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No. 866219

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24 year old “family friendly pet mom” YouTuber, her insane controlling mother, and her obsession with mental health and addiction recovery advocacy.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/858500

The basics:

>Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after “rehoming” them. Fails to give proper enclosures to many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.

>Taylor left sober living after rehoming around 12 of her pets to be “back with her animals” living at her mother’s house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room and taken care of by her mother.
>Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.
>Taylor has established a pattern of promising to upload, and making terrible excuses relating to poor internet connection or tech issues, or flat out vanishing for weeks to months, returning to announce another come back video which is totally coming

Taylor’s Social Media Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taylorndean/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@taylorndean
Jen’s Links (mind the fakes; don’t fall for the parody accounts and old accounts of hers that have been taken over):
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tamonandpumbaa
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/jenjenmouse1

New Milk:
>disappears in late oct after not uploading, comes back on Nov 6th with a wall of text on Instagram, she’s excited to finally have an answer as to why she’s always so exhausted, iron deficiency >>858929 One detective anon finds a post she made on Facebook in 2013 that’s almost identical to her Instagram post, talking about her finally having an answer to her fatigue issues >>858951
>“My Bedroom Is Filled With Snakes” goes live on Nov 17th, almost 3 weeks after she said it was “uploading” >>859735 like most of her new content, she spends a good chunk of the video narc ranting about herself
>finally decides to euthanize Dove, after letting her suffer for nearly a month >>860068 immediately after she admits to thinking about adopting new rats, but thankfully decides against it >>860083
>Nov 21st she says her newest video will be up on the 24th or 25th and gives herself ass pats for uploading another video one week after the last one >>860205 (spoiler alert it doesn't actually happen) on the 26th she says she couldn't upload on the 25th because she completely forgot it was Thanksgiving and instead decides to post that evening >>860483 the evening comes and goes and she doesn't actually upload the video.
>Dec 1st she finally posts the video >>860838 It’s painfully long and boring, and to nobody's surprise it completely tanks despite her constantly sharing and retweeting it >>861060
>Admits when she was in the hospital last Thanksgiving during heart goes boom saga, it was because she hit an artery shooting up even though she was claiming sobriety at the time >>860872
>”stabs her hand” while cutting something and goes on for days about how deep and gnarly it is >>861324 >>861326 she accidently shows it in a video and it’s actually a track mark, confirming she's not sober >>862287
>“goes into anaphylactic shock” when getting her iron infusion >>861496 magically when she goes two weeks later her allergy is gone >>862591
>goes out drinking even though she claims to be 7 month sober >>862742 makes a long public post saying it was non alcoholic beer despite her own pictures proving it was 5% alcohol >>862807
>promises a video before Christmas >>863633 then before the end of the year >>862937 obviously doesn't actually upload it (notice a pattern here?)
>posts a new years twitter rant then disappears again >>863368 not mentioning the video at all
>comes back on Jan 17, 2 weeks later with a huge text wall using suboxone as an excuse for the lack of video >>864650
>Jan 21st she says the video will be up on Monday the 24th >>865105 she somehow forgets she has another iron infusion so she can't upload on Monday, chooses Tuesday instead >>865600 disappears yet again after not uploading
>on the 29th she returns saying she couldn't upload the video because she heard gunshots? >>865928 Says the video will be up on Monday at 4:30 >>865932
>uploads on the 31st >>866158 its a video about her snake proving she has no idea what chimera means

Skim Milk:
>announces a video talking about her return to YouTube only to never speak of said video again >>859760
>Continues to hemorrhage followers while ranting about rebuilding her audience >>861018 >>861223
>somehow electrocutes herself twice in 2 days >>861825 goes on about it for a week
>has some nasty scabs on her lips, says they're from lip biting but are presumably burns from a pipe >>861823
>admits she's doesn't have any disposable income >>861864
>munchie shit >>861908 >>862574 >>862833 >>864862 >>862590
>continues to stay up all night going on crazy drug fueled rants >>862389 >>862430 >>862454 >>863209 >>864056 >>865162
>Cecelia is worryingly overweight >>862279 >>862275 >>862616
>first Sabor sighting since Jan 2020 >>862429
>talks about how great a person she is for wearing a mask >>862686 goes out hours later without a mask on >>862710
>dyes her hair brown and finally looks semi decent >>860158 then decides to gets another stupid hillbilly haircut >>862716
>mentions the video on Twisty's cage that she's been promising since Oct >>862829 (she still hasn't uploaded it)
>hornworms turn into moths when she forgets about them >>862884 decides to keep them because she uses pets to fill her life with meaning

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No. 866222

Thanks for the thread nonnie

No. 866225

File: 1643776088138.png (227.26 KB, 750x1334, B5185DE3-1403-4261-89A7-8FCBF1…)

Taylor’s new video is …. What’s a chimera?

No. 866226

File: 1643776493216.jpeg (1.26 MB, 2828x2828, 5AFE8368-DDE6-4FDD-ACB4-B7E2E6…)

Not what her 10k (7.5k) snake is…

She has a paradox. Funny how she claims “days of research” in her video bio. If she did just one hour of googling she would quickly realize she doesn’t have a chimera snake. She doesn’t list her sources for a reason. She has none. Zip. Nada. Zero.

In her video she says she uses “google images”, saw her snake pop up from all her past tweets ranting on about the python being a chimera.

>Must be a chimera ball python because I said so.

When your research source is your own tweets.

No. 866228

File: 1643777139811.png (567.71 KB, 750x1334, 83BB15A1-9D56-4B34-B2DC-A82AB9…)

Clint’s always been a cool reptile guy staying out of drama. Anyways here is his comment from 3 years ago on her first video of the python, telling her how it’s not a chimera. She has had many people tell her this for years, and chooses to ignore facts to feel special. I can’t get over she is aware he’s not, and makes videos lying. I honestly think she is trying to stir up drama.

No. 866230

File: 1643778713630.jpeg (1.02 MB, 2828x2828, 5FD80548-CD2E-4C5D-8AC7-7FD58E…)

Her social blades suck. YouTube views are confusing with random days without views. Videos arnt getting many views. Tweets about new video arnt getting likes. Not much milk these days. It’s honestly all very boring.

No. 866231

File: 1643778818755.jpeg (393.69 KB, 750x911, 754D2A0F-0C4A-4A98-AAC7-E9ADDC…)

She is going to the Hasley concert in Dallas Texas. Same old boring. Covid isn’t a thing anymore in Texas ig. Blah blah

No. 866234

File: 1643779258106.jpeg (131.74 KB, 1351x828, 659427A6-1744-4C49-BB7E-ED0210…)


No. 866235

File: 1643779653954.jpeg (297.22 KB, 750x1234, F996BEA5-671F-46DC-9848-7517DB…)

Lol these comments and replies have been killing me haha. Her fans are brutal and so defensive towards anyone and everyone. Even other fans.

No. 866236

File: 1643779924056.jpeg (154.84 KB, 1500x792, 11D22D17-6315-4EDB-8093-17ECEB…)

Example of chimera from other thread, for those anons who don’t understand. It’s really not complicated with a afternoon of research.

No. 866240

Her new video didn't even show the snake in question for nearly 5 minutes, and then when it was shown, was a clip for less than 10 seconds. I don't know if there were longer shots of the actual snake because I stopped watching when it cut back to her blabbering.

Most pettubers nowadays do voiceovers. In fact, pettubers have primarily done voiceovers since the start because people are there to see the animals. You know. The actual interesting thing.

No. 866245

Good job on the thread OP!
Sage for no milk but the gunshot incident was a few days ago now and nothing has come up in the news from her city or community groups for her area/gated community. So she was either lying/meth paranoia or it was a minor incident that didn't even warrant a community Facebook post.

No. 866255

> i’m not a geneticist or anything like that lol
You don’t say? That full fifteen minutes of blatantly confusing chimerism with X-inactivation (how you get torty/calico cats) and de novo somatic mutations (how you get paradoxes…like her snake) seemed so thoroughly researched and well-informed!

No. 866265

File: 1643831228539.jpeg (211.86 KB, 828x1072, ECFF3651-50DE-4159-8E46-778F64…)

From Monday. We’ve heard this exact thing at least 5 times now, with the other videos lined up I’m interested to see if she can finally stick to a video schedule or if she’s going to fall back into her normal ways. I suspect she’s realized she’s getting older fast and has absolutely nothing to show for it so she’s scrambling to try and get her old YouTube career back and make money not realizing the current climate of YouTube and how PetTube died while she was shooting up. All of her PetTube friends have real jobs now because even with a consistent upload schedule they don’t make enough money to live off of.

No. 866273

Kek anon I begrudgingly decided to read that old post you linked and jfc.
"Going to be making some huge changes in my life this year. Been saying that shit for 2 years now"
"I'm so determined this time"
Literally words straight from her mouth. She's really been on this "I'm going to change" train for 4+ years now?? No wonder people have lost interest in her, she's the same old fucking boring record on repeat. 2 years later of these walls of text and hardly anyone bothers to read them anymore at this point. Can she not see how sad and pathetic this is? She needs to get off the internet, rehome her animals except maybe some of the cats and get into a long term SERIOUS rehab and get some therapy. I can't imagine what it must feel like to have hit the jackpot so young, she had it all and so easy too. Only to throw it away for some POS who everyone warned her about, and some drugs. Seems legit.

Sorry for the rant but every now and then it just gets soooo old that she's been doing this rinse and repeat cycle for years.

No. 866274

Every comeback brings her closer to OF territory. She was spoonfed this info and still made this vid that's full of bs and misinformation. For starters we all know by now the snake didn't actually cost 10k and was really 7.5k from her first addiction vid where she talked about her lying & exaggerating her "extravagant" (lmao) lifestyle with jonny and how it was a major sign of her using. Also had a good laugh watch her stretch her arms wide multiple times in the vid when we really don’t need her pupils or track marks to know what’s up; I mean SHE told us the signs herself! We also know she really only uses her hands and apparently her hip, oh and the infamous shoulder anyways. It’s so crazy that she doesn't even try to pretend to not be a compulsive liar anymore. Only someone under the influence would think this behavior is acceptable. She needs to dump all the “not an educator educator” bs, she’s always doing more harm than good blah blah sorry for two anon rants in a row lmao she's just aggravating

Well said couldn't agree more with you both. I went back to see what she was doing last year and she was hiding but I shit you not exactly 2yrs ago yesterday she posted this >>754564 how does she not realize her words are totally empty at this point and it's all her own doing? It's not sTiGmA it's people trying to hold her accountable. but yeah it's been at least 4 solid years of "change" to get to the same place

No. 866325

File: 1643866677584.jpeg (591.4 KB, 1125x1565, FD603441-34CD-49E2-8817-346389…)

How bout you get some more views before announcing your plans to Twitter of how you’re moving out. Lol. She thinks the money is gonna come rolling in pre-heroin. Oh no bb was is u thinkin

No. 866326

This lol. She 1000% is realizing she’s aging out and tryna get back to how it was before. The only problem is she waited too long. Once she went to rehab the first time and her and JC broke up she coulda totally flipped the whole thing around as still got the asspats. Now the little fans she has left are recovering/active addicts lol. The ones who defended her tooth and nail got over her shit too with all the lying and false hope. Plus they are all older now. You’re irrelevant now, Taylor. Don’t screw your life up anymore girl. Im sure petsmart is hiring especially with short staff from Covid.

No. 866327

Damn she’s about to be 25 next month

No. 866328

File: 1643867752961.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x2093, 9D803C28-78CA-46AB-997A-9C9830…)

4 years wasted. Can you imagine how shitty it must feel to go back through your own threads and see much you truly fucked your life up. I don’t gaf about Jonny’s ex’s who warned her cause it seems like they were all warned by the previous. But i just remember alllll that drama where one of his ex was saying something like “you’re young and have the whole world in front of you, don’t throw it away over him” and then not only did she mock, laugh and blast them but she did in fact do that as well as opted to try heroin cause she’s nOt LikE oThEr girls, then proceed to ruin her life and not even be able to keep the guy around then he goes off and gets some other girl pregnant. Lol gosh i like reading these threads cause it makes me grateful for my own life. Imagine being Taylor dean lol. Sorry for blog

No. 866329

File: 1643868098632.jpeg (487.77 KB, 1125x1163, 3CB74756-EF4A-4DF6-A561-054B39…)


No. 866338

File: 1643886538944.png (412.33 KB, 828x1792, C2FEE390-FEE3-4008-964A-CBB097…)

I am 99% certain she got some sponsorship with them either through free enclosure etc. Anyway, I doubt mama dean would let her move out while she is still a risk of relapsing

No. 866339

File: 1643889922963.png (3.05 MB, 750x1334, 89DDA645-A333-430F-8E97-C04540…)

No. 866340

File: 1643889970211.png (233.04 KB, 750x1334, 03F190DD-D242-4525-BCAE-79B6A8…)

Taylor/Jonny reunion 2022

No. 866360

key phrase "if everything goes well" which is highly doubtful. I mean she's already ghosted her fans for a month and produced a garbage video full of bullshit, lies, and misinformation.

i wonder if she does this to just seem relevant still. I just can't see her flying out alone lol, will mama dean accompany her there too? once again she's immune compromised and so vulnerable and fragile until something fun comes around and suddenly she's totes fine!

I checked the other pet youtubers like tyler ruggie and he had videos about zen habitats and said he was an affiliate. So I guess she'd have a link with a code to save $ and would make money off that. I can't imagine it would be much, then again there are crazies thanking her for educating them about their pets which is awful

No. 866362

File: 1643907127464.png (284.38 KB, 414x714, 0000000000000.PNG)

No. 866363

File: 1643907210568.png (98.69 KB, 400x715, 0000000000.PNG)

poor twisty is still in that shitty zen enclosure that's way too tall and she still hasn't fixed the sketchy setup. Typical behaviour but yeah she's "totally turned her life around"

No. 866370

if she was making actual money I bet Zen habitats would have forced her to make a video by now. She wouldn't get paid to make a video like a whole year later. I think she just got the enclosures for free, in exchange for a video about the enclosures. Poor Zen habitats need to learn how to google their affiliates better.

Edited to add: Zen habitats are shitty enclosures anyway, for example, check Emma Lynne Sampson or Go Herping reviews of their cages. Shitty quality, rusty metal parts, and the doors fall off. But of course Tay would not do that research.

No. 866372

She uploads a single video (after a month of lying about it) and pre records a couple more, and all of sudden she’s moving out? We’ve been in this part of the Taylor cycle before, in about a month she’ll be ghosting and then coming back saying she was taking a break for some wild reason like a
tree fell on her house or something.
>I’ve been keeping twisty in subpar conditions so Imma make sure it looks like I take better care of him before I show you his cage

No. 866373

We all know Taylor is too hungry for the money to care about the quality of a brand's products. The moment she's offered any kind of compensation, let's be real she would take it and recommend it to everyone even knowing that it's shit. She's beyond morals since she is so broke and desperate to move out of mommy's house.

No. 866375

Why would she even want to go to this though? I guarantee she doesn’t know the majority of these bands, her constant emo larp is so embarrassing esp because we know her style was basic white girl >>866328 until Jonny left her for syd, who’s very alternative. Also yass Taylor, help live nation pay those lawyer bills they got from killing 10 people including 2 literal children and injuring countless more.

No. 866376

Literally, what kind of excuse is that? She had no problem actively looking for a ticket to a festival with the minimum entrance fee being $300, going out with friends multiple times (863032, 862767), purchasing a $200+ watch so she can do drugs "safely" (861909), yet still needs to improve Twisty's enclosure? Disgusting. Just get rid of the fucking animals you neglect so that you can spend all your money on yourself without ppl bitching at you. She's so pathetic

No. 866377

This blurry zoomed in photo makes me unsettled. Why is it zoomed in so much? Why is it so blurry? What are you hiding? The last time we saw the green tree pythons enclosure it was very concerning. Now we get this.

No. 866378

her renter's history is such garbage, like what makes her think anyone is going to rent to her??

No. 866379

The watch was so hilarious. “It’s broken you guys” to “ LOOK HOW HIGH MY HEART RATE IS FLEX”

Thanks for the broken watch reading.

No. 866381

Guyzzz for some super, unsuspicious, totally normal for me that's why i'm making a big deal about it, reason my resting heart rate is super high so i just bought a inaccurate watch to keep track of it for absolutely no illegal reason at all.

No. 866382

people have been talking nonstop about how this is a scam. of course she's going.

there's a reason you somehow missed out on hearing about it.

No. 866383

ancient milk, but she's been scammed by ticket "resellers" before. I don't think she's gonna get a ticket.

This 100%, she has no credit, no money and no proof of income. She also has a ton of animals, giant ass saltwater tank… She's delusional, not surprising, but kinda sad.

I used to shit on Taylor a lot more in the past, but now it's more pity. She really thinks she's gonna go back to they way things were…

No. 866385

There’s no way she is responsible enough to live on her own, she can barely remember taking her meds or even doing simply task like brushing her teeth. Not to mention her long line of illnesses… she is incapable of not being in a codependent set up.

No. 866390

This. She left both places she rented a pigsty when she moved. She will probably eventually save enough to move out but one single month of bad video interaction or being too lazy to upload and all of sudden she can’t pay the bills, landlords don’t rent to people without proof of income. The only reason she was able to move out before was because she was making tens of thousands of dollars with every month so if her interaction fell a little she was still making 20k instead of 30k and she had a huge amount of money to fall back on.

No. 866396

I agree with anons saying who the hell would rent to her anyways, but to be fair. I bet you she'll beg Mama Dean to be a cosigner for her. At least in my area it's not uncommon for some landlords to allow cosigners to cover for the lack of being fully financially responsible/lack of rental history and landlord references. But from what I've seen it's usually in not so great neighborhoods, less desirable locations. But Taylor is a princess and want the best of the best luxury so I almost can't see her going down that route if it came to it either. She went from living with her parents, to renting that luxury apartment complex, to the huge mansion of an atrium house. She really wants it to go back to being that way. Little does she realize is that was back when she made bank, hadn't yet completely destroyed her looks and wasn't a well known addict. It's never going to go back to that and she's either just starting to realize she needs to get her shit together to have even a chance at making some kind of life on her own. She should start looking for a grocery job now.

No. 866401

I really don't even think her mom cosigning would help. Renters typically want proof of income at least 3x the rent. Plus she probably has broken leases (I can't imagine her planning ahead enough to pay off the lease instead) and her income isn't steady. I'm sure the only way for her to move is if she saves enough to pay a year of rent upfront. It's kinda sad that she's in such denial to the point she even has moving as a thought in her head.

No. 866426

File: 1643953815945.jpeg (123.14 KB, 750x1064, A48D1403-904B-420E-8DE3-45DF8D…)

The small amount of enclosure I can see is YIKES

No. 866429

It's like she's stuck in a timewarp. She's been saying she's going to move twisty for years. Why has she not done it? Also talking about moving sabor into something permanent, she's had him FOR YEARS. He should have had his permamnent enclosure right at the start. God knows what they have been stuffed in.

No. 866431

JFC the barcodes on those pvc pipes, the splintering swollen wood, the shadowy tiny space. It looks like she found this snake in a cupboard underneath the sink in a drug den bathroom. Seriously this looks like one of those Facebook videos where people call animal control after finding a possum in the attic. Your animals are alive in spite of you and not because of you Taylor, you should be ashamed.

No. 866433

can you please shut the fuck up? you have been sperging about this supposed sponsorship for months now without evidence, and its clear its not going to happen. she has released 4 videos since you started ranting… she would have released the sponsored video before all others if there was extra money to be made. not to mention she hasn't confirmed the sponsorship (which is mandatory per Youtube) nor listed affiliate links.

now please shut the fuck up and stop clogging the threads about your retarded theory that emzotic is sponsoring this waste of flesh meth addict. inb4 you call me emzoitic, you're such a fucking pathetic piece of shit

No. 866437

Maybe if you learn to sage people will listen to your whining, but until then you’re actually the one clogging up the thread.

No. 866438

Lol anon go jerk off and calm down ?? and sage your shit. I will shut the fuck indeed jesus i m not clogging the thread when I have obviously saged this tinfoil. No one is calling you emzotic and frankly even a cow like her wont act so retarded like you lmao

No. 866444

Ahh hi Em!
What's interesting you sound just like how she posted.
I call bullshit. She did this before. Then cry
'I got scammed'
She is not going to Las Vegas.
The tickets were damn near 300 not including plane tickets and hotel rooms.

No. 866470

Can you please shut the fuck up? Why do you have a stick up your ass about other peoples posts, yet you don’t fucking sage? Dumbass.

No. 866476

Anon take a self awareness workshop

No. 866478

On top of the being broke and having a poor renting history, a lot of apartments also have pet limits. If memory serves me correct her 50 (at the time) pets contributed to her eviction from her apartment. Some landlords won’t even rent to someone with 3 cats, never mind 11 snakes, 2 fish tanks and 4? lizards (not sure if she still has atta, because we haven’t seen her in 2 years) I’m also pretty sure she doesn’t have her hedgehogs anymore because we haven’t seen or heard about Sarabi or Ella since 2019.
Sage your complaining. People are allowed to speculate about stuff, don’t let it make you so angry.

No. 866568

Thanks for the thread nonnie x

No. 866602

File: 1644067543074.jpg (225.33 KB, 1072x1708, Screenshot_20220205_082316.jpg)

This would be cute if the artist didn't give her gargantuan man hands, all I could think of was that episode of Seinfeld when I saw this kek

No. 866613

File: 1644076586329.png (5.41 MB, 1436x2787, Capture _2022-02-05-09-50-00.p…)

Looking rough & high and holy shit why am I not surprised she'd use disgusting & totally innapropriate body jewelry? No wonder her nose piercings healed like shit and always look so angry

No. 866615

File: 1644076614123.png (3.41 MB, 1420x2819, Capture _2022-02-05-09-50-16.p…)

No. 866616

File: 1644076661131.png (4.76 MB, 1397x2809, Capture _2022-02-05-09-50-42.p…)

No. 866617

File: 1644076708467.png (3.28 MB, 1405x2807, Capture _2022-02-05-09-51-13.p…)

No. 866618

File: 1644076751780.png (4.51 MB, 1430x2803, Capture _2022-02-05-09-51-48.p…)

No. 866619

File: 1644076842237.png (5.06 MB, 1431x2828, Capture _2022-02-05-09-52-03.p…)

No. 866620

File: 1644076907650.png (2.73 MB, 1439x2827, Capture _2022-02-05-09-52-40.p…)

No. 866632

Are they dreams about being an absolute failure, lying and manipulating your supporters, wasting years of your life doing drugs, neglecting animals or keeping them in poor conditions because you’re selfish? Because yeah, that IS real bad.

No. 866634

She needs a therapist. A mental one, not a physical one. Writing all this stuff online, complaining about nightmares keeping her from getting sleep, spending all day in her room among her hoard… I don't know how she's survived this long. She needs a therapist to slap some sense into her and get her to invest in a diary. Using your followers for emotional validation for every passing thought she has is what she's trying to validate with this post. It's like the opposite of a typical parasocial relationship.

No. 866640

So your mommy doesn't keep track of all your appointments or take you to/from where you need to go and you never had an assistant when you didn't actually need one? girl bye. lmao

No. 866656

I know the exact vine she has in that cage. Just why? They arnt made for bearded dragons, but chameleons. I’m talking about the green vine by the way.

No. 866657

does he not even have any kind of substrate in his cage?

No. 866668

>I can’t work because I have bad dreams.
That’s a new one.

No. 866669

Samefag, has anyone ever made a list of all the individual excuses Taylor has come up with over the years? That’d be entertaining to read.

No. 866673

She’s a perfect example of failed parenting. Her parents coddled her and now anything that slightly inconveniences her is an excuse to take a day off. It’s sad because all they’ve done is ensure she will never be able to live a normal life and be successful. We all know her YouTube career is over and she’s going to have to get a real job, can you imagine her calling into work because she had a bad dream? She would be fired on the spot. She is essentially fucked in the future, she’s definitely going to end up on disability for her totally real health issues if she’s not already on it.

No. 866674

>I didn't do much today because I woke up too late, sadface
Bitch you make YouTube videos, you can open your laptop at any hour of the day??

No. 866679

she doesn't seem to have any problems asking mommy to clean her enclosures though

No. 866680

also holy shit that's bad, that's going to get rejected by the body right? Soon she will have a nice flap there on both sides of her nose? No wonder she only take pics in the dark.

No. 866687

File: 1644107458464.jpeg (404.25 KB, 750x887, 2FDC7786-EBB9-4DBF-9F33-9A0DFC…)

This makes me feel bad for her. I think she feels older because of the drug use effect on the skin.

No. 866690

Taylor. You claim to be some animal activist educator. Stop. Handling. Shedding. Animals.

No. 866713

Though I agree about the therapist, the "nightmare" sperg is simply a setup for another possible set of excuses for when she's too lazy or high to make a video.

No. 866714

Imagine having a job and ringing in sick like “sorry I can’t come in because I had a nightmare” are you 5?

No. 866716

I don't think it's about getting older, it's cause she's getting fatter and uglier. She ruined her looks and she's starting to notice people aren't paying as much attention to her.

No. 866720

That's a reach. She's wasted all of her early twenties on drugs and BigBoyPimpin. She peaked at 20/21. Now it's just down from there. Health wise, career wise, appearance wise, relationship wise, etc. That's why she feels like her life is over. Not bc she was hotter a couple years ago.

No. 866722

File: 1644133088888.png (1.32 MB, 1170x2532, B69BCDE4-D8F8-4D32-A02D-DACD5D…)

It is 2:40am where she is. She said she's not going to relapse, girl you relapsing right this second wym?

No. 866723

File: 1644133889034.png (6.04 MB, 1170x2532, 08F1837A-2BE5-4A96-985B-BABE6B…)

I'm sure this is old milk but I never saw anything about this. Does anyone know why JC liked this pic as well as another one from December 2020?

No. 866726

oh don't worry anon, she seeks attention for every thing humanly ever possible, 25 is the earliest time when it's socially acceptable to start feeling old so of course she will milk this catastrophe in her life to the last drop.

No. 866728

Clear sign that she hasnt been to therapy and really needs to go therapy! At this rate, how does she think she is capable of moving out or living alone?

>>866723 interesting anon! I didnt see that! I thought she blocked JC but looks like she didnt. Lmao its clear that she is trying to hard to look grungy for JC.

No. 866735

File: 1644150641990.png (276.98 KB, 372x664, Screenshot 2022-02-06 at 13.51…)

"definitely not track marks"

No. 866747

“To answer a question you never asked” these aren't track marks.

My friend, no one asked. No one knew. She is trying to start drama, because she is desperate at this point. Conspiracy gives her more views then being boring. Clearly those are track marks and at this point I don’t even care. Use to feel bad, but this desperate behavior and the validation tactics are getting out of hand.

