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File: 1634830863795.png (1.81 MB, 2000x1333, 1634287512212-min.png)

No. 857281

Lillee Jean is a stunted unwashed "beauty guru" who has taken "fake it till you make it" to previously unseen levels. With over 1 million (fake) followers on Instagram, 11k (fake) followers on Twitter, and 10k (fake) subscribers on youtube, her pitiful engagement rate is propped up by bots, engagement pods, and "bob-vageen" foreign men with no idea who she is.

Lillee is best known for abusing copyright strikes to silence her many critics. LJ and her momager, Laur Trueman, have been on a multi-year "anti-bullying" rampage where they ruthlessly mock other people for their age, looks, socioeconomic status, and more, all for the crime of questioning Lillee.

Many dedicated Lillee critics have created callout videos and posts to expose her racist, dishonest, and absurd behavior. However, Lillee and Laur remain convinced that this is all a conspiracy organized by one person out to get her.

>Extremely stunted social development due to being removed from school around 13-14 years old. Does not appear to have a single friend IRL besides her helicopter mom.
>Is now 20 years old but legitimately plays with dolls
>speaks and writes in "attic pidgin", our affectionate name for her limited grasp of the English language (her only language)
>Claims to have a totally real, not-made-up boyfriend who is both a French diplomat and also a family friend since childhood. "Phillipe" (an incorrect spelling of the French name) seems to hop across continents, being either local or foreign depending on Lillee's convenience. Conflicting details about when they met suggest an inappropriate age gap (with a 23-year-old Pheepy asking out a 14-year-old Lillee). Her alleged boyfriend has no internet presence of his own, and has never been shown by Lillee, despite oversharing every other aspect of her life.
>Uses her "Jewish identity" to deflect all criticism as antisemitic, despite not practicing the Jewish religion OR having any clear Jewish lineage
>Constantly exaggerating her status in the beauty community with fake pr
>Got caught running her own fan pages, many of which were racist caricatures of minorities. This included (alleged) POC claiming to hate their own dark skin and wishing to be pale like Lillee.
>Once posted a photoshopped image of herself over Katy Perry's body, claiming to have attended the Met Gala. Later backtracked and tried to pass it off as a fan-edited image.
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab, created a custom lipstick color (the point of their business, which anyone can do) and advertised it as an official collab, claiming that her fans could ask for "the Lillee Jean collection" in all Bite stores. Bite Beauty formally asked her to stop making this false claim.
>participated in a public Covergirl ad campaign where anyone could submit selfies to be displayed on a scrolling billboard in Times Square. Lillee waited through hundreds of submissions to catch a photo of herself on the billboard, then posted it as though it were a collab where she exclusively modeled for Covergirl.

>Laur keeps begging for more stimulus cheques on Twitter >>853201
>Lillee moves into a construction site >>853389
>Lillee makes an “accountability” video where she says that having baby teeth at 15 is normal >>853508
>Elaine helped the attic duo to put an IP grabber on Lillee’s site and a Canadian anon’s IP was exposed >>853516
>Laur believes that having someone’s IP means that they can now hack them in every way possible >>853527
>Laur continues to freak out on IMDB staff >>853537
>Laur doxxes a callout >>853586
>Laur keeps claiming that Creepshow Art somehow provided her with all IPs on lolcow >>853592
>Laur facetunes a callout to look more like her >>853654
>Laur starts harassing a random minor on Twitter >>853763
>Lillee’s Instagram account goes down for 15 minutes >>853825
>Lillee’s teeth have been fucked her whole life >>853921
>Laur gets her iamlaur67 Twitter suspended >>853953
>Laur spams Lillee Jean TALKS page with positive reviews >>853973
>Lillee starts posting photoshoots semi-regularly >>854241
>Lillee buys a number of interviews with Authority Magazine >>854368
>Despite regularly going to the orthodontist her jaw is still fucked >>854453
>Lillee still receives PR from TooFaced >>854690
>Lillee films an episode of LJ Talks with her mother >>855658
>Lillee gets a collab with an MLM >>855890
>More weird photoshoots >>856081
>14 year old Lillee’s weird leg video is found >>856345
>Another interview where Lillee says that people in US are ungrateful >>856614
>Films an episode with boomer Alan Swyer and gets extremely annoyed when he can’t figure out ig live >>856633
>Earl escaped the freezer to leave a peach emoji for his hot wife >>855652

MAIN ACCOUNTS AS OF 2020 (updated December 2020)
https://teespring.com/stores/lillee-jean?aid=marketplace (removed)


https://www.twitter.com/InevitableLrt (goes between private and public)
https://www.twitter.com/JeaniezInc (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/iamlaur67 (goes between private and public)
https://www.instagram.com/jeaniezmanagement (Suspended)

https://twitter.com/lilleeinc (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeauty (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeaute (Suspended)

Other relevant links can be found here >>767646

1. >>>/snow/833840
2. >>>/snow/847048
3. >>698862
4. >>707075
5. >>718259
6. >>724333
7. >>736259
8. >>754981
9. >>767645
10. >>773135
11. >>777937
12. >>784721
13. >>794372
14. >>802142
15. >>811813
16. >>820665
17. >>825857
18. >>833714
19. >>838519
20. >>844274
21. >>853090

No. 857283

Sorry if I fucked anything up. This was my first time making a thread.

No. 857285

File: 1634831102404.png (2.25 MB, 828x1916, 7AB5FDD5-FB19-414C-88D2-37CF50…)

New photoshoot

No. 857286

I just wanted to check the thread out because I’ve seen her mentioned jokingly, but holy fuck, you know what? I can’t. I can’t look at this face willingly because I’m pretty sure this is nightmare fuel.
Good luck, nonnies I gotta go touch grass and hope I forget this face.

No. 857291

thanks nonnie! I think it looks great, love the thread pic

No. 857292

this fucking thread pic kek im dying

No. 857293

It's uncanny how much Lillee looks like Darla from Finding Nemo here, Pray for any tropical fish you guys happen to own who have war flashbacks for unfortunately having to look upon her face kek.

No. 857300

Wow, when they make a live-action Nemo they can tap her to play Darla (as a weird adult?). Lillee, congrats, you finally made it to Disney/Marvel level character looks.

No. 857301


I had thought all the cyberboolying about how unhinged she looks when she does this extremely forced bug-eyed "smile" had worked and Lils had gained a tiny crumb of self awareness, because for a while she was posting pics where her face was relaxed (more like vacant, but still an improvement.) Now we're back in Crazytown 2019 all over again.

No. 857304

The weird bumps on her cheeks when she smiles…are they from dental issues? They look like tumors.

No. 857306

Anyone else think that odd wikihate thread posted in /pt/ was lar? Kek

No. 857310

You did great, OP! And I love the thread pic.

Literal nightmare fuel.

I've always thought it's looked like Lillee has two ping pong balls stuffed in either side of her mouth when she smiles kek.

No. 857313

Female gollum.

BTW any update on twitter cousin anon or it was just a prank?

No. 857316

File: 1634847466057.png (4.37 MB, 828x3354, 1918830F-DD2B-4264-8485-60DC3D…)

No. 857320

Wow another photo set. That's really showing us the haters. FYI lillee and laur that's sarcasm. Your are just proving the "boolies" right and showing them nothing other than you need them for ideas.

No. 857322

Knockoff Stuart Weitzman boots that are too tall for her. Pink leggings with a huge relfective logo. Lillee’s styling choices are so confusing.

No. 857324


I do believe some of the earlier fake fan accounts Lilz and Laur made praised her endlessly for her 'adorable apple cheeks' I'll see if I can find them

No. 857325


Those boots look like they're cutting off her circulation. She's visibly nearly exploding out of them.

No. 857326

File: 1634851326524.jpeg (564.4 KB, 828x3374, F62BBCFF-B7F5-47C4-B0CA-CE0CDD…)

It’s so funny to think that laur takes these pictures of lillee posing like this, trying to look seductive or something lmfao

No. 857333

are they fucking vampires? why don't they go outside in the daytime hours anymore? what fucking freaks

No. 857334

Lillee wakes up at 2pm on most days so that only leaves them a bit over 4 hours to do photoshoots in the daytime

No. 857335

File: 1634854976902.jpeg (161.65 KB, 562x439, 2E0EA5E6-F7B6-4951-B35B-32EB22…)

I think she had lip product smeared all over her mouth and she blurred it kek

No. 857341

Damn paparazzi caught her again.

No. 857342

Wtf is up with the last pic. Looks nothing like her and the neck looks off. So obviously shooped

No. 857350

File: 1634881486515.png (43.61 KB, 1093x670, dmca.png)

Back on their bullshit. Interesting they'd claim a picture that has to do with Shaniqua. https://images.app.goo.gl/JmQ5WYjyFt7RL1nK7

No. 857351

File: 1634881570039.jpg (71.03 KB, 778x739, JdrJF9ECl6okYhh_hCrH1IKyO2hCum…)

No. 857352

This is what happens when someone with no style goes thrifting or on ebay secondhand and finds pieces that are fine individually, but doesn't have what it takes to curate a cohesive look.

No. 857358

File: 1634893375311.png (320.78 KB, 862x1200, lillee jean.png)

No. 857364

File: 1634898261212.jpg (258.37 KB, 974x1009, Screenshot_20211022-111557_SHE…)

Outfit so she can cosplay this but with a lillee twist.

No. 857368

File: 1634905450422.jpeg (1.22 MB, 828x1500, 06B58CA2-6318-455D-BE5B-46BDCC…)

Her ring no longer fits and her kids are looking sticky here??

No. 857374

Kek. Last thread I was making fun of her wearing sandals for fall and now she has these ridiculous boots. Keep listening, LJ. We have good advice.

No. 857384

>>857364 That's too cohesive and polished for Lillee, anon. There's not enough lint or cat hair. She'd use some garish electric purple colored bag (like that garbage one from Younique, kek) or that canal street special seen in >>857326, those old pink hooker wedges from 2004 that she loves, and she'd stretch that jumper to the limits. She would nix the white shirt and just wear the jumper dress, but she'll absolutely put the straps on her shoulders. If you can't see her fried egg tits through the fabric, it's not tight enough.

The goblin is so out of her league in the beauty community its laughable. She can't put an outfit together to save her life, somehow she's worse at styling than she is at makeup.

No. 857386

She looks like a Minnesota hooker circa 1993

I wonder who on earth told her that off the shoulder look suits her

No. 857388

ily anon kek

No. 857394

File: 1634922662378.jpg (834.91 KB, 2046x2848, iceberg.jpg)

sorry for shite quality but i've been sitting on this for a few threads now kek

No. 857400

File: 1634925053283.jpg (77.62 KB, 667x645, unemployed.jpg)

>never worked one single day in her pathetic life and never leaves the attic
>constantly makes a fool of herself from how stupid she is
>Still giving work advice

Her vision of the labor market (and everything) is so retarded.

Getting money from scams and disability is not a real job lillee.

No. 857404

Showed this to my fiancée who isn't a farmer herself but is a Lilleefag and we were killing ourselves laughing at it kek. Ily anon.

No. 857405

i'm honestly impressed with her level of delusion though. like she genuinely believes that sitting on her ass, reeeing at the farms and filling out those madlib 7th grade writing level interviews is equal to grinding 9-5 every day running her own company. you can really tell that nobody in that household has ever held a legitimate job.

No. 857406


Earl in the freezer is my favorite fandom meme to emerge from the LJEU. Never fails to give me a chuckle.

No. 857413

She's so stunted she fails to grasp why someone would prefer remote working over going to the office or the other way arround.
Middle-school drop-out-lillee believes it's just a matter of "being your own boss" at home.

And if someone weren't trusted by the company to do the job properly, they wouldn't have hired the person in the first place keks.

No. 857416

omg… I'm new to this thread and this made me gasp several times lol, I gotta catch up on the old threads

No. 857417

Welcome to the Lillee Jean Extended Universe, anon. You'll have a blast reading her classic milk, trust me.

No. 857420

>>857400 Does this fat unwashed retard really think anyone gives a fuck about what she says? For someone with no life experience, education, job, or accomplishments, she sure has a whole lot to say. Nobody looks at Lillee and says "Wow, that's goals! She owns her own company and has so much freedom all because she followed her dreams!" yet she seems to be under that delusion. Aside from her mom & maybe one or two people in her engagement pod, she gets no positive feedback. She can't really believe that anyone would listen to her advice, let alone aspire to be like her. There's influencers who are newer to the scene who have had a million times more success than her, she has to know by now that her big break isn't coming, right? Is this a defense mechanism because she's gotten nowhere in the past 5 years, or does she actually believe she's a well known influencer?

No. 857423

She knows no one reads this shit. It's just to pad and bolster her "porfolio" incase she can claw up some unknown beautystart-up desperate enough to associate with her.

No. 857456

Photoshoots looking more like Gaspar Noe doing an Unsolved Mysteries re-enactment everytime.

No. 857457

File: 1634963667940.jpeg (137.62 KB, 1459x714, 87C8B72C-7F80-4C09-A013-00D8FE…)

Here’s a brief rundown of another terrible “Lillee Jean Talks”. At least the guest was interesting

> “Because Ida B. Wells. I mean… this is like THE WOMAN. She did amazing stuff.” There was a short pause from the woman assuming Lillee would say more than a statement without any details

> “I read online that some people even on her side were telling her to ‘Shhhhh’”

Seriously? Anyone could’ve told you that, great research on your part.

Lillee decides it’s the right time to pull her shirt down to expose more of her collarbone for some reason.

Responds vaguely with some “Lillee wisdom” to her guest explaining what Ida has done bc we all know lillee has no clue and could care less about her but used this to not seem racist after her podcast quotes.

Goes “ahh!” With an extremely fake, animated expression when the guest mentions a bounty for Ida’s head (screenshot is pic above). Guest chuckles awkwardly.

Keeps pursing her lips to make them look bigger when it’s evident they’re pushed out and overlined.

The guest says having an ancestor who advocated for racial equality sometimes makes her feel like she needs to always do more, especially with BLM. Lillee nods as if she didn’t say on her podcast that black people need to “shut the f up”.

> “It doesn’t bother me!”.

Lillee says this when bringing up the limb difference. Guest is way too polite and just nods without showing an expression. Jesus Christ Lillee, you are so stupid. It shouldnt bother you so you don’t deserve any form of praise for that stupid comment.

They go into the guest’s birth defect, Symbrachydactyly (her hand isn’t completely formed).

> “You have such a cute hand!”.

That didn’t fly well with the guest bc she has to look away as she thanks Lillee. That was so cringey. Definitely not the comment people with any defect want, comes across as condescending. Lillee needs to educate herself more on why it’s not okay to say dumb crap like that.

The guest says nobody likes being stared at even if they got a booger in their nose. Lillee laughs at this joke probably bc she always has a booger make an appearance in every one of her videos.

The guest mentions people talking down on her despite her having a Master’s Degree. I think this is when Lillee realizes that her guest can easily see how uneducated and dumb so she starts shutting up for a little bit.

Doesn’t last long bc Lillee thinks she has a 200+ IQ based on her homeschooling grades.

Lillee finds a way to make the convo about herself.

> “Not many people know this about me, but I’m a shy person as well. I like to stay home and watch Netflix.”

Trust me, we know you don’t do anything except stay in the attic based on your poor social skills, inability to dress, and unhealthy relationship with your mother.

The guest discuss she hosts tours of the house where Ida B. Wells was born and how you can feel the ancestors when you walk in. Lillee says she wants to go visit. I’d advise against that, I have no doubt that the ancestors of Black people would smack the shit out of Lillee, kek

The end.

I wish a POC would agree to be interviewed just so they can confront Lillee on her racist comments. Now that would make her livestream entertaining.

No. 857468

File: 1634969900286.png (1.95 MB, 1360x934, laur in 5 years.png)

Not milk but this random image I found looked so much like Laur I couldn't not share. Could it be an actual sighting, and she's just wearing a disguise of undyed hair?
Why is Tiana still sticking around Laur and Lillee? I don't get why she's putting herself through this agony.

No. 857481

>this a defense mechanism because she's gotten nowhere in the past 5 years, or does she actually believe she's a well known influencer?
I've been asking myself the same thing. Most of the time it seems she thinks fame and money are just arround the next corner.
On other side, she is spiteful, bitter, selfish, seems crazier than unsual (I side with the damaged-brain theory and the SRRI one).

It's like art-anon draw >>855419 even under a bridge she would never aknowledge she is a total failure.

Kek anon. Right pic is one of the last of earl alive.

No. 857483

She isn’t on any SSRIs because both Laur and Lillee believe that taking psychiatric medications is a sign of weakness

The only tinfoil that I do buy is Lillee being born with FAS and Laur using that to collect extra benefits as her guardian

No. 857485

she's doing the madlib interviews to link to so she can have a wikipedia page. When she tried before, wiki denied her page because she wasn't notable.

No. 857487

i cringed so much with this interview. every time the guest has some meaningful input about ida wells, lillee just YASS KWEENS every time and even tries to clap. coupled with her perpetual condescending attitude, none of this comes out as intended. i'm surprised the guest didn't go off on her.

No. 857489

File: 1635000821265.gif (194.96 KB, 220x165, gimme-gimme-gimme-linda-clappi…)

She reminds me of this late 90s Kathy Burke character. Their on the same intellectual level

No. 857490

USA is pretty lax in medication.
LJ would take it if it's labelled as "beauty vitamins with positive attitude and happiness" or something to make her less fat.
She would buy anything from Amazon keks.

No. 857491

I always wonder if the people doing these engagement pod interviews google lillee afterwards and see the absolute shitshow going on. Im sure they just expect a simple basic interview with a little bit of professionalism then they come on and become more and more dumbfounded as the interview progresses

No. 857494

>>857491 they see a million followers. Lillee doesn't need to be more than that. She's just her follower count. The reddit post would have never been made if she had a normal amount of subscribers.

No. 857506

Lillie's around that age where there was a huge influx of SSRI prescription for juveniles because it was finally seen as "safe" to be used on kids over 12

No. 857508

Laur and Lillee are so dumb. Those articles aren't from reputable and respectable source.
And even if they were, having a wiki page won't get her a marvel lead role.
Is she really seriously thinking a wikipage would lead to real fame?

No. 857510


Yep. It amazes me how consistently the attic goblins will sidestep a simple and honest option so they can instead use the dumbest, scammiest or least effective way to try to achieve their goals. They just cannot stop wasting time and money on fakery; it's pathological.

An "interview" where you answer a question with lies does not constitute a primary source that you can cite to turn your lie into the truth, Lils. You can't make that "collab" with Bite Beauty real by having someone else copy/paste a transcript of your delusions into an article you paid them money to post.

There is absolutely no way that the pedants and autists that gatekeep Wikipedia don't already know that Medium/Authority "Magazine" is just a blog-hosting site poorly masquerading as actual journalism.

No. 857511

>>857508 "Is she really seriously thinking a wikipage would lead to real fame?" Simple answer? Yes. They've shown time and time again they have no clue what the fuck they're doing, they're just too stupid and ignorant to admit it. Lillee takes anything her idiot mother says as gospel, so when Laur tells her this is the way to get recognition, she'll cling to it. When it still doesn't work, they'll blame the boolies. It's the most tired narrative in the world.

>>857457 Thank you, transcription anon. I imagine you'd need a stiff drink after that. She's so hard to watch and it baffles me that she does absolutely no research prior to these "interviews". Everyone already knows she's dumb, but she never knows anything about her guests aside from that they write books or make music etc.. I'm not sure what she was hoping to achieve with this series, but it's safe to say she's failed, as per usual.

No. 857512

I justcwish one of the callouts would sign up to be a guest. I could see it go a few ways. 1. It never goes ahead and the goblins claim the callouts are grovelling to them. 2. The going go on and try to bully the person and out themselves even more. 3. The callout humiliates them. Any of these outcomes would end in a shitshow of epic proportions.

I think even if a third party or one of her "guests" did call her out on something she would throw a tantrum, cut the live and cry that they were bullied. Because how very dare she take responsibility for her words and actions.

No. 857515

File: 1635024322630.jpeg (500.12 KB, 1144x1524, 5F4E4914-3075-45AB-9284-A1CB6E…)

She looks very sick here. When will she learn white balance and other fun camera settings that make people look alive?

No. 857519

File: 1635029314642.png (5.16 MB, 828x3967, 9524DF6D-72F7-4DC2-94A7-1C7C84…)

No. 857520

File: 1635029416831.jpeg (255.15 KB, 828x842, 4B946A3F-1D78-431C-8C3A-482F05…)

No. 857521

File: 1635029497188.jpeg (10.86 KB, 222x198, 9905F5C4-1AE4-4947-A156-49F1FE…)

What.. is going on here

No. 857522

Why is she so inconsistent with her shooping? She'll post photos like this one >>857515 where she's given herself a sharp chin, defined neck, and slimmer shoulders…but then she goes and ruins the illusion by posting these >>857519 so the world can see that without heavy abuse of facetune she really looks like a giant uncooked christmas ham.

No. 857523

File: 1635031885040.png (236.31 KB, 792x1856, lillee i am in your walls.png)

https://medium.com/authority-magazine/meet-the-disruptors-lillee-jean-on-the-three-things-you-need-to-shake-up-your-industry-1652145456b4 New article. Lillee is now working on a documentary. Lillee talks more about talking about the environment, mental health, and other issues than she actually talks about the ISSUES. She's done about one thing for the environment, and it's that shitty 2018 video she made on plastic. It's like saying you're a major advocate for the environment because in first grade you colored an Earth Day coloring sheet.

Lillee's recent video was sponsored by the brand Focallure. Also it's supposedly a holiday look, but it's just the same exact pink look she does all the time. Seems the Jeaniez don't care for her live talks. Last one only has 3 comments still.

Anons the people she has on her live talks are pod members or friends/publicist of Lillee. Lillee is very suspicious of people so she wouldn't have you on unless you're able to make her look important, or you're big enough of a loser to be apart of her pod.

No. 857524

>speaking tour

Muh sides

No. 857525

File: 1635034426502.jpg (233.09 KB, 1526x1079, focallure.jpg)


>Lillee's recent video was sponsored by the brand Focallure. Also it's supposedly a holiday look, but it's just the same exact pink look she does all the time.

I feel like anons predicted this a while back. Not an affordable drugstore booty guru or even a thrifty Ross/Marshalls bargain basement sale qween. Literally garbage tier sketchy aliexpress makeup. Way to go LJ! You made it, girl!

No. 857526

It took less than two years for her to go from Natasha Denona to asbestos filled aliexpress makeup kek

No. 857532

File: 1635037304025.png (3.2 MB, 663x3419, ADB8ACEA-27D4-4937-9858-FD2ACB…)

There are no cobblestone streets in Queens

No. 857533

File: 1635037505563.jpeg (634.08 KB, 828x1459, B2E80AC0-20D0-421F-98E1-628B4B…)

Strategically places size 4 jeans? kek

Also a size S sweater?

No. 857536

moar liek size 14 kek

No. 857539

File: 1635043046162.jpg (245.03 KB, 1080x1542, Screenshot_20211023-222408_Chr…)

>>857536 Wouldn't be surprised if they don't fit her and if they do it's vanity sizing. A ton of brands here (US) make up their own sizing, so a size 4 could be a 40inch waist or a 28in waist, there's absolutely no consistency across brands. It's been shown that women will be more loyal to a brand where they can buy a smaller size and there's a ton of psychology behind the whole "vanity sizing" thing. Lillee is pretty much obese at this point and coupled with her height and price range, (and inability to sew) I imagine her options are very limited.

They really weren't kidding about Focallure being AliExpress makeup. If it was anyone else I'd be concerned but I highly doubt exposure to lead and other heavy metals with make her any dumber than she already is. When you're at the bottom of the barrel, you really can't go further down. Cheap or not, I can't imagine why any brand would associate with her after spending 2 minutes doing their due diligence.

No. 857542


Can you imagine smearing a product of such low quality that it can generate a profit even when it's priced at one cent around your eyes and on your mouth?

Lillee, since I know you lurk here: it might be hard to tell, given how blotchy your skin is already, but if you notice extra redness or a rash where you applied any of that toxic trash, you might want to seek medical attention ASAP.

No. 857544

File: 1635047920905.jpeg (287.23 KB, 828x907, AB398A49-C85C-4A2D-9DEE-AA49AE…)

She really is unique

No. 857549

Seriously… What the actual fuck is her beef with blush?? She NEVER puts any on or gives her face any sort of dimension. Is it just because she wants everyone to focus solely on her eyes or what? It drives me insane, especially when i watch her “tutorials” and she barley even taps the brush onto whatever shitty pallate she’s using and then lightly sweeps her cheeks. I am genuinely curious.

No. 857550

Her and Laur are fixated on her pale skin is why. It's super fuckin weird

No. 857551

It's actually insane how she can hold this facade (to herself) for this long. It's really interesting how stunted her psychological growth development is. I guess she really takes those children's tv lessons seriously, like never giving up. A sign of maturity is also knowing when to walk away. I wonder if she's ever watched anything above a pg 13 rating. Even the amish have more outside life experience than lj.

No. 857559

>she really takes those children's tv lessons seriously

If she did, she would also know that lying is bad, sharing is good, and to be kind to others.

No. 857561

I will forever kek at her arm's size.

What the hell, she doesn't walk at all. She buys such useless stuff this is insane.

No. 857563

I recognise the labelling on the clothes and Lilleejean seems to buy alit from asos. They have a pretty lax and easy return policy, at least in the UK. If those are the brands I think they are. The size label on the jeans looks like stradivarius or topshop labels. The top is STR which is a stradivarius brand. If it's stradivarius the jeans are cut pretty much to the right size but have a decent amount of give. If there topshop they will be massive as I recently bought a pair of their jeans and could easy shove an arm Down the leg with my legs in them.

No. 857569

File: 1635080766704.jpeg (569.79 KB, 828x1294, 9D8B004E-A5AB-46BD-B234-42AD53…)

Don’t hold your breath, Steve

No. 857571

I'm all for Lillee Jean backing this. We all know she has no real followers, it will be a massive failure and we'll get a real time indication of how much clout she actually has. Between Pradip and the Prince, she'll raise 5 rupees.

No. 857579

Holy crap, Steve still hasn't figured out most of Lillee's followers are fake? Does he really think getting the attention of the other wannabe grifters in LJ's engagement pod will help his "legal fundraiser"? It never ceases to amaze me how dumb LJ and Laur's friends are.

No. 857593

Years fucking later and this boomer still hasn't realized that Lillee has no following

No. 857601

File: 1635105183172.jpg (456.46 KB, 1080x1454, Screenshot_20211024-155039_You…)

>>857569 I'm pretty sure Steve is a shining example of why they don't put lead in paint anymore. Single celled organisms have a higher level of understanding than this guy. In b4 Laur tries asking for money in return for advertising his lawsuit, she'll probably send him Lillee's rate card.

Lillee's gained so much weight it looks like she's developing that gourd-shaped head her mother has. I'm not sure who did her worse, nature or nurture, but neither has been kind. I think this is the ""Big Brand Collaboration" that Laur was talking about with Lillee on that live they did. This is neither a big brand or a collaboration, but I guess it's better than Laur having to dumpster dive behind Ulta? Do they not know that being sponsored isn't the same as a collab?

No. 857612

Her arms always look flabby, but this photoset really makes them stand out. Christ.

No. 857616

File: 1635122867705.jpg (609.73 KB, 848x1130, FCgVf1WWYAIvoLA.jpg)

Lillee unfroze that cat for this…

No. 857617

File: 1635123228833.jpg (557.15 KB, 722x962, FCgXFQ2XEAMMfcQ.jpg)

No. 857618

File: 1635123560891.jpg (17.32 KB, 456x570, NMTY02X_mu.jpg)

This is probably the same dress. Of course on Lillee it has to be ill fitting.

No. 857621

the middle tooth and the booger… classic lils

No. 857625


I don't know what I love more, the super sharp yet uniform shadow to the left that somehow is being cast perfectly flat against STAIRS, or the fact that se didn't bother changing the top right white line after she shooped her waist thinner.

No. 857629

File: 1635127180211.png (190.8 KB, 320x480, 248991647_921554798785545_1339…)

This dress is doing her broad shoulders and itty bitties no favors.

No. 857632

By god can she ever close her mouth she looks so special needs. Close your mouth lillian

No. 857633

These shoots would make me feel sad for her if it wasn't Lillee. Dressing up and standing on her porch or walking up her driveway and calling it 'a night out' or 'evening stroll in NY' make it SO OBVIOUS she has no life and no friends.

No. 857636

File: 1635130614577.jpeg (5.81 KB, 112x135, 4D0EF6BF-AE0F-4BC4-8794-C93A8B…)

You might not like it but this is what peak high fashion looks like

No. 857637

File: 1635131042674.png (7.27 MB, 828x6296, 2201F842-D074-42B4-8C4F-94C148…)

No. 857638

File: 1635131169935.jpg (100.58 KB, 1080x568, Screenshot_20211024-220326_Red…)

Based off the names of these pictures, looks like some of Lillee's photoshoots from the staircase might be several months old.

No. 857640

I love that Lillee and Laur made a big deal about having to move again but Lillee keeps doing photoshoots in the same fucking places so it's obvious she hasn't moved. Or Earl isn't in the freezer, he kicked them out and Lillee has to do her photoshoots at his place.

No. 857641

Kek at the Twitter censor… But no, it's in day/month/year format. Both the images were taken the day of or before she shared them publicly to her site/twitter etc.

No. 857646

File: 1635132980754.jpeg (356.58 KB, 828x1321, 0D4C9557-BD17-45E1-8050-678D01…)

Laur got banned for triggering the abuse filter one too many times

No. 857647

Nah that wasn't Laur, just a boring vandal who took a Laur username.

No. 857652

File: 1635138870686.jpeg (109.35 KB, 828x1602, 90D07A49-5780-43C5-BE70-40ECA3…)

Looks like Lillee needs to get her stairs fixed, they’re curved inward kek. She really thinks we don’t all know she has absolutely no waist or hourglass figure. It’s almost pitiful at this point

No. 857657

I'm getting depressed anons, when you're young and your brain is elastic the right changes can still salvage your life around. I mean, the reformed neet thread in ot speaks to this. But I don't see any chance of a redemption arc. I think this is the scariest thread on lolcow because we are really watching the decline of a human life play out in a very unnecessary way. Sage for unnecessary thoughts

No. 857658

No. 857659

Hey Lillee, why do you always take these pics in the exact same places? Stairs, porch, the block you live on–come on, it's making me sad here. You used to put a LITTLE effort in and schlep to the park for these.

No. 857664


Is it just me or does it look like her teeth are turning brown in that top photo?? They just keep getting worse and worse. They look like shes been consuming nothing but coffee and cigarettes for 20 years.

No. 857675

all that photoshop and she still looks 45

No. 857676

Goddammit I hope laur bought her a cheap amazon knock-off and not the actual likely dress that costs 450 dollars.

No. 857682

Either way this dress is going back kek

No. 857686


that dress looks cheap as hell, so if they spent $450 of the rent money on that tacky shit, then that's hilarious

No. 857694

Posting on intsa about her divine night out but only took pics on her stairs and porch?

Seriously, she vlogs literally every time she leaves the house–as if she wouldn't snap a million pictures in the car if she were wearing this ugly fit to some event or to meet up with pheepy.

No. 857697

is this just another ip grabber from elaine?

No. 857698

She couldn’t go further than her porch because the dress could not be zipped all the way up

No. 857710


Was thinking the same thing anons. It's so sad to make all this effort doing makeup and hair (I know anons will say she made no effort because she's lazy, blah blah, but for her, this is a lot of effort), and put on an uncomfortable dress that doesn't fit. She dresses like she's going to a gala or some other fancy event, only to have a few unprofessional pictures taken in front of her (?) house and on the stairs, and then go inside and take it all off. This is so very sad. What is the point of doing all that when she has no where to go? It's sad if she did all this to take pictures only for herself. But it's so much sadder to post the pictures to fool people that she actually went somewhere. Because no one is fooled.

There is absolutely no thrill, no excitement, no joy in her face at all. All the expressions here are the same as they are in all other "shoots". This is because she knows she's not really going anywhere (in life too). If she was going somewhere that required this kind of attire, either with a good friend, Pheepy, or hell, even Laur, she'd look a lot more excited. All her photos lack authenticity because there are never any broader context to them. They are not in any related settings. It would be so much more interesting if she was dressed the same way but at a fun party laughing with people. THAT would be authentic. But no. Just in front of a beige Queens vinyl siding house with cheap stone slab (?) steps.

