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No. 1103119

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc. use the vent thread. For advice with your personal daily life use the advice thread. Thank you.
Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.
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No. 1103125

File: 1647657039205.jpeg (84.27 KB, 640x640, 9034FF52-DDA0-4C47-A0C0-B0C06D…)

Blackout tattoos are so fucking ugly

No. 1103128

I’ve never understood the point? Like just why?

No. 1103130

I honestly don’t understand tattoos in general, because I think you can just print a picture and keep it in your wallet or something like that, but blackout tattoos are the ultimate useless thing to do to your body, not only they look ugly as fuck, they’re an absolute eyesore and the ultimate bpd move, might as well cut a limb off for a fashion statement.
I particularly think they’re ugly when they do them on the arms, I can’t help but think that they think they look like cool characters when in reality they’re a flaming hot neon sign that says “I’m a fucking impulsive retard look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me”

No. 1103139

File: 1647658296321.png (762.33 KB, 608x622, blackout.PNG)

Everyone's entitled to do whatever they want and maybe the people who get genuinely think they are cool and artistic, but I can't help but think it's such a waste. Imagine all the beautiful artwork that could there instead… I feel like even something like picrel could be better. I applaud people who get them for being brave enough to do so though.
I don't know about tattoos, but I just assumed that blackout tattoos are similar Brutal Black Project where they get it purely for the experience

No. 1103148

this legitimately grosses me out. Like that can't be healthy for your skin

No. 1103157


lol my boyfriend has several tattoos but now that he's in his 30's he's getting several removed due to embarrassment. tattoo removal is really gross and it's going to take several more treatments until it fades. I just keep thinking of the dumb/ugly tattoos my friends got in college and wonder how they feel about them now. so much for "omg it represents me so i'll never regret it!!"

No. 1103189

Webp files

No. 1103206

I hate this crap too anon. I can't even use them as an icon without converting it which is a pain.

No. 1103213

I also hate fake transparent pngs

No. 1103282

god there are so many tumblr gifs i wanted to save that i now have to convert a billion times just to post them on other sites

No. 1103330

Try downloading an extension for your browser, I use DownloadThemAll, not only will it save the items as gifs, but I can download entire pages of gifs at once. I can highlight exactly which pictures I want to download and download all of them at once.

No. 1103371

I hate when people don't use at least some punctuation whilst typing, especially long messages. It makes it hard to read and frankly makes whoever is sending it look dumb. Like they never really learnt how to write. It's not like it has to be perfect but no matter what you're saying, if it's a long message with no punctuation at all it's going to look like schizo ramblings to me.

No. 1103435

People who waste stuff, like when they use a fuckton of paper towel to wipe a bit of water or heat up 2 liters of water for a mug of tea.

It's an instant red flag for people who grew up on Twitter or Tumblr, you know these people are as obnoxious as the way they type.

No. 1103441

the fact that this autistic tranny from the sole discord i like can't stop herself from posting in every single channel, every single day. whenever i see her stupid username and image i just remember she's a good for nothing tranny. idk if this is like her current obsession or something but it's fucking annoying. she talked about how shes going to be soo busy or whatever cause shes going to finally leave her mom's house and get a job at like 25. ofc complained about it, no compassion for the mom, just how she can finally be free (to be a tranny). why do i know all this? cause she likes to talk about her issues, after which another tranny came out of the woodworks, of course. is this is? is this the end of this server too?

No. 1103558

I fucking hate them too. what a stupid filetype!

No. 1103574

File: 1647697417579.jpeg (162.53 KB, 1412x2048, BFA8AF3C-2609-49F1-BE8C-436ED4…)

I love this image I'm just posting it here because of the thread pic

No. 1103581

File: 1647698112197.jpeg (89.03 KB, 750x896, EE0414AD-CE49-4846-9BFB-D5AB99…)

should've used this borzoi

No. 1103590

kek i type like that when i get overexcited about something. i usually don't realize it's unreadable until i look back at the messages later on

No. 1103593

I agree. That image is haunting

No. 1103595

>peeks in on you when taking a shit
>heeeeeeeere's borzoiiiiiii

No. 1103596

Does it make you feel like you are trying to converse with a severely mentally handicapped duck?

No. 1103597

I hate when I download a bunch of images only to find they're .webp or gifs to find they're .gifvs. any tech minded anons know why these filetypes exist? no program on my computer seems able to read them

No. 1103600

Oh my god i don't know but it's been happening to me too all the time lately and it's sooooo annnoyyyiinnnggggg

No. 1103601

those tattoos reminds me of the brutal black movement where people pay to basically be assaulted with tattooing needles. I don't understand it at all but everyone involved take it very seriously and act like it's some kind of ritual.

No. 1103609

this is some sadistic shit wtf.

No. 1103645

File: 1647702258630.jpeg (332.23 KB, 828x1103, 2CF21AA0-B38D-4E1C-A343-BE604D…)

I hate tik tok and the dumb consoomer shit women try to pedal to other women. Who the fuck would even wear shit like this

No. 1103659

I kinda like the "white girl wasted" one

No. 1103662

>'it's not forced upon them, the clients are here from their own will'
>shows footage of client being shoved down onto the tattoo chair by her neck
alright then

No. 1103739

i hate this very specific type of tiktok that is just a pile of books with small items on the top one, like a pin and a dried flower and a pen, and then the caption says "pov: you're a depressed hot girl who does feminist basket weaving in neon colors only" and then they show every book in the pile. and it's always mostly the same books but everyone thinks they are such a unique brand of person and somehow not like other tiktok girls who read books. yet they all read my year of rest and relaxation, girl interrupted, valley of the dolls, virgin suicides, sharp objects, dorian gray, wuthering heights and pride and prejudice.

No. 1103742

from what I've read, webp files and gifvs exist to reduce space. that's why tumblr and so many sites converted to using them

No. 1103744

whats a gifvs
is it like a vcr with jif spread on it kek

No. 1103746

File: 1647708450284.jpg (18.45 KB, 589x375, Tumblr_l_143645448262337.jpg)

god same. idk why but normies thinking they're special awakens so much rage in me I want to beat them up

No. 1103749

kek your picrel is the dream. i still find myself clicking on those videos because i think i might find new book recommendations if the first book in the pile is a cover i recognize. but no, it's always the same ten books everyone else already read and made their personality.

No. 1103751

Shut down tiktok and keep twitter but forcibly delete normies' accounts with no warning, I want to keep my account to look for pretty art.

No. 1103753

File: 1647709040051.jpeg (70.29 KB, 568x545, BC824F86-0424-4750-A248-34BAFC…)

it's a gif that saves as a video file. all gifs default to gifvs on tumblr, and you have to change the suffix when copying the image link, if you want them to download as gifs

No. 1103785

I hate the term "age regress", "age regression" and the word "regressing" when used in a similar way as the other two. It's as if the moment you do something you used to do when you're younger, it's labelled as "acting like a child". Also, I've seen the people who use these terms (shudder).

No. 1103833

I really hate tik tok. Nobody has anything profound, insightful or interesting to say. It's just like someone making retarded faces and saying shit like "Trans women are real women, if you disagree you are wrong" like they just said the most earthshattering ground breaking important thing ever

No. 1103870

I hate tarte au chocolat it’s so disgusting

No. 1103880

I hate how everyone posts themselves on that thing all the time like it's nothing, maybe I'm an old fart for sticking to 20 years old internet etiquette but just having my real face on Linkedin pisses me off and makes me a little bit paranoid.

No. 1103897

People eyefucking themselves and then romanticizing random traits like sanpaku eyes or some dumb shit like a button nose

No. 1103907

I feel the same way about having my face online in any way. Young people now just readily give away all their personal details to the public online and it makes me afraid for them, especially young girls.

No. 1103908

I hate how fucking smug people are when they tell something there, always doing those stupid close-ups, those retarded hand movements and the eyefucking.

No. 1103910

Same, right now I don't exist anywhere outside Linkedin but when I was younger I'd post pictures of myself on social media, so I do understand where that desire to do so may come from, still, just the idea of so many people having so much of recordings of themselves uploaded online is kinda crazy. And like >>1103833 says, most of the time they are not really creating anything of any interest, so it's surprising to see it so popular and normal to use for so many people. It's so similar to vine and vine wasn't really considered a "normal" social media app, it was more like youtube for some kind of creators more so than usual "common people", or am i remembering it wrong?

No. 1103911

>People eyefucking themselves
Holy fuck this is the best description of tiktok that I have been trying to come up with for so long. It's the most uncomfortable feeling, like you're trapped inside their mirror.

No. 1103912

Oh yes, you'd have a video about idk, cooking but for the first few seconds you'd have a face on the screen for nothing.

No. 1103918

I hate how young zoomer girls are so naive about perverted men. Every time someone shares pics of that German guy who goes around in a short skirt and stilettos, you get these replies fawning over him "oh slay!!" and defending him when someone normal expresses discomfort. He's a man, if he's dressed like that in public there is no doubt that he is a pervert. Reminds me of when I stumbled on this weird ass pic of an old man in a diaper surrounded by cutesy toys (agp & age regressing shit), it got all these replies from young girls saying how cute he was and he's doing what makes him happy. They are seriously stunted and unaware of reality to the point that it's dangerous.

No. 1103928

I agree that its scary that theyre so naive and that it's even dangerous but I wouldn't call them stunted. Being in your teens and not knowing about sissy fetishes is kind of inspiring considering the internet. I wish parents would teach their kids about how to identify freaks though. I'm really grateful that when I started wearing chokers/collars and other accidentally kinky things (I just thought they were cute and I was naive) my mom told me what they can imply to men and how it would change how I am perceived. She wasnt even conservative, just aware of what creepy moids would unfortunately think about when they see a girl wearing a choker. Its unfortunate we even have to be exposed to the realities of the lesser sex…

No. 1103938

Oh agreed nonna, thanks for correcting me. I guess what I see as the problem is like you said, their parents don't tell them or maybe that gets overridden because it seems like society rn is trying to be so liberal that we want to deny any difference between men and women, and women being more compassionate are then inclined to try and be nice to freaks even though they are being freaks. But your post helps me have a more positive view on things so thank you. I do worry about them being more easily taken advantage of by these men so parents seriously need to emphasize this. It's good that you were receptive to your mom's words, unfortunately I know many teens who would get angry and reject it but I hope that's less often the case

No. 1103977

People who make their sexualities their entire personality. “If you listen to this genre of music you’re gay” “I drink oat milk because I’m bi” “all queer woman have moth tattoos”. Oh my fucking lord just shut up

No. 1104006

Grown ass female vtubers talking about degen or sexual shit while sounding like 5 year olds genuinely infuriates me and I wish they were shamed for it

No. 1104020

I could write multiple essays about this. You know, people who are secure in their sexuality may joke about about this every now and then but it’s ALWAYS the insecure/straight ones who make it their entire personality. And it’s always the chronically online gen-z ones. My friend was a boring normal albeit insecure girl but once she “came out” she let everyone and their moms know she’s QuEeR. And now the internet dictates everything about her from her clothes to her music taste. And it’s not a coincidence cause it always aligns with what’s currently popular with “the gays”. She has this constant urge to signal the popular gays that she’s one of them, online and irl. If you take this aspect away from her she literally has zero individuality. She’s so deep into these stereotypes that she calls me out for “appropriating” gay culture by dressing masculine from time to time. They’re soooo insufferable. People like her made me appreciate my normie friends so much. Like I actually feel mentally refreshed when I go back to them.

No. 1104069

NTA but literally. it's so clear that being kweer is just this generations 'not like other girls'. 99% of these people are going to end up in straight marriages by the time they're 30 and i can't wait to show them screenshots of the times they called themselves fags for drinking iced coffee, listening to mitski, and watching extremely popular tv shows and films. they want to be non-conformist and quirky, but they lack any personality or critical thinking skills so they just hop on the second most popular bandwagon instead of the first.

mildly related but i hate this 6ft3 male that jokingly called me a dyke and when i told him to fuck off he said it's fine bc hes an 'enby'. no, you're a retard and your whole family are embarrassed by this idiotic phase you're going through and by you pretending you're anything other than a hulking predatory freak.

No. 1104099

Having so many videos of people's faces up close to the camera like on Tiktok must be perfect for harvesting data for creating or training deepfakes

No. 1104104

tiktok is already just the chinese government trying to create their own pop empire like korea did.

No. 1104185

File: 1647738470046.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 410.88 KB, 750x758, 8A4C206C-175C-470E-A7FA-FF4ABD…)

this picture

No. 1104188

stray kids music is so bad and their music video aesthetics are so ugly. truly the marvel movies of kpop

No. 1104195

Oh my FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1104197

I'm mexican, and axolotls are endangered species. Should I contact mexican authorities? I feel like they would not give a fuck honestly.

No. 1104205

I want to go in there, save the poor axolotls and murder everyone in that restaurant. I will write a story about it.

No. 1104230

I saw the teaser and thought the song was slightly decent so I was excited for the full song to come out, but then when I listened… god it was awful. I'm not a fan to begin with but I cycle through music quickly and was hoping for something new and catchy to listen to and this was not it. I loathe BTS but butter is one of my favorite songs solely because it's a fun and catchy earworm, even from the first listen. This? Awful.

You know who else sucks? Ateez. Generic and bland. I think boiled chicken is more interesting. Also their faces freak me out, they all look like aliens. Maybe that's because I don't really watch many kpop mvs now, but it's truly venturing into uncanny valley and it's unsettling to look at them.

I don't even listen to them to hate listen. I genuinely go in trying to find some new songs to like and they all fucking suck. It's disappointing.

No. 1104237

most boygroups in kpop sound formulaic and have extremely subpar vocalists. have no idea why they draw so many fans in. people give shit to the female groups when the male groups are right there churning out formulaic trash and looking near indistinguishable from one another

No. 1104242

All 3rd and 4th gen boy groups and most 4th gen girl groups are so lame. And yes, the boys are genuinely ugly, especially those in Ateez and SKZ like you anons mentioned.
I have an irrational hatred of nugu bgs but find nugu ggs kinda interesting and endearing. I don’t pity stan tho

No. 1104254

I don't really stan much at all anymore. There's too much over saturation. And yeah, men are getting uglier and more infant looking. The ps procedures they perform on some of these people before they're even legal is inhumane.

If you look or have been a longtime fan of Korean pop, the lesser known soloist scene is a refreshing discovery. I've gone down a lot of rabbit holes and stumbled upon great r&b and indie artists

No. 1104281

Acting/being a public figure/being a model
Idk why it's just so…weird to me. Like it doesn't require any talents? Especially with models
>Ohhh but look at her posture!! And her walk!! And and her expression!!! It's about how they SHOW the clothes
Yeah so what, I'd replace them with like a bunch of mannequins or something, they're doing literally nothing
Same with public figures/influencers they do nothing but sometimes sell something and be a part of trends

No. 1104282

Acting does require talent but agree on the others.

No. 1104283

Can you recommend me artists nonnie? I found some artists like Dean and punchnello and others, but nowadays I haven't been able to find many others that I like. My favorite solo artist doesn't release much which really sucks.

No. 1104306

I mean, being a model does require effort and keeping yourself looking ana-chan enough but not too decrepit for the shoop masters to make you look alive. They have to learn how to walk as robotic and stiff as possible but also be able to emote from time to time, all of that with huge ass heels which are also designed to be as uncomfortable as possible. They have to deal with annoyingly autistic designers and spend hours taking the same fucking pictures because someone feels like the product doesn’t look as good as they thought it would look like.

No. 1104313

I'm mostly into female ones but I'll give you a giant roster of soloists

r&b or indie: bibi, lee hi, yerin baek, summer soul, moon sujin (one I linked you), devita, sole, youra, chancellor, the dpr live crew, jamie, soovi, stella jang, heize, code kunst, hoody, the volunteers (yerin baeks rock band), minseo, faver, cheeze, crush, luli lee, jerd, sumin, jiselle, cherry coke, leebada, sung dam, roya, fromm, sunwoojunga, jane jang, younha, bol4, eyedi, ph-1

015b is a producer duo. they dabble in a lot of genres and rely ordinarily on various guest vocalists to sing their stuff.

hiphop: swervy, jvcki wai, ash b, kittib, claire hau, yoon mirae, lil cherry, giant pink, bryn, yunhway, zico, gaeko, cheetah

for more mainstream pop, you probably know most of these, not all releasing music currently but you might find some gems: youha, chungha, sunmi, saay, yuju, alexa, boa, moonbyul, taemin, ailee, d.o, yena, really any former snsd members solo stuff, hyuna, jenyer, sejeong, iu, baek a yeon, yukika, yezi, hyolyn, hwasa, yubin, hatfelt, narsha, ga in, kahi, kreisha chu, dalsooobin, ns yoon g, jun hyoseong, song ji eun

No. 1104316

adding to this artists I forgot to mention but whose songs I have been enjoying
sorn - sharp objects (angsty 80s dance track)
yein - plus n minus (sleek little city pop number)
sohlhee - lady (chill song that literally says "hey boy go fuck yourself")

i don't know if i will ever escape this genre
I am still mad some of my earlier favs aren't on spotify though, when will we have lee jung hyun's bakkwo

No. 1104338

Thank you nonna! I'll check them out! I leave you with my favorite artist's solo work as thanks.

No. 1104344

That song, I've never heard it before, but wow the swell of emotion in me hearing it. Thank you for a new addition to my playlist!

Here's another one as my exitory. as much as I hate about korean music and its fans theres still a lot of good undiscovered stuff buried beneath the crap, happy listening and hope you find some new music to enjoy nona

No. 1104358

Wow I love her voice!! She exudes so much cuteness, both in body and in voice, I'm instantly a fan! Thank you for sharing anon.

I agree! It's crazy just how much good korean music there is, I mainly only browse through Spotify's Trenchill Kpop R&B/Hiphop playlists since that's where I've found many new good artists. If you haven't already, I also think Epik High is good. They've been around for forever but I feel like they aren't popular since they're a bunch of old dudes kek. Tablo was running Highgrnd and I loved pretty much all of the artists signed to it. They also frequently collab with a lot of cool artists too.

No. 1104380

hate it when my posts get ignored for having too much text but other, much larger walls of texts get replies

No. 1104411

File: 1647761562919.jpeg (350.99 KB, 962x642, 3FE7FD21-006D-452F-AC81-D57883…)

I hate that this is a thing and this isn’t the first time this has happened. At least there’s more normie pushback against it now , but it’s still frustrating to watch them entertain the idea.

No. 1104432

No one owes you a reply nonnie, everyone has their posts ignored sometimes.

No. 1104463

A TikTok video someone recorded from afar of some teacher or adult male rubbing himself under his clothes while talking to what seems to be high school students appeared on my fyp and what disgusts me just as much is the user who posted it added Lana lyrics to the video. I just don't think it was necessary at all.

No. 1104476

Pedophiles. Watch out for CP

No. 1104477


No. 1104527

Fucked up. I knew this homeless guy who would camp a little far from our highschool and just jerk off seeing girls.

No. 1104538

Men are pigs. I saw this about a week ago.

No. 1104741

Whenever people say awww or ewww it just makes me cringe

No. 1104750

Aww, that's strange.

No. 1104762

ew, weird

No. 1104765

kek gottem. made er double cringe

No. 1104790

i hate disclaimers

No. 1104909

Wtf put a disclaimer on this

No. 1104979

you sound like you've never been invited to a party

No. 1104981

File: 1647795635242.jpg (89.6 KB, 1073x317, Untitled.jpg)


No. 1104986

I didn't read the whole thing because males are worthless and their opinions are worthless but I skimmed and
>otherwise you're cut off from pussy and money
Kek they're so desperate to coom. Literal apes.

No. 1105173

i hate when women claim they hate men but still fuck them. i was hanging out with my (bisexual) ex best friend a few nights ago for the first time in three years with some of her friends. i’m extremely lonely so it was nice to be in a room full of women. my friend told us about how her boyfriend she’s been with for seven months climbed on top of her roof at 4 am the night before because he thought she was cheating. and she said it’s her fault because she forget to put the key by the door! i assured her it isn’t because that is not at all a normal thought process. the girl next to me who owns the apartment we were in was like “that’s why you need to find yourself a girlfriend” and i shook my head. minutes later, her boyfriend walks into the living room and kisses her. i can’t…although, i have done the same thing in the past. but as my misandry increases so does my commitment to celibacy. i see this a lot in bisexual women, but i really don’t believe you can hate men AND give your time and pussy to them.

No. 1105185

>i hate when women claim they hate men but still fuck them
You just summarized this website kek

No. 1105209

same, nonny. volcel 4 lyfe.

No. 1105210

Which thread is this from?

No. 1105218

Anons telling other anons to dump their boyfriend because he doesn't like the same flavor ice cream while they continue getting strung along by porn addicts and having their nudes left on read while he simps for strangers

No. 1105225

Which thread?

No. 1105229

*half the website
the other half are femcels

No. 1105230

File: 1647809756680.png (7.07 KB, 514x205, DD2E03B1-A28E-41A5-8910-5EB4BF…)

No. 1105241

Scrotes are fucking pathetic, they really think that not being fucked is akin to being starved. Why don't they get a fucking hobby or something, or value friendships and family instead of becoming suicidal over a lack of sex?

>never claim to genuinely hate all men
>haven't touched a man in two years, since before I was blackpilled about them
I am safe from hypocrisy

No. 1105262

File: 1647811675095.png (254.31 KB, 500x476, 1635736253612.png)

It's not like they can change their sexuality or need for companionship.

No. 1105265

why do I feel like other women are the biggest obstacle to female celibacy? Is this the dreaded internal moid?

No. 1105304

Look, I'm straight too and I like men sexually (tho I'm a virgin) so I'm not the one to judge if other women want to fuck men, but I'm pretty sure deliberately seeking relationships and sex with people you profoundly hate is some type of mental illness, it just doesn't make sense for me

No. 1105307

i don’t know a ton about this subject but there have been successful sex strikes by women in some countries. i can’t see that happening in places like the united states. it’s only continuing to get worse, but liberal feminism is too popular to commit to something that drastic. the girl i was hanging out with said she’s staying with her boyfriend because he’s the best guy she’s ever been with. even the bi girl sitting next to me said that doesn’t really matter because they were all awful to her. i met the boyfriend last night because she failed to tell me he would be hanging out with us. so so so stupid, not even slightly attractive and a lot of the men i like are on the ugly side. not sure if i should say anything to her because she’s seems happy. i wish women would stop settling for what they think is a nice guy when we all know how low the bar is.

that was a whole rant but everytime i start to think that one scrote is better than the rest of them i am proven wrong before they get the chance to sleep with me.

No. 1105309

Get a dildo and some friends, life will be 1000x better

No. 1105318

Aside from the gay ones, almost all men who hate women still have sex with women or want to have sex with women. There are almost definitely more straight women who hate men that never want to have sex with them than the reverse, at least

No. 1105323

samefag, meant *AND never want to have sex with them

No. 1105324

being bisexual is proof sexuality is not a choice. i hate that i find men hot. i don't fuck them but i wish i could only find women attractive. i hate that i sometimes give men a chance because i find them hot.

No. 1105335

give no moid a chance

No. 1105339

i couldn’t agree more. i’ve known my entire life that i love women but i found out pretty recently that i hate men. the men who will date us greatly outnumber the women who will date us. plus a lot of bi and gay women are now nonbinary. it’s so fucked up. even if a man is hot, intelligent, and wealthy he could turn out to be a porn addict, a tranny, or even a sexual predator. they’re all the same in one way or another and i also hate that i still fall for them. i wish sexuality was a choice.

No. 1105348

it is though

No. 1105355

stop baiting and get some more hobbies or work on whatever weird shit you have that makes you want to force women to prove to you what they like

No. 1105357

I mean men hate Women they lust after. Men hate women yet they fuck them all the time. Not sure why a woman hating men would behave differently

No. 1105364

>deliberately seeking relationships and sex with people you profoundly hate is some type of mental illness
yeah you just described men


No. 1105377

My theory is that female celibacy also alienates them from other women who are more agreeable/willing to put up with trash males or partners. I'm more fed up with women who claim to be celibate but can't help but bitch about men or other women's men… although maybe it's my fault for not wanting to be hostile enough.

No. 1105381

no anon. you're good for not contributing to the toxic judgment that we only feel due to patriarchy.

No. 1105386

chrome doesn't have that and the similar ones i've found still won't save it as a gif..at this point i'm just gonna change the file name when i'm about to save it

No. 1105391

> There are almost definitely more straight women who hate men that never want to have sex with them than the reverse
That's because women are risking their lives and health when they choose to have sex with or date men

No. 1105397

Its right here, you goof
And changing the file name won't do anything nonners.

No. 1105404

kek i spelled it wrong when searching my bad

No. 1105412

I hate Phoebe Bridgers and I want milk on her so I can feel validated in my hatred reeeeeee

No. 1105416

they're endangered in the wild, but there are plenty of axolotls going around in captivity because it's easy to reproduce them. whoever fried them is not getting them from the lake of Xochimilco.

