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File: 1660942279943.png (78.16 KB, 157x275, Moo.png)

No. 888656

Lillee Jean is a stunted unwashed "beauty guru" who has taken "fake it till you make it" to previously unseen levels. With over 1 million (fake) followers on Instagram, 11k (fake) followers on Twitter, and 10k (fake) subscribers on youtube, her pitiful engagement rate is propped up by bots, engagement pods, and "bob-vageen" foreign men with no idea who she is.
Lillee is best known for abusing copyright strikes to silence her many critics. LJ and her momager, Laur Trueman, have been on a multi-year "anti-bullying" rampage where they ruthlessly mock other people for their age, looks, socioeconomic status, and more, all for the crime of questioning Lillee.

Many dedicated Lillee critics have created callout videos and posts to expose her racist, dishonest, and absurd behaviour. However, Lillee and Laur remain convinced that this is all a conspiracy organized by one person out to get her.

>Extremely stunted social development due to being removed from school around 13-14 years old. Does not appear to have a single friend IRL besides her helicopter mom.
>Is now 20 years old but legitimately plays with dolls
>speaks and writes in "attic pidgin", our affectionate name for her limited grasp of the English language (her only language)
>Claims to have a totally real, not-made-up boyfriend who is both a French diplomat and also a family friend since childhood. "Phillipe" (an incorrect spelling of the French name) seems to hop across continents, being either local or foreign depending on Lillee's convenience. Conflicting details about when they met suggest an inappropriate age gap (with a 23-year-old Pheepy asking out a 14-year-old Lillee). Her alleged boyfriend has no internet presence of his own, and has never been shown by Lillee, despite oversharing every other aspect of her life.
>Uses her "Jewish identity" to deflect all criticism as anti-Semitic, despite not practicing the Jewish religion OR having any clear Jewish lineage
>Constantly exaggerating her status in the beauty community with fake PR
>Got caught running her own fan pages, many of which were racist caricatures of minorities. This included (alleged) POC claiming to hate their own dark skin and wishing to be pale like Lillee.
>Once posted a photoshopped image of herself over Katy Perry's body, claiming to have attended the Met Gala. Later backtracked and tried to pass it off as a fan-edited image.
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab, created a custom lipstick colour (the point of their business, which anyone can do) and advertised it as an official collab, claiming that her fans could ask for "the Lillee Jean collection" in all Bite stores. Bite Beauty formally asked her to stop making this false claim.
>Lillee participated in a public Covergirl ad campaign where anyone could submit selfies to be displayed on a scrolling billboard in Times Square. Lillee waited through hundreds of submissions to catch a photo of herself on the billboard, then posted it as though it were a collab where she exclusively modelled for Covergirl.

>Laur stayed up all night long to clog her insta stories with 80+ strange posts >>878046 >>878132 >>878133 >>878689 >>878683 >>879381 >>879410
>Lillee's Attic Academy education strikes again when she misspells "safety" for her Bullyish posts >>878194
>Lillee's guest outshines Lillee in an LJ Talks episode >>878205 >>878218
>Laur posts a bizarre edit of Lillee even though she whined and bitched about the "bloody edits" of Lillee >>878272
>Laur and Lillee jump at the chance to make the Uvalde Massacre about them >>878309 >>878338
>People who voted for "Style your Lillee" are now Lillee's constituents >>878373
>Laur interprets some kid posting his airsoft rifles as a threat >>878428
>Lillee and Laur try to put up one of their episodes of Mind over Beaute behind a paywall >>879377
> Solved Skincare and the dude that visited the attic don't follow Lillee anymore >>879434 >>879441 >>879493 >>879508
>Lillee's poor grasp of French is shown when she names her series where she goes to touch grass "Voyager with Lillee Jean" >>879519
>Laur takes Lillee to the American National History Museum >>879766 >>879785 >>882478 >>882536
>Another super weird edit by Laur >>879879
>"Big words" are used by the boolies to scare Lillee >>880002
>Laur's sock accounts are commenting on various creators that did a video on Lillee >>880151 >>880152 >>880153 >>881233 >>881234 >>881235 >>881236 >>881237 >>881238 >>88149 >>881299 >>881300 >>881570
>Lillee uploads a weird trailer for her vid with a bizarre ending >>880752 >>880753
>Lillee goes to a Mario Badescu event super early in a velvet dress in the sweltering heat and leaves before anyone else shows up >>880823 >>880825 >>880827 >>880879 >>880901
>Lillee and Laur's response to the Roe v Wade ruling >>881078 >>881088
>Lillee goes outside again and gets her geography messed up >>883270 >>883290 >>883323
>Lillee went to a spa >>883544
> SHOCKING!: Lillee actually talked with other people who have way more interesting lives than her for a women's rights event: >>883788 >>883799 >>883800 >>884515
> Speculation that the Truemans may be living their car >>886446 >>886475 >>887468
> Laur wants to start beef with Mark Cuban >>886882
>Lillee once again goes early to a Milk Makeup BBQ and leaves >>886974
>Laur and Lillee pay for someone to say they're rich >>887516
>Lillee finally goes to the beach >>887821 >>887823 >>887912 >>888216
> Lillee flexes a look by saying she's using Dior lipstick >>888218
>Lillee goes live probably to debunk the homeless theory >>888515 >>888520 >>888525
> Lillee caught a case with the oral surgeon >>888526

MAIN ACCOUNTS AS OF 2022 (Updated May 2022) :

https://www.twitter.com/reallilleejean (Suspended)
https://teespring.com/stores/lillee-jean?aid=marketplace (removed)


https://www.twitter.com/InevitableLrt (Suspended)
https://www.twitter.com/JeaniezInc (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/iamlaur67 (Suspended)
https://www.instagram.com/jeaniezmanagement (Suspended)

https://twitter.com/lilleeinc (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeauty (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeaute (Suspended)

1. >>>/snow/833840
2. >>>/snow/847048
3. >>698862
4. >>707075
5. >>718259
6. >>724333
7. >>736259
8. >>754981
9. >>767645
10. >>773135
11. >>777937
12. >>784721
13. >>794372
14. >>802142
15. >>811813
16. >>820665
17. >>825857
18. >>833714
19. >>838519
20. >>844274
21. >>853090
22. >>857281
23. >>862009
24. >>871230
25. >>878034

No. 888664

Thanks for the new thread OP

No. 888725

File: 1660969047793.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x2028, F98A02CA-3B82-4995-BE72-7618E3…)

Laur must be mad about court record anon and is backing to spamming bullyish clips on her Instagram. She also shared some nice pictures from her new job at the impound lot.

No. 888729

File: 1660970860454.jpeg (629.5 KB, 1170x1794, 91CF358D-A242-4ED9-BBE9-DCC086…)

She’s sharing pictures of people’s homes?

No. 888731

Well done nonnie

No. 888732

File: 1660972715683.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1034x1858, E6B8F269-0E3F-424C-99F1-037681…)

I think she’s posting for us kek

No. 888739

File: 1660994308230.png (2.29 MB, 1919x908, lillee whitestone.PNG)


this seems to be where the picture is taken. looks like a normal residential neighborhood to me but not sure. there are "no standing 9pm to 6am" signs along the road so i don't think they are sleeping in their car here. just going for a drive?

No. 888742

Actually, they're in College Point, not Malba. I don't support the sleeping in their car theory, however, CP actually has quite a few impound lots, auto body shops, and tow truck companies based there.

No. 888746

File: 1660998798628.png (1.2 MB, 1301x454, lillee dock.png)


no i'm pretty sure i got it spot on. you can see the dock and even the bush are the same. she is probably taking the picture from the sidewalk which isn't accessible on streetview

No. 888747

File: 1661001105690.png (2.22 MB, 719x2571, A6794234-1A37-48C9-B12A-9434D9…)

Laur posted like 100 stories last night and wtf is this

No. 888749

Past attics?

No. 888751

IMO she's either trying to confuse farmers by taking pics of random houses to watch people scurry about on google maps trying to find them or she's gone back to pretending she's tracking us boolies down and those are meant to be google image pictures of a boolies home.

No. 888752

Those don’t look like pictures from google maps though. It looks like she’s walking around taking pictures of random homes in queens.

No. 888755

the door in the first picture has something taped to it

No. 888763

It's probably a we missed you note from a delivery company

No. 888765

She is a boomer so theres a solid chance she's just playing with her camera. Every mom on social media goes through this phase

No. 888766

File: 1661012082910.jpeg (969 KB, 1170x1832, 1DBB579B-98FB-46A3-92AB-E94B67…)

she posted pictures of a pain management clinic in queens.

No. 888767

whatever these images are, it’s obvious she’s posting them to get a reaction from lcf. the hypocrisy of Lillee complaining about 60 year old women bullying her when her 60 year old mother is posting hundreds of stories trying to get a black website’s attention. Truly pathetic. I understand the importance of archiving but unless laur starts connecting the dots for us, we should probably ignore her.

No. 888770

Laur gets hooked on painkillers saga? Maybe the Franzia isn't enough anymore.

No. 888772

File: 1661015585389.png (3.67 MB, 553x4806, F5DA5B3E-5E50-429C-A806-116B63…)

She posted some address too

No. 888776

File: 1661016838342.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1170x1499, D2C48C27-CC8C-42B2-8FBA-FE0CF5…)

the address she posted is a dental office

No. 888781

Laur misses having a home kek

No. 888782

Is this the surgeon who’s suing them or the dentist who reported them to APS? Laur needs to specify bc she has beef with multiple dentists kek

No. 888784

File: 1661025259687.jpeg (895.33 KB, 1170x1943, 0DDBB18A-45FC-4E50-979E-CDC9DE…)

she’s back with boomer screenshots & posting a the name of a Canadian highway

No. 888785

No. 888789

Which account is she posting these from?

No. 888790

Just for fun I googled “radicalized black websites” and found nothing but posts by Laur.

No. 888792

alwayslooking4talent on Instagram

No. 888797

She's made multiple posts in the last 24 hours about cults and that stupid binder…

No. 888799

She’s extra mad about anons posting Lillee’s embarrassing civil lawsuit

No. 888801

Things must be really bad for Laur to make a huge scene on her management account. Doxxing when you’ve got an anti-harassment documentary coming out is a bold strategy. Especially the dentist’s office who’s trying to get a judgement from you. Maybe vanlife anons were on to something?

No. 888802

File: 1661037598141.png (254.52 KB, 708x538, cultrambling.png)

No. 888803

File: 1661037788349.png (73.71 KB, 702x590, cultcultcultcult.png)

No. 888804

File: 1661037894755.png (283.22 KB, 694x862, shadowrox.png)

WTF is ShadowRox???

No. 888806

File: 1661037955463.png (1.79 MB, 680x1198, 9u8ytctfty8y8uyftuygyu9oih.png)

Laur's been a busy girl today I see

No. 888807

File: 1661038019722.png (1.1 MB, 688x888, trghrgh4942uthgwrnd.png)

No. 888808

Not trying to be funny or sarcastic here but Lillee is not safe with her.

No. 888809

File: 1661038055059.png (1.13 MB, 710x1172, sdgvsbgwrgq35y3q435.png)

No. 888811

>so many choices

Choice A: pay your medical bills
Choice B: don’t pay and dox the surgeon

No. 888812

I don’t think they have weapons in the house and I’m pretty sure Lillee could take Laur in physical fight. She’s built like an Irish boxer.

No. 888813

File: 1661038523134.png (154.58 KB, 908x634, EfXBE68N.png)

This is getting unhinged even for Laur. What does it mean? (It also had a weird glitch text effect)

No. 888815

>She’s showing she knows where someone here lives. But that someone doesn’t care, lol.

No. 888816

Laur if you want to meet me in the cemetery just say so.

No. 888817

Bring a million Jeaniez and attaaaack, Laur

No. 888818

File: 1661040499677.jpeg (216.32 KB, 1170x2055, E2FDBB3B-0A40-41F8-B531-D1D9C5…)


No. 888819

Laurs REALLY miffed the farms figured out Lilz is getting her broke ass sued on dental bills yall hope you're all shaking in your unfastened out of season platform sandals kek

No. 888820

File: 1661041144271.jpeg (445.43 KB, 2048x2048, 6BA6BA9D-5DB8-49E2-9A6C-AED8EE…)

Now she’s sharing streets from New Jersey and Utah. This kinda kills the narrative of Lillee being bullied by a single person.

No. 888821

Especially when that narrative is that one person like, brainwashed kids into joining a cult.

If thats true Laurs doxxing a bunch of kids right now.

If Bullyish ever sees the light of day it's just going to be a great opportunity for them to look like unhinged clowns.

No. 888824

File: 1661042589282.gif (746 KB, 600x1067, ezgif-2-0afaebc54e.gif)

She's manic af right now. She's posted over 100 stories in the last 24 hours.

No. 888825

File: 1661042699329.gif (15.04 MB, 600x1067, ezgif-2-879b7fa19c.gif)

Is this supposed to be braille? That binder really gets her goat, huh?

No. 888827

File: 1661042816330.gif (3.61 MB, 600x1067, ezgif-2-57874255ef.gif)


No. 888828

File: 1661042928851.gif (19.06 MB, 600x1067, ezgif-2-2dc77f6721.gif)

I'll say

No. 888829

Is she dropping acid?

No. 888830

It was a beautiful Saturday in NYC today. Laur spent it searching IP addresses on google maps and taunting an anonymous message board.

No. 888831

Much as I dislike so many of her actions, this makes me sad for her. No one should experience this level of mental illness without professional help.

No. 888836

File: 1661045284809.png (1.91 MB, 972x1452, omg.png)

Idk what's worse, the manic grin or the exposed hairy back kek

No. 888837

File: 1661046231246.jpeg (192.43 KB, 822x691, AA007D31-573B-43A2-99C0-486717…)

they removed all the dental surgery videos kek

No. 888840

File: 1661051089932.jpeg (7.12 KB, 225x225, images (7).jpeg)

Tinfoil but what if the reason they're maybe living in a van by the river is because they're trying to avoid getting served with lawsuit papers. Can't get sued if they can't find you.

No. 888841

all she's done today is post weird deep fried flashing pictures of random shit she's driving by and setting it to 70s dad music

No. 888844

File: 1661054452701.jpeg (26.43 KB, 300x300, F9E17B5C-9F77-4D8E-93E6-857A0F…)

Same unhinged look as the tiktok troon

No. 888850

>She’s built like an Irish boxer.
KEK, she really is. I stand by saying I could turn that feral midget into a boxer. She could easily outrun Laur's fatass though but honestly? Even if Laur does get overtly abusive I think she'll stay. I weirdly relate to Lillee as I also had an emotionally incestuous mother who wanted to keep me glued to her apron strings for life. It took me far too long to get out of that situation and Lillee is far more isolated than I was, and… well, not too bright. Laur has the upper hand here, I'm afraid.

No. 888854

File: 1661078794260.jpeg (576.86 KB, 1170x1219, 60D9C7FE-AE2A-4FA6-8741-D72135…)

>you can’t stop a good movement

unfortunate choice of words kek

No. 888855

File: 1661079798681.jpeg (958.79 KB, 1170x2028, 2122CBE8-1B2C-4B63-A8CA-8D439D…)

$8.99 to rent an 8 min long video

No. 888857

$8.99 to see her diaper butt and prediabeetus lines? The goblins are truly losing it.

No. 888859

File: 1661081758009.jpeg (242.29 KB, 1170x1532, 313C879D-8FF7-4E63-AF5B-D2D1AD…)

Her website only has 300 visitors a month. Half of those a probably farmers. Even if every visitor rented one video, she’s only making $2k/month.

No. 888861

Laur does realise that Chazz Princeton is the name of a character from YGO GX right? (The 4kids dub at least).

No. 888872

She’s selling videos of her daughter bending over and wiggling her butt in swimwear. WTF

No. 888879

What was the last straw for you to break free, nonnie? Hasn’t Laur already crossed that line with Lillie? She’s been trying to use her daughter as a cash cow for years - and now she’s gone full pay-per-view.

No. 888880

Even though my mother was verbally and some times physically abusive it took my girlfriend at the time and some friends basically giving me an intervention for me to finally cut ties with her. What got to me was when they asked me how I would feel if their mothers treated them how mine treated me, my response was that I would hate it and their mother would be a terrible person; and that's when the penny dropped. I was no contact for a long while but went back to emailing her a while ago to ease my guilt. I think without my wife and friends here to talk sense into me I would see her in person again, and that's why I fear for Lillee. Some of us need help with undoing a lifetimes worth of manipulation and Lillee has no one. She could maybe try a hotline but I doubt she gets five minutes away from Laur. Plus Laur seems to have scared her off other people since she blocks anyone who isn't paid for on IG. I honestly don't think she'll be free until Laur shuffles off this mortal coil in her ridiculous platform sandals. Even then she'll probably just remember her as a great mother because she doesn't have that support network to help her see things from a different point of view.

No. 888881


They know they don’t have the traffic or enough fans to support a subscription based service through their website. Why would I pay $9 for a short video when I can watch the clips they’ve posted to YouTube or wait a few days and watch it for free? My tinfoil is they’re testing this service out for adult content or an OnlyFans. Lillee’s been sluttin it up on IG livestreams for years. Lillee looks down on sex workers but Laur only cares about money. Lillee will do whatever Laur tells her to.

No. 888882

Yeah and Lillee has no friends to give her perspective. She still believes that her middle school “friends” should have liked her for losing weight and wearing makeup - and when they didn’t, she decided not to have friends. It never occurred to her that they didn’t like her personality. And it never occurred to her that there were better, deeper friendships to be made - it was those girls in middle school or NO ONE. Unreal.

No. 888883

File: 1661095906193.jpeg (94.58 KB, 1170x548, DDEBCBD1-F7A4-4E51-A801-9378F2…)

Laur unfollowed John Liu. Guess the senate wasn’t working hard enough on Lillee’s Law.

No. 888896

After posting over 100 times yesterday, Laur's been completely silent today. Prolly fighting off that Franzia hangover lmaof

No. 888904

Good ol' Laur, so predictable kek.

No. 888912

If shit like this is what Laur thinks will convince whatever D list producers that there's a legit cult hunting Lillee…like I feel like even the most boomer producer can tell this is taking the piss.

No. 888916

File: 1661130200647.jpeg (292.87 KB, 1170x1652, 3C2672D9-55D2-4FF8-96AC-AA119E…)

Laur’s back with more Franzia.

No. 888917

File: 1661130457072.jpeg (448.74 KB, 1170x1840, 31CDEBD2-DCB5-4B0E-BC48-792A2F…)

Mark Cuban is shaking in his boots, Laur

No. 888919

File: 1661130736811.gif (9 MB, 600x1067, ezgif-1-844bf83c1a.gif)

I fear our Laur is treading dangerously close to legit skitzocow territory

No. 888920

She's posted multiple seizure inducing deep fried pics of the same traffic lights, trees in front of a brick house, and the Whitestone/Throgs Neck bridges. I think she thinks she's doxxing someone

No. 888921


These kinds of threats always crack me up. Even if they knew the name and address of every nonnie who posts here, they can’t do shit with it. It’s not illegal to laugh at two lunatics on the internet. Interpol isn’t going to arrest Canada anon because they shared a screenshot of Lillee Jean’s website. Are they going to file a restraining order against every anon who posted in these threads? What’s the endgame, Laur?

No. 888922

File: 1661131409961.jpeg (519.09 KB, 1170x2029, 755179D1-4335-4F1E-8E1E-0D5890…)

At the least she’s threatening to. The last story she shared was a promo for bullyish kek

No. 888923

What's the story on Canada anon? Is it someone who legitimately lives in Canada or did she just see a random IP accessed her website and went from there?

No. 888926

During the copyright claim saga, they got the information of one of the callouts who lived in the Ontario area. Her YouTube channel was called Ontropolis. I believe she was also in her 60s, so she’s probably who Lillee was referring to in her livestream.

No. 888928

Laur doxxed her a year ago and they mention she’s 60 >>833627

No. 888929


Late but.. As a UT nonnie, I'm shaking kek

No. 888945

Ontropolis isn't a 60 year old woman. Why would you believe anything laur spews out? Newsflash: "Dianne" wasn't a middle aged woman with grey hair and giant glasses, either. The personas were farcical. The fact laur believes anything we say is proof she's a fucking idiot. Don't be like laur.

No. 888947

They DO know that they’d have to, ya know, sell her nude for this idea to ever work right? I haven’t been closely following her crap for a minute, and I’m sure they are still dense, but I don’t see them ramping up to OF. And it wouldn’t sell if it’s just what she always does.

No. 888962

Praying we never see an OnlyFans arc. The sight of LJ naked would be enough for this "cult" to drink the kool-aid for real and end things.

No. 888966

File: 1661166082834.jpeg (613.32 KB, 1170x1644, A869623C-2664-424E-91F1-92AB6E…)

Laur’s back at it.

No. 888968

File: 1661166133936.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1170x2051, 87EBF559-28DD-4527-A631-F378F6…)

she should take her own advice kek

No. 888971

File: 1661167387561.jpeg (442.57 KB, 1170x1835, AC51CE64-8E17-4BCC-9588-5625C4…)

No. 888972

File: 1661167468485.jpeg (525.95 KB, 1170x2018, BF5F7A5D-82CC-4A8E-81B6-8580EC…)

No. 888973


She's really obsessed

No. 888974

File: 1661167868924.gif (776.98 KB, 600x1067, ezgif-3-832f7304c9.gif)

Radicalized black websites again kek

No. 888977

Does Laur think doxxing anons will pay Lillee’s bills?

No. 888982

Oh no, trees! I live near trees!

>or message boards
Yet you never show lolcow screencaps, only twitter and some email that is easily faked. Interesting!

No. 888984

File: 1661171999211.png (3.22 MB, 828x4419, 4BC2899E-E1E0-4BB4-8BBA-5FB2CB…)

What’s with the shawarma stories? She must’ve posted this 3 times already

No. 888986

Well you see, nonny, it's quite simple if you follow the clues. Under "shawarma" Laur says "always look both ways", if you read shawarma backwards you get "amrawahs" which is what you'll sound like after a box or five of Franzia. This puzzle is designed to let us know that Laur is piss drunk.

No. 888987

File: 1661174474452.png (33.08 KB, 435x535, Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 9.19…)

No. 888988

I noticed in one of the promos for bullyish, they edit out the word lolcow. They don’t want people looking here. Lillee doesn’t have a Kiwifarm thread, Laur does.

No. 888989

I looked up WIX's video rental settings and you can set the video to be rented for up to 72 hours. All of Lillee's special videos can only be rented for 24 hours.

No. 888990

File: 1661174979108.png (85.92 KB, 793x552, Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 9.30…)

No. 888991

Good catch, I missed that. They're playing a dangerous game with this "documentary" because if you type "Lillee Jean" into google "lolcow" is one of the suggested searches. It won't take much for an outsider to find these threads. If anything editing out the word lolcow will just make people more curious about what they censored.

No. 888992

Are copyright laws stricter on content behind a paywall? Maybe they’re too broke to buy YouTube subs/views, so they’re moving all her content behind a paywall.

