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No. 1228736

Good morning/afternoon/night anons!

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No. 1228742

i am

No. 1228753

File: 1655476261474.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.14 KB, 439x480, 1655385977096.jpg)

>>1228750(don’t reply to males)

No. 1228757

File: 1655476610300.png (Spoiler Image, 558.11 KB, 1345x796, 537.png)

You too baby…(don’t reply to scrotes)

No. 1228758

I am so fucking sick of Reddit moids who screech that a woman hitting a man is TOTALLY THE SAME as the reverse. If a woman even so much as slaps a man, they believe he’s justified in punching her fucking teeth out. It’s not the same and it never will be. Why do they want so badly to be victims? It’s like they want women to be abusive and the same as them.

No. 1228782

Posted on 4chan and forgot to turn my VPN off, that IP had been used to post CP in there years ago. Eww.

No. 1228783

I had an ex that would scream at me during fights to hit him "hit me, I know you want to, you'll feel better" always made me super confused and upset. I wonder if he was trying to set the groundwork for a "mutually abusive" relationship so that he could justify being a piece of shit because hes a victim. Or maybe he just wanted an excuse to beat me idk

No. 1228786

Don't respond to it

No. 1228787

They're sophists, anon. Redditors will argue anything just so they can condescend to you.

No. 1228788

Reddit men are the biggest pussies. I follow public freak out and it is jarring anytime a woman gets hit in a video compared to man. When a woman gets hit its like LOL SHE DESERVED IT CLEARLY, but for some men videos the fucking lengths they will go to defend them if a woman hits them. They're like "he didn't deserve that". Just scroll through reddit for a few minutes and you'll see it. Men get off on victimising themselves on reddit. It's embarrassing.

No. 1228790

Some nasty ass moid keeps coming into my department's office (of all women) to take nasty shits in our restroom when no one is here, and leaves shit and piss smeared all over the toilet. It's been reported to management so many times and they haven't done anything!!! Good thing I found the lost key. I'm going to lock it up every night. Hope you shit yourself stupid scrote

No. 1228801

Are there not camera? Wtf?

No. 1228804

You could ask the everyone in the department if they would be willing to use said key every time they go the wc and keep the key in a safe place so that nobody can use the wc except your department

No. 1228820

There's a man shitter in our female toilets too. There's like a 100 men to 1 woman here so we have two changing rooms, and three toilets across the site. The men have a lot more. There's some shifts I'm literally the only female on site and someone will have taken a shit in the toilet. What scares me more is cameras being placed. I barely piss at work and always cover myself when doing so just in case.

No. 1228848

Men are so fucking feeble fuck off lol

No. 1228894

>Be me
>Have a husband that's really nice
>Only bad thing is that he's kind of retarded when it comes to vidyas
>He's also so competitive is literally unbearable to play games with him
>Whatever I guess
>Gonna be fine unless I actually play with him, right?
>Last night
>Husband says he's moody cause he wants to sleep already
>Had plans to play Minecraft with friends
>"I'm sorry nona, I can't sleep, let me use the PS4"
>Whatever I guess, gonna tell my friends to play other day, and watch videos on the PC or something
>Spend couple of hours playing TheSims on PC
>Heard husband complaining on the other room the whole night
>Husband comes next to me
>"Nona give me the PC"
>"I can't sleep unless I win a match"
>Fine, was going to sleep anyways
>This morning
>Wake up and tell husband we have lots of stuff to do
>"Nona, I'm too tired, I went to sleep too late last night"
>Husband decides to sleep in

Istg every man has something wrong with them. Can you not behave like a fucking manchild every time it comes to video games?
Gut Gud or stop playing, I don't have to deal with your bullshit.

No. 1228895

File: 1655481700561.jpeg (182.35 KB, 1169x1126, 64F9081B-CA37-48F9-8974-738E98…)

No. 1228904

i wish women did abuse men ngl

No. 1228915

File: 1655482450924.jpg (162.89 KB, 1285x1300, farm-girl-angry-cartoon-expres…)

Can't even wake up and enjoy my morning milk w.o the site without being spammed by moids

No. 1228923

File: 1655482755501.jpeg (132.76 KB, 960x764, FA6EC0B7-8C3C-441C-B85B-AB9BE6…)


No. 1228930

File: 1655483263461.jpeg (145.62 KB, 749x688, A95BC3E2-A0EC-4CDA-8C9D-FA727B…)

I feel lonely every day and there is always a constant aching feeling in the back of my head that I do not belong to this world and never will. I could be an alien, reptilian, anything but I will always feel separated from this world no matter the desperate attempts I do online to fill the empty void. I could be as nice as ever and no one replies. I’m tired of being nice I just want to be an ascetic maniac in peace

No. 1228936

>"I can't sleep unless I win a match"
>"Nona, I'm too tired, I went to sleep too late last night"
>Husband decides to sleep in
holy what cut this man's supply that is not normal behavior for a grown adult.

No. 1228937

Nothing quite like waking up with a charlie horse.

No. 1228946

>I feel lonely
>I just want to be an ascetic maniac in peace
i don't get it

No. 1228970

I want company but I don’t wanna be perceived at the same time anon

No. 1228980

Nta but i might feel this, I want the happiness and joy of being surrounded by likeminded people and the satisfaction of feeling like i fit in, but also life is overwhelming and hanging out is exhausting and I wish I could retreat and not have the pressure of having to fit in. Idk. Maybe similar to being tired but still wanting to be awake or being full but still wanting to snack.

No. 1228986

I'm sorry I live such a boring slow life. I'm sorry I'm not interested in travel or festivals or huge events. I'm sorry I don't have a million friends and acquaintences and a huge professional network. I'm sorry I'm not career minded. Or family oriented. I'm sorry I don't have a husband or children to take up all my time. I'm sorry I don't have a stand out talent or impressive skill or even just a marketable one.

I know I'm just a useless burden on everybody, but at least I pay my unsubsidized taxes.

No. 1228997

I feel emotionless lately like an anime character

No. 1229040

File: 1655487756777.jpg (40.13 KB, 500x500, artworks-2XyZyWY72Av9eu7z-K1gp…)

I never have time for myself. I always take care of the house, cook, clean and study. Always noticing how quickly the time passes and how little time I have left throughout the day. I can't even find time to work on my commissions, let alone create content and stream. I feel so exhausted of it all. No wonder all of my successful mutuals either a)are single or b)live with their parents. I feel so tired all the time, the fact that my weak health is bugging me for a long time now is not making it better. All I want is to keep working on my portfolios, keep improving myself and reach out for my dream. But how do I find time? I was praying for my courses to give me at least 2 weeks break just to end up finding out that soon after the exam (for which i studied hard for) the courses will continue. How do these people even manage? I feel like such a failure. I could always pull all nighters and work on everything around me, but i have been consuming 4 cups of coffee daily for almost a year with barely any sleep that it gave me such bad health issues that I cant drink coffee anymore. I hate myself so much, why am I always weak, why do I always feel tired quickly? Makes me feel like i do nothing but make up excuses.

No. 1229105

I'm sick, alone and no one cares. My roomates are gone for the weekend so I'll have no one to talk to until monday or tuesday. Today I had a nicer conversation with an aliexpress seller than my own mother. I took myself out for a walk but it feels so fucking stupid roaming all alone around the city, with no purpose.

No. 1229124

The only feeling that keeps me going is the ego that if anyone else had to go through the shit and deal with what I do on the daily, then they'd probably kill themselves.
I run on pure spite, but it's so stupid.

No. 1229126

Guess I did SOMETHING again. how dare I not be perfect

No. 1229128

I want to go on a day trip somewhere, but I have no one to go with. I am usually okay doing stuff on my own but lately it feels soul crushing. I sobbed today thinking about it. I wish I was good at forming connections.

No. 1229129

This. I feel you, anon.

No. 1229130

File: 1655492595451.jpeg (59.76 KB, 574x434, 1D9AF5FE-A97F-4280-B260-92D9F7…)

I feel weak and faint but nothing helps. Tried water, sugar, electrolytes, protein, carbs, iron, generic vitamins, even going outside for a few minutes. Laying down hasn't helped either. Not even POOPING. Uuuaaagghh I'm so sick of having a physical body that is always getting in my way at every! single! turn!

No. 1229131

File: 1655492693936.png (1.67 MB, 753x1105, 1654008728043.png)

I fucking hate the kiwiscrotes on /snow/ right now. They started unironically defending trannies.

No. 1229132

Talked with bf about feeling disconnected and needing more.
He understands. Apologies. Almost cries.
Does same shit for months.
Finally just tell him I need a break and he’s killing my feelings for him by being inconsiderate.
In before he has a breakdown while I don’t care.

No. 1229133

It’s because Null is a tranny or tranny chaser.

No. 1229134

Can we have a term, like Occam's Razor, for moid projection? This just tells me he really wanted to hit you

No. 1229136

I hope things change for us nonna, wishing you the best.

No. 1229138

"""breakdown""", that is. honestly i refuse to believe when men claim they have a "breakdown" over relationships. very rarely is it the case. couldn't be fucked to be considerate when you asked and tolerated his inconsiderate behavior for months. who cares.

No. 1229140

Do it, I dare you

No. 1229141

By breakdown I mean panic attack, crying and walls of text telling me what I want to hear from someone who’s got the normal emotional output of a Nickle.

No. 1229143

Already did Noni. First two paragraphs already blowing up my phone while I sip my coffee.

No. 1229144

It’s so awkward seeing my classmate now.

A couple of months ago I was celebrating that I was leaving behind this tic product of trauma of mine where I’d say out loud “I’m a terrible person”. It was embarrassing and stupid but now the few times I say it it’s immediately followed by “not really!”, mostly in part to my classmate/dear friend who I’ve been hardcore crushing in who’s been supporting me and making me realize I’ve offered good things to the world.

Two weeks ago I told her that I don’t find radfems that terrible and people treating them like nazis is unfair when they don’t want to take anyone’s right to life away, they just don’t want to be forced to suck cock as lesbians, and now she’s acting as if I said I support shooting troons in the head. She said the generic stuff, that those feminists couldn’t possibly be good people, that holding thoughts like that is the mark of the worst kind of person and that she won’t ever see me the same anymore because I’m basically defended terrible people (not to toot my own horn but it’s relevant, she’s talking about how I donate 1/3 of my income, volunteer on my free time, have helped paid her rent when she got kicked out of the house etc. Just objectively good stuff)

I wish I could say “see, told you, when I said I was a terrible person, I was right”. Lol. I actually just feel sad about how cultish this feels, where just questioning anything gets you labeled hitler. She was so normal before her theybie gf got her to join tiktok, I miss what we called our girl’s nights, now she won’t even go because ‘she’s not a girl’. Crazy shit.

No. 1229162

They can put on as much of a song and dance as they think you want to see but it doesn’t mean anything if the man doesn’t actually change.

No. 1229182

If you suspect a nutrient deficiency you can try eating beef liver, it is very nutrient dense with micronutrients.

been through this, it doesn't get better. They will only act the way you want when you are in the middle of leaving them. As soon as they feel comfortable things will revert. Just break up with him.

No. 1229183

File: 1655495428061.jpg (50.23 KB, 586x655, 4q8zn-sad3.jpg)

I haven't been keeping up with my skincare and my skin is so bad right now fuck

No. 1229192

I feel gaslighty saying it but how is your breathing? When I'm stressed and panicking to a certain degree I stop breathing properly and it makes me feel dazed and out of it

No. 1229246

We were supposed to visit our father in law who is dying for his birthday. When we did, the other sibling decided it was appropriate timing to make his dad drive him to get drunk with his girlfriend. Instead of going back home after being hungover, they decide to come over his home to drink all his alcohol stash. Afterwards they drove home drunk. What the hell was the point in that? It ruined everybodys day because theyre obnoxious alcoholics.

No. 1229259

I keep thinking about s*x and then feeling guilty about it

No. 1229278

im about to have a full on breakdown just because my work desk is so cluttered with wires and electronics that there's no breathing room at all, i sincerely hate streaming

No. 1229279

File: 1655501502681.jpg (57.2 KB, 567x850, 1650128343838.jpg)

You deserve to feel desire without shame or guilt.

No. 1229288

Why do men even have rights & allowed to have jobs? Literal animals.

No. 1229289

Same, it feels awful and every time I think I got over the reason why it feels that way then I find some other reason to feel guilty based on things from the past

No. 1229300

I'm so sick and tired of rona and now monkeypox is also a thing. Great. They just discovered 8 cases in my city and it's all moids. Another reason to hate men. The list never ends.

No. 1229307

Not to be a boomer, but nobody grows up anymore. A university literally put a fucking crying room with stuffed animals in it inside it’s library. People don’t even have manners anymore either, all they do judge. I see it in myself too, I feel like I can’t even relate to people. I look at people I deem weird and see myself in them. It sucks.

No. 1229319

>I'm sorry
I'm not, fuck that. Stop it nonnie

No. 1229322

>nobody grows up anymore.
Ok and? There's no reward for "growing up" anymore for a lot of people. More and more people are starting to see that it's all just suffering for nothing.

No. 1229323

Never ceases to surprise me that people get butthurt over slut shaming, we have literal plagues aids and monkeypox because men can't keep their dick in their pants. And no amount of "modern medicine" helps to prevent/100% cure these diseases. If you're fucking nowadays your chances of death and illness shot up.

No. 1229325

One of the things that keeps me going is that I refuse to be outlived by Chris-chan.

No. 1229326

No. 1229327

Yeah and people here (in my euro country at least) are already discussing if the monkeypox vaccine should be mandatory for the general public in the future. Excuse me?? Nope. No. Moids should learn to keep their dicks in their pants. I'm not gonna fucking get it should they truly consider that. Fucking arrest me then, idgaf.

No. 1229330

It's a catch-22. We've got societies that coddle to the point where no one feels prepared when they're presented with the realities of adulthood and crumble easily. Meanwhile, nothing is the same as it was even 30 years ago with adults not having access to the same opportunities that previous generations did.

No. 1229331

>university literally put a fucking crying room with stuffed animals in it inside it’s library.
Middle class and above 20 something's don't have to grow up anon.
>People don’t even have manners anymore either, all they do judge. I see it in myself too, I feel like I can’t even relate to people. I look at people I deem weird and see myself in them. It sucks.
Everyone's too stressed and tired for manners, and don't want to bother working it out in healthy ways, they'd rather just take it out on everyone else. Scarcity leads to suspicion lower IQ and being always on guard.

No. 1229347

It's the same type of virus that smallpox is, and it pisses me off that we just had the lab incident with smallpox vaccines last year. Then there was all of the doomspeak whatiffery that Captain IT Moneybags the viral disease expert had about smallpox as well.
That said, demanding everyone get vaccinated for a virus occurring primarily in a small population seems retarded. Hell would freeze over before they required mandatory vax of gay and bi men though.

No. 1229362

> society constantly evolving towards convenience, entertainment, luxury and leisure
> if you don't have this, you're brainwashed to aspire to it
> but why is everyone so lazy???

Anyway, people are grumpy because we live in societies that are built antithetical to the natural human condition.

No. 1229367

>That said, demanding everyone get vaccinated for a virus occurring primarily in a small population seems retarded.

Idk about that (at least where I live). The government even tried to make the covid vaccine mandatory here but postponed it "for now" (probably until fall or winter). It wouldn't surprise me, if they tried that shit with monkeypox, just in case. I got three covid shots but I envy those who still have the freedom of choosing to get vaxxed (at all or at their own pace) in their country and not be rushed into it because of those stupid covid certificates.

No. 1229368

Hey, learn how to greentext.

No. 1229370

I very strongly doubt this would ever happen anywhere, it’s nowhere near as infectious as other diseases that have vaccines and nobody’s died in the new outbreak. Has it even gotten anyone seriously ill? Your politicians are just knee-jerking in the wake of covid.

No. 1229371

File: 1655507717260.jpg (76.09 KB, 891x843, FO52MZtXMAcjzs5.jpg)

No. 1229376

Losing weight feels extra hard when I'm a neet and eating is the highlight of my day. I just ordered snacks and feel bad but I have nothing to fill the evening with. I'm gonna work out tomorrow and try to forgive myself but I'm always waiting for the next meal because I'm so bored.

No. 1229388

File: 1655508552644.jpeg (245.65 KB, 1908x1146, A0682F2A-70B4-4535-B152-0BB01F…)


Fuck, and a woman has caught it now too. God fucking damn it, I thought this pic was a meme but the CDC actually posted this! What the fuck!

YOU STUPID FUCKING SCROTES I want to fucking a-log

No. 1229403

I'm so done with my pickme ass mother. She's a giant spoiled brat who wants everything to constantly go her way. Hates women and barely conceals it. Acts like any woman not hourglass or super curvy is a troon. She's apple shaped with big boobs and is fat. Acts like she was such a good athlete when she was mediocre at best and went to a small town that just needed bodies on the teams. Also was a cHeErLeAdEr at said small town school. She's horrible to me and acts like her being emotionally abusive is fine. Recently found out dumb bitch wants Roe Vs. Wade overturned. Ofc she does 'cause she's a god fearing woman who believes in the q cult. Won't stfu about how the white hats are in control and life is going to be the paradise she imagines it to be. In all seriousness, end my fucking pathetic life.

No. 1229408

I can't believe this is real… actually I can because clown world, and certain orgs like the CDC are puppeteers. fuck moids. and I hate to say it but preventing disease is probably a major reason homophobia has been the default throughout history.

No. 1229417

>don't go outside, touch anything, stand 1.5 metres away from people at all times, don't visit your family or friends, self isolate if you have symptoms or have been a close contact of someone with symptoms of covid
>here's how to have sex if you have monkeypox

No. 1229418

They did the same shit with covid. There was some sort of announcement about how it was necessary to wear a mask during sex with hook ups.

No. 1229432

monkeypox is sexually transmitted so not really understanding your point. parts of my country were locked down for 2 years and there certainly wasn't any announcement here of mask wearing during sex, you were expected to not be particpating in "hookups" considering you weren't allowed to mingle with even your neighbours

No. 1229449

I definitely remember this. It was on the CDC site, and not only did it instruct mask-on sex but also the use of glory holes and any position except face-to-face.

No. 1229456

was baking a new recipe in a huge rush before i had to leave the house, accidentally added way too much fucking salt because i cannot read directions, 10 muffins ruined

why must i be a retard.

No. 1229463

File: 1655512988847.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 201.46 KB, 1080x1814, 3E1C9EFD-8C41-4106-B9F1-77E769…)

Here's your proof nonna, spoilered because I also posted this in the tinfoil thread if you wanna migrate discussion

No. 1229464

Of course they'll NEVER TELL MEN NOT TO HAVE SEX. Imagine the horror. The world would end before men are told no.

No. 1229467

why is that thread even here? it looks like only scrotes post in it

No. 1229470

Even the religious moids in charge won't say why they hate gays so much. Hint it's bc disease and when men are given free reign of their sexuality they always turn to pedrophilia, violence, and the most fucked up shit. Women's ability to get pregnant + fragile fertility puts a break on male sexuality. Not that women should be responsible for keeping them in check. Let them fuck eachother to death.

No. 1229472

what thread

No. 1229474

canadian troll thread or whatever

No. 1229478

revealed myself for a true schizo sorry nonnas. I came here to vent because I feel sick but my only option might be sleeping it off, if only it helps

No. 1229479

File: 1655514005597.jpeg (87.68 KB, 1125x1041, flutterbateman.jpeg)

nothing fills me with more sadistic rage than seeing non westerners say in one way or another that the west is superior. the self hate and insecurity makes me laugh because no matter how much you cape for them you will never be white, you will never be seen as white by them, no matter how much you try to win their approval by self deprecation or by trying to fit in the truth of the matter is you will always be seen as an inferior outsider because of what you say, and by extension your country/continent/religion as well. now you yourself look bad and people you have never known that happen to be from the same as you, and now your retarded self hating ideas get perpetrated by the people you kiss the feet of to their friends and family because it comes from a trusted source. can you blame them ? like its so pathetic it just makes me want to cry and laugh.
honestly people not of my race and country being racist and bigoted towards me, obviously i was for sure hurt, but never as much as insecure retards desperate to fit in nonstop making a joke of themselves and making it seem okay to do that to me. i honestly dont feel an ounce bad for them especially when things turn south for them, you had it coming.
if you hate yourself so much why dont you just kill yourself instead of making trouble for other people ? maybe in the next life you will be born as an aryan goddess like you want to so bad, or something. just know that for now no matter how much you contort your features no matter how much hair treatments, eye contacts, plastic surgery you have, no matter how much you change your behavior, disown and hide your heritage, you will never be white. and they will never see you as such.
i feel the same way about self deprecating people in general, but this is about something inherent that you cant change even with surgeries etc. just love yourself for god's sake, or die. nobody is superior, you are just retarded. i promise you will live a much more peaceful life if you stop caring what people think, good or bad. you can only be yourself and you only have yourself at the end of the day.

No. 1229485

I've come to see it as a biology-based response just like how corpses and necrophilia repulse us because they too bring disease. Same with blood actually and any bodily fluid being "dirty" in certain cultures. It would be a reason gays evoked such a strong reaction to be violently persecuted. That doesn't make it right, but I can see why humanity was/is that way, it's how they survived. Once again tho I see no reason for lesbophobia, maybe that (along with misogyny, dismissing women's autonomy) is why they were largely overlooked since they are harmless.

No. 1229505

this exactly

No. 1229508

I hate people who have to brag or humble brag in every single fucking thing they say. Maybe I feel this way because I'm a bit insecure but really how hard is it to be humble? Like yeah it's cool that you can do this thing 'super quick' but you don't need to announce it. You don't need to make every single topic about how successful and awesome you are and how you know all these famous people. Just shut the fuck up. We get it, you're confident, you're cool, you're good at everything. But tone it down like 5 fucking notches

No. 1229509

File: 1655516174807.gif (987.65 KB, 480x250, kek.gif)

I'm sorry but the typo has me laughing so hard.

No. 1229520

The veins on my boobs scare me so much idk why

No. 1229530



No. 1229531

im in a similar bind. trying to sleep off a hideous day.

No. 1229534

File: 1655518196291.gif (364.81 KB, 480x360, 7A2079BA-8EA8-4F69-9D41-2219AD…)

No. 1229546

File: 1655519496689.jpg (58.2 KB, 750x400, erpedrond1.jpg)

No. 1229558

When it comes to countries that host foreigners and laws that protect women, most western countries win that one… it’s no wonder people who come from unprivileged backgrounds will see the west with rose colored glasses. Most people really don’t give a shit about what white americans think and just want a certain life style. You’re extremely lucky that you don’t see where they’re coming from, i wish i was a non white person crying about racism rather than a non white person crying about how my country treats me like shit because xyz. One is easier to ignore the other is debilitating and life altering

No. 1229564

I love you so much

No. 1229634

Take his cords and hide them

No. 1229636

File: 1655527649766.jpeg (935.96 KB, 1170x1158, 66F3C6B3-3528-4EA4-9336-557713…)

I had a childhood riddled with lots of physical abuse and actual torment that is just like, completely nearly impossible for me to talk about or reconcile with which of course made me into the cliche worthless schizo I am today. And that’s really difficult to talk about too. Anyways I had something pretty bad happen to me late 2018 that I think completely disemboweled my neural pathways so I basically put myself to pasture family-wise in order to try to “heal”. I haven’t really had resources and my health was neglected my entire childhood, which in turn of course manifested into also neglected myself and my needs as an adult. I completely isolated myself from my friends and most important relationship a couple years ago as well like a sick animal quarantining itself thinking I was sparing everyone as I felt myself getting more and more mentally sick but I think I just destroyed my life in ways that feel almost irreparable at times. I miss feeling like a person but I don’t want to pursue relationships or friendships like this, but at the same time trying to get better and take care of myself feels so sad and empty. It’s also hard trying to get myself back and I feel very hollow, at least when I was experiencing intense delusions I was somewhere else mentally but being rooted in the present doesn’t feel good at all. I do not know how to look at life through the perspective of someone who hasn’t been severely hurt and I don’t want to be like this at all. I really want a bf again but that’s like entirely out of the question while I’m this disgusting pathetic sack of fertilizer idk. I miss my friends but a couple of the most important people in my life overdosed in 2016 and 2017 respectively, and by 2020 I knew I would just drag my bf down and ultimately make him miserable with how sick I was so I left everyone. I feel horrible all of the time, and I don’t even pity myself. I want to be happy pretty badly, maybe not even happy just content. And I want to love the things and people I used to as well. I have a hard time talking about myself without sounding fragmented and stupid, likely because I am now pretty fragmented and stupid. I wasted so much instead of reaching out the way I should have. People always say therapy helps and I can make vague reference to the past but I just do not think my psyche can ever handle resurfacing things I have kept away for a reason. I have never had any desire to hurt anyone of course, just myself, but the thought that I could indirectly harm someone by being mentally ill just reinforces how badly I have felt the need to isolate myself. I hate complaining about it but it’s my reality and I’m stuck in it.

No. 1229640

File: 1655528029671.jpg (63.69 KB, 735x574, 3619e55808149349081f56be3a3f37…)

How do you want to travel together or even live abroad together if you keep losing it to the point of hitting yourself like that? It's scary, I felt like crying. And I know you'll never do anything about stuff like that.

No. 1229641

late but nona if you're still here, just know he will never change. once men get to this point with vidya, they either go coldturkey for the better or remain the same.

No. 1229644

based. wish nonnas on here understood that coonery looks exactly like what pick-medom and NLOGs looks like.

No. 1229661

I'm suddenly scared it's not bipolar medication that makes me lose weight due to loss of appetite and impulsivity, but that i have a tapeworm. Tempted to test for it but blargh, I hate the idea and im scared

No. 1229664

Unironically mine is the same way towards vidyas for some reason. I assume thats because of the stress at work and vidyas being one of the few things people can have control over. Its stupid but you can't change people no matter what unfortunately.

No. 1229665

Cooler pipes froze its fawking hawt!!!

No. 1229670

>manbaby has to have his way or he'll be seething all day
Just throw the whole man out. Having to cancel plans so your man can play an esport to soothe his ass ravaging is bullshit. Men like this should be restricted to playing solely mario party and leapfrog math games.

No. 1229671

Last night I got approached by some drunk man at the bus stop. I ignored him and caught my bus which was unfortunately his bus too. He followed me to the back of the bus and sat next to me. I told him I wanted to be alone. He moved, but later he sat back next to me and started talking about his life and depression and how he has no friends, in the midst of it all he made sure to compliment me a lot and touch my hands. At that point I didn't know how to ask him to fuck off anymore. Turns out he lives near me too, I know what building since he pointed it out to me. We had the same bus stop. I'm 100% sure he now knows where I live too. He said he wanted to see me again. I feel somehow violated. No doesn't mean shit to men and lone women are easy prey. On one hand I'm glad I wasn't rude to him since he lives nearby and god knows what a lonely almost middle aged drunk will do when he snaps but then again it feels horrible that I let that happen, I should've just told him to fuck off or moved away myself or gotten off earlier. Fuck men. Men are the reason I'm afraid to go out.

No. 1229675

how do you explain to someone who isn't an only child, and is also a retard, that being an only child is entirely different from having siblings and having bonds with siblings, so you have to rely on friends more than most? (note: i'm not complaining about being an only child, i think it's pretty ideal and i was never lonely, but the fear of not having siblings around when your family dies off is scary to me.)

any other only children understand the feeling? also, is it me or are only children a very small portion of the population? i feel like i very rarely meet people who were only children.

No. 1229688

is it a moid you're trying to explain this to? unironically i wouldn't bother but i'm interested in hearing more because i have many siblings. how did you never feel lonely? were you "spoilt"? i feel like single children households are offensive on some sort of fundamental level to people and kinda stigmatised, what do you think?

No. 1229707

There are so many attractive/cute female celebs/e-celebs/cows/whatever that get called ugly on here it's so fucking weird. Especially in the celebrity thread here on /ot/. Some of you have fucking impossible standards. And I wonder if there are that many people walking around irl just thinking every woman they come across is fucking hideous. If some of these women are "ugly" then I don't stand a fucking chance.

No. 1229712

Welcome to lolcow, a catty gossip board wherein women regularly share offhand, casual exaggerations of their everyday thoughts

No. 1229714

Nayrt but I'm an only child too. Any loneliness I felt would be immediately fixed by being at school/hanging out with my friends, and cousins when applicable. It felt nice being able to come home and wind down in a quiet environment. As for "spoilt", I guess it depends on the context. In a materialistic manner, not really as I lived at the poverty line, though I understand it would be worse if we had more mouths to feed. I was spoilt in that I avoided the concept that is being one's favorite child or not.

"Offensive" is a pretty strong term. Not everyone can handle bringing up so many children. My mom has her own plethora of health issues that weren't diagnosed until well into my adulthood; if she had more children, I'm sure she would have committed suicide. Too many negative what-ifs come from lingering on that. On the flip side: having so many kids is selfish. Why do you need so many?

No. 1229717

You get more replies if you're unnecessarily mean.

No. 1229731

The posts I'm referring to got 1-3 responses or none. I get it if you're actually trolling and wanting to stir shit. This, however, is an insanely boring way to get very boring attention. How deprived of interaction are you that someone simply saying "agree" or "kek" makes your monkey brain light up? There aren't even (you)s on here.

No. 1229736

thanks for replying anon, it's cool to hear about what it was like for you and i think your parents are actually very noble and selfless for having the foresight and understanding that it might not of been the best option to extend your family. still, i have encountered a very surface level sentiment (and not necessarily one i ascribe to myself) that the bigger the family unit is the more solidified it is. this is what i was referring to by using the words fundamentally offensive, it's most likely just run off from pre 21st century values largely unapplicable to western families of today. sperging kinda but i think about this a lot actually because i cannot relate to my parents having so many kids especially considering my family is somewhat atypical, despite having the typical suburban upbringing

No. 1229740

samefag i also think people who just breed and end up with 5+ kids are just conventional hedonists

No. 1229741

Here comes the moid
Doo Doo Doo Doo
Here comes the moid and I say
Fuck off and die

No. 1229769

I hate the fake pacifism in leftist spaces. Everyone agrees with "punch a terf", but a nazi? Oh no that's too far, then they suddenly are pacifists and want to have a civil conversation. Just say you're a coward misogynist who wants to pick on women and will side with nazis when it comes down to it. And with "nazi" I mean actual ones, like politicians or the retards who come to counterprotest feminist and anti racist demonstrations. Or someone who is a self admitted nazi or fash. Not just anyone who disagrees with me.

No. 1229784

What? I've seen "punch a nazi" a million times and usually they just mean basic conservatives or just people who disagree with them, not actual blatant neo-nazis. There is no pacifism in far left spaces, they very much advocate for violence.
Only issue is them excusing racist troons.

