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File: 1648215613818.jpg (123.31 KB, 957x698, 1643658685531.jpg)

No. 871230

Lillee Jean is a stunted unwashed "beauty guru" who has taken "fake it till you make it" to previously unseen levels. With over 1 million (fake) followers on Instagram, 11k (fake) followers on Twitter, and 10k (fake) subscribers on youtube, her pitiful engagement rate is propped up by bots, engagement pods, and "bob-vageen" foreign men with no idea who she is.
Lillee is best known for abusing copyright strikes to silence her many critics. LJ and her momager, Laur Trueman, have been on a multi-year "anti-bullying" rampage where they ruthlessly mock other people for their age, looks, socioeconomic status, and more, all for the crime of questioning Lillee.

Many dedicated Lillee critics have created callout videos and posts to expose her racist, dishonest, and absurd behaviour. However, Lillee and Laur remain convinced that this is all a conspiracy organized by one person out to get her.

>Extremely stunted social development due to being removed from school around 13-14 years old. Does not appear to have a single friend IRL besides her helicopter mom.
>Is now 20 years old but legitimately plays with dolls
>speaks and writes in "attic pidgin", our affectionate name for her limited grasp of the English language (her only language)
>Claims to have a totally real, not-made-up boyfriend who is both a French diplomat and also a family friend since childhood. "Phillipe" (an incorrect spelling of the French name) seems to hop across continents, being either local or foreign depending on Lillee's convenience. Conflicting details about when they met suggest an inappropriate age gap (with a 23-year-old Pheepy asking out a 14-year-old Lillee). Her alleged boyfriend has no internet presence of his own, and has never been shown by Lillee, despite oversharing every other aspect of her life.
>Uses her "Jewish identity" to deflect all criticism as anti-Semitic, despite not practicing the Jewish religion OR having any clear Jewish lineage
>Constantly exaggerating her status in the beauty community with fake pr
>Got caught running her own fan pages, many of which were racist caricatures of minorities. This included (alleged) POC claiming to hate their own dark skin and wishing to be pale like Lillee.
>Once posted a photoshopped image of herself over Katy Perry's body, claiming to have attended the Met Gala. Later backtracked and tried to pass it off as a fan-edited image.
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab, created a custom lipstick colour (the point of their business, which anyone can do) and advertised it as an official collab, claiming that her fans could ask for "the Lillee Jean collection" in all Bite stores. Bite Beauty formally asked her to stop making this false claim.
>participated in a public Covergirl ad campaign where anyone could submit selfies to be displayed on a scrolling billboard in Times Square. Lillee waited through hundreds of submissions to catch a photo of herself on the billboard, then posted it as though it were a collab where she exclusively modelled for Covergirl.

>Lillee believes that all low-paying workers needed was a pandemic to reach for the stars >>862125
>9/11 hijackers were impulsive bullies >>862254
>Lillee releases season 3 of her boring show >>862568
>Lillee keeps doing photoshoots in ill-fitted clothes >>863397
>Lillee gets her canines lasered out from her gums >>863875
>She pays a content mill writer to write an article for her >>864308
>More ill-fitting clothes >>864414
>More modelling >>864812
>Website for Bullyish is launched >>865715
>More modelling >>866516
>One of Lillee's subreddits is banned >>866635
>Lillee has a meltdown with Youtube wikia staff >>866641
>More ugly clothes from Rent The Runway >>867235
>Valentine's Day look >>867422
>More ugly looks >>867897
>Lillee hosts her most famous guest yet: Don Most >>868040
>Lillee solves climate change by reusing a box >>868277
>Theo is obese >>868498
>Lillee breaks her silence on the Russia-Ukraine conflict >>868603
>Lillee goes outside >>868762
>Lillee interview's Nick Clegg's wife >>869917
>Braces are off >>869943
>Miriam's Inspiring Girls charity turns out to be a tax haven for rich people >>869954
>Lillee's jaw is not looking good >>870114
>Second Bullyish video is released >>870641
>Lillee is losing Youtube subscribers >>871060

MAIN ACCOUNTS AS OF 2022 (Updated March 2022)
https://www.twitter.com/reallilleejean (Suspended)
https://teespring.com/stores/lillee-jean?aid=marketplace (removed)


https://www.twitter.com/InevitableLrt (Suspended)
https://www.twitter.com/JeaniezInc (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/iamlaur67 (goes between private and public)
https://www.instagram.com/jeaniezmanagement (Suspended)

https://twitter.com/lilleeinc (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeauty (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeaute (Suspended)

1. >>>/snow/833840
2. >>>/snow/847048
3. >>698862
4. >>707075
5. >>718259
6. >>724333
7. >>736259
8. >>754981
9. >>767645
10. >>773135
11. >>777937
12. >>784721
13. >>794372
14. >>802142
15. >>811813
16. >>820665
17. >>825857
18. >>833714
19. >>838519
20. >>844274
21. >>853090
22. >>857281
23. >>862009

No. 871231

File: 1648216629215.webm (1.6 MB, 828x450, FullSizeRender 2.webm)

No. 871233

File: 1648219030401.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.97 KB, 640x427, 848600ad73bdc2d2b6e96c02d6e2a3…)

Thank you for the new thread, nona.
Every time I see this pic of her, this comes to mind.

No. 871270

Thank OP (BTW all their twitter accounts are suspended now)

This is from her last video and this is LJ's idea of acting like Blair Waldorf.
We know she never watched the serie and can't understand what's going on and the complexity of each character.
And seriously why is she even dressed like that??
Real scene is here:

No. 871282


>it looks like a certain WASP Princess has recently found herself desperately in need of a little unburdening…

Well, we know why LJ chose this scene to try to recreate. It's Yelena Belova all over again. "You know, my great-great-great grandma Bob fled England to escape the King's persecution of Lutherans, and I too am a beautiful white protestant princess from New Yawk. This is totally MY role."

Like anon said, I doubt she is an actual fan of GG, but if she were, I can imagine her rage about the reboot series filled with brown, queer main characters.

No. 871310

File: 1648268235228.png (4.63 MB, 828x3764, 1811A1B4-D556-4A82-9E77-FBFC7A…)

Lillee’s leprechaun look

No. 871314

oh man she even tinted her teeth green way to get into the spirit lils

No. 871315

Her abdomen in the firsf picture…at first I thought she had linea nigre, like some pregnant women get, but after I zoomed in, I’m positive she facetuned ab definition kek

No. 871316

File: 1648269790852.png (638.05 KB, 727x999, ea80ef_07f59504fd5d409c9388e25…)

I'm convinced this is bait to try to get the farms to shit talk her for bullyish.

No. 871320

This is her most put together look.

No. 871326

Apart from the reboot Grand High Witch played by Anne Hathaway mouth.

No. 871332

i remember when she was in the beginning of the dental journey she mentioned she thought her "tmj" was what was causing one eye to scrunch up more when she smiles and making her face asymmetrical (probably where she got the whole "my eye could pop out" thing) and it was one of the reasons for her getting treatment

turns out you're just ugly lillee kek

No. 871335

What professional model smiles like this? Can you imagine putting such rubbish pictures into a portfolio and submitting it to an agency?

No. 871351

TMJ probably is at least a factor in her fucked up jaw alignment but it doesn't look like the braces/invisalign or whatever has helped much in that regard. There are exercises she can do but her jaw may be too far gone for that to help, even if she had the wherewithal to do them with any regularity.

No. 871359

It's probably a case by case basis but I also have TMJ. As a kid, asked if I could could invisi instead of braces and the docs said invisi couldn't correct my bite like that.

I don't think a jar can be too far gone, mine was extra effed up (like super far back on one side) and it's fine now, but I question if TMJ that's visibly this crooked can be fixed with just invisi.

No. 871363

File: 1648315822540.png (1.54 MB, 1710x1386, six weeks.png)

Do you guys remember eleven months ago when Lillee said she'd only have the metal braces on for six weeks?

Lilz babes for how much you spent on these and how long they were on why didn't you just get real braces? It would have worked better and faster.

No. 871372

Her canines also looks they've been completely broken and poorly repaired, hence the weird shape.

I'm sill confused about the "Bullyish documentary". Her video was it this or an anouncement?
Several months ago she talked about this hollywood old guy who was going to film it, I guess he left quickly since she's doing it alone with Laur now.
She's been talking about the LJ law (keks) and the documentary for a while. We know she keeps talking nonsense and does nothing all day, but wouldn't it be finished by now?

No. 871402

Yup. I was wondering why she looked so much better (only by comparison, anons) and they seemed to cap them? Her bottom incisors were sharp and tiny and now they're a lot bigger although the job on them is absolutely terrible. >>871310 They over compensated and made them too tall. Also, her adult teeth that have been pulled down still look too small and eroded. Dental care is important throughout childhood. Only other person her age with poor teeth that I know was homeless most her life as a child.

No. 871478

Something happened at the dentist or we would have gotten another weird blog chronicling the visit. Every previous appointment has been followed up with immediate picture dumps, a lengthy blog from ortho-in-training Lillee and a vlog. The big unveiling of LJ’s movie role capturing smile was followed up by a one sentence blog post, which was most likely written by Laur because it refers to Invisalign as invisible braces. There’s a reason for this and I think it’s directly related to why her teeth look worse than before.

No. 871481


Are you trying to say that after an extra eleven months and multiple curve balls, knock off invisalign was an inefficient money sink!?

It's really just so Trueman of them, how these braces played out. They did the same thing they did with school and lillees 'career': try to find a way to cheat in an attempt to save effort and money–so they find some super shady dentist who was willing to do something so inefficient to fix a problem that invisi wouldn't cut.

What was the point of this Lillee? You wanted to get invisi since you wouldn't need surgery or metal braces but you've needed both and will likely need more. Trying to cheat once again just cost you more time, money, and pain.

Why not just try to do things the right way for once girl? You might be surprised to find how good the results are.

No. 871517

File: 1648385210589.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1170x2067, 5B1FB2AF-B84C-49D2-BA52-2ED706…)

She uses a filter to give her abs in her latest livestream.You can see it warping, trying to keep up in the last minute kek

No. 871518

File: 1648385610269.jpeg (432.77 KB, 2048x2048, 018B43E8-02F0-43D7-8F5C-905601…)

Lillee’s “ab definition” without the filter kek

No. 871520

Those are just her workout lines.

No. 871525

Her belly looks so flabby.
The negrican line could already be seen years ago in that picture were she poses in front of the (I think red) car in summer with the sunscreen keks.
Idk if other anons remember it: it was in the first threads and I am too lazy to look for it.

That place is a storage room and she's been doing the shoes video in it. It's possible she and Laur sleep there.
The ceiling seems too low, so I wonder if it's a former garage or something.
That room is overcrowded while the other photoshoots are taken in really empty (unrented?) places of the house.

No. 871592

File: 1648414658052.gif (944.83 KB, 123x200, 8A215868-B5F3-4953-B945-B6BB65…)

No. 871593

File: 1648414784457.jpeg (382.87 KB, 1075x1081, 160A214C-47FD-4FB8-8BA8-8A8131…)

No. 871597

Lillee hasn’t been pregnant because she’s an atticbound virgin. This confirms anons’ hormone/adrenal gland issues tinfoil.

No. 871601

What the hell is she doing in that second frame. She looks ready to snap a duck pick

No. 871604

File: 1648419124505.png (1.28 MB, 828x2016, 4BB9D63F-3F99-4B5B-9C04-B57CA3…)

She’s now being promoted by a fake Elite Management page

No. 871610

File: 1648426403886.png (591.9 KB, 827x2595, C9CDD4B9-6EA8-464E-84D4-7470F9…)

No. 871612

lmaoooo, 250 dollars for 35k followers but so far she has lost 512 followers today.
Did the scammer become the scammed?

No. 871613


LOL these scammers are using the real logo of the legitimate company to trick people out of their money, and of course the false DMCA queen herself has no apparent problem participating in this literal trademark infringement.

No. 871618

would love to hear lillee's response to this

No. 871620

This can go two ways. Either Lillee will ignore and never acknowledge this or she will claim that the page is lying and using her 'good name' to gain attraction/followers (her legal team WILL be on the case, guyz).

Lillee is very predictable at this point.

No. 871626

File: 1648437746964.png (150.56 KB, 1789x1248, thatsalotofdamage.png)


Lillee's been bleeding subs all month and Laurs been desperately trying to patch the holes in the sinking ship.

Honestly at this point why are you doing this Lillee? You block everyone, so who are you trying to impress?

No. 871627

File: 1648438301877.jpeg (650.79 KB, 828x1468, EA756868-0902-4DE3-8995-E3091B…)

Is this pasta with milk?!

No. 871632

File: 1648440675972.jpg (62.09 KB, 800x800, L4367686_530x@2x.jpg)

looks like improperly made annie's macaroni. if you don't mix the cheese packet properly, instead of the sauce coating the macaroni like it's supposed to you end up with shells in a milk puddle like what lillee posted

No. 871666

Welp Lillee will have to find a new company to buy those “alleged” bots from. These guys who outright admitted Lillee bought services from them kek.

No. 871669

The fake elite modeling page removed their story & highlight featuring Lillee. They’re already trying to do damage control. G8 job finally getting proof Lillee is buying followers/likes/views, nonnie.

No. 871675

File: 1648478664741.jpeg (328.49 KB, 594x991, 20AE41D0-4220-4F78-B9B8-0287EB…)

>auditory viewers

No. 871677

Spotify … video?

No. 871691

Meh you can buy mini shells in bulk at the dollar store. Looks like Laur still feeds her like a toothless toddler, from her poor white people's cookbook:

No. 871694

File: 1648492749928.jpg (83 KB, 997x652, Screenshot 2022-03-28 143759.j…)

If I were a man this image would give me nightmares.

No. 871695

Clearly Lillee is the pinacle of beauty, nonnie. Aphrodite is quaking. Men fall to Lillee's feet hoping to suck on those dainty little toesies woesies of hers.

No. 871697

File: 1648494275578.png (403.46 KB, 1024x1024, photo-collage.png)

Honestly this is just so sad and pathetic. Lillee's newest picture has almost 2000 comments. She reply to EVERY SINGLE comment which means 1000 of those comments is just her spamming emojis from her main account. Even better, as soon as you scroll past all the obligatory engagement pod comments it's just Laur and Lillee spamming from every single one of their sockaccounts and Lillee replying to herself or to laur (who is probably sitting next to her) kek.

No. 871698

WOW. Every single one of those is a known Laur account. She's MANIC, I'll bet those all happened between midnight and 4 am, too.

No. 871700

This is the part i don't get the most. She really wastes her life doing this, there is nothing more pathetic you can do, if you want to succed in something, than commenting and replying to yourself…or your ma. Jesus man Lillee there is so much more fun things to do with life than doing this. You want to die knowing your best achievment was replying back to 2000 of your comments in one night?

No. 871704

File: 1648502988387.jpeg (929.99 KB, 828x1471, 92E4A53D-B317-4AC9-BA29-2AE3FE…)

No. 871705

File: 1648503200274.jpeg (472.57 KB, 828x1091, 748A675B-39D0-4414-8960-9099B0…)

New interview

No. 871726

Did she mean to say “expect anonymity”?!? Kek

No. 871759

File: 1648531230427.jpg (698.75 KB, 1080x6681, 20220329_011536.jpg)

Sage for such a long ass screenshot, but i was scrolling out of curiosity and noticed this lmao. Its gotta be automated, i dont think she manually replies to every comment

No. 871773

Her Attic Academy grammar makes my eyes bleed.

No. 871778

Apologies if this counts as spoonfeeding as I haven't been keeping up with Lillee but has she lost some weight? I feel like there's a good 20-30 pounds between these pictures. Or is the ab filter slimming her down as well? I'm pretty blind when it comes to that sort of thing.

No. 871780

Bitch be really that stupid. Anonymity is normal behaviour on the internet if you want to be safe. It's her own fault she decided to go by her real name and talk about her family. What it feels like she wants is everybody have some fucking internet ID with all their information so she can look up all their posts or sue them all. Lillee this is not what internet is meant to be, it was always anonymous, you really miss that education and it shows.
The way she thinks just give me soviet era chills.

No. 871786


Lillee is a dwarf, like medically. If she had lost 20-30 lbs you wouldn't have to guess; that much weight loss on someone so short would be extremely obvious.

She is noticeably fatter now than she was two years ago and still trying to wear the same size clothing, which is why she always looks like a sausage.

If you think she looks smaller, it's down to filters and shooping.

No. 871791

The double standard is also amazing considering that both her but especially Laur has hidden behind numerous sock accounts pretending to be everything from minorities, managers, fan-pages, hackers etc. etc. etc

No. 871792

In their minds this doesn’t count because her socks praised Lillee

No. 871795


I was wondering if there's some kind of filter that elongates a video to make you look thinner or something. She looks visibly thinner here than she does in some of her other fashion shoots.

No. 871797

It’s not automated. Both her and Laur have said they spend hours out of the day responding to comments. Lillee considers it her job. It seems insane but they’re both unemployed and have nothing better to do than to spend 10+ hours a day responding to each other with sock accounts. I don’t think I’ve seen it mentioned before but with as much as Lillee cares about mental health, both her and Laur are definitely addicted to the internet. I’d love to see what their weekly screen time is kek

No. 871799

I love this thread but this thread threadpic is so terrifying.

No. 871800

It wasn't as threatening as it looks - she was talking about her teeth when she made that face. Screengrabbed at the right moment, lol.

No. 871805

Agreed. It actually made me jump

No. 871821

File: 1648584704496.jpg (225.67 KB, 1229x399, oi.jpg)

glitch or doest it mean something?

No. 871827

File: 1648587685671.jpeg (1011.2 KB, 1170x1943, 73D0AE7D-C44A-4442-BA10-A34141…)

I’m not getting the negative likes but it’s not showing the 11k views anymore. Maybe pissing off the bot farm providing the views was a bad idea.

No. 871828

File: 1648587787370.jpg (488.81 KB, 828x992, pirana2.jpg)

No. 871863

my vote for next threadpic.

No. 871864

This is great, anon!

No. 871910

File: 1648644010192.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x2078, E58AD22E-C027-4445-AAE1-D1FCE9…)

Lillee left the closet.

No. 871912

File: 1648644064573.jpeg (726.59 KB, 1170x1913, 1F7AF5C9-E68C-4707-971D-3F03DB…)

more photos from her early morning outing

No. 871913

File: 1648644094486.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x1827, 7C476198-3C78-47A9-B155-01D0A4…)

No. 871916

File: 1648646113608.gif (772.47 KB, 250x480, 62F256FC-BC11-48A6-B0EA-2E6F7A…)

No. 871917

File: 1648646254746.jpeg (645.25 KB, 828x1456, 9533F220-D3DE-4D0B-82CF-7959FE…)

Is she wearing 3 masks?

No. 871918


She takes pictures of the most boring fucking stuff.

No. 871919

imagine being at a doctors office or dentist and just taking close ups of the décor so it looks like a museum kek

No. 871922

Calling it now. Those outing photos are of a random hotel she and Laur at staying at because they have possibly been thrown out of the attic for not paying rent on time due to all the followers she’s been buying.

No. 871924

i thought it was the queens county courthouse kek

No. 871925

Ooh! Could be! Does anyone recognise that weird image with the model climbing over the models at all?

No. 871926


She's also pretending she's the one driving again

No. 871927

Models climbing over the mirror. My bad I’m running low on spoons today.(no1curr, sage your shit)

No. 871931

File: 1648653418075.jpeg (59.77 KB, 640x480, DB2A7514-0EC2-432F-B604-E50C84…)

the windows look similar but I can’t find any hedges near the queens civil courthouse

No. 871956

Sage (write sage in the email field) non-milk, new nonnie or you’re gonna get hit with a ban.

No. 871958

Thanks for the heads up. I’m never really sure what contributes as sage or not. And this is the clearest it’s been made without someone being outright rude about it.

No. 871961

File: 1648663356389.jpg (71.07 KB, 473x709, the-x-files-i-want-to-believe-…)

… could it be… some kind of educational institution???

No. 871971

File: 1648664815513.jpg (179.74 KB, 1078x808, Screenshot_20220330-192320_Sam…)

Queens college? Maybe for some media studies / acting course?

No. 871975

The only way Lillee’s going to college is if the state pays for it bc of LJ’s alleged disabilities and Laur’s figured out some way to live on campus in Lillee’s dorm for free.

No. 872010

File: 1648673329290.jpeg (468.29 KB, 828x5017, 9FB536AC-1005-4154-A9D5-84DBD1…)

more intriguing photos from her big day out

No. 872018


A waiting room chair and a close up of a little statuette on a bookcase. It's a lobby and Lillee's trying to act like she's big brain going to the museum kek

No. 872058

Her photos are fucking creepy honestly, like something out of an ARG. The way her brain works (or rather doesn’t) Is fascinating

No. 872065

Why are they so low quality though? Her selfies are all perfectly clear but these look like a literal potato camera.

No. 872070

she’s probably pulling stills from video

No. 872074

File: 1648688077479.png (2.07 MB, 828x4393, F0E579CE-2FD3-4D7A-8A6B-0E32A4…)

Laur’s stories are even worse

No. 872080


These definitely look like they were captured from a very rushed video. Wherever they went, they either weren't allowed or were too paranoid to linger doing one of their usual "photoshoots," but since Lillee now lives her life trying to prove anonymous people on the internet wrong, she couldn't let the rare opportunity to show the haters that she leaves the house slip by unposted.

We're all very impressed by the exit sign and the plastic bust made in China, girl. Can't wait for the "vlog" of your trip to see Laur's bankruptcy lawyer or whatever.

No. 872092

i like how she’s trying to pass it off - or sadder, she truly believes - as some fancy building when it looks like a gov’t agency or campus office. i use fancier elevators and walk through nicer lobbies leaving parking garages.

No. 872106

If it was a courthouse that'd explain why they were trying to hide the camera
It's not like there's any fancy architecture or impressive office buildings in NYC. She just has to make do filming some bushes

No. 872125

File: 1648725705492.jpeg (489.26 KB, 1170x1589, 1A786E8D-B1FB-4475-8573-0EC289…)

>>feature film
I can’t wait to see what Lillee throws together and calls a movie.

Does anyone know what happened to the manager who was related to Ida Wells? She seems to have disappeared shortly after their live.

No. 872127

Legit hope it gets nominated for a Oscar so Will Smith can slap the fuck out of her too.

Also we all know this documentary movie is gonna be bs. She will only relate to her own experiences and not speak to other teens her age who have dealt with the same thing. When is she going to learn no one gives a shit about basic bitch Lillee and her ogre of a mother? Shes never going to succeed at what she’s trying to do until she learns to socialise and gain actual human interactions from somewhere so she can better approach people and make us actually want to see her do some good in the world.

No. 872128

Does Lillee know you have to pay people to make a movie? There’s no way a production company will invest money in Lillee Jean Beauty when the CFO has multiple bankruptcies & a current tax lien. Instagram comments aren’t currency in the real world. Either Lillee’s greasing the wheels to start a crowdfunding campaign for Bullyish or they’re lying to potential investors.

No. 872136


Remember when she was "working on the formulas" for her cosmetics line that was supposedly scheduled to be launched in 2020? That was the original plan for Lillee Jean Beauty. She still calls herself a CEO, but notice how all mention of the actual products her company was going to sell just mysteriously disappeared, never to be mentioned again.

This is just more of her playing girlboss make-believe. If she actually manages to scrape anything together at all, it will be 2 poorly-edited hours of her talking in nonsensical circles as Laur "interviews" her from off camera.

Then they will post it to youtube, list it on IMDB, and that will be enough for her to add documentarian/cinematographer/key grip/best boy to her list of fake accomplishments

No. 872142

I remember a live more than one year ago. She wanted to be a CEO to
>buy a big block for her company on the 5th avenue keks.
She has no idea what a CEO does, besides giving order and what a team/employees are for, besides telling her she's so great 24/7.

In her head it's just all about dominating others (especially pretty women), brag and show signs of power.
She'll try anything she believes will achieve fast and easy fame, money and power, anything except doing things the right way of course.

No. 872144


Samefag, but I was thinking that it would be hilarious if the attic goblins tried to do an indiegogo or something for this documentary.

Now that they've been banned on their milkiest SM platform, it's easy to lose track of how crazy the LJ Extended Universe actually got, because I had totally forgotten about that time Laur refused to pay Cyberdouche, Esq. for his very valuable legal and management consulting services, so he and Z-list actor Mark Pellegrino pushed Lillee and Laur out of their anti-cyberbullying club right before they announced that they were going to pitch a documentary series about online boolies to netflix. Then Mark actually managed to dupe his autistic supernatural stans into donating $20K for the kickstarter campaign in exchange for some cameo videos where he mumbled close up into his camera phone looking like day 12 of a meth spiral.

I just know Laur screamed the house down for weeks when they realized that they weren't going to be the stars of their own show or even get their hands on any of the scammed cash donations.

No. 872145


She has 'left the beauty industry' according to recent Medium articles. How convenient for her!

No. 872148


So true. Lillee has no experience with other people and a very open disdain for other women in particular. Every time there's a group of people experiencing hardship she can't talk about it unless she's somehow relating it to her or her family.

George Floyd and BLM? She knows what it's like, she gets VERBALLY murdered all the time!


The war in Ukraine? Her ancestors had to FLEE the Ukraine!!!

No. 872149


Omg this is a juicy tidbit nonnie, I had no idea! Thanks for this!

No. 872151

this is exactly why I think they’re going to crowdfund. mark & drew raised $20k 18 months ago and have completely abandoned the project. no updates since the rewards went out in march 2021…which were late and only delivered after supernatural stans started losing their shit. they essentially got 20k to do nothing. shortly after the guardian campaign ended, lillee started with her bullyish nonsense. no way laur isn’t salivating over the opportunity to con people out of that kind of money.

No. 872154

I hope people have the sense to google Lillee Jean's name before they donate to her shitty movie documentary fund.

No. 872156


Even a crowdfunding campaign seems like too much work for these idiots. I was just expecting her to release it on her channel and act like its a documentary, like her day in the life vlog is listed on IMDB.

No. 872159

they can't exactly buy bots to make donations, so I wonder if they'd actually set themselves up for obvious failure like that.

