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File: 1622496497590.jpg (433.81 KB, 2087x1717, 1621076587601.jpg)

No. 838519

Lillee Jean is a stunted unwashed "beauty guru" who has taken "fake it till you make it" to previously unseen levels. With over 1 million (fake) followers on Instagram, 11k (fake) followers on Twitter, and 10k (fake) subscribers on youtube, her pitiful engagement rate is propped up by bots, engagement pods, and "bob-vageen" foreign men with no idea who she is.

Lillee is best known for abusing copyright strikes to silence her many critics. LJ and her momager, Laur Trueman, have been on a multi-year "anti-bullying" rampage where they ruthlessly mock other people for their age, looks, socioeconomic status, and more, all for the crime of questioning Lillee.

Many dedicated Lillee critics have created callout videos and posts to expose her racist, dishonest, and absurd behavior. However, Lillee and Laur remain convinced that this is all a conspiracy organized by one person out to get her.

>Extremely stunted social development due to being removed from school around 13-14 years old. Does not appear to have a single friend IRL besides her helicopter mom.
>Is now 20 years old but legitimately plays with dolls
>speaks and writes in "attic pidgin", our affectionate name for her limited grasp of the English language (her only language)
>Claims to have a totally real, not-made-up boyfriend who is both a French diplomat and also a family friend since childhood. "Phillipe" (an incorrect spelling of the French name) seems to hop across continents, being either local or foreign depending on Lillee's convenience. Conflicting details about when they met suggest an inappropriate age gap (with a 23-year-old Pheepy asking out a 14-year-old Lillee). Her alleged boyfriend has no internet presence of his own, and has never been shown by Lillee, despite oversharing every other aspect of her life.
>Uses her "Jewish identity" to deflect all criticism as antisemitic, despite not practicing the Jewish religion OR having any clear Jewish lineage
>Constantly exaggerating her status in the beauty community with fake pr
>Got caught running her own fan pages, many of which were racist caricatures of minorities. This included (alleged) POC claiming to hate their own dark skin and wishing to be pale like Lillee.
>Once posted a photoshopped image of herself over Katy Perry's body, claiming to have attended the Met Gala. Later backtracked and tried to pass it off as a fan-edited image.
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab, created a custom lipstick color (the point of their business, which anyone can do) and advertised it as an official collab, claiming that her fans could ask for "the Lillee Jean collection" in all Bite stores. Bite Beauty formally asked her to stop making this false claim.
>participated in a public Covergirl ad campaign where anyone could submit selfies to be displayed on a scrolling billboard in Times Square. Lillee waited through hundreds of submissions to catch a photo of herself on the billboard, then posted it as though it were a collab where she exclusively modeled for Covergirl.


>The goblins are accused of giving other people’s information when filing their fake DMCA complaints >>834161 >>834242 >>835915

>Braces sperging >>834346 >>834415 and Anons uncover scathing reviews of Lillee’s “goddess” orthodontist >>834425 >>834426 >>834427 >>834500
>Lillee takes a stand on the controversial issue of police reform, claims it to be more important than consent in Disney movies >>834453
>Lillee posts overexposed glamour shots on the Shared Stairs, showing off her teeny tiny legs >>834454 >>834455
>Lillee shows off her push up skillz, spergs about prediabetes and armpit pains >>834691 >>834894
>Lillee admits to routinely going 3-4 days without bathing >>834745
>Lillee supports dumplings and/or Asian businesses and really wants you to know about it >>834854
>Kate Winslet eats her heart out >>834925
>Lillee posts her favourite movies, all are over 10 years old and made for prepubescent children >>835075
>The copyright strikes and doxing threats continueth >>835101 >>835157 >>835172 >>835275 >>835407 >>835550 >>837526
>HipDot sends Lillee Clueless-themed PR, instantly regrets it >>835163 >>835174 >>835187 >>835204 >>835209 >>835211 >>835239 >>835240 >>835258 >>835260 >>835274 >>835277 >>835326 >>835329 Laur claims the PR manager for HipDot was fired for booking them >>835550 >>835946 >>836042
>Anime’s “abuse of women on the bum” is too distasteful for Lillee’s sensibilities >835281
>Laur cryptically/not-so-cryptically threatens callouts on Twitter >>835392 for being a “colloidal waste of time” >>835394 >>835399 >>835403 >>835417 >>835843 >>835946 >>836075 >>836077 >>836214 >>836479 >>836711 >>836736 >>836742 >>837145 >>838233
>ASMR video showcases an incorrect blowout along with ear-bleeding noise, demonstrating Lillee truly understands what Jeaniez want >>835448 >>835258
>Edward Sylvan (CEO), a middle-aged, bald, tax evader has written anarticle on our goblin princess in Authority “Magazine” (likely for some of Laur’s stimmy) >>835648 >>835661 >>835663 >>835666 >>835682 >>835696 >>836209 >>836206 >>836300 >>837046 >>837047 >>837139 >>837140 >>837141
>Gummee Jean emerges from her oral surgery >>835719 >>835722 >>835782 >>835884 >>835886 >>836846 >>836910 for which Pheepy buys her a get-well present >>835805 >>837146 >>837148 Luckily she vlogs everything but the surgery itself (TW: mashed potatoes) >>835813 Laur lies about LJ’s blood pressure >>835874 >>835886 and Lillee lies about her palate being cut out >>836057 Laur saves the extracted teeth in a baby book >>837173
>Lillee dispels rumours about her being a shit person >>835777
>Chonky Sailor Mars lewk >>836058
>A Real Live Black Woman asks Lillee for beauty advice >>836110
>Bronies rejoice, Lillee sings your favourite theme song >>836114 >>836242
>House of Harts, a Dutch clothing brand partners with Lillee, instantly regrets it, drops her like it’s hot >>836385 >>836397 >>836414 >>836477 >>836805
>The Lillee Jean story is coming soon to Netflix. Then you’ll see. Then you’ll ALL see. >>836449
>German ancestry look is up, Lillee claims Lutherans are renegade Catholics who were chased out of Germany along with the Jews and thinks it’d be totally neat if both side of her family met on the refugee boat from Europe >>836575 >>836587 Anon corrects some anachronisms >>836604
>Laur announces that they’re forced to move again because of doxing >>836728 >>836734 >>836759
>Lillee finds a kindred spirit in Batman >>836732
>A Fashionova Size Small romper is somehow stretched enough to fit on Lillee’s body >>836813 >>836814 >>836818 >>836825 >>836829 >>836849 >>836854 >>836883 >>836916 >>836934 >>836991 >>837045 Anon points out images have been shooped with slimming app >>837091 >>837093
>Urban Decay sends controversial Prince-themed PR >>837006 >>837015 >>837257 despite Prince being entirely against his image being used on consoomer products. Lillee stands with Urban Decay, nevertheless, arguing that the collection “elevates” black voices >>837273 >>837441
>Lillee reveals she doesn’t know how to take off eye makeup >>837048 >>837100 >>837134
>Trying to get new clout for a donation she made last year to a black women’s charity >>837270
>Lillee sexualises her vaccine appointment >>837500 >>837501
>Laur’s antique store, purveyor of racist goods >>837519 >>837527 >>837533
> Botanic Affair, a brand just as scammy as the golblins >>837754 >>837755, announces a “very special” collaboration >>834687 >>837531 – a giveaway! >>837614 >>837620 >>837627 >>837650 >>837655 >>837656 >>837710 >>837716 The winner is predictably a sockpuppet account >>838018 >>838022 >>838031 >>838041 After getting called out, Botanic Affair deletes the post and announces a different winner >>838158 >>838196
>Legal anons uncover that Laur owes $15k in backtaxes >>837798 >>837851 >>837852 >>837896
>The goblins introduce their new Mexican sockpuppet >>837910 >>837917
>Nicholas Bissell, the county prosecutor in Laur’s sister’s murder case, has his Wikipedia page vandalised repeatedly by Laur in an attempt to use her murdered sister to get LJ a Wikipedia page >>837928 >>837933 >>837943 >>837944 >>837945 >>837946 >>837947 >>837954 >>838075 Wikipedia hands Laur her ass on the way out >>838086 >>838087 >>838092 >>838103 >>838105 >>838108 >>838109 >>838111 >>838115 >>838117 >>838118 >>838120 >>838122 >>828144 >>838179 >>838180 >>838185 >>838186 >>838192 But it’s all Diane’s fault >>838187 >>838232
>Lillee reveals she does not know what crowning is >>837993
>Laur’s writing a book on her sister’s murder (with a stolen cover) >>838149 >>838152 >>838147
>LILLEE COMES OUT AS A CIS WOMAN PANSEXUAL IF YOU DO NOT RESPECT HER YOU ARE PANPHOBIC >>838202 >>838203 Proceeds to deny past homo/transphobia because it’s in the past whatever >>838226 >>838227 She’s already being attacked for using she/her pronouns! >>838273

MAIN ACCOUNTS AS OF 2020 (updated December 2020)
https://teespring.com/stores/lillee-jean?aid=marketplace (removed)


https://www.twitter.com/InevitableLrt (goes between private and public)
https://www.twitter.com/JeaniezInc (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/iamlaur67 (goes between private and public)
https://www.instagram.com/jeaniezmanagement (Suspended)

https://twitter.com/lilleeinc (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeauty (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeaute (Suspended)

Other relevant links can be found here >>767646

1. >>>/snow/833840
2. >>>/snow/847048
3. >>698862
4. >>707075
5. >>718259
6. >>724333
7. >>736259
8. >>754981
9. >>767645
10. >>773135
11. >>777937
12. >>784721
13. >>794372
14. >>802142
15. >>811813
16. >>820665
17. >>825857
18. >>833714

No. 838522

File: 1622497920966.jpeg (453.2 KB, 1170x884, 107BC5B4-2A6F-424C-B24F-36F519…)

Thank you, OP.

Lillee wants you to remember all the heroes lost in the Star Wars on Memorial Day.

No. 838523

File: 1622498161722.png (13.54 MB, 1284x2778, F3575E87-B24C-4BC6-BA2B-FF7679…)

IHOP delivery because she wasn’t fat enough before

No. 838525

File: 1622498655847.jpeg (390.01 KB, 828x1478, B61EA227-FC75-414F-93A8-1FF1FB…)

Imagine peaking at 12

No. 838528

does she have to mash up her food before eating it because of her teeth? that literally looks like she chewed it up and spat it back out

No. 838530

Wait, Lillee was in ESL English? kek that explains the good mark.
In actual fact I'd be willing to bet these are either shooped or incomplete. And if they're not? Well, hell. I don't know or care what grades I got in 7th grade, do you?

No. 838531

Laur shreds up her food before giving it to her. I wish I was kidding.

No. 838533


Honestly if anything this gives us more of an idea how badly her education declined when Laur pulled her out of school

No. 838538

i would feel bad for her sheltered life if she didn't have such a shit personality and racist af opinions. oh the delusions of grandeur don't help either.

No. 838541

File: 1622504341190.jpeg (349.53 KB, 534x1111, E7CEA1EB-469C-4CE5-A277-5BE975…)

No. 838542

File: 1622504416122.jpeg (300.92 KB, 521x1136, 77A5C0DB-7B80-4AEB-BB36-F11FD0…)

This comic made by a twitter callout

No. 838543

File: 1622504530803.png (944.98 KB, 800x1484, 5161C216-CB58-4563-A90F-88EF18…)

No. 838544

File: 1622504565163.png (541.93 KB, 800x1484, 63B264A4-EF3A-4FFF-877F-102EE6…)

No. 838547

LJ will never make anything half as creative and good as these in her entire life

No. 838548

twitter legend

No. 838549

Knowing her attic school she probably thinks something that ridiculous.

It still gets me that she claims she's pansexual because she "loves everybody" but only seems to be sexual towards her Indian bot men.

No. 838550

File: 1622508168308.jpeg (162.62 KB, 1079x625, F3670C96-A2CC-479C-8FF2-A73396…)

Justice4Brenda was hacked again.

No. 838556

File: 1622511192051.jpeg (376.04 KB, 1170x1663, 1AADC954-0FA4-4CC4-8372-785B22…)

They used a generic “author” template provided by Wix and didn’t edit the auto generated About section.

Laur hacked herself.

No. 838558

File: 1622511288880.jpg (149.64 KB, 1056x793, Screenshot_2021-05-31-20-25-42…)

Lilz has been busy today.

No. 838559

Because people totally hack into websites just to change the about section to a template one. And not like, you know, redirect it to a porn website or some phishing scam.

No. 838560

File: 1622511767237.jpg (127.14 KB, 1041x815, Screenshot_2021-05-31-20-24-23…)

I guess they had some quality mother-daughter dirty delete time.

No. 838563


Oh my God, my sides. The lack of collarbones, the crypt-keeper teeth, the arm fat and stupid expressions - it's Lillee to a "T". I especially love how they illustrated Laur's saggy jowls and pancake tits.

I can't wait until the Franzia Freakout starts and she does her usual routine of threatening to sue everyone while also crying about how they're such victims. Then Laur will sperg about how her 20 year old adult goblin is "just a child" and it's disgusting/illegal to "sexualize a minor". Then she'll incorrectly dox some more people before eventually passing out next to the litterbox.

How much do you wanna bet that Lillee will claim that she's now been the target of a hate crime because she "identifies as pansexual"? Should be an interesting night in the Goblin's attic.

No. 838570

lol it's too bad Laur doesn't have a little brother she can claim got into her account. That's always a classic.

Lillee identifying as pan is the sexual identity version of 1change4change. It's a completely meaningless empty gesture that will never require any real-world action but that she thinks will somehow make her look virtuous whenever anyone criticizes her. "…but I'm no activist…!"

No. 838579

File: 1622523874214.jpg (187.6 KB, 1242x2208, aHR0cHM6Ly9zY29udGVudC1vcnQyLT…)

From her IG story. Any Anons interested in fact checking this if it's possible?

No. 838580

i-is that dave gahan of depeche mode? lmao

No. 838581

File: 1622524392256.png (22.43 KB, 1727x105, Screenshot_43.png)

Looks like the messages on Laur's wikipedia talk page mentioning Diane got redacted, meaning some moderator must have thought it was doxxing. God luck getting LJ a page now.

No. 838582

File: 1622524505328.png (29.01 KB, 1396x154, Screenshot_44.png)

The edits to Nicholas Bissell's page mentioning Lillee also got deleted.

No. 838584

The mod really did it. They removed Brenda. I didn't think they would.

Wiki mods don't bluff.

No. 838585

File: 1622525213163.png (954.2 KB, 740x740, lil pride.png)

And a preview of her pride look. >>838544
kek at that meta reference to the one nazi callout

No. 838587

Wait, what? Is she trying to say her dad served in WW2? That branch of the national guard wasn’t active in Korea or Vietnam. Earl would have to be like 100 years old.

No. 838588


This should've been the perfect thread pic kek. The Twitter is really creative and LJ will never ever reach half of this kind of creativity.

No. 838594

she clearly wrote her granddad anon

No. 838595

File: 1622535676836.jpg (52.12 KB, 393x711, chin.jpg)


She is facetuning her chin now.

No. 838597

Yup doubt it's normal for it to go from rounded to pointed over night.

No. 838603

File: 1622544773424.jpeg (866.31 KB, 1170x2084, A2D061E2-644D-4FC1-A15A-725889…)

I’ve never understood why they want a Wikipedia page. Lillee still isn’t notable enough to to have a page. Let’s say for some reason all the astroturfed articles worked and she does get a page, it’s going to be a shitshow. The boolies will add unflattering information and as long as it’s properly cited, it will stay up. You can’t pay to protect your wiki page like Everpedia.

I also found Lillee’s wiki account from 2017.
>I will be emailing Wikipedia

No. 838604

File: 1622544823073.jpeg (657.38 KB, 1170x1697, 03C2BEF0-4026-4F3F-B976-A3A01C…)

No. 838606

"Upcoming"? Upchucking upon eye contact should be more like it.

No. 838608

File: 1622547042273.png (142.9 KB, 347x1602, fb.png)

Apologies if this has been posted yet but I found an insane post on the SOMERVILLE6395 facebook page. Basically Laur's JUSTICE4BRENDA fb page. Note the hastags #homosexual and #tranny. Happy pride month! https://www.facebook.com/SOMERVILLE6395/posts/837722156372009

No. 838609

File: 1622547103614.png (954.49 KB, 1714x931, unknown (2).png)

No. 838614

Sorry I don’t understand, did Laur or one of Laurs associates write this?

No. 838616

All of the facebook looks to be written by Laur

No. 838626


Back in Jan 2020 Laur said the Facebook page & website has been hacked by Nok >>751527 Weird it’s all back up now.

Let’s not forget Laur managed Justice4Brenda exactly like she’s managed Lillee’s career by purchasing followers & engagement. She also created sock accounts posing as PoC to engage with her Justice4Brenda accounts (Cinda Perry & Ray Williamson)

No. 838631

File: 1622561534352.jpeg (116.48 KB, 960x960, F23F54D8-7AD5-4517-A583-A58539…)

Laur left reviews on the guy’s Yelp page too.

>he is a homosexual man

No. 838633

God, she's so bad at fake names. Marks is her maiden name.

No. 838634

File: 1622563002696.jpeg (491.04 KB, 828x954, 12530F7B-4C86-4CB9-8CB7-468257…)

It was also hacked in 2016

No. 838635

If "hacking" happened as often as boomers claim it does, the internet would completely shut down

No. 838637

A quick breakdown of Brenda’s murder and the surrounding allegations for new anons:

-Jeff & Brenda’s jewelry store was fencing stolen jewelry for the mob. Stolen jewelry was found in the shop after the robbery.
-There was an attempted robbery of their store. During the robbery, there’s a struggle for Jeff’s gun. Jeff shoots one the robbers and Brenda is shot. Brenda dies from her injuries.
-After the robbers are apprehended and charged with murder, they claim Jeff hired them to stage a robbery for the insurance money. They claim he shot Brenda after they left the store.
-Evidence the robbery was planned includes Brenda leaving extra cash in the safe and Brenda’s fingerprints on smashed glass/jewelry which had been thrown around the shop.
-Forsensics shows the bullet which killed Brenda was from Jeff’s gun.
-Jeff says it was an accidental shooting while struggling for the gun.
-Laur & her parents claim Brenda was unhappy in the marriage.
-Laur & Brenda’s sister, Cynthia, testifies in Jeff’s defense. In later appeal testimony, one of the convicted robbers says Cynthia was cooking the books for the jewelry shop and testified to stop further investigation.
-There’s not enough evidence to charge Jeff and he walks. Remarries and opens another jewelry store in New Hampshire.