No. 889006

pov: on a nyc transit bus, Monday 5am

You notice the Glen Danzig lookalike, sitting outside an auto impound lot. She shuffles onto the bus, barely able to keep her balance on her foam platform flip flops. She’s mumbling something about Mark Cuban under her breath as she heaves the plastic bookbags she’s carrying into the seat beside you. Everyone on the bus is uncomfortable and trying to avoid eye contact. She proclaims loudly that she has a car, A JEEP, but her famous daughter was snoozing in it so she chose to take the bus today. She pulls out her phone and starts editing photos. You hear her whispering to herself “your honor, Lillee Jean was pressured in to fixing her teeth. Why should we pay for something we didn’t want? She paid for the surgery with content. She made 3 videos! Lillee Jean has 1 million followers. Do you know how hard that is? We didn’t steal anything!” She notices you watching and turns to talk to you. You motion to your earbuds, letting her know you can’t hear her. She doesn’t care that you’re not interested, she needs to get this out. She tells you about a cult of elderly Canadian women, who use the internet to bully children with the help of Mark Cuban and…eggs, she won’t stop talking about eggs. She tells you she has a 9am court appearance but she likes to arrive places early. She’s suing a dentist who passed her private financial information to someone named El Oh El Cow. She talks fast and tough, only stopping to snap pictures of nyc streets or to dig through her clear plastic bag for more gum. You notice she’s not wearing a wedding ring and you wonder if she has anyone looking out for her. Is her daughter Lillee even real? You finally reach her stop, as she’s gathering her bags she drops something. You pick it up, it’s an old Charlotte Tilbury lipstick covered in cat litter & coconut oil. As you hand it back to her, she says “women always tear each other down instead of helping each other”. In what feels like a fever dream, you watch her shuffle off the bus like a witch in some fairytale. As you’re finally starting to relax, you notice in the commotion of her exit, she somehow managed to steal your lunch bag. You chuckle to yourself thinking about the look of disappointment when she finds out all you packed was dry, leftover salad from dinner last night and cold mashed potatoes. But you can’t stop thinking about her. You pull out your phone and type “Lillee Jean lolcow” in the search bar…

No. 889007

I think they're just desperate to wring out any money they can from anyone right now. It's like the ugly laughably overpriced merch they used to sell too.

No. 889009

laur could honestly run a semi-popular glitch art tumblr blog kek

No. 889014

fucking lol nonny

No. 889016

HBO costs $99/year

They really have no idea about how much things cost

No. 889019

This was funny at first but then i just started to get sad at how pathetic this is. Im not even joking, i think Laur genuinely needs medicated.

No. 889020

Lillee and Laur are absolute retards about branding. They can't decide if they want Lillee to be this poor, innocent victim of cyberbullying or this badass, independent CEO women who will dox you if you so much as utter her name in a way she doesn't like.

What IS bullyish, Lillee? Is it a documentary about how you're a victim? Or is Laur hijacking it now to be an Anonymous adjacent harbinger of doxing?

No. 889021

She needed medication for years. She needed it back when she took Lillee out of school and medically neglected her for the better part of a decade.

No. 889022

File: 1661186752893.jpeg (626.94 KB, 1170x1805, 9E3456D7-46D8-4B6D-B241-136D06…)

she’s pretending to be crazy, gals

No. 889023

Laur your daughter is getting fucking sued because of you. Stop wasting time doing weird shit online and TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAMILY.


No. 889026

I’m convinced Laur purposely sabotages Lillee so she’ll never get the chance to leave. There’s no other explanation for it.

No. 889028

File: 1661191830172.jpeg (515.04 KB, 1170x1877, 10928F1B-63A1-44A2-8940-97395A…)

she’s doxxing someone

No. 889029

File: 1661191864070.jpeg (360.13 KB, 1170x1841, 8D99E184-0B5F-48C5-AF92-200D4E…)

No. 889030

I've suspected that as well! Everything Laur does makes it so Lillee not only depends on her, but makes it so Laur is RIGHT there every step of the way.

She pays for EVERYTHING Lillee does because if Lillee WERE to get a legit opportunity to do anything (an actual modeling job that wasn't a pay-to-participate thing, an acting role in something) Laur wouldn't be able to hover close by the entire time.

Back when Lillee 'acted', she prepared for two auditions they never actually went to. At least one of those times was because Laur made some excuse about feeling sick or something.

Laur does not want Lillee to ACTUALLY succeed, at least not how real influencers and celebs do. She wants her at home, where she can control her and live through her.

No. 889032

File: 1661192355627.jpeg (825.87 KB, 1170x1558, FAF3A7E4-F9BD-4B81-9BA8-D8922C…)

she responded to you, anon.

No. 889033

This is random af but they got a second Deviant Art account recently.


No. 889034

No idea what it means. I live nowhere near that bridge, let alone A bridge

No. 889035

I'm rather new to the Lillee/Laur threads after others became dry.

As someone looking into this with little knowledge about their history, Laur is giving off incredibly strong Paranoid Schizophrenic vibes with a dash of DeeDee Blanchard in the way she can't be seperated from her daughter and keeps her isolated and close by 24/7.
I can almost guarantee this woman is spewing absolute paranoia and lunacy toward Lillee, further isolating her and making her scared to leave the nest and have her own life. Mothers are supposed to help you become a well rounded person so you can survive on your own and have your own life.

Low-key hope one day when Laur dies, Lillee comes out with her own version of "I'm glad my mother's dead", but sadly you can see how much permanent damage has been done, it will take years of real life experience away from her mother and therapy to realise just how fucked up and not normal this entire situation is.

No. 889037

These pics are some creepy ass shit, I honestly feel really bad for Lillee. Laur definitely seems like the type to pull a murder-suicide when they get their delusional sand castle kicked in by reality.

I knew a guy who used to be relatively normal until one day he completely snapped. He regularly used to post pics eerily similar to what mama Goblin here is posting until he literally killed somebody.

Hope it doesn't end that way for Lillee or some poor faildoxed rando.

No. 889038

Didn’t they miss an audition or event when Kobe Bryant died because Laur had to help Vanessa with the funeral?

There was another death then, because I died laughing.

No. 889039

She doesn’t know what “literally” means. SMH

Unless she’s got one of us locked in a box, she hasn’t “literally” got anyone.

No. 889040

I posted up thread about having a similarly emotionally incestuous mother and this has long been my suspicion too, since Laur's behaviour lines up so well with that of my own mother. I cannot stand Lillee and she might be one of the most annoying people on earth to me but as times gone on I've become somewhat invested in her and I pray that she escapes Laur some day.

As a diagnosed paranoid schizo myself, I'm convinced Laur has slipped into psychosis. She might not be a full blown schizophrenic but she's certainly in need of medication. It could well be her alcohol abuse that's triggering these episodes.

No. 889041

Laur used the Kobe excuse when Diane was trying to get a date set for an interview. Then her aunt died around the time Primink’s video came out and she cried for a week about being bullied while sitting shiva kek

No. 889044

Sitting shiva yet she and Lillee pray to Catholic saints, lol. They also have been Lutheran at times, as it suited. They swap religions like Rent The Runway outfits.

No. 889045

Jewish when it suits them, too.the only thing real about these squatty cows is their derangement.

No. 889049

They literally don't even own a menorah.

No. 889050

At least 5 times the price of a Netflix subscription a month?? Wtf are they on. Also her delirious posting is getting scarier and scarier. That bullyish documentary is never coming out lol

No. 889051

We've absolutely seen her do this first hand. Telling Lillee a chinese man chased her around a shop with a knife, telling Lillee her eyeball will pop out if she doesn't go through with her surgical procedure. She gets Lillee to do shit by scaring her.

No. 889052

File: 1661202627561.jpeg (216.98 KB, 828x764, 85BAF488-F52F-4A6C-963E-2B4054…)

Old milk but I figured Lillee’s court case needs to be reposted in the new thread

No. 889057

File: 1661203384610.png (2.67 MB, 828x2928, BF8946C0-CAA0-4F3B-A5D3-1055F4…)

Laur, nobody knows what the fuck you’re talking about

No. 889059

Or it’ll come out but you’ll have to be a diamond member to access it. Laur thinks anons will pay $100 to see if they truly dox anyone kek

No. 889060

If she’s road-tripping to get one of us, she’s leaving a fabulous trail of creepy images they can use in her episode of Dateline.

No. 889062

No way they have passports so Canada anons are safe.

No. 889064

Maybe she's trying to give us all seizures with those flashing gifs, Jesus

No. 889068

I wonder if she's gone full diaper mode like that astronaut lady.

No. 889078

We’ll if she shows up at my place, it’s gonna be Must See TV.

No. 889079

The Emperor card represents a father figure or older man. Paired with the EXIT sign, it would seem Philippe dumped Lillee. Or Earl dumped Laur.

Or she’s just cuckoo.

No. 889081

Even in fiction Pheeps would have dumped Lillee by now. He hasn't sent flowers or gifts since LAST v day and won't even help her pay her dental bills.

Seriously it's laughable she kept up that lie as long as she did. It was less believable than her having a gay adult bff with a fashion designer hubby.

No. 889091

Why couldn’t Mario and James loan Lillee a few grand to cover her dental bills? They’re incredibly wealthy (they have a home in the Hamptons!) and James is Lillee’s gay bff!

No. 889144

Shaniqua could help her out too - she’s her biggest fan!

No. 889153

top pic looks like it could be the Meadowlands. Hope the person whose NJ address she posted has a panic room!

No. 889167

File: 1661227808213.jpeg (35.63 KB, 640x388, CC1454AF-B560-477E-9CE6-106D25…)

No. 889172

File: 1661229000483.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1696, EFFBA8E1-D977-4BA5-B85A-3A6AEB…)

Totally normal

No. 889177

this woman is absolutely unhinged. if I were Lillee, i’d be embarrassed. by the way, does anyone have her most recent live saved? I’m blocked on both of my accounts.

No. 889179

Lol what a nutcase. Laur, any normal-sized human could take you and your fugly daughter to the ground if push came to shove. They're both physically and mentally inept. Part of me hopes Laur and Lillee waddle up to somebody's front door just to get their shit rocked lmao.

Imagine being some random person they "doxed" and seeing them on your Ring camera both beating their chests and drooling all over your doorway lmao. I'd call animal control, and then a hazmat team to clean up the lingering "sweet menstrual smell."

No. 889182

While we all witnessing mental illness, question. How long ago did they stop paying the orthodontist for it to go to claims court already?

No. 889183

File: 1661242371119.png (205.36 KB, 604x1079, Screenshot_32.png)

So is Laur trying to make us believe she is going on a trip to a haters house to confront them? No fucking way, she is poor and Lillee is a sheltered brat who only leaves the house for herself. She wouldn't leave the state and wouldn't confront someone. Laur also wouldn't be able to leave Lillee home alone, she can't care for herself. Unless Lillee has joined Earl in the freezer this is just Laur going to new extremes to scare people.

No. 889184

File: 1661242449454.png (54.26 KB, 565x903, Screenshot_33.png)

The song she used on that post, this is a white middle aged mother kek.

No. 889186

lmao the only parts of this song relevant to them are "wearin' PJs" and "I don't discriminate. I regulate every shade of the ass." because it sounds like one of Laur's weirdly sexual racist sock accounts.

No. 889193

If you showed me this and I had no idea who the Truemans were, I would assume these posts were the work of an edgy teenager or maybe a 20-something who hasn't matured yet. Absolutely insane that a grown woman in her FIFTIES is doing this shit. Even Lillee is more mature than Laur at this point, and that's with the "fucking attaaaack" meltdown and that weird pic with the tire iron (? I think it was a tire iron anyway) included. Laur's done it, she's out-cow'd Lillee.

No. 889194

File: 1661256479299.jpeg (755.95 KB, 1170x1827, A51942F1-1E32-4CE6-8D7F-E94EA9…)

>enjoy your site. for now

It’s been nice knowing you, nonnies

No. 889195

Unhinged, what is she going to do, travel the world and knock on every anons door? Contact the FBI? She's in the midst of full blown psychosis right now, she needs to be admitted and Lillee needs therapy and a social worker to help her become independent.

No. 889198

It looks like she’s documenting crimes she’s intending to commit against individuals who called her out - ignoring the fact that 9.8 MILLION people have seen the Primink video. So she’s going to get herself arrested, obviously - and where does that leave Lillee?

No. 889199

I'm calling that she does one of these weird deep fried videos to that "They're coming to take me away ha-ha!" when she does get arrested cause that would absolutely 100% be Laur's weird unhinged vibe she has going on right now.

No. 889200

They’re paying reduced rate at the orthodontist because Lillee is a super star. She’s being sued by the oral surgeon who took out her baby canines and put chains on her adult canines to bring them down.

No. 889201

If she gets arrested in NJ or wherever, Lillee doesn’t even have a driver’s license. She’s not a minor but she’s nowhere near a functioning adult - I feel sad for her if Laur is hellbent on blowing what little they have to smithereens.

No. 889204

File: 1661260105924.png (3.52 MB, 828x5735, 86457037-7DF3-4553-A2D4-60B07F…)

More schizoposting by Laur

No. 889205

Surprise surprise, she’s targeting people of color

No. 889206

File: 1661260516060.gif (918.36 KB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

No. 889209

Her necks so thick lol

No. 889213

Her neck genuinely makes me a bit squeamish, especially when she bares her teeth so hard "smiling" that the muscles get super tense. Absolutely disgusting to look at and I'll forever hate the nonnie who pointed it out kek.

No. 889214

I have never really noticed and now the words ‘thick neck’ makes me feel uncomfortable

No. 889215

I’ve been around long enough to remember every other time Laur has done this shit. Last summer, she was saying Creepshow Art gave her IPs on all the farmers. Someone probably checked their website without a vpn, they saw something from the website posted on lcf and checked who visited the site…when you have an average of 10 visitors a day it’s easy to do. Laur has nothing. She’s not going anywhere or reporting anyone. Anons flipping out about Laur traveling to someone’s house are giving her exactly the reaction she wants. She’s going to sit on her fatass and threaten people because she’s a coward.

No. 889216

Her chest area is so weird. Is it normal for chest bones to protrude this much?

No. 889217


Seriously Laur. Do you think anyone is afraid of you or you intimidate anyone when you're this chronically cringe?

No. 889218

Saged for tinfoil

Have any of Lillee’s cyberbullies admitted to having epilepsy? Is Laur posting seizure-inducing stories to harm someone?

No. 889220

It was just a social experiment you guys. Lillee was teaming up with Harvard. Thank you for participating!!!

No. 889221

Shield chest, wide-set nipples and the thick neck, plus being a whole foot shorter than average, are part of the Turner Syndrome tinfoil that pops up pretty regularly. But she claims she was just born with Mono…god knows.

No. 889222

I haven't seen a single nonnie who seems a LITTLE afraid that Laur's coming for them TBH. Just people caller her a boomer creep for obsessing this hard.

We all know Laur's absolutely full of shit, and we know she and Lillee are the laziest people on the planet. Why would Laur embark on a cross country revenge tour when until spring of THIS year Lillee considered a vlog worthy outing going to Walgreens?

No. 889228

this series is so pointless

No. 889233

She really needs to stop moving her hands so much

No. 889235

her actual teeth look so much better, but her jaw is completely fucked. it’s so irritating to watch her face when she speaks.

babe just accept you have a face for radio and you & Laur both go find a job.

No. 889237

Laur married at 16 and got LJ at 32.
What was she doing during this time gap?
I never believed the cancer drama and she's been really vague about it. If it would have been true, she wouldn't shup up about it.

I used to think Earl was jailed during that time: hence so few info about him, the dude almost doesn't exist. (Anyone here knows his former job?) And that would also explain why they can leave the state.
But maybe she's the one who was locked.
In psych ward for 16 years keks.

No. 889254

File: 1661282973253.jpeg (50.12 KB, 349x642, fetchimage.jpeg)

The cryptic posting isnt scary in a "shes gonna get me!!!!" way like she thinks, its more scary in a "Dee Dee Blanchards schizophrenic doppelganger is off her meds again" way.

No. 889260

I mean its the same with how she's vague about Lillee's mysterious mono she was totally born with that kept her out of school they never seem to mention anymore eh?

She claimed she had an office job, I think she said she was a paralegal or something but quit when 911 happened? I don't believe that for a minute and I'm sure she was just trying to intimidate people into thinking she had any kind of legal background.

No. 889270

Doubt she studied enough to become a paralegal - bet she temped in a law office doing data entry for a day, hence her extensive knowledge, rofl

No. 889272


No. 889290

File: 1661295323665.png (1.53 MB, 870x1498, 9dvsudvhw.png)

>mental health can be triggered dangerously on the internet
Ya don't say, Laur?

No. 889316

Honestly I don't think Lillee has the introspective ability to write a book like that even if her mother is legitimately crazy. You can't write a book in attic pidgin.

No. 889317

this is like the 30th time she brought up that notebook. It was only one girl , is this really all she has for her bullying documentary

No. 889326

She has no law education at all. Laur worked for a law firm as a janitor.

Basically she's trying to not so subtlely imply that she knows all of our names and addresses and she's giving us the option to turn ourselves in before she does it herself.

This is Chris Chan levels of ego, narcissism, paranoia and delusion all over again.

No. 889342

Imagine going to the police station and confessing to the crime shit talking some girl online

Was she really a janitor? If so that is just too delicious.

No. 889348

Blast from the past.

No. 889356

File: 1661343667863.jpeg (618.62 KB, 1170x1606, 610C6A71-7217-4E24-9F1F-DB8511…)

Laur really doesn’t like anons laughing at her

No. 889360

>Cool baby strange but not a stranger
Laur, what the FUCK are you on about?

No. 889361

File: 1661347233582.jpeg (466.49 KB, 1170x1278, D402B8CD-60DB-4015-97D2-264FF8…)

>karma kaze

I think this is who Laur’s attempting to dox. The tumblr doesn’t look related to the twitter account though.

No. 889363

It’s lyrics to the song Burning Down the House

No. 889364

Foreshadowing perhaps?

No. 889368

File: 1661351449724.jpeg (275.27 KB, 828x949, 27964E9F-9348-4531-AF55-BF591F…)

Laur, how about you take your daughter’s advice

No. 889372

The message of Bullyish is simple: ONLY Laur is allowed to stalk and bully people. NOBODY else.

No. 889374

“I’d like to report a person for online stalking”
“How did you find their information?”
“I stalked them online”

She’s too delusional to understand how this is going to play out.

No. 889377

To be fair that seems to be the motto of most of Twitter.

No. 889386

I did a little experiment and accessed Lillee’s site with two VPN IPs yesterday from different parts of US. Today I get redirected to a blocked page if I try to access her site from those two IP addresses.

She’s actually going through all IP addresses that land on her page.

No. 889387

Honestly I'm just impressed that the goblins actually figured out how to do that.

No. 889389

You think she does that manually?

God, how can this be fun for them.

No. 889394

she's paying to host a website but blocking anyone that visits? i knew they were crazy but that's wild

No. 889410

Might be Laur's new angle for Bullyish. Stalk the stalkers. She wants to be Anonymous. Any anons make sure to drop by if Danzig shows up in platform flip flops

No. 889422

At some point last year they began blocking basically anyone who views Lillee's stories on instagram as well.

They're too paranoid and suspicious at this point. They've given up on trying to swindle an audience of real people into giving Lillee the fame she wants.

It's why she never does lives anymore, it's why her youtube uploads slowed to a crawl.

The site and the instagram now only exist to swindle whatever foolish brands will give her free shit and whatever random producers or organizations into potentially giving them the time of day.

Or maybe like Laurs previous fraudulent antique biz, it exists so they can take out loans in its name.

Would explain the shift from Lillee Jean Beauty to Lillee Jean Productions.

No. 889458

Not that they were ever within a goblin's height of success, but they sure are circling the drain now. Laur wandering the city streets taking deranged shots of random buildings and trees seems like a new low for them. This seems beyond the classic Franzia Freakouts we've come to know and laugh at.

What kind of life is this? All of this for what, maybe one free product a month from a startup that didn't do their research? They truly are a folie a deux. Two stunted chimps waddling about town constantly checking their story views, blocking anybody not involved in a low-tier engagement pod, doing nothing to enrich their lives or wellbeings…

If it weren't so damn funny it would be sad. Couldn't have happened to two better people. /s

No. 889473

File: 1661373886993.jpeg (856.66 KB, 828x1462, F2BB8140-3657-46BA-AB71-8D14B1…)

Wtf Lillee

No. 889475

File: 1661374030777.jpeg (208.63 KB, 1170x546, F9B96D20-1204-4E4A-8AE2-9767B2…)

they’re really pushing people to visit their website (with an IP tracker)

No. 889482

Tinfoil but at the start it might have felt exciting. Before the Primink video they probably scammed a lot more than one free product a month out of companies, and I'm sure it was exciting to use big numbers to dupe some real people into following them. They absolutely didn't have anything close to a goblins height kek, but it might have been a big enough number that they really thought this might work.

No. 889487

I wouldn't be surprised if she's trying to lure us onto her website so she can infect us with malware or keyloggers or smth (or attempting to kek)

No. 889492

She was getting a lot of PR when Reddit discovered her. It was pretty obvious they were selling it but I don’t know if it was confirmed. They were buying Instagram followers but they weren’t buying subs/views for YouTube. They were probably breaking even at this point. But ever since Lillee burnt her bridges in the beauty community, the PR dried up and they’ve been in the red. She only uploads like 2 videos a month now. She’s turned off comments on Instagram. I think they’re moving her stuff behind a paywall because they know no one will ever see it. Lillee can stop wasting her time on videos and focus on being a famous bullyish activist.

No. 889496

Laur’s posts with the wolves on a purple background are actually super cool looking. But she clearly stole someone’s artwork. Someone with talent.

No. 889501

She says one then lists three. Keystone must not have covered counting.

No. 889508

File: 1661396184019.jpeg (14.28 KB, 249x320, keystone_light_retro.jpeg)

What do you expect from a diploma mill named after a beer?

No. 889563

so… is she eating toilet paper with a cake fork or?

No. 889568

File: 1661441917552.jpeg (318.56 KB, 1170x556, BF5F1CC0-C8EE-4004-B8AE-B5C0CD…)

the person Laur’s supposedly doxing doesn’t recognize the images they’re posting

No. 889585

File: 1661456946537.png (1.28 MB, 944x2048, Screenshot_20220825-124917.png)

More crazy BS from Laur. Even assuming one of the goblins didn't post this themselves, who the fuck do they think they're fooling that it's only "85 accounts" or some organized group laughing at their antics? Lol anybody who knows about their schemes gets a chuckle out of the Glenn Danzig broad and her stumpy, fugly daughter. How long have they been teasing this bullyish BS anyway?

No. 889587

File: 1661457186595.png (809.03 KB, 945x2048, Screenshot_20220825-125121.png)

Lillee should make sure this one's added to her portfolio for Ford Models. Such striking beauty and oh so creative.

No. 889590

This is unsettling, i have no idea what am i supposed to see there

No. 889591

If my family member is being racist and homophobic online, I’d be fine with people making fun of them.

No. 889592

It is unsettling, but this woman taught her daughter that pedophilia was fine since her parents were into it too. Nothing after that has ever unsettled me more.

No. 889593

Bullyish will never happen. It's as real as the warehouses of props Laur claimed to have throughout the country and Lillee's makeup line.

No. 889597


A line from KISS' "Psycho Circus." How appropo.

No. 889630

File: 1661476885854.jpg (3.64 MB, 1280x5760, combine_images(1).jpg)

Lillee went to a Crate and Barrel parking lot today.

This outfit is actually nice but she still smiles like a retard.

No. 889631

File: 1661476983350.jpg (3.2 MB, 1280x5760, combine_images(2).jpg)

No. 889632

File: 1661477153575.jpeg (30.13 KB, 243x298, EF6A5D31-4282-4670-9FEF-EDF1F1…)

Truly a face only a mother could love

No. 889639

What occasion is she even dressing for? Who wears that stuff to go to a suburban mall?

No. 889640


oh, this is americana manhasset. this is a ritzy north shore LI area where her tard face would stick out like a sore thumb.

No. 889642

To be fair, her best feature is her hair. She has a unique color of hair that, if treated right (which we all can see doesn't happen), could be very alluring. However, all of her other features offset this benefit and then some. If she had a good personality she probably could have made it in the MUA community amongst the less conventionally-attractive crowd. Unfortunately she's got nothing else in the looks department and a terrible personality and stunted development to boot.

Put your tinfoil hats on…but my theory is that Laur looked at young Lillee and thought she finally got her light-eyed, non dark-haired cash cow. She could milk her for modeling agency money and then some.

I think the general consensus is that Lillee looked decent pre-2018. I think Laur noticed this and immediately began looking for opportunities to profit from Lillee's looks (lol), thinking that her hair and eyes were enough to stand out in the cutthroat modeling industry.

Laur starts filling Lillee's head with delusional ideas of "you're going to make it big" and "you'll never have to work once you get a modeling contract" at a tender age, pulls her out of school, and the rest is history.

