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File: 1610455708901.jpg (73.48 KB, 720x706, 358b6e99b6f6342b4973642af31b78…)

No. 712809

go ahead and say it

previous thread >>>/ot/705668

No. 712868

Last night I dreamt that Shay got her entire new PC setup stolen and that the area left was really dusty. It was a super small piece of my dream overall, but it means I have to stop lurking.

No. 712870

Wait until she sees this and spergs about lc on twitter.

No. 712902

I have a crush on a guy and of course on the same night I was giggling while thinking about him, a new villager in animal crossing moved in and THEY HAD THE EXACT SAME BIRTHDAY AS MY CRUSH.

Was it meant to be? kek

No. 712916

I love seeing how the finn thread stays strong despite every adversity, and I am not even finn

No. 712917

I don't even know why anglofags try to bait us, why do they even care

No. 712921

When I see Azealia Banks's fake breasts I become really glad I decided to not have fake breasts, that shit looks awful on skinny women, even the more natural looking ones.

No. 712928

sometimes i see anons getting dragged on here and embarrassing themselves and i think "thank god thats not me"

No. 712934

A lot of odd career lapping on lolcow lately and for some reason they all get exactly paid 120k.

No. 712936

My anti-vaxxing mom spammed me again with some "alt facts" about the rona vaccine because she knows that I plan to get it (when it is my turn, which can be maybe by the end of the year, because I'm in the very last group to get it …). Anyways, last time she did this I send her some fake news sites about the rona and some other hilarious shit that made fun of those conspiracy theories and she honestly believed everything. She even called me to applaud be that I believe "the REAl truth" now, so this time after she send me some new videos of those "rona isn't real and I do not need to wear a mask" marches", I asked her if she believes everything they say and she replied with yes, which I responded with that the news sites I send her are all fake joke sites and now she is upset lmao

No. 712949

File: 1610474600511.jpg (35.42 KB, 720x926, FB_IMG_1610465106247.jpg)

My bfs ex is starting to skinwalk me and I honestly find it really funny, sis looks like a fucking goblin with fried hair kek

No. 712952

File: 1610474747571.png (15.22 KB, 689x313, ac.PNG)


No. 712982

File: 1610478176243.gif (181.9 KB, 220x197, tenor.gif)

>teacher sends me alone to interview an outpatient
>panic because I haven't been alone with a patient in more than a year due to covid, and because I'm an autistic retard in general
>girl: so you're studying for what?
>oh, i'm still a student, I'm not studying for anything (ie, i'm not an intern)
>yeah, I can see that

I mean, that burn was so fucking smooth I couldn't even be mad.
But I asked everything I should ask, so mission accomplished.

No. 712984

when a youtuber you like gets exposed for talking to an underage girl lmao why is literally every single scrote like this i hate it here

No. 712988

No. 712993

tfw no gamer terf gf (or just friend) who also happens to have similar taste in games… i don't want to have to discuss my fave games with troons, fakebois or horny scrotes

No. 712999

What are your favorite games, queen? Mine are probably different than yours, but still kek

No. 713000

what do you like anon?

No. 713001

File: 1610480141366.jpeg (576.1 KB, 1500x1125, 2F60C937-E950-408B-A0FB-05F5B2…)

Anyone have any shitty ex bf revenge/karma stories? They fuel me.

No. 713003

i don't know if i just don't take things seriously enough or if there are just too many people who don't know how to spot obvious jokes?
inb4 you just aren't funny, i don't even mean my own jokes, just in general.
anyone else feel this way?

No. 713004

Yeah I got one.

Dated a guy in high school whom I also lost my virginity to. He had an ex-girlfriend who was even mildly racist to me despite being a half breed. She cheated on him a lot, even at one point cheating by betting her friend that his cum tasted sweet? Yeah, she's that kinda gal.

Anyways, he ended up falling in love with another girl once he graduated and broke up with me while laughing while I cried.

New girl didn't want him. Few years later, he's now married to the ex-gf who cheated on him several times. It may seem like I took an L, but really it was a big W.

No. 713012

Based, they’re both trash and meant for each other.

No. 713026

Yeah I notice this too, particularly people being unable to spot obvious sarcasm. Might be a cultural thing, or autistic people struggling.

I’m only talking about on here and online in general. It’s rare I meet someone irl that can’t detect jokes.

No. 713030

i guess it's easier to tell from non-verbal cues in real life

No. 713036

Last night I dreamt about my ex from 3 years ago now that I thought was the love of my life for like a decade. In my dream he was being charming and romantic to me, and all I felt was discomfort and annoyance. Anyways, dump him ladies. It gets better.

No. 713046

the situations that made me make this post
>youtuber taking another youtuber's joke seriously
>youtuber making a joke and a handful of people in the comments taking it seriously
i can give some slack if someone doesn't pick up humor through text… but not this

No. 713058

ayrt, i like mostly weeb shit (action stuff and some rpgs, no visual novels), as well as some western games commonly labeled as immersive sims (still not sure what exactly this label means, but stuff like dishonored, deus ex, hitman etc), gta and similar games, as well as some first person shooters (but not the realistic military kind). thinking of giving persona 4 and cyberpunk a chance. i never play multiplayers. what about you two?

No. 713073

File: 1610488062574.jpg (52.48 KB, 700x467, soft-drink-cup-lid1.jpg)

Why are there those little bumps on top of soda cup tops if people never use them

No. 713080

because they can tell you're not blind probably

No. 713081

No. 713082

they do use them if you order like a regular coke and a diet one

No. 713084

File: 1610488682073.jpg (77.88 KB, 640x637, 4858.jpg)

i LOVE reading redpill or seduction advice/guides aimed at men on sites like reddit just so i know how to play guys who try to pull that shit on me. i remember years ago when i was at a nightclub w my friend, some loser was trying to neg her and when i called him out on it by being like "oooo is this negging? like, from the book the game? wow!" he started to get visibly stressed out. it was a delicious thing to witness. i'm not that direct usually, i mainly use their own tactics against them.

No. 713089

File: 1610489038983.jpg (73.34 KB, 735x581, 1b60798705632f22f21903239caeda…)

Why do I have such a bad case of ugly ass bitch disease
I look like the bastard child of Ready to Glare and Sylvester Stallone's dead son (rip)

No. 713090

this is like peak retardism but sometimes when i'm bored, i troll my local news channel fb comments and call Trump followers "sheep" which angers them quite a bit

No. 713091

What >>713082 said, apparently for the benefit of people with diabetes and stuff

No. 713112

I hooked up with this dj and when I was staying at his house I found a book like the game but it wasn't. I couldn't read much but I was absolutely fascinated by the "power stance" and indirectly brought it up to the dj. He got so nervous and ghosted me before attempting to hook up again.

No. 713118

My aunt sent me photos of me with two buns in my hair and it was so adorable I really miss it but now my hair is short and I know if I had long hair I would miss it being short because I like how it is right now too :( but one day I will grow my hair again and wear two buns in my hair like a bear and if I sound underage I swear I am not I am sorry

No. 713150

Sometimes when I'm feeling bad, I'll go on Instagram and search for some memes of babies and comment 'ugly' on them to create drama. Absolutely unhinged but it's cheaper than therapy, and works to calm me down most of the time.

No. 713171

I was very upset about something dumb and this post made me cackle thanks

No. 713176

I've finally realized that any chick on twitter who takes selfies using a potato-quality phone is obviously shopping/hiding their real faces

No. 713178

File: 1610497709364.gif (116.1 KB, 277x400, 1405640991500.gif)

That absolutely hilarious. Keep it up, queen

No. 713182

Is this a copy of the anon who said they call Trump supporters sheep on facebook

No. 713187

I swear to god olive oil elevates almost everything
It's so damn good

No. 713188

I went grocery shopping and bought fresh produce when I’m about to be out of town for 5 days. I’m retard.

No. 713195

Throw whatever is left over in a forest or something before you leave. Or just freeze it.

No. 713206

Nta, you reminded me of a week ago when I threw some old popcorn into my huge gingerbread house and left it outside for the raccoons. I checked yesterday and it's completely gone lololol, not even crumbs.

No. 713232

This is amazing. It's fucking hilarious too because people get so butthurt about it. Social media is ridiculous.

No. 713243

oh lordy loo i do love cheese bread

No. 713259

I love my boyfriend to fucking death but jesus christ. He's really opened my eyes to how many of the mens skincare/hair care/whatever stuff isn't just memes

>had to teach him why 3in1 is bad

>had to teach him the difference between face and body wash, yes, your face is a part of your body, no, it doesn't get cleaned the same
>microtears do not help the ingredients seep into your skin more
>popping your own pimples with the same tool every night and not washing it is bad

and just last night
>he mentions his hair feels "not frizzy, but stuck together"
>semi-jokingly ask if he's brushed it after showering
>"… Anon. I don't brush my hair."
>proceeds to tell me he doesn't ever brush his hair because it hurts when he does

I can only do so much….

No. 713299

The way I just impulsively took a pair of scissors and cut 9 inches of hair off my head, and it not being the first time I've done this.

I feel like this categorizes me as manic to others but it really just doesn't phase me. I feel like it's supposed to kek.

No. 713301

I think it's only manic if you upload a lot of hysterical selfies during the process about how crazy you are for doing it and making it into some big metaphor. Good on you for recognising it's just hair, I hope you like your new cut

No. 713303

Nta but it can still be manic as shit but if you don't regret it, who gives a fuuuuuuck, it's just hair.

No. 713312

if you live in America and if you didn't dye it you can donate it to make wigs for kids with cancer.

No. 713315

Be honest, which of you has healthier skin? I will never understand why women berate men for doing nothing to their skin when clearly washing your face with only water gets you clearer skin than slathering dozens of weird chemicals on your face in some super specific order every day.

No. 713320

>washing your face with only water gets you clearer skin than slathering dozens of weird chemicals on your face in some super specific order every day.
Why are you saying this as if everyone has the same skin? And anyway dirt can still be on your skin, water is just water. I doubt you wash your body with just water. You don't have to use a bunch of products but at least have some kind of cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen, and they don't have to be "chemicals" (chemicals also aren't even a bad thing? Water's a chemical).

I swear anytime someone says anything about skincare anywhere, there's always someone to say it's unnecessary and brag about the fact they don't use any products.

No. 713323

Water is not a "weird" chemical.
I literally just use water for my face and my skin is basically flawless
Diet makes all the difference. Products don't do much in the long run

No. 713324

Nta but curious to see how you age if you aren’t wearing any sunscreen tbh

No. 713328

Wtf is a "weird" chemical? People have to stop using chemical as if it's a negative word. I'm glad just using water and changing your diet works for you, but again not everyone is you and if you have a skin condition a good diet and water might not even do shit. Tell people with cystic acne to "just use water" and see how they react.

No. 713331

>person with naturally good skin actually thinks their lack of effort and knowledge is the reason for their good skin
>also thinks their lack of experience with skin problems qualifies them to give advice to strangers on their skin problems
I could not roll my eyes any harder. You know what fixed my horrible cystic acne completely and permanently with no change to my diet? C20H28O2, prescribed by a doctor, and I'm sure that's a 'weird' chemical' in your opinion.

No. 713332

I used to have cystic acne. Fixing my diet and dropping weird chemicals are what fixed my skin.

No. 713334

Anon do you really not understand that not everyone is you? Please read that over until you get it. is that going to work for everyone with cystic acne? No. I still want to know what a weird chemical is.

No. 713341

I’ve just realized a big reason I enjoy reading threads making fun of mtf cows in particular, especially on male dominated places like KF, is because people often talk about the positives/naturally attractive things about biological women in the process of shit-talking mtfs. And I guess it makes me feel better about being female, because I frequently have thoughts about the downsides of this sex and how much it kinda sucks being physically weaker and having a menstrual cycle and all that. I wish I had a healthier way of feeling positive about being a woman.

No. 713348

Oh god I just realized I haven't created in all years anything big and meaningful and creative. I see so many people (through consistent hard work) produce so many wonderful things and I want to be like them but I lack the motivation, inspiration, and knowledge needed to truly creat something so beautiful. Perhaps one day.

No. 713362

Nta, but most people regardless of gender don't need multiple specialized products and routines, they just need to keep clean and eat well. The cosmetics industry has been pushing it's products on women too hard, marketing it to the majority and making huge profits. OP is behaving as if using those products should be the norm, of course she's going to get backlash. A lot of us are sick of that shit being shoved down our throat. Use it if you want, just stop pretending it's normal. It's not.

No. 713364

>I wish I had a healthier way of feeling positive about being a woman.
try making lesbian friends, even if you aren't a lesbian or bisexual yourself. it actually helps with that a lot

No. 713372

does anyone else get an extreme uneasy feeling whenever they see people known to be into fetishes like ddlg interacting with and befriending teenagers online? even if they only talk to them on worksafe alt accounts it comes off as very disturbing to me

No. 713382

Why are they saying x3 when they redtext shit like that all the time?

No. 713383

i think it actually means times 3, as in the third time anon ban evaded

No. 713384

File: 1610523606874.jpg (48.4 KB, 750x701, 0a080de255178daef6b4888a8f704f…)

Sometimes you girls drive me nuts and I ask myself why i even continue to come here. But at the same time I love your crazy dumb asses. Thank you for existing

No. 713385

Idk how women get manipulated by men in relationships. I have never met a scrote I felt was more emotionally intelligent than me or good at lying. I feel like if you get played by a man you are just ignoring red flags because scrotes are so stupid.

No. 713389

How is it not normal? If it's because those products are not natural, natural skincare exists and works btw there's a lot of shit in this world humans have created. Skincare is not suddenly this super evil thing because of that, and skincare being pushed on women doesn't change that it is helpful to a lot of men and women. It's basically just soap and lotion made for your face because the skin on your face is different. You're not better than cause you use water and bodywash to clean your skin.

No. 713391

Warn the kids, they can be groomed.
People who grew up in abusive families might see red flag behaviour as normal. It is all the know.

No. 713395

It's needless. Why would I use something that doesn't benefit me and hurts the environment? No positives, only negatives.
It's not normal to ruin the environment by being a consoomer of shit you don't need. It's not smart, it's not wise.

No. 713396

Most relationships don't start abusive. Then the woman ends up being too in love and in denial to what is happening to her, especially if there's no physical violence involved. Most scrotes also end up isolating their partners, so they feel trapped and unworthy of anything else.

No. 713398

Scrotes also make it really obvious when they're just love bombing tho

No. 713399

>I don't have to use it so no one should

No. 713402

>Use it if you want, just stop pretending it's normal. It's not.

No. 713423

An artist I look up to followed me for all of a few days, I think, and no longer follows me. Feels bad.

No. 713424

What are you on about? I tried water and the easy alternatives. Chemicals make my skin much better. Some of us just have genetically acne prone skin. (Parents have acne into their late thirties. And yes, I eat healthy - vegan and little to no junk food.)

No. 713425

I wish I could shave all my head hair off without looking like a fat retarded preteen boy

No. 713427

It’s not about being more or less intelligent, my abusive, isolating scrote ex was borderline dyslexic, socially stunted and just an all round spaz. Whereas I was significantly less of a spaz than he was, but because of my desperation to be loved, and my low self esteem, I became inclined to believe his isolating lies.

No. 713441

Same, if anything we manipulate ourselves. It got to the point where I didn’t even like my ex anymore but stayed despite the abuse because what else was I suppose to do? Respect myself? (In hindsight yes, but my mentality was fucked back then)

No. 713454

I was the same. I would constantly be told “nobody else will ever love you because you’re a psychotic retard”. I knew that I was objectively more desirable, likeable and had more potential than he did, besides other people found me attractive unlike him. Yet I was so badly hurt I didn’t want to risk being hurt even worse by a new person. It’s just so comforting to stick with what you know and use them to heal yourself of the abuse they caused, further deepening the trauma bond.
My ex was incapable of intelligent conversation but he was a highly capable manipulator, not just of me but other women and men.

No. 713471

File: 1610535461015.jpg (294.35 KB, 1200x1500, 21ad5cb6d4861dc38f250317418faf…)

feel like pure shit just want him out of custody

No. 713473

Why is everyone obsessing over this ugly dumb scrote

No. 713474

Same sis.

no, he is dreamy

No. 713475

he has a bad case of retard face to me. it’s like there’s nothing sentient or interesting behind the eyes.

No. 713476

Are his tattoos drawn on in sharpie or are they just that bad?

No. 713477

File: 1610536426787.png (210.59 KB, 540x332, jake-angeli-tw4.png)

girls, he's bald under the hat

No. 713480

Fucking RUINED

No. 713481

Epic prank! They all just got punk'd!

No. 713484

File: 1610536963511.jpg (896.11 KB, 2048x1365, gettyimages-1294935351-2048x20…)

he's ugly under the makeup too, what's your point?

No. 713485

My point is that if him being ugly doesn't stop them from thirsting, maybe being bald will

No. 713486

samefag, he's still better looking than timothy chawhatever

No. 713487

File: 1610537608157.jpg (87.97 KB, 1024x683, 5ff9ea7c2047b.image.jpg)

No. 713488

Still dreamy anon.

No. 713489

Props to the photo journalists, they really knew what we wanted to see. There are tons of fantastic drool-worthy pics of him at the Congress, I'm so thankful to the photojournalists that captured them for all of us around the world to enjoy.

No. 713492

As I've lost weight and got older I think I've slowly begun to like my face. I'm not very attractive but I also don't care to be attractive to anyone these days. I think my features are kind of nice individually but wonky together and I kind of like the weirdness. Maybe this is all a subconscious cope but it I feel chill with my self.

No. 713493

Might want to go see a therapist for that mentally retarded fetish you have anon.

No. 713495

NTA but
>liking a handsome man
>retarded fetish
It's perfectly normal to find this guy attractive. He is hot.

No. 713498

No. 713499

No. 713503

File: 1610542545201.jpeg (321.92 KB, 1296x828, 1E27514F-CEB0-4232-8E63-455F79…)

why do troons always dress so fucking badly

No. 713504

My stan eras definitely contributed to my villain arc and I'm only just realizing this now, several years later.

No. 713508

I assume they're trying to copy instagram influencers they find hot without realizing how clownish they look in the same outfit.

No. 713519

Diff anon but adding to this, they largely exist online in twitter echo chambers which comment “yas queen!” to add to the delusion. Anyone who criticizes them is automatically a transphobe so their opinion is disregarded.

No. 713539

Why is Howtobasic still uploading? I thought that shit was funny when I was in middle school. Now it's just disgusting. I wonder what kind of people still watch his channel now that all of the other tardtubers of his caliber have moved on.

No. 713542

what did your villainous arc consist of??

No. 713566

>Why is Howtobasic still uploading?
he is?

No. 713569

I want a farmer gf. I have nothing to offer but I’m kind of hot in an 80s tacky lingerie shoot kind of way.

No. 713573

not even gay but literally every man posted on this site is so fucking ugly

No. 713588

2006 - 2012 weebs >>>>>>>>>>>>>> later weebs

No. 713589

No. 713597

Sorry anon, gotta ask what type of men you find attractive because there is a such a diversity posted here, like you don't even like one?

No. 713600

So you're saying michael cera isn't hot? What the


No. 713601

>there is a such a diversity posted here
Yeah, Adam Driver in this film, Adam Driver in that film, Adam Driver in the other film…

No. 713602

Are you a 2Dsupremacist?

No. 713603

80s goths and 2000s emos, maybe some 2000s skaters too. but they're all dead/old now and never existed in my town to begin with so it feels pointless.

No. 713605

Michael Cera looks like this old jewish simp that bothers me at my job every week

No. 713607

nevermind I read that as 1D

No. 713609

File: 1610560448090.jpg (93.33 KB, 960x660, 21949892_10156788567040329_493…)

Fuck it. Depeche Mode posting

No. 713611

My dad if he was an anon

No. 713612

finally, some fucking taste

No. 713613

What?? Being bald makes him even better

No. 713614

Lmaoooo my boyfriend too. I love him to hell and back but holy shit you'd think they'd do maybe just the tiniest bit of research about it. The nice part is that teaching him about new self care habits is fun for me and he seems super appreciative of my advice. We picked out some much better shampoo and conditioner for his hair, changed the wash frequency too and he's really happy with the way it feels now kek.

No. 713616

Go to /g/ anon, there's a lot of conventional moid posting there
It's just that the "ugly" (or actual ugly) become memes at /ot/

No. 713621

I was including /g/ too tbh. the men in the conventional thread are indistinguishable from the unconventional ones

No. 713622

I totally agree with you.

No. 713627

a himbo

No. 713628

File: 1610561998327.gif (2.88 MB, 498x280, 1596568812636.gif)

ilu bitch

queen shit. I find that as I grow older my confidence grows too. I'm giving less of a shit about looking ~beautiful~ and it's honestly so freeing.

No. 713638

Kill Mother Fucking Depeche Mode

No. 713640

there's more than driver but the driverposts are so numerous and memorable that it's easy to forget those other men

at the end of the day it's really up to what you find attractive, if you find most men ugly, it's ok. i don't want to find men attractive at all but i am drawn to what i'm drawn to and i can't stop it

more like depeche moid amirite

No. 713645

German engineering, Astounding ingenuity, Almost 4 decades of Conceptual continuity!

No. 713684

>there's more than driver but the driverposts are so numerous and memorable that it's easy to forget those other men
Aw you think I am memorable thanks nonny

No. 713685

I really didn't believe that Finnish people were super degenerate like some anons here say, but one of my favorite fic author writes some nasty shit and surprise, surprise, I just found out she's in Finland

No. 713687

File: 1610567507105.jpeg (29.72 KB, 540x540, 1610491903320.jpeg)

So you're saying…he isn't…hot?

No. 713688

i love you anon <3

No. 713690

File: 1610567614575.jpeg (80.7 KB, 750x713, 99303FB2-737A-4E63-BB78-9436FF…)

michael cera is not hot

No. 713704

File: 1610568341490.gif (495.94 KB, 220x144, tenor-2.gif)

No. 713707

Nobody here has been saying that Finnish people are degenerates. Where the hell did you even pick that up?

No. 713708

Ellen Page got pregnant by him, later came out as a lesbian and now she thinks she's a man. What do you think?

No. 713712

I-I uhh umm uhhh


Ellen page was kinda hot too but uhhh

No. 713713

lmao which fic author is it, anyone big?

No. 713714

I specifically remember when Finnanon got outed for being Finnish, the anon said it was because Finnish people are known for degen behavior or something
CaptainDegenerate. She's pretty big in the AO3 AOT community. She's a fantastic writer and I like all her work except for "Stray Kittens & Leather Collars". That one was just disgusting.

No. 713715

Sorry to butt in but it wasn't the fact that she was acting like a fool, it was more about the way she went on about it. It had that vibe, but she's not some common sight for finns, just troubled.

No. 713723

I've known quite a few finns who were similarly degenerate in the same ways that finnanon talks about. Part of me thinks that they were playing it up a bit because they just think the Finnish degeneracy stereotype is funny.

No. 713733

I sometimes wonder if she still posts here

No. 713734

The anon who outed her said the telltale sign was the way she described the happenings and how she beat up the scrote as a woman because Finnish women are based.

No. 713737

Exactly this, also the morkkis was strong, the day after guilt of doing dumb shit.

