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File: 1610455708901.jpg (73.48 KB, 720x706, 358b6e99b6f6342b4973642af31b78…)

No. 712809

go ahead and say it

previous thread >>>/ot/705668

No. 712868

Last night I dreamt that Shay got her entire new PC setup stolen and that the area left was really dusty. It was a super small piece of my dream overall, but it means I have to stop lurking.

No. 712870

Wait until she sees this and spergs about lc on twitter.

No. 712902

I have a crush on a guy and of course on the same night I was giggling while thinking about him, a new villager in animal crossing moved in and THEY HAD THE EXACT SAME BIRTHDAY AS MY CRUSH.

Was it meant to be? kek

No. 712916

I love seeing how the finn thread stays strong despite every adversity, and I am not even finn

No. 712917

I don't even know why anglofags try to bait us, why do they even care

No. 712921

When I see Azealia Banks's fake breasts I become really glad I decided to not have fake breasts, that shit looks awful on skinny women, even the more natural looking ones.

No. 712928

sometimes i see anons getting dragged on here and embarrassing themselves and i think "thank god thats not me"

No. 712934

A lot of odd career lapping on lolcow lately and for some reason they all get exactly paid 120k.

No. 712936

My anti-vaxxing mom spammed me again with some "alt facts" about the rona vaccine because she knows that I plan to get it (when it is my turn, which can be maybe by the end of the year, because I'm in the very last group to get it …). Anyways, last time she did this I send her some fake news sites about the rona and some other hilarious shit that made fun of those conspiracy theories and she honestly believed everything. She even called me to applaud be that I believe "the REAl truth" now, so this time after she send me some new videos of those "rona isn't real and I do not need to wear a mask" marches", I asked her if she believes everything they say and she replied with yes, which I responded with that the news sites I send her are all fake joke sites and now she is upset lmao

No. 712949

File: 1610474600511.jpg (35.42 KB, 720x926, FB_IMG_1610465106247.jpg)

My bfs ex is starting to skinwalk me and I honestly find it really funny, sis looks like a fucking goblin with fried hair kek

No. 712952

File: 1610474747571.png (15.22 KB, 689x313, ac.PNG)


No. 712982

File: 1610478176243.gif (181.9 KB, 220x197, tenor.gif)

>teacher sends me alone to interview an outpatient
>panic because I haven't been alone with a patient in more than a year due to covid, and because I'm an autistic retard in general
>girl: so you're studying for what?
>oh, i'm still a student, I'm not studying for anything (ie, i'm not an intern)
>yeah, I can see that

I mean, that burn was so fucking smooth I couldn't even be mad.
But I asked everything I should ask, so mission accomplished.

No. 712984

when a youtuber you like gets exposed for talking to an underage girl lmao why is literally every single scrote like this i hate it here

No. 712988

No. 712993

tfw no gamer terf gf (or just friend) who also happens to have similar taste in games… i don't want to have to discuss my fave games with troons, fakebois or horny scrotes

No. 712999

What are your favorite games, queen? Mine are probably different than yours, but still kek

No. 713000

what do you like anon?

No. 713001

File: 1610480141366.jpeg (576.1 KB, 1500x1125, 2F60C937-E950-408B-A0FB-05F5B2…)

Anyone have any shitty ex bf revenge/karma stories? They fuel me.

No. 713003

i don't know if i just don't take things seriously enough or if there are just too many people who don't know how to spot obvious jokes?
inb4 you just aren't funny, i don't even mean my own jokes, just in general.
anyone else feel this way?

No. 713004

Yeah I got one.

Dated a guy in high school whom I also lost my virginity to. He had an ex-girlfriend who was even mildly racist to me despite being a half breed. She cheated on him a lot, even at one point cheating by betting her friend that his cum tasted sweet? Yeah, she's that kinda gal.

Anyways, he ended up falling in love with another girl once he graduated and broke up with me while laughing while I cried.

New girl didn't want him. Few years later, he's now married to the ex-gf who cheated on him several times. It may seem like I took an L, but really it was a big W.

No. 713012

Based, they’re both trash and meant for each other.

No. 713026

Yeah I notice this too, particularly people being unable to spot obvious sarcasm. Might be a cultural thing, or autistic people struggling.

I’m only talking about on here and online in general. It’s rare I meet someone irl that can’t detect jokes.

No. 713030

i guess it's easier to tell from non-verbal cues in real life

No. 713036

Last night I dreamt about my ex from 3 years ago now that I thought was the love of my life for like a decade. In my dream he was being charming and romantic to me, and all I felt was discomfort and annoyance. Anyways, dump him ladies. It gets better.

No. 713046

the situations that made me make this post
>youtuber taking another youtuber's joke seriously
>youtuber making a joke and a handful of people in the comments taking it seriously
i can give some slack if someone doesn't pick up humor through text… but not this

No. 713058

ayrt, i like mostly weeb shit (action stuff and some rpgs, no visual novels), as well as some western games commonly labeled as immersive sims (still not sure what exactly this label means, but stuff like dishonored, deus ex, hitman etc), gta and similar games, as well as some first person shooters (but not the realistic military kind). thinking of giving persona 4 and cyberpunk a chance. i never play multiplayers. what about you two?

No. 713073

File: 1610488062574.jpg (52.48 KB, 700x467, soft-drink-cup-lid1.jpg)

Why are there those little bumps on top of soda cup tops if people never use them

No. 713080

because they can tell you're not blind probably

No. 713081

No. 713082

they do use them if you order like a regular coke and a diet one

No. 713084

File: 1610488682073.jpg (77.88 KB, 640x637, 4858.jpg)

i LOVE reading redpill or seduction advice/guides aimed at men on sites like reddit just so i know how to play guys who try to pull that shit on me. i remember years ago when i was at a nightclub w my friend, some loser was trying to neg her and when i called him out on it by being like "oooo is this negging? like, from the book the game? wow!" he started to get visibly stressed out. it was a delicious thing to witness. i'm not that direct usually, i mainly use their own tactics against them.