No. 838638

Wow. So atleast most of the Marks family are/were shitty scammers that also liked to avoid taxes?

No. 838642

Laur learned from the best. I'm not sure she even sees scamming as scamming anymore since it's so normalised in her circles

No. 838643

Laur is much more interesting than her daughter as a cow

No. 838649

If you believe the testimony of a convicted murderer trying to get his guilty verdict overthrown, yes. The issue with the entire thing is it’s a bunch of criminals all pointing fingers at each other. Everyone had motive to lie.

Jeff and Brenda could have unknowingly bought stolen jewelry from the mob and the mob tried to rob them. There was a struggle for the gun and Brenda was shot. Or they were in on it and Jeff decided he wanted to use it as an opportunity to murder his wife. There’s not enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt Jeff & Brenda were involved.

No. 838650


They could’ve bought the stolen jewelry unwittingly, realized it was stolen making it impossible to sell and planned the robbery to recoup their losses.

This is way more interesting than anything Lillee’s done. Laur should’ve stuck with Justice4Brenda.

No. 838651


My God, Laur is so uneducated that even if it wasn't for the crappy fake name, we'd all still knows it's her. If this is who taught Lillee in the Attic, no wonder she can barely speak English. It's painful to read anything she types.

Gotta love how it was "Brenda's Jewelery Store", not "his store" or "their store", it was just hers. I know they were married, but every article I've read on the subject makes it sound like it was his jewelry store, even before Brenda came along. Unsurprisingly, Laur comes from a long line of scammers.

Found an old channel belong to good old Laur. It's got a few poorly edited videos that go into detail about the case, it's mostly spliced together newscasts. If you start at 2:17, you can see Laur's parents giving an interview where they talk about Brenda. "She was so concerned with being perfect, everything about her was just perfect.. she was a perfect child" her mom says. That's gotta chap Laurs ass. A normal person wouldn't care, but I can see Laur seething while listening to them talk about their perfect daughter Brenda. Laur's mom overshares a bit too much about her daughters marriage and her father seems a tad jealous of Jeffrey's success/money. Did Laur's parents win the wrongful death suit? I can't seem to find any info on it, apologies if it's been posted.

I don't know how to archive YouTube, but if anyone does, please go ahead and do so before she nukes it.

No. 838652


that was my initial thought too lmfao

No. 838654

File: 1622574002014.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x2322, A99BDC5F-AE12-4FA9-8503-BA600E…)

Here’s links to the appeals & appeal testimony for anyone interested.




Laur is briefly mentioned once.

No. 838655

File: 1622574094666.jpeg (647.94 KB, 1170x1360, 66E81DBF-8A60-47EE-AE36-3559D3…)

also explains why Laur is estranged from her only living sister.

No. 838656

File: 1622574453467.jpeg (548.42 KB, 1170x1823, 1D83F6D1-7A07-4C4F-93D7-4E51D2…)

No. 838657

This may be tangential but here’s this interview with Jeffrey about his then newly opened NH business.

Like Laur, he collects antiques kek. He’s also a gun nut who sells jewelry made from bullets. Kind of a weird thing to do when one killed his wife, I guess? And I thought he would briefly touch on losing his former wife but there’s no mention of it. Any reasons for leaving NJ are weirdly whitewashed.

No. 838658

Does anyone know if Laur has contacted every popular crime podcast to try and get them to cover this? It really wouldn't surprise me if she has.

No. 838659

I feel like she must have, but because she's not part of that space she has no idea who to actually contact. I can see her trying to hit up Serial though

No. 838660

When Nok was covering it, Laur said anyone who talked about the case would get murdered by the mob. She doesn’t want anyone covering the story out of fear for their safety. More likely because Laur wants to be the star of the story.

No. 838665

If that's the case why is Laur not dead? To quote the Scottish, "she needs to take her face for a shite"

*talks crap

No. 838670

File: 1622580334376.png (55.85 KB, 733x328, Screenshot_46.png)

I see the reason for #homosexuality, but not #tranny. Laur reposted that same post all the way up to 2016

No. 838671

File: 1622580456148.png (35.48 KB, 1240x201, unknown (4).png)

And here's Lillee with the classic "I was ahead of my classmates mentally" shit. That's what a lot of groomers say to their victims Lillee, and you dating a man much older than you so young only makes that statement look worse.

No. 838673


Rich coming from someone who can't transform a single thought into a coherent sentence. People who are "years ahead" tend to write decently as well (not minding the fact that no teenager is ever that much more ahead and most will realize with each passing year how immature they truly were).

Truly sick of her to tout her "relationship" as a good thing because she was mature. That's definitely a good message to be sending out – although, then again, not like she has an audience.

Am I the only one who finds it a bit funny she's out here calling herself mature but then says "never let it go" if you feel a spark? Only those inexperienced with relationships think a spark is all you need, or that once you have that, the relationship will automatically last forever. People who actually date know that you can feel a spark with the worst people and that you can't romanticize the honeymoon phase because it will eventually run out.

No. 838675

Thank you. That's what I thought the outcome was but I wasn't sure and couldn't find a source. I can almost guarantee you that they asked for an absurd amount of money

I wouldn't be surprised if Laur doesn't want it talked about because she not only loves the attention, but she always makes her sister out to be a perfect angel. The woman didn't deserve such a violent end, that goes without saying, but Laur always fails to mention the insurance scheme, the stolen jewelry fencing, and the fact that her other sister was cooking the books for the Jewelery Store. She likes to focus on how horrible and crooked everyone involved was and never makes mention of the allegations against her sister which is weird to me. It's clear Brenda was the more successful and well liked sister so you'd think Laur would take any opportunity to point out Brenda's faults. I guess you can't talk bad about your sister while simultaneously using her death as an excuse to play victim. I honestly wonder about Laur's parents, the kids had to learn their scammy ways from somewhere, right? It seems the majority of that family is/was always looking for ways to make a quick buck.

I remember Laurs estranged sister being mentioned here, mostly because the picture posted of the sister was taken infront of the marina in my town. It's almost like she moved to the opposite end of LI to escape Laur, kek. Can't blame her for that.

No. 838676

File: 1622582549787.jpeg (405.41 KB, 2048x2048, 54B6E91C-AC68-4C1E-B218-66F61A…)

>Dale Pinedale
>Dale Hudson

Laur can’t remember the name of the true crime author who was murdered by Wolf for investigating Brenda’s death?

No. 838677

This makes Dale sound like the criminal kek

No. 838678

Overweight, low physical activity individual had a fucking heart attack.

No. 838680

Savage. I'm starting to feel about a little bad for her, tho I'm still impressed with this high quality incineration

No. 838681

Can I just remind you all that this is a thread for Lillee Jean
Make one for Laur if you want to keep discussing her(no)

No. 838682

These threads have always been about Laur as well, at least one of the old threads was titled “Lillee and Laur” because they’re so joined at the hip. Wouldn’t make sense to make another thread at this point.

No. 838684

I disagree.
Laur is the only relationship Lillee has. Laur has shaped Lillee's life in every way possible. Lillee is a product of Laur's cowness.

They are practically the same person. Lillee is still evolving into her final Laur form.

No. 838685

Is this your first time on a LJ thread? Laurs shenanigans have always been apart of them. If they had separate threads they’d both be smaller and slower moving anyways so there’s no need for separate ones.

No. 838686

you must be new here. the first few threads were exclusively laur’s sperging. these threads have always been more focused on momma jean.

No. 838688


Can I just remind you to not mini-mod

No. 838689

Hi, I'm the thread's OP. I was in a rush to put it up quickly and fucked some things up, including the title. It was supposed to be Lillee Jean and Laur Trueman, just like it's been in previous OPs. Also notice how all the previous OPs have had beaucoup Laur content.

No. 838745

>her father seems a tad jealous of Jeffrey's success/money
Eaxctly. Also why did it matters Wolf changed cars often?
Still better than waste money on fake followers. Keks

No. 838747

File: 1622635979226.jpg (107.41 KB, 1080x684, Screenshot_2021-06-02-00-32-49…)

This brings the total deleted tweets in 3, days to 1564. Seems a wasted effort, all the "fun" stuff has been documented.

No. 838748

They are literally stupid enough to say that there is no proof and will claim the screenshots are fake.
Shame about the video and audio recording.

They really should just take their heads out of their arses and just suck it up and apologise and not be scum if they want to get anywhere. Only problem is they don't seem to be the type of people who can take responsibility for anything or admit wrong doing. It's always someone else's fault and their just a victim.

No. 838760

Another video on the goblin. I wonder if she’ll strike this video despite it never using any of her photos(selfposting)

No. 838761

It doesn't matter to normal people, but I'm willing to bet that Laur/Brenda's parents thought that once Brenda married "up", they'd be getting their hands on some money. The way they focused on his cars/guns/spending habits in that short clip make it seem like they think his money would've been better spent on other things, and by other things, I mean them. Obviously Jeffrey was no saint, but I can't imagine having Laur's parents as my in-laws.

They always claim that the proof is fake when it paints them in a negative light, which is pretty much always. They'll never take responsibility for their actions, not that it matters much now. At this point, there's really nothing they could do to redeem themselves. Not that Lillee ever had a chance at fame and fortune being so uneducated, unstable, and unfortunate looking, but she maybe could've had a small following. Now? Forget it. I wonder how long they'll continue this charade considering it's only costing them money at this point. Laur's gotta realize this is getting them nowhere as she appears more and more unhinged every week.

No. 838779


this really is "I had really good grades but never achieved anything since so its all I have"

god her life since getting pulled out of middle school sounds boring as fuck, she genuinely sat at home with Laur for years barley leaving the house

No. 838787

This school report seems taken from a cartoon. Doesn't look official at all.
Also no PE grades? I though Lillee was so great at dancing she could teach the teacher ballet.
Why Dance is not PE?
Why functional code twice?
Who brags about the grades you got at 12?

Lillee is a middle school dropout who constantly brings middle school because she never made it to high school. I agree, it's sad.

No. 838822

Laur has set absolutely no boundaries for Lillee and it's clear that she will agree to everything that Lillee wants to do, so it won't end unless Lillee gives up on ever becoming famous.

No. 838831

This is the most bizarre takeaway for me. Didn't know that monolingual kids can get placed in ESL. I'm assuming it's because the public school system doesn't have the resources to target kids who are illiterate as a result of learning deficiencies so they just group them together with ESL students. The obvious issue here is that those other students can communicate in at least two languages while LJ can't even speak one. Clearly she doesn't realize how abnormal that is or what it says about her cognitive development.

No. 838862

I’m pretty sure “English/ESL” is just how her school referred to English classes in general. I don’t think it means she was in ESL class, just that they’re lumped together that way on the report card.

No. 838888

went to the same middle school. can confirm this is the UI for the registrar. i can recognize it but i don't remember the name of it

No. 838889

same anon
IS25 at the time was merged with two other public schools– WJPS (a public school that focused on "journalism" and writing) and a special ed school. i remember the special ed school was located in the basement– a lot of the kids down there were pretty impaired, they all had wheelchairs or were visibly slower. maybe….. she was just so bad at her elementary school tests and the teachers there passed her on saying she should be in the "easy" classes?

No. 838898

File: 1622713556783.png (383.46 KB, 800x800, 800.png)

This could be yours for 75 dollars

No. 838899


This was back when we still had the NCLB Act, which would penalize school districts with large fines if kids didn't pass standardized tests and move on to the next grade. So lots of schools would push even the dumbest of the dumb onto the next grade level, even if they were woefully unprepared (like Lillee). NCLB (No child left behind) was eventually replaced with the "Every Child Succeeds" Act in 2015, not that it matters in regards to Lillee because I'm pretty sure she was out of school and in the Attic Academy by that time.

A big criticism of the NCLB Act at the time was that kids who would otherwise have to repeat a year of schooling (due to poor grades) were allowed to move on to the next grade level, as opposed to being left back. Lillee is a prime example of this; her grasp of English is extremely poor. I went to school in NY as well, and starting in grade 9, you have to take the state Regents Exams in most core subjects in addition to your regular final exams. If you fail the Regents, you have to retake the entire class. There's no way Lillee would've passed any of the Regents exams had she continued on to High School, especially the English Regents. No amount of Laur screaming at the administration would've changed that, and I'm sure it played a part as to why she was pulled out of school.

No. 838905

File: 1622725492952.jpeg (482.83 KB, 1170x642, 8CF308F4-7E49-41BD-B48C-BD6F6A…)

Her dandruff is on full display in her latest video. I still don’t understand how she watches this for editing and thinks it’s perfectly normal for a booty guru to present themselves like this.

No. 838906

File: 1622725884159.jpg (65.12 KB, 911x522, brow.jpg)

I'm impressed she has a new shirt.
Final result.

No. 838908

File: 1622728070043.jpg (659.25 KB, 1076x1718, Screenshot_20210603-144607_Ins…)

Can't wait for lillee to talk about herself nonstop and try to drive the topic to how bullied she is.

No. 838912

Isn’t this the woman with the mlm you can “invest” in? Lillee already did a live with her.

No. 838913

Her mouth looks REALLY swollen and she's speaking out of the corner of her mouth. Didn't she have the surgery like 2 weeks ago? No way it's still healing. IANAD but mouth tissue heals faster than skin tissue. Even though it was more intensive than a normal tooth extraction (if she's telling the truth) there shouldn't be any swelling or pain at this point.

I guarantee she poked at it with her grubby little paws and got it infected and now she's trying to cover it up

No. 838914

File: 1622729537172.jpeg (74.87 KB, 625x729, ERZ8KJwWsAIJU0b.jpeg)

What…what happened to her neck?

No. 838916

File: 1622730829583.png (652.29 KB, 828x1548, 04E1A8CF-BD12-4A54-9745-95F7C3…)

Yeah and she invested $100 in the company

No. 838917

I just don’t understand why she stretches her shirts out like this, it looks so sloppy. Why make your clothes look old?

No. 838918

She thinks that showing off her collarbones makes her look more dainty. Ever since she gained weight she flexes her neck muscles in the weirdest way to show off the remnants of her collarbones

No. 838942

The sad part is that it only accentuates that she’s lacking collar bones. She’s so fat they’ve been eaten up by her fat kek. Her straining her neck is just going to give her neck problems not make herself look like a thin queen

No. 838946

File: 1622748737033.jpeg (835.69 KB, 1170x1656, 486742E8-94D8-4E96-9F4E-7F7392…)

Laur reported a bunch of wiki editors for sock puppetry. Wiki investigated and ruled they weren’t the same person. Now Laur’s losing her shit.


No. 838948

File: 1622748962437.jpeg (801.22 KB, 1170x1757, 5BC28312-04FF-4347-BB5F-DED683…)

No. 838950

File: 1622749409375.png (137.43 KB, 1175x597, laur2.png)

I feel bad for the Wiki mods having to deal with her inane rambling.

No. 838952

>still plays out in the news

a quick google search shows no stories about Brenda since the 90s

No. 838954

Wait, didn't the convict the "wrong" person who's now in jail for Brenda's murder? That's not a cold case, that's a solved case.

No. 838956

File: 1622752093560.jpg (457.29 KB, 1079x1489, Screenshot_20210603-161923_Chr…)

Yeah, one of the guys involved is doing a life sentence, and Bissell is deceased, so I'm assuming she's referring to her ex brother in law Jeffrey. After being extensively interviewed by investigators and the DA (Bissell), they found Jeffrey not at fault for Brenda's murder. Laur will not let it go because she's insane and has absolutely nothing else to do with her day. That is, aside from "manage" her goblin daughter and create sock accounts to make it look like Lillee has actual engagement. It should be fun to watch her get banned from Wikipedia though. I can already feel the Friday Franzia Freakout coming on.

Also, top kek at Laur telling Wikipedia that a page for Brenda should've been created in 1995. I swear she's the ultimate boomer.

Screenshot taken from the April 1995 NY Times article stating that no charges would be filed against Wolf in regards to Brenda's murder and the robbery of the Jewelery Store.

No. 838957

>They sounded just like the stalker
Yeah because anyone who isn't buying laur's shit sounds just like a sTaLkEr…
Laur is making such a fool of herself, she's mentally 12 and disturbed.

No. 838958

File: 1622752552836.jpg (316.55 KB, 1080x1652, Screenshot_20210603-160716_Chr…)

Imagine being a 50 something year old hag crying to people about being bullied on the internet. This woman never mentally progressed passed the age of 12. Like mother, like daughter, as they say.

No. 838960

Wikipedia autists have no time for Laur's chaotic bullshit

No. 838961

i'm surprised they've put up with her this long kek.

No. 838963

>sending me messages
She wishes.
Too bad the only ones sending her messages are debt collectors and eviction notice court.

No. 838965

File: 1622756404074.jpeg (749.04 KB, 1170x1964, E92D87B8-2AA1-4C7C-ABC4-B89F44…)

Lillee’s teaming up with the scammy mlm to teach makeup classes to Indian people

No. 838970

Why is a pasty white attic goblin who can barely speak English teaching Indian women how to do makeup?

No. 838971

YT is not a viable career option for the vast majority of people who post videos, as we well known watching LJ.

I hope these classes are free. Otherwise this is disgustingly predatory and wasting time when these women/girls who could be getting training or an education to help them do something viable.

No. 838977

That's exactly what I thought. The whole company is scammy and the only thing this "live session" will attract is a bunch of bots and farmers. I can't wait to see the absolute meltdown that happens when one of these Indian women ask Lillee how much money she's made on YouTube so far. She won't be able to tell them anything about the business end of YouTube, she can't even answer simple questions about how to gain subscribers or how to use certain algorithms to your advantage when creating videos. She will just blabber in her incoherent attic-pidgeon word salad for the duration of the video.