I hope she got at least some enjoyment out of the whole thing. Maybe some giggling and joking with her mother. But I have a feeling deep down, she knows it's sad. She wishes she had a ball to go to like another pale skinned, blue eyed, blonde Disney princess she thinks she looks like. I don't think she's a very happy person.

No. 857715

>I don't think she's a very happy person.
Yet she can't shut up about giving shitty advice on mental health and happiness, in pay-to-play online magazines.

No. 857727

They may have got it from Rent the Runway which they used to use for when Lillee did "events"

No. 857732

File: 1635201336950.jpeg (594.52 KB, 828x1322, E7800DF0-A2A2-4A17-A818-FA6283…)

I don’t think she knows what upcycling means

No. 857736

The facetune in this one is insane and goes to show that she reads lolcow obsessively.

No. 857738

I get it. There has been no self awareness from lillee at all for the entirety of this. At the beginning i was kinda hoping she would realize laur is the one who continues to sabotage her, but theyve only doubled down on their behavior and havent tried at all to change it. Even for perspective, the primink video on them sits at 9 million views, idk how they dont feel embarrassed that so many people have seen the whole lillee jean facade caught in 4k. I still cringe at elementary school me obviously lying about a fake bf who totally goes to a different school

No. 857740

No. 857741

But ignoring the advice where she could actually improve in life that's not on a camera.

No. 857752

File: 1635213964539.png (2.13 MB, 1194x1790, 248892638_310178053879080_7030…)

Remember what I taught you Quasimodo

No. 857756

>>857738 I agree anon, both with you & what everyone else is saying. I personally would be mortified if I was her and for some reason, she just doesn't care (atleast it appears that way). I'm torn between her not having the cognitive abilities to objectively look at how she's viewed, or if her mom has just drilled it into her that "people will be jealous of you as you rise to the top, this is normal". It could even be a bit of both. I don't know if she's fully aware of the fact that she'll never be anything, I still think she somewhat lives under the delusion that her big break is just around the corner, she doesn't seem to realize just how unlikable she truly is. Even after all the exposure she got from Primink and other YTer's, she still couldn't get a decent audience or a few subscribers and I don't think I've ever seen that. Many YTer's have had negative videos made about them and have managed to get a following from that alone but with Lillee it just doesn't happen. I think it's because she acts snooty, she isn't relatable in the slightest because she's got 0 life experience, she's impossible to connect with due to her attitude and the fact that she can't speak proper English so nobody has any clue what she's saying. People have attempted to be nice to her in the comments and she's always so hostile in her responses; I know it's in part because of Laur/Lillee being paranoid but I think a large part of it is her genuinely not understanding what they're trying to say so she immediately becomes defensive.

There's plenty of overweight and conventionally unattractive influencers out there that have found success, but they usually try to be kind, they listen to feedback from viewers, they're knowledgeable about their craft and relatively easy to work with. Lillee is none of these things and yet despite all that, she still puts herself on a pedestal and acts like a Diva. If they were to ever hire a real manager or publicist, Lillee's attitude would be one of the first things they address - right before they were fired by Laur because "Mah dawta's the star, you dun't tawk ta her or tell ha what ta do!" All I know is that to still be putting on this facade after being exposed as a fraud a million times you've either gotta have tough skin (she doesn't) or be so desperate you just don't care. She should really try to get a GED and then learn a trade to get the fuck away from Laur but that isn't as "glamorous" and it won't ever happen.

No. 857759

>>857752 is her ear hole for piercings abnormally high? I feel like it's normally lower on average? not shitting on her here.

No. 857761

I don’t think her ears are pierced. If you zoom in on her ears in other pictures where she isn’t wearing earrings - you can’t see the usual mark that one would have from piercings.

No. 857769

File: 1635222983922.png (649.3 KB, 857x815, Screenshot_32.png)

After this she returned it (probably ripped the seams and left skidmarks) and bought fast fashion instead.
They look like clip ons.

No. 857777

Looks like she's scared of something behind her.

No. 857778

damn I also am feeling a bit sympathetic towards her. She is still certifiably dog shit as a person I mean , but. Her "looks" seem to be degrading by the hour. At this rate, in the next couple of years she'll be laur's twin. I imagine it's stressful as fuck living with laur's erratic spergs. They are delusional at best.

No. 857784


In high school, or at least the one I went to in NYC, you learn to write persuasive essays. You start with a main idea and build on your argument in subsequent paragraphs. You learn to write and speak in a way that is not only grammatically correct, but also cohesive in thought. This is not just knowing how to speak English. You have to put the effort into the practice like doing assignments and having the discipline to see it through even if you don't feel like it. That's how it gets drilled into you. You also learn how to write and speak well from reading other writers, especially prominent essayists who know how to continue the thread of an argument and weave it into interesting and persuasive writing.

All of this prepares you for college, where you do even more of this type of writing. And in grad school. And just in life. I am not saying lj needs to be a prolific essayist or perfectly well spoken at all times. But when you read her "interviews" it's shocking that a 20 year old cannot construct a grammatically correct sentence that starts with a thought and provides examples to support that thought. Or use punctuation correctly for that matter. They don't have to be master theses, but my 4th grade teacher would have ripped up my paper if I wrote in the sentences she did.

It's especially shocking when she thinks she is a celebrity authority on the topics she talks about. If she can't cobble together a cohesive sentence, how does she think she can go on speaking tours at schools? I don't know what age group she wants to target but I guarantee that the children in the audience will have better reading and writing skills than she does. I think she is targeting schools because she knows actual adults will spot her bs right away. This is very disturbing because she really has no business giving advice to children at all. I would be very concerned if someone who lies about her accomplishments came and spoke to any group of children, not just as a parent but just as a human. I just hope that school administrators and teachers are responsible enough to do some research on her before they engage her in anything.

No. 857785

The brand the dress is from or what she tagged as the brand looks scammy. Their about page is just shitty articles and nothing about who they are or what they do. The clothes look nothing spectacular and pretty much what you would see on asos or &other stories but way over priced for what they are. If they bought this thinking its bougie because of the price they are clearly more stupid than I thought. Price doesn't always guarantee quality or results.

No. 857787

If she likes her fat arms, hey, that's cool. But what happened to that beckford bar thing? Did that fitness guy send her one for free so she could use it during her ig live and she never touched it again? Because that is not muscle. That is fat for several reasons: genes, she does not use them much, and she eats more calories than she burns up. I should know, I have fat arms too. When you are overweight and work out to lose the extra pounds and are an influencer and a fitness authority like she is, why are her arms getting fatter? Again, if she likes her arms that way, that's great. But she claims to be a lifestyle influencer and fitness falls into that category. I doubt her goal is to get even fatter arms. If she claims to be using the beckford bar thing, if I were that guy, I wouldn't want my product associated with her.

Look, we all know she does not live the life she preaches. (There was no "night for 2". >>857769
There was no 2. There was no night out.) She throws in a few "exercise" videos where she is wearing inappropriate clothing and has no clue what she's doing. That's all for the camera. It's clear she doesn't do any of this in her off camera life. And that's OK! Just don't lie about it.

No. 857791

She doesn't and although it's a small thing it's driving me absolutely insane. Lillee, I know you read here so don't make me tell you this twice: recycling is when you re-use something that would've otherwise been thrown out or when you take it to a recycling centre so it can be broken down and turned into something else. Upcycling is when you take something that would've been trashed or taken to a recycling centre and improving and/or adding to it. Wearing your moms stretched old clothes or buying a dress only to return it is not upcycling, you lazy fucking grifter.

No. 857794

File: 1635243311098.jpg (186.22 KB, 1152x2048, FClWA2FX0AES8YQ.jpg)

Or how about not letting minors request in the first place?
Kek she's calling the dress vintage when the brand was launched in 2016.

No. 857796

>Kek she's calling the dress vintage when the brand was launched in 2016.

I think she's calling the earrings vintage. But how they are vintage, she does not explain. And they don't look very "vintage". But as she does not know what upcycling means, it's very possible she does not know what vintage means.

No. 857799

Is Laur checking ID? How’s this going to work?

No. 857803

File: 1635250241555.jpeg (1.17 MB, 4096x2730, 2FFA01E2-3F78-44FE-83D5-4C77AE…)

She has 4 piercing holes in each ear that she got pierced at Claire’s with a gun. Keep up, anon.

No. 857805

>>857796 Of course she doesn't know what "vintage" or "upcycled" means, this is Lillee we're talking about. She can barely use simple, basic, everyday words correctly. She probably sees these terms on websites every now and then when searching for more cheap clothing and just repeats them, but in trying to sound smarter, she fucks it up. Guarantee you the earrings or the dress were described as "vintage inspired" in the description and Lillee just ran with it. Only she left out the "inspired" part because she's an uneducated NEET that doesn't understand nuance.

No. 857808

>>857784 I really hope this was just more of their bullshit that will never end up happening, kind of like the whole "big brand collab". I can't imagine any school letting Lillee talk to kids, especially if they spend 5 minutes on Google. Not even "Miss Miller's Developmental Pre-K for Potatoes" would let Lillee in, unless of course they thought she was a student there herself. Lillee couldn't stand 1 or 2 kids in Jr. High school not kissing her ass, could you imagine how a real speaking engagement would go? She gets up on stage after being introduced as a "model, actress, & activist", and as she waddles to the podium in heels that don't fit, she realizes that she can't reach the mic. One of the only staff members that isn't taking a smoke break finally notices & grabs the hobbit a step stool. This isn't the red-carpet treatment Lillee has come to expect. In true Lillee fashion she didn't prepare a damn thing ahead of time, and so starts her hour long word salad extravaganza. About 5 minutes in to her bullshit, the kids get suspicious and start pulling out their phones to Google her. They find the Primink video and all the other unflattering things that come up when you Google Lillee and start sharing it amongst their peers. Lillee looks up and sees the kids passing around their phones and giggling and starts shrieking into the mic, asking them what they're looking at. Some kid in the back yells "Is it true your mom bought all your followers?", only for another to shout "She photoshopped herself over Katie Perry and pretended to go to the Met Gala!". Lillee starts to throw a full fledged tantrum on stage and scream about the bullies "literally murdering her" as the audience is now roaring with laughter.

A school admin has to cut the mic feed because Lillee is now full-on screaming expletives at a bunch of 12 year olds and shrieking about them all being jealous haters. It's at this moment that Laur returns from raiding the cafeteria and sees what a shit show this has turned into. She tries to rush the stage to help defend her precious goblin only for a rent-a-cop school security guard to tackle her and take her down like a ton of (flabby) bricks. Lillee is now as red as a cherry tomato, makeup streaming down her face from the tantrum tears. She tries to exit stage left, but she can't walk in heels (let alone run), so she eats shit and waxes the stage with her greasy face. The curtain finally closes in an effort to lessen her embarrassment but the damage is already done. A few glorious 6th graders and future farmers-in-training managed to get the whole thing on video and post it to YouTube. Atleast one thing Lillee did in life will finally go viral.

I take back what I said in the beginning, I really hope she goes through with this bullshit.

No. 857810

The dress was probably purchased off a second hand store and the earrings are probably some costume jewelry from Laur's days as a crap dealer (I say this as someone who loves vintage stores and furniture. Laur specialized in the type of crap that was poor quality and cheap.) Lillee continues to prove she doesn't understand half of the stuff she tries to promote. When she tried the ASMR thing, someone comment her stuff was LO-FI and she labeled every asmr video for a while as that. She had 0 understanding about the actual meaning, but it was a Buzz Word. Lillee's video titles in general follow the Wish naming style. They are word salad to put as many possible search terms. It's mind boggling to me how much they have worked to manipulate the algorithms and still have failed. Lillee is tagged in vastly more pictures of Indian/Middle Eastern men/teens than she is in anything actually related to her.

The idea of her getting so dressed up (I don't hate the look, if I a random girl with that look I would think k hey were headed to prom and looked nice) and not going anywhere but outside her house is really pathetic and sad to me. She claims to be going out and that she had her mask with her, but those lips would have been a mess up to her eyeballs if she had put a mask on. Jenna Marbles did a video near the being of her channel of a bunch of swimsuits she would have worn if she had went on vacation, splashed in her bathtub,and it was less sad.,

>>857808 headcannon made me laugh. I don't think she'd make it to actually talking though. I have a strong feeling Lillee would be crying before she hit thr stage. Flashbacks and all. In all her BTS of events, she's painfully socially awkward and Laur is hanging all over her as a crutch. The minute Lillee had to walk out on the stage, she'd start losing the artifical confidence like a deflating balloon.

No. 857817

>>857810 I remember that Jenna Marbles "What I would've done in Mexico" video, kek. That was when she was still in Boston. I agree, Lillee's is way more depressing and it isn't supposed to be a parody. This is just her life.

If she can't stand to be out in public without her mommy and has stage fright, how in the hell does she think she can be an actress? Does she think her mom is going to hold her hand the whole time and they'll just edit her fat ass out later? Obviously we don't have to worry about it as she'll never be famous, but you'd think that for someone who wants to be an actress/model, she would find ways to get over her stage fright. I don't know how her and Laur don't see that Lillee has absolutely no stage presence whatsoever, not to mention she's a socially awkward invert with no talent. It's like they both thought "Who makes alot of money and doesn't have to do much?". I know acting is a lot of work, it's long days especially during principle photography and a ton of preparation goes into it, but I can see these two thinking you just say a few lines and get paid. Millions of people adoring you was just the bonus to them.

We talk about Lillee's maturity level a lot, but I think it's safe to say that Laur has the mind of a young kid herself. They're both incapable of planning anything and have a child-like view of most adult subject matter.

No. 857823

I’m almost positive she said she let all of her piercing close up. Most likely because she wasn’t responsible enough to care for them or clean them and she got some sort of nasty infection. This is more common the younger you are when you don’t properly understand how to care for them, but she still doesn’t have good hygiene as an adult. There’s no way she could properly care for and clean a piercing.

The earrings she is wearing in the dress post look like clip-ons. That’s why her ears look so angry and red because it’s squeezing her ear.

She never wears any earrings if you look at all her posts. It’s because she can’t unless she finds some tacky, painful old lady clip-on.

No. 857830

I remember her saying she had let them close up because her ears "rejected" them and she only uses clip ons. With her skin issues, I wouldn't doubt cheap jewelry and a lack of dermatologist kept causing infections.

No. 857831

Yeah she said that she was allergic to gold earrings kek

No. 857833

File: 1635270323970.jpg (122.03 KB, 650x740, boringcheapcostume.jpg)

How are those Halloween looks??
Why so many? She won't even go out on the 31th!
4 yo Kids have better understanding on what the celebration is.
I'm wondering if kids ring to their door that night?

Kek anon, I'd love to see that happen but Laur probably would find an excuse at the last time, and cancel any events they would manage to get.
I think they don't want to risk going IRL so people can't see how fat lillee is.

No. 857836

File: 1635271935665.jpg (307.36 KB, 1203x983, LILYjean.jpg)

When you google "lillee jean", there are now a fashion brand called Lily Jean Official (picrel) on the first result and a 20 years old real model Lillee Jean Bridger appearing on the top results.

All this insane DMCA done by Laur and Lillee is profiting to someone else who are collecting their clout for free. TOP KEKING KEKS

No. 857841

Imagine booking "Lily Jean" and "Lillee Jean" shows up.

No. 857843

She really is just a shitty bootleg version of a human being, huh. She's oddly sized, ugly and even has her own ~uNiQUe~ misspelling of "Lily". She has more in common with the knock-off accessories she uses than she'll ever comprehend.

No. 857850

> I'm wondering if kids ring to their door that night?
There are no Halloween decorations in the black dress pics so I doubt it. Lillee could probably still go trick o treating and collect quite a bit of candy

No. 857851

I know we tend to be salty bitches and nitpick, but she really is ugly. I don't even trust how she looks in her make up pictures because ahe edits them all so much. I mean damn bitch, pick a struggle.

No. 857855

>"Miss Miller's Developmental Pre-K for Potatoes"

Top keks anon! I so enjoyed reading this post.

No. 857856

>I remember that Jenna Marbles "What I would've done in Mexico" video, kek. That was when she was still in Boston. I agree, Lillee's is way more depressing and it isn't supposed to be a parody. This is just her life.

The lying makes it all so sad and pathetic.

No. 857859

File: 1635281816296.jpg (362.79 KB, 2880x2880, 20211026_164837.jpg)

>>857851 Nitpicking is one thing but I don't think calling Lillee ugly is being a nitpick considering she's trying to be a beauty guru. It just demonstrates how delusional her and her mother are, like how can you look at Lillee and think "She's so beautiful, she'll do great in a highly competitive field filled with actual models and artists!"? I get that not every successful guru is traditionally good looking but they make up for it in other ways, Lillee can't. It's impossible to even understand what she's saying half the time let alone relate to her. She really is like a bootleg version of a human, kek. There's actual robots that speak better and look more human that Lillee.

She really should either get her shit together or stop shooping her photos so much. This is a stark contrast from that porch photoshoot a few days ago. Picrel is from her newest video and it's just a mess. The angry red mustache, the lopsided potato head, the crusty-yet-greasy hair, the fucked up jaw that makes her talk out of one side of her mouth - it's just all so bad. Her face shape is so strange, I think it's because she's gaining weight so fast that her body doesn't know where to stuff all the fat so it's shoving it wherever it can. Her final form is going to be something like Kaiyln Wilcher, as if there's not enough parallels between the two already.

No. 857860

Holy shit her jaw is fucked

No. 857862

File: 1635283395826.jpg (498.95 KB, 1080x2065, Screenshot_20211026-162110_Chr…)

"Taking work home with us"….you barely even leave the house in the first place.

No. 857867

Imagine if they collabed. That's the kind of byootee gooroo content we need

No. 857869

>>857862 Top kek. God she really is so oblivious and up her own saddle-bagged ass.

>I have to draw a line and say this person (Laur) is a co-worker, so I can't play the daughter card and she can't play the mother card. The ego has to be checked at the door…

This is the same person that calls her mommy ("momairre") to help her constantly when doing these "professional" interviews. Then there's her mom that's attacked half the internet because "That's my dawta, she's a myna, and if you mess with her you mess with me. I gotta prowtect my kid as lawng as I'm her mutha." But sure, they don't pull the mother/daughter card while they're pretending to work at their pretend company that's registered at their home address.

>Taking the work home with us. Literally. Texting each other at 3 in the morning, stuff like that.

No Lillee, not literally. You don't actually work, but more importantly, you don't leave your house so it's impossible to take work home with you. Also texting your mother in the next room that you want chicken tendies at 3am and that she better cut it up this time isn't exactly work related.

No. 857872

they probably text about 'work' at 3am because thats when her engagement pod is active, at noon in india

No. 857880

Even if she got her jaw and teeth fixed and learned to style herself better she would still be sort of weird looking. Her height and proportions are just strange. But a lot of the reason she looks so bizarre is her facial expressions and poses that are really uncanny and offputting.

No. 857907


Because she got all of her social conditioning from Disney movies where the characters ghoulishly over-express every emotion because they're made for children. She doesn't know how to subtly or realistically control her face, every emotion she visibly expresses is dialed to 11 like the fucking cartoons she has for friends.

No. 857908

File: 1635307539065.png (42.44 KB, 1104x676, Screenshot_33.png)

Hi Lillee!

No. 857911

File: 1635308635993.png (852.65 KB, 892x897, Screenshot_3.png)

Looks like someone's forgotten to buy fake views on all her platforms.

No. 857914


Ha. Lillee typically only buys shit for youtube and insta. You can look at the engagement she gets on her tiktok, facebook, and deviantart page and see just how well the ONE WITH A MILLION fares across different platforms.

No. 857921

File: 1635319970920.jpg (151.09 KB, 690x230, vv.jpg)

I wonder if her documentary about cyberbullying will be as half-arsed as everything she does, or if they hired somebody who could at least make it watchable. I'm looking forward to seeing my work there:) Hope it's not just going to be Lillee Jean debunked in a videoform.

No. 857923

File: 1635320121656.jpg (517.04 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20211027-023247_Chr…)

That was gets real sus under her arm here.

No. 857927

Always with the "criminality". Lillee, it's not illegal for me to call you a useless fat cunt, I'm stating the objective truth. I could take a polygraph test while calling you that and it would read as true. You might be hurt by this, but that doesn't make it illegal.

No. 857975

>The unusual cyber bullying I have endured
Yes. Unusual because it's all made up.

So basically, one year later, she's trying to take back the Guardian Project that got 20K$ crowdfunded and from which she's been kicked out.
Laur, you really should have paid cyberdouche.

No. 857979

The Guardian Project basically scammed a bunch of Mark Pellegrino fangirls on twitter out of 20k just to get him to send them a cameo ($50+, 24 scammed), a 5 minute video chat about the guardian project ($100+, 15 scammed), or a 10min video chat about the project ($500+, 4 scammed). I think a couple of the video calls were purchased by channels that spun them as "exclusive interviews" with him.

Just for fun, however, I looked up his cameo page, and oh my god. If these are the quality of cameos he sent out to the backers, no wonder it took them till March to get them out. (and they haven't posted an update about the recorded calls yet…the kick starter ended in Dec 2020) He looks absolutely trashed in them.

No. 857981

By “documentary” she means a YouTube video someone (possibly her publicist) is putting together that’ll get 50 organic views

No. 857984

She recorded herself crying because some troll sent her pictures of dead people and tortured people. Laur posted the video in a rage about it, but it was removed pretty quickly. Later, Lillee posted a video on youtube where she showed it again and said she filmed it to be part of a "Shane Dawson" style documentary. I'm not sure which of her "muuhhhh boolies are meanies, but I'm a bad bitch, fuck all them old ladies I WILL SURVIVE. MWAH LOVE YOU!" videos it was. So…it will be something along the lines of a "Lillee Jean TALKS: My Life being Cyberbullied by an EXTREAMIST ANTISEMETIC PANPHOBIC(lol) CULT" Directed, Produced, Written by, Starring, Edited, LILLEE JEAN. The entire video will be filmed in her house and car. Laur will costar ranting and raving, always braless and in stretched out old black shirts, Earl will have a cameo WeekEnd at Bernies style sitting on the couch with a stained white tanktop that doesn't quite hide the bottom of his belly hang. At no point will Lillee actually address the issues that were brought up about the fake accounts and the blatant racism. It will end with her thanking her fans for always supporting her and how she has so many projects coming up she can't wait for them to see!

It will be horrible. IMBD will, on the day it is published, mysteriously have hundreds of 5 star reviews, despite the video only getting ~5k views total. People who leave written reviews that are negative will have their comments removed because Laur will throw her weight around and threaten legal action with a non existent legal team. We will count how many snot bubbles we find and the number of times she uses extreme facial expressions, lip smacks, or flappy hands instead of…words.

No. 857985

I went looking and keks did he spend all the money in drugs and alcohol? He looks like a crazy homeless old man in them.

No. 857986

She's been talking non-stop about the mean cyberboolies in ALL of her dumb makeup videos. That's her very one and only topic.
How will that "documentary" be any different?

No. 857987

File: 1635366743099.jpg (1.08 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20211027_212420.jpg)

Not the exact photo but am sue the look she is referencing is actually from the crown. It's just yet another plop on a wig and basic nake up. Although I do think she looks good with dark hair.

No. 857989

File: 1635369587833.jpg (117.2 KB, 1038x715, IMDB.jpg)

New IMDB chat about Lillee listing her every video on IMDB like it's a M@sTerpIecE of cinematography:

No. 857990

That photo is not from The Crown or from the coronation. That's from a party the year before the coronation. I wouldn't doubt she used it for inspiration.

Now Laur is going to see this and go shrieking about how its from a group of cyberbullies from the dark web. And IMDB will take close/delete the post. We know she spends hours checking this site.

No. 857991

Saged for non milk, I don’t even pay attention to this cow and I am so fucking sick of seeing her bottom teeth

No. 857994


DUDE SERIOUSLY. It gives major pug feels.

No. 858016

Ah that explains why I recognise it. I don't really care about the royal family enough like most people in the UK to know when it's from. I just used an approximate era photo.

No. 858022

Kek her underbite makes me want to throw my phone out a window. Even so, she looks better with dark hair. Not sure why she and mommaire insist on keeping that dirt n' rust-colored rat's nest au natural.

No. 858026


that's an insult to pugs

No. 858030

Ol' Lizzie looks like the normal one next to Lillee Jean. Even inbreeding can't produce those results. LJ is truly a one in a million freak of nature.

No. 858058

File: 1635424159013.jpg (151.43 KB, 1172x1816, 247323430_447644836722011_3217…)

That wig looks moldy.

No. 858059

Money, Trama, and her "Brand". You can't return a dye job. Getting it done professionally is expensive (and she's proven she has zero problems with having someone literally inside her mouth during COVID, so not a valid response), and dye jobs grow. Her hair is still fried and damaged at the ends, if she doesn't like it or tries to go lighter, her hair would break off. She BBQ'd her hair, she's actually lucky Brad Mondo didn't review that whole disaster. Or, he may have asked and Laur and Lillee refused because it would have exposed Lillee to even more real people. After the ordeal, I bet Lillee is also afraid to do anything to her hair. That's her second most prized feature. Who would her fans think she was if she changed herself? She used TMJ to justify getting her mouth fixed at 19(when she could suddenly get loans/credit) instead of admiting she wanted it fixed and Laur never did it. Her TMJ didn't fix itself in the first week or 2 of having invisiline.

No. 858086

File: 1635445922990.jpeg (200.65 KB, 828x689, A8823006-A5CD-40B1-AA8C-C5522C…)

That’s not very interesting, Lillee.

No. 858087

she's running out of ways to answer the same questions over and over.

No. 858095

File: 1635447699185.jpeg (257.11 KB, 828x767, 7601E867-7A08-431F-8B81-F9086E…)

No. 858096

If so many, why not give one interesting example?

No. 858099

I've noticed it's went quiet on the callout front. How long before all the dcmas start again or do you think laur learned her lesson that the platforms are sick of and getting her twitter account suspended?

No. 858101

>not given enough credit for the charities she has given to

Not given enough credit??? There are literally places and ships and charities named after her. Just because lj doesn't know what they are doesn't mean they don't don't exist. Object permanence anyone?

>I bet she would have some wonderful tips and stories to tell

Um, yeah. Dozens of Films, plays, and tv shows were made about her wonderful stories. Did an adult really write this?

No. 858104


>I bet she would have some wonderful tips and stories to tell

Um, yeah. Dozens of Films, plays, and tv shows were made about her wonderful stories. Did an adult really write this?


kek, Lillee claims she's really into British history and yet knows fuck all about the royalty. You'd think someone who "dates" a French diplomat would be clued into this kind of thing incase he ever took her to some sort of fancy shindig.

No. 858111

She likes Meghan Markle yet at the same time adores the Queen. Girl choose a side you can't have both they have a beef.

No. 858114

File: 1635451216562.png (29.34 KB, 840x138, unknown.png)


And now she's a Christian

No. 858116

Fuck me. She would have a hard time sitting down with Queen Elizabeth of England as she died hundreds of years ago. If she means the current Queen Elizabeth, she is called the Queen of the United Kingdom and the commonwealth. Not hard to Google that by the way lils. Tip the United Kingdom and England are two different things. One being 4 countries and the other being 1.

Anyhow enough word vomit from me on this

No. 858123

Lillee’s ass must be red raw from sitting on the fence so much.

No. 858124

File: 1635457028793.jpeg (876.93 KB, 828x1099, F1CE4D81-C00F-4919-87A4-AA3515…)

She really loves that prolapsed anus look

No. 858126

She can't be arsed to wash her hair or begin her beauty videos looking presentable, but this BS talk show is worth a shower, straitening her hair, and putting on cltohes that aren't dirty

No. 858127

She's currently live with the Cloudy Beats guy who is based in Haiti, where apparently the internet is shit. His connection keeps dropping, leaving LJ alone smacking her chops at the screen and doing the baby voice to her bots.

No. 858128

'Inspirational amount of fans' has to be the funniest phrase in existence. She is so, so dumb.

No. 858138

God, she's so fucking punchable
I look forward to her either literally getting punched in the face or figuratively by the reality check she's well overdue for. Maybe a nice clock in the jaw will realign that shit.

I can see this ugly cunt getting too old to be her mother's puppet and winding up an addict, living in some trap house giving lopsided BJ's for pocket change. I'm sure she'll feel some kind of 'special' that a scrote would pay $10 to have her slob on his knob. That's as close to a Disney princess as she'll ever get, kek

No. 858139

calm down a-log

No. 858144

File: 1635476252647.png (9.06 MB, 828x7072, 91753E51-355E-4A43-9F68-A29470…)

She does these photoshoots after every ig live because these are the only times she looks clean enough and they gotta take advantage of that.

No. 858145

No. 858146

File: 1635476431859.gif (12.94 MB, 500x500, 1C337432-BC21-4527-AA1E-9A2E8F…)

Saged for old milk but this is what I imagine she does every time Laur has to dress her

No. 858147

Wtf is going on with the wall on the left side of her face in the first pic? Reflective spiderwebs or something?

No. 858148

I think they were experimenting with some lights and reflectors today

No. 858149

The last picture really is showing off her toddler proportions. She looks like a baby who can sit up but can't crawl.

No. 858154

Yes! You put it perfectly anon!

No. 858159

Lillee always wants to “show off” her ass bc she was unfortunately born with flabby, nonexistent, cone boobs but just because your ass is larger, doesn’t mean it looks good. She doesn’t work out, so it’s flabby and saggy. She really has shit proportions and she wears jeans 2 sizes too small

No. 858160

>>858159 if this is what she looks like at 20, there's no hope. She should be in her prime and instead she looks like that annoying, broke, trailer park trash mom with 4 kids that tells everyone "It's okay, I'm the cool mom". It's just sad.

>>858146 This is the gif that cemented my "she's gotta be a retard" stance. Tell me anons, when have you ever seen a normal teenager do any of those faces she's doing? It's so strange. Her torso also looks like a tree trunk in the Pacific NW and this is when she was "thin" (she never was, but you get it). I have a feeling she's almost as wide as she is tall these days but shoops herself thinner. I hope they're saving money, Lantus and Novalog ain't cheap.

No. 858161


this is so disturbing. not cute or quirky or whatever else she imagines it to be.

No. 858177

Laurs been locked on her alt account and socks, she's not on Twitter showing her ass, guessing her suspension on the Iamlaur67 account spooked her. I'm assuming the majority of them have grown bored because let's be honest the most exciting thing a out lillee is her batshit mother.

No. 858179

is she supposed to be hiding behind the wall? does she really think this is sexy or what? the 2nd and 3rd pics look like shes dropping a deuce in an alley

No. 858192

File: 1635499771634.jpg (Spoiler Image,87.42 KB, 716x727, Screenshot_20211029-051754_Chr…)

>>858161 Lillee Jean: Activist, Model, Actress, and definitely not a retard.

Whenever I think of a world famous model, picrel isn't exactly what comes to mind. Unless she's modeling for an FAS awareness campaign, because that's the only legit gig I can see her getting. Laur was correct, Ford Models just doesn't know what they're missing and it would be ill-advised of them to find out. Legit nothing about that gif screams "neurotypical and healthy adult". I'm not sure if it's the autistic (not the high functioning kind) hand movements/flapping, the crazy cross eyes, or the facial expressions that make her look possessed, but the whole thing is pure nightmare fuel. This was the first thing I saw that lead me to believe Lillee had something going on beyond just a low IQ.

No. 858211

I still tinfoil williams syndrome. She's got the teeth, the iris pattern, and the childlike nature.

No. 858212

But she’s a massive cunt so it’s probably FAS and a bunch of learning disabilities

No. 858213

I don't know what I expect a 20 year old influencer and beauty guru to dress like, but this isn't it. I can't get over how much she looks like she should be on the way to pick up her 3 kids at the hockey rink after practice. I hate the handbag. But it is better than the pink monstrosity.

No. 858215

So after years in the attic, she finally went out with Laur of course, to get a legit haircut.

I don't like the colour and the cut looks nothing special but I guess it's better than the usual.

Laur sound so depressed, was the haircut very expensive?

No. 858216


Showing off her butt and shaking it right in front of her mom, vom

No. 858217

I would die if my mom told me my butt looked good. To be fair I would never ask her in the first place. A friend jokingly yes but not my mom.

