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No. 1426051

Thread #10

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Last Thread

The basic rundown:
> jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse toward several of his exes - pretty much any woman he comes into contact with he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
> most recently dated and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
> after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
> enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall/minnieskins. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
> since syd got pregnant there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, most of it not related enough to TND to post in her thread
> syd gave birth. this is a containment thread so people stop bitching about people posting Jonny/syd in the TND thread

Old milk:
>syd starts a gofundme for "personal situations" >>1234541, >>1234881 but it seems to be going towards hair and lash extensions >>1244430 and amanda shows up on the donations >>1242157
> Jonny goes to jail for domestic violence >>1088190 and pleads guilty his last court date was feb 1st at 9am >>1090762
> >>1090779 Storm has unknown surgery but syd doesnt say anything and Jonny barely acknowledges it >>1091369
> Jonny contracts cellulitis and ends up being admitted to the hospital most likely caused by IV heroin use >>1107260, >>1107262
> Jonny posts two disturbing but typical (for him) videos to his instagram stories: one where he shows Syd’s bare but and then grabs it >>1109832 it’s also noted she has a mysterious and large bruise on her leg in a generally hard to bruise area >>1110293. Audio in second vid (which was of Storm with camera inches away from him as baby lays on bed) reveals a clearly super high Jonny slurring and unable to hold the camera steady >>1110163
> syd vagueposts about someone (Jonny) cheating with someone you know. That someone posts in the thread revealing screenshots of Instagram DMs with Jonny and Syd >>1318548,Syd who accuses anon of cheating with Jonny for flirting on Instagram with Jonny and allegedly calls the cops on anon. Anon says she's known Syd since high school. In the screenshots Syd calls Jonny a waste,a fat junkie, says she'll show the conversation to Taylor so that she'll ruin anon's life, threatens anon. Syd doxxes anon on Instagram.
> anon posts more screenshots, looks like she was carrying the convo with Jonny. Syd sends anon a video of Jonny wasted. >>1319574 Turtle Mom ends up leaking the video >>1320319 and says she'll go the TX shows to expose Jonny with flyers, never does.
> tour starts, Jonny doesn't know the lyrics to his own songs so he's reading them off his phone. >>1322793
> syd goes on stage to hug Jonny and makes sure everyone know he has a kid whenever he looks in the direction of a woman >>1320416, >>1320417 She also keeps complaining about how hard working at the merch table is.
> jonny proposes to Syd again >>1332845, >>1333002 at a concert with the same ring.
> syd makes her Instagram account public
>syd, jonny, and the rest of their crew get awful matching tour tattoos >>1336731
>anon posts screenshots from cps that imply storm is not in their custody >>1338649 and Syd continues to confirm this by only posting a photo of them in a public setting >>1346847
>jonny goes radio silent on social media while syd's instagram use only increases, presumably because jonny is in rehab
>syd buys herself an iPad and starts to vague post about a new project >>1346549, >>1363620 eventually announces a date she will announce the project >>1366535
but does not announce anything.
>syd and jonny lovebomb announcing they have chosen a date for their wedding, 11/11/22 >>1367393, >>1367396
>syd spergs out about a fake jonny profile >>1372049, >>1372050, >>1372054
>syd and jonny traumatize us all with TMI about their (likely nonexistent) sex life >>1372165 and anon adds insult to injury >>1372206
>surprising nobody, anon finds jonny on tinder >>1372864 syd responds >>1374232
>surprising nobody, anon finds jonny on tinder >>1372864 syd responds >>1374232
>syd still trying to keep up the facade of being a parent >>1373001, >>1376986, >>1388466, >>1390689, >>1391059, >>1392428, >>1393204
>more information is found about the courtcase that likely caused JC and syd to lose custody >>1373075, >>1373156, >>1373401, >>1373420, and a previous DV case involving syd >>1373487
>syd flirts with lolbro >>1373616, >>1374083, >>1374084
>syd is alone on thanksgiving, trying to seem unbothered >>1375878 while jonny enjoys his rehab/sober living slop >>1375941 more sober living shots: >>1376927, >>1401281, >>1401284
>sydsosneaky visits storm at her mom's house for xmas >>1401841, >>1401842, and shows a picture of jonny with storm from last xmas, since he's away in sober living >>1401843
>syd is reading the thread >>1402818, >>1402823, >>1402826, >>1402828
>a fan comforts jonny about the death of a friend, causing syd to go on a sperg about him cheating >>1406759, >>1406761
>anon helps us ring in the new year by providing us with screenshots… sydsosmart gets caught cheating! and this message also proves that they lost custody of storm. >>1407044, >>1407062, >>1407070

New milk:
>jonny and syd vagueposting, hinting at a breakup >>1407170, >>1407172, >>1407171, >>1407167
>syd psychotically harasses she-who-will-not-be-named >>1407204, >>1407205, >>1407217, >>1407235
>more screenshots of syd cheating are released >>1407243, >>1407258
>sticking to her usual groupie tendencies, it's this guy >>1407304
>he is an abuser (shocking) >>1407340
>syd harasses band-dude's ex-gf >>1407393
>jonny will be out of rehab/sober living soon >>1408154, >>1408168
>jonny wants a puppy >>1408355, >>1408449
>syd lovebombs JC >>1408808, >>1408891, >>1410001, >>1410002, >>1410776, >>1412175
>jonny begins the process of removing all signs of syd/storm off of his instagram >>1408893, >>1415883
>syd gets a tattoo pen, the outcome is just as awful as one would expect >>1409121, >>1409547, 1411772
>jonny is over syd >>1412293, but syd isn't over jonny >>1412296
>jonny is on the prowl for a new girl >>1414061, >>1417679, >>1419177, >>1419188, >>1419932
>syd goes quiet, leaving anons to speculate if she's been banned on instagram for harassment. she has been liking clothes on poshmark >>1421811
>syd is (unsurprisngly) back, posts videos of herself and "friends" watching some shitty emo cover band >>1424827
>have this terrible twosome finally broken it off? probably! grab some popcorn and enjoy the next installment of this trainwreck

Previous threads:
1: >>>/snow/987337
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9: >>>/snow/1407141

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No. 1426068

Thank you

No. 1426069

thanks for the new thread nonnie! i really wanna know where ppl who support either of them think storm is at. i mean clearly not with either of them… yikesssss

No. 1426079

SydSoSwol (Sydney English) and FatBoiPimpin’ Jonny Craig both got so chunky and busted up for a baby they couldn’t even keep. sad!

No. 1426088

File: 1643087912862.jpg (208.06 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20220124-231728_Sam…)

The way she tries to eye fuck the camera while singing to Avril. She really thinks she's hot shit.

No. 1426169

Of course she knows all the words to an Avril Lavigne song, like any good poser stuck in the early aughts

No. 1426172

She's really trying to eyefuck ol Jonny so he realizes how "unbothered" she is so he'll regret leaving her

No. 1426243

Did anyone screen record this?

No. 1426352

omg she’s looking like abby brown

No. 1426382

Lol imagine if Jonny went out drinking and singing with random girls in a video like she did with dudes. She’d freak out

No. 1426414

I did take a few recordings of the live but it’s laggy and idk how to upload. Never posted here

No. 1426450

She’s trying so hard it hurts 2 watch

No. 1426541

Nailed it. She totally looks like abby brown's scene phases with the manic piercings, tattoos and hair dye jobs straight out of 2010 kek. Pretty sad that Sydney seems more unstable than abby too.

No. 1426600


Convert to WEBM format. Download it to your phone.
Upload here.
[Write "sage" in email section if not milk/ not sure if it is or isn't milk]

I think we need to add this info at the top after all the milk summary from now on. And a disclaimer for all the iPhone anons that they just can't see it because Apple sucks/ use desktop version on their phone/ try Chrome.
Every thread people ask this.

No. 1426616

File: 1643143503567.png (3.13 MB, 750x1334, 541B4933-D516-44F9-8A6E-2D9DC8…)

Begging for relevancy again

No. 1426679

God the way he speaks and writes is just so painful,
The academic in me simply curls up in a ball and cries with these two. Following these two is truly like watching two rabid monkeys Duke it out on a nature documentary, but better because at least a monkey is supposed to act like a monkey.

No. 1426870

File: 1643158585959.jpeg (258.09 KB, 1170x1809, 8478F57E-C3BA-419C-8790-EEACBC…)

Big time. Shit like raping people, physical abuse, emotional manipulation, getting people hooked on opiates, child abandonment, scamming people out of their money… you can’t do that shit. Yet here we are. A+ flex 10/10

No. 1426873

The intermittent silence from syd is such a treat. I didn’t think she could last this long, but JC gets outa rehab now, yeah?
Any bets on what’s gonna happen when he gets home?
>breakup saga bets
>police involved?
>heartbroken on Valentines Day
>syd flips out and exposes him for more bs

No. 1426874

>>1426870 god he’s so pathetically stunted at age 14 and so is Syd

No. 1426881

Idk but after he posted that pic of the kid with a donut yesterday that looked recent it made me wonder if Syd is sending him pics of him to try to guilt him into staying with her. Still think she’s behind the scenes begging him to make things work.

No. 1426890

I guess he couldn't find a new girlfriend in time for his release.. or else he woulda been flexin the shit outta that living arrangement + making sydsojealous

No. 1426925

Syds gotta keep up the “image” for how many followers? Kek. I’m sure a kid would love to grow up with terrible parents fighting and cheating on each other.

No. 1426927

None of the insta thots want him lmaooooo

No. 1426972

File: 1643163651283.jpeg (755.46 KB, 3464x1698, E9C167F1-AB7B-4E95-8345-690692…)

Today’s the day he’s out of rehab and it looks like he couldn’t find a girlfriend to leech off of in time so went with one of his buddies, joe instead.

No. 1426978

I know it's unlikely cause of all the content Taylor has made about Jonny being abusive and all that but I wouldn't be surprised if they get back together. Especially if he's still not going back to Syd. That would be such a shitshow. She talks about him constantly, even now, so you know she keeps up with what he's doing. She would lose what's left of her 'career' though.

No. 1426992

Taylor and Jonny “sober saga” incoming, where Tay insists everyone is capable of change and they make one another better because the drugs were the true problem.

No. 1427009

I don’t think he’d go back to her at this point even if she was on board because she’s broke now and considerably less attractive. Nothing for him to gain there.

No. 1427011

Trying to remember if this is his buddy that Syd posted about forever ago saying they’re a terrible person. If it is she must be extra salty that he’s spending his time with him now.

No. 1427016

Yeah, not even he’s dumb enough to take her back. Current tnd is a busted unemployed mess with no aspirations or appealing qualities. It’s depressing that her Jonny era was her peak, she was making bankk and was still attractive back then.

No. 1427046

As if internet money would ever want anything to do with him LOL

No. 1427047

Tinfoil that Taylor announced getting off subs to somehow silently communicate to Jonny that she’s a “sober safe space” or to prep her followers in case she does get back with him and they can both have the excuse they went through treatment. But i get a feeling even Jonny isn’t desperate enough to go back to a greasy, gingivitis, body-odor ridden loser; he’d opt for syd and her crazy baby mama drama cause at least she probably doesn’t smell like a decaying diabetic foot. It’s obv Taylor dean has wanted his attention despite eXpOsInG him… notice her entire persona/image changed since their breakup. Even when they were dating she wasn’t this big of a scene queen wannabe. It’s just weird to notice that

No. 1427048

Also, she’s broke as a joke

No. 1427052

This is him. I don’t have the pic from one of the older threads but it’s in there. Hahaha this is great

No. 1427054

I spoke too soon! Sorry for echoing what anon said haha realistic minds think alike

No. 1427059

Taylor hasn’t uploaded her video yet because she’s too busy refreshing her own thread as well as this thread.

No. 1427062

>this that good good

????? the drugs must’ve fucked his brain up so hard he’s degenerating to toddler-level communication

No. 1427065

"that good good" is pretty common slang in the US tbh. it just means that good shit and was originally used to describe drugs before its meaning broadened. not wking Jonny but The More You Know and all that

No. 1427118

File: 1643174819470.png (3.28 MB, 828x1792, BBB7F87F-0D29-4301-A397-E5FBAE…)

Big boi pimpin is lookin big boi ROUGH

Tinfoil but what if part of the reason he’s never lived alone is because he’s not a citizen and can’t sign for an apartment on his own??

No. 1427127

I think just his bad credit alone is the answer and all his bills like when he’s been hospitalized he’s never paid.
When have you know Jonny to pay his bills?

No. 1427133

I guess now I kinda wish he was wearing that knitted condom hat so that we wouldn't have to look at his tired-ass mug

No. 1427370

He looks high. Not saying he relapsed on opiates necessarily, but he’s definitely drunk or high on something in this video.

Tinfoil but rehab was probably court ordered and not his choice, so I’m pretty sure he’s not too motivated to stay clean.

No. 1427488

Sydney, if you’re out there, I am begging you, please delete that shit from your bio, it’s killing me. Seriously, BBP has left rehab, he’s with his bOyZ, hasn’t mentioned you, isn’t with you, it’s…just…please.

No. 1427494

KEK. Let’s sell merch shirts and set up the proceeds solely for storms future

No. 1427496

Imagine how fucking funny it would be to start a trust fund for the kid via lolcow

No. 1427501

The TROLLS are PREDATORS who are STALKING my child! They even set up a TRUST FUND for him so he can have the life I won’t give him!!!

No. 1427519

Tinfoil: Big Boi Pimpin and Sydney Abby Brown are actually still technically together kek

No. 1427526

Haven’t lurked here in a long time, but that thread pic is gold. I died. I gotta catch up.

No. 1427551

Most likely bad credit from having a large debt to available credit ratio since medical bills only temporarily drop your credit. To keep it down he must have done his usual hood rich shit and continued abusing those maxed out credit cards and taken out more to max out.

No. 1427553

They don't court order you to go to rehab for domestic disputes, only for drug felonies.

No. 1427560

Not funny at all since there's no reason why we should fund an adult just because his parents were losers. And I wouldn't be surprised if the kid takes after his Daddy and gets into addiction and then SidSoStumpy will really cry about anons ruining the life of Jonny Jr by preventing him from learning the value of money AND funding his drugs.
Instead of "imagine how fucking funny" you should've started your comment with "imagine how fucking stupid".

No. 1427564

Honest question: Are tinfoils supposed to be overtly wrong? The majority of tinfoils are clearly wrong and not well thought out or even in the realm of possibility usually (although I can tell >>1427519 is a joke)

No. 1427573

>Thanks for ruining me not being able to provide for my son for me and my son

No. 1427574


gosh, face masks under the nose looks so stupid… I can't, I don't know why but I'd rathjer see people without masks than seeing people who act like they don't breath out of their nose too…

No. 1427589

Damn, you really took that to heart.

It would be funny.
Don't be so serious you're on a internet gossip forum ffs

No. 1427604

They're called tinfoils bc they're very out-there theories. So, kinda, yeah

No. 1427613

It kinda depends, tinfoils are theories based on no facts and a lot of speculation. Sometimes the more tame tinfoils actually prove to be true. For the longest time storm being taken was a tf before it was confirmed through the court cases and syds thirsty texts.

No. 1427616

I mean, for these 2 morons I’d believe that they don’t breathe through their noses fucking mouth-breathers

No. 1427635

Yea Jonny looks like he likely struggles to breathe through his nose from all that bloat kek
Probably sounding like a beach ball when you squeeze the air out.

No. 1427654

Who wants to get this going I will definitely donate!!! He will need our help cause we know bigboi won’t have anything to support storm with after shows and fent.

No. 1427655

Speaking of tinfoils, there’s the tiniest part of me that thinks they might still be together for the sake of their kid, trying to do the right thing (in their eyes) and win back custody. My tinfoil is he’s distanced himself publicly from her, told her to sort her shit out and stay off social media, then maybe they’ll get back together properly and get the kid back. Hence her last stories saying
>this is the last time I’ll be on social media for a while

No. 1427664

>Inb4 the money still goes to sydsolazy

No. 1427689

I also think this is a possibility. She still has access to her social media so her not scrubbing her page of him is suspicious. If he dumped her I would think she would at least remove his name from her bio. On the other hand she has a past of pretending everything is okay when it’s not so she could just be keeping everything up to save face, the same way she plays pretends that she still has her kid.

No. 1427699

Maybe there’s a way to give the grandma control so that it doesn’t go through syd.

No. 1427761

There are trusts that cover certain allocated expenses, can can be managed by a 3rd party. I would totally sell shirts and in return give the profits to the grandma/Storm.

No. 1427803

I'd buy one. Please make a "Big Boi Pimpin" shirt kek

No. 1427815

I’ll work on it right now. Thinking 90s rap lettering in an arch on the back

No. 1427828

You guys are really so invested in the life of a cow's kid that you're going to get a lawyer specializing in trusts to draw up documents and get them notarized, then contact the heifer's mom to ask if she'll be the trustee for the less than $100 made from shirts mocking the kid's douchey dad?
Sounds like a great plan to help the kid buy his first bag of fetty to do with dad when he turns 21 if it somehow manages to not make it into the greedy paws of SydSoBroke

No. 1427831

No I don’t actually think it’s going to work out but fuck anon you need to grow a sense of humor.

No. 1427833

The Spawn of Jon will surely live a great life from the sale of 5 t-shirts!

No. 1427840

Ayrt and I really don't give a fuck about anything that came from Syd's sperm Bank septic tank
I find it funny that some anons care about this kid so much that they got butthurt over the shirt from the thread pic.

No. 1427842

You know aome anons would really pay money out of their own pocket to try to help this pOoR child like it's a charity case. That's not funny, just pathetic.

No. 1427843

Kek they'll probably be as crafty as something syd and jonny would design. Goodwills and landfills dont need jonny craig lolcow merch. I know storm never asked to be born, but I'm sure he's fine with sydney's mom raising him. It's not like he's suffering in a closet somewhere. Feels stupid to raise money for sydney's mistakes after talking shit all day. Why would she need to do better for her kid when anons wanna support him kek. Seems like narcissistic white knighting

No. 1427863

It's literally the most crackhead thing I've heard on lolcow and it's sucking the oxygen out of this thread because it's cringey and weird. Of the twelve of us who check this thread and and talk shit, two people are bleeding heart and cringe enough to buy a dumb meme shirt.

The two of you, whoever you are, should just kick twenty five bucks to your nearest domestic violence shelter and call it a day.

No. 1427870

So the other 10 can’t take a joke?

No. 1427881

Nayrt but I thought it was a funny joke until >>1427815 started talking about actually doing it. That’s weird, invasive, and breaks like the biggest rule on the website, don’t interact with the cows. Their kids life is none of our business and getting that involved is creepy.

No. 1427892

I took >>1427815 as more meaning as just for a pic we can laugh at in this thread? Surely no one would actually make a trust fund or donate to this car crash. Idk I just read everything here as a pisstake tho. It’s all fun and games here lads let’s not get our knickers in a twist

No. 1427913

A joke? On the internet? Never.

No. 1427979

I agree with you, however anons have admitted to giving money to jonny for storm in the past lol

No. 1427985

File: 1643254918718.png (887.96 KB, 750x1334, 03C06F44-4680-42EB-BF87-67A663…)

$150? Oh he BIG boi pimpin tonight

No. 1427987

File: 1643254993248.png (3.34 MB, 750x1334, 79B003B8-E7D5-4E50-86A0-915837…)

Also does this look like the shitty Amazon shelf & wall tv setup we have seen in the apartment?

No. 1428030

I know this isn’t her thread but my tinfoil is similar, she dyed her hair dark after her brief Halloween clown look. Kinda odd she’d do that after talking about wanting to go back to blonde for months… oh wait, what was BBP’s type again? Dark haired alt girls? Very strange isn’t it

No. 1428072

A lot of money transactions in those emails.

No. 1428073

Why does he use a POC emoji?? Is he a reverse Clayton Bigsby?

No. 1428074

File: 1643266055519.jpeg (175.81 KB, 967x1832, CBE683C2-86DB-413C-91A1-2C77E3…)

It’s his sac apartment

No. 1428086

Yeah that’s definitely the same apartment, I wonder if skid still lives there? This is getting weirder everyday.

No. 1428094

so true bestie

No. 1428096

He’s giving me the same second hand embarrassment I got from Westwood in pimp my ride back in the day

No. 1428103

well the last skid sighting was in San Jose (not 100% confirmed tho) — it would make sense if she’s still w her mom.
And isn’t her birthday coming up? Poor empathic genius, spending it without her “soulmate” who def forgot she even exists

No. 1428243

So if she’s been at her moms, I’m curious, did she leave all the animals alone?

No. 1428252

Dude doesn't know about system recovery, where you can reset everything to factory settings lol waste of 150

No. 1428265

Pls sage (write “sage” in email field)

No. 1428287

Haha yes nona. Me too. Would Amerifags even get this reference? You nailed it.

I think she’s gone to her moms with the animals. He’s told her to GTFO. I suspect she’s been living on BBPs dime the entire time, whether that’s state funded or his own meagre royalties. She’s been booted out, let’s face it. Embarrassing that that’s the only way anyone could get her to be with her son.

Thank fuck someone said it.

No. 1428407

there are so many transactions confirmations in those emails, how dumb is he

No. 1428490

I think that should be her new name

No. 1428538

I think she's there. He's flexing that BBP life and can't let everyone know he's cool with staying shacked up with his busted, cheating stump of a baby mom. Plus, she's too much of a histrionic headcase to have the self-control required not to reflexively stunt about how good of a time she's having as a Single Independent Woman

No. 1428625

Holy shit you just unlocked a core memory, that’s exactly it! God my spine is curling remembering his fkn… everything. Urghh. Tim Westwood but cut him in half and the festering wound is BBP’s face
Cringe all round

No. 1429018

File: 1643344051321.png (513.6 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20220127-212434.png)

Girl who Syd tagged in stories during her emo blowout this week now reports having covid in her stories. Good thing they were masked n spaced apart n not singing loudly or anything of the sort.

No. 1429025

File: 1643345143442.jpeg (102.34 KB, 871x828, FC78B165-380B-4337-A9E5-665F9B…)

Lol by the sounds of this it seems like this Sam idiot had COVID and then went to a concert thinking it was just flu. Skidney was practically kissing her so she probably also has it now. At least we know If BBP gets COVID then they’re still together.

No. 1429027

He had COVID in rehab like two weeks ago so he won’t get it from her

No. 1429046

Big boi blimpin

No. 1429054

Maybe it was a really wild night. Domestic dispute plus drug felonies.

No. 1429095

….do you think once you get Covid you can’t get it again?

No. 1429105

Oh you’re right, I must’ve skipped over that last thread.
No you can get it again, but natural antibodies that you get from having COVID last at least 3 months according to the most up to date studies so he probably won’t get it again so soon.

No. 1429151

I hope she’s not living with her mom again and around Storm then. Remember all their posting about him being sick or having health issues? That would really suck if the kiddo ended up getting COVID and potentially having a really rough time because his dumbass mom can’t get her priorities straight and thinks she’s 15 still.

No. 1429155

No. 1429512

File: 1643405203717.png (4.32 MB, 828x1792, 74E6269B-F468-4ABD-A07F-29F66F…)

Without being able to see his face this looks like the body of middle aged man trying to dress cool and failing. The red bandana in the pocket is the cherry on top the douchebag cake.

No. 1429516

Apartment still empty tho

No. 1429529


It’s so cringe to me that there’s always just shit laying around that shouldn’t be. At least put your sunglasses on a fucking counter? You can tell it’s a decently modern apartment but the sheer laziness still makes it look like a crack den.

No. 1429532

>without being able to see his face this looks like the body of middle aged man trying to dress cool and failing
and that's literally what this is lmfao

No. 1429553

His excessively long shirts and high tops make it look like his torso is twice as long as his legs

No. 1429558

File: 1643409871253.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1170x1944, D3283519-6A9D-4F1E-8870-29C4B0…)

I wonder how many times he retook the pic to get his precious “LV” in the shot.
Also…does he know he can just brush the hair off the shoes w his hand or…?

