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File: 1639568324254.jpg (1.03 MB, 1000x1300, 1638464420772.jpg)

No. 862009

Lillee Jean is a stunted unwashed "beauty guru" who has taken "fake it till you make it" to previously unseen levels. With over 1 million (fake) followers on Instagram, 11k (fake) followers on Twitter, and 10k (fake) subscribers on youtube, her pitiful engagement rate is propped up by bots, engagement pods, and "bob-vageen" foreign men with no idea who she is.
Lillee is best known for abusing copyright strikes to silence her many critics. LJ and her momager, Laur Trueman, have been on a multi-year "anti-bullying" rampage where they ruthlessly mock other people for their age, looks, socioeconomic status, and more, all for the crime of questioning Lillee.

Many dedicated Lillee critics have created callout videos and posts to expose her racist, dishonest, and absurd behaviour. However, Lillee and Laur remain convinced that this is all a conspiracy organized by one person out to get her.

>Extremely stunted social development due to being removed from school around 13-14 years old. Does not appear to have a single friend IRL besides her helicopter mom.
>Is now 20 years old but legitimately plays with dolls
>speaks and writes in "attic pidgin", our affectionate name for her limited grasp of the English language (her only language)
>Claims to have a totally real, not-made-up boyfriend who is both a French diplomat and also a family friend since childhood. "Phillipe" (an incorrect spelling of the French name) seems to hop across continents, being either local or foreign depending on Lillee's convenience. Conflicting details about when they met suggest an inappropriate age gap (with a 23-year-old Pheepy asking out a 14-year-old Lillee). Her alleged boyfriend has no internet presence of his own, and has never been shown by Lillee, despite oversharing every other aspect of her life.
>Uses her "Jewish identity" to deflect all criticism as anti-Semitic, despite not practicing the Jewish religion OR having any clear Jewish lineage
>Constantly exaggerating her status in the beauty community with fake pr
>Got caught running her own fan pages, many of which were racist caricatures of minorities. This included (alleged) POC claiming to hate their own dark skin and wishing to be pale like Lillee.
>Once posted a photoshopped image of herself over Katy Perry's body, claiming to have attended the Met Gala. Later backtracked and tried to pass it off as a fan-edited image.
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab, created a custom lipstick colour (the point of their business, which anyone can do) and advertised it as an official collab, claiming that her fans could ask for "the Lillee Jean collection" in all Bite stores. Bite Beauty formally asked her to stop making this false claim.
>participated in a public Covergirl ad campaign where anyone could submit selfies to be displayed on a scrolling billboard in Times Square. Lillee waited through hundreds of submissions to catch a photo of herself on the billboard, then posted it as though it were a collab where she exclusively modelled for Covergirl.

>Laur spams Lillee Jean TALKS page with positive reviews >>853973
>Lillee starts posting photoshoots semi-regularly >>854241
>Lillee buys a number of interviews with Authority Magazine >>854368
>Despite regularly going to the orthodontist her jaw is still fucked >>854453
>Lillee still receives PR from TooFaced >>854690
>Lillee films an episode of LJ Talks with her mother >>855658
>Lillee gets a collab with an MLM >>855890
>More weird photoshoots >>856081
>14 year old Lillee’s weird leg video is found >>856345
>Another interview where Lillee says that people in US are ungrateful >>856614
>Films an episode with boomer Alan Sawyer and gets extremely annoyed when he can’t figure out IG live >>856633
>Earl escaped the freezer to leave a peach emoji for his hot wife >>855652
>Films another ep of LJT with a POC and as expected is condescending as heck to her guest >>857457
>More bought interviews with Authority Magazine >>857523
>Lillee claims to be a anime fan, can't even cosplay one of anime's most iconic sidekicks correctly >> 858450
>Attempts a thanksgiving photoshoot outside, lulz are had when it turns out she's right near some signage and a random person walking their dogs in the bg, kek >>858653
>Makes a poll to her engagement pod, No one knows who the f**k she is, lulz are had. >>858925
>Lillee decides to try and be an ambassador against online-bullying with her new project. BULLYISH >>862006
>Lillee "cooks" Hopefully no one tries to replicate this dish. >>860552
>Lillee and Laur's twitter accounts are finally suspended. >>860939
>"Do not use the usage" >>861176
>Lillee proclaims she has "PhOtOdAmAgEd SkIn" >>861614

MAIN ACCOUNTS AS OF 2021 (Updated December 2021)
https://www.twitter.com/reallilleejean (Suspended)
https://teespring.com/stores/lillee-jean?aid=marketplace (removed)


https://www.twitter.com/InevitableLrt (Suspended)
https://www.twitter.com/JeaniezInc (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/iamlaur67 (goes between private and public)
https://www.instagram.com/jeaniezmanagement (Suspended)

https://twitter.com/lilleeinc (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeauty (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeaute (Suspended)

No. 862010

Lemmie know if this is okay, I've never made a post before and I still feel like I missed some stuff.

No. 862011

very festive anon! thank you for updating the links

No. 862014

I've just realized I missed out the previous threads! Gah!

Anyway for anyone looking to check up on previous threads, here you are :

1. >>>/snow/833840
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21. >>853090

No. 862018

replying to the previous thread…does this bitch know what winter shoes are? I'd expect her to be trying on boots or something. Not heels that expose the skin on her feet to the elements and that will slip right out from under her if she happens upon some ice.

But I guess when you don't go outside

No. 862019

Right? NYCfag here and open shoe weather ended MONTHS ago. Put on some socks lilz

No. 862025

File: 1639581562482.jpg (197.97 KB, 868x1160, 267812111_478156607004167_7830…)

She's uploaded a pic of those fugly ass boots too. But don't think too hard about it Anons, we all know this is foot fetish content. It'll probably even be complete with shots of her changing shoes to show her bare feet when no other shoe collection videos do that. I used to watch grav3yardgirl's shoe collection videos and they were shots of her legs that'd show her entire shoes… not that full body shot Lillee has that just shows how much of a midget she is. Really shows she doesn't care about her content and is trying to get easy views from footfags.

No. 862026

God, I hate these boots so much, not only as they ugly as fuck, I cringe cause I can imagine the amount of cat hair that's very likely to fall on them as she poses around her staircase/attic and then proceed to do photoshoots out and about to try and wow potential sponsors etc.

They're just not attractive, I don't know anyone Lillee's age who would be caught dead in such ugly-ass boots in this day and age.

No. 862028


every single one of these pictures looks like she is in a wheelchair

No. 862029


It's probably hard for her to find boots that fit her calves unless they're in this horrid style.

No. 862031

Aren't these the same boots that come just below the knee on normal height people that she was calling "thigh highs"?

No. 862032

For the love of god, learn to sage

No. 862034

>>862028 right.. she look like she has scoliosis in this one

No. 862036

she looks like she's sneaking a fart.

No. 862040

I guess our comments about her outdoor shoots were getting to her. Idk why but this just looks worst and desperate to prove the haters wrong. This looks like a sad attempt. This looks like it’s in her living room or her room, a curtain draped over to cover any of their furniture, there’s shoe boxes at the bottom?? A would be closet where her coach purse and clothes on the side. Omg she just half ass every thing doesn’t she?

No. 862041

She hasn't posted in 5 days.
We were suspecting for a while she has no real interest in makeup tuto, especially since she had zero success in it.

Kek at the chris appleton box.

No. 862042


>Kek at the chris appleton box.

ain't that the milquetoast "stylist" that rides kardashian coattails and likes to take credit for other people's work? how does lj manage to align herself with fakers and pretenders in every aspect of her "career?"

No. 862046

Good grief those boots clash so bad with that outfit. Ok Lillee, you listened to us tell you to put on winter appropriate footwear. Now go and find some boots that actually fucking match your outfit and don't look like knock off fetish gear.

No. 862055

File: 1639619174734.jpeg (651.58 KB, 828x1296, 70C83C9D-423B-4F8E-819C-EB9633…)

apparently that ugly bucket hat was from another small company (135 followers) she’s scamming, rip lol

No. 862065

File: 1639626287052.jpeg (5.96 KB, 275x183, download (6).jpeg)

her mouth looks like picrel

No. 862081

I was thinking blow up doll

No. 862082

Her foot porn video is out. It hurts to watch as she's not even trying to hide she's pandering to footfags.
>entire video is her full body. no close ups of the shoes, she doesn't stand up or walk around in them either
>rolls arounds around her ankles, "oh my godness foot candy", does an insane smile at the camera
>"get you somebody who talks about their shoes the way they talk about their partner"
>"fast fashion can be really beneficial and economical"
>"these shoes make me feel like an absolute snow bunny" fucking kek at this point i'm going to guess that was on purpose
>upcycling is wearing out of season clothes

No. 862083

File: 1639655894900.png (10.47 KB, 1224x172, lj tags.png)

What a surprise… I did some reverse goatse hacking to look at the videos tags, "feet" is tagged.

No. 862085

I know she's a midget but holy shit that's a lot of heels

No. 862087

>I don't even have to unzip these, that's how good they are.

What the fuck is she talking about??

No. 862097


She means they're so fucking blown out by her trunk stump legs that she doesn't even need to zipper them anymore, just slips em on like the old sausage casing it's been treated like

No. 862098

File: 1639680918719.png (383.44 KB, 406x531, Screen Shot 2021-12-16 at 1.50…)

She calls those "snow bunny" boots "booties" then later calls them "thigh highs". They come up just below her knee. Does she think "booties" are just a cute way of saying boots? Because booties are very low boots. Not knee highs, not thigh highs. And speaking of thigh highs, just below the knees are not thighs. Maybe anatomy wasn't part of the Keystone education.

Maybe this is nitpicking. I realize there are so many other atrocious things about this video but others have touched upon them already.

No. 862101

She really needs to size up those jeans. They are wrinkled due to them being to small in the thigh.

If she's into fast fashion why hasn't she done a shien haul? Am pretty sure they don't care who promotes them and give like a few pieces to people.

No. 862105

In the spirit of the season I'm gonna ask…

Do you think Lillee bothers buying gifts for Laur and Earl at Christmas or for their birthdays or does she expect to be showered in gifts like the spoilt brat she is? Cause I honestly can't imagine her buying gifts for anyone because it means she'd have to venture outdoors. Hell, I don't think she's even creative enough to browse amazon for things other than for herself.

No. 862107

oh my god. the rythm of her speech is so rushed and off, like a child performing a script. she's so stunted it feels wrong to watch. she even raises her leg to show her crotch eugenia-style, though at least she has clothes. the angle is like you're bound and gagged to a chair in front of her and you can sense Laur nodding approvingly behind you lmao

No. 862108

So many impractical shoes yet not having one single appropriate pair.
Shoes are made for walking lj, jeeez.
She doesn't even seems to take good care of them, she just throws them away when done.
She puts all the boots without socks wtf.
>my shoes are gonna last
Well yes, she never goes out with them anyway. When she brings the black high heel close, you can see they are dusty but the sole has never been outside.
The saddest part is that she never went to a store to try it on. We can see none of the are fitting and that's why she can't stand up.

>I have high arches

No dummy, it's called hollow foot and you need real good quality orthopedic shoes asap.

No. 862109

BRUUUH what the bloohy hell was that walk back to her chair. So fucking slow so her donkey ass would be in the frame the longest. That chubb rub seems painful no wonder your cunt hurts lillee, lose weight ffs your ass that close to the camera made me think i was watching 1000lb sisters

No. 862112


They each get coupons. Earl gets three instances where he can ask Lillee to get something for him without her whining and Laur gets five answered emails from Lillee without a single break.

No. 862113

File: 1639692879615.png (308.5 KB, 369x510, Screen Shot 2021-12-16 at 5.08…)

You mean this? (picrel)

She talks about wearing those pink platforms she got in 2016 "all the time" and yet the sole is completely unworn. So does she mean she wears them all the time in the house? I can see her saying that she got them resoled but no one buys that.

No. 862117

Yes god it's the michelin man all over again

No. 862122

"braces" being tagged makes me think she's appealing to weirdos who get off to braces, too.

No. 862123

Lillee, as a fellow chubster I’m going to give you a little advice. Please consider buying thicker denim so you aren’t exposing every crease of your dumpy ass to your Jeaniez. Buying higher quality clothing that will last you longer is good for the environment and it generally looks better. And please stop justifying buying fast fashion—it’s terrible for everyone involved.

No. 862125

File: 1639707720375.jpeg (240.33 KB, 627x657, C4C0A2B9-0A69-45A0-B51F-51666A…)

God she’s so stupid

No. 862126

I had a stroke reading that. Also what would she know about leaving a job that barely paid you when she's never had one, and wtf does she mean by "talented"?

No. 862127

In her defense she only said that about fast fashion to frame her point about alternately investing in better quality pieces that last you longer. Unfortunately she seems to think Steve Madden of all brands doesn’t fall into the fast fashion category (those heels are so high quality she’s already worn 8 whole outfits with them y’all, her words)

No. 862128

Apparently all those people working minimum wage jobs who lost their income once restaurants and other places shut down all went on Etsy after discovering their talents, and lived happily ever after offering society so much more than they thought they could. The pandemic was the best thing that happened to them!

This disgusting statement comes from someone who has never had to work a day in her life or struggle to put food on the table for her family. She has never dealt with food insecurity, the worry of financial uncertainty, and making next month's rent to keep a roof over her head. There is so much ignorance and privilege in this statement. I mean, there is in all these fake articles/interviews but this one is especially tone deaf.

No. 862129

>>862128 I agree with what you said, however if Lillee had a shred of dignity and two braincells to rub together, she'd be working. Let's be real, she's poor as fuck as is her family. Remember when she tried pulling that lie about "Everyone thinks I'm super rich and spoiled, but really, I'm just like you!" a year ago? The overwhelming response was "Uhm, nobody thinks you're rich. Infact, you look poor as shit and it appears you and your fam live off welfare and disability.." (which really pissed her off). Lillee has no skills, no smarts, no self-awareness and no clue about the real world. If she did, she wouldn't be letting her idiot scammer "momairre" drop money on her frivolous pursuit of fame, she'd be out looking for work to help her family because she's a damn adult. She's certainly spoiled and insulated from reality, but she's far from living a comfortable life, she's just too stupid to realize it or do anything about it. She may be almost 21, but 12 year olds have more situational awareness and life experience than her. She's the very definition of a ne'er do well, and she's fooling nobody.

No. 862131


You're absolutely right she is not rich. That is very clear from well, everything. But having grown up in Queens, I have seen the entire spectrum of poverty (and wealth) and while she is not wealthy, they have enough money to pay for all her frivolity. My original point was her incredibly offensive vague generalization about how great it was that people with low paying jobs lost them because it liberated them to find their own talents and make money a different way. The people with these horrible low paying jobs that no one else want did not all just find a different way to make money by being creative. Someone who never had to work a day in her life says "it has been amazing to watch all [their] creations." Really? Like what? This is what I mean by her being in a place of privilege. She never had to take the subway at 4am to clean toilets in an office building, or be in the Bronx at 1am to pickup fish, or work as a line cook in an incredibly toxic kitchen living paycheck to paycheck. And then for that to be ripped away from her suddenly because the restaurant closed, or no one was using the offices, or the fish market had to close.

The people who work these jobs do not have a single cent extra to spend on anything other than rent and food and other basic necessities. They do not have a dozen stupid unicorn headbands, dozens of pairs of cheap ugly Nordstrom shoes to wear only inside the house, or afford to buy used pr makeup. And the certainly don't have money to buy views and likes. Even if she did get her food from a local food pantry for that disgusting tofu pasta dish, she is still at a much more privileged position than these people.

One more thing. Even if their rent, Shein clothes, braces, whatever are bought on credit, at least they can get it. So many people who lost the lowest paying jobs during the pandemic are immigrants, many illegal. They don't have access to social services her family does. They can't just go to a bank and take out a loan or buy things on credit. That also is her privilege.

No. 862132

it’s amazing how blasé she is about serious topics, everything is just an inspiring 80s movie to her

No. 862135

>dated makeup that washes her out
>stretched faded skinny jeans
>shapeless forever 21 sweater
>knee high boots from 2016
>greasy side part

Either her mom plans her outfits or she’s lying about her age bc no way a zoomer thought this looked fashionable she looks like a midwestern older millennial mom

No. 862156

>they suddenly realized they had so much more to offer to society than they had thought
that's a really interesting way of saying she doesn't appreciate the job cleaning ladies, plumbers and trash men do. as if creatives brought more to society than people who sell you groceries or deal with the sewers.
also, lol @ thinking talented but poor people work shitty jobs just because they think it's what they deserve lmao

No. 862157

It's not too surprising, Laur had a real issue with one of the call outs being a janitor as well another who worked retail I think. Laur looks down on blue collar work and lillee mimicks Laur.

No. 862158

what would be the point, lillee has no income so laur would have to pay for her and earls gift anyway

No. 862164

i would respect both of them a tiny bit more if they at least worked at walmart to make a living

No. 862171

Exactly. Exactly. >>862156

No. 862178


She's stuck in that Era because it's when she stopped developing even semi-normally

No. 862201

File: 1639778545643.jpg (267.44 KB, 1080x1490, Screenshot_20211217-165356_rif…)

>>862157 You're absolutely correct, but I find it so weird that Laur looks down on blue collar workers. Aside from lying about being in a band he was never in, what did Earl do for a living? How about Laur, is she a doctor, a lawyer, physicians assistant? Last I checked, the only real job she's ever had was working at a law firm…as a janitor. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but how can you look down on other blue collar workers when you were once one yourself? I say "was" because Laur has been demoted down to a d-list scammer, grifter, and all around con-artist. She's not good at it either. Aside from begging family for money and trying to defraud people out of brand deals, PR packages, and free shit for her ugly goblin child, what has she ever done that has merit? If it wasn't for multiple forms of government assistance, "borrowing" money from family & desperate companies throwing her fat kid some scraps every now and then, they'd be out on their ass.

Picrel is old, but for anyone who hasn't seen it, it's from a thread where someone was inquiring about when/if Earl actually toured with Dio, the band him & Laur claim he was a part of for a while. That's the only job I've ever heard of him having, and I'm sure you're all shocked to know that was a lie too, kek. I blocked out usernames and other info so that it'll be harder for the Goblins to find it, we all know they lurk here. Anyway, Birds of a feather and all that.

No. 862203


Maybe they think they're above blue collar work because they've manipulated loopholes in the system to avoid having to work, and in Laur's mind that makes her smarter than them?

No. 862210

He’s been on disability for several years now and since he’s 70 years old, he’s probably done working and is now collecting social security.

No. 862211

File: 1639790016911.png (888.94 KB, 828x3380, 10780DF3-4AEE-4C5F-89CC-4A2284…)

No. 862214


their "business" gives me prestige worldwide vibes

No. 862225

>>862214 Hey now anon, Prestige Worldwide had better video quality and editing than the Goblins ever could. Not to mention that their 3 minute video presentation probably took more planning than Laur and Lillee is capable of. Don't do 'em dirty like that.

>>862211 "If multiple accounts show up from the same IP address with hateful content, it should be investigated". Gee, who does that sound like? Who do we know that pretends to have an entire army of loyal fans, but really it's just her and her idiot mother creating hundreds of accounts to spew vile bullshit at other people? Jfc, If I didn't know better, I'd think they were trolling, but they really are this stupid. Their self perception is so far removed from reality, and they think the world views them like they view themselves - which couldn't be further from the truth.

No. 862236

I wonder if they realise what would actually happen if an investigation in to the bullying were to actually happen. They clearly don't realise that their electronics would be checked as well as all their social media. Just because you delete it doesn't mean its gone forever and investigators know what fake screenshot etc look like. So screeching that stuff is made up wouldn't help them in anyway. Also am sure the false claims of the cops swatting and traumatising them would go down real well with the authorities. (Lil & Laur this means it would piss them off, not go in your favour).

On another note if being a beauty guru was such a stopgap why do it for so long instead of actually developing other skills? Even naturally talented actors etc take classes to develop themselves and offer more. Heck she could use skill share as she wouldn't need to leave the house. The real reason she won't is as I believe Lillee hates being told what to do and honestly believes she knows better, despite having no experience. Which would see her fired on the spot and blacklisted if she ever got anything. I think she needs to see a therapist and work on her attitude and social issues it would do a world on good. Also p.s Lillee anxiety is classed as a mental illness, so don't claim it is you mock mental illness.

No. 862238

And if someone wants to call out a content creator who says horribly racist and transphobic things, lies about child grooming, and just acts like a jerk in general, they should have the right to do so without backlash, doxxing, and being censored.

If you want to whitewash your own site with only flattery, go right ahead. But censoring call outs is just wrong. And so far, illegal. Though Lillee's Law is all about limiting rights of free speech.

No. 862239

>if being a beauty guru was such a stopgap why do it for so long instead of actually developing other skills?
I get this is a rhetorical question but her choice of limited vocabulary is interesting.
She dropped from high school thinking her big break would happen within some few days. Now she's almost 21 (looking 56), getting each day fatter and more retarded looking and blacklisted from beauty community, asmr, cosplay, no chance to make it in video gaming, modeling, acting and basically everything else.
Remember anons: at the beginning of the drama and when she was arround 18, she thought she'd be super wealthy and famous by now (2021), with a leading Marvel role from a super internationally successful movie.
Everything she has been doing from then is improvising and streching the "fake it until you make it" to insane levels because it's never going to happen.
I think she's very bitter and resentful. She first tried to blame Diane and the haters, but now acts as beauty industry didn't matter (because she's not breaking it obviously) and despises now makeup and beauty stuff.

So much for CEO LJ who carefully plans everything she says.

No. 862245

File: 1639839618560.png (2.99 MB, 828x3503, 24CC2899-939E-4C46-B978-1AB700…)

Some anons merged LJ’s Everipedia article with the article for the color brown a year ago and the article for color brown still has mentions of Lillee kek

No. 862254

File: 1639851009951.jpeg (303.01 KB, 828x948, 8B35B923-9E2A-4899-B49E-A1DA3A…)

No. 862255

"The hijackers were bullies" is a new one.

No. 862258

I only passively read LJ from the front page but this got me, holy shit

>what's your backstory?

>9/11 was bullies
>comparing a terrorist attack to online bullying

someone please slap this idiot

No. 862259

Not new, anon. Someone posted this several threads back. I know they recycle the same bs so maybe it's made a reappearance. The 9/11 hijackers clearly didn't think before "committing errors that can be irreversible". They didn't plan this for years, go to flight school, have a network to back them financially, etc. Like online bullies, they simply didn't think before they did that. Her online bullying is her 9/11.

No. 862260

Ah yes Lillee, one of the darkest days in American history that caused deaths,millions of dollars in damage,reevaluation of national security, and the pain and sadness of those that have lost a loved one in the attacks can compare to the what you call "bullying". My God she's so tone deaf.

No. 862329

File: 1639888790167.png (592.35 KB, 1081x771, fart.png)

The masters of spamming every platform with the same shit are at it again. There's actually about 1 minute and 18 seconds worth of content of this video including the intro. After that, it's just a minute straight of their retarded fake legal screen. 7 views kek, real famous.

No. 862330

File: 1639889661090.png (913.98 KB, 1608x808, progressive.png)

>we as progressive individuals
Progressive individuals call people tards and make fat edits of them? Come on Lillee, don't be retarded, Laur sperging on twitter was only a couple months ago.

>tweets targeting a person's name negatively

>hashtags targeting a person
Describing themselves. Laur did all of that in this thread >>853090. If Lillee was so agaisnt cyberbullying then she'd call out these "fans" who did everything she says she against.

No. 862331

isn't silenttruthhere elaine's twitter handle

No. 862332

File: 1639890338658.png (1.23 MB, 1454x630, Screenshot_3.png)

Lillee claiming to be sponsored by LA Girl Cosmetics.
It is. I miss that era.

No. 862353

I think Lillee still thinks that getting PR means she's getting sponsored and doesn't understand that an actual sponsored post is a post the company paid you to make.

No. 862371

File: 1639939054062.jpeg (258.49 KB, 776x621, 2B16DBDA-D8C4-4A62-B78D-77DD20…)

They’re still buying insane numbers of views for her shitty videos

No. 862376

It's the lillee jean….. Titles that get me. Why is she doing that? 7o make it look like she has a team posting for her? Even huge youtube stars who have someone to edit and post etc for them would never do that. It's a a major marketing failure as it looks like she is unapproachable and not relatable at all. If she's trying the I am unrelatable because am so unique angle, major fail! Thats how to repulse people and make them think your an idiot. Who is giving her advice? If its the new PR person they need sacked. The only time you would see Lilee Jean ….. is if someone was collabing with her on a product like insert celeb name her for Walmart etc.

No. 862378

kek anon you couldn't endure more than some few minutes in her skincare video, so did I.

No. 862379

Nah, it's to put her name on everything so they come up in searches. Her foul personality alone makes her unapproachable. Everything else is self promotion.

No. 862381

That’s actually Lillee’s screenshot that she posted in ig stories kek

No. 862383

I guess she's stills trying to bury everyone calling ger out. I've noticed more removals on Google searches. Clearly doesn't realise how much of a massive red flag that is to companies. It screams am trying to hid something terrible. If she had a legit agent yhey would tell her to address everything and apologise but we know she can't handle being wrong which is down right pathetic and childish. Her mother encouraging this behaviour is sick and twisted. You could almost say mentally abusive and manipulative. All of this is alleged behaviour of course.

No. 862388

File: 1639963805202.jpeg (642.85 KB, 828x1330, 9C23C8BA-710B-4385-8B98-9381F4…)

From her ig live on December 8. What is going on with her teeth?!

No. 862395

File: 1639970498247.jpg (26.98 KB, 500x333, a0eb0252b9e23f799704f44b7cefbe…)


Mr Lillson

No. 862398

Her teeth were fucked but now it is even worse.

No. 862400

Im still baffled by that whole situation. Losing your baby teeth is like a childhood rite of passage. I mean dental care gets expensive, but this isnt some superficial flaw. Laur probably thinks shes a saint because she finally "fixed" what years of dental neglect caused

No. 862405

Is it just me or is she being extra cunty in this Live? Especially in the first 10 minutes. It’s almost unbearable. Someone asks about her braces progress and she scoffs and then says they’ll just have to wait for the video to find out. Then she gets all sassy and says “But you could have asked that with your real account.” in the most dismissive annoying tone i have ever heard.

No. 862408

“When life gives you lemons, smash them alive.” -Lillee Jean

No. 862412

She really isn’t hot enough to be this cunty

No. 862425

I'm pretty sure she has a condition where she has no adult teeth, but laur would never admit that like everything else. She seems like
the type who brings lj to multiple professionals until she finds someone who will just say and do what she wants.

No. 862435

A few gems:
>"I know you guys [in Canada] have the omni. The omni is like so scary. Oh my god."
She means the Omicron variant.

>"Honestly, I love waving. It's like the best thing. Like, [gestures beauty pageant type wave]."

Keystone/Harvard vocab hard at work right there.

>She's NOT from Boston. They have very heavy accents over there, you can tell.

I happen to know quite a few people born and bred in Boston and though there is a specific Boston accent, they don't speak like that. Like the way not all New Yorkers speak with Laur's accent.

>She wants to get into full time entertainment. "You're watching the Lillee show." She might take us on an acting lesson!

Genuinely excited for that!

>Guy from I'm guessing somewhere in South Asia with weird cord hanging off the side of his head tells her she's very beautiful, then she cuts him off when he asks her where she's from.

That's all I can stomach right now.

No. 862464

File: 1640032007228.png (4.52 MB, 828x3434, C739FD05-1B64-407E-8F00-3CC0C3…)

No. 862465

Classic Lillee staircase pic buffoonery. Ugly handbag, Lazy hairstyle, Fucked up way of posing her mouth and of course just looking like a boring home pic instead of actual professional model looking for legit work. You can feel the feline in the background rolling their eyes at this BS happening in the home again.

No. 862467

>>862465 I was just about to say that, she really is so incredibly lazy. There's nothing interesting about this look or her (aside from guessing what type of medical conditions she may have) and she puts 0 effort into these photoshoots yet expects everyone to be in awe. FFS, she's supposed to be a beauty guru and her makeup skills are trash, her eyeliner is crooked and looks like it was drawn on by a toddler, her lashes are hanging on by a thread, she's got no contour/highlight/blush and looks washed out, and her lip liner is so overdrawn it's embarrassing. The hair is a mess and she can't even be bothered to try and accessorize that horribly mismatched outfit she's got on or put on a piece of jewelry. Does she actually think that people will want to emulate this look? The successful beauty gurus are successful in part because people want to be them, people want what they have and they know how to "sell themselves" (so-to-speak) to their target audience. She's been doing this for how long now and she still just doesn't get it.

Aside from that outfit being a mess, Laur really needs to stop blindly kissing her ass because it's not helping. She looks like a linebacker in these photos, she's almost as wide as she is tall and that blouse just emphasizes her barrel chest and wonky boobs. The jeans don't go with it whatsoever and the button above the zipper looks like it's one chicken tendie away from busting off and taking someone's eye out.

No. 862468

Right? I admit this is the kind of BS look I often end up in (Not cheaply made like Lillee's is but you get the idea) apart from myself having far some more flattering things for myself Because I'm trying to actually work out what looks best on my weird ass body shape and dumpy legs. But I would never EVER dream of taking selfies of myself in that attire and think I'm model worthy or whatever. Lillee thinks she's special because Laur frigging puts her on a pedestal all the time. She doesn't realize she's a mediocre normal girl at best.

There's so many other clothing options she could try and actually look cute on her if she tried but that's sadly never gonna happen and by the time she does work out it'll be too late and no one will want anything to do with her.(literally no one cares)

No. 862472

Lillee has a short neck and very wide shoulders. The very last thing she should wear is puffed sleeves

Learn to sage please

No. 862473

File: 1640038107298.jpeg (325.61 KB, 736x827, A00A4C5D-7F28-4922-B83D-FC139B…)


No. 862479

they look like Muppets (but also muppets)

No. 862485

>>862479 So is this green boxy top the new bleach-stained Victoria's secret pajama shirt? Because it's looking that way. She keeps wearing it and taking (poorly) shot pictures in it, I have a feeling she thinks it's the epitome of "classy". Let's just hope she washes it this time around. We all know she lurks here, whose gonna tell her that upcycling something doesn't mean you wear it 5 days a week?

No. 862504

File: 1640081126830.jpg (41.06 KB, 447x548, back pain.jpg)

It's the dude from the show they had to pay 700$ each keks.

He looks so old now.

No. 862505

File: 1640087021604.jpg (60.71 KB, 360x450, PFFS!@-$5.jpg)

That dress gives me Fiona vibes, she is just as boxy as Fiona in Ogre form

No. 862506

built like a fridge

No. 862508

Her left eye is like 1cm higher than her right eye. Was she always this wonky, or have Laur’s goblin genes been working overtime?

No. 862512

>>862508 Honestly, I think it's 50% her goblin genes working overtime and 50% being isolated from society; if she ever interacted with a normal human being, she'd notice that they don't do these cartoonish, over exaggerated facial expressions. It only serves to exacerbate her very unfortunate facial features. It's been tinfoiled that she does it because it's what she sees her favorite Disney princesses do, but if she ever left the house and behaved like she does on camera, she'd notice real quick that people would avoid her like the plague. I don't think she realizes that the people she "interviews" (if you can even call it that) handle her with kid gloves because they are guests on her show and after 30 seconds of interacting with her, they can tell something is off. I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of people on her garbage show thought she was a legit tard. Back when she went to that overpriced event >>862504 I got the feeling that Patreesha was extra kind to her because she thought Lillee had some type of intellectual disability.

How are the Goblins even advertising Lillee's show? Both their Twitter accounts are nuked, Lillee's Tik Tok engagement is non-existent, and her Instagram is 90% bots. I'm actually surprised she hasn't tried to create a new Twitter, we all know she doesn't think the rules apply to her.

No. 862522

>How are the Goblins even advertising Lillee's show?
Why would they need to? They just have to buy some views.

