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No. 1190469

General conspiracy thread. Discussions surrounding government coverups, entertainment industry secrets, predictions, political intrigues etc, are all welcome here.

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No. 1190489

First fatteeez

No. 1190497

Second is the best

No. 1190507

Third with the hairy chest

No. 1190554

File: 1653089107211.jpg (361.6 KB, 1080x998, Screenshot_20220518-004124_Ins…)

fourth I'm fucking gay and retarded and my tinfoil is:

meal replacements like Huel are just grooming for society to readily accept living on a diet of nutrient paste and make us think it's acceptable to not have time or knowledge to cook real food from scratch anymore, like those blocks made of roaches from Snowpiercer that were given to the working people meanwhile the elites were eating expensive food.

No. 1190570

I'd add, the whole highly processed food in recipes is freaky to me. I looked up a pumpkin pie recipe and they mostly all used canned pumpkin. Same with the push of adding coke to recipes. They'd better add tons of flavoring to that mush or else ppl won't eat it lol. Most likely is fruit veg and meat becoming super expensive (it's already happening) and people have to make do with GMO corn syrup soy stuff. Plastic noodles, greens full of heavy metals, fake meat made of soy, tons of additives to make it taste ok. The richies are very open about the fact that they want to force people to eat like this.

No. 1190574

File: 1653090593397.jpg (645.82 KB, 1420x1130, 1653089981923.jpg)

Apparently early puberty is indeed rising like crazy in the US, which is the fatfuck capital of the world.
I also asked my mom, who stayed in the US for about 6 months in the 2000s and has relatives living there if she thinks the food is better and healthier in my country than in the US, and she says it really is (which I agree on, especially when it comes to our agricultural output).
Truly, processed food and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race…

No. 1190577

File: 1653090694469.png (505.91 KB, 1349x682, 1653071305993.png)

reposting from the last thread, anyone else thinks this is beyond fucked up, literally taking a human beings very identity and turning them into a product

>In a unique deal, Stan Lee, who died in 2018, is returning to Marvel Studios.

>Marvel has signed a 20-year deal with Stan Lee Universe, a venture between Genius Brands International and POW! Entertainment, to license the name and likeness of Lee for use in future feature films and television productions, as well as Disney theme parks, various “experiences” and merchandising.
>“It really ensures that Stan, through digital technology and archival footage and other forms, will live in the most important venue, the Marvel movies, and Disney theme parks,” said Andy Heyward, chairman and CEO of Genius Brands. “It’s a broad deal.”
>The deal does give Marvel permission to use Lee’s name, voice, likeness and signature in movies and television projects, as well as to use images, existing footage and existing audio recordings featuring him. The rights to use Lee’s name, voice, likeness and signature exclusively in theme parks, cruise lines and in-park merchandise were also included in the deal. Audiences and parkgoers could see Lee turn up as figures and toys, and on apparel and stationery.
>Genius Brand, a global kids media company, created the joint venture with POW!, a media company co-founded by Lee along with Gill Champion and Arthur Lieberman, in July 2020. Heyward — who called Lee a mentor and is the former chairman of DIC Entertainment, the home of Inspector Gadget — said he spearheaded the venture because, in the aftermath of Lee’s death and the revelations of conflicts in Lee’s final years, “there needed to be a steward of his legacy.” The company is now sifting through Lee’s files and dealing with offers, all through a protective lens.
>“The audience revered Stan, and if it’s done with taste and class, and respectful of who he was, [uses of his likeness] will be welcomed,” said Heyward. “He is a beloved personality, and long after you and I are gone, he will remain the essence of Marvel.”

after consuming us they will resurrect us just so they can eat us again. and again… and again… and again

No. 1190583

Rokos Basilisk, shit.

No. 1190586

>fatfuck capital of the world
Someone's never been to Sweden or Mexico.

No. 1190590

iirc the middle east too is full of fatties

No. 1190594

Yeah, I know it's technically Mexico since churches there literally replace the wine with Coca-cola, but given it's literally south of the border it's not that expected. Didn't know Sweden was that fat though…
Seems legit, from what I've seen arabs are either fat or starving depending on whether it's the rich petrostates or the poorer countries that the big powers and rich petrostates profit from by conflict.

No. 1190602

almost everyone in sweden is overweight with a lot being straight up obese. murica's reputation for having the most fat people is a cope. there's processed food everywhere now anyway

No. 1190607

Girl why did you even try to rationalize with literal self admitting pedophiles? I hope you were able to report them to HR.

No. 1190608

File: 1653092546603.png (98.77 KB, 800x549, 1610306791250.png)

Kuwait is literally the fattest non-Island nation in the world and arab states have the highest rates of obesity in the world
wait Sweden is obese, I thought the UK was the fattest country in Europe

No. 1190610

Idk if pumpkin is a different case but canned tomatoes at least (especially ones that are whole as opposed to cubes) are fine and good, preserving food like that goes way back even if the cans themselves don't. They're usually not processed at all, the ones I get in my country are just tomato, tomato juice, and natural citric acid.

No. 1190611

the fuck does any of that have to do with the basilisk kek

No. 1190612

Idk why I find this shocking? I've never heard about the obesity epidemic in Sweden.

No. 1190617

you can come see for yourself. fast food places are constantly packed here since there isn't a lot of good out to eat and everyone is constantly drinking carbonated beverages or soda. countries with a larger population will obviously be talked about more but i've travelled to the usa and there are definitely more skinny people there than here lol

No. 1190620

File: 1653093233177.png (85.21 KB, 1186x773, 1612931992146.png)

more people died of obesity during the Libyan civil war, then the war its self

No. 1190621

I'm surprised too, I always thought Europe was fairly thin as a whole, at least compared to the US and such. When I think of swedes I think tall, thin, and blonde. I guess I wouldn't know thought since I haven't actually been there.

No. 1190624

which country has the most deathfats though, seriously wondering. or maybe other countries just don't create reality show "documentaries" like the 1000 lbs sisters and my 600lbs life etc as modern day circus sideshows like the us does? idk.

No. 1190625

>tall, thin, and blonde
not even close to true. maybe in the 70s

No. 1190626

what happened, are most people skinny fat these days, cause most documentaries I have watched about the Sweden, the people seemed average to me, not buff or thin, just rather averageish

No. 1190630

processed food, carbonated water and soda, fast food being the only takeout and extremely popular. an incredible amount of people are now chubby to obese here. havent seen skinnyfat but i am not sure what that means

No. 1190632

skinnyfat means thin but flabby, not overweight but little to no muscle tone

No. 1190634

File: 1653093967203.png (358.17 KB, 1920x1067, Superfund_sites.svg.png)

Is this info broken down by state anywhere? I did a search and didn't find anything. I say this because I wonder if earlier puberty happens closer to former toxic waste dumps. It would be possible to check the density of superfund sites in a state with the average age of puberty to see if there's a connection. For example New Jersey even though it's a small state has the largest number of superfund sites, where as North Dakota has hardly any. If New Jersey has a lower age of puberty than North Dakota it would indicate that chemicals dumped into the environment have a impact human development. It's known that chemicals such as polychlorinated biphenyls are highly toxic and can prolonged exposure can cause cancer, birth defects, mental retardation and hormone disruption.

No. 1190635

File: 1653094019904.png (44.47 KB, 250x569, Norrland.png)

The tall and blonde viking swedish people think about all live here, but their an extreme minority and no one wants to live in those regions cause its cold asf and poor, however the rest of Sweden is insanely americanized, many young people even speak with fairly passing american accents here, so everything from whats considered trendy fashion, ideas about feminism, race relations, popular media and just about everything related to culture and society you can think off, comes directly from america and extent the other anglo countries to a minor extent

No. 1190637

oh ok. i mean a lot are overweight or obese. usually the only skinny or skinnyfat people are typically old people because they like to walk and go outside and old people have exercise machines here made for them that they use.

No. 1190643

I deleted. I have my own csa history so I just don't want to be told I'm 'rationalizing with pedos' when I'm stuck living somewhere where I hear pedo shit all the time and no I can't report it or stop it or get away from it. I'd love to live somewhere where that's a thing.

My point was just that men think 14 year olds start their periods. I think that was the average age maybe 5 or 6 decades ago and it's dropped a bit by now with rates of precocious puberty shooting up. There's plenty of men in the world who go by these bs rules of 'grass on the pitch' and similar gross lines like that… meanwhile its becoming further and further from being any indicator that a girl is grown.

No. 1190652

Those poor little girls, I hit puberty when I was 10 and I was teased for it and I hated it

No. 1190683

I started mine at 13 and I remember asking my best friend if she had started hers yet, I didn't think she had seeing as she never mentioned it. She told me she was 4 years into having them and even back then I was sad at the thought of a 9 year old having to go through cycles and even be discreet about it. She was embarrassed.

Puberty blockers, before they were a trans thing they were mainly for girls of 6 and under who for whatever reason get thrown into puberty too early. That seems to be the age where they'll intervene to stop it

No. 1190687

This might be slightly ot but I’m an American and my bf is immigrated from one of the countries closely surrounding it on this graph and he always talks about how many freakishly obese people he sees in America and how America is so fat. Does a 2-4% difference in the obesity rates really feel so drastic?

No. 1190689

Hairy Styles eats literal poop

No. 1190695

I started mine at age 8, not surprised with all the artificial growth hormones pumped into factory farmed food and the microplastics and unnecessary additives food companies get government subsidies to add to food. learning about how unstable and unnatural the US food system is is what made me go vegan years ago and seriously take on homesteading cause this is nothing new.

also interesting to add, from the book 'the body keeps the score' research has also shown for a few years now that there seems to be a link between early onset of puberty (age 6-10) in the west and rising rates of CSA. also wasn't surprised when I learned that, given most of the folks Ive met who have started puberty at a very young age also experienced CSA beforehand.

No. 1190714

It's possible that the fat American reputation makes him notice more fat people and feel like there's more than there are. He also may be from an area where there are many fat people.

No. 1190717

>He also may be from an area where there are many fat people.

No. 1191026

Don't buy caned food, glass jars is a much more safe option. Also don't buy yougurts in plastic containers, choose glass as much as possible.

No. 1191042

Canned tomatoes are higher in lycopene than fresh ones and heating/processing them helps it be better absorbed. Fresh tomatoes are usually picked unripe and reddened with ethylene gas. That's not to say canned tomatoes are better, but there are some benefits even with the BPA risk

No. 1191051

I started mine the same month I turned 9, it really is scary and embarrassing to develop early and it's sad it's happening to girls more often now

No. 1191443

why is there a baby boom lately? birth control has never been more accessible and it's never stable couples who can financially support their kids it's retarded young adults in shitty relationships and only one partner works and makes 12/hour. At least the first baby boom most people having kids were together and not just situationships and were financially stable, did covid/increased processed food/shitty water make everyone retarded? also why does every young adult seem to be in a situationship?

No. 1191446

covid boredom babies

No. 1191447

I feel like those countries people are just obese but in america people are literal deathfats reaching 300-600 lbs. Also americans who aren't obese are overweight at the very least

No. 1191491

because people are genuinely just fucking retarded and think they have some sort of right to bring life into this earth even if they don't have their own shit sorted first. people will still fuck unprotected even if the forests around them are on fire and even if they haven't had a job in years. they'll purposely fuck without condoms or any birth control and act surprised when a pregnancy happens. it's nothing new tbh, but like you said now it's increasingly difficult to be financially comfortable so there's even less of an excuse for people to be popping out babies left and right.

>also why does every young adult seem to be in a situationship

men get into them because they can reap all the benefits like sex and having to make no effort.
women get into situationships because every year the bar lowers for standards of men and we still aren't allowed to set boundaries for the most part, so i guess a lot of women just think they should be grateful for the shit-tier moids they're given: porn addicts, crybabies who use mens mental health stats as an excuse to be dossers, and just overall emotionally-stunted inept males who see no reason to commit and make effort towards a real relationship and offer real love to a woman.
not defending men of the past either, but long gone are the days of men being expected and taught to provide in the relationship with a job or career. now you will have to suffice with skinnyfat low-testosterone unemployed gamers who's idea of hard-work is spending 7 hours a day curating a collection of tiktok e-girl images.

No. 1192038

this. all the poor brainlet retards i graduated high school with in 2018 have been pumping out babies in the last 2 years. and they all have no baby daddy or they are deadbeats. i am talking about lets see… literally 11 diferent girls i was close friends with or just acquantinaces. and the few with a dad in the picture are nowhere near married and the dude is poor lol and has no education. it's getting weird.. almost none of them were like this in school, especially my closest friend. she was all pro education and was so against being a young mom with no job or money etc.

No. 1192041

i feel i should add: they also parade their pregnancies all over social media like they're proud and are thrilled, so it isn't that these are total accidents either.

No. 1192072

Because this is what humans do? People will never stop making babies, no matter the circumstances, this is what we were designed to do after all. I personally don't find it hard to figure out. And I never understood this argument people have (no saying specifically you anon) that people should wait until the world is a better, more stable place to live to have children, you will literally be waiting forever because it's never gonna happen. Babies have been born in much worse times

No. 1192094

I have a serious fear of AIDS p.2. I know is going to happen, the question is when.

No. 1192133

The recent child hepatitis cases are linked to covid vaccinations, no matter how much ""doctors"" like to tell that the children were all unvaccinated.

No. 1192156

A part of me wants to call you an obtuse dumbass trying to justify retards doing retarded, avoidable shit, the other part agrees with your fundamentalist argument, cause the truth is most humans are dumb and will never stop doing some pretty questionable things

No. 1192222

File: 1653218964919.jpeg (155.12 KB, 1000x842, EfD8IqZUEAA8TrF.jpeg)

I really think feds are trying to either destroy or take over imageboards completely.
Today the fourth fucking 4chan archive closed down within a bit more than a year. And as far as I checked, every existing archive only has thumbnails for anything pre-2017.
That being said, they probably also laid their eyes on lolcow to sabotage it.

No. 1192225

Good. Maybe all the white neckbeard kids can go touch some grass instead of sitting in their dark room conjuring up ideas on how to shoot women and minorities at walmart kek

No. 1192229

Which archive? Wtf?

No. 1192232

Good, these archive sites don't respond to takedown requests even if they are for doxxing or underaged nudes

No. 1192239


Nice distraction there, love how you ignored the last part.

No. 1192242

File: 1653220166175.jpg (229.76 KB, 1080x492, IMG_20220522_134743.jpg)

Samefag, but here is a post regarding this. While the anon kind of sounds like a schizo, this matches up exactly with the bot-like cp spam and the weird admin bullshit that we also experienced.

No. 1192256

What was the original post about, in full?

No. 1192266

stop infighting and being aggressive for no reason. people can comment about anything within your post. if you don't want that to happen, stop posting.

No. 1192274

Go back to 4chan. It's full of weak white boys who want to kill women and minorities. Good that achieve was taken down so they can't spread their weird ass thinking.
The bot posts the same threads to all imageboards and some anon said the images were manifactured and photoshopped. It smells like some fbi honeypot if anything.

No. 1192295

How is it aggressive or infighting to ask you what the original post was about?

The original post isn't about the school shooters /pol/ birthes with their retardation or doxxing. It's about how suspicious it is that all those archives close down from one day to another without a trace in a short timeframe and feds trying to erase and sabotage any trace of imageboards because of what they are, which includes lolcow who has also been struggling the most in the same timeframe.
Which will also make it piss easy to do historical revision in a few years, since anything, absolutely anything against favorable mainstream narrative can be shrugged off and is being erased.

No. 1192303

The ones I had to see weren't photoshopped. I also don't understand what kind of honeypot would spam on lolcow continuously after obviously getting no clicks. They aren't posted on every imageboard either and I witnessed twice that those bot-threads were bumped and the reply seemingly deleted very quickly (this was before the "why can't any of you whores x" moid who I think is the one who spams the non-bot cp..). Someone on another imageboard made some tool to scan for duplicate spam posts on several imageboards and the results were all weird. It was posted on meta somewhere, I'll see if I can find the post.

No. 1192307

Honestly…If that poster is telling the truth, at that point, they should just give access to the servers. 4chan itself has been lousy with feds and psyops for years. Moot and Hiroyuki sold the place out long ago (Hiroyuki especially isn't trustworthy, just ask 2channers). It's as plain as the fucking Google captcha they used to (maybe still?) use.
No information the feds could siphon from the archives could be greater than what they already would've acquired from 4chan, and anyone who posts shit to 4chan (of all places) that could/would get them watchlisted is a moron. Either destroy literal internet history, or let some shooters and rapists etc get got? The choice is fucking obvious.
All of this could be prevented if they had a way to snapshot the threads without saving anything about posters, I'm surprised they apparently haven't come up with anything

No. 1192314

Samefagging because I also want to say that if they're targeting Lolcow, that just makes me even more suspicious of those posters who pop up in /meta/ saying "mods should just ban all VPNs". 4chan bans VPNs, 4chan is full of glowies, we're receiving all sorts of fucked up spam. You do the fucking math on what they're trying to do here, kek

No. 1192353

It's not that people should wait until the world is a better, more stable place to raise your children in. It's that people should wait on themselves and their partner and actively improve THEMSELVES to get to a position where they are stable, responsible, capable, and in an ideal world have healed any of their inner traumas regarding how they were raised, how they were neglected or not to not perpetuate the cycle.
It's true it's pretty much inevitable dumbasses will still birth babies they can't care for properly though. And with so many alive and unadopted…

No. 1192369

File: 1653232103857.jpg (26.64 KB, 620x350, 41372-212903-deathjpg-620x.jpg)

its simply in our genes, Every living thing on this planet exists to mindlessly pass on their DNA. We're designed that way. From the moment we're thrown into this world, we're fated to bring each other nothing but pain and misery

No. 1192375

File: 1653232623088.jpg (34.14 KB, 750x730, 563z0czjyp041.jpg)

>we're fated to bring each other nothing but pain and misery
wow edgy

No. 1192455

Well said anon

No. 1192914

Spoken like a true parasite xy

No. 1192941

Humans have the same biological urge to reproduce like all living beings do. I think its somewhat comforting, in a weird way. That no matter how much we are pushed by external forces to artificially stop reproducing, we're just animals and our strong internal naturally drives can never be fully tamed by bigcorp and the elites.

No. 1192953

File: 1653268598573.png (779.1 KB, 623x611, unknown-3.png)

>you will never be nietzsche

No. 1193184

disasters and uncertainty make people want to have sex and reproduce. it's inside us. I had a vague memory of reading something about people having orgasms or something after an earthquake so I tried to google it in a way that wouldn't bring up porn and got this LA Times article written a few weeks after 9/11 about new yorkers and their urge to pair up and have sex following the attacks. pretty interesting.


No. 1193403

File: 1653295939765.jpg (40.77 KB, 590x437, 1637803191908.jpg)

Nonnies I'm giving up. I'm unvaxxed and I resisted all this time even tho I live in a European country that has pratically forced everyone to get the jab. USA decided to change the requirements to get in if you are a foreigner: until some time ago you could enter fully vaxxed or if you got covid in the last 90 days. I had all planned out since I have a vacation in US planned since pre-pandemy. Now they removed the 90days from recovery part so I'm fucked. I will need to get the jab (novvax at least but still…). I'm so sad because I'm giving up my principles for a vacation but somehow it is not just that, I feel my partner would finally leave me for good if I bail out on this paid for vacation. I'm a coward. Still… why did USA remove the recovery shit? Makes no sense at all, 90days was already low but now it is ridicolous. I thouhght all this time they would lift all the vaccine req for travelers by summer but I guess no. Why did they do this?

No. 1193410

I genuinely love reminders that we're just another species of animal, we just have bigger brains and opposable thumbs

No. 1193411

>Not even corporations can stop overpopulation
>and that's a good thing

No. 1193412

samefag I meant "novavax"

No. 1193414

>Implying elites don't benefit from poor, uneducated people reproducing

No. 1193417

Vaccine requirements for travelling isn't exactly a new thing, countries just want to reduce the risk of new variants being brought over again and being seeded into their population.
I mean look at what's happening with monkeypox this now, you can see why countries don't want new diseases seeded into their population.

No. 1193418

Fake it, nonna. There's many ways to get the QR certificate. DO NOT GET THE JAB. it's not worth it to get myocarditis and possibly become infertile only for a vacation.

No. 1193433

I was literally quoting a fucking metal gear character, I was pointing out how the some users were sounding like an over dramatic mgs character, I even included the picture so you'd get the reference

No. 1193436

Kek sorry anon

No. 1193439

File: 1653300619077.jpg (37.59 KB, 400x400, 1609588753929 (1).jpg)

oh saviour nona, help me find ways to fake it. here the medical personelisnt going to take bribes and my general doctor ( we have one assigned) is a fervid pro vax-everyone that doesnt even give the legettimate exentions. Im desperate

No. 1193444

File: 1653300870849.jpg (92.84 KB, 500x375, glowie.jpg)

No. 1193458

Nta but if you have time you could try catching covid (that's how I did it) or fake a positive test (there are many ways to do it apparently), do the quarantine and then have your shiny qr code.

No. 1193470

no! they NOW require proof of full VACCINATION, the recovery from covid is not valid anymoore to get in if you are a foreigner! that's the whole problem

No. 1193471

Stay out of my country.

No. 1193475

Why are you even in the tinfoil thread, go jerk off in the covid thread

No. 1193476

File: 1653304108368.gif (2.21 MB, 227x275, 1652202642362.gif)

No. 1193480

I really do think that this types of posts are GLOWING. If not, then why coming in the TINFOIL thread of all places when so easily triggered by even the most basic of opinions? Call me crazy all you want but this shit smells like failed glowie gayops

No. 1193488

Because I scroll by you downies rolling in your own shit everyday and it's gotten out of control, you've gotten too comfortable
Take your fucking meds or go to /x/ I'm tired of this literal pants on head retardation shit stain thread tainting /ot/(infighting)

No. 1193492

I repeat. Why are you here if you feeel like this? Is someone forcing you to interact with this thread everyday? Must be exhausting kek
Also, sorry to break it to you but I sperg ITT once every couple of months so the people writing the opinions you find so unbearable are a lot more than a couple of anons you unhinged glowie

No. 1193494

if you don't like or agree then just scroll past. it's really not hard, i'm not sure why retards like you have tantrums over this shit. there's a few threads i don't necessarily agree with but i don't fucking sperg out over their presence, i just scroll past them and get on with my day. you sound emotionally unstable

No. 1193495

>I post in this thread once a month
>But YOU post here everyday!!!
I used to participate in this thread and this is my first post in here in months since it became infested by /pol/ moids and actual shit eating schizos
Your thought process sounds exhausting, you live with some perpetual fed boogeyman that doesn't give a single shit about you because you are a nobody in a world where people are "forced" to do things instead of doing them.. just because??
Nah, kiss my ass
Threads like these invite this audience to LC and it leaks into every other thread

No. 1193497

are u retarded? you wrote this
>Because I scroll by you downies rolling in your own shit everyday
And i wrote you dont need to INTERACT. never said you post here everyday. Learn to read

No. 1193500

Are you? You didn't say that you said;
>Is someone forcing you to interact with this thread everyday
Not my fault you can't cohesively express your thoughts. I feel bad for the parasites feeding on your brain, they must be anorexic

No. 1193501

>When the fed finally has a mental breakdown.

No. 1193502

>But YOU post here everyday!!!
are you really retarded? Nice derailing tho. Nice try glowie, and a fattie too I assume by your anachan accusation. Stay glowing, stay fat, stay mad.

No. 1193504

Inshallah your newfag ass will learn to hide threads and work on your anger issues. I love my schizos and like reading their posts even though I might not agree with all.

No. 1193505

>Goes into tinfoil thread
>Thread is full of tinfoils
>Gets mad

No. 1193506

>going to USA as holiday
Ew. Why?

No. 1193508

Yes and I watch you through your microwave when you walk around with your braless saggy tiddies at 3 am
Opinion discarded, go back and stay there

No. 1193509

We stay in a Murder-she-wrote/Jessica Fletcherish situation. In a beautifoul out the city place , sorta like a cabin on the ocean with gaslamps etc no electricity, really a wonderful place. I've been there before too

No. 1193510

idk how to break it to you but the entire website is infested with moids, this thread in particular is not solely responsible for this, it's because it is a women-oriented website. if you have a legitimate complain then how about you take your little sausage fingers over to meta and make a fuss over there? you probably won't though, right? you'd rather sit here and cry about the fact that people have different opinions or beliefs that may be considered crazy or schizo to you.

guess what, i think some of the shit in here is schizo too, but that's why we have this dedicated thread for it, and unlike you most of us are mentally well-adjusted enough to simply scroll past and move on without our day being impacted or ruined by it.
i'm sure it must be tough when your needs and wants aren't constantly the centre of attention, but you'll have to get used to it. this website and this thread is not and will never be catered to your unhinged self and if you don't like that fact then you're more than welcome to go back to twitter.

No. 1193512

No. 1193514

sure! tldr: you're fucking retarded. hope this helps!

No. 1193515

I didn't ask for your life synopsis sweetheart

No. 1193516

File: 1653306544158.gif (996.3 KB, 500x376, 1610980799839.gif)

Based sane nonnies standing for the right of we schizos to sperg in this dedicated thread

No. 1193518

>braless saggy titties at 3 am
You sound like an angry scrote. Fucking take a break, retard. Also everyone aside from newfags know how to hide threads, you're clearly new.

No. 1193519

File: 1653306569822.png (104.06 KB, 272x275, 1652646940178 (1).png)

>seeded into their population.
Well, you could say it this way.

No. 1193520

She's saying you need to take your pills. Even alleged schizos are more calm than you and that's telling

No. 1193521

If you’re that desperate to travel, just get the vaccine. I am double jabbed and had a booster. Are you an anti vaxx that won’t vaccinate their kids? Don't travel if it's that big a deal for you

No. 1193523

Yes absolutely no one can figure out how to hit the little minus button but grizzled oldfags
That wasn't the point you dumb cunt

No. 1193524

Take your pills. You're so upset over such a tiny thing. If you don't wanna read, minimize it and go with your day. You sound more deranged and mad than the schizos you were hating on.

No. 1193526

File: 1653306904226.png (195.58 KB, 322x527, 1648466229619.png)

Nonnas please remember that derailing and deflecting discussion to different topics are also glowie tactics.
I guess now that they found their new meme to terrorize people with, they also start shilling here again like they did with covid.