No. 866749

It’s the whole reason why she tries to be like syd. I wish she cared more about what her audience thinks, then her ex boyfriend with a baby.

No. 866750

February/March is a strange time for her because she is about to be another year older. She is scared of being older. This is so sad. She will only be 25, I know she looks older then 25 already. But if she got rid of some of the migration filler above her top lip with dissolver, she would look so much younger. I think big fish lips are more common in late 20s early 30s women, combined with her overall face sag (very small amount) but her face in general doesnt look as plump as it use to a few years ago. That’s a easy fix, she just needs to stop doing drugs, eat healthier that means veggies, and do a small amount of exercise daily like a few walks or something to build up that stamina from being in bed 24/7. In 6 months of that routine her skin will thank her. I know no doctor recommended 24/7 bed rest, especially if she has EDs. I think that’s just her depression/ being basically enabled to not have to do anything for herself. She has her mom trained.

No. 866756

File: 1644164035145.jpeg (181.36 KB, 750x588, CBDA193E-654C-45C2-B09D-46F259…)

No. 866758

File: 1644164141069.jpeg (590.53 KB, 750x1061, 0C979721-0DF9-4131-A41C-7E6515…)

In what world is she living to be sober that long? I know this pattern with sober apps. You reuse, and just forget about the app and it keeps piling on. Then check on it randomly feeling like shit because you haven’t been sober that long.

No. 866759

File: 1644164797737.jpeg (413.71 KB, 750x1058, 38A27E9E-059A-48DA-ABA7-61C6E2…)

Kek. Her and Maddie bad mouthed saying their team member was stalking them. Also filming Taylor’s panic attack for clout. They said how the whole thing basically was a flop or just not their exceptions. It’s information from my memory, like a video here, YouTube comment there. Behavior of the whole situation being unlikable from both girls. I’m pretty sure one big conversation about the podcast, was in one of Maddie’s videos defending Taylor. Saying we are going to make Taylor kill herself. But it turned out Taylor was on drugs. People concerned online we’re right. She was showing all the signs, and all her friends were defending her.

No. 866778

I'm thinking that he just recently went thru and liked those two pics (the other one he liked from December 2020 was her with the green/black hair sitting in the mall with a mask on) because I go through Taylor's pictures quite frequently (I think it's a compulsive urge kek) and I've neeeeverr seen Jonny's like on either pic. He had to have done that recently.

No. 866781

These rants from the last few days make me suspect she’s not going to be returning to YouTube full time like she said >>866265 five days ago everything was amazing and she was in a way better place and now she’s going through a hard time again. I feel like March is going to be even worse because it’s her birthday and she seems to be panicking about aging
How strange, I swear Taylor previously said she had him blocked on all socials. I kinda feel like this was recently since syd and Jonny might be broken up. If I had an “abusive” ex boyfriend that “shot me up with heroin” I would never unblock them, but I’m not a quirky drug addict so who knows.

No. 866787

Soo she's still running on the narrative that she's been sober since May 14th??? How does she think anyone believes that

No. 866788

Not to mention getting into debts by the same abusive ex and for him to knock up the next girl he sees. I do wonder if Tay is actually in therapy at all cause she has made no progress in getting her life together and getting over JC.

No. 866797

What's interesting about this 4th May 2021 sober date is that looking at past threads you can tell how obvious her heavy usage was when she was declaring she was 100% sober and that she was tweeting about filming an All My Pets video with a middle finger to the haters… in April she was looking extremely rough with her split green hair, and it was when poor Goose died - she had him "painting" and doing photoshoots while an inoperable tumor ate his face off. Her decision making was clearly worse than normal.
Then in May she went blonde, talked about AA meetings, and started working on enclosures a little. I do believe she was sober for a while, but fell off and has been hiding it from Mama Dean ever since. Like most junkies who live at home, her "sober dates" are shorthand for "when was the last time my mom caught me using"

No. 866802

What a joke. You can see a track mark from last thread, one month ago
And pipe burns she tried to pass off as ‘lip biting’ >>861823
She’s probably moving over to smoking instead of injecting because it’s significantly easier to hide and less dangerous, not to mention she has no idea how to inject properly. Smoking would save her money because she’s not muscling and skin popping as much.

No. 866833

File: 1644243869198.png (1.93 MB, 828x1792, 01982266-A8D5-4FFC-83A4-A339E6…)

Why am I not surprised she rehomed Tate and has no clue where he went lmao

No. 866836

How could you not know where he is? I still have the numbers from two pets I rehomed years ago. I’m lucky enough to still get updates and photos if I ask too. Took me such a long time to make sure the new owners were prepared and we’re good financially. Just a long time to find the right fit, because I wanted the best home for my pets. The one I knew I couldn’t provide anymore.

No. 866842

OH REALLY Tayterthot, you don't even know where he is anymore? But you said they were all going to extremely good places with lots of experience, did you even bother to check up the new owners you dumb cu - oh why even bother this bitch is useless

No. 866872

Oh you mean your suuuper well vetted specialist reptile rescue man, who said you could visit and film anytime, was made up??
Tate was rehomed by her parents when she was in rehab, they probably dumped them all on a local pet store right? Or gave them to some other hoarder on Craigslist.

No. 866897

File: 1644293095610.jpeg (103.26 KB, 828x425, 2CD0A894-0AE6-4C28-91F0-B79A6A…)

This is the official story. I think you’re right, her parents probably just gave them to anyone/anyplace that would take them. She says she rehomed them because her parents were scared of them, refused to feed them live mice, or couldn’t keep up with the complex care so they probably just wanted them gone ASAP.

No. 866906

>>866225 Taylor is an idiot but it was literally listed on morph market as a chimera so honestly blame the seller for lying to people so he could charge more >>>/snow/647305

No. 866914

yes, but now she has been told many times by many experts but she still decides to make a whole video about it to "educate", which is what she always does - ignore people who know better to continue sharing her shitty "wisdom". I bet she will say something about that she'll DNA test him, then we will hear nothing about the results, just like Cheese's autopsy.

No. 866920

File: 1644329330775.jpeg (155.13 KB, 828x931, 0C8AC4EF-4D5B-465E-BCED-782036…)

I wanna know who’s making money off TND content? as far as i’ve seen, you tubers don’t touch the topic of her bc of the addict aspect and how people will say oh ur being a dick cuz she’s an addict.
Jen is always trying to either hype taylor up or put her far down there really is no in between. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in that house but i also know id probably suffer too

No. 866921

File: 1644329754113.jpeg (291.45 KB, 828x857, E7244536-ED6A-42E2-A6E3-F605CB…)

Documenting taylor’s claim of having initially been 9 months sober before first relapse and being 9 months sober on 2/2/22.

No. 866934

Does this even add up with this? >>866758

No. 866935

I have never seen one monetized video making money off Taylor. Let alone a whole channel.

Don’t think Mama Dean understands the internet.

If she is talking about “what ever” they never made money and disappeared.

No. 866939

I had a few chats with What Ever back when they were still somewhat active. They burned out quickly on fighting in the comments with Taylor’s stans every time they posted a video.

No. 866944

It adds up but it’s 2 days off… I can see how someone would round up for convenience sake but she also seemed to have really enjoyed making important dates known in the past. She’d always say X Days sober or Xmonth and Y days sober previously… Weird to nit pick on but i don’t think anyone even believes she’s been 3 months
sober let alone 9 at this point….

No. 866945

Not even taylor is making money off of her own content really kek

No. 866948

The only person I can think she's referencing is Repzilla? But he literally has only made 2 videos about her, the last one being over 2 years ago. He's the only person on YT with a substantial enough following/views that could make money off the videos to make me think it's about him, I'm sure there are random hate videos on her there too with 50 views, there always are on public figures. So I don't really get what she's on about. Is she just now watching his videos and is mad or what? I suppose she probably has nothing better to do anyways.

No. 866949

I feel like the second video he made about her, he was kissing her ass bc she is a recovering addict.

No. 866967

File: 1644375686147.jpeg (113.41 KB, 828x715, 171BD273-B864-4EEA-820A-0FD0B0…)

She posted this on sunday. I guess tomorrow it is…hopefully she doesn’t have a surprise doctors appointment or another neighbourhood shooting.

No. 866969

File: 1644376820569.png (5.98 MB, 1170x2532, 9B93A6DC-8C9F-4518-ACEA-C8DDE5…)

Remember when I posted a screenshot with Jonny's like on this picture a few days ago? And mentioned he had also liked one from Dec 2020 (half green/black hair, pic of her in the mall with a mask on). Well, his likes are gone now. Either he went back and unliked or she blocked him. Weird ..

No. 866970

For reference, here is my post showing he had the photo liked three days ago.

No. 866985

Jesus the way she inflates how time consuming and complicated it is to check the best time to post! It's literally a graph in your YouTube Studio, Tater. It's like three clicks and takes less than a minute. But I guess when you're high as hell reading a graph is a multi day affair.

No. 867021

6pm and still not a peep from tay…
wish i could say i'm surprised lol. wonder what her excuse will be this time

No. 867025

This post is kinda depressing to read now. A week ago everything was amazing and she was moving out soon and now, even with prerecorded and edited videos she’s completely silent on her promised upload day. She put in failsafes to ensure she succeeded and somehow still failed. I think it’s time to logout of YouTube and login to indeed.

No. 867056

> even with prerecorded and edited videos
Are you new here? There never was a video recorded or edited, she does this about 10 times a year.

No. 867078

I don't know how anons on the WHERESTHEKIDSYD thread are talking more about JC liking TND's pics than it is being talked about here. That thread turning INTO a TND thread over this

No. 867082

I believed her when she said she had two other videos ready because it seemed like a good way to ensure she could upload on schedule but I’m gullible and you’re right. She probably lied about it like everything else.

No. 867089

I think it’s because it’s Jonny trying to insert himself into Taylor’s life again. It’s not Taylor’s milk for me at least.

No. 867097

Personally I think it's kind of milky because TND said she had blocked him on everything. So obviously she either lied right at the start or recently unblocked him. If she addresses this and say's she forgot to block him on IG I'll die laughing.

It was a great find by the OP. My tinfoil is they're talking again and she asked him to go back and unlike them. There's just not much to say about it that's not already been said.
We just have to wait and see if anything happens between them in the future- especially IF TND does go to the wwwy concert

No. 867102

I guess it's not that milky because it confirms what we, at least I, already assumed since she changed the name of her Jonny expose video. He is waiting in the wings for her to make money again, guaranteed. Jonny doesn't love her, he doesn't love anything but drugs and money, but since he's hit the wall as a Z list celeb and e-girls don't answer his DMs anymore, Taylor is his best bet as a pro heroin sugar momma

No. 867129

Lol they’re not even talking about it in the other thread? Taylor lies about everything nobodies surprised she lied about him being blocked it’s not very milky also this thread is significantly less active than jc and syd’s.

No. 867149

Lol tbh anon, I have stopped checking this thread as well cause she is so boring and its a rinse, repeat with her now. Its thursday and her promised video that she said was ready for Monday/Tuesday hasnt even come out. And her excuse and long rants are so boring and pointless. Even she is not addressing the chimera fury on her latest video now, its like she has stopped trying. unless syd go berserk on her now, this thread feels dead.

No. 867290

File: 1644697850337.jpeg (214.5 KB, 364x782, DB0866CF-3F4C-46D8-AAF7-7FF7BC…)

You can’t see the original tweet, because Taylor deleted it. From the context it seems she was moaning about haters are texting her, and that’s why she doesn’t reply to irl friends text messages. I don’t believe this. I can’t. Change your number. Block them. I don’t think people are buying burner phones to text Taylor and harass her after she blocks them. Just as she did to that teenage girl. You can change your number as easy as 1 2 3. Seriously just go to AT&T or whatever her phone service is. I’m sure mama dean would run to the phone store if this what really a issue. Hasn’t she been claiming this has been going on for years? GIRL CHANGE YOUR #

Also does she seriously have the same phone number she doxxed herself? (Yes she doxxed herself, don’t know why she claims haters did. How could they? Hackers?) She put her phone number online on some vet documents, she was showing to prove she took care of a animal. I’ve never seen an influencer dox themselves as much as Taylor has.

No. 867291

Not to mention how boring she has become. Maybe in her prime I would have taken the bait. But come on now.

No. 867305

File: 1644709298335.jpeg (141.4 KB, 741x817, 55E15764-C1A8-493E-96E8-723A1C…)

Even her stans have noticed her pattern and are walking on eggshells trying to ask her to stop making promises she can’t keep.

No. 867353

She spent two weeks looking at her analytics and decided the best time to post a video was never

No. 867387

I don’t know I was watching Eugenia Cooney put out another video today. Eugenia clearly is deeply ill!! Both mentally and physically the girl is deeply disturbed but manages to put out a video every few days. Wtf is Taylor’s issue. Eugenia does it and is suffering with health issues beyond comprehension.

No. 867388

Difference is that Eugenia loves making content for her fans, tayter just needs money from her fans for crack

No. 867395

Her fans must be 12 or retarded. I called bullshit on her sobriety larp when she said her addiction therapist said she could drink alcohol on suboxone. She continues to drink while on it.

No. 867433

File: 1644878775215.png (801.05 KB, 828x1792, FF26EBD5-F4AC-4E10-9A15-44A956…)

Found this on That Chapter’s newest video, she’s back to ignoring her fans while writing books in YouTube comment sections. I think she does this because in her junkie brain she thinks these comments will help drive people to her channel and maybe save her from having to bag groceries at whole foods for dope money.

No. 867434

I have a feeling she considers this "part of her job as a youtuber" as if anyone in that community would touch her with a ten foot pole after her heroin debacle.

No. 867438

At least she's losing fans. She's very obviously drinking. AND she's continuing to do uppers and downers (laughers, screamers) in a really obvious cycle that anyone who isn't sheltered can see plainly. Every time she does this, even the densest of followers start to see who the real Tay is.

No. 867445

i don't know anything about this cow but this just looks like the kind of rambling novel comments you leave on everything when you're tweaking kek

No. 867450

I have no idea what this is about. I don’t agree with big game hunting. But saying someone should be hunted for it is ironic? I know people hunt differently, and some people use the animal 100%. Some people are sport hunters. Either way I don’t think you should be hunted for your hobby of killing animals. Gives me vegan vibes. Hunt a pedophile I don’t really care. Hunt a hunter for hunting. Well shit. What I don’t get is the majority of people preaching this nonsense eat meat. Support the meat industry. (not ethical meat) I feel like sport hunting and the big company meat industries are both extremely fucked. I just don’t get the hypocrisy. She should just film her video instead of playing pastor.

No. 867452

Idk if i think shes doing this to draw in an audience or if she just sits home, high and watches videos fantasizing about posting her own, and then has to inevitably meth ramble in the comments cuz that's the nature of the beast at this point.

No. 867455


I don't agree with trophy hunting either but usually when you go to places over seas to hunt big game you only get the pelt, the local villages get the meat. They also pay a huge entry fee to hunt in those places too, which also goes back into the, usually poorer, communities. its huge among the taxidermy community, you think she'd know since she tried to claim she was into the community when she got her ducking kek.

I cant stand poaching thought, but that's whole other topic. But these animals lives aren't usually taken in vain as she's trying to claim, the meat gets eaten. I can also guarantee that these animals lives were taking more humanely and ethically than the cows lives where for her whatsaburger burgers kek.

No. 867458

how do you find it in you to even read her bullshit let alone make your own contribution to it. nobody cares about trophy hunting here.

No. 867466

That’s a really good point. These animals would still be poached, so at least the local community found a way to profit from it.

No. 867469

File: 1644911197333.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x1802, 81A6EF04-3936-444E-AE99-9D208A…)

Round and around we go.

No. 867470

File: 1644911259140.jpeg (702.75 KB, 1170x1613, E4DABD6C-8116-4D54-9599-747308…)

Probably because you still peep him & Syd and you're losing it over the fact he's single again.

No. 867472

>had a really hard time seeing pictures of dead animals uwu
Funny Tay, you didn't have a hard time playing with the frozen corpse of your most beloved pet Cheese for video views

No. 867475

I think she is having flashback of JC again because he recently liked her pics? Go get a diary taylor….

No. 867476

Nah she's just bored and wants victim asspats while passively admitting that she got sloppy by letting him like her photos.
Anyone with half a brain would go to a therapist about ongoing traumatic nightmares, but she's content to just bitch about it on Insta stories. I guess not many therapists are willing to treat active addicts though.

No. 867477

Nope. The only posts of hers that get any retweets or likes are about her supposed "abuse". Plus she hasn't stopped talking about him for 2+ years, not sure why you think an IG like triggered her into doing what she always does

No. 867480

I'm so confused how this girl's timeline works. Wasn't she just out drinking with friends? How does she have nearly 10 months clean from drugs? I could swear like two months ago she had 3 months clean.

No. 867485

File: 1644927149551.jpeg (382.7 KB, 1170x2532, 9A90CE72-C5BE-444D-AC2D-3DD514…)

Maybe this is a reach but looks like track mark bruising. Same with her shoulder in the other selfies on the same post.

No. 867490

File: 1644935315120.jpeg (654.38 KB, 828x1052, D68D01DB-2CB5-41B6-A721-344846…)

She genuinely look so haggard these days.. no wonder she is struggling with how she looks. also is that just bad blending job of her contour? It looks like she has blotched of bruising all over her nose and eye bag

No. 867492

Ahahahahahah that looks like a cheap ass Jaclyn Smith wig. I can't even with her dumbass. But for real, anyone got the past due day on her video?

No. 867493

It's hardly a reach when this bitch is visibly high in every photo. I'm wondering what her excuse for pinpoint pupils will be now that she's supposedly getting off Suboxone.

No. 867496

The eyeliner and lashes are killing me too. It's so tryhard.

No. 867497

The whole mullet thing as a whole is absolutely haggard regardless of who has one. I'm her case I'm just not entirely sure what the fuck she has against looking NORMAL and SOMEWHAT attractive like she used to. I think it's just an extreme lack of self respect n esteem at this point which she used to have a little bit of when she was w JC and making asstons of money.

No. 867498

She's imitating every instathot she sees on her explore feed. She's bought into every single one of those dumb trends (mullet, shitty tattoos, fast fashion, harpy nails) and the result is a kitschy abomination. She has no sense of self.

No. 867499

Did she forget that she said she had a video to upload or something

No. 867502

No she’s just a manipulative piece of shit that see her fans as nothing more than makeshift therapists and money bags. As long as Taylor has drug money and ass pats it doesn’t matter what promises she makes or how her fans feel fucked over, she’s the main character and only her feelings matter.

No. 867507

Woah there anon. Don’t be up someone’s ass for being capable of reading. No one’s forcing you to read their post too. Simply move along.

No. 867508

She had to be high when she posted this and did her makeup. Her eyelash is falling off her face. Her contour isn’t blended. I know she is capable of doing better makeup than this. She didn’t even fix the eyelash in photoshop.

Yay it’s tracks. oh wait maybes it’s her clownfish bites, that she is totally going to show us in action. Just like the all my pets video she promised us, and the livestream when she was a junkie.

No. 867509

Don’t get me wrong, things are GREAT

No. 867510

Posting about you ex over and over again is a choice. What world is she living in?

No. 867511

File: 1644955096263.jpeg (151.87 KB, 524x1027, C01E7F96-1F26-479D-A501-84171F…)

No. 867512

tooth gems?? what the heck, taylor. pull yourself together.

No. 867513

13 hours later her "currently uploading" video still isn't out. Suprise

No. 867515

File: 1644956210846.png (4.9 MB, 828x1792, C3749F8D-05D7-4F16-8FD3-004AF8…)

is it reaching to say she has track marks all over these photos?

No. 867516

Fucking AGREEEE!!!!

No. 867517

Taylor has no life so all she can do is sit in bed and wallow in self pity remembering her life before she completely fucked it up. She lives exclusively in the past. I would feel bad for her if she was actually making an effort to get better but doing drugs and lying pathologically is not a good strategy to garner empathy.

Can’t wait for her to make herself even more trashy! It’s like she read this post >>867498
said said HELL YEAH.

No. 867523

kek I cant believe I’m legitimately still laughing at this cow despite her cycles being as repetitive as clock work. her mentioning moving out and expensive tooth gems all in the same breath is pure comedy to me. same with her needing to justify it because deep down she knows she’s fucked. Anyone with real financial goals is not spending money on fucking snake tooth gems lmao. That’s more in line with what aspirationless junkies on uppers do, so, right on cue.

yikes, you’d think the amount of Facetune in this photo would have her looking closer to her actual age instead of 35 but nope.

No. 867531

How can someone be so bad at makeup when their entire life revolves around looking at themselves, sitting unemployed in their room binge shopping and trying on new personalities for the internet. I don't get it. I know the answer is meth, but I still don't get it.

No. 867535

>Anyone with real financial goals is not spending money on fucking snake tooth gems
>I don't get it. I know the answer is meth, but I still don't get it.
The anons in this thread never fail to make me fucking howl.
She looks like complete shit. No wonder she’s been going on about getting old, she looks a decade older than she actually is. I know everyone says it but her lips are soooo gross it, looks like a terrible allergic reaction.

No. 867545

Big cats are her favorite animal? Has she ever talked about them before?

I am begging her to get a fucking diary. This kind of stuff is so weird to post publicly.

No. 867562

If she opens up a P.O. Box I’m sending her a diary. No hateful intention, girl needs one.

No. 867573

File: 1644999672766.jpeg (491.64 KB, 750x852, 3869283F-D0F1-4FC1-ABF1-EA8AAE…)

Jesus Christ who cares. Good job Taylor. I do feel bad for fancy goldfish.

No. 867575

File: 1644999746354.jpeg (706.72 KB, 750x1000, BDA1CB4F-C58B-4296-9CF8-E0BEB7…)

No. 867576

File: 1644999844298.jpeg (392.94 KB, 559x943, 36BEBFC6-5FF6-4C75-81CF-2767CF…)


No. 867580

File: 1645001158809.jpeg (400.03 KB, 750x911, 77A5BABF-D2E8-4694-9701-91994F…)

Guys it’s not her fault her eyeliner is bad.

Can someone add this to the list?

No. 867581

A fucking siliquily about her eyeliner, buy no update on her video that was uploading 3 days ago, promised 2 weeks ago and supposedly filmed 3 weeks ago. Good job tater thot.

No. 867585

File: 1645025361891.png (2.07 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220216-102742.png)

I would not be surprised if this was a neighbor's cat Mama Dean stole. I doubt they checked for a microchip before trapping it in their hoarder house.

No. 867600

Didn’t they also steal star, the other stay cat off the street? These people are straight up cat knappers
lol there is no video. I guarantee when she uploads it she’ll have these retarded nails on. there’s no way she’s not scrambling to finish it, that’s why she did her makeup and got ready yesterday, because she was probably filming.

No. 867604

File: 1645035004153.jpeg (25.59 KB, 720x210, 39D8CC17-1EF6-4922-9678-2B4DA0…)

I’m samefagging because I checked her Instagram SB and she lost over 350 followers between yesterday and today, her fans are definitely starting to see the pattern.

No. 867618

File: 1645039736768.jpeg (384.65 KB, 750x862, 13A683E0-7086-4E78-9616-700F6E…)

But it’s just a fish. Her words not mine.

No. 867619

Yes they literally are. She even got some backlash bc the cats clearly arnt strays or feral. Well fed, well groomed. She even tries to say one was fat when they found her. As someone who has a neighbor steal my outdoor cat. It’s infuriating.

No. 867624

What is it with munchies and stealing cats? I swear every neighborhood has at least one insane shut in who does this shit.

No. 867636

does anyone remember which one of taylor's vids it was where she was obviously high af doing some sponsorship with slurred speech? she was wearing sunglasses

No. 867644

File: 1645049884893.png (404.44 KB, 375x668, taycat.png)

The cat has a clipped ear which means that it has been spayed/neutered so someone was taking care of it. Sadly, the cat looks worse now after a few months with the Deans then while it was outdoors. Has anyone told them that you can brush cats? I remember when Tay found out about cat toys, kept her entertained for a whole 5 minutes or so.

No. 867651


starts at 0:53

Watching this again it’s so obvious she’s wasted. I can’t remember if she claimed to be sober from heroin during this time (Disney trip with Jonny) but she’s definitely fucked up on something. The irony of her repeating how “addicting” the game she’s sponsoring is.

No. 867652

No way they have five cat litter boxes. Just sad. No wonder Nemo got uti’s.

No. 867658

pretty sure Taylor said they have 2. Absolutely absurd considering they have 4 cats now. Every cat needs their own litter box, it’s even more important when you take in new “strays” because they can be especially territorial. Literally don’t think she owns one animal that she cares for properly. Add cat piss to the list of smells that are probably emanating from her room.

No. 867685

Not to WK but the clipped ear confirms its a stray. They don't clip your pets ears when you get them spayed or neutered.

No. 867692

Are you sure? Maybe it depends by location? My farm cats got clipped ears. Honestly I wouldn’t know.

No. 867693

Yes, 100%. A quick google search even shows San Antonio has a trap/neuter/return program which clips stray cat's ears. Most major cities do. Why would someone let the vet cut of part of their pet's ear? People pay thousands of dollars for cats, it makes no sense to clip ears for non-strays.

No. 867696


Did you adopt them from a shelter? Farm cats from shelters are typically former street cats.

That fluffy cat also looks overweight now too. It could be also been a former stray that had been adopted out. One of our cats has a clipped ear. It’s irresponsible if she didn’t check for a microchip.

No. 867697

if it's set up like it was before, there is one litter box next to the snakes and one litter box somewhere in a closet with a door that is probably closed most of the time. So I guess all 4 cats pee in the one next to the snakes.

No. 867702

Plenty of former strays become indoor/outdoor house cats. The cat looks chubby and friendly and I really doubt this was a beat up street cat Mama Dean legitimately rescued.

No. 867703

I actually did! Thanks for the information.

No. 867726

File: 1645128758091.jpeg (117.15 KB, 828x1434, A3CF4DB0-43B1-407F-A7A2-CBBC6A…)

She said three days ago she was uploading a video and today she’s still working on getting it live?? seriously how does anyone fall for this bullshit? Confirmation that she did infact just finish the videos today and never had them done like she claimed 2 weeks ago in >>866265

No. 867728

I think you're right about this. It's been documented here if people would just go back in the threads; it's really clear mama dean stole this neighborhood cat. She first brought it in the house a yr ago days before the big freeze claiming it had no where to go but the cold weather hadn't hit yet so no shit the cat was still out

No. 867729

File: 1645129205324.png (3.29 MB, 828x1792, 1AD6CF83-AAA7-4E0B-83DD-04EB22…)

she’s definitely not using guys it’s just her um checks notes FISH biting her … yeah her fish. Don’t mind the shakey hands either they’re also the fishes fault.

