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No. 906804

Do the dumb, dumdum

Previous dumbassery: >>>/ot/898344

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No. 906807

No. 906809

Shit I lost count

No. 906811


No. 906812

I can't believe I actually got first. I've been waiting for this moment since yesteday. It's a dream come true.

No. 906814

No you didn’t, I was the one who lost count. The joke was funnier if it stood uncorrected by the poster and you ruined it via identity theft REEEEEEEEE

No. 906817


No. 906819

File: 1631345280244.jpg (9.14 KB, 480x360, 53e30ff4a1cf91db4511698cc18171…)

Lmao I lost count because someone jumped from 1 to 3. I didn't mean to steal anyone's spotlight, chill nonacelita

No. 906822

i hate being a dumbass

No. 906840

and yet i will always love you ♥

No. 906844


i wish i could show u how much I appreciate you

No. 906845

Is there a word for a girl who’s a snow bunny but for Indian men? I’m literally obsessed with Indian chads they’re only second to Latinos on my sexual totem pole. Too bad if I find one I really like i cant marry them because my family are racist rednecks kek.

No. 906850

I don't know if Indians are close enough to that part of the east to use it but people call me a sandshark for liking Middle Eastern men.

No. 906858

No. 906861

An Indian chad would almost never marry a redneck anyway. If he did, his parents would be angrier than yours kek.

No. 906862

In reference to what?

No. 906863


in reference to your slightly worrying aspirations of being a desert succubus

No. 906865

I thought the cactus thread was the dumbass one

No. 906866

I'm the "sandshark" one and I don't only like middle eastern men. I do like men with tan complexions but that can be various things. I also find Italians really handsome. I am just called that because I dated a Persian guy for a very long time.

No. 906867

How did you get that from her post?

No. 906869

Go on 90 day fiancé

No. 906870

Take a breath nonnie, not our fault that you’re a kissless femcel

No. 906871

Sandshark anon here again. It's ironic because I am even a virgin. I just think middle eastern features are attractive. Doesn't mean I want to fuck them all. Don't know where that came from. Although that's what sandshark is SUPPOSED to mean, it isn't how I am.

No. 906874


it was a joke i’m not going to stone you for wanting to bone ali or mahmoud okay

No. 906875

File: 1631353581584.jpg (119.88 KB, 600x360, burqa boy fashion.jpg)

Thank you for the blessing, anon.

No. 906883

just bought a flaming car shirt, it’s over for you all, i am simply too cool

No. 906888

As a kid I was really jealous of boys having those button up shirts with the flames at the bottom. Given my own agency I'd have been a 10 year old female Guy Fieri.

No. 906889

Halal in the front, haram in the back.

No. 906890

After you have seen the phat desert ass you simply can not return back to ordinary society.

No. 906892

You can do it now

No. 906894

File: 1631357088789.jpeg (48.26 KB, 750x440, 549C2907-284C-49D1-BBFC-3434C7…)

i love dressing like a cockroach crackhead. short-sleeves men’s button ups with white undershirts. retarded ill-fitting jeans. shoes with holes in them because i can’t afford new ones, with bright yellow minion socks peaking out. or hot pink teddy bear socks that stretch to my knees, those are best with knee-length dad shorts. and retarded earrings. when i get some money I’ll buy a pair of those oppressive chunky white sneakers. they’re so fucking ugly, they make me want to gag whenever i see them. I love them. but there’s nothing more horrifying than black chunky platform sneakers. they’re so fucking ugly, just imagine seeing them in a normal setting. my eyes would twitch, violent visual assault. i believe i will reach my full potential when i wear these, i will just stomp everywhere i go. stomp stomp stomp

No. 906897

nona i love you, you're living life correctly

No. 906915

C-can we be platform sneakers buddies, nonnie? I have worn my black chonkers since last spring I think.

No. 906927

File: 1631361153526.jpeg (73.58 KB, 500x528, 40BE3527-E2F7-4B59-BC17-75763F…)

I wish there was a fun game with only female characters inflicting violence on men, not a stupid porn game like an actual enjoyable fighting adventure game

No. 906938

Yesterday stoned I did click on an encyclopediadramatica link on a thread from 4 years ago that now was some malware ridden "warning your pc will explode now" site and got instant malware.

No. 906941

When 12 years ago my friend bought some really similar shoes we laughed about this being shoes for focomelic people. Love this memory. Luv you anon.

No. 906945


Please don't forget the hair with the frosted tips. The button up shirts with flames and the frosted tips must go together. Plus a pair of sunglasses if you will.

No. 906959

Is your pc okay now?

No. 906963

File: 1631364479198.jpeg (57.34 KB, 847x900, 18777BD7-812B-4025-AD28-8A6F27…)

weebs need to be ejected into a volcano

No. 906964

It is! Ty

No. 906974

Why are americans so obsessed with race?

No. 906984

Looking at my TL you could easily get the impression that 50% of the population of my country (EU) was somehow in NY when 9/11 happened or at least had a friend, whose sister's elementary school classmate had a cousin that got married to a to a woman that dated previously a guy that died there or something like this. Or made at least a phone call to somebody in NY to make sure that they are ok.

No. 906986

I want a guy who isn't obsessed with buttholes in one way or another. My first bf wanted to suck farts out of my ass, the second was into anal gaping porn. I'm not going near another scrote til I find one who doesn't want to do anything to an ass

No. 906988

Find a scrote who doesn't use porn

No. 906994

Maybe they're just empathetic and aware that after 9/11 the world changed in terms of security and for the past 20 years terrorism has taken center stage.

No. 906999

File: 1631366870094.jpeg (49.14 KB, 570x437, 9C523308-D909-4E98-851B-33BD84…)


let’s stomp stomp stomp stomp

No. 907002

File: 1631366923952.jpg (104.11 KB, 1080x1505, Screenshot_20210911_152003.jpg)

They sell fancy protein shakes

No. 907003

Easy, a dead one

No. 907004

the greasy borzoi girl fit

No. 907007

poop shakes

No. 907008

avoid butt obsessed guys in general, they're the worst scrotes

No. 907009

nonita you speak the truth

No. 907011

Butt and boob obsessed too, especially the ones who nitpick your butt or boobs

No. 907013

nitpicking on your appereance in general is a red flag

No. 907014

all men are gay that’s why they’re obsessed with anal

No. 907016

File: 1631367524475.jpeg (242.05 KB, 1125x978, A13C1A1B-8D1B-4F9C-805A-119C25…)

some losers with an ax to grind decided to take literal who bands like "swans" and make them gatekeepers. there's nothing more satisfying than telling people with that type of music "taste" that you couldn't give less of a shit about their /mu/ tier music. nothing personal against swans they're just such a gleaming example

No. 907018

File: 1631367810000.jpg (62.6 KB, 480x474, ac.jpg)

I love Alice in Chains

No. 907022

File: 1631367915456.jpeg (24.16 KB, 461x665, 45623A62-1C65-4B6F-98DF-2559FA…)


what is a borzoi girl, anon? these shoes do not belong to a greasy russian-looking wood girl, or a raver. they’re so ugly, like a deformed baby. there was a good pair sneakers once in these shoes, but the bottom sole started multiplying like an excessive cell growth, and now you have this retarded but slightly eastern bloc adjacent shoe. i love how it looks when you, like pure terror on asphalt. it’s not merely ugly, it’s visual menace

No. 907024

File: 1631368032549.jpeg (237.72 KB, 1198x1500, 6B82F490-B112-4796-904C-C3DCCD…)

same nonnie. rip legend

No. 907033

File: 1631368392636.jpg (284.8 KB, 1440x960, teachers-pet_slide-e5b6b0ba34a…)

me when i see posts i reported get redtexted (hiding my own countless bans in my backpack)

No. 907046

File: 1631369333152.jpeg (46.29 KB, 310x465, C13407B4-498D-4F42-8BB9-EA384F…)

a term I just made up, it’s usually very greasy-looking crack den/marijuana barbies with fried and dyed hair that’s usually bright colors or ultra bleached, tend to dress like adam sandler in oversized effortless lazy bum clothes, socially awkward and autistic like billie eillish, either are skinny fat or anorexic/bony regardless they always look very unhealthy, drinks redbulls and piss-looking juice, obsessed with owning vermin and dirtiness, uses depression as an excuse to trigger their ice caveman instincts to give up while stronger women have enough common sense to get up and take a shower when their armpits become stinky. they’re on the top food chain of indie faggotry

No. 907047

>visual menace
Great band name

No. 907055

File: 1631369658168.jpg (252.55 KB, 850x1023, Barron-Trump-tall-02.jpg)

Barron Trump is 15 and 6'7" (2 meters) tall. If he keeps growing he will become the tallest guy on earth!

No. 907057

wow, he's fucking ugly. He looks inbred.

No. 907058

oh, so some shit that doesn’t even make sense kek. got it.

No. 907059

How the fuck did that happen so fast

No. 907060

i feel sorry for him. he seems like a sweet kid. might not grow up to be very sweet though…

No. 907063

Yeah I mean judging by how all the others turned out

No. 907064

he looks like one of those extremely inbred medieval princes, he’s going to die young and has autism, damn god picked a whole struggle for him

No. 907074

wtf he was such a cute kid and now he looks like quasimodo

No. 907079

You know they gave the twerp a bunch of growth hormones if they gave Ivanka a whole other person's face with plastic surgery. Next is his face, expect to not recognize him when he hits 20 while they're damage controlling that this was all natural puberty at work.

No. 907082

File: 1631370668955.jpg (23.04 KB, 492x311, 90fd6724dc4eddf176800a073d1038…)

No. 907083

Samefagging but if you can picture her without makeup on the left she does look a lot like her brother. Same nose.

No. 907085

She absolutely does.

No. 907089

File: 1631370985654.jpg (197.81 KB, 1600x800, g.jpg)

All of Trump's kids inherited a weak ass chin. They're all so unfortunate looking, espcially the scrotes. Ivanka looks okay sometimes but I still don't think she's as stunning as people make her out to be.

No. 907091

File: 1631371137784.jpg (19.22 KB, 804x132, reddit.jpg)


No. 907103

The thing is, the Trump sons are ugly as fuck. Only the daughters seem to get surgery, when they should all have it.

No. 907107

>wholesome award

No. 907122

It's not growth hormones, he seems to have those Dinaric Alp genes that produce the tallest men in the world and are spread throughout the entire neigboring region.

No. 907124

Aw Barron was so cute

No. 907127

not to wk barron trump of all people but this seems like an especially bad recent photo, he is honestly probably the best looking of the trumps because of melanias genes…. but i assume he will only get uglier as he gets older, like all men

No. 907129

File: 1631373439331.jpg (2.52 MB, 4076x3056, newFile-5.jpg)

dropped pic aorry

No. 907134

Anon I assure you, it is. Nothing explains that kid's height. Manletdom is the biggest male insecurity behind bald and we all know Trump wears the toupee.

No. 907135

File: 1631373829426.jpg (2.72 MB, 3835x2557, f300b8566eae4af493661323e5929d…)

barron trump grow up and be normal challenge

No. 907137

he never had a chance

No. 907140

Please let him turn out somewhat normal. There has to be at least one good egg in the basket.

No. 907143

>Nothing explains that kid's height.
His ancestry does. His height is typical of many in this region. It's not unusual in any respect. Most of my own family is like that.

No. 907145

Who in his family though? Just because someone is from a region doesn't mean they get all the traits automatically.

No. 907149

I feel like I'm on tumblr again when people compared this ugly trump kid to prince zuko "poor boy, I bet he will turn around etc" and I think you all retarded as fuck and probably don't know any rich people. This kid is probably insufferable like the rest of his family, especially so since he is also a moid.

No. 907151

i don’t think it’s that deep

No. 907152

he is hawt

No. 907156

the 15 year old?

No. 907157

are you underage, scrote or both?

No. 907158

You have to be 18 or older to post here.

No. 907159

Melania, obviously.

No. 907163

Even though my brother is 3 years and 1 day older than me, my mother managed to birth us both in time before Coronation Street and we managed to both have the exact same rising sign and planetary placements. I think that's neat and also why I love and hate him.

No. 907164

At least Zuko's evil dad was hot

No. 907181

it's an 80s-90s thing actually (don't know if i'm linking right but it's the reply about goth clubs)

No. 907193

Shayna anons are painfully unfunny, don't get why they're always featured in the caps thread

No. 907196

Ethan klein do be looking like shayna tho, tbf

No. 907198

yeah but it's not that funny that it needs to be capped

No. 907200

I think it brings awareness which I am here for.

No. 907201

does anyone on lc actually know what """femcel""" means

No. 907202

i’m the one that made the comment and i didn’t even think it was that funny

No. 907205

A female incel?

No. 907218

It never gets used that way though. It's thrown around so randomly that it doesn't seem to mean anything.

No. 907221

File: 1631378258505.gif (495.86 KB, 500x342, 1EEE18F4-62A2-4B54-98EB-B8D607…)

rotten you are ROTTEN die die die

No. 907223

A femcel are the pathetic anons posting by about wanting 2D men over 3D men, they’re usually fujos or interested in gay porn or anime. Saddest part is that they still surround their lives around men but the men aren’t even real

No. 907229

Where can I buy cute cotton/natural fibers panties for cheap?

No. 907231

I thought it was used to describe bitter women who hate other women? Like how incels hate women for mundane reason?

>inb4 like the women here

No. 907232

Proving my point tbh. Actual femcels are more like:
>tfw no bf
and things like that

No. 907237

I've always thought of a femcel as a pick me who desperately wants a bf, and goes to places like /r9k/ to try and commiserate with the ugly faggots there.

>Saddest part is that they still surround their lives around men but the men aren’t even real
Literally who cares? At least a fictional man can't abuse her like a real one.

No. 907239

nope. a woman can say tfw no bf and it doesn't make her a femcel when there's some arbitrary factor stopping her from getting a bf. femcels are the ones that have actual issues making them totally undesirable… like the ones obsessed with 2D men

No. 907244

Isn't the whole point that they want sex/a partner but can't get it? Hence involuntary. Lacking any interest in a relationship to begin with is something else entirely.

No. 907249

>a woman can say tfw no bf and it doesn't make her a femcel when there's some arbitrary factor stopping her from getting a bf.
That's literally the original definition of what an incel is though, an involuntary celibate. I feel like you have some kind of vendetta against yumejoshis because they called the 3D man you simp for ugly.

No. 907265

>tfw no burka bf

No. 907266

Just date someone with a big beard, same effect

No. 907270

Femcel can't even be the equivalent of incel, because almost all women can get sex/a bf. Does it mean it will be pleasurable safe sex, or a kind, loving bf? No, but you can expect scrotes to understand that, when they're the ones who came up with femcel in the first place.

No. 907279

Literally incels could get laid if they wanted to chat up an ugly girl. I feel like a femcel currently. I haven't had sex in a year and yes I could probably approach a man to get laid but I actually want one to approach me and for me to like it. Male redditors make out its easy for a good looking woman to date but yet here I am all alone. Life's not fair

No. 907294

A year is not a long time unless you're not used to being alone. Stop being so melodramatic and learn to enjoy your own company for once.

No. 907297

Whatever it's a waste that no one getting to fuck me.

No. 907298

Why would you complain about not having sex for a year? I doubt that it was that great and you were orgasming every time, you can probably pleasure yourself better.

No. 907302

Girl, it was actually great and I was having multiple orgasms lol. I can still give myself multiple orgasms but I miss the touch of a man! I don't know why this is so far fetched. I'm not going to fuck anyone just to cope but I am going to feel sorry for myself when I see a couple being cute.

No. 907324

Fair enough.
>I don't know why this is so far fetched.
Because most of the women who complain about not having sex don't even orgasm or the guy won't even touch their clit, lmao.

No. 907331

I genuinely don't understand this reply.

No. 907335

how? It's pretty straightfoward

No. 907336

You're implying these women are having unsatisfactory sex, not no sex. I am having none except with my vibrator.

No. 907343

this is why it pays to have a fuck buddy on standby sometimes. my old reliable was pretty good kek.

No. 907346

I could not imagine fucking a friend and I don't really like having male friends unless I'm obligated. Like if I'm fucking a man I'm considering him as boyfriend material.

No. 907363

we didn't hang out except to hook up lol i'm not sure if that makes it better or worse

No. 907364

I am built exactly like Billie Eillish big boobs and scrawny legs and skinnyfat torso. Every time I go on tiktok and am bombarded with plastic surgeons telling me I need to get a BBL to “fix” my body even though I’m losing weight and these are just my proportions sigh I pretend like I don’t want to look like an Instagram model pear shaped ass bitch but every time I see a huge jiggling ass, a part of my soul dies. I wear baggy cargo pants to make my legs look less scrawny I feel ridiculously disproportionate in leggings and jeans.
Also I am indie and all I wear is lazy clothes.
I feel ridiculous and gaudy in nice clothes.

No. 907387

How'd you meet why isn't he your excuse man instead what's the appeal

No. 907389


No. 907397

anon please do not listen to any weird tiktok plastic surgeon or shitty people. You do not need anything, you are fine the way you are. Different body types exist. Plastic surgeons tell you that you "need" a bbl but they do it to feed into insecurities and because they want to sell you something. In 5 years the current "body beauty ideal" will shift again - it is an ideal and the instagram models all shoop and get plastic surgery themselves. In the 90s it was the super skinny heroin chick. Mid 2010s till now it is the skinny thick pear shape and in 5 more years it might be broad shoulders or smth (with the whole big sleeves trends rn). No one here is an actress or a celebrity which means it is not our job to look like that.

No. 907399

this was ages ago. he wasn't boyfriend material.

No. 907401

How'd you happen on the situation though lol

No. 907408

it was one of my guy friends from high school's older brother, but we met at a bar in my college town. he was obsessed with me and wanted to date me but we weren't mentally/emotionally compatible, so it became a fuck buddy situation. not what he wanted but it worked out for me.

No. 907412

Jealous lol

No. 907415

he was super dumb though, like an actual himbo. so while the sex was great, i literally could not stand to sit and have a conversation with him for longer than 10 minutes.

No. 907420

I would love a himbo situation but it just seems like a fantasy to me. I'll stay waiting on my himbo or boyfriend, whichever.

No. 907422

I may be stupid but isn't tinder like a fucking shopping catalog for fuckbuddies situations?

No. 907423

they're out there but unfortunately the internet/dating sites are making them more self-aware

No. 907425

Tinder doesn't usually have good looking men on it and the ones that are are full of themselves and too self aware. Miss me with that

No. 907427

Oh, the situation may vary countrywise. I'm in southern Europe and even tho I never used it, all my friends did and found a lot of nice matches

No. 907429

File: 1631389698185.png (781.33 KB, 959x1014, 09-11-21_3-35-38 PM.png)

rate my adult sim, she's going to college to become a professor and gardens stuff and lives in the middle of no where like a moron

No. 907431

I was saying most of the woman who have dry spells and them complain about not having sex don't even have satisfying or pleasurable sex in the first place, but will totally overhype it like most libfems. That's why I was suspicious about that anon at first.

No. 907432

she reminds me of myself i am also a moron that goes to college 10/10

No. 907433

Idk it's just harder to screen men online and then the effort of having to see if they're potential killers or riddled with stds. I'd rather go for exclusivity off the bat with a potential boyfriend or walk into a fuck buddy situation organically. Finding a fuck buddy online just seems like you're going to get the clap

No. 907435

i like that sweater vest cc

No. 907436

I've been the same ayrt. I've no idea what being a lib fem has to do with complaining about not getting laid lol.

No. 907440

I am fine with not having sex since piv sex is painful and no guy ever made me orgasm from oral or really tried to do it with his hands. It’s always just a-anon look at my dick no stfu you are useless and your pp smells. I’ll just do it myself, sex is overrated and I don’t need anyone anymore since men are basically selfish morons that don’t have anything to offer to me.

No. 907445

i can't cope with tinder because i just don't like the idea of going on dates with multiple men or choosing between many men. say you match with 5 seemingly genuine great guys… now you have to chat with all five of them on tinder and if you're like me and there's no way in hell you're gonna go meet up with all 5 of them, you have to take a chance and pick only one and ghost the rest of them. and if things don't work out with the one you chose then tough luck lol you already ghosted the others.