With their enmeshed relationship, Laur takes any criticism of Lillee as her own.

This recent saga of schizo-posting indicates that reality has finally cashed its rain check. Looking forward to the "future" of this pathetic duo.

No. 889644

File: 1661483759311.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x1864, 7E0F36E7-6A71-4E75-84FD-509042…)

It looks like she finally got a haircut.

No. 889677

File: 1661513205786.png (197.83 KB, 761x929, kiwifarms.PNG)

surprised laur & lillee aren't latching themselves on to this whole kiwifarms/cloudfare stuff thats been in the news

No. 889679

Considering the hype against the other farms is as fake as Lillie’s career I’m surprised as well.
I’m not a fan of KF, but anyone who believes someone would swat a politician and tell them their online name is just as delusional as laur

No. 889699

The campaign is mostly on twitter and Laur & Lillee are banned. I’m not surprised they haven’t heard. It’s going to be embarrassing for Lillee if she says the farms swatted her. They can easily get ahold of the 911 calls and prove it was a wellness check because she threatened to harm herself in an email.

No. 889722

The Truemans really don't care about proof or contradicting themselves at all. How many times have Laur and Lillee denied saying or doing things that there's video or photographic proof of? How many times have they completely contradicted themselves article to article?

I don't know if it's that thing where narcissist's expect reality to bend around them, the fact they know they don't have any real fans so why bother being consistent, or both.

No. 889725

Anyone know if they still have a PR person/brand manager? After Drew publicly dumped Laur for not paying his bill and lying to him, Lillee tagged someone named dotellpr & Tiana Ferrel (a pod person who’s a descendant of Ida B Wells) as her managers. They might be advising Lillee to stay quiet. Its plausible Laur’s getting pissed off Lillee’s getting good career advice, not from her, and doing everything she can to ruin it, like posting 100+ threatening Instagram stories.

No. 889749

File: 1661535848005.jpeg (445.82 KB, 1170x1598, 886C9DE8-5010-46FA-98CE-96054D…)

Laur gets mad when people bring up how strange their emotionally incestuous relationship is.

No. 889751

Maybe she shouldn't take so many pics of her childs ass then kek

Especially the photos of Lillee in undies posing for an imaginary boyfriend back when she was a minor

Laur is effing sick.

No. 889757

This isn’t “dressed up” other than the shoes, which guaranteed she can’t walk in. She doesn’t walk normally in any shoes. But if you put flip flops on within outfit, it’s dumpy. And not what 21 year-olds are wearing. Methinks a Boomer buys her clothes, lol

No. 889759

Looking like a Middle Aged woman with her cheap £3 primark camisole such a fashion influencer kek

No. 889771

File: 1661543978639.jpeg (280.24 KB, 1170x1840, 10F1786A-7C43-448B-BF5D-FADD0A…)

not paranoid at all

No. 889772

File: 1661544030440.jpeg (192.23 KB, 1170x2056, 40914726-E490-4E11-B295-B9583A…)

No. 889773

Laur's talking like she's a fucking scientist studying boolying and then says this:
>The people who patipate (not my typo kek) believe they are being harassed because the truth, their own words, is posted and retained.
No one has said they're being harassed! Even the people you're trying to doxx are mostly amused by your shenanigans.
>We encourage documentation at all times.
Yeah, just not from these threads because then people could track this place down and find out just how full of shit you are, kek.

¡ɥɔʇᴉq 'ɯɐ I sǝ⅄

No. 889774

Why would anyone need a fake account to follow them? Both accounts are public. There’s multiple websites farmers use to anonymously view stories (and they’re really anonymous Laur). And how many times have we watched Laur create accounts to block evade & harass people?!?!

No. 889782

Lillee has been ugly since she was a baby.

No. 889790

This exactly. Not even a real influencer would wear shoes like that for a day of shopping, let alone Lillee.

And of course they take pics in ONE place outside on the sidewalk. Not a single location change, not a shopping bag in hand? She's not even using one of her prop purses.

We all know you're not shopping in Long Island, Truemans. You need MONEY for that.

No. 889792

They basically block anyone who views their stories so it's only 'public' a few times before you get blocked anyway kek

No. 889806

So sick of “We educate. We advocate.” They’ve never done either one, and never will.

No. 889820

File: 1661567467096.jpeg (590.4 KB, 828x1462, 5F2FC3D7-66D4-4C13-99FE-4201BB…)

She’s been posting her bikini pics on ig stories every day since she took them. I wonder if one of her Indian fans bit the bullet and paid for the video

No. 889822

She really has such a sad body. Only the most impoverished, desperate Prajits would compliment this in the hopes of a greencard.

Her being 21 and having the body of a 50+ year-old secretary at a wrecking lot isn't even in the top 3 saddest things about her life. Makes me feel bad.

No. 889823

It’s incredibly flabby for a woman her age. She should really start taking care of her body before it’s too late

No. 889826

There's nothing wrong with any of the items themselves but Laur's idea of fashion is just sticking Lillee in high heels and red lipstick. The entire outfit is just a skintight silhouette of basics that could have come from any department store. It's so low effort compared to the hours she puts into schizoposting.

No. 889831

Shes been wearing a lot of tank tops lately. Maybe she got a multicolor three pack at Walgreens.

No. 889837

She looks totally normal/average and is about 30 days in the gym from looking good. You can shit and meme on her and the weird things she does without sperging about her totally normal body nonna.

No. 889840

>normal body
ntayrt she's literally 4'8 and has bizarre proportions but ok anon

No. 889843

File: 1661605057801.jpeg (14.99 KB, 353x300, B85E43BB-60F3-483E-8222-C630B7…)

she’s 21 and still has the body of a chubby toddler. she’s a dead ringer for the coppertone baby in these beach pictures.

No. 889845

File: 1661607843590.jpeg (376.42 KB, 828x967, 6969F44E-5FA6-4E95-BA11-DBC4E2…)

No. 889850

her body is the only nice thing about her. some anons itt are so deep into their hate that they think men wouldn't like this body? kek.
wheres the flab nonny.

No. 889853

She’s 4’8 and at least 130 lbs. She has dark patches in her armpits which is a sign of diabetes. She is overweight, unhealthy and she lies about being a petite size 2 as if people don’t have eyes. Is she the obese ogre anons make her out to be? No. Is she healthy? No.

No. 889854

Laur? Word of advice. To those unaware of your so-called plight this post could apply to just about anything. The Educate/Advocate is covering up whatever's supposed to have upset you and the goblin so much. How are we even supposed to know this was even aimed at you or Lillee.

Learn to show actual proof of being bullied before you start showing random memes of singing eggs, k?

No. 889862

gorl are you projecting or what? she literally looks like this >>889843, flabby limbs dumpy arse, not to mention how unwashed she looks 24/7.

No. 889863

This anon saying “where’s the flab”….hi Laur.(hi cow )

No. 889865

"People are comparing Lillee Jean to a young Jodie Foster" - Laur, 27 hours from now, probably

No. 889870

The reason she dresses like a middle aged woman or a middle aged woman dressing like a 1950's pinup model is because Lillee is Laur's living avatar.

Laur wants to look like her daughter and be her. More than half of Lillee's posts on social media are actually Laur posting as her.

Laur probably wanted to be a model, actress and singer when she was younger and failed for obvious reasons. She's trying to live her failed dream through Lillee.

Are there any pictures of Laur in her early 20's available anywhere?

No. 889873

File: 1661627547854.jpeg (61.42 KB, 465x607, E3A1CE0B-5AA4-43D9-B95A-C370BA…)

No. 889879

Where's the flab? She IS one big flab!

No. 889902

>The people who participate believe they are being harassed because the truth, their own words, is posted and retained

Laur accidentally sums up this site and why it makes people like her so mad. She must think she’s pulling some genius uno reverse card or something.

No. 889923

Laur’s been using the uno reverse card trick for years. She thinks she’s some kind of genius for trying to flip any insults back at people. You call her a pedo? NO, it’s YOU who’s the pedo and so on and so on. Laur only knows how to throw kindergarten insults.

No. 889930

my sides omfg

No. 889937

No. 889939

File: 1661690215846.jpeg (399.57 KB, 1170x1535, 2331B5FE-1C91-4E90-B217-3E5514…)

>saw your site
>went to your site
>subscribed to your website

checked the comments and laughed at how obvious it is they’re all Laur

No. 889950

Laur reeeeeealllyyyy wants us to go on the website so she can grab our IPs huh?

No. 889957

Or they’re trying to make it seem like people are buying her content. Like nonnies can’t look up site traffic and see there’s still an average of 10 visits a day kek

No. 889964

Late but im around the same age and did a half year of cyber through keystone and it was incredibly easy. Like criminally easy. The curriculum probably got better after covid but back THEN, it was NOT a proper education. I kinda feel bad for lillee, Laur has made her so dependent and isolated while simultaneously being neglectful towards her health and education.

No. 889970

File: 1661714358313.gif (4.35 MB, 600x1067, ezgif-2-9e04c9f5b1.gif)

Sage bc no milk but in today's weird behavior, Laur is tagging the person who wrote a paid-for Medium article on Lillee 3 years ago

No. 889971

File: 1661714607385.png (1.23 MB, 872x1422, nevar5get.png)

The Lillee Jean Bullshit Binder is Laur's 9/11

No. 889973

I mean I bet there's a reason she married a much older musician and is so obsessed with the idea of hollywood and stardom. In a way it's almost like Venus Angelic.

Even before Lillee became her focus, she was obsessed with this idea of being somehow connected with hollywood and stardom. Who else remembers that podcast she did a decade ago claiming she'd be on set on all the productions, that she had warehouses of props all across the country?

She shifted when Lillee turned ten, there was a fb post of her begging for people to make Lillee famous. She's also dipped her toes into other avenues since Lillee's failed her expectations–like when she pretended to be a best selling author.

One thing I don't get is what's the plan. Did she ever expect for these lies to go anywhere or does she just sustain herself off of the attention she gets in the moment?

No. 889976

Interesting that Laur hasn't said anything about the KiwiFarms situation and the downfall of their ebil arch enemy Joshua Conner Moon. Isn't this what they wanted to happen? Do they not care because it wasn't Project Boolyish that did it?

No. 889986

If keffals finishes what Laur couldn’t, it makes bullyish irrelevant. No need for Lillee’s Law if the radicalized black website is gone.

No. 889988

I mean did she say anything about the fall of CSA either?

No. 889994

Just checked some older threads that had pics of Lillee circa 2016. It's insane how much better/more normal she looked and acted back then compared to now. No sanpaku eyes we see today, or wide-mouthed rictus grins. Just looked like a normal high schooler into makeup.

Laur really fucked her only child up. Lillee never would have been Ford-model status, but her skills used to be decent and she was a normal looking girl pre-2019. By depriving her of a post-middle school education and social life, Laur ensured her adult daughter would be a pliant victim of her schemes. Crazy that this has gone on for 3+ years. I wonder what Lillee must feel seeing normal 21 year olds finishing college and starting careers. If she has any shred of normalcy left, I can see that being a devastating feeling.

No. 890006

If they ever made Keffals' Law, Laur would absolutely seethe kek

No. 890007

File: 1661743154446.jpeg (1015.9 KB, 1043x1922, 9FC401F5-F923-4E56-93EF-F8A397…)

she cuts & pastes the eyes and still can get them right

No. 890029

The watermarks and signature are killing me. Sweetie, no one's going to steal that artwork. Also kek at the blonde hair and blue eyes being a very obvious projection of what she wishes she looked like.

No. 890031

So toddler like of her. That image is very Elsa in face. Of course Lillee wants to be her which mentally 5 old Disney obsessed attic goblin doesn’t?

No. 890033

Please sage & improve your grammar.

No. 890042

File: 1661788824247.png (30.35 KB, 697x105, Screen Shot 2022-08-29 at 12.0…)

Saw this description on her Vimeo channel

No. 890050

I can’t with her inserting random french word in her stuff, it sounds so retarded. Not the cool look they think lol

No. 890052

Lillee seems to think french= class and sophistication. It's why she wrote Pheepy to be French. Although I guess he's noncanon now kek

No. 890055

is laur too lazy to google the alt code for é or something?

No. 890057

As someone whose location Laur recently posted, I’ll say that I’m not even a little scared, I am however super annoyed because I never did anything remotely close to that to her. All I ever said was to stop defending pedophilia, racism, and lying about her grandparents being “fried alive” when records clearly show they lived to ripe old ages in Queens. If she’d just allowed her kid to go about her happy little makeup channel without interference, we all wouldn’t be here now.

No. 890059


Sage for tinfoil theory about this weird need to insert french into everything, But I'm one of these people who only ever heard of "Fancy Nancy" when it became a kid's show on Disney Junior.

It's like Lillee and Laur think being French or attempting to use French words is the epitome of class, Much Like the titular character does and I ponder if this is something they picked up from her? (IIRC wasn't it a children's book series or something first?)

No. 890061

File: 1661799455370.jpeg (315.61 KB, 1080x1268, 2E60DCB0-3D76-4881-BF82-A65D31…)

Never forget the time she said, “look Pheepy, I know a French word!”

No. 890065

We’ll, in her recent video “sponsored by Dossier” she said we could get perfumes for $29 a bottle. I actually have wanted their Woody Sandalwood, which smells like Santal 33, and I was balking at the $49 price. I asked Dossier about the price Lillee mentioned and the seemed shocked. They let you chat with a live agent. They checked and they have no such deal. The closest they have is if you buy FIVE bottles, they are $29, which is not a special discount, and they showed no coupon code for Lillee Jean. Fake sponsorship?????

No. 890069

After several days of 100+ instagram stories, Laur's gone completely silent. Must be sleeping off her manic weekend

No. 890072

File: 1661808878823.png (1.31 MB, 930x982, originalartsdonotsteal.png)

Hey anons check out my super original Art™ what I done made

No. 890074


i do not understand why anyone with hair this greasy and filthy would allow a photo like this to be posted publicly

this is hair that clearly has not been combed in days. this is the hair of a homeless person or mental patient

a little effort, i mean damn

No. 890076

she said it’s sponsored, but the caption says it isn’t. so what IS the truth, Lillee?

No. 890077

I'm about Lillee's age and I remember the Fancy Nancy book series from when I was a kid. Theoretically, she could have taken inspiration from the books, but I think it'd be reaching at that point. The idea of France/French culture as being the epitome of sophistication and class is fairly common among Anglophones and not particularly unique.

No. 890080

Someone should warn them so they can tell the Truemans to eff off brb hitting them up now

No. 890081

File: 1661818483662.jpeg (754.91 KB, 1170x1902, 4B91A724-7FFE-49D6-BE01-5A9E36…)

Laur’s off private and trying to get Keffals’ attention. She still thinks Josh runs this forum.

No. 890082

Laur is really gonna burn her socks to ride keffals coattails. Can a nonnie send keffals the video of Laur being a transphobic boomer? For science of course.

No. 890084

I know it's not gonna happen, but I would love if Keffals pays attention to her batshit

No. 890094

Imagine if Elaine, Lauren, and Keffals got together. It would be the biggest gayops in history.

No. 890112

I wondered if the people involved in catfishing Elaine as Null were messing with Laur too. Her last Franzia freakout was crazier than usual.

No. 890113

Laur would be so easy to catfish - I know someone had her going for weeks believing they were a 14 yr-old just by saying they were. Never occurred to Laur that they weren’t, so she was threatening the “kid’s” parents and telling her she was recruited by a cult for hours a day for a while there.

No. 890128

That would actually make sense as to why she's acting so emboldened if she's got a new l33t haxx0r buddy.

No. 890133

File: 1661878265729.jpeg (337.1 KB, 1170x1087, 9D5D99B5-C431-4F4B-834E-F9419B…)

Laur lying about Lillee being a minor. Just a reminder for Laur, Lillee doesn’t even have a thread on Kiwifarm. Laur does.

No. 890134


"person was a minor for yrs" …Laur, this is Lillee we're talking about not Esther/Leena from Orphan.

No. 890138

KEK you're the best, anon. Or the best anon. Whichever you prefer.

No. 890139

Seriously though. Laur's a fuckin' adult. She needs to learn how to form proper sentences. "Person was a minor for years" makes Lillee sound like she was under some weird witch's curse where she was a 21 year old forced to be stuck in the body of a toddler. Until magically one day the spell was broken by Prince Pheepee who broke the spell via twoo wubs kissies! When Lillee was finally able to become some fierce independent beauty CEO who takes no shit from no-one. And no one got to live happily ever after.

Laur if you're reading this and plan to reply to anymore of Keffal's stuff the correct phrase is "This all started when Lillee was in school" or whatever lie you decided to go with this time.(sage your shit)

No. 890147

nonna if you're gonna write an entire paragraph-long nitpick, at least sage your post too.

No. 890184

File: 1661942918263.jpeg (664.01 KB, 1170x1513, 47E60026-467C-41CC-8566-F4DE19…)

still buying subs for Laur’s YouTube account kek

No. 890187

How the fuck are they financing this? I've given up trying to find out why they're doing this because they're both nuts, but where is this money coming from? Surely disability can't pay for this and food and bills.

No. 890189

You can buy 1k subs for less than fifty bucks. Is she trying to get her channel monetized? It won’t happen because YouTube is going to check for organic views/subs and it’s pretty obvious when her views jump from single digits to 10k and back to single digits.

No. 890192

Laur’s playing a dangerous game involving herself with keffels. There’s crossover from from different communities who are very aware of who Laur is, her transphobic podcast rants and her harassment of PoC within numerous communities. If one of keffels’ rabid tween fans figures out Laur is behind this sock account, she’ll be their new target. Laur hates trans women and she won’t be able to control herself.

No. 890193

Surely her “we are born with a penis or a vaginer” podcast is still out there somewhere

No. 890206

I saw over on Laurs kiwifarms post a bit ago that they keep registering different businesses so they can take out loans in those businesses names. Laur had two different 'antique' biz's, one in her name and one in Earls.

Lillee had Lillee Jean Beauty and now she has Lillee Jean Productions. No idea how accurate that info is but it would make sense why Lillee shifted focus when they got all the loans they could get out of LJB.

No. 890207

God, the irony that Laur was so opinionated about other peoples genitals but ignored her daughters vaginal health?

Like, Lillee was complaining about her 'tight pelvic walls' constantly and said being stressed or even wearing underwear hurt her. Homegirls probably riddled with endometriosis and yeast infections but Laur would rather waste her time being a creep online than make sure her daughters fertility won't be jeopardized.

No. 890217

Has Lillee ever discussed her linea nigra / pregnancy line which is apparently ALWAYS visible? That should only appear during a great hormonal fluctuation, such as mid-pregnancy, not constantly and for no reason. Another major medical issue completely overlooked…

No. 890219

Tinfoil because I don't know how this works, but were they pushing for people to pay to stream their content so they could get credit card numbers?

Laur is absolutely not above scamming strangers, with her biz history. I'm sure they'd assume anyone who'd pay would be a farmer or a boolie too so they'd probably see it as revenge….

No. 890220

Oh dip that's a great point Nonners.

No. 890222

It's a sign of "prediabetes", just like the infamous black line on her neck that Lillee diagnosed when she was but a wee child

No. 890225

i don't think it's linea negra. When i google it it looks completeley different. Lillee just looks like she has her ribs too far apart that there's a crease in the middle that makes a shadow. It's like when people have a crease in their chin because the chin bones didn't fuse enough but she has that on her body. It's like a genetic quirk that probably has to do with her midgetness

No. 890233

it’s photoshop to make her look thin and toned lmao, it’s not that deep

No. 890239

I didn't go to their site but I doubt Laur set up her own credit card processing application to swipe card numbers. Usually that goes through a third party and the Truemans would never see the data, for the same reason someone on Etsy doesn't have your cc# just because you buy from them.

No. 890261

File: 1662028318122.jpeg (476.27 KB, 1170x1564, 5589F1B0-6FCE-4A3D-9446-EF6906…)

Laur still can’t figure out how to message Keffals kek

No. 890264

Good god, even Lillee could probably work this one out. Once again she's outcow'd by her own mother.

No. 890265

Keffals’ contact info is in her twitter bio. Laur’s probably sent her a dozen crazy emails and she’s ignoring them.

No. 890266

No. 890294

Pretty sure Lillee’s channel has lost monetization. I noticed there’s no ads in her videos except the ones placed by YouTube before the video. Assumed it was because she’s only posting short clips. Went back and checked longer videos which had a lot of ads placed by Lillee and they’re all removed.

No. 890298

File: 1662057264219.jpeg (101.74 KB, 736x736, D82CC446-4CB0-4D71-8D77-728C95…)

So what do you has the point of 5 second videos been? I was thinking they held on to a “status” she had but evidently not? If YouTube finally put the law down on them, it’s delightful.

Also found a very old nightmare with swimwear.

No. 890303

I'm real dumb so Idk how any of this works, but does that even really matter for Lillee? They didn't get many views aside from the ones they paid for, what they were getting back in ad dosh had to be a fraction of what they were putting into the channel.

No. 890304

It would explain why they’re moving her content behind a paywall and attempting to monetize Laur’s channel.

No. 890358

Lillee really has stopped caring about her youtube channel though, for someone who used to post videos several times a week. For a hot minute there she actually seemed very dedicated to creating new content every week.

I guess that seemed to simmer down around the end of last year, when she started blocking everyone from her insta and pre-filming LJ Talks Live.

I guess that was when she totally gave up on having any real audience and decided to try focusing on getting Producers, engagement pod people, and anyone Laur thinks is worthy behind her and potentially to invest in her.

No. 890382

If I didn't know who this was I'd assume this was a mid to late 30's mother of two who's on tinder looking for a rebound after a rough divorce.

No. 890392

>radicalized black websites
Lillee Jean really hates our BLM support group, smh

No. 890404

File: 1662137085230.jpeg (22.58 KB, 194x259, 29400590-F0F8-4399-9BC3-BF53FA…)

Mother Theresa was stupid
I guess

No. 890405

She’s a 21 year old neet. Her entire life revolves around creating shitty content for other companies, pod people, fake Jeaniez & her overbearing mother.

No. 890442

Wish.com Angelyne

No. 890453

Yeah, give if that's the case Lillee will take-over Laurs channel in a couple of months, just like they've been doing with Instagram.

No. 890456

Maybe laur finally realized she was the real cow and those threads wouldn't exist without her.

No. 890477

IMO the best move would be for Laur to start a new channel where she just rants about shit. The news, us boolies, her beliefs, anything. She's an absolute nutter and it'd be comedy gold. We'd get a fresh and flowing supply of milk and Laur just might build an authentic following (mostly people that laugh at her and not with her, but still) and make a little bit of money. Maybe even enough to pay the damn dentist off, kek.

No. 890478

I wonder if Lillee ever gets a little sad, saying shit like this when literally every aspect of her life is built on trying to make the 'mean' girls in mid school jealous of her.

No. 890500

Lillee went live on ig today and described how she respects retail workers (by ignoring them)


No. 890504


It's as if these lives are her practicing how to talk to human beings other than Laur without leaving her house. It's like an alien that watches movies and tv and copies what it thinks is real human behaviour only for it to be off and cringe.

We all know it's nonsense but how does a CEO have only men on? Either they don't speak and just stare at her while she nervously tries to have a conversation with them, or they do talk to her and she overexaggerates her reactions and says things to flatter them. One guy said he was hoping she was on the west coast where he is, and she said no she loves NYC but she does travel. Travel where? Within a 20 mile radius from her house?

Our CEO can't for some reason find college educated women her age who are in the same industry and modestly successful.

No. 890507

Glenn Danzig would copystrike her for using his likeness without permission

No. 890518

Funny how she can't see any difference between hassle the staff and asking a plain question.
Maybe that's why she thinks people questioning her is bullying kek.

No. 890530

lillee hates women. for all the talk to feminism, girl power, etc, lillee cannot stand to be around women, especially if they are prettier, more intelligent or more successful than her. and that’s pretty much every woman on the planet.

No. 890533

File: 1662304447956.png (9.11 MB, 759x7897, 50F8EA0C-F1FB-495A-9626-D700A9…)

Lillee went to Manhattan!

