 1346991

I love that syd creates troll pages to make herself feel so important

No. 1347010

It was erroring earlier when I tried to check the following list, right around when Jonny posted about it. I think he blocked the burner.

No. 1347022

She probably obsesses over TND so subconsciously she just goes there

No. 1347082

The fake IG acct follows Taylor that’s why she dragged her ass in

No. 1347129

File: 1634198779312.jpeg (137.47 KB, 828x729, 2CFCEF67-99B0-4061-A684-B4FD1F…)

It looks like someone deleted the comment calling her jealous, which further points toward syd being the one behind this fake acct

No. 1347153

so syd is eager to talk shit about Taylor again after her manic ranting about how Taylor’s personal army will destroy any girl who crosses her. Hm

No. 1347155

Agreed, that’s a little sus. I’ve met Jonny twice. He is on the shorter side for a male. I’m 5’6 and he’s barely a few inches taller than me. I would say Syd is 5’4 at minimum.

No. 1347160

More than likely.
Does anyone else think she posted about wanting to set a date for the wedding just so she could come through with a fake account claiming to be thefuturemrsjonnycraig to show some type of competition since there obviously is none?

Also I was anon 1347155 and did not sage properly.. I apologize.

No. 1347172

Syds only form of empowerment is tearing down a fake girl she created?! Kek, she just keeps making this train wreck better.
Syd, no one- and I mean NO ONE with any brain cells sees your man and thinks “that’s my future husband. Let me create a insta to prove it.”
Put more effort into your finstas at least, damn.

No. 1347281

Lmao its so blatantly obvious is a troll account but its good to know that syd is seething and still insecure about tay. Keep being unhinged syd love it

No. 1347446

I'm getting strong farmer-fucking-with-TND vibes from the IG account, but if it riled Syd up too, maybe that was a net positive.

No. 1347450

>>1346878 she shows just how insecure she is in her relationship each and every time she messages a fan, comments on profiles or replies to comments women have left. Get a grip syd. You look so unbelievably pathetic leaving a comment on that account. You'd think with how self absorbed she is she'd be happy that she's with a man that "beautiful women want", but nope. Just self absorbed and terribly, terribly insecure and pathetic. How has this girl, yes she's still mentally a girl, not died of embarrassment already?

No. 1347556

DREAM is a song title by jonny referencing taylors stupid tattoo. Lol even a jonny or taylor fan might not know it has anything to do with taylor even if they seen her tattoo its a damn common word and song title in general. Its at least posing as a "fan account" so im thinking its actually possible this aint even a troll, it could be some 12 yr old jonny music fan that clearly doesnt know what he fucking looks like lmao just likes the music and syd is once again attacking his last fans standing and got triggered by them writing his own song title cause shes still insecure over Taylor

No. 1347629

Highly skeptical. It's a catfish or lurker account. A 12yo would pick some random e-girl or something more current, not a textbook tattooed scene girl from 2013. Reeks of millennial troll.

Who is even a new fan of Jonny anyway? The only people who listen to him these days are "you meant so much to me when I was going through (insert random trauma dump)" types.

No. 1347653

File: 1634240993059.jpg (348.78 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211014-124922_Ins…)

>>1347648 then she posted this lie lmao she's fucking INSANE

No. 1347657

File: 1634241129820.jpg (358.96 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211014-124541_Ins…)

she tried to video call me 4 times and this is the part of the conversation where I said to prove her son was in her care.(cowtipping)

No. 1347660

Anon would you stop cow tipping and get a life yourself? Jesus christ what is wrong with you?? Reporting your posts

No. 1347666

This is an incredibly autistic and embarrassing thing of you to do. Get a life

No. 1347670

She reached out to me lol. I didn't try to talk to her

No. 1347675

Sure…… stop cow tipping, stop posting this shit to embarrass yourself. No one cares.

No. 1347677

the troll account is blowing up rn, all y’all farmers need to chill and keep things on here

No. 1347679

not sure which is more cringe: cowtipping anon being an idiot OR syd pretending cowtipping anon is a pedo.

No. 1347683

Both being retards and being cringe really.

Seriously go harass syd in your own space anon >>1347657 and don't bring your sage-less autism in here and GET A LIFE. You are no better than a cow at this point you retard.

No. 1347684

Anon, get a life this is so embarrassing. But lowkey did anyone else notice she said "Ok whats new" comment to her not having their son. Bitch doesn't feel any sort of emotion towards her son to say some shit like that damn.

No. 1347687

Shes calling the police LOL good luck syd theres literally nothing the police will do about someone instagram messaging you. You have to get a no contact order AND they have to break it sevral times before you can get any sort of "harrassment" charge. Im calling it now before she says she "is handling these fucking weirdos with the police and CHARGES WILL BE PRESSED" lol dads a lawyer trust me i know laws on this due to a past situation i discussed with him.

No. 1347691

I still can’t figure out why sydsopsycho can’t just… get a fucking job? or why she thinks every single lame ass thing she does is a flex. everything she does is dripping in insecurity, yet she still deludes herself into believing she is above everyone and everything on earth. an incredible feat of covert narcissism tbh. get a fucking job and stop wasting your government assistance checks on your cringe nails and ugly body mods… you’re literally 30 lmfao what a colossal loser

No. 1347694

she thinks not working is a flex. when really, being dependent on a moid and not having your own earned money to spend is the saddest thing ever.

No. 1347764

File: 1634249824510.jpg (136.56 KB, 1080x1080, 2021_10_14_15_17_12_050.jpg)

No. 1347780

I wonder how their convo went after she called him a fat junkie. What did the reconciliation look like? To be a fly on the wall in their drug den.

No. 1347816

Ok Panda Express fortune cookie

No. 1347849

File: 1634256035825.jpg (244.44 KB, 1080x1434, Screenshot_20211014-165841.jpg)

Doesn't it seem like she whited out the background in this photo as well to try to hide where she is at.

No. 1347861

Yeah. She's wearing the same hat from the iPad picture; this is all from the same day. She's being deceptive.

No. 1347865

She had to prove she has him, since dumb fuck cowtipper had to instigate. She needs to bring some outfit changes to her next monthly visit so she can fool us more

No. 1347928

File: 1634265094235.png (6.5 MB, 1242x2688, 2311ABCA-04BF-4D52-9783-8C94DE…)

Nice to see she’s using her iPad for “art” even if it’s just for doctoring photos to make people think she has her kid.

Honey, you need to be a better artist to pull of shit like this. It looks like you did it in MS paint and it’s pathetic lol

No. 1347929

She reached out to you…. Yet you don’t show the beginning of the message. Please don’t act like syd and be a huge psycho and liar

>>1347849 100% from the same day as the other pic and 1000% a pic from her court ordered visitation. Syd I hope you are reading this because you a pathetic lying psycho and Storm deserves so much better than you or Jonny could ever be

No. 1347931

It’s truly shocking the lengths this woman will go to lie about having her kid. It must be soul crushing and utterly exhausting.

No. 1347939

Kek wait did she black out his outfit? So when she posts a bunch of photos to prove she has him, we won’t be able to “tell” because the outfit is obstructed?

No. 1347947

>>1347928 The child doesn't even appear to have a shirt on just looks like a diaper with a blanket.
Not sure why she would edit it

No. 1347963

In the other photo where he has the iPad, he’s wearing a camo t-shirt. She’s hiding the fact that this photo was taken that same day and not just a fresh new photo taken today.

No. 1347986

honestly, he's almost 2 right? he shouldn't be so small or be able to sit still for a picture

No. 1347989

not gonna lie I've tuned out for most of this thread now, but knowing most of the people that know Syd that have been coming here exposing how she's been no matter how close they are, that's where it gets me. I'd love seeing someone in my circle who was the worst just getting blasted for being themselves. live laugh love and karma Syd xox

No. 1348008

File: 1634275949530.png (854.08 KB, 828x1792, 72E16A0C-9D62-4A94-8A5B-BFE45A…)

No. 1348009

Jfc has syd ever considered just unplugging? She honestly would be so bored and lonely without anyone trolling her. Get medicated, Syd

No. 1348010

File: 1634276324446.jpeg (401.12 KB, 2048x2048, 92E32314-AF76-40B5-9664-8A14BB…)

“He’s been open about what he uses and it’s not heroin lmfao”

No. 1348012

Maybe she is talking about him using fentanyl not that it's any better.

No. 1348029

Taylor might be an addict but at least she was moderately successful and hell of a lot hotter than Syd, even at her worst. Syd knows if Taylor wanted him back Jonny would leave in a heartbeat. Not even her oopsie baby could keep him around. The only reason they’re still together is that she’s so mentally incompetent that she’s the easiest to manipulate.(learn2sage)

No. 1348038

He turned 1 in like July or august. And people successfully take pictures of their wild kids all the time I’m not sure what exactly you’re trying to point out.

>I didn’t post it I sent it to a complete stranger and then threatened her life and messaged her boyfriend and told him she was cheating on him
I like how she glossed over the fact that she yelled “he has a child” while Jonny was on stage interacting with fans.

No. 1348040

Or because she hasn't found a band dude stupid enough to keep her around after sleeping together kek

No. 1348057

She’s so fucking embarrassing. Talk about rock bottom.(sage)

No. 1348072

Make it make sense Syd. Make it make sense that sending it to someone unprompted in a seething tantrum is materially different and better than just straight up posting the video yourself. She's a fucking coward. She sent it to embarrass Jonny because she was pissed off, manic, and mean and now she's being precious about it. Have the balls to own your own behavior, you cowardly little skank.

No. 1348078

Why the fuck is she trying to bring Chelsea’s mom into this? Oh my god. Im just speechless at this point

No. 1348143

This observation is so funny. She couldn't even deny having done it so she, as you said, conveniently glossed over it. Kek.

I like how these posts got flagged not not the idiot cowtipper yet what is this lol

No. 1348144

samefag I meant "but not" ugh

No. 1348168

I don’t get why they’re both so keen on proving he’s not on H but instead uses Fent. Every time this comes up they’re both quick to clarify he isn’t on H. I fail to see how that is any better. Also he has absolutely used H in the past and prob will again in the future but they still choose this as their hill to die on

No. 1348180

“Helps pay the bills” lmao syd with what?? You literally had to set up a gofundme page and JC’s ex amanda actuallydonated!! Also not to mention your “fiance” were borrowing money left and right from his cohort of “whores” and no doubt cheating on you on a regular basis lmao! the delusion with this cow! Go get medicated syd

No. 1348188

Love how she doesn’t deny he’s a junkie, just that it’s not heroin at the particular moment. Great look right after posting pics of him around that poor fucking child. Seriously don’t get how jonny is allowed visits at all.

No. 1348201

helps pays the bills??? a random Twitter video is not making you any money, especially when someone else has posted it it’s actually probably taking away from the people who would want to follow their lives bc they thought they liked them

also… doesn’t do H? sorry, didn’t realize he moved on to bigger and better things like fentanyl!

No. 1348242

File: 1634309482246.png (298.43 KB, 1071x1935, Screenshot_20211015-104525~2.p…)

Didn't see these great responses by Sid on that fake insta posted on here yet so I took pics of my fav, really shows how level-headed, empathetic and intelligent she is.


No. 1348243

File: 1634309514987.png (311.69 KB, 1080x1938, Screenshot_20211015-104554~2.p…)


No. 1348244

File: 1634309632747.png (283.58 KB, 1080x1924, Screenshot_20211015-104627~3.p…)


No. 1348245

If i didn't know better I would think I was reading come backs written by a preteen

No. 1348246

i was just laughing at all the comments kek y'all really need to see it. So many likes on the roast comments its beautiful.
I am here for it.

No. 1348257

I’m still failing to see what we are supposed to be jealous of kek
Her iPod? Jonny’s career that’s hanging on by a few threads? Her court ordered visitations with her son? Her barren apartment ? The car she doesn’t have? The successful career she doesn’t have? The wedding she will never have?

No. 1348259

isn't tattoosandvapestyle (kek) the retard cowtipper from earlier?

No. 1348275


Why would anyone waste their time hiring this psycho to sell their merch? She'd wreck the bands reputation after the first show by calling all the fans skanks and retards

No. 1348282

"See even in my last post im with him" yeah fuckin editing and black and whiting pics that are clearly from the other day and first time you posted him in ages lol and you even admitted you went on tour for 2 weeks then at least one week out from being back were posting saying you cant see him still cause youre sick? Even in some world where you do have custody how is being away from your kid for damn near a month not walking away from your kid for jonnys junkie ass? Bro.

And yes. It IS ANY GIRL. Not just "skanks". You weny off on an anon here for posting an emoji on his instagram post. You went off on some pretty girl he had known for yrs who had little interaction with him other than to be a good friend and send him 200 bucks he claimed he needed for your kids diapers. How the actual fuck are you delusional to think these are skanks that need put in their place? Its any girl who looks at him you psycho youre saying this as you're trippin on a burner account for posting YOUR MANS OWN SONG TITLE.

No. 1348370

Using tard and calling Taylor one when she has an actual retard brother, how very “woke” of Syd, especially when she tries to stunt to Jonny’s fans and friends like she isn’t a raging cunt. Also find it funny that she always bashes Taylor by calling her a junkie every time she mentions her, not realizing what that says about her when she clearly hates junkies so much yet decided to have a child with one and got engaged to him. And she’s not one to talk about anyone’s looks. Taylor is still leagues above Syd looks-wise, botched lips, abscess scars, facial scabs, and all. It’s gotta hurt knowing you look rougher than a bonafide junkie.

>keep being jealous of me that you’re all so pathetic you waste you (sic) limited time on earth worried about people you hate
Oh so kinda like her with Taylor? It’s so obvious how jealous of and obsessed with Taylor she is with how many times she keeps mentioning her and how she keeps skinwalking her. Moron doesn’t realize how she exposes herself as a hypocritical clown with her own insults. She’s so jealous that Taylor can sit on her ass all day and do nothing but drugs and still have a fan base and bring in residual income from her old videos. She’s living Syd’s dream life kek.

No. 1348404

Omg, Syd's comments are so painful to read, as painful as those messages between her and the anon who messaged Jonny.
I'd feel sorry for her if she wasn't the worst person I've ever heard of.

No. 1348408

I lol'd at the cope of "you're all probably his exes anyway." What a fuckin' cope for strangers rightfully laughing at you. We spell it out for you here and you still think you're coming out on top and not totally and utterly transparent lmao.

No. 1348454

Anon, every single one of us posting on this website are one of his exes. Even on other threads. All his exes. Lolcow is an illusion.

No. 1348457

Exactly everyone knows this thread is just amanda and chelsea commenting back and forth kek

No. 1348518

File: 1634337201736.jpeg (411.43 KB, 828x1320, 0C04FEE9-77D6-4871-8792-7E35E5…)

this is so entertaining lmao

No. 1348582

File: 1634345445013.png (3.66 MB, 750x1334, 6C7EDB89-9C0C-4FDB-8432-984B4F…)

She’s so bitter. The way she talks online like she is superior is so cringe. Like I don’t know what she’s trying to go for? This was supposed to be a (nice?) post about someone else but she made it about herself? The contrast between what she said in the left column verses the right is SO strange

No. 1348586


As if getting knocked up accidentally makes her deserving of love or something. She was easy and willing for Jc to splooge in, it has nothing to do with love. If there’s anyone NOT deserving of the love that comes from real parenthood it’s deadbeat junkies.

