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File: 1651622808110.png (900.41 KB, 1350x629, dance goiter dance.png)

No. 1518926

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https://lolcow.farm/rules before posting
and please type ‘sage’ into the email field if you are not posting anything milky/important so that the thread is not bumped!

Last Thread:

The basic rundown:
> jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse towards his exes. pretty much any woman he comes into contact with, he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
> before his relationship with Sydney England, he had a toxic and drug-fueled relationship with and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - jonny is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
> after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
> enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall/minnieskins. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
> since syd gave birth there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, warranting her and jonny their own thread, though now they’ve separated, so their threads becoming separate may be inevitable. until then…

Old milk:
>syd starts a gofundme for "personal situations" >>1234541, >>1234881 but it seems to be going towards hair and lash extensions >>1244430 (later revealed to be to cover for the car accident she caused with the guy she was cheating on jonny with) jonny’s ex amanda shows up on the donations >>1242157
> Jonny goes to jail for domestic violence >>1088190 and pleads guilty his last court date was feb 1st at 9am >>1090762
> >>1090779 Storm has unknown surgery but syd doesnt say anything and Jonny barely acknowledges it >>1091369
> Jonny contracts cellulitis and ends up being admitted to the hospital most likely caused by IV heroin use >>1107260, >>1107262
> Jonny posts two disturbing but typical (for him) videos to his instagram stories: one where he shows Syd’s bare butt and then grabs it >>1109832 it’s also noted she has a mysterious and large bruise on her leg in a generally hard to bruise area >>1110293. Audio in second vid (which was of Storm with camera inches away from him as baby lays on bed) reveals a clearly super high Jonny slurring and unable to hold the camera steady >>1110163
> syd vagueposts about someone (Jonny) cheating with someone you know. That someone posts in the thread revealing screenshots of Instagram DMs with Jonny and Syd >>1318548,Syd who accuses anon of cheating with Jonny for flirting on Instagram with Jonny and allegedly calls the cops on anon. Anon says she's known Syd since high school. In the screenshots Syd calls Jonny a waste,a fat junkie, says she'll show the conversation to Taylor so that she'll ruin anon's life, threatens anon. Syd doxxes anon on Instagram.
> anon posts more screenshots, looks like she was carrying the convo with Jonny. Syd sends anon a video of Jonny wasted. >>1319574 Turtle Mom ends up leaking the video >>1320319 and says she'll go the TX shows to expose Jonny with flyers, never does.
> tour starts, Jonny doesn't know the lyrics to his own songs so he's reading them off his phone. >>1322793, syd goes on stage to hug Jonny and makes sure everyone know he has a kid whenever he looks in the direction of a woman >>1320416, >>1320417 She also keeps complaining about how hard working at the merch table is, jonny proposes to Syd again >>1332845, >>1333002 at a concert with the same ring.
>syd, jonny, and the rest of their crew get awful matching tour tattoos >>1336731
>anon posts screenshots from cps that imply storm is not in their custody >>1338649 and Syd continues to confirm this by only posting a photo of them in a public setting >>1346847
>jonny goes radio silent on social media while syd's instagram use only increases, presumably because jonny is in rehab
>syd buys herself an iPad and starts to vague post about a new project >>1346549, >>1363620 eventually announces a date she will announce the project >>1366535 but does not announce anything.
>syd and jonny lovebomb announcing they have chosen a date for their wedding, 11/11/22 >>1367393, >>1367396
>surprising nobody, anon finds jonny on tinder >>1372864 syd responds >>1374232
>syd still trying to keep up the facade of being a parent >>1373001, >>1376986, >>1388466, >>1390689, >>1391059, >>1392428, >>1393204
>more information is found about the courtcase that likely caused JC and syd to lose custody >>1373075, >>1373156, >>1373401, >>1373420, and a previous DV case involving syd >>1373487
>syd flirts with lolbro >>1373616, >>1374083, >>1374084
>syd is alone on thanksgiving, trying to seem unbothered >>1375878 while jonny enjoys his rehab/sober living slop >>1375941 more sober living shots: >>1376927, >>1401281, >>1401284
>sydsosneaky visits storm at her mom's house for xmas >>1401841, >>1401842, and shows a picture of jonny with storm from last xmas, since he's away in sober living >>1401843
>syd makes it obvious she’s reading the thread >>1402818, >>1402823, >>1402826, >>1402828
>a fan comforts jonny about the death of a friend, causing syd to go on a sperg about him cheating >>1406759, >>1406761
>anon helps us ring in the new year by providing us with screenshots… sydsosmart gets caught cheating! and this message also proves that they lost custody of storm. >>1407044, >>1407062, >>1407070
>jonny and syd vagueposting, hinting at a breakup >>1407170, >>1407172, >>1407171, >>1407167
>syd psychotically harasses she-who-will-not-be-named >>1407204, >>1407205, >>1407217, >>1407235
>more screenshots of syd cheating are released >>1407243, >>1407258
>sticking to her usual groupie tendencies, it's some band dude >>1407304 and he is an abuser (shocking) >>1407340
>syd harasses band-dude's ex-gf >>1407393
>jonny will be out of rehab/sober living soon >>1408154, >>1408168 and posts about getting a puppy from a place called Borderline Bullies (ironic kek) >>1408355, >>1408449 (ends up falling through)
>syd lovebombs JC >>1408808, >>1408891, >>1410001, >>1410002, >>1410776, >>1412175
>jonny begins the process of removing all signs of syd/storm off of his instagram >>1408893, >>1415883
>jonny is over syd >>1412293, but syd isn't over jonny >>1412296 and is on the prowl for a new girl >>1414061, >>1417679, >>1419177, >>1419188, >>1419932
>syd goes quiet, leaving anons to speculate if she's been banned on instagram for harassment. anons find that she she has been liking clothes on poshmark >>1421811
>syd is (unsurprisingly) back, posts videos of herself and "friends" watching some shitty emo cover band >>1424827
>jonny returns to the Sac townhouse with all of his shit >>1427985, >>1427987, >>1432441
>syd says nothing about his return, ghosts and sadposts about her birthday >>1430578, >>1434657, >>1434774
>cowtipper confirms that jonny is indeed big boy pimpin, living the single life because syd cheated on him >>1430884
>jonny starts his traditional post-breakup streaming career back up >>1434930, >>1439243
>big boy pimpin starts liking tnd's instagram posts >>1436428 >>1436485
>while jonny moves on to thottier pastures, syd starts posting her perfect bawd for validation despite calling every woman in a crop top a whore >>1438537, >>1439469, >>1440433, >>1443447, >>1445180, >>1445828, >>1445920
>syd embarrasses herself >>1440188, >>1440189, >>1440548 >>1449879
>syd's sad about her life, writes boring long story posts about how it's not what she wanted but it's so perfect >>1441750, >>1443451
>syd onlyfans saga when >>1445197
>syd kinda pretends to be a mom >>1445995, >>1446838, >>1447752, >>1448894
>jonny's probably trying to pull a new girl with google translate arabic >>1447738, >>1447739
>they unfollowed each other >>1448690 but syd will never take him out of her bio >>1448923
>jonny shows his inbox on stream, apparently paid rent 3 weeks late >>1450033
>jonny has upcoming court dates >>1453819
>jonny is big mad about his lolcow thread, posts and quickly deletes a rant about it >>1453538
>jonny compares his bright future to his fake teeth, which someone else bought for him and he never paid back.. sounds about right. >>>/snow/1454287
> anons speculate that syd could be rage posting in the TND thread >>>/snow/1454731
>syd sadposts >>>/snow/1455420, >>>/snow/1455934, >>>/snow/1455956, >>>/snow/1456157, >>>/snow/1457905, and teases making an onlyfans >>>/snow/1455738
>jonny seems to visit storm more than syd >>>/snow/1458775
>jonny randomly posts an old note that his ex taylor dean’s dad wrote him >>>/snow/1462405 then clarifies it’s old >>>/snow/1462537, anons wonder if he posted it to either rile up syd or get taylor’s attention
>syd officially moves in with her friend megan >>>/snow/1463462
> jonny is active on tinder, matches with a girl named mars >>>/snow/1474385 who immediately posts about him being ‘washed up’, ‘not worth the story’ & ‘a lot of Ls’ >>>/snow/1474386, >>>/snow/1474411, >>>/snow/1474415
> jonny shoots back, negging the girl he matched with on tinder and bragging about spEnDinG heR RenT on shoes 3 times a week (probably because you can fit into kids size shoes, JC) >>>/snow/1475483
> syd tries to shade jonny on her story >>>/snow/1482229
> jonny posts a selfie featuring a bunch of dirty clothes and beer bottles in the background >>>/snow/1486532 instead of cleaning up he just scribbles it out in future photos >>>/snow/1487187, >>>/snow/1487417
>sydsomanic spams her story >>>/snow/1487040 https://streamable.com/e4jql6 with a bunch of compliments that seem like they were sent in by herself, continues to bring up starting an onlyfans and teases about a ‘certain someone’ who makes her feel ‘frisky’ >>>/snow/1486643
>taylor deleted/privated her video talking about JC abusing her >>>/snow/1488984 speculation that they’re back in contact continues
>jonny makes references to being lonely due to ramadan >>>/snow/1489269 causing more speculation that he’s dating an arabic/muslim girl, possibly named ava >>>/snow/1489450, >>>/snow/1489610, >>>/snow/1489613
>syd returns to e-begging for rent, meds and essentials for the kid she doesn’t have custody for #itsokaytoaskforhelp >>>/snow/1490473

New milk:
>syd harasses anon after she forgets to crop her pfp >>>/snow/1498275
>jonny posts a pic of taylor on his story >>>/snow/1498358
>if you want to flush some money down the toilet, you can find bbp on cameo >>>/snow/1499914
>syd sets the tone for her OF saga >>>/snow/1499974, >>>/snow/1497288
>syd is suddenly on OF >>>/snow/1500737 and leaves just as soon >>>/snow/1500754
>blah blah blah something about ava
>old man goiter screams at the sky aka tmobile >>>/snow/1504574
>syd calls out jonny for being a deadbeat (hmm very interesting syd) >>>/snow/1509691
>no words just this >>>/snow/1509695
>swanfest drama between the two tards >>>/snow/1509690, >>>/snow/1509726
>jonny really does not like syd >>>/snow/1511748
>taylor is following jonny on instagram >>>/snow/1513531, according to taylor they're speaking again for the sake of "closure" >>>/snow/1515623
>jonny shuts off syd's phone (kek) >>>/snow/1514632
>jonny expected to bring the milk by coming clean about "everything" in a livestream on twitch >>>/snow/1517232, >>>/snow/1518219
>syd ready to sell him out before he can make her look even worse >>>/snow/1517429
>another court date, anon listens in and reveals that the DA wants to press felony charges >>>/snow/1517793
>blah blah blah wigglewip layna asshurt ex-bf blah blah blah
>syd brings up goiter's original baby mama in her usual self-centered manner >>>/snow/1518829, more sperging about jc >>>/snow/1518852

may the livestream tonight and court hearing tomorrow provide us with plentiful milk. drink up, nonnies. cheers!

No. 1518934

Thank you nonnie! You the best.

reposting what I wrote in the last thread so maybe we can stop all the infighting and acknowledge that we all think they are both equally shitty:

Ntayrt but I think everyone needs to stop assuming that the anons who are talking shit to Syd or disputing what she says doesn’t automatically mean they are in favor of Jonny. As an example, if syd wants to act like she’s the best parent ever and that Jonny is a deadbeat, anons saying that it seems (according to social media) that Jonny has seen Storm more than she has doesn’t mean they are praising him. They are just trying to push Syd off her high horse, and comparing her to him is a good way to get under her skin. Or hell, maybe I’m completely wrong and there really are goiter groupies in the thread. What do I know

No. 1518936

File: 1651623455049.jpeg (210.67 KB, 447x732, 1650199807877.jpeg)

Amazing threadpic

No. 1518937

Thanks for the thread, nonna. We're gonna need it.

No. 1518940

So I’m on mobile but I’ll screen record the twitch and figure out how to get it up here. Do we really think goiter boy is with new gurl? Two kittens seems to cement it

No. 1518944

Love that Johnny probably spent a pretty penny on that cat (looks like a bengal) i give that cat a maximum of 1 year living with Johnny before he sells it off or kills it

No. 1518945

I'm watching it too and gonna try to take notes of anything interesting during the interview.
So far he's just streaming music, I dont know when Johnny will come on.

No. 1518946


Jonny comes on in an hour. Interview is at 6:30 PST

No. 1518947

Thanks, anon!

No. 1518949

I literally told you all that Layla girl is staying with Jonny. so of course they are hanging out. They’ve talked about it on twitch. Call me crazy for watch said Twitch but it’s better then you guys asking the same question 100 times when I heard the answer from both they mouths.

No. 1518953

Can you share the twitch link?

No. 1518954

Is this bitter ex still lurking??? Don’t be a retard all we did was ask for proof of moron hanging with bbp. Did you post the cats????

No. 1518956

No. 1518957

I believed you nonnie. Just know lolcow is absolutely littered with retards who either "hi cow" everyone with new information, or chase away milk despite desperately wanting it. It's like this in just about every thread too. Endlessly asking the same fucking questions over and over again and then denying shit happened when there's proof of it and having to rehash history constantly. Welcome to lolcow kek.

No. 1518958

Can someone tell me how to upload videos from mobile? Already have new milk from questions i asked before the interview. Or i can DM to someone on insta from my burner

No. 1518959

She looks like Hoelly Conrad here holy shit

No. 1518960

I know we’re gearing up for the Q&A, but anyone else annoyed at him driving/being driven with that poor kitten jus loose on his lap? (Ss in the last thread) he says “he straight chillin” or some shit but like.. don’t kittens freeze when they’re terrified? Not having him in a carrier is irresponsible at best. Poor Robert. Makes me sick this innocent animal is going to have that goiter inflicted on its little life.
Anyway rant over, lemme go grab my pint glass for the upcoming full cream milkfest.

No. 1518961

No reply to videos but the shit show is about to start and he said he’s going to ask about Taylor, the SA accusations and dv charges. He said it’s important to take it with a grain of salt (whatever that shit means)

No. 1518965

I usually use streamable

No. 1518973

Heads up to my leftist baddies the interviewer says he’s love tucker Carlson lmao

No. 1518976

careful, you’ll summon the tucker-fag from /g/ kek

No. 1518979

Like >>1518965 said, try Streamable. If you post the clips, I can convert them to WEBMs.

No. 1518994

He starts his story about when he shoved skid telling everyone about how much she loved to break his stuff.

No. 1518996

interview isn’t milky, just lying and saying he isn’t a rapist while his chat defends him.

No. 1518998

Lol he keeps deflecting the allegations by saying his exes knew he was using so they shouldn’t have expected him to be Prince Charming

No. 1519001

He admitted the MacBook scam earned him $33k

No. 1519004

Lol so Layla is hiding in the back after they just fucked

No. 1519007

Where can we watch the interview??

No. 1519008

There’s no one back there.

No. 1519009

Ew I didn’t know Jonny’s voice was so high pitched. Littol boi pimpin

No. 1519010

No. 1519012

lol @ someone in the chat saying "he looks great"

No. 1519013

The chat on this interview is making me sick. The fact that people defend and dick ride him so hard is so gross.

No. 1519014

Holy shit yeah I've never actually heard him talk before! He sounds like a troon

No. 1519017

Jonny is a walking contradiction

No. 1519018

he says he relapsed because stprm had to have surgery and it stressed him out

No. 1519019

File: 1651630270496.png (2.02 MB, 828x1792, 11100687-8C9A-4019-8A02-C5B028…)

These people really have no idea lol

No. 1519020

"Why the hell is he talking about a child he doesn’t have custody of?!?!!?!" kek

No. 1519022

The fucking delusion of these fans. “You’re not defined by the worst thing that you ever did.”

No. 1519023

is anyone else have trouble following what Jonny rambles or is it just me

No. 1519024

Well that was anticlimactic

No. 1519025

Absolutely nothing about tayter tot either.

No. 1519027

File: 1651630616127.jpg (22.57 KB, 1080x1920, pcXtS6pAOA.jpg)


No. 1519028

Yeah first half was him saying he isn’t a rapist 100 times second half was his mindless rambles about himself. Dude is so toasted. It’s so crazy that people sit here and defend him and don’t even know he lost custody of his child.

No. 1519029

Come on Syd, we need specifics!!!

No. 1519030

He drops his little ghetto way he talks for this.

-Shows his cat, its name is Robert after Robert Downy Jr.
-Hes been focusing on getting his life together.
-Dropping a new EP soon
-Says he asked Syd to move out
-Couldnt get on shot to stay sober when with Taylor, ditched tour to go back to TX and use, didnt want to detox on tour.
-Loves the dudes in Slaves still.
-Only allegations he cares about are the rape allegations
-ex from 8-9 years ago cant let go, talks to Chelsea and Liz and gets them on the "same page"
-He never gave them closure
-wasnt a good partner, was toxic, was using.
-"They knew i was using before we started dating though so I dont know what they expected from me"
-Blames Amanda for Slaves getting dropped from warner, hurt more people than just him.
-Thinks all 3 women having the same story is far fetched.
-Opiates kill sex drive*
-Would like to say sorry to Chelsea and her mom if he could, says they saved his life.
-Says Syd breaks things when mad, he was drunk and about to go to AZ, wanted to take his PlayStation so she didnt break it.
-He wasnt thinking and shoved her, cops were called.
-Says in california someone has to go in when theres a DV call.
-Syd went to court and said it was a misunderstanding and got the charges dropped
-Wont accept rape allegations being "thrown on his name"
-Blames macbook scam on being an addict*
-Made 33k off of it
-Says he didnt get royalties for a long time so victims were paid back
-"Would never do that when sober"
-Still talks to some of his fans he scammed
-Doesnt know why hes an addict
-Says he used to numb the pain from his grandma dying (when he was 12)
-Claims last relapse on storm having to have surgery.

I started typing and only kinda listened after that. Hes still talking but nothing interesting.

(*I can relate to a lot of what Johnnys said, I was a junkie and got sober. Just some personal thoughts- Opiates do kill sex drive. Doesnt mean he couldnt rape anyone though. I've said this a million times and will continue to say it, blaming his scam on his addiction is bullshit. He was a shitty person and thats on him alone. I can really relate to why he claims he started using but its hard for me to believe he carried that kinda of grief around with out knowing or learning how to deal with it since he was 12)

No. 1519031

Yeah and apparently he’s an addict because his grandma died lol. Literally everyone goes through that experience and most don’t turn into a human garbage can that leaves a path of destruction anywhere it goes. His excuses are weak because they’re just that, excuses. He’s not ready to admit that he’s a shit person even without drugs.

No. 1519032

He asked about drama but didn’t ask about why he doesn’t have custody…..

No. 1519033

You’re stupid, they were together earlier it was posted

No. 1519035

retard chat was attacking ppl who were skeptical….whoever said tucker Carlson facts was right

No. 1519038

Get a grip.
>she’s HiDinG BaCk ThErE
The absolute state of your psychosis.

No. 1519039

Tin foiling! do you guys remember when he was talking about how if some if someone makes fun of his biggest insecurity it game over???? It’s probably his mushy heroin dick

No. 1519043

learn to sage, anon.
Men can still get boners on heroin, its just really hard for them to cum.

No. 1519046

Sydsofat must be foaming at the mouth

No. 1519047

I thought it was about his thinning hair bc he mentioned it after skid was blasting him about it on live

No. 1519050

He's a joke but you're the one who was ride or die for his weak dick, Sydney. Way to tell on yourself.

No. 1519052

do we know what went down the day they got charged? were they arrested? i can’t remember

No. 1519053

He didnt even say anything that made Sydney look bad, tbh.
She looks stupid af being salty.

No. 1519055

Samefag, I take that backhe said she likes to break stuff when she's mad, it was just so unsurprising I forgot.

No. 1519060

So he talked about when he pushed her and they went to court for that, but he didn’t talk about what they are currently going to court for?

No. 1519064

Of course he didn’t. He would have to explain how they lost storm. I don’t think anyone really knows he’s currently being charged with anything currently along side Syd. They’re so quiet about it.

No. 1519066


Not to wk or armchair but as a recovering addict as well I can say that given how long he used and didn’t develop real coping mechanisms he very well could have relapsed due to storms health issues. I know something being seriously wrong with my kid would set me off once upon a time too. He’s still a garbage person though.

No. 1519072

I don’t want to powerlevel but just to add my two cents, I’m also in recovery, and I have been following Jonny for over a decade now. So I’ve seen how many different rehabs or IOPs or OPs or programs or whatever he’s gone off to do every time he says he’s getting sober and I just don’t believe for a second that he didn’t learn any coping skills or recovery skills along the way. He was looking for a reason to use just like every other time before. I really wish he will take recovery seriously this time, I really do but he never has before.

No. 1519073

ayrt I completely agree. In early sobriety anxiety was the worst for me to deal with. I could absolutely see that causing someone in very early sobriety to relapse. I do hope he's getting his shit together and learns how to cope in healthy and normal ways.
That said, he's still a piece of shit, his addiction doesn't excuse anything he's done nor is it an excuse.

They're likely instructed not to talk about it since its ongoing. Even if Finn did know about it he was probably told beforehand that Johnny couldn't talk about it.

No. 1519075

Interesting that he says he relapsed when they found out about storms surgery, but Sydney's been pretty vocal about his drug use through the entirety of their relationship, since the beginning.

No. 1519076

I dont regularly keep up with this thread but I remember a while ago she posted about him being sober. She posted a picture and he looked like he was being held hostage by her.

No. 1519078

File: 1651634109311.png (6.2 MB, 1284x2778, 5F1785CD-D551-4F89-9D87-509465…)

she is lurking

No. 1519079

If storm was present during the domestic violence altercation, child protective services automatically steps in and opens an investigation in the state of CA. they either willingly gave custody to her mom during all of this or it was mandated due to the investigation.

No. 1519081

"send me more if you guys find em"

bitch we know you're here slapping f5 every few minutes. we can also verify no one sent that to her because that would require having friends, lol.

No. 1519082

And? She might have posted something about him being sober but that doesn’t mean it was true. She could easily have been covering for him. I truly believe he was using even before Storm was born. You can tell in the way he would talk on his stories. He slurs his speech (and singing for that matter) way more and lately I haven’t been noticing that.

No. 1519083

Right? Oh yeah, sure, someone sent that to you. I really hope any followers she has that are ignorant to her bullshit reverse image search that and find these threads

No. 1519084

Lurking? Nona she’s been actively posting here kek. She’s pretty easy to spot.

No. 1519086

Never said he was actually sober.
>Sydney's been pretty vocal about his drug use through the entirety of their relationship, since the beginning.
I was replying to that specifically. They're both liars. We'll likely never know if he was or wasn't actually using during the time she claimed he was sober.

No. 1519087

Nobody cares if you're fucking offended anyway, Skidmark

No. 1519092

Sydsocringy trying to join forces since she has suddenly joined the JC hate club, but don’t worry she’s definitely not like his other exes

No. 1519096

File: 1651636883567.jpeg (172.84 KB, 1440x906, EB53D5E0-4117-4722-94DD-E37A31…)

He used to say his fucked up Deliverance teeth were his only insecurity so who knows now. I’m sure whatever it is he’ll sucker another woman into paying a down payment on a house to fix it

No. 1519115

So if he's such a liar, stop letting him get away with it and just tell people what happened. You aren't going to get anywhere making half-hearted ig stories about narc abuse, Syd. Jonny gets to win in the court of public opinion when he minimizes and mischaracterizes what happened. So make it impossible for him to lie by telling people straight from your mouth how he got Storm taken away or stfu. Stop protecting him.

No. 1519117

Tinfoil she aint protecting him cause she is involved too. I kinda think she isnt aloud to see the kid cause she woulda posted him. That or hasnt cared enough to. Jonny has clearly had a few supervised visits. Sure she could be "not posting her chiold to protect him from us lolcow weirdo "pedofiles" blah blah blah" but lets be real shed be bragging about their special love and bond and posting something if shed seen him.. Its anyone's guess what it is she did or is still doing that's preventing her from seeing him so its pointless to tinfoil that but i think its a solid assumption that she would have said what he did by now for victim points if she wouldnt be guilty too and reveal she lost custody of her child too by doing so

No. 1519123

It should be inexpensive to get records when everything is said and done. Anons are going to be listening to the hearing too. Even if she did something wrong, it looks worse to not say anything at all. It's not like people wouldn't believe her if she said that Jonny was a huge piece of shit in specific detail. More people hate him than her right now; just look at how Twitter reacts when he gets on stage in Sac kek.

No. 1519130

Yep honestly would be better in her interest than vague posting to just come tf out with it but to spin it in a way that reveals something he did without implicating herself. Even tho shes awful with his track record and the attitude toward even questioning abuse victims she wouldnt get much backlash. I really hope anons will listen in to the court dates and get more details! This is about to get very very milky between layna and the court date

No. 1519143

Already deleted. Skid definitely is on a manic high rn from the attention, even if it isn’t good attention. Borderline personalities thrive off that, but tomorrow she’ll be depressed. My problem with Skid is how much she desperately wants to be known for absolutely no reason. I also find it so incredibly ironic how much she talked shit about JC’s exes with her nose in the air. Then she got pregnant even knowing his history and wore her blown up belly like a badge of honor. Lastly how she is attempting to flip the script and scream “narcissist!” And “abuse”… bitch, you KNEW what he was about. No one feels sorry for your stupid ass. I have zero respect for you because as stated before, you are a mother; you housed a baby for 8-9 months; your chiold should be your first and only priority. Period. Instead of logging off and seeking therapy and/or treatment/medication, you choose to engage in internet bullshit. Like other anons have stated, JC is at least visiting your chiold, and what the fuck are you doing? Deadbeat mom, we’ll say it over and over until you fucking get it. Terrible mom. Neglectful mom. At this point, you don’t even deserve to be called a mom, if anything you’re just a cum dumpster.