No. 713747

she’s popped up to defend herself a couple of times when people accuse other crazy anons of being her so yeah she’s still around

No. 713753

>stray kittens and leather collars
no not another charmie

No. 713767

"My bf beats the shit out of me everyday, calls me a fat whore while I cook his tendies, tells me my 16 year old sister has a nicer ass than me and needs to watch porn via his vr head set while he has sex with me because if he doesnt do that he cant cum :( but other than that hes a great guy and I love him so much!I feel like once we get through these struggles he will be the perfect man for me!"-straight women

No. 713768

>lesbian relationships have no issues because women are perfect
Come on anon

No. 713770

I'm making fun of how straight women list all these awful things about their partners then at the end they will say "BUT HES SUCH A GREAT GUY, KIND AND GENEROUS AND HE LOVES ME MORE THAN ANYTHING!"

No. 713772

wishing all straight girls stuck in relationships like this to find kind, monogamous, anti porn, hot himbo chads to dump their shitty bfs for

No. 713777

I wish I knew some anons from my country so we could talk shit about the politics and stuff

No. 713784

literally my first boyfriend

No. 713785

God bless u

No. 713791

File: 1610577418065.gif (246.06 KB, 267x200, gum.gif)

I've spent the last few hours debating whether or not I should buy a special collector's edition of a novel even though it costs twice as much as the regular paperback version. I hate how difficult this decision is, my brain knows it's financially smarter to just get the standard paperback but damn I do love a pretty cover. anons, am I a fool or should I say fuck it and treat myself

No. 713805

I want this sm, please universe some non-abusive romantic companionship would be really nice. Otherwise why am I still here, just to suffer?

No. 713810

Would you cherish that book? If so, get the special one.

No. 713818

Reminds me of that screencap in the Reddit hate thread of this woman literally going on about how his "hubby" is a racist, misogynist piece of shit but "it's okay because I've learned not to nag him about it". Women out there need to love themselves a lot more.

No. 713855

File: 1610583356373.png (22.98 KB, 1099x243, i fucking wish.png)

Man I do love lurking /pol/ during habennings, it's schizo milk nonstop

If AOC was gonna make a good Hitler-chan, she'd better put all male-kinds in camps

No. 713864

The armie hammer stuff it's so revolting in so many ways. I hope he fades into obscurity and we never see his face in any films ever again, at least

No. 713875

File: 1610588212996.jpg (65.65 KB, 868x867, 51daf1998baf98c772d652f4cadd13…)

I didn't save the notes i had on my phone with art ideas before I restored the factory settings….

No. 713882

He was already recast in one of his upcoming movie roles so it seems to be a sign his career may be done for. So we hope

No. 713884

File: 1610590873903.jpeg (420.42 KB, 750x650, C56B2F1E-80EC-4C2D-A90B-9DF792…)

fashion kween

No. 713886

what cow do you think is most likely to kill someone (other than themselves)
I pick Heather Sparkles

No. 713888

Obviously onionboi

No. 713890

dang, i forgot we already had an obvious answer

No. 713892

No. 713901

Going with a bit of a wild card and gonna say pnp would give someone some disease

No. 713906

PNP always struck me as a long con, andrea yates type

No. 713912

elbow macaroni is the worst pasta shape

No. 713913

File: 1610594243041.png (22.12 KB, 250x216, EC021E13-D170-43BC-AC59-9342CE…)

Best way to make 500$ in a month? I'm in Canada if that helps. I neglected my health bad and now it's coming to bite me in the ass. I'm seriously considering down efindom and ghosting the men once they send me $$$.

No. 713918

trying to make candied yams, but I know I already fucked up cause I put way too much spice in them. Pray for me and my sweet potatoes yall

No. 713922

nika, gimpgirl, and oddly enough, erin

No. 713928

girl sell your stuff on ebay or offerup i swear. i’ve made $200-300 this week alone through offerup. marie kondo tf out if your belongings and catch those sales
i’ve also had really good luck finding stuff for free on the st and reselling it online. furniture and plant related stuff tends to go the fastest

No. 713929

The amount of time you would need to invest in attracting and filtering men who would actually pay up would take so long without any guaranteed pay out. How is your mobility? If you could manage cycling and have a bike you would make faster money doing Uber Eats delivery

No. 713934

File: 1610597669579.jpg (144.15 KB, 1014x762, 83c6946384df2b85f48142d9d6d373…)

Just found out someone who's been quite nice/kind to me might actually be a tranny.
I feel pretty bad, thinking about how my views would hurt their feelings. But at the same time, I can't just turn away from reality. This sucks.

No. 713937

don’t feel bad just do what makes you feel comfortable
I just found out one of my best friend’s husband trooned out on her recently and she’s staying by him so all I can do is ignore his existence.

No. 713953

I wanted to draw but lost/broke my tablet pen rip

No. 713987

Nta but I like this idea, would you mind explaining more? So far as furniture goes it seems big and unwieldy and most people just want stuff with an easy setup even if other pieces are nicer quality. Do you only sell smaller things like end tables or also big stuff?

No. 713992

Nayrt but check out your local selling websites and watch a few items, check what actually gets sold. It can vary a lot by area. Where I live it’s not worth selling any furniture unless it’s expensive. Most of the cheap stuff is listed for free or near enough. People just want to avoid paying to dump it themselves.

No. 713994

Thanks anon good advice, I will give that a shot and keep an eye out to see what’s popular.

No. 714123

File: 1610634820859.jpg (102.36 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Every time I see this dude I wanna stab him with an EpiPen so bad

No. 714130

Every time I see this dude I wanna stab him

No. 714138

Why epipen anon

No. 714139

His weird swollen eyes remind me of the way a face looks after an allergic reaction to peanuts

No. 714149

> studying my country's history for the college entrance exam
> thank you bois for the emancipation and everything but can i get some women in here? please

No. 714150

I did it girls! Today my bf told me the guys in our friend group think I’m pretty but none of them sees me as a potential sexual partner and it didn’t affect me in any way, which means 1) my self esteem has raised to the point I don’t care about male approvation of any sorts after years of pickmeism due to lack of self love and 2) I finally have male friends who won’t try to fuck me and love me as a dear friend

No. 714151

No, it’s pennette lisce.

No. 714155

he's got a weird ass nose kek

No. 714175

Sorry anon but you are gullible as hell. Either they’re lying about thinking you’re pretty or they’re lying about not wanting to fuck you kek. Why do you think that they’d be honest about this around your BOYFRIEND?? If they say you’re not pretty, that insults your bf, and if they say they do want to fuck you, that would not go over well with your bf. Do you have a brain rattling around in there? You’re still definitely a pickme. Please stop being an idiot and pick up a hobby or something.

No. 714182

I'm so tired of online dating, I give up honestly. It's exhausting to constantly message first and ask all the questions. It's even worse when it turns out she's straight since it doesn't say shit in the bio and my idiot ass doesn't want to be rude.

No. 714195

File: 1610646299215.jpg (274.05 KB, 1144x1500, bznVDbXHocUGo-RUJHM5u0IX6RM.jp…)

I'm so sad that android husbandos probably will not become a thing in our lifetime… and even if they do, they will be expensive as fuck and probably still acting retarded. I just want to live with a robot version of my fictional husbando reeee
does anyone know any otome with robot husbandos? or manga/anime beyond Zettai Kareshi and Hal, which I still need to watch. Films are ok too

No. 714197

I've heard anons say many things about joji, this I did not expect

No. 714198

based retard (me)

No. 714199

File: 1610646626942.jpg (423.28 KB, 654x800, Kokonose._Konoha_.Haruka.full.…)

the kagerou daze manga is pretty good and has a qt AI boy, the anime is trash though.

No. 714234

ccc come back please

No. 714304

Does anyone else just absolutely adore the idea of a flirtationship?

Idk, having a bunch of good friends and a guy who you flirt and have a tonne of sexual tension with just seems like the ideal setup.

No. 714313

File: 1610653806922.jpg (117.88 KB, 750x872, 05d8f6c2-0368-4509-91c1-918e90…)

Mfw 15.5k redditards upvoted my shitty reddit post not knowing i've committed terf crimes on every other post i've ever made on that shitty ass site. Can't wait for my inevitable #cancellation

No. 714314

That's me with about half of my friends, what can i say i am sUcH aN aRiEs

No. 714316

>cold water is bad for you, especially for women, since it's over-chills your body
This isn't a superstition, it's very relevant in cold climates. The outside cold air is kept out by your winter jacket and skin pretty well, but cold water inside the stomach is insulated by nothing and radiates cold right into your bloodflow, which has to work extra hard to generate warmth (and carries the cold it absorbed throughout your body as it goes)

Women's bodies have less water in them and are smaller, so the cooling effect from the same glass of cold water is stronger. Not really a survival issue if it's a warm climate and apartment, but I sometimes drink ice cold water during hot summers and I've noticed it does kind of make me nauseous.

No. 714318

Yes. Since most dudes just basically give up and show their colors after they “conquered” you. The idea of them is greater than they can ever actually be.

No. 714321


No. 714324

Forgot to add, I know some cases where people have been drinking ice cold water (they kept their drinking bottle outside their jacket and it got too cold) during long skiing trips and ended up collapsing and having to be evacuated by helicopter because their kidneys had started freezing. Apparently they had literal ice crystals starting to form in there.

No. 714329

I've also been given 19 awards kekkkkk

No. 714333

I’m still so sad GLOW was cancelled

No. 714335

this is also a myth…

No. 714336

Why would they tell ur bf they wanna fuck his girl lol but it is a good thing that you don’t feel the need to be fuckable to every scrote. Pickme brain is an illness. Still do practice clenrmindedness when befriending them.

No. 714354

you're living the dream nonny

Ugh best was when I had a flirtationship with a flatmate tbh, watching the dude posture while shirtless in the kitchen when he saw that I came in, late late night chats where we aaaalmost commited to it…dang I miss it. Not him, just the dynamic with him and any other male I extensively flirted with.

No. 714375

It would be creepy and disrespectful if your friends told your boyfriend they wanted to have sex with you. Wtf? Why was this even coming up in conversation with them? Also, don't believe that. Studies have shown men are more likely to have a desire to bang their female friends than women are to see male friends as current/future sex partners. Men will have sex wherever they can get it and don't presume that just because they weren't stupid enough to freely tell this to your partner that they wouldn't jump on the opportunity if they felt it arose (i.e. if you eventually break up). Always stay guarded around scrotes, even the "nice" ones.

No. 714376

Kek what was your post about? If you don't mind sharing.

No. 714383

Nta but why

No. 714385

God, you are absolutely embarrassing. Do you think your boyfriend cares that your male friends find you fuckable? Get a grip.

No. 714388

I would never flirt with a dude unless it was beneficial for me but with my female friends, it's just wholesome and kinda ironic since most of us are single as shit gays. It does make you feel warm inside, doesn't it aaaaa

No. 714390

Just curious what a radfem would post about on Reddit that would get so much slavering popular approval.

No. 714395

I mean it most likely has nothing to do with her political beliefs, non-boomer terfs hold otherwise leftist stands that are popular on Reddit anyway, could just be le funny maymays

No. 714435

Unironically, I feel like most people who complain about getting banned in /meta/ are wasting their time. We already know some of the mods are newfags or spergs. Some of them literally argue with people in the ban messages kek.
When’s the last time they even responded to any posts calling out an unfair ban? At most, they'll privately seethe in their group chat, and probably give the person who complained a longer spite-ban the next time they see them. Just ban evade like everybody else.

No. 714436

I think it’s about time we brought back the man hate threads

No. 714437

Using terms like pickme makes you no better than a “scrote”

I wanted to say except a bit less violent but I’ve been reading tons of wikipedia articles about ugly maniacs who apparently are ciswomen

No. 714438

They admitted one of my bans were unfair in November in the last complaints and suggestions thread.

No. 714442

File: 1610662580622.jpg (90.08 KB, 660x495, buscemi_eyes.JPG)

i'm really obsessed with steve buscemi and those memes where they photoshop his eyes onto people are starting to look normal to me (or better, somehow)

No. 714445

That's Billie Skarsgård

No. 714449

File: 1610663065127.jpg (49.18 KB, 499x414, zXNA3Qm.jpg)

I was hoping for a Pogchamp emoticon of the deer girl.

No. 714450

File: 1610663105154.jpeg (143.65 KB, 750x578, 5A6E3B22-9DB3-4F1E-9A5E-1C0479…)

I don’t even care about the trooning out, it’s the fact they could almost pass as twins. The fuck.

No. 714453

Eeh. I can look back at my younger, more naive self and refer to myself as a pickme. I don't think it's damaging. Not in the way that calling myself a whore/slut or dumb bitch or pussy would be. Those are sexist terms almost always used in a negative way, where pickme in still gendered but imo refers more to a bad outlook rather than meaning the woman herself is evil or beyond saving.

No. 714465

I was suddenly reminded of that one spergy tumblr blog (I think it was called thisisnotjapan or something?) that centered around calling out "cultural appropriation" of the Japanese, all of the mods were haafus or 3rd gen immigrants born and raised overseas, one even a Chinese-American. It made me think about how absurd it is. I have relatives who migrated to another country, if their kids suddenly started acting as the connoisseurs of my culture it would be so weird and stupid because I consider them to be from the country they were born in, not my and their parents' homeland. They have never lived in my country and despite speaking the language they have no idea what the culture actually is like and you can still hear a foreign accent listening to their speech.

The blog was still hilarious though, wokesters complaining about their weeb friends to a bunch of anonymous larping mods and condemning the white chick destroying the holy nipponese cuisine by eating rice with teriyaki sauce or wearing a kimono. I think they were cancelled after the only (allegedly) full Japanese mod claimed that the Japanese can't be racist because racism a white invention.

No. 714473

He's probably wearing her dresses that she can't fit anymore

No. 714483

Feel like pure shit just want them back.

No. 714487

There were so many Tumblr blogs like that back in 2014 to around 2016. I wonder if they're still kicking.

No. 714489

File: 1610669740636.jpeg (124.02 KB, 1280x574, ErIMhaUUYAErO6J.jpeg)

I'm a hardcore radfem but my boyfriend is a real life otome character and sometimes it makes me feel bad when shitting on the male population as a whole.

No. 714490

I remember this. There was drama when one of the mods got called out for using Google translate. He(?) claimed to be a Japanese man called Jun in his bio, but Google translated it as June the month, 6月. Apparently none of the mods had the language skills to notice this. After someone called them out, the remaining mods argued that they shouldn’t have to vet new mods. It was ridiculous.

No. 714504


Yeah, I got one.

Okay, so basically, when I was 14, I was in a relationship with this 17-year-old guy, right? He was good until we were actually in one, then the creepiness of the age dynamics, predatory, and shit behavior started crawling out, blah blah. He fucked me over like bigtime (I got hooked on pills, he took advantage of my inexperience, I literally lost my ability to socialize and genuinely care about people, and became dependent on him) then he cheated, then broke up with me. In the aftermath, I was fucked up.

Fast forward to a few months ago, aka four years later. We kept in contact sporadically, more him hitting me up then me texting him, and I could tell he had residual feelings for me. He asked me out, and I said sure, let's go some place. We kept that up for a while, and he lost his support group, so I became his support system. So, I would shower the guy with love and affection, then waited until everything in his life was going wrong. I ghosted him with a mean ass goodbye message.

Now he's an alcholic who vagueposts about me on the daily. :) And man, I should feel bad, but I'm not even sorry. Dude shouldn't have been a creep.

No. 714516

File: 1610674738909.jpg (23.3 KB, 476x598, FB_IMG_1610661893719.jpg)

Dont wanna sleep and its my day off tomorrow so time to make some 2am cookies wahoo!

No. 714532

I'm jealous as shit but enjoy it nonny, you found a unicorn. Doesn't invalidate the fact that the vast majority of scrotes are still self-absorbed, opportunistic rape apes and you shouldn't feel guilty about acknowledging that fact.

No. 714549

Gonna order pizzaaaaaa. What's your favorite veggie combination? I want to expand my horizons

No. 714552

pineapple, mayonnaise, artichoke

No. 714555

Spinach, mushrooms, more cheese

No. 714557

File: 1610681490232.jpeg (36.77 KB, 412x319, FD3E69DF-98F7-49E0-BDB8-DECE0B…)

Onions and green bell peppers

No. 714561

File: 1610681582591.jpg (56.03 KB, 620x372, pizza-brocolis-caboclo.jpg)

Veggies only?
Cause my favorite pizza is broccoli, creamy cheese and bacon

No. 714565

Onions and tomato slices! I hope you enjoy that pizza anon.

No. 714585


No. 714607

Someone mentioned the term "thousand cock stare" in another thread and I wasn't familiar with it so I googled it and now I can't stop laughing omg. Apparently incels are pointing at pictures of actresses and models doing the squinty eyed model look and they are being like "See THeIr EYes?? ThiS IS ThE EvIDEncE ThAT THEse WoMEN aRe WhOreS" kekk

No. 714620

File: 1610695635542.png (283.47 KB, 511x944, 1_HQuBUnD10pMQ66CKkgPuTA.png)

Men are truly deranged

No. 714623

Anyone named Patrick is a dweeb! Or Al!

No. 714626

Melvin tho

No. 714629

File: 1610696672664.jpeg (104.06 KB, 694x900, 8CA06790-E18F-4A1A-975F-8D1638…)

What they’re talking about is a symptom of PTSD. They first clocked it while watching their disgusting porn, seeing women with glazed over dead eyes disassociating so they don’t have to be mentally present in the horrible scene.

Men aren’t capable of loving women. Never forget that.

No. 714637

>die in war
>write songs
>make art
no one asked you to do that, just do the fucking dishes and take care of your kids for once

No. 714638

They only love us for as long as our tits stay upright but our stupid asses love them into the grave. Their “love” is for the purpose of breeding only. How can they not see how inferior they are when it comes to ability to love?

No. 714641

@ bella hadid's plastic surgeon if you see this drop your #

No. 714644


Also the women with the "thousand cock stare" in porn are literally high on several drugs to tolerate not only the degradation but also physical pain from those violent "sex" acts. Men are retarded and never at fault in their opinion, they masturbate to women in pain and traumatized women and somehow still the women in those porn films are the unhinged ones… let's see these scrotes drugged and violently raped in the ass on camera and mock and dehumanize them on the daily as well, see how they deal.

No. 714652

File: 1610699190815.png (228.78 KB, 388x685, B7308210-F9FB-4528-A9FF-A4560B…)

>an outpouring of love and empathy

No. 714655

i remember them! iirc they also stole photos from some random japanese dude's instagram to make people think they're a true and honest azn man. i don't even believe they were even a male tbh

No. 714663

first art salt now femdom thread going to shit means i will spend less time here but am disappointed.

No. 714671

>Like cancer patients
I refuse to believe this isn't a troll post it's too funny

Be the change you want to see anon

No. 714675

the femdom thread was always shit

No. 714677

>He(?) claimed to be a Japanese man called Jun in his bio, but Google translated it as June the month, 6月.
Holy shit kek. I've wondered many times if ANY of them were actually Japanese but this pretty much confirms no. I remember people asking for confirmation for them being Japanese and the mods always getting pissed off at it with a "We don't have to prove anything to the whitey!" attitude.

No. 714681

I know this guy's videos are mostly for laughs but the girl at 6:10 always creeps me out.

No. 714702

File: 1610707390231.jpeg (33.46 KB, 828x232, 3FD78183-D914-494F-AFE0-C5B726…)

that vid is depressing but based barry

No. 714720

god damn 6:10 is upsetting af.

No. 714724

This is so damn depressing. It's like watching some kind of perverted slave trade convention.

No. 714730

Not the father and son, yuck

No. 714738

>that black guy
almost makes up for all the shittiness of the rest of the video.

No. 714747

I know in another older thread someone asked anons if they would date the male version of themselves. I definitely wouldn't because I'm 100% sure he would be a troon. I mean, I already unfortunately match so many stereotypes (poorly socialized, terrible taste in fashion, borderline shameful fetishes, imageboard user, gamer, weeb, even programmer) that people (well, moids and transtanning pick-mes) online are often surprised that I am actually female (they're even more surprised that I'm actually half black, but I digress). I also know my male self would be even more insufferable from the male socialization alone.

No. 714748

File: 1610714648591.png (1.73 MB, 1704x871, killme.png)

me in the middle

No. 714751

Wow anon you're so cute. Do you have kik?

No. 714752

The dog in the purse?

No. 714766

File: 1610719217933.jpg (50.42 KB, 714x690, 08c8093b3b4c6d9cb3aeaf2021a9ee…)

i wish i weren't autistic so my online personality quiz results would not be skewed towards sociopathy

No. 714767

File: 1610719252756.jpg (17.77 KB, 800x450, 24301207_10214420106206910_162…)

This guy I know did the idrlabs thing and got high compassion, empathy and altruism
>Posts trashy lewd stuff about women
>Complains about women betraying him
>Gun nut
>Constantly threatens violence on whatever's bothering him at the moment

No. 714782

Most people that answer quizzes like that answer how they want themselves to be, not how they truly are.

No. 714788

My high school physics teacher had a weird fixation with me and I still don't know why, was he creeping on me, was he being covertly racist / xenophobic, both? I remember he would call me to the board in nearly every class and make fun of me in front of my classmates when I didn't know how to solve the problem, even if I almost never put up my hand because I knew I was quite bad at this subject. Granted, he also did this to other students, but I seemed to be his favorite target. Another time he told me "if you don't stop clicking your pen I will have to shove it up your… (pause, class laughs) nose! Get your minds out of the gutter!" He also made fun of two of my classmates once for being tired because they had attended a Megadeth concert the night before and he called heavy metal satanic garbage. His second favorite targets after me were probably the long haired boys. At every single roll call when he reached their names he would tell them to have their hair cut. What the hell was wrong with that man.

No. 714794


my hs physics teacher sent me dick pics on snapchat after I graduated and then got arrested for sleeping with a student

maybe something about physics makes them creeps

sorry you had to deal with him anon he sounds like a raging douche. if I ever have a daughter who has to deal with a man like that at school I will take great pleasure in kicking his ass

did you ever look him up online? I feel like weirdos like that always have some kind of strange online presence also

No. 714796

you probably were the Esmeralda to his Frollo

No. 714816

I wonder if the lesbian anons on this site who have a huge hate boner for androgynous/butch lesbians are either self-hating FTM Aidens, seething AGP transbians who think tomboys should just transition already or spergy discord radfems who think butch = fakeboi eggs.

No. 714827

i really like ldr’s new song chemtrails over the country club. it’s so goddamn catchy and i love how the drum set gets louder at the end. the music video was pretty tacky at the end tho…

No. 714860

The characters from the genshin whatever game look sooooooooo generic and boring, I've never seen more bland characters in my life, literally z-list vtuber designs; anime designs are a mistake. Yet people will look at them and say "omg I love her design she is so cute look at her little bow and cute socks and fluffy skirt" whatever man every anime girl has those

No. 714870

If I didn't know better I would've mistaken them for characters from the fate franchise, the most basic shit there is. Maybe I'm finally outgrowing weeb media, I've lost interest and everytime I see people talk about anime it exhausts me. After spending a year watching mostly 3d films and western shit and I appreciated it more than the years weeb brainrot gave me

No. 714891

>I outgrew weeb media by watching 3D films!!!