No. 907454

Yes! It's extremely depressing lol

No. 907494

I'm the anon that loves her feet and I feel inspired to share this story I think I've shared before. I told this guy that I had a few dates with I loved my feet (it will eventually come out of my mouth if you know me long enough) and he wanted to trade foot selfies and I was all kinds of up for that lmao but I don't think he got that like I'm into feet. Anyway. He sent me a photo and it made me gag. He had uneven HAIRY toes and they were small for men's feet too and I never went on another date with him after and I don't think he knows it's because I hated his feet.

I figured out I also like long lean male legs and if there's nice uniform big feet attached even better.

I hope tf I can find a man to meet every niche standard I have. Truly then I would die happy.

No. 907507

>almost all women can get sex/a bf
Except if they don't leave the house and all they do is fantasize about 2d husbandos

No. 907510

File: 1631392927179.jpg (52.97 KB, 497x439, 08h7.jpg)

>I'm the anon that loves her feet and
jesus fucking chrust I hate footfags everyone stop talking about/showing feet all over the board for one month challenge

No. 907513

Ughhhh I can't stop cyberstalking and thinking about/fantasizing/masturbating to a coworker with whom I sometimes have meetings with. Ugggghhh put me out of my misery please

No. 907515

What do you mean, I also fantasize about 3d bf
Mine is stuck forever in the late 80s early 90s. Tfw no dumb country boy bf

No. 907527

That's so cute anon♡

No. 907539

It's not though, it's torture. I'm never gonna have him and I'm in constant fear about having a Freudian slip during our meeting. I also feel this unbearable need to find out whether he has a gf or wife or not but it's impossible since he barely has any social media presence

No. 907544

God I really want to show off my perfect feet but I won't I'll just say beautiful left has two beauty marks. One in the centre top near where my leg meets and a beautiful one parallel to where my middle toe meets the fourth toe. God my feet are pretty. Righty doesn't have a beauty mark but damn, not a blemish or a hair. God really loves making my feet I can tell

No. 907546

you sound like such a scrote i can't even humor it anymore. you're not going to make "love-my-feet anon" a thing.

No. 907549

I'm just being myself lmao, report me for being a moid if you must but admin will know. She'll know I have perfect feet through consistently posting about them. Love ya hunty

No. 907551

i care so little about you that i wouldn't even bother reporting

No. 907552

File: 1631393934373.jpg (13.4 KB, 258x258, tumblr_bb05347b8560f93d1761745…)

Petition to ban footanon. I'm tired of her(?) already.

No. 907555

Male feet are ugly do not show us yours

No. 907559


No. 907563

that is unironically a man foot. what size shoe are you, 14?

No. 907566

Get these fucking dogs off my screen.

No. 907569

I'm already hacking ur IP faggot

No. 907570

>I'm a size 6 in trainers and 4 in heels
kek whatever helps you sleep at night

No. 907576

i knew you were fat lmao those cankles though

No. 907577

That's the inside and I'm contorted slightly. Either way I know my feet gorgeous

No. 907580

how many more excuses do you have in you, fatty?

No. 907581

Who's that? The girl with "perfect feet"?

No. 907582

yes lmao

No. 907583

I'm a size 6,i got gorgeous feet I don't need your negativity hunty

No. 907584

i'm signing the petition with my blood. i will trade my soul just to get rid of this bitch and all footfags for all of eternity

No. 907586

god I'm so jealous of normie women anons

No. 907587

File: 1631394613545.jpeg (193.56 KB, 806x1200, 69C02B7E-BFE8-46ED-A646-81283E…)

i told my friend that im uncontrollably attracted to the onceler and a few days later she tells me she thinks id be a good match for her brother.She showed me a photo of him and he does not look like the onceler. i guess i was expecting something like picrel but he just looked like her

No. 907588

the way you keep posting and deleting them and being defensive says otherwise

No. 907592

I'm deleting them because I don't want my apartment posted on lolcow lol

No. 907593

I blame lockdowns on the increase in anons attention-whoring on lolcow.

No. 907595

it's clearly a man needing validation for his worthless existence and crusty feet

No. 907596

Now that hurt. Bitch. Whatever.

No. 907597

She wants you to date her if he looks just like her.

No. 907599

File: 1631394796647.jpg (49.81 KB, 584x437, IMG_20170101_235029.jpg)

So foot anon posted her feet and I missed it?

No. 907600

File: 1631394816708.jpg (738.48 KB, 1993x2793, 8vgqhy43urn51.jpg)

Tinfoil that footanon is also that anon that posted her tits since someone told her to attention whore in a more creative way

No. 907603

One of my deepest, darkest desires is to post a pussy pic to shay anons, just to see what they have to say.

No. 907604

I'll never post again because some people can't handle beauty.

No. 907609

aren't lockdowns over in a bunch of places?

No. 907610

i think shes straight, she did joke about me being her wife though

No. 907611

It's alright, it was ugly.
I still have the page open but I think it would be too mean to post them since she keeps deleting them.

No. 907612

I could repost it, but idk if I want to dirty this thread with pictures of some farmers feet again

No. 907614

Lol please don't repost my apartment wasn't cropped unless you can cut around my foot in a beautiful way

No. 907617

Yes please

No. 907625

I remember an anon posting their nasty mole too

No. 907632

well i still have the post here so if u don't fucking stop ill shoop your nasty feet out and post your apartament again

No. 907638

File: 1631395420466.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.39 MB, 2976x3968, IMG_20210911_222329.jpg)

Oh I didn't see this I'm foot anon and I didn't post my tits.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 907643

I don't like to contribute to scrote accusation culture but those feet are looking very xy anon

No. 907646

If I could meet a male with my feet I'd marry him

No. 907647

Yeah, but these people obviously still don't go outside enough. Look, I'm just trying to rationalise what's happening.

No. 907648

u g l y

No. 907650

okay fat faggot, you can stop posting your cankles now

No. 907652

>>907638 yoooo wtf, you look fat and manly as hell

No. 907654

if you're gonna take pictures of your feet at least charge men for them instead of giving them away for free. we know for a fact 4chan incels lurk here and are saving/sharing/fapping to this shit.

No. 907658

File: 1631395661656.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.87 MB, 3968x2976, anons ugly feet.jpg)

Spoiler for long ass toes, viewer discretion is advised.
Fuck you quit posting your feet

No. 907660

I'm not deleting the foot photo because I feel like evidence is needed against you bitter hateful anons calling my hairless thin feet moid like an ugly. Criticism I will accept is "you can't pose for shit" "your shit at posing your foot" and I will agree. I wish I could do better justice for lefty and myself.

No. 907661

You guys told me it wasnt nasty….bye kms

No. 907662

What about your totally real boyfriend that says how amazing your feet are when prompted

No. 907663

jesus what a fucking flipper.

No. 907667

Lol, I just smiled at my own feet. Whatever. If I get doxxed for this irl I don't care. I stand by my feet. Maybe it'll lead to someone sucking my toes off

No. 907668

That mf slaps the floor when he walks

No. 907669

File: 1631395763861.jpg (1.64 MB, 1415x1600, 030b8ddc-34f8-4063-97b7-2717fb…)

Footfag pls go.

No. 907670

He was my ex! I said that in the original post now I'm waiting for the right man.

No. 907671

feet are gross

No. 907672

any scrote can put some nair on his feet and claim he's not a dude. sorry but your feet are horrid and look like they're attached to a man.

No. 907673

don't forget about how he calls anon "pretty" all the time too

No. 907674

File: 1631395870326.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.78 MB, 2976x3968, 1631394336775.jpg)

Kek, I didn't see that one, this is the one I saw her post

No. 907675

So callous and cruel.

No. 907676

you cannot tell me that foot and hand combo belong to a woman

No. 907677

I feel like my feet are famous now you guys have no idea what this is doing for me.

No. 907679

We know you're fapping.

No. 907680

ive watched a bit and they seem cute.. i used to be jealous too but now i think im happy for them idk

No. 907682

Made my Saturday night better anyway.

No. 907684

File: 1631396080228.jpg (61.15 KB, 1024x641, cats-paw-2288769_1920-1024x641…)

Only feet allowed now are cat feet, it is so.

No. 907685

Thats a fucking man

No. 907686

me too

No. 907689

Jesus Christ it looks like that big toe got ran over by a semi-truck.

No. 907690

File: 1631396125779.jpeg (1.17 MB, 3000x2250, 74349BB8-7064-4092-B621-AE135B…)

jesus cheesus

No. 907694

File: 1631396254128.jpeg (25.81 KB, 474x387, download (3).jpeg)

No. 907695

File: 1631396257854.png (248.8 KB, 500x500, eDK3XNMorZ.png)

I agree. Look at those cute little paws.

No. 907696

File: 1631396284984.jpeg (22.99 KB, 474x266, download (2).jpeg)

No. 907697

File: 1631396312244.jpeg (90.8 KB, 934x960, BF2EA791-CCBE-4BFC-898F-031541…)


No. 907700

File: 1631396335367.jpg (41.33 KB, 531x533, cute-cat-paws-7.jpg)

No. 907701

File: 1631396348866.jpg (61.31 KB, 750x728, IMG_20180714_040106.jpg)

No. 907702

Now thats a beautiful feet. So precious

No. 907703

File: 1631396381245.png (1.08 MB, 1192x1378, 853f99ed9920377dd200f11eba1d7e…)

No. 907704

File: 1631396387374.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.17 MB, 2976x3968, IMG_20210911_223923.jpg)

Does this count

No. 907707

No it fucking does not.

No. 907708

File: 1631396471248.jpg (39.01 KB, 540x540, cat.jpg)

My fave are the mixed toe beans. Cats are so sweet

No. 907709

White trash feet, nasty

No. 907714

I want kink-shaming to be normalized again.

No. 907715

File: 1631396639429.jpg (339.06 KB, 1750x2500, 387262618283.jpg)

Please go put on some fucking clown shoes and put those flippers away.

No. 907717

We don't care anymore tranny. It stopped being funny already.

No. 907718

I didn't know they could have diff color beans!

No. 907720

don't stop posting your feet it's really funny how it's riling all these wet blankets up. it's just a foot

No. 907721


No. 907722

I know they're jealous.

No. 907723

File: 1631396836006.jpg (122.83 KB, 736x981, hedgehog.jpg)

Hedgehogs also have cute feet imo!

No. 907724

it kind of bothers me that the girl cat from aristocats is mixed in with the lion king/lion king direct-to-video sequel plushes. It makes the foot owner seem less like a dedicated lion king freak and more like an equal opportunity cartoon cat foot offender.

No. 907726


On that topic, I don't care about sisterhood or sex positive feminism, if I see a woman who's masochistic, into scrote porn or a fujo handmaiden worshipping gays, I immediately think of her as utter trash.

No. 907727

File: 1631396897710.png (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 749x988, cat.png)


No. 907728

idk if they're jealous or they're just trying to be quirky. such exaggerated visceral responses to a FOOT is akin to those people that go NOOOO DONT SAY THE "M" WORD NOOO UGH YOU JUST SAID "MOIST" EWWW

No. 907730

I just like cats and never could find other aristocat plushies

No. 907731

stop spamming you spastic queebie

No. 907733

it's a man tho

No. 907734

Stop samefagging, Sasquatch. It's pathetic.

No. 907735

girl if you don't stop this spam imma bitch slap you and make you go flying into shayna's pussy

No. 907737

Or maybe because anons attention whore posts about how "perfect" her feet are (they're not btw) got annoying and we're tired of it

No. 907738

As it should be. me too anon

No. 907740

Lol you had to put your lies in brackets because perfect do exist and I have them. Thanks.

No. 907742

man who cares. some chick is posting her foot. AND????? wowzers so annoying. the small nature of this website is actually the thing that's so annoying, you guys get annoyed at every little thing and treat this place like it's a "no memes in #general" discord server

No. 907743

Thanks anon, but we all know, that if my feet were unremarkable there wouldn't be such an uproar.

No. 907744

It's because she never shuts up about it. she already made multiple posts about feet even before those pics, check the last thread (or this one). she might as well tripfag at this point.

No. 907746

Y chromosome posts in a female space and is mad that he isn't being cherished for his frankenstein feet.
you're not allowed to self-post dumbass

No. 907753


This motherfucker sounds so much like that one stupid tard anon at /m/ that keep posting her drawings to the art critique thread and complaining that her art has been critiqued.



No. 907754

Imageboard users have always hated people who try to make themselves stand out from others anons with their annoying attention whoring. Go back to reddit or something if that bothers you.

No. 907755

And I should report all you incorrect nonnies who are "hi scrote" @ me which also isn't allowed.

No. 907757

yeah see how that works out for you, manfoot

No. 907758

shut up newfag, you won't do anything lol

No. 907759

Can you realy blame them for thinking you're a scrote when you've got gross Sasquatch feet tho?

No. 907760

No. 907762

You're male even if you "identify" as a woman, dude. Now stfu

No. 907770

I agree. I guess this is also a kind of unpopular opinion here, but I also get kind of annoyed when some anons excuse a woman doing something bad because she's a woman, and they think that it can't be the same as a man's actions. I was abused by a woman, so I guess it's just my personal feelings that make me a little upset when people act like women can't be abusive or even predatory, or that because men do worse we should just be ok with it. With that being said, I also hate people who say shit like "BUT IF THIS WAS A MAN!!!!".

No. 907778

I was abused by a woman too but that's not an excuse to be a pick me. Defend scrotes elsewhere

No. 907782

File: 1631398014241.jpg (117.43 KB, 900x1200, images.jpg)


No. 907785


oh hell no, I suggest you bitches get the fuck out of here with that shit. no one cares if you ""disrespect"" women because they aren't pure or whatever, you will never be superior. go back to sucking smelly dick and balls on reddit as a past time and leave.

No. 907786

No. 907788

I kinda knew I was gonna get this response, but I'm not defending scrotes, anon.

No. 907803

Fujos can be based, as long as they're not misogynistic.

No. 907816

but most of them are

No. 907821

The reason I think little boys shouldn't wear dresses isn't because of a knee jerk reaction to muh precious gender roles being challenged, but because crossdressing is not asexual, whether people like this reality or not. Even if the woke mom sees it as an open minded breaking gender roles thing, there are plenty of sick men out there who absolutely have that as a fetish. It is sexual and I feel like a lot of sjws just want to shut their eyes and cover their ears to that, but it only puts kids in more danger… Not saying a kid is gonna get abused necessarily being dressed like that, but I wouldn't do it to one, definitely wouldn't post it to social media, and least of all should anyone do whatever they did to that drag kid dancing for money from adult gay men. Also I wouldn't assume it's inherent to putting a boy in a dress but, it seems to be a traumatizing experience for those who don't want to and yet their moms/grandmas force it anyway. Down the line it sometimes sticks as a fetish

No. 907829

So are masochistic handmaidens, but at least in the end fujos do less damage by objectifying men instead of themselves or other women.

No. 907841

Wearing glasses with long eyelashes sucks so much

No. 907845


No. 907846

Just day you're a Homophobe

No. 907849

Samefag but when it comes to that drag kid it's fucked but a child being gender non confirming doesn't mean they're going to grow up perverted

No. 907862

Sitting in line at the burger joint thinking of saying they should give me a root beer

No. 907866

Nta but
>just say you're (evil strawman)
Is not the snappy comeback you think it is

No. 907880

Damn it I missed the fat feet

No. 907883

They're still up. I had to double down and then a salty bitter anon reposted them. Do they look like a man's foot? Is it because they look athletic I could probably out run a lot of you.

No. 907886

you didn't miss anything. they weren't fat, just huge hulking flippers.

No. 907888

Spotted the masochistic cuck.

No. 907889

I'm a UK size 6!!

No. 907892

And if people here actually understood what I said they would know that's not it… It's that crossdressing has sexual connotations in this world even though I wish it didn't but that's why I wouldn't put a boy in a dress in this pedo world. The rest was kinda secondary

No. 907893

Kek you have wide feet and crooked toes

No. 907898

Wide and big?! I just don't get it. I have narrow size 6 feet. The camera literally adds a billion pounds I'm so frustrated. I demand everyone to come here and handle my feet (with care)

No. 907899

The foot itself is actually nice but lacking ankle

No. 907900

if you are a woman you probably have to shop at the mens footwear section because your feet are humongous. I bet you need custom made shoes for your hobbit feet.

No. 907902

>The camera literally adds a billion pounds
Cartman tier cope

No. 907906

I shan't be baited into posting more poses but I definitely have ankles. I did noticed during lockdown last year they were getting less defined but I started running and cycling more. I think I'm just pasty and the lighting was bad. Thank you for saying the foot is nice though.

No. 907907

Are you fat? You have no ankle and your foot also looks fat and shapeless. Imo what makes a foot attractive is having a defined shape + being slightly bony. Pudgy feet are not attractive.

No. 907909

File: 1631402516460.gif (1.95 MB, 480x271, 29F71AE4-35BE-4915-AC52-746646…)

No. 907910

No. 907912

I'm a size 8, I think it doesn't help my leg was suspended above me and I zoomed in on that pic trying to crop out any features of my apartment but other anons reposted other photos.

No. 907913

you are a manlet with hobbit feet. You need to shop your clothes at the womens stores because you are so short and you have to get custom made shoes because your hobbit feet and cankles are the size of three fields. I bet everyone silently judges you for it.

No. 907915

I thought this motherfucker left

No. 907916

It's the moles that's deluding him into thinking it can pass, not realizing that shit is a wide flip flop connected to cankles.

No. 907917

File: 1631402677980.jpeg (182.97 KB, 822x708, C5A36F01-152C-4DC6-AA84-DFB7BC…)

You're welcome now realize other anons are trolling you good

No. 907918

I'm 5'7. Size 8 and pale. I will say though I am inspecting my feet now and my ankle doesn't really jut out that much, but I like it. It's def not chubby. I think the lighting and my paleness is letting my down.

No. 907921

I'm very sensitive about my feet. I will go now. I got triggered by anons in another thread calling me a 4chan scrote. My foot doesn't deserve that.

No. 907923

Mischa Barton is one of those people who when they put on weight look like a skinny person wearing a fat suit. Marlon Brando had it too. Why?

No. 907924

File: 1631402950939.jpg (94.12 KB, 1134x1280, photo4994497016616823055.jpg)

this is literally your feet

No. 907925

>I'm very sensitive about my feet
then why did you make 50000 posts about it

No. 907927

Two salty bitter anons. I was one of them.

No. 907928

I think anon is shitposting and cracking herself up over it, this is how I know she's female (plus female looking calves) I've seen others do it here too but not with feet

No. 907930

I was high and it was fun.


No. 907931

File: 1631403142297.png (225.3 KB, 500x224, 1CB032AC-E8A4-417F-ADC0-CDBDCF…)

Nothing about that was marginally homophobic.

No. 907932

go lose some weight fatty foot

No. 907933

File: 1631403255727.jpg (130.39 KB, 1200x637, 8885f9_5926605.jpg)

Hand saga when?

No. 907935

If I lose anymore weight the rest of you girlies will talk about unfair expected standards after your boyfriends spot me in the streets.

No. 907937

This footfaggotry reminded me of chromeo. They are probably low key sexist footfags, but damn they songs are danceable

No. 907938

I don't understand how anons can be depressed/have anxiety/no friends/etc but still somehow have a boyfriend

No. 907939

stop samefagging like that foot anon

No. 907940

>this comic representing a crowd of people as a giant cheese

No. 907941

any person that spots you in the streets would run away from your elephant stompers

No. 907944

KEK this has been the only good part of skellyfeet spam posting over the past few days

No. 907945

They'd have to run fast and I'd catch them at a lesuirely gait. Stomp stomp bitches

No. 907947

File: 1631403427747.jpeg (74.56 KB, 720x720, 0FBB1920-24CB-414E-9D2F-C48FA9…)

explain because I'm not dingus

No. 907948

I just saw someone who has a selfie of themselves in their Bimboland bio. I don't understand why you would post your face on that site, but to each his own or whatever

No. 907949

holy shit I didn't understand what it was, I thought it was the shelved games

No. 907952

there is one anon or group of anons that keep making posts about feminism and radfems and reddit who are annoying. their posts are all over the site. shut up no one cares about brittany ventilator or reddit bait.

