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File: 1564655273662.gif (1.03 MB, 768x768, lilleejean.gif)

No. 847048

IG: www.instagram.com/lilleejean
Twitter: www.twitter.com/reallilleejean
YT: www.youtube.com/channel/UCGQF-GZ2oWfgb1NN3QtJJlA/
Blog: www.thaeyeballqueen.com/
IMDb: www.imdb.com/name/nm10479689/

18 year old beauty guru with subpar make-up skills. Has 1.1 million (fake) followers on Instagram, 11.000 (fake) followers on Twitter and 2800 (who knows?) subscribers on youtube.
Has around a 1% engagement on instagram, but those likes and comments appear to be bots and fake accounts too. Never gets any RTs or likes on twitter besides from her mom. Doesn’t get much more than 1000 views on her Youtube videos. Some brands, such as Colorpop and Laura Mercier have, however, fallen for her snaffu and sends her PR.

>Lillee got verified on Instagram despite having no real followers
>Lillee and and mom are threatening anybody who criticizes her, calling them stalkers from reddit and says they know their identity and that the police will come and arrest them (they won't)
>Mom claims that redditors have showed up at their house and that Lille has recieved death treaths (most likely a lie)
>Lillee's mom is currently trying to take down reddit and lolcow lol
>Lillee mom said that lolcow was about to change forever, and by that she meant that she finally was going to sperg out in the thread (see posts: >>846853 >>846854 >>846855 >>846857 >>846858 >>846859 >>846862 >>846863 >>846865 >>846873 >>846874 >>846875 >>846876 >>846877 >>846887 >>846891 >>846901 >>846903 >>846905 >>846909 >>846913 >>846918 >>846919 >>846921)

>Either her or her mom creates all her fan accounts on IG. Many of them pretends to be grossly exaggerated versions of minorities.
>Claims she has her own beauty brand coming out in 2020 (@lilleejeancosmetics)
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab and made some customs Lipsticks (as anyone can do) for herself, claimed they were a collab and that Bite would release them for purchase. Sperged out on IG and cancelled them when they told her to stop claiming it was an official collaboration (https://www.instagram.com/tv/BwaDTX1gyDc/?igshid=3t86d935d62o)
>Had a billboard of herself in Times Square for Covergirl, pretends she did an actual campaign with them, when in reality it was a campaign where anyone could upload their picture to their homepage and then get their picture on the billboard.
>Her batshit insane mother uploaded an obviously shooped picture to her IG (@lrtrueman) claiming Lillee went to the MET ball. It wasn’t until after the reddit call-out they began to claim it was fan-art.
>Her mother also posted an obviously shooped “Teen Vouge” cover with Lillee on the front page.
>Somebody on r/beautyguruchatter made a thread about Lillee Jean. Her and her mom sperged out, made multiple accounts and spammed threads.

No. 847051

File: 1564655617605.png (72.31 KB, 383x585, 1.png)

Fake fanaccounts

No. 847052

File: 1564655655855.png (117.38 KB, 722x387, 2.png)

No. 847053

Second thread already? Well, she is famous on one side of the internet.

No. 847065

File: 1564658548629.png (178.03 KB, 611x764, uog.png)

Laura is currently tweeting at the University of Georgia kek..

No. 847066

File: 1564658622828.png (111.22 KB, 598x473, uog 2. png.png)

No. 847093

File: 1564666077000.jpeg (126.84 KB, 750x667, 9B72E88F-0465-4982-B30F-786215…)

I’m more worried about lee-lee and her army of dolls than the cyber police.

No. 847096

I’d be willing to bet that she looked at someone’s post history on Reddit, and saw that they posted something about U of Georgia but has no other identifying information. If she had more you know she’d be doxing them.

No. 847101


Lillee Jean Trueman:


https://www.facebook.com/IngeniousIngenue (deleted)
https://www.facebook.com/lillee.jean (inactive)
https://www.facebook.com/lilz.trueman (inactive)


https://www.twitter.com/lil41801 (inactive)

https://www.youtube.com/user/lil41801 (inactive)


https://plus.google.com/+LilleeJean (deleted)


Laura Rene Trueman:


https://www.instagram.com/lrtrueman (renamed)


http://www.examiner.com/user-alkaia100 (deleted)
https://www.reddit.com/user/BeautyGuruChatter (deleted)


Jeaniez Management Inc:






Laura's Antique Business:
(deleted pages in archive.org)

https://www.instagram.com/leitiques (current business name)

https://www.facebook.com/Leitiques (deleted)
https://www.facebook.com/TravelinTiques (deleted)
https://www.facebook.com/Truetiques (deleted)

http://www.travelintiques.com (no longer registered)
http://www.rvt01.com (no longer registered)
http://www.goantiques.com/members/rvt (deleted)
http://www.rvt02.com (no longer registered)
http://www.goantiques.com/members/rvt2 (deleted)

http://rvt01.blogspot.com (deleted) | http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://rvt01.blogspot.com

https://www.ebay.com/str/travelintiques (deleted)



Earl Trueman:


Justice for Brenda:

http://www.justiceforbrenda.com (no longer registered)
http://www.brendaleemarkswolf.com (no longer registered)

Shill accounts:

https://www.instagram.com/lillee.is.lyfe (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/truoo_ (deleted)

No. 847108

This shit is ridiculous.

No. 847149

What is she even on about? Does she think evil Joe goes to that university?

No. 847152

I have this theory. LJ was born around the time that weird looking little Hallie Eisenburg was all the rage in commercials. The mom sees she has a quirky weird looking toddler and grooms her for a similar future only when she grew up to be chunky and unattractive she either didn't see it because she's a narcissist and honestly they look the same or she just doubled down and plowed ahead full steam with the fake it till you make it mantra. Her working adjacent to the industry (props) screams wanna-be important person. In reality they are fat white trash in a shitty part of Queens living in a wood panelled nightmare with Manhattan dreams.

No. 847155

This is Raven Sparks level insanity with all the fake accounts and socks. Amazing.

No. 847160

No. 847162

I am pretty sure but not 100% sure that I am the university of Georgia student. I sent LJ’s momager a message on Instagram weeks ago with my real (maiden) name (because she said we were all afraid to post our real names…) lmao good luck fuckers, I graduated 10 years ago. University of Georgia come for me pls.

No. 847182

Glad the cyber police haven’t arrested you yet. Out of curiosity, what did you message her that was so horrible it inspired a 10 tweet long thread?

No. 847190

This is just fucking wild.

She is actually trying to get someone expelled for what? Stating the truth? The followers are fake and she knows it. The fact that she's going to such lengths to keep up this charade of her daughter being famous and having friends shows how disconnected from reality she is.

I honestly feel bad for the daughter. Her mom has probably kept her so sheltered from people that she's never received any criticism and thinks everything is a personal attack. The only friends she's allowed to have are fake instagram accounts with stolen photos.

No. 847191

Early on when the whole thing broke, I messaged her a link to the real picture behind her gay best friend sock puppet account. She has since sworn revenge on my name, my family, my alma mater, etc. it’s been a wild ride. At one point she was sending me messages every single day.

No. 847192

Well you can say we all are a little bit JoE here

No. 847204

File: 1564685384847.png (399.9 KB, 547x1144, Screenshot_2019-07-31-23-16-06…)


And I have yet to compile a list of sock accounts (creating identities). Is there an anon who has sussed them out? I don't do Zuckerbookgram. Archive.today got locked out of its Facebook account on the 21st which has monkey wrenched my ops.

Now that Raven has sung her swansong (and counting), I needed a new cow to rabbit hole. Laur excels.

Electronic moon hat engaged!

No. 847205

No. 847207

File: 1564685821459.png (1.19 MB, 1062x1018, PicsArt_08-01-08.56.47.png)

I tried

No. 847209

Laura is the stalker here, not lolcow kek

Are you willing to post screenshots of the message she sent you guys?

No. 847213

It's pretty easy, every comment Lillee gets on Instagram is either her/Laur from a sock or a quid pro quo interaction from a Muslim woman. I'll take a quick look shortly but I don't have the time today to do a deep dive.

No. 847214

File: 1564686101960.jpeg (180.13 KB, 738x607, B96FDCD3-1F65-4DBC-AE8C-499AC6…)


Here’s one of her ramblings that she sent me. The whole thing went on for a long while.

No. 847215

wtf why does she make everything about her dead sister? nobody is talking about her

No. 847216


For real. Nobody would even know about her dead sister if she hadn’t brought it up first. We aren’t a group of people sitting around talking specifics about a 30 year old murder, and Laura just isn’t that special.

No. 847222

Literally not a single person said anything about her sister anywhere, let alone posted a video of her getting murdered (wtf?). It's like how they're claiming they're getting death threats and someone came to their house. I think even Laur knows how ridiculous it is to complain to the police and every other tangentially related organization about online criticism of a "public figure" (kek) so they have to make it seem like it's way more serious than it is.
Any other interesting highlights from what you were sent?

No. 847231


Just her offering me a job so I could ‘stop wasting my employers time’ (wtf?) ramblings about how god still loves me even if I’m depressed and don’t love myself (no idea where that came from) and how she called the CyBeR pOliCe on me. And now how she’s trying to get me expelled from a school I graduated from 10 years ago. I am quaking.

No. 847241

Here are (some of) the ones they use to comment:
BUT if you look at the followers for any of those accounts there are a shit ton of other suspicious accounts. Every single account is either a fake fan page (there are SO many), a fake gay or transgender person, a page that only posts screenshots of rainbows and shit about being gay, or Muslim bots

No. 847246

Are these two cows we want to avoid tipping or is it going to be less frowned upon since they react so milkily (if that's a word)? Not planning on cowtipping, just curious.

No. 847247

Cowtipping is always wrong. Milk should be organic.

No. 847249

Kinda what I figured. I was just surprised how many people have admitted to tipping in this thread.

No. 847255

This is why parents need to be internet-literate. Laur is too dumb to be on the internet but man she really provides milk kek.

They're most likely summerfags.

No. 847260

File: 1564691048277.png (247.51 KB, 783x773, Screenshot_2019-08-01-13-04-57…)


Bless you, anon. No account, can't see follower lists. Tho a couple of the mirror sites grab them which is how I got >>847051. Instagram now blocks captions and comments from public browser view, too (shouldn't influencers uwu be screeching about that?).

Their dedication to creating profiles on all the garbage "celeb" sites like pic related tho. Hey Laur, the more sites you spread your data to, the more likely that data will be breached. I hope you at least use unique passwords for all of them.


No. 847261

Never read the previous thread(s) about this chick but saw all the capslock autism from the last thread and now I’m intrigued lol. I haven’t seen shitposting like that since Vic became unhinged a couple years ago. Grade A milk and I’m here for more.

I’d probably die of embarrassment if my mom was doing this on my behalf.

No. 847269

File: 1564691506715.png (206.42 KB, 800x1045, Screenshot_2019-08-01-13-03-42…)

She is also a voice over actress. Because of course.

>17 years old audio sample


No. 847270

File: 1564691527985.png (128.15 KB, 800x1163, Screenshot_2019-08-01-13-04-28…)

No. 847277


Her most active IG sockpuppets have twitter accounts as well

raycarl10: https://twitter.com/RayCarl10
aaleyahbaqri: https://twitter.com/AaleyahBaqri
jamesdee5311: https://twitter.com/JamesDee5311

extra's I don't know the IG account for


All accounts were created in the summer of 2018, like all the IG sockpoppet accounts.

No. 847297

File: 1564695302364.jpg (439.81 KB, 1080x2032, Screenshot_20190801-173238_Ins…)

Sorry anon, here are two screenshots of what I mean. 1/2

Haha wonder what she claims to have done with Proactiv? She must've had a pimple once. I actually just looked it up and apparently she "represented" Proactiv in something called Proactiv Pack Out which, upon Googling, only returns 2 results which link back to a deleted Facebook page for "BOLD PR LLC" and LJ's EverybodyWiki.

