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File: 1631801081578.jpg (144.62 KB, 1170x1150, F8rIBVxv.jpg medium.jpg)

No. 853090

Lillee Jean is a stunted unwashed "beauty guru" who has taken "fake it till you make it" to previously unseen levels. With over 1 million (fake) followers on Instagram, 11k (fake) followers on Twitter, and 10k (fake) subscribers on youtube, her pitiful engagement rate is propped up by bots, engagement pods, and "bob-vageen" foreign men with no idea who she is.

Lillee is best known for abusing copyright strikes to silence her many critics. LJ and her momager, Laur Trueman, have been on a multi-year "anti-bullying" rampage where they ruthlessly mock other people for their age, looks, socioeconomic status, and more, all for the crime of questioning Lillee.

Many dedicated Lillee critics have created callout videos and posts to expose her racist, dishonest, and absurd behavior. However, Lillee and Laur remain convinced that this is all a conspiracy organized by one person out to get her.

>Extremely stunted social development due to being removed from school around 13-14 years old. Does not appear to have a single friend IRL besides her helicopter mom.
>Is now 20 years old but legitimately plays with dolls
>speaks and writes in "attic pidgin", our affectionate name for her limited grasp of the English language (her only language)
>Claims to have a totally real, not-made-up boyfriend who is both a French diplomat and also a family friend since childhood. "Phillipe" (an incorrect spelling of the French name) seems to hop across continents, being either local or foreign depending on Lillee's convenience. Conflicting details about when they met suggest an inappropriate age gap (with a 23-year-old Pheepy asking out a 14-year-old Lillee). Her alleged boyfriend has no internet presence of his own, and has never been shown by Lillee, despite oversharing every other aspect of her life.
>Uses her "Jewish identity" to deflect all criticism as antisemitic, despite not practicing the Jewish religion OR having any clear Jewish lineage
>Constantly exaggerating her status in the beauty community with fake pr
>Got caught running her own fan pages, many of which were racist caricatures of minorities. This included (alleged) POC claiming to hate their own dark skin and wishing to be pale like Lillee.
>Once posted a photoshopped image of herself over Katy Perry's body, claiming to have attended the Met Gala. Later backtracked and tried to pass it off as a fan-edited image.
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab, created a custom lipstick color (the point of their business, which anyone can do) and advertised it as an official collab, claiming that her fans could ask for "the Lillee Jean collection" in all Bite stores. Bite Beauty formally asked her to stop making this false claim.
>participated in a public Covergirl ad campaign where anyone could submit selfies to be displayed on a scrolling billboard in Times Square. Lillee waited through hundreds of submissions to catch a photo of herself on the billboard, then posted it as though it were a collab where she exclusively modeled for Covergirl.

>Lillee finds a new hobby in buying too small rompers from Fashion Nova >>844381 >>845980 >>848477 >>850556 >>851991
>Lillee cries because covid has closed down her favorite Chinese take-out spot in response to someone saying that Covid affected them financially and emotionally >>844421
>Lillee doesn't understand the meaning of 'a pair', showing once again that the attic academy isn't the institution of knowledge that she and Laur claims it to be >>844536
>Lille does a Livestream with some engagement pod/MLM Karen >>844589 >>844644 >>844686 >>844714
>Lille does an interview with an engagement pod guy named the vibe show, whines about Diane and other things she always talks about (her blogs, Laur's propmaster job etc. etc) >>844733 >>844755
>Laur spergs in chat during above interview >>844739 >>844740 >>844742 >>844743 >>844786
>Lillee fondles herself during an IG live >>844794
>Lillee spergs in the comment section of the vibe show interview video >>844813 >>844814 >>844818 >>844822 >>844823 >>844824
>Laur and Lillee buy likes and views for the vibe show interview video >>844844
>Lillee jeans Linkedin found. She's the CEO of her own company guys >>844957
>Laur makes a new sock account to let out her feelings >>845233
>Lille posts some of the threats Laur receives on IG >>845278
>Lillee reviews some crackpipe lipstick >>845355
>Lillee's backstage is found, still list a Korean dance course she did when she was 12 as an accomplishment >>845363 >>845364
>Lillee files another copyright strike on Tater Tatiana >>845823
>Braces update/nightmare >>846185
>Laur continues to file weird DMCAs on twitter >>847630
>Laur DMs some checkmark on twitter after he posts Priminks video >>848120
>Lillee does another live with another engagement pod woman >>848808
>Chicken drumsticks >>849011
>New Laur sock >>849599 >>849600 >>849607 >>849618
>The Truemans moved/were evicted >>849838
>Lillee does an awkward interview/training session with a fitness bro from her engagement pod >>850072 >>850073 >>850074 >>850075 >>850077 >>850096 >>850163
>One callout finds out that Lillee's no. 1 fan Prince Jaffar supports the Taliban >>850198 >>850216 >>850218
>Twitter account that claims to be related to Lillee strikes again >>850424 >>851149
>Laur doxxes her dead dad >>850518
>Another stupid interview with Lillee that nobody saw >>850562 >>850611
>Laur gets her fake credits as a propmaster removed from IMDb >>850684
>Lillee pays to do a press release announcing season two of her "talk show" (her IG lives with pod people) >>850695
>Lillee has a new PR person named Tiana Ferrell?? >>850846
>Lillee actually ventures outside and gets a pedicure >>851341
>Elaine spergs on twitter >>851512 >>851518
>Proof that they got evicted from the attic and possibly rented out some of the rooms without permission from their landlord >>851623 >>851629 >>851718
>Laur spergs again >>851631 >>851632 >>851636 >>851656
>Lillee Jean Beauty INC was created October 20th, 2020, the day after their landlord drops the case against them >>851666
>Another new Laur sock >>851861
>Another boring IG live >>852467
>Teeth progress >>852567
>Laur spergs at Michelle from IMDb because her fake credits were removed. Gets angry because Michelle doesn't think her emails or invoices count as proof >>852622 >>852636 >>852643 >>852655 >>852677

MAIN ACCOUNTS AS OF 2020 (updated December 2020)
https://teespring.com/stores/lillee-jean?aid=marketplace (removed)


https://www.twitter.com/InevitableLrt (goes between private and public)
https://www.twitter.com/JeaniezInc (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/iamlaur67 (goes between private and public)
https://www.instagram.com/jeaniezmanagement (Suspended)

https://twitter.com/lilleeinc (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeauty (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeaute (Suspended)

Other relevant links can be found here >>767646

1. >>>/snow/833840
2. >>>/snow/847048
3. >>698862
4. >>707075
5. >>718259
6. >>724333
7. >>736259
8. >>754981
9. >>767645
10. >>773135
11. >>777937
12. >>784721
13. >>794372
14. >>802142
15. >>811813
16. >>820665
17. >>825857
18. >>833714
19. >>838519
20. >>844274

No. 853091

File: 1631801381661.jpg (81.91 KB, 828x822, -uNhOzE4.jpg medium.jpg)

OP here. This is my first time doing a summary so I apologize for any mistakes made.

No. 853094

Her face looks red here. So, let's take guesses. Is it:

A) Lillee can't figure out foundation

B) this is blush applied badly

C) she smudged the fall out from her eyeshadow all over her face

No. 853099

the op pic is beyond my words and exoectations. what the fuck

No. 853100

Thanks for taking the time anon! In the future you put double spaces between links so they show up clickable.

No. 853101

File: 1631805396660.jpeg (344.58 KB, 1170x604, B060CDA7-54E2-43FE-926A-19BB62…)

new suspected Laur alt account

from New York, follows a bunch of people Laur follows and has been sperging about her sweet govt free ride being cut off. It’s a fun read full of entitlement - fuck families with kids, fuck college students, this is Laur’s money and she’s demanding it.

No. 853102

File: 1631805423279.jpeg (582.86 KB, 1170x1134, A83BD7E7-462F-43EE-BDD4-E4AE55…)

No. 853103

File: 1631805553749.jpeg (600.87 KB, 1170x1207, CB62ACA3-AEAE-47F5-B79E-B63E72…)

No. 853104

File: 1631805620972.jpeg (332.85 KB, 1170x767, 9A4BD3EF-EBDE-4441-A632-D12A47…)

Eviction confirmed?

No. 853106

File: 1631806008015.jpg (790.87 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210916_162430.jpg)

Callouts continue. Saging as it not new and them repeating the same issues over and over. Bit like the goblins. Guess the goblins have found somewhere they can live rent free. Kek

No. 853107

Duly noted nonny, thank you.

No. 853108

File: 1631807392690.jpg (170.95 KB, 567x1794, pinkhoe.jpg)

After you posted that Anon, I went on her twitter to check where this is all coming from. Here are other pics.

Imagine you are just quietly walking home at night and you encounter that.

Also her romper looks stained in the worst possible places.

No. 853110

it’s like seeing a bona fide retard act out sexually until someone sits them down and re-explains what private time is kek

No. 853111

>>853094 I'm going to go with d.) All of the above. Also let's not forget about the fact that walking around outside is more physical exertion than she ever gets so she's probably winded on top of it.

If I didn't know better, I'd think she was hooking in these pictures. Lord knows she's got the mouth and face of a lot lizard. Her neighbors must get endless entertainment from these two Goblins, I know I would. You'd think a sUpEr fAmOuS celeb such as Lillee would be doing photoshoots on an actual set instead of the sidewalk of a suburb, but what do I know? Whatever you do, just don't feed it after midnight.

Thank you anon for the new thread. Much appreciated.

No. 853114

File: 1631809416934.jpg (10.43 KB, 148x188, Screenshot_20210916-121953_Chr…)

>>853106 Top kek, my sides went into orbit when I saw "The real DOXXXanne" Laur parody acct Twitter icon. They really nailed it. Franzia Freakout when?

No. 853120

File: 1631811204831.jpeg (149.5 KB, 1170x377, 63F560CE-A491-491A-BC4B-858B04…)

Full of spite and uncertainty about their impending financial doom, Laur has moved on from IMDb & Wikipedia to Lillee’s Encyclopedia Dramatica entry.


No. 853121

PUA ended September 5th. Laur’s probably freaking out over the fact that she exhausted any other unemployment benefits available to her and can’t refile. Normal NYS unemployment benefits only run for 26 weeks with the possibility of 13 weeks of extended benefits if you qualify.

No. 853122

If only there were places you could go regularly to perform tasks in exchange for money

No. 853123


So, is Laur outright lying about being a "gig worker," does she not know what that word means and is just misusing it, or is she actually leaving the attic to be a lyft driver or doordasher or something? Can you imagine you're just trying to get from Queens to the airport and Laur shows up, no bra and full of franzia, screaming about Diane and the boolies for the whole car ride?

No. 853125

Thanks for the new thread, OP! You did a good job and picked an appropriately terrifying thread pic.

I know we make jokes about about Laur metaphorically pimping LJ out but this photoset makes it look like she's literally doing that kek.

No. 853126

I think she picked up on the term “gig worker” because previously people who were self employed couldn’t qualify for unemployment. The new pandemic unemployment assistance programs did encompass the self employed, specifically referring to them as “gig workers”, which is why her and Lillee finally qualified.

No. 853127

File: 1631814776179.jpeg (853.25 KB, 828x1196, 0351801E-A8B1-442F-A385-F45944…)

No. 853129


lol her titty doesn't look like it's even in the same room as the bust of that romper.

No. 853131

File: 1631818004065.jpeg (812.82 KB, 1170x1656, D3FC28F7-204F-4087-B547-D8AB62…)

Laur wasn’t racist. She was a historian collecting racist items for the Smithsonian.

No. 853132

Is she wearing a semi transparent dress with red heart stickies on her boobs and crotch? I haven't visited these threads in a while but is her mom pimping her out or somethin?

No. 853135

She’s just sweating a lot because she had to go outside

No. 853140

This purse made of cat's hair…

No. 853142

I Request a red line where her boobs are and where the dress thinks the boobs are.

No. 853143

File: 1631822542365.png (2.24 MB, 1670x1197, fried eggs.png)


I have not studied human form and I'm not an artist, but I did my best based upon the shape of the bit of "cleavage" we can see and the location of her nasty boobsweat stains.

No. 853144

File: 1631824021578.jpeg (229.7 KB, 828x2297, 3A070185-5DD1-4DBB-87D0-51C64B…)

here’s how the romper is supposed to look

No. 853149

Wow, she's really invoking gimpgirl™ here keke

No. 853154

To be fair, it may not be sweat. It could be tree sap from dry humping a cedar.

No. 853157

File: 1631834396792.jpeg (243.28 KB, 649x416, 902FF41B-AFE1-4E92-8674-3583D3…)

Why does she insist on wearing shoes that show off her cankles?

No. 853158

File: 1631834647574.jpeg (262.91 KB, 1170x938, 4513A30A-D7B2-45FB-9B24-888D12…)

Lol wow I have quite the timing
Looks like Laur does not fucking understand they won’t be giving her any of the credits and is still whining like a bitch
Saged bc no real update

No. 853166

A push-up bra would have done wonders for her. Kek

No. 853172

These photos look like what a murderer would take before killing someone. Why the hell are they outside in the dark?

No. 853174

Thought this was a fake "I'm going on a date" shoot but don't see anything written about it.

And speaking of dates (stay with me here), just saw the Marie Antoinette video. No1curr but I've read numerous books and watched multiple documentaries on this subject and know quite about MA's life. Sage attic academy and all that, but holy shit, where did she get all this misinformation? By now everyone knows she did not actually say let them eat cake. But she talks about it like she is bravely pointing out a fallacy to a bunch of dumb kids. And yes, books and reading are not her thing but surely as a youtuber she is subscribed to the sublime Lisa Eldridge and has watched her 2 videos on Marie Antoinette makeup? She couldn't at least plagiarize?

We all know it's a lie, but just for fun, imagine an educated diplomat - of French origin no less - wealthy, still building his diplomatic skills and connections, sitting at a fancy dinner with his fiancee who has poured herself into an uncomfortable size 2 dress that needs at least 6 inches of hemming. At the table, several conversations: who the new German chancellor will be, Biden's exit out of Afghanistan, the difficulties of Covid vaccine distribution in rural France. Then this one pipes in with her extensive knowledge of 18th century French court life.

No. 853176

File: 1631848246823.jpeg (875.86 KB, 1170x1860, 8CF389BE-FEBD-4508-98B5-6F30EA…)

talking to herself through sock accounts. classic laur

No. 853177

so she's got another kid??? well good for you kid, you made it out of the attic.

No. 853178

Can an anon please post some pics of clothes that would look flattering on her? Am genuinely curious. Because I can't imagine what that would be. What do you think she should wear that will suit her shape better?

No. 853181

At least ask for something possible.

No. 853182

File: 1631849651385.jpg (96.03 KB, 780x439, Superstar-1999-film-images-f12…)

Dunno, maybe this one?

No. 853183

File: 1631849789054.png (234.17 KB, 552x422, b.PNG)

This one I found from a buzzfeed article. I don't want to see her sad tits again.

No. 853184

File: 1631850947321.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x1592, 6DFAD669-F4FA-45F9-B9CF-3D65AC…)

I think this confirms it’s Laur

No. 853185

File: 1631851385656.jpeg (281.17 KB, 1170x853, 30E88150-AF3F-4324-B82B-66C30F…)

They used their stimulus checks on Lillee’s dental work. Most orthodontic work is paid for in monthly installments. Do they have enough to finish the treatment?

No. 853193

File: 1631868051450.jpg (413.44 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_3230.jpg)

found some old pic from her block circa 2015 kinda wierd seeing her with wash hair and "good" looking tits

No. 853195

File: 1631870303182.jpg (450.6 KB, 1636x2936, EDLaur.jpg)

The irony in this gem. Laur spent roughly 2 and a half hours camping on ED to edit war. An hour in she brings up Diane, for a total of 3x in less than 30 minutes.

FTR, Laur got banned in the end. Around 8 AM, user "DianezDrain" edited in "Where in the world is DianezDrain? Colorado! Asheville?". That account got banned too. If you look at their discussion page, it's a bunch of dicks. NSFW https://encyclopediadramatica.online/User_talk:DianezDrain

Image is split into two parts from the log, with the bottom half highlighting Diane mentions.

No. 853199

Laur seems to be the biggest problem in all of this. Her need to be a victim and her inability to take rejection and be told no is outstanding. Her obsession with Dianne is insane. If I was Dianne I would get a no contact order.

As for lillee I feel sorry for her and I also don't. A part of me is like Laur has brain washed her into her way of thinking and she's a product of her environment. But then am like other people grew up in similar ways and broke free as soon as they could. I guess it just depends if she ever has a lightbulb moment or if she's just really a horrid person.

No. 853200

File: 1631872471924.jpg (61.63 KB, 573x500, WishorderLJ.jpg)

Beginning of IG live (with Shiah Maisle) vs. end of live.

No. 853201

File: 1631878583386.jpeg (660.33 KB, 1170x1396, FDF6A8EA-7204-48D0-AE6D-48E3D0…)

Guess Laur deleted Elana after anons found proof it was her. Some more fun screenshots…Laur claims Lillee as a dependent even though Lillee is the CEO of Lillee Jean Beauty kek

No. 853203

KEK. I love it, anon. I know this thread only just started but this is my nomination for next thread pic.

No. 853205

If your goblin daughter has enough energy to walk around in heels dry humping trees, she could get a part time job. Better ship her off to Jaafar before she ages out of their range.

But surely Lilees totally real French diplomat boyfriend will help out, right?

No. 853207

File: 1631882900779.jpg (265.39 KB, 1080x610, Screenshot_20210917-084640_Gal…)

>>853199 Thank whatever deity you pray too that Lillee will never be famous because she could never handle it and neither could Laur. They don't take rejection well at all which is a huge part of being in show business and when someone critiques or criticizes them, they freak the fuck out. If there ever was a real life demonstration of "why you shouldn't coddle & shelter your kids to death", this would be it. Lillee's reality is so incredibly fragile that the minute someone tells her the truth or even makes a suggestion, her and her shit-for-brains low brow mother have a spaz attack.

Lillee will never break free of Laur. Sure, there's tons of people that run screaming from their crazy ass family the minute they turn 18, but they actually are able to see how dysfunctional their upbringing is; Lillee isn't like that. She's got no desire to better herself, you can see that in the way she lives her life. I honestly don't believe that Lillee possesses the mental or emotional intelligence to break free of her mother, if I'm being honest. Even if she did, she see's nothing wrong with her family dynamic and upbringing because her equally stupid mother has kissed her fat ass everyday since she was born. LJ has never done anything notable or deserving of praise, and yet her mother treats her as if she's some type of prodigy just for existing. It's one of the strangest mother/daughter relationships I've ever had the displeasure of witnessing.

I wouldn't be surprised if Lillee stays forever single as she thinks she's a ten when she's a two at best. She's incapable of talking about anyone besides herself, she has no worldly knowledge, she brings nothing to the table and her batshit mother would be the third wheel in any relationship she ever tried to have. The only chance Lillee has is if Laur finally gets caught in a scam and gets her ass thrown in jail, and even then I highly doubt anything would change. She has no desire to. Picrel - if you go look at the "Doing my mom's makeup Chatty 2019" the way these two interact is just bizarre to say the least.

No. 853208


There was a lot of speculation over the past year or so about where the goblins were getting the money for the sudden splurge on bots, the new fast fashion wardrobe, all the new (but cheap) party city cosplay, amazon wigs, fake press, etc. Now we know. They were using their gub'mint handout money and relying on the eviction moratorium to cover their asses instead of paying rent.

Now that all that is over; no more extensions on unemployment, no more rent-free living, no more stimmy checks…the Truemans are in for a lot of deferred consequences of living way beyond their welfare queen means.

No. 853214

It’s hilarious that Lillee allegedly has a boyfriend who’s probably getting a good salary yet his mon cherie has to resort to collecting unemployment benefits

No. 853215

you can’t claim an adult child as a dependent if they earned more than $4200. Either Lillee’s making pennies on her YouTube or they aren’t reporting Lillee’s earnings to the IRS.

No. 853222

you think she actually makes anything off her youtube? genuine question, how much would a channel of her size make bearing in mind the money she spends on fake views that earn her nothing?

No. 853224

I think its something like $1.50 per 1000 views so if we take her views as being real she would be only making around 5 -6 bucks per video going with her counts. So due to fake views not counting it will be nothing.

No. 853227

File: 1631894560041.jpg (144 KB, 833x683, Screenshot_20210917-115341_Chr…)

>>853215 I checked social blade and I'm guessing Lillee isn't monetized anymore because it used to say her earnings were less than $1000 a year. As you can see, it no longer says that. I wish I still had the old screen shot from a year ago but I don't so… my apologies.

Now Social Blade has a habit of over estimating when they give the channel's estimated income range so I usually go for the lower number. Fortunately, Lillee makes fuck all on YT these days so there's no need to guesstimate.

So which is it, Laur? Is your "22" year old daughter (did she forget her idiot child's age?) "raking it in", or is she broke as a joke like you? I think we all know the answer, but it's so funny to watch the Goblins constantly contradict themselves. As for sponsors, I don't believe she has any, not any reputable ones that provide her with income, anyway. She's been doing this for years and she still can't manage to turn it into a revenue stream. It's just sad.

No. 853228

File: 1631894937710.jpeg (856.13 KB, 1242x2090, CDB6B7F5-8589-43F5-9768-96DBF3…)

The IMDb “reviews” for LJ’s horrendous show are amazing. When will she learn that blasting her shot on public platforms only makes her look worse? https://m.imdb.com/title/tt15232522/reviews?ref_=tt_ov_rt

No. 853235


No. 853237

These photos remind me of a drunk person getting pulled over and having to walk in a straight line.

No. 853243

What is the obsession with ugly ass rompers clearly not her size? And why is she taking pictures at night? Why is she jumping her bag and a tree? I have so many questions

No. 853244


No. 853245

Anon, for future reference you can delete a post within 30 minutes to edit it, instead of double posting.

No. 853247

i know its been said a billion times before but for a BeAuTy GuRu she is seriously so out of touch with fashion trends. fashionnova has tons of super trendy clothes that are literally made for influencers to do photoshoots in, yet she chooses the ugliest bright pink rompers that look like they're made for infants

No. 853249

File: 1631905419711.jpeg (235.85 KB, 2487x439, 5F9A0D87-6B85-4580-AB8D-DF6BF3…)

Laur’s attempt at clapping back at the stalker and only commentator Dianne who is writing all 1 star reviews. More 10 star reviews to come

No. 853250

I find it highly amusing how Laur thinks every negative post about her demon spawn on the internet is Diane, but on the flip side nearly every positive post about LJ on the internet actually is Laur, kek. Funny how that review gets posted not long after we discuss the negative ones too.
Laur, my sweet bovine princess, your English is no way near good enough to pass for being someone else. And this is coming from someone who speaks it as a second language.

No. 853252

File: 1631906697969.png (186.4 KB, 2316x748, jojojorisev.png)

did laur forget to switch accounts before she left another fake review? kek

No. 853253

>love the concept
The concept of interviewing people? Oh yeah, real fucking original. Jesus Christ, Laur. Put in some effort for us, will ya?

No. 853256

File: 1631908516559.jpeg (194.27 KB, 828x737, 80EA404D-9235-43B2-AD78-C7E563…)

No. 853257

File: 1631909739335.jpeg (125.65 KB, 828x422, B1A1BEB7-5A71-4AD2-9E96-061DB9…)

No. 853258

Brilliant. Goblin Neet Princess from Attic, NY

No. 853265

Wait Laur is only 4'10''? I know she's a goblin herself but I got the impression she was at least a few inches taller than her Dwarven spawn.

No. 853266

Tweens, if you wanna hurt the goblins…let them die out

No. 853267

I know the goblins are so mad they can’t delete the imdb reviews. They seem to have called upon their engagement pod to boost her user reviews. Edgardo is the only to make a comment so far.

No. 853268

Can we stop with this holier than thou shit. Shut up and get off a gossip board site

No. 853269

Hey twats, Diane thinks you're all snot and you're not getting her praise. Stop being dicks for attention

No. 853271


in every pic i've seen of laur, she's always wearing those giant platform flip-flops that she's probably had since 2001

No. 853272


Go away Elaine. Shit up your own necrothread over on /snow/

No. 853277

File: 1631924128030.jpeg (402.87 KB, 828x1096, E2F37B7B-FD49-4AA5-BAB5-BBE7ED…)

The “See more exclusive images” link is an IP logger. Don’t get caught, anons

No. 853278

Laur about to dox multiple anons

No. 853279

File: 1631924611718.jpg (238.87 KB, 1080x1520, -41ya7r.jpg)


Laur didn't think to utilize this logger on her own. Did the l337
Haxxor help after asking on a public Twitter account how to bypass cloudflare whois protections?

No. 853280


Laur is about to dox a bunch of random people who have nothing to do with the farms. Almost nothing from Lillee's janky website gets posted here because it's not a good source of milk. No one is checking there regularly.

No. 853281

I really think she has no clue how to style herself. I think some of us would genuinely want to help her with finding clothes that suit her better, IF she wasnt such a shitty person. >>853193 is shooped to hell but well done blonde hair and skin that isnt pail vampire kween white actually suits her a lot better

No. 853284

Laur doxing and stalking via ip logging is on brand, too bad they're going to probably dox random tweens that are genuinely curious or just stumbled on the drama but Laur doesn't give a shit.

No. 853286

Lots of armchairing here.

Her mother has pretty much made sure that she is unable to have a healthy relationship with a man where both are truly equal in the power dynamic. Putting so much value on beauty and getting validation from others is not going to get her very far in life. She will eventually become very frustrated not understanding why she doesn't have/can't make friends. Agree she is deficient in emotional intelligence. I have no idea if she will ever break free or realize this is not going to get her anywhere at any point in her life, but if she ever does, it will be a very painful realization and she will be filled with regret, and likely bitterness. I hope it doesn't end up that way but her completely embracing her mothers coddling, her unwillingness to go out into the world and take chances and explore, is not helping her. It will only delay her development further.

There is this book called Mindset written by Carol Dweck who is a famous researcher on child psychology. Its basically about the growth and fixed mindsets. Laur seems to think that you're born with intelligence, talent, etc. and these things are fixed. She happens to think lj was born with plenty of it. With her fixed mindset, she thinks there is no need to develop or hone skills, since she was born with them already.

I do think that lj does have some level of curiosity and a willingness to learn. It's just that she's only interested in what she's interested, which happens to be a very narrow scope. And the way she wants to learn is in the safety of her home with no one to challenge her in person or compete against. This will slow her down tremendously.

When I watch the videos with the two of them interacting, it's fascinating. The voice Laur uses with lj is so different from her obnoxious video tirades. She speaks to her adult daughter like she's 5. When they are at the dentist, as lj is lying in the chair, Laur remarks how she can't understand how pretty lj is lying like that even in a dentist chair. I found that such an odd thing to say. I can't imagine my mother saying that to me in that situation, never mind even being in the dentist office with me. They way they interact, it's clear they are each other's heroes. When you watch their trip to that pink room makeup studio (Wander Beauty was it?) they are having so much fun between themselves! They are completely oblivious to the people around them and the fact that they are behaving inappropriately. Lj makes Laur laugh and lj eats up that attention. The video made me very sad.

No. 853289

File: 1631929379097.jpg (284.93 KB, 1080x965, IMG_20210917_204210.jpg)

Looks like some tween is talking to Laur and Elaine about a truce. All the lolcow posters have to apologize guys. All of us.

No. 853290

IP is very vague and can be literally a different surrounding city.

No. 853292

The IP logger link has been removed now.

No. 853293

I’ll be the first to apologize.

Sorry your kid is fat, ugly and stupid, Laur.

No. 853294

File: 1631931160785.png (90.13 KB, 1075x591, Screenshot 2021-09-17 19.08.13…)

Laurs still sperging at imdb staff about diane and the black website despite not getting a reply in days

No. 853296

Why doesn't Laur take the "high road" and apologize personally as well as publicly to all the people she doxed and unfairly targeted on YouTube/twitter as well as apologize for the pheepy shit? I hope the callouts tell her to eat shit.

No. 853297

File: 1631932584958.gif (2.02 MB, 498x373, yas-yaas.gif)

The IMDB really hit a nerve. Expect Laur and Elaine to have more freakouts. I wish Laur would post here again like she did on the early threads, stop sending Elaine to be retarded for you Laur.

No. 853298

File: 1631932719418.jpeg (843.64 KB, 1170x1795, 156D0C1D-D347-434C-9548-6F01C5…)

Doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

No. 853299

The IMDb and the anons digging up her alt account crying about how broke they are. It’s the most embarrassing thing to happen to Laur since we found her tax warrant.

No. 853300

File: 1631933246893.png (55 KB, 652x1338, imdb.png)

The same person who is trying to get IMDB on her side is abusing reviews and sock accounts on their website. But Laur is above the rules of course.

No. 853301

This picture is straight from a horror movie. I get that they want the pictures to have a certain aesthetic, but they are going about it all wrong. Literally anyone can take pictures outside of their house at night. The background can be replicated by millions of people in the country. She wants these pictures to seem mysterious or sophisticated, but they scream "On my way to a Sweet 16."
Even pictures of people going out to a nightclub have pictures taken inside…no one takes pictures in front of trees at night for any kind of event.

No. 853317

>>853207 Armchair or not, I found that very interesting and I appreciate you expanding upon what I wrote. I love watching cows for this reason, their world is just so far removed from reality it's astounding.

>>853300 Did she forget to log out or is she really that fucking stupid that she posted 4 reviews, all under the same alt on (mostly) the same day, right after posting under her actual name? They can't be this stupid right? I know they're dumb but this is on a whole 'nother level. Her series sucks. Not even her guests want to take part in it and anyone with a shred of awareness can tell that they're uncomfortable by Lillee's immaturity and inability to communicate clearly and properly.

Laur went ahead and blew all her money, even after living rent free at a place for an additional 3 months, and her plan the whole time was to bitch and beg on Twitter hoping that the POTUS or congress would just… hand her money? She's been burning through cash this entire time and not saving anything to pay bills/rent with and thinks that she'll get another bail out? How is this woman an adult? I'd be embarrassed too if I was her. As for IP Logging, what good does that do if the two people gathering IPs don't know shit about anything and can't actually use that info? Fucking retards, I swear.

No. 853324

nice thread pic anon, it's such a simple pic but way much better than your usual twitter fanart.

No. 853327

File: 1631951198734.png (412.19 KB, 1272x798, mkljiokjiu.png)

Laur is going after the Marlena person for something she tweeted in 2019.

No. 853328

File: 1631951231009.png (981.39 KB, 1254x1704, ghjfuygf.png)

The craziness continues.

No. 853329

File: 1631951394504.png (344.56 KB, 632x1546, 43242313213214321.png)

Laurs only method of disguising herself is to talk less woke and badly pick up on farms lingo.

No. 853330

The constant Diane statements are so fucking stupid. Also some of the callouts, it's clear some have multiple accounts and they act exactly like Laur but are to retarded to realise it. They will give the excuse were only mocking the way she acts…… sure Jan. Plus its clear while funny 1 or 2 of them need to get a life. Constant all day spurges ala Friday Franzia freak outs, its getting to the point it looks like Laur calling herself out. Diall it back a notch.