No. 838978

File: 1622763389043.png (33.37 KB, 607x277, avengers assemble.png)

Here's Laur hoping the avengers will assemble for #justice4brenda

No. 838979

File: 1622763491997.png (667.84 KB, 1585x889, Screenshot_45.png)

A character from the band Gorillaz also totally cares too apparently

No. 838981

I don't understand why she continued against this dude for so long. He died over a decade before all this, in ruins, and it's well documented how scummy he is. No one is on his side. Why would Laur put in so much energy to smear a guy who is already dead and ruined?

No. 838983

Bissell wrongfully convicted a lot of people. After getting his law license in prison, Issac Wright Jr had a show produced by 50 cent in 2017. I’m too lazy to go through old threads but at one point Laur was tweeting at 50 Cent, pissed he was making a show about Issac instead of Brenda. Laur saw the attention these people were getting & started the Justice4Brenda. She was hoping someone would make a show, write a book etc but Bissell was barely involved in Brenda’s case. He was removed as the prosecutor at the beginning of the trial.

No. 838987

I wonder if the Lillee Jean show is about to come crashing to the ground in the near future, hence Laur jumping back into focusing her energies on #justice4brenda (#notacomic #thisisreal) instead of LJ's "career"

I wonder if LJ's scam dental surgery has gotten infected and made her too hideous for even the baby yoda filter?

No. 838992

The ingredients for the exfoliant/balm stick are garbage. The exfoliant is just a sugar scrub (which is terrible for your face skin as it can cause microtears) and the balm is several kinds of petroleum/waxes. The only ingredient that might do something is the sea fennel extract, but seeing as it's the last ingredient there likely isn't enough for it to be effective.

tl;dr this shit is garbage don't put it on your skin

No. 839020

File: 1622768796518.jpeg (213.67 KB, 828x708, F5F66374-356A-4385-A773-05A587…)

No. 839046

File: 1622770706328.jpeg (296.99 KB, 1170x1156, DD80857C-09D5-4D9D-8FF5-A42ACD…)

Admin just dropped a link for all of Creepshow Art’s self posts and there’s a bunch of stuff from Lillee Jean threads. Laur finally has proof Shannon’s been cyberbullying on the black websites.


No. 839087

at least she’s admitting it’s a group of people instead of just one person with a hundred sock accounts kek

No. 839091

File: 1622777569806.png (32.34 KB, 1557x176, Screenshot_47.png)

>Unfortunately, Wikipedia is part of the REALWORLD
Holy fucking shit lmao

No. 839104

cuckipedia editors are certainly giving Laur the harshest smackdown she's had in awhile. Will this be a wakeup call for our goblins? No.

No. 839127

I've been thinking about this. Realistically, how long can they keep this up? It's been years and it's not working. I'm going to absolutely miss the Lillee Jean cosmetics arc. At least we'll still be able to track their scams, hell maybe we will see Lillee grow into some kind of scammy super villain

No. 839130

Who knows. They just can't seem to figure out that no-one except other scammers like them. The best thing is for them is to get lost for a few years, pick up actual skills and try again but be honest. Also lilleejean needs to experience the harsh realities of the real world not the yes your amazing sweetie world her mother has created for her.

No. 839136

File: 1622796373625.jpg (402.28 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210604-094454_Sam…)

She is back to posting about old looks like their new. Also her Instagram continues to fluctuate like the dips and rises of a roller coaster.

No. 839138

Jesus fucking christ Shannon, at least sage your shit.

No. 839140

This definitely lends some credence to >>838987
Either Lillee's scam dentist fucked up her mouth irreparably (Notice how she hasn't given us a teeth update in a minute…helloooo Gummee Jean) or she finally hit her breaking point and told Laur she wasn't going to be her puppet anymore (optimistic) OR APS finally took her away and put her in a group home with other cognitively disabled people and Laur's trying to cover it up

No. 839145

This will be confirmed on her live. She will either be fine or mumble her usual crap. Can't wait for people who are actually oppressed to learn about how oppressed lillee is. Going to be so educational. Especially with that one shitty look she does in various colours.

No. 839151

>>839145 >>838987
Her lives are so redundant, especially when other people are "interviewing" (using the term lightly) her; it's the same bullshit bubblegum questions with no sustenance whatsoever. She'll bring up cyberboolies 15x for no reason and reply with her standard nonsensical word salad while talking out of the side of her mouth. Nitpick, but that "uwu dainty princess" voice she does grinds my gears to no end.

Speaking of her scam surgery, the last time she posted something relatively new, her jaw was more swollen than usual and she was making an effort not to show her teeth. Her lumpy potato face only made it more obvious and she talked out of the side of her mouth the entire video. Who would've guessed that finding the cheapest and worst rated dental office in NY would backfire horribly? Not Laur apparently. Anyway, she just retweeted that horrible "Cady from Mean Girls" look again, so it appears she hasn't done any new videos.

No. 839155

This is something I considered when I noticed Laur leaning into the Brenda stuff lately.

Sage for tinfoil, but

How likely is it that Lille is a puppet who will push back against her mum? Lillee is well aware that she has no fans and that she is, in fact, a pariah of sorts. She might be an idiot but she MUST know, by virtue of growing up with the internet, that the negative attention she drew to herself is irreversible damage. She has to have seen other people torn down by drama and never get back up. She HAS to know that she is in an even worse position than them because she was torn down for being a lying scammer from the moment she started.

I refuse to believe that she isn't burdened by this knowledge. She's going to start pushing back against Laur eventually. If Laur is depending on Justice4Brenda again then maybe Lillee has already started resisting.

I would kill to see a Venus Angelic style escape. That would be the most interesting milk she ever produced

No. 839156

I swear if all the times we compared her to Gypsy Rose Lee turn out to be accidental foreshadowing I will eat a bug

No. 839158

She would run away with Prince Jafar guy

No. 839162

It wouldn't surprise me if she a Venus. I think if she does some very interesting things about Laur might come out. Although this might just be a tinfoil moment based on my own conclusions based on the mountains of information about the way lillee jean acts or has acted.

I think the side mouth might be her thinking she looks like that awkward endearing girl ala kirsten Stewart.

No. 839165

He’s in Canada and LIllee would have to get a passport to see him. That’s not happening

No. 839166

> Gypsy Rose Lee
was a successful burlesque performer (though also had a crazy controlling mother), Lillee Jean could NEVER
I think you mean murderous Munchausen’s by Proxy victim Gypsy Rose Blanchard?

No. 839167

Maybe when the border reopens a certain Prince will be taking a trip to Queens

No. 839168

If she is a puppet, you have to consider that a lot of her past/current public retardation is a result of being groomed to be that way by her mum. For all the times we compare her to Gypsy Rose, nobody seems to remember that Gypsy Rose was literally acting like a retard because her mum made her that way. Lillee could easily be an emotionally stunted forever child because Laur wants Lillee to be dependent.

Very odd how Lillee identifies the most with Repunzel, a girl raised by a hag shut away from everyone else in a tower who knows nothing outside of what the hav wants her to know but still longs for life outside of her isolation.

I'm seeing the signs. If things are shifting then now is the time for tinfoiling.

No. 839169

Or what if Laur decides to put all her eggs in the Brenda basket and abandons Lillees influencer career?
Lillee could actually be too retarded to see it isn't working and Laur could be the one to jump ship. We might see Lillee try to carry this on her own without Laur

No. 839170


My personal theory is that Laur is blowing the dust off of her justice4brenda crusade because they are no longer able to get anyone to come to their "rescue" with the cyberbully sob story.

McSteve and the Sealions, Defango, Patreesha, Tired Lady, Estrella and her Guardians…all of them got tired of Laur trying to wield them like trained pitbulls to attack the callouts. Only a few of those people even still talk to Laur and the only response they give to her twitter freakouts is a generic "oh, is that stuff still happening? wow. that's crazy."

No. 839186

Kind of nitpick about her teeth removal:
LJ also lost the invisalign cleaning product right after she got it keks.
She said she was "cleaning" it with toothpaste and some anon said it was abrasive or something.
So basically she wears an invisalign in her mouth all day that is not properly cleaned and she had/has open wounds.
I'm sure she didn't tell the ortho about losing the product and the ortho may not had explained her obvious hygienic bases.

No. 839189

If Laur does jump ship, do you think she'll take Lillee with her? By which I mean do you think she'll include Lillee in her new scam or will she not see Lillee as useful? Hell, Laur might realise that Lillees involvement could draw immediate negativity towards future endeavors, and so must shelf Lillee

No. 839192

Have any of you ever watched how LJ actually TREATS Laur. Laur is an over indulgent mother with a spoiled, unlikable fat kid. In no way is Laur running the show. She just indulges LJ to maximum. We are never getting Venus or Gypsy. Laur does have an ego problem, but she has no problem being behind the scenes as long as it gets her money. She lives vicariously through LJ, but LJ is ultimately number 1 in the relationship. Laur is a yes man to her own daughter.

No. 839244

i agree. i think anons are really underestimating the benefits lillee gets out of this relationship. as long as she plays along with this grift, she gets to sit on her ass in pajamas doing nothing all day, doesn't have any pressure to get a job or go to school, sleeps in and stays up late, can play with dolls and watch cartoons and play pretend as a booty guru… what motivation would she have to leave? hell, laur even does every chore for her and shreds up her food before every meal. she's a massive insecure brat so it's not like she actually wants any friends. all she likes to do is talk about herself and have her ego stroked, so a camera, bots, pradips, and an engagement pod all fulfill those needs. i honestly think the only thing that will make lillee pull away will be her middle school horniness. it's clear that at 20 she's becoming pent up and eventually her grinding her hips on tiktok and staring at indian dicks on her lives isn't gonna cut it anymore.

No. 839246

I got a heaping pile of tinfoil.

I agree that LJ benefits hugely from her relationship with her mother. But, her mother has also done an extremely shitty job of raising her. LJ's view of the world is she's the best and most talented person on the planet and entitled to everything. If she keeps failing at everything she'll want someone to blame. Because it couldn't possible be her. She's perfect and cute and very special and talented. And Laur being the most involved person is a great scape goat. As anon said Lillee treats her mom like shit. I could see LJ turning on her mom and running to the next enabled. Like Jafar.

I think Jafar could pull an Onision and drive a long distance. Jafar seems to have a fat midget fetish. He could get LJ a passport and set her up in Canada on a marriage visa. LJ would probably fall for anyone who fed her the right lines that she's perfect and they'll do anything to make her famous. If that person has a dick for her "tight" vagina even better.

It's a 50% chance that LJ turns on Laur imo. I'm hoping she does because I think LJ has just as much shit on Laur as Venus had on Margo. I'm sure they'll both get on YouTube and Twitter and rant about how the other is the horrible person and they're just a victim. It'll be a bigger shitshow the Venus and Margo because in this case there are two nasty mentally ill people and not one nasty mentally ill person.

No. 839247

Reverse Venus/gypsy situation?

Joking aside its going to implode one way or another. Or they will cling to anything they can but slowly become more and more irrelevant.

No. 839248

I just don't understand how she's 20 and not having a life crisis. She's never had a job, didn't complete her education and once all of this eventually breaks down, she wont have the social skills to get out there and make friends, nevermind find employment.

I lost a job when I was 18 and felt like I literally lost all of my purpose and was having constant anxiety attacks until I found a new one.

There's absolutely no helping her lol

No. 839250

You know that part in Call of the Wild were the dog starts to get lured into the wild by an instinctual force?

What if Lillees scammer genetics kick in and she realises she could get famous and make money by exposing her mum as some kind of monster?

She could apply her shit writing skills and write a Mommy Dearest style tell all about how her mother was behind the scenes. She faked a beauty guru, she blames the failure on Laur, and fakes a Venus Angelic past as a combined effort to hurt her mum and achieve celebrity status.

Their whole family are proper wrong'uns. Even Brenda was doing illegal shit. Deep down inside Lillee is a scammer and we can clearly see it in how she fucking willingly scams every day. It's in her blood to eventually rise up and make her own scam, and it's in her blood to be shitty enough to throw her mum under the bus if it gets her what she wants

No. 839253

Laur isn't running the show, she's Lillee's attack dog and protector. But she has protected and insulated Lillee to the point that she's really the only person Lillee trusts or cares about. I think Lillee is VERY aware of the fact that her career should be over. I don't think Lillee really cares about that though. Even now, as brands drop her left and right, she gets free products and she gets to sit in her room and play with makeup. She absolutely believes that the only reason she's not an international superstar is because of bullies. Actually being successful would be worse for Lillee Jean. It's easier to be the victim who "kept fighting against the odds" than to be one of the other thousands of girls who couldn't catch lightning in a bottle.

No. 839264

there's 0 chance Laur is gonna jump ship. If she were rational enough to make that kind of decision, she would have made it YEARS ago…remember LJ has been trying to be a famous influencer since she was around 14.

Since then, Laur has dumped so much money into fake fans on insta, youtube, twitter and even when insta clears the bots, she instantly uses her limited antiques money and disability checks on buying more fans for LJ.

If Laur had any sanity, she would've seen LJ's acting reel or singing reel or any of her artwork and gently broke it to her daughter that being an influencer probably isn't in the cards, rather than reinforcing LJ's delusions and making her believe she's a beautiful, pale disney princess uwu.

Honestly, I think Laur vicariously lives through LJ (she even has some of her own makeup videos on LJ's youtube) and believes their own lies about being a Covergirl, Teen Vogue model, and going to the MET Gala someday. Laur's just as looney as LJ if not more.

No. 839285

Lillee will never dump Laur and Laur will never dump Lillee because they’re completely codependent. The only way Lillee is going to get a reality check is when Laur inevitably dies or gets even more disabled. I doubt that old Earl will shred Lillee’s nuggies.

No. 839286

Would be interesting to watch the goblin duo on the tlc show smothered .

No. 839293

They would probably eat that shit up because it's "exposure" and "uwu we're best friends and mommy and daughter"

Do you think all the years of pent-up horniness have lead to Lillee starting a secret Tinder account? I bet for sure she's having weird asterisky cybersex with Prince Jafar after Laur's 2 bottles of wine in and snoring on the couch.

No. 839294


You mean boxed wine

No. 839323

90 day fiance please. Come on Pheephee it's time to marry LJ.

No. 839329

File: 1622854941218.png (280.49 KB, 1434x1195, Screenshot 2021-06-04 9.01.41 …)

No. 839347

I wish there was something more behind it but Lillee likely identifies with Rapunzel only because of her long, blonde hair, which is something Lillee is convinced she has as well. Don't overestimate her, she's a willing participant and dumb as a sack of bricks.

No. 839351


Now that Lillee has claimed to be pan I realise they remind me so much of Mary and Brittani from the show. I wouldn't be surprised if they shower or get colonics together…

No. 839365

Imagine what they'd do if they got an email asking them to audition for sMothered? I bet they'd take it as a compliment.

On the downside, it might mean the goblins actually get money, which as we know is a dangerous thing

No. 839373

I forgot about Earl. Damn, is that old pedo still alive? What in the fuck is he doing while all this is happening

No. 839374

in the freezer, if tinfoil anons are to be believed

No. 839381

File: 1622881206187.png (817.72 KB, 740x740, ea80ef_6c310d207efb41fe89d2a08…)

LJ's cosplay of Chitoge Ichijō, or in her words "a friend" because LJ thinks its offensive to cosplay Asian characters. I have no idea what this character even is but I can see Lillee being called out by twitter spergs for the eyemakeup being "asian fishing".

No. 839383

File: 1622881926171.jpg (21.42 KB, 280x457, chitoge-kirisaki-49758.jpg)


100% sure she hasn't even seen Nisekoi. I hate that she calls herself a cosplayer and does like a half-assed version of some of the characters she's trying to portray.

No. 839385

Laur really jumped out in these photos. She’s not aging well…

No. 839388

Srsly anons I don't even know how she lives like that. I mean never going out especially on summer.
Even if one doesn't like outdoors, always staying home instead of having fun outside, I really don't get it.

No. 839390

I think she looks surprisingly cute here. Reminds me a bit of Venus. It really would do wonders for Lillee to fix her teeth. Fuck Laur for not sorting that out when there was still time.

No. 839392

It’s just her Party City Sailor Moon cosplay on backwards kek

No. 839394

90 Fiancé where Lillee moves to wherever that Jafar guy lives and has a hissy by not complying to the way women are in their culture

No. 839399

File: 1622902964652.jpg (169.34 KB, 1080x1512, Screenshot_20210605-151817_Sam…)

Is it me or does it look like Instagram is deleting her bots as fast as she adds them. Gotta break out that goblin cash again laur.

No. 839402

Ah yes, Canadian women are so very oppressed.

No. 839403

I'm not a weeb so forgive me, but how the fuck is a blonde haired blue eyed character ethnically Japanese?

No. 839407

The goblins were looking through old photo albums on Lillees Instagram story. Great great grandma Jean and Dvoyra both make appearances. I think this is the most we’ve heard Earl speak?!


No. 839408

i don’t think prince jaffar actually lives in canada, he just wants to lol. his wheat farm that he posts about is in pakistan

No. 839412

That. And the reason he's sticking around is he believes LJ is rich and famous.

No. 839422

japanese anime characters have all types of hair colors – blue, green, purple – so blonde isn't too weird for anime. think of sailor moon.

No. 839423


If I remember correctly the character is half american. But yeah it's a common trait in anime for characters to have unrealistic hair/skin colours even if the show happens to be set in Japan.

No. 839425

>chubby but not obese photo of Laur in the 80s
>"you look so small!"
>"I told you I was super skinny"
Is body dysmorphia genetic?

>Lillee asks abt blacklight photo

>"When you're high as fuck it looks really cool"

Laur's been hitting more than just the Franzia I see

No. 839426

What's creepy is that it seems the first time lj sees pix of her family.
Much healthy eating with the ice cream at the end.

No. 839428

The way she cut and mushed the ice cream was unsettling. She's so used to mushing and butchering her food she does it with food that legit doesn't even need to be really chewed. Love how she tagged a "heathlier choice" ice cream company. Very telling that LJ thinks she can cut corners.

If Laur was serious about being a manager/momager to a "model/actress" she'd cut off the junk food and only feed her goblin keto.

No. 839432

Huh, earl sounds more normal than I expected. For some reason I thought he didn't live with them, does he?