No. 713089

File: 1610489038983.jpg (73.34 KB, 735x581, 1b60798705632f22f21903239caeda…)

Why do I have such a bad case of ugly ass bitch disease
I look like the bastard child of Ready to Glare and Sylvester Stallone's dead son (rip)

No. 713090

this is like peak retardism but sometimes when i'm bored, i troll my local news channel fb comments and call Trump followers "sheep" which angers them quite a bit

No. 713091

What >>713082 said, apparently for the benefit of people with diabetes and stuff

No. 713112

I hooked up with this dj and when I was staying at his house I found a book like the game but it wasn't. I couldn't read much but I was absolutely fascinated by the "power stance" and indirectly brought it up to the dj. He got so nervous and ghosted me before attempting to hook up again.

No. 713118

My aunt sent me photos of me with two buns in my hair and it was so adorable I really miss it but now my hair is short and I know if I had long hair I would miss it being short because I like how it is right now too :( but one day I will grow my hair again and wear two buns in my hair like a bear and if I sound underage I swear I am not I am sorry

No. 713150

Sometimes when I'm feeling bad, I'll go on Instagram and search for some memes of babies and comment 'ugly' on them to create drama. Absolutely unhinged but it's cheaper than therapy, and works to calm me down most of the time.

No. 713171

I was very upset about something dumb and this post made me cackle thanks

No. 713176

I've finally realized that any chick on twitter who takes selfies using a potato-quality phone is obviously shopping/hiding their real faces

No. 713178

File: 1610497709364.gif (116.1 KB, 277x400, 1405640991500.gif)

That absolutely hilarious. Keep it up, queen

No. 713182

Is this a copy of the anon who said they call Trump supporters sheep on facebook

No. 713187

I swear to god olive oil elevates almost everything
It's so damn good

No. 713188

I went grocery shopping and bought fresh produce when I’m about to be out of town for 5 days. I’m retard.

No. 713195

Throw whatever is left over in a forest or something before you leave. Or just freeze it.

No. 713206

Nta, you reminded me of a week ago when I threw some old popcorn into my huge gingerbread house and left it outside for the raccoons. I checked yesterday and it's completely gone lololol, not even crumbs.

No. 713232

This is amazing. It's fucking hilarious too because people get so butthurt about it. Social media is ridiculous.

No. 713243

oh lordy loo i do love cheese bread

No. 713259

I love my boyfriend to fucking death but jesus christ. He's really opened my eyes to how many of the mens skincare/hair care/whatever stuff isn't just memes

>had to teach him why 3in1 is bad

>had to teach him the difference between face and body wash, yes, your face is a part of your body, no, it doesn't get cleaned the same
>microtears do not help the ingredients seep into your skin more
>popping your own pimples with the same tool every night and not washing it is bad

and just last night
>he mentions his hair feels "not frizzy, but stuck together"
>semi-jokingly ask if he's brushed it after showering
>"… Anon. I don't brush my hair."
>proceeds to tell me he doesn't ever brush his hair because it hurts when he does

I can only do so much….

No. 713299

The way I just impulsively took a pair of scissors and cut 9 inches of hair off my head, and it not being the first time I've done this.

I feel like this categorizes me as manic to others but it really just doesn't phase me. I feel like it's supposed to kek.

No. 713301

I think it's only manic if you upload a lot of hysterical selfies during the process about how crazy you are for doing it and making it into some big metaphor. Good on you for recognising it's just hair, I hope you like your new cut

No. 713303

Nta but it can still be manic as shit but if you don't regret it, who gives a fuuuuuuck, it's just hair.

No. 713312

if you live in America and if you didn't dye it you can donate it to make wigs for kids with cancer.

No. 713315

Be honest, which of you has healthier skin? I will never understand why women berate men for doing nothing to their skin when clearly washing your face with only water gets you clearer skin than slathering dozens of weird chemicals on your face in some super specific order every day.

No. 713320

>washing your face with only water gets you clearer skin than slathering dozens of weird chemicals on your face in some super specific order every day.
Why are you saying this as if everyone has the same skin? And anyway dirt can still be on your skin, water is just water. I doubt you wash your body with just water. You don't have to use a bunch of products but at least have some kind of cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen, and they don't have to be "chemicals" (chemicals also aren't even a bad thing? Water's a chemical).

I swear anytime someone says anything about skincare anywhere, there's always someone to say it's unnecessary and brag about the fact they don't use any products.

No. 713323

Water is not a "weird" chemical.
I literally just use water for my face and my skin is basically flawless
Diet makes all the difference. Products don't do much in the long run

No. 713324

Nta but curious to see how you age if you aren’t wearing any sunscreen tbh

No. 713328

Wtf is a "weird" chemical? People have to stop using chemical as if it's a negative word. I'm glad just using water and changing your diet works for you, but again not everyone is you and if you have a skin condition a good diet and water might not even do shit. Tell people with cystic acne to "just use water" and see how they react.

No. 713331

>person with naturally good skin actually thinks their lack of effort and knowledge is the reason for their good skin
>also thinks their lack of experience with skin problems qualifies them to give advice to strangers on their skin problems
I could not roll my eyes any harder. You know what fixed my horrible cystic acne completely and permanently with no change to my diet? C20H28O2, prescribed by a doctor, and I'm sure that's a 'weird' chemical' in your opinion.

No. 713332

I used to have cystic acne. Fixing my diet and dropping weird chemicals are what fixed my skin.

No. 713334

Anon do you really not understand that not everyone is you? Please read that over until you get it. is that going to work for everyone with cystic acne? No. I still want to know what a weird chemical is.

No. 713341

I’ve just realized a big reason I enjoy reading threads making fun of mtf cows in particular, especially on male dominated places like KF, is because people often talk about the positives/naturally attractive things about biological women in the process of shit-talking mtfs. And I guess it makes me feel better about being female, because I frequently have thoughts about the downsides of this sex and how much it kinda sucks being physically weaker and having a menstrual cycle and all that. I wish I had a healthier way of feeling positive about being a woman.