No. 853331

File: 1631955327759.png (322.37 KB, 507x369, two retards fighting.png)

Agreed. I don't use twitter and recently checked out some callout accounts after seeing a screenshot posted here and they really do need to chill the fuck out. LJ and Laur are two of my favourite cows but I'd never have a separate social media account to talk shit about them, nor spend that much time doing so. They're cows in their own right. Watching them and Laur duke it out is like picrel.

No. 853337

No. 853338

I am obsessed with how Laur always tags people she has had positive conversations with in any interaction or fight, like "@randomperson look here can you believe this????" and she barely ever get a reaction out of people. She did this with Steve Mcree and his goblin gf too.

The funny thing is, that it makes her so clockable too. If I had any doubt that kekkekkek was Laur before, I became sure of it the moment she tagged Elaine.

No. 853339

Calling out cow-like behaviour on a gossip board isn't acting "holier than thou". Go cry on twatter about it.

No. 853343

Thanks for proving your cow like behaviour and the fact just like the goblins you can't take criticism. We've also seen you whine on twitter about being laughed at on here.

No. 853344

Agree, super interesting to watch the way they double down on lies. The psychology aspect of all this is fascinating.

Lillee is a copier, and I don't just mean with her content. She watches and mimics behavior that she thinks makes her appear winsome, cute, and fun. This is very evident in the last igtv with that basement musician. She must have watched some Access Hollywood episodes or whatever and feigns interest to such a level that anyone with a drop of emotional intelligence can see that there is absolutely nothing behind it. This is the problem. She has had such little life experience and exposure to and interactions with different personalities irl that all she can do is copy what she thinks is curiosity, caring about others, etc. Very young children might do this, like younger than 10 as they are figuring out what behaviors work and don't work for them in society.

Every "interview" I've seen her do (admittedly I haven't watched them all or watched their entirety because they are unbearable and you already get the picture pretty quickly) are completely vacuous on her part. Watching her, you can tell that while the other person is talking, she can't wait to bring the topic back to herself. I almost felt sorry for that basement singer guy because he clearly has passion for what he does but her conversation with him, if you can call it that, doesn't really let him get very far with what he wants to talk about because she keeps interrupting him with what she thinks is her own hilarity.

The energy she brings to the camera does not exist in her real life. To feign that kind of energy, joy, personality, whatever, is exhausting. This is another reason she doesn't go anywhere. It's far easier to fake it from the comfort of home at her convenience and on her schedule. Unfortunately, this is not how the rest of the world works, especially the profession she thinks she deserves to rule.

Fascinating stuff.

No. 853349

Go to Elaines thread if you want to bitch about her retards

No. 853351

File: 1631972604945.jpeg (242.98 KB, 828x714, AE1F0F14-8DB5-4CC9-A1BD-7A8C0C…)

I noticed that she’s following all of these people except Zion Clark. I swear I saw her comment on his posts but now these comments are gone.

No. 853356

File: 1631975850810.png (232.6 KB, 573x640, Screen Shot 2021-09-18 at 10.3…)

No. 853359

Laur just does nothing but make her and Lillee look worse in the beauty community. Dragging Marlena back into the conversation is not going to get her back onto PR lists and makes Lillee look even worse (yes, callouts posted the old screenshot, but Laur tagged both Marlena and Makeup Geek accusing them of causing Lillee to lose money, which never happened. PR does not equal money.”

No. 853363

It does if they were planning on using it once, "sanitizing" it, and the reselling it like other "gurus" do who have too much makeup and sell off their PR items/kits.

No. 853365

File: 1631980744383.jpg (529.86 KB, 1080x1759, Screenshot_20210918-115245_Sam…)

>>853359 >>853327 You'd think that an "aspiring" beauty guru and her trashy mother would know not to pick a fight with Marlena; not only does she have $$ and lawyers at her disposal, she is prominent in the beauty community and owns a cosmetic company. With how hideous Lillee is, she should at least be pleasant to deal with but she can't even manage to do that; it's no wonder nobody wants to deal with her. Hopefully Laur continues to stoke that fire, I'd love it someone finally made them suffer the repercussions of their actions but I won't hold my breath.

It looks like Laur had another Franzia Freakout and spent the whole night spazzing out on Twitter (picrel). She even went ahead and reported a parody account for violating TOS which is funny considering her main account is constantly in trouble for pulling the same shit. Imagine if these two pieces of garbage put in this amount of effort into getting a job instead of living off taxpayers? They may actually have been able to stave off eviction and pay a bill on time.

No. 853370

File: 1631983096236.jpg (566.37 KB, 1080x2154, IMG_20210918_113557.jpg)

So the maker of the lewd materials is an "issue" but not the bearer of responsibility?

No. 853374

She was doing that in her iMDB spergout too, tagging the people who were sort-of trying to help in the obvious hopes they'd gang up on Michelle/"Diane" for her. Never works but she keeps doing it, just like the definition of insanity

No. 853375


Laur and LJ always get stuck on random words (usually ones they pick up here on the farms or from someone making fun of them on twitter,) which is how you can spot one of their new sock accounts pretty much immediately. I guess Laur's word-of-the-week is "meltdown," because she's been regurgitating it into every one of her franzia rants lately.

The remaining twitter callouts are annoying and shoulder deep in the poop, but I wouldn't really describe any of them as having a meltdown; they mostly just seem to enjoy keeping Laur and Lillee angry and focused on them.

Laur, on the other hand, has gone through several large boxes of wine this month.

No. 853376


This is just Elaine's hamster logic. She's livid that people make fun of her "1337 h4x0r" skills and the dead-eyed "modelling" pics she posted herself on a publicly viewable platform, and she can't cope with the fact that mummy and daddy can't make people stop laughing at her on the internet. She flings around accusations of "paedo" because she thinks it's a magic word that will scare the meanie farmers into compliance. She doesn't even understand the meaning of the word.

No. 853381

File: 1631988317607.jpg (56.4 KB, 541x597, imdb funny staff.jpg)


IMDb staff keep trolling her and that's hilarious.

No. 853383


How do you even access this stuff? I want to read this whole thing, not sure how to navigate IMDB to find it though.

No. 853384

No. 853388

Laur stayed up all night to give fake 10 stars on IMDb to lillee’s dumb show. It’s now up to 6/10 rating

No. 853389

File: 1631991059521.png (4.41 MB, 828x4394, CE1B498A-59F5-45D8-A61E-282659…)

No. 853391

Why is her user name "snuff" anyway? I know it had two meanings, but being on a website about film credentials, I would associate it to pornographic torture and rape. Does she not know the meaning if the word?

No. 853392

Lillee stop harassing that poor workman to photograph his tools. We know you the only DIY you've ever done was to your Barbie houses.

No. 853393

If Laur’s not careful she’ll get Lillee’s IMDb taken down for platform manipulation.

No. 853395

Laur’s old emails and usernames had some variations of “snuffaluffagus” in them

No. 853397

File: 1631995293312.jpeg (146.57 KB, 674x1008, 1AAABFE7-91F5-488A-B85C-1CB724…)

Had to look it up and it’s fucking insane

No. 853398

She's an idiot - that's why. One of the very first email addresses Laur had was "snuffleupagus" (like the Sesame Street character) with some numbers after it, can't remember exactly what it was, but that's what her IMDB is named after. She couldn't ever spell it correctly so she just shortened it. Since she's a boomer moron in every sense of the word, she has no clue that "snuff" is a pornographic murder film. That's why when people make references to her username being associated with porn, it totally goes over her goblin head. The Truman's really are idiocracy levels of ignorant.

No. 853416

File: 1632007898808.jpeg (412.46 KB, 1170x1143, D7CF68F9-4A02-4252-AB54-FA5A6B…)

people are going to keep editing this until they delete them. they never learn.

No. 853423

>>853416 Lmao, it gets better with every edit. No, it will never change and it baffles me that Laur hasn't realized that nobody will come to her and her obese retard daughter's aid. Despite all her attempts to get other people involved, nobody will get near them because they're unhinged and don't know when to throw in the towel. Laur doesn't even know when she's getting trolled most of the time. The fact that she keeps trying to get a bunch of bullshit credits put on her IMDB is hilarious, I can't wait for the Freakout when she's banned altogether. She can't pay her bills and is on the verge on eviction but she has a paid-for IMDB account. Priorities.

No. 853424

Although kind of funny and true, this kind of edit (stupid daughter, NEET) would only serve to ""prove her right"" - as in, trolls are editing it and ""bullying"" her.

No. 853427


so, there's no chance that lj is actually doing any sort of manual labour, but this probably means that they've either moved into a place that had deeply discounted rent because the property owner is doing renovations that would be a deal-breaker for anyone who could afford to rent a decent flat, or laur's scammed some pensioner on limited income by claiming she or earl are contractors that can do repairs in exchange for free rent.

No. 853434

My guess is one of the places that was flooded recently, they could be living upstairs and the downstairs is being repaired.

No. 853436

Can’t wait for Lillee’s barbies to get moldy

No. 853437

holy shit the latest imdb edit has “never wears a bra” as a piece of trivia. cackle

No. 853451


Hold on, didn't Laur had a porn star picture as profile pic in her main account at the very start of the drama?

No. 853472

File: 1632060613473.jpeg (384.99 KB, 828x1100, 0BA9B77C-176D-4138-9670-746263…)

From her new interview

No. 853474

Hear that guys, Laur has a lawyer on retainer to subpoena bullies.

No. 853477

File: 1632063218888.jpeg (374.47 KB, 1800x1666, 65EB3C60-5C0C-49C2-BDBF-6DBBAE…)

the photoshop on that ugly little romper photo set is ridiculous. i ran one of the photos through a restoration app to see if it would even still look like LJ and it’s just… grotesque

No. 853492

The most outrageous names you could ever imagine, like Shaneequa and Phillipe.

No. 853496

File: 1632070817471.jpg (95.89 KB, 792x632, 5'.jpg)

Sage for non-milky, but I love how neither Laur nor LJ have the same height on all the pages they sperg on.
Also keks at all the edits.

No. 853498

>I would never recommend their products to my 1 millions fans

She's right you know. She worked with Botanic Affair and they gain the insane amount of 6 followers!
Take that haters!!

No. 853500

It wouldn't surprise me if someone was editing them to be an inch shorter each time.

No. 853504

That fucking Turner Syndrome neck… gross.

No. 853506

File: 1632077448463.jpeg (192.39 KB, 1588x892, 4A1526F1-225D-406E-A89D-372F48…)

A face of a retard

No. 853507

Her hair is so disgusting, probably not been touched since she got it straightened. I find it funny how she shoops the hell out of her photos but won't bother washing and brushing her hair. It would seriously improve a lot of her photos, that greasy rats nest is a big distraction. The look on her face just screams "I struggle with basic math". Girl really needs to learn how to do basic poses but ofc she's so conceited she thinks she's already got it down better then any catwalk model.

No. 853508

File: 1632077897536.png (649.89 KB, 828x932, 043D255A-A2B0-4B75-BA38-82E85F…)

From her new video: Lillee thinks that having baby teeth at 15 is normal

No. 853509

File: 1632077911287.jpeg (776.47 KB, 2245x1545, F3F773D4-78EB-4874-95C3-1C29AE…)

The hair is disgusting , the exposure is too bright. She’s talking about accountability on her newest YouTube video but yet takes none for herself.

No. 853510

File: 1632078481750.jpeg (170.61 KB, 828x466, EC7EA698-6BAB-4DED-A47B-FA63E1…)

Elaine is now her best friend

No. 853511


If Lillee had any real fans at all, she would have been steadily losing followers over the past year, because even if someone only got information about the "cyberbullying" by watching her yt videos or reading her tweets about it, it would quickly become clear that she's lying about everything. The story changes and gets more absurd every time she tells it. Plus, it's the only thing she talks about, and it's boring. People don't want to see these whiny poor-me videos practically every month.

No. 853512

File: 1632078840906.png (1.65 MB, 828x2311, 22DADF20-4F2F-4F10-A84E-C3F4B1…)

These aren’t in order but this video is g8. Just classic Lillee lying through her dolphin teeth and finishing the video by saying that rivers were clean during lockdown so she will start talking about the environment more.

No. 853515

No one else is allowed on the farms except her whiteknight Elaine and Elaine picked an equally large lolcow to be the standard bearer for her manifesto. She didn't even switch up the script.

No. 853516

File: 1632080849730.jpg (496.76 KB, 1080x1901, IMG_20210919_144620.jpg)

Real brain trust here. Seems she managed to nab an IP when she had her logger on lillees site.

No. 853517

Ok so even if this IP is legit (I'm gonna assume it's not lmao), how does this help our l33t h4xx0rs? I can't find the population for Wyecombe but it seems to be a small town, and how many people do you wanna bet are using a slightly outdated iPhones there? That hardly narrows it down. What are they gonna do? Put on some adult diapers and drive to Wyecombe and go terrorise random Canadians? Really wanna know what their long term goal is here.

No. 853520

Probably just a new twist on their old intimidation tactic of putting where people live in their location tag. Which makes it malicious. They're dancing a line, especially Elaine with the UKs laws on collecting private info to use for harassment and stalking.

No. 853522

I’m the stupid anon who clicked on a link on her blog and immediately alerted this thread about the IP logger. I use an iPhone 11 and I’m a dairy farmer in my free time. Come and find me, retards

No. 853523

I'd love to see that mental midget Elaine get arrested. Laur wouldn't be so bold online then. I find it funny that they assume anyone clicking on their IP catcher link is a boolie, they're basically admitting LJ has no fans lmao. Even if she did, they'd get scared off by her psycho mother. God, I love these cows.

No. 853526

God, her comma usage is absolutely fucking atrocious. I’m not trying to be a pretentious grammarfag, but actual children (middle schoolers, even) can use commas more appropriately than Lillee. Her writing is just yet another example of how intellectually and academically stunted she is thanks to her retarded mom.

No. 853527

File: 1632083273797.jpg (300.67 KB, 1080x896, IMG_20210919_152625.jpg)

Elaine used a goastse.exe hack to get all our IPs from the farm and Laur is having a giggle.

No. 853528

Oh quit the tough guy act, Laur. You don't have shit and you have no idea what you're doing. You're so dumb you drank through pregnancy and gave your kid Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

No. 853531

Elaine/Laur since you're clearly reading here, are you saying admin gave you the ips? That you hacked the site? Or that admin is aiding you in this endeavor?

No. 853532

oh nooooooooooooo whatever shall we do. cows acting like they're gonna bust down our doors at any moment bc they have some random ips never gets old.

No. 853533

uh oh, anons. tomorrow is monday, and we all know what happens on monday….

No. 853534

Sunday Funday Franzia Freakout, anons!

No. 853535


The fact that they take any IP that visits lillee's an cry bully just proves that no one ever really visits her blog and that she has no real fans

No. 853537

File: 1632086149511.png (69.42 KB, 876x805, Screenshot_40.png)

Laur continues her freakout on IMDB, now with her acccount renamed to LJBInc. Interestingly, she claims to have an IP of a vandal. Hmm….


No. 853541

File: 1632086754606.png (42.4 KB, 1088x700, Screenshot_45.png)

Lillee is also still sending copyright complaints. Gotta make sure the poor soul receiving this complaint knows she has fair skin.

No. 853542

File: 1632086850935.png (47.47 KB, 713x249, process.png)

>tfw you go through the process

No. 853543

File: 1632086923357.png (55.23 KB, 1093x759, Screenshot_49.png)

No. 853544

File: 1632087160976.png (74.43 KB, 607x623, Screenshot_50.png)

Laur has been denying she took creepy photos of LJ as a minor recently, and Elaine has been sperging about lolcow hosting cp and threads on minors. They're so bad at hiding themselves.

No. 853546

File: 1632087912418.jpg (210.95 KB, 1080x685, IMG_20210919_164338.jpg)

Elaine this is hypocritical. Change your user to your real name since you're against anonymity. It's especially hypocritical when Laur has utilized several socks to maintain anonymity herself. Either you're for anon or your not. Which is it?

No. 853552

Didn’t Elaine also provide a photoshopped passport to prove she was a minor? Kek

No. 853556

File: 1632093016283.png (875.05 KB, 1936x1936, Photo_2021-09-19_06-09-22_PM.p…)

Elaine come on.

No. 853561

lmaof does she think imdb staff can't get the ip of anyone editing a page on their own website?

No. 853563

File: 1632096796868.png (80.71 KB, 615x785, Screenshot_51.png)

Anons you didn't tell me all this was just an elaborate way to share CP…. The internet police are already on their way!

No. 853564

If Elaine is so worked up about cp, why hasn't she provided evidence in meta? Also there's tons of CP on Twitter, however she's not crusading against them, only the places that made her stupidity public. Weird.

No. 853565

Claims of CP and sexualizing Lillee as a minor is their new (failing) silencing technique. >>853193 This post was one Lillee copyright claimed and said was sexually exploiting her. I also really think they're trying to scrub these all the creepy shit Laur posted of LJ as a minor off the internet since they're finally realizing it looks bad. Now would be a good time to bring up Pheepy being a pedo, callout anons.

No. 853566

the original post seemed off at the time and now I’m 100% sure either Laur or Elaine posted it just so they could copyright claim it.

No. 853567

Good tinfoil anon… The lumen database won't let me view what else she claimed but there could be more suspicious posts.

No. 853568

The new PR chick laur convinced to work for free is trying to do damage control, hence Lillee's latest video and the pushing about how she was targeted at 15. Literally no one knew who she was until July 2019, when she was 18.

No. 853576

You can use https://temp-mail.org/ to request links

No. 853577

File: 1632101623028.jpeg (322.6 KB, 828x534, CC96E8E0-2895-43DF-8045-98344A…)

Why does Laur even need an IMDb pro account?

No. 853582

An IMDb pro account is a whopping…$20/month. Or she could shell out $150/year

No. 853584

File: 1632103309601.png (212.53 KB, 611x812, ghjfuygf.png)

Laur is being very unhinged tonight with doxxing callouts.

No. 853586

File: 1632105326922.jpeg (651.8 KB, 1170x1367, 1997CB16-FB1F-4203-B8E1-976D2E…)

She’s deep in to the Franzia. Had to edit out Laur’s twitter name after I realized it was probably the name and IP of some random person who clicked on Lillee’s website.

No. 853587

It’s not. She’s doxxing a random callout who has their real name attached to the same username on another website. Laur knows how to Google, amazing.

No. 853591

>>853563 Laur needs to realize that she's just as big of a joke as her homely, retarded, goblin child. She's been saying since the first thread that "This ends Now!!" and threatening that the NYPD Cyber Police, detectives, non-existent lawyers *(pro tip:you have to actually pay them, Laur) and a myriad of other people are going to stop us from posting about her ugly kid. If we had a dime for every time Laur screamed "The boolying stops now!" we'd be able to pay for all the dental work Lillee needs, including the implants and veneers she'll never get. Nobody ever took her seriously, but after her 867th threat that never came to fruition, people just stopped paying her any mind. Someone should tell her that you can't call it slander & libel if what your saying is true.

If she spent half as much time getting an actual job as she does freaking out online & threatening people, maybe she wouldn't owe NYS $15,000 in back taxes and could stop getting evicted from places. I'm dying for one of the callouts to post the eviction and the tax lein on Twitter so we can watch Laur short circuit in real time.

No. 853592

File: 1632109633375.jpg (347.13 KB, 1080x1048, IMG_20210919_224553.jpg)

Laur you absolute boomer that's not how the farms work. Shannon can't give IPs she didn't have access to, admins exposed her not the other way around.

No. 853595

That's the worst thing you got out of that? Not the cult that was formed around her?

No. 853596

Also both accounts shit on Diane for "defending CSA" (didn't happen) and even called her a criminal but it's ok for them to allegedly work with her. They can't seem to get a solid story. Did Elaine/anonsec crack the farms or did CSA?

No. 853597


why wait "a few days?" why not expose us all right now? let's see what laur and elaine's googling skills have uncovered!

No. 853599

File: 1632111072304.png (207.34 KB, 596x459, Screenshot_53.png)

God she isn't even good at coming up with shit to call herself to sound like a different person. Try to atleast prove yourself not to be Laur by calling Laur a fat goblin or something like that.
Ty anon but the email I use doesn't matter, it won't let me request a link too often.

No. 853600

Elaine needs time to go through social media profiles after she googles usernames, okay?

No. 853601


Didn't Shannon get caught? Laur tried to have her doxed, why would Shannon team up with laur to bring down the farms.

We know it's you because you have no other whiteknights and Elaine is busy shitting in her own thread.

No. 853603


Why would Shannon even give a shit about the Truemans' drama or want to help Elaine? Even if she was magically able to get doxx on farmers, why would she be focused on the people commenting on Lillee's threads instead of going after the people who were posting in the CSA threads? What exactly does Shannon get out of working with two dummies who can't bring any useful skills to the table? It's not like they're going to be able to help her get uncancelled.

No. 853604

File: 1632112974701.png (159.85 KB, 636x795, Screenshot_53.png)

Yawn. I guess Laur can't come up with anything threatening by herself since it's past Elaine's bedtime.

No. 853605

File: 1632113094750.jpeg (781.24 KB, 828x1461, 72BBC5CC-996A-4ACE-9CEE-640803…)

Lillee didn’t tag fashion nova bc this romper is probably getting returned

No. 853606


"Mutual party" post proof Laur/Elaine. International cybercrime is both investigated by the FBI and Interpol, do they think their own crimes are going to be ignored? How much cp and child gore does Elaine have on her hard drive?

No. 853618

>>853604 If they're going to LARP as other people they may want to learn how to use a comma appropriately. While they're at it they can learn how to structure a coherent sentence too. Their complete lack of education will always give them away.

Question anons - I can't remember the name of the "school" (if you can call it that) that Lillee went to after being removed from public school, but I remember us discussing it in the past. Was it accredited? I highly doubt it, but I'm not sure so I figured I'd ask. If it isn't, I wonder if she's aware of the fact that it's not worth the paper it's printed on and that she won't ever be able to use it. It's not like she'll ever get a job or go to college though, so I guess it's a moot point.

No. 853620

File: 1632124348015.png (123.23 KB, 613x552, d.png)

Franzia freakout continues. She's just been going off on a random cringe roleplay account. Hasn't posted every single Diane's IP and social security number yet.

No. 853621

Tinfoil alert!

After all this hacker,ip whatever drama. Am thinking that some of the harsher comments and those aggressively disagreeing with even the slightest bit nice comments about Lillee. Is Elaine or one of the few goblin crew. You know so they can be like look see. If not it reeks of projecting or actual obsessive dislike.

Probably wrong but that's how it's looking to me.

No. 853625

She is beyond stupid. WordPress and Blogspot both have plug-ins or an option to install an IP tracker in just a couple of clicks.

There's also copy and paste codes to external websites you can use in either just a blog entry or in the header/footer of the main content page.

Also they do track what website the traffic came from, what pages they viewed and usually for how long, in what order.

It really isn't genius work.

No. 853626

I think anons are right that the younger picture of LJ posted here was posted purely so they could DMCA strike it and claim this place is a CP ring or whatever (don't insult me, Laur, if I was a nonce I'd go after better looking kids than LJ). I wouldn't be surprised if they're posting other stuff in here, Laur's been here since the first thread and she's picked up bits of the lingo here and there, she's just really bad at using it kek. What Laur forgets is that we've also picked up a lot on how she speaks and she tends to stick out like a sore thumb. Especially on twitter with the constant tagging and "can you believe this omg look at this I can't believe it". If you look at her IMDB slap-fight to get "her" credits back she speaks the same way, tagging every Tom, Dick and Harry.

No. 853628

You mean Keystone online school?
It is basically a scam for high schooler drop out who wants to brag about a (fake) diploma.

Lillee never shown proof of high school graduation: meaning she never graduated. Keystone credits are 100% worthless.

Lillee talked about "Forensic science" courses at Keystone but she withdrawn as "it was too scary with her aunt murder".
I bet she never successfully passed PE class at Bayside. keks

No. 853630

File: 1632138143589.png (884.58 KB, 1724x750, laur.png)

Laur keeps doing this strange thing where she posts the callouts with filters that make them look more like her. Stop it Laur, get some help.

No. 853632

>smelly dirty hair
>collects childrens toys

Literally all of these things apply to Lillee and Laur, kek. Projecting much, goblins?

No. 853633

The right pic looks a lot like Elaine slightly older.

No. 853635

Its probably a troll pretending to be Creepshow, sending Laur & Elaine info like when anons told Elaine Diane’s name was Ana L Beads?

No. 853636

Thank you for reminding of the Ana L Beads incident anon because it still makes me laugh out loud that Elaine fucking fell for that kek.

No. 853641

File: 1632143979260.jpeg (549.74 KB, 1170x1236, 99EF56EF-EC82-4772-803F-40F075…)

someone let Emily Artful know Creepshow has reformed her ways by outing anons and helping Laur catch cyber crims

No. 853642

File: 1632144228603.jpg (178.2 KB, 1008x1545, Screenshot_20210920-091313_Chr…)

>>853628 Thanks anon! I appreciate it. I knew it was something like that but I was a bit off and I was having trouble finding it (because it doesn't exist). Only thing I could find was that vanity certificate >>840688 that Laur paid for when people were calling Lillee out on her lack of education. How do you manage to flunk out of a non-accredited diploma mill? I didn't even think that was possible.

I went to go look at the sock account today to see how Laur's Sunday Franzia Freakout went and I can't seem to find it. I know she changed it from HolierT to boolisssacanada, but they no longer exist even though the latter was being used last night (picrel). Did boolisssacanada change to @alyssagunnis account, or is that yet another tard involved in all this? Sorry anon(s), it's hard to keep up at this point. If that is the new account, they've been sperging out all morning.

No. 853643

File: 1632144360893.jpg (39.25 KB, 615x314, 911.jpg)

*Yes, hello 911, I would like to report people verbally murdering me on a cyberboolies website from the dark web.
It'a all Diane and Null's fault. They are owners of the farms, wikipedia and IMDB!
I require immediate assistance from the police and I have all their IP!*

No. 853646


Will the mounties be coming for all of us, or are they working with interpol for this?

No. 853651

Notorious friend of Lillee Jean, Creepshow art.
It is Laur. She changed her name to a doxx of someone like a psycho.

No. 853654

File: 1632147467173.jpg (314.68 KB, 1038x1760, Screenshot_20210920-095919_Chr…)

>>853651 Can someone please explain to me why CSA/Shannon would help these two? And I use the term "help" very loosely as we all know that CSA isn't capable of drawing let alone being a l337 hair. I thought she hated the Goblins, is she just desperate for anyone to like her since she got exposed for being a piece of shit? I don't get it, this freakshow gets more convoluted everyday.

(PicRel) Laur's been going off all damn night, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised, it's not like she's gainfully employed and has a job to show up for on Monday morning. She really is manic and it's hilarious, nothing but empty threats and incoherent reeeeeeing. She's really got nerve to make fun of anyone's appearance considering she herself dresses like a slob and is the weight of a small forklift. I've never seen such cognitive dissonance and I've been online since the mid 90s. Imagine looking like a haggard half-deflated beach ball with a hideous, mentally stunted, filthy retard daughter that plays with dolls and thinking you've got any right to speak about people like this. The hypocrisy is almost too much.

She calls one person immature for collecting plush dolls and then calls her a "scammer, wannabe, and fraud". Top kek. Laur, your goblin daughter is a 20 year old NEET that plays with cheap dolls all day & claims to be famous, yet she's been doing this for years and still can't build a following. Project much? It's rich of you to call people "scammers" when you've been banned off every auction site for cutting and running with people's money. Maybe get a damn job so you can pay NYS the $15,000 in taxes you owe them and take a (reinforced) seat. You and your messed up kid have no room to pick on anyone.

No. 853655

they think all the callouts were friends with creepshow and so naturally shannon has all their personal information

laur, no one liked shannon. if you look at shannon’s post history provided by admin, you can see she was self posting in this thread because no one cared enough to share her content.

No. 853656


Shannon did not even have the brains to conceal her own actual IP when executing her "master plan" of self promotion. She has no info on anyone, she only managed to get info on Emily because of the lack of 2fa on places like Facebook, a 12 year old could have done that.

She has not been talking to the goblins or passing anything on to them. This is some manic delusion Laur has latched on to, in her endless void of name dropping in an attempt to keep her and her crotch goblin relevant. Trying to ride the coattails of someone's downfall in this kind of way is hilarious and doomed to be another embarassing lie Laur will try to cover up and pretend didn't happen later.

No. 853657

File: 1632149201440.bmp (875.23 KB, 648x461, who.bmp)

Seriously unhinged

No. 853658

What the fuck? Has she been dipping into Laur's Franzia?

No. 853659

Can you imagine if the likes of Ryan Reynolds or some other celeb went about trying this?

Does she not understand that the crazier she acts the less chance she's ever going to make it big like she wants. The only frigging person holding her back is herself at this point. She can blame the "boolies" all she wants but in the end it's all her own doing.

No. 853660

> Diane thinks you're all snot

>CSA hates you

Laur thinking we care if weens don’t like us

No. 853661

CSA having all lolcow IPs is the kind of unhinged theory only goblin retards can come up with. A healthy brain simply cannot latch onto this theory.

No. 853663


After 2 years, Laur still hasn't figured out that the callouts don't actually latch onto each other and claim to be best friends with each other the way she and her crotchfuit do with anyone who gives them a crumb of attention. The callouts don't know any exploitable personal information about each other. Remember when that One Drop Rule fake "journalist" got into beef with Oomancer and ragequit the group, and Laur immediately began crowing on twitter that she now had "inside information" on all the callouts? It was crickets. Chelsea had nothing.

Creepshow was never close friends with any of the callouts because she was too busy huffing her own farts and starting twitter fights with McSteve.

No. 853665

File: 1632152340520.jpg (671.85 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-09-20-10-37-10…)

Laur has the boomer belief that if you follow someone you have to be good friends with them. She doesn't know how the internet. She called out two separate people for following someone who made the mildest of jokes about lillee.

No. 853671

File: 1632156698771.jpg (313.74 KB, 1080x1377, Screenshot_20210920-123141_Chr…)

>>853665 Speaking of Laur having no clue how to internet, she started a new thread on IMDB since the staff closed out her initial one and marked it solved. (It was the thread where she was reeeeing about "muh credits are being vandalized by Diane!") Them closing out the thread without caving to Laur's demands "solving" it really got under her skin, even though IMDB has made it clear that they won't restore her claims without actual proof. An admin over at IMDB then took her new thread and merged it with the old one and now Laur wants to know why they'll do that but they won't restore her fake credits. She's resorted to tagging any user on IMDB that's ever interacted with her and asking for them to "back her up". Sound familiar?

There really is no helping stupid.

No. 853674

File: 1632158851958.jpeg (211.18 KB, 802x855, 90087714-24AA-4673-99BE-96BE22…)

IMDb rated Lillee’s birthday livestream X because of nudity

No. 853675

Top keks.

But tbh I'm surprised youtube isn't doing the same.

No. 853676

>>853674 Top kek. How long until Laur starts claiming this is all Diane's fault and that lolcow had a hand in it because "they sexually exploited a minor!!"? Who knew that letting creepy pradips show
their cock on livestream infront of actual children, it gets you an "X" rating? Oh that's right, everyone.

For someone constantly screaming that her underage (read:20 yr old) daughter was sexually exploited (she wasn't), she sure has no problem subjecting kids to her daughter's freak show, complete with middle aged Indian dick! That's when she's not telling her goblin tard to post feet pics, that is.

No. 853704

File: 1632173364811.jpg (409.44 KB, 1080x1299, IMG_20210920_162624.jpg)

This story is getting a little boring Laur. Provide proof the cows are colluding or try a new angle.