No. 1348587

What on earth is she blabbering on about? Who would criticize her for being tired after giving birth. No one did that. Criticize her for being a horrible human being, absolutely. She’s more and more delusional each day that passes lol

Also re: her saying he isn’t a heroin addict….. even if he isn’t currently doing that (and doing something worst lol), he still will always be considered a heroin addict. Especially considering how many years he’s done it and how many relapses. And boasting about him doing fenty, something a hundred times worst, is just straight “retarded” aka her favorite word. You must be so proud of your man Syd!

No. 1348604

She sure got us. If only we were all cool enough to have unprotected sex with a hep c positive manlet who is in danger of nodding off in the forty seconds and two pumps it takes him to get his rocks off. If only someone loved us that much, anons. Then we could all have an innocent baby to pawn off onto our parents so we could spend the day trolling instagram and drawing eyebrows. Syd definitely lives a good life full of love and isn't a bitter, horrid and stout monster at all.

No. 1348609

You're either awful kids or awful people not loved enough to have kids or deserving a love from parenthood.

Um, isn't every follower/commenter/fan of JCs awful people in her eyes anyway? Lol she is the most unsupportive partner on the planet, she really hates his entire fan base. It's such a horrible image and she'll never change. I'm surprised JC doesn't get onto her for shitting on his fans, the people who actually DO pay their bills - people who buy his music, go to his shows, ect. She wants to be a band wife SO bad yet she's so fucking ungrateful for the opportunity at the same time. She's so wack hahahahaha.

I've been following the JC drama since Amanda and literally none of his exes have ever acted like this. Been so hateful and ugly to his fanbase. You KNOW that has to bother him, his career is already on thin ice bc of his past, the least she can do is be a supportive partner and be thankful for the people who ~pay their bills~

Is he ever gonna tell her to shut the fuck up and cut it out? Or is he just gonna continue to allow her to drive his fanbase away? I would love to see him give her an ultimatimum, and leave to go stay with a friend until she cuts this shit out. This will probably never happen though.

No. 1348619

I say we initiate the #freejonny campaign now

No. 1348636

This is a thread about JC and Syd happens to be a part of it because she also happens to be a cow. Can y'all please stop gallivanting through this thread spewing bullshit about how Jonny should leave her or be better off without her. He deserves every bit of this. He deserves to have his career demolished with the help of this psycho cunt.they are perfect for each other. Let's not forget how many threads expose his sick twisted schemes and countlessly taking people down with him. Both of them are narc junkie retards trying their best to be relevant. Jonny's shows had 40 ppl tops at each shitty bar he played. He's a fucking nobody now and Sydsopathetic will never amount to anything. She's an incubator and a meat sleeve to a soggy sack of dog shit with a failed career. I'm laughing at the fact these two continue to act like they are top-tier gifts to the world sent by the gods. The reality is these two losers need to be hospitalized and put through therapy.

No. 1348638

>None of you would know because you’re awful people not loved enough to have kids
I love how she aimed this at all her followers kek. She’s fucking deranged and needs to seek help ASAP. I don’t get how people like her. She doesn’t seem to get much interaction on her IG. Like barely over 100 likes and she has 15k followers.

No. 1348670

File: 1634359191510.png (598.33 KB, 828x1792, 76096614-D0D8-4F33-9F82-FA95EC…)

I was scrolling through the old TND threads from a year ago and found this gem that aged super well.

No. 1348677

You’re acting like people are whiteknighting JC. Chill out. Everyone here hates them both. The Free Jonny campaign was clearly a joke that went over your head.

No. 1348689

Arguably giving him to her mom to look after indefinitely is giving him the best possible life, certainly compared to living in a house full of narcotics.

No. 1348708


Fair, but let’s be real. She didn’t do it to give him the best life, he was taken.(sage)

No. 1348719

Literally any person not in the throws of desparation for junkie dick will tell you to work on and love yourself first before bring a kid into your misery. Something you should have considered when you met him if you wanted to be taken seriously.

No. 1348724

I’m surprised these two have not started an only fans haha

No. 1348733

The #freejonny thing was a joke but yeah I hope they never break up so they can keep themselves off the market and make each other miserable forever

No. 1348757

Holy shit unhinged doesnt even cover it. Imagine the lady whos post she shared seeing this.. Imagine making a post about being a new mom and some random crack head shares it like "yesss yall are so cute" then attatches such a hateful statement at the end -youre all awful people undeserving of the love of parenthood

im sure this influencer mom appreciates that hahaha

Nonnie i notice your insta is french language? Its pretty great if these two are so entertaining theres even people from other countries following the shit show

No. 1348763

I find it interesting that multiple times over, besides Taylor, people here only mention Amanda and Chelsea. What about Elizabeth? Poor girl about did her own self in while dating Jonny.

No. 1348817

And Larkin? That's like ancient history and I don't remember the dynamics of that relationship but I'm sure it wasn't pretty

No. 1348838

File: 1634385406551.jpeg (90.2 KB, 1124x722, DE245972-52BD-4CD0-9ED3-C19528…)

Agree. And up until a month or so ago he was still following that Lindsey “haxel princess” girl he dated. My guess is syd went through his friends and unfollowed/blocked all the pretty ones. That girl was way out of his league. She still follows him for some reason I couldn’t tell you. Must not have stayed long enough to endure his worst. They’re also still Facebook friends.

No. 1348839

Yes i’m from france! but nobody knows about this whole shitshow here so feels good to finally be able to share my opinion with someone

No. 1349007

Liz is a dumb cunt Noone cares about.

No. 1349123

File: 1634414154251.jpeg (102.7 KB, 760x535, 11383EE9-D61F-47E0-95DE-4AF0C0…)

The way she calls people skanks when she had a baby to trap a washed up scene junkie is something else. If she was actually a drug addict I could at least understand how her brain ever thought those comments were a good idea, even people who are unmedicated with more serious mental illnesses would not do that. She’s aware of reality and can perceive it, but she’s publicly writing these comments as a mother to multiple people as if insulting and degrading them is heathy or a good look. Her bringing up Taylor will only make him think about her more lol, she should have ignored that shit. If she wanted him/his lifestyle so bad, why is she viciously attacking his fans and the people she might sell merch to?

Calling taylor a junkie when her “fiancé” is one is fucked up, and throwing around the word “tard” like a schoolboy that just discovered edgy humor and 4chan type shit is so ugly. It’s worse that Taylor’s brother is special needs, I forgot about that and that’s fucked up too. She is such white trash.

No. 1349125

Someone almost died because of him? I never followed him, just saw him come up here with Taylor and have been mystified that literally any woman would breathe the same air as him willingly. He’s always been so abusive and misogynistic.

No. 1349131

File: 1634414983233.png (2.3 MB, 828x1792, 32976DEF-7A80-4BB0-AF9F-A537BA…)

Is it just me or does JC’s eyes look pin pointed as fuck in these stories with his new hair?

No. 1349159

File: 1634418176010.jpeg (530.83 KB, 828x1460, 28A2986A-7177-481B-8880-3806E0…)

No. 1349164

Oh wow, Storm gets his very own bookshelf! She’s trying so hard to play house and it’s painfully obvious.

No. 1349165

File: 1634418589097.jpg (61.34 KB, 1029x772, EUtjIcMXgAAHhf1.jpg)

I am doubtful

No. 1349175

This would be relatable and great if she wasn’t so awful to everyone around her. Hard to pat her on the back for the bare minimum.

No. 1349192

It’s just you

No. 1349219

Note bookshelf for Storm, not any books for the adults. I mean well done her for remembering kids need to learn to read, but I doubt these two have read more than a music magazine between them since high school.

No. 1349223

So if she is starting from scratch and is trying to play off like she has Storm… She's insinuating that her mom kicked or moved them all out without letting them take any belongings. I know plenty of shit families but I'm not so sure Grandma would say "get out with nothing and take your son too".

Never stop telling on yourself Syd.

No. 1349243

It’s not…. I thought the same thing >>1349131
I agree anon, first thing I noticed

Replace “Liz” with “Syd” and you’d be correct

No. 1349252

They won't be facebook friends for long lmao we all know Syd checks this thread on the daily

No. 1349268

File: 1634443562010.jpeg (294.46 KB, 946x2048, syd.jpeg)

Hahaha anyone remember this gem?

No. 1349277

Can you elaborate? I’ve been reading these threads pretty much since the beginning but don’t seem to remember this sorry

No. 1349280

My bad. I was on like #50 in the TND threads when Jonny and Syd first got together. Everyone was all up Syd's ass saying she was so much prettier than Taylor and what not. This was someone who messaged her about TND when Syd and Jonny first started dating. I just thought the irony was funny.

No. 1349281

That’s a really good point, never thought of that. They’re probably not trying to have him at all. She would show the actual furniture if it meant that much, it’s just a crack den.

No. 1349336

compared to recently, she seems relatively normal and level headed here. i feel like her borderline has drastically eroded her since then and its not just the context of now knowing her. she just doesnt speak this way anymore

No. 1349358

She's painting baseboards on a burning house like all of that Amazon trash won't end up in a landfill the next time that Jonny gets belligerent and shoves her. (Avoid the stairs or you'll be a Netflix documentary some day, Syd.)

Always the victim. You can't whine about having nothing when you're a leech who went from draining your mom to draining your broke fat junkie, except she can because she's a raging narcissist who thinks she doesn't have to work for anything she has, all while her mom sacrifices time and money to keep her kid out of the system.

No. 1349392


I’m sure one of the requirements to get Storm back is to have actual furniture in the room, to make it suitable for a child. It’s painfully transparent. They probably just got a credit card for all this stuff, I can’t imagine how they have much income - unless they are on assistance and/or disability.

No. 1349460

Does anything they do now to get their kid back even matter? The video of JC nodding off as 7k plus views, there’s no fucking way they add furniture and they kid Storm back.
I know the system is flawed, but Storm needs grandma fighting for retaining custody as long as possible.

No. 1349461

And their kid Storm * sorry for the typos

No. 1349480

>>1349159 isn't it an apartment?

No. 1349517

….started from scratch and a bookshelf for Storm is apparently the most important item for him? If he’s actually in your custody and you’re having to start from scratch with furniture, wouldn’t you get your child a bed first? This reads very much like they got Storm a bookshelf to put a few books or toys on for when they have their visits.
I find it hard to believe that they would still have other furniture for him, like a bed, after never seeing a baby item in their posts and stories, and after this big list of ordinary things they had to replace.

No. 1349521

Samefag sorry but I can tell you for sure a bookshelf wouldn’t be anywhere near as important and him having a bed or a crib or whatever in his room if they’re trying to get their son back. Yeah, learning is important and you SHOULD be reading to your children from an early age but he’s what? 2? Having a safe place for your toddler to sleep in your drug den is more important than a book nook.

No. 1349539

>>1349268 syd should reread this now and do some personal self reflection.

No. 1349602

I remember they dated for a bit, broke up, and got back together, then broke up for good. After he began dating TND. Elizabeth posted on Instagram in the fall of 2017 how a year before she almost successfully took her life. I believe this was largely to do with Jonny. I could be wrong. She went to Twitter later and stated experiences while dating Jonny. Experiences that mirrored TND’s relationship with him, too. It’s unfortunate all around that he’s done this with multiple girls, and is more than likely doing this with Syd. I think it’s a good thing they don’t have Storm. He would be neglected and traumatized in either of their care, so I don’t even want to imagine the both of them together raising him so mentally ill with no willingness to change.

No. 1349604

Do you remember when he and Liz dating? Wasn’t it 2015-2017 on and off? I had no clue about these other two, tbh.

I want to add, it was October 2017 when Elizabeth posted that to Instagram. So right when TND and Jonny began dating. I can’t find evidence further but I remember her, Chelsea, and Amanda trying to warn TND.

No. 1349611


Post some more about yourself Liz. It’s not at all transparent.

No. 1349626

Didn’t he cheat on Chelsea with Liz? I thought he stole Chelsea’s cats and gave them to Liz

No. 1349673

File: 1634500438277.png (2.41 MB, 828x1792, E9A494BA-096D-4D65-B9CD-A83702…)

those candles are too close to the bottom of the tv, it’s gonna melt.

No. 1349677

Wow LED lights the biggest flex since…. Never

No. 1349728

File: 1634504506893.png (683.44 KB, 828x1792, BFE11BBF-00E0-47D5-BE48-F37394…)

No. 1349771


Lmao no matter what he thinks he’s bringing in 2022 his career will never be what it was during Slaves

No. 1349785

Yeah, I’m not Elizabeth.

I used to unfortunately be a fan of Jonny’s. When I came here a few weeks ago and I began catching up on these threads, I realized no one really talks about anyone besides TND, Chelsea, and Amanda. I realize now it’s because the majority of people here are only here because of TND I guess.

No. 1349790

Wow didn’t he post almost the exact same thing just a couple weeks ago, claiming he was going off social media except for business? Guess the new “furniture” was enough of a brag he felt the need to break away from all of the “business” he is doing while sitting there watching tv and doing H— SORRY fentanyl kek

No. 1349806

Forever waiting for this man to truly go dark(emoji)

No. 1349824

He doesn’t want more evidence accrued against him, kek. Jonny, that’s all you had to do in the first place. It only took him how long to realize this?
He won’t though, he’s too narcissistic.

No. 1349832

Hahah in other words he’s being forced into rehab. He is so obvious and when he says he will take a break from online he never does.

No. 1349840

You know a dick is SMALL small when you can't even see it in sweatpants. Jesus.

No. 1349854

I’m pretty sure there’s pictures of his ugly crusted dick online, but search at your peril. You can’t unsee it the tattoos line up

No. 1349876

Ew. Why the fuck did post his grey little goblin body in nasty ass sweatpants no less. What the fuck is this ugly nonsense set up, that dinky little candle by a random wire, and the cool tone lit panels that wash out the tv. Really????? A whole nightmare

No. 1349882

Thank you anon, I don’t know if others will get upset but I’m interested in his patterns. You said he did the same things with both Liz and Taylor, what were they? How old was Liz, how did they meet, and did she seem to have the typical vulnerabilities as other exes? I don’t follow Taylor but he completely destroyed her life

No. 1349905

Off topic: I feel like an asshole for this but that I literally gasped out loud when I saw that baby

No. 1349917

Liz should be 27 now. They met at a show in SC cuz Liz was a huge Slaves fan (she has a tattoo of jonny lyrics). He dated her after Chelsea then went back to Chelsea again before ultimately getting with Taylor. After they broke up Liz ended up staying in Texas and still lives here.

No. 1350100

Weirdly hostile.

