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File: 1653209951275.png (664.54 KB, 1080x800, projectbullyishposter.png)

No. 878034

Lillee Jean is a stunted unwashed "beauty guru" who has taken "fake it till you make it" to previously unseen levels. With over 1 million (fake) followers on Instagram, 11k (fake) followers on Twitter, and 10k (fake) subscribers on youtube, her pitiful engagement rate is propped up by bots, engagement pods, and "bob-vageen" foreign men with no idea who she is.
Lillee is best known for abusing copyright strikes to silence her many critics. LJ and her momager, Laur Trueman, have been on a multi-year "anti-bullying" rampage where they ruthlessly mock other people for their age, looks, socioeconomic status, and more, all for the crime of questioning Lillee.

Many dedicated Lillee critics have created callout videos and posts to expose her racist, dishonest, and absurd behaviour. However, Lillee and Laur remain convinced that this is all a conspiracy organized by one person out to get her.

>Extremely stunted social development due to being removed from school around 13-14 years old. Does not appear to have a single friend IRL besides her helicopter mom.
>Is now 20 years old but legitimately plays with dolls
>speaks and writes in "attic pidgin", our affectionate name for her limited grasp of the English language (her only language)
>Claims to have a totally real, not-made-up boyfriend who is both a French diplomat and also a family friend since childhood. "Phillipe" (an incorrect spelling of the French name) seems to hop across continents, being either local or foreign depending on Lillee's convenience. Conflicting details about when they met suggest an inappropriate age gap (with a 23-year-old Pheepy asking out a 14-year-old Lillee). Her alleged boyfriend has no internet presence of his own, and has never been shown by Lillee, despite oversharing every other aspect of her life.
>Uses her "Jewish identity" to deflect all criticism as anti-Semitic, despite not practicing the Jewish religion OR having any clear Jewish lineage
>Constantly exaggerating her status in the beauty community with fake PR
>Got caught running her own fan pages, many of which were racist caricatures of minorities. This included (alleged) POC claiming to hate their own dark skin and wishing to be pale like Lillee.
>Once posted a photoshopped image of herself over Katy Perry's body, claiming to have attended the Met Gala. Later backtracked and tried to pass it off as a fan-edited image.
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab, created a custom lipstick colour (the point of their business, which anyone can do) and advertised it as an official collab, claiming that her fans could ask for "the Lillee Jean collection" in all Bite stores. Bite Beauty formally asked her to stop making this false claim.
>Lillee participated in a public Covergirl ad campaign where anyone could submit selfies to be displayed on a scrolling billboard in Times Square. Lillee waited through hundreds of submissions to catch a photo of herself on the billboard, then posted it as though it were a collab where she exclusively modelled for Covergirl.

>Lillee's jaw is not looking good >>870114
>Second Bullyish video is released >>870641
>Lillee is losing Youtube subscribers >>871060
>Lillee dresses like a weird Anne Hathaway Witch/Leprechaun combo >>871310
>Gets promoted by a fake elite management page >>871604
>More weird food made by Lillee, no one thinks it's appetising >>871632
>Lillee visits a random building.Possibly either a doctor's office or a courthouse and not a museum like she wants people to believe >>871910
>Project Bullyish is now a FeAtUrE FiLm set to release sometime later this year. >>872125
>New video drops it's a interview with Mark Garnt whoever the hell he is. >>872233
>Laur starts dropping weird cryptic shit on her insta >>872266
>Laur's IMDB page removes her fake credentials again >>872275
>Lillee does a hideous Elsa look. Even the Disney Bootleg movies look 100% better than this. >>872724
>The Tree humping outfit makes a return >>872927
>Laur spends more of her free time DCMA claiming stuff >>873018
>SunnyV2 Makes a video about Lillee, No new info dropped. It's all stuff we already know about the Truemans, They HOWEVER are pissed about it >>872049
>More awful paid for articles for stuff no one actively seeks to read. >>873624
>Queen Yuck more like. >>873631
>Lillee gets butthurt someone tries to recreate her makeup look as if she invented Goth to begin with >>873925
>Still trying to get a wikipedia article written about her >>874217
>Style Your Lillee becomes a thing >>874393
>Koala bears originate from Northern Wales… you know which is a part of England, where the sheep are. >>874835
>Laur creates a new tiktok account. Her crazy is on full display >>875008
>Lillee and Laur become obsessed with a "Burn Book" straight outta Mean Girls, turns out it's just full of notes and research someone wrote for their video they made about Lillee a while ago >>875051
>More weird stories on Laur's IG >>875223
>Laur tags Sundance film Festival in hopes of picking up their shitty documovie >>875226
>Laur whines that people are using kid's baby pictures to bully Lillee but fails to realize she shouldn't have shared them to begin with >>875684
>Laur starts spamming minitrailers for BULLYISH, they're hell on people's eyes >>875986
>Lillee obviously starts losing funds for her bots >>876200
>Gifs are posted of Lillee trying to walk in heels, she waddles like a overweight duck. lulz are had >>876435
>More deep fried over filtered IG stories from Laur, we truly are watching her descent into crazy >>876507
>The Queens Disctrict Attourney allegedly reaches out to them >>876534
>Laur's recent tiktok confirms she's gonna try and doxx a bunch of people >>877035
>Lillee tries to recreate a look from the 90's that hasn't been relevant for years >>877262
>Laur posts weird crptic black square and links a page where movies are submitted to film festivals >>877492
>Laur tries to doxx an imaginary disabled person. Gets debunked that the image is a weird mirrored screen cap from "Home Alone". >>877663
>Apparently Depp VS Heard is EXACTLY like Lillee's struggles >>877794
>Mind over beaute >>877868
>More weird 4am IG stories from Laur >>877946

MAIN ACCOUNTS AS OF 2022 (Updated May 2022) :

https://www.twitter.com/reallilleejean (Suspended)
https://teespring.com/stores/lillee-jean?aid=marketplace (removed)


https://www.twitter.com/InevitableLrt (Suspended)
https://www.twitter.com/JeaniezInc (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/iamlaur67 (Suspended)
https://www.instagram.com/jeaniezmanagement (Suspended)

https://twitter.com/lilleeinc (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeauty (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeaute (Suspended)

1. >>>/snow/833840
2. >>>/snow/847048
3. >>698862
4. >>707075
5. >>718259
6. >>724333
7. >>736259
8. >>754981
9. >>767645
10. >>773135
11. >>777937
12. >>784721
13. >>794372
14. >>802142
15. >>811813
16. >>820665
17. >>825857
18. >>833714
19. >>838519
20. >>844274
21. >>853090
22. >>857281
23. >>862009
24. >>871230

No. 878037

Just wanna say how happy I am that you're using that thread pic, OP. "Sweet menstrual smell" truly is the meme that keeps on giving, kek.

No. 878046

File: 1653229187288.png (1.79 MB, 506x2906, 37D7ABDE-17DC-4938-9C28-98F35A…)

More midnight wisdom from Laur

No. 878048

Learn to sage

No. 878050

Have we ever seen a video or photo of Lillee crying? I swear any time she’s ever talked about the ‘bullying’ she only shows rage and anger but is not actually upset about it.

No. 878051

Exactly. I've never seen Lillee shed a single tear over people being mean to her. Only as you say rage and anger and telling her imaginary followers to attack.

No. 878056

I wonder how much longer Laur can keep these "promos" up for. 8 months is a long type to be creating hype. I still think she's trying to scare people into thinking they'll be doxxed >>877035. With these schizo post trailers, you can see she first ones started on fear >>875223, >>875328 and really started to ramp the doxxing threats up here >>875820, >>875482. Obviously no one is going to come forward so she then pivoted to understanding and forgiveness because call outs were 'manipulated by a cult' >>877589, >>877663. Now her topic of the week is mental illness >>877668, >>877839, >>877996
She's really thinking she's going to be able to scare people into revealing themselves.
I would love to see the documentary, but we all know that it doesn't really exist and will never exist. This will fizzle out by July.

No. 878057

she had a crying video on the main page of her youtube channel for a long time actually.

No. 878059

>>878057 Can we get a link? And was it actual full blown tears and obvious upset or her usual crocodile tier Disney Channel sad tears?

Also whilst we're still on the subject of Bullyish. Anyone else think it's odd how these "celebrities/influencers" Lillee's had on her live show haven't gotten involved with Project Bullyish? That's the endorsement/support you'd want if you want to be viral isn't it? But nope. Laur and Lillee seem to be the only people promoting the shit out of them. Hah, even their guests don't give a shit about the Truemans.

No. 878061

yes it seeed like she was really crying and i belive that. Living her lies must be very stressful and i think she cried a lot then… besides raging and fuming.
I can't seem to find the video i guess she deleted it or i'm blind.

No. 878063

File: 1653236149612.png (110.82 KB, 546x888, laur (2).png)

I remember one being on twitter too. She was being comforted by Laur. I don't have it saved but it would probably be in an older thread.

Pic not related but its Laur claiming the NYPD sex unit was called on them. Either that was a lie or it was one of the supposed "swatting" events.

No. 878064

It’s at the very beginning of this video

No. 878065

>Invasion of privacy
The tweet clearly states the removed images (I wonder who did that) were from Lillee's own website.

No. 878066

yes that's it thanks

No. 878071

File: 1653245242435.jpg (80.01 KB, 800x450, boot.jpg)

It does look like genuine tears. Theres definitely been some crazies that have taken it to the next level. But at the same time, everything with her and laur is so overdramatic. I know this is an old vid but like she could have easily just taken a break if she was that distraught. She's out here acting like shes a broadway performer and the show must go on at any cost. Laur makes everything way more inflammatory for Lillee than it needs to be

No. 878072

KEK at the crying while holding up makeup tools as if she's due on stage in moments. She needs to experience a real job. This performance is cringe. She's not clocked in, not on a salary, nobody is waiting with bated breath for her makeup vids. Put down the eyeshadow brush and deal with the lies you created.

No. 878073

I remember the video and I actually felt bad for her. The tears were genuine, it was one of the first tutorials she did after the BGC post blew up, but she wasn’t crying because she was being bullied…she was crying because she’d been caught. I felt bad because it was obvious she realized how badly her and her mom fucked everything up. But here we are, 2 years later, they’ve never taken accountability or even stopped the shittiest behaviors.

No. 878081

File: 1653256947228.jpeg (866.51 KB, 657x1145, 5B637160-DE9A-42E5-9C3A-415DC9…)

No. 878083

>this woman loves to have fun
wow she's so unique
i hate having fun myself.

No. 878087

If she loves to have fun so much, why doesn't she show any of that? Even she must know that only hanging out with her mom is sad, which is why she doesn't show that anymore. Or playing with dolls. So why doesn't she show herself having all that fun?

No. 878093

File: 1653270347034.jpeg (274.3 KB, 654x1170, BE29BC1E-2FB8-477D-BCF3-3BBB54…)

No. 878096

>night on the town
aka going out in their weird suburb after dark and taking pictures with the flash on.

She's 21 now but still no photo of her having her first drink. Do they really expect us to believe she's out painting the town red?

No. 878098

No friends no dates just hanging out with your crazy mom

No. 878103

I'm late but OP your title and thread pic are perfect, thanks for the kek!

No. 878125

I'm willing to bet 100% because we've mentioned there's usually a huge lack of tears from Lillee apart from the video someone linked, We'll see way more crazy IG stories from Laur abusing the heck out of that crying filter on Lillee's face with comments such as "This is the torment Lillee has to deal with every day. This is what you're doing to this little girl! Project Bullyish aims to stop this from happening ever again. EDUCATE ADVOCATE EDUCATE etc."

No. 878132

File: 1653311014963.png (2.11 MB, 653x3268, 2F88BA2A-E1FF-4E0C-9240-716F38…)

Laur posted over 80 ig stories over the last 24 hrs

No. 878133

File: 1653311101550.jpeg (3.03 MB, 1170x2040, BAE60AB3-9C06-4426-B9EF-7EF459…)

My guess is mental illness.

No. 878135

80!? Wow Laur really doesn’t have a life away from her kid or her if at all does she? Go play some Bingo ffs.

No. 878141

>"these are images that Lillee Jean and her family have had to view daily."
No one makes you obsessively read this thread and search your "clients" name on Twitter and Reddit, Laur. You can tune this out if you wish to.

No. 878143

File: 1653319953146.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 958D2857-7CE5-4E7D-965F-EF0F04…)

No. 878147

Hahaha I forgot about Jeaniez Crisis Management. Laur is bringing back some of the greatest hits.

No. 878152

Because Laur lacks any self awareness and understanding of irony, she doesn't understand that no one seeing these posts, e.g. the crisis management tweet, will interpret it as oh no this poor woman being lied about saying that she takes drugs. No one reads it that way, only her. If she is gunning for Hollywood execs to see this, be completely entranced by lj's beauty, feel sympathy for her tortured existence, and see the story compelling enough to put big bucks behind the documentary, only to later turn it into a blockbuster film with lj starring as herself, she will be extremely disappointed. No one is reading her ig stories that way. People see this for what it is, an unhinged overly attached mother with too much time on her hands.

No. 878154

Jeaniez Crisis Management bullied Laur with good management advice kek

No. 878156

Curious (but not that curious) to know what the end game is here. Surely Laur knows that spamming with her poorly worded ig stories, videos, whatever is not the right way to get Hollywood or any kind of film distribution deals? Her major Depp, Bryant, and other celebrity connections aside, the one person who seems to be her friend who can tolerate her enough to know her all these years who is in the business, however marginal, is the old guy who couldn't figure out how to get on ig live to interview with lj for like 20 mins. He must have told her that this is not the way to get important people's attention. Assuming she does know this and this isn't some alcohol fueled mania, what exactly is the point? There is no way she can change the true narrative and spin this as bullying because there are receipts. She thinks she can manipulate the tweets and images to take them out of context, but she's so bad at it that one look at her stories will tell anyone that she is doing just that. So if she knows what she's doing - and I am using that term loosely - what is the goal? All this is doing is humiliating lj. I mean, she's great at doing that all by herself so laur isn't helping her situation.

No. 878157

Right? She keeps preaching that all this stalking and making up fake information isn't normal but uh…I would say what the most not normal thing about this is how much Laur is spamming the hell out of this? Why would you feel the need to spend so much time on a doomed to fail project by spamming those IG stories. She's failing to make a convincing case for her and Lillee when she's out there making 80 odd time consuming posts a night.

It's really the equivalent to asking your child to wash their hands before eating dinner but said child starts throwing a tantrum because even though their hands are covered in poop, grass and snot they insist they're okay as they are.

No. 878162

fascinating that she says Lillee is the victim when two of these are jokes at Laur’s expense. “Mocking the family,’ right. It’s definitely not that you live vicariously through your daughter and use her to get pity and attention you think you deserve.

No. 878164

interesting how the other day it was pointed out that Lillee doesn't even have a thread on Kiwi Farms– Laur does. Now all of a sudden she's changed her tune to "They're attacking family members!"

kek Laur no one is attacking you, sweet lil baby.

No. 878168

So let's say hell froze over and someone who has clout and the budget for wide distribution and promotion saw these "trailers" and said, this looks interesting and they reach out to the truemans to take the next step. These execs are going to want original sources. No one is going to just take their word for it and be fooled by their filters and heavy edits. If you zoom out and look at whole threads or twitter exchanges, it will all be revealed how deranged they are. They can't claim that their words were taken out context or manipulated. So what is the point of all this? Just Laur venting to the void? lj may want her mother to fight her battles for her, but she also just wants to create more mature content. Of course it will be poorly executed like everything else she does, but at least she seems to want to move on.

Bytw, I am just an ignorant middle aged woman so I don't know how this works but you know how they say that their podcast where she tells black people to stfu about slavery was chopped up and made to say that she was saying something racist when she wasn't? Wouldn't they have the full recording of that somewhere since they created it? The film execs in the scenario that will never happen will want to hear the entire unedited podcast to see how her words were mishmashed.

Basically, if they truly want to be taken seriously, they're going to have to produce receipts, not just these unhinged ig stories and tiktoks. And they can't. But don't worry ladies because it won't ever come to that. Laur's behavior is pretty much the stench that keeps everyone away.

No. 878170

File: 1653346077291.jpeg (436.82 KB, 658x1177, 4E9CEFBA-8C25-4B9A-BE90-AA4DBF…)

Laur posted this twice in her ig stories. Wtf is it?

No. 878171

Looks to me like the state of Indiana. Let the incorrect doxxing begin!

No. 878178

I was thinking a blurred Simpsons character.

No. 878179

File: 1653357051667.png (26.7 KB, 300x460, Curren_time_zones_in_Indiana.p…)

it just the image from the indiana timezone wikipedia with a stupid filter over it.

No. 878183


it's a zoomed in picture of her last braincell

No. 878194

File: 1653361748598.jpeg (404.98 KB, 669x689, 8B2BDEC9-E50E-4355-BCCF-3C4A64…)

No. 878197

File: 1653363042990.jpeg (667.53 KB, 828x1541, 4F1BC68B-6318-49B0-B7EF-2394E1…)

There’s this weird giphy spam on twitter that mentions Lillee

No. 878198


No. 878199



No. 878205

No. 878207

Great, another talented college educated person’s time wasted. Not watching the entire thing but Lillee always does this thing where she pressures the guest to give an impromptu vocal performance for her million jeaniez, because who gives a fuck about vocal warmup right? They never want to do it but always end up conceding to lillees whining, and you know they’re vowing never to return to her pretend talk show again.

No. 878209

And yet you share a photo of her giving the hardest line face possible. She looks like someone’s took a giant shit in her oversized pants and she’s just realised it herself.

No. 878218

Could only stomach 5 mins of this. These exaggerated facial expressions she makes when reacting to her guest's stories or comments are extremely off putting. They are unnatural and her reactions seem insincere. But what's funny is that in less than 5 mins this guest talks about how she went to a magnet high school where she learned about radio, then went on to college - at her mother's insistence (!) - to continue to study radio. That's how she got started and now has a career in radio. Is she super famous? No. Does she have a million instagram followers? No. But she finished high school and college studying what she really wanted to do, and now she's making money doing it. Lillee thought she could cut through all that and just speed her way to mega stardom but that didn't happen and now she's 21 with very little education that has left her unprepared to compete in the world.

