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File: 1626305666517.gif (1.28 MB, 113x200, 1625287639708.gif)

No. 844274

Lillee Jean is a stunted unwashed "beauty guru" who has taken "fake it till you make it" to previously unseen levels. With over 1 million (fake) followers on Instagram, 11k (fake) followers on Twitter, and 10k (fake) subscribers on youtube, her pitiful engagement rate is propped up by bots, engagement pods, and "bob-vageen" foreign men with no idea who she is.

Lillee is best known for abusing copyright strikes to silence her many critics. LJ and her momager, Laur Trueman, have been on a multi-year "anti-bullying" rampage where they ruthlessly mock other people for their age, looks, socioeconomic status, and more, all for the crime of questioning Lillee.

Many dedicated Lillee critics have created callout videos and posts to expose her racist, dishonest, and absurd behavior. However, Lillee and Laur remain convinced that this is all a conspiracy organized by one person out to get her.

>Extremely stunted social development due to being removed from school around 13-14 years old. Does not appear to have a single friend IRL besides her helicopter mom.
>Is now 20 years old but legitimately plays with dolls
>speaks and writes in "attic pidgin", our affectionate name for her limited grasp of the English language (her only language)
>Claims to have a totally real, not-made-up boyfriend who is both a French diplomat and also a family friend since childhood. "Phillipe" (an incorrect spelling of the French name) seems to hop across continents, being either local or foreign depending on Lillee's convenience. Conflicting details about when they met suggest an inappropriate age gap (with a 23-year-old Pheepy asking out a 14-year-old Lillee). Her alleged boyfriend has no internet presence of his own, and has never been shown by Lillee, despite oversharing every other aspect of her life.
>Uses her "Jewish identity" to deflect all criticism as antisemitic, despite not practicing the Jewish religion OR having any clear Jewish lineage
>Constantly exaggerating her status in the beauty community with fake pr
>Got caught running her own fan pages, many of which were racist caricatures of minorities. This included (alleged) POC claiming to hate their own dark skin and wishing to be pale like Lillee.
>Once posted a photoshopped image of herself over Katy Perry's body, claiming to have attended the Met Gala. Later backtracked and tried to pass it off as a fan-edited image.
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab, created a custom lipstick color (the point of their business, which anyone can do) and advertised it as an official collab, claiming that her fans could ask for "the Lillee Jean collection" in all Bite stores. Bite Beauty formally asked her to stop making this false claim.
>participated in a public Covergirl ad campaign where anyone could submit selfies to be displayed on a scrolling billboard in Times Square. Lillee waited through hundreds of submissions to catch a photo of herself on the billboard, then posted it as though it were a collab where she exclusively modeled for Covergirl.

>Lillee relives her glory days by "leaking" her middle school report card >>838525
>Ever the victim of vindictive hackers, Laur calls out Alex Murray for not informing her that her Justice4Brenda website was the latest to be attacked. >>838550 >>838556 >>838556
>Laur leaves a review on her sister's murderer's Yelp page >>838631 and also claims an author she hired - whose name she can't get right - was murdered while investigating the case >>838676
>A hist-Laur-ical video on Brenda's murder is discovered along with an old YouTube account of Laur's >>838651
>Laur reports the accounts taking down her edits on Brenda's murder, drama ensues >>838676 >>838958
>Laur DMCAs an image owned by DC >>840018
>Lillee's Wikitubia page in unearthed >>840377 >>840378
>Lillee doesn't understand why people hate homeschool because her homeschool was super legit! >>840960
>Lillee humps a door, displays the exterior of their new goblin hovel >>841985
>Lillee releases her demo reel, shatters eardrums >>842258
>Lillee informs us that New Yorkers don't eat duck >>842287
>Lillee's short fiction from 2017 is unearthed, is a blatant Batman ripoff with a main character named…Phillippe Romance >>842357
>Lillee announces an interview with a totally legit radio station that has less than 1000 fans >>842659
>Lillee doesn't know the word "gardening" >>842682
>Like the rest of corporate America, Lillee removes all mention of pansexuality, pronouns,and rainbows for her account the second Pride month finished >>842746
>Lillee continues to trespass in neighbor's garden, pose sexually beside tomato plants >>843003
>anon transcribes Lillee's latest YouTube Q&A >>843549
>Showing their history of grifting and $cammin' goes back 3 decades, legal anon drops paperwork showing the Truemans sued someone for a cool $2 mil over a car accident >>843798
>Bruce Wayne for President! >>843968
>Lillee drops some hot new merch, including $50 mug >>843982 >>843990 >>843999 >>844020
>Feeling overwhelmed? Dr. Lillee has some advice >>844159

MAIN ACCOUNTS AS OF 2020 (updated December 2020)
https://teespring.com/stores/lillee-jean?aid=marketplace (removed)


https://www.twitter.com/InevitableLrt (goes between private and public)
https://www.twitter.com/JeaniezInc (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/iamlaur67 (goes between private and public)
https://www.instagram.com/jeaniezmanagement (Suspended)

https://twitter.com/lilleeinc (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeauty (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeaute (Suspended)

Other relevant links can be found here >>767646

1. >>>/snow/833840
2. >>>/snow/847048
3. >>698862
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14. >>802142
15. >>811813
16. >>820665
17. >>825857
18. >>833714
19. >>838519

No. 844276

Thank you, New thread anon. Also, great choice of image for the new thread. It really shows Lillee in all her glory; Greasy hair, stretched out & bleached-to-shit ratty old tshirt, pajama pants, grandma glasses and pointy, fish-eyed tits. I can smell this pig through the screen. Looking g8 as always, Lillee. Maybe your momager should show you how to bathe.

No. 844288

it’s 11:30 pm at night in the evening and I hope you all + Lillee and Laur are having a nice hump day. the thread pic fits perfectly.

No. 844289

>great thread pic
OP. Stop uploading thread pics for ants.

No. 844299

every time i see her now i just think of the anon who claimed to work at bite beauty and said she reeked of "sweet menstrual smell" and it makes my stomach turn. even if that anon was full of shit she just looks like she'd smell that way irl.

No. 844305

Something that just occurred to me : Have we EVER seen LJ in anything but stretched out PJ's, gross baby rompers, vest type tops asides her lacklustre cosplay attempts?
Like girl, have some freaking RANGE. As a beauty influencer you could totally buy some new fucking clothes and actually tag them to show off to your followers, No one is begging to copy your looks. I can't believe how badly she and Laur attempt to fucking manage themselves. GET SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY KNOWS HOW TO PROMOTE YOU AND NOT YOUR FRIGGING MOM OR SOME SHITTY MLM PARtNER.

No. 844307

File: 1626344889454.png (56.45 KB, 275x140, psychoface.png)

it's not just her clothes that needs some range, it's also her makeup application. she does the same god damn look in every makeup video – just with different colors.

On an unrelat4ed note, it's incredible that you can pause any of LJ's videos any time and find pure nightmare fuel.

No. 844308

tru facts, I just figured we always comment on her shitty makeup skills, I don't think she'll ever change there but ffs, would it kill her to wear some jeans and a tee combo? Maybe some cute dungarees? it'd be nice if we weren't subjected to her gross legs/breasts once in a while.

No. 844310

She was literally just wearing shorts and a tank top to pose with the tomato plants. I agree that she needs some range but damn, calm down anon.

No. 844319


No. 844322

God, I fucking cringe at how hard she tries to emulate animated Disney princess expressions that don't translate to real life faces without looking autistic. Especially Lillee's.

Fuck me anon I saw your post scrolling as it got to that part and I lost it putting Laur's voice to that pic.

No. 844323

Lillee is quickly overtaking Vicky as my favourite cow. There's something so delectable about following her. It's the sheer cringe of knowing I'm probably watching this woman freefall into being a broke, single, antisocial middle aged neet… vs the 0.05% chance her channel actually takes off lol. Absolutely thrilling. Her latest video about being overwhelmed cracked me up; she couldn't think of any examples of an activity she does other than 'edit'.

No. 844324

She purchases most of her clothes second hand or they are hand me downs from Laur. The few times we see her in something obviously new, we never see it again because they return it. The blue dress and shimmery bodysuit she wore for the Malvie "photo shoot" have never made a reappearance, even during her lives where she shows her closet. The things she does keep tend to be the cheap halloween costumes (I still refuse to call what she does cosplay or even Disney Bounding) that she damages, princess outfits, or something sent to her. The Breakfast at Tiffany's costumes Uptopait sent Lillee have been reused to death. The sleep shirt alone has made appearances in at least 2 other vidoes off the top of my head, and the jewelry is a constant as well.

I have no idea what she was thinking with the pink romper. I think it was more of a "SEE! I can still wear a 4 (or whatever size it was)", despite the fact she looked like an obese toddler that stuffed herself into her toy's clothes. And… Laur use to dress Lillee that way and encouraged Lillee's obsession with being a babydoll/princess. I bet she went and showed Laur that outfit and Laur told her she looked like a beautiful babydoll.

Laur has to do most of Lillee's shopping for her. Lillee has no money and even if she saved her pennies, she would never want to shop in a retail store-between the fact she'd need to size up, deal with crowds. A thift store would be even worse for her. I honestly can't tell if Lillee is just fully taking advantage of COVID to be her best version of a Princess in a tower, or if it has enabled her already existing fear of people/social enviroments to get worse. Probably six of one, half dozen of the other.

No. 844325

Imagine if Lillee started her own depop store kek

No. 844333

Laur would have Lillee sell her dirty knickers to her Indian bots if they EVER discover depop. If she isn't already shilling Lillees foot content through those weird Instagram accounts about Lillees feet, she'd go the next step and try to profit off her mucky tuppence instead. I have no doubt in my mind that a shameless scam artist like Laur would lose an opportunity to pimp her cretin child for the 57th time in an attempt to earn back what she loses on Lillees "career".

That, or they would cut the tags off second hand clothes and they to pass them off as Lillees handmade fashion line. Add "master seamstress" to her already unbelievable list of talents

No. 844344

File: 1626370211213.jpg (20.99 KB, 540x541, shirt.jpg)

Fixed it.

No. 844353

>>844344 Top kek. Somehow your quick edit still looks like it took more effort than her ridiculous merch. I wonder how long it will take Lillee or her nasty pig mom to realize that this dream of being "famous" just isn't going to come true. The only thing LJ will ever be known for is being a sad internet joke. All that money pissed down the toilet trying to get her ugly ass goblin daughter famous when it could've went to paying off they exorbitant debt. I wonder if the IRS has their new address? Doubtful. I hope Laur knows that she won't get that debt discharged in her next bankruptcy, I feel bad for any lawyer that has to deal with her white trash retarded self.

No. 844356

File: 1626385862141.jpeg (272.2 KB, 1170x656, CA4AD961-8664-42E2-BDA7-9DB1DF…)


searching for an unrelated gif and had this one suggested

No. 844370

Ot but just stopping in to thank whoever made this OP and didn't put the image as some godawful collage of her nasty mouth again. I stopped checking PT for a while because my phone wouldn't keep the thread hidden and that was just beyond disgusting

No. 844372

Lookin like a N64 Donkey Kong character mixed with a sleep paralysis demon

No. 844381

File: 1626402641002.jpeg (559.77 KB, 828x902, 24D8CE30-340F-428F-A1A5-864314…)

She looks like a bulldog

No. 844382

File: 1626402986850.png (2.02 MB, 1459x1645, 73F1E7DB-B856-455D-9705-040B28…)

Screenshots from the video

No. 844387

Damn she really looks like this and thinks she’s god’s gift to mankind only rivaling Aphrodite in beauty.

No. 844389

>>844382 Jfc, that bottom picture somehow makes the top one look somewhat passable. Let's face it, she's always been hideous but when I see pictures like this, all I can think of is "There's no way this chick isn't mentally handicapped". It's not just because she's hideous either, there's plenty of unattractive people in this world that don't look like they belong on the short bus, it's just Lillee isn't one of them. She looks like a 40 year old mom of 3 circa 1986, which isn't exactly the look I'd expect from a "bOoTy gUrU". There's just something so entirely off putting about her, I can't put my finger on it but whenever I see her pictures it's like my lizard brain is screaming at me to "stay away from that thing".