No. 847299

File: 1564695338087.jpg (441.2 KB, 1080x2032, Screenshot_20190801-173345_Ins…)

Samefag 2/2

No. 847303

Seeing all those small icons of her sleep paralysis inducing face stack on top of each other is legitimately terrifying.

No. 847397


This is the event with Proactiv I believe. Unsure if it's just a thing any rando could have volunteered for. LJ and her sock puppet army are in the replies.



No. 847442


So she's 18 but we're all pedophiles for "stalking a child'. Right.

No. 847443


> worked with Revlon

Aren't they one that told her to stop pretending she was working with them?

No. 847450

File: 1564722473757.jpeg (269.03 KB, 640x631, 03A36194-EE03-4313-9C34-36ABB1…)

sage for potential nitpick, but is this really what qualifies her to receive all those beauty PR packages? the eyeshadow looks so patchy and though I couldn’t get clear photos of the final look, the makeup gets worse as the video continues

No. 847452

Have you seen her put on false lashes? she slides the band with wet glue down to her lash line and paints half her lid with glue each time.
her makeup skill isnt impressive at all, itd often patchy and she has a habit of caking her brows in foundation and never brushing them out

No. 847455

You did well Joe

No. 847461

some anons in the past thread also questioned her makeup skills. i think it's all but confirmed that while she's filming – with a slew of jump cuts – someone else, an actual MUA, finishes her makeup.
the way she slathers lipstick all over her mouth triggers me the most lol

No. 847462

Nooooo I missed the sperging. I was waiting for this moment.

I still can't get over the fact she got verified. WHYYY

No. 847483

err i wouldnt say 'all but confirmed'. what a reach. she clearly does her own makeup, but a combination of filters and angles probably makes it better than it is irl

No. 847484

err i wouldnt say 'all but confirmed'. what a reach. she clearly does her own makeup, but a combination of filters and angles probably makes it better than it is irl

No. 847489

File: 1564741363791.jpg (133.63 KB, 1000x1008, lj.jpg)

what a reach, you say
took quick caps from this video 4 days ago - the entire eye makeup and her process is murdering me.
she literally slaps whatever color wherever, pushes it into the skin until it becomes a blotch of color, then insert random cut to where the eyeshadow suddenly looks heaps better

especially clear at the point she applies the liner. it looks like literal child scribbles on both eyes, then perfectly winged out after a cut

still saging because it's tinfoil at best but it's not just this one video that's like this, it's all of them

No. 847490

I wonder if Laur has the skills to fix it or they hire someone to come and do a batch of them?

No. 847527

Last thread did not confirm that an actual MUA stepped in to do her make up, multiple anons just tinfoiled this.

It's already been disproved that someone else did her looks, you can scroll to the bottom of her original IG (what is now her management IG run by her mom) and see looks that are exponentially better, and there are videos on her YT from 2015 to match the looks that prove that she's the one who's been doing them the whole time. Anons speculated that she had a psychotic break or something around 2017 (when the follower count started to jump and increase) to explain the onset of crazy and degradation in skill.

I'm a dumbass and don't know how to link replies across threads, but someone tinfoiled the same thing just before Laur came in and shat all over it and there are replies there linking to videos and screenshots of the old IG posts.

No. 847532

File: 1564756524342.png (1.11 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190802-103218.png)

I'm not so sure, what is going on with her lipstick in this video. I am still baffled she went to decent looking to this hot mess.

No. 847552

In the last frame the eyeshadow is still patchy and muddy. Lashes and a thick wing can hide almost any mess. She probably cleaned up the wing with concealer or a wet wipe. Honestly the end product is still subpar, if a professional mua did this I’d ask for my money back.

No. 847582

Speaking as a professional MUA, her earliest looks that were a lot cleaner really scream "MAC counter" level MUA skill and I highly suspect they got some poor aspiring counter girl to come do a bunch of looks for her that she then uploaded onto Sephora etc etc
I really don't see a degradation in skills that dramatic being plausible unless she had a fucking stroke.

No. 847628

this. her old looks are "mall MUA" tier. they weren't even amazing and they didn't do much for her face, just trend hopping standard looks that are fine on anyone, but her stuff now looks like a 12 year old is trying out makeup for the first time. most people can do better makeup in a moving car.

No. 847676

Lillee Jean took a hit on PR packages. She went from posting numerous packages a week to 1 package a week. Her last few reviews (that aren’t colourpop) are from a service called Influenster, not actual companies. Now she’s having to buy product from Beauty Bakerie. I’m interested in seeing how they continue to purchase fake followers & comments while also having to purchase product for videos/reviews. Seems like an expensive, poorly thought out scam.

No. 847687

considering laur failed all her other scams i'm not surprised. she obviously doesn't know the easiest way to get IG followers is tags, IG ads and following popular people.

No. 847700

I just started thinking about it, but is the ultimate goal of their scam for companies to eventually start paying her to review their products? Even though she gets free PR now (as undeserving as she is), that's all it is. Free products. I doubt she makes more than a couple dollars off her youtube videos, and it's not like she's selling off the PR products (though the shitshow that would bring would be hilarious), so what's even the point?

I wonder if companies bother to vet the influencers they pay more than the influencers they just throw free PR at? Didn't seem like they cared that she has piss poor engagement, just that her numbers were high.

No. 847729

I’m gonna assume that was the goal since momager posted a rate card. $2000 for IG post, $2000 for blog post, $200 for YouTube video. Based off her twitter account, the other goal was to get her cast in a Marvel movie. Go big or go home, I guess.

No. 847818

In guardians as an alien? I literally can't think of another viable option.

No. 847850

Influenster will occasionally send random free products in exchange for reviews on their site. The more reviews you do, the more eligible you are for free things. I’ve done it a few times and I’m a broke Joe with basically zero social media. I bet there’s a treasure trove of reviews from Laur, I’ll see if I can find any.

No. 847894

just go in an old thread, hit the post you want to reply to, then copy those numbers from the reply box back to the reply box in this thread. easy.

No. 848001

File: 1564844974578.jpeg (172.7 KB, 828x438, 395B9A96-5D89-458C-9898-D941B9…)

Ah yes, my favorite fruit.

No. 848025

I thought she forgot to swap accounts at first.

No. 848326

I feel it’s really more her mom pushing the agenda. In the last “doing my mom’s makeup” video, Vindictive Stage Mom brings up the bullying, and LJ stops her. Yes, LJ gives the camera a look, but she curved what was sure to be another psycho rant.

No. 848342

Hey I’m Lilly Jean and you’re watching HELL channel(complete retardation)

No. 848368

Wow, I had never seen her blog before, and read, according to her Mom of course, her dad was a percussionist and played with HENDRIX. WHAT THE FUCK is this woman on. Everything of hers sounds like her Mom wrote it. I feel like this girl is locked in a wood paneled attic while her crazy ass mom does all of this.

No. 848384

>what fruit would you pick?

No. 848449


I agree. The more I think about it, this has some Eugenia Cooney vibes going on over here with Lillee having a crazy mother who stifled this girl's social skills and is using her daughter for her own gratification.
Thankfully Lillee doesn't have an ED (I'd assume) but her mental health is probably very pretty wonky

No. 848512

Lillee is in on the scheme. She has said several times that she was physically together with her imaginary gay bff.

No. 848541

Being raised & increasingly isolated by her scammer of a mother had to screw up her moral compass. It’s no excuse, of course. At this point, the entire internet has told her the accounts are racist/homophobic & Lillee Jean is doubling down on the shill gay bff account. She’s just as guilty as Momma Jean.

No. 848594

Has she said that on camera? Because it wouldnt surprise me if her mom managed her own Twitter

No. 848598

In her “I AM LILLEE JEAN” video, she says “to call my best friend ‘that gay man’ is insulting”.

No. 848620

On her IG she has commented about James and Marios wedding and about visiting them in the Hamptons.

There are probably receipts in the old thread.

No. 848631

-Lillee Jean is isolated in the woodpanel prison. She pumps out makeup looks & YT videos all day.
-Laur/momager controls all the social media accounts. Posts as Lillee Jean & all the shill accounts.
-Laur catfishes LJ with the James account. Through a messaging app or maybe a 2nd work phone that LJ doesn’t have the number to ??
-LJ really thinks James is real & her best friend since she has no other friends because she never leaves the attic.

It’s complete tinfoil and this scenario seems highly unlikely but would make LJ innocent in the entire scam. Mom seems unhinged enough to do it. Especially if LJ was getting stir crazy and wanted to get an actual job or go to college.

No. 848679

File: 1564960736278.jpeg (170.13 KB, 750x1076, 621DE638-BD74-46DF-ACB2-3888E2…)

I don’t know if she is in charge of Lillee’s account but I’m pretty sure she is in charge of her husbands. Her and Raven would get along great.

No. 848682

File: 1564960908153.jpg (296.17 KB, 1143x790, Screenshot_20190804-161351_You…)

Why does she start almost all of her videos doing this? I dont like the fake veneer look and think imperfect teeth should be embraced more, but hers are fucked and add to how disturbing she is. They look like they're just stuck in this perpetual baby state and her adult teeth never came in.

No. 848683

>>848682 Honestly it's probably very unfortunate genetics. Her mom seems to have normal teeth so I don't doubt her dad has baby shark teeth too.
What I don't get is why she shows them off? Usually when people have ugly teeth they try to hide them.

No. 848727


TLDW version: Basically she likes her teeth and thinks they're cute and a "quirk" like gap teeth. She even calls her teeth gap teeth.

No. 848733

Yeah, many large gaps

No. 848741

File: 1564966925311.jpg (Spoiler Image, 196.76 KB, 837x681, 20190804_174855.jpg)

Every pair of her teeth has a gap in between them. She also moves her mouth in a strange way when she talks. It wouldn't be surprising if it's because of how small and jacked her teeth are. Also many keks at the part in the vid when she said one of the perks of having teeth like her's is you can "shoot" things through your teeth. Yeah. Because unintentionally shooting out food and spit because your retarded teeth lack the ability to block out whatever is in your mouth from flying out is super flattering amiright

No. 848748

the way her mouth moves when she speaks reminds me of old alcoholic women who've lost all their teeth. tbh her teeth are the least milky angle of her but God are they weird.

No. 848758

Damn. I know some people retain a couple baby teeth but it looks like 90% of her teeth are actually baby teeth. That’s unfortunate.

No. 848768

File: 1564969426800.png (184.27 KB, 1075x527, topkek laur.png)

My new background, anons!

-Joe, founder of lolcow and reddit hate army

No. 848778

Anyone know her mom's insta @? Cant seem to find the lrtrueman one

No. 848780

File: 1564971344828.gif (543.47 KB, 244x184, tenor.gif)

No. 848812

her teeth are not baby teeth. they are adult teeth but she clearly has some kind of either genetic or environmental condition that makes them look like baby teeth.

No. 848818

uh, they are actually baby teeth either way, not from when she was born, but a lot of these conditions have baby teeth underneath the first set instead of adult teeth. they're just called that because of the size.

No. 848819

Looks like Microdontia, rather than just baby teeth.

No. 848830

I thought this before. There are tons of grown adults being catfished for money on Facebook, so it wouldn't shock me if an easily impressionable teenager with no social contact would fall for fake online friends.

More likely is her mom told her the sock puppets are for publicity, and probably said all the big makeup accounts do it as well to boost followers, so she's "playing along." If her mom is really that unhinged (which is yes), LJ might want to continue the lie to keep from getting an angry, in-person Laur tirade. Hopefully she wises up at some point.

No. 848848

File: 1564990137282.jpg (314.36 KB, 930x710, Screenshot_20190805-092849_Ope…)

Oh my god. I wonder what her dentist thinks about her teeth.

No. 848950

Has anyone seen where they have been straight up begging halo top to keep sending them free ice cream. These people can’t afford a $3 tub of ice cream? I think they have literally $0 and they sell LJ’s PR to get by. They obviously all live in an attic one room apartment.