No. 862524


someone teach this bitch how to use commas for fucks sake

No. 862527

File: 1640117204977.jpeg (126.23 KB, 828x280, E753AA23-66B1-4688-8055-125D8B…)

I know this was posted before but I laugh every time I see the “small print” on her YouTube channel

No. 862528

… the whole point of Fair Use is that permission isn't needed for it. also,
>works of stealing
she's certainly creative in her wording choices, if nothing else.

No. 862530

File: 1640123293568.jpeg (135.59 KB, 828x416, BB1D6716-2A24-4FB4-8E3C-CAB091…)


No. 862534

File: 1640127696505.jpg (451.94 KB, 1080x1838, 20211221_235516.jpg)

Lillee used as a bad example in this Buzzfeed article, kek.


No. 862535

the writer of the article isn't any better, nothing they said is correct.

No. 862536

>>862535 I'm not surprised, it's buzzfeed. The only requirements for "writing" articles for them (if you can even call it writing) is that you have a pulse, a septum piercing, and a badly done dye-job consisting of atleast one color of the rainbow. They call themselves journalists but that's an insult to the profession; it's stupid gifs with a poorly written paragraph underneath. I'm not surprised they used Lillee considering she spams her gifs everywhere. I wonder if she'll send them a DMCA takedown? After all, they're using her face without her permission (as she likes to say), even though that's really not how copyright works.

That's a rough picture to use of her, although that can be said of any of her pictures. Can someone explain to me why she's always got that angry mustache of hers? I've seen a ton of skin issues in my lifetime and I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. It looks like her nasal area is inflamed but it's constant and I can't figure out what it is.

No. 862547

File: 1640149264244.jpg (Spoiler Image,57.15 KB, 700x490, dermatologic-signs-fig1_large.…)

She probably has seborrheic dermatitis. Picrel is a more severe form.

No. 862549

>>862547 Oh wow, I wasn't even aware of what that looked like. I've only ever seen it on the scalp, I'd bet your right. Does having it on the face increase the likeness you'll have it on your scalp? I ask because Lillee's always got a ton of (what looks to be) dandruff in her hair and I can understand having it on both the face and the scalp. I'm lucky enough that aside from the occasional pimple or so, I've never struggled with my skin and so I'm not familiar with the wide range of conditions that would cause Lillee's mustache. You'd think that being a "beauty guru" and whatnot, she'd Google what it is and work proactively to fix it. Guess that's too much effort though, knowing the goblin.

No. 862554

Is there a way to know if she's twitter banned for good? (seems so)

Kek at the fake account >>861589 having more likes and engagement that her.

No. 862556

I think it's the other way around: Having it on your scalp increased the chance of having it elsewhere on the face. It can affect any oily place on the body so head, face, back and chest can be all affected.

No. 862562

>>862556 Ahh, okay makes sense. I can't imagine her lack of hygiene helps the situation, and that's before we factor in the 20 different products she uses on her face, most of which shouldn't be used together. She's always switching what she uses and I have a feeling that she doesn't keep up with her skincare routine, it's only for when she's filming. She hasn't gotten a clue to what she's doing and it shows. She'll claim a product is so calming (while talking in that horrible baby voice you can barely hear) and all the while, her face keeps getting more red and inflamed throughout the video. With her horrendous genes and how badly she's aging, she really should do a bit of research on how to properly care for her skin.

No. 862565


Hell yeah. We've heard from witness accounts in the wild that she stinks and she's said herself she doesn't brush her teeth or use deodorant when she leaves the house, so I can't imagine her doing those things at home. No wonder her smile lines are bright red and flakey.

No. 862566

Just speculation here but I wonder if this guy will be doing her documentary? I also wonder if they know the extent of the lies the Truemans have told. Well if my speculation is right I hope they are aware a whole lot more people will be come aware of them and the real digging and humiliation will begin. They can scream bully into the void when proof is shown on an even bigger scale. Anything they get from it will be bottom of the barrel z list fame. Who everyone will forget about quickly or only mention as a joke.

No. 862568

File: 1640198997362.jpg (382.89 KB, 2880x2880, 20211222_134933.jpg)

She released the 1st episode of season 3 of her horrible talk show, and wow, it's bad. It's my day off, so I decided to greentext it for you. Consider this your Christmas gift, anons. She's interviewing that FNL hack mentioned in >>862504 and wearing that hideous green top. Throughout the video, she keeps moving the top further & further down to show her shoulders and annoyingly giggling while doing it. It's not meant to be worn that way but its already stretched to shit so whatever, I suppose. She also talks in circles and makes 0 sense. Due to her very limited vocabulary and life experience, she can't relate to anything he says and her attempts to segue into the next topic are embarrassing. If speech patterns are a reflection of your thoughts, then her brain is as unorganized as her hovel.

>"Hey guys. (Reads a comment from a "fan" laur about his band being cool) You really do, I love the middle name Leo, it's like perfect."

What a stellar introduction. Can't even be bothered to properly introduce her guest, is more concerned with eye fucking the camera and making idiotic facial expressions that she undoubtedly thinks looks sexy. He then tells a story about him having covid & compares it to AIDS in the 80s, saying that doctors didn't want much to do with him. Seems to forget hospitals were standing room only.

>(interrupting him) "Yeah, it made you feel isolated. (Talk about missing the point). I mean, they had this in 1918 with the flu, I think maybe people have handled it differently. Which is interesting because we have so many new advances but I think all we can do is be there for one another."

She doesn't even let him finish his story. She just rudely starts asking him about his career and how he got into the industry. Says he was made fun of growing up for his weight and looks. (oh God no, here we go). Lillee's response?

>"There's no ugly inside, oh my God." (Timestamp is around 4:40, but go to 5:55 and watch what she does. It's fucking bizarre.)

He continues to talk about how he got into fashion, that he launched his new project on Dec 18th on FNL, then Lillee brings up meeting him for the first time - "The lady Gaga moment", as she calls it, and Lillee says the pretentious attitude in the industry is a waste of time. Truly profound stuff, kek.

Splitting this into 2 parts because it's getting long. Picrel is a collage of her stupid expressions throughout the video. Just be glad you didn't have to suffer through 40 minutes of this.

No. 862569

File: 1640200653933.jpg (361.66 KB, 2880x2880, 20211222_141711.jpg)

Continued from >>862568

>"Just give us a little bite. A little hint, even if it's just like a color". (This is in response to him saying he's got a new show on FNL filming in Europe, but he can't release too much info on it yet. He response makes zero sense. Timestamp is 15:00. At 17:05 she does that frightening unnatural look at the camera again.)

>"It upset your morals, it upset your morals at the end of the day because you couldn't step in. You had to keep rolling. People don't realize reality TV is mentally draining, it really is." (He was talking about the Courtney Stodden show he helped produce for his network.)

>"Rocco, if that isn't true, when things open up again and we see each other (she makes the I'm watching you gesture) I swear to you.." (In response to him telling her something he hasn't told anyone. He looks puzzled because he's been traveling for a while, and they've only met one time in person. Lillee still thinks nobody leaves their house and is under the delusion she'll be attending red carpet events again soon.)

Kinda funny but @ 24:40, he was talking about a passion project and how he was looking for a female host for the show. He makes it a point to not look at her.

>"Do you have any advice for anyone up and coming? Like solid, I've been there, don't do this, here's my advice." (His response is gold, as if he's speaking directly to her-"Drop the sense of entitlement, no one deserves to give you anything, just because you grew up with the internet, social media, and everything was fast. You gotta pay your dues.) She tries to interrupt him 2x and he angrily shuts it down.

>"I'm from humble roots too." (Lillee, you've done nothing with your life. You're a nobody, your life is still trash.) "There was an article on CNN I think the other day, and it was talking about gen z, my generation, and they're entitlement."

>"We gotta get together sometime. But anyway, I think it's very interesting cause I read that people, wow, people my age are getting fired because like, they literally are taking over, like, "Oh you should be doing this or you should do that" (gestures stupidly with her hands) and like, I don't know where they learned it from Rocco. (Doofy facial expression) Everything I've ever been taught (so.. nothing, kek) is just take a step back. Ok clearly you've been in this industry longer than me, knows alot better, of course I have my wits about me, my sense, but it's funny (another stupid facial expression) because it's very relevant what you're saying. People, you do heed Rocco's words, cause please, (laugh/snorts) it's very important. (28:10 timestamp. Around 29:12 she makes a bizarre facial expression.)

Rocco then starts to talk about his interns who have went to very prestigious & expensive schools, so prestigious infact, he can't even mention the names of them. Jesus, take the wheel, and drive us into a tree. I can't stand much more of this.

>"What? I don't get it, they get to put out on their resumes that they worked under you. You need that internship to go anywhere. Why would they (interns) quit?" (Hilarious coming from a NEET with an 8th grade education)

He compliments her ugly green top that makes her look like a box truck, and her response in turn is to kiss his ass. She does it in such a smug way, as if she's an authority on fashion and not a frumpy dumpy midget that wears the same clothes for two weeks straight.

>"I feel like it's a good motif. I really like your black shirt, black is always in, very suave. I'm really feeling it, I like the frames, they're very good, very on point. I like the hair, it's like the Rocco and Lillee show!"

He then says there's one last thing he wants to share with her, he's a CODA. Lillee gives him a baffled look, he clarifies that it means child of a deaf adult and his first language is sign language. He couldn't speak until he was 3 and had to take speech therapy in school & was bullied for it. (Please God no, I can't hear the bullying story from Lillee one more time today.)

She's so disingenuous throughout this whole thing, she can't relate to anyone so she tries to fake a connection and it shows. At the end he speaks about how it's acceptable to be topless on a beach in Italy and Lillee nods along, remarking that "Yasssss, it's so acceptable. " This from a girl who hasn't even traveled outside of the tri-county area. For a girl with 0 accomplishments, she's ridiculously smug and so far up her own ass she can't breathe.

That's it, anons. Sorry if there was any mistakes, I could only bring myself to do a quick cursory edit. I can actively feel my brain deteriorating after that, and now I'm off to bleach my brain with some vodka. That's an hour of my life I'll never get back.

No. 862570

Thank you for your sacrifice Anon.
Have a great christmas too.

The dude had some insane lifting and amount of botox on is face, his eyes and lips are stretched to the maximum.
I watched until LJ interrupts him, she's so insufferable dumb. She keeps interrupting him and laughing hysterically.
She's so annoying, the dude has some interesting stories and she doesn't let him speak.

No. 862582

>implying anyone will do her documentary

Laur and Lillee are pathological liars nonny

No. 862585

>>862570 No problem, my brain is sufficiently pickled with vodka now and somehow I still feel less slow than I did after watching her video. I truly hope stupidity isnt contagious, because if is, I'm fucked. That really got to me too she wouldn't let him speak, she couldn't be arsed to even properly introduce him, and while he's not a household name, he was probably the best person she's had/ever will have on her show. There was a few times while I was transcribing (poorly) that he'd start up on a story and she'd interject so that she could give "advice" or turn the topic back on her. Why even bother having him on? If she was good at her job, she would shut the fuck up and listen, the host shouldn't be talking more than the guest. If she wasn't rudely inserting her bullshit narratives into the conversation every 2 seconds, she was trying to seduce the camera, or laughing like a poorly thought out comic book villain. She has 0 real life experience and no industry expertise, so she should've been mostly silent. Instead, we got the usual bullshit from the Goblin playback.

>>862566 I honestly don't think he has any clue what a scam artist Laur is or how bad the Goblins actually are. From what he was saying and how he was coming across, he's basically the antithesis of everything Laur and Lillee do and how they live their life. I think he was trying to be kind by doing an interview with a naive kid starting a channel, not realizing that Lillee isn't a kid and she's a horrible scam artist whose only following stems from people who despise her based on her actions. His only interaction with her was at that overpriced event, and I still genuinely think that people who attended the event were kind to Lillee because they thought there was something wrong with her intellectually. Rocco probably saw this as a nice thing to do as him or his PR person didn't do their due diligence. At one point when talking briefly about the event he says "I love your mom! Tell her I said hi!" Or something to that effect. I honestly don't think he even knows Laur's name, and while Lillee thinks this guy and her are close friends, we all know that's not the case.

No. 862623

I think she's very self conscious about the ugly faces she makes becase we bring it up so often. I noticed that in these two months she's trying to make her face seem more relaxed and more smooth BUT it still ends up looking reptilian and creepy because she's going for the disney face which no human alive can achieve. She has only two mods - disney tryhard face or ugly angry reatrd face. They are both equally disgusting and punchable. This one maybe even more because she honestly thinks she looks cute like that. When she's in retard mode at least she's honest in her uglyness.
Also the constant looks into the camera are terrifying, all she cares about is how she looks to the viewers.
No Lillee nobody thinks you are a soft caring 3d animated lady, you come of as an alien trying to be human but failing miserably.

No. 862629

>No Lillee nobody thinks you are a soft caring 3d animated lady, you come of as an alien trying to be human but failing miserably.

It's so funny that you put it that way because I constantly think that in the back of my head as I watch her videos. It's like she read a manual on how to be human, but some shit got lost in translation and this is the result. She eye fucked the camera so much during this last "interview" that it made me want to throw my phone. For someone who claims to be a "model" (kek) she has no clue what her good angles are (probably cause she has none) and can't manage to look natural or appealing in the slightest. In the video I linked above, just watch the first 10 seconds. That weird way she looks at the camera, the way she licks her non-existent pouty lips, the thousand yard stare because she's got 2 braincells - that's what she did throughout the entire video yesterday. Why not edit that out? I don't get it.

No. 862631

File: 1640264262134.jpg (266.81 KB, 936x1390, Screenshot_20211223-075113_Chr…)

Just checked her social blade because I noticed her YT subs jumped up, as did her views. The Goblins have a combined IQ of 110 yet somehow think they're smarter than everyone else and that nobody will notice they purchase subs/views, yet they do it in the most obvious way possible. If Laur ran her business the way she "manages" her kid, it's no wonder she got banned left and right off of every auction platform.

No. 862636

I’m not too familiar with buying YouTube views and how it works, but has anyone figured out how much they’re paying for it a month? It seems like a lot.

No. 862651

File: 1640282706199.jpg (322.3 KB, 2880x2880, 20211223_125529.jpg)

>>862636 It depends on the service they use to purchase it, some are more expensive than others because they'll top you up when their "totally real people and not bots" get kicked off the platform. The picrel is 5 screenshots I took to give you an idea on what things cost. She doesn't just purchase subs and views either; she also purchases live stream viewers and likes. Suffice to say, it adds up, especially considering she does this on Instagram as well and that's a completely separate pricing schedule and those would have to be purchased as well. Remember, that's how she got her blue checkmark on Instagram - she purchased the bulk of her 1 million "Jeaniez", and at one point, she had 2.1 million. Unfortunately, she's an absolute moron so most of them were nuked and she's back down to 1 million, and as we know, they're all fake. When you start buying in the numbers she does and across multiple platforms, it adds up real quick. It's a shitty practice, but I can maybe understand it if you are making money from it. Lillee doesn't make shit and sinks atleast a couple grand a year into it. All so she can be mocked mercilessly because everyone knows she's a grifting hack. I'd imagine they don't keep track of expenses, because if they did, they'd realize that they're dumping a ton of money into something that has 0 return.

No. 862659

>100 000 views are just 374,99$
>sinks atleast a couple grand a year into it
>bought for yt only 153 977 views from 23 of november to 22 of december.

For more or less ONE month just for YT it costs more than 410$.
Arround 5000$ per year for yt only and they need to refill their insta constantly.

Anons that wayyyyy more than a couple of grands per year, so much money well spent keks.

No. 862678

>>862659 Oh wow, you did the math, that's awesome. My brain is still too fried from having to watch her video the other day, so I just did a rough estimate. I didn't even see that she had purchased over 150,000 views on YouTube for one month, that's insane. She's really got 0 fans and absolutely no organic growth. The only people that watch her are us, and I refuse to give her ass a sent so I use an ad blocker, but it doesn't really matter anyway because her views don't amount to much $$$. I knew they were dumb, but how can you justify spending that much money on YouTube alone when her return is about $29 a month at 156,000 views. Google won't even cut you a check until your adsense hits $100 USD. So they spend over $5000 a year on YouTube alone to maybe make back $3,600 and it's probably lower than that in all honesty. No wonder Laur has went bankrupt 2x, with money management skills like that I'm amazed they don't live under a bridge. What's worse, is that after you file for bankruptcy, before they will discharge your debt, they make you take a financial management class. So Laur & Earl have done this twice and I'm sure we'll see a third in the future. I just… can't.

No. 862687

File: 1640302722622.png (79.36 KB, 936x642, IG stats.png)

Her numbers on IG are still wonky as hell as well.

At least they have figured out that buying around 20k likes and 2k comments on every picture will give her a somewhat normal engagement rate.

No. 862689

Another funny thing is that, because Lillee and Laur are idiots, they forget to buy more youtube views as she gains more subscribers.

Her monthly views have been between around 150k for the entire year while she has "gained" 8k subscribers in 2021. Anyone with half a brain knows that you are supposed to grow in views the more subscribers you get.

No. 862734

I previously estimated the whole 1M insta followers at more or less 10 000$.
That's an insane amount they need to refill constantly, hence the 2M or 3M followers showed on social blade and other analyse websites.
Plus, at the beginning, they had zero engagement. It's not clear weither she pays her engagement pod or not.
The 10K fake followers on twitter might have been ≥300$.
Remember Anons, when more than one year ago Insta purged the fake accounts and she lost tens of thousands of followers and lost 15 000 likes per insta post?
That was hilarious.

>YouTube alone when her return is about $29 a month at 156,000 views.

Isn't she demonetized from yt?

No. 862736

>>862734 She was at one point, but while I was transcribing her trash "Lillee Jean Talks" (and never shuts the fuck up) video, I got a ton of ads. At one point on social blade, it showed she made $0-$0 a year and I wasn't getting ads. I believe I took a screenshot and you can see it on the previous thread. Then about a month after that, ads started again and social blade went back to grossly overestimating what she makes. Not even sure how they come to those numbers because at best, she's making 18cents USD per view. Knowing how much they grift and how much they like money, my guess is the fucked up and got a temporary monetization suspension. I don't see them turning/opting-out of adsense by choice, but I can't say for sure if they got suspended because I don't know much about YouTube. Unfortunately, I forgot to update my ad-block and I didn't realize it until about 15 minutes into the 39 minute video. In this 15 minutes I got two or three ads that I couldn't skip through. Maybe one of you wonderful anons can enlighten me on the inner workings of YouTube, but if not, I'll look into it later. Merry Christmas Eve.

No. 862738

Could she somehow be getting money (a very small amount surely) from her engagement pod? Do they have to pay to enter? I could see some idiots who don’t do any research shelling out some money to join. Even if they quickly realize it’s a scam, Laur has their money and would never give a refund.

No. 862763

No. 862764

That fake baby voice is like nails on a chalkboard, jfc

No. 862768

She’s uglier and uglier as time passes. LJ would fascinate me as a cow, now I can’t even enjoy the thread because I feel so bad for how shitty her life is and also, I don’t see any way how LJ could turn her life around, I see her ending up in the looney bin or living off welfare and food banks but they already live that way. Sad af.

No. 862773

File: 1640386166936.jpg (68.7 KB, 1063x595, So called Primadonna.jpg)

Her attempts at ballet are so bad. This is supposed to be her doing the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy but then she does this. Also peep at her not bothering to buy a tutu from the dollar store. So much for being a "prima donna"

No. 862774

Don't worry, Laur will let her outside to get pregnant if times get really hard and she can live off welfare scamming

No. 862776

I'm confused. Is she cosplaying Clara or the Sugar Plum Fairy? She refers to one then the other. Does she think they are the same character?

You know what, don't answer that. I don't care.

I'm going to dispute something that someone said earlier about her having broad shoulders. She actually has narrow shoulders and a short neck. She looks wide because she has very fat upper arms. I am not saying that to be mean, it's just true. She has a lot of fat in her upper arms which makes her shoulders look round and wide. Her short neck further gives the impression of roundness. If her shoulders were really wide, it would mean her bone structure was wide, and her shoulders would look bonier and her arms would hang straight. You'd also see more of her collarbones. The reason you can see her collarbones at all is because she strains unnaturally to show them.

No. 862817

File: 1640477747511.jpg (199.83 KB, 877x610, Screenshot_20211225-191335_You…)

>>862776 You're right. Her shoulders lack any definition or muscle, but they're oddly sloped and narrow. She's got a stump neck to match her stump legs, and her arms look like they were stolen from the Michelin man. Her torso is really wide and short though, she's barrel chested too and it just emphasizes how off her proportions are. Then there's the question of what happened to her waist - it doesn't exist because it's the same size as her hips. If she was taller and thinner, all of this would probably be less noticeable but she's like 4ft8in right? It could be endocrine thing but her mom isn't much taller, although I don't think she's considered a legal dwarf like Lillee. That sugar plumb fairy dance she did at the end is just the same 3 moves she always does, I think it's because she's got issues with her gross motor skills. She couldn't even do the most basic things when she was doing the live with the Beckford Bar guy, and if you remember her "dancing" on TikTok, she did a duet that should've been simple but she couldn't follow it or execute it. Everything about Lillee is abnormal.

Speaking of abnormal, someone may want to let her know she's pre-diabetic again. We all know she abuses the white balance to hell and back, but it's clear she's got acanthosis nigricans under her arms. That's not a shadow. If it's noticeable with her white balance turned up all the way, then I shudder to think about what it looks like in person.

No. 862857

Has Lillee not flexed an ugly doll or other gifts on IG this year? Maybe the Trueman house couldn’t afford Christmas gifts.

No. 862867

Maybe they decided it would be wiser to save it for the rent?

Kek no. Just kidding.

No. 862869

File: 1640537683997.png (101.14 KB, 720x808, ewww.png)

Her mother writes these

No. 862876

File: 1640539904109.jpeg (266.16 KB, 828x688, B0E1B864-04EE-45D6-A668-3C8BD9…)

her bitmoji is terrifying lol

No. 862877

File: 1640540672157.png (305.86 KB, 804x543, 2021122.png)

No. 862888

>Her mother writes these

Kek, it's actually hilarious that you commented this because I often look through the comments when I'm doing a green text or recap of her videos - and you're correct - this is def her and her mom. 98% of her YT comments come from accounts that only comment on her channel. The other 2% is the random engagement pod people and pradips. Her bots can't comment, so her and Laur write a bunch of shit on sock accounts to "up" her non-existent engagement. You can tell because they're either loaded with commas, grammatical errors, or goblinese that makes no sense. They've been caught dead-to-rights running sock accounts but still haven't learned how to disguise their writing because they're too stupid to function.

What the fuck does "What a little amouze (sic) bouche we can have?" mean? I'm assuming she means amuse bouche, but that still makes absolutely no sense. For some unknown reason, they're obsessed with anything that's French (I'm guessing they think it's the epitome of class) and yet they butcher the language and the culture. Im amazed that they've lived this long honestly, with how stupid they are you would've thought that they'd accidentally won Darwin Awards years ago.

No. 862890

I'm surprised it's not porcelain white and blonde kek.
The skin is pretty dusky though, so at least that's accurate.

No. 862893

>She's so disingenuous throughout this whole thing, she can't relate to anyone so she tries to fake a connection and it shows.

Needless to say that is the case in all her interviews. I'd even say this is true with her mom because they both fake a kind of professional relationship that isn't really there. No doubt they share laughs irl but because of previous clips they've put out (and deleted) it is clear Laur is her slave, and because lj knows Laur worships her, she can boss her around and speak to her in a disrespectful way.

In all her "interviews", it's all the same. She is more concerned about how she looks on camera, she doesn't really understand what her guest is saying when they go even a mm below the superficial. She doesn't understand many human experiences so her reactions are cartoonish. Her extreme lack of vocabulary is evident.

The main thing that stands out is her complete lack of critical thinking. There are many ways to hone that skill, but one way that most people learn it in the US at least, is from higher education. If you go to a decent high school (which Bayside HS is) you learn it usually through reading essays and analyzing literature. Then you hone it in college. She did none of that. She doesn't have the curiosity to delve deeper into what her guests have to say, and ask questions. (Laur made sure of that because the more lj has life expanding experiences and education would mean she would leave her and she does not want that.) And even if she did have the curiosity (she doesn't, unless it's about her), she can't articulate it because she doesn't know how to form intelligent logical sentences. This is not to be mean. It's just evident in the way she speaks. Articulate people with decent college level vocabulary don't finish their sentences with flailing hands or ridiculously cartoonish facial expressions.

No. 862894

Those comments are so cringe and scream emotional incest.
Could it be Laur mistake "amouze (kek) bouche" with amusement? In like "we could have so much fun together"?

No. 862900

Holy crap, Lillee did an new interview that isn't hosted on Medium and the questions are borderline incomprehensible


"Thank you for making time to go to with us in regards to the subject of our time. Our readers want to get to know you a bit higher. Can you please inform us about one or two life experiences that the majority formed who you’re at the moment?"

Did they run out of medium money? What gutter did they find this site in?

No. 862902

Quantity, not quality, is what they chase.

No. 862922

File: 1640586585014.png (438.38 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20211227-002625.png)

What the… Why do her responses read like the interviewer ran them through Google translate to their own language, then translated back to English?

No. 862923

Possibly Lillee has used this reply before but knows we know she’s reusing old bits from different articles. My guess is she’s running through one of those AI’s that rewrites sentences in a different way hence why it’s nonsensical and as you said looks like it’s been run through Google translate a few times.

Lillee once again choosing the lazy route.

No. 862924

File: 1640591020030.png (64.84 KB, 828x677, fraud.png)

I googled that article and it's on other fishy websites.

No. 862925

It's pretty much the same on every website, but they swap out words. For example, here's that same exact paragraph from anon's screenshot but on Learn Today and Thrive Global.

On Learn Today:
>Having my very own enterprise has at all times been my dream. Even once I was youthful, I believed that I might someday work for myself, however I had no thought what it could be. My first time experimenting with cease movement pictures and posting it on my weblog was enjoyable, and I beloved the suggestions I obtained from my pals. As I grew older, I started watching youtube movies, significantly the make-up tutorials. I beloved watching how folks blended their methods and expertise, and following their growth fascinated me. Having determined I need to do it myself, I began to add my very own make-up tutorials. The relaxation, as they are saying, is historical past. I discovered the artistry of make-up to be extraordinary and the remaining simply adopted as I ‘grew up” within the business.

On Thrive Global:
>Having my own business has always been my dream. Even when I was younger, I thought that I would one day work for myself, but I had no idea what it would be. My first time experimenting with stop motion photography and posting it on my blog was fun, and I loved the feedback I received from my friends. As I grew older, I began watching youtube videos, particularly the makeup tutorials. I loved watching how people blended their techniques and skills, and following their development fascinated me. Having decided I want to do it myself, I started to upload my own makeup tutorials. The rest, as they say, is history. I found the artistry of makeup to be extraordinary and the rest just followed as I ‘grew up” in the industry.

>My guess is she’s running through one of those AI’s that rewrites sentences in a different way.
I think you're right. The writers of the articles might even be the ones changing everything, Learn Today's sounds nothing like Lillee, when does she say folks and pals? For once someone is editing Lillee's writing, but it's just to make their shitty article different from the other websites. The other websites might even be ran by the same people, wouldn't surprise me.

No. 862926

File: 1640592280512.png (1.12 MB, 1169x657, stories.png)

If she got any presents she'd probably post them on her IG story, which she usually shares somewhere else too because she's that lazy with content. Speaking of her IG stories, heres some of her recents. They're always so bizarre and not what you'd see from someone with 1 million followers. Lillee, this is the types of random shit you'd send friends. She has no friends to send this shit to and thinks anyone is interested in her fingering her blanket or warped keyboard cover.

No. 862954

I can't read any of her articles they make me feel like I've had a stroke. With how poorly written they are and how the answers have nothing to do with the topic. Making all parties involved look seriously uneducated.

Maybe she is trying not to flex and be humble? Or did she get anything as she got everything for Hanukkah?

No. 862996


I'm pretty positive they don't actually celebrate Hanukkah. Lillee's never posted a picture of a menorah, she just puts tacky stickers up over her christmas displays. This year she called her christmas tree her "Hanukkah Bush". She reposted the same tree at christmas.

No. 863006

File: 1640637132694.jpeg (466.33 KB, 587x1048, FB33427F-A6B7-4108-8A4E-CC50D6…)

Picrel is from yesterday’s ig stories

I find it both hilarious and infuriating that Laur has CNN on all day

No. 863027

I'm sure that Laur and Lillee think the pandemic is the best thing that has ever happened. They love to keep talking about how bad it is and how Lillee is unable to ''attend events'' because of it, as if she ever has been invited to anything that wasn't paid for

No. 863061

that's all these two would be doing if they weren't obsessed with this efame, gawking at the tv.

No. 863095

Wtf why would she drop the whole tea bag in the cup? You can see the paper tag just chilling in her tea.

No. 863096

Because she’s retarded, anon.

No. 863100

That's why I think she still believes fame and wealth is just arround the corner.
Some anons think she'd be perfectly happy if nobody was talking about her and living in her fake famous world with Laur.
But the fact she keeps buying articles proves otherwise.

No. 863103

She posted a 2 hour long rewind video. Who the hell would watch that? Most othe videos that are that long are lives where the person does something in real time and is actually interesting. Not just posting a shitty rehash. Plus rewinds are normally nit very long and have short snappy clips to make people interested. She keeps trying things that should work but falls short all the time due to her belief that she knows better and her desperate need to be the not like other girls, girl. Which anyone with two brain cells knows is a very anti female stance. So many people have told her or tried to help her and if she fully listened instead of doing it her way she would have actually gotten somewhere and while not having the fantasy life she dreams about would have at least a pretty decent one.

So I'll say it for the last time. LJ and Laur. Own up to everything and apologise for past mistakes and abhorrent comments on race etc. Take advice instead of screaming jealous bully's. Not everyone who said something was being mean and if you had taken the advice you could have made contacts and had collabs based around the advice etc. And could have grew a real following who would have supported you. Instead you chose the victim route and isolated yourselves and have no doubt gotten blacklisted all over the place. I know this will fall on deaf ears as you can't take responsibility for anything which if your serious about growing a "brand" you are going to have to do. As its your fault as the owner/ceo to take full responsibility for any issue that comes up.

No. 863182

File: 1640809740891.jpeg (668.32 KB, 711x1267, A52FE9D4-B245-4F6A-8ECC-70388A…)

No. 863185

More like collection is cramped into a corner with no real organisation to it what-so-ever also not a Lillee bash but a Doll bash… wtf is with those horrible gaudy earrings and ott lashes? That's a real downgrade to the quality of the usual Disney LE dolls

No. 863188

If there was any shadow of a doubt that the goblins lurk here, it is well and truely gone now. Not one day after we wonder why she isn't flexing her xmas gifts, she spams her insta stories with dolls, makeup, and scented candles.
What a sad, sad existence constantly trying to please a group of people who don't and will never like you.

No. 863193

File: 1640828287453.jpeg (544.58 KB, 828x2903, FEE3F69F-AFC4-4074-AEFE-0CF42F…)

why does she use filters on stupid pictures like these, and why does she exclusively use the “blond hair” and “work flow” filters? kek, who does she think she’s fooling

No. 863198

kek those arent even nice collectors dolls just cheap plastic walmart toys

No. 863202


I was thinking the same thing. Why else post several days after christmas? Not that she tried very hard. There's NO wrapping paper or wrapped presents in the background–just positioned with the tree visible so it looks like she got something, anything for christmas.

Wonder if she screeched at Laur to go to walgreens and buy her an elsa and some discount candles STAT.

No. 863224

>>863198 she's more of a hoarder than a collector

No. 863230

Probably clearance priced because it’s a holiday doll and Laur didn’t buy it until after Christmas kek. Sad they spent all their money on a lawyer to issue useless DMCAs and fill in the blank medium articles and now Laur can’t even afford the 20 bucks for a full priced doll. I’m sure they’ll blame it on covid.