No. 1519154

Did Finn take the interview down? It's nowhere on his twitch page

No. 1519155

Remember when she first got with him, she’d post absolute obsessive possessive shit on her stories EXACTLY because she was so insecure in the ‘budding’ relationship with Jonny Cpap.. remember when she literally name dropped that “Taylor if you want him come get him” that bitch was raw dogging that lumping goiter and probably leaning her uterus up against the wall to get pregnant by JC, because in her sick mind, that would cement a TrUE roMaNcE 5eVaaaa. That baby was not a ‘creation of love’ or whatever reasons that normal couples decide to have a baby. Storm was a prop, an anchor, a trap sadly from the beginning, and now is being used as a pawn/weapon to manipulate her ‘band boii’ babydaddy. It’s gross and horrendous for us to watch because we see it for what it is, at a distance. Storm was the biggest “fuck you” to Taylor that Skid could muster; after going and going for him (as she admitted in one of her pathetic “I’m so strong so I WON MY PROIZE” throwback posts) it’s just such an obvious and generic story of Man gets dumped, he’s flailing without a woman, desperate Band Dick Groupie swoops in, Band Loser gets a small ego boost but isn’t committed at all, OOPSIE I’m PREGNANT WITH YOUR CHIOLD”, Uncommited man decides to give it a go, cos Ex he’s still not over, won’t have anything to do with him.. baby is born and the distraction creates a seemingly ‘perfect bubble’……. But when reality sets in, it becomes obvious there’s no compatibility, no real connection.. they “try for the kid” but at the end of the day.. if Deadbeat dad had worn a Johnny (lol) or Deliberate Babymama had used her contraception.. with no Gorilla Glue Baby, these two would never have hung out, enjoyed each other’s company, wanted to form a life bond… and now there’s a real new life stuck in the middle of a bitter mess. Well done Syd, you really showed ‘em. My pity for the baby is probably the strongest emotion I feel in this absolute swamp state of affairs.

No. 1519159

Samefag, sorry for the excessively long rant, but as an outside observer it just wholly pisses me off how blatant this entire ‘scheme’ of Sydneys was, and now there’s another human in the world created for no purpose other than spite and ‘ownership’ and I’ve witnessed this too many times. Idiots creating real life humans with some ideaology of what they’ll fix/represent, then fucking them up when they don’t conform to the mould of what they’re ‘supposed to be/do’. Gross human circus, and we have front row seats. (Shutting up and chugging milk now)

No. 1519160

10000%. I feel super bad for the baby. If it was up to Jonny, i’m sure he would have opted to abort. This is the sickest case of Groupie Obsession I’ve ever seen. My favorite part is that she’s going to miss out on all the “musical-related” stuff she wanted to be apart of so bad. Isn’t Jonny coming out with more music + being apart of that fyre-fest type show going on in the Fall?

No. 1519164

File: 1651648687669.jpg (280.89 KB, 1068x1897, 99569562355926595920220504-001…)

This cam whore showed up in the Taylor thread earlier and I'm dying to know her relationship to Tim Jonny and Taylor. Seems like she's pretty milky herself

No. 1519184

File: 1651650466206.jpeg (1.1 MB, 3600x3600, 03E5868D-4D28-4067-A532-943D6D…)

3 freshly ‘clean’ and newly recovering addicts all making porn together, what could go wrong? Pic taken from the Tay thread

No. 1519197

File: 1651652702182.png (6.39 MB, 1284x2778, 38B60A1F-0736-4FD7-B3F2-C3A9DA…)

I went to look at her ig and she posted a reply to someone asking how it is living with herpes and she said “mostly all your bf’s have fucked me, you just take a pill, basically cant give it to anyone unless you want to give it to someone like your boyfriends that i fuck” as if that’s a flex

No. 1519233

if only there was some way for men to use contraception

No. 1519242

Old fag here, it astounds me how 20 something's nowadays have literally no shame in what they post online for the world to see. Imagine making a story post about your genital herpes and how much of a whore you are and thinking it's a flex? Wild

No. 1519243

File: 1651662705670.webm (1.71 MB, 480x854, sad.webm)

She truly thinks she did something, sad.

No. 1519249

Wigglewip is private now. Wasn’t yesterday. Stop scaring the milk Syd

No. 1519310

The fact that she thinks she's something when she's literally just a trash bag. And just because you take a pill doesn't mean it can't be spread. What a dumb cunt.

No. 1519315

NTDR but she’s also acting like Tim from DGD was her best friend and putting his family’s private business out there (his cause of death, he passed a couple weeks ago). Literally no one from the band or his family and friends has shared it and this trash bag is running her mouth for clout

No. 1519317

She also addresses Jonny in one of her stories directly and name drops Sterling. Isn't that the dude Syd cheated with? Syd, you should get checked for herpes hahaha

No. 1519320

Wait why did she edit herself into a collage with Taylor lol do they even know each other? I feel like that's super awkward either way.

No. 1519326

Taylor did not even like or acknowledge her post. Really weird

No. 1519398

File: 1651679083099.jpeg (216.16 KB, 1125x1031, 4E5B0E84-28C0-4B1B-B7E4-A5ECBD…)

Looks like she went private

No. 1519410

File: 1651680433856.jpeg (8.81 KB, 1052x63, F7146183-838C-42AE-B91F-FA12F3…)

Well Santa Clara County Courthouse won’t be going private today at 1:30 PDT when BBP and BPD’s charges get amended to felonies kek. Here’s the number from the last thread again

No. 1519445

I’m not buying that she’s moved to LA, yeg is a common nickname (and and airport code) for Edmonton Canada. If she cares enough to have her location in her bio, she probably would care enough to change it if she moved across the continent

No. 1519458

Lol I was just going to say YEG is for Edmonton. I have no clue who these cows are but Edmonton is a miserable city and I lived there for a few years.

No. 1519459

Haven’t finished reading new milk yet so not sure if another local anon has said this yet but her name is Xaiviea, she’s from Sac.

No. 1519476

Samefag but I know she used to hang out with this guys Arik who is the dude that gifted Jonny those (what were they- gucci?) sunglasses he was flashing all over IG for a while which makes me think she’d be a supporter of Jonny as well. Not sure why she’d be posting anything that has to do with Taylor is that’s the case though.

No. 1519496

To clarify, and I can’t screen record right now, about Sterling she said…
> Sterling I know all about your court case
> could say all kind of shit about you
> I know Johnny Craig has plenty to say about you
> I’ll come with my boyfriend to beat your ass

No. 1519505

If no listens in, the charges should eventually reflect publicly on the case search. But it’ll be slightly vague.

No. 1519514

Either way I find it odd she would fly out to stay with him right when he has court. Doesn’t he have to go to San Jose or wherever for the hearing? Is she going with or? And is it not a huge red flag to her that he has to go tend to his domestic violence case and battle his psychotic baby mama? I’m sure syds been in her inbox ever since she saw here that she’s staying with him.

No. 1519519

File: 1651687284719.png (805.7 KB, 1125x2436, B0A57DA9-A5D9-4F9E-86B6-C9F6DB…)

Already thinking of relapsing after today’s outcome. He must be scared.

No. 1519528

Lmao yeah there’s red flags everywhere. The day you get there he jumps on a stream to deny the multiple rape and abuse allegations against him, then has to go to court the next day for domestic violence. Real fucking winner lel

No. 1519530

Girls got zero self respect if she’s actually romantically interested in him after all that.

No. 1519535

Jonny is scared on his stories, really hope someone can pull through and listen

No. 1519544

she is 25 and swooning because jc has been treating her to lots of gifts on top of twitch subs. she feels speshul. she is in california for the sole purpose of visiting jc, not able to afford a hotel or air bnb, getting doubled by jc on the daily by now. i told you this. they been airing their plans out on twitch in front of all her followers for weeks (not lately cause she’s out of the country while visiting goiter obviously). she knows all the accusations against jc by now, but what tiny brained near-teenager is gonna care about that when a “star” is paying attention to her buying her shit her real dad would never. she doesn’t give a fuck if he has raped women. she just wants to feel cool and seen before she’s forgotten about again when she returns to her bum fuck nowhere town in canada. it’s clear she is a clout chasing skank and probably thinks this whole thing is funny.

No. 1519551

File: 1651689660671.jpeg (944.72 KB, 1125x1837, 7F90BDF6-6AF6-4B7D-8A9C-BD0B5C…)

Are we sure Syd doesn’t do crack or heroin? Cause it sure looks like it here, and this is before BBP.

No. 1519554

She is probably babysitting the cat while he goes to court for his DV felony charges. Jonny pulls the trashiest chicks to cum in and do shit for him. This Layla chick ain’t a victim, that’s for sure. Just another Sydney, looking to flex that she’s finally made it cause of who she’s sleeping with. Puke. Her pussy is definitely infected by now.

No. 1519568

File: 1651690547498.png (3.65 MB, 1125x2436, 8268AEEB-4DC4-4E18-B852-062331…)

Goiter all dressed up for court

No. 1519572

Does anyone ITT ever fucking read? Nobody ever said she was moving there. That one anon who had the inside scoop has said more than once she was going for a vacation.

No. 1519576

They claim here that she just moved to California. >>1518419

No. 1519581

Oh shit kek ok so that's the ex but the twitch stalker said she heard from both of them this was just a trip for her. I guess who the fuck knows.

No. 1519586

Josh, goiter boy still wouldn’t peg you lol tho I wouldn’t put it pass him- he will stick his dick in anything with two legs at this point. Also which cow is this?

No. 1519596

You already said that, Josh.

No. 1519606


BLAHBLAHBLAH most of us read this thread while we're sitting on the toilet. "Smashes young and good looking girls" like his most recent BM? kek

No. 1519611


Must be taking the short bus to court because that haircut is looking straight up sped.

No. 1519612

If you would actually read the threads, you'd figure out why people hate on JC (and its for none of the reasons you claim) but apparently you want to make yourself look like an idiot.

Good job, you did it.

No. 1519616

Some of us are actually the same age as some of the girls he tries to bag- we’re just not idiots but go off. Like the last anon said, this is just a place to go for some quick entertainment when we’re bored. Everyone’s posts here shitting on Syd & JC are funny because of the god complex they both seem to be fueled by.

No. 1519619

>over 30 women
Wow what an insult Kek

No. 1519620

Dated men like him. I got my shit together and men like him rarely do. He's far too old to be acting and living the way he does, it's embarrassing. Hard pass, my guy.

No. 1519622

File: 1651693968341.jpeg (940.87 KB, 1125x2171, 48FD2FF5-5AD4-47C6-AFB1-CA0408…)

When you throw a fit and try to destroy your bfs playstation, it’s not aggression. It’s LE PASSIÓN!!!

No. 1519625

File: 1651694156117.jpg (50.24 KB, 750x1334, 280074997_536715091324272_3113…)

Disgusting. The legal system is a joke.

No. 1519627

I think we are getting ahead of ourselves calling her “another sydney”. Girl could very well just be the flavour of the week still and replaced soon.

No. 1519629

Maybe this whole court thing was a whole lot of speculation about nothing. Who knows at this point I guess.

No. 1519634

I'm not going to show my power level or whatever niche vocabulary is appropriate for board culture but the sad reality is that plenty of abusers get away with everything short of murder multiple times if they make big enough doe eyes in court.

No. 1519635

That’s weird because I listened in the other day and the judge said amending charges to felony.

I wonder if yesterday’s conference changed something

No. 1519642

Is this a dismissal for the whole trial or just JC?

No. 1519645

Hopefully someone will be listening in and can say

No. 1519647

How do we listen in? Just call the number up there??

No. 1519648

I'm sorry but how does this image exude "I do crack or heroin" vibes? Some of you are so fucking retarded its unbelievable.

No. 1519649

another sydney as in overlooking all the red flags because jonny is well-known and clout worthy. there’s no way either of these women find him attractive. sydney was a flavor of the week until she got knocked up. i am praying that doesn’t happen here.

No. 1519650

Are any of you getting audio on the call or is it just dead air?

No. 1519651

Gaunt cheeks. Bags under eyes. Pin needle eyes. The fact that she ACTS like a crackhead.

Not drug related but every time she pulls her bangs back and reveals the horrors of her gigantic forehead make me lol. Looks like she’s getting male pattern baldness.

No. 1519652

you gotta wait for it to start. make sure you enter access code in correctly too.

No. 1519653

Also not drug related, but the clearly visible mustache hair blurred under the filter she’s using.

No. 1519667

I called about 4 minutes ago. did I miss anything about Jonny and Syd? I'm still on the line and they're talking about other cases right now.

No. 1519670

I’ve been on for around 10 minutes and haven’t heard anything yet

No. 1519673

My guess is there wasn’t enough evidence for anything and they dismissed all charges

No. 1519674

File: 1651697560163.jpg (64.46 KB, 750x1334, 279963887_572121214069495_2487…)

I would hope so, for the sake of anyone else he pumps his vienna sausage into.

No. 1519675

It’s possible they haven’t gotten to them yet. I sat and listened for 45 mins before they were called once.

No. 1519676

they're starting!

No. 1519678

The felony complaint may not have been filed yet? The motion to amend was emailed.

No. 1519680

Storm's blood was tested to contain fentanyl AFTER the initial charges were filed, that's why it's being upgraded. holy fuck

No. 1519681

Fentanyl in minors blood

No. 1519682

Baby's blood contained fent!

No. 1519684

Good cause to amend the charging document.

No. 1519685

the judge is allowing the charge to be upgraded from a a misdemeanor to a felony.

how in the fuck did Storm wind up with fentanyl in his blood AFTER May 2021?

No. 1519686

Entry of plea in dept 24. They're both considered arraigned on the felony charge. Setting a date for June 9th at 9am for entry of plea.

No. 1519688


No. 1519689

I just googled but unfortunately I’m going to have to ask to be spoon fed in this case because I have no idea about opioids. How does a baby get Fent in their system??

No. 1519692

Holy shit, this guy is delusional, this is the exact opposite of a dismissal.

No. 1519693

Kek how did he think this charge could ever ever get dismissed? “Yeah your baby’s poisoned but you clearly look like a stand-up, non-goitery couple so we’re gonna let you off with a warning.”

No. 1519694

File: 1651698235730.jpg (328.79 KB, 1080x1610, Screenshot_20220504-140242_Chr…)

They're looking to charge with 273 A Subsection 1

No. 1519695

Well shit. That anon was right about jonny getting him high. Wonder who would have that info and post it here tho!! Gotta be someone close to them. Poor storm. How tf is he even allowed visits with him after that? And not forgetting syd allowed this to happen!

No. 1519696

Damn, kicking myself I was just too slow to set up audio recording for this call. Knew the bombshell was gonna come out. How the fuck you still trying a redemption arc when you did that to your child?

Fentanyl's so potent it could've gotten in his bloodstream just from skin contact, but anons who seem in the know have said before the charges are from him smoking fent in the same room as Storm

No. 1519698

The beautiful thing is that they’re BOTH being upgraded to felony because Storm was both their responsibility. Get wrecked Syd for leaving your precious baby with a drug addict whomst you knew was using. This as much on you as it is him you horrible excuse for a mother.

No. 1519699

No shit I was right. I’m also right about Sydney blowing up and hitting her mom while her mom was holding Storm hence her and Jonny being kicked out.

No. 1519701

I don't think street fentanyl would likely be something that he absorbed transdermally. Oral or inhaled contamination seems most likely? Like there was residue that Storm touched and then put his hands in his mouth. They didn't say anything about it on the call so I'm just speculating.

No. 1519702

File: 1651698500961.jpeg (197.77 KB, 2493x823, A36411E2-8053-4DC6-B04A-78F66C…)

she appears to be in direct sunlight. pupils will constrict when under a direct light source. so this looks to be a normal level of constriction.
here, i will attach an image of what actual “pinned” pupils look like, so we can stop having anons screaming about them every time someone posts a selfie with slightly constructed pupils in broad daylight.
the smoking gun is when pupils are as small as picrel, in dim lighting.

No. 1519703

I believed you from the start. Syd is fucking disgusting

No. 1519705

Nona, there's specific laws in California about recording shit without consent or there would already be recordings in this thread. Fuck around and find out at your own risk.

No. 1519707

Jonny to Layla when he gets home: Honey, i’m home!
Layla: How was it?
Jonny: Oh, I got upgraded to a felony charges because they found fentanyl in my son’s blood.
Layla: That’s so hot. Come jizz on my face daddy.

No. 1519708

no one fucking cares. stop defending sydney. she looks and acts like a crackhead regardless of doing crack or not.

No. 1519709

I'm usually a proof or stfu kind of anon but if you have anything else to spill, I'm listening.

How is this shit not spreading like wildfire in the community? Who just hangs out with a guy who exposed an infant to fentanyl? Spending a few weeks in rehab doesn't wipe that harm from his karma. It's seriously fucked up.

No. 1519711

Not to mention she is ALSO being charged with a felony for the fentanyl found in Storm’s blood, but go off Syd wk >>1519702

No. 1519713


Someone confirmed it was from The Boy Goiter TM smoking fentanyl in the same room as Storm. Which is the only probable cause unless he intentionally got him high, which I don't think he did.

Tinfoil: If it happened again after he was removed from their custody, and it seems like it did, he probably smoked with storm close to him again during a visit. Syd's mother noticed Storm was off and called the cops, blood or urine sample was taken, Fentanyl was positive, charges are now changed to felony.

No. 1519717

>i love unconditionally, except for when I poison my son with fentanyl

No. 1519719

Syd's lawyer (I think) said that whatever they were initially charged with occurred on or around May 4, 2021. this is what was going on back then >>1220851

then they said the baby's blood was tested AFTER and they found fentanyl. Storm was 10 months old in May 2021. what the FUCK did they do

No. 1519720

Oh my god, Storm had a positive drug test after their domestic in May '21 but they didn't break up until Jonny found out that she tried to cheat. Syd still spent months after that trying to keep the man who got their child taken away by getting him fucked up on fentanyl and who got her charged with FELONY child abuse. I know we've been tinfoiling about it for months but the fact that it's confirmed is still so shocking and vile.

No. 1519722

Poor fucking Storm dude. Can you imagine having these absolute cringe-ass fuck ups as parents? If there's any justice in the world he'll only know them through supervised visitation til he's 18. Sad but it would also be for his own good. Most addicts don't let their kids get into their drugs.

No. 1519724


The lawyer on the call didn't mention the date of the positive drug test, only that it was after the May incident. They would add a charge instead of upgrading it if they're was an additional incident of drugging beyond the one that got Storm taken away, wouldn't they? There's a part of the story that's missing between the Syd & Jonny fight and the reason Storm was taken. How did the police/cps know to test Storm if the only thing that happened was that Jonny pushed Syd?

No. 1519727

File: 1651699700554.jpeg (787.5 KB, 1242x1220, 45D14BCE-E594-4E51-8280-CF8635…)

Finally confirming what we knew all along. I’m done with the WKs who come here acting like we’re crazy and defend these pieces of trash. Absolutely vile. Enjoy prison for poisoning your infant with drugs. It’s where you both belong.

No. 1519729

He didn't "get her charged" , she's equally at fault. They're being charged together.

No. 1519731

Nonnie >>1519699 had previously mentioned in another thread that when the incident happened Storm was found unconscious. Maybe they were freaking out and called the police themselves.

No. 1519733


when was the nodding off video posted? either that has something to do with it or, knowing Syd, she was shrieking about him doing drugs when the cops came to try to minimize the fault she took

No. 1519735

There are more details. understand wanting proof but there are very good reasons they cannot be put here. Just listen and keep your eyes open to anons who sound more certain and not just tinfoiling.

No. 1519736

Kek this is now hilarious. Get fucked goiter.

No. 1519737

I follow the threads and have a pretty good memory but don't remember that being posted at all. I'll read back, ty!

No. 1519740

They are. I just meant that she knew what kind of person he was long before it happened and could have protected her child.

No. 1519742

September '21

No. 1519743

True. And she was just screeching on Insta about how he doesn't put his child first…

No. 1519744

Hope these shit stains do time. Their innocent son trusted them to do the most basics fucking thing parents have to do, keep their kid safe, and instead they got him high on goddamn fentanyl. Jonny especially should never ever ever be able to see him again.

No. 1519745

File: 1651700307172.png (760.69 KB, 1394x2098, Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 5.37…)

Mooch Mama posted this a few hours ago. I would love to hear "her side of the story" of how her CHOILD ended up with fentanyl in his blood

No. 1519750

File: 1651700580819.jpeg (614.26 KB, 828x1442, DAC79E4A-FC04-478F-97AE-E5D50C…)

BBP always trying to change the truth. That tie and phoney good vibes BS hysterical!!! Slapped with a felony BITCH, looks like you got PEGGED.

No. 1519753

I wish a legitimate journalist would ask his former bandmates to comment on this felony child endangerment charge so this would go beyond internet gossip and more people will know exactly how fucked up these two are. Fans of those bands still talk about him rejoining them for a set or an album. There should be pressure now for them to go on the record and say they'll never work with him again instead of letting this fade into a sobriety/I'm a different person now narrative and sweeping it under the rug in the name of fanservice or whatever.

No. 1519755

Doesn't BBP inject, not smoke it?
How the fuck does that happen to a baby… Fuck you Syd, you're his mom and should have protected him, instead you stayed with that cunt till the end instead of fight for your boy. If Jonny didn't leave Syd she 100% would STILL be with him.

No. 1519756

it needs to be posted about on twitter and flooded in his comments, dude doesn’t deserve his little comeback tour he has planned

No. 1519757

No. 1519758

File: 1651701069761.jpg (572.11 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220504-144952_Chr…)

He's back to posting his cat like he wasn't just arraigned on a felony child endangerment charge.

No. 1519759

she seems like the type to manically laugh while her child is in danger

No. 1519763

this pic is perfect and exactly how I feel reading this thread lmao

No. 1519767

Oh shit, who knew, I was right about the fentanyl thing.

It's almost as if I knew, and you guys were still telling me to kick rocks lmfao

No. 1519768

Plot twist: I was also right about him getting caught up at the airport with fent.

No. 1519770

Tinfoiling here but do you think skid ever smoke fent with bbp? P sure Drugs and alcohol can travel through breast milk

No. 1519771

Same fag as previous post. The answer is yes.

No. 1519772

Babe, even if you're right about something, board culture keeps this entire thing from turning into an even bigger shitshow. You're literally taking it personally when it isn't. Just know people are going to be salty if you don't post proof and don't take it to heart. Post proof if and when you can, but we know these two are literal nightmare humans and it might not be safe sometimes.

No. 1519775

I posted proof back in the 1st thread, that proofs all ya need.

No. 1519777

surprised there’s no cringe story shares from sydney trying to coop with what just happened. what? there’s no “when a mother loves her child and that child gets knocked out by fentanyl, only the haters blame the mom and that’s more a reflection of the type of people haters are” posts to make sydney feel justified?

No. 1519783

The judge gave them a choice on June 8th or 9th and Syd sounded so bubbly and smug when she chose the 9th. I know only a handful of anons will get what I'm saying but she's so fuckin out of touch it's insane.

No. 1519785

Sorry to clog up this thread but I'm not in the US and dont really understand the legal system - so the charge of family violence is now child endangerment for the fentanyl thing? And he posted earlier about getting the charges dropped, thats not happening right? So now they both go to trial for the felony charge or….? Again sorry to be so dumb

No. 1519793

Wtf! All these wild tinfoils are unfolding, I bet goiter boy is only staying sober enough for the court case, I would even put money on it that he will delibrately get high just to get away from ever had to deal with syd and her psyho ass. Poor storm jfc, I hope they never get custody, ever.

No. 1519794

You're not dumb. It's kind of hard to follow in a state like CA that doesn't have sunshine laws. I follow it closeishly and it looks like there was a lesser charge that was upgraded to a felony today. Nothing about that felony charge was dismissed today; on the contrary, they're going to turn in pleas in June. (I think the smug voice was a lawyer and not Syd, but maybe I'm wrong.) There's a long way between a plea and a trial; at any point after this, I think they can arrange a plea deal. Typically that deal is for a lesser charge and less time served but idk if that will fly with the DA if they're so set on upgrading their charge to a felony in the first place.

No. 1519799


I understand now, thank you! <3

No. 1519803

yeah I’m not sure we heard Syd or BBP speak. I think his public defender was the woman and the man was Gordon, Syd’s attorney.

is there any way to access records from this case before it’s decided?

No. 1519809

Thank you for some of the legal clarification anon, I'm also not very familiar with how these things go. But holy fuck, my heart is breaking for Storm over all this. We all knew he had to be living in a shitty home under their care, but FENT in his BLOOD?? Fuck. I hope the people on this case don't accept some bullshit plea from either of them, I guarantee they'll create the greatest sob story maybe with some crocodile tears in there. Fuck both Jonny and Syd, they both deserve prison time. Is it even likely they will be put behind bars at all for this? From what I've heard unfortunately the system is not hard enough on scumbags like this who somehow wriggle their way out of any meaningful punishment. Disgusting child abusers.

Also, what was the timeline of Storm having heart surgery? Does anyone believe this could be the reason for his medical issues, and him having the surgery in the first place? I could just be connecting things that don't go together at all, but I'm just curious. And at this point I really hope his grandma is taking good care of him. They don't even deserve to have "visits" with him, they're both such pieces of shit for this.

No. 1519820

I believe mystery anon who is providing details when they said Syd smoked/did fent with BBP and I too am wondering if this has anything to do with storms health conditions or if they were random/genetic/not caused by her behaviour

No. 1519830

Hospitals drug test your urine when you’re pregnant. So it’s doubtful it was drugs.