No. 848961

Yes! It was so cringe inducing. The entitlement is strong with Laur. She is absolutely convinced that her daughter is FaMoUS and they deserve free stuff from companies. In the My Mom Does My Makeup vlog, Laur goes on a rant that beautyblender needs to send LJ a new blender because they have 1 million fans. Get over yourself, lady.

No. 848967

yes anon, agree. she looks completely stunned when taken out for a rare public event too. I think Laur also posts on behalf of LJ at times. add to this though that LJ is an uppity brat because she really does believe she's important and worshipped as an influencer (the revlon rant for example).

No. 848989

inb4 she starts bitching on twitter about their horrible customer service and scamming ways because they won't send them free icecream.

Considering the shit she has been tweeting at other companies (and universities) whenever things don't go her way, starting a twitter shitstorm seems to be her wet dream #twitterarmy

No. 849029

File: 1565016436296.png (296.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190805-104317.png)

I can't believe how stupid they are, they still think lolcow and Reddit are one in the same.

No. 849039

They think that we all are one and the same person, Joe.

No. 849041

I’m also tonfoiling that her mom is catfishing her with all these movie roles/auditions. She posted on Facebook that her mom got her an audition for Batgirl ??? and then mom had a falling out with the studio so they cancelled the audition. There’s recent IG videos of her mom telling her she got a role & more video of them running lines. She said somewhere it’s a role for a short about super heroes.

I hope she realizes she has been manipulated by an adult, who knows better, and it ultimately tanked any minuscule chance she ever had at an actual career. Her turning against Laur and outing all her mom’s master schemes would be GLORIOUS! Or I’m giving this entitled brat too much credit and she’s a racist scammy mcfraudster just like her mom.

No. 849063

File: 1565018900789.png (432.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190805-104556.png)

She tries to seem woke by retweeting news stories. Let's be honest she is only retweeting this because she sees this as a bullying website getting taken down. Probably gives her and her mom hope lolcow will be taken down.

No. 849240

Just from what we've seen of them online, LJ has no friends/social life and her mom is obsessed with her being famous. The fan accounts, the photo edits, the deranged online meltdowns; it's all her mom. She seems to be the only major influence in LJ's life. A lot of crazy shit seems normal to you when that's all you've ever known.

LJ is complicit in her weird charade, but there's no way it's easy living with a woman who acts out several fake personalities on instagram and explodes at any minuscule criticism. Laur definitely isn't letting her make decisions on her own.

No. 849415

Jesus H thanks for the nightmare fuel

No. 849420

She's defs missing teeth. Looks like only 10 on top and 12 on the bottom. Most adults have 28, not including wisdom teeth. It looks like she only has 2 front teeth between her top incisors or no incisors on top? Dafuq

No. 849465


Remember that she has been tweeting Cloudflare to terminate LC.

No. 849486

How can you tell from this potato quality picture? There might very well be more teeth back there, it’s not like she’s wearing cheek retractors.
Anon got that right, she likely has microdontia related to William’s syndrome. It’s been discussed in the previous thread already, so can we be done with the baby teeth sperging? She just has ugly tard teeth, no need to tinfoil about it.

No. 849498

File: 1565091082802.jpeg (600.61 KB, 1818x1818, 0FD2A00A-73C4-4F6E-9E62-B60BB2…)

Sorry for the bad edit. I was trying to get all the insane comments in.

From 1change4change (Lillee Jean’s nonprofit) IG page. Lillee Jean is posting under 1change4change account. There’s some other hilarious comments but these were the most absurd.
-Random person stans Thanos
-Lillee Jean agrees that we need to eliminate half the world population. When someone points this out as problematic, she immediately attacks, tells person they have a “specific plan with very specific words” and warns them to “be careful”. (Post got cut off sorry)
-Laur jumps in to save the day. Starts in on some Hunger Games bullshit & then says you can only have 2 kids in England but the Royals have as many as they want.

No. 849528

Now while we're at it, I don't get her non-profit organisation either. It doesn't donate money anywhere and has no actual campaigns. She just reposts pictures and comments on her own IG pictures.

No. 849535

“it doesn’t matter if you’re rich” “did you know the royals can have as many kids as they want?” so which one is it? are rich people affected or not affected?
and is she really using thanos to try and justify her argument? holy shit this woman is crazy

No. 849559

File: 1565102913180.jpeg (222.18 KB, 750x1075, 854D43DD-9D6F-407B-9E4D-DD562C…)

The nonprofit account was created a week after she attended the Proactiv event. They probably got a good response from the videos & posts of the event and decided “social media activist” could boost Lillee Jean’s appeal.

I’ve seen them switch between referring to it as a “campaign” & “nonprofit”. Legally, it’s not a nonprofit. They are quick to point out they receive no money when questioned about the 501c3 status though.

No. 849586

There's no way you can effectively pull off radical population control without some form of social darwinism coming into play. You think every minority (racial, disabled, ect.) is going to have their own equal shot at having kids? Please. The fact that these two lumps, who don't contribute to society in any extraordinary way, hold these authoritarian beliefs in itself shows how fucking narcissistic they are.

No. 849902

File: 1565157204639.png (162.96 KB, 800x787, 1563042286188.png)

This was posted on the last thread (from her website I think).

She's a passionate environmentalist, but not a tree-hugger! She doesn't believe in any kind of protesting, only action!

She's patting herself on the back for not caring enough to protest.

No. 849974

I have literally never interacted with her besides watching a few of her stories and she blocked me within the last week. This is hysterical.(cool story bro)

No. 850037

Damn lillee jeans psycho mom is really smashing any hope for her daughter to have a future.

I feel like what happened was that lillee had dreams of becoming a popular mua, and then her mom took the idea and ran a god damn marathon and back. Now theyve got themselves in this mess and it just keeps getting worse and worse. Someone in the reddit thread warned them to stop because it was so career ruining. I dont think they've realized yet how much theyve damaged their reputation and how much of an internet spectacle theyve made themselves into.

No. 850057

File: 1565202412337.jpeg (113.6 KB, 750x574, A38C157C-4E30-4C21-9B36-CF1CBC…)

This is depressing. After the PR packages stopped rolling in, LJ is having to finance her influencer charade.

I wonder if Lillee has seen a penny of her YouTube earnings or of Laur is “managing” her earnings as well. I know she only makes a dollar or two per video but the amount of videos she has & the amount of time she’s been at this…she should at least have $500. Even momager said she’s made “hundreds of dollars” in the Whimn article. She shouldn’t be at the point of having to put a few lipsticks on credit.

No. 850058

I think if Laur was actually sane, the financial and moral support for her daughter might've actually propelled them to some actual success. She could've spent the money on sending LJ to cosmetology school/classes, or even invested in filming and editing software, instead of on fake followers. But of course, Laur is fucking crazy and short sighted as fuck and probably doesn't see LJ as anything but a cashcow. Her scamming antiques weren't going to last forever, so she's trying to secure LJ's financial success for retirement.

She's ruining LJ now and ruining her future. The girl has absolutely zero skills. It sort of reminds me of Venus, sans any sort of actual fanbase or likable qualities.

She did a homeschooling/online course and I don't doubt that Laur would've fudged the work to get her a high GPA/straight up fudged the numbers here. Will LJ even go to college? It's a stupid question, but I can't help but wonder.

No. 850140

Here is her influenster profile.


Seems like she at least gets her Laura Mercier PR through them.

No. 850143

File: 1565219311026.jpg (179.17 KB, 1080x1920, 56791040_2190778194567802_7757…)


Unfortunately it looks like they fell for her scam at some point 4 months ago.

No. 850148

File: 1565219969491.png (92.75 KB, 728x436, index.png)

But why would she get stuff from Influenster if she's on the regular PR list? She got reviewed this a couple of days ago.

No. 850149

Not saying you're wrong, SS is 4 months old from her Insta highlights. They prob dropped her after realizing her scam and now she's gotta resort to obtaining her own products to keep it up.

No. 850152

File: 1565220644081.jpg (67.08 KB, 925x588, Capture.JPG)



@rachelbimonte is a PR at Laura Mercier if her bio is to believed.

No. 850155

File: 1565220859209.png (580.92 KB, 847x515, 2.png)

Influenster voxbox from belif

No. 850156

File: 1565220902856.png (556.97 KB, 500x900, 1.png)

From Lillees SS19 PR stories

No. 850212

File: 1565230638624.jpeg (202.98 KB, 750x962, 8B1B5D2E-412C-4AB8-81E8-DC5E5A…)

Laur is currently tweeting at a vpn service about lolcow. In the previous tweet to them (not pictured) she says they called the police in Florida.

No. 850215

File: 1565231644446.jpeg (514.19 KB, 1242x1169, 1A2DE8CE-1995-40D4-AC98-1A2A8F…)

She’s trying to get it deleted too lmao

No. 850250

Wow she got the name right this time. Good job.

No. 850251

they got a thread over there, but I wonder if they know what she's up to?

No. 850253

Influenster op here, they’ll send free shit to anybody. They make you fill out a form that includes your social media profs. I think the more “clout” you have influences the amount of free swag they send you, in hopes that you’ll review and tag them + whatever brand on your socials. OT but I signed up with my work ig that only has ~1000 followers and have received a couple free packages. The fact that LJ is super active there given her “huge following” is only further proof of their delusions.

No. 850256

Her thread over there just isn't picking up for some reason, which is a shame because I'm sure they'd love this mess if they knew more about it.

No. 850258

Pretty sure she got the info on the vpn service “hosting” their website by creating an account. She’ll be sperging their post soon.

No. 850275

the thread is actually super basic. she doesn't seem to have sperged there yet, maybe she found it by googling or decided we are a subsidiary of Joshua Moon's empire

No. 850297

File: 1565260501169.png (166.45 KB, 800x786, 1564636788875.png)


She was reeeing about KF even before the thread was split off.


No. 850301

File: 1565260942154.png (165.08 KB, 756x873, 1564639768431.png)


>the boyz at #imgur


I'm still dead.

Will she C&D or DMCA Null? Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease!

No. 850303

Good luck Laur, maybe Keeks can give you some tips on how to get us shut down

No. 850332

She can team up with Marge. What a power couple that would be.

No. 850476

I think it’s because the OP/mods haven’t got round to fleshing out the introductory post yet. This is too good of a saga to not gain traction there eventually. Maybe it’ll happen if Laur sends Null a bullshit takedown request and he tells her to GTFO and writes about it on the homepage.

No. 850557

File: 1565301151851.jpeg (152.61 KB, 750x757, 21FEC9DB-CE46-4112-B318-749977…)

Laur found another petition, still thinks lolcow & reddit are somehow connected but she’s starting to question if all the internet is one person named Joe.

No. 850581

File: 1565305409570.png (538.85 KB, 2048x1270, Screenshot_20190808-183150.png)

Like in mom or dad!

No. 850635

>attention seeking nutters committing suicide in desperate last act of attention seeking is someone else's fault
>URGENT!!!!11!petition to United States Supreme Court and FBI

No. 850674

File: 1565318588672.jpeg (48.59 KB, 750x304, 2EB1541E-4D20-4AC5-BD5B-7C2204…)


No. 850697

@imgur should remove @reddit??
Did I just read this right now?

No. 850709

I think Laur needs to go after GOMI next.

No. 850716

excuse me what? this bitch needs to take her fucking meds jfc.

No. 850719

Apparently now we're all schizophrenic cowards for not wanting to reveal our identities.


No. 850721

We all are one person, Joe. What is she talking about?

No. 850743

Wait does she think Null the owner of kiwifarms owns lolcow? She mentioned the "owner" and their mother and acted as though kiwifarms and lolcow were one in the same. Wouldn't be surprised if they eventually decide to sue. Not that they would have a dick's shit chance in winning.

No. 850749

So she thinks that everyone laughing at them is part of a small family unit with the parent pulling the strings by creating numerous websites and sockpuppets to talk to themselves with? That’s some impressive projection. Presumably she also thinks that our “parent” keeps us locked away in a wood panelled attic surrounded by dolls.

>Joe Stalvern waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were jeaniez in the base. He didn't see them, but had expected them now for years.