No. 863234

File: 1640880635097.png (647.01 KB, 1100x1584, dmca 1.png)

"Lillee Jean Beauty Inc" DMCAd one of CreepShow's thumbnails.
What she tried to link as an original url is on Laur's IG, her private fucking IG kek. Who's going to tell them it doesn't matter that it was from a private account and that Lillee was a child? And Laur, there are hundreds of pictures of Lillee as a minor online. The only pedophile I see is Laur who let Lillee upload creepy pictures that are still up online.

No. 863235

File: 1640880815949.png (51.9 KB, 1062x794, dmca 2.png)

More complaints for the same image.

No. 863236

It never ceases to amaze me how dumb Laur is. If she's aware there are paedophiles on the internet why upload pics of underage Lillee online in the first place? I know it's too late now but honestly? I'm surprised she hasn't erased them all to stop this from happening.

Then again as long as they're online she'll always have the "Kiddy-fiddlers are oggling my child!" card to fall back on so I suppose not deleting them from the internet will always fall in her favour.

No. 863237

woof. no one's getting off to that picture no matter how hard laur wants it to happen, the fucking freak.

No. 863238

>Huge potato nose, weird face, wrinkled skin, yellow teeth, creepy smile, looks a very ugly 48 years old crazy woman

Jeeez Lillee…

No. 863240

>>863234 this is one of the scariest pictures of Lillee. You just can see that her brain is not normal through her eyes.

No. 863247

>>863240 Agreed. Reminds me of that gif where Laur is trying to stuff her goblin child's fat rolls into that seashell bra and Lillee is squealing like a hog. There was just something so off about her facial expression and hand movements. This picture is no different, and if you cover the left side of the pic with your hand and then repeat with the right side, it looks like 2 different pictures edited together - only it's not. She always looks deranged, but this picture really emphasizes that "the lights are on but nobody's home".

No. 863253

Of course she's not really concerned about paedos. She's just weaponizing the accusation of paedophilia. If she was really concerned about that she would have done everything to protect her minor child's privacy. If you watch one of Diane's videos where she talks about Laur putting out alarming suggestive photos of her minor daughter, Diane actually shows more concern and motherly protection towards lj by blurring out the suggestive bits.

No. 863255

File: 1640907276404.jpg (970.89 KB, 1080x2280, MandatorySaladPic.jpg)

[Insert "healthy eating" pic here]

No. 863256


Just like how she's tried to weaponize antisemitism and panphobia.

Despite not actually being pan and clearly being only a small fraction Jewish and in no way practicing.

No. 863257

File: 1640908226045.png (9.46 MB, 928x8328, D88D1F77-4A58-44A4-AE9A-4D4E0D…)

Laur, tell us more about pedos

No. 863258

File: 1640908296630.png (3.68 MB, 1242x2208, 9A4F3FF9-6ADC-4E97-A829-FE1AE4…)

This is an old one but it’s good enough to be the next thread pic

No. 863259

File: 1640908602395.png (646.69 KB, 611x1460, 677F5E19-F3FA-45CC-857F-98BACB…)

She got this product in the mail and when I googled the brand the first result was a brand for horse stuff

No. 863261

File: 1640912288735.jpg (241.3 KB, 1080x1868, Screenshot_20211230-152834_Ins…)

Lillee at trying to convince us that she totally got Christmas presents kek. Also of course it's Emily in Paris themed so everyone knows that her beau got it for her kek

No. 863263

Welp, that's another brand to avoid. Basically anyone who knowingly wants to do anything with her means they cannot be a brand with genuine integrity.

No. 863266

Why do so many of her meals look dry?

No. 863267

The Emily in Paris set is from Lancôme kek

No. 863272

If you said these were deleted scenes from Gummo I would have believed you.

No. 863273


She's either not actually eating them or she takes the pics before she smothers them in ranch.

No. 863284

>>863255 why is it blue? it's a paper or a dyed salad? so weird

No. 863285

Kek anon this got me good.

No. 863286

Nonnie.. it's a filter

No. 863290

NAYRT but why would anyone filter a food picture?
Also kek at her using a real fork.

No. 863291

File: 1640950032913.png (224.93 KB, 1088x1486, thecrazybunch.png)

Lillee is DMCAing images multiple times…again. >>859792 She's DMCAd the crazy bunch before and this time is claiming the picture is hers "TAKEN FROM MY WEBSITE WITHOUT PERMISSION". How dare she, Lillee is trying to claim anon's beautiful edits as her own. Last I checked the page on her site she linked was dated 2018 too, is Lille also a time traveler?

No. 863292

File: 1640950572277.jpg (85.09 KB, 849x472, Screenshot_20211231-113326_Sam…)

Ask Lillee, she's the one using it

No. 863308

She looks like she could have been cute in an alternate reality in the last picture… Where most of her face is covered up

No. 863318

Laur am pretty sure if anyone is the paedophile it's you. Imagine taking or posting pictures of your child like this. It's gross on so many levels and if the police were involved it would be you in trouble.

Pretty sure Laur keeps LJ away from other people so she will never find out how deeply disturbing their relationship is.

No. 863332


Kek, this picture is far worse than any embarrassing edit/screengrab I've ever seen and they posted it themselves. Really showcases her in her hammy, weak-jawed, psycho-eyed, potato-nosed glory. What a dog, sheesh

No. 863333


>Pretty sure Laur keeps LJ away from other people so she will never find out how deeply disturbing their relationship is.

Of course! Also why she let her quit school and get "home schooling". If she let her daughter get a proper education, she might learn about the wider world and leave her. Insulating her from people, keeping her from developing healthy friendships and relationships, and keeping her uneducated is how she is keeping her basically tethered to her. Sad and sick.

No. 863335

This kid really needs to practice her facial expressions in a mirror or smth; this is clearly meant to be a "pouty" cutesy look but it's more like a look of horror. Unless the question that LJ asked that Laur said "no" to was "Mommy, please stop waving around Daddy's still-beating heart"

No. 863338

File: 1640998397071.jpeg (819.54 KB, 828x1460, 0029B67D-C251-4658-BDD2-B816BD…)

No. 863341

so more shoes not to wear to anything. but hey, as long as the fetishists give views. She has NO business giving talks to children.

No. 863391

File: 1641098022910.png (3.83 MB, 828x3147, 630E1851-E491-4370-9F1C-734C42…)

Happy New Year anons

No. 863394

arm so short
short short arm

No. 863395

File: 1641103948750.jpg (99.96 KB, 1060x1162, 271138884_489590715860756_9008…)

Like a deer in headlights.

No. 863396

>>863391 Even with shoes on this dress would be dragging on the floor. She's so incredibly lazy, she doesn't do her hair, accessorize, put on shoes or even bother to buy a proper fitting dress. I'm guessing she won't get it hemmed because then they wouldn't be able to return it. She loves to claim that she works super hard but she does the bare minimum and expects to become famous from it.

No. 863397

File: 1641104190615.jpg (47.28 KB, 564x812, 8eaf9529a0c6d69c62d91ac5db8873…)

Her neck in this is killing me. These look like prom photos inspired by the last photos of Regina Walters.

No. 863398

File: 1641104379978.png (1.41 MB, 1042x914, dear god.png)

2 more photos because oh my god, what the fuck are these ones? She looks like Amy Schumer in that last one and it gives me the vibes of those creepy minor pictures >>863257

No. 863399

one of her laziest looks yet. Where to start? Unbrushed and likely unwashed hair, no accessories, no shapewear, an unhemmed dress shes drowning in (why does she have the straps like that??). No interesting posing or background for the shot either and a deer in headlights expression complete with obvious sucking her cheeks in to give the illusion of cheekbones (still refuses to use blush and contour for some reason). The only thing I can compliment her on is that shes not completely bugging her eyes out and her eye and lip makeup is somewhat flattering. But it baffles me how she and Laur think she has any chance of being famous with the lack of effort or intrigue thats put into her lewks. Like why bother? Is she just continuing at this point bc it would be embarrassing to stop and prove the boolies right or do they actually believe that fame is just around the corner?

No. 863411

File: 1641128220560.jpeg (76.16 KB, 1106x280, 3E81CA5E-ABD0-44AB-91E4-E85502…)

What the fuck is going on with the floors in the attic?

No. 863412

She doesn't bother because she doesn't actually have anywhere to go. You're right - she's just doing it just to do it. This isn't actually fun for her. Just slap on some makeup (she doesn't want to be a makeup guru anyway - it's just a stopgap to bigger and better things, remember) and put on some dress only to return it after laurs done taking photos. It's all very sad.

No. 863413


Did she buy the dress on wish? The quality looks like shit and the hems look uneven as fuck

She was probably scammed by some Chinese company on Amazon

No. 863415

The insane amount of facetune broke the floor keks.
On the other pix, one arm is bigger than the other.

>why does she have the straps like that??
Anon, I think her torso is so weird she can't have the straps on her shoulder. She's short but yet has to wear the dress lower than how it is supposed to fit, due to her gobliness body features.

No. 863416


I think SHE thinks off the shoulder is sexy. She's constantly yanking shirts and sweaters that could fit normally down her shoulders like this as well.

No. 863429

She looks like a sex trafficking victim

No. 863430

both her arms look so fucked up. This is her laziest photoshop in a while.

No. 863433

File: 1641160385000.jpeg (544.42 KB, 828x1473, 0A317B7C-9058-443D-9738-1CE6B6…)

Love the visible dry shampoo residue

No. 863434

you know it smell crazy in there

No. 863452

File: 1641178155031.png (191.59 KB, 252x644, kek.png)

LOl it's supposed to look like this. Note the straps

No. 863460

Looks like a dated mother of the bride dress.

No. 863463

It's not that good looking on the model

No. 863476


Ah, it's another rent the runway disaster.
She paid 70 dollars for this why didn't she get it in a petite size?


No. 863487

File: 1641221832551.png (493.13 KB, 677x1353, 5990E196-0626-4E0E-BFB2-E41661…)

No. 863488

File: 1641223762861.png (2 MB, 1628x2576, reallifejeaniez.png)


There had been some tinfoil upthread that this was one of Laur's sock accounts, but after taking a look at the age of the account and the list of their subscriptions, it appears that this is just one of Lillee's handful of disgusting coomer "fans" (so devoted to her, but he can't even be bothered to spell her name correctly.) Literally an incel. maybe even a pedo, considering the only three female youtubers he subscribes to are clearly his fap fodder, and one of them is a woman who frequently post videos featuring her very young child.

No. 863489

File: 1641224416067.png (1.21 MB, 960x1132, lillee jean hair.png)

Why is this video 40 minutes long? I skimmed a bit through it, as per usual her hair is sad and greasy and she can't style it right. Nothing wrong with getting mommy to help you with your hair Lillee.
>I know the supply chain is really not good right now but these are really good!I can see why some of you guys were asking.
She's talking about those jumbo #1change4change cotton rounds she uses, no one is asking Lillee. Also she folds it in half and only uses one side to apply toner.

Sounds like he's your type Lillee, he's like the real life version of Pheepy!

No. 863513

>Finally get to see those sexy toes lol

Lillee's constant pandering to footfags is finally paying off

No. 863521

File: 1641247958671.png (355.39 KB, 502x895, Screenshot_3.png)

Are brands really still falling for her scam or is she just lying? Gotta love that impossibly small to read text under affiliate link.

No. 863522

Because she's only "petite" in stature, kek. The dress would be as wide as it was long

No. 863532

a lot of these insta "brands" are just chinese crap.

No. 863540

Maybe a troll, or a pedo, or herself
looks like an old men, or maybe she suscribed to things she knows that are for men

No. 863545

the brand seems legit, she probably just applied to be a part of their affiliate program, https://oseamalibu.com/pages/affiliates

Either Osea marketing managers don't screen their applicants very thoroughly or they actually fell for the 2k+ spam comments on Lillee's IG and think she has any authentic engagement.

Either way, they will drop her in a month or two when they track the sales and realize that zero people have bought products through her affiliate link.

No. 863605

no, the brand is 'legit' but the product is going to be some wholesale shit with their packaging. most of these insta makeup and beauty brands are just using cheap wholesalers and are all the same base products.

No. 863795

File: 1641510919470.jpeg (475 KB, 581x1043, CEDF4481-CE46-4E81-A33D-204FD8…)

Lillee, it’s ok to use a bit of salad dressing

No. 863797

What kind of absolute psychopath eats plain, dry lettuce? Not even a bit of olive oil or balsamic or even anything else flavorful?

It's like the goblins are literally from another planet and are trying to fit in by wearing human skin suits. The could ALMOST be human but there's just enough off to push it into the realm of the uncanny valley

No. 863807


She probably smothered it in dressing after taking the picture. Lillee is obsessed with showing how healthy she lives and eats, but she's clearly overweight and you don't get to her size by eating dry-ass salads all day.

No. 863811


The (il)logic here is that if you just post photos of food you pretend to eat all the time, you can fool people int thinking that you are slim and healthy. It's like thinking that if you buy 1 mil followers/views/likes/fans/whatever then you can fool people and companies into thinking you are a a celebrity. The problem with the salad thing is that posting photos of salads is not what makes you toned, healthy, and slim. You actually have to do the work, and we all know how she feels about work. Anyway, these photos are in response to the posts here about her awful weird pasta tofu dish and all the photos of pizza and Chinese food, maple syrup on pancakes, etc. That's all it is. We know it, she knows it. It has nothing to do with promoting an honestly healthy lifestyle or clean eating. These are just sad knee jerk reactions to what she reads here. It's very boring.

No. 863825

It's not even healthy. It's 95% iceberg lettuce (no nutritional value) and a few scraped tomato peels. To note, that fork is clean.

No. 863826

It's the sad, 1 ounce side salad included with their "Family Meal" order of 2 XL pizzas and family size bread sticks. Zoomed in closely so you think there's more to it. Why waste the dressing on the leaves when you can just dip your pizza in ranch dressing?

No. 863841

Of course! It's HER idea of what healthy eating is.

Exactly nonnie!

No. 863872

No. 863873

Bitch wearing three masks and complains she “can’t breathe”.

No. 863875

File: 1641588006454.jpeg (218.92 KB, 483x500, 8B5E3ABD-F63E-46C1-89EB-2660A4…)

What the fuck

No. 863876

Spoiler that shit would you?

No. 863877

Well, she DID equate herself to George Floyd so…

No. 863880

Christ alive what a hot fucking mess!
Any dentists on here give their professional opinion? Because to the untrained eye it looks as though her teeth are rotten before they've even erupted from the gums!

Her whole mouth is a mess. What the hell is going on on the roof of her mouth where it looks like a loose flap hanging down? Why? She's always crying about boolying and doxxing and yet she's the one posting so much of herself that we intimately know what the inside of her mouth looks like!

No. 863883

File: 1641590268514.png (608.05 KB, 718x716, teeth1.png)

Left is October 12th, right is December 9th.
>Ever since this happened I've been really into teeth now, I'm like damn that's a really sexy tooth, that's a good tooth! You can see on the top right corner the separation which is movement. There's not that many links left.

To add to this, from her words
>The top (photo) is 20 minutes after it was done. I had about 4 inches thick of gum tissue normally it's only 2 inches thick, that is why I was having so much pain so they removed that. Within 3 hours you could see the tooth was very visible. Now it's scabbing which is really good, I'm healing really awesome.

No. 863884

File: 1641590569638.png (859.47 KB, 995x717, teeth2.png)

>This side has had the most notable improvement. If you look at the insicor tooth you can see that moved alot. I got some sexy canine teeth I don't know maybe I'm mavis.
Laur and Earl are fucking sick, Lillee going through all this pain and surgery now when it's obvious Lillee has had dental problems for years. It's one of the few things that makes me pity Lillee. They also instilled that attitude in Lillee that she's perfect, she doesn't need to change, any criticism the bullies point out is a lie and she needs to defy them by not doing anything to change.

No. 863885


Some green texting on a Friday. Why the hell not. So much milk!

>Starts the video with her sitting in the driver's seat.

This is clearly to flex that she is independent enough to drive herself around but no one is fooled. Despite all the photos and videos of her sitting in the driver's seat or coming out of the driver's seat, we all know Laur is her chauffeur.

>Theo in multiple shots makes it clear he does NOT want her coming near him.

Can you blame the cat? God forbid it develops mouth cancer or gets sick in a different way. In that household spending on unnecessary makeup takes priority over much needed veterinary care.

>Laur: "We'll be your servants. Don't worry. Or, he'll [Earl?] be your servant and I'm just… heh heh heh…"

>At 0:53: "Oh my god what assholes."

Is she referring to herself and her mother? Or someone who actually took a parking spot she thinks is entitled to only her? Unclear.

>Gets in the car, this time in the passenger seat.

All throughout, but particularly inside the car, the shots are worse than amateurish. They are out of focus, poorly edited, extreme closeups of her nostrils, and shaky. Maybe she thinks this is artistic but like her drawings, it is not.

>Also throughout, but mostly inside the car, she does this weird duckface the whole time to show how lusciously plump her lips are even without the overdrawing.

It looks ridiculous and cringey. Very forced. Her upper lip especially is very thin so along with the overbite, it looks so unnatural.

>At 1:29, mommy is having a flashback!

Don't want to know.

>Laur says lj is "extremely smart". lj talking about how she went back to sleep and woke up at a time the rest of us who have jobs can't sleep until.

>Lots of casual cursing between mother and daughter. Laur probably thinks she's being a cool mom. It just comes off as trashy.

As a Queens kid, I can tell you with authority, these people are really the dregs of Queens natives. Please do not think all of Queens is like them.

>At around 4:00, weirdly blurry footage (why even bother) where you can't make anything out, but the point of that segment is a very deliberate talk between them about editors working for them and their disdain for anyone who won't prioritize their project.

Something to that effect. Can't care less about what they're referring to, but it's basically to flex how they have people working for them or whatever.

>Post surgery blah blah blah.

I'll let dental anons go into detail. Personally, the teeth crap is the least interesting.

>Theo runs away from the person speaking to him in the high pitched baby talk.

Theo, you are one smart kitty.

>Mashed potatoes from a mix. Peas from a can.

This grown woman who is almost 21 has her mother cook her mashed potatoes and peas. Forget that mashed potatoes is the easiest thing to make using real boiled potatoes and some milk and butter. And that frozen peas taste so much fresher and has more nutrients. This grown ass woman cannot be bothered to open a packet of potato granules and a can of peas and mush them up together herself. But yeah, keep posting those closeups of undressed lettuce.

>Laur wanted to go in and be with her adult daughter as she had oral surgery but couldn't because of something about glasses.

This helicoptering really isn't healthy you guys.

>Shots of canned peas mushed into fake mashed potatoes. Followed by ice cream. Is that Earl's voice in the background?

>Her teeth are sexy has hell.

So… is she now pandering to dental fetishists as well?

>At 11:20 VERY deliberate butt shot.

Pauses to bend over to make sure Pradip - I mean, Pheepy - got a really good look.

>More disgusting shots of food, nostrils, greasy hair. Every time she takes a sip of tea, she rinses her mouth with it, swishing it around before swallowing. Personally, this is the most disgusting.

More of Earl talking in the background. More trashy casual family cursing.

This is the stuff of nightmares, folks. Wish I could rinse out my brain after watching that.

No. 863886

File: 1641590899084.gif (6.28 MB, 762x633, lil dentist.gif)

>Lillee Jean's recent braces vlog features her before laser surgery, as well as during, and aftercare journey. She recently, palatally, had her gums lasered, to ensure the impacted canine teeth have an easier "tunnel" to push through. The vlog is visual, with videography, and pictures, that speak for themselves.
Well yeah the vlog is visual Lillee, do you know what a fucking vlog is?

I have never known anyone who wears 3 masks. We usually see Lillee with just 2, she probbaly added that extra useless one because we've talked about how transparently she actually doesn't give a fuck about covid. She complains about not being able to breath so much, it's because you're wearing 3 fucking masks Lillee. At this point just get a bubble.

At 3:47 there's clips that picks up mid conversation between Laur and Lillee, no context to what they're talking about and it's chopped up.
>The editing is so important, I need to be in touch with that and for that editor they need an assistant editor to recheck that. Because they can't not be reachable and then they have this fucking film and you can't even look at it. Because "Oh I'm sorry I have other projects", like are you kidding me?
>Well that's also where Luke would be very useful going forward.
>Alot of people they get so overwhelmed by the concept. As long as you know you need an assistant in this an editor there someone to videographer there, as long as you know the rules and how to do it.
What is our girlboss talking about now kek? Something to do with her bullying documentary? If it has nothing to do with Lillee's shit then that was useless to put in, just padding out her video with boring conversations that if they do have to do with Lillee, make her seem like a bratty child.

No. 863889

The details of her abusing the food on her plate, "drinking" and chewing…. is so damn creepy and vomit inducing (when i saw how she rinsed her moouth with her drink i had to go get some fresh air). She really has nothing interresting in her life so she has to film this?! all the time?! i wouldn't care if she was eating normally and normal looking food but she eats the food i give to my pigs. I remember the saying You are what you eat, and this bitch really be like mashed potato with frozen peas mushed and squished making the worst sounds that are just as punchable as her fakeass voice. DISGUSTANG!

No. 863909

why is she wearing 3 masks??? is she so stupid that she 3 years into the pandemic still hasn't realized that the point of masks isn't to protect her from getting covid but to protect other people from getting infected by her.

No. 863911

good god does laur ever just stfu

No. 863922

>why is she wearing 3 masks???

Rather than be truthful and realistic about covid, she likes to spin it like that is the reason she isn't invited to events or go anywhere. It's just really convenient for her. She got vaccinated so she's basically protected from getting so sick to the point of being on a ventilator or dying. I don't know anyone who has been vaccinated and wears 3 masks. It's not about protecting the immunocompromised or very young children. It's just the narrative she likes to tell because she thinks it excuses her from having a normal social life and acting like an adult.

No. 863927

File: 1641618622322.png (3.43 MB, 1914x1682, .png)

jesus christ, the state of her mouth. even when (if, really) her canines come into place, she's going to look bizarre because of how tiny her outer incisors are. her genes are genuinely poisoned. never seen such a categorically terrible looking human being.

also love that during the vlog you can see laur is making her a mix of instant mashed potatoes and canned peas. not one person in this household is employed and they can't manage to get off their lazy asses to make mash from scratch? the fuck?

No. 863928

Ugh what a drag!! I can't believe lara Millie Jean is SUCH an asshole how fucking disgusting!! i need some help to handle this

No. 863929

Maybe that's all they had at the community food pantry.

No. 863930

How many days of not washing does it take to accumulate that much dirt under your nails? Wears 3 masks but doesn't practice decent hygiene?

No. 863931

It’s probably going to take another couple of years to get her canines in place. Her mouth is such a disaster and Laur is a terrible mother

No. 863932

File: 1641622303920.gif (7.48 MB, 600x928, 715A0542-868D-4415-B4D7-3438A4…)

Does she not know how to use resistance bands? Kek

No. 863933

File: 1641622352444.jpeg (728.51 KB, 828x1459, 2C0E382B-41EA-491B-9D85-AFF746…)

No. 863934

It's just another way for her to gaslight her daughter and keep her close and dependent on her. After all, she will always need her chauffeur mother to take her to the dentist.

No. 863937


Why is the roof of her mouth a sickly grey and would it kill her to wax her upper lip jfc

No. 863957

I can’t wait to see how her smile looks with mostly corn teeth and two shiny new incisors lol

No. 863962

File: 1641659930153.jpeg (150.67 KB, 750x1076, 3C35882D-7377-4807-BDD3-1F8B65…)

She’s being posted again in beautyguruchatter on reddit lol

No. 863964

I seriously wonder how this family manages to live in a huge house in Queens, order takeout, have pets and own a car. None of the three has any resourceful income. I'm not from the US, but not even the poorest people in Germany can maintain this standard of living.

No. 863968

I predict a DMCA takedown in less than 24 hours

We already know that Laur's business has failed several times, she doesn't pay taxes and has lots of debt. The truemans are grifters and are not above scamming both government and people.

I'm sure Laur has lots of credit cards not only in her name but in Lillee and Earl's too.

No. 863969

File: 1641663484238.png (500.22 KB, 828x1792, 58E9721E-96AF-46FE-A584-13A2A1…)

All of the accounts that made these posts have been deleted

No. 863970

Both of her cats are obese so they’re probably feeding them the cheapest food possible

No. 863974

do we not think Earl gets Social Security?

No. 863976

I'm sure both Earl and Lillee receive benefits.

No. 863981

File: 1641666696607.png (1.11 MB, 1478x2920, ashy.png)

So there was a post on r/BGCr yesterday mentioning LJ :

The post itself didn't present anything new about the attic goblins, but there was one interesting thing about it. Nearly every comment was either warning OP that they were in danger of attracting Laur's wrath or expressing surprise that the eyeball queen was still around after she got exposed for fakery…except from one lone positive response from an account that was created less than 24 hours ago.

picrel is the entirety of the account's activity so far. Support for Lillee, ridiculous self-hating, anti-black race bait, and sausages. Looks like Shaniqua 2.0.

No. 863984

File: 1641671793684.gif (22.83 KB, 600x480, 79a.gif)

>Europeans were very daring and adventurous more than other ethnic groups I daresay

No. 863986

Ah yes, the classic "compare the black community to crabs in a bucket" trope that isn't at all overused by racists online

No. 863995

She writes in a coherent fashion and even allows that LJ made some mistakes, however minor, so it can't be Lillee or Laur.

No. 863997


you do have a point, anon. the writing style is more grammatical/coherent than anything the truemans usually post, subject matter notwithstanding. the fact that someone created a reddit account shortly after the LJ post and their first stop before heading to white knight for queen lillee was to go shitting on black people unprovoked is very weird and laur-esque, though.

whoever it is, i really doubt that they are black, unless they have internalized unfortunate ideas about themselves. it might just be some bored kid trolling.

No. 863998

My bet is on that strange “photographer” from pull who namefagged here and let her kids watch lillee’ channel. Don’t remember the name or which thread it was on though, but I remember seeing her same user (robin preston or something?) act supportive in lj’s yt comment section even after having posted here. Just bizarre.

No. 864003

File: 1641694544254.png (1.89 MB, 656x2352, FF02FA5A-1DC3-4A1F-AE66-5F75CC…)

Lillee got new Coach frames

No. 864007

The Deep_Peanut_5025 account was suspended. No idea why, the account could have been counted as spam perhaps? Or maybe she went on a reporting spree of all the people in the BGC thread and was suspended for false reports. The LilleeJean account, Independent-Carpet96 and OkAide9289 (2 sock accounts that commented on LJs posts) aren't suspended however.

Lillee's probably reading that thread and being disappointed there's no one really cyberbullying her and they're all being tame. She wants to be able to say reddit is evil when in reality no one gives a fuck about her there.

>huge house
Isn't the house not actually that big? I recall it being a duplex so the Truemans only live in one part of the house, that kitchen is fucking tiny. An actual trailerhome would fit their lifestyle better. As for the cats, they just buy the cheapest shit that's the bare minimum for having a cat and call it a day. Doubt they even take them to the vets. They probably got their cats from a cheap or even free place like craigslist.

No. 864018

Huh, I'll believe it when I see the coach logo on the glasses themselves. Lots of optometrists will give you a free brand name case if you just ask

No. 864022

File: 1641714007426.jpg (183.33 KB, 1280x1920, 271601700_493995435420284_1037…)

The fuck is happening with that shoe

No. 864023

File: 1641714221327.jpg (213.38 KB, 1440x1806, 271669658_494027232083771_8639…)

No. 864025

File: 1641720569663.jpg (148.51 KB, 959x1247, Screenshot_20220109-012415_Ama…)

They're Coach, but Coach isn't even "designer" designer when it comes to glasses. They're free-with-VSP tier as far as I can tell. Just more what-poor-people-think- successful-people-buy nonsense from thaeyeballqueen. Sorry poor.

No. 864029

she had a chance to finally buy some cool glasses and she chose the most grandma resebling ones again. I think we officially call her Antistylish at this point.

No. 864032

as much as she and laur loves to screech about how she's just a kid, she really loves to dress like the 30+ segment

No. 864039

>what-poor-people-think- successful-people-buy

Exactly. Some anons have said that the kind of fast fashion (that is most likely produced using highly abusive and unethical practices) she likes to buy, wear, then return are what poor people think are stylish and make her look cool. But the poor quality of these clothes are so evident, and the fit is terrible so it actually achieves the opposite of what she wants.

As for the glasses, they look almost identical to the first one. Hey, if that is what she likes, fine. The sad/ridiculous part is that she's flexing that they are Coach. As if that is impressive. I won't go into how Coach's brand prestige has fallen, which it has. It's the fact that she has no clue as to what is the latest in fashion and then flexes her ugly frames that look just like her old ones and brags that they are Coach. It's like her taste is the Paramus mall, but at the low end.

It's OK to like old granny glasses and dress in a poor person's idea of The Housewives of New Jersey. It's the silliness of genuinely thinking this is the height of sophistication.

Going back to the German anon's comment about how they can afford these things, as someone who grew up in Queens and knows the area where she lives, I can't quite understand how they can afford it either, although I can make an educated guess as to how they get their money when no one in that household works.

First of all the cats. It is easy to adopt cats for free from shelters. There are services that provide free spaying so they probably took advantage of that. They likely buy the cheapest cat food and kitty litter with coupons. As for veterinary care, they do not spend any money on that. They had a cat who I think has passed away by now that had mouth cancer and couldn't eat and they just let it suffer. Had they gone for regular vet checkups they would have detected it early, then followed up with treatment. But they don't take their animals to the vet. I have one dog and I take it for regular vet care. On top of that, he has had to get emergency care, which I did immediately, and that was a few thousands of $. If you are a responsible pet owner, German anon, I can see why you are baffled at how they could afford to keep these cats. But they do not take them to the vet. Hell, Laur didn't even take her child to the dentist until she was 20.

Where they live is actually a nicer part of Queens. It's very middle class, and not particularly poor. But my guess is that Earl has disability and they are living off that and some other government service. It's not a large home, but for NYC, even the outer boroughs, it is a decent size for a family of 3. The gov checks probably cover the car, gas, and insurance as well.

As for food, it doesn't look like anyone is going without meals. Yes, takeout is expensive. But it seems they supplement with neighborhood free food pantries? I also think they must get food stamps.

Here's where I am just as baffled. How they hell do they afford all that makeup, shoes, dolls, and other crap? My own opinion is that Laur inherited money from her parents. I believe her father is dead, but I don't know about her mother. Either way, lj is their only grandchild so they must have left her something. Don't know about Earl's side of the family but he's so old and I doubt he inherited anything from them anyway. The only think we know is that he drummed when he was a young man (NOT for the bands they claim he had) but as far as what his actual job was, who knows?

Laur and Earl never went to college so it's not like they ever had high paying jobs. We know Laur ran a scam antique/junk selling business but I don't know how much that supported/can support all the crap they buy. Anons have said lj buys used makeup, or sells her used makeup, so that's something as far as covering makeup costs go. But this does not seem to be a very money savvy family who knows how to save and invest well.

No. 864055

Looks like she's went on a insta blocking spree. No doubt blocking real fans in the process so she just gets her fake ones commenting. Tut tut.

No. 864058

Definitely agree with this! Any account that doesn't look fake as hell and tries to interact with her she instantly blocks. Is there a way to track which accounts you've bought and which are actual people? Cause wow Lillee, I wouldn't think someone who's as "famous" as she says she is would have time to keep on top of all that. It's hilarious when she accuses people of spending all the time online judging her when it's clear as day that's exactly what she spends all day doing herself.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 864060

File: 1641752099639.jpeg (595.95 KB, 828x1358, 299D41B9-99F6-4726-99F1-E8E489…)

she looks scary here

No. 864061

File: 1641752208174.png (444.02 KB, 465x621, Screen Shot 2022-01-09 at 1.02…)

It's interesting how she hashtags #newyorklife and #newyorkfashion but there is absolutely nothing New York about it. She likes to boast that she is a born and bred New Yorker, but nothing about her lifestyle says New York. She has zero interest in the arts, her taste in clothes is more suburban bargain outlet than New York fashion, and she participates in none of the social aspects of NY living. There are zero vlogs or photos about going to the latest bars or restaurants. The most "exotic" food she will tolerate is the local Chinese takeout, and she does not know even the most basic ingredients in the widest known Korean food, bibimbap.