No. 867742

File: 1645134534695.png (1.2 MB, 1170x2532, 22153859-07E6-4D57-A3A0-20B7F7…)

"People accusing me" you KNOW she following this thread kek nobody would go to her immediately and nobody comments anything about her using. She's referring to this thread no doubt

No. 867745

"garnered a little community of fellow addicts" don't you mean RECOVERING addicts, Tay? Another freudian slip

No. 867750

>people assume they're track marks and use any of those instances to go on and on about it being some proof I'm lying about my sobriety with nothing else to base that accusation on
You mean other than the fact that every time you claim sobriety you later come out and admit you were using the whole time, like the whole heart goes boom saga? If she’s so worried about people thinking her trackmarks are trackmarks why did she post selfies with her trackmark covered hand? Save yourself the headache of brainstorming a stupid excuse and just put your hand down next time.

No. 867756

If the cat has no microchip and a clipped ear then there's a 99.99999% chance that it's feral or has been stray for a while. Ferals/strays often look healthy because there's someone feeding them (often someone who traps them for TNVR hence the clipped ears). This is the dumbest nitpick.

No. 867758

I remember when she used to claim she had a tremor (don't remember what she blamed it on, some stupid shit like EDS) and said it made her drop things, I think she dropped a whole ass tank on her floor or something? Everyone thought it was suspicious and then afterwards she admits she was high 24/7 that entire time period lol. Also, how can she claim she would NEVER post triggering content if she's actively using when she has always posted a million selfies with excessive amounts of skin (where she injects) and then disappeared every time she's gone on a drug binge?

No. 867760

Lies and the Lying Liars That Tell Them

No. 867774

I feel like all she shows is skin

No. 867775

Feral cats don’t go near people

No. 867777


The question is if she even checked for a chip. I don’t imagine a feral cat adjusting so quickly to life indoors. That cat probably belonged to someone at one point.

No. 867780

What bothers me the most, is that if mama dean found a stray cat, she didn't take it to the vet? Vet would have checked for the chip right. So she let a "stray" cat in her home with multiple animals without taking it to the vet to check the vaccines/worms/other issues?

No. 867784

This, it’s dangerous to bring an outside potentially unvetted cat around the cats that were already there. At a minimum it definitely has fleas and worms, unless someone has been flea treating it, which I doubt.

No. 867799

you know a thread is dead when anons start accusing the cow's mom of adopting a stray cat off the street, speculating about potential diseases and tinfoiling about vet visits.

No. 867802

You do know this thread is Taylor's and her mother's right??

No. 867803

how so? Tay and her mom has been abusing animals for years, Jen just takes over the work when Tay is too strung out to do anything but none of them do a good job.
- Either the cat was in good shape and they stole it from a loving home or someone who already had adopted it from a shelter,
- OR the cat was actually homeless meaning it was in bad shape and not fit to be around the other cats before a vet visit.

No. 867810

File: 1645229308406.jpeg (1.61 MB, 2968x3430, 250042C0-9706-4DA4-B45F-827266…)

One of her fish is eating the others so she’s rehoming it. She posted half a dozen stories about it and some weird rant about gas station soda or something?

No. 867811

File: 1645230042833.jpeg (1.7 MB, 3464x3238, 4DB4A165-B4FF-4D39-A58B-9AD9EA…)

Feel like she made up this retarded story so she could post a picture of her nails. For someone who has no life and sits in bed all day she wastes a lot of money on ugly press on nail sets.

No. 867812

She should’ve also rehomed Irwin.

No. 867813

how fucking meaningless does your life have to be you felt the urge to vent about a fucking gas station soft drink? spending money on nails? she should save the pennies she makes for her "big move out"

No. 867814

you would think as a zoo handler, you wouldn't want long witch nails at risk of poking your animal in the eye or getting their shit under your nails. and remember this is the girl who barely showers, so who knows what kinda infections harbor under there

No. 867815

When your mommy does all the work and you only touch your animals to use them as props for thirst traps or selfies you don’t need to worry about that kinda stuff.

No. 867819

I like how she avoids mentioning who got eaten because she knows we'll update the tally. And how often do you think he ACTUALLY got fed to turn to this?

No. 867820

File: 1645233762101.jpeg (287.27 KB, 828x1497, DF044455-65BD-44E5-914D-FF1178…)

Only the narcissistic qween taytay could make a child abduction about herself.

No. 867821

File: 1645234598485.jpeg (731.42 KB, 3464x2170, 70943FE7-24D9-4CE1-B450-A34156…)

It kinda looks like she has cotton fever again. Can clown fish really bite you like this? Sorry for the spam she’s on full meth sperg mode.

No. 867823

Clownfish can be pretty aggressive, but all she has to do is wear rubber gloves when she sticks her hand in the tank. She should be doing that anyway to cover up those tacky claws. I doubt she scrubs under them before putting her hands in the tank.

No. 867831

Wonder why there’s one really red bump directly on a vein looks nothing like the other marks lol

No. 867833

It’s like when she would get tofu to bite her a ton. Oops how did this happen?

No. 867834

“Only 12 mins from my house”

Yikes not abt you, also way to dox yourself more.

No. 867835

yep and the mark on the left of her hand in >>867729 is directly over a vein kek

No. 867836

I honestly think she baited her fish. This is just so preventable it’s ridiculous to believe this story. I don’t know why she needs to cover up her track marks with stabbing herself and feeding her hand to her fishy. She can just be honest and say she isn’t in a great place rn and needs time to become sober.

No. 867837

from what I have noticed, if someone is giving a whole bunch of unimportant details, just keeps going on and on abt a story circling. then it’s probably not a true story / a cover up.

No. 867839

i'm not american, are all soft drinks in the usa this big?!

No. 867840

i'm not american, are all soft drinks in the usa this big?!

No. 867841

no, it's pretty gross to contemplate drinking that much diet dr pepper. it looks pretty depleted in her pic too, far from the lid. i look forward to seeing this cup in the background of her bedroom in the near (or far!) future

No. 867862

no, that’s the biggest possible size, hence the “epic” label
that said, the smallest size you can usually find at a gas station fountain is 12 ounces/355 milliliters, which is ridiculous and contributes to obesity

No. 867873

Piggbacking off of this real quick, eurofags, your small coffees break my heart, you deserve more (strictly coffee argument)
Also, why des taylor have a public page when shes not even uploading videos? Its like she enjoys delaying them for the negative reactions.
Jc sure has a thing for extremely narcissistic women.

No. 867874

I know right, she just stopped talking about her video that was “uploading” 4 days ago. It’s crazy how she carries on without addressing anything like she didn’t just lie to her fans again for 2weeks.

No. 867889

File: 1645305140906.jpeg (389.32 KB, 495x880, 3882B596-A1ED-46CA-8D10-38C3F7…)

new pet snail

No. 867893

they just dumped him in the new aquarium with no acclimatisation or quarantine or anything? Not that I know anything about fish but that does not sound professional to me.

No. 867896

When has Taylor ever quarantined properly

No. 867899

They’re not pets. She bought 200$ worth of these for cheese2 (long horn cowfish eat shell fish like shrimp and snails), she’s remarking this one is so big probably because it’s too big to use as a feeder.

No. 867918

This thread is boring now. Taylor Nicole dean is a broken record and becoming haggard. She’s boring. The Jonny Craig thread is so much milkier lol. Syd is an even funnier cow.

No. 867919

It's a shop taylor trusts so they probably have shit practices like her.

No. 867930

No way cheese2 is still alive.

No. 867933

I know RIP this thread

RIP Taylor’s career

No. 867951

She just has no idea how to make content unless it is about 1) a new pet or 2) her addiction. She cannot appreciate the pets she already has, she has no idea on how to interact with them, and in the last video she said "what is so special about a ball python to make a whole video about them".

No. 867955

File: 1645378491738.png (438.61 KB, 1080x1610, Screenshot_20220220-093358.png)

No. 867959

she screams - trust me I have a mental illness, not like I’m faking it for clout like the hundreds of tiktok kids. even this bs isn’t interesting anymore. maybe she can make a tiktok and get a new following of wanna be sick kids.

No. 867960

This a clear lie. She left her house for haircuts, nails, nails again, the pet store, whatever burger, blood infusion. Does she not realize people read her stories on Instagram? It’s honestly sad she lies about the most stupidest stuff to seem special. I’ve never seen someone romanticized mental illness as much as her. She can play it off that she is making fun of herself, but she is just making shit up and posting it bc she thinks it makes her interesting. People post what they want others to perceive of them. She wants people to see a mentally ill sick girl (think tumblr 2014 mindset), even if she has to lie abt things that contradict what she posted the week before. Sorry for my rant, but this cow is just in a hole. She just keeps digging it deeper. Even her fans can see that now. It grossed me out how she want to make this her personality. Don’t reallly care to say what I have, but she claims to have it. Lol she clearly doesn’t.

No. 867961

so bars don’t go against your ptsd rules of no fun allowed?

No. 867981

I wonder if she's doing like jonny did in NY and having her h & m mailed to her. It would make sense. Then ordering worthless junk so it seems normal to get packages & not just drugs. I can't see her walking to nearby place to meet up. I also doubt she uses her car despite no license because she always fucking exposes herself with shit like that. Also lol if that car just sits there doubt she's maintaining it properly so it could be dead by now. Last documented drive was after drama w/forest. Wonder if momma helps her copp too lol ok but I do wonder her process. Regardless I'm glad her fans are seeing that she is just a toxic narc with major fucking issues and should be avoided at all costs. I mean she sounds proud of locking herself in her home. Cant wait for the crying about agora phobia

No. 867995

does she follow this person or did she just dump this on the first person to reply?
taylor, please get a diary.

No. 868034

Does Taylor believe that her career has a fighting chance at hitting the ground running again? PetTube’s relevancy in general has sank since 2017, and I’m not sure any of Taylor‘s stans are even expecting a full return from her at this point. Is she just trying to salvage it or does she really think that she’s just been on a brief hiatus without any changes happening around her in the content space?

No. 868037

I agree Taylor's career and her thread are dead, I'm just here to lurk until she announces her and Jonny are back together. It's already started.

No. 868049

Tinfoil. I think she puts off uploading because it hurts her ego how nobody cares about her anymore. She used to get hundred of thousands or even millions of views the day of an upload and now it takes months for her videos to reach even a hundred thousands views. She’s definitely aware that her career is tanking but I also think she believes she can get it back by sticking to an upload schedule or pretending to be sober. It feels like she’s blaming her faults on the hard time she went through and naively thinks once that’s over her career will just be the same as it was in 2018.

No. 868057

Her new videos never even reach 100k views

No. 868070

File: 1645495204757.jpeg (263.01 KB, 828x1024, 237F9906-62CC-48BA-9B36-77987D…)

They do, it just takes months. It’s probably her and her mom watching her channel on repeat kek.

No. 868122

File: 1645550568309.png (20.1 KB, 300x250, GkfB13tTxm-6.png)

> she puts off uploading because it hurts her ego

This 100%. She thinks she's too good for a normal job. She thinks she's above rules and other people, and that the consequences don't apply to her.

YT is dead, she pissed around the last 4 years procrastinating and now her opportunities are gone. I'm still waiting on that flash of recognition from her.

the only people that still follower her are fellow druggies, and the occasional farmer hoping for some new milk.

She was my favorite cow, but the drugs broke her. She's such a shell of a person at this point it's hard to even laugh at her; now it's more pity. RIP Taylor your story doesn't have a happy ending.

No. 868131

File: 1645555667500.jpeg (871.25 KB, 1767x3439, D15E6218-C3AC-4BCF-B29E-E9EC6C…)

Oldish milk and doubt anything will come of it but some animal people filed a complaint with the USDA on some pet influencers, including Taylor.

No. 868132

Both of these 100%

It’s crazy to think bc she made the decision to go on a wild long drug binder for over a year, after her and Jonny broke up, now this is where she is at . I know she was sad over the breakup and the pregnancy, but she choose for that to become her top priority. She ditched out on YouTube and everything remotely responsible, bc she wanted to drown her sorrows. I don’t even want to know the state of her pets at this time. She could have had a huge comeback after breaking up, but she made her whole personality Jonny, mental illness, and addiction. To this day she tweets about Jonny and how he ruined her life, but I feel like her life was officially ruined way after he left and the choices she made at that time frame. She was so high for a long she didn’t get the memo pettube was dead. I honestly think she doesn’t post from a mix of laziness, and her ego being destroyed every single new post. She isn’t the hot shit she use to be. She is aging, and needs to think of a real life plan. She acts like YouTube will support her and her zoo. They won’t. She needs to grow up. She’s a dead YouTube and a dead cow. Use to be my fav cow.

No. 868133

Funny how those are the few pettube I actually have a issue with lumped together

No. 868135

Exactly this. Jonny didn't ruin her life. Honestly I don't care if he encouraged her to use drugs or didn't cuddle her when she wanted. At the end of the day, the second she even mentioned him EVERYONE warned her and even after sticking with him and then finally leaving him, she could have a had an absolutely huge comeback. But, she chose the shitty path of abandoning her fans, neglecting her animals, and even continuing the drug use and taking horrible care of herself - all while living under her mom's roof or bouncing rehab to rehab?? It's sad really. And let's be real, I believe a huge reason for it is her mom. Taylor is 100% to blame, but Mama Dean is the perfect example of giving a drunk a drink. Gave her a roof over her head and houses all the animals she still neglects, apparently rehomed them to random ass people they don't even have contact with anymore, and lets her live there rent free. And I don't want to hear that she "needed" the help - if Taylor was actually broke she wouldn't have been spending all her money on tattoos, furbys, clothes and drugs while living there. If her mom care about her, she would have kicked her out long after giving her chance after chance. Let her rehome all her animals and live in a studio, or go to rehab. For fucks sake the entitlement is just off the charts with her. It's almost like Mama Dean wants her to OD and die, so she can get sympathy from the community? That sounds dark to say, but why else would she continue to be an enabler 24/7 for her? She never shuts up about "my daughter" this and "my daughter" that, it's like she doesn't realize just how irrelevant she's become.

No. 868140

I'm with you guys too. Johny may have got her into hard drugs and messed her up but there's only so long she can blame him. It's been literally years and you could mix and match her posts from two years ago and today and they would be identical. She hasn't made a single inch of progress. In fact as time goes on and she doesn't improve at all she's pretty much going backwards. It's sad now. I can't see any way out for her now as she has so many issues and they include a complete lack of responsibility and delusions of what her life is like/going to be. The amount of lies she spouts out and she doesn't even hide it anymore. I find it hard to believe she's doing it on purpose now in order for likes or asspats. I genuinely think she is living in a complete other realm and believes what she says. That's how she gets through each day. By pretending she is working and getting her life back on track and being sober and things are looking up etc etc. It's like one of those situations where someone cannot face the truth so they live in a perpetual state of alternative reality in order to block out real life as it's too hard to cope with. The videos she has put out post Johnny have been a pile of sh!t. She has no knowledge and no talent and no personality. She can probably do the same for another year before she's totally irrelevant and will either be forced into rehab and back to life by her mother or she will becoming yet another druggie sadly wasting their life.

No. 868146

Kek you are literally sperging out like Taylor on one of her meth rants. Nobody cares, stop blog posting.

No. 868148

Nah. I agree with and enjoy those posts

No. 868150

Because you wrote them LOL. Pls Get a life.

No. 868151

I for one enjoy them too. No offense but complaining about a properly saged post talking about the cow is truly autistic behavior, nonnie. Please.

I can't blame everyone for being fed up with her shit either. She used to be so much more entertaining, I understand we're all antsy for milk. It's just the same old rinse and repeat with her as it's been for years and it's sad.

No. 868153

These people just crave attention, don't even respond to them just report for blogging and move on.

No. 868182

I think it’s the same anon that complains and looses there shit, whenever someone tinfoils abt Taylor having sponsored free sent zen habitat cage.

No. 868187

these posts are useless, no one cares how you feel. that's not the point of this site. it's so annoying to sort through the posts when actual milk happens because you fill it up with trash. i feel like its the same anon posting this nonsense and then samefagging to defend it, get over yourself

No. 868195

This. I’ve never seen anyone defend retarded blog posting unless it’s themselves doing it. Anybody who uses this site regularly knows posting walls of text is not cool.

No. 868196


There has been only around 10 posts in the last 24 hours. I don’t understand what you think this site is for if not for discussing cows. If a post is too long for your liking, skip over it, that’s what most people do.
Taylor please bring the milk! Farmhands are lashing out in boredom!

No. 868199

A saged post about a cow is not blog posting. You stick out like a sore thumb.

No. 868209

Yeah I'm not really understanding getting pressed because of saged posts about a cow. When real milk is posted, it's unsaged. Pro tip - click on "hide saged posts for this thread" in the upper right corner if you only want to see milk instead of "trash". It's not that hard and it's not that deep.

Anyways, it's been a week since her promised video was "currently uploading"… I honestly don't get how she doesn't see just how bad this makes her look. I know she's been doing this for years but yikes. I have to agree with anons above saying she's hurt she's not as relevant as she used to be, but it's her own fault she fell off as hard as she did.

No. 868275

She's in this strange juxtaposition. She 100% fronts that she lives in her "taylor does no wrong, ignore the haters" hugbox.. yet from her own posts it shows she lurks. She makes posts alluding to things that do not exist in her comment sections.
Not even a tinfoil at this point, she's using to avoid thinking about her life.

No. 868285

Any chance this could be about Taylor and him speaking or hanging out again?

No. 868286

File: 1645718822762.png (216.79 KB, 1080x2400, 52A30623-E618-4980-AACE-64E4FE…)

No. 868287

I don't think so nonnie. The other day he was writing Arabic shit on his IG. I think he's just vague posting about a different girl he's talking so that he can make her feel special/piss syd off. Not sure it's TND tho.
I guess we'll see lol

No. 868322

she hanged her hat on him being an abuser. she might lose the last of her fans if she started talking to him again. I highly doubt it

No. 868333

File: 1645754269719.jpeg (370.84 KB, 1170x2313, 7F8D1297-EBB4-43ED-9441-E6C066…)


No. 868335

File: 1645754391507.jpeg (283.83 KB, 1170x2299, 07780896-8E22-48BD-BB5D-57A698…)


No. 868336

File: 1645754496516.jpeg (328.89 KB, 1170x2315, B83B6793-C7CF-47EC-91B2-5C3349…)


No. 868344

Gotta save money for that big move suuuuper soon, a journal is just not in the budget at the moment

No. 868354

>Hmmm, should I cover up this ugly tattoo that's associated with my abusive ex?
This would be a no-brainer to someone who's actually sober and trying to disconnect from their junkie past

No. 868366

>>He knew what he was doing
It's not a unique phrase. He's probably the one who gave you the idea in the first place. You know what YOU were doing. This bitch can't take responsibility for shit

No. 868367

sage your shit

No. 868369

am I missing something? they are saged. recently anons have not known the meanings of sage and blogging.

No. 868375

File: 1645817823159.jpeg (321.66 KB, 750x802, 84C21087-9241-47BC-A562-5D9328…)

I actually do think it’s child abuse for a 12 year old to make the decision to forever alter their hormones. I wanted a million tattoos at 12, should I have gotten them at that age to express myself? Have you seen a ftm talk about the suffering they go thro after de-transitioning. Is it even legal to give a child testosterone or estrogen to alter their bodies. Hormones blockers are one thing, for when they are old enough to make the decision. BUT A CHILD WHO IS 12 TO MAKE A FOREVER LIFE CHANGING CHOCIE.

I’m sorry but I hate my generation

Blog- I know plenty of irl 10-15 yrs who are ftm or mtf or non, and they are flip flopping every six month bc they are only kids, and that’s okay. Imagine a child- I can’t with this. Seriously taylor? She see’s her disabled brother who will forever be child like. Should Tanner get the choice to be on hormone in his mind state to forever change his body? Even after de transitioning there are the effect forever.

Sorry for my retarded rant. Just the dumbest thing to retweet. How is an abortion even the same level as this, abortions arnt even related and are v difficult situations

No. 868401

Ahhh the terfs have found the thread(go back to twitter)

No. 868411

do you know where you are, anon?

No. 868430

File: 1645853972212.jpeg (410.83 KB, 750x980, 5F37B816-155B-49D8-83BE-79E620…)


No. 868433

This is cotton fever. My friend just lost a foot and hand to cotton fever. She’s gonna die before 30. Maybe 25.

No. 868434

InB4 "muh depression and anxiety over this caused me to relapse uWu".

No. 868435

This website is filled with 'terfs' (normal people). Stfu disgusting tranny pedo.

No. 868439


Shut the fuck up you bigoted cunt, nobody cares about your opinion. We are here to talk about cows, go talk about it on tumblr(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 868442

Kill yourself tranny(don't engage)

No. 868445

I might not be remembering correctly but did Taylor not post a photo a long time ago of this same rash all over her body, blaming it on cotton fever?

No. 868447

Stop sperging and sit down, newfag

No. 868448

File: 1645898952951.png (2.1 MB, 1125x2436, 6D03C494-DF79-4A88-8045-64A438…)

I don’t post here often but I actually have this screenshot saved from June 2019. I scrolled by it a few days ago and was going to delete it actually.

No. 868455

File: 1645903981029.jpeg (68.45 KB, 768x1024, 08433DBA-38AA-40AA-9795-AD5F71…)

I wonder if she knows you can just google “clownfish bite” and see what they really look like

No. 868457

They were clearly not clownfish bites. I don’t know who she thinks she is fooling besides minors

No. 868523

Surprised that Tay has not commented on the war in Europe, knowing her she is probably struggling right now to make that all about her too somehow.

No. 868547

File: 1646001738774.jpeg (310.85 KB, 828x816, D7C9DAE3-C250-4840-96D8-D963AE…)

Oh she has anon… on twitter and instagram stories too

No. 868580

File: 1646031102267.png (554.54 KB, 1170x2532, BC354430-BD96-46BA-A6F5-01C4C9…)

Truly am starting to wonder if she’s been following the JC/Syd drama or if he messaged her because she’s been mentioning him an awful lot the past couple days.

No. 868584

File: 1646034070934.png (553.24 KB, 1060x1481, Screenshot_20220227-233922.png)

No way in hell I'm screenshotting them all, but she has been nonstop tweeting for over an hour now

No. 868585

File: 1646034098596.png (590.14 KB, 1080x1636, Screenshot_20220227-233952.png)

No. 868586

Aaand they were deleted immediately after I posted this

No. 868587

She puts more energy and effort into JC than she does rebuilding herself.

Hey Taylor, the best revenge is living well. It's not living with your parents at age 25 in a near constant drug stupor while claiming to be sober.

No. 868589

I feel like she wouldn't be so upset about jonny if she was doing well in other areas of her life.

If she had a good job, real friends (not druggies or strippers) and was living a good life, she'd be happier. People who are living good lives don't waste time complaining about exes online.

People who get this upset about exes generally have little going on in their lives. I think she's just bored more than anything else, complaining about Jonny gives her something to do.

No. 868591

But she’s obviously obsessed with her ex considering she didn’t address any of the other issues raised in the tweet she’s responding to like her regimes animals or her lies about the progress of her videos. She just ranted about Jc for like 5 more tweets.

No. 868595

Even if shes still obsessed, she still doesnt need to air it out online every week. Not wk, but people do get obsessive over their exs. especially when they are abused. Its not healthy, but its not uncommon. Expecially with gaslighting, her whole relationship broadcasted publicly, and dealing with his fans.
I wish she would come to peace with the fact she wont ever get the validation she wants from SM. Or, create a side account and leave names out of it and talk about it freely as completely anonymous.

No. 868597

Agreed, she should def be saying this stuff to a therapist and not her fans. but it’s more annoying that she totally ignores or deflects from the other points about her animal care & misleading her fans.

No. 868600

Because the other points rightfully point her failings on HER.

No. 868609

No, fuck YOU you yeast ridden cunt. I hope those animal care allegations come full circle and you’re reputation is nailed shut in the coffin. Stupid ass bitch. Don’t forget to mention how you abused JC, too. Literally shut up or go relapse or something already no one cares about you Taylor.

No. 868614

File: 1646070425857.jpeg (802.65 KB, 1125x2068, 58B57F0D-47FF-45DB-93EF-CC4911…)

Sorry if someone already pointed out. But notice how she breadcrumbs. Girl’s high as a kite on adderal.

No. 868615

lol went from I think I have it, to I have it. Faster than most of her conditions she makes up. She lost over 5k on twitter in the past two months. Doubt her of fans care abt her pity parties she makes up from nothing

No. 868616


she does block people, then unblock them to reply, then proceeds to reblock them so they can’t respond. She been doing this for over three years.

the fact she is explaining herself makes her look worst, most people would ignore a tweet like this

No. 868617

Jesus christ anon, go see a therapist for your incel-talk. Like how fuck up are you in the head wanting someone to be abuse and die from OD.

No. 868618

File: 1646071353843.jpeg (872.22 KB, 2828x1450, CFE7E40E-659F-4095-85ED-98CDFF…)

my god this one thread on twitter. so much I’m the biggest victim.

No. 868619

Dude take some Xanax and chill.

No. 868620

File: 1646071563737.jpeg (368.6 KB, 750x1045, FC07FCB9-62DF-4257-ACA4-A92681…)

Half of this isn’t even true

No. 868621

File: 1646071893260.jpeg (1.35 MB, 2828x2828, 37A757E3-F31A-41A2-90A7-837D93…)

This is all one reply to a tweet. Seriously she must have been so high yesterday, she ranted on a few people. She doesn’t even get the same amount of hate she use too. She needs to learn to move on and grow up. I’m getting bored of screenshotting there’s just to much

No. 868626

Anyone else tired of the "ermagerd I almost DIEDDD" "I could have been DEAD" "muh addiction almost got me KILLED" Like please shut the fuck up Taylor, no it didn't. Jesus Christ.

Yikes, seems like that Twitter comment hit a BIG nerve judging by her reaction. You, sweetie, it's you that cares that you aren't relevant and don't make money and live with your parents.

The way she tells on herself for everything is so embarrassing. Is asked, doesn't being on the internet sperging to the haters hinder your sobriety? Her reply is that yes, but ima keep doing it. What?? Where is the logic?
Ranting to justify why she overhypes to her audience is just sad, to. What small amount is left of her tween fans just keep mindlessly forgiving her over and over, and are continuing to be disappointed over and over. This comment had a genuine point, other people who are in her same condition if not worse don't have mommy and daddy's money to rely on and still have to get up every day and work their job to survive. She acts like she has it so much worse than everyone else while the hardest thing she does is get up to go to Whataburger or her next nail/hair/tattoo appt. Truly she must be at the worst end of the spectrum!

No. 868627

I never said that you fucking retard.