No. 907953

aw look at that lil froggy I bet it has better feet than dungus fungus chan

No. 907956

it's the true bimbo move anon, it's only appropriate

No. 907957

File: 1631403671422.jpg (27.78 KB, 480x356, 282862618187483.jpg)

>I have narrow size 6 feet.
Nobody is buying that shit,

No. 907961

File: 1631403772215.jpg (27.83 KB, 380x260, IMG_20210912_004259.jpg)

Suck on these bitch

No. 907962

This is an accurate representation of anons fungus dungus feet

No. 907964

Haha chubby

No. 907966

File: 1631403912224.jpeg (449.75 KB, 1713x1079, A113161A-3717-48E9-B162-EB09A0…)

I think I will

No. 907969

I currently feel like ugly boys are trying to get my attention itt. Offer to suck on my toes plz

No. 907971

ia this really her? kek

No. 907976

you are literally a nightmare

No. 907977

File: 1631404131309.jpg (262.39 KB, 720x985, 1623733552441.jpg)

Huh, I guess you're right anon. I'm scared one day I'm gonna opens someone's profile and just see their nudes.
Anyway, I really want to dress my bimbo like Elsie-tan. I feel like it would be super cute, I can even give her a pet cow.

No. 907979

File: 1631404178332.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.44 KB, 800x600, 397262628183.jpg)

I've already extracted the data from foot-anon's pictures and figured out "her" true identity. Nice work doxing yourself, faggot.

No. 907980

Because we are hot

No. 907983

i don't think anons foot or leg looks particularly fat she just has cankles. also the way her toes slope downward at such a harsh angle is kibda eh. otherwise for a footfag i'm surprised she hasn't even painted her toenails? i'm not even a footfag but i keep my toenails painted with the same shade of red all year round

No. 907987

Moisturized queen

No. 907991

[citation needed]

No. 907993

that feeling when youve been wanting to poop but were a little constipated then you finally feel it getting ready, it must be an echo of how it is trying to conceive

No. 907994

brave anon, I couldn't bring myself to open and stare at that shit again. Tell us what did you find?

No. 907999

File: 1631404518173.jpeg (54.34 KB, 640x640, C94A4177-3BB1-49C5-A19E-30DD21…)

love my new rolex
just open it

No. 908000

File: 1631404552295.jpeg (315.33 KB, 975x1007, 910203DC-FC1F-4BCC-BB26-3A47CB…)

I hate the whole feet posting that has been going on but. I think it’s funny how the scabs on my foot makes it look like chocolate chips cookie dough.

No. 908002

They don't usually curve. I think it was how I had them lol idk! I don't really like painted toes. I also haven't tended to my feet in a while, the nails could be better I 100% agree. Since I'm single and getting no action I am more relaxed. I only tend to cut my toenails when they start to annoy me.

No. 908003

trips say you are a skinny legend, werk queen

No. 908009

I lost all of my friends because I started going MIA every other month due to being a joyless depression zombie. I live with my bf so it's not as big of a deal, we can still watch movies and stuff when I'm in my coma state

No. 908013

Sometimes I wish I was a cute stereotypical woman that wears cute clothes and makeup but here I am with my swamp witch hair and my anxiety

No. 908014

File: 1631404953140.jpeg (135.96 KB, 671x903, 0DC83B17-71F9-46F1-A7F2-C55A58…)

Damn, anon left a harsh comment that she deleted. What does everyone think of my new Seiko 5?

No. 908017

>I live with my bf
That makes sense. But how did you even land one if you're a joyless depression zombie? Was it at a time when you weren't?

No. 908020

File: 1631405355154.png (6.01 KB, 283x211, huawei chan.PNG)

Foot anon has a really shitty cheap chinese phone kek

No. 908021

how are you guys jealous of this? the last thing i'd wanna be is living in new york, lack of stability in life, constantly shuffling through dozens of different men and bringing MORE instability in your life, concerned with fitness and exercise because you're just unable to maintain a normal body weight… but at least you have your equally unstable gal pals?! idk doesn't seem that great to me. also everything is more polished on social media

No. 908023

It's a huawei p10 lite. Why you so obsessed lol

No. 908024

I hate footfag anon, but this is just stupid

No. 908025

If they want to PayPal me for pics they should just say.

No. 908027

How did you do this? I've checked a few pics and it says there's no GPS data to return.

No. 908028

File: 1631405822452.jpeg (294.98 KB, 1600x1600, 4A937781-3F84-4303-9AE9-DD1444…)

the incel shooter wasn't ugly. more proof that a lot of these incels are just mentally ill, not ugly

No. 908029

File: 1631405952479.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1200x1600, 2D84FF90-4CAC-483A-B71C-AEE525…)

Nothing ruins my entire day more than when I finally get to eat a tomato, and on the second to last bite the juice splashes everywhere but in my mouth. What am I supposed to drink-eat now? It’s too cold to eat a watermelon. Life sucks.

No. 908030

yes, she was huge on the hills reboot

No. 908031

He's fat and unkempt but I've saw uglier guys with girlfriends. Hell I know an uglier man in a poly relationship. Yes they are all ugly but they're all having sex and that's what incels seem to care about. Also for men looksmaxing or whatever the fucking term is is way easier. That cunt could have just got a decent hair cut, lost weight and managed his facial hair better and he would have been fine. If only men would just stay killing themselves instead of women, the world would be so much better off.

No. 908033

>the incel shooter wasn't ugly
i guess from the nose up…

No. 908034

yeah, we met through a mutual friend during one of my normal phases. I was terrified at first of him finding out that I was crazy, but he ended up caring way less about it than my female friends did. It's one of the nicer things about men, they tend to be way less cruel/judgmental about mental weirdness than women are in my experience.

No. 908036

File: 1631406111116.jpeg (3.6 MB, 4032x3024, 87E57123-02A5-4324-A9A4-42EFE9…)

Here’s my size 14 women’s feet. I don’t give a fuck because ALL FEET ARE DISGUSTING ESPECIALLY MINE.

No. 908038

If he lost weight, shaved and changed his hair he could've been quite good looking tbh but he was a shit person anyway so it amounts to nothing, but you have a point yeah.

No. 908040

File: 1631406199012.gif (694.65 KB, 390x260, 9282661829284.gif)

Are anons really taking this joke seriously or am I the one with autism here?

No. 908041

Would not suck but appreciate the solidarity.

No. 908042

maybe she meant to respond to >>908020 but I have noticed farmers missing jokes a lot… like a LOT

No. 908043

Oh my god another fucking Sasquatch. What's with all the self-posting lately?

No. 908044

Why are they wider at your arch than near your toes
Why do all you anons have legitimately deformed feet
Why the fuck is everyone posting about feet constantly did we get invaded by fetish scrotes

No. 908045

I don’t have an arch and my feet are very long.

No. 908046

On second thoughts I would stick the big toe in my mouth. Sorry if that makes you feel weird lol.

No. 908047


No. 908048

we need to start having a rule against this. footposting is spreading like a fungus.

No. 908050

Taking flattering photos of your feet are hard especially on camera phones. Try it yourself anon and let me see your feet.

No. 908052

Can I just point out that I OG footanon is an Aquarius rising. Of course I'd end up being a trend setter.

No. 908055

>Indentation on your skin from socks(?)
And why is your foot shaped like a fucking hard taco shell.

No. 908056

I wear socks a lot it’s because I’m autistic and hate the feeling of bare feet with pant legs.

No. 908057

No. 908059

And because I stepped on snow globe glass when I was 3.

No. 908060

I feel like I have been approached by missionaries more than the average person and I don't know why. It happened again tonight and as per usual they were so, so nice so I felt too bad to ignore them but then they started asking me questions about religion and I eventually turned them down and I'm probably going to feel bad about it for the rest of the night because missionaries are always so nice to you but I just cannot be assed to talk about religion or to strangers in general.

No. 908062

Fake and gay. Hammertoe anon from the other thread already did it before you.

No. 908065

Komaeda-chan, please save us from this gross footposting

No. 908067

Don’t feel bad anon, missionaries are manipulative as fuck. I went to church for fun for a bit as an atheist and they literally have classes on emotionally manipulating and telling people sob stories to get them into the church. They want to spread their ideology and they want money, that’s all.

That’s not even mentioning how fucked it is that they send people to poor countries to take advantage of them

No. 908068

My feet are the prettiest though and I'd be happy to be shown otherwise. Giggity.

No. 908070

>I'd be happy to be shown otherwise. Giggity.
Obvious footfag bait. Get the hell out of here.

No. 908073

Chill. You can post your feet or ignore. Shit where would a foot thread best go, here or /g/

No. 908075

File: 1631407353724.jpg (60.37 KB, 467x675, safe for work sasuke.jpg)

shut the fuck up

No. 908076

They usually target people who look lonely, sad or vulnerable

No. 908077

This happened to me when I was walking down the street with a beer can. Two very young (teen?) girls in pigtails and old-fashioned skirts approached me with pamphlets wanting to save me from my drink. I just told them to fuck off.
Do you go around with a drink or cigarette or something like that?

No. 908078

Nah I'm convinced you're a man trying to bait for feet pics.

No. 908081

My thoughts exactly

No. 908082

File: 1631407725234.jpeg (21.08 KB, 374x253, FABF17E1-A517-4C93-8104-DA9142…)

My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I hate a lot of things and I don't particularly like anything. What I have is not a dream because I will make it a reality. I'm going to restore my clan and destroy a certain someone.

No. 908083

Oh no. Then post pics or stfu(stop)

No. 908087

Hey, let's make a feet thread, anyone who posts there gets banned

No. 908088

>trying to get foot pics off a gossip site
not sure if bait or just extremely creepy

No. 908091

It's a fucking joke lol, didn't realise there's a gun being held to people's heads.

No. 908092

KEK I was wondering if maybe I just look depressed or something and that's why they want to talk to me.
I was just walking home with some fried chicken! I think the times before it happened when I was walking to class, but I do walk around alone a lot so that might play a factor into it.

No. 908093

It's the autism.

No. 908094

there are some culty “religions” that prey exclusively on young women. they usually use other young women to recruit. could’ve been something similar if there were two of you.

No. 908095

wait disregard for some reason i read “fried chicken” as “with a friend”

No. 908097

File: 1631408468307.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 646.97 KB, 1800x1011, 7B6F8DA9-A2C4-47D4-9A23-738E04…)

Oh yeah? I’m here to show you otherwise. I’m willing to bet my feet are even better than yours. My beautiful rounded toes. My lustrous toenails. Take a look, nonny. My glorious beautiful fucking feet. My feet in all of its glory.

No. 908103

File: 1631408621623.jpg (546.55 KB, 1125x873, the last thing my enemies see …)

what the fuck is neurodivergent? I'm going to neurodiverge your cerebral hemispheres

No. 908108

I've been approached by three young Mormon missionary girls who were really nice and complimented me. They just offered to teach me more about their religion so in the moment I thought that it wouldn't hurt and I agreed to meet with them again. It wasn't until after that I realized that they probably wanted to convert me and I had been bamboozled kek.

No. 908116

Maybe they're a sect that considers fried chicken a sin

No. 908118

omg, i had the same experience with two mormon girls. they told me they loved my jacket and then they started talking about their religion lol i just noped out of there as kindly as i could

No. 908121

thanks for making me feel good about my feet, i already knew they we're perfect, but the contrast is jarring. have some self respect and fix your nails ladies. sorry that you can't do anything about the unfortunate shapes and sizes though

No. 908122

Shut the fuck up, man. You're not going to goad anyone into posting their feet.

No. 908124

One time a woman got jealous I was playing counterstrike on a server her boyfriend played on so she hacked my account and got me banned. And then her boyfriend gave me his brothers password for his steam account so I could keep playing and that's when I knew I was a hot commodity.

No. 908128

i’ve heard mormons are a lot more blatant about injecting their conversion talk into everyday conversation. at some point i was mulling over the idea of moving to salt lake city and started reading accounts of people that lived there and a lot of them said that in the prominent professional and social communities there you either are expected to be mormon or be prepared to hear them try to convert you 24/7.

No. 908130

Why do deers act like that

No. 908132

one ran straight into my car from the side of the road once

No. 908133

File: 1631410556705.jpg (32.75 KB, 420x300, NAWdebris_070612hL.jpg)

like what anon

No. 908134

Like the way that they do

No. 908141

We all know komaeda anon will just post komaeda feet.
Now thats a good feet. Ninja feet. Amazing.

No. 908160

down syndrome feet

No. 908166

No. 908178

File: 1631415343396.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.02 KB, 720x514, 7EnnRZ2.jpg)

I miss you Ko-chan…
Please come back…

No. 908193

The Lalisa song is stuck in my head but not out of virtue of being good.

No. 908194

I listened a few times and can't remember what it sounds like

No. 908197


No. 908207

It was pretty underwhelming, the mv looks expensive as expected of yg

No. 908209

The rage i feel when i take a shit and the water splashes my crotch is immeasurable

No. 908211

lali salami lali salami

No. 908227

you have some power in those cheeks

No. 908275

File: 1631426162361.jpeg (73.73 KB, 750x514, 42D1F21B-BE96-4B01-9243-1DACC2…)

ESL YouTube is my favorite place. The misuse of phrases and acronyms never fail to make me burst out laughing.

This fucker just said he’s “turned on” by the recipe and nobody in the comments bats an eye.

No. 908276

File: 1631426192052.jpeg (149.79 KB, 750x904, 49E54347-64A2-4DD7-BDB1-C3CE13…)

No comment…

No. 908277

Are you autistic, anon? Legit question. That dude is just used "turned on" like someone would say "food porn", it's not literal

No. 908280

Nice sentence structure, Nona.
No, saying “turned on” isn’t as common as “food porn.” Same ballpark, different team.

No. 908283

File: 1631428138942.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 100.62 KB, 960x960, C873A213-B211-4C5B-BD8E-FFC912…)

What should I watch on Netflix, nonas? I hear the selection is good these days.

No. 908286

It's kind of old by now, but have you watched Re:Mind?
Being on this board often reminds me of it.

No. 908289

The main actress is very cute, will definitely start it tomorrow. I have this damned subscription, but I only use it to watch goosebumps episodes on loop. Hopefully, this show will save me.

No. 908294

Prepare to sob like a retard by the end. Don't even try to pick a favorite character you will hate and love all of them.

No. 908302

File: 1631429376683.gif (466.47 KB, 480x480, 91CCAD4D-237F-42AE-A7FD-132451…)

No. 908305

What is this gif from?

No. 908306

I recently realized how prominent China's influence is online and it scares me. Like people just keep using TikTok, playing Genshin Impact or Blizzard games and keep giving them money and their data. Their biggest tech company, Tencent bought shares in several other big video game companies. Do you guys think it is possible that in the far future, everything will be owned by China and the world becomes an Orwellian nightmare? Or am I just paranoid?

No. 908307

nah but zoomers need to stop giving the chinese their entire digital fingerprint

No. 908308

No abuse of glutes

No. 908309

I don't know about everything but it is pretty likely.
Recently my dad grabbed my step mom's phone to use maps and was like "Wait. You use TikTok?" and she just laughs and says she noticed that was on her phone too and she didn't know why because she never downloaded it and thought maybe it came with the phone. We tried telling her that app doesn't come with the phone and how bad and weird that is that something like TikTok just pops up on your phone and she basically called us tin foil hats. People refuse to take this shit seriously.

No. 908312

Be honest, did you even read the book?

No. 908314

>the Chinese

No. 908315

No. 908316

lol are you sure she wasn’t just lying or had forgotten about downloading it because she was embarrassed? unless she has some chinese phone it wouldn’t come pre-installed afaik.

No. 908317

i was talking specifically about tiktok, sperg

No. 908318

It's not the race it is the country. Chinese people as in the nationality, particularly the government. I don't want anyone online taking my info but I'd definitely rather it be yanked by someone who pumps dumbass ads at me than one of the most fucked countries on Earth.

No. 908320

I considered that but I don't think. Especially because she has this trait where she's excessively truthful and will do stuff like tell someone we forgot their birthday when we could have just kept planning it without telling them, or won't lie to a cop, or lie in any bureaucratic situations. It's just not in her character to lie to avoid embarrassment. However, I admit I've never heard of TikTok just showing up on a phone before but I'd be pretty creeped out if it happened to me.

No. 908323


No. 908324

My birthday is coming up soon, how do I spend a $55 dollar gift card for presents? Can you guys give me cool gift ideas. I’m tempted to buy a lot of sweets, but I know I’d be better off with something that’ll last. (Clothes, posters, etc.)

I like occult and punk stuff, but thinking for myself is not a strong suit. Thanks in advance, Nonas!

No. 908328

File: 1631431721450.jpg (454.27 KB, 3456x3456, dof5montnji61.jpg)

I just learned from Emmy that if you push your mustard cap all the way back it clicks and locks into place

No. 908334

File: 1631432153043.jpg (70.42 KB, 897x460, Screenshot_4.jpg)

I don't need to prove anything to you honey lmao

I found picrel when I Googled this. But then again it's Reddit so who knows

No. 908337


No. 908352

A day in hell is when they give you tresemme hair products and suave body wash and St Ives scrub then you get fitted for bras at VS and get Starbucks

No. 908361

Ntayrt but do they keep screaming in future episodes like they did when they saw the rats (that were fuckin cute) in the first episode?

No. 908367

I've discovered how comfortable and easy it is to just wear a pair of relaxed jeans and a t-shirt. Am I becoming a tomboy? I'm not looking at my reflection all the time anymore to check if my outfit still looks good because it's just jeans and a shirt anyway.

No. 908368

I'm just now getting into Grimes and it's very depressing seeing what she's turned into in recent years. She used to be so unique and cute.

No. 908370

No, you are just wearing t-shirt and jeans.

No. 908376

it wasn't a literal question anon lol

No. 908381

Yeah whenever something makes them panic and they yell at each other. But a lot of the show is their memories.

No. 908386

oh yeah?

No. 908388

It's so cheap and bad but it was made to be irritatingly catchy, I hate it.

No. 908391

I posted it in dumbass shit not in stupid questions or the fashion thread for a reason

No. 908393

Same anon but I hate how people will praise something that sounds so lazy. Money is even worse.

No. 908400

still better than footfagchan

No. 908402


No. 908407

damn ok

No. 908469

I wonder what nonnas think about China banning effeminate bishounen pretty boys.

I just hope Japan entirely abandons China as a market, I don't want ugly men.

No. 908478

Murrifats are worse and more dangerous because of all the data google and youtube have.

No. 908488

Wait, how do you "ban" pretty boys?

No. 908496

nta but they banned them in the media I think

No. 908498

The conservative older members in the CCP expressed disaproval of effeminate men in kpop and games so they might limit the distribution of that media somehow, it's related to the whole gaming restrictions talk

No. 908510

How the fuck does that work? Only uggo guys allowed in movies now?

No. 908515

They’re shooting themselves in the foot lol. A lot of their media consists of pretty boys ex. historical dramas.

No. 908518

Only manly men allowed. How much do you want to bet the old fucks wet jealous of all the women simping over pretty cool boys?

No. 908528

This place has really ruined my compass for acceptable language. Multiples times in discussions on non-anonymous websites or even irl I get the urge to casually call someone a retard but I have to remind myself not to

No. 908532

Same and i forget that its not acceptable to drop the word "tranny" as much as i like to

No. 908534

Yeah it seems like all their historical tv dramas have men that looks like lotr elves.
Must be jealousy, media with pretty women aren't banned AFAIK.

No. 908540

whenever i see some take implying lesbians are inherently better feminists than straight and bi women i assume it's a radfem polilez. they honestly believe that and that's why they larp as lesbians

No. 908545

Kek do you really think that your own government doesn't steal your data? And if you are from the US, I have news about the most fucked up country in the world…

No. 908554

>Television should instead “vigorously promote excellent Chinese traditional culture, revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture” at all times.
Yes the chinese goverment really love revolutionary culture, don't they? Like in Hong Kong.