No. 1105506

I hate these ‘doomer zoomer coomer wojak chad thot e-girl’ videos so, so much. Each one is as predictable and banal as the last, and yet the (scrote) comments praise them as though they are revelatory commentaries on society. I hate what the internet has become

No. 1105527

I hate these too but to me this one seems like it's kind of criticizing/taking the piss of scrotes who unironically watch these, so I'll give it that.

No. 1105609

Im ashamed that I found this funny in a retarded youtube poop way

No. 1105782

File: 1647861851561.png (1.79 MB, 1920x1080, Brand-VTubers.png)

People who simp for vtubers creep me the hell out. There's something extremely unsettling about being obsessed with a real person and taking advantage of the parasocial relationship they're offering but treating them like a fictional character at the same time. Some of my yume friends love male vtubers and unironically husbandofag for them and I don't understand, it's not like it's a fictional anime character but an actual living human moid who doesn't give a shit about you. I understand being a fan of an actor or a musician or even a youtuber because at least they're artists creating art and content to appreciate but vtubers are just idols with a personality cult not producing anything of value. Maybe I'm just too autistic to "get" it but I hope this trend goes away soon.

Also picrel, brands hopping on this bandwagon to sell more via a waifu character makes it extra cynical.

No. 1105784

I don't get it because male vtubers seem cringey and kinda assholeish and female ones are too infantilized, so as a weeb bi girl I still find them insufferable.

No. 1105791

The three types for female vtubers seem to be either the ara ara mommy, the autistic "I'm not human so your human culture is so weird to me, tee hee!" larper or the toddler in a grown woman's body who's either ridiculously "shy", an emotionless kuudere or does nothing but screams and cries. For men it seems to be the retarded tryhard himbo, the edgy vampire demon lord or the boring ikemen prince. And all of them have a cluster B personality disorder that bleed into their streams and eventually air their dirty laundry out in the open.

No. 1105796

True. And a lot of moids vtubers are gay larpers who feed fujos with fetish content. All of the most popular ones are like
>guys i'm super bi ^-^
>haha you are such a gay :33

No. 1105800

The male vtubers piss me off the most. They always act like the typical unappealing loud gamer bro and never actually sound like their pretty boy avatars.

No. 1105801

God, 99% of all Vtubers look like generic overdesigned garbage. The blue girl might be the only one that I find kind of pleasant to look at.

I fucking hate Vtubers and I fucking hate modern anime trends

No. 1105802

The funny thing is that I don't even know any actual fujos who are into vtubers kek, everyone I've met considers them more or less a yume thing so maybe they're targeting the type that is both. The gay larping is the cringiest thing ever though.
I literally saw this shit on my feed today with people considering it prime comedy. Gross.

No. 1105804

Isn't that tho the same shit male seiyuu and idols do in streams, just with better scripts

No. 1105809

Seiyuus only do it when acting as their character during a performance. Idols are more similar but they in turn don't act as if they were a fictional, non-human character.

No. 1105927

>obsessed with a real person
Vtubers are 2D designs with fake personalities. Do you think the people voicing them really behave like that?

No. 1105969

I hate how any criticism about how young girls and women are sexualized in media gets dismissed as being a "prude", or being religious, or " you're just scared of boobs!!1" etc.

No. 1106014

Such a happy little positive song that plays in the first episode of spongebob.

Then you discover that the artist behind this version was a repressed homosexual, devout catholic who hated women, impregnated a teenage girl 20 years younger than him and possibly a pedo. How do I cope

No. 1106065

i hate people who treat their cats/dogs like they're their kids, get offended and angry when stray cats/dogs aren't fed but give no flying fuck about the other animals. cats and dogs could actually watch out for themselves while some animals dont even stand a chance.

No. 1106068

This. I also hate it when people put their animals before kids while their animals would never do the same to them. Some care more about a cat being killed than a woman being raped or killed, it's mostly moids who do this.

No. 1106080

>Some care more about a cat being killed than a woman being raped or killed, it's mostly moids who do this.
This sounds like something reddit would do tbh

No. 1106082

i'm suddenly having flashbacks to that one anon who harassed a homeless woman over a cat

No. 1106120

Wtf? Info on this?
Yeah, I've seen a lot if men act like that irl, they jerk off to torture or rape of women and girls but lose their shit when cat gore is posted. 4channers are like this too.

No. 1106124

I vaguely remember that. Very, very vaguely.

No. 1106133

I wish I had never shat on Romanianon because she’s right: some of you really are cunts and deserve to be miserable.

No. 1106138

which anon(s) is this about?

No. 1106149

List of things that i hate and that make me want to kms:
fear of pregnancy, males and the crimes they commit, having to work till death, that the things in your flat get dirty and that you have to clean them in a never ending cycle just like your body, the audacity of billionaires, school and studying in general, the therapist that told me that the abuse my mom inflicted upon me was justified, my abusive parents, my brothers girlfriend that i really want to be friends with but what if she secretly hates me, my fat rich aunt that is jealous of my side of the family because we are only slightly overweight while she is obese and has to do weightwatchers, the virus and that the government doesn't give a fuck about it anymore, my boyfriend who told me that i look dumb with my black sweater tucked into high-waisted jeans even tho i have short legs (you are dumb and and don't have any taste john) the men that are responsible for the wars in the world, the fact that i don't have superpowers to do whatever i want

anyways i still have hope that i am secretly the god of this universe and that somehow they got rid of my powers so pls give me my powers back ok

No. 1106158

File: 1647899078432.jpeg (51.63 KB, 640x675, 5486EC27-6D0A-41A0-B48C-D4F9CD…)

It do be like that

No. 1106159

No. 1106167

anons obsessing over her and accusing everyone of being her are even worse and the reason why she keeps sperging out

No. 1106206

Every member of their group is sinfully ugly and their styling is always so bad but this song is really catchy.

No. 1106213

This, some of my most vocally KILL ALL MEN acquaintances are constantly chasing dick. Extremely depressing.

No. 1106231

I really hate glassy and breathy sounding female voices. Especially when they make high pitched s sounds. Most ASMR girls have this voice and it only makes me more anxious. There is a psychology youtube channel that always gets recommended to me where the narrator sounds like she's doing ASMR porn. I can't even get through them because I hate her voice so much. Though everyone in the comments finds it relaxing. I prefer raspy female voices kek

No. 1106317

I hate it when people do or say things and then excuse it by irony. I could promote and do or say the worst things in society and then excuse it by irony, but irony does not change I did do those things and it might just be a cover for it.

No. 1106320

i hate this bimbo trend and it pisses me off that women want to be bimbos but they also want to be woke and left leaning. most actual bimbo women are probably casually racist. sorry you can’t have your cake and eat it too

No. 1106334

When online stores don’t have larger categories that you can search by. If I can’t click “women’s” on your clothing website to scope out the aesthetic, instead I have to go through “long skirts” “mini skirts” “jackets” all separately I will just fucking leave

No. 1106374

File: 1647921766828.jpg (89.64 KB, 828x757, 785430850345-543.jpg)

Literally picrel. I hate it too. Almost always scrotes pulling the "it's just a joke bro" move when they say something blatantly nasty. They know what they're doing and try to push (mostly women's) boundaries to see who'll go into coolgirl mode and cater to their ego. When their comments are indistinguishable from real cruelty it's not clever or ironic, they're just assholes.

No. 1106375

she's 100% right about western radical feminists and how little if anything they have done for womankind

No. 1106378

Is this about Veibae

No. 1106391

I hate it when women do it too. Like hahaha I acted as a sex object ironically

No. 1106392

i hate juice wrld and i hate how everyone thinks his death was tragic. he was smuggling drugs. how tf is that tragic?

No. 1106393

As opposed on how liberal feminists have made the west worse I'm assuming

No. 1106394

I wonder who made you react like this

No. 1106395

I hate romanianon she's a dirty whore that got sexually trafficked into the Romanian camgirl industry at 18 after her mom killed herself and she ended up at the mental hospital. She wasn't even trafficked, in order to be trafficked you have to be picked up by 6 strong men, thrown into a van and be taken to Germany. She's jealous of a 26 year old BPD ukrainean camgirl that trafficks women out of the mental hospital when men are totally the cause of the industry and women cannot ever be perpetuators. I cannot be called jealous as a contra argument because that's mysoginistic but I can call other women jealous whenever I want. Have you seen romanianon's posts she whiteknights for Venus angelic because Venus is a cow like her not because she went through horrible abuse but she made fun of a couple of titty streamers for being hypocritical.

I'm totally a radfem you know but because I dislike Romanianon because she disagreed with me at one point it's impossible she could have been sexually trafficked although she has hundreds of posts where she repeats the same thing. Romanianon is mysoginistic but I am not.

No. 1106397

This schizo rant must be bait. Ignore.

No. 1106398

it's actually not liberal feminism liberal feminism is just a cover for capitalism. Initially liberal feminism didn't promote women in being whores, it just said women have the right to dress however they want and that they can ask to be pleasured during sex. If you look at history, it makes sense. Modern American capitalism and marketing used that to turn women into sexual commodities and collectively brainwash them, but at a big level radical feminist do jack shit. They just circle jerk, argue with each other and try to be superior to other women, make continuous logical fallacies and cannot even allign their values with their actions as most of them date or fuck shit men

No. 1106399

ok and how is hating on radical feminism going to solve things

No. 1106400

Liberal feminism is rotting society of today, so yes, it's ruining the west.

No. 1106402

I didn't say I hate it. I said it does jack shit and at this point it is not a radical movement and it is not exclusionary. It's just a fad some women use to get together but most of them don't allign themselves with it. I agree with whatever it presents. I fucking hate trannies, I think sex work is abusive and should not be promoted in society and so on, but women have to destroy any community with gossiping and trying to eat each other alive and doing virtue signaling just like retarded liberals do
capitalism, modern American capitalism is rotting society. Everything you see sick in society is a result of huge corporations that have been brainwashing the average population into doing things and becoming things that makes them money

No. 1106403

holy fuck. this level of capitalism existed before feminism existed at all in any capacity.

No. 1106404

i hate that i can't play jelly blobs of doom on neopets anymore. happy fucking chomby day to me

No. 1106409

No! It did not. The internet did not exist before and the internet has entirely changed how capitalism functions and how masses function and how those that run huge corporations get to people. Before technological revolution and America existed, capitalism did not function In this extreme formula. Big corporations are using the internet to brainwash people and turn women into whores and they are using it as a tool of capitalism. The internet has entirely changed how capitalism works. Maybe your little pea brain cannot comprehend it but capitalism now is absolutely not how it was 100 years ago, so many factors to it have changed. Capitalism has even changed political movements into benefittig huge corporations. Women being turned into internet sex slaves is caused by capitalism. A form of authoritarianism is absolutely inevitable in society but now the form of authoritarianism that we have is birthed from free market capitalism. Meaning huge corporation owners that make up the elites get to dictate societal norms and culture and people just obey. You Don't have to be a genius to see that things change. Even capitalism does. Things evolve as things are not mutually exclusive and they are tied to other things. Enjoy the hell I guess. Feminism existed way before the internet, even liberal feminism. Sorry I have the genius with me but not the words

No. 1106410

i've never read something so stupid.

No. 1106412

that capitalism has evolved and is now using the internet and that its underlying strucutres have completely changed after the existence of the internet and that they are using popular social media to brainwash people into becoming cash cows which results in them brainwashing women into becoming onlyfans whores yet you believe liberal feminism is to be blamed for the downfall of society because you want to blame feminism so badly and you are too blind to see it is capitalism which was created by men

No. 1106413

corporatism didn't fucking exist in the past. Modern capitalism does not function like old capitalism.

No. 1106414

before the internet existed liberal feminism did not promote women into being prostitutes, it just wanted gender equality and for women to be freed. Radical feminism was a much more violent version of feminism. Liberal feminism exists since 19th century. Do you think the author Marry Wollstonecraft which is a liberal feminist wanted women to be onlyfans whores in the 19th century? The liberal movement has been hijacked by capitalism (men) but at origins it holds good and humanitarian values and has nothing to do with modern lgbt bullshit neoliberal bullshit

No. 1106415

File: 1647927214646.jpg (694.95 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220322-072946_Chr…)

do you think she wanted women to be onlyfans whores??????? because I doubt it. Read something and do some reasearch and open your eyes before you talk. It is modern accelerated capitalism and the moids that run it which is the cause of modern societal collapse including women being brainwashed. The liberal movement has been completely hijacked by corporations, but at core it is not bad. We are facing a new type of capitalism due to technological revolution and the state is trying to take control of us through the internet but the state is not the state in the old sense, states are now controlled by corporations

No. 1106416


No. 1106417

wow. i was wrong. this is even more stupid.

No. 1106418

Feminism is liberalism. I think a lot of women are just not interested in doing away with society like that, though. But a lot of women were basically forced into feminism when it first started.
Corporations are just the new patriarchy.

No. 1106420

I'm astonished at how many women on here don't know that at origins liberal feminism did not want women to be onlyfans whores and it just wanted women to be educated and have the right to vote and be regarded equal to men. Whatever bullshit has been presented in the media as liberal feminism in the past 20 years is just the movement being hijacked to make money for the scrote running mega corporations and running society from behind. Thanks modern capitalism!! Liberal movement has been completely hijacked by corporatism and capitalism and the liberal movement is the one which is hand in hand with capitalistic abuse nowadays. It has nothing but absolutely nothing to do with its origins. You don't have to be a genius to join the dots or get some general knowledge around things. Corproations want women to be overly sexual because it makes them money. Humans are not immune to propaganda. All the symbols and ideas that get into our heads through media end up shaping our personalities aspirations and so on. Corporations are now trying to take complete control of the popular through the brainwashing power of social media. With the invention of metaverse and so on the future generations will have their psyches entirely molded by what capitalistic Corporations want and individuality will fade. It is already taking place, look at zoomers. Hello societal collapse!!!! Hello dystopian future. They are using leftist liberal agenda to censor media but they hijacked leftism liberalism because it has roots in Marxism and was the only one which could have possibly fought against capitalism.

No. 1106422

It will get worse and worse (especially for women) so hold on and see the upcoming generations completely brain rotted by technology and capitalism. It will get worse from now on so hold tightly onto your seats. Don't give birth into this hellish world. It's not worth it.

No. 1106430

What if they're 2d

No. 1106432

My point about radical feminism what they have done jackshit for womankind as a whole, a bunch of doughy academics writing "men bad" or a schtizo shooting a pretentious artist is not a material benefit for any women
a bunch of losers sniffing their own farts and pretending its activism, I'd say a lady who changes tires or a nurse has done more for womankind then every radical feminist in the world

No. 1106434

Who fucking cares, a woman is a woman, grow the fuck up. The group you're gatekeeping isn't winning you any of the imaginary points you think it is, support other women's rights and safety and that's the fucking end of it.

No. 1106438

This is like the third time I’ve seen this exact post
Get over yourselves, it’s an image board

No. 1106441

so glad capitalism only started harming women once the internet came about!

No. 1106450

There was a split within radical feminism between those who focused on theory and those who focused on praxis. There are radical feminists who started women's shelters, protested to legalize abortion, to ban (marital) rape, they got half a million women to strike in my country until the government caved in and legalized abortion. The problem is that most radfems nowadays are of the all theory, no praxis variety. Or they want to do everything through lobbying, instead of actually building a grassroots movement.

No. 1106463

yeah… they're psychopaths. that's why they need so many painful and scary body modifications.

No. 1106467

i hate passive people. too bad i make better friends with introverts than extroverts, because it takes longer to show their passivity if they are quiet.

No. 1106526

File: 1647938097341.jpg (80.71 KB, 720x720, 46378073.jpg)

I fucking hate that you can't have shit in Mexico. My brother killed himself last year and I want to put CD's of his favorite bands like Placebo and Radiohead on his grave but I know some crackhead asshole piece of shit will steal it just cause. Ain't nobody gonna buy a fucking stupid CD from you so you can get your next fix, you absolute melted cheese brain. I'm really mad and sad.

No. 1106530

keep his cds in honour, I'm sure he would want that. I don't understand why people want to adorn graves with the person's belongings, you either bury personal stuff with them or preserve their mementos.

No. 1106553

People should be allowed to criticize radfems as they're apparently allowed to hijack others post and shove their rhetorics and think pieces everywhere

No. 1106604

Im sorry nonnie, its awful that someone would steal from a grave. I imagine the logic is "well he's dead, he doesn't need it anymore" though it hurts the people who adorned the grave.
Your brother had a based taste in music.

No. 1106622

Have you ever thought women arent asexual? Many are hypersexual. I dont get women triggered at women using their sex appeal to make money. You do realize regardless if you have OF or not moids will see you as a sex object?

No. 1106623

Imagine calling yourself a feminist when you call women “whores”. You dont care about victims of sex work nor are you a feminist. You just want to shame sex workers because theyre dirty whores unlike pure women like you. The absolute state of feminism

No. 1107026

No girl I don't. I was arguing with an anon that thinks liberal feminism has always been about encouraging women to sell themselves as sexual objects, when liberal feminism used to be simply about women being equal to men. I said it hyperbolically. I don't shame sex workers, I actually argued in the favor of Belle Delphine in her thread where I was shred to pieces and I defended many other victims or simply women that made money off it, so don't assume things about me because I was arguing with an anon. I don't think it should be encouraged in society like it is now and normalized, because it objectively isn't good for women, but most female sex workers shouldn't be demonized unless they are actual sex traffickers or actively grooming girls. I have said in the past, I Don't get the fuss over a girl tweeting sex work is real work. I am trying to think critically here

No. 1107032

This anon is ready to jump on any anon that doesn't meticulously choose their words before dunking on sex work so she can reee about the state of modern feminism, ignore her.

No. 1107036

yeah but doing it on this board is not the best idea given they're the majority here. i don't really care to start political arguments on the usual and sometimes the argument can be civil but sensitive topics are the exact reason threads dissolve into infighting. like being more ambivalent or indifferent about certain "issues" makes you into the enemy

in the end regardless of political ideology we each hold we're still somehow more civilized than 4chan or arguably twitter at times. although I've seen some downright vile things said here and definitely don't agree with anons ideologies, i understand they have a right to say it, and usually don't respond to it. i don't particularly like arguing with vocal majorities on things, like I have very complex thoughts on certain issues that people on both sides of the ideological spectrum would hate me for and I rarely feel like discussing them because no matter where I go it's going to make people assmad if I discuss my true thoughts

No. 1107074

massive cope
prostitution is gross and will give you nothing but money. You will never be truly loved or married, unless you want to score a beta coomer who just wants a free prostitute.

No. 1107094

>calls other women whores
>y-you see is just semantics!! you're focusing too much on words is not what you think is just a word anon!!
Might as well call them cunts, hypocrites

No. 1107095

I hate youtube videos that are "packing lunch for my husband" and it's all cutesy with frilly cupcake liners and tiny chocolate at the end, as if for a kid.

No. 1107101

these women treat their grown ass balding husbands as if they were kids so the childish packaging fits.

No. 1107104

Thank you anon, I miss him a lot. He introduced me to his CD collection when I was very young and that was our brother-sister activity. We would sat down on the weekends and listen to Placebo, Radiohead, Sum 41, Powerman 5000, Rush, etc. He wanted to be a drummer but began to go deaf because of it and he got very depressed. I hope he is in a better place now.

No. 1107107

Giant pickme red flag, same with preparing their luggage.

No. 1107146

My sister calls random moids doing stupid hobbies acting as if they're "like women," as if it's an insult or as if she had a better idea of they should be acting. At least they are not acting boorish or rapey. A random hetero couple walking around is "two women." Idk how to process it but it's retarded and demanding.

No. 1107150

I think the fact they're packing their husbands' lunches in the first place is major cringe. I don't know how women do that and not realize they're literally taking on their husbands' mothers' role from when they were kids. How can you fullfil the mommy/maid role for your man and then still being able to see him romantically/sexually later? I'd be maximum embarassed if I had my partner pack my lunch for me.

No. 1107156

I wish there were cute popular videos like this where women pack lunches for their wives

No. 1107161

Shut the fuck up. We fought for bathrooms. We had councils. We fought to put an age limit on the Internet. We fought for same sex spaces. We fought to vote. They lie and hide our history. I’m sick of this shit. What the fuck are you even doing? How are you helping? You suck at supporting other women stop licking male boots and repeating pedantic ass shit.

No. 1107163

Anon I'm pretty sure I've seen the person you're responding to on here before they always say radfem writers "sniff their own farts" and nitpick their looks and make the same points over and over. I'm pretty sure they were banned for moid behavior and anti semitism too, I'd bet good money it's the same loser kek.

No. 1107164

hey nonnie, what rota do they have you on? do you get a good balance between licking boots and sucking dick?

No. 1107169

My husband insists on packing lunch for me. It's a way he makes himself feel useful to me. I don't require it and I've said I'm fine doing it myself, but he insists because he loves doing things for me. I like the silly hearts and faces he draws on my Ziploc bags, so I can see how a man would like that, too. But it's pretty lame for a woman to do that for her moid.

No. 1107190

>they're the majority here
You really believe their propaganda? Kek they're a bunch of tradthots pretending to be radfems who just bully everyone into thinking whichever bullshit they're spitting atm
No you fucking did you useless idiot, those that did such accomplishments were serious activists who did execute actions irl, unlike you, you're just a retard typing self-aggrandizing words on a imageboard, who also very probably fucks 4channers, all bark
>Everyone who doesn't agree with me is a male/male-identified

No. 1107200

File: 1647980294228.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1182x1667, 563DA5BD-9687-4842-B0BD-808399…)

“Celebrity lookalikes” are so gay. Half of the time they are straight up skinwalking. Or doing their makeup so harshly and contouring their nose and shading their eyes in a certain way so they look exactly like that celebrity. And then they act fake surprised when people are like omg you look like “such and such” bitch you literally put #saidcelebrity you know damn well…

No. 1107205

File: 1647980895329.png (371.15 KB, 2380x1666, Screenshot 2022-03-22 at 20.26…)

this is absurd. why would I install an entire add on for browser so I can use one userscript. this add on used to be free too!

No. 1107216

Had to look up who Sydney Sweeney was and this girl looks nothing like her.

No. 1107219

You have the same retarded typing style and stock phrases that make you instantly recognizable

No. 1107245

Lmao you think 4channers fuck.

No. 1107248

This girl's face is so funny to me wtf is it just her expression

No. 1107250

She looks like a cartoon with newborn baby hair.

No. 1107267

File: 1647984836839.jpeg (29.81 KB, 480x360, 573A7230-D154-4A37-BE69-52A12C…)

It's always the "hot" ones they're mimicking and they always slap a ton of filtering and makeup on top of it. You never see someone who looks like an unconventional celebrity or a meme or anything, it's always someone with obvious plastic surgery, makeup and filtering. Congrats, if you pay enough money to modify your face you too can look like an actress clone.

No. 1107276

Just because I have similar arguments doesn't mean we are the same person, LC isn't a hivemind there will be several anons who don't agree with you
Some anons themselves confessed to date them, so yeah…

No. 1107278

Yeah… online doesn’t count. Kek

No. 1107288

File: 1647986529958.png (417.33 KB, 574x501, yeesh.PNG)

I hate when ftm women try to be quirky gay "boys"

No. 1107309

they will never have one

No. 1107315

File: 1647988695818.jpeg (678.65 KB, 1125x1090, DE6A1298-6C3B-4FF2-A7B7-F73F23…)

We hate to see it

No. 1107320

People get down on MTFs for doing the AGP smirk but FTMs do the most retarded shit with their faces too

No. 1107324

>wearing a flannel with a tshirt is tranny
Imagine being this sheltered from reality

No. 1107326

My fists ache to punch that face

No. 1107342

File: 1647991727866.jpeg (94.37 KB, 466x306, 9BF3EAE3-AA53-4A24-BA64-DE9E3F…)

I hate this anon. How fucking disgusting and moid-like.

No. 1107349

honestly i disagree. also i hate you. you sound like those retards who ree about periods not being gross because they're natural. it can be both.

No. 1107353

Same, those videos make me sick, imagine playing mommy for a grown ass man

No. 1107354

A lot of women genuinely triggered by pregnancy. When i see a pregnant woman the thought of the skin being stretched and the extra weight sends shivers down my spine.

No. 1107355

With date I mean fucking, they fuck them, they sleep with them, they admitted it themselves and one even married a guy from kiwifarms, cut it out

No. 1107360

Nta but yes there are women on this site who fuck and date 4channers/kiwifarmers/discord moids but I don't see what that has to do with rad fem shit.

No. 1107365

Yeah, people like this honestly suck. Pregnant women already have to deal with a lot of bullshit as it is.

No. 1107619

File: 1648017023739.png (367.29 KB, 500x561, 41593763-3409-43C5-B934-D2B7AA…)

I am SO sick of fujo/yume/ship discourse, it's the same arguments in circles forever and it's killing the vibes

No. 1107639

there in no fujo/yume discourse, its normal people vs porn addicts

No. 1107645

File: 1648019941638.png (61.84 KB, 298x260, 97749C7E-239C-49A7-B34D-52D4D0…)

No. 1107663

I legit got nothing from this.