No. 714897

The berleezy anon is so fucking funny. Love that crazy bitch.

No. 714903

File: 1610738127782.jpg (31.34 KB, 400x400, GUEST_86af0602-5653-46d9-afcb-…)

These are so fucking bad. If you're vegan/vegetarian pls don't buy these burgers. It's just plain chewy unflavored shit

No. 714904

Belle delphine doing actual porn was a dumb move. Should couldve went into tiktok and moved on to actual acting or something. By doing porn she kind of blew her shot at every doing anything else…she could have at least became a d list celebrity. I really dont understand why she even did it.

No. 714913

I moved into a new apartment and I don't want to cook food in the same oven as the previous renter. I feel like even if I clean it carefully, the lingering ghost of the old grease will make my food "dirty". And I can't afford a new one.

Like not wanting to drink out of the same glass as someone else has, even if it's cleaned. I mostly just have this hygiene thing about food-related stuff. The glass has to disappear into the dishwasher and come out clean and then I feel like it's been ritually cleansed.

No. 714928

what if you make like a throwaway meal in the oven first? then the next meal will be after something you've made so it should be all good.

maybe cookies or something for your neighbors? (if you live somewhere where that's the norm)
or something you can donate to a local women's shelter? (a casserole?)

No. 714933

their fake chicken tendies are good though

No. 714935

File: 1610740978604.png (1.1 MB, 1200x1200, 0842234000827_a1c1_1200.png)

They are and so are the mandarin orange chicken. Gardein has some bangers, but idk. These burgers were just ass. I think I even had these burgers (pic related) and they were good so, idk what happened. They need to stop trying to be Impossible and Beyond Burger and stick to what they know.

No. 714936

I live for the chick pea nuggies. I stopped buying them because they made me fat

No. 714942

I'm jelly of you guys having these many options. All the burgers I have tasted were bad, and I only like seitan (so plastic it ends up being satisfying to eat) and stuff that is basically veggies rearranged.

No. 714946

File: 1610742271376.jpg (13.35 KB, 201x251, download.jpg)

Idk where you live or if it's available in your country, but you should try buying from amazon! Reviva Foods soy steaks are so fricken tender. Sometimes you just gotta make the fake meat yourself though, like carrot salmon or black beans as ground meat. I hope you find some good stuff anon. Vegan and vegetarian food only got more popular in America recently, and tbh the only time I can find shit that isn't the same 5 items over and over is when I go to health food stores.

No. 714952

I feel like that'll just go on top of what's already there. But I got an idea, I'll get one of those pieces of activated coal that soaks up particles from the air and traps them. People use those to remove odors and I feel like that would "capture the ghost" of someone else having used it before.

No. 714973

I actually like some of the morningstar farms patties, namely the chickpea and the garlic and quinoa

No. 714987

She should have kept pandering to weeb and elf stuff. She had so many weeb scrotes in the palm of her hand without stripping fully. Porn could have been the plan z not plan C. By going full nude she lost the allure of never going all the way with having her audience as her boyfriend rather than a real one in the porn.

No. 714991

I assume the scrote shes with is the one who convinced her to do porn.

No. 714992

When ever a scrote does that thing when they ghost me for a while and then pop up again, I love pretending like I genuinely forgot who they are. Its a guilty pleasure.

No. 714995

Yeah I should really start to cook seriously. My family doesn't eat much meat to start with so there was always something to eat in place but it still gets boring. Thanks anon, I'll look into it.

No. 715001

File: 1610746967161.png (763 B, 70x74, Untitled.png)

I'm so deprived of handsome guys that are about my age, when I go outside rarely and see one I have to keep myself from staring, I miss going to college there were so many pretty boys

No. 715005

you were lucky anon most college boys at my campus are fucking ugly or not to my taste so I feel even more deprived, maybe my standards are just too high but seriously why can I never be satisfied and find a guy closer to my own age instead of thirsting over the unattainable

No. 715026

File: 1610749398561.jpg (45.53 KB, 640x842, b1klrc7c51a61.jpg)

i bet venti eats coochie like a champ

No. 715030

Yesterday I saw that Dan and Phil bought a house together. I mean… if they’re not married then idk.

No. 715036

same, never thought about it but i've only ever seen like a handful of attractive men irl (most of which were doctors?)
pickmes don't eat coochie

No. 715045

there's this one guy at work who always makes fun about whoever isn't there. i already assumed he talk shit/made fun of me when i'm not there and i was right. not surprising but i still felt like shit knowing that he made fun of me and the other people were laughing about it while telling me. i don't laugh when he "jokes around" about other people behind their backs because his definition of "having fun and joking around" is putting other people down.

No. 715047

i'm so tired of receiving african beheading videos in my email this is the 15th one i've received within 5 hours

No. 715056

Don't text him, don't text him, don't text him. For Christs sake just don't do it before tomorrow and keep your dignity

No. 715060

but why is this happening to you? i thought that edgy kids who like sending gore to internet randos don't use email

No. 715063

I am so sorry… wtf do you get those tho?

No. 715065

I haven't seen a spider in my house in months and that's suspicious….

No. 715074

They've been coming up with their Trojan Horse plan.

No. 715075

For some reason I like to read each post with a different accent for each anon. I don't know why, but I just like to imagine how the farms would sound like if we were together in a huge room saying out loud our posts.

No. 715084

Awww I miss Lil Bub

No. 715087

I read your comment in a French accent anon, you sounded very posh. Thanks for sharing, I might keep applying this to my browsing as well

No. 715093

stop it i'm american i don't have an accent

No. 715095

… Is this satire?

No. 715096

File: 1610759646812.jpeg (120.29 KB, 828x155, EB247381-B8E1-466F-9F93-7B4515…)

Why is tumblr like this. It’s just so weird to put “white” in your bio. Like… why..

No. 715100

Nta, but tbh Americans really can't hear a standard American accent. It's honestly what I imagine no accent to sound like. An esl person probably thinks differently, but the only attribute I could give a standard American accent is, it's a little nasal-ly. The only ones that have a clear distinction to us are New York accents, southern accents, Baltimore accents (which I think is considered a type of southern accent?), midwest accents etc…

No. 715103

I've seen alot of convos on YouTube and twitter lately where faceless accounts are asked to share what their race is after they shared an opinion.. Not even an offensive opinion or one dismissing people's experiences. I can get how its relevant in certain discussions but it's just asked under any old opinion now. It's getting weird

No. 715105

File: 1610761259436.jpg (45.73 KB, 1200x800, The-Best-Black-Bean-Burger-Rec…)

I prefer just making my own from beans or lentils. I always disliked beef so I don't want something that tastes like it, I want a patty (or meatball or meatloaf or anything else) with vegetable flavour. Fake chicken products are harder to replicate though so I prefer buying them from the store.

No. 715107

To add to your post: Boca chicken patties are s+ tier

No. 715109


As far as selling through offerup goes I don’t really pay attention to whats popular tbh; I just find stuff on the side of the road and go for it. Not like any old junk off the road ofc, the way I see it is that if I think something looks cute enough to pick up, someone else would buy it never knowing it was on the street. You’d be amazed.

I’ve had good luck selling plants and related items (pots, plant stands, etc), patio furniture, side tables, lamps, dressers, tools, you name it. Sometimes I search an item beforehand to get a general sense of the average price and then post mine on the lower side of things just to guarantee a sale. Just be reasonable with your pricing and willing to haggle because people will low ball you on prices constantly. It’s all pretty fun lol I recommend it if you’ve got the time/space to store stuff. Hope this was helpful. Good luck anon!

No. 715110

File: 1610761450450.jpg (16.76 KB, 360x439, ysp2PZE.jpg)

I'm going to take a break from Lolcow.

Don't get me wrong, I love this site, but I'm going to focus more on personal stuff right now. Wish me luck anons!

No. 715113

File: 1610761737559.jpg (18.1 KB, 300x300, 0c005c16b44481a06303e740e09b04…)

anons help me please today has been absolute shit not even a good shit just horse shit smelly,green and ugly
should i eat a very greasy high calorie food to feel better? is emotional eating justify in this case?

No. 715119

good luck sweetiez!

No. 715124

No girl run to the store and grab some peppermint tea and a face mask. Take care of yourself. You are your own ally!

No. 715126

>Being a weeb
Mega cringe

No. 715127

File: 1610763944445.jpg (202.77 KB, 1080x1440, Resized_20210105_194910.jpg)

Every 5 minutes my gut rumbles and I feel like I'm going to shit myself, but when I'm on the toilet nothing comes out.

No. 715148

File: 1610766191855.jpg (161.3 KB, 1500x1500, a2b20411b427e83fd6b7570626ee5e…)

Does anyone actually have a set amount they would want their partner to pay for a wedding ring? Honestly just asking cause I'm curious about what farmers think of ring prices. I know I wouldn't want my s/o to get something super cheap. Admittedly, I am a little materialistic, but rings are not like a wedding where it happens for like 3 hours and it's over, I'm gonna be wearing that ring for the rest of my life. I don't want something that's gonna fall apart and make my finger turn green, and if we get divorced I could sell it BUT I also wouldn't want my s/o to spend a bunch of money if they can't afford it

Also, diamonds suck.

No. 715156

Cheaping out on a wedding ring is absurdly disrespectful. If you're going to wear something almost 24/7 for the literal rest of your life, you should get something high quality that you love, no matter what item of clothing or jewelry it is. And it applies 10x over for something that is meant to symbolize your relationship. I don't like to wear jewelry so if I have to wear a ring it better be great.

Ofc that doesn't mean the cost should be extravagant or you can't work within a budget, you can get nice rings for a reasonable price.

No. 715161

The budget for the ones I told my bf to get were no less than $6k, and I consider these rings budget friendly.

My girlfriends boast about their $700 rings and tbh it really shows. Their rings look cheap shopping mall pieces.

No. 715173

are you from the 50s?

No. 715178

mtf hate: lmao I went to a smash tournament today and the trans in the community (low effort, no hrt, annoying trans that screams trans rights constantly) worse a knee length skirt straight from an old womans closet, with tights, with a white random t shirt and bc he doesnt know that black bras under white shirts is a nono, a bra too.

No. 715185

I don't judge and I understand that people value their partner really investing in such an important symbol, but personally I'm glad this culture is more of a thing on the other side of the pond. You can find both elegant and tacky designs in all price ranges past a few hundred and if your friends wear the latter, it's because their moids had bad taste. Of course the materials and craft needs to be high quality since you'll wear it for a lifetime, but this doesn't take an extra 5k and there's a lot of other fun things one can do with the money.

No. 715187

Are you seriously trying to imply what I said is somehow related to traditional gender roles? Not the fact that wearing something constantly means you should get something worth wearing? I literally specified that the same logic applies to anything you wear all the time, not just rings.

Sorry such a practical and reasonable concept offended you tho, I'm sure that $2 ring pop your bf gave you was a true expression of love and romance so don't feel bad.

No. 715193

>she thinks expensive metals are nice because they're expensive
do you realize how you sound?

No. 715197

What are you doing at a tournament during a pandemic? All those sweaty controllers, gross

No. 715202

Wtf are you even talking about? First I live in the 50s, now I'm wrong for believing that quality generally corresponds with cost? Legit no clue what your argument is but mine is pretty simple: If I'm obligated to wear a ring constantly for the rest of my life, it's going to be attractive, durable, well made and not a cheap piece of crap. If you accepted less that's your problem, not some moral failing on the part of women with standards.

No. 715203

You must not have heard. In 2021 having any standard for a scrote means you're a gold digger. You should be appreciative if he gives you a ring pop! It's the thought that counts.

No. 715205

she's literally talking about prices not quality. jfc.

No. 715207

File: 1610777844912.png (367.38 KB, 659x427, oh noo.png)

>Being this mad over one-sentence replies
Wow that anon really riled you up huh

No. 715217

All this wedding ring talk reminds me of when a youtuber I watch was talking about his engagement to his gf of seven years, he joked that a man giving a woman a ring should be the emotional and financial equivalent of childbirth for him, and I think that's a perfectly fine policy. I think an appropriate amount of money for a moid to spend on a wedding ring is anything which takes him nine months of serious saving to afford, which can easily be scaled for wealth, and also allows for even poorfags to purchase a nice ring.

No. 715219

Men like spending a lot of money on women they want. Men will marry women they dont want/like and be cheap about it.

No. 715222

Samefag. If a man spends less than 6k on your wedding ring that's a pretty good sign he doesnt like you that much.

No. 715224

what about men who use their money to control women (i.e. financial abuse)

No. 715225

Yeah those men do exist but still if a man is cheap with the ring he probably doesnt want you that bad. He probably just gave up.

No. 715227

Idk, I feel like rings less than 6k aren't cheap at all and I'm the OP of the ring post, so I agree with spending a good bit on money on a wedding ring and doesn't mean the guy doesn't want you. 6k is such a specific number anyway. Ngl, if you're >>715161, I feel like you might just be saying 6k because that's what your ring cost lol. I would probably expect 2k and up (depending on how rich the guy is obviously. If he's making bank then it's a lot higher). Most actual quality brands make you spend 1-2k minimum for a ring and the type of gemstone I would want makes the ring more expensive. I also wouldn't date a broke guy, but if someone's fiancé/bf genuinely can't afford a 6k ring but still saves for the best they can get (which is hopefully still at least 1k), I understand that.

No. 715228

File: 1610783071198.jpg (39.39 KB, 320x320, laugh_11-3259.jpg)

Anons oh my fucking god this whole time I thought my boss's name was Medium. I was like huh that's kind of a cool unique name!! I found out today while writing her name out on a form and having her check it over that her name is MIRIAM. I'M SUCH AN IDIOT SHE AND MOST OF MY COWORKERS ARE MEXICAN!!! Luckily she thought it was funny and we had a solid laugh over it but I want to die!

No. 715229

I don't know. Rings are kinda overrated and uncomfortable. Then again ive never been personally into jewelry. My so wants to get me a ring though, but I asked him instead to get me literally anything else within the same value. Like a diamond dildo or something.

No. 715231

>Rings are kinda overrated and uncomfortable.
On this note I work with heavy machinery/cars and have the genuine fear of being degloved, and refuse to wear rings. That being said I would like a durable and high-quality engagement "gift", any anons have suggestions? I'm single so I'm not worried about it right now but would like to have it on the back burner for the future lol.

No. 715232

A braclet or maybe expensive china

No. 715233

A quality watch?

No. 715240

Saying a man doesn't want you if he doesn't want to spend a ton of money on a useless piece of jewelry is really silly, what is wrong with all the anons in this thread
FDS rhetoric makes sense in early stages of the relationship, but at the point of engagement you and you so should be best friends that trust each other, I don't think that the whole representation and value of your relationship could or should be put into a piece of jewelry.

Maybe I'm saying this because I grew up in a culture where this isn't really a big thing so I don't understand you guys, but still shit comes off as silly.

No. 715243

Nah. If a guy doesnt buy you an expensive engagement ring it's usually because hes been with you so long he just gave up on finding someone else and having a wife you're meh about is better than none at all

No. 715255

Yesterday at my call center job a customer called and shit talked one of my coworkers because she told me he did a bad job, didn't really listen to her, etc. I thought she'd be a karen at first but she was right and the coworker she talked about is someone I'm disliking more and more anyway so it sounded like music to my ear. When I proposed a few services my coworker didn't mention to her she changed her attitude and became way nicer. I'm not surprised to know this coworker who acts like he's hot shit is as retarded as I thought he was.

No. 715256

>useless piece of jewelry is really silly
ok good for you

No. 715276

My redpilled phase from a few years ago will haunt me forever, I remember some of the interactions I had and some of the things I said at random times and regularly.

No. 715280

I mean I get where you come from. I'm not into jewelry in general, so someone spending a fortune to buy me a ring would be kind of disappointing, and I don't care about showing it off to other women. But it can be translated into any other gesture that personally fits your relationship, since at that point he should know you enough.
Remind me of my first relationship where the guy got a somewhat expensive necklace after 1 month of dating (relative to his financial situation at that time). I wore it just out of obligation, but I really don't like wearing any jewelry, and I don't like that it's the default gift idea for women you're courting. He also bought me potted flowers even though I told him not to for women's day.

No. 715283

I kinda get it would be embarassing if a dude bought $20 ring but when I'm seeing stories of some men saying they had to take a loan, or save for months I think it's going a little bit into insane territory; like, wouldn't you prefer your future husband to have no debts? Or to have some kind of a pleasant travel experience together instead him spending his months of savings on a ring? IDK.

No. 715328

no more 10+ years age gap relationships in fiction
society never needed 10+ years age gap relationships in fiction regardless of the genders involved

No. 715333

>westerners (and even asians) are so brainwashed into thinking expensive gift/ring = he loves me
sorry but this is so culturally different in eastern europe lmao

No. 715364

I don't like wearing jewelry especially gold, so the fact my husband noticed this and bothered to find both an engagement ring and a wedding ring that I would actually want to wear said far more to me than how much he spent. Also as a couple in a long term relationship there's better things to spend the money on, like buying a house and furnishing it.

No. 715371

Do you dislike age gap relationships in real life too or is it just something you don't want to see in fiction specifically?

No. 715372

Real life too honestly, but I guess real people can choose who they date unlike fictional characters who only do whatever the author wants them to.

No. 715377

File: 1610809891494.jpg (603.16 KB, 1920x1080, igsve643u9d41.jpg)

Majima is 54 in this pic, as well as a lifelong smoker. Real scrotes could never

No. 715380

It says a lot about men as a whole when they finally get to be in communities that allow them to express emotion, and they only ever use crying to manipulate

No. 715385

Arm&Hammer was on the news for his degeneracy the other day, and as they were previewing the story, my mom saw him and said, “oh he’s handsome!” I laughed and said, “just wait,” and her absolute horror at the reveal (not even the messages) about killed me. Sorry mama, tried to warn you.

No. 715390

ugh I've been trying to subtly redpill my sister on tras but redditors and dumbass woke ig pages keep undoing all my efforts smh

No. 715407

>dumbass woke ig pages
I hate them so much, I wonder if the people making those retarded slideshows and infographs are getting paid enough to spew so much shit.
I particularly hatefollow pictoline, it’s so retarded and preachy at times.

No. 715419

I came on my period for the first time in 7+ years (my birth control stopped it) and I’m not even mad because it explains why I’ve been so stupidly horny for the past week.

Can’t believe I was almost tempted to hit up a man just because of my dumb hormones.

No. 715422

File: 1610818265263.jpg (155.18 KB, 1080x1400, Screenshot_20210116_183103.jpg)

kek I hatefollow a couple too. my favorite is thefatsextherapist

No. 715443

Most of them deliberately spread misinformation too and in the States it gets picked up by news outlets and reported as truth which is why a lot of burgerfags, left or right, distrust the news.

No. 715453

I just remembered my mom showing me some photos she had taken of me while I was turned and I looked so big even though I was wearing summer clothes and I'm normal weight. What the fuck was up with that. why am i so s o l i d

No. 715471

I feel so ugly and fat today. I wanted to online shop and i had to check my measurements. My bust is exactly a fucking 100 cm jeez I need to pull myself together and stop snacking and start working out. I think though the PMS is starting early this month fml

No. 715547

Settled into the loner life a couple years ago after realising I'm one of those people that genuinely gets more than enough interaction from just small talk at work. I made no friends after I moved to a new place and my family are all far away. All going good though. Interaction drains me anyway and I suspect I'm a well masking autist

Just ordered a piece of furniture from ikea and realised it says you need a second person to help build it… holy fuck I actually need a friend and I have nobody. I always thought I would reach this point if I had a health emergency but no it's flatpack furniture that got me

No. 715551

Might depend on what it is, but I’ve built “two person” furniture alone before. The second person is generally needed to hold or balance something, which you can do alone if you’re creative.

No. 715571

I seriously thought men sending each other porn and dicks was just a meme, but I actually saw it happen in two separate groupchats and I am just speechless.
I am in a discord server that was made for sharing college notes and whatnot. I study mechanical engineering, so there are practically only men in that server. Anyways, I saw that there is a meme channel and I went to check it out because I thought there would be some funny memes about our professors or something. You can imagine my surprise when I realized that the channel was filled with cocks with the occasional unfunny image macro. Tranny dick and ass, a cock twitching, a penis photoshopped on a hand, you get my point.
The second instance of porn in a groupchat was when my boyfriend voluntarily showed me the facebook groupchat he was in with some highschool classmates. Some guys would just constantly post cock pics (not theirs tho, that would be gay). There was this video of a guy laying down with his boner between his legs and a chicken egg on his stomach. The he spread his legs and his dick slammed against the egg, breaking it. That video haunts me.

No. 715572

Yes men like to jerk off together. Even straight men. You didnt know this?

No. 715578

Ive been in groupchats where men cumtribute eachothers social media profile pics for hahas

No. 715580

I thought it was a meme, what the fuck
>straight men
That's turbo gay tho

No. 715585

You never heard of like teenage boys watching porn and stuff together? They dont see jt as gay becuz they arent touching. Its just scrotes being scrotes as usual. Its prison gay, if no girls are around thehre going to turn to each other

No. 715588

Samefag also a lot of the times guys jerk and share porn together not because they're attracted to men but because theyre getting more horny knowing someone else is getting horny to what they're watching…its like sharing your favorite song?you just want someone to experince what you enjoy.

No. 715657

idk why but i think luna has a nice voice

No. 715661

I think that's dying out tho, boys don't have to share porn or watch cow sex with their friends anymore

No. 715671

Anon I think you read too much yaoi.

No. 715678

I really wish smoking wasn't addictive and terrible for your health. I just want some stress relief, but I also don't even want to risk trying it.

No. 715679

recently i had such a wholesome sex dream with one of my husbandos and i know the vast majority of real scrotes would never act like he did in the dream. the worst thing is that this is not even the first sex dream i've had about him…

No. 715685

tomorrow I will finally be sleeping on my first non-ikea mattress since I moved out on my own

No. 715687

I know that feel, anon. I’ve had way too many sex dreams about my husbando of the month usually megatron sometimes they look like humans I swear being amazing and it’s sad how 3D scrotes will never compare.

No. 715690

i'm jealous tbh. all my dreams are real life shit and they're not even hot.

No. 715703

After 4 years of using lolcow I finally got a ban, thanks tranny janny ♥

No. 715708

Queen shit

No. 715725

Same I thought it was a meme in high school, but I heard that one of my classmates was leading a cp ring with my other female classmates. They found her nudes when she left her phone on the grass to play soccer. Poor girl, at least they got the cops involved.

No. 715734

File: 1610851050292.jpeg (78.24 KB, 1242x520, 80812BCA-4E84-46C7-90A1-974ED1…)

I just want to learn how to braid my hair so I can wear pretty braids when I feel like feeling cool! But my hands are stupid and they forgot how to braid when I used to braid my hair all of the time even if it wasn’t nothing fancy! Now I can’t even do a simple twist because it’s like my hands are drunk like “fuck you and fuck your hair now we will proceed to do nothing”

No. 715737

Deets, how’d you get banned? Last time I got banned, I didn’t even break any rules lol.