No. 1229851

"Punch a nazi" was a 2014 thing, I don't see anyone saying that anymore. In my experience, everyone in leftist spaces CLAIMS to be a pacifist, but then says things like "punch a terf". I wish they were actually advocating for justified violence, but they're not. Most say they're anti guns, against training, against fighting, against everything etc. When it comes to women though? Oh they would love to punch a woman of course. I'm not talking about online btw, of course you can always find some crazy people on Twitter. Most far leftists I come across irl are like pacifist hippies, with "terfs" as an exception. Or tankies who just want to sit around waiting for the revolution like a Christian doomsday cult.

No. 1229853

Officially broke up with my bf and he sends me a whole paragraph on how i'm the problem and he wants the "kind me" back. I just responded "okay". I don't feel guilty about it. How can I be kind to a person who treats me like shit? What a retarded idiot.

No. 1229859

my boyfriend broke up with me today. i feel like a part of me disappeared. our relationship was very rocky in the beginning due to my bpd and not going to therapy and then i started therapy and i got better. stopped going to therapy for two weeks and i ended up lashing out at my boyfriend over something trivial and he decided to leave me. i hate myself so much for it. nearly two years down the drain. i love him so much, this is the worst i’ve ever felt in my life

No. 1229867

So true

No. 1229869

I don't feel good enough or pretty enough to date women. When a moid likes me I understand it, but when women have expressed interest I'm always telling myself that as soon as she sees me from the wrong angle or I say something goofy she'll lose all attraction. I also feel pressure to maintain a certain persona because women actually care about personality and I keep trying to be "cool" like some 12 year old.

No. 1229872

my mother has severe anorexia and its hard to look at her because she looks gross and frightening and sometimes when I find myself in snow I quickly look at the Ana scumbag thread as a reminder to myself that I never want to be weak and scary but I really wish there were anything I could do to help my mom. she’s quick to become hostile when confronted and her mood swings are fucking insane. Mental and physical health are worth more than anything else and I do not want to repeat my mothers trauma nor do I want to be scatterbrained or hideous which ED will make you both of those

No. 1229882

i really hope your mother gets help, i can't imagine watching my own mother go through something like that.

No. 1229885

I am so tired. I weigh about 110-112 lbs and I have a weird apple body shape, but without the ass. Like I am fairly slimish with humble décolletage but then all the fat just goes to my belly. For some reason, I have been incredibly insecure about it lately. From the front it looks okayish, but from the side it always looks like I am 2-3 months pregnant. If I lose any more weight I’m going to go into underweight territory and my face has already lost a lot of fat. I keep fantasizing about getting a liposuction some day even though I am broke and still in school. I wish I didn’t care about any of this stuff. It’s never like in a story, is it? You don’t conquer one thing and move in to the next. You keep thinking you got over an insecurity until you find that it just transformed itself into something newer and newer. I really wish I didn’t care.

No. 1229889

I want to go back to when my brain wasn't highly damaged with internet culture, stale memes and "irony".

No. 1229890

Idk anon, I'm not denying that "punch a terf" and abusing women they disagree with in general is considered PC and has been normalized, it definitely is and it's retarded. I've seen so many conservative and radfem/gc women get this abuse from troons. However, I do still see threats against conservative men, cops, "rich people", politicians, and "nazis" (unless they're troons of course then it's all fine no matter what oppressive group they belong to).
I'm in college so I do meet these retards irl not just online. (live in SoCal)
>Most say they're anti guns, against training, against fighting, against everything etc.
I do see that, and that's pretty deranged but males don't need training or guns to beat women so it doesn't matter to so called "liberal males". This is why women should arm themselves and avoid lib men at all costs.

No. 1229891

You can, just stop

No. 1229893

the far-right-male-to-leftist-tranny pipeline is very much real, everyone has noticed it by now, which is why "punch nazis!" has started to fade away while "punch terfs!" is getting stronger

No. 1229894

Are you sure it's not bloating?

No. 1229896

You sure it's fat? Maybe it's bloating. Try changing your diet, eating less salt, drinking more water. Also you can still lose fat and stay the same weight by lifting/resistance training. You'd be able to eat more too since muscle burns more calories. Or you could accept yourself as you are. No one's perfect.
Also just googled a bit and there's such a thing as hormonal belly. Could be that even.

No. 1229898

My stomach juts out a bit despite being skinny/underweight too, my plan for now is to weight lift and put mass on other parts of my body, so my stomach looks smaller in comparison. Because it doesn't really seem to go away no matter how underweight I am

No. 1229900

Same. I'm hoping that dipping into ana territory will cure me and then I can maintain a normal shape afterwards. Can't afford lipo.

No. 1229905

Even if I downgrade to a call-only phone and throw my laptop out of the window (which both is impossible, since you can't even fucking attend uni or keep up with work without contacts through internet), the damage is done.

No. 1229909

Thank you I hate that it’s probably going to take her fainting at work or losing all her hair for her to even admit she has a problem. She’s enrolled herself in school again to get a degree in nutrition because she wants to be a dietician and it’s just like this sick obsession like yeah sure it’s totally healthy to live solely off yogurt, eggs, and carrots. Yeah of course your hair is dry and frizzy and breaking off because that’s it’s natural texture and not at all due to significant nutritional deficiencies. The worst part is she’s dragged my dad into it and now he is on the same >1000 calorie/day diet and looks like he has cancer.

No. 1229911

It’s not bloating, no. I’ve been like this since 13 or 14, before I’ve had a normal tummy, and I got my period at like 10 or 11. I might look into the hormonal belly thing and resistance training.

Same. Unlucky, I guess. I just end up losing weight in proportion, so I just look smaller…but still with a belly. Good luck to you, I hope you become the humbly-roided nonna of your dreams!

Ah, ana-chan territory is just so seductive. Especially when the belly fat won’t go away no matter how much you lose. But take care of yourself, eh? Make sure you meet all of your nutritional needs. In the end it won’t matter if you start getting serious health issues.

No. 1229914

I think the more underweight you are, the more noticeable stomach bloating tends to be. People out here chasing this idea that a flat stomach exits and that they can achieve it somehow are only going to find themselves feeling worse and worse about their bodies

No. 1229958

I paid the toll road fee and my bf didn't offer to pay half. It's a miniscule amount of money but the principle…

No. 1229968

File: 1655561023165.png (321.54 KB, 1920x1080, anterior-pelvic-tilt-vrs-poste…)

I'm too lazy to go through the replies for this post, but has anyone mentioned a forward tilting pelvis to this anon? I just learned about this and it made me feel better about my tummy pooch but also like, fuck, because it'll never go away. It's called anterior pelvic tilt. Apparently it can be "fixed" with exercise but I don't really believe it tbh (any anons who can weigh in on this?) When I straighten my pelvis, the pooch does go away but I'm pretty well contorted.

No. 1229969

Aw, man, rip to you anon. I have faith that you can rise above…

No. 1229977

File: 1655561391409.jpeg (84.29 KB, 720x661, E5822DD5-4DCD-47F6-A796-AE38A9…)

No. 1229991

This level of stingy

No. 1229992

I mean sure but anons right. You can literally just stop.

No. 1230025

My workplace is fucking falling apart around me and the more it gets worse the more hours they're giving me to cover shitty workers who call out five minutes before or don't even quit, just don't show up and sure I'm able to save more this way but I'm also so tired I can't put energy into looking for something better. God damn does my body hurt. The pay is bad, the work is bad, it's isolating and I am terrified to try something more challenging and fall flat on my face. I like my supervisor and office contact. Have only met two of my previous eight managers because this place sucks, it has like a 1.3 star rating on indeed…

No. 1230032

Paying is the primary male love language and the fact that he didn't even offer shows a lot

No. 1230035

I think you're exaggerating on what was described as a miniscule amount. Moids do a lot of shit to their gf, don't think this is one of them.

No. 1230036

I went on a small gettogether yesterday and listened to people talking about their experiences studying abroad and I was just overwhelmed by envy and felt terrible that although I always wanted to do that, fantasized about it, I never had the guts to do it and I feel like I'm too old now to do it. I've literally wasted my younger years because of anxiety

No. 1230050

>didn't offer to pay half
i'm so sorry

No. 1230082

I got friend-ghosted/rejected by this person and I just can't get over it. I know! Take your L and get over yourself and all that, but I just…can't. She just pretended we were never friends. And I was like okay, huh, but sometimes if we run into each other I purposefully pull out my phone to not see her and. She. Still. Stops. To say hi and play nice. Stop it! I don't want to say hi to you! You fucking pretended I didn't exist! It's just every time I see I am reminded how much I keep failing at making friends. Like what, I'm too retarded for you to hang out with but not enough for you to ignore? I know this is about me more than her, but it still sucks.

No. 1230090

never too old to fuck shit up anon, go for it

No. 1230119

Where can I go online where I can get like $15 cashapp? I'm talking like someone just donate it to me? I'm so broke, I have no money for food right now and I'm in a bad situation, I just need a few bucks.

No. 1230127

Hmmm… so moneylion has instacash options if you sign up with them? Its a micro loan with a few dollars fee but maybe?

No. 1230129

Also, I'm annoyed. I'm browsing gossip sites and I came across a thread on lipstick alley, where a young woman is expressing how she doesn't like older men hitting on her and it's gross. Of course men are pissed at this.
But there's also users on the site going, "yeah but only because it's ugly old men! I bet if it was (Name of older man they think is hot), they'd change their tune"!"
It's annoying because, how come people can't just respect when a woman says some shit? Not everyone is a dick hungry freak who'd change their standards because the "Right" older man comes along.
Some don't want older men PERIOD. Stop questioning women when they say some shit, some women actually MEAN what they say.

No. 1230142

As >>1230090 said, you are never too old! My step grandma never had the chance when she was younger, but now travels quite a bit with my grandpa. Her stories are great!

No. 1230168

I confessed to my friends that I'm a fujo and it seemed like they took it alright despite laughing about the whole concept but ever since then they've been giving me weird looks and nudging me whenever I'm talking to this fag in one of our lectures. What is wrong with normies

No. 1230196

I believe I'm pretty good at drawing cute characters when it comes to the face, hands and clothes but man I fucking SUCK at drawing the lower part of the body (legs and feet). I can never get it right no matter how many times I try jfc the legs ruin the picture every fucking time

No. 1230218

My father requested to follow me on facebook and we don't talk at all. I haven't spoken to him in YEARS. I was wondering why and I realize that Father's Day is coming up and his bitch ass THINKS imma make a post on my dead ass facebook or something about him.
Thats the ONLY reason I can think after years he'd want to request me. He clearly doesn't care about me and I don't have any hope his dumb ass is doing this to bridge some gap. I'm almost fucking 30. Fuck off scrote.

No. 1230234

Just draw a lot from reference and study it. It’ll change everything for you

No. 1230240


No. 1230251

Found out my friend's ex-husband has been grooming and possibly molesting young boys in their church, but the boys' parents refuse to do anything because they don't want to get in trouble. Because of that he won't be charged as a sex offender, and my friend legally still has to hand her young daughters over to him every week for their joint custody. I hope her dad straight up goes to the ex's house with a shotgun when he finds out. I knew her ex was terrible because I was even friends with him at one point, but I never thought he was this bad, I guess I should have known because he's a moid.

No. 1230254

anon, if you're that sick the doctor will understand. i hope you get help and feel better soon.

No. 1230255

File: 1655577698191.png (1017.13 KB, 936x997, unknown.png)

I reported my family to the Animal Welfare Office, and understandably that severed ties to my whole family. I don't really give a shit otherwise, but I do miss my under 10 year old sisters a lot. I do not want to contact them and upset them, as my dad and step mother have no doubt told them horrible shit of me. I hope they contact me when they are older, if they want to. I wish the report even did shit, but apparently keeping dogs in cages in a locked room all day eating their own shit is a ok according to the official.

No. 1230256

There are some cows I don’t follow but I see their thread pics in snow and they actually look cute, even if the thread has a pic of their nasolabial foldsor big nose

No. 1230258

That’s terrible Nona, you should tip off to the police churches are evil

No. 1230265

She's currently working with a lawyer to build a case and report to the police asap, but it's difficult if the parents refuse to cooperate and it's a delicate situation because of the shared custody. All I can really do for now is try to support her, but I wish I could just go and violently castrate the guy himself. And yeah, fuck churches.

No. 1230267

Anon, what you did is right, and I hope you and your siblings have the connection one day that isnt tainted by the damage of terrible parents.
I wont blog about the similarities your story has to my own, but I really relate. And I miss my niece everyday.
I try to keep the eye on the prize, by setting my future up for success. Im in therapy, sorting out my issues, and working on my foundations of adulting. It helps to know -one day- they will be able to talk to you, and you will be ready and prepared.
All the hugs and afirming nods nonna, hang in there. Youre a good person.

No. 1230275

File: 1655578971295.jpg (281.49 KB, 934x1156, Tumblr_l_1267046488349262.jpg)

I broke the bowl I got from my late grandmother. She was the last grandparent I had, and she passed last year. And I broke her bowl like a fucking retard. I found a replacement and bought it and I let my parents know but I just feel so fucking stupid. Idk I know I'm overreacting but I don't know why I'm incapable of the simplest thing like not knocking over a fucking bowl. God

No. 1230276

Thank you for responding with your experience nonna! I appreaciate it. I hope you feel better in time and connect with your niece too. Unironic internet huggies to you nonna!

No. 1230278

Bjork en el Oxxo………

No. 1230292

File: 1655579891535.jpeg (204.34 KB, 640x640, 3F5EE2F8-2452-43F6-8968-20985B…)

Wait! You can save it ! The art of Kintsugi. You could piece it together with gold.

No. 1230306

Yeah, he's always been like this I guess. Before we married we didn't have enough money to buy games regularly, so I assume that now that we have more consoles is more obvious.
I understand the work and stress part, but I don't why you would want to play stressing games when your life is stressing enough.
He's the kind of guy who would never touch TheSims, AnimalCrossing, SlimeRancher, etc. We used to play Minecraft together, but we stopped cause I just wanted to enjoy the game and make cute houses, and he wanted to grind all the time, and I didn't see the fun on that.
For the other asking, when he woke up he realizes I was upset, so I gave him an earful. If he wants to get pissed at games is his issue, but I should not be affected by it. He can behave like a kid if he wants, but he shouldn't expect me to do something about it.
He understood, so I assume it will pass some time before something like this happens again.

No. 1230308

Sweet nonna, everyone's clumsy sometimes, some of us more than others, it's a pain when it happens to something we love. If you still have the bowl I recommend giving what >>1230292 said a try. My friend broke a vase that belonged to her mom and repaired it with this method, and it's so beautiful and everyone who visits her asks about it when they see it.

No. 1230310

I wholeheartedly agree with you, anon. I just wish I knew how to talk it into men. I used to be a small "esports" person (would be on LoL tourneys as a teen and eloboost people) but after spending 6 years inside a toxif relam i realised toxic games are just not worth it, let alone being toxic. I dont know how men can just not understand that its easier to just let it go than keep malding and then keep being stubborn by playing. The whole progress of malding while playing just to get a sort of "satisfiying" result to me is just stupid. The "world" of videogames is huge, there are so many games that you can find more worth spending your time in than some toxic ones. Its that simple… Maybe he could try switching the genre to something a tiny bit on a casual (yet interesting) side compared to other games. Idk like Yakuza or even MonuHun franchise.

No. 1230321

How do dating sites even fucking work? Most are full of men who "forget" to put their sexuality, so I assume they are DL/bisexual because…yeah. The other half are older men who can't work the site right, most the black men in my area also don't put their sexuality, which again, is weird as fuck to me.
I know..I know, why am I trying to find something real online? Well thats where I am. I don't get out much, depressed and unmotivated. Sometimes I just want to talk to someone with a dick and have a decent conversation. I'm just retarded. I hate my life.

No. 1230324

and then I got sick a few days ago, been like a week maybe 2. I lost my smell/taste. My nose was stuffed up but then it became sorta like a "Head thing" where I felt sick and my head felt "Full". My nose didn't physically have snot in it, but I still could'nt taste or smell properly. Fast forward today, my taste/smell is slowly coming back, but I still can't taste much of anything. Everything tastes Salty, if it's sweet, somehow the "Salt" in it pops out more.
It just tastes like everything is really watered down if I can taste at all. I think I have the Rona, but nobody else in my house has any sympthoms or anything like that. So I don't know if it's just me. I've never had this happen to me before

No. 1230328

you do have it, anon. i experienced the same saltiness too, but sometimes sugar tasted like mucous, which is much worse than it sounds. it's possible the others in your house just had mild symptoms

No. 1230329

don't want to post in the pixie thread but fuck her and that lel suicide post. i've had 3 people in my old high school friend group commit suicide in the past few years. i hate people who think that shit is socially acceptable, it's disgusting. and people like her just cry "uwu i'm baby" when they're called out.

No. 1230331

She annoys me becuase it's clear she's unwell, but not in the many way she claims. She annoys me in the same way Shayna annoys me. In that both are miserable people because their choices, but it seems they never truly get "consequences" from the dumb shit they do. If they do it's very small and doesn't last. They literally have all the tools to not be what they are.
Pixie is disgusting.

No. 1230334

It started with one day i was drinking, i woke up and my thighs were hurting really bad everytime I laid down. I went to the ER, they didn't test me for covid or did much of anything. Just gave me a shot in the ass for my muscles to relax. I went home, went to sleep and my taste was kinda gone, the next day I woke up sick. stuffy nose, can't taste, headache and feeling woozy everytime I stood up. Since then the symphoms dimmed but my taste is still weird/watered down/gone. I can smell better. I haven't been isolating, like I don't leave the house, but I've been normal with my family members. It's weird if I do have it, the only person who barely leaves the house catches covid.
Maybe my lack of taste will last forever and make my diet come back easier, but it only makes me want to drink because eating doesn't give me the satsifaction it once did.

No. 1230344

I'm with you. Obviously not gonna derail the thread to blogpost, but when I wasn't doing well I went to a town a few hours away in order to attempt. Obviously didn't succeed, but I feel weird just mentioning that town by name now because of the bad memories and the embarrassment I put everyone through. Can't imagine buying a shirt of it and wearing it. I didn't even particularly dislike Pixie a couple years ago, but the way she uses mental illness and trauma as a personality now is really rubbing me the wrong way.

No. 1230352

Ffs the guy that confronted me in work about tinder has now sent me a friend request on fb. Go away lol

No. 1230354

what do you mean confronted? did you chat with him on there?

No. 1230357

The current heatwave makes me want to commit final solution on boomers.

No. 1230365

>the guy that confronted me in work about tinder

males at work have a serious deficiency when it comes to this… Just because you spot me on an app doesn't mean I want to fuck YOU right there and then.

No. 1230441

File: 1655592521389.jpg (44.86 KB, 600x677, coffee.jpg)

I found out that not only was my father physically, emotionally and verbally abusive and terrorized my entire family, but he also cheated on my mother repeatedly. Apparently I was the only person not made aware of this until now. Not sure why this bothers me so much to find out. Maybe because It's yet another example that my father was never the kind of man my mother and my father's side of the family tried to convince us he was. Just as much of a scrote as any other scrote.

No. 1230465

I'm in such a grumpy, introverted mood at work right now. Whenever someone comes up to talk to me I feel like banging my head on the wall. I just want to glare at people and silently judge them. I wish that when I'm in a mood lile this, i could just wear a sign that says 'do not talk to me'.

No. 1230478

im tired of wasting my 20s by being a retarded socially anxious person whose afraid to leave her comfort area or live on her own. i used to party and drink and smoke but after a traumatic accident i'm afraid of everything and i'm just a shell of my former self. i've lost so many friends and potential experiences

No. 1230482

im on vacation with my friend and for some reason she’s started being really cold to me. She made me cry this morning. I have never seen this side of her and it’s really off putting. She’s acting like a high school mean girl I don’t get it. I guess the trip is stressing her out and maybe I’m getting on her nerves. It feels like really pointed aggression too. we’ll be out with a group of people and she’ll be laughing and smiling and chatting and then I’ll start to speak and she stares daggers at me. It sucks and makes me feel so lonely to be in a different country with a girl who can’t seem to stand me. Everytime I speak she makes me feel like an annoying fucking idiot. I can’t stand passive aggression and it’s making me kind of start to dislike her. I don’t know what I did to upset her so much but yeah. I feel lonely as fuck and sad on this expensive ass vacation that I just want to have fun on. Do I address the issue or keep trying to pretend like everything is normal in the hopes she stops acting like this? It’s so hard to confront people when they’re being passive aggressive bc the aggression is so subtle but the vibes are definitely off I don’t think I’m imagining it or being overly sensitive

No. 1230488

Confront her. Why ignore it? Even if it passes you'll always wonder wtf her problem was.

No. 1230513

I know for a fact that you aren't my friend you just feel sorry for me. I'm used to having no friends so take your misplaced pity and direct it towards something else thanks

No. 1230524

Feelings and thoughts and especially emotional thoughts are the biggest pain in my ass. Fuck feelings. Fuck emotions. I hate that I can't flip them on and off or control them. I just have to fucking cope.

No. 1230525

I got invited to hang out for the first time in 6 years but the thought of socializing with someone my age makes me want to throw up and run away and scream.

No. 1230544

i'm pretty sure i have a ear infection but i was too retarded to notice until the weekend

No. 1230546

The best stuff in life makes you shit your pants. Go for it. Say how nervous you are and they will understand.

No. 1230601

A couple of months ago me, my brother and my mother moved out from my abusive father's house, leaving him alone there. The only problem was our dog that he refused to give back, but we got extremely lucky and eventually the dog got to live with us. However, after a month or two my mom decided to give him back to my father without my knowledge. She claimed he wasn't happy in our small flat and that she wanted to let him have some fun in the backyard.
He was supposed to be there for one week. It's been month and a half and I haven't seen him since. I know my father treats him badly. When I still lived there I've seen him abusing the dog physically, kicking him. I remember the dog was scared of his voice and how he used to scratch the door to my room trying to get in to hide under my bed when my father entered the house. It breaks my heart to think about all these things. He doesn't deserve this.
I've been studying in another city, so since the beginning of the school year I barely saw the dog. After we moved out and got the dog, I saw him a couple of times on the weekends. By the time I graduated she's given him away.
I feel so betrayed by my mom and angry at her stupidity. I know it was my father who manipulated her into doing that, because he knew that if he had something valuable to her, she'd have to keep in touch with him.
But after we all moved out she had no reason to keep talking with him. And she promised that she'll cut him off once we leave the house. If she did what she promised to, this wouldn't have happened.
This situation has triggered me terribly. I feel so helpless. It's as if it's impossible to get rid of my father and his influence. It doesn't matter that I've cut him off completly. I still carry so much pain that he has caused me when I was younger and he still hurts me through other people.
I don't feel like talking to my mother. Most of the time I ignore her or say something passive agressive. When she asks me something, I often say that I don't know the answer, even if I do know it and could help her. I know it's childlish, but I have this anger inside me. Also, I feel weirdly unstable. Her stupid comments and jokes (unrelated to the dog) make me cry instantly. I just don't feel comfortable around her.
She never admitted she did anything wrong. Maybe I am overdramatic, but she took something important from me and gave it to him. I can't wrap my head around it.

No. 1230611

Bump, there's gore

No. 1230614

File: 1655598425273.jpeg (248.91 KB, 750x700, C23196D5-297D-4F13-9AC7-73FE18…)

Fujos are about as awful as porn-addicted scrotes. Oh look! the freaks literally shrivel in despair once someone tells them how dumb and pointless their doo-doo dicking kinks are. How different is your fag fetish to someone who likes inflation or furry porn? Look at yourselves in the mirror you quite literally resemble 4chan scrotes who spam porn everyday on the imageboards, porn is pretty much a big part of their shitty internet culture the only difference is that you fetishize gay people. None of you lack any fucking self-awareness or shame but what would I expect from people who’s parents didn’t love them at all. No one will ever love you, cherish you, ever have sex with you rancid sinister pieces of shit and that is why you and the scrotes who will never let go of their pornography addiction will continue to be slaves to the porn they desire. Free yourselves, you will always be stuck into a continuous phase of worshiping men while claiming to hate them.

No. 1230617

Anon I'm so fucking sorry your mom did that. I don't even know how I could even begin to process that. It was very unjust that she did that behind your back. I know it has already been so long but I hope that you will be able to be reunited with your pup. Fuck you mom and fuck your dad especially. I don't blame you for not talking to your mom, honestly I'd probably full on freak if I was in your situation.

No. 1230622

Are you the nona from the revenge thread?

No. 1230626

Is this a copypasta? Kek you retard

No. 1230627

go lose some weight, also kek at you complaining about women “fetishizing men” boohooooo will someone please think about the poor fags

No. 1230629

your arguments and entire position sucks

No. 1230631

yeah they already have a containment thread. if they would just stop fucking giving the scrote attention (because subconsciously anons who claim to hate men weirdly center their emotions and lives around them in every aspect) they could go and spam that shit elsewhere, it’s so irritating. i’m not against fujo/mlm shit because i’m thinking of the poor wittle males who are getting misrepresented and fetishized, i think it really resembles who you shouldn’t trust and never believe and i would never trust a fujoshi’s words with my fucking life, they are like ezrafags where their values and morals that actually do matter come second because of their primitive attraction to scrotes

No. 1230634

Lmao go back

No. 1230636

highly doubt this is even based on the behavior of a few fujos who reply. you're just talking about fujos in general and insulting them for no reason. liking anime men is not the same as being obsessed with men, the entire thing about them is that they're entirely unrealistic because they're capable of being everything positive that men refuse to be

No. 1230637

how are 2d anime twinks even comparable to that, you really are retarded.

No. 1230639

you have a porn addiction because you’re fucking insane. instead of reading yaoi why don’t you go eat a banana or something, there is nothing that different between you and a scrote

No. 1230640

ah so you’re retarded

No. 1230642

File: 1655599254394.jpeg (314.03 KB, 828x396, 1CEDBFF2-59D5-4060-BC8A-523A29…)

No. 1230643

>you will always be stuck into a continuous phase of worshiping men while claiming to hate them
Shitty argument, as if anime men are like 3DPGs in any shape or form kek also is called sexual attraction not "worship", you weirdo
I'm not even a fujo tf

No. 1230644

File: 1655599324151.jpg (68.89 KB, 640x435, original.jpg)

ok moid i see that seeing 2D twinks boning hurt you're feefes, compared to the usual bug/scat porn your used to seeing.

No. 1230645

you liking yaoi is contingent on real-world, real-life attraction to men, you wouldn’t read yaoi at all if it had nothing to do with human interest in sexuality and romance, so that’s already a bullshit argument. you also implied that if men were exactly the same as the batshit fantasies in your favorite yaoi/gay media you wouldn’t hate them and in theory you degenerates would go after them and be attracted to them, in fact i don’t even think fujoshis hate men it’s already pretty obvious. you are a bunch of sick fucks and if you just connected the dots they are on the same-level of ezrafags, you will just never get it because you’re a coomer

No. 1230650

File: 1655599475025.jpeg (138.26 KB, 749x805, CA13592B-3A48-4F54-A9E0-7F106D…)

No. 1230651

Kek ily anon

No. 1230652


no one would ever like you in real life so you cope with the fact that you are not desirable in anyway and indulge in those fantasies in weeb garbage. let the cope go anon, you’re just ugly and undesirable

No. 1230653

i think you are forgetting where you are, this is not your weird polilez rudefem seperatist echo-chamber, also your posts are very obvious at this point (its not the first time you sperged out) you might as well become a name-fag.

Why dont you fuck off from this site along with those moids.

No. 1230654


No. 1230656

weird how they never go after the yumejoshis

No. 1230657



No. 1230658

i think its a scrote or a mentally ill polilez.

No. 1230660

Guess what? A woman’s job is not to be desirable. Fuck off, eat shit, etc you’re making yourself miserable screeching about things nobody else cares about

No. 1230661

File: 1655599736717.png (209.47 KB, 540x388, 288DF234-01F2-416C-9F9A-C60FD5…)

every underpaid japanese mangaka or twitter artist that sees a drooling fujoshi would zap your cockroach existence into dust. you have a porn addiction

No. 1230662

it's not a polilez, polilezzes are not stupid enough to claim yaoi is the same as gore porn

No. 1230664

File: 1655599777146.jpeg (32.17 KB, 240x240, 0B80CFE4-05A4-479D-85DD-03A4D6…)

me crying myself to sleep after being told i’m as bad as a porn sick scrote by some obese malding moid
leave the yumes out of this

No. 1230665


kekk anon you must be baiting too

No. 1230666

File: 1655599809803.jpeg (67.67 KB, 640x782, BD994D0C-D4C7-477B-BBFB-13DE0E…)

No. 1230667

You know, you are always ranting about fujos and how much you hate them like they aren’t an obscure minuscule group of women that you wouldn’t be exposed to unless you were actively seeking out the same dorky circles. Find something else to be mad about maybe.

No. 1230669

you are a worthless scrote, would i rather read thousands of yaoi then ever touch a incel.

Most men are worthless too nowadays since their only value was their wallet and most of them are now bum deadbeats.

No. 1230670

a woman’s job is to make every other woman’s life miserable and then use feminism to absolve her of that very guilt. women are about as morally reprehensible as men, we are just socialized to not be as awful as them

No. 1230672

File: 1655599941963.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 172.74 KB, 850x690, 86CDD6DB-5956-492C-9720-CC4F21…)

No. 1230673

well it's a valid point, isn't it? why aren't they attacking the yumes? the same argument could apply to them but there's never a complaint about them. why does drawn gay sex trigger these tards so much? some of them are actual women (like romanianon). why are gay sex enjoyers living rent free in their heads so much? because their idea of "who they are" tells them they're not the ideal woman performing womanhood correctly?

No. 1230675

Yeah okay? And? You think you’re saying some groundbreaking shit here dude? You are so fucking mad kek

No. 1230677

how do fujos make your life miserable lmao?

No. 1230678

Because they’re either men or not attracted to men so it pisses them off while literally no one else cares. Such a non-issue.

No. 1230679

fujoshis are absolutely awful human beings toward other women and that’s why they love gay men

No. 1230681

I don’t think it’s a transmasc I genuinely feel it’s a man or a very angry lesbian.

No. 1230682

You had a crush on a fujo and she shot you down or something? Starting to sound like it

No. 1230683

how about you stop moralfagging every anons behavior here and go and eat dog shit you unlikable trash.

No. 1230685

Nta, just watching the show, but I do see them get attacked. In their own thread, even.

No. 1230687

File: 1655600228848.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 124.74 KB, 579x800, 3E232658-251F-4A29-93DD-C23485…)

No. 1230688

definitely not a lesbian. i would bet anything i have that it's a man or unhinged straight woman who capes for men by insisting women are just as degen as them.

No. 1230689

by these weirdos though? not just in general, i'm talking about by these weirdos who make these stupid arguments specifically.

No. 1230690

imagine if you took this energy and instead of focusing it on a small group of women focused it towards the insane amount of male pedos, or do you only get mad at women? for someone who talks so much about how anti feminist and awful fujos are you sure love to spend your time hating on a group of people that are exclusively female, hmmm

No. 1230691

The fact that anyone cares is beyond me. Clearly a little to involved in those circles and bitter for very personal reasons. Must’ve gotten scorned.