No. 872164

Right, they have to know the other guy's project only got that much donated because of its connection to a TV actor with an actual fan base? Like, they have to be aware Lillee doesn't have any actual fans…?

No. 872165

I don't get their endgame anymore. There is 100% no way they believe they have fans, both Lillee and Laur are completely in on it as established in a quarter hundred threads, so why keep it up? It's almost too funny to be real. Maybe the long term troll tinfoil is real because they can't be THAT retarded and schizo.

No. 872167

I would love an Anna Delvey saga for Lillee kek as if she’d be able to get as far as Anna did, but it’s hilarious to picture her screeching about wire transfers being on their way
Lillee Delvee

No. 872168


ESPECIALLY now when it seems they block literally any account that just views Lillees story

No. 872233

No. 872249

she lost 200 YouTube subs

No. 872255

File: 1648820058361.png (371.46 KB, 683x1024, unnamed (1).png)

She's been using this for Bullyish. Poster design is her passion.
She keeps saying she's left the beauty community but these are the tags on that video.
>lillee jean, haul, vlog, beauty, BEAUTY blogger, HOW TO, makeup tutorial, beauty guru, makeup, fair skin, grwm, actress, model, model makeup, eyes, blue eyes, redhead, blonde, new york, nyc, modelling, get ready with me, Lillee Jean, LJ, mark gantt, Mark Gantt, webseries, hollywood, director, actor, Hollywood actor, writer, writing, producer, Bannon Way, Crackle, Sony, mental health, health, healthcare, mark gant, lily jean, Lillee, red lipstick, red, talking, talk, podcast, show, episode, tv show, braces

No. 872266

File: 1648828228020.png (3.23 MB, 828x2994, 6CC826D9-2E79-4DFC-84DF-7FC7D1…)

More cryptic stories on Laur’s ig

No. 872269


Laur used to post bizarre non sequiturs on twitter, either by unprotecting her private personal account or using one of her known sockpuppets, when she was gearing up for a major freakout.

Something must have gone wrong this week. Maybe it's to do with the random visit to some office building the other day and/or their inability to finance replacement subs and followers on Lillee's YT and IG

No. 872270


She's been losing hundreds of youtube subs and insta subs daily for the last month. No wonder they tried to get that new plug

No. 872275

File: 1648833486467.jpeg (65.34 KB, 563x334, CF30FB64-A394-41CE-B12D-D63712…)

Laur’s IMDb page removed her fake achievements again

No. 872283

File: 1648842649604.jpeg (170.06 KB, 840x611, 8402D7CE-76DB-4894-B031-C02332…)

we bullied Lillee into buying 600 new subs

No. 872318


Another day another dollar Laur's wasted of Earls disability money

No. 872322

File: 1648855981420.png (226.46 KB, 1201x1018, 932845.png)


Hours later, and she's now gained 600 more subscribers…even though her view count hasn't moved at all since this morning. Wow! 900 people just up and decided to subscribe to her channel without watching a single one of her videos. Lillee's content is so good that people don't even have to see it to love it!

No. 872329


She’s gotten over 1000 subscribers now. Her count is up to 23.6k. Why does she do this? At this point it isn’t funny anymore, it’s pitiful.

No. 872336

File: 1648861902728.jpeg (592.46 KB, 828x1427, E4938D56-437A-4600-A548-F95664…)

The tags are killing me

No. 872360

How many of us do you think are going to get doxed in her “documentary” for just watching her instagram stories. She so paranoid that we are “haters” because we are actual real- live people who were just genuinely curious to see what she was up to, and she blocked us. I’m positive that she’s going to use footage of her blocking people through screen recordings, and I can’t wait for my big break!

No. 872361

If she does hope she ready for a shit ton of law suits From people who actually were following her. You know what they say silly games, silly prizes.

No. 872385

Is she trying to imply that her documentary is going to be in the NY film festival?

No. 872387

File: 1648911390677.jpeg (183.34 KB, 837x677, 0B4E46B2-AE24-4CF6-9A4F-6C2CC6…)

they should just light their money on fire

No. 872389

It’s probably her lazy way of trying to get it entered/noticed by the coordinators

No. 872391

It still surprises me that this hasn't been flagged by youtube and her channel removed. Its not just her channel but plenty others as well.

No. 872406

File: 1648926084042.jpeg (640.98 KB, 828x1379, BD345563-A665-4FF2-9411-873404…)

Laur and Lillee threatened the OG Reddit poster

No. 872428

File: 1648951004950.jpg (346.19 KB, 2391x1080, moneypit.jpg)

I didn't get a screen shot of it, but at one point this afternoon her daily loss had jumped from -1000 to -900. Clearly she has been losing subs faster than she could add them back today. I don't know how many she tried to replace today, but she's now back where she started.

Clearly they went with a cheap company for this batch and I was curious about how much money they wasted to get Lillee's channel over 23K subscribers for less than 24 hours. Picrel has the rate menu for the first google result I got for "buy youtube subscribers." They spent at least $65 on this foolishness. Lillee could have bought a couple of really nice things from the Sephora spring sale happening right now with that money. Or they could have bought some nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables for the week, so Lils can have something besides sad takeout salads. Or a pair of pants or shoes that don't cut off her circulation. Or a shampoo and haircut at a decent mid-range salon.

No. 872472

File: 1648988196324.jpeg (766.55 KB, 1170x1875, 8F595DC0-794B-49BC-B75B-A8C3EE…)

>>DIY film upload
They know her YouTube channel is at risk and they’re trying to upload videos to her websites.

No. 872505


This is an older video though, its like from last year.

No. 872564

File: 1649041331056.png (5.91 MB, 1284x2778, 1B260BD0-89E7-4B2D-B744-873876…)

This pair are like a knockoff Lacey Noel and Miss Missy.
Even down to the short statures.

No. 872627

File: 1649091517338.jpeg (164.92 KB, 798x626, 29CE15F9-B60F-4732-B7BE-9C8E13…)

No. 872630

Lillee… girl… it can't be salvaged. Stop wasting more money

No. 872652


Whats honestly the point of this Lillee? Is it just you don't want us to be 'right?'

You already block any account you see on instagram that visits your stories you don't pay for. You don't care about maintaining this status of having a real fandom to anyone, really, so who is this for?

Wouldn't you rather save this money?

No. 872657


I suspect that Lillee (and Laur, probably) are the kind of pathological liars who are able to halfway convince themselves to believe their own bullshit, so long as no one challenges their story. That's why they got so insanely enraged about Diane and the first-wave callouts, who all kept copious receipts and were able to show up to thoroughly debunk the goblins every time they tried to spin their fake tale of woe.

The fact that everything she claims to have accomplished is a complete lie is something that probably lurks at the back of Lillee's mind constantly, like white noise. But she's got the mental development of a small child playing pretend, so she has that same childlike ability to thoroughly immerse herself in the fantasy. This game of beautiful princess Lillee, beloved by millions, is the fantasy she can't bear to let go of, even if no one else but her mother is playing along. I think she'll have a literal mental breakdown if/when her youtube and ig get nuked for platform manipulation.

No. 872686

File: 1649154501561.jpeg (345.65 KB, 2048x2048, 4A1106F8-498A-49A2-A8B3-F272FB…)

Lillee’s arm are sore from working on her DIY film upload, Bullyish.

No. 872692

She’s wearing the clear plastic things that’s on clothing for the hanger as straps!? God she’s retarded kek

No. 872700


Dang Nonnie this is real as hell. I did find an insightful tidbit at the tail end of her newest video that really enforces this exactly.

"I think Elsa reminds all of us that sometimes we need to just let it go. Forget what people are saying about us, forget all the noise, and be what we're meant to be. People can sometimes give you a lot of restrictions in life and truthfully the only true restriction is yourself. Don't let anyone restrict you mentally to grow and improve yourself."

It's literally like she's looking in a mirror and telling this to herself this. Block out everyone reminding her this is all a lie. Block out everyone telling her she's done and said horrible things. She says she wants to (mentally) grow, but I think for her, that's to keep imagining a world where this is working.

And if that isn't the sadest fucking shit.

No. 872709

>She says she wants to (mentally) grow, but I think for her, that's to keep imagining a world where this is working.

So agree with this. Blocking out noise so you can focus on improving your skills, knowledge, and how to interact with the world is a good thing. Blocking out the the truth sayers so you can continue to con and lie and pretend you're something you're not is what she is advocating for.

No. 872710

Her case is so similar to hilaria baldwin, who has also convinced herself of a false truth and is doubling down at any/all costs. Sorry for cow/non-cow crossover. H is just Lillee with more money to burn.

No. 872713


Honestly, people like Lillee are a dime a thousand. There are HEAPS of people like her, men and women alike. People desperate for clout and fame who try to lure in sponsors and fans by acting like they've already made it. People who buy a thousand or ten thousand followers to give their brand 'a tiny push' and get .001 % engagement on any post.

The key differences are these wanna be influencers invest their time and money into looking a bit more believable instead of buying a literal million fake followers and dozens of articles regurgitating the same thing. But Lillee's so disconnected from trends and the real world that she never absorbed 'Show, don't tell.'

She doesn't grasp how much more believable her act would be if she went out with some randos to a night club, to brunch, on a hike, even out to lunch with some girlies. If she made it look like she HAD a life, rather than write dozens of articles about having one.

But she's terrified of being alone outside without Laur to protect her or drive her around. Maybe that's why she's gone with this busy CEO narrative in the waning days of covid regulation. Now that she can't use it as an excuse, she needs another reason not to be out enjoying NYC.

No. 872716

Lilee doesn't like people. Simple. Period. She doesn't trust them, only her mother. She especially doesn't like other women because she sees them as a threat, especially if they are well put together, attractive, successful, popular, etc. It's easier to talk to people on a purely transactional basis from her attic than go out into the world and interact with actual humans and be kind to them, listen to what they have to say… you know, be a friend. She doesn't know how to be a friend because she doesn't know what it means to be genuinely nice to people. This is why you will never, ever see her having brunch with people her own age (Laur's friends don't count), going to the movies with friends, traveling to other countries without Laur, or go to a night club to smash the dance floor with her amazing moves from her tiktok videos.

No. 872721


This is true. There's still dozens of places she could go to make it actually LOOK like she does things. The most effort she's put into a shoot in the last few years was getting Laur to drive her to a local park.

U see her trying to spin the narrative of being SO BUSY with being a CEO and making her documentary that she can't do anything else, but Lillee, do you think anyone will actually believe you're a CEO when they go to your page and just see shoot after shoot of you playing dress up in your house with the same wide eyed open mouthed expression?

No. 872724

File: 1649198547498.png (767.38 KB, 828x922, BBD50C6F-E252-4E58-9848-CB97BE…)

No. 872731

File: 1649202443868.webm (1.01 MB, 720x892, CIMd4yhs1bXk5swS.webm)

No. 872732


Her acting was particularly bad in this one. You'd think in movies she's seen a million times she could at least recite the lines a LITTLE better

No. 872735

I wonder that short is supposed to look like. Her boobs are falling out of it.

No. 872737

That's what she wants. It's deliberate. She thinks it's sexy. Just not to anyone else.

No. 872752

this is like her one-millionth time doing the same elsa cosplay.
get new material

No. 872761

File: 1649215155573.jpeg (907.43 KB, 828x1447, EDE3A03F-E3B0-44F6-8621-E14769…)

No. 872763

what….. is it?? fucking green beige canned food?

No. 872764

I’m lazy tonight but this has solid meme potential

No. 872766

I know she’s lazy and doesn’t like to edit her videos.. BUT 54 MINUTES!? Lj, what are you doing??

No. 872767


She hasnt been editing her newer looks at all this year. It's like she realized she didn't need to put a fraction of the effort into her videos as she had been.

No. 872775


A new low. beans and peas out of a can. Guess local free food pantry is all out of fresh vegetables. But this is so, so sad.

No. 872817

File: 1649260734670.png (464.02 KB, 828x916, plgct.PNG)

No. 872819

File: 1649261070750.jpg (30.17 KB, 392x261, Algae.jpg)


She's starting to eat algae now? Such a #healthy queen.

No. 872826

Top keks anon.

I might be wrong, but I think it's corn?

No. 872833


It's not even her photo. I googled it and the same pic came up right here: https://akumaldiveshop.com/sargassum-the-what-where-and-why-of-this-seaweed/

Lillee, are you trying to make it look like you went to the beach?

No. 872845

I don't think it's that anon. The food lillee just so happens to look like the algae.

Also don't forget to write sage in the email part when posting a picture, replying to another anon,or expressing your opinion so you don't get yelled at or banned.

No. 872847


My B ha I lillee blocked me last year so i can't check her stories myself anymore

No. 872849

kek thanks for realizing my vision anon

No. 872853

File: 1649268883992.jpg (37.39 KB, 663x271, Screenshot 2022-04-06 135806.j…)

"DM us to got fame" - imagine thinking anyone looks at this without laughing. Spelling Modeling two different ways, STEALing the Instagram deets of a real agency, while "elitemodelingmanagement_" doesn't exist.


No. 872854

The vile food pics recently could be a cry for help? Along with repeating Elsa… just a random thought since she literally would have no other way to ask for help without Laur being on to it. I've tried emailing her and very nicely asking if everything's good, and Laur immediately bitched me out. Lillee has no private email, evidently.

No. 872859


Flowers in the Attic (Academy)

No. 872864

LJ has the weirdest reactions to other women (especially pretty ones) considering she's the "face" of anti-bullying and constantly preaching about how we need to be nicer to one another.

wait LJ was banned from insta?!

do not underestimate the delusions of a girl who has spent her entire life pretending to be a literal disney princess (remember her insta posts asking to be cast as rapunzel?) with her mother being her only friend reinforcing the idea that she is beautiful enough to be a model, CEO mogul, and literal disney princess at the same time.

No. 872866

to be fair, not watching her content is better than watching that dumpster fire she calls content.

oh my god that top picture is horrifying. shut your mouth LJ (literally and figuratively), literally looking like asylum elsa.

(Also, Elsa RARELY smiles in the movies, it would have been totally reasonable not to smile in these cheapass Elsa cosplays but no, the most beautiful woman in the world LJ has to share her ugly mugs).

No. 872868

NTA but no lol, they're banned from Twitter. Since most of their meltdowns happened on Twitter, I can see why it was their "milkiest SM platform".

No. 872870

Uhhh… Nobody's saying that Lillee is the most, beautiful woman in theworld, but she is pretty and has a beautiful smile and, the most brethtaking eyes. I like seeing Lillee smile.

No. 872872

wtf. Funny, "breathtaking" is exactly the word Laur often used on Twitter when tangling with boolies.

No. 872877


And complimenting her eyes. Slow day trueman fam?

No. 872880

There are people, who genuinely like Lillee and enjoy her content…

No. 872883

They're named Laur and Shaniqua

No. 872886

If the compliments didn't give it away, the comma horror would.

No. 872888

Anon, you may be interested to know that some places are full of people with blue eyes, and their eyes aren't also crooked, crusted, or sent from hell. Explore your world.

No. 872892


Im genuinely curious what those people think of the transphobia, racism, doxing & harassment of people Laur and Lillee have done, and Lillee's stance on adults grooming and dating minors.

No. 872920


I'd recognize those unnecessary commas anywhere, but let's play along:

-In nearly 3 years' worth of threads here, the only people to come to defend LJ have been her mother (a couple of times years ago) and a nasty Britbong cow who only latched onto Lillee for a few months to try to signalboost her own personal vendetta.

-When both Truemans got booted from Twitter, no one spoke out to express sadness or anger on their behalf. It's been months and there's still not a single tweet saying anything like "hey, what happened to Lillee Jean's account? I loved her!"

-No one but Lillee, her mom and their (suspended) sockpuppet accounts have ever posted anything to the three pro-LJ subreddits.

-The only people mentioning LJ's name or using her hashtags on IG are Lille, Laur, one or two of the pod people who are forced through contractual obligation to engage with her, and people who are calling her and her mom out for being scammers and doxxers.

-If you search "lillee jean" on youtube, the only thing that comes up are her own videos and various commentary channels calling her out. No fan or supporter videos come up at all.

-No one cares about facebook, not even Lillee.

So where are these people who unironically enjoy her? Where are the 1 million+ jeaniez?

No. 872925

No way Laur & Lillee would risk getting their post history outted on the farms right before the debut of LJ’s big anti-bullying documentary. I can’t recall any incidents of Laur misspelling breathtaking and the commas are a Lillee thing. This is such low tier bait. Come on.

No. 872927

File: 1649296566548.jpeg (511.05 KB, 828x1156, 59A98919-247D-4DAB-ABA6-65ABF9…)

No. 872928

File: 1649297126428.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x2007, 610A8F24-B125-45A5-8660-91B7C6…)

that’s the tree humping outfit from 2021

No. 872929


She looks so much bigger in this picture but it fits the same. More proof shes been shooping her pics.

What happened to the normalization of womens bodies lils?

No. 872933

File: 1649299504980.jpeg (63.53 KB, 594x590, Lady Gaga 2013 YouTube Music A…)

No. 872951


No. 872973

Anons, do you think she returned it and bought again to get a cleaner dress?

No. 872977

File: 1649332875135.jpeg (676.21 KB, 1074x1048, 830AD61F-C720-46A9-B5A2-C93A9B…)

Lookin’ g8

No. 872978

Why is she so convinced people want to see the insides of her mouth? Unless you know she's trying to advertise herself as a cum guzzler?

No. 872980

It’s so unsettling that her mouth is SO much wider than her maxilla

No. 872982

Speaking of NYC, why do they take all her fashion blogger shots either at home or some random suburban streets? Surely if you wanted to look like a real, actual successful CEO beauty guru you'd want to photograph yourself in Manhattan or in front of some pretty brownstones in Brooklyn? It's not exactly a long journey away from the Bronx or Queens or wherever the fuck they are based and they don't have anything better to do anyway. Are they really that clueless? Is it laziness? I don't understand.

No. 872986

File: 1649339551400.jpg (12.19 KB, 356x426, ffs.jpg)

No. 872989

I think it's because she's so dependent to Laur, she can't go anywhere by herself.
In the beauty vlog video (the one where she has the rabbit ears at the beginning) Laur doesn't really want to go to the event and LJ is super exited to go out.
She'a also lazy and paranoid, since the beginning she talks about stalkers and the need of bodyguards, so it's a mix of all that.
It insane tho, she lives in NYC with endless cool things to see and do and she wastes her life in the attic.

No. 872992

Laur submitted a DMCA last night and instead of using her own address she entered what she thought was MY address, as hers. It was old info so I don't care but… she's a doxxing psycho stalker here, trying to bully me just for tweeting that Elsa pic under fair use - I've reached out to her attorney Brad and notified copyright@twitter, what else should I do?

No. 872995

stop cowtipping, for starters

No. 872998

who is brad?

No. 872999

Laur was entering his name/law practice info on DMCAS as if they were submitted by/through him, but this is actually incorrect. He has stated he has nothing to do with her.

No. 873001

pls post proof

No. 873003

Hey Laur, just wanted to say that you're not wrong – LJ's eyes are breathtaking. Just not the way you're thinking, more of the gasp horrified ohmygod didijustseeaghoul kind of breathtaking. Sorry for not sprinkling random commas everywhere, hope your pigeon English comes through.

No. 873011

How did Laur find your old address?

Your twitter account is incredibly easy to find because you’re the only person still talking about Lillee on twitter. Cowtipping is always a bad idea but it’s especially bad if you’re being careless.

No. 873013

Hey dumbass maybe don't make your Twitter so easy to find. Laur already tried to dox you once and as an alleged minor you should probably leave it alone.

Global rule 2. Minor fuck off.

No. 873014


this is why the most recent wave of twitter callouts are irritating. they post old, dried up milk from their mains and then cry when laur does what laur does, even though we now have years worth of proof that the goblins will dox anyone at the drop of a hat and don't care if they get it wrong and someone innocent gets caught up.

tell all your friends, poop-anon. don't come crying here for sympathy when you get dookie on your fingers.

No. 873016

Most of the OG callouts went underground when Laur started doxxing the nicer ones like the janitor and the random people uninvolved that she found on Facebook through her amazing investigations. The new ones don't know how to not play in the cow shit.

No. 873018

File: 1649355700331.png (283.59 KB, 1080x2124, Screenshot_20220407-124447~2.p…)

Laur has been busy. 3 pages worth all filed yesterday, I'm not sure what the 'private' means. Are they claiming from a private account?

No. 873028

I don't see the word private, but they could be filing a DMCA on a "private" youtube video, which is just a video that is unlisted so the public normally doesn't find it because only people with the URL can visit it.

No. 873032

honestly, do fellow farmers think her teeth look better before or after her orthadontia?

No. 873038

File: 1649363591195.png (651.03 KB, 660x599, before.png)

It's still bad but you can't deny that it looks better.

No. 873039

File: 1649365387666.png (126.25 KB, 1080x2154, Screenshot_20220407-160203~2.p…)

Ah hell that's my fault the other screenshot didn't post.

He's the expanded claim via Lumen

No. 873048

They look like fingernails

No. 873049

File: 1649368105625.jpg (22.25 KB, 211x224, Capture3.JPG)

sunnyv2 made a video about LJ. probably a matter of time until other youtubers like moist follow as well

No. 873089


Lillees def miffed she's been posting stuff about cyberboolies on her stories all day

No. 873095

File: 1649387020200.jpeg (940.83 KB, 1170x2129, D9DE0891-86CD-4FDC-852D-602EB6…)

She just posted this on Instagram. Looking into Lillee’s account analytics is harassment.

No. 873102

I'm surprised the video is still up. sad he only scratched the surface when there is so much more insanity to report

No. 873104

>online, digitally
as opposed to online, analoguely?

No. 873106

Mentioning her in anyway shape or form is bullying in her mind. I don't think she realises if she were some famous actress the way people talk about her would be much worse. Just look how the press report on what women wear to well anywhere.

I believe she had so much potential and things that she could have spun into a very successful and profitable career. A few examples are below and I apologise for sperging.

1. She could have used her skin issue to give advice on what products work great for herself. People with similar issues would have followed her.

2. Her height, she could have researched and promoted brand's she found. Same as above the short crew would have found it useful.

3. Her anxiety issues and how she deals with it.

4. Her journey into makeup, acting etc. By blogging classes etc.

There were so many avenues and things she could do. Because she isn't actually lazy despite people constantly tantruming that out there. Think of all the stuff she does. She needs to stop the whole bullying am a victim thing. Especially when doing the exact same things the so called bullies do. If she gets traction with her project this will get called out straight away by those in power.

In conclusion to my sperging. She needs to go quiet for a while and rethink what she actually wants. A rebrand with a real platform or a constant struggle with numerous callouts.

No. 873107

Think of all the stuff she does. Filming a video putting on makeup isn't hard, editing isn't either but she doesn't even do that. Her mom writes the articles and Lillee just sits and comments to herself. I really don't see what you mean. She isn't doing anything.

No. 873108

>Bullyish is so vital to the larger picture of online harassment, bullying, as well as slander. We as a people must key in on this, and be most compassionate to true victims

lmaooooo, the only thing Lillee is truly good at is blowing smoke up her own ass and stringing together long sentences that make absolutely no sense.
It's still hard to believe that English is her native (and only language).

No. 873109

Maybe if you focused less on shitting on people you would

No. 873114

Posting the SunnyV2 video for posterity. It's nothing new but it's a bit more in-depth than Primink's video. It's also already at 500k views, so you know the Truemans must be fuming.

No. 873115

The in depth look at her analytics was nice. This guy obviously isn’t aware of engagement pods though because he speculates Lillee is using a program to run all the accounts commenting on her posts. I don’t believe she’s smart enough to do that and few years ago it was verified she was running (and making money off) her own engagement pods. It’s funny this guy drops this video now and if anyone pulls up Lillee’s socialblade they’ll see her YouTube channel +/- 1.5k subs daily for the last week kek

No. 873117

File: 1649420608785.jpeg (179.94 KB, 828x650, 7234F67A-4E03-4936-8574-695D64…)

On Wednesday she had 0 views and gained 700 followers

No. 873118

Just looked at her channel and it’s at 23k. She’s already lost those new subs, socialblade hasn’t updated it yet.

No. 873119

File: 1649421164408.jpeg (789.49 KB, 828x1530, 6D2C46F4-0B84-4C24-B1EA-379707…)

New Reddit account

No. 873122

i dont really read the thread often but is aw the video, watched it, and came right here. theyre going to try to copyright strike that video with all of their power. is this the biggest person who has ever called her out? sorry for spoonfeeding request

No. 873123

Ot would br primink, but they've been net awol. Over 500k views in 15 hours will make more people aware, and yes expect him to be dcma flagged.

Strange how she has 1mil followers yes, noone defends her.

No. 873126

Lillee doesn't DMCA big creators. She never copyright struck Primink or even Creepshowart, probably because she knows they will challenge the strike and then bitch about it to their large following and that might end up catching the attention of real people at youtube.

No. 873130

maybe tell me what she actually does then according to you?

No. 873131

File: 1649427577581.png (22.79 KB, 1307x172, r.png)

Who do you bet wrote this comment, Laur or Lillee?
I think she has DMCAed Primink, sort of. She's DMCAed the thumbnail on his video before. Because it shows up in google images

No. 873132


Laur. She has been caught using various sockpuppets with Rachel + random last name; it seems to be the name she uses most frequently for her fake accounts.

Given the things she tends to fixate on and project onto LJ, I suspect that Laur once knew a Rachel who was some combination of: blonde, blue-eyed, wealthy, well-liked, and/or occupationally successful.

No. 873133


samefag. I just realized I could be describing the character from Friends kek. It would be hilariously on-brand for Laur to be imagining herself as Rachel Green.

No. 873135

This is hilarious. She's been battling with YT all day to keep her subscriber count up. She lost over 2000 today and every time she creeps back up she gets knocked back down. Currently at 23.2K. Give it up Lillee, you're just embarrassing yourself.

No. 873139

Ha… a sockpuppet account combining first and last names from Hollywood famous people/characters of the 1990s… that's gotta be Laur!

No. 873183


Almost 800K views and it's only been up a day. Can't wait to see what the Queenie does.