No. 890535

File: 1662304759589.jpeg (647.56 KB, 828x1222, E30348F4-1304-410B-ACF3-1CC225…)

Truly horrifying. What is going on with her neck?

No. 890536

File: 1662304995317.jpeg (317.98 KB, 659x925, B6D84C93-5401-4052-9459-5C0161…)

No. 890540

I know you're not supposed to wear white after Labor Day, but this shirt is clearly not a summer shirt.
I wouldn't expect anything else from our dear Lilz

No. 890545

The outfit's not as terrible as some of her other ones but it's so obvious that those are capri pants and it just looks so bizarre, like she's a kid wearing her mom's clothes

No. 890547

Her summer hat is wool - things are cheaper off-season obvs but I’d die in that turtle neck, New England has been warm!

If she were a nice person who didn’t claim be be a model/actress/artist/director/filmmaker, I’d think she was a cute girl from these pics, not gonna lie. White gives her face at least a little color.

No. 890548

Why oh why does she always need a “look at my ass” photo though???

No. 890553

She thinks it's her money maker but Kim Kardashian she is not.

No. 890601

I haven't followed her in a bit. Did she recently lose weight? First to go is usually your chin and either your tendons become pronounced or you develop turkey neck from loose skin.

No. 890614

no she’s just straining every muscle in her head and neck

No. 890618

Jesus, is that a bruise?!

No. 890620

Well spotted nonna. That looks like some king of scratch/bruise, any ideas?

No. 890644

It looks like an imprint from sitting down and leaning on the knot

No. 890645

File: 1662391576267.jpeg (653.59 KB, 1170x1470, F120B3D5-3F2A-4860-A27D-9CCC8D…)

>owns with his mother

She’s so embarrassing kek

No. 890656

>calls the site "lolcows"
>thinks its run by Josh and his ma
She's been fighting with us for 3 years kek

No. 890658

Fucking Laur!

No. 890692

she's a damn furry? sick

No. 890731

Enjoyed this tweet by Tater Tatiana:

tativoorhees (@tater tatiana misses benito )

If Lillee Jean & Laur still lurk my page I hope they see my academic achievements & feel like shit. Dean’s List, studying abroad in London, membership to the honor society, & only more to come idk what they’re doing nor do I care. I’m too busy focusing on stuff that matters(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 890738

Fuck off, Tatiana.

No. 890742

>I don't know what they're doing nor do I care, but here I am tweeting about them and thinking about them being jealous of me
Tati has been a cow herself from day 1.

No. 890747

File: 1662482288591.jpeg (469.2 KB, 1242x1491, 18B885A3-1615-44C2-8B14-759851…)

That was over a week ago, and nobody cares she's not relevant to the goblins anymore. Also this is an image board so include the image next time, retard.

No. 890782

1. Sage your shit
2. Imageboard
3. No1Curr

Fuck off outta here. If it isn't directly from Laur or Lillee we don't want to see it. Literally no one gives an actual fuck about your shitty dean's list, especially not Laur and Lillee

No. 890785

You sure about that?

No. 890829

tati misses the attention she got when covering lj

No. 890849

Is it possible that LJ doesn't see any of that as failure?
We know how very low the bar is for them.

Since they got sued over the dental bill, she went out a lot compared to before -probably bc evicted again, but still.
Got herself in events - even if she wasn't invited and sneaked way before time to get some pictures there.
She talked to 3 black girls, and bought semi-decent-normalish clothes, went to the beach, to a BBQ (with no one there), was in Manhattan (for 5 minutes).
And somewhat got her teeth fixed for "free".
In LJ's world, she must be living her best life. Keks

No. 890852

Tatiana needs to stop this shit before people remember they donated $5000 for a lawsuit against Laur and it never happened. All she did was pay a retainer and used the rest of the money to buy ingredients to start a beauty brand which fizzled out faster than Lillee Jean Beauty kek

No. 890871

That’s very true. We know from her old posts that they’ve kind of always lived like this— moving house to house whenever Laur gets them evicted, scamming others for free goods and services. For Lillee this is probably super normal.

I just wonder if she actually enjoys going out or if she’s hating every second of it.

No. 890932

Lillee has a new bio:

About Lillee Jean:
Lillee Jean is a 21-year-old filmmaker, model, actress, and anti-bullying advocate based in New York. Lillee Jean is best known for her creative web series' that include “Lillee Jean TALKS! Live” (IMDB), where numerous award-winning Hollywood entertainers and innovators have guested on, Mind Over Beaute, an empowering beauty-related show, Style Your Lillee, an interactive fashion show and, Voyager, a travel webseries. Additionally, she has modeled for magazines such as Malvie Magazine, Fashion Haunts, Indie Blush, and Sephora, as well as being featured on Cover Girl's Billboard at their Time Square store in 2016. In her forthcoming film, Project: Bullyish, she recites her unbelievable experience of being stalked and bullied online, over the past five years. Jewish and Lutheran, her ethnicity spans France, England, Germany, Russia, and, Ukraine.

No. 890935

File: 1662603663440.png (1.32 MB, 1000x1000, 604F8E81-89CD-47EB-B2F6-4079D4…)

This is the “modeling “that she updated about in her bio. An instagram post from Sephora .

No. 890937

File: 1662603897944.jpeg (191.58 KB, 894x671, C5BB5566-CA6A-425A-83B2-7AAD93…)

doesn’t look like Laur’s channel is getting monetized kek

No. 890966

I am sorry but is Ukraine new? I may be blind did not see it before

No. 890984

Lurk more. Tsar’s zombie men chased Lillee’s own grandmother from Ukraine several years after the revolution.

No. 890987

File: 1662652296930.jpeg (103.79 KB, 1334x750, 9E87AE9D-B645-4F20-A5CA-BDB1DC…)

Ancient milk but it never fails to make me laugh

No. 891001

You could fry a whole chicken with all that grease…

No. 891050

File: 1662725919371.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1170x1988, A8B45D40-1F84-4E65-9CDE-295259…)

She did another IG livestream a few days ago. Really boring except she’s calling herself an actor now. Why is she hiding behind clothes in a closet?

No. 891054

Tinfoil they were evicted and sneaked back in the house to live in the basement.

That or they live now in a storage unit, nearby >>888739

No. 891057

Is there a place to view the live nonners?

No. 891101

Woah, I completely forgot about this. Does anyone know if Tatiana actually said anything about what happened to all the money people donated?

No. 891107

hi laur(hi cow)

No. 891114

File: 1662768879650.jpeg (241.66 KB, 666x1000, 1A7118BF-776D-4B47-9CAF-6069D9…)

Old milk but I always imagine Laur barking out the next pose: “Bend down! Stick it out! Now pout for me baby!”

If anyone ever witnessed one of their photo shoots they’d be disgusted.

No. 891116

File: 1662771753922.jpeg (82.05 KB, 853x853, tapas bar in Spain.jpeg)

No. 891119

File: 1662774877707.png (561.91 KB, 595x402, 4001agilt-feet.png)

Her legs truly remind me of pig's trotters.

No. 891130

Holy shit I cannot unsee this. Especially in those nude colored heels

No. 891178

File: 1662811835095.jpeg (551.85 KB, 1170x1668, E8C1AC71-6B86-4B3F-9E33-8F132D…)

>which character to be dressed as

Attic Academy strikes again

No. 891191

Brain failure and thought one of the options was Terry Bradshaw.

No. 891192

Catwoman? Carrie Bradshaw? Elle Woods? Are they stuck in a weird 2005 timewarp?

No. 891211

15 years behind the times sounds like progress for Laur.

No. 891213

File: 1662826457921.jpeg (44.8 KB, 828x988, 773C54BD-4244-4FC9-B6A1-5BECBD…)

This story was even worse

No. 891224

She'll probably go with Carrie Bradshaw, since she all ready dresses like a woman in her 50s

No. 891379

“Fashion emulate”?? Does she mean cosplay, lol. You can always tell when it’s Laur posting.

No. 891380

File: 1662925324709.jpeg (1.16 MB, 828x1220, 41561B8C-E924-4F50-B22A-5E5127…)

No. 891387

>in RL

Other than being out of touch like the other nona said because of course they are kek

I'm pretty sure all the women on whom she fixates have similar or the same body type. Halle and Reese are Kibbe Soft Gamines while SJP and fav Audrey are Flamboyant Gamines. They are described as doll-like in appearance and as characters they are mostly (but not always) portrayed as fiery, playful, sassy, commanding, desirable, the "slightly unattainable ideal" so y'know, things our Attic Academy alum squeezes her eyes shut and wishes to be true.

No. 891389

She always poses like she just shit her pants and is trying to waddle surrepticiously to the restroom before anyone smells

No. 891422

It never ceases to gross me out that all her "sexy" poses are taken by her mother.

No. 891424

Ugh yes. Because you know Laur specifically told her to spread her legs and pose with her ass to the camera. Vile.

No. 891426

The Badgely Mischka shoes are $265 at Newman Marcus. They probably took the photo in the bridal department.

No. 891446

Nice things don’t even look nice on her because of how she styles them. She can make a $200 pair of shoes look like she bought them at a discount shoe store on clearance.

No. 891468

So this is pretty hilarious. Lillee said:

"During the day event she attended, she participated in a colorful floral photo booth activation!"

It's called The Floral Escape, it's a photo exhibit at The Queens County Farm Museum. Admission was 20 dollars.

She's still trying SO HARD to word things like she's a busy socialite/celebrity. She turned 'went to a museum photoshoot exhibit with her mom' into 'a day event she participated in!!'

I guess she's gotten a LITTLE better? If this was a few years ago she'd be trying to pass these photos off as an exclusive photoshoot she did.

No. 891473

She looks like a dude taking a piss on the side of a building in an alleyway

No. 891480

Holy shit nonna what a perfectly spot on description KEK

No. 891481

File: 1662963251646.png (604.2 KB, 600x753, 409.png)

No. 891485

Actually, isn't this at the Roosevelt Field Mall? It would make sense that she would buy the shoes just for the photo then take them back for a refund.

No. 891487

File: 1662982048925.jpeg (1.87 MB, 1170x2108, 04A95B6D-0E3F-472A-AF0D-7130CE…)

Floral Escape has an IG account. It’s at a mall, kek

No. 891506

Unless I see her walking 100 yards in a gravel parking lot wearing those shoes, they returned them immediately. We know everything is fake - they shouldn’t bother.

You know, there’s nothing wrong with doing what you love and living well on a low income. Plenty of interesting YouTubers showing creative ways to live/eat/dress on a small budget. Successful ones, in fact!

No. 891530

Her and Laur couldn’t be more obvious about stalking the farms. Between Laura’s recent meltdown when nonners found out they’re being sued by the orthodontist to now dropping dosh on clothes and trying to make e events open to everyone sound/look exclusive? They really are trying to prove they’re not broke as shit.

It’s weird they’re going through all this effort when Lillee could just do another staircase shoot or something to prove they didn’t get booted and aren’t living in a storage unit. Makes it all the more obvious they DID get evicted.

No. 891532

File: 1663029189050.jpg (3.93 MB, 4032x3024, 0912221830.jpg)


Sage cause OT

But my dad in law has a cat named LJ (Little Jerry Seinfeld) and it kills me inside kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 891543

god shut up

No. 891585

LJ should post picture of her cats asap to prove they didn't dumped them on the driveway or abandoned them somewhere else.

No. 891599

All these sudden daytime cheap field trips. My tinfoil is that there are numerous self storage facilities in Queens and they offer a first month free but they can’t be seen coming and going during business hours…

But then Laur said she owned warehouses all over the country so maybe they’re in one her gigantic warehouses. Ya right.

No. 891602

Her most recent makeup video where she cartoonishly started talking to her cat felt SO intentional I almost thought she legit used stock audio of a cat meowing trying to convince us she still has them

No. 891603

We need to see proof of life with those cats holding today’s Mew York Times.

Oh god I’m sorry.

No. 891604

Considering just how long Lillee and laur dug in their heels about taking pictures anywhere but that staircase, it can’t be a coincidence. Look at Lillee. Even pre pandemic she’d make a story on insta about a quick car trip to CVS. They do not leave the house often, nor do they seem to even enjoy it much.

Either they’re subletting the house and can’t film with all their new tenants, or they’re living in a motel or a storage facility. Anyone check any animal shelters close by to see if their cats have popped up?

No. 891605

I did, feebly. I mean the world is FULL of black cats, so it was like a needle in a haystack.

No. 891606

Just watched the Floral Escapes vid - that’s got to be the WORST camera work in history. Also Lillee has the weirdest clumpiest walk, it’s freaky. I’d tell them both to keep their day jobs but we all know they’ll never get one.

No. 891607

Here's the floral escapes video.

No. 891610

Balls. I thought they kept their old names at shelters.

No. 891611

NTA, they do keep old names, but I wouldn't be surprised if LJ and Laur would be the kind of people to give fake names for the cats so "black sites" could not find out they were given away. Tbh, I haven't followed their antics for a while but if they needed to let their pet/s go giving them to a shelter is the best option since I know they would not bother to find them homes. Better that than in the streets where there's no medical help and all the dangers of vehicles, people and other animals etc.

No. 891616

File: 1663087781599.png (347.4 KB, 1440x1440, 2022-09-13 12-49-12.png)

These are some comments on this video that is 5:03 minutes long. Cmon now laur, at least get the time stamps correct

No. 891617

This may be Laur’s worst camera work. How has she not learned by now?

No. 891625

File: 1663093110685.jpeg (615.43 KB, 1170x636, F40A6E36-21D7-451C-A139-45AE0A…)

This is weird,nonnies. I watched the video last night and at the end there was footage of Lillee getting free samples from a seltzer booth. There was a woman in the background filming (who wasn’t Laur) the entire exchange. I went back today to record it but they’ve edited it out. I did grab manage to get a screenshot last night.

No. 891626

Good catch nonners. Is this a booth at the mall? Could be people filming some event for the seltzers or something. Or maybe there was a free day for flower pics and that’s why lilz stopped by? Some kind of event they tried to take advantage of?

No. 891627

It’s not seltzer. Poppi is a prebiotic soda. Poor LJ probably shit her pants kek. I wouldn’t be surprised if the company asked them to remove the footage.

No. 891630

kek this pun made me laugh

No. 891634

File: 1663095944809.jpeg (779.59 KB, 1170x1582, 13FE70AA-6E15-434D-8FF1-FBF320…)

Laur changed the @ of her twitter account and took the account off private. She’s been yelling at keffals about Josh Moon’s mother’s(?) site LOLCOW

No. 891636

File: 1663095993417.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1854, 269C03E5-C735-4F01-8EC1-6A7BB9…)

Mad about YouTube’s DMCA policies

No. 891638

I saved milky bits from this video this morning. Here’s the end: https://streamable.com/f6lx2q

No. 891639

File: 1663096048770.jpeg (332.8 KB, 1170x789, 6BCABA77-6874-4571-A219-333ECF…)

And her 1 follower is into diapers

No. 891641

that chick was definitely filming them

No. 891642

File: 1663096273397.gif (5.24 MB, 480x260, 90027812-AA51-4886-8A57-96E93C…)

She walks like a linebacker

No. 891643

Is it really necessary to have 3 separate ads in a 5 minute video?

The camera work is just terrible. I don’t know how they think anyone could watch it and take it seriously. God forbid they actually take the time to learn and perfect a craft.

Does anyone feel like she’s just checked out at this point and maybe this isn’t something she wants to do anymore?

No. 891644

Already copyright claimed. Laur’s lurking.

No. 891645


I can upload these forever

No. 891646

Seems like they gave up in that they know their “Jeaniez” a-million are just a few guys in Pakistan and Miss Lucid, so why bother with no quality, skill, or the ability to walk properly. Their income per hour has to be a fraction of minimum wage?

No. 891648

I also watched last night. They cut a lot out. It was around 16 minutes long. The time stamps aren’t wrong. I wonder why they cut so much out. It wasn’t anything wow, more backdrops with different flowers.

No. 891649

Haha as usual she looks utterly perplexed by something that’s beyond basic. How a 21 year-old can have that untoned blobby 60 year-old body is the only perplexing thing in the video.

No. 891653

Laur’s recent freakout started right after anons speculated they’re living in a storage unit.

No. 891657

I'm willing to say Laur is literally retarded (as is LJ, too). Just being a boomer does not excuse the dumb shit she is spouting. How embarrassing.

No. 891659


Oh Laur

No. 891660

A year ago I’d have argued with you nonnie, but the fact that they just never LEARN ANYTHING, ever - yeah what else can it be?

No. 891661

One more time pls nonny

No. 891663

It's hilarious that she puts it under her "Voyajay" series. This is not traveling. For most people it's just a fun thing to do on a weekend. Like, normal people getting out of the house and do something. She thinks going to a museum or an exhibit in her own city is this big trip worthy of being called "travel". How sad.

No. 891664

File: 1663104630615.jpeg (605.38 KB, 1170x1618, 5ECDF2BF-0D26-42B1-8313-41191E…)

anyone looking for Laur’s twitter account, she changed the @ again

No. 891665

How Lillee would feel if someone did a YouTube about putting on Chapstick like it’s a big deal? That’s how we feel about her “voyages”.

No. 891666

File: 1663105132359.jpeg (1.37 MB, 2048x2048, F35CAB9A-8B78-41C4-9D0D-FE0E05…)

I was going through the hashtag for Floral Escape on Instagram. The quality of photos compared to Lillee’s is astounding. How are they still so bad at this?

No. 891667

File: 1663105367188.webm (3.6 MB, 826x450, FullSizeRender.MOV.webm)

Laur, strike this you fat cow

No. 891668

Thanks nonny! I don't even need to hear their actual exchange to know she said something awkward and inane while trying to seem interested and react like a normal socialized adult who completed school.

No. 891669

Was looking through their insta too and noticed how people really made an effort for the occasion, dressing up to match the flowers, romantic dresses, etc. And this one, for all the cosplaying she does, shows up in an outdated black outfit with uncomfortable shoes she immediately returned that same day.

No. 891670

File: 1663107257164.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1170x2070, 5605A915-CE28-404B-B2CC-605782…)

what was the point? The only way Laur could get the shoes in the shot was to pan way out and then you can’t see the flowers because Lillee’s a dwarf.

Found this on the hashtag. Looks like the goblins didn’t pay the $29 admission fee, it was free pop up.

No. 891673

File: 1663108100862.jpeg (2.05 MB, 1170x2129, 14483DE2-2EDE-46B2-A9DF-7A8512…)

> During the day event she attended, she participated in a colorful floral photo booth activation!

She attended a free event in $250 shoes kek

No. 891675

Was it before or after someone found out they were being sued by their orthodontist? It could be both.

No. 891676

Fucking well done Nonnie I goddamn KNEW these clowns didn’t pay.

This is almost sad now. After all the money laur has spent on faking a following for lillee now they’re what, combing through the free events section of Facebook? This isn’t as sad as lillee trying to make an astroturfed bbq in a parking lot look exclusive or interesting, but it’s sad she thinks this makes her look anything but pathetic.

No. 891679

I thought so too! Especially because Lillee actually DOES have pretty floral dresses that could have matched this well.

No. 891680

it wasn’t even some hip pop up in Brooklyn like the kbeauty brand. It was in a Long Island mall. So embarrassing.

No. 891685

I checked the Nordstrom in Roosevelt Field online and they have the navy Badgley Mishka Kira in stock. She totally bought the shoes and immediately returned them kek

No. 891688

File: 1663113336346.jpeg (349.05 KB, 1170x1464, 873A8630-347A-42B3-848E-595C19…)

Laur’s doing weird shit again

No. 891693

And I’m not stupid so I know what this means. It’s a badly done word scramble for me to get scared. If she’s gonna doxx me she needs to just fucking do it. I don’t give a damn.

No. 891694

What’s weird is that the same video on her website is 16 minutes long and isn’t chopped down like the YouTube one

No. 891695

How does she know who you are?

No. 891696

genuinely curious how she get your name? Is the location your location as well?

No. 891698

She’s known for a while. Last year I counterclaimed her. I’m not even trying to hide from her - I’m allowed my opinions and I’m a Jew who called her out on Holocaust lies. She can bring it.

No. 891700

Yeah she posted a map with my location a couple weeks ago. She thinks she’s Sherlock Holmes but I’ve never actually worked to hide from her. I know my Holocaust facts, and that’s that.

No. 891704

I find it funny Laur & Lillee say we’re committing crimes and the only reason we haven’t been arrested is because we’re anonymous. We’ve seen her dox a multiple anons over the last few freakouts but still no arrests.

No. 891707

And she hates “fake” Twitter accounts but here we are.

No. 891708

File: 1663117786576.jpeg (944.83 KB, 1170x1903, 16BAC29E-1EF1-4858-9D7B-302BF5…)

>rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes
>doxs a Jewish person

Pick a lane, Laur

No. 891709

She’s only Jewish when she can use it for a grift. C’mon, she married a Lutheran and taught her kid to pray to the saints. I’m ACTUALLY Jewish, I don’t just play one on YouTube.

No. 891715

File: 1663119422955.jpeg (318.82 KB, 1170x1697, F84E461D-7B0B-4B31-9203-0697AD…)

changed her @ again

No. 891716

Bad Amazon VPN from Hell Michigan. Ok Boomer.

No. 891717

Does she think you buy VPNs off Amazon?

No. 891718

God she’s stupid. I mean sure, she dropped out of high school, but that was 40 years ago. She could have grown a brain since then.

No. 891719

File: 1663120429039.jpeg (614.81 KB, 1170x1833, B1EAA300-1317-438A-814D-E73104…)

Laur’s big mad nonnie’s a better jew than her

No. 891720

Ugh that idiot from Germany who loved Himmler and serial killers. Laur’s gotten so much mileage off of that, I’ve wondered if it was her.

No. 891726

"A Rise in Antisemitism by Lillee Jean" is actually a confession and Project Bullyish will be documenting all of Lillee Jean's anti Semitic hate crimes

No. 891731

Ok that cracked me up, good one nonnie

No. 891744

File: 1663134735716.png (144.36 KB, 820x837, wiki1.png)

An admin on the Youtube wiki says he thinks that Wikia staff was bribed by Lillee to protect her page and keep it biased. Probably not bribed, more like bullied or told about the cyberboolies and the retarded staff just believed it.

No. 891745

File: 1663134818439.png (16.17 KB, 731x291, lol.png)

Same admin left this comment on the page and comments that were previously deleted for daring to question why the page was so biased have been undeleted.

No. 891747

Exactly, just how she was only chronically ill with mono from birth when it kept her out of highschool and how she was only pan for June of 2021 kek.

For someone who pays for so many articles about how she has grit and is a boss babe CEO, Lillee really tries faking literally anything to look like the downtrodden victim.

No. 891749

Anyone notice just how much she's rewearing clothing in her pics/vids the last few months? She just wore these pants in that photos series by the mall with the red tank. She's worn the same shorts at least three times and that white top with the horrible lines several times too.

They really have ditched rent the runway huh

No. 891757

I noticed she’s wearing those cheap tank tops you can buy in a 3 pack at the drug store. Guess Rent the Runway doesn’t ship to storage units?

No. 891758

File: 1663152502739.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1170x1936, 73655345-EDFB-40AD-B789-75C5F4…)

Laur posted 45 stories last night. Mostly recycled bullyish stuff. I laughed at this one, insinuating she’s working with other people to catch cybercrims. She’s tried to get keffals’ attention for a month and no one has acknowledged her except one weird diaperfet account.

No. 891761

File: 1663154306134.jpeg (407.41 KB, 1170x2020, 4C5F9892-4BBB-4E03-966F-49A90C…)

this sweater is from rent the runway

No. 891764

File: 1663159219855.jpeg (217.49 KB, 2048x2048, 231C2973-DC07-42E2-B32C-8FF1F2…)

Laur’s up early

No. 891768

File: 1663162049323.jpeg (323.5 KB, 1170x1387, AF0CB602-DA38-4DBB-9019-169CAD…)

No. 891769

Wish Laur would grow some balls instead of playing these stupid fucking games

No. 891770

how to look racist when attempting to dox anons kek

No. 891771

File: 1663164466003.jpeg (149.63 KB, 1170x673, F86D0D3E-29F1-4F80-B97A-938F25…)

No. 891773

She’s doing a terrible job because I have no idea who Jewish anon is. I checked twitter to see if anyone was talking about Lillee again, there’s some tweets from giphy bot accounts but that’s it. Laur’s stalking this thread and dropping names of random twitter users whose information she got from illegal copyright claims in retaliation for nonnies laughing about a free event they tried to make look exclusive. What a pathetic existence.