>His warnings to Reddit were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway. […]
>"This is Reddit" the radio crackered. "You must fight the jeaniez!"
>[…] But then the ceiling fell and they were trapped and not able to kill.
>"No! I must kill the jeaniez" he shouted
>The radio said "No, Joe. You are the jeaniez"
>And then Joe was a sockpuppet.

No. 850753


As far as I can tell, there isn't any content about LJ on gurugossiper. Laur's just looking for someone to yell at since everyone's ignoring her on Twitter today.

No. 850758

File: 1565336457630.jpeg (448.62 KB, 1600x1600, 922F7CFB-1698-442F-BA90-6C2695…)

Not sure this hs been posted before but I was looking up some lightning tips for pictures and stumbled on this. None of those poses are flattering.

No. 850771


>In my case someone showed up to my home, because it was posted online…thanks Spokeo and White pages for posting my address.

Was there ever proof someone showed up to her home? I call bullshit. And you can't say your information was given out when it's on easy accessable webpages.

No. 850796

Ugh, her pouting and cheek sucking is so obvious. Also there's a huge gap on her lipstick where you can see her lip color. Girl what is this lol

No. 850803

She says a police report was filed on the incident but has shown no actual proof. If someone showed up at their house, they’d post a million pictures and demand their twitter army take care of it. It’s odd Lillee Jean stopped mentioning the death threats they refused to show proof of either.

For someone who is traumatized from receiving death threats & having stalkers show up at her house, why the fuck is she demanding people “physically” show up to confront her & her batshit insane mother? It’s almost like she doesn’t understand the definition of physically & just thinks it’s the opposite of anonymous.

No. 850818


Of course there was no proof, because it didn’t happen. They were claiming this shit like 4 days after the Reddit thread. What likely happened is someone turned around in their driveway and they’ve concocted a huge, dramatic celebrity stalker story. The definition of delusion.

No. 850828

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed her annoying cheek sucking in, it's bothered me since her first thread

No. 850841

I thought that gap was her mouth hanging open and her gums showing lmao.
I hate the pout aswell, she's obviously puffing out her upper lip too

No. 850867

I have been intrigued by this whole thing for weeks. It’s all so bizarre. Like why not admit you have bought followers? I’m sure that no one is jealous of her PR but would rather that someone with legitimate followers and real talent receive it. I also cannot figure out how her skills regressed? Most of the eyeshadow pics are very patchy. And why did she start acting ridiculous in the videos - she seemed a lot more mature in them 4 years ago. I also really want to know why she canceled Revlon.

If they really filed a police report, why not post it or show it in a video? If James and Mario were also cyber bullied why not have them take part in the video (and since this Mario seems to be in the beauty industry why not do a collab)?

No. 850950

They'll never admit that she's some nobody on the internet. High follower numbers = free PR = some sucker company may eventually actually pay them to review some products because they might believe she's legitimate.

Anons in the previous thread have tinfoiled that she might've just had some sort of mental breakdown and that's when all of this start to spiral out of control. Her follower count jump, regression in skills/maturity, and sockpuppet accounts all seemed to come up around the summer of 2017.

They're just hoping people are stupid enough to buy into the police report/cyberbullying to scare us off from continuing. They think that people are as gullible as they are.

No. 850954

File: 1565375861299.jpeg (109.96 KB, 750x722, 50722E1A-D70B-4CCA-9E1B-A012EF…)

Things Lillee thinks are bad = illegal

No. 850990

File: 1565379684878.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, 1EAD370C-ABFF-44B0-B8E7-1FAF10…)

Drugs are bad mmkay

No. 850999

The problem with coming clean is it's not just about buying followers. They've been creating personalities for people they claim to know. It's one thing to buy followers, but it's quite another to have full blown conversations with yourself on instagram about your fake friend's fake engagement. These are some deep rooted issues. Laur is detached enough from reality to do this, but she knows other people won't think it's normal.

I don't even think Laur cares about the money/sponsorships as much. They block anyone who's not a LJ worshiping sock puppet, so it's not like they're even trying to amass real followers.

The mental breakdown seems more likely when you read Laur's ramblings and look at her online actions. You don't just suddenly wake up one day deciding to make several online fan personalities for your daughter. She's been off the deep end for a while and her daughter probably followed.

No. 851009


She is definitely crazy in the head if she can't differentiate something illegal and something morally wrong.

No. 851062

File: 1565393309909.jpeg (92.02 KB, 750x501, 7BA243F4-CAF3-45FC-9766-D5CB3C…)

Can’t decide if she’s delusional or if she’s just pulling shit out of thin air to make her CyBEr BUlLyINg seem worse.

No. 851085


In her twisted perception of reality, yes, she definitely does. She's thinking anons are her…different "people" and personas but she herself is the only one posting them.

No. 851086


Joe vs Laur

No. 851090

I don't get why they think this whole thing stems from one guy named Jeff.

We're all Jeff.

No. 851110

File: 1565400671901.jpg (6.12 KB, 200x200, 58402ada5d1146733928955486208_…)

pic related it's me.

No. 851114

I think that’s a typical narc trait to make all of this lack any sort of credit. Like how Vic thinks everyone on her thread is her ex’s wife and one other chick.
Vicky and this crazy bitch have a lot in common. They should exchange numbers.

No. 851116

The playing the victim game is working out..well, not well, but will increase over all exposure and interaction.

bitch. we made you famous.

No. 851191

The death threats thing was all fine and good until the original sub she targeted took it up with Reddit admins, who then turned to Laur and demanded proof. That fucked her right up.

No. 851294

>drugs is bad

No. 851463

the thing is, admins can see her inbox on reddit. she's too stupid to realise that

No. 851610

File: 1565533767550.jpeg (48.29 KB, 728x216, A62E93F6-7CEA-47AC-A50E-83A912…)

Why does she say “Better Than Love” mascara when the mascara is actually called Better Than Sex? Is she afraid to say the word sex?

No. 851634

I understand for monetization reasons on YouTube but now… mommy banned her from saying sex

No. 851635

I understand for monetization reasons on YouTube but now… mommy banned her from saying sex

No. 851640

Ah, ok. I forgot about youtube’s no-no words because it was on her IG. She should just abbreviate it or something instead of completely renaming the product. I googled it because I though Too Faced released something new. This is kinda nitpicky, sorry.

No. 851676


Is it just the way she positions her head in the photo or could she also be Photoshoppping her photos?

No. 851689

File: 1565551324265.jpeg (134.85 KB, 750x760, 1A064C68-7C16-4128-96FA-335A31…)

A restraining order against someone who’s had zero contact with you? Good luck with that, Laur.

No. 851691

Ot but it’s actually called Better than Love mascara in places like Dubai, where saying the word sex is banned. I guess saying sex is too lewd for her too

No. 851696

File: 1565552258410.jpeg (112.8 KB, 750x723, 7DE0FB31-92CD-44A0-9B32-E1EA84…)

They signed the petition as the fake gay bff.

No. 851707

File: 1565554389830.png (717.27 KB, 1280x800, Screen Shot 2019-08-11 at 4.05…)


Jesus her eye shadow is so uneven.

Also one person asked her about sponsorship, and she had to include in her new video. The person wasn't even attacking her, literally just asked a question and she went on a rant.

No. 851713

Who committed suicide? Is she just using buzz words to get her “petition” going? Seems rather low to use the deaths of people to rally around your cause.

No. 851744

Julie Terrberry and Chloe Sagal. Chloe specifically killed themselves to make a statement about homelessness and transgender issues iirc

No. 851786

Wasn’t Julie extremely unhinged before the thread? I don’t recall her committing suicide because of KFs or lolcow’s threads. It’s been so long tho. Whatever. She may as well boycott twitter and Facebook and the internet as a whole for “cyber bullying” and causing suicides.

Anyways. Sorry for the derail. Shit is just dumb and in poor taste. But we are the bad guys amiright?!

Gross….I got major Alys_journey vibes with those faces and that lip color.

No. 851872

Very true - it’s weird that people in this thread have gotten blocked for simply watching Lillee’s story. Seems like she keeps up with her new “real” viewers and followers and weeds them out pretty quickly…maybe it is all for show so she gets free PR? If someone is scouting her to send free products, she might look legit upon first glance. Check her tagged posts and she seems to have fans. It’s once you take a closer look that everything gets crazy. They just did a really poor job at this charade.
Also - I’ve not messaged any companies that worked with Lillee and I’m not encouraging cowtipping or anything but how else could she have lost all her PR? Just from this scandal coming to light recently? I feel like I’ve missed something

No. 851877

File: 1565597575412.jpg (336.38 KB, 1080x1786, Screenshot_20190812-040314_Ins…)

People get blocked weeks after viewing her stories, so they must screenshot her views. I got blocked like less than a week ago and viewed her story when everything happened, so the beginning of July I believe.

They're really, REALLY cranking up the fake comments now. At first I was shocked they finally splurged on bots to comment but then I looked, I'm pretty sure they're ALL just socks. This is so creepy.

No. 851883

File: 1565599176355.jpg (150.38 KB, 1024x1820, 66829307_117236106008254_51200…)

>this is the asshole that cyberbullies me!!!!

Are they actually still beliving that all of lolcow, kiwifarms and pull are all one and the same person?

Maybe it's because they are so used to pretending to be 1000 different persons themselves.

No. 851893


Yeah it's weird to me they lump us all together. They have no idea each site is different with different culture. If you want to get technical it was only kiwifarms that was "ssociated" with the deaths, no other website has caused a death. They are probably lumping us together to make a stronger point. They would add Reddit in there if they could.

How disappointed will they be when they get all the signatures and nothing happens.

No. 851899

File: 1565604308235.jpeg (111.61 KB, 750x689, 8BE7EF17-E2B2-499F-8C92-877FFC…)

This petition is going to the SUPREME COURT.

No. 851905


Supreme Court in NY is technically the lowest, county level court.

It’s nice how she doesn’t specify if it’s this or the DC Supreme Court.

No. 851935


I get the feeling these two are dumber than a bag of rocks. They tweet news stories to seem woke.

No. 851957

File: 1565617177324.jpeg (367.44 KB, 1818x1818, DC6A5D4B-2E2E-4B14-9F02-DC6986…)

They are oblivious.

No. 851958


You'd have to shut down every message board, comment section and all social media to eradicate the horrible crime that is.. gossip

Strange how these people always think lolcow is a hive mind

No. 851960

>the consequences will never be the same

im a 100% sure the comment she's replying to was written by a farmer trolling her

No. 851962

Yup and she’s totally oblivious lol

No. 851964

File: 1565618231463.jpeg (811.9 KB, 2048x2048, 05A97640-37A6-4FDC-B053-D1ECC7…)

Laur was very busy last night. Evolv reposted a picture of Lillee on their IG account. Someone commented to Evolv that LJ was scamming them. Laur showed up & sperged all over the place. She’s deleted a lot of her comments but some stuff is still up.

No. 851969

Toppest of keks

No. 851971

She went from "be a god John" to "be a good Josh" ffs hahahahahaha

No. 852044

File: 1565633907117.jpg (93.46 KB, 1080x363, Screenshot_20190812-141149_Chr…)

I hope someone is archiving all this. @trustednerd is fuckin Jonathan Yaniv.

No. 852047


She's been tweeting everyone who has ever mentioned KF.

Every few days I archive her account /with_replies, but the "load more" link only goes back but so far and I don't archive all of her convos.


KF should add their accounts to the plemora since she is so hilariously on the warpath.


No. 852050


Why didn't you archive her reply?


No. 852056

So are we Joe, Joshua or Jose?

No. 852084

What a potential cow crossover. I hope Lillee has a spare tampon for Jonathan.

No. 852123

File: 1565643864899.png (191.59 KB, 591x736, Laur.png)

No. 852125

LOL at her trying to rope Sokoglam into her mess. The founder of Sokoglam is a bit of a cow herself if you do a little digging. I'd love to see them get enmeshed.