No. 858219


I don't know who Lillee thinks believes that she's a successful CEO when she needs to hold Laur's hand not only when she leaves the house, but around the house too.

She's literally a big baby who never grew up, and Lillee, you're not fooling a single person. Why would anyone believe you're a successful influencer when you're this dependent on mommy? Not only do you make such little dosh off this scam you can't afford rent, you can't afford your own starbucks (with a paper straw!!!) or an uber.

It's not believable. Calling her your manager doesn't make it seem less bad, it just makes it more pathetic.

No. 858221

File: 1635526559540.jpeg (369.7 KB, 1280x1920, 1C4DF897-39B1-4255-B62A-C4AA58…)

In awe of the size of her arm here

No. 858222



Actual influencers don't live with their parents into their twenties. They can afford their own place to fucking live. Or with their boyfriends at the very least.

It's too bad Lillee's not in a long term relationship with a well off man. Kek, I bet Lillee is really regretting going with a 14 year old girl fantasy of the perfect man as her fake boyfriend. But she HATES IT WHEN THE BOOLIES ARE RIGHT so she just keeps digging in her heels about him.

No. 858223

If she got it cut, it was weeks ago, it's the same length as it was when she did the interview with the old man. She just normally doesn't straighten it, then wears it that way until her scalp gets so dirty and nasty that she has to wash it. She prefilms vidoes, so you can't rely on her upload schedule on Youtube, but if you watch the order that she posts on her blogs and her IG stories, you can tell about when she has to wash it…and it's past the point that it should have been. I have thick, long, curly hair. It's a PITA to straighten and I will wear it like that for a couple of days, but not a week or more. A lot of Lillee's dandruff issues are because she doesn't wash her hair enough and then slathers her head with oil and god knows what other products. Her scalp probably smells like sweat and infections.

No. 858228

these are all extremely unflattering poses and angles, the crouching ones specifically are very goblinesque

No. 858235

File: 1635531053635.jpg (539.83 KB, 2880x2880, 20211029_141002.jpg)

>>858219 I couldn't agree more anon. She's got no clue what it is to have an actual job, let alone be a CEO. She couldn't tell you the first thing about business, and what exactly is "Lillee Jean Inc" supposed to be anyway? What are they selling, what's their product? I'm sure Laur & Lillee would just scream "Lillee Jean is the product!" because they don't have an actual answer.

I don't think Lillee could even tell you what a CEO does, she would probably just say that she's the boss if you asked her. It's just her playing pretend in yet another facet of her life. I searched her "company" and it's clear that whoever set it up is an idiot (hi laur!). She has it listed as a "Domestic Business Corporation" (402 BCL) which is just strange, it's like she Googled "nys business" and followed the first link that told her what to do. It's very clear that Laur just went about this the cheapest way possible instead of spending the money and doing it correctly. So much for that legal team, kek. She printed out the form, sent in $125 and bam! Lillee Jean Inc was born. She even used the example of "Most corporations are formed with 200 shares, no par value" from the NYS website. (Picrel).

Really blows a hole through her bullshit "I worked really hard to setup my company and now I'm CEO" narrative. Although filing out a form, begging Earl for money (I'll trade you my SNAP card, 50 cents on the dollar!") and waddling to the mailbox is more work than these two do in a week. I still think she should've checked yes when asked about being a farm corporation, kek.

No. 858239

File: 1635531719170.jpg (61.02 KB, 635x571, abominable.jpg)

Her teeth looks green and I'm not even exaggerating.

I recall she lost the invisalign cleaning product just right after gettig it, in less than one say. She probably isn't cleaning it at all. This is so gross.

No. 858242

File: 1635532260578.jpg (54.69 KB, 926x545, credit kyc.jpg)

Speaking of which, why "credit, kyc" in categories?
Maybe they wanted a bank credit a wrote that keks?
Her "company" is one year old and yet they are unable to show anything business related: products or services they sell, abridged accounts, result, etc.

No. 858243

>>858239 wow, you really aren't kidding. It looks like one or two teeth are black? It reminds me of those Halloween mouth pieces that you wear with a crazy clown costume where a few teeth are blacked out and the rest are yellow. With Halloween being this Sunday, she should take advantage of her janky teeth and be Twisty the Clown. It's the only time she can smile without shame. Is there a reason why she can't talk like a normal human being? Her bottom jaw is all over the place and it's never straight. I tried to watch her live from the other day but was too distracted, I thought she was going to unhinge her jaw at any moment and swallow the camera.

No. 858254

File: 1635537392748.jpeg (571.48 KB, 828x1372, 2AC11BE2-17AA-475C-BC4C-A159FD…)

No. 858293

File: 1635556398168.jpeg (322.05 KB, 1000x1333, ea80ef_8dd902a97fe44934b376dcd…)

I had no idea who he was but he's an actual actor. Did Lillee con this boomer? Probably the most notable person she'll ever talk to and it's a random boomer actor there is no large fanbase for.

No. 858294

File: 1635556946869.png (1.01 MB, 512x1024, download (1).png)

Old milk but I laughed so hard at these two old pictures I found of Lillee. Her painting on the worlds smallest canvas and shoveling snow to show she isn't lazy are great, too bad now she's extremely boring and lazy.

No. 858295

whys she booking her stupid lives so far in advance?

No. 858298

She has a very busy schedule, anon

No. 858302

>>858293 That picture of her though, kek. Why would you think that's good to use? I mean, atleast her diseased mouth is closed but it looks like she's MtF with that chest. No boobs in sight because they're under her armpits, linebacker neck & shoulders, no collarbones even though it's clear she's straining as hard as she can.

I've never seen that clearly stated "painting" photo >>858294 but again, why?? She was a fat fuck then too, and we all know she's gained weight. I really wanna see what she looks like in real life now, without the photo shop. Guaranteed she's wider than she is tall.

No. 858306

File: 1635562806660.jpg (244.19 KB, 1144x1144, FC6UPECWUAQFuL-.jpg)

Did she forget to turn the light saber on or does she have it off because it's the wrong color and she hopes you wont notice?

No. 858314

Holy shit, it's Ralph Malph lmao

No. 858326

she wouldn't know the correct color of lightsaber anyway. it's not like mommaire would let her watch something rated PG-13

No. 858327

First pic is the only one where she was wearing appropriate and comfortable shoes, instead of the ridiculously high heels 2 sizes bigger for her but still too narrow she is wearing in every pictures.
And even if she was pretending to do some exercices for the pic (removing the snow), she had appropriate outfit for going outside in that weather.

The horror-wood-paneled-attic also looked cleaner and not that messy.
In the second pic the floor is not as trashy than all the pictures she is posting now.

She looked in way far better shape then, even mentally she didn't looked as unhinged as now.

No. 858334

Sadly, anon, if you want to see Lillee in the wild, it would require traveling to NY and staking out the sidewalk. You could also try the local CVS, Walgreens, or RiteAid, but you are more likely to find Laur on an excursion.

No. 858335

She can't help doing that thing she does with her feet.

No. 858336

At first I thought it was because she's so short but then I realised that I do it all the time too and I'm over 6'0. It's the 'tism, I swear she's on the spectrum.

No. 858339

I more think she thinks she's posing like a model or something when she does that. Laur told her pointed toes make your legs look longer so now that's her one trick

No. 858340

So weird. Don Most is somewhat notable but not someone anyone under the age of 60 would really care about. Who’s her audience? I realize it’s no one but if she had a demographic I’m sure she wouldn’t be targeting 60 year olds.

No. 858341

File: 1635603919449.png (653.02 KB, 673x758, 37715B65-2670-4996-B7E0-A899E0…)

I adjusted a screenshot from her most recent video to 50% more warmth and it looks so much better

Lillee, please stop making yourself look dead

No. 858350

But you don't understand anon! In her world, her pale porcelain skin = rare, refined beauty, the peak of what it is to be beautiful. Dark skin = blech. Like that fake Indian "fan" who wished she could be pale like her and that her own skin was like leather.

No. 858354

Even after adjustment she still looks like she’s in her 40s

No. 858355

File: 1635615270739.jpg (449.83 KB, 2880x2880, 20211030_133204.jpg)

>>858334 Fortunately (or unfortunately) I live in NY, anon, in Nassau County so I'm one county over. I'm frequently in Queens, however I've never once seen her or her mother, probably because they never leave their hovel. If I'm unlucky enough to run into her one day, I'll be sure to take a picture although I'm doubtful it'll happen. I just have a feeling that she's much, much bigger than she leads on. We can all see that she face tunes her entire body, poorly might I add.

Picrel is from her new video. There's a few gems in this video, including where she says "I think I'm the spawn of yoda", kek. The jokes write themselves at this point. She puts on a serum from the brand OSea and as she's rubbing it in and doing that weird thing she does while applying product, she tells us it doesn't make her skin red at all. Meanwhile she looks like a ripe tomato and it only makes her white mustache stand out more. What is that, by the way? That's gotta be some type of skin condition, right?

Nothing about the final look is reminiscent of Yoda, and at one point she does turn the light Saber on (it glows slightly blue) but either the battery is dying, her abuse of the white balance skews the color, or its another $5 Amazon deal. She made no effort to even out her skin tone so in the final look her angry mustache stands out more than anything. She also calls this a "very wearable everyday look". Yeah Lillee, I'll be sure to wear it at my next work meeting.

No. 858356

her only friend is dinosaur laur so I’m sure she thinks nothing weird of interviewing 70 year old has been actors

No. 858369


My guess is that she either bleaches or Nairs her real 'stash, and it whitens the skin underneath it.

No. 858378


Ghastly. She looks like something straight out of American Horror Story.

No. 858381

She looks like a rather slow 45 year old living in a trailer full of chickens. Imagine peaking at 15.

No. 858403

File: 1635667435483.png (2.49 MB, 1108x1932, 1609366159824.png)

Lillee does not like these edits kek.

No. 858404

>"These images were specially edited"

kekking at the word "specially" also who the fuck acknowledges that these ugly ass photos of their warped ass expressions are of themselves? Lillee there's nothing edited about these, You are actually this hideous.

No. 858408

Half of then are literally just screenshits from her videos.

Edited my ass. What a weirdo.

No. 858409

File: 1635672213560.png (359.01 KB, 1096x1384, 1609366159824.png)

Was confused by what "cyber tech" was. It's just Primink's thumbnail with messages and LJ's social blade stats.

No. 858410

>cyber tech
What is this, a pulp cyberpunk novella? kek. I'm amazed this retard has any time to half-ass her way through make-up "tutorials" and photo shoots when she spends so much time reading her thread and DMCA'ing pictures.

No. 858412


Lillee and Laur probably don't realize how easy it is to find social stats online these days whether it be social media related or to see what exactly is trending via various market sources. Which is hilarious considering the sort of people Lillee tries to connect to who are probably way more aware of these things being super accessible to anyone who wants/need this kind of info.

No. 858420


i made the crazy bunch edit, glad she saw it lmao

No. 858423

She was fine that "fan edit" of her at the met gala but not with our contributions. I'm feeling like you don't really value us Jeaniez after all Lillee, kek.

No. 858424

Legal expert Laur displaying her absolute lack of understanding of fair use

No. 858425

File: 1635697171050.jpeg (192.23 KB, 1280x906, EAA115D8-1087-4CA1-8CEE-C6F17A…)

An actual gremlin. Happy Halloween ~JEaNieZ~!!!

No. 858429

File: 1635701006295.jpg (41.29 KB, 1045x226, 58views.jpg)

Someone forgot to buy views.

Some sacrifice-anon for her Halloween live later on?

No. 858430

File: 1635701254110.gif (Spoiler Image,987.42 KB, 394x640, 20211031_131909.gif)

>>858423 Speaking of fan edits and it being Halloween and all, I was feeling inspired. Unfortunately I can't draw anything that isn't a stick figure because I've got zero talent, so this will have to do. I even took the liberty to write a little message on it since I know the Goblins love our edits so much.

Happy Halloween, anons.

No. 858433


christ alive i had to go back and watch that Q&a with the lopsided space buns. She says she doesn't like spicy food in it and says i mean i like….basil? wtf is wrong with her

No. 858438

The fucking blob fish comparison made me kek out loud. Ily anon and happy halloweeen to all the loyal Jeaniez in this thread. MWAH!

No. 858448

>>858438 Your welcome anon, glad I could make you guys laugh although I can't take credit for the blobfish- that was my bfs idea. Once he said it though I had to put it in there because they could be twins. I'm sure she'll DMCA it but atleast it won't get removed. Has anyone seen her live or has it not happened yet?

No. 858449

File: 1635724880526.jpeg (589.28 KB, 668x1204, AF76C4C0-BB8F-4C9D-A947-5F7D1E…)

No. 858450

File: 1635726206399.png (3.98 MB, 828x1792, EAFBC04F-3668-45C9-B6BF-FCEC7D…)

She’s live right now.

No. 858451

File: 1635726504908.jpeg (123.03 KB, 656x278, C88E7D22-D00C-4487-A91C-3B71A6…)

What the fuck

No. 858452

Did anyone get that weird ass exchange she had with the guy in the Hitman costume

No. 858453

File: 1635727038262.jpeg (44.76 KB, 479x479, DB3120A5-B01A-4339-B9A0-CF2480…)

Shit, sorry for the lack of cropping here.
Anyways, the stream’s very boring and not milky at all. Fun fact, though, she’s supposed to be dressed up as Sailor Moon’s cat, apparently.
Fucking kek. I mean, at least she’s getting orthodontic treatment now. Better late than never, I guess. I’m gonna miss her horrifying dolphin teeth, though.

No. 858454

File: 1635727082959.png (1.02 MB, 1049x966, unknown (3).png)

Fucking kek at the dude dressed as Agent 47 from Hitman who joined, and showed Lillee a briefcase with rope and tape.
>oh so were having a sexual night
>you gotta respect a man who's very open sexually
No one tell her what a hitman actually does

No. 858455

lol at getting 600 people in the live… while having 1 million followers

No. 858456

File: 1635727942494.jpg (212.29 KB, 1661x957, Untitled.jpg)

When someone drops into your live is far more beautiful, interesting, and talented than you. Genique just took over.

No. 858457

So far there seems to be 2 types of people dropping in. Creepy men who just silently wave at the camera and super talented singers who are miles more talented than this one taking advantage of the "audience" to show off their skill.

No. 858458

File: 1635728249025.jpg (173.9 KB, 1661x925, Untitled2.jpg)

No. 858459

Lol I feel bad for those musicians, they probably think it's a great opportunity to showcase their talent on a "huge" platform. Surely they know she doesn't actually have 1m followers?

No. 858461

Did anyone catch why she ended the live? Did the viewers drop?

No. 858464


probably got triggered by all the people with actual talent upstaging her goofy ass

No. 858465

File: 1635736871379.png (12.37 MB, 828x8250, 929A7865-3B3D-4C57-8B1A-E29272…)

No. 858467

File: 1635737465090.png (1.26 MB, 998x998, 248555448_250896997009683_7112…)

well thats her whole ass nipple. Again.

No. 858469

With this range, Marvel doesn't know what it's missing.

No. 858472

It’s just so insane to me that she guests anyone and everyone in these lives and then gets so fucking annoyed when Middle Eastern or Indian men pop up. Like wtf do you expect Lillee, they’re the only “fans” you have. And i’m using that term VERY broadly.

No. 858473


Good point anon. I'd guess its a mix of her racism and the let down that she STILL isn't growing any actual fans.

No. 858474

Her makeup in this most recent live isn’t bad. It actually compliments her eyes and she actually looks quite pretty. If she had better teeth, and you only saw her from shoulders up she wouldn’t be that bad. But her shitty/ fake ass personality takes her right down to a -3000.

No. 858476

She literally doesn't have anything special to offer, why does she keep doing this? Pageant days are over, Laur needs to let go.

No. 858481

god can she stop making that catatonic deer in the headlights face? pursing her lips like that make her look like an actual autistic mouth breather.

No. 858482

File: 1635764254954.jpg (382.16 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20211101_105300.jpg)

Sage for no milk. Just an no change up date on the fake follower stats. It's the fact the don't really move it's just platform deletes auto bot refill engages.

No. 858491

File: 1635782930732.jpg (248.6 KB, 1026x1960, wtf.jpg)

Looking G8 lmaof.
Her pics seem taken circa 90 with a bad camera.

Why the squat poses? It really looks she doesn't want to be seen by the neighbors.

Is Laur inside the jeep turning the headlight on, for pic 2 and 3? (serious question)

Also gross detail, but I think she isn't wearing any panty, her leggings are kind of see through…

No. 858494

I think they’re just using a built-in flash in her camera. She didn’t even bother removing red eyes kek

No. 858495

They aren't see through. It's the light reflection as their yoga pants and not leggings so the material is slightly shiny.

No. 858496

File: 1635786482554.png (496.94 KB, 286x1280, 263E6028-C960-43FE-8356-3E217C…)

She’s not wearing a bra or underwear in these. You can totally see her droopy tits in some of these and her gooch stain gets bigger and bigger in the 5 minutes it took to do this photoshoot

No. 858498


No. 858499

I only caught about 20 minutes of her Halloween special, but outside of the hitman and the 2 singers, did she actually have any guests that were not random ceilings or dudes that don't speak English? When I was watching, you could tell she was getting annoyed that she couldn't get an actual guest. I left just after the first singer, and it was apparent in the chat that it was like a raid or something. The chat was full of people promoting her stuff and they left afterwards.

No. 858503

Towards the end there was this young woman who was dressed as a demented murderous nurse. She had the uniform and was covered in blood. lj was so relieved she was saying, "Finally, finally!" The woman was white and spoke English. I know that sort of thing is important to lj. Weirdly though, instead of staying on her, she kind of abruptly cut her off. That young woman seemed pretty cool…. oh… that's why.

No. 858504

>>858496 That's a bush or a pad for sure!
>>858499 I wish some of you guys would join next time she does something like that and make it funny, my english isn't that good when i'm speaking. If it was i would do it.

Also this direct flash makes her look fatter than she is in black and that makes her massive lol. Who wears black clother for a night photoshoot? Her idiocy always hits new lows.

No. 858505

Her “party” lives are so incredibly depressing. She gets dressed up and plans for a month in advance just to sit in front of her phone and say “hello, hi how are ya” repeatedly for an hour. She desperately invites people to join and when they finally do, all she knows how to say is “how’s it going” and then disconnects almost immediately after they answer. To think that at 20 years old, this is the only social interaction she gets with anyone other than her mom and 40 year old engagement pod women is depressing.
Laur really shit the bed as a parent, jesus

No. 858506

That’s sweat stains

Lillee is so out of shape that going outside makes her sweat like crazy every time

No. 858511

Sweat menstrual smell, bane of my life, ice of my loins. My sin, my lack of a soul. Sweet-men-strual-Smell. The tip of the tongue taking a trip of four steps down the palate to tap, at four, on the neglected dolphin teeth. She was sweet, plain sweet, in the morning, standing four feet nine in her mothers stretched out old socks. She was menstrual on instagram, hormones raging and thirst posting. She was smell at Bite, putting the workers off their lunch. She was seldom at school. She was Lille Jean on the dotted line. But in my lolcow thread she was always sweet menstrual smell. Did she have a precursor? She did, indeed she did. In point of fact, there might have been no sweet menstrual smell at all had I not loathed, one summer, an initial lolcow. In a thread in /pt/.

This is the worst thing I've ever written but it made me laugh so I'll take my autism ban on the chin.

No. 858517


Nabokov is rolling in his grave

No. 858529


I don't know if I want to shake your hand or sue you for this.

No. 858532

She went as Sailor Moon's cat Luna but still has the choker upside down for no good reason. Luna actually does have a human form but Lillee couldn't closet cosplay that.
Why does she take the time to facetune and photoshop her body for some pictures but leaves in a damp looking crotch in multiple pictures? At this point she has to be doing this on purpose. All the up the nose booger shots and toddler poses are just for us. How sweet of you Lillee.

No. 858533

Kek those heels look way too big for her. Probably because she can't zipper ones that actually fit because of her tree trunk limbs.

No. 858538

File: 1635823686485.jpeg (53.88 KB, 569x720, C66D435F-A0F3-496F-BB63-193045…)

Does anyone else think lilee is the anti elizabeth fraser (of 80’s 90’s dreampop band cocteau twins, very elegant and shy soft spoken woman, picrel )


here is LJ’s incredible voice

No. 858542

it sounds like she's singing to completely different music than from what's in the background

No. 858545

File: 1635828652931.png (239.18 KB, 808x2168, boolies die in a fire.png)

No. 858550

>I am very excited to be working on developing a better plan for online bullying.

What this says is that she is figuring out a way to make it easier to online bully. I know that's not what she means but it's sad when you only speak one language but can't get it right. Had she stayed in school, she might have learned why this is the incorrect sentence for what she means.

On the other hand, maybe she is figuring out ways to make it easier to online bully. At least for her and her mother anyway.

>For example, if you write about me and say I'm stupid, what I believe you are telling me is you have no self-worth and you feel quite ignorant and deficient in the things you do in life.

This is something a very self-deluded narcissistic person with no self awareness would say. The complete opposite of someone with emotional intelligence. Maybe someone with ei can explain to her why this is something someone who is highly ei would not say.

>less greediness

The word is greed. The noun of "greedy" is "greed". Again, this is why education is so important.

No. 858551

File: 1635831896430.png (74.78 KB, 247x185, Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 1.43…)

what on earth is this? If it's the zipper from her boot, why is it hanging there? A bit odd.

No. 858553

It's funny, I think singing is the only thing she actually has some potential for. I am not saying that her singing from that clip is passable for professional performances by any means. But I do think that with voice lessons, she has the possibility of being a decent singer, even in professional musical theatre. It's obvious she enjoys singing and I don't think she should give it up to chase fake instagram fame or an acting/modeling career that will never happen. She can't write, draw, or speak to an audience. With some training, breath work and music theory, she can actually be pretty good. I know she won't go for lessons though because her mother can't afford it and/or they think that she's already really good and doesn't need it. That would be a shame.

No. 858557

>>858553 lol absolutley not. You deaf? I have yet to hear one note she sings right. People who have potential sing at least half of the notes correctly. Lot of people enjoy singing, that doesn't mean they have potential to be singer. She straigh up sings like Miranda Sings unironically. I seriously haven't heard a more lost cause in singing.
Like sure Lillee sing at home if you like it but please don't try to make it a career, even the same old pink makeup is 200% better than her voice.

No. 858558

"I believe education is key"

As do we Lillee, hence why we're concerned about the lack of yours.

No. 858562

anon, please take a tone deaf test.

No. 858563

If she'd watched more than 2 episodes, she'd know that the upside down moon is related to the Negaverse, but ok Lillee.

Also it's pretty important that Luna has a crescent moon on her forehead. How did she forget that?

No. 858565

File: 1635852638385.jpeg (47.1 KB, 612x612, e69970a0ff0eb18ff211e2afd7b448…)

Literally. Is that out of our byootee gooroo's skillset?

No. 858567

She dressed as a cat, needed a collar, had to chose between the black "goth" one she wears for those looks, or the red Sailor Moon one. She went "OH! She has a cat, I'll say I'm that so I'm not just a generic cat!". She probably googled "Sailor Moon's Cat's name" and that was the end of that. Minimal Effort. Minimal Success.

No. 858568

File: 1635858856808.jpg (497.71 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20211102-081240_You…)

Stereotypical Lillee Jean. The gloves are from two different costumes again. One is a faux leather and the other is a satin glove.

No. 858576

File: 1635869268977.jpeg (313.66 KB, 663x776, 4A49B0C0-C994-4F7C-9FDE-81032E…)

No. 858577


I'm willing to bet Lillee hasn't even watched anything past the 1st prt of the DIC dub. Laur would never let Lillee touch anything to do with the "cousins" and the Stars arc of the series.

No. 858578

To the best of my goblinese, she's saying they are going to prerecord the interviews and then post them. Lillee has an interview with the Rocco-picking-up-girls-on-the-red-carpet-FNL and she and Laur are probably expecting him to be so blown away by her interview skills that he immediately offers her a show on his network. It would really put a major kink in her plans when the chat during his interview is trolls and dudes asking for her to get naked or spamming emojis.
During her halloween live, someone asked what her plans were for halloween, and she got snotty about "what ever I've done, Is done" and then later when she was asked by someone if she had resolved the stalker issue, she got the same snotty tone and snapped at them. The only people she wanted to interact with where the ones telling her she looked hot or saying generic hellos. It doesn't look good when it's so obvious she doesn't know how to deal with real people and challenges.

No. 858581

I get that a lot of her requests were trolls, pervs and Indian foot-fetishists, but she just seems so uncomfortable interacting with real people. Each of her "guests" were barely on a few seconds before she was all thank yous and goodbyes, even when they tried to engage her in conversation. She's so socially stunted she has no idea how to talk to people

No. 858582

I don't know that it factors into her actions, but she's known for having fake/bot fans. When 4/5 of the people she adds to her lives are dudes that don't speak English, and her tagged photos page is the same thing, it proves the point. Sure, she wants the attention, but she has to know that anyone watching is also seeing the common thread.

No. 858583

>>858578 That's what I got from it too anon, that she'll pre-record them and then post them. I bet Laur will be especially bitter on whatever day the Rocco interview is, there's no way Lillee would ever get a job on his channel even if it is just a scammy network. Lillee is hard to understand and can't communicate well, her interview skills are dog shit (nobody wants to hear you talk Lillee, it's supposed to be about the guest) and she has 0 appeal. Then there's the issue of her being a fat dumpy midget that doesn't photograph well. She would look bizarre standing next to celebrities on a red carpet trying to get them to answer a few questions and if they zoomed in to get a close-up shot of the Star, Lillee would be out of frame due to her height. You'd probably just see the top of her fried hair. If the end goal of her interview series was to get a legit job offer, she's going to be sorely surprised.

Does Laur really restrict the content Lillee watches? I've always wondered why she's not into most things kids her age like, although she's extremely immature so there's that. I can totally see "Momairre" having parental blocks on the TV.

No. 858585

Someone asked her if she had watched Squid Game and she said that it wasn’t the type of show she usually watched. It’s so weird that she only watches shows/movies for literal children and never watches anything that’s actually popular among adults.

No. 858586

File: 1635881742209.jpg (63.63 KB, 863x454, bonus.jpg)

Yes and it was sooo cringey.
It's at 16'45.

>oh so were having a sexual night
>you gotta respect a man who's very open sexually
She really acts like a retard 12yo pretending to be knowledgable about sex.
That level of embarrassment…

And Later on, she says "shut up" (mean girl style) to the singer girl from Queens at 29'.

PS: LJ fix your jaw, bonus picrel.

No. 858588

Nobody is going to let a person with this smile interview celebrities.

I still don’t understand why she pivoted into the talk show host thing. Even Diamond Diva is more professional and is at least attractive. Lillee can’t talk to people and is quite possibly the ugliest and dirtiest person I’ve ever seen. If the Truemans lived in the 1800s they’d be traveling carnies showing their goblin offspring for a half-cent.

No. 858589

In Lillee and Laur's mind, Diamond Diva is a sex worker that sits around and asks other people questions and people liked her. Which means Lillee could totally do it! I also think the new PR person had something to do with it. 1 million followers is enough to get people to guest on her show for free. Lillee has no public presence beyond the drama. Tia tells them this will present her in a new light, give her real! credits on IMBD, introduce her to new audiences! show her as a multi-talented individual! Meanwhile, Tia is taking that cash until Lillee and Laur figure out they are getting played by another PR person. You can see it on Tia's face during her live with Lillee. She knew it was awkward and wasn't working.

No. 858590

I think the interview thing was because maybe because they were told they need more verity. Although it doesn't seem to be working due to lilleejean not being social enough. It also seems a very odd choice for someone with anxiety. Other youtubers or influencers do things like vlogs of their day running errands,Road trips, days out with friends. Or do thrift hauls etc. Am petty sure a thrift haul wouldn't be beyond her reach. Like thrifting a cosplay and showing her trying to find the pieces to get the look.

No. 858592

File: 1635890960992.jpeg (431.08 KB, 828x1246, 708CAB3F-0934-4786-892D-E3DEFD…)

No. 858593

>the driver
kek at Lillee calling Laur “the driver”

No. 858594


Also that's really sad that of all the funny or interesting mistakr that have happened during her "career", that this is the moment that stands out to her.

It's neither funny nor interesting, partly because I imagine she constantly has her ratty hair getting into her lip gloss anyway. Pulling the want out and having to remove hair from it first.. Gag.

No. 858595

"Style Consultant"-Laur

At the rate Lillee is going, Laur will have more titles than Lillee.

No. 858596

She's had a different, just as boring answer for the same question for all of these madlib articles. All of them end with her finding the light at the end of the tunnel, sooo inspiring. Except they all feel faked. I can see Lillee hearing some other girl at an event talking about getting gloss in her hair on the way and co-opting the story for herself.
The only people reading these articles are us. The only person giving them "claps" are the truemans. They are written by 1 of 2 authors, one being a generic tag for a magazine, both using the exact same formatting, so they are practically the same level of "real" as her bot followers on IG. They've spent so much time and energy to never move forward. It is astounding.

>there was nothing I could have done to prevent the situation

Leave earlier? Plan better? Her entire day was dedicated to this no doubt.

No. 858597


Yup, nothing you could have done to prevent the situation. Totally wasn't a lesson get ready earlier, maybe locate the lint roller the night before

No. 858599

They used to ride-share before Laur was banned from Uber & Lyft.

No. 858606

Laur shit on one of the callouts for posting about a thrifting trip last year. I doubt they'd let lillee be seen in a secondhand store.

No. 858607

I have a feeling Laur doesn't let her watch anything above a PG rating. I doubt she's ever watched an actual "adult" show or movie. Even something like Gossip Girl is too mature for her.

No. 858625

That's hilarious especially since they claim to do great things for the environment.

No. 858628

I read this 5 times and I still don’t understand what she meant

No. 858630

File: 1635941561851.png (44.19 KB, 1069x713, Screenshot_3.png)

She is still doing DMCAs, again this time on those two edits in >>858403
She must know they have the worst (unedited) pictures of herself in them which is why she wants them taken down so badly.

No. 858631

We have so many more unflattering pics/edits of her here. Why just those 2?

No. 858632

File: 1635942581936.png (163 KB, 748x1376, Screenshot_3.png)

New article. Full of the same shit. https://medium.com/authority-magazine/lillee-jean-optimal-performance-before-high-pressure-moments-how-to-relieve-stress-clear-your-c82834a47d2d

>We need solutions, answers, not more conversations about things that have not and will not change without action.

So when are you going to give solutions and answers? If this is something so important to you then why are you only speaking out on articles no one reads? We need that documentary now Lillee, we need to stop mental cyber terrorism.

No. 858633

I don't think Laur restricts lj from watching "adult" shows at this point. Maybe when she was a little kid or under 18. I think at this point lj chooses to watch cartoons because it's what she's comfortable with. She understands it, and it speaks to her in a way that soothes her. Everything is black and white, things are easy to understand, there's always a happy ending, and she can relate to the princesses. Adult life and dramas are too foreign to her. Life is complex, people are complicated and this doesn't sit well with her. She can't relate.

No. 858634

>>858630 In her defense, all her pictures are horrible. Doesn't matter if they're unedited, they're all just so bad and there's no fixing it. It's impossible for her to take a good picture, partially because she's an idiot but mostly because she is quite possibly one of the ugliest people most of us have ever seen and I don't say that lightly. Between her freakishly weird proportions and everything else that's wrong with her, the only good pictures of her are ones where you can't see her face. As for her not watching TV shows, I wouldn't be surprised if Laur restricts what she can watch, plus Lillee has the emotional maturity of a 4 year old. Adult programming isn't even on her radar because she can't understand most of it and def can't relate to the characters in the slightest.

>I read this 5 times and I still don’t understand what she meant.

What do you mean, anon? Her writing, is so clear, and, optimizing. You, just don't understand, because you lack the amazing education, and knowledge. Kek.

Lillee, we know you lurk here. Please stop abusing commas, and while you're at it, ask "Momairre" to buy you "Hooked on Phonics". I'm sure she can find a used copy on eBay for you.

No. 858636

File: 1635944920969.jpg (204.91 KB, 1920x1080, MV5BM2NmZDNmYTItZGM0OS00NDVmLT…)

Me and my fellow cybercriminals gathering on the digital playground to form new devious plans and whack any lawmaker that tries bringing about "Lillee's Law".