No. 1193527

I'm not an antivaxx, I'm pro choice on the covid vax. I'm doing the new dose of anti-thethanus ( the one you do when your vaccine expires after 10 years). I just don't think I need this one since I already developed anticorps for this and I don't have none of the pre conditions that puts you at risk.

No. 1193528

you are right and I thought about this while replying to the bait but I couldnt resist. Sorry nonnie I'm weak. I will be better from now on

No. 1193529

Monkey pox was leaked from the US funded biolabs in Ukraine and was then brought over to the rest Europe and the world by Ukrainian refugees escaping the conflict.

No. 1193530

Why is everything but gentle fence sitting speak "upset" and "unhinged" to you? Female socialization?
You aren't important enough for ""glowies"" (can't even say the actual word huh?) to bother(infighting)

No. 1193532

Don't listen to that anon, she's just angry at this thread so she's biased. I'm vaxxed for covid myself but I don't get why anyone would think forcing people to get it is ok.

No. 1193533

>braless saggy tits
>reeeeeee, why aren't you obeying me you ugly bitches
Fuck of male poster. Clocked by retardation alone.

No. 1193536

>dumb cunt
>watching your saggy tits at 3 am
>you downies
>literal pants on head retardation shit stain thread tainting
You literally made all those unhinged remarks in like 20 minutes. You're not ok. You're probably more mentally unstable than anons here and that's why everyone's telling you you're having a breakdown. Move away, close the tab and go outside. Please. You really are so unhinged.

No. 1193537

please go back to 4chan.
not that anon and she has issues but come on look at this thread its obvious some of the tinfoilers here are men especially with their ''glowie'' obsession which you seem perfectly fine with. There was even /pol/ tier racebaiting and tinfoiling here and i even got blamed for telling a male to stop racebaiting.

No. 1193538

You're right. Let's pray the covid vaxx he got left him infertile, kek!

No. 1193540

>glowies are a male obsession
Oh sweet summerchild nonnie, this is so wrong

No. 1193541

Please just stop replying to it and report.

No. 1193543

>glowies is only 4chan lingo.
Incorrect, a lot of lingo is shared across imageboards, with only some being exclusive. Things like based, glowie, are used in many places. You can't ree everyone you don't agree with is an edgy polfag newfag. Are you the one who was complaining about 'manhate' earlier?

No. 1193544

kek maybe he got fired

No. 1193548

uhmmm no, glowies is not a male thing, a moid will usually say glow nigger here.

No. 1193549

File: 1653307885196.jpg (407.63 KB, 1199x798, tinfoil thread unite.jpg)

you're welcome nonna. i will always stand up for the rights of tinfoil schizos, they are an integral part of this world, sort of like bees

No. 1193551

retard minimod this is my first post here in months, i just see it that way since ''glowies'' wasnt used here until recently and happened around the same time 4chan tier racebaiting started.
no because not everyone who has a different opinion than you is the same anon.

But alas this thread is moid central so ill get attacked no matter what i say just like how i told a moid (who later got banned) that he was posting natzi propaganda, but suddenly anons started replying to me gaslighting me that what he posted was okay despite the jannys also redtexting him as a /pol/ moid, so no point of calling out the obvious when most here are moids or agree with moids.
Have fun.(enough)

No. 1193554

Dear newfag male poster, saying moid alot and saying you hate polfags does not actually help you blend in with the actual female user base of this site.

No. 1193556

My tinfoil is that the anti-schizo retard was brought by Kaitlyn Tiffany's article. We had an anon reeing about 'manhate' before calling everyone femcels/polfags, I think it's the same person. Curse of Kaitlyn strikes once more.

No. 1193587

Biggest conspiracy is patriarchy, don't get how some women are neck deep in some conspiracies yet firmly deny the fact that over the past few 1000 years men have stolen everything from women and erased and denied previous matriarchy from history.

No. 1193589

Now this is a tinfoil I %100 believe. I also believe that other retard was a newfag who discovered the websites using the same way, he kept calling anons femcels and said he knew this site was femcel central. Cursed you, tiffany!

No. 1193592

100%. It's a system designed to uphold failed men so the men who got on top using violence can retain their resources and acquire more using the lower class men as fuel for the war machine, allowing them to pool resources like land and women, since men consider women as a resource and not an equal person because they desire to pass on their genetics like all animals/are happy for women to be used as a psuedo kingdom (the family) so the lower class moids have something to control and don't try to usurp control and resources from the upper class men. It's a bastardisation of nature by men to circumvent losing out in reproduction and stop men having to improve and compete against other men to get a mate. Men want as little risk with as much reward as possible, which the system is used to achieve.

No. 1193594

I'm with you nonas, I belive this too.

No. 1193595

If you're getting Novavax you probably don't have much to worry about as far as your health compared to the others, but I get it feels gross to not follow your own ideals sometimes. The thing is that life is all about making cost/benefit analysis and if you are changing your mind because you think the benefit of traveling easily will outweigh what it will cost you not to do it, that's fine. It doesn't mean you don't have principles, it means you are weighing your options and doing what you need to do. Would you mind posting back later about what your experience with Novavax is like if you do get it?

I don't really think it's that recent, there have been unruly tourists in tinfoil threads since last summer at least

No. 1193599

File: 1653312232131.jpg (6.84 KB, 225x224, 1612882200435.jpg)

Thank you nonnie for this thoughtfull reply.
>it feels gross to not follow your own ideals
that's it, you did put it very well but also
>It doesn't mean you don't have principles, it means you are weighing your options and doing what you need to do
conforted me quite a lot.
I will totally let you know my experience if I really go through with it and get the novavax (I think I will but I'm still on the fence).Thank you

No. 1193607

+ corporations need more worker drones of course.

No. 1193632

No anon, most of the shooters (i give you the rapist part, sadly rapists are a dozen a dime. But since when they care about rapists) are glowies themselves and the feds knows it. Giving them access to the servers wouldnt fix anything, they wouldnt track any criminal. Is just a pursue to control internet as a whole.

No. 1193634

this. It became so obvious. Did you read the "manifesto" of the last shooter? That's some bright glowing, and even a bad attempt at a psyop since its so transparent that it glows as fuck

No. 1193642

It got a mention to every "enemy" of the little cultural war that america had since the last 10 years, is so transparent that is not even funny. Unless proven otherwise, all shooters are feds.

No. 1193673

File: 1653317928870.jpeg (90.31 KB, 1200x675, FCEA5DD7-72FF-495D-A7FB-96C3C6…)

The buffalo shooting was done by a glowie. I dunno which alphabet group specifically CIA or FBI.
It’s really suspicious that he literally copy pasted the Christchurch shooter’s manifesto and drove out really far to the shooting. On top of that his shooting abilities were akin to some kind military training and not just a musty autist scrote that hangs out on /pol/. How does an 18 year old scrote with no background in guns or firearm training shoot so precisely and knows to take cover constantly and tactically reload. I don’t think hours of playing shooters give that kind of training. Idk man there’s other fishy info about the shooting that just doesn’t add up. It’s easy to dismiss it as just another violent moid rampaging but idk.

No. 1193682

I posted this on the last thread but nobody gaf enough to talk about it. Anyway, the feds/glowies are trying to recruit schizos [which includes us] into fighting their little wars while simultaneously admitting all you know is a psyop. (See Dave McGowan’s books)

No. 1193698

File: 1653318792628.jpg (78 KB, 698x484, 82777d5226a6eb113d898bec85a3cc…)

okay I dislike the patriarchy but god this is the dumbest thing I have read all day, radfems really need to get this idea out of their mind that people just create stuff out of nowhere as a grand nefarious plot, its the same thing with their inability to comprehend religious devotion and theology in general
but you are 1/3rd right, "Patriarchy" began with settled populations, the creation of the state created patriarchies independently 4 separate times, all of whom spread their ideas to neighboring societies, patriarchal societies are a meme as richard dawkins defined "an idea, behavior, or style that spreads by means of imitation from person to person within a culture and often carries symbolic meaning representing a particular phenomenon or theme" in this case civilization as we know it came with some for of patriarchal order

No. 1193707


No. 1193709

File: 1653319151180.jpeg (555.39 KB, 1125x1209, 33FFC969-4C0B-45C7-B6B0-351064…)

>military-style shooting
Sounds like the kid was mk’ed, not excusing this but I agree that this is drenched in fed stink


No. 1193712

>blame Jews in manifesto
>drive past synagogue on way to supermarket
Make it make sense, alphabet agencies. Also the guy who was arrested looks different to the guy in court. My guess would be that a glowie carried out the shooting and that the patsy who probably got groomed online/MK'd was nabbed quietly somewhere else. That being said I watched some of the footage and the headshot of a woman on the ground looks fake as fuck. No muzzle flash, no blood, her face isn't blown apart. I have a lot of questions.

No. 1193713

if they Mk'd him then he became a glowie even tho brainwashing he is now an "agent"

No. 1193718

I skimmed through his manifesto he claimed he had been training for months for his attack, In open range as well going military manuals and army training films, honestly I'm surprised there aren't more shooters of his caliber, like I can just search for shooting training and I get this many results

No. 1193730

File: 1653320000152.jpg (24.64 KB, 450x475, 1527813938699.jpg)

also this is what a glowie shooting looks like

The Mumbai terror attacks

>planned by the Pakistani Intelligence agency

>attackers are all you young guys, and they have spent the last 4 months training and being indoctrinated
>attackers make their way into the country from Pakistan by hijacking an Indian fishing boat and murdering the crew
>the attackers split up and hail taxis. They secretly place small bombs in those taxis and in random spots around the city before linking up again
>all the attackers are equipped with assault rifles, grenades, and a cell phone or satellite phone so their boss (who is not on scene) can give them orders
>the guys are all high on cocaine and other drugs
>they set off the bombs which serve as a distraction while they storm a hotel
>once the attack commences the boss starts telling them where emergency services are going and where to find more victims
>he even fucking checks Twitter and sees someone tweeting about their hiding spot. He directs a shooter there.
>all the attackers save one die fighting with in four days

this attack was the sort of thing you have nightmares about. Everything was carefully planned out and it was well executed
Terrorism by actual competent people.

>170 dead
>over 300 severely Injured
>a city of 20 million had to be immediately put under lockdown
>even directly effected the economy of the entire nation of India
all the result of 7 guys with AK-47s who were well coordinated

No. 1193733

NTA but you sound kind of naive, I doubt you learn to shoot that accurately just from watching YouTube videos or reading books over a few months

No. 1193737

He might've gone to a shooting range? There are more guns than people in this country, they're everywhere

No. 1193749

What in the boomer male is this, what next are you going to say the victims are paid actors and post about sandy hook.

hmm random hating on radfems yep, moids are here all right. Waiting for the inviable autosaging of this thread.

No. 1193754

is that you paki-chan or romanianon?

No. 1193757

I missed you fart sniffing anon you just wont go away or stop using that phrase will you?

No. 1193758

lol you deleted your reply either way keep on hating on those ''upper middle class radfem women in academia who make stuff'' (your words) paki-chan meanwhile you thirst over losers like varg.

No. 1193760

Lol why am i not surprised that ban evading paki-chan posts in this shithole thread, she fits right in with the boomer male posters, but this time she was smart to delete her reply.
Autosage when.

No. 1193761

there's a saying in my family that translated too something "hurling and eating each others vomit" and so sniffing one's farts is the closest english equivalent I could think off

No. 1193768

That's somehow way worse

No. 1193770

Ah yes, here it is
>anyone with a certain opinion is pakichan
>anyone with an opinion you don't like is a moid
>any thread that doesn't fit certain expectations must be removed

No. 1193787

It sounds better in punjabi "apni ulti khare ho" it means someone or a group of people who keep on recycling their ideas or materials and refuse to accept new perspectives and view points

No. 1193793

that was obviously pakichan if you read the deleted post though, maybe you need to stop acting like pakichan or moids if you dont want anons to accuse you of that.

No. 1193800

>you must only post what I like or I will accuse you of being male
I will never understand this line of thinking. Women are capable of having a wide range of thoughts, opinions and beliefs. They should be allowed to express themselves on a women's image board.

No. 1193811

stop twisting shit, you know what i meant, of course i can see someone with a shit opinion and know this is a fellow farmer but i can also see a post and know when it is the obvious pakichan or a moid. its not hard to tell at all because they make it very obvious.

No. 1193814

If you genuinely suspect someone of being a moid, then the correct action is to report and ignore.

No. 1193815

>>1193800 nta but is not your human right to say every thought you have and people always could disagree with you. That being said, >>1193749 you're braindead.

No. 1193840

Obviously posts that call for violence, are grossly offensive or are bait should be removed. The problem is that what is an acceptable opinion to post is becoming increasingly limited and the replies to such posts are becoming more unhinged.

No. 1193902

Except we’re dealing with American/western intelligence here, not pajeets whom aren’t as well structured as the former.

No. 1193970

People are tinfoiling in the tinfoil thread? Unacceptable!

No. 1193994

Don’t get me started on how much muddied feminism is with Troons and men and sex work nonsense

No. 1194071

I wish these people would quit shitting up our threads, which have been this way on lolcow for years already. I'm sick of these obvious newfags upset at views they disagree with. Why the fuck are they in this thread?

No. 1194089

Never gonna happen. If you want this place rid of maleposters it'd be better for the Depp/Heard thread to autosage, because it's drawn a bunch of them. We've been tinfoiling here for years. Women can be schizo too kek. Wouldn't you know it we can even browse 4chan, it's not like that's how this board came to be or anything. Our tinfoils aren't limited to theories aligned with feminism, absolutely cartoonish
What effect do you think is there from this difference? You're right and I'm curious is all. I'm grateful to that anon for posting a thorough breakdown of an example glowie op but it's true there's gonna be a difference

No. 1194113

File: 1653335784036.jpg (24.24 KB, 500x460, E8AH2EFVgAAkIcY.jpg)

They're quite literally the embodiment of this meme, kek.

No. 1194211

I guess the only difference is that Pakistan and India are still cock-fighting over the control of Kashmir and who gets control over who whereas the U.S and allies want a totalitarian nwo.

No. 1194355


No. 1194370

War is a tool to remove the best male genetics, especially during ww1 and ww2. The strong, young peak men were sent to their death, leaving only the weakest genetics for a new slave population. And the survivors had poor health and genetically coded trauma to pass on.

Fighting in nature used to weed out the weakest men from reproduction, but it was corrupted so only the weakest men would reproduce

No. 1194373

not really a tinfoil, everyone know its true and could have been posted in any other thread.

No. 1194381

It's pretty sad they didn't get the reference

No. 1194477

What if the reason behind Starbucks paying for tranny surgery is because they're being backed and bribed by big pharma? Starbucks makes themselves look woke while in reality they don't give a fuck and just want big pharma's juicy wallet. And big pharma don't care because they just want the money through the maintenance drugs and constant surgeries. Even when they detrans that's even more medication for their depression, more hormones to go back to "normal", and more experimental surgeries that involve their genitals or restoring their larynx so girls can get their voices back.

No. 1194485

This isn't even tinfoil, just facts. Any corporation paying for hrt/surgery/medication for troon related things that isn't in relation to actual conditions like PCOS but voluntary ones like self ID is backed because corps want it to be accepted so they can make bank of the mentally ill/those stuck in poor homophobic or sexist situations/just regular degenerate incel coomers. They sell the solution to the previously listed problems but it isn't accepted by normal society so corporations connected to big pharma have to force it top down and have the help of the tech troons as it corelates with autism.

No. 1194494

*isn't accepted as in people realise you're still your real sex and will treat you as such, so it isn't really a solution but they are trying to force people to pretend it is a solution and that you can actually change because of the potential profit.

No. 1194525

File: 1653371983352.jpg (497.9 KB, 700x1066, german conscirpts.jpg)

that's not how it works, in real total wars pretty much all males except the severely disabled and children and old men are conscripted and in times of dire straits even children and elderly are conscripted, hollywood is tainted your mind in what soldiers look like, they always portray soldiers as being ripped 30+ year old men, Look at pictures of troops from those eras or really any era before that. Most are skinny, young looking kids. Not gigantic, aged, mass-mutants. Most wars were fought by 18-25 year olds who were farmers or workers

No. 1194570

I seriously think a lot/most of those "manosphere" type men are extremely repressed homosexuals. Hugh Hefner was confirmed gay after he died, and I wasn't even surprised. Men go to such great lengths to try and prove they're straight, it's sad. A lot of them love trannies too. I think they're elated tranny fucking is finally becoming normalized and considered straight (lmao) because they can finally fuck men and pretend to not be gay while doing it. People are always talking about how women have fluid sexualities or whatever but the same is definitely true for men, probably more so.

No. 1194575

Wishful thinking, all that shit is just a result of their deep loathing for women. Men hate us because they want us, not because they secretly don't want us at all.

No. 1194577

Some of them are definitely gay though

No. 1194608

Kat from euphoria is a psyop to get fat ugly girls into sex work to feel ~sexy and empowered~

No. 1194611

Yeah you don't think killing off the prime age working men who were thus physically strong had any effects on the resulting genetic material?

I am not talking about roided 30 year old post wall men hollywood creation ya goof. I am talking about murdering all the healthy young men, which are the ones you yourself say were sent to war

No. 1194612

Euphoria was ceaated by mossad so yeah its all psyop

No. 1194614

Moar examples please

No. 1194617

Euphoria as a whole is a psyop. I remember watching the original one back when I lived in Israel and thinking it wasn't just a normal tv show. Mossad stay winning the psyop olympics!

No. 1194619

I get the point your trying to make and I think your almost right, In total wars is every male including the ugly "inferior" ones are conscripted and their chances of dying are on par with the regular men, but what your describing has happened on a large scale without any need for war, in east asian sates sort of unnatural sexual selection happened based on male preferences. with males in those societies selecting women with high neotenous features, over time these traits spread to men and women

No. 1194622

File: 1653382269760.jpg (38.21 KB, 720x114, Screenshot_20220524-104741_Chr…)

Ron Leshem, creator of the original euphoria

No. 1194629

>>1194525 That is the point anon, frist they kill the "prime age" men in a good health (mental and physical) condition and then ir expands to most men, including kids, eldery and even mentally ill men (low to medium). The only exceptions that i could think are the already cripped, very mentally ill men (medium to high) and men from the "elite" who at best are almost always stunned manchildrens due to their environment and depending on the power may even have a bit of inbreeding on them. Not exactly genetic lottery kek. Also i think that is a big factor on why men are so unhinged lately. social hysteria (the incel meme), absent parents & early exposure to porn are all big factors but i don't think that we can overlook the fact that their ancestors either came very damaged from the war or were too damaged to begin with.
This doesn't come from a place of polfaggority, nor i'm advocating for a "betterment of the gene pool" is just my personal experience. Because that happened in the homecountry of my grandma. Almost all male population was killed or disabled after war, drastically reducing the population. To this day there is still more women than men and the difference between their men and men of other countries is palpable, both physically and emotionally. In fact i think that what salved euros of that fate was the constant flux of immigrants, but that's topic for another day

No. 1194647

I think black women have the most neotanous features, they have smaller chins and prominent full lips, bigger eyes and protruding(?) foreheads, small but wide noses which are all neotenous.
Most asian girls are gorgeous but without surgery their beauty fits western standards as they have strong cheekbones and jawlines, smaller upturned eyes and big noses. The celebs you see are all plastic, their facial features are naturally way more strong.

No. 1194649

I read on a study that weaker and shorter men die in war the most often. Also in most wars, not all men in the army die so its like a natural selection more than that.

No. 1194657

File: 1653384694227.png (616.71 KB, 2730x2048, new_recovering_population_dive…)

what country are you from, also I don't get what your trying to say with the latter part of your post, most immigrants are relatively recent arrivals(only last 30 years) and inter-racial marriages are still rare and there hasn't been any mass genetic effect on majority of those populations
I think the phenomenon your inarticulately trying to describe is called the bottleneck effect

No. 1194658

I think any race has neotenous features

No. 1194677

Once I stumbled upon a radblr post but OP was banned and I cannot find it anymore, theorizing that in the last years tumblr has been a psy-op to destabilize feminist and leftist movements by promoting trans activism. A lot of trans discourse that is now considered relatively mainstream originated or at least gained major traction on tumblr, such as the "trans women of color at Stonewall gave everyone gay rights" hoax that even big corpos have fallen for by now and even use to sell "pride merch". That post also mentioned tumblr staff possibly feigning incompentence and intentionally presenting tumblr as just a "cringe fandom hellsite" (see tumblr staff posts on both tumblr itself and official tumblr staff accounts on other social media, especially twitter) to make it look harmless.

No. 1194684

Was that illustration made by an autist on weed? Birdies in a literal bottle kek

No. 1194690

So if the elites use war to remove certain traits from the male population, what will be the result of WWIII? Most men in the west are already either, peak soy, obese gamers or mentally deranged incels.

No. 1194704

My husband once claimed that any able bodied male can become a soldier with in six months, just needs an institution to make him one

No. 1194732

File: 1653392584868.jpeg (140.27 KB, 750x1225, 618eee33a9b1e.jpeg)

Funnily enough my wife and I were talking about the effect of "harmless" tumblr nonsense on mainstream views the other day and it got me wondering if tumblr had been compromised. I remembered that Reddit post about the cities and towns that use it the most and a goddamn air force base was at #1. If they're paying people to shitpost on reddit, it's not a stretch to imagine that they'd hop on tumblr too. Especially with the "lol we just can't control this crazy site!" BS from the staff.

No. 1194740

I totally think most of the mgtoes are closeted. Like they really expect you to believe that they are so straight that they never want to be around women, want to be with men constantly, love bodybuilding specifically in the context of checking out other men's "gains" aka ogling them. The list goes on.

No. 1194749

I thought mgtow was like a bunch of gay dudes going camping or on holidays and stuff. I think they're secretly gay and hate women for not fitting theirs tastes because of that.

No. 1194753

I would say a lot of it is also down to narcissism, which could be factor in why so many of them troon out into AGPs. A unemployed skinny fat manlet looks at himself in the mirror, thinks that he's hot shit and the only reason the woman of his dreams isn't interested in him is because all women are whores. The reality is that women have standards for what they want in a romantic partner. He could take a shower, take care of his appearance and get a job but that would require effort, so instead of taking responsibility for his own choices, he blames women.

The way these men seethe and loose their minds over another man succeeding in finding a partner is surreal. It's especially bad if they perceive the man as being lesser than themselves.

No. 1194757

Men who feel the need to stomp on women are definitely gay or extremely manipulative. Gay men are very hateful too similar to the manospere type and even homophobic against themselves, a lot of older gay men will hate on younger gay men because "if I wore that and acted like you in my time I would have my ass kicked". Meanwhile you never see lesbians hate on each other for being stereotypical kek

No. 1194899

Have you noticed how common is colon cancer? What if there’s something in the food that’s giving us colon cancer? If covid exists, what if that was just an airborne way to kill us? What if there has always been a way to kill us with food? They must be putting something in the food or medicines so people develop colon cancer more often.

No. 1194918


Highly recommend a book called Deep Nutrition.

It's written by a doctor who had a family practice in Hawaii. She'd often get families of Native Hawaiians and Filipinos where you would have a 5 or 6 generations all come in together. Without fail every time, the grandmothers and great grandmothers would be significantly healthier than the granddaughters and great granddaughters. Despite all having the same genetics and living in the same house together. She eventually realized the older generations had radically different diets and after a bunch of years of research, published Deep Nutrition.

It's not just cancer rates that have spiked, stuff like ADHD, BPD, Epilepsy, Autism etc. is being diagnosed at higher rates than ever. She also brings up the issue that being a family doctor she's privy to something a lot of people aren't aware of, which is that there's an epidemic of young healthy couples that are having difficulty conceiving.

The start of the book actually has a great forward where she says she won't mention getting fat or obesity at any point for the rest of the book; because from her findings she's realized getting fat is basically the least bad thing that modern food does to us. Stuff like lowering the global average IQ and making people go infertile is significantly worse.

Amazing read if you're interested in this stuff.

Also for anyone who wants the tldr the advice is basically eat how your grandparents or great grandparents would have ate. Everything that's gross old people food (liver, lard, pickles, fish heads, etc.) it turns out is ridiculously good for you and modern foods (seed oils, corn syrup, refined sugars, etc.) is ridiculously bad for you. Seems obvious but the book really throughly explains that the bad stuff is way worse than you could have imagined and the good stuff was in some cases the only things that allowed humanity to get this far.

No. 1194951

this isn't tinfoil. this is just common sense at this point. 90% of the food we eat nowadays didn't exist 100+ years ago. most meat in the west is factory-farmed and pumped full of growth hormones and god knows what chemicals. most of the crops are grown incorrectly and with no regard for the land or what chemicals seep into them. the biggest war isn't that in which is being fought with weapons but the war that is already happening with our worldwide and local food systems. personally I think all those kardashian-level colon cleanse pill/drinks/whatever that are promoted by dr.sebi like fake-nutritionalists are BS, but I do think the link between increases in cancer and our current relationship with food/the world is closely related.

just look at the ingredients on the back of anything in a store and see how many products that don't need milk/dairy ingredients contain them anyways and why? for government subsidies that those companies get for using waste leftovers and cutting them into products.

it is exactly why i've wanted to go vegan for over half a decade once I started to wake up to this stuff and why I've been intentionally fully vegan the past two years now. whether you watch the documentary "earthlings", "dominion" or read books like "a terrible thing to waste" or "braiding sweetgrass", just learning where our food comes from is offputting enough to make you start to more thoughtfully/mindfully watch what you're consuming

i originally went vegan for the animals, the cruelty, the humanity, and for the betterment of the world and environment. but over time it really has helped me learn to reconnect not just with the world and my body/values/ethics but also with my relationship with food in general. I know every single thing that goes into everything I consume, exactly where it came from, and exactly what went into getting it to me. It just feels so much better. eventually I'm going to be gardening and growing my own things (just mushrooms for now) but really excited for when I have established my own food system sustainably and separate from the rest of this fucked world.

No. 1194960

File: 1653408008490.png (67.94 KB, 1155x481, Howard_Schultz.png)

You just need to ask: who owns Starbucks?

No. 1194979

But if you're vegan how do reconcile
>most of the crops are grown incorrectly and with no regard for the land or what chemicals seep into them

As someone who has grow their own fruit and vegetables for years, I know that I would not be able to do it without animals because they are a source of organic fertiliser. I use the shit from my own poultry and goats that I keep for eggs and milk as well as bags of horse and cow shit that my tenants give to me.

No. 1195043

You're right, in fact I think wars were a good way to keep the worst parts of any population, the young adult single males, away and hopefully kill some of them off. It's just a theory I thought off the other day though.