No. 839434

Earl's their only source of actual income with his ssi checks, of course he lives with them. He's just an old pedo fuck so why put him on camera?

No. 839436

At least she's ugly enough to be safe from Earl's particular predilection

No. 839438

Bankruptcy Anon pulled the Trueman bankruptcy records and discovered that all three Truemans are on SSDI. Bless you, Bankruptcy Anon.

We've seen Earl somewhat recently in LJ's "Day in My Life" vlog from fall. He seem fat and frail. They're going to have two SSDI checks soon. I wonder if LJ treats him as shity as she does Laur. Probably.

No. 839439

I get the feeling she's not very close with Earl at all. Whether that's because of Laur's overbearing parenting or just Lillee being an insufferable cunt, who knows? But I get the feeling that the only shit she even knows about Earl she heard from Laur. They don't seem to talk about anything beyond small talk. She's definitely not a daddy's girl, which is odd for a pickmeass white girl

No. 839440

Is Earl the Bob Chandler of the goblinverse?

No. 839443

How tf did they get Lillee on disability?

No. 839445

Have…have you looked at her anon? There's some major shit wrong with her body

No. 839447

Did we have confirmation before that Laur used to do drugs? "Well if you're high as fuck it looks really cool"

No. 839449

File: 1622923414270.png (2.61 MB, 2100x1325, shes just fat you guys.png)


how long are you retards going to keep saying that being 4'9" or whatever is a disability? where are you giant manly freaks living that small women are so rare? kek

pic related…being short and chubby does not get you SSDI

No. 839450

what the fuck? earl is clearly excited trying to tell lillee about his life and she is just staring into her phone taking videos of her smashing ice cream… i can't tell if she's just rude as fuck or actually retarded.

No. 839451

anon didn't say she was a dwarf, they said she looks like she has something wrong with her. At the very least she has an endocrine disorder. Stopping growing at 9 years old isn't something normal healthy people do.

No. 839452

File: 1622925648292.png (37.08 KB, 300x184, thumb_ding-dong-r-wrong-ding-d…)

>In men and women, the sole requirement for being considered a dwarf is having an adult height under 147 cm (4 ft 10 in) and it is almost always sub-classified with respect to the underlying condition that is the cause of the short stature.

No. 839454

So we now can confirm Earl is alive. We can stop tinfoiling that he is dead and Laur is just faking that hes alive for money

If you look at his posts he very much is not a canadian

No. 839455

kek wasn't that "tinfoiling" just a thread in-joke?

No. 839457

File: 1622927178105.png (243.46 KB, 1334x958, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…)

No. 839458


My reply was playing into the joke, jesus, you're autists

No. 839460

File: 1622927651791.jpeg (27.37 KB, 811x558, 0gXaCdf.jpeg)

No. 839462

A touch ironic considering how she uses "you use drugs" as an insult. It's so predictable that every goblin insult is just psychological projection. Maybe that's why Earl is so zapped of fucking life. LSD and PCP zapped his brain.

It'll probably happen in a few months. Earl will croak. The goblins will hide Earl's body somewhere to try and scam Social Security. They're incompetent so of course they'll get caught. And then we'll have fun news stories and their sobbing mug shots to kek at.

No. 839464

File: 1622929123007.jpg (30.6 KB, 680x392, BEGONE SCROTE.jpg)

>Not saging

No. 839465

Yeah, I think EarlBob had a little too much of the brown acid in the 60s. As a sidenote, I'm surprised he was able to knock Laur up

No. 839471

File: 1622934877040.jpg (166.83 KB, 1008x659, -48edsf.jpg)

One of laurs confirmed socks,fan.coa, has weighed in on the Shannon shit show.

Pulled from creepshows thread.would have cross posted the op but for some reason it's not letting me paste the post number.

No. 839475

I doubt its her body, they might have actually told disability that she's retarded/mentally challenged

No. 839481

There is absolutely no way lj is on SSDI, she’s never had a job to accrue credits towards SSDI. She may be on SSI which is what I’ve always suspected. She may be on it for a mixture for her height and if she was retarded

No. 839482


Being under 4'10 in the United States does, in fact, qualify you for Disability, and it's very easy to get in even up to 5'0 if you have lawyers who know how to game the system. No one's claiming it IS a disability, except maybe manlet incels, but the fact is that it can get you disability checks.

No. 839483


She probably has the SSDI under her mother until she turns 21 or 25, at which point it will shift to being in her name and SSI.

No. 839492

File: 1622952352314.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1169x5805, 11B56C33-33C7-49BC-BDC7-10AE51…)

No. 839505

File: 1622956598641.jpeg (174.12 KB, 750x1034, 13BC4AF8-7639-4C9D-9A62-B92529…)

So Jeaniez can donate 5 cents to them?

No. 839515

What proof is there that she is actually pansexual? I don't want to discriminate, like I understand you can't tell someone's sexuality by looking at them. But the way she describes pansexuality just sounds odd. In her pride makeup vid, she said "Being pansexual, not many people realize just means you love everybody. And it doesn't matter what the persons orientation is, sexual preference, anything, you just love them”. Isn’t ‘loving everyone’ and being sexuality attracted to all genders/sexuality completely different? What women, men, non-binary folks, transgender folks has she showed support or a genuine connection to? The way she has mocked gay and trans people with her fake accounts and didn’t acknowledge or apologize for it. Coming out as pansexual doesn’t sweep all that stuff under the rug. It all just comes across as a fake, half-assed attempt from this white girl trying to join another minority group, thinking that will shield her from owning up to her behaviour.
Okay, you love everyone. That doesn’t mean everyone will love you.
June is pride month and she wants to join the herd.
Also LOL at her ‘coming out’ with her pronouns, she/her. She has always used that and it is obvious by looking at her. Why would you need to ‘come out’ for that? Why is that supposed to be a brave and noble thing to share with others?
Be respectful to actual gay people who have actually had to come out and have it be a traumatizing experience.
This chick just gets more and more horrible in her behaviour everyday.(unsaged autism)

No. 839521

File: 1622973146033.jpg (439.3 KB, 1080x1510, Screenshot_20210606-105103_Sam…)

Looks like she read something like this misunderstood and took what she wanted from it.

No. 839526

File: 1622982408388.jpg (211.3 KB, 1579x608, botwar.jpg)

If the bots doesn't work, guess you have to do it yourself.

She's answering at least twice on EACH comment. Several accounts are commenting two/tree times + 2 answers from LJ. She clearly told everyone in her engagement pod to comment several times.

No. 839539

all pansexuals are clout chasing straight ppl anon

No. 839541

Someone should request a sapphic themed video. That oughtta end this pansexual bs once and for all. She's not attracted to women at all and can't even fake it.

No. 839544

That's def what she did. Her and Laur clearly realize being straight is perceived as uncool but they don't know enough to fake it convincingly

No. 839547

are you new here? LJ & Laur have been spamming all of her posts since the start. The only difference now is that she has an engagement pod, when it was previously just them and their sock accounts

No. 839549

Honestly Earl in a couple of ways (and I literally mean a couple) remind me of my own dad. I can guarantee they aren't close because they don't relate to anything and have nothing to talk about. My dad was great, loved him to death, but we weren't close at all and also only made small talk because we were just in completely separate realms of interests, lifestyle, etc.
I highly doubt Earl can find any common ground with a hermit that's addicted to Disney, dolls, anime, and thinks she's a beauty guru. I don't think it has anything to do with overbearing parenting nor Lillee being insufferable, I just think their interests don't match anywhere on the timeline.

No. 839552

I hope a poop toucher asks her who her celebrity gorl crush is.

She probably would respond that she's a very private person and doesn't want to share. In reality it's likely because she's terribly jealous of pretty celebrities like Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid and Ariana Grande who aren't fat midgets and can't even entertain the idea of finding a lady she finds attractive. It seems like every female makes the goblins rage because nearly every female is more attractive than LJ.

Did any anons watch her live with the pyramid scheme scammer?

No. 839555

Yeah, even when she compliments girls it comes across as jealous. "ugh she's so prettyyyyy uwu" rather than the more sapphic "UNF step on me mami"

No. 839556

I’m betting she’d say something generic like Wonder Woman or any Marvel character and explain using the simple vocabulary of >uhhhhh SHE is QUEEN yas boo

No. 839566

Watching the livestream from today and Lillee mispronounces the woman’s name as “Shalina”. At 4:40, When Shalini comes on she says Shalini is pronounced like “Melanie”. Lillee says she’s confused because when she first met Shalini she told Lillee her name was “Shalina”. Shalini just shakes her head no. It’s so awkward. I doubt this 40 year old woman doesn’t know her own name but Lillee can’t ever be wrong.

No. 839579


I just saw this and it was so cringe. She also doesn't even interview well… there is literally nothing LJ can do halfway decently.

No. 839587

Leave it to Lillee to argue about how someone said their OWN name when they first met.

No. 839590

File: 1623036493501.jpeg (414.51 KB, 667x1060, 1DEB24A6-66FC-4927-9C67-004A2A…)

Um… this isn’t an awkward shot in between changing expressions. She is literally holding this retard gaze for several seconds long right at the start of livestream.

Also I just watched the 5 minute cut she uploaded on her channel and she’s constantly pulling her shirt lower, doing exaggerated movements, and eye fucking the camera.
In that clip she asks Shalini what she would have to look forward to the most if she were on the other side as a participant. Then lillee talks about having been to a yoga class once and hearing crying babies. She would look forward to good yoga the most… Nowhere in the fucking jet set website is there any mention of yoga and shalini had to save it by saying, yes self care is very important. lmfao g8 research, racist-brain lillee!

No. 839595


Anytime I think this ginger goblin can't get uglier, she proves me wrong. There's hideous and then there's Lillee, thanks for this picture - it's pure nightmare fuel.

It's one thing to be stupid, but to be stupid, short,fat, talentless, and ugly and not realize it? That's a whole 'nother level. It still blows my mind that she thinks she can be a "beauty guru", kek. Even if we forget all her faux pas, she had an iceberg's chance in hell and somehow she still thought it was a possibility. Anyway, this picture will haunt my nightmares. Laur's genes are strong, and that's not a compliment.

No. 839602

Has she been getting into Earl's stash?

No. 839603

File: 1623043970142.jpg (21.43 KB, 400x400, OPdCUDnF_400x400.jpg)

What the fuck is Laur's new Twitter avatar? Reminder she is a middle aged mother.

No. 839604

This is what Laur actually sees in the mirror

No. 839610

File: 1623046372627.jpg (340.52 KB, 2048x2048, E0tW9wgWYAABMLA.jpg)

More legal threats from Laur to a callout.

No. 839611

File: 1623046543277.jpg (204.84 KB, 1080x1279, E0tXh6uX0AErDSH.jpg)

One thing Laur always does that I don't understand is how she's always changing how she refers to Lillee. Sometimes she'll refer to Lillee as her daughter, sometimes Lillee is just a young woman Laur is managing.

No. 839612

Looks like something lj "drew" but with more filters

No. 839617

looks like a handmade shailene woodley bitmoji

No. 839621

I would love to be a fly on the wall when Laur calls callouts' local police stations.

"Do not threaten me. I now feel very unsafe."
Solid statement coming from Laur.

No. 839622

File: 1623057836912.png (101.04 KB, 1122x516, Reno.png)

Reno (one of the bigger YouTube LJ callouts) got her account terminated yesterday. She announced she was unterminated a few hours ago. The Twitter callouts are very happy in the response tweets.

Goblins must be seething in their attic. Reno was one of the people who got identifying details put in Laur's Twitter handle months ago.

No. 839623

It's her go to when she wants to turn the tables. Am sure the people she has doxxed feel perfectly safe from Laur. I can see a mental facility in laurs near future.

No. 839624


Top kek, just like LJ one eye is noticeably bigger than the other. Atleast that part is true to form. All that avatar needs is 3 more chins, 42 more wrinkles, a hair line that starts 7 inches behind its ears and a mouth that droops on one side and it would look exactly like Laur. Everytime I think these inbred Attic creatures can't get more depraved, they out-do themselves. If this is what Laur sees in the mirror, she needs better glasses and a shrink. Laur and Lillee must have some type of body dysmorphia if they see themselves as attractive people as opposed to the hideous goblins they truly are. I knew they were dumb, but this is next level.

No. 839626


From the sound of Laur's statements, it seems awful lot like she's afraid of the same legal procedure she's threatening others with. She really thinks the way out to this is to send a cease and desist and it could (or should) go away, but when the callout slams back with a legal threat, she's turtling pretty hard with "stop writing me, leave us alone."

She doesn't really want lawyers or legal involved in this. A real legal battle will expose plenty of issues with the Truemans and she knows it. She's pretty much shaking now that there's a callout with the money and the legal ability to make good on this, unlike Tati's lawyering up, because they didn't have the balls to actually put legal proceedings on the Truemans.

No. 839627

File: 1623059366790.jpg (209.54 KB, 1080x1224, Screenshot_20210607-103915_Sam…)

Check must have come in.

No. 839633

Not really. I know they've always did that but it seems more and more obvious and super low quality bots/sock accounts.
She has far less likes and comments and the new accounts are commenting many times very old posts, making it even more suspicious. There's something wrong with the engagement pod, did she lost the admin right or something?

She went on a crazy rant saying: we (women) can do what we FUCKING want, we are people, we are persons
The young indian girl looked shocked at LJ's entrepreneur vocabulary and stupidity.

Shalini said Indian gov asked her to do the MLM and it has professionnal credits or something. And you would have thought, LJ as an eNtRePrEneUr would ask more about these details?

No. 839637

A lot of these bot services offer “refills” of deleted bots. I don’t necessarily think they’re buying new followers.

No. 839640

Could be, but looking at it it looks like they are losing bots left, right and center. Hopefully they will get caught soon. If her stats keep roller coastering abnormally.

No. 839642


i think its the disney princess filter doing its best

No. 839644

File: 1623073393083.jpeg (490.23 KB, 1170x1968, 5918EB9F-E65D-4ACD-8C1B-F8BC20…)

She changed her profile pic on her Inevitablelrt account too.

No. 839646

Is she getting off on making Lillee draw her (like one of her French Pheepies)??? The sapphic/incest shit is ramping up in the attic. I don't like it.

No. 839648


This is obviously a filter or something. Lillee can't draw something like this lol.

No. 839650

Tinfoil special her.

If laur was into drugs / getting high back in the day. It might be the real reason gor the fact she's now batshit crazy.

No. 839653

File: 1623086271621.png (13.42 KB, 361x215, ffff.png)

Found a FB event Laur created mentioning something I don't think has been brought up on the farms, at the very least it's probably been tinfoiled. It's for a 2013 estate sale of her parents/fathers home, Laur mentions her father gambling all his money and being a hoarder. Doe's it run in the family? Hoarding definitely does, and Laur might as well be gambling with the amount of money she flushes down the drain on LJ.

I don't know if I can post the link or the full thing because it has an address to someone uninvolved., it's not very milky either besides Laur's confirmation hoarding and wasting money runs in the family.

No. 839660

You can tell Laur is starting to miss the appearance of her youth lol. Which I know she never looked like this, but she probably hates herself too much to update her profile picture to a real recent picture.

No. 839661

After people were deepdiving into Brenda's case again the other day, a couple anons were wondering who their parents were that led Brenda to get into a bad crowd/become shady with money and Laur to become a scammer. Not surprising, but definitely solidifies their lineage of shady, scammy people. I would bet some of their ancestors were the type to sell snake oil in the wild west days.

No. 839696


Are you 12? Doing drugs in your youth doesn't turn you into Laur. Doing drugs at Laur's age doesn't turn you into Laur.

No. 839711


Stop trying to bait people it's pathetic.

No. 839714

NAYRT, but It really depends on what drugs you're doing and where you started out mentally/IQ wise prior to doing them. That being said, Laur's issues stem from a few things, IMO. She's obviously not a very smart woman. From the looks of it, she's got a 2 digit IQ and I very highly doubt she went to college or completed any type of education beyond high school, if she even graduated. Let's be real, it's obvious education isn't a priority nor is it valued in the Trueman household. You can tell by the way that they talk and type that they're not very smart people, they can't even manage to use certain words properly. What's worse, they're the worst kind of stupid; they're the type of people that think they're smarter than everyone else. They both tout their "superior intellect" yet neither one can type a coherent sentence.

It's been said that the way you write reflects your thought process. If there's an iota of truth to that than we can see how simple these two goblins really are. I've seen ESL students that originate from countries where they don't use the English alphabet and even they can write better than these two idiots. Half the time I can't even understand what Lillee/Laur is trying to say, let alone make sense of it all. NY public schools are pretty damn good compared to the rest of the country too, so that's not the issue. Low intelligence bordering on some type of intellectual disability combined with long-term social isolation and an undeserved superiority complex isn't really helping their mental or emotional state. It's no wonder they have 0 friends offline.

No. 839716

File: 1623144962986.jpg (318.77 KB, 1080x1871, Screenshot_20210608-102409_Ins…)

The sheer low quality of the bots is hilarious. This group has all the others pictures are posts.

No. 839718


they look like those photos from the random face generator online, so nobody can reverse search them and say they have been stolen from genuine profiles

No. 839725

File: 1623155865086.jpeg (377.85 KB, 2048x2048, ED7516B6-EAE4-4E44-BEFC-6CDF04…)

wow the comparison is uncanny

No. 839726

Laur, and one can assume Icebox Earl as well, have drilled into Lillee Jean that a formal education is not as important as being driven and "hustling". It's a common thought process/belief in low income/low education areas. They hear an over simplified version of a story "Bill Gates dropped out of school to start microsoft in his garage!" "Micheal Jordan was cut from his HS basketball team! He became one of the most famous athletes in the world!" They just ignore that Gates dropped out of Harvard and MJ was too short for his HS team at the time, so they put him in JV.

Lillee Jean was ultimately failed by the NYC school system. I think, based on how Laur acts about her adult daughter, that she was probably a nightmare for administration to deal with, but Lillee posted a paper she had written in the 7th Grade about Andrew Jackson and it is a travesty. Even while she was in school, it was apparent she had difficulty with sentence structure, coherent thought patterns, and other grammatical errors. Yet she received a high grade (I think an A) on the paper. It was at most a low C or failing grade.