No. 853711

Why are her screenshots often black and white? Is she printing them?

No. 853712

I think she’s doing it to avoid dmca claims or to confuse twitter bots when the blocked accounts she’s sharing report her.

No. 853716

she changed her username after you wrote this haha

No. 853723

File: 1632182068565.jpeg (734.34 KB, 1170x1687, CEE2CA1F-5DCD-43D4-9189-AEF8AC…)

your daughter isn’t nude, Laur. It’s all the foreign dicks.

No. 853725

File: 1632182501932.jpg (283 KB, 1026x1052, Screenshot_20210920-194548_Chr…)

Why is it that Laur just tweets out this nonsense instead of "@" the account she's shit talking? I don't have a Twitter account but I'm pretty sure when you're talking directly to somehow you @ them instead of just tweeting it to nobody. She's such a fucking fat coward, I've never seen people act like her and her daughter. I know they've got low IQs but there seems to be a fair amount of mental illness there as well. She's been going non-stop for 24 hours now, I've never seen a "celebrity manager" with so much time on her hands. She's been going on and on about lolcow being taken down and all of us getting hacked. We're still waiting, Laur.

Speaking of which, isn't it funny that Laur gets as much engagement (read:none) on Twitter as her super fAmOuS daughter that has 1 million totally real followers? What a lonely, meaningless existence this two lead. Notice that Laur called someone a squatter; There's that projection again! I can't wait for a callout to tweet Laur's eviction papers.

No. 853726

File: 1632182949478.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1760x2048, C5E2422A-7C44-4A97-83A7-BCFBC8…)

Her feet are running out of oxygen

No. 853727

>>853723 Haha, God this fat retard is so predictable. That didn't take long >>853676 called this a few hours ago when anon posted about the "x" rating in Lillee's Birthday video. It's always someone else's fault, it can't be that her bra-less daughter flashes her audience ten times in a live or that random pradips whip out their dick in front of minors, it's always gotta be a conspiracy. You'd think Laur would care about all the children her crotch goblin exposed to this shit, seeing as she's Lillee's manager and all. In true form, they always have to make themselves the victims even when they're the ones victimizing other people.

No. 853728

lillee leaked her own (adult) tits in a previous thread because she doesn’t ever wear a bra. lazy styling + sheer clothing are the problem in your house laur, not some nonexistent LJ cp

No. 853732

>>853723 Hey anon, where did you find this? I don't see it under Laur's recent activity when I look under her account on IMDB. I even did a few offsite searches on Google using sentences from her rant and got nothing. I'm wondering if it was removed right after it was posted?

No. 853733

notification from following the thread on the IMDb forum. she must’ve deleted it

No. 853735

Momagers like this actively ruin their childrens careers and opportunities by acting like mega karens anytime their kid isnt given special treatment. I know lillee is an adult, but laur always manages to make every situation lillee gets into 10000× worse

No. 853736


I'm fairly certain that LJ takes and posts those photos deliberately, the same way she deliberately bends over in her stretched-out pajama tops with no bra on when she does fake workouts in her IG lives. She and Laur have been trying for years to engineer fame by half-assing the Kardashian Method of 1) "accidentally leaking" lewd images and video to the public
2) cultivating a big dumpy ass
4) profit

They seem to have missed the part where the real first step is to be a conventionally attractive person with lots of family wealth and existing connections to real celebrities.

No. 853741

File: 1632187292523.jpeg (384.04 KB, 828x1010, FDDEC5C6-90C3-4CF4-A94E-D6AF05…)

No. 853745

Her "fair pale skin" looks completely grey next to the normal tone of her toes. Looks like her filter fucked up.

No. 853746

>>853741 Uh oh! That person better watch out now that their on Laur's radar! I hope they enjoy getting spammed with empty, incorrectly spelled threats of hacking and multiple tweets of "This ends now!" only for it to continue on indefinitely. That Laur, she's such a fatbadass.

She and her toothless not-so-mini goblin must spend all day searching Lillee's name on every social media platform available. They've been using the same redundant methods for years even though they prove ineffective. At what point will they realize that Lillee will never be famous and get real jobs? Or are they going to be livestreaming from a homeless shelter in 5 years?

No. 853752

She's not waiting anymore? Does she have a choice?

No. 853755

If this were anyone besides Laur that comment would have been ignired since it's vaguely nice about lillee but Laur can't be insulted in the slightest. She treats all criticism as the highest insult and it's pathological at this point. Laur, get some help.

No. 853756

File: 1632192562530.png (15.93 KB, 407x196, classic laur.png)

Fucking classic Laur. I love how she never changes

No. 853763

File: 1632194119177.jpg (525.5 KB, 1080x1930, Screenshot_20210920-230610_Chr…)

Holy shit, now I see where Lillee gets her (lack of) intelligence from. Laur is just as stupid as her can-opener mouthed daughter. And who the fuck is "cybersecmeg". I love how all these l337 haxors are unemployed obese female white-knights that probably couldn't even cobble together a boolean string let alone do a run of the mill DDOS. If you have to ask how to get around cloudfare then you've got no business threatening to hack people.

Laur will literally latch her saggy goblin ass onto anyone she thinks will help her. Neither her nor her half brained friends can crack a windows password. We've been waiting 2 years now for that subpoena from her non-existent lawyer and somehow she really thinks she's threatening. It would be funny if it wasn't so played out at this point.

You wanna scare someone Laur? Tell your homely kid to smile. Put the wine down and go to sleep you slob.

No. 853765

File: 1632196883330.jpg (448.4 KB, 1080x1240, IMG_20210920_230011.jpg)

Laur harassing an alleged minor.
Nothing the kid said was even bullying or remotely bad.

No. 853771

>>853765 So Laur, the idiot that's constantly screaming about people "boolying my underage daughter", even though her daughter is almost 21, is harassing an actual minor? She's the very definition of "The rules are for thee, but not for me". Imagine looking like Laur Trueman and somehow you're still uglier on the inside than you are on the outside. They're both obese, mentally & physically stunted, talentless, uneducated, stupid, poor,, and unemployable… yet somehow they manage to have a superiority complex. Wow. Fat old hag needs to get off the internet although I'm sure her credit card will get declined one of these days and RCN/Spectrum/Verizon will cut off their service. It's only a matter of time with these two.

No. 853777


Laur is ridiculous. Soon it's going to be illegal to even try and find out who Lillee is because of her meddling. Attacking a kid who has a minor interest in who Lillee is and did some investigating on her story isn't allowed?

You're only allowed to make comments on Lillee if you go to her official channels/websites I suppose. God help anyone if they dare form a negative opinion about Thor's precious Jelly Bean.

Laur clearly doesn't understand that there is no fucking cult against her brat and we're all watching from the side lines seeing her destroy whatever's left of her daughter's career, (Not that she had one in the first place.)

No. 853786


There's a video out there - only saw a clip of it so not sure of its title - where Laur explains to Lillee how she started in some (law?) office doing admin work, then they gave her more responsibility, etc. and she ended up doing their finances (she says that's how she got into "finance" which is NOT the same thing), fixing their computers or something, and basically running the place. Likely exaggerated but I think there is some true to it. I've worked with people like Laur and to boil it down, although she wouldn't be able to get away with it in a larger company or one with prestige, I can see some smaller company bosses liking her because she can yell the loudest and therefore get things to go their way. Her gruffness either intimidated or wore people out so they would just give in and that would be a win for her boss. She found this method to be successful in her work life so she thinks it will work as Lillee's manager. But she only knows this one way. She is incredibly narrow minded and uneducated so she doesn't know any other way. When people say she is making it worse for Lillee, she genuinely doesn't see that. In her mind, being a pitbull and putting others down mean protecting her precious adult daughter that needs shielding from the smallest bit of criticism, judgment, or - gasp - unkindness.

No. 853791

Doesn't lilleejean have a manager other than laur? I can't remember the name mentioned. If so I feel really sorry for her. Imagine trying to damage control Laur's burn it to the ground attempts at single handedly ruining her daughters career and life. This is in part why I feel sorry for lilleejean. Imagine your mother flying off the handle about everything. If people called me out my mother would ask what I had done and then would tell me to either apologise or ignore and block them.

Stop what you are doing you yourself have done most of the damage by engaging and threatening people. Do you think doxxing would actually go well for you? The police would jail you not the people you dox.

No. 853792

>Doesn't lilleejean have a manager other than laur? I can't remember the name
During summer they talked about this Tiana Ferrell as new PR:

I think she gave up really soon after that, the goblins never mentioned her again.
Lillee didn't showed any PR since Botanic affair and hasn't work with a legit company in a while now.

No. 853794

File: 1632221343251.png (397.43 KB, 640x1136, image0.png)

New low no doubt from Laur trying her hardest to show everyone her brat is better than everyone else's. Lillee's hardly a "little girl" she's a 20 year old woman. AN ADULT.

How about kids who have lost their hair through cancer treatments? Disabilities etc? Or even little girls who have gone out their way to raise money for charities or cut their own hair to donate to someone else. Those are the type of little girls this page should be acknowledging. Not some ugly brat who thinks she’s worth the world because she puckers her lips like a goat’s ass. How the hell is someone who is clearly homophobic/transphobic, racist as all hell "inspiring" in anyway?

No. 853799

I mean, it's a good scare tactic at least. I might show this to my little sisters so I can tell them that if they don't do well in school and learn to function in society they'll turn into a fat, retarded NEET who never leaves the house and still plays with Barbies kek.

No. 853800

File: 1632224749734.jpeg (469.18 KB, 1170x900, 83A1A9F7-4643-4E16-B95B-4DE2C0…)

It’s the cyberboolies’ fault Laur is threatening a minor.

No. 853801

If there's a lolcow island and I didn't get invited I am going to be SO pissed.

No. 853802

File: 1632225572606.jpeg (869.75 KB, 1170x1952, CB6CC5A6-870E-4AFA-98CF-C83298…)

No. 853803

File: 1632226094984.jpg (584.87 KB, 1080x1569, Screenshot_20210921-075557_Chr…)

Laur, your tweets are making less and less sense as the week progresses and its only Tuesday. Lay off the Franzia, you fat fuck.

"How many accounts are going down this week?" Give it a rest, nobody takes you seriously, you're as big a joke as your Pillsbury dough-bitch daughter. You have no connections to law enforcement, no money for a lawyer, no hax0r skills, and you've been threatening people Ala "This ends tonight!" For over 2 years. I thought the NYPD was coming after everyone and arresting them for making fun of your homely sped kid? We're all still waiting for that to happen. If I was you, I'd an hero myself worry more about how I'm going to dodge another eviction because pandemic unemployment ended and you won't be getting another stimulus check, no matter how much you beg on your other account. You don't want yet another eviction on your record, do you? Kek, 3 adults in that household and not one of them can manage to land a job. No wonder Brenda was the favorite, it's not a hard choice when your other kid is a batshit crazy cross-eyed landwhale that's always trying to grift money off family. Her parents must've been so proud.

No. 853806

Meanwhile Laur accuses everyone to be Diane…
Oh and btw Silenttruth was suspected to be either elaine, either laur, not """countless""" people.

This inspiring girls account seems shady, is it a scam? They really are clueless about how to use social media.
I've checked on insta, they target south america.

No. 853808

File: 1632229286567.jpg (389.34 KB, 1079x1415, Screenshot_2021-09-21-07-56-30…)

Laur/elaine doxxing a minor is a prosecutable offense and this time the minor appears to be in the US. You're literally the cyberbully you accuse others of being.

No. 853815

"SockiKitty" is definitely Laur and "Silenttruth" is definitely Elaine. Just like Laur has tells, so does Elaine.

Elaine makes the same nonsense argument every time she tries to get people to stop talking about her. She did it on twitter when people rediscovered the video of her talking about bombing China Town, she did it in her own thread here, and she did it on KF: "if she's such a loser, then isn't it YOU that looks bad for wasting your time making fun of her online?" Then when that doesn't work, she pretends to be a random man and volunteers to send photo proof that she's not Elaine…but you have to DM her to get it, can't just post the pic in a tweet or something.

Change your script Elaine. You give yourself away every time. Also, ditch the Truemans. As soon as they realize that you're not actually performing the task they keep you around for (scaring the boolies into silence,) they'll forget you exist and you'll be back to tweeting to an audience of zero about hacking skills you're too stupid to convincingly pretend to have.

No. 853816

File: 1632233933487.png (68.63 KB, 1311x430, Screenshot_18.png)

> A social media entity is not yours for the “beating” nor someones pal, nor someones emotional-crutch
She's saying this all while her psycho mother pretends to be a fan online harassing and doxxing anyone who says anything about Lillee.

If the sock wasn't Laur and Lillee wasn't a POS, she'd be denouncing that account. She can't pretend she doesn't see the account either, she's constantly searching her name and the account (and elaine's) pop up in that search. If Lillee were to call out the account now, she'd only be bringing attention to how shitty her make believe fanbase is. Good job forever attaching your names to this Laur, Elaine isn't going to be hacking the farms down.

No. 853821

you'll note this kid didn't say anything negative about Lillee; the only negative comments were about Laur. It appears Laur's fragile little ego was so hurt by a child that she's having a days-long tantrum about it

No. 853823

File: 1632237381008.jpg (525.83 KB, 1080x1733, Screenshot_20210921-160821_Sam…)

I never fails to make me laugh that some of the callouts will be like am done. 5 seconds later here's another video, tweet etc. How long before inspiring girls removes her post.

No. 853825

File: 1632237940420.jpeg (127.53 KB, 827x1607, 8708D159-CA06-443B-B570-FD172D…)

Lillee’s Instagram account is gone

No. 853826

KEK. I thought it was the haterz accounts getting took down, Laur???

No. 853827

It's gone for me too. I've also tried unlogged.
Kind of funny this happens just right after her video about platform accountability.
Guess Insta is finally done with her 1 millions fake followers.

No. 853828

Inb4 the goblins deny the account was closed by Instagram and claim LJ deleted the account because of bullying this and muh mental health that.

No. 853829

She’s supposed to go live with Jen Eagle in 26 minutes kek

No. 853831

Will she though?
Her instagram account is everything for her.
She didn't buy as many bots on youtube and have no interaction on twitter, her facebook and tiktok are a joke.

No. 853832

File: 1632238776999.png (32.39 KB, 764x450, imdb.png)

Laur's attorney wrote IMDB…. but looks like she has bigger things to worry about now.
Other accounts of hers on IG are still up. And Laur's sock twitter went from 362 tweets to 358.

No. 853834

Just refreshed her IG and it's back.

No. 853838

File: 1632239442610.jpg (72.66 KB, 741x597, inspi usa.jpg)

Inspiring Girls is following her.

They ask for donation and want influencers to post pic from when they were toddler.
The leader is in London but they 'work' in usa.
Seem totally legit…

No. 853840

Pedo pod scam

No. 853841

Laur/Elena was on twitter crying about how they’re dirt broke and being evicted but Laur can afford a lawyer? Ok Laur

I’m watching the live right now and Lillee’s shoved into a corner. It’s obvious she’s hiding their new place. Bet they’re living in a studio right now and the construction we saw was them building a wall or partition to give LJ privacy.

No. 853844

Jen Eagle dipped after 27 minutes and LJ ended the live.

No. 853845


Wasn't Laur just bitching about imaginary pedo rings on lolcow, and here she is infatising her daughter and sending pictures of her to shady online groups who collect solicited pictures of kids? Kek she's so fucking stupid

No. 853846

>>853844 Who the fuck even is Jen Eagle? Where does LJ find these nobody's, get engagement pod? Can't wait to check out this trainwreck. If she dipped early, it was probably even more awkward than usual. As for the whole new apartment thing, I think it's safe to say that Earl is either in the freezer or he dipped out months ago. Either option is more appealing than dealing with these two bloated Goblin's everyday.

>>853841 Lmao, I thought the same thing when she started with the "muh lawyer" bullshit. Okay Laur. You have legal representation just like you and your kid wear bras. If anything, she paid for some overpriced & useless legalese template on a legalzoom type site, but let's be real, she's full of shit as per usual. Fact of the matter is, she wasn't a Hollywood propmaster and didn't work on any of those shows. I'm not delve into it but I have family that worked on atleast 2 of the titles that she listed and he's got no clue who Laur is and gave the name of the propmaster and it wasn't Laur. Oh, and unlike Laur, they're actually credited for all the work they do. They use company's in CA as that's where these particular titles were filmed. Someone may have bought an antique piece of shit from her store long ago, but that's not what a prop master is. She should be careful with all that reaching, one of her sloppy udders may fall out from her armpit, kek.

What was the purpose of Lillee's IG disappearing and reappearing like that? Not familiar with IG, sorry.

No. 853848

Is that a real account or another of their socks?

No. 853850

File: 1632244701899.jpg (196.55 KB, 1077x2022, Screenshot_20210921-130542_Ins…)

So she really was shoved into the corner of a room for this live. She's got almost no space between her and the camera, usually there's a bit of distance but she's almost pressed up against it the entire time.

The live itself is 48 minutes or so, but Jen is only a part of it for about 25 minutes. She says she wanted to "start early" and then she goes "hello Pakistan, how are ya?" in that unsettling, saccharine sweet baby voice she tries to do. I noticed there was an inordinate amount of views for an LJ live, it was at 1,129 when I viewed it. No doubt 95% of those are bots, 4% are from this Jen chick, and the 1% is farmers, kek.

She actually brags about how other influencers edit their lives before putting them up but she prefers not to. We already know she's lazy, but is that a thing? I thought IG live was, well, live… I'm not sure she even knows what she's talking about anymore, but for having "1 million Jeaniez", 1100 views is pretty horrible.

Oh, and she had 149 comments or so. I'm guessing the head Goblin deleted any comments that weren't kissing her kids deformed ass, but even with that, most of the comments are exactly what you see on her YouTube - filler. Picrel but it's nothing but pradips and the one off randoms exchanging stupid emojis with one another. If you look at any real influencers IG, you don't see anything even resembling this. It's all emojis and the occasional "oMg uHmAzInG" to which Lillee replies 5 times with different emojis. Is IG asleep at the wheel? How the hell did she ever get verified when her audience is made up of nothing but bottom tier bots?

No. 853852

File: 1632246566293.jpg (375.47 KB, 1080x2013, Screenshot_20210921-132604_Ins…)

That stimulus money must've dried up quick considering the quality of these bots. There's multiple instances of the same bot accounts commenting 3-10 times in a row with either gibberish or emojis. It's like they're not even trying to hide it anymore.

Around the 21:00 minute mark, Lillee asks this girl "What's your most memorable moment?" and Jen asks her to clarify as she didn't know what Lillee meant (understandable, Jen is ESL). Lillee struggles to define the word memorable, going so far as to use the word itself in the definition. When Jen looks at Lillee baffled, Lillee of course goes off on a tangent about her most memorable moment as Jen sits there nodding her head. She does eventually give the Goblin an answer though, so… progress?

Lillee has a horrible habit of asking her guest a question and then answering the question for them, as if she's interviewing herself. It's really bizarre. Throughout this interview, they're on two totally different wavelengths. Jen speaks English but it appears to me like she's still in the process of learning and doesn't comprehend a lot of our colloquialisms, which is understandable, but LJ obviously doesn't understand the dilemma. Instead she just continues to talk over her guest and make stupid faces while grinding her teeth. The fact that her ESL guest speaks more coherently than Lillee is just a testament to how profoundly stupid LJ really is. The language barrier proves difficult for Lillee because she can't clearly communicate or get her point across to this woman. You could tell me these people were in two totally different interviews and I wouldn't question it.

I would love it if there was a way to poll all her guests at the end of this series and see who would actually return for a second interview, but it won't happen. I'm guessing not 1 person would return to the Lillee's show. Can't say I blame them.

No. 853857

>Lillee has a horrible habit of asking her guest a question and then answering the question for them, as if she's interviewing herself.
I watched the live for 5 seconds. She was whining non-stop about the mean boolies and the Jen girl looked politely weirded.
I got super bored and left.

Anyway, it's pretty clear she uses the live prentending to interview some nobody, when she just wants to be the center of attention all the time.
Some brave anon should mesure her speaking time vs her guest's. Should be interesting.

No. 853858

How disappointing, i was looking forward to seeing laur send threatening and emotionally manipulative emails and tweets to the ceo of instagram saying shes gonna sue because the mean evil cyberboolies got lillees page taken down

No. 853859

>hello Pakistan
Is she just greeting a spam bot or something? She always does such weird tryhard stuff in her lives, like shes trying to come off socially concious and such an ally. Why cant she just go live and do her makeup while listening to music and talking or something, like every other normal instagram influencer

No. 853861


They don't have an attorney. Laur does this time and time again.
"filing court papers as we speak", "our lawyer is on this, just wait till Monday", "see you in court" etc etc etc.
She thinks lawyer is a magical word that will make anyone dance to her tune.

No. 853864

probably talking to jaffar, her pakistani pro-taliban lover

No. 853866

Oh yeah I forgot about Pakistani George Glass

No. 853870

She should try talking to him about her totes real Jewish heritage. I'm sure he'll have nothing but positive things to say about that!

No. 853886

Lillee lacks empathy. She thinks she emotes it because she's making what she thinks are appropriate faces as she's listening, but she's not really listening. If an ESL person struggles to understand her, the problem is double because native English speakers have trouble understanding her because she lacks the ability to put her thinking into clear coherent sentences and speak in a logical order.

Lillee doesn't know how to explain herself more clearly to an ESL person because her vocabulary is limited, among many things. On top of that, she can't explain herself better because she lacks empathy. She doesn't see it from the perspective of the ESL person. When the ESL person is explaining to her what she doesn't understand, Lillee's brain is not thinking, "What's the best way to help her understand?" Instead, she is thinking of how she would answer that question. This, btw, is not exclusive to this ig live. It applies to all of them.

No. 853896

>>853886 I agree, anon. I'm a bit wordy at times but that's exactly what I was trying to get across, not so much the empathy thing but the limited vocabulary. Not only does she not know the meanings of most words, she doesn't know most words in general. If we're being honest, she's got the vocabulary of a 2nd or maybe 3rd grader; so roughly a child of 7-9 years old. People say her development arrested at 14/15, but I think it's more like 8-10. Her desire to be "smol" even though she's a fat lump of shit, the playing with Disney and Barbie dolls, her taste in media, it is all on par with that of an elementary aged child. This includes her emotional development as well. Lillee is far too stupid and sheltered to be a true sociopath, despite people sometimes throwing that label on her. She's got low emotional intelligence just like she has a low IQ.

She's never had to grow as a person because she's never been in an uncomfortable situation that she had to deal with herself, her piece of shit mother always swooped in to save the day. Almost everyone was bullied growing up, it's a normal part of childhood and it aids in the development of young children as they learn what's acceptable and what isn't amongst peers and society. It helps model their behavior as well as figure out how to be social and solve problems with their peers. Lillee didn't have any of that because Laur was always one step behind, ready to jump in at any moment. Remember that incident where a kid said something to Lillee in school and the next day Laur was in this child's face screaming obscenities? That's how Laur's been with Lillee her whole life, only now she just does it online instead of leaving the Attic.

She tried to shield LJ from everything and it did Lillee no favors. It did much more harm than good. Lillee used to get sympathy from me but she doesn't anymore because she doesn't deserve it, she's a piece of trash just like her mother. Plenty of kids grow up with overbearing parents and still manage to become decent, valuable members of society. Lillee can't manage to make 1 real friend and yet she doesn't seem to realize she's the problem, it's always everyone else, because that's what Laur taught her.

No. 853902

If Lillee is indeed a FAS baby/retard for medical reasons then her being stuck at age 7-8 would make sense. I think at some point Laur decided to disassociate from her shitty life and focus fully on her goblin’s fantasy. At first it was just parental support that grew into this manic obsession where Laur started to truly believe that Lillee could become a star.

No. 853918

Lillee appears to be 2 or 3 years old in this photo and has no teeth - babies generally cut their first tooth around 6-9 months old. This makes me question if Laur sought dental care for Lillee at this point in her life or just left it until adulthood. This is another one of those things that makes me feel sad for her as she really didn’t have much of a chance.

No. 853920

I can deal with Lillee's average makeup skills, I don't care enough about fashion to care what she wears. I think it's safe to say most of us had some real hot takes as teenagers that would make us cringe now (esp. with older racist parents like L&E).

It's the entitlement, inability to apologize, and overwhelming need to take the smallest accomplishment and act like it's a huge deal.
She cheered in the 3rd grade. No one fucking cares about that.
She did a korean dance. You can barely see her and it was a school function.
Her first blog was at 10, published at 11. We all had a tumbler or if you're old like me, angelfire site.

It really just goes to show how she's accomplished nothing of note in her life outside of this mess. And even then, it's because of how badly they screwed the pooch on it. Lillee desperately needed to stay in school and not be allowed to skip constantly because she wanted to stay home. She doesn't have a clue what success and humility actually look like.

No. 853921

File: 1632268772768.jpg (448.43 KB, 1080x1220, IMG_20210921_185738.jpg)

Better look if no one wants to actually go to the page and deal with an upclose shot of lilz.

No. 853923

File: 1632268975347.png (62.02 KB, 500x332, MH_eruption_primary.png)

She's a solid 2, but what's more fucked is that it looks like she might have her top canines or first molars on top and maybe a lower central incisor. That' all fucked up for how teeth should come in. You should start looking like Raticate. Her mouth has been fucked her whole life and Laur waited until she was old enough the bill would come to Lillee instead of Laur when they stop making payments.

No. 853926

It's so uncannily alarming. I assume they were just as isolated back then – I can't imagine a mandated reporter seeing a kid obviously not developing with no intervention being attempted and staying silent.

No. 853929

Laur’s new sock account twitter is already private. Yawn. what was the point of threatening us all if she was just going to go hide?

No. 853933

>>853929 My guess? It could be a few things - Laur lurks here and multiple people pointed out that she was threatening an actual minor, as in an underage child and not just a mentally stunted hog like her adult child. We've seen Laur do shit like this in the past, she'll occasionally hide when multiple people point out how wrong she is. Not surprising, she's as big a coward as she is fat.

It could also be that she saw multiple telling the callout accounts to post her eviction and tax lein papers and she doesn't want them "@-ing" her account. Gotta keep up the illusion of wealth! Even though nobody believes they're wealthy, not even them.

Or lastly, it could've been that Someone reported her and her account was restricted or she decided to lock it down after getting a post removed. Laur isn't exactly smart, she's actually the complete opposite and continues to repeat the same cycle every Freakout.

No. 853938

File: 1632276378033.jpg (257.02 KB, 1080x2022, Screenshot_20210921-215557_Chr…)

Oh lord, she's back to screeching at absolutely nobody over on IMDB. She really has some weird problem where she hyperfixates on something she needs to repeat it twenty five fucking times as if everyone is as illiterate as her/Lillee.

Apparently, this is all Diane's fault… or is it the stalkers? The people from the black website? Who knows, but she's throwing it all out there to see what sticks.

Screenshots incoming.

No. 853939

File: 1632276791949.jpg (425.07 KB, 1080x2059, Screenshot_20210921-220756_Chr…)

Second screenshot.

I'm guessing Laur didn't like the reviews left by people in regards to Lillee's trash interview series. She's only going to bring attention to the fact that she left multiple reviews trying to boost the rating. She must have a great lawyer though, not only is he totally going to force IMDB to put Laurs fake credentials back, but he's going to go after people for not praising her kids mediocre YT videos! /s

No. 853940

she's clearly just an autistic long island type chick whose trying to get fake fame or cash with her mom. but to sit around all day and scrutinize this kid is low key pathetic. and before anyone replies, look in the mirror and what your days plans are.

No. 853941

File: 1632277050514.jpg (307.67 KB, 1080x2057, Screenshot_20210921-221458_Chr…)

Third screenshot. Laur really knows how to shoot herself in the foot.

>>853940 lmao, fuck off retard. Go white knight elsewhere.

No. 853942

Elaine, go to bed

No. 853943

File: 1632277333732.jpg (358.27 KB, 1080x1970, Screenshot_20210921-221526_Chr…)

Still going. Act 1 just showed up to tell Laur that the threads about to be nuked from orbit and to give it a rest. She's considered him an "ally" during this whole thing, I wonder how long it will take for Laur to accuse him of working with Diane,

No. 853944

File: 1632277637787.jpg (787.04 KB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_20210921-222320_Chr…)

Some girl named Hannah shows up to tell Laur off and brings up the Met Gala photo. Warns IMDB that Laur is known to photoshop things in order to make her & Lillee look legit.

No. 853945

File: 1632277806690.jpg (535.53 KB, 1045x1802, Screenshot_20210921-222452_Chr…)

Laur replies to Hannah and another user that asked if that poorly shooped Met Gala photo was really done by Laur. She must not be familiar with The Truemans particular brand of crazy.

No. 853946

File: 1632278086084.jpg (289.54 KB, 1080x2065, Screenshot_20210921-223111_Chr…)

Laur must've not liked all the criticism because now she's threatening to delete the whole thread and start a new one for the IMDB staff member Michelle. Poor Michelle, I hope her job pays her well. They've been ignoring Laur now for a solid month, so I'm not sure what she thinks will happen. Starting a new thread is pointless when this will just continue to happen. She really is a fucking retard.

No. 853947

File: 1632278201289.png (891 KB, 2172x1466, Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 7.36…)

All the reviews are gone

No. 853948

File: 1632278230830.jpg (300.98 KB, 1080x1705, Screenshot_20210921-223549_Chr…)

Lurk moar, Laur. Atleast you're learning new words.

No. 853949

File: 1632279241290.jpg (272.48 KB, 1056x1855, Screenshot_20210921-225000_Chr…)

>>853947 She was reeeeing about how she wanted all the negative reviews deleted, now she's got her wish; only the good reviews went with it. She's the most incompetent "manager" I've ever seen. Every time she tries to fix something she makes it ten times worse.

She is still complaining on IMDB that she can't archive one of the pages using the wayback machine. Tell me you're a boomer without telling me you're a boomer, Laur. It's pretty straight forward if you're not illiterate.

No. 853950

Glad I got those screen shots, it appears I did it just in the nic of time. The entire thread was deleted and now the link just throws out a 404.

How long until Laur realizes that thread was the only one she had left open in regards to her credits and "muh vandalism"? All her others were marked "solved" by IMDB Staff which only caused Laur to sperg out more.

No. 853951

File: 1632280515973.jpeg (91.5 KB, 828x713, E1FC6A1F-3EA5-4E61-9192-14BBB0…)

It’s gone

No. 853953

File: 1632281314728.png (13.74 KB, 601x578, Screenshot_23.png)

Laur's main is gone too. Holy fucking shit lmao.

No. 853955

>>853951 All Laur's activity is gone on IMDB, she could've privated it (I think that's an option?) but all her comments, replies and threads seem to be gone too. The only thing that remains is her badges and her likes.

Rough day for the Truemans, eh? First that weird shit with Lillee's IG, then Lillee's guest leaves the interview 30 minutes early, then Laur starts shit on IMDB and all the reviews for Lillee's series get deleted as well as anything Laur every wrote on IMDB. It doesn't even say the thread is closed, it's just nothing but 404's if you use the direct link. Two minutes before that happened Laur was having someone walk her through the process of trying to archive the pages and she wasn't understanding so it looks like it was IMDB staff that stepped in. I could be wrong, but I've never seen all a user's threads get deleted in one shot along with all their other activity.

