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File: 1603821188634.gif (1010.51 KB, 498x280, giffromlilleejeantenorspage.gi…)

No. 802142

19 year old "beauty guru" with subpar make-up skills. Has around 1 million (fake) followers on Instagram (fluctuates with when they can buy new bots), 11k (fake) followers on Twitter and 10k (fake) subscribers on youtube.
Has around a 1% engagement on instagram, but those likes and comments appear to be from bots, fake accounts, and engagement pods. Never gets any RTs or likes on twitter aside from her mom. Doesn’t get much more than 1000 views on her Youtube videos. Some brands, such as Colorpop and Laura Mercier have, however, fallen for her snafu and send her PR. Recent drama channels exposing her have garnered more attention as of late, but the views die off quickly and return to bot numbers soon after the hype dies down.

>Her mom Laur creates all her fan accounts on IG. Many of them pretends to be grossly exaggerated versions of minorities.
>Claims she has her own beauty brand coming out in 2020 (@lilleejeancosmetics) UPDATE 7/2020: This turned out to be just a new blog launch called @lilleejeanbeauty as her associated IG account was renamed as such
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab and made some customs Lipsticks (as anyone can do) for herself, claimed they were a collab and that Bite would release them for purchase. Sperged out on IG and cancelled them when they told her to stop claiming it was an official collaboration (https://www.instagram.com/tv/BwaDTX1gyDc/?igshid=3t86d935d62o)
>Had a billboard of herself in Times Square for Covergirl, pretends she did an actual campaign with them, when in reality it was a campaign where anyone could upload their picture to their homepage and then get their picture on the billboard.
>Her batshit insane mother uploaded an obviously shooped picture to her IG (@lrtrueman) claiming Lillee went to the MET ball. It wasn’t until after the reddit call-out they began to claim it was fan-art.
>Her mother also posted an obviously shooped “Teen Vouge” cover with Lillee on the front page.
>Somebody on r/beautyguruchatter made a thread about Lillee Jean. Her and her mom sperged out, made multiple accounts and spammed threads.
>Most likely buys used palettes for her videos. Has new videos for sets that came out weeks ago


https://www.twitter.com/InevitableLrt (goes between private and public)

Other relevant links can be found here >>767646


https://www.twitter.com/InevitableLrt (goes between private and public)

Other relevant links can be found here >>767646


>An extended summary of Lillee's Q&A video >>777943

>Whatsyourvibez is changed over to lilleejeanbeauty >>778093 which also becomes the name of her new website >>782801 One of her other sock accounts is also renamed to lilleejeandebunked_ >>778430 which later moves to tumblr at lilleejeantruth.tumblr.com >>780643
>Tiredlady believes Brenda's killer is paying Dees to stalk LJ >>778145 A new sock by Laur also seems to believe this >>778857 and tells people to kys while at it >>778900 Proof the sock is Laur >>779801 Laur seems to be the source of this lie >>781692 and goes full batshit claiming Diane is her sister's murderer >>782355 and >>782362 and >>782377 Much later she denies this ever happened >>784620
>Laur threatens Lunart with legal action after IG takes down the art post on Lillee's page >>778257 She also contacts the teen's mother >>778339
>Lillee's organic growth continues as she gains 500% more subs, and only 4% more views on Youtube >>778338
>A poster on reddit claims to have gone to middle school with Lillee >>778529 They claim Lillee said she had a 17 year old boyfriend and wore a sexualized halloween costume to school >>778565 Dees interviews the poster on stream >>779428
>A farmer finds old comments sent to a currently empty account by LJ/Laur calling them Pheepy >>778608 The few comments not deleted sound extremely ESL >>778610 before the replies change to a @princephillipe account >>778611
>More racist comments by LJ's sock fans >>778775 and >>778776 and >>780491
>Lillee claims Youtube vets subs by removing them and then putting them back later, hence her totally normal fluctuating sub count >>778844 She doubles down on this when she totally organically reaches 10k subs >>779696
>LJ wants you to sign BLM petitions and wear a mask >>779326 People calling her out for her racist comments get diatribes in reply >>779335 She also fears supporting Black brands right now can be construed as racist >>779382 Tiredlady spams the comments >>779581
>LJ follows a comment's advice and asked her million real Jeaniez to send her them following one of her tutorials or doing one of her looks for a feature in her video >>779890 One user takes her upon the challenge, complete with copious fallout >>780241
>LJ's very savvy brand manager found an account of a Portugese woman running for congress and thinks she's trying to kill him for having a non-English name >>780567
>Laur claims they will get really exciting news July 1!!! >>780754 (Nothing ever comes of this)
>Dees says her attorney is working to get Laur and LJ's youtube accounts terminated for false copystrike flags >>781031 She clarifies she is not suing Laur or issuing a restraining order >>781834
>Instead of actually donating new items, LJ uses 2 year old photos of her donating clothes and encourages Jeaniez to do so as well >>781173
>Many women in LJ's family have The Sight, including LJ herself >>781502 She wants to do more videos honing in on spirits, ghosts, demons, and more >>781632 Also Diane cursed Laur to stub her toe >>782054
>People find reviews for Laur's propmaster claims which are what you'd expect >>781829
>As Laur continues to spam the LJ hashtags, Twitter finally takes action and temporarily restricts her management account >>781995
>Lillee does another IG live, highlights here >>782069
>Lillee tries to dye her hair and manages to turn it dark red, then a brassy green after apparently not toning it correctly >>782204 and >>782954 and >>783072
>After accusing Dees of being her sister's murderer for a month, Laur begs Diane to leave her and LJ alone >>782533 and even pins such a request >>782588 then proceeds to spam her feed with instances of Dees calling them out for various things. Later she says she will continue to respond to Diane as long as Diane talks about her daughter >>784619
>Tiredlady seems to give up and says she will make a video with everything she knows before shutting down her Twitter account >>782868 She follows through with the deletion, at least >>783003
>Laur begs Diane for an interview on her channel >>784127 to "give her views" >>784170
>When the clip of Lillee telling Black people to shut the fuck up about slavery begins circulating again, LJ directs people to watch the full clip for context >>784138 possibly unaware that it makes her look even worse >>784204
>Lillee survived a whole year of being a victim and a lifetime of having tight pelvic walls >>784381
>Laur goes off on Tatiana for calling in a lawyer and defames the firm >>784392 Apparently the lawyer reaches out to Laur to tell her to stop tweeting about Tatiana, which she tells everyone by tweeting about Tatiana >>784521 Laur says she will apologize to anyone who actually comes to her with concerns, of which countless people have >>784542
>Laur is harassing a talented cosplayer and trying to have her store closed on Etsy >> 793210
>Laur is harassing Tatiana's lawyer again >>793805
>Lillee is shaming another brand who dropped her: therabox >>787795 and "pillow bra" >>792063
>Lillee still looks like a 50yo with baby teeth >>793882
>Drama went a bit dry on #13, however Lillee and Laur managed to be as obnoxious as usual. They moved again, prObably due to Tatiana's lawsuit. LJ spend 500$ to be allowed to put her ugly pictures on Malvie magazine >>800166 and bragged about a silly Yahoo post >>795527 also paid: 150$.
>Lillee triggered all the "french anons of the universe" >>797778 with nonsense about her fake french roots and a very painfully ugly "french look" video >>798128 and managed to lose one real fan >>798297 while playing the victim again.
>Just before the locking of the #13 thread, LJ went on an epic crazy rage insulting everyone/wishing everyone's death by fire, decapitation or covid because some anons edited >>802011 her everipedia page, video >>802042

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No. 802145

Can some anons download her IG stories?

No. 802147

Link for her new seat video if you don’t want to give the goblin views or coins: https://hooktube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=tVYFnTjFDNs

No. 802149

That great Anon, she won't get any views from here.

>Are you jealous of me because I'm pretty?

Wow desilusion is thick. She blames it on Diane again…

No. 802152

Genuinely creeped out by this video. Her delusion in this one is a lot stronger than in previous ones. This is someone who lives entirely on their own reality and had shut off any absorption of any real facts in spite of having it hammered to them. Really, this is some Black Mirror level of psychotic disconnect from reality. The interruptions of the makeup routine in the middle of her rambling only makes it even more surreal…

No. 802155

I would 100% agree, but I believe LJ is the manipulative one. And Laur is too weak to ever say "no" to LJ - which makes her a terrible parent for this and all the neglect of LJ's health.
It's like the Meth Gala, LJ couldn't possibly not know she wasn't invited and she wasn't even there.
Same, the video is insane, especially while doing her horrid makeup. She is just coming back to the fake life and lies over and over again.

No. 802157


I disagree. If you've seen how she treats Laur on Defango's live stream, there's no doubt Lillee runs Laur. Laur may give her validation, but Lillee is probably snapping at her to get articles made for her because she's her management. Lillee's a spoiled brat and I definitely think she's in on everything and controlling Laur to try and become famous.

No. 802158

The disillusionment is largely Laur's fault. Another anon said they think Laur has largely kept Lillee in the dark about paying for features for her-and then the callouts are super quick to point out that they are purchased spots.
Lillee's content seemed normal until she dropped out of high-school and Laur took over as manager. She had some legit followers, was a recognizable face on the beautylish and sephora boards…Even if some of her content was probably too provocative for a 15 year old, I'd argue you would be hard pressed to find a 15 year old that doesn't push boundaries. Considering Lillee had went from a overweight child to a thinner, more adult figure, she was probably excited to have attention paid to her. But she would have still been getting reality checked in high school. Laur let her drop out ( I don't care if Lillee "graduated" from Keystone. Her education didn't advance past her leaving public school) and then they became a echo chamber. It is easy to delete bad comments and pretend they never happened. It's easy to play pretend and "dress for the job you want" when no one is calling you out. Honestly, if reddit anon hadn't started looking into Lillee's following, I think she would still be perfectly fine with 2k youtube followers and playing all the parts in the comments of her posts.

No. 802159

“The other day they edited my everipedia”

Bitch, it was yesterday.

“I haven’t done anything on these people since September. I ignore them.”

Bitch, it’s October. Do they have no concept of time/space in the attic?

And the portion in which she talks about sake kitty rightfully criticizing lilllee trying to force herself into the cosplay community. Lillee can’t understand why sake kitty just didn’t send her free stuff. The fucking entitlement. Laur has been muzzled with the active lawsuits going on. It’s quite refreshing seeing Lillee show her true self.

No. 802161

Part of me feels bad for Lillee. Imagine how hard it must be waking up every day having to act as if you’re talking to a million real people on your story when she probably only gets a few hundred views at most. Acting like she has a real fanbase must be draining as hell.

No. 802162

Lillee needs to be careful. Laur had been jumping on the grenades Lillee was throwing out before, but she's got her hands tied and as much as they want to pretend Lillee is just a teenager, she's a 19 year old adult, and she's actively inciting harrassment against individuals and then bragging about it. And she has a million followers, had a Facebook group called Lillee's Army that coordinated attacks on Twitter users.

No. 802165

No. 802166

I just don’t understand what Lillee gets out of this, much less Laur. Not only does this not make them any money, it’s costing them what I can only assume is a couple thousand dollars minimum. And doesn’t it feel empty, knowing the numbers they see, while huge, are fake? Is it just roleplay for them? Is it just an escapism fantasy gone horribly wrong? I know people often write, fantasize and roleplay about being famous, and that it’s a fantasy for them, why can’t they just do that? Actually pretending to be famous? Are they just taking “fake it til you make it” it it’s worst possible extreme? It just blows my mind

No. 802167

Wow, 9 minutes after your post and its already gone. They must be looking at the farms right now.


No. 802169

File: 1603830762529.jpeg (258.87 KB, 828x596, 2DF15728-6DEA-4D5C-9EE3-A8960A…)

Go to sleep, Laur

No. 802170

File: 1603830832021.png (94.6 KB, 480x715, sakekittypleads.png)

Sake Kitty regretting flinging poop with the monkeys and now acting like a victim cow herself addressing "farms".

No. 802171

It was obvious the edit wasn't from Diane, Tatiana or Sake Kitty.
Lillee and Laur are so dumb they want to believe so, because it's convenient to claim there's only 3 people disliking lillee, when it's so much more.

No. 802173

File: 1603834685996.png (106.13 KB, 1001x542, poo poo pee pee.png)

Lillee is so mad at some random person who commented on her video that she turned into a crazy stalker and commented on her recent Instagram posts. She's so antibullying.
>Wow that's how many lines abs comments?
Lillee is crytyping now holy shit

Boohoo idiot, maybe you shouldn't have been so public with your hate of Lillee. None of the Twitter callouts are victims just like LJ isn't a victim.

No. 802175

File: 1603835221128.png (396.04 KB, 828x753, Screenshot 2020-10-27 152103.p…)



> Explains that Everipedia is the next step towards a Wikipedia.

> Says that her Everipedia got "rampaged" and claims that she "doesn't like to wear it", meaning she doesn't like to say that she's a victim. "How dare youuu…"
> Takes her glasses off, nods her head, and says "Yes…the other day, I went live. I had some of you guys go on live. And yes, I did wish maybe not nice things on them, but I am not someone who believes you must forgive and forget. I am someone who believes eye for an eye and sometimes just move on. I have tried to move on, but the person who has been stalking me, I told you guys about her, her name used to be BFFDees but now it's D_Awesomelaser, she changed it just to be smug ummm….STOP. I mean, unless you're paid, why do you keep going? Are you JEALOUS OF MEEEE?? Because I'm YOUNGERRR?? Are you jealous of me because I'm PRETTY?? I don't understand, but please stop, it's no good for you mentally to keep doing this, and if you don't realize it, you have a COMPULSION. You keep coming back to LILLEE JEAN, LILLEE JEAN, you've got to break your own cycle, okay? Taking legal action is something I AM doing you guys. I didn't want it to have to go that because I'm somebody who likes to, like, reason and talk to somebody, but this is a follow up to my Jessica Rabbit video and…people need to be NICER to one another. To defend yourself, like I said, I hope that everything they do gets put back on them. I hope they burn alive. (Yes those two things are said in succession. Lillee, I don't think anyone has burned you alive but ok). I'm not a person like that, so to say something like that, I mean they're evil witches. (suuuure) And 15 months of this, I have really bad PTSD. I see one of their faces and it's like a -snap- a switch! Don't come near me! It's like switch! And it's something I'm working on and it's something that maybe I'll have for a really long time. Makeup calms me, makeup soothes me, and I love what I do. This started really when I was 15. Can you imagine how many years of this mental abuse I have been going through? I can't, I should have never had to! Now God has a funny way of working because in the meantime, yes, look -gestures- I'm here, and I've been able to touch so many of you guys and I've come up so much, but who vandalizes a beautiful paaage that is just prettyyy?? I mean, the page was fair, it had stuff about controversy, stuff like that because it's a fact. The controversies happened. But to change somebody's name to Peepee Poopoo and think it's funny, yes I do hope everything regurgitates on you. -shrug-"
> "Something I keep in mind is that last summer and ongoing, every brand I work with is bombarded. And it's not stuff like "I dOn'T lIkE hER, UGH", it's like multiple accounts that are fake, which is ironic what you're saying about me, and they tell these brands these horrible things that are like woooaaahhh. And it's like, I'm being cyberbullied! Why would you do this to somebody? It's like an honor code, why would you touch one another's page, why would you DO this? It's mean!"
> "Some key things changed had to do with mocking my dad saying he dated Casey Anthony, which is a nudge towards this crazy person who's not much older than me doing multiple videos on me and then tries to get a lawyer involved. Which I don't believe she really paid for, I think most of the money if you look at the GoFundMe, $3000 was plopped down (she sounds bitter), IS by the main person stalking me. They represented Casey Anthony (talking about the lawyer, I thought she was talking about Dees still). And I gotta be honest, I know everybody deserves a defendant, but -points- eewww. That's eww. And you know, she did 11 videos on me, and I've never really spoken about it because it's like, you're nothing, whatever, moving on, doing my makeup. That 11th video, when everything was happening, and to pay a lawyer to send a demands letter saying that I must pay her 100k. Yet her videos I'm assuming have made money, I'm assuming, based on social blade, the views don't match the price. But..hmm..you've earned a lot of money on my name. (her tone gets really bratty here) I kind of want that now. I kind of want everything now. You see what I'm saying? I've remained silent, and not a lot of you guys know that and…HERE IT IS!! I never really wanted to bring this to light, but woowww. I remember this, my mom told me to block somebody named Tater something, and I was like okay and I did, and that was like 2 months into the things. And then I see all these videos like my birthday live stream blown up, making fun, and making very gregarious rumors (that's not how you use that word) and then calling the -quote- sex police -quote- when nothing happened. And then starting rumors about pedophilia and I was raped. -Shocked look- These are harmful things and for people who really have been sexually abused, it's really damning that you would insult them by trying to make somebody who wasn't bothering you in the picture. And I think that's what always gets me. I never bothered these people so where the hell did you come from?? Every celebrity, every known person, and laugh all you want, that's what I am now (PURE delusion), they get something like this. Today I got told "Eww I don't like your hair" and it's like eww I don't like you, suck my dick! But the continual aggressive behavior towards me, oh it's made me rageful. And wow, why do you gotta be that way?"
> "One of them is a cosplayer. I have no clue where she came from. She looks like she's about 36, lives at home from what it seems. Because if somebody's going to attack me, I'm going to look at their profile and see what are you talking about because I need to know if I'm in danger. A year ago, this same group said that they were going to stab me and I have police reports on it. And everything to them is a joke, but when shit really hits the fan, we'll see who really thinks it's a joke because legal is happening. She seemed to have all of these awards that seemed to be happening, and then all of a sudden her life, I don't know, stops? If you go on her Facebook page it seems like something is missing from her life. It's just gone, and I feel bad for her. When my (???) collab happened and she wanted to reach out to out to (I think it's Maron?) and say these really drone weird things, it's like..-confusion- I would never contact your Wixiplier. And I gotta be honest, the cosplay community I think is one of the fucking nicest. Everybody there is so sweet, so encouraging. Why can't you be like that? Instead of being a smart businesswoman, because she does sew, instead of saying "Hey, let's collaborate, I want to sew you an outfit for one of your cosplays (kek she's getting desperate for stuff not from Amazon) and if you could tag me" and I show her my stats or whatever, but instead of being that smart businesswoman, you had to project hate and rage and jealousy. I've identified that's what it is and I'm like guuuuyss."
> "I'm feeling quite badass, so I'm going into Catrice's Badass Bae."
> "The one who did an 11th video, it's funny. The first title is that my mom is lying about her and she's going to take legal action. She did a GoFundMe. And until the money started being questions, there was nothing that got sent to us. So that's kind of interesting, huh? And then her newest video title is that my mom is suing her, which yes, is correct -laughs-. But, it's like, which one is it then? Did you lie to your fanbase on purpose? I don't understand."
> Talks about some of the support she gets.
> "Maybe there is one of you out there that is going through something similar and is pleading for help, and then Lillee is here talking about it (there she fucking goes talking in 3rd person again) and you're like A. I'm not as bad, B. I'm worse oh my god, or C. Yeah, same thing is happening, I feel you, I have empathy for you. So yeah, I wish people would just be kinder. So many people have their hang ups, some people are mentally ill. When you say that, you get told to stop shaming us, but that's not shaming, that's a fact. And to be open about mental illness is smarter in my opinion. On the Everipedia, it was mocked and said that I have William's Syndrome, which I do not! Let's just take a step back and act like I wasn't Lillee, I would look at this and say "you're mocking people who not only have a shorter life expectancy, so you're talking about babies, people who have learning disabilities from this disorder, and you're mocking it. You're not just making fun of me, you're mocking those people." You say I'm illiterate because yeah it's true I went to a normal school and then from 10th to 12th grade, online. Because it made you mad? Do you not realize you're making fun of people who DO have learning disabilities? Everything with them is ironic and doesn't make sense."
> "One example is they like to say I am poor and that I have no money. Well number 1, I never knew it was shameful to be born into no money, number 2 that it was okay to shame somebody. And that's what this Wig-anne does, she just shames and thinks she's scott-free, but it's like noooo bitch. That's not cool, that's not nice, you're not the cool kid! And I bet in school you probably weren't and this is your only way to be liked somewhat (LOL this is total projection, especially since Lillee can never stop talking about school)."
> "So, if I really, really had nothing, which if I did, what would it matter, how do I have these dolls? How do I have my camera? It doesn't make sense. And then it becomes "You're a rich white girl and you have privilege!" (Oh boy here we go with the white card again when it's irrelevant and no one is talking about it) but I thought I was poor living in an attic. And by the way, if I was, there are some really beautiful attics that are renovated, very expensive. So, hm, very interesting."
> "I think what really gets on my nerves is that they act like they're victims or upstanding citizens, and you're nooot! I don't know how to break it to you, but you're not! You're really mean. You're really evil. And I do think there could be good in you, but you are your own anchor. You pull yourself away from being able to be the best version of you. All they had to do was stop making videos that weren't true, but they kept inserting themselves. Have you ever heard of a tea content creator who, not only makes everything about themselves, because they were saying several videos of mine were about them, ummm…no…I didn't even put them on my tumblr because I could care less. When you start making fun and helping to vandalize an Everipedia. which is sacred to people, it's like, who do you think you are?? Because right now it's like nah, nah, nah, nah, that's not cool, that's not nice. Do better.
> "I've been bottling this up for so long. I hope I don't have to do another video like this, but I probably will. Because this has been going on for months and it feels like it's never going to end. Torture, pure torture."
> "I don't live my life through Twitter. I don't. And I don't know if that's necessarily a good thing to just live everything through a platform where you don't know these people. Most of the people I've met on twitter are not very nice. I like to keep to people I know that I follow because there are some weird people on there." I'm tired of typing, but she basically says people will post something that says "If you're 13, do this" and adults retweet it. And she says she had internet at 13, but thought Twitter was for old people, and that her and her young friends were on private Instagrams and didn't understand why kids are on Twitter today or want to be on it. She says she finds it weird and scary that something might be going on between older adults and people that are younger on the platform. (Projection much?)
> "This video is going to get a lot of hate, and maybe that's good, maybe you guys can go attack. To ask you guys to do something like that, which they vilified, although they've done that to me, is like nah. It's time for Lillee to shine and it's time for me to have my spotlight. You can't do this to somebody. You can't walk around being this mean person. I have faith that the universe has a very interesting way of working, and things are going to shape up."
> "It's hard to be silent when so much is being done to you, and your enemy is so vocal. And even though I'm an Aries, I'm a little shy. That little Pisces moon hovers over and balances out that Aries, so not only am I more logical and calm, I'm like okay this is not the right time or the right decision. Now it is the right time cause like you're screwing with my shit."
> "My throat hurts really bad. Last night I was shaking, I was crying, and you know what? I'm strong for saying that. You did this to me, and you still don't know why. How do you not know you're invading somebody's space? How do you not know? (So which is it Lillee, are you a celebrity with no privacy, or an attic-dweller nobody that wants to stay out of the spotlight?) "
> "I think one thing is true: Whatever your enemy or haters pick on most is what they're very jealous of (kek at being jealous of almost no teeth). One thing that gets picked on a lot about me is my hair. My hair naturally is like a dark caramel blonde, so it has beautiful reddish tones, but mainly it's a golden base. And that got turned to it's greasy and brown. Look, it's not my fault you happen to be colorblind, a lot of people in the world are and it's something serious to consider (At this point I genuinely don't know if her condescending tone is on purpose or if she actually thinks she's helping people), so whatever you're working on, okay, but it's done maliciously. It's done to say "her mane is ugly", but my mane is beautiful. You know for half the year I was feeling like "oh my god is it not nice? Do people not like my normal hair?" and then I just had a moment after dying my hair red and then hating it for a day that's like wow, this is Lillee Jean, I feel comfortable with my shy but flashy hair color, and I feel comfortable being me and that's not my problem if you can't accept you. Work on YOU before you can say anything."
> She explains she used something by Matrix that turned her hair green lmaof. She says at least she doesn't have red though.
> "One thing I can say is that I've never really gone after these people since September (yeah cause you sic your mom on everyone) and everything has just been "please stop", so at least I know in my heart not only do I ignore them, but they're nothing to me. I want you to have the piece of mind to know that your Lillee is not going on rampages. No, your Lillee is not even having contact with them. I don't know any of them, I don't even know some of their names (you don't know anyone's name lmaof). So I do want you guys to know that no I'm not insanely doing that."
> "Be kind. Think before you type. It's no joke. It could be that little thing that could set somebody off."
> Talks about how some Indie brand owner is so sweet and how the owner is like Tiana and she's like Aurora. Lmaof wut.
> Says that a lot of blood vessels around her eyes popped from crying. I'm pretty positive that is not how that works.
> Calls her followers her family and says they don't feel like that unless she shares all of her problems with them.
> Left in her phone notif sound for getting a text, probably to try and show the haters that she has friends when it was probably just a text from her mom.

Okay thank god this is finally done. I paraphrased and corrected her grammar for most parts because she speaks like she's ESL, but here you go.

No. 802176

Jesus christ, I wrote this and read this over again and I barely understand what she's saying. Lmfao sorry anons, but she's basically illiterate, I did what I could with what she said.

No. 802177

File: 1603836240951.png (422.48 KB, 1920x886, Screenshot_20201027-210608.png)

I'm late to bring this up but it seems she does attempt to map out the proportions on the face in her Harry Potter drawing but it's laughably bad. She just slapped a few wonky guidelines on there like she has a vague notion that something like that is supposed to be there because she saw it somewhere once. The body and the hair are incoherent scribbles so it's no wonder the finished outcome is so piss poor. It seems she 'learns' a technique from somewhere and doesn't have the creativity to build on it or the intelligence to understand what it's for and how to use it properly.

No. 802179

I think this kind of unfiltered monologuing that she does is another thing that puts real viewers off her content. People don't want to watch a makeup tutorial featuring an unhinged troglodyte blandly applying makeup while whining for nearly half an hour about how mean people are to her.

No. 802180

>Every celebrity, every known person, and laugh all you want, that's what I am now
I had to stop watching at this point. Her delusions are almost scary

No. 802181

I don't usually frequent LJ threads so I'm sorry if this has been covered before, but I saw the Mal Vie thing going on and wanted to comment as someone who worked in the industry.

>Malvie would be easy for Laur to lie about. "This company contacted me and wants to feature you!"

It's not easy to lie about at all. Everyone knows about vanity press publications. As the term suggests, they're nothing more than a money-grabbing scheme to flatter the egos of photographers and, to a lesser degree, models. They and the people who submit to them are highly criticized because the consensus is that if you support these magazines/photo books/etc by submitting your work free of charge, you contribute to the habit of not paying photographers/models for their work even for commercial publications. Malvie doesn't even actually print magazines, they're exclusively print on demand, so the vast majority of readers are the people they "feature". In fact, I'd say that the sole purpose of the magazine is to sell photographers and models their own work back in print form. Nobody else buys them. Many of these exist, often in the shape of themed photo books that spam-request submissions based on upload tags on IG/Flickr/DA/500px/etc, it's a huge issue and everyone knows about it. Tearsheets (torn-out pages to prove your work was published) can be good for your portfolio and digital tearsheets do exist, but they don't count unless the publication is something noteworthy. Showcasing a publication in one of these submission-based mags is just as pathetic and counterproductive as everyone here already suggested. On top of everything else, paying for the privilege to be included is even worse and these practices actively contribute to the destruction of the business. Maybe they can impress a few followers with that, but listing it as an accomplishment is directly harming Lillee's reputation. They go out of their way to sabotage what little success Lillee could potentially have if she played it straight and stopped aiming way too high.

No. 802183

They don't really believe this, but it makes Lillee look more sympathetic to say it's just a few boolies who are harassing her. Initially, everyone was Joe, then Josh Moon, then Diane, etc.

They want to make it seem like there's a concerted effort against Lillee being perpetrated by a few mean people, but that's just not the case. She's only noteworthy for going to such ridiculous lengths to fake a fanbase and scam brands. There are a lot of people in the beauty community who absolutely hate this kind of shit.

Laur and Lillee are both super nasty to the few sad people who do actually engage with them, it's really not hard to believe there are a lot of people who dislike them when they're so damn dislikeable.

No. 802184

Not that anon, but I believe they were saying it’s easy for Laur to lie to LJ about Mal Vie being pay-to-play. Thanks for all the interesting info though!

No. 802189

Not LJ acting as if she's above Twitter because its full of pedos when she promotes paedophilia herself

No. 802192

why is lillee so convinced she's this beauty? i certainly don't think she's ugly but she's far from as pretty as she makes herself out to be. and her bragging just makes people want to scrutinize her appearance more if they didn't want to already.