No. 715753

File: 1610854162493.jpg (62.86 KB, 640x640, 3a3ad0484e2e1e1168c4c59240d4a6…)

Shout out to all my nail-biting bitches. I'm gonna try to put fake nails on mine so I won't bite them, and I already know it's gonna be hell.

No. 715771

I'm a horrible nail biter, basically bordering on compulsion and I got acrylic nails last year and the entire time I had them I was unable to bite my nails and I stopped the mouth/finger habit. When I took them off it resumed but if you're serious about stopping, I think acrylics are the way to go if you want to stop that mouth/finger connection. I think if you have them for long enough you can break the habit of putting your nails in your mouth, but that requires paying for acrylic fills and all that shit

No. 715777

Yeah, that's what I'm going for so hopefully it works for me! I do mine at home so I'm gonna use polygel, but I know they're not usually as hard as acrylic, so I'm hoping I don't absent mindedly bite them off lmao. Monomer is a little expensive and you have to buy different fluid for different brands, so I personally don't do acrylic, at least not right now.

No. 715782

Got banned for "hi tranny-ing" in a different thread, didn't even notice I got banned and by the time I found out my ban was over kek

No. 715794

My sister and her husband are so cute and trad (not in a gross way but like married, good careers, love each other uwu) that it makes me want to scrub off my tattoos, never come back to the internet, and find a nice normie man to settle down with.

No. 715796

Anyone else just speedwalk by default? I always get irritated when I get stuck by a really slow person

No. 715805

File: 1610861475893.png (637.35 KB, 799x482, jordan2.png)

What dumbass thing do you do that makes you go "oh yeah, I'm PMSing." Mine is taking every single thing someone says to me extremely personally

No. 715807

i honestly never notice anything but maybe it's because i'm always a bitch anyway

No. 715813

yeah, gotta go fast

No. 715816

Not a big enough youtuber to post in the thread IMO but I thought it was so strange how someone I've followed that I viewed as fairly rational and level-headed, especially when it comes to people who eat plant based diets, could be such a fucking pickme.

Girl leave your husband

No. 715818

Yeah…lemme go ahead and snatch my subscribe back. I like UnnaturalVegan (I mean not that much now) but I'm very glad everyone is calling her out in the comments. I'm not even going to watch the whole thing, those 10 secs were enough for me lmao

No. 715820

Samefag, did she say her husband cheated on her in the video? I hope her kids aren't girls.

No. 715823

File: 1610863770369.jpeg (143.93 KB, 720x718, freelee-the-banana-girl.jpeg)

Always found her dull tbh. A lot of other vegan youtubers are cows but at least they're interesting.

No. 715825

Same im already irritable & miserable by default

No. 715828

No but it's so out of left-field for her channel as well as such a hot dumpster fire of a take I can't help but feel like it's a cope? Like she's trying to convince to the world (and herself) that she is calm and rational and unbothered about this topic despite making a whackadoo video that makes absolutely no sense when the rest of her content is fairly well thought out.

No. 715831

Just watched the first few seconds of thus video and she starts out with "society applauds women who cheat on men"…. Um, bitch where?

No. 715835

It's honestly just such a horrible take. Not to start a fight about BLM or whatever, but I just watched the BLM video she made (I haven't watched her channel in a hot minute tbh so I didn't even know about it) and she made a lot of awful points in that one as well. It's especially so weird to see this video about cheating, when she said she didn't talk about BLM because she wanted her channel about veganism to only be about veganism (which isn't true because she's made videos that had absolutely nothing to do with being vegan). I've never realized how flip floppy she is. Definitely not watching her anymore lmao
In the vid she said it's just a couple feminists she saw on social media…..so not society at all, then? What a misleading thing to say. Absolutely dumb. In fact, women are probably treated worse than men for cheating.

No. 715844

File: 1610864888755.jpg (42.39 KB, 720x785, 109e4024-6455-44d3-b34c-35b2f1…)

pic rel used to be me walking. I also used to get really irritated when others don't notice their surroundings. nowadays, I just try to chill and not get annoyed and be compassionate and pragmatic. I literally tell my mean internal dialogue "let the poor woman/man walk" a lot

No. 715849

My bf is trying to make me get rid of my fap wall. Well not really a fap wall. But it's a wall with pictures full of cute Male models and celebrities I like. We dont even live together.

No. 715853

I mean that shit is weird tbh. If my boyfriend or girlfriend had something like that I would want them to get rid of it too.

No. 715864

correct reaction from your boyfriend. would you like it he had hot models and celebs plastered all over his wall? it’s weird

No. 715869

File: 1610867689293.jpeg (2.36 MB, 4032x3024, 713AE1F4-208E-49E2-8F01-3E5749…)

This is what Greg’s dock and balls look like

No. 715871

Why is the background so messy

No. 715901

Because imma messsy bitchh

No. 715903

>Hot cheetos
>Post in the drunk thread about throwing up hot cheetos
If you're drunk, just say that nonny

No. 715905

Someone save her from herself!

No. 715911

Admitting that ur drunk is life admitting ur having a problem I don’t have a problem anonnnn!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 715912

I just want sumbody too love me I feel so lonely my family kicked me out of the living room

No. 715913

Anon, maybe it's because you're naked

No. 715914

Lolcow lives me right? I really feel so sad an lonely

No. 715915

I’m not naked I’m wearing my nightwish shirt on

No. 715961

anon it doesn't count if you're wearing it on one leg

No. 715963

File: 1610874788143.png (420.67 KB, 828x789, image0.png)

No. 715970

Yaayyyy someone loves me I luv u 2 <33333

No. 715987

File: 1610878226285.png (1.05 KB, 39x33, haha.png)

I looked up the name of a song in google translate because I didn't understand it and it was called dismemberment of the body and soul and I said what a cool name it was and my roommate just went to church and said she will pray for me

No. 715997

why is everyone extra autistic today

No. 716029

File: 1610882781155.gif (1.78 MB, 230x170, 6378600b31b12ca372e30a7d3d26af…)

sometimes i wish lolcow wasn't anonymous,im tired of pretending to be a sjw

No. 716030

Could we abolish the patriarchy by lobotomising men?

No. 716035


Sjw =\= anonymity

No. 716037

I wonder if there are any tradfags on this site

No. 716042

Isn't it way easier not having to pretend to be sjw while anon? I do not understand this post

No. 716043

Wait, do you mean you have to pretend to be a sjw while not being anonymous, and you wish you could openly not be a sjw?

No. 716089

I really hope the baristas at my local Starbucks don't recognize me.

No. 716102

I had a gas station worker comment on my weight loss like a year and a half ago so I stopped going there. I hate being perceived

No. 716106

I take turns grabbing a coffee from each of the stores in my town, don't know why but I worry that if I just go to the closest one every day I'll be judged for wasting money

No. 716110

Yeah, some of you bitches on here seem really cool

No. 716118

There’s too many men to lobotomise, and we would all have to be constantly responsible for the dribbling retards.

No. 716123

Fapped and came twice, but i still wanna fuck doja cat even after my post fap clarity. Is something wrong with me?

No. 716124

Both my long term relationships ended in a fairly civil way (me being the dumpee twice lol) but both times I was dissapointed that the friendship element of the relationship was also abandoned overnight. That might just be an introvert thing, I rarely hit it off with people so when I do I value it.

Having seen anons describe all sorts of stalkerish shit on here tho…I don't feel so sorry for myself anymore. Could definitely be worse. Can't even imagine the stress scrotes put you through when they pull that shit.

No. 716147

File: 1610900179086.jpeg (88.67 KB, 882x603, 2C66ABCB-2217-4C36-AF3C-47041B…)

she’s sexy as hell anon nothing wrong with you

No. 716149

nothing wrong, she IS sexy as fuck, but stop talking like a scrote

No. 716152

To what picture/s girl?

No. 716157

File: 1610900947855.jpg (303.41 KB, 1080x2280, 20210117_182523.jpg)

I can't believe i got banned over replying to a known copy-pasta in a joking manner lmao. The retardation is real huh.

>a vent

Bitch what? It's a fucking copypasta written by an actual incel. I'm so confusion?

No. 716161

retarded bans are on the rise. I got more bans in the last month than through the 5 years that I've been browsing lolcow combined.

No. 716163

I also got a retarded infighting ban earlier today, again it was about 'just letting people vent'

No. 716172

where is that copypasta from? i googled it in quotes and only found the lolcow post, but yeah, the new jannies do seem really bad at detecting humor/sarcasm/copypasta. i guess we should be going to /meta/ now

No. 716173

Dude I got banned for retarded shitposting IN the retarded shitposting thread! Not even infighting.
Either old mods are going thru menopause or there are really shitty new mods but what is the point of /ot/ if there's going to be such oversensitivity?

No. 716177

People (myself included) were literally complaining just a week or so ago about how anons kept being assholes for no reason when they just wanted to vent. Probably explains the increase in ban hammer + the added text on /vent/ OP. Don't be a bitch and maybe this won't happen. also "incels on lolcow" isn't that basically calling someone a scrote?

No. 716182

If I don't get banned once every 3 months for some stupid shit I'm either 1. Not browsing lolcow enough or 2. Mods are sleeping.
Moderation on this site has always been stupid subjective but I've learned to just deal with it. Tends to happen the most when modship is getting new people, or when they feel they have to overreact to an influx of newfaggotry.

No. 716189

Stop being a faggot loser
I mean the juicy video
And I also fapped at this other vid where iggy azalea is slapping her butt

No. 716193

anon please, you don't have a dick

No. 716211

>Don't be a bitch and maybe this won't happen
I wasn't when I got my ban. Similar to the other anon whose copypasta reply got read as serious, an anon literally misread my response and before I could even clarify, ban. I obviously wouldn't call it weird if there was infighting in the post.

No. 716229

Dunno, for me her proportions and her ass are comical. But at least it's real (as far as I know).

No. 716233

I'm not a fan of her shape, I know it's popular enough at the moment but I've never liked bottom heavy figures so it looks wrong to me.

No. 716267

File: 1610910567367.gif (991.14 KB, 500x255, 1355702973148.gif)

I was typing out this long post about how I am so tired from being back at work for only three days, but then I realized I'm retarded. I have mild narcolepsy so I need like ten hours of sleep, but now I remember managing it by sleeping my regular 8hrs, then taking a 10-20min nap during my work break (it's 1hr long, I love my job).

One of the great things about quarantine was that I could sleep whenever and however long I wanted.

No. 716268

When they start recognizing me and remembering my order is when I start going there less frequently. I'm not sure if it's social anxiety but it makes me so embarrassed.

No. 716271

File: 1610911100329.png (297.42 KB, 551x554, ql0z06wqb2k41.png)

Know a mtf in the closet who tried to suggest an art print for me and I told him it was too male gaze for me sowwy, shut that scrote right up

No. 716273

Lol post it

No. 716282

post it

No. 716287

I had to google it and I shit you not, it came up when searching male gaze painting.

No. 716288

File: 1610912342373.jpg (161.33 KB, 987x680, renaissance nude.jpg)


No. 716315

>an art print for me
you mean like get a poster of it and give it to you?

No. 716331

It's literally a clothed man staring at a naked woman's pussy…

No. 716333

File: 1610916351059.jpg (100.79 KB, 742x726, feeed meee.jpg)

Delicious kitten

No. 716351

No I was talking about deciding on one, I got a gift card for redbubble and was talking with a friend how I wanted something that has beautiful women in it but isn’t gross

No. 716354

I'm not into bdsm shit but I still find him physically attractive and am ashamed

No. 716363

File: 1610918801147.jpeg (260.38 KB, 1536x1500, 5879A05F-8B2C-44F4-BC57-964763…)

You only got one shot

No. 716365

File: 1610918909225.jpg (82.9 KB, 870x870, ebe3dc0f212e4107e79dcb16011d62…)

I really, really want a Poopsie. It's pedophilic and disgusting and I don't want to support the brand. But they're so pretty.

No. 716366

I have no fucking idea how he thought i would take him seriously, some of my friends were ruder about it than I was kek

No. 716368

You have no taste, you have no style, you have no honor.

No. 716376

I hope all the numerous costhots resorting into making an OF account over the pandemic lockdown will burn out all the coomer simps and once cons start up again cosplayers who actually put effort into their cosplays will be recognized on an entirely new level.

No. 716379

These are still ugly tho even when you remove all the weird shit

No. 716426

The celeb thread is such a fucking mess lmaooo. They even kept going with the infighting after mods started banning. What vicious bitches

No. 716427

I moved into my spare bedroom a couple nights ago realising I'll probably prefer it here. I just slept on my matress the first couple nights as I broke my bed frame while moving it. Then today I got an ikea bed and spent the day building it and cursing how hard the process was.

I feel so weird. New room, couple nights of getting adjusted to floor mattress, now the new bed is a pretty high up. It's like when you stay at a hotel or somebody elses house, I'm waking up the last few nights not knowing where tf I am for a minute. Hate that feeling.

No. 716441

File: 1610925981791.gif (768.51 KB, 220x220, key-onew.gif)

My friend told me she was on the way like 1.5 hours ago, ruuuude

No. 716450

I wish I could find someone who can match my chaotic energy

No. 716451

yep basically stepped out after I proclaimed "the girls are fiiiiightingggg!"

No. 716452

No. 716459

Omw bitch

No. 716475

the fact that it went completely quiet all of a sudden bc they all got banned kek. What a waste of milk

No. 716483

I don't get why it always ends up cycling back to personal shit. Like, how does it end up in an argument about your boyfriend or husband and who's a femcel? Are you a celebrity? For fuck's sake.

No. 716497

Working out, then immediately going shower, still heavy breathing; either feeling the warm water relax your sore muscles or the cold water cool down your skin, and then drinking a big cup of water right after showering: Amazing feeling.

No. 716510

Too fat, can't relate

No. 716517

File: 1610936283603.png (33.78 KB, 444x232, 63s.png)

I sometimes like Xiu Xiu's music, but some of it kind of grates on me, and I can't place why.
When I read and/or hear these lyrics, I just think of the tards talked about in the Lefthots thread. I can imagine Anna Khachiyan, that one obese perfume nationalist guy or pretty much any other obnoxious person from that "group" typing this on Twitter while talking about being mugged, feeling so proud of themselves for having a "profound" thought.
The actual song is probably how they think they sound in their own heads, too. This particular "style". Something about it just leaks cringy privilege and self-righteousness. Am I just schizo?

No. 716521

those lyrics do sound like meaningless pretentious hipster shit as someone who has never even heard of xiuxiu before. since all the lefthot thread squad are pretentious hipsters, it does make sense.

No. 716527

>Cut out energy drinks
>Eat healthier
>Adopt a decent woman's sleep schedule instead of my 3 hour burst polyphasic /x/ tier shit
>More tired than ever
Well, time to go back to my old ways.

No. 716540

Yeah, exactly, "pretentious hipster shit". That's a perfect descriptor for these kinds of people and their content, thanks anon

No. 716543

Found a really old diary of mine and I had made a comment about how ‘fat’ I was at 8 stone. I wasn’t ana or anything, I was probably a tween/teen in the entry but damn. It’s weird how your perception changes, because I specifically wrote how I had to lie about my weight because it was embarrassing weighing ‘that much’. Idk, just feeling sad that I felt that way.

No. 716546

I've read that kind of sleeping pattern gives you more REM sleep. I've been wanting to try it out but once I catch on to just a bit of sleep I'm hooked for the next 8-10 hours.

No. 716547

Vaginas are so fucking beautiful to me, like what the fuck anons. Wish I was eating out a hot butch rn, i hate covid

No. 716703

It's so late but I think I might make shepherd's pie. Partially for something to do and partially because I want to eat something comforting. I got a new bed today and took a nap on it and slept for 5 hours kek so I don't think I'll be sleeping any time soon. I seriously wanted to weep laying down in my new bed it's so comfortable.

No. 716790

I got some bleach on my pants while I was cleaning so I just soaked them entirely in bleach and uhhhhh they look so frikin cool now

No. 716792

show us!!!

No. 716797

File: 1610965718672.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB, 1920x2560, IMG_20210118_112651.jpg)

Alright I tried to take a photo basically they look like magma

No. 716862

How is "elder/younger twin" confusing to some people? Everyone knows twins don't come out of the coochie at the exact same time. Some twins only exaggerate their age difference to tease each other.

No. 716874

someone please stop me from making hypothetical faceapp babies

No. 716877

File: 1610974190199.jpeg (10.06 KB, 227x222, crrrrrrrringe.jpeg)

Stop it or I'm going to have to call the police

No. 716897

File: 1610978808126.png (756.39 KB, 675x450, timetodie.PNG)

Got into a public argument on fb like some fucking boomer, it was on Saturday and I can't stop cringing over it

No. 716918

File: 1610984219120.png (163.43 KB, 379x222, minale.png)

I know it's a fashion thing but every time I see a thumbnail of this chick's hideous thin fucking eyebrows I wanna explode

No. 716921

Her videos are usually interesting but I hate her eyebrows and style.

No. 716923

they make me irrationally angry

No. 716926

Are those supposed to be 30s eyebrows? They really suck on most people

No. 716970

I'm thinking back the shit I've said while sexting and, god I'm so bad at it. I use the funniest/weirdest terms. It's like horniness clouds my mind and I say stuff I don't mean to. How they've kept on sexting with me despite this is beyond me LOL

No. 716974

File: 1610988150755.jpg (31.52 KB, 500x634, 1d4d2609a2018d5f455151ec685a8a…)

1920s had better eyebrows. I think if they were like in Clara Bow's picture, not as arched and a bit thicker, they'd look good.

No. 716976

File: 1610988250837.jpg (11.64 KB, 333x499, mfw.jpg)

I have a lot of features that I think are pretty in isolation (big eyes, high and wide cheekbones) but my whole face ends up looking like picrel. Gonna say fuck beauty standards and just start probing people

No. 716977

i love them

No. 716979

you probably look modelesque anon but who cares probing is cooler

No. 716980

same. I like her style tbh

No. 716990

Lots of models are chosen for their alien-type features. If anything anon, you just need to find a dramatic style that suits you.

No. 716995

god i wish i looked like an alien

No. 717006

I really like to look at muscular men so I started exercising to get muscles too. I like guys with mohawks so I got one. A guy I like wears an earring only on one ear so I got one too. I like guys in alty clothes so I got more of those instead of my flowery blouses. I just realized how retarded my behavior is, I am like those "become the gf" retards but reverse. What the hell am I doing? Is it really all just a phase or is this "me"? These are things I like but after realizing my motivation behind why I like them I feel fake. Idk man maybe I somehow find a boyfriend who is like I am trying to become, my friend always says you attract what you project

No. 717014

Don't think that's retarded unless you're doing it to an unhealthy degree where all of your clothing choices come from things you find attractive on men. I do this too, actually (still have to work out to actually get muscles though). I think that since we find masculine styles attractive, we tend to want to project what we find attractive to other people. I liked skinheads as well, so I wore combat boots, got a nose ring, started wearing leather jackets and (slightly) punk fashion, and worked those elements into my body type. I ended up being comfortable with myself, even though my body shape didnt go super well with the types of clothes I wore, or whatever.

No. 717027

She looks way too smug for someone with makeup that horrible.
Whoever called her Giggles the clown was right.

No. 717042

I'm tired of pooping fuck IBS and lactose intolerancy

No. 717044

Fds is sadly always right about guys. Everytime I try to ignore what they post on there I always get burned. Yesterday I went on a date with a guy and I paid for my own meal. He did not offer. That should've been a red flag but I thought "whatever its 2021 I can pay for my own meal". Then he proceeds to talk about his crush the entire date, act cold and "whatever" towards me and then he yawned while I was talking. I should have taken my food to go as soon as I paid for it. A man not paying for your meal is a red flag. It was the first red flag on the date I ignored and then the date just go progressively worse from there.

No. 717046

File: 1610995631026.jpg (24.48 KB, 794x132, Screenshot_20210118_194612.jpg)


No. 717054

comment to get them active again

No. 717056

File: 1610996734683.jpeg (39.68 KB, 567x542, 85AFA6A6-4282-4B02-A041-F1697B…)

I want to but they're so cute

I don't even want kids yet wtf is wrong with me

No. 717065

where can I find the most gc memes? specifically about mtfs. They have the best meme potential of our time tbh, because of so much cow behavior and the way they're always showing their ass (metaphorically and otherwise). They could've peaked less people by maintaining the "oppressed but normal people who want to exist peacefully" instead of "we are the same as women, forget about sexism we have it worse than ANYONE and also women are literally killing us by disagreeing online so rape threats and violence are ok!!" It's so funny to me how they missed the mark. You could have been honest that it's men doing the killing (and the truth of how often, and to who) and 99.9% of men couldn't give 2 shits about radical feminism. Sorry that this turned into a ramble but it's really funny how they are showing their true colors so publicly. Do I even have to dive into agp and fetish and rape shit they post on the reg. I think their time in the spotlight is running out since they always boast their true nature.
Anyway since it's the group you are most forbidden from memeing seriously I've seen them gloss over racist jokes to call out transphobic ones in the same twitter thread …idk where to find the memes! There are good ones in the /snow/ threads, if anons didn't make them I'll have to ask where they got them. If anyone here knows please say. Got spergy but I swear this is the most untapped pool of humor/meme potential and memes speak to the soul considering how 4chan be the waifu memes played a role in everything…

No. 717073

I'm glad I'm not alone. I feel more comfortable too even though it's not a 100% fit for me either but maybe I will one day find something that is.

Anyway my friend has a dog called Cookie and it's female but she calls it he. It's so confusing especially when she was talking about how he gave birth. It's not because she is some gender whatever advocate, she says cookie sounds like a male name but it fits him so well, he couldn't have any other name so she calls it he. It's so confusing, why does she do that?????

No. 717086

You could go on Ovarit, or maybe check out the old Gendercrit threads

No. 717093

I hate when a picture doesn't expand on this site


No. 717106

maybe when she got it she thought it was a boy? i've had people bring animals to work that use he for females and she for males only because they were too dumb to tell that their Princess had a big ol dong

No. 717117

I wish I understood finnish their thread looks poppin

No. 717136

Same but with the italy thread, that one cow they have on there seems bizarre, the fat one

No. 717150

I want to make a browser game and build an entire world people can interact with. Kinda like neopets but more grown up.

No. 717153

Lol, lilypichu is voicing Muni in D4DJ and I had a blast from the past. Isn't she 30?

Anyway I remembered a weird ex-riot game dev called Shurelia who was legitimately schizophrenic about magical girls and I only know of her because my bf had her on his LoL friend list then. I wish I could remember more aside these weird videos

No. 717159

Thanks. last I checked ovarit its memes were kind of weak and cringe, even though I agreed with the ideas. I will look again but I guess lolcow is the best bet

No. 717170

She is 30. And Shurelia seems to be better now. Shurelia posted a private video which you can find on her Twitter, saying that she is ditching her Shurelia persona and her adventures, switching to a slime girl persona now, stopped using high pitch in her voice and just sounds like her normal self now.

No. 717171

samefagging, during shurelia times her and pichu had shure lily adventures yt channel and a lot of other things related to that, they were leeching off eachother and even pichu fans found that cringe. they always played around on how much of 'twinsies' they are.