No. 1230692

ew anon these are fucking moid tier

No. 1230693

True, didn’t think about that part. Definitely a man.

No. 1230694

That was the point I’m just trying to upset him

No. 1230695

File: 1655600369060.jpg (1.78 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20220617_160811040.jpg)

there was some yume content spammed too like this one for example but moids thought that was yaoi because they think yume also means male-gaze.

No. 1230696

>WAaaaa waaaaa fujos bad me good reee hurdurr

No. 1230700

anon they’re way too fucking easy to bait and I’m actually being legitimately serious about my anti-fujoshi opinion

No. 1230704

>anything I don’t like must be a scrote!

this is just a low-hanging fruit argument why am I not allowed to hate fujoshis? no shit I can avoid it but you have /g/ for a reason, i’m just so fucking tired of seeing porn of any kind on this website

No. 1230705

File: 1655600745839.jpg (83.89 KB, 1200x712, 5c2ffa491145df7b237c2e44c517fa…)

>be moid

>fap to porn involving shit, bugs, animals and gore.

>see yaoi

>brain short circuits.

>reeeee what is this!!!!!

>you are all pornsick and going to hell.

>No stop!!!

>brain short circuits again

>Chimps out and starts spamming gore or edgy shock post because triggered by yaoi on a site you're not even welcome in.

No. 1230706

yaoi is not even posted in g/ lmao nice try newfag scrote.

No. 1230708

can you not read? i said it's also possible for you to be a pathetic, ball-patting straight woman. why'd you get so triggered by the first one specifically? huh

No. 1230709

Then fuck off retard

No. 1230710

nona im begging you whats the sauce pleaseeee

No. 1230711

File: 1655600979390.gif (565.65 KB, 220x175, 4E1FB5A8-F674-4903-8592-F0AB96…)


No. 1230713

File: 1655601025076.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.75 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (3).jpg)


Are you a lesbian? Closet case lesbians tend to get spergy about attraction to men in general.

Men are not "centering their lives around women" by eroticizing us, in fact most men who decrade women are also very vocal about their attraction.

No. 1230714

i answered in that moid thread before it got deleted.

the second one is called ''shutline''
The first one is called ''the blood of madam giselle'' and the story sucks so i dont suggest that one.

No. 1230715

>a woman’s job is to make every other woman’s life miserable and then use feminism to absolve her of that very guilt. women are about as morally reprehensible as men, we are just socialized to not be as awful as them
this was you five minutes ago

No. 1230716

File: 1655601143307.jpeg (94.8 KB, 596x589, 16454411-B345-43CF-93B7-959427…)

No. 1230718

you are either a newfag or a male or you are both, you literally said there are yaoi threads in g/ which is false, you seem to not know which thread is in which board yet you are trying to control other anons here and what they can post, you seem very unhinged and mentally ill.

No. 1230719

File: 1655601229643.jpeg (394.71 KB, 750x882, 413FF67A-B5AD-488E-A24D-4BCEA3…)

No, stop being an asshurt fujoshi and go take a bath. I bet you’re one of those anons in the dumbass shit thread months ago where you admitted to not take a shower for days or weeks. Your room probably smells like davie john’s locker. The chemicals wafting off of your cheap $5 sanrio plushies are rotting, your computer is about to fuck up and die out on you because of the obscene amount of gay porn you have on your computer. Grease, grime, bile accumulates on your skin, there is no self-care but only care for fictional anime men who love each other but no one loves you. Ultimate loss! Kek

No. 1230720

thank you!!!

No. 1230722

stop imaging fake scenarios. projecting and YOU go take a shower, your mother is very disappointed in having birthed a incel defect xy neet.

No. 1230723


No. 1230725

listen to this

No. 1230726

You have so much brainrot from this website that you think everyone who has a different opinion or expresses their thoughts differently must be a scrote. What a sad existence thinking that every little thing involves a man, sad!

No. 1230727

exactly what a man would say kek

No. 1230729

File: 1655601603798.gif (2.62 MB, 498x373, stray-kids-stray-kids-hyunjin.…)


No. 1230730

hmmm then why dont you stop using this website then?

No. 1230733

You wish I was a smega-owner kek, that’s literally what straight women always want. You’re never going to have to it fantasies come true let it go, I hate fujoshis and I hate how otaku culture has pretty much ruined female spaces.

No. 1230734

ok moid i see this site upsets you, why dont you get a job or a HOBBY so then maybe you wont resort to compulsively hate-watching this site?

No. 1230735


No. 1230737

anyway she doesnt mean "uwu stop hurting gay men by fetishizing them" she means fetishizing gay men trains your brain into hoping men have humanity if they're hot enough and training yourself to have a sexual dependancy on male image.

No. 1230738

Yes, it’s definitely brainrot that makes you sound like a male.

No. 1230739

>complaining about otaku culture on an image board
Retarded and a newfag, sad!

No. 1230740

Nobody cares

No. 1230741

File: 1655601849347.png (245.02 KB, 1342x374, Control-V (1).png)

Malding this hard because a few queens are not attracted to straight men but boy toy fags.

No. 1230743

no its unlikable trash like you ruining female spaces also this site since the beginning was made up by primarily people you would label ''otaku''.
it really is a newfag and a really aggressive one too they think yaoi is in g/ too.

No. 1230745

> implying that's it's only one anon smut peddling.

Does wishing I had the energy to pursue my passions count as a vent? I started working recently and the hours are inconsistent and I need to get used to being really active again. I'm a little stressed because the things I want to invest in will take some obsession to get good at like language learning.

No. 1230748

Schizophrenia the post

No. 1230750

No. 1230751

File: 1655601984033.jpeg (95.52 KB, 750x932, D311437D-9497-4CD5-AF94-B6DECA…)

You clearly know that’s a lie if you guys didn’t care this thread wouldn’t have a bunch of posts about fujoshis kek

No. 1230752

All of those posts are you sperging out and everyone telling you to leave

No. 1230753

Pro tip if you kill yourself you won’t have to look at yaoi and fujoshis ever again!

No. 1230754

Because they’re all your posts

No. 1230756

Is he naturally the pretty, anon? I see a good looking kpop guy and just know he's a plastic surgery monster. (but damn he does have a nice smile)

No. 1230757

Go and get therapy, you would benefit from it or better yet go and get medicated.

No. 1230758

thank fucking god someone on this website still has a brain lmao, it’s so hard explaining this fact to anons who’s brains have been rotted by viewing porn all the time. it’s still bad I don’t care being a fujoshi is shit, i hate fujoshis, i hate men, can’t i have both????

No. 1230759

Is the antifujo poster the same person spamming gore in /ot/ right now? It was reported in /meta/ but I don't want to check

No. 1230760

I need therapy but the de/g/enerates who post porn all of the time and self-admit to their porn addiction don’t need therapy? Make it make sense

No. 1230763

except that this is moronic. some women are straight and can't "train" themselves out of being (physically) attracted to men and it has nothing to do with porn or yaoi. looking at men while you try to orgasm doesn't mean you have to be with men.

No. 1230765

hyunjinfag's posts got deleted rip to the brave soldier taking the kpop ban so the mods will wake up.

No. 1230766

File: 1655602432198.jpeg (58.19 KB, 750x174, 4297EED2-0892-416E-B582-8EF4A2…)

this is your life as a fujoshi, stop using anime to aid your sick Eurocentric fetish please

No. 1230767

hyunjinfag we love you.

No. 1230768

Is it a good idea being friends with co-workers? Are you? I'm petrified of starting my internship and not liking the ambient.

No. 1230769

how are you still not banned?

No. 1230771

No anon, women aren’t allowed to desire sex or masturbate, in fact that’s absolutely fucking disgusting and so degenerate. Women shouldn’t be allowed to view any sort of adult material.

No. 1230772

>Eurocentric fetish
Oh god what a loser

No. 1230774

This is sarcasm right? I don't care, I'm taking it as sarcasm.

No. 1230775

kpop fans are infinitely better than fujoshis. they might have an addiction but they actually care about things that do matter like music and dancing(stop fujoshi sperging)

No. 1230776

It’s so clearly obviously sarcasm and satirizing that anon that it’s annoying that you even asked.

No. 1230777

File: 1655602586597.gif (2.39 MB, 275x275, 1628912849030.gif)

>Eurocentric fetish
he didn't even google yaoi before posting here did he

No. 1230778

>training training training
wut. everyone knows 2D =/= 3D

No. 1230779

what? aren't the yaoi men just korean and japanese? like, typically? how is that european lmao

No. 1230780

Can mods please redtext the anti-fujo so we will know whether they are banned or not (and so anons can stop responding to them)

No. 1230781

Because calling a grown man with enough plastic surgery to blow madonna out of the water their widdle meow meow and shipping them with other men isn’t weird at all

No. 1230782

This, at this point I see all the kpop fags as a good thing. Thank you for still hanging around this website even if mods are so hostile to you all. You literally are the only reason threads get deleted, and it's both a blessing and a curse, and I'm thankful for your sacrifices.

No. 1230784

>kpop fans are infinitely better than fujoshis
they are the same people
>music and dancing
kek no

No. 1230787

Um sweaty, this is the vent thread, not the fujo cringe thread.

No. 1230788

>you can still be a decent human being without caring about sexual attraction or love or relationships.
you’re a psycho lol(derailing)

No. 1230790

File: 1655602850712.jpg (62.56 KB, 640x640, aa3aabb609924c84.jpg)

most kpop fans like fujoshis, so you failed.
hey most kpop fans also like fujos. you dont have to insult us or the idols, the sperg is just trying to cause a divide between us.(derailing, ban evasion)

No. 1230795

No one will ever answer the question because silently they all believe that pornography is a necessary evil. They don’t care if scrotes view porn that is a detriment to society and how we view women as a whole, they don’t care if yaoi content places men in an unrealistic realm of fantasy where men are the only ones capable of being romantic. It’s not healthy, if you’re a straight woman you would like something a bit more normal where the man in fictional stories that actually values women and sees them as human but you choose gay men who don’t share the same sexuality as you to get off? There is something wrong with you and you know it. Fujoshis avoid the moral responsibility and cognitive dissonance and call anons scrotes or moralfags for hating it.

No. 1230796

Wouldn't it be kinda funny if that was the same poster from the fakeboy threads who began to sperg about how telling FtMs that they don't pass is a racist claim because men of color are less manly or something? I mean, those threads have been derailed for some antifujo too. Kek.

No. 1230797

File: 1655603193730.png (93.77 KB, 500x589, 532584732578.png)

I want to get into a fight or feel the thrill of a near death experience, I'm so tired of living in my comfort box.

No. 1230798

KEK proof that the jannies hate fujoshis more than anything, at least unban the poor kpop fags

No. 1230799

stop derailing.

No. 1230804

how the hell are you not banned still, are you ban-evading or smthn.

No. 1230805

jannies hate fujoshi scum, even if they banned me it would be for derailing because they don’t give a fuck lmao

No. 1230806

i mean thats exactly why the other anons got banned too, are you retarded or something.

No. 1230807

Why are men so self absorbed? I told my male friend I was sad because another friend was moving away and I felt a bit shit about it, he barely said anything he just kept talking about his own girlfriend and how they're having problems. I've listened to it plenty of times and gave him advice, I don't mind at all but man would you just be there for me once and just let me talk? It wasn't even a long ass message, I was just saying I was sad and wanted to talk a bit. But with every scrote it has to be all about himself, all the time or he's not interested. Why are they like this? I genuinely like him but it will get old fast if it keeps going like this. And I hate summer. And people who are glued to their phones and use them when you talk. That's all, I just hate everyone and everything I guess. Or it's just one of those days.

No. 1230809

they kept banning the hyujinfag and only banned that one post where they thought I was a kpopfag kek

No. 1230813

speaking of selfish.
i mean did you see the moid here that came here telling us how to get revenge on his ''slut'' ex-girlfriend and that we must give him advice and when anons said no and replied with yaoi he chimped out and started spamming us with gore and then started moralfagging in threads about eviiil fujos.

No. 1230817

I’m not the brazilian scrote, I just wanted to sperg about fujos(ban evasion)

No. 1230820

NTA but I did see that thread when only one person had replied. Why did anyone give him attention? Did he say anything funny about his life? I missed the whole thing

No. 1230825

Thank god I haven't kek

No. 1230828

Thinking of suicide on the daily now. I’m mentally drained nearly all the time and have constant low moods, these past 6 months have felt like a waking nightmare. I don’t know what the fuck todo anymore, I feel on the verge of tears all the time.
I used to not really understand depression, like I always got sad in the past, but the moments passed and I always went back to feeling fine. But this is just never ending. I don’t want to live if I have to feel like this forever.

No. 1230829

I wish I’d had a cool, hot, smart older sister when I was growing up to teach me about hair and makeup and skincare and career stuff. I feel like I’d be so much better off in life if I’d had someone to show me the way instead of having to figure everything out on my own.

No. 1230831

my cramps are ending me right now and it was such a nice day for a walk but i just couldnt keep walking

No. 1230832

My older sister constantly bullied me for being shallow and stupid because I wore makeup and had long hair so I feel this

No. 1230862

There's a thread up on 4ch right now that's making fun of the exact type of boobs I have that I've vented about here a million times and it's killing me inside. I'm not even asking for perky porn star boobs I just wish I didn't have literal deflated sacks hanging from my chest.

No. 1230867

I don't use 4chan so I don't know what thread you're talking about, but I know how it feels. But we have to persevere to spite the moids. They are malding because we exist, and that's great. And we still won't fuck them no matter how much they seethe about how ugly we are.

No. 1230876

what happened? cheering for you

No. 1230881

File: 1655611346530.jpeg (26.55 KB, 672x625, FQw1HxjXoAAKCz-.jpeg)

>caring about 4chan moid opinions

No. 1230910

Your sister sounds ugly.

No. 1230911

Stop going on 4chan you dumb bitch.

No. 1230926

I know how you feel but your breasts are totally normal. Scrotes literally think only "loose" women have "roast beef" vaginas when most women's vagina looks like that by default. They think adult women's vaginas are supposed to look like a child's, like in their 3D and 2D porn. Or that women aren't supposed to be hairy. It's the same thing with breasts. Your body is healthy and natural and plenty of women have breasts like ours, don't let worthless pornsick moids or impossible, artificial beauty standards dictated by modern society make you think otherwise.

Also don't go to 4chan

No. 1230929

why do i keep letting people back into my life who only want me around for attention? my ex just recently went through a breakup and of course comes crying to me, but i'm so friendless and care about them so much that i just let them do it. why am i so weak? this sucks so much, i know i can never get back together with them for my own sanity but why can't i also be strong enough to cut them off entirely? people are always keeping me at arms length until they want something from me.

No. 1230940

4chan is literally just pornsick scrotes that think women should behave like pornstars yet maintain the features of adolescents. breathe nona, often times we're too harsh on ourselves. regardless, the opinions of scrotes are irrelevant.

No. 1230946

Ah yes, let’s take a stroll through a sea of invalid perverts who hate women. Don’t lurk for research purposes if you can’t handle the content.

No. 1230947

Shut the fuck up about patrifaggot bateman

No. 1230950

I'm convinced all middled aged white people are literal retards. I'm a pale skinned brown girl and my husband is white, baby came out tannish with thick dark hair and MIL flips shit about how the baby must not be his… as if genetics somehow are supposed to make baby a carbon copy of the dad?

No. 1230951

Bawing over a thread pic?

No. 1230954

File: 1655619085045.jpg (6.6 KB, 236x290, aee0092f42e02f1ef9745fde96602c…)

There's a part of me that just truly hates people I think. Like I can never make myself concentrate on the person I'm talking to and immediately forget everything they told me. I feel like if I was more compassionate, I would be able to pay more attention

No. 1230968

I’m the same. I care about people and their needs and their feelings, I hate the thought of them being sad or distressed or in pain, but I don’t give a fuck about who they are, their interests, their opinions, what they did on the weekend etc. Just not remotely interested and I fake a lot of my reactions to people. I’m good at portraying myself as a friendly and bubbly person at work but that’s not who I am at all.

No. 1230970

You just described autism in a paragraph

No. 1230972

I just described being an emotionally self sufficient introvert, not a shit smearing, screeching autist.

No. 1230973

Samefag, I just genuinely cannot figure it out. I DO think about people a lot and have curiosity about them and their life, it's just when I'm close to them and would have the chance to actually learn more about them in conversation, I just cannot be 'present' and concentrate on them. I alo have this thing where I feel like the way I interact with people and the way I behave when I'm with people doesn't really reflect me at all. The true me is when I'm alone, in my head. People always get surprised when they learn more and more things about me because it never fits the image that they built of me in their heads. I just don't know how to be myself when people are around or something

Thank you for sharing nonna

Don't be an asshole

No. 1230993

This will sound vain as fuck but I wish men would stop asking for my number AND thinking they're entitled to it, this only happens while I'm at work (retail) and it makes me lose my mind. I have to smile and say no politely so I don't get in trouble but it makes them harass me more. I'm not even nice to them either so what the fuck. The XT chromosome was a degenerate failure in evolution

No. 1230996

XY* retarded and walking samefag

No. 1231005

>I just genuinely cannot figure it out.
It sounds like autism, like the other anon suggested which you took as a heinous attack for some reason.
Which only further makes it look like you have autism lmao.

No. 1231007

I've been to therapy and pretty sure any of my therapists would have diagnosed me with it if I had it. Also, aren't autists supposed to be really good with routines? I cannot even do my hobbies consistently kek

No. 1231009

Nta but not caring about other people and their boring lives and opinions is not autism. You just have a shitfit everytime someone says that because your BPD ass needs everyone to pay attention to you and care about your fake personality traits.

No. 1231014

As someone who might have BPD, I find this post highly offensive and ignorant.
I relate to the other anons' experience because I'm also very asocial and also don't care much about most other people's lives, opinions and interests despite caring about people and their well-being in general. NTA by the way

No. 1231016

>pretty sure any of my therapists would have diagnosed me with it if I had it
Not if you're a woman, and I'm assuming you are.
Lol what? Take your meds schizo.

No. 1231019

File: 1655624511969.gif (3.23 MB, 353x269, 1221.gif)

>it's another autism vs bpd episode

No. 1231020

What post? Mine you replied to or the one I was replying to?

No. 1231021

I'm so lucky that therapists seem to hang out on lolcow and are able to set up complex diagnoses about strangers based on a few sentences that they wrote. Thank you for showering me with your immense knowledge and your clinical attention. Why do you keep bumping the threads btw?

No. 1231022

Yes and if you disagree in any way, that’s just further proof of what they diagnosed you with! Take your meds schizo!

No. 1231024

You're welcome.
>Why do you keep bumping the threads btw?
I've only posted in two threads tonight.
If you're asking why I haven't saged, you don't need to sage on /ot/.

No. 1231029

Itt lethal autism

No. 1231031

File: 1655626618518.png (6.84 MB, 2532x1170, 47D8FF4A-7DAA-4C7C-BEE7-709036…)

I swear to god, men make me want to a-log

No. 1231036

Nta but you sound kinda autistic yourself, champ

No. 1231041

No. 1231044

lmao I've seen this! I want to say it was Lonely Island but I don't remember them making such blatant violent jokes

No. 1231046

File: 1655627975315.gif (693.66 KB, 300x198, ricky-gervais-laugh.gif)

I'm sorry but the plot twist of this whole interaction left me in tears from laughing

No. 1231050

I swiped left he swiped right then had a guilt inducing conversation about it in work.

No. 1231062

To be fair, no one in the workplace is their real self anyway, and that’s a good thing. Like…nobody really cares what their coworkers did over the weekend, it’s just polite small talk. The modern workplace is getting shoved into a room full of people that you wouldn’t choose to hang out with, for 8+ hours a day. There’s nothing wrong with you for not connecting to every single person you have to interact with.

No. 1231101

any kind of skincare breaks me out. it's fucking annoying. i don't even want to use it in the first place, but the problem is if i just let my skin be naturally dry/dehydrated then my skin makeup looks fucking disgusting, flaky, cakey, and it exaggerates every line and pore. i just don't know what to do and what to use. i just want someone to tell me which specific products to use in the morning and night and make a routine for me that just works. i don't have the money to test out a million different things. jesus christ

No. 1231106

If it’s dry then you need a good moisturizer. The Sebamed Face Clear Gel or whatever it’s called has minimal ingredients and is reported to be great on sensitive skin, it’s also not too expensive. 10% (no more than 10 percent!) urea moisturizer is also great, but you need to find something with it that has very minimal ingredients.

No. 1231107

That thing shitting up all the threads needs to go back to its hole (Twitter) It can't integrate especially on /m/. Get a new typing style for the love of Christ.

No. 1231110

i don't live in a place where i can get my hands on unknownish brands, mostly major brands and major drugstore brands

No. 1231112

Aloe vera gel perhaps? It's 98-99% water

No. 1231117

Sebamed isn’t unknown at all anon! You can find it in most countries. But if you can’t, look for something with minimal ingredients and urea, or like >>1231112 aloe vera. I’ve heard lots of good things about pure lanolin as well.

No. 1231127

I could tell you the only 3 things that dont break me out but you would have to order 2 because they arent sold in stores, cheapish too.

No. 1231128

Sebamed sells in a lot of places, it's just not a glamorous brand people talk about so you may not have heard of it. You can probably get it where you are.

No. 1231134

what do you use nonny?

No. 1231137

i'll look into sebamed. what about other products ie face wash/cleanser or active ingredients (although those ALWAYS tend to pill up on my face, especially hyaluronic acid)1

No. 1231155

Seconding lanolin!!! It fixed my dry patches completely

No. 1231165

My ex never wanted to spend time with him, he just wanted to buy me shit and have me sleep in his bed at night. Like he got annoyed when I didn't have any wishes for thing he could buy for me and that I'd rather spend quality time together. I kind of felt like he was my sugar daddy and not my boyfriend.

No. 1231173

what do if you’re unlovable

No. 1231175

Become lovable

No. 1231190


What? You can just not want to have kids/be pregnant without being a genderspecial

No. 1231194

Report him

No. 1231203

On tiktok I keep seeing people tagging their shit with #GenZ #Millennial and #2000sbaby like the three are mutually inclusive- is Gen Z trying to steal the title of "Millennial" now after shitting on us for the last 5 years? Not only that, the show Miss Marvel's first episode is titled "Generation Why", despite the protagonist being a high schooler in 2022. "Generation Why" was a dig on Millennials about 10 years ago (as in "why bother"), so it makes no sense in the context of the show.

What's up with that?

No. 1231204

i'll never understand why people care so much about arbitrary generational labels

No. 1231206

sage for dblpost, but I forgot to say that Millennials are Gen Y, and Gen Z used to be briefly referred to as "Zillennials" but it sounded stupid so it fell off. The Generation before Millennials was Gen X (Degeneration X, they called themselves, and that shit stayed true 'till today).

No. 1231207

It's less about the label itself and more about how people feel completely comfortable claiming and using terms they don't actually understand, which is a societal red flag

No. 1231212

i'm like so in love with this girl i use to see/hook up with last year but don't know how to enter her life again. I probably hurt her feelings because I was hanging out with another girl who made me stop talking to her and would suicide bait and scare me into entering a relationship with her or else she'd kill herself. So even though we were hanging out a lot, I dropped her pretty out of no where. I tried texting her one day but she's a dry texter and the convo went no where but it was always like that

No. 1231213

File: 1655643452038.png (216.43 KB, 500x500, cat scream internally.png)

>be me
>only want to date women
>refuse to date men
>never even had a bf
>finally come out to parents about only wanting to date women
>You Will Never Have Grandkids
>"what if you fall for a guy?"
>unlikely but if it does happen just don't act on it and let it pass
>"what about transsexuals? those still count as women, right? if you like one without the surgery you can still have children, right?"

No. 1231214

Honestly, I'd tell you to not use face cleansers or face washes ever again. The popular skincare trope of "I stopped using skincare products and my skin got so much better!" isn't a magical myth or whatever; if you don't have acne, it just doesn't make sense for you to aggressively strip your skin of its natural oils through cleansers, then try to restore some of that moisture by using moisturizers. If you have no acne and dry skin, you might want to think about laying off the face wash.
You'll want to keep things really, really minimal. If hyaluronic acid is giving you acne, then just stop using it. This is just some anecdotal thing as well, but don't come near panthenol moisturizers, and always check the ingredient list for them. These things make you break out like crazy. I've been seeing it marketed more and more in the past year or so.
Stay away from exfoliant acids – your skin is already dry, using them will make you peel. You want to moisturize first. You can use 10% urea face cream – but only 10 perfect, since urea can exfoliate as well and you don't want to have anything that intense on your face – and look into aloe vera plants, or even plant your own. Natural pure lanolin is also great for dry skin, as well as dry nipples and lips.
Niacinamide is also reported to be great for moisture, but honestly I'd just take a moment to get a blood test and check your B vitamins levels and look into supplementing niacin or something similar inside of going topical.
My problem with skincare in general is that it just mitigates a lot of health issues, which is why I am general wary of the HERE! LOOK AT MY 50 STEP ROUTINE! type bull. A lot of acne turns out to be product-induced, since skin products are absorbed through the skin membrane, flow into your bloodstream, jump into your liver, and influence your liver pathways. Not to mention that a lot of products mess with the skin microbiome, and not to mention that most, if not all, of women have several nutritional deficiencies, low vitamin A levels (the thing that makes your skin look really nice), and keep ingesting inflammatory foods. Fix your diet, gets your nutrients, ingest your collagen (topical collagen is fake and doesn't do anything), ingest your vitamin A and your niacin and your B vitamins, keep away from inflammatory foods. And like I said, if you can afford it, get your bloodwork done. Good luck anon~~

No. 1231217

sorry you hate your parents or whatever but generation X is literally the best generation… between boomers, zoomers, and millennials, i'll go with gen X.

No. 1231218

File: 1655644016904.jpg (20.95 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_mhjpaw85gB1qz4rg…)

Oh nonnies, I'm not feeling like going to the concert today. It's sucks because I've been waiting for it for so long but I'm just so tired of everything. It's also so far away. But at the same time I've been waiting for concerts to start again and the tickets were so pricey ugh. What do I do?

No. 1231220

Holy shit, what the fuck

No. 1231221

When normies finally realize HSTS are no longer the majority of trannies and haven't been since the early 2000s at best a lot of garden variety conservative homophobes are going to use cotton ceiling rhetoric to push gay people and even bi people who explicitly want to date the same sex into opposite-sex relationships because "trans women/men are women/men don't be a bigot uwu"

No. 1231231

nta but what is HSTS? Google tells me something about computers?

No. 1231232

homosexual transsexuals, MTFs who only want men and FTMs who only want women.

No. 1231233

Toleriane Purifying Foaming Face Wash (blue)
Iunik propolis serum
Purito centella unscented serum
Use once a day before bed. My skin cant handle a lot of stuff. I usually do one dropper full of iunik and 1-2 pump the purito.

No. 1231246

Slurp that Kool-Aid, nonna. Gen X is the generation that ruined the economy and educational system. Even Millennials aren't old enough to have ruined the country the way it is. It's not about my personal feelings, it's about the state of the country. I love that Gen X got to enjoy so much safety and privilege throughout their lives growing up, but once they did everything started going to shit and hasn't stopped. The only reason Gen Z is remotely successful is bc Gen X knows that if Y+Z team up it's fucking over for them and the world could actually be fixed. X loves Z because they're young and dumb enough to be bought off by clout and trinkets they think they earned by copying decade old trends that used to get Y kids mocked and alienated and told to grow up. Gen Z only has what they have now bc Gen Y stole it from Millennials in the early 2000's because we were demanding a clean world with with healthy people and saying fuck capitalism and corporations and pollution. Gen Y gives 0 fucks about anything but attention, martyrdom, and making money without having to do something they think of as work while being praised and put on a pedestal for bare minimums they can only achieve now because they don't know and will never know what it's actually like to have your future stolen from you. They just seem to really believe they did. All of Gen Z's behavior puzzles me because it's all so perfectly contrary.

No. 1231251

Beings who only do good shouldn't have to die.

No. 1231255

Kekking at the fact that they’re not homophobic but just really really want grandkids

No. 1231256

Go you dumb whore
That shit cost money
You’ll be amped when you get there

No. 1231262

you're not doing a good job at blending in moid

No. 1231303

Please read a book and see the lovely wars and economic downfall Gen X has brought upon us. By the time i reached my 20s, I was already in another recession. And now Gen x era idiots thought printing money and shoveling all of it into a 20 month span wouldnt crash us, yet here we are.

No. 1231363

gen x is the worst, produced nothing of value except some shit pop culture. now they can't even raise zoomers properly and we all have to deal with the consequences.

No. 1231389

Don’t you have a PTA meeting to get to Tammy?

No. 1231396

my mom is so reddit. know what i mean?

No. 1231407

I know it's stupid to let people live in your head rent free and it's better to do things because you love them rather than out of spite but when I look at these moids in this art discord I'm in and read some of the bullshit they say I get an overwhelming need to get better than them in every possible way

No. 1231412

you already are

No. 1231452

There's this guy I know that I think will either troon out or come out as enby soon. He texted me randomly about how he's confident he could pull off fishnet tights (this guy wears hawaiian shirts and cargo shorts all the fucking time kek "imagine me in tights" yeah you'd look like a retard) and how he doesn't want to work out too hard and bulk up too much because he doesn't think he could "pull off femininity as well" holy shit. Troon saga incoming I can just fucking smell it coming off of him in waves. I'm very worried. The last thing I'd want to do is call this retard a "she".

No. 1231490

I fucking hate the F1 weekend: annoying noise, too many tourists and this year there's a shitload of articles about how it's ok for disgusting perverts to hire prostitutes that are mainly trafficked and underaged. Fuck this world.

No. 1231516

my mom's more facebook, though less invasive

No. 1231521

File: 1655659609772.gif (265.91 KB, 560x315, 1650102355871.gif)

I've been horny all day and I've been looking at like 4 ao3 fanfics today. I think I've masturbated 2 times though. I ended up touching my pussy without washing my hands beforehand, but I washed it with a bidet after, so it should be okay right?

No. 1231525

I accidentally didn’t put sage in the email in snow for a retarded comment and it wouldn’t let me delete it. Waiting to diet banned ;-;(;-;)

No. 1231553

File: 1655660577089.jpg (209.63 KB, 1440x1440, 277843019_1090323371516551_733…)

>Waiting to diet banned emote
You deserve more.

No. 1231561

I thought this cat was wearing a tiny top hat

No. 1231574


No. 1231608

My moid has been inattentive, unloving, and overall cold towards me for so long. I am so stupid and waited around for him to maybe come around and love me again. I was convinced that it's not me and he's just stressed. I soon realized things will never change and started becoming distant towards him. Whenever I get distant he finally acts loving and begs for me to spend time with him until I act happy again. Then he goes right back to ignoring me once I show signs of happiness. It's time for me to get out of this. I feel really hurt and confused about all this flip flopping.