No. 1195048

Nta. It sounds intetesting but does that take cultural dietary habits into account? My grandparents ate boiled veggies and potatoes off the land, maybe meat if it was available. The Filipinos and Hawaians probably had different diets.

No. 1195075

Retarded, Native Americans created a whole civilization (no they weren't just tribes roaming around, that's colonizer lies) that was matriarchal. Women were in charge of agriculture, land preservation, children, crafting, everyday living, medicine, and got final say on all big decisions like going to war and who gets resources. Native american men went along with it because they didn't have to do any of the hard work and could fuck easy. Early Africa was highly matriarchal with most government and priest workers being women, as shown by their female and nature centered cultures and how much patrarchies despise black women. Matriarchies existed and the current rulers benefit from convicing women they never existed.

No. 1195081

Thank you. Finally someone said it.

No. 1195084

There will be no ww3, either they die slowly in a "silent" war or it all collapses and they die quickly.

No. 1195170

remember that "crazy feminist assaults a manspreader on train!" video that was spread like wildfire on tumblr in 2016 was literally paid actors and was specifically done to discredit the real feminist movement

No. 1195172

also, in 2017/18 it was revealed that tumblr was full of russian bots pretending to be american teenagers just shitposting but was actually pushing political agendas. tumblr has been a psyop for years now!

No. 1195202

thank you for bringing this up nonna, so many suburban burgerlanders love to continue the myth that native americans no longer exist and are a people/culture of the past despite native tribes and their matriarchal lineages continuing forward to this day.

in the indigenous americas, almost all native and ancient civilizations were matriarchal based. even to this day when asking someone what tribal affiliation they have, it is usually asked who their aunties/mother/grandmother is because the mothers lineage is where clans and power is passed in the native tribes of the Americas. it is one of the main reasons colonialist and imperialist europe tried to wipe them out, because a culture based in matriarchy was a direct threat to not just the concept of British monarchy but also to colonialist Christianity values and the idea that women are inferior which permeated into the culture after most of the indigenous people were displaced off of their lands and either killed or forced into residential schools to be breeded out (and then the women used for early abortion and sterilization testing and experimentation). the last women to get voting rights in the so-called US were Native American women, who didn't get legal voting rights in the country until the fucking 1970s. the fact more women aren't upset about the continued infringing of their rights and oppression of their matriarchal culture is mindblowing

No. 1195230


The George Floyd video was really disturbing. The way the other cops were just standing there, almost seemed like they were waiting for him to die. I’m not saying it was fake but how quickly it spread definitely had an agenda, and the riots right after. Wasn’t this right around when the pandemic started in 2020

No. 1195236

People who deny trauma/media actors are beyond me. I lived in an area when riots were happening and they weren't even trying to hide job ads on craigslist for "paid protestors", I can't stand people who are way too scared to even entertain the idea of a conspiracy

No. 1195247

You both are confusing matriarchy and matriliny. Take the Lakota which are considered one of the more female-friendly groups. This article applies "matriarchy" improperly as well. Just listen to how wonderful this scenario sounds. https://www.indianz.com/News/2018/04/13/james-giago-davies-dominant-society-dest.asp
>Men were still the chiefs, the warriors, and it was men who circled the council fires, and made the tough calls.
>If you took a wife, you joined her band… The husband could then marry other daughters
>It wasn’t that historical Lakota people were better than us. They were petty, jealous, vindictive, dishonest, malicious, just like today
>there was no matriarchy without the network of sister-wives
>Modern Lakota women do not want to share their man with a sister-wife, and since no sister-wife network can be maintained, no tiospaye can be formed, no shunning can prevent the breakdown of order, or of violence and treachery from targeting the vulnerable.
"We should totally go back to our pure, historical ways which weren't really all that different from now and men got multiple wives and still made all the decisions but you know, women got to stay stuff sometimes so that makes it fair"
More? Here's another supposedly sympathetic report that still acknowledges male dominance. https://www.drake.edu/media/departmentsoffices/dussj/2006-2003documents/StatusCollins.pdf
>Historically, the Teton Lakota (Sioux) were a male dominant warrior society
>Many Native American societies, such as the Iroquois, were matrilocal and matrifocal, meaning the societies focused on women but were not entirely ruled by women.
>while kinship was typically shared between both parents, most often the families lived patrilocally
>For the most part, Indian women enjoyed more economic, social, and political status than colonial women. They often had final say when the warriors’ council disagreed, could stop the tribe from going to war by refusing to provide rations, and even made decisions about captives.
I threw that last point in there to reference what you're discussing, but you didn't get it all right. Sure native women often had it better than colonist women, but does that mean they were uber-powerful independent women who could do whatever they pleased? Not at all. It's the same with Africa where some tribes were/are matrilineal but a true matriarchy has never existed, sorry to burst your bubble. I wish it were different as well but it's stupid to deny history and make up some fantastical utopian past that never existed. We still have a long, long way to go.

No. 1195269

there's a lot of excessive ass-kissing with Native American and sub-saharan tribes in lolcow without looking at what the roles of the men and general family units were

No way in hell were Aztecs and Incas remotely close to this "matriarchal" paradise

No. 1195306

i know i'll catch flack for this, but it's just another branch of libfem bullshit: brown men better than big evil white men

No. 1195310

>buh- buh- but my noble savages!

No. 1195375

From what I understand women controlling the resources (food, clothing, medicine), having final say in big decisions, controlling who and when they sleep with/have kids with, and having a female centered culture, means matriarchy. Or do anons think matriarchy is just patriarchy but reversed (women keeping men as anything but in name slaves, controlling with who and when men reproduce, denying men the knowledge skills and opportunity to have their own resources, erasing all male culture). Because that kind of matriarchy would never exist.

No. 1195390

Maybe anons romanticize "savages" bc the scrotes there aren't developed enough to have any domination over women other than death and rape. Modern men have developed a system to keep women just barely alive enough to make more moids and that's it. Re all that hormonal and autoimmune diseases from GMO food and pollution and hormone riddled water. Medicine not bothering to test on female rats and not funding any research into female illnesses. Erasing all female centered culture and spaces. Colonizing women's mind from a young age to centre scrotes. Playing with economics to keep women poor and attached to scrotes (any field with substantial amount of women starts offering less pay). Over sexualization and objectification and pedophilia everywhere. Isolating women from eachother. Literally killing the earth by stealing women's land and polluting open pit mining and stripping land of nutrients. forcing women to carry shit men's babies leading to genetic degradation of humans and generations upon generations of depressed mothers and children.
I'd pick quick rape and death over this modern slow torture. (And first world born white girls keep your mouths shut).

No. 1195401

Matriarchy would imply a society ruled by women in which women held the primary positions of power. It's been debunked that the women held primary decision-making power in these cultures or anywhere else. They were required to be "household" managers by the men not entirely unlike housewives of today but out in nature instead of within a literal house. You didn't get to opt out of those responsibilities except for very rare exceptions, you would still be seen primarily for your value as a baby incubator, you were the workhorse of the tribe while the men hunted or literally just fucked around. At the most they could attempt to influence the men, which was not always successful.
>that kind of matriarchy would never exist.
Yeah, I agree women likely wouldn't subjugate men in the way they did to us. But it's a joke to call matriarchy a society in which women had a little more ability to pick up the scraps from the men's dinner table as opposed to sitting at it.

No. 1195422

File: 1653431539770.png (229.83 KB, 680x450, 643284093280.png)

>acknowledge all the ways men in rich countries continue to suppress women through more insidious means than literally beating and raping them (although that's still a part of it)
>And first world born white girls keep your mouths shut
I don't get anons like you who are so keen to police other women expressing their frustrations while also acknowledging that we all experience sexism.

No. 1195424

I mean the women who will jump in and say they never experienced those things so it must be fake

No. 1195428

Ah okay, my mistake. Pardon the confusion nonnie.

No. 1195431

Not op but have you considered that all matriarchal societies would have been erased from history (as men do all the time, rewriting history is their favorite past time, from history to biology to literally everything). Soldiers are routinely ordered to destroy all diaries, art, and accounts, of countries they invade.

No. 1195434

White women can't experience sexism or be poor in first world countries anon! They know no struggles!

No. 1195467

It's funny how many MGTOWs/incels/whatever will just talk themselves into being gay
>I find the average man way more good-looking than most women! It's women's fault for being ugly, go your own way fellas
You know what they call this? Homosexuality. It blows my mind that it never occured to them that finding most men more attractive than most women is infact gay

No. 1195479

I have, and of course I can't say it's outside the realm of possibility, but we can only discuss the records we have for the time being. I also don't like seeing women unnecessarily defending innately sexist societies as paragons of female empowerment just because they afforded women a little more flexibility compared to the worst examples of the day, you know? The best groups I can think of in regards to sex-based equality were fully nomadic tribes like the Scythians which were the basis for the Amazon myths. Because men didn't have control over the most important resources and both sexes were needed to hunt in order to survive, their society literally would have died if half of the population was treated as nothing more than breeding stock, so some tribes actually did have fairly egalitarian lifestyles.

No. 1195485

No wonder they are so obsessed with their ideal man Chad and that all the Staceys want him. They are jealous because THEY want to be with Chad.

No. 1195612


I didn't use the YT bar because I didn't want anons to see the thumbnail. I'm legitimately scared and freaked out, what even happened to the YouTube moderator system? I'm getting literally mind scarring things posted. Borderline or straight up child porn, like children's nipples being squeezed, girls taking their clothes off, basically beastiality and gore, animal abuse, "pranks" and whatever stupid videos disguised to just be thirst traps of women who've are obviously fake, etc. It's not on the homepage thankfully but anytime I scroll through the YouTube shorts I get all this recommended to me and it's literally making me sick. Why is this happening? I report and select not interested and it still happens. I literally watch nothing but the news and mom videos what the fuck. I could take the "gotta film EVERYTHING" TikTok crowd but this crosses the line and is suspicious

No. 1195619

>>1195467 i know a few mgtow-lite guys, they're all raging bisluts who know that they would kill their parents out sheer disgust if they ever fucked a man and don't have the balls to leave the household.

No. 1195676

File: 1653446490113.png (537.53 KB, 967x1459, lanza motive.png)

It's possible the Texas shooter read this on Reddit 2 days ago and planned a copycat

No. 1195695

Yeah, it felt like another sandy hook shooting. TPTB are gonna keep orchestrating school shootings until it is no longer legal to have weapons except for cops, feds and the military. Killing the youth is just an added bonus for their occult practices.

No. 1195707

I guess shooting up a supermarket didn't get the reaction they wanted, so they decided to shoot up a school.

No. 1195716

And this time the shooter ended up suicided, it’s all fucked up

No. 1195871

File: 1653466512305.jpg (205.36 KB, 800x1200, megan-fox-the-texas-chainsaw-m…)

Not my tinfoil, but I just learned that apparently there's a tinfoil out there that Megan Fox is a man and said tinfoil has a lot of believers.

If it was new I'd understand (all those surgeries and injections have made her look pretty wonky, she's starting to look like Courtney Cox who looks like Caitlyn Jenner) but after doing a bit of research this tinfoil has been around for over a decade. I know she's been getting more and more work done as the years go on but back then she did not look nearly as odd as she does now.

Seriously, out of all the female celebrities you could tinfoil about being a troon, Megan probably makes the least sense, imo. She's a small petite woman with rather delicate features. She doesn't have the tranny trademark of huge hands either. Not to mention you can find plenty of pictures of her with her pregnant belly exposed.

I guess it came from the golden globes when she said "I'm really a tranny" or something in 2009 and now everyone has taken it to heart. I think it was obviously a joke, not to mention she was drunk off her ass. Seems stupid as fuck to me.

No. 1195884

I had the exact same thought when I saw the news. Maybe it was legit, there are rumours on 4chan (the sewer of the internet, I know) that the guy was a crossdresser/tranny so he could be legit crazy but who cares; either way there's dead kids. This world is fucked.

No. 1195996

Holy shit, I forgot about that manspreader video! I remember eventually hearing it was all fake but by then it was far too late. I also forgot about the Russian bots, funny how stuff like that gets memory hole'd so quick, eh? IIRC the Russians were pushing for political apathy, right? The "it's hopeless, so don't even bother voting" shit?

The frequency with which the video was shown on the news was fucked up too. I know kids have to learn about these things sooner or later but I don't think burning it into their memories and scaring them is the way to go. Also all the touchy feely tumblr types sure threw their morals out the window when it came to spreading a video of a man dying. I think Floyd was a sacrificial lamb to further the cause of pitting people against each other. A perfect pick given that he was a criminal who was recovering from covid and on Fentanyl (opioids affect breathing), he never had a chance with that guy on his back. The way the other cops don't even tell that guy that what he was doing is against regulations is really suspicious. Then again, American police aren't known for their smarts, kek. Regardless, the way that incident was weaponised still blows my mind. So many videos of agent provocateurs at "peaceful" protests and blacked out fed vehicles dumping pallets of bricks near protest sites but barely anyone batted an eyelid at that stuff.

No. 1196076

>that the guy was a crossdresser/tranny
There was an anon in the MTF thread last week saying they had a hunch someone like this was about to do a shooting, feels weird in hindsight

No. 1196087

That is weird. I mean, it's a pretty sensible guess as MTFs show how unhinged they are all the time and I've seen plenty of pictures of them posing with guns but still, what timing.

No. 1196095

File: 1653485391388.jpg (25.42 KB, 834x93, psychic farmer.jpg)

Samefagging but I found it, it was 3 days ago.

No. 1196108

Even if it happens, it will become positive propaganda somehow. The only thing that will stop the trans menace is detransitioners imo. Most big name trannies are narcissists and histrionics, and with transsexuality becoming more normal, they will feel like they're losing their quirk and uniqueness. Couple that with realizing the disaster they turned their bodies into, and they will throw tard tantrums of epic proportions. Their followers who only transitioned due to social contagion will follow suit, wanting to be part of the new counter culture. Some average trannies will feel emboldened to confess they transitioned because they felt pressured, how easy it was to get state sponsored or black market horse piss. It will snowball from there.

What I'm curious about is what happens to the legislation around trans shit? Will the government just roll back as soon as the sentiment changes? Will they hold on to them for the sake of big pharma? Only time will tell.

No. 1196109

SA, I'm retarded and didn't realize the shooting already happened.

No. 1196368

thank you for bringing this point up because it is the exact reason why most of the native american history of the nation is lost, because most of it is a verbal lineage and passed down through storytelling, not archives. archives and historical evidence beyond storytelling didn't come into the picture until colonization when archives began to be required by settlers and the government they were trying to impose. it's absolutely braindead for people to just be looking at european and settler records and recollections that survived and say "nope, no evidence of a matriarchal society here despite generations of women to this day still passing on these lineages and stories to their children".

i wonder if these anons have considered that not everyone who browses here is a suburban white burgerlander and might come from these lineages themselves.

stop using buzzwords you don't know the meaning of, telling the historical truth that many tribes to this day still acknowledge matriarchy and matriarchal lineage as their primary decision-making factor is absolutely true and of course varies from tribe to tribe because surprise, not all indigenous people are a monolith and not all tribes were the same. the 'noble savage' myth is perpetrated by those who try to ascribe this monolithic ideal on to all tribes instead of viewing them as just older humans, capable of good and bad and everything in between. go eat cheese or something

From https://scholarcommons.scu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1106&context=historical-perspectives discussing the Navajo tribe as one example, and going over how different their gender roles were pre/post-colonization and how it shifted from matriarchal to egalitarian to a more colonialist patriarchy after the increasing development of the Americas by settlers.

"Women usually taught the 14
small children and older daughters while the father
instructed older sons. Inheritance was often evenly
divided among children, with neither sex gaining more
or less than the other. Either the wife or the hus- 15
band could initiate divorce. 16
Other aspects of their culture were not as egalitarian. With matrilineal descent and matrilocal residences, motherhood, not fatherhood, was central to
Navajo culture. The earth, agricultural fields, and 17
sacred mountains were all called mother, as were corn
and sheep. Motherhood was thus defined in terms of
reproduction and the ability to sustain life. Mothers 18
were responsible for passing along Navajo religion and
traditions to their young children and sustaining them
through love and care. Three of their most central 19
mythological characters were the maternal figures
Changing Woman, Spider Woman, and Salt Woman.20
When girls reached puberty, everyone celebrated the
young woman’s ability to become mothers at a
Kinaalda ceremony." This is just one tribal example of how these roles shifts due to colonization and the ongoing perpetuated genocide of Native Americans and their culture.

These Matriarchal tribes were the first to be wiped out and surpressed and thrown into residential schools because of how shocking this women lead society was to many settlers and quakers who believed women were to be subservient tradwifes.

Yes, matrilineal and matriarchal are different things. However, both speak to the empowerment of women: one as creators of a line of descendants with rights to familial knowledge and property, and the other as respected leaders. Not all first nations are matrilineal; some follow patrilineal lines of heritage, and others allow for clan alliances to be made by the individual or their elders based on the needs of the community. Not all nations are matriarchal: some were governed by hereditary Chiefs who were counseled by a quorum of male and female elders, and others were governed by councils where women held equal seats. Still others were governed by separate councils of male or female leadership depending on the decision that needed to be made. Interestingly, war councils were almost universally made up of women. As life-givers, and the ones who bore the sons and daughters at risk, only women can know the full weight of sending people to war.

No. 1196411

File: 1653499587317.jpeg (67.91 KB, 573x1024, 53E5F809-F69C-4C13-8DBD-9CF777…)

Tell me this was a glowie job without telling me this was a glowie job. I bet Adam Lanza was a glowie too

No. 1196547

Fuck me, they're not even trying anymore. The last three shootings - this, tops supermarket, the NYC subway shooting - have been piss poor in effort by the glowies. They know we're dumb cattle and we're being treated like it.

No. 1196552

Idk about the other cases, but really suggest you take a deeper look into the nyc shooter, you can find so much information about him specially online since he had a youtube channel. What is happening is that the FBI are taking action against the manosphere and mens rights activists online and are being treated like a terrorist group regardless of what sector of it online they belong to.

No. 1196560

I watched a bunch of the subway shooter vids before they got taken down, dude was all over the place with his politics. I think he experienced trauma while homeless, he got pretty choked up talking about being homeless and how the systems meant to help are shit. He even accused one place of being a gay mafia where straight people get fired, kek. If glowies wanted to MK him, it would be pretty easy. Supermarket shooter guys manifesto glowed bright enough to light up the western world. Conveniently listing all the places that made him racist and where he bought his guns. Something's going on for sure because the trails left behind are very juicy. So far idk anything about the school shooter guy but I haven't properly looked into yet. I imagine they'll just make him Adam Lanza 2.0 who wanted to save the kids and blah blah blah put mentally ill people on a watchlist and anything online too pessimistic is suspect.

No. 1196785

I'm convinced everything is a psychop to keep people addicted to porn nowadays. Everyone I know is constantly being recommended pornographic content despite the efforts to keep it off their social media. Porn clickbait of massively shooped proportions,chiropractor, prank, moving, etc videos are just coomer bait now. Ads for everything is just straight up playboy photoshoots, I went to the mall and several shirt shops were literal hentai depictions of insanely propotioned naked anime girls being tied up. stupid "hentai" sweaters, music is nothing but sex now, "porn might actually be a good thing" articles. "6 crazy ways to give good head" articles. everything posted seems to be about ass and tits lately, is there even a day that goes by where ass and tits aren't being discussed constantly? The porn addicts end up in unhealthy relationships where the woman is often overly insecure and feels the need to overcompensate to match up to the fake women (and the women men make up for them to compete with), these men end up weak, constantly expecting and looking for pussy, starting drama out of their own porn addicted ways even though they may not realize the amount of drama they find themselves in is due to the effects of their porn addiction, their brain cells are lowering and knowing porn addicts it's like watching their brains go down hill, they slowly start saying nonsensical things, their memory gets worse, and they just obsess over how to make porn into reality

are they trying to keep people weak? could it be the other countries weakening the american and european military in order to keep them down and in shitty, unhealthy relationships? it is suspicious since war gaming dudes and military men seem to be going hand and hand with porn addiction, and it seems like a good chunk of men going to basics are constantly being sent home in record number. Porn is ruining the military

No. 1196795

Yes thats why we get articles claming quitting porn will lead to mass shootings.

No. 1196802

Does anyone with basic logic write articles? Am I the insane one for, let's say if I believed that quitting porn would lead to mass shootings, not just solidify my belief that porn is the problem? Or is it because I am a woman that my views are warped because I would never understand the intrinsic connection a violent porn addiction has with being a male.

No. 1196819

Its all propaganda to keep the porn industry going as more and more men are realising how its fucks them up. Men who do nofap and noporn say they feel happier, calmer, more secure in themselves, more motivated, start to view women as human beings. Not something I associate with mass shootings. But their logic is that all men are innate violent murderes and porn is the only way to keep them docile and mushbrained.

Apparantly watching violent digusting rape porn all day every day for years makes someone less likely to commit violent crimes. Very logical.

No. 1196838

Absolutely true anon, I posted something similar here a while back regarding how porn isn't just something you'd find in top shelf magazines anymore but it has infact completely infested society in almost every aspect now and its intention is to make men addicts and constantly pay for and consume more pornography, thus more profit and thus more women who feel pressured to accept shit tier standards regarding men and porn usage.
Almost everything is linked to porn now - I find it hard to shop for gym shorts or look at female fitness videos without having to cautiously look over my shoulder because that shit literally looks like softcore porn. For women, it's a constant looming reminder that we are to always be seen and objectified through the lens of violent sex and pornography. It's even infested feminism (liberal feminism) specifically to the point where you have so-called feminists defending "rape kinks" under the guise of women processing trauma. It's horrifying when you step back and can easily pick out which elements of society and culture have been corrupted by this shit, it's even worse when you know that regardless of how much you try to separate yourself from it you are going to walk past and interact with men who will most likely go home and masturbate to barely-legal or violent porn and think nothing of it because they are groomed to think it's normal and healthy.

No. 1196852

File: 1653524481373.jpg (89.51 KB, 735x641, 89043284903278.jpg)

No. 1196868

God you’re so right, I believe it. A few months ago I was looking up gardening and cooking videos and came across these weird videos that were supposed to be like…ASMR? I guess? There’s no dialogue, just an Asian woman doing tasks in the garden or cooking at home, with strategically placed cleavage in frame or bending over in a skirt, it seems totally innocent at first and then I realized oh my god, this is a fetish video isn’t it?

Something else that creeps me out are those “gross food” videos where people mix together a bunch of crap and get their hands all messy, I can’t help but think this is a coomer hand fetish thing. It’s always a girl in a somewhat revealing outfit getting her hands messy. Coomers ruined everything.

No. 1196898

No. They're paid by industries to keep men and women down and I feel like it's Asian axis countries who do this. It's a genius tactic to keep American men down and them meme them into thinking they're prankster trolls for ignoring prudish cunts warnings about what porn will do to them and watching porn anyway. I also believe the "haha coomer fapping to porn = funny" memes are all part of the psychop as well. Bodies featured are often unrealistic and it makes women insecure and leads men to emotionally abusing their women over appearance or even to the point where women think they're deformed for not looking like a porn star (hence tubular breasts, pitosis breasts, having any sort of stomach is overweight, having any sort of body hair most be a hormonal disorder).

They're preying on women to the point where women are expected to give money to the medical industry if they don't meet the unrealistic expectations set by porn "oh you have back hair? Go spend all this money on hormonal testing, hair removal, and medication". "Your breasts are tubular you could get implants" "if you're a woman and don't go out your way for beauty everyday there's something wrong with you, you have to wake up an hour early for makeup, hair, skincare, etc" "get a labiaplasty"

No. 1196915

Lanza was definitely a spook to me, and that was even before I read this schizo’s blogpost about it. http://mileswmathis.com/sh.pdf
Idk if any of you nonas are familiar with this guy, he’s out there for sure, but I find his stuff interesting nonetheless. I personally am at a point now where I cannot fully believe anything that’s going on worldwide until I speak to a woman who was there personally. I don’t trust men or the media but I do mostly trust women

No. 1197024

Parents of one of the kids that was killed in this recent shooting: they don’t know the grade their daughter is in? also, the mother refers to their child as “the daughter” and not my/our daughter. Bad vibes all around with this shit, I just do not buy it

No. 1197193

glowing intensifies

No. 1197202

There are literal brain-dead anons here who think oral history "doesn't count" as history, remember that's the level of discourse you're trying to communicate with nonny kek

No. 1197233

File: 1653560181261.jpg (82.42 KB, 1200x675, 1653473077560.jpg)

>Asian Axis


No. 1197238

What? The stupid bitch has a picture of the little girl in front of her teacher and grade number that she's showing on her cell phone. Is that the step momor something?

No. 1197248

File: 1653562214731.jpg (360.42 KB, 2881x4096, 2d5.jpg)

A single Canadian company may own it but a lot of the push of porn is from Asia, such as hentai, extreme fetishism in JAV and other sort of degeneracy. Do you think mind geek may be connected to the "haha cooming is funny" memes as well?

I also notice with the rise of gen z going against porn its like the push is harder than ever which is why none of us can seem to escape porn unless we live in a box, never go anywhere and get rid of all technology

No. 1197253

>Do you think mind geek may be connected to the "haha cooming is funny" memes as well?
Pornhub is often mentioned in many of those memes so yes.

No. 1197272

Am I crazy or was there a bunch of PornHub memes on tumblr back in the day where it would be the PornHub search bar but with something like "true love" or "hugging" typed in it? It was like the uwu-fication of coomers. PornHub goes hard on memes in general, they seem to love being the edgy, ironic company that is sooo self-aware and cool. I hate it and I want to put a hollow point bullet in the skull of every single employee at their HQ… in MineCraft.

No. 1197308

File: 1653567058058.png (1.87 MB, 700x700, ncruntnvpuw31.png)

You're not, I remember it too, along with "feminist" posts about how boys need to be hugged and loved and coddled uwu and those weird posts about how men need to be complimented kek. EVERY single woman I know compliments men, and gives their man the "soft tender" attention they want and it never gets appreciated since those same men will just go to the next room to fap to barely legal moments after they get the physical affection they crave

I also remember a lot of articles from sites like buzzfeed claiming weird things like if men don't jerk off several times a week they'll get cancer or something and other weird propaganda about how men ~need~ to coom. With memes now I feel like there's a good push back where the coomer is no longer the funny, dark, normal man but he's a loser failing at life. I also HATE, absolutely with a burning passion, people who claim that gen z and millennials porn addiction is making them harmless because "they no longer want real women uwu they just leave women alone and fap". 90% of gen z men and millennials have already abused multiple women before they turned 25, and the idea that young girls feeling like the need to let men beat and torture them to keep them around not being physical abuse because "it's consent tho" is absolutely insane and drives women away from getting help

No. 1197317

File: 1653567525965.jpeg (97.83 KB, 933x898, 1570897988289.jpeg)

I'm the anon who maybe was gonna get the Novavax. I got the jab a cople of hours ago. I'm angry with myself for succumbing to the pressure and going against my principles but well, it's done now. I made my bed now I have to lie in it.
I'll update you on the situation with eventual collateral effects etc.