No. 1107665

she is our new resident autist here to replace anorectal violence anon at long last

No. 1107667

It’s retarded and there’s a whole ass thread for the spergs to sperg comfortably without shitting other threads but won’t use it because letting others know how autistic they get over drawings is what they care about.

No. 1107670

Related to this but I'm baffled how unhealthy those children lunch boxes are. They took the bento idea from Japan and applied to American "food". Like, if you are gonna feed your kid a PB&J sandwich for lunch because your are to lazy to cook real food then don't add a cookie and juice as a "treat", that way to much sugar.

No. 1107681

File: 1648023158952.jpeg (172.86 KB, 1170x705, 29B63EE1-D081-4566-8F12-B60471…)

I hate this woke marketing shit. It’s soulless and evil. I never want to buy anything again

No. 1107683

the "they were roommates" meme by tumblrtards and gender kweers, they make it seem like historians are a;; part of a grand conspiracy and vested interest to erase precious uwu gay relationships
they completely ignore the social attitudes of that era, for e.g the "Romantic friendship" of the 18th and 19th century, it was an upper class Anglo-American Protestant protestant social practice between two women, who would use tender language with each and make professions of love and devotion as basically practice for when they got married and while there likely were genuine lesbians in these practices, the vast majority of these women were hetorsexual
same with David and Johnathon, like I don't understand how you could convince yourself a man who tricked a man to die in battle to marry his wife and had a captive war bride was just a precious gay boi

No. 1107684

File: 1648023481643.jpg (164.84 KB, 1920x1080, BD82OTNSBV8.jpg)

People who value male attention over genuine female friendship. Grow a spine and be my friend instead! Grr. Sometimes they are not even single, but would rather collect simps, than build connections with women in their subculture. I know it can be from growing up weird and bullying, but it still pisses me off. I could have just stay home. I don't want to be left talking to guys who secretly imagine me nude and are only in it for the ego boost, in hopes of getting laid one day. This happens on the Internet all the time, without me wasting gas.

No. 1107724

File: 1648027298441.png (9.9 KB, 1011x92, 0.PNG)

He got bad gene and pedo undertone

No. 1107730

Despite larping as a chad, sounds like an incel.

No. 1107743

Unisex perfume is not even any revolutionary or new concept, idk why they try to market it as one (I mean, I know exactly why, but why would anyone fall for that)

No. 1107766

Ah yes, as a perfume collector I can finally enjoy a scent that isn't marketed specifically to white/black/gay/straight people. Finally my beliefs aren't encoded into the pleasant smelling organic compounds I douse myself with.
Also the notes they describe sound cheap as hell. Who wants to smell like a building?

No. 1107821

File: 1648036573084.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 111.47 KB, 540x540, 3A1D39D2-3362-4209-9BB0-0CDAA3…)

I was going to post this in the furries thread but idk if it fits. This pic is revolting and disturbing and I hate it with all my heart.

No. 1107831

This makes me want to be not alive

No. 1107837

I hate homosexual men

No. 1107853

The term "orientalist" especially how it gets used nowadays, most of the time it gets anytime an author takes influence from a non-european culture. Dune is very clearly respectful towards middle eastern culture and based on nomadic cultures rather then settled city dwellers, also fuck Edward Said, guy had no understanding of history and bullshitted his way thorough everything by just being Arab

No. 1107855

File: 1648042463788.jpeg (267.33 KB, 1170x1653, EB8E919D-85B1-4200-9177-B49B64…)


No. 1107865

Evidence of why scrotes are disgusting

No. 1107891

i fucking hate white girls who pretend to be haffu. i'm actually haffu and it's not some fun weeb dream. my childhood was fucked because of how i was raised. i had a strict upbringing so i had literally 1 or 2 friends at any point in my life. people constantly made racist jokes about my mom or grandmother being my maid. i can barely speak japanese but have a strange accent because of learning it from a young age. i look nothing like anyone in my family. i can't even visit my japanese family because my grandmother basically got disowned
now i constantly get questioned whenever i bring up my heritage or told i "don't look asian enough". i also hate chinese girls who pretend they're japanese when the japanese and chinese look nothing alike. fuck liars in general, but cringy weeb liars are the worst.

No. 1107993

I hate ketchup and mayonnaise so much, I gag just thinking about eating them. When I see people with large puddles of it on their plate I can’t be in the same room. I’ve worked as a care worker and I have an easier time with shit, piss, blood and vomit.

No. 1108133

File: 1648067120610.png (1.08 MB, 679x815, 1634686283909.png)


I played this for about…5 months-ish. I'm sure it's a great game if you have friends to play with, but since I didn't have any and can take a very objective viewpoint towards it – it's bad. Like, it's fucking awful.

ARR was fetchquest/loredump hell, HW had the stupidest conflict EVER on top of the most irritating side cast, SB was slightly better but that's only because of its villains (Zenos and Yotsuyu were excellent), and the plot peaked hard at certain parts in ShB (Emet was great, everything that went down with Elidibus was simply kino) but even that didn't last for long because the game devolved into fetch-quest hell again. And I could not finish EW because it was SO fucking boring. I got to Metatron and my brain conked out. Could not read any more insipid JRPG dialogue. I Really Don't Get why people praise this game as having an "incredible story-line and great characters!! uwu!!", it must be because they don't consume any actual good media outside of normie crap like capeshit and Disney films. I regret wasting my money and time on this!

Moving on though.

>genshin impact

I don't play it, but I think I'm experienced enough to look at something and know when it's shit. I highly doubt this game is doing anything we (I) haven't seen before. I feel like it's full of characters that are either cardboard cutouts or stapled together from other franchises; a trope-filled mess with a plot that wouldn't hold water in any other game BUT a gachashit BoTW clone where your gambling addiction is taken advantage of, full force. Doesn't help that the fandom is so fucking irritating, dear god. Bunch of retarded zoomer he/they nb ""lesbians"" and coomer moids. All of them need to kill themselves.

That being said I love looking at some of the yaoi art, so whatever.

No. 1108139

While I'm thinking about FFXIV: the game-play is boring too. Like all you need to do is memorize how things go because it's the same shit every single time; dungeons and bosses are just prettified versions of Simon Says. I actually managed to clear a few EX trials just by having a sticky note on another monitor to keep up with the boss phases. Outside of that, it's all reaction time and how fast your internet speed is. Bullshit man.

No. 1108187

Noni anyone that dates a 4chan dumbass is a 4channer user. No one outside that he’ll hole would fuck those things. It’s a red flag kek

No. 1108192

Get help, ana-chan.

No. 1108387

I still remember how upset I was when I found out my brother-in-law uses 4chan, and he and I aren't even that close

No. 1108473

>the vast majority of these women were hetorsexual

Kek good spelling. I largely agree with your point though this is a generalisation and we really don't know how many of these women were genuinely straight. A lot of women exist on some kind of lesbian spectrum, comphet, yada yada yada.

No. 1108478

There's no "lesbian spectrum" where did you even come from?

No. 1108482

As in a lot of women (more than we realise), to a degree, feel some closeness or attraction to women. Have you not read proper comphet theory?

No. 1108487

Sounds like an extremely niche type of person you're talking about and that you hang out in weeb spaces. Hate to break it to you but irl white girls are not pretending to be a different race nor do they look it.

No. 1108509

Dear god why is this a thing…
This. Sometimes I'd try to get an image from wikia (Fandom now) sites and it would save as webp. Annoys the fuck out of me

No. 1108633

Right? Makes my skin crawl.

No. 1108639

wasn't "comphet" invented by a political lesbian tho

No. 1108750

I hate people who think that every hobby has to be made into a money making opportunity. No, I don't want to sell my creations. Please stop saying things like that.
I know that they mean it in a nice way, but it's so annoying. It's ok to just have things you enjoy without making money from it. Turning a hobby into something you do for money sucks all of the fun out of it and it's not like running a shop is easy.

No. 1108767

I don't know what's worse, grown men who are married using 4chan or younger men who are single using it regularly.

>Sometimes I'd try to get an image from wikia (Fandom now) sites and it would save as webp. Annoys the fuck out of me
On Firefox it always saves as webp, even if the URL says "png" or "jpg". On other browsers, most pics will save with the proper format.
Speaking of which, I fucking hate "Fandom".

My father doesn't give a fuck about my hobbies that I'm passionate about and every time I try to share something about them with him (rarely), he asks me if I'm gonna sell it. And then he scolds me for "wasting time" on it.
Even despite me telling him time and time again over the years that making money from my hobby isn't easy, because I've tried.

No. 1108796

I hate these kind of people too nonnie but to be fair it is garbage taking itself out, you don't need to associate women like this. They'd be unstable as friends so I think it is good these people don't want female friends in the first place.

No. 1108801

idk I just feel bad for NLOGs. I used to be one too, maybe that's why.

No. 1108879

I hate how any story about a woman being a deadbeat parent or just giving a kid up for adoption is treated as disturbing and shocking (because we're held to a higher moral standard than men) but then men will also use those stories to demonise women in general. The logic..

Holding one gender to a standard where we're all endless pits of empathy, care, self sacrifice and patience and then finding out that some exceptions do in fact exist…. does not equal 'see women bad' it screams the total opposite.

No. 1108900

People get angry with me when I try to explain my mother's backstory and why I get things happened the way they did. They think I'm justifying what she did, but women usually have a tragic backstory which led to that point. It's just not the same as a deadbeat dad, it's not pure selfishness, but usually a whole bunch of trauma.

No. 1108901

I hate the livestream sellers on Facebook. People that follow them are like cultists, too, and always try to pawn the bullshit on others when they inevitably overconsoom to feed the parasocial relationship. It makes me wanna puke especially when it's someone older falling for it I just see them as really stupid

No. 1108902

The current completely inauthentic mirco-microtrends in fashion and beauty.

Pamela Anderson was borderline forgotten about for almost two decades before last month. Pam & Tommy was released along with a face filter on tiktok and suddenly she's trendy and everyone wants to look like her? Nah. That's marketing being taken way too far. If it wasn't a mircotrend, not one person would be cutting their hair, changing their makeup, and overhauling their wardrobe to look like 1999 pleather clad Pam Anderson. Same thing is happening with Avril Lavigne. There's a woman who went as far as graffitiing her living room or whatever with try-hard symbols Avril used to use. Don't even know where to begin with the "I'm no trying to be like Marilyn Monroe! It's just vintage makeup teehee" cult who have taken on her mannerism and voice inflections.

It's all so fucking weird. Obviously trends are cyclical and celebrities have always been a source of inspiration. This skinwalking of z-list celebrities from 20 years ago is something different. My working theory is that these people may genuinely like certain trends but have zero originality/personality to execute it so they just become carbon copies of a celebrity that epitomizes whatever the trend is, thus making it inauthentic.

No. 1108936

File: 1648113734772.png (726.16 KB, 1280x1631, C59A8F31-402A-4553-AAC8-5897F2…)

incoming art salt. I HATE it when artists draw fanart of flat female characters with obnoxiously large breasts for the sake of likes. I’m not talking about lolis or any of that degenerate stuff, I’m talking adult women that are small in the chest but inflated into bimbos so horny moids react to the art. As a woman with barely any titties it sucks seeing the only representation in media be taken away from you, not only that but witness a perfectly good character design be ruined by two giant sacks of fat

No. 1108937

File: 1648114276437.jpg (49.59 KB, 346x500, 0135bacb19d60dc44c8722080a9dc5…)

I hate that doctors keep asking whether I drink alcohol, when I've already filled in multiple questionnaires and it's in my files. I had an alcoholic parent, no I don't drink.

No. 1108940

I feel this, this combined with how I am also losing weight and the doctors know. Why the absolute fuck would I drink?

No. 1108944

File: 1648115465916.png (1.06 MB, 3400x2800, 030320_OverworkedLiver.png)

AYRT I already have liver cancer, why the fuck would I decide to start drinking now? I don't get their logic sometimes.

No. 1108950

nta but damn nonny I'm so sorry.

No. 1108951

I know it sucks but they ask because people lie a fucking lot about the most basic shit you can imagine.

No. 1108958

Bitch, I have ovarian cancer! Hope we both don't die or something.

No. 1108964

File: 1648117919894.png (330.51 KB, 650x646, 48395v89435u7j243.png)

Yeah you're right.
There are a lot of anons atm with cancer, are we having a run of bad luck? Or did I just not notice before?

No. 1108970

I think there's at least 3 or 4 of us right now? Maybe we are just now loud about it, I didn't post about it for a long ass time.

No. 1108982

I hate newfags that refuse to integrate. It's not just them not knowing any better, but outright refusal. They are so desperate to stand out and get attention that it becomes a cancer on the site. This website isn't for you or your quirky typing style, and when anons ask you to integrate, you fucking do it.

No. 1108987

I don't get how some nonnies sperg and whiteknight for pick-me celebrities. I just heard of the stale milk of Doja sperging out against a youtuber, went to check that celebricows thread and anons are like "Based!! Doja is so real!", same with the Arianna stans and Lana stans, it seems so weird compared to the other posts and threads on lolcow where every woman is picked apart for "nasolabial folds, rodent-like features and swollen tongue ridges" kek.

No. 1108989

That's the difference between cow board anons and /ot/ anons, there isn't as big of an overlap between the two as you'd think.

No. 1108995

I only found out recently, but I whine about it a lot. I'd rather vent here than go make everyone I know concerned about me. Mainly because it's already getting annoying.
>"You just gotta fight!"
>"You're so inspirational!"
>"If you need anything…"
>"Do you think X caused your cancer?"
>"Have you tried [insert alternative medicine bs]"

No. 1109008

even without this, i think dramaboard posters are a lot more diverse than the nondrama ones, because every single cow thread has it's own audience interested in the individual cow, you can't really say the ones interested in, idk, heather, are also the one's posting huge spiels in kathys thread, for example. while anyone posting on vent probably also posts on dumbass shit.

No. 1109020

I still don't understand why people want to be against a youtuber who is trying to educate on plastic surgery and how the shit you see isn't natural, here's how much you can pay to get that face if you wanna try. Actually I know why but like, yes your fave got shit done,probably lied about it, thems the apples.

No. 1109034

I hate how a female youtuber got attacked and insulted, meanwhile Dr Youn and Linkov also do those videos, and there's a popular older doctor on tiktok who does the same for kpop idols

No. 1109036

nonymous now No. 1109031
Are you talking about Lorry Hill as the YouTuber? I don’t frequent the celeb thread but if it’s about her, people don’t like her for other reasons outside of celebrities. For myself it’s her absolutely disgusting misogynistic view on women. It should be noted that all her videos are about celebrity women.

No. 1109038

… How did you.. What is..?

No. 1109039

This site is a fucking glitchy mess that’s how

No. 1109040

No. 1109052

I just want gay men out of feminine interests.
They just come, shit in our community, gentrify it and then make it a statement. In particular, I hate gay men in:

>Fashion Dolls

you know they're just envious of our childhood and I can't picture in my mind how the fuck are they picking at girls for their entitlement. Also lately, the price of dolls skyrocketed because they're the majority of the paying userbase, spending millions on them, so toy companies cather to them. Yuck.
>Female kpop artist
They just fetishize the shit out of them. I know that's a problem with girl fans with boy idols too, but you can't tell me that a grown ass gay man liking them is less creepy that a teenager liking boys.
>Pop queens like Lady Gaga and young girls like Olivia Rodrigo
Back in my days, when I was 13 I liked Gaga because I liked my songs to be electronic, then the gays came over. And don't let me start on how the went after Nicki Minaj too.
you can like or not like them, but again, that music is not for men. Or better, it wasn't, then they of course had to cater to them.

I don't know if I got my point across, in the end I just want to have girls to talk too without having a gay man with the Smurfette Syndrome feeling entitled in our interest just because he likes cock. Yes, I'm including trannies.

No. 1109055

Holy shit you butchered that post, anon. But yeah I am, I wasn't aware of her misogyny, do you have some receipts, I don't wanna talk highly of her if she sucks kek

No. 1109057

She prefaces every video with the message that
>all of this are her speculations, not facts
>she wants to demistify plastic surgery
>she always compliments the celebrities she features on her channel
If anything, videos like herd and anti-photoshop videos helped boost my confidence because I don't look too closely at celeb faces. If I had to criticize Lorry it's that she shouldn't even mention her profession because it's unrelated and just show pictures, also she herself sadly has an unfortunate surgery that I think she shouldn't have gone for.

No. 1109061

I hate travel vlogs. Maybe vlogs in general i haven’t watched any. But it’s impossible to find a good, all-around, documentary like video about a given city in the sea of fucking vlogs. They all have an ALL CAPS TITLE with ?!?! And their face doing the soyjak caricature, and the content is abysmal. Filming selfie mode going down the street or whatever, why would i want to look at your ugly ass face? Also, hasn’t it crossed your wind that the poor people on the train with you don’t want to be filmed? When and if they show a monument, you’ll learn as much about it as in the google maps blurb. No research, no nothing. 30 second zoom on le aesthetic local food! With no explanation whatsoever on what it is and why you should eat it. Random life story, followed by multiple shots full of people ducking to try to get their face out of the camera and cringing at this person talking to themselves. I don’t care about your persona I just want facts and history. People really be out there thinking they matter

No. 1109064

Honest question, not trying to start shit, but where do you people come across gays like this? The only gay men I've ever met have been geeks into nerdy stuff or those who sperg about cooking and STEM subjects. None of them have given a shit about makeup or fashion but I feel like half of the people on Lolcow are talking about gay men invading their Bratz forum or something.

No. 1109092

Straight male kpop fans are way worse because most of them are adult men and the groups they stan are always teenagers….

No. 1109112

I know only two gay guys irl and they're into movies and games. However, online spaces are a different story, mainly look at some popular youtubers and influencers, 20 years ago it was the fashion industry and the stereotype that gay men are into fashion was really strong. Anyway, the examples I've seen are like Brad Mondo being the biggest hair stylist youtuber, one of the Welsh brothers being huge in skin care, toooons of gay dudes with popular skincare and make-up channels. Another area is reality TV, tea channels and TLC trash.

No. 1109132

That girl is honestly jealous her plastic surgery didn't turn out good. She's obsessed and had 3 rhinoplasties in the hopes of becoming an actress or something and seethes at other women who made it work when she couldn't. She should've been content with her first surgery which fixed her issues but she wanted a perfect nose so she got botched.

No. 1109143

Doja gets randomly posted in other threads often enough too, just anons complimenting her body type.

As much as I generally don't even take part in discussing peoples looks on here.. (no really I rarely do) the lower half of her body grosses me out every time she's posted on here wearing nothing but a string. I don't see the appeal or how shes exempt from the usual criticism anyone else would get for that body on here.

No. 1109155

File: 1648135544534.png (103.98 KB, 657x340, cringe.png)

I hate the second half of this post

No. 1109172

>the price of dolls skyrocketed because they're the majority of the paying userbase
what level of delusion are you on? there aren't enough gay men, let alone those interested in fashion dolls, to be considered majority. dolls are going up in price because companies are cheap and materials are more expensive. but i do find it sad a lot of popular fashion doll youtubers are men, but that means you just have to make sure to follow and support other female youtubers.

No. 1109201

File: 1648137994796.gif (3.15 MB, 640x478, suspicious.gif)

>be me
>getting to know people and it's really nice
>have the constant feeling they're collecting information on me, that they're agents pretending to be normal so that they can find my weaknesses
>hard to connect because of this
>ignoring music or weird noises because im used to hearing stuff, so they think im hard of hearing due to ignoring sometimes
>feeling the bugs crawling under my skin like half of the day
>seeing people sitting in the corner of the room and getting all jumpy because of it, always feeling watched

ffs i just want to connect with people and have friends, like i can feel it's happening, but these weird feelings are ruining it for me. i want to feel safe in myself and sure of reality like i used to. so tired.

No. 1109202

Anon this sounds worrying, have you talked to a professional about these feelings?

No. 1109209

>My father doesn't give a fuck about my hobbies that I'm passionate about and every time I try to share something about them with him (rarely), he asks me if I'm gonna sell it. And then he scolds me for "wasting time" on it.
I'm really sorry anon. I love money, but some people have it on their mind 24/7. I don't know how you can live life only doing things for money and not for your own personal enjoyment.

No. 1109210

I hate how I see so many anons shouting "fridge body" at bodies that aren't even remotely "fridge"like. It feels like the brains of some people on here have been very warped by the internet and surgery, that every time they see a woman who doesn't have a tiny waist and huge hips or is just athletic and slim they just call it a fridgebody. It's a very strange nitpick to focus on, and just really inaccurate in most cases.

No. 1109217

Sometimes their insults sound like such a reach they end up sounding schizo. It's like they're so blinded by their petty dislike of a cow they can't even see them as human anymore.

No. 1109219

yeah i got a call from a place and this lady asked me some questions that were oddly specific but relatable, and then she told me she about the holiday she was going on and that i should probably get meds (will never take meds, she didn't even say which meds anyway), and someone will probably call me within the year of 2022 kek

No. 1109223

You should take the meds, respectfully.

No. 1109224

>i got a call from a place and this lady asked me some questions that were oddly specific but relatable
Doesn't sound good. Do you know anything about "the place"?

No. 1109237

That sounds rough nonnie. minor blogpost but I get really paranoid when my blood sugar's low so I can understand your situation a little I know you said no meds ever and I'm the same way personally but I'd start thinking about it if I were you in case the paranoia gets unbearable. I hope you can connect with people someday, anon!

No. 1109279

that’s a really weird reaction to hunger lol

but thanks! i know if other people get this way i can also be helped

No. 1109293

Why the fuck is it so hard for youtubers to pronounce things? "g-guys idk if I'm saying this right…" shut UP just look it up? it's not hard? watch a 5 second video on how to pronounce it and stop humiliating yourself jesus christ

No. 1109298

post literally sounds like a beginning of a creepypasta larp

No. 1109304

so you got a call from a random place from a random woman that asked you very specific questions? sounds like either the beginning of gang stalking (someone's been monitoring you, that's why these questions were both specific and relatable) or i'm misreading something
>someone will probably call me within the year of 2022 kek
nonnie… don't take the meds they will command you to take, my stalkers put me on 4 different antipsychotics all of which except aripiprazole have so far only suppressed my mental functioning and aripiprazole also caused me anxiety and distrupted my sleep pattern, these meds are specifically designed to make you release less dopamine than a normal well-functioning person causing secondary aboulia, apathy and social withdrawal, don't take them anon
yeah might also be a larp.

No. 1109318

You sound schizo yourself anon.

No. 1109338

Is this schitzo larping or real schitzo?

No. 1109339

of course the first reply is a schizo accusation. what else would it be? i documented some of my experience with gang stalking on a crystal cafe /x/ thread but it's been pretty calm these days (maybe its the calm before the storm, who knows) if you still think i'm schizophrenic go there and see (there's also some basic research about gang stalking, i can provide more if you ask)

No. 1109341

I'm not going to look and I'm not going to ask. Are you in possession of goverment secrets or something? Why are you so special?

No. 1109345

Nta but
>gang stalking
>if you still think i'm schizophrenic
Yeah, I do.

No. 1109349

i am being gang stalked for 6 years, it started when the glowies came to my school (i think it was a part of recruiting me for one of their false flag mass shooting operations) talking about mass shootings but then they saw me more fit for their human illegal experimentation problem than a mass shooting operation, then in attempt of getting rid of the gang stalking i changed 5 different schools before being homeschooled, this rendered my education impotent to getting into university and now i'm on a "gap year" NEETing but the gang stalking still continues, i changed 3 different cities to get rid of them and in every single city they're still experimenting and just torturing me ironizing on that sometimes. that's how it started and i don't think this will end

No. 1109351

This is the worst larp ever.

No. 1109352

Anon with paranoia please don't listen to this anon kek but anyway sorry you're going through this, must be stressful to not trust anyone.

No. 1109355

why would a larp go over 6 years? a larper would last 1 week max and just get over with

No. 1109358

Anon I'm pretty sure you just replied to one of the moids from 4chan x/

No. 1109361

i am not a moid and i'm from crystal cafe /x/ as i told you, there are TIs on 4chins x but i dont want to interact with them

No. 1109362

Yeah. You changed 6 schools and 3 cities and don't work. No money can support that lifestyle. Get better at larping.

No. 1109363

Crystal cafe is mostly trannies pretending to be women talking to other trannies or moids. Lmao.

No. 1109364

you're retarded and a shill

No. 1109369

Nta but kek she's retarded and a shill for pointing out financial discrepancies in your story? A shill for who, the government shadow mercenaries that perform cronenberg type experiments on you?

No. 1109372

you forgot that when i was in school i was still with my parents and changing schools is free in my country

No. 1109374

>I forgot
I never knew this because I don't care about your schizo delusion lore. What experiments have they done on you?

No. 1109380

Does government also fund you to change cities and houses if you're a mentally retarded schizo?