No. 713348

Oh god I just realized I haven't created in all years anything big and meaningful and creative. I see so many people (through consistent hard work) produce so many wonderful things and I want to be like them but I lack the motivation, inspiration, and knowledge needed to truly creat something so beautiful. Perhaps one day.

No. 713362

Nta, but most people regardless of gender don't need multiple specialized products and routines, they just need to keep clean and eat well. The cosmetics industry has been pushing it's products on women too hard, marketing it to the majority and making huge profits. OP is behaving as if using those products should be the norm, of course she's going to get backlash. A lot of us are sick of that shit being shoved down our throat. Use it if you want, just stop pretending it's normal. It's not.

No. 713364

>I wish I had a healthier way of feeling positive about being a woman.
try making lesbian friends, even if you aren't a lesbian or bisexual yourself. it actually helps with that a lot

No. 713372

does anyone else get an extreme uneasy feeling whenever they see people known to be into fetishes like ddlg interacting with and befriending teenagers online? even if they only talk to them on worksafe alt accounts it comes off as very disturbing to me

No. 713382

Why are they saying x3 when they redtext shit like that all the time?

No. 713383

i think it actually means times 3, as in the third time anon ban evaded

No. 713384

File: 1610523606874.jpg (48.4 KB, 750x701, 0a080de255178daef6b4888a8f704f…)

Sometimes you girls drive me nuts and I ask myself why i even continue to come here. But at the same time I love your crazy dumb asses. Thank you for existing

No. 713385

Idk how women get manipulated by men in relationships. I have never met a scrote I felt was more emotionally intelligent than me or good at lying. I feel like if you get played by a man you are just ignoring red flags because scrotes are so stupid.

No. 713389

How is it not normal? If it's because those products are not natural, natural skincare exists and works btw there's a lot of shit in this world humans have created. Skincare is not suddenly this super evil thing because of that, and skincare being pushed on women doesn't change that it is helpful to a lot of men and women. It's basically just soap and lotion made for your face because the skin on your face is different. You're not better than cause you use water and bodywash to clean your skin.

No. 713391

Warn the kids, they can be groomed.
People who grew up in abusive families might see red flag behaviour as normal. It is all the know.

No. 713395

It's needless. Why would I use something that doesn't benefit me and hurts the environment? No positives, only negatives.
It's not normal to ruin the environment by being a consoomer of shit you don't need. It's not smart, it's not wise.

No. 713396

Most relationships don't start abusive. Then the woman ends up being too in love and in denial to what is happening to her, especially if there's no physical violence involved. Most scrotes also end up isolating their partners, so they feel trapped and unworthy of anything else.

No. 713398

Scrotes also make it really obvious when they're just love bombing tho

No. 713399

>I don't have to use it so no one should

No. 713402

>Use it if you want, just stop pretending it's normal. It's not.

No. 713423

An artist I look up to followed me for all of a few days, I think, and no longer follows me. Feels bad.

No. 713424

What are you on about? I tried water and the easy alternatives. Chemicals make my skin much better. Some of us just have genetically acne prone skin. (Parents have acne into their late thirties. And yes, I eat healthy - vegan and little to no junk food.)

No. 713425

I wish I could shave all my head hair off without looking like a fat retarded preteen boy

No. 713427

It’s not about being more or less intelligent, my abusive, isolating scrote ex was borderline dyslexic, socially stunted and just an all round spaz. Whereas I was significantly less of a spaz than he was, but because of my desperation to be loved, and my low self esteem, I became inclined to believe his isolating lies.

No. 713441

Same, if anything we manipulate ourselves. It got to the point where I didn’t even like my ex anymore but stayed despite the abuse because what else was I suppose to do? Respect myself? (In hindsight yes, but my mentality was fucked back then)

No. 713454

I was the same. I would constantly be told “nobody else will ever love you because you’re a psychotic retard”. I knew that I was objectively more desirable, likeable and had more potential than he did, besides other people found me attractive unlike him. Yet I was so badly hurt I didn’t want to risk being hurt even worse by a new person. It’s just so comforting to stick with what you know and use them to heal yourself of the abuse they caused, further deepening the trauma bond.
My ex was incapable of intelligent conversation but he was a highly capable manipulator, not just of me but other women and men.

No. 713471

File: 1610535461015.jpg (294.35 KB, 1200x1500, 21ad5cb6d4861dc38f250317418faf…)

feel like pure shit just want him out of custody

No. 713473

Why is everyone obsessing over this ugly dumb scrote

No. 713474

Same sis.

no, he is dreamy

No. 713475

he has a bad case of retard face to me. it’s like there’s nothing sentient or interesting behind the eyes.

No. 713476

Are his tattoos drawn on in sharpie or are they just that bad?

No. 713477

File: 1610536426787.png (210.59 KB, 540x332, jake-angeli-tw4.png)

girls, he's bald under the hat

No. 713480

Fucking RUINED

No. 713481

Epic prank! They all just got punk'd!

No. 713484

File: 1610536963511.jpg (896.11 KB, 2048x1365, gettyimages-1294935351-2048x20…)

he's ugly under the makeup too, what's your point?

No. 713485

My point is that if him being ugly doesn't stop them from thirsting, maybe being bald will

No. 713486

samefag, he's still better looking than timothy chawhatever

No. 713487

File: 1610537608157.jpg (87.97 KB, 1024x683, 5ff9ea7c2047b.image.jpg)

No. 713488

Still dreamy anon.

No. 713489

Props to the photo journalists, they really knew what we wanted to see. There are tons of fantastic drool-worthy pics of him at the Congress, I'm so thankful to the photojournalists that captured them for all of us around the world to enjoy.

No. 713492

As I've lost weight and got older I think I've slowly begun to like my face. I'm not very attractive but I also don't care to be attractive to anyone these days. I think my features are kind of nice individually but wonky together and I kind of like the weirdness. Maybe this is all a subconscious cope but it I feel chill with my self.