No. 868628

Taylor reads here so much she’s most likely learned how to properly integrate which would make sense since she’s never had a form of identity anyways

No. 868632

Holy shit babe get a FUCKING JOURNAL why are you so comfortable publicly spiraling

No. 868640

Sage for ot but Paul (deadskull) has been trying to slide into her dms for months now and is pretty cowish himself imo, I actually would love to see them together

No. 868676

Imagine this poor gen z trying to parse through 11 parts of Taylor just screeching about herself. Very cool and normal way to interact with your viewers.
Also she sleeps for only a few hours a night now? So we're over the phase where she'd sleep for 19 hours a day because of her ten thousand illnesses? Crazy how similar the symptoms of EDS, ADHD, PTSD and heart go boom disease line up with uppers.

No. 868700

Wow Syd learned to sage, anything is possible ♥

No. 868714

This is 100% Syd

No. 868715

File: 1646148501013.png (403.93 KB, 828x645, 2DE16546-BFBD-4DF1-8132-0A9AB0…)

Fixed it for her !

No. 868722

Im loving the tinfoil but no it’s not syd. Sorry guiz i started my period yesterday. Just one of those rages in reply to her “fuck you” tweets

No. 868744

She really do be posting every thought in her smooth little brain like, "ah yes i am definitely an authority on this subject"

Camera pan to her laying in a filthy rat nest of sheets on a bare mattress with 2 week old unwashed hair and Charlie Day Pepe Silvia eyebags, lecturing a stranger on the internet about their behavior.

Ok Taylor sounds g8

No. 868753

Feels sus that the first thing you would even consider from that is taylor abusedJC?? Like have you seen syd lol. Anon, genuinely, go see a therapist. Period or no period, what you said was super fucked up. Go touch some grass.

No. 868756

Yeah I’m curious what makes you say that taylor abused jc in any way?

No. 868764

>>868756 not the crazy period anon but Tay did admit to threatening to hurt/off herself if JC didn't do certain things while they were together (like hug her??) which is pretty abusive. I think there was also mention of her screaming and hitting him at one point but I'm not too sure about that one.

Unrelated but didn't TND also tell police that her dad was abusing her at one point? The cops were called by her parents because they were worried about her and didn't want her to go home with JC so she made up a bunch of stuff about her dad. Not sure if that's ancient milk or a fever dream

No. 868772

don’t you remember Taylor threating to hurt herself / off herself to jonny. not so fun ultimatums. I use to not this think behavior is abuses just sad, but I do now. Not to the degree of hitting someone, but it’s manipulative behavior

No. 868773

kek feels like a fever dream, but that did happen

No. 868796

File: 1646190530955.jpeg (284.01 KB, 750x634, 861C2A6A-D75F-4483-8BB0-E92DA8…)

she was 206k followers a few weeks ago yikes.

No. 868797

File: 1646190542375.png (1.46 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20220301-220705.png)

Out drinking with soundcloud rapper, look mama dean your daughter is doing great!

No. 868798

File: 1646190625749.png (1.63 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20220301-220949.png)


So she cant come back and say her glass was empty or some shit

No. 868799

Yeah it was posted before she threatened to slice her wrists in front of jc or something like that

No. 868800

her whole thing of being sober from drugs but not drinking is retarded and its gonna bite her in the ass bc she WILL relapse again if she keeps drinking

No. 868802

File: 1646191496068.png (87.96 KB, 1080x433, Screenshot_20220301-222226~2.p…)

OMG LOL posted the pics of Tay taking a shot 11 mins ago and one min later mama dean posts this.

Your daughter is at Yardhouse, a place KNOWN for its alcohol. The most beers on tap of any major restaurant chain. She is taking a shot of amber liquid. SHE IS DRINKING. ALCOHOL. SHE IS LYING TO YOU.

No. 868806

taylors instagram story in one hour: "someone told me that people are speculating about my sobriety??? this is so disheartening to me. there's a brand available in various bars and restaurants in my town called omission IPA beer that is non alcoholic and gluten free that I decided to try at the bar lol. Just in a very tiny cup. And also if I drank on suboxone it'd make me really sick lol so I'm not trying to do that. This is just trial and error!!!"

No. 868807

File: 1646196186061.webm (724.99 KB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-aggy66v_0B44A2B…)

She looks like a wreck. The public self destruction is only getting worse.

How embarassing to be so in denial with all the proof that she's still using and miserable. This is not how happy people act. At all

No. 868813

Can we start taking bets on how many words she manages to vomit up defending herself after one person on twitter gets upset by these photos? Like at least 500 words, right?

No. 868815

File: 1646206342006.webm (3.17 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-dantheman3023_2…)

Typical loud obnoxious dope head. She looks totally diff in these candids

No. 868816

File: 1646206643546.png (919.43 KB, 1425x3029, Screenshot_20220302-012759~2.p…)

Samefag but maybe its her desperate imitation attempts to draw attention to herself in group that doesn't seem to vibe with her that really gets me. We see it often with her. Obviously made 10x worse by h overconfidence. Aggy is the Betsey. She only knows him but will claim to have friends but only see them through him. Theyre really not her friends. Idk just makes me cringe. Anyways more proof for her inevitable rant

No. 868817

File: 1646206964875.png (1.51 MB, 1439x2821, Capture _2022-03-01-01-33-54.p…)

Btw this is her most recent reponse tweet. Like damn girly you know it's this obvious with you too right? Like everyone can clearly see youre not clean from heroin or anything else. Hypocrite

No. 868818

Aggy took over TNDs second account on Instagram? For me it shows as the picture of Nemo until I click onto it then it has a different name, aggys info, his profile picture and all her photos are gone.
So weird and feels like another huge fuck you to her remaining fans

No. 868821

File: 1646211941748.png (575.59 KB, 1433x2638, Capture _2022-03-02-02-58-36.p…)

Is this the page anon? I wonder how much he paid her for it. Agreed, incredibly fucked up that she sold her young fans off to a creepy rape apologist who sings about drugs and disrespecting women. Sadly sounds just like her to do something stupid for a man. Just another sign of how broke and desperate she is despite her claims. After she posted her h spending estimator I figured mama dean was funding her animals while she spends her 30kish yt bucks on drugs and booze. Irs audit sags (again??) when?

No. 868822

File: 1646212081631.png (353.03 KB, 1434x2829, Capture _2022-03-02-03-07-23.p…)

Damn Mama dean confirmed!

No. 868823

File: 1646212486953.png (237.2 KB, 1431x2837, Capture _2022-03-02-03-14-19.p…)

No. 868825

File: 1646212556213.png (346.72 KB, 1439x2815, Capture _2022-03-02-03-12-24.p…)

Last one

No. 868826

I doubt he paid her anything for it like, she probably just give it to him for free when she is out drunk. she could probably made money off with organic followers of that amount. So yes incredibly gullible and I agree with mama dean for once. But at least he doesnt use hard drugs kek am i right nonnies..

No. 868827

An account like hers would fetch maybe $250 on the open market, so she probably traded him for drugs.

If it's any consolation he's an idiot even if he took it for free, because a) her audience doesn't give a shit about his music and b) her engagement was always weak on that account anyway,, so majority of followers are probably bots or inactive accounts. Good thing Aggy's used to being ignored on social media. Dumbass couldn't even get 9 pics ready for the takeover so it doesn't look so fucking obvious.
t. selling IG accounts was my side hustle for a a while

No. 868833

Thanks nonnie. I cant see likes and engagement on instagram anymore ever since they introduce the functionality. So never know how much likes tayter fetches on her second acc. She really needs an outlet to make better friends. No wonder she is so trashy, look at the people she surrounds herself with.

No. 868836

File: 1646226418581.png (1.08 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20220302-080407.png)

Good ol frosty beverage…definitely apple juice

No. 868840

File: 1646233743040.png (4.16 MB, 1430x2824, Capture _2022-03-02-09-04-25.p…)

You guys were right she just gave it to him. He's such a pos and basically everything she claims to stand against. Just another nail in that "career" coffin

No. 868841

File: 1646233754676.jpeg (28.35 KB, 274x275, 7FFDE7D6-3267-4A4C-8D18-B88DF1…)

Kek this aged well

No. 868842

I want to see the social blade of that account after he posted fhat, i know i unfollowed. Also how dangerous is it that she’s drinking (once again) on suboxone

No. 868844

File: 1646234050793.png (3.91 MB, 1439x2840, Capture _2022-03-02-09-04-49.p…)

Also lol at the first selfie he posts being one totally pinned out in dim light. But no he totally doesnt use drugs foh

No. 868845

His music sucks he should give up on that and pursue modeling instead and yeah he def has to be a drug dealer

No. 868846

he is so fucking ugly i’m sorry but “sharp” facial features don’t make you attractive it makes him look like a predator kek
he gives me the same vibes nicholas cage does

No. 868847

Mama Dean is honestly pretty funny right here. In fact check it real soon

No. 868848

Love how he turned off comments on the page’s single post so Taylors stans don’t have the option to blast him for depriving them of their favorite junkie’s pinned animal abuse selfies kek

No. 868849

File: 1646236919269.png (24.37 KB, 296x209, aggy socialblade.png)

No. 868850

File: 1646237348204.jpg (21.42 KB, 381x254, T twit socialblade.jpg)

taylors twitter social blade. Glad shes not gaining on twitter or instagram at least

No. 868890

I’m glad I’m not the only one doing a hearty kek over Mama Dean’s boomer beatdown here

No. 868920

did aggy already delete the instagram page that he got from taylor?

No. 868921

Im gonna play devil's advocate here and say i feel sorry for Mama Dean. Let's consider that maybe she unconsiously enabled Taylor going full munchie out of motherly love. I assume when your child says they're hurting you rarely consider they might be lying, you just look for another doctor. And Taylor must have quickly learn that new sickness will free her of any ounce of responsibility or critisism.
And now Mama Dean is stuck with grownass narcissist thinking that she's super special much sick angel and other people feel 100% happy and physically perfect all the time.

No. 868922

I think it could be taken down after it was reported? But yes its gone.

No. 868934

What did it get reported for?

No. 868937

I dunno. I would have kicked her out a long, long time ago. or at LEAST made her get a part time job. It's hard to feel bad for her when it feels like she's deliberately ignoring the problem for 95% of the time.

No. 868958

He'd do well modeling in vegas, those ugly face tats could be covered up. But he'd have to clean up and look classy, always show up to auditions and call time early, and just be easy going and respectful. The party models don't last long cause they oversleep and have eye bags. The man is good looking but he's wasting it taking dead eye selfies and pretending to be a SoundCloud rapper.

No. 868959

I am assuming people were reported it cause he took over the account as spam or fake account etc. if a fraction of the followers collectively reported it, the account would be temp suspended.

No. 868967

Giving/selling your account to someone else is against Instagram rules. They say it's to prevent hackers but it's actually because it's a shortcut to getting followers without paying thousands for ads. So even one or two reports will get it taken down bc they take it pretty seriously.

No. 868975

Nice! Thanks nonnie. Glad the idiot is not getting a shortcut for followers counts. Idk why I just hate the soundcloud rapper dude, his demeanour, attitude and the way he is using tayter for clout pisses me off.

No. 869028

I wonder how Taylor feels about Tyler and Maddie collabing with Snake Discovery. Feels like SD is one of the only Pettuber who's thriving anymore, and it's evident everyone has clearly moved on from Taylor. Crazy what a difference a few years and active addiction makes, she was such hot shit and completely ruined her chances.

No. 869049

I would not call Snake Discovery "pettube". Isn't the definition of pet tube to have as many animals as you possibly can fit into one room while having no real knowledge and information about them because you bought all 200 pets just last week? SD at least have relevant info. The only reason Tay grew so big was because people were searching for care guides, too bad she doesn't know shit. Luckily youtube recommends better videos these days.

No. 869061

I remember Taylor posted one of her attempts at a "comeback" video around the same time Snake Discovery announced their zoo was open for business. They invited other relevant YouTubers to the facility then too and I can only imagine how shitty that must've made Taylor feel

No. 869081

Cant wait for taylor to return in a week or two with a long post about having relapsed. All her dumbass blind fans will be commenting their support and it's going to be the same song and dance as the last few times. She will get praised for her "honesty, transparency and bravery for sharing her relapse with the internet" but anyone who calls out her bullshit will be attacked. Bet she wont ever acknowledge or discuss her recent drinking with aggy and retards, and will brush it under the rug like last time by saying "im on suboxone, i wouldnt drink that would be sooOOoo dumb"

No. 869145

I haven’t been on this site in a while and died when I read this. It’s been 27 days since her video was ready to upload and now she’s out partying and ignoring her fans. She really does just go through the same self destructive cycle every month of empty promises and letting down her fans. But she’s ToTaLly DoInG gREaT aNd MoViNg OuT tHiS sUmMeR gUyS! What giant joke, keep doing shots and smoking h to numb the pain of being a massive fucking failure tay.

No. 869157

We never did find out who all got eaten, did we?

No. 869158

File: 1646587093229.jpeg (151.7 KB, 1125x643, 78101AE8-70E6-4685-A192-C93E37…)

I was just down a rabbit hole looking through old tweets and stumbled upon this. I just think it’s ironic how insensitive she is to people with ED’s but expects everyone else around her to be sensitive to her addiction. ED’s are addictions. Also wasn’t there somewhere where she claimed she was severely underweight but she like wasn’t and instead she gained weight?

No. 869160

This is very clearly sarcasm, anon. I believe she might be trying to imply she is anorexic herself, being the attention whoring munchie that she is.

No. 869185

rEcOvErY is not LiNeAr

No. 869238

File: 1646664302122.jpeg (294.46 KB, 828x1420, 5C853FD1-D207-415A-9B69-2538EB…)

I have the time today and i’m bored so about to debunk a lot of miss Tays claims. Here she talks about her last “year and a half” long relapse. A year and a half before the date this was posted (8-14-21) is 2-14-2020. Anytime after 2-14-20 that tay claimed she was sober (up until 5-14-21 when she claims she got sober again) she was lying

No. 869239

So to recap: she claims she was not sober from 2-2020 to 5-2021

which means she was high during that wedding with forest like we all knew.

No. 869240

File: 1646664574826.jpeg (202.34 KB, 828x1129, 984F7F0E-F415-42DC-9D4E-7AF979…)

this would also have been a lie because from her own words, she would have been in an active relapse here

No. 869270

File: 1646682007119.jpeg (341.8 KB, 828x1556, B438184E-B47E-4D01-B741-03998D…)

here she is claiming that hesrt went boom from EDS

No. 869271

File: 1646682028042.jpeg (661.8 KB, 828x1475, BC61CFDE-9AB5-4458-8BEF-0FF803…)

but then this…

No. 869277

Sad to hear about Lil Bo Weep’s death. She was a scammer junkie but she didn’t have animals under her watch. Meanwhile you got this junkie still alive whilst endangering animals.

No. 869332

Ah folks, Tayter tot yet again flushing her remaining YT “career” down the drain by overpromising her uploads. Like does she expect to move out any time soon at the rate or at least try to get her life together? I dont get why is she looking to weave of subs when she is still fresh from recovery. Where is all the gym, therapy session you’ve been going tay?? I doubt she is doing ANY of that.

No. 869355

but being a small YouTube channel is her favorite thing according to her tweets abt it lol

No. 869369

LOL that was so sad to read in those Tweets because you can tell she doesn't actually feel that way. She is pissed and embarrassed she threw it all away and lost what was left of a good audience she could have had. With each day that passes by there are less and less people willing to deal with or support her shit. Don't get me wrong there will always be that one braindead person who will support her until the end, but it will never compare with what she once had.
Funny how she can just blame not uploading on "muh depressive episode" every 2 weeks… so so embarassing

No. 869388

>Funny how she can just blame not uploading on "muh depressive episode" every 2 weeks

I know it’s just an excuse but if she’s really SO depressed she can’t do her job or achieve anything she should really be in an institution or a program for serious psychiatric help. She needs someone to help push her towards achieving positive goals because since she left Jonny it’s been a constant cesspool of lies, failures and her insisting she’s healing without any actual progress or change.

No. 869437

File: 1646866550892.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, 61AAAE80-6CE0-44F4-A6CD-9EDAE4…)


No. 869439

File: 1646870418946.jpg (178.04 KB, 1080x1491, Screenshot_20220309-155848_Chr…)

Looks like papa Dean was telling him to straighten the fuck up for his daughter without actually saying it kek

No. 869443

What the fuck? Jonny saga 2.0 inc.

No. 869445

Image showing off a book ur ex gfs dad bought u over 3 years ago, how weird. I bet Taylor is going to have meltdown over this. She’ll probably say he’s harassing her or that she’s unsafe because she over exaggerates everything, it’s perfect fuel for a narc rant.

No. 869455

Ahhh get your popcorn ready anons! JC and Taytor Heroin Chronicles 2.0 ~ Escaping Skidney Edition. Eeeek can’t wait

No. 869457

this is kinda creepy. tay just tweeted about escaping him and now he’s bringing her and her family up publicly in a cutesy way, she probably should’ve gotten that restraining order she lied about having. very cute that they’re both still mentally stuck in their shitty relationship though.

No. 869459

I don’t know why anons think Tay wouldn’t immediately run back to JC again as if she hasn’t been publicly thinking about him on a biweekly basis since they split up

No. 869469

Kek. Tinfoil that Taylor is going to remain MIA for awhile, now that Jonny’s thrown out a line, no doubt in my mind they will be talking again in no time. She’s going to try and scheme a way to appropiate the relationship. She may not ever even come out and be public about it but who knows. Once they’re back at it gettinf high im sure she’ll be on her high horse and slip up posting a trashy pic of them in bed together

No. 869471

Second tinfoil that we actually will probably get word first from mama Dean’s messy ass. Sage for incoming blogpost but that woman needs to learn the meaning of tough love. Nothing wrong with living with your parents, however, Letting your drug addict daughter live at home without ANY sort of plans, no more full-time YouTube, no job, no school, is the definition of enabler. She allows her to creep around all hours of the night, allows her to blow money on nails, hair, clothes and takes on the burden of caring for her animals. If she knows she’s doing drugs in her dungeon, why not call the cops and let her get charged with possession? Or at least let it scare the shit out of her. May seem extreme but wouldn’t it be better to have her put in jail then wake up and finding her dead from an overdose? It’s not that far fetched.

No. 869473

Taylor has made no progress since moving back home. Does Jenn have the capacity to reflect on the situation at all or how she’s contributing to it in any way

No. 869474

honestly I feel like it would be good for her career, he would influence her to post more. they would both build up one another’s egos. act like that power couple they so think they are.

No. 869480

Anon you’re kidding me right? They will roll back into H so quick together and tayter will 100% OD this round. They are both terrible together and JC is a blackhole that will suck any remaining self respect TND has for herself

No. 869491


She has even posted pictures of drugs and needles in her bedroom… not sure how mama dean didn’t see that as a HUGE red flag. Fully don’t understand that entire family or their dynamic and how it’s normal for the mother to complain online about how her life is shit and have her daughter post online that she’s using hard drugs in their house

No. 869508

I think anons are confusing her being negativity obsessed with her past with her being obsessed with Jonny. She tweets about how scummy he is at least once a week, she made a whole video about how abusive he is, she just recently made a Instagram post about how hard it was to get away, she claims he gave her ptsd, I think it’s pretty clear she hates him. She posts about him and her abusive relationship so much because of the response she gets from her audience, her victim posts always get a flood of fans saying how great she’s doing and how amazing of a person she is, it’s all just for validation. If she got back with him it would be career suicide, she’d probably have to find a real job and she’d lose the constant parade of validation she gets from simply not being with him. Taylor is stupid, but not that stupid.

No. 869518

File: 1646937702589.jpeg (196.58 KB, 828x1365, Jonny Craig Book.jpeg)

he clarified when he got the book

No. 869519

File: 1646937821914.jpg (708.08 KB, 1080x2187, Jonny Craig Book 2.jpg)

Also it's here in this picture. I think it's totally weird how he shows the card got from Taylors dad like why now? To annoy taylor?

No. 869521

Oh I 10000% think it would be a bad path, but I think for the first 6months it would boost her career. I think she would actually post bc she is high on euphoria

No. 869522

This isn’t the same book. This is “100 things I love about you” a book syd got JC for Christmas.

No. 869543

But also… round 2 where she can be like “everyone was saying my career was dead already and I was so lonely and scared!! Victims always go back !!! Trauma !”

No. 869575

Ah, my favorite Taylor-ism, "people said I was talking to him so I figured I may as well! It's the internet's fault I'm back in a relationship with my abuser!!"

No. 869594

this is stupid tinfoil. Taylor shaped her return over her escape from her abusive boyfriend. She would lose her remaining fans (and all her new recovering addict fans) if she did that. I don't think she would gain anything from going back, even in her own mind if she was obsessed (and I think she's more obsessed with her own pain/victimhood than Johnny himself).

No. 869595

Pretty sure nonnie’s point was why would taylor get back with somebody who’s she’s made very clear she hates. People don’t tend to get back with the abuser they obsessively hate after struggling for over a year to get away from them in the first place. I have to agree it’s too big of a stretch that they’d get back together.

No. 869663

>honestly I feel like it would be good for her career, he would influence her to post more.
So gross this has got to be JC the toothless manlet self posting because he knows, she lurks here.
All this "ooh it would be exciting and milky if they got back together" talk is fucking creepy, they would lie together nodded out in filth and then months later we'd see an obituary for Taylor. Yeah how fun to watch.
No matter what a dumb selfish bitch Taylor is, Jonny will always be worse, and I wish him an impotent incel existence where he never hurts anyone again.

No. 869664

Tay is so basic and unmotivated by internal needs that left to her own devices, she is a near-worthless lump of unwashed human sitting in her smelly childhood bedroom/snake room doing drugs behind her mommy's back while listening to her retarded brother scream.
Tay is motivated by external factors such as drugs, male attention and even drama. She was doing the YT thing when she was with JC because he was supplying her & supporting her. Her career was objectively better with JC pushing her, even if it was only because he needed her to be the "hot popular snake girl" for his own ego and the YT bucks for drugs.
Hate JC or not, he knew how to handle an unmotivated junkie bitch and get her to perform. That's more than she has done in 2 years on her own. She hasn't improved anything since leaving him. Not a single aspect of her life has gotten better since her dramatic "leaving my abuser arc" and that has got to be killing her inside.

No. 869666

This is basically what I meant.

If you read my other post I said it was a bad idea and path, also I was being sarcastic abt the power couple. just saying it would be better for her career, but worst for her life

No. 869694

>Hate JC or not, he knew how to handle an unmotivated junkie bitch and get her to perform
Anon, he abused her and got her hooked on heroin, this is not a "I know he's controversial but I'll be a devils advocate" situation. She "performed" way better before she got with him, had way better content and more regular uploads.
You think JC "motivated" and "handled" her? Bitch when?? All we saw him do was spend her money, threaten to flush her pets down the toilet, and nod on her couch watching movies.
Some of you are so dedicated to being pickmes you're fanfic writing redeeming qualities about a bloated rapist junkie, truly incredible

No. 869700

Let's be real here, if not JC, she'll get another problematic psycho. She's the kind of girl, that needs a dramatic relationship. After JC and Brodick (that turned out to be a creep junkie) she got with some Tinder guy, he seemed normal (she didn't post a lot of him tho) and it ended pretty quickly. Probably dumped him, because he was too nice. And now there's Aggy…

No. 869702

JC is a pos but tay was a drug addict when she met him, his ex band mate actually said she made JC relapse because she begged him to try heroin. The whole “he injected me with drugs” is just a line she says to make herself look like huge victim and to shift the blame of her addiction because she’s incapable of taking responsibility for anything.

No. 869711

JC is shit but so is Taylor. She knew exactly what he was when she sought him out and wanted a relationship with a druggy abuser because she wanted the aEsThEtIc. She wants a Sid Vicious/Nancy Spungen love story for some reason. I assume without the whole dying thing but maybe she’s into that shit too. So dark and cool omg

No. 869719

>>869702 oh how could we forget what a drug addict she was before jonny, with her one sip of alcohol that led to her short dabble with cocaine? please.
i don't trust any moid trying to stick up for his fellow dudebro. especially if it was that one fucker from slaves. they all knew what jonny was like but they won't admit to that to save face for their shit careers.

No. 869731

Let’s just all agree Taylor and Jonny are both toxic terrible people. They both got a lot to work on as people. Both seek attention. Both are addicts. Both are abusive. Thank god, they are broken up.

No. 869742

Just fuck off with your JC whiteknighting.
>She was an addict before!
Yes with her sip of vodka and doing cocaine at parties, having a thriving YouTube channel, totally the same as being a heroin addict with rotting leg abscesses.
>she made him relapse
Hahahaha poor baby angel manlet was doing so good with rotten teeth and getting kicked off tours for assaulting women! If only 20 year old snake lady hadn't ruined his life!
Why are you so determined to make Jonny fatfingers look good babe? He in your DMs?

No. 869747

>its syd white knighting him. Shes been posting in the other thread too

No. 869758

You don’t have to love Jonny to realize Taylor is a manipulative liar, you can dislike them both. Her original story when she admitted she was an addict was that she was already doing coke and meth before she met Jonny, remember all her “addictive personality” rants? She lies and over exaggerates everything so I don’t know why you would trust that she’s not lying about Jonny getting her on drugs. I would argue that she was deepest in her addiction when she was still with Jonny and that’s when her career was most successful, she was getting millions of views and still uploading consistently so I don’t see a correlation there at all. Don’t any of you think it’s weird that Taylor is his only ex gf who has ever become an addict? If he gave women drugs to ruin their lives or whatever wouldn’t all his exs be addicts too?

No. 869773

Why does thinking both of them are bad news make you syd?

No. 869774

I totally agree with you. Say what you want about Taylor you can't compare her to a teethless monster that rapes his girlfriends while stabbing with a knife next to their head… just look up what he did to his other ex girlfriends. Also he introduced men to heroin so TND isn't the first he talked into trying it. I guess that's his way to get free heroin - just make others addicted and take it with them.

No. 869780

I thought it was a needle, was it a knife? Then my god

No. 869791

Well then I guess it's safe to say he IS in her DMs
Man this is the saddest cope. Demonize Taylor all you want babe, fact is you have much more in common with her than with the Hep C ridden goblin you're both obsessed with.

No. 869805

I don’t know why they are obsessed when they have pointed out a lot of thing that happened on this thread. she did to meth and coke before jonny. Why are anons mad about that and other things? I’m not even the anon that made this post, im just confused

No. 869812

>doesn’t believe Taylor the compulsive liar is telling the truth
>MuSt Be SyDnEy!
Did I click on the wrong thread? this is taylor the lying manipulative animal abusers thread right? Skid is on Instagram crying abuse so I’m positive she’s not on lolcow defending her abuser, you complete retard. Why has Tay’s thread turned into a Jonny 2.0 thread where criticizing her and pointing out facts isn’t allowed? I made this thread because no one else would, good luck finding someone else to make you a new one when this maxes, more importantly good luck finding anons to post itt when you attack everyone for criticizing the cow and bringing up facts.