She's proud of her black skinny jeans. Even I, an ancient decrepit old lady, know that skinny jeans are out. 90s boot cuts and baggy bleached jeans are in. For someone so young, and who thinks she knows about NY sophistication, she really puts out the opposite.

No. 864063

She says the top is ruched but it just looks sloppy because it doesn't fit her properly. The deliberate ruching if there are any, gets lost in the wrinkles and bunching because although it's tight on her horizontally, because of her shortness, it doesn't fit vertically hence all the bunching. You can see how tight it is in the upper arms and yet the inner elbows and further down the sleeves they are bunched and wrinkled. Also, I don't think the design in the bust is actual ruching. It's a twist in the fabric - that's not what ruche is. Below the bust, it's a complete mess. Because this is a body suit rather than a top, she can't really pull the bottom down to make the top smooth. She's also wearing tight pants so there is no room for the crotch closure of the body suit to go, other than, well, there. So this is a very sloppy and unflattering outfit.

No. 864066

>>864039 There was no money left to Laur or Lillee when Laur's dad died. That's how Laur got into selling a bunch of dilapidated used shit that nobody wanted "antiques", he was a hoarder that left Laur's mom destitute when he passed. She says as much in her own Facebook post that's been posted here before. Laur had to clean up/scavenge/sell what remained of his hoard in order to help her mom out, thus her next scam was born. I wouldn't be surprised if all 3 adults draw disability from NYS, and if Earl worked at one point in his life or was a vet he could be getting some type of pension on top of it. Add to that SNAP (food stamps), HUD/Section 8 to help cover most of the rent, the bare minimum coverage for car insurance, multiple other forms of welfare and that's probably where the bulk of their money comes from. They also qualify for discounted utilities and you know they take advantage of it. Laur/Earl seem to claim bankruptcy every 7-10 years, so we know they're a fan of running up their credit cards and taking out small loans that they never pay back. I'm actually more surprised that they can still rent with an eviction on their record, and a recent eviction at that. If people have to pay to be in her shitty engagement pod (another scam since she's got no legit followers), there's your money for used makeup and cheap clothing. She returns half of it anyway, so it's not like they spend a great deal of money on clothes.

There's no way that they were able to show 3x the monthly rent which is usually required when you rent a home from most landlords, both public and private. So either they're on some HUD and/or section 8 type of program, or they knew the landlord and were able to get their foot in the door before the other eviction showed up on their record. You won't see them moving any time soon now that it's (eviction) is visible, it will come up on all 3 of them since they were all named in the paperwork. Even with a co-signer, they're pretty much screwed for the foreseeable future unless someone is renting the place for them and leaving all 3 of them off the paperwork. When you're getting rental assistance, discounted utilities, not paying your other bills in full and living off credit cards (because you think fame & fortune is just around the corner and you'll be able to pay them off when the $$$ rolls in…) it's easy to live like they do.

I think it's great that safety nets exist, however, these pieces of garbage are reason those programs get a bad name. It's one thing to need help during hard times, but it's a complete other when you make it a way of life and leech off a system you've never payed in to. The Trueman's are really no different than the stereotypical "welfare queen" you've heard of all your life; only difference is they aren't popping out a bunch of kids in order to not work and rake in the benefits. Instead they scam social security and disability when atleast 2 of them have never worked an honest job in their life. I say 2 out of 3 because I can't speak for Earl, but I can't imagine an honest, hard working man would tolerate Laur for longer than a few months, let alone marry and have a kid with her. I wouldn't be surprised if he's a vet or worked just long enough to qualify for SSDI, which is different from SSI and pays more. Lillee & Laur aren't so gravely disabled that they can't work, obvious mental impairments aside. They're just lazy and keep fooling themselves into thinking that they'll be able to pay off their debts when Lillee's payday comes rolling in. Little do they know that her only chance at fortune is getting hit by a cab and suing, she'll never be a famous celebrity. I'm pretty sure Laur already tried suing Geico after a car accident but it blew up in her face miserably and now she's banned from ever using their service or those that they underwrite, much like what happened with Uber (kek).

No. 864067

>>864061 How is her hair both greasy and dry? Bad move Lilz - you can't return that top of its got a bunch of grease stains on it from your unwashed carrot top mop. We all know she reads here, you'd think she would take some of the advice given to her instead of listening to her batshit insane mother with the fashion sense of a 90 year old woman. For some reason she takes everything Laur says as gospel, and to make it worse, she truly believes she's got the figure to pull off anything she wears when that couldn't be further from the truth. She's got the body of an oompa loompa linebacker hybrid.

No. 864068

She looks like a 45 year old paralegal from Newark

No. 864071

Her in that wrinkly, flesh-coloured top is giving me flashbacks to the rotting old crone coming out of the bathtub of room 237 in The Shining

No. 864072

File: 1641761824085.png (Spoiler Image,450.08 KB, 792x508, 1A4EA337-323E-4331-BC60-C11C45…)

Her top reminds me of the “human” version of the crash test dummy

No. 864073

File: 1641761847646.png (389.01 KB, 405x569, Screen Shot 2022-01-09 at 3.47…)

Thank you for that excellent assessment, anon. All of what you wrote make total sense.

>For some reason she takes everything Laur says as gospel
The reason is that Laur worships her and tells her everyday how stunning and highly intelligent she is. It's a warm comfortable echo chamber where she is praised for doing nothing so for a narcissist and someone who doesn't want to work very hard, of course she will take as gospel anyone who tells her how amazing she is.

I just noticed something that I didn't see before because of all the wrinkles. Forgive my poor technical skills in picrel but the dotted line shows where her actual boobs end. But the bust seam of the top are quite far below. Because this is such a cheaply made garment, there is no support in the bust seams so they just lie flat. This bodysuit is too long for her but it fits her width. I know she has posted some laughable "fashion" before, but this takes the cake in terms of how unbelievably ignorant she is when it comes to fit. Or maybe she doesn't care. Either way though, this is nothing to be proud of.

No. 864074

if anyone would benefit for joining the fashion cult known as kibbe, it would be lillee. She would certainly be a romantic type (short, stubby limbs, fleshy, rounded shoulders that only look wide due to being fat). It would help her create a cohesive style that flatters her while coddling her ego by emphasizing how uber feminine she is for being short and lardbased.

No. 864076

For the love of god WEAR A FUCKING BRA.

No. 864078

I know what you meant anon, but indulge me while I address the bra situation. Wearing a bra would not help in this case. The bodysuit is completely disproportionate to her shape. She doesn't have the skills to tailor her own clothes, and she can't anyway if she is renting dresses and returning Shein or Wish or whatever cheap clothes she is buying that is produced by exploiting people (while she pays lipservice to "upcycling" which she uses incorrectly). She can't afford to buy well made clothing either, which can be expensive when you are extremely short and wide (not trying to be mean here, but she is very wide in terms of US petite sizing). Here's an idea for this self proclaimed CEO. Use your size to do good in the world and stop buying fast fashion: create a company that makes good quality and affordable clothing for extremely short overweight people. Stop pretending to be a petite size 2 when you clearly are not (it's called vanity sizing). Or learn how to sew and vlog about it. Turn it into a business if you actually are serious about entrepreneurship. (But she isn't. She just want to do minimal work and thinks becoming a successful entertainer is just around the corner.)

She has extremely limited options when shopping super cheap fast fashion sites because to keep things cheap, these businesses don't have a wide selection of different size patterns. Also, because they outsource the manufacturing to the lowest bidder, the sizing standards are all over the place. We've all seen the memes of what clothing looks like on a Shein site, and what it looks like in real life - and many of the women posting themselves in those clothes are already standard sizes and slim.

In the case of this bodysuit, as poorly as it is made, it was cut in a pattern meant for a much taller person. Even the bust seams are uneven as you can see from the pic so this can't possibly look good on a taller slender person, much less someone much shorter with a very short shoulder-to-bust measurement.

Personally, the same way I don't judge anyone here for calling her fat, I don't judge her for being fat. It's just a fact that she is overweight and carries a lot of body fat. It might not be her fault - look at Laur and the genes she has to deal with. But it is her fault for not doing the extra research to really understand her shape and dress for it, especially when fashion is part of her "brand" (as misguided as that is). Rather than spend money on 10 Shein pieces, maybe she should buy 1 really well fitting piece. They are out there, she just has to look a little harder.

No. 864082

File: 1641770953293.png (736.73 KB, 929x600, 90819B2C-0C90-4571-9217-042ABB…)

No. 864090

File: 1641778399849.png (1.01 MB, 814x996, Screen Shot 2022-01-09 at 8.32…)

Agreed, what she should have went for is something with sturdy construction that would hold shape and work with her weird proportions rather than against it. Like this bodysuit from Goldsign. It's $250 though, but if they stopped purchasing followers they could swing it

No. 864105

File: 1641797487793.jpeg (155.13 KB, 827x925, 639E7BFA-52C9-4F48-9771-5F47A4…)

I just find her photoshop skills laughable. She really should double check these before posting because the rounded floor and vastly different proportions on each side aren’t fooling anyone. How can one side be perfectly hourglass, smooth all the way and the other with rolls, lumps, and straight waisted? Her body is on video, there is no need to photoshop an hour glass figure when we all know she has no shape to her body.

No. 864109

I just mean in general. Her tits are tragic. Well, everything about her is, but a bra is something that could help them look like they aren't melting down the side of her body… at age 20…

No. 864113

File: 1641820956077.jpeg (679.06 KB, 663x1184, 570DC824-670B-4048-91DD-E1862D…)

Putting a takeout container on a clean plate is very classy, Lillee

No. 864114

It always baffles me how poor are her general human skill and understanding on the most basic everyday stuff.
It's like when she throw the whole tea bag inside her cup, paper tag included.
Like what on earth?? The way her brain dysfunction is so bizarre.

I'm with the Anon who said LJ
>comes of as an alien trying to be human but failing miserably.

No. 864126

glasses fag here, Coach brand frames are garbage tier. They sell them at Walmart and Target optical centers even.

No. 864128

They're just branded/licensed Luxottica frames that you find at literally every optician. You can find cuter frames for even less money on any online discount frame site, but her taste is really bad and she's using the brand as a crutch to communicate luxury when she could look 10x better in no name glasses if she just knew what was on trend and suited her face.

No. 864135

>low effort nitpick

you ladies find the smallest things to hyper analyze

No. 864136

File: 1641846129217.jpeg (534.13 KB, 668x1012, A1678825-DB63-412D-B0B1-83952B…)

No. 864138

why tf is there burning buildings behind her

No. 864139

duh, its 9/11 nonnie! #newyorklife #newyorkfashion

No. 864149


holy dolldivine batman!

She's commissioned art from this artist before, the simpsons one. Love how she calls it sponsored. It's a commission SHE paid for, and the artist wouldn't even put it up on their page.

No. 864150

even with superpowers she's useless. bitch stop posing and put out those fires

No. 864151

Exactly, how exactly is this even sponsored? They made it for you because you shilled out 20-50 something bucks for them to badly trace shit, they're not sponsoring you, or even supporting you Lillee.

I'm 100% it's the ending of Fight Club, that tracer can't even come up with some new asset or whatever that'd match Wonder Woman kek.

No. 864152

File: 1641858017843.png (245.55 KB, 836x1822, valientceo.png)

New article from a new site, unless this is recycled and I'm missing that. Lillee's starting to sound like a real MLM running #bossbase more and more. Please spare yourself the headache and don't read that last answer, it's just even more Lillee Jean nonsense. It's like listening to a 5 year old ramble, complete with super hero shit.

>Our management style is free-flowing. It is based on trust, and love for the content we are creating, as well as the causes we advocate for.

That's a funny way of saying lying, scamming, mass reporting, and having mommy harass the boolies.

No. 864154

I know nothing about this artist, but could it be that this person is slyly commenting on her in some way?

No. 864155

Damn, I should have listened to you anon. I read that last one despite your warning and now I am cross eyed.

>We don't discriminate against somebody, as anybody coming to the table is important to us that has the same ideology that we have. It is better to have a diverse group than a "yes" group of people.

Um, doesn't the first sentence negate the second? I actually read this several times to see if I was misreading it. I even tried to channel goblinese attic pidgin to understand. If they have the same ideology that you have, then it is not a diverse group.

No. 864164

File: 1641867615680.png (218.77 KB, 539x542, Screenshot_3.png)

Seems fishy. Lillee knows no one would want to write for her except for the boolies.

No. 864168

Kek is this bitch trying to be like the new Man Repeller? Spoiler alert- that ended poorly and so will this.

How long til their "writers" sue them for unpaid wages?

No. 864177

is she trying to charge people to post their articles on her website? I’m sure she’ll dip into her engagement pod for unwitting, desperate idiots like she’s already doing for her Talks Live bullshit.

No. 864178

File: 1641878121353.png (428.83 KB, 1840x834, bots.png)

Lillee bought some bots to like this tumblr post. Screenshot isn't even all the bots, just some of them. https://lilleejeantalkslive.tumblr.com/post/670480756642037760
It's for that Solved Skincare again, on the YT video Lillee bought comment bots and now this? Who it is doing it or for whatever reason I don't know.

No. 864181

File: 1641878335566.png (429.28 KB, 522x718, snail848494 lillee jean.png)

Along with that, Lillee has tumblr sock accounts to reblog and like her posts. Found 2.
https://snail848494.tumblr.com/ - Reblogs posts adding on shit so it'll show up in searches I'd assume. Pic related, notice the same tags Lillee uses.
https://holpblots.tumblr.com/ - Likes and reblogs.

No one else likes her posts besides the occasional real people, and ones that must be porn bot accounts like one named renefalk and giovannatrav-sissycumslut kek.

No. 864184

at this point, who is this for? who is this impressing? such a waste of the little money they have

No. 864186

She is probably doing it for solved so they won't figure out her scam lol. Too bad she couldn't buy like and comments for solved's ig

Holpblots is definitely Laur. It's her Reddit username. I bet the first one is Laur too.

No. 864195

File: 1641908856765.png (1.08 MB, 828x3898, AEDDFAC0-D58B-402F-97E8-815008…)

No. 864196

File: 1641916393626.jpg (403.49 KB, 2880x2880, 20220111_102802.jpg)

>>864186 Yep, holpblots is (one of) the usernames Laur used when she went on a rampage over at BeautyGuruChatter back when they did a write-up about Lillee (you know the one). If there was any doubt, she used her signature "have a g8 day" and outed herself by the second comment, right after she linked Lillee's "thaeyeballqueen" website. Out of curiosity I checked to see if that site was still up and sure enough it is; she posted a link on it a few days ago to her new Marvel Wanda Cosplay. The weird part is it shows as being removed, and if you look at Lillee's YouTube, the video isn't there. She's got the dental one from 3 days ago and then after that it's the "Emily in Paris - Lancome" from 8 days ago. Picrel is from the post and removed video. I'm guessing Marvel doesn't like their name being used and issued a DMCA to pull it, but who knows.

No. 864197

File: 1641916731956.png (374.54 KB, 2348x1544, laur tiktok.png)

Yes, how could I forget about that account! I found Holpblots on Tiktok, following and being followed by Lillee.

Ok but why would someone want to write for you Lillee? Are they getting payment or is it for exposure? I could write for somewhere like Buzzfeed if I wanted to, so why would anyone want to write for you? With how Lillee has done things in the past like IP tracker links, this just seems fishy. No one would write for her besides troll submissions and she knows that. I bet we'll just see Laur herself submitting articles pretending to be someone else like the Shaniqua situation. This could be the time for James Dee to shine!

She does that with upcoming videos. She'll link them even though they aren't public.

No. 864203

maybe I’m just not a fashionable new yorker but ‘animal print fuzzy bucket hat’ is a cursed string of words

No. 864204

>>864203 I know you were being sarcastic anon, but I'm a New Yorker (that actually leaves the house) and uh… yeah, nobody I know would wear that hat. You already knew that though. Lillee has no clue about fashion and what's on trend because she doesn't leave the house, has 0 friends, and follows exactly 0 people her age (lest she get jealous), so this is the result. Weird outfits that don't match, unflattering… well, everything, and 0 effort put into looks. She keeps tagging her photos "NYfashion" and the like, but she fails to realize that people just scroll on past her hideous looks. She's not going to get any followers dressing like that, doesn't matter how many hashtags she uses. She can't even make up her mind on what image she's trying to project; one minute she tries (and fails) to dress "sexy", the next she's back to acting & dressing like a child that wants to emulate a Disney princess. It's bizarre, especially for someone who is almost 21 years old.

No. 864210

Googlefu brings up the lulucartoons website which I very much doubt gave Lillee a freebie let alone a sponsored freebie.
this is basically one of those paid picrew maker thingies which then slap your image onto a shirt/canvas/shopping tote or whatever.

Of course Lillee can't attract any actual digital artists to make actual art of her. She'd kick off if they made her look like her ACTUAL representation. Makes sense she'd use a paid doll maker esque site/app to make her own fanart kek.

No. 864212

If Lillee had just picked a consistent aesthetic (Vintage Parisian would fit with her obsession with her "French" heritage and would be the least unflattering) and sunk all of the money they spent buying followers and "interviews" into lessons (for any skill, really.) she could have developed a small, genuine following.

Unfortunately inconsistency, laziness, and cheating run through her goblin veins.

No. 864213

The irony is that their "guidelines" have grammatical and punctuation errors, then they say that the contributor needs to check their own grammar and spelling.

I can't tell if they are offering to pay people to write for them (doubt it), or if this is some scam to get people to pay them to "publish" their writing. Or, is it just getting people to write for her for free in exchange for "exposure"?

No. 864219

Why earn money when you can follow your dream of being published on a website no one reads?

No. 864229

Wake up anons new LJ talks vid

No. 864230

"So you model too?!" … Lillee I would hardly call what you do "Modelling".

No. 864244

I find it interesting that Lillee has posted nothing in her ig stories about the fire in Bronx. It’s a huge story in NY but I can’t expect our kween to care for the perils of the poors

No. 864248

wym?! she posted this >>864136 just a few days ago nonnie

No. 864250

>For citation, we prefer MLA STYLE. We accept other citation systems, especially APA
WTF is this a beauty blog or an English 101 paper?

No. 864281


Trying to figure out the angle here–are they just going to post the medium shit on lillees site directly now? I thought maybe write their own pieces sucking ass to Lilz and make some new sock accounts, but that can't be it, because if it was all fake wouldn't Lillee make it look like this is a paid opportunity?

Surely a CEO could afford it, after all.

No. 864295

File: 1642010546142.jpg (641.02 KB, 2880x2880, 20220112_125652.jpg)

>>864281 Knowing the Goblins, it's probably a way to steal IPs as they have a history of doing that and they know the only submissions they will get is from trolls. They can't kick shit up on Twitter anymore since all their accounts are banned, not to mention they started to copyright strike people again on YouTube and it didn't go well. Picrel is from Ontropolis, on January 4th (I think) She received a notice from YT letting her know that Lillee tried to strike one of her videos. YT said they won't be removing Ontropolis' video as they believe the claim is fraudulent, and Lillee threw a fit when YT wouldn't cave to her demands. They know that controversy and shit-stirring is the only way Lillee gets attention and I'm sure they've seen a dip in (legit) views since the Twitter bans occurred. I know Lillee's got an IG but she doesn't seem to fuck with people over there and it's probably because she can't risk losing her blue checkmark and it's really the only SM she has left. Nobody interacts with her on tik-tok due to her shitty content and most (if not all) of her views are purchased, just like on YouTube. Since can't copyright strike on YouTube or attack people on Twitter, this is just another way for her and Laur to try and start shit.

The only other thing I can think of is that they're sick of typing up shitty articles that they know nobody reads. I also wouldn't put it past these two morons to try and sell the submitted articles about Lillee to other outlets that pay a pittance per submission. She would post a submitted article on her site, then turn around and sell it to a crappy content farm claiming that she owns the copyright because its on her site and technically you're writing for her, so she can do whatever she wants with it. Yeah, it's a stupid idea but it's absolutely something they would do. One thing I'm absolutely sure of is that they have no intention of paying anyone anything. They'd sooner charge the people submitting articles, claiming that it's a way to get the authors work seen by "millions of people in the industry and Lillee's 1 million Jeaniez", kek.

No. 864304

It seems like everything is really turning to shit for them. It won't be long before instagram starts to take notice of all the fake followers. Am surprised youtube hasn't started looking into her views because of her bullshit.

I'm guessing their either trying to dox people or trying to make themselves look legit by having actual competent people write for them. No doubt they would fail to give credit or pay anyone. Exposure doesn't pay the bills so anyone with a brain will avoid them. So I can see this being another fail. No doubt fake articles will appear giving credit to people who don't exist.

No. 864306

>I'm guessing their either trying to dox people or trying to make themselves look legit by having actual competent people write for them.

Yup that was my thought as well. There's no doubt in my mind they are looking to dox people who send in submissions "boolying" them, and if that doesn't work, they'll claim they were boolied anyway just to get attention. They've always gotta paint themselves as the victim because that's all they have.

>No doubt fake articles will appear giving credit to people who don't exist.

Wouldn't doubt it. However, They're too stupid to realize that anyone with half a brain that has suffered through Lillee or Laur's writing will be able to spot an article written by them from a mile away. The incorrect spellings, the boomer misunderstanding of slang, the multiple commas in nonsensical places - and those are just a few of their "tells". At this point, they really should just throw in the towel. Coddling their impossible dream of fame, fortune, and stardom, is costing them so much more than they could've imagined and for what? Nothing. She's achieved nothing, unless becoming an internet punchline and pariah counts. They spend more than they make, she's gotten 0 brand collabs, 0 brand deals, she's never been the face of a legitimate company, they don't have the money to start a cosmetic company, she'll never get an acting gig, it's just all so… pointless. I guess they won't learn until bankruptcy #3 commences.

No. 864308

File: 1642017821882.png (7.73 MB, 828x16692, 75DCFE6E-50A3-4EA0-9647-B22942…)

Lillee is already writing under a pseudonym kek

No. 864309

>>"If I can handle my period so can you!"

Sounds ablest, but go off Lillee.

No. 864310

I wanna hear her say this to a person who’s suffering from ovarian cysts or endometriosis

No. 864313

File: 1642020569963.jpeg (Spoiler Image,801.71 KB, 1170x1487, 4BE2D398-2480-4BD4-ABE9-264323…)

the vagina looking fruit is my favorite part kek

No. 864324

An identical article is located here: https://megofitness.com/health/1017/

No. 864325

File: 1642023558226.jpeg (444.54 KB, 828x1207, BD2822BD-5573-4289-A1E3-AF7B54…)

It’s a real writer who was probably paid for this article.

No. 864328

LMAO lillee added commas in her usual goblin grammar style where there weren’t any before. The nerve.

No. 864329

File: 1642026231735.jpeg (57.81 KB, 828x324, 2CAF8A52-0021-40B4-89E4-B78FDE…)

This article was posted mid December. It was probably a freebie from the writer

No. 864335

Maybe lillee just stole the article lmao

No. 864347

File: 1642044549088.png (40.3 KB, 717x350, lj.png)

Ah yes, Lillee is well known to be a Kanye fan. Does she just google for quotes?

No. 864350

Does Laur just write these for her? They have a real out of touch boomer tone

No. 864368

I bet that one of them just google "inspiring quotes" and copy-paste them whenever she needs to fill out another interview

No. 864414

File: 1642124451435.png (2.5 MB, 828x1903, 4352B995-66B4-4EF6-9290-DAE7B6…)

No. 864416

Here's an authentic NYC look for you, anons!!! I could easily see her sleeping on a bench in Central Park.

No. 864420

The lack of volume at the top of her head, especially compared to the curls/waves/rats nest around her shoulders makes her look like she is balding

No. 864421

Those buttons are hanging on for dear life

No. 864422

File: 1642129692995.jpeg (359.99 KB, 828x1593, E4004D65-5A7D-4374-90EC-C17194…)

They’re using rent the runway for her new photoshoots

No. 864423

Holy shit, I legit thought it was an old bathrobe when she was wearing it. She somehow manages to make any article of clothing look cheap and flimsy just by putting it on.

No. 864424

what in the bursting haggis hell is this atrocity

No. 864425

That coat doesn’t fit her. I’m not sure I understand what she’s going for with the lighting. Her hair looks like when you come home from wearing a beanie after sweating the entire day.

No. 864426

It looks like she’s having to push the coat together in the top photo. I’ve never seen someone so in denial they’re not a petite size 2.

No. 864428

This makeup makes her look like a basset hound

No. 864432

it's just so sad to me that she rents these clothes to take mediocre photos taken by her mother, to post them so that her Laur can compliment her on multiple accounts

No. 864433

her only real audience is us

No. 864436

Lillee, why do you need a coat? You never venture outside the attic. Unless you know you ARE actually wasting WellCare cash on your shitty career and not on things you might actually need in your hone like central heating etc?

No. 864439

>>864425 That was my thought as well - that jacket doesn't fit her in the slightest and she needs to stop thinking she's a model - she's barely 4ft9in and yet she wears clothes meant for people much taller than she is. That coat is supposed to be just below/around knee length, and yet on her it's almost ankle length. If she bought the correct size, it probably would be, but she's so round it stops the jacket from sitting properly. Does she not realize that she'd look much better if she was wearing clothes that fit properly as opposed to squeezing herself into a 2-sizes-too-small sausage casing? I know she's pretty much delusional about her true size but I also think she's a victim of vanity sizing, she doesn't realize that alot of these brands don't follow the fast fashion model of labeling a size 10 a size 4. For a girl that constantly claims she's a model in every bio she writes, she's hasn't the slightest clue about fashion or the clothing industry in general.

If you look at the "Rent the Runway" website picture of the coat she's wearing >>864422 you can see how that coat is supposed to lay on a non-midget's body. On Lillee, the buttons are sitting much higher than they should be, which shouldn't be the case considering her obvious lack of height. She's so stuffed into that thing that it's riding up and it looks like her upper arms are going to bust out of the sleeves incredible-Hulk style at any moment. Let's just hope that "Rent The Runway" gets the garment properly cleaned before passing it on to the next customer so they don't have to wear a smelly, cat hair covered jacket around town.

No. 864452

She definitively has a receding hairline.
The whole colour oops mess from one year ago probably made it worse. Her hair looks both greasy and fried since then and Laur had to cut it shorter.
But seriously anons, what sad sad genes. She looks so old and trashy.

No. 864453

Aren't they supposed to return it clean and not smelly?
What a stupid way to waste money.
What's the point of renting an ugly coat just to take a picture inside on the staircase?
She could have find a second hand coat cheaper, nicer and that would fit so much better.

No. 864455

Lillee can’t go shopping because of rona, so they get 4 ill-fitting pieces of clothing for $89/month from rent the runway

No. 864457

Her makeup is always boring and repetitive but this look is genuinely ugly on her. Her facial expressions don't help but this Terry-Richardson-mugshotting-a-trafficked-Ukranian-potato-farmer's-daughter-through-Scotland aesthetic is, how do I use dated meme jargon that she would use two years too late, not it sis.

No. 864463

>spending $55 to rent an ugly $326 coat for four days
This is so sad and pathetic it hurts

No. 864493

File: 1642213142561.jpg (373.22 KB, 2880x2880, 20220114_210754.jpg)

>>864463 No no, anon, all mOdElS do this! You just don't understand because you're not in the illusive "industry". It used to be that models could snag sample sizes from a designer if the designer was feeling so inclined, but now, with the "supply chain shortage" and the need to be environmentally conscious and upcycle (kek), renting low level, relatively unknown designers for a ridiculous price is all the rage. It's not a scam, Lillee Jean doesn't engage in scams! - Laur (probably)

Picrel is from Lillee's newest abomination of a "Lillee Jean Talks! Live" with yet another engagement pod scammer nobody looking to make a quick buck. There's absolutely nothing ombre about that lipstick, I'm convinced she just throws buzzwords in there (from 5 years ago when that was on trend) but has no clue what they actually mean. I took the liberty of taking some screenshots of our very own midget-model, if those don't scream "Ford Model", I don't know what does. In all seriousness, she could be cleaning up as a model for those cluck-baity ads for strip mall plastic surgeons; she'd be the perfect "before" picture in the "before and after's".

No. 864510


If you look at the coat on the website, you can see how the lines of the plaid are straight. With the buttons closed, there is overlap below the second button all the way down.

The plaid itself is not the problem but selecting such a ill fitting garment in that pattern is. I get she wants something colorful but the coat barely closes on her. In the second picture you can clearly see that it's so tight she can't get her whole hand in the pocket. But the most problematic is that the lines of the plaid only accentuate how bad the fit is. It does not hang on her like it should. The sleeves are bunched at the cuffs because they are too long on her, and the coat gapes open below the second button because it is taking a lot of stress keeping the garment closed. I don't know where these pictures are from so I don't know if there are more from this "shoot" but she would have been better off keeping the coat open. But that still wouldn't fix the other problems of sleeves, the lines, proportions, etc.

This is a very poor choice. She'd be better off in a cocoon coat that was cut for people with shorter proportions.

No. 864537

File: 1642257671669.jpg (116.92 KB, 955x545, notsolved.jpg)

Andrew from Solvedskincare are giving products away.
Why isn't LJ promoting the brand and the give away?

Did he noticed already that she's useless for collab?
48 likes, 17 comments keks

No. 864540

File: 1642260395406.jpeg (576.12 KB, 828x1340, 4CC37A79-F2D2-44AA-B83C-366CD5…)

her mouth is a black hole

No. 864550



And I bet atleast half of those comments are from Lillee herself. That's not even counting sock accounts ran by her and "momairre".
The caption is hilarious as well, "Intoxicating Stare". Yeah, if by intoxicating you mean "I drank a shitload of cheap gut rot vodka, made some bad decisions, and now I'm nauseous and hungover", then yes, this photo is intoxicating. It invokes the same feelings that I seem to get after a night of blackout drinking, repulsion included.

Lillee, close your gaping maw. And while you're at it, stop doing your eye makeup like that, you don't have the eye shape for it. All it does is remind people you've got two wildly different sized eyes and a potato nose.

No. 864587

No. 864604

File: 1642317655545.png (42.49 KB, 1093x713, 0.png)

No Lillee… it's just this image >>864493, which isn't a video nor is it from your website. It's a Youtube screenshot, is Youtube now owned by Lillee?
Lillee has been DMCAing these threads a lot lately. She (or Laur) is constantly prowling google search and image results for any critical websites to strike. Google has delisted threads few times for her, it's never going to work Lillee, keep being a cow and new threads will keep popping up. It's been said a million times, but they're just wasting their time scamming, faking, and hiding when it's easy to apologize and explain her actions, and be authentic for once.

No. 864611

This could actually be good for her skin if she does it properly and sticks to it. It would mean less angry red flare ups.

No. 864627

File: 1642361613605.jpeg (229.17 KB, 1170x1849, AC5E77B1-F531-49F6-9434-193E1E…)

Lillee tried salad dressing because anons were laughing at her dry iceberg lettuce

No. 864629

Did the food bank only have the iceberg lettuce mix this week? There's nothing else in there.

No. 864630


Really Lilz? The crappy takeout iceberg you won't eat is expected, but A PLASTIC fork?

I know she's only performatively environmental, but she can't even be bothered to fake integrity. We all know she's eating this crap (or taking a pic and then throwing it away) in her home, and she can't be assed to check the no utensils button when she orders takeout?

No. 864641

Looks like 1000 Island Dressing AKA Big Mac sauce kek

No. 864648

>>864641 Can someone please explain to me how two chronically unemployed people with literally no hobbies (trolling doesn't count) can't manage to cook a decent meal that doesn't come from a microwave? I honestly don't get it. These two have all the time in the world and yet their hovel is a pig-sty and neither of them know how to prepare a meal. It's not like they're furthering their education or working, so what the fuck do they do all day? Drink box wine and search the internet so they can send DMCA's?

No. 864649

File: 1642401125466.png (122.71 KB, 843x774, bullyish.png)

This bitch really posting inspirational quotes of herself.

