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(For post deletion)

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No. 1924

Several /snow/ threads were permanently locked today. Do not ask why, because there is no specific reason for me to give. If a thread is locked, it's simply because I consider it to be low quality; no other reason.

Do not ask for them to be unlocked, because they won't be. If there are ever significant new developments that you think truly make someone worthy of having a thread again, you can provide the evidence in /meta/. Otherwise, let it go.

No one cares if you're quitting the site.

Discussion of the individuals in those threads is not allowed anywhere else on the site. You can use this thread as a temporary refuge for any final remarks, or links to other websites.

Locked threads:


and more.

No. 1925

I honestly don't give a shit about Berry, but do why the hell is her thread getting locked and others not?
It's not like her thread is the only pointless one on this fucking website and honestly it smells a little bit biased and hypocritical

No. 1926

Many other threads have also been banned today. Look at /snow/.

No. 1927

I just saw that Ally threads are banned too, why that?
Berry I can understand at least a little bit, but why lock Allys thread and not that goddamn Pro Ana thread that is full of self posters instead?

No. 1928


Hey sorry I'm kind of new here but can you explain why we can't talk about Emily/Ember anymore?
Can't Emily just be banned but the thread still exist?

(I'm not asking you to remake the thread or anything, just curious!)

No. 1929

The pro ana thread was locked too…

No. 1930

How did you guys decide which threads are getting banned and aren't you afraid that snow will be literally dead when you lock threads like Taylors? I mean, they were pretty active.
I also wonder where this came from so suddenly

No. 1931

Sorry I'm a slow internet retard

No. 1932

Threads are locked if they are deemed to be low-quality. Please don't ask why a certain thread was locked, because I'm not going to respond. If it's locked, it just means I don't consider it thread-worthy.

>aren't you afraid that snow will be literally dead

No. And even if that does happen, I don't care. If someone liked those threads and doesn't want to use this site anymore, that's fine.

No. 1933


Thank you for keeping Kadee's thread admin <3

No. 1934

May we have a list of banned threads/subjects for quick reference?

No. 1935

Well, the only threads I came to this site for are now banned. So long and thanks for all the milk.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1936

>>final remarks
wow sad day. I really liked the Aly threads. and we aren't even allowed to ask why. Thats what really gets to me more then the threads being gone. damn.

I too want a list of banned subjects for reference.

No. 1937

Added to OP. Other threads may also be locked in the future. And note the slight caveat for the Pixielocks thread.

No. 1938

Hey admin, thanks for locking the proana thread. Just wondering if these are the only threads which will be locked, or if there are still more coming.

No. 1939

wait so we cant even mention taylor in the jvlogging thread? that makes no sense, we can talk about the rest of them but.. not her?

No. 1940

Ah, sorry to double post. I would like some clarification on this part:

>"mentions the thread subject(s) in other threads will be permanently banned."

What if these people are mentioned only in passing and it is relevant to the thread, or they are mentioned by someone who did not know about the locked threads and thus this rule? Will they be permanently banned?

Thanks again and sorry for all the questions.

No. 1941

I mean, it's pretty obvious why, at least for the Aly thread and the pro-ana thread.

The Aly thread has been dying. To be fair, that's not entirely our fault, since Aly herself has gotten boring and repetitive, and it appears that nothing truly remarkable will come from her. She was great and interesting at first, but she's lost it now. It just seemed like there was nothing more to see.

As for the pro-ana thread, it's pure trash. I even say this as someone who reads that thread. It's repetitive and just brings the same shit to the table over and over. People argued, "well then you bring something!" but the problem was that there was nothing. Nobody was doing anything interesting or unique. The thread was trash and it was going to remain trash.

No. 1942

I'm honestly wondering why you are locking some of the most popular threads on /snow/?

No. 1943

Why Pixielocks tho..

No. 1944

Fucking praise admin-sama for closing the proana cancer thread!!!!! Though, I gotta ask admin, why aren't Emily's posts marked like Kristen/Ember's posts were?
Can you faggots not read admin's post? Don't ask why, you're not owed a reason. You're obviously overly dedicated to a/several shit threads.

No. 1945

Given the repetitiveness of Trashley's thread, I dont get why that one stays alive (hah), even if it is in PT.

No. 1946

yaaaaaa, you are right. I was still having fun on the Aly threads tho. but, what can you do? its gone forever, oh well. maybe ill read up on other people now.

so long Aly thread, lolcow wont be as brighten without you heh

No. 1947

Yeah this one is my main concern. I get that taylor had little milk, but it's practically impossible to have the jvloggers thread and not mention her. Could we have a caveat and be able to talk about her there and just not let her have her own thread?

No. 1948

also the other snowflake jvloggers appear in her videos a lot, so are we allowed to post them in the jvlogger thread at all, even if we don't say anything about her?

No. 1949

What's the difference between taking down the proana thread but leaving the other ED support thread up?

No. 1950

I won't lie, I am a little sad about some threads being locked like Micky's but overall, I'm happy with Admin-sama's decision.

The support thead isn't in snow and wasn't about any cows, plus it was for support - not encouraging ed's. I don't think there's been any locked threads in /g/ or /b/ today.

No. 1952

I can't believe how many of the posts in the pro-ana thread were by Emily, jesus christ. Girl is obsessed with herself.

No. 1953

Can you link again?
The proana thread was supreme garbage. We had a lot of Instagram, tumblr, mpa fags that were hard to reign in. The thread was basically taken over by them and they refused to assimilate and insisted that shit was milk when it wasn't. They would just come and argue on that thread and it leaked into the other threads, which brought down the overall quality. Aside from that, it had a shit ton of self posts, which is against the rules. As much as I liked keking at delusional people like Kelly, admin's decision is for the best.

