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No. 621465

I didn’t see a copy pasta thread, so here it is! Pasta all of your copies here:
>the fresh
>the stale
>the gross
>the milky
>the dairy free
>others’ pasta
>even those in your own pockets
And so much more! If you could add pictures related to them, that would be even better.
Let’s try saving all those huge spergs that have been posted on lolcow by cows and farmers alike!
this is my first thread so no bully pls

No. 621474

File: 1599068782820.jpeg (26.17 KB, 200x275, F4A54C4F-2985-4D0B-B6B1-D84644…)

Can 80% bisexual leaning gay women post here?
I kinda have regrets about marrying at such a young age but my husband is the only man I have ever had sexual relations with
I grew up in a conservative country so I was never free to explore my homosexual side
I dont know why but I still feel supremely drawn to the idea of dating a woman and getting to know her
Feeling comfortable with each other to take things further sexually
Thing is I absolutely love my husband and feel like we are supremely compatible personality wise
It just always feels like something is missing in the romantic/sexual department which I am attributing to my gayness
Every few months/years of me denying my homolust makes me seek out lesbians to talk to hoping someone can understand and give me answers
Hell I'm doing it right now and for what I think is absolutely no reason because I should be 100% happy with what I have
Not knowing yourself fully and exploring it is true suffering
Oh and this is my latest waifu just so you girls have some eyecandy

No. 621489

I had hoped that I don't have to see this post ever again

No. 621492

I love big titties but these are too much

No. 621506

File: 1599071505381.jpg (36.15 KB, 624x278, bro.jpg)

sorry for being a screenshot

No. 621684

File: 1599086456206.jpg (5.84 KB, 249x203, 1598496759856.jpg)

Yo … DOG BOY … know ya love sucking big hard cock! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! Yo DOG … suck that big hard cock … suck that big hard cock! Yo DOG … on ya knees … suck this big hard cock deep down ya throat! Grabbin the back of ya head n rammin this hard cock deeper n deeper n deeper n deeper! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! Yo DOG … on ya knees … suck this big hard cock deep down ya throat! Grabbin the back of ya head n rammin this hard cock deeper n deeper n deeper n deeper! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! Yo DOG … suck that big hard cock … suck that big hard cock! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! Gonna fuk ya dude … gonna fuk ya butthole deep deep deep! Yo DOG … suck that big hard cock … suck that big hard cock! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! Gonna fuk ya dude … gonna fuk ya butthole deep deep deep! Yo DOG … suck that big hard cock … suck that big hard cock! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! Gonna fuk ya dude … gonna fuk ya butthole deep deep deep! Yea spread those buttcheeks wide …! Yea spread those buttcheeks wide …! Yea spread those buttcheeks wide …! Yea spread those buttcheeks wide …! Know ya want to drink cum DOG BOY! Know ya want to drink cum …! Gonna feed ya n feed ya n feed ya cum …! Gonna feed ya n feed ya n feed ya cum …! Yea time for ya feeding DOG BOY … time for ya feeding …! Gonna feed ya cum … … …! Cum! Cum! Cum! Yea time for ya feeding DOG BOY … time for ya feeding …! Gonna feed ya cum … … …! Cum! Cum! Cum!

No. 634559

School was a product of the industrial era.

The industrial era was about creating cogs to fit in the corporate machine that are compliant and do not question authority.

Notice how "intelligence" is defined as how well someone can memorize, not how well someone can come up with innovative ideas.

The purpose of school is to create compliant workers.

Work in the industrial era is tedious and boring, so school is tedious and boring like work.

This is why in the information age there is so much talk about the necessity to reform the schools system.

The system is corrupt, and defiance is the solution


No. 634739

My favorite fantasy is having a sleepover with a couple of guys my own age who accept me for who I am and I'd be wearing blue boxershorts, my favorite blue jockstrap, my favorite blue football jersey and a worn out blue trucker hat (in case you haven't noticed blue is my favorite color. I think it's because I resent missing out on twenty years of masculinity and I'm subconsciously trying to make up for lost time by being as manly as possible.)

It would be cold and windy outside but we'd be nice and warm curled up infront of a car engine. We'd spend the night working on the car, flicking boogers at each other, drinking beer, wrestling and watching porn while jerking each other off (again, I was robbed of a boyhood).

They wouldn't care that I wasn't close to passing or that my voice was feminine, they'd just accept me as one of the boys. We'd spend the night burping and would drift off to sleep one by one and the night would end up with me wrapped up in a cum-stained blanket drifting off to sleep knowing that for the first time in my life I'd been accepted for who I truly am. Sigh.

Probably not going to happen in the near future, but a guy? / girl? can always dream.

No. 634749

>wear lipstick and heavy makeup
>wear 3in stilettos for emphasis
>walk over to mailbox
>see neighbor wearing flipflops, sweatpants, and has a bit of bedhair
>its a cisgirl
>hold me back fam for jus 1 minute i cant take it
>run back inside
>log on to twitter and tell everyone how gross tomboys are and how they should just transition already
>burst into treats

No. 634764

File: 1600638329992.png (53.36 KB, 257x257, 1b69219d37d17411cd9f785f4303c8…)

Hm… Honestly, I'm surprised. This is the first time I've seen such a thing happen as well. One mere centimeter? Not once has anyone gotten this close to me… without a calamity befalling them. Indeed… with just one centimeter to go, will 'something' happen? I can't say I know. There's really no precedent I can cite, honestly. Though I must also say that during the flow of calamity, not one person has ever managed to attack me. I can also say that confidently… that is 'Wonder of U'.

No. 634784

>ywn have 1970s serial killer ted bundy at your mercy, handcuffed and furious about you slapping him around and treating him however you want, glaring at you murderously
>ywn push him to the floor and onto his knees, roughly pulling down his pants while he protests angrily and tells you to stop, you cant do this, etc
>ywn push into him mercilessly with your strap on, hearing his voice crack and give way to panicked sobs
>ywn grab him by the hair and push his face into the floor while remarking how hard and dripping his cock is
>ywn hear him unsuccessfully try to stifle his pitiful, broken sounding moans as he spreads his thighs to allow you in deeper
>ywn tease him for cumming just from being fucked in the ass, without you ever even touching his dick
>ywn turn him over so you can look at his crying, drooling, whimpering face

No. 634889

Let me tell you guys something, you're never, going, to fuck. You're never gonna fuck these women. That's what you need to realize. Even besides cosplay, on instagram too, you're never going to bang. When you double-tap those pictures, remember you're just another drone, just oozing- just fapping, ready to go- mentally fapping, I dunno, really fapping. That at the fact that maybe this woman is gonna single you out and be like, "Yo, this guy's cute, let me choose him.". No. You're another drone. You're never going to smash.

No. 635062

Nothing makes me kek quite like 'burst into treats', I'm so happy I was alive to witness this.

No. 635355

Wait. Is this guy seriously saying that I can't get laid? "Incredible. I will give you $5000 if you can get some poon tang before January 1st?" Do you have any idea who the fuck you're talking to? When I got off Tinder because of the fucking quarantine, Tacoma wept. Even ignoring the fact that I have a girlfriend, even if we're just talking like randos, I'm two hours away right now from being inside someone else. I have two skills - it's non-monogamy and speaking publicly, okay? Do some fucking research!

No. 635394

My ugly pickme friend is
She is ugly so the thinks that male attention is a compliment and that other women should be flattered like she is. She said she was surprised when a man asked for her number on the bus once. Barf.
>Has no friends
Besides my friend group (we aren't really her friends) she is friends with a tranny. Again, barf. She's really pathetic.
>Religious even though she wasn't raised that way
Fucked up and delusional.
>Thinks that feminism is overrated
>Has stupid political opinions
This is despite me telling her how shit tier they are
>Has a terrible job
She makes minimum wage despite having a college degree and seethes over my career
>Constantly sticking up for scrotes

Honestly I love making her cry because she is obnoxious and deserves it. I don't know anyone more pathetic than her. lol, My question is why the fuck would anyone want to bat for her?
My life is amazing btw.

No. 635396

OOOOH LIIINKIIIEEES! Where are you stinkies? Stinkers have been getting AWFULLY quiet as of late!
Please remind us about that Google partnership and how these large conglomerates have bent the knee! Tell us more about how your stinky asset is like the oil of all the blockchains! You pick the color of your new Lambo yet, stinky?
O-oh what was that? The dev teams are dumping on you now that the NASDAQ has gone stinky? Sirgay is getting cold hard toilet paper in return for your stinkers? STINK is shitting itself in sats and has nothing to wipe up the mess?
Oh no no no no no no no no…..


No. 635483

File: 1600716126500.jpg (36.79 KB, 554x554, 1600368919767.jpg)

I am so full. So full of cheese. I am happy to have so much cheese inside me, because I like it so much but I can't always afford it but this week I could, three different kinds. So now I'm full of cheese and I even have more cheese besides, that I will be able to eat tonight or tomorrow. I know it's bad for my weight and if I could have cheese all the time, or as much cheese as I liked all the time, I wouldn't appreciate it so much. But being full of cheese when you don't always get to be full of it when you want to is the greatest feeling on earth. It's better than any feeling I've ever felt. Well, that's a lie. But it's more pleasure than I've felt in a very long time.

No. 635492

>wrestling and watching porn while jerking each other off (again, I was robbed of a boyhood).
I laughed so hard

No. 635534

Foreverial tiedup fat sparky enjoying himself, loving the half he has been fattened, fully complete permanently delitzed and fully wrapped up, tiedup, rope mummified, all foreverially tiedup all over from his fully delitized head to his fully delitized feet. a full permanent bologna body, a complete permanent bologna head, two permanent bologna and ham ears, two permaent ham lip, a huge,thick permanent bologna, ham and cheese tongue, two permanent bologna feet, a permanent bologna tail, permanent bologna organs and permanent bologna insides, at last a permanent ham nose. Foreverial tiedup fat sparky jumps around everywhere and every place happily tiedup, wrapped, rope mummified and fully delitzed and licks everyone and everything he can with his huge, thick permanent bologna, ham and cheese tongue.

No. 636150

You're just jealous of me because I'm prettier than you and that men want to fuck me. I have sex with men and even enjoy it sometimes. What do you have, bitch? A gameboy color? A "good book"? Get your librarian lookin ass away from me before I shove you in a locker

No. 636280

Yesterday I just found out about this rock n roll band named Trapt that had a song called “Headstrong” that my son really enjoyed back in 2005….. I just found out that they are MAGA patriots and love Trump which seems to be very rare in rock n roll music these days…….apparently they upset a bunch of liberal crybabies on the twitters which is always hilarious….When finding out about this, I called my son to see what other songs they have that are enjoyable. He told me that “Headstrong” was the only song he knew by them because it was on one of his video games…..he said that he wasn’t aware they were still a band……however I decided to download an app called Pandora to listen to their cool and hip music…..I must say I will support a musician that is not afraid to stand up for Trump…..plus these guys know how to completely destroy libtard morons on the internets…..I suggest you all check these guys out…I would love to make some steak for their patriotic singer……. amen

No. 637106

File: 1600882697422.jpg (69.64 KB, 1280x720, 1600864269604.jpg)

Oh yeah? I would've Naruto run into you and beat you with my yaoi paddle so hard you couldn't look anyone in the eye again, kid. You think people who aren't ashamed of their love of anime are beneath you? Think again. I've been to Japan six - count them - six times. I lost weight. I became a Japanese idol. I love my life. What have you done?
If I ever see you in real life I'm going to make you regret all those times you bullied those innocent kids. It's what all my heroes would have done… It's what Naruto would've done. I'm not afraid of you anymore, bucko. I know I'm on the right side of history.

No. 637140

Does anyone know where the neccesaryspeed4 thing where she talked about fantasizing about fucking a mentally retarded buff dude that she cares for ?

No. 638868

I laughed for an embarrassingly long amount of time over that.

No. 641340

Piss on me. Fucking piss on me but do it in the antarctic so that the pee freezes in mid air while you are pissing off a building and the piss turns to spear’s. impale me with frozen urine and then shit on my butt corpse. Im a fat gay and I want to go to Ice Hell ftw.

No. 641411

>crab cake
>what the hell is a crab cake

Y'all Americans got hella audacity assuming you're at the center of the universe and everyone adheres to and is well acquainted with your food and customs. This is not the first time on this group that I inquire about American based cuisine and y'all mouth off like everyone's ignorant and stupid for not knowing whatever the fuck you people call food. Why the fuck would you classify a seafood based dish as "cake". Cakes are sweet and don't have claws so it's fair for anyone who isn't within walking distance of a school shooting to ask this question. Jesus fucking christ behave like you're a fraction of the world and not the whole thing.

No. 641441

>for anyone who isn't within walking distance of a school shooting
I had a good laugh, thank you

No. 641458

>Americans using English to even speak

No. 642801

File: 1601502434428.png (53.27 KB, 1359x109, 1595705937087.png)

i think i remember, is this it? ripped from the funny posts of lc thread, originally from the shameful kink thread. sorry this reply is a week late, i originally ignored this but it wouldn't leave my brain until i found it

No. 642804

This one's for the ages

No. 642808

This but unironically

No. 642879

you use y'all an awful lot for someone who is violently not american

No. 643576

i hated this website at first but i couldn't resist the juicy gossip… you bitches got tea with receipts! i've become a little more jaded, but it's also been good for me in weird ways. i read a lot of things here that truly make me laugh out loud or gasp. however… i've taken up to lowkey cyberbullying this pathetic loser on tumblr. i would normally never do something like this, but i feel like the toxic radiation this site oozes has made me too comfortable with being anonymously bitchy. i also send them encouraging messages on my real account, which justifies the mean things in my mind. but really, i know how matter how long i try to play therapist with this hopeless idiot they will never change, and it just feels good to be really confrontational and mean sometimes. maybe talking shit is like the ladies' version of guys who enjoy getting into physical altercations. hurting is fun!

No. 643647

Idk how to tell you this but I did not write this. The person that wrote this has never been on lolcow I imagine.

No. 645351

There she is. There she goes again. Look, everyone! She posted it once again! Isn't she just the funniest gal around?! Oh my God. I can almost see your pathetic overweight frame glowing in the dark, lit by your computer screen which is the only source of light in your room, giggling like a little boy as you once again type your little “tranny janny“ quip. I imagine you little shit laughing so hard as you click it that you drop your Doritos on the floor, but it's ok, your mother will clean it up in the morning. Oh, that's right. Did I fail to mention? You live with your mother. You are a fat fucking fuckup, she's probably so sick of you already. So sick of having to do everything for you all goddamn day, every day, for a grown woman who spends all her time on lolcow posting about transgender people. Just imagine this. She had you, and then she thought you were gonna be a scientist or an astronaut or something grand, and then you became a “Tranny admin” poster. A pathetic unfunny “admin is a scrote, our jannies are trannies” poster. She probably cries herself to sleep everyday thinking about how bad it is and how she wishes she could just disappear. She can't even try to talk with you because all you say is “TRANNIES SCROTES TIMS TIFS PICK ME INCEL R9K“ You've become a parody of your own self. And that's all you are. A sad little woman laughing in the dark by herself as she prepares to indulge in the same old dance that she's done a million times now. And that's all you'll ever be.

No. 645805

Imagine proudly flaunting your ignorance like this lmao. Your art education must extend to instagram and anime, no wonder your drawings probably looks like shit.

Assuming you’re just a dumbass teenager and not a scrote trying to bait, why don’t you actually go and study art history and see how different art movements and philosophies interconnect, how they play off with their historical context? Find out why exactly the painting you dismiss is more culturally relevant than anything you will ever make? You don’t have to like how something looks, or even like what an art movment did to appreciate the value of the painting in it’s own historical context.