No. 908556

I've been in a depressive state majority of my life but it's been exceptionally bad the past 4 years lol but something clicked the last while and the fog has been lifting. I even managed to curb my weed habit that I'm only buying a half ounce for a month now and not even using it all (this is a big deal for me!). I've even started to realise just how lazy and unproductive I've been which is actually good for me because I've literally suppressed every part of myself by just being a stoner. I've gotten call backs about jobs, I've actually managed to have a somewhat health diet the past few months. My period is becoming more regular and manageable. I'm not so unstable in general. I really am blessed to have been able to wallow for so long. I have never just been left alone and for the best part of a year I've been dealing with just my own company. Sometimes it's been absolutely mental and I would be ashamed if anyone knew how some of my days have been spent, but that's for me to know and for them to never find out lol.

It's Sunday so I'm going to prepare for job interviews, organise my music play lists and download some Hepburn movies I've never watched. I haven't cared in years about my style or appearance but being human in this day and age is about being a package and I want to emulate anything that makes my soul happy. I'm going to dress myself up nicely today and go for a walk along the beach and just appreciate that the world is my oyster if I stop being such a depressive little fuck. Thank you for reading

No. 908563

Why did Rose not get as much hype as Jennie or Lalisa did for their solos? Rose seems more musical too or something.

No. 908575

They're so insufferable, and their hate for straight women (aka most women) comes off as weirdly misogynistic, ironically.
She has no charisma, Jennie neither but she's being shilled because she's rich.

No. 908587

i love amy rose

No. 908593

I'm proud of you

No. 908595

Ugh thanks a lot for the nostalgia anon. Now this is gonna be stuck in my head all day.

No. 908602

Came here to post the same thing RIP

No. 908610

Pecan swirls/spinwheels are really good. I saw someone say it's an old person snack and I'm kinda offended.

No. 908632

>she didn't know why because she never downloaded it and thought maybe it came with the phone. We tried telling her that app doesn't come with the phone
It absolutely came with mine and my boyfriend's though. At this point I don't care anymore, anyway.

No. 908642

I’d just like to know what they consider “manly” lmao

No. 908651

if they make them look like the guys in the yakuza games (yeah, i know that's japanese) i wouldn't mind that much, even though i'd still argue for variety for the ladies who do prefer the pretty boys

No. 908653

Maybe a poster of an album you like? Or stickers from Redbubble. There's always "spooky" home decor too, especially since it's almost halloween season

No. 908658

Wait, so wouldn’t that mean that genshin impact, the Chinese game, would be banned? Because it has scarcely, but has pretty boys.

No. 908672

Same. Do all men over 18 need to have a beard like the Taliban now?
And what happens if an actor looks naturally feminine?
I'm really curious how it would all work. But they're trying to get the youth away from games in general.
It's really nuts how they think they can just ban everything and then everything will be fine.

No. 908679

She can't sing.

No. 908680

Just sounds like a way for China to control women. Wtf. That sounds so stupid. And Chinese fans spent A LOT of money on stuff like kpop and bl related things. Look how enormous Untamed was the year it came out. Chinese government is fucking retarded

No. 908684

What happened to Kris Wu? I've seen news everywhere and people talking about it on the internet, but now? Fucking silence, what happened to him and this case?

No. 908691

He's definitely been arrested and is now in prison, but there isn't much beyond that. He's considered the catalyst for all this insane new bullshit laws China has now since they never had a metoo movement

No. 908697

File: 1631465919380.jpg (88.04 KB, 1017x758, Screenshot_7.jpg)

Wait what? I thought it recently became a thing there. They are called 'little fresh meat' lmao

No. 908699

oh I'm stupid, I didn't see anon's post way above. Then I wonder what kind of men they are gonna show on TV

No. 908700

Tweezing out hairs one by one is actually really relaxing. I feel like sometimes I can see the hair just slide out, but sometimes the hair just breaks without the tweezers getting the entire follicle out.

No. 908704

This law reeks of jealous scrotes wanting to stop women from enjoying male beauty.

No. 908708

A personal cow TiF I know just got namedropped by a pretty big feminist blogger as case example of a fakeboi and it took me all my self-control to not type out all the shit I have on her in the comments.

No. 908710

No. 908714

post it the fakeboi thread

No. 908715

Samefag to clarify that "pretty big blogger" is only by the standards of my shithole little country kek

No. 908717

Can't sing? I thought she was the member that got through training the quickest cause she was singing and playing music before joining YG. She also got two singles. I prefer Gone than On the Ground but I like both. She's underrated imo lol

No. 908724

File: 1631467409928.jpeg (38.49 KB, 500x297, 24F59B40-A2C3-47FA-A6F0-3D6782…)

Looking at this will always remind me that this place is culturally biased while always blaming burgerfags for being ignorant while the eurofags are possibly the most ignorant and closeted bigots I’ve ever seen

No. 908728

You going to explain your picture or nah

No. 908731

Where exactly does your pic show euros being ignorant and bigoted?

No. 908732

She's just trying to bait, originally she wrote that there are anti-black racists on here, but then went for something less obvious

No. 908735

seems like a pretty diverse demographic to me

No. 908738

File: 1631467915432.jpg (42 KB, 388x486, 51alpgXIUgL._AC_.jpg)

Well, since we are doing lazy race bait: why can't americans understand that hispanic and latin aren't a fucking race?

No. 908744

ok but calling all black people "african american" is us-centric and retarded. i would have picked "other" just because i have no ties to burgerland

No. 908746

Being white isn’t diverse, just because they’re ethnically different doesn’t mean it’s diverse.

No. 908748

also caucasian does not mean what burgers think it means and their meaning started from racist pseudoscience anyway

No. 908750

File: 1631468254920.png (684.33 KB, 690x387, EOAKMvXUYAEXdnV.png)

Not just recently, since close to a decade nearly all their A-list males under 40 have a kpop-ish "girly" look, that ban is impossible to realize.

No. 908751

Yea there's only one white culture obviously. Everyone knows that.

No. 908753

yeah it’s called putting grapes in macaroni salad

No. 908755

wut who does that shit

No. 908756

Da yts

No. 908761

File: 1631468620422.jpg (64.64 KB, 960x540, thewhites.jpg)

it's the whites!

No. 908762

File: 1631468628443.jpeg (644.24 KB, 635x659, 65CA3AB5-B69B-46D8-96F5-3F2C32…)

don’t worry it’s not italians or other europeans doing it because italians aren’t white and that’s a good thing. why do they try hard to be accounted as white? what’s wrong with them?

No. 908764

File: 1631468761073.png (1.26 MB, 1419x683, butlercafe.png)

Would you go to this cafe anons? Basically pay a guy to be well-groomed and nice and not mansplain.

No. 908765

would you not change the subject with your junglebook favs shit pls anon?

No. 908766

Because some of us are retarded and racist against the southern-Italy italians and consider them the nibbers of Italy and consider themselves white.

No. 908767

Can you date these men or these single attractive men that promise to be good listeners or are they employees either way I'm going to get jealous

No. 908768

you guys are always linking some weird foods that nobody actually eats or was popular like 60 years ago tho

No. 908770

I think these have been a thing for a long time in Japan. I wouldn't, for the same reason I wouldn't hire a prostitute even if he's a lot hotter and all giving, it'd make me feel miserable to pay for company

No. 908773

What does that mean. You can probably discuss whatever you want with them.
It seems like they can go on dates with you, but no do anything sexual - although like japanese hosts, some are probably up for it if the woman is rich enough.

No. 908774

The bottom says US Average, anon. That's for America.

No. 908775

is this a lolcow demographic or

No. 908778

i think she cropped out the infographic of the use average and this is lolcow demographic.

No. 908780

white people love to chow on this shit, you underestimate them nonna

No. 908781

Only $60? I would tbh, but I wouldn't make a habit out of it.
>“The butlers respect me and care about my feelings,” she tells Sixth Tone. “Even if you have a boyfriend, he might not be this sweet, right?”
He's being paid to pretend like he cares, this woman is giving me man-who thinks-the-stripper-actually-likes-him vibes.

No. 908785

No, this sounds like it's basically the opposite, japanese hosts have to talk non-stop, flatter her and try to get her to buy more expensive drinks

No. 908788

i am white and i've never seen this served anywhere besides maybe a retirement home

No. 908791

I use a lot of commas when I type, and I'm kinda scared that one day someone will call me out for my excessive comma use

No. 908793

>According to Wang, many of the men she meets in normal life are pu xin nan — a term popularized by the female comedian Yang Li that roughly translates as “men who are so average, yet so confident.” The butlers, however, are considerate and never mansplain anything to her, she says.

No. 908798

Don't reply to bait

No. 908801

>pu xin nan
We should import this term.

No. 908805

why would this be bait, it's a popular dish? why would you put grapes with pasta

No. 908807

I'm up for it. I'm tired of Americanisms.

No. 908810

"popular", bitch where?

No. 908811

yeah literally how is it bait unless you're genuinely offended by it? (which i wasn't)

No. 908815

I'm offended by mac n cheese. That shit is nasty, can't believe murricans love that

No. 908818

Dunno, saying that white people really love pasta and grapes all the time seems so absurd I can't take it as an attempt at a conversation. You don't have to be offended for something to be bait, that's a weird definition

No. 908820

i actually like it

No. 908827

File: 1631470202415.jpeg (18.71 KB, 180x211, hastalavista.jpeg)

No. 908829

this is literally the dumbass shit thread

No. 908836

I don't know about the grapes but it looks really tasty otherwise

No. 908850

meth head queen shit

No. 908853

File: 1631470808739.jpg (263.52 KB, 1280x720, TIK_SicilyTours_paste_con_sard…)

looks like someone's never had pasta con le sarde, which is very much italian and very much has raisins in it. What a shame, it's terrific

No. 908857

just remembered something cringe that happened 11 years ago at boarding school. i was sitting around a table with some girls and one said to another "is that my shirt you're wearing?" and she answered "idk i found it in my closet" lmao how dumb can you be. tbf i would often secretly borrow socks from my roommate when i ran out of clean ones but at least you don't recognise those like that

No. 908860

Are you really comparing pasta con le sarde with that fucking cursed shit filled with mayo and fresh grapes and god knows what that got posted before?

No. 908861

who the fuck puts mayo in salad

No. 908868

Do you ever randomly feel like ‘comfortable’ in your skin not figuratively like you feel confident but like you suddenly feel hyper aware of your literal physical body and feel like comfortable/soft(?). Not sure if that makes sense lol its kind of hard to put into words

No. 908869

Murricans it seems? Maybe british? I know they put ketchup on pasta for sure… creepy.

No. 908873

File: 1631471401431.jpg (70.96 KB, 550x550, olivie-olivier-russian-salad-r…)

girl, do I have news for you

No. 908874

i feel the opposite, sometimes i get freaked out because i become hyper aware of my physical self

No. 908876

i saw a really cute guy at my building today. he walked past the shop i was standing outside at and when he was walking away i turned around to admire him and he turned back to look at me. he had long brown hair put up in a bun.

No. 908877

File: 1631471532713.jpg (110.48 KB, 802x640, 6439422222full.jpg)

I participated in my first fantasy football league draft last night and I'm surprised to say it was actually pretty fun. I didn't even have to pretend to give a shit about sports, it was more like game to see who could collect the most men with weird shaped heads

No. 908878

Russian salad nona
Although I fucking hate it, but it's pretty damn widespread here.

No. 908879

File: 1631471587150.jpg (92.42 KB, 1086x535, Spaghetti_caprino_e_uva.jpg)

Funnily enough, I was looking at recipes after my previous post and found a decent number of recipes in italian for pasta with fresh grapes (pasta l'uva). It's not my type of thing, but the point still stands that at least some number of italians think it's fine to eat pasta with fresh grapes lol

No. 908880

mee too

No. 908882

I mean, I haven't ever eaten pasta with grapes, but I don't know why people are so put off by it. I'd be willing to try it.

No. 908883

File: 1631471672442.jpg (135.44 KB, 820x490, francuska-salata-01.jpg)

Fuck that shit, have some tasty french/russian salad

No. 908885

You can experiment with ingredients and that photo before was not an example.

No. 908887

Whenever I try to file my nails I give up after the like third finger because I get too impatient/lazy and the scratching against my nails starts to get to me. I don't get how my mother has been doing this for the past 25 years.

No. 908892

No. 908896

File: 1631472014599.jpg (1.08 MB, 2000x1339, DSC_0216.jpg)

fuck now I want lemon pasta, I always want it extra lemony and this is no exception

No. 908898

Mayo in a burger mayo on a salad. Signed, a brit

No. 908899

File: 1631472178110.png (96.5 KB, 278x366, product_database_images_011807…)

welcome to Germany, kek
we have Kartoffelsalat and Nudelsalat and in some variations you put mayo in it

No. 908905

File: 1631472409567.jpg (57.08 KB, 736x530, 074467c5947749507eadf38470a017…)

I guess I just don't really get why people are reacting to this so strongly. Americans didn't make up mayo-based salads themselves, they basically inherited them as a tradition from their north german ancestors, who eat stuff like picrel.

The mayo-based pasta salad with fresh grapes is basically just a combination of mayo-based pasta (which isn't that different from something like pasta con tonno e uova) and pasta with fresh grapes, which is apparently a thing for some italians. The slightly sweet, slightly creamy flavor profile isn't that weird for pasta, since kugel has been a thing forever. What's makes it so transgressive?

No. 908910

File: 1631472803140.png (695.19 KB, 803x796, grapecoldpastaproof.PNG)

samefag, but I also just discovered an italian recipe for pasta salad with grapes. I feel that this evidence is irrefutable!

No. 908917

Every country has a dish that is basically minced meat surrounded by a dough. We are all the same because everyone had the same idea.

No. 908922

The real outsiders are the veggies. We should shun them from normal society. Just kidding.

No. 908935

Maybe they don't know you're supposed to eat mayo salad with bread?

No. 908966

I have to spend $2k+ on bedbug treatment. Please pray for me nonnies that it works because I WILL cry if this 2+ year nightmare doesn’t end with me spending a ludacris amount of money.

No. 908967

Oooooh my god it's sunday

No. 908968


No. 908969

File: 1631475085125.jpeg (23.96 KB, 378x299, 253FC00E-801A-48E1-B475-ABD2DD…)

> a ludacris amount

No. 908973

No. 908996

I actually really liked the 1000 gecs album but I don’t think they should release another album, or they should at least wait a few years.

No. 909012

Anyone else get super horny after a shower? What's up with that?

No. 909075

File: 1631478343043.png (202.26 KB, 601x351, Krimpets_Butterscotch_12pack.p…)

This is really scandalous but, When I get a Tastykake krimpet (which is very rare) I like to peel off the icing. The cakes are so moist. Also, Tastykake sounds like a stripper name.

No. 909081

KEK sorry that was the first word that popped into my head when i posted

No. 909092

The problem is not the word, anon, you just spelt it wrong lol It's ludicrous

No. 909097

I wanna li li li lick you from yo head to your toes

No. 909101

I think it warms up your blood, like a lizard in the sun.

No. 909106

no i just have some quality time with the shower head while im still in the shower if you know what i mean haha

No. 909136

File: 1631480345321.jpeg (157.81 KB, 1500x998, E_GwDvVWYAUA98D.jpeg)

Primary elections happening right now and someone went as a capybara (who recently "invaded" a rich neighborhood that was made in their natural habitat)

No. 909151

wow, that pudgy buorgeois sure showed that inoffensive large rodent

No. 909153

File: 1631481438750.png (630.12 KB, 530x680, image.png)

lmaoing at the woman or ''''woman'''''''' telling other anons in the MTF thread to marry a conservative man. This is what her ideal scrote looks like

No. 909168

I agree it’s a stupid thing to suggest but it’s weird you can’t fathom a woman being conservative? It’s really not uncommon.

No. 909173

I find being a charli xcx fan frustrating. I hate her new video. I don't know who the intended audience was. (it was for faggots wasn't it…)

No. 909174

File: 1631481986189.png (8.2 KB, 56x58, 1631481438750.png)

I don't know how the fuck they get to that conslusion, just because conservatives hate trannies, it doesn't mean they are worried about female well being, shouldn't that be obvious?
Also, why is Marge among them?

No. 909177

>Off-topic dating BS
The only winning move is to not play at all. Find solace in your friends.

No. 909190

I never denied that conservative women exist. I grew up surrounded by female hardline conservatives and they were almost always more radical than the males to cope with the fact that they'd spent their entire adult lives sitting on their asses and contributing virtually nothing to society.
>why is Marge among them?
that does look like the ole river monster.

No. 909199

i seriously need to find a marginally better way to spend my time. over the past 2 weeks i've spent almost all of my time every day just sitting on lolcow and arguing with people. it's not even fun anymore

No. 909219

File: 1631483985464.jpg (183.32 KB, 736x690, f330f7576f52ed4856cc86f0fb1dfc…)

Kek, thankfully he was in support of them and asking to protect their habitats. Capybaras have become an unexpected symbol of revolution, everyone is rooting for them

No. 909238

File: 1631485347686.gif (5.03 MB, 180x320, content_image_5ff73feb3d05e.gi…)

They're sweet creatures

No. 909240

i am so tired

No. 909254

File: 1631486114172.gif (8.29 MB, 451x253, giphy.gif)

No. 909255

File: 1631486126652.jpg (66.77 KB, 1200x675, 1588802667-c3.jpg)

I love capybaras. Capybaras are my only reason to be alive. I fucking love so fucking much fucking capybaras. I want to have a capybara as a pet. I don't want to fuck a capybara. Or maybe yes. I don't know. The only thing i know is that i love capybaras. Capybaras. Look at those little eyes, soft hair and cute nose. They're too perfect. If i can't get a capybara as my pet i'll kill myself. I can't live without one. I'm already dying because i don't have one of these adorable criatures in my house. I want them. I want to adopt every fucking capybara of this planet. I'll give them names and surnames. I'll be their mother and father. I'll make an empire of capybaras. Now, fear them. The capybaras are coming for you. They're everywhere. I'm their leader. This isn't even a joke. A capybara has the power to ruin you life. I don't need food or water. I need a capybara. That's enough, at least for me. I don't give a fuck about other animals. Having a dog or a cat in your house. Imagine that shit. So fucking stupid. Only capybaras will save this universe. Fear. Pain. Loss. They control it. You don't need a family of humans when you have a capybara at your side. They're my family. Fuck every one of them. You need a capybara and you know it. Punch your uncle and get a capybara. You'll thank me later. They have powers. You all motherfuckers. Pieces of shit. Fuckers. Pray for a capybara today. They're coming again. I'm so angry. Adopt a fucking capybara in this moment or i'll kill you. We live in a simulation, and the programmers are capybaras. Pray. Please. Respect. The new order. Capybaras.

No. 909257

let me guess, you're that black tiny bird

No. 909266

File: 1631486664631.jpg (146.6 KB, 898x1200, 136966776_1119244768500272_843…)

The capybara will pray for us

No. 909279

i love this one

No. 909332

OHHH thank you lmao I was wondering why my phone said it was spelled wrong and when I clicked it it said no replacements… I thought I was going crazy for a second

No. 909338

File: 1631489791466.jpeg (104.75 KB, 750x392, 71B2E743-F8CC-4BCA-85A4-D57BAB…)

One of my close friends retweeted this and I agree with this but at the same time it made me realize how many people I ended up cutting contact with because of her. It wasn’t the biggest loss for me because as shitty as it sounds, I don’t really care anymore when people drop me/I drop them as friends. Life goes on sort of thing. But it also makes me wonder to some extent if she’s the problem considering how many very close friends she cut contact with in the span of just a few years lol.

No. 909344

These guys will listen, pretend to care and then laugh about what you told him with his coworkers/friends when the shift is over

No. 909351

File: 1631490368935.jpg (88.81 KB, 800x800, 30g-50g-100g-150g-250g-Black-C…)

Containers are so much better than tubes. With tubes you'll always have leftover product stuck inside but with contaibers you can use everything up

No. 909354

agree. you can also reuse them.