No. 858638

The fact she wants to call it Lillee's Law is fucking disgusting. In the grand scheme of things, Lillee has received mild bullying from twitter and the farms. She would have gotten it just as bad at school or even worse. She would have been cancelled long before reddit found her page if she had actually tried to grow her channel properly. Naming it Lillee's law is just another example of her taking other people's experiences and making them her own. She's not seeking protection for other people who have or will be bullied. She's wanting retroactive retribution and to bully other people.

No. 858641

>>858638 Lillee has never mentally (or in any conceivable way) moved past middle school; we're all well aware of that. Part of her desire to become a "famous beauty guru" is so she could have millions of adoring fans to fight her battles and show her middle school bullies how amazing she turned out, on top of getting recognition for something. She's been, and still is, well below average and always will be due to genetics and no desire to work hard. Nothing angered her more than when that girl from her old middle school told Diane that they barely remembered Lillee and had no clue she was trying to fake her way to stardom on the internet. I guarantee you, up until that point, Lillee believed that all the "mean" girls she went to school with were seething with jealousy over her perceived success. Laur has been telling Lillee this for years and she bought into it, I'm sure hearing that she was still a nobody caused a temper tantrum of epic proportions.

"Lillee's Law" is basically just an extension of that. She's so desperate to have any type of recognition that she absolutely doesn't care where she gets it or how it comes about. She sees boolying as her platform (even if nobody else does) so this is just another angle for her to work. Unfortunately for her, laws don't work like this but she's too stupid to grasp basic concepts. At this point, Summer's Eve could offer her a collab and she'd take it. She has no clue what it is, but she'd proudly hawk "Lillee's Lavender Douche's" just to have her name attached to something, kek.

No. 858643

File: 1635954501113.jpg (327.03 KB, 2880x2880, 20211103_114459.jpg)

All 11 comments on Lillee's newest video (The Halloween Live) are from suspicious accounts, save for Pradip. They pretty much only comment on Lillee's videos. You'd think that after all the times they've been called out, her and her idiot mother would atleast try a bit harder to disguise their sock accounts. "1 million Jeaniez" but she gets less than 10 comments per video on average. G8 Job Lilz.

No. 858644

Goddamn those commas are painful. It seems as if her writing is getting progressively worse, possibly due to isolation and her exposure to only base-level discourse online. She clearly doesn't read or her writing would reflect that. If she took one glance at a newspaper or longform piece of journalism she would see that nobody abuses/misuses commas to this extent. Just hard to witness a person's writing get WORSE after drafting so many 'articles', like I'm watching dementia take hold in real-time.

No. 858652

She does nothing all day long, how can she be late at the one event she goes in years?

>There was nothing I could have done to prevent the situation

Yes. You could have.
Something like not slept until 6 pm that day maybe.
Seriously who put makeup inside a running car. She's so dumb, it's incredible.

No. 858653

File: 1635964933634.png (17.13 MB, 828x9696, 4691E10F-EA61-45DC-83E2-AF5D24…)

No. 858654

NGL, These are far better than the usual shit she turns out, if only she'd stop making those goddamn pouty Emmy Rossum/Goldfish esque lip expressions and act more natural with her poses. Also FFS Lillee if you have enough cash to waste on shitty articles on yourself and bots surely you have the cash to hire a photographer to take better pics of you.

No. 858656

Same person as above, I lied, she fudged it up. That person in the background with the dog looks to be in a hurry to escape "C'mon Frou-Frou! let's get out ofhere before the weird goblin in the red dress and the ogre-mommy spot us!"

I would have loved to know what that woman's impression of Lillee was during this "shoot".

No. 858657

File: 1635965685988.jpg (366.81 KB, 1080x1615, 58382e.jpg)

when aunt karen stumbles up to your doorstep already drunk before thanksgiving dinner

No. 858659

She’s probably feeling sad for the poor girl who has no date to prom.

No. 858663

File: 1635967512977.jpg (67.33 KB, 921x568, whyshoes.jpg)

Still shoes she can't strap due to goblin feet.

BUT At least she… finally went to a park instead of taking pix in the driveway!
It's seriously a huge step forward.

No. 858664


Yooooo someone JUST commented about how lillee used to actually take pictures at parks and shit here. Could they make it more obvious they're on lolcow everyday?

That said these are MILES better than using the same staircase over and over or taking sad night time pictures pretending lillee's going out for the night and not just going back inside and changing into her pajamas. the colors of the leaves go nicely with the dress.

My only rec Lillee is to get some variety in those poses. maybe go from some different heights and angles instead of standing rim rod straight at the camera the whole time.

you are a professional and a CEO after all!

No. 858665

File: 1635967840320.jpg (179.42 KB, 988x621, rectoverso.jpg)


Facetune level: Goblinese

No. 858667

>>858653 so she finally learned something from lolcow! She went outside in the daylight. Too bad the poses and pictures are still fucking horrible. Sorry but the lovely trees don’t fool me into thinking these pictures are nice. Lillee let’s learn some more: DROP THE REATRDED DIRECT FLASH and CLOSE THAT ASSHOLE you call lips.

But seriously i totally see Lillee doing the happy merchant meme looking at lolcow and thinking how smart she is that she is doing everything we suggest her to do but on the outside ¨"pushing hard" against her haters. She thinks if she will learn the techniques we talk about she will finally reach her authetnic celebrity fans, but failing to understand that even if she learns to mimmick it nobody will like her still …for her personality.

No. 858669

She made a slideshow video with the pics kek

No. 858670

> (…) which in America, our systems right now, do not have. In other countries, such as Australia or the UK, they have very tough laws, that deal with people who are doing the wrong thing on the digital highway.

Such as??
Please enlighten us about international laws, your knowledge seems astounding.

No. 858671

>>858669 damnit she’s shaped like an emperor penguin

No. 858672

Great. Now Mumble Happyfeet will forever remind me of Lillee. >_>

No. 858674

File: 1635969815380.png (1.86 MB, 466x2502, 16A75158-BDDD-4949-BADF-AD364F…)

I’d pay to see her walk in these

No. 858675

Kek at her calling this fashion sustainable and petite

She is so stiff when she models. It looks completely unnatural and off-putting

No. 858676

File: 1635970482329.jpeg (890.9 KB, 828x1127, 3B414BA1-8BAA-4789-885A-F416CB…)

She looks so old here

No. 858677

I just noticed how much she facetuned her jaw but the app didn’t pick up the part under her hair lol

No. 858681

File: 1635973854937.jpg (112.41 KB, 584x755, Screenshot_20211103-155942_You…)

I really don't think she did,atleast not more than few feet. I thought it was off that the "vlog" starts with shaky camera work (great work Laur.) and a small clip of Lillee talking but not really moving around other than her arms. After that, it's all stills that are obviously taken in 1 place. Then, the last picture shows how close they are to the road. No doubt they pulled over, jumped out, made a big deal talking loudly about their "photoshoot", and Lillee shuffled around awkwardly. Too bad they live in NYC instead of bumfuck Kentucky where someone might have been impressed and actually asked who she was or stayed to ogle her.

No. 858682

File: 1635973863967.jpeg (227.59 KB, 828x759, 2A5357F4-D2E7-477F-A305-86DABE…)

No. 858683

File: 1635974209870.gif (1.91 MB, 200x108, 2DB4EC83-EC31-40F5-B7EE-3A3EA8…)

They did the shoot at Oakland Lake in Queens. You can see in this gif how close they were to the parking area kek

No. 858684

I'm going to respectfully disagree with the anons who are saying these are a lot better than her usuals. They are better in that she's outdoors in nature. But that's where the "better" ends. Same awkward poses, same expressions. Same poor photography. Not particularly interesting makeup, hair, or dress for a very famous lifestyle influencer.

If she can photoshop herself into the Met gala, surely she could have ps'd out the lady about to pick up her dog's poop? Also, that sign in the background is distracting.

No. 858685

I agree, anon. The backdrop is the only improvement. She looks so unnatural and awkward. Also the way the bottom of the dress drags on the ground. Has she never heard of hemming?

No. 858687

Wonder if that sign she liked enough to keep in her reel says “COW XING”

No. 858688

File: 1635974696053.jpeg (7.13 KB, 310x163, download (4).jpeg)

Really highlights her chonky dwarf arms

No. 858689

Jesus, she's really packing on the pounds. Her broad shoulders and flat chest got her looking like a troon too kek.

She is absolutely deluded with this federal law schtick. Tell you what, Lilz. If you think the laws are so tough here in the UK why don't you try and get me arrested? I'm willing to dox myself to prove you don't know what you're talking about. My name is Ana L. Beads and I live in Shitterton, Dorset.

No. 858690

File: 1635975263632.png (2.27 MB, 828x1226, 4AD470E7-9808-4741-AAE5-15A25B…)

No. 858691

File: 1635975329639.jpeg (907.84 KB, 828x1237, 097A58D3-D140-4176-9FB4-43F638…)

This one is even worse. She looks like a dwarf linebacker

No. 858692

File: 1635975654302.jpg (36.37 KB, 512x268, unnamed.jpg)

She'd make a great Blood Bowl character.

No. 858694

I nominate cow crossing Lillee for next thread pic if she doesn't come out with something new before then.

No. 858696

How close does that put her to the staircase/Malvie apartment (since it's really obvious they never actually moved)? I get the feeling they never leave a 10 or 15 block area. There is a Rite Aid just down the street, probably where she got the vaccine.

No. 858698

File: 1635981295539.jpg (175.25 KB, 1080x1920, 251496758_264920012107376_6673…)

Who looks at this and thinks it looks good enough to post on multiple different platforms?

No. 858699

File: 1635981531974.png (78.39 KB, 520x233, unknown (3).png)

Just noticed this at the end of Lillee's videos. Trying so hard to be legit kek.

No. 858700

>>858698 The greyscale really highlights her beer gut and sweaty belly button. I truly hope that her address is flagged by the company so that when she returns this, (and you know she will) they know to burn the package on site. The smell alone probably seeps through the packaging.

I don't understand how you can look like this and take pictures like that and still think you're a professional beauty guru. Her hair and makeup is seriously lacking, the dress doesn't fit and is way too long, the shoes are dated and don't fit, and she doesn't accessorize or anything. She just threw on the first necklace she found in Laur's pawn shop reject bin and waddled out the door. If you're going to call yourself a professional, atleast try to fake it. I've seen better test shots in a tenth grade "intro to photography" class.

No. 858701

She needs to relax her face. I am not a model but I did a shoot recently and the photographer gave me really great tips/instructions.

No. 858702

The neckline of this dress is so ugly and off trend. Everything she wears looks like clearance Lane Bryant from three years ago. She's one of those chubbos who dress like they're a 40 year old school secretary because they can't make the effort to find trendy clothes that fit.

No. 858703

It must be so awkward to see someone wearing a dress like this outside in NY when the high today was 50° She must have been freezing. It isn’t really seasonally appropriate. I’m always confused as to what she is going for.

No. 858704


>Any resemblance to real persons or other real-life entities is purely coincidental. All characters an other entities appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, dead or alive, or other real-life entities, past or present, is purely coincidental.

so she's not real??

No. 858705

File: 1635985366999.jpeg (99.31 KB, 312x436, 6F67117E-02E4-4D02-ACD6-1AC5C5…)

She’s been looking 40 for at least 3 years

Picrel of her being #sustainable

No. 858706

File: 1635985416253.png (Spoiler Image,227.59 KB, 702x568, magicut_1635984225487.png)

I think she forgot this one. Someone should put it in her highlight reel, it's her best cosplay yet, kek. Lookin' G8 Lillee.

No. 858710


God, imagine trying so hard to claim you're sustainable and eco friendly and progressive and the only proof you have to back that up is the one time you donated a bunch of smelly quilts three years ago.

No. 858712

>>858705 She's what, 18 or 19 in this pic? How is it that she looks and dresses like your 82 year old Grandma that's visiting from Florida and yet she wasn't even 20? I don't get how you can look like that and think "beauty guru" is an apt career choice. She's probably 40lbs lighter here too and she's still overweight, her arm is almost as big as her torso. I found it so weird that she bragged about working out and yet when she did that disaster of a live with the Beckford Bar guy, she was so uncoordinated and doofy. If there was any doubt she lied about working out, it was quashed during that live. You shouldn't need to do modified push ups at 20, especially if you're claiming to work out regularly.

No. 858714

She is 17 in this pic lol

No. 858715

It just harkens back to the weird thing Lillee and her mom do where any experience, no matter how little, is touted as having expertise and authority in a subject. She was ANGRY that people disregarded her 3rd grade cheering and raged about people trying to "take her achievements away from her". I guess to a beggar with nothing, a dime is a dollar, but to the rest of society, you need a lot more dimes to actually have anything. If Lillee does a work out once a month, she thinks she's on the same level of competence as someone that works out every day. If she pays a little attention to her form and records a video parroting a howto.com article on squats, she's the same as a personal trainer.

No. 858722

sage for photography sperg but i just cannot believe they are using a built in camera flash in the broad, direct sunlight, without a flash diffuser. not saying lilee would herself would look better, but if they took even just 5 minutes to watch any backlit or direct sunlight photography video they would understand they dont need the flash, as if it wasnt already common sense.

they had an actually half decent background (aside from the fact they couldnt move their lazy asses 3 steps to the right to get the trash can out of the frame) but they always ruin it by having literally zero intellect on how lighting or angles work. just hire an actual photographer for your sad prom shoot, lillee.

No. 858723

File: 1636013100082.png (Spoiler Image,4.87 MB, 1968x1392, braindead.png)

i am so sorry for fanarting but i couldnt help myself. it doesnt take much effort at all to look like you at least tried

No. 858724

If Lillee had any brains she would try and locate you for your services to at least improve her photos a little. However I'm willing to bet any kind of money Lillee would nab your photo and try to pass it off as her own to try and look more professional if she sent it off to a modelling agency or something and then shriek at you that she hasn't breached any copyright by taking your work because you're not a FaMoUs SoCiaL MeDiA person and just a boring regular who doesn't matter or some shit.

No. 858727

File: 1636018935033.png (763.18 KB, 1180x1716, hfiushfciu.png)

DMCAing the FAN EDIT! of her at the Met Gala. Has a page for it on her website for whatever reason, where it's the lowest quality ever (probably so boolies can't take it and use it against her.) We've known she really does not like the edit being brought up in general, but even with her logic why would you DMCA a FAN edit? You yourself say it's made by a FAN and keep trying to tell the haters that it was made by a FAN, so why make it look sus and DMCA it? You can't DMCA someone just because you don't like them Lillee.

No. 858730

Why would you upload this on your own page then copyright strike it? Isn't this Lillee's edit to begin with? I know she dislikes it when we all call her stupid or whatever but this really is dumb. My God Lillee when are you going to stop this idiotic behavior. The best thing you could have done is just leave it be. My doing this she's drawn attention to it all over again so it's going to give us more fuel to call out her idiotic tendencies again.

She never learns does she?

No. 858733

Lillee you're admiting you did it, when you DMCA a supposed fan edit, you dumbass. If it was a fan, it'd have to be the fan to put forth the DMCA claim. You continue to tell on yourself.

No. 858736

>>858730 The short answer? It's because she's an idiot and everything she does is incongruous. This is one of the (many) reasons she'll never get anywhere in life, she says one thing and then goes and does the exact opposite and it makes her a hypocrite. Prior to us finding out about her, she was never called out on her shit, the only feedback she ever got was Laur screaming "Oh my gawd, Lillee that's uhmayzin" and other such flattery. She doesn't think things through before she does them and then she's shocked when it blows up in her face. It's almost as if she can't forsee the consequences of her actions and so she just keeps repeating the same mistakes. I won't armchair diagnose because no1curr, but this is one of the hallmarks of someone with a low IQ. Not that we needed more proof of that, we're all well aware of it by now. Plus it's not like anyone ever believed that was a fan edit, her only fan is her mom anyway.

No. 858738

I also think it stems from her being isolated from her peers and homeschooled. If you do something stupid in school, your friends tell you it’s stupid. It’s how teens learn socially acceptable behavior. Laur had to protect Lillee from all criticism, even constructive criticism. Lillee talks a lot about a group chat with a bunch of girls she was kicked out of which was the catalyst for her deciding friends are unnecessary. How was Lillee behaving in the chat? Was she doing the same shit she does now, bragging about how rich and famous she is? Was Laur pretending to be Lillee and talking about her mamairre being the best mom who survived cancer and has been hit by a car 8 times? Instead of listening to people and stopping their bizarre behavior, they decided to completely retreat from society.

No. 858741

>>858738 Oh, I absolutely agree with you. I think it's a combo of both (what you and I said) that led to her being how she is now. Sometimes I find myself wondering if a particular person is messed up due to nature or nurture. Don't get me wrong, we've all got our problems, but Lillee is an extreme case and I think she had both nature/nurture working against her. Let's be real, Laur isn't a great parent and I'd be shocked if she had a 3 digit IQ and while I don't know much about Diamond Earl, he doesn't seem to be the pillar of success that LJ has tried to make him out to be, kek. So nature wasn't kind to Lillee, but had she been raised normally I think she could've, at the very least, turned out to be a somewhat independent adult. I still think there's some type of intellectual disability going on with her, but we'll never know for sure.

Do you know where I can find a clip of her talking about the group chat or do you remember what she said? I can't seem to find it.

No. 858742

>>858738 >>858741
I think Lillee has/had a difficult time separating reality from playtime/story time in her head. I believe she KNEW the instagram socks were not real people, but it was like she and Laur were playing an elaborate game of dolls or a role playing game. These characters and the space they lived in was kinder and "saw" Lillee how she wanted to be seen and it was easier to live in her head canon. I imagine every time Lillee has a new opportunity or idea, she retreats into her fantasy world and is cheered and loved for whatever it is. She fast forwards past the actual doing part and arrives at the finish line. Laur has encouraged and facilitates it, while also acting like a attack dog on a leash. It makes her extremely unlikeable to a normal person that works and fails at things. Someone posted where Lillee had "taught" her sub ballet in class. A 4/5 year old doing that might be cute. An overbearing, overweight, student with no real training would be a joke to the rest of the class.

No. 858743

It was the Ariana Grande video with Laur. It was discussed early threads. I’m not sure if the video is still up. She’s also mentioned it in a few lives. I just remember it was weird bc she doesn’t even say the girls were being shitty, they didn’t want her in the chat anymore. Lillee was sad and Laur told her she needed to get back in the chat and tell the girls off.

No. 858747

she looks like a conehead

No. 858750

File: 1636043684051.jpg (441.83 KB, 2160x3840, 20211104_113224.jpg)

We should probably expect about 60 more of these articles from Lillee Jean. They have around 200 "prompts", and I submitted for 7 interviews using a made up company and persona and was granted every one.

No. 858751


These interviews are just so unbearably tragic.

If Lillee or Laur had even the tiniest bit of business sense in their heads,they'd realize they could probably get an actually legitimate interview from, say, someone at Buzzfeed or one of the bigger YouTube callout/drama channels just by being semi-honest or at least revelling in the groundswell of hate and drama.

Instead, they participate in these dogshit copy-and-paste "interviews" that no one reads, produced by a "magazine" that doesn't care about them in the slightest and probably doesn't even have a clue who they are. All because Lillee can't bear to be seen as anything less than an untouchable, perfect CEO

No. 858752

Makes me wonder if they would do an article on how people were DCMA'd by Lillee and all the shit we've pulled up on her. I mean as long as they're getting paid they'll publish it. I doubt they care whether or not it conflicts with Lillee's articles or not. I'm not saying someone should do it, but NGL I'm curious to see what would happen in that kind of scenario.

No. 858753

They might do the article, but Medium, where they post their "articles" (its a fucking blog site…) would remove it after Laur complained about it being a "hit piece" on her daughter. Someone posted a poem or something of the type on Medium about Lillee and it was pulled within days because Laur told Medium people were threatening Lillee's life.

No. 858755

File: 1636047901625.jpg (256.95 KB, 1080x914, Screenshot_20211104-124303_Chr…)

If this is the case, as much as Lillee claps her own articles, these articles are only making the authors like 50 cents. Lillee is the only one clapping or replying to them at this point.

No. 858762

Someone should send medium the infamous peepee poopoo vid where Lillee tells people to catch covid and tries sending her non-existent Jeaniez to attack the "haters". Not such a great role model but hey, the goblins cheques haven't bounced… yet.

No. 858767

Is it possible she's so dumb, she thought she would make money from those shitty articles?
I mean, she thought she'd get a marvel role from her fake insta, a job from her stupid lives and fame from a wiki post yet to be published.
How can someone be that delusional? I don't get it.

No. 858770

… don't quit your day job, anon.

No. 858783

are they free or do you have to pay for them?

No. 858788


Right on the money. She's mentioned she preferred playing with dolls/ on her own than with others as a kid. She's also said she likes to make her dolls fight, which explains all the conflict her sock accounts used to get into.

one thing I don't really get is why she made all the accounts she was supposed friends with minorities and made herself out to be some kind of white savior.

No. 858789

She was once told to get more melanin and that immediately made her racist.

No. 858791

>She fast forwards past the actual doing part and arrives at the finish line.

You said it so perfectly anon. In her head she sees herself adored, cheered, and admired for her achievements. But she has no idea what the start to finish looks like. She doesn't know how get there. So she decides to skip all that and lie about reaching the finish line. She sees Lillee's Law voted in by Congress, with all the politicians and bullied children praising her for her bravery and hard work. But it actually takes time and effort to lobby for a law. Does she have a proposal for a bill? Does she have pragmatic actionable solutions? No. But she does see a law named after her and all the praise. This is what children do.

No. 858792

>she likes to make her dolls fight

That is chilling.

No. 858812

This is slight tinfoil but as Lillee got shunned and picked on at school and heavily consumes a lot of childrens media I think she's of the opinion that 99% of girls and women are bitchy and just fight with each other all the time. Given that Laur seems envious of her dead sister and has the same winning personality as Lillee I think she would've reinforced that stereotype by telling Lillee what bitches other women are and how she's above all the other girls. Pure NLOGery. Lillee makes her dolls fight because she's re-enacting her Disney channel high school movie worldview.

No. 858814

Her silly blog from when she was 11 or so, is still online. She talks about punishing her dolls a lot, like wayyy to much keks.
That's quite saying about her wish to take revenge on pretty and successful women.

No. 858815

that's the thing that baffled me the most about Laur, for being a con she sure is retarded and completely clueless with all the things she trying to achieve lol

oh wow that actually a nice system for them to have

No. 858817

No. 858821

Kids normally act out either what they have went through or what they have seen. I think its a bit of both there but with Lillee/her favourite doll being the winner. But what she doesn't Realise is that isn't how the real world works. Make believe is never going to be real life.

Her dismissal if her peers in the community is astounding. She has mentioned Jeffree star and James charles I think before but these aren't people who are going to give her the time of day. If she actually bothered to try and make connections with real and mildly successful channels, she might actually grow a real following. Got even saying of such and such has done a really great look on this and tag it. But it's the all about me attitude and the engagement pods with people who are not going to get her real followers that's stopping her.

Half the people here could get her a real career if she only listened and stopped going their bullying me. When quite a few people are offering genuine advice. And before the she's such a this, that the others jump in…. we get it you know how to swear. You also know how to project your own issues and its annoying.

No. 858826

File: 1636124196988.png (480.62 KB, 1268x683, Screenshot_30.png)

Lillee says they liked the edit so that is why they reposted it… If they still like the edit then why DMCA it? Why when DMCAing it, not name the supposed fan who made the edit either?

No. 858827

File: 1636124860324.png (987.98 KB, 1167x674, Screenshot_3.png)

>>858583 Screenshot from this old video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Imtil2iCP2c
(love the crusty nose blood Lillee left, she's never changed…)
I used to tinfoil that too, that Laur controlled what LJ watches and her internet but I think now Lillee really just doesn't want to watch anything slightly adult because it makes her uncomfortable. She'll still be horny online (like the baby yoda live stream) but it's weird and childish, because she legitimately doesn't know what real adults are like. I just hope Lillee never opens her legs because she'd be making more retarded babies and creating new STDs.

No. 858828

Fun note about this video- a day or two before the original video was posted, she and Laur had the Cultural Appropriation vs Appreciation podcast. She used "someone studying Indian culture for a month and making a belly dancing video" as being appropriate. She was preemptively defending the video.

They want complete control of all media surrounding Lillee Jean. They are terrified of someone doing a Google image search of Lillee and negative articles and posts about her past coming up. They don't believe in freedom of speech or press. I don't know what they would do if Lillee actually got national/mainstream attention (like she would need to garner enough attention to lobby for internet reform). Not only would she be incredibly unpopular with the vast majority of the internet, but there are too many of us sitting on dragon hordes of information and documentation of their antics. The media loves a good villian, and two socially oppressed poor, uneducated, fat women with an incestuous kind of relationship would be chum in the water. Liberal channels would bash them for racist and transphobic remarks and Lillee co-opting the LBTQ+ struggle during the first couple of days of Pride Month and then immediately dropping it, and conservative channels would have a hard time swallowing their public (even if not real) condemning of Trump and support of Biden.

No. 858829

They could always rely on libertarian support of “it’s not illegal if you don’t report it”

No. 858831


I don't really believe Lillee got shunned or picked on in school. Middle School anon said Lillee barely showed up to school, but no one picked on her. Judging by what she perceives to be bullying now?

Tinfoiling that by bullying, she means other girls were popular and talented and she couldn't stand to see that, because that should be HER. Laur says shes the best dancer and artist! Why is she being put in the dance class for younger kids?! Why isn't SHE the most popular girl?! THIS IS BULLYING!!!!

No. 858832

Exactly. LJ wasn't the center of attention and extremely jealous of other girls. She'd go to school to stand out and when no one payed attention to her she immediately felt rejected. Kids aren't always bullies, especially girls. Sometimes they just avoid the weird kid or don't know how to engage and won't make a point to extend friendship. LJ took is personally of course and wanted to show them all. She watches all this boomer kids shit of Laur's so she still has this dream of being a gem in the rough and finally having this moment where she "made it" and everyone completely in awe or jealous.

Laur gave her delusions of being the best of everything and while being below average, she saw that as bullying.

Look at how LJ and Laur were pissed about ethnic girls being praised for not looking generic and Laur saying that it's actually blonde blued eye girls that are exotic because ethnics were overrepresented.

No. 858835

kinky lillee

No. 858838

File: 1636137988786.jpg (71.52 KB, 638x501, masterofnone.jpg)

>We work for nobody
Yes. Because even after one year, no one can tell what your company sells.

No. 858839

They sell Lillee Jean, the BRAND. She keeps repeating that, but I still have no idea what that means.

No. 858840

Remember when she made out "Lillee Jean" was a household name? Perhaps the brand is secretly a weird Lillee cloning lab under the Trueman's current living abode to implant some weird Lillee clone into everyone's house in the next few years…

God, she truly is like a demented Barbie doll isn't she?

No. 858841

God she's such a pretentious cunt.

No. 858851

I agree. There's a good lyric soprano hiding behind all the lack of training. If just one third of the money that Laur poured into fake followers had gone to an actually good teacher and Lillee learned to apply herself, she could with hard work create a very nice singing voice. Impossible to say if she would have professional potential, but at least, she could make cute disney covers kek. Music is extremely difficult, but can be a therapeutic journey and can teach you a lot about how to not be stuck in an attic tho.
Lillee the opera singer redemption arc when?

No. 858858

File: 1636152304493.png (61.15 KB, 293x295, Untitled.png)

I don't think this is tinfoil at all. You are right. Her view that women are bitches to each other is evident right here. She's not really a feminist. This idea of catfighting women is a trope of sexist men. "From an early age" she saw this? When was that? She doesn't give examples. So "women have not learned to use the tools to uplift each other"? (It literally hurts to repeat her horrible use of the English language.) That's a sexist thing to say. The act of saying such a vague and negative about women in general is itself tearing women down.

No. 858860

Cultural appropriation or appreciation? Has Pradip seen this?

No. 858862

A real CEO would never say that. A real CEO would say that they work for their customers' satisfaction. But she has no customers because she doesn't sell anything. Other CEOs might say they work for their employees' work satisfaction. She has no employees. Her "team" is made up of her mother, and maybe occasionally some PR hack they engaged. But the PR hack is not an employee, she is an outside consultant. No actual CEO would say they "work for nobody but ourselves," because CEOs actually don't. Maybe a sole proprietor or an independent contractor. But not a CEO. If she read even one Corner Office column in the NYT she would know what real CEOs think and do.

No. 858864


I posted my "cultural appropriation" comment before I read your fun note about the video. It was the first thing that came to mind watching it. Makes total sense. Thanks for that fun note. It's so sad and funny. funnily sad.

No. 858868

File: 1636155713810.jpeg (506 KB, 1380x1206, 25BDCDC8-DD18-4F62-AFAF-974EDE…)

Lillee gets an “amazing new mention”
Wow. It’s a million page-long nonsensical spam passed off as a buzzfeed community post.

No. 858870

The irony is that what she wrote has nothing to do with building resilience - it's the complete opposite of it. It's word salad as a thin mask trying to hide a very fragile personality. Everything she says here assumes others are trying to hurt you. "Nobody can destroy you." "Nobody can take the light…" "Never let anyone take your spirit." (She never actually shares HOW.) Everything is predicated on negative assumptions of others. She seems to think resilience is a kind of aggression where you come out the victor. "…you will reclaim your dominance." "Fight." That is not what resilience is. It's about getting knocked down and having something within yourself to get back up, brush yourself off, and start again. There's a clear tone of anger and vengeance in her post. We all know where that comes from. It's one thing to talk all tough but she doesn't walk the walk. If fact, she doesn't walk anywhere. She just lies about it. That's not resilience.

No. 858873


Well said anon! Lillee couldn't be more obvious that she hates other women. Saying she couldn't stand seeing the princesses at disneyworld because she felt SHE deserved the attention, getting her mom too pull her out of highschool because she couldn't stand having peers better than her, the looks across her face she can't control when actually pretty and talented women are on her little insta show.

It's so laughable she tried to come out as pansexual–as if she could stand to be around any woman long enough to get to know her.

No. 858886

File: 1636172167293.jpg (176.84 KB, 1528x1080, 182632.jpg)

No. 858889

I think her boogers are her biggest fans. Always there for her and very visible.
I'm surprised tiktok's cancel hungry teens haven't picked up on Lillee. She just about every type of bigoted zoomers love to hate on and she's extremely ugly so making fun of her is easy. Tiktok zoomers usually eat their own by harassing other 14 year old cosplayers for doing the wrong eye makeup, and Lillee isn't active on tiktok so that's probably why. If Lillee thinks black forums and twitter is mental terrorism, wait until tiktoks fast moving piranha teens inevitably rip her apart. (Figuratively Lillee, since I know you're reading this and already calling the cyber police that a booly threatened your life.)

No. 858892


that's a good point, but I'm guessing shes just way too irrelevant for the zoomers to know who she is, much less care about her. It's like when she did that super sad youtube live and only less than thirty boolies showed up and barely half of them even typed in anything?

despite what lillee's trying to convince an audiance of no one in these articles, she doesn't actually have a cult or crusade or coven of nazi pan-phobic witches out to hex her.

no one cares about her. she's just a joke. and not the funny kind, the sad kind.

No. 858898

Am I the only one who misses Shaniqua, Mario, and all the other unhinged sockpuppets?

Hell even Pheepy vanished without a trace. I at least hoped for an Instagram post or YouTube video or something about how he couldn't handle her status as a strong, independent CEO.

No. 858902

File: 1636196559177.jpg (96.94 KB, 621x591, dreams.jpg)

Keks at retweeting her own tweets.

I am still genuinely vey confused about what her dreams are?

Besides living in a fantasy world where she's this famous booty-guru and jail us all of course.
But what's her next great plan to achieve fame and money?

>Help them to shine too

What a freak show.

No. 858907

>contributing through my skills
What skills?

No. 858908

Me too nonny, but now that she has her engagement pod to spam emojis on her pictures instead of the socks I guess they don't need them anymore.

Even James Dee and Mario are gone RIP

No. 858909

Completely agree.
No1care but anytime I had a hard time at school or work, I've always found some really nice and helpful people to help me with what I didn't understand.
Lillee had some extremely great advices from here gold worth, the kind of advices some would have paid for, here, in her Yt comments, Insta, Reddit…
She chooses to be bratty, snotty, arrogant and ignore it all bc she thinks she's so perfect and superior.
The fact that she sees everyone as a rival/a bully/a stalker or a Diane (kek) isn't reflecting good at all, on her behavior and her personality.