Or you can just appeal to your monkey brain and draw shiny generic weeb shit or instagram pretty girls and never bother to learn the history of your craft. You do you anon.

No. 647982

File: 1602022817638.jpeg (149.41 KB, 1024x768, EE66D409-8F63-40C6-A69D-E22B37…)

I believe ugly men are a genetical product of rape. We know from analysis of modern DNA that most men didn't pass on their dna, but the wast majority of women did. Around 8,000 years ago 17 women reproduced for every one man. Incels/MGTOWs often say that if this was still a thing, we wouldn't be able to build a civilization and that "enforced monogamy" was the foundation of society (nice cope). I don't believe women back then would fuck ugly men willingly, they were probably raped and then literally forced to marry them through the system of enforced monogamy that males created. Now countless studies show that testosterone levels are decreasing with each generation and I also saw one study about attractive men dying out while the number of attractive women stays somewhat the same throughout history. That's what you get for years of breeding with ugly and weak men who literally created system for themselves so every man could get laid at the price of genetical quality (and female freedom, of course). Incels who researched the topic actually know about this and sometimes it turns them into blackpills (then they give up on pursuing women, as they should), but most of the time it just makes them even more aggressive and more women-hating. They literally want islam or just mandatory monogamy and delegalization of hypergamy to eliminate the whore/incel/simp problem.

No. 647990

Anon why the fuck did you repost my post here

No. 647994

NTA but it's great and 100% belongs here.

No. 648003

I mean did you read it

No. 648344


I for one am thankful because I didn't see it in its original context but it is full of truth and wisdom and should live on in perpetuity

No. 650533

File: 1602200303854.png (133.92 KB, 640x516, 8j.png)

No. 650586

It's retarded and belongs here

No. 650661

Glitzy is ableist and transphobic. I always hated her posts on PULL but this shows her true colors. Ableist because she said Best Dressed (Ashley) shouldn't have to appeal to her hard of hearing audience, when Glitzy herself is hard of hearing. Transphobic because in an LGBTQ channel, she said as a CIS STRAIGHT FEMALE, she would never be attracted to trans people. Her opinion is not needed at all, especially in that channel. In the POC channel, she had an issue with her culture’s food getting called bland when she is white. What the fuck? The mod team is ridiculous in allowing someone like this to stay mod, although I do think there must be some people who disagree with her. The higher ups must be in charge of keeping her. Absolutely disgusting that Glitzy was able to get a mod position in the first place. Her Discord tag is kapu#3711 if you want to talk to her about this. Feel free to send anything to her. She deserves it.

No. 650666

Ugly men lover detected

No. 650668


the ugly man post is amazing i love it.

No. 650739

pic related

No. 651009

glitzy's new tag is kadsu#2910 go and message her to ask her

No. 651012

pull admin BananasGoMoo#8363 is also a pedophile with lolicon porn linked to their reddit on discord.

No. 651018

So I have seen this uptick in people complaining about the "Where is the organs?" comments. It seems to stem from the anime/superhero girls with big boobs, tiny waist etc.

The general feelings from the vocal art community that I have seen is that, to mention a few, you're 1) saying that women with that body type should be ashamed, 2) ignoring that muscular men gets sexualized as well, and 3) criticizing without reason. I tend to be accepting of people drawing what they want, although the fact that they are trying to tell me that drawing lewd anime girls is somewhat empowering/not meant as jerk material/an uncritiziable art style do grind my gears rent-free. Obviously, complaining to an artist that you don't like their style and the subject matter directly to them is (mostly) unnecessary, because they like what they like and for many it's hard to deal with negative comments. However, all criticism is not bad.

What really prompet this tiresome, long rant is the sentiment of many online artists that the "(…) against artworks that are not meant to be realistic and being used to pressure the freedom of artistic expression"-mentality. I remember arguing with someone about it, and while I realize I was way too immature and sounded snobby I felt they were extremely hostile and aggressive towards a simple difference in perspective.

Many of these types of artists that would fight for their lives for this idea that you can't fix someone art — which I do agree with to an extent — seems to have art that is riddled with anatomical mistakes. Even mentioning that they should practice anatomy and the other fundamentals to become a better artist is "caring too much". Caring about anatomy is also supposedly stupid, because that people that don't follow the rules are much more interesting — ignoring the fact that learning the rules is needed to push them in an intentional way. Like, I have seen a couple of these comic artist that draw sexy women, and at least they know how to create poses etc.

I realize this reply may have even too much salt, but understanding that I probably could never actively participate in the art communities, on for example Twitter, with a different opinion without getting massive backlash made me just want to rant this once on an anonymous board and just bury the hatchet.

Don't hope I sound like I am on some high horse, as I am not much of an artist anyway. I know that people are their worst critics and most practice in their past time, so being criticized for something you love is hard. And yes, a lot of people do artistic hobbies for the fun of it, but wanting to improve should be universal. Just wanted to say in an overcomplicated way that missing organs, broken backs and wrists is often legitimate criticism.

No. 651022

B-b-but I thought [insert retarded babble here]

HA. Lurking this board has been an eye opening experience. Thank you for letting your guard down and showing the world your true nature.

No. 651027

Women are allowed to be on public transport, no problem. Men who use public transport should kill themselves, they don't deserve sex, poor men ain't worth shit, if you can't have a car as a man at least use Uber or just end it already. Also if you're a woman and you give sex to a poor fag I'm ashamed of you, you'd be better off with a dildo.

No. 652268

Then there is the prohibition of realistically depicting sex with an animal. The law does not care whether the animal wanted sex. I've read that male dolphins try to have sex with humans, and female apes solicit sex from humans. What is wrong with giving them what they want, if that's what turns you on, or even just to gratify them?

But this law is not concerned with protecting animals, since it does not care whether the animal really had sex, or really existed at all.
It only panders to the prejudice of censors.

A parrot once had sex with me. I did not recognize the act as sex until it was explained to me afterward, but being stroked by his soft feathers was so pleasurable that I yearn for another chance. I have a photo of that act ; should I go to prison for it?

Perhaps I am spared because this photo isn't "disgusting", but "disgusting" is a subjective matter; we must not imprison people merely because someone feels disgusted. I find the sight of wounds disgusting; fortunately surgeons do not. Maybe there is someone who considers it disgusting for a parrot to have sex with a human. Or for a dolphin or tiger to have sex with a human. So what? Others feel that all sex is disgusting.

No. 653348

I have a feeling that within 10 years, transracial identities will be accepted in the USA. Cardi B's sudden identity shift from a Latina mestizo woman who considers sex with black men interracial to a black rights activist who pops her pussy, the phenomenon of blackfishing on IG, and many aspects of the mainstream music scene as a whole are just the blueprint. Before that was the concept of "political blackness", and before that was the one-drop rule. 

Pay attention to how mixed women are presented as black women in media. That is on purpose. For any black women who noticed this before reading, colorism is not the only issue at play here. Look how many subliminals there are on YouTube promising to make the listeners Asian, black, biracial, white, etc. There is a real audience of people struggling with a form of dysphoria around race.

There's already been multiple cases of people “racefaking” and entering spaces reserved for people of that race: Rachel Dolezal, Jessica Krug, CV Vitolo, Satchuel Cole, etc. There are trans women who started off as white men, but now identify as black women.
In the cases of the white women doing it, it caused backlash, but they all talk of being confused about their own identities, and they never did things with the exact intent to harm black people. Soon, bashing them will be considered too heavy-handed. Rihanna was one of the first to open that door when she called Dolezal a “hero”.

Eventually, people will start talking about how race is just a social construct, we should be helping those struggling with racial identity issues, racial identity is coercively assigned at birth, some people have chemicals in their brain that are more like black people than white people, etc. Anti-racists who oppose this will be called TEARs (Trans-Exclusionary Anti-Racists). Maybe the word “transracial” will be phased out and considered too harsh. “Trans-cultural” is softer and more acceptable to the untrained ear. The same way transgender people often rally behind intersex people and their shared struggles with confusion around gender as proof of their identities, you can expect transracial people to rally behind biracial and multiracial people in the same way. They can and will call back to the narratives around racial confusion and the “tragic mulatto” trope for this.

When the black/white barrier is finally broken, that will open the floodgates for those infected with k-pop and anime mind viruses to come out as trans-Asian. Notice how transgender women have a dichotomy been HSTS and AGP? “Trutrans” and “trenders”? It’s going to be the “authentic”, “passing” trans-black person with true racial dysphoria who takes tanning pills, perms their hair and just wants to be accepted (never mind if they have an obsession with sexualised black women and/or BBC stereotypes) vs the “trendy”, non-“passing” weeaboo/koreaboo who wears shitty cat eye makeup to look Asian. 

To be clear, I’m a woman with racial dysphoria. I guess this will ultimately benefit me, but I’m not evil, just trying to live my life, so I’m giving a heads-up. I just want the best for everybody, and I don’t necessarily think it’s good if this does happen.
I think anyone who has these feelings should just try to live in silence, don’t disclose anything, move somewhere people don’t know you (if you plan to outwardly present), and definitely don’t put yourself in any civil rights group like an asshole. There are others like me, but no one talks about it because it’s taboo. Please don’t attack those girls on IG who are “black fishing” or photoshopping themselves Asian or anything, I promise it’s just a way of expressing love for certain aesthetics and support for people, or even just a way to have fun, not a plot to hurt women of color. I think everyone has a little woman or man of another race inside them, it’s part of being human.

No. 654205

Speaking of disgusting annoying bnha characters. Deku. I want to beat the ever living life out of this green haired freckled twink fuck, holy shit. He deserves death and nothing more he is such a disgusting excuse of a protagonist. How anyone can watch this show and stand his little smug uwu i’m so baby face is beyond me. If i was in a room with Hitler, Mao, and Deku and i had a gun with three bullets i’d shoot him thrice and then ask the other two to help me beat him. I’m normally a very nonviolent person but this thing (he doesn’t even deserve the title of person, he is nothing he’s not even an animal he is below dirt) solicits such a reaction from me…He doesn’t deserve his power he doesn’t deserve anything except a life of suffering which I guess is what he’s getting because if I had to look at myself in the mirror and I was him and I had to be Deku the only option would be to kill myself, over the life of agony knowing i’m the absolute worst thing to ever exist. I have never hated a real life person as much as I hate this this absolute waste of ink. The poor trees that had to be killed so this fuck could exist should be considered a crime.I feel so bad for the animators who have to come into work and animate him being insufferable, i’d rather be unemployed and homeless. I just want to wipe that retarded look off his face so bad.

No. 654918

fuck, I just came here to post this lmao

No. 657622

i am Weetzie Bat. i am the Slinkster-Cool, HardCore, Bitch-Goddess of your dreams and you know it. You love me already…too bad for you though, cuz i've got My Secret Agent Lover Man and if you even look at me the wrong way, he'll cut off all your limbs and gouge out your eyes. He's a real sweetie:)

No. 657641

Source plz

No. 657643

random tripod site i found while looking for old internet graphics lmao

No. 659039

Wings are horribly overrated. Theres hardly any meat on them, i swear to god theres more gristle and fat than there is actual meat, and they are expensive as fuck for such little actual meat. They are messy as fuck and get everywhere, cuz they are practically serve them in a soup of sauce. You literally cant even glance at a fucking plate of wings without looking like the B-Dubs buffalo shot a big, greasy malibu barbecue load all over your face. And FOR WHAT? One bite of meat you have to eat in 5 because its so FUCKING INCONVENIENT TO TRY AND GET OFF THE BONE. I mean God fucking forbid you eat regular sized chicken wings/drumsticks that arent literal gnome sized. Ya know, the ones where you dont have to stick your tongue between two little bones trying to wrest it out of that little alcove like an inexperienced scrote trying to eat a pussy. The ONLY food that is worthy of that level of overpriced, ungodly mess of a meat to bone ratio is ribs. This is a hill im not only willing to die on, I expect to be buried on it.

No. 659942

For starters, if you're falling for the shit. The only ones who've stepped up stupidity with you all. A 4chan ripoff, doesn't scare me. Put your info in, but don't be running your mouth as trolls, its just feeding into this. If you all are good trolls at all, its pretty obvious, I really don't see how else it can be obvious. Step shit up. You guys could get your info way better. If I was a boring troll no one cared about, these spergs wouldn't lose their shit like they do. Also, no. I never did anything for Madame to notice me, I provided the evidence, and the logical facts about it. I also don't recall claiming myself to be an anime villain? Some of the craziest delusions. If you're gonna talk shit, at least, have some truth to it.

No. 666344

I'm sorry, but did Kanye already lose? Oh, that's right. The election isn't even over yet. In fact, we're only 30 minutes into election day. Does not having the lead 30 minutes in, in New Hampshire count as a loss? Is that what you're saying? Because if you're saying that I can assure you that you're wrong. Why would you make this topic when the election is still on? Kanye is still gaining votes right now and he has been the best candidate in the country for how many years now? Hes up against two of the worst candidates in the USA who just happen to have a lead because they're feeding off the energy of being a racist. But you know what? They still fucking suck. Kanye is one of the best candidates in the USA, hes been ahead in all the polls this election and would be winning right now if the Russian hackers didn't cheat. Maybe you should shut the fuck up before you make retarded topics like this. You know why? Because you're going to be embarrassed when Kanye wins and someone bumps this topic. Oh look at that, Trump just said something delusional, just like Biden. Are you a fucking drunk? Are you retarded? Are you autistic? You are a fucking idiot and you should never make a topic on this board again and I'm fucking serious. I almost have a feeling you're the only guy making all these anti-Kanye topics because you're a faggot hater who doesn't like him because hes good. Fuck you, be good at something in YOUR life and then maybe try to troll some other candidates on the board, like I give a fuck. It's so easy to spot out your threads now, you're a retard. Always doing stupid shit like this. Why don't you try to be a good poster? Just for once? For once in your fucking life try not to make a topic like this. That's just you, you're always right at getting it wrong. Fuck you. You are nothing.

No. 666533

Damn, this pissed me off, good pasta/bait. Imbecile doesn't know how to eat

No. 666535

>tfw no epic
>that feel when girls poop out they're butts
>who are you quoting D:<
>try to walk to dinasaur
>I dunno teh saources
>I know that feel
>spaghetti falling out of my pockets
>you're waifus ded wat do
>mfw when i have no pokeface.png
>dinasaur turns into a dragon and flies away
>holy shit im flying to O__O
>le fu :DDD
>spaghetti falling out of my pockets
>flying spaghetti monster.exe
>I Sure Diggity Do
>Thats where you are wrong, kid. /g/ is my personal tech support.
>le xD
>4chan is not anime related.
>lol /jp/ is so shit
>Ishiddy didgeridoo
>not greentexting
>I Shiggy-diggy ding dong dig-dog
>Gorilla warfare
>i say le /sp/ here u r all nerds ^^
>flying on my dinasaur
>see dead baby on the sidewalk
>mvq quand :(
>lets have a fappu thread
>implying I, as a guy, will ever breast feed a baby
>that feel when males can lactate out they're nipples
>Post or you're waifu dies
>le ragecomic.jpg
>give my dragon bro a high five
>>_>^ ^<_<
>now i poop in my pussy every day because i enjoy yeast infections
>/v/ is bettar then u bc dragonss
>you're waifu does fart what do u do xD
>spaghetti falling out of my pockets

No. 684923

charli and james are clearly cut from the same cloth, and it doesn't take a genius to see why they would have common ground between them. the only people that ever have a bone to pick with popular teenagers on social media for ultimately benign actions are other sanctimonious teenagers or drama-hungry adult YouTubers. you sound painfully underage.