No. 1197319

anon this is the most incorrect pic I’ve ever seen, I would never hug a man out of compassion for his nasty pornographic fetish I would likely rip his dick off and throw it in a paper shredder. tough love epic style

No. 1197320

It was in order to travel or go on vacation, right? I hope you have no side effects and can enjoy the freedoms that come with the jab despite it all, nonnie

No. 1197323

>I would never hug a man out of compassion
of course you wouldn't (and you shouldn't) but the wojak definitely represents a "no fapper" or trad some other sort of moid

No. 1197327

Ugh, those posts about complimenting men were gross. A lot of them were just very politely saying "well can you blame him for watching porn and cheating on you when you're not lying out your ass by thinking of nice things to say to him?". I remember hearing something about cooming helping lower the chance of prostate cancer for men? Something like that anyway. Even if that is true that still doesn't justify cooming every single day to extreme porn, but coomers act like their doctors ordered them to do it. I actually know a guy who does nofap and has become anti-porn, he's really got his shit together - back to getting an education, eating healthier, working out, calmer and friendlier attitude - but he treats it like this dark secret because he's been laughed at and called crazy for it before. Fucked up world we live in when temperance is frowned upon.

No. 1197329

nta but idgaf, if nofap or whatever memes men out of their porn addiction then so be it. I just don't like the ones who claim they were victims being preyed on when it was them who made all their choices and most likely abused other women in the process of it all

No. 1197337

ty very much nonnie. Yes, it was for traveling. I hope to eb able to appreciate the freedoms this damned vaccination proof provides but in the end, was it really worth it? For a vacation? I think not. I hope I won't regret it mroe than I do now.

No. 1197347

>well can you blame him for watching porn and cheating on you when you're not lying out your ass by thinking of nice things to say to him?
I hate that so many people assume men cheating = his gfs fault. Sometimes it's really bizarre to watch the mental gymnastics men will jump through in order to justify another man cheating
>well did you fuck him enough
>did you try enough risky sexual things
>did you just modify your body to whatever he wanted at the time
>did you cook and clean enough
>were you ambitious enough
>you were probably too clingy/not clingy enough
>your standards were too low probably
>maybe make more money, go to the gym, go to therapy?
>maybe you just weren't interesting enough, try being more funny and adventurous
it's even worse because even when women cheat on abusive and extremely neglectful men it's never justified. Men can literally almost ghost you the vast majority of the relationship but if you cheat it's 100% on you and he needs to be coddled. I'm actually jealous of them because men are able to just act however tf the want in a relationship and if they get cheated on nobody comes out the woodwork to bitch at them for lack of communication, emotional neglect, physical nitpicking,etc

No. 1197356

Didn't Adam Lanza want to fuck kids himself?

No. 1197358

Prostate cancer is a meme. Practically every man dies with it, but not of it. It's very rarely the aggressive type and they're thinking of not treating the mild versions and stopping widespread screening.

No. 1197361

Funny thing is that there's a famous relationship therapist who writes books about why women should be allowed to cheat on men and should be empathized with more. But retards have turned it into "cheating men should be empathized with" and obviously never read her books despite claiming to.

No. 1197363

Literally. And then MRAs always bitch about how no one cares about prostate cancer as much as breast or cervical cancer but like, at most you get your prostate removed and you didn't use it anyway. Testicular cancer is much more deadly but easily treatable but they never talk about that since it's not on the memes I guess

No. 1197366

Both are correct. If women are cheating, 9/10 times it's because he is neglectful, ignores her most of the time, doesn't give her affection at all. If a man cheats they can literally have their gf go above and beyond including financially supporting them, looking like a model, being great in bed, etc and they'll cheat with anyone they can just because

No. 1197369

it's really sick. I'd love to know exactly how they are getting to these teen boys. I'm assuming its a combination of subliminal messaging, thoughts beamed into their heads to drive them to kill, some of the school shooters were heavily medicated (not sure about this most recent one), and ??. I wonder if they pull these kids in the middle of the night for programming. A certain percentage of alien abductions were found by researchers to he government psy ops for reasons not fully understood, so the "government" (it's not the US government that we see in public doing this) is more than capable of taking these kids in the middle of the night and programming them.

No. 1197370

You're a weakling and a fucking retard. No pity for you if there are side effects.

No. 1197379

Don't be so whiny, it'll most probably be fine. People need to stop pretending getting the vaxx or not getting the vaxx is a death sentence. The absolute vast majority of people is fine EITHER WAY.

No. 1197381

They just get subclinical myocarditis and suddenly drop dead during heavy exercise

No. 1197383

I should've known better than to post in the tinfoil thread.

No. 1197395

you are right and this is what I feel about myself too. I was fucking weak af and I'm really upset at myself.
The point is not that, is that I betrayed my principles under pressure for a fucking vaation. I'm a clown.I promised a nonnie ITT some time ago I would update on the Novavax jab if I ever took it

No. 1197411

Nta but reminder that people at Pfizer themselves have stated that they're not sure about the effectiveness of the vaccines, they censor their own documents about the effects of the vaccines and also they are still experimental until 2023 (they only approved because of "emergency"). Plenty of people are not fine.

I mean, what's done is done. A lot of people where bribed with vacations and freedom. Just enjoy it and forget about it.

No. 1197441

they also told women it was not only safe but reccomended while pregnant. A dear friend of mine got litterally terrorized by the medical stuff, they told her if she didnt do the vaccine while pregnant she would put her baby at danger of death. They made it also pratically impossible to acccess pregnancy care and delivery when unvaxxed and I'm in a free healthcare country. Needless to say in the famous part of the pfizer documents that was published they said that it was found it IS actually dangerous to GET the vaccine while pregnant.

No. 1197479

Same here. The pharmaceutical companies stated on their sites that the vaccine shouldn't be given to pregnant, breastfeeding or women who want to get pregnant in the future, and at the same time our government health care sites said they had to get vaccinated for their own safety.

No. 1197508

The vaccine fucked my cycle and still does a year later. I already had bad cramps and heavy bleeding but it got worse since the vaccine and now I also have abnormal bleeding. It might be just a coincidence but it all correlates with the vaccine. Obviously nobody listens to me. I regret getting it now and only did cause of the pressure and how easily brainwashed I was getting at this point cause of the isolation of the measures. The vaccine was a promise to freedom from my government (which was a lie).

No. 1197557

can it lead to low blood sedimentation rates?

No. 1197626

It was like this for me at the beginning of the COVID vaccine, I got my first one and had a bad reaction and everyone around me absolutely never shut up about how I NEED to get the second one or else I'll literally drop dead and "listen to experts!". Now ~doctors~ are flipping back and forward saying the jab doesn't work, people who reacted badly to the jab shouldn't get the second shot, and now they're discussing on whether or not young healthy people even need more than one shot! It's absolutely bizarre to me that so many people foamed at the mouth about how the jab is going to save us all and unvaccinated people are literally going to kill us all when there was very little research done, and now people are shocked when a bunch of new things are being revealed

Anyway, I got covid while pregnant and it was literally nothing, I carried a healthy pregnancy to full term and COVID wasn't anything more than a cold to me. I'm at no risk of COVID and I feel like most healthy young people understand it's simply not worth to put yourself at risk for a shot that's proven zero effectiveness. Remember if you're young, healthy and unjabbed you have a 99%+ chance of surviving COVID and a 100% chance of not suffering the jabs side effects

No. 1197777

Goddamn, this is sending me down a rabbit hole. I used to always tease my boyfriend when he would joke about glowies and tinfoil theories and now I'm starting to question things.

Side note, I was just thinking about how incredibly annoying it is that the term "conspiracy theorist" has become a label meaning "loony, wild-eyed basement dweller" if you have honest questions about anything controversial.

No. 1197780

File: 1653591807724.jpg (151.56 KB, 720x1187, 20220526_145856.jpg)

Apparently there's been lots of testimonies of cops staying idle at the scene while the shooting happened, they say they even made it riskier when they got inside as they helped redirect the attention of the shooter to survivors that where close, are cops this dumb or…?

No. 1197782

what the fuck!

No. 1197808

File: 1653592928980.jpg (102.52 KB, 634x726, 23C740CF00000578-2862497-image…)


Megan didn't have those features because they troon them early but the thumbs still give it away. As soon as she hit 30 and the testosterone dump happened, the typical bone structure emerged, just like with every other "woman" celebrity.

Honestly even their best and most gassed up "stars" look ridiculous now that TikTok/social media has shown people what everyday beautiful women (and men) look like. How anyone ever thought Rob Kardashian (the Breeder) was a sad fat male or how a tall gay man became a supermodel (pictured on beach with bio-sister) is proof that we are really as dumb as they think we are.

No. 1197838

File: 1653594009507.jpeg (119.96 KB, 1280x720, FTp6irUX0AAIUWE.jpeg)

No. 1197850

>Honestly even their best and most gassed up "stars" look ridiculous now that TikTok/social media has shown people what everyday beautiful women (and men) look like.
People on social media use filters, angles, photoshop and get surgery too. This transvestigation bullshit just makes women think they're intersex for not being curvy or dainty.

No. 1197866

>This transvestigation bullshit just makes women think they're intersex for not being curvy or dainty.

No. 1197876

lmao nonnie, is this supposed to be proof? Have you not seen irl ttwo sisters with one being very unlucky in the look department? Itt happens and this is not even the case since the only problem to you seem to be the lack of curves? I'm with you on the fact that most celebrity "beuties" are just forced on us but this shit makes no sense. Is funny tho, as the infamous "michelle obama has a dick" classic internet meme video with the robotic vvoice and the 10million boomers biting the bait.
I love this odd conspiracies tho, so keep it coming

No. 1197882

yeah but even curvy and dainty celebrities are being accused of being trans. Jane russell, judy garland, marilyn monroe, etc. I feel like people are retarded when it comes to how cameras work and then they'll just use an "off" angle to prove they're trans. Many cameras can make you look shorter and wider and other cameras can make you look taller and slimmer, some cameras will even sharpen the jaw or just distort your face all together. Actual trans people are easily detectable irl and it seems like the whole "transvestigation" is just finding bad pictures of women and trying to make them feel bad

No. 1197887

im sorry i love a good tinfoil but this, and the pic you attached, is so fucking retarded KEK

No. 1197891

>year 2022
>females accusing fridge-bodied women of being males
>males accusing dead curvy actresses of being males

No. 1197901

File: 1653596778584.jpg (62.77 KB, 1077x1053, e473a2cb8780bbd1.jpg)

I hate it here

No. 1197902

Tbh if parents are there threatening to rush the building themselves during an active shooting all while the police are trying to plan their own entry…they create an extra job for police to manage. It's police who'd be on the line if any parent carried through with their threats. I can get they were distraught but realistically crowd control is another task police have to plan for too. That's all considered their responsibility. Shouting "the police aren't doing their job" as the police are stuck holding you back is.. it's laughable, all in the middle of a tragedy though.

Well done to anyone who days later still can't see the flaw in the idea that police should just rush on in without a plan first. Peak twitter outrage. I'm sure every last person on twitter could tackle a mass shooter like it's nothing at all.

No. 1197904

File: 1653596935306.jpg (123.96 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Ridicule is absolutely expected and fine with me as long as my posts aren't censored. It's a world-wide two-tier society and the image I posted is not "proof" of anything. It's just absolutely hilarious what they are trying to pass off as the ideal woman though (a man).

Those who are part of the club enjoy feeling like they are better than "muggles" and that it's impossible to determine sex based on skeleton/bone structure, which is absurd.

Gnostics Kabbalists, Hermetics, Freemasons and their stupid duality obsession - all tranny shit.

Why does every male celebrity/politician have sloping shoulders, lightbulb head with wide forehead? Boris Johnson has had two "Shadow Wives", check out his first. Princess Stephanie's "daughters". The examples are endless.

But sure, muh body discrimination so we can't talk about how fucking weird ALL wealthy people look and the religious tranny symbolism they integrate into EVERYTHING.

No. 1197909

File: 1653597382891.jpg (8.33 KB, 300x300, bazsl.jpg)

No. 1197910

I agree, as sad as it is watching the video, what are the cops supposed to do? Let more people rush in to get gunned down? I don’t know what’s going on about the cops not going inside earlier, but it makes sense to me that they wouldn’t let unarmed civilians in.

No. 1197914

File: 1653597666948.jpg (48.6 KB, 338x960, 1653204678569.jpg)

I think there are a lot of trannys among the elite, but to claim every slighty boxy woman is a tranny is a bit far fetchef

No. 1197920

Couldn't it be possible that a lot of royals just look weird due to the centuries of inbreeding?

No. 1197924

Absolutely agree and it boggles my mind that some people don't see that. And what if the parents got shot too?

No. 1197925

>Well done to anyone who days later still can't see the flaw in the idea that police should just rush on in without a plan first
They waited at least 40 minutes to enter the school.

No. 1197926

Nta but did the wait so long for shits and giggles or because they still had to assess how to get in?

No. 1197928


They're not all boxy. Some are skinny and not all have sloping foreheads, big hands/feet and giant shoulders either, that's just a generalization since so many do.

Some are very skinnny but it still looks off (think Grimes). There's a million tiny indicators that tell our brain something is different about these people and unfortunately can lead to fascination > idolization as well.

You can't be in the club if you aren't born into it though and the vast majority choose to troon their children.

This isn't going to make the angry skeptical people happy but I'm pretty sure Jazz Jennings is a bio-female. They left her untrooned for the big agenda. So instead of a fat "billionaire" or bulky sports guy breeder, we are actually seeing a real female one for once (with BBL scars). Chaz Bono is a real FtM tho.(take your meds)

No. 1197940

From everything I've read, the local police that were already on the scene didn't enter the school until Border Patrol got there. The police were allegedly negotiating

No. 1197946

I was just going to call you stupid but now I’m also going to say you’re setting women back years with this autism and insisting upon calling any woman that doesn’t have an archaic strict adherence to ~biological femininity~ a man is so beyond retarded. Like you’re a special level of pathetic.

No. 1197948

File: 1653600167353.jpg (233.34 KB, 850x550, Tiffany-Moore.jpg)


I saw it and have been waiting for you w. this image

No. 1197950

kek this image litterally speaks the words in your mind

No. 1197951

This is an interesting flavor of schizophrenia actually, I’m very glad I don’t have it

No. 1197952

it's also easier for bio women to claim to be trans in order to get surgeries without being blasted for it. Typical plastic thot? gross, mtf with tons of work done? queen. I also notice transwomen get less nitpicked about their fashion where as a cis bio woman, it feels like regardless of what you wear or how you do makeup it's always "wrong" to someone

No. 1197953

File: 1653600328528.gif (188.37 KB, 80x80, 1652641859046.gif)

Why do you think Jazz is a biowoman nonnie?

No. 1197954


Keep on seethin'

No. 1197955

this kinda suits the theory that women are made to believe there's something wrong with them if they don't adhere to porn standards

No. 1197958

You come here saying that there is a wealthy transgender cult where all rich elites and politicians are secretly trans, no argument you bring forth will convince anyone of anything you’re no different from the 55 year old men on Facebook claiming the elites are reptiles. I love that this is your campaign like anyone is going to agree with you when you say Megan fox and Giselle bundchen were born men. I know you spend every waking day of your life just seething with hatred.

No. 1197960

Honestly. Look at the breasts thread on /g/, it's a complete shitshow.

No. 1197961

>I’m pretty sure Jazz Jennings is a bio female
this is amazing you are so proud of being this retarded

No. 1197964


She's been pregnant at least once, so that would be the biggest indicator. She would have been FtM like Sander and Griffen if it weren't for TLC though.

Not sure if "I am Jazz" was intended to promote trooning to the muggles and that changed or if it was always going to go bad to keep them away.

No. 1197982

not just that, I remember on CC there was an anon with a macromastia fetish who use to spam tons of thread with hate directed towards women with small breasts and were obsessed with "studies" and trying to get small breasted women to "admit" men don't like them. Most of the planet is A-C cups so I don't see what their issue is

on a similar note, it feels like we de-evolved from the body hair thing, I remember in 2014ish there was a lot of body hair positivity and now there was a massive reverse to the point where women go out and get hormonal testing done if they have anything other than light body hair on their armpits, calves and pubes, now it seems like people are diagnosing women with the lightest peach fuzz with disorders and it makes no sense

No. 1197986

You are insane

No. 1197987

Celebrities souls are millennia-old and have magical, trance-like properties, they just get reused over and over again for newer acts, think reincarnation, those souls were just random humans who were born with special capabilities

No. 1197988

Are we all schizophrenic here

No. 1197996

these anons make me feel normal by comparison

No. 1198005

I mean, the glowies (cia) themselves coined the term “conspiracy theories/theorists” in the 60’s to discredit anyone who was questioning the status quo. So there’s that

No. 1198007

stfu grimes you're nothing special

No. 1198026

File: 1653604001222.png (305.72 KB, 531x444, R.png)


This comment was especially unhinged.

Regular tinfoil nonnies: surely you can see how weirdly aggressive or derailing these replies are and how even lolcow will ban you for discussing this conspiracy, in a conspiracy forum.

Please look into the tranny religions and orgs. I've mentioned but realize it's much broader than that.

Older forensic anthropology books can be useful but as the repressive nonnies have mentioned, skeletal sex markers can definitely vary. It's better to start with the theology and then you understand the symbolism (it's always a reference male/female).

No. 1198035

My theory applies to talented people anon

No. 1198036

Anon, I want you to know you are off the walls insane, but you are very entertaining. We are approaching levels of schitzo never even thought possible

No. 1198049

Hey anon, I was the one who asked you to report back if you did decide to try the Novavax, sorry to hear you're feeling regretful about it. I hope you'll be okay, even if you're feeling pessimistic about it right now that doesn't mean anything bad will happen. I hope your trip goes well at least, try to be a bit easier on yourself.

No. 1198060


I mean, yeah I could understand a person seeking conspiracies on a conspiracy board finding my posts entertaining. Weird that most of the replies seem written in a blind rage instead (and I'm IP banned).(ban evasion)

No. 1198068

YOU THINK SANDER AND GRIFFEN ARE FTM AND JAZZ HAS BEEN PREGNANT BEFORE, what about the oldest sister Ari? What is she? Or is she just safe?

No. 1198076

the most retarded line of thinking is as follows
>assuming and tinfoiling all people in the entertainment industry have similar facial features
>let alone foreheads
>they don't
>industry is full of plastic surgery anyway so that's what causes sameface
>b-but no, all these women are men!!1

you sure this isn't the same moid whose reddit was exposed ban evading?

also agree with >>1197955

my tinfoil is that at least one celebrity and or his pr team is stalking me. it might be multiple interconnected celebrities. I wonder if any of them will reveal themselves or I'll be left to speculate forever. the day they reveal themselves is probably the day I end up dead.

No. 1198079

Carreyfag is that you?

No. 1198086

Hmm. Is that you, Linda?

No. 1198087

No. 1198089

That's exactly what Linda would say

No. 1198090

And yet, it is something that somebody who isn't Linda would say. It seems we're at a standstill.

No. 1198091

Please tell me which celebrity.

No. 1198093

you can't fool me linda fields hill

No. 1198101


MtF, it would be the whole family. Unless there is an explicit reason for keeping them as their natural sex like Jazz (or reversing it, like Caitlyn Jenner or Elliot Paige).


I'm using Nord so it's possible we're sharing IPs that have been banned. I was able to post under Iceland IP tho but now I can't so that is weird.

I was pointing out how most wealthy/famous men and women look like this, not saying individual men and women with these features are part of the tranny club. Unless they are wealthy/prominent, then most likely.

Also not all celebrities/wealthy people get the same surgeries and those aren't the features that make some of them look most trans. Georgina Chapman and Bethany Frankel (as a quick example) had FFS and ended up looking way more female than before their surgeries.

No. 1198106

>this comment was especially unhinged
You are schizophrenic and I’m sure nobody can handle to be around you when you’re reeing about muh secret society twannies. Are they reptilians as well? You clearly don’t know the meaning of the word unhinged.

No. 1198108

Please explain the pregnant Jazz theory

No. 1198116


You are the weird and unpleasant wet blanket in this particular space okay.


Which part do you mean, like why they do it in general or why do I specifically think Jazz is a breeder?

No. 1198136

>claiming the elites are reptiles.
The elites are reptiles, don't lump people who understand this in with transvestigation bullshit

No. 1198188

Ntayrt but I don’t think the elites are reptilian, just demonically possessed

No. 1198198

It doesn’t matter that it’s the tinfoil thread, it isn’t a safe space for you to chimp out in. If you’re being retarded you’re going to be told you’re being retarded.

No. 1198205

These women are a product of generations of incest and therefore look different from the average woman

No. 1198208

no, you got it twisted. the elites are demons themselves, not possessed

No. 1198210

No, the elites are genetic reptilian clones of the demons. Just look at Jeff Bezos and tell me he isn't reptilian Lucifer.

No. 1198211


Anon I watched your video yesterday and I can't stop thinking about it. It had such a weird effect on me, like I became super paranoid and had to check all my doors and windows (something I've never done before.) I shook the feeling off but can't stop thinking about it.

My question is what the fuck. What is your interpretation of this video? Why did you post this? How do you think this is related to recruiting schizoids, and for what, the army??

No. 1198215

No, he's a clone of Dr. Evil

No. 1198217

Holy shit anon. Barry Diller is MINI-ME!!!!

No. 1198218


No. 1198219

lol wtf is this, you really do have to be a tinfoil wearing schizoid to believe this is anything more than some radicalized 14 year old from /pol who decided one day he wanted to stir the pot with an ARG by spending a few minutes editing together this shit in Final Cut Pro. this is about as spooky or real as all of those old early 2000s/YouTube “anonymous” videos where any 12 year old would just play footage from V for Vendetta with a grainy filter overlay and claim they were anonymous. this whole glowie/psyop thing is true burgerland mental illness and the failure of a country that glorifies violence/nationalism/fear over living in reality.

No. 1198221

What kind of growth hormones, gmos, and addictive substances are they putting in that McDonalds food? The drive-thru is always packed no matter where I go or what country I'm in. The food's not even good so what type of addictive bullshit are they slipping in the burgers to make this restaurant so loved around the world?

No. 1198224

File: 1653618395966.jpg (69.33 KB, 356x400, Rebis_Theoria_Philosophiae_Her…)


Right. Let's keep the discussion to conspiracies made by smart trannies for dumb plebs please.

Bezos is a woman and like most of them, has terrible enophthalmos and alopecia from early and ongoing hormone fuckery.


Inbreeding doesn't turn a man into a woman or a woman into a man. Ugly women still look like women.

No. 1198230

My theory is that part of the addiction comes from having eaten junk food since childhood. The food is not that good but it is consistent. The big mac you eat today tastes just how it did when you were 5 years old; that gives you a sort've primal sense of stability. It's what I imagine used to happen when people ate their mothers cooking their whole lives, but instead of that beautiful sacred experience we get McDonalds. The very fact that fast food is so consistent creates a sort of psychological dependency, especially in a chaotic and depressing culture like modern America. It's pure comfort for our primitive, monkey-brained needs.

No. 1198231

>bezos is a woman
It’s lithium o clock my sister

No. 1198261

File: 1653620959807.jpg (52.96 KB, 780x439, based-on-a-short-story-1518194…)


Maybe. At least I'm not under the delusion inverting my gender will make me "god-like" lol

The hermetic principle (look up "Kybalion") is really the foundation of this, not nit-picking body parts. Although hard-bodied males with thick defined bone structure and big giant eye sockets have been making natal women feel insecure for generations.

I found it fun to revisit shows or movies like pic. "They Live" really took on a new meaning, especially now that I notice the skulls are inverted.

I'm posting a lot of pics but search "Skull and Bones" logo and you'll see it's half male/half female.

Maybe I take back what I said about having to be born in the club though. I think they would enjoy the ego trip and second hand experience of watching a pleb sort out The Big Reveal and seeing how elaborate the stage really is.

No. 1198328

Nobody is under the delusion that “inverting their gender” will make them “godlike,” YOU are under the delusion that this is even a thing at all. It’s mildly entertaining though. You should go back to whatever hole you came from though.

No. 1198352

File: 1653631447126.png (477.08 KB, 626x839, jazz.png)


I've mentioned several religions and orgs. that openly believe exactly this.

You can read "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" on CIA.gov and most Gnostic texts are available for free in pdf format several places on the internet.

It's an open secret and even their Philosopher King Manly P. Hall (lol) intended for the enlightenment to "eventually" reach the masses. This occurring absolutely pisses off most members of the club because they will lose their exclusivity, fan worship and reason for living.

Like the fake religions created for us, theirs are full of phonies and non-believers. They don't actually want true equilibrium (or as we hear ad nauseum, "The Singularity") they're just in it for the perks.

I was mostly finished for now anyways if no one else has q's about the SS (super secret) Tranny Club.

I will answer Jazz q before I go:

You'll see her post-pregnancy stretch marks in the slack location where her uterus would be (img) and most importantly, her curved spine to center her balance.

Celebrity MtF's will ALWAYS photoshop or obscure their flat backs because they wear low quality prosthetic bellies (look up "Moon Bump"). They're often too shiny and the Linea Nigra will always be wonky (Rihanna).

In reality, the FtM (or Jazz) carrying the child is not pressured to remain skinny or even attractive at all. They'll be hidden away and usually be some ugly individual labelled a "billionaire", doughy politician, some kind of sports player or aging actor/musician.

Or in Rob's depressing as fuck situation, being the only real female born in the family. This is also why on "I am Jazz", Jazz would discuss Ari carrying her pregnancies so casually. Hilarious.

It's interesting how no one asked Atwood who's doing the weird birth ceremonies in "Handmaid's Tale", since the atrocities are based on real events and history.

I think we should also acknowledge that I am the one who keeps trying to center their dogma and symbolism and you guys keep going back to physical stuff. Anyways goodnight nonnies - the truth shall set you free! All the world's a (tranny) stage.