No. 1429570

He literally IS a middle aged man trying to dress cool and get face tats likea soundcloud rapper lol

No. 1429578

They way he cradles his big old guts like a pregnant women is sending me kek

No. 1429620

He’s 35 but I wouldn’t question it if someone told me he was in his late 40s. He needs to learn to dress his age, dressing like you shop in the men’s section at forever 21 is not the flex he thinks it is.

No. 1429723

Pig goiter limpin

No. 1429728

Malignant goiter chimpin works for this too. Idk what a goiter is but this has like max goiter energy I’m sure of it
Big soy wimpin and I’m done ok

Also when is Jonny due or is that just lower goiter

No. 1429733

> Idk what a goiter is but this has like max goiter energy I’m sure of it
Thanks for the laugh anon. It’s an enlarged or swollen thyroid gland.

No. 1429738

I am legit laughing-crying at work, thanks anon

No. 1429780

This comment is a literal gift. Max goiter energy has me dead and I will now use this in daily life.

No. 1429932


Those swollen hands! Has his hands always been swollen? Was he just born with blown glove hands? Because if not, that is really worrisome.

No. 1429954

File: 1643456656633.png (295.99 KB, 1454x914, big boi booty pimpin.png)

kek seems accurate

No. 1429963

Anon you slay me. Thanks for the laugh. Some gems in here.

Isn’t that just ex junkie mitt.

Apropos of nothing other than wtaf were you thinking, Skid, what the actual fuck were you thinking when you left the house looking like this, or even just looked like this at all? I can’t get over it, and it’s been our new thread pic for at least four days.

No. 1430055

Told y'all Jonny is bi. Taylor is trans. He's a total fruitloop. See it now?

No. 1430141

File: 1643480822386.jpg (80.64 KB, 720x1280, 272784675_3160071287608566_254…)

Jonny hasn't done a single 'very hard' thing in his life. He's full of delusions, grandiosity, and excuses. I can't wait until the "well if everyone says I'm using then I might as well do it" arc of 2022.

No. 1430181

>I am proof this is possible

You’ve been sober for 2 months BBP sit down pls

No. 1430187

WHY is everything a fucking “flex” to this guy?? Can he not do anything without expecting everyone to be impressed with him? What’s next? Feed myself flexxxxxx? Wipe my own ass flexxxxx?

No. 1430203

I don’t wanna blog or whatever it’s called but I’m in recovery and I can tell you this guy is not going to stay sober. Not only with the stupid ass horrible ideas like this that go completely against what he must have learned about in any program he’s been in, but all of the memes he posts making a joke out of recovery. He’s a horrible example for any fans he has that are also working on recovery. But what can you expect from a peice of crap like him?

No. 1430207

Christ, I'm old, red rag used to mean auto mechanic. Wowie.

No. 1430243

Nah when he dyed his hair blonde he sold his soul and started pegging/getting pegged by Colin (flaming f*g) and the Slaves logo and merch has reeked of Freemason vibes for awhile. You don't get ANYWHERE in the industry without taking it up the ass and trust me they bottomed up.(take your meds)

No. 1430260

File: 1643490602986.jpeg (525.42 KB, 3451x2479, FF13361B-CAF8-4219-815B-347540…)

last night he posted about how much he appreciates his bros and this >>1429954 post was all I could think about lol.

No. 1430272

Is no one concerned about this anon? Kek.

No. 1430288

hankie code is pretty old (80s / 90s), it's just seeing a resurgence now

No. 1430294

(Don’t make eye contact )

No. 1430301

>jonny says that he can stay sober around people who are on drugs
>has posted nothing but sketchy parties since leaving rehab
Lol reminds me of Taylors shit tbh. He's on drugs. Bare minimum there's booze and weed in this picture, if they're not stupid drug addicts they're keeping harder stuff out of photos.

No. 1430327

File: 1643495953676.jpeg (159.52 KB, 567x1036, 3B89362E-91EA-4956-BF28-3C0D43…)

Not wking but I’m not sure what parties you’re referring to,did I miss something? he’s in a backyard with 2 other people and went out to get sushi a few days ago. His friends are even commending him for not drinking. I honestly think he’s fresh enough out of rehab that he currently is still sober. Who knows how long it will last though.

No. 1430421

I’ve always known a red bandana to be a gang (Bloods) sign. He’s always posting dumb shit referencing the Bloods gang like he’s actually a part of it

No. 1430466

His son is a QUARTER BLACK (lmao) remember? BBP is most definitely a part of the blood gang /s

No. 1430477

In most places besides a gay club, red bandanas mean you're a Blood.
Since Jonny is in Sacto, I'm hoping he gets jumped by Crips. There's a reason why most hardcore kids know to wear black or gray bandannas, not red or blue.

No. 1430514

File: 1643512714268.jpg (18.07 KB, 400x400, DrV6Axxu_400x400.jpg)


No. 1430519

File: 1643513465231.jpeg (109.75 KB, 828x1448, 607FDC14-56EF-4692-AA40-FEA2FC…)

Flexxxxxxx those red lady nails Jonny

No. 1430524

KEK If I didn’t know how retarded he was I would think this was fake. I can’t decide what’s funnier, the thought of him going to a nail salon or the thought of him sitting in his apartment painting his nails by himself.

No. 1430543

Even his fingers have goiters

No. 1430550

Pretty sure today was skid’s birthday. Kek… no birthday shoutout from her fiancé or any sign that they’re with each other. Lolz

No. 1430565

It’s literally all the poor bastard wants, don’t do it

No. 1430578

File: 1643526125278.jpeg (428.25 KB, 750x976, 830FAD0A-F70B-4FB6-8E16-48C992…)

Lol she’s so pathetic and looks so gross here

No. 1430597

I really want to know what did jonny do to keep her in check for so long?? Money? Threathen to stop fighting custody for storm? JC has blackmail material on her?! I would like to know like I feel it has to be huge in order for her to be so quiet for so long, she also stopped posting 10 memes per day which is the sus part

No. 1430607

You really don't see how clearly embarrassed the bitch is and doesn't want to admit anything to the tRoLlS?!

No. 1430638

I cannot believe she's younger than me

No. 1430701

NTA but I dont think syd knows what embarrassment really is given her track record of publicly harassing other women. And still openly attack/message the girl that exposed her on her secret affair.

No. 1430707

What an ugly mug kek no wonder she attacks any girl Jonny interacts with, they’re all so much prettier than her

No. 1430720

Idk what’s more pathetic, her having a birthday wish of jonny taking her back or the fact she still won’t take him out of her bio when it seems she just admitted he left her. Does she think posting a bunch of selfies of herself looking miserable is gonna work?

No. 1430727

No emotions in those eyes. Chick is straight up a serial killer.

No. 1430762

I’m sure her speshul birthday wish is to have Jonny back. Not to have her own child back. I know we’ve long established Syd would pick the sausage finger junkie over her flesh and blood son any day of the week, but for some reason this time is a little extra nauseating.

No. 1430783

>>1430578 her lips be looking extra dry and herpe like.

No. 1430799

File: 1643560524420.jpeg (247.86 KB, 1168x1989, 7C80FEC0-7F5B-407D-A842-751DD9…)

I just threw up my entire breakfast
When he creepily caresses his face bleh makes me fucking shudder ugh

No. 1430812

Can confirm they’re not together.

No. 1430813

The tongue did it for me. Instantly.

Yes nonnie. Was going to say this earlier. My bet is her wish on him having her back, not them being a family unit, or her being with her kid full time.

We need more than this, anon. Proof?

No. 1430818

He is so fucking gross I wouldn’t want to be in he same room, with his bbp nails and tongue; HARD PASS

No. 1430828

She’s really publicly begging for him back, how embarrassing. I get weird thinly veiled threat vibes from “praying the 20 somethings don’t kill me”
This video was painful to watch.

No. 1430833

When he tries to be “sensuous” it makes my vagina clamp shut and i’m 2,000 away from him. I bet he smells like funk too.

No. 1430841

One of her eyes is messed up from the beauty filter. If she already looks this fucked with bloated face, dirty shirt and crusty lips under a filter ai can't imagine what she looks like irl. Oh the karma.

No. 1430850

Ok nonny we’re going to need some context

No. 1430884

File: 1643569119325.jpeg (182.38 KB, 750x842, 0FDA951B-81D1-41C9-8DAD-4D0887…)


No. 1430887

lmao nice. happy birthday syd!!!

No. 1430889

So we were right. She’s been dumped and refuses to change her bio. Crazy thing is, she only wants to get back with him cause her BPD ass won’t take no for an answer. This is her chance to make something of herself, with her kid, but still she wants the BBP, or as she likes to call him, the Fat Junkie. As soon as they got back together she’d start acting like a psycho again. Rinse and repeat.

No. 1430905

Is this on Instagram? My Instagram dms don’t show up as purple like this so I’m a little skeptical. I could be wrong though.

No. 1430908

Yea it is. You can change the colors in your settings.

No. 1430911

Oh I had no idea! Well when you’re wrong you’re wrong. I’m happy we have confirmation that syd has been silent on IG because she can’t admit to anyone she got her ass dumped!

No. 1430922

No. 1430926

Thank you anon! Lmao ! Honestly the irony that JC dumped her for that. You guys think syd will leave quietly? I doubt

No. 1430927

The single dad life??!! Bussypimp you’ve posted the same photo of your kid with a donut twice in one week.. your Father of the Year trophy is in the mail (male..?) kek

No. 1430936

So she’s hiding in shame because she can’t admit she’s a piece of shit that cheated on the only person stupid enough to put a ring on a complete wackjob like herself. Her twisted BPD brain will always tell her this wasn’t her fault and she’s the victim even though SHE went out and slept with someone else. I’m tinfoiling that once she realizes she can’t rope him back in she’s going to take the TND route and cry abuse to try and spin things in her favour.

No. 1430938

I was just about to say that kek — not having custody of your child for 75% of its life, living in a whole other city than the child, and using the child as bait (…or a PROP if you will) for “single dad woe is me” sympathy points is NOT being a fucking parent. More like a glorified sperm donor.
No way in fucking hell would anyone w an ounce of sanity give him Storm to “parent” — BBP would prob feed him cider and paint his nails.

No. 1430957

File: 1643577068545.png (2.26 MB, 750x1334, 4FD98113-ECC0-4EC5-9A4B-F3B281…)

Flexin his cankles in that empty apartment

No. 1430963

deadbeat dad life is what he’s leading again

No. 1430964

I have come to hate them both equally after Sydney being the actual one who cheated after all that straight up bullshit, Jonny will never be a father or a dad period. I really don’t care what anyone could possibly say, there’s no justification for being violent towards Sydney in front of their kid and so early in his development. Take that shit outside the trailer at least. He does not give a single fuck about being sober or that child at all, they really do deserve each other but that kid is in the middle now. If either of them cared about literally anyone other than themselves, they would not have reproduced themselves or each other. If either of them weren’t lame as fuck and the most asexuality inducing people they could have been fucking adults and had a fun and fulfilling adults who are fucking fling, then kept it moving.

I still can’t get over the plot twist of her cheating and like incel simping over a woman beating actual scenie weenie man who is somehow in a preexisting relationship. I’m going to fill every inch of the room I am in with vomit I am so upset

No. 1430968

it’s quite obvious why she’s quiet besides total embarrassment. She wants Jonny back before the we own the night festival so that she can feel cool with her washed up ginger while also hunting for her next victim body odor ridden lolbro. ALSO she is terrified because she knows of all places for Jonny to find a desperate alt girl of his type would to be at that festival. Sydsosilent

No. 1430969

Jesus if she took out the piercings she’d look so much better. She looks so trashy and ugly

No. 1430983

Wow that’s wild she still has him in the bio like this never happened. That’s crazy

No. 1431005

Considering the quote she used before paying for her 1 wish, she's suicide baiting. She's wishing to die before she turns 30 like a proper codependent loser! 11.11.22! Our paaaattth…ological lying psycho!

No. 1431008

Does someone have a video to post or is it some new thing to post a screenshot only and talk like it's moving like a video? Stories disappear and it really is pointless to reference reactions to a video if no one mentioning it plans to upload and archive onto here.

No. 1431011

File: 1643582213328.jpg (535.6 KB, 673x2015, Screenshot_20220130-173539_Sam…)

She's trying to not show the pain to the tRoLlS, but the Sza lyrics she's surely been sobbing to say it all.

No. 1431012

File: 1643582251607.webm (2.09 MB, 720x1280, When he tries to be “sensuous”…)

Repulsive and too old to act like this (1/3)

No. 1431013

File: 1643582288528.jpg (89.57 KB, 640x1138, Idk what a goiter is but this …)

No. 1431014

File: 1643582411284.webm (3.09 MB, 720x1280, big boi blimpin’.webm)

How is he not embarrassed? (3/3)

No. 1431015

The fact you're interacting with Max Goiter Zenergy Boi is as chimpin as he is blimpin.
What kind of cow-tipping newfaggotry is this? We know they're not together. We don't need you to try to insert yourself for "verification" that only a few clueless anons were unclear of.

No. 1431017

Most of its knew, but some anons are stupid af and needed someone to break the rules and interact with cows.
Let shit play out if you're too stupid to read between the extremely clear lines.

No. 1431019

They truly belong together, they are as embarrassing as each other

No. 1431023

Aren't you concerned that he’s going to see you’ve shared your conversations here? On which case…do you have more to share? Would love to see it. Thanks.

No. 1431024

Has Jonny ever been the one to end a relationship? IIRC Chelsea broke up with him and when she was thinking of getting back together he had already monkey-branched to Taylor. Taylor let him down gently but still was the one who ended it. I’m less sure about Amanda but I think she dumped him because he was cheating with Chelsea? And IDK about Liz.

He’s so codependent that he drags out toxic relationships until every bit of love is gone and they leave. He must be so over Syd’s shit if he actually ended it.

No. 1431025

Lolcow is observe and report, not observe, insert self, and report what happened when you inserted yourself. Read the rules newfag.
Don't be surprised when you catch a ban for your blatant cow tip, just like the anon that told Jonny about Syd's cheating texts. This shit is cringey.

No. 1431026

Videos rarely work on mobile. Use your browser to view. Also obligatory "lurk moar" and "use context clues" because this has been addressed many times on this thread and many others.

No. 1431028

We Own the Night? Is there a festival of the movie or are you referring to the second When We Were Young festival that's happening in Vegas?

No. 1431031

If you lurked more you'd know all that's been posted until >>1431012
Were jpegs, not videos. I don't have a dumb iPhone so I can watch videos on here just fine.

No. 1431057

Liz left him too. This is definitely a first.

No. 1431081

HAHAHAHA my bad anon yes when we were young gosh

No. 1431094

What a joke “single dad” why doesn’t this poster who obviously talks to him (which is probably sterlings ex) ask BBP for all of us why their child was taken. Single dad wow!!

No. 1431097

Agree as everyone else here, the only person that told us to F off about cow tipping was sterlings the ex who posted the texts.

No. 1431120

No one here asked that anon to break any rules and message JC, they did it of their own volition. So I don’t know what you’re getting sassy about replying to me. Also ironic for you to say others are stupid when your first sentence doesn’t even make sense.

No. 1431123

He left Amanda for Chelsea actually. He went to do a show in Texas and posted a pic of him and Chelsea and another girl in bed together on Instagram with some caption basically to Amanda, effectively breaking up with her on Instagram in front of everyone. And she made a fool of herself for years afterward because of it lol

No. 1431129

Not to nitpick but JC messaged anon first

No. 1431166

This looks fake…

No. 1431173

It mostly looks fake since bbp does not talk like this. girl no way does he talk like this. Anon that posted has not provided anything else and seems like it’s to get back at sydsopsycho.

No. 1431176

NTA but it looks real to me. The chat bubbles start purple and turn more blue as you scroll down. You can see how the bottom bubble is starting to turn more blue.
I guess you could fake that if you really wanted to.

No. 1431179

File: 1643599854902.gif (1.2 MB, 410x308, E63FC5DE-3678-4004-AFF1-39C52B…)

Tf kind of life you got where that literal rapist wire fraud scammer of broken children and gaseous sack of shit is actually in it comfortably, and you’re just jerking him off to post on a random gossip board like you’re big goiter stinkin and not infectious by association. He’s not just a weird character, he is a straight up deadbeat dad twice over who is faking recovery for as long as he can get out of a domestic violence case, and lies about loving his son for instagram content. He would have a record for sexual crimes and battery but he and his friends intimidated the purposefully younger and unstable girls out of it, or they tried and shockingly the police don’t care. There is no stimulation on earth that can get these people to react positively, you do not need to contact them at all for any reason ever now or after grievous damage to every lobe of your brain. Wbk they broke up because the only person stupid enough to believe they were ever together is Sydney, who never stopped connoisseuing the expired dairy scented ears of men who hit women while wearing their jeans and having a tiny enough dick to not offend anyone. Why are you so chummy with these mole people, go to jail.

No. 1431185

File: 1643600014800.jpeg (14.53 KB, 680x253, 0C1D3DF5-8C05-4810-93E4-84117E…)

No. 1431187

No. 1431201

Wtf turtle mom is back and using again. What the actual f is all this?

No. 1431214

Nonnie touch some grass

No. 1431239

R u ok

No. 1431277

This was totally unnecessary. And we don't know what came before the "hi" from him especially because usually someone messaging you first will have a time stamp. No time stamp means there's recent messages before that you actually scrolled down from.
Don't interact with cows, especially since the interaction you felt the need to tell us about contained nothing milky that we didn't know.
Anons who "didn't know" ignored the obvious clues that he got out of rehab and started staying with friends and syd and him never mentioned each other again.

No. 1431280

Nta but it's obvious what anon is saying: don't interact with cows and stop being fake friends with cows (especially a loser like Jonny) just because you think it'll bring milk when you're just spoiling the milk.
The rules about not interacting with cows are in place for the same reason why those time machine movies say don't touch or interact with anything in the past so it doesn't affect the future.
Can we stop the embarrassing douchery of trying to name anons? Whether it is or isn't the person you're talking about, you're being annoying by thinking you're oUtIng someone

No. 1431293

Lmao if he doesn’t take her back by then maybe she can get some band to hire her for their merch table since she’s a ~merch mama~ now, lol her bio used to say “Available for tours: DM now” and it’s funny she took that off, probably realized no one is gonna hire her to sell their merch. But if they are done for good, which I hope, she is absolutely 100 percent gonna go for another band guy. Probably one that’s gonna be apart of that tour. Ugh, I can see her turning into a full blown psycho stalker like Amanda who wouldn’t shut up about Jonny on her Twitter for FOUR YEARS STRAIGHT. Skid’s psycho ass is definitely gonna try to weasel her way in to be part of that tour just to be near Jonny, I’m calling it right now.

No. 1431297

I agree. I don’t think she’s an ugly girl. Nothing she can do about the tattoos at this point, but if she took ALL of her facial piercings out, and actually had a cute hairstyle she would look decent. But she’s desperately trying to look like an alt scene queen for Jonny. She’s so desperate for him to find her attractive that she doesn’t even realize how much better she would look if she just simply took the piercings out and had a decent hairstyle. For fucks sake, she’s about to be 30 and this look is just NOT cute on her

No. 1431345

All you anons getting your panties twisted from anon chatting up with JC. Like shut the fuck up? Is him/her involvement with JC affecting you?? And you guys literally asked for proof and when anon posted the screenshots you are going gun-blazing about cow tipping. Go cry about it to someone else and let the rest of us enjoy the milk. Smh

No. 1431426

I’m confused about the cowtipping stuff, anon was asked for evidence and they delivered. You’re all saying it’s not milk, but actually this is the first PROOF we’ve had of BBP being single other than you all being sat on here speculating. So it’s milk to me at least. If anon messaged him first I’d get it, but that’s not what happened?

No. 1431471

File: 1643639782397.jpeg (141.73 KB, 749x830, E7841ECF-35ED-4457-AD04-F32BEF…)

Someone mentioned amanda so i had to check on her. She’s still at it and tai’s lame ass is too.

No. 1431482

Lol wow she should prob see a therapist to heal

No. 1431505

Love seeing someone awful get the karma they deserve. It’s funny how Skid thought she ever got one over on Taylor in the first place or could ever compete with her. Taylor will always be Jonny’s one true love and the one who got away because she was the only one who did heroin with him, which is the only thing he actually cares about in his life. That’s why all his songs are still clearly about her, even when he was engaged to Skid lol. She thought having his kid would keep him when I guess really she should’ve just picked up the needle. Sucks Storm had to get brought into this world as a pawn by his psycho mother.

No. 1431580

I really can’t understand these delusions. Thinking it’s somehow magically going to be different for them despite all these people advising them to stay away and being one google search away from all the info they need to say “fuuuuuck this”.

Hard to feel sorry for any of them.

No. 1431663

No. 1431702

I don’t get why you guys hate on Amanda. Like she was abused by Jonny. She was one of the first to really talk about it and she should. She should never have strangers telling her to stop over abuse(learn2sage)

No. 1431713

Because it’s been 10 years of the same thing. Over, and over again. The jokes are tired. But they are seemingly still a constant on her social media.

No. 1431730

but aren’t… you all… doing the same thing?

get off your high horse. you opened this thread every time you shit on the toilet or get a lunch break at work. there is no real difference in gossiping and shit talking vs. gossiping and shit talking anonymously, unless you consider the fact that we are all cowards hiding our identities behind a computer screen. the day you log off the jonny craig threads for good is the day you can expect amanda to stop posting about him.

No. 1431735

Yeahh. You might be as Delusional as Sydney.

No. 1431749

I’m happy to take a ban for this, but hi Amanda.

No. 1431761

sorry to disappoint but i have not and would not ever date jonny craig. i’m just calling out your own cow like hypocrisy.

No. 1431768

I wonder when BBP is picking up his backyard-bred dog that will prob end up in a shelter when he relapses. I’m calling it now, he’s gonna get that dog an LV collar instead of spending the money on nutritious food or vet checkups.

No. 1431781

Anyone else on his live rn
I spied some big boi pimp comments kek(sage)

No. 1431911

Is anyone else concerned about the rats they adopted….?

No. 1431925

Yes. I've also been wondering where they are.

No. 1431965

Kinda late to the question but jonny dumped chelsea when she cheated on him so its probably the one thing he wont put up with

No. 1431977

Of course not. All these grubby scrotes have no problems spinning plates but hell to pay if their woman sleeps with another dude and has the audacity to make him feel insecure.

No. 1432093


The irony, double standard and lack of self awareness is impressive.

No. 1432135

Exactly what I said days ago. Scrotes only care about themselves. He won’t give a shit about how he made her feel, or why she thought it necessary to hop on some other band dick. Yeah she’s a psycho, but BBP’s vile and has done the same and worse, but that won’t matter to him as he’s a scrote. He only cares about his image. He’s been cucked and that’s all that matters. Not the son or ‘family unit’, just how embarrassed he is. Despite being a serial cheater himself.

No. 1432146

They were truly perfect for each other tbh. Shame they had to bring a kid into it, poor little dude

No. 1432178

This is an image board newfag. If you can't figure out how to screenshot or screen record, don't reference it

No. 1432182

Did anyone notice that she deleted her poshmark? Maybe it's just me but her account doesn't show up anymore. She's seriously sitting at her newest place of residence acting like she's not online & trying to delete all accounts showing otherwise but watching this thread like a hawk trying to see what big boi pimpin is up to. kek Sydney, you should put this much effort into your CHILD that is quite literally at the age where he needs adult supervision. The one you abandoned that would have loved you unconditionally for a man that needed a warm flesh light & a roommate. But i guess you'll do everything except be a mother.