No. 1954



>Though, I gotta ask admin, why aren't Emily's posts marked like Kristen/Ember's posts were?
It's a pain in the ass for me to do. Plus, she made her posts across many different threads.

No. 1955

Yeah, when we had to argue for the Aly thread to survive because it was pretty much a sperg-free zone, and it did get reinstated, I thought it was clear that it was nothing like the proana thread, and we were all pretty rational. Oh well.

No. 1956

Thanks admin.

No. 1957

I take it that if other threads are locked it will also be done so at random/for no specific reason?

Would you maybe be willing to say what the criteria is for low quality, because for certain threads it's pretty clear why they were deleted and I totally get it (the pro ana thread was total garbage) but for others it isn't (like I thought the Jillian one was ok? I mean, she's no Kate, but it had some funny moments, like the Jillian fangirl who googled her and found the place). Also it would be nice to know for future reference what things to avoid so hopefully people can avoid having threads/thread subjects banned in the future.

It's cool that you are so active in making sure the quality of this place is up to par, I really appreciate it

No. 1958

File: 1466326716036.jpeg (124.13 KB, 799x844, image.jpeg)

Never forget

No. 1959

It was a crazy crazy ride alright!

No. 1960

I just don't understand why the Pixie thread tho

No. 1961

I still wanna rant about ember can anyone suggest alternate sites?

No. 1962

Admin, can we still talk about Kelly (nourishing.kell.bell) in the Kadee thread? She's a lot more like Kadee than the people discussed in the pro ana thread and didn't really belong there in the first place imo

No. 1963

I can't believe she made this many posts about herself. I just thought it was troll tbh

No. 1964

It's so funny to see how she argued with herself lmao. Goes to show no one cares about Emily except herself. Even back in the truth blog days on Tumblr she would constantly submit things about herself despite knowing she could easily be exposed.

No. 1965

I dgaf about Crocker, but lol at her flipping Jolto the bird.

Sad Aly's gone, glad the ED general's gone. Should've snuffed that one out 10 threads ago.

No. 1966

question, for the pro ana ones and the aly ones. can we still read the old threads. like the first ones all the ones up to 14? those were fun to read when i got bored? same with the other threads who have been locked. if you reply thank you.

No. 1967

Yeah, you can still read them - just not reply.

No. 1968

thanks for the answer :)

No. 1969

I'd really like to know why the Jillian thread is being closed too.
I kind of don't care about the thread because I'm glad lolcow mods are taking an active interest, but not being told why it's being closed is a little odd. Is admin her friend?

No. 1970

Make a subreddit about lolanas?

No. 1971

Okay friends, I have a site where we can regroup and talk about anorexic attention whores and our anorexia in general.


No. 1972

>Micky's thread with four threads worth of milk is locked because "low quality"
>Aminyan's no-milk, all-vendetta thread is perfectly fine


No. 1973


micky was my favorite snowflake ;-;7

kinda fucked up admin won't give a reason as to why he decided to lock those threads other than "low quality" when basically all of /snow/ suffered from that.

No. 1975

Taylor's thread was pretty okay until the pulltards came in sperging, but she was pretty low in milk so the thread was more like an appreciation thread, so I guess it's fair it got locked. It was nice discussing her, tho!

No. 1976

So are Emily C's posts aren't being marked? Embers were marked through multiple threads, and since the threads are now purely for archiving, shouldn't Emily's be too?

No. 1977

Admin already explained this. She has posts all over the site and it would take too long to mark all of them.

No. 1978

No. 1979


No. 1980

you're right, I was actually planning to lock that one too. done.

No. 1981

I'll miss the taylor threads. tho it only got low quality cuz someone spammed the latest one with trash. the previous ones were pretty good

No. 1982

Since you're moving threads into /snow/, I vouch for the GG thread to be moved there. As some anons have pointed out, while they're entertaining to talk about there really is not enough milk to justify them being in /pt/

No. 1983

No. 1984

I plead that the EYK and Yazoo Chan Thread get locked too, because there's no milk either

No. 1985

Moving all of the threads to snow just makes the board division completely fucking pointless. IMO it was pointless from the start - these threads should have just been banned from the beginning and no division made, but I digress. I thought the point of having the division between snow and pt was to keep the trash threads out of pt, now lot of popular threads are being moved there anyway?

There aren't any clearly defined guidelines as to what goes where, which is fine if that's how you want to run your site admin, but you're just making more work for yourself and the farmhands because people can't avoid breaking rules and guidelines that aren't clearly defined.

No. 1986

Top Kek

No. 1987

Jillian had milk

No. 1988

It's obvious the admin doesn't understand what she's doing and just wants this site to die lmao

No. 1989

I suspect legal action might have been mentioned? Would that be admins motivation? (Just curious here)

No. 1991

No, admin is not willing to say, lol.
Sorry, but this admin is like, the weirdest I've ever encountered. Not giving notice, not explaining anything… Only "I'm not going to respond"… "I don't care" and threatening to ban the users who dare to ask a question the admin doesn't like. Such answers are to be expected from someone who's too young to understand that poor communication of an admin is absolutely inadequate and makes people even more confused.
I agree with both of you.

No. 1992

I mean, if he were making money off of this site, or if we paid to use it, you'd have a point. This site is his property, though, and he's free to do whatever he wants with it.

No. 1993

Did Admin seriously just pull an OrangeCitrus.

No. 1994

I thought people came to this site literally to talk about people like jillian so yeah i'll have to add to the anons who are confused

No. 1995

/snow/ is being repurposed. A thread being moved to /snow/ is not necessarily an indictment against the thread.