No. 852159

File: 1565648448274.jpeg (172.83 KB, 750x973, 19AF3EE6-1662-409D-9313-493327…)

Laur just created this fake “social activist” account to interact with her posts.

No. 852168

File: 1565649566864.png (524.74 KB, 750x1334, 81E2D03D-13B7-4873-B8EF-33D9BC…)

Found the new fake ‘activist’ twitter account’s stolen picture

No. 852201

fucking rookie mistake.

No. 852239

Just an observation, the pictures from a few years ago when she looked decent, it looked like she lived in an apartment. Now it looks like she lives in her parent's wood panel attic. Im still puzzled what happened to this chick.

No. 852255

Joshua Moon turning out to be the owner of Reddit was a twist I could never have imagined. Good sleuthing, Laur!

No. 852273


The fake account is now gone lol.

No. 852288

File: 1565666336752.png (113.5 KB, 797x622, Screenshot_2019-08-12-20-15-06…)

Laur will have you know that Null has been cyber bowling LJ for over three years, ya'll!

>replying to a two year old tweet


No. 852289

File: 1565666818613.jpeg (92.11 KB, 749x590, 2C12B2AE-954B-4580-A577-B59B62…)

Laur signs the petition with even more fake accounts

No. 852295

File: 1565667426337.png (183.03 KB, 445x1179, Screenshot_2019-08-12-20-33-38…)



No. 852297

File: 1565667509610.png (158.05 KB, 800x754, Screenshot_2019-08-12-20-24-19…)

No. 852298

File: 1565667577478.png (156.02 KB, 800x634, Screenshot_2019-08-12-20-21-44…)

Topkek if Rekieta responds!

No. 852308

File: 1565668939500.jpg (50.04 KB, 700x700, c1fdaf92-c7ec-5908-ae5d-8c3ad3…)


Found LJ's Sephora profile by accident while looking at reviews of a palette I was interested in. Jfc are her cosmetics review pictures horrifying.

No. 852319

I mean, this is one of the most normal photos of hey though

No. 852364

i love following this thread and laur is such a treat! but fuck man lillie's face annoys the shit out of me.

No. 852427

File: 1565699532373.png (472.58 KB, 800x1144, Screenshot_2019-08-13-05-02-24…)


That endless list in >>847101 doesn't begin to include a general web search. I've just started digging. I want to marvel at the enormity of the Trueman universe. Does any other cow even come close?


>book for $10

No. 852430

File: 1565700143295.png (235.45 KB, 800x1018, Screenshot_2019-08-13-05-39-08…)

Laur name drops LJ in some obscure places.


No. 852437

File: 1565701569933.png (741.56 KB, 800x1004, Screenshot_2019-08-13-05-56-40…)

Looking twice her age and sedate 3.5 years ago.


No. 852438

File: 1565701594775.jpg (191.36 KB, 960x960, adfaaa23-a02b-4ca6-9a22-bd1265…)

No. 852440

File: 1565701686332.jpg (194.81 KB, 960x980, 650dd172-3931-432c-aa09-8ece23…)

No. 852466

File: 1565708194567.gif (13.99 KB, 161x90, yayclappinghands.gif)

They already made all the gifs. There are no words.


No. 852468

File: 1565708297306.gif (35.08 KB, 160x90, angry.gif)

No. 852469

File: 1565708341191.gif (55.5 KB, 160x90, happy.gif)

No. 852470

File: 1565708419974.png (932.83 KB, 800x1082, Screenshot_2019-08-13-06-20-37…)

No. 852471

File: 1565708592175.gif (804.48 KB, 480x270, tenor3.gif)

lol jesus christ

No. 852474

File: 1565708824193.png (694.45 KB, 800x1077, Screenshot_2019-08-13-06-17-36…)

No. 852476

File: 1565708898448.gif (63.73 KB, 220x124, eek.gif)

No. 852477

File: 1565708987571.png (884.48 KB, 800x1057, Screenshot_2019-08-13-07-47-42…)

These screenshots aren't even half of them.

No. 852478

File: 1565709036252.gif (1.03 MB, 480x270, tired.gif)

No. 852479

File: 1565709377343.png (676.65 KB, 795x1072, Screenshot_2019-08-13-06-19-04…)

No. 852480

File: 1565709432893.gif (27.43 KB, 160x90, awkwardweird.gif)

A rare full body gif. File name checks out.

No. 852481

File: 1565709502729.gif (1.63 MB, 480x270, tenor.gif)

did she actually film herself in order to make reaction gifs? some of these seem too overexaggerated

No. 852482

I think these are part of some audition reel posted on one of her pages for some actor website, that's why they're over exaggerated.

No. 852484

those teeth

No. 852485

I think it's the whateveramount of expressions in one video on her channel. Her face legit disgusts me, wow.

No. 852486

File: 1565709948344.gif (1.06 MB, 480x270, awkwardweird.gif)

No. 852489

What the fuck is this meant to be? What is she doing? What does this all mean?

The sheer scope of this madness is really a sight to behold.

No. 852495

She's like a fucking gremlin. I don't know who's more delusional, her or her ALLEGEDLY psycho mom (see now, it's not slander or bullying because it's alleged)

No. 852496

File: 1565712403188.gif (3.58 MB, 480x270, walking.gif)

No. 852499

Tinfoil time: mom went batshit after her sister was murdered, raised LJ in an insular, emotionally/covertly incestuous way, and now LJ is loony too. The video where her mother did her makeup has creepy vibes imo, that's one overbearing bitch with zero sense of boundaries. Bet this girl's not even allowed to take a piss without mommy dearest busting in on her.

No. 852503

File: 1565712998123.gif (965.62 KB, 480x270, angry.gif)

No. 852505

I thought they were ALL owned by Joe. Now I'm confused, Joe.

No. 852506

that trout pout, tho

No. 852507

File: 1565713436741.gif (1.02 MB, 480x270, blahblahblah.gif)

No. 852513

File: 1565715800315.png (204.24 KB, 800x1178, Screenshot_2019-08-13-09-50-52…)

>original blog filled with stop motion animated segments

Vaguely implying she is a graphic artist?


No. 852514

I can’t think of any role she may ever be hired to do. Even in horror she’ll overact to the point that it would be embarrassing to watch her on screen. The girl from Hereditary has a facial deformity but I couldn’t take my eyes off her because she’s a legitimately good actress.

LJ’s face is unpleasant to look at not just because she looks like a fucking gremlin, but because she thinks that overexpression is good acting. She’s got no one in her life who could provide constructive criticism so her behavior will get more bizarre as she gets older.

No. 852517

File: 1565716062252.gif (1.13 MB, 498x280, andioop.gif)

No. 852519

File: 1565716138304.png (770.64 KB, 800x1180, Screenshot_2019-08-13-09-56-23…)

No. 852522

Is there even ONE nice photo of LJ? One that's not photoshopped? I know she's unfortunate looking, but any attempt to make her look half decent ages her by 10-20 years. I haven't seen one in these threads so far. Is she using her unfortunate features to be thought of as a character actress because that's all she'd get. Steve Buscemi without the talent, charisma or that hotness that sometimes accompanies odd looks.

I still can't figure out how everything about MomManager and LJ is so wrong. "Batshit crazy" ofc, but there's something more.

No. 852524

I could almost swear if the show hadn’t been canceled, Nathan Felder had concocted this entire thing.

No. 852525

File: 1565717074738.gif (1005.79 KB, 480x270, flapper.gif)

No. 852526

Gucci Crooked Teeth Ad 52 Lipstick RANT | Lillee Jean

Lillee Jean
2,945 subscribers
Published on May 20, 2019

Hi Jeaniez! This ad, these peeps, this everything, discussed in 3 min or less. LETS GO. #gucci #teeth #lilleejean

No. 852527

File: 1565717305607.png (1.05 MB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-08-13-10-17-58…)

No. 852528

Yeah, she looks okay in a grunge baby doll kind of way, but it's black and white and that hides a multitude of sins. That's definitely the best I've seen her though.

No. 852531

File: 1565717822028.gif (496.86 KB, 500x199, tumblr_lfwriaizdh1qcfba3o1_500…)

I just realized who this chick reminds me of thanks to these gifs. Hatchetface

No. 852539

i think she bugs her eyes out like that because she's trying to be a real life version of a disney princess. even her exaggerated mannerisms are like looking at an animated character. what is it with cows and disney?

No. 852541

This whole push for influencer clout is coming from the mom. That z in Jeaniez (vomit) is very, very fucking boomer.

No. 852545

i don't get her having a problem with the gucci ad having yellow teeth when her own teeth are yellow af

also comparing wack teeth to coming out gtfo

No. 852557

File: 1565720193156.gif (1.02 MB, 320x320, merida.gif)

No. 852558

File: 1565720477778.png (814.95 KB, 800x1175, Screenshot_2019-08-13-10-56-20…)

No. 852559

File: 1565720569458.png (675.13 KB, 800x1066, Screenshot_2019-08-13-10-57-30…)

No. 852561

File: 1565720647476.png (2.63 MB, 750x1334, DB6226F4-19A3-4FA1-852E-2E3980…)

No. 852562

File: 1565720671370.png (843.82 KB, 800x1064, Screenshot_2019-08-13-11-09-51…)

No. 852563

File: 1565720732656.png (352.95 KB, 800x1171, Screenshot_2019-08-13-10-51-12…)

No. 852565

File: 1565720812743.png (146.95 KB, 800x1174, Screenshot_2019-08-13-10-52-46…)

No. 852566

File: 1565720835849.png (103.94 KB, 800x1112, Screenshot_2019-08-13-10-52-58…)

No. 852567

File: 1565720856693.png (276.07 KB, 800x1161, Screenshot_2019-08-13-10-53-33…)

No. 852568

File: 1565720884367.png (120.5 KB, 800x1177, Screenshot_2019-08-13-10-53-39…)

No. 852569

File: 1565720914729.png (119.24 KB, 800x1177, Screenshot_2019-08-13-10-54-07…)

No. 852570

File: 1565721105797.png (251.33 KB, 511x898, Screenshot_2019-08-13-10-40-28…)

No. 852573

It's just a translation of the Australian article.
It's says the exact same thing as the one posted by whimm, right down to Laur's defense of ''reeeee they are jealous of her pr".

No. 852575

File: 1565721638455.png (575.32 KB, 800x1166, Screenshot_2019-08-13-09-45-16…)

No. 852576

File: 1565721708247.png (99.24 KB, 800x1120, Screenshot_2019-08-13-11-37-51…)

No. 852578

She is not a size 32eu/2us/4uk kek who does she think she is fooling.

No. 852580

imagine making a fake listing with your waist measurement bigger than your bust lmao.

No. 852586

File: 1565722874625.gif (1.06 MB, 498x280, uhm.gif)

No. 852588

How do they have so much time for all this shit? Like, all the video and photo editing, the fake profile building, the “actual” profiles across so many platforms… I know actual influencers and celebs have whole teams to work on this kind of thing but how two (one?) nobodies could go this far and this deep is well, yeah, as we’ve gathered, insane.

No. 852590

>build : Slim
>stats indicate an overweight BMI


No. 852591

File: 1565723625976.png (110.57 KB, 1080x714, 1562642453136.png)

it's so funny rereading "shaniqua's" ig captions after seeing these gifs cos almost every time "shaniqua" wrote about LJ, she said something like "this little bit of a thing/this itty bitty girl/this tiny doll". the absolute delusion to think that would ever describe LJ is hilarious. she might be 5ft tall but she's far from petite

No. 852597


This is just so fucking racist it hurts to read.

No. 852603

>Height: 4'12''

No. 852610

If she were a somebody she’d be already cancelled over the shit she and her mother say.

No. 852613

File: 1565726555685.jpeg (219.92 KB, 750x421, 601B4C29-3E33-4F76-B2C3-77875D…)

That’s a lot of hands and shoulders

No. 852615

And Evolvh deleted their Lillee Jean repost after Laur sperged all over it. I highly doubt they’re still supporting Lillee.