No. 1432184

I don't remember there ever being proof he cheated on syd.
Just because he cheated in the past or even cheated on Syd doesn't mean he should stay with her cheating ass. If he cheated on her, she could've left too, but she didn't want to be wEaK like "all the other bitches" and instead waited to be left. And her cheating was just the final straw I'm sure. She was always acting unhinged over her has-been talking to a girl while she was secretly fawning over a weird looking never-has-been. I'm glad he left her since Syd always had that smug mug over a literal loser that she demanded propose to her multiple times with the same ugly ring

No. 1432188

File: 1643733243086.png (3.03 MB, 750x1334, B7C2C009-8624-4E71-A38B-1A1F09…)


Looks life he officially moved out of their apartment

No. 1432189

Can anons stop going on and on about how she should go take care of Jonny Jr when grandma is caring for it and all of us know she's crazy and is bad for the mental well being of any child? She'd pull a Casey Anthony if she was left alone with a kid that would just remind her of what she doesn't have anymore… except she'd wait until 11:11 to kill the kid.

No. 1432190

Y he talking like Syd "such a humble and positive human" lmao

No. 1432191

Neither of them could afford to live there on their own so that makes sense

No. 1432215

Damn anon, you’re right. Through all the Sydsopsycho harassment of other instahoes, I don’t think there was ever any solid proof. Come to think of it, there’s no solid proof that Skid fucked that gawky looking lolbro. But there we are, we assumed Big Boi was looking for a way out, and he was handed it on a plate.
>wait for 11:11 to kill the kid
Kek anon you’re right. Honestly, even though she’s a malign force in the world, I hope she sorts her shit out and thinks about her kid now. Oh, and delete that fucking insta bio. Jesus.

No. 1432219

Lmao!! You need to be some kind of crazy for Jonny craig to willingly move out from your life so quickly. Welp which anon had bets that they are not gonna last till the wedding? I m still surprised they lasted THIS long

No. 1432224

She needs to delete her bio she looks crazy.

No. 1432231

Lmao anon she IS crazy. I want to see her tear jonny’s life apart tbh, she is still in that denying stage and its boring lmao. I do however pity the next girl that JC managed to trap, hope she doesn't get knocked up like skidsostupid

No. 1432236

No it’s pretty fucking creepy to be so desperate to stalk and post her poshmark but I know that’s unpopular opinion. The stuff they openly post on social media really is enough lmao. Like high key way too much but that’s why they’re here.

I wonder why Sydney isn’t “sweeping the manager at hot topic off his feet” now. Out of all the insane as fuck things she’s done to him, cheating really doesn’t make the top most ridiculous things but idk. Like she called him a fat junkie and told people to sTEAL HIM!!!!!NODONT STEAL HIM hE HAS A CHILD!!!! Why get off the ride now after tolerating all that and now they get to larp co parenting

No. 1432244

Question for you anons who have used lolcow longer than I have (these threads are what brought me here.) Now that these two have parted ways, assuming it’s for good, what will happen to this thread? Will it continue on for both of them or would we make seperate threads for each of them? Provided there is still milk from each of these cows, that is.

No. 1432285

File: 1643741755720.png (1.84 MB, 750x1334, 647F869B-7621-4F68-BE6A-A6E1E7…)

Can anybody translate what the fuck he is saying?

No. 1432287

pretty sure he's just saying this is a song he uses for vocal warm ups. nothing interesting.

No. 1432309

He didn’t move out he drove from Sac to Phoenix move his stuff back up to the apartment they both still live in.

No. 1432311

It’s the 1st of the month so it makes sense he would be out today. Kek his mattress and a box of things and a tv. Thriving flexxxx
This will make the court cases against them more interesting.

I think syd is hiding from the internet because she’s sleeping on someone’s couch and she can’t be at home with her mom because of court mandated reasons (CPS involvement). So if she shows she’s sleeping on a couch people will be like “where’s storm?! Why aren’t you with storm? What’s going on?!” And people will start asking questions she’s not ready to answer. I think this picture of JC moving will get people to ask questions tho.

No. 1432329


Being on Tinder while still with her is not considered cheating? I’d argue that it is, regardless of if it was successful or not.

No. 1432364

That makes more sense

No. 1432368

What makes you think he’s moving? If you followed his BBP Flex posts on IG and what’s been posted here his friend drove to Arizona to help him pick his stuff up.

No. 1432376

When people like Syd have a partner, she's actively thinking of how much "better" she can do. But when people like her get left, not her leaving for someone better, she just wallows in self pity and thinks of how she was bLindSidEd and how she's such a kind empath getting dicked over by the big bad meanies because of da trollzzz

No. 1432378

Pretty sure they weren't together and/or were definitely on the outs. Just because Syd kept lovebombing to pretend reality wasn't happening doesn’t mean they were together.
I'm sure Jon Bon Lonely still hasn't secured his first breakup bang yet even though they're done.

No. 1432421

To play devils advocate, we still don’t know if that was even a real tinder or not

No. 1432437

Ntayrt but I’m confused. Why would he be moving his mattress if he’s not moving like why was his mattress and other belongings in Arizona and not at his apartment in Sacramento where he lives? It really seems to me like he’s moving out of his apartment, probably because he can’t afford it on his own after the breakup.

No. 1432441

File: 1643755711891.jpeg (281.5 KB, 828x1433, 221A12F5-ED07-410E-AF52-7F52C6…)

Not to be rude I know you want your Tinfoil to be real but what are you not getting about he went to pick up his things from when they lived in AZ. See latest pic attached

No. 1432455

I’m not the anon you responded to but I’m also confused because I don’t recall them ever living in Arizona?

No. 1432462

also nta and also confused. johnny stayed there for a bit while he was recording, iirc, but i genuinely do not know why that pic would lead one to believe he's moving his stuff up to the apartment he and syd share(d). not to be rude or anything of course…

No. 1432468

I agree with you. In all the time I’ve been following this bloated piece of crap, I’ve seen him live in San Jose, Sacramento, Texas, Los Angeles, and I believe NY temporarily with his family? That last one may be wrong. A lot of people go to Arizona to record, including his ex band DGD, so you are correct there. I just don’t recall anytime recently, especially with Syd, them living in Arizona but I could be wrong of course and would welcome proof of this

No. 1432470

What do you mean he drove from sac to Phoenix to move his stuff into his apartment? His apartment is in Sac…

No. 1432474

he is clearly moving to arizona. he shouted out some people about a week before leaving rehab and talked about looking forward to living with the boyzzz and thanked them for being real ones. not sure if it was posted here but i peeped the guys he tagged and they were both from arizona.

it doesn’t take a high school diploma to put two and two together.. if his rehab is in sac and his old apartment is in sac, and sydney is out of the apartment back in san jose… the arizona guys drove out, picked him up, been staying in an air bnb or something with a fire pit, february 1 rolls around and they load up some sort of tour bus van with all the big stuff to move jonny back to arizona with them. it’s gonna be a bro road trip. watch.

it’s smart too cause chance of relapse is a lot higher if you hang around your old haunt. and jonny liked arizona when he would run and hide there while sydney was pregnant. i’m sure he might even have a girl lined up already. and yes, sydney is couch surfing. she is not allowed to live with storm. she doesn’t own anything but makeup and small teenager junk so of course he got the bed and the tv. all of storms things have never left grandmas house so of course we don’t see any of that.

No. 1432479

Thanks for this breakdown anon, I’m shit at retaining minor details so refreshers of place names and shit helps. Totally forgot about him fucking off to AZ when she was cooking daddy’s lil trap baby. I’m amazed and aghast they’ve dragged it all out this long, honestly.
Bets on them getting back together by “their” MaGiCaL patH of 11:11?

No. 1432486

No wonder she wants to an hero >>1431005 it's like she's living out some fucked up 2005 quizilla band dude fanfic. She checks this thread a lot too

No. 1432494

"What happens when the dough gets low?
Bitch, you ain't that fine, no way, no way, no way"

No. 1432510


No. 1432591

Yeah it’s pretty clear to everyone else he’s moving. I have no idea what these anons are talking about

No. 1432613

Obviously you don’t have your high school diploma. Those “bros” in the backyard fire pit live in Sac (I know I live in Sac) the one dude was in his rehab and the restaurant they ate at the night before is in downtown Sacramento. Also there is zero proof syd is couch surfing in San Jose where was the proof posted?

BBP NEVER said to his boys that he was looking forward to living with the boyzzz and also they were both NOT from arizona. He said he would be seeing them soon and they live in LA.
You are as delusional as syd?
(the arizona guys drove out, picked him up, been staying in an air bnb or something with a fire pit, february 1 rolls around and they load up some sort of tour bus van with all the big stuff to move jonny back to arizona with them. it’s gonna be a bro road trip. watch)?
Wtf are you on about? The dude that drove him to phoenix is the same dude that was driving syd so psycho and big boi around the time before the tour. In some moving truck. Go back and look through the posted pics.


No. 1432664

And your explanation for him moving a mattress is…?

No. 1432685

File: 1643779734510.png (5.22 MB, 1242x2688, 5DB9717C-DD0C-4B43-94A2-8FB2F6…)

shut the fuck up. he is going to arizona.

No. 1432696

That makes sense thank you, but then why have a kid if she’s still playing the field? I seriously can’t figure it out. I know Jonny wanted to see how far she would go for him because he’s left children before no problem, what the hell would Sydney get out of it? And why is she so fucking weird about casual sex/“groupies” who are people with a type, just like everyone else?
The way she maliciously blows the fuck up at random women online who she has never met calling them uNGODLY FORNICATING WHORES, when she’s dickshopping with a toddler she doesn’t even have and lovebombing her “fat junkie forever”, while having no discernible skill or talent besides letting a man she hates use her womb and accurately call her dumpster. This should have been the biggest wake-up call to get some fucking medication or inpatient tbh, take the lame ass piercings out, eventually meet a solid sober dude with a decent job, and stop acting like anyone gives a shit online. What does she even do

No. 1432708

Lmao why tf you guys so mad just wait like a day he will obviously post sometime? Unless one of you lives in Arizona and it’s big enough for the both of you

No. 1432710

Y’all…..why is everyone arguing on this thread? What is the point? I understand there is no milk right now but everyone needs to find other things to put their energy into in the meantime. I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough, but no matter where he’s living or where he’s going, is it really that important anyway? Everyday y’all are arguing about something new that doesn’t matter and calling each other stupid. Anons are not your enemy. Everyone stop acting like the cows please, it’s embarrassing.

No. 1432714

I wonder when/if he'll ever see his kid again now that he's taking his fat ass to PHX…"Single dad life" for suuuuure.

No. 1432758

Some anon mentioned something about a high school diploma, so diff anon who didn’t graduate high school took it personally got mad kek

Just wait a little bit and we will know if he moved or not. Not sure why anons itt are so ornery.

No. 1432764

How does this prove he’s going to Arizona? The retardation in this thread, I swear

No. 1432901

Yeah if anything wouldn't it support >>1432613 claim that he's seeing people in LA?

No. 1432967

People typically drive down California toward Los Angeles before turning towards Arizona. I do the reverse all the time, but >>1432901 could be right. But why bring the mattress all the way to Los Angeles just to visit? Don’t fight.. I just like guessing.

No. 1432968

Kek yes. LA is very much south unless you’re coming from further south of LA. Like…..Arizona. In which case LA would be north.
However, I’m not saying he didn’t move to Arizona. Anything is possible at this point.

No. 1432980

Skidder has been active on insta, at least, her following count keeps going up and down (although could be people deactivating or whatever). Noticed she’s started following a load of fitness and wellbeing accounts, maybe it’s part of her grand plan to get the Big Boi back. Speaking of which, BBP Mattressgate -might it be due to them splitting up and needing a mattress each to sleep on, no? Hence picking up one from AZ and bringing back to Sac, or vice versa?
I think SidSoSlow is maybe going to keep the 11:11 engagement bio up there - 4Life - and start a new account.

No. 1432982

Love the update and your lingo anon, keep shining bright 4 tha haterz

No. 1433019

File: 1643827327533.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1284x2213, 1666247D-4F14-4546-94A3-E9D9E5…)

Sorry for the blurry photo but BBP was moving too fast. You can see the rat cage in the back corner. So that means no one has been taking care of them? Or she took them with her and left their home?

No. 1433020

File: 1643827355492.png (1.28 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220202-113841.png)

Anon's who said getting stuff from AZ back to Sacramento, you are correct kek

No. 1433128

Yup. All these other anons wanted to argue hard about it creating illogical tinfoils. Anyway KEK

No. 1433166

She and jonny are still together too. They like to fuck with the haterz. If only someone would post her stories from the close friends list. They probably don't wanna get blocked in one of her bpd blocking sprees

No. 1433173

Have you not seen the apartment? Looks like a tornado has ripped through, in other words, he’s clearly booted her out and is now bringing more of his own stuff in. It’s a Big Boi Place now.

Ayrt. Appreciate u.

No. 1433201

Anon above is right they are still together and it looks like a tornado ripped through cause he unloaded that van full of crap late last night. I don’t know what’s wrong with some anons here way off base.

No. 1433231

He’s said on multiple occasions now that he left her for cheating, like what are you smoking? she’s pretending they’re still together and you’re actually falling for it kek.
This makes the most sense tbh, she probably took the bed to her moms so he went and got his old one.

No. 1433279

If you know she's been posting close friends stories then you can clearly see them, so why don't you post them yourself?

No. 1433342

Ex friend of Sydney here. Word on the street is that he broke up her and she trying to get her life together. Knowing her, she is probably hiding the fact they’re over because she doesn’t want to lose the merch mom clout or face the embarrassment. She is also not allowed to stay with her mom because storm is there, but I don’t feel comfortable saying why.

No. 1433343

File: 1643850219657.webm (2.14 MB, 720x1280, SAC.webm)

Here (1/2)

No. 1433346

File: 1643850316947.webm (2.27 MB, 720x1280, odd HIGH purchases.webm)

Maybe this is why poor Syd couldn’t afford her hoodie, kek (2/2)

No. 1433347

It has to be one of three things: mental illness, the assault charges or drugs, no?

No. 1433361

My god, I actually thought those were his son's shoes at first. What a stubby little gnome head to toe.(lrn2sage)

No. 1433374

Oh come on, you can’t just give us info and then vaguepost there at the end. Sounds fake

No. 1433378

if you’re an ex friend, then why are you uncomfortable sharing the details but not uncomfortable to post a little nugget declaring you’re an ~ex friend~? are you afraid of Syd? afraid mutuals will hate you? if they’re going to hate you for outing a shitty mom like her then they’re probably not worth it anyway, and Syd seems like more bark than bite imo.

don’t post period if you’re going to be a pussy about it, just keep it to yourself because then you end up with useless posts like that, that don’t really add anything different than what everybody is speculating anyway.

No. 1433380

Just spill the beans girlie

No. 1433395

Doesn’t she hit her mom? maybe why she’s not allowed at her moms

No. 1433408

In the future if you don’t feel comfortable sharing details and providing proof, please refrain from posting at all. Without proof or verification your words are just as factual as mine, or the next anons speculation.

No. 1433426

That wouldn't surprise me at all

No. 1433477

Oh come on, anon. You can definitely say why. It's no worse than anyone has speculated.

There's always one bleeding heart pushover who thinks that they're special because a narc hasn't injured them yet. Syd is probably staying with a friend who feels sorry for her, and I can only imagine what that's like for someone as prideful and smug as Lil Lady Cheatin'.

No. 1433487

>showing off a cheap edgy bread knife in an utterly silent apartment
Wow weirdly depressing lol

No. 1433635

What? Skid threatened to kill Storm as a blackmail material? I m not shock if thats the case

No. 1433755

File: 1643906563632.png (3.05 MB, 750x1334, 2BF8CFA2-C173-4F39-8A84-A0525F…)

No. 1433757

File: 1643906608009.png (233.04 KB, 750x1334, 4BB5DBAE-E3AD-4C3C-8A3F-26A7B5…)

syd is gonna flip when she sees this. Hahaha Taylor and Jonny reunion coming 2022

No. 1433775

for someone who basically lives on twitter.. HOW did she miss that?

No. 1433822

I’m this person. You are all pretty rude and I wasn’t going to post again but… >>1433395
this person got it right.

No. 1433851

>I wasn’t going to post again
Take your own advice. I totally know syd too and she can’t stay with her mom because she eats babies. See how easy it is to lie on the internet?

No. 1433871

I know you mean well anon and I'm sorry there are a lot of rude people here, but the point they are trying to make is that there's no kind of proof with your post to verify that you are who you say you are, or how you're getting this information. I am not accusing you of doing so, but people lie so it's hard to take claims like this as fact when it could just be any anon making stuff up. I personally want to believe you and appreciate any potential milk but also understand we have to be skeptical without some kind of additional details/verification.

No. 1433882

>You are all pretty rude
Welcome to lolcow

Don’t claim/say things without proof. Literally anyone can come here and say they know syd. Everything you said has already been speculated. Not sure what you expected honestly.

No. 1433939

When We Were Young has been plastered all over the internet for like the past 2 weeks. There’s no way in hell Taylor hadn’t seen it and it’s pretty sus that she’s suddenly announcing publicly that she’s going now

No. 1433954

She’s announcing it publicly now because remember anon she was gEtTiNg OfF suBoxOne so of course she heard/knew about it she just couldn’t share because then that’d take away from her postponing upload excuse. THAT and the fact that we now know Jonny is single. So it’s a way to tell him without telling him

No. 1433990

I can just see it now. Back together, sharing needles and nodding off in Taylors childhood room at her moms house. All while swearing they're on a sober journey with each other

No. 1434042

We know she religiously checks this website so she seen he’s single and attending and I bet she’s hoping to see him. Pretty much right after Jonny went public with sydney TND started dressing emo/alternative and got a bunch of tattoos and piercings trying to be this emo queen because she thought that was his new type. She talks about him all the time years later, like a month ago she stayed up all night ranting about him on Twitter. It’s pretty clear she’s still entirely obsessed with him.

No. 1434143

Even in her recent delusional tweet about “moving out” and sprinkled a little Jonny in there lmfao

No. 1434210

I'm not who posted what this is replying to but I have known her for years and this is exactly why we don't want to post anything here. ya'll are rude af. take or leave the information.

No. 1434218

Who gives a fuck if we're rude? lmao. We're not friends and that's okay. We just hate the same person. Your first mistake is caring about how anyone in this den of vipers acts. Just be mean girls with us and stop getting bent over something that doesn't matter. It's not personal.

No. 1434221

People are being rude because you keep missing the main point. I’ve been on this website for an embarrassing amount of time and whenever an anon proves they actually know a cow almost everyone is very nice and thankful for the milk. But I promise coming on here and saying you know a cow with no proof is NEVER going to work in your favour, even if you are telling the truth. That’s just not how this works.

No. 1434237

you guys clearly have no idea who you're posting about then. don't expect milk if you're just gonna shit on the people who are trying to protect themselves

No. 1434242

Your words mean nothing and you don’t get special treatment just because of the nature of the cow. These threads are cancerous enough as it is. Post proof or pipe down.

No. 1434243

This doesn’t even make sense

No. 1434244

It’s very easy to post proof while still protecting yourself. But y’all just don’t want to put out any effort to do so and want to complain when people ask for it. Here’s an example: let’s say you went to high school with Syd. Post a pic of her in your yearbook. This isn’t something you can just google to find and it doesn’t identify the anon whatsoever. See? Not that hard.

No. 1434264

Look anon im not any of the ones replying to you. But out of all the little gossip threads i think lolcow has held up because it’s all about receipts. I think that’s what causes the slight addiction; unlike other threads or Twitter or whatever, you can literally pull up receipts on here to prove/disprove whatever the cow said/done. Most the time, they’re the ones who get themselves caught in their webs. Point is, not about being rude and making you feel like you can’t post. Just give us a little something. Otherwise every cow would just say everyone is making up stuff and lying -which is not true. That’s why more and more past friends usually show up once they see how viable the info on here is

No. 1434301

Who’s shitting on you?? You’re mad cause we’re not fawning over your “I totally know her and she is not a nice person” comments? You’re not contributing anything while saying things that are already obvious.

Plenty of people have shown up with receipts. Including the girl who’s boyfriend was cheating on her with Syd. Then she got attacked by syd. And she took it like a champ all while providing milk.

>no one wants to come here cause you’re all meanies uwu

No. 1434322

"I have no idea what you're talking about" and the block button are your best friends if she comes at you about something posted here. She's not even on social media right now so even if she figures out who you are, she can't blast you on social media without opening herself up to embarrassment. She has a pending assault charge so she's not going to hit you and if she does, she loses her kid and he grows up without her or Big Boy Pimpin'.

>>1434264 is right. Board etiquette is to provide proof because baseless speculation is never as good as the truth is with these people. Cows are cows because they act like psychos and anons with milk are generally treated really well. We're not going to dox you for telling us what's going on.

No. 1434380

tbh she's probably already figured out who you are. come back and post some ss to prove you know her, I'd like to hear about why she hit her mom

No. 1434398

File: 1643976355685.png (1.13 MB, 828x1792, B730D89F-D667-4D50-8ACB-6419D3…)

He is showing off his tacky clothes again while still using Skid’s headphones…. Kek this loser

No. 1434439

File: 1643982880658.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, 69D0C2F0-CA1F-4875-B6A1-7A171D…)

Actual vomit inducing flex. That face. Why do all these butt ugly pig losers flip the bird about absolutely everything they are trying to flex. It’s because their brains fell out and they have nothing to say apart from here’s some old shit I own, now look at my middle finger. That’s it, isn’t it?

No. 1434450

File: 1643985505985.webm (1.56 MB, 720x1280, Not even my fucking jackets ev…)

And no merch hoodie for Sydney

No. 1434451

File: 1643985656066.webm (4.92 MB, 720x1280, Sober flex.webm)


No. 1434467


OMG shoes! No way! … and here comes the middle finger!

Everything this guy does is so damn cringe when you consider he’s 35. He should have grown out of middle school by now.

No. 1434493


lmaooooooo GROSS, mouth breathing like the fatty he is. I genuinely think he's gonna have a tough time locking anyone down or even getting laid this time around as he is more repulsive and washed up than he has ever been.

No. 1434553

Bloated water-logged corpse flexxxxx

Imagine this thing grunting on top of you so you can live out your high school fantasy of being a ~merch mama

No. 1434584

Thoughts you can smell.

No. 1434599

Damn with JC nonetheless. He was even gross looking in 2007 during his prime with his curly white trash mullet

No. 1434657

File: 1644002210255.jpg (425.77 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220204-201627_Ins…)

No. 1434669

Lol if she’s on a break why didn’t she just dm thank you to the 13 people who wished her a happy birthday? This whole post is her pretending she’s some famous person who got hundreds of birthday wishes. It’s so pathetic.

>thanks to the people that wished me a happy birthday. I’m still trying to figure out a way to spin me cheating on BBP as his fault but once I do I promise I’ll be back posting stupid astrology memes and throwbacks from when I hadn’t completely fucked my life up<3

No. 1434682

Probably just got privileges at rehab to make social media posts

No. 1434687

But still couldn’t take 5 seconds to change her bio and stop pretending they’re fine.

No. 1434718

File: 1644006168999.png (4.56 MB, 1170x2532, 694A7D24-7101-41E9-A60F-85F15F…)

How the absolute eff Is she still posting BBP on her story without understanding how stupid she looks and how BBP does not give 1 single f. This is absolutely delusional I busted when I saw this

No. 1434761

Anon. I can’t. What is she thinking? Is this just her delusions or is there still a possibility of them getting back together? If this is just delusions, then they are…strong.