For example, I'm not saying the Dakota thread is "bad". I just don't consider her to be a lolcow.

A thread may be moved back to /pt/ if interesting drama or events occur.


I've given the reasoning.

And people can ask questions in here. I just don't want them begging for threads to be reinstated.

No. 1996

>People can ask questions here
Can I ask why the Jillian thread was closed?
Again, I'm not angry or anything, I just really genuinely want to know like a few others do

No. 1997

I would also like clarification as to what counts as "low quality", considering so many threads were quite active.

No. 1998


>If a thread is locked, it's simply because I consider it to be low quality; no other reason.

>If she gets involved in community-wide drama again, like with the LACE thing, then someone can ask me to re-allow the thread. Otherwise, it will remain banned.

I understand that the choice of threads that are being locked may seem somewhat inconsistent compared to what threads aren't locked, but other threads will be locked and/or moved in the future.

I also understand that some people use this site specifically because they enjoy some of those threads and may disagree that they are low quality. You can use this thread to arrange other places to discuss those people. For example, PULL. Users could also create one or more 8chan boards or subreddits, if they want.

There is no specific criteria. Activity of a thread has little to do with its quality.

No. 1999

Oh man wtf is happening to this site…

No. 2000

admin gone craycray

No. 2001

Looks way more like you're just trying to kill pt. Every single thread on the front page has been moved to snow, which is crazy. Again, your site so whatever, but I remember you sayng in the chat that you don't even read a bunch of the threads or get why they're here, which makes it pretty concerning that you're just using your own taste as the metre stick for what is allowed to be in the site. Popularity does come into it, at least a bit.

No. 2002

Seems like only the people still actively making fools out of themselves or staying relevant stay in /pt/, seems fair enough.

Can Micky still be discussed in the Kawaii Black Girls thread since she was included in that group when the OP made it and still had an active thread (until locking)?

No. 2003

All that's left on pt is like Kiwifarms' rejected stuff. This is all so arbitrary.
It also seems like a lot of the threads geared towards a specific section of readership are the ones that have been moved.
Eh. One could argue that Charms, Sere, and even Kooter are still actively making fools of themselves.

No. 2004

File: 1466365295764.jpg (64.38 KB, 540x960, milk.jpg)

i have milk for >>>/snow/55562

No. 2005

File: 1466365318556.jpg (62.27 KB, 540x960, milk2.jpg)

No. 2006

The only "milk" kota produces these days is bad photoshops. I think it's fair for her to stay in /snow/.

No. 2007

Koots is basically just photoshopping herself (albeit ridiculously), Charms is slowly declining, which while interesting and kind if sad, it's not really entertainment anymore, wheras the people who remain like Onision and Margo are legitimately insane.
(I guess theres the weeb section too like PT which I don't really have an opinion on, but yeah)

No. 2008

They just responded to some ad from a guy who's giving money to be insulted/dominated? Who really cares?

No. 2009

The whole shifting things based on admin's opinion to show, and deleting things in snow, seems pretty fair given that it's admin's choice to curate how they see fit.

However, the decision that anyone who tries to bring back or mention a deleted /snow/ topic will be banned doesn't fit in the rest of the decision making, and it honestly just reminds me of how /cgl/ goes on crazed banning sprees for tenuous reasons.
If admin is happy to move threads back into /pt/ as said >>1995 , then why can't the same be done for a thread in /snow/ if a flake starts producing relevant milk? Wouldn't it make sense to just move all of the locked topics into one containment thread or something rather than banning people who want to offer up any potentially worthy developments?
Again, just asking questions

No. 2010

plus someone proved these to be fake a while ago. Let it go.

No. 2011

That's fair, I suppose. I updated the OP. It'd have to be something very compelling, though.

No. 2012

The only thing I don't understand with the pro-ana thread is that I followed Ember's drama and when she got smooshed in with the pro-ana threads I stopped reading but now the pro-ana thread is locked. I'm just a little confused as to why you would lump all the pro-ana instacows together and then suddenly lock the threads about them. I get that the threads are repetitive but does that mean even the people that originally had their own threads are banned from being talked about as well?

No. 2013


Was going to post this is the pro Ana thread but it's locked, this is imskinnybeautiful2 on facebook

No. 2014

File: 1466366868414.gif (1.08 MB, 320x240, giphy.gif)

Thanks admin. Many of those threads were pure cancer.

No. 2015

No one cares

No. 2016

I jus rly wanna see all em crocks posts because she's even crazier than ember and I bet they're hilarious

No. 2017

I will admit that I'm curious.

No. 2018

File: 1466367392354.png (9.3 KB, 1171x94, muh self awareness.png)

me too, i bet it's comedy gold. this is my personal favorite

No. 2019

I don't understand how the Pixie Thread is considered no quality a/o no milk..

No. 2021

Can we lock the galaxyprincet thread too? She's a troll.

No. 2022

All of the posts were already linked. Just click them one by one. >>>/snow/141762

Done. Reminds me of Princess Doll.

No. 2023

I'm curious as to why you decided to lock the threads and ban the content and not move them to /manure/

All of the threads on the front page here haven't really been bumped in a month, and it seems like no one really comes here anyway. Also why is this thread in /manure/ and not /meta/

Either way I'm kinda glad all the posters in/from those threads seemed underage/stupid

No. 2024

sere is a cow and belongs to pt

No. 2025

Moving threads back and forth, locking popular threads with no clear defined guidelines? Seems like a lot more work for a guy who admits to not really reading threads. You'd have to read and follow threads a lot more to be able to follow through with this new plan.

since you don't follow most of the threads, then what do you care what the rest of us want to talk about? Makes no sense. Which makes me wonder, What is your ultimate goal for lolcow??