Flexin on em with his $240 Amazon trash. Eating good with those streaming checks, I see.

Jonny is leaving social media for a side gig as a bottom budget interior designer and house bitch because Syd is seething that lolcow clocks their shit immediately. "Best JC for 2022" wat. It's a random Sunday in October. No one gives a fuck about 2022 lmao. Just say you're leaving because your girl has a personality like a vat of acid and because you're a little bitch who takes it.

No. 1350344

“Best JC for 2022" wat. It's a random Sunday in October. No one gives a fuck about 2022 lmao”

I cackled reading this. So funny. Why are shitty people always obsessed with being their best selves the next year?

No. 1350456

Taylor was up at 4am blog posting about making herself better for 2022 also. I think this is common for addicts, it gives them something to look forward to but never actually achieve, also like ham planets who are perpetually going to "start that diet on Monday" and yet Mondays come and go, and nothing ever changes

No. 1350516

> she has a personality like a vat of acid
Kek anon so spot on

No. 1350803

Jonny posts these empty paragraphs like clockwork towards the end of the year, and it’s always the same “working on myself gonna come back bigger and better, 20xx is gonna be MY year” etc word salad ramblings year after year then does nothing but get fatter and shoot heroin- oops, sorry Syd, I mean fentanyl because apparently that’s better. Another anon was right, he posted something like this earlier this year too then went to rehab for a month or so with 0 intention of getting clean, can’t remember if it was before or after he went after Syd and got their kid taken out of their custody.

No. 1350922

>>No. 1349626
Woah. I have no idea about the cats thing. I really didn’t know of anything with Jonny and his abuse towards his exes until Elizabeth became vocal about it all, and then when I looked into it I stopped supporting him. I still don’t even know the back n forth between him and Chelsea or him and Amanda.

>>No. 1349882

Elizabeth has been open about it. On Twitter you can probably still find tweets about the sexual abuse, along with domestic abuse, including the fact Jonny pinned her onto the bed laughing pretending he was going to shoot her up with heroine. In the beginning of TND’s video on him, she says that when he gets in a certain mindset he will shoot someone up with heroin, and she said he’s done it to girls before he did it to her.

I think it’s evident with the fact he isn’t changing that Syd is now involved in this shit and it’s best Storm isn’t in either of their care.

No. 1351003

I agree. Syd is pathetic and willing to do anything for him so there's no way he didn't offered her heroin just so she could be chill for a while and leave him be. And as I said, if she's willing to do anything, there's no way she refused heroin from him.

No. 1351056

Unpopular opinion but with her disdain for addicts (particularly female addicts) I don’t think she uses. She places herself on a pedestal above TND and if she were to start using she’d have nothing left to inflate that giant ego of hers.

No. 1351080

I kind of agree. I think she smokes weed and maybe casually does something else but I feel like she enjoys the power of not being an addict. I imagine she holds it over jonnys head a lot (not that I sympathize with him).

No. 1351099

Good point but she also calls women sluts for posting their tits on instagram even though she also does that. But that could be a jealousy thing because she has no tits and is insecure about it

No. 1351150

Not only is she a huge hypocrite but she has 0 ounce of self awareness. I'm almost positive she fucks w/uppers and constantly drinks & just inflates her ego by convincing herself shes better then these "childless unloved junkie skanks" just cuz she doesn't do H specifically.

No. 1351215

Weed is legal in cali. She had to of failed a drug test to lose storm legally.. or atleast mental eval, which i doubt. Contrary to popular belief its fairly difficult for courts to access medical records even in regards to mental health of a parent effecting a childs safety, takes alot unless she had done something directly dangerous like a suicide attempt while he was solely in her care. They would have easily removed storm from jonnys possession for using opiates and his assault charge on her. They do not punish victims of abuse they wouldn't remove him from the mothers custody for him hurting her and doing drugs. I think there had to be evidence of drug use against her too… I dont think even someone as psycho as sydney would voluntarily leave her child with her mother because she wants to supervise jonny and make sure he isnt cheatint. Any mother would have stayed with their child and waited for jonny to get clean and be allowed back in the home legally and by grandmother or get them their own place if grandma wasnt letting him back in cause she had understandably HAD IT with jc after him pushing her daughter while she was holding their infant. was ALL ABOUT posting how "perfect her and jonny Craigs creation is" and boasting how shes such a good involved mother. i dont think its possible she doesn't love storm to some extent, even if shes clearly too selfish to choose him over jonny, i dont think she voluntarily left the baby JUST so jonny could do drugs and she could be with him everynight i think she had to be doing the drugs too cause it doesnr make sense. Once he pushed her and got arrested and assuming thats when cps got involved- she hasnt seemed to have had him besides visitations since around that time

No. 1351224

Thank you for your detailed post, you made a lot of valid points. My brother was a H addict and he still managed to keep custody through house calls and cases. It does take a lot to lose custody.
(Just FYI my niece is safe and living a good life now.)

No. 1351226

Why has no one considered the fact that Sydney has a violent history paired with an explosive personality and how that might have played a roll in their son being taken away? Jonny could have been the catalyst, but if Sydney retaliated against Jonny or her mom, I don’t doubt her mom would report it and pursue custody.

I always imagine her mom subconsciously thinking this is her chance to get things right with Storm since she fucked up raising Sydney so damn bad.

No. 1351231

This would make make sense… If Jonny got Storm taken away, she would probably not shut up about it, ever. But if she had a hand in it, she would probably do anything and everything in her power to keep that hidden and put on this whole elaborate game of make-believe for Instagram. Holy fuck.

What did she do I wonder.. It had to be bad if the mom or Jonny called on her. Remember when they took Storm from her? I could see her LOSING her shit. Maybe Storm accidentally got caught in the crosshairs of whatever psychotic meltdown she had. I can’t believe I never thought I’d this.

Tinfoil but it’s been Sydney’s fault this whole time. Jonny was fucking it up bad, but Sydney was the nail in the coffin. The weight of that either crushes her, or she hasn’t taken a lick of responsibility since/blames everyone else.

No. 1351249

>>1351215 there are plenty of mothers who abandon their children for men. Not sure why you're going on about "any mother would have stayed with their child and waited for so and so to get clean". That's just factually not correct.

No. 1351259

this is a junkie trope that you are superior than a user of “xyz” and THOSE are the real junkies. uppers and downers usually hate each other

No. 1351277

I bet the baby got into the fent stash and they busted his head in a panic trying to get him to respond

No. 1351406

I believe this is it. I was one of the Anon's that sat in on the court hearing and even though it was hard as shit to hear, she wanted to wave all charges she was pursuing against Jonny. That coupled with her "they're trying to take my kid away" psychosis with the whole breaking down doors fiasco… girl is completely unhinged and I believe that her kid is being protected from both her and Jonny. I kinda wish her ex that she left for Jonny would come back out of the woodworks and tell us more about her. While I feel bad for the kiddo, it's best that she is caught up in larping being a mother. Keeps her entertained and away from doing more damage if she was actually in his life in any meaningful way.

No. 1351420

Wasn't she still living with her mom when all that went down, too? So they also have Syd's Mom's statement of events that probably factored into the decisiom to remove Storm from them and allow only supervised public visits. Syd's ex A said she had no issue becoming violent towars people and being manipulative to get her way, and we have no idea what kind of shit Moms has seen Syd do or take before she ever met Jonny that she could've told them about to make sure Syd can't keep using Storm like a prop (which she does without even having custody of him) or a bargaining chip.

Also nitpick, but *waive

No. 1351421

I think it’s suspicious as hell that both of them are going social media silent right now and just rushed to order all that furniture as soon as they had money from tour, and her bragging about the bookcase for the kid, I think they’re trying to get him back in their custody and I hope to god the social workers/syds mom see right through their bullshit act. They’re the same miserable junkie/stoner/mentally fucked up/dangerous people they’ve always been they just have furniture now.

No. 1351431

I bet Syd and Jonny doubt that CPS is watching everything they both post since they lost Storm, so they think playing nice and acting like they have lives is gonna trick the state into thinking they've changed. Syd acts like she can't understand that other people aren't all blind with amnesia & she can just vomit whatever BS reality she wants to believe.

These two are so unstable and addicted to drugs, drama and attention that nobody would allow them legal custody of that baby ever again, and that's just based on their behavior on the last calendar year.

No. 1351448

God thats just sad tho even for syd. I had a friend who went through this and the father only had to leave the house for 30 days, take a class once a week and then pass a drug test and they let him move back in he was aloud to visit just not reside there or be alone with their kids. It seems so so much more reasonable she was doing drugs too is why she was willing to or was forced to leave storm. Cauae she really couldnt go 30 days without nightly dick or he couldnt go 30 days without drugs for their poor baby? Guess its a blessing tho cause he deserves way better than that then. I do think syd and jonny love storm they just are fucked up people. From their posts when interacting they obviously care for their baby they just care for themself more and i dont understsnd it with syd specifically if she isnt a junkie. Jonny it makes sense, not that i am trying to sympathize with him. But for addicts it doesnt matter how much they love someone drugs will matter more. And its an illness. If syd abandoned her kid just for jonny- shes worse than him

No. 1351498

I still don't understand how anyone believes either of them love Storm. We are talking about a woman who named him what Jonny and his ex were going to name him, felt superior for having a boy, uses him as a weapon to keep girls away online and on tour, and is literally shitting on anyone who isn't a parent because they are "undeserving of love", I mean seriously. Storm is and always has been a pawn to her, since the moment of conception. I mean this very lovingly anon but you are naïve to think either of them love that kid by judging their posts. ALL of their posts are very fake and always try to paint a narrative that doesn't actually exist - Syd and Jonny are happy, successful, have money, fans, etc. It's no different with Storm. He is just a pawn they use and they fucked it up with drugs and the domestic violence altercation. It's sad because he doesn't deserve it, but I hope he stays safe with grandma and is never handed back to Jonny and Syd. They've already fucked him up enough, he doesn't deserve to grow up and develop more trauma from them.

No. 1351520

I second this because Syd has aborted every accidental baby that came before the one she purposefully used to trap a musician. This was all apart of her psycho groupie plan to land and keep a musician for a boyfriend because she craves attention.

She probably would have been ok playing the victim and collecting child support but living with Jonny has likely shed some light on the fact that he is worth practically nothing in financial support, so instead she traded her baby to cling to whatever washed-up fame Jonny has left cause that’s all she really cared about to begin with.

No. 1351550

I'm sure Syd chose JC over her son bc her son wasn't in any bands. Not bc she was scared of not getting dick, she knew if she chose her son over Jonny he would immediately replace her fat, saggy ass with another IG hoe and that's why she chimps out harder and harder every time he likes a girl's pics. Remember, Syd only got pregnant by Jonny because he dragged her from IG. She flips out over instathots bc she knows that's all she is herself and she's gotten wayctoo old and ugly to compete with Genz hoes.

Although, Since whatever happened that cost them Storm Syd acts like she has his nuts in a vice despite neither of them having Storm. I wonder, considering all the crazy shit we've seen so far, if Jonny did something even more fucked up than we know about and Syd is using it to blackmail him into being her puppet bandoman boyfriend so she can LARP as a musician. That was her end goal of getting pregnant with Storm, hence why she stole his name from JC's ex instead of naming him herself. He was a means to an end to allow Syd to LARP.

No. 1351636

File: 1634696290786.jpeg (444.7 KB, 750x1086, A7B20F40-FE54-4E9D-B892-FBF6C5…)

Why do people keep saying Storm’s name was Taylor’s idea. It wasn’t. It’s been Jonny’s stupid idea for years, he talked Syd into it just like he talked Taylor into it and any other girl he entertained having a child with.

No. 1351637

>Although, Since whatever happened that cost them Storm Syd acts like she has his nuts in a vice despite neither of them having Storm. I wonder, considering all the crazy shit we've seen so far, if Jonny did something even more fucked up than we know about and Syd is using it to blackmail him into being her puppet bandoman boyfriend so she can LARP as a musician.

This has been my suspicion since FatJunkieGate. My theory is that he actually got really violent with her and everyone involved downplayed it a ton, but not enough to let Jonny completely off the hook so Syd could have/keep leverage moving forward. He's been over her shit multiple times in the past and ran around LA like he wouldn't come back. He is neutered in comparison now. He also didn't say anything about her publicly humiliating him. I think he put his hands on her worse than they're disclosing and he's afraid of getting locked up because DV charges can get serious quickly. (As they should, and not that he wouldn't deserve it.)

No. 1351650

This is what I was going to say too. Of course Storm is a dumb ass name and JCs idea, I’m sure deep down Syd thought she was really sticking one to Tay for being the mother of the poor kid and “getting” the name but they’re both retarded af for thinking they were special and that was a thought JC ONLY had with them. He probably spun this dumb ass crackhead fantasy to any woman he dated and only Taylor and Syd were willing to go along with it because they’re terminal pick mes

No. 1351661

yes, thank you!! it must have felt shitty for taylor to see her ex give his baby a name that she had also agreed to name a potential baby, but she knew that jonny had wanted this name with past partners as well. so syd didn't "steal" this name from taylor although it's retarded that she agreed to name him storm when jonny had publicy fantasised about this name with several of his past partners. i would feel embarresed about that if i were her.

No. 1351711

Great observation anon that Jonny has been acting like he’s neutered.This is some hot tinfoil but I’m thinking syd is covering his ass also leveraging when she wants because he hurt storm or like another anon said earlier because he was around Jonny’s heroin, I mean fent. Syd knows he uses and still has no concerns about having a small child around someone with needles and who knows what else.

No. 1351806

Do you have proof she was aborting babies before storm? because that's the first time I've read that and I frequently check this thread since his taylor era. I feel bad for asking to be spoonfeed but I don't recall her ex saying that i could very well be wrong though.

No. 1352153

I wonder if JC is the sole reason why they don't have storm. Didn't he have another kid from another girl? That girl probably chose her kid (which good for her) because JC had her choose. I'm sure he doesn't want a baby going with him anywhere since he can't even take responsibilities for himself let along a toddler so he convinced Syd that they should just leave the kid at her parents so they can have fun.

Some girls don't understand that having a baby won't tie a man down, and for syd, she's dumb as hell for thinking having a baby and following him like a fly to a poop will tie him down forever.

No. 1352183

To be a fly on the wall during their conversations about their “wedding”….

No. 1352240

Agreed, I can only imagine since she's posting things like this >>1346846 . Engaged for a year and not even a date set seems like a couple pretty unmotivated to actually marry each other. I honestly think Jonny does NOT want to be tied down to marriage officially, he's fine with giving her the image that they're ~hubby & wifey~ but doesn't actually want it. Hence why she's pissed off and pushing for a date so hard so they can actually plan shit meanwhile he doesn't care. And by tied down I don't mean it will keep Jonny from cheating and doing his usual shit but I can imagine the extra headache of paperwork it would be when they inevitably break up i.e. divorce, plus she would officially be entitled to what, half of what he has? Not that Jonny has much money ever since Taylor left him but imagine Syd taking what designer shoes he has left and selling them or something, he'd be pissed lmao. Jonny is definitely stringing her along as long as he can without actually marrying her. Sorry Syd but nobody wants to be husband or wife to your psychotic ass.