No. 873185

The video mostly covers her fake followers, engagement etc., and she's never really been able to respond to that. At most she's going to make a video, cry bully and rehash the same old lies about Shaniqua being Diane, The Metgala photo was a fan edit, etc., etc.

Either that, or she's going to save it for her stupid documentary.

No. 873187


You're too right. She's already sharing a bunch of screenies from her medium articles about being bullied.

Bullying is such a convenient shield for Lillee. People like her love being a victim, and it's so broad she can just scream bullying and wave her arms and continue not to acknowledge her fake following and engagement.

No. 873189

And the only post under this account is gone as is r/lilleejean

No. 873193

File: 1649456549944.png (945.79 KB, 2501x1716, banned.png)


LJ's three subreddits were still up (if inactive) two days ago. Now she's down to one. The timing of this is interesting, considering 3/4 of a million new people just became aware of Lillee yesterday, but maybe it's just a coincidence.

No. 873200

I watched this last night randomly, ended up sleeping at 5/6am up at 8:30. Spent the whole night tripping down this rabbit hole, read ever page on kiwifarms. My god such amazing cringescitzkino I wish i knew of this before hand. Now im going to waste a few hours combing over the threads here.

Also I find her cute minus the teeth or her speaking/reading anything she wrote. Drugs really have done a number on my brain I legit find the litte goblin cute. I wanna see her cosplay midna what the fuck is wrong with me.

whats with the whole sage every post deal and a mod being pissy when they're not I understand everyone here is an autistic gardener but this love for sage why? does sage work differently here(blog)

No. 873213

Shut the fuck up

No. 873217

Anyone else wondering if their own lolcow posts are going to make it into Bullyish? I might watch just to see if any of mine turn up

No. 873221


ew, did a man get in here?

No. 873222

No. 873225

hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide yo IP addresses, because this dude is deranged. get out of here.

No. 873226

Drugs are no excuse for you to be retarded like this, please get some help or gtfo

No. 873248

You can always "donate" to her. So you have the honor of making it big by being in her Doc. It's an amazing investment anon just think about the possibilities. Your shitposts being in THE LILLEE JEAN documentary on her crusade against bullying. This opens so many doors for (you)!
YWNBAW and odds are look worse than Lilly go dial eight with a 12 gauge.
Something something over 9000 penis all raping women does not forgive does not forget.
T-that was a cry for help. It's repulsive I cant stop finding her cute; like one of this little rat dogs.

ALSO these foot fetish posts I have yet to watch any videos (well thats a lie just a few I'd really love some highlight links far to much content its like finding a needle in a haystack ) but is mommy dearest really whoring her out to street shitting jeets by making uh "respectable" pornography without her precious little angel being nude unless her feet make up 90% of the screen my broken head cannot tell if its fetish content its an enigma to me I do not understand the concept of a foot fetish
is there any other cringekino (not)pornography genres this amazing goddess diva is pumping out? or better yet interactions with brown curry poo poo smelling aryans of the master caste surely she must have at least a few cow shit eaters orbiting her by sending complements of "filthy bitch show bob an vagin i very rich must marry you" every hazbin has literal rapists hounding them for nudes

Inb4 tl;dr reeee fuck off penishead stop asking questions,posting and just read this is our coven girls* only.
J U S T way to much content to sort, so many gems far to many chests&doors. This is full blown sensory overload; I can't turn away. This is a gift that keeps on giving and should be shared too everyone. Not only as entertainment but as a grim warning that mental illness is no joke. Even as a full time job for two people, this is just beyond legally insane.
Imagine if they used this autism for something meaningful or useful. They'd be making money instead of burning it as well as popular and get that respect they yearn so much for.

No. 873249

Remember nonnies, women are the bad catty evil ones to Lillee. We're bitches sure, but this is what men do. This is what Lillee wants.

No. 873250

>but this is what men do
pray tell what is wrong with reading and watching a nonstop modern art master piece? I only wish to watch a mother abuse her muse of a daughter. By breaking the boundaries of schizophrenic high art. She is the artist, not I. I have no intentions of heckling a master as she works her craft. God fucking forbid the act ends due to some spectator being retarded ruining an artists momentum,passion and most important of all becoming lucid to this delusional insanity.

No. 873251


Wait until you find out Laur and Lillee check this thread multiple times a day. Put in that midna request now weirdo nonners.

No. 873257

I've always been a little wary of the "no boys allowed" mentality on this site but after reading this … I get it. Possessing a penis not only makes you stupid, it also gives you verbal diarrhea.

lmao do you even know where you are

No. 873258


Look gang Lillee finally did an article on something she's got experience in. Loving herself.

No. 873260

you're the schizophrenic dude

No. 873264

File: 1649526503748.jpeg (408.06 KB, 828x1037, 602D4269-1DD0-4918-A43D-C3C924…)

I’m 99% sure that someone other than the Truemans wrote out the answers to these questions.

Picrel is Lillee trying to get rid of the first amendment kek

No. 873267

Has she ever onlined what the change would actually be? You know in clear and concise manner. All I have ever seen is her say is it needs to change but never how or giving an example.

No. 873272

i think so too, nonna. this and the previous interview post have perfect punctuation, which isn't something lj or laur are capable of. they're probably running their submissions through some spell check software, because wasting money on a ghost writer/editor for articles nobody reads is too much even for them

No. 873274

>The challenge of staying focused, and not giving a breeding ground to people who belong to this cyber criminal group
w-wait you girls* are mobster terrorists. Am I on a list now?
>In order to be healthy mentally and physically, one needs to develop a positive attitude towards themselves.
>Routines tend to hold people back
>My mental health and comfort zone are two things I constantly strive to improve.
>Forgive those who have wronged you
>Every day, make an effort to be kind to others.
top kek the ironings as an armchair online psychologist this Ai generated article is hilarious

>I truly enjoy listening to ocean sounds

oh Lillee do you miss home? do you miss your pod? before Laur stole you from the bulga exhibit at sea world and convicted you were human after years of grooming and the psychological torment
you belong to be free away from the internet and society back home

Lillee listen to me the human world is a mess life under the sea is better than anything they got up here darling its better down where its wetter take it from me up on the shore they work all day out in the sun they slave away return to the sea since life is sweeter under the sea

No. 873280

… maybe he really shouldn't have made the new video, it was starting to get too chill in here and this new fuckwit is making things weird

No. 873282

File: 1649536792736.webm (2.45 MB, 400x718, actor.webm)

I watched a live she did 2 days ago. Someone must have asked her about being a beauty guru and it really rustled her jimmies. She ended the live 3 minutes after this moment.
>Everything somebody does when they create their own content is acting. I produce my own stuff, I direct my own stuff, I don't identify as somebody who does makeup tutorials. I am an entertainer, I have my own talk show. I have my own film that I'm working on, going to submit to festivals, it will debut on other platforms. I think acting is a broad term.

No. 873283

>I am an entertainer,
Finally some truth and not a blatant lie nor diverging/deflecting. Now if only she admits as to what kind of entertainer she is. I wonder tho something tells me she lacks an inner monologue.

No. 873284

me when i wore 3 bras to middle school to make my boobs look bigger (thanks jenna marbles)

No. 873287

the callouts needs to leave them be. that way lj will fade into obscurity exactly like how she deserves (and she's already on that path at this point). by now it should have become obvious that these half-assed attempts at exposing them only deepen the attic goblins' delusion, lead to a diarrheal flood of smoothbrains into farms and result in some wimp getting doxxed by laur.

No. 873295

Sunnyv2's video has over 1M views already

No. 873296

and the madlad doesn't even bring up how fuckning bat shit insane they are barely talking about Laur too her instagram twitter youtube tikitok anything ever involving google godaddy etc in the future are about to be permab& and blacklisted forever by next week

No. 873301

Remember when the prevailing tinfoil theory was that LJ is secretly 40 years old? I still low-key believe that, especially when I see her granny mouth

No. 873310

She’s 20 years old you fucking idiots

No. 873311

At least I'm not so retarded that I don't know what a joke is

No. 873318

wheres the birth certificate huh I bet shes not even american

No. 873334

Damn. Laur is getting pissed that you're saying her "perfect dainty little pale doll-faced princess" (kek) is 40.

You're ruining the image of Lillee that she's trying and (failing miserably to) sell.

No. 873336

Not possible. She's got the mouth of a 50 year old who lost the battle against scurvy and the maturity of a 27 month old. The desperate need to look pale is a red flag for being a vampire, so that's another 1,847 years on the board. All in all I project her real age to be about 2,393 years- or around 69 in human years. My calculation might be too generously low based on appearance alone but I did subtract all the years she lived in La La Land rather than Earth.

No. 873405

It's sad how she sounds like a young child. It shows that she's stunted.

No. 873409

>desperate need to look pale is a red flag for being a vampire,

How dare you insult a race of passionate, loving and cursed creatures. Lillee is not blessed by the embrace. True she is not human but this anti-vampire rhetoric sentiment is just uncalled for. (((Werewolf))) paws wrote this post or Cain forgive me saying this a d*mon.
#kindredlivesmatter #notallvampires

No. 873430

Unless you want to face the wrath of other anons here, please sage your stuff

No. 873431

File: 1649624909149.jpeg (642.98 KB, 828x1660, FFFA082A-78C7-4B0D-A99A-956108…)

Lillee, close your fucking mouth!!!

No. 873492

File: 1649698422698.jpeg (178.96 KB, 850x661, 827CC842-F12C-4B9C-B551-C41B8C…)

Still gaining and losing the same 2k subs

No. 873507

Has anyone seen this before? Did i miss it? It says it’s from 2016 but I haven’t seen it on her yt until now.

What the hell happened to her? I honestly liked her in the video: she seemed fun, a little bit crazy but in a good way. Actually entertaining for a change

No. 873509

She must have recently made this public. It’s shocking how far she’s regressed in 5-6 years. I’m pretty sure this is the look she used for the gay pride post where she said black people owned so slaves so they should stop complaining. How funny it was originally a Marvel look. And holy shit whatever she’s doing for her skin now is better than what she was doing back then. That acne looks painful.

No. 873511

jesus christ it looks like she'd been picking and scratching at it like badly

No. 873535

>Next up is my favorite part which is cream contour!
Lillee what happened? When did contouring become your enemy?

No. 873537


I actually like her in this. She could have got a decent genuine following if she carried on with this instead of going batshit crazy with that fake high pitch voice and slight variations of the same makeup look posted dozens of times like that Chanel suit Marge Simpson gets

No. 873541

File: 1649715229744.png (298.59 KB, 497x600, Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 6.10…)

Might be nitpik but how hard is it to tuck the cuff of your sleeve INWARDS so it looks like the top is meant to fit? I get that even if she did that, it's clear the proportions of that top is all wrong but showing how long the sleeve is compared to how short your arm is does not help.

No. 873542

Proof enough how toxic Laur is for anyone to spend any time with, much less your entire adolescence.

No. 873550

Damn… i never watched any of her old videos. She looks normal and speaks more eloquently. This is so strange!

No. 873570

this was back when she had recent social interaction with other people her age. she really has regressed so much after being removed from school and stuck at home with her momager

No. 873590

Looks like she’s wearing a fucking straight jacket

No. 873593

Wow she sounds here like another person

No. 873598

File: 1649738357307.jpeg (269.77 KB, 828x457, C1F564F4-9EE7-43FE-B651-6AB5B0…)

It looks awful

No. 873599

File: 1649738419783.jpeg (252.03 KB, 828x462, 0A9431B9-170E-434C-9F70-27E85C…)

Let’s not get carried away here

No. 873600

File: 1649738641611.jpeg (490.95 KB, 677x1280, 3CC92305-183C-4912-B5DC-13089D…)

No. 873602

Is that… chickpeas??
Between this picture and the weird milk-soup/pasta she posted, I'm starting to believe that the Truemans can't afford proper food at the moment.

No. 873603

it's peas out of a can. She likes her bland, overcooked, mushy veg. It's lazy food. For lazy people.

No. 873604

Just the lower voice pitch helps so much. But i did notice she has a slight lisp in the older videos and i feel like it came back a bit in the new couple of videos.

No. 873611

File: 1649769793975.jpeg (402.3 KB, 828x1469, E8DC01E1-19AD-4742-980B-21C7DE…)

You tell them, Lilz

No. 873617

They uploaded a couple of these unhinged videos to their Bullyish channel.
>Since she was 18, Lillee Jean's reputation has been ruined. The woman who created these rumors, lies, and deception created a cult around her called the Lillee Jean Clone Cult, and Panti-Cult. It was an online cult that attacked a teenager at the time. As of 2019, the first rumor, about COVERGIRL, has been debunked. Lillee Jean WAS on the billboard, proudly. The second rumor, about the Met Gala, is a bit simpler. It was just a joke. It was a fan edit. Lillee Jean's mom tagged #firework, to show it's KATY PERRY in the background. The stalker twisted that. The followers. Lillee Jean has demonstrated her following time and time again through her show Lillee Jean TALKS!, and her fans coming on live video. The abuse is continuous, and it ends with Bullyish. Bullyish aims to inform people about online cults, middle-aged women attacking children online, and internet safety.

No. 873618

Middle-aged women? kek why does she always use age as an insult? Hilarious. Reading that whole thing made me laugh.

No. 873619

Considering Lillee looks middle aged, it’s a hilarious insult.

No. 873620

She was actually a kid then. Just looks like some girl having a lot of fun following make up trends. (Man were they ugly back then.) If anything it seems honest. LJ is talking about how a product messed with her skin, so someone browsing through products with her type of skin would find it helpful. She has contour but she just blends it with all that white achieving nothing. Thing is that it's so exploratory that you feel like this person, being the age she is, will grow to have some fun stuff in the future.

Even though LJ is a brat, these videos are proof that Laur has more to do with her unnerving way of speaking than LJ just being an autismo. Funny that the only thing that LJ kept from this time period is that terrible "modeling" pout and not her manner of speaking, speech or the ability to not look like a narcissist.

No. 873621

Yall, are we a cult? Since when?
And "PANTI-CULT"? What does that even mean? I resent the fact that as a "cult" we weren't even allowed to choose our own name?
Its unhinged!

No. 873623

Panticult came from an episode of Diane’s livestream where they joined Unicult. It had nothing to do with Laur or Lillee. Clone cult sounds like something they made up.

No. 873624

Laur’s extreme boomer misogyny influenced Lillee a lot so now she uses these tired insults all the time

No. 873627

File: 1649788477024.jpeg (1003.18 KB, 1170x1906, FF22964D-C2DB-4403-B0E8-8A3294…)

from her Instagram stories

No. 873630

I know she @'s to look like she's sponsored or whatever, and I don't know or care what brand this is, but if I were in charge of branding or marketing or whatever to do with this product, I would want this taken down. This image does not flatter this or any product in any way. Everything about this image is gross and unnatural. It is not attractive. It is extremely, extremely down market to say the least.

No. 873631

File: 1649792496150.jpeg (624.62 KB, 668x1184, B13464A7-7976-46CA-8D12-FB0184…)

She’s been very active on ig stories since that new video came out

No. 873637

So what is her logic with all these gross new photos? that she has a terrible diet? her taste in food is baser than basic (a metaphor for pretty much all else)? She doesn't know how to take good photos of food for her life? How is sad grilled chicken sloppily smeared with sauces in climate unfriendly unsustainable plastic take out containers "queen"?

No. 873644


Especially when Lillee has said multiple times how much she dislikes the term boomer.

It's also ridiculous how they say Lillee was eighteen but that Diane went after her when she was a child. Laur really doesn't have Lillee convinced she's now and forever just a tiny, helpless baby.

I really hope this gets into some film festivals. Lillee will be even more of a laughingstock than she is now.

No. 873651

Is nobody gonna mention that the straw is upside down? I almost pissed myself laughing

No. 873652

If Laur wants to talk about middle-aged women attacking children online then she'd better look in the mirror.

No. 873654

She's a fat virgin who can't drive

No. 873670

kek I noticed it too

No. 873671

This made me notice that Lillee is hiding her amount of subscribers on her Bullyish, Lillee Jean Talks and Lillee jean Beauty channels… I wonder why kek.

No. 873678

Laur's way past the middle of her life. Especially considering her height to weight ratio.

No. 873680

>her height to weight ratio
1:1 kek

No. 873688

File: 1649846873858.png (165.81 KB, 888x256, fke views.png)

Suddenly those videos have a thousand views except for one.

No. 873689

First teaser for her documentary is out

No. 873690

File: 1649854686939.png (774.47 KB, 828x900, B28999DC-54E1-4D36-82DC-EC1B60…)

Somebody mailed them an egg pod

No. 873691

File: 1649854929848.jpeg (157.14 KB, 828x453, 135E4940-3F96-4591-8DB0-A2E179…)

They dodged an APS visit

No. 873692

As we expected, this isn't a documentary looking at the issue of cyber boolying, it's just more "Wah, everyone is being soooo meeeaaan to me"

No. 873694

"This story, will tell the true story, of this tragic obsession, with Lillee Jean" so no reporting on cyberbullying then, it's just about Lillee like always. Looking forward to what "justice" she's going to do.
One day we are manipulated children the other day we are middle aged women, why is it so hard for her to admit than even women her age don't like her? Literally no age category likes her it seems

No. 873696

There’s tape listed on the receipt. Wasn’t the Jona Mikey sock tweeting about a missing tape? Lillee just outted Laur as Jona Mikey kek

No. 873699

Went back through old threads to make a timeline:

-Last week of Feb 21, LJ visits dentist
-March 4th 2021 APS show up
-A few days after the wellness check is called in, Lillee livestreams from her closet >>823654

I guess the dentist did call APS

No. 873701

File: 1649862211931.jpg (65.87 KB, 1287x624, dislikes.JPG)

Dislikes used to be disabled on her channel, but now they can be seen.

No. 873703

Bar a bunch screenshots of nasty DMs and insults from lolcow/KF, this is mostly just pictures of cold hard evidence for all her lies, how's that bullying lmao?

No. 873705

Exactly. These are mostly hilarious outings of her and her mother's lies and nastiness. She's trying to manipulate and gaslight by editing all of this to show how "bullied" she is, but they are just cold hard receipts of her racism, doxing, transphobia, and general unpleasantness. If this goes big, which it never will, does she not think that Diane and others will come out and very articulately provide proof of all the lying and harm those two have caused? Any unbiased party looking to understand all of this - hell, let's say someone who's only seen lj's side who wants to delve a little deeper - will see how clearly and intelligently the receipts are presented by all the others, then see the distorted, twisted, inarticulate, nonsensical way lj and laur present themselves and it will all be clear.

No. 873710

>Based on a true story. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental.

No. 873711

File: 1649866236772.jpeg (230.08 KB, 1170x647, 292398AA-7944-489C-9C52-6B6230…)

they really hate ancestor anon

No. 873712

Oh my god this is hysterical. For the last what, year Lillee's been talking about an anti bullying documentary as if it was gonna cover cyberbullying on a large scale but of course, it's ALL about her!

And to top it off she's still TRYING to make it sound relatable! Middle aged women are totally indoctrinating our children into cults, and it's a huge, relatable problem!

Christ alive. Lillee, do you think this narrative is going to sway or convince anyone in Hollywood or show business? It makes you sound like a Qanon conspiracy theorist.

If you think this is your chance to flip the narrative and turn tides in your favor, Bestie. It sounds FAR more outlandish than you buying a following and getting your mom to dox people who asked who you were.

No. 873716

File: 1649868789474.jpeg (795.88 KB, 1170x1637, F4581215-B3FF-408F-B215-95BE9F…)

>>you will have to wait and see in the final production

the description makes her sound like a lunatic

No. 873717


SERIOUSLY. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

No. 873718

15 1/2 years old. Yes, we all care about the specifics. My god, it sounds like she’s yelling at her “viewers” she even sounds like a bully making a video on “bullies”

No. 873720

If I’m remembering correctly, the first wave callouts were pretty sympathetic towards Lillee and directing most of their criticisms at Laur. Even in the screenshots she shows, most of those people were bitching about things Laur did. The negative $20k bank account picture was in response to Laur saying Diane hacked her corporate accounts and made off with $20k. Lillee’s not even the star of her own bullying documentary kek

No. 873729

File: 1649873579998.jpeg (496.88 KB, 659x1184, 33C5122C-C35D-4E81-936B-CC8DE1…)

No. 873730

She just keeps getting younger. Diane and her round of call outs didn't say shit about lillee or Laur until lillee was 18, but adults criticizing adults isn't bullying. "every single day", no one but a few tweets on Twitter haven't mentioned her outside of the farms in months. Always a victim lillee, please grow up.

No. 873732

If anything she's bullying herself if that makes sense?

She could just ignore forums completely and get on with her life but instead chooses to spend every waking hour when she's not spamming her insta with awful makeup looks or doing live vids with her engagement pod.

I think if she decides to sit and read all these comments the only person she's inflicting any damage to is herself. Yes people write mean comments but that doesn't mean you have to choose and read each one Lillee, God.

No. 873734

Is she claiming a boolie sent it? The invoice says February 2021, they had their twitters and I don't recall any type of meltdown. When tired lady got her eggs Laur made posts about it, so I don't buy it. Also PCH is for boomers. Tinfoil, Laur ordered these herself.

No. 873736

File: 1649875635371.jpeg (176.89 KB, 828x636, 62EFFB9A-9578-4C1D-9DBF-FDB06B…)

They bought 36k views today

No. 873739

File: 1649879846047.jpg (239.59 KB, 1894x1015, 1.7gpa.jpg)

It's been a while since I paid attention to her overall social blade stats, but I'm pretty sure she had been maintaining a B- rating and an estimated annual income of $11K (don't know how accurate that is, but it's at least a little bit of income) until these recent subbotting sprees. It was dumb when she and Laur were wasting their gov't checks to essentially tread water with their engagement, but now they're spending that money and winding up worse off than where they started. It's like they've gotten sucked into the social media equivalent of a payday loan.

No. 873747

File: 1649892473382.jpeg (750.44 KB, 1170x1642, AD0DC742-BE93-476F-9582-49FA93…)

>>uh the first teaser for bullyish is up. The trailer will be up more towards spring and regular distribution will be..well…next year to be honest. But I’m really excited for you guys to uhm see it, enjoy it, take it in.

She posted a really strange livestream this morning.

She’s in the corner of her cramped closet/bedroom acting as if Bullyish has been picked up by a production company for distribution. It’s like she doesn’t even do basic research on a lie before she just blurts it out. Lillee, Spring is right now. So your trailer is coming out now? And this was the best bits you could get for a teaser? if your movie was already picked up for distribution, you’d have been paid. There would be promotional stuff from a studio not this iMovie. And promotional stuff wouldn’t be released through your YouTube channel with 5 subs, it would be released by the distribution company. I thought Laur worked in Hollywood kek

No. 873756

File: 1649895587789.webm (15.74 MB, 720x1282, 10000000_1465954447152591_8912…)


for the girlies who are blocked from her ig, or in case she deletes. anon is right, her demeanor is extremely strange here. maybe it's not that deep, but i'm reading barely hidden rage in her face, voice and body language, especially at the end where she's "thanking" imaginary fans. she is really channeling laur's saggy titty attic floor yt diatribes.

No. 873763


Jesus this is absolutely bizarre.

No. 873765

This is so much worse than I imagined. Entertainers will get nasty comments posted and rumors spread about them all the time..moreso the ones with 1million followers. Why does she think she's exempt?
I kekked at the transition to the egg pod with absolutely zero context. It looks like a blooper. The Dracula-esque music at the end was funny as well.

No. 873766


Honestly, I'm absolutely delighted for this documentary. She's seriously going with her crackhead cult narrative. It's just self immolation at this point.

No. 873786

God, her remaining dolphin teeth look so bizarre beside the two adult teeth, especially with the spacing on her bottom arch getting tighter. They're so out of place and it's even more obvious now that they look like they're dead too. Going through that much pain and money to look worse is unfortunate.

No. 873787

Her body language is just nervous fidgeting because she knows nobody cares about her. The script she's reading reads in her head as "I hope you're proud Mom!" Then there is the bit about Bullyish actually nit airing until NEXT YEAR and the way she said it is a mixture of disappointment and someone who knows they are telling a lie. This whole teaser was BS.

Girl if you want people to like you, come clean about the abuse from your mother and find help.

No. 873795

File: 1649932440631.jpeg (842.69 KB, 1170x1624, 1131E45C-43A6-471B-B5FD-0F4588…)

>>spread awareness about online cults

she used the same unhinged description on Instagram kek. How long until she realizes how embarrassing this is and deletes everything bullyish…like she did with Lillee Jean Cosmetics & Lillee Jean Fashion

No. 873797

File: 1649937312882.jpeg (427.47 KB, 1170x1700, 654AB50A-649D-4F1B-92E0-849E5F…)

James Dee is still around. Will he be appearing in her online cult documentary? Mario and their baby were victims of the cult. Shouldn’t their voices be heard too, Lillee??

No. 873813



No. 873814


Oh yes they do this with all their personal accounts and all the sock accounts they still remember the passwords to to boost engagement. I'd have to dig for it but they even do it with the account that supposedly won one of the giveaways lillee swindled some makeup company into hosting (not the most recent one but one of them).

No. 873816

It doesn’t help Lillee’s case that Diane’s accounts have been inactive for a very long time. If she’s running a cult, wouldn’t she need to be visible to recruit more children? She’s been doing this to Lillee since she was 15 but she just stops? It’s more likely people call her out, get bored because Laur and Lillee double down and the few years later someone new discovers them and starts calling them out. It happened with delusionalartist/r then BGC/r then Primink and now this SunnyV guy. It’s not a huge conspiracy.

No. 873824


This documentary isn't for anyone who actually does research. Lillee's no longer interested in trying to get a real audience, right now they're only trying to make it LOOK like she has one to the hollywood big wigs Laur is convinced they can swindle and the imagined highschool bullies Lillee's convinced this is totally showing up.

No. 873887

She went live on YouTube about a half hour ago. She says she had 143 viewers but I don’t believe it. 75% of the livestream is her typing and looking at her phone while her mic is accidentally muted. At one point she gets visibly pissed off at something on the computer screen and pushes it. She’s behaving so strange lately. Hope everything is ok in the attic.

No. 873893

Video is private now.