No. 909370

File: 1631490983314.jpg (48.47 KB, 506x577, samsung-galaxy-folder2-g165-1.…)

i'm thinking about buying this flip phone. it only costs about $200. i have a hard on for flip phones and i'm just nostalgic for the early 2000s in general. i currently have an iphone 12 pro lmao. so everyone around me thinks its a giant downgrade. the thing is i want to stop using my phone so much, and stop staring at my phone for hours a day. this flip phone is from 2017 and it runs android 6.0, so it would still let me install useful apps you can't really go without like whatsapp, viber, facebook, spotify, etc. but it would completely take away the ease-of-access of using your phone like a mini computer. imagine how annoying it would be to type paragraphs on imageboards on this thing. so you wouldn't. how annoying it would be to scroll for hours on a tiny screen. so you wouldn't. ahhhh i'm so confused if i should get it. maybe the novelty is gonna quickly wear off once i get it and i'll want to go back to my shitty mini computer iphone.

No. 909382

I've been loosely following this transgender inmate tiktoker who claims that they got impregnated by a guard, and that they get out next year. They were already exposed for being male and having 20 years left on their sentence, and it just makes me wonder what he's going to do when it's time for his belly to start showing, or when he's supposed to get out of jail. I'm genuinely interested to see if he disappears from social media or if he does some crazy shit like faking a miscarriage and saying he got more time.

No. 909383

Reminds me of a girl who I recently cut off. She always lost friends, and at the end of our friendship I was the last one remaining to the point where I was the only friend who attended her wedding. At times I felt bad for her, like in that instance, but over time I realized the same thing as you - maybe she’s the problem. If you’re considering this at all after everyone she’s lost I think it’s time to dip out. It’ll only be a matter of time that she’ll do something to you too, and I learned that the hard way.

No. 909385

I considered doing this last year and am so happy I didn't

No. 909388

No. 909390

what changed your mind?

No. 909400

His account is currently private, so I'll just link his backup account and an IG account posting his records

No. 909415

honestly mostly just that I don't have to pay for my bill anymore. I wanted something cheap and also something that wouldn't waste my time as much. I just found more discipline and use my phone camera and bluetooth for audio all the time and wonder about the quality of even a good flip phone for doing that

No. 909416

ot but what are these for again

No. 909420

ah i see. the camera thing is a good point but i actually don't take pictures at all, i don't take selfies or photos of myself or other things ever and i only use the camera if i really need it. the bluetooth thing i have no idea, the samsung does have bluetooth and runs android 6 so i can only assume it does have that functionality?
they're for texting/making calls, needs data or wifi. i don't think they're common in america because most people use imessage/facetime there?

No. 909447

everytime i see avril lavigne mentioned online, people will be commenting that she's a clone named melissa and idk if some of them truly believe it or they just really think it's still funny after all these years. either way it's retarded and i'm tired off people disrespecting avril like this, she doesn't deserve to be a stupid conspiracy meme, she's a fucking icon and needs to be treated as such for fucks sake

No. 909456

but containers will end up with a lot more bacteria in them

No. 909457

All of this reminds me of this friend.
He was always complaining about someone, ending friendships. I wondered when it would be me once I realized the problem was him. Well, I'm not his friend anymore. He cut me off without any explanation like he did to his other friends. They probably weren't as bad as he made them to be. He always said bad things about the friends he abandoned.. Makes me wonder what the fucker said about me to the only friend I know he still had.

He was a bad friend, when I think back. I was his personal therapist, an emotional crutch, not a friend. He was never there for me when I was depressed or just had a bad day, but for him, everyday was a bad day. He threw a tantrum when I told him to stop throwing all his problems on me, when I said it was too much for me to bear. He acted as if I wished him dead, didn't had my own problems and didn't support him this entire time.
Also he had a foot and mpreg fetish and used to watch incest porn (which he would give me the links despite me telling him to not do that) and coomer anime "ironically", and once said I was "gaslighting" him because I made a joke he didn't get. I was such an abuser apparently.

Once he asked me what I got from this friendship, what kind of impact he made on me like I made on him. At the time, none at all, to be honest, but I wasn't. Didn't want to hurt his feelings so I told him he made me a better feminist lmao
I guess now I can say he taught me something invaluable that I will remember for the rest of my life: never trust a man with a foot fetish. It never stops there.

No. 909458

She's a motherfucking princess

No. 909474

File: 1631495055073.png (983.76 KB, 1000x1859, Valkenhayn_R._Hellsing_(Centra…)

I'm sorry to all my neighbours who are obligated to hear me sing Blazblue opening songs and cry about this man.

No. 909561

Have my window open and suddenly hear a kid start screaming, "mom what are you doing that's the neighbors garbage. Our garbage can is over here!!!!!" Immediately heard the mom trying to shush her but damn her kid really put her on blast lol

No. 909572

I wish I can become financially independent and retire. Work suxxx.
Maybe in another 10 years….

No. 909585

I just wish her later albums were good or as good as let go and under my skin. Holy shit!

No. 909586

I was looking at something on Walmart's website and their algorithm suggested me the deodorant I usually buy and which I just ran out of today. This is going too far now.

No. 909663

File: 1631499873630.jpeg (147.18 KB, 780x438, 7D91B5F3-4662-40F5-9D5D-C8F6E6…)

Second ayrt and god do I empathize with you. I was also the emotional punching bag. It’s funny you mention how he talked shit about former friends too, because after I pushed her out of my life I decided to get in contact with some of the mutual friends we had in the past. Of course she talked about me behind my back too. There’s no helping these people and it’s not worth it to keep them around.

>foot fetish

Kek jfc I’m glad you got out of there

I’ve been considering the same, but instead thinking about getting the galaxy z flip 3. My first phone was a razer, so this is nostalgic as fuck to say the least. Not sure how the switch to android will go for me though considering I’ve used an iPhone for years.

No. 909684

you have to have no life and an autistic obsession to be watching the VMAs live, lmao

No. 909691

what else is there to watch this late on a sunday night

No. 909694

I forgot that was even on today

No. 909704

File: 1631502070105.png (44.62 KB, 768x607, 4ce932e.png)

You want money? I'm planning a heist. You and anyone who replies can come. Bring a weapon and a snack.

No. 909718

File: 1631503697005.jpeg (264.38 KB, 1200x2220, C82B3353-89D5-437B-9FA5-3B8FA4…)

Nta but I got my snack and my husbando sword, I’m ready to fight.

No. 909787

I really hate linzor but nobody cares about her and I'm frustrated because nobody wants to trash talk her

No. 909791

Let it go, girl.

No. 909800

File: 1631508895675.jpeg (674.66 KB, 750x885, EB2EAF36-1EE1-4669-BB91-0EA906…)

I go to sleep now. Fuck all of yous.

No. 909828

File: 1631511616354.jpeg (25.1 KB, 525x584, 7388293976.jpeg)

I am so tempted to create a Tumblr account again. I guess I'll do it when my exam passes.
Now that I am not drinking the tra koolaid anymore I believe it will be a bit more annoying, but damn, I just wanna create a virtual shrine for my favorite actors and media, share some shitty art I'll make and scroll indefinitely through some memes. Pretty cozy

No. 909831

I fucking hate the English cover of the Romanian numa numa song. How dare they desecrate a song like that. Truly tragic times we live in

No. 909879

smooch, sleep tight.

No. 909986

I wonder if any of my cousins are on here. They seem too normie, but you never know since some people discover sites like this through images on Google…

No. 910085

File: 1631542861908.png (78.12 KB, 907x255, unknown.png)

i sometimes like to dm dudes on playroom (it's a disgusting matchmaking discord server) who don't seem like outright coomers because i love debating scrotes when i'm bored at work, and holy moly. this dude managed to diagnose me with narcissism and psychosis and then break up with me after 15 minutes of talking because he got offended about my opinions on women and armpit hair shaving. i'm a bit sad because no more fun dudes to message anymore, it's a really slow day at work today

No. 910089

>get an interview for an IT company and position
>tell them I'm into programming as a hobby, basic af shit
>they start asking CS questions
>the next interview will be all about CS

I'm starting to get really annoyed with this but I guess I can't avoid it. Time to learn basic CS crap so I don't look retarded in the next interview.

No. 910092

it's always funny to me when i see some moid say something like "no woman ever looked better at 23 than at 16" when i was so ugly at 16. i got zero attention and i could physically see boys actively avoiding me. i actually started getting attractive from 20/21 onwards.

No. 910093

give link to server

No. 910095

he really thought he did something lmao. why do neckbeards always convince themselves that they're CIA-tier psychological geniuses when they're literally emotionally retarded due to their autism?

No. 910097

enjoy nonnie, it's full of coomers tho

No. 910099

Same. I had such bad cystic acne, thin af eyebrows were in, I had my emo "phase" lol

They just want someone they can manipulate, that's the appeal, not even the body (probably)

No. 910100

attention! i will be turning 20 in a month. as a teenager, i was a terminally online with little to no friends. in the past two years, this has changed. now i want to know: what are some cool things to do before i leave teenagehood behind? what are the must-do stuff? besides the lovely classic “kill yourself”, of course

No. 910102

All this over… armpit hair? Holy shit lmao. Why is it so hard to just say "I recognize that this is an arbitrary standard, however because it's so prevalent in my culture I can't change that I'm not attracted to women with body hair"

No. 910104

File: 1631544342806.jpg (548.15 KB, 1200x1822, 1200px-Desserts.jpg)

I was too once diagnosed with narcissism by some moid on discord because I kept saying something retarded like "hihi anon deserves some dessert" and apparently that makes me self centered on a pathological level

No. 910106

I got some really cool things that you can think about, it’s like, only cool kids shit, anon, you will love it
>Study hard and get an amazing scholarship on something you want to graduate from
>start a new and enriching hobby like playing an instrument or learning a new language
>help your community by going to some shelter or cleaning up the street
>donate the stuff from your teenhood to the people that needs clothes, shoes and toys
>read some fucking interesting books you loser
It’s some cool shit.

No. 910108

Why do they all talk like that?

No. 910109

I want some of that dessert.

No. 910112

Teenagers have oddly coarse features with a puffy face and have no idea how to style themselves. Most people bloom in their 20s. Anyway he's without a doubt wrong because it's been researched and they found men find women in their mid 20s most attractive, not teenagers.

No. 910117

File: 1631544969524.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 2264x1811, EAC551F8-D8AA-40AA-8A68-BC8587…)

i saw this pic and i'm dying to know where they got their stats from lmao

No. 910119

>equal if not more burden is placed on men to be appealing to women
The expectation of not leading a completely sedentary lifestyle, having a job and only caring about the hair on your face is broke this man

No. 910130

> men find women in their mid 20s most attractive, not teenagers.
Except pedos

No. 910134

Samefagging >>910130 but…
>normal men

No. 910136

I did it in july it's nice and slow, the TRAs I see are mostly teenage girls kinning anime boys anyways, pretty dodgeable.

No. 910140

>Study hard and get an amazing scholarship on something you want to graduate from

finished high school two years ago anon

>start a new and enriching hobby like playing an instrument or learning a new language

i’ve been doing both, anon! i already speak two languages, and I’m picking up the third. surprisingly enough, german is easy? also i bought a lute-like instrument a while ago, i’m learning it on my own. hoping to save up enough money buy a lyre this year though

>help your community by going to some shelter or cleaning up the street

>donate the stuff from your teenhood to the people that needs clothes, shoes and toys

hmmm will prolly do this

>read some fucking interesting books you loser

been doing this all my life unfortunately, but you’ve reminded me that i need to finish the one on my hands

No. 910141

list of things men online have diagnosed me as

No. 910146

Where the fuck do you find these guys? The worst things men have accused me of is being stuck up or cold because I do not want to entertain them or am not impressed.

No. 910149

also forgot

I found these people on twitter kek

No. 910150

text him “damn son im not reading all that” PLEASE

No. 910151

>Where the fuck do you find these guys?

No. 910152

It's typical moid tunnel vision. They start thinking that 16 year olds are perfect because they don't have the flaws that women in their 20's have (light wrinkles, a few extra pounds, little to no free time), ignoring that they have their own worse set of issues (acne covered skin, uneven puberty-related fat distribution, awful and unflattering clothing).

I watched a documentary on women who got married to adult men when they were 14-16 (this was happening in a southern state in the US). Their husbands all got bored and started treating them like shit about half a year into their marriage, despite the fact that these girls were supposed to be perfect teen waifus. Men think they want 16 year olds, when what they want is some imaginary woman who has only the good qualities of both a teen and an adult. When they realize that they were wrong, they'll just move on to their next pipe dream, the next demographic to project their perfect imaginary wife onto - maybe a naive catholic girl, or a submissive foreign woman.

No. 910153

Why is the Tradthot thread always a shitshow? I don't read there often anymore, but I feel like whenever I scroll by it's just infighting and the most retarded posts

No. 910155

Because tradthots are NEETs with bangmaid characteristics and have endless amounts of time to invest into getting mad online

No. 910157

The two anime girls are meant to be children but have big hips lmao they can't even be consistent in their own pedo memes
anyway I was chubby and depressed at 16 and i hadn't even finished growing in height lmao. It's a cope for literal incels who can't get adult women so they pretend like they totally never wanted the 25 yr olds who snob them anyway

No. 910161

Then I don’t know what are you doing by asking for ideas, just live your life, unless the options you want are
>do Xanax
>arrange a gangbang
>create an only fans
>get yourself a tattoo that you will regret in a few weeks
>join a discord server full of idiots
I don’t know, sounds like stuff that you can do even if you’re not a teenager.

No. 910163

File: 1631547356990.png (19.22 KB, 1444x137, oh lordddd.PNG)

This headline makes me chuckle. What the fuck is wrong with people kek

No. 910164

Lol that pic. James Cantor was where I got mine from, I think? I know he put the sexual response to teenagers into context and explained what researchers think they're picking up on. It does not equal attraction to children, it's a general arousability or something. Women also respond sexually to stimuli of children and even animals. It's more complex than that. All I can remember off the top of my head was a study of 2000(?) men who rated women aged 23 most attractive. Whether that's representative I don't know. I'm not trained obv so I don't know about methodology etc. I was interested in the topic a while ago and my takeaway was attraction to adult females > teens, after listening to sexologists summarize the field's findings.

No. 910176

File: 1631547872326.jpeg (41.82 KB, 556x551, 3650846B-ABEE-4636-8C99-DA6339…)

Sister Jeanne out here thinking we won’t notice her.

No. 910177

I don't think it's tradthots causing the infighting tbh. There are some weirdos saying they hope that one of the cows has a miscarriage in that thread and trying to paint it as a feminist thing, which is…

No. 910181

There are a few retarded unhinged takes floating around trying to be passed as feminism

No. 910187

File: 1631549016752.png (79.21 KB, 766x232, arousability.PNG)

I don't know where they got the data for this image (right out of their ass is a good possibility), but I looked at the cited paper on sci-hub and the study doesn't appear to have employed that level of age granularity in their research (they used broader adult vs child groups so there's no year-by-year breakdown).

The paper also doesn't support what they're suggesting at all kek. Picrel was in the summary of their findings, most men are probably not sexually aroused by children. Idk why I expected pedos to be anything other than troglodytes, but the fact twisting is still pretty annoying.

No. 910198

File: 1631549645047.jpeg (67.85 KB, 429x359, 1596823710101.jpeg)

Just reminiscing about last Christmas when I put out a gingerbread house for the backyard raccoons and the next morning the entire thing was gone. Definitely going to make a bigger one for them this year

No. 910204

I had a dream where I joined a server to troll and in the dream, I was returning to it with dream flashbacks from my first time.
The server Owner was no other than Josh and he recognized my voice on VC from the first time.
He was chill and cheering me on with the trolling mission, I haven't used KF or read anything regarding it or Josh in a while, this was unprovoked.
I've seen so many Anons talking about dreaming about Josh I wonder if we should start a thread on it already.

No. 910206

File: 1631550281223.jpg (3.02 MB, 3264x2448, Ōtsuchi_wind_phone_5.jpg)

I saw and saved a documentary to watch about the wind phone but I can't bring myself to watch it. I tried once and about a minute in started crying. Just thinking about the damn thing makes me tear up.

No. 910215

I love how they spam shit like that. Male cope. What do women like? Well, women rate 80% of men unattractive, the rest average and only 2% attractive; unlike men rating women on a bell curve with only 6% of women UNattractive. In fact, women find the average male face so ugly, when asked to morph it until it became attractive the face became 50% more female, aka a man that does not and could not exist in rl lmao. V-shape is essential to male attractiveness accounting for most of their score, not a single woman has been found to find a non-V shape/weak body attractive; whereas men are attracted to a broader range of shapes and sizes. If men don't have the right ratio, they are fucked basically. Women always make the penis bigger and stature greater on morphs and report hating men's body hair, especially chest, removing it. Most men today are fat when women are attracted to a healthy BMI. Men wrongly assume they peak at an older age and young women find them hot. Not true, women are attracted to men approx their own age, until 40 that is. Male attractiveness ENDS at 40. Women over 40 prefer men in their 30s forever kek. And women do NOT like bald men. Which must be pretty shit, considering 25% start losing their hair before age 21. By age 35, 66% have hair loss. By age 50, 85% have significant hair loss. Unlike us, men learn the hard way they have aged tbh. They live in denial and reality hits them harder. The truth is women are strongly desired, we can be choosy and it drives men absolutely fucking insane kek.

No. 910225

Is it just me or do really ripe bananas smell like fish?

No. 910228

>Most men today are fat when women are attracted to a healthy BMI
this is so funny to me, at least most fat women do their hair and try to dress nice, most men regardless of BMI put zero effort into their looks, you'd be lucky to find a man who showers and gets a FLATTERING haircut regularly
and then they cry about how "fat girls get laid" as if it's somehow women's fault that men fetishize unhealthy body types. That's how you know women are better than men, because we like healthy bodies and men need under or overweight bodies to get off

No. 910234

File: 1631552767093.jpg (207.7 KB, 1600x1156, fat-dog-couch-potato-eating-po…)

Do you have a source for that? V shape is such an asian thing
Yeah, if they are young most men aren't straight up obese, but their higher metabolism and tendency to be more muscular than women can only do so much, so they end up skinny-fat or pudgy, if they were women living the same lifestyle the'd be obviously fat

No. 910239

do you have covid? I know some people have their smell modified instead of vanishing altogether. Meat and sweet things start smelling rancid

No. 910244

nyart but by v shape I think she meant body type

No. 910245

Jesus fucking christ the absolute state of scrotes.

No. 910247

Nah, I've never had covid (to my knowledge). I don't think the smell of the bananas has changed to me, it's just that I'm starting to notice that ripe ones have a slightly fishy scent. It could just be because they're going bad but idk.

No. 910248

I've been so horny during my period this month. Been having crazy dreams. I feel like acting out.

No. 910249

Kids are fucking hilarious. One time I was working in a shop and some girl about six started blurting out about some road rage incident her dad got in on the way down and he was MORTIFIED kek.

No. 910261

Oh, yeah that makes sense

No. 910272

Men detest all the idols/pretty boy actors, and even the 2D male characters made for female audiences are rarely what you'd associate with the reality of a "high test male". The turbochad caricature is also something boys and men deify, not the kind of man that's an actual panty-dropper. Men are so fucking gay.

No. 910284

My dad always gets so annoyed when I trash a male actor's appearance

No. 910319

Maybe he projects onto those male actors lmao my brother does that

No. 910342

Good news: I am no longer diagnosed with BPD!
Bad news: new diagnosis is autism.

Fuck man, there's no winning with psychological problems.

No. 910345

Trying to study math for an entrance exam and I feel like the dumbest idiot that has ever lived, i wanna kms

No. 910357

>In fact, women find the average male face so ugly, when asked to morph it until it became attractive the face became 50% more female, aka a man that does not and could not exist in rl lmao.
Source for this? This explains why I've always thought that TIFs who pass relatively well and female to male face morphs look more handsome than the majority of actual moids.

No. 910359

Hi if you have questions ask and I will try to answer if I am here but I also have exams and have to study so I may not answer right away (but maybe someone else would)

No. 910374

I must be dumb. All this time I thought Tanita Tikaram was a man.