No. 1352253

I agree anon. Where did the other anon get that info. Also why do so many anons here think Anthony aka “A” is fill of any relevant milk? He was a boyfriend she had in high school. Syd had had other relationships after him, the one before JC was a very long term one. “A” is old news and has not been able to get over her.

No. 1352256

I agree with this. I don't think JC wants to get married. He has proposed before and he's probably just doing that just to keep them happy for awhile. Who knows, Syd probably can't shut up about it since she has his kid so he did it to shut her up. Since she's up his ass in everything he does, I'm sure she can't shut up about marriage and their future and talk about it constantly. If thats the case, I don't feel bad for JC at all. I hope he's rotting in his own personal hell which is Syd at his ear 24/7.

No. 1352319

He's someone who knew her IRL and knew others who also knew her, he comfirmed Syd was always delulu and batshit crazy, has never worked and has never outgrown the early 00's scene-band tourwhore mindset.

No. 1352336

The wedding would be pure milk though. Just imagine it. Jonny nodding off at the altar, Syd screeching at anyone who touches him to try to help him up, and Taylor kicking down the door crying and brandishing a snake halfway through!

No. 1352356

My money is on them having a spontaneous courthouse wedding when JC has had enough one day and Syd hypes it up claiming they’ll have a REAL wedding/reception in the future—which never comes to fruition

No. 1352373

Court case anons, did the outstanding charges ever get resolved? I know she wanted them dropped but sometimes the state prosecutes anyway. Could Jonny be going dark because of a short jail sentence?

No. 1352390

mine is on a vegas wedding since she can easily convince him to go to vegas with her. She hypes up how amazing her wedding is while he hypes up being in vegas with his midget as they drink at some club.

No. 1352441

> Taylor kicking down the door crying and brandishing a snake halfway through!

Wearing that terrible bright red dress and pupil-hiding sunglasses she wore to the other wedding, haha.

No. 1352457

Pardon me while I go back in time and take a picture of the aborted fetus for you. Of course I don’t have proof of that.

All I got is the several painful years I was her friend growing up and the juicy details I got from remaining friends with her friends (never a dull moment with sydsocringe) up until she started dating Jonny, most of whom now only keep with her on lolcow. It’s been entertaining to say the least.

It’s been nice relating with people that actually see her for who she is, you know? She caused a lot of real damage with how self-centered she was, but she always got away with it. Thank you for giving this girl hell. She deserves all of this.

No. 1352499

Um how do we know who you are unless you say so? It's an anonymous forum. You could have screenshots or proof of anything even that you knew her but no you come with nothing but a shit attitude.

No. 1352501

If you were her friend for years I can imagine you're quite the cow yourself kek

No. 1352663

I’m just using the same brazen sarcasm that pollutes this board. I never thought to save screenshots because I never could have imagined a trashy nobody like her would have a whole forum dedicated to calling her out on her shit. Once the rumor that this place existed, I was instantly regretful that I hadn’t.

Oh I definitely was a cow of sorts in my early 20s, but we all gotta grow up sometime right? Don’t play like you haven’t stared too long at a car crash or stayed in contact with some nut just because watching them spiral was entertaining. I like this thread like I like People Magazine: next to my toilet so I can read it while I poop. Not really shocked that Sydney continues to avoid taking any real responsibility of her life in her 30s though.

No. 1352688

Damn this was harsh but no decent person would ever be friend with Jonny Craig never mind date and have his child. Does she seem like someone who needs medication for her issues or in your experience does she not suffer, care, or reflect on her actions? She definitely isn’t happy but expresses it in such a weird way, and remains with an older hardcore drug addict who has already physically abused her. There does not seem to be any sort of positive outcome for actions she chooses, ever, and even mentally ill people would be in pain and somehow try to get away. I literally can’t understand anyone who would desire to be around that man, and she doesn’t seem to have a history of having been abused which is who he targets. She confuses me so much. I’m actually scared for their child and the genetics they cursed him with.

No. 1352689

Also your “shit attitude” is hilarious thank you for that

No. 1352709

I'll bite, since I too have kept tabs on cows from my past and get what you mean about what seeing a shitty person get what is coming to them feels like:

What other milk do you have about her?

No. 1352738

>>1352457 oh please share some of your memories of her growing up! Were they elementary school middle school high school years you were friends. Some the best moments that stand out for you.

No. 1352741

The most hilarious thing I remember is that she used to hate Jonny Craig’s voice, so he’s definitely just a stand in cause she couldn’t get Bert.

She waited for the right moment to slide into Jonny’s dms, when he was hurting after Taylor, to manipulate him the way she does every guy. She’s really fucking good at that. A, who you know, can likely attest to this,

She’s had physical outbursts on people that she didn’t know or deserve, like girls she accused of her exes cheating with and even poor store clerks because she didn’t like how they spoke to her. Her bark is equivalent to her bites. When that girl that knew Sydney posted screenshots of Sydney threatening her over suspected Jonny Craig cheating, I was genuinely worried that Sydney might actually do something. I would not put it past her.

This is likely cause she is and always has been a cheater. Definitely the type to line up a new boyfriend before leaving the guy she’s with, and there is often overlap. Like the guy she lived with in Michigan and whose name is tattooed on her hand that she has covered up. She replaced him not even a a day after she came home I heard.

This is why I suspect she freaks the fuck out on girls that blink at Jonny Craig… Because she has been that girl many times and is incredibly sneaky about it. She is the type to blame someone first before she gets caught and would sooner die then admit any wrong.

She’s always been a pick-me band groupie. Annoyingly so. As far as I could tell, she never really had any hopes or aspirations for her future outside of other people thinking she’s hot and somehow getting famous. She will hate you if she thinks your prettier than her and she will obsess about it behind your back.

She has a history of making everything about her and driving people up walls and throwing fits to get what she wants. People either gave in out of exhaustion or gave up completely and that’s why she is alone now, because it never stopped or got better.

She couldn’t be a caring mom because she has no idea what that’s like. Her mom was not a good mom being as young as she was when she had Sydney (and history tends to repeat itself doesn’t it?) I was a little worried when I found out her son is with her mom, but from what I’ve heard, her mom has made some changes over the years that Storm could benefit from.

She definitely has unmedicated bi-polar that she’d sooner treat with crystals than actual medication. I believe that if she took her meds, she would see a lot of beneficial changes in her life and maybe even get custody of her kid back. I heard she actually was on some for awhile, but came off them and now things are just as crazy, if not crazier then they’ve always been.

I don’t feel sorry for Jonny Craig, but she definitely has his nuts in a vice with blackmail, love bombing, using her son as a weapon, and probably physical violence. They probably smack eachother around. Sydney has been smacked around, but honestly, she plays a huge part in that with how much she instigates violence so she can put on her victim hat and feel morally superior. I know she must belittle the fuck out of Jonny Craig, but also does whatever the duck she wants and clings to him when he wants to do the same. I don’t think she will ever leave him… Not because she loves him or because Storm loves his daddy, but because of something like that little stint they pulled in Utah, I think: she got to sing on stage. She believes Jonny Craig still has the star power to get her singing noticed or he could help get her signed, but we all know that will never happen. But she has no other aspiration. She wants people to fight over her attention, and Jonny Craig probably holds this dream over her to get what he wants out of her as well. It’s fucked up, but like I said, a fitting end for that soulless monster that has never experienced genuine love from anybody, which I kind of pity her for (but only a little).

Also, Bert was never her friend. She buys VIP tickets to the shows of musicians she dreamed of knowing and blows every detail out of proportion. If the same VIP came to every show, you might invite them onstage too, but she never had his phone number or anything. She pay to suck how dick if she could, like 14-year-old levels of teenage heartthrob obsession. Jonny Craig might not have been near her favorite vocalist, but he was damaged enough to let her in and the rest is history.

No. 1352744

Damn that was long lol but it was cathartic as fuck. I have so much more too but I got to wake up early. Have fun chewing on that bone for a bit. Logging off.

No. 1352826

Wow anon that is a lot of detail about her character that I can as an old friend of hers also say is mostly accurate. Her outbursts and hot temper lashing out at people for saying something that she “thinks” they are saying when it’s like completely the opposite. Sometime some of us wouldn’t want to go places with her because we knew she might go off.
The one thing that bothers me and continues to bother me are things said by anons about her parents well actually her mom because they don’t know her and only tinfoil things that seem unfair to me. I had met her mom on many occasions when Sydney and a few of or friends would go hang out or go to shows and I can tell you her mom is not old but she didn’t have her as a teen mom or anything like that. I remember specifically the first time we met her my friends and I were saying shit about something and we were cussing a lot and her mom was right there but we thought it was some other friend of hers and kept carrying on gossiping about stuff you would never want to say in front of someone’s parents. Sydney said mom bla Blabla bla ….. we went oh shit wtf! We could not believe how young she was (it has been years so not sure her age)or young looking and we asked syd In front of her mom and she told us at the time 20 something when she had her which really isn’t that young to have a kid in your 20s. Sydney used to brag and think her mom was the greatest and as time passed her bipolar or whatever is wrong with her she started abusing and lashing out on her mom. Her mom was not a bad mom at all, in fact she seemed way to nice for the horrors Sydney put her through. Throwing fits and tantrums and literal objects when she was “depressed” or fighting with a boyfriend. Her mom would always be there to help her out of her drama and in my opinion it took a toll. So point is just because you are single mom or young mom doesn’t mean you are a bad mom. I can not comment on her dad the only thing I know is he was abusive and violent and she never talked about him other than that. I am confident Storm is in a good place with her mom and she would protect him from Sydney and Jonny. It’s actually sad another one of Sydney’s messes that her mom has to take responsibility of because Sydney never is responsible for herself and never will be. I know I just went on a TND style rant but that’s all for now.

No. 1352830

Staying with an abusive man just because hes the father of your child IS being a bad mom. Isnt that what we cause Syd of all day? Learned behavior imo

No. 1352834

I appreciate that these stories seem exceptionally on-brand for what we know about Syd, which is why I'll ask: do you have anything to verify this at all? Nothing that will dox you, but a yearbook or screenshots from social media that haven't been made public? Volatile people leave behind a trail when they burn through their entire social circle. Screenshots of conversations about her in real time that talk about her outbursts?

Can you elaborate on specific instances of physical violence?
Can you provide more information about the exes, specifically the ones with the accidental pregnancy?
What was the scene's first reaction to her dating Jonny?
She was obviously trying to fuck Bert; what did people think about it when it was happening? Anything she say about him strike you as weird or memorable?
Her singing is unremarkable, right? She couldn't even remember the lyrics when she sang with Jonny, though to be fair neither did he.

Ofc she has daddy issues and chose to pass them along to her kid instead of going to therapy.

No. 1352929


I’m also curious about her singing. For someone that really seems to want fame from her voice, we have yet to actually hear it.

No. 1352936

If you go back through her Instagram there’s some very old videos of her singing along to songs in her car and it’s rough. Sis wants to be a singer but knows she can’t actually hold a note, hence why she hasn’t spammed her feed with videos of her singing on stage w/ JC

No. 1352953

thanks for joining us, anon. two questions: first, can you give us a height estimate so the stale debate about whether she's short or not can finally die? also, where tf did she get the money for multiple VIP passes? isn't she a NEET?? also curious to hear a lil bit more about her mom if you have anything to share.

No. 1352957

sorry to doublepost but holy shit i found the video you are referring to and…wew. way to scare my dog, you bitch.

No. 1352975

Nta, Here’s a video of her singing, but my video wouldn’t upload for the Webm player, idk what I did wrong. Forgive me for being a dumbass, here’s a link

No. 1352977

File: 1634828340207.jpeg (697.47 KB, 828x1158, 05CB85BE-C2B6-4A65-A687-088CC9…)

Samefag look at her first post ever for this insta kek what a loser

No. 1352995


LMAO so once again, she’s subpar at best. It’s really gotta be shitty to know you have absolutely nothing going for you.

No. 1353040

Lmao even calling that subpar is sugarcoating and very kind to her nonnie >>1352995

No. 1353085

She could have taken singing lessons and done something independent to get real experience, if she’s literally insane enough to buy all those vip things and start a fucking family with jonny fucking Craig for any delusional shred of something, she is driven just about the wrong things. He’s a rapist who has ruined so many lives so I really don’t give a single fuck she wants to use his fat corpse as a platform to sing out of key, I just hope she doesn’t get custody of her kid and gets on medication.

No. 1353131

Eh she sounds pretty good. So she can sing? Then damn put it put there syd and get something going for yourself maybe itll give your self worth the boost you desperately need to leave your toxic relationship and get your kid back. Genuinely doubt shed stay with jonny for his star power if she had something for her own. It could b good for her if she got hooked up with the right people and was able to make some music and maybe open for bands at local gigs. shes no ariana grande dont get me wrong but she can sing decently well from that clip

No. 1353138

Look at the way she behaves & how she treats ppl. She'd never be able to get anything even halfway decent going for herself even if she WAS an Ariana Grande

No. 1353149

Jonnys prime example she could be a POS person and still get low tier gigs and release music for a small following of fans, tho he is however leaps and bounds more talented than her.

No. 1353178

Syd is crazy to think he would've ever dated her considering he used to date Ozzy's daughter.

No. 1353184

What? What are you talking about. Haha didn’t learn it because her mother never stayed with the abusive father. She never talked about him because he was a douche loser abuser not in her life .

No. 1353197

Yeah ok lol. She sings about as well as I ice skate. Flat on my ass.

No. 1353207

Im he other anon who posted about her. I can confirm she is short she is 4”10 or 4”11
She used to be about 95 -100lbs forever not sure what weight now. So everyone can put the guessing to bed on that at least.
She has bought some but not all VIP passes and she does know Bert to some degree because he gives her passes to get in the shows she texts him or calls ahead. Although I’m sure she would love trade Jonny for Bert their relationship is not like that.

No. 1353242

>>1353131 Shall I send you to a website for hearing aides?

No. 1353295


these posts feel sus

No. 1353298

Kek syd is such a narc, I wouldn’t put it passed her self posting because she can’t blast on insta like she wants to. Wow. Keep delivering the milk no matter what sis

No. 1353299

It’s in the first thread but A stated that he got her pregnant and she aborted it. It was in that long ass post he left about her. Then he disappeared

No. 1353328

“This is likely cause she is and always has been a cheater. Definitely the type to line up a new boyfriend before leaving the guy she’s with, and there is often overlap. Like the guy she lived with in Michigan and whose name is tattooed on her hand that she has covered up. She replaced him not even a a day after she came home I heard.“

If this is actually true, INB4 she plans an exit strategy just like this and tries to leave Jonny for lol brother. Wouldn’t be surprising at all if she’s already at least attempted to cheat with this dude.