Not trying to be rude, hope I haven't come off as such, Just curious. I really like it here, and I worry.

No. 2026

The farmhands probably read the threads and report violations

also I vote the sheena thread moved to /snow/

No. 2027

Not like it really matters, this is a free site and admin can do anything he wants; even shutting it down without reason.

No. 2028

I hate to see some of my favorite flakes go, I think the bjd and so many other threads should go before the Micky and Jillian threads tho

No. 2029

can someone please explain why Jills was banned? Her Mom pay you off?

No. 2030

Sheena killed her husband and is in the country illegally making thousands a month, if that isn't a cow idk what is.

No. 2031

See >>1998
It's still weird tho that admin is getting rid of all the high visited snows like I see beckii cruel now and I'm scratching my head like why not just get rid of the old threads that haven't even been commented on for a few months there are plenty of those

No. 2032

Admin, can you lock Ashley's thread as well? There's hardly any milk there and it's been dying for quite a while.

No. 2033

can we at least wait until she dies? the thread is garunteed to go nuts then

No. 2034

But that isn't new milk that's just people shitposting because she died.

No. 2035

I'm sure you'll be able to make a new thread when she dies. Right now the thread is shit, it's just newfags posting "omg how is she still alive" over and over

No. 2036

beckii wasn't really a snowflake though. Yeah she's a bit cringey but nothing too interesting.

Could I vouch to admin that she be like Taylor and be allowed to be talked about in the British aidoru thread since she's part of their clique but isn't big enough to warrant her own thread?

No. 2037

With the implementation of indefinite hell week, I assumed moderation would be heavier and the retards would be banned, but sometimes it's like, where the fuck is admin/the farmhands????
I do think that cutting out the cancer threads is almost like a last resort to ending the shit storm that goes on in them because they weren't serving as containment threads. Those autists would flood other threads as well. Hopefully this is a stymie to all those insufferable fags.

No. 2038


himeka up in this bitch fam


my sides


you're not completely wrong but this sort of came out of nowhere. As users the least we could get is a heads-up. A townhall debate would probably be useless though since as a user base we can't agree on fucking anything.

also admin-kun, I just want to ask how you judge shit threads. I think I have it but idk.

for threads completely locked

>cow is active but with little to no actual milk

>gets offtopic fairly quickly
>is a thread that would either attract PULL or MPA
> cow is either late teens or early 20s
>most of the posts have to do with physical appearance

No. 2039

That what I was also confused about what if it is in one of those threads will I get banned just like the black kawaii girl thread for Micky and there should just be a general jfashion cow thread or is it one?

No. 2040

it honestly just feels like the admin doesn't understand what this site has become. if there are this many threads that need to be banned, obviously the people on here are interested in talking about them more than the things that the admin things are ~of quality~ or whatever bullshit term she's using.

just delete this site and let someone make a new one. you obviously don't want the kind of site it is.

No. 2041

Honestly, I feel like all the dead and shitty threads should have been locked. It would have made way more sense than locking active and decent threads with no logical reasoning behind it.

No. 2042

I agree anon, there are even threads with no info and only 2 replies and it's still not locked or anything has been done, he'll I saw one with no name at all and they where just bashing the person's ps skills if you where targeting threads that are like what >>2038 start with those first

No. 2043

Not saying she isn't a cow, but saying that she's not really doing anything cow worthy at the moment, which seems to be why admin is moving all those threads. All the cows moved from /pt/ to /snow/ had some big drama like that but these days it's not as crazy. Like, the JNig thread got moved even though there was a small explosion of interest with her FTC violation and possible tax evading.

Also the Kiki thread should be moved since she's not even active online anymore.

No. 2044

what you are proposing makes zero fucking sense.
Just because a bunch of shit threads or threads of people that don't generate milk are made, does not mean that a lot of people are interested in discussing them. You will never know how many people are actually posting or samefagging in a thread, only admin knows how much traffic a thread truly generates. The Taylor thread, for example, is filled with bitter shitposting and samefagging. Should we keep a vendetta thread to satisfy one psycho?

Why don't you just move on if you don't like it? why should admin delete it if you don't like it?

No. 2045

File: 1466388069943.gif (2.97 MB, 320x179, like boom.gif)

The only cows who're consistently lulzy are the Palmeros. It's odd to have a thread locked because there's a lull in what they're doing right now. If you lock all threads where there isn't some major drama every day, there's only going to be Margot left.

I do feel like admin would rather this site doesn't exist, so really why not nuke it and try something else you'd like to do? (I'm not even saying that in a nasty way but if you're not getting anything out of it any more, then why bother with the hassle?)

No. 2046

We're just a bunch of catty bitches that want to talk shit about people who are way too invested in the internet. Why can't we have that, why does every thread have to be scrutinized on what spectrum of lolcow they fall on? Just let us talk shit. You're just making more work for yourself, tbh.

No. 2047

Admin was right to lock those threads. All it was doing was attracting anachans, instagram attention whores, and underage cancer. i mean the jillian and micky threads were just people talking about how fat or badly dressed they are, the aly thread was the same old shit over and over again (which wasn’t even interesting the first time around), and the ana thread was just terrible.

nothing of value was lost.

No. 2048


I mean there are loads of threads that I couldn't care less about (ie:Keemstar and his stupid neckbeard drama, actually neckbeard-related threads in general) but if other people want to comment on them, more power to them, I just hide them and move on. Why is that hard?

No. 2049

The problem with that is you can make the same argument for PT at times since she goes on and off the internet. If not having milk atm is enough to go to snow, then PT herself would have not qualified for her own namesaked section during the drought.