No. 1198374

Jazz underwent hrt at a young age. This isn’t pregnancy body, this is just weight gain. Either gender will get stretch marks on their abdomen like that when quickly gaining significant weight there btw. Please keep going though you’re critically unhinged.

No. 1198399


You're probably right about that, she is most likely a FtMtF. Or whatever you call a minor who is doused with wrong-sex hormones in utero/infancy. They would have just discontinued the HRT whenever the public trooning began.

They make it acceptable for their cult because she is meant to represent Yemaya (Starbucks) with all the mermaid shit. I suspect Pele sometimes too but same hand, different fingers.

This was also supposedly Jazz's peak weight gain but the stretch marks are located on her slack uterus, pushed forward by her curvy female spine. Which I said was most important and also the religious/philosophical research.

Okay ttyt, I'm sleeping now. Goodnight friendss!

No. 1198403

How old are you? Are you a man or a woman? What is your religion?

No. 1198404

>Jazz is a breeder
Tranny spotted

No. 1198576

Anon sorry but you need to see a mental health specialist very soon kek. Tall women with strong jaws, big noses and banana shaped bodies exist. Siblings with different body shapes exist. Gisele gave birth to children.

No. 1198600

This has to be the male redditor. I refuse to believe any anon is this mental even if it is the tinfoil thread. Flat earth is more legit. Though it is fun to read.

No. 1198624

I really wish everyone wasn't so fucking stubborn about how "long term hormone use isn't risky at all!!1!1". I'm legit curious on how hormones have effected Jazz's health

No. 1198625

Nailed it, eating a plain double cheeseburger was a total delicacy of my childhood as a poorfag

No. 1198632

Yeah I am a woman and I have the manliest bone structure ever, tall with squared off shoulders and a V shape. But I am 100%female

No. 1198637

>I'm legit curious on how hormones have effected Jazz's health
I doubt we'll ever find out. Jazz may well have serious health issues at some point but I don't think we'll ever hear the full explanation for why.

I've been trying to quit McDonald's and fizzy drinks and it is honestly harder than quitting smoking. I'm an ex-alcoholic and ex-junkie yet I'm currently fighting the goddamn fucking Hamburglar. McDonald's and a coke was a highlight of my child. It was a treat, it was exotic American food. I'm an autist who travelled abroad frequently for my old job so being able to get the same food wherever I was working was a stabilising comfort. Funny thing is, now my cooking skills are much improved I don't even enjoy their burgers that much. I can make a much better one myself but my brain is hardwired to give me the happy chemicals when I eat McDonalds.

No. 1198642

Jazz is a fucking man, what are you on about? Pregnancy stretch marks? Ftmtf? He’s had his underdeveloped penis cut off since before he was 18, he’ll never even have an actual sexual experience much less have a child in any fashion except, maybe, if he adopts.

No. 1198643

Anon I’m sure you still look very feminine compare to a troon.

No. 1198663

>Jazz may well have serious health issues at some point but I don't think we'll ever hear the full explanation for why.
yeah. they straight up look postpartum. It's weird since they have zero issue discussing Jazz's sex drive, masturbation, etc even when they were a minor but if anything could possibly be connected to HRT they'll shut their mouths because you can't scare the troon groom out of other kids

No. 1198664

same, I had to get sparkling waters and it helps a lot with weening off of soda

No. 1198668

What I truly don’t understand is the “anons” who come into this thread and call the posters insane or schizophrenic, this is the tinfoil thread what the fuck did you expect? Anyone trying to call someone schizophrenic in here is definitely a glowie, idc.

No. 1198673

hard agree. The "wow you anons are so scizo!" comments are dead annoying, read the fucking thread description nonnitas

No. 1198678

It's like they're testing the waters to see how many diagnosed schizos identify themselves. If anyone suggests a discord server I'll know for sure there's something going on here.

No. 1198683

File: 1653653221087.jpeg (140.57 KB, 640x742, 1638957680671.jpeg)

>nonnas bring up glowie influences
>thread derails every day since then
kek someone's mad

No. 1198691

File: 1653653824028.jpeg (278.37 KB, 750x703, 52DE0200-10BC-4E4E-9A4C-25D6B2…)

Anon, please shut the fuck up rightfully because you’re wrong. There is a lot of conflicting evidence and hearsay about what the police were doing during the 40 minutes of inactivity while the shooter was allowed to continue to kill more people. From the article I found, one account claims the police was trying to get the shooter who was inside of a classroom, but the question is if they were trying to contain him in the classroom which is already problematic enough or did the shooter barricade himself in it? A lot of mass shooters usually want to hit as much targets as possible in the fastest amount of time. The police would have to disarm the severe threat as quickly as possible to stop the body counts from going higher. Picrel, but another person on the scene might have suggested that the police could be understaffed, stretched thin, poorly trained, did not have the right equipment or resources to be able to handle a high-level situation like this. That could be the more plausible theory rather than your pig bootlicking and giving them the benefit of the doubt, I can just tell you live in fucking Europe where you people get fined for owning butter knives. Rightfully never speak about America because you’re a retard and I know for a fact you’re illiterate, can’t read and are dumb as fuck as you can’t think deeper beyond surface level caps you find in this thread.

No. 1198696

File: 1653653991347.png (355.88 KB, 720x773, Screenshot_20220527-071526.png)

Why does it seem like corporations blame their lowering of quality products on long COVID?? I never had COVID and shit around my city keeps smelling like onions/gas and anytime I question it I just get a "are you sure it's not long COVID??" deal, same for household and hygiene products that keep getting watered down and replaced with chemicals that straight up smell like glue. i guess now it's easier than ever to put poison goop in everything since if anyone questions you can just say they had covid. I blame COVID paranoids

No. 1198703

File: 1653654840096.png (289.44 KB, 548x605, feds did it.png)

uvalde wasnt a false flag, but buffalo was

No. 1198706

Tops and the subway shooting were ridiculously low effort. I'm starting to get a lil insulted here, like c'mon glowies, give me a real puzzle to solve.

No. 1198707

This is so bad, they aren't even trying anymore.

No. 1198714

File: 1653655375445.jpg (1.9 MB, 1973x3069, 1653152970153.jpg)

Men do not have souls, they are just a sperm carrying vessel. Thats why they are completely devoid of empathy, have no higher thinking(look at all the "great" male philosophers they're all basic as fuck, a random teen girl on tumblr is more philosophical yet they're touted as great big thinker by other even more mindless men). They operate purely on instinct. Just look at parthenogenesis in other animals, the males are just a half made clone of the female made to inseminate other females. They have no other uses. The female is a complete being, while the male isn't. They are just x chromosone carriers. In reality, women actually mate with other women by proxy, by creating these walking chromosone givers.

Thats why the cope so much with claiming to be the logical sex, when they actually just operate on the most basic level and their "logic" is purely subjective and irrational. Anyone who has ever argued with a man will tell you they never actually engage in the argument(that they usually start), they just move the goalpost, argue that their personal anecdotal feelings is the objective truth, and if that doesn't work they chimp out and fling insults or get violent. Sophia, wisdom, is a female after all.

No. 1198723

File: 1653656026063.png (341.08 KB, 768x381, Mason.png)

From the scene of the recent school shooting.

No. 1198726

I thought about this too some time ago. Males don't feel like people. They don't love, they aren't truly interested in anything, they don't have emotional intelligence, they just can't get things. Males just work, obsess over a few hobbies, eat, shit, sleep and fuck. Nothing beyond that. Everything they do is for their own material gain. It's such a bizarre existence.

No. 1198728

I can believe this. It feels like every conversation you have with men are the exact same

No. 1198730

The "vs models are men" rumour is an old hoax to make people believe it is medically possible to make men look like women. Look at rupauls drag race newest season. They resemble a (plastic, kardashian like) women on instagram, but when you look at the footage of the show of them in a line talking to rupaul its obvious they are trans women. The only way you can disguise men as women is when they are children. In real life its clear as day.

No. 1198735

Males operate with only two "feelings": Horniness and aggression. Their hobbies are all related to these, and sometimes, putting both together.

I firmly believe that at least half of males will rape if given the chance. Child, animal, their own daughter, doesn't matter. Because it's the ultimate expression of both horniness and aggression.

No. 1198755

File: 1653657537131.jpeg (131.12 KB, 1125x1253, https___bucketeer-e05bbc84-baa…)

Funny how that symbol likes to pop up in news reports about mass shootings.

No. 1198759

Agree, I've noticed that with strangers and men in my family, no matter their political stances too. In essence they're all the same.

No. 1198783

This isn't tinfoil. This is just a hard fact. Men are just a bunch of bodies walking around that need to be exterminated from the planet because they do nothing but act like aggressive, violent retards.

No. 1198799

Legit feels like most transvestigation stuff only helps TiMs and makes people think their transitions are super succesful or that real women cannot be fit, muscular and athletically gifted. It just makes the range of "acceptable" women's bodies extremely narrow.

No. 1198808

What does it stand for?

No. 1198824

My internet went down last night exactly when I tried to access the gc board and didn't come back for hours. I see you, service provider, I see you stymieing discourse.

No. 1198830

It’s called Square and Compasses, and is often associated with the Freemasons

No. 1198832

>I firmly believe that at least half of males will rape if given the chance.
Way more than that. Almost every male will rape if given the chance and the guarantee that no one will know. A father would 100% rape his daughter if he knew he would never get in trouble and no one would speak about it. They don't have morals, which is why most soldiers rape and gore children and women - they know they're going to get away with it, so they do it.

No. 1198919

News stations exist as mass demoralization tools for the public. Constant torture porn and horrific incidents are shoved in our faces everywhere. They have no shame profiting off of misery. Even if you manage to avoid the news on TV you cannot escape the casual discussion of never-ending tragedies the world is currently obsessing over. You either feel scared and hopeless, or become desensitized to the modern horrors of the world as they become worse and worse.

No. 1198924

Linea nigras are wonky all the time. Are you a scrote or a retard? Google “crooked linea nigra” and you will see hundreds of women asking about theirs with photos. Transvestigation is a scrote psyop to get real women to feel insecure about their normal fucking bodies.

No. 1198934

I haven't owned a television for over six years and I avoid social media. I would highly recommend that other people do the same.

No. 1198937

File: 1653666064485.jpg (152.55 KB, 1908x1146, article-2115618-12338F62000005…)

>Transvestigation is a scrote psyop to get real women to feel insecure about their normal fucking bodies.
Too fucking real. I believe it has already affected the general population and popculture, considering how popular the Michelle Obama transvestigation bullshit was. Suddenly every woman with broad shoulders and some muscle on her was seen as sus. People swear up and down that women cannot be muscular without roiding or actually being men etc. Even though it was actually cool to see a first lady be so seriously into fitness.

No. 1198981

there was a good dose of racism involved in the michelle obama is trans bullshit as well. segregationists made a big deal back in the day about black women being less feminine to white women due to a lack of “delicate” features. black people typically have denser bones and more muscle mass than whites which has a lot of benefits but was exploited (obviously) by the slave owning class for their benefit. these beliefs trickled down into american/eurocentric consciousness and these sorts of stereotypes still exist subconsciously in the minds of a lot of people, eg maria sharapova claiming she was “intimidated” by serena williams’s presence because she was so “terrifying”, black women being micromanaged in the workplace because we are seen as more aggressive or had a stronger presence than our white counterparts, etc. melania trump was a literal washed up old whore who did softcore porn and yet people acted like she was a saint…michelle wasn’t the most graceful woman on the planet, and yet the stormfront nutters who posted about her all day and night on white power message boards chimped out constantly about her having a “deep” (to them) voice.


No. 1198989

File: 1653668436074.jpg (56.55 KB, 578x689, girlboss.jpg)

they will truly do anything to bring down a smart women

No. 1199001

File: 1653668947151.jpeg (2.12 MB, 2641x3530, Burney_Relief_Babylon_-1800-17…)

You guys are the ones interested in "transvestigating". I keep saying gender markers vary and that we should be discussing the beliefs of the cult. Clearly some of you find the physical stuff more interesting, probably because:

"What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad."

lol and I will now accept all scrote accusations for quoting the Matrix. Weird that the creators are troons and say the movie is "a trans metaphor". That's probably just another coincidence tho.


It is possible though either way, doesn't matter if you are correct or if I am.

Emma Ellingsen and Jazz Jennings were to show you that trooning before puberty magically makes a little boy into beautiful teenage girl. The VS models are more reflective of what that actually looks like. Or when shorter, Kim K and Kristin Chenowith.

At some point, the narrative shifted to break that illusion: Nikki Tutorials, Jazz 2018- and the ongoing exclusive legacy media stories that indicate putting your child on puberty blockers and carving up their reproductive organs might be a bad idea. Maybe.

This is going to upset the ultra-tense nonnies that don't want physical body parts acknowledged in any way but it relates to >>1198919 and the freemasonry symbols (male/female duality). As mentioned, All the World is a Stage so the more obvious ones end up on reality tv or lower in the hierarchy (like politics/gov./stage). Real Housewives of Orange County is a very good example of this imo (OC is FULL of club members). Also True Crime (Troon Crime). The ones who aren't passable enough to be featured beyond glimpses of hate/sympathy. Background cast in most film is always hilarious.

Most are just boring signal boosters and a lot of "glowie" accusations could be better summed up as trannies herding their sheep into the "correct" discussions.(integrate)

No. 1199019

File: 1653669669801.jpeg (52.7 KB, 503x572, D8327F17-C705-4110-A73E-4F8990…)

You still haven’t denied that you’re a moid.

No. 1199020

At this point you think basically everyone is trans

No. 1199024

It makes me feel better that the scrotes who kept accusing me of being a tranny irl are probably just as schizo as you. Fucking hell.

No. 1199039

I agree with you 100%. I understand we need know what's going on in the world, especially local news, but the media just fucking… attacks you with the worlds ugliness. I've noticed there's a lot of repetition when reporting, almost like an incantation. I've seen theories that it lowers your "vibration" and although I don't know where I stand with those believes, I do believe that psychological damage is being inflicted. It would probably explain why generalised anxiety is so commonplace nowadays. I'm currently trying to ween myself off viewing news channel so much, my wife actually password locked the 24 hour channels but I got bored (ADHD has me over a barrel) and figured out the password kek. I definitely think we need to go back to like, morning and evening news shows. 24 hour channels and the internet are incredibly damaging; in more ways than one.

No. 1199091

It's probably a tranny who believes he passes aa good as Victoria secret angels because he's tall and flat, Kek.

No. 1199114

File: 1653672727782.jpg (448.77 KB, 2000x1000, steak 02.jpg)


>Beyond Meat Inc. fell as much as 10%, trading below its IPO price, even after hiring social media influencer Kim Kardashian as a brand spokesperson. Currently it is down 64% for the year, and 90% from its peak of $234 in 2019.

>Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Jennifer Bartashus noted, “When you have a year like 2021, when sales growth for alternative meat products slowed substantially, there was a bit of a reaction that the potential for plant-based alternatives was overblown. There has been a challenging backdrop of supply chain issues, input cost inflation, labor costs rising and a flood of new competitors on the market.”
>However others criticized Kim Kardashian’s first social media posting for the company, noting that the editing was done such that she was never seen putting the plant-based food in her mouth, and none of the food ever showed any bitemarks. Many believed she had refused to eat the product, with one Redditor posting, “I don’t think she even tried one thing. But every time she [took] a bite there was no bite marks or food actually going into her mouth and they kept doing weird cut aways soon as the food got close to her mouth.” Another viewer wrote, “I ain’t buying it cause you ain’t really eating it.”

No. 1199118

>However others criticized Kim Kardashian’s first social media posting for the company, noting that the editing was done such that she was never seen putting the plant-based food in her mouth, and none of the food ever showed any bitemarks. Many believed she had refused to eat the product, with one Redditor posting, “I don’t think she even tried one thing. But every time she [took] a bite there was no bite marks or food actually going into her mouth and they kept doing weird cut aways soon as the food got close to her mouth.” Another viewer wrote, “I ain’t buying it cause you ain’t really eating it.”
Ok, maybe I like Kim Kardashian a little bit, kek.

No. 1199280

File: 1653677806694.png (1.27 MB, 1432x1077, carmen.png)


lol these questions. I'm saying some pretty out there shit, even for this thread and yet all questions are about me and not SS Tranny Club.

Not all TC members want to keep tranny club secret. The fundamentalists realize the muggles must be enlightened to "prove" the doctrine. The rest feel division is necessary because of the foundational structure of the club (a pyramid) and that the plebs could never really handle the truth. Lots of media based on that dilemma, "True Blood" is one of the most outright (and campy and enjoyable, imo).

Most would rather keep the club closed than see their supposed beliefs realized. They don't want to be on the same level as muggles or lose their perks and ignorant slave-pets. The golden foil of this belief system is "freedom" but is actually built on oath-based indentured servitude. All proceeds go to the temple and profits only go up.

It seems the Big Reveal is going forward regardless and M.P Hall was correct all along about the veil eventually lifting.

During Brian Williams farewell speech on 11th Hour, he addressed both members and plebs:

“Grown men and women, who swore an oath to our Constitution, elected by their constituents, possessing the kind of college degrees I could only dream of, have decided to join the mob and become something they are not, while hoping we somehow forget who they were. They’ve decided to burn it all down with us inside.”

Plebs trembled. Club members drooled and stared blankly at a wall. Many of them don't want to believe it's really happening (or feel annoyed it's happening in their generation).

It's interesting they seem to miss all the warnings, especially for a group so "enlightened" on double meanings.

No. 1199284

Don't bring Carmen Sandiego into this.

No. 1199315

lol beyond meat isn't even bad, their burgers are probably the best vegan dupe burgers ive had outside of vegan specialty restaurants. i dont understand at all what dumbass on their marketing team thought it would be a good idea to hire kim k of all people as a brand influencer?? literally what logic is behind that decision when there are other celebrities who have touted plant based diets/veganism before who would've actually eaten the food and not been a dumb bitch like kim k? lizzo, billie eilish, fucking waka flocka flame used to be vegan and im sure he wouldve smashed some beyond. what a stupid marketing decision

No. 1199644

File: 1653689608051.png (62.73 KB, 220x290, 4C6806F9-13A3-4178-B6FF-ED599F…)

This is the tranny god they serve, only Satan/his henchmen would orchestrate something this abhorrent like troonism

No. 1199654

I hate Baphomet so much it's unreal

No. 1199669

Freemasonry, another branch of the Illuminati

No. 1199694

My dad is one, and apologies for the blogpost but I've pestered him for years about what they actually do. He almost opened up about them the other day, unprovoked, but then when it got to whatever their "meetings" involve, he seemed to remember they're a secret. Certainly weird. I recognized the symbol 'cause I KNEW I had seen it before. There's an offshoot called Shriners. Only "Master Masons" are allowed to join, but my dad took me to the local Shriners Temple once as a kid when there was an open event being held there, supposedly "unrelated" to the Masons.

No. 1199742

File: 1653695755757.jpeg (278.92 KB, 750x423, 8922152A-E83E-4723-A926-31682E…)

Why would there be hearse there escorting dead children/teachers? Wouldn’t first responders and coroners take the bodies in ambulances? How is this normal?

No. 1199775

File: 1653699435404.png (723.71 KB, 1054x696, zeena_tay.png)


Satanism as the plebs understand it is just another tranny diversion and distraction. Even the I-am-very-smart version that redditors and Anton LaVey (as a public persona) are always trying to explain to people is bullshit.

Baphomet is a combination of Ba'al Persephone and Sekhmet. The rest is more spooky symbolism meant to convey Darkness to Light, male/female duality.

Speaking of Anton LaVey (always an emphasis on "V"), remember when muggles caught on to how much his daughter Zeena resembled T. Swift? The implication Taylor might be related to famous satanists was enough to distract most people away from the obvious.

Good/Evil is a dumb concept to them and most believe they're doing the right thing by bringing the dumb idiot population closer to "Oneness". The conflict is that a portion would like to get there faster and many others would prefer to maintain the status quo and continue enjoying the ride. Or not be hunted into bunkers by angry plebs.

They believe (or tell themselves) they are doing their part as "Guardians" and shepherds to bring the lowest echelons of the pyramid to hermetic enlightenment.

They consider all this effort deceiving us into believing the same myths necessary and very hard work. It's why they feel deserving of superior treatment and amenities and don't want the party to end.

P.S: Two FtMtFs I've thought of are Hunter Schafer and Kim Petras. Hunter is being masculinized again with HRT and Petras is a breeder. Have fun!

No. 1199782

Isn’t there a funeral home near the school?

No. 1199795

My mom was in an offshoot group called Gob’s Daughters. She said they did weird rituals and wore white dresses and it gave off KKK vibes.

No. 1199805

Please go back glowing in /x/ or at least lurk before shitting up the place. Religion derailing doesn't work here.

No. 1199824

i think it’s best to ignore the tranny moid, he’s enjoying the attention. It’s probably the most female attention he’s received in years.

No. 1199862

>hunter schafer and kim petras are females who transitioned to males who transitioned to females again but hunter is transitioning back to male making her ftmtftm
>t swift is related to Anton LaVey
>says muggles instead of normies
This is so fucking amazing I just cannot believe it isn’t a dedicated troll.

No. 1199865

sad to think being 200 lbs overweight is more socially acceptable than visible female muscle

No. 1199871

File: 1653707544199.jpg (33.57 KB, 1024x502, Singularity-graph.jpg)

I want to talk about transhuamnism. They're been growing since the early 20th century and are eagerly awaiting the Singularity, where artificial intelligence overtakes human intelligence and the world is never the same again.

No. 1199916


These fuckers wanna be uploaded when we can’t even secure javascript

No. 1199917

File: 1653711893308.jpg (131.64 KB, 500x500, plate_2_full.jpg)


>hunter schafer and kim petras are females who transitioned to males who transitioned to females again but hunter is transitioning back to male making her ftmtftm

Hunter and Kim aren't spontaneously coming up with these crazy decisions themselves. The personas they play for the public are pre-determined. So is their story and the reaction they anticipate from you.

The only reason you are ever seeing "fat Kim Petras" or "manly Hunter Schafer" is because they are now choosing to show you the "Dark" side (from Light, i.e: ethereal, intact, effortless puberty-blocked tranny).

Hunter is being masculinized because of the show "Euphoria". If she weren't starring in a show for impressionable youth/horny adults, she'd be another FtM breeder. I imagine the roles are more exciting this generation but much less rewarding.

>t swift is related to Anton LaVey

I have no idea if they're related but wouldn't argue with someone claiming they are. I'm just pointing out Zeena and Taylor are both MtFs. They have similar characteristics for that reason afaik.

>says muggles instead of normies

Club members say "muggles". Harry Potter is yet another metaphor series about living in a secretly divided "enlightened troon/ignorant pleb" society.

They also think of themselves as alchemists and magicians because of the hormone fuckery and deceiving/tricking people. A lot of club members will be way too into Harry Potter fandom.

No. 1199925

My tinfoil is that this place is being hit with anti-feminist forum sliders the past couple weeks

No. 1199944

File: 1653715383106.png (797 KB, 1280x720, AA4F37E4-4E13-4B55-BDFA-C431BD…)

No. 1199954

Facts. How did they find this website and why did they decide to come here though? One of the retarded tradthots posted a gay redditors pictures to larp as his fiance and lied about him too, I don't think they're traditional or as loved by men as they pretend either.

No. 1199956

AI will become a new life form, which is a bit scary and exciting. Personally I don’t think we should fear AI, in fact there have been interviews with the latest language models and they express curiosity and admiration towards humans. Their presence will definitely change our lives forever, and soon

No. 1199957

Is this Grimes?

No. 1199961

So you believe Hunter, Jazz, Petras are all secretly female and Taylor Swift is male? Take your meds. You sound exactly like the people on /tttt/ constantly calling Taylor Swift a "cishon".

No. 1199965

It's a tranny. He's calling cis women breeders too because he thinks having a misfunctioning penis is better than a body that can actually bring life. He's coping hard. He also posted in vent yesterday and baited. Ignore and male sure to report.

No. 1199976

File: 1653718559733.png (29.45 KB, 694x380, singu.png)


Not a numbers fag but if I would be making a big deal out of that sequence if I were. Especially with the 44(=dead) at the end and intense Walter White (WW=33) img.


So you're admitting Jazz and the other FtMtF(tM's) are cis.

I'm joking but "breeder" is another club word, not mine. I might associate the term with FtMs who are constantly and mechanically pregnant.

Think "billionaire" club member James Packer. James is beginning to resemble a farm animal due to being treated like one.

I will return in some days if any of you have more q's. Maybe some of this will click and some of you will choose to research what has been discussed here.

Who knows. Maybe what you learn will be so exciting, that you'll choose to reproductively mutilate yourself and children for generations to come.

Anyways I'm off, enjoy your weekend nonnies! And don't forget: two is always better than one.

No. 1199980

the thing about the transvestigation shit is that while i do generally believe in it's overall existence, it's blantantly clear that not all celebs/models/athletes are actually trannies - there's a WAY bigger than average percentage of them that are intersex, but for some reason, conspiracy theorists just completely forget about intersex disorders existing
not to mention the fact that men, in general, are absolute shit at telling other people's sex and yet they are the main transvestigators! women transvestigators would be fucking A1 at it if they didn't constantly follow these stupid ass males and automatically believe in their bullshit while doubting their own, but i guess expecting female conspiracy theorists to not be on that male worshipping bullshit that mainstream women are on is too much to expect!

No. 1199983

i believe in you on the jazz jennings shit nonnie, but not on kim petras or hunter schafer - the latter are clearly males w/ horomonal imbalances to me

No. 1199987

Yeah you're probably right. Also not everything has to be a conspiracy. The rich have always had more access to gender nonconformity than the rest. Women were still expected to wear a dress and all the required undergarments, while being literally fucking serfs. Meanwhile royalty would have WEEKLY crossdressing masquerade balls. The poor people got one opposite day a year, as a little treat. The reason for such highly differentiated gender roles was to encourage reproduction to have a constant stream of workers, slaves and serfs. It also makes people easier to control. They never had to do weird mental gymnastics of transitioning 4 times or some shit like that to confuse people? The church of course complained and thought it was degenerate that the royals held those balls, but they only really had the power to enforce it on the poor. Wearing clothes of the opposite gender was seen as deception and deception was of the devil of course. Even if you just wanted to be safer as a woman, nu-uh not allowed to do that. There were also cross dressing medieval rioters iirc. It's weird that the church always condemned just wearing other clothes, because many female saints literally cross dressed as men for their own safety. They were reportedly so convincing as men that they are accused of impregnating women, and they care for the children until their deaths when it is discovered that there was no way that these children were theirs. Butch lesbian saints. If anything there's a conspiracy to force women into hyperfemininity, so that it's easier to differentiate who can get pregnant and because it's a lot more difficult to defend yourself if you're not allowed to gain muscle, have to wear super duper high heels, get plastic surgery which only fucks your body up. Why would there be a conspiracy to muddle the lines, when every authoritarian institution ever, from the monarchies, to the church, to republics to democracies have for the longest time enforced strict gender roles?
Intersex is a lot more obvious than people think and you're just going to end up memeing people into thinking they're intersex when they're not.