No. 802196

She is hideous and mentally ill

No. 802209

Her insistence that she’s pretty and that others are jealous of her beauty is baffling. She’s a fat midget with creepy baby teeth

No. 802215

She is really taking that Peepee Poopoo thing seriously

No. 802216

File: 1603855045365.jpeg (499.91 KB, 828x1309, C17546FE-5146-4C97-81EB-5AC571…)

No. 802224

I can see Laur saying this. We know Lillee was never really popular in her middle school days, Laur probably said everyone was just jealous of Lillee’s pale skin and blonde hair, and now she thinks everyone who doesn’t like her is just jealous of her beauty.

No. 802227

>anti-bullying advocate

should be "cyberbullying advocate"

No. 802230


This reads like you put a bunch of words into one of those "complete my sentence" AI and it spat out…this. I feel that even high school dropouts speak better than her. She's been living in the attic only speaking to her mom who is ESL as well, and you get this.

No. 802232

File: 1603860002049.jpg (247.23 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201028-003844_Chr…)

Her Everipedia has been removed lmaof. Wonder if it was voluntarily?

No. 802233

File: 1603860226696.png (198.36 KB, 525x344, lunatic.png)

Why is her skull so irritated?? that everipedia page was that significant for her? kek i can imagine her screeching and pulling that piss hair in manic mode

No. 802236


No. 802241

With that eye makeup it looks like she got attacked by a gang of fleas lmao

No. 802250

Thank you green text Anon for all the work.
>Instead of being a smart businesswoman, because she does sew, instead of saying "Hey, let's collaborate, I want to sew you an outfit for one of your cosplays
…!!! That is what shocked me the most!
The fact Lillee takes for granted that a talented cosplayer who worked hard to had a real following, got real press articles and who can sew her own costumes I sew too, not blogposting, but it takes lots and lots of work to sew a custom made outfit, would just make her an outfit for FREE, is just so mind-blowing…
And in exchange of WHAT????
That level of entitlement.

No. 802251

Lillee Jean is what happens when a very hideous family has a child that has an ounce of conventional beauty. She has lots of hair and psychotic colorful eyes. This passes for beauty among gremlins, so she has been told she's the "beauty" of her family all her life.

No. 802254

It's pretty clear to me at this point that LJ and Laur are stupid enough to think that the whole 'antibullying advocate' angle is one that they can spin into fame and fortune.

There's a small handful of people who do make real careers out of that stance, but they're always absolutely clear cut cases of horrific bullying for something that the person cannot help (eg. the person has a severe facial deformity and is relentlessly bullied just for existing on the internet.)
What LJ and Laur fail to realize is that any normal minded person will spend just a minute or two on their social media and back away knowing that this isn't some cutesy, simple overcoming adversity story. They don't possess the willpower to stop engaging with detractors, and they sound every bit (and more) mean and callous when they do.

LJ is also way too mediocre to make anyone actually care about her, bullying angle or not. She can barely communicate in coherent sentences, so adults aren't going to be interested, and kids are too busy following louder, prettier and cooler creators that actually know about and follow trends.

Her 'career' is a dead end, and she could do with realizing it soon before she screws up her life for good.

No. 802255

How does she always have so much fallout with every look? I mean ive seen other byooty gooroos do way heavier eyeshadow looks with less fallout

No. 802257

100% agree. They want to make her the poor little cyberbullied makeup guru.
The only problem is no one goes onto her social media and says shit about her. It's either positive, or people respectfully disagreeing with her (only to be snidely attacked by the goblin). She or her mom go look for pages talking shit about her, then cry victim. That isn't being bullied, that's looking for trouble.

No. 802261


They paid CyberGuyEsq to get an entry written. It was vandalized within minutes and ultimately removed. Laur & Lillee are incapable of making a good decision.

CyberGuyEsq also has an everipedia entry which was written by the same freelance editor who wrote Lillee’s.

No. 802262

I imagine its because of her mom inflating her ego. I dont think shes that ugly. Just average and has a frumpy sense of style. Her style gives me mad 'preteen whos mom finally let her dress herself for school' vibes

No. 802265

File: 1603892953923.jpeg (224.27 KB, 945x916, 4DB7A2D4-C482-4ABD-BCA2-98B627…)

The way Lillee words this makes it sound like someone sent her body parts through the mail.

No. 802266

No one will believe it now that there’s video proof of Lillee wishing physical violence on people. They also don’t realize that, as a public figure, fake or not, she opens herself up to criticism. And criticism isn’t synonymous with bullying. Also, If they just stopped lying and manipulating people it’d stop. If they just admitted they bought followers and then stopped engaging in criticism, people would get bored because Lillee isn’t interesting enough to talk about otherwise.

No. 802270

God LJ and Laur just get more insane by the day

They must have genuinely thought, at first, that this is how people get famous. They took "fake it till you make it" literally. That saying more means that no one really knows what they're doing, successful or not. Not that you PRETEND to be famous and talented until you actually are. Most people go into this with some kind of talent or skill and LJ's entire life and persona was made up from the start. She has literally nothing going for her. I feel like these threads get more and more depressing as time goes on because they just double down and sink deeper and deeper into the delusion

No. 802271

>me, me me me
Sums up her whole personality.

Who's Sam? lol

No. 802272

What’s sad is she’s clearly somewhat passionate about this, be it passion for fame or beauty itself, and if she just did it genuinely she COULD have a moderately successful influencer brand as a hobby. She’d never be Michelle Phan or Tati Westbrook levels of successful, but I could see her reaching maybe 100k max.

No. 802275

File: 1603899927091.jpg (6.11 MB, 4032x3024, 20201028_104445.jpg)

Are you jealous of me because I'm pretty? It's just like.. ugh! Blah! You know?(fan art)

No. 802280

Really? I don't find her passionate at all. Maybe in the beginning, but she's throwing out so many videos that are low content, it's just quantity over quality at this point. In my opinion, it looks like she only continues making videos to show the "haters" that she'll never give up no matter how hard they try to "tear her down" or whatever. Her effort in her videos has slowly gone down more and more and ended up with her pale pink eyeshadow and pale pink lipstick more than 100 times so far.

No. 802281

Like I said, she’s passionate about either fame or makeup, could be either. maybe I’m just trying to rationalize insanity, but I can’t imagine her putting this amount of work into everything she does if she isn’t at minimum passionate about building an audience. I just wish she’d do it genuinely bc ngl I’d follow her and support her if she was trying to be genuine, I think she’d get an underdog following that way.

No. 802282

I don't know anon. I feel like there's at least one person at some point in each of these threads that basically says "If LJ was essentially a completely different person, I'd support her." It just seems a bit redundant.

Sure, if LJ tried harder, was more intelligent, was less crass and abrasive and didn't have an insane monster mom, maybe she'd be halfway to watchable. But you can't put lipstick on a pig at this point, the damage is done.

No. 802283


Maybe a little bit passionate about makeup, but I think far more passionate about perception than anything. Lillee is/was poor, fat, and either has a learning disability or is of below average intellect. She has NO friends in her offline life. She lives in NYC and can't find a single other youtuber/blogger to collab with? A single friend? She wants people to perceive her as strong, intelligent, confident and wants people to envy her and want to be her friend. Real people fuck that illusion up. The things Lillee makes a point to make people know about her- her family history, her GPA, her even minor collabs, are meant to make people want to be her. Lillee wants to be Regina George.

No. 802284

I only know of who Lillee Jean is in passing from here but damned if I don't despise her just because she always pops up in my Twitter gif suggestions no matter what I search. Does her mom pay for that or something? You could be looking for a gif of a carrot and she'd pop up.

No. 802285

File: 1603905585302.png (1.41 MB, 828x2863, 40915E8C-354C-4778-8125-4E28EB…)

Sealions are all over the racist Supernatural actor and his weird side project

No. 802286

She makes multiple gifs from every video and uploads them to giphy because she needs to cover every platform there is. She mentioned it in her vlog

No. 802287

She has an active GIPHY acc and she spams hashtags with her shitty gifs in order to appear more often

No. 802288

He agreed to do an interview after boomer told him how he was connected to Bang Esq. By his defense of poor cyberbullied Lillee Jean. The best part was Lillee immediately replying she wanted to jump into the call as well, because she wants attention lol.

No. 802289

Yeah it's scary how badly she latches onto high school and middle school, and sometimes even elementary school (constantly bringing up her Korean play). She's had nothing else in her life, literally. No friends, only her mom. Her hobbies are for children, so she probably has a hard time finding adult friends that way too. I mean, of course minus literally everything else that's wrong with her, I just mean she probably doesn't have a lot of common ground with people her age.

No. 802291

From watching her lives, it becomes even more apparent. Her guests are largely either Indian dudes jacking off, self promoters, or tweens that fit the stereotypes for being bullied and are super excited someone with a million followers is paying attention to them. The few cases of her getting a normal guest that is her age, she gets super wierd and childlike/ attention whoring. The tweens, she eats up them freaking out about her selecting them (as if she's not going down a list), but either ignores their problems or promptly makes the conversation about her and her problems.

I don't see LJ ever really having age appropriate friends. I truly believe that Pheepy is fake, but in the 1 in a billion chance he is real, I would find it far more creepy. Mentally, Lillee isn't just 8(?) Years younger than him, she's still a 10/13 year old. That's an extra level of fucked up.

No. 802292

File: 1603907519820.png (213.88 KB, 586x470, Screenshot 2020-10-28 135138.p…)

The page is still down for me. Anyone else?

No. 802293

Pheepy is 100% not real. She hasn't brought him up since their age gap got scrutinized, and she would have definitely shown him off by now

No. 802294

She did go absolutely unhinged in her live about it when someone edited her everipedia to say he's fake

No. 802295

I’m not sure how Laur expects Lillee to have a normal life after she and Earl die. It’s every parent’s job to prepare their kids to be somewhat independent and self reliant. Neither Laur not Earl are particularly healthy people and nobody else in their family is prepared to cater to Lillee’s every request. Wtf does Laur expect will happen to Lillee after she gets too disabled to spam brands, clean the house or cook? Lillee can’t even leave the house by herself ffs.

No. 802296

File: 1603907885876.jpeg (62.57 KB, 828x307, CB63BCDC-4673-4ECE-B464-2CAF91…)

It’s back up but someone already made a small change

No. 802297

Pretty much every single thing about her social life is wrong, you're spot on anon. Whenever someone her age comes up on her live, she's obsessed with trying to show off that it's not just Pradips or children in there because she wants to prove she's a celebrity, so they're like a token to show that her audience is diverse. But like you said, her loneliness kicks in, so she also starts acting really weird and childlike around them because she's desperate for human interaction that isn't her family.
It's literally so unnerving to me that she has zero photos with anyone else besides her family. I understand it's because she has no friends, but even people who aren't nice or are generally unlikeable for some reason have at least 1 or 2 friends that they have a few photos with.

No. 802301

I don't want to watch Tatiana's videos, is it true her lawyer asked LJ to pay 100K? lol.
> and to pay a lawyer to send a demands letter saying that I must pay her 100k.
Did they move trying to escape rent but also legal fees, prosecution, damages?

No. 802302

I think Laur and LJ are 100% only interested in fame. LJ seems to have a very cursory interest in makeup at best, which is why her looks are always so uninspired and basic. Girl won't even fill in her eyebrows.

If they had bought only a small fraction of the 1m followers and tried to grow LJ's following organically (without the sock puppets), they wouldn't have made themselves into such a joke. They clearly just care about having a big following even though it's obviously fake.

They probably thought the huge number of followers and socks tweeting at DC/Marvel/Disney would somehow make LJ go viral and get her a movie deal, but it made them look nuts. Even when the first /snow/ thread came around, anons were saying they got blocked just for looking at LJ's stories. I don't think they care about making real content at all.

No. 802308

Tatiana said her lawyer sent a c&d. There was no mention of a demand letter for $100k in the video. I can say with almost 100% certainty that this is fully made up or at the very least a stretch of what actually happened (I.e. it could be possible that they were told something along the lines of fines for XYZ could cost up to $100k or legal expenses could cost up to $100k). Once again, Lillee put up no proof of her claim.

No. 802309

Lmaof at Laur trying to insert herself and her dad in her bio like it’s something relevant to Lillee. Literally no one does that on Wikipedia.

No. 802314

Tbh I think as crazy as this is that this IS her plan. And I’m not so sure Laur herself doesn’t have a slight mental delay/disability. I think her plan is for Lillee to get rich and famous so that she can just pay everyone else to run her life. Lillee is the one who most gets assumed to be disabled, but I think Laur is, too. At very least she’s barely (if at all) above Lillee’s cognitive level. So I think she genuinely does, to a certain extent, believe this will work. That may be why she’s so dedicated – I’ve seen parents of disabled children humor them, but never to this level. In some respects, I think Laur believes this BS.

No. 802316

You have a point, but it seems they are convinced that by this time, LJ will be a super famous booty guru billionaire with huge multinational makeup company in NYC 5th avenue and endless money at the bank. And a super classy devoted staff from France taking care of everything, and making salads in a very luxurious huge attic's mansion for famous wealthy goblin and everyone will be so jealous of her, kek.
She also will buy the farms and have us all jailed because she'll be so rich, she'll hire the fanciest smartass hackers to gt our IP and Laur will come in her private jet for all of us. ALL OF US.
That's the plan.

No. 802327

Since when is fan art not allowed? It was all over previous threads

No. 802329

No one likes your shitty fanart nonny

No. 802337

It’s pretty wild that Kiki is actually not so different than LJ, although she is a step up in terms of looks.

Same model of being supported by her parents convinced of her being famous starting from their childhood, never pushed into getting regular jobs to learn to be self-sufficient, literally paid to be in publications or movies and absolutely nothing to show for it.

You’d think Momma Jean could have enrolled LJ in some community college so she could have some backup plan like being an accountant or something. Poor gremlin is soon going to be 25 with a very mediocre YouTube channel and no applicable life skills.

No. 802339

i tried to make her new page actually accurate, but it won't let me submit. they might have locked it, but somehow someone made it say brown before it was locked i guess?

No. 802348

Tbh that single edit probably is more annoying to her than the rest kek. Because she can't screech Booolies it's just a verifiable fact shown in every picture on the page.

No. 802352

True but Kiki was actually famous on the internet for a bit, LJ is only a notorious joke, if anything.

No. 802355

Okay but my question still stands

No. 802360

I don't know what mod logic is but my guess is because 1) the art wasn't good 2) it wasn't in response to a specific thing, such as the "THIS BEAUTIFUL THING" edit from last post of Lillee and Laur in the sistine chapel and 3) it seemed attention seeking to post an out of context pen drawing that didn't add to the discussion

No. 802370

Can we please stop editting her everipedia page. It's not important and this way LJ and LT feel it's important because people give it attention. They are attention whores and even negative attention will feed them. Nobody will stumble upon that stupid page. I've never heard of everipedia before this happened.

No. 802371

lol yeah, everyone should stop updating the one, peer reviewed source that documents lillee jeans scams/racism/homophobia because it totally doesn't mean anything.

No. 802380

Editing stuff like the peepee poopoo, while funny, does give credit to the "we're so bullied" narrative. Factual edits, including adding a link to the reddit thread that started all of this, would be welcome contributions. With them so solely focused on the article right now, any change they are going to block, especially ones that begin to poke holes in the "unbiased" article they have written.

No. 802382

How can you guys have it edited? kek
It's removed since yesterday for me, seems final. I live in Europe, btw.

Anyway, everipedia is just a pay-to-play linkedIn for narcissistic nobodies who need to brag about a wikipedia-like fake business page.

No. 802384

I’d love to see factual edits but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter

No. 802385

you guys would have a fit about ED lmao.

No. 802386

Hate to break it to you anon but even factual edits are just going to be reported by Lillee and she’ll just get the mods to revert them. If you want to expose Lillee just contribute to these threads, they’re going to be seen more than a knock-off Wikipedia article.

No. 802388

File: 1603976173721.jpeg (87.31 KB, 750x702, 8152DA29-9086-48C3-B120-09E3B8…)

Lillee’s everipedia writer is anti-mask/anti-lockdown

No. 802391

File: 1603977228131.jpeg (261.94 KB, 750x607, 786448BE-8225-4FFC-B5CE-C7E9B6…)

Also easily triggered by jokes

No. 802392

He’s just a rando who got payed to write it Anon, this isn’t milk you’re the only one who cares about this.

No. 802393

For a brand manager, Bang Esq. Is really bad at his job. He's basically gotten them to spend money on articles no one will ever see. I'm sure he's promised Laur and Lillee Jean a spot on his upcoming doxxuseries with Mark Paleassgringo, but I don't see how he could be making enough money to make it worth it to deal with Laur. If Laur sent Tati's lawyer 11+ emails in 24 hours after TT came off private, can you imagine how many messages he gets from her a day? She's a nightmare client. Why wouldn't he have them take down lillee's outburst about the everpedia page? It would be one thing if she was angry but coherent. But all she does is say shit like bitch, get covid, get decapitated. It is such a turnoff to this whole poor sweet victim Lillee narrative they desperately are trying to spin. Unless ofcourse Laur and Lillee are back to the whole "we pay you. You work for US" Bullshit they pulled when he first joined the team and he ghosted them for weeks.

No. 802396

File: 1603980633145.jpeg (127.82 KB, 750x581, AF3E6DFB-C2A6-417E-BFF1-5A5F14…)

This is pure tinfoil but I have a feeling CyberGuyEsq is helping them with copyrighting/trademarking Lillee’s name & image. They’ve been talking about a rebrand lately, signing paperwork etc. I think they’re going to drop the Jeaniez Inc bullshit and become Lillee Jean Beauty Inc, which will be a properly set up business entity.

This won’t stop anyone from talking about her of course. Laur is white trash and couldn’t act professional if her life depended on it. We’ve seen her use the Jeaniez Inc CoRpORatE twitter account to harass, dox, stalk & libel numerous people. Now Laur’s going to use a company with Lillee Jean’s name tied to it for her doxxing & harassment purposes.

No. 802400

They've blocked the IPs that edited before. Happened to me as well.

No. 802401

I tried to edit and hadn’t before and I couldn’t change it either, and all I was doing was trying to remove unsourced claims. It doesn’t matter, no one reads everipedia so just let her have her BEYOUTIFUL EVERPEDIA PAGE

No. 802402

Possibly blocked IPs who had been there before? Unsure why it's coming up for some but not others.

No. 802403

Incognito and VPN for the win

No. 802405

I think the point of the shitty articles and magazine features is to eventually get a real wiki page, and you obviously need citations/references (and some degree of fame) for that. I doubt they'd allow a wiki page for some nobody beauty blogger even with enough paid articles as references.

Unrelated, but I laugh every time I read that "at the tender age" part of her biography. It's so obviously written by Laur, who clearly thinks her child using a computer is brag-worthy kek.

No. 802406

Imagine your kid being good at so few things you think her just sitting her ass at a computer in 2007 is noteworthy.

No. 802407

Honestly they ruined what little chance that had with the COVID comments. No one will work with someone who wishes harm on anyone who doesn’t give them their way. Lillee can whine all day about “standing up for herself” but I’ve yet to see anyone wish harm on her. It’s own the professional personality to rise above it and ignore it and they just can’t.

No. 802408

File: 1603990522308.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x1527, Screenshot_20201029-115307_Twi…)

I can not tell is lulee is trying to be a troll by doing another gloss lip/pink eye look, or if she really thinks this looks good.

No. 802409

maybe this is her halloween costume, a failure. i hate that she's paired this pink with a burgundy sweater so it makes her look more diseased. also, is it just me or does she look worse than she did last year? i don't know if it's covid or her losing her baby fat or both, but her cheek biting trick isn't helping her face like it used to.

No. 802412

File: 1603994323941.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.19 KB, 500x500, artworks-000015364470-671i8t-t…)

No. 802414

I have also noticed she somehow looks worse than she used to look. All of Lillee's old pictures somehow look better than the ones she's posting now. She also seems to have aged seven years since early 2019.

No. 802415

Alright but is anyone else really bothered by the fact that she has her Christmas tree up so early? I’m not sure if Americans decorate earlier (I’m in the UK) but Halloween hasn’t even came yet

No. 802417

It is absolutely not the norm in the US to put your Christmas tree up before Halloween!

No. 802421

>>802382 Same Anon, I never edited the page.
>>802403 It's indeed working with a VPN. It's weird >>802402 everipedia must have shit programming.

No. 802423


No. 802426

Ahah, I have this too! I was wondering why they left this picture and had the boring fake text back.

I think you are onto something Anon, the new website and "new" name was anounced as something spectacular, when it's just adding "beauty" after her name… Same for all anouncements.
So at the end of the day, they keep wasting money for no actual profitable results.

No. 802429

Other things I imagine are on the list:
Supernatural bully and lil' dick esq have a gofund me to raise 20k for a docuseries. No doubt Laur and Lillee, who think they have the worst case of cyber bullying ever, think they are going to be the stars of the show.
Mcboomer is planning on having Mark "on his show", Laur and Lillee have already started campaigning to be invited as well. Having a minor celebrity that isn't a forgotten botoxed former supermodel possibly talk to them is already making Laur, Steve, and Lillee hot under the collar.

No. 802431

Idk how long she’s been talking about it but the everipedia says she “dreams of starting her own beauty line”
So she’s going to have some way of selling makeup she didn’t formulate on some shitty website probably. At her most complex MAYBE it’ll be a dropshipping scheme, but it’s probably some shitty website like viaglamour that lets anyone sign up and start a “makeup line”

No. 802432

I'm placing my bets on this 'beauty line' just being Lillee joining an MLM and doing the typical hunbot thing of claiming they have their own business.

No. 802434

Then they’d have to do more than sit their fat asses at a computer, so my money is on some private label website where they don’t vet their sellers

No. 802440

I can already imagine the shitty repackaging and her logo being something she 'designed' herself in facetune or something lol.

She would call the brand xoxo by lillee jean and shadenames would be in the likes of aries, petite and burnt crisp

No. 802443

The fact that her 'entry' even has something as vague and subjective as 'dreams of starting her own beauty line' in it is fucking hilarious.
The whole point of Wikipedia and its derivatives is that the content is checked and cited. Her everpedia article is basically just her website bio that some random weird dude has barely changed for a fee, and they're too stupid to realize that he's taken their money and ran.

No. 802444

But there won’t be a shade called “brown” no sir

No. 802445


No. 802446


Alright, which anon is going to purchase for milk? Just kidding, I'm sure your card would get stolen.

No. 802447

Yeah and for Lillee to try and claim that it's a step from Wikipedia is hilarious. No Wikipedia is going to be written like someone's diary.

No. 802450

File: 1604007138286.jpg (373.2 KB, 1079x1294, Screenshot_20201029-163109_Twi…)

What is Laur talking about? I've been following this since the beginning and this is the first I've ever heard of this, and you know Laur would have been screeching

No. 802454

When Laur claimed Katie was going to stab her (which has been proven false over & over again), Katie put up a map showing it would take her something like 16 hours to drive from Mississippi to NYC.

No. 802455

File: 1604011607252.jpeg (307.97 KB, 1200x672, FE5BF496-E569-4839-8E53-E69F3A…)

Not milk but she updated her banner with this. Out of all the blind justice images on the internet she picks a weird one with the tit out. Really fits her brand lol

No. 802457

“Fierce, bold, passionate and strong”
I’m dead

No. 802497

File: 1604021106405.jpeg (421.11 KB, 750x1063, D34FED55-A59D-4642-AD66-167606…)

Lillee’s wearing her shirt inside out.


No. 802503

why every lillee picture looks like the eye emoji lmaoo

No. 802506

I thought this was a stretch until i zoomed in lol

What is even the point in that? Was it just a lazy mistake?

No. 802511

File: 1604025168127.jpeg (547.77 KB, 750x1159, 84DF1D3C-16D6-4860-9065-D3C19B…)

It’s not a mistake. Here’s one from last week with another shirt on backwards (you can see where the tag is stitched in). She’s just lazy and thinks people won’t notice.

No. 802512

agreed, I think Laur is of diminished capacity. I wouldn't hazard a guess as to the nature of whatever's wrong with her but SOMETHING is definitely wrong with her. It really makes ol Diamond Earl look even worse, knowing he married a girl who was mentally stunted on top of being underage.

No. 802515

Thumbnail made it look like her watermark was a cigarette in her fingers and her mouth looks like she's exhaling. Was going to applaud her for really going for that French girl stereotype.

No. 802516

They’re probably stained and dirty so she wears them like that because she’s too lazy to wash them

No. 802525

To top it off, it also has cat hair all over it.

No. 802540

Anyone know why she's suddenly so into MLP? Like, the series is done, even bronies like Chris Chan are moving on

No. 802545

File: 1604061094030.jpeg (416.71 KB, 2048x2048, 53B6322D-0885-4705-8232-B9C568…)

Lillees acting out her internet fight with her dolls on her Instagram stories. Completely age appropriate behavior for a 19 year old woman.

No. 802546


Arrested development

No. 802548

Seems like she’s responded to all of this by locking herself in her basement and focusing on cartoons. She’s obsessing over Winx Club a bit too

No. 802551

The irony being she's just cry if actually confronted in person. She's only "fierce, bold, passionate and strong" when she's on the internet hiding behind other people's dresses. She'd lose her shit in person.

No. 802553

Couldn't take a screenshot of it b/c of incognito mode, but Rossow was removed by Paul from Lillee's page as her Brand Manager this morning.

No. 802568

File: 1604071005623.jpg (242.82 KB, 1056x977, lilleemonke.jpg)


This is how it looks for me right now.

No. 802570

File: 1604071708343.jpg (211.63 KB, 810x968, everipedia.jpg)


samefag, but it's different when I view it on incognito?

No. 802572

Can the insta Anons, save the stories and put it here?
Lots of us don't have insta/or don't want to follow her.

No. 802575

File: 1604073557163.jpg (217.19 KB, 1325x654, gollumjean.jpg)

How comes this can only be seen in vpn/incognito? I never heard of a website with this glitch.

That's interesting. Did she removed him because she didn't want him to get free advertising from her page, because she's really so famous, you know?

No. 802579

File: 1604074647194.jpg (406.22 KB, 1085x558, greatgreatgreatgreatgreatgrand…)

Maybe nitpicking, but it's funny how her great grandma from WWII is now her great great grandma from 1880!
The name is still male though. Date is still incorrect. Get your lies straight Lillee, french anons read here.

Could this be from last year? They just moved again and already have the xmas tree put, weird priorities.


No. 802581

Strange that they no longer mention being related to Walter Matthau. Could that have been a lie on her IMDb page?

No. 802585

That linked insta stories site says there are no stories of her available to view. Did she dirty delete? I hope someone was able to capture this nonsense

No. 802586

Unless she deleted smthn there’s nothing interesting up

No. 802588

Legit thought that said queer instead of queen. Kinda disappointed there won't be a Lillee Jean ~totes queer uwu~ saga

No. 802589

Lillee hates other women way too much to be into them

No. 802592

Good point

No. 802595

I thought you were joking anon, you're actually correct.
Here is the beggingformoneymoney page, 20K$ only kek :

Where you can read very interesting stuff as:
>The guardians
>Setting a new social justice standard.
>Creating the teeth to hold users accountable.
>Legal reform : allowing for Guardians to become legal advocates for change when helping prosecute an individual for libel, slander, and/or inciting violence on a platform.
>Victim Assistance.

I'm not even sure what is their whole plan, but why does it looks it's a bunch of weirdos power-hungry convinced marvel universe is real and they are the new superheroes?

No. 802608

File: 1604095558876.jpg (129.23 KB, 1080x766, 20201030_170449.jpg)

It is a campaign to fund them creating a pitch. It is not even for the show. It is to figure out how to sell the idea. The whole thing is a scam.

No. 802613

I'm assuming that actor dude has gone mental and this is his cry for help. He should be famous enough to get a pretty easy walk-in to a network television meeting, so the idea must be pure liquid garbage.

No. 802614

It really sounds like a dumb concept. Like catfish for cyber bullies. I can’t see anyone willing to participate when they have the choice between changing their ways and legal action. I assume this was the Netflix document that Laur was talking about - she doesn’t have deep enough pockets to make this work out for Lillee.

No. 802615

File: 1604097009023.jpg (250.86 KB, 1079x1216, Screenshot_20201030-172501_Chr…)

They want to make a TV show about doxxing, coercion, and extortion. No network is going to pick up a show with that giant legal bill looming overhead. This is just a quick 20k payday for those two. The show pitch is a complete scam.

No. 802616

As part of the Kickstarter, you can pay $100 for the privilege of talking to the actor dude, but you can only discuss his terrible project. If you want to talk about anything decent that he's been in, then you have to pay $500. It's so cringe and a total racket. It reminds me of that terrible Reddit AMA with Woody Harrelson where he would only talk about Rampart kek

No. 802629

File: 1604102358574.jpeg (172.27 KB, 750x1052, 6AEABDC1-BE7B-4AE9-9BD1-8275B4…)

You can book a 10 minute Zoom meeting with him for $250 through Cameo. Why would anyone pay $500 for it?!?