No. 713493

Might want to go see a therapist for that mentally retarded fetish you have anon.

No. 713495

NTA but
>liking a handsome man
>retarded fetish
It's perfectly normal to find this guy attractive. He is hot.

No. 713498

No. 713499

No. 713503

File: 1610542545201.jpeg (321.92 KB, 1296x828, 1E27514F-CEB0-4232-8E63-455F79…)

why do troons always dress so fucking badly

No. 713504

My stan eras definitely contributed to my villain arc and I'm only just realizing this now, several years later.

No. 713508

I assume they're trying to copy instagram influencers they find hot without realizing how clownish they look in the same outfit.

No. 713519

Diff anon but adding to this, they largely exist online in twitter echo chambers which comment “yas queen!” to add to the delusion. Anyone who criticizes them is automatically a transphobe so their opinion is disregarded.

No. 713539

Why is Howtobasic still uploading? I thought that shit was funny when I was in middle school. Now it's just disgusting. I wonder what kind of people still watch his channel now that all of the other tardtubers of his caliber have moved on.

No. 713542

what did your villainous arc consist of??

No. 713566

>Why is Howtobasic still uploading?
he is?

No. 713569

I want a farmer gf. I have nothing to offer but I’m kind of hot in an 80s tacky lingerie shoot kind of way.

No. 713573

not even gay but literally every man posted on this site is so fucking ugly

No. 713588

2006 - 2012 weebs >>>>>>>>>>>>>> later weebs

No. 713589

No. 713597

Sorry anon, gotta ask what type of men you find attractive because there is a such a diversity posted here, like you don't even like one?

No. 713600

So you're saying michael cera isn't hot? What the


No. 713601

>there is a such a diversity posted here
Yeah, Adam Driver in this film, Adam Driver in that film, Adam Driver in the other film…

No. 713602

Are you a 2Dsupremacist?

No. 713603

80s goths and 2000s emos, maybe some 2000s skaters too. but they're all dead/old now and never existed in my town to begin with so it feels pointless.

No. 713605

Michael Cera looks like this old jewish simp that bothers me at my job every week

No. 713607

nevermind I read that as 1D

No. 713609

File: 1610560448090.jpg (93.33 KB, 960x660, 21949892_10156788567040329_493…)

Fuck it. Depeche Mode posting

No. 713611

My dad if he was an anon

No. 713612

finally, some fucking taste

No. 713613

What?? Being bald makes him even better

No. 713614

Lmaoooo my boyfriend too. I love him to hell and back but holy shit you'd think they'd do maybe just the tiniest bit of research about it. The nice part is that teaching him about new self care habits is fun for me and he seems super appreciative of my advice. We picked out some much better shampoo and conditioner for his hair, changed the wash frequency too and he's really happy with the way it feels now kek.

No. 713616

Go to /g/ anon, there's a lot of conventional moid posting there
It's just that the "ugly" (or actual ugly) become memes at /ot/

No. 713621

I was including /g/ too tbh. the men in the conventional thread are indistinguishable from the unconventional ones

No. 713622

I totally agree with you.

No. 713627

a himbo

No. 713628

File: 1610561998327.gif (2.88 MB, 498x280, 1596568812636.gif)

ilu bitch

queen shit. I find that as I grow older my confidence grows too. I'm giving less of a shit about looking ~beautiful~ and it's honestly so freeing.

No. 713638

Kill Mother Fucking Depeche Mode

No. 713640

there's more than driver but the driverposts are so numerous and memorable that it's easy to forget those other men

at the end of the day it's really up to what you find attractive, if you find most men ugly, it's ok. i don't want to find men attractive at all but i am drawn to what i'm drawn to and i can't stop it

more like depeche moid amirite

No. 713645

German engineering, Astounding ingenuity, Almost 4 decades of Conceptual continuity!

No. 713684

>there's more than driver but the driverposts are so numerous and memorable that it's easy to forget those other men
Aw you think I am memorable thanks nonny

No. 713685

I really didn't believe that Finnish people were super degenerate like some anons here say, but one of my favorite fic author writes some nasty shit and surprise, surprise, I just found out she's in Finland

No. 713687

File: 1610567507105.jpeg (29.72 KB, 540x540, 1610491903320.jpeg)

So you're saying…he isn't…hot?

No. 713688

i love you anon <3

No. 713690

File: 1610567614575.jpeg (80.7 KB, 750x713, 99303FB2-737A-4E63-BB78-9436FF…)

michael cera is not hot

No. 713704

File: 1610568341490.gif (495.94 KB, 220x144, tenor-2.gif)

No. 713707

Nobody here has been saying that Finnish people are degenerates. Where the hell did you even pick that up?

No. 713708

Ellen Page got pregnant by him, later came out as a lesbian and now she thinks she's a man. What do you think?

No. 713712

I-I uhh umm uhhh


Ellen page was kinda hot too but uhhh

No. 713713

lmao which fic author is it, anyone big?

No. 713714

I specifically remember when Finnanon got outed for being Finnish, the anon said it was because Finnish people are known for degen behavior or something
CaptainDegenerate. She's pretty big in the AO3 AOT community. She's a fantastic writer and I like all her work except for "Stray Kittens & Leather Collars". That one was just disgusting.

No. 713715

Sorry to butt in but it wasn't the fact that she was acting like a fool, it was more about the way she went on about it. It had that vibe, but she's not some common sight for finns, just troubled.

No. 713723

I've known quite a few finns who were similarly degenerate in the same ways that finnanon talks about. Part of me thinks that they were playing it up a bit because they just think the Finnish degeneracy stereotype is funny.

No. 713733

I sometimes wonder if she still posts here

No. 713734

The anon who outed her said the telltale sign was the way she described the happenings and how she beat up the scrote as a woman because Finnish women are based.

No. 713737

Exactly this, also the morkkis was strong, the day after guilt of doing dumb shit.