The other thing is that this guest is also a very talented singer and she sings Amazing Grace that really was beautiful. So Lilee had to sit through this guest not only talk about finishing high school, going to college, and building her career, but also listen to an actually talented singer.

No. 878220


Right before tired lady was victimized by egg crimes, her and Laur found a Indiana woman on Facebook they were doxxing as Diane (she obviously wasn’t). I checked the old threads for screenshots but didn’t see any.

No. 878222

File: 1653393006756.jpeg (256.44 KB, 1170x1696, 326B6CEE-201C-43A9-AF3C-034960…)

Here’s the screenshot of TL doxxing Indiana Diane, Sake Kitty & the janitor

No. 878228

File: 1653402551525.jpeg (735.85 KB, 1170x1980, CFB2998E-F8C4-476E-8518-CB0C84…)

>Arthur, Indiana

Laur is mentally ill and this behavior is compulsive but at some point she has to realize she’s no better than the bullies she complains about

No. 878232

To think she'll realize anything is giving her too much credit imo. She's too far gone in her paranoid delusion at this point

No. 878233

I don't know about that nonny. It is more likely that she will never realize it because that is part of her mental illness, or disorder, or whatever you want to call it. She sees herself as a victim, never the bully. In her mind, her bullying is justified because she perceives she and lj have been bullied. So to them, their behavior is "standing up for myself".

Without some intervention or therapy, Laur's ranting and raving can potentially develop into something more serious.

No. 878234

File: 1653405475390.jpeg (399.59 KB, 828x970, 801DEB3E-8071-4DD4-BB82-9EE03C…)

Someone on TikTok painted Lillee

No. 878239

he did capture her cursed look

No. 878241


the comments on that tik tok are just like the fake comments on lj's stuff. this has to be someone from the engagement pod

No. 878243


the unnerving wide-eyed staring, the blotchy red inflammation from smearing on every free skincare product at once, the signature slightly-gaping-butthole mouth surrounded by bloodless white "moustache"

the artist completely nailed it.

No. 878244

Looks like a drag queen lmfaoo

No. 878250

File: 1653435911796.jpeg (442.19 KB, 677x958, 697C5D09-A448-46C3-ABA9-D7D016…)

No. 878252

Did she even hold voting for the 2nd episode? Not that it matter because she just whatever the fuck she wanted

No. 878253

File: 1653444038316.jpeg (104.21 KB, 986x555, EE55756C-8FF4-4D73-ADB1-D39D52…)

No. 878254

File: 1653444729849.jpeg (3.4 KB, 315x160, deepfried_1653444719200.jpeg)

Laur discovered deepfrying pics of Lillee and now not even Satan himself can stop her

No. 878258

what the fuck is this

No. 878261

The emphasized philtrum is the only thing making it look off because hers is smooth. Kek

No. 878263

Most likely scenario will be that a filmmaker will catch wind of the truemans and in their research they'll deep dive and find the real tea and make that their film. Like "Vernon, Florida".

No. 878271

Uh oh, he painted her eyes (accurately) as green, not blue, and that hair is awfully brunette and not even verging on Lillee's delusions of being """strawberry""" blonde. I think a certain lil wannabe aryan is gonna be pissed!

She should let the hair and eye colour slide for this. He did her and Laur a huge favour covering up the FAS, kek.

No. 878272

File: 1653473452877.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x1843, 07C6CB51-00A6-47B8-8F00-6793BC…)

more 4am weirdness from Laur

No. 878273

File: 1653473546495.jpeg (33.34 KB, 800x450, 6B6B0917-EBB5-4C2A-8290-9B1B2B…)

It’s a meme

No. 878276

New sleep paralysis demon just dropped.

No. 878278

Laur’s making her own bloody edits of Lillee now?

No. 878283

Why is she hastagging muppets?

No. 878284

How much do you think they paid him to draw that?

No. 878285

I honestly dread to think, given their history of throwing money at anything perceived to further Lillee's "career".

No. 878288

File: 1653483008587.jpeg (755 KB, 663x1105, D2CC90E3-B268-4C98-9E59-5DFB0B…)

No. 878289

not enough, apparently

No. 878293

Laur is cyberbullying her own kid by making these horrific unflattering edits of her and yet whenever someone else does it we’re trying to steal her DiGiTaL RiGhTS kek.

No. 878294

File: 1653486430387.jpg (189.29 KB, 1338x768, Untitled.jpg)

Graphic design is also my passion.

No. 878301

what the FUCK is this? laur’s edits are way more creepy and threatening than anything we’ve ever said.

No. 878303

Lol remember when Laur and LJ went on a tirade of calling a couple of dumb memes "bloody edits" or whatever? This is way more that than those ever were

No. 878307

something about this bitch's inability to follow basic instructions

medium interview: "list 5 things that inspire you"
lj: writes a paragraph about getting swatted with a fleeting mention of 2/5 things
her own fucking show: "here's a poll for these 5 items of clothing i will wear based on the majority of votes"
lj: only wears 2/5 correct items and goes with a makeup look that doesn't even look like the options in the poll

No. 878309

File: 1653506600889.jpeg (516.38 KB, 663x1181, 9370DE79-7116-4CD9-AD62-A8C0E1…)

No. 878311

Laur loves shootings like this because it gives her an excuse for LJ's attendance record and taking her out. IIRC she's mentioned school shootings in the past as a fear when talking about Lillee not going to school much.

No. 878338

File: 1653531203511.jpeg (360.87 KB, 663x1100, C740B9CE-05E8-48DD-9807-1E359D…)

It took her 24hrs to make the Robb shooting about herself

No. 878340

My attic pidgin is rusty but let try to translate:

It’s not illegal to call Lillee a lying piece of shit on the internet so she emailed her representative to change the laws, he gave her the DA’s assistant’s information (we all saw the email 2 weeks ago in the bullyish teaser), they emailed the DA, they opened an investigation and said they can’t do anything because all the bullying is from the black web kiwifarmers. Now Lillee must fight to enact Lillee’s law because school shootings which somehow relate to Kiwifarms.

what in the actual fuck?

No. 878343

She is such a stupid fucking cunt.

No. 878344

Yes lillee the district attorney office is gonna take time out of their day to prosecute people who called you an ugly autist

No. 878348

What right is she thinking of? Criticism is protected under fair use. No one has a right to censor others because they don't agree with what they're saying.

No. 878350

You just made me realize that Laur is trying to take our Digital Civil Rights. When nobody has that right. Nobody!

No. 878351

She dated this message May 25. She says, "The events that have unfolded over the last few days…" Which event? The shooting happened yesterday, May 24. That was not "the last few days".

Hey Lillee, if you mean that event, fucking say that event. Say the name of the school and town. You are purposely being ambiguous so you can leave room to worm your way out of it when people point out how disgusting it is of you to make this tragedy about yourself. You are disgusting. This is not bullying. Anyone remotely using the shooting to whine about their own made up problems is disgusting and pathetic.

No. 878360

Dumb design autism nitpick but I’m distracted by the way the text is right-justified. It looks so janky and informal that it mismatches the official tone laur was trying to set, it’s almost cute.

No. 878365


I am fuming on behalf of those who have had to deal with their loved ones dying. Lillee ALWAYS has to make some great mass tragedy or something going on with actual people of worth about her.

When is she going to learn this is not to win people over to her side? It's going to enrage people. Imagine the parent of one of the victims coming across one of these posts? How are they going to feel? That their pain isn't valid because some whiny influencer who is being "bullied" due to her own shitty behaviour is somehow more important than them grieving the loss of their child?

The vileness of Lillee Jean and her mother continues to shock me every time they do it and I shouldn't be surprised by now and yet here I am truly seething over Lillee's determination to somehow make everything about her.

No. 878368

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot a-log about, the courage to not to a-log, and the wisdom to know not to fucking a-log.

No. 878370

File: 1653563067910.jpg (5.66 KB, 225x225, yikes.jpg)

Lille thinks that school shootings can be stopped not by changing the gun laws but by changing the internet laws

No. 878371

File: 1653564876567.jpeg (214.77 KB, 2048x2048, 604348C4-2D4A-40C6-A105-39EB38…)

>I have used my constituent rights and contacted my senator
>I’m very sorry to hear about the online harassment your daughter has faced

Lillee couldn’t even be bothered to email the senator, Laur did kek

No. 878372

You don't get it nonny! Don't you know that her team speaks for her? Her mom - I mean, "team" - contacting the DA or state senator, or whatever is the same thing as lj reaching out herself! She's that important! She's too busy with her millions of projects to do trivial things like that for herself!

No. 878373

File: 1653566801354.jpeg (522.25 KB, 1170x1699, 0D2D1576-BDE2-424B-A2A7-1C06D9…)

>her constituents

People voted for Style Your Lillee and now Lillee has constituents

No. 878374

Oy vey, the fucking ego on this deformed midget. I'm surprised she hasn't pulled a KT Price and announced plans to run for president.

No. 878378

19 children dead at the hands of a mass shooter and she somehow made it about her adult daughter. Lots of people get bullied but dont shoot up children. I have a feeling its also like the columbine situation where everyone thought the school shooters were bullied which caused them to shoot up their school only for it to come out that they were actual violent racist bullies themselves. Media always runs with the bullying angle bc its easier to start some bullshit antibullying awareness campaign and programs than to address the systemic issues that led to it. Laur saw them talking about him possibly being bullied and she started foaming at the mouth thinking "how can i make this tragedy about my daughter"

No. 878380

Hey Truemans, we know you're reading this so provide clear definite proof that the "threats" you received are from sites linked to the Texas shooting. Or any mass shooting. And explain what you mean that your "threats" are from these sites. How were you threatened by sites? And how are these sites "linked" to shootings? Your vague attic pidgin won't cut it if you want to be taken seriously by law enforcement and politicians. If you can't, then stfu. I mean it, this is really good advice, take it. Stfu is actually good for you right now. If you really want to take this further you will not win. In the real world, people don't like delusional shut ins like you making tragedies about themselves, especially when it has to do with mass shooting of children. It makes them really, really mad. So like the way you want black people to stuf about slavery, stfu about making this shooting about yourself. If I'm not complaining, stfu. Seriously. Just stfu right now.

No. 878383

“Me, me, me, I, I, I, bullying, forever victim, mass tragedy, me, let’s make this about me, I feel, me, my life, look at me, I’m so oppressed.”
-Lillee Jean

No. 878386

this is the opposite of what lj is saying. she's saying that the "death threats" she's getting are coming from potential mass shooters, and that's why she's the victim

No. 878394


No one cares about them enough to harm them. A slightly amusing trainwreck that a few people laugh at online isn't worth going to prison over lol

No. 878416


She's being roasted on reddit again lol. That open letter is legit one of the dumbest things I've heard and so painfully innapropriate

No. 878424

File: 1653641403473.jpg (98.07 KB, 542x964, bdfbfd.jpg)

What the fuck do cyber mobs have to do with the shooting Laur

No. 878428

File: 1653642421629.png (3.22 MB, 1080x5586, cry me a river.png)

Laur thinks a radicalized child who plays with guns is sending her threats, so instead of going to the police she posts it on her IG stories. Makes sense.

No. 878429

File: 1653642612895.jpg (65.96 KB, 992x793, Screenshot_2.jpg)

>he thinks guns are fun
Because that is an airsoft gun like this one. Ffs Laur you can even see the bb pellets in the background.

No. 878431

is she doxxing a child and accusing them of being a mass shooter? We don’t have to wait for 2023 to see Laur get sued nonnies!

No. 878432

Didn't Lillee say she plays COD when she was talking (lying through her teeth) about being a gamer? Know who else played COD, Trueman's? Anders Brevik. Laur, you let your child play a literal terrorist training simulator game, tut tut…

No. 878433

File: 1653647404235.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1170x1985, 3CE5EBE5-B169-456C-AAAC-FB5B84…)

No. 878440

>typical threat
>”ur not even good looking”

calling Lillee ugly isn’t a threat

No. 878444

What is she smoking? Or to be more exact, what is Laur making her daughter look like she's smoking?

No. 878445

This is why the Queens DA or any politician is NOT taking them seriously. An assistant in the DA's office (and no you two, not the Assistant District Attorney) replied to their rage email being politely empathetic and passing them off to some low ranking employee in their office.

No. 878447

The community affairs rep & John Liu are public officials. Anyone can reach out to their publicly listed emails/phone numbers. When I say anyone, I mean anyone who has been targeted by Laur, anyone who saw this open letter and was offended their tax dollars are going to investigate people arguing on twitter, the mom of this kid Laur just labeled a terrorist. BGCs involved again so there’s a a good chance their offices were bombarded with angry emails from sensitive redditors overnight. Oh the Franzia freakout we’ll have when Melinda Katz or John Liu has to distance themselves from this shitshow.

No. 878449

File: 1653675673576.jpg (86.64 KB, 542x644, FillieJeon.jpg)

Is it the way she signs and forms letters?

Because it really reads as Fillie Jeon or Jeor keks.

No. 878452

Who sign serious letters with their first name except children

No. 878466

KEK at the airsoft guns and airsoft pellets behind them. These are obvs toy guns.
I swear, she bullies herself better than anyone else ever could!

No. 878475

What does Laur mean by misinformation and circling Lillee's signature?

Is she trying to backtrack and lie by claiming that the letter is a forgery in order to avoid backlash?

No. 878482

I circled it myself. Laur wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a L properly done and a f.

LJ should have stayed in school at least until she knew how to write all the alphabet properly.

No. 878492

Eh, signatures are supposed to be stylized so as not to be easily forged but you're probably right about her being half assed and sloppy like she is in all things.

No. 878498

We should start calling her Sloppy Jean

No. 878500

File: 1653758012430.jpg (61.23 KB, 508x519, jeaniez killer.jpg)

Careful there, anon. Any attempt to subvert Lillee Jean's internationally recognised brand will be perceived as a threat by momager. Don't worry though, I got a piece that'll keep us safe.

No. 878507

File: 1653776773575.png (279.45 KB, 1071x556, Screen Shot 2022-05-28 at 6.23…)

The teaser says, "Coming this May" but the clip was posted May 26. Kinda odd to put out a teaser saying it's coming out that month and the month is almost over. Guess all that back and forth with the Queens DA took up a lot of her time.

No. 878508

This keeps getting more hilarious. Her getting called ugly and saying it’s a threat and the BB guns!!! Can’t wait to see how they top that. Could you seriously imagine two idiots going to police and a lawyer with screenshots of someone online calling you ugly?

No. 878529

File: 1653810882892.gif (1.29 MB, 363x640, laur.gif)


No. 878530

File: 1653811026459.gif (1.08 MB, 363x640, laur.gif)

Laur really wants us to think she thinks the Thor baby edit was heinous, but adds on a weird lightning effect to it. You just made it into even better art Laur kek

No. 878532

Being on a few web sites doesn't mean it's plastered all over the web and it's always the first thing you see when you go on the internet unless you're deliberately searching for it.

What a couple of delusional idiots.

No. 878533

Sage for no contribution but I want to show a friend of mine the whole lillee arc but she doesn't read forums so which youtuber/video do you recommend that sums up her story accurately?

No. 878535

the primink video was a good start for me tbh

No. 878536

We know the movie isn't happening bc they are too lazy and think this will scare us when it's just so funny.
Anyway, I was wondering: is Laur actually promoting it (besides the insane tiktok and Yt sperging that only we are watching), as promoting it as somewhat serious person in the business, kek.

I surprised she didn't brag about it to be on the official Cannes Festival selection, isn't your fake bf french LJ?

No. 878537

No Laur, the reason people have to pause is because it's impossible to process the entirety of your constant word vomit.

No. 878538

File: 1653823610956.jpeg (562.11 KB, 1148x1376, D4DF6CE5-69DE-4BC8-B65D-D735AD…)

No. 878539

>this is the same site where the last 3 shooters came from
Prove it bitches

No. 878541

I'm really enjoying these comparisons tbh, they never fail to make me laugh. Women who harmlessly gossip = violent bigoted moids. G8 detective work, Laur.

No. 878559

Yeah, she clearly is mixing The Farms™ with 4chan. Columbine forums had more mass shooters than Kiwifarms (3 Vs 1, I think?). Kinda doubt that the last 3 consecutive mass shooters were connected to 4chan, but I may be wrong as I'm not closely following the circus internationally known as The USA.

No. 878560

the Buffalo mass murderer was a big /pol/ person, most of his dumb manifesto was copypaste from there

No. 878564

The subway shooter had a YouTube channel, quite a few murderers have spewed their vile opinions over YouTube, actually. Plenty have posted and streamed on FaceBook and Instagram too. If Lillee wants to play holier than thou and only support websites that haven't hosted content from murderers or the people that inspired them to take such drastic actions then she's only left with her personal website.

No. 878572

File: 1653847338413.png (891.8 KB, 659x1293, 4E895DDC-26D0-4AF5-BAB7-44EE1E…)

No. 878578

I actually kek'd at "your hair looks like it was fried in bacon grease". Laur's playing the hits! Is it me or is she not showing any caps from these threads though? I think it's because most comments here call them out on their bullshit. IIRC there was a post in the last thread like "I want to murder Lillee Jean" but anons immediately called them out. My personal tinfoil is that one of the goblins posted that trying to gather dirt on this place.

No. 878632

File: 1653956891832.png (344.34 KB, 720x1512, Screenshot_20220530-202113.png)

Don't worry, I am doing my civic duty to bully zoomers away from /pol/

No. 878664

File: 1653997597383.png (4.48 MB, 828x3555, 7D490DED-2E4D-43A1-A9A3-976C78…)

No. 878668

She honestly looks like she has some kind developmental disorder or something. She probably does tbh.

No. 878669

File: 1653999766344.jpeg (12.1 KB, 175x183, FE57A697-8F5F-4115-8A82-616C48…)

POV: last thing you see as an Ulta employee before a 4’10” Laur mauls you to death.