No. 891774

We know she doesn't have much appropriate outfits but is it possible their landlord is retraining some of their stuff?
That or laur panicked and put everything in a storage unit without thinking to store last the stuff they would need most.

No. 891775

The diaperfet account saw Lils big dumpy and thought they struck gold

No. 891777

Laur no one is fucking scared or slightly intimidated by you. Remember when you and that old man were trying to dox CSA before she got exposed? Her real name was already out there and you couldn’t even swing that. Oh but wait, according to you you’ve teamed up with Shannon and she’s gonna give you all the IPs from the farms right?

No. 891780


she was pretending to be a Destiny hate account to get Keffals’ attention kek

No. 891784


She's probably PR or a social media manager for poppi trying to get some B-role footage

No. 891785

The staircase house is a duplex, they have at least one other person in the house. Maybe more if they’re subletting. The landlord/tenants probably got tired of the cops showing up and asked them not to show the house anymore during filming.

No. 891787

Agree but we haven’t seen a wig in like 2 months, right? So her wig collection must not be accessible.

No. 891788


Tbh Lillie is one of the cows I feel bad for. Potentially being homeless because your mother is an idiot who won't get a normal job at the DMV like any other broke single mom (I consider laur a single mom, when's the last time earl did anything useful?) Has got to be so damn frustrating.

She's old enough to support herself, but she wasn't taught how to do any of that and it will take years of deprogramming before she can be considered a normal adult. And it probably won't happen unless laur kicks the bucket soon.

No. 891790

File: 1663175132342.jpeg (152.19 KB, 1170x673, ED5EE99A-4AA3-4CBF-A31A-F28C1B…)

No. 891791

I feel bad for Lillee. She’s too dumb to realize Laur keeps her dependent so she can collect her neetbux. It was disclosed in one of their bankruptcy cases.

No. 891799

I heard that laur also starts new “businesses “ so she can take out loans. She had two “antique” businesses under different names, one for her and one for Earl. And it would explain why once they bled Lillee Jean Beauty dry of potential loans, they started Lillee Jean Entertainment.

No. 891809


I'm sorry but I don't. Lillee is intellectually uncurious. I agree that Laur's poor parenting has messed her up but Lillee is not bound by chains or forbidden to access the internet. There are many cases of people being cut off from the world by their parents but their intellectual curiosity helped them find a way out and become independent. Lillee is by nature lazy and narcissistic. She doesn't want to put in very real hard work to improve and challenging herself. And that is on Lilee entirely.

No. 891810

File: 1663185811886.jpeg (733.91 KB, 1170x1322, FA535672-001C-4453-A688-EB0070…)

there’s more than 2 antique business names
L&L Tiques (the one sued by CapAssist)
Truetiques (the one with the tax lien)

No. 891812

File: 1663186147094.jpeg (403.01 KB, 1170x1438, 6434832E-E61B-474F-9916-C63B6C…)

looking at the comments on Diamondtiques posts and it seems like people are worried about Earl

No. 891822

That comment is from about three months ago . Right around the time lillee and laur started all the day trips . Wtf happened????

No. 891823

can court nonnies search for divorce cases in New Jersey or Pennsylvania (where cousin anon says his family is)?

No. 891830

File: 1663198024177.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1170x1961, FE278070-EE9F-41EF-8BBB-0E5F2A…)

She was in Manhattan today and actually managed to look normal. Getting out more has been good for her.

No. 891831

I dare say this is a decent outfit. Maybe seeing actual irl people who aren't Laur has given her realistic fashion inspo? Cropped leggings and heel boots are… a choice, but a (relatively) normal one. She actually looks like the 30 something year old business woman from New York who's life goes to shit so she moves out of her penthouse and into her rural hometown in a Hallmark movie set in Autumn

No. 891832

what is that literal fanfiction? calm down, it's the most average running to the grocery store athletic wear possible

No. 891835

File: 1663201326281.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1170x1971, 3CBF593F-0427-49D0-9DE9-C7BC8A…)

Lillee got sponsored by a linen company. The rolled up sweatpants covered in fur screams luxury.

No. 891836

File: 1663201420449.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1170x2120, 22DC5F3B-BC17-46C3-B95C-13BD74…)

Her photos look amateur compared to the rest of their account

No. 891839

I know she's a midget but that poor photoshop makes her look like a midget with a giraffe neck.

No. 891842

File: 1663207298099.jpeg (640.6 KB, 828x1234, D4BF3DC5-34D6-434E-9DA5-7A6726…)

No. 891850

File: 1663214564493.jpeg (954.85 KB, 1284x1184, 3C500317-9A50-43FE-895F-EF579B…)

nona i cant unsee it now

No. 891865

Nonitas with all due respect are you retarded? She looks haggard and matronly with that ripped open neckline. The lack of ANY definition on her chest (cleavage, collarbones etc) makes her head look backwards. Now I understand why she tenses her neck so much kek

No. 891868

look at those hocks on full display, how does she manage to make herself even stubbier


No. 891870

she’s on Laur’s bed

No. 891873

File: 1663244708053.jpeg (147.66 KB, 1170x647, E71CC428-C283-4885-BD68-C240DF…)

Laur deactivated her twitter account for a few hours last night but she’s back this morning

No. 891875

Did any anons who Laur had been trying to “dox” get a wellness check on them last night/recently? She’s been alluding to my info for awhile and last night had a bogus wellness check called on me for “sad tweets”. Woman on the phone didn’t give her name. Idrgaf bc she’s not smart or brave enough to do anything, just curious

No. 891876

did Laur swat you anon?!?! Kek

No. 891877

She deactivated as soon as you posted anon. Seems suspicious.

No. 891878

lmao pretty sure, she’s been hinting at me info and I’ve been ignoring her. Last night my younger brother called saying cops were there to do a wellness check, except I don’t live with my mommy unlike Lillee, so I wasn’t there. They said someone who didn’t give their name called and said I was making “sad tweets”. I wasn’t. I don’t know anyone else who’d have motivation to waste police time like that

No. 891879

You can get a copy of the police call by filing a FOIA request. You can go the annoying route of trying to get a RO since Laur is clearly harassing you or you can just post the video online so everyone knows Laur & Lillee are hypocritics and are “swatting” people themselves.

No. 891880

May just, if nothing else for the laughs and to make sure she doesn’t try to waste anyone else’s time

No. 891881

I find it hard to believe Laur would be this stupid. Are you also Jewish anon? If so, using Laur Logic, she attempted to swat you and it’s a hate crime.

No. 891883

No, I’m not Jewish anon. But the information she’s been posting (some surname hints, my state) have been mine. I think we both may live in the same state?

No. 891884


Sorry double post. Wanted to say she’s stupid enough to think she can get away with it and I wouldn’t notice or say anything, because it was “anonymous”. No one else would have any motivation to lie about me posting self injurious content and no one else would think that’s at all intimidating. Also, Laur is that stupid.

No. 891886

yesterday an old Lillee callout posted a joke about not flirting with them bc they were “literally” ready to kill themselves. Pretty obvious shitpost. the twitter callout is Jewish, maybe Laur thought it was this other person posting here and called in a wellness check?

No. 891889

File: 1663254999013.jpeg (177.51 KB, 1170x658, 78F8DF13-390B-439C-9B44-4FC4E0…)

going back even further on this persons account and there’s tweets about airport shawarma >>888984
they’re not involved with Lillee drama anymore and I don’t think they’re aware Laur’s poorly doxing them. She saw the shitpost and called in a wellness check using the wrong person’s info. Classic Laur

No. 891890

Yeahhhh gotta disagree Nonnie. The madden boots are way too tight, you can see her calves practically exploding out of them. The rest of the fit is just… nothing.

Two black fits in a row though, is Lillee embracing her villain origin story or is she trying to channel CEO GIRLBOSS ala Elizabeth Holmes?

No. 891891

It’s fucking weird Laur thinks that’s somehow threatening or scary to ordinary people. You know, ones who aren’t hiding tenants, child neglect and owe the IRS tens of thousands of dollars.

No. 891892

I was looking through old clips trying to see if it was her bed or a hotel bed kekekek. The metal bars look kinda like what you can see of her bed in day in the life.

No. 891893

File: 1663256816530.jpeg (278.67 KB, 1170x871, 2941E208-68F9-4702-9374-1D546A…)

From her hair vlog, the part where Laur & Earl are bitching about Trump kek

No. 891894

Jewish Anon here, no she hasn’t tried it on me. And I haven’t been on Twitter since she was banned so she wouldn’t be able to use that.

No. 891895

That duvet set is $37.99 on Amazon. Cheap.

No. 891896

what the hell did i just see? She chews one bite like 527 times! Still amazes me to this day that someone who looks like this has the confidence to even film their face, or put a clip of herself drinking like a retard for no reason…. actually the reason was she thought it looked cute WTF. And who the hell dyes their hair with glasses on? what a throwback, she really is one of the weirdest people i've ever seen.

No. 891897

File: 1663258978094.jpeg (273.69 KB, 1170x890, 1543AE5A-9908-4F36-BCA4-8192BD…)

she’s chewing gum. she takes it out of her mouth and plays with it

No. 891901

damn okay she chews gum in a retarded way

No. 891904

She wasn’t raised right, so nothing’s normal.

No. 891905


Wellness check anon, it’s possible, though this all started after I made the mistake of viewing Laur’s TikTok on my private TikTok, she tried liking my videos and following me to be intimidating, I followed her back bc I thought it was funny, wellness check the next day. I don’t run a callout but do lurk so idk, the references to my surname seem pretty opaque and purposeful? I wouldn’t know without talking to Jewish anon more, either way she fucked up bc it was my childhood home and not my actual address

No. 891908

what a fucking psycho kek

It’s probably a good time to remind new anons to only use alts to creep her accounts. Even though two huge YouTubers have covered her and their videos have 15 million views combined. In Laur’s Franzia soaked brain, it’s one person hating on Lillee.

No. 891950

I'd get ahold of the phone call recording and have the deranged bitch arrested.

If really was her she did it to herself.

Criticizing someone for being despicable is one thing but lying to 911 is another.

She's gotten away with almost as much shit as Chris Chan used to get away with at this point.

If anyone is running a one-woman cult and stalking people it is Laur.

No. 891971

how quickly we went from district attorneys arresting anons to this messy attempt at retaliation. Bullyish is about justice not vengeance kek

No. 891972

Her twitter account is up again with the same @

No. 891978

File: 1663335382688.jpeg (482.54 KB, 1170x1394, 86F013B5-B1F7-46F9-8671-5E5022…)

Laur’s trying to ride Kiwifarm trend by adding KIWI to Lillee’s video descriptions

No. 891985

I’m pretty sure Laur and lillee are aware it’s not just one or two people. I think THEY think it makes Lillee look less… universally hated if they blame all the “hate” on one unhinged person. They lost the fucking plot though and came up with this whole cult of Jew hating witches which only makes them look psychotic.

It honestly blows my mind that they both thought that would sound like a more believable story than just what’s in priminks video. And the irony is if they just said stalker making alts or something more blasé people MIGHT have bought it at a distance. But Lillee extra big brain Trueman learned to lie from Laur, and it’s go big or go home here.

I’m sure the cult members will chase them around with meat cleavers in the warehouses Laur owns all around the country kek

No. 892005

she thought they hit it big with #dropkiwifarms but even a movement full of the worst degenerates on the web took one look at Laur and passed

No. 892029

I knew of two people who were so deluded and so far up their own asses like Lillee.

Both of them were disliked by quite a few people (and each refused to believe it even when faced with overwhelming evidence) and convinced themselves it was all the work of one person who was jealous of them.

No. 892063

Lillee tries to speak French in her newest video and fails miserably

No. 892086

Someone with a French diplomat boyfriend (who does his diplomatting from Queens) would at least know correct pronunciations of the most BASIC of greetings.

And I was in Paris last month and she has no clue of what French women are wearing or their makeup looks. She seems to get her ideas from 80’s movies.

No. 892091

She's not even trendy enough to know what New York women wear and she lives there. I wonder if Laur is giving her fashion direction?

I wonder if Laur thought she won with the site being down? A few anons calling your daughter fat and ugly won't affect her fame Laur. Get used to it if your daughter is going to land a big marvel role.

No. 892096

Laur most definitely gives Lillee pointers on fashion and posing

No. 892101

I’m convinced half her wardrobe and her cheap plastic clip-on earrings are just leftover inventory from Laur’s failed antique businesses.

No. 892111

File: 1663623132505.jpeg (295.15 KB, 1000x1500, 095C7193-0280-472A-B43C-71DEAE…)

Someone needs a proper bra fitting appointment. I’m sure even Laur wasn’t sagging this bad at 21.

No. 892113

These are 100% tuberous breasts, I know some anons have sperged about them not being tuberous before but here we have irrefutable proof. Lilz, your tits are deformed like your fucking teeth, pour some money into fixing them instead of renting unstylish unflattering clothing.

No. 892141

File: 1663636235795.jpeg (Spoiler Image,20.41 KB, 373x419, 914F13DB-6A4C-484B-B503-00913C…)

Laur has probably told Lillee a million times that her breasts are nice and perky despite looking something like this

No. 892149

I think this is one of her nicest pics, probably because her face is kind of neutral. I also feel weird nitpicking her tits for some reason. but I do feel incredibly creeped out thinking of how often Laur has seen them as an adult. she reminds me of Jennette McCurdy’s mom tbh.

No. 892160

She did post a few pics where you could absolutely see every part of her breasts, the clothe was basically sheer. I think it was a kate moss one but I don't wanna go digging on her site so she can dox some random kfc by my house

No. 892172

they're just deflated fat girl breasts. happens if you lose weight while your breasts are growing which she did. tuberous breasts are a medical condition, she is just unfortunate looking. so done with this retarded tinfoil tbh it's so easily factchecked

No. 892176

Lillee needs to go douche with industrial strength bleach.

No. 892192

File: 1663683269548.gif (451.01 KB, 220x220, 6D2C3421-F11C-4BD7-9193-F76CDE…)

this whole lillee jean thing is straight up depressing. if only she had a mom that bothered to let her develop properly. maybe in a different timeline lillee took the time and effort to become an actual beauty guru.

No. 892311

I feel that way sometimes too. She did put a lot of effort into her videos for a good chunk of time. If she had a parent who actually guided her in her youth and showed her she couldn’t just throw tantrums or lash out at people who give her criticism she could have actually cultivated a humble little fanbase.

No. 892339

it’s been said a lot that Lillee isn’t the actual cow, it’s Laur. Without Laur, Lillee is a bit cringey at her worst but otherwise benign. She has the potential to even be charming, especially in her older videos before she backslid. Getting away from Laur and living her life would be the best thing for her

No. 892340

I mean it’s the classic debate of nature vs nature. Would lillee be this entitled self obsessed weirdo if Laur hadn’t raised her? Her inability to take ANY criticism deff came from her mom. Same with her insane jealousy of women who are more talented and better than her. If Laur had raised her to have a thicker skin, maybe she would have had to learn with feelings of jealousy, maybe she’d have stayed in school and gotten real friends and not have had to make up a fake life to feel okay.

There’s a million maybe’s. We can never know for sure, but whatever might have happened she’d be better off than the mess she is now.

No. 892481

File: 1663860085864.png (62.26 KB, 757x234, Screen Shot 2022-09-22 at 11.2…)

her copyright message is fucking batshit

No. 892495

No. 892499

>no fair use is given
that’s not how it works ladies kek

No. 892627

File: 1663997904966.jpg (55.1 KB, 563x846, mer.jpg)

New halloween look gang

No. 892632

I am petrified, good job Silly Lillee

No. 892640

Is this a mixture if her Ariel bra costume with my little pony wig? Can't even afford a new look, sad!

No. 892644

File: 1664021946023.jpeg (606.35 KB, 1018x1907, 1CDF5F8C-B88F-4575-AE79-BEA426…)

>have fun, and, to let it go

8th, grade, education

No. 892651

File: 1664030113856.png (2.11 MB, 828x2831, 1EDE7036-D964-4371-B1C8-4F82F9…)

No. 892652

she finally took anons advice and bought a wig cap so her hair isn’t sticking out everywhere. Good job Lilz.

No. 892655

It's the armpit stubble for me.

No. 892659

it’s not even a costume…it’s a swimsuit top you can get from hot topic

No. 892667

Lillee's never had fun in her life. Has she ever gone to a birthday party or any social event with just friends and no Laur? Ever?

No. 892668

It feels like from a very young age, Laur taught Lillee life was a contest and SHE was going to win. Laur also told her she was amazing at everything. I don't think she could handle being around other girls and not being fawned over, with not being the star.

I mean, it feels like there's a reason when she was a 15 year old all the sock accounts that were her 'friends' were either there to be her wealthy and affluent entourage, or people from a lower social standing that Lillee generously reached out and raised up like a Disney Princess.

I don't think she's had any real friends since before middle school.

No. 892669

The thing is that examining what your parents’ taught you and acknowledging where they were wrong and/or lied is emotionally and mentally difficult. you usually start doing it around puberty. and a glaringly obvious falsehood like lillee being the prettiest, smartest, most talented girl to ever get married cost wouldnt take much to debunk as other girls began to come into their own. so instead of doing that hard work, lillee let herself be insulated in laur’s comfortable lie

No. 892670

wow. Auto correct. **ever to exist Jesus

No. 892685

Lillee is the female version of Chris Chan.

No. 892734

Maybe this is nitpicky but I really cannot stand her Bulldog-tier underbite. It wouldn't be so obnoxious if she didn't always insist on taking pictures with her mouth open/rictus grin. She needs jaw surgery if she's ever going to look remotely as pretty as she thinks she is. Unfortunately for her, the Truemans are probably blacklisted from every maxillofacial surgeon in NYC kek.

No. 892740

Laur, nobody thinks that. Please stop wasting time here and investigate why your parents were too lazy to put an A on the end of your name

No. 892754

looks frighteningly unhinged

No. 892757

File: 1664109921467.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1047x1634, 37E14246-F3CA-4058-9E32-3DE4A9…)

No. 892773

Her sense of fashion and style is so fucking outdated. How can she claim to be interested in fashion when she never, ever, ever seems to be aware of what's trending?

No. 892781

I feel like she’s missing a hijab in this outfit

No. 892782

Please Lillie do an A-line to make you less…fridgy. a better fit and cut would have made this outfit a better choice

No. 892786

The thing about Lillee is she's very spite motivated, like cutting off your nose to spite your face motivated. People mentioned it looked like something was up with her teeth, not only did she start saying how perfect they were and how much she loved them, but she started doing that really unhinged, wide signature grin of hers. I think she thinks she's somehow sticking it to the haters by doing so?

And she did all that fully knowing her teeth had issues.

It's going to be like that for everything with everything in Lillee's life. She thinks she's somehow showing the haters by buying dozens of articles about how she's a girlboss CEO, all the while letting Laur drag her further and further into debt.

No. 892792

This photo makes me wonder where all her sister wives are.

No. 892796

File: 1664128870616.jpg (134.5 KB, 885x734, tumblr_n18044QF0Q1r2mbpmo1_128…)

There's this absolutely terrible old porn webcomic called Moon Over June that's notorious for just how ugly the facial expressions are drawn. Lillee unironically is constantly recreating the faces.

No. 892845


When she was at the age where kids normally develop independently of their parents, Laur pulled her out of school. That's mainly why I feel bad for cases like Lillie and Venus where you're severely isolated during the reflection stage. She had no friends to compare her childhood to. No one to say "your mom is kind of an overbearing bitch", so anything Lillie doesn't like about her mom/life Laur can successfully gaslight away. Not like Lillie knows anyone who will tell her different, except for lolcow now.

No. 892846

It's like she's an alien who never learned how to smile and was told to "strain your neck and just show your teeth"
this is just as alarming as seeing a dog or a monkey bare their teeth as a threat.

No. 892847

File: 1664159015455.jpeg (1.12 MB, 828x1228, F2460522-FC97-4B5E-BED6-AAE1E2…)

Awful fit

No. 892848

Ofpheepy is missing her handmaid’s hood

No. 892849

File: 1664161372669.png (1.54 MB, 1168x802, 19lilzncounting.png)

Big Michelle Duggar circa early 2000s vibes

No. 892850

if she would just dress for her body type she would look perfectly normal (if goblin-sized) but instead she really thinks she’s some willowy model, ugh. this fit could be very cute on a tall, thin woman but because she’s so squat it completely eliminates her figure and she just looks like a fucking brick. everything she wears makes her look like a middle-aged woman from massachusetts who shops at chico’s and still tries to use her checkbook at the store

No. 892876


So basically, she's dressed like a version of Laur with a stable career and self respect?

No. 892879

My God, she looks like she has tranny bolt ons. Isn't there a happy medium between unsupported tube tits and 4 socks in each cup? Jesus, Lillee (sorry for reposting, I fucked up the quote.)

No. 892887

She used to have some real internet friends—what happened to them? I remember her mentioning a Carrie Disney more than once, I think she was like a Disney park/Hamilton fan. Did they catch on to Lillee or did laur convince her no one can be trusted but her?

No. 892904

second one. Everyone online is an evil troll, one person even mentioned being friends with Lillee online until Lillee randomly blocked her. An abusers #1 tactic is isolation so Lillee having friends is a no go

No. 892906

That makes sense. There was a point in the last year where Lillee just started blocking any and all accounts that viewed her stories or followed her. It seemed to happen after she went on that YouTube live and the only people who showed up were about twenty or so of the twitter callouts and people from the farms. I remember lillee looked like she was gonna cry,
It was legit kinda sad.

No. 892908

Any clips of that?

No. 892966


It felt like this was the start of her becoming more private. She started blocking accounts that viewed her stories, started doing all her lives ON instagram and then started pre-recording them too.

No. 892978

File: 1664282401479.jpeg (975.26 KB, 1170x2031, 0854FAE7-FFB1-47F6-A835-5AC0C3…)

Laur’s having a normal one

No. 892979

File: 1664282431876.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x2033, 18474CA0-0AA5-4374-9469-82DD00…)

No. 892981

I don't get this at all. What 56-year-old adult behaves this way? Part of me knows that it comes down to Laur being a major narc, but this is such a strange way to go about it. She's acting borderline schizophrenic.
Her birth name is Laura Marks

No. 892992

Soon what laur? Soon you’ll pay off the the thousands you got your daughter sued over? Or soon you’ll pay the 10k + you owe the government?

No. 892997

File: 1664298773272.jpeg (732.02 KB, 1170x2015, D2CC3757-2E08-416D-BC2F-677B62…)

is this a picture of someone’s tongue? wtf Laur

No. 893004

Could be cement, but who knows. Also, why is Laur trying to make it like she’s hunting us down again?

No. 893006

Seems like she does it when someone on the farms strikes a nerve. Last time she did it RIGHT after the orthodontists lawsuit against lillee was made public. Seems like she’s miffed someone brought up that YouTube live last night

No. 893015

File: 1664307392069.jpeg (611.82 KB, 2048x2048, 8349011B-1058-42A4-9755-9FC75A…)

something triggered her. she’s shared 27 stories, most of them are indecipherable nonsense. now she’s sharing footage of roads and telling people to touch grass kek

No. 893042

File: 1664315659534.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1170x2080, 0B3D2A9F-9DD0-4272-B9BE-D0E1B7…)

Did Laur find out who mailed her the egg cooker?