No. 873895

are we witnessing a new lillee era? IP2 crew lillee when? how exciting

No. 873899


c'mon anon, you couldn't preserve this milk? did anyone get a copy of it before she made it private?

No. 873915

does she only eat chicken?
craaaap i always miss it

No. 873919

File: 1650021706371.jpeg (513.75 KB, 1170x1278, 85EC7939-7E9A-454D-8496-102D00…)

someone left a comment on sunnyv2’s video confirming Lillee uses engagements pods

No. 873920

I wonder what kind of brainrot causes someone to type like this.

No. 873925

File: 1650024912387.jpeg (466.1 KB, 2048x2048, 86B2568E-F2E9-4769-BF2C-E07746…)

Lillee’s back on her dmca bullshit. Tried to claim this creators video even though the creator didn’t show any clips of Lillee, literally just followed the makeup tutorial.

No. 873928

We always knew this project was to serve Lillie and Lillie only, but she’s never made it so obvious before. We’ve gone from her saying it’s vaguely about cyberbullying to just dropping all pretense and admitting it’s all about ME, LJ and how much -I- am bullied EVERY DAY and hard MY life is and how people are such MEANIES to me AHHH. The petulant, stunted, spoiled brat is really coming out.

No. 873930

>online cult

Her name is Roberta Paulson.
Her name is Roberta Paulson.
Her name is Roberta Paulson.
Her name is Roberta Paulson.

Everyone smiles with that invisible gun to their head. This is your life Lillee and its ending one moment at a time.

No. 873933

She thinks its peak healthy so this is her way of patting herself on the back for eating such a healthy meal. gotta at least get clout.

No. 873950

She made a response video too basically calling Lillee out for being pathetic.

No. 873953

she’s hilarious i love her vibe. Ngl thanks Lillee for showing me a new channel to sub to

No. 873957

Sniffs selfpost alert

No. 873961

Thanks anon, was going to post the video myself but you beat me to it. She's super smart and articulate explaining what's going on. Watched her original video following the "tutorial" and it was hilarious!

No. 873969

Not sure how I missed this one but this has good receipts. Shows long uncut rants of hers. Personal favorite (picrel):
>"Nobody's the victim here but Lillee Fucking Jean! I am the victim here! With this amazing filter!"

No. 873970

File: 1650055857328.jpg (115.59 KB, 947x746, Untitled.jpg)

Not sure why the picrel didn't show but here it is. Again:
>"Nobody's the victim here but Lillee Fucking Jean! I am the victim here! With this amazing filter!"

No. 873980

File: 1650063955210.png (2.71 MB, 659x3569, A6D3E08F-C2EC-4A9D-B85A-FB9EAD…)

Lillee went outside today

No. 873989

To do what? What did she accomplish by going outside? It's so sad to get dressed, put makeup on, pose in the driver's seat pretending to look like she can drive, and have her mother take a few photos of her outside in daylight doing absolutely nothing. Meet no one. Go nowhere interesting or fun. Just a few pictures then go home and change into her jammies and scour the net for dmca opportunities. Beyond sad.

No. 873990

This is the best she’s looked. Are they taking anons advice and finally taking pictures out in the huge city they inhabit?

No. 873992

File: 1650069429911.png (142.47 KB, 293x400, Untitled.png)

Anons mentioned poorly hidden rage in a prior live and this one I would say has it too. It's in the way that she smiles. It's weirdly aggressive and contains no joy.

And speaking of no joy, it's terribly sad for someone with a million followers to mention celebrating her birthday (several times in this very short video) is going to be so much "fun" and the only thing she mentions is shopping. No seeing Pheepy, going out with friends, or even a low key party at James Dee's house. There's nothing wrong with going shopping with your mom but it is tremendously pathetic to be such a beloved worldwide celebrity and turning 21, only to go nowhere and have no irl friends to celebrate it with.

She knows this. So her smiles and laughter and promoting her birthday in a live with people she doesn't really know make it all the more deranged and pitiful.

No. 873994

Without a doubt–and it already looks SO MUCH BETTER LILLEE. Like I you're terrible but you look cute here!

No. 873998

Kek. I love how LJ created this fake boyfriend to look more popular, but it was one of her most horrible, embarrassing moments. They're lucky they're NOT FAMOUS because they'd be torn apart by encouraging pedophilia.

No. 874000

I agree that something seems off. She usually drops the Disney Princess facade when she goes live. She thinks since they dropped the bullyish trailer, Hollywood is finally watching or some bullshit. Whatever the reason, its good she’s finally getting out of the attic and having some interaction with people. Even if it’s just sitting in a store parking lot while Laur runs in to pick up some more canned beans & milk noodles.

No. 874006

why does she always look like she's blowing on soup (or sucking a leprechaun's dick??)

No. 874013

She’s really insecure about her thin lips so she does this retarded pout to make them look bigger

No. 874016

It cracks me up in this set of photos because it's so consistent, it's like she's a blow up doll come to life, like a sleazy version of the movie "Mannequin"

No. 874021

Well you sniff badly
any photo that might have look slightly good for the first time (it doesn't anyway the white is burned to the max as always) in her life she ruis with her mouth

No. 874022

That mask looks edited on to me, anyone else?

No. 874023

(why are the sauce cups inside the plate keks)
Anons, at this point I'm fully convinced those story are low quality baits so she can get screenshots of us telling how disgusting and unhealthy her food is.

No. 874025

>Lillee, Spring is right now. So your trailer is coming out now?
She never leaves the attic, she's completely losing track of time/seasons.
She anounced it "soon" last september, I think?
She plans Halloween in july/august, does the xmas deco in october until late may keks. She mistake one season with another (ej summer holidays). Her timeline is a complete mess.

No. 874026

Lillee Jean can go suck a double headed dildo on a hovercraft and get fucked up the ass by a donkey.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 874028


It is 100% edited on. The painted on bias/seam at the top is the only true black in the entire video and has no definition - just flat black, and the mask itself is sheer. Sad faces are all pixelated compared to how blurry and filtered the rest of it is.

No. 874029

No. 874032

It's a filter she used at the start of the video. for some reason. She likes to "stay safe" of covid, although at this point it's becoming a weaker and weaker excuse for her not to leave the house, see people (she doesn't have friends or know anyone to hang with), or go to events (she's not invited to anything).

The sad faces on the mask filter make it even more telling of how she really feels, since it's such a contrast to the fake excitement and happiness she is trying to portray over her birthday.

No. 874035

Lillee selfposting so she has content for the trailer

No. 874037

patiently waiting for mods to compile and release the posts written by lj and laur

No. 874049

I don’t get why she does this. Does she really think people won’t go look at the content themselves to see if anything she says has actual merit?
If people are legitimately interested in her. They’d go look up the lolcow threads themselves.

If she’s looking to try and make it look like the threads here about her are full of stuff like that then as per usual she’s doing a craptacular job of it.

No. 874078

File: 1650136488029.jpeg (228.38 KB, 828x737, 0C60E5FF-ACB3-4B2A-B3B8-67A000…)

From her new beauty blog post. What does she think commas are for?

No. 874089

what does being a "native" NYer have to do with following NY guidelines? You either do or you don't if you are living here. She loves to mention she is a native NYer but she does nothing to promote the city, take advantage of the arts, or anything that makes it an awesome place to live. Just taking advantage of free social services maybe, and free food pantry.

No. 874110

>>874089 LOL that and I am a native NYer and COVID is basically over here. Very few places ask you to wear a mask anymore and I am no longer being asked for my vax information before I sit down to eat somewhere. She's an idiot.

No. 874112


I thought it probably was but didn't want to watch her live to find it and be blocked from her Insta.

Was hoping this would be a link to it as I couldn't find the filter anywhere, maybe not available in my country.


No. 874128

Is Laur still illegally subletting?

No. 874138

File: 1650197410742.jpg (171.74 KB, 1150x977, the8thpassenger.jpg)

I'd say there's a lot of sadness too. She stays inside the car while Laur does all the shopping, so much fun indeed…

Her face and lips looks so swollen and maybe the edited mask was meant to hide it. And the way she repeats like a broken record:
>my birthday is coming, it'll be so much fun, I'll go shopping and uuuh …soooo much fun… Hiiiiiiii

Jeez LJ, how is going out shopping something special?

No. 874139

For someone so paranoid about being doxxed, it wasn't very smart of her to leave the huge store sign in her background…

No. 874141

That appears to be a Haagen-dazs delivery truck, anon

No. 874156


There are about 5 or 6 Häagen-Dazs shops within 20 minutes of their house, so she was likely still in her own neighborhood

No. 874157

no one’s looking up ice cream deliveries to dox the attic goblins. seriously. this stinks of self post in order to generate content for their stupid vanity project.

No. 874161

Agreed, Anon. They've already doxed themselves so many times, anyway. This provides no new information

No. 874163


Did I miss the post where someone suggested tracking ice cream deliveries, or are anons more paranoid than Laur?

No. 874164

Advance apologies for not saging if this was already posted but I have not seen a post with a link to this video.

Only just found it today and thought it was a simple and direct commentary very succinctly pointing out the problems with her so-called doc.

Her main point is about lj and others' tendency to confuse (deliberately or not) criticism with bullying. It's a convenient way to avoid taking accountability for the wrong things you did. What lj is really saying is, "you hurt my feelings!" and if that is the case, it is up to her to figure out how to manage her feelings.

No. 874165


It’s a delivery truck. Anon stated how many stores were within 20 minutes of the attic, alluding to the truck delivering ice cream to one of these stores. If it’s not the goblins trying to get screenshots for the doc, it’s incredibly stupid to post and ice cream anon needs to get a life.

No. 874180

File: 1650240332623.jpg (176.31 KB, 1169x868, Untitled.jpg)

Not sure how this content creator popped up in the algorithm, but upon first glance thought it was lj. The resemblance is quite uncanny. Don't know their content at all to draw comparisons, just purely going by the look (cami, glasses, etc). Apparently this person looks different in other videos so it seems it's just the look they happened to choose for this one. Picrel

No. 874185

That’s a man lol

No. 874186

dont be a cunt. we're better than lillee at the very least dude.

No. 874187

You must be new to lolcow nonny

No. 874188

It's interesting that the creator of this video has some sort of disability, because when the goblins inevitably go after her, they can look even more ridiculous/predatory than usual.

No. 874192

I think it's for that very reason they just might leave her alone… but then again, they are terrible people so who knows how they will spin this into bullying.

No. 874193

No matter how ugly, the goblin at least looks and is an actual woman and not some fat giant man

No. 874196

There's no need for that Laur. This person is genderfluid and does not identify one way or the other. Your and lilee's transphobia have been proven with receipts.

No. 874197

boooooooo. troll better

No. 874199

you sound about as authentic as Shaniqua kek

No. 874203

That person is an obvious man. Open your eyes. Nobody cares about this fat man. … But now that I have been forced to look at him, I'd say he and LJ are about equally attractive.

No. 874215

File: 1650264800830.png (3.38 MB, 750x9520, milestone.png)

in case moralfag mini mod anon is right, let me contribute to the screenshots for the bullyish docu: happy birthday dear! after 6 years together you're finally old enough to have a glass of wine when your 30 year old fake french fiance takes you out for a romantic dinner.

seriously though these shoutouts are sad. i guess the bots were instructed to pick from a few pre approved photos to send their wish.

No. 874216

You are on lolcow most of us hate troons here get over it. It doesn't meean we are Laur, just means we see trhrough men's autism and don't encourage it.

No. 874217

File: 1650266660248.png (252.15 KB, 1740x933, Blueberry1bunny.png)

They're still trying to get Lillee a Wikipedia page. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Blueberry1bunny/sandbox This is a draft for a page.

No. 874218

File: 1650266897347.png (131.83 KB, 1739x840, Blueberry1bunny.png)

I love how their only other edits are edits on random pages for "Grammar" but are just adding their signature commas.

No. 874222

This obsession they have with the wiki page is truly so insane. It's been years they tried over and over again.
Even if the mods would publish Lj and Laur rubish lies, it wouldn't make her famous.
Guess the everypedia page wasn't a gate to wikipedia after all.

No. 874223

The shoutouts is probably from people in her engagement pod

It seems like that for the goblins a Wikipedia-page is the ultimate sign that you've made it and everything a wikipedia page says must be true. Even as they edit her own wikipedia/everpedia/youtubepedia or whatever they seem to forget that nobody with half a braincell relies on wikipedia as a serious source of truthful information.
However Wikipedia seems to be a bit more strict with their sources, so they wouldn't be able to add unlated and stupid footnotes like on Lillee's youtubewiki, and if people could provide proper sources they would probably be allowed to add a "controversies" section to her wiki that Lillee would not be able to remove kek.

No. 874230

I don’t think it’s most. Just the loudest banshees.

I wonder if Lillee with do a photo shoot with some shitty boomer drink today.

No. 874237


Too bad you can't buy alcohol with SNAP. Earl will have to part with even more of his disability check to cover the extra boxes of franzia

No. 874241

considering how many posts here criticize Lillee and laur for their gross transphobic comments, i think maybe you're just a piece of shit. Don't cut yourself on that edge bruv.

No. 874244

you mean the very little posts? Go back to twitter handmaiden

No. 874245

nonnie I appreciate you standing up for a youtube rando but unfortunately on this website it will fall on deaf ears. The farms hate trans people more than nazis and that's not going to change anytime soon. Even though it is just another example of Lillie and Laur being hypocritical about bullying this just isn't the place to discuss it.

No. 874247

File: 1650303813701.png (778.58 KB, 704x1150, Screenshot 2022-04-18 at 18.40…)

I've jsut watched LJ's birthday reel, big tinfoil but this mask filter feels like some kinda cry for help. Why would she choose it while talking about how great and exciting her birthday's gonna be?
I have a suspicion this is gonna turn out to be some sorta Gypsy Rose Blanchard/Venus Angelic case in the near-future.

No. 874252

it’s just a filter lmao

No. 874253


I don't know about that, anon. Venus and Gypsy Rose both had people who "helped" them get away from their mothers. Phillippe can't exactly whisk her off in the night to get married in France, and not even her most ardent Pradip cares enough to pull a Nick Godejohn. If Lils has reached a breaking point and intends to make some kind of big change, she would have to be doing it all on her own and I just don't see that happening. She can't even walk to the end of their driveway unless Mommaire is there to provide copious praise and emotional support.

No. 874255

No. 874258

Is it bad that she looks a little bit like Lana Del Rey in these?

No. 874260


For any anon debating whether or not to spend 10 mins watching this: don't bother. 30% of it is random clips from the handful of manic videos/lives she posted last week. She mentions "shopping" about 10 times with nary a shopping bag in sight. The rest of it is barely audible royalty-free music over a slideshow of Lillee doing 294761 versions of the same dead-eyed pose for a "photoshoot" in the piss-encrusted entryway of what appears to be be a defunct movie theater. The only thing remotely entertaining is the 15 seconds of Lillee wobbling and lurching like a zombie in her heels at around the 3:30 mark. It's probably safe to say that she didn't do anything at all special for her supposed week-long birthday celebration.

No. 874261

so sad she doesn't know what fun is

No. 874272

File: 1650318329682.jpeg (126.09 KB, 1169x650, EAFBBA23-3B78-4923-ACE7-4EC787…)

Lillee’s chauffeur makes a brief appearance

No. 874274

it's these moments I feel briefly sorry for her. imagine your 21st birthday celebrations just being driven to a side street by your mom to take photos of you in a dress you don't even own to upload to a website you pay people to like.
she said in the post she had celebrations before her actual birthday but she obviously didn't meet anybody other than laur and earl if he's still alive, and that's only because they all live in the same cupboard

it's so tragic, if she wasn't such a brat I'd want to help her

No. 874282


Anon, you are so right on about the wobbling - it is hilarious! It is so clear those heels pinch and hurt and she can't walk in them.

If these are the highlights of her 21st birthday WEEK, it is very, very sad indeed. No friends, no actual footage of her shopping adventures, no fun getaway trips, nothing. Even Pheepy has stopped sending her flowers! And who does she think she's fooling by saying hi to her friends from the driver's seat while her mother is out of the car? What does she think she is gaining by trying to give the impression she can drive? That she's fiercely independent? It's all so ridiculous.

No. 874285

Same anon. I feel sorry for the briefest of
moments…then it passes. What is really sad is that this is her 21st birthday - it’s usually a big deal to turn 21 because now you can legally drink but that seems to be lost on LJ.

No. 874293

Sooooo… the whole not celebrating the legal age to drink thing, I don't find sad or pathetic or pitiful, personally. I can understand that drinking might not be her thing. What is sad and pathetic and pitiful is turning 21, a very fun age to be, alcohol or no alcohol, and not having any friends to celebrate it with. She loves to boast that her best friends are celebrities, famous beyond famous, wealthy, and connected. Where are they on such a momentous occasion? Why are they not throwing parties for her?

My tinfoil about the frowny face mask filter is that she's not thrilled about turning 21 because it only asserts further that she is an adult, that for most who didn't give up on education to live a lie are at that age graduating from college and starting a career and getting real jobs. And from those real jobs, moving out, living independently, etc. I say most because not everyone is privileged to have such opportunities, but for lj, she did. She had every opportunity to finish high school and go to college. if Laur could somehow scrape the funds to pay for fake followers, she definitely could have afforded to send lilee to community college. she's seeing people her age starting their adult lives and forming meaningful relationships with human beings other than their parents and it's causing her anxiety and sadness, hence the even more demented smiles and fake laughter stressing how FUN her birthday week will be.

As the other anon said, if she didn't have such a terrible personality I too would want to help her.

No. 874295

she blocked me on instagram recently, I didn't follow her but watched her stories quite frequently so she must have noticed my profile was one of an actual person not a paid bot. I wonder if she went through to my profile and saw the pictures of someone her age having friends and a life and travelling the country and she got mad jealous. I don't lead a particularly interesting life but it probably seems amazing to Lillee who doesn't even leave the house alone.

Like you I wonder if it's finally starting to get to her that she's not making it and in fact regressing further, hence the blocking spree and unhinged lives.

No. 874297


Really good point, anon. I think you have something there. The blocking spree is her way of shutting her eyes tight so she doesn't have to see other people growing to become the people they want to be and expand their lives. To do that, you have to go out into the world. Like physically. That's the only way you can experience life and learn. Not virtually from your attic. You and others are doing what is natural - like you said, maybe nothing extraordinary, but just growing and living. And she can't stand that. She can't stand seeing people her age thriving by being out in the world and making happy lives for themselves without being declared the most beautiful desirable woman in the world or the best loved celebrity. Laur taught her that her only worth is her beauty and through that, her celebrity. So she doesn't know how other people achieve life satisfaction though other means and it makes her jealous.

That and everyone who is not a bot are Diane's cult members and middle aged women cyberbullies.

No. 874298


That would be a good theory except she's blocked some of my extra accounts, one which mostly had just scenery pics and one that had nothing.

I think she's blocking any account that views her stories a lot. the bots dont view stories after all, so it would make sense for her to be sus of everyone and anyone who clicks her stories.

No. 874321

A middle aged womam accusing everyone who criticizes her daughter (who looks like a middle aged woman) of being a middle aged woman. Hilarious.

No. 874322

She didn't even go live on her birthday this year. That shows how not invested she is in it.

No. 874326

She has no friends. Not even superficial internet ones. She doesn't even pretend Pheepy exists anymore. To echo what others have said, I would feel sorry for her but she had such a shit personality.

No. 874336


pheepy is real, he dumped her because she got too old for him kek

No. 874337

Same. I spent my teenage years and early 20s basically locked up in my house due to mental illness and trauma. It is damn sad to live like that. Maybe she should consider therapy, it’s not normal to live that way. It’s not something you “want”. This is probably the biggest indicator that she’s not well (not that it’d be a surprise).

No. 874344


There was one person, Carrie Disney, or something like that, she had a Disney land/Hamilton account on insta. They seemed to be friendly and message eachother sometimes. Not sure what happened to her.

No. 874349


Lately she seems REALLY over all of it. Blocking everyone, this new super plastic almost furious front she's putting on in her lives, not going live on her B day.

It feels like she's realized this isn't working and it's pissed her off, but she's stubborn and has such a huge ego it's like she's playing a game of Chicken with the boolies. That's all it's about at this point. Proving us wrong.

Imagine wasting the little money you have on trying to prove a bunch of people who are right wrong.

No. 874386

This vid has 29 comments from "bishan Singh"(in the last hour) that are all heart emojis. And Lillee has "hearted" every single one…

No. 874391

File: 1650433393580.png (260.1 KB, 1749x751, Bara19Conl2.png)

They made another Wikipedia account and made another draft for Lillee. IMO it seems like they're either trying to make Lillee look important enough to have multiple people writing drafts for her or just made a new account and draft because the bunny account got posted here already.

It could also be someone else paid to write and article for Lillee, they've done that before. I don't think that was ever posted about so if any Anon wants that I can post it too.

No. 874393

File: 1650434394240.png (349.52 KB, 696x799, Screenshot.png)

She is making a "miniseries" where "fans" can choose her outfits. At least maybe a kind Anon could step in and tell her something flattering to wear for once.

No. 874398

File: 1650439969222.jpg (107.25 KB, 455x554, Vivid-Red-Comma-Dot-Colon-Coa-…)

Ooh fun! I hope she wears this. It would be perfect for her figure.

No. 874400

As with anything "interactive" she does with "fans", there are no fans, so there's nothing interactive. It's her way trying on different things and if it goes wrong, she can claim that she was just trying to make her "fans" happy. Maybe she is doing this so she can get free rentals and clothes from rent the runway or elsewhere. Regardless of who they try to scam, hope for her sake that she tries to find clothes that fit her for a change. But don't hold your breath.

No. 874406


>I have a suspicion this is gonna turn out to be some sorta Gypsy Rose Blanchard/Venus Angelic case in the near-future.

>I don't know about that, anon. Venus and Gypsy Rose both had people who "helped" them get away from their mothers. Phillippe can't exactly whisk her off in the night to get married in France, and not even her most ardent Pradip cares enough to pull a Nick Godejohn. If Lils has reached a breaking point and intends to make some kind of big change, she would have to be doing it all on her own and I just don't see that happening.

A lot of people make comparisons to those two but here's the big difference. Gypsy and Venus wanted to leave. Once they started getting older, they began to see there was a world outside of what their mothers allowed and wanted to be part of it. They were curious and wanted to get out but their mothers stood in the way. If lj wanted to get out and explore the world around her, laur would not physically block her. I think laur did a g8 job psychologically bonding lj to her so she was manipulated into thinking that she can't do a whole lot for herself, but other than that, it's not like laur would literally chain lj to her bed. In fact, I bet she'd be glad for a brief reprieve of making instant mashed potatoes for her spawn and cleaning up after her. it's lj that doesn't want to leave. she's not interested in interacting with the world around her and making friends and getting a boyfriend. she's quite happy in her codependent relationship with laur and bullying her mother with emotional blackmail and bossing her around. It's comfortable for her… for the time being. Give her a few more years and she won't be satisfied with just her online toe lusters. She will go out and find a pheepy irl, though he will most certainly not be a french diplomat. more along the lines of a pradip, just without all the riches he claims to have.

No. 874410

No, I actually think Laur would make quite a mess about it. Think about it, she’s way too involved in Lillee’s lies. I agree with Primink’s video when he said that her mother has a bigger role behind all of this. A normal parent who’s just trying to enjoy a little “fame” still wouldn’t go to the extent of making up big lies online and harassing other people who simply talk about them. Lillee and her mother are on the same page for now, but if Lillee tried to leave, I can definitely see Laur going batshit crazy. Or create some conflict at the very least. but it wouldn’t be smooth for sure. She’s still a momager who pulled her daughter out of school and is totally in a symbiotic relationship with her.

No. 874412


they're both enabling each other, Laur wants someone to control and Lillee wants to be taken care of.

It would have to take something quite big for either of them to change. Laur has at least seen the world but Lillee has no idea what a normal life is like.
Perhaps she's slowly realizing she's trapped, but I don't think she's going to leave any time soon, and when she does Laur will probably turn on her and try to "expose" her like Venus' mom did.
Without a support network Lillee can't escape, it's not dissimilar to abusive relationships and cults where the members are so cut off from help they feel like they have nowhere to go and nobody to turn to. very sad.

No. 874431

>She is best know for creating her webseries show Lillee Jean TALKS! Live
So that's the thing they are betting their horses on right now .. not her 1 million Instagram followers or her 20k youtube subscribers, but the Instagram live "show" that nobody watches.
I don't think Lillee has gained 1 legitimate follower through her stupid talkshow.

No. 874435

File: 1650466315399.png (1.48 MB, 663x5108, 521A1924-B0E0-4DCD-A1B2-5A2FD8…)

First story is on Lillee’s ig, the rest are on Laur’s Alwayslooking4talent alt

No. 874438


Exactly. Laur has had years and money to ACTUALLY get Lillee real modeling or acting opportunities, but she's always spent the money on pay to participate events–ones that would guarantee she could still be there to supervise.

No. 874445


for someone who bragged about working in law Laur has no fucking idea what "Justice is blind" means

or maybe she does and she's admitting she doesn't care about facts and will viciously defend Lillee whatever the evidence

No. 874461

That, comma, abuse, is 100% Lillee.

This is what dropping out of school by age 16 to marry some drummer twice your age gets you- the inability to comprehend common idiomatic expressions.

No. 874463

>speaking out against antisemitism

Yo Lilz, like the times that you made holocaust jokes?

No. 874480

B-but her ancestors were fried and crisped, nona!
I still don't get why she thinks the holocaust was about burning jews alive, like being gassed en masse isn't bad enough for Lillee's oppression fetish.

No. 874482


I wonder how absolutely jilted Laur feels. It's like her whole life she's only wanted fame and connection to the hollywood elite. She married an older musician, she milked her sisters death as hard as she could, claimed she's done propwork (even if she did, who would care) and has been trying to use Lillee as a proxy since she was a child, like in those old facebook posts.

No wonder Laur goes so hard against anyone questioning lillees fame. It's a direct attack against her.

No. 874483


It's not horrific enough for her tastes. It's like how she has to say TMJ would make her whole eye pop out.