No. 1353329

Seems like a lot of people from Syds past have learned about lolcow since she went psycho on that blessed nonnie Jonny messaged. I haven't seen this many people claiming to know her in a long time and I've been following since A left us a novella. I wonder if nonnie let it slip to those who's bridges are burned with Syd that there's a literal shitfest of people following Jonny and Syd's demise. I'm here for it kek

No. 1353340

Yeah we're all here to watch her fail in life. She's burned so many bridges with her own selfishness, she's also really good at manipulation, so good you wouldn't know until way later on down the road.

No. 1353390

The point that is missed is that she doesn’t even need to be talented to be a singer, release music, go on tour, etc. You can do all of those things, but you would need to have something unique to make up for it, like charisma or a powerful message. Bad vocals can lend themselves to all kinds of genres. If she wants to be a more clean vocalist, not the foggiest idea why she wouldn’t do vocal training. You don’t need to hook up with anyone on the industry, unless you’re in contact with coercive predator types which yes are in every industry, but can be worked around. Having even a small and online group of supporters I would assume would be fulfilling enough. Her chasing this scheme through Jonny’s empty promises and his own scheming is where the obvious bipolar delusions come in, where the logic isn’t there, and abandonment issues which is sad because she replaced her father with an old junkie rapist who humiliates her. She’s very mentally stunted and maybe could be marginally better with medication, but everyone deserves to experience life without rampant symptoms so she isn’t hurting herself and everyone around her. I hope she continues with medication and finds some peace.

No. 1353398

You just described bpd, not bipolar actually.

No. 1353436

Whoever the nonnie is saying she was with a guy in Michigan is sus it’s not true she’s never been with a guy in Michigan. Wonder why they would make that up?

No. 1353448

I’m confused. Are you not the anon who said that she doesn’t know Bert and she doesn’t have his number? Or are you saying that you are a different anon who knows her? How many people in here claim to know her irl……

No. 1353474

If Syd knew Bert or had his number she would have a picture of them printed on a BFF shirt and she would never shut up about it. Her unadulterated thirst for him at the Used show that went so unnoticed she made JC try to tag him begging for a text was proof she isn't on his radar.

Also, if Syd is 4"11 that makes Jonny 5"2 or 5"3 at most, as he is only about 4 to 5 inches taller than her. She's average height, confirmed recently by people from the tour.

No. 1353476


Indiana, not Michigan.

No. 1353477

File: 1634877091090.jpeg (677.58 KB, 1242x1572, 33DF272A-51E0-44F7-9022-481D7A…)

we get it syd, you love the used and your fat junkie.
this is something i would’ve posted at 13 if instagram was a thing back then.

No. 1353481

A few people had mentioned bipolar, I really don’t care because it’s between her and the psychiatrist she should be seeing. She could have both, no one will ever know and she should see a trained professional who is focused on her improvement and alleviation of symptoms. Everyone on this fucking forum gives everyone a borderline diagnosis and it’s the dumbest thing ever. It’s not that simple.

No. 1353482


With little to no toys in that apartment and being a 1 year old that is probably into everything anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if their kid got into the drug stash

No. 1353483

Thoughtful, her stabbing open a pumpkin to carve his Twitter handle bullshit. Why did she do something for a y2k band when idk could have been a cute thing about or for her son. Any time a bitch wants to have hope this person has a chance of medicating some sanity into her life, it just gets ripped away from me and my trash sifting raccoon hands, believing in rehabilitation and shit.

No. 1353484

It may not have been Michigan. It was a long time ago and despite being here now, Sydney is not a memory I actively tried to remember over the years. All I know is she moved somewhere around there for awhile to be with a guy. If any of the ninnies that knew here are in here, I’m sure they could back me up.

No. 1353485

Ah, there it is! Thank you.

No. 1353486

For such a spooky,skinny,witchy,Halloween is a lifestyle gal, who's surprised no pumpkin for storm? Literally nobody. I'm sure they'll enjoy looking at them in their empty apartment as they rot though. Yay Halloween.

No. 1353488

HA HA. No, you do not know Bert, Sydney. You stalked him to every show and have ne er hung out outside of the context of a concert you were attending. Stop lying to everyone, and yourself.

If I remember correctly, I think Sydney may be 5’0” or 5’1”. I’ve seen her stand next to someone I know for a fact is 5’2”-5’3” and Sydney was barely an inch or two shorter than her. I used to get under her skin and make fun of her for being Sydney’s twin cause I was an asshole.

No. 1353494

What an artist. All that practicing on the ipod has paid off. And what a wonderful mother! Everyone remembers their kid's first pumpkin carving, unless it's on non visitation days. Maybe next week.

No. 1353498

Fascinating, the way she always tells on herself. No pumpkin for the baby? Or is that Grandma's job now? You know- his real parent.

No. 1353500


As someone that has also known Sydney personally for YEARS, it is pretty entertaining and interesting to see people dislike her just based on Instagram posts alone and can see her for what she is.

“I was a little worried when I found out her son is with her mom, but from what I’ve heard, her mom has made some changes over the years that Storm could benefit from.”

No matter how you may feel about how Syd’s mom might have raised her, I think, with the given context, she is probably the better choice when it comes to taking care of Storm, even if temporarily. Her mom has maturity and stability, in all senses. Sydney has a long history of being explosive and violent, vicious and generally unpleasant.

Mom: job, home, car, money, doesn’t seem to freak out on people and about things…
Syd: no job (no desire to work in any capacity), no real stable home, no car, probably little to no money, no real interest in being a parent, no interest in taking responsibility for anything…


Agree with a lot of that. She has likely been pretty awful to her mom. Her mom has done a lot for her, too.

No. 1353502

Completely telling in herself once again. No pic of storm with his pumpkin!!??? In what parents world? Also where is Jonny something is up.

No. 1353505

I am definitely NOT Sydney but I am telling the truth with what I know you don’t have to like it, probably knew her better than you.

No. 1353509

How did you know her mom well enough to say you were worried But she’s made changes? You are just basing that on you thought she had her at a young age? Some other anon here that seems to know have know Syd pretty well said she was in her 20s

No. 1353576

First off, I believe that Sydney’s mom is Storm’s best chance at having a normal life and hope she never has to give him back to her.

I didn’t mean teen mom when I said so young. 20 to me is still young. Usually it’s an accident and you’re not prepared, but that doesn’t automatically make for a bad parent.

However, it’s very hard for me personally to not hold her accountable for how Sydney is today, resulting in Storm being in this horrible situation. Childhood traumatic events are the most common risk factor for developing bipolar disorders… Sometimes the reason why is beyond memory, but with how Sydney acts out of control and is so vicious and definitely bi-polar, it’s hard not to think her childhood formed her emotional coping mechanisms. She’s a wretched person, and to a degree, I hold her mom responsible. That’s my opinion. You don’t have to agree with it. The parents of serial killers rarely think they had anything to do with why their child turned out to be a monster, but the answer is usually very deep childhood trauma.

The fact that she was young then and is 30 years older now means that Storm is going to benefit from. Of course she has her shit figured out. I never doubted she had any of those things. Just knowing how Sydney turned out, forgive me for being a little concerned when I read here that Sydney’s mom was taking care of her kid. I haven’t heard any news on her between friends in a long ass time. Not since around the start of Jonny Craig.

No. 1353617

he posted some nonsense about taking time off social media bc he's gonna shine in 2022 or some shit but I'm unconvinced that it isn't just code for "I have to go to rehab for custody reasons"

No. 1353642

We’d know if Syd was posting here because she’d go on an incoherent rant where she called us all “jealous haterz with no life,” there’s no way this unhinged bitch wouldn’t make her presence here completely obvious. She definitely lurks though.

No. 1353803

She blocked me almost immediately after following her lmao she is absolutely fucking unhinged

No. 1353834

she could tell ur a h8r kek

No. 1353842

What exactly was the point of making her page public if she still bitches about privacy and blocks anyone who follows her or views her story? Oh yeah cause she prob realized all these bands/band dudes who don’t follow her can’t see her posts she relentlessly tags them in if it’s private.

No. 1353871

>>1353842 ya whats the point in sharing all the pictures she took with bands 8 years ago if they won’t see them and remember ALL the fun times they had with her smol self. Kek.

No. 1353885

This is what you see when you look up clingy and obsessive.

No. 1353897

I agree with this, and when it was mentioned that no one recognized the mom’s presence when they were all gossiping about private subjects that was such a giant red flag. No wonder she has no sense of boundaries, usually if a parent is anywhere nearby it affects the child clearly and all of this is instinctual. The fact that no one noticed she was the mother and an adult figure is really alarming. Her looking younger doesn’t matter, because it comes down to behavior and presence, she shouldn’t be making herself seem like “one of the girls” or a “friend”. I can see why she’s so angry, and her father wasn’t there. Her brain formed like this and without any introduction to professional care or trust in it, I’m not surprised. I don’t know her so I’m not invested in her being the devil, and Jonny deserves her worst. It is sad though that she chose someone maybe worse than her father who could care less about her, and now has a kid no one cares about besides maybe the grandmother out of guilt. It’s weird to me that the grandmother ever let Jonny live there, there had to have been things going on until the physical abuse and he’s a grown ass man who made that child and isn’t contributing anything. Him visiting is fine but they were having so many issues, it would have been way more heathy to let Sydney bond with her newborn so his brain forms optimally instead of a big stressor blowing everything apart. The grandmother had already been through it with a man just like him, I know she can’t stop sydney but there’s a lot of things she could do, even a heart to heart conversation. She might have, that’s all really rough.

No. 1353899

Syd: never posts the rats
Syd: posts the rats after Taylor reveals one of hers is dying.

No. 1353900


All I can picture is grown man Jonny Craig knocking Syd up in her mothers house lol how ghetto

No. 1353937

File: 1634942104769.png (3.78 MB, 1125x2436, FE8D7F51-3D7C-4C42-95C0-4E0397…)

I noticed this too anon - tell me Syd obsessively stalks Jonny’s exes without telling me Syd obsessively stalks Jonny’s exes lmao, this is sad. For someone who’s such a “disgusting junkie” she sure does have to copy and fiercely watch her life closely doesn’t she?

No. 1354015

Who the fuck talks like this kek

No. 1354030

How does Sydney have money to pay for things? Does she just leech off her mom

No. 1354056

That really is the million dollar question. I’ve seen so many anons saying things like “Jonny just uses Syd he leaches off of her and needs her for a place to live etc” but how would that be the case when she has no job, no education, no skills, no potential, no talent, no life?

No. 1354083

Ok but what about her whole ass human child? Where is her jawline sorry not sorry where is it neither her or jonny have seen their jawlines in years

No. 1354085

I was the original poster. I am really amazed at how you embellished on what I said to turn it in to something else. Her mom was not acting like one of the girls (half of were guys too) at all. Because Syd invited people over and we were in her house like I said most of us didn’t know it was her mom because she was so young looking her mom was in her own house minding her business and we let shit fly or her mom waiting for her to get her ass in the car does no entail she was trying to play a friend or act like one of us kids. So he think it’s safe to say you can get off tour high horse and out your red flags down. I never said the woman tried to hang out with us
Or didn’t have boundaries. If I could insert eye roll emoji.
I am all about this forum going after Jc and syd asks for it. Some anons were asking and I wanted to post what I knew and my experience but it was taken way I twisted and taken out of context to fit the narrative in your head.

No. 1354091

Yeah agreed - I said a lot of ridiculous shit infront of my mom with my friends and she didn't get involved. She just waited until my friends were gone to lay into me. Just because she kept out of it/did her own thing doesn't mean she was a shit mom. I mean who knows, maybe bc y'all were teens she just chalked it up to self expression. Or maybe she did like my mom did and waited until there wasn't an audience to talk to her about it. Claiming that Syd's mom was shit and unfit based off of one comment about a memory from a random is a little unhinged imo
Not to mention a bunch of other anons have unanimously agreed Syd was the abusive one towards her mom, not the other way around. For all we know at that point in Syd's instability maybe her mom staying quiet was better for her personal safety.

No. 1354102

Ikr. She's blocky af but that's gotta be a bad edit. Does she even look it over when she's done? Just another thing she sucks at.

No. 1354103

> She couldn’t be a caring mom because she has no idea what that’s like. Her mom was not a good mom being as young as she was when she had Sydney (and history tends to repeat itself doesn’t it?) I was a little worried when I found out her son is with her mom

That’s what I went off of not that.

> I remember specifically the first time we met her my friends and I were saying shit about something and we were cussing a lot and her mom was right there but we thought it was some other friend of hers and kept carrying on gossiping about stuff you would never want to say in front of someone’s parents.

That’s what you wrote, no other context. If you assumed it was some other friend, it’s common that bad parents can act like friends. That’s it. You corrected it, drop the attitude my response was also one post.

No. 1354106

Well looks like Syd is getting the SydSoShow she always wanted
Jonny's gone "dark" and this thread turned into shitting on the both of them to only shitting on her, and fighting about dumb ass shit that doesn't matter. Focus. On. The Task. At Hand.
Unless someone has actual milk there's zero point in arguing about any of this ffs what are we in Jr high?

No. 1354109

Kek ok mom - we're on a website specifically for talking shit so
Yeah, we kind of are

No. 1354118


Oh, I actually agree with you about the bad parenting thing though! lol

No. 1354125

Kek those pumpkins look like shit

No. 1354132

File: 1634961721974.jpeg (395.9 KB, 750x687, AF519166-B49C-4CC8-9BCE-CA0422…)

Surprised she hasn’t deleted the bottom right video due to the frame alone. Yikes. Looking like a troll

No. 1354152

You can usually tell when someone's parent is older. I would be disturbed to be hanging with someone thinking they were my age and suddenly found out they were my friend's literal parent. Parents tend to introduce themselves as so-and-so's mom, not try to stealth as a peer.

No. 1354353

Please, let's not turn her mom into cow just because she was in her own house minding her own business.

No. 1354493

fr, for all we know Syd threw a tantrum as a teenager Abt it and her mom just didn't want to deal with that anymore

No. 1354533

Still catching up from posts about 6 days ago but I noticed something very interesting. Have you noticed how Syd refers to Taylor as "TND" in LITERAL PUBLIC POSTS, and then how Jonny referred to HIMSELF as JC in this post here: >>1349728
Lmaoooo make it more obvious you lurk here? Just imagine referring to yourself by your initials. People don't just start doing this naturally. I think they've been reading so much about "TND" and "JC" on Lolcow that they've started using these acronyms in their internal dialogue. Tinfoil, kinda but yeah.

No. 1354564

I don’t think I commented on it at the time but I definitely chuckled when I saw her say “TND” in that post. Nobody outside lolcow would even know what that means.

No. 1354585

Who gives a fuck we been knew she reads here, she’s probably reading this on her iPod right now vibing to a JC CD. Is this just Sydney’s ex friends talking to each other, this thread is going to suck until his post rehab 2022 glow up photos get posted and he’s packing it on and has managed to grow a fourth chin. I’m manifesting new and improved turtleneck pictures

No. 1354588

I’m not ready for it, kek. I am surprised they both went pretty quiet. Any bets on how long it last?
I’ll say Halloween, because there will be couple costume envy.