No. 1519834

No she didn’t smoke fent but ya boy did and he did it around both of them sent the kid and her both to the hospital.

No. 1519836

Tinfoil: Mystery anon is Anthony.

No. 1519839

Hi! Mother of a child here, they do not drug test you when ur pregnant lols. Idk where you
Live but they don’t even drug test you after have had a baby. Unless you have a active addiction and the OB knows, you will not be drug tested.

No. 1519840

Agree. This loser even on the podcast yesterday didn’t say what terrible person he was for doing this. He was saying how sorry he was to some old gf and her mom (Chelsea) but no sorrry storm what a heaping like of garbage here am. Storm always the prop. “I get up sober every morning because that’s what he deserves” hahaha storm deserves to never be around him. Finn Mckenty asked to
Was there anything else any thing else, he had nothing else to tell everyone.

No. 1519841

Thought the same but how would he have all that inside info? Seems weird that she would tell him that big secret or keep in contact when it seems they’ve been on shit terms.

No. 1519842

I’m starting to wonder if there’s been multiple people here who knew the truth and but their posts were labeled as tin foiling.

I think that the truth is slowly coming out and the anons who had inside info were just waiting for it to eventually come to light.

No. 1519843

>>1519842 >>1519841
Bingo and bingo.
Hard to not keep tabs when all her friends are mine aswell.

Actually all her friends prefer me over her. Quite funny.

No. 1519844


So she was A-OK with him smoking fent with the kid in the room? This just keeps getting worset. Sydney if you're reading this (and I know you are) - stay the fuck away from your kid forever so he has a fighting chance given the deck stacked against him. Absolutely disgusting. You are GARBAGE.

No. 1519845

She doesn’t talk to Anthony. There is definitely someone here who seems obsessed with this nobody exboyfriend from high school Anthony. Is it Anthony or some little girl following Anthony?

No. 1519846

…is that how he ended up with it in his blood? Her breast milk?

No. 1519849

During Syds deleting spree there was an anon gloating about how Syd would NEVER delete them and to have fun guessing who was supplying us all the milk. She's got people close in on this, that's for sure. For good reason. She's obviously a danger to her child, even when it's NoT hEr FaUlT.

No. 1519850

I admitted to my OB that I smoked weed before I knew I was pregnant. She said it was ok and to just quit (which I did). They still drug tested my baby after I gave birth.

No. 1519851

She wasn’t breast feeding I remember back in some post so probably not. Also if he had a heart surgery he would as monitored for many months leading on so that would have been seen .

No. 1519853

Tinfoil: maybe skidmark breast fed the bby and and grandma noticed the baby acting weird while they were gone on one of their many drug induced target trips. That would
Make sense for both of them to be charged with a felony. She ingested the drug, then gave it to her son and goiter fuck supplied the fent.

No. 1519857

I think if she would have been doing fent with Jonny than she would have had to do some sort of drug program just like he did. Or maybe she refused because she doesn’t consider herself a drug addict like him and that’s why she doesn’t seem to see Storm? Idk just completely ranting here

No. 1519858

The fact that she pretended for quite some time to still have custody of storm, knowing the whole time he'd been taken due to having fentanyl in his blood is.. insanely delusional and psychotic. There's nothing Syd can say or do to make herself look like the victim now.

All her posts about "my chiOLD lOves MeeeEee" makes me sick. That poor boy deserves better than this, bought into the world as a trap and a pawn only to end up with drugs in his system, that's going to have permanent effects on him for the rest of life.

Fuck you Syd you piece of shit, this makes my blood boil.

No. 1519862

Everyone who has been abused by either PoS's should come out and tell us your stories.

Make a yt video or something

No. 1519864


WhAt YoU sAy AbOuT mE iS a rEfLeCtIoN oN yOu NoT mEeeeEeeEEeeEEe!!!!!!

No. 1519865

Someone needs to tell turtlemom so they can spread it on Twitter

No. 1519870


I wonder how her roommate Megan feels about all this considering she also has a child. How do you knowingly let this piece of shit live under the same roof as your child when hers was taken and tested positive for fucking fent.
There is not a chance in hell I’d let anyone using or in the immediate vicinity of users near my kid.

No. 1519877

I doubt Sydney has told anyone the truth

No. 1519878

It would be VERY interesting for her to have done fent when she has always touted how superior she is to junkies, not just because of Jonny but because of Taylor. What an ultimate hypocrite kek, getting on her high horse about how much better she is than all those junkies and yet she got drugs in her own kid's system. It's so fucking sad

No. 1519879

sydney did not do fentanyl while pregnant with storm, at least to my knowledge. she smokes weed and drinks constantly, and she did not stop while pregnant with storm, hence why he looks like that and was born with heart issues.

No. 1519880

I live in Cali and my hospital tested me and mentioned cannabis in my system. Faint - as I stopped smoking when I became pregnant. They told me they would continue to monitor my urine. I know lots of hospitals test here in California.

No. 1519883


as if this trashy bitch ever breastfed

No. 1519893

Storm's heart stuff is congenital, I think. They were in a full panic immediately after he was born and then again a few months later with "pray for us" stories and stuff. It's in older threads if you want to go back. I don't think it's fent-related heart issues, but dosing your infant with congenital heart issues should land you in a special circle of hell. It's entirely possible that the heart issues are from unrelated substance abuse during pregnancy.

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Jonny smoked in the room with them while they were asleep to hide his shameful behavior and didn't realize it was going to hurt both of them, or was too whacked out to think about anything other than his high.

No. 1519895

Yep, my previous comment where I mentioned they drug tested my baby when I said I smoked weed before I knew I was pregnant was also in California.

No. 1519896

Samefag; on second thought, that would make her a victim and not a co-defendant so whatever happened, she was complicit. Unless she admitted that she knew he was smoking when she was hospitalized and they consider that endangerment? Anon in the know, help us out. >>1519834

No. 1519897

Do we know for sure that her mom has the baby? Is it possible he is in foster care where they get supervised visits?

No. 1519911

I know we’re the only ones still talking about Jonny Craig in 2022, but I really hope Alternative Press (is that still a thing?) or Pitchfork or some YouTuber picks up the fentanyl baby saga. FUCK these two lowlifes.

No. 1519915

It's for both of them because she left the baby under his care while she went to the store knowing full well he was still using. It was willful endangerment of a child.
She's told a handful of people about this, that she thought wouldn't spill the beans. I've held my tongue on spilling any info because all I have are phone call logs and in person conversations with her, but it looks like someone else she told this information is already flapping their lips here so I might as well confirm their story.

No. 1519916

Yeah I’ve wondered about this. I’m not sure where Syd’s mom having him came from, but it does sound plausible. I don’t think there was ever concrete proof that this was the case though. Would love some clarification on this for sure

No. 1519918

Yes, I really wish this was getting out somehow because the people who still support him can’t possibly support him after this shit

No. 1519919

>>1519915 Samefag: whoever this anon is, is correct.
His first DV charge with sydney, was the day he was leaving for Arizona to record. When they searched him they found fetanyl in his carry on, enough to kill someone 2x over.


No. 1519921

File: 1651711804210.jpeg (499.49 KB, 1242x1172, 1612064906096.jpeg)

Can an anon from the court hearing with a better memory than me confirm what the misdemeanor charge was? Was it misdemeanor child endangerment from May 4 2021 upgraded to felony child endangerment? Or was the drug test just from May?

I went back and he already had the family violence charge pending from before February 2021. So is there a family violence charge against Jonny as a result of him pushing Syd that he's a defendant on from 2020/2021 AND a child endangerment charge from May 2021 that they were both being arraigned on? Is the family violence charge what he says is getting dismissed while conveniently leaving out the child endangerment case entirely? Are they all mushed together? It seems like there's more than one case going on right now based on the old thread.

No. 1519922

I’m curious, how did she word it to make it look like it wasn’t her fault? Cause there’s no way a psycho like Syd would own up to anything.

No. 1519923

Anon from >>1519921; I must have been drafting my comment as you replied. That's great clarification! Thank you! So the DV and airport fent incidences are separate from the positive drug test later in May. What made the state drug test the baby? She went to the store and came home to Storm unconscious? Did they take the baby to the hospital and that's when he was removed?

No. 1519924

The worst thing about it all, is she didn't try to twist it at all when we spoke about it. She really genuinely blames herself for putting trust in him, knowing he was still using. She knows full well that it would've never happened had she just taken Storm with her to the store.

No. 1519927

I'm glad we're all on the same page then, because we also believe it's her fault and she should have known better.

No. 1519932

I messaged one of the TND Twitter tea accounts and told them about it because I didn’t want to post in the Jonny Craig hashtag on my main account. I can message turtlemom too.

No. 1519934

Ty for corroborating anon. I can't even imagine how badly Syd tries to paint herself as the victim in personal conversations, like she lays it on thick for her audience of haters on the internet but I imagine it's so much worse one on one.

No. 1519940

Oh look another tinfoil confirmed. Told yall bout the airport and again. Told me to kick rocks. This is fun.

No. 1519942

It would have happened regardless if she knew he was using, and still kept him living in that apartment with him. What a lowlife she is. More concerning too how she has tried to play it off like she had him this whole time.

No. 1519947

If she was drinking and smoking while pregnant she doesn’t get to suddenly act horrified about this

No. 1519953

Lolcow one (1) day ago: come on Syd, just tell everyone what he did before public opinion draws their own conclusions about what happened

Kek get fucked Shitney, you could have killed your baby by leaving him with Jonny

No. 1519956

The state will try and put the kid with a family member before considering foster care. It could be either or.

Get over yourself jfc

No. 1519960

Tinfoil af but what if it was from Jonny initially and then Syd did something with fent & Storm to intentionally harm the child she clearly has no actual interest in, thinking if he were out of the picture her and goiter boy would be happy together again? I don’t know that I’d put that past her if she got into one of her crazy episodes around Storm.

No. 1519963


We get it, you were right and we were wrong to not believe you. We appreciate the milk. But as other anon said you are taking this WAY too personally. Dish or fuck off if all you're gonna do is continue harping on this.

And on the subject of him getting popped w/ fent at the airport (which I totally believe), how are there not like federal drug charges for this? I only ask because I took some edibles on the plane last time I flew and was borderline shitting myself the entire time.

No. 1519965

Don’t be so bitter, some of us believed you. You need to understand that because of the nature of this site and topics discussed in some of the threads, some of the anons will demand proof. Think about it critically, anyone could come here and say anything.
They BOTH are pieces of shit for this. The weird trend we’ve had to absolve Jonny, or at least justify his behaviour is so vile.
I get the hate is somewhat warranted but Ockham's razor. There’s no need to fantasise to make her seem worse.

No. 1519966


With the level of delusion Skidmark is now confirmed to be operating at I seriously doubt she actually blames herself for anything.

No. 1519970

This is inaccurate and definitely snowcap tinfoil. I literally just confirmed she's involved in the charges because she willfully endangered the child by leaving him with goiter boy. If she had done something separately to hard Storm, it would be a separate charge. Same situation = same charge.

No. 1519974

Iirc, the DV charges that time never actually included possession. Which, at that point in time everyone involved was just as baffled it wasnt included. Syd did disclose that he was chumming it up with the officers when they were searching/talking to him. Ultimately, Goiter guilted Syd into dropping charges against him, saying that he wouldn't be able to be there for storm for his surgery and it would be her fault.

No. 1519979

They weren't found on him at the airport. They were found in his packed carry on the same time he was being cuffed for the DV incident.

No. 1519992

Can't wait for metalsucks.com to pick this story up. I've got money on Johnny hitting that final relapse.

No. 1519993

He said he pushed her because he was trying to get his Playstation and was afraid she was going to break it, so did he push her at home or at the airport? If it was at home, was he searched at home or at the airport after (as in he left after pushing her and the cops responded at the airport before he could leave)? So now is he talking about getting the drug charges dismissed because he went to rehab?

This is an onion of criminal behavior. So many layers.

No. 1520001


Hell yea rooting for it!!! One less total piece of garbage sucking up resources plus his being deceased could only be a net positive for poor lil Storm.

No. 1520006

Yeah this whole airport thing doesn’t make any sense. If he got caught at the airport with that amount of drugs wouldn’t that be a whole nother ballpark of charges? Intent to carry drugs past state lines and on an airplane? I’m pretty positive this all happened at wherever they were living before he actually left for the airport.

No. 1520007

As far as I know it was a "he tried to leave, she wouldn't let him, end result: hulk shove" they found the fet at the house.

No. 1520013

It sounds like someone is in the know and someone got a lot of information through gossip so the facts don't mesh completely.

The main skepticism I have comes from the fact that no one linked the drug case here but someone has been really on top of posting the other case. What county did it happen in?

No. 1520014

You may have a point but maybe the person posting the other case doesn’t have access or didn’t know about the possession case?

No. 1520016

Is Jonny arraigned on three separate charges right now? DV, poss, and child endangerment?

No. 1520017


I think I accidentally confused everyone because I posted the initially posted the question about him getting caught at the airport. I wrongly assumed that his carry-on being searched = he was at the airport when it happened. From above replies from the anons in the know his carry-on got searched at the house at the time of his DV arrest. if there were any resulting drug charges were dropped for whatever reason.

No. 1520020

Just my two cents about a similar situation i had an ex friend go through. Someone OD’d in their house (while they’re baby was asleep) so they called the cops and when the cops found out that there was a baby there, they immediately called DHS and had the baby removed, even though their partner was asleep with the baby and it was just ex friend and junkie doing heroin together when junkie OD’d. Baby, ex friend, and partner were all drug tested and ex friend was the only
Person pos for heroin. Ex friend ended up catching a felony and doing a year In jail for possession and child endangerment. With no priors. They still do not have custody to this day, even after getting sober and completing parole and going back to college. The grandma has custody. All this to say, there’s absolutely going to be jail time for both of them and they probably won’t get custody back even if both or one of them is constantly clean. (Yes this was in cali)

No. 1520021

No need for drug charges to be dropped in that specific DV case, as none were made in the first place. Despite them finding the fetanyl. That's why it doesn't show up in Santa Clara County Records in tie with his DV from that date.

No. 1520026

If you’re going to blogpost at least Sage that shit

No. 1520030

I think it’s felony family violence, and he and Sydney have the same charge. same case. true love 11:11 bonded4l for life uwu

No. 1520044

Damn, been busy all day and wasn't able to check this thread until now. That poor fucking kid. How are these two living with themselves? I'd fucking kill myself.

No. 1520046

I did Sage you dipshit(no you didn't)

No. 1520049

I wonder if the first kid's mom knows about Storm and the fentanyl, and what she thinks about it. Hopefully she doesn't think about any of them at all and lives in peace.

No. 1520051

I truly hope the same thing happens to them both. I truly believe in second chances and probation, but this is not the type of charge that deserves it. If you harm a small, defenseless child, then you need to be locked away and lose custody. I hope grandma can pry some type of child support from them somehow.

No. 1520052

I regret to inform you that you do not, in fact, know how to sage your posts.

No. 1520063

Sage in the email spot anon

No. 1520072


It's even more galling when you think about how he was quite literally posting about how he's a good person and how much he loves himself like 2 weeks ago if that. Jonny cook yourself up an extra big shot tonight boo.

No. 1520079

he was talking about how this shit would be dismissed earlier today kek >>1519625

friendly reminder that little SPMC was 10 months old when they found fentanyl in his blood, after multiple prior domestic violence charges against both of his trash parents.

No. 1520092

10 months old with HEART complications and fentanyl in his system. Not a good mix.
They both deserve to drop dead and I don't normally wish that on anyone.
Syds disgusting for staying with him, she can blame him all she wants but she knew he was an addict, she stayed with him anyway and continued to stay with him after the incident, screeching at anyone who dare try to "ruin their family" when in fact it was her own negligence and idiocy.

There is no way she didn't know there was drugs in the house and that he was using, she still left storm there (if she did, she may have just been sleeping or busy on social media). I hope Jonny Hot shots himself, what a fucking piece of work these two people are.

No. 1520095

What's that old relapse excuse junkies love? "Everyone thought I was using so I might as well do it"?

No. 1520098

Considering her usual rabid need for attention, skid’s been awfully quiet today. Guess she didn’t actually want the truth to come out.

No. 1520102

She gets super quiet when she's guilty. Sure also might not have her phone turned on yet so if she was out at court, she might not post until she's back at home with wifi. And who knows who she guilted to take her out tonight because her day of being arraigned on felony child abuse charges made her so, boo hoo, sad.

No. 1520113

tinfoil time!

>Jonny only went to rehab for court shit (duh)

>he paid Sydney's phone bill with his Spotify pennies because she guilted him into it
>his public defender/counselor/sponsor told him to cut contact with Sydney for the sake of his sobriety (also, the baby he poisoned)
>this includes paying her phone bill, and Sydney doesn't even have the kid so it's not like she needs a phone for baby emergencies!
>Sydney posted multiple GoFundMe pages and pleas for cash for court fines and child support to her mother, for the baby she helped poison MUH ART
>2 garbage adults, 2 felony DV charges, 1 drug baby with heart problems and fent in his system, 0 jobs to even sustain it all

No. 1520120

Next trial is July 5 at 9:05 AM

No. 1520130

File: 1651725677736.jpg (846.42 KB, 969x2201, Screenshot_20220504-212757_Chr…)


I deleted my original comment because I overlooked the right information; I looked up sentencing guidelines and it does look like up to a year of jail time is on the table if they don't plead guilty to a lesser charge. If they get probation, the mandatory minimum is 4 years with a possible protective order. I believe this is inclusive to the section b misdemeanor? It's hard to speculate on what lesser charge they'll accept if they deliberately bumped it up to a felony today. A more knowledgeable legal anon might have better information.

No. 1520149

Something tells me they will refuse a plea deal if they’re even offered one (which doesn’t seem likely since the DA appears to be pushing for a trial). I doubt they will ever get custody back. Poor kid. It’s so fucked up. I’m so sad for that little boy.

No. 1520153

does anyone know what the initial misdemeanor was even about?! what happened in May 2021 before Storm’s blood test?

No. 1520175

That's literally what we've been trying to unpack all day kek

No. 1520189

We’re not exactly sure but if you go back to may 2021 in the older threads , that’s when Syd started that GFM and they were obviously having issues.

Guess it’ll all come out in trial soon enough.

No. 1520222

Now I believe the anon who said Syd attacked her mom while she was holding Storm. That poor baby is probably terrified of those psychos.

No. 1520227

Is this the face you make after your kid is hospitalized by your choices? I can't stop thinking about how long she pursued Jonny and accused others of ruining their family… AFTER Storm was taken from the both of them.

No. 1520229

How much you want to bet that Syd will only focus on Layna's visit instead of the felony because she has tunnel vision for dick? You have a chiold, Syd.

No. 1520261

She hasn’t even mentioned it and I doubt she even knows. Pretty irrelevant.

No. 1520301

Fucking BARF at Syd constantly calling herself a hot mom and going on and on about how Storm loves her sooooo much whilst all this was going on.
Storm giggles at your stupid baby talk because he yet has no idea who to blame for all the pain, confusion and neglect. Wait till he grows up and has the mental capacity to see you as you are.

And fucking BARF at Jonny having the nerve to talk about what his son "deserves" and what kinds of pains he "will never have to know" AFTER all of this fentanyl shit had already happened. You've already made him know an unforgivable pain, and all of your cringe "sober flexxxxxxxes" and sappy instagram captions look fucking idiotic next to the gut wrenching seriousness of this situation.

And Taylor, since you're still obsessed with Jonny and probably lurk here - have fun explaining to your uwu supporters how much closure being in contact with this kind of person brings you.

And whoever the hell this wigglewip girl is - fucking RUN. If all the shit from Jonny's past wasn't enough to scare you away… This should be plenty.

No. 1520311


Syds bpd need for attention and fear of abandonment is the only reason she popped storm out. She loooooves that his love for her is unconditional (or rather, would be if she was a decent mother at all). Skid, I know you’re reading here and I hope you understand that you will never feel the actual love of your child, or anyone else for that matter. Your bpd isn’t lying to you. You absolutely are unloveable.

No. 1520351

I can’t really comprehend Jonnys recent behaviour, kinda like he isn’t sorry for what he has done? Has drugs fried his brain so much that the only way he can cope is his pathetic little brags, bringing another alt-slut into the mix and pretend everything is hunky-dory?!

Drugs were found in your BABYS blood, because of YOU. The baby has now been taken away and now Jonny is facing prison.

I really hope he gets everything that’s coming for him. Disgusting human.

No. 1520356


Literally yes. I think if he was really taking sobriety seriously and doing a program he’d have to take a good hard look at all the people he’s seriously hurt and lied to and I think that’s too much for him to handle so he copes by projecting this pseudo confidence, as if it’s really fooling anyone.

No. 1520363

None of this makes sense on her part. If it was just BBP fault surely she would have thrown him under the bus by now.

Is it possible SHE was smoking the fent? JC
is an IV user. He wouldn’t waste a high smoking it.
There’s no other reason she would protect him at this point. Why stay with him after that if she wasn’t doing the drugs too?

No. 1520365

Scrolling up and their Insta flexes seem SO fucked up now. Rot in hell Jonny and Syd. The both of yas failed Storm.


No. 1520370

I was wondering this too. She could come out with the story to cover her side. Perhaps her lawyer told her not to say anything?

No. 1520412

This is correct. Seen it before in neonatal ICU where baby tests positive for a drug. They will seek out immediate family members willing to take baby before foster care

No. 1520415

I was one of the anons that initially speculated about Storm having FAS based on some of his facial features and the fact he was born with heart problems, and for just destroyed here for even bringing it up, and even caught a ban. I stand by what I said now more than ever, but think it's even worse than FAS.

If Dance Goiter Dance was willing enough to smoke fentanyl in the same room as Storm imagine what he was doing while Syd was pregnant. It's not a coincidence this poor innocent kid was born with serious health defects.

I hope these two pieces of shit never regain custody.

No. 1520419

Recovered junkie here. After long-term iv drug use, your veins tend to “hide” or “collapse” hence using alternative methods such as smoking/snorting. Injecting would have been the more discreet choice but knowing how Jonny’s been an active addict for over a decade, if he had Storm in his care, he prob smoked it instead of injecting for numerous reasons including:
A) hiding in the bathroom from Storm to
find a good vein woulda taken much longer
B) trying to hurry up before Syd came back from shop
C) ran out of needles
D) just felt like smoking was more convenient than fishing for a vein

No. 1520421

Oh! Another thing to add, I think it was mentioned before Jonny had as hospital admission from cellulitis which is a nasty bacterial skin infection, so he probably chose to smoke to avoid that mess

No. 1520428

And knowing these two idiots they’d probably opt for probation instead of time (if given that option) and probation is basically them hanging themselves because we all know Jonny can’t stay away from drugs for two whole years and Syd can’t not be psycho for two whole years so… if they chose probation if given the option, it would 10000000% get revoked and they’d be back to square 1 doing time

No. 1520431

The fact that this smug ass loser had the audacity to post about this getting dismissed meanwhile the charges are being upgraded and we know the details finally, is appalling. Not unexpected from him in the least but had we known what would have been revealed I fucking wish a journalist or something had been provided the details to listen in because now, until they go to jail, it's just going to continue to be that "hate forum full of stalkers" vs. Jonny and Syd.

No. 1520432

Literally. It just amazes me how Jonny, Taylor and Syd all screech how anons on lolcow are liars, spread rumors, dox, are obsessed, etc., when actually we’re all just bystanders and provide outside perspectives grounded in reality… all of these low-lives are delusional. They’re so fucked in the head it’s alarming.

Jonny Craig and Sydney England are facing felonies and prison time for endangering their child. Their 10 month old son’s blood tested positive for fentanyl.
Taylor Nicole Dean seeks “cLoSuRe” from her rapist/abusive ex… overlooking all of this.

Now remind us how we’re all jealous haters

No. 1520433

That was a separate case he was bragging about getting dismissed. Makes him a bigger loser for that one but clarifying for clarification sake.

No. 1520435

Oh my bad, but from anyone on the outside without intimate knowledge of all their charges and what's going on, wouldn't know what he's referring to. If they had even a slight idea of the storm situation, they could assume it was in reference to that, like I did. He knows what he's doing.

No. 1520437

My tinfoil is that the “charges being dismissed” are the domestic violence of Jonny pushing Syd. Why? Because it’s a petty charge for lawyers to take on when the child endangerment is more of a pay day. Also, they probably realized they were wasting their time defending Syd for getting pushed after finding out she also has a pending felony now for her fentanyl-positive baby. KEK

No. 1520447

It’s a criminal case, friend. No one gets a payday in a criminal case, not even the attorneys unless they’re representing someone wealthy (which we know they’re not no matter how many shoes that are “more than your rent” that Jonny buys)

No. 1520477

I agree, his behaviour for the last few months seem absolutely bizarre now that the recent court news dropped. He has been nonstop talking about a comeback, even more than 1-2 years before this… all while knowing this shitstorm was in the horizon??? Kek. What they did to Storm will immediately destroy any redemption arc he was trying to build - not that it would've been possible in any scenario anyways.

No. 1520488

In my experience it depends on the state. I know we are talking Cali here but for example SD tests and it’s illegal to consume even MJ there so they will take the baby from the hospital. Cali has laxer drug laws. It must have been super bad for the DA to upgrade the charges instead of coddling them and sending them to rehab and giving them a slap on the hand.