One things for sure, she should really lay off the takeaways. She's looking more and more like a bulldog every day and the extra weight around her lower jowls isn't helping any. The lack of collarbones only helps to emphasize her weirdly shaped head.

No. 844391


Looking like a new yawrk lunchlady that was rode hard and put away covered in grease.

No. 844395

this is something that has always stood out to me. she spends her entire day on the Internet trying to keep up with trends, yet she can never manage to even try to follow current fashion trends or just dress more fashionably in general

No. 844396

She can’t even bother to bathe regularly or learn how to style her ugly hair

No. 844397

holy shit. by far her worst picture ever

No. 844405

that's an insult to bulldogs. if anything, she's a bulldog with saggy laur tits, psycho eyes, and fucked up teeth

No. 844406

omfg will this bitch stop trying to push out her non-existent collarbones? honestly, it just brings more attention to her linebacker shoulders and arm flab


totally agreed. most beauty gurus are baseline attractive + have makeup skills. LJ is far below average, dumpy, and looks 20 years older than she is.

i mean it's hard to be fashionable when you don't change out of your single set of stained pajamas for days and let your hair turn into a rat's nest

No. 844409

When she smiles with her teeth showing, she looks like a goddamned retard that got the last popsicle.

No. 844416

And the eye makeup makes her look psychotic…

No. 844417

This foundation is like 3 shades too light. She's obsessed with being a "pale princess", but she clearly isn't pale enough for the lightest shade of whatever foundation this is.

No. 844421

File: 1626440218405.jpeg (304.82 KB, 1381x1289, 944E1C94-68E4-4450-884E-826B45…)

No. 844423

People lost their jobs, their homes, and mental health plummeted, but it's devestating that Lillee can't gorge herself with Chinese food.

No. 844431

Jesus does she not know how tone deaf she sounds? Oh you lost money etc well am such a victim I can't stuff my face. Never mind the restaurant that had to close.

No. 844434

"hello? 911? i'd like to report an emergemcy. Due to a global pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands of people, I can't get takeout food and that is a crime."

No. 844443


Wont someone think of Lillee Jean and her pounds of orange chicken over pounds of rice?? How dare there be a shortage of CONTAINERS poor thing boohoo.

I really think her brain is molding at this point. I dont feel bad about how isolated she is. She willfully chooses and covets this lifestyle. She really is like a dnd goblin.

No. 844446

of course since she had no job/education or a social life prior to COVID, a shortage of meat and fast food is a big concern for her. people are dying, Lillee

No. 844449

COVID was actually good for Lillee because she got to stay home, there was an eviction moratorium and she got to suckle on the government’s teat as much as possible

No. 844459

File: 1626460073269.jpeg (658.69 KB, 828x1400, 2D3BE27B-939B-4A40-9984-D5DDF0…)

No. 844462

No. 844463

File: 1626463830491.png (45.36 KB, 758x443, Screenshot 2021-07-16 153020.p…)

No. 844465

COVID or no COVID, it's not like she was going to leave the house anyway. In fact, since she literally never leaves the house or changes her clothes, she probably left the house more than normal to get vaccinated.

No. 844469

File: 1626468242145.jpg (283.61 KB, 1080x871, Screenshot_20210716-163605_Chr…)

>>844465 You're not wrong. She doesn't leave the house because she's still mentally a toddler and couldn't make friends even if she tried. Her personality is so incredibly shitty, she's got no life experience or skills, and I doubt anyone but her Fat Franzia-Filled mother could find common ground with her. She's what, 20? I grew up around that area (albeit a much nicer part) and at 20 I was going to school and working in Manhattan and running all around the city. That's what normal 20 year olds do, they don't sit at home with mommy playing with their dolls. Her life is comical.

Speaking of comical, these are a few stills from her new video where she does the same tired-ass pink look for the 846th time. At 13:56 she tells us that bronzer and contour aren't the same thing (no shit) and that this is how you should apply bronzer(Pic related). She looked like a two year old that just got into mommy's makeup by the way she was applying it. At one point I thought she was going to eat the brush and I'm pretty sure she got more bronzer in her hair than on her face. Lillee's inability to grasp even the simplest of concepts never ceases to amaze me. 5 minutes spent putting on bronzer and you can't even tell she's got any on.

No. 844470

I see anons mention it all the time, but I'm going to bring it up again. Why live in NY with exorbitant prices when you aren't utilizing even a single aspect of it? The possible only thing I could think is they have to live close to family to be able to cosign, but I'm sure they could find a place out in bumfuck nowhere that won't check their credit. I have a feeling they're staying near the city so they can have tons of options to have food delivered.

No. 844472

You’re probably being sarcastic but Lillee is hardly adventurous when it comes to trying new foods. She’s got the palate of a first grader

No. 844473

File: 1626469906264.jpeg (283.73 KB, 828x782, 33FA4A73-79E4-468B-9521-50CB06…)

No. 844474


I've always assumed that Laur found a way to play fast and loose with the truth in order to get everyone in the Trueman household a combination of federal, state, and city benefits (disability, rental assistance, maybe SNAP?) that allow them to afford their current lifestyle without having to work. Gaming the system is difficult, but it's not impossible, and Laur is definitely the type to expend time and energy that could be used to get a fucking job to instead scam some free money.

If that's the case, then they run the risk of losing access to some or all of their gubmint checks if they leave the city or the state of NY.

No. 844478

She's upset because there's a shortage of disposable one use containers and meat? Real 1 change 4 change environmentalist queen.
Kek, aren't bulldogs awfully bred with many health problems? Sound's a lot like Lillee.

No. 844480

Honestly though, outside of NYC there's a lot of scarce areas while still being within the state. They could absolutely move further out and save money while still staying within the state. That's why I think it genuinely has to do with either food delivery, since they'd refuse to cook if they couldn't have things delivered, or someone near them is helping cosign these places and if they move too far away, they lose that contact.

No. 844490

Lillee Jean is the embodiment of pick a struggle because wow. How are you ugly inside and out, stink at all times, out of shape, retarded, stunted in all areas of life and are poor. No hate to any of you with a struggle mentioned besides being stinky.. but in lillee jeans case like pick a struggle and try to work on bettering yourself.

No. 844492

>besides being stinky
kek anon

I can usually just laugh at LJ but holy fuck. like… I lost my apartment thanks to covid, and I ain't even that mad about it because people are literally dying

major major fuck you, Lillee

No. 844495

File: 1626489655850.jpeg (360.88 KB, 828x946, 145F06FD-85DB-43FA-8267-CD8304…)

Girl it’s never going to happen

No. 844496

File: 1626489678292.jpeg (253.38 KB, 828x1015, 5AF4D13E-6EDE-4C27-B1B4-CD0DC2…)

No. 844502

I’m sure the pale princess is secretly thinking she should be the one to play snow white, with her amazing acting skills and all

No. 844503

after using a bunch of fake emails and numbers to file false DMCA strikes, it seems like the goblins have been blocked from doing so in some capacity. Their last strike was in May and Twitter callouts are back to posting receipts

No. 844508

I mean, she did do a snow white impression on her reel (and blasted out many a speaker)

No. 844509

is this the same lillee jean that made jokes about arielle "kidnapping" sebastian when she found out a black woman would be playing her?

No. 844513

This video is a little bit older, but stumbled across it after looking at Gus Johnson's vids. Anyway, this couldn't stop reminding me of Lillee and her absolutely insane lies, especially the ones about ancestry lmfao. The shit she says about her and Laur is pretty much as far fetched as this stuff.

No. 844536

File: 1626532292419.jpeg (331.64 KB, 631x902, F9B5A849-01F1-4EA9-9E4B-79125B…)

Callout posted a vid of lillee not knowing what a pair means. Reminder to not neglect children’s education please.

No. 844553

Top keks anon.
LJ owns hundred of shoes and never heard "pair of shoes" in her whole life.
Like if she would go outside the house and enter a store she would ask for two shoes.

No. 844570

Holy shit. For any anons too lazy to go to the video she says "Oh, you get two in a pack? Even though it says one pair." I'm fucking dying.

No. 844589

File: 1626565811340.jpeg (195.13 KB, 827x1405, 938121BD-EC46-4DFC-844D-7F4884…)

Lillee is live with McKenzie Westmore and here are their Belle and Cinderella looks

No. 844591

File: 1626566110591.jpeg (423.43 KB, 824x3450, 1B503B98-00AF-4600-A552-7ED699…)

Bonus screenshots

No. 844593


even for lils, this is bad makeup. the foundation is not only too light for her, but the undertone is…grey? she looks embalmed. casket-ready. amazing. it looks like she tried to offset the corpse spackle by overdoing it with the blush until it looks like she's painted on a fake port wine stain. finally, there's that thick stripe of unblended highlighter running down her nose to finish off the look because i guess lillee is stuck forever in 2014.

No. 844597

She had a filter on to make her hair more red so it was fucking with the shade of her makeup. Even then, whenever the filter slipped, you could see how uneven and poor her make up application was

No. 844607

Everytime i see her she is looking older and older. Like 60 years old, why is she aging so fast. Maybe all the takeout and processed food? Your teeth is made to eat hard food its not good to be eating all mushy and soft food. Im sure she is vitamin D deficient based on her never leaving the house, therefore lack of sunlight, and her diet is lacking in nutrition all around. I would suggest to start by eating some carrots, you really need them lillee. It’s actually concerning how old you look and how mentally lacking you are to be so young.

No. 844644

File: 1626587638041.jpg (530.39 KB, 1080x1747, IMG_20210718_005223.jpg)

Westmore confirmed mentally deficit, Laur has convinced this woman that everyone is elderly granny Diane.

No. 844650

File: 1626594180121.jpg (273.43 KB, 1080x1656, Screenshot_20210718-084045_Sam…)

That's some jump

No. 844664

Her red face looks like Laur drunk younger sister.

No. 844667

File: 1626613537548.jpeg (418.62 KB, 828x1311, EDDE6C2C-C6AB-437D-AA06-5303D1…)

She really is happy to stay home forever

No. 844674

Covid was almost a perfectly timed thing for Lillee. She wasn't getting brand invites like she had been, they were having to buy their way in or go to popups that anyone could go to. Not exactly the type of exclusivity she was hoping for to prove her haters wrong. She hates interacting with the public in any way that doesn't give her the option to mute or block them… "Lillee never leaves her house!" "Lillee is a shut in!" "Lillee eats crap and is gaining weight!" "Lillee reuses all of her makeup/clothing!" Covid has given her a reason/pass/excuse for all them, and she's clinging to it for dear life. What happens when everything opens up, government assistance dries up, and she's still not getting invites? She can only claim she can't go to events without body guards for so long. (Although, fucking hell, I'm SO looking forward to her going to an event with bodyguards. I would kill to be a fly on the wall as people give her a "who the fuck is that??" look and she preens thinking they are jealous. Also, she and laur have the best fashion when they go out)
Covid is Lillee's safety blanket.

To modify a line from Primink, these Princesses are looking a little botched.
Ugh, I think Westmore is probably the type of person that is really nice, hence believing Laur and Lillee's tales of bullying, feels sorry for Lillee, but is also completely computer/social media/internet stupid. How the fuck does, in this day in age, does a notable person not know to do 2step verification? I'm sure L&L have convinced her she was attacked for supporting Lillee as well. And I think Mrs. Westmore sees any comments about Lillee on her pages as a personal attack on herself. She has stepped in a pile of bullshit, but she can't get out of it without denoucing Lillee, which she's "too nice" to do. Lillee's 1million indian dudes might attack her.

No. 844686

File: 1626625485256.jpeg (647.07 KB, 1242x1096, 3AC98D1E-31CC-4814-B48C-8C72B4…)

After Elaine, we have another haXxEr on our hands. Context: McKenzie just fully lost it when proof about her fake followers was posted and started making the same laur-esque threats

No. 844689

In a industry that she's rapidly aging out of, competing against much younger and fresher faces, it's an interesting choice to support someone who has such a dubious past. Her career is mostly hosting gigs now, and studios aren't too keen on host's personal lives overshadowing the drama they curate on the show.