>too scared to go full troon

you can't even decide whether JC is a troon or not. he's never claimed to be a woman. i'd rather a gay man embrace being gender nonconforming and the realities of sex than become a deluded troon. this post comes across as you having an issue with hyperfeminine gay men. in the same breathe that you shit on JC, you stan a teenage nobody high school dropout tranny. enjoy your underage b& and take your woke homophobia back to twitter.

No. 685309

If i have to see one of you unfunny dullards post your FAS tinfoiling picture all snarky without commentary like you're the smartest little bitch on this website ONE more time i will rip your eyeballs out and grate them over my pasta and livestream it for charity for all the poor little retarded children with FAS because they do not deserve to be compared to every e-whore on the internet

No. 686274

Okay, putting a flower crown on serial killers harms absolutely nobody. When was the last time someone was actually injured by a serial killer, the 50s? Sorry if you think this is a trend, but putting a circlet of flowers on top of a real human being that drove a 5 inch steel knife into an innocent persons beating heart can be qualified as self expression. Learn it. PS. I play reaper in overwatch and talk like solid snake when Im on the phone. I could hack the stock market if I needed to. Bye

No. 686407

File: 1606935363102.jpg (37.89 KB, 1920x1080, 9.jpg)

I have a Grinch fetish. My boyfriend knows about this and for the most part accepts it. He isn't crazy about it and doesn't really get it but he at least tries which is all I ask. He'll sometimes read the book to me to set the mood, or if he's really feeling kinky tell me "You're a mean one in the heat of the moment. He's even begrudgingly come around to at least playing one of the three versions of the film every time we do the deed (although we tend to stay away from the live-action one because it's too much for me).

The thing is, I don't want to hear about the Grinch or listen to the Grinch or watch the Grinch. I want to be fucked by the Grinch. And for the record this is common among women. The Grinch's bulging sack of toys to me (and many others) is what a Mack truck is to Cardi B. The fact that he's good with dogs and experienced trauma at a young age makes me want that long, fuzzy dick even more.

My boyfriend asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told him straight up. I told him to put on the greenest, silkiest Grinch costume he could find, kidnap me from my bed on Christmas Eve, and then ravage me in front of the Christmas tree.

He flat out refused. Said it was too weird for him. I was literally begging this man to let this pussy save Christmas and he was like nah, I'm good. It ended up turning into a fight where he admitted he only gave into my initial Grinch kinks to placate me and was still uncomfortable about the fact that I had moaned "Grinch" during sex a few weeks ago, but only because his song was playing in the background.

So he's drawn a line. And if I don't drop the Grinch fetish (which as I said is incredibly common among women but sadly taboo) he's done for good. I don't want to lose him over this. But it's really hard for me to see past my sexual proclivities especially during Christmas season. Is there any way we can even compromise on this, or do I simply need a more adventurous man?

all i want for Christmas is my boyfriend to dress up as the Grinch and fuck me and he won't

No. 686431

My name is Biffy Jones. I really love Poohs Adventures!

I was born in a shack in Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Crisp Falls, Shark Stink, Iowa. I like to pooh with my friends! I like Pooh, Peeh, Piglet, Thomas, Thimas, Thimble, Trumboola, Robert Planch, Albert Clench, and Compact Disk.

I started Poohing in 2005 and I am currently 12 years old. March on, brothers!

This is a photo of me. Hope you look forward to my future Pooh Advencher endeavors! Mommy Hommamo says I can't do this for the rest of my life but I cut the brake lines on her bike so we'll see who's sloshing soon!

No. 686517

biiiig kek

No. 690207

to who ever it was who ban'd me i do hope banning me did not talk to much effort, because it took me all of 10 seconds to unban my self, would you like to try again? ill kick you out of your own party, how would you all like me to permanently ban you from your own board? i can, but im not going to do that because im not a complete asshole, however to the person who said talking shit about someone without a reason is not toxic? wrong! when you talk shit about people who are only trying to share there experiences with the community and yet you are unable to give a reason WHY they are a problem THAT IS toxic… im sorry you are unable to recognize that… and to the one who banned me, if you were really about letting people speak their mind you would not have banned me, which makes YOU a HYPOCRITE!, try banning me again… see what happens…

No. 690215

>how would you all like me to permanently ban you from your own board?
Go home admin, you are drunk

No. 690276

Is it really a pasta if it's the truth we dare not speak

No. 691595

i regret posting here. all i can say is you guys dont actually know much other than my posts. again im glad we dont use any social media, thank you for reminding me why i dont let anybody into my life. at least my parents love and support me and my relationship, imperfect as it may be. you guys are exactly like /pol/, just feminists instead of anti feminists. i hate both groups of people. everybody here gets off on thinking they are better than other anons. fuck you.

you alienated another woman into still hating women, good job. you judgemental utter cunts. feminists dont care about women, they only care about women doing everything they think they need to do, which is oddly EXACTLY how /pol/ thinks.

No. 691597

File: 1607622891200.gif (1.56 MB, 275x207, 3F38AD59-ABDF-45F6-9D57-652B36…)

Kek what thread

No. 691598

Pretty recent from the cow yourself thread: >>691536

No. 691600


No. 705534

Scooby-Doo is just a normal, popular kids television show, right? WRONG. Scooby-Doo is a drug-induced cartoon and is very fantasy-like. Shaggy is a hippie-high school dropout who spends most of his free time getting high up on drugs. Scooby Doo does exist, but he doesn't talk. It's the hallucination. Scooby and Shaggy sat in the back of the Mystery Machine because they would smoke weed back there. Thus explaining why when the Mystery Machine took off, smoke came out of it. As for Scooby Snacks, they are drugged up. This explains why Scooby and Shaggy get more courage after eating them, simply because the drugs kick in. Shaggy and Scooby eat a ton, and it is a cause of the munchies. Scooby also earned the nickname "Scooby Dooby Doo" from all the doobies, or joints, he took in. Also, in the movie, Shaggy eventually falls in love with a girl named Mary Jane. Mary Jane is quite synonomous to marajuana.

But what about the rest of the gang? Why do the jock and popular girl hang out with the nerd and the stoner kid?

Well, Fred and Daphnee are a couple from the popular gang. But they didn't care as much about getting popular as they did getting high. And the gang gets drugs because Velma messes with the chemistry of growing weed, Shaggy will stop at no costs for getting some, Daphnee has tons of money being rich, and Fred being the leader of it all. Also, Fred and Daphnee are sex-addicted. They secretly go off into the Mystery Machine to exhange into strange sexual acts while Velma, Shag, and Scoob go together in the complete other direction.

And what else about Velma? Alot of people think she is a lesbian, but truth is, she hangs out with the gang less for the drugs, more for the dog. Scooby. She is zoosexual, meaning she is attracted to animals. She did sexual things to Scooby while the others weren't looking.

No. 707320

God I fucking hate Olaf the snowman so fucking much holy shit. Holy shit, every frame he’s in, every scene, every gif, every jpeg, he’s got this painfully vacant, stupid as shit, fuckass look on his stupid lumpy face. Absolutely no part of his ugly as sin piece of shit character design is endearing. His stupid fucking legs? Who the hell makes a snowman with legs. His dumb flaily fucking twig arms? His shitty, lumpy bastard head? The three thousand percent unnecessary dumbass shitass fucking SNOW BUCK TOOTH that no snowman has EVER FUCKING HAD IN tHE HISTORY OF GOD’S GREEN FUCKING EARTH? God, I hate him. I hate him so much. So FUCKING much. Every time I see a stuffed toy Olaf or an Olaf gif or a shitty goddamn commercial, it ignites my primal rage response and I’m overcome by the need to punt this shitty little homunculus into the fucking sun. “Bhurr blur, I’m Olaf the fuckshit snow fucker, I like warm hugs”. Fuck you. Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you. You look like Tow Mater summoned a patronus. Your dumb fucking twig hair makes your whole shitty head look like a hairy skin tag. I hate your dumb fucking lumpy carrot nose and your stupid, empty googly eyes and your over-the-top goofy ass upbeat asshole personality. Any scene he’s sad it invokes all the wrath and fury of a spoiled child having a meltdown over a chocolate bar in a w*lmart checkout line. And I know its irrational. That’s the worst part. I know he’s just a shitty fucking side character in a stupid fucking children’s movie, I know it doesn’t matter, I know I shouldn’t care. But that’s part of the problem. The part where no matter the might and fury of my hatred, the locus of my homicidal intent is alltogether inconsequential. I find myself laying awake in the dark in the early hours of the morning consumed by the spirit of Wrath itself, all the force and might of a flaming hurricane directed at a bottle of piss in a ditch by the highway. The absurdity of it all burns me to my core. What better things could this energy be directed towards? And yet my disdain for this stupid, useless, insubstantial failure of endearing character design utterly eclipses the intrigue of all other pursuits. I hate him. I hate him on a level of my mind reserved for the worst of the world’s array of sinners, and I can’t even begin to justify it. Shitstick the snow dick is, for all intents and purposes, the animated corpse of all of humanity’s saccharine pretenses- every condescending, passive-aggressive statement of meaningless upper middle class suburban drama distilled into a single, hateable form. The fucking. Fuck. I have no words. There is no cuss or epithet in any language that can encapsulate the height of the emotions I am experiencing. God, I hate him so much. I hate him so, so fucking much. I want to light his ugly little dumpster body on fire. I want to graphically beat him to death with his own stupid fucking nose. I want to punch him to death. You know that weird feeling you get, when you see a picture of something so cute you find yourself overcome with the bizarre, inexplicable urge to squeeze it? It’s EXACTLY like that, except instead of cuteness it’s disgust. The wordless knowledge that his existence as a fictional work is evidence of all the failures of mankind. I find myself possessed by the will of a Holy Angel gone rogue with the belief that God has made a mistake, and I alone must correct it. This is the trial by which Samael himself fell from grace. This wild, meaningless rage. A thousand blades of shining steel cast with inhuman force in the direction of a plastic grocery bag floating on a breeze. What horrors must I have committed in a past life to be plagued by this torment now? I must Unmake this fictional snowman

No. 707361

File: 1609628967317.png (16.67 KB, 76x138, Zote_Idle.png)

What did you just assert from your unclean mouth, you little vagabond? I'll have you know I'm a knight of great renown, and I have killed a thousand bugs! My weapon "Life Ender" was carved by myself, and with it I have never fallen in battle! You are nothing to me but worthless cur! My nail shall spear your heart as it has done to all who have crossed me! I bow to no one! You think you can cross paths with me and live to tell the tale? I have risen above this wretched kingdom's supposed "Great Knights", do you believe yourself to stand against my power, mongrel? You're nothing but a meek, helpless creature. So inept and irritating. I peer beyond the darkness itself and have plumbed depths you can't imagine, I attained power you couldn't hope to dream, wretch. I sharpen Life Ender upon the bones of countless demons, each one a beast more terrifying than the next - but only terrifying to lowly scum such as you, for I am fearless. If you could only have known what crossing paths with me would've costed you, you'd never have descended into the well, riffraff. But you elect to stand before me now, the mighty Zote! The most powerful knight in all the land! Draw your puny nail, for it shall be the next I toss upon the throne of metal I sit upon! Now face me, craven rat!

No. 707673

Did anyone here have one?
I know I might be judged for this, but I have an Onlyfans and I really hate my big labia. I don't show it off but don't exactly hide it either and men always say nice things about it and even pay me for photos/videos where I show it, but I still dislike it. I earn a lot of money so I know it's not like people find it repulsive or anything. (Just mentioning this to show that I don't hate it because of negative comments.)

It's not just how it looks, but it can be uncomfortable when I'm wearing leggings or lace panties, I even have to move them out of the way when I masturbate otherwise they are just in the way and I can't feel anything. Sorry if this is TMI. I found a really good surgeon who said she has never taken too much off, she is a labiaplasty specialist and was really reassuring. But I'm really scared of losing sensation or sex being painful afterwards. Trading the current occasional discomfort (and my dislike for it) for that wouldn't be worth it. Does anyone have experience with it? I have my surgery booked for the end of February but still kind of undecided.

No. 708480

File: 1609811809738.jpeg (185.33 KB, 1200x900, D84F8FEC-699F-4104-B62D-228073…)

Octopuses do not have any bones with the exception of their beaks. So if you are responsible and depraved enough to be literally the life support of your 8 limbed friend, you can debeak it like how you’d declaw a cat and then push your member into its feed chute.

You can then let it subsist on your baby batter.

The Octopus is smart. Very smart. It will learn that without its beak, it cannot feed on anything else but your human seed that has to be milked from you.

Every morning, you will feel your clothes slide off and a damp weight on your lower half.

The sensation creeps up on your body until most of the jiggly mass has enveloped the entire length. It will start pumping as fast as it can for it is hungry.

The animal gyrates its empty stomach and the folds of its brain rubbing on your glands, begging for nutrition.

You climax and give the marine creature’s breakfast. The pumping slows down but doesn’t stop to milk out the last few drops of its meal.

Looking into its yellow animal eyes, it looks back with a thousand-yard stare. This will be routine for all of its meals for the rest of its 3-5 years on this god forsaken planet.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 708497

I didn’t fuck my cat. I didn’t cum on my cat. I didn’t put my dick anywhere near my cat. I’ve never done anything weird with my cats. I promised myself I wasn’t going to make apology videos after last years thing so I’m just trying to be as short and honest with this as possible.

No. 708501

I fucking hate this disgusting shit and you for posting it

No. 708531

Oh. Oh. Jail.

No. 708615

gimpgirl: noooo if you don't go pickme, men won't fuck you

No. 708618

how to get a UTI

No. 708628

I hate you

No. 709097

lol THIS BITCH WAS HELD IN A STATE OF CAPTIVITY WITH LITERALLY NO REAL FOOD. if you been through the he'll I've been then this wouldn't been amusing, what I've experienced is akin to what wwI soliders being so hungry eating wood would be a great idea. You may laugh but I'm literally planning to unmask you for the pathethic faggot you are. You are pathetic, laughing at someone who has seen and been through hell. Pathetic because you need something to compare your own wretched life to feel better. Best tidy shit up because I'll dig into your info until I find gold. I'm tired of playing any asshole who crosses me I'll doxx, as for doxxing me whatever I've locked down and nuked my shit, and I don't care either. I can tolerate most bullshit but mocking my complex which is a result of years of systematic oppression and the fat that my body couldn't tolerate food well I'll be digging, I am also autistic as he'll do not try me.

No. 709262

My mom called my doctor and said to him "What’s the most accurate measurement for weighing?"
The doctor said "An underwater weighing test"
And just like that, my mom said “Yes. When can my son and my daughter can take it?” and the doc said “Today at 2pm.”

So, I didn’t bother taking a shower and so did my sister too, so I had to get into a special swimming suit(tight pants…Ugh).

My sister said “Can I pull my hair down to a ponytail?” The doctor said "No."
So my sister with her long, blonde hair went underwater with 8 seconds and had she must enjoyed it…but I didn’t.

No. 709266

No. 709276

where is this from?

No. 709283

File: 1609943741321.jpg (25.03 KB, 480x360, f897b7ed-00b0-404b-ae01-69849d…)

Octopuses do not have any bones with the exception of theiw beaks. so if you awe wesponsibwe and depwaved enough to be witewawwy the wife suppowt of youw 8 wimbed fwiend, you can debeak it wike how you'd decwaw a cat and then push youw membew into it's feed chute.

You can then wet it subsist on youw baby battew.