No. 1520490

sorry if this has come up, but what led to the baby’s blood being tested? jonny or syd must have called 911 because of his symptoms right? at least they didn’t leave him to suffer after blowing fentanyl in his face. they probably didn’t consider that it would be investigated. loser scum

No. 1520492

My guess is that the initial domestic violence incident occurred, JC was caught with the fent, and then the baby was taken into state custody and placed with syd’s mom. I’m not familiar with California DFACS, but I’d wager the state did the drug screening based on the incident.

No. 1520500

File: 1651759826105.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1284x2348, EDC76534-2DB2-4BC9-A932-0DCA97…)

Was going through the old thread. Been pretty disgusted (but not surprised) since finding out the charge. But found it odd that at this time last year BBP kept harping on Skid being clean. And in this post he said she had drank since Storm was BORN shouldn’t she have not drank since getting pregnant? Could this be more FAS proof.

No. 1520506

right, the perfect time to stop drinking is after you have the baby. he’s such a retard.

No. 1520516

His life is constant shit. He’s constantly on this “big come up” that never comes. Every year is more sad and pathetic than the last. Every new girlfriend is uglier and crazier, every new music project is more amateur than the last failure. It’s just something for him to say because he literally has nothing and hasn’t for years. Idk if he believes his own lies and that brings him some comfort or if he’s so concerned with the “haturz” that he’ll say anything to maintain this false image that he isn’t literally the lowest common toothless denominator.

No. 1520518


i thought there were weeks or months between when jonny shoved syd and got a DV charge and when they got charged with what has now become a felony. it seems odd that jonny would shove syd, the cops would come, they’d search the house or jonny and find fent, take the baby and immediately test the baby for drugs. can cops even search on a DV call? i thought the fent in storm’s blood was supposedly the result of syd “leaving the house” while jonny blew fent clouds? if that happened post DV incident, i don’t see how anyone found out about it unless they reported it themselves. too bad these knuckleheads can’t be honest with the public. only makes em look worse which i didn’t think was possible

No. 1520524

I know some Nonnies were talking about getting the court records but would it be possible to request the report of the DV incident? That would give us the story and verify if that incident is how Storm was tested.

No. 1520534

Since that anon was right about the kid having fent in his blood I’m inclined to believe the other part about jc passing out and the kid rolling off the bed. Maybe he was injured and needed medical attention and was tested at the hospital? Or maybe syds mom was there or found out and called cps herself.

No. 1520538

"Muh 10 month old chiold tested positive for fentanyl but oh well, subscribe to my onlyfans" lip smacks

No. 1520539

My heart melts for this poor kid rn. Deep down I kinda hoped that BBP shocked and changed this time.
We know that Storm was once on fetty. We don’t know though how many times this happened before. Maybe it’s a perfect sleep medication for a lil kids? Or pain releaser when teething.
Maybe I’m over dramatic here but I’m honestly shocked. Poor kid.

No. 1520547

I don't know anything about the process but someone should definitely update his Wikipedia to include his recent felony child abuse charges resulting from fent being found in his 10 MONTH OLD BABY's blood, not because internet bureaucracy is what is important right now but because it's literally the first thing that comes up when you google his name.

No. 1520550

I have a stupid question. I thought "three grains of sand" worth of fentanyl would kill someone with no tolerance? Tinfoil but it makes me wonder if Storm is on any opioid pain relief for whatever is wrong with him, but that's pretty baseless. It just doesn't strike me like these two fucknuggets would have a narcan kit on hand for when it happened or anything. Just thinking that maybe it was trace amounts from skin contact. When I worked at the hospital and someone would come in the ER on a suspected fentanyl overdose, the PPE protocol was to wear two sets of gloves for this very reason. Nurses were apparently overdosing from skin contact

No. 1520565

There were two DV charges last year.

1st in jan or feb- goiter pushed Syd and she called the cops. Case was dismissed a few months later as Syd dropped the charges

2nd charge is from may or June- not sure why but goiter and Syd were both arrested by the state for DV(possibly the whole storm falling unconscious thing). Child was taken out of custody. Charges are now upgraded to a felony.

No. 1520566


Already confirmed it was from second hand smoke. No need for tinfoil.

No. 1520569

The facts based on the hearing are that Storm tested positive after May of last year and that is why the DA believes it's appropriate to upgrade the charges, and then a plea hearing was set for June. That's it. Everything else is anons in the know (that you should also take with a grain of salt) and speculation. It sounds legit though.

No. 1520570

Syd was doing fentanyl with Jonny after storm was born.
Jonny was smoking fent in Storms room while Storm was present, Jonny passed out and woke up to Storm being unconscious, on the floor. Storm OD'd on fent.

Grandma has custody of Storm, Syd and Jonny can have supervised visits. Syd had every opportunity to go and visit her son, but she chose not to.

I haven't had time to read the 200+ posts since yesterday so I'm just gonna post this even though it may be pointless..

No. 1520572

Is this your tinfoil? Bold of Syd to call Jonny a junkie loser if she was also smoking fentanyl with him.

No. 1520574

File: 1651766491236.gif (2.52 MB, 493x498, 54BA529E-BB75-4223-9875-BA49CF…)

So Jonny was lying >>1520500 quelle surprise

No. 1520575

File: 1651766509337.png (100.99 KB, 480x857, Screenshot_20220505-090057_1.p…)

Part of that is some serious scaremongering and medical misinformation by the police that fed into hospitals. Review all the reports for effects reported when cops or nurses get a "puff" of fent in their face? "increased heart rate, breathing, blood pressure" which are all symptoms of a panic attack because they think it's possible to OD on "three grains" or skin contact. If it was actually fent, the side effects would be the exact opposite.
Cops are retarded, what's the nurses excuse?

No. 1520578

Its not tinfoil but I don't have proof so take it or leave it

No. 1520579

I thought the “three to four grain can kill” was in regards to pure fentanyl? It has a lot of derivatives, after all, varying in potency.

No. 1520583

I think its a little naive to think that storm had zero tolerance to fent considering how much Jonny was using, plus the possibility of syd using.
tinfoil, what if syd used while pregnant and he was born exposed?

No. 1520585

I’ve always believed you because when responding to the hitting her mom allegations, she said the weirdest phrase, something in the lines of “you don’t know the relationship we have” and I thought it was such a weird way to say they were close or that she’d never hit her mother

No. 1520587

Ok. Appreciate the clarification. So that's when Syd went to the store and left Storm behind with Jonny? Did she come back to both of them passed out? Did Jonny wake up and call EMS?

No. 1520589

I'm still horrified for Storm the more I think about it. They went on tour well AFTER they exposed their kid to Fent. "He has CHIOLD" was months after Storm tested positive for Fent. Syd and Jonny are next level shit parents.

No. 1520590

Jesus Christ… so it wasn't just that Torm had fent in his system, which is fucking bad enough, he actually OD'd??!

I can't imagine how these two degenerates wake up every morning and look at themselves in the mirror. I am with the anon who said if she did that to her CHIOLD she'd kill herself. Me too. Jesus.

No. 1520592

I think the consensus from those sharing inside knowledge is that he wasn’t born exposed but that she left Jonny with Storm when she knew he was actively using and that she didn’t make excuses for her leaving him and felt guilty. Milk spillers, feel free to correct me,

No. 1520593

I really think that Storm would have been tested after birth and removed if Syd used prior to birth. His dad was a known addict and his mom was an absolute psycho who is super proud of smoking weed; there's some chance that their behavior would red flag providers at some point in the pregnancy. He was also born with health problems that necessitated medical intervention and I'm not sure if that's part of the evaluation for a neonate when they're treated for congenital heart problems.

No. 1520594

Yes, this is what was confirmed to have happened.
Syd wasn't the one smoking, she wasn’t there when it happened.

No. 1520597

That's so funny! I only worked there for a very short period and never encountered such a thing, but that was the protocol given to the entire hospital so it wasn't the nurse's decision whether or not they wanted to.
Thank you everyone for clarifying. So it's much harder to outright die from second-hand fentanyl? I always naïvely thought that an OD was pretty deadly. Will he have longterm effects from such a thing, ie from a loss of oxygen? It's hard for me to be able to decipher between facts and scaremongering when it comes to this.

No. 1520602

Yes, Syd knowingly left Storm in Jonnys care when she went to the store.
She was not the one smoking fent in the room with Storm, however they were both using.

No. 1520605

Honestly idc if she wasn't there when Storm was dosed with secondhand Fent. She harassed and flung shit at every woman she perceived to be breaking apart her "family". She chose to move with him to Sacramento, flex like they're doing all this shit for Storm while PRETENDING to still have him. She even secretly filmed Jonny nodding out in their Sac apartment and used it to show random women that they can "have him"! She is repulsive. Not a maternal bone in her body.

No. 1520614

Has Syd tested positive on a drug test for opiates as a direct result of this legal case? Or for any other reason?

No. 1520619

This would make sense why they were both off social media for a few weeks a few months ago. Syd was probably detoxing.

No. 1520623

What this anon said. If it was sold as pure fetty it would be a lot more expensive. Those grains worth are cut with filler and since it’s all so strong they can use a lot of filler and still have a potent effect for the user.

No. 1520647

I've mostly heard about people dying of a fentanyl overdose because it got mixed into whatever else they were using and because they're opiate naive, it's fatal.

I think the charge would have been more severe or additional charges would have been added if Storm was severely injured with long term issues. I think it would have been mentioned as justification to increase the charge in the hearing too. Hopefully he's okay.

No. 1520652

File: 1651770536951.jpg (179.18 KB, 1170x2080, 279793257_1354856081660524_714…)

Syd reposting like it's a normal Thursday and not the day after everyone found out that she's a child abuser. I would neck myself before I would show my face on social media again after that hearing.

No. 1520653

File: 1651770617184.jpg (177.13 KB, 750x1334, 279701015_1819091994949208_304…)

Jonny showing what he really cares about in life: attaching himself codependently to enablers while barely staying sober.

No. 1520654

You’re not a sociopath tho nonnie. Imagine letting a junkie get high around your infant and your baby OD’d and then still be with him and demand a 2nd proposal after yelling at fans who get too close “HE HAS A CHIOLD”.

I still can’t get over it. How do you choose a moid over your own flesh and blood. Someone you grew in your belly and birthed. Ugh. I hope they see inside a jail cell for at least a few months. A year would be fantastic but California is really lax about drug laws and prison reform.

However, when it comes to kids ODing on their junkie parents supply(it’s been happening a lot), I think the courts are getting harsher.

No. 1520656

Bitch you are fucking done. This is your legacy - being a selfish, delusional unhinged deadbeat mother who inadvertently allowed their child to OD at 10 months old then carried on with your garbage life and even pretended to have custody after the fact. She and Jonny are officially the most disgusting lolcows in the game. I'll stop or else I'm gonna a-log too much but holy shit, these people.

No. 1520661

Don't fight it!!! Go right ahead and hit that inevitable relapse you piece of shit.

No. 1520665

>devil woman smoking mysterious substance while laying in a coffin
This supposed to be a self-portrait or something?

No. 1520676

I might be wrong but wasn’t this also around the time when Skid and BBP were posting themselves walking to the store. And she kept saying she was “getting fit” or getting her body back.

No. 1520678

If you click on the first link in the “old milk” summary on this threads’ summary, it puts you right at that timeline. It’s a trip to go back and read knowing what we know now.

No. 1520700

If this is true it would explain why Syd hasn't even tried to pile all of the guilt on Jonny, since he would have some milk to spill on her too. Of course their lawyers could've also adviced them to shut it for now but idk.

I don't think anyone here is over dramatic in any way about this - this whole thing is absolutely horrifying. My heart aches everytime I think about Storm and his sweet little face. I don't think this will leave my mind anytime soon.
I really hope Syds mom is nice and kind and shows him real unconditional love.

No. 1520747

can confirm Syd caved and tied fentanyl under Jonnys pressure. She also had Jonny buy her other drugs when he went on spender benders. Definitely not as pure and holy as she says she is.

No. 1520751

File: 1651777175033.jpg (155.3 KB, 750x1334, 279844397_233955142287003_6378…)

Jonny and his beauty filter has entered the chat.

Tell us more, big boi felony child endangerment. We're so eager to hear more about how you're not the same person and it's not your fault.

No. 1520754

Does this bitch not have YouTube? "Caved"?? How many girlfriends is this? At this point, Jonny has a neon sign over his head that tells you that you're going to fuck up your life if you fuck with him. That's not pressure; that's a feature of the relationship.

How long did she do fentanyl?

No. 1520755

File: 1651777488206.jpg (67.66 KB, 750x1334, 279883006_414240293488523_2608…)

Saint Fentanyl posting junkie inspo

No. 1520757

And what are the "other drugs" she had him buy for her?

No. 1520761

It's really wild. It's also suuuper delusional to sit there and preach that you have your kid, and are a great mother to the internet when the reality is you lost your child because there were drugs in his system. We all know how syd is, but even for outsiders that speaks volumes of her as a person. Remember when she was posting about buying him a bookshelf and shit? Or "I definitely live here with storm and jonny". Honestly, the facade she put on, even up until recently it disturbing. I really hope neither of these two ever get him back.

No. 1520771

If they get him back, it won't be for long. Hopefully not long enough to hurt him, anyway. Neither of them are stable people and they never will be; hopefully the state understands that. There are already pending lawsuits in CA from grandparents suing CPS after kids - babies, like Storm - died from fentanyl overdoses after being given back to their parents.

No. 1520777

What's so comical Goiterboi? I double dear your scared old wannabe gangsta larping ass to turn on your comments and see what people have to say about your parental skills.

No. 1520781

Just a guess but around this time was when she was bragging about losing weight so it had to be ice or something that could help her drop weight for IG Clout quick.

No. 1520783

How long have his comments been limited on all posts? Since the break up or the hearing? What a coward

No. 1520793

If that's the case it doesn't seem like it worked much…kek

No. 1520796

Someone should make a YouTube video calling them out.

No. 1520812

Not really sure if that's in the realm of possibilities nona, considering a lot of those with inside information are wanting to stay anonymous for one reason or another. Releasing information anonymously for catharsis and directly injecting themselves in the middle of it all publicly are two entirely different things.

No. 1520823

I always wonder if goiters friends come here with the inside info every now and again. Those bros that are always hanging around him. Who else would they willingly tell about this?

No. 1520824

agree with you. the truths just starting to come out and we still have until June, I don't want these shit birds going quiet if someone decides to out them before we have all the proof available. plus it should be a collab between everyone goiter boy and shitney fucked over.

No. 1520826

I don’t think it’s goiters friends. I think it’s all people close to Skidmark. Women are always more empathetic than moids. JCs friends likely don’t give a shit as they are loser junkies themselves.

No. 1520843

His friends probably aren't discreet and they prob leak things to people who post here incidentally, but Syd inspires a truly incredible amount of ill will with people who have long memories.

No. 1520847

I guess I have doubts because I didn’t think Skidney had any friends. And if she did, wouldn’t want to tarnish her reputation with them by outing herself as a horrifyingly bad parent.

No. 1520854

File: 1651781376027.png (4.02 MB, 1284x2778, 6B328FE4-F981-43D0-9767-0411D4…)


No. 1520858

I most definitely wound up on lolcow thanks to Sydney shit stain England and her vile lack of respect for herself and those around her.

No. 1520868

You'd be surprised for how paranoid she is, she's also incredibly trusting and naive. That's a BPD trait. That's why narcissistic people end up with people with BPD. They're overly trusting, easy to manipulate, and easy to get riled up for further shaming/gaslighting, which is part of the fun for narcissists.

No. 1520881

>I have a reach through my music and platforms
1. Imagine saying that to customer service
2. Imagine reposting it like you did something

No. 1520885

Just wanna remind everyone that Syd's mom most likely reads the thread sometimes too, since an old post from her instagram was deleted within seconds of being posted here a few threads back

No. 1520886

I m lol-ing goiter boy trying to cancel tmobile with his 10 last stans

No. 1520897

So weird lol

No. 1520901

Wow, he really went full Karen. That'll teach 'em.

No. 1520903

File: 1651783723734.jpg (541.67 KB, 750x1334, 1651.jpg)

No. 1520907

The random 'fuck you Sydney' is so funny kek

No. 1520918

Goiter boy really is the only cow that makes me want to a-log. It's funny how the TND threads slowly died once she got rid of the scrote tumor. He pretty much fried her brain with all the drugs he supplied her. How do you get all your exes hooked on drugs and smoke fent around your baby resulting in them ODing and not just swallow a bullet. Johnny is legitimately the harbinger of "your life is about to take a nosedive downward right into the ground." None of his exes really recover 100% either. He just ruins these women and moves onto the next woman with low standards. It's so fucked that not only did he help produce a kid that has severe health issues but he then decided to smoke fent around him like it was no big deal. He's the kind of junkie that leaves heroin needles all over a kids playground. He has doomed this child to a life of absolute hell between having a BPD mom that would choose scrote dick over her son and his health problems. Relapse BBP!! Let the t-mobile rage lead you down that sweet deserving path.

No. 1520921

I love that now he chooses to just randomly say fuck you to her haha

No. 1520923

"redemption" lmaooo give us a fucking break

No. 1520925

Sounds like she ran up the bill lmfao. They both deserve each other.

No. 1520928

No. 1520938

That'll come soon I promise :)(:))

No. 1520942

I just remember him saying on that twitch interview that he doesn’t have another relapse in him. Let’s hope the next one finally does the job.

No. 1520947

Either that out they signed a contract and he can’t take her off the account.

No. 1520965

His credit already has to be fucked beyond all repair. Just stop paying the bill dumbass and get fuckin mint mobile or something. Make it syd’s problem

No. 1520977

some anon previously mentioned that syd's mom also has some issues and doesn't have the best relationship with syd. I assume their relationship is contentious because syd is so insane, but would there be any issues with storm? obviously he's exponentially better off with her instead of BBP and BPD but I could've sworn someone mentioned her mom being abusive or something?

No. 1521015

File: 1651788741559.webm (4.71 MB, 1080x1930, Screen_Recording_20220505-1500…)

No. 1521017

File: 1651788859976.jpg (120.79 KB, 807x321, Screenshot_20220505-151409_Gal…)

No. 1521021

these two fuckfaced idiots put fentanyl in their baby’s body, end of story, no excuses. jonny craig is DONE. too bad he never od’d and fucking died. sydney too.

No. 1521022

NAH, agreed fuck that shit this makes me want to vomit. How creepy and fucked up is he? "I got fent in you but NOTHING is gonna keep me from you". I hope the system does not let this child down, the system should do everything in their power to keep BOTH him and Syd away from him forever. I wouldn't give a shit if Jonny has legitimately been sober and turned over a whole new leaf. He had a million chances to turn around and never did. This is a BABY, nonetheless his own child he caused to OD on FENT. If he ever gets reunited with him, that's just terrifying. He could have killed him. And yet, they both chose drugs and love bombing their abusive partner over that poor kid. They failed him. They both deserve to rot in hell.

No. 1521025

Storms eyes looked bruised in these clips

No. 1521032

It's so scary how fake and performative this is. He's using Storm like a prop on his social media the day after it became public information that he could have killed him and he's hiding behind a locked account because he knows he can't face accountability.

No. 1521043

A lot of small children get those visible marks on their face. I really don’t think we should push a narrative that they would purposefully hurt their child. It just hurts this threads credibility

No. 1521047

I just really hope storm doesn't get addicted to drugs when he's a teenager because of these retards. I would be so heartbroken

No. 1521048

File: 1651790332831.jpg (1.06 MB, 970x2633, Screenshot_20220505-153436_Ins…)

Has anyone told these venues that they're hosting a show for someone who is currently being charged with felony child endangerment? I wouldn't want to patronize a venue that is okay with someone like that.

No. 1521050

Where in that statement did I say they purposely hurt him? Jesus christ, I was just pointing it out.

No. 1521051

Little kids can get bruising there for a handful of reasons that don't involve purposeful harm to the child. He's learning his footing at this age and probably falls a whole bunch, runs into corners, pulls something from the table that falls on his face.

No. 1521073

Nta but you’re pointing out that his eyes are bruised. So what are people going to think when you say that? There’s an implication. We’re currently talking about child abuse and neglect. Read the room.

No. 1521085

I’ve only ever read people saying that syd was abusive to her mom, not the other way around

No. 1521086

How is he even allowed to visit Storm? Is it because he’s passing drug tests? And why does it seem like syd doesn’t visit Storm at all? I wonder if it has something to do with Syd’s mom not wanting her there, or perhaps Syd is still using something and therefore not allowed to visit? I know some nonnies said that they thing syd did detox or rehab but I doubt that.

No. 1521119

tinfoil that one of the anons leaking info on here is syd’s mom

No. 1521120

Syd having BPD could be a strong indicator of childhood abuse because the correlation is pretty strong, but anons itk have always said she's been abusive toward her mom.

No. 1521122

Sydney has BPD because her father has BPD. She genetically inherited the condition.

No. 1521124

Same fag but inb4: Her dad wasn't around. So his BPD behavior wasn't linked to hers.

No. 1521125

I'm so heartbroken for storm, i cried today for the first time over one of these threads,& prayed to something out there that this sweet little soul is protected from the monsters he's been given as "parents" and is shown love and kindness from grandma, & I hope she has the strength and patience to deal with being grandma, mom and dad all at once. I usually don't get so emotionally invested in this stuff much but I'm sure some of you understand after today, especially those of you who are moms or even just have animals you love and nurture, just how devastating this news is. Storm relied on them and was so let down, no baby should ever have to endure that. He did nothing wrong and was essentially tortured by his own parents. A lot of us figured something this awful was going down behind the scenes, but to have it confirmed is so painful. These two people are evil incarnate, there is no excuse for this behavior, no amount of trauma or mental illness makes poisning your fucking baby with fentanyl forgivable, forgettable or excusable. I hope karma, God, whatever you wanna call it, makes both of them reap what they've sewn to the highest degree and that storm has minimal contact, he deserves to heal away from the very people who've given him so much to deal with in his short life. I'm fucking fuming with anger that these two cretins ever were able to hurt an innocent baby. Go ahead and pick up that needle again jonny, fill yourself a nice big juicy spooful of dope and toy with the reaper again, you'd be doing your son a favor if you just fucking killed yourself and you know that you absent minded useless drug addict waste of fucking space and air.

No. 1521134

File: 1651795822913.jpg (1.36 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20220505-200848.jpg)

New chick seems to still be at Jonny's. Also her page is public again.

No. 1521141


She's a fucking idiot to be there in the first place but ESPECIALLY if she sticks around after all this. I wonder what the vibe is like there right now. Jonny is so narcissistic and delusional about himself that I'm sure he's doing just fine but between his big day in court yesterday and being officially saddled with Sydney's phone bill (kek) today he might be a lil cranky?

No. 1521165

After Taylor’s dad was exposed feeding info to turtle mom, nothing would surprise anymore in the Jonny Craig threads

Because he’s his father and they’re supervised visits? What, you think a toddler shouldn’t be allowed to even see his parents again?

No. 1521170

good idea. name and shame

No. 1521178

You're incredibly dense or you're being sarcastic.
Supervision doesn't change what happened, public court has disavowed him for literally poisoning his flesh and blood. Read the room asshat. Can guarantee you storm barely knows jonny is his dad, and he'd be way better off without either of his parents.

No. 1521184

Uhhh yeah. In many cases actually.

No. 1521228

Girl I've been thinking this for a while now but didn't want to scare her away. They have a competitive dynamic but they're still obligated to each other through mutual abandonment. What do you call frenemies that are mother and daughter?

No. 1521245

If said toddlers parents were doing drugs before, during and after he was born and also smoked Fent making him OD then yeah he should absolutely never see his junkie parents again who almost killed him both before he was born and after. Storm could have legitimately died from what big boy goiter did to him. His mom will throw him to the wolves for band moid dick. Them being far away from him until he's old enough to understand how dangerous they are is literally the only way this kid will ever even have 10% of a "normal" childhood. They take away people's pets for less.

Also just because you shit out a kid doesn't make you a mom anymore than cumming in someone makes you a dad kek these too insane junkies deserve nothing but each other

No. 1521251

>Nothing is gonna keep me from you
>(I'll just do my drugs right next to you)

Goiter will never change, he always lovebombs right after he's got caught doing something fucked up. It's gross when it's girlfriends but it's so much more depressing when it's a literal child.

No. 1521255

speaking of turtlemom did anyone contact her? I’m sure she would spread the word to anyone wiilling to listen as much as she hates goiter and saying she was gonna kick skids ass when they were “touring”

No. 1521269

I was going to message her but then I noticed she hasn’t posted on twitter in a very long time so I feel like shes not doing that account anymore. I could be wrong tho if someone else wants to try. There are a few people who posted it on twitter but not many. I really wish this would get out. Who could possibly support him or her after this….

No. 1521271

What a fucking ignorant ass loser. The T-Mobile is an automated AI message. How edgy and scary he is. Fucking idiot

No. 1521272

He’s finally covering up Amanda’s name tattooed on his stomach kek.

No. 1521281

I hope the universe keeps you from him, preferably forever. I hope you haven’t imprinted in any way in his life so he never misses you in those critical years and lastly, I hope Storm has the love, support and help he needs to break the cycle.
It is! And he was just in that podcast too, insinuating the worst thing he ever did was scam people ($33K) and shove Sydney. As if those two things weren’t despicable already but here we are, an OD’ed baby later and this fucker has the gall to do this. This is how you know he hasn’t changed and might not be capable of change. Isn’t honesty a big part of the recovery process?
I know we’re supposed to be forgiving and understand addiction and mental health issues but I doubt you’ll find that here now. And yeah sometimes the best is for the kids to never see their parent(s) again. No need to lecture me on the trauma separated children go through. Sometimes it’s necessary to pick the lesser of two evils.