No. 1109383

mainly mind control type experiment; some microwave audio translation; no v2k (Voice 2 Skull) so far but i've seen people report it (research Havana syndrome and MK Ultra, also Project Bluebird & Zersetzung all of which are human experimentation programs)

No. 1109391

I wish they experimented on me.

No. 1109486

File: 1648149425134.png (35.3 KB, 635x482, sss.png)

I've complained about it before, but I really, REALLY hate urbandictionary. As an ESL I have to look up the phrases that I want to use in my posts to make sure they mean what I want to say, so I have to see disgusting bullshit all the time. They even appear in my google search results when I look up completely innocent phrases.
This is a random definition that I got while looking at another definition.
I hate it when they start with "when a girl…" "a girl who…" "when you do X to a girl…" it's fucking revolting.

No. 1109498

When it comes to scrotoids and their porn, there's only two types of breasts: impossibly gigantic melons and small or flat incredibly sexualized chests because most males have pedophilic tendencies. It's never something in the middle, it's never a woman with a realistic torso and medium sized breasts.
You shouldn't be looking for representation in coomer art, anyway.

No. 1109506

File: 1648149813163.gif (14.26 MB, 640x468, bjork-paparazzi.gif)

I hate Linkedin. It's on the same level of bullshit as Facebook except worse because at least your Facebook account doesn't have to be used just for your professional career. Next time I see some idiot complaining about their bosses, managers and coworkers who follow them on Linkedin in a passive-aggressive, "subtle" lol way to prove a point about HR and management that everyone already knows I'll block this site with an addon. I've seen way more personal blog posts than posts about work or job hunting, I've even seen a girl writing a 10 paragraphs long posts about how offensive it is to ask a 28 years old woman why she doesn't have kids yet, not because of potential sexist discrimination at work but because her parents were joking that they want grandkids at dinner yesterday.

No. 1109577

Probably a troll but damn, if true.

No. 1109599

I agree but I also blame other women too. They hate being female so much that as soon as a gay scrote enters the space they shoot him right to the top over every other woman who was already contributing to the hobby. Meanwhile scrotes work hard to gatekeep their scrote-dominated hobbies.

No. 1109615

oof, sounds like a schizophrenic episode or something similar. Honestly fuck health hotlines, this is something that should be treated immediately and not "sometime in 2022".

No. 1109645

NTA but you can't be sure of that lmao
as far as I'm aware it's just mostly twitterfags and recent 4chan refugees (mostly female)
if that anon is female (which I feel no need to doubt) then you're only making her more paranoid

No. 1109650

Nah. They had a poll where %50 admitted to being male. And that's only the ones that admitted to it. CC is full of trannies, moids and a few neet autismos who can't see through obvious male posing style

No. 1109654

No, it's definitely at least 70% larping trannies

No. 1109664

>They had a poll where %50 admitted to being male.
do you know how long ago that happened and how can you tell it wasn't a bunch of lurking male trolls who voted?

No. 1109683

File: 1648156609367.gif (227.41 KB, 220x258, 21B38514-22AD-490A-8F2C-7F7313…)

>I spend time on on LinkedIn

No. 1109690

I hate it when people call a female protagonist "feMC" or some shit like that, even when we're only talking about stories that have female protagonists, because male is the default. I also hate "femanon", it makes me want to puke lol

No. 1109693

I hate people who say FL and ML period

No. 1109707

But those can be used when there's a female or a male protagonist or both, to identify which of the two in the main (straight) couple you're talking about. What's wrong with them?

No. 1109708

Even worse, when women insist that the main character (whose gender you can pick at the start of the game) is male. It turns me off from some fandoms.

No. 1109712

File: 1648159276457.jpg (23.18 KB, 494x494, mlkjxwsdghjk.jpg)

I need it for my job, rip me and my shitty career "choices"…

No. 1109715

File: 1648159471992.png (44.67 KB, 529x508, loser.png)

The man? His name was Albert Einstein.
And then everyone clapped.

No. 1109730

Even I stood up and clapped.

No. 1109783

I hate all of the clothes in every store right now. I've gotten a little bigger and I like my current size. I've been looking to buy some new clothes for over a year because all that fits me is my basic sweat pants and tees. But I hate all of it. Literally nothing looks cute or pretty to me. I'm no longer a poorfag and can afford to shell out on a nice wardrobe but I can't find one single thing I'd like to add to my closet. Nothing new OR vintage on the market looks halfway decent, high fashion, fast fashion, slow fashion, basics, it all looks so unflattering and just straight up ugly. Every time I find something that looks kind of cute in a thumbnail when I get to the full view it has some kind of retarded detailing that makes it hideous. Or some ugly ass cheapo looking fabric texture. I hate all of it every last piece on every shelf and web store. Fuck, when did fashion get so ugly?

No. 1109804

I overheard a conversation with a lady talking to another lady about how she will not set foot in Hobby Lobby because they don't support gay rights or some shit. Same for Chick-Fil-A. Bitch I'm gay and I go to both these places and give no fucks. Unless these places outright refuse service or employment (which is illegal in the US to discriminate against for sexuality) I don't care. It's not like every other company doesn't have shady shit going on with their profits behind closed doors. I wish people had a fucking spine and didn't have to constantly act like all their daily choices are some kind of performative activism.

No. 1109886

File: 1648171694600.jpg (426.49 KB, 1080x1460, Whyme.jpg)

Tumblr is usually a fine place to browse now when I have more control over what blogs I follow and what I see, then shit like this shows up on my dash. Tried to click on the name. Blog no longer exists, but they had to leave this fuckery up before migrating to Twitter.

No. 1109900

It makes sense that cc is a bunch of trannies but the amount of terfposting confuses me. Do they just not interact with the terf threads because they're afraid of being outed? troons (who browse imageboards especially) don't seem levelheaded enough for that to be a reasonable explanation

No. 1109955

but men can hate women and still fuck them. it goes both ways.

No. 1109960

If stores could be considered lolcows, hobby lobby would be the biggest and milkiest cow, to be fair. You should look up their controversies kek

No. 1109967

Or maybe there just aren't that many trannies on CC as some people say

No. 1109969

ive never been there lol

No. 1109974

>I'm gay and I go to both these places and give no fucks.

No. 1109983

a lot of corporations are run by religious people covertly and the public have no idea, it's almost impossible to find an ethical corporation. it's like when people got angry at the ceo of jimmy johns for hunting rhinos or whatever. what do they think rich CEOs are supposed to act like? quit buying from amazon if you're going to complain about chickfila, dr evil is more of a threat than homo hating chicken cathy

No. 1109996

>hobby lobby buying stone tablets from terrorists because they thought it was biblical artifacts
this shit writes itself

No. 1110001

How is it wrong to not support a place that doesnt go with your values? How is it performative? Some of you are so fucking retarded.

No. 1110004

File: 1648181070632.jpeg (267.01 KB, 750x624, 61564F8A-0A29-4FEC-9738-C165AE…)

based hobby lobby. rumor has it jesus’ tomb is located in aisle 6 near the brushes and eisels

No. 1110012

I think it's a puritanical pathological American residue. No one will know I did this really good thing unless I bloviate loudly about it, etc. The action isn't wrong, the public declaration is silly. Like, this is why people are woke now.

No. 1110015

I hate how terfy this place has become. Even saying this is gonna get me called a “tranny” when I’m just a regular anon who is sick and tired of subtle politics being interjected everywhere you go on lolcow while the same anons complain about some politics.

No. 1110019

>everything is America’s fault

coping heavy euroshit?

No. 1110023

same, I just wanna laugh at ugly troons without having someone throw the whole hamplanet andrea discography down my throat.

No. 1110028

Personally I love it.

No. 1110039

It really boggles my mind how screenshots of this place gets posted by radfem social media accounts and tumble blogs. Do they not realize that the mtf thread exists just to hate on deviant people kind of like how it is kiwifarms and any other image board? honestly think that’s why there was such an influx of newfags and twitterfags last year and this year who felt comfortable posting and shitting up the celebrity gossip containment zone. I truly do not even believe most of the trans haters are even left-leaning after skimming the past threads and you’re right kek they probably think andrea is a deathfat hypocritical bitch who defended pedophiliaanons are right anyways

No. 1110046

so leave? it has been like this for years and years and years now

No. 1110049

It's more spineless to continue to patronize a non essential business run by people that hate you and spend more money than you'll ever make supporting other people that hate you.

No. 1110072

Honestly wished I cared. But I don't. And if they want to be like that then you have to think about the ethics of supporting literally every other big business in the world that uses cheap borderline slave labor from India/China/Vietnam to have the cheapest goods they want.

That's fucking hilarious I hope they keep wasting money on retarded shit like this.

No. 1110092

File: 1648184333239.jpeg (71.12 KB, 750x751, 1645139321781.jpeg)

NTA but it's not just Euros who hate the USA. Almost every single country on Earth does. You sound like a retarded male from 4shitter btw

No. 1110237

I have the exact same issue, I want to redo my wardrobe but can't because now that I gained a little bit of weight I obly find ugly shit that's not even my size and it's all horrible quality. My three pair of jeans will die on me before I can replace them if this keeps up.

No. 1110347

The fact that boomers just refuse to embrace digitalization. My mother doesn't trust ordering online, never checks the weather and therefore always surprised at the temperature outside and didn't believe me when I told her I can apply for a new residence card online and don't have to physically go to the place to ask for a new one

No. 1110395

And then we all danced and sang into the night

No. 1110397

NTA but Swedes do the same thing so it's not like you're alone in your predicament, you're literally just the biggest country who will inevitably get the most shit for acting the way you do. Sorry you don't live in Whogivesafuckistan with a population of 4 that people mistake for another country every time you're abroad, deal with it.

No. 1110399

My parents are just as bad, but I've noticed my zoomer sister is having some issues that I've only noticed with boomers. Like not knowing what's a cloud service, how to store files in a computer or how to use emails, and begging me to miss half a day of work because she left her pptx file only on her usb drive and leaving it at home and want me to give it to her at her school. She only knows smartphones.

No. 1110417

I hate boomers and their TV addiction, unable to live without their precious dumb box. My boomer parents literally will not stop buying TV's and putting them in every room of the house. Need them on to sleep, need then on while eating. Oh I'm tired of watching TV in this room, I better watch TV in this other room for a change of scenery and fall asleep while it's blasting. They're like those kids you'd see in the PSAs sitting in front of the screens too close getting brainwashed. And my dad does not want to part with the ancient CRTs we've accumulated over the years even if they're useless space wasters.
They may rag on our internet addiction but at least that's a silent activity that doesn't cause disturbances for everyone else in the house.

No. 1110437

File: 1648211022671.jpg (22.52 KB, 602x337, 6eb7d01a2aec5cafd54be9086ccd23…)

cp bump. hate hate

No. 1110598

File: 1648220385121.png (15.63 KB, 770x144, hublet.png)

I hate all the stupid fucking nicknames for 'husband', especially 'hubby'. Came across this one while looking for a recipe and just raged and had to screenshot it. 'The hublet' fuck OFF

No. 1110602

Kek! I'll use this whenever a woman has a defective moid or incel as a husband. It's so much like a married manlet.

No. 1110606

>the hublet devoured it
kek ok but you gotta admit that sounds intentional

No. 1110799

Henry Cavill.

I won't even post his picture because his face fills me up with rage. I just fucking hate that man with a burning passion.

Even if you were to put aside his stupid sexist remarks regarding the MeToo movement, the fact that he brought his 19 year old girlfriend when he was like 30 to the red carpet, his smug answers/responses in interviews or whatever, I still really really want to fucking murder him.


No. 1110808

I fucking hate going to a fast food restaurant that takes Doordash/skip the dishes/etc orders. They stopped caring about in store customers. You have to wait 10min to actually order something (if you can flag an employee that doesn't even care) then it takes fucking 20min to get your food and they often forget your order. Sometimes, I can see that my order is ready and NOBODY gives it to me and they get mad when I ask them to redo my order cause it's now obviously cold. The worst is when I order a coffee, someone makes it than just leaves it there, bunch of employees look at my coffee that has been sitting there for god knows how long, don't give it to me. I eventually have to yell "can I get my coffee please" for someone to do something. It doesn't even take a minute to serve coffee.
If I want to wait 30min for food I will go to a sit down restaurant, the prices are basically the same now anyway.
The other day, this old woman wanted to use the bathroom and an employee has to unlock it for you. I was waiting to order something and nobody would come at the cash but they would all look at us (if I'm standing in front of the cash it's because I need something), I ended up yelling "I am hungry and can this woman pee for fuck sake" for someone to come at the counter. They all probably call me a Karen or something and I don't care, fuck them.

No. 1110834

There aren't many actual Cavill haters here, but goddamn same. I wanna a-log whenever I see his steroid mangled face, fucking coomer ass, wannabe soft gamer boy ass, teen fucking ass ugly manbitch.

No. 1110841

I fucking hate when women call their husband anything that ends in "poo", like hubbypoo. Who's genius idea was it to think a pet name ending in poo was cute?

No. 1110857

stop it nonniepoo uwu

No. 1110885

sometimes i like to call yummy drinks drinkypoos

No. 1110890

I remember a scene in whatver superman film where he's in like an eletric chair and he's in pain and squirming around. I liked it. I'd prob like it more now that I know he's a baby dating dicaprio type.

No. 1110892

You're not alone lol

No. 1110898

YOU need to leave!

your post made me very triggeredpoo

No. 1110909

Was he the cannibal guy or was that another one?

No. 1110914

the other one

No. 1110970

i hate men who grunt at the gym like bitchass you are a fat 36 year old with male pattern baldness no one thinks you struggling with 40 lbs is hot. Calm the fuck down pussyless mf

No. 1111037

There's this one anon that keeps replying to the Luna thread bumper who keeps hi cowing and she acts like she's sassy and tough. No you look like a retard for continuously falling for the baiting scrote. It's like you're trying to punch a ghost I don't know why she hasn't been banned with him

No. 1111046

SAME. My ex did this and it was so embarrassing.

No. 1111072

I only survived in fast food for a month and admittedly was the crappy employee you speak of. All those online orders were hell especially during lunch rush when then drive thru and counter were backed up and big online orders kept coming in.

No. 1111144

I fucking hate fat ugly moids that try to add you on Fb when you’ve never met them, then you look at their mutual friends and it’s all just young attractive women in your area/industry. Ugly men feel way too comfortable doing this.

No. 1111156

Maybe everyone knows this already but I learned from a guy friend that some men grunt when they're pissing at the urinal. That shook my foundation so I will never be the same, he even told me who specifically did and it wasn't who I'd expect. I still think about it sometimes.

No. 1111164

File: 1648255390210.jpg (8.03 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

not entirely true. this tiktok girl's entire shtick is looking like jim carrey, and she does to be fair.

No. 1111166

How is it moidlike? Lots of women are petrified of pregnancy and will react negatively to being reminded of what can happen to their bodies if they aren't careful. A moid would just jerk off to a pregnant belly.

No. 1111175

I find her refreshing honestly. Not only as an overall carreyfag but she just seems to enjoy herself. Everyone's obsessed with surgery and not embracing their faces so it's nice to see someone who does, no matter how imperfect they are. Especially a woman doing it

is there a place on tiktok for a female carrey april ludgate overly attached girlfriend hybrid?

No. 1111184

I can just picture the poor shmuck who had to ink this KEK

No. 1111186

I hate when I see a cute gif and then it's this horseshit

No. 1111195

Lol this. You really shouldn't leave your house if the idea of a pregnant woman at the pool or beach is enough to make you tremble in fear. Some people need to take responsibility for their own irrational mental issues

No. 1111197

No? That a baby is growing there. That's usually what women who don't wanna get pregnant is afraid of.

No. 1111198

>what can happen to their bodies
Get "fat" and "ugly"? Sounds like massive insecurity to me. The fact that some scrotes have a pregnant woman fetish (which is absolutely disgusting, obviously) doesn't justify your phobia of pregnancy and seeing pregnant women. To be clear I think it's completely normal to be afraid of pregnancy complications and/or having to take care of a child you didn't want and/or can't take care of properly. But the anon in the screencap iirc said what she hates is the thought of the "skin stretching" and such.

No. 1111202

Well it is kind of scary to imagine an unwanted baby occupying your body and pushing your organs aside and stretching your skin. But maybe the anon you reffered to was just vain. I only responded based on the one screencap.

No. 1111209

Who even looks at pregnant women and thinks "but what could this do to MY body?"

No. 1111216

Who on earth doesn't use other people they see as a point of reference for hypothetical situations… you might look at a blonde person and wonder what your hair might look like blonde, why wouldn't you do the same for pregnancy? Weird nitpick.

No. 1111219

People with empathy?

No. 1111222

People often think about that, nonnie, that’s kind of what makes us emphatic, like when you see someone getting hurt, you wince because you imagine being in the position of that person. So some women probably wince while looking at a pregnant woman since they can’t help but wonder how uncomfortable is it like.

No. 1111226

Empathy wouldn't be getting freaked out by seeing pregnant women in public though, simply because you make another woman's pregnancy about yourself, it's simply just a state that one's body is in at the time

No. 1111231

You can get your ass torn apart and your teeth to fall off by pregnancy, shit is horrifying and women who go through it are the toughest people around

No. 1111235

Self-proclaimed gay people aren't really gay, it's the closeted ones who are, even more so.

No. 1111239

im confused as to what you mean by this?

No. 1111243

I guess you could say that they're gay because they want attention from social media, that they don't know what an actual gay person's like so they just do flamboyant YAS QUEEN stereotypes.

No. 1111245

Sometimes Japanese feels like the cleanest language.

No. 1111249

But how do you know the closeted ones are gay if they're closeted?

No. 1111287

File: 1648264082387.gif (397.25 KB, 498x278, raw.gif)

>the hublet
Fucking kek, hublet sounds like an insult, like a portmanteau of "husband" and "manlet"

No. 1111295

Why do they even do it?

No. 1111297

I hate some of you unhinged bitches

No. 1111299

Me too, but I've been getting used to it.

No. 1111432

File: 1648282124607.jpeg (1010.31 KB, 1170x1353, 28D80CEE-6E33-4941-B293-60AF82…)

I fucking HATE going to concerts. Everybody say “oh you’re just not going to the RIGHT shows” faggot stfu ALL artists sound like shit live compared to a recorded track. Drinks are insanely overpriced, sound quality is garbage, tickets are costly and you might fucking die if some idiot starts a sinkhole while jamming around to stupid flashing lights.

I might just be mad as shit because the band I paid to see played first of all things (before the opener???) and I missed them because my stupid concertfag friends made me an hour late. Don’t worry Anon they said. The headliners won’t play til late they said. Fuck. Concerts.

No. 1111443

Not all bands sound like shit live. I mean, idk about more recent bands, but there are live shows from artists in like the 70s and 80s that sound absolutely amazing and I would have loved to had been there. There is a reason some bands have albums made of their live shows.

No. 1111448

File: 1648283996755.png (577.08 KB, 536x539, 1492415134380.png)

I hate "dad rock" with my entire being, body and soul. It makes me seethe almost as much as paedophiles do, it is unreal.

No. 1111453

File: 1648284203690.gif (575.98 KB, 200x200, 73047217-A078-4DEB-A6E8-0AF34E…)

>It makes me seethe almost as much as paedophiles do, it is unreal.

No. 1111544

And fuck clubs too. Why do I want to dance to shitty music I can't even hear because it's so loud and bad in quality, get my ear drums blown out, and pay $10 for one alcohol? And good luck trying to take a piss easily at a concert or a club too

No. 1111606

Another boomer-related thing I hate is that they seem to think that the only thing that can be classified as real work is physical work like working in the fields and if you're a programmer for instance, 'you're just sitting in front of a computer all day long' = not doing anything

No. 1111629

My parents were shit talking me when I was looking for an internship and failing to get on eon time, and when I was looking for a job after graduating, because they were saying I was stuck in my room all day instead of looking for a job. Because they didn't get that I was in my room looking for jobs online. So they kept telling this to everyone in our family and I got a shitty reputation as a lazy neet bitch as a result for a long time because of these retards.

No. 1111634

I had that same experience. Even from people close to my age too which was almost more annoying. So many dumbasses telling me to just randomly drive to a site and request a job.

No. 1111995

Google lens

No. 1111997


No. 1112001


No. 1112019

People who go to cons and then proceed to complain how cons suck because people are cosplaying from a popular series you personally hate. Stop being such a piss baby and just ignore them lmao

No. 1112034

You can count me in. His creepy thousand year stare is awful.

No. 1112049

File: 1648313690702.jpeg (291.7 KB, 1344x1879, CE9E2B7C-EBE6-4106-8A2F-9BAD83…)

I posted this in the dumbass thread but figured here would be good too:

I fucking hate the “tiny house” trend. Once again people with savings and good job taking away affordable housing lots from poor people. I grew up in the trailer park my family owns. We have a giant space of land and people rent plots of land for $500CAD per month. To top it off we’re in a tourist town and regular ass people are having to fight with out of townies buying their “vacation homes” finding a place to live. So anyways the tiny house people are all about “ugh we’re not like a trailer park we have class” and spend too much on something that’s smaller than a mobile home. Listen, if that “home” has a hitch that’s a fucking mobile home you’re essentially living in a trailer. I know there’s the appeal of building it the way you see fit. But there’s no reason why you can’t buy an older home and fix that sucker up. I’ve seen people in the park do it all the time and the results are so nice.

No. 1112050

If Ricky from TPB was a real person I would fuck him.

No. 1112054

File: 1648314014044.jpeg (105.14 KB, 516x640, D1E69B59-1223-4952-9FC9-FC6579…)

White women have sex with dogs memes or jokes. Brazilian guys fuck donkeys. And most animal rapists are men. I hope men who laugh t this collectively drop dead.

No. 1112063

They confuse porn with real life. They think because they jerk off to (likely sex trafficked) white women fucking dogs it means all white women fuck dogs.

No. 1112076

Your post reminded me:
I hate the trend of the charm of the small house/apt and minimalist way of living overall - oh consume less blah blah
Fuck you, fuckkk yoou, I was poor, I am poor - all my life is minimalist and not for a hipstershit mindfulness trendy trend. So stupid, make me so furious, especially if words like that are coming from someone clearly upper class

No. 1112084

Is this a thing? Is it like telemarketing, but on Internet?

No. 1112085

I googled "lens" when I read your post kek


No. 1112113

I laughed at this and I am a white woman. Sorry my humour is just trash. You’re right about animal rapists though.

No. 1112141

People who insinuate im bougie for making my own cosmetics. Bitch i dont have a choice, 20 bucks for a bottle of toner is impossible. Id rather eat food. Boiling leaves and seed costs me nothing

No. 1112145

I always thought this forced meme was gross and pure projection from men.

No. 1112149

I hope that all fat men die instantly. Except for Vaush. I want him to suffer first.

No. 1112159

This moid faggot.
You'd think talking about women who got scalped by a shit bleach job would stop him from complaining about his rosacea and talking about his skincare products in-between horrendous stories, but naa kek. I hate gay scrotes

No. 1112168

I cannot stand 99% of men who tout themselves as gurus in female dominated hobbies and etc. Fuck this guy, fuck that Hyrule skincare moid, and fuck Brad Mondo and his retarded blonde fetish.

No. 1112178

Brad mondo's white blond fetish and his love for women getting their hat forcibly cut just proves faggots are mentally ill just like all moids.

No. 1112179

Fuck I meant women getting their hair cut.

No. 1112186

>Hyrule skincare moid
Wait, what? There is a legend of zelda skin care guru?

No. 1112196

hyram, skincare youtuber

No. 1112212

I hate when you're the overthinker type and people say shit like "why do you have to overthink all the time, just let yourself go!", if I could unplug my brain I'd have done it a long time ago.

No. 1112222

I swear this meme started out from incels. It’s weird how everyone claims to hate incels but their memes always become mainstream.

No. 1112271

People who can't sit through their own music that they fucking play so they're shuffling to the next after like a minute. Bonus points for when they do it while driving in traffic. Your taste is shit and it's not that important!

No. 1112382

File: 1648329230046.jpg (49.1 KB, 616x699, 1615218207540.jpg)

I hate when I look for fanfics and most of them are even worse than average and ooc. I just went to AO3, looked for Klavier/Apollo explicit fics because it's been years since I've looked for fics of anything at all and I'm feeling nostalgic for Ace Attorney, most of the more recent fics make Apollo a fakeboi just because in-game he's a cute manlet, and the first fic that doesn't seem to have that has this note:
>Ace Attorney fluff porn. (Because I have no shame… and this is my 18 birthday gift, for me! >w<) This is a Klapollo fluffy 1st time sex fic cause if I if don't want my first time in real life; I'm going to write my fustration with imagining a first time with a ship I have, ah! (I wanna roll in a corner and sleep… forever.)

I'll literally never have the cute, grown ADULT, employed Japanese men falling in love for each other fic I want I guess.

No. 1112396

I agree and I know that pain anon but that greentext note transported me back to the time where I was a teenager reading lemon fics on fanfiction.net for some reason kek

No. 1112407

Yeah, it does make me feel nostalgic. In a very bad way. I don't get why a teenage girl with no experience with anyone ever would try to write a fic where the two main guys are basically grown men with careers and life experience and who happen to find each other attractive, flirt and have sex. I just tried to read the first paragraph but that was too corny for me. Kids like this should stick to series or games with characters their age, a teenage girl writing teenage characters would make more sense.