The Octopus is smawt. Vewy smawt. It wiww weawn that without it's beak, it cannot feed on anything ewse but youw human seed that has to be miwked fwom you.

Evewy mowning, you wiww feew youw cwothes swide off and a damp weight on youw wowew hawf.

The sensation cweeps up youw body untiw most of the jiggwy mass has envewoped the entiwe wength. It wiww stawt pumping as fast as it can fow it is hungwy.

The animaw gywates its empty stomach and the fowds of its bwain wubbing on youw gwans, begging fow nutwition.

You cwimax and give the mawine cweatuwe's bweakfast. The pumping swows down but doesn't stop to miwk out the wast few dwops of its meaw.

Wooking into its yewwow animaw eyes, it wooks back with a thousand-yawd stawe. This wiww be woutine fow aww of its meaws fow the west of it's 3-5 yeaws on this god fowsaken pwanet.

No. 709296

hey, kill yourself

No. 709308

File: 1609946878823.gif (1.07 MB, 220x124, BB7E739A-268D-4EDF-AFA6-48200B…)

No. 709361










WHATA FUCK MAN xD i just fall of my chair cuz i couldnt and i CANT stop laugh



whatr the HELL


i just fall of my chair cuz i couldnt and i CANT stop laugh










No. 709362

ok these old 4chan pastas are cursed why did i still have this one saved

No. 709858

You think I am a lunatic? Ok, feel free to, but probably unlike you, I was examined & found to be perfectly sane. I am not even a psychopath & I have no history of alcohol or drug use.

You know of me because I am reckless & spit the enemy right in the face.

Deal with it, haters.

No. 709917

hey look asshole
some people live int he real world you know? fucking ..like.. are you serious now? tyou think thats shiggy material? cmon. i know you want to be all badsass about things but real people have to work together on shit. you cant just budge in and demand someone live by your rules. thats bullshit. i dont want to hear it.; so rainbow dash or whoever wants is your waifu wants to start weightlifting. why cant yo be cool about it? support it. or if you dont really like it, just make that known and learn to FUICKING LIVE WITH SOMEONES DECISIONS BEACUSE THATS THE MATURE THING TO DO. you have no right ot ask her to stop. its her body. youre not having a say in it. you can always exdpress your opinion and concerns and she should listen to you but she is never obligated to follow what the FUCK YOU WANT because thats being fucking MATURE.

this kind of bllshit makes me sick and its why i get tired of this place. just stop it. stop this fucking acting like youre mister important and decider of eveyrthing thats right or not or about how everyone should conduct themselves. give it up.


No. 709921


No. 710477

A brazen,deadly gangster policeman professor and parroting puppet of the computer god was teaching a class on Franklin D. Roosevelt, a known Tsarina Fag.
"Before the class begins, you must get on your knees and worship The Worldwide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God and accept his lifelong Frankenstien radio controls!"

At this moment, a brave writer of unforgivable thruths and terrorized member of the master race who had typed over 1500 poorly worded rants and understood how CIA gangsters pump deadly poison nerve gas-smoke into secret compartments and lived in a low,deadly niggertown old house,stood up ALONE and held up a thick, strong homemade appeal brief.
"How long do people naturally live before they are dead or useless?"

The cackling, sneering, co-conspiring felon gangster parroting puppet officer professor laughed his mad giggle now,and smugly replied "70 years, you helpless and hopeless frankenstien slave."

"Wrong. People are subjected to worldwide systematic instant-plastic surgery butchery murder,inside a sealed computer god robotic operating cabinet"

The professor was visibly shaken, and dropped his nerve gas ball point pen and blurted many statements. He stormed out of the room crying those hangmanrope sneak Gangster playboy tears.

The students applauded and were all notarized as pummellers of niggers that day and converted to Astrocism,the true religion of the Slovene people.
A deadly touch tarantula spider named "MENACE TO GANGSTER GOVERNMENT" trajected around corners into the room and perched atop the American Flag and shed a tabin needle on the ticker tape. The worldwide open secret was read several times.

The professor lost his tenure and was put into Maximum Security Insanity Prison the next day. He died of the The worldwide completely controlled deadly degenerative climate and atmosphere and was lead into Frankenstein living-death eternal slavery

No. 710668

Yesterday was the worst dinner I have ever had. I make a rule of not socializing with coworkers, and I should not have broken it. This may take 2 posts, it was THAT bad.

6 coworkers met at someone's house yesterday under the pretense of "Irish stew". I grudgingly accepted the invitation and arrived at 2 pm (when I was told to come). I brought traditional soda bread that had to be baked first. The host made a bit of a stink about using the oven when he had other things in there, but I told him I wanted it fresh.

The stew was still cooking and the host was already drinking alcohol at this time. In the middle of a conversation with a member of the opposite sex, the host tells me, "Please, no talk about politics. PLEASE not today". I said if more people talked about politics we would be in a better country, and he got very argumentative so I just dropped it.

I was drinking apple juice that I brought over and the host kept trying to get me to have a beer. He was obviously intoxicated and starting saying how maybe I would be relaxed and "cooler" if I had some alcohol. It was pathetic, like peer pressure from a high school TV show.

Anyway, at that point I became withdrawn and went for a walk. I came back right before dinner, and that is when the fun started.

He made "Irish stew" with beef, carrots, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, hot sauce, oregano, tomato, and various ingredients. I started telling others that proper Irish stew should only contain mutton, potato, onion, and water, and that beef, tomato, black pepper, hot sauce, and other ingredients would not be available then and therefore it was a modern stew, not Irish stew.

We started eating and someone asked me about what I had said about real Irish stew. The host looked annoyed so I told him. He turned red and told me if I didn't like it I could "get the fuck out and take my apple juice with me".
I was shocked and speechless. He left the room and his girlfriend (they are unmarried but live together) apologized. Eventually, people started talking more comfortably and he came back and was brooding and drinking more.

The stew was okay, but not authentic. I asked him if he knew that mutton was on sale at a local store and he flew into a tirade, bringing up any small error or faux pas I have ever committed at work. People were trying to calm him down, and I simply responded to him in a quiet and calm voice, and said that I appreciated his invitation and his "take" on Irish stew, but it would have been nicer if the company had been more warm.

He got up and pulled me out of the chair, stretching my sweater at the neck. He was literally screaming in my face and had his fist up in a threatening manner.

I told him I would call the cops if he hit me. He then told me to get out and take my "fucking juice and shit bread" with him. A second loaf was still in the oven with 7 minutes left, and I said I wasn't leaving until it was cooked and I could take it.

He shouted at me to leave or he would call the cops ON ME (imagine) and then threw the bread out of the oven on the ground. I was shaking with emotions and told the group that I enjoyed my time with them but I couldn't say the same about the host.

It was a horrible affair, but I decided to make authentic Irish stew today, because I was let down yesterday and had a hankering for it. It is simmering on the stove and I plan on bringing it to lunch tomorrow, one bowl for me and some for the host. It will be a subtle form of revenge as well as a way to show him that I am a better cook and am the more mature, forgiving person.

No. 712012

Do you think Homer Simpson could smoke weed? I imagine him often, lighting a blunt or a joint (delivery system for marijuana smoke). He lights it with a basic plastic lighter. He takes the first puff. His eyes widen. He is surprised at the potency of the smoke, but he enjoys it. He enjoys the taste. At first, the burnt aroma is off-putting, but he soon learns to appreciate the aromatic, herbal notes present in the weed smoke. He luxuriates in the smoke. It surrounds him like a comforting blanket. As he takes his second hit, he marvels at the intricate network of woven “hairs. on the surface of the marijuana bud. It reminds him of a tapestry he once saw at the town museum. He is getting higher and higher with every hit. He’s never felt this way before. He experiments with smoke rings, exhaling through his nose. He feels that his mind is awakened. He is in a dreamlike state. He feels comfortable. His muscles relax. He is surprised when he notices how thirsty he is. He has never smoked marijuana before and he thought the thirst inducing properties of marijuana were purely fictional. He drinks a glass of unsweetened iced tea. Marge has been encouraging him to drink unsweetened tea instead of beer or soda to help him control his weight. In the past he drank the tea with reluctance and without enjoyment. But now that he is high he notes the complex flavor of the tea. It is smoky, bitter, tannic. He enjoys it. He is amazed that something as simple as iced tea is bringing him so much happiness. He picks up a chunk of marijuana from the kitchen table. “I could get used to this,” he thinks. “I’ve never felt this way. All of my senses are heightened. I feel serene, yet alert. I never want to stop being high. I want to be like this forever. I’ve fallen in love with marijuana and I never want to stop smoking.”

No. 712070

Where does this come from? I want it to be real and I need a followup if so

No. 712282

It's a copypasta from /ck/. There was never a follow up, to my knowledge.

No. 714112

Trans man here, did you know (should since you’re in highschool) that a babies brain forms first so the chemicals that affect it then can be different than the ones that affect it when the body forms ! I’m living proof, when my mother was pregnant with me I was supposed to be a boy but she was jack and underwent immense stress and I came out a girl but my brain struggles with this as it wants to produce the boy chemicals but I have boobs and ovaries so I produce estrogen, that’s crazy right? But since my brain produces lots of testosterone for the boy body I’m supposed to have I have horrible cramps. Biologically I am Male physically i am female. You’re living off of base level biology and biologists have already proven it wrong. We learn everyday please keep learning

No. 714896

I will never get over the embarrassment of belonging to the same species as you. You are a monster, an ogre, a malformity. I wretch at the very thought of you. You have all the appeal of a paper cut. Lepers avoid you. You are vile, worthless, less than nothing. You are a weed, a fungus, and the dregs of this earth. And did I mention you smell? Monkeys look down on you. Even mosquitoes won't have sex with you. You are unreservedly pathetic, starved for attention, and lost in a land that reality forgot. You are a waste of flesh. On a good day you're a halfwit. You are deficient in all that lends character. You have the personality of wallpaper. You are dank and filthy. You are asinine and benighted. You are the source of all unpleasantness. You spread misery and sorrow wherever you go. Trans rights are human rights.

No. 714979

We get it, you're on radblr

No. 715072

Cease tranny

No. 717037

Hey, what you’re saying has cryptoracial undertones :/ Most of my family is Japanese and there’s a cultural relativism you aren’t taking into consideration. Manga is an important part of the culture and hentai is an off-shoot of that. What you’re saying is rooted in the same idea that as an Asian girl I’m less “womanly” because of features that “seem young” I hate saying it’s a “harmful stereotype” because that seems so dramatic but just keep stuff like that in mind when you’re talking about East Asian cultures and physicality.

No. 723265

File: 1611695413502.jpg (94.31 KB, 550x550, 1607043959112.jpg)

oh, chubby little loser
national joke
pathetic fat man
no ones bloody laughing
the clown that no one laughs at
they all just wish he'd [redacted]

what do you get when your mom dies of cancer
and you spiral out of control on public display
you get a fat little man who beats on cats
and zaps his own grey matter by being a sped

sad little fat man, does what a sullen porky man can
watch as he waddles away
small, smelly fat man, does what a man can

what do you get when you steal your ex-best friends personality and chimp out for all to see?
you get a shattered life, high cortisol levels and irreperable trauma that will never be fixed by family therapy

deranged little fat man, watch as he streams that
takes his little fat hands and pulls the strings of the world
neurotic little sped man
does what a sped can
with no signs of stopping
the fat man rolls on

No. 725044

u all fkicng suck cock lmaooooo
stfu u lmosers fag

ur mom is afucking onii chan lesbain cunt, go bac to tickling ur anus with ur bamboo stylus

u small shrimp brain, get gud show ur art or gtfo, all of u are are irreliveant bitches mad at the fax that ur art is so bed it doenst get attetnion. I'll have u know myu brothre worked at dremaworks with ethan becker.

U nons have more talent at rubbing ur asshole wiht a pen than using it to draw.

non of non any of yall will eve r work for anime in japan.

さようなら bitches






srry ofr bed english

From the artist salt thread for anyone wondering

No. 725125

No. He does anal that's why he has ugly eyes like that. Bags around and under the eyes are evidence of anal penetration. The additional pressure introduced to the body by insertion of the penis into the anus causes an increase in the body's internal hydraulic pressure.
The increase in pressure causes tissue to bulge through weaker areas, like the eye sockets, causing eye bags and severe darkness. Just eyes of a sodomite anon.

No. 725155

Kek I feel privileged to have witnessed the birth of a spectacular pasta right here on our own farm

No. 727571

File: 1612160514159.png (1.21 MB, 1024x1024, d7e0pdd-518cd8a2-267c-4611-84c…)

Also, Banned? Not Banned. and Not using a VPN either. Lol. You WISH I were banned because I'm pointing out LOGIC and you don't like it, that you've lost. The public sided with me, that you're in the wrong, did you not read the rest of the comments calling you awful? What delusional world do you live in currently where you are in the right? read the comments. the public sides with me, you're in the wrong.

God bless Sam

No. 728084

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little handmaiden? I'll have you know that besides writing one of the most popular book series in modern times, I've been involved in numerous secret raids against pinkpill groomer Discords, and I have been blocked and reported by over 300 pornsick incels. I am trained in the use of facts and logic and I've even been banned from the Mumsnet women's rights subforum. You think you can get away with forwarding that kind of discourse over the Internet? Think again, pickme. As we speak I am contacting the international network of powerful lesbians, and your IP is being traced right now so you better run to your Nigel to protect you from the storm. The storm that wipes out the bourgeois, neoliberal capitalist thing you call feminism. You're fucking history, Everyday Feminism. I can shitpost anywhere, anytime, and I can rebut SJWiki in over seven hundred ways, and that's just off the top of my head. Not only am I extensively read in second-wave philosophy, but I have access to the entire bibliography of Andrea Dworkin and I will deploy it to its full extent to wipe your miserable worldview off the face of the internet. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little virtue-signalling Mel Magazine article was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn tradthot.

No. 728558

he's so fucking sexy i want him crawling underneath my skin before he skins me alive and turns me into a lamp that he constantly has to moisturize with his cum and me, as a lamp, will happily oblige as long as he feeds me his cummies yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy

No. 728887

went on a very old taylor nicole dean thread and found this autist doing his first creative writing class draft on our loved /pt/:

I want to put for a different type of narrative about the various theories, lies, and conjecture regarding Taylor Nicole Dean. I am not saying my narrative is any more or less theory, lie, or conjecture than anything else that has been posted. Only that it gives you something different to consider. You can do your own digging to see how the facts line up with my narrative – not that this forum is too interested in facts. But then again, that makes my narrative all the juicier. Forget the facts, just bathe in the emotions you get from thinking that perhaps, just perhaps, my narrative is closer to the truth than what others have offered. Let’s first start with the Jonny Craig. Consider this.
Girlfriend #1, an abusive alcoholic in her own right, known to throw a punch or two – in a heated, alcohol charged argument with her high out of his mind boyfriend. To defend himself he raised up his arm, only to clock her across the face with his elbow. Aha – evidence that he punches girls for the thrill of it?
Girlfriend #2, what do you know, another heavy drinker who also loves getting high. But not the hard stuff…”just liquor and pot, maybe do a line of coke now and then, but no big deal.” She’s passed out from a night of partying, her boyfriend now turns to his drug of choice, heroin. “Man, she should get in on some of this,” he thinks in a haze. As he walks over to her slobbering, peed-herself-drunk ass body passed out on the couch, a bandmate stops him. “Hey man, that’s not cool.” Jonny is like, “whatever dude, that just means more for me.” The next day she is told of this. Eventually the story is known as “Jonny tried to shoot me up when I was asleep.” Aha – evidence that he hates women and is scum. Well, regardless how you spin it, he is no saint in this version of events, but, is he what he has been made out to be?
Girlfriend #3. You think the other two girlfriends were “winners,” get a load of this one. She had Jonny’s name tattooed on her BEFORE they even met. Obsessed to the hilt. And,” OMG! He not only notices me, but we are dating.” Her whole identity is wrapped around once dating a D-list rocker (C-list maybe?). All her fulfillment and satisfaction in life is tied to being connected to “him!” And her mom is the same way. They live for him and through him – while having done drugs and drinking right along beside him. In another alcohol and drug induced state, they have one of their many fights and she locks herself in her room. He knocks the door down. Yeah, sounds pretty violent, but the aggressiveness stops there. She is never touched. Aha, evidenced that he is dangerous and threatens her. Of course, his dumb-ass tweets threatening to burn her house down don’t help. No defense there. Again, he is no saint, but, is he what she portrays him to be? And she doesn’t stop there.