In most places people are glad to help each other (she would know it if she bothered to actually go outside and connect with real people), unless you are a insufferable arrogant ill-tempered horrible indvidual, then they won't obviously.

No. 858910

Interesting titbit. So she did that podcast to pre-empt any accusations of cultural appropriation. She was saying, hey, I want to show off my gorgeous eat-your-heart-out-Kim-Kardashian juicy booty by doing this seductive Indian dance for all my adoring fans but don't come for me for cultural appropriating. This is me appreciating, so don't call me racist! The she does that podcast and reveals how deep her racism really is.

No. 858913

As a side note, isn't belly dancing Mediterranean, not Indian? g8 research lilz.

No. 858915

She's really predictable.
See people getting blasted for appropriation but want to make content aimed at your following demographic? Podcast.
Receive a PR therapy box that includes references to wiccan things? Claim to have a ghost in your house.
New Marvel show comes out and is popular? Haters are now part of an CULT and are WITCHES.
Pandemic? Continue claiming you can't go (instead of you weren't invited) to any events, despite being vaccinated.
Hater does ASMR videos and you made fun of them, but realized they get tons of views? Produce poor versions of them, unedited, banging on the mic. Have mom's sock accounts constantly post about how great you are/would be at ASMR
Haters find your publicly available address because you are a moron and use your home address for your business? Make a big deal about having to move (but keep taking pictures in the same staircase) and rent a virtual office space.
Pride month? Come out as Pansexual, despite not fully understanding it. Call haters "panphobic" immediately, despite that not being what the word means and also not retroactive. When the backlash is way more than you expected, drop the subject completely (at least until next year)

The times they swerve into left field is when we discuss something here and they do the opposite, or when they have an outside influence (PR) guide them.

No. 858917


They actually still use the James Dee account to try to boost engagement on Lillee's instagram posts, along with over half a dozen other accounts that's been confirmed are them!

No. 858919

File: 1636214008440.jpeg (645.74 KB, 828x1436, 124D76B6-1C07-4A0F-B4FB-AB4C24…)

Lmfao the shit her engagement pod makes her comment on

No. 858924

Good lord, I almost thought that was Lillee's fat ass on view. I pray to whatever God we're never subjected to Bikini pin-up photo shoots from Lillee. My eyes would never cope.

No. 858925

File: 1636217173050.jpg (319.19 KB, 1080x1861, Screenshot_20211106-124301_Ins…)

Kek. poll on one of her engagement pod pals.

No. 858927

link to post? I seem to have missed that

No. 858931

File: 1636221469171.jpeg (296.88 KB, 828x2922, 95E3112A-2532-4803-B686-F6E4AB…)

nta but these are from her red dress photoshoot the other day

No. 858932

interesting how this comes hours after posts here pressing x to doubt her ~pansexuality~

No. 858958

I thought this was Lana Del Rey for a second

No. 858961

I'd love to hear a soundcloud EP about DD/LG shenanigans with Pheepy sung entirely in goblinese tbh. Oh, and Lillee if you're reading this you might want to google "what is DD/LG" when Laur is out the room, trust me.

No. 858962

File: 1636232794282.jpg (713.18 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20211106-210127_Sam…)

So the savio clemente thing that lj has tagged is ran by women who also happens to write medium articles. So why if you go on buzzfeed their suddenly a man ?

No. 858963

File: 1636233450846.jpg (42.8 KB, 750x750, d380fb7e558f215754148c1c98a244…)

It's funny how she always replies at least once to every single one of her comments, so if a picture gets 3k comments only half or less is from pod people, bots and socks.

I don't think there is a single real influencer out there with 1 million followers and 20k subs on youtube who has the time to reply to every single comment on every single platform.

No. 858971

Her dream is to keep doing exactly what she's been doing but Famous. That's it, that's all it ever was and all it ever will be. She wants to be famous and adored, not FOR anything, just… famous. If pressed she may say she'd like to be a model, but if she was ever actually given a real modeling job she'd have a nervous breakdown because she's not used to having anything expected of her. She thinks it's just "show up and they take pictures of you looking pretty". Any direction she'd be given beyond "stare into the camera with a duck face" would be met with hostility, tears, and legal threats.

The funniest thing is that quote about dreams has nothing whatsoever to do with Emotional Intelligence (an intelligence Lillee does not possess, along with every other form of intelligence).

No. 858983

File: 1636252103748.jpg (106.09 KB, 799x526, deeeeee.jpg)


Here's the one screenie I had saved. Lilz and Laur used old accounts to boost engagement on her posts–they'll post the same heart emoji comments back and forth under a bunch of accounts. You can see the other comments in this picture are also run by Laur and Lilz too.

No. 858993

Maybe James still exists in Lillee's headcanon but he's limiting his online presence because of the boolies.

No. 858996

Lillee won't say she dreams about becoming a model because according to her own delusions she already is one.

She calls herself a model, actress, motivational speaker, environmentalist, etc.
because according to her lazy ass:
Taking a selfie - I am a model
Filming a youtube video - I am an actress
Saying straws bad - I am an environmentalist
Saying believe in your dreams - I am a motivational speaker
File a company literally only in name and nothing else - I am a CEO and #girlboss

I'm sure Laur's overall helicopter parental style and you can be anything you want sweetie-attitude hasn't helped. Lillee is lazy and never puts any real effort into anything because Laur has told her since she was a baby that she can be anything she wants to and anything she shits out is amazing art. If anyone gives her just the slightest critiques they are just jealous haters who try to get you down.

No. 858997

It's Arabic, but belly dancers have brown skin so they may as well be Indian, right? Has she even watched belly dance because even the music's fuck all like Indian music. Is she being all confused about Bollywood?

No. 858998

Right now I can only think that they have a company so they can write everything off as a business expense. As currently they aren't selling anything. Not appearances, no products etc. Am guess they think there a business like how the kardashians are, how kim was the "product" or "it girl" at first then started selling thing's. The only difference is the kardashians despite what people think are very smart when it comes to business and know how to put the work in. No-one starts at the top. This isn't bullying like they claim its just facts. It isn't women tearing women down either. It's just the truth instead of yes people blowing smoke up your ass.

No. 859005

kek i hope that’s true. id love to see lillee’s onision turbotax saga

No. 859010

with Laur as her CFO, what could possibly go wrong?

No. 859011

File: 1636309789492.gif (514.46 KB, 245x341, 70d.gif)

It's middle eastern. Egyptian, actually. You'd think that Disney expert LJ would know that considering Pic rel.

No. 859014

Lillee called white women “regular women” when talking about Asian Beauty.

I would love to see her try and name countries on a map.

No. 859021

Does anyone have a clip of this? Unfortunately she took down the video

No. 859025

File: 1636319702394.png (775.04 KB, 680x2684, 4B2ABA23-353C-4BA9-8152-EB7DAC…)

Don’t have the video clip but I have a collection of her responses

No. 859028

Jesus Christ, she'd be better off not replying then spewing this shit. Funny how totally Jewish Lillee considers herself a "regular woman". I thought you were a persecuted minority, Lilz?

No. 859031

>people like you immediately think the worst and are programmed to be evil.

For fuck’s sake

No. 859032


Do you think Lillee looks at where her mother is in life and really, truly thinks following her plan is going to succeed?

Does she really look at her bankrupt, frumpy mother. who spends every waking moment scrolling the web starting beef with people and think 'yes, the good life'? Does she look at the state of her home, her social life, her financial status and think that Laur is a good judge of how to succeed in life?

No. 859046

File: 1636343762636.png (285.22 KB, 760x2360, flop.png)

New articles. https://medium.com/authority-magazine/brand-makeovers-lillee-jean-on-the-5-things-you-should-do-to-upgrade-and-re-energize-your-brand-69a43bf615f
Not googling yourself, kek really? They're constantly searching Lillee on anything they can and DMCAing it. Laur even tried editing Lillee's ED article once.

James Dee often comments rainbow emojis (and I think clothing emojis?) on her posts. Totally not stereotypical!

Speaking of Pheepy, isn't it odd that he never gifts his girlfriend anything? He gave her flowers that one time, but nothing since. No nice clothes or even something nice like a new Disney doll? Pheepy also hasn't even helped Lillee with her live show, he has so much influence and power yet hasn't helped her get meaningful guests, or even written interviews like her medium ones. Also interesting that none of the Truemans are interested in traveling and have no knowledge of the world besides stereotypes. I think Ear- I mean Pheepy just saw a young girl to groom.

Dump him girl, before he marries you and you're stuck with a fat podophilic lazy balding old man.

No. 859048

File: 1636344793709.png (119.56 KB, 772x808, flop.png)

In this article https://medium.com/authority-magazine/remote-career-development-lillee-jean-of-lillee-jean-beauty-inc-on-how-to-advance-and-enhance-your-273d565e0a08 Lillee is already being lazy and reusing answers. First question about 9/11, her answer is copy and pasted from "Total Health: Lillee Jean On How We Can Optimize Our Mental, Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Wellbeing."

Second question, literally the same answer from >>858592, just somehow even shittier of an answer. Lillee's writing is forgettable so there might be more, those two I could recognize because 1) Lillee saying 9/11's terrorists didn't think before their actions is hilariously simple minded and 2) we were just talking about the lip gloss story in this thread kek, did she think no one would notice?

No. 859049

Someone brought up the Primink video not to long ago and I decided to watch it again. He made the video about Lillee and then one other video right after that and then completely disappeared. Did the goblins booly him off the internet?! Oh how the turn tables..

No. 859052


There's a few pics she's posted of 'gifts' from pheeps, but they predate most of the drama. I think Lillee realizes she really backed herself into a corner with such a silly 14 year old version of a perfect boyfriend. But she hates admitting the boolies are right so she'll never admit it.

That said I think when people cracked her poorly written pheepy love note she realized shes better off just not mentioning him. Maybe shes hoping the criticism will die down on him being a groomer/not real.

No. 859053

NOT what emotionally intelligent people would say. This is what someone who has very little understanding of the world and who is bitter would say.

No. 859054

Oh lillee. The terrorists who planned 9/11 were incredibly thorough in their planning and put a great deal of thought into it. They did not think they were "committing errors".

Speaking of committing errors, if it is "inconceivable" to you, does that mean putting dangerous misinformation out to the public that a minor engaging in a romantic relationship with an adult was ok as long as the parents gave permission was well thought out? How about all the times you and your mother were exposed as doxxers and racists and liars – were those well thought out as well? Because they were certainly irreversible, despite your efforts to erase them from the internet.

No. 859062

File: 1636379523432.jpg (106.87 KB, 775x648, lookinggrrrrr8.jpg)

>Lillee Jean On The 5 Things You Should Do To Upgrade and Re-Energize Your Brand and Image

Most stupid pic.

Also what's with the ring?

No. 859064

File: 1636380416528.jpg (130.08 KB, 722x650, rebranding.jpg)

>Angelina Jolie is a perfect example of rebranding. She has gone from being known as the wild child without direction, doing irresponsible stunts, to a humanitarian who has children

Won't comment about how Angelina is stereotyped, but that's not rebranding LJ you moron!
That's called evolving, because real normal people don't get stuck at 8 yo.

>“Some people come into your life as blessings. Some come in your life as lessons.”

So we are blessings.

No. 859066

That ring doesn’t fit properly anymore so she keeps wearing it like that

No. 859068


I don't think the ring ever fit, she's been wearing it like that since she got it kek

No. 859069


It'll be part of Lillee's law that Lillee is immune to any repercussions, naturally. Her and Laur can still dox and tell people to fucking atttttttackkkk and get covid. Actually from now on when Lillee says attttttack, the military rolls out.

No. 859076

I hope she amends the law so that SWAT teams can no longer show up on your doorstep because they were informed that you're Jewish and have bad teeth. SMH at this discrimination, it's tearing America apart!

No. 859083

File: 1636397875949.jpg (445.08 KB, 2880x2880, 20211108_132712.jpg)

I knew these two NEET's had no life whatsoever and loved filing DMCA's, but I didn't realize just how much they do it. They must get up in morning late evening and start googling her name, there's hardly a day where they don't file a complaint. That must be the only purpose "Lillee Jean Beauty Inc" has since they don't sell anything or do anything else. The picrel is a screenshot from The Lumen Database and on the right is her newest takedown request, they had 24 pages of results.

I saw someone mentioning taxes and Laur using things for write off's and I really hope she's stupid enough to file taxes. Considering she owes $15000 USD to the government already, I'm sure that will go well for her. They don't even qualify for write offs under IRS guidelines; the IRS states that the business must not be a hobby and must exist to turn a profit. The govt realizes that it takes a while for businesses to get off the ground, so Laur is probably thinking she can offset her loss from buying shit for the "business" (bots, shitty cosplay items from Amazon, makeup, food, etc..) but she'd get audited immediately. Your business loss can offset other income and lower your tax bill, but the IRS will check to see that you're operating a true business and not just practicing a hobby under the guise of a legit business - which is exactly what they're doing. Plus if they're on disability, they can't claim that as income and file taxes on it. There's absolutely 0 point in this business existing and I'll die of keks when Laur inevitably tries to file and claims $10000 in Chinese take out as a write off.

No. 859091

I'm eagerly awaiting Laur's prison arc. That might just be what Lillee needs to wake the fuck up and learn how to function in this world without mommy doing everything for her.

No. 859092

File: 1636402984604.jpeg (219.56 KB, 2048x1434, 60A6BDA7-21CD-4722-8965-B20A68…)

Her sucked in cheeks make her look like a troon

No. 859093

File: 1636403119318.jpeg (352.36 KB, 828x1469, E66A0358-43F1-49B0-8F93-464424…)

Come on, Lillee! Apostrophes can’t be that hard.

No. 859094

So very true anon, well said. Also, Angelina Jolie is not a company. But lj will probably say, "Angie IS the product. She is the BRAND."

No. 859095

Her excessive use of commas makes it so that when I read her "interviews" it sounds like someone who's very out of breath and gasping for air is talking, kek.

No. 859096

Samefag, I'm almost as retarded as LJ. I thought you said commas not apostrophes. "LJ Talk Is" gee what a great name, Lilz! kek

No. 859097

File: 1636405233436.jpeg (157.06 KB, 2048x1029, C779E842-9417-4CDC-A6F9-7365F4…)

She made the same apostrophe mistake on her Spotify page kek

No. 859098

File: 1636405929462.png (48.3 KB, 678x602, DMCA this Lillee Jean.png)

They send them under different variations of names too. No idea why.

No. 859099

>James Trueman
James Dee… James Trueman… hmmm…
Honestly, I think they just do this to make it look like their "business" is a real family business with lots of people involved instead of it being just two fat, terminally online NEETs.

No. 859100

>>859096 Out of all the retarded cows I watch (including ForeverKailyn), Lillee has got to be the most uneducated of them all. What makes it so much funnier is that she thinks she's a true intellect and her mother made her sound like some sort of baby genius as a child. That obviously couldn't be further from the truth. I've seen 5th graders with a better grasp on the English language, it's truly bizarre. She uses commas constantly yet when there's an actual need for one, she leaves them out. She doesn't understand what contractions are or how to use them, she's always mixing tenses, she uses participles incorrectly and couldn't tell you what they are if you asked, she can't even structure a sentence properly or use proper punctuation. This is 3rd grade shit and yet we're supposed to believe her curriculum was on par with an Ivy League education? Out of all the egregious bullshit she spews, her lying about her intelligence is probably one of worst and most obvious ones.

I wonder if university was ever a goal for her in life at some point. Most parents try to encourage their children to seek out higher education after HS, and for some reason I don't think Laur/Earl was the type to put an emphasis on education.

No. 859101

File: 1636406254663.jpg (98.21 KB, 1148x1148, 61532563_2335524173386449_8549…)

Sorry Anons should have clarified, only Laur and Lillee on that list are our cows. Other ones are randoms. In fact the Scott Trueman person has DMCAd adult model pictures kek.

pic unrelated

No. 859105

You're forgiven for not clarifying but don't you ever make me look at that picture of Lillee again, kek.

No. 859111

File: 1636408784584.jpg (684.88 KB, 2880x2880, 20211108_163415.jpg)

If you want a good laugh, head on over to LJ's IMDB page and her "Wikitubia" which is the biggest joke of all. The IMDB citations they used for Laur on the Wikitubia page don't show Laur in the credits at all, atleast IMDB didn't cave to the mother goblin. The fact that Lillee put her "petite figure" as her trademark on IMDB really sent my sides into orbit, being an obese midget isn't the same thing as petite, Lillee. If there's anything she's known for, it's being a rude illiterate retard with shark teeth but I guess that doesn't sound as nice. The whole Wiki is comedic gold honestly, she even tells people that she got the Covid vaccine at Rite-Aid, as if that's even remotely noteworthy or has anything to do with YouTube. How can they put out a page like that and not be embarrassed? Even worse, they're proud of Lillee's lack of accomplishments.

No. 859113

they really don't have any idea how citations work at all lol.
her family history section on everybodywiki is riddled with citations for random words like "immigrate" and "tsar" that take you to the webster dictionary definitions. she also writes that she had a collaboration with urban decay and the citation takes you to urban decays official website with no mention of lillee anywhere

No. 859119

File: 1636414329161.jpeg (297.34 KB, 828x729, E53A6A41-0263-40D1-87F0-DC4A8D…)

Her Apple podcasts “about” section is a riot

No. 859120

File: 1636414379155.jpeg (112.91 KB, 828x655, A5673C0A-BEE4-4383-BC9E-0C4CF8…)

The show website goes to lilleejeanbeauty.com

No. 859148

I was wondering when she was going to add writer to her list of exaggerated titles. If pasting the same very poorly written responses into Medium articles makes her a writer, I guess I'm a chef for burning my dinner this evening

No. 859149

"Clean"? That's a joke. When she drops "fuckens" all over the place and gropes herself for her pradips and white male guests.

No. 859151

File: 1636471158581.jpeg (200.68 KB, 828x992, 7BE67767-F9C8-4BB2-8C22-2315BC…)

She actually has 3 podcasts on Apple podcasts kek. Two are the same and this one is for her ig “interviews”

No. 859152

File: 1636471320045.jpeg (367.15 KB, 828x893, EB9C8C3E-CC55-47BA-B36B-EA91F5…)

This is the kind of cow crossover I was not prepared for

No. 859155

Again with the need of signing her name after every comment. If there's one thing she does that makes me cringe every time she does it, it's that.

You do NOT need to sign off every time you comment on something Lillee. That's why you have a username so we know who you are. Unless…plot twist. Perhaps Lillee isn't Lillee at all. Perhaps she's a random kid Laur nabbed off the streets and forced her to be Laur's imaginary daughter after the real Lilleee died or some shit and this is the poor kid's way of having to remind themselves they have to be Lillee or else Laur will punish the shit out of them.

The Sleepaway Camp twist but it's Lillee. Can you imagine?

No. 859156

File: 1636472299649.jpeg (92.88 KB, 828x279, 31A88B8D-BFDF-46A0-96CD-57D93B…)

Some of her tweets are signed by “Team LJ”. She really has a boomer understanding of social media

No. 859159


Clearly you did not read her masterpiece about Phillip Romance.

No. 859160

>I wonder if university was ever a goal for her in life at some point.
She couldn't pass middle school, it's pretty clear she never liked studies and learn stuff.

Same, Anon.

I really hope she'll go to more events before that. The plant dance video was the weirdest cringiest thing I saw on LC.
She never was invited anyway >>858915, she paid 700$ each with Laur for the Fashion show Drunk Elephant or something (the one when they got separated bc they looked too ugly to be both in the front row keks).
But LJ is too fat to go anywhere now.

No. 859161

Which is why her account is still shadow banned after several weeks. She's effectively spamming to (badly) manipulate the algorithm.

No. 859166

File: 1636491120851.jpg (411.43 KB, 2880x2880, 20211109_141533.jpg)

Picrel is from her new video, I added the rock/potato because it's almost indistinguishable from Lillee at this point, crooked face and all. Laur's genes are coming in hot on LJ and that's not a compliment.

I didn't think it was possible, but she's somehow getting dumber by the day. She's went back to doing weird facial and hand expressions in place of words, she also thinks you can just wipe free radicals off your skin and she mentions it twice in her newest video. She then goes on to talk about one of the products she uses (Dermologica Smart Response Serum) and says "it'll respond to whatever your skin needs" when telling the "audience" what it does. As she applies it she repeats "I need firmness and hydration" as if the serum will magically hear her and do what she asks, it's quite weird. She says that technique has little to do with makeup which obviously isn't true but I can understand why she said it, her technique is shit and she uses the wrong brushes for almost everything. I think she may be colorblind as well because her color descriptions are so far off base it's amazing, although it's hard to tell because we all know she's got a limited vocabulary. She describes a silvery color as brown (it's not) and describes another shade as "dried out herbs, ready to heal" whatever the fuck that means.

I gave up after that because watching her half-ass application of foundation and concealer made me want to rage quit life. Sorry, anons.

No. 859168

>dried out herbs, ready to heal
HAHA fuck

No. 859172

>>859168 Right? What the fuck color is "dried out herbs, ready to heal"? Some of the shit she says is on par with an MLM hun trying to hock shitty essential oils and I'm eagerly awaiting for the day she gets dragged into YL or Dōterra. We all know she loves to slather her angry red face in ten different oils, it only makes sense at this point.

Total head cannon, but if/when Laur goes to jail for tax or welfare fraud, I imagine Lillee will end up shilling some shitty MLM product under the guise of being an "ambassador". She's basically 3/4ths of the way there already.

No. 859179

sage because although I haven't seen this tinfoil myself, doesn't mean an anon had already posted about it.

So there's a lot of talk about them being poor. We've seen proof of Laur's bankruptcy and being sued by her landlord. There was the post about an anon's friend seeing them at a drugstore paying for makeup with coupons. We see the cheap costumes. Cheap clothes. Cheap food. But they live in a nicer part of Queens, and I tinfoil that much of their living expenses are covered by Laur's parents/family. She and Earl definitely don't have assets. Laur ran a scam business, and Earl doesn't seem like a white collar money maker. Neither have a college education (correct me if I am wrong about Earl on this one).

Watching lj's recent videos, she seems to have a lot of stuff. I know what being poor in Queens looks like and that ain't it. They live in a house, have decent furniture, have a car, and all that equipment for her videos, for example. This is not someone who lives without. Somehow, Laur is able to provide lj with a comfortable home with plenty of unnecessary things to keep her amused. And those bot followers continue. Since she's not getting pr, she must be buying the beauty products. Even if they are used, she's still buying them and they cost money.

I think Laur bullies her family to give her money. Or uses emotional blackmail.
Is lj Laur's parents' only grandchild? I know Laur has another sister but I recall reading somewhere that they are estranged.

Correct me if I am wrong. And if there have been posts about Laur's family funding this foolishness, would love to read them.

No. 859181

File: 1636509642594.png (61.45 KB, 491x737, gfdg.png)

>decent furniture
Probably because they have the same furniture everytime they move house. The amount of times I've seen that wood coffee table they have…
Laur had an estate sale in 2013 posted on Facebook and it sounds like her dad had some money to be hoarding, gambling and living in a gated community. And leaving his wife left with no money of course, classic Trueman move. Any anons that know about the area he lived and the things he collected to know if he was just average middle class or more?

No. 859182

File: 1636509812275.png (21.77 KB, 487x236, Screenshot_32.png)

Imagine Lillee hoarding things that would be usefull rather than walmart dolls and expired makeup.

No. 859186

Is this where Laur’s antique store inventory came from?

No. 859210

File: 1636570127263.jpg (600.5 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20211110_184440.jpg)

Why does she flog a dead horse with alot of her posts? I would get it if was maybe a wayback Wednesday or throwback Thursday. But it never is. If she actually bothered to get on board with her peers she would have a better chance at things instead of her am so different shtick which makes her sound like a middle aged pick me. Also kinds also shows she hates other women and suits on them when she does that.

No. 859211

File: 1636570851103.jpeg (194.1 KB, 828x1469, 68754811-A248-4674-8585-44271F…)

Lillee posted this a few days ago on her story but I just thought it was funny she mentions HIT. It’s actually “HIIT” and stands for “High Intensity Interval Training” so clearly she doesn’t do it if she can’t even get the name right. As if Lillee isn’t out of breath from just moving around the attic, she definitely have never done CrossFit or HIIT. Then she mentions that Beckford bar when during the live, she barely was able to do three. She was STRUGGLING so bad she had to change the subject so he wouldn’t notice her terrible strength and stamina. Kek

No. 859212

The top portion is pretty funny too. "I will literally focus on God…" Meaningless word salad.

Bytw, everyone hates the word "exercise"? I think she means SHE hates that word.

No. 859213

Maybe I missed a post or two but I'm not getting this. Can an anon please explain? Thank you in advance.

No. 859216

It's her outdoor shoot she done a few days ago to prove she goes outside. So she has posted it a billion times on her stories.

No. 859227

File: 1636586410120.png (281.62 KB, 617x482, Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 6.19…)

>She starts with that she thinks her making stop motion video using her American Girl dolls was the beginning of her being her own boss. She was directing, producing, and filming, all by herself!

>She brings up Reddit of course. Can you believe people picking on a teenager?

>So here we go with #1.

If someone has advice, it's important to hear them out. As CEO, of course she has final say, "but what makes the machine drive is everybody driving it." Not really sure what she means, but I think she just contradicted herself.

>#2, patience is key.

"Time is inevitable, and time does have the answer." Taking a moment is important because she doesn't want to come off hotheaded and upset.

>#3, which is the most important is don't worry about being likable.

"You must think about bringing the best version of yourself to your fans (Laur), your coworkers (Laur), and your employees (Laur)." It starts with you as an example!

>#4 Never divert from your dreams.

"There will always be people out there who don't like you. They don't like your vision. They don't like your brand. They don't like anything you do just because they want to hate you. Just because for that second in life, it makes them feel good." Anyone who doesn't like what she does hates her and it makes them feel good hating her. OK. As a CEO she loves what she does (what is that exactly?), she is her, and that's what separates her from everybody else.

>#5 is always stick to your goals and don't let anything divert you from them.

Isn't that pretty much #4? As CEO of jlbeauty she makes sure all her employees (Laur) get their own mental health day. "I think that it's very imporddant to never let your goals astray you."

These are the 5 things she learned as a young entrepreneur and CEO. "As a CEO there's a lot of down times. Most of the time to be honest." So she's using "down times" as times when you are emotionally down. But it would be perfectly reasonable to interpret it the other way, which is why I did at first. I was like, she's admitting it! But no.

As CEO, she will hear your feedback. To create a really good work culture, it's as simple as having diversity. Nobody is above her and nobody is below her. They work as a unit (Laur). As an owner, it's helped her "to be more hyperaware on mental health in the workplace (home)." It's imporddant.

No. 859233

File: 1636594693497.jpeg (691.41 KB, 828x1465, C7E40BB4-32ED-40C5-8000-D4C85D…)

No. 859235

File: 1636594721205.jpeg (750.61 KB, 828x1465, B6CDD291-78A6-4AFA-9A7A-717784…)

Strategically placed size tag

No. 859239

File: 1636599538447.png (2.15 MB, 828x1792, FE2FC506-F972-442E-AFD4-72B092…)

That’s not how an apostrophe works, CEO lillee

No. 859240

Do these make sense to anyone else or am I just high? >>859233 looks like an opened mailing envelope, and other than the button hole in >>859235 I can't think of anything else.

No. 859241

who are her employees? does she consider uber eats drivers and the people at medium she buys articles from her employees?

No. 859242

the first one looks like her Invisalign on a take out napkin lol

No. 859243

uh that’s exactly what it is. it’s disgusting

No. 859245

Did she lose her aligner case? I hope this pic wasn’t taken at a restaurant

No. 859247

File: 1636601695963.png (3.67 MB, 828x2738, 3002BBE5-2A07-492D-B658-C1E91C…)

I wouldn’t take skincare advice from someone with irritated skin

And her arms are getting bigger every day kek

No. 859249

File: 1636604335620.jpeg (2.03 MB, 1284x2575, 3571CA93-1646-4E28-B585-D86F60…)

absolute nightmare fuel.

No. 859251

File: 1636606088866.png (256.15 KB, 329x587, Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 11.4…)

Sage for old milk but I only just got around to watching her talk with Tiana.

When Tiana starts telling the story of Ida B Wells being kicked off the train, lj's reactions are that of someone listening to a friend tell the story of a crazy road trip or having come back from a chaotic sale. We all know she is emotionally stutnted and not socially aware enough to react in ways other than Disney cartoons, but I found it really disturbing. When Tiana tells the part about Ida biting the conductor's arm, lj's reaction was like, "yaaaas queen, you go girl (snap snap snap fingers)". There are times when she starts to laugh inappropriately then catches herself realizing that Ida's story is in the context of a shameful part of American history. For example, when Tiana talks about successful black men being lynched and she, paraphrasing the white men, says, "Off with their head!" lj starts to laugh then realizes this is not a Disney film and changes her expression.

Made it only about half way through because while Tiana telling Ida's story was really interesting, lj's interjections were nauseating. I don't know how Tiana is as a publicist and people are saying if she's associated with lj she must be a hack and/or scammer. But what I could watch of her, I enjoyed. It was just so disrespectful and indicative of lj not being mature or educated enough not to allow the kind of deep conversation the subject deserved.

picrel of the moment right before she laughs at "off with their head!"

No. 859252

File: 1636609992487.png (636.33 KB, 860x720, 8C893B42-6CCA-4CD5-B7A2-861DFD…)

I cant..she looks like the sun emoij

No. 859256

File: 1636624449233.jpg (403.92 KB, 1080x1662, Screenshot_20211111-034938_You…)

She totally avoided answering who is part of her team. Unless Earl somehow got a job with her, which would be bad for his disability check, it's only Laur. They probably consider Tia an employee, but she would be considered a contractor since she obviously isn't full time. Although they no doubt try to make her work 100 a week. When lillee talks about messaging an employee at 3am, I bet it's Tia about boolies.

No. 859257

She's going to have to learn business bullshitting quick if she hopes to get anywhere. Avoiding the answer rings alarm bells with actual companies. A bullshitting answer that would be we have a few members of staff from a diverse background who are able to give a wide perspective based on their personal knowledge and experience. Such as our cfo who has dealt with challenges in a male dominated industry etc…..

No. 859258

>which I like. I makes me not think about what I am doing.

Well that just sums up her whole behavior through life.

No. 859259

>don't worry about being likable.

DMCA the whole internet.

Jeeez LJ. So much hypocrisy is going to break the universe.

No. 859261

If I were a brand looking to hire an influencer to promote my products,
> don't worry about being likable
is a huge red flag. Her entire job is to be relatable. Likable. Even volatile bombshells like Megan Fox had to be likeable enough to work press releases and do campaigns. It's just so painfully obvious to anyone that has a job or speaks english as a first language that Lillee has no fucking clue what she's doing. I read several of the other interviews on the same subjects Lillee is doing. I think she tries to plagiarize some of the other, more qualified, people's advice. In typical Lillee fashion, she has to put it in her own words, which makes it word salad. I haven't read one that feels as much like someone who is trying to bullshit without ever having seen a cow.

No. 859265

File: 1636639643303.jpg (180.06 KB, 1147x1089, what.jpg)

Sage for "this is the same shit articles she's posting everywhere".

>“People do not get to be anonymous and leave people mentally unhealthy”

Any Goblinese-speaking Anon?

>1 comment: from Lillee Jean Beauty

Nice talking to yourself LJ.

The article links to another, why not directly link it from her twitter? Gr8 CEO move.

>you will stick with it to the bitter end to succeed.

Interesting choice of vocabulary.

>I would say to anyone who wants to get involved with YouTube and Instagram platforms, to stay the course. No, you won’t have success in a year,

Thing is: some talented influencers DID get success fast, ever heard of Beluga, LJ?

>Most people don’t realize that my evolution to where I am right now started when I was 9, so I have been doing this for 11 years.

While not only not improving but regressing.

>I started to take off, pretty much when I was 16, thus as you can see patience is the most important thing in a business that a lot of people want to get involved in, but also are too afraid to take the plunge.

How did she ever took off?
This level of delusion really is something.