No. 713747

she’s popped up to defend herself a couple of times when people accuse other crazy anons of being her so yeah she’s still around

No. 713753

>stray kittens and leather collars
no not another charmie

No. 713767

"My bf beats the shit out of me everyday, calls me a fat whore while I cook his tendies, tells me my 16 year old sister has a nicer ass than me and needs to watch porn via his vr head set while he has sex with me because if he doesnt do that he cant cum :( but other than that hes a great guy and I love him so much!I feel like once we get through these struggles he will be the perfect man for me!"-straight women

No. 713768

>lesbian relationships have no issues because women are perfect
Come on anon

No. 713770

I'm making fun of how straight women list all these awful things about their partners then at the end they will say "BUT HES SUCH A GREAT GUY, KIND AND GENEROUS AND HE LOVES ME MORE THAN ANYTHING!"

No. 713772

wishing all straight girls stuck in relationships like this to find kind, monogamous, anti porn, hot himbo chads to dump their shitty bfs for

No. 713777

I wish I knew some anons from my country so we could talk shit about the politics and stuff

No. 713784

literally my first boyfriend

No. 713785

God bless u

No. 713791

File: 1610577418065.gif (246.06 KB, 267x200, gum.gif)

I've spent the last few hours debating whether or not I should buy a special collector's edition of a novel even though it costs twice as much as the regular paperback version. I hate how difficult this decision is, my brain knows it's financially smarter to just get the standard paperback but damn I do love a pretty cover. anons, am I a fool or should I say fuck it and treat myself

No. 713805

I want this sm, please universe some non-abusive romantic companionship would be really nice. Otherwise why am I still here, just to suffer?

No. 713810

Would you cherish that book? If so, get the special one.

No. 713818

Reminds me of that screencap in the Reddit hate thread of this woman literally going on about how his "hubby" is a racist, misogynist piece of shit but "it's okay because I've learned not to nag him about it". Women out there need to love themselves a lot more.

No. 713855

File: 1610583356373.png (22.98 KB, 1099x243, i fucking wish.png)

Man I do love lurking /pol/ during habennings, it's schizo milk nonstop

If AOC was gonna make a good Hitler-chan, she'd better put all male-kinds in camps

No. 713864

The armie hammer stuff it's so revolting in so many ways. I hope he fades into obscurity and we never see his face in any films ever again, at least

No. 713875

File: 1610588212996.jpg (65.65 KB, 868x867, 51daf1998baf98c772d652f4cadd13…)

I didn't save the notes i had on my phone with art ideas before I restored the factory settings….

No. 713882

He was already recast in one of his upcoming movie roles so it seems to be a sign his career may be done for. So we hope

No. 713884

File: 1610590873903.jpeg (420.42 KB, 750x650, C56B2F1E-80EC-4C2D-A90B-9DF792…)

fashion kween

No. 713886

what cow do you think is most likely to kill someone (other than themselves)
I pick Heather Sparkles

No. 713888

Obviously onionboi

No. 713890

dang, i forgot we already had an obvious answer

No. 713892

No. 713901

Going with a bit of a wild card and gonna say pnp would give someone some disease

No. 713906

PNP always struck me as a long con, andrea yates type

No. 713912

elbow macaroni is the worst pasta shape

No. 713913

File: 1610594243041.png (22.12 KB, 250x216, EC021E13-D170-43BC-AC59-9342CE…)

Best way to make 500$ in a month? I'm in Canada if that helps. I neglected my health bad and now it's coming to bite me in the ass. I'm seriously considering down efindom and ghosting the men once they send me $$$.

No. 713918

trying to make candied yams, but I know I already fucked up cause I put way too much spice in them. Pray for me and my sweet potatoes yall

No. 713922

nika, gimpgirl, and oddly enough, erin

No. 713928

girl sell your stuff on ebay or offerup i swear. i’ve made $200-300 this week alone through offerup. marie kondo tf out if your belongings and catch those sales
i’ve also had really good luck finding stuff for free on the st and reselling it online. furniture and plant related stuff tends to go the fastest

No. 713929

The amount of time you would need to invest in attracting and filtering men who would actually pay up would take so long without any guaranteed pay out. How is your mobility? If you could manage cycling and have a bike you would make faster money doing Uber Eats delivery

No. 713934

File: 1610597669579.jpg (144.15 KB, 1014x762, 83c6946384df2b85f48142d9d6d373…)

Just found out someone who's been quite nice/kind to me might actually be a tranny.
I feel pretty bad, thinking about how my views would hurt their feelings. But at the same time, I can't just turn away from reality. This sucks.

No. 713937

don’t feel bad just do what makes you feel comfortable
I just found out one of my best friend’s husband trooned out on her recently and she’s staying by him so all I can do is ignore his existence.

No. 713953

I wanted to draw but lost/broke my tablet pen rip

No. 713987

Nta but I like this idea, would you mind explaining more? So far as furniture goes it seems big and unwieldy and most people just want stuff with an easy setup even if other pieces are nicer quality. Do you only sell smaller things like end tables or also big stuff?

No. 713992

Nayrt but check out your local selling websites and watch a few items, check what actually gets sold. It can vary a lot by area. Where I live it’s not worth selling any furniture unless it’s expensive. Most of the cheap stuff is listed for free or near enough. People just want to avoid paying to dump it themselves.

No. 713994

Thanks anon good advice, I will give that a shot and keep an eye out to see what’s popular.

No. 714123

File: 1610634820859.jpg (102.36 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Every time I see this dude I wanna stab him with an EpiPen so bad

No. 714130

Every time I see this dude I wanna stab him

No. 714138

Why epipen anon

No. 714139

His weird swollen eyes remind me of the way a face looks after an allergic reaction to peanuts

No. 714149

> studying my country's history for the college entrance exam
> thank you bois for the emancipation and everything but can i get some women in here? please

No. 714150

I did it girls! Today my bf told me the guys in our friend group think I’m pretty but none of them sees me as a potential sexual partner and it didn’t affect me in any way, which means 1) my self esteem has raised to the point I don’t care about male approvation of any sorts after years of pickmeism due to lack of self love and 2) I finally have male friends who won’t try to fuck me and love me as a dear friend

No. 714151

No, it’s pennette lisce.