No. 844692

I will call the police,,,(k)

No. 844697

why? there's nothing illegal happening here.

No. 844701

File: 1626632773620.jpeg (8.01 KB, 225x225, images (4).jpeg)

No. 844702

File: 1626632904259.jpeg (10.49 KB, 185x273, download (3).jpeg)

No. 844709

File: 1626640337392.jpg (65.61 KB, 602x512, doris.jpg)

Lillee has some serious Doris vibes.

I wouldn't say McKenzie is "nice" she seems desperate to get an acting job. I agree with >>844686 she has 100K followers but barely 20 likes and 10 comments.
That's telling about her real engagement.

No. 844714

File: 1626643622045.png (2.96 MB, 828x4620, 897FAB89-235B-446A-A16C-59F6EF…)

She’s also peddling expensive MLM products

No. 844717

WHAT $150 for HA and collagen???? oh my fucking jesus you can get better quality cerave shit at cvs that does the same thing with the same ingredients for $15

No. 844718

Westmore beauty is also an MLM. That’s why all the white Karen’s who comment to support her are all shilling it on their accounts as well. Scam all over

No. 844722

File: 1626649013558.jpeg (687.16 KB, 1170x2118, D2AD99E7-4F2F-4D25-A349-B7659A…)

Laur’s already in the livestream chat and the stream hasn’t even started

No. 844727

>>844722 LMAO, Laur calling other people vile?! The cognitive dissonance in that household must be as thick as the grime covering their cheap ass floors.

No. 844730

20 people showed up for the Live, I can guess that at least 10-15 were callouts and farmers. I cannot wait to see the excuse for the low numbers when Laur unlocks her twitter to bitch.

No. 844732

She’s live on ig now because she needs a self esteem boost after the train wreck of a radio show

No. 844733

Livestream was a complete shitshow. Lillee talked about how she found success through her doll blogs at 9, Laur’s propmaster lies, bullying (her story has once again changed to Diane creating the delusional artist Reddit thread and threatening to rape her), her middle school talent show, rating random Indian dicks, being fat and says she’s writing a book. She also did cartoon voices and sings for a second. After her Diane sperg, the og callouts show up in the chat and Diane directed the 18 viewers to her channel for evidence of LJ’s lies. There were no mods and Laur was losing her shit in the chat on multiple accounts.

No. 844734

This was ultimately a mistake on their part. They were unable to control the narrative nor the views/chat. Her real engagement was on display. Now will what's left of her engagement pods be directed to like and leave emojis in the comment section to boost numbers?

No. 844735

File: 1626653588471.jpg (578.07 KB, 1280x720, Screenshotter--YouTube-Another…)

The chat is gone from the video, not sure if they removed it or what.

I'm not watching 50 minutes of Lillee but the host's video kept skipping/freezing for the bit I did watch.

No. 844736

So the channel disabled the live chat playback. There's a few other videos they did that for. I wonder if it was requested to hide the lack of engagement or what was shown in chat.

No. 844737


I hope someone screenrecorded the chat :/

No. 844738

The video has 88 views, I'm guessing 25% were local fans of this random guy and the remaining 75% were callouts and Laur. I doubt anything of value was lost.

No. 844739

File: 1626654345398.jpeg (260.15 KB, 1170x1314, A881849C-00D0-427F-9340-128D47…)

I got a few screenshots of Laur in the chat.

No. 844740

File: 1626654376074.jpeg (262.71 KB, 1170x1448, 6DA883DA-D1BF-4E86-A992-7DE296…)

No. 844742

File: 1626655271909.jpg (112.82 KB, 1080x796, Screenshot_20210718-185640_You…)

No. 844743

File: 1626655918228.jpeg (500.85 KB, 1170x1300, 59250600-809A-4FE8-B571-439526…)

Diane rose from the dead to debunk the goblin and direct all 17 viewers to her own channel

No. 844745

I can’t get past the beginning with him saying how excited all the fans have been for her to come on. Everyone’s super geared up and he’s received so many emails about it….ok sure.

No. 844749

I mean no doubt he's in the engagement pod lol. I'm pretty sure all of them have to act like she's the greatest shit and keep the facade of "a million jeaniez".
Her whole internet persona is what I'm going to call "Lillee's Loop". She time and time again does vile shit, and then continues proving she has no engagement with collabs like these. And because there's no engagement, there's no fans to lose due to her vile shit. Lillee's Loop that has been the same thing since the beginning. But it's so hard to look away, she just keeps showing her ass like a zoo animal and coming up with grander lies and one-upping her shitty personality.

No. 844754

Yeah I think he confirmed being in the engagement pod near the end where he mentioned something about their little group of positivity (paraphrasing). I was one of the 17-21 people watching live and it was hilarious to see how small her engagement truly is without Laur being able to buy viewers.

No. 844755

Radio show highlights

> New York - She isn’t impressed. It’s nothing special when you live there. “You know, people who live in England, it’s like (puts on accent) Hey, mate, I just live here. And then you go there and you’re like, OMG is that like the queen’s castle, WHAT? New York is kind of the same way.”

> Her struggle - “There were times when we didn’t have money for a Christmas tree, so I created something out of cardboard, actually, so I was always like, artistically inclined. I don’t think a lot of people know that about me. That it’s like, no, I’m not some white bitch who just started out with like, oh all this stuff. No - everything I have I worked for.”

> Artistic abilities - “I think it’s like, in my blood to be artistically inclined.” Starting to assimilate into voice over acting. There are a lot of things.

Mental health advocate. Loves that she can talk about things like anxiety with her base.

> Stand out quote - “I don’t just want to be a pretty face.”

> Reddit - When she was in high school, they said they wanted to rape me. The forum is still up. They gauged my eyes out, it was very traumatic.”

> High school - trauma made her leave. “It was like, oh my god, I got really scared inside. Somebody who was 15, as you can imagine, it was like, wow. Didn’t want to give up my dream either. I went into like, this green peace sort of phase.”

> Green peace phase - “No more contour, no more makeup. I like, reset Lillee. I started online schooling.” She really found herself.

Was on the UNFCCC Climate Change for take your seat on their Twitter. It was, oh my god, amazing.

> Her big break - viral Tweet on Barbie’s name. A lot of shit happened. Kept building and building and building. Malvie magazine. “It’s like this conglomerate of things until finally - I want to be just Lillee Jean, which is my name anyways.”

Her cats in the room. Hahaha

> What people don’t realize - “This is like, Lillee grown up over the years, growing.” You can just do a duck face and get followers, that’s what people think and NO!

> Second stand out quote - “You need to gain the trust of people.”

> Haters -“Why the fuck am I letting people remove me, they should move. They should be removed, not me.”

> Growing up in the entertainment biz - Mom did prop work for like Men in Black “If they needed like, a toy gun that looks like a real gun on screen that’s vintage she would supply it.” Public Enemies. “I was always just kind of used to her like, running to the studio, cuz it’s all central here to Queens. So it’s like, you know, whatever.”

4 year hiatus from YouTube. With school it was just too much. She was kind of sad. It was a clusterfuck - and she needed a break. “And hence we enter green peace Lillee.”

> Harvard University -“In 9th grade, my um, guidance councilor, he um told my mom, you know like, hey, she could easily get into Harvard. She could easily go there. I had a 3.8, it’s easy, as long as you just give me the test.”

> Hard times - “There’s been times where things were like, really really tough. So tough, I mean, ugh, tough.”

> Diane - “She has children in her group ,so it’s like, oh, pedophile.” Called her a terrorist.

> Lolcow- “The government is tracking you, DUMB DUMBS. So many people have committed suicide because of Kiwi Farms.”

> Boolies- Everyone picks on her because of her weight, religion and all sorts of unfair things, not that she’s a horrible person and a liar. Sure, Jan.

Thank god for her large, supportive fan base that loves her.

>Pervs/flashers - “What I do is I rate their dicks, because if you show it to me I’m going to tell you what I think about it. That’s one way to make it shrivel.”

She’s so good at engaging with fans at her level of success.

> Coming up next- Biggest awkward pause ever. “We have some radio shows coming up, we have some potential auditions coming up, we have some outings.” Her publicist is really amazing. MAYBE A BOOK.

She is so far past middle school and high school and that’s all she brings up. Girl really needs to move on and get some life experience.

> Her lit teacher- “Get her out of here, she is like, made for entertainment, she is made to do whatever she wants.”

> An event she clearly had scheduled- “I had an event, I canceled it.”

> Uplifting us - “I have PTSD, I was swatted, like they called the police twice, they said I was dead. And, I mean, a suicide tip, they bring in cops, police, a hospital - it was very traumatic.” Deal with things head on. It hurts like shit, address it, release it. It will get better if you keep going, stay with people who are warriors. Don’t change yourself. People are jealous, don’t change. You have something they will never have.

> Her positive outlook - “Put that love forward, that’s very important.” As we know, she spreads love, joy and positivity daily. Never hate.

No. 844758

>as long as you give me the test

Does she think it’s one particular test you take to get into Harvard? All you have to do is pass the Harvard Test and you’re admitted.

No. 844762

I know Diane's only in her late 30s and not a senior citizen like Laur seems to think, but damn that pfp isn't doing her any favours. She looks like a post-menopausal school librarian there.

No. 844763

I think that's the point. Oversized glasses and a wig make it harder to use reverse image search.

No. 844764

yeah I hate it when I suicide bait and they send an entire hospital to my door

No. 844767

File: 1626668676966.jpeg (147.59 KB, 1242x474, B1FE6C05-9D4C-4A67-86D4-C9903B…)

Vibe show unlisted their LJ video
In other news, Aimee tariq has been badmouthing Lillee and warning others in the engagement pod about her

No. 844768

I thought the guidance counselor was just trying to get her to take SATs (can’t go to Harvard without them probably) but isn’t 9th grade is too early for that? Maybe they were suggesting test prep, but lj took it as them complimenting her academic performance. Idk.

What video is this comment on?

No. 844777

Is she talking about getting a wellness check as the "swatting," or is that a different event?

No. 844778

I believe at one point she said she was going to commit suicide and either Tati or Creepshow called in someone to come to her home. Lillee turned around and made it out to be a swatting and made it sound WAY more dramatic than it actually would have been, I seem to remember her saying the cops were holding guns to her head or some ridiculous shit like that.

Pretty sure they wouldn't try to shoot you if they were coming to prevent you from dying in the first place.

No. 844783

LJ said the counselor "told Laur". Laur either made the story up, either the counselor was being ironical: "Suuuure your retarded daughter could totally go to Harvard if she wanted to ".
LJ never shown any diploma/proof of graduation.
It funny how defensive she is about her worthless online school.

And also, why always Harvard? There are many prestigious universities in NY.
I'm sure LJ never heard about the Ivy League and she doesn't know the tops uni in NY.

>Her lit teacher: Get her out of here, she is like, made for entertainment (…)

On that one I totally believe her teacher told her to fuck off and that she was a complete joke.

No. 844786

File: 1626699116154.jpeg (488.17 KB, 1170x1504, B1EDF56B-7BC2-481A-90CE-68D237…)

The live chat replay is available now. Laur was pissed there were no mods.

No. 844787

File: 1626699882879.jpg (101.93 KB, 964x559, westmorescam.jpg)


Kenzie Mc Scam got her business account removed.
Top keks

No. 844788


Lillee was trying to get a video removed by YouTube and asked YouTube in an email if they wanted her to kill herself over the video. The other person in the copyright dispute (an Australian chick not Creepshow) contacted the authorities for a wellness check. It’s all in previous threads >>825302

No. 844790

File: 1626700635421.jpeg (227.36 KB, 2048x2048, 7D74B9D7-4CF0-4158-9716-83A2EE…)


Just checked and Aimee unfollowed Lillee on IG but Lillee is still following her

No. 844794

File: 1626702508556.gif (1.29 MB, 222x480, FB8B970C-BCAF-4DEF-9287-69D3B4…)

Lillee fondling herself for no reason in last night’s ig live

No. 844798

The video is back with the live chat.