No. 878672

Why tf do we need to see the inside of her mouth all the time. She could be a character out of a creepy pasta or something. Looks terrifying

No. 878675

File: 1654002244144.jpeg (186.49 KB, 828x348, DCE93F49-0486-4161-8D16-20BF09…)

Her teeth do look better but she still doesn’t know how to smile

No. 878677

File: 1654002918307.jpeg (87.63 KB, 800x800, b262cb4b898d46466714b62ea3129a…)

No. 878678

Agree that in general, her teeth do look better here. But her smile is still very unsettling because of the unnatural way she pulls her mouth to the sides, as if they were being pulled back with wire on a dead person. Also, it emphasizes how much she's overdrawn her lips. And one more thing: she doesn't have a Duchenne smile. If her joy was genuine and her mouth was smiling like that, her eyes would smile as well. But they don't. That's really at the heart of what makes her whole face smiling like that unnatural.

No. 878679

File: 1654003428311.jpeg (64.99 KB, 600x400, 9FFED180-DEEE-44C3-83C7-C22EB8…)

I know this has been posted before but her smile reminds me of this scene in Joker

No. 878683

File: 1654007576519.jpg (64.47 KB, 371x654, lard.jpg)

0 self awareness

No. 878689

File: 1654016401339.png (1.85 MB, 640x3279, 0443C928-6A49-45BB-BE36-EE00E1…)

Laur was up at 2am last night posting insane stories on ig. I can’t help but feel kind of bad for her because at her age she should be taking care of her health and sleeping at a reasonable time. Lillee’s insane schedule keeps her up and that can’t be good for old Laur.

Picrel are Laur’s stories at 9am this morning.

No. 878691

File: 1654016970335.jpeg (64.62 KB, 500x493, 727F646F-4A1A-4156-BBAB-336A63…)

Laur kek

No. 878699

>cyrillic is cult symbols
Never change

No. 878700

It’s not Cyrillic, it’s Hebrew. Laur confused letter ‘ א’ with a swastika.

No. 878702

Their ancestors were fried alive (citation needed) and Laur doesn't even recognise Hebrew? Top kek.

No. 878703

it's like someone took a child's jaw and put it in an adult's mouth. Her lips stretch so much wider than her teeth and it sets off every uncanny valley vibe

No. 878705

Sage for no new milk but I legitimately miss Pheepy, Mario, Shaniqua and all the other absolutely unhinged yet oddly entertaining lies involving her totally real totally diverse totally great besties.

Not that watching her LARP as some online talk show hostess/brave educator/activist/etc isn't fun but I feel like it just doesn't have the batshit insanity that made classic!Lillee so fun as a cow

And also, really. Where IS Pheepy!? Like how can you neglect to mention your totally real totally great totally long-term foreign boyfriend? Who's a diplomat?

No. 878713


Laur has been a grifter her whole life, probably also crashes during the day and hits her peak crazy at night. But I do agree that it's probably bad for her health. Which she needs to watch, because if she keeps over one day Lillie is kind of fucked.

No. 878716

I feel like it would look a bit better if she just relaxed her face. Like looking at her older videos, yeah she was sucking in those cheeks but her eyes looked more relaxed if that makes sense. Im not sure why she transitioned into doing the Elizabeth Holmes stare

No. 878725

File: 1654063909221.jpg (546.13 KB, 2265x1080, Screenshot_20220601-011103_Sam…)

It's amazing how even then, she was luke I'm gonna smear this shit on my face as a primer, and ends up red like this.

No. 878728

Her voice sounds so normal in that voiceover! I’m so used to that horrible fake voice she does.

No. 878733

File: 1654086717135.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1170x1981, C5E5945C-B3D1-405A-9A6C-0E802D…)

Still not bullying. Consumers are allowed to express their opinions to brands they purchase from.

No. 878734

Goddamnit, Laur. Just admit you are against freedom of speech. Also kek @ her shooped profile picture.

No. 878735

Funny thing is, Laur thinks she is scaring people by revealing that she's contacted the Queens DA and local politicians about non existent bullying when all she is doing is allowing people to contact the same people warning them about Laur's doxing, bullying, lies, and attempts at getting people to stop exercising their first amendment rights. Consumers expressing their concerns to brands about working with problematic people like lilee is not bullying. People using the internet to tell the Trumans to stop lying is not cyberbullying. Laur herself is posting the proof that none of this is bullying. So her plans to scare people is hilariously and ridiculously blowing up in her face.

No. 878737

I'm the woman Laur says "has it all" - and evidently knows all about me, but yet she's not a stalker. She has used my personal info as her own, when filing false DMCAs.

She still doesn't get that all I've ever done is criticize them for their LYING. Nothing else.

No. 878738

How did she get your info?

No. 878758

>>878738 I finally countered a DMCA. Then she looked into me and started DMCAs using my info as her own, just to show me she had Google. I'm not crying about it, it was predictable Laur.

No. 878759

Not condoning pooptouching or cowtipping but isn’t there something you can do about them using your info to file DMCAs?

No. 878760

The funny thing was she DMCA'd me for posting a pic of the girl from the Exorcist, it wasn't even Lillee.

No. 878761

File: 1654108826213.jpeg (338.38 KB, 828x991, AD1AF497-1A79-4CB6-A9F4-B7938B…)

No. 878762


That smile really is showing off the FAS in full effect. Also, I have to keep clicking "hide" on her smiling pictures because they activate my autism and skeeve me the fuck out, kek.

No. 878766

Whoa her back/arm looks like an albino elephant leg, it is just a HUGE expanse of fatty white flesh.

Her "I cured myself of prediabetes with Google as a precocious young adult" bragging looks pretty funny now as she is barrel(chest)ing towards Laur levels of obesity.

No. 878769

Sage for nitpick but the one line at the bottom of one of her eyes makes it look like she is wearing a peel-off mask of her face.

No. 878794

She smiles like she's an alien piloting a skin suit and just thinks "Show teeth"
The way she smiles looks painful, forced and uncanny
Her smile just reminds me of someone who lost their lips in a horrible accident and you recoil back like "wtf happened to you… wait? you're smiling? Don't"

No. 878795

Am i mistaken or aren't most of her teeth still baby teeth?

No. 878806

She now has only adult teeth but they’re naturally fucked up

No. 878864

Reminder not to feel bad for Lillee Jean and Laur because they let their cat with mouth cancer just starve to death in their house

No. 878877

It’s the 3rd day of pride month…did Lillee forget she came out as pan last year?

No. 878879

She will now that you've reminded her to be performative.

No. 878897

How could she forget SHAKING with excitement to reveal her pronouns and calling all of us "panphobes" if we didn't like her 5000th video on how to look pale?

No. 878991

File: 1654357978904.jpg (48.08 KB, 704x728, c'mon lj.jpg)

Is it me or is the milk drying up around here?

No. 879001

File: 1654361437829.jpeg (407.52 KB, 662x937, A8A1D2D4-1B11-436D-99CD-EF5E2F…)

Laur posted this at 3:44am this morning

No. 879009

she literally acts like lillee killed herself over muh cyberbullying Jesus Christ she needs to stop

No. 879019

I bet if Lil ever did get fucked she'd be an absolute dickpig and fuck like a beast. The desperation is pretty hot TBO

No. 879020

File: 1654375778816.gif (3.72 MB, 400x225, AWuA_6.gif)

No. 879025

Lillee Jean and Chris Chan would make a great couple as long as they don't produce.

No. 879031

A woman with her moves would definitely be wild in the sack

No. 879034

File: 1654381613797.gif (2.81 MB, 480x258, 14446E78-FFE1-4E66-AD24-017996…)


No. 879037

File: 1654382493830.gif (2.34 MB, 386x258, 2EB2B908-5CD3-412C-9036-BD0E27…)

No. 879038

File: 1654382775170.gif (2.24 MB, 480x258, 86309FB3-788D-44B2-BC47-8CCCFC…)

Lillee fighting the boolies kek

No. 879039

File: 1654382934712.gif (1.03 MB, 200x200, 477ACB7C-0F8A-4535-AF9C-64B96B…)

What the fuck is this exercise?

No. 879040

File: 1654382963691.jpg (260.15 KB, 1399x2349, 811d3zAinkL.jpg)

No. 879070

I miss the wooden attic days. God bless.

No. 879082

File: 1654419617507.gif (1.05 MB, 500x288, floor.gif)

Floor below

No. 879084

No. 879096

File: 1654439097244.jpeg (46.14 KB, 450x311, 03FC4F98-E2DB-4067-B477-5D0FED…)

Reminds me of this scene from spirited away kek

No. 879100

Obvious that Lillee wishes she could do normal things like go to the gym. Imagine having no choice but to roll up your pajamas and try to exercise in your dark, confined space. How has Laur made her daughter's life anything but one long prison experience.

No. 879101

She looks like she's pushing out a particularly troublesome turd #constipationchic

No. 879120

she could go for a run in a nice park. hell, she lives in nyc and there's so much stuff to do there for free. the only person stopping lj is lj, plus her delusions of being so famous that she'll get attacked on sight in the streets.

No. 879122

She can’t run, Anon. She can barely walk.

No. 879157

Trying to start her beauty guru career.

No. 879158

As a former boxer it is so hard not to sperg about this. That being said, I'd happily train her up for that Creator Clash thing to watch the feral dwarf try and fight someone for real, kek.

No. 879166

If there is ever a redemption arc for LJ, I hope it's this. She goes into boxing to "box back the bullies" and starts with lame videos and previews relating to Bullyish. But once she is actually out of the house, with another person and begins to feel her muscles develop she gains confidence, leaves Laur and becomes a muscley, stocky, dyke dwarf boxer that occasionally does interviews with black eyes and bloody lips and laughs heartily and ironically when they ask "So you used to be a beauty guru?"

I know this is total fantasy. But it's the fantasy I need this morning.

No. 879171

I stan this Lillee

No. 879196

File: 1654550150952.jpeg (199.89 KB, 1170x688, 901933FE-0543-468C-AA69-F6CF07…)

They’ve given up on buying subs and doubling up on buying views. Her socialblade graphs are pretty funny, totally organic folks.

No. 879219

File: 1654562717876.jpeg (423.31 KB, 668x1184, 87861EB1-3966-45AB-B76F-724104…)

More food porn

No. 879261

yummy yummy, dry carrots with a drizzle of… cum?

No. 879267

must remind her of pheepee's peepee

No. 879302

Laur DMCA’d this post at 4:21am this morning kek

No. 879304

How do you DMCA a public statement? I can’t with these two.

No. 879351

File: 1654656656573.jpeg (244.52 KB, 663x674, EA098F17-77DD-46D7-A012-140592…)

No. 879377

File: 1654689727721.jpeg (627.34 KB, 1170x1750, 89CF2227-627C-4A6A-9DF2-5ACD20…)

You can buy early access to LJ videos. Tried to see how much it costs but all the links are dead. Tinfoiling but I think they’re doing this because buying views is getting too expensive. This way when the views on videos drop dramatically, they can say fans are watching content on other platforms.

No. 879381

File: 1654696295979.png (1.81 MB, 656x3219, EDD56A3B-F799-4B4A-9FD9-2227E2…)

Laur was up at 1am and then at 4:30am posting ig stories. Does she ever sleep?

No. 879382

File: 1654696613115.jpeg (419.86 KB, 674x1279, 80CD5F0D-E972-463F-A6C0-5EEE56…)

Lillee was up at 3am

Lillee, your mom is way too old to stay up with you like this. Think of her health ffs.

No. 879385

Since neither of them work, there’s no need for a schedule so they’re probs cyclical sleepers at this point

No. 879388

Lillee just LOVES to try and make herself sound so full of clever phrases and can never be assed to credit the original person who said them to make her sound like she has half a brain.
I guess the only person who’s allowed to be used in proper quotation marks is herself.

No. 879389

The Style your Lillee series died out quickly

No. 879390

>Lillee Jean On How We Can Optimize Our Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing
>picture of an out of shape, emotionally and mentally unhinged nutcase

No. 879392

She’s doing it once a month now. Here’s ep 2 promo that she filmed near a highway

No. 879395

File: 1654702215794.gif (2.83 MB, 480x260, 6D0C3D07-05FF-431B-A4AE-29ECE7…)

No. 879396

they probably think content behind a paywall is easier to copyright claim. I don’t know who would be stupid enough to give Laur, a lifelong con artist & crook, their credit card info though. Even if she doesn’t rob people blind, she’s absolutely going to use it to dox people.

No. 879397

File: 1654702593101.gif (1.4 MB, 200x108, 98C4E030-0E36-4A1F-B8B8-CCBDDE…)

She’s moving like a meth’d out lot lizard

No. 879406

File: 1654706518453.jpg (309.42 KB, 631x1079, Screenshot_20220608-123449_You…)

No. 879410

File: 1654710546964.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x2013, D4DC1183-4FF6-455C-A155-63439A…)

>She came. She saw. She conquered

I thought Lillee’s career was destroyed by gang stalking cult teens? Now she’s successful? Laur needs to work on their messaging.

No. 879414

I do enjoy laurs manic boomer edits of lillee that look like shitposts, but the days of shaniqua and met gala were on another level

No. 879415

They're really trying to pioneer this epilepsywave aesthetic, huh.

No. 879428

LJ honestly has dwarf like proportions. Her ass is creepy weird. Its big, but the bottom of the cheeks droop like tear drops.

No. 879429

File: 1654729318037.jpeg (484.03 KB, 663x1160, 17BB66CD-F28F-4AE5-9F9A-101E4F…)

No. 879432

Congress & the NYPD are going to get Lillee unbanned from twitter.

No. 879434

File: 1654730916405.jpeg (43.96 KB, 828x419, B6CBEFB0-4349-4864-A384-BF8D4E…)

Lillee is no longer following or being followed by Solved Skincare

No. 879439

File: 1654732723798.png (5.1 MB, 1170x2532, 32D32AB7-D2D4-4D8C-B67A-E37823…)

Laur has been posting as Lillee on Instagram & YouTube for the last 24 hours, if not longer. She just posted this photo holding Lillee’s purse, those are not Lillee’s hands/arm. I’ve never seen Lillee sign her name LJ, she always writes the entire thing out in her toddler scribble. Did Lillee join Earl in the fridge?

No. 879441

File: 1654733947417.png (117.79 KB, 828x870, 5C7D718D-91D4-41CD-B02D-3DE761…)

Lillee is still following the guy who visited her in the attic but he’s not following her

No. 879448

It looks like Solved Skincare is no longer following her either, I wouldn't have noticed dang. Did they finally realize she's been taking them for a ride?

No. 879449


The goblins are lucky that there aren't actually many active callouts anymore, because in the good old boolying days Diane and Friends would have already been in State Senator Liu's DMs showing him receipts of exactly how Lillee and Laur talk about various "ethnics," including Asian people, when they aren't trying to pay social justice lipservice or asskiss for collab opportunities. I bet he'd be really interested in Laur's epic and completely true tale of being run out of Chinatown by a crazed, knife-wielding shop owner because of "reverse racism."

No. 879450

Lillee didn’t even email John Liu. They shared the email and it said sorry to hear about the bullying your daughter endured. Lillee can’t be fucked to turn off Disney+ for the 10 minutes it takes to compose an email for her passion project.

No. 879459

File: 1654744791543.gif (1.33 MB, 400x227, 9rBJ2Q.gif)

>she came

No. 879475

File: 1654777813512.jpeg (219.01 KB, 1170x800, F8355E70-14A7-4925-8C66-135776…)

They don’t need to. Laur’s already being weird on his Instagram.

No. 879476

File: 1654781519359.png (6.8 MB, 746x5289, C5E69921-BA31-4493-BA06-197273…)

No. 879477

File: 1654781712923.jpeg (338.71 KB, 828x569, 7395FB4A-4C5F-483E-9CCD-C91CAA…)

Lillee, idk but maybe put your mask in your bag when you’re not wearing it

No. 879478

Bacterial pneumonia era coming soon. She'll probably blame it on the boolies and say they poisoned her.

No. 879480

I’m shocked Laur doesn’t make Lillee shave her legs. Body hair is normal but I bet Laur thinks it’s gross & not lady like. Is that melted chocolate on her leg? truly a toddler

No. 879481

Also TB or any kind of disease you can get from human piss

No. 879482

Laur most definitely told Lillee not to shave because she believes that hair grows back thicker and darker if you do

No. 879483

That’s her birthmark that should definitely be looked at by a doctor.

No. 879484

I was surprised by that too. I noticed it a while back. Lillee has pretty fair leg hair though so you only really see it when the sun hits it or if you zoom in but still, Laur seems the type not to tolerate any sort of gender non-conformity, but I agree with >>879482 plus Laur probably wants to save a few bucks by not buying razors and shaving cream, kek.

No. 879486

It’s funny becuz you would think over the years of people making fun of lillee’s psychotic smile that she would try to relax her mouth or look more natural but she probably thinks she’s sticking it to the haters by showing her full disgusting goblin grin in every photo. You’re hopeless Lillee

No. 879489

This interview was very strange and Lillee wrapped it up very fast in the end

No. 879490

The interview wasn’t even over, the guest was still saying goodbye and the credits pop up kek I wanna know what happened to make Lillee cut it so fast.

No. 879492

She’s so bad at pretending to be interested in other people. For the love of god, Laur, please let her interact with people irl on a regular basis. You’ve raised a retard.

No. 879493

Much keks, Solvedskincare also deleted ALL picture of LJ.
They can't even blame us, it's 10000% on them and their lies.

The first word reads as "herpes".

No. 879494

One visit to the attic and this man is no longer working for Solved Skincare and Solved dropped Lillee. I would love to know what happened

No. 879495

I was wondering if Laur was managing solvedskincare insta for a while bc they had so much pictures of LJ during some few months and after: just nothing.
Also there was this screenshot of LJ saying her company was solvedskincare, we know she's retarded and always fails to understand what the question is about, but what if laur told her she'll buy solvskincare or something? keks.

No. 879496

Arround 15'48 lj looks so angry. Her guest has plenty of real projects, lj has nothing but lies.

No. 879497

I think the last line that this woman said “look how popular it is [LJ Talks Live]” made Lillee spin out of control and she had to stop kek

No. 879498

File: 1654802173374.gif (1.59 MB, 340x200, CFD62A70-D356-4F88-BDEA-E1C1C2…)

She’s got the mannerisms of a used car salesman

No. 879499

File: 1654804011238.png (473.09 KB, 828x2502, 3940EA7A-891E-4EDD-9721-50849D…)

Probably old milk but they burned their bridges with Runway Rogue as well. RR’s account is still following Laur but that’s probably a mistake.

