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No. 1172614

Why do people believe that they're a girl pretending to be a boy that transitioned? There's photos of them when they were younger, they have the body of a twink and no breasts. And from their old tumblr posts it seems like they originally tried transitioning to a girl in high school when they were confused but changed their mind, but since they did it at such a young age the hrt has left them very feminine (which seems to work in their favor)(uninteresting fakeboi)

No. 1172618

Shit thread, but it’s because they are a girl pretending to be a boy pretending to be a girl. Everything is photoshopped, and they stole the childhood pics from a family member. Moving on.

No. 1172637

File: 1614521006295.jpg (97.16 KB, 640x640, 9TcmBe6.jpg)

shit thread but i do want a thread on this girl. she literally blatantly photoshopped the dick on her cunt and it looks fake as fuck https://imgur.com/a/y4IwCHh. also no trans woman is built like that AND her voice is getting deeper probably due to testosterone use
>"body of a twink"

No. 1172641

This thread is shit anyways so here's my unasked opinion on her:
She's ugly as shit and her tries to become relevant are laughable

No. 1172644

>no links
>no info
>no former or current milk

fucking lock this thread

No. 1172655

>Another relevant r9k egirl.
She isn't even entertaining. Talk about her in some /ot/ thread.

No. 1172662

Crispy used to be one of the less cringy girls that posted on /r9k/ but I’m guessing she realized that photoshopping dicks on her crotch brought in more attention than whatever horror vlog/podcast? thing she was trying to do with her girlfriend. That’s about it.

No. 1172675

File: 1614524329729.jpeg (104.99 KB, 745x479, 3B64BB5F-E4CA-4D6B-B26D-E421E6…)

Did a little digging and she had a patreon with five subscribers along with youtube vlogs that were deleted. A post on /r9k/‘s archive says she sent c&ds on 4chan to delete old youtube and stream screencaps.

No. 1172677

Learn to read, what it says is that she is a patron of 5 creators, not that she has 5 subscribers.

No. 1172683

My mistake. I remember it barely having any followers though, they set it up to discuss things like horror movies and tried charging subscribers for links to their discord channel.

No. 1172686

this attention seeker has been hanging out in edgy spaces like 8chan and r9k for the last 20 years. of course they will pick up the latest edgy trend of being a "trap" or whatever for extra neckbeard attention points lol

No. 1172693

It’s been two hours and this link-free shit-tier thread hasn’t been red texted yet?

No. 1172696

This. Sick of the obvious lying simp/fellow fakeboi who made this shit thread.

No. 1172742

Is this literally a self post?
I remember back in 2016 she posted in r9k and cgl, just a girl
My tinfoil is she lurked r9k so much, and they love traps there, she wants to be one. Literal autism

No. 1172747

We don’t even need this thread. She gets discussed in the fakeboi one.

No. 1172759

She's obviously a girl.

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