Totally obsessed…she stalks him. Rarely a day goes by that she doesn’t tweet something about him. Old pictures of them (Girlfriend #2 likes to do this too). Throwing out names like rapist and narcissist and saying he is obviously high. Her favorite is to point out his pupils…aha, look, they are small here, or too large there. Oh look, he isn’t clean shaven to cover scabs…or, aha, he is clean shaven meaning he is high. Or, hey, he is wearing hat to cover scabs, or his hair is covering this or that. You can’t DISPROVE things that you can’t see, so she sounds credible to people foolish enough to fall for it (admittedly, I once did). “Hey, there’s this vase floating in the air over there. Prove to me it doesn’t exist.” It isn’t for Jonny to respond or have to prove anything. And the funny thing is (although not really funny) if you pay attention, he looks ten times healthier in all his recent photos, but let’s not have facts get in the way of the rumor mill.

The burden of proof is on her, and she has none except perhaps an obsessive, psychopathic compulsion to remain attached to him in any way possible. Her identity is wrapped in having once dated him.
She goes to his concerts, or if she missed the concert, she knows where he likes to hang out afterwards, so she shows up at the bars and harasses any girl that gets close to him. And then Taylor comes along.
For the first time there is a girlfriend with parents who are involved and take interest in doing what they can to help ensure their daughter’s safety. They are concerned about Jonny and given his history, who can blame them? Girlfriend #3 feeds them with a mix of truth, half-truths, and full out lies. She fakes DM messages between her and Taylor, taking advantage of the fact they asked her to talk to Taylor. Girlfriend #2 goes so far as to fake other accounts to make it appear like she is someone in the band, feeding her parents “real time” information as to what Jonny and Taylor are doing. Girlfriend # goes so far as to solicit a friend of her’s to help feed fake stories. It just so happens, her friend is a friend of an ex-boyfriend of Taylor’s. He is brought into the ruse to tell Taylor’s parents and the Twitter-verse that Taylor is confiding in him and saying the same things that she is supposedly telling Girlfriend #3. Who would imagine this ex-boyfriend, in another state, has any connection with Girlfriend #3. Two, unconnected people saying the exact same thing? It must be true! Who else other than a mean spirted, spiteful, angry, jealous, fill in the blank person could have orchestrated this?
Well, out of guilt, he later comes clean as to being sucked into the ruse of girlfriend #3 at the behest of his friend who knows girlfriend #3. Unfortunately, it comes too late and her parents have already taken many steps based on the “credibility” of so many “separate accounts” of what is going on. In this case, it wasn’t just idle false gossip -but real harm was done to real loving relationships.
Girlfriend #2 and #3 and their army of fake accounts harass not only Jonny, but also Taylor, bandmates, and anyone on “Jonny’s side.” Girlfriend #2 and #3 work hard to get venues to drop their band – again, causing REAL damage to someone’s livelihood. All in an effort to keep their narrative alive. They so identify their lives with Jonnny that they will do anything and everything – every day – to stay connected in whatever twisted way they can. It lends credibility to their own stories. And that’s the thing. They are just stories. Perhaps no more credible than the one I’ve told. Maybe? Maybe not?

Now, Jonny meets Taylor via Twitter. Yes, Taylor is intrigued. She listened to his music when she was 13 or so. So yeah, there is this infatuation that she is now chatting with this guy. It’s easy to question someone’s motivations for wanting to connect with someone, but whatever those initial motivations are, they truly do connect. And thus, Jonny has girlfriend #4.
Girlfriend #4 doesn’t do drugs, doesn’t drink (yet), and has parents who are amazingly actually married to each other and love and support her. Neither parent is an addict. And, Taylor is financially self-sufficient and in her own way is as “famous” as he is. What? “She doesn’t need me to vicariously live out a rock star fantasy? And what? She makes way more money than I do so isn’t hoping for some payday at some point?” Even further, “And she isn’t thinking I can be a hook up with a drug dealer?”
Jonny has been clean from the “hard” stuff like heroin, cock, perk, etc., for many months when he met Taylor. But still was heavily drinking and smoking pot. He finally sees that the support and love from Taylor that he needs to kick this. He stops drinking. Within a few weeks his swollen, pasty, yellowish inflamed body (just look up what kidney and liver damage can do to you), returns to some level of normalcy. And he has new teeth! He is starting to look as good as he now feels. And even Taylor’s parents are seeing that yet this guy, with a jaded past, has value. He still is no saint, but, he certainly isn’t the worthless scum the ex’s have portrayed. Maye, just maybe, he is realizing he can use his creativity and talent to be a light for someone else’s darkness, instead of just adding more darkness.

And Taylor? One narrative is she is an animal hoarder who can’t take care of her animals. Have you seen the equipment she has? Taylor has a penchant for taking home the runts of the litter. Sick and injured? No problem, she feels she will give them a fighting chance as she has the means (knowledge, love, and money) to recuperate them. Most of the time she is successful, but sometimes, well, sometimes the animals die. That’s a risk when you gravitate towards the sick ones. And, even when they aren’t sick to begin with, keep in mind the average life expectancy of some of her animals is only a few years. With the number of animals she has, there will be some deaths every year. And she has two assistants that she can call upon if she is out of town or otherwise not feeling well (yes, she has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, look it up to see what that entails). Of course, there is always some “expert” out there. Some “freshwater enthusiast” who will say that one particular breed of fish doesn’t belong with another or otherwise dispute something in order to get attention.
In conclusion - Again, I am not saying Jonny is some saint. And I throw up a little bit in my mouth to even utter the word “victim” to describe him – but, consider my narrative. While he may be an addict, may have been a shitty boyfriend to his previous girlfriends (who were also shitty girlfriends as well), and has done things to fuel his addiction that he is not proud of (Mac book to name one)…. well, that sure makes it easier to imagine him as some monster in this MeToo movement…. But, what if the monster is Girlfriend #1, or #3? Don’t take my word for it. This forums are full of sleuths who love scouring the twitter-sphere or other sites and use various tools to uncover evidence that supports their own narrative of things. It’s time to consider an alternative narrative to what is out there. What you find just may surprise you.

No. 729253

saw this on /meta/ not sure if it qualifies

Hey, cum-guzzlers!
My name is Steve, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded women who spend every second of their day talking about dumbass shit. Why not do something better with your life, like sucking my cock? I got an 8-inch cock that's FAT. Nice 'n fat and I got it in my hand right now and it's…gettin' hard. I'll pig fuck you. You better beg for it! I want a good cocksucker that sucks the cum right out of the cock. Balls rubbin' against your chin. I'm gonna cum in your mouth so much, you'll be shittin' cum. And before I cum, I'm gonna squeeze ya nose, and you're gonna take it all. Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I was captain of the football team, and starter on my basketball team. What sports do you play, other than bitchin' here on this shitty message board all day? I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than fingering yourself to Twilight. So if you wanna get laid and feel like a woman for once in your life, hit me up. (No fatties or ugly chicks, which pretty much rules everyone out here I guess!) I got washboard abs, chiseled features, 6"2, black hair and piercing blue eyes. I can fuck the shit out of you at a moments notice and within ten minutes ready to go again after I cum. You'd be wet instantaneously the moment you see me. I turn lesbians straight, I can eat a peach for hours. I teach lesbians how to eat pussy. So come at me you tards.

No. 729349

No. 729408

a lot of rly bad and scary things are happening right now so i feel it's inappropriate to feel sexy before bed but i totally do and need major validation. i got this new bralette and pink sweatpants with an amazon gift for xmas and they just came yesterday.
feel free to post selfies where you feel sexy! but please validate me first
someone close to me is dying right now and i have been too sad and i need to feel good

No. 729492

I love you

No. 729498

File: 1612380109457.jpg (88.73 KB, 455x334, Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru v…)

There are people trapped (and molested, raped, tortured and killed) at the secret Illuminati cloning centers! The cloning centers are located in Deep Underground Military Bases. For example, Area 51 (Lincoln County, Nevada), Dulce Base (Dulce, New Mexico) and Montauk Base (Montauk, New York). Most of these bases have a cloning floor and that cloning floor IS a cloning center. Some cloning centers are above ground though. There’s an above ground cloning center somewhere in western Canada, which Queen Elizabeth owns. She knows where the cloning center in Canada is and so does the former Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper. Queen Elizabeth, Vladimir Putin and high-up Chinese people pretty much RUN the cloning centers. In addition, Kevin Sullivan (ex-pro wrestler) is a rich, satanic cloner with a lot of pull with the Illuminati.

The Illuminati or New World Order (NWO) have technology that allows them to be able to transfer one’s consciousness (or soul) to a Mark 2 REM-driven duplication clone body at the cloning centers (in this dimension) during REM-phase of sleep. They can also transfer one’s consciousness to a Mark 3 duplication clone body at the cloning centers (in this dimension) while one is in a meditative state (no REM required).

All they need is a blood, tissue or possibly even a DNA sample to make a Mark 2 REM-driven duplication clone of you and they “come out" the same age as when your sample was taken. It takes them around five months or less and it only costs around $30 (for test tubes/maintenance).

They can kill anyone remotely from the cloning centers, if they have a clone of you. They can do this (kill your real body) by either applying a constant electrical current to your clone or by torturing your clone. Your real body will die from a heart attack or an aneurysm, the same day or the next day.

They are victimizing people all around the world while they’re asleep. Some people don’t recall anything that takes place and some people think the experience is a dream or a nightmare. Additionally, they’re deceiving people by making them believe that their experience was a Lucid Dream (or just a regular dream or a nightmare) or Astral Projection (or an OBE aka an Out-Of-Body-Experience). They tell people different things (e.g. that they're in the Astral plane, 4th dimension, 5th dimension, etc.), it depends on the person and what they are more likely to believe. Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection both take place at the cloning centers (in this dimension). They use clones, MK Ultra and drugs to manipulate and deceive you. You’re not having a Lucid Dream and you’re not in another dimension or in the Astral plane “in” your Astral body. You’re a clone at the cloning centers in THIS dimension, most likely in a MK Ultra scenario.

The clones at the cloning centers have a microchip called Mindvoice (also known as Artificial Telepathy or MK Audio Effects) implanted in their head, so they can use MK Ultra (visual and audio effects) on you and to control you. With the use of this chip, they can make anyone see or hear anything. You can even feel and see yourself floating, flying, shooting fireballs, etc. but it’s all an illusion known as MK Ultra visualizations, that only you can see (the people in control know what you’re seeing though and other people that they’re using MK Ultra on, may be able to see as well). They put people in what’s called a MK Ultra scenario, which is basically a controlled experience (at the cloning centers) using MK Ultra (visual and audio effects) and drugs. For example, someone flying around fighting monsters, they’re in a MK Ultra scenario. They do this (MK Ultra scenarios) for entertainment (e.g. sit back and laugh at the person because they look-like an idiot running around doing whatever), to test them (i.e. to see what one does or how they react in certain situations) and to influence the person (real body) in real life (e.g. make them feel a certain way about someone or whatever, like increasing the likelihood of a girl wanting to go out with someone). Lets say that there’s this old man that wants to have sex with this pretty girl at the cloning centers… they can put a MK Ultra visual effect of some celebrity face (that she would most likely be attracted to) over this ugly old man’s face, so that she’d be willing to have sex with him. They use drugs in addition to MK Ultra to help with the manipulation. One may be pre-drugged prior to clone activation (transfer of one’s consciousness to a clone) and/or drugged during the experience.

One may even find themselves in the same area or room where their real body was sleeping or meditating at. This is not a dream or a lucid dream and you didn’t project or go out-of-body, you are simply seeing MK Ultra visuals (or illusions) at the cloning centers as a clone. You’re in a MK Ultra scenario.

When one "sells their soul", it means that they agreed for the Illuminati to use a clone of them at the cloning centers for sex (or whatever) while they're asleep in exchange for fame and fortune. In addition, some have “sold out” and joined the Illuminati (even YouTubers and Twitch streamers) to receive benefits at the cloning centers (e.g. being able to have sex with celebrities as clones) and/or benefits in real life (e.g. money and fame).

Vril type 1 lizards (terrestrial aliens) are parasitic, carnivorous and malevolent. They’re about one to two feet tall. Their head resembles the body of a king crab and their body is covered in red diamond-shaped scales. They dwell underground. They’re dumb (and are able to talk) but smarter when they turn a human into a host (drone). They have a proboscis (called the Quill), which is located on the top of their head. The proboscis (which looks-like a chocolate chip) contains everything that the lizard is (its consciousness). Their lizard body is dead once the proboscis leaves its body. They can only do this once in their lifetime and if they fail (turning a human into a host), they die. The human that is about to be bodysnatched is either unconscious or restrained. The proboscis enters the human’s eye and spirals around the optic nerve. It then proceeds to go to an area of the brain (driven by taste) that tastes like butterscotch to them. Then, they do a feeling of holding your breath and pushing outwards. Finally, it does what's called “Sweating the Quill” (at the tip of the proboscis), which excretes the parasitic cells that take over the human body. This kills the human and replaces their consciousness with the Vril lizard’s consciousness. The Vril lizard becomes that human (after about a month’s recovery time).

This transition from Vril lizard to human is what’s called "Droning". Once a Vril lizard becomes a human, they are then known as a Drone, Host of Vril or a Parasited Host. A person that has had this happen to them, may be referred to as someone that had been possessed by a demon. This is what demonic possession is. In addition, some hosts of Vril (drones) call themselves “walk-ins”, in which they describe how an alien consciousness or soul took over their body.

The slit-eye videos that you see all over the web are fake. The Illuminati put these out intentionally to mislead everyone into thinking that one can tell who is a “reptilian” (Vril lizard and a host of Vril aka drone) by checking to see, if their eyes turn to slits. This doesn’t occur and they cannot do this. However, the eyes ARE one way to tell… Sometimes, there may be an eye that pops outward (or inward) due to the droning process or it makes the eye stray, so it looks-like the person is cockeyed or walleyed. There is no shape-shifting either. The so-called shape-shifting is the transition from Vril lizard to human. Those that talk about “reptilian shape-shifters” are referring to Vril and people who have been droned.

Drones (Parasited Hosts of Vril) mimic human behavior. They are willing slaves with no compassion and only care about droning other people, torture and sex. They’re murderers. They killed the human to "use" their body and live life as them… as a human.