No. 893047

Sounds like she’s trying to imply she’s going to mail someone something

No. 893049

File: 1664318898262.jpeg (96.42 KB, 1035x1619, DFA3B3F6-2B1E-4C63-92C3-9071AF…)

>all roads leave to the truth

oh she’s drunk

No. 893052

File: 1664320279613.jpeg (762.6 KB, 1170x1958, CD2DB8EC-85FF-4BFA-9155-DC6CE3…)

No. 893063

Thinking about what Laur? Falsely dox people and having delusions of one person out to get your sweet little porcelain princess?

No. 893069

No one is talking about her on twitter and Lillee’s twitter account has been suspended for a while now. So why is Laur using present tense?

No. 893072

True but Laur doesn't want anyone else knowing Lillee was suspended from Twitter.

They don't want to lose all of the (imaginary) brand sponsorships that they've got lined up for Lillee.

Laur's uber talented pretty petite teenage dainty porcelain doll Disney princess is going to be a star!

I almost threw up in my mouth writing that last bit.

Trying to get inside Laur's Franzia pickled brain in order to see how she thinks (deludes herself) is nauseating.

No. 893073

They need bullies to stay relevant. When everything quiets down, Laur inevitably starts doing this crap to see if callouts will start talking about them. Laur really thought she did something with the wellness check a few weeks ago. Still no one on twitter mentioned it and their previous YouTube tormentors didn’t jump back on camera.

No. 893076

File: 1664332633901.jpg (326.65 KB, 1170x1150, FranzFreak62.jpg)

she’s manic. sharing a bunch of old twitter screenshots from years ago

No. 893079

File: 1664332863068.jpg (185.08 KB, 1170x2007, oops.jpg)

>you are in my space

No. 893082

it also says “you are not anonymous” in the bottom left corner. the last word looks like bummer but it’s not clear. I’m shaking anons. Who will Laur dox wrong again?

No. 893084

I feel bad. I stopped frequenting the Lillee threads the last time this happened because it occured to me that it's less Lillee and more just poking a mentally ill mum aged woman with a stick, this weird posting stuff just makes me sad

No. 893085

Even Lillee seems to be over Laur’s antics. She used to share her stuff and was right in her ear. I haven’t seen Lillee share any of Laur’s crazy stories or even acknowledge her mom in the last few weeks.

No. 893086

Her "natural" "French Parisian" makeup looks identical to the makeup she always wears.

No. 893094

Love it how Laur tries to put up this whole huge professional manager persona and come off as super professional especially under this "alwayslooking4talent" username. Pretty sure actual legit managers don't post their frenzied weird ass posts on their insta pages.

That and I'm pretty sure if anyone ever came to her for representation they'd be scared away from the weird ass posts to begin with. Good luck in actually trying to find actual work in this industry Laur. NOT. Kek.

No. 893105

I’ve been around long enough to remember when alwayslookin4talent was someone named Renee, Lillee’s publicist, not Laur. Guess Renee got killed off along with Pheepy, James Dee & Shaniqua.

No. 893122

They actually still use the James Dee account to boost engagement on Instagram posts.

I think Lillee realized every time she mentioned Pheepy she was just digging a bigger hole. From the pathetic attempt at trying to explain why grooming isn’t bad to the weird love note about her hormones, it very much came off as a 14 year olds fanfiction. Easier to just slowly phase him out and stop mentioning him. I’m a little disappointed I was hoping for a dramatic breakup or something, but since Laur convinced lillee her audience are all evil haters, there’s no real point in talking about her fictional life anymore?

No. 893130

Seems like she’s finally learned not make up grandiose easily fact-checked nonsense - yet she still claims to be an actress, model, filmmaker, author, artist, director, producer.

I suggest a big-budget film version of I AM PHILIP ROMANCE, co-starring Armie Hammer. surprised Laur hasn’t thought of this.

No. 893133

When was this picture taken?
She looks arround 30, it probably was before LJ's birth.
Now Laur doesn't look like this AT ALL.

No. 893134

The neck looks photoshopped to me. She wasn’t into makeup and had no online presence until Lillee got into it. Too bad she ruined everything for Lillee. Left alone, I don’t believe Lillee would have gone off the rails into such psycho territory.

No. 893135

Why do you link to the main post every time you make an unsaged reply

No. 893140

It’s heavily edited in FaceApp. You can tell she added curly hair kek

No. 893141

I don’t know if she’s learned that exactly since they still go on about the cult and the black websites and all that stuff that makes them look like loonies.

But it seems like Lillees become way more private in general, she’s just not giving many details about her life (or lack of) period. Maybe she learned less is more and that’s why she slowly phased the legend of Pheepy out (the last time she mentioned him I think was when she said her boyfriend had been supportive of her coming out as pan) .

No mention of being pan for pride month either. I’m not sure why she didn’t, but I’m going to hazard a guess that she’s just completely given up the idea of connecting with a real audience and is just banking on bullyish to somehow get into film festivals and skyrocket her into stardom.

No. 893142

I’m surprised they haven’t done one of the oldest tricks in the book—signed lillee up for some college courses and milk Navient for student loans.

No. 893145

I thought her attic academy degree wasn’t accredited and Lillee was unable to pursue higher education?

No. 893147

There's no proof she took more than a course or two, and she only has some lame certificate of completion for something, what she had on display and breezed past one day, didn't look like a HS diploma, and besides, who keeps their diploma framed on their makeup table?

No. 893150

It's because they click on the post number of the thread so that it opens up in a separate webpage.
>No mention of being pan for pride month either
I imagine Lillee doesn't even have enough interactions with people within her age group to have any sense of what romance/romantic attraction is.
It gets me so upset thinking of how many opportunities Lillee could have had for a normal life if it weren't for Laur. Laur has her head stuck too far up her own ass to see how she's done nothing but ruin her daughter's life.

No. 893154

Ayrt. I mean, we haven't really seen Lillee lately. I'm very curious what's going on because Lillee has basically fallen off and it's mostly Laur at this point. Maybe we're getting closer to the Venus Angelic arc

No. 893156

i don't know what 30 year olds look like where you're from, nonnie, but she doesn't look a day younger than 50
at some point you would think it would be easier for them to just work an honest job for money rather than all this scheming and shell company shenanigans. they live near NYC, there are tons of jobs. lillee isn't any different than any other instagram wannabe influencer, but most of them don't expect that alone to pay their bills. makes me wonder why Laur is trying to sex Lillee up so much.

No. 893166

Alwayslooking4talent is recycling Lillee’s old Mario Brothers looks for Halloween costumes. That’s not like Lillee - Fall is her favorite season, right? Her Style My Lillee YouTube channel has 16 subscribers, most of which are Laur, so maybe she finally realized she’s really nothing without Laur buying fans.

No. 893179

I feel this hard. Laur really sabotaged Lillee every step of the way. She could have tried to find legitimate opportunities for Lillee instead of faking it all.

Tinfoil, but I think Laur only ever focused on 'opportunities' she was paying for Lillee to participate in because she didn't want to lose control of Lillee. If Lillee had taken acting classes, tried out for real modeling/acting gigs, there would be times Laur couldn't hover in the corner and monitor everything, even as Lillee's manager. Whether that's a conscious move to keep Lillee under her wing and roof, or because she just likes living through Lil and pretending she and her daughters are stars, I don't know.

But I think it's pretty telling that Laur never actually took Lillee to try out for the two auditions she'd actually been rehearsing for a few years ago.

No. 893187

My long-held personal tinfoil is that Lillee never knew Laur was buying followers, and when she first heard the accusations she believed Laur when she denied it. But surely by now Lillee isn’t that stupid - she can’t still be in the dark. That would a tough pill to swallow.

No. 893202


I think Lillie always knew, she just thought the fake followers would actually make her go viral. Laur probably told her some variation of fake it till you make it, and Lillie probably bought it for a long while. I wonder what she thinks about her life nowadays?

No. 893204

Kek remember when the Twitter pic for alwayslookinfortalent was a porn star.

No. 893217

I do sometimes wonder how far Lillee could have gotten if things went right. Proper dental care at an early age, socialised properly as a kid so she could behave normal, actual acting/singing/MUA lessons, raised with a realistic view of how the world works. These things count for a lot and there's actually a chance that in another timeline there's a Lillee who in the very least grew up to be an acting coach or some shit

No. 893218

I'm 95 percent sure Lillee was aware from the start. Remember in the day in the life video when Laur full on admits ON CAMERA she just commented on Lillee's new upload with a sock account?

Nah, I think Laur had Lillee convinced that this was going to be their ticket to the real time–that if they just faked it they would make it. And when the brand deals rolled in, I'm sure they THOUGHT it was working.

Because they're fucking stupid and don't think about how the money they spend faking all this is WAY MORE than what the freebies are worth.

No. 893219

One thing I can say about Lillee is that she was trying really hard with her youtube channel last year, before Laur got in her ear about shutting everyone out.

She uploaded a LOT of looks, and yes, a lot of them looked a lot a like, but she still made the effort to do the looks, edit the videos, etc. Maybe if Lillee had a parent who didn't shoot her in the foot, she could have had a nice little youtube following.

No. 893223

Lillee also said she went to James Dee’s wedding and met Shaniqua at Comic-Con. There were a bunch of photoshopped “fan edits” (the met gala picture being one) which Laur doesn’t have to skills to make. Lillee was in on it from the beginning but I agree that Laur was the mastermind and Lillee has less culpability because she was 15 at the time. I still can’t figure out why Lillee doesn’t fess up. Your mom giving you bad business advice is way more relatable than Mark Cuban’s cult of middle aged witches stalking you.

No. 893226

File: 1664457973676.jpg (57.23 KB, 941x480, Untitled 1 (2).jpg)

I don't mean it as how a normal person looks at 30, but how laur looked back then.
Picrel is not even the worst picture of her.
The few real events she went with LJ, she looks like a crazy homeless unclean old woman.
Does she edited it so heavily in order to run more scams? We know exactly what she looks like and we knew she is delusional but I didn't expected her to be that vain keks.

No. 893233

File: 1664459878016.jpeg (610.73 KB, 1170x1886, 1A8EFFEC-422E-41D9-9D31-73D7A2…)

The landlord didn’t renew their lease and they’ve been squatting since August. New court docs filed on 9/13/22

No. 893238

Holy shit! Can’t even begin to imagine being in that situation. And you, spending your time making stupid videos of ‘soon’ and streets, ‘threatening ’ boolies. Although it explains the posting until 4 in the morning, because i’d also be unable to sleep. What the hell are they gonna do? Sleep in the car? Also is Jane Doe Lillee? Why do they name Earl but not Lillee?

No. 893239


Good find anon! Can you post the rest?

No. 893241

It’s 11+ pages. Anyone can look it up on the nyscef website without an account

No. 893242

Lillee got sued by the ortho and Laur was served with eviction papers all at the same time. Now the Franzia freakouts make sense. Lillee has to be embarrassed by this shit. Didn’t the same thing happen at their last apartment?

No. 893244

Considering just how often they have moved I think this is just normal for Lillee.

No. 893245

>also is Jane Doe Lillee?

she wasn’t on the lease and during an eviction process, anyone living on the premise but not on the lease is referred to as Jane/John Doe. At least Lillee won’t have another eviction on record.

The documents state their lease isn’t being renewed but it’s not for non payment. what happened? Lots of landlords have been raising rent to recoup losses during covid. I wonder if he tried to raise the rent to something they couldn’t afford. He may be trying to get rid of the property all together. Laur won’t be able to rent a new place after two back to back evictions. We may finally see them leave NYC.

No. 893246

Despite all they’ve done wrong, I can’t be without compassion for how awful all this is for Lillee. Speaking as someone who cut off from a toxic parent many years ago, I just know that while it was difficult at first, I’ve never looked back. I’d send Lillee money to help her get away if I didn’t believe Laur would immediately get her mitts on it.

No. 893248

File: 1664466032467.jpg (5.51 MB, 2550x29340, merge_from_ofoct.jpg)

No. 893249

Landlord tried to serve them 3x and Laur kept dodging it

No. 893250

Hoo boy when she wakes up at her usual 3-4 pm today and sees what our anon friend posted… I finish my workday at 4, and I’m heading straight for a bomb shelter, lol!

No. 893251

File: 1664467183302.jpeg (206.19 KB, 750x658, 2B417796-BFEF-4DD3-B9F3-B8975C…)

The bank Laur got a business loan from for one of her antique scams has a massive court case against her right now Jesus Christ

No. 893252

How much of that loan went to buying Pakistani “fans” for her daughter’s YouTube. Good god.

No. 893253

It’s mind blowing.

So she owes 10k plus to the IRS, has a Supreme Court case against her for not repaying a business loan, is getting sued over 3k for not paying Lillees orthodontist, and has been dodging the eviction notice for a home they’ve been squatting in.

I’ve literally never seen someone girlboss this close to the sun.

No. 893254

Kinda makes sense why they were in the car so much. Avoiding the residence so they won't get served.

No. 893255

File: 1664468368690.png (37.09 KB, 1368x127, Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 12.1…)

Actually she owes almost 16k to the IRS

No. 893257

What the absolute hell is the end goal for these people? Laur is truly the architect of her own unhappiness jfc.

No. 893259

>>893257 even if they’re 50k in debt, it’s nothing that WORKING can’t fix. Christ, lots of us finished college or med school that much in debt or more. If Lillee and Laur both worked full time, even at minimum wage due to their lack of education - they could dig out of this in a couple years. But they can’t afford NYC housing. Might have to consider rural PA.

No. 893260

At this point I think they care more about proving the haters wrong than anything based in reality. They’re tens of thousands in debt and squatting in a house and STILL spending money on rent the runway and paying for fake articles.

The fact that they keep doing this and can still somehow rent means they don’t think there’s any consequences. None of this probably feels real to any of them. All that matters is that the haters see lillee looking cute and being “successful “. That means they’re winning, right?

That’ll show all Lillees middle school bullies who had the last laugh.

No. 893262

I mean that probably sounds awful to both of them. Laur hasn’t had a real job since Lillee was a baby, and even though they get evicted every few years it’s not like the bad credit or debt has stopped them from continuing to get new homes and pull this over and over.

They think they’ve beaten system and they’ll keep thinking that right until the moment the bank takes back all their collateral and Laur goes to jail.

No. 893263

Neither of them are capable of working even the easiest minimum wage job. Can you imagine Lillee working retail?!

No. 893264

Lillee is 21, no prior work experience, no high school diploma, can barely speak English/very close to being illiterate, refuses to bathe and goes out smelling like bo….maybe she can get a job in fast food or as a dishwasher. If you think Lillee can get a job doing retail or an office position, you’re just as deluded as the attic goblins. Lillee is stuck with Laur until a Good Samaritan (or maybe APS) intervenes.

No. 893265

They probably could have kept the con going longer, but they took to the internet and drew attention to themselves claiming pedophilia is fine unless it’s reported. It was never going to end well.

No. 893267

There are data entry jobs you can do from home - they require getting out of bed and keying. I know, even that would probably be too much for them.

No. 893268

If and when Laur goes to jail, I’d imagine lillee would need to be taken in by extended family, as well as her dad. Lillee was terrified getting a routine dental surgery, she would need a lot of adjustment to the real world.

No. 893269

That’s deeper lore, but the fact that there’s multiple BIG videos out there proving that the Truemans spent a lot of money faking a following and buying articles and their way into events will probably not help.

No. 893285

Seriously, how does Laur con her way out of all this. She’s in over her head.

No. 893297

I imagine she’ll be filing for bankruptcy soon.

No. 893298

They filed in 2019. Laur has to wait 8 years before filing again.

No. 893303

File: 1664482728226.jpeg (996.1 KB, 1050x1921, A1B49F57-3919-4741-A1FF-234FAC…)

She went live yesterday but it was only available on her website. Looks like the same set up from her last few streams. Are they still squatting in the house?

No. 893304

Imagine being that miserable at just 21. She looks twice her age.

No. 893305

File: 1664484178787.jpeg (34.34 KB, 316x234, 516787D2-22D5-44D0-A05A-C961A4…)

They only had the smaller 2nd floor and attic, but still, it was a nice house.

No. 893306

This new information makes these closet livestreams way more sad. I can imagine Laur telling Lillee she has to hide because the landlord can’t know when they’re in the house.

No. 893316

I noticed that too, and it happened RIGHT after some nonners in here started mentioning she isn’t trying to engage with a real audience and anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised if she faked a live and was just recording a video waving at the screen acting like chat is there.

No. 893317

Yeah, I recognized Lillees bed frame from her recent brand deal with that sheet company. They still live in the house, seems like they’re just spending a lot of time out to avoid getting served.

My question is what about Earl? He’s disabled and if he’s all alone at the house during the day is he being taken care of?

No. 893318

How many homes have they been evicted from at this point??? How do they keep getting homes in NY????

No. 893319

File: 1664488802969.jpeg (239 KB, 828x447, 01DDBA86-7A98-41DD-9D03-973754…)

The first floor of their property is registered to the landlord as his company office. I wonder if they had to stay quiet during office hours kek

No. 893321

Yikes how do you dodge an eviction notice when the landlord works downstairs?!

No. 893326

It explains why they’re out driving around and at hanging out at malls all day.

No. 893327

Oh shit you’re totally right. We all kept wondering why they were out when the sun was rising. He must come in early.

No. 893328

God she must be so pissed reading this right now

No. 893333

The same thing happened 2 years ago with the place they were renting. The lease wasn’t renewed by the landlord and they refused to vacate the property. The court doc says it wasn’t for non payment. You have to be a problem tenant if landlords keep refusing to renew your lease.

No. 893335

She’s spamming her Instagram stories but nothing milky. Just more “soon” threats.

No. 893338

They moved before just a few years before that as well too, I can’t imagine they’re moving so often for a change of scenery.

Considering Laur got banned from Uber, I’m not surprised they got evicted. They really are terrible to everyone around them.

No. 893352

File: 1664497930217.jpeg (6.28 KB, 225x225, earl.jpeg)

No. 893353

If they’re on disability, will the city help them find new housing? They should qualify for subsidized housing. I know Laur getting a job would remedy all their problems, but I can’t help feel bad for all of them. No one actually wants them living in their car. Hopefully they just overstayed their lease while they were waiting on another place to open up.

No. 893357

File: 1664498928155.png (76.48 KB, 300x425, thumb_top-kek-top-kek-tom-crui…)

No. 893359

Went back to look at the post and it looks like the linen company removed the ad tag from Lillee’s post and removed the post completely from their Instagram. Lillee no longer follows them.

No. 893365

Subsidized housing takes years (if not decades) to get. Laur has one month to find a place to live or they’ll have to surrender the cats and dump Earl into East River.

No. 893367

After seeing the above document of a bank going after them for not repaying a business loan, I'm convinced that Laur gets the majority of her money from starting these new 'businesses' and taking out loans for them. Disability is probably a part of their 'income', but not the majority. You don't get that much–maybe like 300 dollars? Considering that case is supreme court in their county, that's probably a lot of money, right?

Laur's got two antique biz' that we know of, Lillee Jean Beauty, and Lillee Jean Entertainment. If they're taking out huge loans in these names, well. Explains how they're able to afford rent the runway, all the takeout, and buying followers and articles. >>893353

No. 893373

How long until Laur adds “advocate for the homeless” to Lillee’s long resume?

No. 893376

Time to take “CFO” off her LinkedIn page, she sucks at managing money. She’d be fired on her first day as a bank teller.

No. 893377

She keeps posting those
>The project is simple.
stories/Bullyish "teasers" and like I don't really think people are under the illusion that this "project" is as simple as Laur

No. 893381

Haha yeah, every time I see “The Project Is Simple” I think of how simple Laur’s mind is.

No. 893385

File: 1664509532171.jpeg (119.61 KB, 746x1192, AB49B03B-7259-4A96-B94A-24BEA1…)

Laur is awake and doxxing

No. 893388

File: 1664510368731.jpeg (729.91 KB, 755x1201, 2B1BE516-1CEA-4D09-A1FC-21AA96…)

No. 893389

File: 1664510500565.jpeg (524.31 KB, 759x1346, A23463E3-5B8C-49F0-913E-714527…)

No. 893390

She keeps posting the journal over and over. It's one of the few things she can show that doesn't immediately expose her and Lillee as the instigators.

No. 893391

Is this supposed to be scary? It reads like nonsense.

No. 893398

>landscapes of the world
if Laur spent more time looking for job and less time doing whatever the fuck this is, she’d still have an attic to call home

No. 893401


I made the list! Woo hoo!

No. 893403

Yeah this looks like insane babbling, none of it means a damn thing kek

No. 893405

There’s a New Brunswick in Canada AND there’s a New Brunswick in Maine. Laur works in The Department of Redundancy Department.

No. 893407

Are we supposed to believe that SHE doesn’t have a “Burn Book”??? Please.

No. 893409

IIRC originally this whole burn book thing started when they found a image off off someone off twitter who had made a YT video about Lillee and was actually doing the organised thing of keeping all her information etc in a file so they could keep their evidence together for making said video. Laur and Lillee then twisted this whole thing into the whole "Burn Book" idea because let's face it all Lillee has to go off of High School is Disney Channel original movies about how bullying is bad.

But I swear I've seen two versions of this file and I'm 100% convinced one of them is actually Lillee's own burn book she made, I wouldn't be surprised if she screenshots every comment from lolcow or anything on the internet that's called her out and put it in there so she can present it to the police in a attempt to say the BOOLIEZ made it about her.

No. 893410

File: 1664520918927.png (40 KB, 1327x174, Screenshot_32.png)

Comment on Sunny's video. Who really knows if this really happened, but scamming a small brand and being controlling of Lillee is 100% something Laur would do.

No. 893411

They don’t seem to use lolcow comments, I think because most of them are critical of her shady actions and that ruins her narrative. Every now and then a very random out of pocket person slips in here to say lillee has a smelly twat or something, pretty sure that’s laur trying to fake content

No. 893426

She deleted this one already. Must have been embarrassed by anons reactions.

No. 893428

Truly does show that Lillee’s worst enemy is her mother. To think this was a legitimate opportunity that could’ve started Lillee modeling at very least for small businesses is so fucking sad. I wonder how Laur spun this to Lillee after? I wonder what crazy thing she did that seemed so shady? Goes to show Laur values control over real opportunity.

No. 893429

Either this person told her story to Diane or there’s 2 small business owners with very similar stories (very likely). I remember the chick on Diane’s livestream saying when they contacted Jeaniez Management to find out why Lillee hadn’t done any promos, Laur trashed her makeup company and threatened the chick with lawyers kek

No. 893446

Creepshow said after her video a bunch of companies had contacted her and said how Laur burned them. I know we can’t trust CSA for shit but that sounds pretty on brand for Laur.

No. 893460

Court Anon, I love you.

No. 893467

Laur's jimmies sure do get rustled with the burn book kek

No. 893481

I think it’s more like her whiskers curling. She doesn’t have enough ammunition to make Bullyish so she keeps posting the same shit.

They made some wild claims and now they’ve backed themselves into a corner. How are they supposed to reshape what there is online into evidence that a cult of tweens witches led by a middle aged woman from the black web are targeting her? It literally sounds retarded.

Way too much of the “bullying” of lillee involves people saying the awful things she and her mom have done or alleges that she’s fake, which is not a narrative she wants in her “documentary “ at all. She’s looking for needles in haystacks and honestly, I don’t think bullyish will ever actually come out. Just like her makeup line.

No. 893518

Or the website about Laur’s sister. Another plan that she couldn’t see through.

Anyone else remember when Lille once said that children were being lured to join a Discord against her, lured by promises of a free PS4? That never happened, so it’s not something she can prove with Bullyish. She more hungry to be a victim than anyone I’ve ever seen.

No. 893520

Lillee learned from watching Laur that it's okay to say literally anything you want and deny you did later. I mean, there's still posts out there showing her saying she was going to play batgirl back when Joss Whedon was attached. The James Dee account still exists and they still use it to boost engagement on her posts. The Truemans think not aknowledging something means it didn't happen, which is probably how they keep their cool even when they owe the IRS, the bank, and the orthodontist tens of thousands of dollars.

No. 893521

And don't forget the weird best selling author thing she was trying for a hot minute.