No. 1521288

She likely doesn’t even know why he went to court yesterday. I’m sure he didn’t tell her why he was going and it’s not like he brought her with him (although what a romantic date that would be kek.) The only way she would know is if she’s reading this thread, and stupid people like this clearly choose the “ignorance is bliss” route or else she never would have come to visit him at all

No. 1521294

File: 1651805024766.jpeg (459.6 KB, 1284x2778, 9A7C8168-9631-4429-88F4-9F2C7A…)

fixed his lil beauty filter

No. 1521301

File: 1651805253070.webm (2.01 MB, 480x854, tattoo.webm)

So here’s what the penitent father has been up to: using his child like a shield or prop, >>1521015 posted one of the three videos he posted of his kid. Reminiscing about his boys >>1520653, acting real tough through a screen and threatening either a customer service employee or an automated response WHILE also taking a jab at his ex >>1520854 and getting tattoos (vidrel). Anyone else finds it creepy he is using the same voice and nickname he gave Storm with this tattoo artist?

No. 1521302

I feel you anon. Since i found out, nothing has been on my mind but poor Storm. I really hope he turns out to be a super strong person who uses his experiences with fucked up parents to be a good person, good man and good father someday. I have a soft spot for addicts as well, and always felt sad to hear discourse of people dismissing addicts. However, after this thread, I literally cannot. I have no more sympathy. We all know what it was before Skid got pregnant, we know what it was gonna be during her pregnancy, nothing could have prepared us for this confirmed horror. A 10 month old baby had fentanyl in his system. I won’t stop repeating it and it hurts worse everytime as the gravity of it sets in. A 10 month old baby had fentanyl in his system. Jonny and Syd’s retarded posts is the first time I personally feel hurt. Because the sheer lack of fucking human decency. These two deserve prison or better yet, 6 feet underground.

No. 1521303

Gosh nonnies stop now im crying over this whole situation. That baby deserved a better life. Fuck these people

No. 1521314

This. My stomach dropped when I heard the judge clarify why the charges were upgraded. With the way his parents went gallavanting around you never would have guessed it was /that bad/.

Bitch had the audacity to ask for money for art supplies and mental health meanwhile she knew she put her son through that. Stomach turning and sickening.

No. 1521315

File: 1651806822559.jpeg (464.86 KB, 1283x2415, 396EAEE0-6B13-4A8F-98EA-E5656A…)

Wait did he admit to putting a living creature in a fucking toilet? No surprise someone who could do that to an innocent animal would also be smoking fent around a CHILD

No. 1521316

And let’s imagine there is a universe in which we can overlook what happened and simply say “humans fuck up and parents are human”. It still doesn’t explain (or justify) the lying and their one-upmanship bullshit. They Photoshopped pictures of their visit so it’d seem like they had custody, who does that? Jonny is using his kid for sympathy TODAY. They’re more concerned with flinging shit at each other than taking this time to look deeply within them, learn a few lessons and show contrition. Fuck them both, and no, this is not because they’re mentally ill and Jonny is an addict, some people are just despicable on top of their mental health and addiction issues.

No. 1521326

Holy shit, I had to check if that was real because I couldn’t believe it. What a piece of shit.

No. 1521328

Did anyone get any proof of the new charges? Any recordings? Anyone able to access court records online or know anyone with access? We need to get this out to the media and lolcow is obviously not a reliable source. He can't get away with this and have his little redemption arc. It's done. He's done. I'm not letting this piece of shit move on with his life.

No. 1521330

See? A piece of shit if I’ve ever fucking seen one! Where are the “he’s trying” anons now?

No. 1521331

You can't audio record court proceedings. There was 10 people in the "room" when I called in, which incidentally was right when they called them up.

No. 1521333

File: 1651808667284.jpeg (318.91 KB, 1125x717, 0C0D9014-A4AF-440E-AD17-2F4B72…)

“my fame puts you in your place” kek

No. 1521335


I think a good start would be contacting the venue(s) that are having him and letting them know about this. He has a gazillion other assault and rape allegations that are literally documented on his wikipedia page so could remind them about that too.

No. 1521347

I saged, but i have inside info on the man who interviewed bbp. We live In the same city and he has a rape accusations himself. He’s a huge trump supporter and a member of the proud boys. (A white supremacist Pnw group). We live in the state capital and they protest often and have been known to assault POC and LGBT people just for waking down the street during their “anti-mask protests” just as recent as last weekend. INCYDK the mask mandate ended a while ago here so….also i personally know his wife. She’s somehow Asian and also a White supremacist. She has no friends and when she was desperately trying to be mine, her husband did nothing but make sexist and racist remarks to her in front of me.

No. 1521350

Let me clear this up. It was not at the airport. He was on the way to the airport but he pushed he down before he left. He did not make it to the airport because he was arrested. The drugs were in his carry on and wallet. This incident has nothing to do with what he did to storm.

No. 1521356

All court proceedings are recorded via a court stenographer. You can purchase transcripts on the Santa Clara county website. Everything is public info.

No. 1521357

> "my fame puts you in your place"
> approx. 100k followers

There are Youtubers who unbox random shit who have higher numbers. Guess that's why Jonny gets the girls who brag about fucking boyfriends when they're asked about their herpes, instead of the shit that fame actually gets you.

No. 1521359

I reckon they meant those listening to trials, be it online or in person, can’t record what’s said

No. 1521363

You guys need to stop bringing up the dv case I relation to the storm fentanyl case. The dv case had long since been over and laid to rest when syd had the da drop it back in Nov 2020.

The storm case came up in May 2021.

No. 1521365

So make a thread about him cause this ain’t the one sis.

No. 1521367

Not even gonna lie, i had been one of those anons. I have seen the shit show since Amanda x Chelsea days. As of lately, with the whole Taylor x Syd shit show, i felt like with Storm he genuinely was changing. I honestly felt like proud of him? Not white knighting but i am the addict soft spot anon from up above who always wants to see others get better and overcome their demons. However, boy was i wrong and boy has reality slapped me in the face with these fucking people. No hope for them. Once a piece of shit, always a piece of shit, heroin addiction or not. Scum of the earth people.

No. 1521376

okay but they were charged with family violence in May 2021 - a misdemeanor - and it was upgraded to a felony because they found fentanyl in Storm's system after. so what did they both do to get the initial misdemeanor?

No. 1521377

You’re getting two different girls mixed up. The girl who talked about herpes and fucking boyfriends (seasonsofathena/xaiviah or however the fuck you spell it) is a different person than the girl who is at Jonny’s house right now (wigglewap/layla) but I suppose
It doesn’t actually matter lol

No. 1521382

Omfg are you stupid. Even for bbps lack of properly structured sentences this actual read right and made sense mostly he meant since she’s been with Storm He never said she drank when she was pregnant he wasn’t -and harping she was clean, he said she’s the only person he’s ever been with that doesn’t use drugs. If you’re not a user then there’s no reason to harp about being clean.
Also Im not sure what’s wrong with you anons who keep saying he has FAS . The child’s face does not say that AT ALL..

No. 1521390

This is correct but she did not think he was using at that time when she left the baby she knew he used in general.

No. 1521395

Proud Boys are all over the country not just PNW. Cringe but this is a Johnny and Syd thread, anon. If he's milky enough make a thread for him.

No. 1521405

I think that anon meant that nothing was going to come of the interview as the podcast host was trash himself and unlikely to see much wrong with Jonny’s behaviour. Not that he mattered

No. 1521413

Imo he's doing the classic behaviors he turns to in order to fight off a relapse. First is the love bombing as he spirals, then he spends money and flexes it to feel important, then he calls up whoever will still take his call to distract himself because he can't be trusted to be alone.

No. 1521414

File: 1651819068626.jpg (12.37 KB, 1170x2080, 279913864_342898524608825_4166…)

Syd 1/3

No. 1521415

File: 1651819160680.jpg (12.77 KB, 1170x2080, 280072030_3202624346639729_645…)

Syd 2/3

No. 1521416

File: 1651819238043.jpg (137.59 KB, 1170x2080, 279900647_427133772578628_3248…)

Syd 3/3

Really reflecting on what's important as she awaits her plea hearing for almost killing her chiold.

No. 1521418

File: 1651819577145.jpeg (180.52 KB, 802x1024, 7DA8DAF6-EAA3-40F0-98CE-E60338…)

I’m trying my hardest not to send this picture to every instabrag story bbp does

No. 1521420

>When TND got Nemo (the black and white shorthair cat) she got him with a sibling when they were barely past newborn
>Both kittens shortly become seriously ill, as newborn kittens that are separated from their mothers often do
>Nemo starts developing triangle face visible malnutrition
>Jonny and TND fighting one evening
>While fighting, Jonny threatens to flush one of the kittens down the toilet for some reason
>Taylor tells people about this for some reason
>Kitten is later announced dead, Nemo eventually puts weight on and survives

No. 1521473

This is clearly a case of garbage people with or without drugs. Not all junkies are shit people, but this mongoloid clearly is. He’s been like that since before DGD and on his way to never changing or making amends. He can go to programs, prison and anything in between and still come out the same because he doesn’t give a shit about being a better person.

How do you go about “rehabilitating” someone who has no intention to really change? Best case scenario is for storm to never see him again until he’s an adult. With a bit of luck he’ll have OD in the meantime.

No. 1521534

One of the anons ‘in the know’ claimed this upthread so it’s not completely baseless >>1519879 and we already know what she’s capable of. I wouldn’t be at all surprised. I agree that story is just bbp being illiterate though

No. 1521535

Can’t delete, meant to reply to >>1521382

No. 1521538

Gahhh I really hope some reporter is already on the fentanyl case. Since his comments are turned off his last braindead fans probably don't have clue what's going.

No. 1521557

Pussy can limit his comments but he can’t turn off what people say to him in person or stop anyone protesting kek. Looking forward to this shit show. Wonder if he’s been able to memorize the lyrics to his own songs since a year ago, fucking loser

As an aside, I don’t even have or want kids but if I did what he did and nearly killed my child by getting him high, I’d kill myself or be begging them to throw me in jail. The fact he was posting all happy right before the hearing saying bs that the charges were gonna be dropped when this is what they were for…when is his liver going to give out already?

No. 1521613

Big boi pimpin cant handle any critic posting on IG. Ive seen him block people from last tour when they complained about him reading lyrics live.
I joked before about seeing him if he toured on the east coast for milk. Now, knowing the child abuse that has happened, I will never give him a penny in ticket sales. I might just email the venues and let them know the charges.

Also, why is Skidmark so silent? We know she lurks and self posts, what happen? Did the haterz get it right? I hope they both rot.

Should I throw rotten eggs at him as he walks into the show? Let me know nonnas.

No. 1521622

All the anons talking about going to the media, messaging callouts, or making yt videos should just do it.

No. 1521623

If you email the venues cafe 611 is literally a carribean restaurant that local promoters rent for shows so they probably won’t know what you’re talking about. I have no idea who booked that show (a loser definitely) but be nice to cafe 611, theyre just trying to sell some rice and beans and have a good time.

No. 1521637

I’m sure they will, but the problem rn is there’s no proof to show aside from this thread. The one post I saw on Twitter that got the most attention a bunch of people immediately asked for links and proof.

No. 1521647

Thank you nonna for the heads up . I’ll draft up a basic letter tonight. Ill be mindful of the venues- I wouldn’t be rude to any of them, just forthcoming with the info. Law anons, please pass on any recommended phrasing if you see fit.

No. 1521662

I know we're all anonymous so not sure how this would work but if anyone wants to buy the transcripts/paperwork from the Santa Clara court like previous anon said upthread and and host them on on a dedicated site so they can be easily distributed and accessable I will contribute handsomely to that shit $$$

No. 1521689

Already did. No reply yet but I'll keep you updated.

No. 1521720

I would also chip in some $$ if we can find a way to do this anonymously

No. 1521730

How would we organize that? I'm in for sure if someone can find a way. I'm not sure how much that'd cost if any legal fag anons wanna chime in on how we could anonymously crowd fund for all the ugly legal details on these two POS please do.

No. 1521806

File: 1651864996138.png (690.84 KB, 1125x2436, 2481447F-6DA7-494C-A540-745846…)

how the turntables

No. 1521811

Did a little research and it looks like Fifth Street Booking is the one that booked the Cafe 611 show.


No. 1521815

Love that for him

No. 1521821

Maybe someone can make a GoFundMe. We can all donate anonymously there! I would def put some money down. These lowlife scum bags deserve to have their lives ruined.

No. 1521835

Be careful, big boi and skid might see this and make a gofundme pretending to be one of us! Anything to scam people

Speaking of scams >>1521806 how does it feel to give your money to someone for product that never comes? At least you didn’t send them 33k

No. 1521874

I think an anon sugarmama should just take one for the team and get this round of docs. Someone else can get them next time. It's not like they cost a fortune and any crowd funding would be a little sketchy.

No. 1521876

I love how he's telling on himself lately with t.mo and mnml. At worst, his issue with both brands are a few hundred bucks each, but he's a poor and mr "my shoes cost more than your rent" can't even afford a lawyer to keep him out of prison for hurting his kid, so he's "blasting" them on his "platform" like it's a big deal.

No. 1521877

You just admitted to scamming your fans out of $33,000! I hope you never stop losing, Jonny.

No. 1521885

File: 1651870434995.png (1.06 MB, 1242x2688, D6245993-8838-4BA1-87BA-0B4159…)

I was going to just purchase them. I can’t imagine they would be very much but when I went to order them it seemed really involved. Like, I’d had to do a phone interview or some shit. Idk if I really want to expose myself that much but I didn’t dig too deep into it. I think someone who is more of a reporter could do it. They are usually more ballsy and based kek

No. 1521904

I wonder how skids gonna pat her own ass for Mother’s Day this year.

No. 1521944

File: 1651877054840.jpeg (471.27 KB, 1284x1905, F029334A-28F5-4542-8524-A1B1E1…)

Comment thread under new girls latest IG post. BBG acting tough like he isn’t built like a pillsbury dough bitch.

No. 1521950


Zero sympathy for this girl when Karen Craig eventually destroys her life. You have to be willfully ignorant at this point to fuck with him given his reputation/completely repulsive personality. He's not even remotely hot anymore and hasn't been for years. L.

No. 1521958

I saw that too lol but the complaint/court docs should have a detailed outline of the facts of the case without having to get the direct transcript from the reporter. I think Santa Clara might not do it online and a local might need to look into it though.

No. 1521971

File: 1651879923823.jpg (54.87 KB, 1170x2080, 279940931_387886563233785_3587…)

Unbothered queen Sydney England reporting for duty

No. 1521976

he removed both comments already yikesss somebody needs to save that cat

No. 1521982

Done pretending to be a mom to a kid you poisoned I hope

No. 1522003

>Nah he costs too much

What an insufferable scrote. Who the fuck says something like that in response to someone calling you out for threatening to flush a fucking kitten down the toilet. Oh right the same worthless scrote who poisoned his baby with fent because he couldn't go an hour without being drugged out of his mind. He thinks he can own pets after TNDs whole mess? And causing his child to OD? There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that he's going to knock this crazy bitch up and have a third kid. Honestly I hope he genuinely relapses before then or winds up in jail to prevent another poor human the absolute curse of having goiter prince as your dad. He really doesn't think he did anything wrong and it's so disgusting I never wanted to alog someone harder.

Watch him lose that cat in some bullshit way. I give it one year before we never see it again. If he can't even stop himself from smoking around his son what's going to stop him from smoking around this cat or this poor animal is going to sniff/eat something JC was too braindead not to leave around and straight up die. Worthless sack of shit scrote. Sydney should have let him go with a suitcase and wallet full of Fentanyl and let him OD on the plane instead of her own son months later at 10 months old. Words can't describe how much anger I feel knowing this scrote is still able to hurt other vulnerable living things just by existing with his diseased junkie brain. Do everyone a favor and replase goiter boy.

No. 1522005

File: 1651884709292.png (1.23 MB, 1284x2778, 8C200247-6CA4-46FD-976D-99DA86…)

lmaoooo uh boy

No. 1522010

I think he's lying to the new girl and trying to keep up a facade. This is insane. Why would they move to increase the charge if it's going to be dismissed? He isn't even making sense.

No. 1522014


You got your BABY high on Fentanyl and are facing felony child abuse charges. Cope harder retard.

No. 1522050

Kek that’s a bold-face lie. Several anons listened in and heard what the charges were for and the plea entry is for the 9th of July. EVEN if they were being dismissed- it still doesn’t change the fact that he poisoned his INFANT BABY with fent.
But they’re not being dismissed. Going to enjoy the felony prison sentence arc.

No. 1522051

KEK is he trying to blame Sydney for them ODing their infant baby on fentanyl??

No. 1522081

I’m cackling because it just dawned on me they both turned into full fledged fatties right after getting off fentanyl.

Also I love all you nonnies. This shit is beyond the pale. Jonny, it’s time to Kurt Cobain yourself. It’s been time.

No. 1522083

This gives the same vibes as skid pretending to still have custody, too bad social media isn’t real life. It honestly just shows how disgustingly vile he is that he’s not acting even slightly remorseful or regretful about almost fucking killing his son, since the trial all he’s done is brag about his recovery and how great of person HE is.

No. 1522084

Also sorry but Jonny’s new girl looks like someone’s homely emo stepchild.

No. 1522088

How many times has he ‘changed his life, for real this time?’ What fucking progress? It’s been what? A few months? You’ll be scum forever, Jonny. You’ll forever be known as the ‘loving’ dad that facilitated his 10-month old kid od’ying because of his choices. Fuck, you blamed him for your relapse! May you never find peace. May Storm learn to live a happy and healthy life without both of you.

No. 1522095

File: 1651893616725.jpg (234.01 KB, 1080x1291, Deletedcomment.jpg)

I saw this earlier when I saw the other post about someone commenting on the new girl's Instagram and went to look for an update. It's deleted now. She knows. She's just a piece of shit too.

No. 1522109

File: 1651896139828.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, 4E382215-E997-45B8-8DC2-223005…)

Have you guys seen this? Feels like the new girl post this to piss off syd since she doesn’t have a job and hasn’t worked in forever lol

No. 1522111

File: 1651896628542.png (2.52 MB, 1284x2778, 208DFBEE-B2A9-418A-83E0-EB25BF…)

Wait does she have a job or just wants to feel relatable

No. 1522122

You’re reading into it too much, she’s just trying to be relatable

No. 1522130


Does your new be-goitered boyfriend have a job to tie him down until he goes to the clink for making his 10-month old OD? Because he seems awfully pressed about his T-Mobile phone bill and like $300 in whatever lost bullshit kek

No. 1522146

File: 1651898874636.jpeg (314.88 KB, 812x1518, 9D334BAA-DD58-4AF0-9A24-FD1E31…)

Anon who created this give them some love!
That scumbag BBP responded that it will be dismissed and it’s from his sons surgery!! He is such garbage!! He makes me sick!!
Liar garbage scumbag!

No. 1522147

File: 1651898929842.jpeg (142.94 KB, 827x1350, 4EAF5AE0-E734-424E-B8D4-8DAC0A…)

No. 1522149

File: 1651898973420.jpeg (223.43 KB, 828x1556, 0B17B950-4980-492F-A8E3-2CCB11…)

No. 1522150

File: 1651899012141.jpeg (407.27 KB, 828x1565, 603735CA-0122-4AF2-A8E9-ED9B43…)

No. 1522152

File: 1651899041459.jpeg (154.26 KB, 828x1401, A84BA9C5-4E4A-492D-80CF-5630B7…)

No. 1522158


FUCK YESSSSSSS let's get this shit poppin.

No. 1522162

Oh the surgeon gave a ten month old baby fentanyl, the drug you just so happen to be addicted to, for surgery??? Any med/nursing anons who can weigh in on this? And if there was medical records of this, wouldn’t that have prevented it from being brought to court at all? This sounds like some major mental gymnastics he’s doing to come up with a lie for his actions.

No. 1522163

As the old saying goes, you know how you can tell when a junkie is lying? Their lips are moving kek how much do you want to bet even if they gave Storm drugs for his massive surgery BBP would have stolen his own sons pain medication to get high off of in his spare time. Besides it's mostly used for sedation in infants, there's no possible way they would have given that shit for two parents to take home and self administer to their fucking infant child. It's dosed and given by medical professionals.

No. 1522166


fucking kekkkkk. I hope this shit goes to trial honestly, whether or not the baby got fent in surgery (he didn't, but I digress) is so easily proven or disproven assuming prosecution will subpeona medical records (and they do, routinely in fact). Jonny you are so fucked my guy, but none of it matters cuz you're SoBeR now right? I've never in my life said this in earnest to anyone but here we are: kill yourself.

No. 1522170

I just called the first place he's going to perform at early June and they told me to call back it's too late there rn? I'm not local, it irritated me but i understandmanagementis going to want to talk about these allegations. But I am going to fucking harass these places in my spare time until there is no way they don't know he put fentanyl in his baby and is a rapist, and I suggest anyone here who cares about storm do the same.(cowtipping)

No. 1522183

File: 1651901550554.png (291.71 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220506-232105.png)

No. 1522195

His public defender probably told him that’s the argument they’re going to push at court. So he’s also pushing the narrative of “it’s from his heart surgery”. He can say it’s moving towards a dismissal all he wants. If it was going to be dismissed it would have been dismissed on Wednesday.

No. 1522196

Fentanyl is almost ubiquitous for pediatric anesthesia.

No. 1522198

Even if the baby was prescribed fent, why would we believe a junkie ass loser wouldn’t take his meds and use it LOL.

No. 1522218

God he's a fucking idiot. Your charges don't get upgraded to a felony just for hahas. It means some hard evidence came to light when the state was preparing their case that made them change the initial charge. Fentanyl stays in the bloodstream for only a very short period of time (which is probably why they tested Storms blood vs urine, to narrow down a timeframe). If it was from the anesthesia, Storm would've been only 48 hours out of surgery. Unless goiter here is trying to say his 10 month old baby with a heart condition and a known druggie daddy was given fent outside of a hospital setting.

No. 1522225

Jonny thinks everyone is as retarded as he is, huh? the first thing they’d do when they found fent in this baby’s blood is pull his medical records. if it were from surgery, this wouldn’t be happening at all.

No. 1522258


I also love how he’s clinging to this idea of dismissal as if that somehow exonerates him entirely. Even if it were true, just because no criminal charges go through doesn’t mean you didn’t OD your fucking kid???

No. 1522266

11:11 conveniently looks like the bars of a cell they'll be behind now kek

No. 1522269

I thought the exact same thing. He just keeps downgrading kek

No. 1522275

Not to mention, following a major surgery like that on an infant would require he stay in hospital under observation for a few nights.

It was not from surgery, I don't know any adult who has been prescribed fentanyl to take home for pain relief let alone a 10 month old baby. He's full of shit.

No. 1522277

Samefag, if he was brought into hospital inebriated from fentanyl in his system that would have prompted the blood test and it WAS in fact from surgery, I think a team of medical professionals would have figured that out. Instead they've provided the courts with medical records with damning evidence that I have no doubt, clears the medical team of any involvement of how the drug ended up in Storms system, I wouldn't be surprised if they refused to let Syd/Jonny take him home after the results and had police come onto the scene immediately.

You don't get charged with something over nothing, claiming it was from surgery is the dumbest shit I've ever heard in my life, if it were the case, there would be NO case. He's fried his brain with drugs to a dangerously low level of intelligence.

No. 1522281

File: 1651923637718.jpeg (301.06 KB, 1125x1548, 7C5551B6-6187-4979-907A-3E5C9C…)

So I went back on his Twitter to try to make more sense of the timeline. He said on nov 25th to pray for his son. Was that the heart surgery? And did they say the date that the kids blood tested positive for fent?

No. 1522288

Whoever started that page, you should also add all the rest of the allegations from his exes, scams, times kicked out of tour for various reasons including sexual harassment and things his band mates had to say.

The focus should be on the current case, but his history really helps to paint the complete picture. Don’t let him fool new fans into thinking this isn’t a pattern and it’s just that one time he messed up.

No. 1522290

> You can’t speak nothing on my name
That seems to be his new “thing”. We can, Jonny. We can “say with our chest” that you are a pathetic father, a despicable man and a vile human being who’s being charged with a felony for endangering his son because of his drug use, same son you blame for your relapse. And this is just the latest thing we can say on your name, you’re also a rapist and an animal abuser.

No. 1522291

Yeah if this is when his surgery was, then Jonny’s timeline definitely doesn’t make sense unless there was another surgery later. At court they said Storm was tested for fent after May 2021.

No. 1522315

I believe storm had 2 or 3 surgeries since he’s been born.

No. 1522319

Can we also put stuff about skid mark on there, she’s gonna love he’s getting all the hate a little too much

No. 1522328

so i work in a pharmacy and have treated infants who are withdrawing because they were born addicted. They almost always got morphine because it is available in a 1mg/1ml dose and you can manipulate the strength easily. NO surgeon would give an infant straight fentanyl. Not even recovering addicted infants get fentanyl, ever. Fentanyl is extremely extremely strong it is almost 100x stronger than morphine. Would never be used.

No. 1522330

also, fentanyl only comes in either patches or IV/shot, or lozenge. No retail pharmacy dispenses the liquid form only patches, but morphine is almost always liquid and tablets. No infant would be prescribed fentanyl patches as the smallest dose is 25mcg and that’s a fucking lot for even an adult

No. 1522331

also last thing i’ll add is that the ONLY opiate i’ve ever seen given to any child or baby (5 and under) is norco (hydrocodone-acetaminophen solution) which is also called hycet and a few other names depending on the dose form. Hydrocodone and morphine are the only things, maybe oxycodone but rare rare rare instances. NEVER fentanyl. dumb fucking lie for them to try to make up

No. 1522339

It creeps me the fuck out how they talk about Storm. It's never how much they love him, just how much HE loves THEM.