No. 874511

File: 1650506357421.png (3.09 MB, 828x5394, 0E5C70AB-23E0-4422-AD86-052734…)

More ig stories from Lillee and Laur

No. 874512


They pull this same shit whenever they are feeling frustrated and have no one willing to white knight for them. Remember when Laur used to hop on twitter to threaten that her personal FBI Cyber Agent was about to arrest all the callouts "next Monday?"

No. 874527

File: 1650523262044.png (40.54 KB, 1094x324, imwlj.png)

They made a new subreddit r/imwlj. "I'm with LJ", of course you are, you're the goblin herself and her mother.

No. 874528

Laur made a new Youtube channel and it's posting the same shit from >>874511. Laur had to have made these kek.

No. 874529

File: 1650529043712.png (1.33 MB, 1090x1312, screenshot1.png)

apologies if this is redundant but fuck i can't get over the state of her mouth. how did they manage to make that trainwreck worse??

No. 874530

File: 1650529110225.png (1.7 MB, 1220x1382, screenshot2.png)

why do they look so dingy and grey?? and they're so crooked now. i can't believe they presumably paid (or went further into debt) for this shit.

No. 874533

Maybe they meant to quote a song about stalking to imply Lillee Jean is being stalked, but honestly it's too fitting for both LJ and Laur and their false DMCAs kek.

No. 874536


maybe unpopular opinion but I think her teeth look better. with the size and shape of them the only way they'd ever look truly normal is if she got veneers, no orthodontic work is going to reshape your teeth.

some people are just genetically unlucky and have weird teeth, given all the shit Lillee and Laur do I don't think it's good for us to go after something she cant control, it's actual cyberboolying and Laur and Lillee eat it up

No. 874537

tbh the teeth sperging is redundant. She needed to have work done to fix all the issues Laur neglected. Her teeth look grey & dead because of the dirty Invisalign trays. Even with that, the current state of her mouth is much better than what she started with.

No. 874540

File: 1650542677944.jpeg (743.76 KB, 1170x1728, 3F6A4568-8CE1-4D69-B9F7-C5053A…)

New fill in the blank interview posted. Now Lillee claims the online bullying has turned into physical violence.

No. 874546


no way she ever read that book, or any book to begin with

No. 874548

It’s probably earl’s and she’s parroting whatever he’s said about it thinking she will sound smart. Her personal reading choice looks more like goodnight moon as she once said on a live.

No. 874550


Totally. She's said in multiple Q&As that she's not a reader (of books), and the last one she read was in highschool. She ALWAYS brings it to Art of War and always says the exact same thing about it.

No. 874555

It's so painfully obvious she didn't read it and googled what was the book about, yet couldn't quite get it.
She must think it'll make her look tough like: she knows about war and stuff, keks.
So much time wasted instead of actually read the damn book.

I agree with the anons saying she is panicking getting older as it's more more apparent everything she lacks of. Remember that when she and Laur started all this mess, they thought they'll be famous in no time.

No. 874575


This is hilarious. It's gone from a 'documentary about bullying' to Lillee and Laur trying to subtly threaten her boolies.

Bullyish is such an apt name. But I bet ten invisi trays that it'll never see the light of day. Once Lillee and Laur realize that no film festival or hollywood producer is remotely interested in this propaganda, they'll just keep pushing it further and further away until they stop mentioning it.

No. 874576


This is exactly the vibe I've always gotten when she brings up this book.

Genuine question Lillee–you're always telling us no one gets to define you, but who ARE you? Are you a you a tactical, intelligent business woman? Are you a cutesy bimbo who says 'like' a lot? Are you a nurturing disney princess? Are you a ruthless Aries who dislikes and doesn't need people?

Or are you just so sadly aware of the fact nobodies watching that you know it doesn't matter how you present yourself?

No. 874591

File: 1650581273931.png (2.66 MB, 671x2450, A3276B5F-45D9-4C06-BBEE-72C7D2…)

No. 874592

Literally what the fuck is that second picture? Baked potato? Cheesy breadsticks?

No. 874596


I'm beginning to think that Lillee actually loves it when we roast her sad takeout diet. Any attention, no matter how dumb you have to make yourself look to get it, eh LJ? Anons, we may be the only reason she keeps getting out of bed every afternoon…

No. 874599

Her meals always look like school cafeteria food, but worse

No. 874600

Looks like a grandma pie that laur cut up for her into small pieces

You know it.

She thinks she's "trolling" us with these pics but it only shows how at best her diet is uninteresting takeout. It reflects her lack of interest in the world around her, and her immaturity. Her palate is that of a child, not wanting to try different cuisines and meal options in the most diverse city in the country. She loves to boast and make her life far more interesting than it is, but her food choices reveal how insulated and boring her life is.

No. 874602

File: 1650592092024.jpg (181.27 KB, 680x454, you should kill yourself NOW.j…)

No. 874622

Why does she look like a mentally ill homeless man??

No. 874634

File: 1650625525535.jpeg (900.28 KB, 1170x1756, FBFFFCC2-F150-4FF3-A3BE-A35518…)

More Instagram stories from Laur. It’s funny how they preach this shit then turn around and fill out hundreds of fraudulent DMCAs. If online spaces are supposed to be inclusive to everyone, that includes people who criticize Lillee.

No. 874661

It looks like cut-up pizza lmaooo

No. 874669

lol at Laur finally figuring out it was supposed to be digital rights & not civil right. I went to the APC’s site just to see what the fuck she was going on about. Laur’s violated the digital rights of multiple people by doxxing, filing fake copyright claims & legal intimidation. These digital rights favor people over corporations (even fake corporations like Lillee Jean Beauty) so good luck ladies.

No. 874687


Is it just me or is this reading like a threat? She keeps saying shit like 'justice will be served' I feel like this documentary is gonna be her doxing a bunch of people

No. 874691

File: 1650660284073.jpeg (502.75 KB, 828x1457, B42EA9EB-095B-4E1F-9D5A-96030A…)

No. 874692

File: 1650660386080.jpeg (903.38 KB, 828x1462, 49B4FF11-2F92-4413-9166-5A514F…)

No. 874695

File: 1650660659270.jpeg (282.32 KB, 828x1613, 6AA173A6-7531-4F35-A7B5-33E0ED…)

The comments on her new short are fire

No. 874710

File: 1650664864222.jpeg (996.53 KB, 828x1463, 024BA038-04C1-4192-8072-105CEF…)

No. 874711

LJ bumping engagement stats on her channel to make herself look more legit to anyone she might want to potentially grift in the future, nothing new. She realises lolcow is her only real, human audience so there's no point in keeping up the charade with sock accounts anymore.

I know our attic goblins are idiots but it looks like they're not even trying to get any real followers anymore, it's all an IG/YT engagement stats game now for future grifts.

No. 874712

Well I don’t think anyone sane would follow them to be a part of their audience. Not just because of her lies. She made fake accounts of black, gay, Muslim people to make herself look inclusive but they were so painfully discriminatory she basically outed herself as a shitty person in general. Said a lot about her views on those specific groups of people, no matter how “good” she portrays herself to be in her posts(learn2sage)

No. 874713

Also the ONLY reason she’s somewhat known is the absolute mess she did online and her drama… like… she sabotaged herself before real people could even find her, now if they do find her it’s because they watched videos on their absolute shitshow

No. 874715

she looks like she's wearing karate pants lmfao

No. 874722

File: 1650668924961.jpeg (280.29 KB, 828x1018, EAA21876-D2BE-4E59-9C21-B507BD…)

She’s got 3 videos on her productions channel

No. 874723

File: 1650668955945.jpeg (32.81 KB, 169x180, 7AE0B4EA-5822-46D8-A5DC-2D4F42…)

No. 874728

What does this image have to do with Earth Day? Is she donating her time to plant trees? Is she at a recycling center? Is this her walking herself anywhere instead of being chauffeured around by laur?

Will someone please tell me what that bulge is that is in the center of her tummy? Is that a huge belt buckle? This is an incredibly unflattering outfit for her height and shape. The cut of the pants look as if they are meant to be loose and flowy but on her they look tight and ill fitting around the waist and thighs. If it makes her happy wearing it, hey, go for it. But I suspect nothing she wears other than stretched out pj tops and plaid pj bottoms truly makes her feel comfortable. I mean, just look at her feet popping out of those shoes. It looks extremely painful. And none of the bags that she likes to sport seems to coordinate with her outfits, nor do they look practical in any way. She only buys/rents things to wear for a few minutes of picture taking and not for a whole day of real activities, which is why nothing she ever wears looks natural on her. She doesn't look comfortable in any of these outfits, only that she can't wait to get them off and put her jammies back on.

No. 874732

i dream of jeannie chic. It looks like she’s wearing a giant diaper because they are so ill fitting. Is that a bucket or a purse? The choices she makes are…something

No. 874741

Lillee using this thumbnail just proves how much she hates other women. Makenzie is probably the closest thing she has to an actual friend and she was nothing but kind to Lillee.

No. 874742

File: 1650681121609.jpeg (502.14 KB, 1170x1403, 9B9A3A9F-A729-407C-8A2F-E04779…)

>> Digital Civil Rights
>> a film, coming soon

These keep getting worse.

No. 874749

File: 1650685454023.jpeg (432.37 KB, 668x1288, 8C4134B3-9D8E-49BB-AA15-E445BA…)

No. 874751

If they want to educate, they might start with learning the difference between slander and libel

No. 874753

idk, Lilz. Do YOU?

Can't wait for Bullyish to drop and just be her and Laur attempting to doxx farmers and callouts (but actually doxxing the complete wrong people kek)

No. 874766

that's one chonky velociraptor
Lillee is doing that face all the time though too, she probably thinks it looks good on her
I'd rather gossip for 5 minutes a day than lay in bed the whole day commenting on my own posts and constantly search the internet for my name.
Even if she doxxed someone so what? nobody would harras them because nobody cares.

No. 874767

File: 1650707435044.jpg (91.94 KB, 1122x461, gotosleep.jpg)

No1care but I live in EU and Laur posted the last video two hours ago, that makes 3H40 in NYC kek.

What's so sad about LJ's life is that people genuinely tried to help her and gave her really good advices both for a career as influencer but also as self development.

Not only she ignored all that and answered with the most nasty bratty way but she saw it as personal attack when it was real concerned people who truly wanted to help her and see her improving, not failing.

By the time she would ever eventually realise that, it'll be far to late.

No. 874773

Holy shit, I know exactly what this shit off a "documentary" is gonna end up like. It's going to be 40-50 minutes of screenshots of mean posts about her on the internet, with cuts to her spewing her usual shit about how women should support each other, that she refuses to be silenced, digital accountability etc etc.

At no point will she mention WHY people are talking about her, she will not mention any of the problematic things she's said and of course, Pee-pee, James and Mario won't appear or even be mentioned either because … you know. Maybe Laur will get interviewed just to talk about how much Lillee cries at night, but she's a fighter bla bla bla.

They will send this shitshow to politicians, to film festivals and to netflix, and when none of them reacts, she will find some scam site where she can pay for distribution and awards and she will add "award-winning documentarist" to her stupid list of meaningless titles.

No. 874774

The hypocrisy is too much kek

Using a fake documentary to not so subtly threaten people who criticize them? That’s bullying according to the bullyish definition. Creating a false narrative about a child grooming-gang stalking-cult led by Diane? That’s bullying. Pheepy, a legit predator & James Dee, the flamboyantly gay adult celebrity who has 16 year old girls over for sleepovers with his husband, are allowed to stay anonymous but people who rightfully criticize Laur & Lillee aren’t? That’s bullying. The list goes on. They’ve doxxed, they called in fake police complaints, lied about attorneys representing them at least 3x now…I get that they don’t ever intend on releasing a documentary and it’s all 3D chess but I still don’t understand how Laur can type these things out without feeling immense shame for what she’s done over the past years.

No. 874784

Laur has a point, I only spend 2 minutes per day online laughing at LJ, I should up that to a full 5 minutes. I'll use the extra time to share her story of lies on other platforms. Great idea!!

No. 874788

Anyone else feel like these new posts and teaser trailers from Laur seem…reactive?? Like she’s defending herself from something…especially the one saying the bullies can’t be victims. It reminds me of how she behaved when Lauren Elyse & Queen of Blending were being interviewed by Buzzfeed or when Diane brought middle school anon on the livestream. It’s tinfoil but everyone has been so quiet lately so I can’t understand why they’re all the sudden frantically throwing together bullyish. I’m wondering if there’s a criminal case or something brewing…maybe something with the APS stuff…but I think something big is about to come out about them and Laur’s scrambling to deflect.

No. 874789

Something I don't think Laur or LJ have considered (because they're uneducated morons) is that most film fests have fees just to submit your film, and submission does not mean you'll get accepted- in fact competition can be pretty stiff. There are several smaller fests that you can submit to for free but even then acceptance is not a given. Something tells me "20 year film industry professional" Laur will likely throw a hastily-edited 45 minute video of LJ & her screenshots up on YouTube and call it a day.

I figure it's because LJ's newest pretend game is "entertainer" and since she has no talent, and absolutely nothing of substance to say (because, again, she's an uneducated moron) they decided making a documentary on the one subject that's consumed their lives was the easiest way to go- no scripting, no need for other performers, just Lillee hashtag girlbossing while copyright-free ominous music plays in the background.

No. 874803

File: 1650739763300.jpeg (677.07 KB, 1170x2114, 54FA22EC-C18B-4823-B08D-E9EDF5…)

Lyish kek

No. 874808

File: 1650747077943.jpeg (420.35 KB, 710x1261, 937D3F06-051B-4A35-AAD2-7A7B21…)

No. 874809

File: 1650747380092.png (632.26 KB, 1676x840, digital-trauma.png)

>digital trauma
muh sides

No. 874810

File: 1650747393433.png (6.2 MB, 828x3371, 76E0569C-D448-43D6-82FF-00CCDD…)

No. 874811

File: 1650747793448.jpeg (251.45 KB, 828x1230, CD63DFA4-5AC2-4B82-9CF8-DE570F…)

Once again she’s wearing cropped regular length pants as full length pants

No. 874812

>when you have karate class at 6 and Bingo at 6:30

No. 874813

yeesh, you can tell this bitch never leaves the attic. her skin is literally white.

No. 874814

She has such weird proportions. She's small but her arms are really chubby but on some photos she looks like she has a normal weight but not on others? Can't wrap my head around her proportions

No. 874815

Wtf is she wearing???? Also I doubt they will be submitting this movie anywhere. Pretty sure they will never even bother to actually try to change the law and contact their congressman. Just another meaningless filler project

No. 874816

the normal looking photos are using filters and editing, nonnie. She’s short & squat.

No. 874822

tinfoil that this new urgency has to do with the fact that sunnyv's video has exceeded 2 million views

No. 874823

File: 1650753875807.png (528.34 KB, 624x367, Screen Shot 2022-04-23 at 6.36…)

You made her day nonnie. She takes that as a high compliment.

The pants themselves are super unflattering but the way the belt buckle sits at her waist is hilarious. It looks puffy and sticking out instead of lying flat. These cropped pants look not even full length but too long for her hence the harem/I Dream of Jeanie puffy at the ankles effect by the cinching.

Her expression in picrel exactly says how I feel about these photos, in particular the last one. I mean, if you're going to facetune and shoop yourself then why….

No. 874829

File: 1650757084005.jpeg (844.49 KB, 828x1471, DE99E477-01E1-4890-89A0-DAEFA2…)

G8 angle

No. 874833

File: 1650758867180.png (176.71 KB, 321x312, Screen Shot 2022-04-23 at 8.02…)

Perhaps it was from all that digital trauma that someone had to literally hold her hand and show her how to put her thumb and forefinger together to make a Korean heart sign. The expression her face alone is hilarious. Does she not have the intelligence to copy a hand gesture just by looking at someone else doing it or does not have the manual dexterity?

No. 874835

File: 1650760764519.png (207.1 KB, 955x174, Screen Shot 2022-04-23 at 8.32…)

Just a middle age woman here exercising her god given daily 5 minutes of civil and digital rights protected by the first amendment to comment on an internationally beloved figure who surely does not have to read this bit of triviality.

Before anyone screams, "But she was just a child when she wrote it!" (see picrel) I think most 17 year olds know koalas are Australian and not Welsh. She's confusing "Northern Wales" with New South Wales. Look, it's great she's against deforestation in the northern part of Wales but unless those koalas are in Welsh zoos, Keystone clearly didn't do a very good job teaching her geography.

No. 874850

This video has some interesting tags.
>Lillee Jean, lily jean, trueman, project bullyish, bullyish, online bullying, Lillee, LJT, new york, NYC, filmmaker, director, actor, actress, filming, creator, model, modelling, New Yorker, LJ, Lillee Jean talks, live, live show, talkshow, edits, editing, photos, photography, lily, activist, Entertainment, talkshow host, host, hosting, #primink, #sunnyv2, #creepshowart, Shannon, #devil, #evil, teachannel, instagram drama, primink got sued, orlando, florida, austrailia, unitedkingdom

In between primink got sued and orlando Laur tags what to me looks like a name? I cut that out for obvious reasons and I don't recognize it and googling it just gives me a random person.

No. 874851

File: 1650783134939.png (112.15 KB, 880x693, Screenshot_24.png)

No. 874852

Laur what is this

No. 874853

>No one has the right to continually take your rights away
Excuse me but what rights is she talking about?

The right to be famous without talent nor putting any effort to it? The right to no be criticized even when she's the deceitful one? The right to scam companies for PR?
The right to have a wiki page full of lies? The right to DMCA anyone you don't like? The right to have Laur harass other youtubers?

No. 874857

Laur must have realized doxxing people in the tags of her anti-bullying video was bad look bc all the tags are gone kek

No. 874860

File: 1650805999665.png (602.91 KB, 828x1740, 0E59796F-989D-48CA-91BF-38EEB3…)

No. 874861

Not a law expert like Laur, but I think she is wrong. "Nobody"???? If that is the case in US law, why do publications like the New York Times publish anonymous op-eds from time to time? Can a law anon please weigh in?

All her rants about how people should not be allowed to be anonymous sound very threatening - you, know, like what bullies do. Like she is biding her time then dox everyone and drag them out like the peasants that they are by the hair so they can get on their knees and beg lillee for her forgiveness while remorsefully listening her to lecture them about how much she was wronged her feelings hurt and how they should never, ever do that again to her.

No. 874862

I don’t even know what to say anymore, if my mom tried to fight my battles for me like this I’d fucking die

No. 874863

I still see them nonnie. Primink's name is Kile apparently which is very close to the tag. Laur sneakily going after Primink/any other callout in the tags of the video is on brand, I bet she's going to be try doxxing the cyber criminals in their fake documentary.

No. 874866

But the law they’re pushing for would allow them to dox haters and become Judge Dredd of the internet

No. 874867

File: 1650808841921.jpeg (341.64 KB, 1170x548, 3BAE1454-41E2-47BE-9F31-414FC5…)

Primink was supposed to be sued by Venus’ mom but it never happened. Tatiana’s boyfriend’s name is Kyle.

No. 874868

>she is biding her time then dox everyone unless they beg lillee for her forgiveness
This is my tinfoil. >>874860 says Bullyish 2023. This is way too soon in 2022 to start building up sustainable hype for a project that will be coming out 7 months later at the earliest.
I think Laur and LJ are thinking this documentary will scare all the "bullies" into confessing and apologizing for their sins.

No. 874869

Tinfoil: they’re freaking out about something and would like to release their doc now but it’s nowhere ready yet. Are they getting sued?

No. 874877

Maybe Drew & Mark’s anti-bullying show? The first episode might be on Laur’s harassment. Laur embarrassed Drew by releasing text messages between them after he dropped Lillee. He has an axe to grind with the attic goblins.

No. 874882


Neither Laur nor Lillee have much ability to understand cause and consequence on a long term basis or how to effectively run damage control, which is how they've wound up where they are now. If their recent frantic focus on this "documentary" is them scrambling to get ahead of something, it's probably going to come out very soon or it's something that has already happened and they are hoping that making all this noise before anyone finds out will confuse the timeline of events. Laur and LJ have told so many lies over and over related to da boolies, and since Lillee has now crafted her entire online persona around this bullshit, there's no way for her to leave the most sensational lies out of their documentary. She and Laur have been telling anyone who will listen that callouts came to their house, that she received death threats, that she was swatted, that their bank accounts were hacked and tens of thousands of dollars were stolen, that a middle-aged woman groomed minors and lured them into a dangerous cult. Those are HUGE lies. If they plan to reveal someone's dox in the video alongside those huge lies, the goblins are just opening themselves up for a defamation suit that they absolutely cannot win, even if by some miracle they managed to dox someone who has actually ever discussed LJ online at all.

No. 874886

File: 1650817746490.jpg (284.36 KB, 1920x1080, grungy.jpg)


Wait, is that actually happening? I thought they took the guardians money and ran. Picrel shows what Mark's been up to recently.

No. 874896

If cyberboolies were actually committing crimes like the above, Laur wouldn’t have to worry about anonymity because law enforcement would be involved immediately. There’s already laws in NY state against online harassment. The problem is criticism isn’t a crime and so it falls on Laur to dox these people to civilly sue them or at the least threaten. She’ll never go through with a civil case because the first thing opposing council is going to ask for in discovery is going to be access to ALL of their online accounts. Shaniqua, James Dee, Jona Mikey….they’d be caught red handed. She doesn’t care she’s ruining any legitimate legal case she could ever have by engaging in the same behavior she complains about because she can’t follow through with her threats without exposing everything.

No. 874913

Angelica Oles just uploaded a video about lillee.(learn2embed)

No. 874920

File: 1650841460932.jpeg (392.43 KB, 1170x1519, A272F6C6-0701-4CBE-A980-98575D…)

Her behavior wasn’t the issue, it was people documenting it looool

No. 874924

Over the years they've proven how full of shit they are. Based on their track record of fakery, lies, and clumsy attempts at manipulation, I don't think it's unreasonable to believe that a real "documentary" doesn't exist and never will. The whole thing is just another one of their poorly thought out schemes they hope will scare the away all the mean cyberbullies.

No. 874936

No. 874937


she does that thing where she looks directly into the camera, nodding, pretending to listen but she's just staring at herself

No. 874951

File: 1650886852822.jpeg (703.36 KB, 1170x1671, 2572587C-1CF2-4B61-BEDE-BDA79E…)

>>this person is not an actual celebrity

wiki page is going well

No. 874955

A very new channel with only 77 subs so far. Not that that will stop lawr from striking it.

Nothing really new this creator has to say. Mostly old stuff from other videos but the way she puts things together really shows lj's hypocrisy well. also some of the twitter back and forths personally, I've not seen before.

No. 874957

This is a much better video than Angelika’s or SunnyV’s

No. 874961

I had no idea they copywrite claimed a Roblox channel with 1 sub. I’m dyinggggg

No. 874962

File: 1650892281891.png (34.59 KB, 912x147, video.png)

kek, they already tried to claim the video 3 times and Laur is already doing subtle threats.

No. 874963

File: 1650893606388.jpeg (531.54 KB, 1170x2104, 0F175BDE-2051-4B51-9469-84514D…)

New YouTube account, Style Your Lillee. Possibly a repurposed sock since the channel is over a year old. We’re up to 6 YouTube channels now.

No. 874966

File: 1650894958154.jpg (49.67 KB, 622x940, FOFe8WDUcAs67Mk.jpg)

This is so retarded. Even if her 20k follers on YT were real (they are not), her channel is still considered "small" and she should focus all her content on that channel so it will grow.
Having a 2nd or multiple channels is for creators with 1 million+ subs who posts only one kind of content and want to breach out, but since Lillee posts everything from vlogging to cosplay content to makeup tutorials and other shit on her main channel, it makes no sense for her to have extra channels for "other stuff".

At least now she has an extra account that can comment heart emojis on her main channel's videos.

No. 874968

Or issue copyright takedowns

No. 874970

I first assumed it was a scam to have fans buying her makeup and clothes, but bots can't buy stuff keks.

No. 874972


pretty sure this is the reason because these two morons never learn from past fuck-ups. they probably received a warning from yt on the main channel, but instead of stopping the bad behavior, they decided to do the same thing that ultimately got them banned from twitter: using these satellite channel accounts to file false copyright strikes against youtubers who have posted videos criticizing lj.

i'm honestly surprised that yt hasn't nuked all of lillee's channels yet. they are sometimey about doling out consequences to big moneymaking creators that violate tos, but lilz doesn't fall under that umbrella. wouldn't be surprised if termination of at least her main channel is just slowly working its way through automation.

No. 874976


Another hilarious article focusing on Lillee's company. These ones are my favorite. It's so hysterically obvious Lillee has no idea how a company functions, this is just fanfiction.

Lillee, how big IS your team? After a long day of promoting synergy do you go have dinner with Pheeps and then go out for drinks with James? Keep going though, it's fascinating to see what you wish your life was like.

No. 874977


Claims she supports her teams financial wellness and that it's important they can take care of their families but is trying to enlist people to write content for her website for free kek

No. 874978

Her main channel is at least on YouTube’s radar. We saw them immediately removing purchased subs a few weeks ago. The most current growth is probably legitimate considering SunnyV2’s video has 2 mil views. But once that dies down, they’ll start purchasing subs again and eventually get the channel nuked.

No. 874981

File: 1650910593895.jpeg (821.75 KB, 1170x2087, AE2893A2-A844-431D-B4D2-F973A3…)

Laur just uploaded the clip Angelika used in her video. I bet they’re going to copyright claim it from Laur’s account.

No. 874982

And once again all the comments and claps are from LJ herself. What a sad existence.

No. 874983

Hope she continues to do these little acting demos at the end of her makeup tutorials. Since she doesn't put dance tiktoks out anymore, these are the next best in terms of hilarity.

No. 874984

Anon, I can't watch either. Its too cringy. Her dance tiktoks weren't as embarrassing to me, so I miss them.

No. 875008

File: 1650932307354.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1170x1973, 46CCEA6B-FF5A-44B5-8FF0-136685…)

Laur created a tiktok account yesterday. Her crazy is on full display but especially this post from yesterday blaming Diane for “rekindling” the latest round of criticism. When is she going to get it through her thick fucking head it’s not Diane? It’s the same thing that’s going to continue happen unless they take accountability and apologize. People start talking about them, it blows up, people get bored, it gets quiet and then someone new discovers them, rinse repeat. It happened with delusional artist Reddit, BGC, Primink & now Sunnyv2.