No. 1434762

“LMFAO my squeaky little giggle”
Is this bitch serious

No. 1434774

File: 1644010695312.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x2114, 51F14245-ABA9-4431-BC94-ABF3D6…)

so much for staying off social media
also this caption…lmao yikes

No. 1434776

same anon as above and I know she captioned this because of her shirt but it also just feels like a desperate plea given the situation

No. 1434788

Maybe they are still together just JC doesn't post about it with all "keeping private things off the internet"

No. 1434798


I personally think they’re still together and just doing this to goad us into theorizing and talking about people who would otherwise not garner any sort of attention at all

No. 1434811

I just can’t bring myself to believe she’s able to control herself and stay off social media for the most part. Except on the days she puts on her eyebrows and takes selfies, and after eye-fucking herself for hours feels vain enough that she needs the world to eye fuck her also (don’t worry, they’re not)

No. 1434820

File: 1644014957562.jpeg (868.43 KB, 1920x1080, 7F681D46-D804-43B3-AAD0-1DE7C0…)

5150. That’s all I gotta say.

No. 1434825

Anon, what an art piece, KEK.
It is completely sad she'd rather curate how the world sees her vs how her son/ her mom/ her loved ones see her.

No. 1434837

Kek, this gets my vote for next thread

No. 1434844

the clock kek

No. 1434925

So then was that message that anon posted where he said he was single fake? Or was he lying? I’m just wondering what y’all think if you think they are actually still together. I personally think she’s delusional and can’t accept they are broken up, but obviously I don’t know for sure either way

No. 1434926

Yup. Next thread pic pls. So good anon.

No. 1434930

File: 1644024765261.png (632.64 KB, 750x1334, 1A10D181-5A98-405B-8756-5F9B3F…)

Here’s to all the retards who said he was moving to Arizona. Get some braincells before you post stuff that isn’t true with absolutely no proof backing it up.

No. 1434933

I think the same as you, nona. She’s hoping that her devotional 11:11 4L act, bolstered by her impression that she has maximum leverage with the kid, is eventually gonna get her back in with BBP. Which might be possible if no other sucker is psycho enough to hook up with him. Maybe he’ll whore it about for a bit first to pay her back. Personally I hope they get back together.

No. 1434935

Agree. I think he did dump her and she just refuses to accept it. Doesn’t wanna lose that tiny bit of clout she received for being with him.

No. 1434961

this … is the beautiful self-unawareness of post-breakup bpd, yikes

No. 1434999

I think he dumped her around the time somebody sent him those cheating caps from last thread, and she’s still thinking she can win him back or just can’t accept he’s done with her. Jonny just doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to stay with someone after getting cheated on, it wouldn’t be very pimpin’ of him.

No. 1435005

File: 1644031968183.png (9.06 MB, 1284x2778, 7CB06B50-2131-4996-AC08-84FC1F…)

Someone banned me for not saging. Go suck Jonny Craig’s dick(ban evasion)

No. 1435006

read the rules before posting, dumbass

No. 1435029

File: 1644034153437.jpeg (796.1 KB, 2891x2426, 6AD1F71D-2D15-4272-9CBB-ADEEF2…)

BBP’s picture has a weird filter on it so it’s hard to compare colours, but that carpet be looking mighty similar.

No. 1435036

Thank you anon!!! At least some of us at paying attention.

No. 1435038

Agree anon, I have been saying they are in the same damned house still so go figure. All these anons who think she’s couch surfing have zero proof of that.

No. 1435044

How would this not be in person I can’t imagine instructing someone how to plug a bunch of shit in would be reasonable over the phone, in video format, or in any way that he could have thought otherwise. Also what does he have to pay them with, did he pawn an engagement ring? Isn’t he still looking for a shoe cleaner?

I have an inkling that Jonny and Sydney did not have an adult conversation about separation, Sydney didn’t admit anything and Jonny got her to leave with implications and maybe said they’ll “talk after the court case” to avoid a murder suicide which really could be done by either one of them. Jonny isn’t less obvious about needing attention he’s just lazy and stupid so he’s going to make streaming like a real time tinder experience. Sydney might as well change her name to whatever her height is since it is her only defining trait that no one cares about because she’s loud as fuck and it expands her greatly, and without foreseeable conclusion.

No. 1435054

This could’ve been saged too lmao skid’s consoomer purchases ain’t milk. Nice try but we all know Jonny can’t get it up, skid most of all

No. 1435055

Ok so she didn’t move out he just imported another mattress that will remain unmade like the other one and he will bristle non verbally to signal that she sleeps there now while slowly inching her mattress towards the exit. I will suggest she takes up cooking and homemaking because all previous attempts have been alarming, if she is going to lie about everything being just fine she might as well sell it. What else is the point of her being unmedicated

No. 1435074

He said right there he was in the “studio”.. so I don’t think it’s the same floor? Every pic I’ve ever seen of their apartment it’s all vinyl flooring. Unless there’s carpet in the bedroom? I just don’t see how this proves she’s still there.

No. 1435079

File: 1644040646463.jpeg (774.68 KB, 3296x2901, F8F59FE7-B35F-4FF1-8961-6AF5C1…)

It was in his bedroom, he pans to his bed with his clothing on it. He was getting ready to go to the studio. All I have are screen caps because the video is from last week.

No. 1435080

File: 1644040773792.png (2.78 MB, 1125x2436, 03C068F6-3F06-442D-811A-CA268C…)

Idk but her moms house appears to have this color carpet

No. 1435082

File: 1644041116668.jpeg (704.87 KB, 3058x2036, 3942F80A-352D-4795-ACD7-5B9A84…)

Yeah it’s a similar colour but the texture is completely different. The one from skids story is fluffy and new looking.

No. 1435089

Did some digging and damn, maybe there is carpet in that apartment. Really thought he grew some balls and gave her the boot then found this >>1341278 which looks much more similar.

No. 1435124

are you guys really comparing beige carpet samples like it’s not going to amount to fuck all. I can’t fucking believe someone intentionally went to discover the shades and textures of the goddamn standard beigiest of indiscernible beige carpets of their families or any beige carpet they have documented setting their nasty feets on. What if that endeavor was “well spent” and you found a match, what the hell would that EVEN MEAN

No. 1435130

This is absolutely fucking amazing and the best, funniest, most creative thread pic I’ve ever seen. Well done anon. Sending you a virtual hug for this absolute masterpiece.

This HAS to be the next thread pic.

Lol I just realized TND has 69 threads, imagine when we get to thread 70 for these two fools. Storm is five years old and they still don’t have him. Sydney is still absolutely insane if not worse than she already is. BBP will have gone through three different girlfriends by this time and Syd will publicly lose her shit and stalk and torment them. Oh man I can’t wait. The milk will be beautiful.

I’m so glad I found this site back in 2017 when TND’s threads first started. It was actually Chelsea that lead me here, she posted a tweet that said word for word “lol just type in lolcow Jonny Craig and Taylor Nicole dean” (which also leads me to believe she still reads here to this day and absolutely has posted in here).

Whew, it’s been a wild journey nonnies. I appreciate and love every single one of you for providing me entertainment and endless laughs.

No. 1435134

“Only wish I got xs” why does she feel the need to remind us CONSTANTLY how uwu ~tiny~ she is? Nobody gives a single fuck and it’s honestly the strangest flex ever to keep casually bringing it up. I think Skid might be slightly autistic kek.

Also, extra small clothing size or not, her body is still ugly and stumpy and definitely not “goals”. She doesn’t work out, absolutely nothing is toned, she has mosquito bites for titties, and her ass is not even great like she makes it out to be.

No wonder she’s so insanely jealous and downright hateful to every woman on the planet earth. Such an empath with a special emotional genius brain. LMAO

She is ugly inside and out. And she always will be since she fucked up her looks forever.

No. 1435139

….y’all do realize there is nothing unique or distinct about this carpet right? Millions of homes in California have this kind of carpet. It’s basic. I personally don’t have proof that they’re living together and never said Skid was couch surfing, but come on now. I feel like if they were living together she’d post something kind of sneaky about it, revealing that he’s with her, a picture of him in the background, something. ANYTHING to look smug and brag about still having him to stick it to the haters that believe they are broken up. It’s SYD we’re talking about here. We all know how much she would love to prove us wrong. I don’t think she’d do it obnoxiously, but she would definitely try to be sly and slick about posting about it. My educated guess is that she is staying with a friend (I think she has only one), he’s at their apartment, or they other way around. But given the fact that he’s in Sac and she just went to a show in San Jose, I feel like she’s staying with a friend she knows in San Jose. Would be absolutely lovely if she was staying with that Sterling dude she cheated with, but who knows. A girl can dream I guess.

No. 1435159

OK, the ethereal tattoo and shitty piercings did me in.
Truly out there doing the Lord’s work anon, bless you.

No. 1435208

Nitpick but I'm so tired of seeing Americans say "mum"

No. 1435230

not a fan of skid by any means but nitpicking her looks makes you sound just as bitter as she’s ever been. it honestly makes me wonder if you’re an ex of Jonny’s or even just a desperate groupie waiting for your own chance.

No. 1435354

The way ya'll are having major milk withdrawal kek

No. 1435397

I’ll nitpick whatever the fuck I want because she’s a shitty person. People constantly make fun of JC’s looks and you don’t see anyone coming to his rescue? Sorry my post touched a nerve of yours, you must be insecure about your own looks. Not an ex or his. I’m in a happy healthy relationship. For you to assume I’m a groupie waiting for a “chance” is completely left field and stupid.

Are you lost anon? Like…. Do you know where you are? Every single cow gets picked apart for their looks, even TND. You look really stupid for WKing Syd. Get the fuck over it. I’m not the first person to nitpick her looks and I won’t be the last so you look really stupid coming for me. We don’t emphasize with cows here. If you’re gonna come for me, then you might as well reply to every single post on this thread that has made fun of her looks. If you’re not going to do that then shut the fuck up.

Like I said, I’ll nitpick and make fun of her looks as much as I want. She deserves it. It happens every day to JC and TND so I’m not sure why it’s an issue to do it to Syd.

I hope you find some self confidence one day and grow a set of balls so you won’t be so offended by the things I post. Thank you, next.

No. 1435414

> We don’t !! emphasize!! with cows here
>thank you, next
Im ntayrt but… yea… that didnt serve as hot as you think it did.

No. 1435419

Not really, there just seem to be a few anons here who are adamant that she still lives there like they know it for a fact but there is no evidence at all to back that up.

No. 1435423

>>1435230 can I nitpick at the fact that you never ever sage even after being told repeatedly to do so?

No. 1435432

Mini modding, especially unsaged, makes you look as braindead as syd has ever been. Shut the fuck up.

No. 1435477

There’s a difference between nitpicking her looks and commenting on the fact that she ALWAYS has to draw attention to how smol she is, which is definitely pathetic cow like behavior on her part

No. 1435478

File: 1644090586862.gif (1.8 MB, 400x198, tumblr_inline_ny4d0d2aC31rku3f…)

No. 1435493

You’re the real MVP anon. I was so adamant that he kicked her out until I saw this and now Im on the fence again. If she is indeed still there big boi cuckin needs to get his priorities straight.

The milk dries up and it’s like we turn on each other lol. This thread is wild sometimes, I love it.

No. 1435536

This has thick skulled man who doesn’t understand anything written all over it. Did you miss where Sydney herself called “her forever” an ugly fat junkie, the amount of comments trashing Jonny’s tiny parade float body, and millions of comments she has publicly made going after every single woman who exists on social media’s looks? Down to saying they “should have died”, completely unprovoked? That’s where that anon is coming from, but you are too fucking incapable to understand basic socialization, and definitely not when a Y chromosome isn’t involved. Do you go to literally any of the infinite amount of male websites where women are torn apart and say this shit? No, you find one very benign place where even though nitpicks are memes, if it crosses a line you’ll get a ton of woman stepping in fairly without ironically insulting their relationships or self esteem. It’s not that fucking serious, stop coming here, this is a place to get away from men and there’s no where else to get away from them/you. Fuck off already.

No. 1435545

Also groupies don’t exist, that’s what immature men call the women they want to fuck who also have a type, any kind of standard, or because it’s an archaic way of bashing women for being sexually active. It’s lame as shit and takes any of the sexuality in it that previous music history could have put into it. No one wants to fuck these people, not even Sydney, you just have a male brain.

No. 1435563

Thanks for having my back on this. Anon clearly missed the point.

…No one is trying to look hot…? Was making a very valid point that several others agreed with me on. Sorry my verbiage wasn’t acceptable enough for you. I still got my point across. Anon was not only singling me out but being a hypocrite. Not sure why their comment was even made, literally 10 threads later of everyone else doing the same thing. Leads me to assume I touched a nerve. This is lolcow. This is what goes on here. Randomly attacking me made no sense whatsoever. WKing for a dead beat mother who has told multiple people to die is absolutely pathetic. Assuming I’m interested in Jonny just because I insulted Syd is borderline retarded. They’ve been told to sage so many times, they must be new here.

No. 1435583

Wherever she’s at she’s been there a while. Wicked clothes had a delay on orders. So she probably ordered them like three weeks ago.

No. 1435590

File: 1644099326076.jpeg (406.89 KB, 744x1079, 17A8A24A-7DAB-4EDA-A170-B6CF76…)

If anyone is interested, BBP is still sniffing around other instahoes. Especially ones that don’t clear five feet kek.

No. 1435591

File: 1644099439247.jpeg (23.01 KB, 750x139, BA68D2FE-E685-4798-927E-7100E9…)

Sorry cut the date off. 24th Jan.

No. 1435648

>>1435590 what a weird comment to leave.

No. 1435649

Good lord. She looks so young too, how disgusting. Can’t remember if he’s 35 or 36, but can’t he like, go for someone close to his age? Just a thought…

No. 1435664

Not sure if you censored her name badly on purpose but it’s really easy to find her. She’s way out of his league, he should find someone older and greasier if he wants a real shot.

No. 1435677

oh, do british people own the patent to be able to use the word “mum”? assuming you are from great britain as the use of mum is standard there. there, or aus/nz. what about americans calling their mothers “mum” bothers you so much? you really want to gatekeep the word people use to call their mothers? goddamn, what a strange and sad thing to be agitated about. using the word mum is not a personality trait and it shouldn’t bother you that someone who isn’t from your country uses it. yeah and no, i’m not american.(derailing )

No. 1435678

britfags get mad about anything burgerfats do so it is a lose lose

No. 1435679

I didn’t do that on purpose, but you know that Skidnut will find her in two seconds flat anyway, so it was more of a courtesy blur than a fool proof safety feature. It’s all public anyway, though, right?

No. 1435686

He is liking her recent pic too. I wonder how long Syd can hold and pretend before she erupts. I'm sure it will be messy.

No. 1435705

The best part is I’m 90% sure she’s from Sac so while he may not know her, this one will hit a little harder because there could be the possibility of him meeting her.
Her tagged photos show her tagged as getting hair and lash services done in Sacramento and one of her most recent photos def looks a particular part of Sac.
Can’t wait to see Syd lose her shit and try to call this girl a “groupie slut” as if she’d have any clue who JC even is.

No. 1435734

This was so awkward to read. What are you so pressed for? Lmfao this was so corny and insignificant.

Please, milk gods, bring us something frothy to stew over. I’m losing brain cells from all of the ridiculous infighting going on. Is everyone like on their period orrrrr

No. 1435740

my retarded tinfoil is that Jonny is implying she has “sex hair” because it’s slightly messy and he’s a greasy oinking pig. while i’m cringing to death inside, i am also taking joy that Syd has got to be seething over this girl.

No. 1435748

Can we not dox people for Sydney, or post the frequented locations of this innocent girl? Really surprised this is being posted by likely a woman, you know that shit is dangerous and not cool. Can we not post the girls and maybe just his comments if they’re even interesting? Idk if who he’s following is chronological or whatever, don’t know how you found this unless it’s a friend, but it’s creepy.

No. 1435749

The hilarious irony in all of this is that you’re the one who seems agitated and strangely sad. Listen, we all collectively hate these two. I figured we’d all be on the same side here. The point of this thread is to discuss SkidSoDesperate and BBP, yet the amount of infighting posts seem to be increasing. It’s embarrassing to watch honestly. Why are we wasting our time and wasting posts complaining about what irks other anons? How does this affect your life personally? What are you trying to accomplish here? (Besides a quick chance to be a bitch) Because you are honestly achieving absolutely nothing. It’s not like you’re gonna change how this anon feels. More importantly, who gives a fuck? People just wanna be a bitch for no reason because we’re all anonymous here and I know for a fact most of you wouldn’t actually throw hands given the chance.

Before anyone tries to say anything I’m aware this post is also a waste and provides no milk. I’m just attempting to keep everyone on the same page here and not forget the real reason we are on this forum. This happens every time the milk is dry and will probably continue, so carry on, I guess.

No. 1435757

Who’s doxxing, nobody posted her address?? Sacramento is a city of half a million people. It’s a public Instagram profile, and the username is decently censored. chill anon.
>calls out the sperging in a spergy rant
buy a diary or invest in a therapist pls.

No. 1435759

I didn’t doxx anyone. I didn’t give any actual specific locations or their name/username. All I said was I’m pretty sure she’s from the area which makes this instance a little different than Jonny’s regular thirst comments. Creepy? I only found her account because anon that posted the screenshot did a not so great job censoring her handle. Maybe that post should be deleted if you really think this is cause for concern and just keep the screenshot posted after of just Jonny’s weird comment.

No. 1435822

File: 1644120724120.jpg (947.66 KB, 1079x1927, Screenshot_20220205-201005_Ins…)

At it again

No. 1435824

anon quit posting paragraphs in this thread for no reason and get a job that isn’t hovering over the lives of losers

No. 1435827

How about you go play in traffic

No. 1435828

whining about her “mosquito bite tits” honestly just makes you sound fat and ugly. do you have a personal vendetta against skid outside of these forums? nothing is particularly milky about having bad eyebrows and small boobs. and there’s plenty of milk to go around in their lives.

No. 1435831

File: 1644121305865.png (4.34 MB, 750x1334, 00F4E0EB-B374-4604-8876-912501…)

I didn’t know Syd was performing tonight

No. 1435836

I’m probably the best looking girl posting in this thread. My thousands of followers and countless lingerie photo shoots can back that up. How about you shut the fuck up. You look like a loser sticking up for Syd. It’s pathetic. This is clearly a friend of hers. Y’all disgust me with all the white knighting. I’m going to continue to post whatever the fuck I want, and there’s nothing you can do about it. I was the super farmer at the Fort Worth engagement show so y’all are welcome for that.

It’s cute that you guys think anything you say has any value to me or I’m going to listen to it.(mento ilness luv)

No. 1435839

At least I’m not the one all methed out comparing carpet textures. Doesn’t get anymore autistic than that.

No. 1435841

Dude ignore it like everyone else, drop it I can tell you’re the man that refuses to fuck off. Take your own advice literally no one wants you here. Go to some Reddit, 4chan, whatever fart people man boards and say that same shit to the men that openly fantasize about murdering specific women. We like to talk to other women and enjoy the jokes it’s just not that deep and you’re proving exactly why men are insufferable. Fuck off there is nothing here for you.

No. 1435842

Thank you nonnie <3 refreshing to know someone in here has brain cells.

No. 1435847

Kek well we all know Syd loves performing! She does it on social media on a daily basis

> I’m probably the best looking girl posting in this thread. My thousands of followers and countless lingerie photo shoots can back that up.
Nayrt but thanks for the new copypasta. There’s still time to delete this cringe, “super farmer.” Clearly anon’s words did get to you if you wrote all this out

No. 1435850

This is the same insufferable incel who is getting his feelings hurt exclusively by female opinions and is writing in lowercase to blend in. Take your crusade to the thousands of male places, Sydney has told women to kill themselves and has viciously gone in on every single woman’s appearance and tried to say they were all whores and lying groupies. Why don’t you work on your obsession to control and micromanage anonymous women when you do not understand any of the social structure or nuances that women experience and work within. I don’t care about her body, but other women gossip about those things and this website isn’t for you. This is literally the one place women can bullshit and be weird, stop trying to fuck it up with your hormones and emotions.

No. 1435851

are you a tweaker too? you sound kind of like her complaining about your “haturs”. No one knows who you are you just sound annoying.

No. 1435853

Wow, sorry to see that your undies are in a bundle anon. You definitely aren’t affected though since you took all the energy to post a whole essay in response. That’s obviously because you r so hawt and we are trolls, kek.

No. 1435854

> I’m probably the best looking girl posting in this thread. My thousands of followers and countless lingerie photo shoots can back that up.

Absolutely iconic.

No. 1435857

how embarrassing! kek

No. 1435859

No way this is real LOL

No. 1435862

Are you the ex of the guy syd was cheating with? Or someone else personally involved? I don’t know why you think you’re relevant here. No one is but syd and jc

No. 1435864

File: 1644122914867.gif (532.86 KB, 200x200, E502376F-9247-444A-ADFD-530BAE…)

> My thousands of followers and countless lingerie photo shoots can back that up

No. 1435867

This is the anon that filmed and uploaded the engagement, and what she wrote is in fact iconic. A lot of people here aren’t exactly trolls, they like joking with other women.

It was one small paragraph and when we roasted syd and Jonny before, a bunch of similar stupid spammed comments came up also purposefully misunderstanding. She literally clearly said she filmed the Dallas video. No woman uses that fucking gif. We don’t need to spam to get a point across or try to bury them, hoping to humiliate, you simple desperate pest.

No. 1435868

>the super farmer

I missed that part because the “muh followers” got me good. This would make a great creepy pasta. 10/10 mental illness

No. 1435870

Who cares who is who, just stfu and enjoy the milk when it comes jfc what is with nonnies itt.

No. 1435871

There are no males here you freaks

No. 1435876

She could’ve filmed the birth of Jesus and even that wouldn’t of excused her satire level “I’m better than all you” autistic sperg.

No. 1435878

not a wk and I think skids a trashy moron but I would never feel emboldened to call her "stumpy and ugly" say she has "mosquito bites for titties" and say "her ass is not even great like she makes it out to be" unless sydney fucked my boyfriend LOL.
itt: bitter hags

No. 1435880

Calm down, jfc

No. 1435886

Ok that’s hilarious, and I guess I read humor into what she was saying because that’s what the website is for. She probably is hot and she was annoyed at that one anon who was fucking hammering her, idk I’m not intimidated about a confident woman and I hope other anons think that way about themselves too. That’s the weird shit I come here for, your Jesus content and maybe the beginning of the hottest girl on here’s hypomania.

No. 1435887

You already said this and Sydney can’t even fuck her own boyfriend enough

No. 1435892

It’s Turtlemom off her meds so no, not the hottest girl here or anywhere.

No. 1435893

File: 1644126552511.jpeg (55.08 KB, 622x441, 43C8DDC1-A3E0-4448-AFC0-507DD6…)

Girl you typed this out, read it, and STILL decided to post it?

No. 1435896

hot girls don't anonymously brag about being hot to other femcels while waiting for their favorite internet villains to make fools of themselves

No. 1435902

Hot girls Sage.

No. 1435913

That’s an incel we’ve established this, he will never do that or leave apparently he is obsessed with this thread

No. 1435916

Can you fucking read it was a joke and I included her in one implying hypomania. No one here is celibate but you, and you’ve been told to leave by multiple people so many times what the hell is your obsession and rage towards anonymous girls

No. 1435921

File: 1644129275833.png (9 MB, 1170x2532, 7BA6D1BA-8D79-4929-8465-9EA272…)

He really posted this with a beer Infront of him after all his “sober flexes”

He’s gunna try to say some bullshit like alcohol isn’t a drug or something.

For someone who’s constantly begging for people to buy features he sure is oblivious to how him using drugs and alcohol has destroyed his whole career. He’s literally been kicked off numerous tours for using drugs and drunk antics( really sa but he claims he was just drunk)

No. 1435924

File: 1644129505031.jpeg (419.08 KB, 2048x2048, 5E603857-4654-4858-9219-3FFCE1…)

No. 1435925


my sides

No. 1435939

Anon you’re right Turtlemom is off her meds,
Entertaining for sure.

No. 1435950

>>1435924 not that I thought jonny had any clue about what looks good or had any taste but my god how stupid these glasses look on him. He obviously didn’t get them from any normal eyeglass place they would have told them they are way too big and that big black top rim is not flattering to his ugly mug. There. I feel better.