No. 1354685

I just think it's funny that they aren't smart enough to stop themselves from saying these things in public posts. Chill.

No. 1354792

Twitter fags also call her TND but it’s safe to say Sydney spends the majority of her online time here

No. 1354794

File: 1635077797209.jpeg (343.02 KB, 828x1298, 6DADA1DB-617A-486F-8737-43427C…)

No. 1354795

File: 1635077838358.jpeg (236.65 KB, 828x1304, 4AF312F3-FB74-4616-9824-090FBD…)

checked the comments under @futuremrsjonnycraig post on ig, made me laugh

No. 1354800

Old milk anon, discussed a while back.

No. 1355010

File: 1635104664461.jpeg (692.35 KB, 828x1469, 8EE2993C-E33A-4B6D-9CDF-24A42D…)

why is she staring at the camera for 10 seconds? creepy behavior

No. 1355023

Because she really thinks she’s worth staring at kek

No. 1355041

Her pupils are looking fairly small in this

No. 1355092

>>1355010 looks like menstrual blood smeared across her lips

No. 1355140

Don’t update the thread with stupid shit like this we don’t care about this persons irrelevant stories it’s not news or entertaining. Stop posting and she might do or share something, but seriously let’s stop posting bullshit about her the tour is over and that was quality. Sydney gets posted with Jonny obviously but it’s about his insane spiral, she just provokes him. I don’t think anyone here wants to learn about her as a person and this isn’t a support group for having been dumb enough to be her friend at some point. Those Instagram comments look like people who post here which is lame as fuck. Don’t do that.

No. 1355166

How about you keep your opinion to yourself and stop mini modding? Some of us disagree and don’t mind posts like the ones above. If you don’t like what’s being posted feel free to close the tab or bring fresh milk yourself

No. 1355180

Nearly all of her retarded stories get posted here, get over it. It's been happening for over a year now.

No. 1355233

What about “Jonny Craig AND Syd Not” or “Jonny Craig AND Sydney Containment Thread” confuses you? This thread is now clearly dedicated to THEM meaning Thing 1 AND Thing 2 and I’m here for it. The more milk, the merrier.

Get over yourself and stop being a control freak of the anon shit talking board you fucking weirdo.

No. 1355322

This kinda sounds like someone that likes Syd.

Getting post like this >>1355010 completely shows how bipolar she is when compared to other posts. Shes lovebombing and posting weird shit and next thing you know she's hating on a girl that even looks at JC and at the same time telling everyone how horrible he is. 100% entertaining.

No. 1355561

No, you people posting every vapid unrelated Instagram update and having lame commentary on it is actual fan behavior and really caring about what she does all the time. This has to be her ex friends. Just so you know other threads don’t always post all the time or they hold out because then that person acts out way more because they actually really want this kind of attention that you give them over nothing. No one cares about music posts in stories of their own friends, let alone some trashy abuser. How is that content? You’re just reposting her Instagram activity that isn’t even funny or whatever. I don’t understand how that isn’t fan behavior to you? If you ignored this thread for a few days, like you’re ironically telling me, she’ll probably dye her hair another color or hopefully attempt an aesthetic makeover. The possibilities are endless. If she wants this so badly, for whatever insane reason, don’t give it out for free that’s all I’m saying you grumpy whores.

No. 1355566

File: 1635184495074.png (415.91 KB, 749x988, 4608A12B-ADA4-4FBF-B1ED-A07D69…)

Here, once a cheater always a cheater. He’s a disgusting creep who threatened to expose an underage girls nudes after trying to cheat on another fiancé in retaliation for saying she was naive for at one point liking him. Maybe Sydney can burn this into her mind.

No. 1355568

File: 1635184559670.png (407.05 KB, 749x1015, 78AAF68F-9A86-43E5-B130-469205…)

This is who she chose to bring a child into the world with.

No. 1355666

all of your posts here have been bitching about how low quality the gossip board is. just stop coming here instead of trying to control everything, girl

No. 1355707

You are literally the only one who feels this way. Most of us have been here on lolcow for varying amounts of years and don’t need to be told how it works jUsT sO YoU kNoW. I am not her ex friend so your assumption is wrong. I don’t see how talking shit about her and her creepy or cringey stories/posts/comments is “fan behavior” but you’re clearly willing to die on that hill. Stop bitching and go troll other threads if you don’t like what you see here. No one is going to stop posting things just because one bitter butthurt person says so….

No. 1355794

How dare we not make a safe space for nonnie’s stringent rules on shit talking

No. 1355963

File: 1635227058343.jpeg (151.29 KB, 828x1468, 7B57B47A-9D31-4FA3-88B5-457ECD…)

lmao if shes implying what i think shes implying-

No. 1355969

Speak for yourself anon shes blocked half the people who comment here just out of suspicion, myself included. Wed like to see what she posts. It doesnt have to be milk to be posted they can just sage since its technically noncontribution. Honestly even the simplest thing like a selfie or sharing a song on her story are still very cowlike so im here for it

No. 1355975

please let her be pregnant again! this busted old sow is only good for milk!

No. 1355986


She is absolutely going to be one of those deadbeats that just keeps popping em out when the older one loses its shiny newness to prove she’s capable of being a good mother.

No. 1356000

Shes been quiet on Instagram and needs attention. Of course people are going to think she’s pregnant. Must be boring in their empty apartment. No job. No car. Probably no friends. This is how sad people get interaction and validation from outsiders who think she has her shit together.

No. 1356057

File: 1635246484972.png (3.39 MB, 750x1334, 6D897E2E-8355-4D68-862F-3E6A11…)

Oh but she does have friends, this one sent her a singular text even!

No. 1356085

File: 1635248895354.jpeg (57.99 KB, 828x194, C32E939B-DC6F-4ADE-9ABC-7E1881…)

But anon according to her gofundme scam, she does have a car. Ya know, even though we’ve never seen it, her driving it, or heard about it again. Though I guess it does say “the” car not “my” car

No. 1356091

She is such a try hard ‘I hope our paths cross again’ why has she got to make any little thing a big dramatisation lol this is so off putting for anyone new she interacts with

No. 1356104

Ugh please no, I’d rather she not bring another unwanted (by them) child into the world. This girl has zero motherly instincts and no business reproducing since she completely failed her first child. But I was thinking if jonny is away in rehab there’s a real good chance her lol brother has taken his spot in the bed. She’ll do it just for revenge against all the times she thought he was cheating.

No. 1356134

File: 1635256490699.png (32.58 KB, 580x334, 6510E6ED-5B10-402D-A983-968470…)

If she is messing around with him, she hasn’t upgraded any. Picrel is from when he drove Jonny to his dad’s house in New York after he and Taylor broke up. Also I’m pretty sure he lives in Texas, so I’m not sure why I keep seeing anons think she might still be cheating with him after the tour. Though he is in a shitty band of his own, so maybe she’ll try to run off and be merch mama and baby mama for him kek

No. 1356149

During the tour and after she’s been so all about being Dillion’s family but they posted to each other after the tour. Tinfoil, but maybe it’s one of the only people JC approves of because they are drug buds or something outside the music scene.

No. 1356189

JFC please no.

No. 1356329

People like this don’t have friendships, they just have blackmail on each other. He can control him, that’s it. What a nasty piece of shit.

No. 1356341

File: 1635281873014.jpeg (175.17 KB, 827x1467, A3C87017-BD7E-442F-96FA-E9ADC1…)

lTwo years ago i met an abuser, rapist, drug addict. What an amazing man. He became the love of my life. Now we live together in an empty apartment not even trying to get the custody of our son back <3 <3 <3”

No. 1356381

"I can't get my baby back because I'd rather choose a drug addict abuser over my child but ITS OKAY I'LL JUST MAKE ANOTHER" Jfc this woman's thought process is so fucked. Grandma England isn't gonna support 2 babies that aren't even hers, doubt she ever planned to care for the 1. What is she gonna do when Mom won't take in baby #2?

No. 1356394

People really running with this pregnancy thing..

No. 1356398

Really feeling like she posted the story alluding to her “pregnancy” to bait us tbh but idk

No. 1356495

This is a possibility but I don’t think she’s that clever. She more likely just thinks she’s special for getting pregnant the first time around so she’s trying to stir up jealousy as if two babies by an addict rapist is something desirable??

No. 1356517

Or, it’s a baby trap for JC in rehab kek. She’s willing to do the wildest things.

No. 1356582

File: 1635310965096.jpeg (287.56 KB, 1125x1975, BC15AA30-FFA6-48A6-AA80-6A4A89…)

why does she think it’s a troll when there’s 0 posts

No. 1356589

She really is delusional in thinking that she is famous and no one could possibly want that name except someone who knows about her?

No. 1356623

samefag who posted the pregnancy ss here. I really don't think she's having a baby number 2, she's really just posting cryptic messages so people talk abt her and she can feel special

No. 1356657

File: 1635330308499.jpg (136.05 KB, 720x1600, Polish_20211027_051648088.jpg)

No. 1356692

File: 1635337157244.jpg (448.96 KB, 720x1600, Polish_20211027_071626525.jpg)

Sorry for such the newfag problems

No. 1356708

New fag we crop photos before posting on lolcow.

No. 1356709

She sounds so uneducated in everything she says. Like she doesn’t comprehend basic English and she has been here her whole life. Unless she talks that way on purpose and likes to sound retarded?

No. 1356712

tell me you’re high without telling me you’re high

No. 1356715

Sounds like she’s bored without jonny and fishing for attention so made that account herself to pretend people want to follow her. Or they’re all people who hate her and also believe it’s a troll account.

No. 1356716

File: 1635340523239.jpeg (266.48 KB, 828x1015, 5E9B59CD-B303-431D-A0BC-45B01C…)

oh so miss thing also has a past of saying the n word

No. 1356736

>>1356582 did she search for her old username haha or did the account try to follow her?

No. 1356755

I love how she always makes these excuses like "not the best, not the worst. Not the best photo of me" like wow girl tell us you have no self esteem or confidence without saying it. Nice forehead tattoo BTW what a fucking loser

No. 1356759

Apologies and will remember that with the other newfag stuff
Yeah the only comment and it's her lack of self esteem on display. Thought it was funny.

No. 1356763

This may sound stupid but what are the odds she made the account herself and is seeing who is following to block people from here? I think she’s crazy enough to spend a day weeding out farmers who follow her and are stupid enough to follow a “troll” account she links

No. 1356793

As much as I wouldn't put it past her to try another sad attempt at locking Jonny down with another baby, I have to agree with nonnies that this was likely just posted for bait. I think she isn't going to try for more kids with him because all of her actions already scream insecurity as is, imagine if she has more how much more gross she will be to him than she already is? Jonny has already outed how she isn't this "smol and skinny" girl she wanted to be so bad, but she's just an average chick with a muffin top. I'm not one of those people saying "kids destroy your body" but it can when not taking care of yourself, and Syd obviously doesn't do that, all that alcohol has to go somewhere. Plus why would she risk getting pregnant and possibly have a girl? We all know Jonny is the type of dude to feel pissed if she gave him a girl, he doesn't even acknowledge his daughter's existence he's the macho guy who only cares that he has a son. As if he has some legacy that's going to be carried. So idk I feel like it's a lose-lose situation for her to pop out more kids, she's really stupid if she even has a fraction of a thought that it's going to tie him down - because Storm clearly did that so well to him. She would just be pushing more innocent kids into the world who aren't even loved by their own parents which make me sad.

Plus, if she lost custody of her first kid does anyone know the laws of what happens when you have more? Does the system just not give a shit or are there repercussions for that?

No. 1356906

So we just gonna pretend someone didn’t post this racist ass shit she said lol

No. 1356912

It’s not surprising to me, but I don’t expect anything -but- Dumbass shit from her

No. 1357085

File: 1635378300442.png (83.41 KB, 705x516, Screenshot_2021-10-27-18-43-52…)

Why does Taylor's bff betsy follow it lol

No. 1357193

Who posted thia?

No. 1357245

I thought we established this wasn’t the case or at least there was no proof? Where exactly are you getting this information from? Her mom does not look like she’s part black at all. And even if that’s the case she is still saying racist “terrorist” shit but good job being a WK for this piece of shit human

No. 1357286

If you lose custody of a child and there's still an active case open when another child is born, you usually will lose the second one straight outta the hospital.

No. 1357433

could someone please share a photo of her mom? newfag here and I can't seem to find her on Syd's ig

No. 1357439

File: 1635427222916.jpeg (182.87 KB, 828x1178, 22DEB953-97DA-47FB-B5B9-98498D…)

There’s other pictures of her in the previous threads too.

Ayrt, idk it was censored in the TND thread I got it from.

No. 1357457

I was the one who said maybe it was Syd who made it to bait farmers but maybe it was actually Taylor? Why else would her crackhead bff follow it

No. 1357474

Self absorbed daughter had her mom go see the band she's trying to dick ride for her mom's birthday. That's pretty sad.

No. 1357507

Disability for mental illness is the most likely answer. It would also explain Jonny sticking with her, as he has no regular income himself, so if Syd gets disability that plus the GFM scam could net them some pocket and drug money.

No. 1357514

Nitpick but god I hate it when Americans say "mum"

No. 1357652

File: 1635449401291.png (876.68 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211028-132137.png)

Have you ever seen her hype Jonny's music like this?

No. 1357660

I’m not familiar with disability and the qualifications, but from common sense if she’s receiving assistance wouldn’t she need to prove that she’s in therapy and on medication or something like that?

No. 1357663

She looks like a smushed recessive gene Taylor here, like a Halloween pumpkin that starts to fold in on itself both physically and mentally

No. 1357679

File: 1635452040773.jpeg (520.65 KB, 828x1471, 96579C9C-DD97-412E-9029-C9B4E7…)

This was so weird. She’s singing on her ig story, another proof she spends her time on here reading about what we have to say about her

No. 1357681

disability is hard af to get in the States, especially for basic bitch mental health shit

No. 1357686

“Singing” wow Syd that’s some incredible talent you’ve got there mumbling on your Instagram story you’re definitely going to make it out there seeing how you can almost generally hold a note

No. 1357717

She can’t stand not posting for attention. I love it. What a dumpster fire

No. 1357721

she's so……….fucking weird

No. 1357737

Of course she wants attention. Why else is she with a broke as fuck has been? As much as this psycho lives on the internet, she knows all about him.

No. 1357738

sOo eThErEAL

No. 1357865

She just has to call herself a “little” weed. We’ve seen the tagged photos ya chubby dumpster

No. 1357877

File: 1635481495562.jpg (103.59 KB, 1080x1920, 250193475_106121711807206_2972…)

Saying thank you to the people you mooch off of because you're a deadbeat is literally the bare minimum. She's so embarrassing.