No. 875047


> 15 1/2

professional work Laur that half a year really makes all the difference

No. 875051

File: 1650973129740.jpeg (1.85 MB, 1170x2013, BECAE2BD-9C88-4B6C-BB5B-B116BD…)

Has anyone seen this binder before? It keeps popping up in their newest Bullyish stuff. I’d be pretty embarrassed if people had “bullshit” notebooks to keep track of my lies and the 30 different stories I’m telling. Seems like Laur’s pissed off the bullies have better organizational skills.

No. 875052

File: 1650973755209.jpeg (954.14 KB, 1170x2105, 7B3317CF-E96D-4019-9487-90F1AE…)

>>be immortalized forever as a cyberstalker…tell us your story

Why would anyone reach out to them when they’re so threatening? Wasn’t Bullyish already picked up by distribution companies? Why are they just now in the research phase if the projects completed and ready to be distributed in 2023? Are they trying to dox people unrelated to Lillee since Diane disappeared? I have so many questions

No. 875057

If there was someone actually keeping a binder of Lillee facts, why would they send images to Laur? This isn’t something I’ve seen and I’ve been following this story since the original Reddit thread. I’d be curious to compare the printing to the Laur, Lillee and even Earl as this is very sus. If it were legit (doubtful) the only thing I can think is that it belongs to someone who engaged legal counsel and needed to keep records of threats.

No. 875058

Why have they scored out the part after bully I think this is their own binder and it originally says “bullying” but they have scored out the ish and tried to make out that this is one of the stalkers binders when it actually belongs to lillee or laur it’s probably all their notes for the documentary

No. 875059

…Is this Lillee Jean's Dollar Store version of the Burn Book from "Mean Girls"? kek.

No. 875063

This is so retarded. Like the other anons said, i've also never seen this binder even tho i read the very big majority of the Lilly threads and there's no point for a stalker to send photos to Laur. Also, some (most) pages seem to be handwritten? Why would a stalker write instead of photocopying? Or better, make an online document like google doc?
sorry for the sperg

No. 875064

Isn't this is from one of the OG call-outs like Butters or someone(earlier than Tati) in a video? Someone did have a binder & was taking notes at the beginning of her "popularity" after she hit lolcow/PT.

No. 875066

File: 1650982949963.jpg (321.5 KB, 1152x2048, E6rCv8jWYAI6mR6.jpg)

Made me want to check out what screenshots of Lillee's bullshit I had from before in my bullshit folder. (Read it in her rage voice it's too funny)
"Delusions? That is you Melinda!"

No. 875067

Ah yes! Was it Tori? the weirdo who was trying to get an interview with Laur and after it fell apart said Laur was stalking her and claimed she filed a police report. Angelika Oles used a clip of Tori & Nok in her video.

No. 875069

File: 1650983993564.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1242x1786, 1562723940008.jpeg)

hmmm, those e's look might familiar

No. 875071

Is LJ calling someone else a white girl when she does nothing but talk about her blonde hair, blue eyes and christianity? No one will acknowledge LJ as Jewish, much less insult her for it.

No. 875072

I think the folder says “Lillee Jean Bullshit” and they censored half of the last word. I’ve never seen this folder anywhere so I agree with anons that this is some Laur creation

No. 875083


I think they're well aware it's not Diane. But being the vindictive and stunted girl she's been since middle school trying to show up the 'bullies', I think Lillee (and Laur) blame Diane the most because she was the first to go so in depth. They probably believe if Diane hadn't covered them, they'd still be getting the random PR they conned companies out of.

By justice, Lillee means revenge for 'ruining' her 'career', but she also wants to keep the narrative up so she can't act like it's TOO ruined, just a little ruined.

No. 875087

Laur is the saddest queen of all the Boomers thinking we keep paper binders with gnarly post-it stickers, my god I laughed out loud at this one. And oh yeah that's her handwriting.

No. 875089

File: 1650990459996.jpeg (693.69 KB, 828x1269, 72D59E7A-1B7D-468E-95D2-44930D…)

You are correct.

No. 875090

And it’s actually a really good video

No. 875091

Laur’s basically admitting Lillee doesn’t do research or plan out her content beforehand kek

No. 875093

File: 1650991699556.jpg (44.54 KB, 331x555, Screenshot 2022-04-26 124437.j…)

I will be suggesting

Shapewear for that FUPA


Get your hair done! I go in every 7-8 weeks, has she EVER had her hair done? Has she ever even styled it properly herself, like most of us do daily? Seems like she wears it as either this horse-girl mess or she puts on a wig. Bizarre.

No. 875094

Thanks for finding that nonnie. I'm a little concerned about the depth of my LJ lore, but it was such fresh, flowing new milk that summer!
All these newfags acting like they've been here for the whole time (even saying it!), trying to call Laur & LJ out for lying, like they're actually doing something, and they're WRONG the whole time. We've either got a lot of retarded-the-same-way-as-Lillee-Jean anons in this thread, or just a few that keep responding to each other. The thread has sucked for awhile, and these idiots with wrong, retarded and rehashed-from-YT-video takes are a big part of it.

No. 875098

You must be new here because this is the best her hair’s ever looked. She used to go weeks between washing her hair and slathered it in oil on top of that.

No. 875113

>i can't believe you doxxed me!
>signed by lillee jean trueman, ceo of lillee jean beauty inc., queens, new york

No. 875222

File: 1651061393120.png (5.36 MB, 828x10243, 30A2A066-4F76-442F-8D19-A18064…)

No. 875223

File: 1651061688223.png (1.78 MB, 668x3832, FF8142A8-05DE-49B1-A0E6-26169D…)

More weird ig stories from Laur

No. 875226

File: 1651065074191.jpeg (594 KB, 828x1628, 72786AED-AFFE-445F-95EC-BE8C21…)

I’m sure Sundance will pick up her documentary

No. 875230

Who is Peyton Sawyer? Laur’s gone off the deep end again kek

No. 875234

I just looked at both of their tick-tock’s and literally spit my coffee out. I can’t believe these are real people.

No. 875235


That old guy Alan Swyer that Lillee "interviewed" - is Peyton his son? Maybe Alan keeps a kid in his attic, too.

No. 875243

Laur does realise this makes them look manic? And like they're the stalker? If the plan is to expose and dox people. They have nulled all arguments and set themselves up for criminal charges.

Isn't Peyton Sawyer a character on one tree hill?

No. 875249

Wasn’t Diane using the name Veronica Sawyer (from Heathers)? Did Laur have another big boomer moment? These clips all over YouTube/TikTok/Instagram really make it look like Laur is the one stalking Lillee kek

No. 875257

To the admins, feel free to remove this post if it is breaking rules, but I just read a Buzzfeed article on the Depp Heard trial and couldn't help think of lj when I came to this part (Curry is the psychologist hired by Depp's team who met with Heard over several hours):

"In court on Tuesday, Curry added that she believes Heard has histrionic personality disorder, and its key features are drama and shallowness. People with the disorder may be uncomfortable with not being the center of attention, and when they feel like they're not the center of attention, they will make up stories, take on a victim or "princess" role, or seek caretaking, Curry said."

No. 875270

File: 1651087396876.jpeg (917.08 KB, 1170x2100, 8F43D5CA-67F7-4385-AADC-DB9E8C…)

The nonnies who love Lillee’s acting are in fora treat. She’s doing a scene from Devil wear’s Prada in her next video.

No. 875272


this really emphasizes how all her makeup looks are the same, I honestly thought she'd fucked up an put up two photos of the same look for the choice but nah she just has zero creativity or imagination

No. 875273

So glad it wasn't me who came to this conclusion the other way watching some of the court coverage on yt.

It 100% sounds like Lillee has HPD.

No. 875276

Not sure if she is trying to rebrand herself as a style guru but if this is it, then she is sorely lacking creativity, variety, and knowledge of the latest trends. I know it doesn't matter since she doesn't have real fans and the "voting" is bs, but the choices have such slight variation that one can hardly be distinguished from the other. This is another example of her laziness. That, and the fact that she doesn't have much variety in clothes. And speaking of the clothes, if you're going to do a fashion based anything, being 10 years behind isn't good. Skinny jeans have been out, at least among gen z - her age group - for quite a while now. I see young women her age in very baggy jeans all over NYC. And that MK bag. God, how old is that bag? It look so typical of the $20 knockoffs you'd see on every street corner here in 2011. And like the other anon, I actually didn't notice the difference between the shoes at first glance.

No. 875283

She's so retarded it actually makes me sad. You learn about this stuff in 3rd grade

No. 875286

The uploader has mentioned in the comments that she already has had three claims from Laur. It's fun to know that the Truemans still keep up with those ridiculous attempts

No. 875301

Peyton Sawyer is a character from One Tree Hill.

No. 875324

File: 1651110564209.jpeg (436.49 KB, 1170x1267, 58760D99-6392-4D6B-A18D-D7EBAB…)

Laur’s going after Angelika Oles

No. 875328

File: 1651114873012.png (2.05 MB, 669x2561, F6BECF86-1082-4C35-8454-91FF0F…)

Someone should really send Laur a dictionary

No. 875337

File: 1651123666567.png (291.5 KB, 1275x761, 1.png)

Lmaof at the self awareness. Lillee, what really makes us interested in you is how batshit insane you and Laur are.

I hope the voters chose both the shorts and the right shirt. Only because those are the worse and I want to see the train wreck of an outfit it'd be.

No. 875339

Laur, when someone looks at these things and are being just a little curious about your suspicious behaviour that ain’t bullying.

For someone who works in law you would think she understood what “suspicious behaviour” means. People have a right to research your actions if they want to and because Lillee’s case is so weirdly interesting of course we’re gonna fall deeply into the rabbit hole of the cesspool you and your goblin kid have created for yourselves.

What I don’t get is we know she stalks lolcow. But like has she ever considered that the other cows on this page haven’t gone as insane as she is over the slander on what they do? Nope. They just move on and not let us get to them. It’s a practice Lillee and Laur should really try to get themselves into.

No. 875341

Holy fucking shit Laur, it's 2 AM don't jumpscare me like that.

No. 875344

File: 1651129925166.png (177.07 KB, 456x555, wut.png)

"Middled aged women can be the worst trolls" / Inserts a picture of Lillee / …Laur what are you trying to say? You're the troll? Lillee's the troll? MAKE IT MAKE SENSE.

No. 875349

Isn't this still shot from her video trying to do damage control after her 19 year old adult daughter said to her audience that it was OK for minors to have relationships with adults as long as they had their parents' consent? If so, then yeah, I guess technically she was a "teenager" but she was also an adult so what is she talking about?

And what's with the high contrast effect on the image? It's as if she's trying to make herself look more flattering? Before she was only supporting the project, as unhinged as it was, but now, she's trying to take some of spotlight by bringing herself forward as a subject. It's like look at poor me, I'm just a mother trying to protect my (adult) daughter from non existent bullies that we created from our own drama.

No. 875350

Ah yes, Lillee Jean the #91st most popular Fashion Influencer in Brazil

No. 875351

Just an ignorant middle aged troll lady here. So lj has said in a video that she paid good money to get these stats - the ones that unlike all the other stats seem to show her engagement rate and everything else in a more favorable light. Does this mean that like everything else, she's paid to get some bs data? Is this company real? It seems all the major call out videos use what seem to be more commonly used stat sites and they all say the same thing about her.

No. 875357

Wonder if Laur will appeal to Elon Musk directly to get her and lj's (and all their socks) twitter accounts back.

No. 875358

I’ve used Hype Auditor before and she’s edited out most of the report. There should be a overall score, she removed the countries’ names and she’s removed the audience engagement score. Hype Auditor used to allow you to buy tokens and pull individual reports but awhile ago they changed to monthly subscriptions (which is outrageously priced like $400 a month iirc) so I no longer use it.

No. 875359

File: 1651149213956.png (1.13 MB, 662x2551, FA2B59BF-244B-4BA4-ACD8-D98F72…)

More midnight madness from Laur

No. 875362

File: 1651156736927.png (5.64 MB, 2532x1170, 6CAA84EC-1BE8-4B0C-8190-ADB295…)

So let me get this straight…she posts powerpoint photo reels on YouTube? Can someone tell me what the point of this is? Wouldn’t it make more sense to post them on Facebook or Instagram? I’m confused.

No. 875363

File: 1651157024681.png (Spoiler Image, 102.85 KB, 591x1280, C747522F-E7B7-4595-A94A-3D65BD…)

I mean, neither…

No. 875364

Did Laur make that post in red herself? It has her manic energy all over it. Also her fake black woman voice with the 'chile'.

I notice SNUFF848484 sent the "REMOVE THIS IMMEDIATELY, CYBERBULLYING FEDERAL OFFENCE" and the "dig in your daughters colon" comment. Is that fucking Laur too? Holy hell, I could have written that of as a dumb reddit scrote if she hadn't exposed herself in her own comment collage!? What a dumbass.

No. 875366

imagine writing nasty comments like this about your own daughter
>whew chile

No. 875367

What is with Laur and her weird fascination with things any normal human being wouldn't be sexually attracted to in regard of her own kid? First Hormones on the Flowers Pheepy supposedly gave Lillee for Valentine's and now her Colon???

I swear The Truemans aren't alright.

No. 875378

Regarding the top post, if I knew nothing about this and read the brief exchange laur cut out and posted, I would say the person saying "chill out" is the one in the right if anything, by default because of the sheer unhingedness of what the other person is saying. That last part about "I would dig your daughter's colon…" who is supposed to be saying that? It sounds like Laur. so she's outing herself as a nasty threatening bully? And what does she mean by "in my country the age of consent is 16…"? In the US, if that is "her" country she's talking about, it depends on the state you're in. While it's true that many states' age of consent is 16, in NY where she lives, it's 17. So she would dig an underaged girl's colon? That's gross. I am so confused.

No. 875385


I wouldn't wear any of this crap out of the house, not even to Walmart. But more importantly, she wants people to style to go where, to meet whom, to do what? Kind of crucial to picking an outfit, no?

If she's just going back up the attic, fine. But if she's leaving the house, she might want to check the weather, it's low 50s in Bayside, NY.

Let's face it, she's just gonna wear it in the attic.

No. 875388

SNUFF848484 is definitely Laur, which leads to my personal tinfoil that the serial-killing lover Nazi was also Laur, the whole time.

No. 875390

It would be AMAZING if true. Their entire bullyish saga is them being bullies…. to themselves. Big Jussie vibes.

No. 875391

i don't understand why they need time until 2023 to release the documentary when it's clearly going to be just a montage of lillee and laur's faces with these godawful filters slapped on and a bunch of screenshots over royalty-free music? are they just hoping that some big hollywood director will pick up the project from one of their instagram posts and turn it into a real deal by then?

No. 875392

Not to mention the fact that they're trying to release so many damn screenshots/montages from their doc. They'll have released the entire thing in one fair swoop before the documentary's release date at this rate. Even ACTUAL Hollywood movie trailers aren't that bad!

No. 875404


She so obviously edited it to take in her waist kek

No. 875416


Lillee's so isolated from society she doesn't consider those things. She has nowhere to go even if she WANTED to. Outfits are a game of dress up for her, not anything practical.

No. 875439

File: 1651201684754.jpeg (201.32 KB, 1170x1659, 7341BB46-5ED7-4C95-B711-0D6371…)

>> 18 USC 875(c) Whoever transmits in interstate or foreign commerce any communication containing any threat to kidnap any person or any threat to injure the person of another, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

No one threatened the kidnap or hurt Lillee. Laur’s a lunatic.

No. 875457

File: 1651228664711.jpeg (284.57 KB, 1125x557, E3859195-5700-4E05-A977-7301F8…)

are you telling me in between being a anti bully crusader, she was also bullying her own bullied daughter so she could have proof of bullying?

No. 875459

just WOW Laur… WOW

No. 875460

They DMCA’d the original delusional artist thread but you can still see the comments. Laur/Snuff didn’t make those comments, another user did. I have no idea why she’s editing the screenshots to look like she made them.

No. 875463


Sorry to burst your bubble nonnies, but the "chill the fuck out…" and "dig your daughter's colon" comments aren't from SNUFF848484 (laur) but TO SNUFF84848. It would have been easier to see if laur wasn't an idiot and blurred out the mean comments, but you can see that before the username it says "to" instead of "from".
Laur is sabotaging herself because it really does look like she made all the comments because of her boomer editing.

No. 875471

File: 1651245441443.jpeg (634.31 KB, 672x1280, 13CF9C21-6992-45E5-BD6F-73EA9A…)

She finally admitted it

No. 875480

>>875471 Laur's let her sit in the driver's seat and pwe-tend to dwive twice this month. What a birthday month it's been! Pretending to drive, standing in front of a theater with nothing showing, AND renting a dress???? WOW 21 is lit!

No. 875481

File: 1651248113969.jpeg (427.44 KB, 656x1282, 18598685-F391-43C2-8630-B83313…)

No. 875482

File: 1651248496262.jpeg (256.17 KB, 663x1277, 538F552F-6A0A-4669-8CD6-549284…)

No. 875486

Wow, I knew Laur was uneducated as heck before but really? Everything her rotten vagoo goblin does must be perfect? Has she never turned around and thought "No I don't like it when my daughter does that."

We critique so we can help Lilleee improve you dumb fuck. We have never aimed to bully. A lot of us reached out and gave legit advice as to what she could do to improve her videos and grow a legitimate audience. If you think that people calling both you and your daughter out for being gross people is bullying, then that's on you Laur.

This IS the norm. Get used to it.

No. 875487

They're gonna keep editing this picture into oblivion until it's just a fat white oval

No. 875488


>fat white oval

what Lillee's modelling profiles would say if she was honest

No. 875498


>would you want a family member to be treated this way

If someone in my family:

-tried to make the violent murder of another relative all about themselves and used it for internet clout

-frequently told grandiose, traumatic lies about our ancestors for internet clout

-publicly and explicitly condoned adults grooming and "dating" children for internet clout

-engaged in racist minstrelsy for internet clout

-publicly and explicitly wished the terrible fatal illness that claimed the life of our family matriarch upon others because they weren't getting enough internet clout

I would sit back and smile while everyone on every social media platform roasted them to filth and then cut them out of my life forever. There's a reason why no one on either side of LJ's family wants anything to do with her or her mother.

No. 875537


Laur unsurprisingly doesn't understand sarcasm.

No. 875545

File: 1651279975174.jpeg (362.79 KB, 828x1244, 308AA651-A229-4979-9648-9F4D26…)

No. 875546

File: 1651279996582.jpeg (440.02 KB, 828x1243, 94DE13D3-8E5D-47A8-9203-1954E8…)

No. 875561

File: 1651286000705.jpeg (679.02 KB, 660x1279, 8CF67567-8BD0-4F6F-984F-9A5041…)

No. 875562

File: 1651286575646.png (7.08 KB, 1069x81, tags.png)

Laur reuploaded this video and is doxxing in the tags again. This time it's…. a veterinarian? I googled the name and it's just some old dude. Who's dad is this, and why is Laur going after loved ones instead of the cyberboolies instead?

No. 875568

Maybe don’t choose a filter that makes your child look like she’s the bride of Pennywise.

No. 875574

Why are they so obsessed with debunking the met gala edit?

No. 875578


Because it's the easiest one for them to make an excuse for. Sharing a fan edit doesn't sound too far fetched. The other stuff, there's no real explanation for, so they just don't even acknowledge it.

No. 875583

Their "debunking" makes no sense of this stupid Met Gala photo (which is beating a dead horse at this point). If you have to explain a photo in such a tortuous way, then you were the ones who were unclear at best. But really, you knew what you were doing. You deliberately used vague but suggestive language to imply she was there, and if anyone proved otherwise, you can pull a poorly worded explanation out of your ass. This is what liars do. They like to give very unstraightforward explanations then blame others for "not getting it". Also, is she saying there should be a period after the word "our"? If so, that doesn't make any sense. The whole thing doesn't make any sense. I don't care.

No. 875584

So she does agree that those pushing misinformation that minors can legally have relationships with adults as long as they have their parent's permission should be held accountable.

No. 875591

Why do they always add half? Why not just say "…since she was 15?" Laur did the same thing with her phony work history

No. 875593


It's odd, kids usually do it to make themselves sound older than they are, but Laur always plays the "she's just a child!" card so it would be better to just say 15 if she wants sympathy points for Lillee being cyber terrorised from a younger age.

No. 875594


at 0:39, do they mean benefit?
do they even proofread the shit they post? they're tragically unprofessional

No. 875601

I hate that Laur continues to pretend that this is about spreading awareness, or educating people, or literally anything except putting this particular untalented spud on a pedestal and proclaiming what a poor boolied victim she is. The fact that they’re framing this vain, selfish crap as a civil rights movement is so obnoxious. If someone else came forward with a real story of being stalked or harassed and wanted to get involved you just know they’d be dismissed, because they’d just get in the way of Laur martyring herself.

No. 875602

Tinfoil…Laur doesn’t realize farmers are using anonymous viewing apps/sites to watch her stories. The vet may have watched some of her stuff before it landed on the farms and now Laur’s doxxing him because she thinks he’s a farmer.

No. 875605

File: 1651326590219.png (2.65 MB, 668x5100, 91C75B47-427C-430C-8336-989C3E…)

Okay Laur

No. 875610

"HOUSING INFORMATION IS A CRIME".. I wha??? Laur, how much crack have you smoked in the past few days. Be honest. Cause I'm pretty sure these repetitive posts of your soon to be failure of a documentary film is a pretty good indicator of how much you've been smoking as of late.

No. 875611

didn't she doxx herself by having her address attached to the public listing for Lillee Jean Beauty? It's not a crime to copy and paste publicly available info into google maps, Laur.

No. 875612

Lilly isn’t unique or special, and Bullyish is a guilty attempt to justify their dishonesty. First, EVERY creator receives hate at some level. I know this first hand, and I’m not what you would consider ugly. Had they not purchased bot followers and embellished every facet of her social media presence, they wouldn’t be dealing with the backlash. Which is what this is…backlash. Laur and Lilly clearly have guilty consciences and that’s why they’re behaving this way. Lilly, toughen up and get over it. PEOPLE DONT HAVE TO LIKE YOU OR YOUR CRAFT, if you like yourself you have nothing to prove.

No. 875613

You know what I don't understand? Why release a documentary in the first place? Won't it just lead to even more people finding out what a piece of shit they both are after doing their research after they watch the flick and become one of the bullies/defamers themselves?

I can honestly see them seeing this specific post and being like "ofuq-" and conveniently the whole project vanishes out of sight because they didn't think any of this through.

God can you imagine if some YT film reviewers got a hold of this and ripped the movie to shreds? What then - Will Lillee and Laur accuse them of being brainwashed bullies too because they didn't like the movie/documentary?

No. 875615


Because Lillee wants to go into 'entertainment' but doesn't actually want to go to auditions or attempt to actually act. It's the same reason she does Lillee Talks! It's relatively easy and she can do it from home and claim she's a talk show host. Now she can claim she's a director.

You're totally right though, the documentary is absolutely her stabbing herself in the foot. Lillee is a child and despite Laur fucking up so often for her, she believes mommy about everything. And Laur is a self righteous idiot who's convinced Lillee they can turn things around and undo all the damage they've self inflicted on Lillee's name.

No. 875619

Laur said a bully showed up at their house, they broke their lease and were forced to move but court records show they were evicted. The records that confirmed they were full of shit & shit…of course it’s illegal to look at those records.

No. 875628

>spending 10 minutes a day online talking about Lillee is cyberbullying

Laur has spent the hours of midnight to 4am ~5 nights in a row~ subtly threatening bullies, doxing an elderly vet along with someone named Kyle. Make it make sense.

No. 875631

it's like she's on a manic spree.

No. 875632

I have a feeling that their documentary will just be them falsely accusing random people. Some who no doubt are either genuinely following her or following her to get her side of the story. And making up poor excuses as why it's definitely these people. This could result in some serious fines or jail time for them both.

Lillee keeps going on about people not stealing your shine but constantly goes on and on about bullying. Effectively letting people steal her shine. Neither of them have realised if they stopped reacting to the "bullies" the bullies would have nothing to say. 90% of the callous are only doing it for a reaction. Her best bet would to stop reacting to it and ignore it. Although at this point I think they are aware this is what is happening and are using it to get what they want. Which so far is interviewees who are knownish who can get them clout.

No. 875633

So… uh… yeah… wow.
>to spend even a ten minutes a day
of course laur doesn't proofread. She doesn't think before posting. It's all just her manic angry diatribe vomiting out of her in the wee hours of the morning.

>Gossip is slander.

No it's not. "Slander" is a legal term and the burden of proof is on the one accusing the slander. Gossip is not a legal term. You can't sue someone for gossiping about you.

>Looking at personal information or even housing it is a crime.


>This girl just wanted to… build a career. That was taken from her…

So she has no career? Is that what laur is saying? And she's not a girl. She's a grown woman.

>believe their the ones

You know what Hollywood loves? Poor grammar. Sloppy edits. No proofreading. Sentences that don't make sense. When Hollywood sees that they fight over each other to get the distribution right and hire whoever wrote that crap.

>This girl's rights were taken from her, by maybe you.

"By maybe you." It's absolutely clear here her target is the farmers. If this was really meant as a promotion for Hollywood and other influential people to see, she would not have put that in because it's antagonizing. And poor English.

What rights does lj no longer have? I am genuinely curious what they are. The right to leave her house in peace and not get pap'd? The right to live peacefully in her house without a fake swat team busting open her door? What right were taken away from her?

No. 875637

File: 1651343598912.png (6.35 KB, 1425x42, laur get a job.png)

Tagging the things the notable cybercriminals like, shiver me timbers.

No. 875639

oh no she’s gonna make a film at us

No. 875641

…Why is she tagging "Black Butler" I don't recall Lillee mentioning she likes that series? But then I can picture Lillee proclaiming that Sebastian does certain "things" to her vaginal walls.