No. 893525

>Lillee learned from watching Laur that it's okay to say literally anything you want and deny you did later.
>The Truemans think not aknowledging something means it didn't happen, which is probably how they keep their cool even when they owe the IRS, the bank, and the orthodontist tens of thousands of dollars.

Laur gives me Trump vibes. Both malignant narcissists who lie like they breathe

No. 893535

The Art Of The Steal, yep.

No. 893536

I’ve been wondering if the recent mermaid look was in response to the new Disney coming out with the first black actress to play Ariel. Pleased to see we’ve at least taught her (finally) not to share her opinions on that.

No. 893541

Regardless of whether or not Laur is writing that Lillee's vag smells they aren't wrong.

Laur can't dox worth a shit. Her so called detective skills make Chris-chan's look like Chris Hansen's at the peak of his career during TCAP.

Laur needs to be institutionalized for life if she genuinely believes a middle aged woman has top notch hacking skills and is handing out expensive gifts in order to get people to drive Lillee to suicide.

It's so bizarre that a fat ugly middle aged paranoid schizophrenic and her ugly retarded midget daughter have been pulling poorly executed cons left and right across NYC for over a decade.

I'm surprised no major reporter has picked this story up yet. Buzzfeed doesn't count because they're trash.

No. 893543

I mean who's she going to share her opinions with? She's not roleplaying that she has an audience anymore.

No. 893684

File: 1664663965682.jpeg (550.14 KB, 761x1358, C9EA67AC-6E19-4F3A-8C01-6B0643…)

Lillee’s newest ig story is very confusing. Is she selling pics of her beaver?

No. 893712

I think it's supposed to be a shoe, since you can see the loops where the laces go. Again what does this have to do with New York I do not know.

No. 893759


It's a very awkward blurry shot of her ankle/foot. The brown fluffy stuff is the bottom of the hem of the bottom of whatever bottoms she's wearing, there's some skin (ankle area) and then you can make out some beige material leading up to a bow on the front of her shoe. NGL These actually look like slippers so this could actually be a nightwear pic.

Still trying to make your gross cankles seem sexy, eh Lillee?

No. 893804

There’s trimmed body hair along that satin. Feet aren’t hairy. She’s selling crotch pics now?

No. 893813

it's an ankle anon, people have hair around there

No. 893847

File: 1664729575748.png (69.62 KB, 353x353, 355.png)

No. 893855

The pic is of a short suede boot with fur on top.

No. 893889

I got a fright there, I thought this might actually be a crotch shot

No. 893915

File: 1664758365747.gif (1.67 MB, 361x200, BD96C0E6-0DC5-4492-8D40-C44802…)

No. 893934

>>893915 looks like my old Sunday School teacher.

No. 893954

this is me about to check if there’s any new milk on /snow/

No. 893956

She really needs to practice walking in heels. It looks like she has a limp.

No. 893959

it’s because her ankles are weak from never leaving the attic. Laur fucked up Lillee in so many ways.

No. 893960

I mean, nonas, you gotta remember that she's a midget as well. She ain't got much leg to swing.

No. 893967

I think it’s a combination of weak ankles/leg muscles, little practice walking in heels and fat thighs

No. 894063

File: 1664832683530.gif (1.37 MB, 548x408, img_8838.gif)

No. 894091

The weird arm swing and floppy wrists also contribute. Reminds me of this

No. 894123

she gonna take that as a compliment nonnie

No. 894144

File: 1664896609774.jpeg (442.69 KB, 1170x1749, F955EDD6-569E-424C-B1CC-E7E9B1…)

what happened with the linen company? they removed the photo of Lillee from their account and Lillee removed all mentions of the company from her website. They edited the description on 9/20 and now it’s just “bed photoshoot” lol

No. 894149

They likely got wind of her being a fraud and bad PR because they removed her post and any mention of Lillee. Laur and Lillee either removed any mention of THEM out of spite or received a legal request to remove any mention of them.

No. 894250

File: 1664970478057.jpeg (899.13 KB, 1170x1850, 93352D27-1D9F-4546-B105-9D3642…)

Lillee went live on Instagram last night. It’s not available on Instagram but you can rent it for $6 from her website.

No. 894251

File: 1664970569852.jpeg (1023.39 KB, 1170x1911, 26CE7056-034E-4F6B-AC8E-F677DA…)

It’s looks like they’re still squatting in the duplex. Lillee looks exhausted

No. 894257

File: 1664977026392.jpeg (714.8 KB, 828x1237, BBC92156-4AA8-4622-B6E4-5BB1AF…)

Lillee’s looking nice and normal

No. 894265

Laur’s playing a stupid game. Once a judge approves the holdover petition, a warrant will be issued to remove them and their property from the home. I know Laur thinks she’s being smart by driving around all day but it’s not going to stop the police from throwing all your belongings in the street, changing the locks and arresting her for trespassing when she tries to get back in. Housing court in NYC moves very slow and we have no idea how long it will take to get the warrant. Could be a month, could be a week. Lillee has no idea when the cops will show up and remove them from the premises. If I was living with stress like that, I’d look like shit too. The saddest part about it is it’s all self inflicted. All these idiots have to do is get a job and pay their bills.

No. 894275

File: 1664981687573.png (334.13 KB, 612x492, 3DFA3E20-3F12-4016-9416-B49FEC…)

No. 894276

So simple, and yet the first genuine laugh I've had today

No. 894278

next thread pic pls

No. 894307

Thing is, in NYC, despite courts finding in favor of the landlord, it is very difficult to forcefully evict the squatter. As much as the Truemans deserve to be locked out and all their crap on the sidewalk, it is unlikely to happen. Laur knows this so she continues to live there past the lease and not pay rent. Remember, she's a scammer and takes advantage when enforcement is lax.

No. 894320

Funny how she keeps announcing that she’s done lives when the farms point out she’s not engaging with her supposed fans. She doesn’t announce the lives and she’s blocked all legitimate people so it’s just bot accounts. Unless her and laur are trying to save a buck and she’s just pretending she’s in a live and talking to a camera.

No. 894321

You seem to know about legal junk nonners, what do you think will happen with the lawsuit against laur from the bank for the business loan? The document said Supreme Court, sounded serious.

No. 894325

Nta but the business loan was before their 2018/19 bankruptcy. It was most likely discharged with the bankruptcy.

No. 894327

Laur could easily drag this out for months if she files for an extension and claims hardships from covid.

No. 894328

It’s in the “Supreme Court” because it’s a company suing another company and not civil which is people suing each other

No. 894356

Nothing relaxed nor candid in these photos.

Kek, thank you for the laugh.

No. 894361

Saged, but does anyone remember the name of that Asian guy Lille managed to hold captive in her cave a few threads ago?

No. 894368

Lolcow has a search button, nonnie.

No. 894376

File: 1665024355069.jpeg (115.25 KB, 640x854, 8D9D3E36-305C-4888-AF44-3C14FC…)

This poor guy. He had to explain basic Asian takeout to her.

No. 894380

File: 1665032371910.jpg (533.38 KB, 828x1237, Joker.jpg)

No. 894383

Haven't seen Solved Skincare in ages. Lillee must have made a real clown of herself in front of him, because it doesn't look like they follow her on instagram anymore kekekek

No. 894387

We like, live in a society?

No. 894390

Anyone seen the movie "Pearl"? This is what Lillee's smile reminds me of now whenever I see her attempt to make this smile. It's the most forced unsettling terrifying thing out there and ironically the movie is the nearest thing we're going to get to a Lillee horror flick seeing as she literally wants to be famous and keeps failing at it until she goes on a murderous killing spree around her.

Imagine three or four minutes of having to stare at Lillee's face on the big screen whilst the credits run. Gives me chills and not in a good way.

No. 894401

KEK next thread pic PLEASE

No. 894404

This has always confused me. The only search results for this guy & solved skincare are Lillee’s videos. His LinkedIn says he was a brand manager but has no mention of solved. His Instagram account is all weight lifting and travel. Either the video with Lillee embarrassed him enough to erase everything involving solved skincare from his online presence or Laur got scammed and thought some low level employee was the founder

No. 894412

>>894275 missing a straitjacket.

No. 894414

File: 1665069880079.jpeg (2.8 MB, 2025x3000, BB49BF63-9C7B-4B88-8C90-BA28DB…)

She should have auditioned.

No. 894422

File: 1665074282486.jpeg (538.89 KB, 1170x1899, E2EC7664-A0D7-43D6-8CC5-D81768…)

why are they putting 30 second clips on Spotify?

No. 894433

File: 1665079636827.png (41.39 KB, 162x116, Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 2.00…)

I was actually going to post about that! Finally a movie that she definitely would have gotten a major role in.

There's a review of the movie in the New York Times where they talk about research done a few years ago where they showed people various smiles and to rate them: "smiles with extreme widths and angles were rated lowest, and open-mouthed smiles signaled fear or contempt."

Lille's got both down to a tee.

No. 894434

File: 1665079686639.png (204.32 KB, 423x277, Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 2.06…)

>>"open-mouthed smiles signaled fear or contempt."

No. 894437

File: 1665080162316.png (800.1 KB, 803x659, Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 2.14…)

More from the NYT review: The formula that worked best was an uncomfortably wide and teeth-baring smile that’s held so long it feels inhumanly frozen. The real trick was in the eyes, Finn said, specifically a “dead gaze that’s a total mismatch for the smile,” with no blinking — “a human face that pushes you into the uncanny.”

No. 894439

File: 1665081563366.jpeg (45.57 KB, 382x444, 1ACC47D5-8A9E-4FB2-BA33-218A9D…)

Freddie Krueger ain’t nothin on this.

No. 894442

she smiles like a toddler when their mom is behind the camera yelling "say cheeeeeeeese!"

No. 894448

File: 1665089922898.png (235.18 KB, 440x372, Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 4.57…)

Her wide teeth showing smiles always make me think of this.

No. 894449

Fear and contempt are all over this face.

No. 894451


Perfect for Halloween to scare visitors to horror haunted houses.

No. 894453

File: 1665090641415.png (249.47 KB, 473x384, Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 5.07…)

Oops picrel

No. 894479

File: 1665104843461.jpeg (544.25 KB, 750x960, C773DD8B-DC5B-4790-B9E4-104222…)

No. 894502

We, live, in a society

No. 894529

File: 1665160825306.jpeg (14.77 KB, 244x222, 39A01287-A316-4638-8CA6-5CE57D…)

>>894453 im not sorry

No. 894544

File: 1665169161386.jpeg (436.3 KB, 623x904, ADB54107-D1AA-450F-A360-3C28E5…)

Why does she intentionally post photos like this

No. 894553

She looks like a witch from the Victorian era. Maybe she's showing off her Halloween costume for this year? Idk

No. 894561


This is so unflattering. Her hair looks dry and knotty and her eye looks freakishly bugged out compared to the covered one.
She has to be retarded to not realize how bad some of the pictures she post make her look.

No. 894563



Because she thinks poses and facial expressions like that shows her as "I'm having so much fun right now!" But it doesn't come off that way. In reality, she is in a sad attic room alone except for Laur, who is behind the camera encouraging her to pose like that because this is what she was used to seeing in Glamour and Cosmopolitan in the 80s and 90s.

No. 894567

File: 1665178167979.jpeg (439.35 KB, 828x455, C6B7A12A-472F-48A4-8185-C8FF6C…)

No. 894568

File: 1665178216704.jpeg (430.88 KB, 828x459, 00D2E674-CA0C-48C5-B182-D464FE…)

No. 894592

is she trying to make people think this random security guard is her bodyguard tho?

No. 894595

I honestly think that she sees herself as a Disney princess and tries to emulate the huge cartoon/CGI eyes and smiles. I remember the cooking video she did – tofu something? – and she kept obviously and ridiculously whipping her ponytail back and forth, yet another Disney-esque move.

No. 894596

Thing I don't get is why they're clinging to a vehicle when they live in the most transit oriented city in the US. Laur could sell the car and get at least $2000 for it. Has Lillee ever used public transit? Do they know how trains work? then again the car might be their home soon lol the time to sell was 5 years ago, not after the eviction notice. They waste so much money on the dumbest shit. Why do they even live in NYC when they don't work and don't go out anywhere, may as well live somewhere cheaper if all you want in life is to sit in an attic all day.
I've had some terrible Uber drivers and none of them were banned. Uber driving is a go-to job for recent immigrants who can barely speak english and have no employment history. Laur can't even stack up to them.

No. 894611

To be fair, where they live in Queens is a bit suburbany and although there are buses, these areas are not that well served by public transit. Anyway, princesses don't ride public transportation with the grimy regular working folks! She can barely walk more than 4 steps in heels much less several blocks.

No. 894621

They currently live/squat an 11 minute walk away from Broadway station. The train from Broadway to Penn station in Manhattan takes 24 minutes. It takes longer to drive to Manhattan than to take the train.

No. 894654

Just another way for Laur to keep Lillee dependent on her. She probably tells her horror stories of riding the subway to keep Lillee from venturing out on her own one someday.

No. 894661

The saddest thing about Lillee is that she really is insanely pretty, those eyes are tp kill for, literally. But with a mother like thar, that beautiful firl literally never had a chance……..

No. 894666

Hi Lillee

No. 894674

File: 1665271496061.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)

No. 894675

Kek, the way she walks, the photographs…such delusional overconfidence

No. 894678

bump, cp on the front page

No. 894715

Laur, get the fuck out of here. Your daughter is so goddamned fucking ugly that she'd be lucky if a blind elderly donkey fucked her up the ass.

No. 894724

Donkey anon/Laur is back again kek

No. 894726

I think the security guard asked them to leave when they were taking pics in the entry but didn’t want to pay $46 each for admission to the actual exhibit.

No. 894733

File: 1665332277510.jpeg (710.27 KB, 1170x637, 7FA812F1-DE4C-47E9-B3B6-F4E383…)

He was following them through the exhibit. Probably watching them after Lillee tried to eat a prop paintbrush

No. 894735

So they’ve put all their “episodes” behind a paywall bc with Laur’s boomer antique-grifting brain she’s probably thinking “if they are going to post us on the black websites they aren’t going to do it for free!” but it has to be backfiring… no one is buying/subscribing to that? Not even for the keks.

No. 894736

Is this a filter mishap? Her eyes aren't two different sizes irl, and the eye whitening / iris colour shifting didn't apply to her covered eye either. Those huge blue eyes are normal sized hazel eyes, and she WANTS to look like a possessed ventriloquist dummy. Choosing to do this to your photos is stranger than just being ugly.

No. 894739

yep she is making content for noone now, I guess it’s the ultimate protection from reality.

No. 894740

Her 23k totally real YouTube subs haven’t moved to her website. Still getting an average of 10 visitors daily.

No. 894750

it could also be that she does this smile intentionally to make the ''boolies'' mad.

No. 894781

I think that's part of it. It's just weird she's willing to make herself look so scrunkly to somehow stick it to the 'haters'. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face, you know?

No. 894791

If her psychotic smile is an intimidation tactic then it's a completely ineffective one.

No. 894804

Bump cp dont scroll

No. 894910

So she got 60k likes on that sheet post… how much money is that? Where is it coming from??

No. 894927

I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to lie and say the security guard was Lillee's personal bodyguard.

No. 894940

Probably super cheap. They’re likely saving money by turning off comments and hiding how many likes other posts have.

No. 895062

Bumping CP off front page.

No. 895101

File: 1665616856964.jpeg (57.24 KB, 666x1000, ED056CD2-DB1C-4F2F-BDE7-0633DD…)

A new look.

No. 895104

The look is ok as a crappy Halloween costume I guess. Her eyes at least look normal for once? The plunging neckline with no cleavage and barrel chest is tragic as always. My jaw aches just looking at her 'smile'.

No. 895121


She always smiles like someone is holding her at gunpoint. I'm pretty sure she's trying to show off as many teeth as possible to prove something to her haters, but it just makes my flight or fight instinct kick off.

No. 895127

File: 1665628341978.jpg (17.39 KB, 240x273, Kimmcguire.jpg)

No. 895131

Just when I thought Blonde was a desecration of Marilyn Monroe's legacy Lillee proves me wrong.

That costume is a thousand times worse.

No. 895142

Does anyone else try doing her smile irl whenever they see these photos? I do it and look at myself in the mirror and laugh at how fucked it looks. How does she not see how unappealing this type of smile is

No. 895145

How is she even capable of having so much space between where her teeth end and the corners of her mouth begin?

No. 895163

she forces her mouth to do it, i can do it too but it's not natural movement of the face muscles at all. She thinks showing all her teeth gives her that shiny murican smile… yet another way Lillee resembles a reptilian

No. 895167

File: 1665674263252.png (884.52 KB, 1440x900, Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 11.1…)

She looks like a troon getting ready for a night on the town.

No. 895168

File: 1665674813700.jpeg (136.96 KB, 478x544, 4A31D705-9529-464D-ACE2-E813A8…)

Damn girl. Now that she’s locked all her content behind a paywall no one’s gonna pay for, she’s really just letting it ALL go.

No. 895170

This exactly. Idk what she thinks she’s proving now, too. I could at least see the logic of smiling like this back when her teeth were fucked up, but they just look normal now. What does she think she’s proving by smiling like a deranged person?

No. 895183

I just tried this anon. It's legit a bit difficult to do. I don't know how she doesn't feel how insane she looks. Especially back when she used to bug out her eyes too. Absolutely deranged. At this rate she will be crazier than Laur as she gets older.

No. 895184

>>895168 ughhh she always looks dirty. I’m guessing Laur (hence Lillee) also doesn’t believe in deodorant.

No. 895186

body hair is natural and doesn’t mean she’s dirty. there’s pictures from an earlier photoshoot with leg hair, she’s stopped shaving all together. Either because she has sensitive skin or because Laur convinced to save money on razors/wax

No. 895188

True, though in the past it seemed like she at least shaved under her arms. I’m guessing the dirty comments come more from her own self admitted habit of going out on public unwashed with no deodorant on. And since hair traps smell well…. it doesn’t help her case really.

I guess Pheepy finally dumped you Lillee? good excuse to stop shaving kek

No. 895189

Armpit hair is a collecting site to help bacteria grow. It can hold sweat and give off more odor.

No. 895190

If you have basic hygiene, it’s not an issue. Body hair =\= dirty. The fact she showers once a week, talks about being in public and smelling like body odor in more than one vlog, wears the same disgusting pj tops until they’re brown and crusty, cleans her brushes in coconut oil…these things make her dirty.

No. 895192

{{shrug}} She almost always looks dirty to me - especially her hair… why would her armpits be any better.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 895197

File: 1665690591944.jpeg (671.15 KB, 828x1222, D0C2E1CE-5D09-4066-8CFA-F7CA3E…)

This is her “no make up” photoshoot. It looks like a mugshot kek

No. 895199

File: 1665691885984.png (1.27 MB, 828x1222, 03CA6B94-D336-4211-9080-75B8A4…)

No. 895246

On the one hand she looks much less godawful without that red lipstick. On the other she's incapable of taking a photo without making a retarded face yet wants to be a model.
Laur I am begging you, throw the red lipstick in the trash where it belongs. You are making your midget daughter look like a powdery crone.

No. 895250

She's not just using the muscles that create a natural smile, she's purposely using I guess more of the jaw muscles as well as severely tensing the tendons of her neck. It doesn't feel natural doing it and damn sure doesn't LOOK natural.

No. 895251

Just looking at her eyes you can see the delusion, the disconnect from reality. There's no spark, no look of curiosity. I get so goddamn aggravated at her but I also feel sorry for her sometimes.

No. 895279

File: 1665746292917.jpeg (175 KB, 1170x781, 34C25044-8EC2-4634-9FEB-75607D…)

Laur’s still commenting on Primink’s 2 year old video

No. 895280

File: 1665746360283.jpeg (374.65 KB, 2048x2048, 7EBAD6B3-7679-4BA6-AADE-23484D…)

No. 895281

File: 1665746415941.jpeg (214.6 KB, 1170x1376, 765852FC-3FD0-4B21-A429-19C9DD…)

>anon anon anon moo
ok laur

No. 895283

File: 1665747223703.jpeg (356.38 KB, 1170x1351, 0C7E3D8D-6329-4F43-A0AE-E70930…)

>eat your chicken nuggies and stf

the projection kek

No. 895289

This gets my vote for next thread pic. G8 work, anon.

No. 895299

She just NEEDS to respond to these people, even if it doesn't make sense what she's saying. Man she needs a psychiatrist real bad.

No. 895342

Did the wellness check anon get the copy of the police calls?

No. 895343

No. They either don’t keep calls on file, or Laur used an online form to make the report. When I called, the woman who answered the phone seemed annoyed that I was even asking and was not helpful. She said I could come get the record of the police visit, but it just says a wellness check was called and that I wasn’t in danger.(cowtipping)

No. 895353

No. 895374

File: 1665800852843.jpeg (173.6 KB, 2048x2048, B2793A8D-DCF2-4B08-9D88-73FCB2…)

Laur posting more death threats or death wishes, depending how you read them, on Primink’s video. Totally sane behavior.

No. 895375

surely not even a job would make her this miserable and negative-minded, and for the same effort she puts into schizoposting, a job would actually pay her bills so she and her attic goblin wouldn't have to share a car-house after eviction. Laur please get therapy, you don't have to live like this. You are the one making yourself miserable. Walmart is always hiring greeters. Spend your energy productively.

No. 895387

It never ceases to amuse me when laur misinterprets and misuses the died laughing skull emoji as a death threat. It takes talent to be so terminally online yet so out of touch with online culture.

No. 895392

>some dude stops making YT videos, probably enjoying the ad revenue money and taking a break from social media
>goblins assume he's dead
Just goes to show how terminally online they are. The idea of Primink taking a break from the internet never entered their tiny minds because it's something they are literally incapable of.

No. 895396

File: 1665836469256.png (1.18 MB, 542x1032, Screen Shot 2022-10-15 at 8.19…)

You can just hear Laur telling her that she looks sexy while snapping away. Ew.

No. 895412

It's weird she's this pissy about the Primink video STILL, considering how like, chill he was compared to other commenters. He didn't drag them over the coals like Creepshow did.

Maybe they blame him the most because his video is what MADE them infamous.

Or maybe they relate too much to CSA as massive creeps themselves kek.

No. 895415

It has the same vibe as someone thinking lol stands for "lots of love"

No. 895416

Laur is the only human on earth who flicks her bean to that dumpy ass

No. 895420

File: 1665851287121.jpeg (51.19 KB, 463x499, 1665726739375.jpeg)

I know it's been mentioned ad nauseum but I can't get over how much Lillee looks like her. Now if only she were as likable…

No. 895425

Primink has close to 10M views for that video. That's why.
She's mad at all the money he made, while they're tens of thousands in debt.

No. 895428

Finally cured my lesbianism, thanks Lillee!

No. 895429

Those pants are stretched to their absolute limit

No. 895432

I can't remember where but it was burned into my brain that someone once asked if people shave down south and Lillee replied she 'keeps it fuzzy'.

Like whatever you want to do with your body hair is your biz, but what a gross way to say it!!! KEEP IT FUZZY?!?!?!

I wonder if this is her just full on embracing her gremlin side and she'll try to sell us on an all natural, hippy Lillee now. It'll match with her fake eco friendly vibes.

No. 895433

Ugh I forgot the gum thing. It feels like Lillee does childish shit because she thinks its cutesy or charming when it's just nasty.

There's so many pics of her with chewed up plastic straws too. Bet she still needs laur to cut her food up for her.

No. 895437

File: 1665860133622.jpeg (248.1 KB, 2048x2048, 7240670E-477A-4E26-80EC-DF7581…)

>20 comments on this channel

“Chad” is a Jeaniez kek

No. 895438

File: 1665860457193.jpeg (248.32 KB, 2048x2048, C2BC8B86-35A4-4AAD-B308-48F921…)

I went back 3 months in Primink’s comment section and found 3 other accounts leaving comments about Primink being dead. All of the accounts are regular Jeaniez. Even if someone doesn’t realize they’re all Laur, the optics of Jeaniez wishing death on Primink over & over isn’t good for an anti cyberbullying/cyberstalking advocate.