No. 802631

This whole "Guardians" idea is fucking stupid and childish, it's beyond me they thought this was a good idea. And who thinks is going to be stupid enough to accept to be confronted publicly in front of cameras? Even if the idea wasn't super bad and bizarre, having Lillee on the show would take away so much credibility after the audience finds out how verbally violent she is.

No. 802639

File: 1604107970359.jpg (74.88 KB, 973x772, 20201030_213143.jpg)

Really fucking disappointed to actually see her gifs in the wild

No. 802651

it's easy for people to use gifs of people they don't recognize, and since nobody fucking knows who lillee is…

No. 802657

This is true, I do it all the time lol. I just type in the word I need and click on the one that best fits me. However, idk how any of Lillee's actually fits anybody, because they're usually only 1-2 seconds and a really weird half-reaction or looking like she's spazzing out. Idk how to put it into words how awkward they are, but you anons know what I'm talking about lol

No. 802658

I would pay BIG money to see Lillee and/or her mom confront one of her haters and see them berate the person until the camera crew/host has to step in because they're going completely off the rails.

No. 802661

I don’t normally like speculating on the sexuality of “public figures” (if LJ can even be classified as one. Kek) but for a Gen-Z 19-y.o., Lilllee seems to really crave being sexual and desired (see: her. cringy suggestive Tiktoks, no bra, feet pics, “no panties lol!”). But doesnt actually seem interested in exploring her own sexuality outside of “my bf is a 30-y.o. Fresh diplomat nyeh nyeh” which was obviously just made up for clout and not to fulfill some deep desire: I think she’s just not interested in other people in general.

No. 802666

I think all of the motives in her life revolve around trying to become famous, including her relationships or attraction to people. Which is the reason Pheepy even became a thing. I don't know if she's not attracted to anyone, if she has ridiculously high standards (she seems the type), or if she would jump on the first non-pradip to show her any attention. We already know that no one wants to date her, mainly because she doesn't socialize with anyone but her mom (on top of all the other reasons like being emotionally stunted), but it does make me wonder what would happen if she got an actual suitor lmfao.

No. 802675

>How comes this can only be seen in vpn/incognito? I never heard of a website with this glitch.

I bet you it's just a cache issue. Anon's regular browser probably has a version of the page cached while the incognito doesn't, so a hard refresh would probably get the two pages to match.

No. 802680

I could swear somebody pitched this same idea 4-5 years ago, and I don't think it came to fruition then. Anybody who would agree to go on such a show on either side would be a guaranteed fool.

No. 802681

> if she would jump on the first non-pradip to show her any attention
No, no I think LJ should go for one of her Indian followers. She could go on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. She'd get her "fame" and we can all laugh at her being disgusted by India ala Big Ed.

No. 802683

Yes anon, but there is nothing in the pitch saying that Lillee will be part of this. Which is hilarious.

Kek, wasn't the lawyer previously fired for sexual harassment?
How about the actor, never heard of him before. Like this anon said >>802613, does he realize how bad it looks that he can't get any contact in the industry?
I went into his wikipedia page, because he has one lol, seems that he had very small roles from 2013-2015 and he's unemployed since 2018.
The amount of money he asks is just ridiculous >>802616 >>802629
His career is behind him.

>where online aggressors (demon) are exposed
They seriously seem out of touch with the reality.

No. 802684

Personally I think she's just a stunted shut-in. She's going through a super horny phase, like a 14-16 y/o would experience. It's usually about being horny, curious and attention-whorey while being scared of the actual thing. I think she'll just "bloom late" (ew) because of her attic prison lifestyle.

No. 802691

File: 1604147357332.jpeg (70.41 KB, 480x960, 986BED53-D75D-4D5E-8C51-A4C6F5…)

CyberBangEsq fired Laur & is threatening to sue her for violating their NDA

No. 802692

More screenshots of their conversation are on twitter


No. 802694


You can't be fired (or fire someone) if you're not getting paid lol

No. 802695

File: 1604147704033.jpeg (50.91 KB, 480x960, EloMwEBXgAAri8S.jpeg)

Amazing! What a surprise that all these insane abusive morons stick together, before eventually turning on each other. It's delicious.

No. 802697

Definitely. I think her trying to 'flaunt' her tits and stuff also really proves just how insecure she actually is. She knows that the only way she can get any attention is to show some skin. I know, I know, it's nothing to show off but there'll always be scrotes who will get off to anything that resembles a woman.

No. 802699

While I find this not surprising at all, although very funny, did super-cloutwhore-lawyer from online degree mill law school:
- Made a legal contract with them?
- 900$/month for doing what exactly?
Laur may have a point: what was he supposed to do for Lillee's career? So far, I've seen nothing, besides outstanding keks.
- 6 months without getting pay and no reaction until now?

So professional, I see.

No. 802700

Yo this whole Twitter exchange is just bizarre. Like, this “Estrella” woman (who’s not a sock puppet surprisingly) is trying to use these screenshots as definitive proof that the Roscoe dude is intimidating and threatening others. (As well as a context-less message basically saying “Don’t intimidate muh!!!!!”)

And, yeah the messages toward Laur come across as a little too agressive, entitled and lolcow-ish maybe. But there’s also nothing that indicates that he’s in the wrong. If a client doesnt pay for my time for several months, I’d be fucking pissed too.

Ugh, I dont want to white knight for this alleged sex fiend, but he honestly comes across as the lesser of the 2 evils rn.

No. 802703

File: 1604151421465.jpg (58.28 KB, 704x247, stunt.jpg)

Could it be a publicity stunt? She's part of the Guardian project.

No. 802704

Can’t help but think how hilarious it’ll be when this guardian project BS goes on without LJ. They’re the reason it started more or less, and they can’t even keep up the kindness facade long enough to keep people convinced.

No. 802706

Estella and Rossow were already on bad footing because he took credit in all the media for co-founding Guardians with Pellegrino. She threw a fit, and he made a public apology to her, but has continued to only give her the barest mention/credit while discussing the project. He continues to publish articles that insinuate he and Mark are the brains and brawn of the project, and that's got to piss Stella off. Even more so because she's the one inserting herself in every argument and begging for attention from Mark

No. 802709

Wonder what Laur’s side of these messages was. They were deliberately one sided. The would have loved to see how rational her responses were.

No. 802711

So long story short, the project hasn't even started yet, everyone is already at war.
Sound the perfectly safe to invest 20k$!

No. 802714


I really doubt they're going to get their hands on any money. They are five days into their 30-day kickstarter campaign and they've only raised a little over 10% of their goal. Even if they don't get busted and shut down for violating kickstarter's rules, they're just going to spend the next month arguing amongst themselves until the clock runs out on the fundraising deadline and kickstarter refunds that little $2k back to the donors.

No. 802715

I know this is already several degrees away from LJ, but Stella’s thirst for an ounce of that B-star clout / attention from Mark is hilarious to me.

The fact your typed all of that out and tried to make sense of all that delusional paranoid rambling makes you a hero in my eyes. Also:
> "So, if I really, really had nothing, which if I did, what would it matter, how do I have these dolls? How do I have my camera?
Yo did she really just attempt to flex on us by bragging about her dolls and camera?! She didn’t even bring up the cost of make-up and costumes. Top kek.

No. 802716

Bruh, if you saw how quickly the sketch guidelines just flickered into existence, almost as if it was directly lifted from another source (as opposed to the 3 minutes she spends cluelessly futzing around with the proportions using the liquifying tool on Facetune), it gives the illusion away pretty easily.

The only real “drawing” or rendering she does at all is the eyes and some of the other facial features (maaaaaybe part of the hair), which everything else, including the guidelines, is pretty clearly copied from better sources.

This is easier than tracing; this has less effort, thought and skill put into it than your standard magazine cut-out ransom note.

No. 802717

File: 1604159532901.jpg (558.03 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20201031-105035_You…)

Lmao, the filters in this video are strong!

No. 802719

haha wtf he actually describes himself as an "internet lawyer" he might as well put up a huge banner that says I AM A FRAUD

lol she's removed all the tweets with those screenshots and flounced off with an "I'm done" tweet, I guess Internet Lawyer sent the Cyber Police to her World Wide Web Door and told her to take them down or face the Consequences dot com

…sorry, ran out of internet jargon

No. 802720

File: 1604161143824.jpg (704.7 KB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_2020-10-31-17-16-12…)

Has her hair always been this green?

No. 802722

File: 1604162090741.jpg (2.36 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20201031_12324354…)

No. 802723

It must have turn greener will all the shitty treatments she did to her hair since months now.

And I think it's the exact reason she uses Laur and stays out of the field of view during the whole video.

No. 802727

File: 1604165042496.png (2.62 MB, 1565x3103, 09345t.png)

wow, look at the transformation. laur really disappears into this costume and is immediately recognizable as…whatever the fuck toddler disney character.

she definitely doesn't just look like a haggard housefrau with gin blossoms on her cheeks and nose. amazing job, lils.

No. 802730

I see even for Laur, someone with black hair Lillee doesn’t do shit for brows.

No. 802732

Disgusting. Older women, especially when this pale need blush. Heavy black ont he eyes makes her saggy eyes hooded eyes look worse and lipstick could be a more vibrant color.

No. 802737

Kek, how many IPs have you gotten yet Laur?

No. 802740

File: 1604166427393.jpeg (61.23 KB, 522x1082, 557084BB-7612-4187-B97F-C54691…)

The character also has big brows. Don’t know why Lillee is allergic to being accurate

No. 802741

Just for something different I decided to google Lillie . There is not a single positive thing on page one results, and most of page two. So whatever they are doing is totally working to make her famous….

No. 802747

File: 1604167161779.jpeg (421.6 KB, 750x1108, 03306BAB-3ABD-425B-9945-7CFE08…)

Lillee trying to save face. Won’t admit that they haven’t paid the guy (I also wonder if things like Malvie and the everipedia were paid by him and was part of the bill to Laur- that would make sense for how they could do it)

No. 802754

Is there any friend / enemy / acquaintance / person on Planet Earth that LJ and Laur won't alienate? There's Tired Lady I guess…

No. 802755

Did you photoshop Tommy Wiseau’s face on or is that what she actually looks like?

No. 802756

Sage for no milk but I can't believe where we've come. From a weird attic goblin buying some instagram followers to Mark Pellegrino's plsnobully meltdown.

I'm fucking kekd.

No. 802757

File: 1604169000084.jpg (589.4 KB, 1080x1598, Screenshot_20201031-132910_Twi…)

Who am I going to believe, the lawyer or the woman who has been lying about everything for 15 months straight?

No. 802758

File: 1604169249006.jpg (146.36 KB, 603x442, fuckendrunkeh.jpg)

Not very wise to brag about getting drunk, Laur.

Especially since some Anons shed light on the FASD theory against the William Syndrome one.

No. 802761

wtf Laur. This is just not the kind of thing you flippantly post about on Twitter in your argument with internet boolies. These are things you should be telling a therapist. C'mon, she cannot be this socially stunted

No. 802762

File: 1604171210614.jpeg (246.05 KB, 750x652, 9B716E55-28A3-4859-A85A-CCD5FF…)


No. 802763

LeT uS bE CleAr R0SsoW wAs PaId iN fUlL

Bitch, you do not have evidence for this. Receipts (literal ones, kek) or sit your ass back down.

No. 802764

They projected real hard on Tatiana, accusing her of not paying for her lawyer and it turns out THEY haven't been paying for the services of their "professional."

And now it's worse because they demanded Tatiana's receipts, which she showed, and it's very likely THEY have no receipts for paying Internet Lawyer "in full", or he wouldn't have gone off like that on them. I'm low key hoping they pull out a very badly photoshopped attempt at a "receipt," to be honest.

No. 802765

File: 1604172259108.png (293.93 KB, 594x743, 2020-11-01_3-19-08.png)

Turning on each other real fast (suddenly the work was inadequate??) and playing tug-of-war over Pellegrino over Twitter like children. Now they're scrambling because their former ally is now cohabitating (wtf? do they mean fraternizing?) with the enemy. Internet Lawyer's a douche but I hope he airs out the madness in the attic.

No. 802766


Just a couple days ago he did such great work on helping her get her "beautiful" everipedia page, and now this lol. These goblins just play victim when they don't get their way. Can't stand Mr. Internet Lawyer, but I wish he sued them over this.

No. 802767

Lol random nameless Twitter call-outs replying to some guy's post does not mean that that guy is an evil cyberboolie, Laur. "The work you provided was not adequate but we said nothing". Yeah, that sounds more like a 'you' problem. Idk why you feel that he needs to be dragged for this.

It sucks that sex harassing fraud lawyer seems like he's the least unscrupulous figure in all this, but that's the sad reality we live in.

No. 802778

File: 1604176053931.png (128.05 KB, 480x449, Screenshot_20201031-125108_1.p…)

No. 802787

File: 1604180660547.jpg (104.27 KB, 675x1200, ElrW84oXIAIKWkI.jpg)

Full message. By these criteria both Laur and Lillee should be out of their own team lol.

Laur is somehow right about the early christmas gift.

No. 802790

The full message was already posted.
>>802778 has the Internet Lawyer's response and shows why Laur is upset that they're "cohabitating" with the call outs bc they're sharing screenshots with him.

No. 802792


Making enemies out of friends, that's what they're good at. I predict a franzia freakout. Who knows how much dirt Internet Lawyer has on them, and now he's raking in his OWN receipts on them. They must be losing it in the attic.

No. 802794

Would be g8 if Mark & Andrew’s first episode of Bully Extortion Catfish was actually on Laur. I’m sure Tatiana & her lawyer would cooperate.

No. 802796

File: 1604184497860.jpeg (377.73 KB, 828x892, 6D07BBB7-35F8-44CE-BEAB-238E93…)


No. 802802

oh my god, saying tootsie rolls are gross is unprofessional and bullying but telling people to get covid isn't….

No. 802803

She’s half a box of Franzia away from filing another bogus ethics complaint, like her previous one against Rekieta, against Andrew.

No. 802805

I have a suspicion Lillee Jean's instagram freak out and the subsequent refusal to remove it was the straw that broke the camel's back. Rossow has a IGTV post up that is about Laur and Lillee. He mentions several times that when you defend someone, you put yourself on the line as well. With the guardian program, he doesn't want to be associated with loose cannons like Laur and Lillee, the lack of payment for services rendered was probably a tool to break free- and ideally keep laur quiet because no one likes their money troubles laid out for the world to see. Unless you have nothing left to lose because you've lost it twice in bankruptcy already.

No. 802806

Considering >>802758 it appears Laur's tastes run quite a bit stronger than Franzia. Vodka's a very popular drink with alcoholics because it has no real odor so it's hard to detect on the drinker's breath.

>>802796 kinda agree with Laur here, Tootsie Rolls are yummy.

No. 802808

File: 1604188509970.jpg (243.65 KB, 882x2017, 00000000.jpg)

Looks like Laur's plan to drive a wedge between Pellegrino/Guardians and Cyber Lawyer didn't work.

No. 802821

Pellegrino is a D-list actor & Andrew is an internet lawyer with some connections at various low level entertainment publications. They’re both losers but they’re leagues above Laur & Lillee. It shows how delusional Laur really is if she thought for one second these two were going to abandon each other and their vanity project because Andrew had a falling out with Laur.
Boomer McRae was also cozying up to Pellegrino & Rossow. It will be interesting to see if Laur gives him an ultimatum to choose Lillee or the CyBerBuLLiEs.

At the end of the day, Laur is an unprofessional narcissist. She has zero impulse control and will never put Lillee’s career/public image before publicly airing her grievances on the internet. This should be a wake up call to Lillee.

No. 802823

File: 1604193586183.png (310.29 KB, 606x628, K88XPN6.png)

Looks like laur unprivated her twitter just to get Andrew's attention kek.


No. 802825

you'd think they'd realize attacking the people who believed their cyberbullying claims would be an obviously bad mood butttt

No. 802826

File: 1604194834901.jpg (367.22 KB, 1080x1083, Screenshot_20201031-203859_Twi…)


Laur changed the wording on this version to match what you had suggested anon. Lol

Hi Laur!

No. 802828

File: 1604196207920.jpeg (446.14 KB, 750x1123, 512B61B2-8D50-415F-A8C1-438E8C…)

Laur thinks that Rossow answered Lillee Jean. This was a reply to one of Lillee John’s tweets.

No. 802832

No. 802833

I cannot believe she wrote “peridot” instead of “periodt”.

No. 802841

Laur is very smart, peridot

No. 802858

>US Weekly agreeing to do a story about LJ
Kek what? There's no way this happened, this dude can't even get a legit magazine to do a story about himself, let alone a nobody beauty blogger on YouTube.

I believe Laur didn't pay him, but he's a scam artist just like she is. He definitely didn't do much, but there's nothing he could have done in the first place. Laur and LJ have zero common sense. A ~brand manager~ isn't going to help them.

No. 802865

Peridot sounds like a red wine name

No. 802870

File: 1604220734867.png (6.52 KB, 204x247, 4CE403C2-70A4-4B21-8F71-CC97A6…)

Yeah, it’s kind of a fault of both sides. On one hand, I do see Andrew boy overpromising the kind of benefits and clout that LJ would receive through sloppy promotion and Astroturfing. Perhaps not so much a scam, but definitely under-delivering and over charging. (Also, I find the way he silenced Stella on the issue pretty sus and possibly sinister) On the other hand, there’s no evidence that Laur ever paid in full or that she didn’t violate an NDA. She probably did in all likelihood. And if you were a passive observer, the only ones who seem to side with Laur are those who have existing beef with a fame hungry attorney who’s been accused of sex-based offenses. Ultimately, this whole fiasco will likely hurt Laur (who has a lot less connections and a lot less going for her) more than CyberGuyEsq.

Mark may be a Dlist actor, but he had a pretty meaty supporting role in Supernatural which attracted soooo many tumblr teens in the mid-2010’s, and their fandoms are scarily intense. He probably has a cult following so aggressively dedicated that LJ could only dream of.

Laur is indeed a messy, nasty clod (pic related)

No. 802874

> Mark may be a Dlist actor, but he had a pretty meaty supporting role in Supernatural
Yeah idk why everyone is acting like he’s a nobody. No he’s not A list but he’s worked steadily for over 30 years

No. 802882

Will idiot-lawyer sue Laur, yes or no?

No. 802889

File: 1604239790359.jpeg (78.4 KB, 750x785, CED4EB90-7FB4-459E-B6A9-160AC4…)

What the fuck is she talking about? She shared the screenshots with a random person on twitter who then made them public. This could’ve been avoided by not sharing the screenshots with ArchLuminous, Laur

No. 802891

I don’t doubt that this is a stressful time for Laur with a Totes Real Lawyer severing ties with her (In the back of her mind, she probably knows that getting sued for non-payment and violation of an NDA may be a possibility). But looking at everything presented, she so brought all of this on herself. The only morally dubious thing CyberBang dude did (in the context of this accusation blah) was to reply to one of the call-out accounts, but even then, that isn’t a big deal compared to what Laur is doing on her end.

No. 802893

I wonder if it'll ever occur to Laur that ArchLuminious is the one she should be mad at, for tattling on her by posting those screenshots in the first place. I'd be pretty mad if I had a private convo with a friend and they proceeded to post the screenshots to a public Twitter, but then again I'm not an insane, mentally and emotionally stunted alcoholic with a talentless NEET for a daughter.

No. 802895

really random but in the video of lj doing her mums make up, laur started talking in a baby voice n i cannot help but fucking CRINGE. laur youre a grown ass adult, please speak normally

No. 802908

Honestly, the fact that they can't even realize that THEY put THEMSELVES in this situation just utterly, completely drives home the fact that they are absolutely unable to see themselves as anything but victims. They take zero accountability, it's never ever their fault. Laur brought all this giant backfiring on herself and still can't see it. Absolutely nothing will clear the delusion.

No. 802912

I wonder what’ll happen the day either Laur or Lillee decide the other has wronged them?

No. 802922

I bet this happens within a few years. I could see LJ finally getting tired of only interacting with her parents and moving in with some much older Pradip/Pheepy #2, much to Laur's chagrin.

I doubt Laur would turn on LJ unless LJ tried to be more independent. The level of coddling she shows is actually ridiculous, LJ doesn't even do her own laundry and doesn't need to make money from her channel since Laur buys everything. Laur has been actively trying to keep LJ as dependent on her as possible. She'd have nothing without Laur buying her makeup, cosplays, followers, etc.

No. 802930

No Lj is not pretty or appealing enough to get a man to pay for her shit. All the Pradips just want to jack
Off every ones in a while during her streams without doing anything - most don’t even follow her. I really don’t see any man wanting to put up with her shit when she looks like a fucked up toad. The only one who she can manipulate is her dumb ass braindead mom and she probably knows it deep down

No. 802948

File: 1604267111712.jpeg (699.28 KB, 828x1514, 38C949AA-0BE8-457A-A749-73A178…)

Her everipedia link now redirects to this

No. 802949

File: 1604268249322.jpg (246.78 KB, 1080x1941, 20201101_140336.jpg)

It's just someone trolling again, apparently. Half the info is still about Lillee

No. 802955

I am seriously surprised she HASNT gotten herself an OF. She may be a toad granted but with the level her mom exploits her already and the countless mostly inappropriate things she says, added to the whole no underwear no bra thing, and the fact that they are broke af, they could probably realize some cash. We already know men will bate to pretty much anything. And since she’s already less famous more infamous it wouldn’t be a stretch.

No. 802956

I agree, anon. They are only passionate about being famous for simply existing.

>They probably thought the huge number of followers and socks tweeting at DC/Marvel/Disney would somehow make LJ go viral and get her a movie deal

One thing is for sure, LJ is not a natural actress. While, LJ dreams of getting a movie deal, she has proven she is not serious about acting at all. She says she's 'versed in several of the arts'(kek) - there is no mention of LJ ever taking acting classes, vocal lessons or dance when she was younger. They live in Queens - Laur could have easily taken LJ to classes in their area after school or even take a short train ride into NYC for classes. LJ could have even gone to LaGuardia HS - a music, art and performing arts focused high school in NYC. She had/has opportunities to train and learn from the best but LJ is too lazy to put in the actual work.

No. 802958

Someone merged their pages and Lillee removed all mentions of Paul Bedson (guy who wrote her entry) from her Twitter

No. 802961

I imagine if Lillee ever broke away from Laur she’d turn on her and try to claim it was Laur who was manipulative and neglected Lillee, and that all the stuff she did was really Laur or her idea. Which isn’t even entirely untrue, as Laur and Diamond failed to raise Lillee to even be functional on her own.

No. 802963


Love how they make sure hair color says dark caramel blonde but won't fix "bron" or "lilee" next to it. Really shows where the priorities are.

No. 802966

why're they so obsessed with her hair not being brown? what color do they think caramel is? i don't understand why lillee's hair being called brown is the thing they're so obsessed with

No. 802974

This has been brought up a million times. Anon is almost as original as making a Gypsy Rose comparison. Laur is dumpy brown and poop-eyed dark, so is probably the rest of the family (swarthy even!) LJ was born a cute baby with adorable blonde curls and blue eyes but like many children once genes are fully expressed as they age, it changed to reddish brown hair and green eyes. But Laur made so much of LJ's (and by extension her own) worth based on the "fair skin, blonde curls, blue eyes cherub angel" that neither of them can accept reality. The level of cognitive dissonance would be unreal, except I doubt they have any real cognition.

No. 802991

File: 1604285845935.jpeg (707.44 KB, 1186x1184, 26611919-454F-4B8F-B754-C0C19E…)

So Andrew Rossow is actually networking with William Shatner lmao
I wonder how Laur must feel now.

(People were calling out Steve mcboomer‘s involvement in the shitty project, he’s not talking about Laur here)

No. 802992


LOL the whole thing was tainted from its inception, as it all started because Pellegrino was tweeting questionable shit, people argued with him, and he immediately made it personal, calling them "retards" and deliberately misgendering them and other juvenile shit. I think he was defending some sex pest he knew personally, calling BLM Black Supremacists, and just generally being a pseudo-intellectual sealion douche, which really pissed off the teenaged tumblrina portion of Supernatural fans. So he's been in an ongoing twitter fight with a bunch of literal children for years, and he's very mad that the whole thing makes him look like an ass, so instead of blocking people and moving on, now he wants to be able to doxx and sue any random kid who trolls him on the internet.

No. 802994

File: 1604288866628.png (448.16 KB, 680x376, dear mark.png)

Pellegrino thread when?

No. 802995

Anon, you’re thinking rationally.

Laur and LJ would never in a million years go to any actual art school of any kind, because that would mean Lillee would have to listen to actual constructive criticism (especially when art teachers can be downright brutal), see younger people with way more talent (not exactly hard) and not getting cast as the main lead in plays.

LJ even said herself she doesn’t like Disney parks because she hates that the cast play the actual princesses and not her. She has no friends and never collaborate with any other beauty channel.

No. 803003

There's a lot of stuff that people can shit on for LJ, but I do not recall her ever saying she hated Disney because the princesses weren't played by her. I remember her saying she hated Disney because she hates crowds.

No. 803021

After some googling, this is the Youtube comment where Lillee sort of alludes to hating the actual cast who portray princesses, possibly due to jealousy ( >>797866 )
> I went to Disney World with my grandparents… hated it LMFAO… You'd think being such a Disney girl, I'd enjoy, but, sis, I told Ariel off at the grotto…. I was Ariel dammit!

This one anecdote to me shows that LJ is really the instigator in a lot of the harassment she receives. That's just kind of her personality.

There was that one Korean group "dance" routine / performance that she was a part of when she was a teenager, along with some other peers. That's probably the extent of her "arts" training.

No. 803025

No one but farmers follows LJ. She won't get anyone to sign up. Pradips don't use OF.

No. 803028

I stand corrected. The thing I saw was her in a video mentioning the Disney trip and she said she didn't like crowds. Her story changes for so many things all the time, but I agree that she's just an instigator by heart.

No. 803031


It should also be noted Lillee Jean was 2-3 ish when her grandparents took her to Disney.

Any reasoning about why she hated Disney is less what Lillee Jean remembers and more what Laur told her or fabrications to reinforce her own thoughts about things. She doesn't really remember the trip at all, and now she's too old to go to Disney dressed as a princess herself, so she probably would be jealous of the other princesses.

No. 803049

File: 1604319015151.jpeg (130.68 KB, 750x909, 18D6AA52-9420-4650-95A2-D00D37…)

Rebranding is going g8

No. 803052

File: 1604323035987.jpg (377.71 KB, 1080x2065, Screenshot_20201102-070908_Chr…)

I wonder if that 50 bucks Paul charged to post Lillee Jean's page is worth having Laur blowing up his DMs to constantly have to try to fix Lillee's page. How much longer do they think he'll keep correcting it for them?

No. 803059

That's exactly why, Lillee who keeps pretending she's an actor (it's a title kek), will never go to any castings/auditions.
Not only all the girls there would be one million time prettier, classier and better in every way possible, but Lillee would also make a fool of herself and Laur would double that.
And she knows it deep down.

The other thing with taking class of acting, dancing, etc, is the show taking place usually at the end of the academic year.
Can you imagine Lillee's rage for not having the lead role and having to remain forever as an extra?

No. 803060

Lillee wouldn’t be able to memorize sides because she can’t read.

No. 803086

Naah. the official excuse is she doesn't like being told what to do. she can't work for other people like us regular folk. She's too special for that kind of normie behaviour

No. 803103

And she's delusional enough to somehow think this doesn't make her sound bratty. It seems the only trait that proves she doesn't have William's Syndrome is the fact that she's naturally incredibly mean, which is the direct opposite of someone with WS.

No. 803104

She doesn't like being told what to do but also refuses to do anything on her own volition and expects someone else to. The epitome of entitled and the best way to stay rock bottom in any of the jobs she feigns she has.

No. 803110

How much poorer do you reckon they'll have to get before Laur (or let's be real here, Diamond Earl) forces Lillee to get a real job.

The only outcome there I can see is Lillee getting fired for not taking direction, and her taking to instagram to whine about how Diane must be friends with the manager and told them to fire her or smth

No. 803111

They’d sooner live in a mud hut with nothing to eat than they’d force lillee to be an actual adult tbh

No. 803112

It's both.
There is also her hate against beauty pageants that says it all.

I wonder what Lillee thinks about the whole situation.
Like this anon said >>802704 She should have been the star in the fourth tier lawyer show and the fierce face of anticyberboolling new movement.
That should have been her great fame breakout lol, and laur ruined it again for her!

Back to square one.

No. 803119

They got a Z list celeb, but then Shatner was on board and that's some serious exposure. Laur and Lil got fucked. Still thinking that's a lame project that'll failure and Statner can be a running joke, but it's exposure. Good job, Laur, even sex pest internet lawyers can try, but you'll always be an attic dweller filing for bankruptcy.