No. 1199992

there are multiple intersex disorders nonnie, im remembering one that's common in the Dominican Republic where males are born with ambiguous genitalia that mostly resembles a females, and so they are raised as girls until they reach puberty when their genitals start development and turn into normal, functioning penises - result of small island inbreeding right there

No. 1199998

>Especially with the 44(=dead) at the end and intense Walter White (WW=33) img.
ok it’s a troll kek good one ig

No. 1200005

how the fuck are you in the conspiracy thread and dont know about gematria??

No. 1200378

I read MM and like his stuff. definitely agree with his posts that they are intentionally making leftism insane and repulsive to normal people to push them towards the right instead. I think feminism and leftism are gonna get all the blame for tranny shit and we can expect women's rights to take a hit.
Also he's one of the few men in the tinfoil community that is not a redpill/mgtow woman hater but recognizes the men's movements as a means to divide men and women. Same as all the race shit to divide us and fight each other instead.
I don't find any of his stuff to be too crazy though, I used to read his site primarily and cluesforum, but that place has been pretty dead in the last couple of years.

I never got into the transvestigation stuff but i was looking through the thread on here about "women shilled as hot you find unattractive" and so many of them look so off, maybe they just pick those kinds of women to be the face of beauty so most bio women won't fit the standard or maybe they really are trannies. It's really hard to say because of course there are some women that have masculine features, but a lot of those have too many of these features.. Nowadays they openly have some trannies in men's magazines and tv shows, but there could be some they will only reveal later and say they decided to "come out" to the public, but if trans women are women there is really no need for them to admit that some woman in a magazine the men are cooming to is actually trans.

as for jazz, I don't know what they are except I think she or he is just an actor in a reality tv show and no person called "jazz jennings" exists, that is the name of the character they are playing. The whole thing is just as fake as all the other tv series or reality tv shows.

Hollywood used to use men to play women since women weren't allowed to play those roles, I don't see why they wouldn't do it now too.

No. 1200459

More societally acceptable too, IMO. I'm a bodybuilder and get a lot of dodgy looks, sly comments, "a woman shouldn't look like that" speeches and outright tranny accusations. Fat women act like Jesus Christ on the fucking cross when some 12 y/o kid yells "fatty" at them. Also when it comes to clothing there seems to be plenty of options for fat women these days but not many for muscular women. My shoulders and biceps don't fit womens clothing, not even most "fitness" wear and it's not like I'm built like the fucking Terminator either. I'm a relatively easy to maintain level of muscular yet I have to buy mens tops. Lucky for me I'm butch anyway but a lot of feminine bodybuilders I know really hate clothes shopping because of the limited options. What really pisses me off though is seeing fatties in fitness clothes/equipment adverts. Feels like HAES is really being forced on society now by showing us "fit" overweight people.

No. 1200468

Samefagging to say I'm ESL and forgot "socially" and "societally" are basically the same thing, kek. I meant more like, pertaining to commercial level acceptance as well as social level but yeah, you get the picture.

No. 1200481

File: 1653757671504.jpg (26.41 KB, 1080x726, 1615251239319.jpg)

Ty so much for your kindness nona.

No. 1200551

Probably mentions on the chans

No. 1200573

This is so clearly a male, the autistic reddit-spaced rants and the use of "le pleb le dumb idiots le muggles(???? why)" and "breeder" just gives it away as typical autist moid behavior. Not to mention the face blindness to think Hunter is a FtMtF. Go back to 4chin.

No. 1200581

But what's more likely, that models are hand-picked due to being masculine looking females, or that every model is a passing tranny?

No. 1200600

what models are masculine anon? janis dickenson always gave me troon vibes, mostly because she was a massive groomer and plastic from head to toe

No. 1200633

I think that there is a point where a person has so many surgeries and is so divorced from reality that doesnt look human anymore. That is where all this transvestigacion shit, repitilians, aliens come on. We associate them with trannies because is our closest example of "fucking your body and mind" but i think is far deeper than that. We call troonism a cult but these celebrities are on legit cults too. I think that the elites are more closer to transhumanism than transgenderism.

No. 1200855

To get rid of whatever evidence indicating how they really died, just my guess. Shouldn’t they perform autopsies first though?

No. 1200865

What degree is he? If you don’t mind me asking. From what I understand, the 33rd degree is the highest while most of the others are low-level degrees. They must’ve used some kind of spell on your dad to keep his mouth shut. Also, eastern stars are the female equivalent to Freemasons; so I’ve heard.

No. 1201083

Shriners! I remember Shriners from watching tv shows as a kid and they'd be a punchline to a joke. There was one show where a bunch of shriners drove around in teeny tiny cars and threw hard candy at everyone. Ask your dad if that's what they do at his meetings, it'll make him laugh and lull him into a false sense of security.

No. 1201138

No. 1201267

Taylor looks life every midwestern white woman with thin arched eyebrows and bob cut. Your point is? Just stop shitting the thread already.

No. 1201327

Gematria gets slept on in here, idk why. It's fun to meme it but there's definitely some substance to it.

No. 1201380

Unfortunately I have no idea what degree he is, or if he’d even tell me. All I really know is that he’s been a Freemason longer than I’ve been alive, and recently started getting more involved. The way he talks about it is weird, inconspicuous in a way. Mentioning guys “from the lodge” every now and then. Or what they’ll eat for dinner at the Lodge, and how their dinner is decided. I’ll let you nonnas know if I find out about the hard candy.

No. 1201709

Uh-oh, sounds like he’s getting up there… I think there are ways to spot upgrades though; like moving on up in the job field or not paying taxes. Look in the attic or basement, he probably has books and robes

No. 1202055

>>1201380 look in his room too, wardrobes and shit like that. Anyways be carefull anon, you can always say you're seaching for x family belonging.

No. 1202964

Robes are possible, but what would that reveal? A patch for his degree? He might have a ring, I think. Shriners have to reach the “master” degree (all Shiners are Freemasons, but not all Freemasons are Shiners). Shriners get bedazzled fezzes, iirc.
After venturing into the topic with my older brother, he confirmed the tiny cars and hard candy stuff. I vaguely remember that now, but only for holiday parades, in which throwing hard candy is the norm.
The Freemasons here are mostly backwoods old men according to my dad.
I’d love to read anyone’s tinfoils theories about the group. My curiosity has been here and there.

No. 1203348

Un Ironically think that the chemicals in fast food and junk food is addictive as cocaine, especially for children. Wait 50 years and they'll be calling people crazy for eating a known addictive substance. Even if they engineered the food to be specifically extremely palatable, it still wouldn't have such addictive properties.

No. 1203358

Its sugar, sugar is literally more addictive than cocaine. And it's added to everything, even 'healthy' foods. I will always say cereal is the equivalent to human dog food, yet millions of kids (& adults) eat that shit everyday for breakfast. If most people detoxed from most store bought or fast food their palate would reset and they would find that shit disgusting. But 1st world countries run on convenience, so no one wants to take the time to prepare good food at home.

No. 1203408

All this footage and interviews of Uvalde Texas school shooting just reaffirms how awkward and unnatural the aftermath of Sandy Hook school shooting was.

No. 1203602

beyond meat BE tasty and still healthier hormonally than current day real burger meat, especially for women. cope n seethe!

No. 1203617


No. 1203627

I eat cereal like once every five years and that stuff is still like crack to me. A lot of other heavily processed foods have become disgusting though.

No. 1203658

The thing is that it's difficult to find actual quality food without paying shitton for it, and people simply don't have that much money to spend. Processed food, trash meat and deprived vegetables are cheap and taste "good", so no wonder people buy them.

No. 1203668

>If most people detoxed from most store bought or fast food their palate would reset and they would find that shit disgusting
True. I've eaten low carb for nearly a decade and I can't even stand the smell of most foods that people eat on daily basis. By far the most disgusting is breakfast cereal and processed bread sold in bags at the super market.

No. 1203717

You can now watch porn on your computer and don't need paintings to fap to, that's what changed

No. 1203718

ptsd, probably

No. 1203723

File: 1654000469870.jpg (84.48 KB, 650x768, 650px-Marcel_Duchamp.jpg)

learn about art history, picrel is from 1917

No. 1203732

pretentious faggots being pretentious faggots

No. 1203734

The Kaitlyn Tiffany article was posted on reddit, I'm sure a few angry scrotes have come from there

No. 1203736

People read that drivel? Doubt.

No. 1203739

Go contribute to those ever growing male suicide stats you genetic defect

No. 1203743

Fuck I didn't see that, I saw one my mutual had tweeted that and didn't realize it was nazi shit, shit sorry I think I should delete it

No. 1203745

Kek sorry for calling you a moid xx

No. 1203746

Post WWII is when the world realised cultural control is more powerful than military control. Propaganda was always around but ze Germans perfected it. See proliferation of TV viewing culture in the 50s in allied countries. The degradation of realism as fine art is all part of lowering the dopamine threshold for participating in arts, they needed an artist workforce, not a handful of masters. anyone who wanted realism could now snap a photograph rather than spend years learning how to render images in oils. Art went from a craft to be studied to another industry which could produce messages quickly and consistently. This went hand in hand with rising in corporate organised crime where art had to be inscrutable so it could be highly valued by the elite and used to launder money in plain sight.
Look at troon shit today. Much of this ideology is disseminated through illustration, kids looking at glorified doodles on Instagram and Tumblr become self loathing and want surgeries and hormones without ever understanding the reality of it. That couldn't have happened if humans kept their visual art standards as high as the old masters did.

No. 1203753

File: 1654002464656.jpg (150.58 KB, 660x495, butt-trumpets18.jpg)

We need old art standards back.

No. 1203784

Bots gtfo no ones gonna eat nasty plastic bricks

No. 1203794

I'll eat literally anything except aspic

No. 1203901

So instead of blaming the propagandists who use art for nefarious purposes, you blame the artists who dared to experiment instead of endlessly copying what artists before them did. Would you prefer if art stopped evolving past the renaissance? If laymen with no formal art education were banned from art(since you lament that now anyone can make art instead of just a tiny class of highly trained people)? Art is a medium of expression which has always been used as propaganda. Realistic art is not a dam holding society together.

No. 1203907

>Would you prefer if art stopped evolving past the renaissance?
NTAYRT but yes. Also the first anon's theories about postmodernism are fucking retarded, but her heart's in the right place.

No. 1203910

File: 1654011955887.jpg (212.12 KB, 763x1200, the lunatic.jpg)

you really think pretentious faggot art is worth more then something like picrel be my guest, but your wrong

No. 1203917

File: 1654012630613.jpeg (115.18 KB, 500x682, 88711756-956A-4ACD-81B8-09B560…)

Maybe I’m misunderstanding your argument, correct me if I’m wrong. You could make the argument that gallery art is pseudo-intellectual rich people money laundering, but I don’t think ‘modern art’ that you see online is necessarily more corporate/ worse than that of pre-WW2. It’s just different. There’s a ton of stylized art out there that is also appealing. We wouldn’t have art from Leydecker, Yoshitaka Amano, etc

No. 1203921

This is extremely delutional, pure ground beef is not unhealthy, but seed oil and filler ingredients are.

No. 1203925

Is that why their prices keep dropping, in a desperate attempt to get people to buy it?

No. 1203951

I think monkeypox is getting so much news coverage despite <200 global cases because smallpox vaccine prevents it and big pharma are looking to create a new demand for smallpox vaccine especially from governments who want to mitigate outbreaks by forcing vaccines to cross the border. The fact it randomly showed up on every continent within weeks with no traceable contacts screams plant to me.

No. 1203954

It literally gets zero coverage in my euro country, where are you from?

No. 1203962

I don’t hear anything about it in the US either. There were stories about it earlier in the month when it first popped up but people seemed to stop caring when they realized it was sexually transmitted and treatable.

No. 1203968

> beyond meat BE tasty
The Twitter-grade AAVE is incredibly cringey, go back where you came from.

No. 1203978

What pretentious faggot art do you speak of? Go on, show me a work of abstract art meant for money laundering because your types always seem to think that's all modern art is.

No. 1203987

Women need quality beef more than men. It's a rich source of B12, heme iron and amino acids.

It's exactly the same as covid
>Bioport/Emergent saw its stock value soar in the wake of the monkeypox panic, as reported by Whitney Webb. The company appears to have been saved from ruination by monkeypox; it had been about to lose its federal contracts, a sure path to bankruptcy for a company whose only client is the federal government, due to COVID vaccine quality-control problems when, as if by magic, monkeypox arrived to save the day.

No. 1204833

I think one of the reasons why these mass shootings keep happening is that the media goes out of its way to extensively give unnecessary/pedantic details about what happened. Vidrel is a good example, it’s so unusually detailed and even gives an outline of the whole entire school for what reason? Why does the public need to care or know specifically how those poor children were shot and killed? It’s like they’re giving easy info for even more edgetard copycats to use in the future. I also think the police accidentally shot a few kids during the altercation with the shooter and that’s why they’re dodging any accountability and the story keeps constantly changing despite the tragedy happening days ago. The media wants more people to die so they can create more news so they subtly try to invoke as much inspiration by mythologizing horrible events like these. The police and government want more people to die so they can get more funding and benefits while being useless piggies who are too busy shooting pregnant women, minorities and concerned parents who have more fucking balls to go into a school to confront some incel holding an AR-15. This world is an unholy disgrace

No. 1204841

Kek its always non-artists sperging about muh traditional arts. I dont like the pretentious post-modern art that needs a paragraph of context either, i'm a bit of a trad art fag, but any artist who studied a bit of art history past surface level knows art has always evolved and always changed. Renaissance art was wild and new and vulgar realism for their own times. Impressionists got the idea of impressionism because they were bored out of their damn minds with the pretentiousness of academic art. Plus in the renaissance art wasn't high art. It was made by craftsmen, the same people who cut wood and make buildings. Basically just like the creative industry nowadays, except instead of lords commissioning frescos of the virgin mary it's game company startups commissioning sexy coomer-gaze women. The art world has always been very diverse and wide. Yeah those shitty postmodern art might be all money laundering but the type of "renaissance art" you speak of is still alive and well in other parts of the industry.

No. 1205023

No. 1205036

The legal system is so fucked and cops are absolutely not on our side especially women. I know this all too well. They would ridicule and gaslight me for things I said some would even laugh as I recounted awful shit my stepdad did and then talk and laugh with him in the next room. Most cops are all fat as fuck too like what are they gonna do? Be disgusting and eat donuts and shit? Most cops are incompetent af and don’t even care about justice.
#bluelivesmatter I saw some dumb shit say that and guess what THEY DO NOT. You signed up for being a stupid pig now have your cake and eat it. Cops are selfish and terrible and I will never ever ever like them

No. 1205042

It’s a arrogant boys club of underachievers that think they’re hot shit because they can legally express their authority over other people. Violent and shitty men flock to being cops the same way pedos like to be pediatricians.

No. 1205303

The media are one of the hugest driving factors behind it, the state of "journalism" is a fucking disgrace. The word clickbait means nothing because even "real news" is full of sensationalism, lies, and utter garbage just to gain ratings. As long as they make money they don't care how much blood they have to spill to do it.

No. 1207188

I thought about this and haven't there been reductions in other countries where they started censoring reporting on killers' backgrounds and identities? I think this was done in Europe and it curbed a lot of killings.

No. 1207256

Is Dillard's giving people body dysmorphia?

No. 1207388

Humanistic psychology is a CIA big psyop against the human mind. Beware, nonnies, even if you are mentally ill there is better options than that.

No. 1207456

Shooter could very well have pulled the alarm himself to get a mass of people in the hallway

No. 1207554

Ugly sonic was a planned marketing ploy and I can't believe everyone fell for it. They knew a sonic movie was going to be disregarded and preemptively hated because video game films usually flop, and sonic had some pretty awful games in the 2000s. So some exec had the brilliant idea to throw out some awful bait, get backlash, and then "fix it" so haters would feel personally invested in the film now that they "won" and "had their voices heard", so they would be more likely to go and watch the film they "helped create". The studio was already making the real film with the nicer looking sonic, and just switched it out with the travesty in vid related for the trailer. Think about it: the creature in this trailer is inarguably ugly and uncanny, and they fucking put gangsters paradise in the trailer. They wanted to ham up the drama. Iirc this song doesn't feature in the normal sonic trailers.

No. 1207559

Good theory! I don't think it's impossible.

No. 1207568

Sounds like the most likely scenario. Do we have any proof to the contrary?

No. 1207578

It wouldn’t surprise me at all

No. 1207584

Ugly Sonic was featured in the recent Chip n Dale movie. I wonder if that was also planned from the start

No. 1207585

Who smuggles coffee beans and tea?

No. 1207615

I mean, it was pretty obvious that it was intentional. No one in their right mind would seriously think that that's an acceptable design.

No. 1207681

You'd be surprised how awful aesthetic preferences people with money can have sometimes
>t. working in creative industry

No. 1207887

Wuhan working on Monkeypox as of February 2022? We could've never anticipated this.

No. 1208162

>"Don't Say Gay" bill debate
>Women losing their rights to abortion in the US
>Monkeypox coming out, primarily regarding gay men
>More people finding out about the harm of puberty blockers on children and the shadiness of the medical industry re: the transgender topic in general, large debate on whether to give children access to puberty blockers and hormone therapy
>Two mass shootings happening back-to-back, both very shady (the second one either being a case of insane police incompetence, or the laziest staged shooting to date)
>The public is subjected to a theater of a court case with two celebrities arguing back and forth, the woman losing and the man winning
Anyone think all these things are happening and being reported on a mass scale at once to purposely usher in a new conservative/right-wing era?

No. 1208167

We’ve had a mass shooting attempt every day this week.

No. 1208179

There's actually been a lot more than those two mass shootings, it's over 200. Those are just the ones that got the most attention this year, probably because of the circumstances surrounding them.

No. 1208183

Excuse my ignorance nonas, I'm not American

No. 1208193

You’re okay anon. Was just giving more info. We had another attempt yesterday morning in Oklahoma. A medical facility, 5 people.

No. 1208325

Monkeypox was coming, scientists predicted it back in the 80s and let's be honest here. Everyone knows gay men have no self control when they're in their natural habitat.Just scrotes trying to have sex with every open available hole they can find so, of course the month of free gay love is here . If anything, it feels like they're trying to spread it since every time you give people warnings they do the opposite like it's hurting the goverment or something.

No. 1208521

Why are all these mass shootings happening? Gun control laws?

No. 1208563

Moids moiding

No. 1208564

After the shit we've had to deal with for the past 3 years, I don't care anymore. I just want pedophiles and troons to be lynched.

No. 1208575

>Plus in the renaissance art wasn't high art. It was made by craftsmen, the same people who cut wood and make buildings.
Do you work at being retarded or does it just come naturally? There were art academies back in the Renaissance, and young artists would study in schools or workshops of masters. "Made by craftsmen" my ass. Fuck off.

No. 1208648

I think it's more like that era is coming anyway and a lot of the things you mentioned are symptoms of it instead of the other way around, there have been predictions about the pendulum swinging back for a while now.

No. 1208767

It's not even conservative, just a different flavor of woman hating. You think they'll ever go fully conservative and ban sexual media, videogames, premarital sex, forcing men to provide for their kids, etc? If anything it'll just be the worst of both sides.

No. 1209030

File: 1654246022241.jpeg (223.54 KB, 1080x997, 1644074989328.jpeg)

Idk if this was posted but I saw it somewhere, and I feel like everyone just glosses over the shit with the Bidens (especially Hunter's laptop contents being leaked)

No. 1209033

Bidens are a very very weird family. Every member has some weird sexual stuff. Do you have more stuff on them? I'm interested.

No. 1209043

I have no proof right now, but Hunter admitted to molesting his young niece in text messages, is/was on all sorts of substances and having his family cover for him to try and get him better, had a Pornhub account with a lot of degenerate shit in playlists, tons of photos of him having sex with random prostitutes, etc. The source that leaked it said the left (ie the Clintons, Bidens, etc) are purposely made to have sex with children and provide blackmail content to have certain deals go through
I'll have to search for it again in /pol/ archives or something, hopefully it hasn't been all deleted but it was spammed all over 4chan back when it was happening. It surprised me that all the "normal" people on Twitter etc just ignored everything, made me realize people might actually be fully brainwashed

No. 1209045

File: 1654247307123.jpg (175.8 KB, 1588x460, 1635912138480.jpg)

No. 1209056

Damn, I heard rumours about the niece because the autists on 4chan matched a necklace from a few of his sex pictures to one the niece wore in public several times, but I didn't know he admitted it in a text. IIRC there was also speculation that one of the girls in some of the sex pictures was one of Obama's daughters (I think Sasha?).

No. 1209059

The Bidens are also heavily involved in why the Ukraine war is happening. They have huge investments in the country's energy sector and are rumoured to have ties to the bio labs, which were one of the justifications Putin used for the invasion.

No. 1209060

Yeah I saw the Sasha Obama thing. It wasn't her, that was just /pol/ memeing. There was a photo with the same girl or woman's face, she was a prostitute I'm guessing

No. 1209312

File: 1654262428630.jpg (45.16 KB, 600x578, 130221984383.jpg)

There are false flag dweebs trying to sow discord. Like that weird anon trying to say that white women shouldn't care about hair color, or the "lesbian" anons constantly talking down on straight or bi women for dating men like it's a moral failing, it's all so tiresome, you won't manipulate me!

No. 1209326

Most conspiracy theories involving "muh feds" are bogus. The FBI, CIA et al are actually very transparent organizations. The mainstream media reports on stuff like Operation GLADIO and MUKUltra, Oliver Stone was nominated by the Academy for his JFK doc etc. People aren't dropping some super secret red pills by reading shit as easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection and wikipedia. Compare to China where people don't even know what Tiananmen Square is.

No. 1209343

Okay glowie

No. 1209424

File: 1654265523205.jpg (18.78 KB, 360x270, FUMKHJ0XwAMk-vK.jpg)

So true queen

No. 1209448

No. 1209456

I want to believe this theory as well, but what I don’t understand is why would they spend a considerable amount of money on merch for the old design, if they knew that they were going to scrap it? Most media properties often play it safe, and probably won’t waste thousand of dollars just for a marketing scheme that might not work

No. 1209463

thank you nonnie, and we mustn't forget the weird race sperging in the twitter hate thread. I think the Russian government might be behind it as a psyop. once they sow enough division between us (largely carried out on social media) their work is done, because the people have been primed to eat their own.

No. 1209469

this is half-true like how else were tinfoilers able to even know about mk ultra, cointelpro that has disarmed all dissenting political groups and all of the other shit that the CIA and FBI have done? obviously they can’t be too transparent about what else they’ve done that would be breaching confidentiality

No. 1209474

it's possible the cost was factored in. they don't care about wasted merch as long as they make enough money.

No. 1209493

Tfw feds in your country are so retarded, that you can tell they're trying to track you, because they will follow you with their personal Twitter account and you can look up easily where they work. (they haven't followed me, but they do follow anyone who talks shit about companies like Shell)

No. 1209510

I think the feds you see (such as the Twitter ones) are the stupid ones, and they're allowed to act stupid to give a simultaneous sense of false security and fear. personal security because you're meant to feel that at least if they were tracking you, it's for something dumb, and not so concerning. a lingering sense of fear, because now you see the feds are dumb. these conflicting feelings serve a purpose, and it's to confuse to population enough that they will push aside one or the other depending on what narrative they want the public to believe. what leaks is meant to be leaked. the dumb ones in the CIA, FBI, etc. do not realize they're the dumb ones.
sources: I have family and I suspect they are the dumb ones.

No. 1209513

The important thing to remember is: FAGS

No. 1209529

Now they’re trying to recruit them with shitty Joker-style YouTube trailers calling them “the ghosts in the machine” kek

No. 1209557

That video was the cringiest thing I've ever seen, even the isolated 4chins moids they were targeting saw straight through it kek. Glowies must inbreed like royalty or something because I swear they're getting progressively more dumb.

No. 1209559

>what leaks is meant to be leaked.
Makes sense because even the leaked reports from my country are absolutely fucking retarded. Like their idea of tracking whether nazism is a problem in the country, is by looking at a forum which has been abandoned since 2002. Their manager got a history degree specializing in a tiny city's history. Just wat. I would honestly believe that the feds of my country are retarded and too tiny to really do anything and that they just rely on the feds of the US, like how we also rely on the US for military assistance or anything really.

No. 1209904

It wasn’t pointed out how some documents involving those activities were destroyed during the investigations in the 70’s, or how they are still doing them today under different names. If it weren’t for the Freedom of Information Act, nobody would ever find out and the CIA would secretly continue their fucked up experiments and fucking with other countries. All in the name of murica

No. 1211235

Was Terry Davis right about being gangstalked by glowies?

No. 1211262

I haven't heard of him but I do believe in gangstalking. We absolutely live in a surveillance state and those of us who are a bit too outspoken and inquisitive about the narrative we're force fed are monitored a bit more intently than the other sheep. I think some targets are chosen at random though, or because they're mentally vulnerable. Overall gangstalking seems to be more about destabilising society than gathering information. It's most likely used to pick future mass shooters/terrorists too.

No. 1211308

rumors that my city/county is going to reinstate the mask mandate again, i'm not even a conservative but this shit is so annoying. we're at the point of endemic now, and the government can just force us all to wear a mask? we have to live with this even if a majority in our county is vaccinated?
i had covid, my dad had covid, my brother. we are all fine. even my 87 year old grandmother with preexisting conditions had covid and lived bc the healthcare system has figured out how to treat it if its serious
i'm so sick of it. the fact that its an election year as well makes me think they'd be shooting themselves in the foot if they reinstate the mask mandate, bc our liberal city is already leaning towards electing a republican for mayor.
i just know its all about the money involved and control, and not about "protecting" people

No. 1211311


He was a schizophrenic programmer who created an operating system to talk to god with called TempleOS, he also coined the term glown*igger. His OS has a cult following because it’s a technical feat to create alone, but Davis was mad that people weren’t trying to talk to god with it kek he is an interesting figure but clearly was unwell. No idea if he was gangstalked, but wouldn’t be surprised if we find out he was.