No. 859266

File: 1636639994064.png (542.92 KB, 884x796, Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 9.12…)

I see no difference

No. 859268

File: 1636643841093.jpeg (406.86 KB, 828x1450, 309E9D2D-D7FE-49B7-B8AE-E06C3C…)

Big indeed

No. 859269

Brilliant. LJ truly shines.

Except you do. Welcome to the internet. You do get to say whatever the fuck you want if you're anon.

No. 859271

>I am quite inspired by my previous interviews I given.

Lillee, for the love of Satan learn to how English properly. You complain we're all trying to make you look stupid and bully you. But honestly sweetheart? You do a pretty good job at making yourself look like a moron without our help, Kiddo.

No. 859272

The thing that gets me most is her am better than everyone and everyone is just jealous attitude. Its very elementary school thinking. She has also said some horrible things about other women. So am guessing the whole building one up is just a one way street as I have never really seen her give a shit about any of her guests after the fact. Also her nasty habit of blocking anyone who isn't a pod person or bot it's seriously hurting her growth. If she unblocked alot of people she might find some actual fans. Instead of paid for ass kisses. But we know she won't as she doesn't have the balls.

Here's a big business tip. The CEO takes all the shit thrown at a company and they do not hide from it. They directly address it. They don't lie about it when there's evidence either.

No. 859273

At this point we're Lillee's team. We're the only people talking fucking sense to her, that's for sure. Funnily enough if she got her wish and jailed all us cyber criminals she'd have no thread to stalk for ideas and advice kek.

No. 859274

Which totally blows massive holes in her argument that women just tear each other down, and not to listen to haters. I would say a majority of this group are women/she/her. Yes, a lot of hateful comments have been lobbed at Lillee and her mom. Just as many helpful ideas and insights have come from this group as well. Many of which they have taken. We're not not kissing their ass or on the payroll, but I'll be damned if we haven't been the biggest influence on Lillee Jean's "career".

No. 859275

File: 1636653242096.jpg (87.74 KB, 1080x539, Screenshot_20211111-124542_You…)

This is a comment she made and pinned on her newest interview video. The way that she posts from her account and always adds "- Lillee Jean" like she's some famous celebrity really ticks me off, but not as much as her abuse of commas and overall lack of understanding the English language. How can you write like that and somehow think you can get into an Ivy League school? "With my grades from this (online school) I can go to Harvard! I can apply anywhere and get in!" Anyone can apply to the school(s) of their choice Lillee, however most people don't want to waste good money applying to a university they have no chance of getting into and can't pay for. You can apply to Harvard, but you won't be accepted. With your intelligence, you'd be lucky to get into Bob's Clown College down the street.

No. 859276

Nah, there will always be a university or community college willing to accept a shitty student because they pay for it. The issue is Lillee doesn't have money or credit. Keystone's education won't get her a scholarship, she can't write an essay that would impress, any,one, that has, an actual education.

complete tinfoil, but Laur and Earl listed receiving money for Lillee on their bankruptcy statements. I wonder if it was scholarship/grant money for Lillee to attend Keystone.

No. 859277

nonna, be careful with such comments or lj's next claim will be the persecution by a satanic cult

No. 859279

afaik that money was from some sort of social benefits

No. 859280

I don't know how it works in the u.s. but would it not be some sort of child grant unless it's careers for a disabled child allowance.

No. 859282

File: 1636659960450.jpg (517.89 KB, 1080x1476, Screenshot_20211111-144007_Chr…)

>>859276 I think the money was for SSI (Lillee never worked so SSDI is off the table). I'm convinced that Lillee's got something wrong with her and whatever the diagnosis is, Laur knows it but never told Lillee. If you're on SSI you usually have to get evaluated every few years in order to continue to be in the program and get a check, unless it's some condition that won't improve or change over time. IE: If someone is diagnosed with a mental health issue that is currently debilitating but can improve with proper meds, that person will have to be evaluated every few years in order to keep their benefits, but if the person was born with something like down syndrome, there's no way their situation will improve so they don't have to be evaluated as often, if ever. I know LJ doesn't have DS, but her incredibly short stature, microdontia, peculiar features, low IQ, and various other issues leads me to believe there's something else going on. It would explain why Lillee was hardly ever taken to the doctor, because if she was receiving SSI as a minor (and on the bankruptcy forms she was a minor with an income) then she qualified for and would've been given medicaid by NYS. I truly believe that Laur not only would've withheld the diagnosis from Lillee, but would've been aggravated by doctors suggesting her precious goblin child had something wrong with her. Rather than fight with doctors and risk having Lillee find out she's disabled, Laur just neglected her kids health and buried her head in the sand.

I can't prove it so I guess it's just a tinfoil at this point, but it makes a lot of sense and would explain why there's no motivation for Laur to push Lillee into the workforce. As long as Laur can cash a check, she doesn't care. Plus, she can register as Lillee's "carer" and get a stipend every month from the state if she's not already scamming disability herself. Lillee would only stop receiving SSI if the state asked for an evaluation and Laur didn't take her in, which is rare but does happen.

No. 859287

Although we don't have proof I don't consider it tinfoil to suggest that Lillee has something wrong with her. My guess is FAS and perhaps Turner syndrome. I just can't work out if Laur didn't tell Lillee or if maybe she gave her a watered down version of it; but with Lillee making shit up like being pansexual and having Jewish heritage for attention I find it hard to believe she wouldn't milk being disabled. Then again, she thinks she's better than the rest of us so maybe she just tries blocking it out. All I know is that girl ain't right.

No. 859289

My bet is on FAS. Laur comes across as someone who may enjoy a drink or ten and it’s possible that she only found out she was pregnant late into the pregnancy.

No. 859290

AYRT, FAS seems most likely as it gives Laur a very good reason not to tell Lillee what's wrong with her and why there's something wrong with her. Also adds up why she didn't like school sticking their nose in and took Lillee out, maybe she thought she would get Lillee taken away. It makes me want to A-log so bad. Don't get me wrong, Lillee is an insufferable cunt but if Lillee really does have FAS and Laur isn't telling her or is giving her an alternate version of events then that's seriously fucked up and absolutely unforgivable.

No. 859291


That's a good point, though she seems to have an issue admitting things her 'boooolies' call her on/things she perceives as wrong or bad.

Like she was open about having TMJ, practically brags about her tight twat walls, claimed she was super sick in middle school/highschool (though never talks about it anymore) and talks about how she diagnosed herself with pre-diabetes and lost weight all on her own, but refuses to ditch the 13 year old tumblr fantasy of a boyfriend or admit her teeth were janky because then the boolies would be right.

No. 859303

File: 1636690645727.jpg (344.04 KB, 1920x1280, FD4QxKnXIAAKue3.jpg)

I know it's pointed out quite a bit but kek at that acanthosis nigricans/rash/some skin condition from being a fat fuck on her neck. Why does she post the most unflattering pictures that have her flaws right in the center on the pictre?

No. 859314


Are you referring to the red blotch on her neck? That's all I see, and that's most likely from her horrifically untreated Sebhorric Dermatitis (dandruff on steriods) which she 100% has, and I know no1curr but I know this because I also have it.

However I used medicated shampoo and serums and scalp scrubbers and IDK MAN TAKE CARE OF MY FREAKING PROBLEMS
For real you can see all her flakes brushed up into her hair.

Anyway my point was I don't see that dark mark you're talking about. But I do see evidence that she still doesn't know jack about taking care of her skin.

No. 859317

It blows my mind how often Lillee talks about having "sensitive, dry skin" and still treats it like a playground for products. She gets PR, talks about how great it is, then puts a disclaimer in the notes that you should always consult your dermatologist before using products. The closest she's ever been to a dermatologist is the Dermalogica PR boxes. She freaked out over the gold facial kit she received, not realizing the difference in quality skincare and a gimmick. She slathered herself in a product that was the equivalent of a Chinese back alley knock off. No doubt Laur used the left overs and they crowed about "making it" and being fancy.

Cetaphil is cheap Lillee. They have coupons and Walgreens does sales. It would do your skin way more good than the gimmick PR you've been using.

No. 859327

File: 1636736082950.jpg (362.31 KB, 2880x2880, 20211112_114700.jpg)

>No doubt Laur used the left overs and they crowed about "making it" and being fancy.

Kek, I can actually picture this in my head and it makes it that much funnier. I can see Laur freaking out when PR shows up (from influenster, I'm sure) and telling the poor FedEx guy "Look at all this stuff my dawtah gets! She's a supahstar on Yewtewb!" and holding him hostage while he pleads for her signature. "Lilz, the delivery guy wants ya autograph!" Anytime Laur talks, all I can hear is Kyle's mom from South Park.

NAYRT, but she's got both seborrheic dermatitis and acanthosis nigricans, it's noticeable even though she abuses her white balance to previously unseen levels. It was on full display when she did that "Tweety Bird Cosplay" video a week or so ago. Picrel is some screen caps I took so you don't have to suffer through it, and I included the pic on the top left because her crooked face is becoming more and more pronounced by the day.

No. 859329

My headcannon is whenever Laur introduces or talks about Lillee, it's just Laur repeating Lillee's 'about me' from every article.

No. 859332

File: 1636758133037.jpg (269.83 KB, 1080x1743, Screenshot_20211112-175919_Ins…)

An outsider was let into the attic for the first time in forever

No. 859334

My first thought was Laur must be short on rent this month, Lillee has to bang the landlord's kid, but he works with Solved Skincare and he's there to film a Collab and actually talk about the products in something other than goblinese. No doubt this video will be full of sounds of Laur rustling around behind the camera making sure he doesn't chase lillee with a butcher's knife.

No. 859339

File: 1636769927961.png (343.79 KB, 593x635, unknown (2).png)

>Money moves
Lol what? This poor man. Someone do a wellness check on him and make sure he's not still in the Trueman's dungeon.

No. 859340

Wouldn't be surprised if Lillee goes full hormonal and tries to fuck him

No. 859341

File: 1636770351961.png (191.69 KB, 933x634, taes.png)

Just another nobody company. the @solvedskincare Instagram has around 5k followers and the creator, @taes.jangs, seems to be in the same kinds of engagement pods as LJ as well as bots. Just a quick look at his followers shows you that.

No. 859342

File: 1636770403723.png (1.4 MB, 1536x757, comments.png)

Bonus peek at his account and all its 11k followers, yet this 2 week old post only has 3k likes and 25 comments - headed of course by our queen.

No. 859343

File: 1636770664097.webm (2.08 MB, 720x1280, ugly carpet.webm)

Last known video of Jangs.

No. 859349

File: 1636771867562.png (535.26 KB, 840x768, unknown (2).png)

What does Lillee know about mens makeup? She doesn't even know anything about makeup in general. The pain in this poor dude's eyes.

No. 859350

>>859332 I bet Laur loveddd that. We all know what she thinks of Asians in general, and having to let one into her shitty hovel because they're poor and desperate for any PR and/or exposure must've pissed Laur off royally. That poor poor man. I'm sure he ran out of there like a bat out of hell, only to curse out his boss and start working on his resume. I can only imagine how traumatized he is after visiting the Goblins Lair.

Imagine just trying to do your job and you show up to a shit shack where a morbidly obese, dirty and racist moron answers the door with no bra on. After she asks you 101 questions, you're led into a living space reminiscent of the "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" house and it's covered in dust & cat hair. You figure it can't get any worse than it already is, and as you're thinking "what the hell did I do to deserve this?", you see something lumbering towards you from the darkened hallway, but you can't make out what it is exactly. The foundation shakes beneath your feet and you try to steady yourself but can't because everything is covered in a thick layer of grease and hair, apparently cleaning is a foreign concept to these creatures. Then it hits you, a smell unlike anything you've ever smelled before; an odor that can only be described as a "a dirty diaper mixed with a sickening sweet menstrual smell". It's at that moment you realize the darkened hallway creature is almost upon you and that's where the stench is emanating from. As it enters the room, the light reveals its final form and a horrible realization washes upon you, this…thing.. must be the client you're working with, right? But it can't be? You were told they were a beauty guru, yet the creature infront of you barely looks human, this… this is no beauty. You attempt to introduce yourself, but you recoil in horror as your gaze falls upon this leviathan's face; it's covered in oil that gives it an other-worldly sheen. It's eyes are far too close together to be human, it has a sickly pallor to its skin, it's hair was the color of rusty water flecked with white chunks of an unknown substance and it's crooked jaw had only a few sharp, spiked teeth. You take a step back, afraid this creature will unhinge its contorted jaw at any moment and swallow you whole. The scent emanating from this ungodly blob starts to overtake your senses, and as you start to lose consciousness you hear "Hi, I'm Lillee!".

No. 859351

I'll bet Laur had to pry the horny little homunculus off him at least half a dozen times

No. 859353

This photo makes it so uncomfortably obvious how much Lillee bulges her eyes.

No. 859358

It’s the first time she had a man in her bedroom. I’m proud of her

No. 859360

You should be a horror writer anon, 10/10 I will be sleeping with the lights on tonight

No. 859361

File: 1636780258499.jpg (367.38 KB, 2880x2880, 20211113_001104.jpg)

This brand looks like a scam honestly. I found one review on Reddit that looked… less than genuine and had maybe 9 upvotes. I hate reddit but I was having a hard time finding anything on this brand due to the name being so generic. I went through a few websites that sell K Beauty and tracked down their products but could only find a total of 6 items they sell. It's a bunch of overpriced coconut water, coconut oil, or jojoba oil laden crap. You can find the same stuff at Walgreens or CVS for half price that actually feature active ingredients. I didn't expect much since they associate with Lillee, and it's not as scammy as the other brands she's been associated with, but it's not a well known or well regarded brand with a full list of products. There's no reason to pay $30 for 40 coconut oil soaked facial pads with 0 reviews, especially when they list 0 active ingredients. Speaking of, I couldn't find an ingredient list for most of their offerings (6 in total), and the only list I could find was for their $30 foaming coconut water cleanser. Lillee probably just saw a meager paycheck and "coconut oil" and said yes, but honestly you're better off with drugstore products than this garbage.

It doesn't really matter anyway, we all know that this company is about to be bombarded with negative messages for associating with Lillee (as they should), but they probably won't care. Picrel is from the 2 or 3 websites I found that actually sell this stuff. Notice the outrageous pricing for nothing more than oil, SLS, and water.

No. 859362

Scary Stories about Lillee and Laur Trueman to tell in the dark.

No. 859363

Holy fuck, this kind of makes sense too considering Lillee wants pale white skin. It’d make sense she originated from “The pale lady”

No. 859367


She sure is standing close to a person without a mask for someone who claims she can't leave her house, go to events, or see her boyfriend because PANDEMIC

No. 859369

Nice to see she took our advice or as she calls it our bullying and done an actual collaboration in person with someone. We'll get her to success yet kek.

No. 859371

I was thinking the same thing. I know Lillee will probably just say that they're both double jabbed but even she should know that you're still able to catch covid after the vax. Surprised Laur didn't make the poor guy wear a hazmat suit given what she thinks of Asians.

Next up on the cyber criminal agenda: bully Lillee into treating her dandruff.

No. 859373

Given their affiliation with Soko Glam, I would say it is a legit company. Charlotte is very thorough in her vetting of products so if a product is on her site, I'd say it's legit.

As an aside (old milk), I know lj went to a SG event and had pictures taken with Charlotte. I read somewhere (prob here) that the event was one that anyone could attend, but lj made it seem like invitation only. I don't know what's the truth but I'm guessing Charlotte had no idea who she was. Later on, people must have told her because after that I never saw another SG pr box video from lj again.

Looking at SS's site, they are based in Korea so it's likely they didn't know about her history and simply met up with her because Andrew happened to be in NYC and lj lives near a highly Korean-American populated neighborhood. It's no excuse for not doing some due diligence before teaming up with her, but in Korea, they use a different search engine so their algorithm may not have popped up the call outs and youtube videos made about her.

I thought the call outs would have tweeted them by now so went to look and strangely, they don't seem to have a twitter account. Went to their insta and looks like lj posted a few lazy comments of heart emojis here and there. But didn't see any public comments warning him about her. I didn't click on every picture though and read all the comments. Hoping he does get bombarded with messages warning him about her.

No. 859375

Keks Anon. That's glorious.

Honestly, if a brand is that stupid, they kind of deserve to be scammed by the goblins. They will find out anyway as LJ has 0 engagement: no one will buy or go to their website.
They don't display the ingredient- which is illegal- and sells way above the product's worth, so I'm not feeling bad for them at all.

I hope LJ washed herself though, Asian are super sensitive about body smell.

No. 859379

he's asian, anon

No. 859380

File: 1636809158529.jpg (540.88 KB, 828x1102, non.jpg)

Always the most flattering poses and outfits

No. 859381

File: 1636809297142.jpg (1.25 MB, 1208x1716, non2.jpg)

Another one: tagged with "Sophisticated NYC style, petite" on twitter

No. 859383

Lillee how many times do we have to tell you that being a legal dwarf doesn't give you carte blanche to throw around the term "petite"? Jesus Christ, her jeans look like they're about to burst at the seams and that top is just plain ugly.

No. 859386

Sorry but this is NOT "sophisticated style" here in NYC. First of all that wash in the jeans was never sophisticated. I can see it might have been around the time she was in middle school, but not now. It seems she she is partial to that type of denim wash. As for the cut, skinny jeans are out and boyfriend fit jeans or mom jeans are in. Here in NYC, that's what the young fashionable people are wearing. With all her access to the internet and all the time she has on her hands you'd think she was more aware of the latest street style.

No. 859389

Anon, you’re telling me mom jeans are “sophisticated NYC style”? At any rate, that cut looks like shit on anyone who isn’t young and attractive. LJ’s only hope is a dark wash straight or wide leg jean with a high waist to hide her fat ass and hammy legs + give her the illusion of height. I wish she would wear a boot with a heel so we don’t have to see her hooves shoved into strappy sandals. She needs some type of pattern or texture to make her chest look larger and a flutter sleeves or something to hide those lunch lady arms

No. 859392

She's posted a "preview" vlog because she's so excited about actually interacting with another human being. After doing this for 11 years, she finally is actually doing a collab like real beauty gurus.

At around the 1:20 mark, he's apparently brought vegan korean/asian food over. He has to prepare Lillee's food for her and explain everything that's in it. Given Lillee's aversion to anything..seasoned, the Gochujang he puts on the rice bowl probably destroyed Lillee's bowels. Opens with Lillee playing with Theo and Silky while filming her feet, and Laur is a constant sound in the background.

No. 859393

>>859392 her showing her feet again almost made me throw my laptop out of the window. The constant showing her midget feet everywhere is so annoying!

No. 859396

I don't think her feet are necessarily deformed or hideous, of Lillee's body parts, I would argue they are probably her best feature. Small, they look like she takes care of them (probably more to do with she doesn't walk on them very much), and I don't know that I've seen her without a pedicure. I think it's an interesting choice to consistently include them in her videos. I'm not a foot person, so it's distracting and in this particular clip, she's obviously showing off. It isn't my thing, but she's aware that it is a thing for some people.

I'm dyyying to know if she introduced him to her doll collection and how much she discusses being an Aries with him. The guy apparently is college educated with a Masters, so I can't wait to hear Lillee discuss how being an Aries makes her on par with him as a business professional.

No. 859401

>>859396 i belive some creepy brown men do get off to her feet, they take what they can get, but knowing a thing or two about attractive feet, hers are just not that special to be showing them everywhere. She is delusionally confident with it just like with everything else. Pedicure or not, they are midget-shaped still comapared to normal looking foot.
It's pathetic that she keeps giving this type of content to her creeps but then ignores them on lives. If she commited to it i'd respect that, every ugly hoe has an audience, but she obviously doesn't want to be that.
If you really want to be a bootyguru makupartists Lillee fuckoff with your feet, it undermines whatever you are trying to do with your career…

No. 859402

Re: Lillee's Law
This is bugging me. When laws are named after a person don't they tend to be a person who something awful happened to, like a kidnapping or a murder? I guess she still has time to chuck herself out a window because of the cyberboolies.

No. 859404

File: 1636821915574.jpg (418.48 KB, 2880x2880, 20211113_112022.jpg)

>>859392 I was not prepared for any of that. Watching the transition from her trying on jeans in her "closet" to the two of them eating was genuinely terrifying. Why she didn't edit out those ten seconds of footage between the two clips is baffling, it makes her look even more special ed than she already is. If you want to see what I'm talking about, go to 1:18 in the video and you'll see it. She's gumming her food and looking off into the corner making a loud "mmmm" sound - if it wasn't for her big ass head and 2 chins you'd absolutely believe she's a missing Hartley Homunculi. Picrel for those who don't want to lose sleep tonight, but it's much more terrifying with sound. I don't understand why people are always cutting up and mixing her food for her, she's almost 21 ffs, can she not do it herself?

The way the Goblins act around people is just so inappropriate and they never fail to disappoint. That poor guy had to listen to Lillee's mom crow in her nasal voice as they did their weird nighttime photo shoot on the lawn. It doesn't look like Lillee showered recently either but that's not surprising. For a beauty guru, she couldn't even be bothered to put on makeup and at one point they filmed the guy using the Beckford bar. Does she just break it out like a party favor and think it's a fun thing for guests to try? Truly bizarre. You can hear the Goblins shout "He's showing us up!" - no shit Lillee, you don't even know how to use the thing and your arm weighs more than his entire body. Seeing him stand next to her (in that terrible outfit) was a bad look, she looks deformed next to actual humans and she's half his height but 3 times as wide. That poor man deserves a raise after spending the entire day with these two failed science experiments. If he didn't quit after that, he never will.

No. 859405

I don’t think this anon was saying mom jeans are sophisticated. I just think that when you look at LJ and her photo shoots it’s painfully obvious how not on trend she is. While this would be totally fine for a regular person, as a booty guru who is doing a fashion shoot and posting it online, it doesn’t make sense. She posts pictures like she is proud of being stylish when she has no style at all.

I never understand what she’s going for or her “look” either. Usually the point is to show people fashion, trends or show ideas that make people go - oh wow, I want to look like that, what a cute outfit idea!

I wish she’d stop wearing jeans where you can practically see her organs. They are so tight, she needs to size up. It’s always so cringy.

No. 859406

Nonniette, mon cherie, my abdomen is in knots laughing at this and I need to contribute:

Jang shuddered in fear. It came with the wind through the silence of the night, a long deep silence, then a rising howl; "WELCOME BACK JEANIEZ" and then the heavy breathing in which the sound died away. Again and again it sounded, the whole air throbbing with it, strident, wild and menacing.

"My hormones are crazy this month…"

his face white in the moonlight, his hands raised in horror, glaring helplessly at the frightful thing which was hunting him down. Never has Jang ran as he ran that night.

No. 859407

Vanity and her need to achieve something. She doesn't actually care about other people who have been bullied or have committed suicide because of online bullying. If anything, Lillee wants to be the bully. She wants to be the Regina George character in a film (before the textbook downfall). In ~Lillee's World~, she is going to be given the opportunity to speak with a lawmaker, where she'll give an impassioned speech that is SO AMAZING they immediately draft a bill and Lillee is asked to speak before congress. They give her a standing ovation and it's signed into law that same day. Everyone bows to her, Lillee tracks down the cyberbullies and berates them to their faces. They all cry and beg for her forgiveness.

She has no idea what the real world is like or the fact it would take years and as much as Lillee thinks she gets shit on now, setting herself up as internet anonymity's #1 enemy will make it SO much worse. It won't be just Laur and Lillee that get targeted.

No. 859409

File: 1636822672316.jpg (88.07 KB, 1204x1080, Screenshot_20211113-114935_You…)

>>859406 That's perfect, I absolutely love it and it fits so well. I could've continued but it was already so long and I'm glad I didn't because your addition was perfect. Poor Jang, he's a goner. If he's still alive today, he's probably in his apartment, multiple locks on the door, curled up in fetal position & holding a bar of soap out like a cross incase she busts down the door. Man deserves a raise.

We can use this picture (picrel) for our horror story, anons. Something about it reminds me of that "Momo" thing, only fatter and more bone chilling. She really needs to stop doing… whatever this is.

No. 859410

her purse looks like she circled her arm and tit in red to point out how her arm is inexplicably the bigger of the two

No. 859411

pants with stained asses are all the rage in NYC donchaknow

No. 859412

is she experiencing spice for the first time in her life?

No. 859414

File: 1636823566616.png (1.14 MB, 1022x1432, image6-1.png)

No. 859417

>>859411 Kek, I can see the pitch for it already.

"First it was bell bottoms, then bootcut and boyfriend, and now we're bringing you the next big thing in fashion: Subway Grunge. Have you ever said to yourself "I really wanna look like an out-of-place tourist"? Maybe you're just sick of being asked for directions on your morning commute or you're tired of being too put together… and we've got just the solution. Subway Grunge Jeans come already destroyed and stained to give you that signature "almost homeless" look you've been secretly desiring (but won't admit). With just enough stains and smell to tell the world "I'm barely employed and no, I'm not giving you directions to the Empire State building today", you'll never be bothered again. No longer do you have to worry about sitting in that weird mystery substance on the 6 train because it's already built right in! Subway Grunge Jeans come in two washes (almost evicted and homeless) and are the quintessential wardrobe item for anyone looking to standout this fall. Don't just blend in, stand out… and alone."

That's the kind of collaboration she should get behind because clearly the "put together beauty guru" thing just isn't working for her.

No. 859419

File: 1636826529199.jpg (63.92 KB, 936x531, hoarder.jpg)

Did her really spent the whole day?
I thought he just showed for dinner. LJ wakes up at 5pm, so he might have shown shortly after.

Anyway: picrel of how messy her place is, bonus stained box, at the very beginning of the video.
I don't think she resells all of her cosmetics, they have so much stuff that looks old, stained, broken. I don't get it.

No. 859420

Yup, a looser high waisted cut is what's in right now. Can them mom jeans or 80s barrel cut or whatever. Point is that that kind of skin tight almost leggings cut is not what's on the cutting edge of NYC sophisticated style.

No. 859421

He didn't stay a very long time, he went to dinner with his friends after filming with Lillee, per his Instagram stories.

No. 859422

and didn't even invite Lillee, top kek

No. 859423

File: 1636827038638.jpg (26.57 KB, 584x425, nightmare.jpg)

Well that's one hell of a picture.

>at one point they filmed the guy using the Beckford bar
OT but that bar seems very slippery and one side got stuck (probably from breaking from the goblin neglect) but I was wondering: it doesn't look very safe to use.

No. 859424

Kek anon are you working in marketing?

No. 859426

If that was taken before he added the sauce to the Bibimbap, she really has a baby's taste buds. I think she said she had tried one of the mushrooms. That face is someone who doesn't like the food and is trying to figure out how to spit it out. I'm not sure if she just chews weird or if it was because it's food she doesn't like, but the clip of her chewing just felt…off. It was like chewing was a foreign concept to her. But, considering at like 3 she didn't have any teeth, chewing is probably a new thing.

No. 859428

File: 1636830996433.jpg (37.51 KB, 708x514, cast.jpg)

Speaking of vanity, that's at the end of her video vlog:

No. 859430

The three different versions of her signature are hilariously narcissistic. And crappy branding…pick one!

No. 859431

>writes "cast" but doesn't actually list the cast (for a goddamn vlog no less)
>lists a business as producer and editor
>puts the Lillee Jeans Talks Live logo on an unrelated vlog
G8 work, Lillee! You've somehow found a way to make yourself look even more retarded than we already knew you were!

No. 859433

Andrew Chang did a terrible job at playing a skincare line. He still looks like a human the whole time!

No. 859436

File: 1636834880325.png (428.02 KB, 1661x608, Untitled.png)

Another Shroomy masterpiece.

No. 859437

>unsaged non-contribution of le epic funny photoshop
Go back.

No. 859438

Ayrt. The thing is, I'm willing to bet that she did try it on with him. This is the first male who isn't the corpse of Earl to enter the lair. Now, Lillee thinks she's a voluptuous seductress, and it's not a reach to say she tried to snatch that guy

No. 859440

Oof, that would be double the awkward, I'm pretty sure she's not his type. Obviously a lot of reasons, but I think he's gay.

No. 859455

>>859440 I've got no clue if he's gay or not, but let's be real - she's nobody's type. At best, she'd be a quick pump and dump for a horny neckbeard at the local dive after last call and a liter of tequila - but that won't ever happen. Even if Lillee was allowed out without Laur, you know she'd insist on going to her place and it'd be downhill from there. No drunk guy trying to "get it in" is going to tolerate Laur's drunk ass trying to hang out with them while a half smashed Lillee brags about herself and shows off her dolls. Lillee's got as much social awareness as she does friends. Had she been interesting and likeable, perhaps he would've invited her out, but the poor guy was probably counting down the minutes until he was free. I still find it weird that an almost 21 year old can't have another adult over without her mother supervising them. You can hear Laur in every clip Lillee posted, and if you can't hear her you know she's the one taking the pictures. Her and Lillee have some serious enmeshment issues.

No. 859456

Topfuckingkek thanks for the laugh nona

No. 859457

File: 1636852180539.png (967.15 KB, 828x4334, EBB865C4-2B83-4061-80A7-315EEF…)

No. 859459

Imagine living your whole life in NYC and never trying bibimbap or gochujang

No. 859461

File: 1636862083418.jpg (114.94 KB, 1440x1800, 256334533_457977845688710_3503…)

Beautiful composition. Cut off his head so you can get all of Lillee's feet in.

No. 859465

>jealous of what I do for a living

Kek nobody is under the impression she makes a living doing this.

No. 859467


Wrong anon. Everyone knows the true definition of success is living with your parents into adulthood and dressing up in tight clothes to take pics on your suburb street for half an hour and calling it 'NYC night life".

No. 859471

Everytime they tell this story lillee gets younger, before long it'll be Diane bullying lillee into dropping out of highschool.

No. 859474

Don't know if he's gay or not, but if he was straight, think about it. This guy is really into working out and perfecting his body from what he chooses to show on his insta. Most people who are into exercise and treating their body well are going to be interesting in dating other people who do the same thing, regardless of sexuality. He went to Cornell and he has 2 masters degrees. People tend to date others with a similar education level. (To be fair, she did say she can easily get into an Ivy League - I believe Harvard was mentioned?) I realize this is a "no shit sherlock" comment, but mentally she's such a child that I don't think it's unreasonable to wonder if she thinks he's super attracted to her.

No. 859475

>Imagine living your whole life in NYC and never trying bibimbap or gochujang

And the thing is, she lives in a highly Korean populated neighborhood! Hence the middle school Korean fan dance she's so proud of.

No. 859476

I don't know about you anons, but at this point I read so many of these it no longer gives me keks. To pull it apart and highlight the kekkiest parts seems pointless. It's just sad. You have the usual delusions of grandeur, complaining about non existent cyberboolies, blaming other people, and using the wrong words and not knowing what they really mean. It's become formulaic at this point.

No. 859477

>you can't hurt someones career
Better fire mommaire then, Lilz. She's holding you back more than us cyber criminals ever will.

His body language in this is priceless kek. Poor guy.

No. 859479

File: 1636885782765.jpg (133.36 KB, 603x604, tae.jpg)

The dude has some really cool pictures.
He seems to have lots of free time to work out, has a nice house, travels and goes to fancy parties with friend. Who are "DJ" or "models" or some rich spoiled students, they all look like the don't need a legit work.
Nothing extraordinary but way above CEO-LJ, then why bother to run a cosmetic scam and why stepping so low he has to do a collab with LJ?
I don't get it.

PS: all asians look gay.

No. 859480

>I refuse to allow anyone get into my headspace
Talks about us 24/7.

>These people would likely never publicly shout at someone in a room filled with 100 people

I would gladly and calmy tell you face to face everything I wrote here and why I think you are the most unlikable cow ever, in front of the whole world (and with a microphone so that everyone could hear me well), but we all know you wouldn't take it.

She sounds so angry and bitter in that one.
Careful LJ, people will think you're a miserable unsuccessful immature liar who blames everyone for her own mistakes.

No. 859481

But does Lillee know that? I'd love to know how she flirts

No. 859482

>I have a ongoing issue with a small group of women who formed a "cyber mob", to in their own words "crusade to take me down"

Where is the evidence that any of us have said we must crusade against you, Lillee?

> I've never posted a comment on social media I regretted because I felt it was too harsh or mean

Proof she doesn't give a shit for all those horrible transphobic comments she made or that she told black people to get over it or that she told us all to fuck off and get Covid. Because I bet you in Lillee's eyes she said that to defend herself and that makes it PeRfeCtLY oK by her standards.