No. 717174

Unironically a bop

No. 717175

@transpostingW has some

No. 717176

hell yea. this and the george washington one.

No. 717183

I also love this one and queeblo is bae

No. 717184

why are white americans so obsessed with listing every single one of their nationalities like bitch just say you are of _______ descent and go! NO ONE cares about the exact numbers jesus christ they just wanna know where your last name is from AT MOST!!

No. 717211

File: 1611020029938.jpg (2.03 MB, 2898x2898, PicsArt_01-19-03.30.59.jpg)

Can't fucking sleep so I badly edited some of the troons from the mtf thread, send me help

No. 717213

I've had encounters where some american was quote "shocked" to hear me mention how my grandpa's dad was not from here, because apparently I should mention that shit everywhere. Could not comprehend that in europe that shit would take ages to list and/or give a fuck. It's cute to know shit about your family but my great grandpa being from country x isn't any of my fucking business lol

No. 717215

I thought I wanted to die, but just now accidentally choking on cucumber and hummus alone in my room and actually almost dying has made me reconsider.

No. 717216

Middle looks like Emma Watson, good job, anon.

No. 717219

His lips were just impossible to improve with my stumpy little fingers, the jaws are also wiggle city but the one on the left is decent imo!

No. 717223

wow viral marketing actually works

No. 717227

File: 1611022382978.jpg (23.1 KB, 417x417, eecfca40df18b41258d1411d87e6c6…)

The worst shit is falling in love with a person you invented in a dream and waking up to find out that relationship never happened and will probably never happen. Why is the world so cruel.

No. 717228

No, sorry Ryan

No. 717232

File: 1611023565545.jpg (19.69 KB, 275x264, 1583364579046.jpg)

ryan what are you doing to these men…?

No. 717236

File: 1611024501688.jpeg (438.98 KB, 1536x2048, 1572474792991.jpeg)

I ordered a hawaiian pizza all for myself. It's on its and i can't waitttttt

No. 717239

The fuck is that creature

No. 717242

Looks like some sort of tapir.

No. 717245

File: 1611025677977.jpeg (29.58 KB, 334x194, 95B758FF-11EC-484C-B563-16BA64…)

I’m letting my eyebrows grow and be bushy, i don’t like my old thinner eyebrows, they’re just don’t suit my face to me, now they look fuller and that makes me happy.

No. 717264

File: 1611027151885.png (375.12 KB, 2048x785, Screenshot_20210118-193059.png)

No. 717273


No. 717274

Cat piss is really bad.

No. 717284

Lots of people use diluted ammonia for cleaning purposes. It's harsh and chemically.

No. 717286


When you smell it you will know anon

No. 717293

How old are you to never have come across ammonia? Have you ever had an UTI with strong smelling pee, it's very much that and some

No. 717298

I will personally deliver a exquisite bucket of ammonia to you for your sniffing pleasure if you give me your home address

No. 717313

My uti prone ass kneels before thy unknowing schnoz

No. 717329

File: 1611031041335.jpg (542.87 KB, 1250x600, aa-aphantasia-1.jpg)

Couldn't stop from cracking up at LauraKBuzz and laughing at him in front of my boyfriend. He is pretty lefty so he was like "??? What's so funny?"

I literally had to stop myself from calling them a troon, I simply said "It looks like Captain Disillusion" to save myself from saying "it's a fucking gross man that isn't even trying. Thumb with a fucking wig headass. Trying to pitch his voice three levels higher and sounding stupid".

He was pretty annoyed sounding but said "no it doesn't…" lol. Got him to call LKB an "it" though. Seriously i wish some trannies would actually try. They think growing their hair out, dying it and wearing eyeliner is enough.

No. 717338

Do you think it’s better to be overconfident and think you’re hot shit, or to be ‘self deprecating’ and more humble? I feel like people get called narcissistic and arrogant if they love themselves, but it’s even more annoying when someone is just constantly putting themselves down.

No. 717352

Anyone with a modicum of self awareness should be able to find a decent balance between the two. But if it's one or the other… overconfidence. You're gonna annoy people either way, so you may as well feel good about yourself and avoid people who take advantage of insecurity. Also I also think it's kinda gendered. Overconfidence is sometimes considered attractive in men and humility in women.

No. 717355

File: 1611034419831.png (257.76 KB, 917x918, blackboots.png)

I really want a pair of witchy boots with a low-ish heel. Should I buy these?

No. 717356

Depends on the extremes but I think I would rather deal with someone who is self deprecating. At least sometimes there's humor in that, someone who is overly full of themselves is annoying 100% of the time.

No. 717360

I like them.

No. 717362


Those are cute, but I can imagine the tight ankles looking a bit awkward with some types of bottoms. If you can think of two or three outfits that work with those shoes from your wardrobe off the top of your head, go for it.

No. 717370

File: 1611036162282.jpg (60.35 KB, 431x652, sock boots.jpg)

those are for wearing with skirts

No. 717372

Why do straight leftist men act sensitive about hons for brownie points but don’t give a fuck about Aydens (unless they want to fuck them)

No. 717373

File: 1611036711358.png (640.79 KB, 592x500, 1602275821707.png)

Yeah I think it's a good alternative to my high heel boots, I'm gonna pull the trigger and buy them. Thanks anons

No. 717375

You never used ammonia in science labs at school?

No. 717382

Nah, not with the kind of school I went to.

No. 717384

I hate when my bf complains about a tiny blemish on his otherwise flawless skin as I'm sitting here struggling with hormonal acne. He doesn't mean anything by it but it makes me so self-conscious because good skin is such a priority for him but my skin and pores are trash!!!!

No. 717385

i'm so glad i never got acne

No. 717386

A guy talking about his skin and taking care of it sounds weird to me. I'm used to shitty men with zero skin awareness

No. 717387

File: 1611039476679.jpg (186.3 KB, 528x988, SmartSelect_20210119-015714_Ti…)

I hate this blackface-looking belle delphine skin walking bitch

No. 717389

File: 1611039738884.jpg (820.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210119-180156.jpg)

Racist cope

No. 717392

Blessed bitch

He got into it when I was experimenting with routines and started paying attention. He naturally has good skin so all he needed was some exfoliating and moisturizer.

No. 717393

What is it like having a bf sisters
You get those butterfly feelings? Does he treat you well? I’m a turbo autist so I’ve avoided building relationships despite me romanticizing them so hard in my head

No. 717394

Anon she already confirmed she doesn't do blackface. If anything it's probably lighting and filters + the hot pink hair that makes her look like she has a tan. You can see in these photos >>717389 she has a more "natural" tone.

No. 717397

I'm a pasty bitch who's pretty indifferent to this girl but even I'm getting annoyed with how constantly she has to justify her existence. Thanks to twitterfags it seems like there's no room in the world for mixed people to experiment with their look and simply exist in peace.

No. 717400

I'm pretty sure she hasn't got much hate since she cleared up that she's black. I do get why people thought she was doing blackface cause the first time I saw her I thought she was too lmao. She's still making tiktoks so I'm sure it's fine.

No. 717401

Surprise, I literally said
because I already know she's black and mexican, her tiktok profile literally says it and she's already posted videos of her childhood.
this is what happens when bitches don't read on lolcow.farm

Anyways I'm more irritated that she is a belle delphine skinwalker. She's cute and could've done her own thing but of course she has to be delphine

No. 717403

Most overhyped shit on earth.

No. 717406

Ok? please direct your vendetta to appropriate board.

No. 717408

Literally, nobody cares about your vendetta.

No. 717411

There's a reason I posted it in the dumbass shit thread. You literally didn't have to respond.

Don't be mad because you're retarded and misread.

No. 717412

also, this was not a vendetta post, I don't know her personally and she hasn't done anything to me. I can post about something I dislike, it's the dumbass shit thread. If you're too sensitive about this shit, get back to twitter

No. 717413

If only pull still existed so I could redirect you there

I hope you find peace yourself, vendetta-chan

No. 717415

File: 1611042528599.jpg (60.62 KB, 800x450, 1609774980107.jpg)

No. 717416

Damn…..we still don't care about your vendetta though

No. 717417

File: 1611042895100.jpg (15.17 KB, 551x665, 1609430284353.jpg)

No. 717420

Is anyone else excited to do their taxes or is that just me?

I just want a refund.

No. 717422

I have a furry neighbor in my apartment building. May not seem that unusual to some people, but it really is in this area. He is not openly furry, but I accidentally found him on the furry map having the same address and the nickname was a yoonik kool spelling of his actual first name. But honestly I am not even surprised, dude gave me creep vibes ever since I moved in this building.

No. 717424

Ringo Starr

No. 717433

No. 717465

I love pretty men but straight men who are pretty and high maintainence are all kinda insufferable. Will I ever find a likeable, straight, femme, pretty man? Chances are slim.

No. 717479

Literally just you, weirdo

No. 717482

don’t be shy drop the fursona

No. 717487

I haven't had period cramps this bad in years, holy fuck. Hope it eases up because I couldn't handle mentally the shit I used to go through before getting on BC.

No. 717548

DAE think Adam Driver looks like Keanu Reeves a bit?

No. 717549

You know what we need? A drug that makes you lucid dream. Come on, Pharma Farmers, start developing it. It'll be a hit and you'll get rich.

No. 717550

I would love this. Someone make it happen

No. 717551

Aren't psychedelic drugs already like that? I don't know much about drugs in general though.

No. 717555

No, this is to take when you fall asleep to have lucid dreams at will.
It's far better than drugs and VR because it happens when you sleep, an otherwise totally unused part of life. Plus you have total control unlike with drugs, and you're unlimited unlike in VR.

No. 717560

big time

No. 717574

I don't get how posts on reddit or tweets get viral if they start with something like "I'm 16 and…" when it's about some kind of social or economical issue. I read that and instantly scroll past it, because teenagers are retarded.

No. 717577

IIRC there was a migraine drug that did this. It was a legal form of LSD that didn't cause hallucinations at therapeutic doses. I think it's been banned now.

No. 717589

File: 1611064950271.gif (260.61 KB, 220x174, 80F93C4A-2372-4D91-99E0-69FCA5…)

"Red pill me on-"

No. 717592

Overconfident, because they remind me of chuunibyous and that makes them more entertaining to me, like full-time clowns.
>At least sometimes there's humor in that
Hard disagree, I can't stand that type of humor.

No. 717595

If I had to choose between the two annoying extremes, I'd prefer self deprecating and more humble people. Wallowing in self pity is tiresome but I find being arrogant and overconfident much more obnoxious.

But if this was for hate following reasons like a personal cow I'd prefer the overconfident type.

No. 717598

Acting humble and self-deprecating is just asking to be stepped on by assholes. No thanks.

No. 717601

I want a pretty boy boyfriend. Thank you.

No. 717607

Same, but I also want to live in 2D land.

No. 717610

did you shave your head?

No. 717616

I genuinely don't see how she's a Belle Delphine skinwalker.
What do you want her to do? Get fat? Stop wearing pink wigs, even though hers isn't even the same color as Belle's?

No. 717618

No, because It'd look like complete shit on me and my short stocky ass. Wish I had the guts to, I'd love to Sinead O'Connor my hair but I can tell it wouldn't suit me. Sigh
I wouldn't discourage anybody from doing it though, if it suits you - great, if it doesn't - well, at least you know that for sure.

No. 717623

NTA but while I dont think she's a skinwalker it's kinda crazy how similar to Belle she looks

No. 717632

She does look like Belle (although cuter imo), but it's kind of crazy that the OP anon really thinks that makes her a skinwalker lmao. Her hair isn't even the same shade as pink, and acting like a cute anime girl on tiktok ain't a new concept.

No. 717636

NTA but looks like a duck, acts like a duck….

Must be skinwalking a duck, no? Serious question. I checked the profile on tiktok and she does a lot of things similar to/has belle delphine mannerisms. Not just cute anime tiktok cringe.

No. 717641

No? Looking like Belle Delphine doesn't mean she's skinwalking her. I don't see how what she does is different from what literally any girl on tiktok has been doing.

No. 717649

Do you think Belle Delphine invented being a weeaboo on TikTok or something? Nothing about that whole "e-girl" thing is original to her, she even copied the "hit or miss" girl.
Again, what do you want? Intentional obesity? Plastic surgery? It's not her fault if her face kind of resembles some other girl's.

No. 717655

Imagine letting Belle Delphine of all people live in your head rent free like this.

No. 717674

File: 1611073962545.png (1.1 MB, 4000x3758, ludic2.png)

just train yourself instead of resorting to a shortcut

No. 717675

First of all, I'm NTA like I said. Secondly, why are you all wking here of all places? You all need to calm down. I was asking if that would be considered a skinwalk. It's not that serious lmao.

ok great thanks for actually explaining and answering my question
you're seething rn and it's embarrassing
I mean this IS lolcow where she is frequently talked about. have you forgotten where you were? relax.

jfc I see why the other anon went off. You guys are all retards that get extremely emotionally invested when people ask simple questions for clarification, for real.

Take a fucking nap.

No. 717677

starting classes today and there’s a fat they/them, ftm AND mtf and I’m already over it

No. 717681

>just do this
>enormous wall-off-text despite letters for ants
This is exactly why we need the drug. Stop hindering progress dammit!

No. 717682

Nobody said you were the same anon but, is the seething thing projection or something? How did my reply even come off as angry? Nobody is wking just because we disagree that somebody is skinwalking. Like what were we supposed to say? That she's totally skinwalking Belle even though it doesn't look like she is? You are the one that asked a question so you should have expected replies. Don't be mad just because we don't agree with you. Maybe you are the one that needs to take a nap.

No. 717683

>Nobody said you were the same anon but, is the seething thing projection or something?

literally the other anon said
>Again, what do you want?
which, if you understand English and know grammar structure, means that you are speaking with the implications that you are talking to the same person you were talking to before.

No. 717685

File: 1611074549672.png (912.71 KB, 2388x1656, lucid1.png)

I'll stop hindering your progress when you come up with a drug to kill off all cumbrains! Anyway I see now that I posted the wrong one, still a wall of text but they helped me get into it until I started seeing people outside of my dreams that weren't there

No. 717696

Even though this is Lolcow, threads get locked/deleted and anons get told they're autistic if they're pulling an obvious vendetta or just saying pointless/unfounded things. It's not even WKing and I feel like you're projecting the need to relax, she just doesn't seem like a skinwalker.

No. 717698

i wish more people posted in the tradthots thread on /snow/ because holy shit are those tradcows retarded and deserve to be ripped into

No. 717700

I want to read this so much but the text is ant sized and I'm disoriented rn

No. 717714

Anon open it in another window and zoom it

No. 717733

lol, it's so funny seeing incels still getting assblasted over this video where a french woman mocks Jonah Hill after he implied that she likes to get sodomized. But no, he's the victim and he's a poor little soul.

No. 717737

So… this is what it's like to be touch starved? Damn this sucks.

No. 717765

I hope you have a good day.

No. 717791

Dw anon, I was too. I didn't get the first covid stimulus in the spring but I qualify for the rebate so it should be included in my return.

No. 717799

Since breaking up these realisations hit me like a freight train.

I used to wrack my brains trying to think of how to get my bf to care about my feelings. Like I'd try to think of apt metaphors and principles he'd agree with to have him express empathy towards me kek.

But not once, not ONCE did I question why I had to convince my bf to empathise with me. Like I feel I was too close to get a more objective view of how this was unacceptable, you know? I cared and empathised with him without question, even if I didn't agree with the reasoning. Yet I had to argue past "well I don't think it's a big deal so whatever".

What a waste of time. I'm not even a dumb teen, i'm near 30. Yet in these relationships it's like my boundaries warp and I have the standards of a pickme, despite making him jump through hoops early on when I wasn't so attached.

No. 717803

I wonder if it's just me and one other very crazy woman on this website.

No. 717804

It's just you and me anon, so just you.

No. 717810

Relating to this hard

No. 717811

File: 1611085710065.jpeg (1.29 MB, 3024x4032, 393337CE-A589-4616-ABCB-067EE4…)

I hope you have a good day too anon, here's some kitties

No. 717812

Lol those comments are a real salt mine hahaha

No. 717829

File: 1611087970118.jpeg (400.39 KB, 1728x2054, 6976989878.jpeg)

>oh are we sharing cat photos now
Here's my roommate's cat hawking fish tacos

No. 717834

What a cute little rascal, i’ll take two thank mew

No. 717835

File: 1611088805202.png (676.23 KB, 887x498, princess.png)

I just remembered that movie with dr. Dolittle's daughter, here's Princess(male)

No. 717836

Omg they look so smug even the little one

No. 717840

I like people who act relaxed and overconfident and even brag a little, but you can tell the arrogance is a joke. Like they don't actually think they're Elvis or something, they're humble under the facade, but they play around with the idea. It can fly over some people's heads though and cause the "you think you're better than us" kind of drama.

No. 717846

I watched these trailers so many times as a kid, I don't even know why

No. 717873

Why do I feel like I actually died and I don't realize it yet? Also is it normal to drink 10 shots of vodka on a completely empty stomach and be fine the next day?

No. 717894

You’re clearly not fine, anon

No. 717903

File: 1611095251138.png (22.43 KB, 180x180, 1610514125211.png)

>open song in my recommended list

No. 717913

File: 1611096248183.jpg (132.01 KB, 959x960, 84de05b8f2e57e5ba2b7ea1c3c33d9…)

why cat paw so soft but when i go to touch the cat paw the cat takes the paw?

No. 717914

I wonder if any of the cows from snow ever post in ot

No. 717916

My dumbass was thinking spotify added comments, imagine the horror

No. 717918

File: 1611096788828.jpg (43.48 KB, 570x855, 1603327333525.jpg)

I hate iiit

No. 717923

My cat when I was a kid loved having his toes scratched lmao, he'd spread his toes out and let me scratch between them.

No. 717948

That image is so cute! I just want to cuddle that adorable little cat! I want to smooch smooch smooch those little paws! Cute! Absolutely cute!

No. 717954

File: 1611101415643.jpg (257.99 KB, 1209x1197, 5b8550c58e5c8.jpg)

On cooking groups, there is nothing worse than the protectors of the original carbonara. Those retards are fucking acting as if they themselves worked in Italian mines for at least 40 years. And in darkness underground were mixing eggs with pasta at a temperature no higher than 58'C. Bacon? you are wrong. It has to be the fucking pancetta, cured in the sunshine of northern Italy, whipped by the wind coming straight from the Alps. Or at least you think so until some retard is replaced by an even bigger retard. "WHAAAAT?? PANCETTA? YOU DUMB WHORE WITH NO CULINARY SCHOOL. IT HAS TO BE GUANCIALE. IT'S THE ONLY ORIGINAL BLABLABLADADADADDY was touching me when I was a kid and now I have to piss off people on food groups". Don't you even fuckin dare mention cream, forget it exists or they gonna eat you alive. Your egg yolks are a little overcooked? you must have exceeded the temperature of pasta by 0.7'C, threw it the fuck out. YOU AREN'T PLANNING TO EAT THAT, RIGHT? ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED? THAT OVER-EASY EGG? Aight fuck it, you think you will throw some parmesan on to salvage it but OH MY FUCKING GOD AND EVERYTHING THAT'S SACRED, PARMIGIANO-REGGIANO?!! ONLY PECORINO OR I WILL FIND YOU AND BREAK THAT PAN WITH THE FAKE CARBONARA ON YOUR FUCKING HEAD. It gets even better when two of those blockheads happen to meet at the same spot and one of them says that they add only yolks and then the other, that they add whole eggs. Oh my fucking god, that's when the fucking riot starts. One malds, the other shits themself.

No. 717956

kek anon I fucking live for niche intercommunity drama like this. I don't even cook that much but reading this makes me want to create a carbonara with bacon bits and whipping cream just to freak these people's shit.

No. 717957

Lmao anon you’re a gem. Please periodically post home cook community milk.

No. 717958

What tf is their problem with parmigiano-reggiano?

No. 717966

Imagine not thinking carbonara is gross, could never be me queen

No. 717969

Beards are so fucking gross. No exceptions

No. 717971

anon omg. I'm Italian (and from a city where carbonara is one of the main traditional dishes) and I agree with you, people like this are insufferable. I'm like 95% sure the pancetta/guanciale rule is made up anyway kek like whats even the difference. And if you want to substitute parmigiano for pecorino who fucking cares!! Literally everyone makes it a bit differently, there's no one way, it's not a big deal if you use parmigiano or how u prepare the eggs or whatever. They're right about the cream tho

No. 717983

Should I text my crush tomorrow?

No. 717985

Do I look like sonic to you, bitch?

No. 717990

text him a threat

No. 717996

If its a scrote, no

No. 718001

I noticed I have 1000 cock stare in photos. I'm literally a kiss
less virgin so incels need to make up their mind.

No. 718002

>>717894 mentally I know but physically tho.

No. 718004

When I feel bad about things I've said or done. I remember trisha paytas did meth and drove her car into a mans house. And that makes me feel better.

No. 718006

no. but it won't kill you.

t. former alchie

No. 718010

File: 1611106516012.jpg (120.93 KB, 581x700, IMG_20210119_230555.jpg)

It's sad that men recognising that we are sentient beings like them is "based" but I agree. >>714702

No. 718026

File: 1611107571469.jpg (2.66 MB, 2898x2898, PicsArt_01-20-03.48.10.jpg)

Back at it again with my fucking insomnia, tonight i tried to fix hari nef

No. 718032

He wishes

No. 718044

Pink potatoes are nasty, wouldn't you agree?

No. 718045

wtf is a pink potato

No. 718052

The red ones are nice, roosters

No. 718055

I spent multiple hours trying to find pictures or videos of someone fucking an airplane

I was not successful

No. 718056

Like, a specific one? Or just generally?

No. 718057

not really anything in particular, although I would have preferred to see someone attempting to fuck a giant passenger jet or something along those lines. there is absolutely nothing of this sort online. at the very least I expected there to be a video of a dude fucking his private jet or something. the only shit I could find was a giantess fetish porn actress using a toy plane as a dildo.

No. 718061

File: 1611110863167.jpg (Spoiler Image, 334.5 KB, 1200x927, 1610328204622.jpg)

Cartoon or irl? If you mean drawings it's very easy to find those

No. 718062

File: 1611111362444.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.74 KB, 720x960, 22365492_283382955500264_50560…)

IRL, I have a personal (mechaphile) lolcow who married his car and would post pictures of his cum on his car wife on fucking Facebook of all places. he drinks his car's old oil and thinks that humans and cars could potentially create offspring. no one in the mechaphile community likes this guy. he's batshit insane. so with this in mind, I assumed that there has to be some guy like this but with airplanes instead. I was assuming it'd be some ballsy airplane mechanic who does this shit but with passenger jets.

pic related. it's cum on a car.

No. 718065

>he drinks his car's old oil
How is he not dead yet?

No. 718068

File: 1611111906681.png (39.07 KB, 573x336, Screenshot_2 (4).png)

I have no fucking idea. as I mentioned this guy is hated by the mechaphile community and has been banned numerous times for being retarded. I have so many screencaps, anons. I'm so glad I saved all these because I can't seem to find his Facebook profile right now. I wonder if he got banned lol

No. 718070

samefag, I meant to say that he's been banned numerous times from multiple mechaphile forums/groups. even Halfdude (another infamous mechaphile, he's got a thread on the other farms) thinks he's a freak.