I believe that the bots were originally one of the other manager's idea, but then Laur and Lillee said "well if 50K is good, 500k is better!". I do kind of wonder if by purchasing so many bots, and being involved in international engagement pods heavily based in India (Which Ready Set Jet owner straight up confirmed), if Lillee's account hasn't been tagged in some way be a real account that is automatically followed by bots.

No. 839727

Lillee is the perfect storm of Karen-style helicopter parenting, low IQ, unpleasant personality, and No Child Left Behind.

If the schools gave a fuck about her they'd have called CPS on Laur after Laur bullied, harassed, and shouted at Janet (a girl who Lillee didn't like in her class) while following her home in her car and encouraging Lillee to take part. But a Bush-era elementary school would have been too underfunded and overextended to give a flying fuck

No. 839728

Do you have a sauce for that Andrew Jackson essay? I've been on the threads since the beginning and don't remember seeing it.

No. 839729

I can barely tell the difference between the two pictures, they're that much alike! In all seriousness, I wonder if this is how Laur actually sees herself. Like Lillee, she seems to have some warped perception of herself (and her daughter for that matter), like some type of reverse body dysmorphia. There's something really unsettling about this picture of Laur, I don't know if it's the forced smile or the derpy cross-eyed gaze, but she looks genuinely frightening here. There's nothing worse than a batshit crazy woman with a persecution complex, low IQ, behavioral issues, and poor impulse control.

If Laur is any indication on how LJ will age, she better hurry up and become famous already before the last phase of the Trueman Troll genetics kicks in.

It almost makes me wonder if she was in remedial classes or something growing up. I can't speak for LJs previous school, but the schools in NY are usually quite good, however there's exceptions like anything else. One things for sure, she would've never passed any of her Regents exams which are required in order for you to move up a grade. They start in grade 9 and even if you pass the class and the final, if you fail the regents you're not moving on with the rest of your classmates. You must pass atleast 5 Regents in core subjects in order to graduate with a Regents diploma and there's no way LJ would've been able to pass any of them. Conveniently she was pulled out of school a year or two before she would've been made to take them, although, if she was in ESL English, she might have been in remedial classes and I think they are exempt from certain Regents exams.

No. 839739

File: 1623167076402.jpeg (385.11 KB, 828x1474, CA4975DF-D539-4712-A5A4-659D27…)

14 or 40?

No. 839741


Not sure about NYC, but in other parts of NY, Regents is used for placement, it's not a requirement for graduation, or to move to the next grade.

Regents testing is often an opt-in, usually for technical schools (STEM-based programming) or "honours" or magnet schools.

It's a baseline for advanced-placement, and opens up the possibility of taking course hours/earning college credits at a high school level.

Mostly it just looks good when applying for colleges, and for gaining certain kinds of extra access for high school students.

Standard tests and standard diplomas are very much a thing, for "normal" public high schools, Regents students who fall short of the necessary credits, as well as for those in remedial classes or alternative programs (i.e. "city-as-school").

Sage for non-milk

No. 839742


Kek at her non-existing neck.

It's pretty obvious that she is sucking in her belly to the maximum yet she is still fat as heck, not healthy for a person her height.

But yeah her dear momager has convinced her that she is a petite little princess kek.

No. 839746

She whines about being doxxed or people knowing where she lives and then posts shit like this where people could easily track down the house she's in front of. If the know the general area. Genius level of fuck wittery

No. 839747

Holy shit, those thighs are almost as big as Luna's

No. 839749

Has it always been that way? I grew up on Long Island (Suffolk County) and even in regular, non AP classes we had to take Regents in English, Science, 2nd Language, Math and I believe Geography. You took your finals, then your Regents, and if you didn't pass the Regents you repeated the class next semester. The only time you were exempt is if you were in remedial classes (and even then, not always). My school had the option of graduating with a Regents Diploma, Advanced Regents Dipolma, and something that was for special needs students that was kind of like a participation trophy. It wasn't equivalent to the other Diplomas or even a GED.I graduated in '05 though, so things may have changed. Either way, LJ had a snowflakes chance in hell. She can barely write a coherent sentence at 20 years old, it's pathetic.

She's 4'9 and easily a buck fifty here. There's no way she isn't obese if we're going by BMI or body fat percentage. What is this expression she does in alot of her "Candid" photos? She always does this weird thing with her face and it makes her look even more retarded than usual. It's like she tries to look as unattractive and dirty as possible. Also, that's not her neighborhood, is the dentist's office in someone's home? I can't imagine letting those two unwashed trolls into my house, but then again if they're doing dental work on LJ they must have a strong stomach.

No. 839755

File: 1623173894482.jpeg (1.08 MB, 828x1471, AD94C293-7AE2-4B74-AE96-6D39A9…)

No. 839756

File: 1623174072548.jpeg (660.66 KB, 828x1471, E18417BC-9630-4D3E-8464-0B01EA…)

No. 839757

jesus christ i knew she was gaining weight but her thighs are ENORMOUS
agreed, yikes

No. 839758

Did they drive to the bougiest house in her neighbourhood to pose so that we'll think she's rich? Nah Laur, we all know you're being evicted from your latest attic bc you can't pay

No. 839759


No. 839761

dem chin blackheads

protip for dirty little goblins: stop putting 3 or 4 heavy oils on your face every day. despite her claiming "dry skin loves oil" it only loves certain oils in certain amounts with proper layering/routine. Not just drenching your face in 3 different smelling coconut oils and then popping high-oil foundation on top. beauty gooroo tho

No. 839762

Literally, who does this?

At least there's more evidence of "dental neglect" for APS. I'm not a dentist, but this looks like it's not gonna end well for her

No. 839765

wtf are those 3 red dots on her gums? her mouth looks painful

No. 839767

Possible injection sites to numb something? But looks more like blisters on further inspection.

No. 839772

are her gums starting to grow over her brackets? if so, she's not brushing her teeth and the gums are getting hella diseased

No. 839773

File: 1623181670748.png (59.28 KB, 1266x446, joost.png)

A normal person with a boyfriend would either ignore these comments or NOT respond anywhere close to this. I guess LJ's type is balding men.

No. 839775

File: 1623182063469.png (132.31 KB, 1734x618, Screenshot_40.png)

>It has gone beyond a troll, she is a full on fatal attraction.
These poor wikipedia mods are going to have to keep dealing with Laur's shit

No. 839776

Laur aspires to be a stage mom so I can see her telling LJ that "this is just what it takes to get famous, keep flirting back" and this is the kind of parent who would keep saying so well beyond a man taking full casting couch advantage of her daughter. No matter how dark or hidden the room, LJ would turn around to see a thumbs up from Laur "you're doing great, sweetie"

No. 839779

File: 1623183105797.jpg (65.11 KB, 738x601, pimples.jpg)

I wanted to ask the same anon.
Looks like she has pimples on her gums keks.

No way these are injection marks.

No. 839782

I still can't believe Laur let her daughter get to 20 years old without trying to fix the teeth lodged in her skull

No. 839783

File: 1623184545488.png (19.05 KB, 1668x43, Screenshot 2021-06-08 163544.p…)

They protected the article until Dec. 4th, was Laur attempting to edit it yet again??

No. 839784

File: 1623185183006.jpg (92.31 KB, 1080x1028, 195968326_256734999582433_5041…)

Another admin locked it because Laur kept admitting she was Lillee Jean's mother and was violating the guidelines of adding information on "Living Persons" (which is what the WP:BLP is)

No. 839786


I wonder if Lillee even knows about the Wiki scandal or if Laur is too embarrassed that she lost to even tell her. I haven't seen LJ talk or post about it, but I may have just missed it.

No. 839799

I also love the admin told her that getting someone to write her a wiki page was most likely a scam. After everyone told her that about everpedia and she and Lillee cried about it.
I'd bet Lillee knew about it, Laur seems like the person that wouldn't shut up about the latest attack she had been subjected to. I don't think Lillee Jean really cares. She never met Brenda, and Brenda is basically the only other person Laur seems to care about. She's competition, and Lillee isn't going to be upstaged by someone who died over 20 years ago and has gotten far more legitimate press coverage than Lillee Jean ever will.

No. 839800


I don't know how they are still holding on to this deluded dream of Lillee getting her own wikipedia page. They can't fill it up with lies like they did on Everipedia; wiki editors are going to demand legitimate citations for everything. They won't be able to put in:

-Diamond Earl, session drummer to the stars
-Hollywood Propmaster Laur
-Famous Maritime Artist Grandpa
-Cousin Walter Matthau
-Holocaust survivor Grandpa
-Running-from-the-Tsar-in-her-nightie Grandma
-French Resistance Grandma John in Alsace-Lorraine

They won't be able to claim that Lillee is: a model (she isn't signed with an agency and she's never been featured in a legitimate publication,) an actress (she's never acted in anything, except for fake-crying in her own youtube videos,) an environmentalist (she's never done anything either on her own or working with a recognized environmentalist org,) an entrepreneur (she's CEO of a business that doesn't sell any product or provide any service,) or an anti-cyberbullying activist (she's never done any advocation on behalf of anyone besides herself.)

If you have to leave all that stuff out, you get one sentence. Maybe two, if you stretch it: "Lillee Jean Trueman is a youtuber from New York. She graduated with a Certificate of Participation from Attic Academy in 2019."

No. 839815

File: 1623204105739.png (119.23 KB, 904x840, Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 9.59…)

New sockpuppet? She's interacting with them a lot. Plus they only have 6 followers but post as if it's their business account? Super weird.

No. 839816

File: 1623204128731.png (560.26 KB, 1096x738, Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 10.0…)

No. 839824

Nah. Quick look through their timeline and they interact too normally with people outside LJ's circle. They also talk about their own life in a non-racist way, so it can't be Laur.

No. 839832

I know people are saying it can't be Laur, but it looks to me like it's Lillee. She's the only person who uses commas like that (ie: incorrectly) and talks in stupid nonsensical word salad. I mean, just look at the bio: "Open for business, events and occasions. Film and digital, still and video". That screams LJ to me. Also the location is just "California". Not Los Angeles or Palo Alto, nope, just "California" like it isn't a huge state that takes up 2/3rds of the west coast.

No. 839836

LJ furry saga when?

No. 839837

I agree, anon. Also Lillee follows her. Why and how would a super famous beauty guru like her find and follow someone with a single digit follower account?

No. 839839

File: 1623216870723.png (622.88 KB, 620x798, Screenshot_45.png)

It doesn't really sound like Lillee to me but I wouldn't be surprised if Lille made up an anime loving, Japanese person sock account. Also I tried reverse image searching the pfp and got nothing, so it's possible this is a real photographer?

No. 839841

Nah, they post photos of their work and none of them can be reverse image searched. I think it's just an idiot. Lillee follows them because they interact with her.

No. 839870

File: 1623245814703.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1170x2088, AB84436E-2163-4F1D-A47D-947EE1…)

Is she cosplaying Diane?

No. 839871

File: 1623246198414.jpg (103.22 KB, 764x789, okami.jpg)


Yeah, this is a real person that happened to randomly interact with one of Lillee's replies to a marvel-related tweet. Lillee latched on because she is getting no other engagement right now (even Miss Lucid has wandered off) and she's desperate to look like she has friends. Okami seems to also be desperate for someone to acknowledge their existence.

No. 839873

She looks better with any hair color other than hers (or whatever she did with them)

No. 839875

I like the color on her too but I think it’s also because the hair is brushed and neat that is making a bigger difference. Her own hair is so ratty.

No. 839877

Man, her extremely poor grasp of English somehow manages to get worse every week. Wth does "Im curious if he opened up the multi all those years ago with traveling… or Wanda from accepting the chaos energy" even mean? She's going to be super screwed once her parents are no longer around. She can't even get a basic entry level job, she's got no skills, no desire to learn, and worst of all you can barely understand her 90% of the time. Fame is never going to happen and she can forget about landing a wealthy or even financially secure man to take care of her. Even if she wasn't deformed levels of ugly, her personality is trash and nobody wants to work all day to come home to a mentally stunted adult child they have to take care of. Laur did such a great job of raising her, kek.

Why are her pupils always so big, even when she's in direct light? It's obviously not illicit drugs because it's LJ, but I'm beginning to think she's actually got brain damage as opposed to just being stupid. Wouldn't be surprised honestly. As for cosplaying Diane, I have no clue what she's doing but one things obvious - she's using more filters or face tuning more than I realized. Her face looks slightly less disgusting in this photo compared to those jarring "candid" going-to-the-dentist photos from yesterday.

No. 839879

I know I watch Bob's Burgers and immediately hit the internet to find a tutorial to look more like sad cat lady Gayle.

Literally what the fuck is this

No. 839881

that one stray hair.

No. 839883

Now I can't unsee it.

No. 839885

Why the plushe? She has 2 real cats.

No. 839888

Even the cats know better than to get that close to her

No. 839891

Cats have a heightened sense of smell and probably won't get within ten feet of LJ for that reason alone. Not willingly, anyway. Poor cats.

No. 839892

Yes. Bitches who don't get basic medical care for their "purrs" don't deserve the love of any animal. It's not a stretch to think the cats are very sick of goblin bullshit and know she's a horrible pet owner that doesn't care about them.

Those poor creatures.

No. 839895

Saged but this is the most ok she has looked in a while. These glasses suit her more even though the general look has early 2000s nerdy side character in a highschool USA movie energy

No. 839899

File: 1623260045358.jpg (708.8 KB, 1080x1801, Screenshot_20210609-123256_Twi…)

From her posting her "off broadway" NYFW pictuces…I never noticed her heels were missing the straps. I bet you could hear her coming from a mile away. Smacksamcksmacksmack. Why would you lose the straps? Those heels are not meant to stay on without them!

No. 839905

The straps probably didn't fit her cankles.

No. 839906

Thats a yikes from me. Good catch Anon.
I was thinking the same thing. She has tiny feet. A size 5-6 or something. The probably size the straps down for petite legs and not chonker goblin limbs.

No. 839908

Yeah, can confirm. I'm a size 6, and a lot of high heels have noticeably less holes in the strap. She might be able to get away with sandals though kek

No. 839912

Did she really refer to NYFW as off-Broadway? Does she know off-Broadway refers to the number of seats a particular theatre has and not the location? An off-Broadway play could be literally playing on Broadway (the street) if the theatre has under a certain capacity. You'd thing a "ReAl NeW YaWkAh" uwu would know that basic-ass tourist fact

No. 839913

She poses with her shoe ankle straps undone a lot, ala the pink jolly jumpsuit pics. This has apparently been trouble for some time, but is probably even more noticeable now. God, she looks downright skinny at NYFW compared to now

No. 839915

File: 1623270082506.jpeg (642.72 KB, 828x934, 0C90B61F-B14F-4F5A-B88F-0C6484…)

No. 839918

Was this just a rehearsal or something because there's literally no one there.

No. 839921

It looks like that woman is telling the Goblins they need to turn off their flash since that's usually not allowed at fashion shows, not the good ones anyway. You should never need to use your flash for a runway show, unless it's some backwoods production where they have no clue how to light the runway. There's usually signs telling people "No Flash Photography" for a reason, but of course the Attic Goblins would think that doesn't apply to them.

They look so out of place there it's unreal. Laur looks like a Times Square tier Glenn Danzig impersonator that somehow got lost when trying to find Sbbaro's, and Lillee looks like she's the pity invite of some charity for 'tards that fulfills wishes. They stick out like two plus-sized sore thumbs. You'd think they'd atleast shower and wear clean clothes to such an event, but apparently you'd think wrong.

No. 839922

Something I just noticed upon further inspection - it says "Angel Orensanz Foundation" on that photo. I Googled the foundation and apparently it's listed as a Synagogue in Manhattan that is home to the foundation of the same name; they host events and display Angel Orensanz' artwork. The full name of the foundation is "The Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts" and it was founded in 1992 and is housed in the oldest reformed Synagogue in the US. Back in 2019, they actually had a Make A Wish event hosted there during NYFW. I don't know the date that Lillee attended, but their full 2019 NYFW Event list can be found here - https://newyorkstyleguide.com/nyfw-schedule-sept-5th-8th-2019-powered-by-art-hearts-fashion/

No. 839923

If you look back in the earlier threads you'll see that it was confirmed that LJ and Laur got the tickets by bidding on them at a Make-A-Wish silent auction and bidding way more than they were worth. They weren't personally invited but they're not quite sad enough to be scamming Make-A-Wish (yet)

No. 839927

File: 1623280082310.jpeg (653.49 KB, 828x921, 8909DAFC-062B-49E7-90DF-243D0B…)

They got there super early for some reason.

Here’s another candid of both of them.

No. 839928

It looks like Lillee's the only one whooping and hollering

No. 839929

Could Laur look any frumpier if she tried? From that beat up TJ Maxx clearance purse that sits on her lap the whole time, to the reading glasses pushed right down her nose, to the cat fur-covered polyester sweater, she certainly knows how one is to comport oneself at such events

No. 839938

She dresses like a 15 year old that doesn’t quite know what’s appropriate for different events and places yet. A runway show? Let’s do a purple flowered dress! A dentist appointment? Let’s go with short shorts and a crop top that don’t really fit!

She always looks so out of place everywhere she goes.

No. 839959

Yeah she has 0 fashion sense. Half of me feels like she looks at Instagram models' outfits and then tries to find stuff that fits her. The other half feels like she's too jealous to look at Instagram models which is why her fashion sense is so bad because she avoids looking at anyone around her age. Or it's possibly that she feels "mommy dearest" is always right, and Laur is dressing her with what she thinks looks hot. I know she's attending Attic Academy but it is a little baffling that a 20 year old who lives on the internet has worse fashion sense than a boomer trying to relate to the younger crowd.

No. 840018

File: 1623346520784.jpg (397.71 KB, 1080x1104, Screenshot_20210610-183338_Sam…)

Laur's apparently now an animator for dc. If her claiming screenshot of cartoon belong to her is anything to go by.

No. 840028


Attic Academy strikes again

No. 840045

It isn't perjury to make a false DMCA claim unless you are under oath.

These callout accounts need to realize (as well as the goblin duo).. Lilee and Laur aren't getting away with shit because they are right, or favoritism. They get away because they are nobodies that don't matter.