No. 1357881

File: 1635481792051.jpg (314.47 KB, 1080x1904, Nicenailsyoutotallycustodialpa…)

Samefag but nice toddler-appropriate manicure, merch "mama". Telling on yourself again kek

No. 1357909


I still find it so funny that we’ve never gotten a clear photo of the engagement ring. Every newly engaged woman flashes that shit everywhere so she must be hella embarrassed about it to not ever show it off.

No. 1357916

Those nails are so bulbous, thick and hideous.

No. 1357939

LOLLLLL I laughed so hard when I saw this, let's all call it what it is. Syd is clearly trying to get noticed by someone in this band. This is easily recognizable behavior. Lmao dying

No. 1357964

File: 1635498180558.jpeg (693.45 KB, 828x1457, 03AD568D-81C3-4503-9B07-5CC37F…)

Im crying laughing she never hyped her man’s music like that, damnnn she must be so embarrassed of him

No. 1357978

She's so delusional. In this story she's acting like she has her own show kek

No. 1357982

Jc is/has always been a stepping stone in her quest of fame, so it’s no surprise when he goes off the grid (aka rehab), she needs more attention and sliding into the dms of other musicians.
Since Jonny boy is faking recovery right now and can’t feed her ego, she’s on to the next one.

No. 1358038

She’s probably trying to find anyone she can to cheat with while he’s gone so she can feel as though she’s really gotten revenge. Bonus points if it’s one of his friends. Also back to the convo of whether she is just as responsible for losing storm as jonny, I find it odd that jonny is clearly away in rehab or hospitalized/jailed/ who knows, you’d think with all her free time she’d choose to go spend time with her son? Unless she is not allowed anything outside her monthly (?) visits or in usual fashion doesn’t care to attempt to bond with him.

No. 1358042

You’re absolutely right, another example of Merch Mama caring more about the band than the baby.

No. 1358052

>>1357964 this feels like it should have been a private Snapchat between her and her fRiEnD kYLe… “I told you I would listen to it before I went to bed” max discomfort

No. 1358119

This is hilarious. So we all agree she's sleeping with this guy, right?

No. 1358128

File: 1635526815785.jpg (150.19 KB, 1080x742, Screenshot_20211029_125751.jpg)

You can see it at the beginning of this video. She put a sparkle filter over it to make it look nicer lol

No. 1358130

please tell me why her ring looks like it comes from claire’s

No. 1358135

It’s all Johnny can afford anon cut him some slack

No. 1358136

The way she blatantly hypes other guys she wants to dickrides music but has never done this for Jonny is soooo cringe and embarrassing lmao

Kek I was thinking this when I saw the story anon, she has to use a sparkle filter just to attempt to make it look shiny but it's dull and ugly af. No a nice ring doesn't equal a better marriage but let's be real in their situation - Jonny will buy drugs and designer clothes/shoes with no hesitancy but can't get the ~love of his life~ a decent ring to marry her? Yikes, says a lot about his priorities and how much he gives a shit about you Syd. For gods sake he could have even got a lab grown diamond, they look just as great as a typical mined diamond and they're a fraction of the price. But that's if he cared enough to do his research, he'd much rather look for his next fix of pair of Yeezys. It looks like he bought this shit from a children's store.

No. 1358137

She had to prove to us h8rs that she can wear it cause she’s so small

No. 1358138

Samefag but are there photos of the rings he gave his exes he was engaged to? I'm just curious if he's always been this cheap with the chicks he's with or if he really does consider Syd to be scraping the bottom of the barrel.

No. 1358144

It's fucking hilarious that everyone that follows her does so just to watch the shit show & no one gives af about HER the way she thinks they do. This friends video that she had a hard on for has a whole 55 views. Girl sit your boxy ass down.

No. 1358168

I HIGHLY doubt it just because Syd is acting so shamelessly thirsty. If she was cheating, I feel like she’d hide it, but she is trying verrrrrrry hard to get noticed. It’s the same psycho fan girl shit she pulls every time.

I hope to his that boy knows to focus on his music and not to put his dick in crazy.

No. 1358172

That’s some top tier thrift shop ring that someone donated after their grandma died. Blue topaz isn’t cheap, it’s just “vintage” ok?

No. 1358189

>>1357881 even with these hideous nails, her fingers still look stuby and gross. Most nail salons will fix up your cuticles and what not, hers look atrocious.

No. 1358215

File: 1635535750280.jpeg (350.8 KB, 557x739, 26569B49-CE6D-46A6-929E-DD0C06…)

This was Chelsea’s old ring. Major downgrade.

No. 1358222

File: 1635536650266.jpeg (941.51 KB, 1242x2144, 9556653E-1A70-40B9-AABD-5B56CF…)

And we have yet to see a n y of these things in their apartment or hear a single peep from Storm in any of her videos this year. Nice painfully obvious deflect Syd.

No. 1358228

its not even thrifted. its a 275 dollar “goth” themed ring from the jewelry equivalent of dollskill

No. 1358237

Cruel and tragic of her to post this list knowing she'll be doing the exact opposite. Especially the experience part. All storm experienced was his mother being hostile and volatile with everyone, the 'walking on eggshells' experience. And those awkward monthly visits now. Pathetic.

No. 1358266

File: 1635545182407.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1242x2140, DA6E8F4D-9BAA-48DE-B161-91B4C2…)


No. 1358269

It really makes you wonder if we’ve underestimated Sydney’s mental illness.

Like… it’s one thing to have your kid taken away and have to deal with the emotional fallout of that, but it’s a whole other thing to pretend that never happened and keep up the charade that you still mother your child every day, and to post shit like this is so delusional that it hints to something much darker going on in her brain.

I’m almost convinced that she’s convinced she still has her kid in some fucked up way, like she buys her own bullshit sometimes. Absolutely psychotic.

No. 1358293

There's something extremely pointed about the way she's behaving in these clips. She's using influencer voice and it's really jarring. It's not authentic and comes off like Syd is trying to leverage her very small following into some semblance of a real job.

It's especially weird when Jonny is on social media time out. Did he get caught sexting another girl?

No. 1358311

Still waiting for her to unveil the "finished piece". Come on syd, we thought this was your passion and we know you've got nothing better to do

No. 1358321

File: 1635555307479.png (650.08 KB, 1284x2778, C4A6598F-924D-4F7A-B594-798C2F…)

but where are storm and Jonny while you type out this BS post?

No. 1358351

File: 1635562045857.jpg (252.57 KB, 1080x1844, Screenshot_20211029_224621.jpg)

Meanwhile, when most parents of very small children are excited to dress them up and not themselves, here's dumpy Beetlejuice getting ready, presumably, for a night out at the bar

No. 1358352

File: 1635562097073.jpg (389.6 KB, 1080x1842, Screenshot_20211029_224641.jpg)

Samefag for pic 2

No. 1358358

Ma’am why are you showing us your bra. No one wants to see that barf

No. 1358360

Beetlejuice but ordered off Wish

No. 1358366

Yoo why would accentuate her giant ass fivehead with the green only right there lmfao

No. 1358367

She’s not fat by any means but she would be doing herself a massive favour if she toned her body a bit more. The skinny fat look on someone so short is unflattering and makes her look stumpy

I’m deeply offended by this slutty low effort beetle juice, you’d think someone who loves Halloween might put in a sliver more effort than a bra and button up with sloppy makeup.

No. 1358458

I wonder if syd ever gets mad that jonny is STILL writing songs that are very clearly about Taylor and not wanting to let her go. I couldn’t imagine having someone’s whole ass baby while he publicly laments over his ex. Big yikes.

No. 1358487

File: 1635587679955.jpg (217.42 KB, 1080x1870, Screenshot_20211030-105404_Ins…)

can't post cuddling your real baby?

No. 1358495

File: 1635588442194.jpeg (42.7 KB, 400x349, CEAF9068-9F68-4450-84CD-32F53A…)


This was all I could see

No. 1358510

funny how syd hasnt hyped this up at all but is all up in that kyle elkstrom's guy's ass. Ky;e has 4L in his name too. friend of jonny? or a fan

No. 1358521


Friend of Jonny for sure. I’m pretty sure he’s produced for Jonny or something along those lines.

No. 1358559

She very obviously loves that cat more than the human child she birthed. Bet storm would’ve loved some of that affection.

No. 1358588

That’s the saddest comment about of this thread, you’re right.

No. 1358626

They’re both ugly rings and she should have taken off the other ring for this or overlapped her hands more. I like that her manicure looks way cleaner. Does Jonny only date people who have been fired from Spencer’s gifts?

No. 1358630

Why did she cover up the ethereal tattoo, and why beetle juice if she’s so ethereal it’s so ugly why is she blowing back her bangs like this? There are better ways to wear less clothing for Halloween if that’s your thing but a half naked Halloween after a two year pandemic doesn’t sound flattering for anyone tbh

No. 1358636

Once she saw jonny didn’t give a shit about her face tattoo she immediatly regreted it. That’s why she doesn’t show it off anywhere now

No. 1358639

File: 1635617247073.jpeg (382.27 KB, 828x1530, 0B754C9E-3D02-408B-ADE0-A7F5F1…)

yessss cow finally understood where she belongs to

No. 1358642

The immediate regret is pretty amusing. I would say it's a good lesson about doing things for attention but her staying with Jonny means that learning from mistakes isn't really a strong quality for her.

No. 1358681

Kyle is a longtime JC dickrider - he would never sleep with Jonnys baby mama, boy is too obsessed with JC

No. 1358788

Weird nitpicking…

No. 1358793

Nope. Once you quality for disability you get the checks, that's it. You van even get on disability after being denied multiple times as long as you have ppl willing to vouch for your need and inability to function. In America sadly most people on disability don't actually need it if they properly manage themselves, they just don't want to bc it's so hard to survive these days in the working class. Disabilott is equivalent to retirement these days and often is more stable than social security.

No. 1359178

So how much are we betting that we won’t be seeing storm in a cute costume today?

No. 1359222

She'll see this and be like, oh yeah the kid and demand a pic from her mom.

No. 1359223

File: 1635719155805.png (8.72 MB, 1284x2778, 2A3E29F7-A5DA-4519-8711-5C63BD…)

No. 1359265

>>1359223 you'd think this idiot wouldn't post anything at all, if she didn't have her son to take him out for Halloween, or just dress him up at home. Since she's so hell bent on everyone believing she has her son in her care all the time. She lacks self awareness of how dumb she makes herself look.

No. 1359269

So fucking stupid lol. Of course she isn’t spending time with her kid today, no suprise there. She’s such an artist you guyzzzzz

No. 1359275

Is this her idea of an appropriate kids project for a 2 yr old? Or is she just a goober painting a lame wooden cutout by herself? So talented to pull off something like that. kek

No. 1359292

100% painting this by herself. It it were something she was trying to pass off as pretending to spend time with her kid she would have said so

No. 1359303

>>1358222 you showed us syd >>1359223

No. 1359304

These throwbacks she’s posting of her and Jonny’s first Halloween are so funny cuz based on storms birthday being in July, this is when she would’ve gotten knocked up. They both looked so much better then compared to now too.

No. 1359315

The kid is not two yet.

No. 1359326

I mean I doubt this cost much but what value is this stupid shit adding to her life, is this going to become a family heirloom? Why isn’t she visiting Storm for his first Halloween? That’s so sad.

No. 1359331

File: 1635733534917.png (2.53 MB, 750x1334, 5A6513BA-E1E0-46A0-9F76-FAE0B3…)

Spending Halloween with your son < painting a cheap piece of wood as a shitty imitation your absent, junkie, abusive boyfriend

No. 1359338

Forever proving she has the mind of a 10th grader smh

No. 1359352

This is seriously so shitty. She claims to be an artist to the point of making an Instagram for it and this is what she creates? Pretending to be an artist, pretending to be a mom, pretending to be in a healthy loving relationship. Honestly it’s just plain depressing how empty and fake her life is

No. 1359374

Not surprised she's posting stupid shit on a holiday instead of actual meaningful things. She only wanted Storm so she could yell HE HAS A CHILD! at anyone that looks at JC. Strategy didn't pay off so he's cast aside as useless. The only thing meaningful to her is herself and what she thinks benefits her.

No. 1359388

Yeah hence why she went out partying in her beetlewhore costume this weekend but did absolutely nothing with her son. And didn’t even do pumpkins with him very clearly or we would have seen one she helped him with or that he painted on like some younger kids will do instead. It’s like she’s not even caring about pretending anymore at this point.

No. 1359531

>>1359331 the secondhand embarrassment I'm feeling is overwhelming right now. There is nothing wrong with arts and crafts as a hobby, but everything she "creates" is always centered around jonny or herself. Always. It's like a teenage crush and it's cringey to say the least.

No. 1359649

This is so cringe. And so predictable that they did absolutely nothing with Storm, especially with him being an age where he can actually start to participate and at least have the parents help. No pumpkins, costumes, nothing. But please, keep trying to tell yourself and the world that you have your son, Syd. Mom of the year!

If she ever does stuff like this and demands photos from her mom I hope she doesn't give in and give her what she wants. I'm guessing she does that already though because I'm sure if she's a good grandma she probably dressed him up and did fun activities with him, and it would have been easy for Syd to use photos she took as her own and post them, but she got nothing.
What's sad too is I could see Syd dressing him up on their next visitation date and posting it with a "teehee been so busy, this was him on Halloween!" And we all know you lurk her, psycho, so just letting you know we'll all see right through it if you do that. You missed your chance and only keep proving you do NOT have him. So pathetic and sad for him, really.

No. 1359682

Pretty sure even a 10th grader would be humiliated to post this

No. 1359894

This Dollar Tree shit is what the GFM is for. No, really, this and drugs.

No. 1360138

File: 1635834827650.jpeg (402.7 KB, 1110x1989, 5323B592-0A23-4585-81E4-08355E…)

lolololol yeah Syd I’m sure you’d react rationally to someone sending you a message like this

No. 1360139

File: 1635834886929.jpeg (246.07 KB, 1125x1977, BDA529AE-F0AD-4A18-97A0-A845F2…)

what could it be? more kid quality art projects without the child? a rap video?

No. 1360148

Girl code also includes taking your jealousy fuelled rage out on the person doing the actual cheating instead of projecting on every woman that you think is prettier, syd. You don’t know the first thing about girl code cuz you have no girl friends.