And to top it all off, Laur gets yet another sock account suspended and she loses her main account too! What a great manager! Maybe Diane secretly works at IG, Twitter, and IMDB? Top kek. I can hear the Trueman's reeeeeing from here.

No. 853956

My guess is her IG and the twitter accounts were mass reported by someone. I think right after LJ's IG went down, the twitter sock went private and seemed to delete some messages. It is surprising neither of them have mentioned LJ's IG going down anywhere, my tinfoil is she's trying to hide the possibility of it getting suspended for being reported and to not draw attention to Laur's twitters.

No. 853957

File: 1632283014542.jpg (225.39 KB, 1080x1982, Screenshot_20210921-234702_Chr…)

I double checked her IMDB and while a staff member deleted the thread from earlier, Laur went and wiped all her activity from her account. There's still one thread that isn't visible but the direct link will actually bring up the thread instead of a just getting a 404 like the others. Instead of just giving up, she is now following around that Act_1 person and reviving dead threads from 2 years ago to try and get a hold of him. Apparently she tried to DM him but she says it won't let her. Wonder if he blocked her? (Picrel)

She really needs to lay off the Franzia tonight.

>>853956 Lot of good that did them, lol. Laur's main Twitter and her most recent sock account were just suspended off Twitter. About fucking time.

No. 853958

File: 1632284153970.jpg (273.2 KB, 1080x828, IMG_20210921_231508.jpg)

We still have this one to look forward to.maybe she'll unlock tonight.

No. 853959


The fact that Laur can't tell, at her big age, that not everyone who talks to you politely online is your friend indicates that she's never once in her life had a real actual friend. Normally I would find that sad, but Laur is such a rubbish tip of a person that I can fully savour the glee every time she drives off yet another group of semi-sympathetic allies with her unhinged behaviour.

No. 853960

File: 1632284484703.png (1002.01 KB, 1936x1936, Photo_2021-09-21_11-20-14_PM.p…)

🎶curb your enthusiasm theme 🎶

No. 853961


Laur doesn't like to use that account much because it's the one that used to be her fake PR manager sock account, back when they were still pretending that Lillee was represented by a real talent agency. It has 17k followers, but she can't be sure which of them are the bots she paid for and which are callouts or farmers that snuck in under the radar to harvest incriminating screenshots when she goes private.

No. 853962

File: 1632284967432.jpg (447.22 KB, 1022x1655, Screenshot_2021-09-21-23-27-48…)

She's been on the account today. Hopefully more screenshots leak out, this came from twitter

No. 853973

File: 1632297596418.png (34.26 KB, 647x613, Screenshot_24.png)

I went to Laur's IMDB LJBInc, the one she's been crying to mods on and it's a 404. Laur's other accounts that left 10/10 reviews on LJ's shit show (oscarmpir, crowsoul-21698, and diannefreedmann to name a few) still exist. I'm going to guess Laur just deleted the account herself for whatever reason. After all that bullshit…

Pic not related to above but is Lillee Jean Talks LIVEs user ratings. 104 fucking 10 star ratings? Come on Laur, at least make it look believable.

No. 853976

Tinfoil she's going to create a new account to add her credits to since the mods won't do it for her.

No. 853981

If she was mass reporting accounts with her sock & her Iamlaur67 account, Twitter would know the user was on the same ip/device. Once again, Laur did it to herself.

No. 853984

>At first it was just parental support
Laur doesn't care about being a good supportive parent. She just wants to be the next Kris Jenner.

When people callout on Lillee's behavior, Laur gets mad because it equally ruins her chance to be the famous mother.

No. 853985

File: 1632311472789.jpeg (391.05 KB, 1170x1060, 1D55E8FD-F1D1-4A13-89A9-80FE0D…)

Anon who was following the IMDb thread here. There were 90 notifications from whatever was going on in her thread last night. Looks like she deleted it after people started calling her out for being poor and not having a lawyer.

No. 853988

>>853985 Yep. I was the anon who was taking the Screenshots and posting here as it was only a matter of time before Laur did a dirty delete. The activity you're seeing was wiped out IMDB, but if you start at >>853938 and work your way down, that's what was deleted.

No. 853992

File: 1632314515301.png (2.72 MB, 1170x3738, C1CAA4BF-ACE8-4345-93F9-E1B013…)

Tinfoil: they didn’t take the cats to their new place because they haven’t been seen since early September

No. 853993

>>853973 Last night all the ratings for "Lillee Jean Talks LIVE" were wiped clean after Laur got her IMDB sperg out deleted. If you look at >>853947 that's what it looked like last night. As of right now, the reviews have yet to be restored (I don't think it will happen) giving her show a rating of 0.0, kek.

Tinfoil but I think either Laur deleted her IMDB account (LJBInc) after her mouth wrote checks her lard-ass couldn't cash (read:"muh lawyer") or IMDB nuked the account after Laur continued to make legal threats and said her lawyer was already in contact with IMDBs legal department.

Anyone who is familiar with Laur knows that her lawyer is about as real as LJ's High School diploma, but IMDB doesn't know that and doesn't care to. Most large companies will freeze your account and refer all further correspondence with the client to their legal department after someone uses the "I'm calling my lawyer" line. I worked for a fortune 500 co. years ago that did just that; the minute you threatened to sue or contact your lawyer, reps could no longer deal with you and your account was sent to our in house legal dept. It's a way of mitigating damage, protecting the company & getting rid of problem clients. 95% of the time they were empty threats, but they'd rather not take the chance. I wouldn't be surprised if something similar happened here after the freak out she had on IMDB last night. Between LJs disastrous IG Live, the IMDB thing, and the Twitter ban hammer taking two of Laur's accounts, yesterday was not a good day for the Goblin's. Legend has it you can still hear Laur's screaming echoing throughout Bayside.

No. 853994

Theo usually bothers her when she interviews people on live-streams. I noticed he wasn’t there yesterday.

No. 853996

Disregard the part of >>853993 where I said that her rating is at 0.0 still. It was like that up until late last night, but it seems to have been restored. As of now, it's back to 149 (fake) reviews. That's… suspicious, but what isn't with these 2.

No. 853997

File: 1632317264488.jpeg (143.86 KB, 1170x848, 8E54D0EA-742A-438B-8552-C4E69D…)

Laur tweeted out they were moved in to the new place on 8/19/21. Those pictures on LJ’s twitter look like recycled photos of the cats we’ve seen before. I can’t find any new photos or videos of the cats in their new place. They either gave the cats away or left them in the old apartment.

No. 854000

>>853997 what kind of disgusting pieces of shit leave their animals behind? There's tons of pet friendly apartments in that area as long as you pay the pet deposit. I can't stand how lazy and selfish these two fat slobs are. They're really the lowest form of human on planet and the fact that they've somehow deluded themselves into thinking Lillee has a shot in hell at being famous makes me think they're more divorced from reality than we thought.

People who hoard animals, don't take proper care of them, constantly rehome them, don't have the resources but adopt anyway, etc are the worst of the worst. Do the Trueman's have any redeeming qualities? I can't think of one positive thing about them, it's all negative.

No. 854002

Finding a place which accepts pets would require planning and money. Up until the day they moved, Laur thought big daddy Biden was going to throw her more free money & extend the eviction moratorium. They weren’t planning on moving ever. Can’t wait for Elaine’s poorly photoshopped proof-of-cat-life pictures.

No. 854003

I cannot keep track of how many times they’d moved since 2020, is it up to three now? Wonder where they are getting the cash for first/last rent and security/pet deposits

No. 854004

They moved in September 2020 into the Malvie/tomato/staircase apartment and then in August 2021 into whatever garage/basement they are in now. Since Laur was subletting rooms and didn’t pay rent for a few months then they probably had some cash to pay for the new place.

No. 854005

I think the first time they moved, Laur's mom may have helped them out financially. With her mom being older, I really doubt she jumped online to see that Laur's "MY DAUGHTER IS BEING BULLIED" story was closer to "I don't like being called out for being a scammer". Even if her mom thinks Laur is a complete failure, pretty much any parent/grandparent will try to help as much as they can if they think the offspring is in physical danger-Which Laur has insisted on vehemently since day one. Lillee is just as dramatic, and the two of them constantly rehashing and exaggerating every detail of a story means by the time Laur realized the gig was up at the attic, people were beating down their doors and painting swastikas on them.

I think we are on living space 3. The attic, the staircase, and now this place. Whatever this place is, its much smaller than the previous places.

tinfoil-Belinda Medina was the Jane/John Doe that was the subrenter, and they just made up a name because it was a revolving door of people tired of their BS.

No. 854006


I looked at their white page profiles something like 1y and half ago. Both Laur and Earl had tenth of adresses! Earl had lived in many places in FL too.
Laur removed all old adresses now and I regret not screenshot it all bc it was really weird how they literally spent their life moving so much!

LJ is uploading far less video than before when she did it daily. The only moments when she uploaded less was during all the movings. Could they be in some shelter for poor people? - I don't know the term.

No. 854007

She's uploading less, but is still recording. She's got 7 new looks in the tank, plus one of those weird compilations that she has been doing to reuse old looks. The funny part is the compilations are actually easier to watch. She removes the product shots where she says what it is. It drives me nuts to hear it in the voice over and then immediately after she repeats it as part of her tutorial. She may not a normal internet connection at home and is having to upload on open connections. She could just use cell data for her lives and normal posting.

No. 854008

File: 1632326135836.jpeg (120.04 KB, 750x439, 03BFEB17-CCD0-47B7-8366-43D738…)

Laur is taking a page from Elaine now, squealing to Josh about her thread on the other farms.

No. 854010

>>854006 - The term would be homeless shelter but I don't think they're there quite yet and gets why: They're both adults,as in they're over the age of 18 and with the pandemic, shelters are maxed out. Most NYC shelters are a bunch of cots in a big space and virtually no privacy. There are a few for "women and children" where they get a small room to themselves and that's it (think a small hospital room) but I don't see that being the case here unless they put all their shit into storage. You're not exactly going to have a computer setup in one of these, even if you do own one. They wouldn't be able to get into one of those though since Lillee doesn't count as a child and those types of shelters are exceedingly rare.

They could also to be on some type of HUD/Section 8 program or subsidy. For people who are unaware, HUD stands for "housing and urban development" and its a federal program that pays all of your rent or most of it if you're poor with kids, elderly, or disabled. Section 8 is also federal and very similar but it uses a sliding scale for rent and family size; most people on it pay very very little or nothing for rent. The qualifications are strict and the you're on the wait list for years, however once you're on it it's very hard to get kicked off. An eviction will get you removed from the program but they wouldn't be the first pieces of garbage to find out a way around it. Landlords, both private or otherwise, hate those programs and it makes it hard to find a place that will rent to Section 8, usually the rentals are in very rough areas/neighborhoods. I don't think they're on this type of subsidy yet due to how lazy they are and their constant inability to plan ahead.

The pandemic hit landlords hard, especially private landlords. I think what we're seeing here is a private landlord of a shithole that just recently evicted tenants for non payment (since the moratorium is up) and in the landlord's desperation they didn't vet the Truemans properly. Previous tenants trashed the place before being kicked out and that's why you see the "construction" going on inside the apartment. Laur probably worked something out where they pay first/last/sec in installments every month and because of the shitty state of the apartment, the landlord begrudgingly agreed. Many landlords aren't wealthy and any cash flow is better than none, only this one is about to find out how unlucky they are.

Cats aside, where the hell is Earl? They used to mention him or he'd been seen in the background once in a while, and that hasn't happened in quite a while. I wonder if he left them? It's probably more likely he's in a freezer though, kek.

No. 854017

Theo, Silky and Earl all moved to the big freezer in the sky, anon.

No. 854022

I really actually hope we get some pissed off post from Laur or Lillee about the cats being alive and with them. I'm gonna need a newspaper with a current date, like a hostage situation or a live stream. I don't trust them to not lie. If they keep mum, chances are the cats are gone.

No. 854026

File: 1632330165256.jpg (409.75 KB, 1075x1878, Screenshot_2021-09-22-12-01-21…)

Potential new Laur sock. Note that it's posted from the web app, Laur did your phone get device banned?

No. 854027


Laur keeps playing these TOS violation games with Twitter; how long before she gets all her devices banned and has to take over Lillee's account to get her freakout fix?

No. 854028

Laur will start going to local libraries to use the computers to create more accounts.

No. 854029


I can just imagine some poor librarian trying shush a rabid Laur who is screeching about cyberboolies and threatening to sue NYC public libraries for making her pay $0.20 per page to print out her IMDB screenshots

No. 854030

God, that just brings me back to when she sent the letter to the MN Law Board about Rekieta Law because he had a show on youtube and dared to talk about Lillee Jean. It was tons of printed out screen shots from his show with sharpie comments all over them. His dragging of the letter she sent was one of the funniest things I've watched concerning our attic trolls.

No. 854031


Tbt when Laur's "private investigator" had uncovered that Null was behind everything: the reddit posts, the threads here and on KF, all the twitter callouts…

I guess Diane was Joshua CONNOR Moon the whole time.

No. 854032

Video starts about 52 minutes in.

No. 854033

Diane is just Josh Moon in a wig

No. 854042

File: 1632338743155.jpg (230.17 KB, 1080x1794, Screenshot_20210922-151113_Chr…)

Screenshot from IMDB's community forums, under the question "Why have all the reviews for Lillee Jean Talks LIVE been removed?" "They were all valid and didn't break ToS. What gives?"

Usually I wouldn't (poorly) edit out the usernames, but considering Laur's main IMDB account is gone, she's going to struggle finding out who posted these since she's a fucking idiot. I'm not trying to make it any easier by giving her their usernames, she'll have to figure that out on her own. Maybe get lee7 h4xx0r friend Elaine can help her? Kek.

>>854033 Lol, and somehow, they still look better than Laur.

No. 854043

>I'm not trying to make it any easier by giving her their usernames, she'll have to figure that out on her own
Ily for making Laur work harder anon, kek.

No. 854048

File: 1632340929738.jpg (63.47 KB, 1080x659, Screenshot_20210922-150111_Chr…)

Laur made a new account to comment. She totally doesn't use multiple accounts though.

No. 854053

>the big freezer in the sky
Top fucking kek

No. 854056

>>854043 lmao thanks. I swear one of the reasons Laur lurks here is so that she can spy on people who say things about her "child". Even though her child is an entitled, obese retard with an undeserved superiority complex and a face that's only suitable on October 31st.

Regarding Earl and the cats, I hate to say it, but the "freezer in the sky" kek is still probably better than living with two filthy fat midget fucks who treat them as props and not as living things. I pray that Lillee is infertile, not that anyone would ever fuck her anyway. The last thing we need is to continue that white trash blood line. I know Lillee is a retard, but at 20 she's never had a real friend or a boyfriend, she doesn't think that's odd? I'm of the mindset that she thinks those things are for "adults" and she still views herself as a child even though she hasn't been for almost 3 years.

How long until they get kicked out of this new place? We should start a pool.

No. 854057

Honestly would kinda be funny to see lillee in a mom era. I'd pity the poor child but the milky things that would come from her getting knocked up would be A grade.

Putting her looks aside, i just cannot picture her even getting that far with a guy even though shes constantly horny on main. And again, it really has nothing to do with her looks because guys will bang anything. Its because shes very child like, she cant even say the naughty no-no s*x word when talking about better than sex mascara

No. 854059

If she’s intellectually disabled then fucking her may be a crime

No. 854060

If I'm not mistaken, the reason she has given for not saying sex had to do with her Indian/middle east viewers, AKA her bots. Her content would have been censored or blocked.

No. 854062

Yeah she keeps mentioning that this product is called “better than love” in Saudi Arabia

No. 854063

Interesting, i just always thought it was cause shes a child mentally. Honestly it might be both.

Its funny how shes always doing things to appeal to her indian/middle eastern "audience" even though she has no reason to other than bots. Its not like she lives there or has heritage that might make her an icon in those countries. Shes some random white girl from new york

No. 854064

….but she says “fuck” “bitch” and “pussy” in her videos a lives, kek

No. 854069


Lillee wants it both ways. She wants to be coquettish and appear innocent and yet be sexually desirable to men. And she actually thinks she is seducing them by being innocently provocative when she's "exercising" on her lives or videos or whatever. Hence he stretched out neck line. She knows exactly what she's doing. Oh, you saw my boob? Whoopsie, didn't mean to flash you! Giggle giggle. Now let me do my leg stretches while I innocently point my butt at the camera.

Many of these men who show her any attention are looking for stupid American women to marry so they can get a green card or whatever. I saw this happen to a woman at a workplace. She was very sweet and cheerful, but god, was she stupid. A dim bulb. not the sharpest tool in the shed. you get the idea. she went on a cruise and came back married to an Indian man, had an Indian ceremony and everything. she actually met him on the cruise. Everyone knew it would end in tears but what could we do? She was married now and I don't think any of us were her close friends.

The problem is that if Pheepy is her ideal man, she's not going to find him on these lives where she thinks she's being sexy and enjoying these men pay any attention to her. That's not where you find a Pheepy. It's highly likely she will compromise, get duped by one of these men, and have a series of unhealthy and unsatisfying relationships with men who are not interested in building a life with her. Or if they are, she will reject because he's not a Pheepy.

No. 854070

It's funny how when she's on an angry tirade and cursing, her voice isn't that sweet Disney princess voice. The voice she uses when she tells black people to shut the fuck up about slavery is her real voice.

No. 854071

She will never find a Pheepy because she’s ugly, stupid, poor and unable to have normal human relationships.

No. 854075


Hell, even being ugly and stupid wouldn't necessarily mean she could never have a decently attractive and gainfully employed partner. I've seen such unlikely couples IRL. Of course, in couples like that, the less intelligent/physically attractive partner was extremely kind and humble, or was eager to learn new things, or had an outgoing and charismatic personality; some sort of something that drew people to them.

Unfortunately for Lillee, she's not only ugly and stupid, but also arrogant, petty, bitter, vindictive, rude, incurious, mendacious, whiny, lazy, and smelly. There might still be some handsome wealthy man out there who would take her, but it would likely be to keep her in his soundproofed murder basement.

No. 854076

File: 1632358301222.jpeg (290.62 KB, 828x767, 8D103DD2-FE2E-425B-8292-2C0CD1…)

No. 854077

The problem is that she shoots way too high for what is realistic. She cant have an average bf with an average story, theyve always gotta be an exotic tryhard hallmark movie prince charming bf who totally goes to another school. Theres always a willing penis, lillee just wants her life to be a disney movie

No. 854080

>>854077 Exactly. Yeah, some guys don't care, there's always going to be "a hole is a hole" type of loser that will fuck anything, and that's the best she could hope for. She ridicules everyone and attacks men for their penis size, yet she's 4ft8in, 155lbs with the face of a disfigured hobbit and the body of a midget linebacker. She's filthy and doesn't shower or practice routine hygiene, she's covered in enough grease that she could supply McDonald's for a year, she's dumber than a doorknob, can't hold a conversation, has no life experience and is mean, vindictive, and conceded on top of it. Oh, and she's poor. In the past, her only hope of getting married would be arranged marriage where the man gets a dowry, but nobody is going to take a frozen cat, a newspaper clipping about Brenda, & a tattered one-eyed barbie in exchange for taking lillee as a wife. Most people wouldn't marry her even if they walked away with a million dollars, especially considering that within a month her unemployed, unwashed idiot mother would be trying to setup shop in whatever hovel they call a home. She brings nothing but problems wherever she goes, and frankly, I'm kind of sick of people saying they feel bad for lillee because she was fucked from the get-go. She's had many chances for redemption and instead she's doubled down on her idiocracy, going after people who haven't done anything to her just because she is a NEET that can't understand the only language she knows, so she misinterpretats what people say.

Some people are beyond redemption, and the Truemans are just that. LJ really views herself as a celebrity and thinks everyone's below her, yet if she spent 10 minutes outside with the general public, she'd probably run home in tears. That's why she was taken out of public school, neither her nor Laur could face the truth so she pulled her little retard out and "home schooled" her. Instead of putting in effort she hides in her fantasy world with her trashy mother and I don't have pity for subhuman garbage like that.

No. 854083

File: 1632362148259.jpeg (299.29 KB, 828x899, 8585D0EF-A86B-4C08-8B81-9B1599…)

From her new interview

No. 854084

>>854083 lmao, I love how she acts like she's grown so much since then. If she was being honest, she would've written something like this: "I make mistakes everyday of my life, and taking direction from my HS dropout mother is one I continue to make. When I was first starting out, I went on racist rants and called people "trash", meanwhile we could barely afford the shithole attic we were living in. After we got evicted for non payment of rent and illegally subletting, we moved in the middle of the night so the sheriff wouldn't drag us out by our armpit hair in the morning. To this day we still blame all our problems on Asians, but really it's our lack of work education & work ethic that got us here. It's not a flattering look, but were too stupid to have gainful employment, so we play-pretend instead. I'm hoping to find a foreigner that's desperate enough to fuck me for a green card so that I can become the next Kim K, but so far the only thing I've accomplished is making men impotent. My life is a sad and lonely void but I'm too stupid and proud to admit it."

I wonder how long it will take them to get evicted from this shit hole. I'm still baffled as to how they're managing to rent with no current employment or work history, barely any income, no money, no references, and atleast one eviction on their record. Just one of those will get you denied from most places. Before I bought my condo, I rented and just about every place I applied to required me to show that I was bringing in a net income of 3x the monthly rent. Luckily I make good money and it wasn't a problem, but their last place was 3500$ USD a month; there's no way they were pulling in 3x that a month. I'm guessing they shooped a bunch of proof, but who knows.

No. 854085

Lmfao doing a live with your own mom, so cringe

No. 854087

Hey, Laur will finally get to have a real prop master credit. She's been Lillee's propmaster for years, Lillee isn't paying for it herself. She'll probably also ask for a costar one too lmao

No. 854088

kek one of the randos trying to help her on imdb mentioned that "uncredited" credits (aka all of laur's credits as she admitted never being formally credited in films) only show up on imdb after at least one "credited" credit. this has to be to tick off that requirement. how pathetic.

No. 854092

so that's how Laur's planning to scam IMDB to get her page back

No. 854095

>>854092 Hopefully it won't work. YouTube doesn't exactly count for much on IMDB and they'll make sure to put "YouTube" after the credit which will surely piss the fat pig that is Laur, off. The idiot telling her that is Act_1 who seemed to be walking the line between trolling and humoring her. Either way, having your talentless deformed goblin child feature you in an interview nobody will watch is far from "Hollywood Propmaster". They're only fooling themselves.

No. 854099

Laur is so fucking retarded. If a prop master comes to buy something from your shitty ebay store, it doesn’t make you a prop master as well.

No. 854114

I find it funny how Laur says it's a matter of honour and dignity etc etc etc that she gets credited on IMDb but she hasn't expressed anger at being uncredited in the films? Gee, it's almost like she's a grifter who's full of shit.

No. 854115

File: 1632394821706.jpeg (726.18 KB, 1170x2157, 3DF52C2C-E30D-4557-B0EB-057B7B…)

IMDb users complaining about getting tagged non-stop by Laur

No. 854117

Kek I was wondering how those people were coping with the non-stop tagging. Poor bastards. Laur needs to have a hazard sign next to her username on any site she posts on.

No. 854123

>>854117 Fuck a hazard sign, the minute she registers with her real name or email the system needs to be programmed to kick back the account and ban her IP address. "Sorry! Our system has detected that you may be an obese jew with a victim complex and an IQ lower than your weight. If you think you've reached this message in error, please contact the admins!" Her and LJ have a habit of bringing unnecessary drama to every website they go on, nobody will miss them.

No. 854126

Top Keks.
What happened to the bunch of nobodies, did she scared them all already?
Does she realize how bad this looks?

No. 854127

File: 1632402260638.gif (3.75 MB, 498x258, lillee-jean-lj-talks-live.gif)

She posted this gif on her twitter.
There are of course more from the live on her tenor page.

My brain can't decide between laugh and be horrified.

No. 854128

File: 1632402579538.gif (3.63 MB, 640x332, ian-g-kay-cool.gif)

Sorry. I had to post this one too.

No. 854129

>95% of dudes got my epic misogynist and racist jokes, but this one uptight bitch didn't!!! What a KAREN!!!
is how I read the imdb comment. The dudes sounds like a shit person himself lmfao

No. 854130

File: 1632404556785.jpeg (160.92 KB, 417x354, C0D46791-AAF1-4975-84AC-208E3E…)

God she’s so fucking ugly and awkward

No. 854131

File: 1632404943045.jpeg (Spoiler Image,88.25 KB, 386x885, 98AA5FAE-1058-4D66-A800-74E79B…)


No. 854138

Ok a warning that the pic is a dude jacking off would have been nice

No. 854140

File: 1632408084621.png (44.84 KB, 1097x661, Screenshot_29.png)

Laur sent a complaint to encyclopedia dramatica too. She's probably talking about a nude edit someone made of her. I suspect we will see >>854131 get a complaint too. Make of that what you will…

No. 854143

You're only giving the goblins fuel for their fire. They'll try and spin this as sexual harassment, and to be fair to them it's a pretty fucked up thing to do, scrotebrain.

No. 854145

Fuck off elaine

No. 854146

>>854130 I actually thought this was Laur not Lillee for a second.

>>854131 just pathetic.

No. 854147


maybe i'm just paranoid, but this is not really on brand for the kind of edit that usually gets posted to trueman threads. what are the chances that this is the goblins or their one supporter astroturfing nasty content to try bolster their lies about the farms?

No. 854149

I had that thought too. Never seen anything like that posted in these threads before and we know that Elaine is currently on her crusade against lolcow.

No. 854150

Just like kids do to be edgy.

No. 854151

File: 1632409738384.png (37.61 KB, 1292x251, Screenshot_30.png)

Lillee claims Primink's video is copyright infringement and defamation, and her "team" (Laur and maybe Elaine) have been working on it.
It probably is them or Elaine. An anon posted a pic earlier in the thread of 14yo LJ and said something about her tits, Lillee then claimed it and said it was sexually exploiting her. >>853543 Very on brand for Elaine to do, only unexplainable part to me is it's a random blurry brown dude's dick.

No. 854152

"Lied about me" Girl. If you were so fucking fussed about this you would have spoken to someone already trying to diffuse these so called "lies"
There's so much evidence against you including screen-caps and video and even recordings from your podcast. Don't call us liars when you told people to "fuck off and get Covid" or for black people to get over it.

No. 854154

>came super far
She literally has not changed at all, im guessing this is either a fake account or someone that did not check anything besides her youtube channel

No. 854155

I think they're being sarcastic anon lol

No. 854157

You should have just drawn a penis instead, anon. Assuming this was just a shitty joke and not el*ine on her lolcow crusade. Now laur is gonna sperg the fuck out once she sees this and ask to speak to the manager of the fbi, cia and the department of homeland security about this. Once lillee gets wind of it, its gonna be her new victim point and we'll hear about it to every poor innocent victim she lures in to sponsor on her lives. Just draw a poorly drawn penis next time, tard

No. 854160

only to 11 year olds and autistic attention whores.

No. 854162

cant mods just delete this shit or something?

No. 854169

File: 1632421171370.jpg (380.48 KB, 1049x864, Screenshot_20210923-141218_Sam…)

Everything about this picture just screams "Frank and Beannnsss". You could caption this "We take the tard's out for a field trip every Thursday" and nobody would question it.

She's got zero self awareness.

No. 854173

File: 1632425410385.jpg (319.82 KB, 1080x2048, Screenshot_20210923-151310_Chr…)

Laur's idiot butt-buddy & white knight shows up to tell IMDB users that Michelle, an IMDB staff member, said that "sabotage was detected during routine checks of Lillee Jean Talks LIVE" and that's why the reviews were deleted. Isn't it funny that people leaving honest reviews on Lillee's trash videos is "sabotage", but her mom leaving 3 reviews under her main account, all in one day, is apparently just fine. Oh, and she also had her engagement pod friends leave good reviews, but not before she made a few sock accounts to boost Lillee's ratings. Why is it that people constantly cave to these two idiots? They don't have two nickels to rub together, there's no lawyer, but apparently if they cry hard enough and use SJW buzz words, people just give in to her ludicrous demands. I've never seen anything like it.

I put a read streak through the username of the person who started the thread on Lillee seeing as Laur will probably harass them because she's a no-life NEET.

No. 854175

I think the issue stemmed from the fact most of the negative reviews came from accounts created on the same day in short order of each other. Sure, it was probably because people became aware of the page and all rushed to comment, but from an outsider's viewpoint, it looks super suspicious. And 1 or 2 word reviews that are just like "suuuxx" are never taken seriously, or ones that are overtly mean or angry.

No. 854187

Oy vey, why must she post the minutiae of her life and all these updates on her fucking dental saga? Hypothetical question, I know it's because she's a shut-in NEET and this is the highlight of her month but even if she did have genuine "Jeaniez" out there I doubt they'd give a flying fuck about this shit. It's boring and she's dressed like an elderly sped. I've never used make-up in my life and even I could think of better ways to be a booty gooroo than the goblins.

No. 854190

File: 1632437147463.jpeg (33.7 KB, 500x281, 98F65DFC-697B-4B4E-8B10-1607EF…)

No. 854191

Still no proof of life re: cats

I’m going to give the Truemans the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe their new landlord has a very strict no pet policy and knows that Lillee is on Instagram so they’re trying to keep their cats a secret

No. 854211

File: 1632447169526.png (12.5 MB, 828x9160, CB470CAE-A4FB-4ADD-8BF9-D6848F…)

There are more photos on her blog, believe it or not. I guess this was the last photoshoot for a while because they live in a heated garage now

No. 854213

File: 1632447892603.jpeg (717.89 KB, 828x1316, 83957835-469D-49F1-943A-C37B87…)

No. 854216


phew, laur's genes are barreling down on her fast. also, every single one of these poses looks like she's desperately trying to hold in a wet fart. has lillee ever once managed to look natural and at-ease on camera?

No. 854217

No, because most of her pictures are taken with a timer, so she is constantly holding a pose. You can see the timer app in the photo where her phone is on the railing or by the fact her phone is always in her hand. She's constantly trying to look "surprised" by the shot, but she's waiting on it and looks stiff. She's better at taking just face shots (i dunno what is up with her loving showing us the inside of her nose), but she has so little natural body awareness or rhythm that her body is always very awkward.

Super cringe on posting "outtakes" of her ass when she was doing a photoshoot by herself.

No. 854219

>>854211 She looks like those Halloween decorations I used to make out of old clothes by overstuffing lumpy newspaper into them. She's really got nothing going for her. She's got no talent, she's shaped like a linebacker and has all the grace of one, her body is a catastrophe, and her face looks like a Walmart Picasso. And yet somehow, she still acts like she's hot shit, like she isn't a homely retard. Sad.

No. 854221

File: 1632455440586.jpeg (684.03 KB, 640x1056, 177E0B43-8F3F-432A-9456-7D8948…)

Kek this looks like an ad for life alert. the way she’s built you would think low center of gravity would take effect, but she always look so clumsy and unbalanced.