No. 1435970

No. 1435973

I dont know shit about recovery or therapy but i just assume…shouldn't you NOT be around alcohol or bars/establishments where drinking is the main goal

No. 1435982

File: 1644140616017.png (3.29 MB, 828x1792, 90E549C8-D506-45CF-98B4-9274F5…)

Look at his poor ass charity case mooching off again but mostly look at all the idiots that continues to give him money and gifts lmao

No. 1436053

File: 1644153623362.jpg (287.65 KB, 1080x1890, Screenshot_20220206-131904_Ins…)

the way she talks is so unnecessary. Omgg thankyou so much for inviting me out after the show to party!

No. 1436056

Petition for you to get your own thread, this is SO cringe

No. 1436083


Why do I get the feeling she behaved exactly like Forever Kailyn when she was invited to that one cringe house party. >>1436053

No. 1436394

Is Jonny still allowed to see Storm/go to her mom's on his own if Syd isn't with him, or is it both of them that lost custody?

No. 1436424


doubt he’d care to either way

No. 1436428

File: 1644183157453.jpeg (1.02 MB, 921x1772, F6560B9F-3C74-4490-8785-64E747…)

Apparently BBP liked Taylor’s pic? Thought he was blocked?

No. 1436440

She’s stupid. if they get back together that would be hilarious

No. 1436443

The mom has no right to deny him visits. I’m with >>1436424 though, it’s only a matter of time before he starts saying “what son?”
Huh, BBP really has a thing for busted bitches. Tragic. I used to think she was pretty when I saw her videos years ago.

No. 1436456

Holy shit that’s a name I haven’t heard in forever. The pink Wednesday video had me cry laughing, her bizarre Kmart hauls were so fucking funny. Thank you for the reminder.

No. 1436458

Everyone knows Taylor was the one that got away.
I hope Syd flips her shit when she sees this.

No. 1436477

please no one cowtip and dm her this time, just let her explode once she finds out herself. he's definitely liked it recently then, if she has unblocked him in the last few weeks

No. 1436485

File: 1644186441033.jpg (423.35 KB, 1080x1636, Screenshot_20220206-222502_Ins…)

and I wonder how long they've been in contact.

No. 1436507

File: 1644187907367.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1170x2074, 85F164E2-AA24-48CA-AAAA-72D887…)

It’s that time again, nonnies tag urself
I’m the lump of fat above his ear created by those Elton John glasses squishing his bloated head.

No. 1436510

They might have also reconnected recently, and maybe he just went through n liked all her photos to send a message n get her to notice him?

No. 1436522

These are old pics though. Am I just retarded and missing the point here? Cuz it seems to me like he could have liked these when they where first posted and doesn’t mean they are in contact recently

No. 1436530

lol he was dating syd when both of these pics were posted so even if he liked them then, it's still funny considering she's his ex and the one syd hates so much. but I do think he has liked them recently because they were not there before + taylor claimed to have block him (blocking on ig removes the likes)

No. 1436532

Thank you for explaining. I guess it turns out I am retarded afterall lol

No. 1436551

In that case, I’m the opposing head fat below his cap brim, embarrassingly placed towards the rear of his skull, in the fashion of a much younger lolbro. Pleased to meet you, neighbour.

Makes sense since they are both well placed to have a SoBeR fLeX reunion.

No. 1436575

File: 1644193589210.jpeg (111.84 KB, 599x843, 5270AA53-DC76-41C5-82EE-13E21A…)

Probably just a coincidence and or syd being unhinged but in sep when tnd posted this picture syd freaked out on one of JC female friends and weirdly brought tnd into it out of nowhere. So maybe he did like it back then and because syd monitors his every move she saw.

No. 1436580

File: 1644193963684.jpeg (371.33 KB, 1170x1754, BF72F498-BC9E-4007-8E9C-702C4F…)

I wonder why ALL but one of her tagged photos disappeared…?

No. 1436636

Probably so we couldn’t see who she’s hanging out with and where

No. 1436722

sounds like something a male would say

No. 1436796

I’m the double chin goiter that he tries desperately to hide with his beard/far girl angles but is ever present despite his best efforts

No. 1436838

I’m the yellow Elton glasses, trying to disguise his jaundice.

No. 1437133

File: 1644260924637.jpeg (168.11 KB, 1200x800, 5290E227-2A07-42B6-901F-6D281F…)

I’m the looming mid-life crisis that is everything encompassing this photo.

No. 1437223

Why the fuck do his lips look as weak as his chin.

No. 1437267

Nona, I cannot unsee it.

No. 1437277

I’m really surprised she hasn’t posted anything yet. It’s almost as if she does maybe BBP will let everyone know they don’t have their son.

No. 1437291

She talks like this because she is not used to having friends. Notice how in every picture on her IG that includes another person in it starts off with the sentence “i had the privilege of…. Hanging out with blah blah blah”. No kidding, it’s literally in ten different posts when you go on her page.

Also cringe how she calls everyone she hangs out with “sweet souls”. And can’t just simply call them a friend or homie. Maybe she feels guilty because she knows deep down inside her soul is fucking rotten?

No. 1437293

I’m the stomach acid eating through my phone after reading him use the term daddy when there is literally not a single thing about him that gives off those vibes. I only read these threads bc I seriously cannot fucking believe anyone wants to touch him. His genes were reproduced for actually what reason

No. 1437368

File: 1644278252746.png (607.37 KB, 750x1334, 9EAE63A6-7E79-4266-9E77-140AE2…)

Can’t see you as a lying, cheating, psycho evil cunt? Hmmm let’s let the jury decide on that one

No. 1437370

File: 1644278363566.png (1 MB, 750x1334, 9C39350D-AE69-46F1-BC50-0B99A2…)

More pathetic lovebombing. These lyrics won’t get BBP to take you back in time for Valentine’s Day, get that through your delusional head and please change your bio, it’s been how long since the break up now? Embarrassing

No. 1437416

If BBP can manage to hold out long enough and not take her back, she'll finally have to come to terms with reality … and it's going to be the bpd shitshow of the year.

No. 1437418

File: 1644281848032.png (373.42 KB, 750x1334, C597B318-1434-4EC4-865B-1E609D…)

“Someone flaked” (but in reality I only pretended the spot was taken to give the appearance I’m actually sought after)

No. 1437467

It’s hilarious how when she was with him she was throwing nasty insults behind his back and now she’s crying on social media begging for him back. Bpd is one hell of a drug.

No. 1437468

File: 1644285307050.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, F295A136-B954-4A4A-9BAB-4800CC…)

Ohhh did dirty daddy get self conscious about the trollz talking about his double chin??

No. 1437528

File: 1644290762260.jpeg (350.42 KB, 1242x2469, 66B779EB-7B04-4E03-8CAE-434E8A…)

No. 1437554

haaaaa omg why am I so happy to see turtle mom lol
Does he really think blasting her in his stories will make all his loyal fans (all 58 of them) go and harass her on IG? He basically just handed her thousands of potential bbw-lover followers kek

No. 1437557

Yeah and if they google “turtle mom” and her twitter comes up, the few fans he has left will see all the dirt on him. No surprise that he’s a complete dumbass as usual

No. 1437560

Samefag. Wonder if Jonny reads here cuz he already deleted the thing about turtle mom hmmm

No. 1437565

Kinda wondering why he posted this because if you look at turtle moms twitter she hasn't even posted about him or syd in a while

No. 1437576

Yeah that’s what I was wondering also. Seems like she’s been quiet a while, so what prompted him to do this. Sounds like she’s renting space in your head there, Jonny

No. 1437594


was skimming the thread and this comment physically hurt me. tillian has the worst most overproduced sounding voice in DGD..

No. 1437731

Can’t wait for the loveboming on Valentine’s Day from her or whatever depressing ass post she’s gonna make at 11:11 wishing that wishes came true. I’m 99% sure he’s not taking her back. She was horrible to his fans, horrible to any female that commented on his posts, and with his ego, I can’t see him taking a cheater back.

I remember when Chelsea cheated on him and he got with Liz and didn’t take her back till after him and Liz were done. And Chelsea wasn’t an evil cunt to his fans. So yeah I’m pretty positive he’s not gonna take her back.

No. 1437732

Meant to integrate but I bet he’s highly regretting getting her knocked up. I don’t think he hates his son but I’m sure he’s regretting the next 16 and a half years he has to deal with SydSoEvil.

No. 1437776

Im the paper thin lips you could cut your fingers on!

No. 1437792

If his other kid is any indication, he will not deal with Syd or Storm for another minute. Maybe paying child support but that’s about it.

No. 1437802

Idk a feel like he truly does care about storm cuz he’s a boy, which is sad but the truth. His daughter’s mom wanted nothing to do with him therefore he’s never met her (not saying this excuses him being absent WHATSOEVER) but yeah I think the gender thing caused a HUGE difference :/(:/)

No. 1437906

Only time and sticking to sobriety will tell. Active addicts don’t usually make for very present or good parents.

No. 1438173

File: 1644357301289.jpeg (128.97 KB, 750x1334, CA1F230A-A583-4515-BAB1-BE0775…)

The true face of Dirty Daddy aka BBP.

No. 1438207

aw he's looking good here. I like his smile.

No. 1438221

Damn, girl. Love yourself first.

No. 1438238

File: 1644362478435.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, 4CEA4DC8-53CC-42FA-8969-0592F2…)

Same energy

No. 1438245

Seek professional help, plz

No. 1438247

I think you need your eyes checked

No. 1438250

File: 1644363360159.jpeg (641.97 KB, 750x1089, 2DC6F083-2291-40BD-82EE-0AA2BB…)

Everyone itt watching and waiting for SkidSoPsycho to pounce on the female commenters like a deranged demon.

No. 1438258

>don’t i look fucking good
What an actual trash gremlin

No. 1438261

I hope you’re kidding this is the most bloated he has ever been he looks like a waterlogged corpse

No. 1438268

Am I the only one who realises you’re employing sarcasm here, nona?

No. 1438335

File: 1644368963168.png (767.13 KB, 750x1334, 10D2F783-583D-4D83-9EA6-590807…)

She’s actually admitting to BPD now?

No. 1438342

Kek the best move she has to “save face” is blaming it all on her MeNtAl ILlNeSs

No. 1438346

she always has posted bpd related stories lol

No. 1438347

idk compared to brad pit maybe….
but JC looks like any other hot junkie burnout rockstar to me. its a look

No. 1438358

It’s been talked about before when she’s posted BPD stuff in her stories. She’s never guilty or apologetic.

Ew go tell it to him on his IG not on here you sad little freak.

No. 1438361

get a therapist and an ophthalmologist
jonny looks like a junkie hobbit

No. 1438430

So I was on here waiting for someone to post that skidsopsycho deleted her but I guess not(learn2sage)

No. 1438449

File: 1644377002286.png (799.14 KB, 750x1334, 45CA4D56-6BF3-40A0-BC46-6FB2D2…)

Deleted her what? You didn’t finish your sentence.

Lol more pathetic lovebombing. Jonny is not taking you back, get it through your delusional skull.

No. 1438463

Oh sorry her IG I cant see it now

No. 1438464

File: 1644377608018.png (221.64 KB, 720x1393, Screenshot_20220208-185654~2.p…)

I was looking at the comments of Jonny's last IG post and saw this. Is this one of Sydney's but accounts?

No. 1438470

He’s STILL in her bio! This is so pathetic good godddd.(sage)

No. 1438533

Hmmm looks like you got blocked. Sorry boo

No. 1438534

Yeah of course it is. Because she’s not like those other weak ass bitches who give up on him. Even if he breaks up with her and moves on, she’s not giving up y’all! 11:11 4L!!!!1

No. 1438537

File: 1644382200131.jpeg (388.03 KB, 750x1119, 57945318-F5CB-483D-92F0-8356AD…)


No. 1438543

File: 1644382371718.png (136.9 KB, 750x1334, FA2165A8-09C3-4D30-8C00-D7604E…)

She really felt the need to share this about a throwback photo from four years ago. Damn, thirsty about likes or what? The ratio between her follower count to the amount of likes she gets is embarrassing. 90% of her followers hate her and are following her just to creep or make fun of her

No. 1438553

I’m sorry I can’t figure out what BBP means? I tried to go back through the threads but I’m missing it?

No. 1438554

She looks weird and bow-legged in this. Reminds me of the centaur leg pic she posted while on tour.

No. 1438558


No. 1438559

Big boy pimpin See >>1412221

No. 1438569

File: 1644384866240.png (3.25 MB, 1170x2532, 8C5636B6-41A2-495B-A402-024C89…)

Vague posting BBP.

No. 1438659

I went to go lurk and she already deleted it KEK

No. 1438677


Small Boi Pimpin sounds more 5’3 appropriate

No. 1438680

This caption made me gag

No. 1438690

this anon >>1435878 says
>I would never feel emboldened to call her "stumpy and ugly"
And then skid posts this >>1438537 pic lmao. I’m pretty emboldened to call her stumpy after this pic. Skid’s a triple bagger

No. 1438697

Jonny unliked the pics of Taylor. Syd probably reeee'd at him and now she's posting pics back to when she also had green hair.

No. 1438700

I guess the body of a teenage boy in skinny jeans is her idea of the “perf bawd”?

No. 1438719

Or he lurks here more than he leads on and got stressed about getting caught.
Considering hes desperate for attention, i would put it past him to lurk as much as syd.

No. 1438722

She looks awfully like a combo of Chelsea, Amanda & Taylor here (plus all the girls that BBP tried to trap before), probably looking to remind BBP that she used to be hot and try to win him back lmao. Sydsodesperate

Tbh I feel like their relationship would have last longer if she is somewhat stable and not a complete psycho publicly

No. 1438750

>>1438719 fag, actually Taylor totally lurks all these threads, and an anon posted the same topic in her thread.
It's all tinfoil but I wonder how often all 3 check each other's thread, kek
Taylor could have re-blocked him so she wouldn't get called out.

No. 1438825

I posted a screenshot of his likes & how he unliked it on the TND thread n everyone over there didn't comment on it. Glad it's at least being talked about here kek because I thought that was mad weird.

No. 1438833

Also I have this weird compulsion where I check TND's photos almost daily. His likes were extremely recent. Within the past few days, actually. He did not like those pics at the time they were posted.

No. 1438870

thank you for your service anon. I honestly didnt think much of the tinfoil surrounding a taylor and BBP reunion, now I'm sold kek. hopefully they crash and burn together harder than before

No. 1438911

I'm with everyone rooting for their reunion because of the absolute trainwreck it would be, but in all honesty I think we are hoping for too much here anons. Taylor is clearly still obsessed with him, but displays it in all the wrong ways - she doesn't shut up about how much he aboooosed me, and how mentally ~scarred~ she is for lyfe because of him. I think even she knows it would be a BAD look for her to take him back. She has an entire video dedicated to talking shit on him, is "so happy" she didn't get knocked up by him (basically just a jab at Syd), and spends all her time in her Twitter comments shitting on him. Now, if he somehow proved himself to turn around since leaving him (actually loving and taking care of his son, becoming more successful in his career, staying sober and cleaning up his act online, etc), I could see her doing the "people deserve a second chance" thing. But he has not changed at all since their breakup, she has to know she would look horrible and loose even more of what little fans she has left.
Plus, like some other anons are saying - what's really in it for Jonny? Taylor was way prettier, more successful, and was rolling in the dough to spend on him when they were together. She's washed up and ruined her looks from continuous drug use, and spent all her money while simultaneously not making hardly anything because she can't work if her life depends on it. I know Jonny has to reach for low-hanging fruit but neither of them benefit very much from getting back together.
Sorry for the rant lol, I just think sometimes we're too hopeful. That being said though I could still see her talking to him privately since she's desperate.

No. 1438922

I don't think they'd be getting back together for any benefits - I think TND would go back to him simply bc she has not found love since being w him. She's probably desperate for any kind of validation from any man and she knows BBP is an easy target. I think they might both have an unspoken understanding that there's still potential that they'll reunite. But yes I agree that going back to him would absolutely destroy any sort of support she's gotten for the past few years from everything he put her thru, and it would surely be a slap in the face to the "recovery community" that she's now promoting on her socials.

No. 1439087

Honestly it was a bad look for her posting continuous needlemark pics and doing that terrible sponsor video mumbling with her sunglasses on, and then coming out as an addict and going on huge Sperrstatus about relapses while lying to her (largely child based) subscribers about hospital visits (Not to mention all the “teehee I’m a junkie not a crackhead/I joke I’m a drug dumpster” moments) and remember the brief time her Jonny confessions video was just called “him”… I wouldn’t put it past her at all to take him back, he clearly lives rent free in her head after all the drug addict/trauma bonding bullshit that went on between them. I’ve seen people on fb read their ‘ex’ for absolute filth exposing them for cheating and shit and then couple months later they’re back smiling in a new crackheady profile pic looking all smug. Codependency is a real bitch. Wonder if Taylor’s ready to do some Disney stepmom parenting on the one day a month Jonny might be allowed StormParker kek

No. 1439091

^samefag who needs to proofread ugh.
*on huge spergs about relapse etc
Not sperrstatus. My autocorrect humiliates me

No. 1439117

File: 1644447400978.jpg (201.41 KB, 1080x1831, Screenshot_20220209-225623_Ins…)

No. 1439134

Kek I don’t think BBP is asking for your planned way forward. Love this. Reminds me of her cringe messages to Sterling.
>I’ll sweep you off your feet
Like somehow to overcome embarrassment and continue her delusions, she has to take charge of the situation.

No. 1439139

No she didn’t, it’s still up right now. Maybe you got blocked?

No. 1439147

I simply cannot wait for the moment she realizes he's actually gone. I'm getting so impatient.

No. 1439156

She actually said “just can’t sweep you off dem feets just yet” which is even more cringe lol

Sterling is absolutely repulsive looking btw. Syd is so desperate to be with ANY band guy that it’s honestly depressing. Who in here thinks they still talk? Kek

No. 1439159

File: 1644450312918.png (136.3 KB, 750x1334, FB520FBE-AE3B-429A-9891-625C68…)

“New Post!” Not even a new picture… so anticlimactic….

So much for her staying off social media and how “healing” it’s been for her. She hasn’t changed one bit. Still begging for JC thru cringe lyrics and middle school emo memes. She’s the most embarrassing woman on the planet I swear

No. 1439161

My tinfoil hat is obviously on rn but I feel like she could seriously take an Amy pitzen route when she realizes he’s not taking her back. It was mildly funny a month ago and now it’s just concerning levels of complete delusion.

No. 1439162

Lurk more. This was already posted yesterday >>1438543

No. 1439168

Nonnie, you might be waiting forever. I don’t think she’ll ever actually come to terms with it. Even if he publicly moves on with a new girl, actually not if, just WHEN. I can see the harassment already… she will NEVER leave the new girl alone.

“Thanks for ruining and breaking up a family you groupie slut! You should just die because Jonny will never love you. I’m the REAL love of his life, we made a CHILD together!!!1”

She will absolutely stalk, Harrass, and dox the new girl as much as she can. Probably call her work to say she’s doing drugs to get her fired. The level of crazy that Syd embodies is actually terrifying and majorly concerning. She needs to be locked up in a psych ward for homicidal thoughts. All of those messages she’s sent to innocent girls “hope your heart stops, it should have been you that died, no one gets away with being a cheating slut and deserves to live.” I honestly wish those messages were sent to CPS by those girls, because NO one deserves that.

It does bring me great joy that Syd can never keep storm from Jonny when he does move on, because she doesn’t even have custody herself. She doesn’t get to make those decisions. I’m not saying Jonny WOULD come around for his son, I’m just speaking hypothetically.

No. 1439169

I lurk just fine. If YOU lurked better, you would clearly see I was replying to the anon who said it was deleted. Was trying to simply and kindly show her it wasn’t.

No. 1439174

File: 1644451751670.jpg (509.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220210-000803_Ins…)

wtf is this

No. 1439179

I saw it was a reply to someone but you should’ve just said it wasn’t deleted. You don’t need to post a screen cap that was posted 19 hours again, it’s just clogging up the thread.

No. 1439187

Those are the kiddie pageant flipper teeth that Taylor bought him while he was shooting her up with heroin and gave her brain damage in her early 20s. It looks like he stole them from mister potato head, he essentially is a pale and ginger mr potato head. Go get your man, other man who wants to Make a Point by giving other creepy men mommy compliments, not a single person is standing in your way please enjoy the hepatitis c

No. 1439193

Posting a comment and posting a screen cap is the same thing. It both takes up one post. You’re clogging the thread by infighting over the lamest thing ever. And so am I by replying to your autism so I’m done with this convo

No. 1439194

she’s a rapper
that’s a huge fucking tour, respect

No. 1439208

Bless you nonita, that’s so shockingly cringe. I imagine she’s tried to chat to Sterling, who I agree, is utterly repulsive. But I’ve got a feeling that he’s probably distanced himself from her.

Absolutely this. I’m surprised that she isn’t going nuts already as BBP is following more and more girls each day, especially those with some kind of twitch or insta presence, which will be killing her.

No. 1439213

File: 1644455457100.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, 5F5AA6F4-8B15-42F4-9768-55BC5B…)

These BigBoyPiggy trotters kekek

No. 1439228

Respect what? She's not doing shit.

No. 1439243

File: 1644457565214.jpeg (258.7 KB, 828x1255, 1349183C-5590-414D-82A8-86A45C…)

BBP posted his twitch in his bio and he updated the about me section Looks like he’s going to try streaming again, makes sense after this post >>1434930

No. 1439275

Tinfoil Jonny gonna get with a stripper hoe and Syd AND Taylor gonna lose their shit

No. 1439290

I think this is the most coherent paragraph I’ve ever seen him type

No. 1439295

Interesting if this actually goes live. Was this a super recent update?

No. 1439304

I don’t know for sure, he’s only been sober since the end of Oct so I’d put it sometime between then and now. Probably more recently since he just added his twitch into his bio today.

No. 1439322

File: 1644467415280.jpeg (287.85 KB, 828x1345, 11A82AEC-88FD-48A8-8ACC-0E5E19…)

Wonder if the caption is directed at anyone in particular.

No. 1439327

File: 1644468080292.png (4.08 MB, 1170x2532, 9C257FDC-D8C5-414D-8D50-8C0B6B…)

She changed her whole bio but kept BBP there.

No. 1439330

File: 1644468291347.png (4.95 MB, 1170x2532, 259ED107-EB35-4E00-8151-08B4B5…)

He changed his too but didn't add her.

No. 1439363

It's the name of a Converge album/song. They were probably just listening to Converge…

No. 1439383

He’s live on twitch right now if anyone wants to record.

No. 1439388

Lmao “health, love, spirituality”. Okay skid. You’re totally 100% about all of that.

No. 1439391

He’s live on Instagram but it keeps shutting off and he keeps restarting before I can record anything. He’s hanging out with this guy with the spiderweb forehead, a real winner obvs. I want so badly to ask “wheres syd?” In the chat hahaha

No. 1439397

I am so surprised no one has asked him any syd questions he’s also in twitch too

No. 1439406

Probably because non of his fans really give a shit about her. Or they’re terrified she’ll go unhinged and attack them with her BPD narc rage.

No. 1439409

They still live together confirmed in his twitch stream his friend was helping him feed her cats cause jc couldn’t stop playing cod the friend asked him where the wet cat food is and jc said he said he didn’t know it’s Sydney’s deal then told him it’s in the pantry.

No. 1439461

so is he going to do anything about her cheating or is he a cuck lol

No. 1439469

File: 1644491259751.jpg (241.75 KB, 1080x1904, Screenshot_20220210-110735_Ins…)

No. 1439474

Bet she will act like hot shit around his buddies to try make Jonny jealous, she's done it before with lol bro.

No. 1439489

Dang, her moustache game is stronger than BBP

No. 1439491

Amazing. This gets my vote for next thread pic. This stuff writes itself.