No. 803138

Imagine ruining your only snowball’s chance in hell to be successful before the snowball even makes it down

No. 803146

File: 1604355242484.jpeg (572.99 KB, 828x1485, FEFB267D-22A8-404C-B1A2-9ECBBB…)

There’s zero record that either Laur or Lillee are registered to vote

No. 803153

Is the swipe up at least linking people to sites telling them how to vote? Or is it to one of her posts or videos.

I can't with the virtue signalling. It's not difficult to vote, even during the pandemic. You sit on your fat ass all day and if you're going to waste your time telling the 5 pradips who follow you to vote, you should at least take some time out of you 'busy schedule' to vote yourself.

No. 803159

It’s linking to her newest video

I wish someone would ask her how she voted

No. 803184

File: 1604374024706.png (1 MB, 750x1334, 6E281812-78CF-477B-A9EF-C86B44…)

her jaw is so misaligned. If only they set their priorities straight they could save LJ the pain a misaligned jaw causes, she’s still young, she could get it fixed quickly… but nope

No. 803195

Jaw alignment is actually more complex once you’re around 16 or so, your jaw is mostly done growing by that age. It would probably take a lot longer now.

And I know it’s been brought up before, but LJ would need thousands of dollars of dental work to have a fairly normal smile (braces and several caps at least). Yes, they should have done that instead of the followers and fake magazine features, but it’s not exactly an easy fix. It would definitely take 2-3 years of braces and a shitload of money at this point.

No. 803196


lol is she wearing her terrible party city wig crooked? it looks like a permanent center part wig that she's plopped on sideways to try to make a swoop bang. why not just showcased her naturally beautiful deep fried golden butterscotch dookie blonde hair for this cosplay?

this looks so bad.

No. 803235

File: 1604413535769.png (1.32 MB, 828x1792, 1A34B78F-C36C-4CB8-B216-F1B5F3…)

No. 803242


Who is we? Neither her or Laur or registered

No. 803244

Britbong here. Can you not register on the day in the states?

No. 803246


In some states yes. In New York the deadline was Oct 9th.
Even if that weren't the case they never leave the house as it isnand I highly doubt either of them have the patience to spend the extra time registering and voting in person. They have had plenty of time to register, plenty of time to mail-in or early vote, but haven’t done either.

No. 803248


It says a lot about her that she was perfectly capable to leave the house to go to CVS and get cheap makeup, but after spending the last several months talking about voting that she couldn't even register to vote. Even TL got off her ass and got her shit in order to vote.
I know some people are hesitant to post I voted stuff, but Lillee literally posted a video of herself while she was on the shitter. I'm surprised she didn't buy or print a fake I voted sticker. Or try to photoshop one.

No. 803250

She hasn’t voted bc she doesn’t actually give a shit. She’s just saying what she thinks people want to hear

No. 803251

Lillee said she’s not leaving the house today. So she voted early? If she had gone to an early voting location, she would’ve received a sticker. We all know she would have documented the entire process as well.

You can check if the state of NY received a ballot from her or Laur online. Also, most states included the “I voted” stickers with early ballots. Lillee would have taken a picture or shown it off.

This will turn into the same shit as when they were claiming they donated to BLM. Lillee will say it’s rude or tacky to show proof you voted.

No. 803256

Laur would have to wrangle her swinging sandbags into a bra and Lillee would have to get out of her musty pjs and go stand in line with the peons in order to vote, so they were never going to go in-person on Election Day, but they could have easily done early voting or sent mail-in ballots.

Knowing how Laur and Lillee love to coopt other people's accomplishments and oppression, I bet they just figure New York is gonna vote blue anyway, so they can just act like they were part of that and no matter how the election goes, they can act all holier-than-thou without actually having to get up off their wide backsides.

No. 803257

Does she seriously think someone changing the page of a nobody to trump as a troll is political manipulation? She has absolutely no clue what she’s ever talking about.

No. 803259


She's just doing her usual schtick of taking whatever topic is the biggest news of the moment and inserting herself in there because everything is about Lillee Jean.

She did it for like a week each with Uyghurs in Chinese Concentrations camps and the shooting of George Floyd, and then went back to whining about Diane and the callouts, who mostly ignore her unless something milky happens.

No. 803261

File: 1604421750078.jpg (147.73 KB, 652x482, wherestheID.jpg)

It always found it odd LJ never goes out. We all discussed the issues, but I think there something more than what we said, and hikikomori or neet lifestyle.

And two months ago, politics anons were already pointing at the fact they are not registered to vote in NYC >>791441
How could LJ, Laur and Earl have no valid ID??
I don't understand what would be the point of an adult not owning a valid proof of U.S. nationality.
Is the twitter anon saying they have expired documents or implying something else?

No. 803265

File: 1604423293919.jpeg (196.5 KB, 750x429, 8E493389-2F72-4E15-8F5F-65E5D8…)

Is she accusing rossow of making the everipedia edits? Also I love that Laur has admitted that the everipedia article was paid for. Also not sure how it’s election interference since no one is looking at Lillee’s page.

No. 803267

>no one is looking at Lillee’s page.
Except the millions of Jeaniez who, redirected to a page about Trump while looking for information about their idol, will be compelled to vote Republican!

No. 803268

Federal issue TOP PRIORITY

No. 803269


Such a stretch! Nobody is unable to vote as a result of looking at hers or trumps page

No. 803270

Laur probably has a valid drivers license, Earl has at least a state ID, but LJ doesn't have a drivers license and it is doubtful she has a state ID. Most teenagers get their first photo id at 15 with the permit, but Lillee has no interest in driving. She would in theory have to have one to get a bank account, but I think Laur probably "handles" all of Lillee's accounting and claims it, and the business expenses, as part of her income.

The only really screwy thing I can think of in terms of Lillee getting an id/paperwork issues would be if Laur and Earl had used LJ's information fraudulently. When people first started looking into the Lillee/Laur saga, it was speculated that they had opened accounts in Lillee's name and that's why Lillee showed up as being in her 40s in various name searches. But that was just a tinfoil and no other evidence was really found.


Laur's really gonna fuck around and get a lawsuit from Rossow.

And yes, lillee's page being connected with Trump's, on a website that has less that 40k views on the PotUS during a highly controversial election year is totally election interference. She's trying to force everpedia to make fixing Lillee's page a priority.

Laur's saying she paid the 50$ for the article like it absolved her of the 900$m for 6 months she owes Rossow.

No. 803271

Oh no, Putin is targeting the US at their weakest point, Lillee Jean.

No. 803273

I actually posted that comment 2 months ago about not needing ID to vote in New York, I only brought it up to demonstrate how easy the process is. Even if they don’t have ID, it wouldn’t matter at all. You definitely don’t need ID to register or vote in New York. With early voting/absentee ballots, there’s just no good reason to not vote. New York makes it easy as hell.

We can speculate on the reasons, but I think they’re just lazy and counting on New York being a solid blue state.

No. 803280

This whole thing with Laur saying she didn't pay because Rossow didn't provide her with the work she asked is the same exact energy of people refusing to pay after they get their nails done because some of the nails are crooked or something. I would 100% expect Laur to be that person. Just because you weren't satisfied with the work does not mean you cannot pay, a service was provided. I hope Rossow has her under contract.

No. 803281

I would sell my soul just to see Rossow sue Laur.

No. 803282

File: 1604428066671.jpg (123.35 KB, 1080x763, 20201103_122629.jpg)

Lillee is dodging her supporters comment about voting by saying voting records are sacred??

No. 803287

File: 1604429996694.jpeg (436.86 KB, 828x1009, C7BEF779-6756-41D0-84AD-2555CF…)

No. 803295

File: 1604433254094.gif (402.65 KB, 480x360, giphy.gif)

hilarious to me that she made this weird ass gif of herself when her lazy ass didn't even vote at all.

No. 803298

File: 1604433571013.jpg (139.71 KB, 541x487, looleyjoon.jpg)

I just love that anytime I randomly pause any of her video, she has a face like this lol


No. 803300

File: 1604434308440.jpeg (777.35 KB, 828x1410, E8854D42-C0A1-4D79-80B7-B265F9…)

Her everipedia page now redirects to this

No. 803304

Kek for me this is a lot funnier than the "peepeepoopoo" and Trump edits

No. 803327

File: 1604438867353.jpg (607.16 KB, 1080x1693, Screenshot_20201103-152531_Twi…)

Another Prince for Lillee Jean!

No. 803329

File: 1604438963453.jpg (165.97 KB, 594x788, dark caramel BROWN.jpg)

No. 803331

I love that there's literally a picture of caramel, and she constantly calls her hair caramel. So, she's admitting to it being brown lmfao.

No. 803336

File: 1604441183716.jpeg (61.13 KB, 828x636, 10EA7785-8E18-4529-A58B-5D862D…)

Is Laur saying she committed voter fraud?

No. 803339

That or she registered under her maiden name (doesn’t explain Lillee or Diamond Earl though).

No. 803340

File: 1604442075332.jpg (106.19 KB, 667x754, Screenshot_20201103-162103_You…)

Lmao. LJ got merch..

No. 803341

This is genuinely one of the worst things I've ever seen. This is just some custom t-shirt shop where she slapped her logo on. It's so bad omg

No. 803346

File: 1604443073445.jpg (87.3 KB, 577x741, Screenshot_20201103-163545_Chr…)

She's gone and slapped her ugly mug on every piece of merchandise that bitch could find. This is fucking hilarious. God, I bet the mask would smell like her halitosis.

No. 803349

File: 1604443439217.jpg (37.29 KB, 402x603, 4703ee6c410cc742ab0c039cdcc075…)

No. 803362

Britbong here. Can you not register on the day in the states?>>803336

No. 803363

Has anyone tried under her maiden name/known aliases

I know she sometimes goes by her middle name, Rene.

Still weird that she'd be registered under her maiden name since she's been married 30 years

No. 803369

so many thoughts on the merch.

1. The logo is so painfully basic and ugly.
2. The designs overall are ugly.
3. doesn't she have eyes to see that one particular picture doesn't fit on the mask?
4. Why is she even doing this? she has no legitimate fans and I personally would be so discouraged to see no one buys my merch.

No. 803375

The registration deadline in New York is about a month before the election, but Lillee's been talking about voting for months now. She's had plenty of time. New York has a ton of ways to vote, early voting, absentee ballots, and tons of voting centers. They're probably like a 15 min walk from their voting center.

Even felons can vote in New York kek. It's legit one of the easiest states to vote in.

No. 803379

I checked all variations of Laura/Laur/Rene and even Renee with Trueman and Marks in voter registration and nada.

No. 803386


Let's be real. If Laur or Lillee Jean voted, they would have posted a picture and listed it under Lillee Jean's accomplishments.

Laur didn't vote because she's a lazy racist hag.
Lillee didn't vote because Laur didn't do it for her and figuring it out was too difficult for that 8th grade education.

No. 803395

lol, imagine them trying to twist voting as an accomplishment. "lillee jean is a political figure and voting advocate"

No. 803405

"Political candidate Biden has always been able to count on the loyalty of celebrities like Lillee Jean and her massively inbred family, who feels their personal morals align with "child sniffer" Biden's at every turn"

No. 803406

Do other beauty gurus throw their face onto random merch like this? Like does James Charles even put his own face on a mask?? Who does she think would want to buy this?

No. 803435

File: 1604498659190.jpeg (261.39 KB, 750x1091, 736D324D-6157-43F0-8330-66F43C…)

No. 803436

File: 1604498879913.jpg (56.88 KB, 700x700, fire-ice-by-lillee-jean-tapest…)

Kek anon, why wouldn't you want to buy this!

No. 803438

File: 1604499193733.jpg (57.26 KB, 700x700, fierce-blue-by-lillee-jean3582…)

(still me >>803436) It's on sale!

No. 803439

no joke, i'd pay money for a version of that that didn't give money to lillee lmfao

it's such a perfect trainwreck of a shirt

No. 803442

File: 1604500615854.jpg (223.05 KB, 531x1065, classy.jpg)

Very wise to give away filthy second-hand makeup in the middle of a pandemic.
Lillee always has such brillant ideas!

Last time "lucid dream" - see screen attached- her only real fan got the prize. Totally legit random draw, lol.

Will she give it to her again or send it to her fake 1M bots?

No. 803449

oh god. i knew she would drop merch at some point, but i gave her too much credit thinking she'd at least draw something on her ipad and slap the "xoxo lj" on top. this is just sad, but it really demonstrates her actual skill and the amount of work she's willing to put in anything she does

No. 803451

The fact that they think that a cross-eyed pic of lj that showcases her bad leg photoshopping skills as well as how weirdly proportioned she is is worth putting on merch shows how deluded they are

No. 803452

File: 1604503931220.jpg (57.44 KB, 700x700, we-are-women-united-standing-t…)

Please buy me this tote bag, anons

No. 803453

Ngl I want this too lmfao

No. 803455

File: 1604504091147.png (452.55 KB, 630x794, Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 10.3…)

Say anons, do you have the time?

No. 803456

just diy on one of those shady websites that print your t-shirt with whatever

No. 803458

whats that supposed to be? pillow covers? lmao

just look for a place where you can request your custom t-shirt online or not

No. 803460

File: 1604505957433.jpg (42.04 KB, 700x700, super-hero-girl-on-earth-print…)

It's a wall tapestry of course!

I don't understand why she doesn't promote more her society6 page, this is a gold mine!

No. 803461

File: 1604506022928.jpeg (785.84 KB, 1334x1228, 1143632F-C931-4BEA-9DC5-BE8356…)

for when you want to terrify the entire starbucks

No. 803462

File: 1604507348089.jpeg (11.89 KB, 216x169, EA0FF6DC-EF96-4A0B-8228-06A11A…)

Looking g8

No. 803468

File: 1604509155975.png (759.24 KB, 2490x1450, Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 12.5…)

Legitimately /r/delusionalartists material. Holy hell.

No. 803478

File: 1604512431648.jpeg (145.94 KB, 828x632, 376E8A7E-549C-41CD-8854-795D83…)

No. 803486

Props to anon who said she’d call it sacred LOLLLLL.

No. 803487


Literally everybody talks about who they voted for except for those who might face backlash from their community. Since she is encouraging people to vote blue that means she already vocally supports blue and isn't afraid of backlash, and it would go without saying that she voted for biden so there is no reason to keep it secret. The only reason she is being so defensive about who she voted for (and about looking up public records too lol hi lj) is because she didn't vote at all. In her mind she is influential enough to convince people who would otherwise not vote blue to vote blue and it would offset the loss of her vote, so why would she put in any extra effort beyond telling people what to do (which she is very good at and likes to do)

She also used "sacred" wrong

No. 803488

Ugh. Which "base" Lillee?
You literally have zero like, retweet and refuse any interaction that are not from Laur's socks accounts.

We know she wasn't regitered to vote, so either she's a total moron and hypocrite, either she lives under a fake identity.

No. 803489

She was posted on r/delusionalartists before she got noticed by BGC. That's where her first big spergout happened that made people look further into her scam.

No. 803496

Didn’t she not go to high school? Her English is exactly like a middle schooler. Like an average or below average middle schooler. I honestly feel bad for her being 19 but still writing like a 13 year old.

No. 803497


> and really not done.

> just realized could hold water-for others

I'm sorry what the fuck? I can typically decipher most of what she says, but I'm actually completely blanking on this one.

No. 803498

Oh honey if u want LJ merch without giving her money, buy some iron transfer paper and print it out and iron it on a tote. The shirts wont last through frequently washing, but those iron on pages can make a really funny tote. Praying for more g8 pics to make my own lol.

No. 803499

If I had to guess at what she was trying to say, I’d guess that she’s saying it’ll give ammunition to her bulliez to say who she voted for. Makes no fucking sense because she’s already publicly supported people voting “blue”. She obviously didn’t vote bc she’s not registered and is dancing around the subject in case the truth comes out.

No. 803514

If we needed even more "proof" that she's not registered, most US citizens register to vote when they get their license at the DMV. She has admitted that she doesn't have her license, so she'd have to go out of her way to get a registration form.

No. 803516

File: 1604526865218.jpeg (751.68 KB, 828x1521, 79242C8F-272D-4335-933F-4E7444…)

No. 803517

File: 1604526915919.png (1.84 MB, 828x1792, DD5636A8-48EF-4D90-A282-EC554B…)

No. 803518

File: 1604526980135.jpeg (175.78 KB, 750x508, D29F06DC-DCC3-4286-8A36-029E38…)

It looks like she is trying to hint that she’s been stalked so that’s why her info isn’t public. However in looking over the link, that only applies to addresses in New York so her name would still be available in the public database.

No. 803520

the art for the "Women" tote bag is so shockingly bad. Really beyond me how she can put this out.

No. 803529

And her address is already publicly on searchable DB’s via Laur, so there’s no way she actually applied for this anyway.

No. 803535


What even is this? Spooky halloween decor? It's terrifying, what an unflattering photo. Imagine waking up at night and THAT is staring you zown.

No. 803536

It could be a cool photo if she put any effort in at all. Besides her creepy expression, that costume doesn't fit her and Supergirl's hair looks nothing like that.

No. 803552

File: 1604539681145.png (148.25 KB, 480x713, cuttinglilleejeanboard.png)

Will some anon/callout please get one of the LJ produced cutting boards and take a picture of using them in the kitchen with a sharp knife & cut up "bloody gouged" meat. Because that would just be so perfect!

No. 803578

There are items on sale? In her supposed introductory brand merch? Jeez

No. 803593

is cutting boards a legitimate merch people sold? this looked so random
like what next? is she gonna make a shoelaces merch lmao

No. 803595

Wtf she cries about the edits of us "gouging" her eyes out, but then gives ammo for us to literally gouge her fucking eyes out. What a moron.

No. 803596

Realistically who would buy any of this shit let alone a CUTTING BOARD with someone’s face on it? Like who does that

No. 803597

File: 1604559087014.jpeg (721.92 KB, 1177x1185, 7BC0CB55-38A3-4DC6-93B7-0230F9…)

No. 803598

Plot twist: They all legally changed their names.

No. 803610


The funny part about this to me is that they are continually dodging and acting like the issue is WHO they voted for, not if they voted at all. They are horrible people, it wouldn't change my opinion of them very much if I found out they voted for Hitler. It's the serious levels of bullshit they would rather go through than just…go register and fucking vote. It's mind-blowing how these two will find the most convoluted ways to act like they did anything. Registering to vote takes practically no time, but they would rather lie about it… They've spent ridiculous sums of money on articles and magazines that have no viewership. It's not the scenic route, or even pressing the easy button. At times it feels like they are going through all this extra effort to make it look like they are trying SO HARD and just failing, even as they only make bets on the long shot with the broken leg.

No. 803615

File: 1604587482514.jpg (16.91 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

Forever unintentionally looking like 20th century media depictions of "crazy" people.

No. 803623

The fact they're using such coy language like "many of us have voted" but didn't post about personally voting, it's pretty obvious they didn't vote. This would be the first presidential election that Lillee could vote in, that's a big deal for any first time voter. She would have posted her I Voted sticker or said something about her absentee ballot.

All of their virtue signaling by retweeting BLM/social issues/voting reminders is pointless when you personally aren't voting. It's so blatantly performative. Lillee wants all the credit for being a good person without doing anything.

No. 803624

It's so embarrassing, too, because as another anon pointed out, it's incredibly easy to vote in NY. Lillee really has no excuse for not voting. If she was concerned about long lines, voting by mail in this state is no problem. (Anecdotal: I don't know how the lines looked in Queens, but midtown Manhattan and LIC polling places were not as busy as usual, so I would imagine the same trend would hold true for her area.)

No. 803656

So…if Laur and Lillee's behavioral pattern continues the way we know them as, I expect them to have a bit of a freakout soon. Pat McGrath tweeted a roundabout shoutout at Tatiana, and they're likely to be very pissed about that. They hate it when the callouts get things that they think they deserve.

No. 803661


This is some 'we live in a society' level empty bullshit. She always says these really "woke" things, but the words don't actually mean anything. They just sound corny.

No. 803670

That’s the way the SJWs have taken us. This is average behaviour now.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 803693

> and really not done
> just realized could hold water-for others

She’s saying the act of disclosing or sharing who you voted for is really “not done”. And the argument that we can disclose who we voted for “does not hold water”. (And this is a wrong use of the idiom, since the person wasn’t arguing anything or making a point or rebuttal. They literally just asked who LJ were voting for.)

Of course, this is demonstrably not true. Every celebrity, influencer and content creator encouraging people to vote have an extremely clear political stance, and zero have them have any issue saying “I voted X”. The fact that she’s freaking out over such a simple question is hilarious.

No. 803700

It’s hilarious because she seems to think that, if she voted, no one could glean who she voted for by her obvious support for “blue”/Biden. Like, that would all but confirm her vote. It tells me if she thought she could get away with lying (and her mommy didn’t check the farms to see she can’t) about her vote she would’ve.

And this all could’ve been avoided by either voting (as established, easy in NY) or just simply not telling other people who to vote for (easy for most people not as narcissistic as Lillee). But, no, she had to be allowed to never leave her attic and virtue signal at the same time

No. 803706

File: 1604634916484.jpeg (836.2 KB, 1197x2178, 0E8F0584-8F64-4ECE-8438-39EEBB…)

Once in a while I drop in to see how our friend estella’s doing lol

No. 803711

Jesus Christ how does this person have so much free time to spend on twitter? No hobbies, no job, no friends or family to occupy their time? Lazy cunts must be drawn to each other.

No. 803737

Ya’ll think she was just an obsessed Supernatural fan with a raging lady boner for Mark, based on his role as Lucifer? And she met up with FakeLawyer Andrew to possibly collaborate with Mark on the “cyber bullying” project, and her involvement with the project got canned for…. intimidation or manipulation on CyberBang’s part (allegedly)? Poor lady, she just wanted to develop her parasocial relationship with Mark. Kek.

I’ll be honest, I don’t really like milk not directly related to LJ or Laur (I don’t care about Dees or Tatiana), but this saga is particularly fascinating to me.

No. 803739

My favourite thing is that she's freaking out when this Guardian bullshit is obviously a huge flop anyway.

Like, Pellegrino has 500k twitter followers but the @GuardianProj twitter has less than 200 followers. Kek. That engagement is almost as bad as Lillee, and he actually is somebody.

Maybe CyberCocksucker lawyer should have asked Lilz where to buy followers when he still had the chance

No. 803747

File: 1604669339307.jpg (59.99 KB, 573x331, publicrecords.jpg)

Anons, I think there's something in there.
If unpaid rent tinfoil is correct, isn't it strange Laur always find new places to move, in an particularly expensive area?
Who would rent to them, when googling their name shows the bankruptcy record on the first results. That would be very risky for the landlords…
I know some anons tinfoiled about Laur using as guarantor her mother or someone else. And that they mainly didn't registered to vote because of lazy.
But what if she is indeed using another name, legally or not.
Laur has been scamming people her whole life, how wouldn't she have different names IRL?
We know for facts she uses countless sock accounts and steals pictures of real people.

Additional: why is the Trueman family linked to Beckles Madina on every public records.

No. 803749


Sorry, I must've missed this but why is Lillee always listed as around 40 years old in all those public records? All the results coming back for Laur that also lists Lillee show her age as around 40. Kinda creepy.

No. 803750

Stella "founded" the Guardians as supernatural fan group to protect Mark after he was bullied. Mark gave them passing attention and Stella felt important. Rossow, being a large supernatural fan and cyber boolie lawyer, found out about it, contacted Mark and they co opted the movement as their own brain child. Stella got upset and jealous over it and they tried to smooth her ruffled feathers.
When Laur and LJ broke ties with Andrew, Stella put Andrew on blast fully expecting Mark to side with her and Rossow to be kicked out of the whole project. Instead, Mark didn't back Her up and continued promoting the project along side Rossow.

She's hurt and feels betrayed that Mark didn't jump to her defense that he and Rossow get all the credit for her pet project, and more than anything else, Mark picked Rossow over her.

No. 803755


I did a search for Beckles Madina and found a lot of results saying its an alt for Earl. Also seeing alt spellings of Trueman as Truman.
We can see that Beckles Madina is allegedly in Maryland, but has also lived in Florida and Texas. I have no idea how to do it, but maybe there is an anon who can search registration & voting records for Beckles Madina, the alt spelling of Trueman as Truman, and check Florida, Texas, and Maryland in addition to New York.

No. 803756

You have to have a zip code to look it up not just State. I'm anon that got Laur mad by checking variations up thread. I also checked Truman vs Trueman. I even used 2 different NY zip codes bc 2 sites had different listings and maybe they were registered under an old address.

No. 803758

That was discussed in earlier threads. When folks couldn't believe our little hobgoblin was a teenager. I don't think anyone ever figured out why that says 40. It's good for a chuckle.

No. 803760

Thanks for the explanation. Goddamn, i do feel a little for her since it feels like something she took a lot of pride in and invested so much time in was essentialy snatched away from her. But does she not know that she can book a conversation with Mark Pellegrino on Cameo? Unless she also happens to be a 1000% devoted Libertarian (and honestly even if she was) , it seems terribly easy to dismiss her as an obssessed stan who missed her opportunity to presumably have relations with her favorite celebrity. (Or at least the image of him that she had in her mind)

No. 803765


Ok here are the zip codes I could find if anyone has the time or patience to check them:


And I can't even finds Williamsville Texas on a map

Did a little bit of digging and these are possible addresses

No. 803766

That would definitively be a great plot twist in that crazy saga.

Anons tinfoiled Laur used Lillee datas for shady credit cards transactions for a while now.
However, it's indeed strange there's a 20 years gap…

Anon, this is glorious, is it Earl's previous wife or Laur's fake ID?
Isn't Laur's parents from Florida?

Does it need any birth date?

No. 803853

Yep, I'm here for this tinfoil. I think Laur has a lot of reasons, even if they're kind of bs, to use a fake name or maybe even legally change it. She can blame it on the fact that she "feels threatened" that people are exposing them on the farms/internet, she's a scammer so she can go under different names to try and continue that way of living. The only thing though is I feel like she's probably not smart enough to go about getting a fake name/legally changing it.

No. 803861

Do not post addresses unless the cows themselves have publicly posted them.

No. 803863

i always wondered who she reminded me of and i just realized its agnes from suite life of zack and cody lol

No. 803870

File: 1604726345933.png (936.13 KB, 750x1334, BA9F4596-D4E4-4777-A99A-C06EFD…)

Lillee is doing a giveaway for a Clarisonic. Only the company went out of business a couple of months ago. She also has some company that she says has sponsored the video but why would they sponsor a giveaway for a discontinued product? So strange. Who will win? Tired Lady, Miss Lucid or Rachel M?

No. 803880


>what you love about the holidays or vice versa


No. 803891

File: 1604741924092.jpg (288.84 KB, 839x1281, #ad.jpg)


She's back on her bullshit, lying about having a relationship with brands and pretending to do giveaways.

She posted a video a few days ago reviewing a foundation from the in-house complexion brand sold in Credo Beauty stores. All their recent promo for it is focused on the fact that they have added more deep/dark foundations with comprehensive undertones, unlike a lot of other clean beauty complexion products, that exclude deep skintones or treat them as afterthoughts. It didn't make sense that, of all the booty gurus on youtube, that they would choose pasty ghost queen Lillee Jean to hype their extended shade range, so I got curious and went down a youtube rabbit hole looking for other influencers reviewing EXA foundation. I clicked on so many videos, especially youtubers with darker skin, and not a single other reviewer claimed that their video was sponsored.

So, that began to confirm my suspicion, and then I noticed that, out of nowhere, Lillee decided to type out an entire novel's worth of bullshit (why would anyone read an essay in the description box that says the same exact thing you've just said in your video?) with the "sponsored video" disclaimer all the way at the end. She probably thinks that hiding her lie behind a wall of text will keep her from getting busted.


No. 803904

I wonder if she's giving away a completely new set or the one she already used?

No. 803907

We are unto something Anons, I can feel it in my soul lol.
Laur and Lj talked a lot about the "stalker" who showed up at their house. I can see only two logical reasons someone would show:
1/ It was someone showing by mistake, a neightboor, or someone who sell stuff. Literally a non-event.
2/ It was someone who got scammed by Laur lol (or the landlord which will be more or less the same)

It's highly unlikely it was someone staking Lj like they said.
However they keep using this in they cyberbullied boring fake narrative and it's possible Lj is believing it. Laur and Lj has been so abnormally affected by this, it's very shady.

I saw the screens before it got deleted. I wont discuss the adresses, even it they can be found on public records.
However, that's exactly the same pattern! They moved a lot, seems every year or so.
The only difference is they were in several states: Maryland, Florida, Texas.
Tinfoil: Is it because Earl changed his job? Got fired a lot?
I can't find any williamsville, Texas, but there's one in NYC.
I totally believe Laur continues the scamming online under others ID, but she could use Earl former alt.
What about DBA (doing business as/fictitious name filing)? Every consumer can check about it.

No. 803916

>born was EXA

God, this fucking Yoda talking bitch.