No. 854223

love the completely occluded nostril, very glamorous

No. 854228

I don't really mind the headband, shirt, heck, the jeans are even okay. She put a little effort in the hair and I don't hate the makeup. I'd just expect to see them on a 30 something mom of 2. Everything else is terrible. This is another one of her late night photoshoots were she waited till the neighbors were asleep, so the lighting is super janky, she always poses almost the exact opposite to how she should. She puts the knee closest to the camera up instead of the further away one, breaking lines and cutting her off. The shoes and bag don't go, and with the tapered gray wash, the shoes are such a stark contrast they cut her off. Lillee desperately needs a stylist or some real friends in real life that are fashionable. She lives in one of the fashion capitals of the world and she dresses like a middle aged woman in Iowa.

I can never get over that they live in NYC, and how Lillee takes 0 advantage of it outside of going to free beauty events. Acting classes, dance classes, beautiful photo shoot areas, volunteer work, participating in things related to Pride, going to an outdoor yoga class, she could do practically anything. And what? She volunteered at a Proactive event a few years ago and they treated it like a PR event with her mom trying to interview her at it and have milked it to hell and back. They donated some of their cat hair covered blankets and clothes into a drive up drop off and did a photo shoot. Posted about it multiple times. She has so much around her that would do so much more for her image and making her seem like a more legitimate "driven" person and she'd rather sit at home and use the most minor things to constitute a level of success and authenticity that most people spend years of work, training, and passion to achieve. It's so insulting to people who live in other areas without the opportunities that are available to her, but actually have achieved things by hard work and trying, to claim herself equal or better than them.

No. 854231

This picture is so funny lmfao it's really looks like she's cartoonishly falling down the stairs

No. 854234

Agreed I don't think that this outfit is that bad. Not everyone wants to dress like a tik tok thot. I would say her style influences seem to be people who are older and not the same age. Sometimes I feel that people take ripping her to far. Oh to be a supermodel stunning as these people and it must be great to never have fashion fails.

She does need to explore more and find what really suits her but that's hard when people bullshit and tell you it looks great when it doesn't and you don't want to hear it looks bad.

No. 854235

If she kept the cats it should be really easy to find out as her clothes always are covered in cat's hair.
I can't see none in this pic >>854169

>>854211 Looks like she had a stroke and fell on the stairs.

No. 854238

Fucking grim, I felt sick seeing that. How did these two retards look at that picture and go "yep, that's the shot, post it with the others".

No. 854241

File: 1632478438964.jpeg (373.24 KB, 2048x2048, 3A13920C-2E44-48E1-81AD-4D8754…)

You can see the photos in camera roll where she’s taking the pictures herself using a timer and her “behind the scenes” pictures are her walking to get ready and the timer going off too early.

No. 854242

>>853527, >>853546, >>853592, >>853641

It's friday. Unsurprisingly none of the twitter callouts accounts has been taken down.
Besides laur's of course >>853642
Top keks and well done gEnIuS-h4cK3rS.

No. 854244

File: 1632483997751.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x1566, B422CC25-5455-454E-9ADD-CD6B5B…)

She looks momokun levels of huge here because her lights are too bright and there’s a shadow behind her blending into her shirt. She’s trying to hide her gunt with a tiny purse, she’s obviously embarrassed by her weight. But she’s so lazy she can’t even light or pose properly to make herself look better. There’s a bunch of Instagram models who create elaborate professional looking selfie photo shoots. Lillee’s just look like creepy sex trafficking ads.

No. 854245

>tapered grey wash

Those are her one pair of Express Jeans, anons. They’re blue just filthy.

No. 854248

>>854244 I agree, but it's not just the shadow, it's the choice of clothing and the fact that Lillee is a fat fuck. She's 4'8 or 4'9 and she's easily 150lbs. She's got no muscle tone whatsoever either so every pound gained is really obvious with her hobbit-esque statute. Everything about the Goblin's genetics is fucked up.

No. 854253

kind of strange to look at these pictures you can almost see how she would look if she were normal–like i wouldn't really think twice about the photos as a profile picture of some theater kid in late high school, she almost looks cute here, then you remember she's almost 20 and it's lillie jean…i agree her genetics are unfortunate but it's really the neglect/inability to take care of herself that does it for me, paired with a personality that i can smell through the photos

No. 854257

Agree that the style influence might be someone older in this particular set of photos, but not in general. Here, she seems to be going for the "sophisticated" look, but as you said, the bag and shoes don't go with the top and jeans. In general though, she tends to go younger, like with the rompers. And rompers on young women can be cute. Just not uh….

As for not taking advantage of living in NYC, there are plenty of people here who don't explore outside of their neighborhood or are curious to try new things. Not everyone lives in Manhattan and not everyone is a sex and the city cliche. Having said that though, for someone who wants to be an "influencer" you do have to be in different backgrounds, situations, places, etc. to be successful. The expectation of maximum payoff (views, engagement, followers, adoring fans) for minimal work (same uninteresting background, poor quality… well, just everything) is really unbelievable. Laur likes to say that Lillee works very hard, spending hours on her videos, so she is entitled to praise, fame, and money. I actually don't doubt that she works hard - hard for her, that is. I'm sure she spends some of her unemployed 24 hours a day working on her videos. But you can exhaust yourself and work for how many hours you want. That doesn't guarantee quality.

Being a native NYer, and being much older than 20, I never tire of NY. If you have interests other than the greatness of yourself, there is so much to do. You can be poor but still do so much, as well as give back, as you said. This is why I armchair that she has social anxiety and cannot handle stepping out of her own head and interacting with people without the ulterior motive of making the interactions about her and how she can profit off of it.

No. 854258

The color of the top suits her but don't go well with her Jean. Also everything should be one size bigger

No. 854259

I completely agree anon. Everything needs to be one size up. She brags about wearing skin tight jeans, but if they were a little bigger on her, she would look so much better. She does herself zero favors.

I really think she needs to go for any jeans but skinny jeans. Skinny jeans bring direct attention to her problem area, her cankles.

I think having style is about dressing for your body type and what you feel confident in. Not necessarily just following trends. She doesn’t understand how to dress for her body type because she refuses to ever live in reality.

No. 854260

File: 1632503846382.jpeg (226.98 KB, 828x1105, E6B25127-D6F1-4AEE-AFE9-7B894E…)

You’re right about the jeans. Her outfit would be way more flattering if she had slightly flared jeans on. They would even out her linebacker shoulders and hide her cankles.

(Picrel of an outfit that would suit the goblin)

No. 854261

File: 1632504471137.jpeg (200.07 KB, 828x756, 81EC14FE-BE10-49B6-A351-D2863A…)

No. 854262


That's a fucking hideous outfit lmao. Some of you have no place mocking her goblin wardrobe kek.

No. 854265

Lillee is an expert on surviving without sex

No. 854269

dear lord, her face has gotten so fat. girl why are you shooting yourself from that bottom angle when you already are getting your mom's fat waddle chineck?? tragic.

No. 854270

It's probably a shot at onTropolis, in her latest video, about Lillee Jean, she says that she's asexual. Expect Lillee to drop some snide remarks in her videos soon.

No. 854275

ew, i wish laur would better watch after her spawn and take away her phone when she gets horny on social media before she flashes anyone again. her behaviour is that of a retarded child that doesn't know how to deal with their sexual urges. reminds me of gypsy rose's hornyposting on facebook.

No. 854277

really? she used to go on about her "needs", but now she is an asexual?

No. 854279

No. It's reported that Lillee called a 37 year old a paedophile for apparently interacting with minors online which isn't true. Said 37 year old is asexual and is extremely sex repulsed so that makes no damn sense.

Lillee and Laur prolly just hate them because they also identify as non binary.

No. 854283

Ah, I am an idiot. Thanks for explaining anon.

No. 854284


Where's the solidarity with her fellow queers? She ought to be extra supportive, given that some folks in the community refuse to include bisexuals, pansexuals and people on the ace spectrum.

Lillee Jean is a bad gay. She better hope no one notifies The Agenda™.

No. 854285

>>854265 Yeah, anyone with any but of life experience that has had an intimate relationship before can see that Lillee is a virgin. She loves to tell everyone that she isn't and act accordingly because in her mind, she "oozes" sex appeal. Laur probably told her "sex sells" and all that bullshit because the only value Laur ever had was being a cheap easy lay. "Lillee doth' protest too much" when it comes to sex and considering she's got the intellect of a toddler and is constantly acting like one, seeing her act out is just unsettling.

As for going out and about in NY, she'll never do it. The other NY anon was correct, not everyone is the sex and the city cliche, some people don't leave their 'goods What I will say is that when I was 20 (grew up in Upper Brookville, 20 minutes outside NYC) I'd be driving or taking the train and meeting my friends for dinner, drinks, shows, etc… and many of my university friends did the same. I think it comes back to your upbringing, if you weren't raised with any culture and all you did was sit at home with your unemployed NEET mother, the apple probably won't fall from the tree.

Lillee has no desire to do anything like that, I don't think it's social anxiety as much as it's having no life experience, no friends, and if it doesn't further her agenda she isn't interested. Lillee is… strange. I don't think she has the ability or intelligence to be introspective, just like she can't see beyond her narrow world view. This is why I find Lillee and cows like her interesting even though their lives are bland as hell. Lillee's almost 21, doesn't leave the house (stupid LARPing photoshoots don't count), and hasn't matured as a person since she was a kid. You'd think she would examine her life and wonder why people her age are in relationships, have friends, drive, have actual hobbies, etc.. She's got none of those things and doesn't seem to ever compare herself to other people her age. You'd think she would atleast get her license, but she has never showed a desire to be independent and probably never will.

No. 854287

File: 1632516411928.jpg (549.79 KB, 1036x1549, Screenshot_20210924-164122_Sam…)

What in the ever loving fuck about this says "Princess", the dollar store tiara? The puckered abused lips? Kek. Everything about this screams "lazy", especially the crooked wig and her left eyebrow that was abused by the blur tool.

You could tell me this was a dwarf man in a wig and I wouldn't question it.

No. 854297

Her white skin makes her royalty, anon

No. 854312

She looks like a Jewish troon here

No. 854317

bad drag queen doing Olivia Colman in The Crown, I can see it

No. 854324

File: 1632534943803.png (3.87 MB, 1144x7656, lj.png)

Lillee put out another shitty article. They really chose a pic of her wearing a cheap fast fashion romper for an article on saving the environment. The only sustainable thing about Lillee is that she doesn't shower or use cars.

No. 854325

"She is also an actress, director, producer, with a well-known IMDB-approved web series"


No. 854326

File: 1632535967297.png (343.31 KB, 896x1432, lj.png)

Lille updated her youtube wiki page to include the usual bullshit https://youtube.fandom.com/wiki/Lillee_Jean
Her use of citations is awful, you really need to look for yourself. Her citation for "LJ is known for her love of cosplay" is a link to cosplay.com

She's being petty. IMDB didn't even care to fix their pages and reviews until Laur pestered them for days.

No. 854327

Children/"the next generation" are already well inspired to take environmental action, it's the boomers like Laur's gen who need convincing. What a pointless article.

No. 854328

File: 1632536160829.png (113.01 KB, 981x734, 210924SVv6YSrCP1.png)

This is insanity.

No. 854329

File: 1632536166540.png (14.12 KB, 822x190, Screenshot_32.png)

She asks youtube wiki staff to disable or remove comments on her page. I also found Lillee's listed on a "Controversial Youtubers" page on the wiki kek.

No. 854330

File: 1632536218913.png (117.11 KB, 948x734, 210924ykqnNbuETn.png)

She links to the CDC guidelines to source the existence of covid-19 as keeping her from planning any "future events."

No. 854331

File: 1632536401533.png (44.21 KB, 934x446, 2109248lzDBZbWvQ.png)

"In 2018, Lillee Jean responded to a tweet from Mattel, Inc.[140] on their Barbie twitter[141] account, for #siblingsday, tweeting the real name of Barbie, as many were confused as to why Mattel had tweeted "…from the Roberts sisters".[142] As a result, the tweet went viral and garnered support from a number of outlets, including CBS News, PopBuzz,[143] The Indian Express,[144] among other media outlets."


No. 854332

>>854324 lmao, look at that article, who let this shit get published? There's so many blatant grammatical errors, whoever edited this should be fired. "All the trials I have thru." It's all word salad and run-on sentences and I don't think our little hobbit linebacker wrote this, it looks like Laur either typed this up or edited it. Not unless she broke out the dictionary and thesaurus, that is. It's clear she has no clue what an "aha moment" is and I've read better essays by fifth graders.

"Using sustainable items, such as cloth bags, instead of plastic, to hold things, using glass instead of plastic when possible." What the fuck kind of sentence is that? Also, top kek. Lillee buys tons of cheap Chinese fast fashion and other bullshit that comes in tons of plastic and cardboard packaging. She eats a metric fuck ton of cheap take-out food that comes in plastic bags, Styrofoam containers, and one time use plastic ware. Most of her makeup contains shitty cheap glitter, but I doubt she even knows that's a problem because she's just been regurgitating this rhetoric for years now.

"I am attriting everything I do to complete sustainable, and cruelty-free products." Yep, thesaurus confirmed, and that's not even the correct word. You are eroding/wearing-down everything you do to be sustainable? What the fuck does that even mean? Oh, right. It's just gibberish.

This is just embarrassing, especially for a woman that's almost 21 years old. A real manager (aka not her idiot mother) would've never let a junk article like this be published, even on a crap website. Real managers don't take IOUs and cat hair covered shekels as payment though.

In true retard fashion, she can't ever make it through one bullshit article without mentioning cyber bullying. Lillee, you'll never be the "underdog that made it", so you should probably stop trying to push that narrative. As for the Nelson Mandela quote, it's one of the first things that pops up if you search "inspirational quotes" on Google. I don't she could even tell you who he was, just like she can't tell you when earth day is without Googling it. Much environmentalist, so brave. Now if she could just stop consuming cheap food, wearing fast fashion, using makeup & skincare that isn't cruelty free, getting PR from cosmetic companies, oh… and Laur should sell her piece of shit 2001 Jeep and get an electric car, that would be great.

While she's at it, maybe she and her scammer mom can register that "1Change4Change" joke of an organization as a 501(c)3. She's been saying for years that it's going to happen, I'd love to see her try.

No. 854334

>>854331 She got confused, anon. When you barely even get 1 like or retweet , 340 retreats may as well be a million. That's more than engagement than she's gotten in the last two years combined, kek.

No. 854335

Nta but it's literally pants and a sweater. You're acting as if op told her to go buy some dollskill. This suits LJ a lot better than the shit she wears now.

No. 854347

>>854335 I think LJ should just wear an old potato sack and a brown paper bag over her head, it would be her best look yet and we wouldn't have to look at her face. Plus she could color it in and she wouldnt have to use cosmetics anymore and she'd be ready in under 5 minutes. Problem solved! She could even use her shitty "#1change4change" hashtag to promote it since it'll be the first time she's ever been eco-friendly.

No. 854350

“factual programs” kek her limited vocabulary is really shining through. Come through, Lillee Jean-ius

No. 854355

i'm not gonna comment any more on what other anons have already pointed out, but the part where she's asked to list 5 things really shows that she doesn't just not have basic reading comprehension, but also can't count for shit kek

No. 854368

File: 1632561951843.png (165.55 KB, 719x363, Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 5.08…)

So, so many things kek-able about this and anons have already commented on parts of it. But I'll take on this little bit of gem right here.

>"person of great influence"

Just who is this Penny person? How much was she paid to say that?

>"If you could inspire a movement…"

Like all her answers, just empty platitudes. Greta Thunberg inspired a movement. This one only pays lipservice.

>"The earth has always changed, just review history and you will see that…"

Wow. Just wow.

No. 854369

File: 1632562465487.png (71.78 KB, 621x310, 51 claps from 2 people.png)

>See that the piece have 51 likes
>Wonder if it's real or if laur has broken out the bots
>It is actually just Lillee and Laur who has liked the article 51 times


No. 854370

She keeps saying "self-aware" when she really means "aware". Wonder if that's because she and her mother read these threads and see all the comments about how she is not self-aware. Hell, the whole article (if you can call it that) lacked self-awareness.

No. 854373

Speaking of Greta Thunberg, I was wondering if that was LJs inspiration for 1change4change, and not in the noble "I want to help fight climate change too" way. Greta went from being a random Swedish schoolgirl to achieving global applause and fame. No one can convince me that Lillee understands or even cares about climate change, all she ever saw was an opportunity to get noticed for something.

No. 854374

She has a couple more articles she's recently put out on medium. All full of the usual bad writing. Every single one mentions that she's a victim of cyberbullying.

>I need to ensure that people don’t see me as fluff, but see me as a real person, who brings controversial issues to the forefront at all times.
>At one time, I would ask God why this was happening to me. I remember my mom telling that me that God “never gives us more than we can bear.”

>To me, burnout is just breaking apart. Becoming catatonic to your surroundings because you are so weary from working, and surviving in the world, with all of its problems. (Lillee does a whole article on burnout, but doesn't know what it is)

>I wish I would have approached online bullying a little differently, that I have had to contend with. I should have ignored the behavior sooner, and moved quicker on having legal defense come in to stop the damage that was wrought for years. I think that in many ways we are meant to go through trials by God, and I have at times myself asked why this was happening to me, but now I realize it wasn’t just happening to me, it is happening to “a lot of me’s” in the world that is not with resources, nor protected.

> If you think about it, there is not much variety in stories nor art in the world, so it is to the person creating it to make the experience unique for their fans.
That's because the only thing you watch is Disney movies Lillee.

No. 854376

File: 1632567588458.jpg (188.93 KB, 1080x552, Screenshot_20210925-115845_Duc…)

Are we also glossing over the fact she cannot answer the most basic question about how she grew up. We all know her and Laur would rather die than divulge the truth on that one, so why even have it as a question?

Her idea of getting to know her is to say she was born in NY and link all her bullshit social media. Not only does this how her lack of comprehension, but her downright shallow lack of presence and personality. So much influence and relatability.

No. 854377

That's her motivation for everything. Which makes her a very ugly person.

No. 854380


>How have you used your success to bring goodness to the world?

I do try daily, to share only good positive messages, and to lead by example.

"Burn bitch!"
"Go get fucking Covid!"
On African Americans pointing out the racist history of slavery in the US: "If I'm not complaining, shut the fuck up."

- Lillee Jean Trueman

No. 854385


Were these were just cut and pasted from each other? Some of these questions are the same ones in other articles.

This one is the best for keks and outrage:

No1curr but I actually did get burnout twice in my career and it wasn't made better by watching a funny movie or going to the bathroom and splashing water on my face. The effects last for years and personally, I am constantly wary of the work I take on and the people I work with to make sure I don't go down that road again. It can be a scary time. For someone who claims to advocate for mental health, best not to talk about a subject she knows nothing about. In fact, even the questions refer to the seriousness of burnout, giving her chances to respond thoughtfully, but of course, she gives her usual shallow answers.

No. 854386

Might be nitpik but she's said in several places she was born in Yonkers. That's not NYC. That is in Westchester County (I've heard her say she was born in Westchester as well), north of NYC. Yonkers is more working class but the general idea of "Westchester" is affluence so maybe she says that to seem better off. Guess now she's switched to saying NYC because that makes her seem… what?

No. 854388

File: 1632572617889.png (20.64 KB, 214x252, Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 8.20…)

No. 854389

Kek I didn't catch that, I'm not American so it's all either NYC or NYS to me. If she can't even get where she is from correct why on earth is the question even there? If I didn't know Laur threw this shit together in a drunken haze, I would think this was a trick question for LJ. It's very clear they are both ashamed of their pleb roots, so why keep going out their way to draw unnecessary attention to it?

No. 854393

File: 1632574865459.png (222.17 KB, 596x339, Sure jan.png)

>Just who is this Penny person?

An environmental scientist and entrepreneur who does interviews with nobodies for an online magazine no one reads…

According to her Linkedin she has a master's degree in environmental sciences. Does that make her a scientist? She doesn't even seem to be a part of a research program.

I'm a eurofag and here, you have to have a PhD to be allowed to call yourself a scientist.

No. 854396

>covering steam education
STEAM/STEM learning uses technology and science to promote critical thinking in students. Lillee a middle school dropout who knows nothing about science - do we remember when she told hottie inventor guy muscles are on the “outside”? Basic chemistry - she continues using oils with water based skin products and they separate, looking like shit. She’s completely fucking illiterate, hasn’t read a book in a decade. Penny should be ashamed she’s promoting Lillee to anyone.

No. 854401

File: 1632581014892.jpeg (419.55 KB, 2048x2048, 18BF1C31-33DA-4C0B-8BEE-8FA029…)

Lillee is the only one liking these articles.

No. 854412

File: 1632585294482.jpg (349.77 KB, 2880x2880, 20210925_104857.jpg)

Lillee's hair is so nasty in the Bratz video when she takes it down, it's defying gravity. Bonus: An anon complained about the inserts where Lillee names the product, then cuts back to the tutorial and repeats it. The very next beauty video she posts has a comment complimenting it. Lurk less, bathe more goblins!

No. 854413

Nobody edited it, it's a "magazine" "published" on Medium, which is basically the Geocities of the 2020s. LJ/Laur probably paid a fee to get this word salad put into this fake magazine when they could've just published their own Medium article for free, lol

No. 854416

god damn this is the pathetic level only lj can achieve

No. 854418

File: 1632588648817.png (1.7 MB, 1792x828, 376C982E-79C5-40B4-9776-AC813A…)


No. 854419

Before she got the braces, I never noticed just how much her jaw doesn't line up when she speaks. It's like someone is pushing her bottom jaw to one side constantly. Did the braces make it worse or was it just not as noticeable?

No. 854420

I think she actually moves it less to the side now. It used to be really bad before

No. 854422

File: 1632589236231.jpeg (579.5 KB, 1459x828, 374A52EA-DFFC-4D71-AFDF-CBE225…)

Hard to believe that this woman is 20 years old

No. 854423


It's definitely more noticeable now than it was pre-invisalign. I don't know if the shoddy orthodontic work is the cause, or if it's just because her face and jaw are also noticeably wider and lumpy due to her recent weight gain. Could be both.

No. 854424

I wonder if its because her jaw is actually improving or if it's because she has lurked for so long and sees people talking about it here. The farms have done more to improve/actually make her a notable person than her wanna be manager and PR people ever have. She has a "platform", she diversified her makeup to copy examples found here, learned what cosplay and ASMR are, learned to wear wigs, finally started steps to get her teeth fixed (the TMJ is bullshit, she was claiming it was better 2 days after she got the first set. right. okay Jan.) We've been better moms than Laur ever was. lmao

No. 854429

Real 13 or 30 vibes from her

No. 854430

Nitpick maybe, but:
>I realize it wasn’t just happening to me, it is happening to “a lot of me’s” in the world
Does she refer as herself in other people? Egocentrist much.

Her dentist has bad reviews and one was mentioning having TMJ caused by the dentist.

No. 854431

Is the comb for the hairpiece supposed to be showing like that?

It can be endearing if a young woman has sentimental fondness for her dolls. You don't have to throw out everything from childhood. But it is really, really unhealthy to play with them as an adult while completely disregarding adult responsibilities and pursing activities that help her grow as a person. This is not the same thing as people having hobbies like building miniature railroads and playing with train sets. She is not a "doll collector" the way hobbyists are.

I actually looked into this because it's fascinating how much this person is stunted emotionally and cognitively. Here's an interesting read:
The problem is that her playing with dolls isn't therapeutic. From the videos I've seen of her interact with her dolls, it doesn't appear that she is using them that way. She's literally playing with them like a child would. Like this is how I used to play with dolls when I was 8, and how my little niece and her friends would play with their American Girl dolls.

If there are any psychology anons out there would love to get your insight on this.

No. 854432

>Nitpick maybe, but:
>I realize it wasn’t just happening to me, it is happening to “a lot of me’s” in the world
Does she refer as herself in other people? Egocentrist much.

Thought the exact same thing. Never actually heard someone put it like that: "a lot of me's"

No. 854448

File: 1632605793693.png (3.18 MB, 828x2476, A0D25993-5F77-44DB-9455-EF4081…)

No. 854449

She looks absolutely huge in the first pic

No. 854450

>13 or 30: The Photoset
The contrast between her "smoulder" in the top photo and that incredibly childlike smile in the bottom photo gives me whiplash. She smiles like a sped on school pictures day.

No. 854451

File: 1632606752866.png (250.49 KB, 348x345, Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 5.51…)

Immediately reminded of this.

No. 854453

File: 1632607139517.jpeg (728.36 KB, 828x1193, FC02DEDB-DA9C-4520-9A22-94747B…)

Her jaw area is so unsymmetrical. Holy shit.

No. 854455

why is her forehead so blurry? Little Miss "I don't PHOTOSHOP" is full of something and it ain't love.

No. 854456

it’s uncanny how she just bares her teeth like she’s learning how to smile for the first time

No. 854457

File: 1632612873384.jpeg (230.87 KB, 828x1193, 6FC9B103-4900-40C7-99EA-AB2516…)

I was curious about what it looks like if I knocked the exposure down. Sorry for this

No. 854459

jesus christ this was awful to be greeted with on the home page

No. 854463

File: 1632613660456.jpeg (Spoiler Image,670.32 KB, 828x1193, 76FD2AF1-5995-4A85-86E4-31FF22…)

Halloween 2022

No. 854464


it's fucking terrifying. i know it's early to be planning, but i'm nominating this for next thread pic

No. 854485

Even though lillees cosplays/costumes are always cheap, why does every influencer always use these cheap looking multi pack lacey amazon chokers in their goth inspired makeovers?? Using anything thats immediately recognizable from amazon/wish just makes a costume look way more cheap and shitty. You look up "amazon chokers" on google and its literally in the first google recommended result in a multi pack of chokers.

No. 854513

Saging as this is nothing new but there is a lot of things about Lillee being an influencer/beauty guru or should say lack of things that I find odd. Now a lot of this would be based on her actually having the alleged 1 million followers and what you would expect to see or have seen over the years she has been doing this.

1. Patreon- most have this and would have been a way for her to fund her beauty brand or a palette or something along those lines.

2. Meet and greet - you know as it is also a cash earner and a way to give back to fans.

3. Going to beauty con or any convention and vlogging it. And by now being a guest not a visitor.

4. Affordable and wanted merchandise. It's all extremely over priced and nothing anyone would want. Current trends are important.

5. Lack of Current trends. Am all for the beat of your own drum but putting out a on trend video is a good way to get noticed and bring in a legitimate following or views.

6. The one note narrative of always being a victim. Its gotten old and people do not care as its the same thing repeated again and again. It turns people off.

7. The lack of any true collaboration with just run of the mill friends instead of other influences etc. It shows a more rounded less fake side which people like.

I know alit of this has to do with attitude and self awareness and taking responsibility. The thing is if she and her mom were less obsessed with Winning the argument and refusing to apologise and just did it they would find quite a few of their problems would vanish. But we know that won't happen because they refuse to listen to other people. All am saying is if quite a few people are telling you the exact same thing for free its probably true as opposed to those who get something from you.

No. 854514

File: 1632652552915.jpg (109.28 KB, 859x859, actual goth makeup.jpg)

There are so many really cool goth makeup looks to do IF she bothered to do a 5 sec google search.

We know she's a lazy fat goblin, with no skill, no creativity, no brain, no work ethic but holy fucks!

Picrel few examples of goth makeup on the first google results with orange, pink, blue, green/yellow, variations could be endless.

The only "goth" feature about lillee is her horrifying body.

No. 854515

She went on the influencer path because she thought it would be a super easy way to achieve fame and get tons of money while putting the minimum effort on it.

Lillee is the kind of cow who thinks becoming famous it's "her destiny" and she'll achieve her dream no matter what.
It's pretty obvious that at 16 she believed she'll be the most famous influencer of the world by the age of 18.
Now what? She looks 50 at best and I wonder when (if) she'll ever get a wakeup call.

No. 854517

Good points anon. About not having a Patreon account, I have wondered that. I don't think she even has a buymeacoffee account either. Had she ever talked about why she doesn't? Anyone know why? Because you'd think that since they clearly don't have the funds to pay for nice costumes, they would be asking for $. Is it because the public can see how many patrons you have and they don't want to reveal that they have none? I don't use Patreon so not sure what people can see or not see.

No. 854518

Yep, you can see the number. That's going to be the only reason, anything to do with real money is one of the only things you can't fake. They've been burned before by posting charity donation drives and the like where literally not a single person donated. If you can't even get one person feeling sorry enough for you to donate to charity, you're fucked if you try and do a Patreon.

No. 854521

Has anyone seen a picture of her with a Duchenne smile? Seriously, because I have not seen a single one. I avoid watching her videos and looking at her photos so admittedly, the only ones I've seen for the most part are here, but you'd think for a "model" she would know how to do that? This is just one of many reasons why her photos are so unsettling. Maybe I'm just old but I thought everyone knows what "smizing" is? Or, does she try to do that and just can't?

No. 854524

She has two smiles in pictures. A closed mouth smirk and the super strained IM SO FUCKING HAPPY smile. The smirk can be kinda cute, but the wide forced smile looks painful to do. For someone who spends an inordinate amount of time looking at herself, she has zero awareness of how she looks. Ofcourse, when your entire understanding of how people "your age" (I'm firmly convinced Lillee still sees herself as a young teenager/child) is cartoons and overactive Disney drivel, what do you expect?

No. 854525

File: 1632661345739.jpg (Spoiler Image,62.74 KB, 612x612, LJ smile.jpg)

New Lillee Jean photoshoot just dropped.

No. 854526

File: 1632662480591.jpeg (314.49 KB, 1536x2048, 4CD88152-4E99-4082-B122-EFF0DD…)

It’s brave of Lillee to pick a photo of Laur where she looks better and younger than herself

No. 854529

Laur's dentures are doing work lol

No. 854535

You and I both know that if a mentally ill moid with split personalities managed to get in contact with Lillee, she would pull a Gypsy and create her own split personalities to compliment his and then team up to murder Laur. Lillee is WAAAY too similar to Gypsy

No. 854536

The fat wolf girl who has a pokémon DeviantArt account asking you to join her pack

No. 854539

I know this has been mentioned like 1000+ times but damn does she need veneers

No. 854540

>Picrel few examples of goth makeup
>picrel is actually retarded e-girl makeup
Anon… please…

No. 854542

That isn't e-girl.

No. 854543

Learn to properly use green text anon.

No. 854544

she's probably embarrassed. Could you imagine struggling for your entire adult life to create a "beauty vlogger" persona only for your momager to present herself as a fat, dumpy slob everytime she makes a public appearance? I mean, lillee is homely and a bit of a porker but at least she puts (some) effort into her appearance unlike Laur.

No. 854546

>>854539 Veneers won't do much or even last long if you don't practice basic hygiene. There's so much biofilm and calculus on those teeth it's ridiculous. Also what's with her gums? Normal gums don't look like that, they look like they've been partitioned off from one another and a few resemble pig udders. Why is everything about the Goblins so abnormal? Is it just bottom of the barrel genes naturally, or is it years of experimental inbreeding that brought them to this point? Are there more of them living underground in some triborough tunnel? Horrifying.

Veneers are a moot point anyway. They're way too expensive and unless there's some dude selling them on canal street somewhere, it'll never happen. Funny thing is, if Laur would've just taken lillee to a primary care physician and bothered to do the paperwork, she could've got LJ on Child Health Plus which covers necessary dental. I'm guessing they didn't do it because they didn't want to take her to a doctor and because the social worker comes to your house and helps you fill some forms out. Can't have outsiders coming into the attic after all. If Lillee's parents were gainfully employed, they'd actually be able to have her on their health insurance until she was 26, but pigs will sooner fly before they become contributing members of society.