No. 869818

Honestly, what is even the point in continuing these threads? She just lies/ over shares/ and fakes being a you tuber. Shes been stagnant for a long ass time, hasnt the milk already dried up?

No. 869819

Her thread should’ve been axed at 68. All she does is the same predictable 3 things. It was kinda unavoidable that her stans would come and take over this thread defending her eventually because nobody else comes on here anymore. See you guys in a year or so when she inevitably overdoses.

No. 869823

I feel like it strongly depends on her. If she ever wakes up. I’m sure this thread will be dead for 6months to a year at least. Maybe forever if she never gets her shit together enough to post videos. Getting boring

No. 869846

I would agree to moving her to snow. You are 100% correct in that she has 3 phases in an endless loop.
I just wonder will she just stop posting, OD, or keep this up even though her fanbase will be 20 people.

No. 869871

I agree. once there's more people defending a cow than gossiping, you know a thread is done for.

No. 869908

I don't think /pt/ cows get moved back to /snow/ they just let threads gather dust and fall back in the catalogue.
>Inb4 Taylor posts some manic snake photos with new nails because she hates the idea of this thread dying while she's still trying to make fetch happen with her 3 year long comeback

No. 870098

File: 1647498761516.png (391.86 KB, 1080x950, Screenshot_20220317-062911.png)


No. 870107

I'm worried for Taylor. She told me she's seriously considering getting back with JC. She thinks his sobriety with help her with hers.

No. 870112

Post the proof or fuck off

No. 870119

Who would post this other than her mom or one of her two friends? Or someone pretending to have inside info. Either way I kinda believe it. He’s been popping up on her ig here and there for awhile. Clearly trying to weasel his way back in.

No. 870120

Well nonna called it, the snake being JC…
Shes so desperate

No. 870128

This cant be real lol

No. 870143

post proof or dont post anything at all. all ur doing is throwing fuel on a fire

No. 870151

As much as I was "Team Taylor would never get back with Jonny" before, I could honestly see it now. Yes she has vehemently talked shit on him since breaking up with him but she is still obsessed with him what, has it been 2 years? If Jonny slid into her DMs apologizing and giving her the cLoSuRe she wanted to badly, I could see her switching up the narrative for him with the "people change & deserve second chances!!" shit. They hardly have anything to offer each other financially but I agree that it would fuel each of their egos big time.

No. 870154

She’s removed him as a follower or he unfollowed her.

No. 870204

So she still hasn't blocked him?

No. 870228

Read the post above yours.

No. 870243

provide proof and also shut the fuck up, admitting to associating with this woman is the height of embarrassment even on an anonymous forum
insidious. and this is the most exciting thing thats happened to her for what, 3 years? when was the last time she whined about him on twitter? seems sus.

calling it now, jonny starts vague posting about her and we watch a glimpse of him in some rambling drunk instagram story. bring on the saga taylor, your life cant possibly get worse than it already is

No. 870246

He already has when he decided to share the book her dad got him years ago. I think it says something considering she didn’t post 15 insta stories and tweets meth rambling about how her aBuSeR was talking about her

No. 870276

The most milky thing about this is Taylor claiming she had him blocked when it’s obvious he’s not. It’s very weird that she didn’t actually block him after she caught him liking her pictures a month ago, or now when he followed her, it lends weight to the belief that something else is going on imo. The only reason you don’t block somebody is because you want to connect with them, it doesn’t feel like she’s actually as intimidated or upset by him as she claims.

No. 870311

File: 1647632847932.jpeg (595.58 KB, 828x1477, 7D2A25B9-DC9F-477C-A8AD-50C08F…)

JC bought a shitty 3-star amazon lie detector for a YT video. I tinfoiling that he is going to make a video about all the abuse “allegations” to try to win tay back? Lmao i cant wait tbh. This might actually force some milk on this thread.

No. 870313

How would him proving Taylor is a liar win her back though? He’s just going to use it to attempt to redeem himself because by this point pretty much everybody knows he’s a pos scammer who leeches off of women and treats them like crap, and it’s hurting his music “career”.

No. 870340

Not about TND’s abuse obviously, about other stuff from his strings of exes. He is been trying to get tay’s attention for the past few weeks now after syd is kicked out.

No. 870364

does he not know/care that Taylor is broke and living with her mum and that most of her animals are gone or dead?

No. 870372

They were really in love. Her money was a pro but, he wasn’t completely using her.

No. 870399

File: 1647715747151.jpeg (160.08 KB, 828x1152, 23B09029-8128-4E7F-99ED-02378A…)

Anddd she’s back like nothing happened. Incoming Insta story dump

No. 870400

File: 1647715931597.jpeg (864.83 KB, 3018x3464, BD323477-2CDA-4FA0-81FA-F44350…)

No. 870403

I'm no fish expert, but aren't betta fish freshwater and clownfish saltwater? Why does this post sound like a betta ate a clownfish? I'm confused

No. 870406

She means the marine betta, a carnivorous saltwater fish. She rehomed him a month ago. Here are the caps >>867810

No. 870407

Didn't she sell her Betta before she went MIA? Why is she talking like this literally just happened.

I also like in screen shot 4 she accidentally left the "1" where she talks about how many times she failed to upload.
Even she knew she couldn't get away with saying it only happen once so I guess she tried to delete that number and replace it with "several". Kek

No. 870520

File: 1647748918083.jpeg (110.43 KB, 828x1318, 6E36A723-7BCD-4C9F-A6D5-75DC88…)

Forgot the one where she spent 150$ on a fish.

No. 870556

keep a a watch out for her posting about how 'Abooose victims react in all different ways!' and how she can't help but check in on her abuser. That'll be the soft entrance to her fanbase.

No. 870557

Taylor is an orange storm clown

No. 870960

File: 1647970645452.jpeg (66.83 KB, 828x1792, CF2F7538-CF03-41B5-9704-F44493…)

I guess the twisty and bindi habitat video isn’t happening, she has new ideas now. She’ll be back in less than a week making fake promises again, without them she doesn’t get that $$$ from fans watching old video in anticipation.

No. 870967

Does she not realize just how sad this is? "sO fUn omg I wanna talk about it sO bAd lulz!1!" So…. you're still going to ignore everything you said about these videos that were totally ready to go live 4 different times to your fanbase? Jesus Christ. But she totally doesn't care that her audience is small guise, she's obviously so tight-knit with them and cares about them.

Honestly I know most can agree that she's become a boring cow because of this cycle but at this point I enjoy watching her waste her life away. She wants to treat the people who actually believed in her like shit, and then gives the surprised pikachu face when she also gets treated like shit and is this much of a loser in life. It's called karma sweetie!

No. 870975

What happened to the moth video? Or the multiple videos she said were lined up for February? The zen habitat update? It’s so sad that she can’t even share updates with her fans anymore, she’s so inconsistent that even an update puts her at risk for lying because she can’t even trust herself to follow through. I stg every time she comes back after a hiatus and says she’s doing better she’s actually doing a hundred times worse.

No. 871016

Months only live for a couple of months and it takes Taylor about a year to make one video, so I'm guessing the months shuffled off this mortal coil before our depression advocate could manage to do her makeup and set up a camera.

No. 871039

Has she taken down her insta? I can't find it

No. 871040

File: 1648030863280.webm (11.84 MB, 1080x1920, instgram story 3.23.2022.webm)

Sabor has been sighted for the first time in God knows how long.

You're probably blocked.

No. 871078

Keep dunking on the haters by misting plastic plants, oh and proving you CAN take photos of him inside his enclosure you've just chosen not to.
God she is so salty for someone who decided her content creation "career" was about her animals.
Nobody is forcing you to show your animals, but saying "all my animals are thriving", then not showing them for years, while also battling drug addiction makes people ask questions. But sure, they're the assholes Tay.

No. 871101

File: 1648058846989.jpeg (1.42 MB, 3464x3238, 980D26B7-AE67-487C-A8EB-DB1E24…)

Finally confirmed she’s been drinking. I guess she forget that she wrote a whole ass essay defending herself. She changed stories pretty fast
>if I drank on subs I’d get SO sick I could never and >it’s not sobriety unless it’s entire
>I only drank twice since I’ve been sober calm down guys
By her own standards she just admitted to a relapse.

No. 871134

Why did she reply to such an old comment about this? Really bad look.

No. 871135

File: 1648089987829.png (1.41 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20220323-223646.png)

Out at a small indie concert that looks like a Monty Phyton homage performed by ppl with b.o. In about 4 seconds of footage sticks her bloated tongue out twice. Yawn. Rocking her red see-through body suit and dresses completely inappropriately as usual.

No. 871136

File: 1648090230937.png (2.79 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20220323-224800.png)


Of course she is with wanna-be rapper boy. Bought some new stick on nails and a purse it looks like. She is sooooo predictable I am bored.

No. 871146

File: 1648100835643.jpg (272.72 KB, 1080x1570, Screenshot_20220324_074228.jpg)

Sage for not really milk but I think it's funny Emzotic is copying Taylor's "falling in love with a feeder rat" saga. And yes it's between her tits.
I wonder if Em is still sending follow up emails to Taylor about the Zenhabitats video Tay kept promising that anons tinfoiled was sponsored? She's still working for them, but maybe she wrote it off as a bad debt by now.

No. 871150

Why is her fashion always so gimmicky, lack of taste?

No. 871160

Bruh is that how much she was spending on H daily. Like fuck man, 72 dollars can get you at least 2 grams. Which for reference, thats like 20-40 high doses every single day. I've slammed some dangerous shit, but how in the fuck is she alive

No. 871161

Dumbass, you realize europeans can just buy their own coffee and brew it themselves, like we do

No. 871163

Why are you replying so rudely to something posted so long ago? Anon was obviously talking about the retail coffee sizes, and you would know that if you read - dumbass.

No. 871165

More likely she was massively overcharged by her dealer and/or JC was stealing from her under guise of buying H. And let's not forget she thinks she was on China White when that's not sold in Texas.
She tries to be hard but she's just a sheltered suburb kid.

No. 871167

Lmao i know, shit just ain't adding up. She probably is just very stupid and getting ripped off. no fucking way shes slammin 2 g a day, even her idles couldnt shoot that much a day

No. 871174

She was financially supporting JC so i'm sure they each got a g a day and it wasn't all her she just wants the street cred kek

No. 871194

Isn’t it her birthday tomorrow? Get ready for “25 is soooo young tho like I’m in the prime of my life” and “I’ve achived so much since I left my aboosive ex boyfriend, so proud of all my progress” rants, and probably some BiRtHdAy SeLfIeS so she can get validation from her fans wishing her a happy birthday and telling her how “young” she looks.

No. 871198

File: 1648171674461.jpeg (310.19 KB, 750x557, 7E74B64C-E366-4061-85E8-6A87A8…)

it took 5 mins after your post for her to say hi

No. 871203

Sage for blogpost but early in my addiction this guy would buy it for me because “the dealers were dangerous and only sold to people they knew well” so naively i would give him money to go buy it…. Only until later on in rehab did i learn how much i was truly getting ripped off lol. She’s def lying for JC’s street cred or was massively ripped off

No. 871212

File: 1648183682046.png (3.9 MB, 1440x2563, Screenshot_20220325-004636.png)

Even if they were alive, wouldn't they be way past their life expectancy by now? Or did she get new hedgehogs? I don't know anything about hedgies

No. 871227

ella was 2 years old in august 2019. so that makes her almost 5 this august…. which is a long life

No. 871228

her old hedgehog Kovu died in 2018 at 3 years old and her caption says that he’s had a full life. i bet she bought new ones

No. 871232

File: 1648217522627.jpeg (336.65 KB, 1284x783, 383A35D4-D820-44E0-9C65-A6CBCA…)

That’s a long life for a TND animal but not for hedgehogs in general.

No. 871244

File: 1648225722722.jpeg (259.7 KB, 828x1466, 4C57783A-4F8F-4F05-AE47-4A1861…)

kek This looks like she literally copy and pasted from some parts of your post
>so proud of all my progress
So cute she’s spending her birthday alone ranting on Instagram, thriving queen!

No. 871256

Really says a lot about how much she achieved and value as a 25 year old adult to keep this really stupid and shallow thing she did years ago as the peak of her life. Nothing about her mom helping her get sober, her parents supporting her every relapse, after she have thrown everything away for that fat junkie, after sending her to every therapy and every stupid new tattoo, clothes and zoo she decided to include. No. None of that she is proud of. She is proud of this stupid random ass tattoo from a celebrity gave her from a viral tweet and that doesnt even know her. Well done tay

No. 871258

File: 1648236902969.jpeg (310.3 KB, 828x1199, DCB9DA8A-D344-4D1C-8A58-486BED…)

And now the birthdays selfies for fan validation, she seriously used this post as a template I stg. Peep the huge track on her shoulder lmao. Happy 25 years of being a complete waste of space tayter.

No. 871260

File: 1648236983338.jpeg (462.55 KB, 828x1448, 668D0A2D-50DB-4F7A-BC9D-54900D…)

No. 871261

File: 1648237341669.jpg (41.45 KB, 600x449, Spongebob_Get_a_Job.jpg)

>I'm working on stuff behind the scenes, just not ready to make my social media a business again, but me sitting on my ass all day only going out to get high and drunk is totally adulting!

No. 871267

File: 1648239155787.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x1125, B23D6370-CE51-47D0-B53A-03BC34…)

This chick genuinely gets uglier and uglier with each post. 25 isn’t that old but she already looked 10 years older. Major 35 scene reject poser vibes.

No. 871268

File: 1648239272787.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1125x1680, 12546594-C450-4901-BD62-7E3435…)

Tinfoil her “behind the scenes” is making shitty ass art. Watch out, Skid, taytor’s coming for your failed art career and ex man

No. 871269

this really reminds me of the “i don’t know what to do with my hands” scene from talladega nights. was she trying to hide her tracks? poor job considering she posted the last 2 slides anyways. kek

No. 871271

this is just depressing. Id probably kms if I was 25, an addict, broke, unemployed and uneducated, had no real friends and still lived at home. So delusional how she pretends shes succeeding while undeniably being worse off than she was before her 'recovery'.
Her face looks so hollow lately, not in a sexy cheekbones kinda way, but in a old meth addict kinda way.

No. 871274

The reason she’s so terrified of turning 25 is because she knows she hit her peak years ago and has been wasting her life away ever since. I get that addiction and abuse are difficult to recover from but it feels like she purposely relapses and triggers her trauma just to keep herself in the “healing” stage as long as possible to give her an excuse to do nothing while also getting sympathy for it.

No. 871276

File: 1648242424031.jpeg (324.64 KB, 1108x1822, A606E13D-451D-4687-B2EF-4B0C40…)

Awe look at that, her only friend wished her a hbd! Too bad she lives in another state or tutu wouldn’t have to spend her bday shooting up alone in her filthy home zoo while reminiscing about her life before she fucked it up beyond recognition.

No. 871277

Sometimes I get self conscious, then I remember Taylor and I are the same age and it could be a hell of a lot worse lmao. Home girl looks like HELL

No. 871279

She looks wrecked like this is like after loads of make up and editing too. Is this just bad lighting and make up? Cause she looks like she is back to her tired face recovering from relapse again.

No. 871292

Does this broad have any other personality besides her fucking drug addiction? Jfc she's insufferable. It's been years of this shit. How does she still have the fucking audience for people to still listen to her.

Just checked out her YouTube for the first time since her New Year's Day JC video. Can't seem to crack 100k anymore. What did momma Dean used to call her all the time? Queen of Pettube???

No. 871294

Wasn’t it proven she is a tracer? I’m not sure these cows all trace, so I forgot if she was one of them

No. 871295

anon that’s clearly a clown fish bite on her shoulder

No. 871301

Probably had to hit the jib pipe so she had the energy to do hair and make up, oh wait the only time she’s too tired/sick/depressed to do things is when it’s related to work
Ya, Taylor? Shoot drugs? She would never. It’s just the fish, or she stabbed her shoulder accidentally while opening a tube of caulking again.

No. 871307

holy fuck i'm crying haha

No. 871319

File: 1648274370527.png (704.14 KB, 1436x2845, Capture _2022-03-25-00-08-38.p…)

Wrists and face look a lot bigger here than her pics today. Ive been thinking for a while that shes gaining despite being oddly gaunt in the face. She clearly is facetuning her body though because no one has that broad a chest and twig arms lmao >>871267 also her skin looks like shes trying to cover up uneven patches from having picked her skin. Probably on the same old heroin and meth roller coaster. How fucking depressing to kill a lucrative career & any potential for a real comeback. I mean how much longer until she inevitably gets sepsis from endless abcesses again, or covid? Not to mention the horrific state of the illicit drug supply right now. Seems mama dean will come around before Taylor does. The clock is ticking she will soon have no more parental insurance nor does she have much time left in general

No. 871323

Woahhh that’s crazy. It’s like that fat bloaty heroin look that Jonny had when he was using

No. 871328

File: 1648283283351.webm (2.02 MB, 720x1280, taylorndean story 26.03.2022.w…)

sad attempt of looking sexy while eye fucking herself when instead she looks like she has Tourette’s

No. 871344

The way she's touching her head here is actually really bizarre

No. 871347

does she think it's normal to take videos of herself like that in public? Taylor, how many people do you see doing that around you?

No. 871349

File: 1648309933714.png (88.1 KB, 840x306, Screenshots_2022-03-26-11-50-5…)

Hmm wonder if Mama Dean posted anything for Tay's birthday…

No. 871350

File: 1648310109939.png (959.32 KB, 854x1628, Screenshots_2022-03-26-11-53-4…)


She was with soundcloud rat killer last night as per usual. Tongue out as per usual. Yawn.

No. 871353

I can’t wait for her post crying about how she got the Rona.

No. 871358

Seems like she’s tweaking.

No. 871360

File: 1648315248824.webm (3.05 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-dantheman3023_3…)

Drinking the same group of misogynistic losers as usual

No. 871361

File: 1648315280607.webm (651.34 KB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-aggy66v_D241F6C…)

No. 871371

File: 1648317878073.png (840.12 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20220326-134756.png)


Definitely enjoying a Moscow Mule after a tough day of defending her drinking on twitter

No. 871373

The migration!

No. 871375

File: 1648319408001.jpeg (313.66 KB, 828x1266, 5BC54710-CEA2-46FA-A4BC-6DA025…)

No. 871378

Holy crap this looks like a kidnapping snuff photo.

No. 871379

Was she so blasted she didn't realize her entire tit was out?

No. 871380

Is that her nipple flopped out? Yikes

No. 871381

Has it finally happened? Has she finally gotten a face tattoo

No. 871382


Did she really not see the entire nipple in this picture? Or did she just not care

No. 871383

Wtf is this?! kek
Looks like she was so happy with the pretend cleavage, clearly just from the pose and having her entire tit out of her shirt, that she blurred her nipple clean off

No. 871384

File: 1648321321908.png (3.2 MB, 1170x2532, DA5084ED-BD8B-4A83-ACD1-2981ED…)

No. 871385

Looks to me like she tried to blur it out so she could pretend she's got some big titties, meanwhile her right one is nowhere to be seen

No. 871386

>My outfit was cute so that's what I'm highlighting

Oh, ok… Is that why I can't even see your outfit, but rather your entire left breast on full display?

No. 871389

eww why girl. so desperate for any attention, negative or positive.

No. 871390

>Starting the year sober guyz
>titty out

No. 871391

File: 1648322304572.png (3.97 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20220326-140433.png)

Nice tracks Trailer. More like: "Greatful for another yr of continuous use without eviction! Thanks to my full time live in assistant for making this all possible. And thanks for being my friend aggy, even though you think abusing women is funny, botched killing rats (twinsies teehee) , and clearly only tolerate me for drugs, money, sex, and/or clout. Love u!" It's not even a relapse, just continuous use. She probably just runs out of money just like every other addict ever and claims to mama she's "seriously attempting sobriety again". Can't wait for "heart goes boom PT 3 I bought a cemetery plot"

No. 871392

She's been drinking though too hasn't she? Someone else posted the Moscow mule pic up above but I think in all he recent outings she's been drinking, despite trying to say they're non alcoholic (in one instance proved to be a lie based on the can she was holding).
Sage for nitpick but all these current/ex junkies constantly saying they're sober, when they still drink, still smoke pot, and in her case also, still on Suboxone, makes me wanna rage. That's not what sober means.

No. 871394

File: 1648324075456.png (202.55 KB, 828x1792, 77FF6491-AC3C-49E2-8240-EE6F99…)

No. 871395

File: 1648324364065.png (208.02 KB, 828x1792, DF87080F-DE27-41F0-8E2B-854263…)

No. 871396

Absolutely no one except lolcow tinfoil

No. 871404


You say you haven’t looked at him in years but since you have made your entire personality this goth girl traumatized by Jonny Craig I just don’t believe this….

No. 871405

I don't even see anyone in the JC/Syd thread saying that. She's telling on herself for thinking about him.

No. 871408

hahahhahahaha holy shit it does.

No. 871414

uhhhh i don’t think she even tried. these are just polaroid film photos that she took a picture of with her iphone camera. you can literally see her whole ass nipple, just out. OF saga soon??

No. 871415

File: 1648333123816.png (2.18 MB, 1422x2835, Capture _2022-03-26-17-05-30.p…)

I dont believe she's on subs at all. I fully believe she's just been using h (actually likely is fent these days even tar is fent now). Subs dont pin you out like that, esp if you're decreasing ie: slightly withdrawing after being on them for an extended period. She's not even doing the "I smoke weed & drink" thing otherwise she wouldnt be so scared to show it & wouldn't come out with long statements about it. I'm guessing she's attempting to maintain some sort of a sponsorable image (lmao)

I mean look at her new twiter pfp; you can see the scarring and wound from picking at her skin. EVERYTHING she's doing rn is what she herself said were signs she was using. I agree her misportrayl of sobriety is aggravating, she needs to just be upfront about it but she knows people would reject her. Fortunately she's still losing her audience rather quickly.

No. 871416

File: 1648333826250.webm (722.84 KB, 720x960, Hl1sYPba1NYHHqze.webm)

I noticed many of aggies female friends, including ones seen out with Taylor, do porn or strip so I can totally see it

Here is the "outfit vid". Also is it just me or does her hand look like scarred/gouged like?
Incoming vid dump btw

No. 871417

she’s definitely been using. she’s learned how to manipulate and lie to everyone around her to continue on this getting high > sobering up enough to try and fool mama dean > drinking with faggy > shooting h and meth to balance out whatever withdrawal symptoms she’s having. unfortunately looks like mama dean isn’t even having any of tays bullshit anymore

No. 871418

File: 1648334261890.webm (907.78 KB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_4B4…)

Shout out to the glitching filter! Looks like she may have finally learned how to shoot up. Look at the top vein on her arm just above the scrunchie in the gap of her tattoo. Shows she really did just rush to get that hideous sleeve so she could cover her tracks literally a la jonny. This also shows that she is really using filters to cover her tracks as well. She's scum for lying about being sober. Proud enough to flaunt it yet too cowardly to admit it

No. 871419

File: 1648334306506.png (2.05 MB, 1080x2073, Screenshot_20220326-183721~2.p…)

Those clown fish are so vicious

No. 871420

File: 1648334450203.webm (456.64 KB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_9C4…)

And the other hand - less marked/scarred but puffy af

No. 871425

sticking her arms in her tank must be her favourite hobby, all the way up to her shoulders lmfao

No. 871430

Im trying to see the post on Instagram but did she delete it already?! Lol

No. 871431

maybe she sobered up enough to be able to focus her eyes enough to see that she’s flashed the entire world.

No. 871432

it’s still there, you have to scroll.

No. 871436

Ahh found it. I seriously don’t understand why she would upload these photos or how she thinks she looks good or how she thinks she can fool anyone. It’s so weird. Maybe she’s graduated to drug-induced psychosis?

No. 871438

Tinfoil but i saw she used to interact with Eugenia cooney and for some reason i feel as if Taylor’s giving up on herself and going for a “die online” saga similar to Eugenia. I think she wants attention like her and probably is even jealous especially because Eugenia is skinny than her

No. 871439

At least Eugenia isn’t fucking killing live animals

No. 871448

File: 1648346088955.webm (1.31 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_374…)

Incoming delusional high story dump

No. 871449

File: 1648346127380.webm (1.96 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_8A4…)

No. 871452

File: 1648346187462.webm (694.13 KB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_744…)

No. 871453

File: 1648346218711.webm (1.34 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_7E4…)

No. 871455

File: 1648346575000.jpg (3.24 MB, 3600x3600, Collage 2022-03-26 21_02_35.jp…)

No. 871456

File: 1648346892089.png (652.77 KB, 1438x2851, Capture _2022-03-26-21-05-48.p…)

Last one. Is this supposed to be a subtle dig at her mom? That boundaries won't stop her? That cutting her off and kicking her out wont stop her or change her? Oh sweet summer child

No. 871457

I don't follow Taylor too much nowadays but does she post selfies this often? If not then it seems like she's suddenly eyefucking herself a lot after Syd and JC broke it off. Honestly I think there's no way she'd go back but I can see her relishing the schadenfreude.

No. 871464

Then why did she go out of your way to unblock him and why was he recently liking her posts? He probably wouldn’t have even known she unblocked him unless she told him. Either that or he still obsessively checked her account every day to see if he was still blocked.

No. 871467

I hope they get back together. They're perfect for each other. Modern Sid and Nancy.

No. 871473

File: 1648352295515.png (4.15 MB, 1170x2532, EA992454-5A03-4FB1-87D7-DF705F…)

Posted on her Instagram story.

No. 871475

She has a clear pattern that she only start posting selfies when she is sober, so her MIA last few weeks indicates a relapse (as always) and every time she is sober for a short period of time, she goes on her selfie stint for awhile. You can also see her selfies recently are posing in all sort of weird ways to hide any tracks which is a constant pattern of hers

No. 871477

Yikes she looks like a totally different person without all the filters. When she had green hair ppl calling her out for tracks and using were told their tinfoils were reaching. Back then the filters and makeup still hid all that shit but now she looks like shit even with the makeup & filters so it must look 10x worse. No wonder her face and hands are starting to scar badly. Most sickening is HOW can momma dean see her daughter like this and not do something? I get she scared of what will happen to taylor if she isnt there to make sure shes breathing but damn this woman doesn't have much time left esp given her prior health history and her family just subtweet her dissing her. Sad

No. 871490

So she’s posting she wasn’t sober when her hair was green, or sobered up just before the green hair since she mentions ‘end’, but that was 3 months ago.

So she’s both admitting on her story she relapsed but still maintaining she’s been sober for 10 months (she was saying ‘almost ten months’ about a month ago).