The Soulstone (also known as a Consciousness Chip or The Soul Catcher) is an apple-seed sized microchip that is capable of holding a flawed recording of one’s consciousness. Once a consciousness is recorded on the chip, it is then implanted in a clone body or a real body (which has less side-effects). If it’s a clone body, they would need to get replacement bodies like every six months to a year (possibly longer). They go to certain military hospitals (like the one near Camp David) to get a new clone. If it’s implanted in a real person’s body and turned on, it bodysnatches (kills) the person and whatever consciousness that was recorded on the chip, would then be in full control of that person’s body. After this is done, that person would then be known as a Chiphead. However, if someone dies and that “dead consciousness” was recorded on the chip and then implanted, they would then be known as a Dead Chiphead (also known as a Reanimated or an Undead Chiphead). They can implant the chip by drilling a hole in a persons head or they can remove one’s eyeball and insert the chip with a rod to a certain depth in the brain (the hyper thalamus region). Then, they simply turn it on and it bodysnatches the person via technology as opposed to a Vril lizard that bodysnatches one parasitically. It messes up the person for like a month or something. They can only sleep, get-up and eat. In addition, they have to have a nurse with them.

Dead Chipheads are: gay or bi-sexual (not that there’s something wrong with that), evil, they’re mentally impaired, they have a “handler”, they’re child molesters and sometimes they want to bite, eat or kill people. This is because the technology to “bring them back” (from the dead) is flawed and cannot be fixed.

No. 729507

What a drawn out way of saying that you’re retarded

No. 729562

Posting trolls is cheating

No. 729758

File: 1612404562613.jpg (44.01 KB, 500x410, 1611561637348.jpg)

How do you imagine _____'s cock would be like?

I imagine it a bit thicker than average (just a bit though), 18cm, veiny, with freckles (like the ones in his face), big mushroom head, and somewhat veiny
Round balls, not too crazy but good enough to grab

No. 730078

Timothee Chalalamäis can suck my fem balls. He can succ them. I'm gonna suffocate him with them. Timothee Chandelier can suck it. What is it you ask? It's my junk. That Dylan-Roof-but-curly-ass-bowl-cut-wearing twink won't know what hit him. I will cut my toenails and put them in a bowl and I will make him eat them. That's what he deserves. Then I will disèmböwle him by cutting open his twinkmach. He may have a sedüctîve bèdrööm look in his faggot eyes but that does not tempt me. I bet that Timothee Champignon plays the fagotto or the clarinette or something, the cultured theater kid bastard. It's upsetting my bowle movements just to think about it and making me want to cut. But he cannot tempt me. I am shielded by my virtuous convictions. And anyways, he carries chlamydia babies, so why would I ever consider finding him attractive anyway. That Timothee Anchovie can drown in it.

No. 730115



You know how much this fucking pisses me off? It's been. So many fucking times. That I've been called a scrote. Fuck you. fuck you. fuck you.

I have a vagina and I've been raped. I have a vagina and I've been either 1.weak in the eyes of people 2.too gutsy in the eyes of people. I have a vagina and being compared to a man fucking makes me furious.

Why the fuck do you call me a scrote? I've hated my gender before. I've tried to be more femenine too. But now I'm fine with being a harsh tomboy. And now you come in and call me a fucking scrote?

Fuck you. Do I have to write "like this uwu <3" so I don't look like a scrote? don't make me laugh. God. Shut the fuck up. Saged for sperg.

No. 730243

I've given a lot of thought to Komaeda's cock, actually. I've been wondering if he'd have white pubes OR if it gets pinker/darker the further down it goes. I read that his healthy hair colour is strawberry blonde so ginger pubes is also a possibility. I think his actual dick probably is about average/slightly above (6.5 inches?) and not especially thick. Balls probably high and tight and bald. Uncircumcised, with a nice bell end that's a pearly blue-pink. You can probably see the blue of his veins on the shaft because he's so pale. I think he probably has a kind of weird upward curve as well, and when erect it leans slightly to the right. Probably a grower. I have a real issue with doujins that either give him a monster cock or a cocktail sausage depending on his role.
Me personally, though, I want to see what that stump do.

No. 730780

I don't know where you guys got this horseface Buffalo Bill English teacher fetish, but it needs to go.
Just from the thumbnail, he looks like he'd be caught giving himself an enema while wearing his wife's panties and bra with a full chest of hair.
Nvm, clicked on the video and watched a few seconds. He just looks like he takes it up the ass. His mouth and the way he moves it is somehow very off-putting.

No. 730801

File: 1612525496341.jpg (95.09 KB, 440x552, Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru v…)


I went to Florida several months ago. I was quite happily swimming around with the dolphins when she suddenly decided to grab my foot with her genital slit. Dolphins have very muscular vaginal orifices, and can use these muscles to manipulate objects and carry them. I stayed still for a while, to see if she was just playing, but she continued to masturbate against my foot, and in the light of the torch I sometimes carry, I could see that her slit had become very pink and had swelled as well. She was aroused!

So, I started to back-paddle with my hands towards a small beached area, partially submerged in the water. A couple of times she pulled me forward into the deeper water, but eventually I got my self to the shallows. I dislodged my foot (Being careful not to pull too hard), and took her gently by a pectoral fin and rubbed her belly just to aclimatize her, I guess. She immediately rolled belly up and started doing pelvic thrusts against the palm of my hand. It was unmistakebly erotic, and by now I was fully aroused.

I stripped off my shorts, and gently pulled her into the shallows until she was lying on her side, her belly facing towards me, half submerged in the water. I nestled myself belly to belly against her, and pressed my member against her genital slit. She immediately arched her body against mine, and took me inside her body, initiating a quick series of muscular contractions with her vaginal muscles. I wrapped my left arm around her body and just held her close while she manipulated me inside her body, until I climaxed barely 2 minutes later. Surprisingly, her body also shuddered against mine, and we spent the next 5 or so minutes just lying together in the shallows, holding each other, enjoying our company and revelling in the fact that we had shared something special together, something very few people can claim to have done.

I do not brag about this though. It is not something you can brag about, since it not only is demeaning to the act, but it destroys the purpose of the act as well; to express affection, and trust. I only consent to those dolphins who ask. As a result, I have mated only three times. Each time was memorable and special, because each time it was something we both wanted to share with each other. Sex, for me, is just another, albeit powerful, expression of affection and trust. I wouldn't engage any other animal, though; it is not my attraction. But there is little I wouldn't do for a dolphin.

No. 731193

People say I'm a self-insert Mary Sue slut… but the truth is, I have fifty BILLION boyfriends. And they all love me. And you're just mad that I'm having WAY more FUCKING FUN than you EVER WILL. You know, what's your damage? Maybe you should try having fifty BILLION boyfriends too, because then you might not be such a salty, jealous bitch. I'm just sayin.

No. 731596

Ed Sheeran's Toes were very important parts of his body. He would speak out about his toes, often, before concerts, saying "hey guys, welcome to my concert! My little toes are wriggling in excitement!" He would frequently post images to social media of his toes, often with captions such as "They're wiggling! Hnngh!" and "OOwaaaaaa Me Toesies ><"

His toes suffered a massive loss, of their lives. In 2015, through unknown means and for unknown reasons, all 13 of his toes, one day, disappeared. Only Ed Sheeran knows, however his ex spouse has come out and said "ya i stole his toes lol". They broke up after that unfortunate event. The same ex spouse was later known for the flesh stealing incident of 2017, and there are multiple warrants for their arrest.

Ed Sheeran Sucks Toes

He Sucks Em

He Sucks Toes

He Sucks Toes

Ed Sheeran Sucks Toes Because He Misses What He Once Had

Toes by the baker's dozen

Toes by the Pound

Toes Toes Toes

Ed Sheeran Sucked Komaeda's Toes

Ed Sheeran Will Suck Anyone's Toes

His Body Flexes

His Toes A-Wrigglin'

If Only He Had Them

Ed Sheeran, being very close to his toes, had actually named all 13 of them. Their names were, as follows:

1. hoogogougughuhugh Flesh Eater
2. Reaper Of The Darkness And Of The Souls Condemned To Hell
3. The One Who Holds Judgement
4. hot dog
5. Judas Baby
6. Six, Like The Number Of Ed Sheeran's (REDACTED)
7. He Who Watches As The World Is Engulfed In Flame For The Final Time
8. hehe 8
9. awooooWOOWOOOWOoo Pengy
10. god
11. Macklemaeda, Son Of The Chosen Ones, Macklemore And Komaeda
12. The Most Powerful Being Who Shall Smite Us All When The Time Comes
13. number 13 burger king toes the last thing you want in your burger king toes is no toes

No. 731603


I have never read this one before thank you for gracing my life with this

No. 731683

it was like reading a fanfic but a bestiality one.i felt weird reading this but i wanted to reach the end of it

No. 732015

File: 1612653800772.jpg (17.36 KB, 267x174, DDDDD.jpg)

She walked quickly through the front door.
Hair was up, jean jacket, eyes glued to the floor.
I thought "oh god, mo here we go again"
And now this shift doesn't seem so boring anymoe

Her hair was a cluster of cute little curls
She does her winged eyeliner like the a Japanese girls
She walked up to the bar, gave me a smile
She makes me so nervous I'm afraid that I might hurl.




She came over to watch anime
She got to two drinks in cause she prefers IPAs
She brought me over bottles of chili jane
We sat alone in the night just smokin' (synthy methody)

Her eyes were endless pools of sheer beauty
I gotta take a step back before I get in too deep.
We walked half a mile own Oriel Street
And she said "dude, what makes you think you're good for me?"





No. 732016


No. 732017



T was hoping to summon you kek ily tho

No. 732026

File: 1612654550683.jpg (40.07 KB, 480x480, Lagunitas-Cherry-Jane-6PK-12OZ…)

>She brought me over bottles of chili jane
It's actually Cherry Jane, btw. Pic related
ily2 I never thought this song would actually bring me joy:''')

No. 732032

File: 1612654891886.jpg (13.21 KB, 216x238, CHILI JANE.JPG)

i'm sorry your friends write up says chili I thought it was some form of weed or something because I'm not a smoker LOL

take that spanks she's LC's gf now

No. 732066

Out of all the annoying oc-making dipshits on the internet, you have to be the worst of them all. Not only are your characters overpowered as shit for no good reason, they're the most obvious self-inserts I've ever seen, which I would tolerate if you were like 14 but you're in your mid twenties. Grow the fuck up and stop making shitty deviantart tier ocs to fuck every canon cock in sight, stop having temper tantrums every time someone doesn't feel like giving into your every bratty demand, and stop fucking trying to control everyone around you. People only tolerate you because you're the festering carbuncle that is attached to otherwise decent people that are too nice/too naive to know that you're better off ignored to death.
I feel sorry for the people that're close to you both online and irl, they should get fucking medals for having to put up with your manipulative narc temper tantrums, screaming and whining and crying like you're a toddler. Or maybe not, because maybe if they left your ugly ass earlier you might wake up and realise how much of a horrible person you actually are. Just kidding, I know narcs like you always find some well-meaning sap to leech off of. You're only good at being a lolcow for the people around you because you're fun to laugh at and talk shit about.

No. 732526

My hell lives inside of a brick house. Windowless, full of noise that bleeds out from the bullet hole in the sides of my fucking head. You motherfucks. I'm done. A curse on your fucking head. Your blood on my hands. Years of self-sacrifice, years of cleaning up your mess. Fucking ungrateful. Every fucking sub-group from cardigans to leather vests, you're all fucking shit. And I'm fucking buried in it. All I have left is short of the Grave. I am penniless and fucked up. Empty. Half of my fucking will sucked out. You're all shit. And I'm fucking buried. I HATE. From cardigans to leather vests, you're all shit. Heart hard as stone. Black as crow. I reject them. All I have left is my balls and my word.

No. 732534

I would just like to declare these are lyrics to this song

No. 734044

Where in this thread has a sex worker shat on min wage workers? Yet you minwage baristas are happy to shit on Sex workers as if Starbucks and Costa or any major corp aren't using human trafficking and slave labour in 3rd world countries, yet I don't see people blaming barista's and maccies workers for it , it's always they're so brave and strong for working long hard hours BECUASE IT'S A PROPER JOB REEEEEE not like those dirty WHORES. The fucking hypocrisy of it all is OUTSTANDING!

No. 734088


pls post thread this is from

No. 734102

No. 735533

File: 1612967957275.png (906.36 KB, 1278x1652, 41361625cc44df07f81a620eac7664…)

a fellow anon here has made Lolcow's official gay love story and i am proud to share it:


I walked in on construction workers my parents hired to build an extension to their house sucking eachothers dicks right there in the new room. They didnt see me though, so i hid around the corner and listened to them first. It was pretty retarded what they were saying.

>What've you done, what do you call this?

>I cut a hole for an electrical box
>Its round.
>So! Havent you ever seen an electrical box, its rectangular
>What, this wont work?
>The only thing that this is going to work for is a glory hole
>A glory hole? whats that?
>Where the hell did Jack find you anyway?
>Santa Monica Boulevard.
>Figures. Well you just go place your face up to that opening, and ill show you what a gloryhole is used for
>Oh, glory hole.. we had these at the sex shop on the boulevard
>Well then, pretend youre on the Boulevard, and get hungry on my cawk
>THAT i know how to do

and then he sucked his dick on the construction site. It was pretty hot to watch, ngl


No, its all true, infact the next day i was anticipating seeing more stuff so i spied on them a little and
in my backyard during their breaktime, three of them were throwing coins at eachothers coin piles? It was kinda
like they they were throwing dice but it looked stupid. And the conversation was even dumber

>Ah fuck

>Yeah, pay up buddy
he seemed to searched his pockets, but he had nothing
>shit, wheres the rest of my money
>Youre not going to pull that are ya?
>Im serious, how much money did i lose to you guys?
>Youre a shitty actor, now cough up the dough
>Yeah, unless you want to take it out in trade
>Well lets wait for Stan, he'll lend me the money
>He's inside talking to the guy who owns the house
>When he comes back out, i'll pay you what i owe you
>Bullshit! Youre going to get good on your bet, right now.
then one of the guys pushes him down into a kneeling position
>c'mon guys, whatre you doing!?
>youre gonna pay up your 20 dollar debt right now
>I dont have it right now, you know im good for it
>yeah? well you better be good AT it buddy. Go on, clear your debt.
>yeah c'mon, give me my $20 worth
>What if the homeowner comes out?
>Then stick it in his mouth too (?)
>Get busy on it man, its better than giving him $20.

and AGAIN, he sucked the guys dick but this time they had a third person watching from behind. It was the weirdest


alright, it happened in MY bedroom this one, the same construction company outsourced some electricians to install a ceiling fan. It was two guys this time, my parents invited them in just as i hung up with my boyfriend Blake who was in Chicago at the time.

>I thought you guys would never get here

>Sorry we were late, we had trouble finding the place
as they were coming in, i realised they had no shirts on, just wearing jeans with some electrical cabling over their shoulders.
>I gotta run downtown, the room is upstairs, the bedroom. If you finish before i get back, just lock up

So after my parents left, i thought id listen in again, no way would they do it a third time. They were acting really suss

>Hold up, lets check out this place

>This guy must be fuckin loaded, fuck yeah
He then jumped onto my bed, i could hear it creaking from the hallway. They WERENT being subtle
>This bed was made for a king
>Looks like it, huh?
>WHATRE you doing? Get off me!
>Not until you shove that BIG dick up my ass
>Why are you always talking about my dick?
>Because im a horny motherfucker that thinks about sex all the time
>Well why dont your just start by suckin on my big dick
>And you'd think id have a problem with that?

They then started fucking really fucking loud, but that wasnt even the worst part. The guy sounded like a warthog finding a truffle. Sweating into my bedsheeds.