No. 875643


I actually remember her saying she watched black butler in her YT comments when someone asked her if she watched anime I was like @_@ what an odd choice for Lilz

It makes sense though, she probably doesn't like watching anime with girls in it because she hates women

No. 875644

Im watching her live out of boredom and shes got her bra on her clothes wrack obviously in frame multiple times in her recently uploaded live(around 8 or 9 minutes in, i cant upload a clip rn). I feel like most youtubers would have at least said something or act embarrassed like "oh you guys arent supposed to see that". I mean its just a bra but in between showing her feet, it really feels like she does that stuff intentionally

No. 875645

Considering some of the stuff that happens I'm surprised Laur allowed her to watch it. I wonder what she makes of Grell?

No. 875647


It doesn't surprise me that 1) she is more than a decade behind the rest of the world in the anime she watches and 2) that she would be into Kuroshitsuji. Look at how she expects Laur to wait on her hand and foot like a servant and also attack all the boolies for her.

No. 875648

Laur’s tagging black butler bc sake kitty has cosplayed characters from it before. Anons have been as crazy as Laur lately jfc chill

No. 875649

Same anon, im pretty sure there was almost a nip slip at 1:01:10, you can see down her shirt. Dear god shes really gotta stop almost flashing herself

No. 875650

File: 1651346622540.jpg (234.44 KB, 1022x1280, deiew5l-3687ea0f-576a-455a-9d3…)


I mean she's full on shown them through sheer fabric.

No. 875652

Oh, please. no one is here to give Lillee life advice and make her actually be better. This is a gossip website. Get off your high horse. you're no better than the rest of us.

No. 875653

Completely forgot about that lmao. She really seems very childlike so watching her lives just feels odd. Like she exposes multiple private things she shouldnt be exposing online even though this has already happened multiple times now

No. 875654

>How do you say "hello" in Indian?
That Keystone education sure paid off. Harvard, your loss.

No. 875668

File: 1651357481577.png (Spoiler Image, 1.38 MB, 1130x872, nop.png)

>up brightness
>go blind
dem nipnops

No. 875669

I bet Laur's going to spin this as evil lolcow farm owner Joshua Conner Moon leaking Lilz nudes as revenge porn or some shit lmaof

No. 875670


oh dear god you really do see right down her top.

it's so uncomfortable to watch these videos, she is trying desperately to be sexual but she obviously has no experience or knowledge of seduction or any kind of adult relationship.

there's no shame in being a virgin at her age, but it's clearly not by her choice. since Laur pulled her out of school and kept her locked away in the attic she's not had any chance to develop her social skills or have any chance of finding a sexual or romantic partner

her attempts at flirting with random indian dudes on the internet are pitiful and honestly make me feel quite uncomfortable

No. 875672

File: 1651359523353.gif (862.94 KB, 414x480, 5E947298-B582-4D13-B092-23F07C…)

I caught the weird lip thing she does to make her lips look bigger

No. 875674

File: 1651359735293.gif (1.45 MB, 300x200, 8392D559-6887-4538-B83C-8D7F34…)

Another clip

No. 875680

Seriously. Horny and desperate shut-in with no life experience is a recipe for disaster.

No. 875681

>This little girl.
Here we go again. Lillee is a grown ass woman now. Notice how they aren't using actual pictures of younger Lillee? Like in thaeyeballqueen's days? Maybe that would show off how creepy those pictures are that Laur LET her post. It really surprises me Laur isn't posting about how we're all pedophiles again.
Also I love the new tags on this video.
>paranoia, paranoid, bitch

No. 875682

File: 1651362033371.png (3.74 KB, 744x34, tags.png)

With being banned off Twitter Laur has to resort to using Youtube tags.

No. 875684

File: 1651364667245.png (2.7 MB, 657x3822, 066183E9-384F-4333-AD3D-EF6105…)

She’s now using Lillee’s baby pictures. Laur is fucking insane.

No. 875685

Dear god

No. 875686


I genuinely believe Laur is in the midst of some kind of mental health crisis. She's always been a bit crazy but these last few days she's gone completely batshit insane.

I'd love to get a live feed from her house, I imagine her stomping around like Ms Trunchball in her manor screaming into the staircase.

No. 875687

Last time we were all sitting around here wondering why Laur was being so crazy, APS was investigating her. Maybe Lillee found a boyfriend or something?

No. 875688

The only one who took lj's dreams away was Laur. She could have developed social skills at school, graduated from high school, then gone on to college. By now she would have graduated and be starting a career. She could have had some semblance of a social life and possibly a boyfriend. If she still wanted to be a celebrity Laur could have done the right thing and taken lj through the right paths to help her develop talent and get seen by the right people. But they decided to cheat and lie, and because of that and their foul personalities, no one who has even the smallest amount of power to get lj through the right doors will want to touch them with a 10 foot pole.

No. 875690


That's something I was just thinking about–how back when Lillee started this shit when she was 14, it was to 'get revenge' on the girls she perceived were bullying her in school.

All those girls are now finishing college and going off to start their careers. They're by far already way ahead of Lillee and far more successful, no matter how many articles Lillee dictates talking about what a #girlboss she is.

Some of them probably have bigger social media followings than Lillee does under all those bot accounts.

No. 875702

File: 1651369611340.jpeg (736.54 KB, 1170x2080, 07E6D286-220E-4C15-A0B1-8AF80D…)

Even though submissions for the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival aren’t even open until September of 2022, Bullyish has already been selected.

No. 875709


Years later Laur clearly learned nothing from the Bite Beauty fiasco.

No. 875712

Maybe Laur got a grant in Lillee's name for some vague "media project", and now they have to prove they used the money for the project.

No. 875732

ugly baby

No. 875737

Watching Mummy fighting her grown-ass daughter's battles in this co-dependant, toxic relationship is so cringe.

How is Laur incapable of understanding that all of this is their fault? None of this would have happened if they had just grown their audience organically from the beginning instead of lying, buying followers and creating racist caricatures. That's what quashed their chances of fame. Also, we've taken nothing from them by discussing that here, they've made absolute specimens of themselves all on their own. There's nothing stopping them from apologising, re-branding and moving on with their lives but ig that's what happens when two shut-ins with all the time in the world have internet access.

I think posts like this show how much Laur is living vicariously through Lillee, she's nostalgic for the era when she was a toddler and Mummy was convinced she'd be a famous star one day! Laur's dreams have been crushed, not Lillee's. She probably refuses to let Lillee re-brand and distance herself from the drama because right from the beginning, her mother gave her a weirdly-spelled SEO stage name as her legal name. She can't picture any other name in lights.

No. 875738

Instead of investing money in her daughter's growth as a human, she put her money into a scheme to achieve her own dreams through her daughter. If she truly believed in lj's talent, she would have made sure as many people as possible saw it. It's like she didn't really believe in lj's talent or potential for growth on their own merit.

No. 875739

it's clear there's something genetically wrong with her. See the one of her ~3-4 years old with literally no teeth? Laur was obviously medically neglecting her if that shit's been going on since childhood. Jesus Mary and Joseph.

No. 875740


Laur is probably terrified of Lillee leaving her. Laur has cut herself off from everything else in life, just like Lillee she doesn't seem to have a career or friends or any kind of life outside their house and this whole scheme. She knows that if Lillee went off and had a normal life Laur would be abandoned and be completely alone, with nothing to do and nobody to talk to (assuming Earl is still in the freezer).

I think Lillee will probably leave at some point, then we will see Laur really lose it.

No. 875741


To add to this, Laur is probably sabotaging Lillee's chances of success or genuine growth or connection with other humans because it would increase the chance of Lillee leaving her.
If she got some sort of brand deal or went viral for any reason other than being awful she'd be exposed to the real world and real people and that's too risky for Laur.
Whether Laur is knowingly and intentionally sabotaging Lillee's career or doing it subconsciously is another debate.

No. 875745

File: 1651412526919.jpeg (528.86 KB, 674x1283, 75538664-13CB-4D2B-B3F6-4F355F…)

She was posting ig stories until 4:16am last night again

No. 875746

Thanks to the weird font used I legit thought it said “No one has the right to make your feet smell.” for a sec.

No. 875750

i think they're both clinically retarded on top of whatever is wrong with them otherwise. like in lillee's case, being pulled out of public school at 15 or 16 doesn't warrant the inability to see ahead of her immediate actions, awkward misuse of vocabulary in her only language, complete lack of self-awareness she and her mother have demonstrated time and time again, and all the instances of them being maliciously dumb.

No. 875751


Keep in mind according to middle school anon she barely showed up to school in JR high as well, and Lillee's confirmed this and blamed it on some kind of chronic illness that she just never seems to mention when she tries to milk sympathy now days.

She may have full on pulled out of public school after 9th grade but they were neglecting her education since she was 12-13

No. 875752


I think this is right on the money, especially if you look at Lillee's "career".

Laur could have spent they money she wasted on pay-to-participate events and interviews on actual opportunities for Lillee from the start. As her manager, she could have found her REAL auditions, REAL acting classes, REAL modeling jobs.

But those would have granted, at least at some point, Lillee some of her own agency. She'd at some point be separated from Laur, during the classes or during the shoot, and Mrs Trueman can't have that. What if Lillee gained some confidence in her ability to do things as her own person?

Laur wants fake opportunities for Lillee because then SHE gets to hover off to the side with her camera as the one paying for things. She wants Lillee whiney and dependent on her, and to fear the outside world if she's not there to guide her through it.

Lillee's an awful person, but with a parent like Laur, she was really doomed from the start.

No. 875754

It’s such a subtle and evil kind of abuse to limit your kid’s opportunities to the point where they don’t have any inclination to go out on their own as an adult, and they’d be completely unequipped to handle it even if they did. Lillee has no life experience, she’s uneducated, sexually frustrated, and only interacts with Laur and whoever the fuck watches her lives. If she leaves she’s pretty much guaranteed to start making some really bad decisions.

No. 875759

For all Lillee's talk of what a girlboss CEO entrepreneur she is, she's woefully underprepared to be an independent adult at all, in any aspect.

Laur really sabotaged her at every point along the way. It's ironic that how spiteful Lillee is, she's so totally forgiving of the person who truly, actively ruined her life.

No. 875761

With all of Laur and Lillee's experiences of "bullying" I'm suprised they haven't tried to get into the e-book game. Surely that would be easier for them to put together than a film/documentary?

That said. I think I would die a little inside if I were to try and read several pages of the pidgeon attic academy's scribbles on 50+ pages.

No. 875764

writing a book, even a really shitty one, requires a lot of time and concentration. Laur and Lillee are just straight up too lazy.
Plus they are barely literate.

No. 875765

Does anyone know if she has a developmental disability? Her IG lives and interviews prove she is socially inept, but the baby photos suggest it’s deeper than that. You can actually tell that there’s something wrong when Lilly doesn’t wear makeup. The mom’s probably in denial that her daughter has a developmental disability and that’s why she pushes the makeup career. Makeup can make anyone look like a different person. I know Lilly’s said her dream is to work with Jaclyn Hill and looks up to her. Jaclyn is extremely talented, so Lilly could take her lead and actually be creative. Why not capitalize on the DD and target her videos to others with Autism? Also, her sexually suggestive nature is painful, and gross. She so badly wants attention and to be seen as desirable that she acts like a cam girl to solicit comments from old foreign men on her lives. It’s so interesting that people like this exist. This is one reason why children will be socialized with their peers and participating in sports, clubs, etc.

No. 875767


tinfoil is that she has Turner Syndrome, although this is more physical and wouldn't explain her potential intelligence or emotional deficiencies.
Laur has accidentally confirmed they claim disability for Lillee so she has something, but it's impossible to armchair diagnose.

No. 875770

laur supposedly finished hs and even had a real day job, but she's still quite dumb too. having been even somewhat affiliated with the show biz through her antiques business and musician husband, she should have had the realization at her age that faking it till you make it is not a sustainable approach that leads to a career in hollywood. both lj and laur are shallow and near-sighted in their ambitions and view of the world. i think it's quite characteristic of retardation, especially coupled with their malice and stubbornness. but either way, i am obviously not qualified to make any conclusions, it's just my impression

No. 875771

It’s Lillee and not Lilly

Some anons threw a tinfoil around that Lillee has a learning disability due to FAS. I think it’s the most believable theory because Laur looks like an old drunk and people with FAS can be eligible for disability benefits. Lillee’s face as a kid also has some signs of FAS.

No. 875782

No. 875771
With all due respect, I don’t care how her name is spelled.
FAS would explain a lot! That makes this story all the more bizarre, but doesn’t exonerate their abhorrent behavior.

No. 875784

Learn to sage please

No. 875785

File: 1651452293879.png (9.51 MB, 828x5915, 652651B7-B883-474D-86B9-AA2D5B…)

Laur took Lillee outside today!

No. 875786

The poses - I used to push my expressions like this when I was around five or six

No. 875787

File: 1651452548906.jpeg (255.6 KB, 828x1298, 292567FC-1121-4E78-AC66-5A60AB…)

She got cropped trousers again

No. 875788

File: 1651452955572.jpeg (408.61 KB, 828x536, EDBCD319-28E9-4AA6-82A8-233B15…)

Her hair has been looking very dry again

No. 875789

File: 1651453061797.jpeg (444.14 KB, 828x540, 232F3CEA-E83A-4919-9FCB-D9B165…)

Imagine being a talent agent and seeing this photo

No. 875790

That first close up is a jump scare.
What's that line in the middle of her stomach?

No. 875791

I wonder what is causing her linea nigra. It is pretty noticeable without zooming in on these pictures.

No. 875794

workout lines

No. 875797

Could be PCOS or maybe it’s the only place she can get melanin, kek

No. 875798

File: 1651458501344.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x2045, E854BD55-EF2E-492B-A52B-9A2005…)


Laur still hasn’t learned her lesson about directing people to the farmers who archive their lies.

No. 875800

Does Bullyish showcase other creators? It seems kind of pretentious to hyper focus on one person with an entire catalog of lies they haven’t debunked.

No. 875803

File: 1651461579240.jpg (153.63 KB, 886x1011, Screenshot_20220501-231813_Goo…)

That first pose energy

No. 875805

Does Lillee even like her mom? She doesn't seem to ever gush over Laur the same way Laur does over Lillee. You might be right, Nonnie, because if Lillee really does get an opportunity to leave she might not be inclined to hold back out of love. Guilt, maybe, but I think everyone has a breaking point with codependent parents like Laur where guilt stops trying then down

I thought this was Jenny Nicholson for a second kek

No. 875806

File: 1651465865261.png (1.99 KB, 318x32, tags.png)

Yes Laur, I'm sure an uninvolved boyfriend and random middle aged veterinarian are shaking in their boots because a middle aged mommy is tagging their names in Youtube videos.

No. 875808

I've thought for awhile that Jenny looks like a normal chromosome Lillee Jean!

No. 875819

I strongly believe this is the most plausible possibility.

As a social worker who works with adults with developmental disabilities, I have seen so many kids like Lillee who are developmentally stunted and living thru their parents. Her disconnect from actual trends, inability to take criticism, and obsessiveness with creating all these false identities really reminds me of some autistic clients I’ve met. We can’t diagnose her, BUT her best bet is to play to her diagnosis, break down the weird af personality she’s created and maybe utilize some resources to build her social skills. They are so out of touch from reality.

No. 875820

File: 1651486558548.jpeg (2 MB, 1170x2085, CD711CE9-9910-4B9B-B38D-A58AC8…)

>>do the crime
>>save the children

the account in the screenshot is one of the only people talking about Lillee on twitter. Their tweets are mostly laughing at the absurdity of Lillee’s multiple YouTube accounts commenting on LJ’s videos. Hardly a crime, Laur.

No. 875821

What a clusterfuck of a eyesore. I know Laur's trying her hardest to draw people's attention to whatever it is but it's probably not a good start when the first thing it actually does is give someone a migraine trying to focus on the middle text because everything else has a weird blur to it.

Speaking of Laur ;alwayslooking4talent is such a bs name Laur uses. She's so hyperfocused on her own brat, I refuse to believe she's using that account to scout out other potentials. As with everything with the The Truemans it's all a facade to try and make herself look more professional or some shit.
The Truemans are so out of touch with the real world it's truly laughable. Even as I relay the story to people who don't follow this kind of stuff they're like "What? Okay these people sound deranged." and that's from outsiders who don't even give a shit about Lillee or Laur.

No. 875823

File: 1651490159615.png (462.21 KB, 1334x767, Screenshot_32.png)

Her likes are visible now?

No. 875824

File: 1651490223188.png (62.83 KB, 1355x418, Screenshot_34.png)

Must have forgotten to buy likes on this one.

No. 875826

>Does Lillee even like her mom? She doesn't seem to ever gush over Laur the same way Laur does over Lillee.

Lillee is the princess of the world, Laur is her servant. Why fawn over a worker bee? But also, I feel like lillee will get frustrated with the boring pathetic life Laur made for her and start to resent her once she gets to her mid twenties and sees how the other girls her age live. Parties, jobs that pay them enough to buy trendy clothes and makeup, boyfriends to post on social media, she's really missing out tbh and it's sad. She's just not fully aware of it yet because she's under Laur's ass. She's going to want her independence as she gets older though, it's only natural. Seems like she might already be wanting it, Laur has to take her outside and let her pretend to drive more often, I'm sure lillee sits in the attic all day bored as fuck

No. 875828

>>24k subs

It’s not the win they think it is kek

No. 875829


Little girl?

Laur she's a grown ass adult, the obsession with her being a child is worrisome

No. 875832

File: 1651492274783.jpeg (639.09 KB, 1170x1762, 9DFDD92E-D439-4220-8EE6-CD17A4…)

more 4am schizo posting from Laur

No. 875833


Didn't Lillee say in that bizarre attic floor live she did recently it was going to be released this Spring? How long does it take to mash some screenshots together.

No. 875846

Can you imagine watching a YouTube video, tweeting out a couple comments about it, moving on with your life like a normal person and a year later you’re doxxed and featured as a bully in some weirdos’ documentary? They are definitely going to get sued over this.

No. 875849


I'm half expecting to be "outed" in the video for watching her ig stories without being a follower.
I hope they actually do shit like this because it would result in their youtube channels being taken down. They've already lost twitter so to lose yt would be another nail in their petite coffins.

No. 875856


She's blocked multiple of my sock accounts that DID follow her in the past too, actually.

Her darling bots don't watch her stories, so she has the time to go through everyone who DOES watch her story meticulously. Remember once in a live she knew the occupation of some rando viewer right off the cuff?

No. 875872

>Remember once in a live she knew the occupation of some rando viewer right off the cuff?

Now THAT's creepy.

No. 875877

She's got to pick what type of slide transitions she'd like for her powerpoint. That's a full time job when you're clinically retarded!

No. 875879

in the beginning of this shitshow alwayslooking4talent were one of Laurs socksaccounts. The account was pretending to be Lillee’s manager “renee” and only after someone pointed out that the profile picture they claimed were them was outed to be a pornstar. After that Laur backtraced, admitted that it was her account and that she never claimed it wasn’t her, just that her middle name was Renee.

Originally the only purpose of the account was to make their grift seem legit and make it look as if Lillee had an actual manager.

No. 875889

The idea that anyone would "bully" LJ using a school binder just screams an inability to move past "2001 tween romance movie bullied protagonist" fantasyland to me.

No. 875919

Does she realize people outside of school also use "school binder books"

Also i genuinely cant recall anyone in the Trueman saga that has done that

No. 875969

File: 1651580733080.jpeg (537.64 KB, 1170x2327, FEE797B4-B6C2-4A08-8632-8EF6F4…)

totally legit following

No. 875986

File: 1651593982621.jpg (272.46 KB, 1208x1037, hysterical.jpg)

Well, that's some serious low cost fake followers.

Laur has been spamming yt with short videos. I won't screenshot it all, but there are +50 videos posted just over the last 3 days.

No. 875987

The fact she even refers to the binder as the "Burn Book" and tags it as Mean Girls shows she just assumes everything that happens to people in movies applies to real. Didn't this get debunked as a binder with someone gathering the information for a video they wanted to make after they had decided give their take on the Lillee situation?

Laur, doll I know you stalk the cow threads so I'm going to say this to you now. Get a fucking grip woman.

No. 875988

If anything, LJ may resent Laur for not being able to shut this forum down (we were supposed to be jailed 3 years ago my good anons).
And not getting her a Marvel lead role. It was the original goal and Laur failed to get it to her petite goblin.

No. 875990

She's still on her "fake accounts" horse - she still doesn't get that pseudonymns are PERFECTLY ALLOWED. Only impersonating another person is not allowed. She's basing a whole "movie" on pseudonyms and if she doxxes anyone it's going to go reaaaallly badly for her.

I say this as someone whose place of work is specifically listed in one of the screenshots of her "teaser" - and she did message me that she had the full address. She's walking a super thin line right now…

No. 875995


I kinda hope she does make good on her promise of doxxing people, because she would finally get herself and Lillee kicked off youtube and probably sued to oblivion too.

I'd love to see Laur's dirty laundry aired in court

No. 876006


I can afford the lawyer but what's the point when they have nothing to pay. I'd rather see her in jail for a stint.

No. 876009


You sound as retarded as the attic goblins. Please file a lolsuit because Laur tagged your place of employment (maybe stop cowtipping and rolling in poop?) in a documentary no one actually will see. They’re not going to jail for the same reasons they can’t have the callouts arrested - none of this shit is criminal. You are just feeding into their delusions when you post shit like this. G8 job!

No. 876014

True the 'documentary' is a joke, but not sure about your definition of cowtipping in the last comments if people are just complaining about her doxxing.

No. 876016

I wonder what our humanitarian social justice queen will have to say about whats happening with roe v wade

No. 876027


we all just need to come together with the deranged fundies that want to park supply side jesus in every womb, anon. definitely don't fight or protests or even complain too loudly like the blacks who can't let anything go and move on. just come together.

No. 876029


For clarification I haven't done any cowtipping and there's been no hint of any of my personal details in Laur's "teasers".

If they engage in targeted harassment then yeah, it is illegal. And even if they did win any court case (unlikely) so much of their shit would get dragged out and published that it'd ruin them anyway.

No. 876031


stay safe xxx

No. 876038

She doesn't care. She pays lipservice to feminism but her real feelings towards women are sexist and misogynistic from the things she says in her fake interviews and elsewhere. And anything that doesn't affect her or she can't exploit for her own gain is useless. She's a frustrated virgin (nothing wrong with being a virgin) who wants to have sexual relationships but can't leave the house to start one. Therefore, pregnancy is a non issue for her at this time. She can't make abortion rights about herself, other than just saying very generally that it's a women's issue and she's a woman.

No. 876041

File: 1651620188417.gif (331.82 KB, 480x270, giphy (1).gif)

>"What do I think about Roe v Wade? Well I'd much rather row across some water than wade through it! I don't want to get my toe beans wet!"

No. 876069

File: 1651649485995.jpg (33.27 KB, 699x294, lillee dislikes.JPG)

Whatever likes they buy don't help with dislikes they get.

No. 876075

File: 1651661411815.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x1756, 564B923A-82CE-4DDA-9F9F-D8A117…)

>never let them tell you no

did Pheepy write this?

No. 876076


The powerpoint transition style shorts from Laur are so bizarre. What is she trying to achieve with them? They don't convey any information, they aren't entertaining. Gives me "Old ma yells at cloud" energy except it's "Old woman yells at internet".

No. 876079

File: 1651674368824.jpg (163.77 KB, 800x533, laurbipolar2.jpg)

Laur is the most cliche case of bipolar I've ever seen - right out of the textbook.

Pressured speech
Reduced need for sleep
Persistently elevated or irritable mood
Increased energy and restlessness
Racing thoughts
Grandiose thinking
Risk-taking behavior(armchairing)

No. 876080

They’ve created at least a dozen new accounts on YouTube & Tiktok over the last few weeks. They’re trying to flood the platforms with positive things about LJ so people don’t see the negative stuff. There’s a lot of “they aren’t the victims WE ARE” which make me buy into the tinfoil they’re defending themselves from something…the new batch of videos by big YouTubers? APS? Is Cyberguyesq finally making a move? We’ll have to wait for the inebitable meltdown when whatever is coming finally comes out.

No. 876083

File: 1651677863273.png (1.53 MB, 651x2552, 4C793063-25C6-4539-9C3D-E37F9B…)

Poor Earl

No. 876097

What do you mean, aren't freezers soundproofed?

No. 876116

File: 1651691293277.jpeg (376.25 KB, 2048x2048, 38C3A0A2-119E-4C1A-80C9-54B1A8…)

Watching her most recent upload and gagged a little when she said she cleans her beauty blenders ANNUALLY. Beauty blenders are a literal breeding ground for bacteria and you’re supposed to replace them every few months. She’s going to be one of those people that gets bugs in her sponges.

No. 876118

She’s fucking disgusting.

No. 876119

File: 1651694577969.jpeg (362.42 KB, 1170x660, 4FB5D4FA-B18B-47BB-A08F-32BAF5…)

same anon. still haven’t finished the video because I have to stop and screencap all the disgusting stuff she’s doing.

Lillee ran out of fake lashes so she’s using a qtip to make her lashes stand up after applying 6 coats of mascara. The fibers falling off your dirty qtip are exactly like fake lashes, ladies.

This is the first video of her’s I’ve watched in a very long time. I’m genuinely wondering how she continues to get worse at this? It’s all she does.

No. 876122

File: 1651695684551.jpeg (401.27 KB, 1170x634, DF2D2A51-2BCC-435C-9DE6-16C242…)

Can’t find her eyebrow pencil so she’s using the dirty qtip from her eyelashes. She can’t seem to find any of her brushes or products in this video. It’s incredibly unprofessional.

No. 876123


jesus christ I wash my sponge every time I use it, I cant imagine how disgusting one would get if you washed it once a year especially with all the crap Lillee smears on her face.

No. 876124


I wonder if this is related to Laur's meltdown? some anons have suggested it's because Laur is having to defend herself against something, are they being investigated / evicted? Is all Lillee's junk in storage?

No. 876125

I don't know any adult who smells fragrances by putting the mist nozzle right up against their nose and sniffs.

No. 876127

File: 1651696787790.jpeg (330.78 KB, 1170x660, B067BC23-0145-45E0-8ECA-4646B7…)

She seems to confuse En Vogue (the r&b group) & Vogue (magazine)

I’m starting to think she didn’t watch the movie at all kek

No. 876128

In her defense (god, that's such a weird thing to say) I do believe she was referring to Madonna's song "Vogue"?