No. 718073

I’m watching the Chris Chan docuseries on YT and I deadass just started bawling because one of his cats died in a house fire. Thinking about any cat being hurt, especially in a house fire situation makes me way too overwhelmed with emotion.

No. 718074

Anon please put this into personal lolcows thread, I'd love to see more of this kek

No. 718079

sure, I'll write up a post! I was just thinking he'd be a perfect addition to that thread. I'm just going through all my screencaps trying to remind myself of the weird lore around this guy.

No. 718086

>Ontario Canada
Why tf does this place produce so many cows?

No. 718087

different anon but yesss i cannot wait, i live for reading about weirdos like this

No. 718088

he's not from ON, his car was manufactured there. I believe he's from Minnesota.

No. 718092

File: 1611113516515.jpg (107.08 KB, 512x288, unnamed.jpg)

I feel certain races of men should just now be allowed to grow beards, and before anyone calls me racist know that I'm from a multi-ethnic Muslim country where the vast majority of men have beards and like 70% of them are awful and an eye-sore to look at daily, even with grooming the beards suck
only Pashtuns, baloch, Kashmiri and Hindko's have really good beards

No. 718102

coming with an new sandwhich/topping combo is honestly amazing

No. 718108

tall girls, stop trying to look short in pictures. we can see you knees.

No. 718109

I loathe and hate my stubborn bit of stomach pudge, but when I see it on other women I honestly think it’s cute. Why am I like this??? lol

No. 718119

File: 1611117983441.jpg (51.58 KB, 468x650, x9gz9r0rpysy.jpg)

I'm interested in two royals only: Queen Máxima of the Netherlands and most recently, The Dragon Queen of Bhutan: Jetsun Pema. She's gorgeous!

No. 718122

What makes Queen Maxima interesting? Genuinely asking.

No. 718127

File: 1611119173299.jpeg (408.17 KB, 2048x2048, B4941F80-9D46-42AA-9D08-BDFA3D…)

I have an eye disorder and honestly thought the Misuse of Israeli Surveillance Tech for Massive Violation of Human Rights thread had used a dark Spongebob screenshot

No. 718129

Mostly because she comes from my country so she sparks my curiosity kek but I like that she's very educated and chill. She has a ton of international diplomatic appointments regarding economic global development (as that was her career before becoming a royal) and stuff like that. It's not that I'm a fan or anything but I've read her bio and a few interviews

No. 718149

I am legit autistic about eggs and egg sandwiches. People know that I pride myself specifically on my ability to make grilled cheeses and to make eggs, just how I like them. And I've been recommended 'eggslut' videos, which is apparently a place that likes eggs just as much as me. But I just get frustrated watching them as I see them ignoring the bits of egg white that remain uncooked, whereas I will neurotically check every egg for it. Idk, it might be a stupid me thing, but it just makes me want to start a grilled sandwich restaurant where I actually understand and follow through on each persons specific autistic request on texture. I just really like food and don't like seeing ingredients prepared in a less than optimal manner. Maybe I should get into micromanaging games or something.

No. 718152

So you're from Argentina? How would people from your country generally view her?
I'm Dutch but I don't follow our royal family at all so I'm very much neutral on her, but I wonder how she compares to other royals from the perspective of someone who knows more about that sort of thing.

No. 718158

File: 1611123457295.jpg (146.36 KB, 1000x665, 2016-01-07 14.21.01.jpg)

im so bloated right now that simply looking at my stomach is giving me anxiety

No. 718164

File: 1611126189862.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 206.96 KB, 750x516, C6420291-8A52-4341-9ED9-D574D1…)

tfw no /fit/ 2hu bf

No. 718165

Prove it & make me one

No. 718167

why is his left titty broken

No. 718178

I just went down a rabbit hole that left me crying when I came out of it. Basically searching about bone loss for vain reasons (I don't want eyes like cher's, sockets widen due to bone loss/gravity), read a comment under a post/article by an 83 year old woman being sassy about what causes osteoporosis and it was like she took the words right out of my mouth. I was also surprised she was someone my grandma's age using so many complex words. Comment was made in 2010. I look her up out of sheer curiosity, she happened to have her first and last name on there instead of a username. There's a website that has topics on it, she used to post in the health and fitness section. These articles are so well written, she has a book, I bought it. None of her articles had much interaction at all, and she had a lot. So I'm just thinking about all the possible time she took to write just one article, I mean she's elderly, so typing was probably difficult for her right? and it definitely wasn't someone writing for her because she told of how difficult it was lifting her arm after she broke her shoulder. There were articles on there about depression and she would give examples of "someone she knew" but really I think she was talking about herself, she has two youtube channels with no subscribers. Last video she posted was 9 months ago and she was talking about the pandemic. I don't know I just burst out crying, she was so paasionate and shared so much of her knowledge to an audience that wasn't there.

No. 718179

I love you

No. 718181

File: 1611128609736.jpg (30.41 KB, 828x497, EjD5sqoUwAEu7EG.jpg)

i love you too anon! she must be like 94 now I'm happy she's still alive and seemingly doing well

No. 718188

I'm considering donating to Jake Angelis bail fund

No. 718197

his nipples are fine maybe its urs!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEAVE MY BF ALONE, ANON

No. 718201

Yesterday I was eating dinner with my roommates/coworkers, when one of them left the room. One of the other ones said, "I want to be friendly but [roommate who left makes me uncomfortable]." I was kinda shocked because I didn't get that feeling from him earlier. I was so curious what made him uncomfortable but I was too afraid to ask. I wonder if it's because my roommate is very open about her mental health problems or if she was too pushy about something else. Now I'm paranoid how much gossip goes around work and I'm afraid everyone is talking about me. I guess there isn't anything I can do about it, oh well.

No. 718218

your bf browses 4chan anon

No. 718253

I think I’d hate it if my bf liked touhou. Fucking lesbian chasing scrote

No. 718254

I got a bigger desktop and desk than him

No. 718255

I asked your bf for sex when he posted that on jp

No. 718259

There's was this rich boy I used to know, he wasn't a bad guy just sorta of a screw up, I looked him up sometime back and apparently he's just a mechanic now and he doesn't seem to be rich or even middle class based on what I've seen, but I really do wonder how one can just go through that change

like he was from a really rich family, he had his own car and had products that weren't even out yet and now he looks like any another lower middle class guy

No. 718266

Aaaa it makes me want to subscribe to her

No. 718267

> is very open about her mental health problems

No. 718278

Argentina it's still a traditional country and majority of the old people here are fascinated by Europe, so she's liked for being classy and a royal. It's like we collectively self-insert on her or claim her (lt's very common with other international figures from the country) A lot of people loved how the tango piece "Adios Nonino" by argentine composer Astor Piazolla was played at her wedding and her reaction (The composition it's a farewell to Astor's father after his death. It has also became a representative of the country for argentine expatries so it's very emotional for us)
Now she's hardly talked about, but it was big news for a long time
I don't follow royalty that much, but I'd say her (and her family) give better vibes than the british monarchy, for example, but it seems that's just your country's culture. Like they seem more open, nice and human overall

No. 718324

File: 1611152030185.jpeg (61.26 KB, 1200x630, 8E3C4FED-F341-4751-A531-93D113…)

I never wanted thigh gaps in my life because of a silly rumor in high school. A girl in the senior classes had a huge thigh gap but the rumor was after school she goes to work at strip clubs. People said she has the gap because she’s spreading her legs too much lmao I will never forget this in my life!

No. 718330

My first guess was that he's one of those dudes that thinks women with any sort of mental health shit going on are all essentially bpd bunny boilers.

No. 718342

This makes me sad, but it's also kind of inspiring. It sounds like she does this out of her own drive, without thinking of who's seeing it now, but who may need it in the future.
I want to be like that woman. Also, I want to subscribe to her too, she deserves it.

No. 718343

File: 1611154964072.jpeg (201.65 KB, 750x750, EEBEEB62-B73B-4E9E-8CEA-68A6D8…)

I just want my hair to be long already so I can wear sailor moon’s hairstyle at home while working out and doing chores or just playing games and stuff.

No. 718347

>cum on his car wife
>pic related. it's cum on a car.
This is why male compliments mean nothing

No. 718348

ur cute, anon

No. 718349

I found a y/n x Cthulhu smut story.

No. 718350

Why are they ALWAYS North American people ?

No. 718352

There was a pornhub stat that said people in the American continent consume very high rates of cartoon porn compared to other people in the world, kek. I wonder if consuming cartoon porn and being obsessed with fictional entertainment is correlated to a lolcowish personality since a lot of lolcows are from the American continent

No. 718353

Well? Share it, anon that sounds kind of hot

No. 718354

don't sexualize the 2hus

No. 718355

If it were in English I'd do.

No. 718366

So you’re a woman who loves hearing other women talk about how depressed they are all the time?

Also I remembered in one of the first times talking with my roommates she bragged about how she did cocaine when she was a kid. Idk it really rubbed me the wrong way and I feel kind of vindicated in how that seemed to bother others

No. 718368

File: 1611160234777.png (356.02 KB, 2494x1112, tinder.png)

People can say whatever they want about my dating life, but I think it is pretty obvious that I match with only top tier quality men on tinder

No. 718369

Yes anon I get off on that shit, how tf did you know? lol

No. 718370

File: 1611160519099.png (76.16 KB, 1568x280, 989131.png)

It's actually crazy how many /snow/ threads these days attract people from off-site, like obvious friends/exes/fans of the cow(s) in question, and they end up creating their own little micro-communities that stay secluded to their own thread for the most part. Someone can say "Yeah, I use Lolcow", when they actually mean that they religiously follow the thread about Onision's orbiters, or Marilyn Manson thread, and nothing else.
Sometimes I read shit in them that makes me feel like I'm on Reddit. Tons of unironic pick-mes and scrotes barely hiding themselves.

No. 718388

Cause that’s the only place you’re looking obviously

Fucking every time. Got to sift through the pig shit before you find anything “decent” lol. Good luck finding love anon, this made me chuckle

No. 718397

kek what thread is that from?

No. 718419

The Marilyn Manson thread. There's some anal-obsessed scrote in it right now, sperging at people for thinking anal rape is bad.

No. 718524

Not to be a "sex work is work" person but sex work is literally the only job I've ever had where I get respected and make a decent wage. I've been an actress before, worked in restaurants, shops, and hospitals. Every single job I've had I've gotten harassed but the only time something was done about harassment was during sex work, on top of that it's so much easier to get into and work hard for, where as despite spending thousands for certifications and school, it just feels like it's closed door after closed door. People actually care about how I feel, allow me to have breaks, understand if I'm sick and so on.

I can see why it may get a bad rep but I've had nothing but good experiences

No. 718535

>sex work
pick one buddy

No. 718541

So, the most respect you get is when the men around you get to put their penises on/in/near/around/to your body, or otherwise sexually interact with you? And that's the only way to get a decent wage? And that's a good thing?
This is some pink-pill shit right here.
>I can see why it may get a bad rep
Yeah, just quietly gloss over all the child trafficking, rape, entrapment, physical/mental abuse, drugs, etc. That's all negligible, as long as you get yours, right?

No. 718546

Thank you for posting this. Sex work is degrading. Renting out your hole is degrading. Commodifying a human is degrading. God bless.

No. 718547

I believe sex work is work but it's not a respectable or good job.

No. 718549

Have you tried going to high school and getting an actual degree?

No. 718564

Did you completely miss out the part where I went to college and got degrees and licenses?
I'm not supporting child abuse, sex work can be highly regulated if done correctly. I am a minority but it shouldn't be a surprise that more women are going into sex work when there's like 300+ people with the same degree all fighting for one job. Or when companies refuse to hire people because "you said one sentence slightly awkwardly"

As for a "decent" wage. I make probably 300-1500 a night and I only work 4 days a week, leaving me time to pursue my hobbies as well as having a nice apartment, paying off debt and my living expenses. If I were to go in my original field I'd only be making 25-45 an hour, around 1k a week but would have to work almost all the time and have no healthy life balance.

I've worked before but I've been sexually harassed at 3 of my jobs in the past and nothing was done. Meanwhile if I even get uncomfortable here I'm removed from the situation and consoled by the other girls. On top of that if I'm sick or going through something then I can easily take time off without having to fight the boss, I don't have to hurt my body by being on my feet non stop several hours a day and my depression is practically gone. I can probably only speak for myself when I say this but my workplace is a lot less childish, despite being in sex work I'm body shamed a lot less as well. Interviews are a lot better as well. No leading on, no ghosting, no firing or refusing to hire or every little mishap and so on

Say what you want but I am the happiest I've been in my entire life, the only thing that sucks is just the fact I wasted all that time in college

No. 718565

I see onlyfans PR department is working overtime

No. 718568

What do you plan to do with your life when you're older and less desirable to these men?

No. 718570

Saying I am in love would be an exageration but my heart flutters when I notice a particular anon posting.

No. 718571

Ooooooh noooooo not 25-45 an hour thats terible might as well be a poorfag living in a shack. Tragic.

No. 718572

What the actual fuck did I just read? How can anyone who has spent five minutes on /pt/ or /snow/ come this conclusion?

You're simps see you as nothing more than a quick, cheap wank. I doubt they even see you as human.

No. 718573

okay but how does it feel for you to give up your personal autonomy for money? does giving intimacy away with nothing in return but money make you happy and fulfilled? would your clientele or coworkers be impacted by your death?
you have a boss and there are other girls present, you're a stripper or something of the sort?

No. 718576

You need to earn more than that when you’re an alcoholic, addicted to multiple drugs and retail therapy to fill the void.

No. 718582

I've been investing in properties and stocks therefore I can get an income without working
Its not that bad but it's definitely not enough if you want to live in a big city and you want to invest/further education/have kids/ etc
And you're not going to be doing that with any other job? Then what do you call it when people are permanently damaging their bodies in order to get paid less than a "unrespectable" job? What do you call it when peoples jobs replace them in a few days after death and they're forgotten?

It does make me happy and fulfilled. I feel happy knowing I walk into a workplace that won't fire me because I took a few days off, came in late once, tripped, or whatever stupid shit people are getting fired for. I feel happy I can sit, break and eat without being yelled at. I feel happy that if any client wants to assault me they're easily kicked out no questions asked. No job I've ever worked for provided that.

This says more about the general workforce you are living in than it does about me.

No. 718587

So as long as you get your bag you want to preach that sex work is real/respectable work? You say you don't support the dark side of it all but as someone who is involved in the industry are you doing anything to support those who aren't as fortunate as you to find the extremely rare places that treat their workers well? or do you just go around anonymous forums and Twitter to try and convince people (yourself) that what you're doing is fulfilling?

Also if all it took was pimping out your pussy to cure your depression then you had the meme depression

No. 718589

You clearly haven't read a single word of what I said. Stop wasting my time.

No. 718591

Stop giving this troll attention.
>dumbshit thread
>unpopular opinion
They're fucking around or genuinely feels like she needs to justify her choices lmao

No. 718595

File: 1611180412509.jpg (71.21 KB, 954x1390, bearded-fat-man-in-a-black-shi…)

I'm not saying you support it, I'm saying it's nasty to hand-wave it away because you made some coins. Doing it is one thing, but going on about how great it is, as if the experience you're claiming is so great isn't in the extreme minority is fucked. That's what I'll never understand about the whole "proud sex worker" thing. Why give free PR to an industry that abuses and kills other women and children? Do you have no empathy? Do you think all the young girls/women who might read and naively buy into it will automatically get a cushy situation like the one you're supposedly in (rather than the more common situation of being fucked over), or do you just not really care either way?
As for the rest, all this says to me is that serious "respectable" jobs need to be improved in many ways (which, we all know), not that sex work is good. You're saying that in order to not be disrespected and pay off your debts, men need to be able to coom on/in/to you. If that's not a huge testament to how fucked up things really are for women, I don't know what is.
>the only thing that sucks is just the fact I wasted all that time in college
Yeah, fellow girls, fuck getting an education. Just let this guy fuck you instead. Do you want to be able to pay rent this month or not? No, there's no problem here. You are not living in a misogynistic dystopia. This is progress.

No. 718596

So the answer is no? The disgusting side of sex work is none of your business and you still believe your job should be respected because your boss overpays?

No. 718598

Is it gus anon?

No. 718600

>Also if all it took was pimping out your pussy to cure your depression then you had the meme depression
I thought the exact same thing. Weird-ass scrotes using your body curing depression? That would literally make anyone's depression even worse. In fact, it's suicide bait, lmao.

No. 718601

How is she giving up her personal autonomy? This is clearly something she decided to do on her own.

Anyway, there's no point in this conversation. A lot anons here are anti-sexwork, and imo, arguing on lolcow is dumb as fuck because the chances of you actually changing someone's mind and gaining anything from it is like, 1%. If you're happy with what you're doing, then do it and be safe and make money, but please don't justify it to other anons here because you're just gonna derail the thread (although this is dumbass shit) over it. The rest of us don't give a fuck and want to read actual dumb shit in the dumb shit thread.

reposted cause used % wrong

No. 718610

No, I don't even know who that is.
It's a particular GNC anon. I can recognize her posts to some extent or I think I do.
I hope I don't come across as creepy but it's the way I feel.

No. 718611

Agreed. Once you get into one infight on here, you realize there's no point. Being anonymous employs no accountability so anybody could say anything they want, even if they don't actually believe it. I'm not knocking the purpose of staying anonymous, I'm just saying don't expect to have a civil discussion with people on here. Having a real in-depth and nuanced discussion would be better suited elsewhere.

No. 718618

I don't know what GNC and I don't post on imageboards much. There's hundreds and possibly thousands of anons who post here. Why do you think certain typing styles are exclusive to one person and what even is the point of trying to pin other posts on certain anons?

My pockets are full, my self esteem and self worth has gone up, I learned to stop being a pushover, I stopped being so judgemental to others, on top of that because of my low stress workload my stress related weight gain and acne went away, on top of my legs, back and feet feeling better in general. My peers tend to encourage me and treat me better instead of nitpicking me and putting me down. Its not for everybody and despite what anons are claiming I am saying I do agree there are tons of issues pertaining to sex work but it helped me out a lot.

Since the business world is corrupt as fuck do you think all businessmen are bad as well? Do all actors and actresses support epstein level sex trade? Just because someone's career field is corrupt doesn't mean every single job stemming from it is corrupt.

No. 718628

No one is falling for your cope anon…

No. 718660

File: 1611185269992.gif (1.08 MB, 220x220, tenor.gif)

(Same fag) Sex worker anons are so pathetic, willingly giving people stds and not giving a shit about the mass harm it does. Who cares if you throw away your self worth, dignity, mental health and the ability to have a normal loving relationship because it "fills my pockets". Come back in a few years and if you either haven't quit or haven't become a smackhead to deal with the cope I'll give you a prize kek

No. 718661

Nta, but the anon in the confessions thread is very obviously a farmer trying to bait as a twitter swer

No. 718665

Every time I browse snow I have to really quickly scroll past the Soren thread pic. Idk if it’s the dead eyes or the weak chin but it genuinely makes me feel sick.

No. 718666

Yeah, I'm pretty sure someone's really bored or we have been mentioned somewhere because every "busy" thread has some male LARP-tier discussion now.
>muh sex work
>I'm such a bad bitch fucking someone's man
>evo-psych is real
>all straight women are the same and evil
OK, that last one is probably just a lesbian radfem

No. 718670

Agreed. I wrote some long-ass shit, but realized it wasn't worth it and deleted it.
It just bothers me seeing them post their copes all over the internet, especially since some other people might fall for it and think it's actually a good job, just "misunderstood by slut shamers!!1".

No. 718674

> that last one is probably just a lesbian radfem
I want her to be my gf

No. 718675

You forgot to mention there's literally an anon bringing up men liking "fertile women" in the unpopular opinions thread. I refuse to think it's anyone other than some scrote typing this shit.

No. 718700

File: 1611187433493.jpg (97.49 KB, 500x645, tumblr_c623453d088cdacdaeea2c9…)

Not to be a simp, but Michelle Obama looked so fucking good at the inauguration. Her husband was ok too, I guess.

No. 718708

we stan a monochromatic look

No. 718726

Hubby looks like he’s dying.
Michelle looks beautiful.

No. 718748

File: 1611191165207.jpg (82.8 KB, 933x745, 1601600892605.jpg)

Just want someone in my life who will appreciate my big booty. I can't be the only one admiring this pear shape everyday

No. 718751

stop posting pictures of other women you scrote

No. 718757

That's lady gaga and it's a dumb bitch meme

No. 718761

A male who is not a homo would not post gaga

No. 718768

omg…i'm a dumb bitch

i hope someone appreciated your juicy ass one day x

No. 718774


I can’t stand either

Michelle is hideous

No. 718776

>Michelle is hideous

No. 718785

Do any of you nonnies have advice on how to feel better about my boobs? My right boob is almost a cup smaller than the left and for some reason is getting more noticeable that before. I am feeling so ugly. Any tips?

No. 718787

Yeah, use the breast thread on /m/

No. 718794

I have some self esteem issues regarding my breasts. I take flattering nudes of myself to help me feel better. I never share them with anyone else, I just look at them when I'm feeling like my breasts look bad or too small. It helps me I guess because I also have a tendency to compare myself to other women and it helps remind me that everything looks better in photos so yeah. Kinda boosts my ego to see my boobs in a good light.

No. 718802

good thing the opinions of reddit spacers don't matter

No. 718813

File: 1611194902315.jpeg (15.13 KB, 474x474, 62d32e9541771b65bff37462042f17…)

i just wanna own a ferret so bad but everyone in my life just tells me theyre stinky I DONT CARE!!

No. 718816

File: 1611195030738.jpg (164.21 KB, 1200x1600, faa.jpg)

me too………………..

No. 718818

this image gives me the strength i need 2 carry on. thank u

No. 718819

what hogwarts do u think this ferret got sorted in?

No. 718823


No. 718824

I think he's a hufflepuff cause sweet and friendly. Or ravenclaw because he has more knowledge than mere humans like us could fathom

No. 718825

No. 718827

File: 1611195837512.jpg (140.18 KB, 900x675, aaaaa.jpg)

No. 718888

When Grimes sang "You and all these drugs are gonna make a loser out of me/You and all these drugs are gonna make some bitter enemies" on that collab with Jimmy Urine, she really brought in her future. If someone else wrote that, they were plotting on her.
Gotta be careful what you speak into your life. BTW I have huge titties and a perfect flat stomach

No. 718921

File: 1611209092866.png (6.29 KB, 250x250, Shiny-Budew.png)

I just caught a shiny Budew! I love her.

No. 718978

That really pissed me off. Some people like to learn for learnings sake. Definitely a larping scrote who hates that he’s being outperformed in college after mummy called him a genius.

No. 719016

Okay queen straw man, just ignore everything I said pointing out problems in the industry because that apparently didn't happen

The best part about this all isn't that you guys are mad that several sex workers are talking about how they're better treated being a sex worker than they were in their previous fields, it's that someone didn't do the echo chamber lolcow chain of "all sex work is bad no exceptions what so ever, everything who disagrees is evil"

No. 719018

>Some people like to learn for new learnings sake
And that's great if college didn't use tons of time and money. If I want to learn something I can easily take a course


If you truly thought I was a scrote you'd report and gtfo, someone saying something you don't like or putting their personal experiences that don't correspond with your beliefs isn't that. You're starting to sound culty with anti sex work tbh

No. 719025

Youre so obsessed with instant gratification aren’t you? What a loser.