Also is it just brainrot that makes Jonny want to flex "on his name" all the damn time? You're facing felony charges for endangering your INFANT son with your DOC. All of this "come up" talk is retarded as shit when you've consistently gone lower and lower in your rock bottom.

No. 1522346

idk the context of the case or why it’s being speculated that the reason he is being charged with felony familial violence is because of the fentanyl thing. Fentanyl is almost always given for anesthesia in infants, and will not be given for post-op pain control. It’s 100% reasonable to assume Storm was given fentanyl as part of an anesthetic protocol. As much as I hate these retards, I don’t think they dosed their baby. In family court, if a baby is found with an illicit substance in its system, the parents are usually charged with child endangerment and abuse. “Family violence” does not typically indicate child abuse, especially with narcotics.

No. 1522347


Tell us you don’t understand anesthesia without telling us you don’t understand anesthesia. Why would they have tested his blood if that were the case?

No. 1522350

I'm an anon who listened in to the charge upgrade. The judge specifically said the charge is being upgraded because they found fent in Storm's blood after the incident in May 2021.

No. 1522351


Im so glad im not the only one who read that and thought that anon knows zero about anesthesia let alone medication

No. 1522352

Also I forgot to write it down but changing departments was mentioned so I don't think it will be the same department to call into as last time.

No. 1522358

if they gave it during surgery it would not be in his system may 2021, and they would never give it otherwise. this anon >>1522346 just probably googled it and looked at one website or something. Wish people wouldnt speak so boldly on shit they dont know

No. 1522360

why do we keep talking about "if" it was because of surgery? these two things happened at completely different times and why would they charge Jonny and syd if it was doctors administered medicine?

No. 1522369

.. have you been reading the thread? Even anons who know the situation personally(though no proof so be taken with pinch of salt) have said it was because Storm was found unconscious due to Jonny smoking fent whilst Syd was out. But I’m inclined to believe them as they confirmed ‘tinfoil’ earlier in the threads.

Why would these two retards be facing prison if this situation wasn’t from their own doing?

No. 1522374

Just saying it is entirely possible the baby was given fentanyl. My 2 year old was given it in the hospital for stitches.

I'm not saying the fentanyl was from Storm's surgery. I believe the anon about Jonny smoking it.
I just wanted to clear up that fentanyl can be/is given to children in the hospital.
If it was from Storm's surgery, it would have been too easy to prove already.

No. 1522379

Holy shit, no, I haven’t been keeping up with them the past couple months

No. 1522382

I didn’t know all the charges and haven’t been following the court case, just occasionally checking in. Sounds like I missed a lot!

No. 1522407

I listened too. it's moving from department 26 to 24, and yeah, the judge specifically said they're upgrading from a misdemeanor to a felony because fentanyl was found in the baby's system after the initial charges were filed in May 2021.

No. 1522411

> My 2 year old was given it in the hospital for stitches.
Nobody's disputing this, but I can assume you weren't charged with felony child endangerment for letting your child have surgery. For some reason, they had storm entirely removed from their care and mandated supervised visits for over a year, they don't tend to do that if your child has drugs in their system from a surgery.

They wouldn't be upgrading the charges in court unless they felt they had enough evidence to prosecute. If all the defence attorney has to do is pull up medical records to prove the allegations false, I really don't see why they'd even bother pursuing it, it'd be a waste of court resources for no reason. This isnt them talking to DCFS workers about allegations, this is a full charge. The court feels like they have evidence of his crimes.

No. 1522425

Piggybacking off what’s other nons have said, yes Fentanyl is given to children for medical procedures, my kids have had procedures in hospital and were given it twice. I specifically asked why since let’s be honest, we should all be leery of that stuff. It was mentioned by the doctor that it is preferable for children.
Also, there is absolutely no way in a million years a parent would be given a prescription of it to be taken home to dole out to Jr. after a procedure so BBP is as usual, full of it.
If Storms blood was taken, it would clearly have been at a point where he was not in the hospital having a procedure where it would have been administered.
Tinfoil that BBPs defender gave him some BS about a possible dismissal with a plea or good behavior and he’s just running with it.

No. 1522430

we know how long it takes drugs to clear the body and hospitals keep detailed records of all this shit, if it really were from the surgery that would have been discovered pretty quickly and things never would have gotten this far.

No. 1522488

So then why are you putting in your dumb two cents and clogging up the thread?

No. 1522493

Exactly this. Everyone else who’s going to come here with your “tHeY GiVe FeNT to BAbiEs” need to think before you post because all your doing is adding fuel to Jonny’s dumpster fire of an excuse instead of what he should be doing (aka taking responsibility and trying to be a better human but he’s incapable)

No. 1522494

He’s incapable. If he ever lives to 70, he’ll still be on twitter with his wannabe gangta grandpa attitude. Then proceed to post pics of his brand new designer adult diapers that cost more than your monthly retirement home fees.

No. 1522495

File: 1651948203897.jpeg (300.62 KB, 1284x2668, 4B42304C-78C9-48B3-82BB-409FBB…)

Making sure the new girl feeds into his bullshit

No. 1522508

I believe what I’ve heard in all your public court proceedings. Child abuser.

No. 1522510

>"don't believe the fans who I scammed!!"
>"don't believe my ex girlfriends who I abused (all of them)!!"
>"don't believe my ex band mates who I screwed over!!"
>"don't believe the internet who has nothing to gain from making lies up about me!!"

Just believe him, the lying junkie who lies and who's admitted to lying several times in that interview he just did kek you poisoned your own newborn son you fucking ape and I hope Storm grows up and tells prince goiter how much of a garbage loser father he always was

No. 1522571

File: 1651954632771.jpg (236.37 KB, 1426x1184, Screenshot_20220507-161139_Goo…)

Hi pharmacy anon, I'm a NICU anon and I can confirm we administer small doses of morphine to withdrawing newborns, to ease the symptoms of withdraw though they still suffer and a lot of times it just takes off the edge and they still suffer. Your input was correct! And we NEVER see or use fent. Though my hospital doesn't do neonatal/pediatric surgery, I can confirm pediatric patients do NOT get fent for anything else.

But I wanted to bring this up, was Storm allegedly just in surgery like the day before they found the fent in his blood? Because surely the court would out 2 and 2 together if that were the case. A quick Google search tells me it stays in your blood for oy 12 hours, not sure how correct that is. Anyone know how accurate this is?

No. 1522575

Plus, even syd said herself that he “hurt their chiold“. Hard to believe this isn’t the incident she’s alluding to.

No. 1522582

Says he, who is burnt to the point of having to read lyrics off his phone from decades of alcohol and drug abuse. Nice try at projection and deflecting blame though.

No. 1522584

To be entirely fair, I don’t live or work in the states but I absolutely dispensed fentanyl to patients from retail pharmacy for home use. I’ve dispensed it as both tablets and transdermal patches. But never to an infant, that’s for sure.

No. 1522599

File: 1651956944255.jpeg (169.37 KB, 828x1483, E96CA577-8FE5-47CE-8B9C-ED9A62…)

Says his life got better kek

No. 1522601

Pharma anon here and fentanyl half life is a few hours. There would only be traces in the blood from a single dose after 24h. Depending on the sensitivity of the detection assay, it might not come up positive the day after. Unless it’s taken long term, in which case it can accumulate in adipose tissues and be detected for longer.

The only likely scenario is that Storm either OD or showed symptoms of poisoning, which prompted the blood test. Any other scenarios would be highly unlikely, as they wouldn’t drug test an infant for no apparent reason. It’s not part of a standard panel.

Drugs also typically come with a prescription which is printed on the dispensed bottle. An ID and prescription is all it takes not to get charges pressed in this situation. If not available, checking with the pharmacy is all it takes to verify the story. Dispensing of controlled substances is very well documented.

TL;DR: don’t believe goiter man, fent had no business in Storm’s blood when it was detected.

No. 1522623

My tinfoil
Did you all see how him and Taylor were living drug needle paraphernalia everywhere?!

What if he left something out after he was done smoking because he nodded off and the baby got into it?

That makes sense if Syd was at the store.

Either way this is just despicable and disgusting.

No. 1522636

I don't think so. If Storm got into his stash, he likely would have died. I believe the whole "smoking fent around baby" scenario.

No. 1522645

get the ball rolling by following everyone that follows sydney and jonny. it’ll spread like wildfire.

No. 1522648

If that loser didn’t care and smoked around the baby in the first place, I wouldn’t be surprised if he left something out or somewhere the baby could have access to it somehow. It would only be a matter of time. Hell, I could see both things happening

No. 1522672

Underrated comment kek

No. 1522675

I think this all happened around 5/5/2021….looking back on the old threads they went to a doctor's appointment together and same day/next day syd deleted jonny from her bio and archived all posts with him in them. But they weren't charged until July 2021? Any anons with legal info know why there'd be a 2 month delay?

also i'd bet good ole goiter thought he could just go through a pretrial diversion drug program to get the case dismissed and instead he showed up and found out actually no you're getting a felony lol

No. 1522678

File: 1651966460312.jpg (59.14 KB, 1170x2080, 280281841_4814781001981304_699…)


No. 1522699

Just speculating but perhaps covid caused it to be pushed back? A lot of things were delayed due to that, so maybe that was aswell.

No. 1522702

So the one time she sees her son she’s telling him to ‘say happy birthday to Anthony’. What a pos

No. 1522704

Like your poor infant son? Who can't even verbalize what his parents did to him?

No. 1522708

For sure the rehab was for that. He already used that defence in a previous case. There’s only so many times you can bark up that same tree, he’s probably going to catch a sentence this time around.

No. 1522722

Sage for autism but after getting caught up on this thread yesterday I added Syd on IG so I could follow the tea fresh. I also follow TND on that account. Checked just now for internet bs time, and I'm already blocked. Just… who has that kind of time??

No. 1522727


Worth noting I guess that I also follow Baby Boots Poser on that account also (prob more relevant than being mutuals with Tayter)

No. 1522735

>>1522675 a few weeks after that anons saw syd's insta story where she claimed she was in the hospital, which added up with one of the 'in the know' anons saying something about her and storm getting hospitalized >>1519834
that post was on 5/17/21 i believe.

No. 1522740

What else does she have to do all day? She doesn’t work, someone else has her kid. Instagram is pretty much the only item on her schedule

No. 1522763

anons are saying this particular incident had to happen after may 21st

No. 1522771

This has already been posted at least twice now, stop

No. 1522786

File: 1651978257443.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1284x2497, F375A198-253A-4B5A-9CD8-D5FEC3…)


No. 1522787

File: 1651978371459.jpeg (333.94 KB, 1284x2280, 0C821345-A6FE-4B44-A802-BFDDE2…)


No. 1522788

At this point it's hard not to a-log considering they are the reason their 10 month old tested positive for fent.

No. 1522798

Then why add your .02 if you a) have never dispatched it for infants and b) aren’t in the USA? Jonny doesn’t deserve devil’s advocates and “AcTuAlLy” or “tO bE fAiR”
Oh, Sydney! Pray tell, how’s being self-aware doing that?

No. 1522799


She is so deeply out of touch with reality it's actually kinda scary. Can't decide if she needs to be in prison or a legit institution but definitely not out in society, she is 1000000% going to egregiously hurt or even kill someone some day. What the fuck dude.

No. 1522800

This. She was just recently bragging about how she put in the work to improve her mental health this year… ALL while trying to fake having custody of the son she knowingly left with a Junkie.

No. 1522813

File: 1651982435240.png (464.83 KB, 750x1334, 1C45B58B-5971-4B79-905F-471B26…)

“I’m just like all of you”. No, you’re so far beneath me.

No. 1522815

Weak attempt to save face for visiting girl.

No. 1522817

You are a bad person tho Syd. Your son could have died and you are at least partially at fault.

How can they just be on social media posting like nothing happened?… Oh yeah. They're trash people with actually zero self-awareness.

No. 1522820

He has had only 1 surgery and Jonny is a pathetic liar trying to blame his actions on someone else. #lockhimup

No. 1522826

It happened before,as the other poster stated it was May 5th. Some of you are getting really good.

No. 1522830

File: 1651986768977.jpg (198.73 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220508-011234_Ins…)

LOL delusional

No. 1522841

File: 1651988948103.jpg (40.87 KB, 1170x2080, 280145343_1171152883720189_238…)

Syd. Ironic.

No. 1522857

File: 1651991964166.jpg (265.84 KB, 1080x1376, Screenshot_20220508-073503_Chr…)

Next thead pic should be edited like this article so everybody knows what they've done. Syd loves to shittalk these kinds of lowlife while she is one herself.

No. 1522863

kek it should say vagueposting instead of having sex

No. 1522882

I honestly think her only option in life is to just sink deeper in her delusions and stick her head more far up in her own ass. Everything about her self image would just crumble to dust if she'd have the capacity to actually self reflect, even for a passing moment, because all of her fantasies about being an empath giving loving spiritual hot mom and always a victim of others aren't real. She's spamming these quotes and memes manically like she's trying to force everyone to believe that a reposted tweet tells more about ones morals and personality than their own words and actions. The contrast between all the vile shit she's said and done and these dumbass stories is hilarious and she's just simply too stupid to see it.

No. 1522890

The thread pic where it’s the close up of Skid looks like she’s dead, and it’s a picture of her from a morgue. It’s terrifying to look at

No. 1522891

Yes, do thisss. Follow the next venues he’s playing at LOL

No. 1522980

File: 1652020008701.png (403.81 KB, 750x1334, 4F286800-6CE0-4328-8A39-B1D8FB…)

You should not have the right to even talk about that “little boy” after the hell you’ve caused him by being a selfish, worthless junkie. You’ve done nothing positive for him. The best thing you could do for him would be to leave him alone and let him have a chance at living his best life. Sobriety =/= being a good parent.

No. 1522996


What a weird distancing way to refer to your infant son you almost killed.

No. 1523008

kinda shitty that you'd smoke weed while preg

No. 1523014

Nta but
>Faint - as I stopped smoking when I became pregnant
Can you read?

No. 1523015


are you retarded?

No. 1523036

Kinda shitty that you can’t literally read

No. 1523088


No. 1523108

Agree anon. He uses this baby likes he uses girls as a prop to promote his self aggrandizing delusions. Notice how it’s never about the baby it’s ALWAYS about him and his pathetic grasps at being a good human. He needs to leave that baby alone.

No. 1523390

File: 1652058668288.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1284x2284, B4AADF0F-01EE-499E-A1AF-DD6A9F…)

No. 1523398

File: 1652059437068.png (6.14 MB, 1170x2532, C547F302-2C98-4F4D-A2B6-A0C96A…)

I feel physically assaulted and diseased just by watching this Instagram story lol

No. 1523405

Posting the front of your residence while horrible child abuse allegations are ongoing— interesting

No. 1523425


What having to fly in a retarded homely stepchild from Canada just to get even a semblance of pussy looks like kekkkk.

No. 1523441

File: 1652063969988.jpg (75.74 KB, 750x1334, maybe you should.jpg)

He truly started his exoneration/apology tour.

No. 1523447

you know who else persistently chases a goal, fucking everything up in their life in the pursuit of it? active users who abuse their kids. he's retarded.

No. 1523487


10000000000%. What exactly is respectable about being a human cockroach? The copes are getting more desperate and hilarious with each passing day.

No. 1523495

Idk I mean you gave up your child because you chose drugs over your kid. Sounds like you gave up a long time ago.

No. 1523621

File: 1652073963745.jpeg (130.15 KB, 1170x1075, 68E7BFD5-EB44-4A03-88E8-DE30E6…)

wiggle is private again, she also removed some followers including one of my fairly realistic looking burners. Anyone survive the cull?

No. 1523718

File: 1652086965653.jpeg (154.16 KB, 827x1343, 7DE982AE-464F-453B-BCC3-C8D01D…)

No. 1523739

I wouldn't trust anything that disease ridden, mindless skank says honestly. She seems to just relish attention. Definitely not a reliable source in my book.

No. 1523753

She needs to post timestamps if she's trying to make this relevant.

No. 1523777

And you need to sage if you’re not going to post anything relevant.

No. 1523792

It’s about Jonny and also accuses him of lying about being sober, of course it’s relevant are you daft?

No. 1523889

Her and Trailer Trash are following each other on Insta. Maybe they do have something planned.

Her screenshot of the convo looks fake but strange BBP hasn’t reacted yet

No. 1523895

Nope. She removed me too. Nothing says “I know I’m making the biggest mistake of my life letting this std infested junkie put his peen in me” like having to hide all evidence that you’re with him. Dunno wtf she could want with him if not the clout that she won’t even get by hiding. Girls got zero self respect to shack up with a known junkie abuser who is facing a felony for putting fent in a babies system.

No. 1523970

The street fentadope has an insanely long half life. I tested positive for it after a month from quitting.

Also, pharmaceutical fentanyl ≠ street fent.
The shit sold on the street right now is a cocktail. It contains fent analogs, rc benzos, tranquilizers and your typical inactive cuts.

No. 1524047

This bitch is an attention whore and isn’t trustworthy. She faked her own death, she’s pretending to be best friends with Tim from DGD the minute he died even tho he doesn’t even follow her and she has no pics with him, she’s claiming to be besties with Taylor even tho Taylor doesn’t interact with her, she posts tons of half naked pics with either self harm showing or needle marks showing because she’s a junkie, and plenty of other things because she is desperate for attention. She deserves her own thread honestly, and she’s not a good source. Are you really that gullible that you will believe anything anyone says Willy nilly? And let’s not start accusing me of whiteknighting JC because that’s not what’s happening here, I just don’t want people to give this chick what she wants

No. 1524069


So looks like syd might have had a visit yesterday but this audio, just like the one where she has him say HB to Anthony Green just seems so off to me. Like it sounds like it’s a recording of a phone call or video call instead. Why wouldn’t see just post a video of him doing it instead of it over this weird background again? I don’t even think she sees her son in person at this point.

Also that fake giggle she does at the end will haunt me forever

No. 1524081

It does sound like FaceTime. Their lawyers may have advised them not to post photos or video of Storm online. I had a pretty amicable custody dispute with my ex and my attorney told me to private & stay off my social media accounts during our dispute. These two are facing felony charges, I’m sure the prosecutors are looking at their accounts for any additional evidence.

No. 1524097

Yeah it's very Chris watts of him to address his child like that
> "these girls have my entire heart, that's why I murdered these girls.."
> "that boy is my reason to not use! That's why I'm consistently coming off as unhinged and like I could be using"
It's so off-putting, he definitely doesn't know storm personally at all. Such a bad actor.

No. 1524107

File: 1652110315348.webm (1.27 MB, 720x1280, womp .webm)

I know posted >>1524069 but here’s the .webm

No. 1524117

I would pay 3 months rent just to slam her with my truck once

No. 1524138

Her whole story rn is her saying her brother is dead to her because he won't give her, a hard drug addict money lmao.
And that she's purging her social media and is in love with Taylor. What a fucking weirdo lol

No. 1524179

File: 1652112764245.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3464x3464, E093ACAF-3F97-4939-B8D0-7C9B02…)

Jonny’s using kratom smh i would hardly consider that sober

No. 1524206


nice catch nonnie. i agree with you. i don’t know much about kratom but can any insightful anons chime in? i’ve heard it can be used to wean yourself off opiates. why would he need kratom now?

No. 1524207

A lot of people are asking in the Taylor thread if someone can make a thread for this Athena psycho. I would do it but I have no experience making one before and I don't wanna fuck it up. Figured I'd ask here as well, please help nonnies

No. 1524237

I’ve seen people nod bad just off kratom. it is good for weaning off opiates but you can still get high

No. 1524281

Recovery anon here. I personally think Kratom can be just as bad as opiates. It’s very easy to misuse it because it can have almost the same high as opiates. And it’s unfortunately way easier to get because in California it’s sold at every smoke shop. I am in a recovery support group where one of my group members got off the pain pills only to get addicted to Kratom for months after. So no, I don’t consider Jonny sober if he is using this because I highly doubt he’s using it in small doses. Sorry for blogging! If I get a ban I understand

No. 1524283

> You can’t speak on my name I’m on kratom for that little boy. I’ve come too far and I don’t give up, ever! BTW everything is moving towards a dismissal
Or something along those lines

No. 1524286

I wrote this response >>1524281
And you bring up a good point. If he went to rehab, and he got off the opiates there, what purpose would he need Kratom for now other than to get high off of it?

No. 1524287

I take a teaspoon of kratom most mornings, it's a pretty mild substance but a substance nonetheless. It can be helpful for getting off opiates, and also doesn't show up on most drug tests.

No. 1524292

If Jonny were capable of moderation, would we be here discussing him?

No. 1524294

ladies he still has his YouTube comment section open kek

No. 1524315

Personally, I think she's milky af too and I wouldn't mind contributing to that shit show.
I second this motion.

No. 1524330

I like how right after anons tell you to stop self posting in the Taylor thread you come here and do the same thing. Read the rules, we don’t make threads on junkies with no following. Go find attention somewhere else.

No. 1524352

From friends in recovery, I understand Kratom can be helpful for some things in moderation, but most people use in excess to get fucked up.

Agree, BBG can’t even use a nicotine vape in moderation

No. 1524380

File: 1652122931152.png (760.52 KB, 1170x2532, 7E1E38BD-B5C9-43FC-8072-75AE3C…)

She’s such an empath you guys

No. 1524386

Usually I’d think you’d have to be a monster say this, no matter how indirectly, about the father of your choild but then again, it’s about Jonny. Same could apply to you, Sydney.

No. 1524389

Nice self-burn, sydsosmallminded

No. 1524407

It’s lipophilic, so if you have been using for a while it might come up long after last use due to storage in body fats. It’s unlikely to happen with punctual or infrequent use.

No doubt that anything on the street is laced with a lot of impurities, other drugs and synthesis byproducts. However, if it’s a different structure, it’s no longer fentanyl but one of it’s analogs. If you have any source about street fent being an analog, I’d be really interested.

No. 1524414

Yes, the right people would be people who speak to your (now ex) boyfriend. Right syd?

No. 1524465

Multiple people were asking. If no one's interested, no one's interested but this "we don't do that here" shit and the constant hi cow antics are fucking embarrassing

No. 1524478

File: 1652132878157.jpg (270.19 KB, 705x1280, IMG_2613.jpg)

I'm reading this as Syd's portion of the phone bill is $562.98? I'm only guessing that's what this is about bc it says IMEI on the sheet. Hilarious. What a complete loser.

No. 1524501

she does not deserve her own thread because she wants her own thread. don’t give her the gratification of thinking people think about her cause it’s just gonna fuel her attention seeking antics and we already got enough junkies to worry about without this bitch trying to insert herself. if you want milk, all she got is fabricated limp dick cheese curds.

No. 1524507

File: 1652134049908.png (213.75 KB, 750x1334, AB62EE33-0F42-460A-91DD-1AFB08…)

Lol, who turned jonny down based on his awful reputation?

No. 1524509

We can ask her all about her trip when she goes live on Twitch again since she’s not really a cow, yet.

No. 1524522

Is that a Savanna? Don’t those things cost thousands of dollars?

Yea, fuck those people who don’t wanna work with a child abuser, scam artist and junkie. How dare they.

Yea how about just you.

No. 1524537

It looks more like a Bengal imo, but those are expensive too.

No. 1524552

Did he just dox Syd?

No. 1524559

At best it's a watered down bengal that's most likely a short hair domestic tabby mix, my cat looked exactly like this and is a Siamese mix. Great choice to flex an expensive cat when you're in court for abuse and also don't pay child support tho, that our bbp

No. 1524562

it's his new partners cat, not his. something about not putting this one in the toilet from an earlier screenshot upthread somewhere

No. 1524564

I don’t think so? I zoomed in and I don’t see any personal info that’s legible or useful in anyway

No. 1524565

How would it be his “new partners” cat? And what does that even mean, who are you referring to? This is his cat. No one else’s.

No. 1524572


It's very obvious that it is his cat. The willfully retarded idiot Jonny is currently sticking it to doesn't even live with him, she lives in Canada.

No. 1524573

File: 1652139460428.jpeg (892.42 KB, 1125x1103, 501198A2-90C5-49EF-98DB-80BDA2…)

No. 1524588

File: 1652140498354.png (312.73 KB, 423x500, EF1AF412-2EA0-4681-BE1F-DBBF7F…)

No. 1524649

File: 1652147162159.png (405.51 KB, 750x1334, 401255ED-DBB7-4449-A41B-A53665…)

Jenny C is mad

No. 1524650

File: 1652147197066.png (980.24 KB, 750x1334, 52FFF39A-08E5-4F47-8209-0086E3…)

No. 1524651

I'll check my screenshots if anyone wants proof but he said somewhere on IG that he's a Savannah, not a Bengal.

No. 1524653

File: 1652147643073.jpg (112.76 KB, 750x1334, 280294236_185846290444401_6420…)

Jonny, talking about Taylor.

No. 1524656

Oh god these people are so trashy. In case anyone is confused as to who this is; this is the seasonsofathena chick that some of us have been debating about whether she’s milky or worth a thread or not. And she has now deleted this >>1523718

No. 1524660

KEK I’m not a Jonny stan but you know you’re fucked when a seasoned junkie is publicly calling you out and calling you a crackhead
Also it’s hard to take anything this girl says as truth but >>1524653 confirms not only that JC and TND are talking (as we already know) but that TND is once again caught in a lie about her claiming she reached out to him for “closure” and on some form they have spoken about getting together. Seems odd JC would leave that last text message in if he didn’t want everyone to know he’s “going back” to TND

No. 1524662

So he saying the only reason he doesn’t go fuck her is cause she has a bf? Otherwise he would? Lmao

No. 1524664

Also confirming Taylor isn’t sober by saying he’s trying to help her? Even tho she swears up and down she is.