No. 876131

My attic pidgin is rusty. You’re probably correct but it’s almost impossible to understand what the fuck she’s talking about because she never fully explains herself or finishes a complete thought. It took me a few minutes to figure out she was calling fake lashes “disposables” and not talking about the qtips. It’s like she thinks everyone is inside her head with her and we know exactly what she means when says ambiguous stuff.

No. 876137

Though I agree she probably does only wash her sponges once a year (fucking gross lils), I wouldn’t be surprised if she uses annual to mean regular thanks to that keystone/harvard level education she received. Who knows, her tenuous grasp on the English language is one of the funniest things to watch in her videos

No. 876138

this reminds of when she used to get eye infections from blowing on her falsies and using dirty brushes in her eyes but claimed she was allergic to latex lash glue

No. 876156


I tried to watch but couldn't cope with more than a minute. The voice she does is so grating and the mannerisms are really offputting.
And has she given up on editing altogether? Over 40 minutes just to apply some mediocre makeup and chat absolute bollocks where every third word is "uhhh" or "ummm".
She has all the eloquence of the Cookie Monster.

No. 876159


She's referring to the music video for Madonna's Vogue which features Madonna doing a bunch of modelling poses. I guess cause Lillee always does the same few poses at the end of her videos I guess to get a screenshot for a thumbnail?

All she does is wave her head around a bit then send an exaggerated kiss out to her non-existent fans. I doubt she'll get casted by anybody with eyes.

No. 876160


This seems particularly ghetto even for Lillee. Sponges, lashes and brow pencils are among the cheapest items to keep new and fresh in your makeup arsenal. Everything she owns is crammed into the same closet where she films; I refuse to believe that she couldn't find multiple basic items she needed to do the same pasty face/pink eye/pink lip she always does. It's giving broke bitch, Lils, not Vogue.

Also, this is the first time in a while that I've actually bothered to watch more than a few seconds of one of her vids and I was shocked at her complete inability to describe simple things like scents and colors or to articulate what the products do. It's 45 uninterrupted minutes of flapping hands and mumbled nonsense. I guess her "team" no longer includes someone who knows how to edit.

No. 876170

File: 1651720403315.png (711.59 KB, 1500x1000, acting.png)

Imagine trying to say you want to be an entertainer and being this bad at acting out just a handful of lines.

No. 876176

She's like a 10-year-old who gets cast in a school play and overacts the fuck out of Tree #2 and think their performance must be Oscar-worthy because they got a few pity cheers from the audience

No. 876177

File: 1651723809474.jpeg (36.4 KB, 1200x673, https___s3-images.ladbible.com…)

Her teeth look like the "before" picture of people before they get Veneers put on– you know, after the dentist shaves the teeth down into li'l pegs?

No. 876186

It's as if she didn't know how to hold a phone properly to pretend talking into.

No. 876191

You can buy single sets of lashes for a dollar & multipacks are under $10. Finances must be tight in the attic.

No. 876192


To be fair to her, she does entertain a lot of people. Just not in the way she's hoping.

No. 876199


She probably genuinely doesn't use a phone much so it would be weird for her to hold it up to her ear. Who is going to call her? Who is she going to call? Her entire life is online.

No. 876200

File: 1651753696130.jpeg (305.04 KB, 2048x2048, CB2542A9-DDA7-41DB-AFF0-6B4403…)

no funds to replace bots this month either

No. 876217

I actually listen to her in the background at work because it’s SO cringy

No. 876228

she's also had reusable lash pairs in her videos before. did they have to downsize and throw away their junk or something?

No. 876238

I dislike fake lashes, but I'm not realizing it's because the people I know who wear them already have huge lashes. LJ needs em. She's got stubs. And this must be her grossest video yet. I know she's trying to use her make up tutorials to transition to acting but that only works when you're already popular. What's the point? Just do the acting if you can't afford make up tools.

No. 876251

File: 1651786250222.jpeg (625.87 KB, 1170x2035, E3EA5F20-928B-4677-8F79-B7B86D…)

Laur’s terrible grammar always makes me chuckle

No. 876258

no doubt they are putting more manic effort into "promotion" than working on the actual "documentary"

No. 876280

File: 1651806579101.jpeg (608.48 KB, 828x1231, 866E2C2E-360A-4195-908E-66E0E3…)

No. 876287

File: 1651811566014.png (886.37 KB, 1347x900, that face tho.png)

Laur is straight up just reuploading Lillee's videos on her AlwaysLooking4SpammingOpportunitiesaccount now. Also, still tagging the name of an uninvolved person, all while saying Lillee is the one being cyber gang stalked…

No. 876289

File: 1651811666244.png (29.29 KB, 364x422, 3.png)


No. 876290

Are these the results of the 'Style your Lille' poll posted here? >>875222
Did people really just go through and vote for the most unflattering outfit choices? Side note, I can't get over how stupid 'Style your Lille' is as a segment name. It's clunky/awkward and sounds like something a five year old would come up with.

No. 876292

File: 1651812758382.jpeg (870.62 KB, 1284x2256, 6E801EF0-12DF-4E07-970F-A7F5EF…)

That and the first episode is taking them 12 days to produce

No. 876293

File: 1651812889974.png (32.42 KB, 648x210, Screenshot 2022-05-05 10.49.58…)

Sorry if this has been discussed before but I'm rewatching some of her videos and noticed this comment on her "5 things I learned as a young entrepreneur and CEO". I know she did a collab with the solved skincare guy but he doesn't have her listed on the site at all. Has he ever brought lillee's name up as being the CEO? I couldn't imagine her taking credit for the accomplishments of one of the only people willing to work with her in the booty industry (jk I totally can).

No. 876298

‘style your lillee’ makes her sound like a toy in a way that I really don’t like

No. 876306

Girl says she's left the beauty community and yet here she is still trying to do beauty and fashion looks for her channel.

That lasted all of 2 seconds, huh Lillee?

No. 876314

File: 1651832152864.jpeg (333.76 KB, 1170x1290, 66DF2E1C-B961-4C56-94CC-529105…)

Her website said the first episode was supposed to be released 5/8. Two weeks to produce a show about putting on an outfit was too hard and she needs an entire month.

No. 876315

Lillee just be honest and write "thank you mom"

No. 876316

Lillee’s illiterate and probably read the comment as what is the company you’re promoting in the video instead of what is your company’s name.

No. 876327

Unrelated but wtf this is nightmare fuel

No. 876328


The whole 'team' thing is absolutely laughable. Her interviews about being a CEO and managing a team are so milky themselves–it's like when Romy and Michele were trying to pretend to be business women.

Oh, you have a team Lillee? What exactly do they do? Since you do your own directing and editing. Since your mommy does all your promoting and funding. What IS there for a team to do? Aside from make you look good because you manage their mental health so well, you angel. Always the savior for your imaginary peons problems.

Like James, the socks, and Pheepy, it's laughable obvious to anyone in the entertainment industry Lilz and Laur are trying to catfish that she's some broke bored weirdo nobody.

No. 876333

File: 1651865051068.jpeg (73.09 KB, 511x512, 6474D600-BD35-40CE-9876-3222B5…)

After some research, she definitely meets the criteria for Williams Syndrome. Furthermore, she said in a live that shes 4’something. She’s absolutely developmentally disabled.

No. 876334

>>876333 Isn't Williams the male version and Turners the female version?

No. 876335

File: 1651868840243.png (3.59 MB, 642x8515, 0373C4F2-5FF6-43FA-9320-9C54C5…)

More Laur insanity

No. 876338

File: 1651871607303.png (1.13 MB, 2522x690, Screenshot 2022-05-06 at 22.03…)

Those images have that unsettling, incoherent schizophrenic quality to them, has Laur been skipping her meds lately? Does she have any history of serious, documented mental illness? I'm not even saying this to be mean - what the fuck is all that nonsense supposed to mean? Her Bullyish stories feel like a horrific record of rapidly deteriorating mental health.

No. 876339

I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to continue this discussion knowing she has a developmental disability and cannot read social cues. Just my two cents.

No. 876347

Aren't people with Williams syndrom actually nice because of the syndrome? I remember seeing videos about it on youtube. Lillee is the exact opposite.

No. 876349

If lillee was disabled Laur would have capitalized on it by now by calling the boolies ableist or something.

No. 876350


this exact theory has been examined and discarded (because of this point: >>876347 ) more often than Lillee has washed her hair in the past two years combined. you are not presenting anything new, nor a viable insight into what exactly is wrong with her. lurk more, read more, or at the very least learn to sage your unoriginal tinfoil.


i'm not sure where you got the idea that this is a place for righteous moral crusades, but it's an image board to laugh at and document the behavior of people who make bizarre and hilarious spectacles of themselves on the internet. if that's not your bag, feel free to stop coming here at any time.

No. 876352

Lillee’s weird as shit because her mother hid her away in an attic and she has zero human contact. Until Laur admits Lillee’s special needs, it’s all speculation & armchairing. The Turner Syndrome/FAS stuff has been said 100x before, you’re not bringing anything new to the discussion.

No. 876353

Maybe she considers the other pod members her "team". They're the closest to paid employees she's got, anyway.

We don't "know" she has a developmental disability and in fact most of us are pretty sure she's developmentally normal, just emotionally immature and intellectually lazy and incurious. She's also been discouraged from improving herself for her entire life by her insane mom, who takes any criticism of Lillee as a personal affront.

No. 876354

File: 1651874330231.gif (1.35 MB, 258x480, 234E3BD7-C62B-4B85-A71F-E44778…)

No. 876356

she’s never had to wear those heels in anything other than still shots. there’s a reason shoes have straps, lilz

No. 876358

she walks like shayna lmao

No. 876359

File: 1651874938896.jpeg (56.66 KB, 412x370, DE63F5ED-C1A0-47EF-9461-5BE4A2…)

thanks team

No. 876360

lmfao holy waddle

No. 876361

Lmao trying to do a model walk when you’re 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide.

No. 876364

File: 1651875862862.jpeg (555.19 KB, 828x1579, 56E7919D-87C1-47E8-ADA6-2EB7FB…)

No. 876367

Why are they uploading it like this kek. Too lazy a version for portrait mode viewing?

No. 876369

File: 1651879269101.png (825.39 KB, 1132x619, totally organic.png)

Looks like Lillee is experimenting with buying tiktok views now.
The video with 17k views has a whopping 5 likes.

No. 876372

Why is she waiting so long to release this video? So weird to start promoting it almost 2 weeks ahead of time…

No. 876375

The flared nostrils, deep marionette lines and that weird pout she does… all make her look to be in her 40s

No. 876377

Is she crashing a gated community? These innocent people just trying to walk their dogs in peace and instead have to witness Lillee clomping around in shoes two sizes too small, swinging an empty purse while Laur scurries behind her with a camera, old lady tits hanging out of her black tank top, chomping gum in between screaming at Lillee to pose nice. I hope they call the police.

No. 876387

Goofy ass walk holy shit

No. 876389

File: 1651888704029.jpeg (342.14 KB, 1170x1723, 33BB148D-2DD7-4306-BD58-AD4276…)

From her website

No. 876396


I'd like to nominate this gif for the next thread pic. The longer you watch it, the funnier it gets.

No. 876399

Are there any videos of her walking normal? All the ones I can think of (she shows her feet in fuzzy bunny slippers shuffling down the hall in one video & the wander beauty event) she drags her feet. She’s under five feet and pushing 150 lbs. The sedentary lifestyle & weight gain could be leading to mobility issues.

No. 876407


JFC Lillee thank you for this its hysterical. Good lord, that team really comes in clutch huh?!

No. 876416

Keks she did the same with the solvedskincare video, she coudn't even put the gay guy's name in it.

That's truly a retarded way of walking.
I've always suspected LJ being mad about being so short and not willing to go out without ridiculous impractical high eels when she's in absolute need of orthopedics shoes ASAP.

No. 876431

I have seen women over 55 walk that way but a 21 year old?

She is Laur now. The transformation is complete.

No. 876432

Her carrying that little bag on her arm seems very unnatural. The way she looks uncomfortable with it, the way it hits her thigh (because there's nothing in it so there's nothing to weigh it down), the way it swings uncontrollably… It's like a child playing dress up as if to say I'm going to be like mommy and carry a purse! And that "nonchalant" walk she's trying to do also looks uncomfortable and unnatural. Anything but nonchalant.

No. 876434

File: 1651934684569.gif (9.37 MB, 468x677, question mark.gif)

Damn anon now you have me looking back at Lillee's older vlogs. Nope, no normal walking. I don't even know what she's doing with her mouth in the beginning either.

No. 876435

File: 1651935429507.gif (8.85 MB, 468x677, cryptid.gif)

From her classic Wander Beauty vlog. Laur waddles around at 2:57 and 5:24 in the same way.

And why is Lillee filming Laur's feet so much to begin with? Part of me wants to believe Laur isn't in on the footfag shit, but we know for sure she knows. Makes it all the more disgusting since Lillee's been doing the foot shit since she was a minor.

No. 876437

her gait is so weird, looks as if she was walking barefoot

No. 876440


That was a bad day for standing or moving in general.

There was a girl named Genie in the news years ago, whose mother kept her in constant confinement. She never learned to speak or walk correctly. The doctors said that after a certain age, a child's neglected brain isn't able to learn the way it should. Sad.

<iframe src="https://giphy.com/embed/RheOP8Ym7aB4oJn4qc" width="480" height="270" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="https://giphy.com/gifs/RheOP8Ym7aB4oJn4qc">via GIPHY</a></p>

No. 876441

>>871230How did we miss that she never learned to walk properly - it explains so much as to the weird poses and postures in Laur's flashed-out photos.

No. 876443


This has all the energy of a toddler finding their way into a parent's wardrobe and playing dress up in Mommy's big shoes because they're a big girl now!

No. 876444

Does she ever wear flats? To me these look like she’s just really terrible at walking in heels and using this strained gait and shuffle-walking to keep her balance.

read the threads, read the rules and learn how to post

No. 876451

File: 1651947687678.jpg (258.63 KB, 1239x528, lj insta.jpg)

We knew she was doing that, but I leave this here in case it gets deleted.

No. 876455


It's a shame a lot of the "tea" channels that do videos on Lillie completely miss out on the engagement pods.

Primink mentioned it briefly but mostly people just accuse her of buying bots which is also true but does give them something to refute.

It's pretty sad that these kind of people are all just propping each other up, I wonder if Lillee thinks they are her friends? They're the only people she has any kind of interaction with.

No. 876456

This is really insightful, thanks for posting. Shit like this explains why a video of her in an ugly prepicked outfit will take 2 weeks to drop, she spends every moment of the day in these chats begging for comments.

What's wrong lillee? Cant you delegate it to one of the team members? :3(:3)

No. 876458

A few threads ago (maybe last summer) they got caught running paid engagement pods for some sketchy foreign guy. They think engagement pods are “marketing” and don’t consider it cheating. I believe they are still doing this all manually (SunnyV mentioned writing script to make all the responses, but look at their technical abilities…no way) and spending hours a day replying/responding to comments. When Lillee talks about working 8 hours a day, making comments & responding to comments is what she’s referencing. It’s incredibly sad.

No. 876459


That was the moment I realized SunnyV actually did no research

No. 876460


Found the post. She was the international manager of a Dutch engagement pod. >>776041

No. 876461

She looks like an alien trying to "act normal". I could start a fucking /x/ thread with this gif for reptilian/archons/whateverthefuck trying to blend in among us kek.

No. 876462

I have worked in the field placing adults with developmental disabilities in community based programs years. I’ve lost count of the number of intakes and service plans I’ve done. This isn’t a case of someone being immature and sheltered. According to a classmate Lilly was absent in class a lot due to medical issues. Lilly talks about an inflamed pelvic wall, talks about her heavy periods, dandruff, skin patches, has decaying canines for molars, is under 5 feet tall, plays with dolls etc. Either you are Lilly or the mom.

No. 876464

There are many genetic abnormalities, disabilities, intellectual disabilities and she meets the criteria for a few. I really don’t have the motivation to lurk, but thanks for taking the time to look for the previous thread and attach it to this reply. I won’t read it, but your effort is admirable.(armchair)

No. 876465


please sage your bullshit ffs

No. 876466

File: 1651956319401.jpeg (22.66 KB, 197x255, DC2D8D9E-D8EF-459D-AB8C-FFDE91…)

To answer your question:

No. 876467


You gotta write "sage" in the email box on the reply form to indicate you're not bringing anything new to the discussion, just repeating what's already been said.

No. 876469

even better, don’t make useless repetitive posts at all

No. 876470

That really seems to bother you. I suggest counting backwards staring from 10, very effective coping tool.

No. 876471

you’re very smug for someone who obviously doesn’t belong here.

No. 876472

Did I enter it correctly? I didn’t put the quotation marks, so if the reply is wrong that could be why. Thank you for the help!

No. 876473

And you are very bothered for someone who is not Lilly(hi cow)

No. 876475

why do I have a feeling this is going to end up in bullyish with an annoying voiceover about how the egg cult makes fun of handicapped people?

No. 876477

Who cares, no one is going to watch.

No. 876478

Is there an actual egg cult though? I’m not privy to the whole Lillyverse.

No. 876479


Yes just write sage. You'll probably need to do it every time though, if you don't do it the word Anonymous will be in green.

No. 876480

Ah, I see what you mean now. Thank you for the clarification and not shaming me or writing “learn how to sage ffs”. Only a bully would do that. :-D(:-D)

No. 876481


yeah it's kinda shitty how people just assume everyone knows all the rules and ettiquette.(read the rules and info before posting, it’s not that difficult )

No. 876485

File: 1651962554006.png (313.51 KB, 689x333, tiktok.png)

her 3 newest tiktoks only have around 70 views 20 hours after they have been uploaded. They have the same amount of likes as her 17k view one (6), so I assume her actual viewer count is normally between 60-80 views. Any TikTok with more than 1000 views must have been bought.

No. 876489

File: 1651965498656.gif (747.54 KB, 480x260, 80A3A878-BC31-45FF-A809-42F4D3…)

This made me go back to the Wander video and pull these incredible moments:

Lillee grinding on Laur

No. 876491

File: 1651965560294.gif (1.91 MB, 480x260, 2031B5EA-DB2D-4A50-A26B-EE3AD5…)

Lillee acting inappropriately

No. 876492

File: 1651965632924.gif (696.21 KB, 480x260, 1A9E51D2-8C25-4101-BE56-0B01F4…)

Laur filming Lillee slap her bum

No. 876498

all of this stuff is in the rules. do some of you just never read the rules on any forum before posting? it's common sense
so she's basically already released 3 clips in the outfit that people voted on. what's the point of releasing the episode then? to see the same thing but in colour, in case we all forgot what that hideous top looks like?

No. 876499

she DOES think theyre her friends. i remember when she uploaded the day in a life vlog video she screen recorded her phone and was like 'i usually just reply to some of my friends' and it was just her sending weird gifs to indian guys and random verified accounts

No. 876500

I always thought feetgate was a little over the top until i started watching her lives.

I noticed that too, honestly i think some of them may be playing it up a bit, i have a hard time believing most tea channels would not know what an engagement pod is when soooooo many influencers use them

No. 876501

lmao I gotta hunt down and watch that video again, it's really something.

Maybe they avoid talking about it because they're in the same engagement pods

No. 876507

File: 1651980208486.png (4.04 MB, 828x5782, B205496B-6A1F-4CD1-99E7-393330…)

More Laur’s ig stories

No. 876510

File: 1651980561273.png (601.93 KB, 1260x882, Screenshot 2022-05-07 20.28.20…)

No. 876511

My favorite part of these is how she keeps adding filter upon filter until the images are deep fried and you can’t read anything in them. Lillee’s teams out there doing the most.

No. 876512

File: 1651981579504.jpeg (28.32 KB, 300x300, C474B923-CD49-43CB-B7DD-80A55F…)

No. 876513

lmao what are they gonna do, propose some type of federal watchlist for anyone that buys a binder?

No. 876514

File: 1651987389422.jpg (11.3 KB, 320x240, f41cc0bea8e3535b2d4590fa8d732d…)

No. 876516

File: 1651992804964.jpg (408.19 KB, 1125x1440, post.jpg)

There was a comment on sunnyv2's video saying the same thing.

No. 876518

>They think engagement pods are “marketing” and don’t consider it cheating
They never bragged about LJ being the "manager" of those pods >>876460, they are hidding it so they must know it's cheating.
Anyway, the amount of time wasted is insane.
And Laur has the audacity to come with "you spend 10 minutes gossiping about someone" they are hypocrite to a never seen level.

No. 876519

don't do bubbles dirty like this

No. 876521


there's no mention of sage in the rules, most people learn just by being shouted at by minimods

No. 876522

File: 1652004353005.jpg (271.29 KB, 928x1860, subliminal keks.jpg)

I watched her last 'trailer', the video is pure delirium.
I'm screeshoting it so you don't have to watch it.

What are >subliminal emails
No one knows her phone number here and Laur has been looking for shady lawyers for years, no wonder they get related spam.

Laur referring to LJ as her client is really offputting and >she has been bullied to the point someone is signing her for schools.
How can she expect to be taken seriously?

The rest (samsung galaxy) is the type of spam everyone in the planet gets.

No. 876524

File: 1652004929711.jpg (190 KB, 908x1615, subliminal keks 2.jpg)

What's interesting is that her insta account may have been under investigation.

Laur willing to scare us all with a gov email.

Laur claims she has files for all the 'bully' accounts, but most of them are their own socks accounts, keks.

At the very end, they play toccata/dracula music which is the pinnacle of ridiculous.

No. 876531

File: 1652014230279.jpeg (224.78 KB, 1170x642, AEB5AE7C-8151-4B20-9680-81DB57…)

someone sent them a glitter bomb

No. 876532


Identity theft kek

No. 876533


This is all so boomer, thinking spam emails literally everyone in the world gets is some sort of targeted harassment. And making the effort to reply to standard mailing list emails.

Laur just ignore the emails or use the "unsubscribe" button at the bottom of marketing emails, you don't need to reply saying your "client" is being bullied, you aren't special.

No. 876534

File: 1652015199600.jpeg (214.77 KB, 2048x2048, 15487397-D7DD-4151-BD6C-06DC2B…)

they contacted their local rep and the person gave them the email for the DA’s assistant. that’s not the DA reaching out to you kek

No. 876535

Sorry if it’s not a popular opinion but if they aren’t completely making this up, it’s super fucked. Everyone knows how paranoid Laur is due to the trauma of her sister’s murder. Whoever mailed the egg pod & glitter bomb if you read here, what you did was very illegal and you should be nervous. Laur needs to start to differentiate between the people who did shit like this & the people who offered criticism like Butterholt & their research notebook. They’d get a lot more sympathy.

No. 876543

File: 1652022375683.jpeg (334.96 KB, 828x947, 4C1B8AD3-1939-4700-8B1E-AF895A…)

Lillee Jean: victim of waterboarding

No. 876544

What does that mean? Even for attic pidgin this doesn't make any sense.

Also, it's funny how the quotes and screenshots they use as "proof" of bullying, if you read them, are actually just opinions and critiques, often quite sensible ones. They have a problem with the criticisms themselves, not their own abhorrent behavior.

No. 876545

File: 1652023551777.png (1.06 MB, 828x2706, FB6FA6E1-9B62-45F5-97E8-D92D1A…)

More hilarious screenshots from the second teaser

No. 876546


I totally agree, I saw someone bragging they'd mailed her one of those orgasm noise cards for Valentine's day and it's just giving Laur and Lillee ammunition for their claims. Even if 90% of their claims of bullying are bullshit giving them the 10% actual harassment will be enough to get people to support them.

Not to mention it's just really sad to spend time and money trolling them.

No. 876547

The fact that people are "allegedly" send the stupid stuff, signing them up for stuff, making up these email accounts etc is just sick and pathetic. Imaging doing that shit and actually thinking your doing nothing wrong. Your literally proving lillee and laur right.

No. 876548


kek I first thought the Poo-Pourri email was part of the alleged harassment but it looks like Laur actually signed up intentionally.

No. 876550

Are you new to the drama?
>Everyone knows how paranoid Laur is due to the trauma of her sister’s murder.
Laur hated her sister. I won't say again everything that has been displayed about that, read previous thread ffs.

>Whoever mailed the egg pod & glitter bomb

Tired boomer did that to herself and btw we NEVER heard about a """glitter bomb""".
LJ and Laur would not mention it for months/years but… waited to talk about it in their documentary??? How does it make sense?

>and you should be nervous.

You talk like laur keks and you sound dumb.

No. 876552

we’re here to laugh at their absurdity not touch the shit. stop mailing them stuff psycho

No. 876554

This thread is infested with newfags and people who write like they discovered the internet yesterday, wtf is going on

No. 876555

lmao imagine watching one story on lj's profile and getting one of these borderline threatening dms about your family because she desperately needed to find a texan scapegoat?

No. 876556

File: 1652031678228.jpeg (418.98 KB, 828x737, 744E99D5-1249-47E4-AF4B-72A34A…)

All of these were posted at the same time. Buying tiktok views is super cheap but they don’t really mean anything.

No. 876588

File: 1652064205917.jpeg (333.61 KB, 1170x1626, DFC6CA9D-7366-4954-957D-3CE797…)

they released the first bullyish trailer on 4/13 & the email to the DA was on 4/29

No. 876628

File: 1652095024747.jpeg (1.02 MB, 828x1463, D8CFC0B5-488D-4DF6-BB08-403184…)

Is Laur ok?

No. 876629

The irony of referring to Lillee's bullies as a "cult" when Laur's weird edits look like something ripped out of a weird brain washing subliminal message from A Clockwork Orange.

You think that's what she's actually trying to do? Brainwash people into loving the goblin child?

No. 876632

this thread is constantly on the front page of /pt/ there is no need to bump it newfag

No. 876636

when was the last time we saw the cats? It’s been at least a month

No. 876638

laur ate them. seriously, why does every thread has a peta anon who desperately needs updates on animals 24/7? even if something happened, nobody can do shit

No. 876642


This is scarier than the girls in the hallway in The Shining.

No. 876643

"Come and play with us Jeanies, forever and ever&he