No. 910378

File: 1631562000797.png (648.71 KB, 491x847, image.png)

What's attractive to men and women beyond the basic stuff that's been programmed into us evolutionarily (symmetrical features and other signs of fitness) is extremely culture-bound, which is why in the west, where culture changes so quickly, we all look back at media from a couple of decades ago and go 'oh wow what the fuck were we thinking?'. You're right in that pretty boys are in right now tho and it's absolutely hilarious to watch incels give themselves BDD because they don't look like meatheads when that's basically a fringe attraction rn. Truly the blind leading the blind.

No. 910381

90s media had better looking pretty boys than today's media imo

No. 910386

Not to mention 70s media and 1700s media.

No. 910394

I can help if its calculus or mechanics, algebra is gay though and i hate it. if you have questions post them in the stupids questions thread or here and ill try to help

No. 910399

There are moids spamming meta with incel copypastas right now but whenever someone suspects that men are LARPing on here to provoke infighting we get told that we're being paranoid lmao.

No. 910406

Thanks anons, from the bottom of my heart, but I am so dumb that I'd need a whole course. I don't know math past the fifth grade or so

No. 910410

I think Trisha has probably abused medication she’s been prescribed but I don’t believe she’s done any other drugs

No. 910411

File: 1631564347496.jpg (49.52 KB, 728x410, nichijou-aioi-yuuko-naganohara…)

>moids spamming meta with incel copypastas
eh lame

No. 910412

Remember to report and ignore, farmers.

No. 910413

that’s even better anon. can guarantee you that whatever youre having a hard time with can be easily tackled, and im saying this as someone who used to weird with maths

No. 910417

>galaxy z flip 3
the transition from ios to android isn't noticeable unless you use imessage and facetime a lot, or specific ios-only applications. i was a z flip as well at one point but the thought of shelling out over 1000 bucks on what is essentially a phone still in beta testing… i'm not a consoomer like that kek. which is why i thought galaxy folder2 was a good medium at a low price point.

No. 910424

I'm always the fucking idiot in the relationship who is head over heels over their partner. Part of me wants to be on the other end, where I get to be the aloof asshole with someone fawning over me, but I also don't want someone to be in the position that I've always been in because it sucks. I hope in the future I'll find a girlfriend who fawns over me as much as I fawn over her. I want a girlfriend who will smile like an idiot when we look at each other or when we hold hands! Why is that too much to ask for!

No. 910425

Why not? I think it really wouldn't be too off, considering her track record of trashfires.

No. 910429

copypasta energy

No. 910432

I honestly have no idea why, every time she’s ever talked about it just sounded like she was lying to me. I feel the same about a lot of her stripper/escorting stories. I don’t think either are fully made up out of nowhere but I think she just really stretches the truth to make things sound more interesting and heavily exaggerates a lot of things. I don’t think she really has as much of a ‘record of trashfires’ as she portrays.

No. 910433

It's 10pm and I just got a missed call from a plumber who did a job for me over 3 months ago. The job is long done, is satisfactory and I can't think of any reason for this 10pm call. Wut?

No. 910434

The hell did you say to break him this way? This is just paragraphs of uncalled for projection.

No. 910437

File: 1631566464309.jpg (78.3 KB, 500x750, blesseddolly.jpg)


No. 910440

the tradthot in /meta/ reminded me of this girl i knew that turned out to have a secret tradthot twitter where she just spewed anti-gay/anti-vax aggressively pro-natal shit all the time whilst masquerading in her regular life as a woke sjw.
the irony of the whole situation was that she was a woman with a corporate job supporting her unemployed boyfriend (almost 10 years older than her) who hadn't proposed to her after living together and supporting him for years and was also likely infertile because she for some reason loved to drone on about her weird vaginal pain, constant yeast infections and complaining about her boyfriend trying to have sex all the time.
idk where i was going with that besides the fact that i just always end up wondering if the aggressive anti-lesbianons/"don't hate my normal straight relationship" people are even living the lifestyle they're trying so hard to defend or if they're just the handmaidens of handmaidens like my dumb multiple personality ex-friend.

No. 910443

Even regardless of various studies or whatever I’ve always found that talking point confusing because is it not just observably untrue just from what they see in day to day life? The majority of attractive young people are dating other attractive young people. There are exceptions like young men who want a mommy gf or young women dating a way older guy but it’s a minority in both groups. There’s also extremely rich celebrity men who date way younger women who are attracted to them for money, just the same as how almost every middle aged female “diva” celebrity has dated her way younger hot back up dancer, but this isn’t reflective of the majority of the population? It’s never made sense to me when they say that.

No. 910445

Man I love Tanita Tikaram. She was popular in my country and I had a little girlcrush on her lol.

No. 910447

The thing about your friend is interesting, I feel the same about the people posting the edgy “hope she gets an abortion” thing too, like for some reason I imagine those people being the biggest pickmes irl. I always feel skeptical when people make a huge thing about any aspect of their life, it always seems like they’re over compensating. When people really push that ‘everyone should have kids’ and ‘you don’t know love until you have them’ etc thing it 100% of the time reads like a jealousy/misery loves company thing to me and they’re actually miserable and want you to be too, I feel similarly about the child free/anti-natalist communities online, I just don’t think people who are actually happy would enjoy those kind of places.

No. 910452

it honestly would not surprise me if the most outspoken spergs on both sides were larping after experiencing that. is it really so hard to agree to disagree on different lifestyle choices? like who honestly gives a fuck to that degree either way.

No. 910459

File: 1631568355579.jpeg (122.46 KB, 750x750, 795E1253-BD76-44F3-8DBB-F93478…)

why is /meta/ and /ot/ being raided did I miss something

No. 910463

just the usual kiwifags/4chan scrotes trying to ramp up and pit everyone against each other. par for the course at this point.

No. 910465

Holy shit I knew someone like that too! She also had a twitter e-boyfriend who talked about impregnating her and she'd play along. It was funny because she was a tarot-reading SJW irl, was such a headspin to see that side of her

No. 910466

I won several bets back in highscool because people wouldn't believe me when I told them she was not a man. This was before the internet was a widespread thing, I had her album and would smugly bring the casette as proof.

No. 910467

A lot of anons here seem like that, where they have these outward extreme sjw beliefs, or are involved in extremely niche extremely “woke” online communities that could easily be avoided, yet they have the complete opposite of those beliefs/disdain for those people. I always wonder if people like that actually believe either their public/private beliefs and if so which. Like is the way the girl you knew acted online what she really thinks and she adopted the sjw thing because it was more acceptable? In which case I kind of wonder why these people seem to often be so outspoken about it instead of just pretend to be apolitical. I kind of feel like people like that do it for some other psychological reason and don’t actually care about their “beliefs” that much either way and just don’t have a good sense of self in general.

No. 910472

i'm 170cm and 55kg but i think i looked better at 50kg. i put on weight so i could have some semblance of boobs. i don't know if i'm an adult anachan or what. i wasn't much happier at 50kg either, i was like a very skinny fridge. help?????

No. 910479

Love yourself.

No. 910493

that's asking for a lot nonny

No. 910494

I was in all sorts of pain lastnight because I stuck a q tip too far in my ear. I did it a couple days earlier but didn't know how bad it was til I put my head under water in the bath lastnight.. and then I knew I was in a bad way. The pain increased for hours afterwards and by 3am I felt it on one side of my throat too. Don't be dumb like me.

No. 910501

>I kind of wonder why these people seem to often be so outspoken about it instead of just pretend to be apolitical.
People are skeptical of someone who claims to have zero opinion on anything, so yeah, they parrot what's acceptable.

No. 910502

File: 1631570757072.jpeg (24.77 KB, 280x245, 50991BCB-86CE-43B8-AFD1-F281D4…)

I’ve gotten so used to listening to videos from my phone with it in my pocket that I routinely stand up from my desk, ripping the buds right out of my ears because I expected them to move with me.

No. 910510

i feel like 170cm is one of those heights where different weights look completely different on different frames. do you work out at all or just skinnyfat? that might be part of the issue.

No. 910511

anon, go to a clinic and make sure you don't have an ear infection ffs

No. 910512

i don't work out at all so i guess you could call me skinnyfat

No. 910513

File: 1631571128426.png (547.77 KB, 726x538, Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 5.11…)

got this ad while chiecking weather is it not hilarioUS lMAO kekkkkkle KLMAMMAOOOOO KEKKEKEKKEKK

No. 910515

>I put my head under water in the bath

No. 910519

I don’t think you would have to claim to not have an opinion on everything because I feel like the majority of people irl don’t really talk about politics that much where these things would come up that often, but they seem to seek out these hyper political spaces. Also it seems like most of these people have contrasting extreme beliefs that go beyond what would be considered ‘acceptable’ by most people either way. Like among adult people being either a tarot reading sjw and/or an antivax natalist tradthot aren’t really common imo

No. 910520

File: 1631571347225.jpg (89.64 KB, 600x600, Hush-Puppies_IG-4.jpg)

want puppy

No. 910522

I went today

No. 910525

If you don’t workout, no matter how low your weight could be, you will look and feel like a fridge.

No. 910528

that's not true at all. i don't feel like a fridge. i am pretty lazy but i have absolutely zero interest in going to the gym and doing cardio exercise outside would be useless since i'm already fairly skinny.

No. 910531

toning up a skinnyfat body could help you look less like a “skinny fridge” tho

No. 910533

i think i looked like a skinny fridge when i was underweight but not now. honestly i don't even wanna entertain the idea of that kek because there is no way i'm gonna go to a gym and i don't think anyones ever had actual results doing "toning exercises" at home

No. 910536

eh buy a set of dumbbells off of amazon and you might be surprised

No. 910537

Are you mentally handicapped? You can do bodyweight exercises, yoga, lift, all at home.

No. 910538

show me results from doing any of that stuff at home and i might reconsider

No. 910541

a lot of people work out at home and see results…? the location of the building doesn’t affect your ability to pick up and put down heavy items or do yoga. 99% of fit people don’t have personal trainers or anything like that.

No. 910542

Literally follow any Instagram account that shows you at-home exercises and they’re all fit as hell. Are you a child?

No. 910546

bitch why are you so aggro for no reason at all? post some of your favourite accounts then go ahead

No. 910547

chloe ting shares a lot of before and after’s from her community and all her workouts are at-home only

No. 910548

I saw an agp troon in the flesh today… It's crazy how you can reasonably tell not only if trans but also if they're agp or hsts lol. I thought "wow rare" but then I'm not sure how rare they are anymore (I see more fakebois though but they probably leave the house more too). I felt kinda sad for him, but he looked like all the ones in the mtf thread so you have to wonder what degree of degeneracy is behind that…

No. 910550

Nta but she's a horrible example, how is anyone supposed to trust a fitness guru that's had so much plastic surgery?

No. 910552

>shows results from her community

No. 910563

File: 1631573302462.jpg (512.48 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20210914_004758_com…)

does lc look cursed for you too

No. 910567

yeah i meant like she posts other people that follow her workout routines’ before and afters that you could look at, not her own body

No. 910568

no lol wtf

No. 910572

Are you permabanned? lmfao

No. 910591

no kek i deleted my history and cookies and now it's back to normal, phyew

No. 910598

Lolcow feels extra retarded today. The squirting guru and exercise anon have given me a hearty laugh. I'm gonna miss this.

No. 910599

Oh thank goodness.

No. 910606

I can't believe anons in Advice Thread still fight over pussy juices. They started yesterday and they are still fighting lmao.

No. 910609

File: 1631574377677.png (265.59 KB, 890x664, skinny-fat-n-toned.png)

honestly 99% of people don't give a shit about "skinny fat"-ness either way. no one is gonna care if your body looks like either one of these. no one's gonna think you look disgusting if your body is more like the left than the right.

No. 910612

feels like it's been amped up for the past 3 days tbh

No. 910635

File: 1631574988975.gif (3.47 KB, 56x56, 5A9ED533-960D-4506-A819-5778ED…)

Is it bad that my "husbando fantasies" Involves me kidnapping him (by resurrecting him from the dead and transporting him to the real world instead of his fictional universe) and keeping him in my home until he eventually develops Stockholm syndrome and falls in love with me? He has free choice to leave at any moment but chooses not to because he wouldn't survive on his own.(He doesn't even have a birth certificate because he technically doesn't exist). And so he eventually becomes grateful that I take care of him and provide him with everything for free and also extended his life. If he asked, I would turn him back to his original state but that would also mean he would go back to being dead.

No. 910640

idc either i was just trying to give suggestions to the anon that was complaining about her body image

No. 910671

File: 1631575736477.jpg (62.33 KB, 500x700, 1623892574297.jpg)

How these nerds write 20, 30, 60k fanfiction after fanfiction? Or anything at all that makes sense? 3k and I'm already exhausted and my writing goes back to crap, 'he sit and ate and they talk and then this happens'. I also don't seem able to stick with my plans. Sometimes the story just feels so incredibly dumb that I have to question myself why the fuck would anyone read that shit, and fight the urge to not scrap certain plot points and go with some other crazy plan that days later will make me think "the fuck was that" and erase it because it's ridiculous and has many plot holes when you consider the whole thing. I hate how so many ideas come out of nowhere and I'm not able to keep up with one thing. Probably I just don't have the ability to deliver the story I want but it bothers me so much because I know in theory what I should be doing but I just can't.
I have 3 unfinished stories, possibly only one has enough potential to turn into something, but I feel like I'll never finish it because I'm stuck with bad writing no matter how much I write. I'm bummed. Writing is hard but I think something in my head is broken because this shouldn't be this hard.

No. 910744

That’s. Actually pretty neat.

No. 910748

File: 1631577551124.jpeg (59.84 KB, 540x541, 0A8514FD-78BE-4970-9E7A-A02ECC…)

Don't worry, you're not broken. The super long, polished, amazing stories you're thinking of were also difficult and time consuming to write. They also went through multiple drafts. It sounds like you're holding your rough/first draft to impossible standards. It's supposed to suck! That's why you revise it afterwards, fill in the gaps and make it pretty. The first step is just getting it all on the page. And honestly, I've really enjoyed reading old, haphazard drafts months after they were originally written. The prose isn't great, but the story is, and the story is what matters.

It's also really detrimental to nitpick, delete, rewrite, to infinity. Again, it's going to suck at first and that's okay. If you don't like the direction the story is headed, block off that portion of writing and start again. Put in an another document. Anything! Just don't delete it! You make more work for yourself when you can't look back on your previous efforts, even if those attempts were unsuccessful.

Also, are you writing about something you enjoy? The only way to succeed at writing is to be completely self indulgent. Fulfill your own aims and appeal to your own niche interests. Include your fetishes, your emotional hangups, your impossible fantasies, whatever. It doesn't matter if you think nobody else would want to read that garbage. Firstly, the story is yours and it's for you. Secondly, all the best writing is deeply personal. And lastly, how can you expect yourself to finish something you find no enjoyment in?

Quick Tips for when Art is Hard
>Stream of consciousness
>Bulleted lists
>Script format
>Bracket [words you don't like] and want to edit later to stop obsessing over them
>Literally do whatever it takes to get from the beginning to the end
>And always have the ending in mind!

The fact that you've kept trying is really admirable. Honestly, writing this sperg of unasked-for advice has inspired me to write more, too. It's not very coherent. I've been abusing adverbs. The sentence length variation probably sucks a lot. But I'm getting my point across, aren't I? So I won't nitpick myself and just post it!!! I hope that you can convey the story you have in your head. I'll always be rooting for you!

No. 910762

My vape I've had for years just broke which sucks because now I have to use my stupid pipe but amazon had a better cooler looking yet cheaper vape available for next day delivery. I love vapes. You guys have no idea how much I'm saving not smoking tobacco and reducing my general weed tokage. I have so much more disposable income it's insane I keep buying things lol

No. 910813

what's the point of dating a man if he doesn't buy you things

No. 910820

what do you expect him to buy you?

No. 910850

File: 1631580896272.jpg (177.56 KB, 1164x580, 29_1.jpg)

Love and "equal relationships" are bull crap, men are exhausting just to be around and women need to be compensated for the customer service act we're expected to perform (or else they chimp out).

No. 910893

And where do you intend to find such a man?

No. 910905

Literally no point. I'm being serious.

No. 910929

you're in for a unhappy rest of your life if you just want a relationship for someone to buy you shit. may as well just become a cool wine aunt and save yourself the trouble.

No. 910945

File: 1631584051019.jpg (23.79 KB, 235x347, 10b6bffe2db24d0d35b6b17aec1a98…)

Seeing anons vent about their college life makes me feel so happy to be a worthless NEET, no more dealing with the consequences of someone else's lack of organization, no arrogant manlet professor being a bitch to me cause he's in a position of power and I can't tell him to go fuck himself, just peace

No. 910962

File: 1631584613562.jpg (298.08 KB, 1500x1161, stock-photo-cyber-woman-with-a…)

I write about stuff I like, some stuff are not very original, people read it a thousand times already but reading stories like that never keep me satisfied for long and I keep looking for something I can't find anywhere. That's why I decided to write my own stories, there is something I need to read that I can't find in other peoples works no matter how good they are. When the book ends, something is still missing.
Then as I write I go back into thinking that nobody is going to like my work the way I do. How some passages are silly, who cares about this? And I edit them out. Then I'm editing everything out.
Guess I'm not indulging myself then, and that's why it gets like this, so hard and tiresome. I should just stop thinking about it too hard and keep writing until I reach the end and that's it. No editing until then. If people don't like, then they don't like, long time before I reach that stage when someone will actually read it.
It really isn't that hard, I was just being dumb being too preoccupied with people. But there is no people, just me now and my bullshit, lmao. Thanks for the insight! Time to go back to writing.

No. 910972

Once you get off the hamster wheel you never want to go back, looking back it was torture. Lost half my hair volume, gained 10kg, aged like 7 years in the face, and wasted a ton of money to just go to YouTube and try to learn it myself after useless profs sucked their own dyks for an hour lecture. And this is stem we're talking about. Ppl like to make fun of lit and art majors but stem isn't much different, learn a bunch of hard shit and use only 5% in your actual job. Neet for as long as able, rather live till 50 stress free and then sewerslide once parents pass, than go insane and ill by working.

No. 910974

Guys should I update my iPhone or is it a fearmongering thing https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/13/technology/apple-software-update-spyware-nso-group.html

No. 910993

Samefag but now a company that I researched before on Google found my Tumblr and followed me. I'm about to nuke all my social media accounts because they're tracking me god damn everywhere.

No. 910997

File: 1631585698121.jpeg (63.43 KB, 736x736, 79376E08-8D52-4420-8614-3ED4E9…)

>turns off phone
Can't get spyware now, heh.

No. 911004

File: 1631586199381.jpeg (27.49 KB, 373x373, 47BD8758-95FF-40E2-B811-A89516…)

You know that meme that goes “I love playing with mommy’s special buzzing toy?” Well today I got to watch over FaceTime as my niece and nephew did just that. I decided I was not liable for cleaning up this mess and just ended the conversation with them rather than trying to coax them into putting the ‘toys’ back.

My 7-year-old niece will grow up someday, and get a boyfriend, learn to drive a car, go off to college and build herself a good career. But no matter what she does she can never erase the knowledge I have that she put her mom’s vibrator in her mouth.

No. 911007

And yes, I did text my sister later and let her know that she needs to store them higher up. Seriously, who has 3 kids and keeps that stuff in reach of them?

No. 911037

>But no matter what she does she can never erase the knowledge I have that she put her mom’s vibrator in her mouth
i would like to erase the knowledge of this post from my eyes

No. 911045

File: 1631587253269.gif (1003.17 KB, 500x281, Slice-of-life-gif.gif)

No. 911089

File: 1631589969431.jpg (61.29 KB, 851x830, IMG_20200909_223945.jpg)

Why did you post this?

No. 911092

pretty mundane, should have posted it in that thread tbh

No. 911101

Lmao. That's hilarious.

No. 911105

I hope you get malware on your electronic devices

No. 911155

File: 1631594651601.jpeg (98.29 KB, 493x746, tumblr_ln5sceK5911qh7odco1_500…)

I dunno why the phrase "His testicles became swollen" is making me laugh so much.
It sounds almost biblical.

No. 911172

no i can’t stop laughing about it either. especially the tucker carlson screenshot.