Speaking of parents, has anyone any idea of what happened to Earl? Any update on the cats?

No. 854547

Did she edit a shadow on the top of her forehead where the wig meets her forehead? Even with the exposure up in the original >>854453 it just doesnt look like a natural shadow

No. 854551

File: 1632685179513.jpg (109.79 KB, 948x833, earl.jpg)

>Speaking of parents, has anyone any idea of what happened to Earl?

Radaris shows this.
He may use another ID (Beckles Madina) and live a double life, he's registered in MD.
Can't blame him for leaving the goblins.

By the way how can you check
if Laur has a valid driving licence? I'm outside usa and the uber thing is bothering me. I suspect she may no have a valid driving licence, maybe same for Earl.

No. 854553

>>854551 I looked her up on NYS Webcrims to see if she had any pending such as aggravated unlicensed or other things that would cause her license to get pulled. Unfortunately, it doesn't show closed cases, just open ones, so if she had an incident like driving without insurance or on a suspended license, DWI, DUI etc… we wouldn't see it. I'm a native NYer and I'm not even sure how to check and see if your license is suspended short of going to the DMV website. For example, I can pull out my license and check on the website because I have the pertinent info (name, DOB, NYS drivers license ID # and or last 4 of SSN). Short of that, I don't think there's a way but I may be wrong. I honestly wouldn't doubt it, it's not like Laur is known to keep up on bills she deems unnecessary (ya know, like paying rent), and if she let her insurance lapse and got into an accident, that would be a big problem. I find it bizarre that Lillee has never expressed interest in getting a license as she lives in Queens; there's public transport sure, but most of the people I know that live there do own a vehicle and/or have a license. I wonder if she even has a valid ID. I don't think Lillee has the necessary mental capacity or dexterity to pass the physical drivers test, so maybe she tried and failed (after 5 times they make you retake and pay for the written test before you're allowed to take the physical test again) and gave up? I think that's wishful thinking on my part though, I very highly doubt she took the written part at 16 because when you fail (less than 80%, atleast when I took it years ago), there's $85 down the toilet and Laur can't bully them into caving.

Either way it's a blessing in disguise because nobody needs a borderline obese midget with an intellectual disability behind the wheel.

No. 854554

Laur could’ve used credit cards to pay for Lillee’s dental care when she just started having dental issues and then added that credit to their last bankruptcy. Stingy always pays twice

No. 854555

File: 1632686980074.jpeg (556.66 KB, 828x1290, E9F5FB7F-1634-4BBD-9381-53D8C0…)

No. 854556

File: 1632687332001.png (2.69 MB, 652x3521, C82F2A0F-65E9-4A7A-87F4-4EADE4…)

Looks like the cats are still alive and Lillee has her Keystone diploma strategically placed in the third image

No. 854557

Kek she so obviously lurks here.

No. 854558

Holy shit. Bad take. She can not comprehend anything, she does not give a fuck about anything except herself and it shows.

No. 854559

Whenever Lillee comments on something that is happening in the world she always has to put it in perspective to her own life. It's the same when she live streams with those nobodies from her engagement pod. It always has to be about her.

She's an extreme narc who is unable to think about anything but herself.

No. 854570

When I worked with ESL speakers, I would have to read their emails several times to get the gist of what they were trying to say. Reading this was exactly like that. Except this is not an ESL person.

No. 854572

Silky's fucking DONE with Laur kek

No. 854598

>>854555 What the fuck is this word salad? You would think those two fat retarded trashbags would atleast pick up some sentence structure from lurking here, but I guess the adipose tissue is eating away at what is left of their brains. What the fuck does this even mean? Lillee needs to stick to her poorly done costumes (I'm not calling that shit cosplay) and her bad makeup. When she tries to give "insightful" commentary on current events, it just shows how much of a sped she truly is. I can't wait for her to interview her useless mother so we can pick that apart. I wonder what new lies these two unwashed, obese shut-ins are going to make up. It's always funny watching them stick their cankles in their mouth. It's especially funny how Laur, who has never left the east coast, pretends to work on movie sets. Kek. She's delusional if she thinks anyone believes her double-wide ass.

If Lillee starts a patreon after this, we know why. Maybe she'll finally purchase a toothbrush with the $5 she receives from her totally real "1 million Jeaniez".

No. 854606


Weird considering Laur begged nok to cover her sisters murder and then made the entire live about herself. Laur sensationalizes her sister death all on her own, but I guess that's different if it's used to further the grift.

No. 854637

File: 1632731976630.png (67.02 KB, 1095x827, Screenshot_18.png)

Lillee's copyright complaints continue. Pirating and extorted? Kek this bitch.

No. 854639

>this is a fan edit but it is MY WORK and they are stealing it

imagine being this fucking dumb

No. 854641

At least she's finally admitting she has no fans to edit shit and that it was actually her kek.

No. 854656

File: 1632742500533.jpeg (208.38 KB, 828x925, 67D3FF54-9154-4332-835C-C67A94…)

Looks like the goblins can’t get IMDB reviews taken down currently. No guesses as to who the two unhelpful ratings are from kek

No. 854661

File: 1632749154279.jpg (140.73 KB, 928x1118, tonedeaf.jpg)

I just can't with how insanely tone deaf she is.
Also Crowsoul's profile shows Spain, why is she talking about NZ?

> I wish people would listen, by me

The audacity of that retarded attic goblin.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGQF-GZ2oWfgb1NN3QtJJlA/community?lb=Ugyg-UScdKk3_jmE0h14AaABCQ

No. 854662

What she is trying to say is "I wish the people in New York ("by me") would listen to science and get their vaccine" not that they should listen to LJ directly. It's just that she is so uneducated and illiterate that people can't understand what she is saying.

No. 854663

Why is she dressing as a princess for Halloween? I thought the whole point was to dress as a "scary" character. Granted LJ looks scary in anything, but still.

No. 854665

Can’t wait to see Lillee dressed as a Disney Princess being bombarded with random foreign dicks. Maybe Disney/Marvel will finally pay attention and serve her papers to stop profiting off their IPs.

No. 854667


Found the former goth elder millenial that thinks goth looks haven't changed a bit in the 20 years since they did it and has no idea what any current fashion looks like.

No. 854668

The princess costume is what a 4yo would pick.
What's the point to dress at all? She'll just stay home with laur like any other night.

No. 854671

This is one thing LJ actually has some life experience dealing with. Her Aunt was allegedly murdered by her partner and due to police negligence walked. She could talk about this affected her family and how people making up theories online only hurts the grieving etc. Instead we get incoherent rambling about cyberbullying.

No. 854674

File: 1632759516882.png (285.33 KB, 512x296, Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 12.1…)

If I could, I'd buy Shroomy a drink or two. This person is genuinely talented from a fine art perspective. All his/her work is quality. The cartoons echo the graphic novels of the 1990s. Even this one is reminiscent of the work of the Surrealists in the 1920s, in particular, Rene Magritte.

No. 854675

what even makes it "exclusive", though? she isn't a celebrity, no one cares.

No. 854676

It's exclusive because Laur is so paranoid she regularly blocks any follower of LJ that isn't bought and paid for. It's Pradips ONLY.

No. 854679

Anon, the top 2 are e-girl looks.

No. 854681

Hello goff granny raven? Your thread so fully dead that you've taken to gatekeeping makeup looks in another thread? Hm?

No. 854682

NTA but please shut the fuck up.

No. 854683

File: 1632763410807.png (109.6 KB, 500x492, lilleejean.png)


kek just came across this on twitter, i gotta buy me one.(advertising)

No. 854684

KEK, I love it. The only good piece of Lillee Jean merch.

No. 854685

File: 1632765793814.jpeg (486.16 KB, 968x1280, FD963DE1-E229-4858-891D-E31F9A…)

No. 854690

Lillee continues to recieve PR from Too Faced, which is somehow about the most perfect partnership. Too Faced's reputation as a business is barely bcetter than Jafar Star's, and many in the beauty community have rejected them. The imma bad bitch, teehee marketing angle has gotten stale.

Which makes me wonder. If a company invited Lillee to a PR event, would she go? I know she cries COVID every two seconds, but I think that has more to do with making excuses why she's not been invited to anything in over a year. Small events are happening.
But, more than that, if a company invited her to LA for an event, what are they going to do? The company isn't going to pay for her mom to join her. She's an adult. They wouldn't be able to afford a plane ticket. Her dependence on her mother will crush any real opportunities she has. I can't think of a single event/company that has invited them back after seeing them together.

Oh, and on the Uber thing-Laur had a coupon for Uber (it's why she flipped out, they didn't use it correctly and got charged the full amount), and they most likely took an uber because they have 1 car and parking in NYC overnight would have been expensive. Not to mention it ruins the whole Princess arriving in a carriage to the ball fantasy Lillee lives in. I still can't believe, on an overnight trip to a hotel, Lillee brought her fucking dolls.

No. 854693


I'm not sure she's actually getting PR from Too Faced. The Lady Bold collection was released around a month ago, and PR is usually distributed to influencers long enough before the product is launched that there is time for them to film, edit, and post unboxing/swatch/first impressions content ahead of the release.

Of course, it could be that Lillee actually is on the Too Faced PR list, and she's just too lazy to get the content filmed and up on her channel when it's still relevant. Either way, no one is talking about this boring-ass lipstick launch, so Lillee is very on-brand for being chronically late and off trend.

No. 854695

Also the alien-shooped bottom right looks almost exactly like one of bratoutofhell’s photoshop disasters…

No. 854696

She would definitely go. It would take her 45 seconds to backtrack on everything if it meant a crumb of legitimacy. She would go to a popup and frame it as a pr invite (again) tomorrow if she could get to one.

Laur would call it a business expense and put the ticket on yet another credit card that she'll default on. Lillee is going to ChrisChan her way into being a 40yo with a demented mother and dead dad who lives at home and keeps churning out content no one cares about.

Lillee messiah complex prison letter saga when kek

No. 854700

Wonder if she will go to this. Her mother might huff and puff insisting they get in for free since she is so famous, but it looks like complimentary admission is only for union members. That won't stop her though. Very surprisingly, she is not a scheduled speaker.

No. 854722

File: 1632787896350.jpeg (391.86 KB, 828x1176, BDC06ACB-852E-4D9A-94C2-126CFE…)

She has a bunch of interviews on medium so I’m gonna post the funniest bits

No. 854723

File: 1632787954082.jpeg (222.75 KB, 828x742, 2FF38BD0-1668-4BEF-9324-8CC3DD…)

No. 854724

File: 1632787983525.jpeg (271.87 KB, 828x803, 8FD0441C-D641-452F-B7AB-98CC53…)

No. 854725

File: 1632788009472.jpeg (143.9 KB, 828x470, F5240E38-7B9F-45F3-A943-482082…)

No. 854726

File: 1632788050314.jpeg (647.75 KB, 828x1502, 495FBFBE-658D-4E08-ABD8-77FF1C…)

No. 854727

File: 1632788080707.jpeg (496.1 KB, 828x1501, B59C0803-17D4-4E51-9A65-6B302A…)

No. 854728

File: 1632788101285.jpeg (234.89 KB, 828x742, 00CC3CEA-DFC7-413A-82AF-918D51…)

No. 854730

File: 1632788385495.png (659.5 KB, 828x2733, FD49467C-87DC-4A5E-9093-568BE0…)

No. 854732

The one on the right looks more egirl while the one on the left is more goth inspired. Dont know why some anons are sperging about it being called egirl.

>cautionary tale
Ahhh yes the cautionary tale of dont commit mass genocide

I do have to admit she does a decent job at surface level bullshitting. You would think shes some young beauty guru starting a makeup line or something but you take 1 minute to look at her channel or her media and the semi professional #girlboss image she portrays falls apart very quickly

No. 854735

> I was born the year 9/11 happened

what the fuck is wrong with her

No. 854755

"bullying me is like 9/11" jesus christ lillee

No. 854756

can whoever speaks lj please translate?

And her takeaway was as it pertains to her "business"?

>people I deal with in my company
>people that are part of my team
Her mom? Who else is on her "team"? Earl?

Cortez. It's Ocasio-Cortez.

Meaningless word salad. No clear expression of single idea. No logical thread.
Ironic how the word "education" is thrown around a lot. For someone who places so little value on it for herself not sure how she sees herself as a role model in this aspect. I can see her arguing though that watching "factual" programs and a few youtube videos is also education.

I don't know anon. Can't agree that she did a decent job. Shallow meaninglessness comes across pretty clearly to me.

No. 854762

>Alexandra Ocasio

It’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

No. 854765

File: 1632819456757.png (22.52 KB, 556x346, f.png)

Lilee's been mentioning God as much as she can now lately. I don't get why, but it's great to see the more insane side of Lillee come out.
9/11 was just a couple of dumb goons in planes who didn't think about what they're doing. Concentration camps too, just a silly mistake. And to end racism we just need to spread love. She sounds like she has a child's view of the world, and I honestly can't tell if this is actually how she thinks or if she is giving a bullshit, inoffensive (in her mind) response that brings up actual real world tragedies she can relate to the cyberbullying she's only been experiencing for a few years.

No. 854766

Of course she was in NYC when the attack happened. I'm surprised Laur didn't push further and say they were actually by the towers or something. Maybe they could have even been in one of the towers. Laur heroically throwing her baby out a window to save her might have answered the question so many of us have: "Was LJ dropped on her head as an infant?"

No. 854768

Lillee's shortening of words is straight-up retarded sometimes.

She's been writing para relationships instead of para-social relationships a couple of times now and she doesn't seem to understand that her retarded way of writing makes absolutely no sense.

But it's not like she ever gets any genuine feedback on her writing, so she probably just doesn't know how bad her spelling and grammar is.

No. 854769

She's so stupid she probably thinks para relationship is the correct term tbh. Watch her correct it to para-social now though, even though she definitely doesn't lurk here kek.

No. 854772

We already knew they didn't read but wow.
She can't name a book she read by herself, it has to be something from the school. 10/10 she watched the movie instead of just reading the book.

Keks at the fact she went at a hotel for an events in nyc, how this makes sense?
And of course LJ met Cindy Crawford there with a ridiculous story noone would believe. >>854726
Funny at how she knows Cindy from the farm (from her Kate moss makeup video where she had no clue who Cindy Crawford was).

What about the makeup line she was about to launch (since 2019)??
It's hilarious she claims to be a CEO but sells absolutely nothing.
> I am very proud of being 20
How is that an achievement?
> and being my own boss
Own boss of what? Laur and her rely on scam and welfare money.

She never fails to embarass herself.

No. 854773

File: 1632829482736.jpeg (287.37 KB, 828x699, 759ED40C-3123-4C8E-BD27-44B105…)

No. 854774

>being who I am
>criticizing the novel accuracy
She based her fake jewish character on a fake novel. Makes sense to me.

No. 854793


according to the wiki, the author wrote the whole novel in 2 days, after doing his own "research" on concentration camps. no wonder the story resonated so deeply with lazy dummy lj.

No. 854802

File: 1632860628361.jpeg (679.67 KB, 675x1192, DF83D16E-80F7-47C7-B21F-0B2677…)

No. 854803

Bitch you live on Chinese takeout and chicken nuggies that your mum cuts up for you. Every day is cheat day for you, tubby.

No. 854805

Peep the tinfoil container and whatever is that yellow stuff in the background.

No. 854807

Looks like scrambled eggs. They are so goddamn lazy having takeout for every meal. Like it’s so hard to make pancakes and eggs

No. 854808

it’s scrambled eggs in a takeout container

No. 854810

Scrambled eggs maybe? Looks like it's in a plastic takeout container. You can't put eggs in aluminum.

Maybe there are some more around but the few food pics I've seen never look pretty. You'd think a lifestyle guru with a million insta followers would post pretty photos of healthy meals. And even with Chinese takeout, she can put it in a pretty and colorful bowl and compose the picture nicely with chopsticks and use natural lighting.

No. 854811

She has the palate of an autistic toddler

No. 854815

or even if she just took a quick snap before she started chowing down. she always takes disgusting pictures of her food mashed up and half eaten

No. 854824

Is the stuff in the background supposed to be pancakes? Why the fuck are they cut up like that

No. 854829

Laur cuts up Lillee’s food so it’s easier to chew

No. 854836

Because lillee didn't have teeth. Laur's been Lillee's bitch for most of her life

No. 854854

File: 1632882384838.jpeg (374.86 KB, 740x1268, 1BF9C4DD-5AF5-49BC-97F9-62522A…)

She puts her watermark on every shitty photo kek

No. 854860

>>854854 did you mean to post this anon? Next time put "sage" (without the quotation marks) in the email box, unless you've got new milk

No. 854872

> unsaged post of no relevance to the discussion and a photo with a watermark

DCMA notice when?

No. 854875

The goblins getting to know l33t h4xx0r Elaine has been quite a funny saga. Idk why they think DMCA striking the thread will do anything other than give us something else to laugh about.

No. 854877

I'm truly horrified at the fact they never eat with real proper tableware.
How hard would it be to put the whatever she's eating in a nice plate? Do they own any?

Lillee uses mugs (instead of glasses) maybe because there easier to grab. And uses a regular fork with the cake (?) instead of a pastry fork or a dessert spoon.

When you order food, it usually arrives lukewarm and they probably either eat as it OR warm it with the plastic containers in the microwave - which cause BPA and phthalates in plastics to leach into their food.

Is that a plastic straw in the pink mug at the very top right?

No. 854878

Looks like a metal straw.

No. 854879

>uses a regular fork with the cake (?) instead of a pastry fork or a dessert spoon.
Considering it's actual metal and not the plastic ones that came with her takeout/delivery, it's progress.

No. 854885

>>854877 Idk which is funnier, the fact that she thinks anyone believes that she actually diets and has discipline instead of eating like shit 24/7, or that she's so out of touch with reality that she isn't ashamed to show off her nasty food her pig mom just cut up for her. Does she think it's normal for grown ass adults to have their mommy cut up their food for them before they eat? I'm surprised she doesn't have a video of her in a bib, sitting at dinner while Laur spoon feeds her. The dynamic between these two obese-attic-dwellers is unlike anything I've ever seen before.

How lazy do you have to be to order pancakes and eggs as takeaway when those things take less than 10 minutes to cook from start to finish? I know Lillee has zero life skills and probably has no idea how to turn on a stove, but surely her gross mother can cook a few things? I know that if I owed almost 20k in back taxes and had to keep moving after getting evicted that I probably wouldn't be spending money on shit I didn't need.

No. 854886

Not knowing how to cook isn't an excuse anymore with the internet IMO. Lillee loves to talk about learning how to use makeup via YouTube (I know she's shit at it but still) so what's stopping her learning how to cook basic dishes? I know she's lazy but Jesus Christ, they're so low on cash Laur is begging the POTUS on twitter to issue more handouts. I've seen this happen with other people in debt though; they reach a certain point where they know they'll never pay it back so they continue to splurge borrowed money and get credit cards and treat themselves all the time. I feel like this is the mentality the goblins are in.

No. 854887


It's hilarious that if Lillee had any real engagement on Youtube, she'd have gotten sponsorship from a "cooking for dummies" food box subscription service like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron by now. They'll sponsor literally anyone with five subscribers.

No. 854888

maybe the trueman dungeon doesn’t have a stove?

No. 854889

File: 1632922232205.jpeg (271.71 KB, 828x466, B68C6DD9-9AB0-4F4F-8470-5D8A2A…)

Lillee knows how to boil water okay

No. 854891


to be fair this IS a stove top kettle even though it doesn't look like it. missing the lid though


No. 854893

That’s the stupidest kettle I’ve ever seen

No. 854933

as a britbong this makes me so fucking MATI

No. 854937

File: 1632956666478.png (93.31 KB, 681x415, Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 7.00…)

Aside from the fact that she does not give any specific steps or suggest what the community can do,
>Look at the Covid Pandemic. Some refuse to get shots until it is too late, then the message they leave is please get vaccinated. Maybe that is a coded message from God, I don’t know
Ok, is anyone else reading this as it was God's will that these people died of Covid????

No. 854938

File: 1632956940891.png (59.19 KB, 694x265, Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 7.06…)

>I am also impartial to her since her daughter Lilibet is sort of named like me.

She's "impartial" to her?

No. 854942

Did she change her answer from AOC? >>854728 or is this just another interview with the same dumb-ass questions?

No. 854953

>>854938 Lillee is a retard of the highest order; she has no clue how to use most of the words in her limited vocabulary. She and her idiot mother lurk here and I'm positive that they've seen us call her stunted, illiterate, etc… In an effort to make herself sound intelligent and to show the "haydurs" that her vocabulary isn't that of a 5 year oldest, she has started to use words she's never used before. She probably pulled a Joey Tribbiani and busted out the thesaurus considering there's no way she would learn these words otherwise. In true Lillee fashion, she didn't spend more than 30 seconds looking up the actual meaning of the words she's substituting… and that's how she endes up with this senseless word salad. It's pretty funny that in an effort to sound smarter she somehow comes off dumber than ever. Laur is barely smarter than her sped cunt runt of a kid so her proof reading Lillee's drivel is pointless and the end result is always the same. Even if Laur tried to correct her, Lillee would pitch a fit since she thinks everything she does is amazing when it's actually the complete opposite.

I know parents love their kids but I don't think I've ever seen such an odd parent-child relationship before. I'm beginning to think it isn't an act and that Laur really is impressed with Lillee's mediocrity. I would love to see how these two idiots would react at a casting call full of talented and good looking people that are going for the same role as Lillee. Would they even notice that they're in over their head & have no chance, or would they be legitimately shocked when LJ is laughed out of the room?

No. 854963

At least three of these interviews had the same final question. I think her third answer was Lady Gaga

No. 854964

File: 1632965986750.jpeg (319.08 KB, 828x636, 91DC33DE-7552-4885-A60E-4FB0A0…)

Perfect novel for our mouthbreathing goblin

No. 854976

File: 1632971759825.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x1738, AA0CF26D-3DD4-4727-A54E-D6110E…)

Laur confirmed on twitter they moved out of this place in early September. Is their new place so bad Lillee has to pretend 3 week old photoshoots are new? Or is she sneaking into the common area of their old duplex in the middle of the night to take pictures?

No. 854985

Probably the former. Our "little" goblin isn't so little, there's no way a 4ft8in 160lb pig is sneaking in anywhere, especially an older place with wooden stairs like that. Lillee can barely walk barefoot, but in kitten heels with the ankle strap removed to fit her fat fuck cankles? It would sound like a rhino stampede was ascending up the stairs in the middle of the night. I'm surprised she didn't snap the support beams. Her and Laur probably had to take care as to not be on the stairs at the same time.

No. 854993

File: 1632989022287.png (214.25 KB, 347x512, unnamed.png)

God she's so uppity for a retard. She probably just googled "inspirational women". Didn't pay attention though because Meghan Markle is a Duchess, not a princess. Big kek at "someone that does not preach", she must've missed that Oprah special and literally every other speech her and that inbred ginger have made. The Lilibet thing is literally something a fucking 5 y/o would say, made me think of picrel.

No. 854996

No. 854999

>I would love to see how these two idiots would react at a casting call full of talented and good looking people that are going for the same role as Lillee.

Anon, I would pay real good money to watch that.
Imagine Lillee and Laur going for a "pretty ballerina uwu princess" NYC casting.
Lillee would try so hard to atract attention to her by squerking/giggleling, do her "sexy" cringey poses in a stained pink romper 4 sizes too small and smelling atrocious.
She then would noisily complain to Laur that the other girls are "mean" to her. Translate no one is paying her the attention she thinks she deserves.
Laur would franzia freakout and yell at all the girls prettier than Lillee which would literally be 100% of the other candidates. Laur would threaten to doxx and sue EVERYBODY! The staff would tell her to stfu and leave but security would have such a hard time tossing the two smelly hysterical obese goblins outside, they probably end up calling the police or something.

They'll blame Diane-the-omnipresent-stalker for that again.

10/10 be awesome to watch.

No. 855000

File: 1632999875374.jpg (1.15 MB, 1920x1280, FAfzh7eXsAITNH8.jpg)

What a beautiful photo, the nostrils really compliment her butthole lips and misaligned jaw. The dusty floor and shirt callbacks to her usual chunks of dandruff. Really feels like I'm there watching a toddlers meltdown on the floor.

No. 855001

Good grief this womanchild is incapable of taking a single good picture, huh. It looks like she laid in a fucking packing crate.

No. 855002

File: 1633000862464.jpeg (786.16 KB, 1170x1343, C2522F01-884D-4F3A-AB96-08EBD3…)

No. 855003

Lillee is definitely the type to try and draw attention to herself with shriek giggles. I imagine she thinks it will be like a movie where the quirky characters finally gets a big break when her quirks are seen as unique beauty/charm by a big time casting manager who just so happened to be there, and now she gets to embark on an adventure into Hollywood starlet status where she learns that Hollywood is full of mean girls but powers through it with the power of self assurance and the help of an ugly boy bestie (Timothee Chalamet) who falls in love with her by the end of the movie

No. 855004

They will never go to a casting. They will lie about being begged to read for a huge role that the director thought she would be perfect for, only for the project to be canceled.

The reason she will never go to a casting or for that matter, have her photos taken in public spaces, is that deep down they know they don't match up to other talented people. Imagine her in Central Park doing a "sexy" pose with her mother snapping away. There's always going to be a few rude people who might yell something mocking or some might gawk at the ridiculous sight before them. She wouldn't be able to deal with those people face to face. It's easy to act tough in a Youtube video where no one talks back or her own insta live where she has control over what is happening. But it's a completely different thing to have to deal with rudeness or meanness, or just people staring at you irl as it's happening in front of you. What is Laur going to do? Start screaming at everybody telling them they can't be in a public park? That will only attract more attention, people will start recording, she will end up on the news as another Karen. Also, speaking of recording, she won't be able to stop other people from taking pictures of her absolutely stunning daughter, despite her face being copyrighted, either.

Remember, she's no one sidekick. Going to castings is for non celebrities. Laur has had enough life experience to know that she can't control everything to go her way. She wants to do that so much for her daughter, not understanding that even if she could, it's not good for Lillee. What she can control, or thinks she can control, is her daughter's image and public persona. With so much time on her hands, she files countless false strikes, creates sock accounts, fights with Michelle on IMDB, etc. She knows she can't win every battle, but she thinks with enough successes, she can elevate her daughter to a status that she thinks she deserves, despite having done nothing to get it.

No. 855017

File: 1633008733125.jpeg (288.15 KB, 1170x1421, C38735AD-EDBF-415A-A533-40FA60…)

LJ’s shadowbanned on twitter again.

No. 855018


Yeah, the ban has been in place for about a week now, and since Laur only has the one main account and one sock (both protected) that's left no one but the callouts and that fake Authority Magazine account to make any mention of LJ this whole time. Zero fans.

No. 855019

File: 1633009700466.png (217.62 KB, 759x896, notice the 0 likes.PNG)

This you? "just came across my twitter" okay…

No. 855020

Twitter callouts being pathetic? Must be a day ending in Y.

No. 855027

does she live in a coffin now? wtf is that backdrop?

No. 855034


The original callouts weren't so bad; they were a decent source of documentation of the activity of Laur, Lillee, and her various cowish white knights…but all of them seem to have moved on. I consider the callouts that were most active alongside CSA and TaterTatiana to be the second wave, and they were pretty stupid but most of them seem to have gone quiet after the drama with Shannon blew up. This is like the third wave of callouts and they are really annoying. They just constantly regurgitate the ancient milk that was posted by the original and second wave callouts without bringing anything new or entertaining to the table.

No. 855035

File: 1633017745392.jpg (138.21 KB, 895x737, Untitled.jpg)

Why the fuck would you make a shirt naming a DMCA happy goblin if this online shop was a source of income? "Wahhh that could reference any Lillee Jean!!!" Don't get cute, you poked a hornets nest, what did you think would happen? After all the people Laur's doxxed and hounded online there's no reason not to practice anonymity when commencing the shit-flinging.

No. 855038

File: 1633019226939.jpg (82.63 KB, 1280x854, red_lipstick_off_guard___lille…)

Caught off guard with her hand posed in her hair. Must just be scratching some flakes free.
Kek thank you for the laughs anons. Dungeon Lillee is almost as good as attic Lillee.

No. 855040

Her "blue" eyes are looking suspiciously grey/green. Oh, but wait! I just remembered that her eyes magically change colour like a mood ring. Guess she must've been feeling a little off here.

No. 855044

passible income? you really thought those shirts would sell?

No. 855045

please dont validate the "my eyes are every color~" thing people with demelanated eyes do, lillee would find this a high compliment

No. 855054

I was very obviously being sarcastic you sped.

No. 855056


"Income" just say pocket money kek

No. 855057

Believe it or not she's 37. Identifies as a they/them asexual though so I guess she has the mental capacity of a child. Aww, just like our Lilz.

No. 855058

Nothing new here but the callouts are trying to act all tough about being hit with dcmas again. It's got so boring and pathetic on both sides it puts me to sleep.

No. 855059

File: 1633028657221.jpeg (137.52 KB, 1152x2048, A54970C3-FF99-468D-8F09-731C8F…)

Absolutely insane looking broad

No. 855063

'passible income' kek clearly she's too adapted to lillee jeanese

No. 855064

That actually makes me deeply embarrassed for her, this is something I would expect someone a lot younger to drop as a meme and well, much much younger people to be bitching about losing a miniscule possible "income" are the call outs okay? Maybe they see themselves in Lilliee on some level, hence the tireless brigading in the spotlight, even during times when there's really nothing to brigade against and LJ is just providing laughs and failure on a silver plate to us.

No. 855074

Which one?

No. 855079

File: 1633039485746.jpeg (9.19 KB, 172x161, 1C72B127-927C-46F8-A27B-1E4068…)

No. 855098

File: 1633055874256.jpeg (240.53 KB, 828x726, DE2D3750-654C-444C-881E-F45B8A…)

What has she accomplished, Lillee? She’d have sent Laur to jail for your truancy

No. 855099

File: 1633056254775.png (66.16 KB, 568x1050, Untitled1.png)

No. 855100

File: 1633056927205.png (131.94 KB, 580x1620, Untitled1.png)

Next one that is more milky. Lillee wants "Lille's law", totally to stop cyberbullying, not because she's a narcissist or anything. https://medium.com/authority-magazine/social-media-stars-making-a-social-impact-why-how-lillee-jean-is-helping-to-change-our-world-5ef318e73a09

>People tend to judge each other, even with all these amazing “movements” that are out there.

"Movements", lol Lillee did the mask slip?

Authority Magazine's "interviews" are perfect for Lillee. The questions aren't too hard to answer, and she doesn't even need to answer them, she can say random bullshit and the interviewer will just move on. The interviewer(s?) copy and paste questions so she can just copy and paste answers.

No. 855101

File: 1633057724034.png (174.36 KB, 612x1868, Untitled1.png)

No. 855105

>the art of the internet

No. 855123


holy shit how many of these pointless interviews were she basically answer the same question again and again did she do?

And why would she do this many?

No. 855124

She seems to really be churning out these "interviews" and lives recently. How long before she has went through every person at medium? Giving the same answers. We want different questions and answers lils.

No. 855127

File: 1633089122228.jpeg (682.88 KB, 2048x2048, 1357FB6A-D9DA-488D-842B-CE95DC…)

Around the 32 minute mark of the Raquel interview, Lillee says she has to help Laur with relationships because Laur is a “mush pot” who’s always trying to help people kek

Pure tinfoil but I’m wondering if Earl made Laur move out while he stayed in the duplex. It would explain why Lillee still has access to the common area staircase and why we haven’t seen Earl in awhile.