No. 1524667

She’s “sober” from her drug of choice, silly nonnie! Meth, coke, and alcohol doesn’t count as illicit substances so she’s completely sober as long as it’s not heroin!

No. 1524686

Yeah “I got her into this mess so maybe I can get her out” so what, he’s going to introduce her to Kratom and get her hooked on that maybe? Kek wow he’s not only calling out this Athena bitch but he’s kinda throwing Taylor under the bus too. What a stand up guy you are BBP!

No. 1524690

File: 1652151210960.png (12.21 MB, 1284x2778, D9FAFF3B-EE5E-4DD8-8C0E-353F69…)

did anyone else catch her posting this on mothers day

No. 1524693

This has already been posted twice

No. 1524695

Speaking of Kratom, can this get Jonny in trouble if the courts found out he was using it? I know that it doesn’t show up on drug tests and it’s much lesser known, but is it still a no no for someone who is supposed to be clean from substances? Wondering if there’s any law nonnies who may know

No. 1524701

In my state, if you’re on probation or parole for certain things you can get popped for using kratom even though it isn’t illegal, just because you’re supposed to be totally clean and taking kratom is technically taking a psychoactive.

No. 1524702

It would only get him in trouble if sobriety was a condition of his bail. Kratom may fall under the same category as nicotine as far as the courts are concerned.

No. 1524703

She has already used it in the past, during one of her earlier rehab stints. Pretty sure Jonny was the one who introduced her to it in the first place as a replacement for opioids if I’m not mistaken

No. 1524710

this shit about to get real milky

No. 1524752

File: 1652160073039.jpeg (742.85 KB, 1242x2153, 5EC4F53C-820E-4890-869D-EF57C4…)

Sage because not very important but I was digging around last night and it looks like Xaivea or however you spell her name has done this shit about distancing herself from Jonny or taking him down multiple times. I couldn’t fit the date in the screenshot but this is from 2020 on her Twitter.

No. 1524761

How do we know these are recent? There’s no date stamps, these could be old.

No. 1524764

Yeah there’s no reason to believe these weren’t weeks or months ago.

No. 1524788

File: 1652166274209.jpeg (245.47 KB, 750x814, 0480D4D4-8AE3-473D-AA2B-9B1A1B…)

Lmao what the heck

No. 1524789

File: 1652166416209.jpeg (204.96 KB, 483x429, 8E7EE450-F86A-4E82-BB76-746CCF…)

Hmmm can’t really make out what it says so I cropped it

No. 1524790

Kek is this you Athena? Just saw you posting about hitting a month clean from fentanyl.
I’m almost postive she self posts

No. 1524791

LOL as if he’ll ever see that money from Sydney. She can’t even take decent nudes to post on only fans, literally Turtle Mom does it better

No. 1524797

Oooo this about Athena hahaha and I love how he proves he reads here cuz how else would he know about the fake death? She’s a nobody, none of us knew. She probably selfposted about it

No. 1524799

You seem really obsessed with this girl. This is the third time you’ve called her homely and now you’re talking about her to a different irrelevant woman.

No. 1524800

File: 1652167288429.jpg (145.12 KB, 750x1334, 280410727_549599709862133_3409…)

This isn't an accomplishment kek

No. 1524802

Only person obsessed with keeping track of every woman BBP is hanging out with would be skid. Especially trolling their comments and calling them ugly on ult accounts.

No. 1524803

File: 1652167539288.jpg (400.61 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220509-235747_Chr…)

Syd tattooed "free" on her finger.

I would call them jobstoppers but let's be real, no one expects her to ever get a job.

No. 1524804

File: 1652167592832.jpg (85.12 KB, 1170x2080, 280269178_568227384730178_2351…)

Syd also has no sense of irony

No. 1524807

I’ve literally never called her homely? Or spoke about her? I saw this looking at Sonya’s IG. What a weird assumption to make that I’m obsessed with her from posting a screenshot

No. 1524818

Except that isn’t his face. At all. How many filters does it take to look like that?

No. 1524825

She’s manifesting in the hopes her and bbp won’t get locked up

No. 1524856

Finishes it and possibly goes to jail? What a flex. Also KEK at the filter, he is literally unregognizable. So gangsta but facetunes his face like an insecure teenage girl lmao

No. 1524885

Lmao this girl really tries her best to weasel into dance goiter dance life. Also fact that she is asking for attention so hard from BBP and his limb cock, why is she turning around to take him down now? She is also leeching into TND’s life and calling her best friend etc sounds incredibly unhinged imo. Wtf

No. 1524887


Kratom is what got Taylor kicked out of rehab. She snuck it in for her roommate when she left to get a restraining order against Johnny and when she came back the roomie flipped shit and Taylor took the fall for it.

No. 1524898

She was posting on her story about it all week and she also still has posts up on her Instagram feed about someone hacking her account and how she didn’t fake her death, so he wouldn’t have to come here for that info. Although I do think he definitely comes here lol.

No. 1524900

One of the screenshots that he posted in this series did have dates from April, I know this one doesn’t but what are the odds that this convo happens a different time when the entire internet is currently assuming Jonny and Taylor are getting back together?

No. 1524915

From what I can gather from this chicks Instagram and twitter is that she used to be married to one of the guys from A Lot Like Birds, a band that Kurt Travis was in, aka the ex singer of DGD in between Jonny’s two stints, and a band that has toured with DGD and many other bands in the Sacramento music scene. They broke up, probably because of her drug use based off of her recent story. On her twitter she had claimed he abused her, so I’m not sure why she’s making sappy posts last night about how much she misses him, but okay. Anyway so I think she’s just another Syd. She really wants to be a band wife but fucked it up, and now she’s spending all her time trying to insert herself into peoples lives who are related to the bands, including Jonny, Taylor, and Tim. But she’s just a loser junkie and no one wants anything to do with her.

And I’m sure she is loving being talked about on both this thread and Taylor’s, sooooo this will be the last time I post about her and give her what she wants lol

No. 1524985

dying at how fat and red his hands are compared to the fake orange filter on his face

No. 1525027

File: 1652200475740.jpg (173.35 KB, 858x689, IMG_20220510_123255.jpg)

The "what you ordered vs what you got" Jonny Craig edition.

The fact that he's been using this filter so much and then insulting every female he knows for being a catfish is top kek

No. 1525044

Omg can this edit be put on the exposing Jonny Craig insta

No. 1525057

I would say he hasn’t looked like that in a long time, but really it’s that he hasn’t looked like that EVER kek

No. 1525077


Wait, this wasn’t a farmer edit?! He really yassified himself like this? - amazing

No. 1525082

File: 1652204519676.jpeg (374.21 KB, 1242x1705, 1539870659731.jpeg)

old milk BUT i was looking through old taylor thread and saw this post and thought it was really ironic given what is happening now. looks like he did not learn from smoking pot near reptiles and upped his game to smoking fent in the same room as his son. why do these women let this doughy weird man do such things…

No. 1525088

Oh honey I’m sure he did more than smoke weed around the animals sadly. Didn’t Taylor stab one of her animals with one of her needles or something? Who knows what else those animals were exposed to, just as Storm was

No. 1525096

Yeah that was HIS posted pic kek he's used it a couple times now, especially when trying to own the haters and prove how totes sober he is, so sober apparently he grew a brand new face

No. 1525109

He keeps using this IG filter called “bad cats” by sasha_soul_art, it also plumps your lips and slims your nose lol

No. 1525126

He should just get a job at a has station. He looks like those white trash employees with a cigarette behind the ear

No. 1525133

Only her laziness stops her from getting a job. She lives in Cali. I can name 20 different jobs she could apply to with her detention desk tattoos.
She could be a bartender at some venue and chase band dick. She’s a lazy sack of shit.

No. 1525197

File: 1652213987539.png (5.96 MB, 1284x2778, 0CC1E259-5ADB-4DD1-AF24-0572A5…)

How can he afford a lawyer

No. 1525201

I believe court records prove he has a public defender so i doubt they’re doing more than the bare minimum. This is just a grown retard continuing to pose for some public image he believes he has. Trying to push that narrative that it’s getting dismissed rather than upgraded.

No. 1525222

Yeah he’s a liar. Always has been and always will be. He’s putting up a front but what’s funny is that he doesn’t even need to. Most of his followers wouldn’t even know about his court case if it weren’t for him mentioning it. He’s worried about people seeing the truth here on this thread and he’s doing this cuz he’s a scared little boi

No. 1525238

"My lawyer" has the same energy as Moo and her "lawyer team" kek as though his "lawyer" isn't just an assigned public defender that he doesn't even pay for

No. 1525247

File: 1652219062605.png (130.72 KB, 750x1334, 18E658C4-2F6C-4157-A31D-C1A717…)

Hmmm? A response to goiters lawyer flex?

No. 1525250

Please syd. Tell us more about these lies!

No. 1525253

Since they have different lawyers I wonder if any of them will try to pit one against the other.

No. 1525254

flexing your legal defense against charges of child abuse, classy

No. 1525266

She's gotta be sweating right now considering there's an entire back log of her abusive behavior just a Google search away. Karma is real sydsostupid

No. 1525274

Poor Skid has backed herself into a corner. She can't really drag goiter boy down without admitting Storm isn't with her and that she's also a piece of shit. She must be seething

No. 1525336

File: 1652228455729.jpeg (341.74 KB, 1170x1101, 2AD95CB4-337E-4037-B9A4-714610…)


No. 1525350

This is very "Casey Anthony getting "Beautiful life" tattooed on her right before getting charged and sentenced for murdering her child" energy - Jesus fucking christ

No. 1525358

Kek tinfoil that this bitch is mad that anons are sick of her attention seeking attempts to be covered on here & has decided to make a name for herself on here by spilling real milk. Much better approach! Keep attacking Syd, junkie girl whose name I forget! That’ll genuinely help get anons on your side.

No. 1525363

File: 1652231659488.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x1741, 50F240A6-8E6C-43E6-A076-5AFBBE…)

Anyone listen to this yet?

No. 1525369

File: 1652231899177.jpeg (646.59 KB, 1284x2426, 59B02DC9-4CD5-4CA5-914E-E16218…)

If only he had the same energy with his kid(s)

No. 1525371

File: 1652232140056.jpeg (1.51 MB, 2880x3840, 36DF8CFB-B23C-4092-A4FE-52774B…)

self portrait

No. 1525377


kek ITA. Was gonna suggest just banning any mention of her earlier since (a) no one knows who the fuck she is and (b) nothing she said up until now was really coherent or had any context/was just adding chaos + derailing the thread, but if she wants to put em on blast like this the enemy of my enemy is my friend!

No. 1525378

Sage because it's irrelevant to the thread, but lmao look at that one goddamn comment (brazilian anons will understand)

No. 1525387

Just Googled him and holy shit the change from the oldest pictures, is he milky?

No. 1525456

Listening to the podcast, he says “i was clean but then my son had surgery at four months. They said here’s the odds of him living and not living and that fucked me up and i slipped and he was fine and doing great now but i was stuck in a hole again i got into legal trouble and the baby went had to go live with her mom” meaning syds mom

No. 1525458

and he says he was on heroin that whole little tour he did with syd

No. 1525459

Boom suck it Syd! Stop acting like you have custody ya dumb bitch.

No. 1525461

File: 1652241645122.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1170x1946, 6B97890B-15AE-44EB-978C-A46F7A…)

I feel like syd might have been dabbling too. She looked pretty Stoney baloney in these pics. Could have just been weed, but would it surprise anyone if he convinced her to do it too? She probably would have wanted to compare to Taylor so

No. 1525464

Podcast anon here, he just said he was facing misdemeanor charges but refused probation for it because “it makes touring tricky” so they elevated his charges to felonies “which sounds hella stupid but it’s actually a good thing (lmao ok sure Jan) because the route we’re going is now we gotta set a trial date, plead not guilty, but it’s just more time to show them my progress and show what I’m doing, and move toward a straight dismissal.” He’s on another planet, holy shit

No. 1525478

His tattoos look like he passed out at a party and everyone sharpied his face.

No. 1525488

I think this is just an unfortunate pic, but she was being super wacky during that time so I wouldn't doubt she used it at least a few times to be 'cool' in front of the junkie band dudes


No. 1525489

I listened to the entire thing and it starts off with a bunch of common knowledge. He mentions his ex sucks (amanda). He talks about getting sober for his kid. Says people are being dramatic because they saw "fentanyl" and "kid" being used in a sentence. Says when the rehab tested his fentanyl levels they were the highest levels they had ever seen in a living person. Says he was shooting it up. Talked about how it's actually a good thing that his misdemeanor got brought up to a felony because then "the case will just be dismissed".That's pretty much everything

No. 1525490

Sorry if this is repeating anything, the page didn't refresh until after I posted

No. 1525495

Kek he’ll be in jail for felony child endangerment and claim
>it’s a good thing because then my felony will get dismissed to a misdemeanor!

No. 1525500

Bragging about being a human Molotov filled with fentanyl isn't a good look.

No. 1525516


If he thinks probation makes it hard to tour wait until he tries to do anything with a felony under his belt.

No. 1525518

On the defense media blitz, haha. This is what he does when he wants to get out ahead and blame someone or something else. I have a feeling there is more bad on top of the as he put it “fentanyl and kid” that he is working over time to down play the heinous charge itself! Can’t wait to see and hear about what he’s really done to storm
Podcasts are what that child abuser Jonny does to put his lies out there like he did to TAylor and any of his exes. He’s still blaming exes and blaming his “relapse” on storm lowest of all scum does that there’s no relapse because he NEVER stopped using we all saw it when he lived in LA. Bloated corpse

No. 1525523

Seriously anon! He is the biggest joke ever. We are laughing at you junkie child abuser. The delusions are strong and he must think his fans or audiences are lower in intelligence than he is to buy the illogical deceptive stories he makes up.
Any anons having luck with the venues and making this more public?

No. 1525524

PC Siqueira was a brazilian youtuber, he did cringy edgy content, then he was arrested for asking underage children for naked pics. There was also the case of the mother of the child who was sending him naked pics of a 4-5 yo. So yeah, he's trash. He's also a cuck who simps for redheads. We call him PC Cuckeira

No. 1525532

I really hope that he dies the next time he relapses. I don’t think this man will ever take accountability, and his kids would be better off without him.

No. 1525549

How can he say this when we have at least two anons that listened when the charges were upgraded?! Isn’t accountability and making amends part of recovery?
As soon as I saw his pictures I figured he’d be milky but not this horrific and of course he’s showering Jonny with love, trash attracts trash. I was going to ask why he wasn’t in jail but we live in a hellscape.

No. 1525555

Accountability and amends are officially just part of 12-step programs, which he may or may not be involved in. (Though to your point, any fucking accountability is part of recovery.)

No. 1525606

I meant more in general, not necessarily as part of the 12-steps program but it’s a fair point, anon and it might not be part of his recovery ~*journey*-

No. 1525608

File: 1652265918029.jpeg (41.58 KB, 400x505, 7F7CE572-53CF-4312-BA47-B61328…)

This clown will never make amends. He’s been playing this ‘get in trouble and fake recovery to save face’ more times than anyone can count.

10 years ago, just after the infamous MacBook scam, he went to rehab and did a whole corny photoshoot on the beach to show the new Jonny. Was he sober? Nope, kicked out of DGD mid tour a few months later with the owner of Sumerian Records calling him a low class thief and asking him to apologize. To which he responded “It’s not Important why I’m not on Allstars what is important is that it had nothin to do with drugs or booze”. Fast forward 10 years and about 100 similar stints, can you see the pattern?

Bonus, his sobriety article photo KEK

No. 1525622

Is anyone else speculating that the reason he’s interviewing on these podcasts all of a sudden is for money bc we all know he’s a broke bitch and Spotify royalties won’t fund a drug habit 10 years deep? The host of this recent one said he’s been trying to get BBG on his show since 2018.

No. 1525630

File: 1652269003187.jpg (341.71 KB, 1080x1897, Screenshot_20220511_073429.jpg)

Athena's still going, sperg fest all night about JC and Syd in her stories

>This hate forum now has ME on it, to get dragged into Jonny and Syd's mess is yuck

Ma'am, you've been posted screenshots and stories about them for days, maybe even a week or two at this point before you showed up here, don't play like this isn't exactly what you wanted. Now either drop more milk or stfu

No. 1525634

File: 1652269968364.jpg (351.72 KB, 1080x1905, Screenshot_20220511_075147.jpg)

Wow, this broad is really going for it. Publically claiming she's going to "rearrange Syd's face"… Leaving this her for posterity

No. 1525635

Didn’t think it was possible for someone to have worse grammar than BBP but here we are

No. 1525637

I hate this girl's smug attitude. She's a loser junkie who attached herself to washed up has been Taylor and ended up posted on here and she's absolutely beaming about it because it's the most attention she's gotten in years. Bleak

No. 1525654

Lmao, I've been watching her stories and she appears to be homeless. Priorities kek

No. 1525694

Yeah I don’t think pleading not guilty is automatically gonna get him a dismissal lol no one cares how sober he is at the trial, it doesn’t change what he did to his infant son. His lawyer probably just told him that it’s a possibility they’ll take his sobriety into consideration and he’s clinging to that.

Surprised he seems to put all the blame on himself here for storm being taken. Either he’s avoiding speaking on syds involvement or she could’ve stayed with her mom and storm and straight up chose the junkie over her kid.

No. 1525699

leprechaun looking motherfucker. Hopefully this is his last sobriety stunt before he overdoses and dies

No. 1525720

File: 1652280277183.png (679.85 KB, 750x1334, E4C54C2A-072A-4BB2-BE31-E92F50…)

No. 1525722

File: 1652280314592.png (475.92 KB, 750x1334, 5134EFFF-2FDC-473E-B6C3-4AE96C…)

No. 1525723

holy shit this is unhinged, is she threatening to kill him orrrr just beat him up or what? she's talking about getting her hubbie back and a few hours later threatening to finish someone "once in for all" lmao. where are her friends and family to say put the phone away?!?!

No. 1525725

Is this the sterling that Syd supposedly slept with?

That’s fucked. But this girl is clearly relishing in the fact we are talking about her. You can call us cowards but honestly it’s called smart kek enjoy the shit-storm you started with your face and name attached.

No. 1525730

"go to my twitter" absolutely fucking unhinged and sick to hear what happened to that poor baby and decide to insert yourself to promote your 0 likes 0 replies twitter account. This bitch is disgusting

No. 1525732

How many milky Sterlings is there in the “scene” that are also mentioned in the same paragraph as Syd and Fentman?

No doubt in my mind this is the same guy.

No. 1525755

File: 1652283134647.png (356.17 KB, 1080x1080, png_20220511_113149_0000.png)

Dipshit posted this then went private minutes later. Did we hurt your feelings sweetie?

No. 1525760

File: 1652283517876.jpeg (207.98 KB, 828x1101, 72A1D9DE-05EC-4A5D-8462-0FAA32…)

No. 1525777

Talks pretty big for someone who cowers and hides after a few people make fun of her here. I for one don’t really give a shit about her personal situation, but do appreciate the entertainment of her calling out jonny and syd. The more people who find out about their felony charges the better.

No. 1525789

"Take Jonny down", "rot in prison", "handle his ass" kek. Rejection sensitivity much? She sounds like a shitty detective drama.

No. 1525792

This looks so staged. Granted, I know syd would/has said shit like this to people, but I really feel this athena bitch is just looking for attention and is using these two as a way to get it.

No. 1525809

Yea I thought it was weird that she has syd’s number saved on her phone but only one text from her. And why would they have each other’s phone numbers? Syd’s go to is IG messenger.
It seems like something Syd would say but maybe she just made a fake screenshot so she would have the receipt or something. Idk but this girl is annoying and not really providing any milk. Just shit talking publicly.

No. 1525814


Yeah can we just stop talking about this weirdo pleaaaase? She's just clogging up the thread and bringing nothing new to the table.

No. 1525826

Fair enough. Her accounts are all private now anyway. It was fun for a moment but I don't think she's worth bringing up again

No. 1525975

I for one am on Athena’s side. I would love to see syd and Jonny go to prison or get fucked up another way. She’s right they don’t deserve the child. If they don’t end up in prison I hope she follows through with these threats

No. 1525982

It was just concluded no one cares, she doesn’t even have a side

No. 1525992

> “I agree with this crackhead that these other crackheads deserve to get their asses beat”

Girl get outta here, use your energy to try and fix your own broken family.

No. 1526000

Embarrassing. Her side? Do you think this thread is dedicated to sucking skidmark and goiters egos? Gtfo of here.

No. 1526003

What if….. Athena is just a schizophrenic anon who got so lost in these threads that she started believing she knows syd, taylor and jonny and is now believing in all these stories she's writing about all of them, meanwhile they don't know who she is. I mean, she's here all of a sudden and knows them all (even fucking Sterling). where the fuck did she came from

No. 1526004

With any criminal case, the prosecutors often offer a plea deal or dismiss altogether if they feel the state's case is not strong enough to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in a trial. In their line of work, a "not guilty" verdict from a jury is a failure. So if they are feel they won't get a guilty verdict, they often offer a deal or dismiss. It's really just a question of if they have enough evidence and a case they're confident they will win.

In Jonny's case, the prosecutor was so confident in the state's case that they upgraded the charge from misdemeanor to felony. I can see how you'd be confident in a dismissal if you were initially charged with a felony with weak evidence, but that is clearly not what is going on here. I think he's too stupid to comprehend what his lawyer told him, and he probably can't get a hold of him to clarify kek

No. 1526054

I’m pretty sure it is. Not only is it the only message but it says “sent today at 8:58” and she posted the screenshot at 9:15. I don’t doubt syd would say horrible shit but this does look fake

No. 1526062

Yeah odd that the first time she brought up that syd said that to her was 4pm yesterday? Suppose it could be an old screenshot that she took right after she received it but weird to hang onto it and post it now.

No. 1526096

Yea Syd usually fires back at like 2/3am based on her previous attacks on other women. And it’s never a one liner. Definitely something she’d say but I don’t believe this SS is real.

No. 1526139

I hate/love this tinfoil, anon…

No. 1526149

I would put money on it if it wasn’t for this post by Johnny seeming to address her >>1524649
Sorry for bringing her up again but if it’s true she’s kind of milky and extremely embarrassing. Too bad her accounts locked.

No. 1526156

I’ve already said this but she’s from Sac. A lot of people here still keep Jonny around in their circles to either keep tabs on him for laughs or for whatever clout they can try to get from being associated. I don’t know her personally but tbh, I’ve heard enough about her from close friends who have also been close to her to know she is a cow in her own right but not worth wasting energy on here.
TL;DR can say almost for certain she knows Jonny personally but not sure how valid her association with Syd or Taylor is.
Source? Local anon and literally everyone here into the same music scene knows Xaiviea Lutes / “Athena” is a mess lmao

No. 1526348

File: 1652319604659.jpg (36.34 KB, 600x600, eird-al-yankovic-tin-foil-hat-…)

Absolute lunacy anon lol

No. 1526385

Lol in her video rant Athena said she tried drugs for the first time 8 months ago, a friend brought over fentanyl but she thought it was weed. How the fuck can you confuse the two?! They don’t even smoke the same way. You need foil to smoke heroin or fentanyl and you smoke weed with a PIPE or BONG.

No. 1526424

I can't read these walls of text, any nonnies want to break recent events down for me? Not wanting to be spoonfed, just can't read this shit and need the coles notes

No. 1526430

File: 1652325946019.jpeg (53.71 KB, 600x600, 38F2A2E4-E360-4D6A-8C3D-43FC2D…)

No. 1526433

Are you joking? You won’t read the thread but you’ll take the time to ask for a spoon feed and wait for a summary to be typed out? Just read the fucking posts like the rest of us

No. 1526437


When I looked the other day her and Taylor were following each other on Instagram. For Taylor to follow her they must have some type of connection.

No. 1526441

Literally who gives a shit. Maybe Taylor have her a pity follow. Maybe they are bestest friends ever. It really doesn’t make a difference. You best just let it go, no one wants to talk about this attention seeker and you’re only asking for people to accuse you of being her if you keep it up.

No. 1526446

That was so uncalled for anon it’s multiple people in the thread talking about her because Jonny made a post about her, how is that not relevant?

No. 1526451

Idk why y’all are bashing on the Athena hoe, she’s literally trying to take jonny and syd down and is even threatening to kill him LMFAO good riddance in my opinion. and syd sure could use a good ass handing.

No. 1526452

File: 1652327609702.png (1.23 MB, 1170x2532, 46F49E00-0A37-49F1-8347-7EF6D7…)

This girl wants so badly to be talked about on these threads so why should we give her what she wants? This was posted in the Taylor thread. Along with some anon whiteknighting her saying “ackstually she’s top 2% on onlyfans” which I’m pretty sure was her selfposting. I can’t tell what’s her and what’s actual anons at this point. If you guys want to fall for her desperate plea for attention, go for it.

No. 1526453

Omg, same anon, right as I was typing this she literally self posted right above. >>1526451
This is almost word for word what she said in her story last night. You can’t make this shit up LOL you guys please stop talking about her

No. 1526455

Whenever someone mentions getting talked about on lolcow it’s ALWAYS “I got sent this website” lmfaoo

didn’t you just make a story today about how no one fucking talks to you?

No. 1526461

This Athena bitch definitely has mental retardation. If jonny fucked her can he be punished by the law? Add to his cases.

No. 1526469

Your self posting is so obvious because you’re constantly pointing out how she’s totes gonna kick their asses.
Literally no one here believes you’re going to kick anyone’s ass.
>good riddance
KEK most embarrassing behavior. Good luck on your conquest to murder them.