No. 844802

File: 1626706112571.png (813.65 KB, 828x1472, DAFFD863-2047-42A0-B5D9-44208A…)

Probably for the best because Aimee Tariq is an antivaxxer

No. 844804

File: 1626706663916.jpeg (228.31 KB, 1170x1493, 69766BF8-81DD-4715-8CFA-9FBEFC…)

Imagine dealing with all this shit for 1 mil Jeaniez and losing subs instead.

No. 844806

Bets on if they ever have her back for the call-in special?

No. 844809

File: 1626708347943.jpeg (432.06 KB, 1170x1402, 4BDFC315-14A8-4BF9-9AE1-FC688A…)

lilz woke up early and decided to sperg all over youtube

No. 844810

The tantrum begins

No. 844813

File: 1626709227867.jpeg (731.7 KB, 1170x1587, 16C8CDD5-544C-4255-885B-34CBA8…)

She deleted all her comments

No. 844814

File: 1626709307875.jpeg (375.37 KB, 1170x1097, 73A70B70-58B0-461A-B190-5BAFCC…)

I’d tune in to see Lillee argue with her haters. Better than Indian guys jerking off and literal children.

No. 844815

the video views have started to rapidly increase since Lillee woke up. pretty sure they bought views

No. 844816

That and everyone who wants to see the drama has probably come rushing to the page to see her meltdown pmsl.

No. 844818

File: 1626709841407.jpeg (240.95 KB, 750x966, 9CFE1334-C7A1-4D4A-88FE-1ED679…)

Why does she write a comment then instantly deletes it? What’s the point?

No. 844819

Shannon is like a broken clock, she was a little shit but she was right about lillee. They're gonna milk this as long as they can.

No. 844820

File: 1626710235814.jpeg (478.44 KB, 2048x2048, E0BECE06-3AD1-44A9-A40D-C1C234…)


Seems legit

No. 844822

File: 1626710695889.jpeg (292.84 KB, 750x989, 532DE200-7AD8-42DC-9793-42C578…)

It’s all Diane

No. 844823

File: 1626710729804.jpeg (219.39 KB, 750x888, 00D3D308-B10E-41D9-A7DF-BCA2E9…)

No. 844824

File: 1626710776188.jpeg (260.55 KB, 750x905, BFA1E1A1-F532-4238-ADA4-E81A39…)

No. 844833

That was a wild ride. She deleted all of her comments, but the freak out was…..interesting.

No. 844834

It was laur on lillee’s account. How fucking embarrassing to be 20 whole years old and still being unable to keep your mom out of your phone

No. 844840

File: 1626715713066.jpeg (494.53 KB, 1170x964, C81D1F21-AE09-49BA-85C2-DD03E7…)

I can’t find this original comment but I did look into the account. Most of the links on their YT account are dead but if you search for those names or the gmail address, she was an aspiring musician (maybe a fake too, picrel). It seems plausible she’d be in an engagement pod.

No. 844844

File: 1626716684201.jpeg (785.46 KB, 1170x1254, 0CE86307-E99B-4447-931A-364049…)

More likes than views

No. 844848

All of the pod people who personally attempt to help Lillee end up turning on her. CyberDouche, Patreesha & Aimee. This should be a huge red flag to anyone thinking about working with her or thinking they can change her behavior. Even the scammers think Lillee is too scammy.

No. 844856

File: 1626724726163.jpeg (237.5 KB, 1170x1236, BBA04BA6-D38C-408A-A62A-49A1B1…)

Original comment was on Primink’s video

No. 844872

File: 1626729310506.jpeg (593.28 KB, 1235x1445, 7AE8ED16-D014-4A97-B621-9F6E63…)

Diane tweeted this. Apparently Lillee’s engagement pod “friends” have been going around talking smack behind her back. Imagine not even being supported by the people you literally pay to do so

No. 844884

File: 1626731638847.jpeg (175.28 KB, 1170x884, 2CCC87D8-AE78-46A5-803F-F3AC26…)

No. 844890

Whatever happened to Pheepy?

No. 844901

Yeah, this. any story Lillee tells about herself that's somehow only heard second hand thru Laur is 100% fiction. Why would a guidance counselor even be talking to Laur in the first place? Mine only talked to me, since it's my future, not my mom's.

I do however think LJ believes this story, so she's not lying per se, just repeating Laur's lie bc she's too dumb to question it.

No. 844923

Her muscles are strong because she did ballet in middle school.

My legs are super toned because of that one time I did gymnastics in kindergarten.

No. 844940

File: 1626744573129.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x1755, 621718B7-0BED-439F-BDF6-24ABF8…)

Someone who made up a story or is Aimee obligated to post as a member of the pod?

No. 844944

While in most cases this would be true that a guidance counselor would only speak to the student, we know Laur. They're connected at the tits. Lillee can't do anything without Laur stepping in and being a part of it. I have no issue believing she stepped in on every guidance counselor meeting she ever had. High school, at least mine, was pretty lax about parents being involved. When it got to college was when they started cracking down and telling people they needing to start doing shit on their own and to start separating themselves from their parents. I bet that's one of the reasons Lillee never went to college, because she would have had to do a lot of this shit by herself. My college specifically stated they were not allowed to release information to my parents for absolutely any reason even if we mutually agreed they could see them. I bet that would have sent Laur through the roof.
While I know this would never happen, hypothesize with me that Lillee decides to go to therapy. Lillee would absolutely never get an appointment by herself. I bet all of her issues stem from Laur, but she would never be able to handle hearing that and drop therapy, or the therapist would have to say it right to their faces and Laur would go batshit and probably try to sue the establishment/therapist.

No. 844945

File: 1626745997283.jpeg (187.95 KB, 1170x993, 7D10AF73-1096-46C4-8349-6B478A…)

they’re planning cosplay looks, anon

No. 844947

I bet this radio show host and McKenzie Westmore are next on the list. You can only support Lillee for so long before you realize that the engagement she brings isn't worth it, and it gets overtaken by the amount of negative attention you get. I mean these pod people have to see that anything Lillee and Laur can't monitor are flooded with the callouts and she has no true fans to back her up. I know people are desperate to make it, but to continue to try and make it through/with Lillee makes me feel like these people are even more delusional than her.

No. 844952

File: 1626748921328.jpeg (152.47 KB, 1024x1024, 2804E971-7E30-4E0E-AAFC-31A621…)

No. 844957

File: 1626751524809.png (568.74 KB, 828x2567, 3E49EAD7-FE8C-4323-B3AE-DD65B1…)

No. 844958


Interesting that it was only a few weeks ago that the current bachelorette said her father used to make a fake chimney out of cardboard on Christmas because they were so poor…

No. 844959

File: 1626751749247.jpeg (857.81 KB, 828x1453, 3A2A3702-1634-4420-B97F-921A93…)

True horror

No. 844962


this dozy bitch actually put thaeyeballqueen on her fucking linkedin my sides can't take it omg

No. 844966

I love when she calls herself a "cyber bullying advocate" and it's the only true thing she says other than her name.

No. 844967

God this is such a bad list of achievements/resume. It's so unprofessional. Sorry to blogpost, but I'm a recruiter and I would throw this application in the trash. You don't put shit on your resume from when you were 9 years old?? Blogs barely count for anything in general unless maybe you're going into journalism, but that's not who I hire so I can't say for sure. I'm pretty sure any recruiter would look at this and laugh.

No. 844970

Work in journalism. Self sponsored blogs don’t count for shit unless you do something groundbreaking with it. All her blogs illustrate is her abject illiteracy and stupidity

No. 844973

Has she always talked out of one side of her mouth or is this a more recent thing? I also notice she has a lopsided smile is this new or something I just never noticed?

No. 844975

File: 1626753657865.jpeg (281.12 KB, 750x1099, A66B26F8-72C2-427B-97E1-32F241…)

No. 844979

Her and her ridiculous commas. She doesn't use Oxfords but will put "Her content on her Youtube, and Instagram". My god she probably couldn't even get a minimum wage job.

No. 844996

Does anyone else lowkey miss the late 00s and early to mid 2010s? Like the scene kids and the emo kids before them? I miss that era a lot and i experienced it secondhand sadly.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 845000

I think you're lost, Nicolai Granger 17

No. 845003


Who let you in the house? Read the rules. Learn how to post.

No. 845019

File: 1626791772908.jpg (210.83 KB, 1080x1188, Screenshot_20210720-153501_Sam…)

I wonder if she was gifted these totally real followers following her interview.

No. 845031

It's more likely that whatever company they buy her followers from has some kind of ''follower guarantee'' that replaces deleted follower bots with new ones.

No. 845033

Could she realistically keep her baby teeth? I feel like the braces are giving ok results but its only gonna end in disaster later on since pretty much all her teeth are baby teeth

No. 845038

File: 1626801437928.jpeg (884.1 KB, 1170x1992, 553A5750-F2E0-4C4B-AA6C-494E8C…)

This is what happens when state legislature tell PoC to shut the fuck up about racism. Just as Lillee advocated for in her podcasts.

No. 845039

„Has been in beauty” kek

No. 845041

Doubt this is what this is. It's always been within the hundreds before in keeping with the losses on least 3 day cycle if you look at the other posts.

No. 845043

She doesn’t have any baby teeth in her mouth anymore. They’re just small because she’s deformed in every possible way.

No. 845060

File: 1626820362992.jpeg (552.93 KB, 1242x1197, C37BFDF1-584E-443A-8818-B76BF6…)

McKenzie seems like she also went to the trueman school of bad lying

No. 845071

File: 1626826489160.jpeg (781.82 KB, 1170x1773, 2F9D706D-38F1-4FC5-99E4-976DE2…)

She said the suspended Westmore Beauty account was a fake account but was tagging the account in 2016 and used it for a giveaway. Now she’s admitting she uses engagement pods but says they don’t violate ToS because they’re friends and aren’t forced to engage kek

No. 845072

File: 1626826600851.jpeg (840.89 KB, 1170x1250, 08E68184-B2B3-4E5E-B308-EDF05E…)


No. 845074

Watching her lie badly to cover up her previous lies is hilarious. My fav part was when she said she was too busy to respond kek

No. 845075

File: 1626830496917.jpeg (460.6 KB, 828x816, E39D5C2C-77C3-4062-B901-FA2E1A…)

No. 845076

File: 1626831161681.png (42.53 KB, 1355x274, lost likes.png)

Now it's lost hundreds of likes. Real sus

No. 845077

She can't even be fucked to go outside and take a picture?

No. 845078

But then the stalkers would know where she lives according to the positioning of the sun

No. 845090

anon lmao this is gold. thank you for the laugh

No. 845097

File: 1626851905882.jpg (558.84 KB, 1080x2070, IMG_20210721_021741.jpg)

How unfortunate

No. 845100

>>845097 Seems like engaging with Lillee has now become "the kiss of death", especially if you're a newer, lesser known account. Took long enough. I'd like to think that people will finally give up dealing with the Goblins and they'll go away, but I know better.

No. 845108

Or just…open the window?

Imagine how bad their house smells if they can't even bother to ventilate once in a while.

No. 845117

what the fuck is lillee telling these people to make them willingly embarrass themselves so publicly? we’ve heard her sob story, it’s not believable at all

No. 845125

Cat piss and body odor am guessing. Poor old landlords probably had to fumigate after them.

It will be her usual crap of I was doxxed(posted her own address online) I was bullied (called out for my shit and bragged about bullying others). Look am not (see my performative posts). They take away everything I do (informed people of my shitty behaviour. Mock my ancient achievements)

By lilles standards I must be A superstar dancer, who runs a fortune 500 company, who is also a star athlete, who is a famous artist and fashion designer in their spare time. - read I took a dance class once, work a shitty office job, learned to go a bike, used coloring books and played fashion shows as a kid.