No. 855134

These are the only kind of interview Lillee can really do. She's not good at thinking on her feet, and any real interviewer would dig deeper on some of Lillee's claims. Instead, she gets these madlib Q&A's, fills in her daily drivel, and the person publishes it with barely a glance to make sure it's even readable. There is no back and forth converstation happening.

Lillee will never be able to have a real interview. Look at the travesty that was the Fashion Haunts interview. The lady got 1 question off and Lillee launched straight into her very rehearsed speech about herself, down to breaking to alligator tears at the right spot. Laur is in the background asking if Lillee wants to stop the interview because it was going poorly. They are always going to allow only "approved" topics and demand control of an interview, and Lillee playing at being a CEO or environmentalist isn't interesting. People want to know about the drama surrounding her and her mom, and they refuse to have an honest conversation about it.

IMHO, Lillee's gone about as far as she will go. Outside of Too Faced, she's only getting PR from random brands, and even then, it seems to be a one and done thing. Her talk show is awkward and immature. All of these titles she's given herself are hollow and it's obvious she has no practical experience… Her claim to fame has pretty much dissolved into just normal internet trolling that isn't interesting.

No. 855136

Lillee’s body makes the strangest sounds sometimes


No. 855145

File: 1633099869898.jpg (21.67 KB, 353x309, botched.jpg)

Her cheeks are so weird. It looks botched botox imo.

No. 855146

The green card almost got away. I wonder if we'll ever get a 90 day fiance type of plotline with lillee since shes so dead set on having an exotic ~royal~ prince. Her and laur are definitely the type to fall for a "i need you to send me $1000 because im a royal foreign prince who needs to buy some food and clothing for a poor starving kid i rescued" type of scam from a pradip or pheepy type

No. 855147

Anyone knows how old is the raquel guest?
If I had no knowledge of the drama, I'd say LJ is 55 and the guest 35.
Keks at LJ's face being twice as wide and raquel.

>I need to embrace who lille jean is
I am super disturbed at the fact that LJ talks about herself at the third person A LOT.
She really sounds schizo.
How are the "haters" supposed to take her
> (my) vision, career goals, sully my morals and principles
Her bullied narrative doesn't even makes sense.

No. 855148

File: 1633101365084.jpeg (783.28 KB, 828x1473, 52E684D6-21C3-4099-95E1-D3D120…)

The face she made when her guest was talking about losing his mom

No. 855150

It's so obvious that Lillee has learned all of her social responses from Disney Channel shows and cartoons. Everything is over exaggerated and faked. He's talking about losing his mom and she's trying to figure out how to bring it back to herself.

No. 855151

She has apple cheeks. They tend to stick out in a round shape when you smile. The also help with the looking two ages at once thing.

No. 855153

Um, what is on the side of his head?

No. 855154

This cunt has zero fucking empathy. Everything is a fantasy to her, she doesn't give a fuck about other people's points of view or experiences at all and it's so painfully obvious. She's just exploiting her "interviewees" to feed her insatiable narcissism and nothing else, what a piece of shit. Nothing is real to her and she learned every behaviour she exhibits from Disney shows and movies, she's like one of the most fucked up social experiments I've ever seen/heard of

No. 855162

I was thinking the same thing. I don't even see "Lillee is incapable of empathy" as tinfoil anymore. She's demonstrated time and time again that all she cares about is herself. At this point I don't even think it's autism; I'm autistic myself and have friends that are and although we struggle with empathy I've never seen anyone as bad as her before.

No. 855166

It's his hair, which seems to be just one giant dreadlock

No. 855170

I think it's as much that Lillee has never had to care about another person other than her parents. She's never had a real friend as far as we know. The girls in school she was "friends" with she was jealous of. When she thought they should be jealous of her and weren't, she quit school. Lillee is motivated by a need to prove other people wrong and to make them jealous of her. As a result, she has to stay embroiled in drama and victimhood to have a story. She doesn't have empathy for other people because she only cares about herself and is suspicious of other people. If someone comments on one of her youtube vidoes and its the slightest bit negative, even if it isn't directly about her (someone commented on Too Faced having ridiculous PR packages and Lillee was a cunt in the reply and later deleted the comment thread), she attacks instantly. She only wants people to fawn over her, so if they aren't, she has no use for them.

No. 855175

Thing is: she has to be the person with the less of everything in the whole universe. No one could ever be jealous of her.
That's why she is constantly buying fake followers and fake engagement.
Oh the irony.

No. 855178

I don't know about "exotic" as in dark. Her deep rooted racism makes me think that she would pursue white men only.

No. 855179

With Lillee's horniness, who knows? I don't think she'd necessarily turn away a Pradip if he was insane enough to put up with her narcissism but I think eventually she would start saying lowkey racist shit that would probably drive him away. She sure as hell wouldn't date a Jewish guy though because then the LARP would become obvious. She's never been to synagogue, observed the holidays, studied the Torah, studied Hebrew, had a Bat Mitzvah, etc. Though I'd pay good money to see her at dinner with Philip Romanceberg's family where she laments that her ancestors were "fried alive" much to the shock and disgust of everyone at the table kek.

No. 855198

Lillee is the type of girl that sleeps with a 4 because they paid attention to her and then claims she was raped when it gets out. Lillee acts like she has this huge amount of self confidence, but anytime a halfway attractive white guy near her age pays attention to her on a live, she turns into a ball of social outcast and awkward flirting. If she didn't turn the guy off with that act, he could get laid for the cost of a few compliments and asking to see how limber she is. The only problem is I don't see Lillee being in a situation where it would be able to happen. Laur's never going to let Lillee go out for a night without her, Lillee has no friends to go to a club, bar, or party with. Maybe if Lillee ever got a real job, but I honestly think Laur would get a job with Lillee at McDonalds to make sure Lillee was never allowed to be influenced by normal people. IF Lillee ever got invited to an event across the country and Laur couldn't go for whatever reason, I think Laur would have an "emergency" that would cause Lillee not to go. They used it as an excuse when the Natasha Denona event fell through.

No. 855227

File: 1633142492824.png (6.26 MB, 828x4656, 96865ABF-61AE-43DA-937B-031155…)

No. 855229


This is the most unfortunate pair of tits on the fucking planet holy mother of god she needs to stop trying to "show them off".

No. 855243

Authority magazine shits out so many bad articles that Mr. Weiner published the interview with a typo right in the beginning of the title. https://medium.com/authority-magazine/zlillee-jean-seeing-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel-5-reasons-to-be-hopeful-during-this-corona-f1869bf865e2

No. 855244

for real, I still can't believe somebody can have such a pathetic chest like that and not to mention her age is like what? 20 years old? it's kinda crazy how pathetic every single thing about lj

No. 855249

>>855227 what the fuck is in this fat sped's hand, a chicken heart? Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with her? She looks like a Mac Truck with a grill cover in that cheap ass bikini, I guess Laur couldn't squeeze her into that purple one anymore, kek. She's about 4-5 years late on the mermaid trend, and her tits look like they're in two different zip area codes. How is she that wide and flat with a dumpy ass and a full blown retard face at only 20? I've seen 40 year old mothers in better shape. She's got absolutely nothing to be envious of, especially with those two fish eyed tits. One is pointing northeast and the other is southwest, and for some reason she just loves to show them off like they're not deformed. She's really got no clue as to what normal is and if she did, she would stop flaunting that pathetic excuse of a body.

No. 855250

I actually wonder if Laur ever taught Lillee to wear a bra properly coz those cups aren’t containing her boobs properly

No. 855251

Has anyone else seen the callout ontropolis' videos interviewing those allegedly targeted by the truemans. Their not particularly milky but have potential for freak outs. There's only 2 so far and I will saw the first one Abi came off as a bit sniggering mean girl. This is also the one who made those tshirts. The second was tati and it was more about laur being the puppet master and surprisingly mature and calm for tati.

No. 855253

I've seen trannies with better tits than Lillee. Funnily enough MTFs have the same problem with tits in two different zip codes kek.

I got like 10 minutes through the first vid and Abi annoyed me so much that I had to stop. She thinks Lincolnshire was mentioned by Lillee to target her but IIRC that's been mentioned before when she talks about her stupid ancestry shit. Abi definitely has mean girl vibes, why did we have to know she was married to a "famous" YouTuber? As if people care about her made up sexuality; it was barely relevant to the "drama". We're here for gossip, get the fuck to it!

No. 855258

I got through like ten seconds of that video where tati says "oh they're all bark" yet she's been bitching about them ruining her life for a year.

No. 855261

File: 1633182765085.jpeg (782.18 KB, 1170x1798, 4F038779-2E00-4149-B04C-66C655…)

>I became self-aware of what was going on with our planet

She keeps using the term “self aware” incorrectly in these interviews.

No. 855266

saged for non-milky, but Miss-Plastic-Straw said she became "self"-aware (kek) of the planet at 14.
It is a really late age to realize what's going on about pollution, resource waste, chimicals in industrial food, constantly ordering at amazon and food delivery, etc

Now she says she was bullied in grade school. If true, I'm surprised Laur didn't murder all the mean girls.
BTW a bit contradictory: the mean girl had a whole groupe of friends arround her but was cruel?
We know she's an intensive reading middle school dropout, but I wonder if she's been at school more than few weeks per years during her whole scholarity.

> I strongly encourage my fans to go to college

Keks. When did she ever encouraged anyone to pursue studies?

No. 855269

The issue I have with all these videos and the ones that are constantly crying on twitter about being "attacked" by Laur and Lillee is they are poking Laur trying to get a reaction and then crying when she slaps back. And they keep going back. When the thread originally started and Laur tried calling CPS on some of the users and was calling jobs and family members, yeah, that was some super fucked up shit. She was threatening people's families and jobs over mean internet comments. And most of the time she didn't even target the correct people. But when she issues DCMA's because you called her daughter a fat fucking cunt and posted pictures of her and you cry about it on twitter but don't dispute it because she might tell your mommy and daddy you were bad on the internet? It's so well documented that Laur and Lillee are petty cunts that will 100% DCMA anything posted by anyone that isn't blowing smoke up her ass, and even then they probably will because they are obsessed with controlling the story. They know its coming, but they do it anyways and cry for attention afterwards. Tati has zero legal case because she has consistently reneged on "this is my last video about them" thing. Either keep your shit anonymous and don't cry when they fight back, or boss up and dispute the claims.

No. 855270

You can have your opinion but don't be retarded. Just because someone does something obnoxious, it doesn't mean they don't have a legal case. The legality of Laur's perjury and harassment doesn't change if Tati makes another video. She isn't bound to a Cease & Desist, there is no protective order, Tati isn't limited here. Maybe in the court of public opinion she looks pathetic and weak, but that doesn't change the fact that Laur is responsible for whatever illegal actions she may have taken. Not that the case will go anywhere, anyway. Lawyers love to bill this petty shit that will never go to court. But your assumption that because she made another video the courts would throw it out, is wrong.

No. 855272

You are right, I misspoke in my last post. My opinion and what I meant is that Tati's case will never see the light of any court hearing or even meaningful arbitration. Laur will blow smoke about countersuing and I wouldn't doubt she finds some smuck that would represent her for goblin fees.

I think Andrew ESQ. would have probably given her legal advice, under the table, if Laur hadn't immediately ran to twitter to Broadcast him as the newest member of Lillee's "LEGAL" team, which he publicly refuted and embarrassed Laur. She didn't want to pay him after that because he humiliated her. God help the poor fool she finds that actually takes on the Goblin duo.

No. 855277


Any practicing IP attorney Laur could wheedle into giving her the time of day would just sit and let her rant and rage for an hour or two until she runs out of steam, calmly tell her that everything she thinks she knows about copyright and fair use is completely wrong and she can't sue people for giving their honest opinion of the behavior she and her talent-free spawn voluntarily display for all the public to see, and then escort her back to the front desk to pick up her bill on the way out.

No. 855278

I can't believe Lillee decided to cosplay Luna Aquaphine

No. 855306

Kek anon. I thought she was lazy cosplaying another dumb Ariel's sister.

No. 855308

Laur doesn't want to pay anyone, ever, that's kind of her thing. I'm sure she was hoping he'd defend her and Lillee for free.

No. 855312

Some callouts spoke to Lillee’s former classmates and all of them said that Lillee missed a ton of school and had no friends or enemies. Saged for tinfoil but I bet Lillee wasn’t bullied in school, the kids just didn’t wanna be friends with someone who was only in school a few times a month.

No. 855332

I honestly think it was just subtle exclusionary type of bullying. Like when you try to talk to a group of people your age as a shy kid with no friends, and they just kinda stare awkwardly at you and treat you like a weirdo. That stuff can hurt when youre younger but you grow up and mature and learn to be less awkward and make some actual friends. I just think she has never emotionally matured past middle school

No. 855336

File: 1633223078650.jpeg (412.87 KB, 600x1331, 6492558C-F504-4B4D-9F70-E66E86…)

No. 855346

Geezus. She types her answers to these madlib questions exactly like she speaks, run on sentences and incoherent babble included. Are these "authors" even reading her responses? I swear, they send her a form with a series of drop down options for questions that she selects a topic for and it auto populates the questions. No real interviewer would continue to ask complex, multipart questions after she butchered the first one.

No. 855347

Nah yeah, these questions are absolutely off a form or template or Smth, it's definitely not real interviews. Note how generic the questions are, so anyone who wants to can answer them.

No. 855349

>does't help to see the supply chain is breaking
Setting aside the spelling of "does't", who wants to bet she really knows what a supply chain is?

No. 855353

It can never be overstated how badly laur fucked up her only kid by having cartoons/disney movies be Lillee's prime reference of socialization during her most influential years. Her autism's for life.

No. 855355

oh no

No. 855360

File: 1633244421602.png (20.71 KB, 543x231, lil lie.png)

Are you telling me Lillee wasn't bullied by a group of Disney movie bullies Anon? I mean look at this story from LJ.

No. 855362

File: 1633245302481.png (1.56 MB, 837x1437, ;.png)

Giving Hartley Hooligan vibes here.
"MASK OPTION" Damn this bitch wants pats on the back for wearing a mask so bad. We all wear/wore them Lillee, you telling your 5 Jeaniez to wear masks isn't honorable.

No. 855365

"I may be fat but at least I change that. You'll always be ugly inside unless you change that!" Damn Lillee, you really told that bitch. I'd kms if I were the bully.

No. 855367

File: 1633256889463.jpg (60.55 KB, 902x902, mavis.jpg)

Amazing how she missed the only recognizable hair signature of the character.
Picral an actually good cosplay of it.

No. 855369

That "I can lose weight but you'll always be a MEANIE" line has to be the oldest one in the book. I remember hearing my family tell my pudgy cousin to say that to her bullies. It's a dumb thing to tell a kid because weight issues are serious if they're not nipped in the bud and people can grow and change personality. I mean, by that rationale Lillee will always be ugly inside for all the bigoted shit she's said. At least the inside matches the outside though kek.

No. 855387

But everyone stood up and clapped after this, don't you know?

And didn't she say she lost weight because no one liked her, then when she went back, no one wanted to be her friend still? Sounds to me like her telling off her bully wasn't quite the self confidence boosting moment she is trying to make it out to be. She kept trying to win approval.

Lillee was poor, overweight, had an overbearing mother who undoubtedly consistently contacted the school about her daughter's "treatment", she didn't just play with dolls, she was obsessed with them and Disney in general, she missed lots of school and thought she should be the star of the show despite a serious lack of talent and training.
I have zero doubt other kids excluded her. Lillee was the kid that only wanted to play princess and she had to be the princess. I was a teachers aide for 1st grade for 2 years and this kid always ended up crying because the other kids were "mean" to them. Little kids aren't really cruel, but they are pretty damn honest when it comes to how they treat each other. Lillee being told she has to be the ugly stepsister because she was fat is totally something I imagine another kid saying.

No. 855388

Don't know if anyone has mentioned this before but armchair/tinfoiling here. Could it be that Laur felt her mother didn't protect her enough? Maybe she was made fun of as a kid and held it against her mother that she didn't step in and help? Then she was like, when I become a mom, I won't be like that. I will aggressively tear apart anyone who even looks at my daughter the wrong way.

No. 855390

I think Laur was the bad kid. In one of the podcasts, Laur talked about being in a gang in high school (Sure Jan), dropping out of school and living in the streets. She married a much older, divorced, wanna be rockstar when she was very young. Brenda married a Jeweler, was beautiful and anything negative about her,in her parent's mind, was erased when she was murdered. Laur's been a perpetual victim her entire life. It would only follow that Laur felt like her mother didn't love her/protect her/care about her as much. I, as someone who thinks laur likely smoked and drank while pregnant, probably has some solid guilt about Lillee's issues. But since she's never going to admit it and the type of person she is, she lashes out at everyone else.

No. 855391

The fact that Lillee is on disability and doesn't know her height is quite telling. In my country, kids have medical visit at school every year: with height, weiht mesures, eyes sight, and other stuff.
Some kid on disability and never going to a Doc or dentist would alert social protection service.
Why is NYC so bad?
How is it that no one contacted CPS about Laur letting Lillee miss school so much. Every teacher should have seen how slow she was.

Laur is alike Margo Palermo a lot. She sees in Lillee her gold ticket to money and fame. However, unlike Margo she couldn't train her fat daughter and indulged her lazyness and everything.
Unlike Venus (or Dakota), Lillee will never be an internet phenomenon.
Back in the days Laur posted a dumb insta post with Lillee being 9 and wanting to be a model.
Lillee at 9 was nowhere close model material but Laur thought/thinks she had everything to make a successful career in modeling, acting, anything.
Later Lillee wanted to be: a Metgala MUA, the new marvel star (actress), a business woman in makeup industry, a 1M insta influencer, an ASMRist, a cosplayer (despite no attending any contest)
she's been trying to enter the voice acting and now a talk show host.
No to mention the ballerina workout and all the stuff I forget.
They can spam youtube and internet all they want, it's still not working.

No. 855392

File: 1633272965766.gif (1.06 MB, 480x270, lillee-jean-crying.gif)

She's… been doing the exact same expression in her "acting" demo from 2019.

Top Keks.

No. 855394

Something about her over-the-top Disney expressions just flips the "go ape" switch in my brain. If I had to go to school with this brat I'd have punched her lights out. Even in a fucking GIF Lillee annoys me.

No. 855397

That bully? Albert Einstein

No. 855405

She’s so incredibly ugly. How can Laur look at this abomination and think that Disney would cast her as a leading lady

No. 855408

>>855405 I know people will say that "she's so ugly" has already been said, but I'm with you anon. It's almost impressive how hideous Lillee is. If there's one thing she's excelled at time and time again, it's being the ugliest thing in the room and certainly in the beauty community (and that's saying alot, there's some absolutely hideous "beauty gurus"). It used to be that the beauty community was filled with good looking people, but over time, that's changed. I've seen some very ugly and "convex" (kek) beauty gurus suggested to me as of late, but the difference is they seem like genuinely kind people who are interested in makeup and know their shit. Not only is LJ a solid 0/10 in the looks department, she's boring, cruel, and genuinely one of the dumbest people on the platform. She has this "I'm a princess" stuck-up bitch attitude with 0 reason to for it, she's pretty much the opposite of what anyone would want to imitate. I wonder if she acts like that so she can claim that her high standards are why she has no friends, but we all know better. Anyone looking at her Instagram would see through that lie anyway, considering she befriends any creepy dude that gives her a compliment.

With a face like that, I can't understand why she ever thought she could be an influencer, but then again, I can't think of anything she'd be good at. She's not smart or well spoken, she can't sing, she can't dance, she's got a horrible attitude, she'll never be a model and the acting thing will never happen. She's too lazy to learn a skill or put effort into anything she does, and at this point, playing pretend with her mom is the only thing she'll ever do. We've seen her drastically decline in 4-5 years and I shudder to think what the next few years bring.

No. 855412

File: 1633296919248.png (490.29 KB, 828x1133, A4F6641E-D4E7-403B-991A-2AACD4…)

Reading comprehension is not her strongest suit

No. 855414

File: 1633297675290.png (688.92 KB, 667x1113, 213C24B3-EC52-421C-9EC5-4DD48E…)

No. 855417

I will say one thing. Her dancing is genuinely entertaining.

No. 855419

File: 1633302289092.jpeg (328.11 KB, 834x2047, AF1E608B-6623-434A-B664-850BCE…)

No. 855420

I LOVE her tiktok dance videos. They are comedy gold mines. The one where she duets a girl and attempts to do the same dance is probably my favorite, but her "boss bitch" dance is also pretty great. For a former cheerleader and dancer with a background in contemporary, modern and ballet, she has zero coordination or sense of rhythm.

CEO Lille Jean Beauty
Cardboard Box from Too Faced Cosmetics
Under 4th Street Overpass

love that you captured the crooked jaw

No. 855422

It's not that she didn't know her height. Of course she knew it. She was lying on her casting profiles or whatever you call them and decided she can't fake that if someone did want to see her in person so to "correct" it she pretended she didn't know then measured herself on one of her videos.

In grade school or middle school either someone at school made fun of her looks or she looked around at her classmates and realized that she isn't the most beautiful girl in the world as her mother had been telling her. She developed some sort of complex about it so she decided she would try to change her look by dieting and putting on a lot of makeup. That made her feel better about herself.

The reason for her wearing skimpy things and sizes too small for her is that she's not the pudgy little kid anymore (I know several anons will disagree with that). She's lost weight and she thinks she looks good. Sometimes when someone overweight loses some weight and can wear a size or two smaller, they think they can wear anything and look good in it. It's this weird confidence they get but they can't see themselves objectively. She's thinking, I couldn't close the buttons on this romper (or jeans or whatever) when I was fatter, but now I can (just barely). That means I'm a perfect size 2! But what she doesn't understand is how clothes are meant to hang on the body. When someone posted a picture of that hot pink romper on a real model, I had no idea the hem was supposed to be loose around the thighs. Anyway, when heavy people lose weight but not significantly so, sometimes the weight loss can go to their head and they think they can wear anything.

No. 855423

Where did she say she was a cheerleader? Not doubting you Anon, just wondering because I've never seen that. And while we're at it, where did she say that she studied all those styles of dance? Why isn't she doing it now?

No. 855424

>I hope to politically lend a voice for issues…
If she genuinely wants to make a change, she doesn't have to "hope to". She can do it now. She can contact community leaders, volunteer, get educated on the issues that matter to her (not just watching youtube videos but reading books, attending lectures), and invite scientists and real lawyers (not her mother) who are subject matter experts onto her talk show. Remember, she has 1 mil followers on insta so she should give hem a platform to bring awareness to her fans.

No. 855425

Lurk more, anon. Lillee’s posted pictures of her cheerleading class certificate numerous times and she constantly talks about the Korean fan dance class she took in the 4th grade. It’s also listed on her IMDb.

No. 855426

Ah yes, the Korean fan dance. That one I know about. Thought I lurked thoroughly but clearly I have more lurking to do.

No. 855428

Unfortunately, she's in the exact wrong industry to have these kinds of delusions of grandeur. The entertainment industry will chew you up and spit you out, same with modeling. An influencer/beauty guru is just a model with some skills and a following. All of these people are just investments for a company to make more money. Lillee doesn't understand that companies don't care about hurting the feelings of a unknown little girl with a bulldog of a mother. Only the top .0001% of people infront of the camera get to cherry pick projects, the rest of the industry gets rejected multiple times a day. That's just the ones that are actually knocking on doors. Lillee expects someone to stumble on her backstage page and offer her a lead position.

No. 855429

She recieved a cheerleading participation certificate in the 3rd grade. exactly like this one:

When callouts made fun of it, because who brags about being a cheerleader in 3rd grade, she went on a rant about bullies trying to take away her achievements. And this wasn't a competitive cheer squad. This was a bunch of little girls that signed up and automatically made the team, knew 2 cheers, and was taught by a teacher that only took it on so she had an excuse to go to away games with the basketball coach. Maybe not the last part, but it was a run of the mill elementary cheer squad with no requirements.

No. 855430

She talks about being in a ballet class in her workout video. I think it was another thing through the school though. Not something Laur actually paid for.

No. 855431

it was, she took 3 years worth of classes in middle school (IS 25) from Ms. Nuszer. She was a monkey in the christmas nutcracker….she claims it was a supporting lead. (it's all on her backstage page.)

No. 855433

Lillee has fewer actual achievements than your average high schooler

No. 855435

I didn't realise that Clara was actually a monkey

No. 855439

anon, let's be real. she hasn't lost anything in a long while and actually looks more like the fridge she appeared to be in one of her grade school videos posted here. she's been expanding all throughout covid. what i really don't get is how she continues to preach her pre-diabeetus success story yet doesn't bat an eye over her current state. if there's a time for her to reevaluate her diet, it is now. although why am i even surprised at this when lj has consistently demonstrated a complete lack of insight into any of her problems

No. 855444

File: 1633339160408.jpg (117.82 KB, 1080x1104, Screenshot_20211004-101902_Chr…)

No. 855447

Kek what the fuck. Lillee already attributes everything to her being an Aries, don't let her see this shit. Seeing that photo of her again in thumbnail, it's so bad. She looks like an egg with features badly photoshopped on.

No. 855451


I've seen a lot of people who build their careers on social media talk about how they can get hyper-focused on what a few critics, haters or trolls say and lose the ability to feel encouragement from the vast majority of their fans who have nothing but positive or supportive things to say.

LJ seems to have the exact opposite reaction to being a "public figure." As long as there's at least one desperate Pradip with a white girl fetish to tell her she looks pale and beautiful, she'll latch onto that and nothing else, not even what's staring back at her from the mirror, can convince her of the truth: that she looks unwashed and unhealthy.

No. 855452

File: 1633362659173.jpeg (373.47 KB, 2048x2048, B0A70242-6349-498B-939E-C778BE…)

She noticeably lost weight when everything came out back in the summer of 2019 (picrel, she has collar bones without doing the weird horse neck thing & her arms are significantly smaller). She started gaining it back before Covid. Her lifestyle didn’t change with quarantine but she saw everyone else complaining about gaining weight stuck in their houses and thought ok this is fine. I hate commenting on her weight because I don’t think it’s important but the fact she’s completely ignoring it and pretending to be some sort of wellness coach is hilarious.

No. 855453

I thought LJ would've jumped at the chance to blame covid for her weight gain. It's better than burying her head in the sand and posing in outfits she's quite literally spilling out of. She's certainly getting mileage out of the "I can't go to events because covid" excuse, why not blame the weight on it too? Plus it gives her a chance to look #relatable by talking openly about something so many women struggle with. Seems counter-intuitive but at this point I'm the idiot for expecting these two goblins to do anything remotely sensible.

No. 855454

She'd have to acknowledge the weight gain. Lillee is an expert at burying her head in the sand and ignoring anything she doesn't want to hear. It's much easier to shout "BODY POSITIVITY" while treating her body like shit.

No. 855455

Yeah one of her trademarks is her “petite figure”

No. 855456


Even if/when she acknowledged how much weight she's gained, she's still got Mama Laur in her ear 24-7 telling her that it's her "Ukranian Russian French German Jewish genes" sucking the calories from bread particles out of the air and making her fat so it's totally not her fault and all she needs to do is make #1change4change to get back down to her petite princess weight.

Of course, Lillee will never actually put forth even the bare minimum of effort either, so she'll continue get wider while referring to her pre-mushed tendies as a "healthy diet" and her once-quarterly dookie squats as her "workout regime."

No. 855457

She said during her workout live that she gets low blood sugar so she’s probably closer to diabetes than ever before

No. 855458

She doesn’t have low blood sugar kek. She gets dizzy and out of breath easily because she’s completely sedentary.

No. 855463

tbh i wouldn't be surprised if she actually doesn't think she has a sexy babe body. remember how she used to shut down anyone who dared say anything about her dolphin mouth, saying that she has perfectly healthy adult teeth and how it's basically her trademark? and then she suddenly decided to fix them and is now admitting that she never shed her baby teeth. i suppose if obesity could be fixed with a lousy cheap shortcut, she would have done something about it too

No. 855465

This bitch looks like tranny babadook.

No. 855466

File: 1633375437901.jpg (20.77 KB, 215x353, truehorror.jpg)

I don't even get how and why she applies lipstick like that…
Why the hedge application?
Why the mouth prop style creepy grin?

No. 855467

Lillee is the type of person that gets on a health kick and doesn't eat breakfast, doesn't drink enough water (soda and teas don't count), works out too hard for their activity level and then gets a headache from it. Rather than fix the issues, she cries bloodsugar! and uses it as an excuse to not work out next time. I mean, she can't help that, right?
Beckford Bar dude should have called her ass out right then, along with the fact she wanted to do a workout video and didn't and couldn't complete more than a single rep of anything. He missed an opportunity to show that he was actually a real personal trainer and not just a shrill man for a gimmick.

No. 855468

>He missed an opportunity to show that he was actually a real personal trainer and not just a shrill man for a gimmick.
How anyone agreeing to a live with the goblin would be anything else than a loser/scammer/phony?
The Jen Eagle chick wants to be a singer. She sang a woke song so bad with zero $ invested in a decent microphone or one singing class.
No one seemed even remotely close to legit during those pathetic lives.

No. 855480


I feel like she was trying to show off her teeth back when she used to smile like this–people pointed out her janky teeth a lot (naturally) so Lillees response was to 'show up the haters' by flaunting the chompers and talking about how much she loved her teeth and how she'd never EVER get them fixed.

Imagine the tantrum she must have thrown when she found out she was going to have to get extensive visible dental work done and all the hattttersss would know they were right.

No. 855481


how long before the goblins start shopping for a new engagement pod full of snake oil tummy tea quacks and sketchy gastric sleeve factories to try to get lils free weight loss surgery?

No. 855482

I think he was just trying to be lighter on her since its obvious she has 0 fitness expertise yet pictures herself as a fitness god grinding at the gym everyday. Also doesnt help that im pretty sure lillee was weirding him out by her not so subtle attempts at being flirty

No. 855489

File: 1633394163182.png (6.28 MB, 828x4513, 8CE7B560-B241-4245-A68C-3FFD36…)

No. 855491

Serving those middle age mom vibes like a champ.

No. 855492

>>855489 I'm always surprised (even though I shouldn't be) at how ugly this fat slob is. Her pupils don't adjust to light and that combined with her stupidity leads me to believe she really is brain damaged. I just don't get how someone can be this young yet look so old and out of shape. Even with her mouth closed she's still nightmare level hideous. Her presence is a constant reminder of why people shouldn't even risk having a glass of wine while pregnant. If that was my kid, I'd hide her from the public or banish it to live in one of those tard homes. Idk why Laur is proud of the abomination she created but she needs to stop. Unleashing that thing she calls a kid on the unsuspecting public is crime.

No. 855494

what’s going on with the aggressive sperging over her weight lately? I can’t tell if it’s the new wave twitter callouts or if Laur/Elaine are trying to keep the cyberbullying narrative going. Maybe I’m paranoid but it seems very obvious and off to me.

No. 855498

File: 1633410695134.jpg (368.52 KB, 3464x1949, PicsArt_10-05-12.09.38.jpg)

I was thinking the same. I almost even complimented >>855489 this look.