No. 840066

Also, it's all automated and bots when it comes to claims. Whether you're on Youtube, Twitter, FB, whatever, you're not getting a human to look at your stuff. Maybe if you get enough people drawing attention to it, but I'm sure all of these cases are just in a queue not sorted by priority at all. There's guaranteed more claims than there are employees able to look at them.

No. 840071

she posted a blush/contour tutorial… does she make the brightness on her videos on purpose? she looks washed out pale no matter what look she does

No. 840072

Imageboard. Post caps

No. 840076

Laur probably set her twitter pfp to herself so she could do exactly this. But she accidentally reported the wrong tweet/she's that stupid.

No. 840077

File: 1623374521413.png (120.27 KB, 612x556, Screenshot_50.png)

She did WIKIPEDIA screenshots too. I would love to see what her report looked like.

No. 840080

File: 1623374905553.png (1.13 MB, 1024x761, download (1).png)

LJ's newest look is gaudy old lady hair clips and headbands. Such a beauty guru with pieces from Laur's jewerly box.

No. 840082

File: 1623375458080.jpeg (160.43 KB, 828x531, 6C818764-FA2A-49F6-A349-D83742…)

No. 840083

This puta with her “how I define”, “my interpretation”, “cosplay doesn’t mean copy completely!” Learn what words means stupid ass

No. 840085


19k? Did the disability checks start coming in again and they splurged on more fake followers? Smh.

No. 840087

>I love everyone by their soul!

No, it means you'd have sex with anyone.

No. 840088

Yeah this whole thing makes it seems like she's describing best friends? I don't think she's straight said she would date everyone, just that she "loves" everyone. Love can apply to literal platonic friendships. She's doing everything she can to get out of saying she'd "date" anyone.

No. 840091

What look is this exactly? I have no idea what she’s going for.Circus chic?

The tank top strap that so naturally “fell” off her shoulder gets me every single time.

No. 840094

I think the look she's going for is "linebacker chic", or atleast it should be with shoulders and a neck like that. Her body is so fucked up proportion wise it's like some biological experiment gone awry. Even if she wasn't ridiculously short and obese, which she certainly is, her limbs are short and stumpy, she's got no torso, she's wider than she is tall, she's got no muscle definition, a weird, flat, dumpy ass, NFL shoulders and a beefcake neck. The fact that Laur told her that her workouts are really helping her look better just shows you how deluded these two are. Not only is she unfortunate looking with a shit personality, her body looks like it was put together with rejected aftermarket parts. Such a booty gooru though.

No. 840108

i honestly think that shes using this new pansexual identity of hers to try to act like a minority. its kinda like how cis girls try to use "she\they" as a way to not be cis so that she can get those sweet oppression points while she oppresses other people.

No. 840111

probably because of how fucking ugly she is.

No. 840117

she’s a big fat 20 year old virgin with no romantic prospects apart from a couple of desperate pradips. she has no idea what she’s talking about

No. 840122

File: 1623415816829.jpg (93.98 KB, 1091x700, 1136445.jpg)

How very tai of you.

Sage for not being milk

No. 840153

Speaking of virgins who can't drive, why do you think our little goblin doesn't have her licence or even a learner's permit when we've seen that Laur has a car she could learn in. Is it a medical reason or is LJ just too intellectually impaired to attempt even the written test? I wonder why no one's ever asked this on her ama videos

No. 840159

Why would she learn to drive if she has a liv-in chauffeur. Laur has babied lj into being a disabled adult.

No. 840160

You'd think she'd realise it's highly abnormal for a 20 year old #bossbabe #ceo to have to be driven to the mall by mommy. Even for the sake of having picture ID you'd think she'd at least get her learner's permit. It's strange

No. 840161

File: 1623436713208.jpg (228.15 KB, 1300x957, futurelj.jpg)

Though I agree with a CEO/20 yo needs a driving license, I think it's for the best she doesn't drive.
She too dumb and too hysterical to drive any type of vehicles.

She might even be dangerous driving those stupid motorized shopping cart for fat.

No. 840162


I can almost guarantee it's because she just doesn't have a reason to get one. Or, at least a valid enough reason in her eyes. She's driven everywhere by Laur, and let's be honest, do we honestly expect this agoraphobic hermit to actually go anywhere by herself? Even if she eventually obtained her license, she wouldn't go anywhere without Laur. I mean, she legitmately doesn't have one single friend in real life, she has no one to hang out with. She has no job that she needs to get to either. She has no reason to "need" one with the way her life is.
It makes me wonder when the last time Lillee hung out with a friend. Anyone that wasn't a family member. Has she even went to anyone else's house, or had anyone come over? I'm asking that as a serious question, I honestly don't think she's ever had a sleepover with anybody before, Maybe once and they got scared away.

No. 840168

We know she once had a friend named Shelsy back when she was about 10 and putting together those American Girl blogs (she had one called "Shelsy and Lillee's Gymnastics Blog" or something which is really weird since Lillee never took gymnastics or had any obvious interest in it, but she was probably just copying Shelsy's interests to single white female her)

No. 840169

You don’t need a license if you grow up and live in a large city with decent public transit. Not that Lillee has ever taken the subway, but her not having a license is one of the less weird things about her

No. 840170

She had a boyfriend when she was in middle school but she wasn’t allowed to spend any time with him outside of her home and without Laur’s supervision. He got bored of her and dumped her after a month.

No. 840171


No. 840173

Read the threads

No. 840175

christ that looks narly what the fuck is wrong with people i get she a horrible person but wtf(namefag)

No. 840177

What's with the namefagging, newfag?

No. 840183

Does she live near a subway? She lives in a sort of suburb area, so I'm not sure. She's not like in the dead middle of NYC with subways everywhere. If the subway doesn't come out as far as where she is, it's a little more strange not having a license, but if she does have one near her then I agree.

No. 840184

NAYRT, but that wasn't really proven. Some guy just claimed he was her boyfriend, which I understand can be hard to prove especially since the relationship was from middle school and it's totally possible they had no photos together. Still though, there's a chance that could have been false and he wanted to just make up a story. No telling.

No. 840190

She lives an 11 min walk away from a subway station. It takes 20 minutes to get from this station to Penn Station in Manhattan

No. 840191

AYRT, doesn’t matter. They can still read the threads to understand context. A+ spoon feeding though.

No. 840193

I wasn't saying for context, I was just saying in general that there really isn't any proven truth to what that guy said, just that he said it.

No. 840227

I think Lillee doesn't have her license partly because she has anxiety and freaks out/gets flustered easily and her deep aversion to that means driving is a terrifying prospect, but the majority of the reason is "real new yawkers don't drive". We always need to remember Lillee's life experiences and her understanding of the world is largely, almost exclusively, borne of Disney Films. And New Yorkers don't drive in those films. They hail a cab, have a driver, maybe take the subway at the beginning of the film before they are successful. But they don't drive.
Lillee is about as much of a New Yorker as an average tourist. She may live in a suburb of New York, but she might as well live in Middle America.

Shelsy was an internet friend as well, if you read the blog posts, its obvious they are doing whatever zoom or skype was back then (AOL? I don't know). They weren't in the same place.

No. 840229

lmao what. she's just lazy. why would she need a license when she has Laur to cart her around? it's not that deep.

No. 840242

I imagine we'll probably see her in a car soon now that everyones talking about her not driving lul. Not to blog post, but i put off getting my license due to anxiety around driving. What did motivate me to overcome the anxiety was getting a job. But I dont see lillee getting a real job anytime soon. Her mom also gives me intense codependent "you cant do anything without me" type vibes, so i dont see her mom pushing for her independence anytime soon either. If lillee tried to move out in like a year, i can see her mom freaking out and sabotaging her independence.

No. 840243

I’m pretty sure Shelsy was a real friend as she was in the yearbook that Lillee posted on her Instagram stories.

No. 840248

More brands sending Lillee shit. Too faced supposedly sent her PR; https://www.lilleejeanbeauty.com/post/too-faced-hangover-pillow-balm-ultra-hydrating-lip-treatment-2021-lillee-jean

Another brand butter london (butter so fitting kek) sent LJ some nail polish and has a discount code for LJ of 25% off. It's not surprising anymore when LJ gets sent PR or sponsored but it's still as disappointing.

No. 840250

Lazy? I know we discuss at length her lack of hygiene and her fashion sense…but I don't think Lillee is "lazy". Putting aside all the drama that has surrounded LJ, she's arguably been more consistent than most gurus in this time. Most weeks, she's good for 3-5 videos, she replies to everything on insta and reads and filters every comment on youtube. I am struggling to express this, but I don't think Lillee is lazy. She has consistently produced content for the last 2+ years, even more so once she was noticed by Reddit.
Don't get me wrong, I have a host of words to describe her, but lazy isn't one. Out of that household, she's the one that would work…but only in her bubble, her time, and her way. but that's a different issue. How Lillee views herself and the world is ghastly.

I missed that, thanks anon. I wonder why they didn't post pictures together?

No. 840252

lol she sleeps til noon, wears the same stained pyjamas for weeks at a time, and puts the absolute bare minimum effort into everything she does. how is that not lazy?

No. 840253

Yeah Shelsy was a real friend, she's in her school yearbook and I believe their gymnastics blog had pics of them together so I have no idea why >>840227 is saying that

No. 840255

Nah she’s lazy and does all her “makeup looks” half assed. She buys followers instead of working for them and uses a bot to spam emojis for the engagement.

No. 840256

ಠ_ಠ if there were a few more commas I'd think this were a certain someone(emoticon)

No. 840257

she is consistent because she is lazy. her content is the same look day after day, every video is essentially the same length, topic, and mood. the only difference is which amazon Halloween costume she's wearing in a given day.

people who aren't lazy don't buy all their followers and spend hours arguing on Twitter about how not racist they are. people who aren't lazy do actual work.

No. 840271

Her “content” does not take that much effort to push out. She does the same look different color ways, and throw in some bedazzles at times. She doesn’t have to edit much. Even those slime Asmrs put more effort into their content then she does.

No. 840297

My sister used to work at the Bite beauty lip lab where Lillee and Laura pretended to be making their own line of lipsticks. My sister was working that day but wasn't the one helping them as she was doing something else on the other side of the store. Lillee started drawing a lot of attention to herself, squeeling and laughing really, really loud. A couple times my sister had to stop what she was doing because it was so distracting. After they left the girls who were helping her said she smelled really, really bad. Like stale body oder and sweet-smelling menstrual smell that was covered up with synthetic-smelling fruity perfume. About a week later, Lillee started claiming that the shades she made were actually a new line she was creating and somehow the manager got wind of this and was PISSED. Interrogated the girls who were helping her to see if there was any possible way that they could have said something to make Lillee think it was a real collab because they were tagging the store/company nonstop on socialmedia. When it was clear that the workers didn't do anything to make her think that, either the manager or corporate put the fear of hell into them and they stopped

No. 840298

there was that screenshot she posted as "proof" that Bite Beauty invited her to come make lipsticks - did she get to go for free or did you have to pay?

No. 840302

Don't know how it is now, but back then anyone could go to make lipsticks as long as they pay for the lipsticks/experience. IIRC Lillee was "invited" by the brand to come spend money there but scammers gonna scam

No. 840303

Don't get me wrong, I do completely understand your thought process to this, and am open to it, but let's be honest, none of that stuff is truly "hard". Making videos can be for sure, but hers are very simple. Barely any editing, maybe cutting out some stuff, or zooming in, but her videos really are bare minimum. I used to edit in high school, and could probably produce around the same content she does in terms of her editing. And responding to people consistently is also incredibly easy to do. Being on the internet and typing is just…not hard. She's isn't lazy where it doesn't matter. She's lazy in that she barely leaves her room, goes nowhere, doesn't shower, had no interest in pursuing education or getting a different job. She says she works out but that's debatable, she just randomly posts a video or story of her one workout a month. She's absolutely lazy in everything she shouldn't be lazy for. Oh yeah, and she bought all of her followers instead of earned them, so that's pretty peak lazy.
However, I still don't think she hasn't gotten her license due to laziness or being scared of it, I really think it's the fact that even if she got it she still wouldn't leave her house because she has no friends, and doubtful she'd go anywhere by herself, and she knows that deep down.

No. 840305


Buying followers, churning out the same mediocre content daily and replying to everything does not a productive person make.

You're confusing productivity with someone who has no life. Lillee has nothing but time on her hands to perpetuate a fake following and fake engagement on the Internet which has zero basis in reality.

She is the epitome of lazy.

No. 840320

Lmaoo let them pannies claim her. Fuck pannies. Biphobes lookin asses(back to twitter)

No. 840322

Could not agree more. Activity is not necessarily productivity. Laur and LJ are just spinning their wheels and not getting anywhere. Admiring how vigorously they spin their wheels makes no sense.

No. 840324

but fam, they're 3-4 years out now from being the pansexual version of jeffree star. lillee is gonna own all of 5th ave for her businesses and will no longer be a chubby attic goblin that smells. you just have to believe. believe!! such hard workers. uwu

lillee seems to think she's so special that she doesn't have to work hard. she's just going through lazy motions until the internet falls in love with her and then it will all fall into place. just like charli d'amelio!

No. 840327

Yeah, none of the stuff she does takes effort. It's not that riveting or admirable by any means. Replyng to every single bot to fake engagement is just depressing more than anything.

No. 840333

I agree that she's waiting for that "big break", but then on the other hand she secretly knows she's not going to make it and she came from a scammy family, so she decided to try and buy her way in. I think Lillee is both desperate and self-aware.
(Fixed to add "try" because I accidentally insinuated she has made it, which we all know she hasn't lmfao)

No. 840335

There's so many ways she could have built herself up from nothing with the help of fans if she actually did things the right way (Ko-Fi/Patreon etc) but agreed with everyone here, she's lazy as fuck and expects fame to slap her in the face.

Sadly the only stuff she's famous for are all the shitastic things she's done. Lillee has no idea how to make it in the real world and it shows.

No. 840336


>Sadly the only stuff she's famous for are all the shitastic things she's done.

And she knows that too which is why she's trying to erase everything with false copyright strikes. She knows anytime you search her name, her heinous shit is smeared all over the front page.

No. 840345

google update for people who haven't done a search in a while: the goblins have DMCA struck most of the negative results from the first page and have used SEO to push her YT, IG & website to the top of the list. the YT vids features on the first page aren't flattering ones however. being an unemployed loser with nothing to do all day has one advantage.

No. 840347

File: 1623611509330.jpg (321 KB, 1080x1871, Screenshot_20210613-200520_Ins…)

Quality followers there lilleejean.

No. 840348

File: 1623611571447.jpg (211.86 KB, 1080x1871, Screenshot_20210613-200526_Ins…)

Just so you can see he is actually on yhe followers list.

No. 840351

File: 1623617940757.jpeg (9.04 KB, 200x239, e32.jpeg)

>sweet smelling menstrual smell


No. 840356

I checked it out a month or so ago and it was the same results. All of the negative ones DMCA'd and her links at the top. She even DMCA'd Buzzfeed. Shows that no one is planning to fight the claims for various reasons, so they can just get away with it. It sucks so bad that there's no one in place to look at these and see they're fraudulent. They only respond (maybe) if when someone counterclaims, but even that usually goes through an automated system, AND Laur doxxes them to their employers or whoever else once receiving their info. This system just rewards their behaviour.

No. 840377

File: 1623628661020.png (908.14 KB, 1446x1092, wgrhworhwognd.png)


Guess who started a "WikiTubia" page

It was last edited 4 days ago

No. 840378

File: 1623628701520.png (420.58 KB, 1508x1116, sdjkfkbdgkdbgkbdkv.png)

No. 840380

File: 1623628850032.jpeg (191.34 KB, 820x1462, 723005B7-4E4D-46B4-B2C8-521B8B…)

No. 840381

Why the fuck does she think anyone gives a shit about her parents backstory? You go to almost any other legitimate Youtuber's Wikitubia page and it states nothing about their parents, maybe besides their names. It's so fucking weird.

No. 840382

How did they get the page locked so quickly? Odd

No. 840383

Look at that mousy-ass brown hair kek

No. 840384

The toes on her left foot aren't even able to be crammed into the sandal anymore oh my god

No. 840385

What's with the big scar down the middle of her left foot? Club foot surgical scar?

No. 840386

File: 1623629416350.jpeg (216.37 KB, 1152x2048, E3zK7HNXEAc2puO.jpeg)

Looking g8

No. 840387

2011 called, it wants its duckface back

No. 840388

File: 1623629721406.png (57.09 KB, 300x308, Screenshot 2021-06-13 201516.p…)

Kek, her most viewed video is her "debunking" one. Yeah, that's what people want. A beauty guru where her most popular video is about drama instead of makeup.

No. 840397

File: 1623633550919.jpg (612.7 KB, 1055x1285, Screenshot_20210613-201917_Chr…)

Front wedgies, so in right now.

No. 840398

Lol she's hiding her left foot but you can clearly see she can't stuff her foot in her shoe.

No. 840400

File: 1623634615019.jpeg (438.97 KB, 828x986, 91A139DB-4341-45F4-8F59-CD7033…)

Her feet are almost blue kek

No. 840401

Yikes. When your feet are that color it usually means you have bad circulation/strain on your feet, due to excess weight. Could also just be that her shoes are too tight as well, probably a combo of both. Doesn't help she probably has really small feet from being so short.

No. 840406

File: 1623643484129.png (1.02 MB, 920x721, Screenshot_40.png)

Nitpick, but what the fuck is her hair doing? This is how she starts her new video. She's not moving, and when she clips it back it still weirdly sticking out like that.

No. 840407

File: 1623643565156.png (415.88 KB, 564x578, Screenshot_45.png)

It's several shades darker from how drenched in oil/grease it is. For someone that wants to perceived as blonde she sure does make her hair is dark as possible.

No. 840410

She's so ugly it's almost amazing she doesn't have some type of diagnosis, I know I'd want a medical excuse for looking look that. It's not just that she's hideous (which she is), it's that she's just so deformed looking and manages to look 45 and 25 at the same time. How mentally inept must her mother be to look at this midget slob and think "she'll be a beauty guru in no time!" It's not even like Lillee has a good education or a normal IQ to fall back on, she's got no plan B whatsoever and her plan A is a joke considering she's so unfortunate looking. They're going to have to cut those shoes off her hooves if she keeps them on any longer.