No. 845148

File: 1626886750500.jpeg (542.11 KB, 750x1256, 83FF4AD1-38F3-4775-958C-8A3DE4…)

There’s a whole cult of them

No. 845152


Let's be honest, a lot of these people are boomers. Granted, there are some people around Lillee's age like the liquid lipstick company that sent her product and bought their packaging off AliExpress. But vast majority are older people. They take the one sob story and believe it at face value. They aren't necessarily technologically savvy enough to realize there's deeper shit to every story.
Another part of this is I think they double down once the callouts start going after them, thinking that now they're the ones being attacked when the callouts are just trying to show them the truth. It's like they dig their heels into the sand and try to say that they "totally relate" to what Lillee is going through because it's happening to them as well.

No. 845160

Wow i missed this bit of lillee lore. They still look incredibly like baby teeth. I really wonder how lillee looks like she stopped maturing in middle school. I mean laur doesn't look great but she just looks like a normal middle aged overweight white woman.

No. 845197

File: 1626909362141.jpeg (392.98 KB, 892x691, 691E953C-16F0-490C-96F1-F971F2…)

She could fit 50 of her of her dolls in that arm

No. 845200

Brah how the fuck do you get bingo wings like that at 20 other than being a fat piece of shit???

No. 845204

>>845200 Right? And this bitch had the audacity to try and give people diet and exercise advice when the pandemic was peaking. Her exercise videos were top kek, but still, taking health tips from someone that looks like that is like letting Victoria Bella Morte school you in the art of tattooing. It's just a horrible idea all around.

>>845197 For a bEaUtY gUrU this fat bitch is incapable of taking a decent picture. It's one thing to be ugly, but even that word isn't a strong enough descriptor for LJ. There's not one normal thing on her body, she's deformed in ways I didn't even think was possible. Add to that her lack of education, her extreme arrogance, nasty attitude, inability to communicate and the weird way she acts on camera and if I didn't know better, I would think she was some type of escaped science experiment gone horribly wrong. There's not one positive thing this Goblin has going for it.

No. 845213

>the weird way she acts on camera
and in public*
Actually, especially in public.

No. 845222

Just read the live chat transcript from her "interview" on The Vibe Show and all I want to say is that Bella Edwards is doing god's work. Hope s/he sees this if they troll lolcow.

No. 845224

The callouts are preoccupied with McKenzie westmore and her boomer brigade, how long before Laur shows her ass for attention? Midweek franzia freakout when?

No. 845225

They deleted comments by Melinda and Anne M. Those were the real shit lol laur could barely catch a break in there

No. 845228

already happened with lillee jean trying to scare the hAteRzzz with her saggy titties

No. 845233

File: 1626936073336.jpg (388.44 KB, 1080x1039, IMG_20210722_014017.jpg)

Suspected Laur sock is currently fighting callouts.its entertaining how she doesn't hide it very well at all.

No. 845236

Laur’s using a Glen Danzig pfp? I’m crying this is beautiful.

No. 845238

twitter callout here: I changed my pfp to that bc she was specifically mirroring me..just to get her to change her picture to danzig as well kek
congrats laur you got played

No. 845239


No. 845240

File: 1626936782082.png (245.92 KB, 599x717, Screenshot_40.png)

Wow guys, this totally isn't Laur, she's a Lillee hater just like us!

No. 845241

Took a peek and this account is all over the place. I can't figure out what they mean with the alligator killer comment? The oof account doesn't have anything about it on their account? Is she drunkenly throwing shit out to see what sticks?

No. 845242

She’s regurgitating callouts tweets. Incoherently at that. I can’t understand what point she is trying to convey. Just her fat greasy hands keyboard smashing away.

No. 845243

Not Laur reusing the same old schtick as she did with Diane and the Shaniqua account. How innovative.

No. 845244

File: 1626937451511.png (67.25 KB, 561x771, Screenshot_48.png)

Laur roleplaying as a fan of Creepshow, while talking to an account roleplaying as Creepshow.

No. 845246

File: 1626938023241.jpg (295.24 KB, 1080x1279, IMG_20210722_021323.jpg)

Nice insult Laur. I think you meant chins, which is frankly ironic.

No. 845247

File: 1626939157151.jpg (213.68 KB, 1080x377, IMG_20210722_023124.jpg)

She's dropping the personal info and private IGs of a callout that bought a vintage gator head. She's on a role.

No. 845256


I wonder if she thinks if she mirrors the names of other users people will think it's them and report them not realising the handle doesn't change and it can be seen. Laur seems that fucking stupid.

No. 845261

Hey lurker jean. If your so tough, stop deleting your posts and stop using sock accounts. It just proves what everyone thinks your a coward with something to hide. Stand by what you claim and expose these people unless you can't handle the consequences of your actions.

No. 845263

File: 1626949065168.jpg (256.49 KB, 1080x654, IMG_20210722_051720.jpg)

What even is this word salad

No. 845264

File: 1626949877521.png (364.25 KB, 603x450, Screenshot_18.png)

No. 845265

File: 1626950000122.png (369.32 KB, 601x440, Screenshot_40.png)

Laur come on, Lillee needs to edit her pictures to hide she's beginning to look more and more like you.

No. 845266

File: 1626950492761.png (174.02 KB, 622x787, Screenshot_45.png)

She continues harassing a callout by posting cropped face pictures.

Honestly, callouts can be just as retarded as Laur sometimes, you know going into this that Lillee and Laur will take ANY bit of information they find on you, real or fake. But sometimes they'll just practically hand it into to Laur and cry victim when Laur acts like Laur.

No. 845267

Have any of them actually cried victim yet?

No. 845268

What a psycho lmao. Get a job, Laur

No. 845270

Sage for just writing thoughts:

What a sad sad life. It's summer, those fortunate are in holidays or planning it and showing really cool pictures in social medias.
Part of me would like to see her having a nice party with friends who own a pretty house with swimming pool. That would
eventually give grounds to the "jealous haters" claims.
But we know that won't happen. She just sit all day at her smelly ugly rented place while Laur is incoherently regurgitating the callout tweets…

Also kek at this stupid packaging >>845197
She often buys those ridiculously HUGE cheap looking cardboard makeup boxes. It looks so scammy as there are so few products inside. What a waste of paper seriously.
Not very 1change4change.

Do you think anons, Lillee knows she's on disability? I could totally see Laur telling her "look at all the money you make on YT" when it's just the disability money. Would explains why she never takes Lillee to doctors bc they would tell her the harsh truth.
Would also explain why Lillee is so arrogant about being a famous influencer.
IDK, I just don't get why she doesn't use the disability card to justify she's an assole 24H7.

No. 845273

The "the money comes from Youtube you fabulous influencer!" narrative was a favourite speculation for the ForeverKailyn crowd. I'd love to have a showdown to see who's more retarded Kai or LJ and who's callouts are more retarded. It'd be a close call.

No. 845276

>>845273 Funny, I was just thinking that since we all know Mama Wheelchair has been telling Kai for years that her SSDI/SSI etc.. is really her YT earnings, even though she's got barely any following. Somehow even Kai, a legit tard, has a more organic following than Lillee. Up until I discovered this mutant Goblin, I didn't think anyone could have a more pathetic existence than Kai, but as stunted as Kai is - she's still miles ayah of Lillee. She doesn't leave the house often but atleast she gets out once in a blue moon, she found a sucker desperate enough to knock her up, she's been on an actual date before (even tho the dudes are the dregs of society), she's gotten engaged, had a kid, and has had a friend or two in the past that wasn't her mom. I never thought I'd see the day where Kai's sad life is actually considered a step above someone else's, but here we are. The only thing Lillee has on Kai is she's not as fat as her… yet. Given how fast she's ballooned up this past year, that won't last long though.

I wonder who has the lower IQ and/or whose more mentally stunted - Kai or Lillee?

No. 845277

File: 1626961144401.jpeg (160.81 KB, 1170x788, 4412F21D-6A7B-4BE9-945F-F35F7D…)

The grammar, punctuation and coherent thoughts prove the account isn’t Laur or Lillee’s. The account showed up around the time the callouts were going after McKenzie. Could be one of her fans getting info from Laur. Lillee seems to be aware of the account and supportive.

No. 845278

File: 1626961401545.jpeg (120.19 KB, 828x1792, B1F85787-1F7A-434C-979E-18E2BE…)

>threatening me

screenshot clearly shows this is a dm sent to laur

No. 845279

This seems fake. Why would someone threaten to give Laur’s name to anonymous since she has her name and address all over the place. And why reply? Probably a scam blackmail message or sock account.

No. 845280

Starting to think its ye old nazi. Not getting enough attention.

No. 845281

Im tinfoiling the nazi account is run by the group with the discord. Anyone know if it’s the same group who created all the fan accounts last summer?

No. 845283

Who is Bella Edwards?

No. 845286

Am guessing someone who used to like tweeshite, sorry twilight

No. 845288

Yes it's clearly a joke going over Boomer Goblin's head

No. 845290

I actually know who the nazi is. They were in dming me on twitter.

No. 845291

Sorry double post. But they annoyed me and wouldn’t stop botheringme , so I found enough info on them since they posted personal info and got too attention whorey. It’s a loser who uses the nazi persona to attack themselves to gain sympathy.No joke. If you guys remember the nazi’s targets it was Lillee and some random nobody. It was the random nobody attacking themself for attention.

No. 845296

It never fails that when they find a new group of white knights, this time Mckenzie's group of old ladies who miss the drama from their favorite soap operas, that Laur or Lillee receive death threats.

No. 845319

I want someone to accept the live. No doubt lille would only let her white knights in to dog pile one person instead of letting all the callouts on. She would need to spin it as bullying or her winning and bullying someone which would expose her ass. So it is unlikely she would do it if a callout accepts.

No. 845339

the new sock just seems to be a bunch of tweens fighting around - what a fail. The main callouts have stopped giving it any attention

No. 845342

Yeah. It's propably idiots that came about when CSA made videos on Lillee.

No. 845351

lillee jean announcing shes applying to harvard and vlogging about it when

No. 845352

The tweens didn’t come around until Primink. They pretended to be fans to get her in a group chat so I don’t put it past them to pretend to white knight to get in with Laur. If they’re running the Nazi account it’s even more fucked Laur’s working with them.

No. 845353

File: 1627006632295.jpeg (361.08 KB, 1280x1920, 0BA8C02A-635D-44B0-82DA-1082DC…)

No. 845354

File: 1627006791615.jpeg (149.37 KB, 1453x826, BE63297E-D376-463C-93F1-B524FF…)

No. 845355

File: 1627007189612.png (1.28 MB, 828x1386, 99CD8A8D-B559-4955-A17C-B9EE05…)

Saged for off topic but this may be the stupidest makeup product I’ve ever seen

No. 845357

they look like crackpipes kek

No. 845362

Lillee Jean lying on backstage about her height

No. 845363

File: 1627011360605.jpeg (280.05 KB, 1242x1423, BE8A1A33-8F0E-4F20-8FC0-5A6824…)

No. 845364

File: 1627011425705.jpeg (400.41 KB, 1242x1959, 3D557133-C36E-4D87-B01E-E1F472…)

Anddd a role… If she had really even been a fucking stationary tree, they would have been blasting it everywhere along with that Korean Dance instead of adding it just now

No. 845365

Finally, lying about taking dance in middle school. Only recently added this too. Why not actually take all these classes instead of badly lying haha

No. 845366

>threatening me

Laur accidentally posted this on Lillee’s account

No. 845367

File: 1627011577640.jpeg (257.64 KB, 1153x1199, 8A96B5F0-4946-475E-B717-982D3A…)

Pic attached

No. 845368

File: 1627011656089.jpeg (400.56 KB, 1242x1800, 95CF3A1A-1FE6-48C1-B24B-926615…)

Sorry correct pic here

No. 845369

Kek no receipts or videos either.

No. 845375

File: 1627012733200.png (533.68 KB, 535x605, g7hy.png)

How did she manage to do absolutely everything in this look unsymmetrically? Even the tiny dots, which should be the easiest thing to do she got wrong.

No. 845391

Looks like moldy bacteria on her eyeballs

No. 845400

At least its something else for a change instead of the same pink look.