No. 911209

File: 1631602188322.jpg (870.65 KB, 1080x1080, RDT_20210820_13364996420353378…)

I wanna get better at visualization (?) because I wanna daydream more vividly

No. 911221

File: 1631604020784.jpg (668.28 KB, 996x1235, fascinating.jpg)

Made this just for you, fellow Tuckanon. :3

No. 911252

Is it weird to think Tucker Carlson is very handsome, especially for his age? This equal parts goes in this thread and the unconventional attraction thread on /g/ I guess lol

No. 911254

Yes anon love yourself. Why does anything short of deformed count as hot for men on lc?

No. 911270

File: 1631612648343.png (91.56 KB, 296x221, orel_53.png)

I tried gonewildaudios for the first time tonight and it was a complete fucking disaster. When any guy tries to emulate the sounds of pussy eating all I could think about was him smacking his mouth on some chili or something and at random times I would remember the moral orel no children scene and burst out laughing. Why am I like this. Guess I'll be sticking to x reader fanfiction for the time being.

No. 911281

I've been masturbating and cumming every day since I quit my job two weeks ago. Feels amazing.

No. 911291

i developed a natural tan this summer one or two shades darker than my natural colour and from wearing sandals pretty much 24/7 my feet are 2 different colours… my toes are a dark colour, below that half of my foot is pale, and then below that dark again?? they legit look striped

No. 911294

Someone recommended that place to me so I tried it and ditto, it's fucking awful. Not to mention the number of trannies in the f/f tag

No. 911302

i've been trying to register on giggle and it won't let me, i've even emailed customer support and they did fuck all to help reeee

No. 911307

I was up late last night and my throat hurts today and I can barely open my eyes but I got a call back for a job so I need to focus but all I want to do is sleep. Is the party ending for moi?!

No. 911312

The exact moment I realize that all my fantasies of 2d male characters where I couldn't actually visualize their bodies, just their faces and their motions, came from me wanting to get railed by a lady with the strap, but I had too much internalized homophobia to realize it. Never fucked or kissed a man despite having many chances, and now I know why. I can confirm that I'm retarded.

No. 911343

Nta and I found nothing good in the f/f tag either, it was full of bdsm shit and tranny shit.
I also wish they would make a rule against DDLG, it's endemic.

No. 911359

I’ve been watching true crime documentaries, and why does it feel like half of the victims of serial killers are women who were studying to be nurses. Is it really that common a field of study? Is it just frequency illusion?

No. 911363

That's why you learn Japanese and listen to the 'professionals'.
Seriously at least half the reason I learned Japanese was for situation CD's and now I can barely be bothered to set aside that much time to masturbate these days.

No. 911364

>just pray because my scrote cousin’s useless testicles were inflated

She’s a pedo/abuser protector, she doesn’t deserve any rights or the ability to share her opinion on anything.

No. 911370

there is something so quintessentially pull-esque about the celebricows thread which is why it should be locked or moved to /snow/

No. 911376

Jesus just don't participate if it triggers you. It's a thread about celebrities for Christ sake

No. 911404

Ok but this guy is clearly spreading fakenews. Nicki's cousin is not the one with swollen testicles but the one who won't get the vaccine because his friend got it and his (friend) testicles became swollen. The correct headline should be Cousin's friend testicles became swollen. Typical Fox News.

No. 911455

Spoke to my dad for the first time in months today and he told me he loved me. And I got good news about a potential job so catch me being high as a kite for the rest of the day

No. 911456

I'm a degenerate who listen to gonewildaudios but I only like masturbation audios because everything else is super fake and makes me cringe

No. 911463

Nta but I used to enjoy the rabidness of the thread but they’re right it’s just full of tard. Sorry your fav thread actually sucks LOL.

No. 911474

Nope, I'm attracted to him, as well, anon. There have been several "Unconventional Male Attractions" threads where he's been posted multiple times. He's got the same magical genes as me that make us both look like we're 12 even at age 50.

No. 911476

To be fair, it's been speculated that his interns scour /pol/ for interesting news stories. I believe /pol/ did discuss her tweet at length. Also I'm sure his crew doesn't actually know a damn thing about Nicki Minaj, they probably just saw that she's a celebrity who broke her programming and is speaking out against the vaccine.

No. 911498

File: 1631634072097.jpeg (49.41 KB, 640x459, BC0036CB-7985-4175-A7C5-A0F095…)

I’ve been playing ACNH since december and I still haven’t found Punchy, my dreamy, anywhere. I’m so upset nonnas.

No. 911500


No. 911518

really? it seems less spergy than usual lately

No. 911559

this guy walking his dog today while i was working at the park and he had extremely long hair and cute style, with beige tones and a little "army" inspired… he smiled me at me when i looked at him :( and i actually had the balls to give a slight smile back. maybe he would've stopped to chat if i wasn't working

No. 911563

I bet you'll see him again!

No. 911569

i hope so! i never fun into the same cute guy twice, fml

No. 911644

if it keeps all the self-hating women contained in one thread I can't complain

No. 911677

Doubt it, lolcow is full of pickmes now, it's pathetic

No. 911744

I have just realised why Loreali looks so strange in the year in the life Gilmore series and its because of her fillers/plastic surgery next to Rory. Rory has not botoxed the ever loving fuck out of her face so it's jarring that the obviously younger daughter has way more expression lines than her mother. Loreali looks nice in scenes with luke and older people because she obviously looks young, but she can't next to younger people

So with this knowledge I've decided why fillers are being pushed so much is because all the botox ladies now as soon as they stand next to a naturally aged woman the jig is up! They're going to look uncanny. There is a conspiracy for the common folk to get botox so the rich elite will look good but if we all embrace being natural they're going to look like freaks!!!

No. 911758

I'm insanely attracted to some girl in a tiktok. It must have been the bugging eyes and dark circles and prominent nose. Lowkey wanna dl chinese spyware.

No. 911759

wtf they changed goodreads' interface. it's no longer the outdated, 'we are still a small business uwu' one. Where is the anon who hated goodreads when I need her?

No. 911783

Why the hell is the celebricows thread now filled with underage Billie, Ari and Lana fans

No. 911813

Why do you think that Lana stans are underage? Most people still into her have at least been approaching adulthood when BTD came out

No. 911814

His testicles became swollen.

No. 911843

Don’t forget the annoying Doja Cat fanatics too, it’s a bunch of underaged PULL gaga because zoomers are addicted to pop culture

No. 911848

File: 1631647608894.gif (547.23 KB, 250x250, 1454857395646.gif)

No. 911849

it's easy to argue against and fuck with the BPDs on here idk if i should feel bad. but then again they're some of the vilest people with the worst post history so…

No. 911858

Anon, you're so easy to clock with your posting style. You're not epically trolling some evil "BPDs" you come across as absolutely seething at other anons because they called your fave fat.

No. 911859

>the worst post history
you a janny or something?

No. 911861

File: 1631647954278.gif (271.91 KB, 220x144, tenor.gif)

w h a t ? what are you talking about?

No. 911863

It's a Celebricow schizoid spilling over into every other thread. Just ignore.

No. 911864

You're boring

No. 911866

I used to think it was exaggerated when people would say how many bpds were on lolcow until I joined the lolcow discord. They fully air their diagnosis straight up there.

No. 911868

It's a butthurt newfag Billie stan from twitter

No. 911874

The ladies of the Gilmore Girls subreddit don't do drugs or have enough exposure to drug culture to understand just how much of a cunt Logan is and it's so annoying that they like them together. In the a year in the life thing Logan is dicking around Rory and still a massive coke head. She's so dumb! And the ones on reddit don't see it. Rory is as naive as them!

No. 911875

i wish you all the best with whatever you have probably BPD since my post triggered you but i'm not whoever you talked to

No. 911879

I love you I haven’t seen that show in years

No. 911884

I'm trying to remember, didn't rory become really unlikeable as the series went on?

No. 911889

File: 1631649676242.jpeg (246.7 KB, 1280x1920, 1FFF2479-98CC-4B6A-8524-03AA5A…)

samefag but I thought anon >>911874
was talking about the show hot in cleveland I’m so dumb

No. 911891

I'm just an observer and I'm glad I was right, my mewfag radar is spot on.

No. 911893

Yes but she is a product of her environment. Star Hollows left her very sheltered

No. 911896

As a kid I felt weird watching something where I didn't like or relate to the main character anymor, as an adult though I'm guessing I'd have a whole other experience watching it and piecing together how she came to be that way. Might have to do that

No. 911901

What is a mewfag?

No. 911902

nta but i still wanna know if you have janny powers or not

No. 911903

An anon who really likes mewtwo.

No. 911910

Aha. The only thing I can associate with that is an anon that thinks they know exactly who they're talking to across threads on an anonymous imageboard (telepathy Mewtwo style)?

No. 911912

I hate you

No. 911920

File: 1631651183638.gif (126.64 KB, 220x220, when schizos start verbalising…)

No. 911926

i can neither confirm nor deny that at present

No. 911932

JANNY CONFIRMED i knew you bitches posted with us i fucking knew it

No. 911933

I shit my bed last night. I didn't even know that was possible. Thank God my boyfriend wasn't home!

No. 911934

Are you ill?

No. 911938

I have ibs, but I never in a million years thought that would happen.

No. 911941

I just bought my first vintage bag! It’s a brown leather Celine bag and it’s so versatile, I can see it in my closet for years. The price I got it for is unreal as well.

No. 911953

File: 1631653354899.jpeg (524.21 KB, 1242x1772, 7E37C4E7-925E-49B1-848D-CEDE54…)

Aren't they some Taobao reseller?

No. 911955

I wanna get into miniature/figure painting but airbrushes seem so overwhelming to learn and maintain

No. 911958

is that michelle moe's clothing "label"? she deserves whatever the taobao resellers do to her lmao. wish there was more interest in her milk so her /snow/ thread wasn't dead

No. 911961

Get fucked. If your products are also sweatshop tier, what is stopping people from buying knock offs lol

No. 911975

I went to the store for tortilla chips. I was feeling weirdly shaky and out of it. So I ended up getting tons of pop and ramen and I forgot the tortilla chips. I'm stupid

No. 911999

Please never mention it to the children ever in the future of time. You will inflict a Hell on them that not even serial killers deserve.

No. 912016

File: 1631657593423.jpeg (242.33 KB, 1200x848, 3D8E5DCF-B257-4A00-8CB1-758085…)

My calendar doesn’t have birthdays or doctor appointments. It has various cancellation deadlines for free trials. And then I have the audacity to forget. There goes $9.99 reeEEEe

No. 912026

I'm so close to playing a full demi lovato song on the acoustic. She's my guilty pleasure or at least the first two albums

No. 912029

heart attack is unironically one of my favorite songs, do it nona

No. 912039

i just ordered an overpriced dessert off of doordash because of weird cravings

No. 912041

la la land is my favorite, I’ve been listening to it on repeat. this is her best song ever and her best vocals yet

No. 912044

File: 1631659031668.jpg (32.38 KB, 680x450, dd0.jpg)

we broke up over 2 years ago but sometimes I still think about the fact that my ex was into lolicon, monster girls and other weird hentai shit and said stuff like he thought the idea of a creature laying eggs in me turned him on, yet he thought that people with feet fetishes were weird as hell and hated furries with a burning passion. like seriously how can you jerk off to lolicon and be like "omg footfags are such degenerates". I can kind of get furries, but he loved hentai with catgirls and girls who were half snake/spider etc. like how is that even different? I just don't get it.

No. 912047

porn sick dudes are never a good option anon

No. 912048

I had no idea he was pornsick when I got into a relationship with him

No. 912049

I love heart attack and I love lala land >>912041 I have made a custom demi lovato and 2 selena gomez song playlist. My new morning routine is singing my heart out to them and performing a mini gig to get me going for the day. So I figured I should learn to play the current crowd favourite (in my head), skyscraper. No one can tear me down, bitch!

No. 912050

The 2 gomez songs are obviously Who Says and A Year Without Rain

No. 912057

i mean technically cat/monster/etc girls/boys are just anime humans with different ears and a tail slapped on, so 90% human?. i've actually seen furries on other imageboards get pissed over it cause it's not furry enough in their eyes lol

No. 912058

yeah but he also liked monster girls who were like 50% spider or 50% snake, like basically a furry but with an animal that's not actually furry

No. 912065

rock god and intuition exist, thanks

No. 912118

what the fuck is hazbin hotel is that the one with the pool's closed meme

No. 912121

lmao no that’s habbo

No. 912152

I can't stop thinking about nicki's cousin friend swollen nuts

No. 912171

The first time my ex touched my boobs he was like "whoa what the fuck you need to get checked for breast cancer" because he could feel my mammary glands.

No. 912180

That reminds me of when my bf and I were making out for the first time in bed and instead of reaching under my top to touch my breasts, he tried putting his hand through the neck of my shirt. He's not an autist, just has ADHD.

No. 912191

the quality of scrotes that touch your body amazes me, you guys literally let the bubonic plague with a cheese whiz brain touch your breasts. be ashamed

No. 912192

Is this a shitpost?

No. 912206

When I was a kid, I was also scared that my mammary glands were cancer. Sometimes I still feel them and I'm like "Wtf".

No. 912218

This was nearly six ago and I am untouchable now, don't worry your little head anon

No. 912223

Quality sex ed, even in first world countries they don't teach about mammary glands or discharge or how women's cycle works, just label a diagram and you're done.

No. 912229

I need to go to bed. But I'm not gonna for at least an hour probably probably more!

No. 912231

Thank you nona, I needed to see this today

No. 912244

When I first got my period I thought discharge was just a ‘start of puberty’ thing and that it would go away pretty soon. sigh, if only.

No. 912259

There's those websites where you can upload your pic and find your doppelganger, have you tried that?

No. 912260

I thought I was the only one. It makes me sad even though it isn't a major thing

No. 912261

if it makes you feel any better i don’t feel like i look like any celebrities anyone has ever compared me fo. i do always wonder if i have some kind of lookalike/doppleganger in another country though that’s just walking around minding their own business not knowing i exist and look just like them too.

No. 912265

File: 1631669608855.jpeg (191.12 KB, 549x576, A1C6C917-5F81-4B17-9781-9D716A…)

No you’re not deformed, you’re probably just average. You’re way more familiar with your face so of course the threshold of similarity with another face is higher for you. “You look like my friends cousins dorm mate from canada” just isn’t a thing people go out of their way to note even if they thought it for a sec. Only if the similarity is particularly striking TO THEM, which 90% of the time aren’t actually that similar. Like I don’t think Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood look the same, they just have vaguely similar concepts. Last time someone said I look like another chick it’s like yeah sure I can see that, we both have black hair and bitch faces.

No. 912268

i was in middle school when btd came out. i'm not underage obvi but you make it seem like we're incredibly old.

No. 912269

kek when you have pale skin, light eyes and dark hair people will claim you look like everyone just based on that alone. i had an older woman tell me i looked like katy perry once and i swear the only similarities were the ones i named and i was wearing red lipstick.

No. 912270

those websites are so bad lol, i kept getting miley cyrus as a lookalike on them but if i were to say i looked like her irl people would think i was high

No. 912277

I was thinking more of those that search for regular people like you, not celebrities. Most celebrities are botched and/or photoshopped into inhuman forms anyway.

No. 912278

wait do those just give miley cyrus to everyone by default because i just did one and got her too and there is absolutely zero resemblance

No. 912280

>we both have black hair and bitch faces
Wow, I wish I looked like Krysten Ritter too

No. 912290

Obligatory lol

No. 912351

File: 1631675419774.jpg (42.29 KB, 576x394, E78900w.jpg)

guys..you ever think ko-chan succeeded in one of her many suicide attempts? why can't i stop thinking about her

No. 912358

What do you mean? Komaedanon said that she was getting help and that she would stop kinning Komaeda.
Unless you’re talking about another komaedanon.

No. 912363

huh didn't know that. which thread was that post in?

No. 912366

Manifesto-chan is banned and Epstein-chan is probably jerking off to Ghislaine so…

No. 912369

Oh geez, I hope not. Ko-chan if you're here, pls give us a sign

No. 912371

no don't encourage the attention whore

No. 912373

No. 912376

Nta but once I asked if she was alright because this komaeda obsession didnt seem healthy and she mentioned something about going out more and having friends so I imagine she is ok? She is not as unhinged as her komaeda posts make her sound lmao. Or maybe she is in the danganronpa imageboard living her dream.

No. 912377

File: 1631677516479.jpg (62.41 KB, 662x603, jeffremaeda.jpg)

Komaeda-chan, please, return.

No. 912380

>the danganronpa imageboard
is it actually real or are anons memeing again

No. 912385

Look, some anon said she found this imageboard but I never saw the link so idk if it's real. She also said it was deader than cc

No. 912387

There are 2 Komaedanons for what I understand. The one who kinned and the porn audio one.
I think they are different people

No. 912407

There's no daganronpa imageboard, the OP came back a long time ago and said that the board was for tf2.

No. 912426

I spent an hour watching a thunderstorm and thinking about her again. I'm so fucking done I want to smooch her!!! Enough!!!!

No. 912478

I wish I wasn’t shadowbanned on here

No. 912484

you're not

No. 912580

Did anyone else think Meghan Markle was younger than 40? I always thought she was in her early 30s

No. 912584

No. 912590

Idk why I thought that, I think it’s maybe because it’s less common to see women have children at that age so it just made me assume she was younger

No. 912609

I'm crying over Norm Macdonald. I guess sometimes you don't realize you care until they're gone forever. I've watched him literally my entire life. Bleh.

No. 912628

I'm waiting on a parcel that's running late. Then later today I have someone coming out to fix something. I also spent yesterday waiting around on someone. I swear the older I get the less patience I have for just waiting on people.

No. 912646

The peg the patriarchy thing is so insane and stupid to me that I am starting to question if it was meant to be and it was meant to be an anti-feminist statement or like a criticism of feminism? I don’t get how she could have worn it unironically and felt like it made sense

No. 912647

she's a libfem anon, not the smartest bunch out there

No. 912649

Contrary to what Americans and online incels believe, women don't wither and turn into ugly babushkas by 35

No. 912654

I know but that is beyond the usual stupidity of pop feminism imo and isn’t sex positivity mostly associated with libfems? The idea that being on the receiving end of penetration is degrading seems like something they would be against. Like “rape the patriarchy” unironically would have been less “problematic” and made more sense and been more respectable lol even though it still would have been dumb. I just find it hard to accept that, when you consider how so many people would have been involved in putting this outfit together, no one said anything and they all agreed it made sense?

No. 912656

Shawn Mendes is lying about being 23. I remember him being 23 like 7 years ago.

No. 912660

sorry but how is it an american thing to think women "expire" before 35? it seems to me that eastern cultures tend to be way more obsessed with youth than america

No. 912680

I don’t relate to the way most people talk about having kids. I feel like whether I do or don’t have kids, there are things I feel I would have missed out on/ aspects of the other side I’d feel envious of and I feel at peace with that. Like I completely understand feeling totally sure about one decision over the other, but the people who act like they can’t even fathom why someone wouldn’t/would want kids are weird to me and come off like they’re being disingenuous.

No. 912694

There is a website that finds people who look like you. Not celebs but all images across the web. It's scarily accurate too, I think people use to find and scrub their pics off the internet.

No. 912778

This sucks. I love manifesto Chan so much. Pls come back manifesto nonita!! You're my star!

No. 912848

The way anons here were talking about MGK and Megan Fox made me think they had a super huge age gap, but apparently MGK is 31.

No. 912852

the celebricows threads are gold, i love them so much

on another note, is orville peck really hot or do i have a mask fetish?

No. 912858

same lmfao, I thought Megan is 10 years older and over 40

No. 912862

31? Why does he look like a drug addict teenager

No. 912864

IDK, most people on Lanaboards are in their late twenties. I may be wrong, but I highly doubt zoomers make the most of her fanbase

No. 912930

It's not about height anymore ladies, I'm all about a nice long lean pair of man legs lol. They'm being under 6ft don't bother me no more within the above stipulations

No. 912932

File: 1631726294005.jpg (51.49 KB, 1024x1003, 16eb694dec7decffcfac3ff04ae51f…)

No. 912934

Damn right

No. 912941

love having a cute smart dude in my senior project group, i get to swoon and he does more of the work

No. 912944

virgin leg lengthening surgery vs. chad torso shortening surgery

No. 912962

My parents are yelling a over Pokemon cards because of the news. They sold the ones I had in primary and middle school for like 200€ ten years ago and now because of explanations on the news they realized they should have waited to sell them for at least 2000€. I feel like I'm stuck in a parallel dimension.