I think Jnig wasnt pt worthly until like right now because of the orlando donation thing which is pretty big. So it shouldnt be in snow.

No. 2050

Inb4 tinfoil but I wonder if someone found a way to somehow pressure the admin, hence the new changes.

No. 2053

>Could I vouch to admin that she be like Taylor and be allowed to be talked about in the British aidoru thread since she's part of their clique but isn't big enough to warrant her own thread?

>And what the fuck is with the "no talking about Taylor R." rule?
There is no rule. She can be discussed in the jvlogging thread, as mentioned.

>Are people really going to have to petition Admins to bounce threads back and forth between /pt/ and /snow/ dependent on their recent drama as opposed to past accumulative drama? Because that's the way I thought it actually worked, in which case the biggest cow of all, Kirsten, needs to have her thread moved to /snow/ too.

It's a mix of many factors. Having no active drama of interest is necessary, but not sufficient, to be moved to /snow/.

More threads are going to be locked.

>Honestly, I feel like all the dead and shitty threads should have been locked

They will be when/if new posts are made to them that don't contribute any interesting content.

You're right, but she's naturally so strange and unnerving that she deserves to have her own thread based on her characteristics alone.

Fairly valid point.

There will be further changes in the coming weeks.

No. 2054

Aly isn't interesting right now because she's recovering a little. She's more of a dormant thread than a dead thread. The Aly thread was not full of anachans - they've been contained in the main thread. I don't admin doesn't like to see the distinction. I don't mind so long as we can have an Aly thread in future when she goes to shit again.

Also I agree with the anon who said Ash's thread should be pulled. It's just newbies asking the same questions over and over.

No. 2055

>she's naturally so strange and unnerving that she deserves to have her own thread based on her characteristics alone

that's retarded. how many threads of "omg when is she going to die??" will you tolerate just because she's the Master Bonelord? at the very least the Charms thread had new developments in her downward spiral, and new things for users to discuss. the most this just does is slow down the traffic in /pt/ from a limping to a hobbled crawl. since you're already taking steps to prevent threads similar to those locked /snow/ ones I don't see why you wouldn't just re-consolidate /pt/ and /snow/ again.

No. 2057

>that's retarded. how many threads of "omg when is she going to die??" will you tolerate just because she's the Master Bonelord?
She constantly posts in her own thread, which I find kind of amusing. But you're right, it is stale. You win. I moved it.

Also, how come no one seems to know what the word "thread" means?

>I don't see why you wouldn't just re-consolidate /pt/ and /snow/ again.

This has already been considered, and it may be done in the near future.

No. 2058

It seems like the right threads were closed!! Garbage, 99% of them.

For Aly followers, we made a thread on Kiwifarms for her back when her thread last got locked. The thread's been pretty dead because of her "recovery" right now but the mods there do allow the thread to exist. There's a Fit Vegan Ginge one as well.

No. 2059

It's only Ash's posting that keeps that thread going.

No. 2060

If you do decide to nuke this place, would you consider outing some of the self posts made by the cows? Like if the ostrengas ever posted, does charms ever come here, jnig etc. It would be so interesting to know who of the more famous cowflakes stooped to our level.

No. 2061

Damn, kind of upset you moved the Ash thread. She's a personal fave of mine.

I'm also kind of 50/50 on these decisions. I appreciate the fact that some of these changes will chase out some Ana chans and Instagram whores; but at the same time, I fear like over moderation can kill boards. I don't want this place to become like /cgl/, where everything that stays or is locked is up to the whim of a single person or team of persons, who will ban anyone who disagrees with them. I feel like you don't really care anymore, admin. I know you never signed up for this feeling like it would be a long term thing, and now we're reaching, what, two years now? But I hope you don't give up.

Also, I hope you eventually get around to answering my questions from earlier in this thread. Thanks.

No. 2062

I still say mark emily C's posts

No. 2063

I agree. I think it's only fair.

No. 2064

File: 1466408132442.jpg (93.24 KB, 474x505, 43ca762edd278bd5a603b6edc5351f…)

We were allowed make remarks so; Never forget the Victoria false conversion

No. 2065

Fuck fairness. Honestly. Admin already said it's a lot of work, and guess what it'll result in? People attempting to make threads laughing over it, and Emily creaming her pants. It doesn't seem worth it. He honestly did enough by giving you a list of posts she made in that thread. Time to move on.

No. 2066

I sardonically stated "it's only fair" anon.

No. 2067

There's an Aly thread on kiwifarms so if anyone wants to sperg about her they can make an account there to do so. Just thought I'd mention.

No. 2068

No. 2069

I am a bit sad that the pro ana scumback thread was shut down just before it turned out that Imskinnybeautiful2 was a 41 mom of a teenage son. that was actually some nice milk.

however, we will see. I am, to be honest, a bit on the fence about locking down certain threads but hopefully it let's us fond new milk, organic and fresh from the cow.

No. 2070

>"low quality" when basically all of /snow/ suffered from that
the whole site suffers from "low quality". it's fucking lolcow.

No. 2071

File: 1466429476673.gif (991.98 KB, 500x376, image.gif)

I'm real sad about the Micky and Pixielocks threads. I will miss Micky's saggy tits and wide spaced eyes, and Jillian's piss yellow teeth.

I'm kinda wondering if something happened for all this to take place suddenly.

No. 2072

Probably the garbage shit posters this site attracts. This was initially started up to follow pixyteri after the previous site was shut down. People were pretty relaxed until PULL, tumblr and idiot instagrammers/pro anas found this place as a refuge to talk about their friends.

Admin had been pretty down on this site for awhile so we're lucky he's not shutting it down. I mean Admin is a 25+ dude that probably doesn't want to cater to catty gossipers that are mostly cows themselves and use "trigger" "af" and "literally" unironically.