No. 895440

File: 1665861013899.jpeg (242.87 KB, 2048x2048, 417626A5-94E7-4E29-9858-03E20F…)

No. 895441

File: 1665861436610.jpeg (263.82 KB, 2048x2048, 823F01CF-8918-4F2C-8110-8EB7BB…)

No. 895442


I just…what is the point of this shit? Lillee's barely been posting on youtube for the last few months, yet Laur is STILL making accounts and clinging to this? Of all things?

Like…they owe thousands of dollars, they're facing eviction and lawsuits, supposedly they're supposed to be making a documentary, and she chooses to waste her time on this??

No. 895490

File: 1665942760596.jpeg (230.61 KB, 1170x836, 1824A01C-5079-4E76-8890-C5DC1A…)

Laur is a reformed nonnie lol

No. 895500

I see Laur hasn't lost an OUNCE of her dramatic flair. It takes so much courage to ….follow someone on their basically dead youtube?

Or maybe this is just some fodder for Bullyish, an inside scoop from a child victim of the black websites where the cults indoctrinated Peppa into putting spells on Lillee.

No. 895502

File: 1665950777462.jpg (476.76 KB, 1868x1504, NewsLillee.jpg)

Lillee advocating for cyberbullying guys. Tell your parents so they can dox and harass your atttttackersssss!!!

No. 895503

>ethnic slurs
For fucks sake, Lillee, put the Jew card back in the deck. It's not even your card to play.
>Nobody should ever be made to feel the way I have been made to live and feel
You're right! And it's because of your mother you're living in such a miserable situation; not us boolies. Most of us would actually love to see you stand up to Laur and realise that you're being sabotaged and used by her.

No. 895512

File: 1665969863558.jpeg (613.21 KB, 828x1363, 9947F1CF-1FC0-44EF-A934-3A0A8E…)

Lillee, who is this for?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to see how many rentals a Wix video has had?

No. 895513

File: 1665972504893.jpeg (226.95 KB, 705x949, 6D7DDCA2-E9AD-4EFE-885A-9A7A31…)

Lillee got ZERO new subscribers in the last month kek

No. 895514

File: 1665972535709.jpeg (308.59 KB, 828x1112, EDFEBC12-4D52-4046-99E5-18DBD7…)

And Laur’s new channel is all over the place

No. 895531


Eh it's not like it really matters, the Truemans don't go through much effort to hide that they they don't have any real fans. It's all about looking like Lillee's successful from a glance. Peer past the curtains even a tad, and you see how sad they really are.

I don't know what's sadder, the fact that all the Authority articles have 100+ claps from like six accounts that all belong to them, or that they still use sock accounts that have all but been retired (James is still alive) to comment emojis over and over on their instas.

Who it's for at this point, I don't even know. I guess it helps Lillee feel busy to make content, even if no one is watching it.

No. 895544

File: 1666008392465.jpeg (676.47 KB, 1170x2029, 80BF8A2C-D8EA-473F-97B4-AFD3AF…)

>energy crone

who wants to tell her what crone means?

No. 895546

Oh shit, has Pheepy got competition?!

No. 895554

What does that even mean? Kek this made my day

No. 895557

File: 1666016393397.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x2009, 8DCFC6AC-CA5C-4BA2-A340-C8CAFD…)

>by @fujikonphoto

Why aren’t they mad this guy is taking credit for Laur’s photography skills?

No. 895558

Looks like he was trying to say energy clone and made a typo. Instead it reads as if Lillee has the energy of an ugly old lady kek

No. 895572

“Plaid pants and that’s it!”

So an old guy with a midget fetish pays expecting her in nothing but plaid pants. Laur knows when she’s sexualizing her kid - I don’t believe this is a gaffe.

No. 895580

The commas lead me to believe LJ wrote the caption.

No. 895589

File: 1666031057298.jpeg (223.86 KB, 828x1118, DD562189-D07E-4777-9806-D0705B…)

They bought around 280k views for their two active channels in the last 30 days. Here’s the cheapest quote for fake views I was about to find

No. 895598

I wonder if this is laur trying to project back "earl is in the freezer" jokes. She's failing miserably but nonetheless.

Why pay rent when you can buy youtube views

No. 895604

Only psychopaths smile with their lower bottom teeth exposed. It's a sign of aggression in primates. What does she look like with a more relaxed smile? She only does this or that one where she looks like she's going to blow a kiss. Fake and unnatural.

No. 895667

Surely one of them is gonna have to seek employment sooner or later. Like does laur have any plans at all for lillees future? Even most parents with kids that go on their own journey to try at fame still pester their kids to have back up plans. Its obvious laur thought her daughter would just be famous by simply existing so she put every last egg in that basket. They cant possibly think that doing the same thing over and over again is gonna finally pay off THIS time and get lillee her big break. Even the threads arent as active anymore

No. 895668

Lillee’s just another get rich quick scheme for Laur. Just like her antique scams & Justice4Brenda. There’s no backup plan because Laur doesn’t actually give a shit about Lillee’s health or well being.

No. 895680

I think at this point Laurs avoided employment by like two decades, she’s not going to want to start. And after showing Lillee it’s possible to float through life like that (despite the evictions, constant moving, debt and lawsuits that Lillee doesn’t understand or see the consequences of) I think she has Lillee convinced they can keep doing this forever and that their actions will never catch up to them.

I’m sure just like Lillee Jean Beauty, after Lillee Jean Entertainment fizzles they’ll come up with some other venture they can take out a loan for.

No. 895689

But - when Earl's time comes, what do you wanna bet he leaves a decent life insurance check. And what little social security he received. When it will get really awful is if/when Laur needs medical care/assisted living, and Lillee won't be able to afford it all. She has no idea what all of that costs.

No. 895698

File: 1666133310032.jpeg (475.15 KB, 726x1334, 8FE467FD-F0E1-4D6E-9F61-4D66F6…)

I wonder if Laur had to vet all of his questions beforehand

No. 895705


I don't see Laur living long enough for it to be much of an issue for Lillie when she's older, unfortunately. She seems like a sudden unexpected death kinda gal, not the long suffering but getting sicker and sicker every year type.

No. 895712

Just peeped his insta, he announces five other interviews in his story right after he. He's just an interview hoe.

No. 895725

File: 1666183451838.jpeg (355.21 KB, 1170x1468, F91E04B6-E860-4822-A7EA-639DB7…)

His bio says “DM me for interview” and he’s interviewed 115 people. It’s not some exclusive thing, he’ll interview anyone. On Instagram he has 8k followers and gets >200 views on videos. His YouTube channel has 13 whole subs. The few comments he gets are emojis etc. If he’s not a pod person with bot followers, his following isn’t engaging anymore. Poor idiot probably thinks he’s getting access to a million Jeaniez. This guy has the same level of fame as Lillee so it makes sense she’d go on his channel but for an actress, director & model with 1 mil followers and 28k YouTube subs, this is embarrassing.

No. 895727

File: 1666185210422.png (639.49 KB, 828x3915, D713D8FF-50AB-4F79-AD76-A20FBE…)

Lillee got some guest writers on her bullyish website

No. 895728

File: 1666185433523.png (832.02 KB, 828x4035, 1FC1C365-34C0-4B7B-B661-7F43A5…)

No. 895731


More fan fiction from Laur

No. 895732

They say those articles were written by guest writers but that comma usage tells me otherwise.

No. 895733

The commas make me want to a-log. Like at least use Grammarly or something, anything, do the most basic editing that you'd expect from a blogger. Love how the fictionalized battered boyfriend became trans, what a twist!

No. 895741

File: 1666199045004.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1170x2141, E8820A4B-4076-4E60-9C44-8BC3C6…)

The first one is a pod person

No. 895742

File: 1666199090167.jpeg (588.75 KB, 1170x1959, CBF603DE-934D-467D-8CFE-A13FC7…)

Lillee’s comments on his post are insane. There’s at least another dozen

No. 895743

"You don't belong" lol nobody says that Laur/Lillee

No. 895744

File: 1666201797168.png (939.87 KB, 828x5163, 61F95DF7-2DAD-459D-A58A-EA553E…)

Laur and Earl are due in court on December 8

No. 895748


I wonder if this will be a public
broadcasted hearing…

No. 895750

Imagine the racist shit Laur has to say about their landlord.

No. 895760

So… "Mauricio" goes to a party, drinks and pukes, then gets "called out" on it six years later? THAT'S bullying? If high school kids who drank until they puked got bullied it'd be an epidemic, kek. I honestly thought I scrolled too fast and missed the other half of the story. Jesus Christ, I could find a more convincing work of fiction on fucking wattpad.

Of course it was a female abuser. Saw that one coming a mile off with Pickmeisha Jean. Nice touch making him a troon though, guys! That really tugs at the ol' heart strings.

You'd think she'd learn after hatereading here so much that the commas are the biggest sign she wrote something.

No. 895771

I can’t believe Lillee is doing the SAME thing she did before: trying to build her brand up by making a bunch of minority sock accounts. She literally has had zero character growth.

Maybe the first ones a real person, but it’s barely even a story, much less understandable. The dude got sick at a party once and six years later some girl reminded him he got drunk once when she saw him like a post? I don’t even understand what happened there.

The second one is obviously Laur. Surprised she didn’t say the gf chased them around with a knife.

Be prepared for a bunch of purple prose over commas and nonsense from pod people of color and lgbt plus plus plus nonnies. Of course, we will absolutely never hear from women. Lillees the only white girl in her early twenties who’s ever been bulllllllied

No. 895772

> So… "Mauricio" goes to a party, drinks and pukes, then gets "called out" on it six years later?

I think the two incidents are unrelated. He was bullied for drinking too much and throwing up in high school. Six years later, he liked a friend of a friend’s photo on Facebook and got “called out” (why? Did he have a gf? Did she have a partner? Was he being creepy?) which reminded him of the high school drama.

No. 895774

Ah, that makes more sense. Maybe it's 'cause I'm ESL (or just plain stupid kek) but the way it's written I thought he was called out for drinking. Good point though, there's probably a reason he was called out on FaceBook. If he's a pod person he's probably a straight up weirdo like the goblins.

No. 895803

My god somebody tell her to chill out

No. 895806


>I got bullied on Facebook while I was at work

Not too long ago, Laur claimed using the internet while at work was a federal crime.

> I liked a picture of my friend’s/cousin’s attractive friend and got called out.

boo-fucking-hoo. he says “friend’s list” so it wasn’t someone he knew. typical scrote not understanding why it’s weird to like a complete stranger’s photo

>Don’t be afraid to say no, even if it’s your family

G8 advice. Really hope Lillee is listening.

No. 895810

That's how I read it too and English is my first language, unfortunately I don't speak Attic. All the same there's definitely a big chunk of this story missing.

He chased her out of the house with a cleaver!!!

No. 895856

File: 1666283587026.jpeg (284.71 KB, 1284x698, A0336D79-8D1D-41B0-B569-EFEC7B…)

Looks like Lillee is due in court the day after Laur and Earl for her not paying the oral surgeon.

No. 895864

Does Laur-janitor-at-law need a lawyer?
Do they need to be there in court?
How does it work in US?

No. 895865

Wonder how her defense of Internet bullies caused me to lose work so I couldn't pay will go down with the judge.

No. 895873

No. 895874


>>My celebrity special guest

"Celebrity" kek. Where the hell did he get that idea from?

No. 895877

Sorry nonnies, I watched this last night and may have missed some milk.

> Laur is moderating the chat and it appears that the host has no idea that Alwayslooking4talent is Lillee’s mother.

> Lillee tells her prediabetic story again.
> She calls her bullies a “clone cult”.
> A lot of this clone cult is in Canada.
> Somebody from Canada used a library IP to spy on her.
> One of Lillee’s hobbies is cleaning.
> Her bullies are hired. She doesn’t elaborate.
> He asks if there’s anything she wants to change about herself. She says “No”.
> Says that she’d like to make more time for “chillaxing”.
> He asks her if she’s ever been camping and she says that she’s the kind of girl who’d wear wedges to camping. She says that she’s never been camping because there’s nowhere to put her coats and makeup.
> Lillee explains that the boroughs are New York City.
> Lillee doesn’t want to attend the Macy’s parade but rather be on the float at the parade.
> Lillee “physically” comes up with the “visualizations” of her tutorials.
> Lillee played a flying monkey in a school play.
> She gets defensive when the host asks about college. She says that she can always go to college if she wants to. Mentions that she’d like to be a lawyer or to work with animals.
> Gets asked about restaurants in NYC and can’t really name any.
> Talks about her favourite meal which is just chicken? Also says “mom, if you’re watching” as if her mom isn’t sitting in the same room as her.
> Says that she loves to go out to eat. Keeps this part of her life a secret from the public.
> Lillee goes on a weird tangent about NYC having all sorts of restaurants as if Seattle (where the host is from) is a barren desert.
> Says that she’s connected to birds (???)
> Talks about content farming and says that a lot of channels on YouTube are not real people but AI. They are used to get information on people.
> One of her bullies is 60 years old.
> The host asks her whether the clone cult is bullying other people but she says that she can’t disclose this information as it’s an active investigation.
> They talk about Marvel and DC shite for a while.
> Lillee says that there are spirits around us all the time.
> He asks her if she’s ever been to a haunted house. She says that we shouldn’t bother the spirits.
> He asks her if she ever wanted to go to space and she says that there was a twin study where one twin came back from space with altered genes. She would rather stay on earth.

No. 895881

Was she eye fucking this one or not her type?

No. 895883

Definitely not her type. This guy is nice and just wants to interview people online. He’s better prepared for his interviews than Lillee ever was and has met many celebrities at various comic cons and similar events. She seemed like she didn’t want to be there and sounded absolutely insane any time she talked about her bullies.

No. 895892

She seemed to get visibly irritated when he was talking about playing sports, being in theater productions & graduating from college even though he has learning/physical disabilities. He started telling a story about the playing the monkey king and Lillee interrupts him to tell her story about being a flying monkey in elementary school. It was incredibly rude. And I’m calling bullshit on LJ’s story. She includes the dance classes she did in PE classes on her resume. There’s no way it wouldn’t have been listed too.

No. 895897

She seems to have very little knowledge of food and dining culture in general, much less NYC. She says all the restaurants in the Village are vegan. Not true. When he says he likes dark chocolate but is allergic to dairy, she asks what about Belgian chocolate, as if that is a completely different category from dark chocolate.

Agree she seems to get very defensive over the college issue. When he asks her where she went to college, her immediate response is this snotty ew not for me, but then immediately backtracks to say she can go at anytime.

No. 895902

Flashback to the q&a where lillee said her favorite veggie was broccoli and started trying to name ways you could have it and got as far as “put cheese on it…. Have it with chicken….” Before she ran out of ideas and then just started rambling going “broccoli….chicken and cheeeeese….” And devolved into a very forced wiggle and Hannibal Lecter yummy noises.

Lillee eats take out for every meal but WANTS people to think she’s both healthy and cultured. She’s neither and shows this every time she speaks about what she puts in her mouth.

No. 895907

When she describes her favorite chicken parm Laur makes, she only talks about the cheese and then seems confused about what else is in it. Chicken parm is just breaded chicken, sauce and cheese. Not super complex

No. 895918

The tofu and spaghetti was IT for me. Literally never heard of that before, felt like a 14 year olds idea of a healthy dish

No. 895919

> Lillee played a flying monkey in a school play.
That must've been great training for her because now she plays a flying monkey in real life for her narc mom

No. 895920

Diane isn’t 60, is she? She hadn’t been around in ages but as I recall she looked younger than Laur, so 50ish at most?

No. 895921

It’s impossible to be 21 and live ANYWHERE and not be able to name a few good restaurants unless you’ve been held captive in an attic. Love how she validates my opinions every time she speaks.

No. 895922

It’s wild to me that she’s chosen to retire Pheepy, James, her old supposed acting career where she was totally lined up to play in marvel movies…. but she’s going with the Clone Cult narrative.

Like, is it the same thing with her demented smile where she thinks doing so pisses us off when all it does is make her look like a nut job?

And it’s wild because she’s just shooting her self in the foot! There’s a chance people in the industry haven’t heard of her and would actually BUY a sob story about bullying if she kept it short & sweet. But she’s got main character syndrome and turned it into this big psycho rambling about witches and cults and shit. Like, anyone who she talks to is going to google this shit because it’s so outlandish and then her cover is blown.

Well, except for the fact that nobody she talks to has heard of her or cares about her at all.

No. 895934

lol more like 30? Diane is not that old at all, I have no idea why they think she's older than Laur, but it's one of the things they cling on to.

No. 895935

> He asks her if she ever wanted to go to space and she says that there was a twin study where one twin came back from space with altered genes.
There's that incredible online diploma mill "education" for you. Jesus Christ she has no critical thinking skills at all, did she get that from a Minions Facebook meme?

No. 895952

> Her bullies are hired. She doesn’t elaborate.
I can get paid for this? Where do I sign up?!

No. 895958

Sage for no1curr and double post but NASA’s twins study shows that twins’ gene expression, the way their body reacts to environmental change, was the only thing that was “altered”.

No. 895969

Laur has taught her to believe widely spread generalizations that have gone through multiple cycles of misunderstanding of facts. Lillee is not curious by nature and just accepts what Laur says as truth and doesn't seek to understand anything more deeply. This is how you get "black face was OK a long time ago because there were no black actors", "going into space changes your genes", "it's ok for adults to date minors as long as they have permission from the parents"….. etc etc etc.

No. 895970

File: 1666364971412.png (100.65 KB, 785x605, Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 11.0…)

they got chanelgal26 to write something about cyberbullying

No. 895974

it’s wild just how much she wants to be perceived as a smart, confident woman yet presents like a bimbo on Disney channel in the late nineties. She can’t stand anyone being smarter or more accomplished than her.

No. 895981

It takes years to cultivate intelligence and confidence. But the second these two were challenged in middle school, Laur yanked her out of it rather than help her navigate through the real world. She couldn't take the bumps and scrapes of growing up, but those are what build your inner strength. They both seem to think that if you say "I'm smart and confident," a lot, that's all that it takes. That's why they don't interact with anyone other than themselves, because it's lazy and comfortable to just live in an echo chamber. I tinfoil that Lillee sort of knows this, which is why she doesn't go anywhere that challenges her intellect. She also doesn't interact with people who actually might be smart and confident, since she knows they would overshine her. The best she can do is to meet up with teenage girls positioning herself to be some worldly and wise mentor when in only a few minutes it's evident that these girls have achieved far more than Lillee has her whole life.

No. 895982

I find it funny that all these stories basically end with "block them and ignore them, don't participate in that shit" and yet the goblins still continue to seek out us boolies on our black site dark web cult website.

No. 895985

File: 1666389187012.jpeg (282.75 KB, 1045x1634, 330A4DC0-ACD0-44AA-ABCD-1E7027…)

we’re getting a Netflix special, nonnas

No. 895986

KEK. Looking forward to them eating their words next year.

No. 895991

Oh my god that’s too funny. They even tagged Netflix? Wtf are they thinking???

Truemans, girlypops. Networks don’t let people announce series before they do. You’d both effing know that if you knew a fraction of what Laur says she does about Hollywood.

You both really get way too comfortable lying for people who are so stinking bad at it.

No. 895995

Laur says this every year. Every year anons point out if Netflix did get involved, it would be detrimental to the attic goblins. Netflix producers would be able to spot Laur’s con immediately and even if they didn’t, a basic background check into Laur & Lillee would dig up tons. Netflix isn’t giving a platform to someone saying Mark Cuban is running AI clone cults who are luring children into discord servers with promises of game consoles. Those type of allegations will get them sued.

No. 896000

These goblins never fail to make me kek. Lillee probably doesn't even have her own bank account and her credit score is eternally fucked thanks to Laur's antics. Don't think Netflix would waste the time to sue a couple of shut-in laughingstocks, yet the milk would flow if they did.

I know it's a topic that's been beaten to death throughout the threads, but I genuinely wonder what benefit they're getting out of this web of bullshit (and easily disproven) lies they've woven. It's been almost 4 years since they started their attempted grift, and the selling price of the PR packages Lillee's received cannot even touch the cost of buying fake views, followers, likes, etc throughout the years. Not to mention the constant, overwhelmingly negative attention on the both of them.

The defensiveness from Lillee about not going to college was kind of sad to me. She's obviously too uneducated for college, but the bitterness in her response was palpable. I wonder if deep down in her stunted mind she realizes that Laur robbed her of socially and intellectually-enriching experiences that most people her age take for granted.

I wonder if her narc sandcastle will get kicked in before it's too late. She's abhorrent and completely unlikeable, but I think she might be salvageable if Laur exits the picture.

No. 896005

File: 1666409701347.png (1018.35 KB, 2694x1201, hrnggg.png)

They've been at it for more like 6 years, and if you count Laur begging on fb for people to help make 9 year old Lillee a star, I think she's been trying to milk her talentless daughter for a payout her whole life.

As for the benefit, I think it's a mix of several things. Laur clearly loves lying for attention (as we can see back from when she bragged about doing propwork and owning warehouses around the country) and I'm sure she taught Lillee to do the same. I think Lillee loved it at first (she was 14 around the time she started this shit) because the idea of getting to show up her 'boolies' at school was a comfort fantasy and her mom has trained her to want to be a star since she was born, basically.

I think at first they thought if they faked it, they'd make it. And at first when the brand deals came in and they got some subscribers who thought she was legit, they probably thought it WAS working. Nevermind they spent WAY more than any PR or brand deals or whatever, but they're not big on logic.

But like literally every lie Laur spouts, she went too big too hard too fast. They very likely could have flown under the radar and ACTUALLY cultivated a real following if Laur hadn't blown her load on a fucking million followers and then went after people in the community like a psycho when people were confused about who the eff Lillee was.

I think right now, Lillee and Laur have backed themselves into a corner with all their lies and antics, but they both have massive egos and pride and will go down swinging. I used to think they gave up on trying to swindle real people into following them and now they're going for producers/backers to give them money and get behind them.

I'm not so sure now. They block literally everyone who views their stories too many times, they have all of Lillee's videos hidden behind paywalls. At this point, it feels like a staring contest. Like they'll keep this shit up just to show US what for. Seems like the kind of thing they'd do.

I don't think Lillee is capable of that kind of complex thought about college. I think she's just naturally jelly of anyone who's done anything better than her. She can't compete with actual education or real talent, and when she's faced with it, she seethes.

No. 896009

>Netflix isn’t giving a platform to someone saying Mark Cuban is running AI clone cults who are luring children into discord servers with promises of game consoles. Those type of allegations will get them sued.

>Don't think Netflix would waste the time to sue a couple of shut-in laughingstocks

I think what the first anon meant was that if Netflix gives these 2 conspiracy loons a voice by producing their tinfoils, the powerful people they point their stubby fingers at will sue Netflix. Netflix actually has a real legal team, as opposed to Lilee's fake one.

But to the second anon's point, it's possible the Truemans themselves are named in lawsuits along with Netflix. Or maybe have lawsuits brought against them separately, not so much for financial gain but to make a point.`

No. 896025

I hope Laur’s landlord follows their social media. Kind of hard to claim you have no money to move or pay rent while also claiming you have a Netflix deal.

No. 896027

I don’t pretend to be a famous propmaster or have any knowledge of how movie productions work but one would think a huge streaming service like Netflix would have their 2023 releases lined up well in advance. If this was true, Bullyish would already have professional quality promotional trailers, not Laur’s TikToks. And why is Laur announcing this and not Lillee?

No. 896033

i wonder why she thinks there is a lot of cult members of her cult in canada. Did she figure it out from the IP harvesting thing on her webiste?

No. 896034

I’m a leaf anon and I check her site every once in a while. She 100% checks every IP that visits her site.

No. 896035

I have a tinfoil that Laur is promising Lillee money is on the way. I remember an old video of Laur telling Lillee she got a part in something with Lillee jumping up and down crying because she believed what Laur was telling her. There was no part, Laur was always lying. I think Laur is telling Lillee not to worry about the bill collectors, judgements and evictions because she’s secured a distribution deal for Bullyish with Netflix.

No. 896038