No. 845403

She should definitively tag it as "hooker makeup". She would have some success.

No. 845406

File: 1627037845430.jpg (445.92 KB, 1080x1445, Screenshot_20210723-115416_Sam…)

Anyone know what the hell this is. He has tagged the wrong account but when you go to his page there's a video with her in it.

No. 845407

These dumb fucks think having a class and performance in Korean dance they forced on everyone in middle school counts as dance education??? I legit laughed at this. Cool, then I have education in square dancing.

No. 845413

Lillee is live-streaming with this guy & a fitness reporter tonight.

No. 845416


>(Monkey)/Supporting Lead


No. 845417

File: 1627043648324.webm (6.19 MB, 640x360, Edgardo-Rubio-LJ.webm)

Edgardo Rubio considers himself a comedian and posts spanish content that seems to feature a few recurring individuals. I haven't been able to figure out what this "show" is that he's going to have Lillee on, since I don't speak spanish. Maybe another Spanish speaking anon can translate.

Edgardo and "JoseCarlos López-Mr. Energy" were both in the chat for the Vibe Show stream, supporting Lillee and mentioning her coming on this show the next week.

No. 845418

So other engagement pods people. It's is not a bit odd that recently it seems that all these people are much older than her am wondering if it is because the young pod people know not to touch anything related to her or be cancelled.

No. 845419


I hope Lillee shows these guys her sweet workout moves.

No. 845428

ehh, isnt it just Lillee reposting Laurs story

No. 845447

File: 1627065052359.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1668x1482, 5F5775DA-8E1C-41CE-84DD-E65866…)

Picrel shows the quality of the guy’s content

No. 845448

So is it this Friday that she said she’d go live with her haterz or next Friday?

No. 845449

My understanding was this Friday, but I am not fluent in the finer details of goblinese

No. 845475

File: 1627084916616.jpeg (565.26 KB, 1170x1243, E435E4E7-C1DB-48CF-8FD6-6D51FA…)

Laur got busted working with the girl running the nazi accounts.

No. 845478

Damn, you think a self proclaimed jew queen wouldn't collaborate with nazis. What a judenrat…

No. 845479

Anons who is the person? I remember the nazi account harassing LJ callouts because they were nonbinary, was it one of them?

No. 845482

File: 1627091845806.png (Spoiler Image, 4.76 MB, 1170x2532, 9EE8A26A-837A-43C2-8003-D6814B…)

zoomed in on teeth during live to show her adult teeth coming in

No. 845483

i truly wish i didnt click on this

No. 845484

File: 1627093763206.jpeg (318.65 KB, 1170x1977, ED50A6DD-158F-498E-B71E-4159A6…)

she’s live on Instagram and it’s chaos

No. 845487

This men are clearly making fun of her. At one point one of them called her a “con artist” lmao

No. 845488

She had a getting ready Instagram live. The way she speaks to her cat makes me want to vomit. He doesn’t even want to be around her. Her high pitched shrill voice is ear piercing. She really should learn how to use a normal speaking voice. No one talks like that in real life. Probably because of how off putting it is. Her greasy hair is very distracting. She also put highlighter on the tip of her nose and didn’t blend it. Not sure if when you overline your lips your supposed to see it.

No. 845489

yes. they called her a con artist and immediately asked if she had a boyfriend.

No. 845491


Hopefully someone records! What was Lillee’s response?

No. 845494

this stream is on Edgard’s channel. It’s clear from the intro they’re trolling her.


No. 845497

What a mess

No. 845499

MrEnergy told the other guy he wasn’t short like “4’9 small, like Danny Devito”

No. 845502

What she’s looking for in a partner “A toned butt”(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 845503

she said she’s known Pheepy since she was super young and he’s been someone in her family. Inbreeding confirmed?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 845510

Saged for slightly irrelevant sperg, but God sometimes it gets so tiring watching her make a fool of herself online, imagine 10 years from now she abandons this whole boøty goœroo shtick, tries getting a real job, only for her employer to google her and find several years' worth of her being an obnoxious, unpresentable scammer, bigot, and all around internet clown.

And to think that she had several chances to quit and redeem herself!

No. 845512

Sage for stupid ramble but I can't get over how infantile she is, desperately clawing onto middle school accomplishments instead of doing literally anything else. I'm an Aussie so I could be wrong, but I imagine NY is full of so much opportunity, even if you're not conventionally smart. Like she could start off doing retail sales at a boutique or something and at least try to work herself up to working in the admin of a fashion brand right? I just can't imagine living somewhere so dense with opportunity and not even giving it a little go. Like can American anons please explain to the non-NYers here, how badly is she wasting the opportunities present in New York, by choosing to larp as a beauty guru?

No. 845513

>>845510 LOL, I get what you're saying but it won't happen. The minute she walks in to the interview room with Laur and the interviewer can't get a word in edgewise, her resume will go straight into the trash and they'll be asked to leave. Lillee will launch into a goblinese tirade as Laur screams incoherently and tries to steal shit from the supply closet. The only reason a potential emptier employer would Google lillee is to see if he's getting punk'd.

No. 845514

As someone very knowledgeable on the diplomatic field, there is no way her boyfriend is a French diplomat, because spouses play a huge role in your representation and can you imagine a French diplomat dragging Lillee to a trade negotiation dinner? Or taking her to a French national day function at the embassy to mingle with guests? There's just absolutely no fucking way. And diplomatic postings are only for a few years before you move to a different country, so how has her family 'known Philippe' since childhood? Doing multiple postings to the same country is extremely rare

No. 845515

>>845512 She's wasting a ton of opportunity. She's in Queens, and in 15 minutes she could be in the Fashion District in Manhattan, right by FIT. There's a ton of small fashion boutiques there where she could've gotten a job as a sales associate and/or cashier and earn a real paycheck. It's not like she pays rent, she doesn't need some high paying gig right from the jump. Hell, there's plenty of fashion boutique's in Queens, she wouldn't even need to take the train to Manhattan. There's a bunch of amazing museums she could visit if she wanted to broaden her horizons, everything from The MoMa to the Intrepid Air & Space Museum, and while tickets aren't expensive, they even do discounts on certain days. She does absolutely nothing but sit in the house all day and it's baffling. If she wasn't a hermit that needed mommy to hold her hand 24/7, she could go do her stupid photoshoots in a number of beautiful places like Central Park or the top of the Empire State building. When friends/ family used to visit, they'd love when I took them to Battery Park or on the Circle line. Lillee participates in nothing unless Laur sets everything up and goes with her, I've yet to see lillee leave the house without her mother looming 2ft behind her. CVS is an all day adventure to these two shut-ins.

I can guarantee you that LJ hasn't ever went into the city without her mom up her ass. She's probably never even been to Ellis Island, which is funny considering she brags about how her "heritage" and how her family immigrated here from Europe. She's nothing but a phony, lazy wannabe that makes no effort to actually do something with her life. Her plan is to do this until some Hollywood "big wig" notices her "amazing talent" and she gets her big break that we all know will never come. It's laughable.

No. 845517

File: 1627108502361.png (8.44 MB, 1242x2688, 2B7DE1E4-BEFD-461E-A416-07623E…)

Goodnight everyone.

No. 845521

Preaching to the choir right there anon, I don't think anyone actually thinks she has a boyfriend, let alone a prestigious ambassador from frog land.

Someone on KF remarked how if she simply said in passing "I have a boyfriend, his name is Sam, we're the same age and he goes to university in Philly" it'd be so boring and inconsequential that even we wouldn't have paid it any mind beyond wondering whether it's a basic "I have a boyfriend but he goes to another school uwu" larp, but noooooo, she has to invent this romantic upper class French ambassador, create an unfathomably messed up timeline with a messed up age gap, and get her mother L*ur to write her fake letters about how her prince Pheepy totally loves "her hormones".

She didn't bring him up in a while so I assume she's just hoping the general public will forget about it and that the very concept of Pheepy will metaphysically fade away from the mortal plane.

Saged for rant.

No. 845523

I was just saying to a friend online last night it’s sad. As a beauty influencer you would think she would take the opportunity to be outside taking selfies with her friends, even offering to do their makeup etc living her life like any 20 year old girl would want to do.

We never see her interact with other beauty influencers her own age and it’s hysterical as she has the nerve to try and call out her older critics as pedophiles for taking such a focus on her. She’s a hypocrite. She’s allowed to interact with older people but people observing her and speaking to people who happen to be a few years younger than them are the evil ones?

I wish Lillee had a real friend away from social media and got out and had some fun, it’d do her the world of good.

Sage for being lengthy and ranty I guess.

No. 845532

Sage for rant / tinfoil moment

So if I've got this right. Laur has gotten a tween to do the nazi pie to throw hate to play up their racist boolie narrative. Set up another sock to get everyone on a sus discord and made everyone verify themselves to get their information. Or at least that's what is being claimed. To me it sounds like someone in the engagement pod with an actual brain cell has suggested this/set it up. Thus them thinking their winning.

Not exactly sure what their winning except a race to the bottom. As these would just be another fucking mess that makes them look stupid and untrustworthy.

No. 845559

It's probably because young pod people actually have friends and connections that can get them into a pod that's more reputable and with people more… "fit" to be influencers if you catch my drift. Lillee's pod is full of boomers or outcasts that never made it.

No. 845560

Stfu tween no one cares about your discord drama and the sock you made. Stop posting irrelevant shit

No. 845561

The older ladies feel bad for her. The young ones know she doesn’t look even remotely like a “beauty influencer.” Also I think the boomers are too old and technologically inept to realize that all her followers are fake. They might be under the impression there’s a few real ones there

No. 845562


While I'm very inclined to agree that it's sad how much of a shut-in hermit she is and should absolutely be venturing out into New York if she want to be an influencer, there's a slight part of me that is aware she was born there and didn't move there. I feel like that has to count for something. If she purposefully moved to NY and became a shut-in, I agree that's absolutely fucked and a complete waste of time and money. However, to be born there and just have the personality of a shut-in while you're not having to pay shit while staying there, I feel like that's slightly more understandable and a better scenario. Again, not disagreeing that she has a lot of opportunities that she should be taking as an "influencer", but I have a couple family members born in NYC that don't really do anything, never seen the Empire State Building or Statue of Liberty, etc. Granted, they have jobs and aren't mooching off their parents, but sightseeing was never their thing either.

No. 845563

I can’t stop laughing at these men making fun of her height, asking if their manager can get them copyrights and then calling her a con artist nonchalantly to top it all off. I can’t figure out if these two were pod people who decided to have some fun or some lurking farmers

No. 845566

Lol Lillee is such a fool. Within like less than a minute she's going through all her stupid filters and it's obvious that the dude presenting is like, why are you doing that… It's super distracting, idiotic and means that she's not really visible which would be terrible for brand recognition if she really did have a 'brand'

No. 845567

They’re probably pod people who happened upon the farms. The Danny Devito comment is pulled directly from the threads. They probably realized the Jeaniez were fake but the haterz were real and thought they could get some followers from pandering to them. The con artist comment wasn’t an accident. He didn’t say “you do con art” or “con makeup”. His English was very good so there’s no way he didn’t know what the term meant. But her reaction was priceless. Thanks engagement pod people turned farmers.

No. 845568

I'm not saying that older adults and younger adults can't be friends, even if they're men and women, but I'm finding it pretty creepy that two grown adult men are saying they love Lillee and Lillee is saying she loves them back when they're just in a pod for engagement? Anyone else?

No. 845571

Well she is 20 years old, but she acts like a nine year old so I get what you mean

No. 845573

Bold when hers looks like a lumpy sack of mouldy potatoes

No. 845574


I know since they're in the engagement pod together they have to fake act like they like her, but saying she has gorgeous eyes and consistently calling her beautiful is kinda weird. I'm sure she's asking them to say that, but still.