>You cannot argue with these people they are always right.

Anyone else think that she and Laur love deflecting their own ugly traits and project them onto us?

No. 859484

If you're gonna complain about muh twansphobia at least fucking sage it.

No. 859493

I would think the “take me down” people she’s referring to are the various Twitter people who are always in some back-and-forth with her and Laur
but take her “down” from what? she is already in the basement

No. 859494

I can't remember but am sure there was some of the callouts in a group chat or whatever who were set on "crusading" against her but they seem to have petered out as either they realised it wasn't doing anything or they weren't getting any attention except from each other. As most people don't really care what she does its a oh okay onto the next thing with most people. I for one just like following what they do next.

No. 859496

Yeah I think the "crusading" thing was referencing those OG callouts who were obsessive moralfags about it. Thankfully those types have mostly disappeared now but Lillee will never drop it as it makes for a snappy, attention grabbing story (if anyone but us actually paid attention to her and her shitty paid for articles kek).

No. 859502

File: 1636939163904.png (1.72 MB, 548x6147, 86E5F4D6-9DEE-4885-BF92-037DD3…)

This interview is absolutely revolting. And what the fuck is a “tech lawyer”?

No. 859504

Why does she keep saying someone stole money from her account? Is that what they’re telling the bank concerning their spending?

No. 859507

Laur was saying that Diane stole 20k from their Amazon account. It was probably an explanation to Lillee why the money started drying up

No. 859508

damn, lilee should be glad she didn't 'debut' during the height of cringe culture
now, she'll be only that widely known if she escaped the Trueman house, took up a therapist and ended up a big pyschological study about emotional incest

No. 859510

>frothed up teenagers

No. 859511

>digital highway

Laur dictated this, didn't she? I refuse to believe anyone born in the millennium would use those words to describe the internet

No. 859512

File: 1636954120829.png (35.59 KB, 744x286, Screenshot_3.png)

Why is she talking about DMCAing in this? Is she literally using it like cyber police when someone is mean about her?

Anons do you remember when Laur/Lillee said Diane was connected with Brenda's murder? That was my favorite bullshit claim they made, but they stopped saying it. Amazing they've not only made such huge claims when they care so much about cyber lies and cyberbullying, and then dropped it to Diane just being a regular cyber crusader again.

No. 859513

File: 1636954481035.png (8.42 KB, 405x218, Screenshot_28.png)

Only engagement on her articles is her quoting herself.

No. 859514

>Since our bank accounts were targeted, we have a good relationship with our branch manager, and the bank knows if something looks amiss, to freeze the debit cards, and accounts until they can talk to us.

100% Laur wrote that. Bank cybersecurity doesn't work at the branch level at the discretion of the manager.

No. 859515

Honestly I don't even consider Lillee a zoomer. She's so sheltered and permanently latched onto Laur's tit that she's basically a mini-boomer. Her vocabulary and "knowledge" of policing and the internet prove this.

No. 859518

I wonder if the both of them are doing the interviews. Filling the questions out. It would explain why there is so many. Also the answers regularly have nothing to do with the questions. It's always circles back. If they really wanted to show they had moved on they would stop talking about it and get stuff done in relation to what she advocating. The parroting of the same thing just makes it look like lies.

No. 859522

File: 1636980322473.jpeg (583.05 KB, 1170x1523, 8FAB3EF8-2AFA-4CB5-83EB-6303EC…)

Laur definitely wrote these answers

No. 859523

hitmen? human traffickers? they're going to be so disappointed to hear that…

No. 859525

File: 1636982957375.jpeg (92.07 KB, 559x559, Crouch-Gritty.jpeg)

>develop Grit

No. 859527

100% Laur. It’s a little bit more coherent grammar-wise and absolutely batshit insane content-wise.

No. 859529

i cant imagine Andrews shock when he showed up at CEO Lillee's "NYC house" and it's actually her moms rental suite in the suburbs. 1M followers on instagram can supposedly make you thousands per post yet they live in total squalor

No. 859531

Absolutely you can develop grit Laur. Your fixed mindset is why your daughter will not achieve the things you and she dream of for her. Because actual successful people, such as CEOs that you daughter 100% is NOT, have a growth mindset. Try reading Carol Dweck's book Mindset.

Furthermore, just because "grit" is in the title of the movie… you know what, I'm not going to bother. It's just too stupid to comment on.

No. 859533

How did it went from "Diana and MAYBE 3 people" to a "mob of cybercriminals" ?

LJ if you want to forbid gossips on the internet, move to North Korea.

No. 859534

I wonder if they truly believe in what’s being said in this interview.

No. 859535

they do but they didn't do much thinking about it

No. 859536

>Anons do you remember when Laur/Lillee said Diane was connected with Brenda's murder?

I'm constantly amazed by the Trueman's stupidity.
How is it that "Lillee's law" would make it illegal to talk about the grotesque content she put online herself,
BUT will make it totally ok to create a website to accuse a man of murder and Diane to be his accomplice?

No. 859538


"Oh, and here is my super-rare, vintage (from her 10th birthday of course), shrine of dolls…this one I accidentally castrated in 8th grade, but I'll let you hold it because you bought free food, just for me! I bet I'm super special and you are doing this because I'm a genuine booty guru and you don't just want me to buy you some bot followers! ;)"

No. 859540

File: 1637002054541.jpeg (281.55 KB, 1406x1164, 06D5A764-0A63-4CE9-B2A6-A4F7EA…)

No. 859544

You're only entertaining because you're a delusional sped, Lillee. People laugh at you, not with you. Jesus Christ, her arrogance makes me want to a-log so bad.

No. 859545

File: 1637005412105.jpg (458.46 KB, 2880x2880, 20211115_143343.jpg)

You really weren't kidding about this interview. She advertised it on YouTube and in 30 hours it's gotten 12 likes, kek. The article was titled "5 Things You Should Know to Optimize your Company's Approach to Data Privacy and Cybersecurity" and she needlessly rambles about the "Digital Millennium Act". How does she not know the correct name? She uses it all the damn time and still can't get it right. It's the "Digital Millennium Copyright Act", Lillee. While we're at it, that's not even what the question was and it makes that site look like more of a joke than it already is. Not one thing she said is relevant to the topic and it's crystal clear to anyone with a brain but I'm guessing these aren't vetted before they're published, right? They can't be. If you're going to bullshit your way through an article, atleast understand the question and spend a few minutes on Google researching the topic. This is just embarrassing and it's hilarious how proud she is if this abomination.

This is what people mean when they call you lazy Lillee. Instead of pumping out 25 garbage interviews a day that consist of word salad, pick a topic you're interested in and research it. Putting out a 5 quality articles a week is better than 25 that nobody can understand or read. If you had a real manager instead of "mommaire", they'd put a stop to this because it makes you look like a bigger retard than you already are.

No. 859547


Is her podcast set to play at 1.25x speed? And she sounds rabid during her ad read

No. 859549

File: 1637007634455.jpg (287.64 KB, 2880x2880, 20211115_152000.jpg)

So about a month ago (I think it was posted on the last thread) I posted Lillee's Stats Summary from Social Blade. It was showing that she made $0 a month and most of her info was in the red, she was barely getting any views, you know… the usual. I checked it today and I saw that the "Monthly Earnings" from ad rev had jumped to "$40-$634", and even though I doubt she gets a check every month (you have to break $100 for YT to cut you a check and social blade greatly overestimates monthly earnings ) it still looked sus to me.

She's jumped up 100% in subscribers in the last 30 days (200 subs this month verses 100 last month), and that's not a typo. She's got just over 3.5 million views since she's started her channel in 2015, which is horrible for 6 years. And yes, I checked because I know she deletes stuff but she's still got videos up from 4-5 years ago. Further, in the last 30 days, her views have jumped up by 30% and virtually nothing has changed. It's pretty clear she's back to buying subscribers and views because there's no way in hell this is organic growth, it's blatant manipulation. We all know she does it, but you'd think they wouldn't be so blatantly fucking obvious about it. This is why legit brands vet people and won't go near her. I've seen her lives, she usually gets about 30 viewers before the bots come on all at once and then it hits 600-700, on good days she'll be left with 50 after they the bots sign off; yet we're supposed to believe her last live had 8,000(+)? Not only that but she gains subs in even amounts, usually leading up to or on the day of her lives.

I know I shouldn't be surprised but man, cheating this way is just incredibly lazy and stupid and it makes it all that more apparent. Fourth pic at bottom left of picrel is separate from top and shows subscriber count & gains.

No. 859550

The full video is now live

I really hope that greentext anon will take one for the team

No. 859551

I just tried to watch and had to stop…the way she loses it because he dares to look at HER instead of at her phone was beyond annoying, he has far more composure and I found myself wanting to hear him instead of the demon cackling next to him.

>it sounds like a very 'rithmetic fart

Speaking about the "rhythmic" sound her chair is making. This is content for the brain-dead.

No. 859555

>greentext anon will take one for the team

I tried man, I really did. But the screeching hysterical maniacal laughter every other sentence just made me want to crawl into a little ball and rock myself back and forth. Since having a guest and doing makeup on camera with someone other than her mother isn't something she is accustomed to, I think she's nervous and tries to cover it up with mad raving laughter. Andrew on the other hand is calm and speaks in a normal tone. He indulges her hysteria to a certain point. At times he's not laughing while she's hurting my ears with her screams. The intro was particularly painful, with her not being able to hold it together. Poor Andrew.

She also interrupts him quite a bit. On one hand I feel bad for him. But on the other, this guy is American educated and speaks English so there's no reason for him not to have done research on her before doing this. At points though you can see in his eyes complete regret.

No. 859557

In addition to interrupting him, I noticed that at least a couple of times she snatched whatever he was holding out of his hand. It reminded me of when little kids play and one kid snatches something off another kid because they got impatient of that kid fumbling. (The image that came to mind is her forcing Andrew to play dolls with her and when she doesn't like what he did, she snatches the doll out of his hand and says, "No you go like this! Like this!"). She is the complete opposite of a gracious host. Andrew, having been socially conditioned in the normal way and is likely charismatic and has many friends, did the best he could in this situation.

No. 859558

Oh these vocalizations hurt! She is nervous AF and souds like Laur without the alcoholic rasp in the voice at times. I see she also embraced the emperor penguin look with that white turtleneck.
my favorite quote: "If you blend like this you EWW you wanna blend like yeaaa"

No. 859559

At 30:59: "spiritulina"

It's spirulina.

No. 859560

File: 1637017516802.jpeg (53.05 KB, 570x439, F25379A6-B5D7-44A1-911B-4591F0…)

Trying to watch, but as bad as lillee is, the guy’s mouth is botched to hell. Looks like he got a “permanent smile” procedure similar to picrel.

No. 859561

Not likely. He does the same shit as her with buying followers and using engagement pods. Luckily he also has mommy and daddy's credit card. One look at LJ tells you she only has her SSI.

No. 859564

If this is considered cowtipping, please forgive me and let me know so I will never do it again. I am just an old lady with a job who, as try as she might, does not know all the etiquette here on lolcow.

With that out of the way. A previous anon had mentioned that this guy's brand will get bombarded with messages about who she really is. But will it though? I haven't seen anything. If anyone has, please share (not identity though). This request is purely out of a desire for schadenfreude. Thank you.

No. 859565

He knows what he's talking about and what he's doing, and Lillee is treating him like a fucking idiot. This is so embarrassing to watch.

No. 859566

She keeps saying "sigma" instead of "stigma" and I can't tell if it's a lisp or attic academy

No. 859567

File: 1637020954594.jpg (376.03 KB, 2880x2880, 20211115_190234.jpg)

>>859550 Not the Greentext anon, I'm the anon that wrote the head canon horror story and joke ad for the jeans (poorly, might I add) but I've got some wine and a half hour to kill, so here we go. One last thing - Andrew is a Co-Founder of Solved Skincare, and it Lillee doesn't get through her intro until 1:10 after redoing it multiple times.

Lillee attempts her intro next to Andrew, however she flubs it and has to do it over. It's clear that this is her version of flirting (for those that were wondering what it looked like) and she seems to think he's into it. She makes the stereotypical homeschooled-akward girl look like the pillar of coolness and well adjusted, it's that bad. On the 2nd or 3rd attempt of her introduction, she starts to do a bastardized version of an acting/vocal warmup.

>Now you're going to be good, trust me. (After doing the sped version of the vocal warmup that sounds like a humming bird in meth)

He looks very uncomfortable already. He thought she was joking but you can tell she thinks she's actual taught him something. He's got a great poker face though.

>"It sounds like a very rhythmatic fart or something" (as she rocks in her chair) Andrew is flat faced and already getting sick of this, you can tell he just wants it to be over with.

>"I believe in a full skincare routine, and especially for male makeup, it's not just about male makeup, it's about makeup for humans".

Wonderful insight Lillee. Prior to this Andrew described the product and threw in an a few interesting tidbits. The above quote was Lillee's response and I think he died a bit inside. He also talks about AHA being in one of the products and Lillee's got no clue what that is. She's says let's talk about hydration and then immediately says this

>"The food here is like really good and I wanna snack while we do this".

That's where we see him mixing the food (bibimbap). Lillee says she loves shitake mushrooms and then 20 seconds later asks what is in the middle of one of the sushi roll. Can't bite it, so she gums it. Looks like she's in pain.

> "He's so chivalrous!!!" (Hysterical laughing while trying to gum more food, while asking what a certain ingredient is. It's radish…)

>"I think men and skincare should be a little bit more accepted."

It's very obvious that she's trying to flirt with him but failing miserably. Uses the word ergonomically incorrectly and she tries to repeat the name of ingredients used in products but Lillee can't pronounce them.

>"It looked really awesome when she like, ASMR-ed and took a little bit out!"

She asked to see a product in development he briefly mentioned and she kept rudely interrupting him. His facial expressions show that he's pretty much over this shit and is counting down the minutes until he can leave.

She hands him a bottle of milk makeup Grip primer and when he asks what primer actually does, she responds with this
>Primer makes your makeup stick better. Let's say you have oiliness, and you have your skincare doing that, and you need your pores you know… helped. This is for uh… gripping. You know makeup goes back really far, alot of people don't realize that. Like ancient Egyptians, Romans, there was a Roman that did alot of makeup and they actually persecuted him. So uhm I think uhm this stigma we may get out of! This is acceptable to me, men should groom themselves!"
He says men doing light makeup is a trend in Korea right now and she acts shocked. She also equates grooming to makeup, which isn't surprising since she has no clue about personal hygiene or grooming aside from slathering makeup on her oily face. He actually knows more than her which is hilarious.

Finishing this up, but I need a drink and it's getting long. My apologies anons, first time doing it this way with greeen text.

No. 859569


Thank you, head canon horror story anon. This is pretty good, made me kek audibly a few times.

No. 859571

File: 1637023596110.jpg (451.72 KB, 2880x2880, 20211115_194343.jpg)


Andrew asks "How do you know which colors the right colors for…" (she cuts him off)
>"Uh your undertone. I'm fair neutral, your veins… you have green. You're a little bit warmer (he corrects her by saying "warm"). You're like a light medium, I would say. You can see I'm very gentle, you wanna give it a go? I love how he's using a boo sponge (for Halloween)! That's so perfect!" (More crazy Hysterical laughing)
You find out he shade matched himself and not Lillee, his friends gave him tips and Lillee tries to give him advice and correct him but her info is all wrong.

>"I would never personally use my fingers but if this is the process".

(She's been using her dirty fingers the whole time)

She asks who matched him with concealer, he says Sephora. She says "I haven't been in 3 years, how was your experience?". He says it was great, they actually use the iPhone camera and before he can finish, she interrupts saying this:

>"Really? The last time I went out was like this big thing that they like (does weird hand gesture, picrel top right). He says "I guess that's just for the more pushy customers." lmaoooo

>"You wanna do dots, not smears, that's what creates icky skin textures!" (Picrel, he does dots and she does smears yet thinks hers is superior) "I'm gonna keep that in!" (referring to his concealer application, but it's better then hers)

>"Alot of people think makeup is so simple, like omg you just throw on concealer, they put on a little bit of foundation.. it's like NOOO! It's a little bit akin (?) Actually to the uhm Korean beauty regime (yes she said regime not regimen) with uhm.. steps and steps!

He's tuned out and she's still blabbering on like she's some amazing authority and he's just a pleb. She also insults him and tells him he looks great because all that concealer evened out his skin, yet his skin is a million times better than hers.

>"Anything you put something on your skin, it's gonna be an irritant. If you stay away from parabens, fragrance, fragrance… can contain like 3000 ingredients and they're not obligated to tell you that!"

>"Powder just creates a seamless base. They even have photofinish now!"

Her response when Andrew asks why you put powder on top of makeup. Lillee's showing that amazing education again. She also tells us that getting upset creates acne, hormonally.

>"I've never contoured with a guy which is exciting! I don't go crazy with contour." (Picrel)

Lillee, you've never done anything with or near a guy, they won't get near you because you don't shower and look like a goblin.

>"Doing contour is more like an event. You wanna just do things..but don't need to do this. I just wanted to show (andrew). But blending is very specific. You always wanna go up up up because you don't want that product to sink."

Doing the last part now. I'm so sorry for the length but for something so devoid of content, she sure says alot of dumb shit. I will say that this guy is a good sport because most of us would've strangled her by now, especially considering she finds a reason to touch him every few minutes. She even uses her gross makeup brush on his face after using it on hers, almost as if it was a child pretending to do mommy's makeup.

No. 859572

god bless u anon for giving me something to read at work

No. 859574

File: 1637025183491.jpg (477.79 KB, 2880x2880, 20211115_201219.jpg)


He asks if he should put contour by the hollows of the cheeks. Lillee responds with this gem:
>"No you don't need to contour here. In movies if you wanna chisel half your face off.. it looks awkward in person. Real life, see how it's just actually right here on me?"
He looks at her and makes an odd "mhmmm" sound, like someone who disagrees but doesn't care to argue.

>"You wanna blend like this because you're moving the pigments up. Think about it, all these chemicals, they're moving up. You're peach fuzz, you don't wanna emphasize peach fuzz or anything. You wanna move up, up, up."

It's so awkward, she keeps finding reasons to touch him and her unnecessary superiority complex is uncalled for and gross.

They move on to brows and he says he is a bit insecure about his eyebrows, he wishes they were a bit thicker and darker. The people at Sephora have him tips before he went to Lillee's hovel and he brings up how people outline their brows before filling them in. Lillee's response?

>"Oh that looks very unnatural person, like the skin…mmmm (weird noise). That's an Instagram look, you're not into that, are you?"

He shoots her a disapproving look. He fully understands that she's got no clue what she's talking about. And now, 2 seconds after they're done applying makeup, she's gonna show us how to remove makeup!

Fuck me, lucifer take the wheel. Why is all this necessary? He's from a skincare line, and none of this has been about skincare. This is why she doesn't get any sponsors, she's too stupid to understand the assignment. I came this far, might as well do the last part. Sorry anons, I promise this will be the last, this video is ridiculously long.

No. 859577

File: 1637028276514.jpg (456.3 KB, 2880x2880, 20211115_205055.jpg)

(Last part I swear)

Andrew talks about the coconut oil cleansing pads being a best seller on SokuGlam (sp? Sorry) and talks about the balm they're about to launch. Lillee acts like a petulant child and says "let's go into that", then the camera cuts to him opening up the new product on a dark background.

>Andrew: You're the first one to test this, even SokuGlam didn't get this yet

In the background you hear Laur's shrill voice saying "Oh my gawd, that's awesome" and "wowwwww that's beautiful! Let's get (you two) together so we can get a pic-chah!"

>"Plot We have the blue tansy (sp?) and the spiritualina (she means spirulina)..uh.. cream? Andrew and I are gonna do a removal. Would you like this product? Yes you would!" (talking to him like a child)

>"Teach meee!! I taught you a little righ" (he responds yes but does so very curtly, he looks fed up but is hiding it well).

He tries to talk about the formulation but the goblin keeps cutting him off and eye fucking the camera. Almost an hour video and only ten minutes is devoted to the actual product. G8 Job, Lilz.

>Andrew:"You don't have to rub it into the face (vigorously) since it foams when you press it".

Of course Lillee rubs it into her face with the fire of 1000 sun's and says something so jumbled, nobody can understand her. He humors her with a fake laugh, but this whole part is uncomfortable. It starts at 34:55 if you are interested. It sounds like she's got a mouth full of marbles and he's patronizing her at this point, I'm sure he's convinced she's retarded. He talks about their sustainable packaging and it's clear she's got no clue what he's talking about. She just keeps nodding and saying "that's awesome" for the next five minutes.

>"We almost did a going out routine, we did a before makeup, we did the makeup, then we did a chillen down routine. Wrapping like this (I think she means patting) is okay too!"

No clue what she's talking about. They didn't do multiple routines, they just applied makeup and took it off but of course she's an absolute retard and can't speak English properly.

>"Ohh Oui!!!! WE LOOK GOOODD!" (she pronounces it like "we love God" if you don't believe me go to 39:35 and watch from there. Picrel is top left)

This is her response to him talking about product sourcing and R&D. He says they had to look at over 100 different producers in order to find the blue tansy that they liked, and Lillee's response was that of a toddler. She thought he would be impressed with her saying "Oh oui!!!" And when it didn't work she tried to play it off as her fooling around.

Just like her lives, she was juvenile, rude, ignorant, and attention seeking throughout the entire thing. If she wasn't interrupting him, she was doing dumb shit and batting her cross eyes at him in the hopes that he would flatter her. He gave her maybe one pseudo compliment the entire time. After watching her interact with a human male, it's clear that she really does believe that life is like a Disney romance, that's not an exaggeration. She's so painfully awkward that I got schadenfreude. I'm sorry for the length, but that was 50 minutes of my life I'll never get back and I need to go drown my 4 remaining braincells in liquor after watching that troglodyte.

No. 859578

File: 1637028534136.png (883.37 KB, 1090x630, unknown (2).png)

Wtf was that last bit supposed to be, bloopers? Is she purposely trying to show herself being an asshole? 43:28 She asks him a question, when he doesn't answer immediately, she rudely goes "Andrew I'm asking you a question." After that bit he touches his cheek and she gets mad at him for touching his skin, saying "when you touch you're migrating it", whatever that means. When she shows him a makeup product and he asks what it is, she laughs at him and says we need to do it again. At the end instead of saying "you can find me on" he says find me in, and she laughs at his mistake.

Even with the video on 2x speed I couldn't watch it all, the end part was mostly what I saw and even in such a small part of the video she is insufferable. Andrew seems like his mind goes a bit blank at times and he isn't paying attention to Lillee. I don't blame him, there's no other way to cope with her.

No. 859581

File: 1637029564482.png (74.18 KB, 760x706, lillee jean 16.png)

She was 16 in the reddit thread that started it all, not 15. Repeating a lie over and over doesn't make it true, Lillee. When you make your boolying documentary how are you going to fake being 15 in that?

No. 859582

File: 1637029898854.png (116.99 KB, 738x822, gt.png)

New article. https://medium.com/authority-magazine/female-disruptors-content-creator-lillee-jean-on-the-three-things-you-need-to-shake-up-your-388241f38b90
>crazed mob of people that pray to a Discord server
Make it less obvious you're reading here Lillee, at this point you actually need us to remind you of things your cyber bullies have done so you can play victim.

No. 859583

File: 1637030182833.png (208.66 KB, 1181x809, lillee jean wiki.png)

Lillee's trying to get her edit count up on the YouTube wiki by doing these useless edits that just slightly change words and sentences.

No. 859584

god she's so fucking stupid it hurts to read this shit

No. 859585

If the green is the new stuff, it looks like she got grammerly or the PR chick is using her account to make edits to make it sound more professional/less attic education. The new edit is more concise and legible.

No. 859586

I feel like she spends all her energy on the wrong things. instead of trying to game the system, why not learn to be more charismatic on camera and learn make up better?

No. 859587

this is what gets me. she is so pretentious and hysterically laughs at this guy every time he says or barely does anything remotely wrong in her books, but at the same time she is sweating her ass trying to seduce him by invading his personal space and cutting him off mid-sentence to screech like a moron. it's so obvious she doesn't get any male attention irl and doesn't interact with men in any setting. every time a young guy appears on her live she fawns over him like a psycho. but even then, when she is trying to get these men to fall in love with her, she acts like an arrogant twat? i wish i had her confidence. and i almost feel for this scammy skincare dude, since he had do deal irl with her porky sweat "essence", sweet hormonal menstrual smells, bad breath and spit in his face, laur the goblin, just oh boy..

No. 859588

I know that last part after the "credits" was supposed to be fun outtakes but it was anything but. It was incredibly frustrating to watch even more of the shriek insane cackling, which are prompted by absolutely nothing. And she speaks to him in an unbelievably patronizing way. She's incredibly immature and lacks any of the graciousness a host should have towards her guest. It was more like, "You're in my space so whatever I say goes!" It was like watching a little child try so hard to impress an older kid but can't help but be immature. Also, why is it called Live when it's prerecorded?

No. 859589

He had to match himself out of Lillee's foundations too-they put on the same shade. The lights and brightness are just so high you can't tell. He brought his own sponge, the "BOO" sponge, and you can barely see the eyes when it's turned around.
He must have went to his car to get it, the background looks like their front porch, and immediately after Laur wants to take pictures of them together. They couldn't even wait for the guy to get inside-they were probably afraid he was going to get in his car and drive TF away. They could have posed together in her "studio" where they had lighting and stuff, but Laur's fucking ass had them pose on the front steps like a budget prom photo.

Every story with the Truemans is exaggerated. 16 became 15, a welfare check became 2 cop cars, 3 cop cars, knocking on the door became beating it in, and now it's she was SWATTED. Pretty sure no armored vehicles showed up and they weren't held at gunpoint. The "threatening' pictures and death threats were the pictures of the beheadings in Mexico that have been circulated around the internet since I was a teenager. Her eyes "gouged out" was someone colored them in black because they were scary looking. The picture of Lillee as a baby and bloodied? Ooomancer did a photoedit of Laur as Thor wielding Lillee as his weapon. They don't just exaggerate about Lillee's career. It is EVERYTHING. Even Laur's version of the story of her sister's death has been twisted to suit her fancy and to benefit her.

It's not just men. The few interactions you see of Lillee with anyone else is strange. Not only is Laur 2 seconds away, but Lillee is so keyed up she's like a Chihuahua that got into Red Bull. She's so desperate to look cool and sexy that she humps random walls and trees and then…posts them…online…where they have a half life longer than a McDonalds fry under a seat in the car.

This is a woman that believes she's made to stand in front of crowds and command attention and respect. She can't even film a video with another person without coming off as a spoiled child. The defending lillee while driving chick comments on like every video with "sorry i haven't been here, i made a video about it, i've been sick/lifeishard/mydogdied" and Lillee is like "k thanks for watching, kisses (not gonna watch your videoooo)

No. 859592


Wow Lillee. You're so comfortable not only being within six feet of a stranger, but touching his face and everything. I guess this means you're ready to start actually going to "events" again?

No. 859593

Literally the only people talking about her are here. The Twitter callouts have moved on, especially since Laur isn't there fanning flames and doxxing uninvolved people. This "I'm being bullied by a mob" mentality is going to be hard to sustain soon lilaur,better come up with a new sob story.

No. 859594

File: 1637048783377.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1860, 1E3A5435-E454-41F3-8D28-48F4DD…)

sage for stale milk but why’d she use the exact same image as him she looks so bad in it… like it’s literally a screenshot of his thumbnail with the background edited black??

No. 859595

So that she can claim he stole the photo from her and try to DCMA the video

No. 859598

So I was wondering if Laur had made another Twitter account (since we know she just loves to create a bunch of alt/sock accounts) and it doesn't look like she has since she was last banned. Usually she makes one 10 seconds after a sock of hers gets banned, so out of curiosity I checked Twitter to see how many accounts can be linked to a phone number and it's 10. If you're a known problem on their platform, you can create an account without a phone number but it's severely limited until you provide one. So I'm assuming that Laur can't make anymore alt accounts since she's maxed out with her current phone number and Twitter won't let you use services like TextFree or Google Voice to verify the account. This is an "adult" were talking about, if only by age, and I find it pretty hilarious (and hypocritical) of her to rant about bullying yet she's had so many sock accounts to defend her goblin child that she can't make anymore for the time being. For all her crowing about "boolies" hiding behind anonymity, she seems to enjoy doing the same thing and won't use her main account to troll.

No. 859600


It's almost as if Lillee didn't ACTUALLY care about covid safety at all. Almost how like she actually doesn't like going to her pay to participate events but wanted photos to make her look important.

But now that shes discovered she can dress up at home and have hot dudes imported to make them uncomfortable in collabs, I doubt she'll go to an event for years.

She hates having to shower.

No. 859605

File: 1637077182210.jpeg (298.43 KB, 828x900, 66ABE7B7-A09B-4DCF-8D75-5ED299…)

She fixed it kek

No. 859606

Not in the description kek. Nice to see we're a good influence on you though, Lilz.

No. 859608

File: 1637083066348.jpg (123.2 KB, 483x483, uh.jpg)

No wonder she keeps the white balance so bright when she looks like this at normal light. Morfing into Laur is nearly complete.

No. 859609

her hair literally looks like shes been using dry shampoo every day for at least a week

No. 859610


Like mother, like daughter, I suppose.

I wonder when she'll ever realize she's fucked up pretty much her entire future? Like, in 10 years from now, I really can't imagine what she'll be like. Part of me feels like maybe she'll still be with Laur, living off selling her 'celebrity-owned' makeup to unsuspecting buyers. Another, much optimistic side of me has hope (very little, I might add) that perhaps she'll have turned around. Went to college. Got a real job. Filed a restraining order against Laur. Learned how to take care of herself and see she isn't a perfect princess genius whom everyone needs to bow down and worship. There is also a vision that she'll go Gypsy Rose and murder Laur, and the next we'll see of her is on a True Crime documentary. My money's on the first option though. As long as Laur's under the same roof as her, she's going to keep feeding her these lies.

No. 859611

I just noticed the booger again. I don't get it.. she comes here, obviously takes advices but the most important one BLOW YOUR NOSE BITCH she doesn't take and it's not even embarrassing for her?? She is just that nasty she don't even care.
A true crime documentary would be much better than the shitty documentary about bullying we'll see, but i too think she'll stay with Laur and they will be two creepy hags and end up as New York's cryptids.

No. 859612

Omg the true lillee jean fashion haunts

No. 859614

I wonder what this guest makes of Laur's previous comments about Chinese men being terrifying because one chased her out of a store that one time.

Legitimately surprised she allowed him into the Trueman's home tbh.

No. 859615

Laur is the type of person that if Lillee separated from her, pulled a miracle out of her ass and became any type of successful, Laur would sue her for "her part". It's pretty clear to people watching that Lillee isn't making much, if anything from her "career". Yet she has a manager/CFO, a PR person, is purchasing/renting clothing and dresses for "events" and "photoshoots". She isn't bankrolling all of it, Laur is. Laur is a money hungry scammer, self serving and has gone bankrupt twice. Andrew denounced her and separated himself from her and she tried to attack him. And she never even paid for his services. Imagine what she'd do to Lillee if Lillee told her to fuck off?

No. 859616

Thank you greentext Anon for your sacrifice.
>he says Sephora. She says "I haven't been in 3 years
Isn't it weird she isn't going anymore to Sephora when it was her favorite makeup store (she had a sephora profile and pictures in front of it)?
She goes outside for drugstore makeup, why not anymore at Sephora's?

>The last time I went out was like this big thing that they like (does weird hand gesture, picrel top right).

Did she got kicked out of Sephora? Just like Laur got kicked out of Uber and the chinese store?

No. 859619

they probably told her she didn't need shade 000 Pale Goddess but instead 003 White Trash

No. 859622

Pure tinfoil but I wouldn't be surprised if Laur got busted shoplifting from Sephora. Or a more likely reason is that they don't have the money. I'm butch so idk much about makeup but Sephora's expensive, right? It would explain why booty guru Lillle is using drugstore makeup.

No. 859623

Laur would totally shoplift and make a scene if busted, kek.

Sephora has expensive makeup but super affordable brands too. So I don't think the price was the issue as they could have go for a cheaper brand at Sephora.

No. 859627

sephoras return policy says they monitor return activity from customers suspected of abusing the policy and will stop accepting returns from you if they catch you. Laur/Lillee probably got caught and can't return anything anymore, so they stopped going

No. 859630

I think this is it. Or Lillee got blacklisted from most Sephora brands so there’s no reason for them to go there anymore.