No. 1231614

File: 1655662082581.jpg (26.38 KB, 480x480, 100191911187171871871817.jpg)

I'm stupid and have been using my school email for personal matters despite graduating a couple of years ago. Turns out they just disabled it with 0 warning and now I'm late on several bills because I didn't know, and can't get in touch with the help desk. How can one individual be so mentally retarded?

No. 1231630

I'm getting tired of masturbating solely over my underwear. I've masturbated like this for as long as I've been masturbating. I want to start actually touching myself because I honestly think the over-the-underwear technique has kept me ashamed and ignorant of my own body. I'm just a very paranoid and neurotic person and I'm scared of giving myself a UTI even though I wash my hands regularly everyday. Not only am I nervous because of the UTI prospect but I'm also just nervous in general over touching my own labia and vagina which I think is stupid as fuck. Idk why I'm such a chickenshit about this. Sucks. I'm gonna try my best to do something today. Even if I don't get off I think just touching will be a big help and a step in the right direction

No. 1231640

>wanted to see The Thing today
>remembered it’s also Father’s Day, so there’s probably going to be a bunch of men in the theater unless I wait until Wednesday

No. 1231647

Most anons agreed using your own hands isn't that exciting so you're not missing out. I definitely recommend buying toys, it's way more fun.

No. 1231654

I used to be like this and I can't even remember the process of getting over it but I did at some point. Like other anon said… toys are a help. And thet're just fun and give you options.

No. 1231656

Told my boss I tested positive for covid (with symptoms) and he still tried to get me to come in to work lmao

No. 1231658

okay, nonna, here's what you do: get some silk/satin fabric and drape it over yourself and use that as a barrier instead of your underwear, you'll be able to actually feel your body because the fabric is thinner. do that for a few times until you're comfortable, and then when you're ready, halfway through masturbating, move the fabric out of the way and just touch your own skin for as long as you want to. you can always put the fabric back over yourself if you don't like it. it's what helped me get over my squeamishness. a sex therapist i saw on tv recommended it and it sounds kinda retarded but it really worked for me

No. 1231661

I'm in my thirties and this is the first year that I haven't given my dad a card for fathers day, haven't texted him, nothing. I'm 6 months into cutting off contact but this feels like a statement.

I've been wanting to do this for at least 10 years but now I'm worried I'll break my streak and text him out of guilt someday. I've nothing to feel guilty for but still I'm struggling with mixed feelings and self blame. Thing is he makes me miserable when we're in any type of contact. I cant.

No. 1231662

i"m so tired of rude ass nonnies, not even being rude to me but to other nonnies. So sick of the weirdo fucking scrotes, I'm sick of everything. I don't know whats going on, something is in the air. It's like everyone is walking around with a stank ass face and their underwear FIRLMLY jammed up their assholes.
Like who hurt you and why must you try to hurt me or others? Shayna's thread is crunchier then it's ever been. In fact Snow seems like it's going through a weird ass teenage phase or something. Ot is constantly getting raided or weirdos on here being rude. Do I need to touch grass? Yes, but so do you. I can touch all the grass I fucking want, but when I come inside, I load up lolcow on my slow ass computer, shit is STILL going to be the same.I love it here but…I don't know whats been up lately.

No. 1231674

I feel you on an astral level nonna

No. 1231688

i genuinely hate women who spend too much time in the manosphere and try to parrot their bullshit here. just because you don't see women irl calling out people's bullshit doesn't mean they're just normies who can't understand anything politically or philosophically deep, it just means they have a higher eq than you and know not to randomly screw with people like an autist. how the fuck do you even know what they're really thinking? just because you're an nlog with two brain cells doesn't mean you have be a racist goreposting misogynist retard.

No. 1231695

File: 1655664778757.jpg (26.72 KB, 586x586, 1650836822585.jpg)

i'm a nervous ball of autism and shyness and men basically never talk to me, I had both women and men telling me that guys are intimidated by me and that I appear to be cold and judgemental of others, and that's why men don't approach me, but I can't believe this because I'm so nervous around people, I feel like they can sense my fear, so how can they be afraid of me and not see how scared I am? I can't believe people's perception of me can be so different from my own. It drives me mad and it's something I can't overcome, I'm afraid I'm gonna die alone

No. 1231698

If you can’t handle imageboard nonsense then don’t visit imageboards. Simple as.

No. 1231700

Nope I'll visit and i'll complain the proper threads like everyone else does. I love it here and I'm not going anywhere. But i'll say what I want, you just don't have to read it.

No. 1231705

File: 1655665133753.jpg (45.79 KB, 670x670, 1561254779875.jpg)

Well-put, my fellow female user of this imageboard, it is imageboard culture of lolcow dot farm that we are currently using, nothing is amiss

No. 1231707

Relapsed and spent 9 hours on my phone today.

No. 1231708

NTA but lc is meant to be different from other imageboards, so i think this type of argument doesn't really hold up

No. 1231709

Nta but I've had nicer conversations on 4chan than on here lately. Anons here have been extremely pissy lately, I don't know if it's moids or overcompensating newfags or what.

No. 1231710

oh get a grip. it feels like baby's first internet drama every 3 days on here with the constant whining about anons being mean. how do you even find an anonymous imageboard with a filter as low as yours

No. 1231713

I am happy you are here and hope you have a beautiful day

No. 1231716

why do you act like because anon (like me, I'm the OG anon who was whining) Complains it means we can't "Handle it" we can and do. Which is why we are still here.
It's annoying, so we can vent and whine, but clearly we are dealing with whatever is going on.

No. 1231717

>I love it here
You don’t love imageboards, you love that /ot/ has become a safe haven for transplants that try to strongarm everyone into making this a hugbox. Ignore and report if something upsets you.

No. 1231718

Lolcow has literally always been like this. I cannot think of a single time in the last seven years when lolcow was not pissy.

No. 1231720

I don't love imageboards, I love lolcow, which is why I spend so much time here. I don't go on other imageboards and I'm not going to stop coming on Lolcow just because I bitch every now and again. Like I said, clearly, I'm dealing with whatever comes. I can vent about it if I want.

No. 1231724

Nobody said you can’t vent about it. Not a single person said that.

No. 1231725

>i'm a nervous ball of autism and shyness
>I had both women and men telling me that guys are intimidated by me
Similar thing here. I'm close to being hermit. I got talking to a guy in a store a few months back. We were talking about tattoos and he gave me the details of a place he recommends.. I mentioned muh anxiety at one point just when trying to figure out whether I'd be likely to actually travel to where that tattoo shop is located. I don't like to travel far from home lol. At the end of our convo he told me he was amazed to hear I deal with the type of anxiety I'd described because I came across very calm and confident and he almost was afraid to start talking to me in the first place because I was so intimadating.. you what now? That's not how I feel when I'm in public. He didn't try anything on so I don't think he was buttering me up with that.

It's strange to hear that type of thing. Part of me feels like it's just an attempt at a compliment to boost you up I but honestly dont know how to take it.

No. 1231730

Kek thanks you too anon.
Idk, I feel like it has increased. I've been here for 4-5 years. There were always needlessly hostile assholes but now it's like every innocuous opinion starts a long infighting tantrum.

No. 1231733

how to cope with a break up? i dont miss him, not at all, but he made me distrust the fact anyone will ever like me for me

No. 1231737

I'm going to say the thing… you have to start with liking yourself and your own company. It's sickly advice to hear but rn I'm a long way into recovering from the worlds worst relationship and it's true.

No. 1231739

Break up with him and let him beg. Then give your final demands for what you want. Actually, he already knows what you want. Men always know when they're slacking they just pretend to be clueless. Just be serious and done with him mentally. The ball is in his court for whether he blows his last chance (and let it be his last- if you accept mediocrity from then on he will know you will accept bullshit even when you say you're dead serious.)

It's win win, he either shapes up permanently or you let it finish circling the drain for good.

No. 1231761

Move on and don't play games on the way out. Men like this are afraid of being single and that's why they keep you around even though they seem so half hearted. The love is already gone and his bouts of begging aren't about love. Leaving him before he's had a chance to replace you is about as much revenge as you can get without further wasting your own time.

No. 1231768

i rarely cry but i've been crying for the last hour or so because my OCD is fucking torture sometimes. when it gets bad it becomes super overwhelming, and it's inherently so cyclical it drives u crazy. i hate crying it gives me a gnarly headache afterwards but i just loathe these thoughts so much and feel so embarrassed

No. 1231780

I slept about 23 hours today/last night so i understand being overwhelmed by mental irregularities (me bipolar), but they're nothing to be embarrassed about. after all who saw what was going on in your mind?

No. 1231794

I just want to believe that romantic love is real, that there are people who genuinely love each other regardless of their past and current sins.

I want to believe it’s not co-dependency disguised as true and honest love. I want to believe!

No. 1231796

I’m tired of newfags getting upset when people say a post of theirs is retarded or doesn’t belong in a thread pulling a “shhhh let people enjoy things!” No. No I will not let people enjoy things. That is why I am here. That is why most of us are here. Your post was still retarded and unfunny. Git gud.

No. 1231799

I spend alot of time feeling embarrassed about who I am and ashamed of small blips in my past but if I step back and look at my life I haven't done anything so terribly cringey or so bad. I've probably less fuck up than my my peers to ruminate over. So why am I consumed with these feelings?

I'm so weirdly ashamed of myself and it started very early on in childhood if I really trace it back. I don't know if something happened but it makes me want to hide from the world and to an extent I have been in hiding at times. Agoraphobia.

No. 1231810

I feel so uneducated and boring. And the thing is, I'm factually not. But there's just so little that I have to talk about or that I'm even really interested in. Probably why I have no friends or bf.

No. 1231822

Okay schizo Chan please enjoy your paranoia

No. 1231871

I want to disappear from the internet I'm tired of lolcow I'm tired of everything I want to die

No. 1231872

I am such a fucking retard

No. 1231875

I feel the same way nona. Its lead me to catfishing though.

No. 1231876

get out there and fuck shit up anon

No. 1231896

KEEKK, is this to the tune of the fucking budweiser theme?

No. 1231910

I only masturbate through underwear too! My sister

No. 1231914

I had to clean fucking maggots out of a garbage can. It's not my job to take the trash out and I was jump scared. I fucking hate my life and yuck yuck yuck yuck.

No. 1231916

It's less appealing without underwear, I hate touching my pubes and i hate touching my stubbly shaved vag so underwear it is.

No. 1231921

How do yall masterbate over panties? I get super wet and I can't do that way at all. I don't mind touching my pubes or anything else. I just hate the clean up. I want to just go to sleep but When I come it goes between my ass cheeks and yes I'm fat with a deep ass crack so thats gross. I worry about getting Yeast infections so that bothers me as well

No. 1231935

if i'm that horny i just use toys

No. 1231941

I'm kind of like this, pretty much the only thing I like doing is hanging out by myself in nature looking at birds kek, and I've never had any long-term goals or skill-based hobbies. I don't think you seem boring at all though, your motivation to help animals/people sounds like a really nice way to live imo.

No. 1231942

Use a towel and wipe up after

No. 1231943

I get exceedingly wet too, but I'm not fat and I have an innie, idk if that changes anything. The moisture just kinda accumulates inside and then I clean it out with a tissue when I'm done.
When I say over underwear I just mean rubbing btw, not stuffing my fingers and underwear inside me lol.

No. 1231948

yeah, I do the same but I always feel slimey and like I need to take a shower afterwards. It's always going between my ass cheeks and it never seems to truly be "Soaked up" by wiping or a towel. I don't know. Maybe it's just me.
For the longest of time, when I would watch porn I thought something was wrong with me, I get visably wet (I'm also black, so you can see it more on me) and I'd never see girls look wet in porn.
That was before I realized that shit is fake, harmful and retarded.

No. 1231956

File: 1655674581434.png (381.92 KB, 595x620, chrome_2YQpOX7jGx.png)

how can people stand to hype up breadcrumbs for this game when it won't be released in a few years at the least? i'm starved for a life sim too, but everything this alex dude posts is so underwhelming. ugh i just want a realistic looking life sim at this point

No. 1231957

>I always feel slimey and like I need to take a shower afterwards
Well, I'm probably just a grubby person in general so idc about it tbh.
Nothing in porn makes sense, you're fine.

No. 1231960

I notice a lot of people who hate Sims 4 (valid) or just want competition really really hype up the smallest shit in this game. So far, I haven't seen anything that great. I also don't really like the style of it.
But I hope it turns out great

No. 1231993

Honestly, at this point I believe a Sims 5 is gonna be realesed sooner than Paralives. I know, only a few people are working on it and they need constant crowdfunding but yeah, a lot of the screenshots are a bit underwhelming, when you conisder how many years it's already been a WIP.

No. 1231997

my nigel's sister is such a handmaiden it's embarrassing, especially because she's one of the only GNC women i know irl and i always looked up to her while growing up. she felt the need to loudly correct me and say the classic "transwomen are women!" line when i said something very mildly TERFy but everyone just ignored her. i give it 5 years till a FTM arc for her at this rate.

No. 1232008

Saw a tiktok about how this girl broke up with her bf and she spent months getting over the breakup but she later found out he was already dating another girl like a week after the breakup. I fucking hate that women are more evolved than subhuman moids. We need to teach young girls that moids are subhuman and don't have the range and depth of emotions as women do, and therefore we should treat them as retarded and cognitively impaired freaks that deserve 1/10ths of the love we give out.

No. 1232036

I broke up with both of my previous boyfriends and felt absolutely nothing while they cried about it and begged to have me back. Gender has nothing to do with it. Some people are just fucking weak.

No. 1232037

Nta but are you talking about long term live-in relationships?

No. 1232040

No, but one was 4 years, the other was a year.

No. 1232041

I feel like live-in is where things gets very different. I look back on my first couple relationships where we never reached that point and I kinda don't count them in the grand scheme of things. The first guy I lived with felt like the first

No. 1232045

I know how you feel.

No. 1232054

>people are weak for having normal attachments during a relationships and get sad once it’s no longer there

goddamn anon let people grieve over a relationship and fuck off with your feigned stoicism

No. 1232057

>Never take criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from
I just read this quote and I'm going back in time reliving some old shit that really got under my skin att. Can we spread this quote so that tards like me hear it sooner

No. 1232059

Never had that so I won't speak on it.
I'm not shaming anyone, I'm just tired of this "all women are soooo sensitive and men are horrible to them and make them cry umu" rhetoric. I'm not a baby. I don't need this shit. If you're sensitive that's your own problem, not a woman problem.

No. 1232065

Nta but anon you've never had a full on adult relationship that progressed to the next stage.. sit down. You've no clue.

No. 1232075

honestly based sensitivity, I rather be a sensitive retard than a retard who has a complete black, empty soul and overcompensating with their obvious childhood trauma by ignoring your feelings. you are trash and filth

No. 1232076

File: 1655680105118.jpg (138.19 KB, 960x741, 1632763325975.jpg)

im getting tired of my fwb. not because of him or the sex, but because i feel used. men just demand too much emotional labor, and if you say something they'll always project and say its you the one getting too involved.

the problem is i know there's nothing better for me out there. i can't aspire for a loving relationship because im too ugly and i have a fucking retarded family. only options left are autistic moids, but they can always troon out and ruin everything. and i have way too much internalized homophobia and a homophobic family to even try to ruin the life of another woman. suicide has become an option

No. 1232083

Right, and yet these complaints about so called "unfair female sensitivity" are posted on here daily. I just want you to know your experience isn't universal and is completely on you, not whatever moid you were dating.

No. 1232090

I’m not the anon and it doesn’t have to be “universal” for it to still be substantial and true for a lot of women. There are a lot of things in this world that aren’t universal and are still true to many small groups and that happens to be anon who’s sensitive. Let her fucking be you’re just another dumbass cynic in this shitty world, you’re not special hoe kek

No. 1232099

Nonnie this isn't about you. Will you stop trying to relate this back to you and your two baby relationships that didn't hurt.

No. 1232107

nta but the original post wasn't even venting about her own relationship grievance, she just wanted an excuse to say how women are totally sensitive and men are totally not (meanwhile men are far more emotional and emotionally unstable than women)

No. 1232115

Ok but she wasn't complaining about her relationship, she was complaining about some girl on tiktok and acting like all women are like that and like we're some pitiable charity cause. It's condescending.
If you're talking about women as a whole, it absolutely is about me. I'm tired of being infantilized on here as a straight woman and talked about like men are just abusing me left and right.

No. 1232125

> it absolutely is about me
Yes anon.

No. 1232134

File: 1655681142441.jpeg (5.47 KB, 312x161, download.jpeg)

A classic

No. 1232135

so you're a tradthot trying to prove men and women are totally equal kek

No. 1232137

My genderspecial childhood friend wants me to troon out so badly, she keeps seriously calling me "he" or saying male nicknames like "king" We're both very gender non-conforming women and she isn't on hormones or anything but she keeps talking about getting her breasts removed and it's tiring

No. 1232138

Far from, I hate moids and conservatards. Just tired of this bizarre narrative that women are inherently weak victims and can never be anything more.
>men and women are totally equal
Women are superior.

No. 1232147

Thinks people on here are 'infantilizing her' but also thinks everyone should be accountable for their own feelings… they're just a run of the mill tard.

No. 1232157

I'm aware that saying no to sexual advances is okay but sometimes I just feel like I'm broken when they keep asking.

No. 1232161

I'm sorry, anon. My best friend is like that, too. She lists lame pronouns on all her socials and RP accounts, but irl she seems the same. Thankfully she doesn't bother me much about me hating trans people, but I don't like when I can see her misogyny in bits and pieces through her sm posts.

No. 1232184

I went through a trans phase 8 or 9 years ago and I feel retarded now looking back and knowing I had to go through a partial transition before I woke up to .. it being ok to just be a 'not very feminine woman' I own that it was my choice but I had friends who were ahead of me and yanked me towards that path which didn't help much.

If it starts to get into your head you might want to remove yourself from any company like that. Sounds like you're still pretty grounded in reality though. It's tough because it's seemingly easier to convince someone they're a tran than it is to guide someone back down to earth.

No. 1232198

Wow. I'm sorry your friends is acting that way. She most likely thinks by you trooning out too she'll be valid and the little voice that tells her this is insane is wrong. I hope she knocks it off because pressuring someone isn't cute or """helpful""". If it gets too much for you to handle, verbally vent to a tree (helps get the words out of your mind) or go to the batting cages and hit some baseballs. You may have to sit her down and tell talk to her about it. I have no advice or experience on how to go about that. Check around and see if you can find tips/other people's experiences. If all else fails, you may not want to be around her anymore. Hoping for the best nonnie!

No. 1232233

I wish my life wasn't based so much around my sex. In this world, you feel like you can't do anything as a woman without being in a group or always being aware of your surroundings in case of danger. I know I'm a fool, but I walk around at night sometimes just to feel like I have some kind of autonomy. Usually I have my bike with me in case I see a moid in the distance so I can move fast if I have too. Some areas are definitely more dangerous for women depending on where you're at in the world but it's virtually always potentially dangerous regardless. All I've ever wanted in life was to jump on my bike and go on a tourney cross country. Men do it all the time but I'd be a fool if I went at it alone and I truly hate that. I just wish the world was a safe place for women so I could truly do what I wanted and dream. It's just a maddening existence that I have to find some way to make a comfortable living. Of course there are brave and potentially stupid girls who go ahead and do what they desire, I've been that girl too, not without getting hurt though. Just sucks, wish it didn't.

No. 1232253

I feel raw today. Been in a bad head space last two days. Had to run some errands today in the down town area. Some sort of bike race going on. Kept on running across racers. My anxiety shot up because I fear of accidentally hitting one. My cousin died years ago in a different country while riding his bike. He did everything right but because a car was impatient, he got hit and died (I think instantly). I thought I would be safe on the highway, but nope racers there too. The speed limit is 65 and drivers are going minimum 72. I passed them safely, and I'm home now but I worry someone will get hit. I'm sending out positive vibes. I just don't want to see someone die like my cousin. It's awful.

No. 1232257

I feel like a horrible person and so guilty, earlier I thought I saw what was a bug crawling around and sprayed it with that chemical bug spray but I saw it start hopping and turns out it was a super tiny baby frog that got inside
so I immediately doused it with water hoping to get the chemical spray off and slowly guided him outside - he hopped off into the grass and I watched him hide under the leaves but I keep crying when I think he might be poisoned from the chemicals and it's my fault
I wish I looked more carefully before spraying, I'm so worried about the little frog and hope he is ok… is it normal to be this upset over a frog? I just don't want it to suffer or have its life cut short because of what I did

No. 1232265

Ironic that these people are all about "respecting pronouns!!" but then turn around and try to push the idea that gnc women are trans.

No. 1232283

men who at least don't objectify you sexually will diminish your existence all the same by turning you into a pawn in their chess game. i don't want to share intellectual spaces with people who refuse to see me as a human anymore

No. 1232392

what do you do when the only person that you'll ever truly love keeps you at a distance (zero communication)? i try to be a better player in the "game of life" because i think that's what she's waiting on me to be, but it doesn't fucking matter, it never does and never will. i just want to run away on a farm and forget about this judeo-christian capitalist world but i cant because i know she'll think it's cringe. i love her so much yall its actual toxic

No. 1232399

sounds weird to be that obsessed with your friend

No. 1232410

I should have never used photofeeler

No. 1232414

oh fuck off

No. 1232416

Nonnas how do I come to terms with being a 4, I'm just gonna make myself as ugly and nonhuman as possible now ala Lucinda

No. 1232417

This isn't insulting her, by the way. I think she's a nice girl, I'm just talking about how she talks about how she wants to make herself as ugly and disturbing as possible

No. 1232419

you're the one who asked

No. 1232421

it is, and i know it is, but i just cant get her out of my head, no matter how many other people or experiences i try to distract myself with, shes in my dreams with diamonds for eyes. its actually so inhibiting and toxic i wish i could forget her but i know i never will

No. 1232424

it's great that you have a friend you love. i hope she loves you this much in return.

No. 1232427

I always wanted to test it, can you explain a bit more you experience with it nonnie ?

No. 1232429

you should expend your energy on people who actually care about you instead

No. 1232430

You put your picture in, and people vote it based on attractiveness, trustworthiness, and smartness, for the dating one (only one that gives a looks rating), you have to vote on other people too
I've heard that they rate on picture quality too? Since the dating one is supposed to see what photo to use for dating apps, so be wary with that, my photo was really bad (not smiling, blurred the logo on my jacket) so I'm gonna try again tomorrow with a higher quality one

No. 1232431

i think she does, and if she doesn't well that's okay
yeah i do i have a tremendous amount of people who care about me, more than i deserve in my opinion, but this painfully distant girl that i love more than the sun loves to give the world light just might hold more sway in my fucked up mind. oh well. maybe one day we'll convene but if not then maybe in the next life

No. 1232433

what kind of results did you get?

No. 1232434

Self sabotage in my mid to late teens ruined every chance of friendship, career and mental health and confidence i had. I have to wake up, work towards what i wanted when i was a kid because that’s my only reference point to what normal life and normal wishes were and from scratch while dealing with debilitating self-loathing every waking hour of my life. If there’s an underage little girl lurking here with no support system, get. your. shit. together. Because no one cares

No. 1232435

a FOUR! I have 6 votes so far, one called me average, two called me attractive, and two said I am ugly

No. 1232436

if there's an underage lurking here then i want her to study hard in school and maybe get into some kind of sport to keep herself limber

No. 1232445

Weird, I've signed up to vote and it showed me ai generated photos of women

No. 1232460

I really wouldn’t take it to personally, there easily could be mean spirited people on there just trying to ruin someone’s day. Sounds like a cope but it’s true

No. 1232500

File: 1655702910013.jpg (214.68 KB, 1069x1049, 8bc.jpg)

I love my elderly cat more than anything and I would die for her, but my sleep has been completely destroyed by her incessant meowing. I think it's partly because she's an anxious cat and partly because she's always hungry as a result of her kidney disease, but her behavior has gotten worse. I know it's not really her fault because she's old, and she's still very sweet and loving, so I will continue to suffer for her sake…

No. 1232547

File: 1655705897724.jpeg (70.54 KB, 700x947, 26tcffK12AFqadRGHG3wS.jpeg)

It's going to be over 33 degrees Celsius where I live and I'm not fucking ready for it

No. 1232548


No. 1232572


Just an fyi cats can get dementia when they're old.

Not trying to scare you or diagnose your cat, just something to be aware of that can cause incessant meowing too.

I hope her old lady cat years are super smooth though. I fucking love cats so much

No. 1232588

A couple weeks ago I was informed that the branch in my town of the company I was working for was closing immediately. I've two more pay periods of checks as severance, next one this coming week.

I know I need to start looking for a job. But I was so spoiled in the last one that I know I'm going to have a difficult time finding something I want to do. I got paid pretty well, the work load was light, and I could take time pretty much whenever I needed.

I don't want to go backwards and have to work a shit job, barely making ends meet. I'm also really struggling with a depressive bout. I'm not sure that I'm motivated enough to be my own boss and I don't know what the fuck to do. I am SO overwhelmed by the unknown.. looking through jobs tonight on indeed isn't fucking helping at all. I know it's entitled as fuck to be picky about jobs but, man, I just want to have some joy in life. I want to work to live, not live to work.


No. 1232597

It is so fucking hot I put water on my bed in hopes it will cool me down lord have mercy

No. 1232600

Oh yes, I do know that's a possibility! Cognitively she does seem pretty okay to me though, she finds all her usual spots and doesn't seem particularly confused. I think it has more to do with her recently going mostly blind and feeling anxious when she doesn't see me around, poor baby. She's 20, and is in otherwise decently good health for a kitty her age though. I've had her since I was a little kid and I love her very much!

No. 1232603

A moid coworker can't stop whinging how his sister is solitary, that she doesn't have a ton of friends, that she's early 30s and still doesn't have a boyfriend to marry, that she prefers staying at home reading a book rather than go out and party… Dude leave her alone, ofc she's going to become even more of a recluse if you put stupid pressure on her like that, and who the fuck cares if she wants to be a spinster, that's her fucking life.

No. 1232604

be careful you don't get mold/mildew….

No. 1232607

I almost thought you where talking about MY brother until you mentioned the early 30s. I’m late 20s and my brother can’t accept or understand the fact that I like to be solitary and haven’t gotten engaged yet bc he’s a social butterfly.

No. 1232616

My new workplace sucks. I’m a junior in this field so pretty inexperienced. My teamlead is not caring for me at all e.g. having meeting together/ or any onboarding. I’m basically supposed to sit here alone do my shit. If I have questions i do have somebody to contact but it feels odd that nobody is feeling responsible for me.
It’s remote and last week i met everyone at an event. Basically nobody in my team was approaching me when i was sitting alone somewhere (i didn’t know anyone). During meals i was chatting more with people from other departments than my teammates which is so strange to me. I’m an introvert and it’s not easy to make contacts and worst thing i think my team mates/- lead ste introverted too.

No. 1232624

I have to preface this by saying that I love my dog. She is the light of my life, my everything, I can’t imagine a life without her. But I am so, so, so fucking fed up with her right now. Everything was fine until a week ago when she suddenly decided she wasn’t being fed enough. It’s not unusual that she barks at night, but it’s never been THIS bad before. For a while she was even sleeping through most nights without so much as a peep! But all of a sudden last week she has woken up at 3am without fail and will keep me up/keep me getting up at night a minimum of 4 times to tell her to knock it off, all because she is hungry. She doesn’t bark for anything besides food. I’m not starving her, but she has proportioned meals and it’s never been THIS much of an issue before. I’ve even been adjusting it so she gets less at breakfast (but then she cries all afternoon after waking up from her post breakfast meal) and can have even more at dinner in hopes it’ll keep her satiated through the night (it doesn’t). She isn’t even a puppy, she’s old as hell which is why I don’t want to deviate from her portions and cause weight gain because it’d be awful on her joints. But nonas, it’s driving me insane. I have to work and I haven’t been able to sleep for a fucking week basically. I caved tonight and just fed her at 4:30 in the morning because I’m sick and tired of getting out of bed constantly to tell her to stop barking. I love her but I’m at my wits end with her.

No. 1232627

I just wish me being reserved wasn't seen as sus.
I'm a forum-raised millennial and when facebook started flagging fake accounts for safety reasons uwu I felt so uncomfortable I had to put on a false name.
I'm not sus for not wanting crazy people, which are allowed on the internet for some reason, having my info.
The worst thing I do is inviting trannies to die in image boards so I don't even have something to publicly hide, I just don't want my real life bleeding online. The very concept of bosses firing you on personal shit about on what you post online is wild or retarded zoomer fishing 10 year old posts to prove you're problematic uwu is crazy.
As long I don't target specific people on the internet, since I post only on anonymous boards and I don't go killing or molesting people in real life, I should have the right to privacy.
Internet should be given back to Web 1.5 users only.

No. 1232629

I totally understand nonny. I think when she’s older and suddenly has an increased appetite I’d let it be checked my a vet. I believe it can be a sign for something.

No. 1232630

File: 1655716290987.png (1.27 MB, 1192x612, witchbrook.png)

I feel like they announced that this game was in development way too early because they were trying to ride on the Stardew hype when they didn't need to do it at all. I read a article recently about new updates and style changes which is cool but nobody was talking about it on social media or anything. It feels like they killed the hype on their own.

Stardew Valley had me by my balls and I'm a sucker for anything having to do with witches so I'm still most likely going to get and play it and I'm sure others will too, I just wish they would've waited to announce it.

No. 1232633

Lol what would have been the odds? I've been grey rocking this dude since he started working there because he can't stop talking about himself, his friends (coincidentally 90% of them being women) and his plans for the day, he even went as far to recommend a fucking swinger club like it was a coffee shop, so open minded his brain has started to fall off.

No. 1232643

Omg nonny i need this i Love Stardew valley and also a witchy theme! Too bad it’s apparently taking a while to be out

No. 1232644

I've never even heard of this game but Stardew Valley also has me by the balls so I'm definitely gonna check it out when released. Thanks for the inadvertent rec, nonnie!

No. 1232649

I don't know nonnie, I've seen it being hyped EVERYWHERE but people would keep telling that its 'the stardew valley clone or / inspired/ anything to do w stardew valley, etc', from normie articles to reddit, etc. I honestly do not like it when people compare games to one another, but eh..

No. 1232650

Seeing so many TRAs and gay men on twitter defend drag for/with kids with dumb shit like "drag is not inherently sexual, you're just homophobic/a prude for thinking so".
At the very deep core, the concept of a man cross dressing isn't inherently sexual no, but every instance of it I've seen has been overtly and undeniably sexual. Even in the few "safe" cases where they just sit and read to kids it's often later revealed the guy is literally a pedophile.

In a best case scenario it's a little boy dancing in a dress for fun, however the adults around him are encouraging him to do so in a sexual manner, because they get off on it. If it wasn't inherently sexual he'd just be doing theatre or a normal dance performance. Drag IS inherently sexual. It's child exploitation even if the child isn't aware of it yet.