But as i was listening, my phone started ringing, and i tried turning it off, but i accidentally answered it. It was my boyfriend and what he heard was the sound of heat and sweaty men. He was super quiet after that incident, he wouldnt believe me either. It was so embarrasing

No. 735620

Arin, I'm not trying to get you in trouble, I'm trying to communicate something to you. I'm also trying to help you at the same time, as help, all of your fans… um… I grew up in 718, i grew up in the 414. you don't understand what black is. Black isn't all fucking "oh I'm super cool", its generally….. Dis-disadvantaged. Its generally a lifetime of trauma because of stupid people like you. Its generally the government not fucking taking care of you. You know what poverty is? It's, "oh fuck I'm nine years old with AIDS." Its "oh fuck my mom's a crackhead." Its "I'm twelve years old with three kids." Its horrible horrible horrible things. It's abuse, it's substance abuse, it's needs not being met, It's disease… it's addiction. These are issues that affect quality of life for so many individuals. I'm sorry, I'm literally on the verge of tears. I am very very passionate about quality of life even if you're poor because- especially if you're poor- because that's all that matters is you being happy, your needs being met, being safe being healthy… and like… some places the government actively tries to take advantage of its citizens. They will suppress their rights and y'know like deny them treatment, deny them services- theres so much horrible real life stuff that needs to get addressed, and you have such a big audience and you're on the right track but please please just… Grow. I don't know how to get through to you, but please try to…. Meditate. remeber how I used to talk about meditation? Try to actually like wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning, smoke a bowl of weed, sit outside with your mask on… And just like think about things. Let yourself feel your heart like let yourself feel your soul… Think about what you want to do. Like money…. Money isn't the only thing that matters. Like pls actually Just… Just do some real good. I wanna see you be really really really successful and that's the thing is you'd actually be way more successful if you started taking care of people.

No. 735694


LMAO i love you for this. schizo gang

No. 739112

This is literally the description of the post (spoilered because I don't want to take too much attention away from the thread). Call me a furfag all you want because I honestly dont care, I like good art and if that art is furshit then so be it. The original point still stands though, it's good art and it doesnt belong here just because you think its subject matter is cringe.

No. 741072

Oh here comes Mrs. So-Sexy-And-Desirable-By-Many, making a post directed at Armin Arlert (アルミン・アルレルト), who is the 15th and current commander of the Survey Corps, and one of the two deuteragonists of the series. Shut the fuck up. You're probably all fat and ugly in real life with crippling depression that won't save you anymore so that's why you're here on Lolcow, sperging over a fictional character while acting like you're morally superior than him in the first place. Have you taken a look at yourself? Ugly and stinking the whole place up. You probably cackled to yourself while shitting that paragraph up, thinking it's the funniest thing ever and will find a place on that funny Lolcow posts thread. Guess what, you're fucking embarrassing. Armin is literally the 104th Commander of the Survey corps, an excellent soldier, a man capable of understanding empathy and respect towards everyone, a specimen who will save humanity, a god who is sexy like no other and has a bunch of sexy women on his excessive shaft too.. and you? A random nobody who needs to add more lines to her already scarred wrist. Kill yourself and make your parents happy once. Worthless piece of shit. No wonder you're sperging a like that to begin with. Nothing in your life probably makes you happy anymore - and you don't make anyone in your life happy either - so you have to take your disgusting, bitter hatred out on making comments like that directed to THE man himself.

>I promise you will never be uglier than this vaguely man-like creature.

Wow, haha. Total own. Epic. Go kill yourself, retard.

No. 741313

Have you ever seen a mother fucker so ugly, so damn repulsive, that you don’t even know what to say? You have to just stop and stare for a good minute because faces like that shouldn’t be real? I have witnessed the face of possibly the ugliest human on the internet and don’t know where to go next. It genuinely cannot go further downhill. It is just so fucking ugly. It’s teeth and face and mind and body are all fucked and it makes me want to simultaneously beat it up and and run away, but I get the feeling I wouldn’t be able to sanitize enough if I was in the same room as it. I have never seen someone so ugly their face should be illegal until now. So incredibly ugly that I can’t even feel sympathetic even if it wasn’t a male. Insecure anons I hope you feel better about yourselves because I promise you will never be uglier than this vaguely man-like creature. FFS I know I sound cruel but this is forbidden levels of ugly. He makes the driverspergs look like they have good taste.

Yeah it’s Armin. OK not entirely, unfortunately this also applies to a real human. They are both so distressingly ugly though. They both deserve an all expenses paid free expulsion from this realm.

No. 741378

this made my day

No. 743572

File: 1613754533962.jpg (55.91 KB, 526x325, WataMote 0175.2-006.jpg)

ITT: third-person videogames featuring female protagonists are inherently harder for us gamers, and that's unfair.
First, I would like to start by saying I don't have a problem with women in videogames because they're a chance to empower feminism and I'm a really nice guy hahaha.
However, as I have been playing through Tomb Raider™, I have noticed that I experience several difficulties during my gameplay experience, and upon some critical thinking and analyzing, I've come to realize it is because of Lara Croft™ (the protagonist of the game Tomb Raider™). Namely, I seem to often always die most of the times sometimes because my eyes unwillingly fix themselves on her butt (don't worry though, I'm not like other guys) at the most inconvenient of times. In fact, sometimes I forget to play the game altogether, and I spent about two hours in the tutorial due to this problem.
The solution? Quite easy. Women CAN be protagonists in videogames, however, they should only be first-person games to avoid such problems from happening. What do you think, fellow gamers?(emoji)

No. 757024

you sound like an annoying autistic cunt, so that’s probably why you were banned. have you tried hiding the thread since it clearly upsets you this much? by the way, you don’t need to be so obsessed about getting a temporary ban from a message board, i promise. we’ve all been banned before and i assure you that nobody has still been whining about it multiple days after it happened.

No. 757658

ane read is a woman who had to watch her kids.she likes making a giant bread with her million clones.she and her 50 clones take their underwear off and put their jeans back on. Now jane read and her 50 clones wear jeans with no underwear. Jane read and her 50 clones in jeans without underwear like too cut down all 50 trees in the for est with their chainsaws. Jane read and her 50 clones got a peewee in their jeans. She and her 50 clones play with their peewee in jeans while the other clones continue cutting trees down.

Jane read takes a walk in the forest.but realized that she has to pee.she'll pee in her jeans jane read glad she no longer wear her underwear she wears jeans instead.jane read finished peeing in her jeans she'll go cut down a big cherry tree.jane read took her shoes off and put on flipflops instead and she got a peewee in her jeans.while jane read finished cutting down a big cherry tree she'll play with her peewee in her jeans.

Jane read and her 50 clones glad they no longer wear their underwear they wear jeans instead and flipflops.jane read and her 50 clones play with their peewee in jeans while the other clones make the worlds biggest pizza puff.they chop veggies,then make the sauce then add the flour and adding the giant dough and then jane read and her clones fold the giant dough from side to side while the other clones play with their peewee in jeans.jane read and her clones finish making the world biggest pizza puff she and her other clones take their underwear off and put their jeans on.the biggest pizza puff gets overcooked and its about to explode while janes read and her clones play

No. 759630

HOLY FUCK I frequently come here to release steam when my boyfriend "practices" instruments. He is the WORST musician that I have ever heard, and even after six years of owning goddamn every single instrument as a personality, he's somehow gotten significantly worse. Imagine someone who was a bad painter to begin with slowly losing their eyesight. His music wants to make me anonymously report him for noise despite it being relatively quiet. It makes me envy the deaf and HoH community. It makes me "accidentally" get rid of all of my own instruments while we're moving under the guise that I no longer play them. I have never wished for someone to just give up so hard in my life. I wish he liked cars or beer for fucks sake, this whole pretending to be a sophisticated jazz musician while not knowing how off tune you are is poisonous. The air is thick with noise pollution and I wish I had passed out from it. Imagine the worst music you have ever heard, and imagine that person living with you and playing random instruments nearly every day for six years. I love him so I've never said shit but it makes me wish I was dying. He has the same idea of how to strike a piano as an autistic 4 y/o in music therapy class, except those classes are at most 55 minutes long. He hits notes at near-perfect random, he could seriously make a random number generator jealous. I beg him to paint. They suck too, and he blows money on canvases (he literally has over 60 paintings in a garbage bag I just discovered) but at least it's a fucking silent activity. His singing is awful not only for the fact that every note is missed entirely but for the fact that he sings with such gusto, as if he's doing the world a favour by singing even more loudly than he normally would. He thinks he rocks. If he had social media or ever shared his "body of work" I'd be the first to leave and share it to lolcow. It's bad enough to sustain a thread alone. I have no idea why he's such a cocky "artist" when he's such a meek individual. I suffer for my own silence by not telling him to shut the fuck up every fucking day. Men are a disease. Men are sick. Art is dead. I fucking hate music now. He's like having bedbugs but in your ears. He just stopped so I'm gonna go pretend to sleep so he hopefully won't continue.

I can't describe to you how bad. I've filmed it to show my mom and holy fuck. It's like he's never heard a song before, it makes my mom flinch. Horrific. Horrible. Please kill me.

No. 759863

Ew, are you both aging, close-minded hags? I cannot believe this. I feel so sorry for you both because you’re so retarded and socially inept I seriously can’t believe it. Anons, therapists can’t follow you everywhere, and people need support systems so they don’t jump off a bridge or deliberately overdose to cull their lives. How dare people expect reasonable human behavior? How dare they confine in someone they’re close with about something they’re struggling with? Therapy isn’t the only answer and it doesn’t correct or heal you. It’s not them, it’s only a problem to you, to you. I hope a mentally ill friend of yours overwhelms you with their issues and you’ll become so angry and bitter that you can’t properly respond or help because you’re both autistic. This planet needs some help, srsly

No. 759864

Kek you beat me to it

No. 760028

File: 1615586274590.jpg (79.06 KB, 1080x459, 20210312_215753.jpg)

Anyone else find this scene really hot? When this alien farts at Jar Jar?
The alien just looks so feminine and sexy, and the way it turns to him to flaunt it. Like it's inviting him to get closer for the next one.

I first watched this movie when I was very young and I have masturbated to this scene so many times.

No. 760038

File: 1615586726013.jpg (40.71 KB, 499x521, 1613465867020.jpg)

this thread is gold

No. 760810

File: 1615674505442.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.49 MB, 268x160, tumblr_inline_p6kx55RLsO1v3shp…)

I wand adam driver to adam drive his dick directly into my coochie and ejaculate big ammounts of big nosed sexy man semen and then I'll look at his adam driver eyes and say "thanks adam driver for breeding my warm tigtht pussy" and he'll say "aaayy you're welcomed anytime" then we driver kiss and driver make out and then maybe I can suck his driver cock full of our juices while tending to his big kylo ren balls

No. 762247

The fact that so many books still name the Beatles "the greatest or most significant or most influential" rock band ever only tells you how far rock music still is from becoming a serious art. Jazz critics have long recognized that the greatest jazz musicians of all times are Duke Ellington and John Coltrane, who were not the most famous or richest or best sellers of their times, let alone of all times. Classical critics rank the highly controversial Beethoven over classical musicians who were highly popular in courts around Europe. Rock critics are still blinded by commercial success: the Beatles sold more than anyone else (not true, by the way), therefore they must have been the greatest. Jazz critics grow up listening to a lot of jazz music of the past, classical critics grow up listening to a lot of classical music of the past. Rock critics are often totally ignorant of the rock music of the past, they barely know the best sellers. No wonder they will think that the Beatles did anything worth of being saved.

No. 762310

File: 1615853227933.gif (2.63 MB, 540x300, a31d06ca0dd28196a349dcef92a1cd…)


No. 764807

I hate Pete Davidson's bug-eyed dumb ass so much. I hate that his fling with Ariana Grande tricked millions of people into thinking he's relevant. One time I was talking to a friend about rock music and apropos of nothing she said "Did you know Pete Davidson once went to a Steely Dan concert and didn't know anything?" and I was like ??? Okay? Now I have to know that forever? Later on another friend group was discussing John Mulaney going into rehab and one person said "Pete Davidson was apparently encouraging him to seek help." and internally I was like jesus christ who gives a fuck? We weren't talking about him? I feel like I'm in some elaborate Truman Show scale prank

No. 766158

lol no actually and its fucking SICK
lol everyones so concerned about
but btw Myah is also the same reason WHY i ended 3 important relas of my own private lives bc i called them all out for being cowards… >>1184638 this is for more evidence not blackmail play attention closely notice how ryan here knew me from a hub outside of the one he's defending me on only knowing bc of me finding him at a diff hub and actually being nice and trolling people (my own friends and partnerS) btw and they laugh WITH ME bc they know I CARE MORE THAN MYAH LOL clearly.. if everyones begging me to shut up ab a sitch that happened started for her disrespecting me and me not caring ab her status to BEG FOR FORGIVENESS bc i can MAKE MY OWN MONEY without being BORN WITH A MONEY RICH HUNGRY TRUMPIE FAMWY ♥ ! :D I raised myself since BIRTH! so u literally cant scare me until BORD or MYAH is outside and ill be scared for MY Ni- "ER" ass getting ??? IDK in JAIL MADE FOR ME NOT YK.. MADE TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE OUTSIDE OF JAILL… LOL BOYD… HARRIS.. are the same people she calls her friends… >>1184640
her own screenshots make her look stupid lol her title was one my my FREESTYLED LYRICS LOL

also guys… she SWEARS i got inspired by her which IS TRUE .. back in 2018! THO XD WHEN I SAW HER FAKE ASSS IN cir. frek. bc thats when she LOOKED COOL but still has TRUMPIE posted in her own backgrounds.. lol do ur fuckin reasearch on a literal SHIT THREAD on a fucking TOXIC ASS E-THOT !$… Bell Delphine / thot / pic-me-girl / desperate / e-GIRL / Quoted : xoxomyah: "I'm not very womanly" :) we know babe thats why u have a thread on HOW AND WHY U ARE NOT! :D ♥
also look at how she's getting people to dox for her while she does it for her own self while drinking and vomiting out her MOUTH …

No. 766362

>Nihilism, fatalism and incelicide: Some blackpillers say the damage done is irreparable at this point and advocate fatalism. Such blackpillers are often driven by essentialist views that female sexuality is so strongly biologically hardwired that it would require a civil war to undo the sexual revolution, or that it is simply not feasible and has also historically never been substantially better
>Lowering women's status: Women's hypergamy means that for each man there needs to be a woman of lower status. This implies, to reduce inceldom, women's status relative to men needs to be lowered in general. Not necessarily as far that all women are below men, but many in the manosphere do advocate for this.
>Women mostly have a horrible character, if any
>Women are incapable of romance and love
>Women only love men's resources
>Women's depression and loneliness are at best self-inflicted, at worst a means of getting attention
>Women behave like children
>Women exhibit a dual mating strategy (betabuxx)
>Women have a passive, transactional and opportunistic love style

No. 767373

File: 1616445771936.jpg (585.89 KB, 1080x2834, Screenshot_20210322_213827.jpg)

>this unironic tumblr bio i just found
Your local gringo hater ❤
👉Compilation of trash human beings, me hating on everyone, vents and personal interest bs👈
I'm an angry bastard, I warned you already.
Don't like what you see? Unfollow me and block me, I ain't your goddamn babysitter to police my content/opinions/tastes for you.
Yes, I'm one one your "pwecious minorities uwu" you have NO right to use me as a diversity quota, speak over me or tell me to kill myself because I'm a minority that just doesn't like to be coddled, don't worry for it!
I would probably anger the living fuck out of you, if I have not done it yet, just wait for it, your turn will eventually come, soon or later.
········Future Professional speed bump and chef········
Cynical, dead inside, opinionated af, 70% of the shit that comes from my mouth isn't nice, eternally tired of humanity's bullshit, brash, former artist, pretty slow, blunt, misanthrope, sensitive but with low empathy, problematic af (as this hellsite would say), extremely bitter, a mess, eternally screaming on the inside mood since ya know…peace was never an option and kinda self destructive.
Usually spiteful but too lazy to engage in that shite 24/7. Certified PhD. in being salty. ❤❤Hater of modern pop culture media❤❤
I usually don't say things for the sake of offending, but if you get offended for something that wasn't meant to be offensive, its your problem, offense is taken not given. Most importantly: Ur a dummy😊

No. 767388

Not funny or notable, incels can shit out manifestos 20x the length of this in their sleep

No. 767640

File: 1616473968465.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.77 MB, 2480x3508, 206c70daf5404a3178e22038cf8fab…)

Some of you just need to accept that the farm has more than one Komaeda kin roaming its pastures. I'm not discharge-chan. She's weird and annoying, a coward who deletes her replies because she needs attention but gets overwhelmed by her own bad taste. I also carry a lot of shame but at least I don't post anything I'd need to dirty delete. I'm the superior Komaeda and I don't appreciate being lumped in with her ilk. She's unworthy of any association with Nagito whatsoever, who is creepy and disgusting yes, but way cooler and more interesting than she could ever attempt to be. I hope her discharge tastes bad. And I hope the anons who have confused me for her can forgive themselves because it's an honest mistake… But if they do it again? No mercy.(avatarfaggot)

No. 767674

Oh god, I just began to scroll through the farms and I'm met with this! In which thread was this posted?