No. 912970

File: 1631729314820.jpg (25.42 KB, 640x480, lskjfdkls.jpg)

So you grew up on Clamp as well, I see.

No. 912982

nonna after my brother told my mom that pokemon merch is worth a lot now she yelled at me for giving my gen 1 posters to the thrift store kek

No. 912999

File: 1631731328968.jpeg (105 KB, 553x750, F3FD61DD-E62F-4849-B3D4-107B61…)

I’m hyped, because my best friend wants to finally spend halloween at my house and not at her house with her party pooper family, want to be a creepy Angel, I’m already creepy so I just need Angel stuff.
I wonder if doing a brooch like pic related would be too difficult for a beginner who can’t even fold a piece of paper properly.

No. 913010

Our moms should meet then. I bet if I told mine about the super rare cards I had when I was a kid that other kids would steal from me she'd create a trime traveling device and beat the fuck out of these kids.

No. 913032

I was looking on priming tips and youtube recommended me this video
am I crazy or does he looks like a brother or cousin of Channing Tatum

No. 913040


No. 913043

Thank you for the information.
This changes everything.

No. 913046

Tinfoil but if her parents raised her in a corset then its possible. I had a friend in HS whos mother did this. She was fat as a whale but still had a defined waist because of it.

No. 913049

Does she only take videos in front of white walls though?

No. 913054


No. 913064

I was braces and now it's raising your girl in a corset? What's next, neck stretching? Depressing.

No. 913065

What's wrong with braces?

No. 913070

Nothing it's just the middle class procedure that marks you as "respectable"/pretty.

No. 913079

sometimes i get paranoid that the mods look up my posting history and think i’m a loser
mods do not look at my history pls

No. 913083

File: 1631735799992.png (703.55 KB, 811x846, 6345634.png)

I'm reading this manga called 'the way of the househusband,' about a gangster who devoted the rest of his life to be the best househusband ever to his wife, pic related. It's fucking hilarious, I'd recommend if anyone's looking for something to read.

No. 913086

Anons keep throwing around bpd or autism as insults, but it's a fact that a large part of the lolcow userbase suffers from paranoia. I bit my tongue the last time I saw a paranoid like you (which was just this morning), but I already stated this multiple times on various occasions.
Not that I'm complaining, I love you crazy bitches. It's just… you're crazy.

No. 913089

File: 1631736291230.jpeg (44.5 KB, 749x741, EF96A342-C2AF-44CB-A6D0-8AAC80…)

Yeah I think you have to be kind of deranged to be in a place like this. But that's why it's so fun!!!!

No. 913092

they probably only do if you're legitimately unhinged and catching bans all the time

No. 913093

Or if you get into an argument with them.

No. 913094

Don't worry. We have epstein, komaeda anons and anorectal violence. They make us look pretty sane.

No. 913100

Samefag just remembered that time an anon said she saw a farmhand make a regular post but left her trip on by an accident and then deleted it lol
They're all gone now tho… pretty sure AV is outright banned

No. 913101

That's not paranoid of you when dozens of peoples post histories have been exposed even literal whos like mystery.

No. 913102

Sure, we're all deranged, but paranoics rule. Everyone is plotting against them (it's scrotes/trannies posting!) or watching them (anons/mods target me!).
It totally makes me believe P.K. Dick was right when writing "Clans of the Alphane Moon". Lolcow is a great reflection of that moon kek

No. 913105

It's so hard for me to anons serious when they're being bitchy/judgmental knowing the kind of stuff that gets posted here daily

No. 913106

File: 1631737090622.jpg (52.3 KB, 680x486, _60d461f3c309275967879f1cdf5a…)

I specifically reported your post so they can take a look at it. You're welcome.

No. 913108

i'm suspicious of everyone after the "beautiful foot" anon posted their man feet and cankles

No. 913109

and Veronica (who imo didn't deserve it)

No. 913111

Iirc her post history only got exposed because she and other anons wouldn't stop badgering mods to delete the pictures she posted herself even though I remember jannies deleting them?

No. 913119

Shhhhhhhhhh. No more talk of foot anon or else we'll summon foot anon and I'm not ready for more trauma.

No. 913128

File: 1631738095437.png (31.99 KB, 500x281, images-14730.png)

I've been playing picrel recently. It's been a nice little throwback, but this game is actually boring as shit.

No. 913145

It's wild thinking how there are very attractive young women that are unhappy and stressing about their looks, and then here I am with average looks/below average body looking into the mirror in the morning thinking "who's this cute lady".

No. 913147

Fuck yeah anon. Goals.

No. 913177

It's weird to see how some of the most objectively attractive people can still nitpick tiny details about themselves but then some people who just havent been.. say genetically blessed, will be ok and less tortured by it because they've long accepted that they'll never be a beauty queen anyway. That weird irony in attractive people nitpicking themselves to a point that's cruel and self destructive. Sometimes ruining their 'genetic jackpot' looks by trying to tweak them too much.

No. 913193

Tru stacy behavior

No. 913199

How are you cute if you're below average

No. 913200

File: 1631741645978.jpg (91.78 KB, 530x943, theranos-elizabeth-holmes-01.j…)

I watched a few vids about elizabeth holmes last night and scrolled down to the comments to see people laughing at her really put-on fake deep voice… as a woman with just a weirdly deep voice myself I had a moment reading it all. I hope people don't think I'm doing this with any effort to.. sound like a boss ? lol

No. 913206

I guess I was an ugly duckling, as a kid everyone would always make jokes and faces about how ugly I was. I accepted that as my identity and was totally cool with it. Then as an adult people started calling me pretty and drop dead gorgeous and suddenly I felt self conscious about not being even prettier on top of feeling like shit for only being befriended or dated based on looks. I miss knowing I was an ugly bitch. Now I feel like an ugly bitch but “know” I’m pretty

No. 913219

It's extremely obvious when someone is putting on a fake one vs someone with an actual deep voice so I wouldn't worry about it.

No. 913238

i think i'm more jealous of you than i am of anyone i wish i looked like. i have bdd and even though people have told me i'm attractive i'm always picking myself apart and can't make peace with any aspect of my appearance, so i wish i could have this attitude.

No. 913244

the acceptance only really comes after years of self torture

No. 913286

Not for everyone.

No. 913308

Coffee doesn't even do anything for me any more I just had a big ass starbucks and I'm still about to pass out

No. 913377

File: 1631750061416.jpg (156.33 KB, 986x724, 1631749758794.jpg)

more and more people are finally starting to learn that it's older fathers who have retarded children.

No. 913388

My first time being called a moid on here, and I have to say, being triggered by "misgendering" is bullshit. I'm not mad that people are calling me a scrote, I'm perturbed that I feel misunderstood. I also feel like shit for contributing to such an obvious derail. There are fair criticisms in there, but some replies are actually borderline retarded. Now I understand why infighting happens.

No. 913414

I once again wish the tinfoil thread a very nice please get covid you dumb bitches

No. 913418

Shush, nonnie, they'll come in here and derail the thread with seething for a full day about how you're a sociopath with no empathy.

No. 913419

Stay mad :3(:3)

No. 913442

kek I've nearly given myself heart palpitations thinking about what mods could potentially determine about me from my post history. A lot of the anxiety went away once I stopped posting outside of /ot/g/m, though. The cow boards are cursed and exacerbate mental illness.

No. 913444

Wasn't it the provaxx spergs doing that? Kek

No. 913457

File: 1631759090146.jpg (13.18 KB, 258x225, 1522436152580.jpg)

What the hell do they put in oreos that makes them so good, they're like crack

No. 913459

but what about the crazy stuff posted on /ot/ and /g/. not that i would know..

No. 913466

I just feel like the off topic insanity is less poisonous to the soul then getting involved in cow threads. In the paranoid, hopefully impossible nightmare scenario of my post history being tied to my actual identity, I'd be more embarrassed by just having participated in cow threads than anything I've specifically posted on /ot/. But I don't blog my darkest secrets on here like some people do.

No. 913477

Mods better know I'm a fuckup.

No. 913479

I’m pretty sure the mods are well-acquainted with my posts lol

No. 913480

I'm surprised I'm not banned but I guess mods find me pathetic and not troublesome… I shouldnt be here embarrassing myself anymore…

No. 913502

I wonder how many people consistently posts here. Sometimes feels like we have the exact same 5 people

No. 913510

That's how I feel and it makes me a little sad.

No. 913514

Lol I used to work for that company.

No. 913516

File: 1631764566949.jpg (62.82 KB, 1600x1155, il_fullxfull.2511308925_f2k2.j…)

I wonder if we made a Kim Jong-un thread whether the North Korean Cyber Police would start browsing lolcow and trying to hack our great community.

No. 913518

it would be cool if we could see unique posters per thread like on 4chan. I do like how small lolcow feels though, it's comfy

No. 913522

File: 1631765723022.jpg (125.99 KB, 600x500, 2981-1-1348165723.jpg)

The pace now is perfect tbh, my autism makes me want to not miss anything from the threads. I can browse /ot every few hrs and catch up easily.

No. 913534

File: 1631766715762.jpeg (153.78 KB, 700x735, D969403A-416E-462C-A7DF-85071B…)

Can’t stop thinking about this. Even muttered “wet the drys” to myself as I wandered around at work earlier

No. 913535

I was thinking of starting a wordpad file as like a "private" lolcow thread because I feel like I post here too much (and often regret posting). I was like wow that would be incredibly autistic, but then I realized it would basically just be keeping a journal

No. 913597

we have a few ones, think of komaedachan

No. 913631

If I started picking every physical feature that's less than ideal apart on myself and hyperfocus on it, it'd probably be easier to just dig a grave and lay in it kek. The thing is, if I undress and look into the mirror or take a photo,the whole image isn't bad, and I'm content enough with that. I try to focus more on what my body can do (as in work out goals) than trying to achieve some ideal body shape.

No. 913940

Am I tripping or every single MMO raid leads sound exactly the same??? The medium high pitch gamer boy voice.

No. 913946

This is me with
>why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food?

No. 913956

I will never forget that day when Daft Punk had a free concert downtown in one Saturday and the reason why I only saw the last 15min of it was because even though I wanted to go downtown to go shopping a friend of a friend was begging me to go somewhere else with him for no good reason at all and the concert was a secret. I hate this guy and only agreed so he'd leave me alone for the next few months. I've ghosted him for a bunch of other reasons since then but I still think about strangling him from time to time.

No. 913971

File: 1631816669170.jpg (22.74 KB, 500x373, 15-T2135-L33948.jpg)

sometimes i feel a little guilty for only having "ugly" and "weird" husbandos throughout my life instead of bishies but it can't be helped. i'm not telling you who they are but basically i'm into characters that either look like they never sleep, never eat, and never brush their hair or if not that, are drawn in a goofy artstyle or style their hair/clothes/facepaint weirdly. the first traits i listed are unironically hot to me it's almost a fetish at this point idk why. if a man looks healthy and alive i don't want him.

No. 914018

>that kpop girl group blackpink has a member named Rosé
>obv Rosé is not even remotely her real name
>some korean executive probably decided on it for no real reason
>everyone including herself calls her "Rose"
>Rosé is pronounced ro-zeh like the wine (English speakers might know it as ROZAY or something) but in any case it's not pronounced like the flower, rose
koreans appropriating european culture wrong lmao

No. 914035

I feel blessed that with my IUD I only get my period once, maybe twice a year with light bleeding. Usually throughout the year I'll have some light spotting and some cramps, maybe some breakouts and almost no irritability or changes to my mood. It feels so great but whenever my period does come along I fucking dread it. It's not even terrible, I know I get super lucky that it's very light and easy to manage, but FUCK I hate dealing with it. This month it's been making me really irritable too and when I realize it's happening it makes me more angry! I hate knowing that it's affecting my mood and it feels so hard to reel myself back into my baseline mood. Shit sucks, periods are the worst.

No. 914039

I was reading some long dead forum from the Sims 2 days and there was a post about someone at Maxis having a fetish for red haired people in interracial relationships and now I can't unsee it.

No. 914043

File: 1631819057306.png (761.74 KB, 681x607, S4PE_Pancakes (2).png)


No. 914054

Embarrased to know so much about this, but her real name is Roseanne. She was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia until she was a teenager and moved to South Korea, so she had an english name. Her and the members who speak english pronounce it correctly, but usually call her "Rosie" or by her korean name, Chaeyoung

No. 914061

Nta but don't be embarrassed, I just think it's neat when people know stuff. I love learning about people in music especially.

No. 914073

huh. that makes sense i guess? at least her stage name wasn't decided on a whim. i still get triggered when i see people pronouncing "rosé" as "rose" though

No. 914095

Thank you for taking one for the team, nonnie. I initally also wanted to answer the same thing but felt too embarassed for being a bp sperg.

No. 914109

ily anon
I understand that trigger, especially because "rosé" sounds so pretty, why would anyone pronounce it wrong?
Kek I gotchu fellow bp sperg

No. 914111

File: 1631822537695.jpg (73.84 KB, 1122x934, 4515646564.jpg)

>orders doordash
>driver drops off at the wrong fucking house
>immediately tries to call him, doesn't pick up
>seething, sent him a Karen tier text
>10 minutes later the nice neighbor actually drove down to my house with my food
>currently stuffing my face, feeling kinda sorta bad as I already got my money back

No. 914128

i had to give my doordash driver verbal directions to my house once like it was fucking 1998 and of course it was some old dumbass man that couldn't bother to figure out the map directions that are literally integrated into the app.

No. 914156

idk how people are bothered to have more than like 4 children max. i saw some tiktok titled
>how i feed my family of 12
and i was like… w why? just why?

No. 914157

It has to be a fetish

No. 914158

has to be something like that. woman was feeding her 10 kids and her husband and herself a piece of chicken, mac n cheese, and a slice of watermelon for dinner…

No. 914168

could be religious reasons too (to pro-create and/or not use birth control).

No. 914171

ugh i knew a family like this and all the kids were homeschooled and dumb as rocks but the parents believed if it was "god's will" to have kids then they would just keep popping them out. I'm pretty sure there was like a 20 year age difference between the youngest and oldest which was weird by itself.

No. 914173

I like watching yt channels of big families out of morbid curiosity, it seems to vary. From what I've seen they're usually
>weird hippies
>unstable with a tonne of baby daddies, just having kids to fill a void

No. 914174

Reminds me of the Rodrigues Family and how sickly and undernourished her kids are because she had a giant brood without being able to properly provide for them. And she's so defensive of all the comments she gets on her kids looking like Holocaust victims the mom will post videos of them gleefully eating their allotted 5.5 french fries and 2.6 nuggets like they are properly cared for. It'd be funny if I didn't feel so bad for the kids

No. 914187

File: 1631826743431.jpg (8.79 KB, 266x201, speeds true form.jpg)

Have you ever wondered if there is something wrong with Pops seeds? There is no other explanation for how he managed to pop three retarded children. Like, the older run away after throwing a tantrum because you forbid him to race until he is older and more experienced after the fucker almost died, but all he cares is about winning, not that you're worried sick, how dare you. Then your second is a complete narcissistic prick. It's the guy who will fucking kill you if you go against his wishes, his girlfriend being his fucking moral compass, the only thing between him and the complete destruction of everything he touches. He gets angry at the mere suggestion that he should let this random guy win so he can now have the money to pay for his poor ill sister treatment, because 'not my problem', all he cares, like his older bro is about winning. Whatever it takes. He has no heart. I don't understand how he got a girlfriend. He treats her like shit. I wonder if she wishes he would just run over her with the Mach 5 and end her suffering. I sure would.. anyway then you have your third, and this one, you don't even need to hear about. Maybe his mom tried to drown him shortly after his birth, realizing she birthed two sociopaths and there is no way this one will be any different.. but he somehow ends being different, not in a good way though, more like in the way of that retarded cousin nobody likes, who says shit and everyone just humor him because you don't know what to expect of him. Something nasty hidden under that tasteless sense of humor and inappropriate behaviour. I think this boy is a ticking bomb and I hope he explodes when they're all together at home having a nice dinner so neither of them has the chance to pass their genes. Thankfully Rex is living a senseless life. He might never have children, but I fear for Trixie.

No. 914227

>have work related question
>go ask on my countries sub
>pretend to be male
>get around 40 actually helpful replies and 3 private messages with info/help

God fucking dammit. Sometimes I really hate the internet. The last time I asked something similar without hiding I was a woman I got a bunch of "trolls" replying and most of the comments were how I shpuld just find a rich husband. Fucking men.

No. 914235

File: 1631829227627.gif (553.67 KB, 498x282, DXQAEBsES.gif)

Yeah it be like that

No. 914239

File: 1631829273853.jpg (24.57 KB, 624x692, yxjxmkfhcwt41.jpg)

Do men have oxytocin rushes ever? Or is it all just dopamine for them. My dumb self has understood that oxytocin has more to do with bonding, and dopamine is primarily for rewarding effort. Men always moan about how women are intolerant of men being emotional. They also claim that women actually like crying and love being victimized, mainly referring to the oxytocin rush associated with letting the tears go. But do men actually even know how it feels like to let the emotion come and go, after which there's a soothing calmness and clarity as well as increasing fondness of the person who stayed and offered their trustworthy shoulder? Do men even understand what they need and want in a relationship, if even with sex the primary neurotransmitter activity is dopamine and the oxytocin activity is muted (relative to that of the woman's at least)?

Do men know how little they're even able to know? How does it make them feel, I wonder.

No. 914241

I want to eat but my boyfriend is going to be home soon and sometimes he surprises me with food and I don't want to ruin any surprises by asking him anything so I will continue to wait.

No. 914255

Omg. If I keep getting stood up by companies I'm doing this

No. 914295

Man, that's actually really depressing. Definitely going to try that though.

No. 914296

File: 1631833675401.jpeg (137.35 KB, 750x974, FE2F7954-C529-4640-BB83-529C63…)

can someone give me the saucy details about admin being a cow?

No. 914299

This happens to me everyday (not a boyfriend tho). It's only annoying until you get the food one way the other. Godspeed anon I hope your meal is good no matter what

No. 914302

There are none, all her posts on the discord are pretty level-headed. The retard on meta who likely said that, thinks admin is some random nonbinary US fatty and used to think lolcow is owned by the owner of kiwifarms, to the point the retard wrote him several emails about suing him because she has a thread here and doesn't like it.

No. 914303

it's been stated on discord a million times and it's on the rules or announcements channel or whatever that the admin in the discord is not the same admin as the site owner

No. 914305

Yes, but admin is (or was, I haven't visited it for months now) still in it.

No. 914309

australian accents sound like you're sucking a bag of dicks

No. 914314

Holy shit I just complained about something super similar in the vent thread
I just want food but my bf is still working aaa

No. 914320

And brits sound like they have the balls

No. 914325

Wish I had the confidence of the average male. Today there was a guy standing in the middle of a little 5m bridge that you have to cross as a pedestrian since the other way to the store is blocked by construction. This bridge is like 1.5m wide. There is lots of empty space next to it and yet he chose to stand there, leaning on the railing. Doesn't even bother him that he's basically in the way of literally everyone else. He was still there when I left the shop too, so weird.

No. 914329

men are the fucking worst. i was on a walk the other day and the entire sidewalk was empty but this dude just fucking charged at me and i had to jump out of the way. he didn't even say sorry or anything, he just kept walking.

No. 914334

I often wonder in those shows where all the men or women no longer exist, do people think that whatever magical being will be like, "Well TWAW so they'd still be on earth", does that count for men who transition? Say there's a world without women, so if a man goes, "welp, my egged is cracked and scrambled, I'm a woman" does that mean he'll just disappear? Are the Aliens or whatever woke?

No. 914339