No. 1232656

My bf is so useless. He had one fucking job and he BROKE my big bucket I like! And you can't get a bucket like that easily. I knew he was going to break it when I gave him the task too I didn't think I would have to tell him not to shatter the fucking bucket. I'm seething

No. 1232658

A few of the women at my work are faghags who cape hard for it and I have to bite my tongue so fucking hard not to say anything that'll get me in trouble when they ask me about it ("anon you're LGBT! talk drag with us!" fucking guilty by association). One time I did ask them that if they love the """art form""" so much why not look into drag kings and they just looked at me like I was nuts with one woman even asking what that was kek. Suddenly it's a lot less interesting when it's not their precious gay moids doing it.

No. 1232663

This looks really cute. Hopefully they aren’t just bullshitting us and it actually releases.

No. 1232673

have him buy a replacement

No. 1232713

I get that it kills some men when women are fairly content living lifestyles like this but… her brother? For the most part I think men who are bothered by this ..its rooted in them not wanting a vagina to go to waste when a man could be getting laid. Gross as that sounds thats the truth of it

No. 1232732

I want to order indian food but i already ate so much today. My parcels are not arriving and i can’t focus today.

No. 1232760

My biological father is such a fucking prick about my stepdad. He was playing the martyr yesterday saying "I only get to see you so much because your stepdad lives back home" like no you prick, if he lived here I would still see you both. He makes all these little digs at him like saying "as your REAL dad…" like yeah as my rEaL dAd you were in PRISON when I was growing up and HE was there for me. Fucking moids, I swear. He should be happy that man stepped up! If I got myself locked up for chimping out and fighting I'd be happy there was someone looking after my kid. That man went above and beyond, even after my dipshit mother cheated on him and left he still stayed in touch and visited me. When we immigrated he sent me packages and letters all the time. He's the kindest man I know and as cruel as this sounds, I wish he was my real dad. He's never once got competitive; when I told him the result of the paternity test he was happy that I found my bio father, he was the one telling me to build a bridge with him when I was unsure about keeping in regular contact. Plus there's been multiple occasions where I said I was gonna cut contact with my bio father and it was my stepdad who talked me out of it and this prick still acts like he's the devil! Hell, he even resents my bond with his wife. He can't wrap his head around the fact that relationships take time and effort, they don't just happen out of nowhere. If it weren't for my little sisters I don't think I'd be able to tolerate this shit for much longer.

No. 1232763

You would be shocked how many people are pedophiles in general. Sadly this shit has always been normalized. Women slapping their daughters' asses and shit. And of course, you know, "daddy's little girl." Society is weirdly comfortable with parents fetishizing their own kids and it's not just gay dudes.

No. 1232765

he's projecting because he knows he's the type of boyfriend his sister would reject and he can't handle that he's not special and there are hundreds of guys like him

No. 1232766

If she's barking in the middle of the night and is also an older dog it could be dementia sadly. At least she's not bonking her head on the walls and crapping on the floor yet.

No. 1232768

parents threatened me that if i didn't find a job soon i'd have to leave japan and come back home and live with them. im 22. i will die if. i have to go back.

No. 1232772

What are you working as anon? Can’t you do some remote online job that’s not dependent on location?

No. 1232775

why do you have to listen to them? are you financially depending on them?

No. 1232777

my brother is kind of like that. We didn't have a happy fun childhood, and I think he's reinvented himself in a certain cool social guy image. So me being a loser cramps his style and he wants me to change, so he has better material to flex on SM with. He also wants me to "relate" better to him or become closer siblings or something (mostly as part of his image, as a cool social guy with a close family), and the only way to do that I guess is to 100% adopt his lifestyle. He's unwilling/unable to consider life from another perspective.

anyway fuck him. I hope he enjoys clout chasing, it's just not for me.

No. 1232788

Nta but
>living alone in Japan
Of course she’s leeching off her parents.

No. 1232794

Do they mean any type of job or a fulltime job that pays well? If it's the former try to get an easy part time job at a conbini or at a donki store, before I left Japan while dying of covid in 2020 there were a bunch of job offers in donkis for foreigners because of foreign customers and for vat deductions for tourists despite the closed borders. Or try to be a foreign language teacher for some time. See if that's enough for you.

No. 1232796

File: 1655736750374.png (677.13 KB, 683x479, SPOILER_unknown.png)

Disney+ why

No. 1232799

File: 1655736963658.jpg (31.22 KB, 821x524, 24799894081[80509.jpg)

Sage 4 no1curr and unhinged autism but I miss Septik Sirens youtube videos, and Morticians Flame and haildanni666 and Harmony Nice. And some random scrote youtubers I watched when I was really young (too young thinking back kek). All the funny cool youtubers have stopped posting, completely changed or deleted their old videos and it makes me sad. I want that dose of nostalgia. All I watch now are fucking wojak videos because new yt videos have lost their magic. The old ones probably were stupid or boring most of the time but they helped me through my teenage years and learned me a bunch of things. Now everything is overedited, I miss when youtube wasn't just a corporate machine and most videos were just stupid teenagers sitting in their room talking about nothing. Imageboards and small forums are the only things that really feel authentic now. Inb4 'touch grass', I miss not being paranoid about cooperations watching my every move or any of it. I just wish I was stupid kid again. Just the joy of discovering new music, new things, new subcultures. I'm not that old so I'm sure I'll discover more but I feel like life has lost it's magic.

No. 1232802

Ayrt and he sounds identical to my coworker, comes from a small village and obsessed with social media, one of the first things he did when he started was collecting the mail adresses of all my female coworkers to register them to some listing for private sales or something, I swiftly refused, he gave me a bad vibe from the start.

No. 1232809

I don't know why they give messages to me alone. When listening to the radio or videos there are things that are messages for me that people are saying to me,
>reading out my own thoughts to me, >putting me down
>making weird noises
Sending themselves towards me through immaterial means to harrass me, I can feel them poking me sometimes and it's really weird.

I wonder, can any of you here relate? Any of you heard messages for you from the radio, can any of you here
seen holy books place themselves in front of you like it's a sign? When other people can't see the scriptures? I wish those of us under attack could find each other. It's weird and lonely. Why do they want me to read scripture and at the same time hear the types of things they are making me hear? I think this realm I'm on may be the place in between earth and the afterlife. Listen and wait for the answers.

No. 1232814

i just read your post, and i get it, i really do. i never watched the youtubers you watched but i do miss youtube being a small, human platform. now the data harvesting is so big they can threaten us with it and leave us messages on our exclusive frequencies just like the radio does. imageboards definitely feel much realer than the internet. and although i don't like hatefulness, we both know corporations can't profit from places that say stuff like
>stfu retard
so the griminess of these types of places keep it real. sage for samefagging

No. 1232821

I don't mean to be mean to you, but it sounds to me as if you had schizophrenia. Do you think you could maybe go to a therapist to confirm it?

No. 1232822

Ayrt, are you okay nonna? Not in a mean way, but seriously. I meant tracking data, not being able to read your mind or doing anything to you physically. I don't know if you got diagnosed with any sort of mental disorder like schizophrenia but if you don't please go to a doctor or psychologist, what you're going through sounds horrifying.

No. 1232826

Nothing to the extent of this but sometimes I notice synchronicities when it comes to numbers or words and I'll start to attach meaning to it.. like I'll be reading an article online and playing a youtube video in the background and I'll read and hear the exact same unusual word or phase at the same moment. Makes me stop for a second.. takes me aback. I get tempted to find meaning in it.

I try not to get swept up in it tbh. I know I have mental health issues so going too deep down that rabbithole is risky. I've known people who had it with messages from god.. one was schizo and the other was bipolar going through a manic phase.

No. 1232845

The harassing noises sound natural and real though. I think the people who say it's not real just aren't being tracked in the same way. I try not to get bothered by it, I'm glad they can't relate as won't experience it.
My mum is making me go and see someone. I don't think they'll get it either. I may say I believe them to make people happy but I don't. And I feel whatever I say can be used against me to make the tracking/harassment more refined. If I can be convinced it's not real it might be a nice cope though. I turned down recommended medication and will still stand by my decision.
If you're not being harassed so much, it's ok to turn away. I think you might be ok.

No. 1232857

Nona I'm a diagnosed schizophrenic and this is what lead to my first breakdown. I started seeing messages on tv, in books and in music and radio. I felt driven by a divine force. I then believed I was being gangstalked and talked to via V2K (voice to skull) technology. I thought I might have been MK Ultra'd and that I would do something extreme if my handlers got to me so I boarded up windows and doors where I lived at the time and was waiting with a baseball bat for about 80ish hours, using speed to keep myself awake which naturally made me worse. I am better now, though. I still wonder if I am a targeted individual and if the V2K is still working but mostly I'm stable. I haven't been that bad in a long while and I live a good life. Try talking to a doctor you can trust, I promise you can get better. You won't get sectioned unless you're full schizo and present a harm to yourself or others. Just talk things through, get it out of your system with someone IRL.

No. 1232861

File: 1655740228203.jpeg (31.73 KB, 500x448, EBFD92F2-3B6E-443A-98AC-B2EBF1…)

I think the internet is one of the most dangerous things to schizophrenics from the fact that it allows them to find and affirm one another’s delusions, encouraging them to go into a sanity death spiral that ends with them in an institution at best and starving on the streets or imprisoned for murdering someone at worst.

No. 1232864

Whatever happens I hope it will stop and you can live a happy life without everything you mentioned nonna. Seriously, my heart goes out to you ♥

No. 1232866

Yes, I also usually draw the blinds at home because I really feel like they're following me. I don't know how you can be certain it's not real. If you're safe, I hope you don't believe it's real, because it's exhausting. I do sometimes want to be put back to sleep. I'm a little tired of it.

No. 1232878

File: 1655740929685.jpg (13.74 KB, 400x212, IMG_20210211_194551.jpg)

I'm getting dehydrated from this sweating, our ac is broken and it literally has the easy fucking fix ever but my sister won't get off her lazy chunky ass and ask anyone if they have a ladder she can borrow for just an hour or something. I'm so fucking irritated because of this heat and sweating I don't normally blame my sister for things and I bet it's never going to get done unless I do something about it which pisses me off ever more

No. 1232881

>brand new laptop
>randomly crashes
>can't find any fixes online
>now it won't boot up at all
>keeps asking for a password
>type in every single password I use for everything
>says they're all wrong
>not even any option to mention I forgot it
>which means I've lost hours of progress on my drawing
>friend's birthday in a couple days
>wanted to draw something for her
>now probably can't

It's little things like these where even the things that are supposed to bring me joy (drawing, getting something new, etc) end up going wrong that just make me straight up question if I should kill myself. Nothing goes right for me. Ever!!
I don't even understand what the issue is, I'm tech illiterate, I want to cry after all of that progress lost. I don't know what to do. I don't know why I even bother.

No. 1232891

i didn’t want to acknowledge that i started relapsing weeks ago but the toll i’ve taken on myself is too clear to ignore. it is irrational and i’ll try working towards change

No. 1232892

Nta but I'm in my thirties now.. I have memories of age 16 to 19 falling into a world of delusion all because I read a conspiracy theory forum for fun and I fell down to weird depths from there. These were the first few years I ever had internet access so I went to david ickes old forums for a laugh and don't know what went wrong. Turns out I don't even have a very serious disorder but I've always struggled with stress and isolation and even that can send you into phases of delusion. More mundane mental illnesses can lead to it. I have to avoid everything that talks about aliens to this day lol.

I sat at an appt one day 10 years ago and I told the psych that I thought I had an alien inside me. I only half believed it but I couldn't shake the thought for months. They didn't take me in (I thought they would) but a few months on a pill set me back to normal, luckily. Not all delusions are a perma state but even if I needed that pill for life it wasn't a bad experience. I've had a worse time just taking an SSRI tbh. The thing is you have to be gentle with people even when you're saying the very thing they need to hear. After a while of thinking you're being controlled or that you're the one who is 'awake'.. you don't trust the most common sense advice anymore. It's a tough one to approach. I've been on both ends of it.

No. 1232902

So creepy. Makes me so uncomfortable seeing shit like this.

No. 1232903

Why are they so weird looking, especially the guy

No. 1232910

thanks to libfems disney can now be out and proud groomers

No. 1232913

My mother just called me fat because I wasn't able to get into a suimsuit I bought while I was in fucking middle school. She's been trying to have a fight with me all day long and I don't even know why. Literally everything I do triggers her meltdowns. I can't stand her anymore.

No. 1232915

Average viewer will be 45 and male.

No. 1232923

I have a landlord inspection on Wednesday and I feel sick. I'm always the person to overthink things and assume the worst but I have a feeling they will try and get rid of us this year and everywhere else around here is so expensive to rent even for two working adults. I am really scared and feel sick.
We pay our rent on time every time and have never missed any at all. We report major problems as soon as we notice them, and although we have a cat they dont know about, the house is always clean and never smells of cat (multiple people have said they wouldn't have noticed) plus he spends most of the day outside and never scratches anything.

Idk, I think I am just paranoid, but it could also be true that they are gonna sell the house and kick us out or something. I am making the house spotless for Wednesday, ironically the inspection is the same date we got our renewal letter last year. I dunno, I just think it's strange timing. I hope we can stay another year holy shit I'm worried

No. 1232935

File: 1655744502848.jpg (42.74 KB, 736x713, 5a5939e5d7c092a2c30f3cd2ef4fe4…)

I'm constipated.

No. 1232941

File: 1655744825916.jpg (109.12 KB, 800x450, 4103795_083018-kfsn-5p-mr-bubb…)

i have period poops

No. 1232952

File: 1655745374382.jpg (35.91 KB, 564x564, 155a9b50fd1f87c3085c73598b9cab…)

I'm really afraid I don't like my lifelong friend anymore and that makes me sad af.
Knew each other since kindergarten, at 30 she suddenly says she has DID and wants me to roleplay with the ocs in their head.
She's going to a tumblr phase despite not using it (i think she uses tiktok) and now we can't even speak about sensitive topics without her going feral because "doesn't matter the context, a bad word is a bad word."
It makes me sad because she knows what I really mean if I say slurs in a phrase. I feel like I knew a fake version of a person for all of these years.
Bonus point is that I actually went under psych care for some years due to my abusive family and successfully recovered, she never had to worry about this shit, yet claims to be mentally disabled and wants me, with my actual trauma revolving families to the point I have big attachment issues, roleplay as a mommy to their children alters because by her saying "they grew up with me."
This makes me really fucking uncomfortable because if I don't put up with her shit, she screams I'm being ableist.
Internet is a true shithole and I wish this was a joke but I'm really feeling low since right when I was out of therapy and somehow managed to be stable with my life, she "discovered" this shit.

No. 1232954

File: 1655745496518.jpg (299.95 KB, 750x807, 1654711706105.jpg)

Crying because I can't kill myself. I want to give up and leave this world but I can't. My mom lost my dad and my boyfriend lost his last girlfriend, I don't think neither of them could deal with another loss. They are clinging to me. So I feel like I must keep trying because of them… They make this world a little more bearable but it's still shite

No. 1232956

you deserve better nona

No. 1232960

There is a homeless crisis near me. It is also ungodly hot, with temps this week not going below 100f until night and staying close to 90f after. I met a poor old man who can barely walk and seems genuinely nice. His toes and hands are mangled now and he uses a walker. How could anyone let this happen. The other guy I met is a junkie. I know that there is probably a reason he has been living outside for years but I am less inclined to bring him food and water. Is that awful of me? My heart breaks for him too but he steals and causes trouble. I don't want to approach him. Gave older guy doubles of everything so he could pass it along if need be. Why is the world so sad?

No. 1232964

Solidarity, nonna. Godspeed.

No. 1232968

File: 1655745888521.png (625.86 KB, 885x885, 1655480120789.png)

because people are evil and don't feel a responsibility to help and protect others. they're sick and pathetic. people are socialized to be completely apathetic and only care about their interests. thank you for caring and for doing what you can, anon.

No. 1232975

File: 1655746214168.jpg (9.81 KB, 275x245, 1653057159465.jpg)

I'm so over this fucking heat. I'm constantly tired, drowsy and sweaty. I washed my hair and showered today but I'm about to hop into the shower again because it' so unbearable.

No. 1232976

thanks for the support nonners, I'm just tired

No. 1232981

A junkie is a junkie but can still work. What is an old man with mangled hands to do for employment? You’re not a bad person and I’m glad you helped the old man. I don’t give money to young males specifically because their story is always that their gfs/wives left them and kicked them out, in the past I’ve gotten friendly with some of them and they’ve always ended up subtly revealing that they were abusive alcoholic pos to their partner. Meanwhile I could be helping out a woman more at risk

No. 1233007

Junkie is a young guy. I think he is the type who may not want to get out if his situation my area is absolutely desperate for workers I cannot imagine he cannot even get a dishwashing job or something but I have never spoke to him directly. He lives in a place under a bridge I do not want to go alone to but if I can have someone (a man, ugh) come with me I might see if he needs anything. This guy could hurt me if he wanted. Old man could not. Old man has culinary degree, lost job last year or 2 idk couldnt pay rent etc. Been on street for 6 months. He uses a walker. He told me he wants to work and if I could help him get in the door of a place he was pro chef and can prove his worth. He is filthy and sad looking, so gonna get him some clothes and see if there is a way to put him thru a program or something where businesses hire those types. He seems smart enough. He is drinking, he said it is all he has to keep the thoughts of shame away. Do not blame him one bit honestly. But when asked what he needs he said he needs to figure out how to work. My heart is broken for him. No place will look twice at him to hire in the state he is in now but after a shower and clean clothes, maybe. I will look into some subsidy for hiring unhoused or something near here. I am inclined to believe in him. I understand he may not give up the drink though. I get it. They rarely do. He told me the cops gave him permission to be where he is and promised not to heckle him so I am glad for that. The world is so sad. But some people are nice and he was surrounded by bug spray, water, and food when I saw him today. Wholesome.

No. 1233010

Tried to go thrift shopping today for the first time since COVID and everything is retarded. Used shirts being sold for like $25+. Books used to be bulk priced at $1 softcover $2 hardcover but now they're all individually priced based on the original sticker price. I've lost all faith in society getting better, treasure hunting at thrift stores used to be my one pleasure in life. This is my supervillain origin story. Fucking $10 for a used copy of Harry Potter, not even a hardcover or early edition, there's no hope.

No. 1233046

I hate it, I used to love digging for good deals at used bookstores, but now the prices are nearly as much as the book is new unless you want one that's half ripped up.

No. 1233074

File: 1655753173472.jpeg (317.99 KB, 1600x1131, Euj0-BDUcAMIvA4.jpeg)

I miss my friend but I don't know whether I should even reach out to him.

Knowing him was pleasant now that I've had some distance to reflect on everything and grow as a person. He wasn't the most reliable friend since he has his demons, but I also sucked because I went in acting like the scrote of the situation kek. My feelings definitely coloured the friendship despite my efforts.

Now that I finally managed to date someone for a bit, I think I have the maturity and perspective. The mystique of dating men has been cleared and I've proven myself capable of being a Normal Human Woman Capable of Adult Milestones, but that's a whole other topic. With that out of the way I can see that I just loved my friend in a real, platonic way and have no interest in dating him kek. Allowing myself to be angry at the times HE was a jerk has also helped meet this end. We both tried our best for what we were, I guess.

He's just like a literary foil to me, how can I resist having that in my life? The socially competent disaster man to my socially inept, uptight self. But jokes aside, I just want to see him genuinely happy and stable. And there's still so much I want to do with him…we need to draw together again, and go visit more art galleries. The whole thing feels unfinished.

BUT THEN, perhaps I should leave it all alone and just meet new people and accept that things end. After all, he seems to be doing well now despite crashing and burning during our friendship. We both are. Or is that a good reason to restart a new, sane, and non-toxic friendship together?

This is a stupid amount of angst for a friendship but I take all relationships seriously since I have so few people in my life. Man. Shit. Maybe I'll make one single new friend and see if the longing remains.

No. 1233084

I love my mom with all my heart but it's so frustrating speaking to her. She's petrified of change and acts like she lives in 2002 forever. A DVD player is too high tech for her. Yesterday, I tell her I'm on my way to her house and I'll be there around 12:10pm. I get there at that time and she acts like I can predict the future because it's impossible to be so exact. Explaining that I used Google maps app is akin to saying I can practice divination to her. She thinks "being good with a computer" means you can be a millionaire. She asked me how I showed my portfolio at my job interview if we did it over the internet and I told her I have a website for it. She thought that was the most amazing thing she ever heard. Every time I talk to her I have to speak in the most simplest terms and concepts as possible. She calls me every now and then to tell me how she never understands a single word I say. She's also convinced that she will die soon because the world continues to advance around her and she can't and it stresses her out. It hurts my feelings and breaks my heart every time she says this stuff. I feel sad seeing people I know with parents her age aren't like that. I accept and love my mom regardless and I'm grateful she is still with me, but it's frustrating and saddening from time to time. Sometimes I feel like I'm going navigating this world alone. Is anyone else's parents like this, too?

No. 1233085

I hate that I will never be self sufficient due to my genetic condition.

No. 1233087

I worked at a charity shop/thrift store around 10 years ago. I used to think some things were really overpriced, but the thing is the rent on the shop went up and we had to cover that. Could be something to do with the rise in energy bills and they have to cover that with electric.

My favourite one is still really inexpensive. Everything is £2 and bags £1. Five books for £1. Some really good branded finds there. Some real shit as well. I skip most of the ones I used to shop at because the prices have become ridiculous. Oxfam are the worst for it. Always have been.

No. 1233099

The best prices are at places run by volunteers since there are no salary expenses. The animal shelter thrift stores near me always have good deals.

No. 1233104

Most of the big charities have to have a paid manager and assistant manager. It's minimum wage, but yeah. There's a canal boat charity shop and it's good for furniture.

No. 1233106

the canal boat charity is a volunteer thing, I should add. A rare thing, but great.

No. 1233131

File: 1655755524951.png (1.1 MB, 3264x2448, 90458923.png)

I know my mom was atheist, but I miss her and I hope she's doing well somewhere out there, she used to love drawing lovely mushrooms in gift cards in the mail for me, love you mom.

No. 1233136

your mom sounded so awesome. i'm so sorry, anon. i know the loss of a parent or loved one never really heals, but at least you two had each other to appreciate and make each others lives better. sending you hugs.

No. 1233175

I'm gonna bitch/whine a bit, sorry.

I don't know what I'm going to do after this national service gig that's ending in a few months. I actively hate my job and hate where I'm working. My supervisor is basically a reddit moderator asshole and his boss is honestly one of the worst people I've ever met and I hate being around her. I hate this city - too fucking expensive and hot as hell rn and I honestly just wish I was overseas again.

I want to get a remote job, but if you're not in tech its hard man. I'm tired of gaining weight. I'm already in my 30's and I have no bf, no real friends. I'm just lonely and broke. I really don't know if I'm still gonna be here next year.

I just want my life to finally get better. Finally. I want to drive. I want to be normal. I want to stop being a fat ass. I'm just.. I'm exhausted.

No. 1233188

File: 1655758259531.jpg (28.72 KB, 636x474, 1647573717439.jpg)

my poop is so sharp and endometriosis is kicking my ass today, I am fighting for my life in this bathroom

No. 1233192

File: 1655758392557.jpg (63.03 KB, 640x640, 12534138_1523549674612056_5662…)

>poop is so sharp
OMG I know that feel, never have found the words to describe it lol. But anyway I'm sorry nonna, I wish I could ease you pain

No. 1233193

goddamn I'm never buying shoes from Shein ever again. Cheap ass shoes made my feet smell so bad and I went on the train and everyone looked at me funny. They're sandals, open toe and everything. my feet literally never smell even during summer time.

No. 1233200

I might be retarded but a moid not saying "I love you" back is good ground for getting dumped right? I need reassurance nonnas.

No. 1233205

Feels like I'm pooping a goddamn wooden stake nona, but thank you nona! Gotta go back to my soft food diet it seems.

No. 1233207

No. 1233221

Yes dump him

No. 1233224

He's weak, dump him nonita

No. 1233225


No. 1233227

Pathetic lmao just get a konbini or eng teaching job like all you loser expats do over there

No. 1233228

I hate my hair. I thought I would feel pretty if I grew it out but the texture is dry and rough no matter what products I put on it and it gets tangled five seconds after I brush it. I also have the ugliest muddy brown hair color naturally and I use auburn hair dye to cover it but constantly doing my roots is so irritating.

No. 1233242

I made my bestie cry because I said I don't like troons and that I'm a terf. I feel like a pos now but lizard brain goes brr.

No. 1233245

I am thinking about unsubscribing from my favourite mukbang youtuber and never watching one of her videos again because she is a pick-me depp apologist. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. She kinda became lazy with the uploads as well.

No. 1233247

You have 2 options either make her a terf or find a new best friend

No. 1233249

File: 1655761576188.png (246.84 KB, 500x483, jSpd1oA.png)

She was too weak for you

No. 1233251

I think I'm way too self-aware to ever become schizophrenic but when I hear my brother talk about what he sees/hears it sounds surreal.

No. 1233253

thats a sign she was taking it too seriously. either she realizes what an overdramatic dumbass shes being or doubles down on being an ally to ugly rapey misogynists

No. 1233259

why would she cry for troons if she's not one herself? wtf

No. 1233270


No. 1233289

I vaped some DMT about an hour ago. not a lot. I just wanted to know how it'd do in my pax.
brain = gumbo.

No. 1233291

Dmt sounds scary nonnie. Hope you're doing alright

No. 1233316

File: 1655764876850.jpeg (9.1 KB, 187x270, download (2).jpeg)

I have days where in the space of hours I'll go from being slim enough.. to third trimester by the time I'm heading home from work. I'm talking massive difference. Happened to me today and I looked in a shop window while walking home.. Pic was what I saw looking back at me. It's purely bloat. It's not even fat where it'd creep up on you slowly… it hits me out of nowhere and I can't find the pattern. I know I was diagnosed with ibs years ago and it mostly has settled but I think it might be that. More so than say a hormonal thing. I can't link it to one food type though and I know the process of food elimination is a pain in the arse.

I'm not the most looks obsessed but I felt mortified seeing my eggman body out in public. I couldn't care if I'm hanging at home with my belly (which I often do) but I looked like a fat person who had stuffed myself into a very poorly fitting outfit out of a lack of self awareness. How tf do I even dress now when I double in size on random days?

No. 1233320

No. 1233328

wear a long red jacket to hide the belly

No. 1233344

ayrt - I'm okay!! I've smoked it plenty before, but I have enough of this kinda sus dmt to test it in my dry herb vape. the last time I smoked a whole hit of it, I got plunged into geometric hyperspace, and then approached this sort of matron figure. that's when I had to turn back, saying "nope, I've got mommy issues."
When I turned around, I was transported to a filing /storage type room. The files were about me, throughout my life. I flipped through a few, then my hand hovered over a couple of files and knew I wasn't ready to look at them. issues I wasn't ready to address or know the truth about. I stopped looking through the files then. the machine elves told me to come back when I was in a different physical location. Then I woke up breathing into the floor of really shitty apartment I lived in. I could sense something was wrong with it.
coincidentally, the girl I accidentally fell in love with when I was involuntarily hauled to the looney bin had lived in the complex before. she's a few years older than me and we both had blue hair at the time. she has two kids and a very creepy and older husband. I was let out first and I was also the one she'd call every night to tell me she loves me.
She came over one night and brought her crystal pendulum to try n talk to her dead ex lover.

tldr: life is sad don't do too many drugs my brain is still stewed

No. 1233360

>kinda sus dmt

No. 1233367

I bought it off a guy who had taken 13 hits of lsd that day.

No. 1233382

Yeah, I unsubscribed from a lot of YouTubers when I found they were pro-Depp or made videos that mocked Amber.
Also when I found out some of my friends were pro-Depp it made me change the way I view them now.

No. 1233384

I am so fucking done with wokies, TRAs, handmaidens, and most importantly fucking troons. Even with the relatively normal MTFs I've met, no matter how level-headed they seemed at first, there's always something deeply fucked up and scrote-like about them. I am done making concessions with them and I'll find some other friend group that will actually respect me. Fuck them, fuck them all, and most of all fuck trannies.

No. 1233386

Show her screencaps from the MtF thread. Make her realize how depraved these degenerate males are. If she doesn't peak, she's not worth keeping.

No. 1233389

>crying over the mentally ill
My god I'd think you just ran over a whole group of troons with the way she's reacting. How much of a sheep can she be holy shit.

No. 1233399

yeah if they sold you the dmt then theyre not good entities, ur not supposed to sell that shit lol. what a shit hippie

No. 1233407

I compared troons to pedophiles and said that just because all pedophiles don't molest children doesn't mean they should be around children and that same goes for Troons bc 'just because' all troons aren't AGPS that I shouldn't have to risk AGPS- especially if I had a daughter and we were trying to shower in the woman's public washroom. Then I was told that I should just be accepting/not question (which I said was a cult like tatic and made it even harder for me to accept because I used to be a NB LGBTQ+ until I started to question) and then was met with crying (which I still feel bad for) but I feel so frustrated because I can't have a logical conversation without it being 'but their feelings'. I even brought up that if troons don't believe in abortion, they can vote as a woman and take away our rights as woman who have uteruses. Which I was met again with "but they think they're a woman so who cares" and then when I said "well what defines a woman? They all are giving in stereotypes and sexist roles against woman", "bUt tHeY genUineLY BeLiEvE and tHinK lIkE wOmEN" and I was like how?? Even if our XX moid puts on a wig and wants to watch women undress in the change room, I'm supposed to accept that? And guess what.. said YES! and started crying.

I feel so lost. I can't discuss these issues with anyone. I don't fucking care if people want to wear a wig and play dress up but it's weird once you start protesting to be in women's only spaces. I said that even decent MALES find it fucking weird. I also said decent males or fucking tifs don't act like this. So so WEIRD. Like what the fuck

No. 1233410

The worst part is that I didn't even hate trannies before. I just fucking question the shit out of the ideas and logic and suddenly I'm a huge terf who thinks no one should have rights. Like what the fuck!!! I'm not the kind of person to throw a tomato at anybody and can't even kill flies/ants but everyone makes it out like I'm asking for everyone who questioned their sexuality to be eradicated when really, I honestly think they're just extremely mentally ill men who are trying to normalize it.
I even brought up that it feels dangerous to be in the room with someone who wants to cut off their genitals or roleplay as the other sex and expect to 1000% be accepted as is. And I was told that it's my fault for being uncomfortable with it. UghhhhhHHHHH

No. 1233412

sounds like your bestie is a driveling sheep that doesn't dare to think critically about the things that are accepted by the masses, probably out of fear of ostracization

No. 1233421

Feel like running away to another country and living in a cheap Airbnb for a couple of months. I would shitpost on the farm and go for walks on the beach by myself and try all the cool restaurants. I did something similar before except it was just another state, not another country.