No. 1439493

I swear some of you are as brain damaged as Syd and Jonny

No. 1439506

I have never seen a girl who constantly compliments herself the way skid does. Obviously trying to overcompensate for her shit personality. Calls herself cute any chance she gets, and the “hottest mom” part has me rofl. Aside from the fact that she still doesn’t even qualify as a mom in my opinion, to think she’s the hottest one out there is just laughable.

No. 1439507

Looks like Venus Angelic’s mom but with a well pronounced moustache

No. 1439520

At least she removed the ring emoji? It’s a step lol but the fact that she edited it and didn’t take it out completely is even more pathetic.

>>1439409 was she there though? Don’t understand why she wouldn’t be feeding her cats herself if she was, unless he made her stay in another room the whole time, or requested she leave while his friends are there.

No. 1439522

Skid looks high af, no wonder you don't have your kid.

No. 1439529

File: 1644500217921.jpg (735.41 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220210-083248_Ins…)

Same pillow

No. 1439533

Good catch. Also backs up my tinfoil that’s she’s now SpareBedSid. I think BBP brought his bed back from AZ, and CobwebHead is in the spare. Maybe Skid not there that night, dunno, whatever. I think she’s still living there but in the other bed. Can’t stay with her mom. Can’t couch surf forever and doesn’t have enough friends to do that anyway. So they are now flatmates I guess.

No. 1439557

respect for Snow Tha Product, not for Syd
look at the contrast between this tour and Jonny’s handful of shows

No. 1439571

She's really trying to show off her cheekbones. CHEEKBONES. wow here's your special snowflake award Skid

No. 1439582

She pulled out those damn bone hair clips again. She must be feelin sassy today.

No. 1439583

Oh dang. Idk what’s worse, jc pretending she’s gone and he’s super single with his own place while he desperately searches for a new girl on ig, or her allowing him to do it without speaking out against it. For someone who’s no stranger to calling out his bs she sure has her tail between her legs this time.

No. 1439591

If you tell me these two >>1439469 are the same person, I would believe you kek.

No. 1439720

File: 1644512879956.jpg (265.77 KB, 1080x1028, Screenshot_20220210-120505.jpg)

Just saw this on FB and had to share with the group.

No. 1439778

I think you’re exactly right.
I missed the first halfhour but I watched the whole stream, she never once made an appearance or peep so I think she might be staying somewhere else while sicsadwrld is in town hogging the spare bed but that’s complete speculation.

No. 1439799

Spiderweb atrocity aside, nose rings on men are so fucking gross

No. 1439954

Isn’t this almost the exact same bio he’s had since he first started streaming in the atrium house? Only thing that looks updated to me is his age. The references to taking a break from the constant partying, playing music, and being on the road is a reference to when he had recently (at the time) been kicked out of Slaves mid-tour. The “I needed to find something that helped me to stay sober and honest for… the fans” part is when he and Taylor were pretending that they had been in a program and were sober in the atrium house.

Forgot to take a screenshot for proof because I didn’t think his Twitch would come up again. I checked his account several months ago because I thought, “Hey, whatever happened to Jonny streaming on Twitch?” saw he hadn’t been online in forever, and assumed he had pawned off his gaming computer for heroin, thus ending the Twitch saga. But his bio was exactly the same save for his age.

No. 1439962

It must have been written by Taylor. No way he knows how to use a semicolon.

No. 1439973

File: 1644525195985.jpeg (116.5 KB, 828x961, F000651B-A518-469E-BAA2-4C1999…)

I think you’re mis remembering. He made a new twitch account in early2019, thepearlboy4L stream archive only goes back that far if you look it up. He’s never had this account while he was with Taylor.

No. 1439987

Sorry I just looked it up and you’re right, he made this account 2 weeks before she left him. I am the one who miss remembered.

No. 1439989


This is probably old and written by someone else. He’s been playing music for way more than 10 years at this point. Or maybe he just doesn’t remember his own career, who knows.

Also, not that this is Shakespeare or anything, but he just can’t write that “well”. Not enough woooords with many letters or bragggssss to be his usual writing.

No. 1440007

no surgery, just giving myself the illusion of a face lift with my 14-year-old edgelord bone clips

bonehead activities

No. 1440188

File: 1644540118661.jpeg (496.2 KB, 1242x1978, EB75ADEB-8C85-4094-85E5-57E45D…)

No. 1440189

File: 1644540163298.jpeg (553.27 KB, 1242x2129, 8E4843AC-3E0A-4B81-AB2A-FEF22D…)

No. 1440203

>Idk what mistake you made
but we do, and she's having to deal with the reality of the situation.
All anyone has to do is search "JC and Syd" and it pops up in the top results.
Dont get me wrong, both of them suck, but I love the fact she's this desperate to try to 3 wheel the cries for help. She used social media to bait him, date him, and now to reunite them. So romantic!11:11!!!

No. 1440205


did she comment this on a photo she was previously tagged in? did she remove the tag and make this whiny comment instead of just… untagging it? the fucking theatrics.

No. 1440207

Maybe they thought you were referring to Sydney, because she is a rapper. Snow is really talented, bilingual in her work and it’s incredible, openly lesbian, Latina, from the Bay Area, and that is in fact a huge tour that I would bet mostly girls are going to.

“Kids don’t keep families together” it’s not their fucking responsibility. I like how she compared her acceptance of him being a physically abusive hardened fentanyl addict and con artist to her then deciding to cheat physically and emotionally the whole time while exposing him as a “fat junkie” she couldn’t even give away and she tried, as this weird manipulative “I enabled you why can’t you accept I hate you but want to make this fAmIlY work”. Like holy fucking shit this isn’t even funny. If she did get to be with that other deadbeat she would be with someone else who would batter her in front of her son if she ever got him again. She has always reminded me of one of my best friend’s abusive mother in high school I hate it. If she let her mom raise the son and he was healthy, cool, but now he matters to keep their nonexistent family together that she doesn’t even fucking want and has no way to contribute any growth or love to. Reading those comments is like sending me, he’s giving her a peaceful out after beating her up, that is literally the best case scenario. I’m sure people tagging her in things is winding her up though which is fucked. I hate all of this

No. 1440215

thought this was a twink or posted in the troon thread. I’m loving that pube stache.

> he doesn’t believe in making a family work
Lmfao. the cow finally speaks and it’s as delusional as we all knew it would be. my fucking sides. Cheating with that Moai looking motherfucker was “making a family work”? She’s sharing a bed with him at this very moment but go off i guess.

No. 1440218

File: 1644542043827.jpeg (154.77 KB, 676x914, 5313791C-6469-48D7-9566-6F5041…)

Yup found an old post in the TND threads from May 28, 2019 showing what his bio looked like at the time. His bio has always said that stuff about staying sober. He changed it after he got with Syd, but it’s been the same ever since then.

Whoomp there it is! Yet she still has his name and their wedding date in her bio topkek, what an absolute joke

No. 1440222

>he doesn’t believe in making family work
>he finally found out my mistake and won’t work through it

She’s really blaming him for not wanting to take her back after she fucked someone else. What a manipulative psycho. This is seriously bpd at its finest, “I know I fucked up but HE’S the monster for not forgiving me and keeping our family together”.

No. 1440243

sounds like the end of an era. now the Syd threads are going to devolve into half the threads on here that are just nitpicking and infighting. I had fun anons.

No. 1440273


Don't fret. Syd leaves a path of destruction everywhere she goes, this is only the beginning.

No. 1440282

does jonny have his own thread? I like keeping up with his antics

No. 1440293

I'd like to know this too, where should we go to keep up with this messy sausage man?

No. 1440308

I think he’s always been grouped up with his current girlfriends aka Taylor and Syd. He’s been milky for long before either of them tho so I’m sure he can finally have his own thread

No. 1440309

This dbm2purplereign guy or girl is such a weirdo. Always commenting on either of their Insta, and their whole Instagram is posts about Jonny and they even posted the engagement vid of skid and big boi. Almost makes me wonder if it’s an alt account for syd and she’s just talking to herself here hahaha

No. 1440433

File: 1644564198795.png (186.56 KB, 750x1334, B4A19528-8238-47D3-A91E-A70AF1…)

What the heck is she on about? Wasn’t she making fun of girls who posted slutty pics on IG in the past?

No. 1440436

Is she prepping us for Sydsosingle mode?

No. 1440439

Idk if I've ever disagreed more with a post on this site kek

No. 1440443

Prepping us for only fans saga probably, since she can’t work a normal job

No. 1440447

Guys, make sure you’re a good patent lest Edison steal you. Wtf is she on about lol

No. 1440451

you’re right syd. there are plenty of women who show off their bodies and are very good mothers. but if you show off your body that just makes you a huge hypocrite for how you have torn down so many women for doing the same. it makes you look desperate.

No. 1440467

Part of me feels like she’s only admitting this and putting it out there so she can shamelessly attempt to throw herself at spiderweb tattoo dude through DMs. You know she’s kicking herself that another musician that’s better looking is now in/around Jonny’s life and she can’t have him. Watch her start posting a bunch of raunchy photos hoping dude will see it and think, “damn look at JC’s ex”.

No. 1440468

She hasn’t even shown off her body so I’m highly confused. Like why did she even post this

No. 1440473

This entire post sounds delusional wtf?

No. 1440477

>>1440188 wait where is this posted? Which post or pic?

No. 1440482

That doesn’t seem within the realm of possibility for Syd’s cheating, band sick-riding ass to you?
She tries to cozy up to every musician/music scene adjacent person she can, has always been secretly on the hunt for someone better than Jonny, and rags on every woman that posts anything even remotely “sexy” but now she’s suddenly saying shit like >>1440433, alluding to her wanting to post more revealing pics on her socials.
I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a plot to grab another guy’s attention, or as another anon said, to prep everyone for her creating an OnlyFans.

No. 1440483

*dick-riding ugh

No. 1440486

2nd post on that “dbm2purplereign” person’s account, it’s a video they posted yesterday.

No. 1440511

I’m sure there’s some patents on lingerie, what’s your point here?

No. 1440548

File: 1644583515377.jpeg (425.23 KB, 828x1519, 157F8F90-5550-42B7-8330-29D975…)

Here is the full context of the post. The fact that they are having passive aggressive public fight is making me kek…. And the comments is very one-sided from skidsodesperate. Lmao also now I m suss that if Storm is even BBP’s child? Like I m still amazed that he knocked skid up so quickly when none of his exes ever got pregnant after years together. You’d think after having a daughter he never seen, he would get a vasectomy. Smh

No. 1440636

>>1440433 the fact that she couldn't even spell parent right..

No. 1440637

I’m sure the reason why the others didn’t get pregnant is because they took some form of birth control whereas skid likely doesn’t. Didn’t skidsopsycho say she doesn’t take medication because they’re poison or some bullshit like that? Birth control would also require her chronically broke and unemployed ass to have health insurance. That unfortunate child looks just like his father. Little ginger gremlin couldn’t have come from anyone else

No. 1440677

>none of his exes ever got pregnant
he has a child he’s never met, but go off

No. 1440706

Honestly I think BBP has been looking for an excuse to bail for awhile. And ditching your family looks bad. Unless your baby momma is an unhinged psycho who accuses you of sleeping around with every woman on IG, and then gets caught sleeping around kek

It was his biggest opportunity to bail and he didn’t hesitate.

>I’ll live for storm

Nice little vague suicide bait there.

No. 1440734

Staying quiet and staying on BBP good side hasn't worked to get him back so now she's about to try playing the victim and making him jealous. Pretty sure shits about to hit the fan, honestly. She's clearly getting desperate if she is finally commenting on the breakup after so long. And of all comments shes publicly being vague af and putting all blame on him. She knows exactly what shes doing rn lol

No. 1440781

same here nonnie

No. 1440797

I meant all his official ex, I assume the mother of his estranged daughter was an accident? Or wasnt as official as the rest of his exes? (The likes of amanda, chelsea, liz etc) Unless I am wrong cause I only followed BBP at tay’s time.

No. 1440802

Nonnie, she cant spell or string proper sentences.. she has an english comprehension of a 14 year old.

No. 1440818

Yeah I’m surprised she’s not going off and airing all his dirty laundry. Or even posting that vid of him on drugs. Maybe she’ll flip that switch soon once she realizes her delusions of getting back together for sure aren’t happening

No. 1440849

She’s either cowering cause she’s afraid he will spill the dirt on how they lost storm (which could be her fault) or she’s really holding out hope he will change his mind. It’s weird she sees them as a family when neither of them even have an active role in the kids life.

No. 1440955

I'm thinking she's doing some damage control. if she has Jonny in her bio and keeps saying she's trying to mend the relationship, shes actually being smart for once for not flying off the handle while trying to win him back. once Jonny lands a new girl and posts her publicly that's when we may see some dirty laundry out to dry

No. 1440985

File: 1644619198477.jpg (84.81 KB, 1080x1920, 1644619197019.jpg)

No. 1440986

File: 1644619236526.jpg (124.53 KB, 1080x1920, 1644619189742.jpg)

you caused it syd.

No. 1440998

Nah, shes pulling out all her tricks and saving the best of them for last lol

No. 1441069

He’s streaming on twitch rn…

No. 1441100

File: 1644626091888.png (3.18 MB, 750x1334, 5CAEF144-4D9E-4A91-919B-6DD11C…)

Here all night, ladies

No. 1441109

I hope someone (not you, don’t cowtip) asks for more info.

No. 1441115

she refused to take a paternity test so there’s no proof the kid is his which is why he doesn’t claim her

No. 1441122

3 chin flexxxxx

No. 1441147

Absolutely repugnant, whenever I see him flexxxing, I have an almost primal response

No. 1441157


He should claim his child surprise.

No. 1441160

not if its not his

No. 1441171

She probably refused a paternity test so he wouldn’t have any rights to the kid. And idk if you’ve seen his first child but I have and she looks a lot like him.

No. 1441224

I’m actually amazed her BPD is not exploding at the seams. She’s basically been abandoned which you think would be the trigger of the century; the lack of online meltdown is fascinating.

No. 1441225

What’s up with her and lolbro posting selfies in the same bed tho?

No. 1441229

they're living together but separated I imagine.

honestly she's probably holding back in hopes that it'll keep jonny around. if she acts crazy it'll keep pushing him away for sure. once things are set in stone I can imagine her coming out with her own story of his abuse towards her ect.

No. 1441276

They are still living together and I’m sure she’s still holding out hope. Like another anon said, once he finds a new girl she will lose her fucking mind.

No. 1441296

I think it’s good if they break up. They’re really toxic together. I’m sure he’s been absolutely terrible to her.

No. 1441336

File: 1644661290709.jpg (231.47 KB, 1080x1909, Screenshot_20220212-102028_Ins…)


No. 1441337

File: 1644661345960.jpg (240.56 KB, 1080x1878, Screenshot_20220212-102007_Ins…)

No. 1441361

Where's the cute syd kek
Is it inside or outside? We might need a magnifying glass to find it because I surely don't see it skidney

No. 1441422

“My heart always headed one direction” yeah that’s why you were always calling him a fat junkie, telling women he wasn’t even flirting with but you thought he was that he’s useless and they can have him, and trying to sweep a somehow even bigger loser off his feet.

Skid really thinks they both just cheated on each other and Jonny’s being unreasonable for not forgiving her like she forgave him as if Jonny’s been recording and sharing videos of her in her bpd meltdowns and threatening all of her friendships in a jealous rage like she’s been doing to him the whole time. Mental illness is a hell of a drug

No. 1441429

File: 1644674693410.png (251.92 KB, 750x1334, D49EA0C1-CCD2-4D35-8A72-D98637…)

Was there any hint of storm in these 11 hours streaming in the middle of the living room?

No. 1441440

Nope and he had loud music blasting in the background throughout the end of his stream, proving either Storm’s not there or Jonny doesn’t give a fuck if the kid can sleep if he tries to pretend he still has him

No. 1441529

streaming for 11 hours is a completely sane and normal thing to do
how much did he even make in berries or stickers or whatever Twitch has

No. 1441539

I don’t think they’re trying to keep up the facade much since those texts came out. Not that they ever did much after losing him. but I’m sure Jonny gives zero fucks at this point.

No. 1441574

the way she desperately is trying to make it seem like she uprooted her entire life the second he would ask for anything when in reality she just hates being home. kek The bitch actively posts shit like "take me back" with pictures of her at The Used concerts in various locations around the US. Goes as far as to try to pretend she has custody of their son WHILE posting these things making it very apparent that even if Storm was around she wouldn't care, she just wants her childless life back. But we're supposed to believe she's a homebody who actually thrives on stability and hates traveling but will do it for UWU love. lmao

No. 1441610

File: 1644686005106.jpeg (550.67 KB, 3464x1414, CF602CB1-8B6D-4B0B-8882-6AD9DC…)

Not that any of us really think they still have custody, but his friend was smoking weed in the living room, a pretty dead give away they don’t have a baby in the apartment.

No. 1441625

I think you’re right. I think he did or does love her but she crossed the line one too many times with him and this was the perfect opportunity. He does like to blame all his exs for being crazy and she fulfilled that exit strategy.

No. 1441626

The fact that they’re broken up but are both too deadbeat to move anywhere else cracks me up.

No. 1441706

This is the most sound logic I have heard. They still live together and I think he’s just punishing and hoping that he will land another one of these girls in the meantime. If he doesn’t he might decide to stay a “family”.

No. 1441712

Hilarious right? Lol

No. 1441737

>>1441626 why should he move anywhere else? It's very clearly his money that pays for the apartment. Syd doesn't do anything to generate income. People break up all the time and it's not uncommon for one person to stay.

No. 1441750

File: 1644699381778.jpeg (287.36 KB, 828x1507, 58B9EC67-0B56-413B-9A58-10710D…)

If being dumped by a gross inflated condom of a man that you’re still living with because you’re obsessed with him and have nowhere else to go and can’t even see your own son is “having it all” then I’d rather have nothing thanks

No. 1441754

I’m still convinced neither of them can afford to live alone so they’re living as roommates until they can figure something else out. Jonny’s main source of income other than music sales is features, he said on his stream he makes 2500$ per feature, but he doesn’t seem to be getting feature gigs and syd is literally leeching off gov cheese. These clowns are living in poverty.

No. 1441762

this is what i imagine sydney will be reciting when she is standing over jonny with a knife, just before murdering him and turning him into a stuffed animal.

she is reaching delusional levels of creepy.

No. 1441767

This. If he had a functioning brain cell in his head he'd kick her out now. The minute he moves on with someone else she's going to get violent with him and definitely threaten or even attempt suicide.

No. 1441773

If there wasn't already evidence that Storm is not there, the mj and loud music is no proof. My son's father smokes in front of my 3 year old and DCFS wouldn't do anything and neither would the courts. He also would play loud music at all hours… My son adjusted to sleeping with the noise.

I'm glad that kid is at least safe.

No. 1441786

>>1441773 sage your useless shit

No. 1441801


No. 1441810

Sage your trash parenting anon.

No. 1441821

I guess he Jonny cheated with multiple girls and Syd always took him back, maybe one day she cracked and cheated because she was over Jonny.. or she is a regular cheater, who knows, but I think she always took Jonny back after he cheated on her, didn`t he also cheat on Taylor and she took him back?

No. 1441822

File: 1644706506895.png (231.2 KB, 750x1334, 684F81BC-7BDC-4EA7-9483-0E873F…)

She’s like herpes - the gift the keeps on giving. Each post is like a present on Christmas Day, one more embarrassing and pathetic than the last.

She’s having her delusional meltdown saga and we’re all here for it. I feel blessed.

No. 1441824

Did he actually CHEAT on syd tho? Liking pictures or messaging on IG isn’t necessarily cheating

No. 1441827

File: 1644706916820.png (3.17 MB, 750x1334, 8A6D7F8A-4F91-465C-B436-2EC0E2…)

She probably drew JC + SYD 4L!!! 11:11 like she did on his designer shoes looool

No. 1441836

File: 1644707848537.jpeg (72.9 KB, 828x552, A92D3E9E-2C0B-417D-A19F-A61DE4…)

All of his exes say he cheated and I believe it, so why wouldn’t he cheat on syd too? His defence is “I do drugs and opiates take away your sex drive so HOW could I possibly cheat” but that’s bs for so many reasons. I would probably feel bad for syd if she didn’t go on a crazy rant and call all his exes weak for leaving him.

No. 1441850

She's trying so SO hard to pretend she's some chill, peace loving, go with the flow type person who is definitely not a ratchet freak full of homicidal, highly volatile bpd rage. As if picking a new personality is going to make 3-chins love her again.

No. 1441873

11 hour stream on twitch is pretty normal honestly. bad nitpick.

No. 1441874

are you sure he wasn't vaping? jonny vapes and is supposedly steering clear of weed and alcohol as well.

No. 1441877

yes anon, he's vaping out of a bong

No. 1441878

multiples times he said he got a vape and was smoking some berry flavor. his friend smoked a little weed but always in the back of the room away from jonny.

streaming 11+ hours is completely sane. lots of streamers do it, and even 24 hour subathons. the more time you sink into it, the more revenue you generate, which is the whole point of streaming and why the grind kills most aspiring streamers. it’s better than him doing drugs.

No. 1441884

Jonny wasn’t the one smoking but I’m positive it was a pipe I saw him pack it and spark it. I guess it could’ve been a tobacco pipe but based off of his eyes in >>1439529 this dude definitely smokes weed. The time stamp is 1:30:00 and the stream is on his twitch thepearlboy4l if you wanna watch it for yourself.

No. 1441887

lmfao im dying at this

why are you trying to wk this do you even know what a bong or pipe looks like lmfao

No. 1442067

I thought that was Sydney standing on a table or chair or something. Must be real weird living with the ex you cheated on and can’t move away from, and also whoever the spider webs guy is idk if that’s lolbro but from what I’m gathering it’s someone she wants to hook up with? And homeboy is scummy Jonny’s roommate and she sleeps in his bed sometimes and Jonny doesn’t even give a fuck because he has never cared about anyone and that’s the same thing they all get warned about but try to date this ginger baked ham man anyways??? I think she occupies this space like a shaking and possessive chihuahua, you know the ones. At least the woman who was getting beat up by the man Sydney was trying to cheat with hopefully made a clean break, and good for her for overcoming her abuse and being able to out them. I really hope she’s doing well, that shit is so fucked up.

No. 1442068

No. 1442094

Still laughing at this. How cringe and desperate and flat out embarrassing

No. 1442127

>jonny vapes and is supposedly steering clear of weed and alcohol as well.
I can't wait for him to slip up and show himself clearly on drugs. Dudes been a junkie for like 20 years and his friends are drinking and smoking weed around him, I would honestly be amazed if he's sober. I don't think BBP is on heroin but I've not actually seen any indication that rehab taught him how to deal with addiction, and it's not the first time he's been to rehab. He's doing stuff rehab would have told him will harm his changes of recovery. They detoxed him off opiates and he's not using hard drugs right now, but he wasn't using heroin when TND met him.

He and his friends claiming to be sober doesn't mean anything. Jonny said he was sober for most of his relationship with Taylor and he was still doing heroin.

No. 1442155


Yup, this. He never took it seriously and doesn’t seem too this time around either. Steering clear of people who use and not being around the drug is one of the first thing they teach.

No. 1442180

Unless I missed something I don’t think syd has ever shown any interest in or even mentioned spiderweb guy? The original lolbro she was creepily taking tons of pics of was dillon. What I find hilarious if she is still living there is that she posted way back that “Joe affair is a piece of shit” or something similar and now he’s bumming around her apartment. Was possibly even told to leave while he’s there. Dunno who’s dog she’s been posting pics with. Those 3 dudes have it looking like a bachelor pad in there and I gotta wonder if jonny is trying to move them in to cover some rent so he can officially boot syd out.

No. 1442256

I think some anons think they’re cozy because they took selfies on the same pillow

No. 1442273

Assuming the dog is her moms, she was having a Storm visit, and that’s why she was in the play area with chalk.