No. 852617

File: 1565727190281.gif (1.09 MB, 480x270, seriously.gif)

No. 852619

Did anybody save the clip from her IG where Lillee sperged out on revelon and bite beauty?

She deleted the video from her IG

No. 852625

No kidding. Kinda want to know how they'd try to excuse it.

No. 852628

Most of this shit was posted in the last thread already. The Revlon sperg is in the last post, also.

No. 852633



Cyberbullying On Reddit, LOLCOW, KiwiFarms, AND Tha Non BeautyGURUS | Lillee Jean

Lillee Jean
2,945 subscribers
Published on Aug 8, 2019

Hi Jeaniez! Cyberbullying is a real thing. The thing is, it happened to me, not once but twice. That's what happens to all known people, thing is, doesn't mean I'll accept it. Especially after learning so many young people have taken their lives BECAUSE OF these places. NO MORE. WE CALL FOR CHANGE.



Owner of KIWI and LOL: http://news.crocels.com/news/9761/joshua-conner-moon-kiwifarms-google-adsense-ban/

No. 852655

File: 1565733728664.jpeg (293.44 KB, 2048x2048, 6EA8E70B-9E7F-4683-82EE-866BE7…)

No. 852687

Why does she keep linking to this old reddit post about Keeks?

No. 852692


She's right, EL OH EL cowers. You shouldn't be anonymous. You need to give your REAL NAMES like she did so that anyone can find where you live on spokeo and whitepages.

Ironic how she uses mental illness as a put down when her mother and herself are obviously mentally unwell.

No. 852694

File: 1565742237486.gif (688.25 KB, 498x280, righton.gif)


The accounts and links posted in the last thread went into >>847101 and were archived. Today was a Google dig. I reposted Pinterest since she has posted a lot since the last time. Any Pinterest anons feel like checking out her account? For one, she posted a rare nude in the context of ethereal make-up wut >>852562. And that's where she keeps her cosplay.

Do we know any of LJ's email addresses past or present?


Thanks. Will add to the shill & sock list.

I wrote an Ask to archive.today re if he would be getting a new Facebook log-in. The old account happened to get locked for "unusual activity" when I was archiving the Yaniv saga one week after the publication ban was lifted. Are coincidences really coincidences in Yaniv's world?

No. 852695

File: 1565742657662.jpeg (229.99 KB, 750x666, 946D6DE3-4A6D-4AAC-9DF9-0F8B2B…)

What fucking Czar does she keep referring to? Pogroms weren’t initiated by Tsar Alexander II, they mostly happened after his assassination

No. 852710

File: 1565746685582.png (197.14 KB, 766x1031, Screenshot_2019-08-13-18-30-05…)


Another asspat from "Denia Reeler".


No. 852713

File: 1565747143719.png (4.9 MB, 750x1334, C581F7F1-BFD6-4E54-95D5-8EFBAB…)

This looks like shit

No. 852725


It might just be ten bucks a pop, but honestly I think Laur sees her daughter as a cash cow and is pimping her out in as many identities as possible. Actress! Model! Speaker! Environmentalist!

No. 852726


Any twitter users accused of being Joe/Josh Moon/Reddit/The Illuminati by Laur should save this and reply to her with it

No. 852732

How is this girl only 18…she looks like an eastern european mother of 2 in her mid 30s.

No. 852757

she is not a public figure. delusional, yes. public figure, no.

No. 852781

I've always thought that from day one. I saw those pictures with the car and thought right away that's who we're dealing with. Not an 18 year old who likes "playing with her dollies". You don't even know where to begin with her.

No. 852823


It looks unwashed and unkempt. If I was the company I would beg them to take the tweet down.

No. 852829

File: 1565778300582.jpg (889.47 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20190814_060611.jpg)


Rapunzel is more than a cosplay or make-up look.

No. 852833

File: 1565779336870.png (205.72 KB, 800x1176, Screenshot_2019-08-14-03-17-06…)

Laur is proficient in juggling rapidly turned over incorporated businesses. A web of sock accounts, some with rudimentary identities. She researches antiques enough to discuss their details in interviews. Every week she finds new sites to plaster with LJ's manifesto, and has gone all in with sacrificing their privacy to the data mining gods. She's a cross-platform promotion wiz.

So how is she such an utter fail at getting the facts straight about the hate sites? To not use DMCA complaints to her advantage on snowflake platforms? People are hilariously letting her flail in ignorance. She's replying to years old tweets in an attempt to raise Autistic Legion of Doom 2.0. Funny how she and Raven just missed each other.

No. 852836

File: 1565780022084.png (615.02 KB, 796x820, Screenshot_2019-08-13-19-00-23…)

Because those ratios make total sense! Any recognizable socks?


Piknu lets you see the captions, comments, stats, and follows without needing an IG account.

No. 852842

File: 1565781852553.gif (2.13 MB, 480x270, hairfliprapunzelhair.gif)


I mean, this one is literally called "Hair Flip Rapunzel Hair".

No. 852844

File: 1565782308724.gif (739.23 KB, 480x270, hairrapunzelkiss.gif)

"Hair Rapunzel Kiss".

I bet she's one of those that is irrationally afraid of getting even a trim.

No. 852849

File: 1565783517483.gif (289.04 KB, 200x112, hairfliplonghair.gif)

These are some of the earliest video of her.

No. 852859

She’d have to leave the attic to get a haircut. She cuts her own hair or mommy cuts it.

No. 852866

File: 1565787859731.jpeg (156.64 KB, 750x947, 8766C1F3-3A76-4997-AE28-AAC0D5…)

Looks like Laur forgot to switch from the manager account to the publicist account.

No. 852868

That would make this the second or third time. She's really getting lazy with that stuff.

No. 852869

File: 1565788583224.png (550.34 KB, 798x1180, Screenshot_2019-08-14-06-05-49…)

No. 852870

File: 1565788684841.png (103.69 KB, 800x536, Screenshot_2019-08-14-06-06-06…)

No. 852871

File: 1565788813460.png (159.45 KB, 800x663, Screenshot_2019-08-14-06-06-38…)

No. 852872

File: 1565788929871.png (111.35 KB, 800x668, Screenshot_2019-08-14-06-06-49…)

No. 852873

wow didn't realize null owned conde nast

No. 852874

File: 1565789092013.png (154 KB, 800x661, Screenshot_2019-08-14-06-07-37…)

No. 852875

File: 1565789190161.png (119.28 KB, 800x666, Screenshot_2019-08-14-06-08-11…)

No. 852876

File: 1565789283180.png (76.75 KB, 800x488, Screenshot_2019-08-14-06-08-25…)

No. 852877


OMFG, how are people dumb enough to assume reddit, kiwifarms and lolcow are all owned by the same person?

The only person who should be visited by the police would be Lilee Jean for a wellness check

No. 852878

File: 1565789508660.png (504.03 KB, 800x1087, Screenshot_2019-08-14-06-08-58…)

No. 852880

File: 1565789731506.png (177.34 KB, 800x656, Screenshot_2019-08-14-06-09-18…)

This is funny because a couple of troon cows actually did show up at Josh's front door armed with knives. And they didn't just happen to be in the neighborhood. They took a roadtrip from San Francisco to Florida funded by the money they embezzled from Trans Lifeline.

No. 852883

File: 1565789858020.png (132.13 KB, 800x664, Screenshot_2019-08-14-06-09-38…)

No. 852884

It’s so shiny because you haven’t washed it in a week dear

No. 852885

File: 1565790111533.png (134.04 KB, 800x663, Screenshot_2019-08-14-06-10-04…)


My Farms Fantasy is for Lillee to join forces with that perpetual moaner Beckie J Brown. She rees about the haters from GG on the monthly. Like the Tru Duo she also places the blame for suicide squarely on the bullies.

No. 852886

File: 1565790133644.png (142.36 KB, 800x669, Screenshot_2019-08-14-06-10-35…)

No. 852889

The fact that "Sonia" writes LOLCOWS just makes it so fucking obvious that it's laur sitting behind that account

No. 852931

I'd never watched one of her videos before, she's terrifying in motion and doesn't come off even slightly normal or mentally well at all.

No. 852935

File: 1565796660994.gif (1.81 MB, 320x320, omg.gif)

No. 853014

File: 1565808319723.jpeg (200.92 KB, 744x994, 2124221D-D03A-43F8-9EE0-7F7B4D…)


I was listening to Lillee’s podcasts and on the most recent one, Laur discusses what happened between her and Geico. Her parked car was hit while she was in it. This caused “nerve damage” and “critical pain” which Laur was seeing a pain management doctor for. Geico sent Laur to their own dr, who concluded Laur did not need to see a pain management doctor and Geico would no longer cover it. Laur states her meds were $800 “per medicine” and she still had $40k unpaid on her no-fault insurance policy so Geico should pay for her dr & meds, lol. Then she says she’s harassing Geico on twitter and they’re ignoring her. I looked at her tweets to Geico and my god she’s unhinged. She tweeted at Geico for 2 months straight. All of her tweets went unnoticed except one with 12 responses. This tweet is where Laur exclaims her “twitter army” has arrived. If you look at the accounts responding (pictured) they’re all sock accounts that like, comment & retweet the exact same tweets. Obviously purchased.

People generally hate insurance companies but Laur still had to buy support for her campaign to ruin Geico. It also left me wondering if a pill addiction is fueling Laur’s unfettered rage, paranoia and late night incoherent tweets.

No. 853020

99.9% sure that every single one of those we twitter profiles are sockpuppet accounts. All have suspicious posting patterns and joined twitter in either May 2017 or August 2018.

No. 853033

i suspected from the start laur was behind 90% of this bs because of her typing style. she loves @'ing everyone possible and using hashtags for everything. she also tends to add an extra space in between her sentences. i suspect laur is behind the stereotype fan accounts like shaniqua because of how out of touch and poorly written their posts were. my guess is that lillee wanted to be a mua or whatever and the mother took it way too far.

it's been mentioned before but in her old posts when her makeup was done decently, the backgrounds included a few different areas, most notably an actual vanity with a mirror, lights, stands for makeup etc. and now she's only posting photos from her gross attic with doll shit all over it, my theory is that sometime mid 2017 they had to move from an actual home to someone's attic due to the mother going bankrupt from her scam debt or because neither of them have jobs but insist on living in tHe CiTy. she also guided lillee to drop the MUA mac counter makeup look, because it wasn't working out, and go for a more disney marvel childish all natural persona because she thought it would appeal to more people or maybe dumb kids who would throw money at her. that along with them not having enough money to pay professional muas to do their makeup would explain the drop in quality

No. 853037

File: 1565810918377.jpeg (448.86 KB, 1242x852, 37BD2B41-CA55-4B44-AD29-A0F4CD…)

samefag but i meant to add that i think lillee might have been interested in anime at one point. remember in the previous thread when an anon dug up screencaps of lillee and her moms facebook conversation and they BOTH had anime pfp's? so weird to me. the idea of laur watching watamote. or maybe laur is the weeb and she put lillee up to this

No. 853060


They did file for bankruptcy in 2016, and are currently living in the attic of a 1.7 million house in flushing, NY

No. 853064

Laur is definitely behind at least some of the accounts. She always uses g8 instead of gr8 (do people still use that anymore?) and I saw at least one of the faux fans also use g8.

No. 853070

Pretty sure she's behind all of them, LJ and her mom wouldn't know to even try to switch typing styles so it is painfully obvious they're all Laur. Not sure if they were her idea but they're at least definitely run by her.

No. 853076

Also uses “ bytw” instead of btw

No. 853090

does anyone know wtf that's supposed to mean? i've been trying to figure it out for days

No. 853094

I think it still means "by the way" but she just spells out "by", so it's by-t-w. so weird.

No. 853097

I work closely with car insurance matters at my job, it's all we do, and I can say GOOD FUCKING LUCK. Just off of me seeing all of that shit alone says crazy, I mean, I honestly worry for her daughter.