No. 840414


Trying to escape from her gross greasy scalp what else?

No. 840415

Because Laur most likely wrote it.

No. 840424

Looks like those shoes were supposed to have ankle straps but she couldn’t put em on her cankles

No. 840425

File: 1623668516515.jpg (168.51 KB, 1002x726, ashleigh.jpg)

LJ is teaming with this woman who seems quite full of herself.
Same engagement pod, she is following LJ.

No. 840431

These weird Laur angles are so menacing. I feel threatened looking at this

No. 840432

kek why be proud of being gen z

No. 840433

LJ must be jealous
This girl is only 17/18 and is already a ~newswriter~ and ~motivational speaker~. Plus she has a real high school diploma…

No. 840434

File: 1623683387338.jpeg (126.86 KB, 750x461, CC7FCDC0-7F36-4034-B553-D990D5…)

No. 840436

so THAT'S what I've been doing wrong. Thanks for the advice Lil

No. 840437

File: 1623683588737.png (89.46 KB, 652x550, img_0392.png)

No. 840443

File: 1623689011108.png (1.05 MB, 920x721, image0.png)

I just shared a image of Lillee's glasses to my mother who works in a optician's office. She confirmed that they are actually OAP (Old Aged Pensioner)glasses made for elderly people.

This leads me to believe she's using Laur's had-me-downs or she's only ever been to the opticians once and hasn't had a check up in years, cause you know she ALWAYS has to let us know she's going to the Dentist office.

No. 840444

Imagine the headache she must have from wearing glasses that were prescribed to her middle-aged mother and not her.

No. 840445

Maybe they’re the kind of glasses she can get for free because she’s on disability?

No. 840447

Can't you choose your own frames? Maybe she just likes them for whatever reason. Has she always had the same pair?

No. 840448

Medicaid will pay for yearly eye exams and a pair of glasses. Even for really high prescriptions. There's just no excuse.

No. 840449


Exactly, and even so. Why not use contact lenses instead of granny glasses? kekw

No. 840458

File: 1623698198187.jpeg (656.44 KB, 828x1309, E32661FF-C796-4D80-9F4B-3C0B8B…)

No. 840460

>the code is actually selfpublish

No. 840461

How is "Malvie" (Bad Life) not an actual troll with the name & now this code. Kek.

No. 840462

someone asked lillee why she didnt wear contacts in a q&a awhile ago and she said it was because she was afraid of infections and scratching her eyes. which does make sense. she's filthy and would probably lose an eye to a rare infection because of how much she neglects her hygiene.

it'd be nice if she could get a pair of glasses that have been fashionable in the past 30 years though. the ones she's wearing were likely grandma marks' glasses in the 1980s.

No. 840464

File: 1623700690281.gif (1.02 MB, 498x280, tenor.gif)

some cringe from lillee's tenor. she edits and uploads these herself… why? she genuinely has some kind of reverse body dysmorphia like pt.

so embarrassing that that picture was the best she could do for her "magazine cover debut." no shoes, unstyled hair, in a drab empty apartment. they really could've have gone to a nice park to shoot or something? anywhere? they live in new york for fucks sake.

No. 840465

Why would anyone waste 200$ to be in stupid wannabe french magazine that no one reads?
The fact they published those ugly LJ pictures is so bad publicity.

No. 840466

>she edits and uploads these herself… why?
Could it be she thinks it's a way to become an actress and get a Marvel lead role?

No. 840471

I'm French and I definitely never heard of this magazine(sage your non-contributions)

No. 840474

Sage for blind sperg but I use to work in a lab that made glasses for customers. And like the other anons were alluding to, she's on Medicaid and they'll pay for glasses and lenses no problem. But only what they approve, and that's usually the bottom of the bin frames and shitty plastic lens. I doubt lj is wearing nice photochromic lenses in those granny frames.

No. 840484

Yeah, she probably had the choice between those frames and 5 other equally other ugly ones. What's odd is that she has several different frames, each uglier than the last. I suppose if they give you a fresh pair of glasses every year (which is way more than NHS in the UK does, wow) she has a little collection of factory second K-Mart frames

No. 840485

Does…does she think that makes her look "quirky" or ~uwu~ silly ~uwu~? There really is something wrong with her if she looked at this and thought "this looks great, I'm going to post it for everyone to see"

No. 840495

do you really think LJ has the ability to logically be self-aware enough to see her situation for what it is? I don't think she thinks she comes from a scammy family…I think she lives in her own world of delusion where she has millions of jeaniez fans.

I fucking hate that face she makes in most of her thumbnails and this picture. The slightly parted lips like she's some natural beauty…fucking annoys the shit out of me.

god i can smell her from here.

she's completely delusional. i've seen videos where her hair is literally this color and she'll say she has blonde hair with a straight face. in what fucking universe jesus LJ.

Thanks for the advice LJ. If you hadn't reminded me to breathe I would've stopped doing something EVERYONE does automatically, even when they're sleeping. Jesus.

I mean it only took two decades for her mom to take her to a dentist to get her baby teeth fixed. It'll be another few decades before she gets her eyes checked, especially because that's not a cosmetic issue.

Even if she did visit the optometrist, there are plenty of more flattering frames for cheap prices. My glasses were $25 and they don't make me look like a nerd granny. Even if she's afraid of contacts, it's no excuse – ESPECIALLY AS A BOOTY GURU – to wear such hideous frames that don't compliment her face whatsoever. There are plenty of free and cheap frames that are more fashionable/from this decade but you know LJ and Laur are too lazy to visit the optometrist and get her outfitted with proper glasses with the correct strength.

she barely changes her clothes and has been comfortable with gapped out baby teeth her whole life. what makes you think she gives a shit about her eyesight?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 840499

you can tell this is an old video she did because she doesn’t have her braces here yet. Lils recycling her old shit. Maybe her teeth are falling off already because of that scammy ortho

No. 840504

bite beauty anon posted >>840297 recently that reported a sweet-smelling menstrual smell and stale body odor coming from lillee.

i think it's a tragic combination of wearing the same clothes everyday and not bathing. she uploads every day and you can see her wearing the same stained nightie 4+ days in a row some weeks. also her hair looks incredibly greasy. it reminds me of those pictures you see after a kidnapping victim is freed and their hair is disgusting because they were locked up for weeks and weren't allowed to bathe.

makes sense on the cheap glasses. there are so many online companies that are competing with each other to be the cheapest/fastest/have the biggest selection. she could easily take advantage of that and not binge on the cheap bots for a few days to pay for it. but that'd be too logical for our lilz.

No. 840514

It was speculated that was why Laur was suddenly putting all her efforts into #justiceforbrenda for awhile, though that seems to have been put on hold thanks to the wikipedia jannies. Also she's been photoshopping her jawline/chin a lot more so i wonder if she's infected/swollen

No. 840515

Huh, that's a little unexpected. I would have thought more of a cat pee and onions vibe

No. 840516

>do you really think LJ has the ability to logically be self-aware enough to see her situation for what it is? I don't think she thinks she comes from a scammy family…I think she lives in her own world of delusion where she has millions of jeaniez fans.

Maybe not exactly for what it is, I don't think she's aware of how fucked her future is, but I do truly believe she has enough self-awareness that she knows she bought followers and the reasons for it. Her entire persona of saying she has a million or more jeaniez is because she's vehemently denied she's purchased followers since the very beginning, so she kind of has to act like that, it goes hand in hand.

No. 840525

File: 1623758731295.jpeg (697.36 KB, 828x1198, 7A4BCF89-F91F-40D0-A01B-B18F88…)

This looks like a photo of a trafficked woman in a bordello catalogue

No. 840528

Sometimes I can't tell if she going for the slicked back wet look or if her is just so greasy it looks wet.

She really needs to stop with the gunk she's putting in her hair. My friends who are hair dressers would vomit at what she does to her hair. She would be better off doing the curly girl method as I suspect that is the actual texture of her and it not just being fried. Sadly as we all know lj knows better than everyone.

No. 840546


Well LJ will never make it with these God awful looks, bad hair and her inlikable personality. I bet she is screeching in her attic when she sees people like Laur Elyse (LJ has bad history with this mua) getting featured by Rihanna's savagexfenty. LJ should've learned from other people in the industry instead of having meaningless fights with them.

No. 840547

Laur's been telling her to use baby oil on her hair because she's a fucking boomer and Lillee believes her because she's not the sharpest tool in the shed. Why she believes Laur and not actual hairdressers is beyond me but I think 20 years of manipulation oughta do it

No. 840553

Elyse saga was the best. She was called an "it" by Laur. Elyse was a special kind of trigger for LJ and Laur because not only was she black, she's a lesbian with a skin condition. I think around that time, LJ claimed that the market was over saturated with POCs and blonde, blue eyed women were in the minority and should be featured more. Laur had spent so long telling LJ that a blue eyed blonde was ideal beauty in America she got angry that social media was obsessed with minority representation.
Elyse also never backed down and told Laur to fuck off any time Laur tried to say "let's just be friends."

No. 840555

File: 1623779235016.jpeg (113.48 KB, 350x828, 7FB95464-EBDF-4851-84FD-21F0E4…)

Sage because this is milk about Tatiana, not Lillee, but posting here as she’s being a bit hypocritical when it comes to the Creepshow Art situation.

Lillee has openly been homophobic, transphobic and ableist. As was CSA on that thread. These DMS are from Tatiana to CSA (from Tatianas latest video) and in them she gives excuses for CSAs phobic language, that she was “trying to fit in” etc, and that as long as her friends accept her apology then it’s okay, rather than entire communities she has hurt.
Maybe Tatiana isn’t as golden as we think(>homophobic, transphobic and ableist)

No. 840558

Jesus that's the worst thing she could put on her hair. I can see a future where she's going to end up having to shave her head because she's put so much crap in it.

Tatiana has always come across as a bit of a bandwagon clout chaser. Her tea/rant videos are so bad they go round in circles. They only difference between lj and creepshow is creepshow has a following that she can poach from unlike ljs fake followers.

No. 840562

That would mean she'd have to admit to having curly hair, which I suspect she'd find to be a negative. Besides Brave, all of the uwu Disney princesses have straight, flowy hair. Curly hair would not match her "blonde hair, blue eye" aesthetic.

No. 840564

Yeah this is kind of bullshit. At least on the LJ threads, unsure about other threads, myself and I'm sure other anons have not been straight up homophobic, transphobic, or ableist. I don't see that here. Someone might claim that us saying Lillee isn't actually pansexual is homophobic, but that would be them not realizing she's a serial liar and tries to find any way possible to be oppressed. She wants to be pale, blonde, and idolized by her skintone, but won't accept her privilege with that. You can easily stay anonymous if you're not expressive, keep it casual, and stick to the topic at hand. You don't have to be homophobic, transphobic, or ableist to "fit in".
I even remember on one of LJ's old threads, someone came on and said some really transphobic shit, and a bunch of anons basically told them to fuck off. But I know I've focused solely on LJ's threads here, maybe she was part of some heinous threads that provoked that kind of speech, but I just know browsing through lolcow, I don't really see that "requirement" of being offensive just to fit in.

No. 840575

are you new

No. 840583

It's been pretty obvious for a while that Tati is a flake on her own, who was enjoying her five minutes of fame when her beef with the goblin exploded to the fullest. While obviously she is miles above Lillie her own channel is nothing stellar either.

No. 840586

Tati's main appeal to the LJ Saga will always be that she makes the goblins so so angry. I don't think there's anything else. And she got a lawyer which had Laur shitting her XXL sweatpants.

No. 840588

Has there been any update to the Tati lawyer thing btw?

No. 840604

Oh you sweet summer child… If you want to keep up your dream of this place not being transphobic and ableist you'd better to stick to this thread and never venture out. This is the last place you will find someone calling people out for being transphobic, ableist or for not checking their privileges.

No. 840609

lol literally. there's a ton of TERFs here. I don't agree with their ideology but I mean I'm also here to laugh at internet idiots so am I really gonna start splitting hairs with some anon I don't give a shit about who won't change their mind anyway? Nah bruh. We're catty internet bitches, no one's on a high horse here

No. 840616

hear hear, anon

No. 840621

lolcow is a TERF site.

No. 840644

File: 1623844340975.jpeg (576.36 KB, 1170x2054, 85B235D3-E1E4-4136-B05E-ACB90A…)

watching Miss Lucid Dreams channel and noticed Laur & Lillee’s sock accounts are commenting showing support on every video. Found a new account claiming to be a Canadian teen.

No. 840646

File: 1623844377932.jpeg (130.3 KB, 1170x514, A895B2CC-6C7E-4943-B936-6EE51D…)

No. 840647

File: 1623844879884.jpeg (699.5 KB, 1170x2108, EC7956B4-85AF-4A9B-93FC-F40A36…)

‘Rachel’ left comments too

No. 840649

It's so funny to me how they constantly give themselves away without realizing it. Besides the stupid, stereotypical names they usually pick and their extremely poor grasp of the English language, they talk like idiots that haven't been properly socialized. Probably because that's exactly what they are, but it's still funny nonetheless. I know LJ never gets out of the house as she's got no friends and is attached to her mother's plus-sized hip, however what's Laur's excuse? For growing up in (and never leaving) a cultural melting pot like metro NY, she's got an extremely limited world video and hardly any real world experience. I know she's got a low IQ, but that still doesn't excuse it; there's plenty of people with subpar IQs that have had no trouble broadening their horizons.
It makes me think that, despite all her "tough talk", Laur grew up very sheltered with little contact with the outside world and hardly any friends. Not really surprised by that though.

As for Tatiana, I've never been able to watch any of her videos and she just pointlessly rambles and talks in circles. She's pretty much a cow herself and while it's hilarious how she manages to get under the Goblin's skin, the constant "I'm just a poor victim" spiel got old reallllll quick.

No. 840655

File: 1623851522092.jpg (259.28 KB, 1618x1549, soglamorous.jpg)

From her last vid.

I don't know why she does so much blue eyeshadow "makeups". It doesn't look well at all with her eye color.

Keks at the fact she somehow made her hair look worse at the end.

No. 840656

File: 1623851876208.jpg (717.01 KB, 1079x1792, Screenshot_20210616-085819_Chr…)

Does she atleast give Credit for ripping off Sophie Turner's met gala look?

No. 840660

who tf is new to youtube in 2021??? most 15yos have been on youtube since they was in nappies. laur's so outta touch

No. 840663

I wouldn't doubt that LI and the City do things differently (or that it's done differently now, it's been a while for me, too).
Where I went to school, only specific high schools offered Regents programming.
Those schools required applications for acceptance and entrance exams.
You would only receive your Regents diploma if qualifications were met - that you took (or tested out of) all the required "basic" classes, and the subsequent levels (i.e. maths 1-3 french 1-3), and the relevant classes for your major and their incremental levels (i.e. basic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, chem lab 1-3, industrial chemistry etc.).
All of these required a C average or better over all 4 years.
AP classes weren't even available until the 3rd level of the required class was completed, or you could test in.
If you received lower than a C in any required class, your option was summer school to fix it, or accepting a "standard" diploma.
Regents wasn't even an option for home-schooled kids.

I have to wonder if homeschooling doesn't require any standardised testing.
Because it was definitely monitored, and anyone who failed the required state tests two years in a row was usually removed from "normal" school and placed in any number of "alternative" programs. Some of which allow for 6 years of high school to get a (non GED) diploma instead of 4.

Lillee would've definitely been in one of those programs.
Or Laur would've tried to get her into one of the performing arts schools, kek. Unfortunately those required entrance exams too, or superb enough talent that grades could be waived.
Attic Academy goblins need not apply.

Sorry for sperg.

No. 840678

All I read from this is that LJ never graduated from high school and went to keystone so she could buy a mill-degree.

No. 840688

File: 1623879957014.png (659.57 KB, 828x1347, 13B858F8-C89D-45E3-9AA9-2F7C5F…)

Sorry for possibly old milk but Laur paid for a vanity certificate for Lillee lol

No. 840695

AFAIK they send this to the inbox of every high school student in NYC. A simple google search will tell you it's essentially a scam

No. 840710

why even brag about this? even if her education was legitimate (as we already know it wasn't), what good is a 98 average in high school if you're not continuing your education? i don't know why she won't just go to cosmetology school and get a certificate there. more bragging points for her, and she could somehow find a legitimate job as a makeup artist. not a great one, but there's plenty of worse ones out there somehow employed, and it's better than sitting with her thumb up her ass buying followers all day. i know we're never going to see an lj redemption arc but she's eventually going to realize life is passing her by…

No. 840711

Going to school would require effort which we all know she refuses to put forth. Honestly I'd love to see her go to college just to see how poorly she would fail to integrate. People would complain she reeked because she'd wear the same outfit everyday. She'd scare anyone off that could potentially be a friend. She'd throw a tantrum at any professor that refuses to give her an A, or get Laur to scream at them.
Realistically, if she ever attended college, I have a strong feeling she'd pull the same shit that she did in high school and claim she's sick, drop out, and continue to get Laur to take care of her. She's so far gone from reality, I have zero doubts she wouldn't make one single friend in college even if she attended an entire semester or two. She's too outlandish.

No. 840714

She would flunk out of even the shittiest community college. They might even put her in ESL for real because she definitely does not have college-level language skills. She'd fail TOEFL (and that's basically impossible for a native English speaker)

No. 840718

Agreed, she could never get into a community College, let alone a SUNY (State University of NY) or CUNY (City University of NY) school, which is a shame because they have some really terrific universities. I honestly don't think she could even get admitted to Queensborough Community College at this point in life. Lots of people in the Queens/Nassau area go to QCC for 2 years before transferring out to a 4 year school in order to save $$ while they figure out what they'd like to major in. It's ranked #13 out of 700 plus community colleges, so it's not a bad place to start at all. It's also pretty close to where she lives, I believe it's in the Bayside area, but it's a pipe dream for LJ since she didn't actually get a diploma or make it past the 7th/8th grade.