No. 845575


I'm born and bred in NYC and while I can confirm she is wasting opportunity, NYC (namely Manhattan) is home to the best and the brightest. That being said, she can certainly get herself a retail job, but New Yorkers can spot a bullshitter and trust me when I say that very few of us would be able to put up with her disingenuous personality, pseudo-intellectualisms, lack of social skills and all around awful personality. To be honest, she's probably a hermit because she realizes that no one in New York would bow down to her. Why do you think she spends her days in the attic and never comes out of her hole?

Additionally, lest we not forget the influencer community in NYC. I'm no influencer myself (I work in finance like the rest of us in NYC who sold their souls to the market when we all realized that we needed to make actual $$$ to live here), but I imagine that she simply wouldn't be taken seriously which is why she just sits at home all day and interacts with her fake bot friends and her lovely goblin mother.

No. 845578

All American and European diplomats are registered. That's just how it is. There is no 20something year old French diplomat named Phillippe. She's a retardly bad liar.

No. 845586

You've really hit the nail on the head. I see instagram influencers everywhere in the city, and they're always taking hundreds of photos in really beautiful locations. Parks, gardens, skylines, ~ aesthetic ~ restaurants— these people seem to put in a lot of effort to make their photos look good, whereas Lille just sits on her fat ass all day and takes photos in her backyard.

Frankly, I think Lillee's so socially stunted that she is incapable of enjoying the city on her own (e.g. enjoying one of the many incredible cafes/restaurants here, going shopping, visiting a museum). If she went anywhere, she'd talk a stranger's ear off and weird them out. She would also be too embarrassed to have an unprofessional 10-20 min photoshoot somewhere in the city like real booty influencers do, even if it were her mom taking the photos. I know she posted those "paparazzi" pictures one time, but those weren't taken in crowded areas like Manhattan. I think she mentally cannot handle being around other people because she's been trapped in the Goblin Attic for so long.

It's nothing short of depressing that she lives in such an amazing city and yet does not enjoy all it has to offer. What's even the point of being here? kek.

No. 845610

File: 1627157936586.jpg (858.62 KB, 1078x1496, Screenshot_20210724-161027_Chr…)

>>845586 Oh man, I almost forgot about those paparazzi pictures, those were hilarious. She didn't even put in any effort (she never does anyway) and you could tell they were taken on her phone by her mom. Real paparazzi aren't running up to people asking for their subject's phone so they can take a picture of them, the whole thing was so poorly done and made 0 sense that it gave me schadenfreude. "Oh they just caught me singing as I was leaving the corner bodega, loltotesaceleb but there's not a person in sight." (Picrel) Not to mention she looks exceptionally… exceptional. Even more so than usual, which is saying alot. This was taken what, a year or two ago? At this rate, she'll look like Laur's twin androgynous sister by the New Year, with a junior-slaton physique to match.

No. 845611

I really just can't get over how she looks 40 andf 14 at the same time.
But yeah the fake paparazzi photos were probably the peak of embarrassing shit Lillee has done, genuinely. She's acted like a complete buffoon in public and lied about having a boyfriend that's a French Diplomat, but this honestly takes the cake for me.

No. 845618

Wrong person fucktard

No. 845622

This is the shit she should be putting on her merch. Imagine if she sold pillows and shirts with this post and the met gala photo (complete with the caption thanking James Dee). She might actually sell a few

It’s a huge mistake that they don’t just embrace the cringe / infamy angle. Obviously she’s far from famous, but she has gained somewhat of a genuine following…it’s almost entirely people that are laughing at her or want to produce content making fun of her.

If she really wants to be social media famous, she should just accept her fate as a goblin while she still has everyone’s attention. People will get bored and move on eventually and then she’ll just be pumping out videos and buying followers for an audience of Pradeeps.

If laur didn’t have a room temperature iq, she’d realize their only chance at any real social media success is to stop hoping people are ever going to love or admire her daughter and just start letting her persona be the clown that people love to hate. I mean, that’s already how everyone sees her, so why not just roll with it?

Like plan a big pheepy reveal and recruit some random guy to fake a bad French accent and make it obvious he’s just reading from a script. Do a “tribal royalty across Africa” makeup tutorial to “prove once and for all Lillee isn’t racist”. Photoshop pictures of Lillee volunteering at a local Hebrew school. Do an Anne Frank cosplay. Bring back shaniqua and romalette and have them fight with the “haters” in her YouTube comments. People coming to hate watch will bring more views than what they can afford to buy

She’s never going to be able to redeem herself, so why not just do offensive and ridiculous shit and let people laugh at her and repeatedly ‘cancel’ her?

No. 845624

As amazing as this idea is, we all know the true reason is because she's so far up her own ass. She has no friends not only because she's unlikeable and no one would want to be her friend anyway, but because she thinks she's better than everyone and couldn't handle having a friendship that isn't just her friend worshipping the ground she walked on. She probably sits at home daydreaming about being "The Queen of the United States" for all we fucking know lmfao

No. 845627

She could also hire one of thousands of aspiring photographers in New York to do a proper photoshoot without disco ball stickers

No. 845631

>>845627 Keyword there is "hire", and we all know they don't have money for that. There's no shame in DIY if you know what you're doing, but that's not the case with Lillee or her painfully stupid pig mom. Real and/or aspiring photographers give direction, they'll tell you how to pose, suggest what to wear so that you stand out from the background and so on, and we all know these two would have an epic tantrum if anyone dare suggest that that this sUpEr fAmOuS influencer didn't have control over everything. Cows always think they're the best and can do no wrong, these two bell ends are no different.

As for "embracing the cringe", neither Lillee nor Laur are capable of that, they have no sense of humor and they both have chips on their shoulder the size of Lillee's deformed ass. They're so convinced that their big break is right around the corner that suggesting anything other than pure idolatry isn't going to happen. For two people with literally nothing to offer and even less going for them, you'd think they'd be open to the idea - Atleast they'd make a few bucks more than they have now. Alas, common sense is about as rare in that household as bathing, so they'll turn up their huge noses at it. What I don't get is how her and her mom can look at the bevy of other SM influencers that are Lillee's age and think they have an actual shot. They're either blind or so incredibly delusional that they can't see what we all do: a deformed, obese, goblin troll that's face is somehow nastier than her attitude, with no discernable talent to speak of. I can understand being money hungry I suppose, but can Laur really not see that Lillee has an iceberg's chance in hell in such an over-saturated market? She's gotta know her kid is disgusting, right?

No. 845635

Hiding in an attic, beset by boolie Nazis– she's pretty much living an Anne Frank cosplay every day of her life

No. 845646

Goblin doesn’t post daily anymore which means attic funds are prob low

No. 845653

File: 1627188960169.jpg (40.87 KB, 828x773, FB_IMG_1627188899341.jpg)

First Post so sorry if I fuck up but after lurking here for long enough and all the talk about her easily being able to get out there, this kinda made me wheeze.

No. 845664

At first I actually thought LJ lied about living in New York 'cause the photos she does take outside look like they could be taken anywhere in the country. I was shocked to learn that it wasn't another lie and she was letting that amazing backdrop go to waste.

I'd pay good money to watch Lillee embarrass herself in a synagogue. Hell, I'd personally escort her just so I could convince her to take a dip in the mikveh only to see how quick the other women get out as the water turns to goblin soup kek.

No. 845677

This is literally the best thing I read anon, legitimately her biggest chance at ironic internet fame since the booty guru path isn't particularly leading her anywhere

I wonder if she's reading this lmao

No. 845692

Sage because it's not adding anything new but

damn sometimes I think about how successful LJ would be if she stopped spending hours and hours a day running sockpuppet accounts and spent the exact same amount of time and energy on actually building her channel. If she actually improved her skills, she could probably never be famous but I'm sure she could get an actual modest following. I think she really does it full time already, why not actually just grow her channel with that time instead?

She looks kind of like a goblin but I think if her content and makeup skills were good many people might overlook that

No. 845697

It's because Lillee thinks she doesn't need to improve her makeup "skills". Laur has showered her in praise since birth and told her anyone who says otherwise is a bully, hence LJ being so far up her own ass she's a human ouroboros. Even without Laur in the picture hyping her up, LJ would still maintain that mentality of thinking she's better than everyone else. At this point I genuinely think she might be beyond help. She's so intensely sheltered and deprived of socialisation (not to mention she clearly has some kind of mental retardation or developmental issue) it would take literal years of therapy to even begin to help her.

No. 845698

Samefagging to add that LJ is also heavily reliant on shooping her pictures, so I guess she rationalises it as "oh well, I can tweak this on my phone/computer" as opposed to improving her application. She never left the house anyway and now she's got the covid excuse she ain't changing that for a long time, so it's not like she has to worry about irl people noticing her shitty makeup. Apart from those pesky paparazzi and Pheepy of course kek.

No. 845699

File: 1627232441416.jpeg (743.9 KB, 828x1347, 17C0E03C-59FD-4D9D-A3E3-6BF2E1…)

She’s not that great at makeup and she absolutely refuses to learn new techniques or learn how to use smaller brushes. Her looks often have massive lashes that cover up most of the shadow and make her looks dated and not trendy. She can’t even take proper care of her hair or learn how to section it when styling.

There are tons of influencers on ig who aren’t conventionally beautiful or who have some sorts of disabilities and who are miles better than Lillee when it comes to makeup and presenting yourself.

Tess Daly has one good arm for gods sake and is in a wheelchair:

No. 845700

File: 1627235437065.jpeg (176.32 KB, 827x1469, F2138287-AD06-46D9-A6CD-9B925E…)

Looking g8

No. 845701

You assume Lillee can read?

No. 845702

My thoughts exactly. If she spent time actually developing her skills instead of pursuing her bullied narrative and throwing strops she might actually get somewhere. But we all know that's not going to happen as it would mean she wouldn't have that angle as an excuse as to why she never goes outside. As for effort she is putting in some to put as much content as she does and edit it. But even top shelf gurus don't do this instead the think about what they are going to do and plan it out properly. Heck she could even develop editing skills and she the service to make cash but let's be honest working for someone else isn't going to happen.

No. 845703

Lillee is a CEO, she will never stoop down to working for someone else

No. 845707

File: 1627242971921.jpg (175.84 KB, 1079x609, Screenshot_20210725-155036_You…)

>>845700 My God is this thing incapable of taking a good picture? There's plenty of ugly people on the internet but they make themselves look presentable, but that's too hard for our goblin sperg apparently. What the fuck is this picture? It looks like a facial alright, just not the type she's going for.

Picrel is from her new video she posted an hour ago. She tries to convince us she took a shower because the first thing she says is "You know that feeling when you take a really good shower? That's where I am right now." Yeah, sure Lillee. Did you bathe in pure crisco? If you're going to brag about taking a shower, you should atleast take one or make it look like you did. The way she speaks is just so forced and fake and it's obvious to everyone who watches her. This is one of the many reasons that she'll never have a following, she's just a complete phony. Bitch can't even be bothered to get out of her pajamas, but atleast this shirt isn't stained to hell and back. Would a bra or properly fitting clothes kill her or does she just not wanna spend money on anything but bots?

No. 845709

LOL the fact that she takes so few showers, that she has to literally announce that she took one and how it feels for her to finally take one. Omg.

No. 845710

For someone who claims to have such sensitive skin, she uses a billion different products and isn't consistent with any of them… she should go to the doctor ("derm" as she always says) and get a medicated cream for her rosacea… nothing she does makes any sense

No. 845712

File: 1627246752055.jpeg (318.15 KB, 1170x1476, 2D03B2B3-4936-43FF-95F6-FE1FB5…)

New Laur sock..the email and number matches hers. Seems like the attic got a big ego hit after the vibe stream, McKenzie, Aimee badmouthing them and the satirical stream by the two latinx guys who were clearly trolling Lillee
This is their second sock in a few days: the first one is suspected to be laur running it with the help of some tweens

No. 845713


"latinx". You're on lolcow, you don't need to use those asinine terms here. It doesn't even fit at all since they're both guys and therefore latino.

No. 845727

File: 1627253360401.png (1.37 MB, 846x1058, olanmills.png)

Lillee serving Midwestern Divorcée MLM Hon

No. 845739

I dont understand the tween narrative. Couldn’t it just be laur by herself?