No. 1442279

I’m wondering if perhaps the selfie syd posted was an old one. I’m sure I’m not the only one who takes selfies but then posts them some other day instead. I just still think it seems odd they would be living together while broken up. And also the fact that she posted with a random dog leads me to believe she’s at her moms or somewhere else

No. 1442285

It’s not too odd considering she’s not allowed to be at her moms. She’s on the lease most likely so Jonny can’t kick her out even if he pays all the rent and even if he wanted to.

No. 1442300

Jonny only pretended to be sober his entire relationship with Taylor because she wanted to cling onto her self-given “family friendly pet mom” title with her child audience. Jonny couldn’t give a fuck what his fans or anyone else think of him. Hence why he’s scammed his fans multiple times for heroin money

No. 1442309

File: 1644779252772.png (354.9 KB, 750x1334, 18DA8A06-40E7-4D27-8941-139B8C…)

Either he truly is lying about the features, or people are waking up and are deciding not to associate with his junkie self

No. 1442357

File: 1644783963946.png (3.32 MB, 828x1792, AB4DA172-E6FE-402C-9287-6340F4…)

This apt looks gross

No. 1442365

>not a single kid toy on the porch
They really did just drop the whole parenting larp huh? Or maybe Jonny is just done with letting syd pretend she’s a great mom

No. 1442506

File: 1644815870653.jpeg (307.46 KB, 1125x2020, 402D84D7-3A84-4038-9401-4022FB…)

>did my make-up just to pretend i’m going to sleep naked at 8pm to make jonny jealous

No. 1442565

No fucking way is any kid living there, ew

Now we know why she put a disclaimer out that "patents" can post raunchy pics too. The narc can't help herself.

No. 1442578

He should really be embarrassed about how often he makes these posts. Literally not a single person wants a feature from him. Or they know it’s a scam. He didn’t do himself any favors by posting that email where he was treating someone like shit who paid for one telling them he never said it’d be soon. These desperate posts are just proof his music career is basically dead.

No. 1442582

I literally can’t tell the men apart, three of them (lolbro, spiderwebs, the one she tried to cheat with) are one person and I doubt there are any defining traits to separate them.

Just wondering if you called someone a “piece of shit” why would you presumably share a pillow or lay upon the same one at different times? Let alone upon and asleep in the same bed, even at different times? Was Webs just fucking with her by laying upon her pillow? Men don’t buy bedsheets that aren’t blue or grey so I don’t think that’s his.

No. 1442583

looking to hard into it man. probably just their spare bed or something.

No. 1442629

>men don't buy bedsheets that aren't blue or gray

I cackled. Why is this so specific yet true.

The background makes me think they're in the shitty parts of Carmichael. Big broke pimpin.

No. 1442630

You continue to not pay attention like the other anons here do and go off about complete nonsense. Go back and look at the posts she said JOEY ALVA was the piece of shit. Again your problem for not paying attention knowing who’s who here. If your are not sure go back and read the posts before you go off all the time. All three of the people you are talking about are different.

No. 1442640

Ntayrt but damn go touch some grass. Anon had some quality snark and you got your anus in a sock over it. I stand with nona - spiderbrocheatdude is an indiscernible mass of shitty emotionally and mentally underdeveloped men.

No. 1442659

It's probably a pillow on a couch. It clearly isn't a pillow that is for a bed since it's a decorative pillow.
You know if SydSoStalker was cuddling up to any dude, she'd demand a pic of them together to prove she's not alone and to make Pig Boi Blimpin' jealous.

No. 1442669

Ntayrt. People put decorative pillows on beds all the time.

No. 1442674

Flake?? He meant another person that has more sense to not give into his scam?? Lmao

No. 1442702

You really think Jonnyboy and SydNeedsAttention are putting decorative pillows on their bed? Kek

No. 1442704

File: 1644840359220.jpeg (80.25 KB, 634x631, 3ADB209000000578-3983506-image…)

kek this is so funny shes actually retarded. Skid you literally have a full face of makeup on… if youre going to bed in black winged eyeliner, you're insane. also love the super deliberate position that makes it seem like she has breasts when in all her other pics shes flat. cant imagine the poor lost soul thats going to send her a fire emoji and make her "fall in love for real this time" very soon.

pic related skids bed

No. 1442740


A junkie living like a junkie is not surprising in the least. At least his drug den was in a halfway decent place.

No. 1442748

Flake?? He meant another person that has more sense to not give into his scam?? Lmao

No. 1442789

Did you slip and hit your head in the tub? You posted the same thing three hours ago >>1442674

No. 1442969

> berries or stickers or whatever Twitch has

Kek this sent me anon

No. 1443447

File: 1644899777750.jpeg (414.88 KB, 828x1563, 0EFB249A-6AD9-4525-90FE-434ACA…)

I’m sorry wtf is that caption

No. 1443451

File: 1644899849882.png (229.26 KB, 828x1792, 05933920-9357-4AE5-8C7C-0E663E…)

I think this is my favorite ex of JC now. i’m living for the change of pace and how she’s actually carrying on like they are still together. V interesting and new, style points to Skid

No. 1443456

File: 1644900173631.png (4.28 MB, 828x1792, 056531C1-B789-4DBB-B5D0-A0494D…)

You cannot make this shit up. she’s content but he’s flipping the camera off married to the moolah babiii

No. 1443459

I can’t even remember when she had pink hair that’s such a old photo… doubt he takes pix now

No. 1443476

So confused as to what this even means. Even if then we’re still together I’m pretty sure they have not spent 3 vdays together? Didn’t she get pregnant right when the met pretty much? I feel like that was only 2 years ago as Storm will be 2 in July if I remember correctly. I could be way overthinking this and if so I’m sorry for being dumb kek

No. 1443479

Yup I’m dumb. So many typos. I done pulled a syd and didn’t proofread

No. 1443481

Under the assumption that Skid is still living in that apartment that Jonny has now moved his loud eff-ass friends into, what an interesting dynamic. I can imagine all she does is hide in her own private space while they take up the rest of the apartment and act like morons.

No. 1443486

He was born in July 2020 so she was pregnant in October 2019 and iirc they got together in September 2019. So 3 valentines days: February 2020, February 2021, February 2022

No. 1443487

File: 1644903277277.png (7.39 MB, 1170x2532, CD8E4938-3B0F-4388-AC6C-E5EA34…)

That crap was taken back in 2016, had to have been. Her hair perfectly mimics the hair in this post. Of course cause it shows her ass cheeks she's pulling out a 7 year old pic to make BBP feel like he's missing out.

No. 1443490

File: 1644903370712.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x2532, 580784CC-22A0-4A2A-B26A-E76F1E…)

Also… (1) WheresTheJobSyd? (2) We already know you hate being a parent all the time, not sometimes.

No. 1443501

The more important question, is this crazy bitch really flashing her ass on a public street corner? How classy. As far as I can tell the last time she had pink hair like this was 2016, wonder why she’s posting so many old pictures lately?

No. 1443504

“The one to take my pictures”


He’s not currently taking your pictures syd. Never seen someone try to intimidate other woman over a man by including a point or something that man USED to do for her..

This is the most delusional woman on the fucking planet, and I’m absolutely here for it

No. 1443507

Rip all my typos, my bad

No. 1443515

File: 1644906578679.png (7.01 MB, 1170x2532, 2E7536F5-4CF0-4CE2-A012-8AFB20…)

Speaking of typos “recoding”

Also peep the comment about advice kek

No. 1443517

He’s recording a song where the main lyric is “I feel like you’re slowing me down.” Yikes syd how does that feel babe

No. 1443518

Another lyric sounds like its “I know you’re fucking sick of hearing how your voice sounds” which also is prob about syd haha she probably watching his live from a sock account

No. 1443521

Another lyric “gave you my heart until I found you out, baby are you low now”

No. 1443522

Yeah she’s low, low to the ground because she’s so ~smol uwu~

No. 1443523

I was a bit skeptical that she’s living with him still but now I really really hope she is just because the thought of her in the next room seething while he writes this song about her with cobwebhead is making me so happy

No. 1443537

I wonder if he's streaming heaps and had his buddies move in to also prevent skid from going nuts and having one of her psychotic meltdowns. She's been acting on her best behaviour and I have no doubt it's because there's other guys around at the moment and he's streaming a lot.
She probably hides in her room all day and doesn't come out unless she has too.

No. 1443548

Tinfoil: they’re still banging and Syd is trying to get pregnant again in a desperate attempt to keep BBP

No. 1443563

I don’t think they’re living together
I feel like we would of seen her in that tiny apartment while he streams

No. 1443572

She's clearly not living there otherwise she would have made herself be seen to prove the haturz wrong.
And your webhead Dick Dad World isn't fucking with Std. He's hanging with the boys in every pic. Syd would've posted a pic of any guy she's hanging with, even a sneaky undercover pic, just to try to make her troo lurv jealous.

No. 1443597

Is she lifting her butt cheek up?? Lmao she is so desperate.. remember BBP used to post vids of her bare ass ? Her ass is apparently her only redeeming quality to keep their relationship together. Kek

No. 1443609

Holy shit. They really got pregnant after only a month of dating? I started following the thread after storm was already born so I wasn't really clear on the timeline, thanks for the recap

No. 1443619

>>1443447 this chick really calls women sluts for racey photos, but is basically parading around a street like a prostitute showing her ass. The hilarious part is, a female probably took that photo of her.

No. 1443732

Jonny is basically a female, so yeah, a female took the pic.
She's definitely holding the butt cheek up. The other leg is bent so she doesn't have to worry about it drooping, but to create the illusion of a perky butt sans cellulite, she had to resort to giving herself a temporary butt augmentation via her hand.

No. 1443777

Reeks of desperation. Why did she put quotes on the caption? As far as I can see on Google it’s not a real song or anything. Is this another rap she’s writing? I don’t think posting a butt pic will win jonny back skid. He’s seen it a million times and is now more interested in finding a new one to look at lmao

No. 1443942

Classic pickme behavior

No. 1443967

File: 1644949068973.jpg (852.48 KB, 1080x1907, Screenshot_20220215-100657_Ins…)

This caption says that they were "talking" for almost a year in June 2020 and the "first real date" picture lines up with their Horror Nights trip from late Sept 2019. They met up in mid October and Halloween 2019, and she was posting her sonogram that was dated 12/11/19 by 12/30/19.

She got knocked up the second or third time she ever met Big Boy Pimping in person and, shocking no one, was ready to cheat and bail on Jonny before the kid's second birthday.

No. 1443975

File: 1644949729641.jpg (811.43 KB, 1080x1782, Screenshot_20220215-102317_Ins…)

Samefag, caption from 12/30/19. 10 weeks is 10/21/19, dead middle of the 10/16 meet up and the emo night where he had her up to karaoke The Used and visions of band wifedom danced in her head.

No. 1444022

You misread what I wrote. I said Jonny is writing a song with cobwebhead, not that syd has anything to do with him

No. 1444058

It looks like that’s Sydney’s pillow she travels with, that’s a pillowcase part of a sheet set but the “decorative pillow” made me laugh. It was probably on the couch where she sleeps sometimes or slept, until another sleeping surface was brought in for more male bodies so Jonny can save more money and diversify his odor palette. It is shitty he put his greezy head upon her pillow and published photographic evidence. I don’t know why Sydney thinks it’s “cool” to be stuck in small shared spaces with random men, just get a dog babe. Or take care of your child idk. These people are never going to “respect a female”, and they make that very loudly known, so it’s hard to feel bad for her soiled pillow even if that’s a cardinal sin. Even mental patients have boundaries with pillows, she would have a cleaner and more respectable life if she joined the circus.

No. 1444076

It’s also very possible there’s two pillowcases from the set, one at the apartment and one she took with her to (??). I think it would be weird that they would both happen to pop up in a story within 24 hours though.

No. 1444078

It’s also very possible there’s two pillowcases from the set, one at the apartment and one she took with her to (??). I think it would be weird that they would both happen to pop up in a story within 24 hours though.

No. 1444085


Or, riddle me this, MAYBE she’s posting old photos of her with that pillow from when she was living there and cobwebhead just happens to be sleeping on it now??? The reaching y’all will go to.

No. 1444090

itt: the severe lack of milk is showing

No. 1444091

Classy, syd. In broad daylight at capitol park where kids could be nearby.

No. 1444128

It's really incredible how sedate she is now compared to when Jonny was nodding out on heroin and she believed that she had the upper hand in their relationship. Apparently it wasn't just hEr BpD; she was just a smug brat bitch who thought she was running things because Jonny couldn't do any better than her. Now that he can just go "she cheated" and look like the poor recovering junkie good guy while she's a public embarrassment, she suddenly knows how to behave.

No. 1444159

Lol last time it was carpet speculation now it’s pillow speculation. I prefer this to the infighting that happens when shit gets dry, so I’m really not complaining.

While we’re speculating, what the hell happened to the puppy Jonny was supposed be getting?

No. 1444160

>>1444128 it's sad that nothing up until the breakup was embarassing enough for her to not be a crazy cunt.

No. 1444181

File: 1644966772823.jpg (1.2 MB, 972x4781, Screenshot_20220215-151028_Chr…)

Who says Jonny Craig isn't capable of change? He's back to post-breakup streaming but has yet to passive aggressively post pictures of firearms that he has access to.

No. 1444251

Does a stupid knife count? >>1433346

No. 1444253

Does a stupid knife count? >>1433346

No. 1444404

File: 1644987549229.jpeg (220.2 KB, 828x1696, DC827394-EB6E-4440-8BC3-4C745A…)

No. 1444412

Maybe he’s referring to him liking TNDs pics? So curious as to what exactly this is about

No. 1444433

File: 1644991335645.jpeg (181.07 KB, 1483x635, 06D349F5-29CC-4F03-9410-3C982A…)

BBP streaming him and cobwebhead watching some questionable ASMR steams. I hope std is home listening.

No. 1444518

I hate spiderweb guy lol. he says so much ignorant shit on stream, and thinks he sounds smart or something. idk if jonny is just on his best behavior rn and is the same usually but damn dude is annoying as fuck

No. 1444607

File: 1645010579478.jpg (211.69 KB, 1080x2163, Screenshot_20220216-112225_Chr…)

No. 1444650

My guess is it’s in response to the caption on her post? >>1443447

No. 1444691

No Syd, you don’t miss being “preggo.” You don’t care about Storm and you definitely won’t care about the next kid you inevitably pop out to try and trap a man. You just miss when you didn’t have to beg for attention from Jonny.

No. 1444749

Spoken like a true non-mom. She doesn’t miss her actual baby her mom is raising, she misses the attention and leverage pregnancy gave her. The baby leaving her uterus and requiring full time care ruined everything!!!

No. 1444752

Spoken like a true non-mom. She doesn’t miss her actual baby her mom is raising, she misses the attention and leverage pregnancy gave her. The baby leaving her uterus and requiring full time care ruined everything!!!

No. 1444849

Of course she hasnt posted any love bombing woth her beloved child, hust more proof she cant see Storm. As soon as she gets a visit though, we will see an avalanche of guilt tripping and love bombs. We will see how much he actually cares about the kid. Poor Storm, i hope hes happy with grandma.

No. 1444953

File: 1645046949689.jpeg (197.92 KB, 738x1192, E20DDF42-D849-4B18-BEEC-AB1771…)

Desperation looks even worse on you than love-bombing, sydsoforgotten

No. 1444977

File: 1645048434426.jpg (182.77 KB, 1080x970, Screenshot_20220216-215227_Chr…)

yikes at the selfie she posted with it

No. 1444984

File: 1645049266608.jpg (197.26 KB, 1080x1881, Screenshot_20220216-220630_Ins…)

No. 1444999

File: 1645051026932.jpeg (168.72 KB, 750x1334, C9DEBA5A-A4F4-4A63-97BA-30C0A6…)

She must be fucking itching with rage that BBP is hanging out with new women, with cobwebhead. More so that she’s doing her meek and mild routine and can’t say a single thing about it. Kek.

No. 1445002

Yeah if anything she regrets getting pregnant because Storm wasn’t enough to keep BBP around and now she’s stuck with a baby she doesn’t love and never wanted. Even though the breakup was entirely her fault. She would constantly go after women for “trying to tear their family apart” but in the end the person who actually tore their family apart was Syd herself.

No. 1445006

And she’s only 23. Yikes. Young just how he likes em.

No. 1445009

If syd was thin, she'd kinda look like this girl

No. 1445026

Is this recent? I don’t follow either of them but can he BBP’s stories and I didn’t see this

No. 1445032

It was posted on spider man's account today

No. 1445045

Ah, that’d explain it. His profile is private. Thanks!

No. 1445049

His profile is not private.

No. 1445052

File: 1645058170806.jpg (293.79 KB, 1954x917, 1nbske9wm8.jpg)

You’re right, I’m a retard and was looking at an entirely different profile. Sorry!

No. 1445086

>"my dumb ex was told them I was violent and going to come take my cats
>some dumb orbiter : "why would they think that!?"
>"because she's a slag and they're MY CATS"

Kek moids like JC are really a primitive species. It's totally unwarranted and unfair that he got a restraining order put against him BUT it would have been totally justified if he went down there and taken those cats by force apparently because they were "his". The mental gymnastics involved to victimize yourself I'm situations where you're the violent scrote with the intention and ability to harass your young abused girlfriends makes me want to ALOG this fat junkie. It should be illegal for scrotes like JC to procreate. Bloated carcass of a human.

No. 1445091

File: 1645063064243.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1242x2539, D95E8E72-A5AD-45C9-AC0E-A3B35C…)

Lol wtf does he mean by this?? Be so nice if he could just talk like a normal adult for once.

No. 1445096

He’s saying he’s gunna fuck a chick, and send her home to her bf with his hand print on her ass, presumably from him slapping it so hard. Bet syd is punching holes in her wall and throwing shit after seeing this.

No. 1445103

File: 1645064072973.png (3.75 MB, 1170x2532, 76564573-6166-40AC-AF2A-AA191D…)

Speaking of gaslighting…. Great way to blame others for your own issues syd. If she actually went to therapy to work on herself and her untreated mental issues she would understand why this is dumb

No. 1445104

Oooh yeah this girl is absolutely his type. Like TND and syd mixed together but cuter and younger and probably has her shit much more together than both

No. 1445111

It's a Jack Harlow lyric from Industry Baby, an otherwise very gay song. Means what >>1445096 said

No. 1445161

Jonny didn't waste any time following her. Storm's new stepmother in 3, 2, 1….

No. 1445166

his tiny little midget handprint kekkkkk

No. 1445180

File: 1645075273290.jpeg (598.62 KB, 750x1173, 4E6CB19B-4505-459E-AF5F-350BD8…)

No. 1445181

So desperate and weird

No. 1445183

So embarrassing kek

>my boyfriend left me now I need male validation and to try to make my ex jealous

Like clock work. OF saga when

No. 1445185

This isn’t even his profile. There are no periods. It is not private.

And idk why y’all are hyping up that 23 year old so much. She is not hot. I get trying to make Syd jealous but come on now. I had to go to het profile to actually think she’s okay looking. That picture with her and the boys is not a good one.

No. 1445187

I honestly doubt syd is trying to win back jonny with these posts. more than likely she's trying to quickly get with the next dude to give her attention and fix her broken ego from being dumped

No. 1445188

> was looking at an entirely different profile. Sorry!
No shit

No. 1445190

No. 1445194

yeah homegirl is significantly more homely looking than any of his exes including syd

No. 1445197

File: 1645078064318.jpg (64.97 KB, 1080x441, Screenshot_20220217-010651_Ins…)

No. 1445200

lol someone asked if he's getting back together with taylor during his stream

No. 1445205

What did he say? If he acknowledged the question at all

No. 1445232

Having to do onlyfans because you know ur baby daddy is too broke to send child support even if u manage to go through the courts and acquire it. They really have no self awareness it’s like they don’t know/care how this makes them look compared to their sloppily orchestrated public image of flexing and being the ideal emo family.

No. 1445245

More like having to do OnlyFans because she’s too broke to support her own child. Can’t believe I’m about to defend Jonny but he’s the only one of these two with any income stream at all, even if it’s not much. This bitch is really gonna start an OF before considering getting a regular job, truly hysterical. Now we know why she was saying “patents” can show off their bodies.

Whatever happened to your art career, skidsostupid? And all that singing you were supposed to do? Oh, they were all Jonny’s contacts? That’s why you don’t fuck up the literal only thing you’ve got going on in your life

No. 1445273

Some of you called it. Really didn’t take that long.

No. 1445280

Anon idk if you are being sarcastic? I dont think any sensible, put together, sane person would want anywhere near to JC? Case and point: TND and skidsodesperate. I will say TND used to be cute pre-H but this new girl is average compare to all of BBP exes (minus syd) and I m not doubting that she is somewhat unhinged to want anything to do with JC.

No. 1445328

Agree she’s not that cute, but if she has a job then she’s already got more going for her than syd and taylor combined.

No. 1445371

Thank u let’s not forget while disliking skid that BBP is an abuser and terrible. Why would anyone respectable want to be with someone like that?

No. 1445377

Funny how skid loved to dunk on Taylor all the time calling her a junkie loser, but even TND in the throes of heroin and meth didn’t/hasn’t stooped so low to prostitute herself on OnlyFans. I wonder how skid’s mom, the guardian of her child, will feel about this. You’d think she’d be doing everything she could to repair that relationship, especially now that Jonny’s out.

No. 1445395

Every time I remember that Syd smacks her mother around it makes me want to ALOG so fucking bad. That poor woman has probably been cleaning up her messes since she came of age and the BPD reared its ugly head, the fucking disrespect. I would love to see Syd in a scared straight scenario, only instead of terrifying her about prison it's actual mothers dragging her until she breaks.

No. 1445400

I'm hard pressed to believe we're the same age, bitch looks mid-30s

No. 1445402

Do you know them irl at all? I'm really curious what happened for Syd to hit her mother.

No. 1445407

I don't personally know her so I can't actually confirm, but there have been multiple anons that do who have said she's hit her mother. Normally I'd want more solid proof but fuck, it's Syd. I would be more shocked if she DIDN'T hit her mother.

No. 1445410

it would explain how little syds mom seems to care that she's out hanging with a heroin addict

No. 1445414

She's probably realized there's nothing she can do. I'm sure any time she tries to set boundaries or tries to help she pays dearly for it. Hopefully raising Storm will give her a second chance at bonding with a child, it must be heartbreaking to see your daughter devolve into a selfish psychopath.

No. 1445452

File: 1645120094189.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1284x2303, 6096D202-2718-46CA-A8D0-8CF613…)

Didn’t see this posted earlier but mention of BBP and cats

No. 1445601

She still has him in her bio. She will use any excuse to use his “clout”. Even if it’s something as stupid as “my cats are laying on Jonny’s clothes”. Like it really matters who’s clothes the cat is on. Primo cringe shit

No. 1445608

She's going to be ass to ass with Megan on OF for the price of a medium pizza by the time Jonny finds another green haired 20 year old to have a third kid with.

No. 1445614

>3rd child
Hey BBP, just to let you know, medi-cal covers vasectomies. Free neutering. You’re welcome.

No. 1445648

Wishful thinking but I hope there's a day where BBP comes outright and tells her to kick rocks. A lot of vague posting about how he's talking to other girls but he hasn't addressed yet how obsessive she's acting and how she's putting up a front that they're still together. bangs fists on table FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

No. 1445657

He really is a little bitch for not kicking her out immediately. I wish they'd both grow a pair and have it out already. Cowards.

No. 1445750

File: 1645141630767.png (462.78 KB, 1170x2532, 5100803A-C379-4064-9A06-3C066F…)

Don’t act like you don’t love people talking about you ya narcissist bitch

No. 1445795

You put your entire sordid life on display for everyone to gawk at, Syd. You are a fucking sideshow.