No. 879500

Some kind anon, please archive lj’s bizarre video with solved skincare guy before she takes it down.

No. 879501

Done. I won’t post the link here because the sweaty duo will take it down in minutes.

No. 879502

When Lillee started her talk show, I thought, OK, she's taking a non traditional route of eduction in that she was focusing on learning from people who are doing what she wants to do, and at the same time building a network. She can hone her interview and speaking skills and get better at interacting with professionals. I actually thought that wasn't a bad idea.

But very quickly it became obvious she wasn't really interested in learning from these people. Or if she was, she didn't know how to articulate herself so she can ask the right questions. When some of her more accomplished guests would give meaningful answers, it seemed she was more interested in preening for the camera, adjusting her top to show her shoulders, or pouting her thin overdrawn lips.

Her questions and reactions are extremely shallow because her vocabulary is very limited and she lacks the kind of life experience someone should have of her age living in a city. On top of that, she gets things wrong. For example, saying that Rebel Wilson's character "dies" in the movie Senior Year, which she didn't even mention. She later goes on to say the character was in a coma, but dying and being comatose are 2 different things. The cringiest parts are when she doesn't understand the references her guests make but she reacts as though she does, and it's all wrong.

So much for improving her interview skills and learning. What about building a network? Some of her guest are better connected than others. Take Nick Clegg's wife - I can't be bothered to look up her name right now. She might have been the best connected person lollee interviewed so far. I'd say she even has the kind of clout to write someone a recommendation letter to Harvard and they would be accepted for it. So why isn't she doing that for Lillee? Why didn't Don Most connect her with his agent or other Hollywood friends? He knows Henry Winkler for god's sake.

Lillee has been at this for a while. Maybe the guests with a little less name recognition would have jumped at a collab with her. Or she could have leveraged her connection with her Hollywood connected guest and learned how to do a documentary the right way and market it the right way. But she's squandered these opportunities like she squanders all the other opportunities she had been privileged to come her way. She's too lazy and doesn't want to learn new things that might take a brain cell or two. My guess is that one short conversation with lillee and they figure out quickly that she's not very smart or interesting. The "interview" was purely transactional and they don't want anything to do with her after that. If even one of them stayed in touch, lj would milk that to no end, like calling Mackensie Westmore her bff. An educated person with decent social skills would have culled some professional relationships from these interviews.

No. 879503

Instead of being professional and reading at least one of her guest's books or watching one of her movies, all lj could do is incoherently and vaguely comment on a book's cover and reference a short part of a trailer. G8 job. Stephen Colbert better watch out!

No. 879505

Speaking of Mackenzie, she mentioned doing a show with Lillee but seems to have moved on once the million Jeaniez didn’t show up to buy her overpriced qvc makeup.

No. 879506

It boils down to four sad facts. She is not talented, beautiful, educated or likable. That's really rough when I try to think of LJ as a person with emotions, but that's what anyone would be looking for in Hollywood. That's not to say LJ wouldn't find people in her life that wouldn't think these things of her (her mom obviously believes she's all four), but if you're looking at it coldly and rationally as an agent or scout, this is how she will be perceived. She doesn't have a single attribute that's enviable to be marketed and sold. It's not that she's squandered anything. I truly believe she's not capable of it. She could improve herself, but that's where the unlikable aspect of her personality comes into play. She simply thinks she's better than she is. I wouldn't doubt Laur working her ass off talking to anyone mildly connected about pitching her to someone with clout. She probably bombs them with odd requests, ass kisses them, whines, and tries to elicit sympathy. LJ just has nothing to give, even if someone wanted to help her.

No. 879508

File: 1654814565926.png (2.77 MB, 662x4815, 26E6CBDD-9534-4151-B8F3-5202F9…)

No. 879509

>6 diddly dollaroos for a 24-hour rental

No. 879510

Tinfoil but I’m wondering if they found out that lillee said she was their ceo in her “things I learned as a young ceo” video.

No. 879511

I think it's more that she didn't bring in the kind of sales they thought she would with her 1 million jeaniez. The guy isn't stupid - for him and his backers it's ultimately about the numbers. Maybe he didn't do enough research on her perhaps. But with sunnyv2 and primink's videos' views still growing, a few people must in his circle must have nudged him and he decided to cut ties, however old, with the trueman shitshow.

No. 879513


Sounds like she's hoping maybe farmers will want early access to potential milk.

No. 879515

was thinking that too. laugh at milk, sure. but to pay for crap content? nah. we'll just wait for them to "premiere globally … as the months go on"

No. 879516

Imagine giving Laur your credit card information kek

No. 879519

File: 1654827259308.png (2.6 MB, 828x2192, 19CC3682-4783-4891-B3FE-4F7CA1…)

No. 879522

The worst Star Trek yet.

No. 879524

When has lj ever been somewhere scenic and iconic in NY? The delusion

No. 879526


Why does she keep adding French words to the names of her series?

No. 879531

So more amateurly posed photos with uninteresting backdrops in non descript neighborhoods that can be anywhere, with no context or explanation of why it was chosen. Just Laur chauffering her adult daughter empty location to empty location interacting with no humans other than herself.

No. 879548

Even if farmers did pay, shared screenshots on here and greentexted, it’s not legal for Laur to take the farmers info and file a police report. As a merchant, there are specific things you can do with a buyers info, it’s even stricter for online purchases. This is one of the stupidest things I’ve seen them do.

No. 879558

So this is how they're going to try and doxx farmers? KEK

No. 879605

I can smell this photo of her

No. 879607

Can't wait for the spergout when precisely no one rents anything. Didn't they put an IP catcher on the site not so long ago? Do they really think we're that stupid?

No. 879614


I feel like multiple things may be going on here: this is clearly the start of Lillee pulling back from youtube, and given how much money she must have wasted buying improbably large amounts of fake views and subscribers for her channel during the first half of this year, I'd say that she really had been intending to drive up her ad revenue there and/or lure in sponsorship money, but someone at Youtube finally noticed her TOS violations and threatened to shut her whole shit down.

Of course, whatever little pennies and dimes she was making on adsense will have to be replaced, and now they're hoping that farmers and callouts, who are LJ's only legitimate audience, will be willing to fork over cash to continue laughing at her.

I don't see that happening. Laur's gonna have to go back to scamming "antiques" to keep the attic roof over their heads.

No. 879627

Im gonna guess its probably because they thought she had a following to back it up. So they wanted to use her to drive attention to their brand. Then maybe they realized that there was no one new buying their products that was redirected from her audience. Or maybe they just took 30 seconds to research her name and saw the primink video.

No. 879660


Whoa whoa he's not working for them anymore?!

No. 879675

File: 1654903457816.jpeg (404.09 KB, 651x1163, B67A9BC3-B3D1-4746-BBA4-5DA4F4…)

No. 879709

Ma'am you don't need a mask in your own house (which I assume she's in since she always highlights the backdrop when she takes her fortnightly constitutional

No. 879732

Looks like she has a muzzle. Lillee just wear one mask like everyone else, it must get sweaty wearing 2+ masks

No. 879751

File: 1654930935910.png (585.81 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2022-06-11 12.45.24…)

actual quote from lillee jean, professional interviewer that saw the cover of subject's book once:
>I saw some of your book covers and I was like Woooow you got, like the skull. The new one is like, this like red skull. I was like that is so freaking cool….I'm not somebody that you would say is "so much into horror" BUT the red skull has me intrigued because I think it's really cool. Like, you're putting a story into things. It's really fun.

No. 879755

This is what I mean, she can't be bothered to read the actual book. And yesh, "you're putting a story ino things. Lillle, the "thing" is called a book. And in a book, there are stories. That's what a writer does.

No. 879758

File: 1654942364157.jpg (103.62 KB, 1142x518, primink.jpg)

Funny how you mention Primink and some hours later laur spams that.

BTW laur has been spamming yt with her accounts alwaylooking4talent (kek), lj beauty and lj production, with +20 videos per days and sometimes like today: no less than 19 videos per hours!
She's at +25 video uploaded today.

Which is against yt spamming policy. >>879614 laur acts as if she wants yt to ban them, maybe it's her plan. She could play victim and keep lj even more dependant.

No. 879759

Did we ever commented that?
This is hysterical.
Laur is reposting very old videos and this one shows the very unclean horror wooden attic.
At 1'33 she says
>black cats life matters(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 879760

Can't catch covid if you smother yourself to death. You wouldn't understand it, anon. This is Harvard tier thinking.

No. 879766

File: 1654951906606.jpeg (716.6 KB, 828x1222, 0F2C5CD3-70AD-4F13-BA7F-4C0592…)

Lillee went to American Natural History Museum! Picrel of her wearing 3 masks

No. 879770

Aren't interactive exhibits like this one normally for small children?

No. 879772

The dwarf proportions on display here are staggering.

You expect her to understand an exhibit aimed at adults? kek

No. 879785

File: 1654961097287.png (5.7 MB, 828x4674, C89DF398-1A45-4EBA-895F-7C06DA…)

No. 879786

File: 1654962316846.png (1.8 MB, 660x3603, 6FA3D581-54FE-437C-B29E-04CB5A…)

Laur was up at 5am again

No. 879788

File: 1654963460095.jpeg (181.61 KB, 1170x1237, B98EFF7C-6A1A-4CC3-9069-AFCCB4…)

No. 879789

it seems like LJ is actually trying to better herself. Other than the open letter about the Robb shooting, she hasn’t done anything offensive in a hot minute. Laur’s the one pushing the bullying narrative (its Laur not Lillee hitting up john Liu). Lillee’s focusing on this ppv streaming idea and trying to the best of her abilities to create different shows. Has Lillee finally realized Laur is her biggest liability?

No. 879792

Nah. I think all the comments pointing out how the goblins don't take advantage of all the things to see and do in NYC has finally got to them. They obsessively read this thread and it's been pointed out several times, especially when LJ does her "photoshoots" in some random suburb that looks like it could be literally anywhere in North America.

No. 879793

Laur mustve gotten a groupon to the museum. You think it's the first time Lillee's ever been to one? I reckon so. It ain't like she were at school enough to get to go on field trips

No. 879794

Wow she really loves those karate gi trousers, don't she? Maybe Rent the Runway wouldn't take them back because of the crotch stench

No. 879795

>is so scared of covid she wears three masks
>happily touching buttons and exhibits that have probably been touched hundreds of times already that day
Attic Academy strikes again. Also does she just straight up not watch the news? I'm not American but things are pretty much back to normal here. Masks are becoming increasingly rare in public spaces and to be wearing three masks at this point just seems stupid and ill-informed.

No. 879798

Why is she wearing sunglasses inside a dark-ish room in the museum?

No. 879799

Sorry nonnie but COVID is far from over despite what US government is saying. Wearing a mask in public is fine as long as it’s one properly fitted mask. None of the masks LJ is wearing fit her properly.

No. 879801

Oh, I had no idea. The three mask thing still seems dumb to me though. I think LJ should worry more about the bacteria on them than covid though, given how you can usually spot one on the floor in her bedroom or left out like in >>879477

No. 879803

i doubt she’s ever washed the cloth ones

No. 879809

File: 1654974669557.gif (1.36 MB, 498x280, ugh-omg.gif)

No. 879810

it's free for nyc residents. which is exactly why everyone is surprised she hasn't gone anywhere like that sooner

No. 879812

Im obsessed with the mask that isn't even around her ears. Surely that can't be comfortable.

No. 879814

The way she’s wearing masks is the reason she has to stack pads during her period

No. 879835

Old milk. Trying to see something.


No. 879848

So the paparazzi and haters don't recognise her, obviously

No. 879851

"female empowerment"

No. 879856

I would expect her to actually learn some few thigs and enjoy going to museum, see interesting thing, learn about the universe, acquire some culture.
But we know it's just her pretending to do something for taking different pictures than the driveway.

No. 879862

100% chance of any new knowledge she heard going in one ear and out the other. She has zero interest in learning, hell, she won't even git gud at makeup and that's meant to be her whole schtick.

No. 879863

File: 1655028765911.jpg (331.25 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20220612-051223_Sam…)

Thus is the worst editing I have ever seen

What does this even say
And why is she rubbing her face the whole time like she's on ecstasy

No. 879867

Covwing phis lune!

No. 879869

Inb4 it gets nuked by Laur

No. 879873

So this is from her Voyager series? Look, I know no one expected this would be well produced, with slick high quality photos with lj in original poses and giving lots of context and interesting views. She promised "New York's iconic areas" ("areas" is the best her limited vocab could do) and the Natural Museum is certainly one of them. But these photos a) do not showcase the museum in any kind of interesting light and b) the photos are just plain bad. The museum just serves as an empty backdrop and nothing more. She could be doing the same things and "poses" at a park, in her attic, staircase, dark street, whatever.

In the first one, she seems to be peering into (or licking?) an exhibit that as some said, looks like is made for small children. But we all know it's about showing off what she believes to be a money making butt in the Kim Kardshian sense.

In the second, she's just using the exhibit sign to prop up an arm? She isn't engaging with it and it's dark but she's wearing sunglasses lopsided and a ridiculously huge mask. In the second, she's shielding her eyes… from a light? while in the dark and wearing sunglasses? This is what I mean. There is no engagement with her environment. There is no interest in what is around her, no taking advantage of learning.

And the last photo, she's in the iconic hall with the whale. It's been in movies, seen galas, and yet, because of the poor photography oyu can hardly see it. If you didn't know where she was, you wouldn't know that it was a whale behind her. And even if she is the subject and not the whale, it's so blurry she looks like just a white blob in all that darkness. It looks like she chose to publish only photos that had no one else in the shot. So as usual, she looks sad and lonely. I am not knocking the Museum of Natural History and it does have great exhibits but lj is 21 and for someone who claims she is this great artist, you'd think she'd pick an art museum and have laur take pics of her in front of paintings.

No. 879879

File: 1655041644903.png (3.52 MB, 660x4828, 36AFF04C-55B3-4C1D-B518-D6604F…)

Laur was up from 3am til 5am last night

No. 879881

Couning Phis Zune!

No. 879888

Peepee-Poopoogate still has me laughing. It's a timeless classic.

>calls out someone over 50 for making weird edits of Lillee
>pot kettle black
>"1 intent"
>lists two intents
>"who would or could have the time to do this?"
>is up all hours of the night posting weird shit
>you can't move a queen!
>insert weight joke here
>"come on a voyager with Lillee Jean"
>t-posing Lillee Jean army
>that matrix-like graphic
Was there a fucking sale on Franzia or something? Laur is seriously losing her grip on reality.

No. 879890

Samefagging but I was watching the vid and I completely forgot about the "shut the fuck up Jeff Dahrmer" bit and I ked' hard. I want this soundbite in the library of congress. Future generations deserve to hear this dumb bitch tell a dead serial killer to shut up.

No. 879895

The pic with lots of Lillees is actually good. I'm getting liminal space vibes. Laur soon you'll be as good as me at photoshopping Lillee.

No. 879897

File: 1655054075553.jpeg (725.56 KB, 828x917, 1DF09983-EB8A-4F35-8C63-1E534B…)

Voyager pt 2

No. 879898

nailed the lumpy pancake ass

No. 879900

Holy shit I have never seen this before and it's incredible. SO MANY iconic quotes.

No. 879952

File: 1655091411234.jpg (210.39 KB, 950x1001, 94o3hyt.jpg)

No. 879953

File: 1655092160800.jpg (233.02 KB, 924x994, 87gbrf8f.jpg)

No. 879955

This old dumb bitches grammar oh my god… Voyager is a noun dumbass. The correct phrase would be: " Go on a voyage with LJ" not go on a voyager. Im nitpicking yes, but you're like 60 years old Laur.

No. 879960

File: 1655099831332.png (1.21 MB, 1512x733, voyager.png)

>>865750 The channel Lillee Jean Website Stills became a channel for Voyager With Lillee Jean. They just keep creating and repurposing accounts to spam videos and playlists.

Despite being a nobody irl Lillee is so scared of showing her face she puts on those giant ass sunglasses and giant masks, she just looks like she's cosplaying the unabomber. How are you going to say your face is part of your brand when you can't even show it in your content?

No. 879966

kek note the views when she didn't have the prep to have laur off to the side buying them. 1 million followers and <50 viewers on the live. that tracks

No. 879967

>@lillee jean
>see me feel me touch me heal me
kek WHAT??? is laur off her psych meds?

No. 879972

File: 1655122179464.jpeg (644.37 KB, 2048x2048, 06ACC95A-21E0-4473-9E23-A0E192…)

new twitter account spamming Lillee’s content. thought it was RT bot at first but its tweeting like the attic goblins & seems to be active when Laur is active

No. 879973

File: 1655122689550.png (2.42 MB, 828x8812, E246FC0D-6DB0-4CCF-BAD5-5F4DF8…)

No. 879975

Voyager means “to travel” in French but clearly Pheepy never taught LJ how to conjugate her verbs bc she isn’t using it correctly

No. 879977

>4th amendment rights
Laur’s bankruptcy & tax lien where the first results when you searched her name. It’s public information.

No. 879979

File: 1655126137469.jpeg (192.05 KB, 828x566, 3D49F4BF-B662-4675-9AAE-D58A4F…)

Lillee, do you know what “public” means?

No. 879988

Well, you see, "public", actually, has many meanings here, in glorious USA. The meaning, I, use for it, is, "only the positive things about me". So, you see, you cannot talk, about my managements "public" bankruptcy history, because, I, Lillee Jean Trueman, CEO, do not call that history, "positive". I hope this helps. Educate, and, advocate. XOXO

No. 880002

File: 1655139723506.jpeg (988.01 KB, 1170x2348, 43467747-C1DF-4A12-BE02-DA0BD6…)

there’s a new cyberbullying video (uploaded at 4am kek) on Laur’s YouTube channel. Starts strong with claiming Lillee was bullied by the use of “big words”. thought the description was telling, sounds like the community outreach coordinator from the DA’s office never got back to them.

No. 880003

File: 1655140570539.jpeg (318.55 KB, 1170x1218, F661DE3D-97D0-4D56-95C8-044B18…)

they need to add a proofreader to their team

No. 880015

lmaoo being upset at "big words" because lillee's illiterate brain caps at 3 syllables. anything longer than that she's doomed to misuse. i can't believe the congress is sleeping on this, just like it refuses to ban looking at public records. lugubrious!