No. 864658

Hilariously there’ll never be anyone desperate enough to breed with Lillee so thankfully any children she might have never have to learn from their mother’s mistakes.
Something Lillee has yet to learn herself by trying to follow Laur’s example.

Imagine being up your own ass you quote yourself instead of someone who has actually influenced the world, kek.

No. 864676

This lacks class, self awareness and reeks of delusions of grandeur. If only she tried acting humble instead of the superstar, princess bullshit. It's really becoming tired and stale and making her look nothing but laughable. Am fed up of her now .

No. 864690

I'm with you, but that's all her hobgoblin of a mother ever taught her to do.

No. 864698


Lillee took took writing her life seriously, she's been making it all up along the way

No. 864737

>>864676 Agreed. One good thing to keep in mind is that nobody, and I mean nobody, pays attention to Lillee. When she had her Twitter, she used to quote herself all the time. She maybe got one comment or a like or two here and there, but not usually. Consider that she was buying bot followers makes it all the more hilarious - she may as well have burned the money since the end result would've been the same. I know she's got more followers on Instagram, but let's be real, 90% are bots, 2% is scam companies and lackeys from her engagement pod, and the remaining 8% is Lillee and Laur's sock accounts. Someone please remind me again how this was supposed to make her famous?

I still haven't seen that Marvel Cosplay video on her site (the eyeball queen one) show up on her YouTube. I know she privates videos before she releases them but I'm willing to bet she was copyright stricken. It's Marvel after all, they're notorious for DMCA's, even moreso than the Goblins themselves.

No. 864741

This is not a defense of Lillee but why do people keep insisting that Marvel would DMCA her? You can find entire battle scenes from Marvel films and DVD extras on youtube. Marvel obviously arent copyright striking those so why would they care about some ugly cosplay

No. 864742


That's a good point, I think she claimed someone faked a DMCA takedown pretending to be Marvel, but she also went back and changed all her thumbnails of Marvel characters so there were no official pictures of the characters themselves in them. No idea what the real story is, but this is why people think that.

No. 864743

File: 1642530083885.jpeg (251.3 KB, 828x621, 589173BA-D58D-40FE-A888-F3B949…)

From the new interview

No. 864744

File: 1642530913913.jpeg (224.13 KB, 828x584, 53B7BD1C-3062-439A-869D-BD8DD0…)

From the same interview 1/3

No. 864745

File: 1642530936513.jpeg (236.77 KB, 828x693, 0275993A-F225-4AD6-B378-A824DD…)

No. 864746

File: 1642531052177.jpeg (107.52 KB, 828x314, C9F3C6D6-8516-4D15-BE2A-7F50B6…)

No. 864749

>>864746 Kek, she's so transparent and yet she thinks she comes across as this strong, intelligent ingenue. She can't even write one "article" (and I use that term very loosely) where she doesn't bring up the boolies and paint herself as the victim. She's been trying to push this narrative for 2 years now and she still doesn't realize that nobody gives a shit. Everytime she writes, it's the same bullshit that boils down to "I'm just so worldly. I created a non-registered non-profit to help save the eNvIroNmEnT and stuff, because I'm just so enlightened. 501c3? What's that? Anyway, it's called "1change4change", I scream and demand that people stop using plastic straws, but plastic cutlery and sytrofoam take-out containers are totally fine. Enough about that – back to me! Did you know I'm an anti-boolying advocate so I can tell my story for the 300th time, even though I'm not bothered by the haters. Did I mention they don't bother me? Because they don't. That's why I need to bring it up multiple times a day, everyday, any time I write something. They're such losers that don't matter and they're just jealous of me, good thing they don't bother me!"

I'd ask if she even reads this shit after her/momairre type it out, but I highly doubt it. In her mind, she's a natural talent at anything she does yet I've seen more interesting pieces written by fifth graders (better grammar too). This is why actual celebrities have real public relations people, but at this point, nothing would help Lillee's reputation. The only real people that pay her any mind is us, she's got no fan base because she's an insufferable person with no notable talents. You'd think that she would've realized that by now since she's been at this for years and it has yet to pay off. Maybe after another 10 years passes and she's still gone nowhere in life, she'll figure it out. (probably not though)

No. 864753

File: 1642534078140.png (164.64 KB, 506x727, Screenshot_3.png)

Is she going to do the same "write for me and I won't pay you!" shit with bullyish?

No. 864756

seriously sage for blog but im catching up on old threads and somehow i have the exact same birth date and year as lillee jean, maybe we were separated at birth lol. she’s quickly becoming my favorite cow because the stark difference between what she thinks is trendy/‘cool’ for a 20 year old vs what i or most people would think is appropriate is hilarious.

No. 864762

no1 curr

No. 864763

>I've seen more interesting pieces written by fifth graders
idk about you, anon, but i would love to see more of the philippe romance saga, as well as her poetry. i hope she gets tired of the corny mad lib interviews soon enough and progresses onto the path of a creative writer

No. 864767

“poor unfortunate mentally tortured souls”
ok Ursula kek

for someone who loves to overuse commas, I can’t believe there wasn’t a single comma between those adjectives

No. 864780

File: 1642567504830.png (4.76 MB, 828x4078, 26933A6B-DD4C-4F49-806C-4EA8C8…)

No. 864783

damn, lillee looks just like my 43 year old public speaking and theatre professor if she went a month without washing her hair and sucked a lemon before class. The fact that she manages to make herself look so old despite not leaving the attic enough to even risk sun damage is impressive.

No. 864786

>>864780 We've seen this top before, anons.. I'm pretty sure she used it in a previous post. Guess she decided not to return it.

Even in the most basic, bland and boring outfits, she still can't be bothered to even change it up a little. Same old matted unbrushed hair, the pearls falling off the $2 Shein top, and the makeup look that's pretty much burned into our skulls by now. It's getting old, Lilz

Also what is that thing in the second image on her pants? Is that supposed to be some sort of waist tie?

No. 864803

File: 1642593354634.jpg (40.28 KB, 1280x720, 111798933.jpg)

>>864780 is she going for this in the second photo?
Lillee you take so many advices from this forum, why wont you take the one where we tell you to close that ass of a mounth? It's so easy just put your teeth on top of eachother and don't do anything with your lips. It seriously looks the worst, you aren't doing the instagram model face, it's physically impossible for your face to do that so for the love of god, find a different face pose.

No. 864812

File: 1642599255621.jpeg (241.45 KB, 1000x1333, 7ACE2804-0128-4AF0-BB1F-4A5B67…)

She just wore it backwards this time

No. 864818

>>864780 …anndddd we're back to this idiotic "trend" where Lillee wears the same top but backwards and thinks she's making a bold fashion statement. At one point she loved doing this almost as much as she loved pulling her top down so it would sit on her weeble shoulders and show off her lack of collarbones and tree stump neck. There's really no fixing her, is there? I find it interesting that she's (poorly) written a few "articles" about accessorizing yet never does it. Throwing on a necklace isn't really accessorizing Lillee.

That first picture in the set is just awful and the greasy, unwashed hair really manages to highlight that 12-head she inherited from Laur. The makeup is horrible too, especially for a "beauty guru", and the way she's doing her eyeshadow just draws attention to her two wildly different sized eyes and pupils. Don't even get me started on that "pout" she's failing to do with her mouth. She's been at this for years, still hasn't made any traction and refuses to take advice or change. I actually think she's incapable of learning anything new or absorbing new information at this point, don't know if it's because of her dismal IQ or a learning disability, but it's pretty evident. Only a genuine lolcow would have her level of confidence while looking like a franken-midget that was put together with left over parts who doesn't have two braincells to rub together. Such a model though, kek.

No. 864830

She’s wearing sweatpants in the last pic kek

No. 864844

same pair of jeans as always, what a surprise. No fashion sense whatsoever.

No. 864999


Did she reuse a shirt to prove to the boolies she doesn't send it all back

No. 865018

She's vacuum-sealed into those jeans. I'd say I'd be surprised if she can bend her knees in those suckers, but they're probably more spandex than actual denim.

No. 865020

File: 1642710571346.jpg (36.55 KB, 765x223, bcards.jpg)

I tried but I couldn't fit all of her many accomplishments onto one business card.

No. 865026

Next thread pic

No. 865030

Lol her flabby biscuit dough ass

No. 865102


>"I am now filled with sorrow and compassion…"

The replies she writes on her Tiktok to those who comment in any way other than gushing admiration is really hateful. Her seething hatred and pettiness comes across very clearly.

It's hilarious how all of what she wrote can be said about her. Misguided? Check. Not be able to think independently without Laur egging her on and having an original idea? Check. Part of a criminal crusade to slander and defame others? Huge check. Only difference here is that she does realize it and she and her mother know exactly what they are doing. Mentally tortured soul? Absolutely. It must be torture to be that jealous of others who are thriving just doing their thing. To not know yourself and your limits and chase something that is not attainable simply because you were gaslit by your own mother. That's one serious mental torture cage you've built for yourself.

>"Sometimes I write a poem to metaphorically put words to what bothers me, in a simpler way, instead of free-writing."

What does "to metaphorically put words" mean? Using words in the wrong way does not make your writing "poetic".

It's been said over and over that at this point lj is an adult and she is responsible for her ignorance, lies, lack of talent, and overall incompetence at what she claims she excels at. But think back to you when you were 20/21. Just because you turn 18 doesn't mean that on your birthday the scales fall from your eyes and you suddenly realize your mother had been gaslighting you your whole life and you clearly see the path to a better future for yourself. The damage Laur has done to her daughter by metaphorically (this is how you use the word correctly, lillee) clipping her wings is severe and it will take a lifetime of struggle for her to make the right choices if she wants to live an independent and truly happy life. Without at least a high school education, that is pretty hard. It's difficult enough for intelligent people to move forward without a college degree so what chance does lilee have? Laur is afraid to lose her only real friend and puppet, the only thing she can control so she made sure that Lillee is entirely dependent on her for everything. That is pretty sick. Laur likes to say Lillee is strong, but she isn't. Point to one thing she's achieved that she did truly independently. I am not saying this to be funny but I think that might have been her elementary school graduation. Or her performing the Korean fan dance. If someone knows of awards she's won without Laur's help or some bs award they made up themselves, please correct me. And strong people do not perpetually whine about being a victim.

That is hilarious.

I second the motion.

No. 865130

She has turned the comments off on tik tok, because she knows she would be destroyed by the toxic idiots on there. Which proves she is very bothered by the boolies. If it affects you so much Lillee. Take a break from social media of all kinds. It will help your mental health.

No. 865149

You're right, but there are still a few in some of her dancing tiktoks. Her replies are so filled with spite at people who are simply reacting to her terrible dancing. And none of these comments are that horrible. They're like, "Um, no," or, "This is killing me!" To the latter one, she replied, "good." Wonder how much restraint it took miss love and compassion to wish covid on them.

Side note. Her dancing tiktoks are hilarious. They are some of the best examples of her lack of self awareness. I wish she'd do more. Have you ever seen little kids who don't quite yet have full physical coordination and they see sexy dancing and they try to copy the moves? They even have the serious expression on their face but it's just so funny because it's a little kid with little kid limbs and the moves are disjointed and don't flow.

Btw, dancing any way you feel like is fine. Hell, if you're a bad dancer and you just want to move your body, go for it! But the difference here is that she thinks she is as good as a pro, or at least someone who has had several years of dance training of any kind, and she has not. If you are listing your middle school dance recitals on a professional resume, you are severely delusional.

No. 865156

File: 1642820748034.jpeg (316.03 KB, 828x2719, 2AB514F5-368F-4330-8F9B-DC58DF…)

kek either her Indian foot fetish pod doesn’t do tiktok or laur couldn’t afford it. either way, the comments on her old videos are hilarious

No. 865158

not to be macabre, but what will happen to Lillee when Laur dies? She’ll be in her 30’s with no life skills and still playing with dolls and will have no clue how to fend for herself

No. 865161

Exactly that, or she'll try latching onto another influencer just as horrible as she is and further try and push the "I'M SUPER FAMOUS LULZ" lifestyle onto them and if that doesn't work she'll use them like a sponge and take advantage of all the perks that actually come with being a decent internet influencer.

No. 865165

>Her dancing tiktoks are hilarious. (…) I wish she'd do more.
How I wish to see a 20 min dance video on her yt, or let's say another workout for ballerina one. She's out of breath in less than 10 seconds so we know that won't happen.

No. 865167

Laur is more likely to get jailed anytime soon. Then LJ couldn't last two days without her and probably be send by social services in a house for disabled adult, which would be more or less like a prison.
Nice future you build LJ.

No. 865173

Hate to break it you, anon, but Laur’s committing welfare fraud at the worst. It’s a non-violent crime, she has no previous record and she’s white. Laur’s not going to jail unless she assaults a clerk at their local Walgreen’s for making eye contact with Lillee.

No. 865216

File: 1642885779895.webm (4.29 MB, 1080x2400, YouGottaBeKiddingMeLillee.webm)

>>865165 Yeah, her dancing Tik Toks are my favorite. She tries to look sexy but fails so extravagantly, then at the end she does a smug "Look how amazing I am" smile into the camera, completely unaware that she looks like an epileptic having a vertical seizure. I didn't think a person could have <0 self awareness, but watching her "dance" changed my mind. It's truly a sight to behold. She acts like she's just being silly but only when people don't kiss her ass in the comments. She uses hashtags that imply otherwise… and you just know her mother is on the other side of the camera telling her how wonderful her dancing is.

Atleast they're not as rage-inducing as the Tik Toks where she's talking about how famous and beautiful she is or her fake accomplishments. Idk if it's the saccharine sweet "baby voice", her smug face, or the combo of the two, but either way they make my blood boil. Video above is just one example of many. Notice her Harvard level vernacular, kek - "I seeked world domination". Too bad that didn't include a real education.

No. 865220

File: 1642892442954.jpeg (672.17 KB, 828x1231, 9C497382-9C3C-420F-B2DF-B74B50…)

No. 865221

File: 1642892464542.jpeg (671.42 KB, 666x1288, 47D284B1-5827-4080-9ACB-C4E476…)

No. 865224

It’s so weird how she’s leaning her foot forward like she’s on her tip toes even wearing heels

No. 865228

Everything is so ill fitting.The pants are at least 2 sizes too small, you can tell by how stretched the pockets are. She finally found a shirt that fits her in the waist but the chest and sleeves are comically oversized. For fuck’s sake, Lillee, invest $2 into a measuring tape and figure out what your measurements are. Get some plastic clips, so if clothes are still not fitting right, you can clip them into place and give the illusion you’re not a delusional goblin.

No. 865231

So…. is this her way of responding to the plastic fork post? This is just sad. She's almost 21 and yet passive aggressively responding to "sad misguided losers" over here and reading these forums obsessively pretending not to be bothered when it's clear she lives for anyone talking about her. Go to school lilee. Get a job. Work on yourself.

She thinks it elongates her legs.

No. 865232

Clips are a good idea. She can't alter the pieces because she will return them and she nor Laur can sew anyway. Lillee, listen to this anon. Get clips since you just wear these outfits to take photos, never to go out in them.

Why do I get the feeling even if they do listen to this advice they'll still get it wrong and it will be evident in their photos?

No. 865236

File: 1642900189305.jpeg (317.14 KB, 662x1192, F86B688A-312C-45AC-A79B-7652B6…)

This shoes + pants combo is fucking terrible. These are ankle pants, Lillee.

No. 865240

Serving frumpy midget realness.

No. 865352

Is it a lame filter or her face looks really swollen here?

No. 865364

kek her arrogance will never fail to amuse me.

>I'm dominating, dominating some more and have conquered all

In reality she's a twenty-year-old who
>wasn't even able to graduate from a real high school
>is unable to write correct sentences and use commas in English despite it being her native language
>has never had real income or a real job
>has no friends
>depends on her mom to do absolutely everything for her
>has an imaginary boyfriend
>Has no real talent

What exactly is she dominating in?? Besides most wrong commas in a sentence and wonky eyeliner?

No. 865400

File: 1642960293059.webm (5.89 MB, 888x1920, FullSizeRender.webm)

The smug smile description is so accurate. You can tell at the end of every video she’s thinking, “yep, nailed it”

No. 865405

File: 1642963710162.jpg (56.37 KB, 578x445, Screenshot_20220123-114227_Chr…)

I swear to God this is one of the cringiest things I've ever seen. Bitch looks like a more inbred Ugly Betty, why would she ever do this oh my God. Her pursed lips when shes doing the finger guns is fucking sending me. She's really putting some effort into these moves whew

No. 865406

File: 1642966314679.jpg (332.63 KB, 2880x2880, 20220123_141953.jpg)

>>865405 Holy shit, for a minute I thought I posted that but then I noticed that your screenshot doesn't have the pink lettering above it. Last night I was scrolling through her Tik Tok and noticed the face she makes when she does the "finger guns" and took some screenshots, albeit it was from a different video. It reminds me of that face she makes when getting overly excited (like when her mom told her about getting the Covergirl campaign but really it was that Times Square billboard that anyone can submit to..) and it's so off putting, like she genuinely can't control her face muscles or something. The dancing is cringe enough in itself, but what 20 year old incorporates "finger guns" unironically into their seizures dancing? It's like she learned her dance moves from a middle-aged mom chaperoning her kid's 9th grade dance.

Here's a couple more screenshots of her contorted "finger gun" face to haunt your dreams, anon. Can you believe Ford Models didn't sign her? They must be kicking themselves right about now.

No. 865408

>>865400 Has anyone else noticed that she's got some serious issues with her gross motor coordination? It's not just her dancing, either. In that vlog where her and Laur went to that store (the dancing with the plant video) she could barely walk in her wedge shoes and it's usually ten times easier to walk in those then it is a traditional high heel. She tried to duet with that girl on Tik Tok a while back and even though it was a relatively easy dance, Lillee's attempt to mimic her was pathetic. It looked like the two were doing totally different dances. Then there's her "ballet", the Beckford bar fuckery where she couldn't even hold the bar and bring her hands together, and a million other examples I'm leaving out. Nobody is good at everything, but surely doing a simple thing like walking or doing a pushup shouldn't be that hard. Everything about her body movement is just so off.

No. 865409

as if posting pictures of salad everyday makes her lose any weight. Dream on Lillee.
Rage-inducing is accurate. Extra punchable. Not only the disgusting voice and smug face, its what shes doing with her eyes too. How does she think this would ever be a good thing to film and post? This will 1000% put off any person who for some goddamn reason would consider being a fan. Pure insanity in her expresion, evil. No Lille not the disney kind of evil, just pathetic spoiled brat evil.
Shes really lucky i am not an american i would personally find her and punch her in the face for making this vile clip. Maybe id fix her jaw in the process.

No. 865424

>>865409 That's the thing, she has absolutely no self-awareness and neither does her mother (who is supposed to be her "manager" and never puts her in check). Between Lillee's looks, intelligence, and achievements (or lack thereof), you'd think she would be one of the most humble people on YouTube but she's not. She's a smug, bratty, rude, indignant adult that acts like a 12 year old. Actual celebrities that are known to be assholes behind closed doors wouldn't even put out a video like this because they're aware of how it would make them look. Anytime anytime comments on Lillee's piss poor attitude she pulls the "I'm just a strong fierce woman" bullshit but let's be real, she's none of those things and you can be confident without being an arrogant douchebag.

As the anon from >>865364 said, what has she dominated? What achievements or accomplishments does she have that are real and not fabricated? I can't think of one, and thank God for that. If this is how she is normally, could you imagine how nasty she'd be to people if she had legitimate accolades?

No. 865425

Scrolling by, I thought this was Laur pulling a Margaret Palermo on TikTok. Lillee morphing into her mother in real time.

No. 865440

File: 1642982001997.jpeg (256.65 KB, 1375x1361, ECABE4D3-9D9C-4415-AB8A-379083…)

You made me want to go look back on TikTok at her dancing as I could do with a laugh and WTH is this?!?? Does lillee still wear pull-ups or is her butt really that saggy?

No. 865463

>has no friends

I think she genuinely does not know how to be kind. Like actually behave in a way that is selfless and is in the best interest of another person. This isn't something I say lightly or about just anybody. So she is special in that sense.

But seriously. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, she has done or said as far as I can see has been entirely about someone other than herself - meaning, she doesn't use the association or reference to put herself in a positive light. This even extends to her only friend, Laur. If there are examples where she has been selflessly kind to Laur without ever expecting that act to benefit herself in some way, please correct me. If you think about it, even if she did buy most of her followers, if she had a cute personality, warmth, radiated kindness, engaging quirk, etc. wouldn't you think that some people would reach out and be like hey, I live in NY too, do you want to hang out some time? Or do collabs or do a cohosted hangout or something? People would want to be her friend because genuine kindness does come across on video. People are not stupid, they will recognize it and be drawn to people like that. At the same time, they will be offput by insincerity and narcissism.

Some anon asked earlier what would happen after Laur is gone. She at least got enough schooling to read the directions on the instant mashed potatoes box so perhaps she will do fine feeding herself. But the one thing that is certain is that she will be very lonely. Lilee has such a perverted view of human relationships that it will be extremely hard for her to make friends. I don't mean her idea of friends, which are people who will go on ig live with her because they have their own projects to promote. I am talking about friends who will pick her up after a surgery or help her move or travel to different countries with. It's because I don't think she knows what true friendship means. She's somehow forever stuck in middle school, thinking friends are supposed to be girls who worship her and constantly tell her how great she is while being super jealous of her. It's like she wished she could be Regina George in an unironic way, but it never happened so all those girls must certainly be bitches and hate her and bully her by way of ignoring her, or so she thought.

Sadly, this immature misguided idea of friendship is still stuck in her feeble little mind. This is why she plays with dolls. She can play out her idea of one sided friendship, so in her imaginary world, her dolls are her friends. And Laur too, because lillee can count on her to do whatever she tells her to do. But once Laur is gone, her dolls can't drive her to the dentist or make her instant mashed potatoes. Maybe some of Laur's grifter genes did pass on and lillee will be able to bs her way to an online white knight or sad collab with someone equally desperate. Even so, this is not a bright future for lillee.

No. 865470

this made me a tad emotional

No. 865478

Her movements honestly remind me of a seven year old goofing around looking in a full length mirror.

No. 865485

File: 1643002279764.png (10.23 MB, 1284x2778, DB0F59E2-68BD-4233-876C-7BA834…)

Okay so I was feeling nostalgic and I went back to her earliest TikToks when she actually used to TRY and do cool stuff and contour and do fun shit with her lashes. I don’t know what happened, but there is a stark contrast between what she used to do and what she does now. She used to actually have cute, normal facial expressions and tried to keep on tres with what people were doing at that time. She’s regressed in a way I’ve never seen before, and I’m just sitting here wondering what the hell happened??

No. 865488

Her stopping going to school was what happened. There's a lot that's already been written about it here but in a nutshell, lille was a cute, shy, pudgy little kid (the cute part is entirely my own opinion but I honestly do think she was a cute little girl). She probably got made fun of a few times for her weight, as kids will do that sort of thing. I don't think she was horribly bullied for it though.

As she entered her teens, she lost weight and felt good about her looks for the first time and got into makeup. Laur, putting way too much emphasis on her daughter's appearance rather than her education as an extension of her own vanity, encouraged this interest. Lj feeling attractive for the first time ate up all her mother's praises and it got to her head. At the time of this tiktok, she is still in school but is barely showing up and wearing inappropriate outfits. The other kids can't really get to know her because she's hardly ever around. Lj (probably with Laur's encouragement) mistook this for bullying because none of these girls were gushing at how great she looked and were dying to be her best friend. Lj probably got some flattering remarks online (I shudder to think who from but I also don't care enough to go and look) and decided this was an easy way to stardom and money. Laur, thinking she could ride this all the way to the bank, allowed her child to stop going to school all together. Laur also doesn't think much of education anyway (there was a video where lj asks her what her favorite subject was and her answer was "none of them" then began to tell a story about how she knew more than her history teacher).

So this echo chamber grew, and even that tiny thread of a connection to reality by going to school once a month was severed. You can argue that this was more nature than nurture, and that lj would have ended up like this anyway, and although none of us have any way of knowing for sure, it's hard to deny that her dropping out of school and listening to Laur 24/7 without any other voices or exposure to different perspectives created what she is today. Now you're all caught up.

No. 865489

File: 1643005017939.jpeg (311.08 KB, 1101x2160, 8EA644FE-5954-43DA-8FC6-BA274B…)

it truly is just that sad.

No. 865490

Thank you nonny! I’ve actually been following the thread for quite a while, so I understand how much dropping school did a number on her. I homeschooled for high school, but was able to become a normal, functioning human being, as most people do. My biggest concern is just the sheer regression she has had as it such a blatantly obvious sign that SOMETHING is not right. And i guess i’m mainly i’m baffled at how much Laur has chosen to ignore it and feed into it. She did a complete 180 from what she was actually interested in and has become an unhinged form of herself. I would love to say I feel bad for her, but her attitude completely takes away and sense of empathy I would feel. I’m going back through and re-watching the dumb little TikToks she put up, and sitting here thinking of how not even a 13-14 year old would dream of posting something so utterly embarrassing and she was 18-20 at the time!!

I know a lot of people have been saying there is nothing cognitively wrong with Lillee, but I’m positive there is at least something going on. I just wish her mother would grow a backbone and take her to the doctor for the first time in 20 years so that maybe she can get on the path of having some sort of a normal life. Because as previous anons have laid out, her future is starting to look extremely grim.

No. 865491


there's nothing i hate more than frumpy fat people pretending they work out. this "girl" has the body of a grossly overweight middle aged woman, bullshit she works out and still looks like this

No. 865492

Other than the kids who are pulled out of school and so-called homeschooled because they are being abused at home, for the most part, the kids I've been acquainted with who have been homeschooled are actually pretty bright people. They might be socially awkward a bit but not to the extent that it makes them completely unlikeable. Usually, the parents are pretty responsible and intelligent themselves and are careful to make sure that their homeschooled children also have a life outside of the home. It sounds like you're part the latter group.

Then there's Lillee and Laur. Combine codependency and malignant narcissism and you get these two. If lj had a good head on her shoulders she at this point would have gotten the hell out. But she is just as codependent, and possibly an even worse malignant narcissist than Laur. On top of that, she isn't all that bright. What I mean by that is she isn't able to think for herself. I have to agree that there is some sort of cognitive deficit because she isn't able to process complex information and articulate it in a logical way. It is evident in those fake articles. And before you say that Laur wrote them, you can hear the lack of articulation when she speaks in her videos. Her vocabulary is limited and she can't put forth an idea in logical order. They claim that she was homeschooled because of her amazing talent at makeup and that they rather invest the time honing her entrepreneurial skills, but I think it was more that she couldn't keep up with the school work and wasn't doing great and she tends to give up at anything she doesn't do great in. Rather than work harder, if she isn't "naturally" gifted at something and doesn't do amazing well without trying then she gives up. And Laur just lets her do that which is not good parenting.

They have what is called a fixed mindset. Laur and Lillee believe Lillee was born with amazing talents and that they are fixed, meaning, you were either born with it or you weren't, and according to them, Lillee was born with it in spades. Failing is for losers, and Lillee is winner so she shouldn't do anything that she has to try really hard at and compete with people who have also worked really hard for fear that she might fail. They don't understand that failure can lead to growth, and that it's not about just being born with talent. Laur has tried to protect Lillee from failure but all she's done is made her daughter extremely brittle and weak.

No. 865493

yes! But she thinks she is being super sexy. I find it hilarious and yet unsettling because it's like watching a child dancing in a sexy way and it's like ew, kid please don't do that.

No. 865506

File: 1643029841577.jpeg (927.56 KB, 1170x2082, 95FB4D97-0095-411A-AC34-D964F3…)

Using Laur as a model again because she has no friends and no professional relationships.

No. 865517

>>865506 Jesus, that picture is deserving of a spoiler because it's horrifying. It's not just that she's ugly (we already know this), but Laur legitimately always looks like a crazy person. Anytime I've ever seen her on camera, she's got those weird crazy eyes that constantly shift and if they're not darting back and forth, she's doing the classic "thousand yard stare". It's clear she's just as big an idiot as Lillee and just like her kid, she's got that unchecked entitlement mentality coupled with jealous rage. Low intelligence + anger issues + no real concept of consequences = never a good combination. I can only imagine that Laur became homebound after torching every bridge and meaningful relationship in her life, not that she had many to begin with. Just like Lillee, she's got no friends to speak of and obviously no colleagues because she's never worked an honest job in her life. Earl keeps away from her and LJ as much as humanly possible. I'd imagine that if you lived in their neighborhood, you'd know them as the family that nobody associates with because "they're just not quite right in the head".

I wouldn't be surprised if their reputation proceeded them; I grew up in Nassau County (next to Queens) and even in a bigger community with much more spaced out homes, everyone knew who the local nutjobs were. The people who were always trying to run a scam, the soft beggers, the troublemakers that started problems everywhere they went, the cheaters, the "gossips" and so on. I'd imagine it's not much different where they live. I wish that one of the good callout accounts from way-back-when would've tracked down a neighbor of theirs to speak to. That would've been worth watching because you just know that The Goblins are the pariahs of the neighborhood.

No. 865547

Diane removed all the videos from her YouTube channel except for the first video about LJ. It seems weird because Diane did not post anything about removing them, did she remove them because of the copyright strikes?

No. 865551

No. 865556

File: 1643064238540.png (227.28 KB, 332x596, Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 3.37…)

The pew pew pew tiktok along with the duet are my favorite of her dance tiktoks because they really highlight the fact that she can't coordinate her upper and lower halves. >>865408 makes a good point that she may be lacking some motor skills. In all her dance and lipsync tiktoks, she is completely out of sync with the music and she's off several beats.

Maybe some trained dance anons can jump in here but she lacks commitment in her movements, even those that she choreographed herself. Like she doesn't execute them all the way. In both the pew pew and duet dances, there is a move where you're supposed to put your hand against your forehead like when you're looking at a distance while it's sunny. She doesn't carry the move all the way through to connect it smoothly to the next one. She just drops her hands. One thing I noticed is that she really likes to use her hips. After her eyes, her butt is her favorite part of her body and she likes to show it off because she thinks it's sexy. Putting aside any debate about whether that's body positivity gone too far as to cross the line into delusion, she focuses a lot on moving her hips but they are all over the place and completely lacking rhythm. And the whole time, the expression on her face is, "I'm so sexy and tough!" That's what makes it all so cringy. There is no irony in these videos. There is no charm, no self mockery, no self awareness.

There's a video that really reveals how much she is delusional about/has misrepresented her dance background. This is a live she did with Christy Curtis Buss, a choreographer. If you skip ahead to the 1 hour mark, Christy invites Lilee to dance with her and lj seems reluctant. She tries to clear her chaotic mess of a room for a little floor space (picrel) and doesn't seem to be all that into it because she knows she doesn't know basic steps and terms.

Despite Christy showing her a really basic jazz combo and slowing it down and repeating it for her several times, lj can't do it ("I haven't done jazz in 4 years!"). Childishly, lil chooses only to do the cha cha cha part because she can sway her butt. Christy is a good sport and demonstrates again for Lillee going really slow (by now, even I can do the move) meanwhile lj just does these unattractive poses then literally shakes her ass at the camera. She thinks this is funny but I find it childish and rude. She's not even trying.

I thought this episode really exposed how lost she becomes when faced with people who know what they are talking about. And as usual, she was wearing pj pants and a top with no bra meanwhile Christy had her dance gear on. The hour long chat that precedes it is really boring but there are parts where lj really plays up to Christy how she has a dance background so it's hilarious when she can't follow a really simple routine.

No. 865557


Gasp lillee bestie you DID see my comment about using a plastic fork, and you even put the metal bb front and center! You DO care!!!!

Not about the environment, but about trying to prove people wrong.

No. 865558

File: 1643064350970.png (1.01 MB, 525x925, ljcat.png)

I was browsing through her TikTok laughing my ass off wondering why I have not looked at it before. Then I came across this short one where her cat is. Has this been discussed and I have just missed it? What is wrong with her cat? It looks elderly so there might be some problems, but the cats jaw is misaligned and it looks like he cannot close his mouth properly.