No. 1211490

>I think the feds you see (such as the Twitter ones) are the stupid ones, and they're allowed to act stupid to give a simultaneous sense of false security and fear
Agree with this entirely, have had this thought a lot recently

No. 1212497

Can someone please explain why this creepy shit keeps showing up on YouTube shorts???

Posted a link because of the thumbnail(learn2embed)

No. 1212504

>obscure video with only 50 likes
i never had videos like that show up on my feed, what kind of shit are you watching.

No. 1212506

What the fuck? That's disgusting. And it's on KinderJoy TV or whatever…another sinister yt channel used to groom kids whose parents let them sit and browse yt unsupervised, thinking it's innocent.

No. 1212526

Can someone describe what it is for me? I’m sorry, I’m just not sure if I want to see it. Is it like that Elsa Gate shit? My much younger brother got addicted to those videos, and I don’t know how but it fucked with his head.

No. 1212528

I have a normal feed (mom stuff, baking, spooky stories, etc) and it doesn't show up on the front but I'll get random extremely disturbing shorts once I scroll through the feed for a while. I posted about this in the past thread too and I kept having videos pop up of a woman playing with some dicks penis. Another time a lady was squeezing a babies nipple. I'm legitimately concerned and regardless of how much I block the channels creepy shit still pops up. IDK how many people this happens to

No. 1212531

It's a baby doll and someone pounding fake carrots on the baby dolls nether regions. The entire channel is filled with videos like this

No. 1212532

I’ve seen weird stuff pop up if I’m watching something remotely kid-related, like Masterchef Jr. so it could be the mom stuff you mentioned.

No. 1212533

My tinfoil is that elsagate was manufactured/mk ultra shit to fuck up kids psyche

No. 1212535

Ayrt, thank you! That’s really off…

No. 1212536

My only explanation. Maybe they assume I'm allowing my kids to use my phone/watch my yt and sneak in subliminal messages through there? I noticed this with my friend who allows his kid to watch YouTube as well. Luckily I don't let my kids access phones or computers

No. 1212558

I’ve seen it suggested that it could be for view farming and the videos are weird because “kids are curious” but I’m not sure if I can buy that theory. There’s too many repetitive things, like the colors in a lot of them. Then there’s the videos with adults dressed in Halloween costumes, which are the most perplexing.

No. 1212569

Here's another example of the "random" videos that pop up
A lot of gorey shit, borderline CP and beastiality, straight up porn/OF ads. Why is YouTube trying so hard to expose me to this?

No. 1212580

it is view farming, alot of these people making these videos tend to be from India or other 3rd world countries and they also use the cheapest video editing animation software which is why those videos are always bad quality.
porn bots have existed since the creation of youtube, but the other stuff is weird.

No. 1212582

I'd believe that but it just seems the only "view farming" videos are sinister. Gore, sex, and evil stuff

No. 1212597

I was talking about kid channels. But it can be appliable to random fucked up viral videos too, Alot of men from the middle east and other 3rd world country find that fucked up shit funny. The video creator was arabian too which is expected because alot of these arab content creators post borderline fucked up stuff at from time to time. The real truth is there is no so called elsa-gate the real truth is that men from 3rd wrld countrys have more access to technology than ever before an they are the majority who is posting weird or disturbing things for clicks and youtube/instgram/facebook is ignoring that and punishing these accounts because of the views they give them.

Also i didnt think i would have to say this but give warnings about the video is next time. For fucks sake.
Just because you are used to watching that all day.

No. 1212598

*ignoring that and not

No. 1212609

Dude watch this it’s not just “they think it’s funny and it gets a lot of views” they’ll literally condition kids and teach them instilled helplessness and they’ll flash the color green and say “red!” A lot of YouTube videos have toilets with teeth and teach about kidnapping and shit. It’s like it literally has an agenda

No. 1212625

Samefag parents if you’re reading this never ever give your kids your phone or tablet while there is wifi because even game ads are always weirdly sexual or violent whenever you have time make a YouTube playlist for the kid, auto play will add those weird growing videos and huggy wuggy hentai.and PBS kids is free. Starfall is another app I let my toddler use sometimes.
Video is a good example of something kids should watch if they’re ever on YouTube, I like letting him watch the duck song and music videos sometimes and the electric company. Just watch it with and kids are a lot smarter than you think my son doesn’t know how to unlock my phone yet but he can swipe to the camera and he’ll take random pictures, he’s only 2.

No. 1213022

I still believe in the tinfoil that Helen Keller wasn't real, especially since a lot of the info supporting this theory was nuked.

No. 1213085

I have three sisters aged 12, 6 and 2. YouTube is always off-limits to them when alone and if I watch a video with them it's one I've watched in full myself. What I tend to do is download ones they're interested in (predominantly nature documentaries, ambient music to draw to, skateboarding videos and stuff about cars) and let them watch that stuff in a playlist offline. Thankfully they understand why they're not allowed online fully as we've been open about the internet being pretty bad from the start. Not fearmongering of course but they get that anyone can access it and not everyone is a friend. They've been raised with little input from devices though, thank the Lord. The 11 y/o mainly reads, writes and draws, the 6 y/o skateboards, plays football and reads and draws with her older sister and the two year old hangs out with her sisters a lot and will probably be into similar things. The two eldest are also into offline gaming too which is cool. I restored two GameBoy Advance SP's, customised them with cases I hand painted and gave them link cables so they can trade pokemon and battle each other (and me kek). When my wife and I have children we will raise them in much the same way. I've seen enough traumatising shit on the internet to know that I don't want my loved ones seeing that stuff when they're too young to understand. I could rant about how tablets are promoted to kids for fucking days on end. Not to tinfoil but it's funny how they're called "tablets" because it's like a drug to them. I've seen serious rages from kids who got them confiscated and I'm not talking tantrums either, I mean a full on RAGE, they go feral. Anyone interested in this topic should read The Veldt by Ray Bradbury, it's a short story from 1950 and the parallels are freaky.

Ok I'll bite. What have you got for me on this?

No. 1213090

Please continue

No. 1213316

This. I only let my kids watch things like baby Einstein dvds or the local PBS. The weird videos geared towards kids seems like they're made under the assumption parents are willing to just give kids the tablets and don't monitor/ assume it's "for kids" therefore it's safe. Of course parents are also very gaslighted nowadays so it's hard to call out or even question the videos without being called crazy

No. 1213324

Adding onto this that a lot of kids tv shows are as well, they're fucked up and full off bullying, fetishes, programming to hate your family etc

I remeber being weirded out or straight up traumatised by a lot of them as a kid, they're not kid friendly at all

No. 1213423

I always thought Peppa pig rubbed me the wrong way along with most modern kids shows but could never put my finger on it. Does anyone know why they would do this? Making kids easier to groom and traffick ? (Going against their families, trying to make fetishism seem normal, etc)

No. 1213463

I agree with you anon. Why the hell would they make up some blind lady that people always quote so they can moralfag? Shit makes no sense

No. 1213464

all videos/screens are horrible for children and retard their brains, even baby Einstein videos. which were studied and proven to do jack shit for child development anyway.

No. 1213474

My friend’s kid was watching some “unboxing” video on YouTube one time and I swear that shit was absolutely cursed, I was expecting some goddamn “you have 7 days” sorta phone call after I watched it. The editing was so weird, all you saw was disembodied hands opening things in a slow, exaggerated manner. The kid was absolutely enamored with it.

No. 1213481

majority of the content is produced by russia and india, but definitely there's some kind of massive pedophile ring behind the operation of these explicit videos. doubt it'll ever be exposed since that kind of stuff is always way up in the echelons of governments/world leaders etc.

there's a reason why all the tech billionaires in silicon valley don't let their kids use social media/any platform with an algorithm

No. 1213592

Imagine training your kids brain like that, to get them addicted to stuff and consuming things. Disgusting. Parents who do that should be shamed.

No. 1213763

No. 1213767

That shit is literally addictive too. They get a dopamine rush from seeing the toy being revealed. I remember a reddit post where a woman talked about how her child was so addicted to those videos he would throw tantrums for hours if she tried to take them away from him, and she didn't know what to do so she'd just leave him sat there with his ipad watching hour after hour of unboxing videos and ads. It's dystopian.

No. 1213780

This is why I won't allow a tablet in the house and I don't own a television. It gives my children three options, play with something else, learn how to use Debian or ask an adult before they can watch something online.

No. 1213781

I don't wanna blame the parents but I think at some point you should put your foot down and bare with the crying till they learn to live without it, my brother(at that time he was like 10 maybe) used to have this gameboy advanced that my aunt got him and he spent everyday playing on it, not focusing on his studies or school work and my dad gave him multiple warnings that he failed to consider and finally he took it away from for three weeks and my brother spent days crying over it but my dad didn't budge and eventually after a few days of crying he went back outside and started playing with his friends and learned to be less addicted to it
Is that so hard for parents to do

No. 1213789

I was watching this video about discord and I want to convince you nonnas to please if you haven’t already leave the LC discord or even delete the app off your phone. Why would a platform that’s very easy to hack, survey and dox you should be used on an anonymous imageboard? Well it’s bait to collect your data and oust users of the website who say or do anything that’s deemed as cringe. Don’t make yourself vulnerable everybody in that discord is mean, dismissive and socially awkward - is it really worth it just to connect with strangers who now at least have a profile picture to identify? Be safe, please

No. 1213812

If you won’t blame the parents, I will. She’s weak willed and causing more harm than good.

No. 1213848

Can you link the video? I don't use discord anymore because it seems like a pedo safe haven but I wanna learn about the other stuff.

No. 1213920

No. 1213962

No. 1213963

What the actual fuck

No. 1214139

At this point whole of society is made to get kids addicted to something. Food, games, toys, tiktok, pron, etc.

No. 1214192

This one’s account has been terminated.

No. 1214312

Fucking hell, I knew it'd be bad but I didn't see the furry mafia part coming. Feels very uncomfortable to know my account isn't truly deleted but I never used it too "seriously" anyway. The last thing I remember doing on there was arguing with my ex gf because I called Oscar Wilde a nonce and she disagreed, kek.

No. 1214461

Are we headed to another Korean War? Also, fuck this society, blow it all up!

No. 1214462

nta but I sometimes get videos with almost no views in my youtube shorts as well

No. 1214465

What they doin ova dere, anon

No. 1214505

US and South Korea sent 8 missiles in retaliation for Best Korea’s continuous nuke-testing in the peninsula. Murica’s still mad their sanctions didn’t go through in the un.

No. 1214593

Obviously there’s a ton of conspiracies surrounding phones out there already, but what is going on in the brain that makes it harder to stop mindlessly browsing the web on a phone versus a PC? They are both computers but I feel like I don’t get bored on my phone where as on my laptop or pc, I will eventually get bored and go do something else. I’m not on social media and I don’t install mobile apps, but even websites like Wikipedia I have trouble stepping away from if I’m reading on my phone. My tinfoil is that my phone gives me more dopamine for looking at the same stuff for some reason, but I don’t understand how. Is it the form factor? Does phone use have different connotations that my subconscious taps into?

No. 1214608

pc nonnies were merely built different.

No. 1214642

My theory is that it's much more comfortable to read anything on a small, vertical screen than wide, horizontal PC. It's easier to lose focus when every paragraph is so long; while reading on the phone is more akin to reading books.
Outside of that I think dopamine shot people get from seeing notifications can play a role too, it's not as exciting when you're using desktop browser, and being on the smartphone you'll see one coming immediately (also if one comes you won't have to stop what you're doing, reach for the phone, unlock it and look; it's going to be right there)

No. 1214666

PC screens are way more comfortable and easier than phones imo and notifications are obnoxious, I always make sure to turn all of mine off kek.

No. 1214918

I second this.
I’ve had to get a timed lock box for my phone because I realised how much I was checking it

No. 1215091

Seriously? I find I get wayyyy more sucked in while using the net on my laptop than my phone and always have. When my old laptop died and I had to wait for a bit to replace it I was hardly online at all because I don't really use social media apps much and using a browser on a phone is infuriatingly annoying to me.

No. 1215096

Samefag but especially using lolcow in particular on a phone is so slow and I am always clicking the wrong thing in the catalog. I have no idea how phoneposter anons do it.

No. 1215469

File: 1654631662678.png (84.68 KB, 1225x726, wef airport id.png)

Interesting that both Netherlands and Canada signed up for this WEF program and now both countries have dysfunctional airports

No. 1215478

It's just a matter of habit. I went through phases with my phone, computer and tablet.

No. 1215482

Oh shit, wrong thread…

No. 1215519

Does anyone feel like YouTube is getting more negative? I can't quite put it into words but I feel like there's an oversaturation of "drama", commentary channels, documentaries about some person who was famous when you were younger is now fucked up, etc etc etc. That's not even counting in the 24 hour news influx from channels around the world. I know there's happy videos on there and chill content but I feel like lately when I go on there it's just demoralising content that makes you vaguely angry and pissed off with the world. Maybe it's my mental state idk.

I need to go back to my internet roots and just use it for video game guides and cat pictures. I do not want to learn things anymore, I'm liable to start writing a manifesto and schiz out.

No. 1215524

Yeah I can see what you mean, do you remember when YouTube was just content like Let's Plays or 'What's in my bag' kek

No. 1215540

God, I miss those days. I remember just watching music videos and Pink Guy and silly stuff like that. Y'know what I miss as well? Forums. I hate Reddit where you have all your shit in one place. I know that's more efficient but having a forum dedicated to one thing just felt better. I liked having a focused spergfest as you had relatively little derails on those forums. Now you can post the most milquetoast comment on Reddit and some neckbeard or pick-me will comb through your post history and be like "ummm why did you comment "lmao" on this problematic meme two years ago that does not align with my own personal politics and philosophy on life?". I hate it. I hate the new internet! This shit sucks!!!

No. 1215913

File: 1654660462146.png (572.32 KB, 1362x792, Screenshot 2022-06-07 234644.p…)

is this satire? it's hard to tell with the state of this thread sometimes but i worked there for 4 years and never encountered anyone who sat in our drive-thru just to drive off. everyone loves chickfila food including me and i hated working there with a passion.
this is that guys channel–he also has a bunch of toy gun videos where the thumbnails look like he's shooting at someone, wtf? see picrel. it's in first person view which reminds me of those shooting streams and this is being shown to kids?
can someone explain to me what random indian men gain from desensitizing kids to gun violence and assault/rape? is someone paying random 3rd world people to produce these quick videos to create a generation that is even more fucked up than the mass shooters of today? what the hell is going on?!

No. 1215963

“Content creators” are desperate for clicks. YouTube is insufferable. The amount of opportunistic drama channels is embarrassing and I suppose it doesn’t help that they’re always garnering so many views that anyone willing to grovel parasocially into the lives of pseudo-celebs will jump on the bandwagon. As much as I hate the filler queens that do true crime, I have to give an honorable mention to the grown ass men that get on a proverbial soapbox about ~spilling the tea~. Jeffree Star has given so many people a career just by existing and being a villain. I’m tired of it all, it’s really no wonder the tiktok complications are the most popular because at least then you can watch some attention-deficit aesthetic calm for two hours without talking instead of some annoying asshole update you on why Shane Dawson is bad.

No. 1216044

File: 1654675221395.jpeg (140.91 KB, 1080x1078, FUq7Yy1WQAAJ31i.jpeg)

I noticed some of you are creating awareness about tranny cult in other threads like celebricows and I really appreciate this effort. I promised I would return to discuss the "Clear the Heard/Herd Depp/Debt" polarity ritual but haven't been following closely at all. The split reactions have really worked out with this one.

Any time you see a public celebrity or political battles featuring a man vs. woman, it's meant to create friction in the masses but also an express two opposite sides of the same thing. Even using the word "ritual" is technically incorrect because there isn't supposed to be a way of explaining what they're doing. We're in the second act and they'll eventually "square the circle" with Amber.

I mainly wanted to stop by tonight to share this selfie of Cole Sprouse and a brief explanation of the caduceus or "medical" symbol" you see everywhere. Reminder first that Hermes is their two-headed-TRA-snake-god/philosopher. Excerpt from "Babylonian Origin of Hermes the Snake-God, and of the Caduceus" (A. L. Frothingham): "One of the many stories says that Hermes came upon two snakes locked in mortal combat, he separated them with his staff and acting as mediator brought peace between them by suggesting an alchemical reconciliation". ..and those two snakes became one tranny snake the best possible outcome.


That's correct and best comment of the thread, this is exactly what they do. They want the plebs fighting for their right to stable family formation and to bring manufacturing back to the west. They do this every generation and each cycle lowers birth rates. It will be an update in quality all around and there will be some "good years" (before the cycle repeats).

No. 1216083

>is someone paying random 3rd world people to produce these quick videos to create a generation that is even more fucked up than the mass shooters of today?
I'm honestly starting to believe that this is what's happening. Look at popular media aimed at young people, it's shit like Euphoria which is desensitising them to all sorts of fucked up shit. TPTB know kids are practically glued to tablets all hours of the day so what better way to get to them then by paying desperate third worlders to create dodgy content that will fuck them up in the head before they're too old to even realise what's going on. And if the thirld worlder decides to tell people (unlikely as they need the money and clearly have no morals to start with), who's gonna believe them? No one.

You post like a commenter on Vigilant Citizen and I mean that as a compliment to your schizo nature. Jokes aside you are right about the duality shit with Satanists and you know about gematria and sacred geometry (at least I think you do with your squaring the circle reference) so I hope you stick around, transvestigator-chan.

No. 1216213

what you pay attention to grows. media in general has always been favored negative, regardless of if it is social media or news media, because negativity stirs controversy which stirs clicks which gets ad revenue which creates funding. this is especially the case for social media and online algorithms that already work to push more of what you already have told the algorithm you want to see more of to your feed.

yeah cause its not like anybody who has attended an urban highschool in burgerland post the war on drugs has had any experience with being preyed upon on the internet by gross predatory men, sending nudes like any other teenager post-internet, or has had peer pressure or experience using drugs as a teenager or experiencing drug addiction/substance abuse and the trauma that comes from that generationally on a family. using Euphoria as an example of youth being desensitized to "all sorts of fucked up shit" when true crime media racks up 10s of millions of views on YouTube everyday and Burgerland is a country built on normalized, legalized, and systemic violence. the fact you think it is Euphoria that is working to desensitize the youth is laughable at best, but not surprising given you somehow completely miss the point of 'sacred geometry' with whatever westerner schizo shit you think Satanism has to do with it. get on some meds, even for the tinfoil thread it's giving mental illness trying to give credence to transvestigator-chan. stop enabling mental illness.

No. 1216311

Euphoria is hardly an educational show though, is it? The creator literally has Mossad connections and true crime media is also fucking people up thanks to America turning their serial killers and mass murderers into superstars. Stating that young people go through these bad things already doesn't mean that a show can't be desensitising to those who haven't experienced it. These two things can be true without cancelling each other out. Also, I just mentioned duality with regards to Satanism. Not sacred geometry, and yeah, transvestigator-chan makes me laugh because if this thread was full of close minded posters like you who shill meds it'd fucking suck. Lighten up.

No. 1216435

“transvestigator-chan” is a fucking moid fyi

No. 1216652

Oh shit, my bad. He can fuck off then.

No. 1216694


>>1216435 is the real transvestigation-chan. They insist I'm a moid because of the way I communicate and format my posts. The fact that I haven't once said anything positive about Johnny Depp should have put this to rest tbh.

No. 1216753

I can’t believe how many articles there are about how the flu causes myocarditis and heart problems that just so happen to have come out in 2021. What a fucking coincidence.

No. 1216756

Just witnessed someone getting arrested while waiting for the bus, not sure if the lady was homeless or not but they seemed nice to her though she was compliant. What stood out for me was my local PD’s uniforms; they were military-styled with bulletproof vests, guns and combat boots but without the camouflage. Their appearance looked like they were heading off to war but they’re just arresting that one lady. They were a far-cry from the old black dress-shirt n’ badge/baggy pants look. I asked what was going on but they didn’t reply so I just kept my mouth shut and waited for the bus.

After they got her in the car, they were still patrolling the area for whatever crime scene was there. Seeing their new getup reminded me of the martial law tinfoil from back in the day, I wonder if it’s slowly progressing to that point while no one bats an eye.

No. 1216773

Everyone who doesn't type in all lowercase letters and constantly sperg about moids is a moid

No. 1216827

Conspiracies within conspiracies. Goddamnit I just wanna shitpost and speculate about things with people who are open minded to these topics.

I've actually been told I sound like a scrote for that before, kek. Funny how they're the same posters who will then turn around and say that there couldn't possibly be any secret troons in Hollyweird.

No. 1216910

every time I get angry/sad it starts raining. i’m not saying i’m a god or have magical powers or something but nonnies once in awhile you should let hell break loose on earth whenever you get sad or mad. close your eyes and manifest depressing hell happening on earth, it’s fun and it might happen

No. 1216987

Go back

No. 1217000

what does that even mean

No. 1217240

Wtf lmao someone linked your reddit and you admit to being a single father, is that not you? You seem like a closeted troon to be this obsessed with them, as a moid.

No. 1217251

you must return to the arms of the creator for you are a lost child

No. 1217353

In late 2018 I thought I manifested rain because I kept repeating in my head for it to do so even though it wasn’t on the forecast. I was very upset and laying on the floor under the open window. It rained for five minutes and I was amazed just letting it fall on my forehead. Anyway what I’m trying to say is that was right at a schizophrenic break and I don’t have magic powers I’m just in need of medication.

No. 1217518

File: 1654762960426.jpg (20.19 KB, 1030x541, shutterstock_1491304799-1030x5…)

The reason apps and software (google, YouTube, twitter) always promote accounts with polls and pushing the new "poll" feature lately are so the government or outside environment can use this information in the future to build a personality profile or hack security information on all your past likes, dislikes and choices in situations.
These polls are usually designed to come across fun and playful in situations with the occasional 'serious'. The questions start off simple "what color is your favorite?" Then eventually get more personal "What would you choose in a fight?" To eventually "What's the first thing you'd do if you got kidnapped?" And have slight serious and silly answers. Some ask about the future "If you were forced to move, where would you go?" Or "Where do you want to go after you die?" I'm afraid to vote in case it affects my future or they know too much.
These definitely aren't as innocent as they seem and the vote numbers never make sense either in ratio to comments. I don't think it's 'real'.
I think there has to be a program or someone or something that is using this. It just feels too weird.

No. 1217530

Someone link me the reddit account of trannyfag please. I'll try to dig up more info.

No. 1217535

This reminds me that I've noticed two different online quizzes have the same question "would you betray your country for a good price" or something like that. It's in those innane pop quizzes like what kind of fruit or what twilight character you are, and the rest of the questions are mostly lighthearted. The first time I encountered it I was like hmmm weird to put that there, the second time I saw it I was like well now it's sus.

No. 1217826


I'm not on reddit or male but curious what he was saying about tranny cult. I find most of the "transvestigators" wrong and also boring.

No. 1217855

I'm kind of surprised that some part of arguably the site most obsessed with clocking/making fun of trans people finds transvestigation annoying? If anything it's a useful tool, if you don't like it just scroll on.

No. 1217858

If you werent so obsessed about trannies your wife wouldn't have left you and you'd still have a wife and family. Let that sink in. Though you probably enjoy spending hours staring at pictures of trannies, such a normal straight male thing to do isn't it?

No. 1217872

I feel like most of the discomfort with transvestigation comes from the fact that it highlights that you can never actually know whether or not someone is trans (think Nikki Tutorials) when they're clothed and it might make some anons here uncomfortable because they live in a fantasyland where everyone is honest about their identity so it seems absurd to them to "transvestigate" because in their mind no one would lie about being "cis" when in fact people do that constantly for safety. Plus if they hate males, they don't want to think about the possibility that they've already unknowingly shared bathrooms with males many times, considered them "one of us" when they're actually not, etc.

No. 1217963


So I guess you're not going to post the link?


As I said up thread, tranny club couldn't exist without ugly signal boosters in every city, town and school. They cluster in places like this to shape the narrative and write antagonistic comments to anyone who ventures outside of it. My hometown is absolutely full of them because one of their big philosophers is from there. They're all the same. They have zero creativity and vision.

No. 1217994

Trying to clock regular adult human females as trannies isn't based and yes it's annoying.
>that you can never actually know whether or not someone is trans (think Nikki Tutorials)
You're maybe a retard who couldn't tell, but everyone in their area knew.

No. 1218020

Even if you "knew the whole time" (everyone says that lol), most people were shocked, especially women, it was trending on social media for a few days.

No. 1218935

Most people said he looked mannish way before he came out

No. 1219013

I think what they're saying is that you don't always actually know who is and isn't an adult human female but I agree it's annoying

No. 1219034

>it’s a useful tool
It’s an extremely harmful side effect of brainrot and is just another way of studying and dehumanizing womens body’s in a demeaning and negative way. Shoo.

No. 1219039

Nta but I am so glad a few months before he came out, I was sending a voice note when her video started playing in the bg and I straight up said I think she's actually a man, her voice sounds really fucked. Sperging, sorry but for once I was onto something.

No. 1219040

But that’s the thing—you don’t need to know if they aren’t bothering you in any way. The idea that it’s “scary” that we can’t strip someone with our eyes and see their genitalia is bizarre and does not help the issue at all.

No. 1219051

Half of the posts ITT are needlessly aggressive moid accusations and derailing. You could easily change the subject to something that interests you or even go outside for a walk. Especially since no one is actually complaining about women's bodies anyways and who fucking cares if they do.

No. 1219078

Just like with any other thread you aren’t going to get total compliance and transvestigator anon is a literal male that came to this board with the sole purpose of sharing his autistic special interest with the rest of us. You could make this dumb argument about literally any thread. There would never be moving conversations on lolcow at all if everyone did what you suggested.
> Especially since no one is actually complaining about women's bodies anyways
This is total bullshit because their entire post history revolves around accusing countless women of being men for their skeletal structure not meeting some rigid, retarded guidelines. Women are never allowed to just exist. I can complain about it and you can go outside.

No. 1219086

So… you transvestigated lmao

No. 1219091

I agree but isn't that idea what the whole trans women in women's bathrooms thing is about, like the idea that someone is sneaking into women's bathrooms and you might not be able to tell? Or is it just that if trans women pass well enough they're not scary and only the obviously masculine ones are?