No. 1360177

Figured I'd post a review about Jonny's vocal course in here:
- Only reason I bought it is because it was 50% off for the first 48 hours and I got a full refund on a Halloween costume that never arrived so I used that money for this.
- Right off the bat Jonny admits to having no idea what he is doing and can't articulate how he sings to other people.
- First 90 minutes or so is small broken up segments just like the Youtube videos Chris posted, but focusing on several different vocal topics. During these teaching segments Jonny is mostly just sitting on the stool and giving samples of different vocal styles which Chris then disects and tries to explain. Chris does 90% of the talking and teaching.
- The next portion is Chris interviewing Jonny for about 45 minutes. Only drama related things they get into are the macbook scandal and drug addiction, nothing new. The main focus of the interview is on Jonnys musical journey, different bands, and how he developed his voice. During the interview Jonny mentioned that he had gotten sober a few months before Storm was born and claimed to still be sober at the time this was filmed. (I believe this course was filmed in July 2021 and the relapse video Syd sent out was early September 2021 right before tour).
- The next 2-1/2 hours is them writing and recording "All That I've Become"
- Then the last hour is them writing and recording "Didn't Ever Wanna Let You Go"
- What I got from watching the recording sessions is that Jonny can't necessarily write the lyrics, create the melodies, or structure a song, but his vocal abilities (abilities only) are top notch. Whatever Spencer and Chris told him to sing Jonny could sing. He was able to hit highs, lows, belts, add rasp on command, make notes cleaner on command, etc….I don't believe Jonny has lost his voice or gotten any worse at singing like some will say. He simply needs people to do everything for him except the singing. He has the voice, but not much else. With the right songwriters, producers, and coaches in the room he could probably get somewhere.
- Overall takeaway: 75% of the "course" is just an interview with Jonny and watching him record 2 songs. The other 25% is listening to Chris talk. You're better off just listening to the 2 singles and watching the Youtube videos Chris already posted.

No. 1360181

Bless you anon

No. 1360214

damn; thank you for the throughout response delving Into your experience you paid for.
It makes total sense Jonny thinks it’s good enough to have the basic slinging abilities, but no real music knowledge to pair with it.

No. 1360216

>>1360138 I'm sorry syd, you implying that any woman who doesn't confront another woman about their man trying to cheat is a clown is hilarious. Both her and jonny have been all "STAY OUT OF OUR BUSINESS" before. And dearest, even if a female told you, you'd take it out on that woman, jonny, and any other female.. and yet still choose to stay, because "you don't run away like all his other weak exes." God damn this girl is so fucking delusional and stupid it hurts.

No. 1360242

I find it hard to believe that syd and jonny didn’t communicate when he was with Taylor. Not that I care about Taylor but big doubts that syd just magically popped into his life when he was 100% single….and if I’m wrong that’s okay!

No. 1360244

She has the same amount of artistic ability that anyone who dabbles a tiny bit but isn't particularly talented has. And this embarrassing bitch out here thinking she's gonna make a career of it.

No. 1360347

Idk I’m sure syd was in his DMs along with many other band dudes trying to find her golden ticket, but I really doubt jonny would’ve even looked twice at her when he was with Taylor. He knew what he had and was perfectly content leeching off her YouTube bucks. Not to mention Taylor was miles ahead of syd as far as looks go. Taylor left jonny, he cried about it on social media, syd weaseled her way in and he was like “well shit, I do need a place to stay for now”.

No. 1360353

wow syd. it isn’t anyone’s job to take care of this gross pink man-child except maybe yours.

No. 1360366

She doesn’t take handle the man baby, or the baby-baby kek

No. 1360445

Sometimes I dont know whose life is more pathetic after the break up, jonny and syd in their miserable white trash life or taylor continue to flush down her YT career and any sliver of potential for drugs and terrible friends + trashy tattoos. This is my tiger king of 2021 kek

No. 1360457

She reposted something from an account called “crazybitchprobs” so at least she’s in her lane. If you have to repost something like this idk maybe stop trying to date rapists and serial cheaters at the very least.

No. 1360461

She openly hates other women and projects her issues with jonny onto them so she has an excuse to abuse women, but she posts like they owe her girl code favors. What fucking girl code has she ever upheld, she procreated with a rapist.

No. 1360474

I definitely think it’s Jonny and Syd. At least Taylor has a shred of self awareness to know better than pretend like her shit is together.

No. 1360516


At least Taylor left ended up breaking up with Jonny to try and get sober and reclaim some semblance of her former life. Even if it’s been a bumpy road for her, it’s way more work than Sydney has ever put into anything.

Sydney thinks staying with Jonny makes her strong, but it’s the weakest thing about her. She will NEVER be strong enough to choose her life and her child over him because she was a complete loser before they met, and the 15K followers she got out of dating him will be her crowning life achievement.

Every time he cheats, Sydney doubles down and sinks her chubby talons deeper into his bloated body because he is her only chance at anyone (important or not) noticing her and we all know all someone as jealous and insecure wants is for other people to be jealous of them. Jokes on you, Sydney—outside of the few remaining active fans, I will bet my life that most people keeping tabs on you and Jonny are only in it to watch that fat junkie rapist run his career into the ground and get what he deserves by dating a psycho like you.

No. 1360623

Stop posting how Taylor Trash has had a tough journey but at least she's trying uwu you're either in the wrong place or deserve a hi cow

No. 1360675

That person wrote 1.5 sentences about taylor for comparative purposes, stop. Taylor also had a name for herself and gave jonny some kind of redemption of anything. Regardless of any opinion on taylor she is very different from Sydney, who seriously believes Jonny’s scams and brought an innocent child into very fucked up conditions to support said scam. I don’t think Taylor is very intelligent, she’s very sheltered, let jonny rampantly ruin her life in blatant and covert ways without protest, is struggling badly with addiction despite attempting change for years, and because her brother is special needs the drug abuse could have triggered genetic issues and really damaged her brain and ability to function. I don’t believe Sydney truly thinks jonny loves her or she loves him, but I do believe taylor really fell for it and was like 22 at the time. Taylor is also the only one jonny didn’t trash and I think that’s because he knows how fucked up she is now, and she gave him anything he wanted because she was in love. I don’t care if she’s likable it’s sad. I don’t think Sydney is capable of love or empathy, period. She only sees women as “whores who are trying to fuck the father of her child”, or “whores who didn’t warn her that they witnessed the father of her child attempting to cheat”. That’s literally it.

No. 1360685

Probably a hyper realistic drawing of an eye on her “ipod”

No. 1360821

Agree. Two totally different people with different issues. I understand the hate for Taylor for animal hoarding and being a pathological liar over the stupidest things, mostly uploading videos and being sober.. but I do think syd is the worst of the two. She’s legit evil. At least Taylor doesn’t use her platform to attack every woman she’s jealous of. Didn’t abandon an innocent baby (and I don’t believe she would’ve in the same situation, she would’ve chose the baby over his crusty ass). Doesn’t beg for male attention every hour she’s awake. I’m not a fan of hers by any means but she is a better woman than syd in many ways.

No. 1361067

Second this. Taylor sucks but the scenario with her and jonny is very different than with syd. I think syd is just evil whereas Taylor is/was just stupid.

No. 1361098

I really do wonder if jonny ever got more physically abusive with syd given how unhinged syd is? Like from tay massive long rant on youtube about their breakup, jonny was asking her to kill herself when she was being needy and clingy. So given how psycho is syd, I doubt that most jonny did was push her? I dont know if syd deserves that but I definitely hope her crazy ass do get away from him or at least get Storm away from both of them.

No. 1361128

Honestly , based on the nonnies who saw her and Jonny interacting on tour, and the girl who Syd flipped out on(the H video leak), I wouldn’t be surprised if Syd is actually the abusive one at this point. Jonny seems terrified of her and she can likely destroy his entire career and rep. All she has to do is cry “our baby was taken away because of HIM! And I had to play along! He abused me! He went to jail! And he always cheated and used!”.

She has nothing to lose. Serves him right for being a huge POS. I’m just sad there had to be a baby involved.

No. 1361130

I also want to add I have no doubts JC is abusive to her. I forgot to add that. I just feel like syd is the main abuser. He clearly shits on her all the time with his “my dumpster” takes.

No. 1361214

Her posting that video of him high was super abusive imo
Wasn't it right before his tour too? Doing her part to fuck his career.. She's equally, if not more destructive. From her point of view she may secretly view him as the one who took her baby in a way, since he shoved her and I think that's about the same time storm was supposedly taken from their care and put in grandma's.
She's so vitriolic that her being physically (we know she's emotionally and mentally abusive for sure) abusive regularly wouldn't shock me at all

No. 1361216

Agree anon, I think tour anon shared about how careful jonny is tip-toeing around her in front of other women fans is so kek. They both deserve this tbh and I hope syd clings to him like a barnacle so that both of them wouldn’t ruin another person’s life but dear lord poor Storm!! He doesnt stand a chance..

No. 1361221


I’m really truly surprised they’ve even lasted this long tbh.

No. 1361224

Same lol I thought jonny would have found a new girl to leech on by now but as nonnie said Syd might have hold something against him as blackmail, like he is not going to put up with that batshit craziness for storm.

No. 1361226

She already deadass claimed he shot her up with fentanyl in her sleep.

No. 1361248

When?? I must’ve missed this milk

No. 1361258

I thought she was referring to Taylor when she had said that. It was something along the lines of “maybe he’ll shoot you up too” and didn’t specify she was talking about herself

No. 1361262

Same fag just to add; because Taylor has claimed before that he shot her up against her will eyeroll

No. 1361282

wait, wasn't it chelsea or one of the other pre-TND exes who claimed that?

No. 1361304

Pretty sure you're right anon. Syfs never outright claimed to use with him and Taylor never once said she was forced to use BY him

No. 1361305

No. 1361324

File: 1635994870126.jpeg (218.48 KB, 750x640, 4521C5FF-7093-4A4F-A75A-EAA7CF…)

Kek, my English nerd ass googled this word you used, and if this doesn’t describe Sydney to a tee, I don’t know what else does
Really put into perspective how evil she’s really been these past two years that we’ve ALL been here to witness. And her antics just keep getting worse. The video leak right before tour, going off on females (she will NEVER stop this) she literally obsesses over females in general, because she’s so insecure that she hates anyone who she feels is prettier. Not just Jonny fans. This has been going on for a long time. I wonder how she treated her past bf’s with accusing them of cheating constantly. Shame we weren’t able to witness that. We could make a compilation of all the shitty things she’s posted, and it brings me pure joy that she probably hates that more than anything.
Overtime, their relationship is only going to get worse. Tour money is gonna run out. I know he’s doing another for the east coast, holy shit ladies I can’t wait for tour round two with these guys.

No. 1361331

Taylor has never said Jonny forced her. Not even in that long ass video rant about him, the first one. About how she got into her addiction with him. Not the other long ass video exposing his abusiveness.

It was Liz by the way. She put it out on Twitter. But didn’t say he shot her up in her sleep, she said he jokingly held her down and acted like he was going to shoot her up while she screamed and cried.

I don’t know what this >>1361226 anon is talking about saying Syd claims her shot her up in her sleep with fentanyl. Wtf? That’s not even believable. I doubt she actually posted that. You must have read whatever you saw incorrectly, anon.
I know this thread specially like the back of my hand. This whole Jonny shooting syd up in her sleep was never mentioned once. So idk where you got that information from

No. 1361332

File: 1635996534458.jpeg (142.19 KB, 907x887, E62286F3-0A12-446E-9F04-F4154B…)

I am only going off of things I’ve seen Taylor post during her many many drug fueled late night stories and Twitter ramblings, as posted in the TND lolcow threads. Maybe she never outright said “he forced me” but she certainly alluded to it. I will try to spend some time before bed finding examples but this is the only one I found thus far of one of the many times she is purposely vague about it.

I will say however that I did not know about the Liz story so I realize now that Syd probably was talking about her anyway

No. 1361333

Don't post if you're not gonna contribute to the thread. No one gives a fuck about typos around here.
That being said, I truly wonder about how long these two are actually gonna last. I CANNOT see Jonny putting up with her psycho ass for another year. I give them a year tops. Whether she threatens to blackmail or not. I think he'll be the one to leave her, because we ALL know she will never leave him. I'm sure after this next tour round is over and he'll have free time, Jonny is gonna start to pursue any influencer with money that he can get. Actually, any female with money for that matter. He clearly loves dating random fans… literally all of his exes were fans of his music. And even with enough dirt out there about him - I'm sure there's other girls like Syd won't go give a fuck and will go for it anyway. Especially young naive women.
Syd, your days are numbered. I guarrantee Jonny is already looking for another girl on the low. Probably already talking to her to get it all set up so he can leave your ass.

Just like you love to tell every girl… You are NOT special. You know that and that's why it's your main attack of insult. Girl you couldn't be anymore transparent. It's sad.

I highly doubt they will even make it down the aisle. I'm betting on it now.

No. 1361336

I’m pretty sure that person was just correcting their own typo…. No need to be so rude to them for that. Especially when it’s ironic that you aren’t actually contributing anything either except your theory about their future, which is not in fact milk. Just sayin. Sage for my non contribution as well lol

No. 1361337

Yeah I didn't mean to be rude btw! This is just a typical Taylor tweet, trying to exaggerate the situation. And get extra attention. It probably was the Liz thing.

This bitch LET him shoot her up. I do believe it went down the way she described in her video though, I don't think she asked him to try it first. He definitely offered it to her because he knew he could get her hooked - she would stop bitching at him for using, and pay for an insane amount of heroin to support the both of them. And she gave in out of desperation. It's pretty sad situation and it's shitty it happened to her.

I do wish the best for Taylor, even though I don't really care for her. I just feel so much more empathy for her than Syd. It's straight up impossible to empathic towards that vile creature, with the way she carries herself. I gave Syd a chance, I really did.

No. 1361341

If they were correcting their typo then whatever, I've just seen grammar nazis before and didn't want it to start up again.

There's absolutely no irony in my post. I'm already aware t's not milk, and that's what saging is for. Which plenty of people do on here. I didn't tell them they needed to post milk. All I said was contribute to the conversations.
I didn't post a theory, I posted his past history and how he acts in relationship cycles. He does this to every. single. girl before he leaves them. Has another lined up that's he's already been talking to on the side. I was posting that so Syd can see it. She needs to be told about herself. She can barely keep up the charade anymore. She mosts more negative things about him than postive things, doesn't hype up his music whatsoever, but dickrides Bert & Anthony Green literally every day with all the posts about their music, and now that Kyle dude.

No. 1361420

I agreeee. I really think Sydney is so chemically imbalanced and needs medication, the anger isn’t out of trauma or environment, it’s painfully obviously a symptom that can be alleviated. She needs therapy and a better psychiatrist but she needs a lot of things she won’t do and has never tried, probably because she’s so imbalanced her brain is not functioning for her to understand. She’s not even a good singer and the choices she makes to justify that it’s for her “career” is so delusional, that’s not even groupie reasoning, they just want to fuck. She wants to sing but she needs to destroy her way through Jonny to get there? Make it make sense. He would have recorded with her for some drugs or a blowjob and some pictures he could post to emotionally abuse taylor, why is she doing this thinking he’s not waiting for the perfect time to discard and abandon her?

No. 1361450

This is true. If she was such a great singer her man would have boosted her up by now. He’s always posting selfies of her hyping her up after im guessing they had a fight of some kind. When they’re doing good is when he seems to post the more unflattering pics of her, I noticed. Also when he will post inappropriate pics of her. But he won’t post her singing? He’s got a lot of people in the industry following him. If he really wanted to help her with her music career she could. But her mind for a career is dead set stuck on being a merch slinger while making embarrassingly shit tier “art”. Neither of those things are gonna provide her income, watch. And that’s not a STEADY income.

No. 1361600

Antonyms: pleasant, kind