No. 845740

sage for retardness but who is that guy?

No. 845741

He was in Doctor Strange

No. 845742

Her hair is tragic and tensing her neck to make collarbones pop isn’t fooling anyone

No. 845743

That’s a photo of Simu Liu, the star of the upcoming MCU film Shang Chi and the Ten Rings, not Benedict Wong from Dr. Strange

No. 845745

The account doesn’t use many laurisms and the login info doesn’t match laur or lillee’s iirc

No. 845747

Her skincare videos are the best to watch bc she has clearly no idea what the fuck she’s doing. She uses the products in the wrong order, mixes retinol with vitamin C, uses heavily fragranced bc that’s all the Pr she gets, and you see her disgusting skin turn bright red as she applies more and more shit to her face

No. 845751

File: 1627265024874.jpg (339.09 KB, 1072x832, Screenshot_20210725-220233_Chr…)

>>845747 Damn anon, you weren't kidding. She puts on SPF too, again in the wrong order, and what's the point? She doesn't leave the house. At 1:45 in the new video she says "I'm putting on SPF because I'm already starting to freckle…" Uh, what? I know her English is horrendous, but "starting to freckle?" means what exactly? She's always been covered in freckles, she's not getting them from the 2 minutes of sun she sees a day when passing by a window. This whole video is bizarre. At 1:12 she actually snorts in some of the product through her big ass nose too. Classy. For someone whose just showered, there's so much dandruff in her greasy ass hair it's almost impressive.

At 1:31 she says she has "really sensitive skin so I can't go crazy with vitamin C, I gotta work my way up there" which makes no sense because she's been applying it to her entire face for the last 45 seconds. Including underneath all her chins (why??). You don't mix retinol with vitamin C, that goes double if your face is already as red as a tomato like Lillee's. The way she whisper talks is almost as annoying as the way she applies her skincare. It's just so bizarre.

She gets the sunscreen in her hair which is really obvious around the 2 min mark. She applies serum onto of SPF and lotion and doesn't even give any of it time to really sink in before she's smearing the next layer of shit on her face. Aren't beauty gurus supposed to know about skincare? Because this video is pretty much a tutorial for what not to do.

No. 845752

She also either says “neeeyacinamide” or “neeecinamide”
She can’t even be assed to research the proper pronunciation of the shit she’s using. Also none of those serums are penetrating that mineral spf and she’s not getting any sun protection either by layering it like that. No wonder her face always looks so peely with foundation separating all over. She has no idea how to layer skincare and doesn’t wait for anything to absorb before adding a shit ton of other things on top. This hurt to watch

No. 845753

She also uses a literal pea sized amount of spf over all the vitamin c and only put it on the middle of her face and forehead. The neck is very prone to sun damage and she doesn’t even properly take it down to her chin.
It’s a good thing the goblin doesn’t leave the house bc that much vit c with such little sun protection is bound to give her a chemical burn

No. 845760

vitamin C, ascorbic acid, doesn’t sensitize you to the sun
now, some vitamin C serums are made with orange or lemon, which has limonene and that does sensitize you to the sun

No. 845768

She does these skincare videos once every couple of months or so and it's always an entirely new set of skincare every time. Even if she was applying stuff correctly, she gives no chance for her skin to get used to anything before she switches it up again.

No. 845769

File: 1627292572063.jpg (52.52 KB, 515x639, IMG_٢٠٢١٠٧٢٦_١٢٣٨٤٠.jpg)

No. 845774

Is she saying she wants a role in Dr Who now? After telling she didn't even liked the serie?

No. 845775

>>845769 if that face doesn't scream "I'm a legit tard" then idk what does

No. 845787

Her jaw is still fucked up. No amount of braces is going to fix that

No. 845797

Doctor Who is not Doctor Strange

And like >>845743 mentioned, Simu Liu isn’t even in Doctor Strange. I think LJ just wants to get a role in MCU in general (which has been her obsession even in the first thread with her wanting to be cast as Yelena Belova coz of her “heritage”)

No. 845800

File: 1627320032608.png (2.71 MB, 1024x1968, D23A89C7-CD0C-46DC-8B3F-92CC1E…)

Incredible that they picked the uggo on the bottom when Lillee was available

No. 845823

File: 1627331663461.jpeg (187.32 KB, 1902x1428, ECC1CAAF-A0C0-4774-BBB4-A6A274…)

Lillee filed a copyright strike on Tatiana’s old video

No. 845825

Oy vey, when will these retards ever give up? I keep hoping the goblins get copyright striked by Disney for one of her shitty cosplays but idk how the laws work wrt cosplay. I just want Lillee and Laur to have a taste of their own medicine.

No. 845826

Filed out of jealousy, I think. Tatiana said she’s making a new video about Lillee because she needs to save up for a Vegas trip. Lillee can’t make money off her own videos but literally every other creator gets views by talking about her.

No. 845828

Surprised they haven't been. Am sue disney were dcmaing/c&ding everything that mentioned loki, including mythology websites/etsy stores a month or so ago. Am surprised some brands haven't done it to keep themselves from being linked to her.

No. 845830

Disney are constantly one step away from having Mickey Mouse behead a cosplayer ISIS propaganda style so the fact Lillee hasn't even once been copywrited despite her princess sperging is absolutely incredible

No. 845841

because lillee puts her own little goblin-style “original twist” on each look she does, duh!

No. 845856

File: 1627344666895.jpeg (759.09 KB, 828x1115, 4739833C-978B-4355-906B-B75461…)

No. 845859


maybe i'm misremembering (i tried looking in other threads with no luck,) but didn't she have merch for sale with a photo of her merida cosplay slapped on at one point?

No. 845866

the same damn look over and over. change the wig and its the same make up as the WandaVision, and tinkerbelle, and Belle, and Elsa.

No. 845867

Man. That pose looks super uncomfortable, awkward, and it's not doing her any favors. Her neck looks like a horse's neck, and the combination of a lack of bra/shitty bra and her long flat boobs makes the space between her jaw/neck and where her boobs are look very long. And it just makes her look extra thick as a result.

No. 845868

File: 1627349424710.jpg (1.17 MB, 1080x1772, Screenshot_20210726-202908_Chr…)

She's really got to invest in some good bras or get someone who will tell her not to publish a picture because it's not flattering. She practically looks like she is missing a tit.

No. 845891

Is it typical for makeup guru's to have so much fall out from eyeshadow that they need cotton rounds under the eye to catch it? or is she just bad at putting on eyeshadow?
Is it typical to do the eyes first before foundation? I always find it jarring seeing her with full eye makeup with her splotchy face

No. 845892

no boogers lately

No. 845894

No, she loads up her brushes with tons of shadows and goes to town on her lids instead of building up the color. This much fallout makes the products she’s using look bad

No. 845902

Ayrt. I know exactly what bag you're talking about, I posted it. It's the fucking one where they cropped most of the bow out (one of the defining characteristics of Merida) just to fit Lillees full body in. It's incredible and I was thinking at the time "how has Disney not woolled these fuckers around?"

No. 845915

Are there images of this still around somewhere? We could report piracy and copyright infringement on her ass.(cowtipping)

No. 845916

No cowtipping, anon. And pls sage your bs

No. 845925

I really wish she would at least double shampoo her hair every now and then if she is going to absolutely insist on leaving such a long period of time between washes. There is no way whatever shampoo she uses lathers properly on the first wash with hair that filthy.

No. 845929

Her tits are seemingly repelled by each other other like when you try and push together the wrong ends of magnets. She genuinely looks like she's had a partial mastectomy in photos like this. My guess is that Laur has never took her to a proper underwear shop and had her chest measured and bought her a bra that didn't come from Walmart.

No. 845932

It has nothing to do with wearing a wrong bra or not wearing a bra.
Some women have small boobs, never wear a bra and their boobs never turn like that.
It's her goblin genetics.

No. 845935

AYRT, I didn't actually consider that. If every other part of her body looks weird and deformed, I shouldn't be surprised she has weird boobs kek.

No. 845937

How does her hair look so greasy yet dry at the same time. It'd look so much better if she just dyed it brunette (she has to accept that she's not blonde), got some anti dandruff shampoo and a hydrating conditioner and stopped with all the serums and oils. she hasn't even brushed or styled it for the photo ffs

No. 845938

I hope she doesn't dye her hair because the blonde/strawberry blonde LARP is hilarious. For a proud Jewish woman she's awfully obsessed with having blonde hair and blue eyes kek.

No. 845944

File: 1627395212793.gif (823.24 KB, 270x480, 8610D895-34EE-43CC-8640-A72DD1…)

She’s showing her haterz that she can fit a strap around her cankle

No. 845945

Go girl! Get that footfag money!

No. 845976

Yeah congrats LJ for finally buying plus size/wide shows. Those cankles look CHONKY. There is nothing pETiTe about her hobgoblin body…

No. 845978

File: 1627404764265.png (2.81 MB, 826x4378, 8C67728C-4B10-4E04-A289-CCE97A…)

She went to the dentist today and she wore a new outfit! Big day for Lillee.

No. 845980

File: 1627405181109.jpeg (857.44 KB, 828x1469, 714F6953-47D3-464A-80F6-5909A6…)

No. 845982

Who wears those granny heels to the dentist lmaof

No. 845987

Going to the dentist is a whole event for her

No. 845988

I know this is a huge nitpick but in the reflection of the sun you can see her leg hair is quite long. No judgement from me, I'm lazy as fuck shaving mine and I have dense dark hair. Just find it weird that a booty gooroo isn't at least shaving her legs when she's going out. But with fair hair I guess you get away with it.

PhotoShop enough fog on this and she'll look like a Silent Hill creature kek.

No. 845989

any context for the middle picture? why tf is she doing that

No. 845990

She should not wear rompers..they make her look stodgy and stumpier than usual and those legs aren’t meant to be shown off

No. 845991

File: 1627409384050.jpeg (522.49 KB, 1242x1756, 4C05F34E-E3C3-47A7-9470-01F353…)

No. 845995

File: 1627411541386.jpg (148.55 KB, 1080x976, Screenshot_20210727-134331_You…)

The sizing changed. Not her growing ass and terrible eating habits. Bitch needs to get back to the "just chicken and veggies, nothing on them" diet she so loved. Sweet Chinese food is crazy unhealthy. Just because it's Asian doesn't mean it's healthy Janice.

No. 845997

File: 1627412485977.jpeg (1.14 MB, 828x1417, 983EA423-946B-4597-AEA8-738C7B…)

Anon she’s tiny, you don’t understand

No. 845999

I'm so fucking sick of her #staysafe "look at me I wear a mask, I can follow simple guidelines" flexing. As if anyone needs Attic Academy lessons on the pandemic. She's vaccinated (I think fully IIRC) and in the fresh air on a deserted street with no one but her momager who she lives with and still wearing a mask. Knowing her hygiene and how messy her clothes typically are her masks must be total germ farms. She'd catch bacterial pneumonia from them if she actually went out on a regular basis.

No. 846000

Yeah a tiny fat pig sure

No. 846003


We all also know that she would need to come into contact with another human being outside her house and the dentists office in order to contract and pass on any virus. I would be surprised if LJ managed to pick up a seasonal flu from someone.

No. 846004

I doubt she's had a cold since middle school. I can also see her as Patient Zero of a break out of headlice kek. Poor classmates.

No. 846006

She keeps buying garbage from FN and that’s not very 1change4change of her because of all the slavery and pollution.

No. 846034

she already did her 1 change (she bought a metal straw once), she doesn't need to do anything else by her own logic.

No. 846047

Because it's her horny time of the month, anon. It's like clockwork

No. 846088

The 3rd pic is so weird.
IDK if it's some distortion but LJ is so wide and the room seems really tiny with low window and low ceiling. Seems like a hangard especially with all the mess on the bg. Quite a downsize.

My first thought was: Is it a walking dead pic?
It's so disturbing when she tries to look gracefull and ends up giving horror movies vibes.
Her mask is too big and it's the one she wore at the surgery and the one she's always wearing. 10/10 she never cleaned it.

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