No. 853168

also the .. ellipsis instead of the …

No. 853176

The FBI's gonna swoop on Null for "Wasting Police Time"

No. 853181

File: 1565828671847.png (394.31 KB, 800x843, Screenshot_2019-08-14-17-16-00…)

No. 853185

File: 1565828732901.png (167.32 KB, 800x659, Screenshot_2019-08-14-17-20-15…)

No. 853205

do they own the whole house or are they renting a part of it?

No. 853207

So Laur pulls the strings will Lillee, and hey assume that Josh's mm must be pulling the strings with Josh too. Projection, projection everywhere.

No. 853211

Laura attacks any critic in the exact same way:
>You are the owner/part of reddit/lolcow/kf and we know who you are!!!

No. 853218

I don’t think I could ever get bored with this whackadoo

No. 853219


Renting just the upstairs

No. 853313

File: 1565846530031.jpeg (631.38 KB, 2048x2048, 4CCEE669-DCE6-4A4D-A1E7-EACF82…)

Profile pics from the Romalatte17 account

No. 853320

The famous Chico reappears

No. 853327

Where did they get the idea that Null’s mother is involved? It’s obviously projection of their own situation but is it even based on anything or did they just pull it out of thin air?

I think Chico is supposed to be a guy, but they can’t @ him because they haven’t bothered creating a Chico sockpuppet account (yet). It would be interesting to see them try to imitate a straight guy because afaik all their other sock puppets are female or gay men who sound like the sassy gay bff in a 00’s romcom.

No. 853411

I can't tell if she is just completely stupid enough to believe what she is saying, or if she is trying to make it seem to any brands etc that would search her that all the 'hate' on lolcow/reddit/kiwi etc is done by one crazy person, im starting to think thats the intention because nobody can be that dumb, i think its a weird tactic to downplay everything

No. 853418


They musst have mental illnesses or severe brain damage.
First they harassed this one girl and accused her of being every hater on lc, kf and reddit, then it was Joe and now it's Mister Moon.
I'm sure police and FBI care much about gossip sites. One quick online search and they'd know that Reddit is owned by a company with multiple funders.
That she's spewing her misinformation with all of her 1 milion fake accounts shows how dumb Laura is.
Hey Laura, maybe create a persona who actually has a brain they use.

Lillee's obsession with being rapunzel is concerning. Having somewhat long hair and staring like a lunatic to get larger eyes, doesn't make you a fairytale princess. She's probably legit being held in their attic playing with dolls the whole time.

No. 853463

File: 1565873858437.jpeg (183.11 KB, 750x422, 5E07D70A-A3FA-4DB6-AD3D-DD7F12…)

She’s fully aware of who owns reddit. They’re just lying liars that lie.

No. 853491

Is she implying she's in contact with Serena fucking Williams to take down the reddit farms?

No. 853498

Serena was at Wimbledon on the dates she was tweeting at her. They must be super important.

No. 853551

Chico is there supposed ex-boyfriend of her Hispanic creation. She's pushing in his face about how hot she is and he left it go.
Jfc how an I keeping up

No. 853562


I’m embarrassed to admit how much time I’ve invested into reading these intricate back stories, lol. The Chico love triangle is great but James & Mario, the gay fashion power couple are my favorite. They invited Lillee & Laur to NYC fashion week because they are successful designers who borrowed tuxedos from Tom Ford for their wedding! Their fashion line, Jamario, supplied Lillee with a gown for her 18th birthday. Oddly, if you search “satin Cinderella gown” on Amazon, the gown is the first result. After being accused of stealing their photo from a New Zealand couple seeking a surrogate, James & Mario now have a baby! I’m patiently waiting for the baby to get an IG account and start commenting heart emojis on Lillee’s posts.

No. 853572

File: 1565892681403.jpeg (136.9 KB, 750x637, 76C920DC-52CE-4C23-87B3-9B7431…)

Designer Amazon gown from Jamario Fashion

No. 853573

File: 1565892839505.jpeg (210.96 KB, 749x769, D8191685-9C88-4F71-93FE-009D42…)

Invite to fashion week

No. 853575

Proof that Lillee knows about all the fake profiles. Both she and her mom keeps insisting that James and Mario are people they meet up with regularly.

No. 853711

File: 1565914206545.png (3.66 MB, 750x1334, EC22AD1A-FBFC-4F32-A0B7-9CACAD…)

Are you girls sisters?

No. 853713


Her mom is so fat and gross, I can’t stand to look at her

No. 853730

Lillee is not necessarily posting everything from her own accounts though. Remember how Margo used to post for Venus, I feel sure Laur is posting a lot of the text-based posts. The parts to look at for Lillee are her videos, and how much knowledge (and brattery) she displays in those.

Ultimately, Lillee does not go to Fashion week nor meet or talk to these people in real life. Does her mother just tell her she did? Does she consentingly join in the delusion or is she gaslit night and day?

No. 853731

A true narc mom moment, Laur centred in frame where she feels she belongs, Lillee an accessory.

No. 853738

File: 1565918738657.jpeg (123.15 KB, 750x1029, FA96BA85-2D13-423E-AC8B-1039A8…)

Screenshot from hairdresser’s IG stories

Laur had her hair & makeup done at the event today as well. Probably why she was posing for photos.

No. 853744

"maybe I won't win 2day or 2tmorrow but I will at some point get this done"
mom's twitter has enough hilarious garbage on it to sustain this thread for years

No. 853746

File: 1565920471944.jpeg (141.84 KB, 750x621, 302279F1-E7F4-4C67-8D73-721022…)

Major meltdown in Youtube comments of the cyber bullying video

No. 853755

Laur always looks extremely sloppy. Fat arms always exposed, haggard face and hair that looks like it hasn't been brushed in weeks

No. 853757

are you girls sisters (and one of you used to be brother)

new personal tinfoil: Lillee is supposed to be on meds but Laur is stealing them for herself. Lillee descends into delusion, Laur gets whacky and high on top of her natural crazy, and the LJ empire becomes what it is.

No. 853758

File: 1565923382411.jpeg (244.5 KB, 750x743, 875DF30F-B16E-46A0-AB70-DB3257…)

They have an unbelievable hatred for anyone who lives off social assistance. Very woke of them.

No. 853759

there's just something about the glasses that maked her look even more unfortunate. and I wearing some myself. but in their head they are off to a red carpet event, right? and she's wearing those?

then again her mom looks like she just picked another child up from soccer practice, so…

No. 853761

The way she projects… she probably filed for disability after her car accident & got denied

No. 853763


Couldn’t she even be bothered to dress nice? Why is she wearing a tank top like this is the trailer park’s annual family reunion. Good lord these people.

No. 853768

"say no 2 cyberbullying uwu #1change4change @serenawilliams"
"we know where you live. we're throwing you out of your house. you smell like shit."

No. 853802

wait, is she saying that LJ is from Ukraine now??
I thought they were meant to be Russian.
I would imagine someone who is from Ukraine would not originally claim to be from Russia, considering all the fucked shit Russia did to Ukraine and other countries in that area.
Do they think that Ukraine and Russia are just the same country? Do they think USSR is still a thing? Are they losing track of their lies?
I can't keep up, I'm about to have an aneurysm

No. 853837

A lot of ethnic Russians live in Ukraine. You can be Russian and be from Ukraine.

But I doubt that the Trueman family can keep their family history right.

No. 853892

File: 1565959288649.jpeg (40.54 KB, 750x334, 3290E83E-6EA2-4CB0-BD62-D175D9…)

Bytw ok Laur

No. 853920

I suspect that this isn’t a fancy event. I have never been to ulta as we don’t have one where we live but my suspicion is that this is similar to a Rouge event at Sephora (so nothing special- everyone gets an invite who is at that vib level)

No. 853936

It was Ulta’s holiday trade show basically. A few influencers posted pictures on IG but most of the people there were beauty editors. The makeup/hair people were demoing upcoming products. She got the invite through SEEN Group, a small PR agency that just started working with Ulta on 8/5. I’m still confused on why she got an invite. She’s not an editor, she’s a finfluencer.

No. 853949

laur's lies probably. some PR agencies just look at IG follower numbers and basically nothing else.

No. 853955

File: 1565973123233.jpeg (273.64 KB, 750x1253, E7742418-EC8D-45D0-8BF2-8CABAA…)

She lost almost 2300 followers this month and is no longer at 1.1M followers. Laur should hurry up and max out another cc to keep up the numbers

Also lol at these stats for photos vs videos

No. 853957

I love that they've all figured out Null's name but we're all probably still Joe. Is it bullying if mods change everyone's posts' name fields to Joe, just in this thread? please

No. 853958

File: 1565973858941.jpeg (172.15 KB, 750x594, B7B87C3A-A3ED-49F7-9873-C384E3…)

No. 853959

File: 1565973904113.jpeg (160.03 KB, 750x628, CC317E01-8BBC-4F63-BD82-60FE15…)

No. 853962

Someone should put this image up as the definition of projection

No. 853967

With the announcement of Nathan Fielder’s new HBO show, I’m not convinced he’s behind this whole thing. It’s just too insane to not be a long episode of ‘Nathan for you’

No. 853989


Ohhh thank you for explaining this, I was racking my brain how the hell she got an invite. There were some Instagram influencers but it's people with actual followers.

Omg yes I second this

No. 854024

This would make a good thread pic js

No. 854063

I read this in the voice of some cartoon mean girl bully.
>I’m popular but nobody likes YOU
Not very Rapunzel of you, LJ.

No. 854113

Even if you were a real fan, I feel like looking at this would repulse me and unfollow. I mean…this just comes off as completely unhinged and mentally unwell.
I know this is totally her mom talking through her daughter account. But wow….
This woman has to be abusing medication.
I hate Dr. Phil but she would be a great guest on his show. Shes the right amount of narc and crazy. And I can see her going on his show with no issues to exploit her daughters “career”.

No. 854121


I’ve thought that too, she’d be an amazing half hour segment on Dr.Phil. Too bad it would make them famous overnight.

No. 854141

File: 1565994299419.png (641.81 KB, 1280x800, Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 6.08…)

New video of her swatching the products she received yesterday at the Ulta Beauty Event


The way she is zoomed in on her arm the whole time seemed off? Also her camera couldn't focus on the product and they were such quick shots of the video. The whole video seemed sloppy.

No. 854152

the RANDOM capitalisation in BETWEEN the childish INSULTS and blabbering really doesn't help. fucking boomers, man

No. 854177

This has to be a joke. How can anyone lack this much self-awareness?

No. 854213

I think she learned the term “sock puppet” from us

No. 854216

I just watched this video and holy shit all of her swatches are terrible. Making proper swatches isn’t rocket science, even if the product is shit.

No. 854218

File: 1566003816822.jpeg (306.94 KB, 750x683, FA376154-3A49-4612-9DBE-33E423…)

lmao Laur is burning bridges with Sephora now

No. 854224

No. 854244

did she? i can't tell what she's trying to say

No. 854246

Momma Laur losing her shit on Instagram right now over a podcast made about her.

No. 854247

i legitimately can't tell what the fuck she's trying to say jesus
>let it rip
oh laur lmfao

No. 854260

File: 1566012672884.png (178.67 KB, 629x993, Screenshot_2019-08-16-20-29-38…)

No. 854265

File: 1566013144979.png (420.77 KB, 1440x2088, 20190816_233653.png)

No. 854266

File: 1566013172817.png (175.58 KB, 461x1155, Screenshot_2019-08-16-20-39-15…)

No. 854268

File: 1566013397350.png (440 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190816-234154.png)

>using someone's sexuality as an insult

>we support LGBT


No. 854271

File: 1566013462764.png (257.08 KB, 800x1030, Screenshot_2019-08-16-20-41-54…)

No. 854272

File: 1566013912685.png (188.06 KB, 444x1149, Screenshot_2019-08-16-20-47-44…)

No. 854273

File: 1566013941850.png (190.97 KB, 438x1142, Screenshot_2019-08-16-20-48-30…)

No. 854275

File: 1566014290701.png (277.96 KB, 750x1334, 7532C468-26DE-4FE1-9D20-2D4553…)

Lillee Jean has a smelly Fanny, I’m dying.