No. 2073

File: 1466431876285.png (53.6 KB, 551x397, tumblr_o92obrfJV91vsgcomo1_128…)

For all the people that wanna stay up to date with Emily, I guess you guys need to go back to Tumblr :')

No. 2074

So I checked PULL for a Jillian thread and there was one, but it's small and discusses her LACE and Party-Kei Drama so I'm making a new one.

No. 2075

File: 1466433025756.gif (16.97 KB, 245x140, ttrt5y5.gif)

How far we have fallen, resorting to PULL to discuss stupid bitches.

As others have said I'm 50/50 on these choices. Some of the threads probably needed locking, like the pro-ana one. But others, its just weird. Same with moving so many threads to /snow/. Every cow goes through a lull in lols, the only ones actually being constant with the milk is Margo and PT. Might as well move everything else to /snow/. Sheena is still in /pt/ and she does nothing, despite her shitty history. The thread is nothing but her twitter updates and making fun of her ears. I suppose Onion still produces shit everyday. And I really don't even know who the other twats are. /pt/ has like three people in it, lol. I agree with just consolidating them both together tbh.

Also, if we make a beauty guru/ lifestyle Youtuber thread in /snow/ would we be able to talk about Jillian in that? Or is there one already up, I didn't see it.

No. 2076


You're kidding yourself if you don't think that Admin isn't the biggest catty bitch of us all.

No. 2077

Here it is, the PULL thread I made for Jill, but you probably won't use it.: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/1954-jillian-vessey-pixielocks/

No. 2078


What ? McKenzie is 41 and a mom ? I thought Ember told everyone that McKenzie is a liar.

No. 2079

Now the front page of /snow/ looks like /pt/ and the front page of /pt/ looks like /snow/.
This was a horrible idea.

No. 2080

Without the ana-chan thread, I fear that all the proana cancers are going to migrate to Ash's thread…

R.i.p. Aly thread. It's been real fun.
And Micky thread. Your expiration date came too soon.

I still have Charms and whatever is left of Ash. Maybe I'll get to know Margaret now.

No. 2081


You added a link, but it doesn't work. (for me at least)

No. 2082

Onion produces shit but it's the same dumb shit. I guess YT changing their TOS recently will shake things but for the past few weeks it's just been edgy drama.

Either Ash's thread or the ED support group

No. 2083

Her name is Rhonda wood umpierre and she's 41. And has two adult children. Google her name or search the imskinnybeautiful2 tag on tumblr. People are going apeshit and posting a ton of proof.

No. 2084

Samefag for forgetting the reply.

No. 2085

no one cares rhonda, go take your kids to the little league game

No. 2086

lmao, this is just stupid now. the mods have gone crazy. having some of these threads aren't hurting anyone or the website. like really, berry and pixie? they're fun to talk about and have some drama. jesus christ, imagine taking yourself this seriously. what a shitfest.

No. 2087


Thanks. Google mobile doesn't really come up with helpful stuff about her and the tumblr search just shows on old post when I type in imskinnybeautiful2

Thanks anyway

No. 2088

I'm worried about Ash being in snow for that reason.

No. 2089

It was moved because someone in this thread mentioned that the milk is stale and that there isn't much lulzy content on Ash, but she remains amusing because sometimes she does post on there. But with the ana containment thread gone, we can expect more shit posts like

No. 2090

No. 2091


Watch out Anon or Admin might ban you.

No. 2093

every post she's ever made has already been linked in the thread

No. 2094

Anons who're trying to get the ana thread started again in here you need to stop because it's not going to bring your thread back.

Go post on an old abandoned chan if you really need to sperg about Crocker and Whann with each other. Here's a list of chans:
Some haven't been used for 3+ years (eg nahc4). Some of my favourite hangouts have been dumped, but jfc, I'm not about to start spamming this thread with Aly observations. Find some other place because IT'S GONE FROM LOLCOW.

No. 2095

I just don't get why they don't take the ember and Emily shit back to tumblr. That's where that crap belongs.

No. 2096

I don't get it either. The whole point of this site (to me) was to sit back and laugh at the cows, but the EW and Crocker obsessives used that thread as if they were emailing them but lolcow gave them anonymity.

I don't think they'll flock on the Ash thread tbh. Ash is genuinely severely anorexic and so there's nothing to bait her with. The dickhead anons are pure vendetta posts.

No. 2097

The Jillian thread on PULL went to shit so fast…

No. 2098

Well; Jillian went to prom in that horrible ass dress she made.
And that is the end of a /snow/ Cinderlla Story.

No. 2099

How about moving her thread to YTT? At least no one is giving a fuck over there

No. 2100

YTT is trash

No. 2101

Why not just do what I suggested here >>2075 and make an overall beauty/ lifestyle blogger thread and talk about her there?

No. 2103

Okay, I'll make one if there's not one already but can we talk about Jillian? Admin said that we can't mention her outside of her locked thread or we'll be banned. Will Admin allow that? Know any other beauty bloggers? I can only think about j-fashion people like AbiPop, Kelsey Ellison, Lovely Lor and GirlyHoot.

Yeah, it's not like they could point out that one was already made when the old one hadn't been updated since March 9th. If they were really interested in shit talking Jillian, they would stay current with what she does, and I wouldn't have to show evidence cause they'd already know about it. PULL probably doesn't even care about talking about Jillian.

No. 2105

Admin sama……i love you. Finally.