No. 1526475

What a fucking loser??? Like crickets for her death threats. Hope she gets reported and arrested. They’re pieces of trash but no one here on lolcow is threatening them like this methhead is

No. 1526545

I’m the “homely stepchild” anon. There’s like 2-3 schizo nonnies in this thread who love to hi cow, acuse of dick riding, accuse of self posting, “this isn’t relevant!” etc. You guys are neurotic and annoying, respectfully stop it. It’s just a funny thing to say. Contain the BPD please.

No. 1526553

> I’m the “homely stepchild”
For a second I thought you meant you were HER and was about to say you couldn’t get mad about the self posting accusations, kek. I agree with your sentiment.

No. 1526567

Agree. It’s like they have a vindictive rage towards everyone involved. They a-log too and accept accusations at face value. Lolcow is not that deep girlies

No. 1526570

Yeah she’s BIG crazy this one., claimed her husband was abusive, now wants him back. Public records show he took out a case against HER for being violent with him. She is absolutely self posting, although I don’t doubt that she knows Jonny through some tenuous link. Also Only Fans doesn’t publicity provide the stats to identify the top earners, so even if she was “in the top 12%” (defo isn’t) no one else would know about it. I’m kind of annoyed I spent anytime on this, and also mildly entertained, she’s milky but a nobody

No. 1526577

And she doesn’t realize she sticks out like a sore thumb with her unsaged posts defending herself. These people never figure out the simplest feature of this site

No. 1526579

Also as someone who also has an only fans page 12% isn’t even a lot of money. Be happy about that 1200 dollars a month babe(no1curr)

No. 1526594

This and her "COME SAY IT TO MUH FACE COWARD ANONS"-spergs. Cringe. Why would anyone want to interact with this level of bat shit crazy? She said she's happy to shitpost her drama online - GREAT, we're happy to observe and have a laugh at it all. I don't get what's so hard to understand about anons not wanting anything to do with this type of people. Even her poor ex-husband is hiding in a hole from her. One minute she's rambling about her growth as a person, the next she's rearraging faces and pistol whipping people… public threaths followed by teary eyed love stories about her ex that clearly wants nothing to do with her… Absolute unstable fuckery.
Athena, love, no one here has a personal problem with you. Stop acting like a cow publicly and there's no milk for us to talk about. It's really such a simple consept. We don't give a fuck about you personally, the drama is just funny.

No. 1526597


So she’s exactly like syd, basically.

No. 1526608

Y’all are dumb. Taylor and Athena are sisters

No. 1526615

This coward went private because she couldn’t handle a couple of anons following her, she clearly doesn’t have the balls to even insult them in person let alone KILL THEM? What a lunatic.

No. 1526667

I thought we agreed to stop talking about this athena girl. You're all giving her what she wants.

No. 1526698

Lmao why? She involved Jonny, Syd and Taylor, and quite loudly so. Idgaf what she wants or doesn't want, if is she's relevant to this thread I'll talk about her.

No. 1526705

Well, lately she's been claiming that she's been using "reverse psychology" to get us to stop talking about her, so take that as you will.

No. 1526713

post proof

No. 1526714

Stop posting here and ban evading, nobody cares about you or wants to hear your options.

No. 1526715

Y’all need to get a life. Go for a walk, bake some cookies, suck a dick. Too obsessed with other ppls lives(okay, Oprah)

No. 1526716

^ And this is why the schizo should stop being discussed. You're literally just giving it attention.

No. 1526719

Yall realize what the site is for right? TALKING ABOUT COWS. If that bothers you, you are free to leave. I hope the mods start banning all these high and mighty "let's just ignore them"-dumbasses.

No. 1526724

Just ignore her unsaged stupidity and desperate screams for attention and go back to talking about the actual cows, everybody. She'll run out of steam eventually.

No. 1526730

File: 1652369778292.jpg (67.78 KB, 1080x1920, 1652369692082.jpg)

Yes it does, Syd.

No. 1526736

Quite honestly she's way too retarded to understand reverse psychology. She thinks you can't give herpes to someone by taking a pill. I think that explains her mental capabilites enough.

No. 1526745

File: 1652371444648.png (720.73 KB, 1170x2532, EF23945E-58B4-489C-BA41-226AAB…)

Absolutely unhinged. She also made the comment on her stories that she’s been “defending” Taylor this whole time but she hasn’t replied to a single one of messages kek

No. 1526762

Away with this bitch, it's not milky and it's not related. Make your own thread.

No. 1526764

>Some website that people would never find
Okay then why care enough to make 5 posts about it when people have comparatively said very little about you?
Idk if its mental illness or drugs but I'm not getting opiate vibes from here, more like meth or crack. Hope she gets the help she needs.

No. 1526855

Her 'reverse psychology' is making her account private so she can try to self post and obsess about BBP from afar while also claiming we're creepy losers. And all of you are falling for it ie. >>1526597 >>1524653 >>1526451

No. 1526905

Obviously we can’t agree about whether to keep talking about this bitch or not. Which is highly entertaining her and giving her what she wants, but whatever. Can’t we compromise and just make a separate thread for her for the people who want to talk about her so bad? Yes she may be talking about syd and Jonny but guess what? She talks about a lot of people. It’s not actually all that relevant to this thread. And I’m sure Jonny and syd are loving the fact that people are in here talking about someone other than them. So make a seperate thread, lots of nonnies have suggested it and it would stop all the stupid infighting which is making us all look like the cows

No. 1526914

File: 1652382800722.jpeg (81.53 KB, 1170x250, 927833E4-DB65-4D87-B4DC-BB8D1C…)

She has gained 100 followers in the last day alone. This is exactly what she wants and I’m so confused as to why we’re giving it to her

No. 1526923

This. I think it's a bad idea and giving her what she wants but if everybody insists please just make a separate thread.

No. 1526980

I think this is a very good post. Her account has been locked so the “milk” from her is essentially drained at this point. I’d say if she unlocks then she would warrant her own thread instead of derailing here. However, I do want to mention that board etiquette is usually to post on-topic discussion if you feel like the conversation is turning to derailing not to mini-mod and insist anons don’t talk about something. Jonny and Syd have been boring asf in the past few days so I think the anons here are just talking about what they find interesting in the mean time. If you have milk on Jonny and Syd, feel free to post it, otherwise don’t blame the anons here for trying to find milk in another way.

No. 1526997

File: 1652390200902.png (3.11 MB, 1284x2778, 50AAEEF7-A8A0-4DD1-B63E-09C2FC…)

Why would tommy lee want to work with someone as small at jc

No. 1527011

jc huge

No. 1527012

This isn’t happening. What’s in it for Tommy Lee?

No. 1527015

“Tommy Lee can’t receive your messages” KEK

No. 1527029

Yeah his ego is HUGE

No. 1527046

kek why would he post this??

No. 1527053

The fact that he's only been following him since this year makes this post even more weird.

No. 1527080

The second hand embarrassment is pretty intense

No. 1527089


SO DESPERATE fucking kek

No. 1527096

File: 1652397027203.jpeg (850.4 KB, 1170x1636, 5FC71C7A-9BA8-4620-92AD-1200E3…)

Not milk but just thought I’d add some slight comedic relief. With all Jonny’s talk about pegging, the Facebook swanposting group made this playlist haha

No. 1527104

File: 1652397589599.png (2.27 MB, 1170x2532, 59086384-EF66-4AFE-BD19-9A340D…)

I was looking to see if the court stuff, aka Storm being OD’d on fent, has been spread any more on the intetwebz or not. Because it fucking should be… And I checked back on the Reddit post and saw that the mods locked it from any further replies (the lock at the top signified that). It kinda sucks because people are asking for proof or asking how people know this and I can’t reply about hearing the court proceedings. I wonder why they locked it.

No. 1527170

File: 1652403544704.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1125x1992, B8A4086D-E814-486A-BD46-29C4E7…)

Everyones business talking about that irrelevant cowthena & jonny msging tommy lee like he didnt just post a baggy in one of his stories

No. 1527203

Ofc he wants to work with another known abuser he's so fucking stupid and predictable

No. 1527217

Listen I know we're taking about jonny craig here, but I've purchased things online before that have come in small baggies just like that.

No. 1527249

yeeaaaa boy ill take an NA beer with my fent

No. 1527253

Yeah hate to play devils advocate because I hate this guy kek but I’ve bought button down shirts that come with an extra button attached in a little baggie. Either way I don’t think he will stay sober once he’s in prison tho

No. 1527257

Is anyone else watching his twitch stream? Apparently they had family court today. He is talking about getting Storm back and seems to have like a fundraiser to get a room set up for him? Confirmed Storm is with skids mom, also said something like “I don’t want to expose anyone but Syd gets a certain amount of money each month and it’s not enough to pay rent and care for a child”.

No. 1527259

looks like it could have had white powder in it, but maybe not. He'd have to be epic levels of dumb to post an empty drug baggie to his stories. But even if it's innocent, you know everyone is aware you're an "ex" junkie…why even leave it open for debate? oh wait, because he is epic level ignorant.

No. 1527261

File: 1652410666431.jpeg (78.65 KB, 355x279, 01638A36-E8CC-4BF5-B075-306023…)

Room setup for storm? Where? In your roommates room? This dude is going to start pretending he has Storm just like skid did.

No. 1527267

> tommylee can't receive your message.
Reddit, despite it being a cesspool, is very “no doxing” in general and although this is public information, it’d have to be presented better than a screenshot of a tweet. The reason it hasn’t spread, imo, is because unless you called in and heard it, you’d have to believe the people reporting on it (I do, let’s be clear) and I think people prefer to have meatier evidence (documents, for example). He’s also on his apology tour so the few that have stumbled upon the news, are hearing is his side. That’s why it’d be great for a local anon to get the papers, but I understand why they haven’t.
Let’s join hands and pray, nonas. For the best for Storm, of course.
Would the courts really allow this? He’s barely out of rehab, WTF.

No. 1527268

Jfc this is giving me the same vibes as when Taylor Dean admitted to being high as fuck at like a family occasion,? and despo thirst messaging Post Malone shit like “we should be together” until he blocked her lol. Like she shamelessly posted the ss of her doing it too and kinda tried to laugh it off but like.. what is this.. do they get like some burst of delusional inspiration confidence juice into their brain that just leaves them completely lacking any self aware… completely shameless?? SO confident? Like man.. sometimes I wish I could have a bit of wtf they’re on.. but then I remember literally everyone around me would be silently embarrassed and I’d have no clue and I retreat back to gladly being a lurky anon

No. 1527280

Is this his latest scheme to steal money from people? No way is he fit to have a child living with him. Anyone with a brain can see that. He doesn’t even have enough money for a toddler bed, dresser and some toys? But thinks he can financially support one? Or mentally deal with the daily tantrums? He’s gotta be high on something.

No. 1527283

What I don’t understand about his logic is that he is constantly posting about spending money on all sorts of other shit. He just bought a Savannah cat, not sure how much that costs. He just complained about spending $300 from that store that ripped him off or whatever. So much else, constantly flexing his spending habits. But can’t afford this stuff for his son? Yeah. Sounds like a scam to me.

No. 1527292

they can go anywhere from 1-15k from what I've seen. I doubt Jonny would go to a higher end reputable breeder though. kek it was the same with the shoes too. he'd flex some ugly ass balenciagas and the next week he or Syd were begging for money. it's such a rinse and repeat broke boy pimpin process

No. 1527302

Jonny is on twitch saying he was one of the last people who saw tim alive as a way to talk about how people should be grieving.(a fan told him jon and tillian ignored him at a restaurant and assumed they were just upset and jonny said that's not a reason to do that to a fan). Probably not a good sign he was the last person around him either…

No. 1527312

Wow fuck this guy so much. So not only is he using Tim’s name for sympathy (and yeah making himself sound sketch) but also using it as a way to talk down upon members of his ex band, two guys who actually had a close personal connection and bond with the deceased and are grieving? Just when I thought he couldn’t get any worst

No. 1527314

Performative. He’s only just now doing this after anons listened in on his hearing about storm. Where was all this enthusiasm before? OH RIGHT they were pretending they had storm all along. But now that we all know that’s not true- send monies for muh chiold. I also think this is just a ploy for the courts.
>look I’m clean and sober and have the ability to raise my kid I begged for money and got him things. I don’t have a job but I messaged Tommy Lee and I’m pretty sure we’re gonna collab 4L

There’s free baby shit and cribs on Craigslist and FB market daily. He doesn’t need the money to buy stuff.

No. 1527329

Not that this is surprising but dude's stream is… complete trash. Bad audio, mic constantly peaking, blown out music thumping in the back, no chat interaction. It's just some mumbling idiot constantly dying over in over in COD and then yelling like he's 12 years old. I hope the dono goal stays at 0 forever.

No. 1527351

I have no idea if the courts would allow it, but I would hope they wouldn’t put a baby back into the hands of an on-again off-again, heavily skewed towards always ON-again, drug addict who literally put fentanyl in his babies system. Maybe a legal anon could chime in.

He was saying the DA doesn’t care about drug charges. Pretty sure they do when it involves a child lmao, he genuinely thinks what he did is no big deal.

It all seems like wishful thinking. His reasoning for the charges being dismissed and getting Storm back were flimsy as fuck. His delusion of getting his son back is so ridiculous only his drug damaged brain could actually believe it as truth. Whatever keeps you from cooking up your final shot my dude, won’t be long until you’re charged with a felony tho so good luck

No. 1527371

This should be a permanent reply to any post he ever makes about the dumb, ugly, secondhand shit that he flexxxxes. A burger flipper can afford $150 for baby essentials and Jonny Craig is begging on the internet because he can't take care of the kid he almost killed.

No. 1527372

What does Jonny think he has to offer to that little boy?
Would Storm have a proper bedtime? Naptime? Playdates with other toddlers? Healthy food cooked for him everyday? Clean sheets on his bed? Child-friendly activities planned? Books read to him preferably every day? Is Jonny gonna bathe Storm everyday, teach him to go potty by himself and brush his little teeth every night? Daily routines, guidance through his tantrums, doctor checkups? Is Jonny gonna get fitting clothes for Storm every year because he will be growing like a weed for the next 15 years? Is Jonny gonna have college saving for Storm and prioritise his future over Jonnys dumb designer purchases?
And all this is just scratching the surface of parenthood.

Jonny has no idea what he is asking for. A CHILD isn't the same as having a kitten napping on your desk while you stream. You can't just shove an ipad and dino nuggets in his hands and continue to live a routineless life with your cringey homeboys, and possibly relapse at any given time since 7 months is a very short time compared to how long Jonny's been struggling with addiction.

No. 1527382

File: 1652425961739.gif (116.34 KB, 220x254, 2386CE13-B37D-4C96-95FE-8ECF47…)

>all of that

No. 1527470

File: 1652441488821.gif (1.48 MB, 250x300, amen .GIF)

No. 1527515

Literally all the vapes and beer he buys would add up to $150. He's acting like he has money to support storm but isn't putting in any of his own money to do so. He'd rather have some stupid ass haircut, or shoes. Just like his do nothing ex fiance. It amazes me he flexes so hard and then has the balls to sit online and try to raise money for storm. What court is going to let this baby stay with a repeated drug abuser, who constantly has people all up in his house, who posts things online that are demeaning and what not? I pray that little boy stays with grandma.

No. 1527526

That’s his scam signature move. Don’t fall for it.

Tinfoil: Mr. “I buy shoes worth more than your rent” is actively using. Opioids are expensive, he’s all out of cash. Begging for money for a room when his charges related to storm were just upgraded to a felony, which makes no sense. This money is for drugs, no doubt in my mind. This is right in line all of his previous “I’m sober” episodes. Then someone outs him with a vid (happened many times) and the cycle begins yet again.

No. 1527529

If he ever gets Storm, he’s either going to loose him fast or Storm is going to feature on a documentary titled something like “child’s of neglect” some 20 years from now.

No. 1527542


New single by big boi goiter, Part 2 of “children of divorce” called “children of neglect”

No. 1527566

No. 1527690

File: 1652461357582.png (255.03 KB, 750x1334, 85417018-E286-460C-B8DA-7E386A…)

Sure goiter

No. 1527722

On these blocks sounds like he’s buying a lady of the night. He should word stuff better.

No. 1527742

Who’s saying he isn’t?

No. 1527747

He really tries so hard to act like he's a gang member.

No. 1527753

Yeah, a redheaded Canadian who LARPs that he's from the hood lmao

No. 1527757

>We got options
What options ? You had to fly in a women from across the continent to find a single fuck. Can’t believe hood grandpa is pretending he can still pull women when every women other than a Canadian groupie and a drug addict with a boyfriend have rejected him.

No. 1527760

If he's talking about Wigglewip it's funny cuz it completely worked No. 1518419 >>1519004

No. 1527768

I think he’s just mad that Sonya girl didn’t fuck him kek
She was too pretty for you anyways

No. 1527846

I’m cackling that goiter is at a point in his life where even a mom who looks like Sid the sloth got to many cheek and lip injections is too pretty for him.

No. 1528027

I grew up in the same (very small) suburbs as Athena. A small town, where everyone just kind of knows everyone. I’ve been to her home before, when she was barely even a teenager. I have never been close to her, or spent any time with her directly or intentionally. But she’s someone you just kinda of cringe at from afar, if you know what I mean. I can tell you that she is very mentally ill, and always has been. She’s known in our hometown as being very problematic, and a flat out liar honestly. She doesn’t have nearly as much involvement with these people as she says (or even believes) she does. And while it’s very entertaining to see and react to her behavior, I just want to put it out there that she is incredibly mentally ill. And anything she says is likely far from the truth, whether she intends it or not. It’s probably best to just ignore her, as she appears to be having some sort of episode.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1528041


serious question for someone who knows them but is this skidmark? pretty sure they went viral and even sounds like jc’s voice responding with “i don’t syd”

No. 1528047

This doesn't sound like Syd at all.

No. 1528083

You can literally see the original video and the girl screaming in it if you click on the sound used at the bottom.

No. 1528088

File: 1652485295441.png (1.3 MB, 1170x2532, EF5AE958-B2F7-4EE6-9AD9-ADD156…)

Sounds convincing Big Boi

No. 1528090

I second this. That homely looking bitch look high and strung out in her story the other day. They’re both using

No. 1528138

Nobody cares about athena
Stop bringing the psycho up(we can see your post history, Athena)

No. 1528143

The only one talking about her at this point is her. She was proven to be self posting in the Taylor thread. So it’s best to just ignore anything written about her, aka ignore her kek, and just let her live in her delusional world

No. 1528246

He’s just insufferable
> (we can see your post history, Athena)
You love to see it

No. 1528341

You’re following wigglewip still? The rest of us got deleted. Why didn’t you post this story when you saw it then? We’re missing out on milk

No. 1528348

How do you know they didn’t fuck

No. 1528349

Why are you posting this? Someone else who claims they know her already said all these things. Don you not read the thread? And we have been ignoring her, up until you decided to randomly bring her up, stupid.

No. 1528364

That was a self post lmao

No. 1528397

Her ig is off private now.

No. 1528402

The only thing he can call himself is a sperm donor for broke bitches, never a father and certainly not a dad, he just pathetically leaks sperm and it happened to be inside a woman who somehow cares even less about a child she created and carried for nine months. The birth alone should’ve given them a massive life restructuring wake up call, let alone his heart issues which are no joke and will effect his life forever as well as his early bonding trauma and bad genetics. He’s going to be a hobbit and Sydney is the one to blame because she didn’t need to pass on those damaged genetics but nooo.

No. 1528418

No she’s been going public off and on. Just happened to catch it. Should’ve grabbed a cap, my b

No. 1528423

File: 1652512871987.jpeg (164.38 KB, 1170x2074, 7BF689D5-0069-4EAB-9594-E15092…)

No. 1528436

Lol she looks just like syd
He’s so boring. What is his obsession with pale girls with black hair?

No. 1528450


Let’s not forget the ridiculous Amazon gift registry they set up when skid was pregnant, begging fans to buy all the babies things… these fuckers are pathetic.

No. 1528467

IMO she looks like his daughter he abandoned lol

No. 1528470

Way prettier than Syd

No. 1528500

She is more like syd with better eyebrows and minus all the tacky face tattoos lmao doesnt matter both are making poor choices by going anywhere near BBP

No. 1528527

Lmao I literally thought the same.

No. 1528595

She looks underage honestly

No. 1528596

Does anyone have the twitch stream where he was asking for money or know where to see it? It’s not under popular clips.

No. 1528604

I thought this to. Probably why he’s into her.

No. 1528624

Forgive me for being a Coheedfag but I find it ironic he’s been trying to ride their dicks for the past few weeks when him and Syd were laughing at them at a show literally months ago

No. 1528626

File: 1652544780074.png (824.61 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220514-120959.png)

God those fucking brows are terrible

No. 1528629

No need for makeup when you sit at home all day long and don't do shit with your life.

No. 1528719

File: 1652553491197.jpg (81.09 KB, 750x1334, 280776796_3051215071856754_293…)


No. 1528720

File: 1652553634016.jpg (119.2 KB, 750x1334, 280672595_365706155613287_8747…)

The way he talks about Mod Sun will never cease to make me laugh. "Old friend" kek. You've been dropped, Jonny. You should retire your dreams of clout chasing him. He knows you don't have anything of value to contribute to his life.

No. 1528759

File: 1652557137031.png (982.34 KB, 1170x2532, 8BF5429F-804F-4402-9160-F141B1…)

So Jonny posted this….. 1/2

No. 1528764

File: 1652557354515.png (3.96 MB, 1170x2532, 94A0C783-82F9-47F2-BB90-964FCA…)

…followed by this (2/2)

Too late? I immediately thought he meant “too late, I already relapsed” but I’m sure he wouldn’t be posting about it if he did lol

No. 1528765

Sure, Jonny. That's why you're going to relapse lmao

No. 1528767

Why is she constantly acting like she doesn’t wear make up? This is the second or third time she has made a point to bring up how she doesn’t wear make up or “this is the first/second time I’ve worn make up this year/month.” She did the same thing on her get ready with me Live. She is very clearly wearing make up way more often than she claims and I don’t understand what the point of this flex would be lol she’s so weird

No. 1528768

When addicts do shit like this 99% of the time it’s because they’re projecting and already relapsed. I guess we all knew it wouldn’t last anyway ladies lol

No. 1528770

Just her pick-me "I'm better than other girls" mentality. She probably thinks it makes her seem more desirable.

No. 1528782

This. He's already setting up for the "Syd made me do it" defense after another video of him nodding his ass off materializes

No. 1528794

Yeah this combined with him trying to crowdsource $150 for "Storm's room" earlier in the week when there is zero chance he's gonna have custody any time soon makes me think he probably relapsed. Hopefully fentanyl does it's thing and this is the last one for this sentient piece of dogshit.

No. 1528795

is that a bathroom scale under his framed record?

No. 1528798

Ehhhhh with all the court stuff happening I really doubt he has relapsed honestly. It's probably coming but for now I'm skeptical.

No. 1528801

I could have gone my whole life without seeing Jonny's bare, nail painted feet. Also, we all know syd is a vindictive cunt with nothing but time on her hands so I'm sure she is doing her best to push him over the edge.

No. 1528809

This makeup is horrendous. Incredibly unflattering. Sad that you constantly wear makeup but still have no idea how to apply it. Cope harder you ugly b

No. 1528843

on Spotify on his monitor he is playing Too Late by Chase Atlantic, just presumably trying to brag about all his bitches or something, not implying he's relapsed. though he's retarded for not realising how that pic looks

No. 1528847

Lord… He gets one Canadian groupie and he thinks he's the shit.

No. 1528855


Interesting that they break up and suddenly syds mom is team syd despite syds history of violence against her.

No. 1528902

Tbf it is her own daughter

No. 1528912

I think in his drug addled brain, the "not true" statements he's referring to are people calling him a deadbeat junkie/fat/a loser. Not the actual things that matter, like having your child endangerment case upgraded to a felony or stealing 33k.

No. 1528914

File: 1652570084552.png (1.44 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220514-185648.png)

No. 1528931

So I guess he doesn’t feel bad about getting his infant high on fent. Cool.

No. 1528938

File: 1652571718140.webm (786.45 KB, 480x854, 281119485_553480609478039_5916…)

I don’t know if it’s because we know a bit about Sydney and her behaviour but whenever I see her in motion, she exudes crazy to me.
Weak motherfucker. Have they broken into your home and tied you down, Jonny? Them saying whatever about you is nothing compared to the pressures of raising a child. Weren’t you just implying you were gonna get custody of Storm? You guys have at least 16 more years of this.
Of course it’s clear, you don’t have one. To say this when facing the charges they’re facing is mind boggling.

No. 1528942


Him and that beauty filter kek. Jenny 'Catfish' Craig

No. 1528956

I agree. I can't put my finger on why, but her movements are bizarre and set off primal levels of "red flag, stay away"

No. 1528970

Because she is crazy. She's a spoiled brat who's been allowed her whole life not to be responsible for herself or her actions. Which is also why she is no longer responsible for her child. She constantly blames others for her actions, and nullifies her involvement with choosing to put herself in those situations with those people.

No. 1528985

File: 1652575924683.png (2.81 MB, 828x1792, F251EAAA-8A42-4B51-A39C-EC1078…)

I’m so genuinely fascinated how a woman of 30 years is still dressing like it’s 2012 and she’s at the bar for the first time.

No. 1528996

I’m genuinely fascinated by how someone can actually be friends with her

No. 1529008

Birds of a feather, maybe?

No. 1529011

It baffles me too. Megan is either extremely forgiving or a cow herself.

No. 1529014

File: 1652578060064.png (1 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220514-212644.png)

Tiny and pretty and built like a mini fridge

No. 1529041

The faded Ethereal under the filters is cracking me up. The delusion of her posting selfies and going out while shes dealing wit