No. 871498

File: 1648369264429.jpg (3.08 MB, 3600x3600, Collage 2022-03-27 03_19_59.jp…)

Reapeating it over and over wont make it true. Kinda telling on herself too saying "trying to" get sober

No. 871502

File: 1648369977269.jpeg (199.5 KB, 1080x1920, 886055B7-30EC-45FC-817A-295368…)

Proof she reads here. It’s probably water weight you idiot. You’re not getting your body back because since you’ve been out of touch with reality on drugs you turned 25 and your metabolism slowed down and you eat whataburger all the time

No. 871509

'the work paid off'. What work? Not a chance in hell she has been working out or going to the gym or doing anything to actively get fit. She can barely manage to flip open her laptop to watch the office for the millionth time. She probably skipped a tonne of meals through laziness, had suppressed appetite or it was a load of water weight like suggested.

No. 871513

Wtf is the eyeshadow. Girl, BLEND

No. 871516

Oh, how convenient. Methlor Nicotine Dean had self diagnosed with ADHD a few months ago, tweets/posts on Instagram like a maniac high on speed, and is dropping weight? Color me surprised, adderall!

No. 871535

Except absolutely no doctor in America would put their license at risk to give someone like this an Adderall script. It's hard enough for normal, non drug addicts to get one without usually having to get diagnosed officially, by a psychiatrist, and then still have to see their GP every single time their prescription runs out, which is monthly, to get it renewed. So unless she's getting it off the street, I doubt it's Adderall. As everyone else has already said, she's still on meth and h, no doubt, and just continues to lie about it.

No. 871537

Meth is an appetite suppressant, and it increases your metabolism. I doubt it's Adderall, she's probably still on the meth.

Notice how she says

>every day I'm free from HEROIN

She's still tweaking meth. Remember guiz sober from HEROIN. She'll gain it all back, it's pretty common in people who recover from drugs.

She's gonna die young at this point, She'll make it to her mid 30's and probably overdose… It's just sad

No. 871542

She talks abt weight more then any other influencer besides Eugenia

No. 871544

I didn’t even lurk and read this but I 100% agree she is jealous of her

No. 871558

lmfao literally when will she stop the whole “uwu i would tell u guise if i was using, i’ve ALWAYS been super honest with u guise!!” … she comes back every few months and posts pics of her when she was heavy in relapse during a time she was saying “i’m totally fine !!”

No. 871564

The Halsey skin walking has me cringing into oblivion. Seriously, find your own personality. You’re a damn adult.

No. 871567

Last thread she said she relapsed when she split dyed her hair red in feb2020 and she was In hospital for thanks giving I Nov2020 for drug related issues and now she’s saying she was “trying to get sober” until may 2021, does that mean she went on one long bender from Feb2020-May2021? That’s like 15 months of doing drugs and lying about it.

No. 871569

File: 1648403935906.jpg (3.89 MB, 3600x3600, Collage 2022-03-27 12_56_11.jp…)

Absolutely nothing she does is original she's always copying someone and blatantly too, check the dates. Plus this girl is a mutal of hers! She really has no shame or personality

No. 871571

yikes, she expects anyone to believe this sobriety schtick looking like a walking murder documentary? it’s giving bar fly on a lifelong bender. that crack confidence must be nice. she lurks here and probably knows what happened to LBW recently but doesn’t see how she’s next.

No. 871574

File: 1648406222469.png (1.22 MB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20220327-143340~2.p…)

What is crazy to me is the amount of selfies she took as seen at the bottom photo reel and the fact that she was taking them at 11:11, you know, that MaGIc nUMbEr so important to her and Jonny.

No. 871576

She looks high as fuck to me in all her stories up on IG right now, skin walking Halsey. I know she blames the jitters and overall weirdness on EDS or whatever her new diagnosis of the week is, but you cannot tell me she's sober in any of the recent vids she posted. Plus these weird pictures with her entire tit hanging out of her dress, which numerous people have pointed out in the comments that she's ignoring. Totally sober person behaviour.

No. 871578

File: 1648407137374.png (353.45 KB, 1080x1081, Screenshot_20220327-144620~2.p…)

Just to show what a liar she really is. She posted this tweet ELEVEN days after taking meth sores selfie. ELEVEN.

The balls this chick has. Just a straight up liar.

No. 871579

I doubt she's ever been sober kek time to take a good, hard look at your life when Jonny Craig can actually manage to stay sober longer than you can.

No. 871582

File: 1648408385961.jpg (797.37 KB, 1200x1800, Collage 2022-03-27 15_10_29.jp…)

Bored so made a collage in chronological order left to right of just a few of the different sober vs relapse posts she has made over the years. None of the dates she has said she was sober have turned out to be true (ofc we dont know about currently but we can guess.) Dates dont lie

No. 871616

yaaaawn. so sick of this cow. just spinning her pretend fairytale narrative where she isn’t completely jibbed out in her childhood bedroom, dressing up to take tweaked out selfie’s to post, writing quotes about how super sober she is and how much she’s grown…

for a self proclaimed sober person she sure posts a fuckton about drugs. 2 years deep into her “recovery” nonetheless… tayter, get your shit together.

No. 871634

File: 1648443893437.png (446.91 KB, 1170x2532, 1AC2FA89-96CA-4685-B147-038840…)

Taylor “I haven’t looked at his social media’s in years” Dean

No. 871637

File: 1648444136842.png (442.86 KB, 1170x2532, 59E8A801-EF32-4472-BC7C-9FBDF7…)

No. 871639

She's absolutely right but also- Spoiler alert Taylor - you're a junkie now too. This applies to you as well. Your life will categorically go lower and lower until you are indistinguishable from JC himself unless you get clean from the H. As long as you get high, JC is right there with you.

No. 871640

This is soooo leading up to a reunion. “He’s not evil guys he can be saved from his difficult past”

No. 871670

She needs to get the hell off of Twitter. I bet her recovery would be a lot more smooth if she wasn’t constantly updating and trying to ~ iNSpIRE ~ her followers. Recovery isn’t easy but it’s even worse when you are constantly exposing yourself with your tweets.

That goes for mama dean too. Delete your damn Twitter, you’re not fucking helping anyone. If you want to help your daughter stfu and don’t allow her to use in your home. Idiots.

No. 871671

I kinda hope so. Give me that milk.

No. 871689

calling it now, her and jc get back together she gets knocked up, taylor begs jc to let her name their kid storm since it was what they originally wanted together lol

No. 871699

Man just requesting someone put together a timeline of only her using photos to get the real faces of meth reality timeline because that's the only truth there is in all of this.

Also she is still puffy as fuck. Who does she think she is fooling? She must think hands naturally looks like that at this point.

No. 871734

File: 1648523927837.jpeg (544.63 KB, 828x1322, 08530F9B-2EF6-490A-B9A9-458ECE…)

sure jan

No. 871738

At least her lips look slightly less like an anus.

No. 871739

File: 1648526657911.png (2.34 MB, 828x1792, 0BBF8F7B-23D8-429A-B56D-E7A606…)

No. 871749

makes tweets about not looking at jonnys page
makes tweets about jonny
makes tweet about seeing someone new now that she is on his radar
i see you tayter

No. 871751

We see you too Syd.

No. 871756

Then why is tofu not that size, tr snakes are fast growers. btw she is holding a mbk snake here

No. 871757

I can see it now. "He hurt me and /I/ forgave him and that's all that matters. We've learned and grew and are completely sober" as she manically tries to hide the spoons in her selfies

No. 871758

She turned from a pretty young woman into filtered white trash. Growing? Growing worse ig

No. 871760

File: 1648531492014.png (3.09 MB, 1436x2822, Capture _2022-03-29-00-22-14.p…)

If shes still trying to hide her use shes still failing. Tracks tracks everywhere up her whole arm and hand here pic clearly is heavily filtered in attempt to hide it. Cant wait to see exclusive unedited pics from this era of use in a few months. Will probably be the worst she's ever looked & that green hair one was a tough contender

No. 871761

File: 1648531840625.jpg (77.26 KB, 674x332, Screenshot_20220329-022932_Tik…)

Just history repeating itself

No. 871765

File: 1648534940590.jpeg (245.65 KB, 1170x1171, 559F9220-7986-46AE-AA42-659B8C…)

Girl exposed herself for using Facetune 2 (literally the upgrade for the OG Facetune) recently so I can’t say I’m surprised.

No. 871767

I honestly can’t see any tracks there

No. 871769

Bummer because this happens every time there isn't red marks. Its the long dark yellowish splotchy line up her less tattooed arm. She puts filters over her pics which her recent nail video exposed when it glitched. >>871418 Tracks leave dark blue/yellow marks after theyre bright red and as they scar & bruise and get used. She covers the red but in her blurring usually end up leaving the darkness of her marks. The line follows a prominent vein but it's too wide to be the vein itself & her never popped like that. Also from the lighting it cannot be a real shadow. Idk how else to explain? For example look at the pics & vids she exposed as using times herself & her real pick marks vs what was posted at the time. people struggle to see it but idk it's always very obvious to me as she is very predictable & has a pattern. I know not everyone will notice it or undefstand how I got to that conclusion but I promise it's from her iv use. This is why she gets away with it because people don't always realize what theyre looking at. Also she tends to be quite sloppy so we often do get glipses of redness in diff spots throughout a photo set. Maybe i've just been here way too long & thats why I recognize it lmao

No. 871785

I like how she’s using gender neutral pronouns to make it sound like she could possibly be seeing a girl even though everyone knows she isn’t

No. 871793

File: 1648564520539.png (689.63 KB, 1170x2532, 484BC496-5864-4DCB-9CA2-5FD3B4…)

Did anyone manage to catch what this tweet before it was deleted? Also lmao at her Stans.

No. 871794

*what this tweet was. Sorry, I’m illiterate this morning.

No. 871796

I didn’t get to screenshot it, but she had quote retweeted someone talking about her pupils being pinned in her latest selfies. There’s some Twitterfags that haven’t figured out to stop @ing her in shit. It’s annoying because it feeds into her whole “the internet is bullying me for being a poor little addict” thing.

No. 871803

its really sad how in the first picture she looks really nice minus her lips but the second one she really does look like trailer trash
holy shit no way KEK

No. 871804

Girl, learn to SAGE. Youre not clever.

No. 871812

File: 1648578653304.jpeg (225.83 KB, 826x1403, 9F3BF2FA-A8A9-4299-BCF1-A4D40C…)

No. 871816

Did she get cheek filler? I can’t tell if that’s part of what makes her face look so gaunt or if that’s entirely the drug abuse

No. 871817

Nah, I think just losing weight and a lot of Facetune

No. 871818

Omg. She is so delusional. Someone needs to overlay this with her latest “here’s my meth face” selfie for next thread

No. 871823

that happens with age naturally too. I’m sure it’s a mix of everything

No. 871824

Wonder if it's a mix of all this. Maybe her filler migrated to her cheeks? Not impossible. I noticed her jowls(?) Look weird and like atrophied like a lifelong smoker when she talks. Adds to the ragged look

No. 871843

Homegirl is worried about red flags as if shooting up and doing meth in your mother’s home with several animals crowding your room is a … green one?

No. 871847


Agreed. Can anyone confirm if she is a cig smoker on the regular? I know she has those pics out with her friends but a lot of people bum a cig on nights out.

No. 871856

File: 1648601117536.jpeg (119.53 KB, 659x977, 6713750F-C6BB-4129-AB23-44F6A8…)

She’s lost almost 700 followers in 4 days. People are definitely catching onto her cycle.

No. 871865

File: 1648609475023.jpeg (266.3 KB, 828x1447, 0ABA952C-11EC-4A9E-A9BE-C65151…)

No. 871871

File: 1648612729802.jpeg (288.29 KB, 1125x745, 1777594F-6E21-46BF-9FBD-CA5F64…)

Ooh ouch so scary. Okay, loser. Have fun being a life long bum and well done ruining any chance of a future as you continuously shoot your self in the foot by documenting your mEnTaL hEaLtH. Wont ever be able to enroll in school or even get a job at whataburger with one Google search of your name. Kek

No. 871874

File: 1648612975929.jpeg (73.38 KB, 1080x1920, 8E20A827-A9B0-41DC-A18F-4B9A44…)

This chubby bitch expects us to believe she jogs??!! She’s totally lurking here and triggered by the puffy wrist/cheeks and Eugenia cooney comment

No. 871882

With her heart issues she claims to have she couldn’t jog

No. 871908

File: 1648643053278.png (605.15 KB, 1170x2532, F31F33A9-7EE7-4AD4-AD53-95B85E…)

She deleted a photo set on her Instagram where she was holding Salem. Bitch it’s not easy to accidentally delete something. Comments are at the bottom of a post. to delete a post you have to select the 3 dots, delete the post, then confirm you want to delete it. How dumb does she think people are?

No. 871909

File: 1648643149724.png (6.85 MB, 1170x2532, C48FDC43-E419-446F-BCFD-B15EB8…)

This is the set she deleted.

No. 871920

It’s weird because getting to the comments is nowhere near the delete button.

Also weird because she deleted after that Twitter situation. Maybe it’s because that picture actually doesn’t go with her “my eyes are constricted bc of suboxone” and shows her pupils as normal. Or maybe that one bruise on her hand that she didn’t blur properly.

Just weird

No. 871921

How is that even possible, and can’t you give restore a photo if you just deleted it

No. 871923

File: 1648650828437.png (9.51 MB, 1170x2532, BA2A0081-C2D3-4425-9ED1-18FCF6…)

Zoomed in and noticed around her lips and Salems head is blurred lmao. Maybe that’s why she deleted it. The FaceTune is front and center

No. 871928

kek omfg what an idiot

No. 871947

So thats how she does it? Let me guess her "jog" is out of her gated community and into her dealers car?

Also the fact she keeps saying she might be bipolar because the bipolar meds are working lmao thats not at all how it works. Meds are used for off label use all the time. Take gabapentin - labeled as a seizure & nerve pain med but often used for anxiety; you dont suddenly develop seizures & nerve pain if you're on it. Also lots of people get put on anti psychotics when severely depressed but that doesn't mean they experience psychosis. I just cant get over how stupid she can be and the amount of misinformation she spreads while claiming to be an "advocate" it's embarassing

No. 871949

Sorry to samefag & mini rant but it's cringe how she always tells on herself when it comes to her using. Just like the poorly edited track marks and other things she posts she's always dropping hints/dogwhistles for the other addicts following ger while also claiming to be sober. She seems to think she's some sly badass but sadly for her it's not badass. It's cringe behaviour and no one thinks she's hard or cool for it. Actually it just shows how manipulative & a liar she is. Addicts always think they're slick and hiding their shit so well but it's always incredibly obvious when theyre using. The reason her audience is slow to catch on is that they're literal children or in their early 20's with little life experience & dont know the signs yet (thanks d.a.r.e.!). Crashing & burning & destroying your life isn't something to glamourize!

No. 871952

I honestly think this was just her trying to make a unfunny joke after autocorrect got her. Just the way she says “when I get upset I jog I guess lmao” seems like she’s just rolling with the spelling error. But I could be totally be wrong.

No. 871953

Except she doesn't…

No. 872108


Her hands are ENORMOUS! The one with the blue hair tie is so swollen you can’t even see her veins. you have the hands of a 300 pound man, Taylor, and a prominent bruise on them to boot. Those aren’t sober hands. Those are heroin-swollen hands.

No. 872116

I wonder if she deleted this because her hand looks comically photoshopped large.

No. 872146

File: 1648748001093.jpeg (172.66 KB, 1146x2048, 4B45D438-E929-4D6E-8BFA-7B3404…)

Add bipolar to her lists of mental illnesses. She says this every time she gets a new “diagnosis” like everything is going to change. She was so sure low iron was the cause of her motivation problem and she was going to get a real upload schedule after her infusions, look how far that went. She refuses to see the reality that she’s just a lazy unmotivated junkie, it’s not some mysterious illnesses fault.

No. 872160

File: 1648750852586.jpeg (383.71 KB, 506x899, B4811E69-2B8A-41DA-8F6B-6DC4B9…)

No. 872177


yeah ok taylor just tell us youve been diagnosed w bpd and shut the fuck up

No. 872215

File: 1648778986719.png (10.98 MB, 1170x2532, 9836800E-988D-41B7-B587-F00E32…)

Jesus. Posted 2 hours ago.

No. 872217

Kek has she talked about possible bipolar before? Seems like a convenient excuse for lack of work since yesterday was world bipolar day

No. 872220

she looks like the prostitutes I see downtown, the greasy hair, crispy extensions, caked on foundation, bad makeup, awful style and poorly done botox.

No. 872226

Bullshit Taylor. Bullshit.
Mood stabilizers are there to reduce, believe it or not: mood swings!
You have every sign/symptom of mania and stimulant abuse.

They also can contribute to fatigue which is the excuse you’re using to get off the suboxone we know you weren’t using correctly, if it all.

So unbelievably sick of her lies. How does it never end? What medication will treat her compulsive lying?

No. 872228

I think she should leave social media, I'm sure she's a phone addict and doesn't do anything productive because of it.

No. 872236

Seconding bullshit on this because when my mental health professional was discussing a possible bipolar diagnosis with me it went nothing like this. I know every clinician is different but everything about her wording is so fishy.

>with being depression being much more prominent than mania, idk the terms yet

I was literally handed a couple papers with information about the different types of bipolar disorder and terminology and we went over why I presented more like one than the other. They don't just say "you have bipolar disorder idk what type yet I still gotta figure that out". Oftentimes the medicines your prescribed would be different depending on which type of bipolar disorder you have. You're not gonna get labeled with a mental disorder and prescribed medication until they're confident what they're diagnosing. Especially if it's already clear that you're more depressive with milder mania. In that case, a certified psychiatrist would be able to tell her it sounds like type II and that's what they believe they she has. She's feigning ignorance, trying to play it off like she hasn't been obsessively researching bipolar disorder on WebMD for years and therefore doesn't know the names of the types.

>and idk where my depression diagnosis stands with that ??

Ugh, again this would be addressed in your diagnosis if it actually came from a real psychiatrist. You would know because they would tell you. They would discuss with you how your symptoms align.

>I have CPTSD

Currently CPTSD isn't even diagnosable, medically recognized, or in the DSM, so this is a clear tell she's just self-diagnosing as usual. No doctor is throwing that term around full stop.

Also just weird as hell to toss in the whole
>If this sticks it'll means I have xyz mental illnesses
like genuinely no one gives a fuck about your running mental illness carrd. You don't need to broadcast it. I promise you no one who follows your social media or watches your videos (no one, kek) thinks your incessant rambling about your mental illnesses is inspiring or interesting. Literally over a billion people globally have mental illnesses or substance abuse disorders, you're not fucking special. How are you 25 fucking years old and still desperately trying to cling to mental health problems as some quirky, defining personality trait. You're way too old for that attention whoring and romanticization shit, just grow up and shut up about it already, god damn. It's the exact same thing every single day for years with this dumb bitch.(no1curr, sage your shit)

No. 872257

TND’s video about JC is gone. Wonder why

No. 872259

She's so fucking stupid. Tinfoil but also kinda obvious she's not depressed rn because her and JC are talking again. I wonder if she's gonna make the move to Cali to live in his apartment since she's been talking about wanting to move kek

No. 872260

So she has him unblocked, he’s liking her photos, followed her, talked about her dad on Insta and now she deleted her video bashing him? The reunion tinfoil gets more plausible everyday. Why would you even unblock your abuser in the first place?

No. 872271

Do any anons out there have the video saved?

No. 872272

Thank you anon, couldn’t agree more with all your points

how she talks about her conditions tells me straight away it’s bs. she clearly doesn’t grasp how things work

No. 872274

She’s claiming bipolar to appear relevant to Kurt Cobain

What i want to know is where the hell is papa Dean in all this?

No. 872284

Probably working himself to death to pay for the living expenses of him, mama dean, the special needs son, and the junkie daughter.

No. 872310

Arent there videos missing on the vlog channel too?

No. 872312

File: 1648853295820.png (3.36 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20220401-174616.png)

Damn the nose ring migration. Coupled with the shitty jewelry she has & had in it no wonder she only takes pics from one side of her face granted its all scarred. So uneven

No. 872314

File: 1648853504536.png (1.44 MB, 1425x2996, Screenshot_20220401-174407~2.p…)

Oh and she's clearly working on developing another batch of life threatening abcesses with the dumbass shoulder muscling. Taylor too good for harm redux at it again

Shit must be really bad if her mom's making jail jokes. Wonder if she'll had some close calls; I'd assume so by now esp with her idiot soundclout "friends"

No. 872316

i would bet my bottom dollar that she is high out of her goddamn mind in this. just zoom in on her eyes. good lord

No. 872317

File: 1648854345257.png (2.79 MB, 1440x2664, Screenshot_20220401-180055~2.p…)

>>872312 Oh and sorry forgot to add, does it look like she excessively blurred her face to anyone else? She has the same dark tones as she had during her green hair meth picking era - I'm referring to the insta pics. I bet her face looks worse than >>871473 that now irl

Can you imagine seeing your neighbor do this shit out front? Lol she really has nothing to offer this world but endless narc selfie sheshes

No. 872319

I honestly can’t believe she ever thinks her makeup looks good. It’s embarrassingly bad.

No. 872321

Damn look at those pupils in that shady area. This is the definition of haggard.

No. 872325

File: 1648856168119.jpeg (43.29 KB, 665x719, 87DE69C2-4CA7-415C-9008-2153CE…)

She accidentally put the blemish fix tool over her nose ring that’s y it looks all wonky. Either that or it’s so swollen and gross that she had to do this to hide how bad it looks.

No. 872326

File: 1648856665668.png (16.28 KB, 115x133, tz54646rt3r32f34g4.png)

the nose ring is also fucked up in this pic >>872312 though

No. 872331

Yeah she edited the piercing in the whole set of pics. The editing is obvious and the patchiness changes from pic to pic so it’s not natural, I mean you can even see the rest of the ring under the edit. It’s probably just infected.

No. 872337

imagine talking out your ass constantly about improving, working towards a come back, being sober, better than ever etc., all while simultaneously looking like this. holy shit.

No. 872340

Next thread pic nomination

No. 872347

This sounds like total bullshit. In women ADHD AND bipolar disorder co-occur at extremely high rates. They don’t mirror each other, and BPD doesn’t look anything like bipolar 1. Mania is very easy to spot. It’s not an “oops they thought my mania was just ADHD”. ADHD doesn’t present like mania at all, especially in women. If anything, during her ADHD diagnosis they would have started checking for symptoms of bipolar disorder because if you’re a women and have one there’s a good chance you have the other. She’s never expressed any characteristics of mania, only depression, which I guess means she could have bipolar 2 but I seriously doubt this. And if she was literally just diagnosed, her medicine wouldn’t have started to work yet. Doctors start you on a very low dose (assuming they have her on lamotragine which is likely, as abilify has a high probability of sending bipolar 1 sufferers into psychosis and lithium is a last resort medication ) and slowly move you up 50mg at a time to find a therapeutic dose without over medicating you. It literally takes weeks, sometimes months.

She very obviously lying about this new diagnosis. Her lazy ass has never experienced mania in her life. Did she even specify if it was type 1 or 2 ?

No. 872349

She got some Luna areolas. Someone call lurch.

No. 872357

File: 1648877029885.jpeg (232.19 KB, 750x540, B8803E10-3996-4ABC-B28F-A828A3…)

all her makeup styles lately remind me of this this trending show, made me laugh

No. 872363

you can smell this picture. she's always so freaking deadeyed and stankass plus i want to burn those pants like gurrrrllll

No. 872364

Her hair is thin as fuck

No. 872366

File: 1648887552991.jpeg (513.69 KB, 828x1518, 12AD1E0D-2C01-413E-8A00-14E082…)

I am actually laughing so hard at mama dean text over here. She probably has enough of tay’s constant relapse and hanging out with junkies

No. 872369

She can't even really be diagnosed with things at this point because her 'depression' and 'mania' are drug- and withdrawal-induced. She does sometimes present some manic behaviours, when she impulsively buys random garbage (furbies, taxidermy, etsy plastic, knives, tooth gems) or gets impulse tattoos, and when she has those feelings of grandiosity ("I'm doing so much better, I'll post once a week from now on, I have so much footage ready to edit, my life is back on track!"), etc. but that's evidently from the meth or other uppers (if she malingered to get an ADHD dx. Though I actually think she self-diagnosed because she likes how meth makes her feel and figures that must mean she has ADHD, and uses that as an excuse to 'self-medicate' with meth). I don't believe that she's been sober for longer than a month, if that, this entire time. She admitted to abusing suboxone in the past, I think she never stopped. And as long as she still hangs out with Aggy and only ever goes out to go to bars, I won't believe she's sober.

No. 872382

File: 1648906506479.jpg (606.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220402_142335_com…)

She can't help but get obsessed with her retarded Furbies when she's on meth. Every time.
Jesus he's determined to kill this girl isn't he. I wonder if JC and Aggy will have a micropenis measuring contest over who gets to overcharge Taylor for drugs.

No. 872397

She has always had naturally thinner hair. Her wearing the hair extensions I doubt helped much.

Jesus that stuff is so overpriced.

No. 872399

ugly autistic shit

No. 872422

subs alone sure as fuck aint doing that to your pupils, they pinned as a mfer

No. 872435

Forgot to sage my original reply. Her arm and hand def looks swollen.

No. 872461


Imagine knowing you spent a fuck ton of money on ugly retarded furby shit while on meth.

No. 872478

File: 1648995340413.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1125x2062, 07D9CEA4-54BB-4E62-A2E9-0B56DC…)

More pics of her poor overweight snakes

No. 872480

File: 1648995563743.jpeg (55.04 KB, 429x512, 8817F317-7554-4653-83C3-F004DF…)

For the uninitiated

No. 872489

Wow thank you for the explanation nonna ♥ When is the last time animal control did a house call? If the animals are not being cared for correctly why havent they been rehomed?(emoji)

No. 872491

this, it’s crazy to think Taylor used to have connections and prospects when now she’s holed up in her childhood bedroom, passed out amongst a hoard of stinky, languishing animals and meaningless landfill material. im kekking over the fact that she tried jazzing up such a sad image with some Christmas lights. just looking at >>872382 makes my nostrils feel assaulted by dank mustiness.

No. 872492

good to know star is still obese as fuck

No. 872494

Bumping warning gore love yall be careful

No. 872497

No. 872510

File: 1649008530940.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1125x1718, ACA8F179-6B6F-4900-BAEE-B521B5…)

Idk. It’s so upsetting knowing that she is high as fuck around her animals all the time. I think of this pic where she is showing off her meth face with needles in the background. That’s like 10ft or less from her cages.

No. 872517

Are you fucking serious rn? This seems like a troll. Animal control doesn’t work like that. It’s hard enough to get a court order for cat hoarding situations. Mostly animal control doesn’t know much besides 90s reptile care… Pointing out someone shouldn’t be promoting an over fed snake as healthy while being a self claimed expert in the species. They are both bad, but come on. You gotta be fucking joking.