Because this is a living creature Laur and LJ are taking care of I am worried. Especially since Laur did not care about Lillee's dental issues so why would she bother when a pet is in need to see a vet.

No. 865559

It was in the 2nd to last thread iirc. Basically her cat had mouth cancer and they refused to get it care, instead letting it suffer until its untimely demise. There's tinfoil about how long they let it suffer, vet visits, etc. She does posting about him for a while until they revealed they "had put him down a couple days ago." They never took the cat to the vet to even get pain meds. They let it suffer until "they just couldn't take it anymore" and supposedly took it to be euthanized. The general consensus is that they did not take it to the vet to be euthanized, that instead they let it die in their home.

No. 865560


Oh but wait, I left out the best parts. Lillee is so bad at it that it dawns on Christy that Lillee actually does not know how to dance. So she just does like a literal single step and Lillee follows along like um… someone who is not where she should be developmentally at the age of 20, or 12 for that matter. So Christy just claps when Lillee manages not to fall.

At 1:04:20, lj says, "I like your cha cha." Then not knowing what else to say, she actually says, "Do you do anything like uh, rumba, or like, exotic dancing too?" Did she not know what exotic dancing means? Did she think rumba was "exotic" so she meant a genre like rumba? Anyway, you can tell Christy is taken aback by this. She must have been like, wtf??? But she recovers quickly and tells a story while lj has no idea what just happened. I can only imagine what Christy's impression of lj was after this dumpster fire.

No. 865561

Thank you, anon. So I did miss it. I am so sad and angry right now. There is no saving these two. I am gonna go back to catch up if I can stomach it. Animal abuse really gets me.

No. 865562


Anons, correct me if I'm wrong but there was a recording made by someone who works for a vet (not sure if it was the same vet that Laur claimed she took the cat to) where she talks to Laur about the health of the cat and why she didn't take it to the vet sooner. Laur, predictably, gives no straight answers then when she's tired of dodging the questions, gets angry at that person. I only heard the recording once but it was clear Laur did not do the right thing for the cat and she kind of knows it. Not sure if that recording is still around.

No. 865569

>>865556 You've convinced me to go watch that Live, nonnie. Excellent description by the way. I came across the screenshot you took and before I even read what you wrote, I could tell Lillee was pissed. Her expression in that picture is 1/4 bewilderment and 3/4 jealousy and seething rage. Even though Christy is doing something simple, Lillee can already see that it is so far out of her skills/ability and you can see her gears turning. Even with her very limited intelligence and 0 "people reading" skills, she's realizing she bit off more than she can chew and is about to be made a fool of. I saw the same realization wash across her haggard face when she did the video with the Sports Medicine Doctor using the Beckford Bar. Hilariously enough, she did the same thing in that video - rather than try, she made up a lame excuse that nobody believed and proceeded to fuck off and pretend to do ballet - only what she was doing would get a first grader laughed out of ballet class.

The older she gets, she's starting to realize that she may not be as great as she thinks she is. She'll never admit it, but anytime she does these "Lives!" with people who actually know what they're doing (the doctor, the mediocre singer & published model, the choreographer, etc..) you can see a brief moment of clarity wash over her (followed by pure anger) wherein she's realizing that she's not even 1/100th as good as them. She can laugh and joke around as if she's just being "silly", but deep down she knows she's nowhere near as good as them. Oddly enough though, it never seems to click in her head that these people that are a million times better than her but they're not sUpEr fAmOuS, what chance does she have? I guess that would require a bit more introspection than the goblin is capable of though.

No. 865570


Yeah I remember from the way Lillee phrased it, it deff sounded like they didn't even help him drink/eat with an eye dropper or whatever. They just slowly watched him starve to death.

No. 865571


THIS I agree with. It's like how she used to act like she was good at singing and acting but now admits she's 'not a singer' and claims that old reel of hers was just her 'having a laugh'.

No. 865582

File: 1643076602744.jpeg (446.9 KB, 828x1061, 91D898DD-71F6-4CA6-B9F9-4BC588…)

No. 865585

Kek. This is rich.

No. 865593

File: 1643084847486.jpeg (610.82 KB, 1668x647, B9AAAD98-1892-4479-9D33-2A5569…)

Don’t see anyone talking about the latest stream with rando storyboard artist Neil d’monte (for live action not animation) and guess what? She went without even a mention of her own art ventures, even as the guy was talking about how he started drawing as a kid. What ever happened to lj the boastful artiste? She designed totebags tshirts wallpapers galore on society6! So what if you didn’t make a single sale. Professional illustrator belongs on your resume as much as the rest of the bullshit on there Lillee!

All in all, not a particularly milky stream besides some awkward language barrier moments (the goblinese comes out and he gets visibly confused). Still, her fake enthusiasm is always painful to witness.. Never seen anyone interview a professional artist without asking about their key influences until now. She barely had a single interesting thought to share over the movies he worked on besides shit like “so, Batman vs Superman, I love.” Even her questions felt like she was trying hard to emulate the vagueness and impersonality of an authority mag madlib interview. Oh but each time she went off script it wasn’t anything related to art.
Some moments
>lj introduces him and first thing she wants to discuss is FOOT. Tell us about foot! Lj proceeds to act overly interested in his boring story about how he recently hurt himself carrying groceries. Starting to wonder if lillee herself has a foot fetish.
> at the 6:49 mark lillee asks what advice he would give to audience. His answer sounds like it’s directed at her. Basically, don’t brag online and boast about future projects and actually get to work. Lillee just laughs and pretends to get it.
>like in all interviews, lillee asks what’s behind him.
>what’s that thing that’s hanging? ….my plant…? HAHA I thought it was like a head!
>lillee talks COVID. Says it’s scary! You could lose your taste! Your scent! ( guy maybe starts to joke about the mistake but lillee keeps on talking. Guy takes stock of her cognitive impairment)
Idk. I’m not good at writeups but yeah that’s it

No. 865672

File: 1643153000862.jpg (164.34 KB, 1571x692, Untitled.jpg)

Thanks anon, you hit all the highlights. You weren't kidding about the advice part where it really sounds like he's talking right to her. Be humble. Stop talking and start listening. Don't oversell yourself. She interjects by saying that yeah, when you're starting out, just zip it. She speaks for her entire generation that they don't listen and think they know everything. At one point, the guy makes a point about never knowing what may or may not be released by mentioning a friend of his working in many low budget movies and one famous movie and they all got released at the same time (or something that effect - the sound quality was bad so it was hard to catch). While he's saying all that she makes a "huh?" face and follows it up with, "the saturation isn't good either because too much saturation, it's like, [see picrel for the face she makes to stand in for the vocabulary she lacks]. You want one project." The expression on his face is priceless because he doesn't know wtf she's talking about. She doesn't even know wtf she's talking about.

She moves on to music and after he goes into why he's too busy to play in a band regularly, she says, "So basically you Neil whenever you want to Neil." At first, I was like why is she talking about kneeling? Then I realized this was that deeper perspective, rather than surface-level talk, that she promised.

Next, she uses the term "genre" wrong and words a question in the most awkward and unfortunate way by asking how he wants to be remembered. Later she asks him a question about the cost of the precautions studios take because of covid and uses the phrase "meet out" to mean, is it worth it. Since he doesn't speak goblinese, he gets confused because he likely thought "mete out" which means something entirely different. Finally, she wraps up by saying, "I think this went very well," because that's what all the most engaging talk show hosts say.

No. 865677

I think this is nitpicking tbh.

No. 865689

File: 1643170810834.png (83.35 KB, 507x910, fraud jean.png)

Sorry for the older milk but I just saw Lillee's faking comments more. These are on her recent braces vlog. Having to fake comments congratulating you and telling you to get better is just sad.

No. 865692

Buy rocks lillee. Rocks are like so cute and increase your vibrations, which help manifest the life you want to achieve. They can get rid of bad juujuu, which i think you have a lot of surrounding you. It's like a bully be gone spray! I think your first rock should be a rose quartz and obsidian. You can even say little prayers and the rocks will listen and vibrate to the sound of your dreams.(no1curr about ur meth rock collection)

No. 865715

File: 1643223929411.png (723.79 KB, 1440x1337, 7FF30F92-7C8F-4A11-BD0B-2A03BF…)

Lillee’s little project has a website now

No. 865716

File: 1643223968620.png (790.79 KB, 1440x3136, 8B10F3F0-C068-4F08-9F77-00021D…)

No. 865720

>"This material may not be cached without prior written consent by Lillee Jean."

Kek, Is someone going to explain to this retard how the internet works? She's been on it long enough, you'd think she would have learned something. Actually, nevermind. I forgot that she's incapable of learning literally anything new.

No. 865722

I wonder if she really had it legally copyrighted.

No. 865725

Can't even take a goddamn normal pic for her new passion project. Gotta pucker those lips and show us her gross-ass inner workings of her mouth.

No. 865726

This is such a joke. Both LJ and Laur are online bullies. They target anyone with a different opinion or who dares not to take what LJ says without a grain of salt. They get personal, they doxx, they contact employers.
Lillee Jean does not give a shit about online bullying. She loves to bully and harass. She only cares if SHE is the victim. This page is all about her.

>telling my story

So is this a site to advocate against online bullying and helping others or just another ME ME ME AND MY FEELINGS thing?
Lillee, you're not a victim. Oh, sorry. You actually are. You are a victim of your batshit mother. Without her you might have had a chance.

No. 865730

File: 1643239330834.jpeg (335.71 KB, 1536x707, DFA17EDD-50D4-453E-89CC-346BAC…)

> I never finished, school

No. 865731

Of course she didn't

No. 865738

I don’t think she’s actually going to do anything with this project/documentary. More likely, they’re going to follow what their former pr guy did with his anti-bullying campaign and attempt to crowdfund it. It’s just another get quick rich scam.

No. 865739

>”global epidemic”


No. 865749

File: 1643260963359.png (186.96 KB, 1105x642, hfhfgdth.png)

God they have so many channels laying around to repurpose to just post spam.
>A channel bringing Lillee Jean's stories into one place. From 1 minute shorts, to, in-depth product reviews, behind-the-scenes acting, and more. Lillee Jean is the founder of Bullyish, an online bullying awareness page, CEO of Lillee Jean Beauty, a beauty website, and digital celebrity. She has created, hosts, and directs Lillee Jean TALKS! Live, a web series, that is IMDB accredited.

No. 865750

File: 1643261158471.png (139.82 KB, 989x634, hfhfgdth.png)

Both of these channels also create playlists, just to add to the spam.

No. 865751

File: 1643261314187.png (266.49 KB, 982x472, phyilly odella.png)

No. 865752

File: 1643261435023.png (450.04 KB, 1406x782, bullyish.png)

And finally Bullyish too. Honestly Lillee probably made Bullyish as an excuse to have more accounts to spam with.

No. 865753

File: 1643262230352.png (363.72 KB, 1080x1652, StitchIt_20222701124252_110.pn…)

From her "Reading Hate Comments" vid kek

No. 865754

File: 1643262422867.png (109.1 KB, 738x861, h.png)

>With Lillee Jean Beauty, we strive to use things that are sustainable, which includes trying to not use plastic whenever possible, as well as sharing the word with others without being preachy.
I could honestly waste my time and link every time we've seen Lillee use disposable forks and bowls, but we all know she does that. #1change4change.

No. 865755

>what does your company do for sustainability?
>lj: we use mugs and glasses when we meet up.
jeez, way to out your failure of a "business" by admitting that all that the ceo and her only employee do is sit on their asses drinking wine or those stupid teas all day

No. 865758

>We even reuse used envelopes for jotting down notes.

So much going on in this one sentence and none of them good.

No. 865759

>This will be highly impactful
We are sure of it LJ. Soon you'll be even more worldwide famous gurl!

>behind-the-scenes acting
What does it mean?

>that is IMDB accredited.

Since any retard can upload youtube video, being on IMDB has zero value thanks to you now.

No. 865778

File: 1643309596316.png (102.59 KB, 1102x778, Untitled .png)

The goblins made their way into this article about cyberbullying.
>Laur Trueman, the mother of Lillee Jean Trueman, says parents must pay attention to what their children are doing online
Wise words from the mother who let Lillee post those weird topless photos and let whatever this was happen >>856343.

>Trueman says she was targeted by cyberbullies at 15, initially on a major social media platform. Her mother filed complaint forms, but nothing came of them and the cyberbullying spread to other channels.

I get a boomer wrote this and all but what? Didn't it supposedly start on reddit? Reddit doesn't have channels, ffs this deserves cyberbullying.

No. 865791

If I could find anywhere on that page to email the editor I would. What the heck

No. 865803

>shows a portrait of her doing the sex doll face

maybe if she stopped feeling like she HAS to be sexual at all times then people wouldn't be so aggressive towards her

like I don't mean to victim blame but she's putting so much effort into being inappropriate, I just can't understand how this could be anything else but intentionally aggressing

No. 865804

File: 1643320730758.png (446.42 KB, 1362x578, hihi.png)

It's right behind you

No. 865810

No. 865814

File: 1643325056078.jpg (236.38 KB, 1080x1808, 9127722.jpg)

The article she put on Bullyish is so confusing. Kek, what does this image have to do with bullying whatsoever? It's so random and unnecessary. Scrolling down she doesn't even mention anything about it.

No. 865816

now that she’s not a baby anymore, we can finally say it. not all babies are cute and she was fucking hideous

No. 865817


>at 1:08 She's seeing a lot of children "indoctorined" to be trolls.

>2:10 online bully example she gives is people who try to get you fired from your job. First of all, she's never had a job so who is doing that to her? Does she mean her mother who has called people's workplaces to get them fired (and that's been well documented)?

So she wants people to contribute content to her site by submitting videos of their experience being bullied. This sounds extremely suspicious. They could take this content and do what they want with it, claiming it was posted on their site so they have ownership. It sounds so scammy, like everything else they do. Half baked, poorly thought through, poorly researched "projects".

No. 865819

kek I was just thinking she was a ugly baby. Or they got a really bad picture of her, cuz it's hard to not be cute when you're that little.

No. 865829

it's an easy to bully image, anon. it's one of the only times her teeth are the right size. plus she's wearing adult sized toe socks…
i wonder if she posted this awful pic to bait us.

No. 865830

I thought the same anon. she was not a cute baby, laurs fugly brown toe socks gross me out and the background looks musty. The whole picture is not cute at all

No. 865835

>there is about 60% of the people online either bullying or doing the bullying. that’s not good

God I love her word salad lol

No. 865838

No rando googling advocacy for online bullying is going to have any clue what Lillee’s talking about when she says shit like “paid trolls for hire” or “monetarily” hurting them or “those” websites. They’re just going to think Lillee is fucking insane because she is. They’ll never make anything out of Bullyish because Lillee can’t stop inserting her own false victim narrative into everything. Easily proven false as well, so no professional production company will ever touch them.

And Lillee please find a lawyer in your engagement pod and ask them how easy it would be to implement a federal law against online bullying? You’ve been talking about Lillee’s Law for over a year but you’ve never discussed the nuts & bolts of your bill. How are you going to define bullying? Girls at school kicking you out of a group chat? Calling you fat behind your back? Pointing out you very obviously bought a million Instagram followers? What are the penalties? Have you thought about the amount of minors which will be negatively affected by Lillee’s law? The juvenile law system is going to be inundated with cases? Why aren’t you using your Bullyish platform to talk about these things, Lillee?

No. 865840

File: 1643337647135.png (Spoiler Image,150.62 KB, 538x790, Screenshot_3.png)

Beware Anons, I spoilered this for gore, the image is a bit small but still graphic. Of course it's awful that Lillee got sent gore images, but did she really need to then post those on Twitter uncensored, then share to her Tumblr and now the Bullyish Tumblr account? Really great educational supportive resource for the kids Lillee.

No. 865852


Is she sure she's 3 in that pic? I'd say 2 or even a couple of months younger. A few months matter when a child is this young and a 3 year old would look more of a developed child than the kid in this picture, who looks more like a baby. Unless she had some early physical developmental issues and really was 3 here.

Also, they think it was cute but I really hope that brush was clean because if it had been used, giving a child a dirty brush with tiny particles of makeup, Laur's dead skin cells, bacteria, etc. for her to inhale is not safe.

No. 865854

Why am I not surprised lillee is recycling shit? This isn't new and the mean old boolies helped Laur narrow down who actually did it. "Sonia" had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Laur/Lillee why are you not posting the date this actually happened?

No. 865858

>>865840 When is this from? Her Twitter account is suspended indefinitely and has been since before Christmas. Who does this fat retard think she's fooling?

>>865830 Agreed, anon. She wasn't q cute kid in the slightest, infact it looks like she's got something wrong with her. I can't quite put my finger on it, but that kid looks far from "normal", it gives me some serious "uncanny valley" vibes. Her face shape and head just looks… off. Don't drink when you're pregnant, kids.

No. 865861

File: 1643370739618.jpeg (455.47 KB, 1170x1152, AFEF2BA3-40AF-43B2-A7D2-0018E1…)

>because I said so

kek at Lillee being an insufferable brat while trying to promote her charity project. The reason Bullyish will never work is Lillee isn’t sympathetic. People might initially feel sorry for her but once they listen to her speak it’s all over.

No. 865862

File: 1643371045779.jpg (177.98 KB, 1080x664, Bullshitish.jpg)

Hm. Just as we all thought her copyright claim isn't legal.

No. 865863

She's literally such a bratty cunt. I know she's trying to be a diva, but how can she not see that it isn't cute? I guess that's what happens when you grow up without a peer group

No. 865864

There are no trademarks or copyrights under LilleeJean or LilleeJeanBeauty, or really any combination thereof.

No. 865865

>bullyish: resembling or characteristic of a bully

is she admitting she’s a bully?

No. 865867

Lillee Jean Beauty is a LLC. They think it works as an umbrella trademark/copyright for whatever scheme Lillee dreams up. If an exceptionally petty person decides to file the proper paperwork, the callouts could make their own Bullyish campaign documenting Laur’s harassment and there’s not shit Lillee can do about it. If Lillee is working with Netflix (like Laur claims) or a legit producer, this would’ve been taken care of before the project was announced.

No. 865880

bullshitish.jpg kek

No. 865883

>>865861 That's all she knows how to be (an insufferable brat). She's a mental and physical midget with 0 personality or charm and because she was raised by Laur, she thinks being a bitch is somehow a replacement for the aforementioned.

Whose idea was Bullyish anyway? I'm assuming Lillee's, but I wouldn't be surprised if Laur was the one that did all the "work" (and by work I mean throwing up a Wix template and a stolen copyright statement). It's not only a poorly executed idea, it was pointless to begin with. There's already an "Anti Bullying Coalition" and most states have some version of their own, including New York. Infact, Long Island even has their own seperate one (Dignity for All Students Act and Long Island Coalition Against Bullying, respectively) and last I checked, Queens is on Long Island. Those are just the local organizations and it took me less than five minutes to research this. There's even a national non-profit (StompOutBullying) and unlike Lillee's newest scam, this one is a registered 501c3. Like most of her ideas, she's about 10 years too late if she's trying to be the face of "No Boolies". It's also extremely transparent & self-serving that she didn't give a fuck until it directly effected her, but at this point that's to be expected from our Goblin. She'll never be able to compete with real organizations, and the two of them have a snowballs chance in hell of getting 501c3 approval. Last I checked, they don't give those to con-artists that owe NYS $20,000 in back taxes. The process isn't easy, it isn't free, and these two wouldn't know where to start or how to structure one properly anyway. It's just another poorly thought-out failed ruse by two fame hungry morons.

No. 865886

>"I'm unfollowing you"
How is that bullying??
Jeez and she wants to be famous when she can't take any slight criticism or anything that isn't a compliment.


>So she wants people to contribute content to her site by submitting videos of their experience being bullied.
Maybe Laur and LJ expect the callouts to contact them and get their contact info. Is that their great plan? That or stole other people narrative.
Laur and LJ are so stupid, nothing would ever surprise me from them.

No. 865891


NYCfag here to nitpick – Queens is technically located on Long Island, but so is Brooklyn, but both are considered a boro of NYC and neither are considered part of long island.

None of that changes the fact that LJs bull(ing)ish is just crap she's spouting

No. 865919

Not sure of exact date, but I know it's before summer of 2021 and I know it's been mentioned in a previous thread. I'll dig and see if I can find exactly what thread.

No. 865921

File: 1643436541678.png (597.39 KB, 1078x850, diane noooooo.png)

I guess she was trying to imply the older callots were the ones sending the gore, and her tweet was supposed to be shocking and shock "what LJ goes through daily". Lillee, I've seen it all, the most shocking thing to me is that you post that with no warning or censor to your potentially child audience on Twitter, then your "educational resource page" Tumblr, and think that makes you somehow look like the innocent person.

No. 865922

File: 1643436840913.jpg (362.94 KB, 1260x1646, tumblr_1aecf210c4ea71659a09eeb…)

I guess she looks a bit cleaner? Still can't dress herself, that bracelet looks like toy jewerly.

No. 865923

File: 1643436919765.jpg (482.75 KB, 1280x1778, tumblr_e88afc10dfde49d177a818a…)

No. 865942

how does a ~byootee gooroo~ with 1 million jeaniez only own one (1) pair of (out of style) pants?

Also kek at her fat little trotters expanding over the sides of those shoes

No. 865952

Yass queen! Serving "Eastern European potato farmer's daughter, wearing make up and heels for the first time, shoved into someone else's clothes, and trafficked into mail-order-bride" realness.

No. 865961

Is lillee developing a gunt there? Those jeans oddly packed

No. 865966

>>865961 She's far past developing it, it's fully grown and getting bigger every week. She (poorly) shoops her photos but in real life she's as wide as she is tall. Might as well start calling her "Lillee boo-boo" at this point.

No. 865975

This video is wild.

Children being "doctrined" into joining discord servers because someone offers them a new ps4 game..? And it's disturbing because that's what happened to her?

Lillee. Girl. No one gave anyone ps4 games to bully you on the internet. (We do it for free.)

No. 865993

File: 1643493848116.jpeg (641 KB, 828x1276, D98CB56D-53F7-445D-A797-9C6219…)

No. 866000

>>865993 Man, I barely recognized Roz from Monsters Inc. She really needs to lay off the skin bleach and candy, it's really messing up her teeth.

No. 866002

kek anon and here I was thinking she was Darla from Finding Nemo

No. 866006

Darla's teeth were way less fucked

No. 866012

Darla was lucky enough to have a relative who works in the dental profession, Ken.(sage)

No. 866014

Same anon. I meant Kek. Auto correct changed it. But I guess no one curr anywho.

Anyway the PS4 has me giggling. I highly doubt this has happened to Lillee. Who the hell would invite her to be apart of their server? Also using the term “ children”? Is she admitting she’s a kid herself? It wouldn’t surprise me that she’s older than she lets on but she and Laur will abuse the people are harassing me they must be a peadophile (sp?)card because she can’t think of a better way to come at her peers who call her out on stuff.(no1curr, sage)

No. 866019

They clearly don't have a lawyer like they claim or have been lying to them if they do. Their false claims could be seen as defamation and slander which could see them sued. Which is a very silly game to play. So they might want to remove the lies from their sites. As this would see them slaughtered in the press if this goes anywhere. Also people discussing the situation isn't bullying and they are allowed to discuss it.

Also on another note I see the likes of tati etc who were done and not talking about LJ anymore are still talking about her. Imagine using LJ for clout, when you said you were over it.

No. 866036

Do you have links/screenshots anon? All I can find from Tater Tatiana is a video from 6 months ago. I think Diane deleted everything. Lillee’s so boring there’s barely any callout accounts left kek

No. 866037

File: 1643556372121.jpg (353.08 KB, 1080x1400, Screenshot_20220130-152309_Sam…)

>>866036not a direct call out but still talking about her. Using her as an insult. She goes a while without saying anything then posts something like this to get a reaction so she can scream victim to. Anyone with a brain cell would just let it go.

No. 866039

I'm on the Tati is super obnoxious train too, but this is a reach. Is she screaming victim again? Post caps of that.
Making a current, apt metaphor for her audience who will get the reference, isn't using LJ's name for clout.
These are weird posts, maybe a failed call-out with some jealousy? Shannon trying to soothe her ego by shitting on someone who got popular by covering "her" content?
Making some obvious comment about the goblins not having a lawyer (duh) so you can tack on a random attack on a basically now irrelevant call-out…don't get it.

No. 866043


I'm with you, anon. All of the original and second wave callouts achieved their goal: making sure Lillee and Laur were held accountable for their lying and bullying. The Truemans are now known for being scammers in most online beauty forum/gossip spaces, and they have both been banned from Twitter, which was the one platform where they were actually occasionally interacting with real people (not engagement pod people or bots who are contractually bound to give her fake support, or pathetic coomers who don't actually give a shit about her post-nut.)

There are only maybe three weirdos still shittalking LJ on twitter now. No one else cares.

No. 866045

Please take you attempts to start shit in the threads elsewhere. Everyone is tired of it. Also learn how to read it clearly states she does this not that she Is.

No. 866046

nta you are replying to but Tatiana has been a cow herself from the beginning. She isn't calling herself a victim now but you damn well know that if Laur or Lillee react to it Tatiana will immediately cry bully.

Tatiana has said time and time again that she is done talking about the goblins yet she can't stop. And what came out of the 3k fans donated to her so she could sue Laur and Lillee?

At least bffdees and other call-outs meant it when they said they were done talking about the truemans.

No. 866047

Honestly she just needs to let the whole lillee jean thing go, that could have been tweeted without bringing her up

No. 866048

>How dare she break her internet promise by speaking the l-word
She’s irrelevant. If you wanna talk about her so bad then make a thread in snow.

No. 866049

File: 1643567024166.jpeg (659.69 KB, 828x1504, FCB402B1-3596-49E1-B07E-1E7909…)

No. 866055

File: 1643573241305.jpeg (148.3 KB, 321x578, 92E06E9A-2D3B-44F6-A0F1-DB3D20…)

No. 866056

Damn she looks oooold

No. 866078

File: 1643585392840.jpg (402.68 KB, 991x884, jj.jpg)

Unhinged faces forever… I couldn't even watch that live properly. I used to manage listening to that bat frequency she calls voice before, but these days it feels like it's gotten worse.
The fakeness is over 10 000.

No. 866083

File: 1643587223886.png (Spoiler Image,211.36 KB, 328x508, Untitled2.png)

I'm sorry but those faces don't come near to this unhinged one. I did nothing to it. Just a literal screen capture. It truly frightened me. So much that I am spoilering it in to save some people from nightmares. It's like from a horror film. Not exaggerating to be mean, just saying it like it is.

No. 866084

File: 1643590667543.png (617.39 KB, 630x759, Untitled.png)


When asked if she eats candy, her passive aggressive (for no reason) response: "Kinda rude to say to someone with braces, don't you think?"

No. 866085

you can eat candy with braces…just not all types. what a moron.

No. 866086

How exactly is it rude, Lillee? Maybe a fan wanted to know what her favorite candies are or if she takes little breaks from her ~healthy~ diet. Must be exhausting being so petulant all the damn time

No. 866089


She says that in 7th and 8th grades she took Spanish and in 9th grade she took Chinese I. Interesting that she doesn't say what she took with Keystone. Probably because they didn't require her to finish any languages with their fake diploma or whatever piece of paper she has framed. In New York State, most high schools do require you take 3 levels of foreign language, and in some schools passing the Regents Exam after the 3rd level is required to graduate. Also, how come she doesn't show off any of her Spanish or Chinese knowledge? We know she dropped out after 9th grade but surely some words must have stuck?

Someone must have asked her about her next step in her career or something like that because she says whenever she's ready for something, she's ready for something. Then she goes on that beauty is probably not going to be it (remember, it's just a "stopgap") and that it's likely going to be directing or law. She does know that passing the bar (or getting a decent LSAT score for that matter) does not mean it isn't sufficient to get all her law knowledge from Laur, right? And she does need far more substantial vocabulary than attic goblinese? She can't just finish her law school or directing assignments with just a facial expression. But you know, she encourages everyone to further their education when they can. G8 advice from a high school drop out without a GED.

She realizes the kid who asked her if she eats candy is a minor, and tells him sorry, she doesn't allow minors in her lives. I don't know how ig live works, but isn't there an age restriction or something that keeps minors out? She takes a sanctimonious tone when saying, "We should forgive and feel pity for those who are minors and have no control over their emotions because as adults, we do have control over our emotions. How fortunate of us." Says the adult who claimed she was scared of those she falsely accused of bullying her when they were simply asking her about her dating a 23 year old man when she was 14, which is the reason she blurted out that it was OK for minors to date adults with the parents' permission? What about her mother who freaks out with no filter at people who are simply calling out their lies?

No. 866094


She literally looks like the stretched out dumb karen face filter on tiktok jfc

No. 866099

Lillee wants to do law now too? lmao

Lillee Jean the
>Beauty guru
>Anti-bully motivational speaker

and last but not least

Lillee took it too literally when Laur told her she could be anything she wanted kek

No. 866112

Saged for derail…but Tatiana has a dead thread in snow already (which should be resurrected). It’s strange she raised $5k to send cease & desists back and forth with Laur and then never spoke about the money again. If Lillee had done this, Tatiana & the callouts would burn them at the stake.

The voice, the extremely loud typing, the walk-in closet filled to the brim with junk…it’s overwhelming & unwatchable

No. 866119

Then go there you retard, we don't want you. Read the room, no one here cares about your retarded attempt to start shit with now irrelevant callouts, because you're butthurt you donated to Tati and she didn't "Take the goblins down" or whatever your autistic issue is.

No. 866132

File: 1643650293048.png (69.13 KB, 948x381, unknown.png)

Lillee, what the hell are you waffling on about?

No. 866133

New tinfoil: LJ is Laur's half sister who escaped from psych ward.

No. 866135

New new tinfoil: Laur and Earl are actually father daughter and LJ is their incest baby.

No. 866136

Director too, anon. Don't forget she wants to be a director. With her limited reading skills and vocabulary, she won't be able to get very far. I wonder what she thinks a director does. Bark out orders while people bow down in obedience? Tell people what to do and not be questioned? Act out scenes for her actors so they can copy her exactly?

No. 866138

File: 1643655609416.png (11.4 MB, 1284x2778, 2A1B2FDF-3FC4-4025-8FD6-6C2643…)

This live was just atrocious.. She sits there typing obnoxiously loud and hard while literally only saying “Hi” or “Hello” a million times while doing that fake as fuck smile of hers and then deadpanning to the computer to make it seem like she’s actually doing “work.” might just suffer through the whole video again just to count how many times she says hello. The number must be astronomical. Then she gets up to show off her body and it is SO painfully obvious that she’s trying to hard to seem sexy.. Bonus: more foot content.

No. 866139

Her nose is fucking huge

No. 866142

File: 1643658685531.jpg (123.31 KB, 957x698, 1630625394155.jpg)

I did no editing to this one either. Just a screen grab when she was talking about braces.

No. 866143

This is peak "Ma'am this is a Wendy's drive-thru".

No. 866146

BeAuTy GurU

No. 866148

No. 866149

Dammit I actually recoiled scrolling and seeing this.

No. 866150

File: 1643666722111.jpg (Spoiler Image,588.15 KB, 2880x2880, scary.jpg)

No. 866154

File: 1643667642860.png (Spoiler Image,288.31 KB, 385x485, Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 5.16…)

No. 866155

Hey lillee I have an idea for your next makeup look. PERFECT for Halloween

No. 866157

While I personally have no interest in using her products, I actually liked this lady. She was straightforward and professional, and did not give lj room to go off with her immature silliness. She even talks over her when lj interrupts. At one point the SS lady talks about how she trained as an esthetician and can therefore lend credibility and expertise to her skincare line, as opposed to just having a product line to have a product line. lj interjects by saying, "So many people just launch something and it's like, 'Oh, I have this.'" So like what lj herself wanted to do but failed at.

No. 866159

Total nitpick but that funeral-looking rug is fucking hideous and needs to be burned.

No. 866177

File: 1643694331882.png (6.99 KB, 324x106, phyilly odella.png)

This same account commented this on the PRIMINK LIED video.