No. 880018

Everything Laur posts reads like a paranoid schizophrenic in their mania. If I didnt know who she was and stumbled upon any of her posts on Tiktok/Youtube/IG I would legitimately feel bad for her and assume she was just unmedicated rambling about cults.

She really isn't helping LJ with any of these at all.

No. 880020

Kek that’s perfect, nonnie

No. 880035

File: 1655150978872.jpg (234.96 KB, 1920x1080, Untitled.jpg)

If my "manager" publicly admitted that I'm so retarded I felt "bullied" by big words I would fire her ass ASAP, kek. What really stood out to me from the video though was this picrel. Lillee Jean equating anonymity with not existing being the "living dead" speaks volumes. She's so desperate to be famous and adored that she just can't fathom why most people are happy to shoot the breeze and gossip under a pseudonym or even anonymously online because we don't need constant asspats and validation unlike her. She doesn't understand what it's like to have a fulfilling life offline, where the internet isn't as important to you as oxygen. Also, can nonnies here help me out with this "attage" word? I'm ESL and when I googled it some crossword site said it might refer to a beetle. I think what the goblins mean is "adage"? But
>"me say, you repeat" adage
doesn't make sense either as it's not a well known phrase? I'm almost certain it's a Goblinese phrase created on the spot to try and sound smart. I really should get a cow who speaks better English, kek. This shit gives me a headache.

No. 880037

No. 880044

>this is cliche to me
Yes lillee, you and your mother speak in cliches but don't know how to use them in the right context even.

No. 880047

Can't wait to see how Lillee defends Lillee's Law in front of congress by bringing up the 4th amendment! In front of people who are mostly lawyers, legal scholars, and lawmakers!

No. 880063

so many lawyers laughing at them. laur must be seething

No. 880080

Would loooooooove to watch what happens to Laur after she doxes a bunch of lawyers and falsely accuse them of cyberbullying! Do it Laur, do it!

No. 880090

Did they just open thesaurus for the very first time? It just doesn't make sense. I feel like they may have started with a basic paragraph but then randomly swapped out normal words for more "interesting" ones and completely destroyed any coherent meaning. It's weird that this was written and published by an English-speaking adult.

No. 880115

File: 1655174257227.jpeg (730.88 KB, 828x1532, F9B3F606-1F4E-4CFA-8A3F-E0A05C…)

Her mouth is still horrifying

No. 880116

File: 1655174439766.png (2.02 MB, 1080x5383, StitchIt_20221306103835_608.pn…)

Think I just found some sock accounts. G8 job, so good!

No. 880123

if this is laur this SO reads like they're desperate for screenshots of boolies for project bullshit.
>haha, fellow reddit user! I sure do love conspiring to dox! Do you have the dentist's phone number so that I may also call?

No. 880124

File: 1655178914016.jpeg (861.27 KB, 1078x2206, 839873.jpeg)

Found this one too, sorry to blind you all. >17 day old account
>only comments on this post


No. 880125

The Alert General account is also 17 days old. Hmm. It's also funny how the Shawn account started commenting on a bunch of random shit as soon as the screenshot was posted. The account is hours old and the first thing they comment on is an LJ thread? Okay kek. Sure.

No. 880126

She’s using lyrics from The Who’s Tommy - See Me, Feel Me. The context of the song does not fit what Laur is trying to say.

No. 880129

They all say the same stuff too, or close to the same stuff.
>OP youre a God
>OP you are brilliant
>so good
>I'm watching her video on swatting rn
>Can we see?

Definitely bait too
>Lets all help
>would love to call the dentist myself.

No. 880130

Is the photo supposed to be an answer in the affirmative to the question at the bottom?

No. 880132

NTA but she talks about how she wants to play a villain in a movie or something along those lines in that video, so yes.

No. 880134

File: 1655180798705.png (619.58 KB, 594x1784, saadaw15.png)

That account is pretty weird. It's just retweeting random things including tweets defending Ezra Miller for some reason.

No. 880151

File: 1655196548376.png (195.83 KB, 1262x2300, yt.png)

There are 2 very obvious Laur accounts in the comments of SunnyV2's video replying to people. Both accounts made 1-2 days ago. And I mean come on, "Sydney Sarho" and "Marsha Mron" are such Laur names. The Sydney account also commented on Lillee's most recent video with "DAWL"

No. 880152

File: 1655196711251.png (43.31 KB, 1108x434, yt 1.png)

"Sydney" is also commenting on Angelika Oles video. Saying that Lillee's fake accounts aren't actually hers and are made by the cyberboolies just further cements this is Laur.

No. 880153

File: 1655197635646.png (88.9 KB, 1156x1001, yt 2.png)

More comments on Primink's videos.
S. Baro is another account that was recently created and comments on Lillee's videos.

My tinfoil for this is that obviously they are trying to get information on anyone, which is why they keep asking for proof. The reddit accounts another anon found were doing the same thing. How the fake comments go from commenting on Lillee's channel to commenting on drama videos and going from defending her to laughing at her are strange though. It seems like such a dumb move to have it be this obvious that the accounts are Lillee/Laur's. Maybe Laur is trying to pretend that these accounts are made by callouts that are pretending to be fans, and she's going to use these accounts to prove that Lillee is being cyber gang stalked by a cult.

No. 880189

Why would Laur support an adult grooming and running off with a minor? Because it’s Pheepy but real.

No. 880196

ahh, how do you do, fellow cyberbullying gang stalkers? what a great day to crusade lille jean trueman! does anyone have any new teas i can look at? so good.

No. 880199

You are a god, OP! I LOVE this tea. Haha, what a foolish child Lillee is, can I get a "kek" in the house? Anyway, where can I view the illegal and incriminating documents from this cyber cult?

Laur really is starting to out-cow LJ.

No. 880234

I will never understand the mental gymnastics these two must do to expect any degree of privacy regarding things said in a public forum. Bullies didn’t put secret cameras in their house to record their racist rants or transphobic musings. Laur & Lillee said it on podcasts and uploaded it for the world to hear. Bullies didn’t tell Lillee to make up a pedophile boyfriend & double down when caught. Lillee shared this on an Instagram Livestream. They can’t just admit they made mistakes and move on.

No. 880241

This is telling on herself even more.

The timeline:
>Late January 2021: Lillee goes to Dentist #1 after suffering with TMJ for months and Laur doing nothing to help her
>Early February 2021: APS comes to check on Laur because "medical neglect" (if we can believe the goblins' version of events)
>April 2021: Lillee goes to Dentist #2 (aka the Invisalign farm) to have her teeth "fixed"

By confirming she got her braces after the APS visit, it seems like there is a definite cause and effect…

No. 880243

Yeahhhh IDK why Laur has such a boner for proof Dentist 1 called APS. It's very obvious by the timeline and the switch of dentists that's what happened. I bet she's trying to get "evidence" for her "legal action"

No. 880244

File: 1655262616032.jpeg (259.92 KB, 2048x2048, CC316719-9D8D-454E-BB57-2DA4EB…)

They’re buying comments on YouTube. These are all from the red glam lipstick video uploaded 2 weeks ago.

No. 880255

"female empowerment"

No. 880256

I know there's been a lot of speculation, armchairing and tinfoiling but I am still curious as to what the Truemans' plans for Lillee's future are. I don't mean the vague bs they say, but what their actual intentions are. They can talk about a makeup line, buying a block on 5th ave, starring in a major hollywood film, but that's just their bs. I don't think they actually believe that. Some anons will argue that they do, and maybe lillee did at some point when she was younger, but I don't think so anymore. I think they both know deep down becoming a major A list actor is not in her cards because she's already 21, never paid her dues, and doesn't want to. They think she has a chance at being an "entertainer" whatever that means, because as a talk show host she has a lot more control of her own time and that's important because she doesn't ever want to be under someone else's deadline. Lillee is unwilling to hustle because she is scared of being rejected, doesn't want to be told what to do, is far too emotionally fragile to hear criticism even if they are constructive, and doesn't want to step out of her comfort zone. Lillee very naively thinks she can succeed with just the sheer magnificence of her inborn talent, the one she doesn't have hone, develop, or improve because she was blessed to have been born with so much of it. But I also see this belief cracking a little bit.

It's not like Lilee was raised in a religious cult (you could argue, just Laur's cult of Lillee) where she was cut off from the outside world. Even if she didn't interact with it much, she could passively view it from her computer. I think she may, just may, be seeing that all the promises of the glamorous life Laur fed her were lies. She might be on the teeny tiny cusp of realizing that maybe the way Laur raised her and made her believe the things that she did have not helped her achieve the kind of things she had hoped to have achieved at this point. Maybe Lillee now blames Laur for allowing her to drop out of school at only 14 or 15. Reading between the lines, something is amiss in the Trueman household: the way Lillee is self promoting and the way Laur is promoting her are completely misaligned. Lillee always backed up her mother and defended the poor choices she made as her "manager" but I don't see that happening right now. Maybe Lillee can see for herself that her mother's nightly manic posts are unhinged and she wants to disassociate herself a little bit. Not too much because Lillee is not capable of separating herself from Laur just yet.

As feeble and poorly executed attempts as they are at reinvention, Lillee's "fresh" content ideas such as Voyager and Beaute seem to be her trying to put out more mature content. She still calls herself a doll collector but she doesn't put out videos of herself actively playing with them. She is also a lot more careful with her lies - which I would say is one of the most valuable services the callouts provided, that throwing around lies irresponsibly will come back to bite you.

So what is their plan? I mean, their actual plan? It's one thing to put out bs like they're going to put their fake doc in world famous film festivals, or testify in front of Congress about her experience as bully-ee and having them pass Lillee's Law. This is just them trying to get attention from anyone they think might be stupid enough to help them but we know and they know this isn't going to happen. So what then? State Senator Liu has better things to do than to give even a second of his time to a delusional con like Laur. He's savvy enough to smell that a mile away since he's bombarded with request from more substantial people than her. How long is Lillee going to tease out another dull episode where she's in a park wearing 3 masks and barely able to walk 3 steps in shoes too small for her? How much more money can she spend on wigs, makeup, rent the runway clothes that don't fit, shein clothes that don't fit, and views and likes? Primink's and Diane's videos came out 2 years ago. They have moved on. Other content creators who made videos on her moved on. Everyone is doing other things. And yet, the Truemans are still lying, faking, and blaming everyone but themselves. Nothing has changed for them. They are better at hiding their transphobia and racism maybe, but that's it. Lillee's dreams of becoming famous are still dreams and she has achieved nothing that has brought her a step closer to fame. Surely they see this.

There comes a point, sometimes earlier, sometimes later, in one's life where a child realizes they know how to live their own life for themself better than how their parent thinks they should. Lillee has a long way to go. Sometimes I think of Gray Gardens, where little Edie had a chance at a modeling career, wanted to be a dancer, get married, etc. But she didn't want to put in the effort at becoming a truly great dancer. She could easily have gotten modeling contracts because she was so beautiful but she didn't want to make the effort. Eventually, she just felt more comfortable living with her elderly mother, alone, holed up in a bedroom of a dilapidated mansion with no money and garbage everywhere. I am not saying this is Lillee's situation at all because she was not born into wealth, lived in a mansion and certainly not born with the looks of a model. But my point is that I wonder whether I am seeing the beginning of this extreme codependent relationship where the daughter, despite whatever opportunities she has or doesn't have to live an independent life, chooses to spend her entire adulthood with a manipulative mother who seems to think it's OK not to encourage her daughter to spread her wings and make her own way in life.

All this to say, Lillee, you should find a therapist to work on your rage issues, and take a few part time courses at a community college. You can still do all that and put out your videos. You can. You really can.(take your meds)

No. 880261

Holy shit anon get a hobby

No. 880262

File: 1655294255887.jpeg (985.68 KB, 1170x1916, 2118FFD8-EAAE-4469-8B7D-C767A9…)

Lillee Jean alerted the DA. It’s over nonnies.

No. 880263

Why did they edited it trying to make it look like Lillee as anything to do with that article lol?

No. 880264

Well, it was nice knowing you, cyber-criminal-cult buddies. Shall I prepare the kool-aid?

No. 880266

File: 1655295497949.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1170x1861, CBEEB80E-B1EE-4D98-8399-4A762B…)

Laur uploaded 72 stories between 1-4am last night. Here’s Laur violating someone’s 4th amendment rights.

No. 880278

I have a feeling laur has some boomerish views about covid and masks, and lillee just plays it up a bit to look like a progressive humanitarian activist who is just so concerned about social justice and world peace and progress. Ever since this cow train started, they've always been so concerned about making lillee look like a champion of progressivism for some reason, with the fake minority accounts and whatnot

No. 880280

Is she being dense on purpose or does she genuinely not know theyre referencing 4chan and adjacent right wing sites. Lolcow had nothing to do with the attack. The only thing it has in common with 4chan is the imageboard format. Rightoid scrotes get bullied on here

No. 880290

>Is she being dense on purpose
Of course not, Laur is a gigatard who thinks any site that allows anonymous posting is the chans. She can barely speak English and that's her native tongue so I wouldn't expect her to tell the difference between this place, KF, or 4chan.

No. 880296

Yeah since Laur does not make about 10 fake accounts per day.
>Do the crime do the time
People deserve prison time because they said Lillee Jean is ugly and you buy followers and likes kek?

No. 880306


Honestly, I don't think they have a plan. Laur's made it by for years on scams and schemes and when one doesn't work, she moves on to another. It's not a sustainable way to live and eventually this will catch up to her, legally and financially, but Lillee hasn't seen that happen in her lifetime, so she's confident it will be okay.

Lillee could get a job or go to school but honestly, why would she? Laur will continue to support her and she doesn't have to go outside her comfort zone, and Lillee probably assumes that if any troubles happen Laur will dodge the repercussions and they'll keep scraping by as they have her whole life.

No. 880309

Laur's like a cockroach. It doesn't matter what befalls her, she'll just change up her act a little and scam her way out of it. Remember, her parents and sister are/were known scammers too. It's all she knows, and at the wrong side of 50, it's too late to do anything else.

I can see Laur getting sick of Lillee's shit when she realizes her cash cow never paid out, but by then she'll be on to something else and Lillee will either be in on it too or thrown to the wayside. Mark my words, nonnies.

No. 880310

We have seen glints of Laur trying new schemes since Lillee hasn't worked out. Like the brief thing where she was pretending to be a best selling author writing a book about her sister.

I don't think she'd ever boot Lillee though. After all, when her music star husband didn't get his big break she just found a different way to profit off of him. She already pretended Lillee had chronic illness in middle school, she'd get her on disability too.

No. 880329

>I don't think she'd ever boot Lillee though.

Agree. Besides being her potential/failed cashcow, there is something else Lillee is to her - her redemption, and what she sees is her best self. Which isn't saying much, but still. Lillee feeds Laur's ego, and in return she feeds hers. It will never stop until one of them is gone.

No. 880435

Narcissist see their golden child as an extension of themselves. Which REALLY explains why Laur has been trying to make Lillee famous since she was a little girl and why she stays up till 5 in the morning making weird vague threats and filing DMCAs. By insulting Lillee theyre insulting HER.

No. 880491


I'm sure Lillee thinks they'll be stable since Laur's always managed to squeak by and keep them in a home and fed, but do you think she sees the life Laur has and really…wants that for herself?

No. 880534

File: 1655519655041.jpeg (343.76 KB, 1170x1023, 3AE65787-6370-4585-A80E-36CE47…)

Laur’s talking to herself.

No. 880537

Goblins tried to copyright strike Angelika Oles

No. 880541

they tried to copyright claim the met gala photo…a photo of Katy Perry. Holy shit they’re stupid.

No. 880549

Skating by with mommy dearest is easier than trying to better herself at anything. Lil truly believes she deserves fame and fortune for no other reason than being Lillie jeaaaaaaan.

No. 880566

I am 99% sure that Lillee and Laur are convinced that they can legally copyright strike anything that contains Lillee's face

>but it's MY face, I have the rights to it!!!!!

No. 880569

File: 1655552846610.jpeg (901.67 KB, 1170x2026, E6F43EF5-49F6-45DE-8B8B-B740A9…)

>on a wiki page that has information about her dead aunt
>people going into your private life

It’s not private if you put it on Wikipedia, laur

No. 880571

Angelika briefly touches on it but Laur fucked up big time with the DMCA. Laur says they made the Met Gala edit which means they’re either lying to YouTube or they lied about the Indian teen fan account (the one who worshipped Lillee’s white skin) who they originally claimed made it. Either way they’re lying

No. 880572

File: 1655558998744.jpeg (160.21 KB, 967x857, silly-dank-meme-about-insecuri…)

>Too much beer?
>Project: Bullyosh

No. 880579

We've seen Lillee's rage-a-thon at Tatiana, and we know how particularly hard the Truemans go after POC callouts. But my tinfoil is that this video is the one that cuts Lillee the deepest. I do not follow Angelika, and have only seen 2 of her videos, both on Lileee. We all know Lillee does not like women, especially if they are pretty and well put together. Just a few seconds of looking this girl up, it seems AO has a lot going for her. First of all, she really is actually blonde and blue-eyed, something Lillee thinks is the epitome of beauty. Her body proportion is attractive, she has a pretty face, and she dresses cool. Her style seems effortless and young, not fussy and sloppy like a certain miss lj. AO is smart and well articulated. She has a main channel with 523K subs, a beauty channel (uh oh lj) with 139K subs, and she even has a book channel. As in, she actually reads books. Her insta doesn't seem very prolific, but I'm willing to bet none of her 76K followers were bought.

I'm just pointing this out because lj gets crazy jealous of successful young women, especially when they have physical traits that she wants so very badly or claims to have but doesn't. And to make it worse, this naturally attractive young woman who does not have to overdraw her lips successfully argued every point they made on their their ridiculous dmca youtube claim. The truemans couldn't get her video pulled down, but not only that, AO made a video pointing that out! I almost - ALMOST - feel sorry for Laur for having to endure Lillee's ire and fury! She might have to make extra instant mashed potatoes just to calm her down.

No. 880581

Angelika got big for starting shit with Gabbi Hanna last summer. She’s not stupid. Her views and subs have been drying up so Angelika picked another unlikable “influencer” to start shit with. She looks sympathetic against these psychos and gets views & subs from the anti-LJ crowd. Very smart move. Laur should take notes.