No. 872527

Sorry ladie, I will Sage but can anyone point me in the direction of the new JC thread? Can’t ask in the old one cuz it’s at maximum posts.(spoonfeeding)

No. 872553

No literally I have milk to post and I can’t find the thread. I’m not trying to be spoonfed but I know a lot of you read that thread too and I’m literally sitting on these milky ass screenshots.

No. 872554

It’s Syd cheating with another band dude (not the sterling guy)

No. 872561

No. 872566

>I feel bad whenever I post too much unrelated to animals
Implying any of her social media accounts actually have any animal content whatsoever is so laughable my god lmaooo. She exclusively posts about her own vain, self-absorbed ass these days. A child could clearly see she doesn't feel bad about it, and that's why she hasn't posted any real animal content since like fucking 2018. She just tries to make it sound that way so it's a little less obvious what a raging narcissist she is. She sure loves to hide behind that shy, humble soft girl persona as if it isn't antithetical to everything she is.

>but I gotta remember it's my account, so it's ok

This was supposed to be her PetTube/"content creator" Instagram account though, was it not? Like the official verified TND channel page, right? It's not ok. Only a completely self-obsessed, jobless deadbeat with a social media addiction could consistently spam this many selfies. And she's not even pretty, aesthetic, or cool so like what's the point? Just desperately screaming into the void for any attention at all because she has no friends and is bedbound by choice at her parents' house in her mid-twenties? Roped in a decent amount of followers over the years by being terminally online and a controversial animal hoarder, pulled the bait and switch, and is now subjecting all her followers to this shtick. Pathetic.

No. 872567

imagine having a poorly done Furby tattoo on your thigh to memorialize your fervent attempts at curating a junkie image instead of idk getting a job like a real adult. just another cringey piece of shit to squander the little money she has left on.
also yeah that arm is seriously way too puffy for her to not be strung out. that wrist looks like it belongs to someone over 200 lbs or something.

No. 872576

File: 1649050270507.jpeg (157.37 KB, 512x376, C9C7DA79-85E6-46C8-A57C-6F04A7…)

Very similar.

No. 872579

that’s honestly terrifying

No. 872580

that one’s maxed out retard can you read.

No. 872581

one is laying down in the grass and the other is in front of a wall with plastic plants and shit on it.. how is that terrifying

No. 872582

Source? She's def faking because she can't resist immortalizing every doctor's visit she actually goes to with endless selfies, but when has she ever mentioned Kurt or Nirvana? Seriously though I feel awful for Papa Dean. He ruined his life by marrying that fat, low-IQ Disney adult. Remember when Taylor implied her dad abused her and then backtracked because her mom found out she was spreading lies on the internet? Imagine you bust your ass to provide for your ungrateful bum daughter only for her to falsely accuse you of some heinous, illegal shit because she thinks pretending to have daddy issues would make her look cool and edgy. He gave her everything to succeed in the world, raised her in a stable two-parent household and she's so unappreciative that she doesn't have some tragic backstory to make herself more interesting or explain why she's a failure…she slandered him just to try to get some clout online.

No. 872583

File: 1649055964856.png (8.36 MB, 1125x2436, 5B758950-7F11-48EC-AD6B-D5734E…)

It’s annoying as hell seeing her piss away her platform when she could be making content as simple as this, which came up on my snap suggested influencers. Like it rlly wouldn’t be hard and people would eat it up but I’m giving her too much credit cuz I’m pretty sure she’s just always going to be a junkie now idk

No. 872598

File: 1649082081595.png (7.86 MB, 1125x2436, 6A8FDB64-54EE-4CFC-9761-76FD30…)

Another Dollskill outfit on her story. She literally can’t stop herself

No. 872599

File: 1649082124509.jpeg (390.56 KB, 1125x2084, 7A622355-81FC-45A5-B2E8-A04628…)

Took less than a minute for me to find

No. 872601

no she can't. That would mean that she would need to look outside her miserable life to get some inspiration and humour, and she cannot do that because she loves being a sick addict too much.

she said herself that she had plenty of time to clean away all the needles and shit before animal control arrived.

No. 872633

Wait so she got the furby tattoo while she had a heart monitor and right after she died her hair green that would’ve been in the middle of the relapse she just admitted too, so all the anons that’s speculated she got it on a whim while she was high where probably right tbh.

No. 872637

soooo sorry to ask here but i too can’t find the new thread like wtf. is there even one that was created for jonny & syd?

No. 872641

Jfc there is no new thread yet. Going through the old thread and writing a good summary can take a day or two sometimes. Just be patient, newfags.

No. 872646

hold still and save your milk for later nonna.

imagine their dismay when they find a new thread hasn’t been made in less than 24 hours from reaching max post limit. i vote for not making a new one for awhile since they seem to thrive on the drama lately.

No. 872667

File: 1649114175166.png (56.38 KB, 813x623, deleted vid.PNG)

just further proof she deleted her jonny bashing vid

No. 872683

I wonder is it because she is dating a new guy now and try to hide her crazy first before scaring any potential guys off? Like that video he made of JC just shows how equally toxic she is, also incredibly cringy..

No. 872712

I don’t think the people who would watch that video and see red flags are the kind of people in Taylor’s current dating pool.

No. 872720

new Jonny/Syd thread >>>/snow/1493508

No. 872725

she looks like the prostitutes i see downtown except with the clothes on kek

No. 872745

File: 1649206924831.jpeg (162.28 KB, 750x975, D4ECDFE1-FFC2-4640-960C-84F220…)

yeah right, as if…are you sure it’s not because you’re flashing people with your whole areola out?

No. 872748

File: 1649207449582.jpeg (84.96 KB, 750x576, 31DD7D65-9417-4CE3-B1D8-16AB16…)

just thought now was as a good time as ever to bring up these old ass tweets from back when she was photoshopping the fuck out of her pics. like there’s no shame at all in having small boobs, just don’t be such a goddamn liar about it. idk she only talks about drugs these days so let’s hope she is done with the copium.

also am I wrong for nominating the nip slip to be the next thread pic?

No. 872750

File: 1649207941052.jpeg (189.05 KB, 828x910, CA2393A4-8529-4EF9-8B8C-E7BF7B…)

No. 872751

Amazing work, anon. Taylor doesn't work at all, but you work hard. You perfectly captured how her pathological lying satiates her need for attention. This is next thread pic material.

No. 872753

you can see where she blurred out the pink part, her tit is falling out, it’s not even low cut shirt “for small chested girls”

No. 872754

File: 1649210445651.jpeg (1.42 MB, 2253x3464, EC8E4804-FBBE-49D8-860A-072A68…)

Lol next thread pic for sure. Now that we’ve all seen her tit I think it’s obvious she’s not a DD. Idk how she insisted she has huge boobs when in every picture where she’s not leaning forwards and pushing her arms together she has no cleavage.

No. 872779

Her and syd are having a fat areola contest to win back the fugly Manlet

No. 872784

They better be careful because Luna could win their man based on those rules

No. 872785

kek ty nonas this made me laugh way more than it should have

No. 872806

she tweets abt it every few months in case her twitter fans forgot. btw guys I have DD. it’s funny how she looks like a C to me. I don’t even care her breast size. tbh I get the feel she is putting other women down in her past boobie tweets. not like she is straight up doing it, but I get the vibe she is putting down our smaller titty fellows

No. 872807

Fuck in the second left photo her under elbow is pointing to the sky, that’s how hard she is pressing her tits together. get get an onlyfans already it’s up your alley

No. 872809

if she would have big boobs to fill out her clothes, they wouldn't be falling out of her top all the time. Like sweaty, just accept your small titties and get clothes that are meant for your size…

No. 872811

yes anon, I was thinking abt this photo and gravity. girl your whole boob is out, we can see your tit size for ourselves

No. 872884

If she had an onlyfans at least she could get paid for her thirst trapping then she could move out of her freaking parents house

No. 872885

Y’all need to calm down about the boob nitpicking. She’s fucking boney skinny so she probably does have Ds just because cup size is relative to band size. Obviously someone with like a 32DD is the same size as a 36B. Let’s move on. No one wants to talk about her tits for days.

No. 872893

Agreed nonnies should chill on the boob nitpicking but you have to admit it's funny and embarrassing on Taylor's end to have to bring it up when she's been caught photoshopping them and herself so many times over the years at this point. Too bad so sad we don't believe anything she says anymore, that's what happens when you lie nonstop.

Honestly I think this is just convenient timing for her to bring up how uwu ~big her tiddies are~ after Syd posted this nasty thirst trap >>>/snow/1490213. I'm not hating on women of either small or large boob size but obviously Syd's are very small, I think it helps make Taylor feel superior to her to bring up that she was oh so blessed by high school with DD anime tits.

No. 872896

I agree that idgaf about boob discourse, but like other anons have said the point isn't about the cup size. A 32 D isn't anything out of the ordinary anyway (though as someone with a small band size and extra large cups I'm not convinced by you on that measurement). It's about how embarrassing it is that she humblebrags about hers and refers to "smaller chested girls" as if she isn't one herself. You can tell from the Halloween pasties, that green dress she recently posted, her current Twitter profile pic and any candid photo from the side. She's getting clowned here for writing the most obnoxious posts of all time. Conveniently never mentions back pain, just how much people ogle her body. Conveniently always is able to go braless and wear small, trendy tops or normal little bralettes without issue. Almost like how only some part of her totally diagnosed disorders apply to her and she has no idea what it's really like to live with them.

No. 872900

anon, you gotta read the op closer. I said these posts were from a long time ago. thought they were relevant in the context of that pic to point out that she def has lied and exaggerated for ass pats on social media. it annoyed me that she acted like she was unfairly being slut-shamed only due to her size when she's nothing like she claims. she's literally one of the small girls who gets away with wearing plunging necklines past her sternum only bc her lack of cleavage. also it's lame that she says she attracts unwanted attention beyond her control when she has this clear pattern of wearing shit risking indecent exposure on purpose to attract any attention possible and then sarcastically apologizing for having boobs online. nothing wrong with dressing revealing in the right situation, except her indignant modesty is very fake and grating.

but I actually have to give her props bc she doesn't shoop her chest nowadays except for blurring track marks on her shoulder. plus I haven't seen her tweet about her body this same way in a while, only what a special addict she is. maybe it's just bc she's isolated in her childhood bedroom and she can't come up with these fantasy scenarios anymore. I remember there was this one from a few years back where she was all like "I'm innocently wearing a tank top that isn't even slightly revealing and this creepy old man just assaulted me with his eyes because I'm super endowed with these mega mommy milkers" and it was so cringe it read like a r/thathappened post. no point in spoon-feeding more old milk tho. just trying to prove she's been hypocritical and desperate for ego stroking forever.

No. 872901

File: 1649283955506.jpeg (39.8 KB, 480x363, 82E3BDD7-D5FC-42CC-B6E8-9CCCEC…)

It’s on the small end in fact.
Agree that boob size doesn’t matter at all but bragging about it is cringe, even more so when you’re bragging about a 32D.

No. 872903

Kek I just looked at my bra out of curiosity and I’m a 36C, so one size bigger, and I would put my boobs firmly in the “nothing to write home about” camp as far as size goes.

No. 872904

She’s not bone skinny at all lmao

No. 872905

>bone skinny
What? Her weight is probably the only healthy think about her. Also nobody is making fun of her boobs, they look fine. Its the weird bragging about size when most women know d cups aren’t big. She posts picture all the time in cute tank tops, some even without a bra and she’s not like spilling out of them, these tweets are just her straight lying, she should’ve just tweeted “I have massive tits give me attention”.

No. 872907

Those tweets are old af. She was probably in like HS or something when she made them. Again can we stop with the boob nitpick jfc

No. 872910

I don’t think you know how bra sizes work. No way she is 32 inches around. she isn’t that thin or skinny.

No. 872911

I don’t think a lot of people here including Taylor realizes

A 32 and DD 32 are almost the same size. Your cup doesn’t define how big your mommy milkers are. It’s the waist band.

No. 872912

Those tweets have been over the past few months what are you smoking

No. 872913

The tweets are from 2017 and 2018 so she was 20/21.

No. 872921

damn imagine being into Halsey as a whole ass adult. how humiliating. not surprising tho bc Halsey herself comes across as the type to think she's so edgy and alt when she's not. I guess they do have one thing in common after all. wait doesn't Taylor have those cheesy Halsey lyrics tattooed on her too? lmao lame and no taste.

No. 872938

File: 1649302972674.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1125x1250, 09892F23-FD3B-414D-8F3D-23931C…)

I looked up Halsey to see who she was and this is her photo on Spotify. Lol what the fuck?! Ok Taylor letting her tit hang out makes sense now. The Halsey skin walking is actually pretty weird though and creepy…

No. 872939

And by the way her music fucking sucks. If Taylor was such a mYspAcE scene kid, she’d have waaay better taste than some mainstream attention whore

No. 872940

Nothing wrong with liking Halseys music, but its an entirely different kettle of fish to comment "mommy" and "mother" on every one of her posts and try to skinwalk her so bad

No. 872941

Right? And not even trying to be discreet. Super cringe

No. 872942

But seriously i never knew who Halsey was but see Taylor being obsessive and after skipping through a couple songs i realize this the type of music you here like in super basic settings like forever 21 or ulta lmfaooo so much for being an underground kweeen

No. 872944

haha exactly. that and her obsession with 21 Pilots. it's all shitty Billboard Top 100 and radio pop but she swears she's always been so emo and such a deep music lover. I just don't understand how she's so deluded when she has such awful taste. she'll always be the basic Alixpress instathot.

No. 872945

eh I mean I see what u r saying but the reality is her target audience is like 12 yr olds so imo it kind of shows Taylor's arrested development

No. 872949

Yes thx anon! Hit the nail on the head: billboard top 100s

No. 872950

File: 1649312394045.jpeg (254.24 KB, 1125x935, E4832E1F-1E4F-407A-B623-BA26A9…)

Oldie but yeah she’s never been emo/scene until JC and even then she does it as a “fashion statement” all whilst finding Halsey to be her biggest inspiration and who’s gotten her through her toughest times. Kek idk why this is so funny to me, i guess it’s like if a dude came out talking about how Bruno mars got him through drug addiction and then tattooed “i would stop a grenade for ya” on his chest

No. 872990

File: 1649341011028.png (90.71 KB, 612x426, Screenshot 2022-04-06 at 20.11…)

"Guys I would love to do drugs I just can't afford it right now!" what

No. 872993

Ummm what? kek she barely has any tits unless she squeezes them together like the IG pic with her entire tit out of her dress. The other one was barely visible.
Also kek at the D cup to DD in 2 separate posts

No. 872996

It's fucking astounding to me that she blew through all of her money so fast.

No. 873019

take care of yourself taylor. you’re looking rough for what 25.. drink water eat fruits bb

No. 873021

Seriously. I knew she was stupid, but I can't even comprehend this level of sheer stupidity. She really has no savings? Even more way successful YouTubers squirrel away significant amounts of cash because it's a fucking volatile industry. And temporary. Top creators fall off fast all the time and she was far from the top. Did she think YouTube was going to last forever? YouTube might not even be relevant in a few years. She's a total idiot. It blows my mind she was living so beyond her means. Were her parents so preoccupied with protecting her from Jonny that they completely neglected to teach her basic money management skills? Did they assume she knew better and not realize she has zero common sense? Does she even have that expensive mattress Jonny boasted about or did it get thrown in the trash when she moved back in with her parents? Can't believe I'm saying this but her fucking Cartier love bracelet may have been her best investment. At least it retains more value and will last longer than tacky already-several-seasons-out-of-style Fashion Nova shit made in China and all those animal supplies for her murdered pets she doesn't need anymore.

No. 873024

So.. whatb she's saying is Papa Dean is paying for lifestyle for the longhaul.

No. 873034

Bold of you to assume she hasn't already sold that Cartier bracelet nonnie kek. Idk the last time I've seen her wear it, on one hand I could see her keep it for the appearance of luxury but on the other let's be real without proof she has it, I think it's safe to assume she's already sold it for drug money long ago.

No. 873043

File: 1649366329952.jpeg (105.38 KB, 750x544, E7CD7A3C-0BD1-477A-976A-30029E…)

you should be applying for your old job at Petshmo instead of wallowing in self pity over your own ignorance but you already know one background check on your name means instant rejection I guess

can’t say you weren’t warned

No. 873044

File: 1649366644396.jpeg (113.12 KB, 750x583, 8E5ACB6A-45C0-4804-AC73-9329CB…)

it’s funny because she’s still using and she’s doing zero self care. so she’s not even doing the bare minimum she set for herself here. like no, waking up at 5 pm and shooting up instead of showering is not self care. you are not doing enough. you are not doing well and the sooner you can admit that instead of making excuses for yourself, the sooner you can get better.

No. 873045

this reads as "I'm going to forever be a parasitic NEET who never outgrows my learned helplessness. I'm a spoiled brat who barely graduated high school and has no skills, education, or experience. but I have a major superiority complex, so I think I'm above ever having to work the entry level service industry jobs I'm not even qualified for. I was never going to amount to much but I squandered the only good chance I had by being arrogant, and now have a victim complex over it. I don't have the self awareness to realize having no goals, ambition, routine or discipline is making my depression worse so I use that as an excuse to exploit my parents into supporting my drug addiction. I'm not ashamed of having achieved nothing (again, because of my overinflated ego) and I'm not going to change as long as I can take advantage of my parents because I'm immature af. drugs are the only interesting thing about me so I refuse give them up, aren't I special?".

too harsh?

No. 873046

which is especially burdensome for him because he already will have to support his severely disabled son for Tanner's entire life. and as much as I hate Mama Dean, she realistically can't work full time because Tanner needs a caretaker. it's almost as if Taylor is jealous that Tanner is unable to work. just sick stuff. Papa Dean will have to kick Taylor out to fend for herself if he ever wants to retire.

No. 873054

She seems like the kind of person who says “there’s no such thing as unskilled labor” while also thinking she’s above working in retail. Folding clothes at Target would be a much better use of her time than typing essays for her IG stories because at least she would be contributing something to society.

Tbh though I feel like she doesn’t want to get sober and is trying to get diagnosed with every disease ever so she can go on disability like Syd.

No. 873066

I 100% agree with you, anon. she could really benefit from the structure in her life. it might make her feel better to be productive and get some social interaction instead of wasting her life away nodding off in her childhood bedroom.

I totally have been tinfoiling that she doesn't want to work or get clean too. but you can't qualify for disability just for being a drug addict, and it certainly isn't enough to fund living independently with a drug habit. if I worked in the disability office and saw the novels she types daily, I'd reject tf out of her claim. she'd be completely able to work doing something like transcribing notes or simple data entry. because clearly the girl can type without any issues.

No. 873070

My tf is that she’s already on disability. There’s no way she brings in enough money to care for all her animals and buy all the drugs, clothing, and garbage she buys, plus she’s been “diagnosed” with eds. Other pettubers with similar views work jobs to stay afloat yet she hasn’t uploaded in 2 months+ and is buying 100$ tooth gems and 150$ clown fish. Her brother is old enough that her parents probably have him on a government disability program and I wouldn’t be surprised if her pushover of a mom signed her “zebra daughter” up too.

No. 873099

idk how it works in other countries but here it's a long and complicated process to get diagnosed with EDS. Lots of pain tests to do, doctors to meet etc. And we would FOR SURE have heard if she went on a doctors appointment to see how much pain she can tolerate, or in what condition her muscles are. So far it seems like the only time she visits a doctor is when she overdoses, and the only time she talks to a therapist is when she goes into temporary rehab.

No. 873100

there is no way in hell she is on disability or receiving government checks. she lives with her middle class parents.

No. 873148

I definitely don’t believe she has eds but she was diagnosed like ten years ago in high school. That’s why she dropped out and finished school online, she didn’t have a internet following back then so she couldn’t of posted about the testing.

No. 873164

Yea my brother in law with MS and chrons was denied for disability, there’s no way this bitch is getting that shit.

No. 873177

Especially in Texas. California is a different story since it’s a blue state and more progressive. She’s not on disability and never will be. She’ll also never be able to get a job with her background and one Google search. Her future is looking meek.

No. 873178

I really wonder what she expects to happen. She's sucking her parents dry and they won't be able to support her after they're gone. In fact, she should be thinking about providing for her little brother in the future. She blew hundreds of thousands and has zero savings or investments. She's going to be in for a rude awakening if she's banking on qualifying for government assistance. Legitimately ill people get denied all the time. Plus living on that her life couldn't keep up with her spending habits.

It's obvious that she can't make a comeback on YouTube. She's already tried it a thousand times, each time a bigger failure than the last. The PetTube niche simply isn't popular anymore. She was barely posting regularly in her peak. Even if she was capable of maintaining an upload schedule, which she isn't, her audience is gone and never coming back. The kids grew up and realized what hypocritical trash she is. The rest of her shills were scared off by the narcissism, self victimization, drug abuse glorification.

Do any of you think she's actually applied for jobs or do you think she's too deep in denial? Do you think she knows that she'll never get hired with a giant decade-long gap of unemployment in her resume? She's hasn't worked at all in her adult life. The longer she stays a NEET, the harder she's making it for herself. Before you know it she'll be 30 with no Bachelor's degree or job experience. She has no prospects. Google search made sure of that.

No. 873184

There is absolutely no way she’s applied for any jobs whatsoever. I really think she’s so delusional that she believes she’s gonna actually make a comeback on YouTube or her parents will just be able to take care of her forever. I highly doubt she’s thought about the fact her parents won’t be around forever and her brother will need round the clock care, that would require her to think about someone other than herself for once. All she cares about is getting high and keeping up with her “edgy/alt/uWu” poser bullshit.

No. 873191

I would say she could attempt as a “lifestyle YouTuber” but i remember she tried to already document her recovery and failed miserably. Plus, at this point what would she vlog? Decorating her childhood bedroom with meth-fueled Knick-knacks and going to whataburger? If she actually woulda went through with it before i could see people being interested, she still had her age as an excuse to be under her parents roof. Now, if she tried, the girls 25, living at home with no school or career prospects. She really fucked up and i’m sure she cries about it daily.

No. 873192

I agree with celebrating baby steps in recovery but this has been going on what? 5 years now? (Can’t remember when her an JC split) but even then it’s insane to me that she got worse instead of better. JC is trash but just goes to show Taylor was also trash well before JC.

No. 873196

I feel like sifting through her interactions it’s obvious she wants to be apart of that “scene” without actually having any sort of contribution as far as talent goes. My tinfoil is she keeps up her online presence in hopes some dirty, tattooed SoundClout loser is desperate enough to fly her out to LA and fuck her and make her their gf. Like Syd, she wants to be apart of the scene without actually being any sort of artist. The difference is sadly i hate to say is that Syd solidified her default at being apart of it by being a cum dumpster. Now her ties to JC will always give her that “clout” she so wishes for, whether we like it or not. Taylor will fade into oblivion especially now since her looks are not nearly as prime as they were during her peak era.

No. 873197

Sry didn’t mean syd apart of SoundCloud scene i just mean general music scene if that makes any sense i just kinda umbrella it all under one circus

No. 873198

I actually wonder what she does all day? Anons what do u think?

No. 873204

my tf is similar. I think the only "work" she'd ever think about doing is sugaring. she's so entitled she really expects some rich and famous guy to come along and instantly provide her with some kind of luxurious life bc. that's what all that "posty and I are friends lol" stuff on twitter was about, thinking she's special. she's dated older men before too. of course she's not sugar baby material at all so good luck to her on that lmao.

No. 873208

Have you see the excuses she uses for not uploading? Even if somehow I believed she put her huge ego aside and got a job she would never be able to hold it down. It would be one sick call excuse after another of absolutely asinine shit because she has no concept of being a independent adult, the only real responsibility she’s ever had is uploading a fucking video once a week. Real adults get up and go to work even if they’re unmotivated, tired, or just don’t fucking feel like it, Taylor can’t get her massive head around that concept tho.

No. 873216

all good points, anon. job hunting is way harder than uploading. it's really as if she thinks she's the only person with depression. which is funny bc she's not so severely depressed that she can't go out with friends, shop online, or get all dressed up for lengthy selfie photoshoots - things I don't have the strength to do when I'm at my lowest.

No. 873232

Scrolls social media, writes essays from her real and burner accounts, shops online, stalks lc, jc and tags about her, looks for a new sickness to self diagnose, gets high, takes 4873638 selfies and lies there thinking about herself.

No. 873240

All this & watchong successful YouTube's and tiktokers and mope & wonder why she didnt turn out like them. I think this because she always talks about them or makes like "quirky" fan references to the people in her twitter replies. Oh and her extremely cringe comments in a vain attempt to get people to check out her channel. The way she talks about idolizing celebs from since she was a preteen also leads me to think this

No. 873290

yep and don't forget how she wanted to move to LA to become a model and celebrity lmaooo what a basic bitch completely oblivious to reality kek

No. 873329

File: 1649559025255.jpeg (113.66 KB, 750x581, 003739B8-EB03-4123-ABFA-69D498…)


No. 873330

File: 1649559154963.jpeg (98.36 KB, 749x558, 2D658883-D89B-4BFF-851B-1CF395…)

No. 873331

File: 1649559389444.jpeg (122.88 KB, 1242x939, 2618B372-1AE5-4437-AD52-DE4A6B…)

I’m not a snake anon by any means, but if you zoom in I think you can see a fat roll where there shouldn’t be one.

No. 873332

File: 1649559445829.jpeg (154.52 KB, 1242x918, 5003048B-93B4-4213-B9A4-E8E1D4…)

No. 873337

holy fuck I thought that was a female

No. 873364

She’s directly responding to the anons in this thread at this point, get a life trailer, go focus on ur recovery or some bs kek

No. 873375

File: 1649583313365.jpg (122.12 KB, 1080x1059, Screenshot_20220410-103337_Ins…)

No. 873379

File: 1649585458604.png (383.7 KB, 1080x1059, 84058BB4-B4D4-4C24-8AA1-0A3EEC…)

Jc followed Taylor again tonight.

No. 873380

File: 1649585537217.png (228.83 KB, 1080x2400, F3D0ED5F-0FCE-4106-9C01-7F9D54…)

Taylor’s also an Aries so maybe she’s curving him.

No. 873381

Kek didn't she sperg on Twitter about having him blocked and bla bla bla

No. 873392

Idk when she’s gonna understand that you can’t recover from mental health problems by laying in bed at home with zero responsibilities for years on end. Everything she chooses to do just exacerbates her problems.