No. 866181

Phylilly Odella is such an obvious Laur-name

No. 866186

File: 1643721383089.jpg (Spoiler Image,40.3 KB, 590x350, ljp.jpg)

Every time she makes that face this is all I see.

No. 866194

Anon, everything in that house need to be burned.

No. 866212

If that's "the product" then the manufacturer needs to do a full recall.

No. 866213

Is that a bowl of Cheerios or a closeup of Lillee's chromosomes?

No. 866237

What video is this from?

No. 866257

The exorcist

No. 866342

File: 1643895275733.jpeg (587.94 KB, 828x1378, BA9FE9A1-3ADA-4D0F-B59B-AD387E…)

No. 866345

File: 1643897059414.png (44.36 KB, 1103x856, reddit lj.png)

They made a new subreddit for Lillee last month. One of the mods is the Independent-Carpet96 account. It seems it was made after these accounts were suspended >>863969.

No. 866347

File: 1643897359286.png (176.89 KB, 1101x844, lillee sub.png)

Then there's another sub made earlier. The accounts posting 7691duh
and Educational_Watch_85 are suspended. So sad Reddit isn't going to let them spam their site like they do everywhere else.

No. 866355

Isn’t Reddit one of the black websites bullying Lillee by luring kids online with free PS4 games? Mighty hypocritical to use it to spam content. Can’t wait for Laur’s inevitable meltdown about Diane buying off reddit mods in her spare time.

No. 866361

I get that they are creating this for spamming or SEO purposes or to "take back" whatever it is that never existed in the first place on Reddit. But why create them only for everyone to see there are only 3 subscribers and 0 comments on all their posts? Isn't that embarrassing for an internet celebrity that has a million ig followers and all these fans calling themselves a dumb name that they invented? If these sock accounts were suspended and they can't spam these subreddits, what are they achieving other than confirming that she is not a celebrity, not a guru, is desperate, a phoney, and does not have this huge following they bought?

No. 866384

my guess is all of this spam on reddit and youtube is just to divert attention from drama that normally shows up in searches for lj. same reason they are throwing around dmca claims. they are not smart enough to realize that they are outing themselves as frauds even more by doing this.

No. 866388

One of the first things to show up when you google Lillee Jean is the original reddit thread where she was outed .. she's probably making all these other threads and subreddit in hopes of them taking over google space

No. 866412

Also i feel like theyre gonna use it to act like shes got an active subreddit with fans that she can react to and answer questions from to make her whole image look more professional and established

No. 866415

File: 1643942672480.png (1.92 MB, 828x2499, F9B9E542-8D31-4A30-BF38-B6A273…)

Lillee, are you writing in first person or third person? You need to make up your mind.

Also, close your fucking mouth for once.

No. 866419


>She wore from Express a Grey ribbed top, black skinny jeans, nude strappy sandals…

Kek, nothing says February in NY like nude strappy sandals! Doesn't every New York woman want to power walk through sleet and snow in single-digit weather while wearing summer shoes with 6 inch heels? She really is supremely stupid. She tries to fool people into thinking she leaves the house but I've yet to see her post 1 outfit that is weather appropriate (or in-style for her generation, but that's another issue in itself).

I'm surprised she didn't write about her Express ultra stretched out jeans she always wears. Not sure why she thinks Express is a high end designer brand? After "The Limited Group" sold Express back in 2007 (I think it was 2007) the quality of the clothing plummeted. They were already going the way of extreme vanity sizing as well, but at the time, they were much better than the other brands. Shortly after they were sold, I ran in and grabbed a pair of black jeans I usually always got for work. I had to return them because my regular size (2) was in reality closer to a size 6 or 8. That was back in 2009, they've gotten much worse over the last 13 years. Then there's Lillee, in all her 4ft8 glory, buying a size 2 (which is closer to an 8 or 10 now) and showing it off like it's a flex, even though she looks like 10lbs of shit in a 2lb bag. She's got no clue that she's massively overweight for someone her height and her proportions are just a mess. I'm glad she doesn't leave the house because one day she'll exhale after a "super healthy" 3rd lunch of dry iceberg salad mashed potatoes, chicken nuggs, and mozzarella stix, and a button will fly off and probably break a window in the attic. Atleast she won't kill an innocent bystander out in public though, so there's that.

No. 866484

File: 1644000648969.jpg (17.2 KB, 388x318, mandy.jpg)

On Lillee's Mandy.com profile she recently raised her height to 4'12".

That's our girl.

No. 866487

"Medium" Girl is built like a mini fridge
What was her height before?

No. 866489


strawberry blonde?

No. 866492


first it was "dark caramel blonde," now it's "strawberry blonde." next it will be "milk-chocolate-with-sea-salt blonde"

No. 866493

somewhere between 4'8" and 4'9". No educated/truth telling person would say they are 4'12".

No. 866495

>What was her height before?

Originally she had it (on some website, could've been Mandy, I don't recall) as 4'12. To us educated folk, that's 5 feet but this is Lillee were talking about, so… Anyway, she then decided to use a tape measure on one of her lives and measure her height and that's when we found out she's just at 4ft9in, actually just a smidgen below it but certainly not 5feet 4ft12in. Now I guess she's back to lying about her height, weight, hair color, build, basically everything. Like >>866492 said, she's changed her hair color from golden blonde to dark caramel blonde and now it's strawberry blonde. I'm blind af myself, but even if she thinks that color is strawberry, it might be time for a visit to the optometrist.

Oh, and having her weight listed as 128lbs really made me laugh. She had that listed as her weight back when she put that picture of herself in a bathing suit and listed her dimensions (the one where she talks about barbie). That was 2-3 years ago and she most certainly weighs more now.

No. 866499

My god, is NOTHING about this girl the truth? Her grandmother escaped from the Tsar, her mother provided props to top Hollywood producers, her dad played with Jimi Hendrix, she has a French diplomat boyfriend, a million followers and perfect princess blonde hair - of every shade! Even the simplest things she lies about! I've never known a person to lie about every single aspect of their lives.
If a normal person did this, their mental health would be shot to bits trying to keep all the lies together.

And the biggest joke of all is that she isn't even good at lying! Every single thing she says can be fact-checked with just basic research or common fucking sense. Why is she still doing this? The whole internet knows her as the girl who faked her entire life, why doesn't she give up already? Is it pathological?

No. 866502

well, that explains the income—under 4’10” qualifies as a disability

No. 866505

>If a normal person did this, their mental health would be shot to bits trying to keep all the lies together
well, that's the thing. while normal people actually leave the house and interact with others in various settings, lj only has to tell the same story to a crowd behind the screen. and she's always got the option to put away her phone or block someone when the conversation doesn't go her way. so it's not very emotionally or mentally taxing.

No. 866516

File: 1644029974475.png (7.14 MB, 828x5848, F9A09D37-8880-4B8D-8404-8168FA…)

No. 866519

Did she capitalize wintery? What does she have against a bra? Are thigh high boots in style? Is that a nightgown? Just…why?

No. 866520

If she looked outside her window she'd know these are not the boots you'd wear right now in nyc

No. 866556

That mask looks like an old pair of Laur's underwear she wrapped around her head

No. 866570

Red. her hair is RED!!! Why can’t she just say that???

No. 866571

That waist trainer is so obvious in that last photo

No. 866572

>on trend
>michael kors
pick one

No. 866598

No one who does quality work of any kind, no one educated, no one who wants to work with talented people who strive for excellence will read the words accompanying those photos and think, this is a top notch creative putting out the best kind of content. Or someone who can write proper English.

To put it in the nicest way possible, the whole thing is very odd. I live in NYC and it has been in the 20-30s F for the past couple of weeks now. So unless these photos were taken last spring, I don't know how a trench coat (which is nowhere to be seen although it's been described as "on hand") is appropriate. Actually, the same can be said for this entire outfit. Does she think she is now an expert stylist? I don't understand the flexing of brands that no one thinks is aspirational or exclusive. And yes, we are headed into March because March follows February but we are also in early February so what is the point of saying that?

And why wear a mask inside your own house when no one else is around? The one time she had a guest over she didn't wear a mask and it's not like she's even dressed to go outside. For someone who cares so much about protecting herself from getting covid and even wearing 3 masks to go to the dentist, she should know that cloth masks are not recommended so why mention a "satin" mask? Doesn't look like she's wearing 2 more under it.

No. 866604

holy shit this is her most outdated look yet. does she seriously think she has any sense of style?

No. 866612

She doesn't even google high fashion to see what's on trend. They're usually an entire season ahead so it's easy to find out what's in style. She just goes into her mom's closet and puts on some ugly hand me downs.

No. 866621

Lillee needs to retire this decade old MK bag. Look at the wear & tear on the leather strap and detailing. It looks like her cats have been chewing on it kek

No. 866625

Straighten your hem, beauty guru

No. 866627

File: 1644082256847.jpeg (566.38 KB, 2048x2048, C245E9AC-C6B8-4BC0-9241-5B1010…)

Strawberry blonde vs. LJ - Seriously, she has no blonde in her hair. How can she lie so blatantly about something when everyone has visual proof.

No. 866629

She clings desperately to the "blonde" part because she and Laur have this racist fetish for western European beauty standards and have bought into the old decrepit dying Barbie/Disney ideal that the perfect princess is blonde and blue-eyed (which she isn't either).

No. 866630

she's deliberately showing some skin because she thinks it's sexy.

No. 866635

File: 1644084396331.png (18.4 KB, 639x462, banned.png)

And now this one is banned. Oh how I wish we could see Lillee's meltdowns again.

No. 866641

File: 1644085143683.png (76.81 KB, 1255x621, lil edit.png)

Lillee had another meltdown and editing war with the staff of the Youtube wikia earlier today. It started when a moderator added the Biased template, basically saying that the page may have bias. Lillee then undoes that, then another staff member undoes Lillee's edits, and it goes on and on… just like the Wikipedia situation. Every user who undid her edits and was involved were all some form of staff, I don't know how Lillee wasn't banned for this. Just look at the edit history kek https://youtube.fandom.com/wiki/Lillee_Jean?action=history

No. 866642

File: 1644085335398.png (57.5 KB, 855x572, Screenshot_23.png)

Lillee is arguing with the other staff because she's talked with and has had Kirkburn (George) kissing her ass. She's ignoring them telling her to knock it off and bringing up the cyberboolies vandalizing her page again.

No. 866645

File: 1644085457134.png (55.54 KB, 921x672, Screenshot_24.png)

CEASE EDITING to a fucking staff member, my god this bitch lmao.
>the vandalization taking place tonight with several other fake accounts is unacceptable
There weren't any "fake accounts" or vandalism that I could see, it was all the staff members. Hopefully none of them get in trouble for doing what they're supposed to be doing because of the goblin.

No. 866647

File: 1644085602174.png (108.45 KB, 1291x677, unknown (2).png)

These poor staff kek, welcome to the Lillee Jean show.

No. 866655

File: 1644090754599.png (4.01 MB, 750x1334, 4B4F71AA-ED5D-4776-9531-013E18…)

Just checked out her TT for the first time and holy shit her mouth is terrifying

No. 866658

Go to around 46:09 of her new 50 minute long video to see Lillee and an offscreen Laur's g8 acting.

No. 866660

did these dumb fucks really leave the facetune tag on the blue sweater .jpg? kek

No. 866667

>>866658 Holy shit, why would they post this? The "acting" isn't funny or cute, someone (Laur) is flashing an orange flashlight at Lillee trying to make her look ethereal but it just comes off as cheap & messy, the outfit looks nothing like Wanda (especially the upside down crown on Lillee's head), & Laur's nasal-y voice made my ears bleed.

She's a joke and nobody with a shred of self-awareness would ever post this. Lillee, we all know you stalk this page so do yourself a favor - get acting lessons. You'll never be a famous actress but atleast you won't embarrass yourself like you do in your "acting" videos.

No. 866676


the lack of self awareness is astounding

No. 866677

File: 1644100599193.jpeg (273.24 KB, 828x290, 93A34401-2BD7-48BC-A00A-7651D0…)

> musical country music star
> well-known beloved actor

The Wikitubia is gold kek

No. 866686

I thought that at first, but it's still all wrinkled and stuck in the top of her boot in the bottom photo. she probably hiked it up to be sexy, then neglected to straighten it out for the other pic, because why would a sexy sophisticated NYC influencer need to look neat?

No. 866688

A majority of her references & citations have nothing to do with what they’re supposed to be referencing. I’ve never heard of this site but if they want to be taken seriously, her page should have been pulled long ago.

No. 866689

All that time having a tantrum at staff, and she couldn't take 5 seconds to remove the link to her suspended Twitter account that's featured on the wikia page, lol. Does she just assume no one's gonna click the link anyway?

No. 866691

I wonder if she thinks being a brat to her mother is adorable and charming. She isn’t even nice to the one person who does everything for her. Yikes

No. 866706

I don't think she could be nice to anyone if she tried
She genuinely doesn't have a nice bone in her body

No. 866717

Which is why the moderators did put notices on the page that it needed clean up and that it was biased. That is what Lillee had a fit about. I don't know why the edit war stopped and they let Lillee win by keeping the templates off the page, on many other wikis she would be banned for this. I hope the local staff of the YT wiki didn't have to stop because of Lillee's "I am talking to the manager of Wikia" bullshit.

Lillee is talking as if Kirkburn (George) is the only moderator of the wiki, when in fact he is just a global mod of wikia as a whole. So to top it all off Lillee has been a bitch to the local mods of the YT wiki because she cannot follow the rules and mods of the wiki so she just resorts to contacting customer service like a true Karen. Lillee is also lying about Kirkburn protecting the page because of any vandals. The page had only 2 edits and was a day old before Kirkburn protected it "due to harassment concerns". Same with her claim it has been non stop vandalized, I looked through the logs and only found one malicious vandal. She's unhinged enough to claim moderators doing their job are just fake accounts vandalizing.

Lillee it's clear the staff (including your buddy George) are only trying to keep the shit that follows you off the wiki. It's pretty telling when a mod suggests you just delete the page if the cyberbullies are such a big issue.

No. 866731

I guess she got what she wanted since I can't see anywhere on her page now that it needs editing because it's biased

No. 866732

File: 1644150111612.jpg (1.05 MB, 1708x1575, absolutehorror.jpg)

I'm speechless from such horror.
LJ hysterical laugh beats Laur screeching voice.

The only acting I see is Laur and LJ pretending to be famous actors doing thoses behind the scenes shoots. They both live way too far from reality. This is absolute insanity.
That's too much internet for today anons.

No. 866739

The ones where she is interacting with Laur (even if she is off camera) are fascinating. There are always moments where they betray themselves and the image they want to portray. Here, you can see how lj bosses laur around and laur lets her, though laur does get annoyed at a certain point. Instead of focusing on her own "performance" if you can call it that, lj has to critique laur's performance though she's only reading lines back so lj has "someone to look at." From just this brief horror show, you see years of laur letting lj get what she wants, and letting her think she knows best. No sane aspiring actor would put out a video where, if a parent is helping them with lines, complain to that parent that they are not doing it right.

And what is with that sudden shot of her trying to look innocently seductive to the camera in the middle of all that????? It's around 48:00.

No. 866763

If we needed proof on how she would have acted if hired for a role- which she would never- it's all here:
She would be atrocious and blame her coworkers or the staff for her poor acting.
She says she wants to act but can't even stay 5 sec in the role and can't refrain her ugly psychotic facial expressions the whole time.

BTW I never watched Wanda but I searched for that scene on Yt and damn, LJ is so bad it's making laur quite ok at acting in comparison.

No. 866769

Laur’s always been the real star and it pisses Lillee off whenever anyone mentions Laur having the better personality/being more entertaining than Lillee.

No. 866782

Was thinking the same thing, anon. This is a peek into her lack of professionalism at an audition. She would nervously laugh, or say something only she thinks is funny and waste people's time, and then blame the person reading lines with her that they didn't do a good job, which is why she couldn't do a good job (laur would not be allowed in the room).

No. 866786

File: 1644177399395.jpg (518.37 KB, 2880x2880, 20220206_144643.jpg)

>>866739 You really weren't kidding. She can't make one video where she doesn't eye fuck the camera & attempt to look "seductive". Unfortunately for our Goblin, it's hard to look seductive with bingo wings, lopsided tits and crazy eyes. It gets worse when she opens her mouth - there's nothing sexy about it and it looks like activity day at the tard farm. G8 Job!

Another thing I noticed was in her video thumbnail she (poorly) photoshops Wanda's headpiece over her shitty upside crown (main image in picrel). I guess it was too much to hop on the computer and buy a rubber head piece from Party City or source materials to make her own. She lives in Queens - not bum fuck nowhere. With a little bit of thrifting and craft-store magic, one could easily make Wanda's headpiece. That's too much effort for our Goblins though, so they do the next best thing (no, not really) and poorly shoop it over her upside crown. Never change, Lillee. Not that that's even a possibility at this point. Kek.

No. 866799

File: 1644188159457.png (25.2 KB, 877x396, Screenshot_33.png)

This message on Lillee's wall has been deleted, it was the only warning Lillee got on her message wall. I find it extremely odd that the staff have only warned Lillee once, have been very quiet and now the message is deleted. I sure hope Lillee hasn't gotten her way by contacting customer service, but it seems she has been able to.

No. 866800

It's still there; it's on the other user's (itzwolfy) wall, not hers.

I do note, however, that the link to Lillee's suspended Twitter has finally been removed. Lol, good to see you're still scouring this thread & taking our advice Lillee! You're welcome! Want some more advice? Take a look at the bad behavior that got you kicked off of Twitter and ask yourself if continuing to act like a spoiled, entitled toddler might get you kicked off other platforms as well, like for instance Wikia.

Not that I even see why anyone cares about that YT Wiki, it's an ad-riddled mess and I can't see it being useful to anyone.

No. 866803

File: 1644192562033.jpg (51.4 KB, 1114x922, EF1EklqWsAA_pv7.jpg)

The way she badly photoshopped Wanda's headpiece over her cheap ass crown is sending me

No. 866873

She looks like a gypsy who's trying to mystify you and failing horribly.

No. 866876

Cursed swamp witch from the depths lookin ass

No. 866881

>>866786 It's just mind blowing to me that Lillee is only (almost) 21. The way she behaves and the way she looks are polar opposite of each other: she acts like a retarded yet spoilt toddler but she looks like a grandma that's been "rode hard and put away wet". The juxtaposition is just freaky honestly. Could you imagine her hanging out at a bar with other people her age? She's so developmentally stunted that I don't even think she'd have anything in common with other 20-somethings. Despite her appearance, I often forget she's an adult when suffering through her YouTube videos. She's not the first case of "failure to launch" that I've come across, but she's absolutely the most extreme. I didn't think it was possible to be more of a stunted fuck up than Kailyn Wilcher (ForeverKailyn) but compared to Lillee, Kailyn is the height of sophistication and class, kek.

Since it's almost Valentine's Day, I wonder what Laur "Pheepy" will be sending Lillee this year? She hasn't mentioned him in a while, she's probably hoping people will forget about him (not that he ever existed).

No. 866891

That acting was so cringe. Her arms are so stubby and fat she can’t move them in a way that looks normal or fluid.

No. 866894

if she washed and styled her hair more than once a month she wouldn’t have even needed that wig. her hair color would be close enough if she didn’t have permanent dry shampoo residue turning her hair grey

No. 866912

File: 1644309936436.jpg (Spoiler Image,47.96 KB, 736x543, megmucklebones.jpg)

I KNEW Lillee's unhinged glances towards the camera, movements, and greasy ass hair reminded me of someone. Now I know who it is!

No. 866930

>>866891 She looks batshit insane during that entire exchange. Why is it that she watches these movies/shows a thousand times and still can't get the lines right? You can even look up scripts online. I had never watched WandaVision, but I couldn't understand why someone would be screaming "Give me the Runes, the Runes, give them to me!" because runes can be drawn (or I guess cast, in this instance). I went and watched the scene Lillee's referring to here, and, in true Lillee form, she flubbed it. Infact I'm not even sure if she understood what the entire ending scene was about. I honestly think that her limited education and stunted vernacular impedes her ability to understand what's going on, whether it be in real life or a basic movie made for entertainment purposes. I don't think she even knows what a rune is or that it wasn't something created by Marvel for this series.

If it was anyone else, I wouldn't think much of it, but it's Lillee. She does this often, and I don't think it's an issue with remembering things correctly; I think she genuinely just doesn't understand it to begin with. It's like when someone comments something innocuous on her videos and she replies with nothing but vitriol. I wonder, had she stayed in school, would it had made any difference? If someone is this dumb from the get-go, are the really capable of learning things passed a certain point?

No. 866959

i wish you would stop clogging these threads with your boomer tier armchairing and annoying as fuck monologues.

No. 866966

I don't think your input is annoying as fuck. Keep going, I agree

No. 866972

is that the same as the anon who needs everyone to know she lives in nyc? The million parentheses are kind of a tell.

No. 866973

File: 1644390318235.png (285.49 KB, 1359x900, bullyish.png)

Of course they have the Bullyish documentary on IMDB. Interesting all it lists is Lillee.

No. 866974

File: 1644391366476.png (35.41 KB, 675x642, imdb ratings.png)

Jesus, 403 10 star votes on LJ Talks? When did they do this? Looks totally legit and not overkill.

No. 866981

>>866974 What the fuck happened to IMDB within the last few years? It's gone to absolute shit and now they allow anyone with a YT channel or a Tik Tok to create a page about their garbage. Originally it was only for legitimate film & TV projects, guess they stopped giving a shit. I still don't understand why they caved to Lillee & Laur, surely a premium membership can't be that much that IMDB turns a blind eye to review manipulation and all the other problems those two retards bring along with them.

No. 866982

I am surprised tbh we haven’t seen Laur push for a Patreon/OF arc with her. I mean they scam everywhere else and obviously have money issues (amongst many other issues). Maybe it would illustrate how little the world cares she even exists if she couldn’t even find 5 subs or something. I dunno I just find it curious

No. 866983

You can't buy bots for patreon or OF so it makes no sense for them. She has no fans so it wouldn't work as an income and it would only prove to Lillee and everyone else that everything else she does is a scam.

I'm more surprised they haven't gone all in on inflating Lillee's tiktok views or followers yet. I know their excuse is that "people don't always cross platforms" but having not even 1% of your IG followers migrating over to follow you on tiktok too is pathetic.

No. 866986

Someone asked this a while back and it was because Patreon makes it public how many patrons you have. You can't hide it or buy fake patrons so everyone would be able to see she has none, or maybe one, just Laur.

No. 866990

File: 1644412897089.png (1.33 MB, 828x1289, 065F5DAA-C651-4690-9EA5-7CB98A…)

No. 866991

Genuinely disgusting.

No. 866992

why is she eating chicken with her fingers? why is the chickpea on the couch? i feel bad for Laur having to clean up after her adult daughter who still feeds herself like a toddler.

No. 866993

The images don't match the hyperbolic sentiment of the texts. Which is typical of her failure in logic.

I thought that was a photoshopped chickpea on a damp rock.

No. 866994

She’s trying to prove to the haters she eats vegetables other than iceberg lettuce.She cropped tf out of these photos and you can still see the clear plastic takeout container #1change4change

No. 866995

There's no shame in not liking your veggies Lillee, just stop frigging lying about your eating habits. Who gives a shit if all you eat is Lettuce?

No. 866998

Legit thought that chickpea was a fallen tooth

No. 866999


Don't be silly nonny, Laur shan't be cleaning that chickpea. Look at the state of that ancient cushion. Glorious Chickpea shall be brushed into the crack of the sofa where his Magnificence shall remain until the end of time.

No. 867002


Lilz bestie it's amazing you're trying but like, a LITTLE effort? Raw white mushrooms, whole canned olives? Do you think this is convincing anyone? If you're going to buy these meals to pose with, why not buy something ACTUALLY well prepared and tasty?

Imagine living in a food paradise like NY and consistently getting meals one could assemble at a national pizza chain salad bar.

Bone Apple Tea Lillee. I'd saw I hope those raw mushrooms didn't give you indigestion, but I'm 99 percent sure they're a prop, as is the metal fork.

No. 867007

I thought it was another tonsil stone of hers lol

No. 867010

I thought it was a tonsil stone, and given her dental habits, I have no regrets.

No. 867016

Getting stuff like this as takeout is so weird. How hard is it to cook all of this? Why not spend your takeout money on something a bit more exciting?

I swear she has a palate of an autistic 10 year old.

No. 867023

I think others here have surmised it's just the shitty side salad that comes with a meal. Though even those usually have some sort of dressing. It's like when Laur's filling out the order for Uber Eats she writes in "pls make meal extra sad" in the special requests box

No. 867083


She's probably not bothering with the dressing because she's not actually eating these salads.

No. 867103


>Lillee Jean is a well-known advocate on online bullying

By who? The only people who know who the hell she is are those who fell down the rabbit-hole hell of all the drama she's built up or those people who have been unfortunate enough to have been featured in her lives.

>"Making the decision to leave the beauty community has been one of the most life changing events for me."

Basically - "I realized no one's falling for my fake ass famous beauty blogger routine. But I'm not quitting being an obnoxious turd faced goblin because I'm determined to leave my mark somehow and prove the b00lies wrong!"

Also Lillee if you're leaving the beauty community will you stop applying for PR and stop making tutorials or is that a load of BS too?

No. 867106

File: 1644497739217.png (34.96 KB, 647x624, imdb ratings.png)

It's shot up from 403 10 stars to 489 10 stars.

No. 867125

She must have beg for all the losers in her engagement pod to rate it 10 stars.

Won't quote all of it bc it's the same old nonsense.
>They don’t even understand how digital technology works in law.
Ah yes, we need to ask Laur unhinged boomer and janitor-at-law.

>My time has come, and now is the time to make a real difference.

Jeez LJ…

No. 867126


Wait wait wait she's leaving the beauty community? Did she announce this anywhere? I haven't kept up with her recent vids but you'd think if she was making a 'career' pivot like this she'd you know, announce it to her fannnnnssss.

No. 867141

Isn’t the last video she put out 5 days ago considered “beauty”? If she left the community, what’s she doing now? This is a very confusing statement considering she’s still doing makeup, outfit looks and hasn’t transitioned to anything else.

No. 867143

File: 1644530441200.jpeg (577.48 KB, 1668x1046, C560C597-7FE3-408A-87C0-1146E2…)

No nonny, she means she’s not friends with the “beauty community” cabal because they all hate her. But it’s funny that she’s insinuating that the few beauty people in her circle like McKenzie Westmore and jet set beauty are “not accomplishing anything”

She’s just trying to make it sound like she’s leaving a toxic relationship but really it’s that she has no organic fans and she was never in the “beauty community” to begin with. She’s still gonna do makeup because that’s the only thing she can do (albeit poorly) but I totally support her journey into entertainment. The potential for keks is too great.

No. 867148

File: 1644534041936.png (204.74 KB, 1311x2472, cc.png)

Laur copyright claimed a tweet from April of 2020.

No. 867150

Where is this from Anon? Also they can do that without a Twitter? Or did they get Bailyn to do it with his account kek

No. 867151


My own email lol

No. 867156

File: 1644542826608.jpeg (427.34 KB, 1170x866, FA82F8EF-085C-468F-983B-7A3667…)

Bradley can help Lillee file bankruptcy in a year when all those creditors come calling.

No. 867178

File: 1644557356401.png (152.72 KB, 441x1050, phyillyodella.png)

Interesting. I clicked on the dropbox link that shows the original image, it says "Phyilly Odella shared this with you".

Hmm, seems familiar: >>866177

No. 867185

So definite proof that Philly is Laur/Lillee, not that I ever had any doubts

No. 867209


I have the same DMCA and she's claiming that my posting a shot from Social Blade is a violation of copyright. I've written to lawyer Brad and hope to have a long, LONG LONG chat (billable to Laur).

No. 867212

It's been a while since I watched a Lilz makeup video so I checked out her newest one and I was surprised at how she's changed the format this year. They're long and almost completely unedited. No more close ups and voice overs of the products, no more fast forward. It's like she abandoned all effort on them.

No. 867223

File: 1644615894307.jpg (16.55 KB, 1231x103, Screenshot 2022-02-11 143143.j…)

Laur DMCAd me today for a tweet at Instagram about her fake followers. She claims THIS was my copyrighted post - it's a line from the Youtube terms which she must have copied accidentally. She did this at 4 am.

No. 867224

File: 1644619868375.png (11 KB, 484x103, 7.png)

The bought fake comments are back. This weird creepy one is definitely Laur.

No. 867226

Must be Lillee’s moon days

No. 867232

Kinda giving me slutty handmaid costume vibes, now all she needs is the white cap

No. 867235

File: 1644647749605.jpg (208.68 KB, 1280x1704, 273398815_515604096592751_1449…)

What is that…

No. 867239

Lillee, the Disney Channel from the early 2000's called. They want their Hannah Montana costume department back.

No. 867242

that top is so ugly that I might actually believe that this is an original JaMario

No. 867244

File: 1644669224600.png (486 KB, 1427x708, Sequin hell.png)

It's another Rent the runway disaster. I feel like the moment someone told her that buying fast fashion wasn't very #1change4change she went back to renting ugly, but higher quality clothes on rent the runway.

No. 867245

I think the size would be off if it would be a Hanna Montana one..

No. 867251

cursed magician looks

No. 867258

Her pinky toe is barely in those shoes kek

No. 867259

It fits so badly. I would love to style her even though I don't know much about "fashion" but am sure I could put together more flattering looks. That don't look like she was styled by a blind millennial/gen Xer.

No. 867260

What’s going on with her left elbow ditch? It looks like she tried to facetune out fat rolls and ended up editing a giant hole in her arm.

No. 867262

The sad part is even if we did she'd still get the wrong sizing for herself. I literally went through the renttherunway site earlier trying to find something more flattering for her bodyshape and couldn't come up with anything. I then headed over to google for advice and whilst all the ideas are good. I know Lillee in good conscience would just choose ill-fitting clothing that is very OTT for half the shit she does. (Like never leaving the house.) to spite everyone who is actually trying to give her good advice on how to up her game and come off as naturally cute and pretty and not whatever the hell she thinks she is now.(blogposting)

No. 867263

>30$ for one-time rental.
What a waste of money. She could buy a nice fitting top for this amount.

That's because she """left""" the beauty community anon.
BTW didn't she wrote that in the articles >>867143 because she believe the "bullying" documentary would be online sooner and a great success (kek).
She was talking about this old guy who was supposed to record it, but there's no mention of him anymore, so he probably left the goblins on their own.

No. 867276

Honestly, I'm surprised they even go out of their house to return all of these back. I just always have this idea that they're insanely lazy and don't leave their house just because of how often they get takeout, how often we see them shut in the attic, etc. Now I'm not saying there hasn't been a mishap where they missed the 4 day window, but if they haven't, I'm honestly surprised.

No. 867278

> I literally went through the renttherunway site earlier
>I then headed over to google for advice

pls find a hobby, parenthesis anon

No. 867288

The same could be said to ANY of us who are here, ever. LOL

No. 867318

>>867288 Right? I Agree. The infighting is a bit much, if you wanna play moderator, go apply to become a Farmhand. That being said, she really does her oompa loompa body no favors. Her fat stubby legs, dumpy ass, and bingo wing arms are really not meant for recycled clothing from 2008. Who the fuck would wear that outfit in 2022, let alone in February in NY? If she's not in the beauty community anymore, what community is she pretending to have transitioned to? I wasn't even aware you could leave a community that shunned you to begin with.

No. 867326

File: 1644716761577.jpeg (1.11 MB, 828x1237, 52111722-E5A4-4E94-BE41-A19703…)

I think she really wants lip fillers to get rid of those thin villainous lips

No. 867354

File: 1644758770443.jpg (140.79 KB, 913x1486, renttheugly.jpg)

Last time those tops were somewhat in fashion, it was circa 2000 and people were already like "don't u have money to buy the second sleeve?" kek.

I went on the website too and the clothes are genuinely ugly, outdated, poor quality, picrel.
The original price is such a joke.
Scammers get scammed ig.