No. 1112466

Same. In an imageboard I used to frequent, these jokes have gotten out of hand because of the bigger presence that incels have there. At first I used to laugh at it (I'm not white so it didn't affect me that much), even saved a couple of pics relating to that joke because I found them too funny, but when I saw them recently when I was looking at my old saved pics, I felt so guilty and repulsed. So eventually I started to realize how misogynistic those jokes really were, and like even if I'm not white or a first worlder, I couldn't tolerate misogyny against "other" women (because in the end it still comes from hatred for all women). I also knew, deep down, that something else was very wrong with it. Like, it felt like those scrotes were… weirdly obsessed with degenerate sex acts. It was almost the same feeling I get when I look at neo-Nazi scrotes fetishizing white women having sex with men of other races (who they see as inferior/animals, especially blacks). They're not really condemning the act, they're getting off to it and project their own depravity onto women. It's fucking vile, insane and sick. Men are fucking obsessed with sex, humiliation and moral corruption.

I remember an argument on CC's pinkpill thread where an incel who initially tried to appear rational, smart and calm, ended up crying about "women's degeneracy" just because there are porn videos of very mentally ill, drugged and/or trafficked women engaging in bestiality (often because they're being manipulated, coerced, raped, blackmailed, or very desperate for cash). Dude, what?? It is you MEN who get off to that shit en masse! Who the fuck do you think the audience is? Seriously, you get off thinking about how you're being cucked by a dog, and for each of those videos there are several scrotoids who will masturbate to it, not to mention how in so many parts of the world, it is MEN who are known for fucking animals (and in many cases hurt or kill the animal they're raping). Scrotes in some Asian countries literally shave and put makeup on goddamn orangutans that they force to become sex slaves and prostitutes. Are you fucking kidding me? How can you possibly believe that it's women who are the most degenerate? When you stop killing animals by raping them or prostituting monkeys because men can't go two days without cooming… you know what? Not even then you'd have a right to blame women for your degeneracy.

No. 1112484

I hate how sites force you to download their mobile app by purposefully making the browser version limited and unusable so you have no other choice. I work better on a PC, I hate the catering to dumb-dumbs who only know how to work an iphone. Have it both ways or don't bother.
Thanks smartphone culture!

No. 1112485

No. 1112492

>Scrotes in some Asian countries literally shave and put makeup on goddamn orangutans that they force to become sex slaves and prostitutes.
god this is fucking sickening i couldn't keep myself from crying after i got to this part. women and animals deserve our own planet far, far away from men

No. 1112501

>It’s weird how everyone claims to hate incels but their memes always become mainstream
Because even normie men hate women deep inside

No. 1112503

I agree, it's revolting. I sincerely hope every man who has willingly consumed bestiality porn dies a very painful death. The nonchalance with which I've seen them admit to it on 4chan is horrifying

No. 1112519

File: 1648337854793.png (274.36 KB, 485x441, twitter_is_the_same.PNG)

Fucking exactly, like who do they think is paying these women for degenerate content? It's men!!
Literally the entire reason shit like CP and animal crushing videos exist.

No. 1112521

All this effort to say they don't live in trailers or as we call them "mobile homes". My mom manages the park and she says that those "tiny home" videos are done with a fisheye lens to make them appear bigger inside.

No. 1112642

Because they confess about it in smaller circles, anonymously or by not using their real name.

No. 1112649

I think that’s pretty cool actually. Do you have any links or vids on how to get started making homemade makeup?

No. 1112657

Ntarty, but do you also have any videos for making soaps and shampoos/conditioners? I would love to finally use a soap that won’t dry my skin like a desert but that also doesn’t cost me a ridiculous amount of money.

No. 1112854

Agreed, I never even noticed it until I moved away and didn't get a TV in my place. When I visit the TV is constantly on, even if nobody's watching, even if they head out. They try start a conversation with me with the TV BLARING the background, i'm like WTF sorry can we at least turn down or mute the telly? And they look at me like I'M the freak.

And it's like all they do, I'd argue broadly speaking boomers have less hobbies than millenials because of their TV fixation.

No. 1113154

I hate the feeling of getting shampoo water in my asscrack

No. 1113244

my mom loves her tv and watching tv (i pay for like three streaming services to keep her entertained kek) and for her it's because she used to live in a very remote and rural village and the tv was like the window to the world. she also works a lot so she's too tired for other stuff most of the time so watching tv shows is simply her hobby. i have to admit, now that i got a fire tv stick, i also have my tv on a lot. before that i only used it for gaming but now i like waking up and putting on a show and having breakfast in bed while watching downton abbey or something.

No. 1113396

I hate it when my neighbour pisses at 100 decibels and plays IRA music (in the middle of england as well) when I'm back from work and just trying to nap or study. Furthermore, how can someone piss so loud the neighbours hear? Bare confused.

No. 1113531

I hate getting hot pepper juice in the raw part of my finger by the nail

No. 1113539

You, me, and Mr.Lahey

No. 1114114

He’s trying to establish dominance.

No. 1114167

>open news website
>2nd biggest headline again is about how Google or Apple employees don't want to return to their office
Why the hell should I care?

No. 1114295

File: 1648457920253.jpg (6.43 KB, 182x276, scream.jpg)

Screaming kids. I know it's not their "fault" and it's normal to an extent but something about me just can't deal with the shrill noise. I don't have anything against kids or anything, but the noise just makes me aggressively shut the window when I hear them, especially when they're throwing a tantrum.

No. 1114303

I absolutely fucking hate real person fiction and people shipping actors, musicians, youtubers etc. sound unhinged and the kind of people who would stalk a celebrity and send them letters written in blood. There's something very unsettling about treating real people as objects to play with. Keep that in the realm of fictional characters for the love of god, you can treat them however you wish.

No. 1114322

File: 1648461120848.jpeg (176.02 KB, 506x572, 71B61435-2DBF-4AAD-B7FD-92BE04…)

Things you can no longer talk about on this site without being accused of being a moid according to “radfems”:
>breast growth
>shaving body hair
>any abuse you’ve experienced or are experiencing
>sexual harassment in the work place
These people are brainless human shit who should leave this site forever.

No. 1114326

romanianon are you seriously now taking your sperging in other threads too?

No. 1114327

ignore them, they're paranoid sheltered neets probably. thankfully, there are still nice anons, i've always gotten good advice and words whenever i've talked about my problems.

No. 1114331

So far I’ve been accused of
>being Romanianon
>being smelly armpit anon
>being the scatposter
>being a scrote
>being a tranny
How about you bitches are all just fucking stupid?

No. 1114336

>been accused of being several violent mentally ill men because of your aggressive moid-like writing style
>still calling the userbase dumb bitches in the same cocky demeanor

No. 1114337

Yes that’s exactly it. They’re so sheltered and paranoid but at the same time completely self absorbed.

No. 1114339

Stop traveling from thread to thread to carry out the infighting. It's against the rules.

No. 1114341

kek you just had to post about this in two threads huh

No. 1114342

>muh writing style!
Stupid bitch.

No. 1114349

You're still seething and literally posted about this in 3 threads. Get fucking therapy. You're only going to upset those anons even more by using their personal traumas as a gotcha to radfems.

No. 1114351

>>stupid bitch
i smell something defect, something XY, something subhuman.

No. 1114352

>people who talk about being sexually harassed at work are all larping fetishists
You must be the breast inflation freak who derailed the vent thread the other day.

No. 1114353

I smell someone ugly

No. 1114357

I'm not but some anon posted in the confession thread a post that was obviously fetishistic. An anon wrote about how much "she" hates washing her genitals with soap and how the musky fishy smell if better and very hot or something for 2 whole paragraphs. That's what made me think there could be a moid.

No. 1114358

sorry, i had no idea.

No. 1114359

So these really were all you huh. jfc

No. 1114360

why are you trying to start a infight in multiple different threads. Did you get bored of spamming gore and now you just want to infight with all of ot/ ?

No. 1114362

You’re the one who thinks women talking about their bodies is inherently fetishistic, you nasty fucking freak. you’re completely fucked in the head and you bring no value to this site whatsoever except to derail and shit up /ot with baseless accusations.

No. 1114363

>y-you’re the gore spammer!
Shut the fuck up and die. If I was the gore spammer wouldn’t I be busy spamming gore?

No. 1114364

None of them where me
Kill yourself

No. 1114367

nta but idec if theyre you’re or not or if you’re a moid or not anymore you’re just fucking insufferable either way

No. 1114368

why don’t you slither on over to /meta and cry to the fucking admins who btw you think are all scrotes and trannies and are covertly infighting with everyone you skank ho.

No. 1114370

>>die, bitch, kill yourself, die
This is all your vocabulary consists of. I bet your the biggest loser-ly coward in real life.

No. 1114371

Here I'll link the posts that connected the scat-posting with fetish content. These are why I thought, and still think, op was a male.

No. 1114373

You never cared to begin with. It’s because you’re fucking brainless and you don’t have a life or any friends.

No. 1114374

Only moids and romanianon, aka a poor woman who got 4chan brainrot, tell women they disagree to kill themselves this often and easily.

No. 1114375

A bunch of others who are just as retarded as yourself speculating is not “proof” or whatever the fuck you’re trying to show me.

No. 1114377

Romania is right, you’re all privileged first world cunts who deserve to die.

No. 1114378

i dont think its her this time because i can recognize her typing style,this isnt her, this is some moid with anger issues.

No. 1114379

I’m not Romanianon you stupid cunt.

No. 1114380

>everyone who calls me out for being a retarded cunt is a moid
You’re so pathetic and predictable.

No. 1114381

kek i love how you managed to bring us all together to hate you, you brainless worm maybe you should take your own advice and kill yourself

No. 1114382

I think it is, she also has fits where she spams "shut up, kill yourself" etc whenever she has nothing to say and by crying about radfems out of nowhere again.

No. 1114383

Yeah. He's also raging the day after we had a very weird spam and he's probably upset he got called out for the fetishistic infighting posts he made.

No. 1114384

Samefag(kek), but also by the manic samefagging.

No. 1114385

She’s right and I’m so glad she pisses you all off for revealing you as the phone frauds that you are. Kill yourself. You are all disingenuous liars who can’t just tell people what you think, you can only baselessly accuse them of being either men or Romanianon. Then you go crawling to /meta to lie, cry and get them banned because you can’t handle any dissenting opinions.

No. 1114386

Did you misspell when greentexting? Then you're a moid newfag, kek.

No. 1114387

>she's right!!!
When youre too autistic and all your samefagging is blatantly obvious.

No. 1114388

I replied to a cowardly bitch who deleted her post you fucking idiot newfag.

No. 1114389

Exactly. That anon gets so worked up over some anon's replies, literally nothing. Must be really miserable irl to get triggered so easily lolol

No. 1114390

File: 1648463114325.jpeg (40.61 KB, 312x364, FCA4F085-FF74-44CB-8DBD-0C0AC3…)

oh fr? on god?

No. 1114391

No dumbass! You replied to me but couldn't even type right! Glad to see you're raging so hard. Kek!

No. 1114395

File: 1648463378176.jpg (55.81 KB, 500x315, animesher.com_shounen-ai-manga…)

I hate every man who's not 2D

No. 1114411

Damn anon me too

No. 1114437

Hey im the who wrote what you posted and im not even a radfem you retard. Im tired of autistic moids like you larping as women to trigger women or troll them with your fucked up fetishes and autism. Fuck off

No. 1114462

If that’s the case I will leave tampons around the perimeter and play ariana grande way too loud

No. 1114463

I hate how ubiquitous "yall" has become around here, it makes me wince every time. I don't wanna jump to conclusions and say everyone who uses it is from twitter, but I really wish we could leave that annoying catch phrase off here.

No. 1114465

what about the poor southern oldfags

No. 1114467

this is the dumbest thing to here especially with the huge amount of spergs and trolls we have here.
I rather have some normal anon who uses yall than someone derailing four threads.

No. 1114468

we've stopped saying it because it's cringe now
it's like they took "cool" or "like" away

No. 1114476

What about those anons from the bunker threads who spammed shipping art of bands

No. 1114480

File: 1648468886943.jpeg (21.82 KB, 436x413, AA7FCC95-72B9-4F95-89C3-8A00F4…)

No. 1114482

Dont apologize nonny

No. 1114483

No we haven’t. It needs to be reclaimed.
It’s not a catch phrase.. it’s literally just used to refer to a group of people

No. 1114484

i agree

No. 1114487

File: 1648469375401.png (71.57 KB, 400x624, 44CF7EF9-D33C-4C68-8394-347ABC…)

Retracting my apology

No. 1114493

yee haw!

No. 1114521

File: 1648472452910.jpg (429.89 KB, 1080x1771, IMG_20220328_144738.jpg)

I hate this growing oddly specific niche of tranny artists who focus on 00's anime and draw cute girl characters smoking weed and being depressed

No. 1114525

File: 1648472676966.png (112.72 KB, 320x260, it never ends.png)

Smoking weed and being depressed is like my entire schtick, troons really want to take everything from us

No. 1114527

File: 1648472846761.jpg (261.49 KB, 2048x1499, 20220328_144321.jpg)

Oh, they also go for idol culture, hatsune miku and put them into some uwu I'm a small baby incel aesthetic

No. 1114532

I hate this shit too but don't worry nonnies, these troons will never be their cutesy depressed waifus, they'll always be the hulking, ugly, smelly male stoners that people tend to avoid when in public. They should definitely commit sudoku though and drive those numbers up.

No. 1114557

File: 1648475495879.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.49 MB, 498x253, 6016A1FE-C376-4D0C-AE3A-65A32C…)

I hate when moids say women are born into “easy mode” makes me wanna so gifrel to them

No. 1114563

samefag meant do* not so

No. 1114576

A man can be the ugliest creature on earth and they'll still somehow have women thirsting after them. That sounds pretty easy to me.

No. 1114587

Only earlier someone was talking about scrotes on kf discussing us and talking about how 'broken' we are seeing as there's so many stories of underage grooming on here. Even when scrotes acknowledge that it's not with empathy.

No. 1114679

File: 1648481369171.jpg (872.95 KB, 1663x871, narcissist.jpg)

I hate anyone who posts on tiktok consistently, man or woman, especially in vain posed/angled gym videos. they have all got to be narcissists, I simply cannot imagine wasting time setting up your phone to record tiktoks of you working out. No one normal does this. Some people take videos to check their form or for progress, most of them don't pick an angle that exposes your asshole, or your bloated mantits, to the internet.
I do feel like tiktok has given the self-obsessed people of the world a real chance to narrate and expose every fucking thing in their lives like anyone even cares about what they got in Starbucks or what they're doing at the gym.

No. 1114691

I used to like browsing cgl but nowadays I can't stand it with all the scrote tourists jumping into lolita threads from their coomer cosplay ones and all the handmaidens defending trannies

No. 1114695

Idk about cgl but I hate 4chan mainly because of handmaidens. I saw so many of them say the trannies those fags lust over were more beautiful than them, literally real women! Like girl, trust me, even the most feminine tranny looks uglier than the most ugly woman. I just want to shake them and tell them to get some self esteem and stop begging for validation by incels.

No. 1114699

Whenever I hear actual women go "wow this tranny is more beautiful than me!" I just know that, based on how she says it, she's too far gone into handmaidenism for real world logic to change her mind.

No. 1114701

Why tiktok specifically?

No. 1114702

I hate the enbies/ftms that come around too.
I have to laugh that it’s /cgl/ of all places that I’ve ever seen them pop their heads. Other than /tttt/ and the yaoi board of course kek

No. 1114704

Same, but most of the time those are actually trannies.

No. 1114711

>I just want to shake them and tell them to get some self esteem and stop begging for validation by incels
Then do it? It's the truth after all

No. 1114712

> wow this tranny is more beautiful than me
Diff anon but my main gripe with this is that they're silently implying that they're therefore more of a woman. People bashing ugly trannies technically play into that too in a weird way. Looking good is all it takes to be a woman. That's all we are. Ugly women are lesser woman. Butch women too. Women are just pretty. Woke.

No. 1114733

i hate seeing people complain about hitting age milestones especially if they're not even in their 30s yet. i do empathize but at a certain point it gets tiring hearing people complain about turning like 20 and how old it makes them feel. it unironically makes me want to bring up children with terminal cancer who wish they could live to their "old" age

No. 1114749

I felt all optimistic when turning 30. I got out of the shittiest relationship a few months earlier and set up a new life which was needed but pretty daunting. 'Leaving that decade behind' was what I needed to feel like I was really starting a new phase. If you're not at an age where your body or mind is breaking down then what are you grieving for?

No. 1114757

I guess it applies to all social media but Tiktok is the most annoying to me personally.

No. 1114766

They don't believe that. Incels are convinced that no women would fuck an ugly man just because nobody wants to fuck incels (who sometimes aren't even ugly). Also if you try to make them understand that the reason no one fucks them is not their natural appearance, they'll try to deny it because they want to blame things that are out of their control instead of taking responsibility.

No. 1114768


No. 1114769

I hate how mostly scrotes are obsessed with reducing us all down to chimps acting upon chimp impulses. All those alpha man dude bro testicle clan type podcasters and youtubers are rotting men brains even more with this simplified animal kingdom comparison and it's nothing new or profound. They think they're teaching you lifes secrets. They're reducing complicated people down to black and white figures with no other factors to influence their behaviour except for obtaining sex.

If you have a chimp brain and base all your decisions around sex and can't look at anyone without questioning their rank in the pack then by all means have fun being a chimp or a dog or whatever your flavor of tard is. We're not all chimps. You're playing this game totally unaware that a majority of people run on more than monkey brain. Especially women.

No. 1114770

It is narc behavior but it pays. Some of them probably dont even like doing it. My friend had like 100k (which isnt even that crazy by Tik Tok standards) and would get thousands of dollars by doing dumb promos, ads, and lives. But he left because he said it was kind of soul-sucking and it made him anxious all the time. Some people cant handle having people watch them like that

No. 1114804

File: 1648488198697.jpg (205.14 KB, 1081x520, 834v75q093847n5389.jpg)

It's also kinda offensive to the monkeys/apes, even they have a more complicated social structure, social rituals etc. than the black and white picture they paint. Always only about competition, violence and sex.

No. 1114831

I hate it when women (not just here but also on other places like 4chan) keep replying to an annoying male instead of IGNORING him completely. Like, one or two people already told him to kill himself after he had just made his post. That alone is more than enough. There's no need to reply to him again to try to "own" him a whole day later, you're just giving him the attention he wants and encouraging or other lurking males to post stupid annoying shit for a tiny bit of female attention.

No. 1114892

File: 1648493810459.gif (620.97 KB, 220x220, EFF0CEBE-E5ED-4705-9C74-95CD25…)

Vtubers. I hate them They’re such a weird thing that is not supposed to exist… they cross the line between reality and fiction in an unsettling unfamiliar way… i can’t even connect with the person behind the avatar no matter how fun they are because they’re playing a character and have a weird laggy anime face thing going on. Kill it with fire and just watch regular anime

No. 1114983

Everyone in my life suddenly talking about that bald lady as if I’ve ever given a single shit what’s going on with celebrities

No. 1115056

I saw something on Youtube so utterly cursed, it was a compilation of vtubers farting. This means someone out there sat through hours if not days of material of them to record a few seconds of noise of their virtual idols that sounded like farting. This blackpilled me so much and it's all I can think of when anyone talks about vtubers or their audience.

No. 1115218

File: 1648513018480.jpg (76.05 KB, 640x991, pedo vtuber.jpg)

kek same I always try to stay as out of the loop on that stuff as possible

Me too. That's partly why I don't even want to post on Fujochan's /yu/ anymore, it's full of Vtuber simps (and I don't mean "simp" in a neutral "thirst" way, I mean it in the worst possible way).
This fucking gif kek

(Also speaking of Vtubers, I know this doesn't even need to be said but I hate lolifags and those who defend them thinking that being addicted to cartoon porn featuring fictional children is totally not real pedophilia)

No. 1115544

I hate being in cars and driving. I just can’t cope with how unpredictable other drivers are. You could be a perfect driver but all it takes is for 1 person to do something completely random and cause a huge fatal accident. The amount of people who die each year from car related accidents puts the fear of god in me; how have we as a society just accepted what a death trap cars are?

No. 1115549

Every last one of them is an overdesigned janky 3D model with unnatural movements and spending 90% of the time swaying with their mouths half open like a fish, they all create identical content that's not even original but just them playing bad games and yelling at them. You have to be unironically autistic to find it interesting.

The vtuber yumes in general are the pure concentrated mental illness I haven't witnessed in years. As in actually acting like anime characters themselves talking about their vtuber model of choice as if it was a genuine person they knew and loved. I also hate how they willingly choose to look the other way if a vtuber is outed as being a misogynist incel because they don't want to lose their parasocial husbando, just simp for fictional characters like everyone else.

No. 1115550

When music is poorly mixed in stereo. Like when the vocals are mainly coming from one side/ear. It hurts my ears.

No. 1115553

File: 1648540825665.gif (734.58 KB, 320x180, ahs-jessica-lange.gif)


Like what the fuck is wrong with them? They view women like animals a man owns, and if she decides to go for another man with her free will it's immediately "CUUCK CUUCK CUCK!!" the idea lives rent free in their heads and the way it's used it always feels like it spreads more hate towards the woman.

No. 1115554

It’s an attempt to make themselves less worthless and expendable by mate guarding. It’s like one of the only instincts a man has. They think being cucked is worse than being murdered.

No. 1115558

Because they know they're not good enough for a woman and will inevitably get cheated on or left by the evul devil wimminz. In reality they neg, hurt and mock their gfs and the poor girl leave them because those men are mentally ill.

No. 1115559

Seconded. Also hate how safe drivers end up in bad spots but aggressive and reckless drivers somehow end up fine. I've known so many people, myself included, get into accidents, sometimes fatal, when they are careful or in the wrong place at the wrong time. Meanwhile all the idiots I know who drive drunk and high, or don't signal, or race for fun, are still somehow here. I haven't driven in years now and don't miss it.
Fuck cars. I wish I lived in a time period where they didn't exist. They're murder machines in multiple ways.

No. 1115673

File: 1648548940659.png (1.04 MB, 1440x900, No.png)

whenever wokies claim that non-european/non-christian soceities were so open about homosexuality and against the conventional monogamy, its almost always adult men raping little boys or rich and powerful men being allowed multiple wives

No. 1115684

or, if discussing "nonbinary" genders, gay men being forced out of manhood

No. 1115690

I'm from a country that has a "third gender" term, its used to refer to gay men, eunuchs, intersex people and transvestites, so it is inclusive

No. 1115719

I hate when people are telling you gossip/talking shit then suddenly in the middle of it they're overcome with guilt and go all, "Well, whatever, we shouldn't talk about it/not our business" etc etc. At least finish the goddamn story.

No. 1115721

yeah that's what i meant, "unconventional" males being treated as "non-men" so not to threaten straight (or should i say "straight" in the case of those who do fuck them) men

No. 1115744

Daylight savings are DUMB!

No. 1115749

I'm a paranoid sheltered neet and even I think those anons are not only ridiculous but just fucking annoying. How miserable must one be to account men and trannies into their almost every action? To think about them this much?

No. 1115764

I hate the "uwu wish i had female friends uwuuu need me gurl friends but its so hard, girls are complicated!! all i have is a sausage fest of scrotes as friends rn and i haaaaate it uwu btw fuck men". It aggravates me so much. But to be fair, I roll my eyes at girls with only guy friends and no female friends anyways. They are always weird about other women.

No. 1115771

>I'm a paranoid sheltered neet
We see, as you desperately want to continue a one day old infight.

No. 1115772

I'm not the anon who made the post, but idk how you interpreted "I value women's opinions more" into whatever the fuck this is. A woman wants more women friends, she has a hard time making female friends because she cares more about what they think and is therefore nervous and self conscious. They have more male friends because they don't care what a man thinks of them, they're easy to drop, they don't really give that much of a fuck about them. They want a more one to one connection with another woman and there is nothing "uwu" about it.

No. 1115776

Samefag, but obviously its you who is weird about other women, because another woman can't express her desire for female friends without you over analyzing it and turning it into something negative.

No. 1115785

You sound overly-judgemental and messy, good thing I'm kilometres away from you

No. 1115786

No. 1115789

Personally i have it hard to have female friends only because its hard to find other autistic women irl (and the ones online are always non binary or trans) so male friends are easier to have however i only use them to play videogames with because i dont think males have high emotional intelligence like women

No. 1115793

No. 1115796

Why were you so personally attacked over that post?

No. 1115799

I just think they need to log off of here for a while especially as they can’t handle the anonymous posting without having a Fregoli-schizo meltdown.

No. 1115807

If they don't care what a man thinks, thinks they're stupid, replaceable etc. Then why be friends with someone you think so lowly of? I'm not defending men here, I do not befriend men precisely because I think like that, too.