No. 714155

he's got a weird ass nose kek

No. 714175

Sorry anon but you are gullible as hell. Either they’re lying about thinking you’re pretty or they’re lying about not wanting to fuck you kek. Why do you think that they’d be honest about this around your BOYFRIEND?? If they say you’re not pretty, that insults your bf, and if they say they do want to fuck you, that would not go over well with your bf. Do you have a brain rattling around in there? You’re still definitely a pickme. Please stop being an idiot and pick up a hobby or something.

No. 714182

I'm so tired of online dating, I give up honestly. It's exhausting to constantly message first and ask all the questions. It's even worse when it turns out she's straight since it doesn't say shit in the bio and my idiot ass doesn't want to be rude.

No. 714195

File: 1610646299215.jpg (274.05 KB, 1144x1500, bznVDbXHocUGo-RUJHM5u0IX6RM.jp…)

I'm so sad that android husbandos probably will not become a thing in our lifetime… and even if they do, they will be expensive as fuck and probably still acting retarded. I just want to live with a robot version of my fictional husbando reeee
does anyone know any otome with robot husbandos? or manga/anime beyond Zettai Kareshi and Hal, which I still need to watch. Films are ok too

No. 714197

I've heard anons say many things about joji, this I did not expect

No. 714198

based retard (me)

No. 714199

File: 1610646626942.jpg (423.28 KB, 654x800, Kokonose._Konoha_.Haruka.full.…)

the kagerou daze manga is pretty good and has a qt AI boy, the anime is trash though.

No. 714234

ccc come back please

No. 714304

Does anyone else just absolutely adore the idea of a flirtationship?

Idk, having a bunch of good friends and a guy who you flirt and have a tonne of sexual tension with just seems like the ideal setup.

No. 714313

File: 1610653806922.jpg (117.88 KB, 750x872, 05d8f6c2-0368-4509-91c1-918e90…)

Mfw 15.5k redditards upvoted my shitty reddit post not knowing i've committed terf crimes on every other post i've ever made on that shitty ass site. Can't wait for my inevitable #cancellation

No. 714314

That's me with about half of my friends, what can i say i am sUcH aN aRiEs

No. 714316

>cold water is bad for you, especially for women, since it's over-chills your body
This isn't a superstition, it's very relevant in cold climates. The outside cold air is kept out by your winter jacket and skin pretty well, but cold water inside the stomach is insulated by nothing and radiates cold right into your bloodflow, which has to work extra hard to generate warmth (and carries the cold it absorbed throughout your body as it goes)

Women's bodies have less water in them and are smaller, so the cooling effect from the same glass of cold water is stronger. Not really a survival issue if it's a warm climate and apartment, but I sometimes drink ice cold water during hot summers and I've noticed it does kind of make me nauseous.

No. 714318

Yes. Since most dudes just basically give up and show their colors after they “conquered” you. The idea of them is greater than they can ever actually be.

No. 714321


No. 714324

Forgot to add, I know some cases where people have been drinking ice cold water (they kept their drinking bottle outside their jacket and it got too cold) during long skiing trips and ended up collapsing and having to be evacuated by helicopter because their kidneys had started freezing. Apparently they had literal ice crystals starting to form in there.

No. 714329

I've also been given 19 awards kekkkkk

No. 714333

I’m still so sad GLOW was cancelled

No. 714335

this is also a myth…

No. 714336

Why would they tell ur bf they wanna fuck his girl lol but it is a good thing that you don’t feel the need to be fuckable to every scrote. Pickme brain is an illness. Still do practice clenrmindedness when befriending them.

No. 714354

you're living the dream nonny

Ugh best was when I had a flirtationship with a flatmate tbh, watching the dude posture while shirtless in the kitchen when he saw that I came in, late late night chats where we aaaalmost commited to it…dang I miss it. Not him, just the dynamic with him and any other male I extensively flirted with.

No. 714375

It would be creepy and disrespectful if your friends told your boyfriend they wanted to have sex with you. Wtf? Why was this even coming up in conversation with them? Also, don't believe that. Studies have shown men are more likely to have a desire to bang their female friends than women are to see male friends as current/future sex partners. Men will have sex wherever they can get it and don't presume that just because they weren't stupid enough to freely tell this to your partner that they wouldn't jump on the opportunity if they felt it arose (i.e. if you eventually break up). Always stay guarded around scrotes, even the "nice" ones.

No. 714376

Kek what was your post about? If you don't mind sharing.

No. 714383

Nta but why

No. 714385

God, you are absolutely embarrassing. Do you think your boyfriend cares that your male friends find you fuckable? Get a grip.

No. 714388

I would never flirt with a dude unless it was beneficial for me but with my female friends, it's just wholesome and kinda ironic since most of us are single as shit gays. It does make you feel warm inside, doesn't it aaaaa

No. 714390

Just curious what a radfem would post about on Reddit that would get so much slavering popular approval.

No. 714395

I mean it most likely has nothing to do with her political beliefs, non-boomer terfs hold otherwise leftist stands that are popular on Reddit anyway, could just be le funny maymays

No. 714435

Unironically, I feel like most people who complain about getting banned in /meta/ are wasting their time. We already know some of the mods are newfags or spergs. Some of them literally argue with people in the ban messages kek.
When’s the last time they even responded to any posts calling out an unfair ban? At most, they'll privately seethe in their group chat, and probably give the person who complained a longer spite-ban the next time they see them. Just ban evade like everybody else.

No. 714436

I think it’s about time we brought back the man hate threads

No. 714437

Using terms like pickme makes you no better than a “scrote”

I wanted to say except a bit less violent but I’ve been reading tons of wikipedia articles about ugly maniacs who apparently are ciswomen

No. 714438

They admitted one of my bans were unfair in November in the last complaints and suggestions thread.