I like the lip color. Her outfit is dirty, covered in hair, but the color is nice. And it ALMOST looks like she tried to contour. But then you zoom in..

It's like she tried contoured her nose but it's only fall out eyeshadow. Then you see her chin and go ok that's sharp. Then you realize it's a dirty direto was left in the rain. Then the eyes. Oh God it's like she's playing a staring contest with the devil. And then I thought ok ok! At least there is no lopsided cleavage and you see BRIGHTNESS 1000%. A normal person in this top would have something, a collar bone, a clavicle, flat or thick some semblance of boobies. Plus someone that age who is such an expert on fitness and beauty and health and skincare should not be battling chronic acne.

My issue is not her weight in these photos. It's her bullshit.

No. 855499

why would she post picture 2 and 3? does she honestly believe those are good pictures of her???

No. 855500

These all look so bad, it just screams my mom takes my photos because no one else will.

No. 855501

We nitpick everything else about both LJ and Laur in this thread but you think that the weight stuff is too aggressive? This is a gossip website, I'm not gonna wear kid gloves to protect fatty feelings.

No. 855505

>gossip website

Repeatedly calling Lillee fat & ugly isn’t milk. Integrate, anon.

No. 855510

Pretty sure the person who is obsessed with lillees weight is the same person who throws a bitch fit if someone does go along with their narrative how very Laur of them.

No. 855511

It's not just one person. What next? Everyone who calls LJ fat is Diane?

No. 855513

No shit its the same two anons going back and forth. They know how to sage which eliminates Elaine. Must be twitter weens.

No. 855515

File: 1633437349817.jpeg (177.22 KB, 850x483, FC2A3357-00E9-45C8-8297-5CEB94…)

Lillee’s analytics look like shit after the free government money ran out to pay for bots and views. Her Youtube channel has seen a 80% decrease in subs and 157% decrease in views. Her most recent Instagram bot followers are all blank profiles.

No. 855516

File: 1633437380301.jpeg (386.74 KB, 1170x2147, E852DFCB-210B-4BB8-8FC6-7F33A2…)

No. 855517

This is just sad. If Lillee wasn't such a rotten, spoiled girl I might feel sorry for her.

No. 855519

Its not her worst look. It compliments her even though it looks a bit too mature for her age. Her face just never looks relaxed when shes posing, she tries waaaaay too hard to strike a model pose while having no idea how to do it. But she would never take any criticism and apply it because that would imply shes not the bestest most greatest most gifted most talented booty guru model she and laur envision her as

No. 855520

not everyone you don't like on the farm is a newfag or twittertard, dumbass. some of you are starting to sound like lj and laur screaming diane.
just how many more of those staircase shoots do they have stashed away? i don't get why they won't just take pictures outside if they currently live in some 10sqft dungeon? i guess lilz is probably paranoid that the haters will doxx her based on the position of the sun and reflection in pupils.

No. 855523

youre def not these twitterfags. mmkay nonnie


Just learn to integrate and stop the repetitive fat, ugly goblin sperg.

No. 855524

NTA but your paranoia is hilarious. Aren't twitterfags less likely to sperg about weight? They'd think it's "fatphobic". T-shirt girl bitches about meanies making fun of her "asexuality" in a video about LJ so I can't see her and her ilk cracking fat jokes. Regardless, it's gonna keep happening until Lillee loses weight. She prides herself on being "petite" for fucks sake, of course people will call her out for being porky. It wouldn't even be so bad if she stuck to clothes her size like in >>855489 even if those clothes do age her a bit.

No. 855525

File: 1633445571566.png (36.39 KB, 591x295, lol.png)

Elaine has been very busy sperging about lolcow but it's very obvious when Elaine posts. You seem like you don't know how Elaine and Laur talk, stop being a paranoid retard.

No. 855527

File: 1633447447389.png (61.3 KB, 1093x522, s.png)

Lillee's site has a social media guidelines page. Completely copy and pasted from the royal family's site. https://www.royal.uk/social-media-community-guidelines. They only added the DMCA statement at the end.

No. 855528

So she can include all the things in her posts that commenters are not allowed to do?

No. 855531

She's so full of shit the toilets jealous.

No. 855538

The fact that Lillee didn't go to another influencers website but to the fucking BRF website to steal community guidelines really speaks volumes about how she views herself. She's certifiably insane at this point.

No. 855542

File: 1633460145684.png (47 KB, 809x203, Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 2.53…)

>and that can be my issue
Why is that there? Doesn't make sense in the context of the sentence.

And any nautical anons' thoughts on "driving my ship"? Are ships driven?

No. 855543

This is hilarious milk.

Was thinking the same thing.

No. 855545

You can steer a boat or pilot. Driving a boat is not a common phrase used in nautical circles.

No. 855546

It normally would be steering my ship as you don't drive a ship your steering it.

No. 855547

>believe that you can and you're halfway there
Lillee: I believe I'm a celebrity kween with 1 million followers so now it's half true!

Speaking of royals >>855527, I remember her yt video where she said she wanted to be the one and only queen and kick all the other queens out.
Does she know "queen" is not something you can "become" at will, you inherit a throne or marry a heir.

No. 855549


Most of the twitter callouts would never talk about Lillee's weight.

Don't overdo the paranoia anons; the reason there's been a recent increase in nitpicking her weight is because LJ spent all of 2020 and a good portion of 2021 wearing those stained, stretched out pajamas and hiding behind 2 feet of ratty chemical-damaged hair. Now that she's gotten a decent haircut and bought a new fast fashion wardrobe, it's much easier to see that she's packed on 2-3 dress sizes.

No. 855552

File: 1633469821313.jpeg (355.37 KB, 1368x553, 07E32618-BA53-4ECD-B76E-E96858…)

Check out the latest Lillee’s Corner

> One thing I do when out, is ask for a PAPER straw (they often look white, and can be confused with plastic on photos).

> I also, with my entire family, use reusable tote bags for food shopping, thus no plastic waste is occurring w/ single-use plastic! It only takes ONE change :)

No. 855560

Asking that one paper straw when you eat out of styrofoam containers totally offsets the amount of PR makeup she purchases or the Amazon wigs she gets and sends back.
Oh let’s not forget the ethically made $15 fashion nova rompers.

No. 855562

Aside from the obvious, "You know those pictures that show me using a plastic straw? Well they're actually paper. They just look like they're plastic," do stores really give you a choice? In NYC it's either or. No one offers a choice.

No. 855565

There's no choice in straws anywhere I've dined outside the west coast, and the idea that restaurants would stock every iteration of straw so Princess Lillie may choose her choice shows her level of NEETness. She's clueless about food service, working, or life outside the subbasement. And yeah, all beside the point when she eats her weight in takeout containers every week.

No. 855567

As of like two years ago, all grocery stores in NYC have banned plastic bags, you either bring your own or buy a paper bag for like $0.05. Not exactly an environment statement when it’s literally the only option.

No. 855568

Would love for her to name one place in NY that offers a choice of paper v plastic straws. I can go there and check for myself.

No. 855569

Almost everyone in NY uses tote bags. She's not being virtuous by doing something that is commonly done by most people. And if you forget to bring a bag, the bags they sell are the reusable kind, not the old plastic ones. Unless you go to Trader Joe's, and they give you paper.

No. 855571

File: 1633483556363.jpeg (345.36 KB, 828x1133, 12663848-7395-4760-AF79-050055…)

Pradip doesn’t know that she doesn’t go outside

No. 855572

>>855571 "Sprucing up my goals" - what the fuck? Has she ever read a book outside of "See Spot Run"? Normal people don't talk like this, but I guess she'd have to talk to people other than her imbecile mom in order to know that. Does she not watch other influences or YouTubers, or does she think that she speaks differently than literally every other English speaker because she's sOo sMaRt? I really can't figure it out but I read one of those interviews she did the other day and I genuinely loled when she mentioned college. Bitch couldn't pass an elementary school placement exam without ending up in the class with the kids that eat glue, yet she thinks college is an option open to her.

I'd love for her to apply, hell, I'd pay the application fee to a college of her choosing as long as she agreed to open the (rejection) letter on camera during a live stream. We'd get to see her smug look slowly turn into that hideous scowl of hers as she attempts to reads it aloud, no doubt stopping to Google a word (or fifty) that she doesn't understand. Then would come the absolute toddler tantrum she throws when they tell her that her ScamKeyStone Diploma is just overpriced toilet paper because they're not accredited, SAT Scores aren't optional and she'll need to take the test and submit her score as well as get her GED. She'll inevitably scream down the house dungeon when she realizes that she can't just buy a GED online and needs to study and attend a proctored exam at a real HS and Laur won't be able sit in the room with her. After she realizes that she never turned the camera off, she'll attempt to delete any trace of the stream and deny that it ever happened while telling everyone that she "totally got in" but her "manager" told her it's not a good idea to take off for a few years at this point in her career. Then she'll casually mention that the University told her that she had the bestest, most amazing application ever, and they were floored by her Korean dance video.

I know it will never happen, but an anon can dream. Saged for 'tism.

No. 855573

(most) colleges require a filled out application, complete with a written essay. Anything Lillee can't do via a message from her momager about her million instagram followers will never happen. Laur would be tasked with writing an essay about herself ("A woman that inspires me") or about Diane ("An Adversity I have overcome"). Lillee ain't writing that shit. Laur would have to apply too so that she could take every class with Lillee. They don't have enough brilliant ideas for the both of them to make it, fuck, they can't even make it now working together for just Lillee.

No. 855576

>sprucing up my goals

lillee what the fuck does this mean

No. 855578

>>855573 Oh, I know anon. It's kind of a pipe dream of mine, albeit a really pathetic one. I don't know what the application process is now (I graduated with my bachelor's in 2009, then went on to grad school) but even back then she wouldn't have made it through the application process. It's just funny to me that she brags about her uhMaZinG education and how she could go to an Ivy League school, yet she can't type a coherent sentence in the only language she knows. I understand that higher education is a privilege for some, but there's been plenty of people in far worse socioeconomic situations than Lillee who have managed to make it to university and beyond. Difference is, they were smart and determined and lillee is a lazy pile of dog shit with the brains to match. There's no way LJ was ever told she could make it to Ivy league, unless Laur was the one telling her that. Wasn't she in remedial classes in the short time she was in public school? I wouldn't be surprised.

She sure does brag a lot for someone who is obese, hideous, talentless, and is dumber than a doorknob. It's gotta blow being the ugliest kid in school as well as the dumbest. You'd think Laur would've rushed her to the doctor to get her diagnosed with some affliction so that she could use it as an excuse as to why her kid is a dumbass. Nothing these two imbeciles do make sense.

No. 855582

tbh Lillee does seem like the type who would ask for a paper straw for her frappe served in a plastic cup

No. 855584

Looking forward to Lillee reading this and then making a YouTube community post about how you only need 1change4change so the plastic cup is totes fine. No point questioning why she doesn't buy a reusable cup - NEETbux only cover essentials like used makeup pallets, cheap wigs and fast fashion. The goblins don't seem capable of making practical, pragmatic purchases.

No. 855591

>>855584 Nothing the Goblins do is pragmatic or practical. Most people wouldn't continue to dump money into their fat, talentless, homely daughter in hopes that she'll be famous, especially when the entire household is unemployed and staring down their umpteenth eviction. Luckily for us, they're not only impractical but stupid and it makes for some pretty great milk at times.

Has Laur created a new sock on Twitter or did they finally issue a ban on her MAC address?

No. 855592

I actually enjoy the head cannon of Lillee going to college. And my own head cannon is that Lillee is more aware of stuff than she lets on-but she's lazy and vain. Lillee defended her teeth until she was old enough to get a credit card/credit limit. I don't think that's a coincidence. On days when I feel sorry for Lillee Jean, I wonder how much being SO isolated with her mom has affected her. Lillee obviously "needs" her mom constantly, and I think Laur needs Lillee just as much if not more so. I don't think it's within Lillee's ego to work at McDonalds or something of the type, but I think even if she got an entry level job at an appropriate company, I really Laur would be pissed and cause Lillee to quit/lose it.
And I know the cries of "LILLEE WOULD NEVER TAKE A REAL JOB" are going to come, but consider how much Lillee has made out of a fake company that literally only exists to make her a CEO and give her DCMA claims more clout (and maybe protect personal assests incase of lawsuits). She's ranked herself 2/3 on backstage as a dancer, a 3/3 actress. She was a monkey in a school play and lists it on her credits. An entry level job would be spun into an assistant to the president of the company. If Lillee got offered a job at BITE Beauty or even Sephora, I don't doubt she would take it.

No. 855594

The irony is, her looks and voice could actually take her far, if she was willing to work hard. If she had any self awareness, emotional maturity, humility, and intelligence, she could totally leverage her physicality to play roles that might be unique to her. It's true not a lot of people look like her so if she pounded the pavement, developed an affable personality, knew how to listen, and cultivated some depth of character, she could have casting agents requesting specifically her. Maybe roles could even be written specifically for her. She actually has some potential to be a singer. She isn't naturally gifted like Christina Aguilera, but with training she could be a member of the chorus of a Broadway show.

The problem is that she can't see past her narcissism. As a recovering narcissist myself (if there is such a thing), it is possible to learn empathy, and use techniques to catch yourself. With years of practice, people can change. She is still young, but not that young. The best thing I can recommend for her is to work with a therapist who specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy. Even if she is reading this, I know she won't do it because Laur will tell her she doesn't need it and it's a waste of money, and she places a huge amount of importance on what Laur says and thinks. Laur is too common to understand the benefits of therapy and she is likely to think the way uneducated people do that it's just about lying on a couch and telling someone about your childhood or looking at ink blots and then you're charged $200.

No. 855599


It would never work, anon. At every point of the hiring process, Lillee would have to exhibit self control and maintain that façade long enough to avoid sabotaging herself with her own narcissism:

-She'd have to refrain from putting any of the usual grandiose lies she tells about herself into her CV or on the job application, as they'd fall apart under a minimum amount of scrutiny and whoever was hiring would dismiss her and move on to the next applicant.

-She'd have to accommodate someone else's schedule and pay close attention to her hygiene in order to show up for an interview on time looking clean, neat, and properly dressed for the work position.

-She'd have to convince mommy to wait in the car or the lobby, or else Loudmouth Laur would steamroll her way in to the interview, highjack every question asked, and make it clear that hiring Lillee would mean having Laur become a daily workplace disruption.

And even if by some miracle Lillee could get herself together enough to get through all of that without fucking up, as soon as she got hired to work the checkout register at a place like Sephora or Bite Beauty, she'd hop on IG or twitter and start lying about how she's got a position high up in corporate or product development or something, and some callout would immediately get in touch with the company and let them know that Lillee was misrepresenting herself and their company on a public platform, and oh, by the way, here's a recording of her screaming for people to go burn in a fire and die of COVID.

Bye-bye job.

No. 855601

File: 1633537111991.jpg (166.17 KB, 1080x1920, 244527982_245461977534910_8810…)

From LJ's IG story. It's hard to tell if the selfies with the glasses are from the same day as the photos before it, but it looks like the same outfit and makeup. Why would she be in their car, they don't go anywhere, unless tinfoil like >>855127 is true? Other option is that these are actually old photos, and that Lillee resaved every picture for some reason for them to show up in her recents.

No. 855602

Pure tinfoil but if LJ reads this thread she'd have seen people say that she probably has a stack of staircase photoshoots saved because they've had to move again so maybe her showing us her recents is her trying to flex that there totally isn't a stockpile of staircase photos.

No. 855606


Is it really tinfoil at this point? All the traffic from the Primink video has dried up and her engagement podlings and 5 braindead fans all just give her vague empty praise no matter what lazy garbage she posts.

Pretty much everything she does is a direct reaction to something said about her here because this is the only place where she can get real attention. Her active audience is 99% people laughing at her and 1% desperate coomers in India hoping she'll finally show full titty.

No. 855608

File: 1633540898427.jpg (36.11 KB, 631x454, folieàdeux.jpg)

She is going live with Laur later on, my good Anons.

No. 855611

kek cant wait to hear what intelligent, insightful, rational things laur has to say

No. 855614

KEK, the file name. This is gonna be great milk.

No. 855621

>>855608 Let's not forget, we all know exactly why Laur is doing this, right? It was suggested to her by the user "Act_1" back when she was warring with Michelle on IMDB; She's attempting to use this to get her pseudo bullshit credits back. I don't understand how that would even work, I can go on YouTube and have a some anon interview me as I make up an entire fake life, it still has no merit. If all you needed to do was bullshit on YT about how you were a "famous propmaster to the stars", every Hollywood-wannabe would be doing it. It's not going to magically make the studio's (that she never worked for) credit her in their filmography.

Plus, It's not like anyone but us watch LJ's poorly done interview videos, so it's not like anyone but farmers will see her shitty interview. If anything, it's just giving us more milk, which is great for us but not for them. Idk why she thinks this will get all her IMDB credits back, it's not like this is a TV interview conducted by a respected/notable journalist; it's a garbage fly-by-night YT fluff piece done by her retarded daughter. Surely IMDB will see the bias of an interview where the interviewer is the subject's idiot goblin child? I don't have much hope, but we'll see.

If I'm going to look at LJ's busted face and horrifying maw, I'm going to atleast make it interesting. I'll be grabbing some vodka and making a drinking game out of this charade. Everytime she mentions Johnny Depp, "haydurs", the black web, Public Enemies, or "muh famous clients", I'll be taking a shot. Bonus points if Laur brings up the lie about "helping Vanessa plan Kobe's funeral" because that was one of my favorite lies thus far.

Do we think they'll be sitting together face to face in the new dungeon, or will Laur be in a separate corner pretending she's not in the room as LJ splits the screen?

No. 855625

Kek you're gonna have a hangover tomorrow, anon. I really hope they mention the Kobe Bryant funeral too, absolutely my favourite lie ever. It's just so fucking out there and incredibly stupid. Also my bet's on Laur being in a different part of the house to make it look like LJ isn't a NEET that still lives with mommy.

No. 855630

>>855625 LOL, as I was typing that I actually opened up a new browser window to make sure my Healthcare plan is still active, my work keeps advertising open enrollment coming up and I just wanna be sure I'm covered when I inevitably end up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning. I have a feeling that this bullshit interview will run into OT; we all know how much these two sewer rats love kissing each other's asses. I'm sure at some point Laur will end up asking LJ about the "boolies" and Diane and the interview will turn into Laur asking Lillee the same 5 questions she always answers in her garbage interviews.

I wonder how far the WiFi in the new dungeon reaches? If it's got decent range, I bet one will be in the good old Jeep parked out front, kek. I'm hoping they go the traditional split screen route so they can pretend they're in separate places. That way we can see lillee try to figure out why the audio is all fucked up, not realizing it's Laur's man voice causing mic feedback from the other corner of the dungeon. This is such a gloriously bad idea and I'm here for it.

No. 855634

File: 1633556945859.png (957.9 KB, 541x949, jfdsdfjadj.png)

Live now. Anons were right.

No. 855636

File: 1633557684513.png (840.23 KB, 551x956, Screenshot_3.png)

Laur's probably in Lillee's filming room. You can see a backdrop in the background.

No. 855637

Laur keeps putting her chewed gum into and out of her mouth. Fucking trashy all the way.

No. 855638

All in the Family was NOT a "really racist show". It had a racist character, but the show itself was incredibly forward thinking.

No. 855639

Wants to do more "philanthropic" work. Couldn't pronounce the word though. So… does asking for paper straws count?

No. 855640


wow, they really put in their best effort. laur is giving us truck stop crossdresser realness werk

No. 855641

File: 1633558703033.jpeg (30.63 KB, 500x318, A451DE78-2712-4B64-8424-AF4A94…)

No. 855642

laur the hollywood prop master has never heard of final destination

No. 855644

Laur just admitted she's had no personal growth. Now THAT's a cautionary tale.

No. 855645

>>855642 She's apparently never heard of bathing, brushing her hair, or putting on a bra either. What the fuck do these two have against hygiene and proper underwear? Their outright hate for covering up their saggy tits is making me wonder if Laur secretly blames a bra for her sisters murder. It wouldn't be the weirdest thing about these two trolls.

No. 855646

Lillee and Laur didn't bother really buying bots for this live, it's hovering around 550-600. Cats are with them, Earl is still in the freezer.

No. 855647

>>855646 Lmao, I wouldn't doubt it. They probably defrost a chunk of him every now and then and throw it to the cats. Free cat food for a year!

>>855630 Was right. You can hear the microphone feedback because they're so close to each other and at times it's quite distracting. New dungeon must be real small.

No. 855648

File: 1633560289082.jpg (296.64 KB, 1028x1827, Screenshot_20211006-184126_Ins…)

A few minutes ago, around 6:33, they started talking about Lillee's school. Of course "boolies" were mentioned, I think I'm up to like 6 shots now? This was a bad idea. Still not as bad of an idea as doing a live with my mom in the next room though.

Guidance counselor was always calling Laur about "possible school shootings" and "bomb scares". Lillee talked about how she hated school, felt claustrophobic and ganged up on. Also didn't like standing outside in the cold. In regards to the bomb scares, Lillee would call her chronically unemployed mom to pick her up every time something happened saying "I needed to get out of there! I wasn't staying!" So she was barely in school. Yeah, we know Lillee. You can barely speak English.

Laur would tell Lillee "don't be a hero". Delusion level 3000.

Lillee says "oMg so many people wanna go live!" As Laur cackles like a loon. Lillee is deciding who to pick, must be hard to remember whose a bot and who isn't. I really hope I don't see pradip peen, it's bad enough that Laur's left tit is about to pop out at any moment and I don't have enough alcohol for that.

No. 855649

Had to turn it off because I couldn't take it anymore so missed the part about school. Were they trying to make today's school shooting in TX about them????

No. 855650

Lillee ended it abruptly, and just before she said they had like 2 minutes left, the views went from 550ish to under 200. She noticed and and ended the live. Guess the bots were only paid for 1 hour between 5:45 and 6:45.

No. 855652

File: 1633560747240.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1170x1987, 18854103-F0E1-413E-B17A-4ECD19…)

Earl escaped the freezer to leave a peach emoji for his hot wife

No. 855656

File: 1633560945353.jpg (287.85 KB, 1055x1832, Screenshot_20211006-184727_Ins…)

Saging this but at the very end, they were pretending to be Gomez Addams (Lillee) and Laur was Morticia. Lillee wanted Laur to do her best Morticia impression because apparently Lillee invited Laur to her Halloween Party, top kek. Like… you two live together and Lillee has no friends, so it's it going to be them and Lillee's dolls?

Anyway, at the very end as this was happening, Laur asks how long they have left and Lillee says "2 or 3 minutes". About ten seconds after that, Lillee says "Omg dad just joined!" and Laur starts to laugh before asking "Wait, who??". Lillee repeats herself as they both make surprised and shocked faces at the camera. (PicRel)

Why is that so shocking? I'm guessing he doesn't live in the house? I'm kicking myself for not recording this because it was so awkward. Around this time the viewer count drops from 588 down to 280, and they're both too shocked about the Earl thing to notice. I didn't see him join and kept looking to see if I missed it, so if anyone has this recorded, please post. Right after that, I noticed the amount of people watching dropped again from 280 to 60 to 40 and then Lillee said "We gotta go, bye!" and got off camera ridiculously fast. I don't think it could be more obvious that they're purchasing bots for lives.

No. 855657

File: 1633561139111.jpg (298.2 KB, 1080x1852, Screenshot_20211006-184735_Ins…)

PicRel to show the shocked faces of when Earl crawled out of freezer, but more importantly, this is right before Lillee abruptly ended. Check the amount of people watching in the corner. For comparison, the pictures shown in >>855652 and >>855656 were taken a few seconds before this. You can see the viewers cut in half and then drop down to almost nobody (well, except us). Top, kek. She still can't figure out how to tell time, I guess.

No. 855658

Just ended. Some random moments.
>500+ views right at the beginning.
>Early on Laur talks about a coworker dying. She talks a lot about death, school shootings, and COVID actually.
>Laur says "I hope you have no children here", brings out a naked baby doll. A naked baby doll is inappropriate for kids, but having dudes flash their dick to Lillee isn't?
>Laur talks about working on the show Gotham and mentions Lillee's boyfriend. Lillee has that sort of reaction of when someone else let's out your secret.
>Laur calls Heathers "The Heathers". Just a classic boomer moment.
>Lillee talks about Amber Heard, wants to see her play Mera again. Laur says some shit about there being two sides of the story.
>Lillee has supposedly signed a contract with a celebrity brand. Laur mentions a collab.
>Laur talks about their being lock downs at LJs school. Says once she walked right into the school and asked the SWAT team where her daughter was.
>Lillee starts reading out messages about Laur's boobs. After Earl posts a peach emoji in the chat.
>Lillee says the cat is at her door. Not a second later, Laur says it's at her door. Laur must be in the junk room so she can bring out her antiques and props, but couldn't they just have done it in there together?

No. 855659

>>855658 My uncle was one of the many producers on Gotham (The TV Show). Last time this was brought up, I asked him if he knew who Laur Trueman was and he didn't, never heard of her. I said she did set design and asked if she would be credited for her work and he said if she did infact work on it, she'd be credited. She isn't. Not that we need anymore proof of her bullshit, but I figured I'd throw it in there. I think she picked the show because of the filming locations being around Manhattan and Long Island. She knew that nobody would believe her flying out to Hollywood, so she picked something comic book related that was filmed locally. She's truly an idiot.

No. 855661

>>855656 is Lillee using the clear hangar straps of that shirt as a way to keep that off the shoulder shirt up? They're around her shoulders, like she put her arms through them… Jesus what a sped.

No. 855662

I think it’s clear bra straps. They were big in the late 90s/early 00s

No. 855671

>>855662 wasn't she born in 2001? In was going to ask if those clear bra straps were coming back but then I remembered she doesn't wear a bra so it's probably something that Laur stole from her mother's closet.

No. 855675

I’m just a few minutes in to this dumpster fire of a live, and her constant typing on her phone and computer mixed with her shit attitude is driving me up the fucking wall.

No. 855689

File: 1633607737997.jpeg (125.22 KB, 1170x660, 8E4A20B2-AB33-443E-8008-C356F5…)

Scott Gettzinger is the propmaster Laur says she worked with.


He died in 2012 after a car accident. Found Laur’s comments on his obituary.

No. 855691

File: 1633608790403.jpeg (315.13 KB, 1170x937, 16C1E56A-66CD-457A-BFA0-C90AEF…)

During the interview, Laur says she worked on The Alienist. The show is set in NYC but it’s actually filmed in Budapest.

No. 855696

>Lillee talked about how she hated school, felt claustrophobic and ganged up on. Also didn't like standing outside in the cold.

We knew she hated school, however, why the "standing outside in the cold" thing?
During recess kids go outside to play, unless the weather is horrible. Most of the kids love to go outside.
They can walk, run, there are usually some benches for the tired ones.
If she would have dressed properly, the cold shouldn't be an issue neither.
I feel she wanted to be treated like a princess and have maids or staff to take care of her during the whole day keks.

No. 855697


So it looks like Laur's hollywood delusions pre-date Lillee's online journey to become a famous beauty guru/model/actress/queen. We knew she's been trying to live vicariously through her daughter, but she's probably been filling Lillee's head with lies since she was old enough to talk. LJ never had a chance to be normal.

No. 855702

It seems delusions of grandeur are hereditary

I know its kind of a tired point but laur is the reason lillee is the way that she is. I do have to feel bad for lillee even though shes an adult who is responsible for her own actions. It took lillee getting boooooolied as an adult online for laur to actually get her proper dental care, and even if its proper care is still debatable.

No. 855703

Look at what Lillee counts as life long, career worthy achievements. Look at how Lillee adopts the title of a professional in any field she takes an interest in. Laur has taught Lillee that participation awards are the same as achievements of excellence awards. If Lillee got a 90 on a test, but failed the class, they focused on the 90.
I don't doubt that Laur sold items to propmasters or other professionals in the movie industry. But being a junk hoarder is not same as a propmaster, and they obviously didn't see her as so amazing or indispensable that they hired her to work for them on a permanent basis. If one grocery store doesn't have an item I'm looking for, I'll go to a different grocery store.
In Lillee's Bday live where she freaked out because of people questioning Pheepy's age, she said (paraphrasing) that if it wasn't reported, it didn't matter/wasn't illegal. Laur (and Earl, bless his frostbitten ass) have brought Lillee up to believe if no one questions it, it doesn't matter if you lie. And Laur's old enough that the internet wasn't the information database that it is today. It's easy to lie when people can't fact check you in 3 minutes. They thought they were getting away with Lillee's instagram page and fake racist profiles showing how diverse Lillee was until someone actually noticed it. They've been falling to pieces since because they built a tower on lies and bullshit doesn't make good glue.

Laur waited until Lillee was old enough to have her own line of credit and could pay for them herself.

No. 855704

Maybe this is just the americunt in me, but fake bomb threats just to get out of class were a common experience in my school, and i went to a pretty rural school. Sometimes we had to stand out in winter and couldnt get our jackets due to having to evacuate immediately. i mean it sucked but its not anything significant. Pretty sure its a common occurrence no matter where youre from. She dramatizes her life quite a bit, i think she wants a tragic backstory. Kinda ironic because she could have one if she distanced herself from laur and talked about how crazy and neglectful her mother is and was.

No. 855705

>the Heathers

Laur’s favorite movie is Heathers but she thought Veronica Sawyer was Dee’s real name when she was using it on twitter kek

No. 855706

File: 1633614428850.png (4.11 MB, 794x3173, FFE3EB69-142F-4D0A-902B-C65713…)

No. 855709

We will forever debate here about whether Lllee is a product of nature or nurture, but I can't agree that she never had a chance to be normal. I went to school with a lot more disadvantaged kids than her with weird ass parents in her part of town. Lillee did not grow up in a vacuum - she had access to media, tv, internet, movies, etc. Laur did not restrict these things that other parents might. Even if a parent does not value education, there are plenty of kids who are bright and curious and want to learn and improve themselves. Lillee had access to good education (if she didn't like Bayside HS, she could have applied to take an entrance exam to a magnet school) and all kinds of rich resources around the city. So many cultural activities are free to kids and students. I'm just saying that no matter how much a parent uses their influence on their kid to shape them in one way or another, the kid, especially someone with all of Lillee's advantages, has choices and has the power to shape their adult selves. At this point, Lillee's lack of education, poor reading and writing skills, her lying, and general lack of talent at what she thinks she does excellently is all on her. She is a legal adult. The fact that she does not want to take even a single college online course (she doesn't have to leave the house) is entirely her choice. The fact that she continues to lie about Pheepy is entirely her choice. The fact that she goes nowhere without being chauffered/chaperoned by her mother is entirely her choice.

No. 855711

File: 1633616534078.jpeg (292.95 KB, 1088x1451, 1621653919341.jpeg)

I'm beginning to think they didn't actually move. Peep the arrangement of the window crap from 4 months ago to yesterday. Or if they did, She and laur went back to the old place to film. which brings up the question how they got in.

No. 855712


It really reads like Laur saw this mans obituary, thought 'dead men tell no tales' and started touting that she knew him and worked with him.

The timeline is whack af. Laur said she started selling things after Lillee was born and transitioned to props when she realized baby shit wasn't gonna bring in good money, so this is all in 2001.

Men in Black 2 would have been filming that year, and Laur is saying she's such a hound at tracking things down she got into this game so fast?

No. 855716


Think maybe they faked moving to throw the boolies off?