No. 867355

ik she's milky but she's clearly incredibly mentally deficient, i just wonder what went wrong..what do you guys suspect is "wrong" with her?

No. 867357

Saged and I'll probs be kicked for armchair diagnosis, but she shows a lot of the typical indicators of dyslexia. She struggles to process and retain information, as shown by her spectacular misunderstanding of fast fashion, US copyright law and her empty airheaded responses to her talk show guests, to name just a few. Coordination problems as we saw in Beckford bar and her tiktoks. General literacy issues as we've seen with her medium articles.
Not that dyslexia is "wrong" and it is certainly very common and has different levels of severity, but those who have it usually work with special educators to find ways to learn that work for them. But LJ was pulled out of school by a mom who refuses to see anything wrong with her precious little angel.

Not saying for definite, just my observation.

No. 867358

Read the threads, more than plenty diagnoses have already been discussed to death

No. 867361

This has got to be the most off-trend shoot she’s done yet. It really does look like it’s from the hannah montana Walmart clothing line from 2007. She only watches Disney shows so i guess it’s not shocking that she sees this as fashionable lol

No. 867363

She did listen to anons about the outdated one pair of jeans. I don't understand why she doesn't buy petite sizing. Maybe cause she'll have to start buying larger sizes in petite.

No. 867368

She's not mentally deficient, she's probably average IQ (if on the low end of average); she's just never been denied anything by her parents, in addition to being told she's perfect and always gets everything right on her first try and anyone who tells her otherwise is jealous of her beauty and talent.

If you really want to get into the armchair stuff, focus on Laur, the Karenest Karen that ever Karened. I genuinely think there's something wrong with HER but I wouldn't hazard a guess as to what.

No. 867380

Agree with the anon that she's likely on the lower side of average intelligence, but average nonetheless.

The issues that the other anon described such as misunderstanding fast fashion is to some extent, deliberate. She and Laur take a popular concept or movement and try to shoehorn it into their own self serving narrative, often bending the truth in the process. As for struggling to process and retain information, it's a skill that you have to develop and it's often done through education, by studying and testing, and writing essays and reading. She didn't do any of that so even if she was born with average intelligence, by not attempting intellectually challenging pursuits she wouldn't have developed that skill to the extent that most people her age would have. Her vacuous and shallow responses to her guests come from living an extremely sheltered life and not leaving her comfort zone. Hence she has little experience to draw upon to completely understand and empathize with what they are talking about.

As for poor physical coordination, that's just from not working out regularly. She also has poor sense of rhythm. That can be fixed by going to dance class or at least watching dance instruction videos. It's not going to make her the professional dancer that she thinks she is overnight but she can develop some rhythm and develop some core strength. But she chooses not to.

No. 867383

What real model would pose like this? Even children models in catalogs don't pose this unnaturally. I can actually hear Laur saying, "You look so fucking pretty baby!" and snapping away while lj stood like this. <<Shudder>>

She would be considered "petite plus" in US sizing. I don't use rent the runway so I don't know what their availability is sizes but my guess is that there's not a lot out there for people of lj's size, since there generally isn't anywhere. She looks like she could be a P12-P16 and those sizes are hard to find, especially in the kind of clothes she thinks are fashionable. If you look at >>867326 you can see the shoulder seam drooping down because this garment was cut for someone with longer proportions. She should save some of that rtr money and get something custom made to her specific measurements. There are places on etsy and family owned businesses in nyc that will make garments made to measure, and not be prohibitively expensive. They already spend hundreds of dollars on renting a dress for a few days. They can save that money and get something made that actually fits.

No. 867422

File: 1644866616059.png (6.72 MB, 828x6179, 8A1B9C94-662B-4179-8F19-65B21D…)

No. 867423

No. 867427

Oh no! Looks like she already has used up most of her monthly rentals from the renttherunway membership.

What content with will she bless us with from the rest of the month, then?

Also the pants are way to long for her


No. 867430

>>867422 was Laur drunk when she was taking the pictures? They are the blurriest so far. Red is not her color, same as the dark pink above… or maybe it's just the worst of the worst lighting doing it.. or maybe it's just lillee, nothing suits her. Bitch looks like a christmas decoration from soviet times.

No. 867431

File: 1644875970039.png (1.64 MB, 2308x1284, unnamed.png)

Why would she post this picture?

No. 867432

Any insta posts about what lovely gifts pheepy got his sweetums? She blocked me ages ago. T_T

No. 867440

She hasn't filled in her eye liner.

No. 867447

Those commas kill me every time, holy shit.

No. 867448

>>867447 What, do you mean, anon? Lillee, is a Harvard reject educated, woman. You, just, don't understand, how intelligent, people, write.

No. 867451

You're, right. She is doing, a g8 job. Apologies to, my queen Lillee

No. 867460


She did that on purpose, she actually went in with like, white.

No. 867464

Her eyes are so vacant and with her facial expression here she honestly looks like a slow kid dressed to go to her retard school dance.
Her hair is fucking GRAY on top from the dry shampoo and the sides are a darker shade due to the grease. For the love of all that's holy, Lilz, wash your fucking hair!

No. 867467


You fool nonny, the more we tell her to wash her hair the longer she'll wait to do a thing about it, just like her now permanently borked teeth.

No. 867484

J Crew? Is she a 30 year old from 2015?

No. 867491

>>867484 Worse, she's a retarded 20 year old whose only friend is her boomer mother. To Laur's dated (and limited) world view, J. Crew and Express are the very height of sophistication. If LL Bean made tacky clothes covered in sparkles for fat midgets, you'd probably see Lillee modeling those too. Between the two of them, they've got 0 fashion sense and no clue what's in style. Add to that the fact that they think Lillee's got an amazing physique, you're pretty much guaranteed to continue to see disasters like this outfit.

No. 867501

Kek anon, the pant is supposed to be mid-calf lengh.

I am stil very confused about her goal. It looks she's trying hard to shift toward a """fashion""" blog like those that were in some 15 years ago and completely outdated now.
The fashion blogger that were trendy back then are 40-45 now. Why is she so boomer?

No. 867504

File: 1644950689153.jpeg (149.59 KB, 828x1114, 6735FD77-8CE7-4F58-A7CA-EE8716…)

Lmao you weren’t kidding

Sidenote: I actually like the bow top on her but it looks so bad with these pants. Why didn’t she style it with black jeans?

No. 867505

>>867504 same. I think if it was a mini dress it would have looked even better.

No. 867514

It really shows that lillee and laur think she is the absolute queen of everything fashion, makeup, acting, singing etc and theres no possible room for improvement in any areas.

No. 867524

>It looks she's trying hard to shift toward a """fashion""" blog

Nah, she just likes to play dress up without actually going anywhere and thinks she's looking really polished and fashionable and flex her good taste. What she really wants to do is become a famous entertainer. It's hard to tell at this point how that would take shape. She doesn't want to answer to anybody so she is trying to produce and star in her own stuff. But to be successful, you need an audience and nothing she does is interesting enough to attract an audience - well, except for us, but it's for the wrong reasons.

No. 867525

>It looks she's trying hard to shift toward a """fashion""" blog

Nah, she just likes to play dress up without actually going anywhere and thinks she's looking really polished and fashionable and flex her good taste. What she really wants to do is become a famous entertainer. It's hard to tell at this point how that would take shape. She doesn't want to answer to anybody so she is trying to produce and star in her own stuff. But to be successful, you need an audience and nothing she does is interesting enough to attract an audience - well, except for us, but it's for the wrong reasons.

No. 867529


It's hilarious. Despite the fifty medium articles they pay all about how Lillee is a super successful CEO and has this 'small but fiercely dedicated' team of people that work for her, she's got no one to style her or location scout.

Like Lilz, do you actually think ANYONE believes you have a real team of people who work for you when you wear such out of touch outfits? That's not even mentioning how stiff and poorly posed she is or how 99.9 percent of these shoots are in undecorated corners of her house/on the sidewalk by their garage.

Micro influencers manage to make better quality content than this. I guess they must have 'teams' too. Shame Lillies just aren't as good. V_V

No. 867530

It's pretty clear by now that Lillee just wants to be famous but isn't interested in putting any hard work into working towards her goal at all.

She calls herself a makeup guru, model, actress, motivational speaker etc. etc. etc but what she needs is a sole goal that isn't just becoming "famous". If she wants to get acknowledged for her make-up skills maybe she should go to school and focus on only that.. or if she wants to be an actress she should focus on only that and take some acting classes, start from the bottom and go to auditions for commercials or something, instead of going for the marvel leads from the beginning kek

Right now it seems like Lillee just half-heartedly dabbles in anything that has a slight chance of making her famous. She should focus on one thing and become really good at that instead of doing 100 things very badly.

No. 867534


I'd say that's spot on. She learned from Laur that you don't need to really put effort into anything you try. Just throw yourself in with little research or effort and then yell about how great you are.

It's a shame Lillee WASN'T named Tiger Lily actually. Think of all the Paper Tiger jokes we could make.

No. 867555

File: 1644986908405.png (147.89 KB, 784x2088, b.png)

Newish article. https://medium.com/authority-magazine/lillee-jean-five-things-you-need-to-build-a-trusted-and-beloved-brand-5ce3e6a1a5ab
>trusted and beloved brand
How can you be trusted and beloved when your "brand" isn't known? Lillee doesn't actually have a brand, and she is mostly known as being that weird Instagram girl who faked shit.

At least she's getting creative with old Christmas tablecloths!

No. 867565

i'd joke that lilz has finally learned to count, but clearly laur has been taking over these articles lately. hell, she even gave a coherent definition in one of the questions.

No. 867582

File: 1645011502277.png (127.07 KB, 250x265, 1372981272294.png)

>We stand out from the rest because of our sense of family and openness with one another. The things that happen in our personal lives are just as much a part of who we are together as a team as what is going on in our professional lives.

The fact that we all know that the "team" is just laur and lillee hanging out on the sofa eating takeout makes this statement fucking hilarious. I mean … she is actually kind of telling the truth in the most vague way possible.

No. 867591


Lillee does SO have a team! She's just very good at protecting their privacy–not only will she never release their names, but she'll never show any of the work they do. She thinks ahead!!!!

Seriously, Lillee hopped from having made up friends to a made up bf to a made up team.

No. 867625

I'm thinking this is probably sage, but it will always blow my mind how Lillee has never ventured into actual Disneybound esque looks. There's so many actual cute Disney type accessories with the loungefly bags etc, I'm surprised she hasn't bought herself a few to accessorise with.

No. 867631


Lilz is painfully behind on modern trends. She also takes things painfully literally, wouldn't be surprised if she assumed disneybounding had to involve GOING to disneyland and she just HATES that. Her mom told her she did when she was 4!

No. 867639

No. 867640


Oh no, Anon, she didn't just hate Disneyland. She HATED that there were PRINCESSES THERE BECAUSE LJ IS THE ONLY PRINCESS EVA FOR EVA AND EVA and she just CANT be around other PRINCESSES

No. 867705

File: 1645113528061.jpeg (544.54 KB, 792x870, DB05A96C-14DB-4FB3-88E8-B44C8D…)

Lillee, close your fucking mouth!!

No. 867707


Same reason she dropped out of highschool and doesn't bother with any real opportunities and just pays to play. She can't deal with people who are prettier and better than her succeeding. It's BULLYING.

No. 867708

She sees models with actual full lips look like that even when they have their mouth relaxed so she does that on purpose to make it look like she has full lips but she's not fooling anyone.

No. 867711


I love how shes always gotta have her bottom pug teeth show but makes sure to hide those top braces kek

No. 867733


Anna delvey vibes

No. 867740

If you mean lookwise, I have to respectfully disagree anon. Anna is attractive, cute, and stylish with hipster glasses. This one…. uh, not so much.

And if you mean in other ways, have to disagree as well. Say what you want about Anna, but she's super smart and could pull off her con because she carried herself with conviction. With this one, you can smell the fakeness from a mile away because she's not clever enough to pull off the grift.

No. 867763

Anna Delvey had a lumpy potato face too anon. She was a much more successful scammer however

No. 867764

File: 1645156176145.jpeg (116.75 KB, 1024x857, 83FC72AE-7B67-472D-9F6C-A7FA23…)

Lmao I see it

No. 867766

That ugly cunt is spamming every site and platform she can get her hands on.

Last month I was looking up images of Brigitte Bardot on Bing and that fat ugly retarded midget pops up in several of the results. They've since removed the images but it was still annoying to come across.

There are at least 4 people who are suing Laur and Lillee. I honestly hope they both lose in court when the day comes and that google stops responding to the hundreds of DMCA reports they file daily.

If only someone could break into their apartment on one of the rare occasions they go out, find all of the notebooks Laur keeps the login details of all of Lillee's "fans" in (she's too much of a boomer and an idiot to use an app) and steal them. Ultimate Franzia freakout.

No. 867787

Who is suing Laur and Lillee? I’m only aware of Tatiana who had a lawyer on retainer but he was only really sending C&Ds on her behalf. She was never suing them.

No. 867788

ot but whenever I come into this thread the first thing that plays in my head is billie jean

No. 867792

>Never leaves the house
>Wears sunglasses

>of Lillee's "fans" in (…) and steal them

No. 867798

Thanks for the post now watch as they claim that the boolies are threatening to break in.

Also whose suing them? As any of the callouts would be gleefully posting about it even though it would harm any case they have.

No. 867801

>>867766 Even if they are getting sued, what does anyone stand to gain from it? Seriously, what is the judge gonna award the plantiff(s)? "Laur and Lillee Trueman, you are hereby ordered to pay the plaintiff's legal fees. As for punitive damages, I award the plaintiff all 366 of your reused take-out containers and 2/3rds of your cheap, cat hair filled, expired cosmetic collection. Please see the clerk on your way out."

In all seriousness, you can't get blood from a stone. If they were being sued and they lost, you can't garnish pretend wages from an imaginary business.

No. 867850

NAYRT but can't they get in troubles for all the unpaid taxes?

I really want to see Laur in jail arc, don't ruin my hopes anon. It also would be fascinating to see LJ struggling to do everyday basic chores and failing at it.

>>867530 I am really surprised they never tried real tv and sent LJ "curriculum" there. Some shows run unofficial castings where LJ wouldn't have to compete with other candidates, they also would let Laur be part of the show. But maybe they think they are too good for it keks.

No. 867861

File: 1645290742471.jpg (171.39 KB, 1080x1934, Screenshot_20220219-170707_Sam…)

Well it depends if the county or its does something about it. Not sure how US tax work but she would either have her wage or benefits garnished where am from. Looking it up its on the public website still not been paid and is incurring charges.

No. 867864

US tax authorities can’t garnish benefits, but can garnish the fuck out of earnings
they’d be trying to get blood from a stone with the Truemans, though, since none of them seem to work a lick

No. 867877

Do you think their declaring the social media earnings even if they are aren't making much? If not we might end up with a Lillee tax case arc.

No. 867887

>>867877 Very very doubtful. If they make over a certain amount and they claim it when they do taxes, it will start to eat into their benefits from NYS and any other federal programs they participate in. It's not a high amount either, usually if you make around $1000 a month and the SSA finds out, they'll start cutting back how much money you get from the government. Most YouTubers are self-employed, and if you make over $600 a year (in ad rev and such), Google will send you a 1099-MISC tax form. Doesn't mean they actually file taxes though. I used to think that Laur would take advantage of this to the fullest and pull an Onision where they write off everything under the sun as a business expense, but I'm doubtful that's the case. Laur had to know she owed the state that money and if she was filing tax returns every year, NYS would snatch her refund, both state and federal, in a heartbeat. Plus it would open them up to an audit and that's the last thing they want.

I really wanna know how Laur came to owe $15,000 in sales tax to NYS. Was it because she wasn't correctly reporting her income from her junk "antique" business? Or was it because she wasn't charging sales tax on her items and didn't give NYS her cut? Either way, that amount owed is much more than just 1 year of business, they must've found out she was doing this for quite a few years. In respect to garnishment, NYS can't touch SSI, but I know that SSDI is a different story and they can garnish that for federal taxes and federal student loans, not sure if that applies to state taxes as well. Laur is in quite a bad situation here and not just with NYS, but with the Social Security Administration as well. You can start a business on SSI, but it will effect how much money you're given in benefits every month. Something tells me that she's not being honest about her sources of income, and good old Uncle Sam is about to show her what happens when you try to lighten his pockets.

No. 867897

File: 1645308269035.png (2.6 MB, 1280x1880, ddddddddddddddddddddddddddd.pn…)

I don't know what I love more about this fit. The fact the 2003 style cardi is straining at the buttons, or that the strip of bare skin exposes her hair bellybutton.

No. 867898

She even holds her bag like a little old lady, kek.

No. 867906

Shame about the colour, it's lovely imo, and looks decent on her. Looks like she actually washed her hair for once, too. Shame she's about to burst out of it.
Peep the earrings, as well. Totally mismatched with the outfit. Glamour grandma!

No. 867910


New LIVE! dropped. Wow for such a Disney fan she sure can't be assed to learn the actor's name for the LA!Aladdin actor. Mena Massoud deserves better, also looking at the dude's wiki I don't see him failing to get any roles after being in Aladdin. Is she bringing him up because she was trying to make some sort of comment about POC actors getting typecasted and sound clever?

No. 867914

you don’t owe federal taxes if you make less than $12,500
I would be shocked if Lillee Jean makes that much even from benefits (if she gets them) and earnings combined

No. 867915

>Peach-gold make-up
>with cobalt blue shirt and silver jewelry

She really has no fucking clue what she is doing does she

No. 867917

Girl desperately needs a lesson in color theory.

No. 867927

File: 1645323249853.png (4.76 MB, 828x1792, C1AC10FB-3172-48B0-BA20-926583…)

Hardest working buttons in showbiz

No. 867928


It's the hairy belly button for me

No. 867946

>>867887 , >>867850 , >>867861
Sage for tax-autism.

Regarding all the taxes Laur owes:
in my country and I assume in usa as well, when a taxpayer can't/refuses to pay their taxes, gov tax office just take it on their bank account and/or take the money through their employer by grabbing a part of their salary, eg each month untill amount is due.

It's not possible if the bank account is empty/closed and the paxpayer is unemployed, of course.
Since they were bankrupt several times, it very possible Laur and Earl are banned from holding a bank account. Not sure how it works in usa.

Yet LJ has money to waste on pay articles, fake followers, renting ugly clothes, (reused?) makeup, delivery food, weird useless dental process, renting (but not always paying) a shared house in queens, and so on.

I think that proves what anons were saying a while ago: all credit cards and loans are now on LJ name, same for fees and interests.
She is 20 (?) and has already a hefty amount of debts on her, over no valuable investment.

No. 867966

That's not how it works in the US at all. Please research before you talk out your ass.

No. 867971

Not the same anon but…If creditors go to court & get a judgement, they will put a lien on your bank account. I don’t know if a state govt can do the same thing. It’s not too far fetched to believe Laur doesn’t have bank accounts for this reason. I even vaguely remember her telling Nok & Tori, she mainly does business in cash during their interview.

No. 867982

love watching her 'interview' don most and he's describing his teen years, getting an agent and many commercials, and she's just nodding along. wonder if she feels insecure or she feels like she's on his level

No. 867983

Knowing LJ she probably thinks she's more of a Fonzie

No. 868011

Hi Laur.

No. 868040

File: 1645474464027.jpg (437.85 KB, 2880x2880, 20220221_150946.jpg)

>>867910 That live was horrible. She really reminds me of the slow kid in school with no friends that would just parrot whatever they heard from their parents, thinking it made them sound intelligent. She starts off with a simple "Hey" and launches right into her "cOvId iS sO cRaZy" bullshit when the guest asks her how she's been. Who gives that response anyway? She doesn't have Covid, never has, and she doesn't leave her house so it doesn't effect her in the slightest. He looks genuinely confused because he thought he heard NY was steadily improving and LJ wasn't too thrilled about that, can't ruin her go-to excuse. It's not because she's a lazy, unlikable shut-in, with the social skills of a rabid raccoon and thus never gets invited anywhere. Nope, that's not it, it's the pandemic! She'll still be using that excuse a year from now, I'm sure. It's been so hard for her you guys, she just wants everything to go back to normal, as if this wasn't always her version of normal. She's too busy eye-fucking herself to even look at her guests half the time, and this live is no exception. Judging by the look on Don's face, he can tell something is off with her. As per usual, the guest has to decode what Lillee is saying because she's got the vocabulary of a third grader. I found it pretty funny that she claimed to do "contemporary dance" to his swing songs, especially after we saw Lillee's live with the choreographer where she couldn't even do beginner-level routines. Clearly, she's lying, but the thought of Laur trying to swing her stubby, bumbling, fat fuck kid around the living room gave me a much needed laugh.

No. 868046

File: 1645475303122.jpeg (521.24 KB, 828x1301, 7AA57FCC-DE3C-4406-AF95-00A550…)

No. 868048

>>868046 Uh… which one of those outfits is supposed to be "early spring"? The far right could be considered a fall outfit, even if it is simple and sloppy. The far left is a joke and I'm not even sure where she found that top. I had one of those when I was in 6th grade & that was 20 years ago. That Lillee, so on top of trends! Someone needs to teach this "model" how to pose and take a good picture and how to angle the camera. That position and stance is doing her frumpy midget frame 0 favors.

No. 868053


No. 868055

“petite” in clothing sizes in North America refers only to height and not volume
clothes are available in XXS-3X Petite, for women under 5’4”

No. 868065

Just watched it. No matter how important the guest is, she always has to bring in her usual condescending tone. When he’s going through all the influential musicians he’s admired, she interrupts with “um, you’re fangirling.” Very awkward.

No. 868067


I wonder if she's realized she's never going to make it as a beauty guru or model or actor so that's why she's trying to present herself as this all knowing talk show host. It would explain the little pant suit wanna be outfits she's been wearing lately.

No. 868078

File: 1645498088359.jpeg (451.49 KB, 1170x1215, 6158BF0E-6749-4B84-94A9-5D55BB…)

Right before Laur’s last Twitter sock got deleted it was tweeting at Lisa Ling. Holy shit, Lillee thinks she’s going to be the next Barbara Walters kek

No. 868081

My thinking is, she heard about YouTube influencer turned TV talk show host Lilly Singh and is hoping to replicate that herself. of course Lilly Singh had actual followers that weren't purchased for her by her mommy, and also doesn't look like a bridge troll, so it seems unlikely but this is the career path I assume LJ is going for now, since beauty guru and MCU superhero didn't work out.

No. 868086

Lillee Jean's pussy stinks.

No. 868090


Maybe. She seems to be trying to portray herself as this more…I don't know if 'serious' is the right word. Professional? I dunno what really to call it. She's making all these articles about how shes a CEO and has a team, she's posting all these makeup product reviews, 'opening' stories on her website, wearing the 'pantsuits'. The way she talks about the makeup community now that she's left it is really with an air of 'it's juvenile and ive grown past it', like the professional world of 'CEO Influencers' are going to buy that she was actually a successful beauty guru.

No. 868092

Based on her pics it seems to me that she washes her hair maybe like once a week, once a week and a half.
The blue does look nice on her, too bad she can't accessorize for shit.

No. 868094

maybe they are trying to save on water? I get she's lazy and thinks her hair doesn't need to be clean when she's at home all the time, for who, yknow?.. but they may be extreme chepskates at this household so she can afford to rent the clothes. With her skin disroders she should wash her hair more or she'll get itchy bald spots in time.

No. 868095


You'd think after how the farms reacted to all the talk/her own admission that she leaves the house unbathed without deodorant/smelling like period she'd actually TRY to be a little cleaner.

Maybe it's the same thing as people talking about her teeth. She won't do it because the haters are the one saying it's whack.

No. 868105

File: 1645529062030.gif (23.36 KB, 160x90, lillee-jean-scary-valentines.g…)

I haven't been on her tenor page for a while.
It's always the goldmine I expect it to be.

No. 868106

File: 1645529212527.gif (2.25 MB, 498x219, lillee-jean-lillee-jean-repuls…)

I could post her entire tenor page.

No. 868107

File: 1645529382182.gif (5.77 MB, 640x640, lillee-jean-drinks-like-a-reta…)

I can't believe she is the one posting all of that.
LJ go to see a real dentist, it's not normal to drink like that.

No. 868108

File: 1645529580454.gif (1.07 MB, 498x280, lillee-jean-smells.gif)

Last one

No. 868112


What the FUCK? It's like she suckles the liquid in front of her teeth then moves her lips to push it into her mouth???

No. 868119


I can't remember perfectly but when she first got her top braces, didn't she say they were only going to be on for a couple of months or so?

No. 868120

File: 1645548736287.jpg (356.27 KB, 2880x2880, 20220222_113325.jpg)

She really is so incredibly ugly, and the makeup doesn't help because she doesn't know how to actually apply it correctly. Even without it on, it's not much of an improvement and it only highlights how "special" she looks. And why is she still doing makeup videos on YouTube while trashing the beauty community and acting like she's moved on? Nothing she does makes sense to a normal person with a functioning brain. She half asses everything and somehow expects to be taken seriously but fails to realize her piss poor attitude and childish antics are why nobody respects her. She's almost 21 years old and she's still making over exaggerated faces into the camera thinking she resembles a Disney character. It's just sad.

No. 868124


Good lord these stills encapsulate all her worst features. Broccoli shaped nose, the tiny Amy Schumer lips, her enflamed rashy smile lines she turns the brightness up to hide, her jacked teeth, her 5-head.

The cringe overacted expressions are icing on the cake and her unkept unwashed hair is the cherry on top.

No. 868125

File: 1645551524579.jpg (32.38 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-1254050198-612x612…)

I think she's trying to do the full pouty lips thing…? Like how posing women pretend to drink from a straw while pouting their lips. Like picrel. Yet more fake, posed, Disney-esque movements, kek.

No. 868126

I wish this could be edited to really dark contrast black and white and it would look like a monster coming up from sea depths.

No. 868139

I will never understand why she uses such light backgrounds in her videos and photoshoots. Paper can’t be that expensive

No. 868143

All those salads and fit shakes and yet she never loses any weight kek

No. 868144

I keep saying the only way she can genuinely make it at this point is to gain self awareness and turn against her mom. Kinda like a venus angelic route. Lillee is responsible for her own adult actions, but a lot of people can obviously see that its laur who screwed her up and continues to be the only influence in her life.

No. 868147


I can see that working for her but I don't think she'd ever do it. She never likes to admit other people are right. She still pretends to have a French diplomate boyfriend because she doesn't want to admit she made up a bf when she was 14. She jacked her mouth up so severely because she was convinced it was somehow showing up all her boolies when she said how perfect and lovely her stumpy teeth were. People have already suggested this whole charade is Laur's manipulation and Lillee already SKREEEEd about that before. WOULD she throw her own mother under the bus? Absolutely. Laur raised her to be very selfish and to take advantage of other people. But in order to do that she'd have to admit other people were right about everything.

And unlike Venus who actually did MEET people, Laur has conditioned Lillee to be very wary of other people and afraid of the outside world. Maybe one day five to ten years from now when Lillee realizes this isn't going to work, she'll give it a shot and toss Laur to the curb.

No. 868149

The redness around her nose and smile lines is so incredibly inflamed, I know it's got to be painful. Laur, for God's sake, take your daughter to a dermatologist.

No. 868154

File: 1645570247163.jpeg (708.01 KB, 2880x2199, 190C2C6D-A4C4-495F-B9BD-909FAA…)

I edited this collage a bit to remove the insane brightness and cool white lights. Her face is a wreck

No. 868156


It's funny how often she brags about her freckles like they make her so speshal but she turns the brightness up so high you can't even see them.

No. 868157

Is that amount of redness normal? Is she allergic to something?

No. 868159

Bathing. Sunlight. Work.

No. 868163

Maybe its rosacea. Or it could just be irritation from using too many different skin care products. Its probably the latter, she uses too many products in her hair that end up having the opposite intended effect.

No. 868174

No. 868193

She's claimed it's because she spends so much time in front of a camera, her skin is so "photosensitive" lulz.

No. 868201

don't forget anons, she never clean her brushes, she let her cats play with them, the litter box is right beside her makeup box, her palettes are dirty and gross, she buys reused makeup…
I'd say she's lucky she doesn't have it worse on her face.

No. 868202

she also uses whatever new skincare shit she receives. even when real beauty gurus do trials for reviews they go back to their usual routine
right after. lillie is too poor to have a routine and clearly just uses products up and swaps to something else.

No. 868223

She probably has sebhorric dermatitis, which is just like wicked back dandruff on your scalp and face, and usually is worst around nose folds, eyebrows, and earlobes.
Source: I have it and it looks exactly the same.
However, I have a derm and take medicine and dont cake my face full of expired makeup. Amamzing what listening to a doctor will do

No. 868229


I think you're right. Sometimes you can see the little flakes fallen into her upper lip hair.

No. 868231

Exactly. Would also explain the very greasy hair (besides ya know, not showering), the absolute mad dandruff she seems to have everywhere. The nose rash is really telling though.

The thing is its so easy to treat… Lilz, since we know you lurk, use head and shoulders and wash your face with it and that will all clear up. But you have TO SHOWER

No. 868240

Yeah this is probably the answer. She would definitely benefit from seeing a dermatologist. But given how long it took laur to find lillee a cheap dentist to put a bandaid over something that was caused by years of medical neglect, a dermatologist is most definitely off the table.

No. 868242


It's not the only worrying thing she's clearly got going on. She's constantly bragging about her 'tight vaginal walls'. She probably thinks it sounds hot, but the things she's said (I don't remember exactly but it was stuff like aches, internal/external burning even) could be a symptom of a bigger problem, like endometriosis or something that can get worse the longer it goes undiagnosed.

No. 868254

File: 1645667078447.png (677.96 KB, 828x1584, 635FE2E7-45EF-44DE-8E92-BC8D79…)

She’s consistently at least a decade late with every trend she picks

No. 868257

She's just now realizing you can re-use glass cups? Has she been throwing hers in the trash when she finishes drinking out of them?

No. 868258


She seriously told on herself that she usually gets a to go cup. It's called a glass Lillee. You don't need to call it a glass cup.

No. 868259


Look at her hinting all the plastic containers she eats out of are recycled kek

No. 868276

What upcycling actually is : Artistic and the means to be creative.

What Lillee is actually trying to define as a excuse for her and Laur to continue doing : Hoarding old junk into the attic where they live.

No. 868277

All her genius upcycling ideas are just
>empty candle to hold shit
>empty cardboard box to hold shit
>empty plastic box to hold shit
>glass cups to hold shit
>macbook box to life up bins of shit
The only other one was that she wore that Jenny Yoo dress. You know the red one that was dragging on the ground because Lillee didn't bother to alter it? Yeah, so upcycled.

No. 868281

Remember when she was bragging about her ukranian roots? Will we get a heartfelt nonsence article or a video about how we should all come together? or does she only care about Ukranie when it's about her.

No. 868284

Great summary, anon. You captured it perfectly. This was perhaps one of the most useless "tips" anyone has ever put out. Who doesn't do this to some extent? All people do it more or less, depending on their aesthetic tastes and convenience. Babies like to play with cardboard boxes more than expensive toys. Little kids use the plastic cups their cottage cheese came in to pour water on themselves in the bathtub. This concept is nothing new but she makes it sound like she invented it.

As for the still photos at the end, it's not a good idea to have the same expression in all of them. If you are trying to be a model or actress, might be good to show some range.

No. 868289


Someone needs to go back through the farms and make a collage of all the times Lillees posted pics of horrid looking mommy cut up food in plastic take out containers.

No. 868290

You might say this could be YOUR upcycling project.

No. 868293

she mentioned her vaginal walls clench up and cramp anytime she even wears panties which is why she’s constantly pussy-out around the house… if my kid told me some shit like that they’d be in the urgent care within minutes. meanwhile laur just figured letting lillee leave her snail trail on every surface she sits was a good enough solution and left it at that.

No. 868295


JFC. I don't know how much of that is Lillee being her usual dramatic self but if there's a grain of truth in there it's worrying.

Lillee, all joking aside, this is not something you want to neglect and wait around to see. You could literally be compromising your fertility or worse if you wait around and ignore your vaginal health.