Out of curiosity, I looked at what a CUNY school like QCC requires in order to get admitted and it's pretty standard stuff. "Ordinarily, students can demonstrate that they meet the University’s proficiency requirements in English and Math based on their SAT, ACT, or NY State Regents test scores." We've already established she never took a Regents exam, so that's out, and I seriously doubt that she ever took the SAT's or ACT's. She'd most likely have to get her GED because that diploma she got isn't even worth the paper it's printed on.

It's all a moot point anyway, she'll never do anything worthwhile with her life and she'll end up like her mother, only I don't LJ will ever move out, get married and have a family. Atleast I hope not, there isn't enough chlorine for that gene pool. NGL, it would be amazing to see Laur have a freakout on a professor for daring to give her little goblin a failing grade though. These two idiots don't do well with authority fights figures and the shock of reality hitting them in the face as they realize their usual empty threats won't do fuck all to help LJ pass a class would be hilarious to watch. I'd be willing to bet that Laur would be banned off campus by the middle of LJs first semester.

No. 840721

Well during high school, Laur knew she couldn't put up a fight, that's why she pulled Lillee out of hs. The principal gave them a talking to because she was missing so much school, and allegedly about her provocative Instagram (can't recall if that was proven though). I'm thinking once the college shows that they won't put up with mama bear either, she'll convince Lillee that she doesn't need college and to drop out. Since she wouldn't be able to pull her out herself since LJ's an adult.

No. 840724

File: 1623922786258.png (855.26 KB, 1106x675, baker vibes.png)


Holy shite, Lilee's serving some real Marguerite Baker vibes.

No. 840725

Is she missing more than just the one tooth on her right hand side? That's a huuuuuuuge gap. Gummee Jean rises

No. 840742

File: 1623936182123.jpg (188.07 KB, 1079x610, Screenshot_20210617-091441_You…)

Oh boy, now that you mention it, it looks like she's missing just about every tooth on her bottom right, aside from her front tooth and the one directly next to it (even though there's a huge gap between the two). It could just be the grainy screenshot but even if you zoom in, you can't see any teeth on that side of her mouth (apart from the aforementioned). I honestly wouldn't be surprised considering her teeth started showing a visible shift a day or two after she initially got the metal braces put on. While your teeth are supposed to move throughout the process, I've never seen it progress so quickly as it did with hers. It could explain why she has been recycling old content lately, although this video seems to be recent.

I tried to get a better look at her mouth but it was damn near impossible in this video. She seems to be doing that weird thing with her jaw again while she speaks, where she talks out of the side of her mouth and it's infuriating. When she did open her gaping maw of horrors, she had her hands or beauty products & tools obscuring the view. It seems like she kept doing this weird shit to try and hide that part of her mouth (screenshot relevant). I think she might be reaching new heights of hideous though, she's looking especially rough lately. I would have never guessed she's only 20, she somehow manages to look 8 and 80 at the same time.

No. 840745

File: 1623937516452.jpg (49.5 KB, 775x521, teethofthekeks.jpg)

That's what I've been trying to do while watching her last videos.
She added old ones before she got the braces and in the recent ones she is twisting her lips a lot, her jaw is lopsided and she's not "full teeth smiling" like in the old video.
She didn't make any dental update.

Love your references anon. Marguerite has far better teeth than the goblin tho.

No. 840746

File: 1623937803697.jpg (131.74 KB, 678x1535, teethoftheksII.jpg)

Want to add.
See the jaw? Her mouth is like old people before they put their denture on.

No. 840747

But Lillee said that she could get into Harvard if she wanted to kek

No. 840756

The thing ive noticed about unsuccessful influencers, is that theyll go to an event that nobody will remember, then they'll talk about it and make references to it for years. Its not just influencers either, you see it with musicians and entertainers. Its like they'll go to one biggish event and itll make their ego skyrocket and then that will be the only event they constantly make references to, to make themselves sound important and connected. Lillee always makes herself seem way more connected than she is, but its very easy to see through

No. 840759

File: 1623947539984.jpeg (66.78 KB, 450x600, with-and-without-dentures.jpeg)

She reminds me of a python that can unhinge its jaw. That shit is unnatural.

I zoomed in and I can't tell exactly which teeth are missing, but other anons are right, she's DEFINITELY got fewer teeth than last we saw her. That's what you get for going to an invisilign mill and expecting instant results from a cheap quack.

How long til she goes full Gummee?

No. 840762

Sage for no contrib but I am just continually amazed at how ugly she is

No. 840764


No. 840769

kek she should do a contouring-to-hide-your-collapsing-jawline tutorial

No. 840770

FFS shut the fuck up elaine

No. 840772


No. 840776

Elaine should learn when to gracefully walk off into the sunset

No. 840777

fucking looool that is so accurate. now i can't unsee it.

same. she's like the exact opposite of stunningly beautiful women. even though i'm straight, i can still appreciate a beautiful woman when i see one. sometimes i'm stunned by how gorgeous other women are, but LJ has the exact opposite effect on me. She stuns me with how ugly she is, inside and out. every time I think I've seen her at her lowest, she surprises me with some horrendous shit like her Prince-inspired makeup tutorial.

No. 840778

wow a fake diploma to match her fake ass personality

No. 840780

oh my fucking god she is hideous. how does she edit a gif like this and think it is in any way flattering?!?!?

No. 840795

Over the past several days I have noticed an uptick in overly dramatic rants calling Lillee like a "hideous deformed monster" and similar >>840780 >>839595 >>839624

Yes, she's short with fucked up teeth and the body of a Wisconsin Karen, but we usually only see way OTT stuff like that when LJ and Laur have picked up a white knight that tries to come here and stir the pot so that they can cry some more about "death threats" and "black site cyberboolies." The Sealions tried it, Elaine tried it, I think maybe one of the 12 year olds from her group chat tried it. What's going on, anons? Did Lillee make a friend somewhere?

No. 840799

…how does "she's ugly and this is unflattering" turn into an overly dramatic rant???

what's going on anon? are you the white knight? are you the only person allowed to criticize her "fucked up teeth and body of a Wisconsin Karen"? did you forget this is an imageboard where the point is LITERALLY to gossip about cows?(infighting)

No. 840800

File: 1623968140208.png (217.1 KB, 1200x1200, triggers.png)

No. 840807

File: 1623970096908.jpeg (690.3 KB, 828x1231, 081E9829-7240-4DC2-8F43-BC9DB0…)

Lillee got a bra!

No. 840822

Wow she actually looks so much better in that black wig than her usual rats nest, she should seriously wear wigs full time. If only she could stop making that disgusting slightly open mouth face she’s just way too ugly to pull it off.

No. 840827

she also looked better with the Gayle mousey brown wig. It's her natural ratty brown blonde hair that she never washes that looks like shit and is unflattering on her.

Honestly can't tell if she actually looks better with black hair or the hair just looks better because it's not greasy and looks brushed.

I fucking hate the stupid face she makes in all her thumbnails with her eyes as wide as possible and her mouth slightly open like she's a natural beauty. No matter how many times she insists she does her blush just like Grace Kelly, I will never see it.

No. 840838


I'm wondering if the way she's talking is due to her having a ton of pain versus loss of teeth. Or both, but my guess is she's in extreme mouth pain to some extent. I don't see how she couldn't be after surgery, losing teeth, having them shift insanely quick, etc.

No. 840858

File: 1623985001095.png (555.57 KB, 740x416, ea80ef_e3bd31b52b7344a59a46c0b…)

This look, while simple, is way too complex for Lille to come up with on her on. I wouldn't be surprised if she took some "inspiration" from another mua.
She doesn't even know how to properly wear a wig. She puts them on straight on her greasy hair with no wig cap.

No. 840873

So now that covid's no longer an excuse how do you think the goblins will explain why she never sees Pheepy (they/them?) in person?

No. 840874

she said in one of her videos that she's sorry if she pronounces things weird because her mouth is still healing. So I'm going with yeah, she's in pain.

No. 840918

My money is on that they "break up" due to her "growing as a person and accepting herself". They will still be close and love and respect each other. He'll go the way of her makeup collection, "full" merchandise line, and future successes- without a whimper, because imaginary things don't make noise.

No. 840923

Lillee is about to add "Mental Health Professional" to her resume. Can't wait for her TEDx seminar


You seem upset. Are those posts from you? If it's not overly dramatic, why did you tone down the language from "ugliest deformed nightmare alive" to "unflattering?" Also, how would a new white knight know about previous white knights coming here over the course of two years, dummy?

No. 840931

I literally used the word unflattering. See >>840780

Do you even know what you're talking about anymore? LOL I mean you're accusing people of being white knights while being the only white knight in the thread.

No. 840936

When farmers fight, is the resulting carnage called a milk bath instead of a blood bath?

No. 840943

File: 1624036110246.jpeg (561.77 KB, 1242x1307, 07212C52-1502-4550-A8F7-1D688D…)

She thinks she’s a celebrity kek
It doesn’t take a genius to realize how illiterate she is. She can’t even formulate a proper sentence and wants to talk about education shaming

No. 840946

> a full year of full-time high school courses to cost between $1800 and $2800, depending on the course options you choose.

Yeah, it's not free but she's acting like it's a Gossip Girl-tier private school (which would be $20k+)

No. 840951

Am I the only one who finds all of this a bit sad? Overwhelmingly? Even with the knowledge that LJ is fully in on it and enthusiastic about her flourishing booty guru career and fully compliant with Laura's bullshit, the thought of her growing into an indifferent middle age sooner or later having achieved or done absolutely nothing in life other than have her ass kissed by fake followers and putting on shitty makeup for YouTube is… hard to explain.

Like she must be a least somewhat aware that she's wasting her life right?

No. 840953

>Best time of me life.
Lol yeah we know bc you never stfu about your school “achievements”

No. 840957

Athletes don't mind the inferior education of homeschool because they're trying to accomplish something with their bodies, not their minds. Keystone School is not something you enroll in if you care about academics, or impressing people with your intellect, and it's definitely not something that should have anyone bragging about a '98' average. Facts aren't 'shaming' unless you live in a fantasy world and demand everyone else conform to it.

No. 840960

File: 1624042755174.png (1017.21 KB, 828x3715, 34F324A8-8B33-458A-863D-2B1532…)

No. 840974


thanks for confirming all the tryhard posts are from you


when farmers fight it's time to go outside


it would be sad if lj had some redeeming qualities, but she's a vindictive cunt who has exactly the life she deserves. so many people grow up with shitty enabling or neglectful parents and still manage join the rest of us in reality and learn how to function in a society that doesn't revolve around them

No. 840980

This…doesn't sound like an extraordinary amount of work for high school? It's actually pretty typical to have 2 or 3 essay questions on exams as well as to have lots of short/long answer questions for homework what is she talking about?
>shot and splatter
proof of dat g8 education

No. 840981

>I also took briefly Forensic AP
Either this means she failed out in the first week or, as I suspect, it doesn't actually exist. According to here https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/choosing-courses/major-career-results/major/forensic-science they suggest taking AP Chem and AP Bio if you want to pursue forensic science in college. If they had an AP Forensics course wouldn't they recommend that? Strange.

No. 840982

No. 840985

File: 1624053716752.png (262.65 KB, 786x645, betawards.png)

Lillee is eagerly awaiting this awards show and definitely for sure can name at least one nominee besides halle bailey and is a big big fan of black culture in general she has so many black friends y'all

No. 840986


I have a feeling she's trying to stay inbetween "I have a majorly successful, perfect boyfriend" and not say anything about him ever again in detail because of the whole age debacle. She's probably traumatized from talking about him, that we'll only hear tiny bits and pieces about him from here on out. My guess is she'll just say "I have a boyfriend", hope no one dives deeper, and when she's feeling desperate to feel cool, might sprinkle some tidbits about him being successful and French or whatever.

No. 840987

File: 1624054367542.jpeg (387.28 KB, 828x1268, 61D78E7F-A1C5-4313-A457-064E5B…)

She did grade 10 to 12 online and only took 6 classes?

No. 840989

Wow this a lot to unpack.
Firstly, she immediately references online school as enjoyment. While I'm not saying you can't enjoy school, it's not really meant to be "fun" or that enjoyable, you're there to learn. Again, you can find it fun and enjoyable depending on your interests and (not in Lillee's case) you may see your friends everyday, but let's be honest, in the vast majority of cases people want to be somewhere else.
Secondly, homeschooled is seen with a negative connotation because these people never got integrated into social settings. Social settings are just as important as the actual education, at least in the US where she lives, because connections are major no matter what you work in. If you can't socially integrate and are severely socially inept, everyone notices and it can strongly impact your relationships with other people, your career, etc. Although, this may be a moot point for Lillee considering she'll probably never get a different job with other people anytime soon and live on disability with her parents until they croak.
Thirdly, the fact that she only paid attention to the students that were going off to be athletes (allegedly) is incredibly telling. It is insanely clear that she values success on how famous you are, but that's pretty obvious already. Also, it's not helping her "stigma" case. She's pretty much insinuating that if you attend online school, it's not about the education, but the fact that you can be famous which is all that matters to her. It's like she can't even grasp that people can find success through knowledge.
Lastly, the elephant in the room, it's absolutely hilarious that she straight up admits she has no friends. It's "no one's business" that she's a shut-in hermit that only has contact with her parents. How can you even defend that type of lifestyle? God her life is so incredibly sad.

No. 840990

>Some kids set out to be dancers, atheletes and meet friends that way, too.
Is she actually trying to say she has made "friends" as a fake influencer that bought all of her followers? Lillee, people in the engagement pods are not your friends.

No. 840994


It's depressing how stuck she is in high school. That should be her answer as to why online schooling is bad. She hasn't moved on. She talks about it constantly. Those are her only true experiences.
Although, I can say that it's entirely her fault, not homeschooling in general. Homeschooled kids are able to leave their house and integrate into society, and don't obsess over their high school days. It's Lillee's own fault she never leaves her house or does absolutely anything outside of it, just lives online, which got her stuck in high school and only to able share experiences from it.

No. 841029

lmao I'm pretty sure 0% of my favorite celebrities were homeschooled; then again I'm not an emotionally stunted shut-in whose knowledge of pop culture begins and ends with the Disney channel.

Every misplaced comma and incoherent sentence fragment LJ types is a G8 endorsement for homeschooling. If I was Keystone Academy I'd pay her an annual salary to STOP talking about them on her social media. Maybe that should be her business strategy, the world's first anti-influencer.

No. 841032

Lol, antifluencer.

No. 841034

File: 1624077132052.jpg (481.67 KB, 1080x1643, IMG_20210618_233131.jpg)

How long before we get "Shannon was Shaniqua!!"

No. 841049

God how ironic is it that she asked "Can someone share why someone being homeschooled is 'bad'?" And then answers her own question with the immediately following sentence being littered with grammatical and punctuation errors.

This is coming from the girl who could have gone to HaRvaRd if she wanted.

No. 841050

even if the people in her paid engagement pod aren't her friends, she'll always have her dolls and totally real not fake boyfriend Pheepy.

No. 841073

Anons, we mentioned her Keystone fake graduation/fake diploma/middle school dropout many times in the threads.

Why is LJ suddenly ranting about it now? Are we onto something she really wants to keep out of sight?

No. 841074

I had the same thought, why the random defense about her schooling now? My theory is that she tries to avoid this website for as long as possible because she probably hates reading the truth, but eventually came back and saw some anons recently posting about her being a shut-in and having no friends due to never going to college and online schooling, which triggered her lol. You can see patterns with what she posts and what we've posted, they line up often.

No. 841076

She reads here everyday, Twitter, KF and reddit too and every other places talking about her.
She doesn't want to have friends.
The trigger must have been something else.

No. 841081


could also be a deflection. She can "explain" homeschooling but can't explain having a fucked up mouth

maybe i'm a bleeding heart but it's depressing af that she was so excited about FINALLY getting her teeth fixed since her waste-of-space mother neglected the responsible thing of fixing it in childhood

but now her mouth is worse and she has no answer for it other than Laur is a terrible person

No. 841084

I honestly don't know how to feel about her teeth situation. On one hand, she does deplorable things constantly and faces almost no repercussions, or at least any that matter, so I almost feel like her fucked up mouth is great karma. On the other hand, rejoicing in the physical pain someone feels wrong in general.

No. 841086

I think >>840987 might be on to something. 6 classes is hardly enough credits to graduate high school. Also the fact that there are people from other countries going to that "school" is interesting, as countries like the UK have completely different education systems/structures/curricula so a Britbong using Keystone instead of an actual British curriculum based online school is very sus.

Lads, I don't think she graduated. You probably get a certificate for completing a certain number of classes.

I love that her "defence" of homeschool is actually revealing that her education is even more lacking than we thought

No. 841089

Lads? Gross(global rule 4)

No. 841093

I'm a lazy, forgetful bastard, can some other anon with a better memory remember if she posted her diploma, and if so, can you find it? Lol apologies in advance.
I don't want to join in on this tinfoil if I'm just completely forgetting she posted a photo at some point.

No. 841104

I don’t ever recall her ever posting a high school diploma, just random grade sheets. The only grad photos she posted were from middle school. I would gag if this bitch is a high school dropout Lmaof would explain why she got so triggered

No. 841106

mommy laur did pay for her to get a printed certificate of "graduation" from the Keystone Academy. Someone uploaded the photo before, but I can't remember which thread it was in.

No. 841108

Maybe if we get lucky, she'll post it again to "prove" she graduated so we don't have to go scouring.

No. 841122

So her life experiences are:
1- Gymnastics with Shelsy
2- School Korean dance
3- ..?
4- Making an absolute moron of herself online

It's just.. tragicomedy

No. 841123

LJ made her tiktok private, guess she started realizing her amazing dances weren’t as amazing as she thought.

No. 841124

Hahaha the way you typed this reminded me of the old meme format that's like "Step 1, Step 2, ???, Profit".
Only in this case, Lillee is losing money.

No. 841127

what?! why would she do that? she's literally trying to be an influencer. Step 1 requires you to have public social media…

No. 841129

I mean, she (and Laur) also make their twitters private from time to time so not too surprising there

No. 841130

Dont worry dearies, Im sure shes just rebranding

No. 841141


No. 841148

Apologies, didn't catch it because the last line wasn't profit lol

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