No. 873402

dehydration folds more like. fat folds on a snake are thicker, while dehydration folds kinda lay over each other like that.

also how long has she had sabor? and hes STILL got that much yellow on him?

you can see where his abdomen is oddly bigger near the front. she probably fed him right before this photo to make him look fatter than he actually is

No. 873420

Yes that snake has always been fat as fuck. Check out the "back tiddies", I bet she still feeds them large rats every week. And where is Tofu?

No. 873439

File: 1649634709329.jpg (1.79 MB, 3600x3600, Collage 2022-04-10 16_27_38.jp…)

oh this could actually be some delicious sweet milk or lead to some. Why? Thankfully parents give their kids unique spellings to their common names which at times makes them potentially identifiable. I remembered that her dilaudid plug was names Hailey and so I went back and did some digging (this is all from thread 42 for those interested). The Hailey in her screenshot back then has the last name censored by tay but her first name was spelled "Haley". and coincidentally jonny adds her back and look seems haley did at about the same time as insta shows who follows you from newest at the top to oldest at the bottom. Is it the same Haley? I'd bet money it is.

Which leads to my next question: has she just been talking to jonny just to get plugs but wants nothing to do with him, or is she trying to get back with him? He already relapsed with alcohol a night or two ago so I’m sure his H relapse is imminent. I’d love to see some tay jonny milk bc she actually did shit back then. Remember when she claimed if i can be this successfull at my worst addicted to h with an abuser imagine what I can do now? and now she does fuck all lmao. Wonder what the difference is

Ok tangent but I’d also like to discuss/mini rant about mama dean & boundaries and whether or not she may actually be reinforcing some now as she’s hinted at (>>871319). It would be a start If she's keeping a better eye on tay blowing her chances to cop, but irregardless mama dean needs to actually go all the way and kick her out as it's affecting her special needs CHILD who she herself has admitted is extremely distressed by taylor's addictions. Like forget the pets they are technically taylor's responsibility anyways. A lot of parents don't want to enforce their boundaries w/addict their adult children bc the adult child has a kid but in this situation it seems like mama dean is already doing most of all the animal care so it literally wouldn't make a dif if taylor wasn't there. Yeah her cats would miss her but that is on taylor. Is her own son's distress less important to mama dean than the potential distress of a cat? Look I'm also an animal lover but tay is already abusing them via neglect, it's not like suddenly it would be cruel for her to leave bc she's already cruel by being absent mentally & physically and not to mention pets can tell when you're fucked up and pets of addicts getting addicted esp when smoking is involved is absolutely a thing

No. 873452

How do you know he relapsed with alcohol? He’s been drinking non-alcoholic beers. I know he’s been hanging out with his friends while they seem drunk so it’s not surprising.

No. 873454

File: 1649651668479.png (5.08 MB, 1284x2778, D3114CF3-F397-421D-A258-14B1A5…)

jonny posted an old photo with taylor in it on his story

No. 873478

Oh damn I forgot about those tbh. He posted a vid of himself in a bar you could see a bottle and he paused on it but you could not read the lable. I figured he was up to his old games. So youre right then. I still feel him adding someone who may be his old dealer is a bad sign, but it really could all be a coincidence & not the same woman, I guess i'm just very jaded with these 2 and their cycles lol. As you can see I have 0 faith in them ever getting actually sober

No. 873483

File: 1649688773224.png (157.39 KB, 1439x849, Capture _2022-04-11-09-38-05.p…)


Also sorry to samefag but looking back I realize that I messed up jonny's insta w/taylors, sorry about that. That said taylor had been following Haley just not sure since when. But jonny adding taylor and Haley immediately after is probably not a good sign for either of them

No. 873576

Love this tinfoil that some boring normie white girl with emojis and inspirational life quotes in her instagram bio is TND and/or JC's plug. They're such rockstars!

No. 873585

I think so too. Embarrassing isn't in her vocabulary. She's totally fine with destroying her name, reputation, and career for pity points. But she just can't resist making a half-assed attempt at justifying her shitty behavior.

I can't get over what major cope it is. Airing you dirty laundry out on social media for the whole world to see isn't inspiring. If anything, it reinforces her god-awful coping skills. She's obsessed with this parasocial relationship with her followers and her online persona. She's been in stuck in this recovery phase for years, only going backwards. And in the meantime she has no responsibilities and has achieved nothing. She's just shooting herself in the foot at this point. She isn't committed to recovering and is in denial if she thinks she's going to ever get better without changing a thing.

No. 873592

the Sabor saga has gotta be one of the saddest state of affairs. the way he's spent his whole life, literal years, trapped in an insufficient setup that Taylor has the nerve to call "temporary" ffs. her setups are so abysmal I can't believe she ever got any attention whatsoever in the pet community. it doesn't require a trained eye to see how shit her subpar care is.
>where is Tofu?
oh no, don't tell me she killed Tofu and Tofu's replacement…I'm still traumatized by the way she murdered the first one while high

No. 873596

sorry if this comes across as asking to be spoon-fed, but what do you mean by back tiddies?

No. 873609

Oh nooo. I didn’t know she killed tofu while high. Can someone direct me to that post?

No. 873612

File: 1649769905343.jpeg (1.3 MB, 3464x3464, 1570501322064.jpeg)


Not into spoon feeding but this era is so worth it to go back and read thread 49 & 50.
She stabbed Tofu through the lung with a needle while high. He turned cold and blue, she drove without her license and high on H to the vet, and he miraculously lived but was mysteriously smaller in subsequent pictures.

No. 873615

Thank you for the thread numbers! Reading now.

No. 873622

Hadn't read these before, thanks anon! Funny how she's complaining about having to "cover her tracks" aka lying about the shit that goes on with her pets because of the "haterz" when it's just people literally concerned about a heroin addicted drug addict neglecting and abusing them, not to mention driving high on heroin to the vet. If you weren't such an irresponsible loser who shouldn't have any pets nevermind a whole horde, while trying to continue to profit off them on YouTube, people wouldn't be all up in your business Tater.

No. 873625

“But that sounds bad so I denied it lol.” The amount of times she says that shit so nonchalantly is disturbing.

No. 873629

I didn't remember which thread these were from so thanks for doing the heavy lifting for me, anon. I don't have the stomach to read these messages again they make me so sick but I'm glad new anons can read about her negligence toward animals.

No. 873715

File: 1649868094980.jpeg (121.89 KB, 828x625, 0C31E24F-381A-4DE6-A846-B53006…)

wonder if she’s talking about taylor and jonny potentially talking again

No. 873721

Doubt it, sounds more like she’s talking about having kids in general. I don’t blame her.

No. 873727

If Taylor and Jonny were talking I doubt she would tell her mom about it

No. 873738

I would be shocked if she didn't keep tabs on Taylor's thread. She's incredibly passive aggressive and we're just aggressive, so she might be delicate about the way we say things about Taylor, but she has a similarly low opinion of her integrity and decision making skills.

No. 873744

Taylor is so lucky her parents have money and put up with her bullshit, they are the only thing saving her from living a horrifying life a la Luna. If they refused to take her back after rehab 3 years ago she would be a filthy junkie living on the streets or would be straight up dead.

No. 873758


anon keeps projecting every little post to be about JC. no, this is not about JC. Why are you so obsessed with him?

No. 873761

+1 this tinfoil is getting annoying

No. 873764

File: 1649900010436.jpeg (73.99 KB, 828x426, BBFBF0E0-5436-46A1-B051-92B1D6…)

I’m glad somebody finally said it.

No. 873770

NTA it was a big reach in relation to that specific post, but there's still sufficient evidence to indicate it's a possibility. At this point I think farmers are losing their minds because of how goddamn boring this cow has been for so long. Only so much can happen to an unemployed adult who has no friends and lives at their parent's house. She's having such a drawn out decline, slowly wasting her life away and digging herself deeper. In denial, quietly relapsing and being terminally online for years on repeat. She hasn't matured at all either.

No. 873782

yeah same but at the same time it just comes across as so bitchy like Tanner can't help being mentally challenged

No. 873783

as if taylor isn't also a full blown retard

No. 873793

She’s been so quiet lately, she’s definitely doing drugs again and hiding from everyone on the internet.

No. 873800

Sage your shit

No. 873801

Tinfoiling but didn't this quietness start after Jonny followed her again? I think they're in contact and Taylor is hiding since she doesn't know how to deal with the blacklash of not just having her abooooser unblocked, but letting him follow her too. Plus deleting the long video about Jonny… she's hiding. And maybe using too

No. 873831

sadly jenn has said bad things about tanner on twitter before and with some regularity complains about being the mom of a special needs child. It's awful. sorry i can't think of any specific ones right now but it definitely happens. I think a few have been posted here at least after taylor moved back home from rehab if you feel like digging. Otherwise I'm sure she'll post another one in next few months, it's inevitable

No. 873837

oh I've already seen the tweets you're referring to. they're pretty brutal. sometimes it's slightly understandable when she just says being a mom is tiring but I'll never understand this family's obsession with oversharing their shitty lives on the internet. the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

No. 873838

having a teen boy with Prader-Willi and a junkie faildaughter at home while your husband is always away on business seems unbearable, ngl
but also talk about it with a therapist or your family or friends, don’t vagueTweet about it

No. 873862

File: 1649972664073.jpeg (138.5 KB, 1170x1299, F0199E48-67DB-4479-88CF-90FF7B…)

Not sure if it’s a glitch or buying subs but she’s gained lost and re gained 10k yt subs in the last week.

No. 873882

Yeah no, that’s fishy

No. 873975

So is the snake fat or dehydrated? What's the consensus?

I'm so bored of this lame cow that the little sombrero is making me irrationally angry but I'll resist the urge to racebait. Anyway can't believe after all these years she won't do something other than sleep in, get high, and watch TV.

No. 874002

File: 1650077245446.png (4.2 MB, 828x1792, CF685D39-540B-48B8-9007-F403C9…)

No. 874003

File: 1650077270088.png (4.2 MB, 828x1792, A87A6199-BC54-4124-B645-FD57E5…)

No. 874004

File: 1650077298647.png (4.58 MB, 828x1792, B9D81972-6957-4564-B08F-9E4034…)

No. 874007

girl, everyday is a lazy day when you have no job, your mommy cleans up after you, and you literally do nothing all day but shoot up or smoke
so she's aware she'll never have a career I take it?

No. 874043

I didn’t even know that was Taylor until I saw the dangling inner eyelash. the filters are strong. I hate how this cow got so boring

No. 874045

she deleted the crazy rants from the 5th

No. 874046

File: 1650116860333.jpeg (415.37 KB, 750x790, 85187773-E65E-48ED-9850-7AEC71…)

No. 874047

File: 1650116931834.jpeg (491.47 KB, 750x974, 761EFE0C-FF31-406A-9F24-EDAB22…)

imo she had always had a rectangle body shape. not a bad thing. Where is she?

No. 874052

Pretty sure that's her parents room. Taking goffic edgy selfies in mom's master bath. It screams pathetic, he fans must notice how lame that is. Even 12 year olds would shut the door to Mommy's room.

No. 874058

not mama dean’s bra hanging in the background. Taylor must be completely immune to feeling shame, imagine willingly posting this for thousands to see.

No. 874059

I saw that too. But didn’t wanna say anything. You already pointed it out though, kek ikr.

No. 874060

My guess is a hookup's house. Didn't she say she was dating/ sleeping around recently?

I can't believe how fat she's fallen. She used to legit be cute, but now shes junkie trash. Not too different from luna at this point.

She's just an attention slut that needs to stay off the internet…

No. 874068

I posted the tweet but that’s the only thing i’ve posted in this entire thread. literally. Why are you so pressed about what is anons are doing we aren’t cows chill.

No. 874070

Love the shitty photo editing kek

No. 874077

Its her house, she is in the bathroom of her parent’s ensuite.

No. 874080

Some of the most pathetic shit I've ever seen. Right when I think she cannot become a shittier person, she does. Crying on twitter about having no motivation while doing fuck all to help herself. Also funny how she keeps her motivation to get dolled up and post selfies all the fucking time but not do any actual work.

No. 874086

kek right? No shame. Trekking into your mom's bedroom at 2 pm after putting on a full face of terrible makeup, wax lips, and ratty extensions, then spending forty minutes tilting your hips to show off your furby tattoo for a thirst trap. Shame who?

No. 874090

These pictures are so uncanny, her arms and stomach look so chubby/wide and her legs look disproportionately skinny. She’s so trashy and not even in a grungy tumbler aesthetic way, she just looks like a unwashed crusty tranny.
Yessss Tayter, ruin you’re face irreversibly, even more than it already is! You go qween!

No. 874093

that’s because she’s attempting the proana bodycheck style of posing where she forces her hips backwards as far as possible to give the illusion of curves that don’t exist

No. 874094

File: 1650143506966.jpeg (415.21 KB, 828x1285, 71C96008-EA37-4A70-B761-1451AA…)

No. 874100

>Don't assume anything is true, not even the shit I say is true, because I always admit I was lying 7 to 200 business days later.

No. 874101

Never seen someone talk about speculation and addressing rumors more than here. If a rumor isn’t true, then you don’t bring light to it. Why bring this up over and over for your fan base who doesn’t even follow the hate. She wouldn’t know about it if she didn’t keep up with this website and wasn’t always on twitter. She seeks out the hate to complain about it.

No. 874109

i thought it looked weird on first and after a second look she really erased half of herself. She's clearly self conscious about what's likely opiate related sugar craving weight gain a la luna. Or just straight fast food. And of course the usual sloppily edited tracks. Wonder what all her stomach bruises are from? Using surface veins (horrifying) or muscling again like her shoulder? Funny considering she always reminds us that "almost died" from muscling like a dumbass. I'm guessing that's why she plans to cover her other arm. How grim that at 25 your #1 priority is to get a second (shitty lbr) sleeve to cover track marks and coming in close second is gaslighting your young audience

i'm glad she does this. Eventually people will start looking around for the drama she's referring to out of curiosity and hopefully end up learning all about the actual truth

No. 874116

File: 1650160652063.jpeg (268.31 KB, 828x1275, 55A532CE-1E5E-4107-8F69-B423ED…)

>Im working on my mental health and I find that much more important than any YouTube career.
you’ve been working on your MH for 3 years now instead of doing your job and it only seems to be getting worse so maybe it’s time to like try something else.
Didn’t she just say 2 weeks ago >>872146 she had more motivation than she’s had in years, and now she’s too depressed to work again? She just goes in the same toxic circle over and over: on new meds/got a new diagnosis the problem is fixed now, she feels amazing everything is going to be great > disappears from a social media > returns saying she’s feeling shitty, unmotivated and depressed but doesn’t know why > repeat.

No. 874118

That’s a bold lie. I don’t remember one time she posted a video without a few day ahead of time announcement

No. 874123

Damn nonnie just made me think of the anon who tinfoiled her wanting pity attention like Eugenia

No. 874124

I like how she throws in “mUh PR”… your career is over and you’re future looks like a slow burner into whoring yourself online and prostitution. Shut up

No. 874126

not to wk but i think it’s just a dirty mirror and shadows

No. 874132

A bit late, but it's quite ironic that she posts a glam photo of her saying lazy day when in reality that's probably been the least lazy day shes had in a while. She actually bothered to get up and pick an outfit and do her makeup and hair and get a camera out. We all know the rest of the time she lies in bed and does f all.

No. 874134

Taylor. You ARE lying. Someone please poke a hole in this ego so she can stop with the double thinking; "I am FINE you guys/I am seriously depressed and cannot get out of bed" or "I'm not lying, I am just giving a false statement" or "I am 100% completely sober but only from heroin" or "I don't abuse animals I just nearly get them killed while high and have maggots growing in their skin" fucking hell

No. 874172

“Unless I say Jonny is following me he is NOT following me” sure, that’s how that works.

On that note, JC is conveniently not following her again, I assume Taylor removed/blocked him since people were mentioning it in her comments kek

No. 874181

File: 1650240662855.jpeg (141.89 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4218.jpeg)

No. 874182

kek the first account is a an account about a dog named jonny craig? the second is a fan account.

No. 874246

File: 1650301202449.jpeg (102.41 KB, 749x828, IMG_4303.jpeg)

she put back up the jonny video yesterday. saw this random jump and checked if that was it. numbers match

No. 874631

File: 1650612613620.jpg (481.97 KB, 1080x2052, IMG_20220422_092159.jpg)

super late reply but it's extra funny to me, since it's the only photo of them taylor herself has still up on her feed and jc is even tagged on it

No. 874689

What's even worse is that just further proves how she doesn't have him blocked, or keeps blocking and unblocking him. When you block someone, if they're tagged in any of your photos those tags are removed. It's as though they don't exist when they're blocked. Homegirl just can't stop herself from lying can she? Sure a Taylor/Jonny reunion may not be super likely but I can easily see her talking to him for "cLosUrE" and because she's lonely.

No. 874727

If she were as traumatized as she said she is, this would absolutely be triggering.
In what world do we let our abusers follow us? Only in Taylor's world, where "abuse" is not being hugged enough

No. 874760

I swear during the rehab brodick era she made a huge show of finally deleting all her photos with JC and this was one of them??? Which makes me think she probably only archived them (which you can restore back to your profile at any point) and then unarchived this one. Which is funny because it will re-tag everyone in the photos and in the caption as if you just tagged them.

No. 874901

File: 1650826407441.jpeg (178.49 KB, 648x1381, 43C7DC31-F19E-4604-9EA1-780EB6…)

No. 874904

"I'm bored of my animals and that is obvious in my content and to all of my fans so they're not watching. I'd much rather just talk about myself, as you can see from my videos over the past 2 years. Please keep watching me because I base my worth on my Twitter popularity and YT likes, plus it's the only way I can make drug money."

No. 874915

I think it’s so fucking obvious she lurks the JC and Skid thread… notice how she makes an appearance when the milk is flowing on their end?

No. 874916

If only Taylor Nicole Dean made money off lolcow… KEK she’d be a millionaire with how much she’s mentioned here. Let that soak in, Taylor.

No. 874917


No. 874919

I deleted my last reply because I figured I was just dumb and it was an old screenshot but I guess she did. I didn't see ANY stories when I looked.

No. 874922

oh god she is going to talk about her life. diary videos saga.

No. 874923

Five whole videos! Wow! Can't wait to see all none of them edited and uploaded.

No. 874926

There will be no videos, we all know this by now, get some help Tay Tay

No. 874927

You’re right, the story was from April 19th I just had it saved and noticed nobody posted it.

No. 874930

Ohh okay that makes more sense. While Taylor should most definitely delete everything she posts I had serious doubts she would ever be that self aware kek

No. 874975

at this point im waiting for "Taylor OD'ed" tweet from mama Dean, she's hopeless

No. 875028

you know, for someone who's been preaching about recovery and being a mental health advocate 24/7 for fucking years, you would've thought she would've gotten the goddamn help she needs by now. she has her family support, financial support, literally everything she could ever need, etc. and yet she constantly alternates between her alleged lowest lows and then biggest improvements. wash, rinse, repeat. I know it's mostly just fronting and exaggerating to explain her maladaptive behavior on social media. nonetheless, how she does not recognize the patterns she cycles through is beyond me. she better hurry the fuck up bc she is aging out of her daddy's health insurance real quick. kek, she'd rather lie about how legit her self diagnoses are than actually proving she's as ill as she claims and seeking treatment.

No. 875053

Totally agree. It's been years and she's done f all to get better despite having all the tools available to her. It's embarrassing. Her mother needs to put her foot down as she is enabling Taylor's imminent death at this point.

No. 875088

If Taylor’s taught me anything it’s that an addict can have every form of treatment and support available to them and still choose drugs instead. I used to be much more sympathetic to them than I am now; I thought of it as more like an illness. Hard to think like that when you see how Taylor lives her life, though.

No. 875125

Getting clean takes truly wanting it and being willing to put in the work. I don't think Taylor has ever seriously been in recovery or really genuinely tried to learn healthy coping mechanisms. She leaned very heavily into "addiction is a disease" because she thought it would absolve her of any blame, but it doesn't. Her family needs to truly cut her off and throw her out, that might be the only thing that snaps her out of it.

No. 875150

Bingo. She only touts recovery because it's more beneficial to her image than being an active user. She knows she screwed her audience over; using her addiction as justification and then alleged changed ways in recovery was the only way she was able to save face and come back to her channel to make that sweet drug money. She wants to use drugs without the rightful criticism and speculation basically. Plus she kind of has to lie to mooch off her parents. She has admitted to not being serious about getting sober before. She thinks it makes her special and unique somehow. She thinks it adds to the edgy e-girl aesthetic and will help her get street cred to date musicians or something. She has no identity outside of what's supposedly wrong with her. She cannot give up drugs as long she continues to romanticize them. I think she also uses her addiction as an excuse to why she's amounted to nothing and is going nowhere fast. It's her crutch to cope with her own inadequacy and failure. If she believes that she's had more struggles than other more stable adults it doesn't damage her ego as much to compare herself to them. The reality is that of course she's had life on easy mode and just made stupid choices while doing fuck all to improve her situation now. Most people have fucking tragic pasts and are able to overcome so much but she could never understand because she's so full of herself.

No. 875203

File: 1651037594831.jpeg (296.24 KB, 1011x1800, 8307B27C-B7B9-43C8-95DE-C25E28…)

Sage for no new milk and a poorly done collage, but I was browsing some older threads and found this funny.

No. 875214


It is like an illness but more like the symptom of a mental illness. That’s why it is so hard to get clean and why some people will lose everything, even their own lives, over it. It is a very conscious choice that is hard to make clearly while using drugs for sure - TND should be well aware of this now and just throw herself in a rehab that’s going to keep her in there for 90 days and make a true effort to beat this.

No. 875216

so much for that lie she loves to tell about everyone thinking she's a teenager lmao like clearly nobody thinks that Taylor quite the opposite in fact we just think you act stupider than one grow tf up

No. 875217

Oh god.. who knew she’d stay the same at 25… actually no, she is worse off at 25 now vs 22. The only she learnt tho is to not air out her dirty laundry every few minutes.

No. 875289

File: 1651096535820.jpeg (405.48 KB, 828x1552, 9CEC97F4-B857-4B07-92B9-C2D6AC…)

Guess who is following JC now? Incoming Taylor JC 2.0?

No. 875293

Tell me you lied about being abused /raped /forcibly injected with drugs and having ptsd without telling me you lied about being abused/raped/forcibly injected with drugs and having ptsd. We stan victim advocate taytaykins lying about her traumatic abuse and discrediting real victims!

No. 875295

I have inside info and they are currently dating.

No. 875296

Post proof or shut up about it.

No. 875297

Not to be a stick in the mud but going back to someone who abused you does not negate their abuse. I know this is Taytor we're talking about so I won't waste my breath, but.

No. 875298

You'll see.

No. 875326

I want to believe so badly, but just can’t until it happens for real.

No. 875334

Fess up or fuck off. This is an imageboard. Screencaps, receipts etc. how much of a loser do you have to be to get off on “knowing” milk but then zipping your lips when it comes to anons.

No. 875338

I have inside info that they’re actually both lizard people wearing skin suits made of latex.

No. 875342

Now hold on, if she was a lizard person, she probably wouldn’t abuse reptiles.

No. 875345

She can’t be that stupid?? If this is true anon, I cant wait for the milk to flow and her inevitable downfall. Also.. 25 and being a stepmom to a unhinged psycho’s kid? Genuinely a disaster waiting to happen

No. 875346

Guess this is debunked then gosh, Taylor loves killing and abusing reptiles almost as much as she loves crack

No. 875347

Love how she came back from a drug binge going on about how her new creative hobbies have helped her ever so much and she will make a video etc etc, she got as far as following the ‘resin art’ hashtag and picked the syringe back up kek

No. 875387

I never believed she would get with JC after everything but now I'm worried. First she took down his expose video and now she's following him while he's single. Please tell me she has enough brain cells left to not return to him, holy shit.

No. 875407

This is honestly hilarious tho after the last month. From "why are people lying about me having my ex blocked!!!! Why would u say that!!! Omg ofc I have him blocked, stop lying about me!!!!" to literally following him again. She is such an incredibly consistent liar. I wonder if her head is constantly spinning from going in circles all the time.

No. 875427

File: 1651194487988.png (162.06 KB, 849x520, Screenshots_2022-04-28-21-03-1…)

Love this. Love it. So many tweets, insta posts, video clips out there that will highlight just how two-faced this following Jonny is but this one is by far my favorite.

Back up their words, huh? Following someone demolishes all their credibility, does it? Interesting stance, Tay, hope it pans out for you.


No. 875435

File: 1651198758052.png (29.39 KB, 648x249, asdfasdfasdf.PNG)

how about getting a job?

No. 875436

File: 1651199163397.jpg (1.29 MB, 1800x1800, Collage 2022-04-28 21_17_11.jp…)

I hope this doesnt end up too big or small but some cryptic mama dean tweets again with song lyrics which she loves to do esp when referring to Taylor. Of course it isnt proof but felt was interesting. Also posting her pets, including the stolen cat & a house lizard, as taylor should be doing and doing it better than taylor does might I add

No. 875440

Convenient she finally “moved on” from her trauma after deleting her hour long meth ramble about JC and refollowing him on insta

No. 875448

It's been so long since I've seen Kiara I genuinely forgot what she looked like. I didn't know she was a Pekingese lol. Poor thing, she's cute.

No. 875450

I can't wait until she addresses following JC (if she does at all).
My prediction is "my world renowned, super amazing therapist told me to do it"
or " everyone thought I was talking to him anyway so I decided to do it- just like how I decided to try heroin- it's y'all's fault"

No. 875452

Soo… she admits she was/is obsessed with Jonny? Lol

No. 875455

Remember when Taylor tried to "warn" Syd about Jonny? But now that Jonny and Syd broke up she's crawling back to him already? If not earlier, NOW it's clear she was just jealous and furious about Jonny moving on lmao.
What a fucking joke. You've used the last drops of your followers empathy, Taylor. If your career was 3/4 dead already now it's rotten and absolutely unredeemable. You're a user in every sense of the word.
Your parents must be super happy to give a roof ontop of your "depressed" ass and this is how you pay back their help? I'm fucking disgusted.

No. 875458

hahaha I didn't catch the resin mini-saga. what is it with these basic white bitches online and resin crafts?

No. 875484

File: 1651248864204.jpeg (1.56 MB, 3464x3464, 061139EF-5613-4F8D-9BC5-2641ED…)

She’s been ranting about how abusive jonny is, how traumatic and hard it was to leave him for 2 years and now they’re talking again? Who unblocks their abuser and let’s him back into their life after escaping for 3 years and going through therapy? I’m starting to believe she lied about how severe the abuse was. I bet Jonny yelled, punched holes in the walls, called her names or pushed her but I doubt he ever shot her up, raped her, or even left a mark on her. Taylor had to be the biggest victim in the world, so like everything she over exaggerated it for extra attention and pity.

No. 875497

He was clearly financially and emotionally abusive but not physically. Not to her at least. You could tell in her "this guy stin