No. 880584

I'll take anything that enrages the golbins. I want Laur go on full franzia rage on (unbanned) social media.
It's free milk.

No. 880591


Nona of course she lied about the fan page kek. She lied about every "fan page" she's ever had.

Back in thread one they tried to pass that off as Lilz being invited to the Met Gala, BEING there, until she got called out. That's when it became "fanart" from a fan.

No. 880595

I’m aware of the original caption thanking James & Mario. What I’m pointing out is they’re admitting it was them in the email to YouTube.

No. 880598

A review of a new film "My Fake Boyfriend" caught my eye. Turns out it's not about pheepy.

No. 880663

File: 1655650529805.jpeg (367.71 KB, 662x1178, 08BB1CE3-C3F5-4C66-B50D-80E5A3…)

No. 880664

File: 1655650771957.png (797 KB, 1280x720, Breaking_Bad_S04E01__Box_Cutte…)


No. 880674

Laur doesn't know what either 'Pi' or 'Inevitable' mean

No. 880677

File: 1655684008145.jpeg (531.6 KB, 653x1187, 03247705-008F-4FB0-8951-375108…)

No. 880679

File: 1655684303517.png (7.19 MB, 828x6306, 3B5F764A-CF7D-4600-B96B-61D7FA…)

This is exactly the kind of riveting content that got her 1 million jeaniez

No. 880681

Laur writing how she and Lillee uncovered and prevented a series of mass shootings by turning the potential shooters in to the DA's office is even 10x worse than the "press release" on Lillee's site.

It's Tanya Head levels of disgusting and despicable.

No. 880689

eee ooo eee oooo

No. 880697

File: 1655715321255.jpeg (506.78 KB, 1600x1600, AdobeStock_28084010-copy.jpeg)

I think I found her closest ancestor.

It's true, I was one of the potential shooters and the whole prison bus clapped.

No. 880703


Laur's delusion started with trying to scare non existent bullies by saying they contacted the DA office and now the law is after them. Now, she's somehow equating school shooters and domestic terrorists like those who bombed government buildings and stormed the Capitol with these non existent bullies. She thinks by making this shit up and @ing politicians and journalists that she will get positive coverage and get her talentless uneducated daughter a glamorous and lucrative career. This is sick.

>Thanks to Lillee Jean the Queens DA was alerted…

Thanks to Lillee Jean, tax payer money was wasted by the Queens DA's staff wasting their time having to read and reply to Laur's delusional rants and lies.

Does Laur really expect these people to drop everything and white knight her cause?

No. 880706

File: 1655734688883.jpeg (585.05 KB, 1170x1524, 215DDC82-7B78-404E-8B80-751155…)

Laur commenting on the reporters post. The reporter has no idea who they are kek

No. 880707

Pointing out someone acting like a retard isn't a conspiracy thory.

No. 880710

Sending eggs to tired lady after she doxxed a couple of people is not terrorism

No. 880717

Pretty sure someone's already contacted this reporter warning her of these two idiots.

No. 880721

Let’s say Laur is able to get the attention of an actual reporter…how does she think this play out for them? No one’s going to write a positive story about them. It’s like Dee Dee Blanchard raised Anna Delvey. Buzzfeed looked at Laur’s evidence and sided with Lauren Elyse and Queen of Blending. Reporters have sources within the NYPD, DA’s office, even Twitter & YouTube. They’ll know immediately Laur’s lying. They’ll file FOIA requests for police reports and see they were never swatted. They’ll contact brands who Laur’s claimed bullied Lillee and find out about all the (rumored) C&Ds. Laur’s her own worst enemy.

No. 880723

i was gonna post a very similar picture but then i thought it's not fair for the monkey it's probably a good honest boy not like Lillee

No. 880726

You're right. I'm sorry Mr. Monkey for posting you here and comparing you to someone far stupider and uglier. Sometimes I get so caught in this cyberbullying criminal cult that I forget about the people I'm hurting. I hope you have a good day and many bananas.

No. 880728

Was wondering the same thing. Then I realized just one tiny peek at Laur's instagram and this reporter would be like, oh hell no, I am not wasting my time.

No. 880729

Why wasn't this taken from the driver's seat? Everyone knows she can totally drive.

No. 880732

Reporters these days take some social media trainings to deal with all the creeps and crazies they get sliding into their comments on the daily. I imagine saying "Thanks!" and then immediately muting them is procedure

No. 880741

File: 1655768450355.png (1.1 MB, 828x3646, E06C5DA4-EBAC-4F72-9387-D9A244…)

Laur is having a normal one

No. 880743

Yes Laur, this is completely normal. Why reporters and producers are not climbing on top of each other to get your side of the dumpster fire you created is beyond me.

What is a "fake twitter account"? If the account exists on twitter it's a real twitter account. I know what you mean though. You mean someone who creates an identity that is not their own on a social media site, right? So like a white middle aged woman who creates an account and pretends to be a horrific stereotype of a black woman? Or a white middle aged woman pretending to be an Indian girl who hates her own dark skin and wants to be pale like Lillee? Like those kinds of fake accounts right?

No. 880748

File: 1655772237031.jpeg (635.26 KB, 1170x1727, 6715D031-6613-4EDB-A9CF-E16832…)

those are screenshots of an account replying to Laur’s fake twitter account kek

No. 880750

File: 1655773377084.png (2.71 MB, 828x5408, F6CD3D03-CEDD-4FB1-9D5B-FAAEB8…)

Laur is still spamming her ig stories

No. 880752

Lillee uploaded a bizarre trailer for one of her videos

No. 880753

File: 1655776502589.gif (573.42 KB, 480x262, 5A4A4085-334C-4919-8A31-2B871A…)

No. 880754

I guess we found Laur's trigger word.

Anyway so Laur Trueman and her disgusting daughter Lillee Jean Trueman are pathetic

No. 880757

File: 1655789591105.jpeg (901.56 KB, 1170x2026, 3D8F4DDA-298B-43C2-AABA-E84ADA…)

Pretty sure Laur was drunk whilst making this one. She can’t even spell the name of her own project correct let alone use the correct word ( it’s ACCEPT not EXCEPT).

She only used the word “drunk” here because she’s more than likely self projecting.

No. 880759

Part of the reason Laur uses this ridiculous editing has got to be that it's the only way she can post screenshots of 'bullying' without making it obvious she is blocking out parts that are real criticism and descriptions of their lies and bad behavior. There are actually tons of nasty posts about Lillee's appearance she could use but she doesn't because it probably hits too close to home. Instead she picks the most vague no-context screenshots possible and her own weird sex ones she made herself.

No. 880765


No. 880766

Doesn't know how to use "epitome" correctly.

No. 880767

>confidence glow

Did they mean confident glow?

No. 880768

Wtf is she even saying??

No. 880769


Seriously, though. Do they not realize that a reporter will have to do their on research for a story? Do they believe a major news network wouldn’t do some digging before giving your story air time?

No. 880770

That fucking ending where it just loops a short clip of her scrubbing her nose almost made me choke on my coffee. She really made it look like a parody rather than legit content from a influencer.
Lillee Jean, if you really had a team behind your content they would not let you post this. Same goes for Laurs small hours wine fueled Bullyish spergs. I can't wait to see what this "document" evolves into. EDUCATE. ADVOCATE. ONLINE. DIGITAL.

No. 880771

Goblins are busy striking anything they can. This Reddit post was DMCA’d this morning

No. 880782

File: 1655832964598.jpeg (567.77 KB, 828x1114, 427C1B3C-4174-4DAD-B702-62A0DF…)

Laur’s sock is retweeting MCU and LJ crap and also this kek

No. 880786

Pre-diabetic usually demonstrates a decrease in insulin production by the pancreas. It's a phrase I see many doctors scoff at because it's a way of nicely saying "you have diabetes but might not need medication if you control your diet and AC1." LJ did was not pre-diabetic. In fact, I'm almost positive that her doctor said some nonsense like "I wouldn't be surprised if your daughter gets diabetes in the future if she doesn't change her eating habits" and Laur took that as a diagnosis.

No. 880789

The way she just kinda rambles about beauty and confidence reminds me of when my little sister would use her make-up kits on me and pretend she had a beauty parlour. It's that childlike "I totally know what I'm doing" babble. Actually now that I think about it that's exactly what all her make-up tutorials remind me of, kek.

No. 880791

LJ also parrots obvious things like "You have confidence when you look good and you feel good". Laur, give your lil' Sherlock a participation award.

No. 880792

Her understanding of the world and concepts are extremely underdeveloped. Much of the things she says sounds like it's coming from a child, not an adult. She's said on more than one of her lives that if she wasn't doing this she would be a veterinarian because animals are so cute to her. That's what my bff said when we were 9 years old. Little kids say I want to be a veterinarian because I love animals! A 21 year old would understand the kind of college courses she would need to take, then the exams she would need to study for to get into a veterinary school, then all the studying she would have to do there, take exams, and finally get that degree and license. An adult would understand the kind of dedicated studying one would need to do to get a degree or license of any kind. Unfortunately, Keystone doesn't have a vet program where you read Little Golden books on fluffy bunnies and test you on whether you can tell the difference between a duck and a horse, then award you with a degree so you can call yourself Dr Lillee.

She also mentioned she'd be a lawyer. Forget the LSATs and the bar. Who needs a JD when you have graduated from the Laur Trueman School of Law.

No. 880796

In short, no. Laur's lying is pathological. Lying is her baseline so telling the truth, or the concept of what truth is, isn't familiar to her. She truly believes that she can talk anyone into believing her stories. So if a reporter did some digging then brought to Laur what she found, Laur believes she can successfully gaslight her. And when that doesn't work, Laur falls back on her crazy reasoning of the reporter being part of Diane's cyber cult.

No. 880797

Why does Laur even yell cyber/online cult all the time? Does she not know what a cult is? What could a cyber cult leader do to scare someone from leaving or talking about it? "I will banhammer you from our forums and tell everyone your IP!"? Oh, the horror. Anything but that, please! I will continue watching Lillee Jean's YouTube videos so do not ban me!

No. 880800

I've tried sending nonnies my secret kool-aid recipe but they seem hesitant to try it. I'm having doubts about my ability to lead this cult tbh.

No. 880803

File: 1655852762919.jpeg (184.79 KB, 828x474, C9B4B8DA-7C52-40F3-9BF0-FAD160…)

ESL anon here: do people call contour “the chisel”?

No. 880805

I hope this reporter FOIAs the police reports and body cam footage from all time Laur said they were swatted.

No. 880806

It's attic pidgin. Also known as goblinese.

No. 880807

Because in her sad, delusional small mind, that is the best she could come up with. It can't be that her daughter has a foul personality and has no talent. Why don't people like her and see her for the gem that she is? It's got to be because they are jealous. It's lazy immature reasoning that started when Lillee couldn't make friends in middle school. Never mind that she barely went to school or didn't have a magnetic personality. No, it's got to be that everyone else was jealous of her. That later evolved into, there is this mass campaign against her. And who better to blame than Diane, since she was an early callout, was thorough in her research, was in contact with Laur, and showed her face (though disguised to some extent)? Laur is too lazy to come up with anything more creative. This is how we all became the cyber cult.

No. 880808

Question. If they were banned from Twitter, wouldn't Twitter be able to suss out the newer fake accounts they created? Why has this one gotten through? Wouldn't this account have been either flagged by Twitter or have been called out by others? I'm not on Twitter so don't know how this works.

No. 880810

I did not get those video games that middle aged cult leader lady promised to give to me if I am so jealous of LJ that I hold her accountable for her words and actions. This cult sucks, sayonara you bullyoshes.

No. 880815

Ik they never leave, but does she ever like, just sit outside? Enjoy the sun?

No. 880816

But nonny, then her skin would turn into blech, like leather. Like her teenage Indian jeaniez. No, Lillee is a pale blue blooded blonde princess like Elsa.

No. 880818

File: 1655860858938.jpg (243.85 KB, 1080x1589, Screenshot_20220621-211725_Red…)

Kek here's a screenshot for posterity

No. 880821

They’re likely using Google voice numbers to create new accounts

No. 880822

File: 1655863838331.png (1.2 MB, 828x2972, 3C95DBBA-2978-45D0-B366-494765…)

Does Laur have brain damage? She’s been posting the same screenshots for days

No. 880823

File: 1655864027028.png (2.06 MB, 657x2186, 950D55DB-5402-4795-A6E8-366397…)

Lillee went to Plaza hotel and wore a velvet dress in insane heat

No. 880824

File: 1655864104328.jpeg (429.83 KB, 798x1057, C08F00D8-152C-4777-ADF0-A418EE…)

Absolutely insane looking broad

No. 880825

File: 1655864502949.jpeg (663.91 KB, 828x1202, 14AA7D45-75D1-483A-ADAC-177090…)

This was a garden party so naturally Lillee wore a black velvet dress. Picrel is the description of the party

No. 880826

How can she possibly not see how INSANE she looks? Does she just bullshit herself? I don’t understand how she can’t see this when she reviews the pictures! This is concerning

No. 880827

File: 1655865408317.png (7.25 MB, 828x5233, 3DC2A4D5-0B12-41BD-AF95-1A72D8…)

She posted a ton of pics on her blog but there isn’t a single photo of her with other people even though this event was packed

No. 880830

File: 1655867473150.png (306.08 KB, 382x305, lj.png)

Holy shit.

No. 880831

File: 1655867907549.jpeg (62.22 KB, 400x500, 01B61464-AD52-46D7-9F33-7663FB…)

Here’s a higher quality version

No. 880832

File: 1655870760864.jpeg (212.57 KB, 1400x1400, Screen_Shot_2019_03_03_at_12.5…)

No. 880834

You think maybe Lillee wasn’t even invited to this event. Much like the met gala? She just invited herself over to the hotel before it even took place but Laur begged the hotel staff to let Lillee take pictures.
I’m sure if Lillee WAS in attendance of this big party she’d go out of her way to post photos with guests to try and prove she has friends. Also what happened to Lillee having anxiety etc? I call BS on her attending any big parties like this being in a building with so many people at once? That’d be a absolute nightmare for someone who suffers badly with anxiety.

No. 880836

The only thing that comes up when you google "Mario Badescu Plaza Hotel" is a bunch of shit Lillee posted herself. Pretty sus. I'm not sure there even was an event…

No. 880838

File: 1655873535097.gif (322.84 KB, 500x250, 033CB571-EC98-4D79-B37B-DECA4A…)

Her smile reminds me of pokey’s mom.

No. 880840

No. 880841

I think it was likely cancelled since Martha wasn’t there but the decor was left up, perhaps to give guests some Instagram material to work with and look at the displays.
I googled Martha Stewart COVID and only two posts popped up regarding it.

No. 880844

That's what happens when all you have is your demented mother for a feedback loop.

No. 880845

That's so sad. And not a single word about wishing Martha a speedy recovery.

What's she doing in the first photo? Is it another butt shot?

What's with the weird crease below the tummy? I'm too lazy to point it out with a picrel. It makes her either look like she's got a beer gut or pregnant. Something like that can be easily photoshopped out.

No. 880850

There's no way in hell she'd be invited. The reach of the reddit threads, twitter callouts and YouTube videos combined (not to mention word of mouth) means no competent person organising a party for a skincare event would invite her. She definitely just skulked about for those photos while Laur probably gave staff a sob story about her sped daughter. Like >>880841 said it might have been cancelled but decorations left up? Idk but it's certainly not what LJ wants us to think it it. Not unless Mario divorced James Dee, went back to his original surname, and then developed a skincare line, kek.

No. 880852

File: 1655895925318.jpeg (2.07 MB, 1170x2069, FF26C13A-963D-4670-901D-240F33…)

I checked Mario Badescu’s IG page and their stories were full of people from the event, former Bachelor Peter Weber was even there kek Would have loved a meeting between his mom Barb and Laur

No. 880856

File: 1655902414339.gif (1.56 MB, 270x480, 40812ED7-667F-41B1-B724-01EE62…)

Tons of influencers were there and the room was quite packed. Picrel is a recording of some rando’s ig story. There are tons of posts and ig stories from this event

No. 880858

File: 1655902537855.png (2.34 MB, 828x2890, 280FD0AC-B479-4D77-957B-03AEF0…)

Also this guy was there. Why didn’t Laur approach him to talk about Lillee Jean Cosmetics?

No. 880863

they showed up before the party started, took pics and left. Lillee was home posting photos to her website before the party even started. she probably got embarrassed after people started showing up in appropriate garden party attire and she realized she looked like a lunatic in a floor length velvet dress kek

No. 880864

You can see a pile of bags (purses & the cat litter makeup case) on the floor. Why did they need so many bags if they were going to an event for an hour?

No. 880865


There's absolutely zero chance that LJ received an actual invitation to attend, so I'm guessing that the plan was to go to the hotel well before the event was scheduled to start, take as many photos as possible in any areas they could access without an official invitation, and then if anyone questioned their presence, they would flap the bags around (supplied by Hollywood Prop-master Laur) and say they were just hotel guests who saw an opportunity to take some cool photos on their way back to their room.

No. 880866

File: 1655908395369.jpeg (688.32 KB, 828x1717, C782593F-DEEB-4339-8C88-059AC3…)

These are the video results that pop up when you Google “Mario badescu plaza hotel” kek

No. 880867

Her teeth are looking better but she still manages to smile like a fucking retard.
For an 'influencer and model' she has no poise or self awareness

No. 880868

File: 1655908946281.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.99 KB, 449x800, 800x1423_3514.800x800.jpg)

Her single cankle is giving Showgirls leg poster vibes

No. 880869

idk nonny, Mario Badescu is one of the non-drugstore few brands that Lillee still uses and raves about how much she loves. I wouldn't be surprised if it's one of the only brands left she still gets PR from and that she was invited to the event.
Looking at the size of the event, it seems like they invited tons of people and they probably don't screen the influencers they send shit to.

No. 880870

She can’t even pronounce the brand’s name correctly. Anyone know when the last time she got PR from them? The last makeup related PR she got was lashes from Ardell in January. How long until one of the callouts posts messages from MB saying they no longer work with Lillee?