No. 803917

File: 1604763437700.png (295.58 KB, 408x597, beckles.png)


The one thing that got me is the addresses that were posted showed a Florida address they verified as Earls late October of this year. Those websites can be incorrect, but what if Earl (and maybe Laur) is registered to vote in Florida? Maybe the Florida address is their permanent address? Maybe they actually live in Florida and thats why they rarely post pictures outside of the house, taking trips to NYC for the few pictures they do post?

And who is Beckles Madina and why do search results only bring up contact pages for Earl & Laur??

No. 803921

The video doesn't have a pop-up that says it contains paid promotion, either.

No. 803930


I have a completely different
This might be something only my family does, but as long as I can remember, my mom used a funny alias when she signed up for things like magazine subscriptions, websites, etc. It helped quickly weed out junk mail, but it means that name shows up as part of the household.

I could easily see Laur signing up for free shit with an extra name or even purchasing things under another name to bypass return policies.

No. 803932

Your art is awesome Anon.

Laur's parents are indeed from Florida.
>Eviction Anon is on to something.
>If you look at their current address, it also shows Laur’s mom residing with them. We know Laur is estranged from her mom
> (I think. I vaguely recall Arpanet saying Laur’s parent’s lived in Florida with Laur’s other sister) so did Grandma sign a lease in her name to help out her thrice bankrupt daughter? Maybe Grandma is sick of supporting a 53 year old con artist and is finally cutting them off? (…)

No. 803934

Remember when Laur was harassing Tatiana saying she didn't use the crowndfunding money to pay her lawyer, when IN FACT it was Laur who wasn't paying HER laywer?

>someone stole Laur’s identity.
Well, according to Laur's logic, she is the one who's stealing people's identity.

Are infos about Earl's former job privates? I can't recall what he worked in.

No. 803950

File: 1604789145632.jpeg (311.81 KB, 750x654, 7B025D9B-3E8D-4327-9EE0-54BAC4…)

The shameless self promotion…

No. 803952

that bingo wing tho

No. 803957

File: 1604793359627.jpeg (283.58 KB, 1202x1355, 059CD949-EBB1-4FA0-8A5C-DAD680…)

Someone’s gonna get blocked.(selfposting; cowtipping)

No. 803960

File: 1604797214843.jpeg (424.11 KB, 828x4040, 86343FEE-820D-4B36-9BC3-29AA7B…)

No. 803962

I would not be able to "rElAx" if Lillee was standing there with her psycho eyeballs. She fails so hard at trying to be seductive omg. What's even creepier is you know Laur took these photos.

No. 803965

She looks like someone polished Casper the friendly ghost to make him even shinier.
Also LJ being on her tip toes even in heels reads as autism to me, that's a really common symptom

No. 803968

>What's even creepier is you know Laur took these photos.
This honestly weirds me out so much, Laur is almost definitely the one taking all of these pictures (unless it's a selfie) where Lillee is either half naked or posing sexily. The only other person it could be is her dad. No matter how close you are with your family, having your parents take sexy pictures of you is flat out skeevy.

No. 803978

Lmao was Laur going for Terry Richardson vibes with these? It feels about as sleazy.

No. 803981

These were taken either by Pheepy or for Pheepy kek

No. 803987

Very serial killer chic. They have the same vibe as the last picture of Regina Walters.

No. 803990

File: 1604806444039.png (7.95 MB, 1242x2688, B4E64F0E-6C3C-4835-A091-03B52A…)

I’ve been trying so hard to figure out what the hell this is.. Can anyone please explain? Everything she posts is just so out of touch with reality.

No. 803991

Also, sorry i didn’t crop! I’m new to this lol

No. 803992

it looks like a bag

No. 803997

File: 1604810575564.gif (272.34 KB, 300x100, 1603821188634.gif)

Made a new banner with OP's pic

Jesus christ this looks like some balding's dude ballsack and I want to vomit

No. 804000

I also saw balding ballsack at first, and had to stare at it intensely before it resolved into wrinkled rose gold leather.

No. 804001


Seeing poppin in front of what looks like flesh and hair only makes me think of pimples and blackheads and cysts.

No. 804004


There is a record in Glen Burnie, MD of a "FirstName Madina Beckles." Could be a coincidence though because that record does not appear to be (or be related to) Laur, Earl, or Lillee other than via "Beckles Madina."

No. 804011

File: 1604818434416.jpg (536.96 KB, 1080x1277, Screenshot_20201107-225039_Goo…)

Creepychan, is that you?

I almost like these, but knowing they're meant to be conventional beauty shots with no hint of irony… they're creepy.

No. 804027

Why are they always taking pictures inside their house, in empty rooms and when it's dark?
Literally no one does that.

It also show a cerese-madina-beckles.
I have looked in the public records, some website sites show absolutely no proof of existence besides the court bankruptcy files from 2018-2019.
No public property record, no vehicules sales record, no business registration (the fraud-analyst-anons were right about Laur not paying taxes for her antiques business scam), no US voter…

What's even creepier is Lillee Jean showing 40, with absolutely no proof of real existence.
Everything you can find about her, is from the nonsense of her fabricated life they've been spamming the whole web.

No. 804039

>when it's dark
Lol I noticed they had to use the flash. I mean even if they didn't want to go outside, it's weird they don't have natural lighting anywhere. They probably put up blackout curtains everywhere to prevent the "stalkers" from peering into their windows kek.

>What's even creepier is Lillee Jean showing 40, with absolutely no proof of real existence. Everything you can find about her, is from the nonsense of her fabricated life they've been spamming the whole web.

I honestly have no clue about the 40 years old thing besides those websites just being generally incorrect, have a feeling her having zero records is because she has no driver's license or credit cards under her name. I'm in my late 20s and I didn't come up on public record until 25 when I got my first credit card, and I didn't even have a credit score until then. I was also unlisted on those sites. When I would move into apartments, they would have to confirm my social because I didn't exist. Since Lillee is living off of her parents like I did, I have a strong feeling that's why she has no/incorrect information on these sites.

No. 804041

File: 1604837496901.jpeg (325.78 KB, 750x859, show us the damn yearbook.jpeg)

The only two "evidences" of LJ's real age/existence/she is using this name IRL, are:

1/ Middle school anon, who is a model now. Some of us suspected she just wanted attention.
Though what she said was very credible: LJ barely showing at school, wearing inappropriate clothing, lying about an older boyfriend, having Laur to make some drama at the principal office…
A lot of us were disappointed about the lack of new milk.
Especially because all of this could be found by reading the farms.
So maybe she went to the same middle school but never actually met her.

Middle school anon said she checked on the middle school year book, but then she said she lost it and couldn't show it…
So, technically that's not even an evidence.

2/The other "evidence", would be the stupid korean dance from 2012 LJ has been bragging about it non-stop, and where you barely can see her…

No. 804042

I never believed this middle school anon. Too many things added up perfectly and the fact that we've had no legitimate proof or evidence that this anon knew her. I mean, it's not unrealistic to have at least 1 person see Primink's video and recognize her from being in school with her. She did go to school and I'm aware she had classmates, but this anon's story catered too much to what Lillee has already done and her personality. It sounded like a story to confirm everything we've already read.

No. 804043

That last photo is really such an unfortunate angle. The goal is to look taller and lengthen the body. But that one really makes her look even more of a dwarf than ever: no neck, short arms, truncated legs, oversized torso. She really likes to drive home the fact that she'll never be a pro model, huh?

No. 804053


We have seen pictures of lj as a pudgy pre-teen and it definitely looked like mid to late 2000s, not the 80s, and she looks pretty young now so I would believe she is around 20. I'm starting to really believe the theory that Laur opened a credit card or something when lj was a baby, especially after reading this >>804039. If laur opened one when she was a baby, around 20 years ago, and put Lillwe's age as 20, it would make sense that those pages pull her up as 40.

No. 804056

File: 1604846424703.jpg (667.98 KB, 1080x1712, Screenshot_20201108-081816_You…)

Wtf does this picture have to do with America being united? It's a picture of her privileged white, non voting but virtue signaling, ass that she took of herself.

Atleast she is wearing the dress almost correctly. The last time we saw her thirst posting in this dress, she was trying to make it an off the shoulder dress.

Yeah, middle school anon just regurgitated what had been discussed here…

At this point, I think Lillee wasn't the target of insane bullying like she and her mom have tried to make it out. People would have remembered her…and they don't. Lillee was completely forgettable, and without her batshit mother, would continue to be. If Laur hadn't went completely nuts in the reddit thread, that post would have forgotten by the end of the week. I think Lillee was closer to being the bully than being bullied. She tried to boss the other kids around and they told her to fuck off. She played victim to Laur and Laur agreed to pull her out of school.

No. 804058

Honestly kids are mean, I suspect her to have been a loser nobody that no one wanted to talk to. That's why she always takes it out on Dees by saying that Dees isn't a cool kid and her "bullying" Lillee must be making up for her years in school. It's complete projection. Lillee wanted desperately to be cool, but no one would have her. I think her bitchy, sassy attitude came from rejection and she's taking it out on her mom. I think her attendance issues came from her lack of being liked, so she hated going to school to face everyone who disliked her/had nothing to do with her. I don't think she bossed other peers around, if anything she may have been insufferable in group projects by trying to make everything go her way, but I think she may have just thrown fits or was super fucking weird in comparison to her peers.

No. 804059

Yea I can definitely see Lillee being way too weird to not be able to interact with or not be made fun of in some way. She acts like an absolute lunatic all the time, and she's unhinged. Couple that with her bulgy eyes and cat teeth, I bet people ran away from her in the hallways.

No. 804069

her mom deserves it; you raise a kid to act like a psychotic, unlikable freak, you reap what you sew if it turns out fucked up
she should tried to make her functional in society

No. 804070

it looks like old man's pubes enhanced by a microscope

No. 804075

I actually think she probably was less “bossy and unlikable” and probably more just annoying and a compulsive liar. Someone who’d go along with the whatever the people around her were saying and make shit up randomly to be “likable” and make herself sound cool. Then that didn’t work, because people would at most be nice to her out of pity, so she became bitter and turned it into her being bullied (when at most it was probably people calling her out on her BS).

I knew a lot of girls like that in middle and high school. It’s something most grow out of but Lillee still has glaring signs of it; lying about everything, virtue signaling, etc.

I’m sure Laur was the exact same in school and that’s why she’s built Lillee’s ego up. Lillee was prettier than her and Laur saw that as her chance to be the “cool girl” she’d always wanted to desperately be.

I knew a mom like that, too, only she built one child’s ego up while emotionally neglecting the “less pretty” one. I definitely see signs of both of those two children in Lillee now. She’s still a compulsive liar, desperate for attention and approval and spending her whole life pretending. But, like the “prettier” kid I know, is egotistical and convinced she’s inherently deserving of that attention and approval.

No. 804084

File: 1604861848104.png (1.59 MB, 1075x2735, StitchIt_20200811125508_382.pn…)

It's absurd to me how poorly Lillee Jean speaks/writes in English. Especially when she is trying to sound intelligent.

No. 804087

File: 1604862987746.jpg (674.3 KB, 2160x3840, 20201108_131553.jpg)

Lillee is going to be a guest to talk about business strategies. I guess scams are a type of strategy..

No. 804090

Business advice from a shut in with no pr?

No. 804091


lillee looks like a ghost trying to haunt a bunch of unsuspecting brown people.

No. 804099

You can really tell she was removed from school too early

No. 804104

This is such a odd group for Lillee Jean to be a guest with. She's far and above them in terms of followers- one has 350k, another 250k, but the rest are below 30k. They are also all rappers. Our little pale attic gremlin doesn't exactly have a ounce of street cred to her name, so I'm struggling to see what they could have in common other than the pod.

No. 804105

Yeah she's 100% the type to lie about having a rich great great aunt, or some super distant relative is Co-owner of Smuckers or something, just random bullshit that she thinks would get kids to like her. I mean we see how she talks about her great grandmothers and her "ancestry" or whatever. She, herself, has nothing of value to offer, so she has to resort to either completely fabricating stories or stretching as far as she can into some twice removed family member to have anything even remotely worth talking about.

No. 804106

This is the only thing that will have her. Considering her fake following only came with PR that has since been dropped because of being called out. She didn't get anything else out of it, she has no connections anywhere.

No. 804117

File: 1604878733682.jpg (565.87 KB, 1080x2063, Screenshot_20201108-173348_You…)

Not only did Lillee's giveaway originally say IG entries were allowed (not just for one day) she's also is doubling entries at will.

I'm sure it's all totally legit, what with her history and all.

No. 804133

Exactly, and I’m sure she’d be one of those people who lies in order to one up people. If a friend has a new car, she’d lie about her getting a brand new Lexus or something equally ridiculous. Jealousy and lies are the only thing she knows and that doesn’t make for popularity

No. 804140

File: 1604887528908.png (1.69 MB, 828x2531, 0916EEC4-1FE1-4B8E-9174-F86488…)

No. 804142

…I think this completely expresses what "sexy" is in her POV if she thinks this looks good in any capacity. She looks like a stoned midget AFTER getting rolled down the stairs.

If she thinks this is yum, then it only shows why she's not getting anywhere in beauty or fashion. Clearly doesn't have any eye for it.

No. 804146

These look like they would be right at home in The Dating Game Serial Killer's Polaroid collection.

No. 804149

Business advice from someone who gets dropped by every single company she has tried to scam, has had several public meltdowns and is the laughing stock of the beauty community grabs popcorn

No. 804170

File: 1604921550381.jpg (53.86 KB, 680x554, EmVduYJXIAAqVfd.jpg)

I can't wait for this too.

>My own moral democracy

Hope she'll say plenty of stuff like that on the sunday live.

No. 804178

File: 1604930943611.jpg (651.11 KB, 1079x1907, Screenshot_20201109-080813_Ins…)

She must be horny this week, on she's testing the waters for her only fans.

No. 804185

File: 1604936898634.jpg (342.64 KB, 1092x879, TINFOIL.jpg)

Tinfoil for the keks:

- Back in 2008, the poor man said Lillee sucked at dancing.
-Laur NEVER forgets NEVER forgives.
-That's why they left NYC.

No. 804190

No. 804193

I hate that I don't even see this as tinfoil, I'd believe it in a heartbeat that crazy Laur bumped the teacher for insulting her ugly kid

No. 804202

Anons, did Lillee ever said she went to Flushing High School?
Because I can tell for sure she never set a foot there.

No. 804208


Laur and Lillee would normally insert themselves into the tragedy of anyone remotely connected to them in order to try to gain pity support. A missing/murdered teacher who they can lie and say always recognized Lillee's amazing talent and beauty is exactly the kind of story they'd usually milk to death for attention.

Anon, I think you might be on to something.

No. 804215

She went to Bayside(newfag)

No. 804349

File: 1605030117571.jpg (449.22 KB, 2880x2880, 20201110_114106.jpg)

In a twist no one could have seen coming, this is the person that won…the same one Lillee broke the rules to give extra entries to.

No. 804358

What is the point to give it to her sock account. No one followed her for that give away.
At least she could have give it to tired boomer or lucid idiot.
What was it anyway, used makeup?
And next give away: 10$ coupons??
I am so very confused, she meant 1000$, right? kek

No. 804372

I expect we'll be seeing a massive Lillee Jean/ Laur meltdown in the next week or so. The callouts have been paying attention to WOACB's drama and her giveaway video barely got any more views than any of her other videos- and had less than 30 actual entries on the YouTube video. The guardians and Rossow have moved on from them, as they was just a tool for Estella to se to attempt to oust Rossow so she wasn't the 3rd wheel anymore…

And still to this day, despite all of Laur's repeated "the papers are on the way to the court RIGHT NOW" and the 1t lawyers she apparently has from retaining legal representation "as of this day".

No. 804405

File: 1605049378170.png (1.39 MB, 1868x1186, Screen Shot 2020-11-10 at 2.39…)

Small thing but I found this amusing. This screenshot is from one of Lillee's "fan" accounts on Instagram, which they're pretending was hacked. I think Laur must have fun playing pretend with all these sockpuppets and subplots.

No. 804421

Is this actually a Laur/LJ sock? I can't imagine them really giving anything away.

It's kind of surprising she hasn't gotten in trouble for her ever changing giveaway rules.

No. 804432

Who would she get in trouble with? No one follows her or enters her giveaways as a fan to begin with, aside from her own mother and crazy 60 year old internet women.

No. 804437

File: 1605073479066.png (1 MB, 740x734, ea80ef_fea621b61ff44cad9265fee…)


No. 804438

File: 1605073602342.png (16.83 KB, 331x229, Screenshot_8.png)

Also interestingly, THAT Robin Preston from one of the last few threads seems to have been entered in the contest. It would have been funny if the winner was one of Lillee's cyber bullies. I don't think Laur or Lillee still check these threads or they would have blocked Robin from their channel.

No. 804439

It would have to be reported by someone but she definitely has some violations in the way she words her giveaway posts as it misses pertinent details and as well, she holds the giveaways internationally without thinking about meeting regulations elsewhere (one that stands out is that it’s open internationally but doesn’t meet the laws of Quebec for contests)

No. 804452

did she just pronounce the word “epitome” epi- tomb??? it honestly amazes me how stupid she is

No. 804454

File: 1605104110171.jpg (193.3 KB, 669x1024, download.jpg)

No. 804455

Didn't watch the video but I've noticed how intense and especially dark colored lipsticks look dreadful on her.

Intense/dark reds usually go really well with fair skin. However on LJ, these colors are so unfortunate and highlight how misplaced her jaw is.

No. 804456

>Dance course (3 years)

X Doubt

No. 804459

File: 1605107326118.jpeg (70.09 KB, 545x370, 5DC6C11D-952B-4824-A1D2-BA8482…)

Laur’s deleted around 500 tweets. Wonder if it has anything to do with Tatiana’s lawsuit?

No. 804464

She looks so fucking grotesque in her videos. It only highlights how heavily she edits her pictures

No. 804465

File: 1605111259788.png (2.86 MB, 827x4626, EA6AE626-CEA4-4D53-8C4F-52A69B…)

No. 804466

I don't understand how someone can get so ugly. It's honestly depressing seeing how she looked like her life was together in MIDDLE SCHOOL. Her warm toned hair does not match her cool toned skin, she still has her fucking baby teeth, and her grandma glasses with her baby voice is so unsettling. This is a type of trailer trash depression.

No. 804472

Middle aged trailer trash mom from Milwaukee posting thirst traps realness

No. 804473


She says that she loves petting herself in her ig stories

No. 804474


I can't, this is just too good

No. 804481


Like clockwork, time to stir up some drama because people aren't paying attention to her.

But she's 19 and outside of being a goblin, there really isn't anything shocking about her posting pictures of her in something that covers more than most swimsuits. I'm sure she'll be pleased with all the pradips fapping in her dms though.

No. 804485

File: 1605123076310.jpeg (128.63 KB, 560x370, DA580160-FA2C-4FBE-8B4A-81DE21…)

The dolls staring at her ass are creepy af. Nothing normal about this shit.

No. 804495

File: 1605130190555.png (750.46 KB, 2448x2448, 24879384_2020345891562289_9351…)

All I can see is a mesh stress ball as she tries to contort her body into something resembling sexy.

No. 804497

The dolls fucked me up too. That and the idea that Laur took that picture

No. 804500

Some doll collections are pretty cool, not gonna lie, but it's weird that most of her dolls are just cheap Disney baby dolls aimed at preschool girls.

No. 804501


I wonder if this is another second hand eBay haul, or if Victoria's Secret is so desperate to stay relevant in the era if Savage X Fenty that they are sending free ugly panties to whatever dumpy, shit-tier "influencer" hasn't cancelled them.

No. 804502

File: 1605132891464.png (453.81 KB, 400x751, lil dildo.png)

Ngl, I thought this was a dildo at first. Wouldn't even be surprised if Lillee bought one. Also, can an anon explain why she gets so much in the mail everyday? Does she buy these packages or is she legitimately sent them?

No. 804503

being a collector is good, what is bad it's that she's already an adult and keeps playing w/ dolls, and at the same time laur takes pictures of her trying to look sexy.(maybe lillee feels horny this week?idk creepy af)

No. 804504

Exactly, antique dolls or other meaningful/collector kinda dolls are different than those Disney princess dolls you can buy at toy stores and supermarkets, which are aimed at young kids.

No. 804532

File: 1605148577470.jpeg (203.23 KB, 750x496, 7BD0813E-814B-4267-BCDD-1E286F…)


No. 804565

Laur claims that her AG dolls are worth something since she "took good care of them" and "some they don't even make anymore"

ok so imma AG doll sperg a bit

these are the dolls she has:

-Julie (the 1970s doll) - literally THE most popular modern historical doll there is. She's never been discontinued and there are literally millions of this doll around, and most are in way better condition. You see, Julie has SUPER long straight hair that gets fucked up super easily, so like, a Julie with tangly dull hair? literally common AF. GTFOH.
My valuation? $0

-Grace, the 2015 girl of the year. Laur would be right that this one is discontinued, because all GOTY dolls get discontinued after their year. If you had a Grace in AMAZING condition, you could maybe get a couple bob extra for her on ebay, but she's hardly a collectable or even rare by any means. Also Grace just hardcore sucks (she's a whiny rich girl who gets to travel to paris to learn how to bake or smth) so good luck finding someone who actually wants to buy her. And again, Lillee's is in awful condition. My valuation? $25

-Blaire, the 2019 GOTY. She also hardcore sucks. She's a wussy little lactose intolerant ginger and no one fucking likes her. Probably why Lilz loves her. Since she's only a couple years old, she's likely not as damaged as the others, so there's that. And although Blaire is technically discontinued she sucks so much that no one bought her in 2019 so she's still available on the AG website. My valuation: $20 and a bottle of lactaid.

-Molly (1940s historical doll) literally why does Lillee only pick the dolls that suck? Molly is a whiny little glasses bitch from WWII. She is discontinued and does have a fan following, so a good condition Molly doll might fetch you $100-$200. Lillee's Molly doll is literally dirty AF and I'm willing to bet she lost her one defining characteristic: her glasses. My valuation? -$50

-Kanani (2011 GOTY). OK Kanani is the only doll she has that doesn't full on suck. Kanani is hawaiian and has beautiful long brown hair. Lillee's Kanani looks like she's never had her hair brushed in her life and has a giant dreadlock. Like Molly, a good condition Kanani can fetch a little bit, so Lillee has only herself to blame. My valuation? one (1) lei (plastic)

She also has 2 or 3 Truly Me dolls. Truly Me aren't character dolls ("you can give them their own name and story uwu") and while they can mean a lot to the kid that owns them…they're the least collectable of the AG dolls. I can't tell if the ones she has are discontinued (I have a feeling some if not all are), but discontinued TM dolls are not at all in demand. My valuation: Laur would have been better off spending the money on followers.

Now, how much did Laur sink into this little collection?

AG prices change A LOT but basically you're looking at $80-$150 per doll. Assuming the lower end of the scale, Laur plonked down at least $700 on the dolls alone, not to mention the accessories (which start at $25 and can go all the way up to $800 or so), I'm gonna say her "investment" was at least in the $1000s. Even if Lilz had kept the dolls in perfect condition, there's no way they'd break even, let alone make a profit off these ~*~collectable dollies~*~

But are we really surprise that Laur would throw away that much money on nothing?(a bit excessive )

No. 804566

^ Autism

No. 804567

>>804566 what?

No. 804568

File: 1605177968086.jpg (15.74 KB, 373x373, 1603205240286.jpg)

You're post is 100% pure concentrated autism.

The fact that you even felt the need to flex against a goblin neet who's teeth look like they were smashed against pavement about fucking toys, is just… What the fuck anon.

No. 804571

You must be fun at parties.

No. 804572

Anon 1: is autistic about something related to LJ, provides cost analysis, contributes to thread

Anon 2: herp derp ur an autist so glad i'm slightly less autistic than you

No. 804574

thank you anon, that was informative and helpful.

No. 804575

I enjoyed reading it. It is better than endless sperging about her teeth.

No. 804576

I had no idea these dolls were only a few years old. When she posts videos of them I was assuming she’d owned them for at least a decade. Does anyone know why the dolls feet are turning green?

No. 804577

100%. If this thread was just filled with the same 'hur dur goblin teeth' takes over and over again, I'd not bother reading.

No. 804579

They’re all out of the box. Is it even valuable ?

No. 804580

Yeah I was gonna say they're all out of the box and disheveled. They can't be for collecting. Lillee obviously actually plays with them

No. 804586

Some AG dolls can be valuable out of the box, but not Lillee's

The ones that collectors would want out of the box would have to be super rare and like 30 years old though

No. 804589

sorry luv but i was the anon who posted that american girl doll price breakdown, i just simply replied with "what?". try again tho x

No. 804592

It's nice to get some in depth analysis from time to time, thank you doll anon.

No. 804594


Thanks for a unique and interesting post, doll anon!

No. 804595

Lillee also has a Bitty Baby amongst her American Girl doll collection (a doll that is marketed towards literal toddlers). Certainly not a collectable by any means and a really odd choice for a grown adult.

No. 804596


good post! As someone who knows literally nothing abt dolls, it doesn't seem odd to me that she only has the crappy ones

assuming they are the ones that go for cheap on ebay lol

No. 804598

just wanted to let you know that this post truly improved my morning and i love everything about it anon
10/10 post, would cackle again

fr though it's so tiresome seeing the same three takes on lillee (baby teeth, BP oil spill hair, goblin bod) that this is honestly a pretty interesting, refreshing criticism/breakdown. they love to brag about their possessions and really seem to think that just owning a lot of shit is a sign of success, even when it's amazon cosplay garbage, so seeing yet another example of them wildly overestimating the value of their hoard is pretty entertaining imo.

No. 804600

>anon points out that lj and laur are, as usual, bragging about literally nothing to the point that it's obvious to the average person
>what an interesting take!!!


No. 804601

lol i already think it's fun when people price-check their shit from amazon because it fully illustrates how delusional they are, i don't know shit about dolls and would have no idea how to price them so yes, i do find it interesting to get a valuation of something i know nothing about that they constantly brag about. i'm not sure why you're so salty about this anon lmao, it was more of a contribution to the thread than endless debate about whether or not lillee and laur voted or screenshots of a mark pellegrino stan on twitter

back on topic tho, i decided to check out her tiktok to see if there's any more interesting cringe content there that doesn't get posted here and oh boy is there
is it tinfoil to feel like she's just switched to posting most of her cringe to tiktok because we're all too lazy to screen-record and upload a video to clown on her kek, her twitter has been so bland lately but she's out here on tiktok hurling around her mashed potato body

No. 804603


You weren’t kidding about the cringe


No. 804604

When you share TikToks your username is visible FYI (I won’t post your name here in case you want to delete link)

No. 804607

Christ, but she's a horny one lately
Pheepy's pp not satisfying enough?

No. 804624

File: 1605216941319.jpg (522.37 KB, 2160x3840, 20201112_153344.jpg)

Underwear pictures didn't stir up enough drama and conversations about her,so it is time to go to plan B(or is it A?) Threaten legal ramifications for talking about Lillee! Celebrate past psuedoachievements! Retweet yourself multiple times!

No. 804630

Why did she not brush her hair? She obviously just got out of bed wtf.
It's also interesting to see her tiktok only has 600 followers. That might be the only platform she has legitimate/not bought followers on

No. 804631

File: 1605220091740.png (885.27 KB, 1200x630, VTY4.png)

No. 804637


Well sucks to be me as it’s too late to delete.

I had no idea, I’m a tiktok newfag. Thanks for letting me know

No. 804639

File: 1605221495842.jpeg (173.92 KB, 750x320, B82FCBDA-5FF3-4650-BB8E-504C8A…)

Someone called it. Laur supposedly has taken legal action.

No. 804640

>You can own a bag of rocks, those rocks are mine when I win
Lmao what? Google Translate really needs to add Attic Pidgin.

No. 804641

File: 1605222893674.jpeg (233.92 KB, 750x427, 3A78DE59-5902-450C-BE37-21520D…)

She’s trying to get Tati Westbrook’s attorney involved.

No. 804642

Does she think Tater Tatiana and Tati Westbrook are related because of their first names?? Lmfao

No. 804644

There’s some crossover in the anti-Katie Joy community & the LJ callout community. Some of them are tweeting at Tati’s attorney about Katie Joy.

No. 804645


the easiest fucking fucking joke in the world "when someone says x" and she still manages to fuck it up.

No. 804647

The lips sounds every time she smiles…

No. 804649

It's crazy to me with how popping the beauty community is on tiktok, Lillee hasnt managed to make at least ONE viral makeup video. That's just how you know she's bad.

No. 804650

I don't get this weird defiance with her teeth. Like, ok, you're proud of your most physically undesirable feature. Sure. But you do know that it will cost you countless modelling opportunities, and fashion brands / modelling agencies are far less likely to work with you, right? (Kek, I know her gremlin body proportions already prevents that, but just looking at the face)

It's also funny to me that literally all the big make-up influencers, even the ones who may not be conventionally attractive, have nice or average teeth. Mainly cause it's the one thing you can't conceal with make-up.