No. 719034

Shit is so crazy sometimes

I have insulin resistance and I gained a lot of weight in 2020.
I cut the carbs, and am steadily losing around 3 to 4kg a month since September last year. Took some pictures of the process to see the changes as I usually do when I start a new diet or exercise routines like that.
I was going through some old pics and I saw one of these pics from 2019, when I was actually joining a gym (before needing to stop it in March 2020 due to the 'rona). I remember that at that time, when I weighed at the gym, I was actually lighter than my current self, but I looked like I was at least 5kgs heavier. I am guessing it was all bloating due to sugar inflammation, but it's still so bizarre. I even put my current pic side by side with the older one and I would never, for the life of me, thought I was weighing less in the older one if I didn't have actual evidence of it.

Fuck sugar/carbs, all my homies hate sugar/carbs

No. 719047

Yes ok we get it, you didn’t ruin your life, you didn’t throw away your dignity, you didn’t enter into a shameful and dangerous lifestyle, we are all just jealous of your money and all the respect you get from men. Happy now? Now go spread your asshole.

No. 719059

Insulin resistence and sugar/carbs dont mix. Im proud of you for making it out of the loop

No. 719068

I can't believe I'm simping over a chess player

No. 719071

File: 1611230417595.jpg (65.85 KB, 540x360, Kasparov2.jpg)

Who? I personally think Kasparov was cute back in the day

No. 719073

I knew this but it now sunk in that "thot" is the new "slut"

No. 719077

have they ever meant different things?

No. 719078

Being made to sit in the middle seat of the car when I was younger just because I was the middle child is my joker origin story

No. 719080

It's Daniel Naroditsky

No. 719081

File: 1611230889051.png (524.37 KB, 700x526, fe2.png)

"I used to think that my life was a tragedy, but now I realize, it’s a comedy"

No. 719083

no but one replaced the other when slut became socially unacceptable.

No. 719106

File: 1611233388912.jpg (29.44 KB, 624x351, p08ksq68.jpg)

Sorry this is late, I realise this is yesterday's news now, but I've been in hospital for six weeks and am only now catching up with everything. Was surprised and amused to be nominated for an award. Thanks for all the well-wishes anons, I'm here and glad to be back lurking amongst you.

No. 719132

I'm a weeb and my husband likes Indie western image comics, the few mainstream stuff he likes is all western. our interests never really clash together, but I honestly think that's helped us stay together and build our relationship, I don't think I'd ever be fully happy being married to another weeb

No. 719134

I can’t stop thinking about when my friends lockscreen was a picture of Adam Driver and I just pointed at it and unironically said ”I love Keanu Reeves”

No. 719137

>Shameful and dangerous
Ah yes just ignore the part where I mentioned when I get sexually harassed those men get thrown out bt security and no one did anything when I was sexually harassed at hospital and restaurant jobs. How dangerous
Because blowing 10k a semester and using several years of your life for a degree that you don't use for your career just for "new learnings sake" is smart and totally not pathetic because? Tell me anon, how many people you know are enrolled in college, dedicating most of their time to their classes, spending an insane amount of money (seriously college is more expensive here than any other country and more than it was at any point of time in history), just for "new learnings sake"? That's a terrible investment, if not supporting people who use insane amounts of time and money just to "learn something new" makes me someone who is obsessed with instant gratification then so be it because fuck that. Sounds like you're just digging at the bottom of the barrel to fight

No. 719143

Rip and all but soren's fucking face was disgusting

No. 719144

File: 1611239463584.png (3.46 MB, 2264x2076, xtgk541lne141.png)

No. 719146

lol I can't believe this discussion is still going on hahaha

No. 719148

I've slept in until the afternoon since you posted about sex work and you're still going. Go fuck a man for money lol

No. 719151

i usually stay quiet and dont tell people my opinions but in reality i cant stand it when people have different opinions than me or tell me that im wrong and thats retarded as fuck considering im on lolcow

No. 719153

I just don't tell about my opinions because I don't want people to know where I stand. Only anonimously.

No. 719165

She really thinks by choosing sex work over a job that she did something.

No. 719174

Yea, sex work as an industry is horrible and extremely abusive but there are women who bank in a lot of cash and just have it good in the industry.Like online boudoir models. I remember that girl swimsuit succubus would bank in like 20k per month for photoshopped pics of her in underwear. I mean it is not like sex work is not divided in sub categories. There are some parts of the industry that are not that degrading or shameful. It is not like sex work always means sucking the cocks of dirty men in a toilet or spreading your pussy in front of strangers on the internet. It can come in other forms. Altho I doubt anon was that intelligent. She is probably sucking cock for money which is not only disgusting but worse than an average job and it sucks the soul out of you very fast. But please don't over generalize, there are so many niches to sex work and a very little portion of them are not that degrading and will not completely ruin any chance at getting a normal job in the future.There's a difference between getting gangbanged by three cocks in a porn movie and selling pictures of yourself in underwear and these things have a very distinct social impact. But overall sex work shouldn't be promoted.

No. 719176

i still can't believe she fucking died, like theres no way

No. 719177

>overall sex work shouldn’t be promoted
Shut the fuck up and stop promoting it then. The discussion is over.
Also posting pictures in your underwear is definitely degrading for a mentally sound human being.

No. 719179

and yet her face wasn't even the worst thing about her though

No. 719180

Anon, it looks like you are baiting but if you're not how the fuck do you put up with it? Were you sexually abused in your childhood? I literally sold pics of myself in underwear and it felt degrading and it took a toll on my mental health so I cannot imagine how stressful and degrading it must feel to actually have sex with people for money. Isn't it straining on your body too? Like taking so many different dicks in such a short period of time. It makes me puke in my mouth a little. I would definitely pick having a job that pays 1k a week over having strangers using me for sex 4 days a week. Do you have a restful night's sleep? How is your love life?

No. 719201

for the love of god stop infighting about sex work in the dumbass shit thread of all places you mongs

No. 719221

Imagine thinking you own anonymous strangers over the internet
>You're still going at it!
>While still "going at it" yourself
Self awareness who
It felt weird at first but I got use to it. Since anons are apparently incapable of having a discussion with someone they disagree with without assuming the absolute worse I don't sell sex, touch dicks, nor did I ever say I did. Now that we got that straight I will ignore any post claiming I'm sucking dick for money, if you repeat it then you have poor reading comprehension or you're just a Karen
Oh no pity me, it's not like I have my retirement set, several investments to get me money when I don't even have to work, along with a low stress workload rather than working my old job on my feet 14 hours a day, shitty insurance that was going to leave me in debt if I ever got hurt, and better protection from predators, as well as security and the fact I work in a job where I can easily stand my ground and put up my limits without being fired. What was I thinking! I'll go back to my shitty job just for you anon

No. 719225

File: 1611249196278.jpeg (19.46 KB, 720x397, received_1157290194716482.jpeg)

I wonder if the anon who posted a pic of their flobby bobbys and coochie in the drunk thread is doing alright these days

No. 719236

Was that the prickly cooch anon?

No. 719241

PLEEEASEEE stop infighting about sex work. You all look stupid for going on about it for this long. We just want to read dumbass shit.

Anyway, does anyone else feel like they're shaking when they have sleep paralysis? When I have it, every time I try to move it feels like I'm shaking hard. I literally just had it for like 2 minutes (it was probably shorter, but it felt so long) and it also felt like my teeth were chattering, which is new. It's the worse because idk if I'm actually shaking or if it's just in my head and I always feel so genuinely terrified, especially when no one is around. A couple months I also imagined I was on a rocking ship. I should honestly take all these new things happening as a sign to improve my sleep schedule.

No. 719242

Who's prickly cooch anon?

No. 719245

>just ignore everything I said pointing out problems in the industry because that apparently didn't happen
Lmao, what did you say? "I can see why it may get a bad rep" and then an admission you get harassed at work, immediately negated by "Ok but I immediately got help from my mboss and that didn't happen at my normal-person job, sooo uwu"? Wow, jester of awareness. 100,000 rapists absolutely destroyed. Sex work is now completely valid and you're not a complicit tard who thinks it's cute to do free shilling for a bunch of pedophiles and rapists.
Nice strawman in the second half of your post, after spending the first half complaining about just that.

No. 719247

There was just a random shot of a stubbly pussy on here lately, wondering if that's drunk anon

No. 719249

Wheres tranny janny when you need them, yikes can y'all shut the fuck up

No. 719252

Yes, the one and only

No. 719256

First of all. I didn't say that, that was the other anon
Secondly why are you incapable of arguing without putting words in my mouth?
Third answer me this: if since a lot of sex work is corrupt, then every single sex worker is corrupt, then does that mean any other industry like the business industry is full of corrupt workers? Mcdonald's is corrupt as fuck but does that mean mcdonald's cooks and cashier's are corrupt? If you're saying I'm a bad person or doing something wrong because I'm a sex worker and acknowledge the sex industry has issues, then why don't you go nag at fast food workers, walmart workers, business workers, or literally any other person affiliated with a corrupt industry?

No. 719258

Weirdly, I haven't seen a single redtext in any of the threads I've visited so far today, despite reporting people all over the place who are objectively breaking rules. Where's the Twilight Zone theme song when you need it? Farmhands took what anons said in /meta/ literally and are now punishing us for their complaining about how they never do anything.

Why, I oughta!

No. 719261

Same anon and nevermind. At least celebricows janny loves us still.

No. 719264

not all bans are red-texted, anon. please stop derailing the thread. everyone complaining about jannies is just as annoying as the retards sperging about sex work.

No. 719265

File: 1611251441063.jpg (42.53 KB, 563x561, 1580162182324.jpg)

/ot/ mods must be on break
If you want to do sexwork just do it! If you're anti-sexwork then fine! No one cares! Just please shut the fuck up!

No. 719266

if you say something vaguely positive about Ad@m Dr*ver outside of the thread, they ban you 5 minutes later, even if it was in reply to another anon. Maybe you should report spergs as cryptodriverposting.

No. 719277

And rightfully so. Driverfags should be banned for the same reason underage users are banned.

No. 719279

This. I'm so tired of internet prostitutes yelling at people for asking them not to act like SW is good and no worse than working at Burger King. Just get your money and fuck off.

No. 719292

OG sex worker anon here
My rant was more about the fact that my work conditions are comparatively better than when I was working in hospitals or restaurants and that people should focus on making the conditions of those workers better, instead y'all just got mad and claimed I was an escort, I was promoting sex work, I was claiming there is no issues within sex work, etc.

I would happily switch to working in the medical field which I like doing but it should be no surprise when we get paid more, treated better and have less stress on our bodies(ban evasion. stop derailing the thread with SW infighting.)

No. 719296

Nta, but please just go post about it in the swer thread in g. Some anons here are against sex work, so you knew it would get this kind of reaction. Stop infighting and derailing, pls.

No. 719299

File: 1611252974844.jpg (87.66 KB, 1200x680, keanu_reeves_in_cyberpunk_2077…)

I didn't know sadness until I learned that Keanu Reeves is not a fuckable character in Cyberpunk

No. 719301

File: 1611253112284.gif (2.4 MB, 268x345, Tumblr_l_2557971743430204.gif)

…anon, there is a joytoy mod so uh, you actually can.

Unless you meant canon.

No. 719307

How does that comparison fly? I'm confused

No. 719308

You should have expected that for basically saying going to college is useless and sex work is oh so much better.

No. 719316

This whole game is sad for me, they didn't deliver even half of what was promised. They can fix bugs but that main storyline is done for. The romance options are locked by gender and sexual preference too with ONE option each. And the sex is so cringe too, going first person was such a mistake, the customization is terrible as well. Like you're in the future and you can't even make your male V have some futuristic makeup on. Tbh Keanu kinda ruined the game for me too. Johnny was supposed to have a much smaller role originally but they had to scratch a lot of stuff so he could have more lines.

No. 719319

I'm eating buckwheat porridge I love it it's so good and easy to make

No. 719320

File: 1611254496987.jpg (11.05 KB, 300x300, Thumbs_up_bro.jpg)

Get well soon komaeda chan and thanks for the awful photo

No. 719334

Didn't we once have a furby thread?

No. 719341

Damn I always miss out on coochie posting

No. 719344

Thanks, anon! You're so welcome.

No. 719359

I wish we had, furbies were only mentioned in passing in random threads

No. 719373

Has anyone noticed that a lot of girls from this site have similar voices? Like high pitched, kinda fakish sounding

No. 719375

why do finn girls always have pig noses?

No. 719376

How would you know that? I've never seen anyone post their voices here.

No. 719378

Shame, I found a baby furby on my boyfriend's attic and felt like there was a thread for that, they look surreal.

No. 719380

I'm in servers from lcf and there's voice chat

No. 719381

Samefag, they always sound like this

No. 719383

Hey, i prefer miss piggy nose

No. 719391

Sure thing sis who is a legit poster on lolcow dot farm, you are above us all

No. 719400

I never said that I'm above anyone, kek calm down child.
By 'they' I'm referring to the girls from this website who's voices I've heard.

No. 719401

I drank alcohol (literally just some beer) to celebrate and now my esophagus is on fire… and I knew it would be but I still want to drink sometimes!

No. 719402

Nta, but if you've spent so much time on LC that you forget that "they" is also a word used to describe multiple people regardless of gender (which is how anon used it), OR a single person who's gender is unknown, maybe you need to step away from the internet.

No. 719408

post photo, anon!

No. 719409

Its different for everyone. For me sex work worked out better for me than my degree. I know you anons don't believe in middle grounds and assume everyone is extremely one way or the other but are you just going to ignore the fact there's millions of millennials and gen z who complain about forking out tons of money and time for various college degrees just to find no job in their field? Or the fact when they do find a job in their field the pay is shit and working conditions are horrible?(ban evasion. just stop already.)

No. 719410

Pls don't start this again. We have a sexwork thread in /g/, go talk about it there so the thread won't have more infighting

No. 719413

Imagine being retarded enough to ban evade only to make it painfully obvious it's you posting and continuing the same argument everyone is already tired of(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 719422

so who else likes slinkies? i like slinkies

No. 719423

I wish you could use slinkies as weapons. Like imagine a whip, but it's a slinkie instead.

No. 719435

i love all anons on /snow/ roasting/sperging about corpse husband.y'all made my night a bit better

No. 719461

Anon, please take your own advice. The post was meant to highlight the hypocrisy because anon is also a girl posting on lolcow.

No. 719468

That doesn't really make sense, imo. "They" is supposed to be girls who make their voice higher, not girls in general so….

No. 719473

File: 1611263280999.jpg (23.38 KB, 707x693, 80469932_1648267845313815_2598…)

LMAO why every sw acts this way so embarrassing keep yo mento ilness for urself no value whore.
Fuck corpse husband i cant even shit in peace im scared to look behind me and see his ugly rotten bunny avatar whispering choke me like u hate me.We need to eat super overcooked hard boiled eggs to defeat him.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 719475

There's no hypocrisy to highlight, tard

No. 719477

Why does this read like a drunk post

No. 719567

i fucking hate that the greasy ass neckbeard furry fuck that used to do the animal crossing datamines is now refusing to do them because 'he got bored with the game' even though he KNOWS his ass is the only person who can do it and it only used to take him like three hours. he's even admitted he doesn't have a fucking job, he just sits on his bony stinky ass all day and likes furry porn on twitter dot com. it's the very least he could do to give back to a society that somehow forgives him for being a furry freak that genuinely looks like luna's heroin addled walking corpse of a boyfriend reeeeeeeeee

No. 719568

I've had boyfriends be jealous of how much more affectionate and sweet I am to my pets and it's like, notice how they don't upset me. Kthx

No. 719620

When I see posts written in a similar style to this I like to imagine Azealia furiously typing with chicken blood still on her hands

No. 719628

File: 1611276672812.jpg (28.23 KB, 480x640, 5a29ac845ae0cb3cb9ee07ca72e16d…)

The term "sex worker" replacing prostitute in public discourse is such an egregious example of whitewashed language covering up the real issue. Normalise calling prostitutes prostitutes again. And always remember that sex work is not work ♥

No. 719652

Calling prostitution "sex work" and putting it in the same basket as middle class, mentally ill OnlyFans thots feels like the verbal equivalent of Brazil building walls around favelas for the Rio games.

No. 719664

Exactly. Unless they're actually having sex for money, they're sex workers in my mind. Or maybe pornographic models if you want to be more specific

No. 719677

I see your logic but personally I use it as a convenient umbrella term for prostitute, porn star, camming, stripping, sugaring etc. I dont consider it 'work'.

No. 719707

I’m so fucking annoyed I’m 5’7 and i’ve been trying to lose weight but I don’t own a scale so i’ve just been going off how I look + my clothing size. I went from a size 10 to a size 2/4 and I’m really happy about it aside from the fact that I still somehow look like a size 10 and I have a solid shayna gut still god I’m so fucking frustrated. I’ve slimmed down everywhere except for my midsection and flabby arms. I know I just need to exercise but i’m a sedentary wench

No. 719711

you probably look a lot better than you think anon, congrats on the weight loss! remember that while you might not see a drastic difference, other people most likely do

No. 719712

someone posted cp on /pt/ and i saw it and i want to throw up

No. 719715

Same, reported that shit but ffs

No. 719719

god, i was about to head to bed but now i just feel disturbed and sad

No. 719726


I just noticed that too and I’m scarred for life

No. 719728

It's been up for almost an hour. This is disgusting and I'm ashamed of all farmhands

No. 719732

it's not like they posted it. They have lives too and it's possible that for at least an hour, all farmhands were busy. They shouldn't be ashamed for any of this wtf

No. 719735


It’s gone now everyone


No. 719749

File: 1611290609610.jpg (22.25 KB, 454x344, Tumblr_l_7378433670437.jpg)

thank fucking god

No. 719771

if you take an L you rinse your eyes out

No. 719790

I figured out how squirting works. I kind of thought it was a myth and that any girl who claims to “squirt” is just peeing on purpose for scrote attention but now I take everything back, it’s definitely real. I feel like I unlocked a secret. It’s honestly hilarious how much more complex vaginas are than penises. Guys never discover their penis can do a new trick after years of jerking off kek

No. 719803

So tell us how to do it!

No. 719804

Happy for you, anon!
>inb4 the thread devolves into piss discourse again

No. 719805

File: 1611301620641.jpeg (26.38 KB, 625x510, F797542A-BE75-4263-A1E2-675DA1…)

Okay— here’s my theory.
I think it all depends on the A-spot (picrel). G-spot stimulation is great, but it makes me clench all my muscles down there, including, of course, bladder/urethral muscles, which prevents squirting. The A-spot, however, doesn’t seem to make me clench automatically like the G-spot does, in fact for me it almost has the opposite effect & makes me stop clenching and “open up.” If you keep hitting that spot over and over again, that “needing to pee” sensation that some women describe when nearing orgasm (I don’t think it feels quite like that, it’s more like a tingling feeling in the urethra) will be uninhibited without the clenching, and voila.

I also find that my vaginal sensitivity varies greatly throughout my cycle, and something that works at one point in the cycle might not work at another. This only works for me when I can tell I’m in the sensitive phase.

No. 719810

So you do pee yourself, only involuntarily?

No. 719811

Anon called it >>719804

No. 719813

I miss taking public transit.

No. 719826

File: 1611307313948.png (2.98 MB, 1242x2208, 81015CBF-16CC-42EC-BD7F-7E247C…)

I fucking love the manga Nana to Kaoru, I’ve re-read it so many times and it is still as good every time. It’s so hot and heavy without any sex happening while also really funny and cute.
I REALLY wish I could have a dom that would secretly do dirty things with me and then do proper, sweet after care while also getting flustered himself when I’m not looking.

No. 719845

On the verge of crying because I read about someone going into debt because of their medical bills, it really hurts me deeply to know there are people who struggle to put food on the table or have medical care, maybe because I've been there but it is still depressing and harrowing.

I hate the world we live in. I hate that I can meet people daily who struggle to have a decent life, I wish there is a solution for all of this. moments like this make me feel like maybe socialism is the answer and I don't know enough but I know it is not even possible.

No. 719852

I've been doing pushups for like 5 days and I dreamed that I already had really NICE shoulder muscles and I'm pissed it was just a dream

No. 719856

I kind of wanna read that manga, is it an example of a healthy bdsm couple?

No. 719873

File: 1611314286651.jpeg (37.51 KB, 392x612, 544.jpeg)

I totally understood what anon said here and I feel so cool >>719868 my hungarian learning app is paying off

No. 719877

File: 1611315096392.jpg (545.83 KB, 1242x2208, tumblr_f1c784b737ae995598c5af1…)

Oh DEFINITELY! While Kaoru's role as a dom is to sort of push Nana's boundaries, he keeps a proper eye on her reactions and body language and is ready to stop the moment he sees that something is too much for her, and Nana is also fairly communicative if she is uncomfortable despite being a stubborn character. I think there is only one instance where is a bit too pushy to test her, but they sort it out. The manga is more about the "art" of bondage rather than the sexual part of bdsm, so everything they do is above clothes. Otherwise they are just completely regular teens going to high school, hanging out with friends and worries about grades.
The thing that makes everything they do so insanely hot is because the panels put a lot of focus on their expressions, like just only focusing on their smiles or their gaze. I also enjoy that there are not really a lot of manga/anime tropes like tsunderes or whatever (with the exception of Nana that starts off as this typical goody-two shoes honor student that is insanely stressed out), they are just people living their normal lives. It is also very informative about the various tools and styles of bdsm so it isn't like the mangaka just watched 50 Shades that one time.

No. 719879

Damn I’m interested, I love bdsm for the sensuality of it but most representations are unhealthy and abusive as hell. Thanks for the rec

No. 719881

do you know any other wholesome content like this?

No. 719884

What is great also is despite having a romantic sub-plot is that there is no "will they, won't they?" vibe to it either, it is pretty obvious that they will end up together because they have a really good dynamic.

I don't know if there is anything similar to this specifically on the market, at least none that has gotten a translation. Most of the manga I find with dom/sub dynamic or bdsm is just young women dominating their love interest in a "DRINK MY PISS" or "I'm going to make you cum in your pants with my foot" way without any aftercare, which is fun to read sometimes simply because it is nice to see women make these scrotes crawl on the ground for them begging for permission to masturbate as a change of pace in manga (while I'm a sub I would love to have that kind of power over a man), but there is a severe lack of wholesome content and way too much with dominatrix(es?) making someone drink their fucking piss and that part is so disgusting. I think the only one of that kind that I've reread simply because it got a decent, pretty sad story is Ibitsu by Okada Kazuto.

No. 719888

Thanks for the rec! I am looking for any media, not necessarily manga. If you (or anyone) is aware, please drop the rec.

No. 719889

Isn't this the manga where he leaves the two girls tied up until they piss themselves like dogs? I keep forgetting how many pick-mes browse this site. Kaoru also starts out as an ugly stalker, later on he's just an ugly pervert.