No. 714442

File: 1610662580622.jpg (90.08 KB, 660x495, buscemi_eyes.JPG)

i'm really obsessed with steve buscemi and those memes where they photoshop his eyes onto people are starting to look normal to me (or better, somehow)

No. 714445

That's Billie Skarsgård

No. 714449

File: 1610663065127.jpg (49.18 KB, 499x414, zXNA3Qm.jpg)

I was hoping for a Pogchamp emoticon of the deer girl.

No. 714450

File: 1610663105154.jpeg (143.65 KB, 750x578, 5A6E3B22-9DB3-4F1E-9A5E-1C0479…)

I don’t even care about the trooning out, it’s the fact they could almost pass as twins. The fuck.

No. 714453

Eeh. I can look back at my younger, more naive self and refer to myself as a pickme. I don't think it's damaging. Not in the way that calling myself a whore/slut or dumb bitch or pussy would be. Those are sexist terms almost always used in a negative way, where pickme in still gendered but imo refers more to a bad outlook rather than meaning the woman herself is evil or beyond saving.

No. 714465

I was suddenly reminded of that one spergy tumblr blog (I think it was called thisisnotjapan or something?) that centered around calling out "cultural appropriation" of the Japanese, all of the mods were haafus or 3rd gen immigrants born and raised overseas, one even a Chinese-American. It made me think about how absurd it is. I have relatives who migrated to another country, if their kids suddenly started acting as the connoisseurs of my culture it would be so weird and stupid because I consider them to be from the country they were born in, not my and their parents' homeland. They have never lived in my country and despite speaking the language they have no idea what the culture actually is like and you can still hear a foreign accent listening to their speech.

The blog was still hilarious though, wokesters complaining about their weeb friends to a bunch of anonymous larping mods and condemning the white chick destroying the holy nipponese cuisine by eating rice with teriyaki sauce or wearing a kimono. I think they were cancelled after the only (allegedly) full Japanese mod claimed that the Japanese can't be racist because racism a white invention.

No. 714473

He's probably wearing her dresses that she can't fit anymore

No. 714483

Feel like pure shit just want them back.

No. 714487

There were so many Tumblr blogs like that back in 2014 to around 2016. I wonder if they're still kicking.

No. 714489

File: 1610669740636.jpeg (124.02 KB, 1280x574, ErIMhaUUYAErO6J.jpeg)

I'm a hardcore radfem but my boyfriend is a real life otome character and sometimes it makes me feel bad when shitting on the male population as a whole.

No. 714490

I remember this. There was drama when one of the mods got called out for using Google translate. He(?) claimed to be a Japanese man called Jun in his bio, but Google translated it as June the month, 6月. Apparently none of the mods had the language skills to notice this. After someone called them out, the remaining mods argued that they shouldn’t have to vet new mods. It was ridiculous.

No. 714504


Yeah, I got one.

Okay, so basically, when I was 14, I was in a relationship with this 17-year-old guy, right? He was good until we were actually in one, then the creepiness of the age dynamics, predatory, and shit behavior started crawling out, blah blah. He fucked me over like bigtime (I got hooked on pills, he took advantage of my inexperience, I literally lost my ability to socialize and genuinely care about people, and became dependent on him) then he cheated, then broke up with me. In the aftermath, I was fucked up.

Fast forward to a few months ago, aka four years later. We kept in contact sporadically, more him hitting me up then me texting him, and I could tell he had residual feelings for me. He asked me out, and I said sure, let's go some place. We kept that up for a while, and he lost his support group, so I became his support system. So, I would shower the guy with love and affection, then waited until everything in his life was going wrong. I ghosted him with a mean ass goodbye message.

Now he's an alcholic who vagueposts about me on the daily. :) And man, I should feel bad, but I'm not even sorry. Dude shouldn't have been a creep.

No. 714516

File: 1610674738909.jpg (23.3 KB, 476x598, FB_IMG_1610661893719.jpg)

Dont wanna sleep and its my day off tomorrow so time to make some 2am cookies wahoo!

No. 714532

I'm jealous as shit but enjoy it nonny, you found a unicorn. Doesn't invalidate the fact that the vast majority of scrotes are still self-absorbed, opportunistic rape apes and you shouldn't feel guilty about acknowledging that fact.

No. 714549

Gonna order pizzaaaaaa. What's your favorite veggie combination? I want to expand my horizons

No. 714552

pineapple, mayonnaise, artichoke

No. 714555

Spinach, mushrooms, more cheese

No. 714557

File: 1610681490232.jpeg (36.77 KB, 412x319, FD3E69DF-98F7-49E0-BDB8-DECE0B…)

Onions and green bell peppers

No. 714561

File: 1610681582591.jpg (56.03 KB, 620x372, pizza-brocolis-caboclo.jpg)

Veggies only?
Cause my favorite pizza is broccoli, creamy cheese and bacon

No. 714565

Onions and tomato slices! I hope you enjoy that pizza anon.

No. 714585


No. 714607

Someone mentioned the term "thousand cock stare" in another thread and I wasn't familiar with it so I googled it and now I can't stop laughing omg. Apparently incels are pointing at pictures of actresses and models doing the squinty eyed model look and they are being like "See THeIr EYes?? ThiS IS ThE EvIDEncE ThAT THEse WoMEN aRe WhOreS" kekk

No. 714620

File: 1610695635542.png (283.47 KB, 511x944, 1_HQuBUnD10pMQ66CKkgPuTA.png)

Men are truly deranged

No. 714623

Anyone named Patrick is a dweeb! Or Al!

No. 714626

Melvin tho

No. 714629

File: 1610696672664.jpeg (104.06 KB, 694x900, 8CA06790-E18F-4A1A-975F-8D1638…)

What they’re talking about is a symptom of PTSD. They first clocked it while watching their disgusting porn, seeing women with glazed over dead eyes disassociating so they don’t have to be mentally present in the horrible scene.