No. 804655

No. 804658

File: 1605228823997.jpg (444.53 KB, 1080x2030, 20201112_195348.jpg)

Sorry for same fagging but after seeing the tik toks I checked her insta and this face is perfection

No. 804662

Rossow really hurt her feelings and probably hit her with a C&D. She's lashing out at other lawyers and projecting her anger at him for "colluding" with the call out accounts.

When the Rossow/Estella fight went down, Estella said she would pay for Laur's legal fees to sue Rossow for…something? Laur can't afford a lawyer, and her best chance at actually finding a decent lawyer to represent her pro-bono went kaput when Rossow dropped her and she thought it was a good idea to go crying to Estella. Now she is trying to wiggle in with her to get her to help with funds, but Estella doesn't have the money either lol.

No. 804670


It took me a minute to figure out wtf "Wondy" was, thinking she misspelled Wendy or…something else that made no sense?

Then I realised that she's so stupid she thinks that

spider-man = spidey therefore wonder woman = wondy

No. 804673


Fuck's sake. Great Value Wonder Woman again. Even her 3 fans must be bored.

No. 804675

"Rainbow devision [sic]"?


Apparently it's some holocaust shit. So is she saying her family was part of the Rainbow Division or freed by them? I can't keep up on my Lillee Jeanieology

No. 804686

Didn’t Diamond Earl’s band lose their record deal because he went to Vietnam? Why not brag about her dad’s service instead of some distant relative serving 80 years ago?

No. 804693

She's claimed this in the past. I think she's saying she has family who was part of it (but has never provided proof).

No. 804694

The everipedia said that his band lost their deal because Vietnam happened but didn’t say earl was drafted (so I assume he wasn’t)

No. 804695

This is funny as fuck, ty anon

No. 804731

tinfoil: Diamond Earl is a draft dodger living under an assumed name
For that reason he never registered Lillee's birth, hence no voter registration

No. 804747

File: 1605290211623.png (5.58 MB, 828x4453, 249A4025-4CBD-42FA-8737-CF5A0E…)

No. 804748

>effective between teeth!

Girl…like you ever have to worry about that. The gaps are so large, she could use actual rope instead of floss kek

No. 804756

Ugh gross. I really wish laur would stop wasting their money on buying followers and get this poor girl some fucking veneers. I'm so tired of seeing her creepy little goblin mouth

No. 804759

Weird - why is the code to use “Kylie”. If she genuinely had a sponsored post with this company, would they also not give Lillee her own code?

No. 804760

File: 1605298144062.jpeg (261.43 KB, 750x588, FB22B3D4-101D-4F57-89F6-858B71…)

Laur still hasn’t learned. On a post specifically talking about mental health, she uses the word “mental” as an insult. I realize that not everyone cares about it as a slur but this is coming from someone pretending that they are a legitimate manager.

No. 804766

I looked through other sponsored posts for this launch and everyone has unique codes that are gibberish letters - DFHYVX, something like that - and they are different for each account. Especially since this is Kylie's product, it feels like she just took that code that's meant for fans of KJ's social media or something, though I haven't been able to find that code supplied anywhere.

I don't know why an oral care company would sponsor someone who has such unusual teeth, either.

No. 804770

>I had no idea these dolls were only a few years old.
Same here. I thought the AGs were all her childhood dolls. I didn't realize she was still buying them. I think the Disney Princess toddlers and Barbie-types are recent, too. Even though she is almost 20 and has had the internet always, her interests are constricted like she was some 12 year old circa 1996 who just discovered the internet and no teenage interests yet.

No. 804771

File: 1605307049134.jpeg (177.92 KB, 750x331, D497D884-1B23-476A-BD08-729053…)

According to other posts from influencers this is so kind of collab between Kylie and burst oral. Just looks like Lillee is apart of a campaign by viralbrand.io, but she’s trying to make it look like she was the only one sponsored.

No. 804773

File: 1605307457110.png (3.44 MB, 828x1792, 2146168D-580E-4D2E-A3BD-8B3E82…)

first time poster so hope i’ve got this right,
but if you scroll through the Burst Oral Care tagged photos you can see actual people who’ve been paid to work with them and have their own discount codes, as well as the people like Lillee who are using the Kylie code.
It’s funny to see that people with these actual real promo codes like Apryl don’t have “Paid partnership” in their post, but Lillee does…(newfag)

No. 804776

Anon your profile picture is visible

No. 804777

File: 1605310013517.png (2.56 MB, 1654x1364, Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 00.2…)

strong "woman laughing at her salad" vibes here

i mean who doesn't brush their teeth using the flat edge of the toothbrush, in a silk robe sitting next to their christmas tree

No. 804780

It's honestly sad how she brings up her family's supposed accomplishments so much, like her mom being a prop master to the stars or her dad being a musician who jammed with Hendrix. Most of it is clearly just lies, but even if not, none of it makes her more interesting or noteworthy. Even if you're Albert Einstein's third cousin twice removed, who cares?

I also don't understand why she makes these demented expressions in every photo. Even in a freaking toothbrush ad she wears her robe falling off and no bra, like why? All I can see is Laur taking photos adjusting her clothing and complaining it's not sexy enough.

No. 804782

her teeth look like when they file people's teeth to put veneers on i hate it so much

No. 804792

Has anyone ever edited her pics to show what she'd look like with veneers? I mean, part of me wonders if this entire internet influencer act is just a poorly done go fund me to get the poor little gremlin some oral surgery

No. 804795

People have edited her with teeth before and even though she reeks of greasy horse girl, it looked 100 times better.

If she did a gofundme for her teeth, she actually could probably get a bit for it, but Laur is cheap and has convinced her that her teeth are her imperfect trademark like Cara delevinge and her eyebrows. It's sad because even though it's a good thing to embrace your flaws, her teeth are fucking up her jaw placement. It's very noticeable when she talks. Laur needs to realise that her daughter's weird teeth aren't cute or quirky and should really take her to see someone.

No. 804806

File: 1605326229593.png (34.68 KB, 870x370, Screenshot_11.png)

>asian infused characters

No. 804808

>some of my faves
Lmao what? It's her fave but she doesn't know the name of the series? Such a fan!

It's funny how she brags about not looking like the characters she cosplays. What's the point of cosplaying if you're not even going to try? Girl really just wears different wigs and costumes while doing the same makeup and poses for every character.

No. 804814

File: 1605332460451.jpg (482.79 KB, 1031x1659, de1tcwh.jpg)


She's said this kind of thing several times while fishing for validation in the comments section of her own videos, but then she just did this sad Sailor Moon cosplay a couple of months ago. Unless she somehow missed the fact that Usagi Tsukino is a Japanese girl, I guess she forgot to care about not cosplaying any "Asian Infused" characters in July?

> Asians are people, Lillee, not fruit-flavored tea.

No. 804815

The fucking choker is upside down and I just…

No. 804816



Normally I find Lillee's "cosplay" hilarious, but this one…phew. I actually got a little heated. Sailor Moon was so important to 12-year-old me, and this disrespect-

No. 804818

For how easy it is to get cosplay materials these days it's quite pathetic to see such a half assed attempt.

No. 804822

holy fucking shit lj how can you looks so unmarketable omg those pictures are horrid

No. 804823

Do you think she bought this toothbrush used like the rest of her ""PR""?
I wouldn't doubt it, she is clearly fine with reusing someone else lipgloss and eyeshadow.

No. 804824

see >>804502
No she didn't buy it used. But I do doubt it's a legitimate sponsor.

No. 804829

After seeing this, I finally realized the first and only benefit of having such a particularly hostile and competitive cosplay community in my area. The experienced cosplayers there would rip this garbage attempt to shreds. But what am I saying, she's already made enemies in the cosplay community at large, she's not welcome after all the bs she pulls.

No. 804837

File: 1605350531012.jpeg (122.94 KB, 750x926, 4355A5D8-48A3-4970-974B-E22235…)

This is LJ’s latest “This or That” video, and it’s a pretty boring vlog-challenge-style post. (She doesn’t elaborate on half of her answers, and even reads obvious spam comments) But here are the highlights to me:

On the question of: Give up make-up or Give up friends?

> Okay so if you give up make-up, yes you have your friends, but you can’t be up each other’s ass all the time…. [but with make-up] I’m literally giving up something which is like my friend, my beauty, my make-up, my love. So that’s like a part of me I feel is being destroyed.

> But if I gave up friends, I gotta be honest, I’ve always been kind of an anti-social person. I have a few close friends but when it comes to… let me spread my wings… I hate most people, so it’s not a big deal to me. [that second paragraph was verbatim]

In response to “did you fake your followers? Lmao”

> Why would I talk to someone whose ass is halfway down the street? Go get it, sis.

There’s also an incomprehensible bit in the middle about choosing a handsome but unfaithful boyfriend vs. an ugly but faithful bf. LJ says “neither cause she wants it all”. She says something about dating someone in middle school / highschool, and then, later on, dating another person on who was better looking but she says

> it didn’t matter. People are shit no matter what…. people will be what people will be

She mentions Feepy but very briefly. To show how handsome he is, but doesn’t go into detail about what he’s like. Pretty sus, huh?

“Information Dildo” comments and she gives rant # 46 about Dees.

The weirdest part to me was in the end, where she says; as an invitation to the audience

> I have one question for you guys: going away from the thing you keep going towards or being consumed by it?


No. 804838

ok im sorry but im a huge ariana grande fan and im going to nit pick everything lillee says abt ari, in her latest vid someone asked ari or billie eilish and lilz picked ari, saying she grew up listening to her and dangerous woman - sorry but im not over that one time you trash talked thank you next saying ari's music doesnt match the hype and has no beat.

No. 804841

> She says something about dating someone in middle school / highschool, and then, later on, dating another person on who was better looking but she says
She does this a lot where her story contradicts when she started dating Pheepy allegedly. She says she started dating him when she was like 15, but then goes on to say she had boyfriends in high school.

No. 804842

sage your shit and learn to type

No. 804843

File: 1605353451887.jpg (428.35 KB, 1109x601, Jaw tribute.jpg)

It's really amazing how they are incapable of evolving and deal with reality.

I'm also fascinated with her jaw trying to leave her face.
Image from her tiktok thumbnail

You're right Lillee: keep ignoring proper dental care, because what people really need is to be famous or die trying. We all are fools in denial to not see it.

I mean who could actually dream of having a stable office job with stable incomes and be free from useless drama and from money troubles???

No. 804844

sorry for using punctuation anon

No. 804845

Honestly makes me wonder if she would be the type to get wrapped up in a makeup MLM. It seems to match her values of not working on a schedule and "doing something you love". But at the same time, she gives me the vibe that she knows the scam game from her mom, so she wouldn't get involved because of that.

No. 804846

honestly, i would LOVE to see a lillee X mlm makeup company. not because she would do well, but because i would love to see her dragged to shreds by her few "loyal" followers over it lmao
also the super spider leg lashes would be GREAT content haha

No. 804847

I don't think she would get involved in an mlm because it would be too much work for her having to constantly post about it on her IG. Also she probably thinks she's too famous and sought after to shill for a brand on multiple posts and for that long. She would expect them to pay her for every post due to the "publicity". She wouldn't understand why she wasn't making money kek

No. 804849

Kek when asked what the worst slang she's ever heard people say and overuse, she answered "the word boomer. God it's so stupid to me. Like I understand the ideology that a lot of people from that time era they're not progressive and they tend to have a lot of horrible ideals that isolate families in a really bad way, so I get it."

Lillee a boomer means conservative? She's really got to go back to basics and learn what words mean and how to use them properly. I get not understanding the ok boomer stuff but ideology?

No. 804850

I keep reading this over and over and I can’t work out what she’s trying to say?

No. 804854

Don’t MLM’s only work if you have actual friends or followers to grift? To scam, buy your products, or recruit as part of your pyramid scheme? LJ is already at a huge disadvantage on that front since she “hates most people”. You’re typical bored suburban winemom probably has 10x more friends than Lillee has. Probably even more non-fake online followers too.

Yeah, with the boomer thing, I suspect she (or Laur) got called a “boomer” more than once and it really irked them since they’ve always prided themselves in being so “progressive” (What was that about black people “getting over” slavery again, Lillie?)

No. 804858

We know her name is spelled JEAN because Liller showed her attic academy diploma and middle school graduation photos. Lillee (and Laur) lying about her names being different destroys their stalking/doxxing narrative. How have they been doxxed if people are using their pseudonyms?

No. 804864

No anon, she's right. She just said it stupid. Boomer refers to a generation like Millenial does. It just so happens that most of them are conservatives bc they're old af

No. 804875

File: 1605380975309.jpg (272.21 KB, 1080x1978, 20201114_130823.jpg)

Los vagas. Where vaginas go to die

Why does she repost this bullshit?

No. 804877

What the fuck is this profile?! Every one of his pictures is photoshopped horribly in some weird way. Is this a sock puppet?? Why is it so poorly done??

No. 804883

Nonny, I know what boomer refers to. I def made a typo though, meant to write lillee thinks boomer means conservative. But regardless, the whole kind of cringe ok boomer fad wasn't about conservative values, or at least not enough so that it makes sense for that to be her main take away from it/way to explain it in her video.

She really is dumb as rocks though, she continues and says what if people tried to insult us with the word milennial?? As if there aren't ten thousand articles ab us being the most selfish, lazy gen ever kek

No. 804884

File: 1605385026148.jpeg (745.65 KB, 828x1388, 7C972FD7-EA73-404E-8F68-396713…)

I second new sock puppet theory

No. 804889

File: 1605388295485.jpeg (138.81 KB, 750x299, 577FFE04-4F50-4748-89D3-DE44A4…)

Laur is big mad that someone dared to comment on her using a slur for disabled people.

No. 804900

I'm fucking wheezing, what is this nightmare? It looks like someone took some random rapper's picture and pasted a random way too big face on it.

Bonus if anyone can find the original image.

No. 804901

Laur’s jealous all the callout accounts & commentary channels are focused on Katie Joy/Creepshow.

No. 804902

He seems to tag rappers and photoshop his face in their pictures, trying to get them to watch his stories. He mostly only posts about music releases, all his comments are bots besides Lilee, so I think they might be on the same engagement pod, or maybe he tagged her thinking she was actually famous and she answered so he keeps doing it.
In my opinion, he seems to have a mental illness and is just trying to get the attention of famous rappers and luxury brands.

No. 804906

Samefag to say, I can't screenshot right now, but his last picture posted is the album cover of a rapper who passed away a few days ago, he clearly says in the description RIP to his bro, prayers to his family, etc… And Lillee is commenting hearteyed emojis and how "he looks amazing".
God she's dumb.

No. 804915

very professional put by the Kris Kardashian of Queens

No. 804962

File: 1605423994404.png (941.36 KB, 990x996, 67336b9c9664fe323aaea336db237f…)

she keeps referring to her toenails as "toe beans" in the latest video and

wow i have no words for what an absolute div she is

No. 804974

>he seems to have a mental illness and is just trying to get the attention of famous rappers and luxury brands.

Isn't exactly what LJ is doing with famous people and makeup brands, kek.
She also photoshopped her at the Meth Gala and keep lying about her PR.
He is not any worse than LJ&Laur, and at least he didn't harassed and doxxed anyone.

No. 805009

For anyone that missed her live with diamond diva:

No. 805014


pure delusion

No. 805018

File: 1605479284919.jpg (396.75 KB, 1080x2280, 20201115_162557.jpg)

It was just lillee whining and the host trying to find Lillee sympathetic…and failing to pretend lol

No. 805022

She was there to talk about business strategy and just ended up talking about the 2 mean threads on Reddit…

No. 805023

The best thing that ever happened to Lillee Jean was Reddit Anon. Or, more accurately, the ruthless defense her totally legit management company mounted as a result of that post.

No. 805025


Lillee nodding excessively trying to appear like she's keeping up with what the host is saying

No. 805027

File: 1605484303936.jpeg (98.63 KB, 618x673, 6637CEF9-5208-4274-B31A-3CD277…)

>The face she pulls when the interviewer mentions sickle cell disease in her family

No. 805030

Take a shot every time she says ‘you know’ in that stream.

No. 805031

>If this truly is something that everyday you wake up and you're like, oh my god girl I'm in my panties and I don't care I'm going in front of my freaking camera
Thanks for the Onlyfans advice Lillee.

No. 805035



Lillee: "It's my choice! I want to be here, and no matter what, there might be a lot of hate, but I got my fans and that's the noise I should focus on. And that's what I like to tell them, there's a lot of negativity in the world, but you can also make your own positivity. And like right now, we're kind of doing that because we're sharing our experiences, and maybe somebody out there is going through the same thing and they're like 'You know what? She keeps going, I could do that too.'"

Diamond: Yesss, I love it. And I'm glad that you spoke on cyberbullying and bullying in general because I feel like a lot of people are good with that. It's really escalated. And in the age of social media where people have a little bit more access and insight into our lives. As public figures, we all face that on some level or another and I really appreciate you raising awareness for that because I think a lot of people don't realize that it is challenging being in the public eye. People are always going to be hypercritical, they're always going to have comments, but the important thing is to do exactly what you said and keep going. Keep doing you, keep doing your craft. And for you, I just want you to know that you're absolutely amazing, you're doing great things, and I do not want you to stop or be discouraged because you're beautiful inside and out and you're going to succeed!

Lillee: Awwww thank you! Yeah, COVID has made it a lot worse because people are feeling sad, and it's hard being that person who's like 'I understand!! I know why you're being so mean, I get it!! You're jealous, okay, just jealousy over there.' It's hard being that bigger person sometimes, but it's like you've got to put into perspective like 'okay…I'm just gonna do me, you just go over there, I don't hear you.'"

Diamond: Right, that's great advice. You have to ignore the noise and focus on the positives. It actually brings me to my next question: What advice would you have for someone interested in going into this career? It's a tough business, entertainment, it's a tough business being an influencer. What advice would you have?

Lillee: I think it would be to never give up. If this truly is your passion, if this truly is something that every day you wake up and you're like 'oh my god girl, I'm in my panties, and I don't care! I'm going in for my camera, and I'm okay with that!' If that's truly how you feel, stick with it. If you for just a month leave the game, in this beauty circuit, oh you're out! Just keep on going, no matter what. Beauty and content creating in general, people are getting cast in movies now like TikToks stars. The reboot of Zoey 101 I think, but anyways, they're getting cast, and there are just so many avenues, so don't give up. No matter what, if it is truly something you want to pursue, but know before you step in, it's not like -whooshing sound-, it's more like -imitates a fast drop-, it's like hormones on steroids. That's the best way to say it.

Diamond: That's great advice, and I think that's true for really any industry, not just entertainment. There's going to be some challenges especially if you choose to be an entrepreneur, you're going to have good days and bad days, but you have to keep going. And with COVID, I'm glad you brought that up, because a lot of people, their businesses have been impacted by it negatively, and some of them are having to close their doors or revamp their business plans, but I was going to say there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and you can use it as an opportunity to maybe go into another field that's more in demand. Or maybe change your business plan just like I did, I moved a lot of my businesses online, and it's been successful for me.

Lillee: It's the smartest thing to do, a lot of people I know, they're in the music industry, and it's like 'oh my god! Take the advantage! Go on Spotify! Write your own songs! Go on Youtube!' like there's always a path, you just have to find it, and sometimes you have to forge it yourself. It is so sad when I drive down the street, and I see bakeries closed. These were people's hopes, these were people's dreams. It makes me want to cry. But I'm like, you know what? They're artists, bakery people and stuff, they'll find a way. I'm confident that we're Americans, we WILL. We will conquer all this because we can and we will. That's what I always like to tell my fans, no matter what.

Diamond: Yes, keep that message of positivity because I think everyone enjoys hearing that. So I have to know, what's next? What's next for Lillee Jean Beauty? You have any sneak peeks?

Lillee: Well, Lillee Jean Beauty…this is kind of awkward but…-starts pulling her shirt up to show it- Okay, it's not happening! But, I have started merch, it's not going to be fully until like March. But we have some holiday coloring at Lillee Jean Beauty. Definitely in the future I want to have a cosmetic company, but not just cosmetics, I want it to be like, you know Rare Beauty how she has her foundation? I want it to be something like that because a lot of these cyberbullying organizations, they do shit. They don't do anything, so I think something where maybe lawyers are on staff and you could get people the help they need. It's very vital and very important. So I would like it to not just be beauty, but beauty with impact! Farther than anything else. So that's what I CAN say, just dipping a little bit in.

Diamond: I love it, I think that's great, and you know I'm big on charities as well. We're raising funds for MTS Sickle
Cell Foundation. That was one of the things when I started my business, I said the exact same thing, I said I don't want to just have an entertainment company just for purely entertainment purposes or just for profit purposes, I want to make an impact on the community as well. So I started working with that charity and others because my children have sickle cell disease and I wanted to help that community because I understand firsthand the challenges that those families and those children face. So, kudos to you for doing that -Lillee starts aggressively clapping- because you will be blessed. As much as we can give back that positive energy out there, it's going to come back, I'm a firm believer. So, how can everyone link up with you, what are your social medias, your websites?

Lillee: Sooo obviously my Instagram is LilleeJean, my Twitter is RealLilleeJean -busts out laughing for some reason?-, my Facebook is RealLilleeJean, and my Youtube is Lillee Jean. Pretty much if you follow my Instagram, it's all there, you can just dootdootdoot -mimicks button pressing-.

Diamond: That's perfect! Thank you so much Lillee, you're so beautiful and so great! I will be in touch soon, thanks for joining the show. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Anon comments: I find it hilarious that her dream business is a "makeup" company that sells only foundation and anti-cyberbullying measures. What the actual fuck. I also died at the interviewer going straight to talking about charities, which is pretty much the only money Lillee could ever receive, is donated money out of pity,

No. 805036

>t is so sad when I drive down the street, and I see bakeries closed. These were people's hopes, these were people's dreams. It makes me want to cry. But I'm like, you know what? They're artists, bakery people and stuff, they'll find a way.

What's up with her hyperfocus on bakeries?

No. 805038

Every Lillee Jean Beaute palette purchase comes with a free lolsuit.

No. 805040

> I know why you're being so mean, I get it!! You're jealous, okay, just jealousy over there.'

There's probably a few lolcows that, if pressed, I could find things about them to be jealous of, but Lillee Jean is… definitely not one of them. She has literally nothing going for her. Like, what does she have that she thinks anyone else would want?

Buttery pastries is her secret to keeping her beauty influencer figure

No. 805048


> but know before you step in, it's not like -whooshing sound-, it's more like -imitates a fast drop-, it's like hormones on steroids. That's the best way to say it.

No Lillee, that is not the best way to say it. Can any anon figure out what she was trying to convey here?

No. 805072

I think she is trying to say that: it doesn't matter no one hired her for prima dona and main role in big movies and it doesn't matter she isn't the new marvel star YET, because there are so many reboots of stupid series for kids that literally no 19 yo will see, she'll get plenty of plenty of opportunities!

Sure Lillee, that's why you don't need to go to an audition…Your talent only will attract some producers on day or another and you won't even have to leave home or do something.

Aside from that, she really has no idea how a company works.
Wtf "Beauty company sending lawyers for cyberbullying-charity usefull for society", whaaat???

No. 805073

The host cut the interview short when she realized Lillee has nothing to say.
She was completely off topic and self-absorbed. As a host, Diamond had to talk way too much to de-center the conversation, upgrade the level, move on swift.
Terrible idea to start with Lillee.

No. 805076

File: 1605535036301.jpeg (134.59 KB, 750x488, A77347DA-BD5B-4229-AB95-0F16FD…)

much deep

No. 805079

Is Lillee partaking of her mom's franzia? She is an adult now, regardless of what Laur wants everyone else to believe

No. 805080

So awkward. Imagine booking a guest and then slowly realizing she's just an overgrown child playing dress-up business.

No. 805082

> I know why you're being so mean, I get it!! You're jealous, okay, just jealousy over there.

So to give a fair shake, ok, the widespread cancellation of James Charles may have been motivated by jealousy. And there are content creators I really admire who have been cancelled on Twitter or have been the subject of targeted harassment campaigns by irrational groups like Nazi’s and whatnot. But regardless of your political opinions, those Youtubers have hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of subscribers and followers who hang on to their every move. People like them and enjoy their content. Lillee, you don’t even have 15,000 subscribers. And yet you somehow have more trolls and haters than 99% of creators that have 100,000+ subscribers. Tea / drama videos of you get 3x more views than you do on ALL the videos on your ENTIRE channel. Like, you’re clearly doing something wrong and you need to reverse course before it’s too late.

No. 805085

The presenter seemed like a nice person, if hopelessly naive. Imagine thinking you're talking to a legit beauty guru and then having a bog troll creepily over-emote to you and say nothing for 10 minutes

No. 805086

That is exactly why you do a quick search before inviting someone to your live talk show.
I don't feel sorry for the host; it was a massive mistake from her. Hopefully she won't make it again.

No. 805088

Not sure why we’re fawning all over the host.

She’s an exotic dancer who took her business online during the covid lockdown. She bought followers (not to the extent Lillee has but it’s obvious when you look at her self made fan account linked to her main profile with only 100 followers) and she uses engagement pods. I highly doubt she offered her event/brand promotion skills for free. I suspect some money was exchanged for these features.

Diamond is pretty and somewhat articulate (the intro was hard to get through) she’s just as fake as the rest of the SoundCloud rappers & wannabe influencers in LJs engagement pod. She’s not going to learn a lesson or feel embarrassed. She made her money.

No. 805096

Yeah it's pretty obvious she's in Lillee's pod. I don't think she had any say in whether or not Lillee was on it because Lillee is the owner and head of the pod.

No. 805097

I don’t feel sorry for her at all after hearing her talk about her kids with sickle cell and then seeing videos on her account from july-september at huge parties with no social distancing or masks. you can collect donations but can’t stay home during a deadly pandemic. fuck off.

No. 805098


> so I think something where maybe lawyers are on staff and you could get people the help they need.

I completely agree with you anon, this is the weirdest business plan, even for Lillee. It would fall flat on its face before even starting up. A makeup law firm? What is she even expecting from this?? You go to her website and while you're on a chat with your lawyer, you buy some lipstick? Can you ask the lawyer about what shade works best on you? These two things are the farthest from being correlated that you can get. It's like if a bank started selling shoes.
Imagine if she tried to get a brick and mortar up and running and how bizarre that would be. You walk in and try on samples and then head to the back and get some legal advice. What a fucking dunce.

No. 805099

File: 1605560668057.jpeg (498.78 KB, 750x932, F5D0E911-6B8B-4005-9819-27AFF2…)

At least she hashtagged this party promo with coronavirus.

No. 805109

I'm amazed that in all the time these two delusional heifers had an actual attorney, he still never explained to them that it's not illegal to criticize them. They still think some magical lawyer can make all their self-inflicted problems go away.

No. 805110

File: 1605577169581.jpg (308.08 KB, 1080x1230, Screenshot_20201116-193710_Twi…)

Laur's in the Franzia again and looking for engagement. All the callouts have been pretty much ignoring them, so they are trying to get something to happen.

No. 805145

>what if people tried to insult us with the word milennial
Lillee's not even a millennial, she's gen z

No. 805160

In the rare moments Lillee deigns to share the screen with anyone who’s not her mom (Fashion Houts interview, some Indian dude on ig, her most recent interview with Diamond), LJ always comes across so flustered, unhinged, self-centered, and hyper-focused on the boolies that anyone who is paired with her onscreen seems nice, charismatic and engaging in comparison.

No. 805161

I've noticed multiple times when Lillee's mentioned her merch, she has said it will be available in March. I don't know anything about how tee spring works, but do they a minimum order/time frame to make products? Does she just have prototypes that she's showing off? Why doesn't she link to her society6 page where people can get amazing renditions of her art?

Out side of the trolls that pretend to be fan pages so they can get more dirt on Lil and Laur, even the people who seem to be friendly with her don't even invest much more than minimum amounts of time with her. I can't imagine any of them, especially since the vast majority of her "fan base" are minors or are on alternative sources of income, spending 50 bucks on a lillee jean hoodie.

No. 805162

Hopefully they come in Tired Lady's size, because that's the only person who will be buying anything lmfao

No. 805163

Silly anon. Where else can you find ~les baguettes et croissants~ that Prince Pheepee needs to survive?

No. 805164

File: 1605621407856.jpeg (316.28 KB, 750x1022, 5B795D89-9E44-49B6-BB12-75AC1E…)

The t-shirt & sweatshirt she’s wearing are currently available on Teespring.

Is she saying her cosmetic line, Lillee Jean Beauty, won’t have products until March?

No. 805175

how is she still so trash at these makeup looks?