No. 2106

This is all so arbitrary. This is seriously cgl 2.0

No. 2107

I'd just like to say, Aminyan is really rude. Or sort of ungrateful. So many people will leave her comments which are nice, and she will sometimes respond to some as if they're lying or an annoyance. Damn, people are just trying to support her? She complains than, gets annoyed by the encouraging responses on her posts. Than don't complain? A few months ago she complained about winning second place or something in some contest, but than when she started receiving things because of her rank she was suddenly grateful. Now she is complaining about her photos in a new competition as if she is the only one who was caught in unflattering light.

No. 2108

Quick question. Locked means no more posting on the thread, yes? Because I still need to save some reactions gifs, heh.

No. 2109


No. 2110

maybe we could make a lolcow board on 8chan?

No. 2111

Sounds like a good idea.

No. 2112

No. 2113


Link doesn't work

No. 2114

Something is wrong with anony.link
Try entering the URL without it

No. 2115

Just suggesting that Kiki's thread be moved to /snow/ like Kota's. Kiki isn't even active on the internet anymore.

No. 2116

Anyone know where I can read up on the proanas/instawhores like ember/emily? Apart from tumblr, i'm not THAT desperate.

No. 2117

Thank you admin for ensuring the farms don't become a petting zoo during the summer.

Also, come on anons. Shit threads take up space that costs $$, and I have NEVER once seen anyone asking for donations to keep the site running. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)

No. 2118

>Shit threads take up space that costs $$
It's not like those threads aren't still up, taking up space.

No. 2119

Eh, I'm not sure how I feel about this like a lot of you but I get it

It's probably the easiest way to rid ourselves of our underage newfag infestation that began way before summer

Probably less reports and crap that needs to be policed this way too

No. 2120

Thanks anon.

No. 2121

Will the banners of the extinct cows/flakes remain? There's no point in having them anymore, as funny as I find the Aly one.

No. 2122

what about cryingemily? I don't follow her on IG and I didn't know much about her past, I used this site as context. does she have a tumblr or anything

No. 2123

File: 1466544324366.jpg (1.25 MB, 1662x2968, 1336230972198.jpg)

Why did the Ellejay thread get banned in /snow/?


No. 2124

recoveringemily on instagram. You can follow her drama there, she always posts about it

No. 2125

If you want to talk about her, add her to https://8ch.net/bannedcows/ I'd be interested in discussing her there, especially since she's on the road to Ashleydom.

I started an Aly one there if anyone's interested.

No. 2126

Can we just have a general jfashion bloggers thread? That way the deal can be spread around to who is actually having drama at that moment.

No. 2127


What the fuck has lolcow turned into that you have to go and create a SEPARATE board over on 8chan just to discuss some individuals with documented drama?
I don't even visit any of those figures threads, never have and never will, but the entire principal of it is ridiculous. This is exactly what happened to /cgl/.

No. 2128

Yes, that's fine.

And I'll extend this thread's existence to June 26, just to give people more time to organize. It'll remain locked after that.

No. 2129

Unfortunately majority of the posters here are summerfags so most will be complaints, but fuck off plz and take your shit threads to that shit 8chan board. Admin sama is great! Save lolcow!

No. 2135

> Unfortunately majority of the posters here are summerfags

Pretty sure most of the people here aren't summerfags.

No. 2136

>If a thread is locked, it's simply because I consider it to be low quality; no other reason.

Why are you speaking for the site as a whole? I saw very little complaints about those threads.

No. 2137

I can't be the only one who remembers when this site was opened and the admin said "you guys can do whatever you want, I don't care".

Did the admin change? I don't understand the shift from a hands-off "this is all shit anyways who cares" moderation to such a weirdly strict one with little explanation.

No. 2138


No I remember it too, it's extremely strange. Even stranger still that he won't provide an explanation, just like that time that girl posted CP here and we were all fucking her up and he was encouraging us and then suddenly locked down the thread, deleted a bunch of posts and refuse to talk about what happened. I always felt like Admin was supposed to be one of the members here, but increasingly he's starting to feel like the 'Admin'.

No. 2139

The key word in that sentence is "I". No one has to think the threads are shit because admin banned them becsuse admin thought the threads were shit.

No. 2140


The threads were shit and I never visited then once, but it's supposed to be a free-for-all here. Freedom of censorship was supposed to be the reason lolcow existed.

No. 2141

Freedom of censorship, that's it. Like this entire site is shit, we discuss fucking lolcows. Deciding what's more or less shit is pointless. Is admin going to delete the site in a butthurt rage and it's Staminarose all over again?

No. 2142

Admin's on a power trip.

If the ElleJay thread is low quality, well, look at the subject of the thread. No one would call her a high quality lady lolita. Kind of being banned when we didn't have much to work with in the first place.

No. 2143

The ElleJay thread should be left open as a required reading for anyone who thinks of becoming friends or lovers with her because ElleJay talks a good game at the outset and you don't realize how deep the crazy goes right away. It would save a lot of potential friends and lovers a lot of pain and drama. They could run early rather than late after ElleJay has inflicted her psychological damage.

No. 2144

Hile Admin! This place is supposed to be about lolcows not draconian censorship.

No. 2145

I seriously think Jillians mom has something to do with this..well whatever is was fun while it lasted I guess and go for now she can commence her party kei rip off without having to worry about lc

No. 2146

*good for her

No. 2147


No but apparently he'll ban you outright for questioning his reasoning. Unfucking believable. Somebody should make a new site.

No. 2148

Then make one. Your entitlement is ridiculous. "OMG why do you get to decide! This is censorship." The shit posting here should be censored for the sheer stupidity of it. Perhaps we'll miss out on semi-interesting threads, but it'll keep out the undesirables and stop the influx of newfags.

Instead of making demands, make a new gossip site to talk about your "lolcows." Why don't some of you just go to PULL?