No. 1445803

File: 1645144992487.jpeg (90.5 KB, 828x1419, 2FEADA80-C407-4BF5-99F5-EABA38…)

How did she go so long staying quiet? She can’t shut up now

No. 1445821

Idk if this is the carpet people or not but she just has social media like everyone else. It’s really creepy to think everything she does has to do with Jonny, and her putting selfies behind a pay wall makes sense. Jonny is doing cringey twitch shit, watching porn same on stream with other dudes, and making the same forgettable I-hate-my-ex music. What contacts would Sydney get from him? She didn’t even make music, she folded shirts and Jonny has burned every bridge by being the shittiest person and assaulting people for I don’t even know how long. Not sure if Sydney’s ex friends are here but she doesn’t exactly elicit strong feelings from anyone else and it comes off like when men write those super hateful comments to get off like chill

No. 1445828

File: 1645147092511.jpg (572.66 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220217-201728_Ins…)

this is getting sad(der)

No. 1445833

Okay this is fucking obviously a clear response to him talking about leaving hand prints on a girls ass yesterday >>1445091

She’s so desperate I’m actually starting to pity her a little. Syd you look like a fool he’s literally following 5 new insta thots a day, he doesn’t want you back, let it go and keep a sliver of your dignity pls.

No. 1445849

File: 1645149071392.jpeg (324.5 KB, 828x1281, 1BC29616-D526-4E1C-A8B3-CB1335…)

She also posted this before the ass shaking video, so this is probably what she’s referencing. Not to say this post isn’t referencing Jonny’s earlier post, but….

No. 1445857

No offence anon but you’re brain dead if you think her saying talking about handprints and shaking her ass isn’t in reference to Jonny talking about leaving hand prints on a girls ass. She couldn’t of spelt it out for you any clearer.

No. 1445878

I was saying that Syd likely posted >>1445849 in response to >>1445091 then was referencing the other post, not Jonny’s post directly, but who fucking cares honestly kek I was just adding extra context

No. 1445895

That’s also how I took it anon, but the timing is definitely sus after Jonny’s story.

I could definitely go the rest of my life without seeing her flat ass again.

No. 1445899

Dunno if this has been posted yet but if you watch spiderwebcob’s first story you can very clearly hear syd in the background at the beginning. Then he says something like “people come and people go!” Sorry I can’t post the story I’m on iPhone but his profile is public. Sicsadwrld

No. 1445901

Is she insinuating there's a slap mark on her ass in that video or was that caption just nonsensical bullshit

No. 1445902

I would personally love to beat syds ugly ass given the chance due to the amount on degree that she’s harassed me on Instagram and treated me completely unprovoked. Too bad I don’t live in her area. If I ever see her in person tho, it’s on sight. I will literally go up to her and confront her and ask her what gives her the right to disrespect me and so many other women.

Ugh someone beat this bitch’s ass PLEASE it is long overdue and deserved.

No. 1445903

Rip I think I forgot to sage and I meant to, this isn’t milk. My apologies

No. 1445912

I just went to his stories and don’t see this hmmmm

No. 1445917

I hear a girl talking in one of his stories but it’s just part of a song or the tv so I don’t think that’s what you’re talking about. Maybe he deleted it?

No. 1445918

Which of his stories?

No. 1445920

File: 1645155800025.webm (929.19 KB, 720x1280, Sad.webm)

Let’s preserve the spiral

No. 1445921

I was on his live and she’s definitely in the chat with ig username alwaysbekind1996, asking “are you single” and “did you break up” i can’t handle this mess. The username is clearly her dumb off her kindness bender and the profile pic is a wholesome ass pregnant white bitch from a maternity shoot. This was hilarious to see I’m so sad i didn’t get a screenshot in time. She’s insane.

No. 1445922

File: 1645155864715.jpg (70.49 KB, 1170x2080, Unhealthy.jpg)

Syd, it shouldn’t be this hard

No. 1445923

Scroll up on the comments in the live so you can still screenshot the comment

No. 1445925

Is this just the story if her ugly ass? I don’t wanna download and convert just to see that again lol

No. 1445929

No. 1445932

File: 1645156277672.jpg (477.09 KB, 1000x1500, “Maternity”.JPG)

It’s definitely a fake profile, picrel is the original and it comes from Pixnüb, if reverse search is to be believed

No. 1445939

File: 1645156682615.jpeg (139.74 KB, 1170x2241, B29D498A-EABF-433F-AF9E-CDAC1F…)

Screenshot for the lazy. Jonny is one of only 5 accounts it follows lol

No. 1445940

Also the whole livestream was him recording a new song where he calls her a liar and the lyrics are about wishing he didn’t find out what she did and how when he logs online all he sees is his haters. We love it for you boo

No. 1445942

Ok I guess it’s not maternity haha but i didn’t zoom in on it. It was definitely her though because she was just randomly asking questions only about their relationship and never like “I’m such a fan! Great song! Come to Brazil” etc like everyone else was. What a fucking weirdo. Always be kind, syd!

No. 1445955

Ok no offense but do you think announcing you’re going to beat up a dwarf that you’re confirming is your long time ex friend on an anonymous gossip board for women is maybe also embarrassing and you’re still on her level

Like who are you talking to, we can’t even get people to stop comparing her to lunch meat and here you are swinging your dick around iTs On SiGhT like shut your eyes then. Please. Get some rest. Some of us just want to watch Jonny’s decomposition process and what kind of insects have colonized his innards to cause his full body goitering, why are there 24/7 posts on Sydney and her boring Facebook behavior

No. 1445956

This just in, Jonny is opening a bottle of champagne on his Insta live and said “it’s because of Syd. She wanted one so I bought two”

eye roll plsss don’t tell me this mess of a couple is getting back together

No. 1445958

I’m not an ex friend. Don’t know her at all and I’ll gladly beat her ass. I’ll post whatever I want. Strange my post got to you, this must be her only friend Meghan. And if it’s not, then THAT’S embarrassing.

Just because I post a rude comment about Syd doesn’t mean I am team Jonny or on his side. This is a fucking containment thread, both of them are discussed here constantly. Sorry my post got your panties in a wad, go cry to Syd about it.

No. 1445961

So should we all stop talking about Syd and just keep this strictly a Jonny thread? Anon idk if you missed it but the thread photo is of Syd, and the title includes "WHERESTHEKIDSYD". This isn't exclusively a Jonny thread, frankly syd's "FACEBOOK" antics are much more amusing than Jonny being a bum on IG Live. >>1445958
But also, I agree, no one cares that you wanna beat her ass. Nobody knows you so I don't know why you're scavenging for cool points. Go see a therapist

No. 1445963

Kek no. Syd has fifteen good minutes of restraint left in her and then she's going to lose her mind, and her little butt shots/OF journey is milky af. No one cares about alog dumbfuck shit. If you know her in person, give us irl gossip or gtfo. Don't act like a bunch of crackheads in this thread just because it's a slow period.

No. 1445964

Did you mean on twitch? He posted the whole Instagram live on his timeline, I skipped around and don’t see him with champagne before he ends it with “come see me on twitch”

No. 1445967

I'm confused, what are you talking about? I've been watching on twitch since it started and he didn't pop a bottle?

No. 1445971

File: 1645160328383.jpg (736.19 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20220217-205236_Twi…)

Twitch anons, I don't think I can post my video tonight but someone else should upload a screen recording of the song they're producing. It's inane. His runs are really forgettable too.

Syd doesn't even get a good breakup song out of this and she cheated on him. Taylor just went to rehab and her songs are way better. (Comparatively. Jonny sucks as a lyricist. It's basically his Instagram comments over some guitar clips.)

No. 1445978

Yes anon that was my whole point. Syd is the only entertaining one right now. Other anon called her """"Facebook"""" behavior boring kek go make a separate thread ONLY for big boi pimpin then. That's what I was saying.

No. 1445995

File: 1645163453290.jpeg (708.85 KB, 4096x3072, 6C8AE218-FC2B-4C0B-A5A1-7919DF…)

>from create mode
Aka her brain, because none of this happened

No. 1446000

Watched a bit of his Instagram live and there were a couple girls that seemed to be trying to get his attention. Commenting things like “hot” (barf). I’m glad he hasn’t, but I wonder what’s keeping him from getting a new girl, is he being picky this time? Maybe he wants another cash cow Taylor? Just seems like he has some to choose from, but maybe doesn’t want to end up with another useless one like skid. But the fact that he has any admirers at all is just disturbing. Also saw someone comment “syd is a hoooow” presumably meaning hoe, but unfortunately he didn’t acknowledge it

No. 1446003

if he still has a few admirers he might just be enjoying the single life

No. 1446030

File: 1645171017092.jpg (293.98 KB, 1080x1869, Screenshot_20220218-075527_Ins…)

No. 1446032

Interesting that she went on a visit while Jonny was working on his new song. Was there a DV issue between her mom and Jonny or do they just not like each other? I thought they were trying to keep Only Facetattoo away from the kid when she was spiraling.

No. 1446040

>>1445920 this is fucking foul and extremely embarrassing.

No. 1446053

If you're going to talk about a video, screen record and use Chrome to convert to webm and post or stfu. If you don't know how to post a video on here by now, you just look like an asshole talking about it as if anons catching up days later are going to be able to watch some shit on Spiderman's IG

No. 1446056

Saw an anon posted the video, but unable to delete comment.
Anyone else having a hard time posting and deleting comments? I have to hit "new reply" 3+ times for anything to post and trying to delete this at least 10 times only to get error messages. How can we report this?

No. 1446060

Site is having issues, a couple boards are totally unusable. It’s been like this for a few days. I assume someone is trying to fix it but who knows.

No. 1446122

Yikes, this is not the flattering photo you thought it was, Syd. Your face is rounder than your ass

No. 1446142


Why would any woman do that, it breaks my brain. No one can claim ignorance on the abuse, scams, junkie behaviour, etc. at this point. Who would want that in their life?

“Hell yeah! Here’s my opportunity to get pushed around, cheated on and to watch him nod after shooting the rent money!”

No. 1446172

She looks mechanical, like a ventriloquist doll. PS1 looking ass eyebrows.

No. 1446176

Some people like to live ignorantly in bliss about their fave singers/actors/celebs/whoever else. If they don’t google him then all they have is what he portrays himself to be on social media which is none of the things you just mentioned obviously

No. 1446188

File: 1645195961586.png (222.54 KB, 828x1792, 45894866-4E24-466A-9B65-A224BA…)

How about you actually do it jonny? Lol its been 5 years since I followed his mess since TND, he managed to sink even lower pre-TND days. Jonny this is a sign that you will self-sabotage yourself and theres absolutely no one that put you in your position right now. But go on keep telling us “haters” off.

No. 1446252

>>1445833 she's never had dignity haha

No. 1446297

Tbh I was surprised when they went on “tour” no one tried it bc she was always fighting with his fans. I thought for sure she’d reeee on some chick

No. 1446308

File: 1645206257607.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1125x1981, A189CFA9-54E8-480E-8D20-2974FE…)

Anon wtf you coulda warned that this nasty ass woulda be eyefucking himself/moaning into the camera before i went to go check on the syd talking. Omg ewwww i am traumatized

No. 1446468

That anon's a dickhead for pulling newfag shit by not just posting the video instead of making other anons attempt to hunt for it, all while giving Spidertard more views. We wouldn't have to see this tool doing the white man underbite in an attempt to be sexy if anons just learned to not be like Jonny talking about shit and instead made shit happen.

No. 1446525

Trueee. Also not sure if anyone is familiar with Picuki? It’s just a website you can type in your browser. That’s how i usually view their stories. Not sure if it gives them any viewing counts but it’s a safe way to stay anon

No. 1446534

Really not trying to WK BBP but i am actually surprised he’s managed to put content out like that. After watching his uploaded live, yeah he’s super cringe but looks like they made that song all in a couple days. I don’t know anything about making music The way he talks about recording too really seems like he know what he’s doing. Even him re-recording those whale cries, it’s almost like he won’t settle for mediocre when it comes to his voice. He’s kinda boring in the sense that i think he’s just aging. The drama with Syd is probably shrugged off because he’s literally in his 30s and probably just doesn’t have the energy for that anymore. He literally has put out more videos than Taylor has and he also doesn’t do this whole charade. Still can’t believe Sydney was the one to fuck up the relationship. She is more milky in the sense that she’s a mother but cares more about throwing ass online than fighting for her son back. Probably gonna get a lot of hate for this comment but just my opinions.

No. 1446538

He genuinely seems sober. I feel if he stayed on the sober path, lost about 20 pounds and maybe cut out the gangster bs he could possibly redeem himself. Not in the hardcore punk scene he made his name in, but if you notice he’s slowly transitioning to like the progressive sad rap stuff and that has it’s own tiers in itself. I could see him making a name for himself over there. Plus everyone loves shit shows and know about his past makes him interesting, especially if he’s actually turning it all around.

No. 1446583

I mean he was literally drinking a beer in the video from last night, but could be sober from H. Not that it will last especially seeing how he didn’t waste a second out of rehab to resume drinking.

No. 1446585

Ew, no. He's a 2x child-abandoning scammer who drives away everyone he works with with his ratchet shenanigans. He might not be getting fucked up on heroin right now (but he probably is), but he's drinking, and that doesn't change the fact that he's a nasty cow. (And his singing has gone WAY downhill.)

No. 1446589

He might be able to redeem his career but Jonny is a shitty human through and through. He’s cheated on all his girlfriends, abandoned his kid and refused to even claim the other, probably took care of storm while tweaking, used to go after under age or barley legal girls in the warped tour days, scammed his fans and some of his exes claimed his was violent. Not really a redeemable human I’m my opinion.
Not wking but he showed the beer he was drinking last night or the night before and it was non alcoholic 0%

No. 1446594

You've just proven that you know fuck all about anything considering you said he made his name in "hardcore punk" and that he's moving up in the world by making "progressive sad rap".

No. 1446673

You must be autistic since you can’t hint my sarcasm. And you all sound like fans where is this is just another dummy thread haha

No. 1446693


>Really not trying to WK BBP but….

Then proceeds to spew some dumb fuck opinion on how bbp is totally ~ReDEeMaBLe~ jfc shut the fuck up you anons are driving us all crazy. Why is it when the milk is a tad bit dry all you ursty cunts come out the woodwork.

No. 1446731

Don’t know what that nonsense crapshit is in the caption but I scrolled by and literally thought she got a job at Burger King or McDonald’s, the hat and shirt in the parked car with parking lot lights was like oh shit well at least she’s working and they’re employing the madam of munchkin land

No. 1446749

OMG, watched the IG of BBP making a song or whatever with cobweb and he kept flexing his watch on his cankle wrist shudder

No. 1446765

Nice of you to assume she's hireable to anyone,
Has she ever even had a job? She must get government money even though she doesn't have custody of her son

No. 1446789

Do anons not understand the concept of posting a damn video to preserve the milk?!!
Don't mention videos if you're too stupid to screen record it.

No. 1446838

File: 1645259470883.png (3.27 MB, 750x1334, 51DD2C25-CB5E-4AE2-9DDE-33AECB…)

Storms lives there. Sureeee

No. 1446842

Lmao she must be seething so bad rn cause JC is at some model’s birthday now with all his friends. He wouldnt even bring your crazy ass around anymore syd.. but sure go on being delusional that you did not ruined the only thing you had going on in your life (we speaking sydsopsycho language now lol)

No. 1446844

Lol so 1. She just confirmed she lurks and 2. She seems to be literally having a mental breakdown lmao.

Yeah syd great mom letting your “boyfriends” guests smoke weed in “your” apartment “while your son lives there” please seek psychiatric help.

No. 1446847

File: 1645260728536.webm (1.23 MB, 720x1280, 1645260634783.webm)

And you definitely can't sing or rap.

No. 1446850

And we know Storm doesn't live with you, because you're a terrible mother who hits your son's grandma.

No. 1446854

Should have just said "I definitely obsessively read my lolcow thread"

No. 1446857


She must think we just forgot about the “storm situation” from those messages she sent to her side piece. Jonny’s recent lives have only solidified that there isn’t a single toddler item in that household, let alone around his most prized possessions (his computers and recording equipment).

No. 1446859


She needs to learn to feather her brows. Sharpies been out since like 2010.

No. 1446860

She strongly resembles a small child throwing a hissy fit. Can't tell if that's her mic drop face at the end or if she's about to pass out due to lack of air. Keep practicing, sydsosorry

No. 1446861

File: 1645263547859.jpg (99.83 KB, 640x1138, d0sT1ob7nE.jpg)

Meanwhile Jonny's out here living his best left in a sea of bros

No. 1446863

So…. they still sleep in the same bed? Or is she trying to stick it to the haturz

No. 1446864

File: 1645264333765.png (136.16 KB, 329x388, syd2.png)

I was reading the last thread and watching the videos of her at the emo nite show and accidentally paused on this. Yikes lol

No. 1446889

They all look like they'd smell like a wet ash tray

No. 1446891

Chin(s) sent me

No. 1446894

She willingly posted this for us lmao..it writes itself.
No one else's voices makes me want to take my ears off and put them in my pocket like you skid.
You sound about as nice as my blender.

No. 1446898

I don't know why she'd give us more content to work with. She literally puts a target on her forehead and then loses her shit when she sees anyone talking shit about her. Outstanding that she thinks she has any grounds to brag on - skid you just confirmed the one thing we were all laughing at the concept of. Thanks for the ongoing entertainment.

No. 1446899

Someone pls photoshop this over a photo of her body for the next thread pic lmaooo

No. 1446901

"Still sleeping in the same bed I've always slept in so definitely laughing"

you're literally there because you're an unemployed broke piece of shit mom who can't afford to move out and you aren't allowed to live with your son. you're literally stuck there because you have nowhere else to go. laugh all you want skid, but we're all laughing at you and how pyschotic you are that you still try to pretend storm lives with you and you and jonny are still together and he's told me personally he doesn't want to get back with you and never will. you're pathetic

No. 1446906


She might still be sleeping in the same bed but bbp definitely isn’t, that’s why he brought that mattress back from az or whatever.

No. 1446907


I’m honestly annoyed at her face. She’s genuinely just so ugly.

No. 1446930

That's her with an extreme filter on, she doesn't even look like that. I met her on his last tour and she's RUFF looking and so rude and was so rude to Jonny lmao. She looks exactly like this >>1446864 in person. The most SQUARE ASS FACE i've ever seen

No. 1446932

She literally has stumpy midget arms and it's not attractive at all. Those arms are so fucking short she looks deformed

No. 1446949

This gave me second hand embarrassment.
I can't get past the eyebrows, they look like sharpie filled stencil brows from 2008, they're so ugly.

No. 1446969

Everything about syd is stuck in 2008. When I watch her instagram stories I get secondhand cringe from the ecks dee RaNDoM days of the internet

No. 1446973

File: 1645279730627.jpg (40.45 KB, 640x1138, syd so square.jpg)

The filters make her look like different people kek

No. 1446984

File: 1645281668621.jpg (148.79 KB, 1693x1440, fucking hell.jpg)

This is the woman who calls herself "hottest mom" hahaha what the actual fuck

No. 1446993

File: 1645283268284.jpeg (743.27 KB, 2458x3072, 660804C2-54C8-4F34-A65E-8DBB23…)

I hope she feels embarrassed this morning that she posted this shit

No. 1446996

File: 1645283369790.jpeg (661.14 KB, 828x1499, 18025019-079D-4629-910C-A90A19…)

Tfw BBP moves on and you realize he never gave a fuck about you or the bandaid baby you had to have almost immediately because he didn’t really want you.

No. 1447031

Kek anon you have me at square ass face. I genuinely vote to start a thread with this cow when her and BBP die out, I want to see her spiral into insanity but mostly concern how Storm is gonna turn up when he is older. Lol

No. 1447032

You can’t rap syd, you can memorize lyrics. There’s a difference between that and having actual skill.

I’m convinced she’s changed her story setting to make it so that Jonny can’t see them. Not that I think he’d want to anyway since he wants nothing to do with her ugly ass. But that’s why she keeps posting desperate shit that makes it seem like their still together and he’s none the wiser. You aren’t fooling anyone syd. This isn’t speculation, the proof is here in these threads, so keep embarrassing yourself

No. 1447042

File: 1645288125581.jpg (1.12 MB, 2048x2048, SquarePic_20220219_16271999.jp…)

scary and unhinged

No. 1447045

File: 1645288182300.jpg (37 KB, 560x557, Screenshot_20220219-162450_Ins…)

No. 1447059

Not surprising she likes Nicki Minaj given they both stand by rapists. Though imagine tagging her in this cringe kek

Side note, did skid give Jonny his ring back? Or do anons think she’s still wearing it around in her delusion

No. 1447074

Was just gonna say she’s dumb af for saying Storm lives there while we watch jonnys friend smoke weed in their tiny apartment. Turtlemom calling cps in 3,2,1 only to be told that the child is not in fact living there. Jonny wouldn’t have the fucking time to stream 11 hours if the kid lived there and someone would’ve at least heard him in the background once during that time, or seen one toddler related item by now. I’m honestly surprised she doesn’t buy a couple just to try to prove us wrong. That’ll be her next move though I’m sure.

No. 1447075

I’m sorry but who the ever loving fuck takes time to record and post shit like this? She’s a sleep paralysis demon from a cursed fever dream of your middle school memories.

No. 1447078

Is she on drugs

No. 1447101

At least she can remember lyrics instead of singing and reading like JC…. but this is DESPERATE. No musician has ever taken her seriously, and trying to rap wont help.

No. 1447103

not to sperg too much, but kids that age love seeing themselves in selfies and videos. The moment the kid realizes he is recording they would be climbing on top of him trying to seem themselves. Not a mom but plenty of nanny experience. There is no kid there, there is no relationship as mother or girlfriend. She's just a cum dumpster (she said it once, not me) in denial about all of it while JC hits up women left and right.
I dont believe she is in contact with her mom either, bc she would totally pass off shared photos as her own "proof" of being a parent.

No. 1447116

>>1446847 how does repeating the words of a song be deemed as having talent? You didn't write the words, you didn't do your own rendition. You literally just memorized a song, you've probably listened to hundreds of times and mimicked it. You don't apply yourself to anything in life other than being an unemployed, lazy, lying psycho. Hahahh what a delusional cunt.

No. 1447119

File: 1645297414395.jpeg (118.05 KB, 828x1692, EB6529E1-2742-4BE0-95FB-599327…)

Complete speculation but it looks like jc could possibly be lurking too. Anons were talking about why he hadn’t gotten a new girl yet and then he posted this.

No. 1447175

File: 1645303028231.jpg (476.59 KB, 1080x1904, Screenshot_20220219-203620_Ins…)

does it piss anyone else off that she takes more pics cuddling the kitties than her poor son lol? just proof you dont have him

No. 1447198

Well she still lives with her cats so it’s easier, to take pics with storm she has to organize a supervised visit and then photoshop the starbucks background out so she can pretend she’s not a shit mom.

No. 1447222


No. 1447226

puts on makeup
sharpies on brows
gets back into bed
“Just woke up like this uwu, a natural beauty and hot mother, ready to have a successful day out on the town because my baby daddy won’t let me be in our apartment

No. 1447378

This is the equivalent of that one scrawny white boy who rapped over Eminem lyrics and thought he was the next rising rap star. It's so cringy and pathetic.

No. 1447388

Bahahaha just checked up on this thread after skid was quiet for so long. Glad to see she’s calling out the haters. Keep the milk coming, deadbeat mom

No. 1447392


No. 1447402

File: 1645319771246.webm (1.1 MB, 1280x720, Syd, winning regularly.webm)

> You was heckling me, now it's monotony winning regularly
Nonas, this is what winning looks like, according to Syd, we should take notes

No. 1447473

How many times does this need to be posted?

No. 1447482

Fucking atrocious eyebrows

No. 1447483

It’s been posted twice, chill out nonnie

No. 1447541

There is no way BBP could pull another girlfriend half as good looking as his past ones. His prime is way over and everyone knows he’s an abusive junkie. Good luck JC