No. 805178

File: 1605630133457.jpg (19.59 KB, 664x230, spread kindness.jpg)

She is such one bitter paranoid bitch.
Comment is from the video: Dopey Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, because yes, she's unironically 'cosplaying' dwarfs now.
She even more inarticulate and desperate for attention than before, she is also enumerating ALL her social media, wtf who does that?
On this video she has a brand new shirt and guess what anons: she's the only one buying her own merch lol! She is screaming like the most cringey fan while saying "lilee jean beauty". So very awkward.
I couldn't watch the video in full, I can't take this anymore.
If green-text anons want to take one for the team, be my guest.

That's seriously one of the laziest logo I've ever seen.
We get it enlighten-Anon: people arround LJ are con-artists, human trashes, selfish attention-whores.
But, hey, they still all are less unlikable than LJ.

No. 805188

Nice thread anon ….

No. 805192

This looks like some random free font, though I don’t know which one. Wouldn’t surprise me if they aren’t using it legally

No. 805205

File: 1605638447866.jpeg (93.95 KB, 750x402, F740C177-E78F-42A9-956A-A92AB9…)

Laur figured out how to tweet emojis.

No. 805206

I'm proud of her

No. 805207

It's not so much she learned how to do emojis as she's too drunk to remember where the letter keys are

No. 805209

I mean, she isn't wrong.

Cows anons are generally funny
And they are normally laughing their asses off at them.

But the milk with them is about as dried up as Laur's nuclear waste land of ladybits. There is a reason everything in their house is covered with lube.

No. 805212


I've seen a lot of boomers use the 2nd emoji as a crying emoji. Seems like they are either saying "cow (ie lillee & laur) is laughing" or "lolcow is crying". I doubt that they would admit to being cows, so it just comes across as "lolcow is laughing" which is true.

No. 805216

>But the milk with them is about as dried up as Laur's nuclear waste land of ladybits.

Was fun to watch Laur and Lillee deep in the Franzia and imagine crazy tinfoils about them, but plain truth is they're just trashy af.
If you read last year topic is exactly the same, except less boring.
Reddit and Primink were her peak of fame, now it's just some nitpick and the same stuff going on, in far less spectacular, I must say.

I have the same feeling when the first season of a serie is really entertaining, but the second season adds nothing due to laziness in plot/character's development. The situation is stuck, nothing is changing, it's only disappointment.
Time to move.

No. 805218

This looks a lot like her older looks when she was still the eyeball queen. She's evolving backwards.
If you think so then just stop reading these threads, suspiciouslysoundsalotlikeLJ-anon.

No. 805224

reddit spacing

No. 805282

> Reddit and Primink were her peak of fame, now it's just some nitpick and the same stuff going on, in far less spectacular, I must say.

The fuck??

No. 805298

I agree but also disagree. She doesn't do a lot of milky stuff often at all, most of it is from her mom, however, when she finally does something milky it's still fun to watch the trainwreck. Like her Everipedia is probably the hardest I've laughed since the start of these threads. Her absolute mental freak out at it being edited was absolute gold. There's usually a super dry road ahead for a long time, but when we finally reach some good content, I feel like it's worth it lol. I do admit I'm tired of hearing about her cat teeth and pudgy body, I think we all know about it by now.

No. 805312

Deffo sounds like a troll trying to sound like Lillee. Doesn't feel authentic to me

and if not? no one is forcing you to read this thread. if you don't like the milk get out of the dairy

No. 805316

File: 1605708567114.jpeg (75.83 KB, 750x466, 00382864-BC00-443B-902B-BA2DF0…)

“I will maybe use the fund-raising feature in some future video probably”

> Anyway, I can do good, further than just brining [sp] entertainment, I wish to!

What kind of weird ass Yoda speak is this? And “I can do good” sounds defensive and defiant, especially since you aren’t announcing doing anything yet.

No. 805325

She means any way that she can do good, as in anything she can do to help the world.

No. 805327

She can donate her Adsense like other creators do. Any good she can do that doesn’t involve her coming off any money.

No. 805331

Being salty all the time doesn’t actually qualify as brining, LJ.

No. 805337

One day her bought traffic is going to irritate YT enough that they ban her adsense.

No. 805340

Omg anon my sides!

No. 805341

She's likely already been algorithmically shuffled into shit-tier Adsense revenue. YT aren't dumb, I'm sure they have checks and balances to only properly compensate legitimate engagement.

No. 805353

File: 1605725650427.png (1.4 MB, 828x2371, 1E4A10D9-0E07-4CA2-8B86-24105F…)

LJ the trailblazer

No. 805361

Oof the delusion on this tweet i can feel it through the screen KEK she can't really accept she is a nobody.
Also why has she gotten so boring lately? it feels like after this thread we are not getting a new one, tatiana and dees really dried up the milk.

No. 805362

I scrolled to see her oldest tiktok and look at how much more normal she seems. Even when doing goober dance moves. She had so much more control of her face back then and she seemed like a real human being. I'm still dying to know what happened. I don't think the way she acts now is any kind of normal progression


No. 805372


likely bc she was trying to keep the kaka downlow and when reddit blasted her dumpy ass, she had no reason to act normal bc everyone already knew she was unhinged.

No. 805410

>and joy to engage daily with impact<3
>3 hrs ago
>0 likes or interactions

No. 805416

>she’d look at her saved college fund.

Does this mean Laur shouldn’t have saved a college fund because she’s such a successful BeAuTy GuRu? Maybe that’s the money they’ve been spending on followers.

No. 805425

I got caught up on that too, but couldn't figure it out either. That's how I read it.

No. 805430

Laur’s bankruptcy records are public. Would the state of NY allow them to file bankruptcy twice with a couple grand sitting in a savings account?

No. 805431

It's probably what Laur tells her, but she straight up probably spent any college savings she had for Lillee on stupid shit, scams, or Franzia and now she's trying to save face

No. 805439

This is a woman so stupid, she buys a VS night shirt used on ebay when she could have just bought a new one on clearance. It was around Christmas time which was extra sad.

No. 805440

To be fair, it may have not been in a savings account. Laur is a boomer, she probably has it hidden under the mattress or something.

No. 805441

Laur couldn't save money and plan ahead, even if her life depended on it.
We know they read here and spy on twitter even if everyone blocked them.
Lillee is just butthurt callouts are ignoring her. She keeps whining about how bo0lies are obsessed with her, but she's the one who's obsessed with what we say and think of her stunning « career ».

No. 805446

File: 1605803231247.jpg (239.4 KB, 900x962, freedomofspeechbitch.jpg)

Sage for no milk but

1 She buys her own merch lol
2 The bitch doesn't know what freedom of speech is

No. 805447

Pale people do not look good in white.
Source: Am a pale person.

No. 805454

Semi disagree.
Pale people with pink undertones look bad in white, worse if they have bad skin.
Pale people with yellow undertones look okay in white.

Lillee has a lot of blemishes and pink undertones so it doesn't look nice.

No. 805456

The font is handwriting like, cursive is preschool level. It's hilarious that the letters are not connected.

Lillee doesn't look good with dark tones either. Anyway, what is this style? She has clean new clothes, but can't make it look right.

No. 805461

File: 1605817043370.png (695.02 KB, 1154x948, Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 12.1…)


Of course she didn't bother to wash it before wearing. She left the barcode sticker on the hood.

No. 805462

File: 1605817496105.jpg (14.79 KB, 538x395, WsZ5qZf.jpg)

I don't think the real beauty gurus wear an ugly hoodie with a picture of their name on it.

No. 805463

she looks like a special ed kindergartener who loses their hoodie so many times their mom has to write their name on it in big sharpie so it gets returned to them

No. 805525

The white balance and color in this video is hideous. It's so bad it can't be repaired or even slightly improved.

No. 805542

File: 1605873538066.jpg (198.5 KB, 867x526, green.jpg)

Her hair is so greasy it looks like she has bald spots. It's so gross.
How is it even possible to ruin it that much, I've seen homeless people with cleaner hair. I don't get it.

No. 805545

this is so unbelievably sloppy. And she expects to be taken seriously as a "beauty youtuber"? No one worth their salt (or have a million real subscribers) would show up on camera in that condition. Geez no wonder she can't even scrape up any actual fans. This is so gross. Imagine the state of her scrunchies with all the grease.

No. 805547

File: 1605880823539.jpg (929.41 KB, 1057x1637, Screenshot_20201120-075417_Ins…)

Is she showing off the large nasty stain on the sheer fabric?

I'm beginning to think they don't own/use lights in their house outside of Lillee's box lights. It is sure rare to see a picture where it isn't obviously a super bright flash and then brightness lifted. She always had redeye and the quality is always shit if the photo is taken anywhere but her filming area or outside.

No. 805551


What even is that? Did the cat pee on it or something?

No. 805554

File: 1605884655156.jpg (414.96 KB, 2048x2048, EnPMqTqXYAEXq77.jpg)

Lol her upper arm is the exact same size as Elsa's bust.

The fabric on her back is working overtime, it looks completely unzipped, uwu size 2 petite smol.

No. 805555

It's fucking amazing to me how many times Lillee can find an excuse to do a pink eyeshadow, no eyebrows, no contour, pink lipgloss look. She legit never seems to get bored of it. You'd think that eventually out of sheer boredom she'd try something really different, even if it sucked.

No. 805558

Looks like someone vomited in her hair…

I can see so many stains Anon. I counted at least 5.

The overexposure is so strong, her white wig makes my eyes hurt.

Lmao Anon, can't unsee now.

No. 805561

The overexposure is a MUST to maintain her super pale skin of absolute specialness. (Also hides uneven makeup patches, rough skin texture and acne marks/blemishes that come from using expired, old makeup and poor hygiene)

No. 805576

I've been thinking this for a while and wanted to know if any of you anons noticed it too - does Lillee's hair look like its tinted green in some of her photos to you? I'm not sure if its the poor upkeeping of her hair, bad dye jobs or what but it's so gross.

No. 805580

It's either a green shampoo to counteract the red mess she made of her hair, ardell unred (also green), or an ash box dye or toner (blue based to counteract orange but turns green on yellow hair). She could just be cultivating a new type of mold, though.

No. 805586

I have to admit I thought that too. It looks green-brown like algae…

I guess the 'caramel' is growing mold.

No. 805592

I think it's a mixture of bad dye jobs and the ultra washed out lighting she uses to look as pale as possible. Trying to correct your at home color with more cheap dye/color oops will make it a murky color sometimes.

No. 805616

she really says 'apply, shade and bluff and flend' in this video - no command of just speaking like a human…

No. 805617

File: 1605924466987.jpg (5.51 MB, 3795x2746, IMG_6301.jpg)

'a little mascara winked up' - has she had a stroke? Also makeup anon here - doing your under eye and then your face, what the fuck is that? It's winked up if you ask me!

No. 805621

She looks like a domestic abuse victim taking a police evidence photo.

No. 805624

Did you really need to take a photo of your monitor? Please screencap

No. 805631

File: 1605935431978.png (22.82 KB, 483x397, Screenshot_8.png)

I doubt Lillee has actually seen Toradora. >>805617
Lmaof the fuck anon

No. 805633

Is this Tired Lady trying to integrate? Kek

No. 805637

"hatsune - vocaloid" got me

No. 805656

Lillee does her eyes first because she has so much fallout it would ruin her foundation. Not trying to defend her but a lot of MUAs do this. Off the top of my head Raw Kristi Beauty, Robert Welsh, Katie Jane Hughes, Rocio all do eye makeup before their base. It’s the least bizarre technique Lillee uses.

No. 805660

Esl anon here trying not to sound weird.
Could she please stop ruining great mangas and animes? Especially when it's so obvious she didn't read or saw them at all.
She doesn't have the least interest in Japanese pop culture or any others. It's so annoying for everyone who actually likes the series.
She just picks them up because it's «fashionable» as in she thinks she will gain lots of views with no effort, she also thinks this will be «easy» looks to achieve with literally no research on characters.

As for her disgusting green hair, some farm anon said she may have use «Total Results Dark Envy Green Shampoo» which is for dark hair as it's in the name loool.
And Lillee didn't read because she is so above conforming herself to correct use of products.
It's possible her hair is so fried she dumps it in oil everyday.
But maybe it's mold too.

No. 805661

I had to look up Toradora and
> Taiga, a tiny girl with a sharp tongue and a tough attitude
That's really how Lillee views herself, huh…

No. 805668

I don’t want to gatekeep. But her tendency to do looks inspired by media she doesn’t consume isn’t limited to mangas and anime. She really said “If Darth Vader had a daughter, she’d be called Lillee Vader.” (Note his actual daughter being Princess Leia) Which holy shit. I’m not even close to a Star Wars geek but that almost seems like bait in how ignorant that is.

No. 805669

File: 1605968613024.png (393.87 KB, 598x1463, 2020-11-21_22-22-23.png)

Someone is DEFINITELY not happy about being ignored and needs to stir up some drama for herself… She dug up another YouTuber's EIGHT MONTH OLD VIDEO and decided to respond to it.

No. 805671

Really old box dyes used to turn certain hair "green" if they were an ashe tone. LJ fucked up her hair so royally, it really is green toned and as anon said, the lighting makes it more prominent.

No. 805682

>Really tired of people having opinions
Then GTFO Lillee. You don't own youtube nor the internet.

>But not one asking me questions

Many did. Very politely. All they get is a nasty bitch answer from you.

I seriously don't get how her brain can be that fucked up.

No. 805689

what she wrote was
>If Vader had a daughter, named Lilvader LOL ;)! I am neither villainous nor heroic, a bit in between
so she clearly meant what if she was Vader's daughter (or if Vader had a daughter which was based on Lilee), irregardless if Leia exists or not.

No. 805756

>Korra has the most votes
How the fuck is she going to pull this off without brown-facing? There’s nothing remarkable about Korra’s makeup. She could have at least gone for Asami, who actually wears makeup in the show

No. 805759

I stand corrected. But the incomprehensible attic English really doesn’t help. If she hadn’t put a comma before “named”, it’d be fine and understandable. But because she did, my mind puts in the word “she’d be” before “named” and it’s just a mess.

No. 805770

Another bad wig, same makeup as always, and an eBay/Amazon costume. I don’t know how she isn’t embarrassed by these “cosplays” when she doesn’t even pose or take nice photos with appropriate backgrounds. It’s just the same recycled look over and over with a different wig and cheapo costume.

No. 805773

Didn’t Laur have Taiga as her profile pic on her facebook once?

No. 805795

It will be Korra "inspired", Like a fan of Korea showing their support in the bender games. Predominantly blue based, with brown under eye area to represent earth, white accents(probably graphic liner cut crease) and red tinged lips but not really leaning into the red because "the fire nation is like, evil, you know"

No. 805803

yes, it was weird as hell. IDK if Lillee suggested it to her or they watched Toradora together

No. 805809

File: 1606061985186.jpg (390.03 KB, 1080x2236, 1562721276268.jpg)

It was actually LJ, Laur had Tomoko from Watamote for some reason.

Both these shows must be dubbed because there's no way these two have ever watched anything with subtitles.

No. 805814

Laur usually has cartoon characters as an avatar too. I don’t know any middle aged mothers who have a watamote avatar but then again I don’t know any batshit insane people like Laur.

No. 805842

File: 1606086976780.jpeg (305.4 KB, 828x802, 27541EFE-C605-48EF-A0FC-DE139B…)

She’s actually so socially retarded it’s ridiculous. Who the fuck responds that way to someone telling you they found a dead body?

No. 805844

Wtf this is seriously so fucking disturbing

No. 805866

''this thing makes me stressed and was quite traumatic''
''oh my god i love you though'' insert laughing emoji
seriously lillee?

No. 805871

Does she think this is supposed to be a funny tweet? This is so embarrassing

No. 805872

I think she doesn't know what the skull emoji means?

stay in school, kids

No. 805873

File: 1606104254124.png (4.92 MB, 828x3716, 256E6AEC-CA6D-48B4-9D5F-1A3911…)

No. 805877

Is this an unhinged crackhead cosplay?

No. 805878

File: 1606106647287.png (853.82 KB, 766x812, Screenshot 2020-11-22 234046.p…)

Jfc I feel like I should be used to nightmare fuel by now, but this still scared the shit out of me.
What even is this look, it looks like she's trying to do a punk elf?

No. 805879

File: 1606106853111.png (32.41 KB, 307x366, 234717.png)

Sorry if this is old, but I don't see anyone talking about this, but she got sponsored by Nyx.

No. 805885

File: 1606109354564.jpeg (68.79 KB, 750x594, 77181C6D-6C18-4F96-BC35-C1D0B4…)

Is that a nipple

No. 805887

Hey it’s Jeff the killer

No. 805888

Hatchet Face realness.

No. 805892

Please, leave Lillee Jean alone. This is not ok, stop it and just move on. Go find another hobbies instead of being here harassing her. It's enough, boring and disgusting.

No. 805893

I used to be here months ago and mock at her too, but it's not fucking right. It's enough, boys. Stop it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 805896

Fuck off

No. 805900

This is lolcow. Get over it.

No. 805901

People would leave her alone if she stopped lying about her entire life, bullying others and advocating for pedos but here we are. Get over it and if you're so triggered get off the site.

No. 805904

That's not what harassing means. No one is intereacting with her.
Why does she keep reading here and get obsessed with what we say?
Oh yes, because she can't live without attention even if it's negative one.

No. 805917

Say we did stop. We stop calling Lillee and Laur out on their BS and leave them alone to lie and scam people. Eventually, someone else is going to notice the lies and bring them up and someone new will call them out. And all of this starts over again.

If they weren’t delusional or stupid, the obvious answer would be to stop lying and then people will leave them alone because, frankly, Lillee is boring as hell without the lies, scams and temper tantrums. But Lillee and Laur aren’t going to do that because fake clout is the closest they’ll ever get and they know it.

Anyway, at least learn English before you try to post here, Lillee.

I thought it might be Laur but Laur is incapable of even pretending to be nice.

No. 805918


I'm not Lillee, I'm just trying to be correct. I think she has suffered a lot with this…

Sorry if I made a mistake, English is not my first language.(ban evasion)

No. 805919

Nah I doubt it's Lillee or Laur, they've definitely been IP banned and we know they don't leave their house.

No. 805920

This thread has been barely active just as last one. Why post this now, if not for stirring the pot.

No. 805926

File: 1606144543547.jpeg (276.67 KB, 750x583, 9C08E230-FEA0-4C52-9BE1-90C6C0…)

Dees got the same comments on her videos.

Did Lillee give you a month free in the engagement pod if you made a fool of yourself defending her, anon?

No. 805927


This is why you won't make it as an actress, Lillee. You can't even act like you're not you.

No. 805928

Maybe she's nervous that people will send emails to Nyx about her "STFU, black people" comments? Most people complain about LJ's partnerships pretty quick and she's trying to distract. It doesn't really come from here or Diane. It's more like randos that report her.

No. 805929

Lillee hasn’t suffered. She’s exactly where she was when we started talking about her a year ago. Producing shitty content, throwing tantrums, lying about brand deals…the only change is mommy had to delete all her racist/homophobic fan accounts.

Lillee should thank anons for criticizing her techniques which has resulted in her improving a minuscule amount in a year. Not blowing on her lashes, wearing blush, filling in her eyebrows, not getting fall out all over her face…these were all suggestions from anons which Lillee has incorporated in to her routine.

No. 805930

File: 1606145985154.jpeg (211.66 KB, 750x537, 9C2C2D82-6CCA-4615-B00E-E04ED3…)

Oh it’s Lillee. She’s on her moon flow and acting like an idiot.

No. 805931

File: 1606146241042.jpeg (404.28 KB, 828x1016, 6193877B-DDE0-4921-A397-F9CE59…)

Shut the fuck up

No. 805932

I remember she mentioned she hates Libras before lol

No. 805933

File: 1606146862014.jpg (281.85 KB, 1638x922, EnhJVsLXUAMixgl.jpg)

It may be a filter, but her hair is pretty much completely red now. Looks better than the green at least

No. 805934

The fuck does this even mean?

No. 805935

To be completely honest? It makes her look 10x better. Hope she sticks with it.

No. 805936

Agreed. This is probably her best hair shade aside from the blonde she had. This color seems achievable too and probably less damaging for a longterm thing.

No. 805937

File: 1606149285983.jpg (70.07 KB, 512x611, thisisbritneybitch.jpg)

Someone also tells people, to report Tatiana's account.

No. 805938

She meant to say “harness” instead of harass. harnessing your MoOnFlOw still sounds disgusting.

No. 805940

as in the saggiest tits, loool.

Because Sagittarius is a too long word. She didn't learn anything from using self-made words as "coolies".

No. 805949

File: 1606153432197.jpeg (114.86 KB, 828x1363, A4FDFA06-43D7-49B4-951F-7E6D12…)

Laur was planning on doing something to CyberDoucheEsq.

No. 805950

Tbh it looks really good on her and it goes with her skin tone well, esp that natural auburn color. Hopefully she keeps it but since she’s obsessed with being a blonde haired blue eyed bombshell, I doubt it lol

No. 805955

File: 1606154919340.jpeg (138.14 KB, 827x1466, 1548A75E-351F-42DF-89D4-5D3D59…)

No. 805968

File: 1606155934303.jpg (427.16 KB, 1076x2056, 20201123_122549.jpg)

Laur's on another "imma talk to my totally real lawyer" kick again.

No. 805969

Infiltrating lolcow didn’t work so she’s on to plan B.

No. 805982

Laur’s lawyer called her a liar and quit due to nonpayment. Doubt he’s starting any litigation.

No. 805984

Rossow was never her lawyer- but he should have ran the minute Laur made a point to try and act like he was. The callout accounts were quick to point out he could get into legal trouble for being her lawyer, and he had to tell her multiple times to stop calling him her lawyer. In the instagram video he did about separating from them, he mentions how easy it is to lose the privilege of practicing law because of how clients act. Laur was still trying to pretend he was representing her, just like she did way back at the beginning of this when she sent the letter to Reiketa and tried to play it off like it came from a lawyer she didn't work with then.

She's very lucky Rossow hasnt sued her. I think he still very well might if she keeps sabotaging his partnership with Mark and the Guardian Projext.

No. 805988

It makes sense that Laur and Lillee have both been very obviously (and unsuccessfully) trying to shit-stir and bait the callouts into engaging with them recently, given this >>805949

I think Estella was their last dingleberry of active white-knight support, and she seems to have lost respect for Laur now that she's witnessed a couple Franzia Freakouts. I'm waiting for one of them to get desperate enough to try using a sock account to post some fake bullying full of boomer-tier insults and Attic Pidgin.

No. 805990

Makes me wonder when the milk is going to truly dry up and no more threads will be made about her.

No. 805993

File: 1606167675388.jpeg (366.05 KB, 750x749, C45FBFA9-D0E2-493B-952B-AD088C…)

Laur doesn’t feel sorry for an influencer with 100 million followers but we’re supposed to pity Lillee with her 1 million Jeaniez?

No. 805994

Except Charli is being criticized for something a lot less heinous than transphobia, racism, doxxing, lying, making up brand deals, scamming small brands….

Why are they so jealous of Charli? Is it because she’s prettier than Lillee? Is it because she’s youngerrrrrr?

No. 805995

>>805933 this color suits her wayyyy better.

No. 806003

Yooooo wtf. This is unbelievably petty. Like, every one of Laur’s Franzia freak outs have been reactions to boolies and call-out accounts; the reaction is always hilariously overreacting but understandable. But “I don’t feel sorry cause she has 100M followers” is a complete breakdown of any sort of empathy or understanding. Not even “I was bullied too”, but “you are more popular so your bullying isn’t valid”. Not a good look, Laur.

No. 806007

Laur is salty because everyone abandoned her. Steve buddied up with Mark & Andrew. Estrella didn’t support her legit harassment of Andrew. Laur thought The Guardian Project would adopt Lillee as their central sob story and make her a star. But Lillee isn’t sympathetic and Laur’s behavior is borderline criminal. I would not be surprised if the rift between Andrew & Laur had more to do with Laur demanding Lillee be included in his endeavors with Mark and not him being paid. He hasn’t been paid since started, he knew Laur & Lillee are unemployed - it always seemed off. Laur probably feels like Andrew stole this from Lillee and she’s going to target him like she’s targeted Dees, Creepshow, Primink & Tatiana.

No. 806008

File: 1606176081724.jpg (412.92 KB, 2160x3840, 20201123_175955.jpg)

Looks like Laur has another new sock account to try to hide that she's attacking Rossow. He must have hit her ass with a C&D and she thinks she's being clever by hiding behind her socks and not directly mentioning him even as she is totally talking about him.

No. 806009

File: 1606176312548.jpg (604.19 KB, 1080x1911, Screenshot_20201123-180520_Twi…)

No. 806012

I think anyone can tag a partnership on IG. It’s pretty much the same as tagging someone but you tag a partnership brand in advanced settings. Would be silly to do if it wasn’t true but I wouldn’t put it past her tbh

No. 806017

File: 1606178889342.png (1.49 MB, 1958x1110, raw meat.png)

new video. She applies a lip balm to her lips around a minute in and says, "Whew. Literally feels like raw meat."

She is so fucking weird. Like… what?

No. 806019

File: 1606179626952.png (82.99 KB, 617x756, FjEFyFg.png)

Even Mark is catching on! Uh oh
The sock has even been privated lmao

No. 806020

If only she was self aware enough to form her brand around her strengths, like being socially uncomfortable and actually terrifying, she might actually have a chance at success. But guess anything other than being regarded as a princess isn't the type of fame she wants.

No. 806026

Apologies if this is old milk/already gone over but Lillee is suuuper shadow banned on Twitter. Her replies to people are hidden and she's hard to search for in the normal way

No. 806039

File: 1606186980350.jpg (294.45 KB, 1134x1734, uncanny valley.jpg)

Is it just me, or is there something a little spooky about this picture? The angle she's tilting her head make it look like one lid is drooping lower than the other, and her eyes are all unfocused; it reminds me of pictures I've seen of cadavers. Plus she blurred all her pores and texture away, and I can't tell if that's a shadow from her peach fuzz or a stark line of demarcation where her makeup stops at her jaw, but it looks like she's wearing a mask of her own face.

No. 806041

All I can see is her massive horse neck

No. 806044

may just be a bad angle but it also looks like she got a little crazy with the facetune around her lash line. Her right eyelid looks too big.

No. 806046

File: 1606190632584.jpeg (372.17 KB, 750x992, EF02C66B-483A-4271-9BD1-B69554…)

I completely buy this sane and rational response from Laur explaining she’s not the new sock account.

No. 806077

File: 1606217838651.jpg (164.71 KB, 643x509, laur trueman.jpg)

Laur is so smart and subtle.
Even the guardians now make fun of her.

Same for youtube and insta she's impossible to find with keywords and tags.

No. 806085

Its jarring how different she looks when shes got a neutral look on her face vs any time her face moves. She goes from looking mostly normal to looking crazy as fuck in half a second

No. 806086

File: 1606225971693.jpg (118.84 KB, 400x400, 400.jpg)

Why's laur calling herself the real Roxanne?

Is she implying she used to be a sex worker or

No. 806088

Imagine looking at any of these chumps and thinking they have a legitimate, mature anti-bullying campaign. It's just a bunch of lonely sycophants and a butthurt C-list actor chatting shit back and forth on Twitter. The fact that Laur couldn't even tow the line of their extremely low bar for entry is hilarious

No. 806118

File: 1606244695439.jpg (841.11 KB, 1080x1700, Screenshot_20201124-130357_Ins…)

Oh look, a clump of Lillee's hair fell into the chicken soup!

No. 806121

File: 1606245580012.jpg (530.52 KB, 1080x1910, Screenshot_20201124-131731_Twi…)

At this point, until Laur and Lillee Jean provide physical proof of a lawyer, and proof they are actually paying them, no one is going to believe them. Stealing letterhead from a free consultation doesn't count.

No. 806126

File: 1606250560246.jpeg (520.9 KB, 828x1219, 6E520DB9-59AB-4E0C-A802-173A32…)

Laur doesn’t know words

No. 806127

If this was anything but an empty threat they wouldn’t be talking about it on Twitter, but privately together. The whole point of this thread is to try and scare people off, but they’re stupid and not very good bullshitters.

No. 806128

File: 1606252678836.jpeg (152.12 KB, 828x1277, F947E84E-F4C2-4519-8F28-6BFE79…)

> fuck her. Literally

Excuse me?

No. 806132


> My pieces moon oh so tender – your cap moon, oh so blunt. I like though

What in the fuck is this whole exchange

No. 806138

she’s trying to say pisces moon and capricorn moon as in astrology, but she’s illiterate

No. 806139

File: 1606258700222.png (661.75 KB, 1568x817, image_2020-11-24_225845.png)

You'd think she'd take the hairs out of her finger nails before filming or refilm if she noticed it lmao

No. 806168

File: 1606265001840.png (3.41 MB, 750x1334, E5756E5E-AC80-4CB9-A37D-A24AE3…)

Why is she acting like she has lashes on when it’s obviously a filter?