No. 1233422

Do you recognize this? "Your fault for being uncomfortable", "Just deal with it", "Accept it", "What about their feelings"? All this shit does is prey on female socialization and empathy. It's where victim-blaming comes from, and it's why women stay in abusive relationships. Many women will fall victim to it, sadly, especially straight women who are used to following this pattern in all things, and lesbians with some secret feeling that they "at least owe something" to males because they aren't attracted to them. You can add as many flags, "queer theorist" ramblings and "progressive" coats of paint to it as you want, it's still the same old bullshit. This is a form of indoctrination specifically aimed at women.

Your friend isn't seeing the truth because of the above reasons, and because rocking the boat in society is just scary. You can try to peak her, and she might listen (even if she doesn't outright say anything), but don't let yourself get too hurt in the process. If she has any sort of feminist leanings, she might pay attention if you point out that all of this is standard moid logic at its core, and if you find a way to let her know that you aren't even the only one questioning it, and that "TERFs" aren't the evil witches TRAs have made them out to be, so she won't be alone if she doesn't follow the crowd. That's another thing - TRAs constantly make up shit about TERFs, and either never post proof or purposely twist logic. Ask her what she thinks TERFs are and have done, you can probably completely disprove those misconceptions. Even if she ignores you, she will wonder why she's been lied to (that's literally what happened to me). Ultimately, it's up to her to break the conditioning in herself, or to wait for the tables to inevitably turn in a few years. I hope you feel better soon, anon, it really sucks when friendships are damaged because of this BS

No. 1233436

I know the media exaggerates things oftentimes and tells half-truths, but lately I've been seeing more and more reports about homophobia/anti-LGB activity. Can't help but feel that all of these anti-gay/"Don't Say Gay" copycat bills and the grooming propaganda from right wingers is helping to drive this uptick. I find it hard to gauge how bad the situation actually is since I live in a super progressive/ultra-blue state where churches hang rainbow flags in small towns. I feel like even lolcow has been increasingly attracting homophobe-chans, but this could just be chalked down to the limited moderation.

No. 1233447

My leg hurts so much. I woke up this morning to a cramp and the cramp went away but my muscle hurts to move and it feels stiff. Going to the doctors didn’t even help and now I’m trying to sleep with this pain and I’m scared I’m going to have another cramp when I wake up..

No. 1233448

Sometimes I’ll be like ‘why am I violently suicidal out of the blue’ and start devising catefully thoughtful plans to kill my self then I’ll remember I missed my Zoloft dose, take it, and in two days I’ll be back to my stupidly happy go lucky self

No. 1233464

i thought when we moved out and got away from my abusive father, everything would be better. now my mother treats me similarly to how he used to and only cares about her long distance fucking ex prison inmate boyfriend. now i have no parent at all and i'm a hopeless waste of life. i just wish my parents hadn't trapped me in this, i'll rot away quietly and nobody will notice when i'm gone

No. 1233465

File: 1655778885249.jpg (33.32 KB, 638x620, 54864.jpg)

Reading me and my ex's old texts and crying lmao. I was a lonely dork for so long, what made me think I was cut out for a relationship?? I know soon I'll adapt to being alone again and I'll be happy, and I won't miss him anymore, but that taste of normalcy – of having a bf, a lover, of hanging out with his friend group, of going on fun trips, buying gifts, holding hands – threw me off so badly. He was my first everything – I lost my virginity and first kiss to him (at the age of 23), which I'm sure makes things worse. I am a person who requires so much to trust someone, and value their opinions and company, and the one person who broke through those rigid boundaries (plus he's clean and attractive to boot) was able to slip through my hands…I wanted things to last but love isn't enough. Knowing that he's hurting and misses me, too, can only ameliorate the situation so much. I can't believe I used to think I had Schizoid Personality Disorder back in my NEET days LMAO.

No. 1233481

I'm noticing it more as well. I feel that it's an intentional consequence instigated by the elites. For years they've used the media to push troons, drag queens and gender special bullshit on younger and younger children in the name of LGBT and people are sick of it. The eventual blow back was predictable. My experience is that most LGB people do not approve of what's being done in their name and now they are going to suffer because of it.

No. 1233490

I can’t fucking handle idiots, I control the bills for my household and I have the air set on 78 (it’s been like 100 for the past two weeks) because it’s EXPENSIVE AS FUCK in an already tanking inflation economy. I felt it was colder than usual and it turns out my housemate turned it down to 76 behind my back. I know that doesn’t seem extreme but I did the math and that two degree difference takes our bill from being about $90 a month to $120 a month and we’re complete poorfags so that’s money we just don’t have. I don’t know how many fucking times I have to explain it to this retard, we can deal with mild discomfort to save a few bucks. It’s not even that bad at 78, god I hate people.

No. 1233503

these mormons would not leave our property after i told them i'm no longer interested in their faith and will not be returning… they even lied about being my workmates bc my grandparents told them to fuck off for the 4th time. my mental health has been in massive decline and the last thing i need are religious nuts (and they are dedicated) telling me god will make me happy. they kept pushing for half n hour until i eventually gave in… wtf man

No. 1233515

>"bUt tHeY genUineLY BeLiEvE and tHinK lIkE wOmEN"
kek, and what makes them believe that? How do you know they "think like women"? Why are male troons more into stereotypically male interests than stereotypically female ones? Why do troons fetishize femininity and women find it gross?
Maybe you have already planted the seed of doubt in her mind, nonny. Don't worry too much about it, from this point on, it's up to her to change her mind. And if your friend decides to end your friendship because you have your own opinions about men who try to pass as women, then that's her fault, not yours.

No. 1233516

File: 1655785894708.jpg (99.41 KB, 680x676, 15d77e94511e46c82898a6af912958…)

I asked my mom to stop calling me by my phone when we are in the same house, because we aren't that far away and she can just talk to me normally, but she got mad and began to yell that I'm not enough of a blessing for her to talk without a phone. She is currently a little stressed, and I get that, I've been there for her and I understand that things are rought right now, so I usually just let it pass when she yells at me, maybe I'm just selfish but this time it actually hurt me a little.

No. 1233518

Going through a breakup with a guy i started dating a week after i broke up with my bf of 8 years which reminds me that im a fucking retard. Also found out my father cheated on my mother with her best friend. Genuinely wanna kms

No. 1233521

i haven't showered for two days because parents dragged me out on long trips and get mad when i shower late at night.

No. 1233544

Mormons are fucking relentless, are you exmo or did you show interest in the religion to a missionary or something? Just curious, sorry they’re annoying you nonny

No. 1233558

Working at a hotel as a housekeeper to make extra money. I don’t mind it but the Indian guests like the ones fresh off the plane for business that hardly speak English just TRASH the place every time. Food everywhere. Rice everywhere. They walk around the hotel barefoot. Towels covered in what looks like nuclear waste. Shit is so yellow and vile. Dirty diapers from their kids stay in the rooms for days stinking up the place like how hard is it to ask for us to remove trash?? They deny service every single fucking time. It just smells so bad even with a mask on. It is NOT a cultural divide it is just being a fucking slob and sad excuse for a person with basic hygiene

No. 1233573

it happened mainly because im naive and too scared to refuse people. went grocery shopping early last month and these 2 women stopped me to preach about some topic, told them i have to go and they wouldn't let me until they finished. like an idiot i gave them my number and they texted nonstop, picked me up twice to go to the church for bible study so that's how they know where i stay… entirely my fault
lately my grandparents and i have told them straight to their faces that i'm no longer interested and will not return but they just keep showing up and saying "god is a spiritual doctor, prayer will help you, you are ours, we miss you, we love you" etc. its fuckin annoying and feels cult-ish. im actually considering calling the police next time they show up (sry for the life story lol)

No. 1233584

Idk if this will help you anon but I used to live in an area with mormons and they would come by to peoples doors at least 4x a year. It was always kids my same age in high school so one day in the summer I opened it, told them we were devoted satanists and I think we were black listed because they never came back.

I have to vent I wanted to look nice for a going out but my period gave me chin acne so I'm trying not to freak out or touch it in case it gets worse.

No. 1233607

So is Depp the bad guy again? Last week on insta I kept seeing reels clowning Amber and praising Depp, and I found a Netflix series about the trial and put it on my list to watch with my BF (also last week) but then when we went to watch it it was gone, and google had no trace of it anymore. All I know is it started out with Depp being the asshole, then it was Amber is the asshole bow Depp is the asshole? Why is it so hard to follow (for me, at least) such a highly publicized case?

No. 1233612

Anon I know you said you're too afraid to refuse people but please, you don't owe them shit. The next time they corner you at the store, walk away. You don't even have to say anything, just leave. If they're still texting you, block them. If they knock on your door, you don't have to answer. Ignore them. And if they loiter around/refuse to leave your property, then absolutely call the cops. Sorry you have to deal with this

No. 1233615

No worries about the life story, I was the one who wanted to know! You’re correct in getting a cultish vibe, Mormonism is basically a giant, creepy cult. If you’re curious I recommend watching some videos on YouTube from the perspective of ex-Mormons, it’s a pretty interesting subject

No. 1233619

I'm all for calling the police on them but you could also just not open in the first place..

No. 1233640

File: 1655802234072.jpg (46.25 KB, 735x713, lois.jpg)

ive had anorexia for just over 4 years and i seriously cant figure out how to fix this shit.

>forced inpatient 1st year, did absolutely nothing, made everything worse.
>inpatient filled with wannarexics and larpers, felt unbearable
>gained back all the weight I lost + more within 2 months
>little to no therapy provided while inpatient
>after discharge, immediately relapsed, but found it absurdly difficult to lose the excess weight. it didnt matter how hard i restricted, my weight literally stayed stagnant or fluctuated which made me feel even crazier than before.
>spiraled into isolation, severe depression and anxiety, etc.
>after some time, i started dropping the weight (albeit very slowly) and reached the number i was initially hospitalized at

and now… im just burned out? all the symptoms of anorexia feel 1000x worse than the first time i restricted and ive barely reached my lowest weight. is my metabolism shot? all these years wasted and now it just doesn’t seem worth gaining it all back.

my new years resolution this year was to start a reverse diet and reach maintenance as a form of harm reduction/to repair my metabolism and even committing to that has been extremely difficult. dealing with the fluctuations, bloating, etc. is killing me inside and i just don't know where to go from here.

No. 1233643

Just wish kanye played coachella this year so today on my day off i could have watched the full set while smoking weed. Would have been a lovely Tuesday morning

No. 1233644

Because it's a complex situation anon, and with a lot of nuance. In real life it's not that common to have something like this with clear conclusion of "this person is bad, that person is good, case closed forever"
Depp is the bad guy though, disgusting abusive scrote with an army of pickmes behind him

No. 1233651

Nayrt but Depp got found guilty in UK and Heard in the US. The US is currently a shit show with abuses against women and having shootings on the daily can we really trust what they think is justice. The answer is no.

No. 1233659

File: 1655803756454.png (416.85 KB, 588x508, thread.PNG)

No. 1233662

It's very frustrating that I can't share the secret to my success with a lot of people. I was abused growing up and developed a lot of bad coping mechanisms that didn't actually help me to cope. Then I got introduced to cannabis to help with insomnia and moods. It changed my life. I don't think I slept much from 11 to 19. I tried weed when I was 21 and it was like I could see colour for the first time. My parents comment on my maturity, sensibility a lot. They come to me for advice and consoling these days. So many people would benefit from not smoking chronically like me but there are so many times when people are stressed I wish I could shove a joint in their mouth and tell them to chill out and we'll fix the issue best we can.

No. 1233681

This was me. Today i have a meeting with my teamlead. Am i gonna get fired anons?

No. 1233684

oh shit nonnie, I hope everything will go ok, keep us updated

No. 1233685

TBH I don't think you'll be fired. But it will be ok regardless of the outcome, good luck!

No. 1233687

Of course not, there's no reason to believe that going by your posts, don't be irrational.

No. 1233699

Last november I was food shopping when I got talking to a guy. He'd spotted my tattoo and as much as I usually hate people (men) randomly starting convos like that.. he was actually pretty alright. We talked for ages and at one point I realised he was telling me about something becuase he likely read me as gay and so thought it was relevant to me.. I dropped a hint that I'm not gay. tbh that only made me like him more becuase I guess he wasn't approaching me to chat me up. We'd been hitting it off on a normal level without the usual undertones. We went our seperate ways after something like an hour. It felt like a missed oppurtunity. Small town life though.. I figured we could always end up bumping into each other again and if that happpens then it happens.

It's been 7 months. I think of him here and there. I can't believe we haven't stumbled on each other since.. well til today. I was leaving the store we first met in. He was in the carpark getting out of his car and I was just cutting through on foot. He sees me, very loudly and excitedly shouts across "Hey long time no see!" and I… on auotpilot mode just keep walking in the opposite direction. I did shout Hi but apart from that.. am I retarded? This is the exact scene I've wanted to happen for months and I just walked away when finally presented with it

No. 1233704

I hate dogmatic types where everything is problematic to them. Nothing will ever be blank enough to make them happy and they kill actual discussion

No. 1233731

whoever made it that having work experience/internship is required for graduating CAN FUCKING SUFFER FOR ETERNITY

No. 1233736

I bought Adidas leggings and the store left the anti theft thing in them rreeeeee, how do I get it out

No. 1233740

File: 1655814063200.gif (1.19 MB, 600x342, X98Q.gif)

I have a re-sit exam coming up and I fucking hate studying this shit. I've failed so many exams it's held me back from graduating and I'm so angry at myself for not pushing through but here I am trying to study and I remember why I hate it so much. It's not even difficult stuff, just so much to memorize. I need to get a grip

No. 1233741

I think you can get it off with a strong magnet. But if it's one of those that spill liquid I'd just go back with it tbh.

No. 1233744

2 regular to medium sized magnets. There is a really nice tutorial on YouTube for it by some faggot called The Lockpicking Lawyer.

No. 1233745

I don’t like to lie to people in general, and while occasionally I can be wrong, it’s not like I’m constantly wrong, and yet people just don’t seem to believe what I say, or consider what I say. My own best friend won’t even take simple fucking video game tips from me, from a game that I’ve already fucking played before her, so what the fuck? Do I just exude retardation? What is it about me that makes people disregard what I say? I don’t understand.

No. 1233746

here you go nonnie. Different ones can still be removed the same way.

No. 1233755

Remember to abort your sons and beat the ones that are already born nonnies! Also there's a special place in hell for boy moms.

No. 1233756

it's funny/sad how angry men get when you reject them. why can't they just take well and be like "oh well" like women do? i've never had someone this mad at me in my entire life kek.

No. 1233759

It’s literally just harassment, you can’t live your life without experiencing “can I fuck you? No? Well I am going to threaten you and make a scene now.” Make sure he knows you know people more aggressive than he ever could be, tell him you’re engaged and your fiancé just got out prison for shooting up a kindergarten or something. When you let him have his “moment” he will NOT let go. Go harder than him.

No. 1233760

i really hate people who act like, or believe, that they never lie. bitch yes you do, everyone does, everyone has to tell small lies here or there, fuck off. also it really is annoying when people are like "if someone lies about something small, why wouldn't they lie about something big?" that makes no sense at all whatsoever.

No. 1233763

People do this to me too, anon. It's an immature, jealous need for control over someone else by an insecure person. Time to get a new best friend, you should feel seen and heard by your beastie not like you have to convince e them to hear and believe you.

No. 1233766

i don't think they think that you're lying, but just that you're wrong/too dumb to listen to/don't respect you enough, etc. annoying. get better friends, anon.

No. 1233770

Because men are just mommy-spoiled toddlers who expect any woman they find attractive to love them just like mommy did AND fuck them and clean their house for them.

Modern men are literal overgrown toddlers addicted to pleasure and being cared for like kings. They live in a fantasy world run by sheer brute force and tantrum tactics, where they literally think they're the smart calm, rational, hardworking ones with self control and everyone else's interests in mind.

Honestly, men can't be real. Or like, I don't think they were ever meant to be in charge of anything bc why else would they be so painfully unaware and selfish?

No. 1233775

File: 1655817674940.png (95.7 KB, 343x318, sillyigf.PNG)

yeah, i was really nice about it too which makes me wonder how violently he'd reacted if i had just laughed at him

he opened with a photo of him begging me to be honest if he is ugly; he is but i felt bad because he looked disabled, so i said he was attractive…never lying to make someone feel better again, he then sent a picture of me calling me pretty, i asked why he saved a picture of me, and he freaked out, deleted the conversation after blocking but here is my best recollection
>you think id save a picture of you lol…ew. i was just trolling you ugly bitch.
>lol ok
5 minutes pass
>can i have sex with you, i was joking
>okay ugly bitch, i was just trolling you anyway lol you really think i liked you? ur boring me now so bye lol you think youre worth anything but a hole

can we just castrate them all or something? i used to feel bad for the retarded ones but not after this kek

No. 1233777

Them being spoiled and made to think they're more special than they really are is especially annoying in a professional setting. It's very frustrating seeing men get awarded or given opportunities for their shitty work.

I saw it happen a while ago and I started fucking malding when he had the gall to complain about how he wasn't given enough direction or how he can't read a language he can't speak even though they can happily translate it for you if you just ask.

No. 1233819

I honestly feel guilty for not using facebook (and twitter to a lesser extent). All of the people I've known well irl have a facebook and I'll check in on them every once in a while but I can't be assed to post regularly or leave comments. I feel bad. My friend from high school has no problem using fb consistently and she keeps in contact with a lot of the high school staff (this may be weird but the high school was an alternative one and it was very close-knit) and I wish I could do the same. It just feels like too much. Then I'll feel bad for being kind of a bitch in my youth. I just wish I could engage with social media NORMALLY, like a NORMAL person would but it feels like too much fucking work.

No. 1233825

Normal people are addicted to social media and they let it destroy themselves and society, trust me nonnie, you don’t want that.

No. 1233829

File: 1655824324897.jpg (167.46 KB, 1080x750, Screenshot_20220621-110927.jpg)

Too lazy to find the Twitter hate thread but why do they try so hard to justify men in bad wigs competing with women in sports? None of this science in the tweet matters because someone who has a Y chromosome is genetically designed to be physically stronger than someone who doesn't have a Y chromosome. That's the unfair advantage people with working brains are referencing. So tired of Twitter science majors trying to ignore logic to bend over backwards for transwomen

No. 1233844

Found my little sister's tiktok only to find she's genderfluid he/they and pretending to have DID and trauma. She and her whole friend group has switched to using the "gender neutral" versions of their female names.
It's definitely a phase she'll grow out of, there's no way in hell our parents will let her do anything permanent so I'm not worried in that regard, it's just so frustrating that the internet turns all teenage girls into identical little Aiden clones.

No. 1233855

I remember a few years when Caster Semenya was being used as an argument on both sides.. I was sick to death of reading about it att. But at the end of the day being intersex just isn't the same as being trans. When will trans people stop trying to leech off of peoples empathy towards those with intersex conditions?

No. 1233863

>At least she's not bonking her head on the walls and crapping on the floor yet
She actually does… I brought this up to her vet when we went to go visit a while back (visit was for other reasons) and he chalked it up to her being old and blind. I did increase her food amount a little more but we'll be taking her to the vet next week and I'll ask about dementia then. Thanks nonas. Guess there isn't much I can do now but console her when she wakes me up.

No. 1233865

Why don't we lock up gay men? They're the cause of the monkeypox outbreak and they would likely pass it off to other men and those men who are cheaters will pass it to the wives and children
I hate them

No. 1233868

Probably never. I wish they'd just wear the clothes they prefer and shut up. There's no reason someone who's biologically male can't enjoy dressing and expressing himself in "feminine" ways, but why do we need to mutilate genitalia and try and deny logic to do so? Society is still so sexist and it's annoying.

Trans men don't push this hard to compete in male sports, I wonder why?

No. 1233876

Its not your fault, most laptops are filled with bloat and run like complete shit out the box, maybe try selling it and building a PC or buying a different brand
let me guess, the one you have now is HP?

No. 1233878

I don't have a therapist who I can talk to, sorry.

My fiance has already been put on notice that I am leaving him unless he shapes up and starts pulling his weight. I work too hard at two jobs to be able to keep up with anything anymore, and the reason I gotta work so hard is because he's too damn lazy and useless to do so himself. He's selfish and even admits he could not do what I am doing. So right now he's making sure the house stays relatively clean. Deep down however, he'll go through this trial period on his best behavior only to go back to inconsistency once he thinks it's safe again. It's happened before. I'm done. He did not play the part until my leaving was a serious threat. It's one of the many manifestations of his immaturity and I'm tired of being disappointed and arguing. Why fight this over and over when there are scrotes who would do his best effort as a minimum? Why be with someone this worthless yet still acts so controlling, insecure, and demanding? He LARPs as a man but he is truly a spineless entitled faggot.
He has so many red flags, but I felt pressured at the time to hop into a relationship with him because I lack familial support. Now that I find myself better personally and financially, I can finally examine who and what I want from a long term relationship.

What he doesn't know is that I already cheated on him with three other guys in person and there's one more who I am meeting during a solo vacation trip. All but one wants to be in a relationship with me that leads to marriage and kids. The last guy has a distant attachment style and just wants to knock me up in whatever zoomer pseudo relationship label he has in his head. Male validation is meaningless, but it still feels good knowing these guys want me so badly. They all see my value and have told me as much, I manipulate them to make them prove it. Of course they don't know about each other because I play dumb and have good operations. If it makes me a sociopath, fine, but I do feel I am protecting myself and securing the next bag before I nosedive my current circumstances. I hate that I feel I have to do this but I have learned the hard way. I'm sick of doing the "honest" thing by breaking up with these ungrateful scrotes without having a parachute and then I'm set back years because of the financial and self-esteem bullshit. Not to mention scrotes always think they're entitled to comp for no real reason–my last ex wanted a slice of my insurance check when MY furniture was destroyed in an apartment flood. I'm ambitious and a go-getter but society collectively fucks single women and it's tough. i.e. was literally denied a promotion I followed up on at my first job when I said I needed the money, my manager replied "What about your fiance?" Aka go rely on a man because we do not want to pay you fairly. So fuck it, fine. It has taken me up until now to truly recover from my last major breakup in 2018, but I find myself standing to lose again now that I hate this relationship too.
I am seeking a lawyer to find out how much I gotta pay this scrote to fuck off out our mortgage. This is MY house. I am the one who did rennovations and the labor, I pumped the thousands into it and not him. He doesn't even care, he should go move in with his mommy and daddy like he originally planned to two years ago when our old apartment lease was expiring. He can go live his dream as being the live-in caretaker for his crotchety geriatrics. Not me. Not fucking me.

No. 1233894

Does your laptop have Windows 10?
Also, do you have a warranty? You could probably complain to whoever sold you that laptop or to the manufacturer, and possibly even get it fixed for free.

No. 1233898

Why can't I just decide on a college major? The more I think about it and the more I look into all of them the less I want to go. I don't want to work in retail hell for the rest of my life either. I feel like going into a 30 year coma.

No. 1233907

Does anyone else regret their childhood and feel like they wasted it? I feel like I spent most of those years feeling so viscerally uncomfortable and too afraid to do anything. I don't even remember most of my teenage years because I probably spent it all daydreaming and wishing I was somewhere else. I'm in my early to mid twenties now and am starting to get into enjoying myself and not wishing I was someone else or somewhere else. I guess constant anxiety and insecurity is just part of growing up- as is not really having a solid self-concept, so I cut myself some slack there but it just feels like those years were such a waste when I could have spent them doing things I liked instead of whatever the fuck I was doing back then (probably daydreaming and using the internet). I didn't even pay much attention in school either because I didn't see the point. Either way, I wouldn't really have fit in so I wish I would have just explored my interests and done my own thing instead of trying really hard to fit in with a crowd that I wouldn't have been able to fit into anyway no matter how hard I tried.

No. 1233912

i really can’t believe i decided to starve myself on purpose when i was younger after discovering some online communities. i lost my appetite a little over a month ago and it keeps getting worse. like, i’ll buy something that looks really good and then i straight up cannot eat it. nothing in my fridge looks good. i can eat things like fruit, yogurt, etc but most foods are a struggle to even chew and swallow. i feel miserable because i can’t bring myself to eat and then i feel like pure shit for the whole day. i’m getting blood work done soon but it’s just so weird to me that i used to be able to tolerate this feeling. i will admit it’s still kinda satisfying watching my body get thinner tbh but i already struggle to sleep and idk how i’m supposed to function when i can’t even get my basic human needs met.

No. 1233920

You should call her out on it and brutally call her cringe, not in a "I will never love you" way but more in a mocking way if that makes any sense. Insist on the fact that you know that she is lying abouthaving did and that one day people on the internet will discover the trtuth and cancell her kek. When I was younger the fact that I had a brother calling me cringe when needed saved me from posting stupid shit online. Do not hesitate, she will probably thank you when she will be an adult kek even if it sounds harsh.

No. 1233926

Yeah, I feel the same. I had a lot of untreated mental illness at the time, and I feel like my teenage years were stolen from me because of it. I'm insanely jealous of people who look back at highschool fondly, I wish I could.

No. 1233928

Most humans can't decide what they're going to do for the rest of their lives at 19-22. It's a set up, only a small amount of the population is actually going to stick to the major they chose in college at 18 or whatever, the rest of us will change careers at least once.

No. 1233934

I’m glad you’re looking into getting a lawyer to get him off the mortgage, my mum used money given by her parents and savings to buy a house and when she was done with the mortgage my dad had to take out a loan so they remortgaged the house with his name on it. Long story short he was having an affair for 10 years, was a abusive alcoholic who lost his job and got put in a nursing home because of a brain injury and now mum is stuck paying it off with him getting profits if she was to sell. Fight for your home. My advice is to keep this man around until you’re financially secure and then break it off. If the other guys are committed and you feel they might be worth it, try that out for a while and if it goes bad, no loss, if it goes well then dump and move on with them, personally I wouldn’t end a relationship unless I was already looking for a replacement. Also goes without saying but don’t get married please.

No. 1233936

TFW Tumblr and insecurities fuck ur appetite up for life. I'm in a similar position. Sometimes I get two meals a day, sometimes two days go by and all I did was drink water. And I do notice the difference,nim slightly more always and alive when I actually feed my body like it needs to be fed. Sometimes eating is hard

No. 1233947

I want to go away I want to go away I want to go away I WANT TO GO AWAY I'M SO TIRED I NEED TO GET AWAY FROM HERE

No. 1233951

my life is so retarded i have GERD symptoms again and with how much stress I'm under it won't go away easily.

No. 1233954

File: 1655832436067.jpg (154.7 KB, 1242x1186, original.jpg)

I'm not anachan but I used to be. For at least 8 years. I feel like being introduced to television that depicted ED behaviors/ it being so normalized in people around me really fucked me up. I have to consciously not revert back to restricitng my calories when I'm in a bad place mentally, which honestly feels embarrassing at my big age. I just recently saw an episode of pretty little liars and I remember how the story line of one of the characters being bulimic made me feel when I was a teenager, and I almost felt a weird nostalgia for those times. Life seemed simple, all I had to do to succeed was lose weight- now I have to work a job, clean my apartment, cook 3x a day, etc… it's silly, and it's embarrassing because I don't even care about weight loss, I just have no other vices. but I'm glad to say that I don't think things will ever get so bad that I'll go back to doing that… shit sucked back then.

No. 1233957

tough love shit like >>1233920 might work, but when this is entrenched in their whole social group first focus on getting closer and then confronting her. the illness and trauma faking is stupid and you should be able to nip that in the bud, but the pronoun shit might come back to personal insecurities or internalized misogyny she's struggling with. if she can't open up with you, you calling her out might make her just lash out.

No. 1233961

File: 1655832722361.jpg (68.73 KB, 414x563, 467f84ae06b9d7f124b34a65aa4f4e…)

My mom noticed whenever she met me I always only just applied some balm or gloss, no makeup and so she just gifted me these lancome glosses out of nowhere and I cried and then I put one on, it's so stupid but I cried so much because I felt so ugly and undeserving of pretty things. I don't wear anything cute, wear makeup, do my hair because I feel so ugly and it makes me feel like a dumb clown. Lipstick on a pig. And these are literally sheer glosses, just my go-to vaseline but expensive yet I brokedown over this. I hate being so fucking ugly, it makes me give up on anything regarding my appearance, because I've never felt 'pretty' so I don't bother because I know I look ridiculous.

No. 1233966

File: 1655832877281.jpg (23.89 KB, 639x633, 28-awkward-sex-memes-you-ll-on…)

Kek help me nonnies. I have my very first bf and we just started getting more touchy with each other, he was in two relationships before me, and I'm a virgo. At first I found his touch to be too rough, he touched me like a piece of a fucking dough lol, but he's quite eager to learn and he became more delicate, I like it although it starts to annoy me that I have to give him instructions every time and he tells me I'm overly sensitive and he needs time to "learn" me. The first time he touched my clit he pushed it like a button lol, and the second time he tried to rub it but was way too roguh and fast. I told him he can't put so much pressure on it and do it so fast, at least not from the very start, because it simply doesn't work this way, and it's being either annoying or painful, you have to start slow and then go faster. I asked "Did your previous partners seriously liked it when you did it this way?" and he was like "Yeah", so I said "Maybe they were faking it" and the look on his face, the absolute hurt, holy shit nonnies. Was it too much? I seriously couldn't believe that any woman would like being touched this way and I'm an autismo so I tend to say things straight out, and only after I say them I start to wonder if I used appropiate words. I often apologize but that time I didn't feel like I should. Now he seems too intimidated by me and he doesn't even initiate anything besides cuddling kek

No. 1233971

Just bring up the autist card if he says anything about it, kek.

No. 1233980

I mean it's very possible that they faked it. I cringed when you describing him pushing the clit like a button wtf. He needs to learn how to touch a woman asap.

No. 1233981

File: 1655833252102.jpg (107.77 KB, 960x746, flowchart.jpg)

I hate that my mind is always such a mess. I can't focus on anything for even ten minutes. I have a big exam coming up next week and so far I've spent two days summarizing my scripts and creating flowcharts. I wish I was one of those people who are fine studying straight out of the book and using some notes here and there. All of this planning and organizing takes up so much time that I could use for studying and it frustrates me whenever I see how much I have to study for. I've tried different study techniques but this autistic organization seems to work for me when I stick to it but it just takes up so much of my energy.

No. 1233996

bruh, the fatassness of this post.

No. 1233997

As one I'm surprised more neets aren't bulimic.
It just makes so much sense. I do no exercise whatsoever. Nobody's watching. I have no goals, or skills. Or self-control… obviously.
I could really kill myself doing this, I'm close, and that's fine by me. If I fasted for a few days instead of b/ping I could probably do it even sooner. Well, I'm not writing a suicide note any time soon. I think I'll just let it happen.
(12 bmi midget before you call me a melodramatic wannarexic. spoiler for rattly humblebrag)
wow 3rd time repost embarrasing

No. 1234000

You mean me?