No. 1115809

Stop trying to inflame the infighting. Please.

No. 1115811

Anon said she wished she had female friends and that she had a hard time befriending them, not that she chose not to.

No. 1115812

don’t tell me what to do. Why don’t you go cry about it on meta? Just log off and stop being so sensitive.(inflammatory retard)

No. 1115813

Oh great, the moid who told anons to kill themselves is back. Go away. Youre the same anon who kept sperging out and saying we will cry in meta.

No. 1115814

Wtf are you talking about? Why are you so bossy and angry for no reason?

No. 1115817

Yeah he's back. Lets not reply so he goes away.

No. 1115819

File: 1648559843705.png (119.18 KB, 275x206, 9D02688C-56C6-4E9D-A763-41E497…)

You’re both schizos and exactly what we where talking about. Please leave the house.(no one cares)

No. 1115823

Nonna don't reply, just report.

No. 1115825

I hate that men are so incompetent. They don’t wash their ass. They don’t comb their hair. They can’t wash dishes. They can’t even do basic math. This shit is all a meme. Men are literally useless little man children who don’t know why most women find them disgusting pathetic deep down.

No. 1115833

I know, you're right. And my retarded seethepost wasn't only about her. I'm saying why befriend men when you clearly do not like them and for good reason, like, why spend time on them? It upsets my image of farmers because now, some girl writing posts about how moids are inferior is the same one playing videogames with them and enjoying their company irl. Like this autismo >>1115789
I wonder how men don't cringe when their wives/girlfriends describe them as essentially manchildren who need their assed washed and their clothes prepared by mommywife.

No. 1115837

They have weird psychosexual relationships with their mother so imagining their gfs as a mother figure only turns them on. The mommy fetish stuff alone should tell you all you need to know.

No. 1115846

One track mind

No. 1115852

How is it autism? Its hard to find autistic women irl and those are the ones i truly vibe with. I have moid “friends” only to play videogames with. How does it mean i dont hate moids? I need good players to play videogames with and i rarely find women who play videogames irl so idk what you want me to do anon

No. 1115861

You don't have to pretend to hate men, geez. Don't let other posters browbeat you.

No. 1115862

Kek, it really was a tranny. Careful scrolling, nonas.

No. 1115866

No. 1116012

Men are children thats why they see in black and white theyre coddled through life

No. 1116189

File: 1648579544670.jpg (99.87 KB, 494x750, d3libfkvl8941.jpg)

I hate the modern fandom interpretations of the joker. People saw joker 2019 or lego batman and now he’s either a racist incel or a Tumblr gay soft boi, like let him be a murderous psychotic clown for god's sake

No. 1116196

Is that Willem Dafoe here?

No. 1116208

its from a one-off comic where joker kidnaps a gorilla, trains it to commit acts of domestic terrorism, it dies on its first mission and he feels sad for one panel and then laughs manically

No. 1116210

Nta holy shit that's hilarious.

No. 1116213

I hate rich people. The world would be better place if tomorrow we woke up and everyone that makes over 150,000 a year had disappeared.

No. 1116217

All food/clothing/etc. stores, businesses, companies would've disappeared. We wouldn't have doctors or healthcare, and much more than doesn't come to my mind now.

No. 1116220

I'm the anon that posted that and your post shows exactly why iys difficult

No. 1116222

Good. Then we can truly rebuild.

No. 1116225

Didnt that anon already reply and explain what she meant? Are you trying to start an infight?
Ok I'll be the richest ceo, you be the second richest.

No. 1116231

There are no ceo you stupid bitch we killed all the men and all the capitalism too!

No. 1116236

Anon just because someone disagrees doesn't mean they're trying to start an infight, I'm just offering my insight

No. 1116238

Sounds like a good plan to me Noni.

No. 1116276

How would stuff function without some sort of leadership?

No. 1116282

>go to thread of everyone throwing a fit about how a certain anon is a scrote
>see post
>expect some weird bizarre rape porn
>open it
>it was censored, and only speculation of who was in the video, not some random scrote posting it just for the sake of tormenting us
I missed the raid but what happened to lolcow? Reminds me the time an anon used the word "waifu" to mock someone and got called a scrote for using the word "waifu" kek, like are you that incapable of reading the see that they were on the same side as you? Some of you are extremely off your damn rocker if you think farmers out of all people would never ever associate with porn shit

No. 1116286

Stop dragging out fucking infighting. God. If you wanna know what happened, just check meta or read up the threads. A group of incel pedos raided for 2 days and shit up many threads, posted scat and illegal content. That's why everyone wary because it's very likely they're still here from the last few anons that got banned for being male.

No. 1116291

It wasn't this single situation though, it seems any sex related discussion outside of /g/ gets marked as porn addicted scrotes even before raids. Plus if the anons truly thought it was scrotes they would just report instead of taking the bait, it just seems like some sort of unhinged paranoia when these anons are obviously not scrotes

No. 1116293

kek based
lol cringe (and wrong)

No. 1116308

It's tiring, I hate us vs them type of shit, the site didn't used to be like this to this extent

No. 1116318

what thread are you talking about

No. 1116324

Nta but tinfoil where an anon posted a picture of a woman sucking of hunter biden and asked if it was his niece.

No. 1116349


No. 1116647

hate is a strong word for it, but people who force themselves to listen to music they don't even like solely to keep up appearances. i didn't realize people did this until recently and it's so weird to me.

No. 1116696

File: 1648607324129.jpeg (58.38 KB, 500x500, Homemade-Pizza-Dough-Recipe-5-…)

Thin crust pizza. I'd rather just have no pizza if thin crust is the only option available.

No. 1116700

I used to do this as a teen to appear deep but now I am fine with listening to mainstream music, don't care if it makes me a basic npc.

No. 1116732

File: 1648610372080.jpg (163.67 KB, 1000x750, d06700caba93dd0b6cdc61330a734d…)

Twitter Saphics, god I hate them so much them, also the fact they stan women who are just straight, zendaya, anna taylor joy and natalia dyer
I'm welling to bet that 90% of twitter saphics aren't even gay

No. 1116746

File: 1648611042438.jpeg (201.47 KB, 860x600, A137C253-2C69-4F12-922D-B100DD…)

I feel this way about glazed donuts.

No. 1116931

Bump for another raid

No. 1116939

File: 1648625629187.jpg (10.07 KB, 275x183, puppy.jpg)

Don't hate puppies, just want to get the Cp off the front page.

No. 1116951

File: 1648625875834.jpg (19.39 KB, 320x240, 76B.jpg)

I have managed to avoid accidently stumbling upon a CP raid for months up until today, Christ man I didn't need to see this shit
My week is ruined, seriously why can't the FBI have a whole decision to end these bastards who share child porn

No. 1116955

It's probably a honeypot.

No. 1116958

I’m pretty sure most of the cp images aren’t “real”. Especially the one I just saw. Didn’t look that much but it did not look real. They’re photoshopped, edited or deepfaked pictures of real children, not real acts of sexual abuse. Doesn’t make them any less jarring and disgusting but it is a very small consolation. Plus it is still a violation to the children in those pictures and their parents. This is why if I ever have kids I’m not posting pictures of them at all.

No. 1116960

Does someone have that poster some anon made a few days ago to use when CP gets spammed? I should've saved it

No. 1116962

File: 1648626207801.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, BUMP.png)

this one?

No. 1116963

smart choice, not a single photo of my child has ever been shared online, we have his pics saved on our computer and that's it

No. 1116967

File: 1648626402492.jpg (138.69 KB, 1166x1080, 1646386130413.jpg)

Remember if you're bumping because of cp to do it with images so it gets pushed off the front page anons.

No. 1116969

Yes I would save them on a phone, computer or memory stick as a way to back them up (in case god forbid you suffer a house fire or some other freak accident) but for the most part children’s pictures are for the mantelpiece.
I’ve been here for far too long and the cp images used to freak me out so much I’d log off for the day. Now I’ve seen enoguh to recognise that they’re not “real” cp. it’s gross but the one just posted was a picture of two smiling children, one playfully sticking his tongue out, with a mans penis photoshopped on to the picture. You can tell it’s two images spliced and not one image of CSA. How awful though, to have your child’s innocent picture used in such a disgusting way

No. 1116970

Afaik the "real" ones are saved in a database and sending it on normal web triggers something. I think google had a database like that so they could detect cp without having to subject actual workers into viewing violent imagery each time. You're probably right but it's still disgusting that a pedo photoshopped these pictures. Kind of related, there was a pedo channel on youtube where the guy edited videos of girls to be sexual, there was joker, monsters, zombies etc and they'd assault the girls. I guess this is a common thing when they want material that's not illegal.

No. 1116990

Fuck american "free speech" laws that allow this filth to be published

No. 1116994

Found it. Pipergate. The owner was found to be an old pedophilic man who had criminal offenses but died before anything else got exposed. There's probably an undercover group of his too but those accounts seemed to have been shut down.

No. 1116996

Why is it that the nonnies who complain about the "change in board culture" and hypothetical moid posters decide to just leave? Why leave the rest of us in the lurch like that? Why not just avoid obvious bait and engage with anons who aren't being sketchy? Why complain about the quality getting worse and instead of just posting their own quality posts, they just leave? The site isn't going to get any better if you just give up and ditch your nonnies. Of course you can leave if you want to, I'm not trying to say you should stay on LC forever, but it's just so depressing seeing those posts. I hate seeing them. And I've already mentioned this in previous posts, but there hasn't been some huge influx of infighting in the recent years, it's always been this way, and I have the screen shots from 6 years ago to back that up. You can check your own self in any old threads. Maybe we have more moids? Maybe we have more twitter users? But so what?? Ignore obviously dumb posts. I just am getting so sick of seeing "this place has changed" posts. It shits up threads just as much as any infight if you ask me. It isn't at all enjoyable to scroll through a string of posts of supposed oldfags talking about old LC with rose colored glasses.

No. 1117000

I hate people that talk on the phone in the bathoom stall next to me it makes me angry. Also people that loudly facetime in general. Some woman was doing it last time I was in a waiting room and I felt pure hatred towards her

No. 1117002

it changed when many anons sympathetic to rf values felt literally hated and we had moids non-stop falseflagging or anti-rf posters non-stop falseflagging. not saying that posters who are sympathetic to rf values are perfect, because they're not, but things were better and moids were less likely to try to integrate and use the board as board for them. i came back and i hope other farmers will come back who are not racist, retarded, and chan poisoned.

No. 1117003

I feel you nonita I used to be a lurker for awhile before I started posting in different threads, I do enjoy long time lc posters and users but it does get discouraging when someone says something remotely disagreeing and it starts posts upon posts of infighting. I guess it just doesn’t feel “sacred” here anymore. Because it felt like a place where female anons could come together to bitch and talk about personal things without having to post anything that made you a real person if that makes sense? Like since there’s been a huge influx of raids, newfags, twtfags and stuff it’s been annoying having to sift through tons of posts just to continue a convo when some anons will get mad at you for replying to something from “an hour ago”
I wish we could all stay and ignore them but they get annoying and I think lots of anons use this place as an outlet so seeing stupid shit can set them off sometimes

No. 1117004

Omg me too !! I hate when people are talking on the phone or watching videos at a loud volume in doctors offices!! The only time I’ve seen where that didn’t happen was when I used to go to see my psych in person and I felt like that was self explanatory lol

No. 1117006

File: 1648628387272.png (380.8 KB, 750x712, its all goin ta shit.png)

I need this place to exist, I need a female space. To think a handful of spazzes are ruining it for the rest of us is so frustrating. It doesn't help that the mods are neglecting us. If nonnies leave, where are they going?? I want to go with them, they're the reason I love this place.

No. 1117012

holds you nona same nonnie, I really found myself to be heard here and listened to, especially when going to /g or advice threads bc I don’t have a lot of friends irl or ones that I can open up to without being judged
Also I’ve noticed that for some reason when some nonas reveal their age some nonas think they need to be put out to the field to be here lol it’s so weird
I really like to complain or gush with my kind here

No. 1117039

I hate it when my stomach makes retarded sounds when I'm hungry I bet the people who hear it think I'm farting, I am at a library right now and all I can think of is how loud my stomach grumbling must be in the silence and how everyone can hear it

No. 1117085

The amount of people who don't understand what samefagging actually is. Doubleposting/repeated posting to different anons is not samefagging. I blame the old (or current? I haven't checked) rules for this. People really do not understand bbs culture.

No. 1117092

File: 1648632471570.gif (1.43 MB, 220x220, 1645146361341.gif)

for any nonnies just arriving do not scroll to page 2

No. 1117095

I saw someone get banned for doubleposting and it said samefagging so I use it in that sense.

No. 1117099

it's not the same though. it never was or has been classified as samefagging until whoever put it in these rules. no imageboard other than this considers doubleposting samefagging, and those rules are wrong. samefagging is samefagging, point blank.

No. 1117100

I know, I think most people use it in that way only because of that rule you mentioned.

No. 1117105

I can't fucking stand these grown women referring to men they will never meet as "girlboss" "babygirl" etc. I can tolerate as a joke and for fictional character but that's a whole dude

No. 1117106

Thanks for the tip. Love this gif btw.

No. 1117114

I HATE SMOKERS FUCK THESE PEOPLE. Because of this retard that moved in my apartment now i smell cigarettes everyday im fucking tired of it

No. 1117128

>but there hasn't been some huge influx of infighting in the recent years, it's always been this way

No. 1117179

File: 1648643253543.jpg (59.08 KB, 800x1200, 01W004554A.1606328750.jpg)

Those ugly ass bags, they look so cheap like beach bags and the sequins look so tacky and fall easily, worst of all they are super expensive. For some reason they are very popular with rich teenagers as a school bag.

No. 1117196

File: 1648644721918.jpeg (75.78 KB, 680x497, 0_DM88vbJYoX6O68Bn.jpeg)

Those scrotes who insist on playing all their music with speaker destroying loud ass bass that shakes my windows. Fuck you.

No. 1117206

The ones that do it in their car. I live on the corner of a red light on a main street and I hate them with a passion, especially when it happens at 3am.

No. 1117217

I hate smokers too and I hate being in France because people smoke all the time and everywhere in this cursed country. And then they wonder why their kids are born with severe asthma.

No. 1117219

This is giving me free tote bag from a drugstore vibe. In fact I've got one in pink and it was from superdrug.

No. 1117227

File: 1648647491063.jpeg (119.77 KB, 800x800, 9FA9BCD8-2EC0-42F9-AC3C-EA5992…)

Nta but kek, it does look like those free tote bags you get for buying too much make up and skin care products at a store.

No. 1117241

Yes that's exactly what they look like yet those fuckers cost minimum 150€.

No. 1117259

Same, I live at an intersection and they're always blasting that shit night and day. I wish sometimes that they'd crash without hurting any innocent ppl but still damaging their cars.

No. 1117261

the advice threads have turned into some of the worst threads on /g/ in the past year, idk how it happened but it's just filled with shitflinging and males now
>Also I’ve noticed that for some reason when some nonas reveal their age some nonas think they need to be put out to the field to be here lol it’s so weird
underage posters? they've never been allowed here. it's right in the rules

No. 1117294

File: 1648655001067.png (947.48 KB, 860x1200, 420-4209876_sad-cinderella-hea…)

Having big feet. So many cute shoes that will never ever fit.

No. 1117310

I can relate to you. Mine are 14.

No. 1117349

I like the shape but yeah that material looks cheap af

No. 1117376

yeah these canvas totes have been popular as schoolbags for a long time. the sequins are especially hideous. this bag should be no more than $30 though. literally looks like shit you can get for free at VS if you spend $60

No. 1117394

I can ignore the bait as much as I want, if the others don't do it too, it doesn't do shit.

No. 1117523

File: 1648667013998.jpg (84.42 KB, 600x400, pizde.jpg)

fucking football soccer moid fans from my country. just found out i have one for a neighbour guess how hint: concidentally found out there's a game going on right now fucking obnoxious, voilent testosterone filled monkeys all of them

No. 1117632

>why leave?

because it isn’t worth fighting with the retards. lc isn’t the only place that has been invaded by stupid people. a couple of other message boards and forums i sometimes lurk are even worse than here.

>just put up more quality effort posts

it isn’t that easy. stupid comments and stupid people get more attention than a well reasoned post, and the idiots who have made their nest here now only want attention, and the people responding want attention, so it is a vicious cycle. i also sense a lack of general post-secondary education here as well, you can tell a lot of current anons are either uneducated shut ins, barely out of high school teenagers, or old fart boomers. i have a couple of my favorite posts saved on my phone and it is like night and day. we used to get highly educated anons and their insights were always insightful. now? not so much.


yes infighting has always been an issue, but again, it was never this blatantly stupid. i remember when i left a while ago, i got pissed because i was tired of dyslexic, reactionary posts to random things i would write that weren’t even negative but would get misconstrued by some retard who can’t handle people having differing opinions to their own. years ago you could at least have a decent back and forth with another farmer without too much butthurt. trolls and men were obvious because the mods kept us in check and you couldn’t just write whatever you wanted. now, the overly sensitive normie types you usually run into on places like reddit or twitter run everything and it is exhausting trying to not trigger them, which isn’t hard to do since they can’t handle much.

No. 1117662

Red eyeshadow.
Everyone outsides looking like they got an infection

No. 1117668

I think all male soccer fans everywhere just are like that.

No. 1117678

God you sound insufferable, please keep your word and leave.

No. 1117683

Can I have a tldr? Also what's with the horrendous eyebleeding format?

No. 1117690

>Why complain about the quality getting worse and instead of just posting their own quality posts, they just leave?
Because hardly anyone responds to non-baity posts. What's the point of posting anything good if no one cares?

No. 1117694


No. 1117726

File: 1648675869834.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1251x1800, E04C5B9E-0F0B-4048-8C45-41B914…)

There’s this trend on tiktok where people say “I did this weird thing because autism”and I feel like this isn’t even autism? Everyone is autism

No. 1117729

>i got pissed because i was tired of dyslexic, reactionary posts to random things i would write that weren’t even negative but would get misconstrued by some retard who can’t handle people having differing opinions to their own.
The reading comprehension is definitely what lc suffers from the most, and with lack of moderation the retards only get more comfortable. It doesn't really matter what you post because some uptight slag is going to summon some shit to sling. Infighting was never so embarassing when mods actually enforced hellweek.
exhibit a and b of said catty invalids, it's like you literally signed up to be a demonstration

No. 1117732

didn’t you know anon? autism is the cool new thing for people who love to diagnose themselves with every “in” mental illness to be quirky.
Anyway, did you know breathing is a sign of ADHD? That explains a lot…

No. 1117736

Didn't you want to leave?

No. 1117738

NTA but why are you so mad? lmao they're right

No. 1117740

I can't stand surrogacy, it's the most heinously selfish practice. Just read a Reddit post where the woman was too afraid to have kids because her friend died in childbirth. Turns out her husband had been secretly saving for a surrogate and she's overjoyed. BITCH YOU ARE LITERALLY PAYING SOMEONE TO RISK DEATH FOR YOU!! The sheer hypocrisy of people who don't want the side effects and potential risks of pregnancy thinking it's A-OK to pass them onto someone else. I can't imagine being so completely unconcerned by other people's health and safety just so I can get something out of it… no money could ever fairly compensate the risks undertaken, pregnancy is so unpredictable and so many things can go wrong. Do they think they're doing the surrogate a favour just because they get paid? It's almost worse when the surrogate is just a willing friend or family member, you're literally putting a loved one in danger for your own benefit. They want to be a parent so bad but no parent should be that thoughtless and selfish.

No. 1117745

I'm not necessarily mad, but I don't like "anons" who shit on lolcows userbase (on top of being simply wrong both about current and old lolcow), OP sounds like she unironically huffs her own farts and also sounds like they're samefagging.

No. 1117748

Right, after expressing hatred for the site enough times it would make more sense to just find a new hangout. Unironically I feel like some "anons" would fit in better on r/stupidpol, and this is not to attempt to call them stupid but to genuinely say that that sub has the politics of the handful of dedicated antifarmers down to almost a T. It would be way more enjoyable than surrounding yourself with people you hate all the time, to just go hang out in a community where people are interested in talking about the same things as you, just like farmers enjoy people with similar outlooks. They could have the same instead of being so salty.

No. 1117753

Nta (although you'll probably accuse me of samefagging too kek) but what's wrong with criticizing the type of posters who misread things? I don't think it's the same as hating the site as a whole.

No. 1117759

I meant older anons, I’ve noticed this is in some threads when they mention having a family or being over 25 or so some anons say they shouldn’t be on the site anymore, but again this is just on some of the threads I’ve been so I’m not sure how it is in other ones.
Yeah some of the advice threads on /g can be shit but others have been nice to get different views and opinions

No. 1117768

that's a first

No. 1117771

Surrogacy is peak champagne feminism. Pay the third worlder to bear your children, that's what the lower class is there for right? Thank goodness for progress.

No. 1117776

File: 1648680273143.jpg (96.34 KB, 1080x1350, Tumblr_l_359892914037710.jpg)

>being over 25 or so some anons say they shouldn’t be on the site anymore

If there's any reading this post that believe that, kindly suck my ass, over 25s were the OGs of this site, these bitches don't even know who's in the spoiler image, maybe YOU'RE on the wrong site

No. 1117778

Fight for your right, nonner.

No. 1117809

Even just the concept of artificial wombs terrify me. some shit needs to stay science fiction.

No. 1117813

Yeah surrogacy gives me the creeps and it’s unnatural too, making a tool out of a woman’s body and separating her from her child.

No. 1117817

surrogacy is banned in my country and i hope it stays that way. i can see some liberal media pushing for it and i hate it

No. 1117914

File: 1648691430087.jpg (100.48 KB, 810x608, starbucks-pumpkin-spice-latte-…)

Coffee and pictures that look NOTHING like the actual product. Dont show me some amazing 3 layered coffee or dark bottom with thick ass cream if that is not what I'm getting. I dont want some mixed drink with a thin layer of milk foam I want WHAT YOU SHOWED!!

No. 1117921


anon, I think you want an unstirred iced caramel macchiato. It should be unstirred anyway. Sub the milk for sweet cream or whatever bullshit you want.

No. 1117936

If the sweet cream isn't made right it ends up being messy and not tasting right. It also doesn't foam right when not properly made. The other problem could be when the foam is added. It should be added after the ice unless nitro because no ice in nitro. Overall problem is most likely not trained right or dgaf. Kek.

No. 1117959

Agreed! I got into an argument with my cousin about it. Her only excuse was that it’s a good thing so that gay moids can have babies too. Fuck off. They can adopt if they want children so badly, fuck them. Just because they’re uwu gays doesn’t make them entitled to a woman’s body.

No. 1117967

I hate Paul Dano’s hideous potato face, he’s even uglier to me than the man who can’t be named. I was reading reviews of a movie he was in and I thought all the girls fawning over him were joking because he’s so obviously ugly but I guess they’re impaired enough to actually like that.

No. 1117973

THE PEOPLE WHO COMPLAIN the most about being judged are usually the ones doing the judging.

No. 1117976

God I just scrolled past a pic of him in /m/ where he looked just like Dylan Klebold kek

No. 1117980

Anyone who simps over ugly men like him has low self esteem and is also a nlog “teehee I don’t like handsome men I like incels who seem like they’ve never spoken to a woman!”
These bitches set us back by like 20 years

No. 1117981

He kind of has a weird girlish quality to his face in addition to being ugly, it's a bit unsettling but I support Danofag rights.

No. 1117982

File: 1648698357607.jpeg (333.75 KB, 1080x1440, D4172C8A-239B-48B4-8048-C733F3…)

Yeah I just saw that he now has a containment thread. Good for the girls that like him but this is straight up an ugly man.

No. 1117983

It makes me so angry when women simp for these ugly as fuck men like jesus christ stop giving the ugly males that lurk here hope

No. 1117990

Where is he ugly

No. 1117991

Can you point out where he isn't?

No. 1117994

He's definitely ugly there but glasses and different hair do a lot for him, combined with typecasting with a niche appeal. Usually I am fully opposed to simping over uggos but he has enough cute moments to justify fans imo.

No. 1117995

File: 1648699875707.jpg (345.94 KB, 889x1112, FaceApp_1648699866412.jpg)


No. 1117997

Are you retarded and partially blind?

No. 1117998

i support danofag and driverfag rights because i am a c*rreyfag

No. 1117999


No. 1118001

what about us pattison-
fags, he's a generically attractive white man but were more into his weird behavior more then his looks

No. 1118002

File: 1648700227323.jpg (13.54 KB, 190x147, Tumblr_l_1409315007117.jpg)

No. 1118003

people are still attracted to jim carrey?