No. 767759

You really said no doubles in this farm……

No. 767897

Get it off your chest thread

No. 769019

File: 1616644620701.gif (2.42 MB, 268x350, 2D6F0413-96AE-42FE-8707-582AA7…)

The South Asian racist is back, kek. I never thought of it this way, but with how hard you’re caping for gay men, and all your aggression both now and over the past week, I feel like you might be one yourself.
Imagine. A gay South Asian scrote seething about black women every day, probably because he can’t skinwalk them. No one liked his Donna Summer look at the local gay bar on drag night. He doesn’t know why he even goes there anymore, he already knows all the white gays have “no curry” in their Grindr bios. His down-low black boyfriend, Diquarius, dumped him a month ago to get back with his ex, and he’s been raging at black women ever since. 
He has an account on Lipstick Alley, where he almost exclusively gets into racial arguments, shits on black celebrities, and stans Jameela Jamil. He comes here to post even more racebait, and whenever he gets even a sniff of a non-black POC anon, he tries to glom onto them and involve them in his vendetta against black women.
Diquarius long since left his hole in shambles, and he can’t afford surgery to repair it. He hopes to one day become a mod on either LSA or LC so he can ban every black bitch he sees. He’s playing with the idea of transitioning. His parents are disappointed in him.

No. 770759

File: 1616854451514.jpeg (14.42 KB, 236x159, 3FFB9CDC-C5F5-4212-B079-3C80EC…)

I can confidently say I’m a knockout. I’m a gorgeous woman. That’s not me being egotistical, narcissistic. It’s just a fact. I’m a knockout. I have great genes. A part of being a knockout, I have confidence and je ne sais quoi, that is unmistakably in my pheromones, and my chemistry, and the way I walk, in my attitude, unmistakable. I am divine feminine energy. And a part of that does not match with the conventional beauty, sometimes, of what sensuality, or society has inferred.

I find one of the most tantalizing and exciting things I’ve ever observed about myself was that, I can drive men crazy and drive people crazy. That I have this air about me that exudes such sexuality, my small breast, and my little frame, and my sweet, little girl voice. It exudes something in people that is extremely passionate and tantalizing. I’ve always just been so into that, and intrigued by that, and have learned how to develop my sensuality as a woman by that. And I glorify it. I think it’s so funny. I swear to God, all your men fantasize about me and probably wonder what it’s like to be with someone who is as small as I am.

No. 772289

The things I will do to Morridow omg I would fuck her until she squirts so much that id'd be enough to fill up a pool, then I'll get baptised in it by Jesus then reincarnate into a Godly being and then fuck Morridow into reincarnation and then ascend her sould to the 10th dimension
And then we fuck so hard the universe can hear it and the angels will sing and praise the glory of her 10th dimensional orgasm and then when we finish our souls will keep on moving until it transcends the concept of velocity itself and then we become God
And then when we're God we'll be with each-other until the end of time and even then I'm still with her after the death of the universe
I hate living I don't wanna breathe anymore

No. 774443

File: 1617314030247.gif (59.98 KB, 753x184, 1617076677169.gif)


No. 774622

File: 1617338778582.png (7.52 KB, 241x209, 51345DB4-814E-49CE-986E-1C8A03…)

Illuminati symbolism is all over the image.

We have six whiskers. The two eyes and nose ovals indicate we are to count this thrice. 6 6 6.
The Illuminati traces itself back to the black magic cults of ancient Egypt. These cults believe the cat was not only sacred but a spiritual familiar and source of all their occult power.
An anagram for Hello Kitty is “They To Kill”. The Illuminati have assumed the princely power of life and death. Their very mission statement is in the name of this beast.
In ancient times pink was associated with the dawn. The dawn star is known as Lucifer.
Where is the mouth? The symbol reminds all to be silent.
Cats are really creepy.

No. 775203

File: 1617425143614.png (687.35 KB, 640x791, 1617270328689.png)

I just need to gush, this week has been excellent and I’m both proud of myself and grateful for the time and place in my life I’m living through right now. Today I responded to a dilemma I’ve been avoiding facing in a way that showed my growth and maturity, and this week when fate (if you believe in such a concept) was tempting me to be cruel to myself or compromise my morals to please both people I want to, I held my ground and politely navigated my way through the interaction without myself or anyone getting their feelings hurt or misunderstood. The metaphorical icing on my really great week-cake is that my gf and I talked about gender for the first time in a long time and found we have more in common than we thought in the sense that we both were afraid to bring it up to the other and relieved to find we had so much common ground, plus I love hearing her talk her voice is so soothing and she’s so intelligent so it was a really good interaction. Earlier today before talking to her I was lurking terf-tok on another really smart woman’s profile and just watched tra’s have meltdowns for tdov, she’s so clever it makes me feel dumb in the best way, like in a way where I learn something. I’m excited to feel like I can talk to people with more ease than previously, and learn from more women. Pls no bully or ban for talking about dumb gendercrit stuff I just feel like the last few days things have been getting better for the first time in years and I’ve been gentler and more open with myself, thank you to anyone who reads this.

No. 775234

why would this be a copypasta other than length and mild awkwardness? she sounds sweet

No. 775241

File: 1617432556817.jpg (17.05 KB, 406x596, 383883288282.jpg)

angry tranny angry tranny angry tranny GRRRRR ANGRY

No. 775244

Do you understand what a copypasta is

No. 775346

Thanks anon, I’ve been told I’m sweet before and I like to think I am, I go out of my way to be gentle with others. I’m glad to have provided a bit of good humor for >>775203
regardless. Jarring to see my post from the “positivity” thread less than a week ago ITT though, ngl. Slow week for your usual cows? Happy to help I guess.

No. 776129

If you’re under 25 years old — or an immature 30-plus — I’m about to set your ass straight. So, listen up. Your music is fucking garbage. There, I said it. Mindless crap. Eardrum-bursting, dagger-in-the-eyes, ass-bagging, blow your fucking brains out — unadulterated dog shit. That pretty much sums up the type of music that’s popular with today’s young people. Listen, you stupid sons of bitches. I’m talking at you. I’m your elder. My opinion demands respect. Your music hasn’t got life. It’s fucking dead. Your music is void of humanity. It’s as fake as a porn queen’s orgasm. There’s no soul. It’s tripe. It’s a carp in the sea of music. The stuff you listen to was created by fucking machines. Today’s “artists” — there’s an oxymoron — don’t even need to know how to play musical instruments or sing. In other words, no fucking talent whatsoever is needed to succeed today in music. You heard me. No. Talent. Whatsoever. And, I’m fucking sick of it because the current generation is taking the gold we gave you and dragging it into a sewer. Listen up, you little pricks. I’m not stuck in some kind of classic rock time warp. Fact is, I expose myself to many different kinds of music. I give all music a chance. Even the techno-trash littering the modern music scene is something I’ve tried to digest, which I found to be like choking down a plate of raw oysters laced with salmonella. It would be nice to enjoy fresh musical acts. I want to hear new songs. I like some young people, especially when they get my order right. But real music is written and performed by humans, not a fucking computer program linked up to a laser show. Fact: The more fancy gadgets and distractions you need, the most your music just flat out sucks. Music should convey some sense of humanity — who we are, and what we feel. I know that’s a hard concept to digest since your idea of a relationship is picking up a new Twitter follower. Where’s the love and romance in the mind-numbing rubbish that’s played at most nightclubs? Is there any conveyance pain and loss? Or pride and joy? How about playing a catchy tune that’s just fun to sing along with? Is that too much to fucking ask? I don’t expect to like everything that’s new. As an amateur observer of the human condition, I freely acknowledge that successive generations are obliged to a continuation of the species which sometimes entails pushing boundaries and violating the preferences of their elders. History shows the more radically different one generation is from one to the next, the greater degree of innovations are sparked from such permutations. Music is just one by-product of inevitable cultural and technological shifts, sometimes mislabeled as advances. Yes, yes, yes! New music should piss off plenty of parents and leathery jokers like me. At least I’ll accept “cultural evolution” as being inevitable, and necessary. If you don’t believe this, take a look at the past century. Nearly a hundred years ago, traditional musicians hated a new sound called jazz. Later, jazz loyalists despised rock n’ roll and even the early sound of Motown. After that, the rockers hated disco music. Then, just about everyone hated New Wave and the 1980’s. Next came rap music which irritated everyone over the age of 30. Now, it’s hip hop and something called dubstep, which is essentially music made by computers and sound-making software. This garbage makes rap sound like fucking Amadeus. There’s a reason this “music” is used as a weapon on suspected terrorists, forcing them to wear earphones and being bombarded with such abuse for hours. I’m not making this up. This is the brain-frying shit they put on the headphones and strap to the ears of prisoners who are handcuffed behind their backs and sit naked in jail cells while they are forced to endure this madness. I’d rather blow my fucking brains out, and if I ever did managed to get out, I’d be running off to join the nearest terrorist cell in order to extract my revenge. I know what you’re thinking. You want to go after my music. You want to blast away at me. Go ahead, fuckers. See if you can top what I like at the conclusion of this article. You’re drawing so fucking dead you should even be in my game. So, what constitutes real music? Here’s a list of things I believe to be essential. REAL MUSIC DEFINED BY NOLAN DALLA: (1) Real music is created by humans, not by a machine or a computer. (2) Real music has structure and consistency. (3) Real music elicits real emotions — of love, loss, anger, fear, happiness, hope, inspiration, or anything related to the gambit of being human. (4) Real music requires talent. (5) Real music requires instruments and/or voices. (6) Real music should be cross generational. (7) Real music shouldn’t need gadgets or special effects to be enjoyed. When one of those fucking machines creates a sound that can somehow match this magical majesty, then give me a call. Until then, don’t label what you listen to as “music.” It’s not music. It’s garbage.

No. 776248


No. 776438

angry tranny angry tranny angry tranny GRRRRR ANGRY

No. 777869

File: 1617788053643.jpeg (316.89 KB, 557x809, 5851339A-D66D-40B1-B4D6-955CCD…)

Some schitzochan was shitting up the banner thread, accusing Adam driver fags of being scrotes, trannies and cp posters. When people rightfully told them they where schitzo they responded with this.

No. 777915

I feel like OP complains about angry tranny being too short to be copypasta or something. Personally I don't care, it needs to be used as a copypasta here lmfao

No. 777975

I was the original person tinfoiling. That angry tranny response actually wasn't me but it's fine, it's anonymous here so who the fuck would believe me.

I actually stopped checking that thread because clearly my opinion wasn't flying and I'm not going to just keep arguing

No. 778168

Imagine being born early may.

Based on established criteria, that makes you a taurus.

So you know it, everybody knows it, you’re a taurus, and everybody around you hold you up to taurus standards.

When there is a joke of some sort at work, it’s like “yeah but you’re a taurus so…”. And you want to laugh, but somehow it gets stuck in your throat.

Because for so long, you read the astrology books and magazines describing the signs, how the people of each sign were like, with big words and general traits.

And… you don’t fit well. It’s not like there are a couple that are not exactly you, it was like that at first, but at some point it become most of them were far from who you are.

So you feel awful. You feel guilty. Because, even if you were born in may, born as a taurus, frankly you suck at being a taurus. Sometimes you even feel your existence brings shame to all of the taurus. Because, as much as you try, you’re just bad at being a taurus.

So you try to change yourself. To read the books and focus on the traits and make them your motto, what you want to lean toward.

But you fail, and it makes you feel miserable.

At some point, you got curious, despite what you were told, enough to check what the other signs were like. And at some point you discovered geminis were a bit more like you. Or you were a bit more like them. You understood more their big words and general traits.

Some nights, when you feel really bad, you indulge in the fantasy of “what if I was born a gemini, not a taurus ?”. And that fantasy grows and grows, because it feels so good.

And then you start to doubt. Maybe you’re just a character that were designed to be born a gemini, and not a taurus. That there has been a problem, that you were born too early or too late. That would make sense. After all, you really are more of a gemini, inside.

Slowly, seemlessly in a way, you start to present yourself as a gemini, no longer as a taurus. You don’t expressely lie on your birthday, but… you let people assume you were born a gemini. And quickly you discover you’re a better gemini that you would ever be a taurus. And that makes you happy, that makes you feel valid.

And that feels wonderful, finally.

So when you meet new people, you present yourself as a gemini, and don’t acknowledge in front of them you have been a taurus ever again. And since you have so many traits of gemini, nobody really doubts it.

Sometimes some asshole will bring out your birth certificate and tell you’re a fraud, and you will feel awful. Then you’ll go out again and keep your chin up, because you know you’re a gemini, and that asshole has no right to do that.

You’re a gemini. Some sort of bug in the system made you be born in may but you’re a gemini.

You just know it.

That’s how you feel, when you’re transgender.

No. 778170

>my opinion wasn't flying
It wasn't opinion as much as insane conspiracy theory

No. 778400

Of fucking course. I knew as soon as I clicked this thread that there would be some Panty and Stocking fag spamming their artwork pathetically revering it like it's God's gift to Earth, even though they have the fugliest looking character designs I've ever seen for a show. Their colors clash,their design is nothing new or revolutionary it's literally just PPG mixed with HiHi Puffy Ami Yumi. And they have loli bodies yet they act like prostitutes. They're fucking disgusting. Hiroyuki Imaishi is a cum-brained idiot.

No. 778402

sure stop defending yourself, no1curr

No. 778438

I did 15 minutes of butthole sunning yesterday and feel supercharged for my week. I didn’t even need coffee this morning, I woke up bright and early with the sunrise ready for my day. Don’t take my word for it, just try it yourself so you can receive and feel the benificial power of the sun through your anus.
Remember to start your week by charging you anus with the power of the sun. Your anus is considered the “Fourth Eye” and it’s directly connected to your “Third Eye” and pineal gland. Absorbing sunlight through your anus is a great way to recharge your whole system. For many people in the world their anus is the seat of their consciousness and their consciousness needs brightening, what better way to brighten your mood by getting light to the darkest area of your body; if more people received nourishing light particles through their anus I believe there would be far less assholes in the world.

No. 778642

I agree wholeheatedly, fuck that trash

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