No. 2150

Because most people here don't want a username or anything attached to their shit

No. 2151

No. 2152

As opposed to deleting them and not having a reference for newfags?

Come on anons. You're arguing against facts unseen. How do you know that a thread that seemed fairly active was actually two shitposters? Admin confirmed that in the pro-ana thread.
We all praised hellweek, so what's wrong with binning threads that not even heavy moderation can control?
It's summer, and everyone who has an inkling of board culture knows what happens. Most of the threads locked contained those who can easily call their underage whiteknights to come shit up the place.
Besides, I can't blame anyone for wanting to take some pressure from maintaining a board that obviously cannot self-police itself.
Maybe admin and the mods wanna chill in their pools without the nightmarish croon of "CHECK MY IP."

No. 2153

admin why is the jillian one blocked? can we include her in any other thread?

No. 2154

The board was completely fine being self-policed, honestly. It's a slow moving site compared to most chans/whatever, and if they can't keep up with this, just shut the whole thing down lmao

No. 2155


I prefer a general Thread (2125) for these idiots. No way the E girls deserve an extra thread.

McKenzie is 41?

No. 2156

Maybe a year ago, now any semblance of chan culture is slowly disappearing with all the hugboxers coming in. Shit threads keep going on forever, nobody can agree on what is good content vs shit.

Why don't we use /pt/ for those who want to drink milk easily provided and turn snow into /pet/ for those who just want to act like they're at a petting zoo.
Cows supply milk regardless, most of these snowflakes won't do anything without some 25 cent hand fed machine kibble.

No. 2157

Summerfags are a myth. Its Just some bullshit made up by people who need someone to blame when someone disagrees with them.

No. 2158


Rhonda is a fucking creep who deserves her own thread. Here you go: http://8ch.net/bannedcows/res/87.html

Ember & Emily are boring fucks who need a containment thread.

No. 2159

emily already made a thread for herself+ember in /bannedcows

No. 2160

Of course she did. She was right on top of that shit. What a loser.

No. 2161

it really is pathetic, but at least it will be entertaining to watch her and ember talk to themselves

No. 2162

>draconian censorship
Some of you are so fucking dramatic.

No. 2163

You're one of the reasons this site is garbage and why we need to delete threads to keep your moronic posting off the board. An emoji on an imageboard? Fuck you.

No. 2164

Its really funny how people honestly believe locking some threads is just going to remove shit posting.

Shit posting happens IN EVERY THREAD. People blog, people rage, people get autistic, it fucking happens. Some of these threads were not anymore shittier than the ones still in /pt/

No. 2165

No. 2166

So lolcows. Wehre is the new EllEJay thread going to be. That girl is entertaining.

No. 2167


? calm down Sweetie

Too bad there is no middle finger emoji on my keyboard(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2168

anywhere I can go to get my proana lulz sans ember/emily?

No. 2169

i was going to make a thread on /bannedcows for zoe/oli/etc

No. 2170

plz link when you do

No. 2171

No. 2172

No. 2198

You can discuss anyone with a locked thread in their respective general threads, with the exception of the anorexia people (Ember/Emily/Aly) and Berry.

I said I'd ban them for asking for threads to be reinstated, not for questioning my reasoning. Big difference between "omg pls let us talk about embers newest pics again xD" and requests for clarification (even though I've already given my answer in the OP).

No. 2199

You should've locked this thread before the ana scumbag anons turned it into shit.

Anyway, I got all the clarification I needed. Thanks, Admin. You did good.

No. 2200

Thanks for the clarification. I wouldn't mind some more general threads anyway. Talking all about one person can get boring, even though I enjoyed things like the Jillian thread.

No. 2201

Just read the announcement. bye admin.

No. 2205

top move captain, on such dismal displays; what message do we want to send to the rest of the world of the online 'ed-community [which at this point can only be regulated, not stopped entirely] but prehaps this bold move may 'thin' out the self posters/shit talkers and leave room for those wanting to engage in positive human communication…/b/ may become more active…who knows, it's an over stated, well circulated 'fact' that hoomans suffering for atypical an/b etc. are statistically of a higher IQ.
They need to be able to speak freely.
Ed's have been shut in cupboards, hidden, swept under the rug since they were records, unless a medical oddity was discovered, but the sudden wave of online 'proana' piss has SATURATED social media, a force which could be used for good in cases like these, but such new forms of human interaction are instead are abused by ignorant fuckwits…leading to shit like this really…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2206

yo tin foil patrol forever bro :')

No. 2209

Kill yourself.

No. 2211

Oh Ashley.

No. 2212


I enjoyed the Jillian thread too and it seems like other did as well. I really hope we can maybe bring that one back but if we have to resort to talking to her in a general I guess thats okay.

No. 2213

there is literally like so much milk for her thread and its killing me not being able to post.
hopefully we can get this one to open again.

No. 2218

feel the skeleton rage at being demoted to snowflake.

No. 2219

Would it be possible to just move the banned threads to /manure? That way the banned cows can still be discussed but the shit threads are separate from the better threads with quality milk in /pt and /snow

No. 2221

I'm hoping that was sarcasm because that's not Ashley. The writing style isn't even slightly the same.

No. 2222

The writing style was pretty similar actually.

No. 2225

The only thing that's really similar is using ' instead of " for quotation marks. There's some things in there that she never does, but I don't really want to hint her off, you know? Not that she'd be smart enough to change her style anyway.
(And I can't see her arguing for the freedom of speech for ED people anyway. She only cares about herself.)

No. 2226

bruh I loved Jillians thread

No. 2227

What happened with mackenzie vs ember. No one talked about how ember called her out on it

No. 2228

People mentioned it here, have fun: http://8ch.net/bannedcows/res/87.html

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