No. 1234002

Anon this made me so sad to read. I have never seen a woman in public with a pretty lipgloss and thought she was too ugly or undeserving of whatever she was wearing. If I saw a woman in public with a cute lip color, my first thought would be "oh I wonder what lipgloss she's using, I would love to buy that." If the makeup is pretty, then there is no reason that your face also wouldn't be pretty with it on. Of course there are shades the compliment different faces and features, but anon I highly doubt you are so ugly that nothing can save you. I know it sounds like a meme, but if you think what you're wearing is cute and feel cute in what you're wearing then that energy really will radiate off.

No. 1234006

i don't know who you are, sweet anon.

No. 1234009

samefag but I posted before I finished my thought lmao. I know that self-acceptance can be really hard so I don't mean to convince to suddenly start loving yourself when it seems like you've been struggling with self-image for a while. I just hope you can wear those lipglosses with confidence and not worry about whether you "deserve" to wear them. If you think they're pretty then that's all that matters for now!

No. 1234014

I had a chat with my (male) physiotherapist, he mentioned his female friend is 33 and she just bought a dog and he said that at that age she should think about having a kid with her partner because her biological clock is ticking, but the funniest thing he said was that a woman's most fertile years are between her first period and her 25th birthday, and every pregnancy after your 25th birthday is basically "high risk". It pissed me off, scrotes seriously believe a pregnancy at 26 is "high risk" kek

No. 1234019

It's a shame that people so rock stupid are able to get into positions to treat other people for anything

No. 1234020

Every person I meet who is my age ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS THEY/THEMS ME. ALWAYS. WITHOUT FAIL. That or they'll ask me my fucking pronouns and but tbh I love it when they ask because I'll give them a weird look, pause for a second, and go "…uhhh, she…her?" (I'm not brave enough to say "female ones" yet kek but maybe next time I will). But holy shit is it such a fucking bother to be a woman with short hair who wears pants. And god fucking forbid you go outside WITHOUT makeup! I'm so tired of these braindead retards. I was excited when trannies were saying that asking for pronouns is transphobic because I thought it'd catch on, nope. Everyone asks me what my pronouns are and if they don't have the guts they'll designate me to "annoying woman-lite". This gets me so fucking heated. I'm so fucking over it. I've NEVER seen male acquaintances with long hair get they/themed or asked about pronouns. Somehow it's always just me. I fucking hate how trannies have infested popular culture.

No. 1234025

File: 1655834993400.png (15.19 KB, 108x115, oqf9pz7Wo81ugrx4so9_250.png)

Just got rejected from a life-saving job position, even though I aced nearly all their assessments and had easy answers to their loaded questions. I wish I wasn't such an oversensitive pussy baby but it's so hard to not take it personally when I can't succeed even at my best, even when I do everything by the book. It's so hard to push forward with confidence in myself because outside validation comes so little. I feel like the world has no place for me in it. I'm not suicidal but I haven't had dark ideations like this in a long time. I'd have a more fulfilling life and existence as a fucking mosquito more than this shit.

No. 1234028

You are so sweet to me… thank you a lot anon. I also don't think I've ever seen a girl wearing lipgloss and been like "ah, she's undeserving of it!" Ahah, that is ridiculous to think about. My mom gave me so many so "you'd have options" I can't let her thoughtfulness go to waste but, it's so hard. I don't know when I will wear them. I've completely neglected my appearance so I just don't have to think about it. I screencapped your replies if that's okay… I wish you have many many moments where you feel very pretty.

No. 1234038

It always baffled me how some people are so creepily involved in other people's life that they decide what they should do with them and even get upset when said people don't act the way they expected them to act. Like what a fucking waste of energy. Like why would anyone feel entitled to decide how their neighbour should raise his kids, or how much alcohol their friend should drink or how their coworker should work? It's seriously creepy and not their responsibility

No. 1234050

Of course, nonny. It made me sad to read how you described yourself so I felt compelled to respond lol. I think it's very exciting that you have a bunch of different glosses now and you get to try them out and see which colors/shades you like the most. I don't think you need an occasion to wear them. You could just wear them out when you're getting groceries or maybe going out to buy yourself a coffee. Confidence to wear nice things definitely takes time to build. You can start off with just the lipglosses and then once you become comfortable with that maybe once in a while you can do something fun with your hair and then eventually pair that with a nice outfit!

No. 1234062

File: 1655838589118.jpg (73.99 KB, 799x763, jx7m41pf7rj31.jpg)

I love when my mother buys shit for this pos moid she pretends is her son. I get it's stuff from a thrift store, but he'll never use it. I bet a tenner the steamer she bought him will go unused. He's seriously a manchild and if I did 1/8 the shit he does I get told to grow up. I hate how society coddles these retards.

No. 1234063

>pos moid she pretends is her son.
she didn't even birth him anon??

No. 1234065

Nope. My brother (golden child) isn't talking to my parents so she needs to fill the void. This moid is extremely low iq too.

No. 1234071

File: 1655839481952.gif (771.3 KB, 300x300, pusheen.gif)

I feel bad that I don't feel super warmly towards my fiancés dad and stepmother. They really like me a lot, but I just feel annoyed every time we have to get together or have dinner together, like it's a chore.

They're also far-right wing people and they always complain about politics (but then again, so do my parents). His dad also gets very loud every time he drinks, and retells the same stories over and over again and I just smile and laugh politely like it's the first time I've heard it. I feel like such a bitch thinking this because they're very kind to me, but I wish my future in-laws were different people.

I feel bad that I really loved some of my exes' parents and actually miss some of them, meanwhile I actively avoid seeing my own fiance's family and find them annoying.

No. 1234086

I hate how I tend to focus on the negatives. I got a gift but the accompanying message had line a single line that sat with me the wrong way, so instead of being grateful for a gift, I started weeping over my insecurities. I'm not sure I'll ever reach a place of inner peace. At most I'll grow old enough where I just give up on everything because I run out of opportunities.

No. 1234089

>if I did 1/8 the shit he does I get told to grow up. I hate how society coddles these retards.

Seriously. Men get everything, and get away with everything. I never want to hear another moid whine about how 'life is so easy for women'.

Men are always allowed to be the goofy, fun ones but when a woman is silly, weird or focuses on herself we're told to grow up and not be so selfish.
Then, when we're trying to pick up after everyone else and bear the mental load, we're told we need to "lighten up" and not be so serious.

We're the ones who are constantly taught to be soft and nice no matter what, and put others before ourselves, and then we're shit on for not 'leaning in' or being aggressive enough. Heaven forbid we display assertiveness at home or in the workplace, we're told to "CALM DOWN" and not be so emotional when we use the same exact language and tone of voice that a man does.

I really like being feminine and being a woman, but it really sucks that it feels like simply existing means living in an inconsistent world of mixed signals where nothing is ever enough.

No. 1234095

File: 1655841047795.jpg (710.07 KB, 2560x1440, zkV4zIE.jpg)

I went to a grocery store and I saw an attractive guy, tall, fit, dark blonde, with a light stubble beard. We looked at each other for a while and I was the one to break eye contact, I felt like he could be attracted to me, but I wasn't brave enough to say anything, I thought I would seem desperate approaching a guy at a grocery store, I wouldn't know what to say anyway. Right after it hit me I will never see him again. I can't talk to people because of my anxiety. I don't understand why men don't approach me, it would've been so much easier if they did the first move, instead they just stare at me for a while and that's it. I was only approached by old creeps when I was in middleschool. After that there was nothing. Back then I thought I was just very ugly and I had super low self esteem, but the people who met me and talked to me for the first time, like my coworkers or new housemates, seemed shocked that I think of myself that way and said I'm actually very attractive but I look distant, cold and sad and people may be just intimidated by me and too afraid to talk to me. I can't contain my anxiety despite a few years of therapy and medication. I've never had a close friendship or a relationship. I'm in my mid-late twenties and I'm starting to feel desperate. Talking to ugly guys seems easier but I don't want to be with someone just because I feel lonely. I'm too shy to approach guys I actually find hot. Even today I saw two girls whom I didn't find attractive, but they had good looking and tall boyfriends, and objectively more attractive than their gfs, so I started to wonder, why can't I have someone like this? Maybe I'm actually super ugly and the people who complimented me did it just out of mercy? I can't figure out how I look like and how people perceive me and I always feel dysmorphic. I'm afraid I'm destined to be alone, loveless and sexless forever

No. 1234096

I tried buying clothes online and I hated everything I bought but then couldn't return it. Fabric is a big deal to me and you just can't tell how something will feel until you have it in your hands. Also fit, there is such a narrow margin between fitting well and being uncomfortable (whether tight or loose-and-frumpy). I'm getting rid of another 2 bags of clothes I don't like, I think I got rid of 2-3 bags last year. Now I have to do shoes, I think I need to nix 80% of my shoes because they hurt my feet after a mile or so. Why is it so hard to find good shoes and clothes. Even just paying more for "better quality" doesn't guarantee better results.

No. 1234097

I fucking hate that I am so shit at certain types of crafting. I can not knit or crochet to save my life. I get that not everyone is good at everything and I do have activities that I am good at but I would love to able to knit something cute, instead of sewing up the crotch of my husband's work trousers.

No. 1234098

Me too nonna. I can't get over my endless pessimism. When I go somewhere new or try something I just assume it's going to be awful, everybody will hate me. I've stopped going outside because all I see is my miserable city. I can't go into the forest without hearing cars. I don't want to try anything new because I just assume it will be horrible. I feel so stuck with myself. I shouldn't feel this way, I have friends and parents that love me, an okay financial situation and enough opportunities. I hate myself for not wanting to take them. People ask what's my problem but I'm my own problem.

No. 1234104

My rent does that. Boomers need to pay for their crimes.

No. 1234110

I can relate, I was creeped on as a teen, but men never flirt with me because I'm awkward or cold professional. I usually don't think about what I look like, and anything that forces me to perceive myself from an outer perspective or think about my own attractriveness or lack of it makes me deeply uncomfortable.
I doubt someone can be super ugly and not realize it, the same way someone cannot be super attractive and never realize it, you're probably a normal looking woman.

No. 1234111

>I really like being feminine and being a woman, but it really sucks that it feels like simply existing means living in an inconsistent world of mixed signals where nothing is ever enough.
I feel this with every fiber of my being. We lose no matter what. It's hell.

No. 1234112

I got diagnosed as BPDchan today, I spent all day thinking it was bullshit then when I got home I realized I lost the little paper sheet with the diagnosis and the medication names and dosages on it and of course I broke a glass over my head while scream-crying, furiously sending messages to everyone and wanting to scream because nobody is getting back to me, and now I'm making tea, less than 10 minutes later.
I've always had this kind of reaction to shit I can't emotionally handle, which is most shit, so now I'm seriously wondering if he was right.

No. 1234122

File: 1655842527429.jpeg (41.04 KB, 640x509, ECEBC912-D001-47A5-9B69-922E28…)

love how i gotta change super xl tampons in less than 2 hrs every time

No. 1234126

>I doubt someone can be super ugly and not realize it, the same way someone cannot be super attractive and never realize it, you're probably a normal looking woman
I posted my photo on lolcow once, with covered eyes ofc, and anons also said I look very beautiful/attractive so I don't know. If it turns out I was actually good looking and I will only figure it out when I'm like 50, looking at my old photos and understanding I never took advantage of my looks, I will probably off myself and leave my 10 cats to starve

No. 1234127

Just get a cup, anon

No. 1234132

A cup might not cut it.. a mug.

No. 1234133

nta but my cup fills up more quickly than the largest tampon I can get. I felt so deceived when I kept seeing women praise the cup for how long it lasts but I my regular size one overflows in 2-3 hours at my peak.

No. 1234135

Boyfriend got a sunburn and keeps bitching and whining when I accidentally touch him or tap his skin like I usually do to be playful because it “hurts really bad” like bitch I got sunburnt too but it’s not even that painful, just some surface discomfort. Men have no threshold for pain IMO and I’m annoyed bc I’m horny and he keeps acting like I stabbed him with a butcher knife

No. 1234139

Either you’ve got the tiniest cup or the largest tampon ever. I’m curious what the ml capacity of your tampon and cup brands are.

No. 1234140

Weak men are so pathetic. I always see men complaining way more about pain/discomfort than women.

No. 1234141

>anons also said I look very beautiful/attractive so I don't know
I think it is unclear with lc. I once posted my body on here and anons said I looked "transgender", that I was wearing a corset, etc. when irl a bunch of people claim my body looked feminine (strangers mention my body, my boyfriend's aunt's/female members talk about my body positively, etc.) If I based off what the gp thinks on lc, I don't think it would be a realistic perception. Who knows though, maybe I'm just salty internally that my body is troon like per lc standards.

No. 1234150

>But when men get sick it's the end of the world and they act like they're withering away and they lay there and moan like they're dying. Ugh.
Nta but agree, that's why there's such thing as a "man flu".

No. 1234155

File: 1655844714470.jpeg (35.26 KB, 665x461, images (84).jpeg)

honestly wouldnt answer if i were living alone but im with my grandparents til i find a place and they usually get visitors
i think its about time i do this, i just fear hurting feelings but this is putting stress on me. thank you alot
hey i'll check it out, ty for the suggestion

No. 1234175

File: 1655845588103.jpg (77.78 KB, 1334x750, blankstare.jpg)

i actually think its for the best if i just kill myself. i dont feel particularly bad or sad, but i just dont want to be such a waste of money and air anymore, it hurts me but others more to see them suffer with my existence. i am such a huge disappointment and failure, even if i try my best its not enough, nobody said this to me and i dont mean it in a sad way, i mean objectively it isnt. i am seriously developmentally and intellectually retarded. i am good for nothing. i just dont think staying is a good idea, i want to live, but it would cost too much to my family, and i dont want to put them through more than they already have and are currently.
maybe i am just saying it like this because i have been bottling up my emotions and actions to avoid being sent to prison is this true? can women actually go to prison for female hysteria anymore? i cant self harm because they threaten to put me in prison, possibly frame me for being a junkie rug abuser. i live in a third world country so i dont know how it works around here.
i just want to wake up and be dead, i didnt mean to live this long, its creeping me out. i want out of here for the sake of everybody involved, i feel so horrible everytime i see them, and they havent done anything to make me feel bad about myself in fact they do the opposite which makes me feel even worse because they shouldn't. they really shouldn't and it hurts me to see them be so nice to me when i dont deserve it at all. i cant stand it. i feel so ashamed of myself.
i feel sick just writing this, i hope i get a heart attack within the following days. i wish i knew how to induce one. i wish i was just never born and died in the womb like the others.

No. 1234178

anon i think you kind of answered your question in your original post. the reason why you can't find an attractive, good-looking boyfriend is probably because you're too shy to talk to them- not because you're ugly or something like that. honestly, most normies i know meet their bfs/gfs through work, school, or mutual friends, so it's more a matter of who you know and what crowd you hang out with rather than how physically attractive you are as a person. if you aren't the type to have a lot of male friends or just aren't really social in general then it's going to be harder to find someone, but that doesn't mean you're defective in any way or that you deserve less.

No. 1234184

Nona, please don't do it. Your throughs are mental illness and I heard the same thoughts come from the mentally ill person who I love with all my heart. So I wanted to tell you, please don't do anything to harm yourself.

> i want to live

Hold onto this, and keep going. Your family would be devastated without you. There are people who would be shocked, and who would never be the same again. They would blame themselves for not seeing the signs, they would wish to go back and do something. Keep living, and eventually you will find happiness and ways to give to the community around you and. Put good into this world. We need it, all of us. Hugs.

No. 1234207

I am going to turn 21 years of being a virgin and i am so fucking horny, but i find men from my country so repulsive. The worst part is that whenever i tell friends from the states my type of men they laugh at me because apparently they are dime a dozen there, i could be drowning in cute guy cock but i was born in the country with the ugliest, diertiest, poorest and most sexist goblinos ever. I hate my life i am turning into a witch or whatever the fuck the female version of a wizard is, no filthy man here it's worth the trouble. I hope i can move by myself soon so i can get a dildo and a Paul Dano body pillow.

No. 1234218

I lost my virginity to shitty sex and have only been with one partner since but sex/dick really isn't all that. Honestly wish I kept my virginity for someone who really cared and wanted to make things special but most men just want to pump&dump, gloat about how good they are and go. Be careful telling people you're a virgin nonnie, a lot of XYs will pretend or try their best to swoon you to take it. Men are POS
I've felt this way plenty of times and holding on has always been the best choice (despite suicide attempts before). I hope you can find happiness Nona.

No. 1234229

Thanks nonnie, it's just sad to see the average moid here, they are so mediocre. I know it sounds pretentious but at my age i already make more than min wage through working as a freelancer and all the guys i have met have no plan for the future or anything, they are forever stuck in a shitty career and don't even taking the time off from fishing for upvotes to shave or wash their teeths, i always have to pay for them because they have no money either. I hate living in LatAM….

No. 1234231

I hope I don’t sound bad for asking but I’m so curious, are you in either South Asia or Latin America?

No. 1234232

the entire uvalde pd have to kill themselves. that's the only way they can save face at this point. absolutely worthless scum

No. 1234250

police officers as a whole can go eat shit and die, specifically moid officers.
male cops literally go out of their way to prey on the most innocent people and its only until they get caught red-handed that they cry victim and call everyone else unappreciative of their effort to "protect and serve", kek.

if you check out some docus, many of the parents from Columbine 1999 said that the police just stood outside the library (where a majority of the massacre happened) and listened to children being shot.

No. 1234255

Jesus nonna 12 bmi? Be safe, it's bad enough for the average bulimic with a healthy bmi. Have you tried chewing and spitting instead? it's a lesser evil

No. 1234256


No. 1234263

Reminder that courts have ruled and affirmed for 30+ years now, including the Supreme Court, that cops have no duty to protect you. And as recently as 2018, they can't be found liable for damages if a shooter shoots up a place and they do fuckall to protect people, like in Uvalde. Protect and serve is literally just a slogan. This country is trash. It'd be one thing if people were realistic about cops, but the extreme cop worship in this country is pathetic.

No. 1234267

Cop worship probably happens due to the huge variation in regional policing and individual officers. I have zero trust for the police or social services due to what I went through and witnessed in my home town when I was growing up. It was universally accepted that if something bad happened then the police weren't worth calling. When I moved to another area people had a positive opinion of the police and I've never had a bad experience with them while I've been living here. The difference in police behaviour is honestly shocking.

No. 1234274

I wish I knew how to play an instrument or draw or read music or make music or another language
I love music and art and have always wanted to learn piano but am too much of a poorfag to get one. I wish I'd just had the chance to learn the things I wanted to learn when I was a child. I have so many things I want to learn but it feels impossible to learn them all now and ever actually be meaningfully decent at any of them…which makes me not even want to start or try at all. It makes me want to cry. Like just knowing there are feelings and unexpressed creativity in my brain that I feel I'll never actually be able to express due to my lack of skill, and a skill level that doesn't match my vision and expectations for myself…bleh

No. 1234276

Are you from America? Cops are pretty universally worshipped here, save for places where minorities are rightfully taught to be wary.

No. 1234287

I got instant-banned from nextdoor for using a fake name, perhaps because I don't want to be stalked and raped by a crazed moid. So i just don't get to use the app now, because I don't want my info public. I miss when the internet was like, "never ever post your real name or photo, or any other identifying info!" now you can't even use basic apps or sites without all but scanning in your birth certificate.

No. 1234289

men devised this "put yourself first! step on people's toes! don't be afraid to be a pos if it gets you ahead!" concept of conscientiousness in the workplace that women are fundamentally incompatible with because um i dont know we actually have SOULS

No. 1234292

I regret my childhood because I was poor and abused and I regret my young adulthood because I was poor and suffering CPTSD. Now I have adult money and recovered and things are good. Mid twenties and on are the best years. probably like 25-45 is the real golden age. We put too much pressure on young-20s because they're still figuring out who they are and what they like, but we expect them to instantly have it together.

No. 1234294

You could find a cheap secondhand keyboard and learn piano. I know it's not the same as when you're a child, but it's never too late to learn! You can make it easier by setting small goals for yourself, like practicing an hour every week and gradually increasing the time you spend.

No. 1234321

File: 1655858557808.jpeg (61 KB, 930x826, 4CDDF307-F322-4AF2-9CC4-5181F3…)

I’m beginning to hate my “friend”. She’s truly the most useless, helpless adult woman I have ever met. Every day of her life is a continuation of a sob story epic starring herself. I unfortunately know every aspect of her life, because she has no concept of boundaries. I would be the first to know if something new had brought this behavior out, and I’m afraid she’s always been this useless, this tactless, this selfish and crude. The truth is, she has no one to blame for herself for why her life is garbage. She lives the easiest life imaginable; she is a trust fund baby who gets everything she wants. At first, I thought she was fun to hang around with. We grew closer, and feelings were involved. We didn’t go far with it. I was put off by her pushiness, and how she would over-sexualize me. She’d never been in a lesbian relationship and would do way too much. Once again, the lack of boundaries. I forgave her for the sake of our friendship. Then she turned out to be the most unhygienic and filthy person I have ever met. That was the beginning of seeing her worth. She doesn’t bathe, she doesn’t brush her teeth, and she screams if her mommy does or doesn’t clean up for her. She’s paranoid, she’s morbidly obese, she’s demanding and annoying. I would compare her to being infected with fleas. She puts on a front that she’s mature and patient, but in actuality she’s so pathetic and immature that she’s barely functional if left to her own devices. She’s like a personal pt minus all the fun. I’ve given her invaluable advice numerous times. I have given her step-by-step instructions on how to deal with both issues and “issues” in her life. She fails to follow through, and is the definition of ungrateful.
I tend to fall into the indifferent category regarding fat people, but she has managed to make being fat her entire personality. And she insists on everyone feeling sorry for it, as if it were our fault. I’ve grown so tired of treating her with kindness that I’ve been tempted to tell her to make an mpa account, and finally sort herself out. I’ve felt like doing this on numerous occasions now.
She is not a pillar of our friend group, and is quite forgettable in the group’s current state. She’s aware of this, and has meltdowns about it. I would normally feel compassionate with situations like this. But the meltdowns are public, and require onlookers every. single. time. And if it’s not our fault that she’s a fat, sad, pathetic piece of shit, then it’s her parents fault. She will openly curse her sick parents for letting her live off of them, for providing her free food and shelter, for giving her a trust fund she can’t access yet. It’s laughable. She’s 27 this year. The times she treats us like a friend compared to the time spent having to work around her feelings, to avoid setting her off, is becoming increasingly unbalanced. She’s verbally and physically violent, which is funny because she can’t successfully chase you down without quickly running out of breath. What isn’t funny is how she chooses to cope; by attacking her family or sentimental objects in their house. If she were a moid I was reading about in passing, I likely would have wished her dead by now. She acts like an overconfident bully, and at the same time is the most insecure person I know. She’s become a snowflake who doesn’t see herself as one. Her last meltdown ended with an announcement that she was going to look at porn with women who look like her to “feel better” about herself. This same person claims to be a radfem, and it annoys me to no end. There is nothing radical or feminist about supporting the porn industry. She is a prideful idiot who boasts about her life while expecting us to sympathize with her never-ending list of non-issues. When any member of our friend group does not suck up to her enough, she will vocalize self-harming by starving, then binge eating, and finally emotionally or verbally abusing one of us. She’ll also announce that our friend group “pushed” her to do this, because we didn’t focus on her enough. If we talk about relationships we have outside of the group, she has another meltdown. She treats us like she’s a sick puppy and all we do is kick her. We have to exist exclusively for her. She also prevents us from getting closer to each other, because god forbid if you have a private conversation. That must mean you don’t enjoy her company. I’m not looking for someone to understand my frustration, I know I’m focusing on her negative traits. But that’s all she has to show for herself when she believes she’s presenting you the “real” her. I’ve rewritten this three times to avoid being too harsh. If I was smart, I would have cut her off by now. Fortunately she’s a headache at worst, and I’m here to vent, not prove my high iq.
After writing this all out, I think what really broke the camel’s back is her racism. I didn’t divulge to avoid being accused of racebaiting, but she’s not-so-secretly a racist piece of shit at times. She is one of those “it’s not racist if you don’t do it in front of them” types of people. This ties back to her over sexualizing me as well.

No. 1234326

i only use fake names on nextdoor and i say a lot of shit to shitty people and haven't got banned. how fake sounding was your name? just make another account, you can put it at the same address

No. 1234342

a shift in my perspective has happened
i've had an espontaneous experience a few months ago where I was feeling present and blissful for an entire week, but it wore off eventually
ever since, I have been trying to get back to that state of mind
I was successful a few times (for reasons I did not understand, because it kind of just happened, sometimes without me trying), but it only lasted a day or two, and then my mind would go back to modus operandi (i had ADHD by the way, so the contrast between that present state of mind and my usual, scattered mind was so huge that whenever I got back to my old ways, it would feel like hell, seriously).
But how do I put this in words? The very thing I've always seeked was here the whole time. There's nothing to seek anymore, so there's not anything else I can do.

No. 1234376

I talked to some classmates today and apparently I've been asking for wayyy too much money in my job applications. I'm bummed because what they told me they're getting paid is like 30% less than what I thought was the market value. Ugh.

No. 1234381

cut her off anon. you have the power to do this
also if your friend group enables someone like this i'd cut them off too

No. 1234391

I've been depressed lately and it's making me think bad about my friends and family, like they're annoying, stupid or whatever when they're really not it's just me being in a bad mood all the time. I could not wish for better friends and family, they are always supportive but I cannot help but focus on the negative right now and it makes me feel so guilty. I don't say mean things to their face of course but I hate myself for even thinking this when most of them have been there pretty much my whole life. I try to keep contact because I'm don't want to lose them, but any time I see them they just annoy me and I'm bad at hiding my emotions. I feel like I'll be friendless in the future and that's a really scary thought considering I have been before and it was so awful I could not stand it. I hate this, I hate feeling this way and not being able to fake a smile or laugh.

No. 1234401

File: 1655863868198.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x1169, 5DA4428D-75A9-41DC-90C2-93296B…)

Yoga school is fun and having a job where I get so much exercise is a huge blessing but verbally going over my lesson plans for my colleagues to critique makes me want to not make eye contact with anyone for 2 years

No. 1234429

I wish I could help my friend lose weight without making her feel bad about it. She's very obese and we never talk about it, we've been friends for a very long time and I learned early on she's sensitive about her weight (she was shamed a lot by family members growing up). Since covid though I've gotten really into healthy lifestyle stuff. I'm not a total health nut and have always been on the smaller side but now I exercise regularly and cook almost all my own food and make the conscious effort to get more vitamins in and I feel great most days now. I've also had a lot of deaths around me in the past few years and it's made me aware of how bad life decisions add up. I want my friend to be with me as long as possible but she already has so many health issues, likely because of her weight. The other day she mentioned some pains and said something about "getting old" but we're young and the same age and I've never had the pains she was talking about. When she visits I try to make large amounts of low calorie food so we're both eating a ton but it's still good quality and not going over daily reccomended calories, but then she'll ask if I want to go out to get fast food right after. Nonas who struggled with weight or BEDs, is there anything I can say or do to help without being an asshole?

No. 1234433

Just mind your business, your heart is in the right place but the only thing that can make her change is herself. She knows perfectly well that she's fat and unhealthy, it's not the lack of a white knight such as yourself that's preventing her from losing weight.

No. 1234461

I fucking hate mosquitos what purpose do they serve!!!! I took my dog on a 20 minute walk and got six bites on my one foot alone the other day and now it's in so much pain. I wish they would just kill me already. When I'm with anyone else they don't get bit nearly as much as me, it's so annoying to have to stay indoors all summer or wear jeans in 90+ degree weather because those little fuckers think I am so tasty

No. 1234474

does she complain about her weight ever? i used to be fat and grew up obese, same thing as her, shamed by family. and i think saying it out of nowhere would probably hurt and be a little shocking, if she brings up her weight in a negative matter then i think that would be the best time
maybe talk about how you started being healthy and it helped you lose weight so it might help her?
she will also probably eat less around you if you don't eat. i always hated eating alone lol it made me feel like i was a prize pig on display or something.
when i lost weight it was pretty lonely so i think she might like doing healthy stuff with you. you can also start cooking together and have that as an activity
i think i read earlier that it has something to do with your blood type

No. 1234479

spent a lovely night with my bumble bitch,
he had the biggest dick i’ve literally ever experienced on a white man or any man period. and he’s a cute nerd. except he’s a fucking liberal. i don’t care if he’s 6’4 and handsome. he just texted me that i can do whatever i want to him. so i started thinking about it. first of all i’d probably throw away all of his clothes and get him a whole new wardrobe full of things that i want him to wear. i’d cut his hair myself in a way that i find most attractive. and then i’m shaving off all of his dumb facial hair (which was very minimal but even the most minimal turns me off) since he’s so handsome and that shit legit lowers his rating. i’ll then make him quit vaping, and start eating an incredibly healthy meat diet. i’ll get his teeth cleaned regularly. he will be mine. i’ll make him go to school and get a fucking good job and not this music bs that won’t work out. i’ll condition him slowly overtime to match my political ideologies, my sense of humor, etc. then i’ll make him hang out with me whenever i want, and he better make me laugh. he will offer me entertaining conversation and when i’m tired of him i’ll tell him to go do some coding. lastly i’ll get to play with him sexually whenever i want and even pimp him out to other people for my own amusement. ok i wouldn’t do that it’s gross but i like the power. anyway i’m going to ruin his life

No. 1234490

can conservative retard women please stop posting on these boards and pretending like you can or will own men when your ideology works entirely against your own interest? you're not subversive.

No. 1234492

Godspeed, but I'd take control over his social media (if he's a user) and phone first before doing anything. Just to make sure he's not playing you.

No. 1234494

i’m not conservative but i hate libtards and always will

No. 1234495

so what are you? i presume your obsession with him eating meat means you're not on the left? also
>using "libtard" unironically

No. 1234498

Be careful nonna. If he has low self worth and you basically train him to be obsessed with you, thinks can go south quickly if he gets unhinged.

No. 1234499

I need someone to stop me from self-sabotaging and let me know if I'm overthinking and overlooking into things. A guy I've been talking to for 2 weeks told me he had a panic attack today and that he's terrified for his future and feels like he should go see a doctor to get his mind right. I feel like him opening up to me like this is a lot after 2 weeks and it feeds into my ideas that anyone who is into me has something wrong with them. The thing is I struggle extremely with mental health so It would be hypocritical to judge him for that but I feel like that was too fast to confess to me. Makes me feel like he's emotionally unregulated. Also as bad as it sounds I need someone who is stronger than me as I already have my own issues and can't handle dealing with my own and a SO's issues. Like it's one thing if we had been dating and he fell into a low point, but we're not dating and it's not like we've been talking for hours each day.

No. 1234500

i never really understood the point in arguing or attacking random people in the vent thread lmao

No. 1234504

Bad larp. 4/10.