No. 880871


Nah. Sending PR is one thing; anyone with two subscribers to rub together can make their way onto a PR list with some persistence, but getting an invitation to an event is not guaranteed, even for the people on a brand's PR list.

The difference between these Mario Badescu shots and what she posted from the Drunk Elephant event that she was actually invited to are very different. She posed and interacted with other people on camera, there were other attendees milling around in the background of her videos…this time it's a ghost town and I am skeptical of just chalking it up to Lillee's COVID paranoia when they could have social distanced while getting wide shots to show that she was actually standing in a room with people in it besides Laur. The garden party was packed, but you would never know another soul was there just going by Lillee's pictures. She's not even holding a drink or an official guest goodie bag or anything.

No. 880873

File: 1655910461767.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 26.59 KB, 449x800, 90964D7D-69F3-4D45-8F2C-D26EB2…)

Be more realistic, nonnie

No. 880874

It was that packed and she didn’t even triple mask up like she does for outdoor walks?

No. 880875

we know how much Laur loves to rub elbows with d-list celebrities. there would be awkward pics of Lillee with every PoC in the place like they did at the fashion show. they either weren’t invited or someone recognized Lillee and said something. it all seems suspicious

No. 880877

File: 1655913372564.png (150 KB, 828x1017, 01A9B27D-BE6F-4F84-B97A-A93EF6…)

Lillee’s following Mario Badescu on ig but the brand isn’t following her

No. 880879

File: 1655914794383.png (3.22 MB, 828x1792, FDA516F6-A454-4C61-9D87-27EE59…)

Looks like she was invited but left before the action started

No. 880880

File: 1655916209914.jpeg (167.66 KB, 774x1200, 82883332-E7F5-411F-8EF2-A7FA3B…)

>what you ordered vs what you got off aliexpress

No. 880891

Tinfoil but maybe they were catering the event or they are there just to help set it up, and they took some pictures real quick before guests arrived. It's not unommon for event planners needing extra help to post a quick ad in Craigslist and offer quick cash for small jobs.

Im the one picture here, >>880827
where they are standing in the staircase, it looks like there is a purse maybe umbrella just sitting there. Who would leave a purse on a staircase at such a crowded event? They obviously put it down there real quick for pictures, as I am sure they were on a short time frame

No. 880892

File: 1655926408155.jpg (465.35 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20220622-202122_Ins…)

Another girl went to the same event with her friends and you can see more people went wearing flowy clothes. Maybe she left early because the other girls are wearing clothing appropriate for the weather while Lillee is probably drenched in sweat from being g in a velvet dress in the heat.

No. 880899

omg I was going thru the Mario Badescu stories and thought I saw Laur’s ugly mug and when I went back, sure enough it’s her and her goblin child in this girl’s (sydneysadick) story. I screen recorded the story but idk how to upload it; saged so someone with the skills can capture this and upload it

No. 880901

File: 1655929384801.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1170x2064, E82D3705-8C67-46C2-A304-2795E6…)

The old man they’re standing with I believe is actually Mario Badescu as I was seeing him in many other stories and a quick google search shows they look similar

No. 880903

The fact she was invited but still took lonely looking photos is even more sad. I don't think it's her covid paranoia either as IMO she fakes that for the excuse not to go out much and because she wants us to know that she has the Right Opinions. Pure tinfoil but I wonder if maybe she left because she feared ridicule? She'd be surrounded by people drinking and there'd surely be at least a couple of influencers there who've heard of her and plenty more people wondering who the dwarf wearing a velvet dress in summer was and why her mother was there and shadowing her like a bodyguard. Lillee can't stand the thought of people not liking her and she seems like the type or narcissist to see people laughing and immediately assume that they're laughing at her. Either that or Laur didn't want her little baby girl (grown ass adult) drinking and having fun and potentially figuring out that there's life beyond Laur and playing with dolls.

No. 880904

Wonder if she will stay on MB's PR/invite list. Pretty sure people will have alerted them to the Truemans' antics, especially Laur's psychotic postings equating people who have every right to criticize Lillee with domestic terrorists and school shooters.

No. 880905

So that’s Laur without a mask on? So much for lillee triple masking at the museum kek

No. 880907

File: 1655931287826.webm (1.39 MB, 720x1244, Laurinthewild[2].webm)

sage for doubleposting but here you go nonette

No. 880908

Laur does not seem to be having a good time. I know the video is only about a second long and she has resting grump face but even so. There was a video by someone else where attendees can walk up to servers holding glasses of bubby and help themselves. Wonder why Laur didn't just take the whole tray and suck up all the free booze. Gotta be better than franzia.

No. 880910

Kek classic Laur wearing her granny reading glasses on her head at a classy event. IIRC that was her lewk at Fashion Week as well.

Interesting that there were so many people there and yet Lillee is pictured completely alone. Maybe the sweet menstrual stench cleared out the immediate area around them

Also nothing says hip 21-year-old influencer like a Martha Stewart event…

No. 880912

Lillee looks excited. Laur looks uncomfortable and out of place. I bet Laur freaked out over people recording them and made Lillee leave.

No. 880914

Sorry, where do you see lj excited in this video? I only see the top of her head while the camera pans before we get an eyeful of Laur.

No. 880917

It doesn't look like they're talking to him. Laur is looking away and Lillee is looking towards Laur, whenever they're talking to people their eyes are glued to them.

No. 880919

File: 1655937035212.jpeg (351.5 KB, 1170x1899, 8657D44B-8CC8-42D6-B28D-372864…)

calling in a wellness check when someone threatens to harm themselves on social media platforms isn’t bullying

No. 880922

File: 1655939231865.gif (701.9 KB, 498x280, lillee-lilleejean.gif)

Look at all those unmasked people

Please oh please let them get the coof from this

No. 880923

File: 1655939679906.gif (223.68 KB, 480x270, giphy (2).gif)

Yes, nonnie, it would be just terrible if the only time they left the house without 14 masks and a strict 20 feet social distancing bubble gave them a nasty visit from Miss Rona

No. 880927

Another bullyish teaser, now with Laur

No. 880929

And another one

No. 880932

File: 1655941785888.gif (553.21 KB, 288x222, creepy-piano.gif)

the creepy organ music at the end i cannot

No. 880939

I wouldn't call having your picture shown for a split second along with a bunch of other people on a billboard for the sole reason that Cover Girl would put anyone up who submitted a pic an "accomplishment" but I guess when you set the bar that low, fine, let's give her that.

But there are so many disgusting things she did and said that were hurtful to people that are real and documented, and she can't address those.

No. 880940

File: 1655943446984.jpeg (461.9 KB, 1170x1015, 3C3E33D6-2B5F-4D72-A832-1E4E35…)

Laur told the fbi Null owned lolcow, stole money from them and goaded women into doing something

No. 880944

Stating the obvious here, but this does not make sense. She's saying that funds were withdrawn from her bank account that she didn't know about? Did she bring that up with the bank? Where is proof of that communication? Her merchant account was attacked? OK, what did she do about it then? These are basic questions law enforcement would start with if they were doing an investigation. But they wouldn't. You know why? Laur doesn't have anything worth stealing. What's the most someone could take? A few thousand? That's not enough for the FBI to get involved. You deal with your merchant processor, and you take it up with your insurance company, assuming Laur pays for business insurance which I highly doubt.

She's making accusations she can't back up. I'm no Moon fan but Laur is really stretching it by trying to equate the NZ shooter with people commenting on what shitty people the Truemans are on a site that Moon owns. Has Moon sued her for defamation yet?

No. 880945

>our merchant account for our business has been attacked

She’s referring to anons posting her eBay history and the used nighty listing

>as well as other personal financial as well information being released on the internet.

The state of New York released Laur’s bankruptcy papers, not cyberbullies

No. 880947

File: 1655946054451.jpeg (269.65 KB, 2048x2048, D0B275DC-E174-4F79-8A1F-ED98A9…)

Here’s their timeline for alleged swattings. They’re claiming Reno called twice, a day apart in February.Their own paperwork said it was March 2nd though.

No. 880949

File: 1655946117693.jpeg (355.29 KB, 1170x637, 0E7C73D4-6B33-43BD-9503-C55E23…)

I grabbed a screenshot from the bullyish trailer showing the paperwork from APS is dated March 2nd

No. 880952

File: 1655947153592.jpeg (631.7 KB, 1170x1180, E02285F9-9E74-4BEB-A65B-E85C1A…)

In Lillee’s March 5th video, she says they were swatted a total of 4 times

>1st tip - Lillee’s dead

>2nd tip - Lillee’s in a wheelchair and wasting public money
>3rd tip - Lillee’s teeth are rotten
>4th tip - anti semitic?

They really need to start writing this shit down or at least check old videos to see what their previous story was

No. 880953

File: 1655947490144.jpeg (185.31 KB, 685x900, 891FBCE6-1D3F-4EBB-AA40-ABCCCE…)

From Laur’s stories

I wonder if she’s tired of being Lillee’s chauffeur

No. 880954

Weird how they’re omitting the time the cops told Laur that Diane called in an anonymous tip about Pheepy and made Laur & Lillee come to the station in the middle of a citywide lockdown. Almost like it never actually happened.

No. 880956

lj used the covergirl event to appear on the billboard and mentions that it was specifically regarding their switch to cruelty free, yet she doesn't care about that at all. sure its small compared to the massive laundry list of bullshit, but she could have left that part out

No. 880957

File: 1655950856931.jpeg (487.62 KB, 1170x1244, 992DDBFE-FA74-44F6-96B2-021774…)

the delusional artist thread happened after she dropped out of school

No. 880959

>we do not know who they are

But, Laur, I thought it was Diane and her digital cyber information superhighway cult? They can't even keep their story straight

No. 880960

lol you just KNOW Mommy didn't let Lillee have any of the ~adult~ drinks and probably made her have a glass of tap water while Laur double fisted the Martha Stewart chardonnay

No. 880967

non-american here, so I'm not sure how American APS work, but this notice also says it was an attempted visit, which I guess means that the Truemans weren't at home (doubtful) or that they didn't let the social worker in.
There is no proof of an actual visit, suggesting that Laur might be avoiding them. It's also funny how they started focusing on fixing Lillee's teeth shortly after this, especially considering how they have put so much energy in defending her "Vanessa Paradis" gap and Lillee continuously saying that she loves her teeth. I don't believe for a second that she fixed them because she suddenly had pain but maybe she did it so Laur and Earl couldn't get accused of neglecting their child.

No. 880969

the police came the first night, verified it was a fake tip, alerted the precinct but when the same Australian calls with a different concern the second day…the cops still show up? Makes zero sense.

In Bullyish, they’re claiming it was a middle aged woman bullying them by controlling children. The proof they’re producing shows they accused Null and reported him to the FBI three times. It destroys their credibility. This documentary is going to be a mess and I can’t wait kek

No. 880970

That shit is sending me

No. 880971

Why do these look like 2000s era cheap film camera pics using flash? Laur is the biggest boomer. I can see them coming in, scuttling off to a back corner to take these awful pics, then leaving without talking to anyone. Just like her big nights out on sidewalk near her house.

No. 880973

I think the reason goblins have no photos during the actual event is because Laur can’t take photos without flash

No. 880974


Of course they couldn't stay for the party or interact with anyone–Lillee can't deal with being around women. Especially at an event where people actually dressed to date and look miles better than her on her best day.

Seriously though, going to an event and then taking pics with…no one? She couldn't make it more obvious that she has zero social skills and zero social media know-how.

And zero friends but we knew that kek

No. 880980

She stayed in the staircase the whole time. Just like she does at her place.
This is so pathetic.

No. 880984

"At the time we do not have body guards" Asdfg- what?! Wow Laur, take your head out of your daughter's ass for a moment and check in with reality for a moment. Your brat of a child is NEVER going to be a big name celeb that warrants any kind of body guard. You truly are as delusional as people say you are.

Also it's ridiculous to assume people want to kill you and your kid. No one truly wants the Truemans dead. All we want is for them to be better people and for Laur to let Lillee have a normal life and experience life as a normal - and I hesitate to use the word "woman" as Laur infantizes her daughter so much by referring to her as a "kid" would by doing things a woman in her twenties should be doing. A majority of us are freaking praying for a Lillee Jean redemption arc but we all know that's not coming any time soon.

Laur please, go see a frigging therapist for your paranoia I'm begging you.

No. 880985

Oh this is some full fat premium milk they're teasing us with. Us Jeaniez should try and arrange a streaming party for Bullyish when it finally drops! If we're not all cashing in our pension checks by the time the goblins release it kek.

No. 880986

File: 1656011513711.jpeg (261.21 KB, 800x1000, AEDEF48E-8004-45C7-BAB0-F19E47…)

No. 880987

File: 1656011561132.jpeg (260.6 KB, 800x1000, 62197D50-2176-4EAD-BE0C-943B1F…)

No. 880988


She finally stopped doing the weird lip pushing thing and she looks terrible.

No. 880989

These photos also aren’t facetuned. I grabbed them from the bfa website.

No. 880990

File: 1656012345812.jpeg (354.49 KB, 2048x2048, 25F68E58-7F19-4960-A363-4A6FF5…)

The dress is supposed to hit below the knee kek

No. 880992

File: 1656012447909.jpeg (674.99 KB, 774x1127, C41646D4-7079-4C9C-9CD7-CE0A65…)

Is she pushing her lower jaw forward here? Her face looks so uncomfortable

No. 880993

If I was dwarf sized I would just make peace with it and buy clothes made for dwarves rather than live the rest of my life in ill-fitting clothes. LJ can't even admit she's put weight on though and is often in jeans that are far too tight so she'll never admit that she's a legal dwarf and not "petite".

No. 880995

File: 1656013518759.jpg (356.24 KB, 2000x2400, elizabethh.jpg)

No. 880997

Her new video is ridiculous. Same pictures about 5x and nothing to say about the event. At least try to be interesting LJ. You’re not even trying(namefag)

No. 880999

Lillee, please, fucking relax. Every time she starts posing in pics or vids she goes so stiff as if she has a broom up her ass and I hate it. Well, maybe she has considering the crazy eyes. Rigor mortis suits no one.

No. 881000

I know this isn’t the comparison you’re making but every time anyone compares Lillee to Elizabeth or Anna it feels like an undeservedly flattering comparison. Elizabeth went to Stanford. Sure she swindled and lied to investors but she at least had the intelligence to convince other intelligent people. Her idea, even though a failure, was based on actual knowledge. Anna’s story is similar. I have no idea what school she went to in Germany but she left her house of her own free will, didn’t depend on her mother to drive her around, and moved to a city to run elbows with influential people. Sure she lied but she’s an intelligent liar. Lillee is none of these things. She can’t do the most basic adult things for herself, and she’s lucky if she gets into Devry. Lillee can’t be bothered to leave her house to swindle and lie for herself.

No. 881006

I doubt that Lillee has ever used NY metro by herself. Most people her age use it with no issues and it’s a great way to be independent without needing a car.

No. 881007

i want to know what the photographer thought during this and seeing the photos afterwards. and whoever may have seen it when posting it online.

No. 881008

I doubt she's gone anywhere by herself. Or even with friends. Imagine your embarrassing dumpy mom following you literally everywhere you go. No wonder she's insane.

No. 881011


Tinfoil that they didn't have any fun at the event, and they didn't actually go to enjoy it. Like several anons have already said, Lillee does not like women. Her taste in entertainment, food, arts, etc. is extremely limited and childish. I can't see her actually enjoying the live jazz music. She was probably seething at the attractive blonde singer with a great voice and musical talent. She must have been super uncomfortable in her dress while attractive young successful women were socializing in appropriate garden party attire. She must have seen plenty of women her age with Pheepy-type boyfriends while she was resentful that her date was her out of touch and extremely unhinged mother. She doesn't drink so she couldn't appreciate the themed cocktails (Laur probably had one or two or 17). Food was served but she probably thinks anything other than instant mashed potatoes, dried chicken breast, canned vegetables, greasy Chinese food, and pizza is icky.

I think the point of them going wasn't to have fun or network. I think they went only to get her pics taken to show her non existent cyberbullies.

No. 881036

>>Lillee does not like women
Speaking of, still no Pride Month acknowledgement from our Pansexual Princess? What a shame

No. 881041

This was the first big event after covid for Lillee. She could have been overwhelmed around crowds because she’s been cooped up for 2 years straight. It’s sad Laur won’t step in and help, instead she continues to push her daughter into a career in which she needs to be outgoing and likable, two things Lillee will never be.

No. 881045

My bet is she chose a random sexuality which suited her last year. Laur did the research after she was called out and then told Lillee she was no longer allowed to come out as pansexual because in Laura’s childish understandings of things it made Lillee look like some kind of slut which is not the image she wants for her goddess goblin brat.

No. 881054


Since she was shopping for a queer identity that wouldn't require her to have to feign any sincere homo tendencies in public, she should have picked something on the grey/ace spectrum. That would have had the added bonus of giving her a plausible reason for why Pheepy has disappeared from her life entirely and why she never dates anyone.

"Oh, I'm not a shut-in loser that can't go anywhere without Mommaire breathing down my neck, I'm forever alone because I'm a pure-but-still-sexy, virginal demi-sexual princess."

(in case any lurking attic goblins are in here taking notes for future lies: don't actually do this. Lillee can't sit with us either, and our flag colors would clash terribly with her sallow skin if she tried to use them in a last minute pride month makeup look.)

No. 881056

But Lillee wants to exude sex appeal and feel wanted.

Some anon spoke to Lillee’s middle school boyfriend and he said that they weren’t allowed to leave Lillee’s home. After a month of being supervised by Laur he grew bored of the relationship and dumped Lillee.

No. 881058

Lillee would never do that because she thinks sex makes you a mature adult and it would break the hearts of all the weird Indian guys hitting on her. Also:
>Lillee can't sit with us either
No one wants to sit with asexuals, kek. Not even LJ.

No. 881062

File: 1656084631621.png (349.71 KB, 564x556, 896ed7060f4fc4cbc0bdd0a2a4b6fd…)

Waiting for Lillee's statement about how we should all come together after Roe vs. Wade has been overturned

No. 881066

You really think she knows what Roe vs. Wade even is? She probably thinks it was a tennis match.

No. 881067

She probably doesn’t even know anything abortions beyond the general fact that it ends a pregnancy.