No. 1118004

File: 1648700628822.jpg (19.41 KB, 310x465, 0_Jim-Carrey-celebrates-a-mile…)

>cums inside

No. 1118008

I hate motherfuckers who won't seed torrents with 0 seeders, even though it's obvious they still have the files because sometimes they accidentally start seeding again for a few minutes

The ugly lonely scrotes who lurk here are scum much lower than Dano (as far as we know) and will never be famous or charismatic enough to become actors, to be fair

No. 1118012

anon please dont jumpscare me like that im not being mean i was genuinely wondering i always miss the carreyfags so i thought they were kind of a meme i didnt know they were really out there

No. 1118024

Hes a moid who drove his ex gf to suicide + gave her herpes so fuck him

No. 1118042

File: 1648704776323.jpg (189.34 KB, 530x760, The_Riddler.jpg)

I can't believe this ugly moid was The Riddler in the new Batman movie. As someone who had a big crush in the character from the Arkham games since high school (being the Arkham Knight one my favourite), this scrote fills me with rage for playing him.
(My friends even made me a birthday cake with a green question mark because of how much I liked the character)
Sorry for the sperging

No. 1118043

it is a terrible hold that demon man has on me, he is an evil person and I should not want

I'm guffawing like a retard at 12:30am
i want his cute little freckley babies, fuck it

I don't condone this shit I just want to fuck him. be damned if I contract stds myself I need this to happen I need to know

No. 1118046

File: 1648705456203.png (92.45 KB, 920x608, 3.png)

what are you on about, the Riddler has always been portrayed as a egotistical mentally ill weirdo with delusionals of grandeur, the pic you posted is meant to be portray him as ugly and disgusting

No. 1118047

File: 1648705532253.jpg (4.6 KB, 176x200, FB_IMG_1648705524123.jpg)

I know noni, I just loved his voice and I actually really liked him regardless.
Here, look at the cake!

No. 1118053

You have cool friends, but anyway's I don't get why your offended by a character whose supposed to be weird looking being played by an actor whose weird looking

No. 1118054

Performative wokeness in fandom spaces, I know we're all familiar with the "trans rights uwu" shit, but now I was browsing for fan art for some games and found a twittertard that stated in her(?) description that "Eat The Rich includes (richest character in the series)" and "ACAB includes (police characters)". Aren't these people tired of this?

No. 1118057

Fair enough nonna.

No. 1118058

how are they nlogs, some people just like weird shit

No. 1118068

I wish women who date ugly men were sterilized. They go against the laws of nature and always cape for their ugly misogynistic incel male while putting down other women for having standards.

No. 1118087

i work at a fast food place that does uber and 2 other online deliveries and i fucking hate it. the beeping of that notification is so annoying, and the orders always come at the same time when the lines are already long. then, we have the drivers come in for pickup and even after checking in with them they would be standing around at the front like a retard.

No. 1118090

ugh yes. and you know they are jerking it to their pictures. i especially hate it when all the girls are the same style. we know they are fetishizing us.

No. 1118094

feels nonna, my ex girlfriend had a huge incel fetish and when she got mistreated enough by nasty scrotes online for being a woman she trooned out to become teh incel bf and is now on 41% watch. incel fetish is a genetic anomaly and women who treat incels as humans/desirable are almost as bad as moids. peak nlog behaviour.

No. 1118097

> who treat incels as humans/desirable are almost as bad as moids.
They're bad but I can't help but wonder why they do it? My father for example is very ugly and tries to push me to dating ugly men too and rages when attractive men are interested in me instead, I think maybe those dumb girls also think that incels are the best they can get because people around them told them so? Or that they'll treat them better? Which is a whole another story because I've never known an ugly guy respect or see women as humans, they aways treat their gfs worse and seem to think they can get a better one since they already "bagged" her. Disgusting males.

No. 1118110

starbucks sucks, their drinks aren't as sweet as they used to, its overpriced, always full so you need to wait 2x as much for worse coffee than at a random cafe.

No. 1118123

i didn't ask for it! my brain insists on disagreement with my body. off kilter and exaggerated, but simultaneously put together like a normal person, then he just… moves, and I find it terrifying and hot. nothing like it is ever going to be replicated. doesn't help that it's a tall lanky body attached to his muppet face

maybe eternal sunshine did have the right idea. i need a memory wipe. i am clearly defective

No. 1118125

Since when does food ever look like the pictures? They use a tonne of sneaky photography tricks, that cream is probably shaving foam.

No. 1118128

File: 1648712676483.jpeg (121.87 KB, 694x736, DE0420F1-5B42-461D-88D8-E9AF25…)

I've actually been experimenting with the Starbucks custom recipes lately and discovered decent combos. The only thing is the ingredients rack up the price.

I wanted to try the purple drink, with berry hibiscus gone I'm not sure it's possible anymore

No. 1118137

File: 1648713626905.jpg (11.69 KB, 283x300, zhangruifang.jpg)


No. 1118140

File: 1648713899055.jpg (160.02 KB, 630x473, riddles.jpg)

Get on my fucking level, you nerd

No. 1118146

He’s not weird looking in the right way

No. 1118160

People who will screenshot private messages of minor disagreements just so they can post them on twitter to get their follower army to give them an ego boost, or make posts that border on lite cancellation over nothing. And I also hate that it's normalized. It's juvenile and makes you look like a fucking baby.
And yes I realize I am saying this on lolcow of all places kek

No. 1118312

File: 1648730675552.jpg (68.92 KB, 600x1259, 750.jpg)

Fellow Riddler fan, I don't think I can get to your level, but I heavily respect you

No. 1118318

there is no such thing as a handsome man, they all look retarded in their own special ways.

No. 1118331

Modern default Energy drinks. I don't know what happened within the last decade but they all taste completely insufferable now, I might as well just drink raw grape sugar. GIVE ME BACK MY ORIGINAL ROCKSTAR, PEPSI CO. GIVE IT BACK GIVE IT BACK

No. 1118363

Boomers, boomers, boomers, or just any old, usually white, people. I guess I'm speaking out of my own experience here but if a boomer is thrown into a nursing home and their family ignores them it's most likely because they were a shitty abusive parent, refused to change and just expected to get everything they wanted despite treating people in charge of their care like shit

If an old person is being ignored by their family 9/10 times it's not because the family is evil and thinks they're too good to care for their grandparents but it's because the boomer was a piece of shit their entire lives, don't be duped by their manipulation folks

No. 1118369

+ Moids who always claim to have super controlling and insecure GFs.

Newsflash - if the woman you've been with for over a few months have crippling body image/self esteem issues, it's most likely your fault and I have no sympathy. Anytime I see a moid complain about how his gf is super insecure all I can think about is the ways he nitpicked, negged or emotionally abused her to feel that way

No. 1118377

Based and pinkpilled. Also men who claim their gfs are super controlling end up living in roach infested houses and sleeping on the floor when their gf finally gives up on them. He should've been thankful she was taking care of him but nooo, men are never thankful.

No. 1118389

whats even the point of having a long term gf if you just pretend to hate her the entire time
>ooo shes never clear with what she wants from me
you're most likely literally socially retarded if you can't figure out that your partner wants to connect with you
>i cant take hints, you have to tell me straight up!
seriously? you braindead coomers always think rando bitches at your work want your dick because she said hi to you and thus creeping them out, yet you can't figure out when your actual partner wants affection? sure
>she's so controlling/needy on what she wants from me reee
the bar is literally in hell for men, if it's coming off that your gf is controlling you then you probably failed the literal bare minimum of what's expected for men, which is shower, don't cheat, don't be a mooch or abusive, if you managed to fail doing these 4 things alone you are seriously a retard

No. 1118417

>always think rando bitches at your work want your dick because she said hi to you
Fucking hate this. I know married men who harassed or tried to cheat with random women who clearly were disinterested simply because they thought a woman existing near them must want their married dick.

No. 1118431

This is so accurate that it actually kinda made me depressed while I keked

No. 1118536

I will never get why some women are into this guy. And my tastes aren't exactly conventional either.

No. 1118542

Dano has a wife though, and he doesn't seem like a misogynistic incel. He just looks weird. I hate that every time someone likes a weird-looking man, people like you diagnose those women as "mentally ill" and automatically assume that they're NLOGs who would want the attention of the worst kind of incel in real life. Maybe you're just obsessed?

No. 1118563

I'm not buying the dupe either.

Granted I make it to old age I won't fucking complain about family not visiting even if it is lonely.
It's up to me to get hobbies and develop friendships with other lonely geriatrics, it's not on my family to take time away from their schedules to dote on me unless they'd want to. Not that they ever have.
Visiting old people is fucking boring and depressing even assuming you're close with them. It wouldn't sit right asking that of folks and doubly so if I knew I was mean or pushy on them. Who would I be to suddenly make demands?
Boomers have just been fed a fantasy that they deserve to be pampered when they're old fuds and lash out when the reality sets in that they've either done little or the opposite to merit such treatment.

No. 1118572

I had good grandparents so me and my family would visit them weekly until they died and I thought that was the norm until i met my husband who has the typical abusive manipulative karen and john type grandparents without the slightest clue on how to parent, now that they're aging and are worried about what's going to happen to them when they get older I just have zero remorse when they complain about how no one cares about them because they treated everyone like shit their entire lives and expect the world to be given to them at last minute for doing the bare minimum, barely the bare minimum since they still coddle and defend abusers in the family and claim violence is normal and that it's okay because the person doing it is mentally ill

and no, they never met or are going to meet their great grandkids

No. 1118656

Coffee breath is so evil and devilous.

No. 1118667

This is 100% true my sister is controlling but she’s helped her bf in so many ways. When they met he was a Highschool dropout living in his parent’s trailer sleeping on their couch. Now he’s got a blue collar job, his GED and a house to live in.

No. 1118671

Brush u teeth

No. 1118679

No. 1118682

If women are controlling towards men it's because he doesnt have his shit together. but you also have men claiming women are controlling for wanting texts back so it's hard to know nowadays

No. 1118696


Most of the old people in nursing homes are the stupid type of sociopath who couldn't manipulate anyone into caring for them in their old age. Usually American/Western, because our culture is so individualistic it's easier for us to leave behind toxic old people than it would be for someone from a more family centric type of hell.

No. 1118755

File: 1648755267979.png (1.13 MB, 1222x815, zachbraffamiwrong.PNG)

No. 1118765

I hate relationship advice thread. Some anon posted that thwir bf came clear about having been sexting a 14 year old girl and anons told her to forgive him and continue dating. They didn't even get banned or consider what he did as anything major, they said it was fine because he was probably horny. Disgusting.(don't take drama to other threads)

No. 1118834

File: 1648759748642.jpg (102.53 KB, 1080x551, IMG_20220331_224720.jpg)

This whiny yt creator complaining about ""working for free" because true crime gets demonetized. The attitude of the circled poll option pissed me off so much. Youtube isn't a job, you can't draw a comparison between people getting paid for their work at a formal job under a contract vs doing youtube which isn't a job and no one asked you to do. You chose to go down a "carreer" road that has no guarantee to pay off, shut up and live with it or go work a normal 9-5.

No. 1118985

File: 1648770861691.jpeg (64.83 KB, 700x467, EBB197D9-C33B-4725-95E0-8B3688…)

I hate this image
Regardless about how you feel about the breed, the pic itself is fucking weird.

No. 1118992

I hate that you didn’t spoiler this and now I hate it too.

No. 1118993

his eyes scream "save me"

No. 1118994

File: 1648771138469.png (82.41 KB, 200x164, dog.PNG)

Save that poor dog

No. 1118998

Don't worry, it'll eat a baby later.

No. 1119020

>”noooo I can’t make money profiting off of murder and misery from crime cases anymoreee”


No. 1119023

That poor dog is probably gonna maul something later

No. 1119043

kek what's this narc bullshit question, literally
>"Will you give me validation?"
>[ ] yes
>[ ] yes
>[ ] fuck you, you don't get to disagree

No. 1119053

I was just making a joke about the dogs expression. You have a whole thread if you want to complain about dogs.

No. 1119061

"Devils Advocate" retards, and of fucking course they always turn out to be pedo defenders.

No. 1119065

anon youtube is their full time job they have a right to complain. Why are you happy so many women are not able to make money now?

No. 1119066

people who use "n" in place of "and". i don't know why it infuriates me so much but it does lol. "u" in place of "you" and "r" instead of "are" don't bother me though unless i'm trying to have a serious conversation

No. 1119067

does anyone actually hate sponsored videos? most youtubers introduce the sponsor at the beginning of the video and make it easy to skip forward

No. 1119086

usually male, usually pedos, usually conservatives pretending not to be. if not all three.

No. 1119095

Yes, me. But I hate all kinds of ad bombardment and because it now constantly reminds me of the current corporate hell state of the internet whenever I hear the words audible/NordVPN/ExpressVPN/Squarespace/Casetify/Honey after having to sit through 3 different ads within the first 5 minutes.

No. 1119097

>Why are you happy so many women are not able to make money now?
Nta, but those true crime youtubers literally use the suffering and tragic deaths of women for views and money. If you're going to pull that card, maybe don't use it for true crime youtubers of all people.

No. 1119148

Fuuuck, I hate this too. And the use of "lil" in anything with whatever context.

No. 1119157

Just like everyone else. So what? Youre acting like people who make documentaries or write articles dont do the same so why be happy when women do the same for money?

No. 1119158

Plus its only women who even care about the death of other women. Id rather watch their videos than documentaries about how hot the dead girl is and narrated by a moid

No. 1119159

i do this n i’m not gonna stop
Anyways I hate retards that just keep on replying to bait, with their stupid asinine comments “what, I can’t point out that this is bait???” like no, we all no it is literally stop replying to it celebricows really is the thread full of the most retards

No. 1119166

It's dumb to say that we should support true crime youtubers because they are women when they are talking about the deaths of other women in a very insensitive way. Documentaries and articles are different because the people who write them aren't doing their makeup or a mukbang during it. If true crime youtubers could approach the topic in a respectful manner it wouldn't bother me, but they really don't and I personally don't care if they lose monetization.

No. 1119171

my mentally ill headcanon is all his dexterity and weird energy he has must be good for something in the sack. and I love spotting minute and asinine details in my fascination with his shapeshifter form

example: he has a small freckle mole on the side of his face that's been there since the 1980s

No. 1119172

I hate snow so fucking much and it's snowing right now in April, kill me.

No. 1119176

>youtube is their full time job
Youtube isn't a job. They upload videos and are fortunate enough to earn money from it, but it's not a job and it shouldn't be treated as such. If they're "working for free" it's because they themselves made the decision to rely on Youtube revenue knowing full well it could very likely not make any money or suddenly stop making money. They're not in a position to complain going "Well YOU don't work for free so neither should I!!!". They're not under a contract that signed away their time, knowledge and skills to an employer in exchange for a monetary reward like actual employed people. The comparison is narc.

>Why are you happy so many women are not able to make money now?

What do women have to do with this? The youtuber in question is not even a woman.

No. 1119181

youtube is a job anon thats just a fact

No. 1119186

Why do you keep framing true crime YTers as a "woman thing"? It's not lol. Those YTers don't even handle cases of women dying with respect or care, so why should we defend them?

No. 1119195

Even if that's true, "you don't work for free so I don't have to either" is still narc, Youtubers know the risk that it could not pay off or stop paying off at any time when they start a channel. They're not entitled to guaranteed money like someone who works a regular 9-5 at an office.

No. 1119200

No, get an actual job.

No. 1119203

YouTube is only a job if you can make enough money by it. If they're not getting paid, it's not a job and they're not entitled to getting paid since they didn't sign a contact or apply to a job when joining youtube. Youtube didn't agree that they'd provide them with enough money to sustain themselves, it's not a stable career because of that.

No. 1119220

Most true crime youtubers are women and anons getting triggered at the ones who do makeup + crime videos are autistic
Its still a job so let them complain. All i see are jealous people kek

No. 1119223

I'm not jealous and I do support women but youtube isn't a career unless you're successful so they make no sense when they say that. They should just do sponsor videos.

No. 1119238

>All i see are jealous people kek
You're completely missing the point. I'm 100% fine with people living off YT, great for them actually. I just hate the arrogance of saying youtubers are just as entitled to money in exchange for what they do like everyone else who doesn't work for free (duh) at a formal job. That's not how Youtube works.

No. 1119251

makeup + crime youtubers are callous tards that create terrible content. shocking, violent, gorey, etc content is discouraged. if you choose to enter a field you know already is demonetized and you can't translate that into creating a base on one of the many websites dedicated to hosting more edgy content (patreon), too bad for you but you aren't entitled to a living just for creating content. if it is successful though, sure. true crime youtubers are disrespectful hacks with literally no respect for the mutilated and harmed women and girls they're cracking jokes over while trying to make a quick buck, i don't care if they have 12 vaginas. i think, however, it can be unfair if youtube is still running ads on shocking content but collecting the money. usually there are no ads on true crime vids. the entire point of their posting on youtube is to create a funnel for a fanbase that will then follow/donate to them elsewhere.

No. 1119294

Jaiden Animations is under heavy fire because she made a video talking about being asexual and aromantic. That's not fair, let the woman be

No. 1119303

Haven't seen it but if the bitch doesn't wanna fuck, let her not fuck.

No. 1119308

the stupid faces she's making and lip syncing just make me so irrationally angry, like just watching these makes me want to punch a wall or something

No. 1119319

Don't remind me, all of Tiktok gives me that reaction but these are especially brutal

No. 1119332

yeah i use u and r often, and n never. n instead of "and" just makes people sound kinda stupid and babyish to me, idk why. i don't like 2 instead of "to" either

No. 1119334

It's so cartoony and over-the-top childlike, especially with these crossed eyes, it feels fetishy without being explicit? I feel like if I was to call it sexualized people would be like "there's nothing sexual here" but there is, no??

No. 1119341

I feel the same way about Nadine Breaty. Although she’s not quite as bad as Bella kek.

No. 1119342

she released build a bitch so i forgive her

No. 1119475

I hate them so much that I unsubscribe the second someone puts up a sponsored video, even if I've been following them for years. I've got adblock for a reason.

No. 1119665

I hate gatekeeping assholes who have nothing better to do than micromanage cow threads.
Shouldnt the cow threads be auto saged from the start? Isnt there a rule against mini modding? Arent we all here to laugh at the cows?

No. 1119675

faces like this very clearly trying to mimic manga or sexual comics, like the whole "ahegao face" trend

No. 1119682

File: 1648836446071.jpg (36.8 KB, 598x448, cTnVHaCxvVMOS4rQS4TVAmVEN9k669…)

I hate April Fool's day, its just obnoxious how every company or news site has to pull an unfunny 'prank' every year. Sometimes they are good but most of time its groan worthy boomer humor

No. 1119686

Whenever you compliment a woman for her beauty and somebody feels jealous and tries to play down the compliments trying to convince others she's not as beautiful as you think she is. This negativity is so embarrassing it might as well be considered incel behavior.

No. 1119708

this seems like a great way to watch no one at all. unless you sub to a lot of smaller channels?

No. 1119878

I hate: men!

No. 1119882

i hate when you watch a film with someone and they keep saying "oh i bet x will happen" "oh my god is he going to die" "he's the bad guy isn't he" and then they're like "yes i KNEW it". shut up no you didn't you guessed 4000 things and all were wrong except for the one you guessed 1 second before it happened

No. 1119890

This is about anok yai isn't it

No. 1119891

I do this except I don't ask, I tell because I know with 200% certainty what is going to happen in every film I watch and I am always right every time so this does not apply to me.

No. 1119892

I don't get why anons do it. This happens with any female model or celeb in celebricows but pointing out someone's favorite male celeb is ugly will make the same anons rage.

No. 1119898

File: 1648846489248.jpg (12.29 KB, 250x376, images.jpeg-353.jpg)

this insufferable fake bitch

No. 1119903

Kek why nonnie? I haven't seen her most recent vids but I love the videos I've seen and I can ignore the libfemmy stuff she says (trans rights or yayyyy sex work or w/e she's said, it's been a while since I've seen them). What's wrong with her?

No. 1119904

is that melanie martinez

No. 1119913

mei yan thread, there was some gossip about her being an anachan narcissist that is pretty faking all of her beliefs and has attended colette's cult parties.
youtuber mina le

No. 1119918

This woman kept shilling one of her videos in random threads on /ot last year… what a weirdo

No. 1119922

KEK nonny that’s not mei lan… damn you nonnies can be so racist

No. 1119931

me too, let’s go run some over

No. 1119933

oh fuck whatever their names is, they’re all asian racists anyways who cares kek, they all hang out with each other and they fake their progressive values yeah fucking right mei you go and talk about your libfem values “haha POC this and POC that” and they all turn around to their tight-knit asian communities and groups never hanging out with anyone who does not fit their crazy, delusional standards of a master race. it’s insane shit, I swear I’m speeding but it’s true

No. 1119935

anon, im pointing her towards the mei yan thread because mina is her friend and there was gossip of her there im not being racist

No. 1119981

File: 1648849256750.jpeg (88.78 KB, 600x906, 1C5A6942-220B-49DB-9FCD-BFB3D7…)

I hate men

No. 1120072

File: 1648852199360.webm (2.14 MB, 576x1024, 2273665-b1a3d9a3c09b1cc53cfb06…)

This reminds me, I HATE tik toks where it's a vid of some stupid age player daddy dom whatever couple and they use audio from actual children for their sexual roleplays. It's creepy and weird.

I also hate whatever anime this character is from just by looking at screenshots I can tell it's a pile of garbage. I'll never understand girls who like this character. I've even seen girls IRL put stickers of this girl on their cars next to their "uwu" stickers of course. If they're going to make liking this character their entire personality they could at least have picked a good one that isn't from mainstream moid garbage.

No. 1120084

darling in the franxx is basically a shittier, even more degenerate version of evagelion and zero two is a shittier mary-sueish version of asuka

No. 1120086

I'm still stuck in 2011 so I'm not sure what exactly constitutes as big nowadays, but on a quick glance, most seem to be somewhere between 20k and 40k subs with one at 370k.

No. 1120181

File: 1648858613956.jpeg (707.71 KB, 828x1218, 70295AA5-36E2-439E-A682-55C6AC…)

This. This shit.
(The sound was he could tell I was wifey material.) he could tell you were a doormat.

No. 1120184

>The sound was he could tell I was wifey material
Sounds more like she was poking fun at herself for doing something dumb/regrettable.

No. 1120200

Literally every woman I met who looks like this (bleached blonde, fillers, heavy neutral makeup, beige/french nails, beige clothes) turned out to be a psychopath/insane LVL mental illness. I fucking hate this bimbo look and have a fight or flight instinct to them.

No. 1120248

>Teehee I let him fuck other girls
They'll learn. Every single man I've met whose dream girl was a girl who let's him fuck around, when they get exactly that they treat her like shit, ghost her for other women and then dump her

Ironically these same men will worship girlfriends who force them into extremely strict monogamy. Men don't want to fuck around just to do it they want to fuck around because they want their ass whooped into line

No. 1120253

Yes. The more you lower yourself to a moids feet the less he wants you. He'll still use you, but he won't want you.

No. 1120594

I used to be involved in a hobby where the amount of poly people drawn to it was weird. I witnessed a few big fallouts where the 'main gf' got brutally dumped and fucked over in favor of somebody else… I mean the guy could've had both and yet he'd still shit on her and abandon her? Like whats the need? I swear men who seek out that stuff just want to feel big and have the rare oppurtunity to dump, ignore or reject one woman while still having other pussy to turn to immediately. It's a real power trip for them, ticks all the boxes, sex.. and treating women badly.

They screw over one woman and the other one is kept in the dark or fed a story so that she doesn't see he's a dickhead who'll fuck her over next. Then they run out of options because poly men aren't exactly beauties. I loved seeing that part.

No. 1120662

File: 1648911749468.jpg (92.46 KB, 1500x1094, Sylveon-in-the-Pokemon-Anime.j…)

I hate Sylveon, I want to punch it in its stupid uwu face, I hate fairy type, how can a fairy be stronger than a dragon, that is such bullshit. Stupid ribbon dumbass

No. 1120664

Trannies love it because of the colors

No. 1120665

Thank you, I feel more justified in my hate. I bet it thinks it's so cool and cute and people should feel like its presence is a gift, smug little shit. I'm sorry I don't know why I hate a pokemon so much it's just a cartoon animal. And yet…

No. 1120714

Boy moms. Most of them are obnoxious. "My son would never!" "Boys will be boys" "He's just got alot of energy" "Excuse him he's got adhd/autism/some other bs excuse, he doesn't mean it". Fucking control your damn crotch goblins, especially in public where they annoy everyone with their poor behavior. I swear if another little boy tries to look under my dress or otherwise harass me I'm slapping him and idc if ppl get mad. When little boys grope you they absolutely know what they're doing.

No. 1120717

Poly relationships are a power trip for pickmes too, make no mistake–until it bites them in the ass.
Pickmes willingly volunteer themselves for these weird ass dynamics to boast themselves as the ultimate NLOGs who have the "maturity" and "communication" monogamous women don't possess.
They fancy themselves as superior because they think they have their love circles all figured out. Until the men say they want to leave and go exclusive with a woman who they actually take seriously. Worst of all, the women these men want tend to be the complete opposite of the pickmes which is an even worse blow. She >>1120181 looks smug as hell now but she won't be when she gets the bad news.