I would also expect for them to be recognized in places like Sephora because Lillee is famous on BGC.

No. 859635

File: 1637101365914.jpeg (335.41 KB, 828x1007, 75C7360F-C1E1-464E-9DD8-5969ED…)

No. 859636

Oh no, Lillee bumped into a table and things fell off it. That's SOOOOOOO embarrassing you guys.

No. 859639

this really reads like an elementary school writing assignment

No. 859640

the way that this is neither funny nor interesting…

No. 859650

what does it being a breezy day have to do with her bumping into a table? for that matter, what does being a small team have to do with it either? Also, city street implies 5th ave. The only street we've seen her on is her suburban one in the deepest boroughs

No. 859651

i bet she never even crosses the east river lol

No. 859652

This has to be from the red dress photo shoot that was 30ft from the parking lot. The table was the trunk lid. I hope it all shattered.

No. 859676


why even put 'setting off a series of events' in there, it adds nothing. Is Lillee/Laur so reluctant to admit she can make mistakes that they have to imply she somehow rube goldburged the table over? Just say you bonked into the table, good lord.

No. 859682

Sage for non new milk. Can an anon please post the link or direct me to where I can find the recording of Laur saying that she's been chased out of a store in Chinatown by the store owner wielding a meat cleaver? Thank you.

No. 859691

Funny how Lillee Jean Inc. went from being this internationally renowned and beloved brand with a big media team, renowned gay fashion designers like James and Mario, and connections to Covergirl and Teen Vogue and the Met Gala…. to a family business with a "small team" that can't even set up a table. We stan an honest and consistent queen

No. 859701


Stories like these truly reveal how pathetic Lillee is. Lilz, darling, you know what normal people call accidentally knocking over a table or messing up their makeup in the car?

Mundane life.

These aren't funny or interesting stories. They're barely even stories. If your career is so dry that THESE are what you think are funny or interesting moments, maybe it's not a career.

No. 859702

It's almost like the Truemans are taking in that Lillee is constantly being called out for being unrelatable so they're attempting to be mundane so Lillee can gain sympathy points but the thing is bumping into a table isn't as you say "funny or interesting".

I watched the live action Clifford flick last night and the whole reason Emily Elizabeth gets bullied feels very much like something (Oh no I dropped a bag of rubbish in front of everyone at school and they all laughed at me!) Lillee would declare about herself and try and make out it was the worst thing ever. (NGL the whole movie feels like it was written by Laur and seeing as it was filmed in New York I wouldn't be surprised if she sneaked on the sneak-scribbled some rewrites on the script and then tried to get her IMDB credits that way, kek)

No. 859704

File: 1637159143101.jpg (266.35 KB, 1080x1835, Screenshot_20211117-090711_Ins…)

Sage for old milk, but I was lurking through some of her stories, and came across this masterpiece. Keks aside, does anyone know what that weird line on her torso is? I thought it was a shadow in the previous posts, but here it's clearly visible and in direct sunlight. Is it a scar? If anyone has any clue, do tell.

No. 859710

I think it looks like linea nigra. It’s usually seen in pregnancy but can also be seen in teens (hormonal related), people who experience quick weigh gain or can be a result of certain medical conditions.

No. 859712

>this guy's brand will get bombarded with messages about who she really is. But will it though? I haven't seen anything.

I don't consider your message cowtipping, however what would be the point mailing that guy's brand?
His company is shady af, he's in the same pod, doing the same cheats and shortcuts…
It's just like Botanic Affair giveaway. LJ got 2 real people following the steps for winning the givaway, the rest was all bot spamming emojis in her insta comments.
Real influencer get a lot of real engagement when they giveway products.
I'm still keking at Botanic Affair who got +6 following thanks to LJ and something like +20 at the end of one month collab (half were from Laur's socks).
They were so furious they just cancel the giveway and gave the product to their own fake account they didn't even bothered to make it look legit.

I'm now keking in advance at LJ's discount code for that guy product, she gave at the very end of the video. He'll never reveal the real number of clients he got from that pathetic collab with LJ because that number will be 0.

Scammers scamming each other. That's even.

No. 859713

File: 1637166169508.jpeg (79.65 KB, 828x613, 34691A4E-1576-40F2-AF35-17BA1D…)

some comments from solvedskincare, god she is so unbelievably stupid

No. 859716

And she still hasn’t figured out how to use apostrophes. Come on, Lillee.

No. 859720

File: 1637170356785.jpg (225.43 KB, 971x655, megacringe.jpg)


She's hysterically spamming the comment's section on the Solvedcare account: 45 comments and 23 are from her. KEKS

Some comments are from obvious socks, two are from the Claudy Beats guy she did a live with.

G8 engagement Lilz! I'm sure those products will sell wonderfully!

No. 859725

File: 1637171681482.jpg (226.14 KB, 960x1082, fishyyy.jpg)


Anons, I've been looking at the Solvedcare account.
The Andrew guy has been reposting LJ's pix since last mars. He reposted lots of LJ's pictures at least once every month.

>but in Korea, they use a different search engine so their algorithm may not have popped up the call outs and youtube videos made about her.
Kek no Anon, he had ALL the time to check about her. This collab was planned a long time ago.

No. 859726

File: 1637172031014.jpeg (304.91 KB, 828x2602, 1ED37E15-55F7-490C-AF04-37250A…)

they could at least try to make their socks believable. this one literally only comments on pictures of lillee

No. 859731

File: 1637175688192.jpg (53.26 KB, 604x601, 72ec75976a7210435c0fb582360bc8…)

Lmao she photoshopped an oblique separation on herself, picrel. Our workout qween!

No. 859732

File: 1637175876536.jpeg (24.28 KB, 534x186, DAC50162-7CD9-42CD-9779-AB3823…)

Lillee’s got legal representation now

No. 859733


oh boy, we should bet on how long it'll take for the firm to drop them. i'm betting 4 days tops.

No. 859734

File: 1637176109548.png (24.3 KB, 1010x245, Screenshot 2021-11-17 140751.p…)

"Debt relief".

No. 859736

File: 1637181745896.jpeg (428.77 KB, 1242x1447, 9D0E3B58-4068-44E4-9249-889E38…)

why are all these socks so fucking ridiculous

No. 859738

File: 1637182486758.jpg (512.89 KB, 2880x2880, 20211117_155426.jpg)

>>859734 Lmao, what the fuck is this? Who's scamming who? I swear to God the Goblins are incapable of doing anything the proper way, they're always taking shortcuts and getting scammed.

Picrel is from the a Google search for "The Bailyn Law Firm". Take note that the address is the same (so this is the lawyer) and look at where it's located in the description. They also say "Debt Relief" on their website but are listed as "Business and Construction Lawyers"? What the fuck is that? It's normal for some law offices to specialize in different things, but they're usually related. IE: in college I interned at an office that practiced Real Estate law but also did Wills, Trusts and Estates. I've never seen Debt relief, Business and Construction all in one office, kek. And that office is located in "Mill Basin Doctors Office"? I thought maybe it was a strip mall but it doesn't appear to be and the description says it's inside the medical place…God I love it. They're so incredibly inept at literally everything.

No. 859740

File: 1637183756140.jpg (344.56 KB, 1046x1505, Screenshot_20211117-160751_You…)

"The sounds you loved from last year", kek. Oh Lillee, nobody can stand your voice and your bastardized version of ASMR was just so poorly executed. Pick a lane and stay in it - It's clear that ASMR, Cosplay, Hosting interviews and The whole beauty guru thing just isn't for you.

No. 859741

I almost choked on my coffee. She really does sounds like a stereo-typical perfume commercial you'd hear on some kind of silly American sketch show or sitcom doesn't she?

She's a literal parody of what a young adult with a decent following on the internet should be doing.

No. 859746

File: 1637189222615.jpeg (280.27 KB, 828x1463, 0D5C8152-126B-46DC-BB76-47FD16…)

No. 859755

the plot thickens

No. 859763

File: 1637196525915.png (5.79 MB, 828x4623, 5E6BDEFF-FFDC-4F1A-90AB-B2FA5A…)

No. 859765

File: 1637197475062.jpeg (72.67 KB, 581x320, En-SlNtVgAAMGk1.jpeg)

No. 859767

File: 1637197805567.jpeg (95.57 KB, 640x689, wi7lA2QplH38kW9srwQJqDIVdPTsOu…)

her pose reminded me of that HC pic so much for some reason

No. 859768

the dirty ass floor, mandatory feet pics, 4ft tree that’s the same size as her and all the disney princess ornaments really brings the whole look together

No. 859769


still shooping in that line I see kek >>859731

No. 859771

File: 1637199526980.png (3.4 MB, 828x1792, F5DBD127-C9F2-44F1-A6CD-10801F…)

Funny how she posts a photo of a CHRISTmas tree but adds her Hanukkah stickers to it. Is she a Jew for Jesus? Lillee, cut the crap. You’re a white Christian. You don’t practice Judaism and only use it to say people make fun of you for “being Jewish”. Pathetic.

No. 859775

There is so much wrong with this. Is that dust all over the floor? Why is her pant leg up like that? Does she just have to show off her feet, it’s so creepy! I’m sure she just casually walks around her New York apartment in a belly shirt.

No. 859776

does laur have a foot fetish? really creepy

No. 859779

The widest torso I have ever seen

No. 859781

File: 1637201787354.jpeg (30.79 KB, 220x250, 25A19C16-EFB3-415C-B115-941521…)

Lillee at a party in NY wow such a pale beauty

No. 859785

File: 1637203002338.png (403.76 KB, 1084x1740, lillee jean is a big fat cunt.…)

Lillee DMCAd a reddit post because (what I'm guessing) it had a thumbnail of Priminks video. Is she retarded? The reddit post just links the video, but because it must show up on google images she strikes it anyways. Her continuing to strike the Primink thumbnail wherever it's used just makes me think she's tried to strike the video itself multiple times and it fails, so she's salty.

It looks like the floor is extremely dusty but it's just some fake snow they lazily dumped under the tree and don't even bother to clean up before a shoot. It might even be glitter too, our environmentally friendly queen!

Kek I just noticed on Lillee's thumbnail she badly blurred out her nose area.

No. 859786

File: 1637203254422.png (1.9 MB, 1165x657, unknown (3).png)

Another tooth vlog video coming soon, how lovely…

No. 859787

File: 1637203884899.png (297.35 KB, 1120x942, lj logo.png)

How do they own the rights to the logo when it's still pending for trademark?

No. 859788

File: 1637204040459.gif (509.8 KB, 500x250, F99770E5-9C8E-4C98-A77B-DD7949…)

lillee is only working with four chiclets on that top row? woof.

No. 859789

>>859786 That picture though.. jeezus. She has a knack for making herself look even more retarded than she already is, and that's no easy feat. That picture could easily be on the front cover of some pamphlet for a tard-wrangling institution and nobody would question it. I don't get how her mind works, why on earth would she think any of these pictures look good?

No. 859792

File: 1637204676787.png (859.71 KB, 1476x1000, lillee jean.png)

Hmm… something either very retarded or very fishy going on with Lillee's DMCA claims. She submitted these "original urls" for >>858403 and >>859785. But they're just posts on her site with the pictures she DMCAd. Congrats edit anons, your edits are now officially on her site!
The date on the Lillee Jean 3 post is also odd, she must have faked the date or reused an old posts.

Is she too dumb to find the originals used in the edits/thumbnail or is she trying to claim them as her own?

No. 859793

File: 1637204877154.png (1.07 MB, 880x936, m.png)

Plus she has an actual post of the original image. Nothing she does makes sense.

No. 859794

File: 1637204984323.png (740.87 KB, 773x855, k.png)

There they are! Canon in the Lillee universe now kek.

No. 859797

File: 1637205285857.png (649.35 KB, 590x934, y.png)

You can see this is just the image for her 2nd thread. Stop pirating our work Lillee, you dirty cyber thief. The only reason I see think of why shed reupload images like this is to make it seem like she created the actual edited images first. She's so weird.

No. 859799


Her orthodontist needs to tell her to clean her teeth properly bc she has WAY too much plaque buildup. They look Orange. It’s really not that fucking hard to brush your teeth and floss properly Jesus Christ. Not even braces gives her the initiative to be hygienic.

No. 859800


thanks anon, not sleeping tonight.

>>859799 at this point it isn't even plaque, she needs a root canal or something. that stuff is definitely caked on there real good.

No. 859804

What the fuck is that yellow shit on her teeth

Jesus fucking christ

No. 859805

I thought she had yellow bands on her braces. What the fuck, Lillee?!?!

No. 859809

File: 1637210387314.jpeg (666.61 KB, 666x1291, E5279041-3BC0-4E02-ACDD-9347C2…)

No. 859810


The gray that’s surrounding the metal is the band. What’s behind the metal and braces band is to result of her not knowing how to brush her teeth well. If she keeps this up, her teeth are gonna be permanently Orange. More fucked than they are now.

No. 859811

I'd like to take a moment and remind you all that this >>859809 was written by a native English speaker. Plus it's the only language she speaks and she can barely type a coherent sentence. I know she thinks what she writes is clever and quirky, that's why she tags the brand so that they'll notice her and either offer her an endorsement or free product. What she doesn't seem to grasp is that nobody can understand what the fuck she's trying to say and it's not because she's super smart, it's because she speaks in nonsense goblinese. Remember the shit she used to do with the tea company (I think it was Celestial Seasonings)? She even wrote up some bullshit with her sock account ("My girl Lillee jean came over with all my favorite teas to help me feel better!") And when that didn't work she'd pose with a bunch of tea boxes and tag the company ten times. When none of that worked, her troglodyte mom would write these nonsense narratives and soft-beg the company for free shit. They did it with Halo Top Ice Cream too.

I don't understand how she doesn't see that this is beyond transparent and pathetic. No legit brand will touch her anymore, not that they ever really did, and she still tries it. She's incapable of grasping the most simple things and actually believes that her past behavior has had no effect on her current shitty position in life. Its baffling.

No. 859812

File: 1637212556064.png (149.99 KB, 1858x532, omfg.png)


She noticed it was so bad herself she had to leave a little blurb about how this is REAL and not touched up. Anything to excuse not taking care of herself, even when the cameras are rolling. As to be expected of the period stank smelling, dandruff covered queen.

No. 859813

is she sneak dissing us here on the farm?

No. 859815

sorry for being a retard newfag but how did the shit with this "diane" character start? who the fuck is she?

No. 859823

>>859815 I'll try my best to summarize it, but I'm probably leaving stuff out. My apologies in advance and if any of you wonderful anons have anything to add or feel the need to correct me, please do so. This will be a very watered down synopsis.

So Diane has/had some YT channel and a Twitter, she used to go by "Diane Awesomelaser" but that's obviously a pseudonym. She also wears glasses and a wig to change up her appearance so that people can't find out her identity (ie: the Goblins) by doing a reverse image search. She used to go by @BFFDees on Twitter, she may still, no clue. She also had another account under her "Diane" name; at one point Laur was shit talking BFFDees to her other account, not realizing they were the same person.

Around the time that Lillee crawled onto people's radar (a bit before the Primink video) for her shenanigans, Diane started following them and keeping up with their bullshit. She was one of the original callouts that came with receipts and wasn't a full retard, much unlike most of the callouts today. After calling Lillee out about all her fakery and sock accounts, Laur began going after Diane. Diane didn't take either of the Goblins seriously and put them on blast for everything they did and said, which of course only enraged the Goblins more, especially Laur.

At one point Lillee/Laur was supposed to go on a "live" of Diane's, only to back out last minute because "Kobe just died and Vanessa needs help planning the funeral. They're close family friends of ours", which is obviously a bold faced lie. This was right after Laur kept threatening Diane with legal action because she was "stalking and cyberboolying" a minor child even though Lillee wasn't a minor. Diane didn't back down at the legal threats though, Diane has money and knew Laur was full of shit.

So that's basically the TL:DR of it all, but in the end it comes down to the Goblin's being enraged that they were called out by Diane and since Diane had proof to back up her claims, it made it that much harder for them to backtrack. They were exposed as frauds and when they couldn't call Diane's employer (they doxxed the wrong people trying to find out her info) or de-platform her, they started making up shit or blaming every little thing on Diane. Obviously that hasn't changed. I'm sorry this is so brief, I'm on a time constraint.

No. 859838

>>859823 holy shit this is even crazier than I thought it would be, god bless you anon

No. 859839

samefagging sorry but the "kobe funeral" excuse I'm going to piss myself laughing how do the goblins come up with this shit

No. 859841

Does this bitch never receive any fashion catalogues through her letter box or smth? I got one just yesterday with all the xmas looks in it and Lilz, this ain't it.

For someone who spends alot of time on the internet googling herself to see who else she can DCMA she sure doesn't use it for it's intent now does she? She could easily look up recent fashion sites or even walmart looks to see what's on trend but nope, never uses it to her advantage. Just the same shitty old crap pulled out from Laur's wardrobe.

(I'm still not entirely sure what stuff counts as sage or not, I'm not familiar with the lolcow terms etc so if this is Sage then let me know.)

No. 859844

I feel bad for the amount of emails he’s about to get over fraudulent dmca takedowns kek

No. 859847

Do they ever clean her teeth? I have never seen nor known a dentist to leave that much plaque and tartar on teeth.

No matter how much she smiles it always gives off that crazed look

No. 859852

>Do they ever clean her teeth? I have never seen nor known a dentist to leave that much plaque and tartar on teeth.

Honestly? Probably not. Not routinely anyway and I'm surprised her ortho hasn't said anything to her about the amount of biofilm and tartar on her teeth . I'm pretty sure she made some deal with the dentist to get services at a discount - she was plugging them pretty hard back when she got her braces put on. She absolutely went to a cut rate invisalign platinum provider, and while invisalign tries to make it sound like an elite program, it isn't.

Im trash at explaining things but Invisalign is overpriced for what it is and a lot of dentists/orthodontists/etc won't even touch it. The most commonly used dental scanners aren't even licensed for it because of how Invisalign works and dentists aren't going to fuck with it unless they have a high number of patients using it, that's how you get these half assed Invisalign farms like the one Lillee went to. I'm absolutely sure they're cutting corners to keep costs down because the Truemans are cheap and it won't do anything for her jaw alignment issues because her problems go beyond what those liners can fix. Lillee isn't a good candidate for that type of a treatment anyway and I'd be weary of any place that said otherwise. She's too irresponsible and lazy with her hygiene and while it may fix some of her cosmetic issues it won't fix the underlying problems. The fact that this was used on someone with baby teeth and/or microdontia (not sure what her exact issue was) is just mind blowing to me.

No. 859863


Well said! I think it's also worth noting here that Diane had a little interview with someone who actually went to middleschool with Lillee. Nothing particularly juicy was revealed, just that Lillee barely showed up to class, dressed way too sexy for her age, told everyone that she had a boyfriend in highschool, and Laur was often in the office talking to the principal.

No. 859864

Lillee’s truancy is a consistent topic among people who’ve actually gone to school with her. I’m willing to bet that Laur was forced to homeschool her because there was no way Lillee was going to graduate from a regular school.

Imagine being a fly on the wall during Laur’s conversations with the principal kek.

No. 859872

>>859863 Thank you anon! I can't believe I forgot that. I remember them saying what >>859864 mentioned - that Laur was a known nuisance at the school and always shrieking at the principal. I absolutely believe it, despite all her bullshit about her antique business (which was really her just selling off her dad's old crap) she was unemployed and when she wasn't trying her hand at frivolous lawsuits (Geico), she was probably up the principal's ass. She probably was one of those parents that drove their kid to school everyday just to meddle.

If there was ever an argument for why you don't give children "participation trophies" for every little thing they do, Lillee's life would be it. She has never had to really work hard at anything in life, she was celebrated for just showing up. She can't take constructive criticism in the slightest and if she was to ever get a real job (unlikely), she'd be fired in a heartbeat. Laur would probably try to hang out at work with her all day. Luckily she's a big shot CEO now and set for life, kek. I really just want to ask her what she her "company" does. What's the purpose for it even existing if they don't offer any products or services?

No. 859874

Lillee Jean is the brand just like Paris Hilton or Kim K. Unfortunately Lillee possesses none of the qualities you need to become famous and likeable.

No. 859875

>>859872 Kek. I can't even imagine what Lillee working would be like. I'm sure Laur would apply with her, just in case one of us stalkers decide to pounce on her.

>>859874 Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Lillee compares her brand to kim k and paris. She's definitely delusional enough to hallucinate it, so.

No. 859879

>enraged the Goblins more, especially Laur.
The fact that Diane is very wealthy is what enraged Laur the most IMO.

Speaking of LJ missing school, she said several times that "being an influencer" wasn't a planned career and her parents thought she would go to college.
Which is false, we have proof Laur wanted LJ to be a model since she was a kid.

No. 859890

File: 1637264196222.png (195.09 KB, 364x559, Screenshot_20211118-193225~2.p…)

Is this where enanel's been chipped off or eroded away? A piercing did this to one of my teeth, but how would she manage to scrape her teeth like that with only her tongue? How does she not know posting janky dirty teeth is repulsive. The horror…

No. 859898

File: 1637267514532.jpg (44.66 KB, 535x503, horrorrr.jpg)

I paused her vid on twitter and this is what happened.

No. 859901

I was wondering the same, what are these little nubbins on her teeth?

No. 859903

those are the attachments they put on for invisalign. They can also severely discolor if you drink certain liquids or just have bad oral hygiene habits.

No. 859906

Sorry to blogpost but yeah these are typical Invisalign attachments. I have Invisalign right now and my teeth actually got a bit whiter from all the brushing and flossing. Lillee must be brushing her teeth once a week because that amount of plaque is insane.

No. 859930

File: 1637283021405.png (459.88 KB, 3400x910, lj commentw.png)

Sus comments on her latest video. Almost all empty accounts that follow the same format. Profile pic of a person, username is a full name, all within one day, very simple comments. I don't check her comments too often but I don't recognize any of these accounts. Probably all bought comments with stolen profile pictures.
Another thing, suspected sock "Rachel M" commented within the same time. That's usually how Laur/Lillee spam their fake comments, they go from account to account to comment.

No. 859939


…she even eats a fucking icecream sandwich torn up with her hands, what the fuck? How has this much toddler behavior gone uncorrected?

No. 859942

now we know what Laur’s doing with all her spare time after getting banned from twitter

No. 859948

File: 1637294664717.jpeg (245.04 KB, 828x1140, 113D8EFB-48CE-4B97-8D70-4E9647…)

These are comments on solved post from 2 days ago, she’s still replying to them.
So she not only replies to thousands of comments on her own posts on every platform but also checks other accounts posts to reply to every comment. I wonder what her screen time is like. She wasn’t even being tagged in the comments so I doubt she got notifications for them or anything.

No. 859954

File: 1637300397630.png (643.1 KB, 1284x2778, C17FBFD6-CFD1-4D90-88E5-AF4819…)

So I was scrolling through her twitter recently and came across this post for her website regarding legal shit with her “new representation”. Any anons on here familiar with this type of stuff? I scrolled through quickly and it’s page after page about how they can supposedly obtain all your information and use it against you essentially. Is this common?? Here’s the link: https://www.lilleejean.com/privacy-policy

No. 859956

to me it looks like plaque buildup around the invisalign attachments because she probably never brushes at all. fucking disgusting

No. 859957

>>859954 she’s still pretending she’s with UMG (a record label???) kek

No. 859958

>>859957 or is it this myanmar based conglomerate? https://www.umgmyanmar.com/

No. 859961

>>859898 had to check this video out and wtf it's cursed as fuck. What is that demon movement?!

No. 859962

The privacy policy is all fairly common stuff. Nothing to worry about, it all just shit every website can do and every website should inform their users about (depending on your location).

No. 859965

File: 1637321629559.jpeg (187.17 KB, 1190x744, EDB26D82-7B8A-4608-BEBA-C2D120…)

This is an answer from her CEO video on youtube. What the hell is she doing? Trying to send people to solved skincare by any means?

No. 859966

File: 1637323669050.jpeg (744.14 KB, 1170x1900, 0BBD4C32-2FF7-4661-8E8A-012562…)

Lillee shared this on Instagram & Twitter, trying to suck up to Patreeesha. Weird thing I noticed on Instagram…usually if you tag someone in a story it will give a link to their account but it doesn’t on Lillee’s story. Could Patricia have Lillee blocked? Neither runway rogue or Patricia shared or liked the tweet or story looool

No. 859969

File: 1637326061843.jpeg (201.72 KB, 1170x874, 8AE17B6C-7D5C-4509-BB89-A88204…)

I checked and Lillee is still following Patricia’s personal account but not the Runway Rogue account. Neither Patricia or RR follow Lillee but RR is following Lillee’s doll page kek

No. 859977


Pure tinfoil but I think Patricia always had a soft spot for Lillee and she put up with Laur. Laur was the one who was saying Patricia was her famous best friend and tweeting about Patricia’s personal life (if I remember right, Laur said her famous best friend couldn’t fly to Germany to visit her dying parents due to quarantine). There’s also speculation Patricia gave Laur a job running their socials and Laur royally fucked it up by getting the accounts restricted a tonne, tweeting @ cyberboolies, blocking prettier influencers who wanted to work with the brand…Patricia probably dumped Laur and her & Lillee are using Lillee’s doll account to secretly keep in contact without Laur knowing. We know Laur has control over all of LJ’s stuff but would Laur bother monitoring a doll account no one pays attention to?

No. 859988

Patricia was always impartial to Lillee because Laur told her that Lillee is special needs/has a disability.

No. 859989

Runway Rogue dropped Lillee after Laur told everyone they were giving her private information collected through the brand’s emails, website forms & DMs. With California’s strict internet privacy laws, if what Laur said they were doing was true, it’s illegal. Someone (tatiana? the ‘govern yourself accordingly’ c&d recipient?) filed a complaint with the attorney general. Patricia realized Laur was destroying her brand the same way she destroyed Lillee’s and bounced.

No. 859991

File: 1637336681032.jpg (717.36 KB, 2880x2880, 20211119_102918.jpg)

>>859957 God, she's such an idiot. Even though her Privacy Policy page is pretty boilerplate, they were too cheap and/or too stupid to find a template online and tailor it to their "business", whatever the fuck that may be. No, instead Lillee lifted it from UMG (Universal Music Group, not the other Myanmar one). After looking at a few free templates and not finding anything really close to LJ's, I went and took certain phrases from Lillee's page that stood out to me and searched it on Google. The only hits I got were from UMG owned Artists or Companies, that's why you see "UMG" mentioned only once on Lillee's T&C page - she missed it after she stole it from a UMG artist's page to edit it for herself. She just went through it and changed "UMG Companies" to "LILLEE JEAN BEAUTY INC", but she left one in. Kek. Is there anything they won't fuck up?

If you look at the picrel, it's 6 images, 3 from Lillee's Privacy Policy and 3 from "The Lumineers" and "Polo & Pan" (Artists owned by UMG). Anything with a white background is from Lillee's. It's word for word for the most part, save for some nonsensical shit Lillee or Laur added along the way. The biggest photo (top left of picrel) was copied word for word from the bottom right image from the aforementioned UMG artists.

I don't know what artists UMG owns the rights to since they own so much, but if you know of an artist that Lillee obsesses over, I'm sure you'll find an exact match. G8 Job, Lilz! I bet you that's why they used an obscure lawyer, he probably has hardly any online presence and I doubt Lillees even a client. Less chance of getting called out.

No. 859992


Imagine doing a million articles about how you're a girlboss, a CEO, a self made success, and then you post pics like this of your scuffed, filthy floor in your hovel of a home. Good lord, even the tiny tree looks sad. Lean christmas at the Truemans this year.

No. 859994

File: 1637338122610.jpeg (357.69 KB, 828x461, 29816426-B5EC-4485-8A80-DA8B2D…)

> She just went through it and changed "UMG Companies" to "LILLEE JEAN BEAUTY INC", but she left one in.

No. 859995

File: 1637338649476.jpg (550.82 KB, 2880x2880, 20211119_111712.jpg)

>>859966 Kek, oh Lillee, you're the epitome of a sped. Patreeesha a was a model in the 90s, far from a supermodel, she wasn't exactly a household name like Elle McPherson or Cindy Crawford. Even so, I very highly doubt you discuss business ideas with a woman that wrote you off after you and your trashy troglodyte of a mother almost ruined Patricia's company & sullied what little reputation she had left. I find it telling that anybody that doesn't immediately tell the Goblins to fuck off 5 seconds after meeting them instantly becomes their best friend, even though it's clear the other party doesn't feel the same. They only met because Lillee/Laur entered an obscure contest to go to a small designer's show at fashion week and won, right? Or did they meet her shortly before that? Either way, it doesn't really change much. They saw each other once in person and then Laur nuked that relationship from orbit with her entitlement and stupidity.

Picrel is taken from Lillee's blog about the event, and the way she wrote about it made me laugh. I included the two other pictures because they'll never not be funny, she looks so out of place. There's no doubt in my mind that everyone there thought Lillee was special needs.

No. 860001

File: 1637346858417.jpeg (1013.39 KB, 828x1249, 5DB5B18F-34FA-4714-914F-D8AE46…)

Using a safety pin on a cardigan is such a Lillee thing to do

No. 860002

is she physically incapable of wearing a tank top without having one strap pulled down? next she'll be rolling her t shirts into crop tops because she thinks its 'sexy' too. she's perpetually stuck in middle school

No. 860023

It wasn’t even a fashion week show. It was the day before (or after) the real fashion week lol

No. 860038

File: 1637363352928.jpeg (106.88 KB, 828x237, 49F079CE-232D-4B78-B12A-4D24CF…)

No. 860042

>>860001 That color scheme doesn't scream Christmas/Holidays (as she used it earlier in that sad Christmas Tree Shoot), it screams "My grandma's outdated 90s Boca Raton living room) and she needs to burn it. All that's missing is a billy "big mouth" bass. Gross outfit aside, what is up with her hair? It's somehow frizzy yet flat with a touch of crispy and has more grease than a McDonald's deep fryer. I'm not convinced Lillee actually knows what a beauty guru looks like or what they do for a living. If she did, why would she proudly present herself looking like this? I've seen farm animals with better hygiene and grooming than this.

No. 860043

>>860038 They also grant the wishes of gravely disabled kids, and children with very severe special needs. I believe that's why Lillee was treated nicely by those around her, they thought she was one of the children from the foundation. That's if Laur's grifting scammer ass didn't outright tell them Lillee is a full blown sped. We all know she'd do anything to get free shit.

No. 860045

The inclusion of the make a wish foundation in the thanks, makes me think lillee used a wish to go to nyfw and this is all they could arrange. Imagine making a wish for something grand like a seat at nyfw and meeting Patricia.

No. 860053

Anons, stop shitting up this thread and read the previous ones. This has already been discussed to death.

Lillee IS NOT a Make-a-Wish kid. The reason they thank Make-a-Wish is because they won the Patricia Hartmann experience in a silent auction that benefitted Make-a-Wish. I believe Laur paid several hundred dollars over what it was worth. This has been verified with screenshots of the auction as well as the auction's social media

No. 860054

samefagging but I want to clarify I'm not defending Lillee. She probably does have some kind of syndrome or deficiency but it's not like she's a terminal cancer patient. Laur just made bad use of the rent money again

No. 860060

File: 1637370815773.jpeg (606.05 KB, 671x1297, 0F961AC3-14C7-4384-8FD5-61969F…)

No. 860099

File: 1637387161162.png (62.09 KB, 1226x636, lillee jean fake comments.png)

It's hilarious in these fake comments, when someone actually real comments she tells them about the discount. She couldn't make it anymore obvious that she bought fake comments for this video.

No. 860111

File: 1637408185818.jpg (69.24 KB, 620x217, lil.jpg)

Lillee giving compliments to herself as usual

No. 860128

Not that Laur would ever take her baby gremlin for a diagnosis for a learning difficulty or something, But I honestly dread it if she did.

You just know Lillee would pull the "I'm sorry I'm such an awful person, It's my AssBURGERS. I have no control over it." card out whenever someone called her out on something shitty and I hate the thought she would probably go ahead with that kind of BS-ery to try and win sympathy points to the crap she's done until now.

No. 860134

Is this her first reusable thermos or something?

No. 860135

File: 1637433573718.jpg (91.18 KB, 797x270, accuracy.jpg)

I think she's t