No. 854276

It’s a really odd product demo altogether. Why do a six minute video to very briefly show a product? Like zero substance at all. “Here’s a Peter Thomas Roth set. Here’s a Boscia set.” A real influencer would actually talk about the products - what you get and what they do.

No. 854280

File: 1566014469670.jpeg (108.44 KB, 746x378, 0DD64824-A0D3-453D-9A25-61BC17…)

‘We thought it was josh moon but know we know it was you.’ lol wut

No. 854282

is it nick rekieta behind all this now?

No. 854283

File: 1566014966635.png (223.27 KB, 617x1027, Screenshot_2019-08-16-21-06-13…)

Add Chrissy Tiegen to the conspiracy!


No. 854286

Holy shit can this bitch get some meds in her system so she can speak coherently for once.

No. 854287

File: 1566015376424.png (356.59 KB, 800x1004, Screenshot_2019-08-16-21-13-33…)

No. 854290

File: 1566015872700.png (189.3 KB, 800x1038, Screenshot_2019-08-16-21-18-59…)

No. 854292

I cant handle how obnoxiously they are handling all of this kek. It's so overwhelming to fathom that they aren't trolling like this is their genuine loony response. They are getting off on this victimhood state HARD.

No. 854295

holy shit I can't believe they legitimately have started thinking the real Nick Mullen is behind all this cyberbullying now lmao
(repost cuz forgot 2 sage)

No. 854299

So who is Nick Mullen and how does he fit into all this?

No. 854303

a comedian who has a podcast called cumtown and the funny part is that he doesn't fit into this at all.
What seems to have happened is that someone made a throwaway to stir some shit and used his name and now Laur and LJ believe that the real Nick Mullen is behind this and is secretly in a relationship with Joshua Moon?
Because Mullen sounds like Null?
Idk it's hard to keep on the same page as these nutjobs

No. 854307

Wait what? This cant be true are they this stupid…? So if i say my name is Britney Spears there is a chnce they will think it for real? Gosh they lack basick human thinking skills

No. 854311

jesus thanks for explaining.

we are all Nick, now

No. 854312


No. 854318

Kek at His response.

But seriously. I don’t think Laur realizes the damage she’s doing. I’m exhausted just trying to understand what she’s saying. Imagine being her and how exhausting it must be for her to live day by day so unhinged.
She’s completely humiliating and ruining ANY chance her daughter had at a normal life. I honestly feel really bad for LJ. Her moms mental breakdown in the last thread is what caught my attention to these threads.
If that’s her objective, that even negative publicity is good publicity, then bravo I guess.

No. 854324

LOL take your meds Laura
Poison koolaid when?

No. 854329

So that’s why she’s calling him schizophrenic for having two accounts (then what the fuck are you, Laur?)
That’s hilarious. Poor guy must be so confused.

No. 854332

honestly if he notices it, they'll probably end up getting roasted on their podcast. I've never listened to it but from what I've heard the podcast enjoys a good roast
Now i'll have to start listening…

No. 854336

File: 1566034916144.png (174.28 KB, 799x906, Screenshot_2019-08-17-02-38-42…)


Not only that, she hijacked a random post by another Sephora customer.


No. 854337

File: 1566036110542.png (838.49 KB, 800x959, Screenshot_2019-08-17-02-52-17…)


Does Laur think she's the first cow to play lurker games with us?

No. 854342

File: 1566040219640.jpeg (408.7 KB, 2048x2048, 85DD7073-2EBD-40FE-A4DA-6E0D8A…)

She’s definitely posting as Lillee Jean

No. 854350

we been knew.

laur is fucking retarded to the point where it's confusing. it was so obvious that throwaway account wasn't actually nick mullen from cumtown that it had me questioning why she thought it was. her logic and lack of awareness is brain melting

No. 854407

File: 1566058229839.jpeg (61.51 KB, 596x589, DcDEAufU0AAqQMa.jpeg)

No. 854429

File: 1566060484536.jpg (380.32 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_6993.jpg)

Have we looked at her animal face tutorials yet?

No. 854431

File: 1566060541774.jpg (133.7 KB, 640x640, IMG_7008-1.jpg)


>Wolfy Fox

Pick a species!


No. 854441

More importantly, have we discussed her singing?

Singing Voice Over Demo Reel 2019 (MEZZO-SOPRANO) | Lillee Jean

Lillee Jean
2,960 subscribers
Published on May 19, 2019

Here is a sample of some of the songs I enjoy singing that show my belting range, my operatic range, and my deep tone range. To contact email JEANIEZMGNT@GMAIL.COM!

The songs I sang include Sleeping Beauty "I wonder," Moana "How Far I'll Go" – background music is remixed, my voice over is unedited, however.

No. 854450

Wow holy shit, it's like she just took the first recording of her singing into the computer mic and put it online as a reel. She goes off key multiple times (which will happen to anyone but most will rerecord that), the quality is so bad that it sounds like she's screaming into the mic and she just doesn't seem to have any talent at singing. Why would you post this online?

No. 854461

This is so bad, wow. She'd be a complete nobody if she and her mom weren't insane. No wonder they have so many fake accounts. No real person would find this entertaining or influencer worthy

No. 854469

This is exactly how I pictured her singing would be.

No. 854481

Oh god that Moana cover is just so awful, the high pitched child like one is extremely cringeworthy, and the rest are just mediocre. Any normal mom would gently encourage her daughter to pursue a different career, just like with LJ's god awful art. But not delusional Laura.

No. 854487

This is so awful I could only get ~15 seconds in. How can anyone post this thinking it sounds okay?

No. 854492

Somebody actually went and paid for a new cameo from lillee kek. It is absolutely autistic


No. 854496

Are they trying to scam Sephora here?

Saying that Nick is "not talking too two of us" also implies that it's just Laur posting

No. 854555

Seeing that cameo video creeped me the fuck out, why was she playing with her damn dolls? She must have had some mental breakdown lately, that shit isn't normal.

No. 854599

This has to be a joke. No one can be this delusional. It's just straight terrible and I'm not just saying this because I find her insufferable.

No. 854614


> "I picked my career"

She doesn't have a career.

No. 854650

How does anybody look at this unfortunate gremlin of a child and think yes this is entertainment industry worthy.

Motherhood is really something.

No. 854652

Anon you are a hero.

No. 854669

File: 1566099849357.png (248.45 KB, 800x1033, Screenshot_2019-08-17-20-36-06…)

Laur is back to tagging CEO's of Cloudflare and YouTube.


How ironic of her to retweet an article about bots while crying victim.


No. 854681

Did someone say "dolls"?


My Barbie Is All Bones Unedited IGTV Video | Lillee Jean

Lillee Jean
2,963 subscribers
Published on Jul 9, 2018

No. 854685

File: 1566103951237.png (239.3 KB, 800x1127, Screenshot_2019-08-17-21-41-39…)

And that time LJ "went viral" for identifying Barbie's middle name?


No. 854686

File: 1566104037955.png (199.38 KB, 800x1043, Screenshot_2019-08-17-21-44-37…)

No. 854688

>is mariah a new doll brand
lillee i swear to god

No. 854703

Most parents encourage their kid to go to school or get a real job. Even if they’re gorgeous (which Lillee is not lol) they could still balance some sort of modeling/influenced gig while still being realistic. It’s like Laur is trying to raise a child star but she started way too late and can’t let go. It would suck if Lillee genuinely wanted to pursue school or something but her mom held her back. Does Lillee even drive??

No. 854722

I get the feeling she is Disney princess obsessed, but not like on the aw thats cute lv but on a hard lv that she wanna be one of them. The all time pics of Rapunzel, the Disney songs..she is like a grown up horse girl but the Disney way.

No. 854780

Unbelievably well put anon!

No. 854791

File: 1566130634002.jpeg (86.67 KB, 750x260, F4436C2E-7F0F-488D-AB13-9BAEF4…)

but I thought the police were arresting everyone?

No. 854865

File: 1566143680845.jpeg (106.4 KB, 1239x788, 1D887A64-A088-4159-83A7-F5C9B6…)

Obvious sockpuppet is obvious
(lrt = laur rene trueman)

No. 854880

Punchable, i hate it thx.

No. 854898

My favourite part about the Rachel account is that they changed the name recently from Ronald so all of LJ’s comments call the account by the wrong name

No. 854902

popo? is she twelve? what fucking adult talks like this?

No. 854920

File: 1566151803076.gif (1 MB, 500x225, 8821D25E-1EA9-436A-A2E6-19127F…)

Ones that are painfully unaware of how to act their age on social media, and only go by what they see their teenage daughter and friends type.

No. 854948

Williams syndrome symptoms:
specific facial features like a wide mouth, small upturned nose, widely spaced teeth, and full lips. colic or feeding problems. attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) learning disorders. inward bend of pinky finger. specific phobias. short stature. speech delays.

Guys do you think lillee has Williams syndrome?
I know this was discussed on the other thread but now I am sure it could be a bigger chance than I thought. Maybe that’s why she can’t go to college and laur is pushing for her to have an influencer career so they can have big money coming their way without worrying. I feel if she does have Williams I’m no longer willing to make fun of her, it makes me feel sad. Laur is definitely the lolcow here. In the case lillee does have Williams, laur is missing the chance to cash on it because people always give special treatment to the disabled and her makeup skills then wouldn’t be considered subpar, she could have gone the advocate activist way and draw more attention.

No. 854956

this fucking video still confuses me, is she on the fucking spectrum? what is happening here? https://www.instagram.com/p/BytWKMsHTdj/

No. 854958


It was a machine that’s supposed to scan your skin and then print out a card telling your skin type and what products work for it. She was making that stupid fucking face because she was pretending she didn’t know what the machine did because technology big confusing hurt brain

No. 854959

I really don't think she has it, it seems like she just has tiny teeth and is sheltered, and stuck up for whatever reason. I agree with what another anon said about her making her eyes big because she thinks she looks like a Disney princess. And the reason she isn't going to college seems to be because she chose her "career" already.

No. 854960

LJ is a real throwback to your typical bridge and tunnel jappy. I thought the breed had died out, but apparently not. Laur is nuttier than a fruitcake, but LJ herself is a giant fucking cow. Loads of USI, zero talent, total narc. Some of the best cows are the z-grade ecelebs who honestly believe they're god's gift to the world. Lillee definitely fills the bill. It's interesting that she started out relatively inoffensive and looks to be getting more batshit by the day.

The way she talks and her weird assed expressions are so Disney princess on crack, it's great.

No. 854964

what fucking range kek i hear some flat fucking notes

No. 854969

Listening to this retarded shutin attempting to give a man life advice is giving •me life.

No. 855028

File: 1566170553755.jpeg (378.03 KB, 750x854, F535E261-4AC8-44A4-ACF7-862480…)

Is her brush broken & taped back together?

No. 855051

File: 1566175118514.png (2.88 MB, 1242x2208, 005C7DC2-C79A-4A62-9988-D3D089…)

I’m so confused because this seems like it was a gifted video…for a fan?? I can’t even imagine a guy about to start college is a fan of hers. And the part at the end where she says her “girls” have advice for him and starts talking for her dolls, oh my god

No. 855056


"Bridge and tunnel" ?

No. 855076

Does anyone remember when Big momma Laura implied that Ariana Grande was asking to be sexually assaulted and ‘asked for it’ by wearing a short dress? She’s not just delusional and crazy, she’s just a plain awful person.

No. 855091


Links to these accounts?

No. 855098

They probably paid for it themselves so they could have some reviews

No. 855100

it refers to the people who live around NYC but not in it, yet still love to associate themselves with it. Jersey, Long Island, and in the case of our eyeball queen, Queens

No. 855106

queens is considered part of nyc though.

No. 855124

yeah true, but people often use the term to include the outer boroughs as well

No. 855140

File: 1566191043274.jpeg (215.7 KB, 1237x1680, 8C927EAC-9490-4625-9D28-561455…)

No. 855142

My bets on it being a troll, buying it for their friend as a joke. Probably requested the creepy dolls lmfao

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