She also doesn’t need to ever worry about it because:

1. She lives in New York.
2. She probably inherited her mother’s rotten womb.
3. She won’t have sex with a man for as long as Laur is alive.

No. 881068

You can tell that it was meant for women of regular height by the leg cut. Leg cuts are always supposed to reach up until the upper part of the thigh and not just above the knee like it does on LJ, especially on mid/maxi length dresses.

No. 881074

File: 1656096911420.webm (2.6 MB, 656x1184, FullSizeRender.webm)

This is a story from Laur’s ig. Why do the goblins insist on now showing any other people from this event?

No. 881078

File: 1656097683424.jpeg (256.09 KB, 659x1165, 34F02929-E007-4F05-A0BC-EF3B9D…)

Here you go, nonnie

No. 881079

File: 1656097765655.png (1.06 MB, 654x1708, 216408F3-AAD7-499C-87BA-D71FEF…)

No. 881082

>Skincare is the epitome of confidence
????? How is English her first (and only) language?

No. 881085

she probably just found out epitome has four syllables instead of three, she hasn't gotten to the definition yet.

No. 881088

File: 1656101235313.jpeg (395.69 KB, 660x1184, DEB8E528-A04C-458D-A178-5A14EA…)

No. 881089

This was just a copy of Laur’s story

No. 881093

I stand up for abortion rights bc I wish Laur had gotten one 21 years ago

No. 881096

No. 881097


Nonny, I’m dying at this! Kek. If this doesn’t end up in one of Laurs unhinged instagram posts I’ll be sad.

No. 881098

I've noticed Laur doesn't seem to show lolcow posts. Just the same tweets over and over again. I think it's because some of the callouts are genuinely unhinged themselves while here we're just spitting facts and giving genuine advice to LJ.

No. 881099

I think not posting lolcow posts & only social media ones have to do with Laur's antics. Even if a Twitter account is anonymous, it links to an email address. Even if the email address is fake, Laur is probably thinking "Got ya!" And proceed to doxx innocent people in their groundbreaking premiere of Bullyish, by using as much information as she make make up about these 'anonymous' Twitter accounts. With LC, we are truly anonymous and she can't link anything here to actually think she can found our identities. Slight tinfoil, but she is idiotically unhinged and it fits her narrative. I really can't wait to see their explanations on how they think they connected all the dots.

No. 881103

She showed a lot of lolcow and KF posts in the first Bullyish trailer, but after that has just been using screenshots of tweets. I think both farms are too confusing for Laur to navigate at 4 am after some Franzia

No. 881107


Holy fucking shit there WAS a middle school boyfriend?!?

No. 881111

yeah no, Lillee is way too horny to pretend to be asexual.

No. 881114


Elaine promised Laur all of the LC boolies info more than a year ago. She's probably still convinced that some how the super haxxor is gonna succeed.

No. 881120

LMAO what a goblin

No. 881121

Praying to all the gods that Elaine makes a cameo in Bullyish. I know it won't happen but it'd be great to see her hacktivist schtick in video form. You just know she'd wear a Guy Fawkes mask and use some shitty voice obscurer app to talk kek.

No. 881142

Elaine appearing in bullyish would be hilarious considering she wants to fuck one of Laurs enemies.

No. 881143

And banned from kiwifarm for allegations of posting child porn.

No. 881145

anna oop made a vid on lillee and once again it just covers surface level shit we know. In my opinion the video felt one sided because she didn't go into how she and Laur doxxed people nor did she go into her racist stuff

No. 881155

why does she look zooted in the thumbnail?

No. 881186

File: 1656262596779.jpeg (572 KB, 1170x1728, 5B566909-12E0-478E-8368-D4BBAD…)

Laur’s still commenting on hate videos with her alts

No. 881187

File: 1656262868658.jpeg (410.65 KB, 1170x1473, 3D186042-C5E1-461B-A8CF-1ED106…)

same account on Anna Oops video

No. 881190

What the fuck is a 21 girl old woman?

No. 881194

It's when you're legally 21 but as intelligent as an average pre-pubescent girl with the same knowledge of culture of said girl but you have the dumpy body and fucked up teeth of an old woman.

No. 881211

Laur completely infantilizes LJ and it’s annoying and sometimes disturbing. There are 21 year olds out there who live on their own, pay their own car payments and have a full time job. When will she realize her daughter is a grown ass adult?

No. 881213

File: 1656289751308.png (63.62 KB, 843x752, delusion the new fragrance by …)

Laur made another IMDB "episode" about the event surprised she had time in between her 24/7 schizoposting about Bullyish


No. 881230

>colors and imagery are highlights
well Christ, Laur. Generally images are a highlight of photography, yes.

No. 881233

File: 1656303911986.png (129 KB, 1321x1162, prim.png)

Laur must have bought a ton of fake/stolen accounts and is doing this with them all on callout videos. Picrel is from Priminks video. Notice how they're pretending to be fans of Primink who wanted a face reveal.

No. 881234

File: 1656303968868.png (224.39 KB, 1330x1856, anna.png)

Same accounts on Anna Oops comments.

No. 881235

File: 1656304088904.png (205.23 KB, 1324x1718, ann.png)

Laur got mad someone called out her weird puppet show so she brought them all out

No. 881236

File: 1656304314889.png (237.4 KB, 1420x1772, anna.png)

No. 881237

File: 1656304797049.png (291.25 KB, 1328x2692, anna.png)

No. 881238

File: 1656305115030.png (149.36 KB, 1330x1095, sunnyv2.png)

More comments on Sunnys video.
>Womens rights were taken away and here u are picking on a woman.
Imagine if Laur and Lillee were as dedicated to feminism as they were dedicated to this shit.

No. 881241

For someone who denies they’ve made a bunch of fake accounts in the past. Laur does a terrible job if disproving the fact that these are all obviously her.
She must think people are stupid if she doesn’t think we know what the hell she’s up to.

No. 881242

>that attic dweller anna oop never would know of what a fan edit is
>attic dweller
Oh, Laur…

No. 881243

Samefag, sorry, but Laur made another attic comment on different account.
>I know you're a lowlife living at home with your mom in an attic corner
She's projecting so damn hard I got a hearty kek.

No. 881245

kek, even if the callouts were living in a attic at least they have better housekeeping habits then the Truemans, we've seen how badly kept Lillee's room is. The dust? Messy flooring, Litter-trays in her bedroom.

No. 881249

File: 1656318893236.png (115.92 KB, 1184x1200, laur pls go to bed.png)

Laur is still doing it.

No. 881250

You ever wonder what Laur and Lillee get up to if the internet goes down in their house? Shit like this is proof someone needs to take their internet connection away from them. I bet they don't even pay their connectivity bills anyway, too busy wasting money on their so called "projects".

No. 881254

File: 1656325695010.jpeg (777.91 KB, 1170x1804, 84E82206-6D78-48EB-8DC3-A5A74D…)

No. 881256

Her narrative is bizarre. Has Laur got so fed up of everyone calling Lillee a fake she's decided to once again flip the tables and chose to use that insult for everyone else who's made videos about Lillee because she thinks it makes her the bigger person?

Oh Laur, Oh honey-boo. This is real life. Not playground insulting #101 from kindergarten which I no doubt bet you skipped and picked it up from whatever Disney Junior show you let Lillee watch this week.

She's gonna be demanding face-reveals from everyone soon. Sorry V-tubers Laur and Lillee are aiming to put a end to you because you're hiding behind a mask of anonymity to them. keks.

No. 881257

Yet another example of the Truemans taking something devastating that do not affect them at all, and making it about them in some bizarre tenuous way.

No. 881259

LJ didn't even go to school lol

No. 881260


>”farming" multiple "tea" and "hate" videos on people for a profit

> I was shocked when I realized that all these infactual videos were linked together, and they were all made by the same grouping of people.

Laur has lost it

No. 881262

Diane how dare you own every tea channel and dictate their content.

No. 881263

Content farms sharing negative Lillee stories are bad. Content farms hosting positive Lillee Jean interviews and op-eds are fine though.

No. 881265

File: 1656335218177.jpeg (108.27 KB, 1170x959, 5B63E352-02D7-4E39-9C82-E56E49…)

Anna Oop has been called out multiple times for regurgitating or straight stealing content from other drama channels. Paige Christie made 2 videos on it. Laur’s sock commented on one of them last night kek

No. 881266

>Lillee Jean has a high search inquiry; the stalker sleuths; they make money, and the fake scandal continues rolling.
Lillee, what the FUCK are you talking about?

No. 881267

she absolutely believes these contents farms are run by farmers from lcf & kf

No. 881278

>content farms
>all FARMS
It's all the same! Wake up sheeple!!!!
- Laur, probably

No. 881279

Pepperidge Farms remembers.

No. 881283

File: 1656358004299.jpeg (243.38 KB, 828x819, 1E83DBFC-5227-4F5B-A0AA-80C87B…)


No. 881284

File: 1656358315066.png (951.86 KB, 828x1826, EDD2BC89-4CFA-4318-A200-B230D9…)

Riveting stuff

Why are all of her photos here so washed out?

No. 881286

File: 1656358423825.jpeg (164.18 KB, 387x672, 36D5F431-E1DD-406A-AAA9-269A25…)

Jesus Christ

No. 881287

File: 1656358526483.jpg (87.51 KB, 500x730, no more eggs.jpg)


>Pepperidge Farms remembers.

Notorious gang stalking cyberbooly black website pepperidge.farms

Tired Lady ordering a whole pallet of picrel for new gay ops as we speak

No. 881288

Didn’t Primink get doxxed when Venus Angelic’s mom tried to sue him? Hasn’t Laur been using his alleged name in video tags?He’s a real person not a cooperation, Laur.

No. 881295

Can’t even stand up straight for a second for a photo. But totally a model.

No. 881296

So she's still doing that? It's poorly conceived and the first one proved it was even more poorly executed. This is even worse. What is this even supposed to be? Engagement bait? Sponsor bait? Cankle porn?

No. 881299

File: 1656382520369.png (29.81 KB, 1317x232, nm.png)

2 fake accounts commented on Lillee's PRIMINK LIED video. I love watching in real time Laur coming up with some conspiracy about the evil content farms trying to take Lillee down. Just watch, Laur is going to continue to put out Bullyish spam but now it's going to all focus on content farms who actually hate women.

No. 881300

File: 1656383138406.png (84.73 KB, 470x863, e.png)

Comments on a voyager video.
>The fact that you're surviving makes me want to stay.
Laur's ALWAYS insinuating that Lillee was/is suicidal or in danger, Lillee needs to wake up and see this is not normal behavior of a parent. It's concerning and I wouldn't be surprised if Laur is telling Lillee to fake it.

No. 881301

It's obvious Lille has already chosen what she wants to wear and Laur stuffs the votes.

And why is it called Style Your Lillee? I don't claim her. If she were mine I'd sell her to a Mexican donkey show to get rid of her.

No. 881308

Thanks for the vivid imagery of Lillee taking donkey dick up her ass nonnie.

No. 881310

Gross. Comments like those fuel Laura's persecution complex.

No. 881313

Why do we care about that old bitch? She ain't gonna do anything.

No. 881314

You missed the most important one out… BIG PHARMA! You know all those people telling Laur and Lillee to get on meds? Nothing but big pharma shills. Of course they want these completely sane individuals medicated, it makes them money!!!

She don't need no fuel for that complex, anon. I'd say it's solar powered but that metaphor wouldn't work as they seldom go out, kek. Point is Laur has been like this for a long time, probably since LJ started getting bullied at school and now she thinks this schtick will get them income with soon to be Academy Award winning documentary "Bullyosh" she'll never drop it.

No. 881344

It’s so fucked up, it’s like Laur’s trying to manifest misery and fear in Lillie so she has a reason to continue her crusade in her defense. Constantly stating she is suicidal, in danger, being stalked, her life is ruined, her career is over. It’s hard to imagine Lillie wouldn’t start internalizing that after a while, either by being truly convinced she’s the victim of a terrible plot or just to appease her mother. It smells a lot like MBP, actually.

No. 881380

Laur get a real job challenge
Instead of "mind raping" your grown adult child baby.

No. 881411

Half the shit Lillee got canceled for was Laur. Calling jobs, racist sock accounts, attacking people online etc. If Laur truly gave a shit about Lillee, she’d log off and she’d convince Lillee to do the same.

No. 881426

Since they love Reddit, Lillee should take a gander at the subreddits 'raised by narcissists' or 'raised by borderlines' and set herself free. I think even she could put two and two together after seeing just a few stories. Because I agree, he mother has caused almost ALL of these problems, including starting with how they reacted to her supposed middle-school bullying (following the 'Asian girl' in Laur's car and yelling at her).

No. 881436

Haven’t seen it posted it yet, but it’s the new episode of mind over ‘beaute’ posted 5 days ago.I got around to watching 6 minutes so far. I had 4 commercials already, one every 2 minutes plus the ones in the beginning-I guess the money is drying up fast.
At minute 1 n something she mentions she needs to use SPF because she freckles because she is a REDHEAD. I guess no more blonde/strawberry blonde /dirty blonde for our princess.
Second thing, she is washing her face and she lets the water run all the time while rubbing, staring in the mirror/camera. Minutes of water running and running. The environmentalist is really shining through

No. 881437

Damn, she finally admits she's not blonde! Another few years of cyberboolying and she'll admit to having green eyes, not blue. We're doing it, cybercult! Also this is a total nitpick but isn't the French word "beaute" pronounced beu-tay or something?

No. 881438

Nonnie get an adblock, don't give them money.
I thought she was cruelty free. La roche posay isn't a cruelty free brand… or maybe she's only cruelty free when she feels like it. Disgustang.

No. 881447

The way she talks about getting ready to "go out" at like 2:50. I really wonder if she genuinely thinks of herself as a busy socialite business woman or if shes still trying to fake it till she makes it.

No. 881455

she's only cruelty free when it can get her 2 seconds of fame on an nyc billboard

No. 881459

I’m almost proud of her for admitting she’s not a goddamn blonde. That was a dumb lie. It’ll be interesting to see if she matures a little the deeper she gets into her 20s. But the likelihood of that happening while living with batshit crazy Laur and not having an actual job are truly unlikely.

No. 881495

File: 1656592408230.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x2186, 92553E8C-A5B8-4DBC-8E93-73CCDE…)

Laur removed the part about working with law enforcement & Lillee’s law from Lillee’s fake wiki entries

No. 881499


Truly the bar for LJ is buried under the basement, anons. Most people in the US have achieved at least one of the following by the time they reach the age of 21:

- voted in some kind of election

- pursued some form of higher education/skilled trade

- worked a full time job

- moved out of their parent/guardian's home

- paid taxes

- made and attended some sort of medical appointment on their own

- gone on an outing or trip without a chaperone

- cultivated a close personal relationship based on mutual respect with at least one person outside of their immediate family

- successfully prepared a complete nutritious meal

- made the connection between behaving badly and subsequently experiencing negative consequences

- learned enough math to quickly calculate 9 + 9

No. 881502

When she said that I just imagined her walking alone on a dark sidewalk outside her house while Laur snapped away with the flash on. That's always been her night outs. No Pheepy, no friends, no one else, just her alone and maybe a poor tree that's done nothing other than just be there while she showed it her, um…

No. 881507

I'm guessing the DA's assistant finally told them to politely fuck off and stop wasting their time.

No. 881516

File: 1656600678431.jpg (174.23 KB, 717x1633, laur_socks_yt.jpg)

The comments are so weird, but so is laur.
>Skin confidence is a real concept!
>You have risen above hate
>Such an important message
>it would look great on your pale skin
>I hope you continue to do well
>very classic

Funny how she just answers to laur and not the (real?) questions.

And yes, >>>>881437 she pronounces beauté as beauty instead of like the french word.

No. 881529

Weird how they’ve retconned everything to do with Pheepy and but won’t drop the slaughtered french vocabulary. Every time the world sees Lillee Jean Beaute, it just reminds them Lillee faked a french pedophile boyfriend for years kek

No. 881531

she's getting fewer and fewer genuine comments. at least maybe 2 years ago she'd have an occasional wine mom or a medical retard fall for her redemption act, but she's really been alienating any genuine fan she has with her unhinged paranoia

No. 881541

Or, by watching they January 6th hearings, they realized that Congress has exacting standards and want thorough proof of their accusations, not vague made-up stuff that Laur likes to post. Lillee saw that to talk to Congress you have to be articulate and choose your words carefully, and can't breeze through with hand flailing and moronic facial expressions. So there goes Lillee's Law.

No. 881548

File: 1656636530360.jpg (153.86 KB, 1440x794, Screenshot_20220630-204511.jpg)

On her newest voyager teaser, she put her name 14 damn times on the credits for just a regular vlog

No. 881553

it’s her team, nonnie

No. 881568

So modest of her to list Laur first under filmography.

No. 881570

File: 1656656302015.png (102.1 KB, 1317x939, laur.png)

More Jeaniez defending their queen Lillee. Weird we've only seen these fans pop up recently and only in the Youtube comments of the most popular LJ expose videos.

No. 881571

File: 1656656501978.png (87.99 KB, 1319x689, flowerbell.png)

I originally thought Laur must have bought all the accounts that are 2+ years old she commented on, but I found FlowerBells14 commenting on LJ's video from 2 years ago. They've must have had all these accounts made for years and now Laur is letting the Jeaniez army out.

No. 881572

The best way to spot a Laur sock account is if it has a first and a last name. The more exotic name, the higher chance of it being Laur.

No. 881576

Bold of you to assume that they paid attention to any of that. The most exposure they probably got to the trial was a brief one second flash while channel hopping to find a suitable PG-13 film for LJ or a generic "Jan 6th bad, congress mad" headline on twitter for an article that they absolutely did not click on and read.

I kek'd.

No. 881595

How has she >risen above hate
Her documentary is an unrealistic absurd project. Just like her beauty cosmetic line that never went out.
Her makeup video aren't going anywhere and she isn't improving the slightest.
Her talkshow didn't bring her any usefull contact.
She still not leaving the attic and not doing anything fun.

>you have issue with someone having a good time
LJ doesn't look happy, she looks unhinged to the point it's been years we're tinfoiling laur is forcing her into that "influencer career".
I've never seen her having something actually considered as a "good time".

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