Men aren’t capable of loving women. Never forget that.

No. 714637

>die in war
>write songs
>make art
no one asked you to do that, just do the fucking dishes and take care of your kids for once

No. 714638

They only love us for as long as our tits stay upright but our stupid asses love them into the grave. Their “love” is for the purpose of breeding only. How can they not see how inferior they are when it comes to ability to love?

No. 714641

@ bella hadid's plastic surgeon if you see this drop your #

No. 714644


Also the women with the "thousand cock stare" in porn are literally high on several drugs to tolerate not only the degradation but also physical pain from those violent "sex" acts. Men are retarded and never at fault in their opinion, they masturbate to women in pain and traumatized women and somehow still the women in those porn films are the unhinged ones… let's see these scrotes drugged and violently raped in the ass on camera and mock and dehumanize them on the daily as well, see how they deal.

No. 714652

File: 1610699190815.png (228.78 KB, 388x685, B7308210-F9FB-4528-A9FF-A4560B…)

>an outpouring of love and empathy

No. 714655

i remember them! iirc they also stole photos from some random japanese dude's instagram to make people think they're a true and honest azn man. i don't even believe they were even a male tbh

No. 714663

first art salt now femdom thread going to shit means i will spend less time here but am disappointed.

No. 714671

>Like cancer patients
I refuse to believe this isn't a troll post it's too funny

Be the change you want to see anon

No. 714675

the femdom thread was always shit

No. 714677

>He(?) claimed to be a Japanese man called Jun in his bio, but Google translated it as June the month, 6月.
Holy shit kek. I've wondered many times if ANY of them were actually Japanese but this pretty much confirms no. I remember people asking for confirmation for them being Japanese and the mods always getting pissed off at it with a "We don't have to prove anything to the whitey!" attitude.

No. 714681

I know this guy's videos are mostly for laughs but the girl at 6:10 always creeps me out.

No. 714702

File: 1610707390231.jpeg (33.46 KB, 828x232, 3FD78183-D914-494F-AFE0-C5B726…)

that vid is depressing but based barry

No. 714720

god damn 6:10 is upsetting af.

No. 714724

This is so damn depressing. It's like watching some kind of perverted slave trade convention.

No. 714730

Not the father and son, yuck

No. 714738

>that black guy
almost makes up for all the shittiness of the rest of the video.

No. 714747

I know in another older thread someone asked anons if they would date the male version of themselves. I definitely wouldn't because I'm 100% sure he would be a troon. I mean, I already unfortunately match so many stereotypes (poorly socialized, terrible taste in fashion, borderline shameful fetishes, imageboard user, gamer, weeb, even programmer) that people (well, moids and transtanning pick-mes) online are often surprised that I am actually female (they're even more surprised that I'm actually half black, but I digress). I also know my male self would be even more insufferable from the male socialization alone.

No. 714748

File: 1610714648591.png (1.73 MB, 1704x871, killme.png)

me in the middle

No. 714751

Wow anon you're so cute. Do you have kik?

No. 714752

The dog in the purse?

No. 714766

File: 1610719217933.jpg (50.42 KB, 714x690, 08c8093b3b4c6d9cb3aeaf2021a9ee…)

i wish i weren't autistic so my online personality quiz results would not be skewed towards sociopathy

No. 714767

File: 1610719252756.jpg (17.77 KB, 800x450, 24301207_10214420106206910_162…)

This guy I know did the idrlabs thing and got high compassion, empathy and altruism
>Posts trashy lewd stuff about women
>Complains about women betraying him
>Gun nut
>Constantly threatens violence on whatever's bothering him at the moment

No. 714782

Most people that answer quizzes like that answer how they want themselves to be, not how they truly are.

No. 714788

My high school physics teacher had a weird fixation with me and I still don't know why, was he creeping on me, was he being covertly racist / xenophobic, both? I remember he would call me to the board in nearly every class and make fun of me in front of my classmates when I didn't know how to solve the problem, even if I almost never put up my hand because I knew I was quite bad at this subject. Granted, he also did this to other students, but I seemed to be his favorite target. Another time he told me "if you don't stop clicking your pen I will have to shove it up your… (pause, class laughs) nose! Get your minds out of the gutter!" He also made fun of two of my classmates once for being tired because they had attended a Megadeth concert the night before and he called heavy metal satanic garbage. His second favorite targets after me were probably the long haired boys. At every single roll call when he reached their names he would tell them to have their hair cut. What the hell was wrong with that man.

No. 714794


my hs physics teacher sent me dick pics on snapchat after I graduated and then got arrested for sleeping with a student

maybe something about physics makes them creeps

sorry you had to deal with him anon he sounds like a raging douche. if I ever have a daughter who has to deal with a man like that at school I will take great pleasure in kicking his ass

did you ever look him up online? I feel like weirdos like that always have some kind of strange online presence also

No. 714796

you probably were the Esmeralda to his Frollo

No. 714816

I wonder if the lesbian anons on this site who have a huge hate boner for androgynous/butch lesbians are either self-hating FTM Aidens, seething AGP transbians who think tomboys should just transition already or spergy discord radfems who think butch = fakeboi eggs.

No. 714827

i really like ldr’s new song chemtrails over the country club. it’s so goddamn catchy and i love how the drum set gets louder at the end. the music video was pretty tacky at the end tho…

No. 714860

The characters from the genshin whatever game look sooooooooo generic and boring, I've never seen more bland characters in my life, literally z-list vtuber designs; anime designs are a mistake. Yet people will look at them and say "omg I love her design she is so cute look at her little bow and cute socks and fluffy skirt" whatever man every anime girl has those

No. 714870

If I didn't know better I would've mistaken them for characters from the fate franchise, the most basic shit there is. Maybe I'm finally outgrowing weeb media, I've lost interest and everytime I see people talk about anime it exhausts me. After spending a year watching mostly 3d films and western shit and I appreciated it more than the years weeb brainrot gave me

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