No. 1120721


No. 1120723

File: 1648914999182.jpg (52.13 KB, 640x622, 5l0egeuogd371.jpg)

bumping for scat moid, scroll carefully

No. 1120729

Have we been posted somewhere again? We've been having moids spam every few hours for like a day now.

No. 1120733

Thanks for bumping nonas

No. 1120734

File: 1648915270742.jpg (119.58 KB, 600x1044, 29-Dainty-Pink-Sunshower-Chand…)

no idea but the fucktard bumped so here's another

No. 1120738

File: 1648915321686.gif (152.52 KB, 130x150, 66-08.gif)

Scat bump

No. 1120769

People who think that anything that's a drawing or an illustration equals a cartoon

No. 1120886

>I used to be involved in a hobby where the amount of poly people drawn to it was weird
Kek anon me too, I saw so much shit go down. It was awful and stressful for everyone involved at the time but it's just so crazy in hindsight

No. 1121108

Please post more of these little ladies, i love it!

No. 1121134

File: 1648923943668.jpeg (91.03 KB, 640x640, E0245418-2D05-49CA-9ECE-EBBF2A…)

Bump because gore

No. 1121364

File: 1648930738515.gif (759.93 KB, 328x268, giphy (2).gif)

When you store a food next to bananas and the banana flavour transfers over. Shit just ruined my cookies.

No. 1121451

Banana cookies sound awesome

No. 1121487

I don't think there is a word more disgusting than "boypussy" I hate it so much it makes me want to commit murder

No. 1121626

bananas are gross yes

No. 1121644

clussy aka, "clown pussy". nothing is off limits to moid fetishes.

No. 1121662

Boys need to be disciplined. Way more than girls. I dislike parents who can't parent

No. 1121664

I thought clussy was a joke made by women/fakebois who like clowns, do moids really? Well, boypussy will always be the grossest to me. It stays spoilered. I have had harrowing experiences hearing that one irl, kek. God.

No. 1121682

File: 1648955509844.jpg (60.43 KB, 900x506, lillunch.jpg)

I think I first heard "clussy" from picrel (Lil Lunchbox)

No. 1121688

OMFG i was just trying to remember her name!! i still can't tell if her whole this is an act but at this point it really doesn't matter, does it?

No. 1121700

it might be good in the united states, it sucks in new zealand. at least the place i live. the special frappes we see on youtube or instagram are always out, and the ones i got were always either too little for the price, not sweet enough for latte, or somehow a slushie. i don't even understand it. once i had a pumpkin spice one abroad and that was delicious. everything else has been mid since then, or my tastes changes.

No. 1121796

Bumping because retarded moids/trannies are spamming shit again

No. 1121808

File: 1648964927400.jpeg (87.17 KB, 749x658, 00B8920D-FD19-4DA0-8FE0-014CD5…)

i hate the y chromosome

No. 1121809

File: 1648964937227.jpg (257.12 KB, 924x530, 1595223588427.jpg)


No. 1121812

why are smegmoids so obsessed with scat?

No. 1121831

brain damage from the y chromosome

No. 1121832

File: 1648965270424.jpg (50.21 KB, 585x680, FPRoTRCXsA4DZaE.jpg)

they are what they eat

No. 1121836

File: 1648965393219.jpeg (58.57 KB, 622x790, F1FAA6E8-B7DC-4C57-B279-C795D7…)

No. 1121906

Don’t know why but this image made me lol

No. 1122885

That one anon who keeps mixing up "we're" and "were".

No. 1123240

File: 1649068676039.jpeg (6.05 KB, 247x204, images (2).jpeg)

I HATE this hair cut on men. Most have such an ugly egg shaped head and dumbo ears.

No. 1123267

SAME ugh

No. 1123290

Anons who are truly unhinged and keep making threads way too early. What is wrong with you? Step away from the computer for a few hours, get a drink, contemplate your life, this dumbass drama you’re addicted to is pathetic. Stop making threads so fucking early this is why no one likes ADHDfags you’re insufferable

No. 1123294

File: 1649076219038.jpeg (122.73 KB, 870x1080, AD42A5EB-E1B2-42AC-A35B-E45955…)

I agree with you, but also fuck this hairstyle.

No. 1123318

This is the ugliest fucking hairstyle I've seen in my life, period. I see it on every zoomer scrote I come across and I legitimately can not comprehend anyone thinking it's attractive. It screams fuckboy and I imagine this is what every predatory soundcloud rapper who leaks revenge porn on their girlfriends looks like.

No. 1123319

nta but related to this I hate that troons co-opted the pastel pink white blue colour scheme, I used to love it and now it's ruined forever

No. 1123337

It's giving broccoli. How's this a fuckboy style i cant comprehend, literally looks like something you'd see on a nerd.

No. 1123369

Sucking dick. It's not fun and it's gross. The pickmes that say it's eMpOwErInG are coping. It instantly makes me dry. Hate moids that expect it from you.

No. 1123374

Agreed. I feel like moids get enjoyment out of it beacause it's often portrayed as a degrading act in porn. Plus men are gross, why would anyone want to suck dick knowing men don't even wash their hands?

No. 1123375

File: 1649083044140.jpeg (8.67 KB, 300x168, Download (1).jpeg)

I've been standing here for half an hour already, waiting for class to start. I hate standing. I WANT TO SIT.

No. 1123379

Why did you arrive an hour early dummy

No. 1123381

I genuinely enjoy it but then I don't like PIV so mutual oral is sex to me.

No. 1123383

Usually the professor leaves the class open and I like to prepare and sit by myself a bit before it starts.

No. 1123411

and on top of that, they don't wipe their dicks after pissing either

No. 1123430

I had an ex who did wipe after peeing.. and it left me wondering why the hell others dont. Like I'm pretty sure it's rare. I think oral is best as a post-shower activity anyway. I saw a discussion a few months back where men compared whether their dick was big enough to touch the inside of the bowl when they shit..

No. 1123433

I want to turkey slap the shit out of that duck.

No. 1123435

Not if the duck turkey slaps you first, bitch.

No. 1123457

I hate people who talk loud about explicit shit on public transportation. Like what the hell- your mother didn't raise you right. That shit is tactless and disgusting

No. 1123479

Love BJs. Like youre a sentient person, you have hopes and dreams, passions and a life. Yet youre on your knees sucking my dick, your entire life has literally been leading up this moment lol.(scrote)

No. 1123554

Soft boi-ification sucks. Usually reinforced by shitty uke/seme stereotypes and like you said OOC moments. Good taste in pairing btw.

No. 1124042

File: 1649144992167.png (70.24 KB, 1471x654, moid begone.png)

I was catching up on the artist salt thread and fucking hate how the retarded scrotes in there don't even attempt to hide their dick. They outright drop bad incel takes and make it obvious they're refugees from 4chan yet they barely get redtexted for their faggotry, even when they're defending coomershit and yelling muh twitterfag at anyone who challenges their malebrained bigotry and misogyny or calls them out for being actual pedo apologists. Like look at this shit, dumbass y chromosome really reciting the leddit MRA rhetoric.

No. 1124049

Seeing "it's" swapped with "its" as well.

No. 1124050

>Woke Karens who scream pedo kidnapper when they see a single dad

That's literally not even a thing, men are so stupid

No. 1124053

please nonnies if you see this report them. Report the ugly moids.

No. 1124055

I think only a pedo would think that actually happens at all. I think that scrote is a pedo. They always get defensive when it comes to their ugly disgusting shit so they make up weird scenarios in their head.

No. 1124056

I think they usually make up paranoid fears before they actually become a thing (because their spread in-and-of-itself caused it).

No. 1124058

Not going to defend dude in the screenshot, but it's a thing.

No. 1124059

I don't think anyone is that retarded as to think a happy child with their parent = pedo. They seriously are deranged. You can see the intentions of these gross men in their eyes.

No. 1124061

NTA but no, it really isn't. You would be considered mentally ill if you thought a man walking around with a young girl was some creep kidnapping a child rather than a dad with his daughter. This is literally faux oppression made up by terminally online reddit MRAs and it never happens in real life except in very, very rare cases that are uncommon enough not to concern their minds over with.

No. 1124067

File: 1649146594503.png (235.16 KB, 718x736, caca.png)

I hate when some songs don't tell me -exactly- the music genere something is, and instead it says "asian music", "japanese music", "mexican music" etc. You don't see that with music in english, it is never "american music", they always say the exact niche genere it is (or use a broad label like "rap", "rock" but at least they try).

Also flexing some of my music library just for the lols.

No. 1124069

yeah if it does happen it's definitely rare. also think about the fact that there have been instances where groomers/kidnappers go public places with kids and no one says anything because they either don't suspect them or they're afraid to say anything.

No. 1124082

This is like scrotes complaining about false rape accusations when women suffer from rape much more often and much more violently. You should quit consuming mra media.

No. 1124098

People who never had any real struggle/mental illness/trauma screaming depwession and anxiety every time they feel a little sad and nervous. They're sad for a couple of days? Omg they're soo depressed and ill!! They have a presentation and they're not ready for it so they're nervous? Literally chronic anxiety, can't function and they have to cry about it on social media and let everyone know how mentally ill they are!!

No. 1124099

I hate that too, especially the god awful "world music" tag that I can't believe is still being used. It just sounds so insulting

No. 1124100

What the fuck are you talking about? How was anything I said sympathetic towards MRAs?

No. 1124109

nta but I think she misunderstood your post because I almost sperged like that before re-reading too kek

No. 1124114

>You don't see that with music in english, it is never "american music"
I'm not American and I always specify if I'm listening to an American song or an English song when it makes sense in context. I guess not everyone does?

No. 1124115

Yes I misread it as "it does happen", sorry.

No. 1124151

No one ever considers "American music" an actual genre, that's the point.

No. 1124166

nta but doesn't that depend on your perspective? It makes sense that people from the US or elsewhere where American music is mainstream don't have that explicitly shelved away as "American" in their minds. Those databases that tag songs as "Japanese music" but not "American music" probably are from the US or other Western countries.

No. 1124205

normies and their hypocritical "include everyone, we are all equal" but then being blatantly ableist. i legit wish sometimes it was legal and possible to punish them accordingly. you call a guy in a wheelchair a useless cripple?
>let's break your legs and make you crawl to the hospital
you make fun of an autist for being awkward and cringe?
>let's hire a group of people you organically fall into, and without knowing, will be gaslighting you and purposefully misunderstanding your expressions, and calling you sensitive, or a retard if you get frustrated over it
you call a person with ocd or schizophrenia or tourettes a creepy freak?
>let's keep electrocuting you while you're trying to cook your dinner, or type on the keyboard for your work
>lets hide sound boxes in your room and belongings, attach headphones, and play strange and scary noises all day all night for you, and let's see how you like it
react with anger? oh my god, it's all in your head

No. 1124215

I definitely got chewed out by a helicopter hilda for having a camera at a park once after her kids swarmed me asking questions about it, but I'm a woman.
I lived. I have no sympathy for men.

No. 1124298

what are you even saying you sound insane right now? what’s wrong with you?

No. 1124308

i thought it was like country and stuff. also imgagine dragons. that's what i listened to during my ameriboo phase

No. 1124755

I hate the meme that women want/need chocolate when on their periods. Something about it is just so cringy to me and I don't know how to better put it into words. I have never craved chocolate like that and I'm someone who generally likes sweets a lot!

No. 1124829

File: 1649192426300.png (526.47 KB, 1600x900, theidealman.png)

People who say shit like "I used to get bullied for liking [insert media here] and now it's mainstream!". I especially hear it from moids and it's such bullshit.

I promise no one bullied you JUST because you liked anime, it was because you'd naurto run down the halls at school while speaking broken japanese and unironically calling yourself an otaku and displaying your asian fetish. Or those dudes who complain about how popular comic book movies/star wars/video games etc. are now when they used to be just for "nerds". Sure, people totally bullied you for liking spider-man and not because you looked and acted like picrel. Don't get me wrong, there's definitely people who looked down on stuff like that and judge people who are into certain things. But nerd culture has always been intertwined with pop culture, and people need to stop crying about how normies now have the same interests as them. Everyone wants to pull the whole "I liked it before it was mainstream" and be bitter without acknowledging that their own shitty social skills played a part in making them an outcast. (Not saying I condone bullying, but it's disingenuous to say people hated you just because you liked something when 9 times outta 10 it was more about your cringe personality).

No. 1124833

I agree but chocolate is actually relaxing & makes u feel good i like 90% as a lil health thing

No. 1124864

I didn't really understand much of your post, however

>normies and their hypocritical "include everyone, we are all equal" but then being blatantly ableist.

This is something I agree with. Normies always want to be "omg inclusive" and "omg everyone here is VALID" but the moment you don't act like a neurotipical they treat you like shit. I hate them.

No. 1124868

>I promise no one bullied you JUST because you liked anime, it was because you'd naurto run down the halls at school while speaking broken japanese
While I agree this is obnoxious, sometimes these were just kids being dumb. It's alright.
It's grown men the ones who need to get bullied.

No. 1124872

I think that's just you anonita

No. 1124890

I actually did get ‘bullied’, mostly by the other geeks in fact, for just liking something, unless you can’t asking them once if they wanted to join as equivalent to naruto running down the halls. About two years later they had clubs for it. But I really wanted to respond to your post because fuck me I sit like that at my PC sometimes brb killing myself

No. 1124908

Nta and tbh, most geeks sucked ass, they all hated you if you didn’t look as greasy as they did or if you weren’t attractive enough for the moids. Nowadays they also suck but at least I don’t hangout in those circles anymore.

No. 1124923

Sorry nonnie but you're not as cool as you think for licking normie boots and desperately trying to be "one of them" by putting down those other embarrassing nerds that you totally aren't like at all. Even if a 13-year old spent their time naruto running down the halls and speaking in broken Japanese they don't deserve to be bullied, it's cringey and embarrassing for sure, but it's not hurting anyone and at worst warrants people laughing at them. Physical or verbal abuse should never be accepted. It's just a kid doing dumbass kid things and it shouldn't be taken so seriously. Even besides that most geeky kids mind their own businesses and are bullied because they're easy targets, not because they're acting provocatively.

No. 1124927

I got bullied when i was 15 for having bright pink hair and now it does seem way more acceptable. I'm talking more because tons of celebs have it. As soon as Pink, Rhianna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry starting doing bright wigs/hair colors it became more okay. But i'll never forget people literally screaming at my from across the straight just because my hair wasnt black in a ghetto area. >>1124829

No. 1124931

We crave chocolate because we need magnesium

No. 1125008

I hate men with mustaches, and facial hair in general, but mustaches are especially hideous.

No. 1125498

File: 1649264692152.jpg (54.31 KB, 402x405, clefairy.jpg)

I, too, hate the fairy type, they fucked over my main man Clefairy. Didn't even give him a mega form or anything. They gave AUDINO a fucking mega form.

No. 1125636

when people whose first language is a non-gendered one like English say that gendered language speakers who don't want to introduce a neutral grammatical gender are sexist. Maybe they think it's the same as using they instead of he or she but it's not, because they is a word that actually exists and is grammatically correct as a pronoun; in my language (italian) substituting male-by-default plurals with a new neutral termination means using completely made up words constantly, since all nouns and adjectives and many tenses are always gendered. I've actually heard this irl by some speakers at a "queer" event and it was so bad, like borderline comical, they were trying their hardest and still slipped up sometimes because it's so forced and unnatural.
Tbh I'm more upset and offended by the idea of forcing a huge artificial change in my language to imitate English than by the fact that we default to the male plural

No. 1125653

Same shit in French. It's also the case for adjectives. For example to say "a small spoon" you'll say "une petite cuillère (feminine noun)" and to say a small knife you'll say "un petit couteau (masculine noun)", and there's no neutral grammatical gender so for "enbies" you either have to pick feminine or masculine pronouns, nouns, adjectives, etc. or you'd have to invent something that looks like shit when written and that's impossible to pronounce. And people tend to forget that but written language is based on speech, you know, oral words you say out loud, not the other way around. I've seen people trying to combine "il" and "elle" and it gives us "iel", which, ok it's not a complete disaster yet. But when an adjective is introduced in the sentence it gives you "iel est petit.e". People call it inclusive language but in the dictionary you'd actually see "petit(e)" with parenthesis so it's readable and you see that the "e" can or cannot be added depending on the subject's grammatical gender. But now people use dots for some ungodly reasons and on some websites the words will be accidentally recognized as shortened URLs and if you make the mistake of accidentally clicking on these words, pray you don't find yourself on some crazy illegal darkweb shit by accident. I bet my post looks incoherent as fuck.

No. 1125664

The funny thing about inclusive language is seeing the virtue signalers use it only on every other word because they forget it half the time kek Especially funny in the official presidential programs of the leftist candidates, or in my Uni's communication emails.

No. 1125683

Mon binaries and theybes can all fuck off. Either there's trannys and they transition because they were apparently born wrong or there's just cis people. Neutral doesn't make sense when talking about creatures that reproduce sexually. So annoying

No. 1125688

File: 1649275366338.png (304.61 KB, 600x600, french.png)

>mon binaries

No. 1125691

I fucking hate Eevee and its evolutions, period. They're so fucking overrated it's insane. Exactly the same as Charizard, Lucario or Pikachu
Also how come there is a Fairy type but not a Sound type?

No. 1125698

I hate the dot thing too. I have argued about that and I have been given answers as dumb as the parantheses mean it's a detail or an after thought so it invalidates the feminine part or something.

No. 1125699

I'm italian too and I've talked online to a genderspecial who used neutral pronouns only once. I was so confused by her just putting asterisks to make a pronoun or word neutral (him and her= lui e lei, but instead it was l*i) and like… how am I even supposed to pronounce that? She still slipped up and talked in a weird manner to try to avoid gendered words. So unnecessary and stupid.

No. 1125705

True, true all you said is true, Eeveelutions are so pointless it's only fun to evolve them and what then? There's so many other pokemon who are so much more interesting and stronger of every type. And fairy and psychic type should be conflated. The only people I see who love eeveelutions are the uwu girls with pink gayming rooms, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth

No. 1125707

There are a lot of moves that are based on sounds and they're usually normal type, and on top of that there are abilities based specifically on whether your pokemon or the pokemon you're fighting uses a sound based attack. So I'm sure it's not a thing because the devs just don't want to have to change a bunch of attacks' typing and complicate things even more.

Types aren't only based on elements btw. Dark type is meant to be "evil type" becaus iirc it's called "akuma" in Japanese and the moves aren't about some kind of elemental darkness, they're about fighting dirty and cheating, that's why bite is dark type and why there are moves that allow you to steal and use the enemy pokemon's items. I like fairy type a lot, but I think it only exists to balance types, the exact same way insect types are on average way better now than in gen 1 and 2.

No. 1125708

I’ve seen people use the plural form as gender neutral (heard it in a podcast talking about demi lovato, like having one isn’t already enough of a nightmare…) and it sounded so comical and stilted.

No. 1125713

italian and french grammar are very smilar in this so I know exactly what you mean. Italians add an asterisk instead of the last vowel, so "è arrivata/o" (he/she has arrived) becomes "è arrivat*", almost all words in Italian end with vowels so this would sound super off and forced irl, all the enby girls I've known still referred to themsleves with the feminine irl because cutting off every other vowel like that is just too strange. What I have heard irl as I said is people trying to make a neutral plural termination by substituting the last letter with u, so "sono arrivati/e" (they have arrived) becomes "sono arrivatu". Barely any words end with u in italian so this sounds absolutely unnatural and retarded and no one can actually keep up with it irl.
oh and lately they've started to write "ə" as in "sono arrivatə", which is literally unpronounceable so idek what the point is

No. 1125715

>they've started to write "ə" as in "sono arrivatə", which is literally unpronounceable so idek what the point is
That's some "latinx" and "latin@" bullshit right there.

No. 1125717

Hearing "sono arrivatu" out loud would absolutely send me

No. 1125720

lol go to any political lgbt event and you probably will hear it. I heard it a lot at a rally in favor of ddl zan last year "a tuttu i ragazzu lgbtqia+ riunitu in piazza oggi.." my sister and were looking at each other trying not to laugh

No. 1125723


No. 1125810

i'm saying when normies are calling disabled or mentally ill people slurs, bullying them for their disability and illness, it makes me violently angry. i want them to experience the shame, depression, loneliness and pain of the person they are making fun of/hating. normies are out there thinking that someone with autism is purposefully acting cringe. they think people with tourettes are doing it for attention. they think schizophrenics are choosing to believe in the shit they see. it is not fair, and maybe if they just once took the time to understand, they would not be making them miserable anymore.

No. 1125855

File: 1649289256473.jpg (187.23 KB, 1440x1800, 275513576_1013292489278119_640…)

I love you nonnie

No. 1125870

high functioning male autists for the most part have no interest in integrating into society so they should be rightfully shamed. i have dealt with this personally and it is actually traumatic to deal with. the rest, i agree on.

No. 1125885

Don't care about muh mental illness except for like schizo, but physical illnesses, I agree with. My friend literally cannot survive without a specific strict diet and people always seem to take personal offense to that, going as far to sneak in food in her plates, just insane. People are accepting on the surface of a physically disabled person but inside, they're simmering with irritation and disgust.

No. 1125919

I agree, but only if the ill/disabled person is not a horrible person themselves. If you have a mental illness and you mistreat others because of it, I personally don't care if others insult your illness.

No. 1125936

File: 1649297422877.jpeg (53.26 KB, 480x574, E4DFCB58-F087-4EF9-90CD-83AE80…)

I hate when moids project daddy issues onto anyone who criticizes males. KEK My dad is the one who told me to never trust men ever and bought me a bunch of self defense tools.
Did moids forget that dads are supposed to protect their kids from predators?

No. 1126059

I hate the News

No. 1126089

File: 1649311552246.jpg (50.35 KB, 640x437, hp7ngml6ckm81.jpg)

I'm convinced mental illness and chronic diseases being normalized was just so:
1. Normies can virtue signal
2. Pharma can shill more drugs
3. Use psych therapy to gaslight ppl into putting up with shitty society

No. 1126094

I don't hate kpop, I kinda like it tbh but there is this group which particularly makes me awfully cringe, Blackpink especially Lisa or the "rapper" of their group, mostly when I ask my friends about why they like Blackpink so much most of them said "they dance good and look good" literallly nobody talked about their music

No. 1126099

I miss the days when Kpop wasn't sexual and had interesting music

No. 1126101

My dad is also based and taught me all sorts of practical skills (and also bought me mace). He thinks moids nowadays are useless redditors, kek. Men in our generation seem to have more issues when it comes to fathers, it feels like.

No. 1126111

samefag, I find it hilarious that they try to sound like ‘bad bitches’ in most (if not all) of their songs but when they do interviews they’re awkward lmao. like jennie is considered to be this bad bitch, leader-of-the-clique it-girl type, but that's literally just a persona her fans made up because of her look. kpop isn’t really about the music but the idols and their ‘personalities’. Musical talent is only an add on.

No. 1126268

Oh god nonie, same. I was just thinking about this recently and this white person on discord tries to tell me about gender neutral terms for chinese, to a chinese lmfao. Telling me, how there are people out there trying to invent new chinese characters for a gender neutral term, when the person in question does not even understand how in chinese, you can't just add character to any side as you wish.

No. 1126278

File: 1649332722719.jpg (303.04 KB, 1280x1280, Sistar.full.23390.jpg)

what are you talking about sexual music in kpop always existed. Like there were so many girl groups back then dedicated to just making sexy concepts.

No. 1126323

I fucking hate all male youtubers including the ones anons like to shill or any so-called 'based' ones, they're all so insufferable.

No. 1126350

File: 1649337864961.jpg (100.97 KB, 618x424, MILK.jpg)

Kpop existed before 2009 sillybuns

No. 1126400

thats first gen kpop. Thats because kpop was first starting out in that gen. Of course it wasn't ''sexual'' because it was new to the music market and there much fewer artists and groups then.

No. 1126808

Americans are obsessed with gender and gendered language. I seriously dont get it.

No. 1126917

I hate how my mom has to use the scrote I hate's name all the time. "Oh, anon, you know those twirly things that scroty mcscrote used at his eldest daughter's birthday party". He's a giant douche but he can't be because he was a solider and has 2 girls. She knows I fucking hate him too but does this regardless. I want to kermit so bad sometimes.

No. 1127395

File: 1649404894801.gif (1.72 MB, 480x270, xpC.gif)

Pay 2 Win seasonal events in free to play games, especially in free to play otomes.
'oh no, you have to sacrifice the points that make you progress the story in order to play these stupid mini-games to get a one-time-only outfit!'

No. 1127402

It's retarded, the thing with the parenthesis is correct, but for entire words or sentences. French dictionaries have used parenthesis for several decades and are easily visible and dots are very inconvenient, especially in texts online.

No. 1127520

I hate it when I'm watching true crime and the documentary uses gender neutral terms to describe the victims when they're all the same sex. No, the viciously misoginystic prostitute-killer didn't kill "ten people" he killed ten WOMEN. I'm ESL so this might be a quirk