No. 719890

Would you mind sharing some of the femdom drink my piss refs? I’m not into piss play but I’m dom and do like seeing men degraded so I’ll take what I can get kek.

No. 719893

Yeah, I read the manga out of slight interest too, and that was the chapter where I stopped lmfao They tried to paint it as some wholesome "Look, nothing to be embarrassed about! You learned how to let go in front of us!" but no. It's just piss.

No. 719895

Yeah, that chapter was not good at all, I agree with that. But there is so much more to the manga than that. But Kaoru was just close by and kept an eye on them the whole time so it's not like he just went out on a walk in the meanwhile and cared for them afterwards.

The only ones I can think of at the top of my head is just Ibitsu and Sundome that are made by the same mangaka. But if you go to the pages for them on myanimelist there is a section where people recommend similar mangas.

No. 719896

I want to add, that there is just something with kink-related manga and piss, idk why there are so many mangas that includes a scene or two with it included.

No. 719898

Nice, thanks anon I will check those out

No. 719900

I'm honestly just happy to share these with my fellow degenerates, it's not exactly the kind of manga you really talk to people about haha

No. 719913

God now I remember why I never listen to anime/manga recs no matter what site I'm on. Member' when farmers kept shilling Innocent?

No. 719918

Is Vanessa Vokey the new Magdalen Berns?

No. 719924

I often have to be reminded that November 31st is not a real date but August 31st is.

No. 719926

File: 1611326624796.jpg (51.09 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_nsf43fqlKV1qgl6q…)

I started watching/listen to the Trash Taste podcast and watch Gigguk which has made me interested in anime again, and it frustrates me because I have NO ONE to talk with about the shit I watch anymore. Pretty much everyone I know nowadays either thinks anime is stupid or lost interest (except for a couple of friends that are just as super into Sailor Moon as I am), which is why I sort of took some distance from that hobby for a long while. Like I don't even have anyone that will humor me or try to act interested when I test the water to say something about a series and I have this sort of fear of showing off too much of how much of a fucking nerd I am in general since I got made fun of for it when I was a teen.

I just want to talk about anime and manga with someone the same chilled out way the guys do in Trash Taste. Just sorta nerd out and talk about anime history compared to now and whatnot.

No. 719938

My coworker is being super pissy and sort of aggressive but I'm just gonna unclench my jaw, breathe a little, and continue doing my work while listening to some Animal Crossing jazz. I'm not engaging anymore.

No. 719941

Whenever I finish a show or a book, I feel so empty. I don't even have to find it good. It's gonna take two weeks until I feel normal again and can watch anything else.

No. 719942

I feel you, I just finished Fleabag and I don't know what to do and have a pit in my stomach lol

No. 719943

isn't that what fan fiction is for

No. 719945

>>719926 Same. I have this issue because I exclusively watch old, underrated or shitty anime. Like I just want to TALK about it to o n e person. ONE.

No. 719946

>>719890 Sundome, but if you get confused easy or don't like weird-ish art styles, don't read it. But it was absolutely a ride because the premise is the guy stopping before nutting every time. (the term sundome means stopping before a climax in jp.)

No. 719951

Just count your knuckles, anon

No. 719954

It used to be the movie going experience for me. Whenever I watched a decent/great movie in a theatre, just chilling there in the dark and surrounded by sound for 2 hours made me feel like I was returning from another dimension when I left. Home theatre or watching shit on a monitor just can't beat that feeling.

No. 720001

Man, I love those binge eating videos on YouTube. It makes me feel a bad, I'm being entertained by a girl who is obviously struggling with BED, but it fascinates me all the processed food they have in their house, is it that normal in the US? When I had binges I had like bread maybe? Cooked pasta and bought ice cream a few times but this people have so much elaborates packages foods so casually wtf

No. 720030

"I have so much homework and essays and I have to study or exams!!!!"
also me:
> paints a mural on the wardrobe

No. 720045

Sundome has one of the worst endings ever. I have no interest in piss but I was invested in the love story and I've never stopped being mad about it. The mangaka shat all over his own plot, of course his latest manga is about an adult female teacher jerking off a 14 year old boy at school
Yes I'm mad

No. 720048

>the term sundome means stopping before a climax in jp
So I know this is a Japanese word and not at all pronounced like it would be in English/doesn't have the same meaning but I initially just read it as "sun dome" and wanted that to be a thing. So much more creative and artistic-sounding than "blueballs." Any time a guy cries about it I could just be all, "Chill, it's a sun dome, it's a beautiful thing." Kek

No. 720054

My dad shaved off his facial hair for the first time in 20 years and now I don't want to leave my room because it feels like there's a weird ugly man hanging out in my house

No. 720061

It is honestly the only reason why I don't really recommend Sundome, if it wasn't for all the dominatrix shit it could have been a complex but beautiful story but instead he went with such a bad payoff it's insane. Same with Ibitsu, the ending was such a disappointment because it leaves so many things unanswered. The writer at building up the circumstances the character's relationships are based on but then it seems like he just gets bored and starts half-assing everything so he can wrap everything up asap. His works aren't exactly masterpieces but they make you interested enough in what direction he is going to take the characters. Haven't read his latest work though.

No. 720065

>>720061 Didn't she die while fucking him or something like that?

No. 720073

It is implied but not made clear, but yeah I think it is meant to be taken that way. It makes it quite disturbing how he just doesn't…seem affected by it in the epilogue? Sure, it's been like 10 years or whatever but it still feel off, especially how he jokingly asks his girlfriend for a golden shower to show that he is still thinking about her.

No. 720090

i fucking love when im taking a yawn and my leg has a seizure

No. 720106

File: 1611343422615.jpeg (73.49 KB, 660x975, EnVGnk7W4AAY6C_.jpeg)

i'm big sad i wont be alive long enough for a women-only planet..

No. 720116

Great image thanks for posting

No. 720146

File: 1611346539166.jpg (64.94 KB, 680x1023, depositphotos_96361260-stock-p…)

an /m/ thread of pics like this would never take off would it? sigh

No. 720202

File: 1611351023684.jpeg (953.61 KB, 1125x812, 4DF19E56-D326-442C-B93F-C2ED2D…)

nevar 4get(chan)

No. 720214

File: 1611351486311.png (658.91 KB, 719x607, 1611350889289.png)

took him 1 day, my condolences for the anons with husband or male family relatives in the military

No. 720222

4channers are the social group with the most glasses per capita

No. 720224

File: 1611351918971.png (813.88 KB, 749x868, 1611351870602.png)

No. 720227

My condolences to the Syrians for having to deal with the globe's designated retards during a pandemic

No. 720229

images you can smell

No. 720248

Thanks anon, my brother joined the forces last year and he's my favourite family member now I'm going to have nightmares about this.

No. 720254

Why do I keep getting English ads on YouTube even when my vpn gave me a Russian ip address? I did use to have a uk one, but shouldn't the ads reset? i didn't even use YouTube when connected to UK

No. 720266

kek that is almost what i captioned it

No. 720270

File: 1611355496639.jpg (461.03 KB, 1920x1080, Viego.jpg)

This champ is so disappointing, I wish riot incorporated more Spanish Conquistador era elements into his post-ruination design instead of making him look like a generic edgy league bad boy. I mean Kayn is hot, but don't we already have enough of him? His pre-ruination design was so good. Senna is still the best "new" champ they've released recently, even tough she came out like 2 years ago

No. 720272

Do you get only english ads? I live in a non-anglophone country and I get both ads in english and in my language, but if you get only english then I don't know why.

No. 720273

i am neither anglophone or russian, when not connected to any vpn i get ads in the language of my country, when i connect to vpn i get english ads. probably something about the vpn software itself, iirc i got english ads when connected to germany and even japan

No. 720275

File: 1611356071513.gif (352.77 KB, 500x438, original.gif)

Good on you for being the bigger person, anon. Sometimes I have to remind myself of this kind of thing too and it's not easy. Hope the rest of your work day went better!

No. 720288

My ugly pickme friend is bragging about her her minimum wage job. How can someone past the age of 18 be proud of something like that? lmao

No. 720290

Speaking of the above post, but not exclusively, are this many farmers friends with people they don't actually like or are they just a weird minority that won't shut up? I am genuinely curious, don't mean to infight, it's just that I swear I've read the phrase "ugly pickme friend" before on lolcow.

No. 720293

I feel there must be a few of them but some of them sound kinda neetlita-y

No. 720294

let her have her moment anon kek

No. 720296

There are anons here who hate their friends (those anons are probably actually super miserable to be around tbh. Why be friends with people you don't like?) but the posts that specifically say "my ugly pickme friend" are all bait. They're derived from that roommate anon

No. 720298

I think its a very small vocal minority, I just have to think about how sad their own lives must be that they can't meet/make friends they actually like and instead spend time seething over the people they choose to hang out with.

No. 720299

I wonder that too since cows who are bad people are one thing but feels genuinely bad to say mean things about friends

No. 720302

I wonder how the blind retards that designed the clothes in Sims 3 and 4 dress irl.

No. 720306

except vanilla sims games have had awful clothes ever since sims 1, but yeah

No. 720315

whenever I see things like the vitiligo barbie I think they hired someone from simblr
I don't think it's bad for those dolls to exist, it must be nice for people with it but the company's motives are always pandering poop

No. 720319

I sliced my hand pretty bad a bit ago while I was making dinner and now I'm terrified to use a knife. It was my first accident using one but even picking one up now makes me think of all the flesh and blood and I get woozy.

No. 720320

Nah I have plenty of friends, i just love to shitpost about my friend her since she is such a dumbass pickme and awful person

No. 720325

To be honest I don’t even care that it’s pandering and a cash grab. As a kid I had loads of Barbies, all blonde besides two. It would’ve been cool to have a variety of dolls.

No. 720331

Raven grew up to be adorable wow

No. 720333

as the ayrt I 100% agree… I loved having lots of different options to play with (from polly pockets mainly)

No. 720334

I guess that's true but I was a kid when I played them so I didn't really notice it as much as I do now.

No. 720347

File: 1611363721737.jpg (51.97 KB, 640x582, c2bdef294088adf0c7d1a8b0c5d4c9…)

Do you think that when Sanic replies "maybe" he's just playing coy or does he truly not know?
I just wanted my answer, you stupid blue cock

No. 720348

Does anyone else have no friends? I have a boyfriend and I'm friends with one of his friends but that's pretty much it. I wish my sister was closer to my age, we actually have similar interests.

No. 720354

same anon. the only people i talk to are my family members. sometimes i think about how none of my old friends would know if i ever die

No. 720364

I must be a mentally strong ass bitch. I see people complaining about being depressed and lonely being stuck inside because if covid…yet they have friends they still hangout with weekly, live with family, go into work, go to small parties once a week….
Here I am working from home and i live alone. Im single with 0 family or friends. These people would probably have killed themselves by now if they were me kek

No. 720388

Where do you see those people?
Yeah good on you that you’re working, no joke can’t lie that this pandemic isn’t killing me

No. 720389

You're a strong, bad bitch.

No. 720398

File: 1611368701846.jpeg (167.48 KB, 750x882, 7A9FED72-41FD-4482-B465-050A39…)

I love you, anon.

No. 720430

I just had a tonsil stone come out while I was eating a mcflurry, idk why but it stinged a lil. It also didn't really stink which was weird? Anyway, I hope you people with chronic tonsil stones are doing ok

No. 720433

you sound bitter though so you can't be dealing that well.

No. 720460

I want to read the celeb thread so bad, but everytime i go in there some anons are victimblaming and arguing about bdsm and rape and shit. I'll just have to wait for the next thread summary to catch up tbh

No. 720462

Well I got no friends, no boyfriends and no family and have 0 social-skills. We should start a club or something.

No. 720468

Fucking same
Hopefully award season will bring something juice again

No. 720470

Samefagging my post, but did mods stop banning people for those arguments or something? It's like the infighters don't learn. One person always has to come back and start up an argument to say it's whoever the girl Armie was with's fault she was raped. If it's not that then it's nitpicking. I know bans aren't always redtexted, but it just keeps happening. The anons in that thread are either vicious and crazy as fuck or mods simply gave up

No. 720478

I’ve been swiping right on Tinder for two hours to recreate the high of people watching.

No. 720479

what's people watching?

No. 720482

>swiping right
By ‘right’, I mean ‘left’.

You know when you’re at a crowded place and you start looking at strangers, observing their mannerisms and appearance, and form gut reactions about them based on that? That’s people watching.
I just appreciate looking at all sorts of faces and bodies, and finding little things that are relatable or surprising. Recognizing people in public translates well to dating apps, too. Just the sheer bizarreness of seeing a coworker or teacher outside the confines of work or school.

No. 720496

I tried asking for an Armie containment thread but was shot down, I think there should be a rule that when one cow takes over like 90% of a thread for days at a time, a containment thread is made. Idk how everyone forgot that the whole point of a containment thread was to contain the ceaseless infighting so the actual thread isn't filled up too soon with bullshit most people stopped reading.

No. 720500

File: 1611383030796.jpg (91.21 KB, 563x707, lol.jpg)

this is funny so i'm sharing it

No. 720610

I remember some farmer on here tinfoiling Jojo Siwa as gay a few months ago. Some of you have crazy gaydar, man.

No. 720612

Did you get this from a tutorial on how to be a cool bohemian writer type? Eating porridge is toootally quirky

No. 720614

I still don't get how that works unless someone's dressed stereotypically.

No. 720624

Ah, yes, the genre known as "Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier".

No. 720626

Brb about to make wine so strong it needs to be diluted with three cups of water

No. 720636

It's vibes and I truly think it's mostly a gay thing to recognise the other gays

No. 720640

Guess I must've been a larping hetty all this time

No. 720645

File: 1611409762885.png (906.98 KB, 1104x1322, larry, im on ducktales.png)

Larry King ded, rip

No. 720646

tbh it doesn't take a smartie to see that she's not 100 percentstraight. can u imagine her dating a guy? i never could.
plus her mannerisms r pretty gay

No. 720647

I went looking for the original to laugh and there's more. Imagine dedicating your life to do things just for the aesthetic not because you enjoy doing them. bleak

No. 720655

Her whole being and mannerisms were very see through young, kinda tomboyish, hyper acting gay to me but it's gross to talk about teens like that but I just thought we all were aware. This sounds retarded but even the way she speaks and sounds are pretty gay without going into specifics because I can't find it in me to explain.

No. 720659

No, i get you completely anon dw. good for jojo though.

No. 720665

Help anons I'm cleaning out the attic and I'm not sure what to keep and what not to keep. I'm probably moving out later this year and I don't really want to keep too much crap in my parent's attic that I won't take with me and probably will never look again but I'm also afraid I'll regret throwing it out later on, you know? For nostalgic reasons.

For example, do I throw out my Postcrossing cards (postcards from strangers basically)? I haven't looked at them in like 8 years but they're kind of endearing too.

Do I keep or throw out my old art portfolio crap? I wanted to get into art school at some point but I'm 100% out of art and haven't looked at it in years. But again I'm afraid I'll regret it? hmm.

No. 720681

My mindset is usually:
>Have I used this the past 3 years?
>How likely is it that I'm actually going to use it the coming year?
>Was it expensive?
>Did I even remember I had it until now?
>Will it just collect dust?

Don't hold on to thing just for the sake of it, that is how you end up accumulating a lot of shit without realizing it (I recently moved and ended up donating/throwing away 4 moving boxes and 2 thrash bags of stuff, and now that I've gone through all my stuff again while unpacking I'm now also donating 5 moving boxes and an IKEA bag of stuff).
Why can't you scan the content of your portfolio and get rid of the physical copies if it's that important? What good would it do to you know even if you would apply to art school now if you're not into art anymore? If it has been years your skills wouldn't be fairly represented in the portfolio anyway so it's just unnecessary.
Regarding the postcards, wanting to keep those I kind of get since I always keep cards and letters I get from friends. Get a small box to keep them in that you can also use as a book stand so it will also serve a function.

No. 720711

You're making very good points! I've thrown out my art-crap and I think I'm going to digitalize my cards and then throw them out, they'd be going straight back to the attic otherwise anyways. Scanning art/postcards wasn't something I had thought about, that's a really good idea! Thanks for the good ideas and advice!

No. 720752

those are dark academia autists obsessed with seeming mysterious and sophisticated, not understanding that living on tumblr and having to look up tutorials on what to drink in the morning is the opposite of that…
yep, also lol @ the ancient greek and roman foods tasting better

No. 720800

My cat died in 2017 and although I'm still sad and I miss her, I'm very happy that she got to live to an old age. She was born in 1997 and we've had her since she was 1 year old. I begged my parents for a black cat (because of Sailor Moon) and I was so happy when I saw her at the animal shelter in my town. She was playing in some corner of the room and when my father showed her to me, she looked at me with big eyes. I remember when she walked over my legs for the first time and let me pet her. She's never been a cat that let herself be petted for a long time and she was pissed very easily. In her last years, she's become so sweet and cuddly, but also very frail and bone-y. I was always worried that she'd hurt herself when she let herself flo to the ground to get pets.
I sometimes let myself drift away and think of her and the life she had with us. She was considered a problem cat because she was a bit aggressive in the beginning at the shelter, so no one wanted to take her. But with us, I think she had a good life. She had enough room in our house and was allowed to go outside whenever she wanted. She always jumped onto the windowsill and then looked and meowed to get inside. When we opened the door, she was already running through the door. That was so cute that I always left my blinds open to look for her.
I want to get cat again, but sadly my living situation doesn't let me at the moment.

No. 720804

This is so heartwarming. That's so amazing that your cat had such a long and beautiful life. I hope you will be able to adopt a kitty soon!

No. 720819

Wrt the postcards specifically, as an ex-postcrosser I ended up decluttering most of mine. I kept a few special ones to use as decor, but the rest I couldn’t see a point in keeping. The others I sent to a charity who sell them on to postcard/stamp collectors. I felt better parting with them knowing they were going to a better place.

No. 720820

it scares me knowing that jannies post amongst us

No. 720827

Since trannies are considered women now female rapist, child molester, violence rates are going to go up and now men can really be able to use "but women do it too!" As an argument when they are called out for bullshit

No. 720831

That's a great idea! If I can find something similiar here I'll do that too.

Just curious, why did you stop postcrossing? I stopped because stamps for international shipping became too damn expensive.

No. 720864

I didn't know they were allowed to speak.

No. 720882

I've been reading NEETlita's old posts and I think (not sure) that she might have run a tumblr anti-social justice blog at some point. She had selfies on that blog and they do look quite similar to the "ugly pickme friend" (that was obviously her selfposting), but I'm still not entirely sure. I just used to have a tumblr anti-sjw phase myself and used to follow her and it's funny seeing her here too.

No. 720885

My entire family thinks I have autism even though all the psychiatrists I've seen insist I don't

No. 720890

No. 720892

Just read an article from 1990 that said the previous three decades were to sensitive and nurturing men; and that the "macho" type of man started to make a comeback in popular media during the Nineties. Wonder if we will get that nurturing boy type again

No. 720896

Weren't 80s all macho crazy?

No. 720900

Actually yeah, with rambo and GI joe but then again sex symbols like Prince existed solo

No. 720901

soo, not solo

No. 720904

I don't understand why people use asterisks to block out letters in words like r*pe instead of rape.
Does the missing letter make seeing the word less twamatic?

No. 720915

I know precisely nothing about technology but assumed it was to stop their pages being marked nsfw or something. If not that’s dumb.

No. 720931

It used to be so people wouldn't be able to search the word on social media. Scrotes and edgelords used to search sensitive topics on twitter and reply to tweets in a typical edgelord scrote manner. Now it's so common I assume that they search the censored versions too.

No. 720933

I think >>720915 is right, but on twitter it's also used so they can talk about something/someone without it coming up when the uncensored word is searched. It's also used when you talk about someone, usually a celeb, you don't like. Like if someone says "H*lsey sucks" it's supposed to be kind of shady because they're making it seem like Halsey is a bad word. Idk if I explained that well.

No. 720946

I've literally never watched survivor, but I love this video so much. It feels like she's speaking a different language

No. 720962

I don't keep up with the venus thread mainly because the anons are fucking degenerates. but every time I scroll and see a picture of her I gag a bit because her ears just looks so freakish and gross. Why do I care though, they are just ears but its just a natural reaction from me

No. 721002

I wish I understood why I am so drawn to negativity

other people seem to watch wholesome cooking videos or gaming on youtube, meanwhile I am addicted to looking at things that make me upset or depressed, like videos talking about how women are going to be replaced by AI sex robots. I have no idea why I'm like this, I wish I could just be normal

No. 721005

File: 1611444012264.jpg (9.76 KB, 300x222, Sad_Affleck.jpg)

me too

No. 721012

Please I've been sleeping with the same man for 7 years when do I stop feeling shy about it?????????

No. 721015

Have you tried forcing yourself to consume wholesome content instead? I understand it’s a vicious cycle but consuming (too much) shit is going to make your mindset shit. The opposite is worth experimenting with at least.

No. 721059

haha fuck me I'm retarded and don't care about my mental well being

No. 721069

That's cute anon but what do you feel shy about

No. 721078

please someone tell me if this is toxic behavior. I had a more or less close but not couple-y relationship with a guy a few weeks ago. He broke my trust by sleeping with other women repeatedly, telling me about it, promising to stop it after I freaked out at some point but then still casually meeting up with the same people he had slept with. Everytime he told me he would meet up with somebody my mind would immediatly jump to thoughts about how he would meet these people to sleep with them or at least would like to and it made/still makes me feel worthless. But maybe thats just my ego? He said he loved me and even wanted a relationship but I broke it off because the mental stress became to much to handle. We still have some stuff to unpack and talk about so today after about three weeks of me taking some space for myself I try to set up a meeting. Somehow the conversation turns to what we have been doing and I find out that he spent an evening with someone unspecified watching the same tv program that a mutual friend and I had started watching just the week before (and of course he spoiled her about the next episode we wanted to watch together and then tells me to not invite her) And now I'm back to feeling unwanted, worthless, replacable and on top of it all I'm really angry.
Rant over. After typing all of this I think I know why I broke off contact and why I felt so much better without having him in my life. Fuck his narc-ass

No. 721082

Some people date around until they're in a relationship, until they've had that exclusive conversation. Him saying he loves you but not asking you to go steady is weird af anon. He either wants to exclusively date you or he doesn't.

No. 721084

Fuck the britishers for shitting on ESL-chans who want to adopt a british accent because there’s nothing wrong with learning the british accent instead of the standard american one
It’s not like their American accent is any good either
Just die of briticher corona if you disagree

No. 721085

You're his placeholder until he finds a girl he actually wants to be with. Men cant function very long without a woman in their life so they string along girls they dont want that badly so they dont have to be alone and then leave when they find their dream girl.

No. 721086

But mikan sounds like a parody act, don't try to deny that nonny

No. 721089

I still go to 4chan /pol/. Even though it's a massive pile of shit and the moids are completely out of touch on certain subjects, 1 in 10 threads have something relevant or interesting. Meanwhile the politics or economics that gets mentioned here is when some trad/lefty e-celeb does something retarded. And anons get banned for posting about politics on politics related threads.

No. 721090

>wanting to learn britbong speak instead of just learning normal english

No. 721092