No. 1234506

enjoy the tiktok "lolcowcore" larpers and /pol/ migrants

No. 1234511

the what now

No. 1234524

File: 1655870436454.jpg (550.63 KB, 3688x2539, E9VSb-7UUAA-879.jpg)

kind of hurts to see people in my niche web hobby (forum rp) form friend groups + have a lot of fun with one another. mostly because i seem totally incapable of doing the same thing; i'm like an unlikable autist with nothing to offer anyone. so it makes sense, but i'm still sad and lonely.

i mean i joined a server for a site recently and it was quite literally just several friend groups all inter-mingling and interacting and making more friends and me on the sidelines kind of, watching. i've written with almost all of these people before, but i've never ever managed to actually connect with them. and i don't think i ever will. i mean i've made attempts to in the past, but they've all gone rotten because i'm boring and unlikable and etc.

No. 1234555

There was a girl that posted about being on LC on TikTok.

No. 1234569

File: 1655871531953.gif (1.25 MB, 352x264, 1636081181786.gif)

It's ok anon, you're not the only one who is like that. I'm an unlike autist too but I'm also a misanthropist and prefer to be alone I won't lie I do get lonely sometimes but I feel better after indulging in my offline hobbies

No. 1234578

Nice name, kek. Can't wait for more infighting and wks.

No. 1234584

Trying to find a cute bikini top that’s supportive/full coverage enough for a large bust feels fucking impossible. I’m not plus size but I can’t wear some tiny string bikini, and even the more substantial tops don’t seem to be made with swimming or support in mind (so many pics show the models spilling out). Frustrating.

No. 1234587

Bikinis are for lounging. There's a reason competition swimming, diving uses one pieces

No. 1234592

File: 1655873781380.png (360.59 KB, 680x676, Account Suspended.png)

God I am so fucking horny I am so fucking horny I want to masturbate so bad but I have no privacy oh to be able to cum whenever I want that's the dream you don't know how lucky you are to be able to masturbate whenever you want I'm sick of it I just want some relief

No. 1234595

So…go masturbate in the bathroom?

No. 1234598

This. Run water and pretend to be pooping. Or take a fake shower.

No. 1234601

Do you have any idea how sick I am of masturbating next to a toilet? And having people knock on the door while your trying to use it. Also water washes all the wetness away and doesn't feel good.

No. 1234603

Panache, Freya, maybe Cleo has tops for big bobs. I'm a 30f, mine fit well enough and pretty much keep the escapees in. Unique Vintage is also having a big swimwear sale right now, but I don't know how theirs fit.
That's dandy until you're on a beach and every bit of sand dives between your boobs.

No. 1234621

File: 1655875098584.jpeg (218.56 KB, 1944x1714, 1641814296343.jpeg)

don't scroll

No. 1234633

File: 1655875425598.jpg (360.07 KB, 1000x1244, TheSettlers.jpg)

Pretty sure I'm gonna be fired after 1 month at this new place. It's the same thing every time at every place, I do stupid mistakes, forgot to pretend to be interested in the job, feel burned out by the end of the day and go cry in the bathroom during the day and then I'm inevitably let go. I just don't know how I can go on, and have no idea how other people do it, getting up every morning, go to work, paying attention to everything while maintaining a neutral or even an enthusiastic emotional disposition and even have the energy afterwards to do their hobbies and meet their friends. It all just baffles me. I just feel burned out day after day and the idea of being fired begins to feel like a relief

No. 1234640

my roommate started dating my boyfriends roommate I feel like I'm being punk'd
they met ten days ago and are in love now, she broke her "no boys allowed in the apartment" rule to have him stay the night

No. 1234642

File: 1655875618659.jpg (45.26 KB, 392x251, eytheiasmos-peous.jpg)

Me at men (be careful scrolling nonas-)

No. 1234645

File: 1655875791864.jpg (138.69 KB, 1166x1080, 1646386130413.jpg)

Okay I'm not horny anymore. Fuck scrotes

No. 1234647

Might fuck around and castrate all men, idk.

No. 1234650

The porn is gone, blessed be the mods

No. 1234653


No. 1234657

File: 1655876242116.jpg (30.96 KB, 976x350, EfF18CZU4AE5ikq.jpg)

No. 1234659

They’re snappy as hell at nigh, where we’re they on that weekend afternoon

No. 1234661

I’m scrolling throug tiktok and cupcakke “AAAA FUCK ME”

No. 1234666

File: 1655876847473.gif (3.84 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

Moid keeps posting and I have no mental energy left, goodnight nonnies. Be careful scrolling

No. 1234675

>>1233640 consider eating a diet based on animal foods

No. 1234676

why does everyone assume anas are necessarily vegans? most anas are not vegans. you know this, right?

No. 1234680

I live barely outside of a trailer park meth mecca and today yet another methhead came to our house with some made-up story about needing to use a phone and needing money. I get so tired of telling them to go away and stay off our property. This one started screaming at me when I told her to leave, as well as rambling that she was going to call the cops because I told her to go away. She said I was going to go to jail for refusing to help her. They're usually harmless and delusional but I worry one of these days there will be a legit dangerous one who will do worse than yell.

No. 1234685

Goodnight nonna, sleep well!

No. 1234689

File: 1655879499872.jpg (15.44 KB, 275x275, mirror.jpg)

I hate the hair on my face and removing it is a pain in the ass, because my skin is sensitive and has acne. I also hate my gray hairs and plucking them is a pain in the ass. I wouldn't bother except my hair is brown so it looks bad

No. 1234692

are you lighter skinned? try tria. it works if your hair is medium brown or darker and if you are medium to light skinned. cheaper than going the electrolysis route. i haven't needed to use it on my face admittedly so i can't personally say how well it works on the face, but it should work just as good as the rest of the body provided your hair is dark enough. it is effective and people do use it on their faces

No. 1234706

File: 1655880518449.jpeg (133.73 KB, 630x535, A50AE37F-7DCF-498D-B6BE-4A6557…)

Straight men only view women as objects for sex and gay men only view women as objects for entertainment. Neither shut up about us. What the fuck are women supposed to even do. I am so tired.

No. 1234710

Have come to the realization that my best friend is very boring to travel with. Recently we went on a weekend trip in the same state, and I was excited to go to a few specific stores and restaurants nearby. Instead she just wanted to order food and stay at the hotel for the night, and I realized she does this often. I'm a fairly low energy person but even I get excited when I'm in a new place and want to do stuff, so it's kind of a downer when she just wants to sit in the room instead.

No. 1234720

I dont know why people would spend most of their time in a hotel while travelling, a person I know is like that too. She brings a computer with her and just does nothing but sits inside and plays vidyas, just in a different location.

No. 1234721

wtf why travel if you don't actually go around exploring?

No. 1234738

Latin america, yeah. Save me pls

No. 1234739

Yeah, like why even bother going at that point?

I don't know! I get being tired, but it feels like a waste. Even if I'm tired, I'll push myself to at least go out to dinner when I'm in a new place.

No. 1234740

File: 1655882361388.gif (254.34 KB, 240x200, tumblr_oa3bkd5HLH1qj8u1do1_250…)

Samefag, she also bought him two supplements, one to help with sleep because *~hE cAn'T sLeEp~*. I'm actually proud of myself for not making snide comments/having my voice sound clipped. Tired of her inserting his name in every damn sentence like he's going to disappear if she doesn't say his name. She also told me he's not in great health. Took everything I had to not say "shocker" and go off about his substances abuse besides his trash fire diet. It hurts she'll remember crap he says but forgets what I say. Makes me want to drive spikes in my ears and just communicate via ASL, bit rusty since I haven't practiced in a while.

No. 1234748

ayrt, nona i appreciate the advice but the issue is a little more complex than just choosing to eat animal foods (which i already do)

this. ive rarely come across anachans that are vegan and the ones that are likely have orthorexia to accompany it. i think most people associate anas with veganism bc they both involve pretty drastic restriction.

No. 1234750

I wish i was funny, i feel like its probably the most blessed trait a person can have.

No. 1234780

Same. I think being funny can get you further in life than being good looking sometimes.

No. 1234810

File: 1655889383585.jpg (82.81 KB, 479x447, _suffer.jpg)

Just discovered that my moisturizer was causing me to have an allergic reaction right when I was finally starting to heal. I've had these annoying sores on my lips for about a week or two, so I cut out every potential culprit and it started healing. Then yesterday before bed I decided to try washing my face again and now my lips are fucked again. Damn it.

No. 1234822

Agree, especially if you are female, i have seen a lot of moids seething because "nooo she can't be funny she female, must be a troon!!!" when they see a funny vtuber, it brightens my day to make them seethe

No. 1234828

I hate humblebragging with passion and it's so frustrating when the people I walk on eggshells with are the ones that do it to me. The other day he had a meltdown over a cheating anecdote I didn't even lived myself but a woman my mother knew about at work ten years ago. And he fucking took it so fucking seriously despite it being completely far from our personal reality
>muh feelings and muh hyper sensibility
And now you humblebragg on the phone about something that is directly linked to me while I'm struggling with this same topic! Fuuuuck ooooooofffff, you're being coddled 24/7 by your entire family and I'm here all alone. I cannot stress enough how little I care for most of your shit and you insist on giving me every fucking detail of the most irrelevant thing that happens to you while shutting yourself down on important stuff when I confront you directly. I can't stand it. I wish I could yell at your face, I wish you would read this so you'd have to pick between knowing how I feel and shutting the hell up or finding the balls to confront me, because then I'd fucking eat you.

No. 1234835

File: 1655893172673.png (1.48 MB, 1792x828, 7A15D297-C2B9-4CCD-8499-48884E…)

I’m tired of seeing and hearing this ugly ass mf everytime I open Twitch on mobile cause I have ads, fuck him and fuck Spotify for choosing that smuggy obnoxious fag

No. 1234838

how can people like a gay LARPer THAT much? I don't get it, he is not even attractive.

No. 1234855

File: 1655895894701.jpg (12.01 KB, 236x419, 6cb4aa6bda6770524243be248a0857…)

Why do I constantly keep fucking shit up in my life??? My life could be so damn easy. I just want to scream into the void.

No. 1234859

I have no idea what it is with me. Whenever anyone irl tries to push me or trigger me I lose all ability to be compassionate and just end up spouting paragraphs that will hopefully cut through them. I'm not even like this with people on the internet. I don't want to make enemies but I can't help it. Maybe I was a rapper who made diss tracks in my past life. Or a lawyer.

No. 1234863

Why is eating like a normal person so fucking hard. I lost a lot of weight on accident because I started living on my own and severely overestimated how much food I was eating. Now I have no appetite and no desire to eat. Last year I was using food as a coping mechanism and ate whenever I felt sad. Now not only do I just not feel like eating, but in a strange way I feel…accomplished? For being able to function and work and go to school and deal with life without relying on food? I sound retarded.

No. 1234864

Nature is fascinating but why are moids so defective? I talked to my friend's boyfriend today about how I find women objectively more appealing to look at than men.

>Kek nonna that means you're probably day!!!

No you retard. I can find someone good looking without wanting to fuck them. Idiot.

No. 1234865

*gay ffs

No. 1234867

Reminfs me how my significant other doesnt want to use moisturiser or sunscreen becauae he thinks thats feminine despite even his dad do that. It sucks but I have no idea how to tell him that taking care of your skin is a normal thing to do, we live in a terribly sunny city so I am worried. I remember he used to do all that when I first moved in, smh. Women and men are raised differently and it shows.

No. 1234868

>doesnt want to use moisturiser or sunscreen becauae he thinks thats feminine
My husband is like this even though he's ginger and without fail will burn in the sun.

No. 1234869

Would showing him studies/documentaries/whatever about skin cancer and aging help? Because men love muh logic and maybe he'll consider it then?

No. 1234882

My dad only started wearing sunscreen when he started getting skin cancer kek (he is fine now!). Men smh.

No. 1234888

People should have to pass a mental exam before having children, i fucking despise my mother. i am eternally angry that the cancer didn't win, fuck her. My life is ruined thanks to that whore. I am going to play Doom and order food so i don't murder her.

No. 1234911

It really does feel like the universe can never let me be happy for too long. If something mildly good happens, it has to go out of it's way to make something bad happen in a bigger way than the good. And then I end up spiraling because those good things always feel like they pale in comparison to the things that truly do suck in my life.

I know I have to keep going and it won't always be like this and things will get better but it really sucks to be beaten down by life like this sometimes. I'm gonna try to have a good cry after work today and maybe that'll help lol

No. 1234935

File: 1655905708285.jpg (59.29 KB, 670x671, 1604331422142.jpg)

I have a twitter account mainly just to follow Japanese doujin circles and artists, but it's so common to be blocked just because I'm a filthy gaijin. I went to check on this woman who I bought a lot of character themed jewelry from and, surprise surprise, I'm blocked. Now I feel a bit salty when I look at my cute bracelets and earrings which I used to wear almost every day so I can look at them and think of my husbando. Maybe this is just petty of me, they could have thought I was a minor or something, another reason they block people, but I bought almost her whole booth.pm inventory and this is how I'm repaid? I'm seething a little but mostly I just feel embarrassed that I made some twitter social faux pas.
Luckily most of the doujin stuff I order come with little thank you notes in english alongside the japanese, one I've bought from a few times even draws my husbando in my country's flag colours, it's adorable and it's nice to know most of them are just happy someone from across the globe likes their husbando as much as they do. Yumejoshi solidarity if you will.

The moid that lives in the flat below me who spends most of his time working from home so he can play Eve Online as much as humanly possible got into an accident at one of the chemical plants he has to inspect occasionally and got doused in hardcore cleaning agents, giving him chemical burns all over and temporary blindness. Then a week later I saw him out walking in the searing midday sun while I was coming back from grocery shopping and I asked him if he was wearing any sunscreen, to which he replied no, and I could see his skin going deep red, him having pasty nordic skin. I said he should probably go back home because I warned him that you don't really feel heatstroke until after you've had it for a while and it's too late, but he was like "nah, I can handle the sun, I'm a dude afterall lol".
Cut to the next day and he sends me a text message saying he should have listened to me, he said he was bedridden, cold and shivering and now has both the chemical burns and serious sunburn. I think at least he's learned from this now, he gave me some money to go out and buy some heavy duty sunscreen as he admitted he had no idea what to buy and trusts my judgment. Idk, men always love to boast about being able to handle shit then they whimper and cry when they learn of their own ignorance and lack of caution.

No. 1234960

File: 1655908176942.gif (159 B, 16x16, 13445.gif)

I am watching an old, comfy game with good development team turn into shambles. First they fuck up the time limited event just to try sucking the money off making a new event and inviting popular twitch streamers (whose content is not related even to games genre, only about 2 streamers actually fitted it), delay a good, time-limited event for months because of that and now they went full SJW. Are they losing this much money? I do not understand. And now, all of the sudden, the game's discord server is full of newfag-membs who are screaming about TRAs and everything else while having a fetish for sissy and furry porn drawn and written on their profiles. What the fuck, are the game developers trying to exchange their old-school, normie fanbase with furries and trannies?? The things they talk and whiteknight about makes no sense either, making them obviously seem like they are internet freaks that spend all of their time cancelling people on Twitter. So many good developers left too… What the fuck

No. 1234967

Your life is ruined thanks to her? She's the entire reason you get to be alive to begin with. Grow up.

No. 1234970

Wish I was a faceless streamer just talking about things I like with a small community

No. 1234972

Plenty of women have children and abuse/neglect them or allow them to be abused by relatives. That is barely a life.

No. 1234983

As one of those kids, yea not all moms are self sacrificing, more self serving

No. 1234995

I can not believe we live in a time where people honest to god think every online comment has to cover all bases. Comments absolutely do not need to cater to a single person, race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, sex, gender… whatever the fuck. The faux woke crowd that tries to push this have had a huge part in making social media the hostile cesspool that it is.

No. 1234999

Don't play their retard tranny games while complaining about wokies.

No. 1235002

File: 1655911143936.jpg (977.17 KB, 3200x1800, two-rabbits-playing.jpg)

A lot of things seemingly felt like they were going to change in my life. Something that kept reappearing where rabbits no matter where I went. Recently, I saw several rabbits by my apartment complex. I never see them now, but they used to be here gently standing still. Whether it'd be in the dark or under some bushes. As I made my trip to go to another state, I saw one in the airport parking lot. When I was at the other state, I didn't notice any rabbits. It was until I was being driven back to the airport that I saw one in somebodys front lawn as I was explaining to the driver I keep seeing rabbits. When I came back home, I realized they were all gone. I'm not one to place meaning on everything, but what did it all mean? What did it mean!

No. 1235009

I've started to unironically shop at online muslim clothing stores because I hate my body so much what is this

No. 1235010

I’m not. I was listing off their retarded talking points that they try to shoehorn into everything.

No. 1235011

File: 1655911812712.jpeg (328.74 KB, 1170x1696, 9D619339-E8F8-4A65-B854-C6E513…)

Adorable!! Generally good things, nona ♥

No. 1235023

Japanese artists can be so weird, I remember years ago this artist I really admired used to block anyone who commented on her art at all. I get that woke foreigners sometimes harass Japanese artists, but there's no need to block if someone hasn't done anything.

No. 1235031

My best friend married this total fucking fag of a loser just because he's a doctor. She's bordering on braindead, but really fun and bubbly and into spirituality and art. This guy has already cheated on her and cited "suicidal feelings" for why he did it (while vacationing in Poland with the boys, how dEpReSsiNg) and so they still went through with their super isolated, no attendee wedding in a country they already moved out of. The dude also dresses up and pretends to be Scottish despite being from England, so for his wedding he wore a kilt and bagpipes and looked like a turd. She looked stunning and happy. But now they're back in my country and she keeps trying to hang out, which is no problem. I love her. But she wants to bring her moid around because she can't leave him at her parents house when she visits. I fucking hate it, it feels like she's bringing a big dog over or something so I've been cancelling on her like crazy and postponing the visit until a few months when they move to yet another country. Damn. Even her own mom begged her to call off the wedding after this scrote cheated. He also doesn't read books and despite being a resident gynecologist, he refers to his unit as "runts and cunts". I seriously hope he dies in a firey accident and she gets a huge lumpsum from his insurance. He's that type of rich where he spent all of quarantine exploring the world, Egypt and Rome and shit. And then as soon as he gets his hooks into this girl, he never takes her anywhere and won't even replace her broken laptop. I'm just so pissed, I feel like I lost my friend because I don't like her moid and she refuses to hang out alone. No moids in my fucking house! His fucking vibes will kill my rare plants and get dust on my shelves or someshit. He's just so fucking gaaaaaaaay

No. 1235032

I hate that clothing has to revolve around fashion trend cycles. I was trying to find a normal swimsuit but everything is micro bikinis with 900 straps now. I'm going to wear a sports bra and board shorts instead. Just fyi you can also swim in yoga pants and spf swim-jackets.

No. 1235046

Why do women still trust their men when they said they're going on a "boy's vacation" to eastern europe it's always sex tourism

No. 1235061

File: 1655916162499.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.11 KB, 735x898, c0b76718ef364d5cd8acaa55c4178c…)

I love my friend, but she recently got a tattoo bit like this with a "trust no bitch" text. Apparently it's a feminist tattoo because men are the real bitches or something?? Girl why

No. 1235062

How embarrassing for her lol

No. 1235066

If it looks anything similar to that she will have a really hard time getting it either covered up or removed.

No. 1235067

I knoooow

Idk I doubt she will stop with the sex positivity twans rights shit soon

No. 1235075

Even with the stupid subject, I hate how it's all line art and then suddenly an attempt at rendered hair. At least be consistent.

No. 1235096

Nonnas I fixed it! I had to restart everything, removed all shitty bloatware etc BUT my drawings got backed up!! I probably won't be able to draw anything for friend's birthday in time but I'm so grateful. Still, fuck technology.
I hope you two have a great day.

No. 1235107

Why does my sister have to ruin everything by joining the Peace Corps?
She's always been the rebellious one, but this is just taking things too far. Now I'll be stuck here at home all by myself while she's off gallivanting around the world, helping people who don't even deserve it. Peace Corps is nothing but a bunch of do-gooders who think they're going to change the world. My sister is just looking for a way to feel better about herself. She's never been good at anything, and she's always trying to find ways to make herself feel better.
I don't know what she's thinking, but I just hope she comes to her senses soon and realizes that this is a mistake. Otherwise, she's going to be sorry she ever left me behind. I just need to talk her out of it before she gets raped or worse

No. 1235110

File: 1655918951359.jpg (93.65 KB, 750x735, tumblr_p0ygpxcvz01ur0mh8o3_128…)

I want to vent about something but if I do I'll likely be accused of baiting, if not outright trigger a stupidly long infight, so instead I'll vent about my inability to vent.

No. 1235111

I know nothing about the Peace Corps, and you might be right, but you seem to talk very rudely of her. At least she is trying to do something, even if it is a bad idea. Have you tried doing anything with your life?

No. 1235114


some of y'all need professional help fr, is there a valid reason you think she won't do good at peace corps or are you just a BPD clinger?

No. 1235116

Do it anyway, I love it when the vent threads turn into lolcows personal fight club

No. 1235118

What the hell had BPD got anything to do with it?

No. 1235119

just vent then close lolcow it will be funny

No. 1235121

What is peace corpse and why is it bad?

No. 1235122

Before I knew it 10 years has passed by since I was in that abusive relationship, but the emotional abuse, threats and rapes still haunts me to this day. He is like a boogeyman looming over me, and reminding me of how he is a concoction of the bullshit I had gone through before him. That he was some sort of divine punishment for not being a good enough person. For being dirty. For being a bad child. The therapy did nothing. They took me seriously years too late, just because he never actually hit me.
Will these feelings ever go away? Will they ever stop?

No. 1235128

Basically it trains people to go help others in war torn/developing/ countries in need, with whatever those places may need.

>My sister is just looking for a way to feel better about herself. She's never been good at anything, and she's always trying to find ways to make herself feel better.
I don't know what she's thinking, but I just hope she comes to her senses soon and realizes that this is a mistake. Otherwise, she's going to be sorry she ever left me behind. I just need to talk her out of it before she gets raped

Reads like either a BPD asshole or a narcissistic asshole. Normal people don't get mad at their siblings for trying to improve themselves.

No. 1235133

You're delusional if you think Peace Corps helps others. It's about imperialism plain and simple. You know it's a front for the CIA, right?

No. 1235134

Tons of women get raped in the Peace Corps

No. 1235135

Utterly unhinged. I think the peace corps is cringe shit for people who don't know what the world is like, but the way you talk about your sister is insane, like you don't actually care whether she might get assaulted, it's only a way to force her to stay with you. Maybe you're the reason she wants to go live among extremely misogynistic third world men?

No. 1235136

Were you the one venting because you suspect your sister has BPD? I think you gotta let people like that figure out their own mistakes. Any chance you could travel alongside her without having to join the Peace Corps yourself? Also I cannot find it to save my life but I'm fairly sure that the dude who created the Peace Corps was a violent, sexually abusive man in his own family and his daughter was speaking in a documentary about how ironic it is that he's celebrated for inventing the "Peace" Corps, but it may have been something else entirely, especially considering I can't find anything to back up this memory of mine.

No. 1235140

> It's about imperialism plain and simple

No. 1235141

How am I supposed to travel with my sister? She's going to be in the middle of nowhere for two years in a shithole country

No. 1235142

Can you tell me more about what the Peace Corps is like? You seem to know a lot about it

No. 1235144

I think this is an appropriate time to admit that I have no idea what the Peace Corps is so I didn't know what the travel portion contained. Which countries?

No. 1235146

She says she's interviewing for Panama right now

No. 1235147

I'm giving the definition Google gave me. Truly I don't care, but I think OP is unhinged one way or the other. It's probably in the best interest of the sister to get away from her. Peace corps seems like it's the best way she can think of to put distance between the two of them, without having to do the hard part of finding a job and house and friends in a new city.

>Any chance you could travel alongside her without having to join the Peace Corps yourself

Please don't suggest this. I feel like the sister wants to get away from OP, I can feel the crazy radiating off her one post, I'm sure it's suffocating in person.

No. 1235148

I agree the sister sounds delusional but Peace Corps is not a good idea if you want to want to travel. You'll be in the middle of nowhere

No. 1235152

I said she probably wants to get away from OP, not travel. I don't know either of them to say wether or not peace corps is a good idea, but I can see why she'd choose something extreme if OP is spazzing out on lolcow and mad that she's trying to do something she thinks will both help her and the world. If OP was coming from a place of genuine concern for her safety, the post would read a lot different.

No. 1235155

The thing is, we do not even know what else anon's sister does and how anon is IRL either. I know people like anon's sister, but mine is also the kind of person to lie 24/7 while playing the victim card.

No. 1235157

I hate men so much it's unreal

No. 1235164

Yup, all I'm saying is that OP is unhinged for being mad that her sister wants to try peace corps. It's not like the girl said she wants to open up a poop porn onlyfans or go on an international crime spree.

Concern would look a lot different.

No. 1235166

Same. I wish I could cause him and others like him to burst into flames using my mind. Now they're married and I have a feeling he'll pressure her into having kids next despite her claim of never wanting them and a huge fear of giving birth. Men ruin women.

No. 1235169

Is she with him because she doesn't have a job or something? Some women also tend to feel too ashamed to cancel off the wedding despite how horrible their relationship is because of all of the crap media put into our brains.

No. 1235174

My mom won't respect me not wanting to drink. I've been reading a lot of literature about childhood emotional neglect and I've realized she's always been immature like that. I guarantee if I tried to get into any of it with her she'd turn it around so I'd end up comforting her and apologizing for being a bad daughter and making her feel bad. I'm better off just coping by myself

No. 1235182

You need to cut your friend. There really isn't much you can to do save her. You can just protect yourself before he hurts you

No. 1235183

She had a job until she decided to country-hop around with him. She was working at a hospital and paying for quite the life for herself, it was really admirable. Now for the past year+, she hasn't been able to work because he flew her to a country not on a work visa and then only married her like a week ago. So she really couldn't even hold a job legally. It seemed waaaay too convenient for him to isolate her away from money, friends and family all while telling her having a cellphone abroad is too expensive. She can email people, but then her laptop broke and he never replaced it. But he bought her tons of art supplies, so it's not money as a factor it seems to just be isolation. I have no idea why she's so hung up on this dude, he has no friends and he's hideous. Seriously looks like he's suffering from the mumps. And he's so fake, as soon as they started dating he began to wear her skin and become a tarot-card-semi-precious-stone-astrology-spiritual fuckboy with grody long hair and a full beard. Covered himself in Scottish tattoos. I'm disgusted. I don't know why she married him, and she's the type of chick where if I asked what she sees in him I'd get a novel back about ~twin flames~ or someshit.

No. 1235186

I can't stand women who get married to men. Women who get married to men are throwing their lives away. They're giving up their freedom, their careers, their dreams, and their lives. They're giving up their independence and their ability to make their own decisions for a man. They're giving up their bodies and their sexualities for a man. They're giving up their futures for a man.

I can't stand women who get married to men because they're making a huge mistake. They're sacrificing so much for a moid, and they're not even getting anything in return. They're getting nothing but a man who will take them for granted, cheat on them, and treat them like property. They're getting nothing but a man who will control them, manipulate them, and abuse them.

I can't stand women who get married to men because they're settling for less than they deserve. They're settling for someone who doesn't love them, doesn't respect them, and doesn't appreciate them. They're settling for a man who will never treat them the way they deserve to be treated. They're settling for someone who will never give them the love and happiness they deserve.

I hate it when women get married to men because they're making a huge mistake that they'll regret for the rest of their lives.

No. 1235187

Had a dream my BF was sleeping with another girl, dump him?? I'm pissed lmao

No. 1235189

Spoiler baka

No. 1235192

You sound like a scrote

No. 1235196

>scrote who spends his free spamming gay porn on lolcow is calling women mentally ill
kek faggots who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

No. 1235198

Why shouldn't OP be mad that her sister wants to try Peace Corps? It's a useless organization that doesn't care if their volunteers experience misogyny. It's a sexist organization

No. 1235199

I truly, honestly hate men.

No. 1235201

File: 1655921618792.jpg (95.71 KB, 774x1375, 1650487844013.jpg)

it's a part of scrote spam. Post attractive guys to counteract it

No. 1235204

>Why does my sister have to ruin everything by joining the Peace Corps?She's always been the rebellious one, but this is just taking things too far. Now I'll be stuck here at home all by myself while she's off gallivanting around the world, helping people who don't even deserve it.

Does this read like a concerned sister or someone that needs mental help?

No. 1235205

Scrote's malding right now because a bunch of anons kept calling him homosexual last night for spamming nikado porn

No. 1235209

File: 1655921868475.png (461.87 KB, 635x590, 346.png)

>isolate her away from money, friends and family
>all while telling her having a cellphone abroad is too expensive.
>her laptop broke and he never replaced it
>as soon as they started dating he began to wear her skin
Now that's a whole red flag collection. How can you not even repair someones laptop with the amount of money he has? Is there any chance she is insecure or has some mental illness? Men really like pretending to be your sugar daddies at the start and then lock you up with them, manipulating the hell out of you and try to change you as a person because ''the world does not understand them''. I am so sorry for you, it must be heartbreaking not being able to even say much to your friend because, obviously, she will be too busy being in love with him. How does her family feel? That must be terrifying.

No. 1235212

why is there so much poop under his butt

No. 1235219

that’s his balls

No. 1235232

>Critique x and y on a thread
>Get angry replies about how x and y is shit
>I am literally saying x and Y is shit from the start
>Explain it again
>more rageposting and insults
Can some anons learn to read before posting? There is more than one person posting in each thread, don't assume I'm the same person you've been infighting with for the past 2 hours, jeez

No. 1235238

She absolutely sounds like a concerned sister to me. Maybe she's upset. But like I said it makes sense to be upset when you're joining such a terrible sexist organization like the Peace Corps. The people whom the PC helps abosoulutely do not deserve it

No. 1235244

So much this. it's like struggling with a toddler to get my bf to wear sunscreen and use moisturizer. why do i have to be the one to take care of him? women are self sufficient, but without women around to care for moids, men would go to seed. they're so lazy and useless. they can't even get off video games or reddit to learn how to take care of themselves or fix common problems. how can a man be 30 and doesn't know how to cook, or cut his nails properly (they're jagged and look terrible, and cause him medical issues, but he thinks it's cool or something to not know how to do it?) it makes me so angry and stressed that i am the only one who puts in effort to make our lives decent. all he does is sit around like an overgrown child.

No. 1235247

It's summer the retards have come to play

No. 1235249

Because they are retarded Noni. I don’t know how else to explain it. Does he know the difference between a door and a cabinet?

No. 1235254

Tell your sister that it's a bad idea to join the Peace Corps because:
>the organization has a history of discrimination against women,
>the living conditions in many of the countries where the Peace Corps operates are very poor, and
>women can be subjected to sexual harassment and assault while serving in the Peace Corps.
If she can't see why it's a bad idea to go, she's stupid and you're better off without her

No. 1235255

He doesn't know the difference between a plum and an orange.

No. 123