No. 806176

better q: why does she have a white moustache

No. 806177

The image looks so unfocused, that's how intense her blurring filter is. So much for that "baby skin."

And it's not a good filter either. Like one of those Chinese app ones. And why does she look like she'd been blowing her nose too hard, it's all red and inflamed all around, yikes.

No. 806179

File: 1606267360153.jpg (423.72 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20201124-192117_You…)

Instead of eating crayons, this dumb bitch is eating lipstick.

No. 806186

File: 1606272488466.jpeg (77.82 KB, 440x263, CCAD79F2-D56B-4F0E-8553-C02B59…)

Lillee, if you’re reading this, please stop pouting so much that saliva is literally flowing out of your lips. It’s fucking gross

No. 806215

How does she manage to get lipstick on the packaging?? Like how hard it is to apply a damn lipstick correctly Lillee?

New way to fake PR loool.

We are making Laur very horny Anons.

No. 806240

and here I thought she can't look any worse

No. 806242

The lashes going over her hair is my fav part.

No. 806255

File: 1606326809094.jpg (275.58 KB, 1704x958, Enn3Y1JWEAAMx5K.jpg)

She genuinely looks she's recording from a psychiatric hospital.

What's the drama now with Defnoodles, he made a video forever ago but she's mentioning him on her tweet.

No. 806258

File: 1606327701627.jpg (138.41 KB, 721x451, srsly.jpg)


No. 806265

File: 1606330334864.jpg (1.15 MB, 1079x1584, Screenshot_20201125-125014_Chr…)

I'm dying. She looks like the dwarves' trashy whore that is mad Snow White showed up.

No. 806267

File: 1606330979575.jpg (90.22 KB, 700x700, drawings-real-life-things-i-ha…)

She legitimately doesn't even look real. She looks like when someone recreates a child's drawing of a cartoon character in real life.

No. 806270

File: 1606331763100.jpg (288.24 KB, 1080x1866, 20201125_131512.jpg)

aka I'm not going to donate "again", but I'll totally retweet to stroke my own ego and pretend its giving you exposure.

No. 806271

File: 1606332082511.jpg (344.18 KB, 2160x3840, 20201125_131949.jpg)

Lillee is super horny today. Strong chance we get underware shots before the day is over.

Seriously, can someone just PR her a vibrator? Mommy Laur would probably borrow it to make sure it wasn't a bomb though.

No. 806274

LMFAO what the FUCK is this

No. 806275

Can some art anon please draw this derpy looking shit?

No. 806285

She looks like the kid in shrek that says do the roar kek

No. 806294

I genuinely thought anon had edited tbis, why does her face look so squished

No. 806300

how long til one of the indian dudes in her pod gets unsolicited videos of her overexaggerated moaning and groaning and facial expressions as she flicks her bean

No. 806301

File: 1606362297561.jpeg (91.99 KB, 1280x720, ED8AA4EF-FF16-4707-ADF7-18864F…)

No. 806310

this looks like ed sheeran in drag.

No. 806312

hey at least she look 'different' than her usual pic her lmao

No. 806318

Is this supposed to be a cosplay? Who is she trying to be? I legit do not understand why she only posts the most unflattering photos, it just has to be a joke at this point.

No. 806327

she looks like a bad mix of Princess Anastasia and Merida.

No. 806333

File: 1606389291302.jpg (475.42 KB, 1080x1920, 20201126_061503.jpg)


This is supposed to be grumpy from snow white but its more frumpy than grumpy

No. 806336

Wtf is this caption? She and her mom have such a bizarre way of saying things, but Lillee is much less intelligible than laur.

No. 806338

Tiny face challenge: nightmare fuel edition.
She doesn't look "5" she looks her mandible has eaten her maxilla.
That's one of her most disturbing picture. I really hope she'll make a gif of that.

No. 806340

Ugh she is SO LAZY! This is just her sameface makeup look again, if she went to a party looking like this absolutely nobody would know who she was supposed to be. She couldn't even draw a high arched brow or do extreme contoured cheeks.

No. 806348

File: 1606402146187.jpg (4.29 MB, 3264x2002, mkp.jpg)

Honestly, I scroll down my news feed and see looks like this all day. I just went to Instagram and this was the first thing I saw this morning. There are so many other examples. Lillee could never even dream of coming close to this amount of talent. But the main issue is she doesn't even try. She's so obsessed with uploading a video every day instead of taking the time to do a complete, nice look (even though, with practice, I don't see her ever getting to this level). She's just quantity over quality 100% of the time.

No. 806376

File: 1606407761504.png (1 MB, 740x923, ea80ef_50adc95189eb49f0978b920…)

It looks like she uses the ms paint spray paint tool.

No. 806409

File: 1606425322902.jpg (327.1 KB, 1080x1562, Screenshot.jpg)

Found this randomly on YouTube. Nice photoshopping.(offtopic)

No. 806432

it's pathetic because she wants to look like this and do these kinds of looks but all her and her mom know is 90s walmart trends.

No. 806510

holy shit this thread is so boring, i wonder what kind of shit lillee will do to make us pay attention to her again bc rn like no one is taking about her

No. 806544

Learn to sage

No. 806550

File: 1606498774317.jpg (677.31 KB, 1633x1079, Screenshot_20201127-113655_You…)

Fondle balls and slam her batman ornament into her mic during ASMR on purpose. It is incredibly jarring and just further proof lillee doesn't care anymore. This is about proving how she's not going to give in to the haters and the fact she has no idea how to survive in the real world.

No. 806556


She actually looks kinda pretty in this picture, though

No. 806561

Because her hair doesn't look like moss is growing in it, she hasn't managed to get rid of all the color of her skin (she has visible blush) and I for one think she looks better with glasses. It takes away from the crazy eye effect somewhat.

No. 806564

>lillee doesn't care anymore
implying she ever cared and didn't just see her "fans" as a personal army/cash cows

No. 806602

I feel like she cared about it when she was younger in the way most 10 year olds care about their "dream job". And back in the heyday of Blair and Elle, she would have a chance with her current videos. Very basic looks, chatty girl next door vibes. She's just outclassed in an oversaturated market and the only thing that stands out about her is her mom's inability to not be the center of attention and lashing out in unintentionally hilarious ways.

No. 806658

In her dEfEnsE, I feel like this is terrible thing to attempt to cosplay unless youre willing to and are good at using prosthetics for the more accurate look. Not sure what she was going for tho because even as a "cute" cosplay, she didnt even get the colors or style to be accurate

No. 806662


I know we've been subjected to a lot of reaaaally bad photos of her, but I wouldn't go as far as say she looks kinda pretty lol. She definitely looks better if she keeps her mouth shut. Hair color I don't think looks great with her skin, the tone's off.

No. 806701

I think she tried to lighten it. I see a lot of breakage where it's parted and she, once again, cut length off. This idiot does the same mistakes over and over.

No. 806817

File: 1606738757159.jpeg (74.22 KB, 750x409, 3F5CDF36-647E-4326-8560-D2344A…)

Lillee probably figured out she’s shadowbanned and she’s testing her account. Tweets like this make her look like the world’s youngest boomer.

No. 806826

File: 1606746896609.jpeg (149.23 KB, 750x413, 3EC4CE33-50AE-4F0C-95E7-BAD127…)

No. 806840


No one is talking about her at all. This thread is basically dead, the callouts have all moved on to other cows, and her two real fans seem to have lost interest. She never should have built her entire identity around being the poor little princess being "cyberbullied," because this was bound to happen eventually. She's too mediocre to keep anyone's attention on her own, it was really her mom flipping out and acting crazy that was bringing her an audience.

No. 806860

File: 1606760616510.jpeg (587.4 KB, 828x1417, 955D313B-3FB9-4888-95BF-68887E…)

No. 806867

File: 1606763593949.jpeg (388.54 KB, 750x988, D416E1D5-C157-413A-81BA-8A24C1…)

Laur’s still bothering Tati Westbrook’s lawyer.

No. 806868

I've said before that she would have died out if all she did was buy followers, but honestly, even with the fake stereotypical profiles she still would have died out. She's just that boring without her mom. And whenever Lillee does get riled up it's because her mom is sperging out, so Lillee joins in.

No. 806869

Rip her/the landlord's septic tank. Those have been proven to not break down. Get a bidet or wet your toilet paper under the sink.

No. 806880

Laur really wants to think she'd be able to get the lawyer to give up his information for free.
She can't even afford to walk through that lawyer's door.

No. 806893

File: 1606790868951.jpeg (412.38 KB, 750x855, A46C95A9-B765-40BF-9ED6-1111E6…)

No. 806895

Maybe that's why they keep having to move… Lillee busts the toilet and they're forced to sneak out in the middle of the night to avoid paying the landlord's plumbing fees

No. 806910

If this video was filmed after her "asmr" christmas tree video, then her hair is back to looking moldy green again.

No. 806911

Yeah it’s definitely fucked and she needs to see a professional. Her hair has that greenish tint of failed at home box dyes. Been there done that.

No surprise that she’s one of those girls who can’t imagine cutting their hair and starting back from a healthy length. Even right after her shower her hair looks dull, greasy and dry at the same time. And she has the gall to say “It doesn’t make my hair greasy” while handling super greasy strands.

I mean, it’s understandable that right now is not the best time to go to a salon but she had plenty of time before and it doesn’t even cost that much. They’re really shooting themselves in the foot because a decent haircut is one of the best and easiest way to improve your looks.

No. 806915

Lillee doesn't want people to think her hair is brown so much that she made it green.

No. 806919

Absolutely. Primink's video on Lillee has now had something insane like over 7 million views on YouTube. If she had even the slightest redeeming quality, she would have been able to convert that into at minimum a couple of thousand decent fans. It's actually completely tragic how much she dropped the ball just because she couldn't bare to be seen as anything less than this dull, "perfect" beauty princess

No. 806923

she blow-dries her hair for almost 4 straight minutes in this video. I somehow felt my IQ dropping while watching her do that.

4 minutes out of a 9 minute video - quality content guys!

No. 806925

File: 1606827615622.jpeg (197.32 KB, 750x422, 2EE4F634-CFDF-477C-BF88-B5680F…)

She says “I have great hair” and it’s straight up green. Absolute denial.

No. 806926

File: 1606829257884.jpg (214.45 KB, 835x751, Screenshot_20201201-072350_You…)

The background isn't helping with the tones of her hair either. Her hair looked less green when she was sitting in front of a white wall next to the Christmas tree, but the background here emphasizes the green tones in her hair.
So much of her self worth is wrapped up in her hair, and even if they could afford to have it professionally done/would venture into public to do it, I don't know if Lillee could stand to have a stylist discuss the issues with her hair.

No. 806929

What’s ridiculous is so much of Lillee’s downfall is just her being absolutely unwilling to put her ego aside. If she could just admit she’s not this stunning beauty guru, she could fix a lot of her issues and maybe even be an inspiration to girls that aren’t conventional beauties like her. She’d never be a multimillionaire, but maybe she could build a small, loyal audience.

All she’d have to do is talk about dressing best for her body, what makeup looks best on her very unconventional features, and she’d have a chance to take the criticism offered to her and get better. People are suckers for watching someone relatable grow, but she’s so obsessed with being already perfect that she’ll never take criticism or improve.

And she’d look better if she admitted she’s not a perfect size two supermodel. She keeps squeezing herself into these unflattering clothes that do nothing but emphasize that she’s short, stout, curve less and chubby. There’s nothing wrong with that, but when she dresses in clothes tailored to the exact opposite of her body, it only emphasizes her flaws instead of fooling people like she intends.

No. 806930

Honestly regarding looks alone, if rawbeautykristi can manage a color pop Collab then there's no reason Lillie couldn't do the same. She sabotages herself like you said.

No. 806932


Exactly. RBK isn't a conventionally pretty beauty guru but she's sweet and doesn't have the personality of a wet napkin like LJ. And she recognizes that she doesn't look like…say Carli Bybel. Open your eyes, LJ.

No. 806933

It's funny you say that because although I obviously know RBK isn't stunningly gorgeous or whatever, I do think she's pretty. I think overwhelmingly though that's because she seems like a sweet and nice person, and so that quality radiates off her. LJ on the other hand could have perfect teeth and hair and she'd still be completely repellent. Something about the way she holds her face in a conceited, uppity way makes her so grotesque.

No. 806936


Eh, I don't know. Outside of having a fun and relatable personality, RBK is a makeup nerd who actually knows her stuff. Not only would Lillee have to overhaul her on-camera persona in order to be on par with someone like Kristi, she'd have to spend a lot of time off-camera studying the history and back-catalogs of all the brands (new and established,) learning how different formulations/styles of product impact their performance on the face and interaction with other types of product, maintaining knowledge of current trends even if her own personal style falls outside the beauty hivemind, and be able to translate all of that work into maintaining an engaging presence across multiple social media platforms outside of youtube.

Basically, in order for Lillee to succeed as a beauty influencer, the ghost of a completely different person with a completely different personality and level of intelligence would have to possess her body and take over her life.

No. 806940

Lillee only interacts with brands & other MUA to get something in return. If you look at her activity on twitter, she doesn’t like or comment on other MUAs tweets, it’s all comic stuff & politics. On Instagram, she’s only engaging with the fake musicians in her engagement pod.

She’ll never learn new techniques or even keep up with the current makeup trends because she’s completely self involved and sees anyone more successful than her as the enemy.

No. 806947

File: 1606838013124.jpeg (131.49 KB, 750x902, 2E3F2BB0-1FA4-444D-A9A6-DC0060…)

Laur’s using her YouTube socks again

No. 806965

File: 1606842892752.png (3.76 MB, 750x1334, B8CCD1B0-D1A5-468D-9CF7-1B2AB1…)

One glove again

No. 806975

File: 1606844412158.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, E9EC5AE8-9F07-44CA-9FE4-831C87…)

Lillee has uploaded 16 TikToks in the last 24 hours. They must have realized her accounts are shadowbanned on all other platforms. TikTok will not be friendly to Lillee. It’s only a matter of time before Laur and her sock army start telling literal children to fucken kill themselves.

Another example of Lillee’s laziness and why she’ll never be successful…she posted this TikTok of herself lip syncing the new Miley Cyrus song. Her movements aren’t synced to the lyrics and it looks like she’s singing a different song. It would take 5 minutes out of her busy schedule of playing dolls & smearing oil in her hair to re-record it properly.

Bonus: She’s still doing the weird thing pushing her tongue against her teeth & lip

No. 806979

Sailormoon cosplays are at the level of Naruto cosplays in conventions; they're some of the most basic and easy to do since there are so many examples and many sources. How does she manage to look THIS TERRIBLE at the most basic level??

No. 806987


Yeah, it's because she's not actually a fan of a lot of the cosplays she does. She's legit into Disney and some of the DC comics properties, but the rest of the anime/cartoon cosplays she does, she hasn't a clue and refuses to do the bare minimum of research.

Like here >>806965 which sailor scout is she meant to be? The uniform looks like Mars, but her shitty wig looks purple? (the lighting on this pic is so bad) Even if she were gonna say that she's cosplaying as her own original sailor scout character, the cosplay community would eat her up for not designing an original uniform or adding unique accessories.

This kind of laziness and lack of attention to detail really pisses off the cosplay/fandom communities, so she better hope the convention autists never find her shitty content.

No. 806999


How can mirrors be real if eyes aren't real

No. 807021


She looks like that one spoiled girl on Halloween in elementary school who thinks she is hot shit but lost one of her gloves at recess.

No. 807045

File: 1606866149540.webm (16.72 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

These are hilariously bad.

No. 807046

File: 1606866247109.webm (7.11 MB, 576x1024, download-_6_.webm)

She's probably making them bad on purpose just to get more attention. Intentional or not, cringe.

No. 807048

File: 1606866548853.png (362.44 KB, 700x818, pradipwut.png)

No. 807075

File: 1606874518158.jpeg (138.76 KB, 750x457, CACA3D07-8C52-4740-A4FD-4C9E80…)

Twitter is censoring Laur’s ugly mug kek

No. 807080

File: 1606876715137.jpeg (485.06 KB, 750x1001, 6D7B9C4F-D640-40C0-B6D9-0EF38A…)

Lillee is such an entitled cunt. Two unemployed adults living off Earl’s state assistance have no business judging people for having to go to work to pay their bills. Bitch about the federal government not offering more assistance, bitch about state’s not extending unemployment benefits. The way she continues to shame people who have to leave the house to work is infuriating. I’m happy to see people calling her out on it.

No. 807162

Her tiktok is what I would expect from a 10 year old fan that's reposting and editing a more famous tiktoker's/youtuber's videos. Poorly done clips of videos, and random videos of stupid stuff. It definitely doesn't scream stable 19 (almost 20) year old beauty influencer.

No. 807169

I was thinking the same thing.
If I didn't know the Lillee drama and randomly came across her videos I would legit think she's a l0 year old horse girl in her room making tiktoks. The overuse of filters and bad wannabe dancing reminds me of how little kids make tiktoks.

No. 807170

>LJ on the other hand could have perfect teeth and hair and she'd still be completely repellent. Something about the way she holds her face in a conceited, uppity way makes her so grotesque.

This. She has such a snobby childish attitude that is really off putting. Even if she looked like Bella Hadid she'd be cancelled in a heartbeat in this day and age for saying something bitchy or uneducated.
It's terrible too because she blames her bad behaviour on 'being an Aries' or internet bullies when in reality she's just an asshole.

If Laur let her actually attend school or socialise with people other than her parents she probably would have been taken down a peg but she's just been weirdly spoiled.

No. 807173

I did randomly came across Lillee when I was searching YT for videos about the Kathleen Lights x Colourpop So Jaded palette bc I was really excited for it and wanted to see as many searches as possible. LJ was one of the first up with a video and she actually had like 2 or 3. I recall thinking she was very young and just getting started due to the poor production quality, so it was extremely strange when she already had a name for her fans, “Jeaniez”. I subscribed because she mentioned another upcoming video for the So Jaded palette. I remember seeing a lot of low quality cosplay type videos, Halloween was coming up so I thought she was just giving look ideas, but I didn’t like the look of them at. When I finally searched her on IG (she’d mentioned having something on her story) I was floored to see she had 1 million followers. That’s when I got suspicious bc there was no way she had that many followers in that platform and only a couple thousand on YT. I ended up unsubscribing after a week bc her ugly looks were throwing off my subscriptions page. Then a few months later I was recommended the Primark video and the rest is history.
I’m curious, did most people here find her through Reddit, a YT tea video, or organically like me?

No. 807176


I only discovered her when she was first posted in /snow/. There are very few cows that have caught my attention right from the first thread, LJ is one of them.

No. 807177

File: 1606927659341.png (153 KB, 579x827, 2020-12-03_0-43-01.png)

I don't know who's more stupid: Lillee responding to Curtis SIX MONTHS after just to stir up shit, or the fact that the two "big" callouts on her are giving her exactly that attention by mentioning her again. Come on.

No. 807181

File: 1606929876792.jpg (262.46 KB, 1080x1898, 20201202_112500.jpg)

We're getting thisclose to her having an onlyfans. She's posting videos on tiktok of her in just her stained, stretched out tee-shirt now for attention.

She also has bought another Hoodie. It cracks me up considering she's literally the only person that owns any of her merch.

No. 807186

My fucking sides

No. 807187

Last year, I was doing some marketing research about people who ruined their life through internet due to their narcissism - as an e-reputation warning topic. Such as Justine Sacco but with more material.
I came across Primink's Venus Angelic video on Youtube, it was fun but Venus is too sleazy and her instagram is not something I would show students to illustrate my topic.
Then I looked in LJ's one who came immediatly after in Youtube's recommendations.
I didn't think much about it at first, I thought the story was incredibly boring.
However several weeks later I remembered about it, then find out about the Reddit topics before the Lolcow's ones.
LJ's story is "cleaner" than other cows with alcohol/drug issues or with OF accounts - even if a lot of LJ's pictures are close to OF, she is still - not yet - into porn.

There is no way I would have find her organically as I only watch Picturresque makeup video or similar level ones.

No. 807190

My god, that's terrifying, not because of the "fashion", but because she literally looks at least 10 years older than she is in that video. Everything is totally unflattering. Why did she think this was a good idea??

No. 807199

I found her suuuper cringey fitness video first when a friend sent it over to me for a good laugh, then the primink video played right after and it was too much. We still make little LJ references when cuing people.

“You want your butt to bong out.”

No. 807206

File: 1606945093471.jpeg (376.29 KB, 828x826, 25DD77DB-2DFF-44A0-A9BE-EB332C…)

What is wrong with her ass?

No. 807207

Too small panties?

No. 807223

It’s matronly and lumpy, she always looks like she smells like outside, hay and cheap body spray

No. 807230

Kek it looks like she's tried to use that shapewear with the holes around the buttcheeks to push all your fat to your ass (like Nika used to wear).

No. 807238


Or the kind with the buttpads

No. 807260

File: 1606958843809.png (2.01 MB, 750x1334, AAF6FD5F-8633-442A-AB1C-CAE75F…)

Her hair is blonde

No. 807266

Lillee reminds me of every middle school girl who is trying desperately to seem cool and different from the other girls.

No. 807270

Her hair's a big sore point for her, huh? She responds EVERY time. She must already be feeling the sting of having so much of it cut off from the dyeing fuckups that now she's bristling if anyone so much as hints it's not her princessy blonde locks.

No. 807289

File: 1606967248706.jpg (87.87 KB, 360x1015, 20201202_214550.jpg)

Someone needs to point this girl to pornhub or Adam and eve. Heck, even just get her a pillow to hump. She's horny AF lately and this is one thing I hope Laur ISNT helping her with.

No. 807327

My theory is that because she's "old enough" now, she's trying to get attention through the old adage "sex sells" and all, trying to be like the other IG girls or tiktok girls who show off their body a bit to get that attention. Unfortunately for her, what she's showing, no one wants. Except for the pradips maybe.

No. 807332

I think would guess old dairy based on hygiene

It’s impossible that this girl has ever had any type of sexual contact, unless it was back when she seemed like a semi-normal 15 year old. It makes no sense. Tinder is a thing. If she’s as desperate to get dicked down as she portrays herself, there is always SOMEONE willing to bump uglies.

Although now I consider it, with her high opinion of herself, she would probably not be willing to hook up with someone attainable for her. Prince Charming of nothing

Or maybe because of Covid Peeper can’t travel from his very very important duties as a French diplomat to meet Lillees needs.

No. 807352

Lillee (and Laur) were posting lewds when Lillee was a minor. It has nothing to do with her being of age. She does it for the small amount of attention and feedback she gets from the Pradips. Exact same shit she’s doing with all the feet photos.

No. 807355

File: 1607006782666.jpg (226.31 KB, 1136x578, byelillee.jpg)

CyberidiotEsq and Mark Pellegrino just got their project fully funded.
Is it me or Lillee missed the opportunity of her pathetic life?
Such a great momanagement Laur, much wow.

No. 807379

Lillee feels sexy because Laur finds her sexy

No. 807384

No one would take this project serious if Laur & Lillee were linked to it. Not that anyone is really taking it serious now. It’s been tinfoiled the reason Andrew & Laur fell out was her demanding Lillee be included. You can’t be the face of an anti-bullying campaign when there’s video evidence of you wishing Covid on people and discussing in detail your murder revenge fantasies. Mark is going to run into the same issues with crazed stalker he has orbiting the project.

No. 807387

What's hilarious was Laur being so mad with Tatiana's crowfunding, achieving 6000$ for her legal fees in just some few days.
What will be her reaction when realizing cyberdouche got 20G with his lame project?

No. 807389

File: 1607019373418.jpg (861.32 KB, 1049x1884, Screenshot_20201203-121625_Tik…)

Lol, nailed it.

No. 807393

File: 1607020652827.gif (821.52 KB, 270x480, F3C74D61-6C07-4EC2-9E11-6E163A…)

No. 807395

>Not that anyone is really taking it serious now
Mark Pellegrino's fans love to waste their money I guess.

No. 807401

I know everything about her is, but her weird feet fixation is so gross.

No. 807415

The final massive dump was from a podcast that had already agreed to match donations over Thanksgiving weekend and I'm sure has made a deal with the devil to have him be a regular guest or some other form of quid por quo. It is as much of a business investment as a act of generosity.
A poor one, as the Guardian project would largely and ultimately have to support the repeal of section 230, and would cause the guardians to lose the anonymous status they hide behind as much as any other bully. Head guardian Estella is gonna have a hard time convincing herself Mark could love her when he knows she's closer to landing a role on my 400lb life than swooping in to save him as his "guardian angel".

I think Laur still expects/thinks that Estella will convince Mark to include Lillee, but with interest in Lillee Jean drying out so fast and the project not even having a pitch yet, it's most likely over a year or 2 from even beginning to record. No one will care about a micro influencer in her 20s who went from shitty youtube makeup videos to foot porn and my little pony fetishes.

No. 807417

Yeah she looks crazy here but it is amazing how much less she looks like white trash when her background isn't cluttered with water bottles, dolls or rent-a-center furniture. Or a sad white wall with the most basic white and no art etc.

No. 807420

Noticed that she doesn't have that many followers or even likes on her messed-up Tiktoks. Wasn't there an article a while back about Tiktok actively suppressing content from unattractive people and people who have a clearly poor/impoverished environment in their backgrounds? I mean she fits the categories, it would make sense if her videos are being suppressed for those reasons. Or maybe it's just that no one cares.

No. 807473

the way the algorithm works, ppl would have to like her videos to get noticed. one person liking your video is usually enough to give it some minor traction, i've seen people with 2 followers get a couple hundred views. the problem is her tiktoks are shitty and no one gives a shit. plus what literal interaction she DOES get on them is instantly deleted bc it's people rightfully criticizing her

No. 807474

>a clearly poor/impoverished environment in their backgrounds.
LMAO anon i didn't know that,but i think is that no one cares she's boring her tiktoks makes no sense,the instamakeup video formula on tiktok is different LJ like always failing to understand what ppl on her age range like.

No. 807478

i would assume that a great deal of her followers are also farmers

No. 807570

File: 1607085069100.jpeg (309.5 KB, 750x786, 64B6E16A-1BFC-46C4-AA1C-DFCA26…)

No. 807571

>hi, come rob me video
Yea, all those people wanting to steal Walmart dolls, holy shit, she is deluded

No. 807578

File: 1607092401658.jpg (426.76 KB, 2880x2880, 20201204_082710.jpg)

As much as we talked about how dirty and unkempt Lillee's hair was even before the great hair dye fiasco of June Moon Cycle 2020, a side beside of then and now is staggering for me in how much worse it looks now. I don't think anyone is having a particularly great hair year, but her hair looks terrible.

No. 807580

The satisfying thing is that she did it to herself. She can blame her cycle all she likes, but she's responsible for fucking up her own hair like that to the point that it's green and chopped down. She can stay mad about it and every time someone mentions it, with the knowledge that she did it to herself lol

No. 807595

If it's not a lame excuse for not showing her crappy dolls, it sounds a lot like paranoid schizophrenia.

No. 807616

Dirty and unkempt, for sure. It was a nice colour though - if she'd learned how to take care of it properly, she could have had nice hair. Now she's totally fucked it. She'll have to spend years growing that botch job out and I doubt she'll ever be able to colour match her existing hair to any new growth.

No. 807621

It will be interesting to see how and where Lillee Jean goes from here. The main accounts have mostly moved on, and the Laur and Lillee show would have died months ago without Tatiana's lolsuit. She will still receive hate and shitty comments about her teeth, she occupies a space in a highly competitive and largely shallow area of the internet, but it won't be the concentrated dose that happened after BGC post.
She -could- be an advocate for anti bullying on the internet and champion helping other creators who are being bullied, but Lillee, and more over her mother, lack the ability to not be the center of attention and not make everything about them. Lillee was "BLM!!", as long as she didn't actually have to do anything beyond retweeting a black own business or making empty promises. Even then, she made sure to take extra credit for doing what ultimately amounted to nothing. She's sure to continue talking about how she "is" bullied, but will be forced to use examples from the past year and her imagination to make it seem like something more substantial than "you can't dance" or "who got you wet after midnight?". Although I'm sure Laur still thinks Diane is secretly planning to kidnap Lillee Jean and torture her for…ransom?

No. 807644

File: 1607117262718.png (777.14 KB, 1080x1169, IMG_20201204_222348.png)

No trace of the lillee jean at runway rogue anymore

No. 807651

Even groups that far down the rung know that there's zero value in Lillee or her "brand" at this point.

No. 807720

It's sad watching these tik toks and realizing she's never gone out with friends and is just badly mimicking other egirls


No. 807752

It was said way up the thread, but apparently her doll collection is literally worthless since they're all unboxed and dirty and they weren't even valuable/collectors items to begin with but just basic mass-produced dolls that a million other kids have