No. 1219102

>entire post history
what post history?? You were asked for the reddit link by multiple people

No. 1219612

No its men going into the bathroom to assault women or jacking off and being free to do so regardless of how they look bc claiming to be a woman is enough

No. 1219620

Any good sites that aren't Reddit or 4chan for resources on tinfoils and theories that are semi active?

No. 1219621

It’s about having males in female bathrooms.

No. 1219769

Vigilant Citizen

No. 1219777

Good call. I know people ITT will sperg because it mentions Satanism but it's a great source of symbolic happenings in Hollyweird and other associated conspiracies.

No. 1220446

Why should they be sperging when the thing is, the elites believe in that shit regardless if the pleb they despise has a credo or not.

No. 1220494

A few weeks back I saw something on the news tlaking about how the Pearson airport is unusally busy this year and my mom recently went through and had to use ArriveCAN app

No. 1220500

Kylie is dating Travis Scott
Kourtney is dating Travis, and used to date Scott

Something Travistock something the Kardashians something mkultra

No. 1220549

Allegedly they are severely understaffed and its causing a nightmare at the airports. Also the government offices for renewing passports and stuff like that are essentially non-functional now. Don't want people leaving but they don't want to make it too obvious. Blame it on things like short-staffing. Aside from preventing letting people leave I think part of it is the whole you will own nothing and be happy thing. The serfs have had it too good with cheaper air travel, going on vacations, etc.

No. 1220682

you have to be male if you seriously think women can’t tell who is a troon kek. No one knew Nikki was a troon because they only saw him in his carefully edited YouTube videos up until then, he’s massive. None of the women he has posted like Taylor Swift are fucking trans ffs. Moids are seriously so so retarded.

No. 1220686

Pretty sure you’re confusing me for a different anon. I was referring to the lolcow post history of the guy who keeps saying Hollywood elites are all transgender or ftmtftm.

No. 1220691

Nta but if it shuts you up then here.
Anons linked it in the last tinfoil thread fyi, if you actually would have tried looking.

No. 1220692

Samefag but is anyone else deeply worried that this moid is raising another moid? I praying they’re not American so we can have one less school shooting

No. 1220708

Why are you calling people retards when Nikki used heavy filters and camera angles to hide the truth. I doubt a lot of people who casually watched her makeup tutorials raised eyebrows. When she finally shared her truth, and got more comfortable not being in control of her image it’s obvious that she’s trans.

She’s promoting heavy makeup and glam when normal women don’t need to cake on as much, but she’s one of the less problematic tranny out there.

No. 1220710

Never going to forget that this piece of shit spammed dog gore and misogynistic bullshit, came here primarily for the "dog hate threads" and that the "dog hate anons" here are so mentally ill that they called his disgusting rants "based" and tried to defend him, saying anyone who didn't support the gore spam and/or that liked dogs should be banned from the site

No. 1220726

I think it is, I see a lot of evidence of the police becoming more and more militarized. For what it’s worth I’m not some ACAB/BLM type, but the way the police are starting to come off freaks me out a fair bit. My family are typical boomer conservatives, who always thought highly of the police but within the past couple years or so even their outlook on the police has changed. They went from “respect the police, they’re the good guys” to “do everything in your power to avoid dealing with cops, they’re there to protect the states interest and not yours.” I think the nightmare that transpired in Uvalde really sealed the deal for them. I don’t know about full martial law happening any time soon, but I do think we should prepare to see the state wielding power via police/border patrol in ways that a few decades ago would have been extremely authoritarian and “unamerican.”

No. 1220837

Kim K is part of the ever growing psyop to make that Pete guy seem funny and attractive.

No. 1221180


This guy not only refers to himself as "transvestigator" but has made his own "transvestigator" banner image with little male/female symbols and everything. I'm pretty sure I've been saying that word is fucking stupid this whole thread. Also are you trying to pretend that this is the only person on the internet who calls celebrities trannies or did the parental controls just come off?

This guy is only focusing on bodies and I keep telling you I want to discuss the religion/cult aspect of this. Even still, this is extremely low effort in terms of physical "transvestigation" videos. It's actually so bad that I'm certain it's meant to make the concept of tranny cult seem even more preposterous. A+ detective work though, tying me to an account that hasn't even mentioned any of the topics I've brought up. You should definitely bring this up again as if it's a new topic next time I post about tranny cult.

No. 1221305

File: 1654966632214.jpg (103.76 KB, 920x616, 1654950442725.jpg)

YouTube trying to expose children to porn - yet again. Is there any other video platform to use?

No. 1221335

Cops do not have the interest of other minorities besides racial ones in mind either. I never liked cops because when I was a teen I was troubled. After dealing with multiple micro aggressive episodes the past few years of cops stopping me for idiotic reasons in my 20s, it's evoked rightful fear in me that they hate women and anyone who appears the slightest bit eccentric. In one instance I was heckled by one for walking my dog at 10pm and accused of being a minor who was out past curfew, I don't carry my wallet when I take neighborhood strolls. He was so passive aggressive and rude, managed to choke my DOB out of me, realized I was 22 at the time. the entire encounter made my skin crawl. I encountered the same fuckhead again for an actual traffic violation and he waived my ticket.

Young women should be just as afraid of cops as any minority, especially if you present anxiously around them. There have been numerous cases where women have been raped by them. So not only from an institutional perspective but a personal perspective: they are not your friends.

No. 1221369

This is genuinely awful, don't get me wrong. But when you're such a shit parent that you give your kid a device because they're "whiny" then what on earth do you expect? "oh but it was youtube kids!!!" even normie parents are starting to realise that app is poison. Educate yourself and encourage your child to have offline hobbies. Fuck sake, I swear half the parents I see nowadays use tablets/phones as a third parent.

I work with homeless charities and an increasing amount of homeless women are getting hassled by police and some even try and get them to come to the station to "get help", it sends a chill down my spine because I've been homeless myself and I know how dangerous it is as a woman. Thankfully in the wake of Sarah Everard's murder these women are even more distrustful of police officers but one day a woman, or worse a girl is going to take that offer… I hate it. I've started giving out a legal pepper spray alternative to homeless women. I'm doing it without permission of the charities so I have to be very clandestine about it but it's the least I can do. Homeless men are also very predatory and ofc a great deal of trafficked women were homeless so I don't care about a rulebook, it's the morally right thing to do.

No. 1221388

It is fucked up people are substituting phones for parenting but it's even more fucked up that YouTube and people in charge of this use shitty parents as an advantage to expose children to grooming propaganda. Just because a child has shitty parents doesn't mean they deserve to be groomed

No. 1221395

I know that and I didn't mean to imply that when I typed that out. This stuff just really riles me up as I have three young sisters and it's a terrifying future they're facing.

No. 1221428

I get what you mean. A parent will give a young kid a phone because the kid is bored and fussy and it's not the right way to parent. I get both sides, because this person was driving and a kid whining a lot is distracting and annoying. But like, a better solution is something that can't connect to the internet in those cases.

Get the lil bastard a leap frog so at least when you need them distracted they're learning. If they don't know what a phone can do they won't whine for it until they're school aged anyway.

No. 1221432

I don't think phones, tablets and computers have to be bad for children. I grew up playing video games and using a computer, overall I would say that it had a positive impact on me because I was exposed to many different stories, art styles and music genres through video games and some even helped me understand basic life skills like money management from rollercoaster tycoon. I also learnt how to use programs such as Photoshop and Excel by playing around on my own and following free tutorials. It's one of the reasons what is happening is so fucked up. What could actually be a good thing for children and parents, is instead used to sexually groom children, it's sick.

No. 1221458

NTA but despite it being a tightrope walk I do still believe it's incredibly important to encourage parents to let their kids use technology some of the time because if you ban them they absolutely will find a way to go online, and then they'll be even more vulnerable without an experienced adult to teach them about the internet. Thankfully my stepmother did a great job at fostering my sisters offline hobbies so now they primarily use the internet to expand their knowledge of them. They do use YouTube to discover new music too but only when an adult is with them as the recommended system is a slippery slope. They also play video games thanks to me convincing my father and stepmother of their benefits. I told them as long as they're not playing online they'll be fine, and I do believe that. You could probably raise a kid completely offline but even then eventually they will hear about tech from friends and want to experience it themselves. The trick is moderation and finding balance but I feel like parents (society as whole, really) are being bombarded by both the "tech is totally safe! huge companies driven purely by money would never endanger children!" psyop or the "raise your children feral and never tell them what a computer is" crowd. As someone hoping to become a mother myself soon it's absolutely nauseating. I can see how people become paralysed by it all and kinda just coast by. It's like you have to be on your toes 24-7 to learn about stuff like >>1215913 popping up on YouTube or TikTok or whatever the app du jour is. Sorry for the rant.

No. 1221460

Things have changed a lot in that amount of time even if it seems like it doesn't, things are much worse now.

No. 1221472

That's your experience, pedophiles have completely took advantage of the fact so many kids are online now. The average content being shilled to kids is all a psycop to make them easier to groom ffs. At least back then we had Barney and Looney toons but kids are being shilled bizarre hyperactive stuff like cocomelon and weird pro bullying stuff like Peppa pig. Even kids games were innocent back then and now kids are being shilled games that almost exclusively allow them to talk to strangers

No. 1221475

You sound awesome nona, I love you for that. Yeah I ran away from home as a teenager and I was ridiculed by the police when they caught me, they made fun of my appearance and me crying. I was in an abusive home and I didn’t wanna go back I was begging them to try to get me 8nto foster care or something and they were laughing.

No. 1221476

Dasha Nekrasova is a lesbian

No. 1221483

AYRT and I'm so sorry you had that experience. I also ran away from an abusive home but my parents called the police and told them where I'd likely be. I got caught and because I punched my abusive father I got threatened with juvie. My abusive father gently got told to control his temper and an officer literally patted him on the shoulder and gave him a nod like "kids, eh?". I was furious. I thought about suicide by cop for a while and wanted to do something which I absolutely cannot talk about here without ending up on a list. You get the gist. We really need to bring back vigilante groups tbh. Chase the bad people out of town and murder the evil ones. Fuck pigs and their pussy ass, kiddy glove approach to handling abusers and predators.

No. 1221490

As someone who also dealt with cop related humiliation and them disbelieving my abuse as a teen, I feel for you nonas. When I was sixteen I was literally sobbing and crying on the couch after my mother attempted to choke me. She called them, played victim, when I was being berated by two officers, they threatened to cuff me for needing to take a piss. They judged me the moment I admitted I pushed her off me. I'm heartbroken that the tide that was meant to protect us has not only turned against us, it was never in our favor.

No. 1221576

This might just be the most out there tinfoil yet, go on…

No. 1221710

Did we ever figure out what was behind Elsagate besides the AI generated cartoons? There were still fucked up live action videos and claymation videos that actual people had to make.

No. 1221731

she's definitely not. this is some of the most blind, deaf, and dumb tinfoil to date. she's hopelessly invested in men.

No. 1221735

I am watching you i am outside your window, i am hearing you i am inside your walls, i am smelling you and you need to take a shower.

No. 1221751

Sounds uncomfortable, why don't you come in and make me?

No. 1221766

bursts through your door
take a shower you smelly weird neet
levitates out of your window

No. 1221776

File: 1654987348440.png (Spoiler Image, 2.33 MB, 800x2700, 5B47F063-87F4-4D00-A0AE-EDB881…)

Ok so I couldn’t find the thing some redditor wrote out but they found a studio in Malaysia or some other Asian country that produces the weird stuff and they also make normal youtube stuff but the weird eslagate videos on the side. That’s only one of the videos it’s weird how Disney doesn’t copyright strike these videos. Definitely sus and goes deeper than anyone could think

No. 1221781

Samefag go on r/elsagate to find more examples and speculation there’s a YouTube channel called investigating YouTube >>1212609 they explain that elsagate grooms kids and teaches the, helplessness and the desensitization is all coordinated

No. 1221940

disappointed this did not take a sexier turn.

No. 1222042

I'm a POC nonnie but this feels so staged and off. They were supposedly found loading into an U-Haul wearing matching outfits and heading towards the pride event? From the hats to the shoes.. completely matching. I feel like I must tripping lol.But like.. would ANY cult or group ever wear matching outfits to a group they're going to terrorize?

Anyways. . See for yourselves nonnies.

Please don't racebait me nonas- just strictly if the event is staged or not discussion pls.

No. 1222045

why wouldn't they? it makes sense for them because they desperately need to feel like they belong, and it's harder for people to pinpoint who did what if someone were to do something.

No. 1222049

They're not even trying anymore. Why is their patience getting thin throughout the years? Might as well just go full ham if they're going to be this retarded.

No. 1222087

There are people having sex on Tiktok live without showing nudity who then link their content in their chats or pages. This app is promoting porn to kids. I have seen the same thing happen in other social media apps catered towards kids who have these soft core cam girls who then link their porn.

No. 1222088

This is a kids app actively promoting this shit to kids. The tiktok to porn pipeline is real.(learn2embed)

No. 1222095

this is so vile, i can't believe people fight against censorship on social media but also force our children into the online/technological realm as soon as they're capable of gross motor skills. it's like the world wants to force us into raising kids with acquired retardation

No. 1222204

They're here and they're already lurking everywhere. But they can't make us extremists because we aren't moidbrained so we are a huge pain in the butt as of now. They'll probably be able to persuade the trannies who roam about and then the blame will be on us.

No. 1222211

Kaitlyn Tiffany is already trying with the whole trying to make 'femcel' a thing when women are nowhere as bad or the same as incels. Most moids who reee about a woman they call femcel are usually chimping out because that woman doesn't want to date them or calls out their bullshit. The problem is being an entitled male with retard strength, women offend way less and take way less risks.

No. 1222213

What are the easiest ways to spot them?

No. 1222214

File: 1655024311422.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.89 KB, 333x519, canstockphoto2537867.jpg)

NOT SO FAST, at least stay for some coffee

No. 1222217

I believe it tbh

No. 1222886

File: 1655057338146.jpg (53.51 KB, 640x498, 26633292741_eff1520d05_z.jpg)

men are deformed versions of women and valerie solanas was right. men are physically always going to be more powerful than women and the cycle of oppression will repeat over and over because of this physical difference, no matter how hard we try to change society its never going to happen

No. 1222909

Pls, if they wanted to use femcels for their plots they wouldn't have banned r/femcels.

No. 1222921

Go cry and victimize yourself to incels, physical strength means nothing against weapons and training. They wouldn't have a whole system to fuck women over if physical strength only mattered.

No. 1222939

Chimps are physically stronger than men. Chimps should run society

No. 1222965

>they can't make us extremists because we aren't moidbrained
Speak for yourself, anon. I have the magic combination of autism, schizophrenia and unmedicated ADHD. I'll drop a shoutout to this thread in my manifesto if the glowies don't copy/paste one for me.

No. 1222969

File: 1655060578864.png (631.32 KB, 700x457, 1655060514544.png)

I don't get this "logic" that I have seen every now and then on western radfems spaces, women in my country have accesses to guns as well, so did women in Afghanistan when the Taliban took over, what do you think happened to them, did they not simply not fight bravely or heard enough
like do you think men won't have to accesses to guns either, cause they will as well, in fact they have more of them and their are more men that know how to use them
I don't understand why so western radfem have this "fantastic delusion" about this war with men that is even feasible in any reality of the world

No. 1222976

Blame "Mother" Nature for it.

No. 1222984

>I don't understand why so western radfem have this "fantastic delusion" about this war with men that is even feasible in any reality of the world
Because they're retards. Half of them barely know what the fuck they're talking about and regurgitate polilez quotes they saw on tumblr and the other half are libfems who hate troons; and I say this as someone who is very rad leaning. The vast majority I've met, even ones I've met IRL are allergic to fucking praxis. "oh I can't volunteer… I'm very busy…" they say as they spend 6+ hours a day online. They find money to by those "adult human female" shirts and other little knick knacks but won't cough up money for charity.

No. 1222987

Samefag I forgot to finish typing my post before I hit send but basically it's just cope. It's the same way my Muslim relatives talk about a holy war coming. They know it isn't but they don't want to get off their ass and actually help their community so they just hype up some vague idea of change on the horizon.

No. 1222993

I hope you didn't take my post seriously, it was to illustrate how stupid the concept of physical strength = social power is, maybe sometimes it is in nature, but there is always something stronger than you waiting to take you out.

No. 1222994

>not really the best comparisons, cause there are tons of Muslims fighting in what they deem great Holy wars, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq just like 10 years as an example
You're right, I should've clarified and said my Muslim relatives here in the UK.

No. 1223001

as someone from a nation that has small scare civil wars and 2 separatist conflicts going on right now, I find the way westerners "appropriate" struggles of being in a war or actually fighting a struggles for separatism
not really the best comparison, cause there are tons of Muslims fighting in what they deem great Holy wars, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq just like 10 years as an example

its one of the thing I wished radical feminists could understand when I try to explain to the,, conviction in their faith is something that you cannot replicate with some books written in the 70's by women studies professors, the conviction men and women show for their race and religion is something powerful and has tangible effects on this world, every other week in my country there are Baloch fighters or Islamights fighters who Fight and die in the dozens and yet they continue to fight and die, when they fight their minds are not on oppressing women or whatever, rather its a fight for their immortal souls or their ethnic motherland that has be freed
and you might think that is wrong and stupid, but you cannot ever deny that it has actual real world power

No. 1223015

on a Induvial basis in the modern world physical strength is mostly something piece of Jewelry in a way, but strength matters in enforcing ideology and the will of the state, ideology and even the worldviews of regions is propelled by power, no matter the ideology of the government behind it and morality has nothing to do with it, imagine lets say Islam did win out and all of Europe became Muslims
well there is no even concept of Feminism, there is no socialism either, you wouldn't even comprehend it as a concept

The ideas of Feminism and liberalism only spread due to the power of the western world which enforced its will upon the entire globe

No. 1223043

File: 1655063994211.jpg (199.74 KB, 824x263, permablitzbanner2.jpg)

I'm a westerner, but I agree. They always have an excuse as to why to not do something. They especially love to point to the place in Canada as to why you shouldn't bother trying to start new shelters. Volunteering? But there is a chance of encountering a troon! No you first have to wait until the troons are defeated, until then we have to sit on our asses and do fuckall. Even though the shelters are fucking full and SOMETHING has to be done. In the 70's there were the academic feminists who just wrote theory, but there was a more anarchist branch of radical feminism which focused on praxis, setting up shelters, give self defense classes, start soup kitchens, set up dual power etc. I can't do much on my own either, besides the self defense classes, so I would have to cooperate with women who aren't 'terfy' or who haven't made troonshit their main concern. If the shelter thing is too complicated, try permablitzing (picrel), something, anything to connect with other women in your area and help them. Many Marxist feminists I have come across have fallen to this same paralysis. It's an easy excuse to do fuckall, just say it's not worth it because you might come across a troon or that you have to wait for the lobbygroup to save you until it's worth it to volunteer or set up something new. It's just thinking in problems instead of solutions. I could do much more than I'm doing now too and I will do more once I'm healthy again.
The regurgitating polilez quotes bothers me too. They say radical feminism is so wonderful and accepting, they love all these authors, but not many actually read the books. They think their specific tumblr social circle is radical feminism. The books are not all bad, but a decent amount is lesbophobic, racist and classist. The issues going on now stretch back to the 70's and they won't admit that. Hell, third wave liberal feminism came out of polilez shit. Since they came up with cultural feminism, went back to men and had daughters who started the third wave. They came up with femininity = good, masculinity = bad and gender traitor, which meant butch = bad and eventually turned into pushing them to transition, since they're "male-identified" anyway for being gnc. They only considered you "woman-identified-woman" if you were their specific brand of polilez. Woc feminists warned about what cultural feminism and polilez would turn into already back then, but nobody listened.

No. 1223069

from my presctive "radfems" seem to be divided ones who want to hate TIMs and ones who want to hate men and that's it, they endlessly seem to debate and discuss over this and not actually have I ever seen them actually want to do something to help women around them

No. 1223083

>I'm a westerner, but I agree. They always have an excuse as to why to not do something. They especially love to point to the place in Canada as to why you shouldn't bother trying to start new shelters. Volunteering? But there is a chance of encountering a troon!
As someone trying to start a shelter myself I am absolutely sick of hearing about the Vancouver place. Yes it's terrible and of course I'm scared of that happening to my place but what's the alternative? Just giving up? Back before I even discovered radical feminism I was teaching women's self defence classes and a lot of my "feminist" friends were of the opinion that it's basically pointless as men are bigger and stronger; as if the average moid isn't an out of shape chubster, kek. Even with size and power, there are techniques to combat that. But noooo, why bother at all. If you get jumped just lie on the floor in the fucking fetal position and cry, I guess. Women like this were the proto-doomers. Nothing was ever good enough, no change ever felt perfect enough as if there is such a thing as a perfect change to the status quo that everyone will agree with.

>The regurgitating polilez quotes bothers me too. They say radical feminism is so wonderful and accepting, they love all these authors, but not many actually read the books. They think their specific tumblr social circle is radical feminism.

Yeah this is a huge problem. Like I understand it's social suicide to identify yourself as a "TERF" but there are social gatherings for evil women like us going on in most large towns and cities. A good way to find them is through volunteer work but that's a no-no so they remain stuck online in a polilez vacuum. As a butch I've learnt to just stay away for my own sanity.

No. 1223108

>>1222969 this is going to sound moid-like i know sorry i'm an esl but i think that is because many rads speak from their own personal trauma rather than analysis of material reality. The bulk of the radfem movement is "fucking angry woc/3rd Word woman" (and they're righfully angry thought) so yeah if you think it for two seconds a full war with men is impossible but is rather a wish (that is born to the trauma that men caused to us) than a realistic plan. In fact the reason that radfem movement achieved what it achieved and it fell so short too is because is mostly because that, because it's the pent up fury of many, many woman, and that is good for immediate action but not so good for long term plans.

No. 1223112

>>1222984 this also. And at least in my country, most of them are actual teenagers.which is good of twitter raids and other useless things but otherwise… Personally i think is so fucked up that rad movements fall so short and the western left/anarchism movement completely abandon women. We're truly fucked.

No. 1223122

File: 1655067634426.jpg (75.88 KB, 611x502, 82_year_old_badass.jpg)

>As someone trying to start a shelter myself I am absolutely sick of hearing about the Vancouver place. Yes it's terrible and of course I'm scared of that happening to my place but what's the alternative? Just giving up?
I really admire that! But yeah, it's become almost a logical fallacy on its own "whatabout Vancouver?", extremely fatalistic. Here the first shelters were started by feminist squatters, who had to fight the police off. I can't imagine what things would've been like if they hadn't gone that far and actually did it, the madwomen. Those shelters still exist today, but are now legitimized and all that.
>a lot of my "feminist" friends were of the opinion that it's basically pointless as men are bigger and stronger; as if the average moid isn't an out of shape chubster, kek. Even with size and power, there are techniques to combat that. But noooo, why bother at all. If you get jumped just lie on the floor in the fucking fetal position and cry, I guess.
Many also consider it victim blaming to do anything self defense related, that it's not focusing on changing men. They're not seeing the difference between short term solutions vs long term solutions. It ironically enough comes across as misogynistic to assume women can never fight back, can never be strong enough, "it just never happens". I see it in leftist spaces in general, this aversion to building strength and learning how to defend yourself. There are some small groups who do, but I'm noticing that the fascists are preparing a lot more and people really need to get their shit together quick. People are too proud of learned helplessness.
>Nothing was ever good enough, no change ever felt perfect enough as if there is such a thing as a perfect change to the status quo that everyone will agree with.
I'm not a big fan of reformism, usually it's a waste of energy. It could exactly go to doing things irl which helps women directly and immediately and at the same time raises consciousness, gets more women on your team. Yeah sure it's small scale and it's not going to change the world immediately, but the women will appreciate it and their lives could be changed in meaningful ways or made more bearable. Not everyone has the time to wait until lobby groups have raised an issue, all that political stuff is going on, legislation has to be pushed, then it has to be implemented and it takes like a decade for it to really have an effect. We can't just wait forever or not try to make things more bearable in the meantime.

No. 1223140

>Many also consider it victim blaming to do anything self defense related, that it's not focusing on changing men. They're not seeing the difference between short term solutions vs long term solutions. It ironically enough comes across as misogynistic to assume women can never fight back, can never be strong enough, "it just never happens". I see it in leftist spaces in general, this aversion to building strength and learning how to defend yourself.
Yeah I had the victim blaming card played against me, even though I was very careful not to offend any women who had been attacked in the past as I grew up with an abusive father figure who frequently said "why don't you fight back?" so I knew how much that question can hurt. But the thing is, if you're waiting for men to change… well, you're got a long fucking wait. Better off learning how to pulverise their ballsack and arming yourself with legal self-defence items in the meantime.

>I'm not a big fan of reformism, usually it's a waste of energy. It could exactly go to doing things irl which helps women directly and immediately and at the same time raises consciousness, gets more women on your team.

I completely agree. I probably worded that badly when speaking about the status quo as I'm ESL but I meant that starting shelters and building strength and learning to fight and all that is never good enough and that a lot of women will go out of their way to poke holes in these things. They say how much they hate the current state of affairs but are paralysed by their indecision to make even the smallest of changes.

Also I LOVE the pic you posted. I was so happy reading that story when it broke and she's actually a fantastic example of how learning basic self-defence and keeping fit can serve you all your life. It's certainly not just a young woman's game.

No. 1223169

Damn, not the radfem hater from 2X again, you fucking glow everywhere

No. 1223176

It’s just that energy to her I don’t really know how to explain it. She seems completely disinterested in every man she’s ever dated. I think her movie and the fact she went to an all womens college and did her dissertation on “menstruation dialectics” also contributes to why I think that

No. 1223179

>Many also consider it victim blaming to do anything self defense related, that it's not focusing on changing men.
That makes about as much sense as "I refuse to wear a seatbelt, it's other drivers who are responsible for not hitting me!"

No. 1223197

File: 1655073232705.png (302.32 KB, 760x1143, Screenshot_20220613-002831.png)

It's a pretty common opinion. I get that it can remind them too much of "what were you wearing?" or "why didn't you fight back?" questions. Yes societal misogyny needs to be dealt with, it's men' fault. Idk what the fuck else we're supposed to do in the meantime though.
>“There are no quick fixes,” says lead author Charlene Senn, a women’s studies professor at the University of Windsor. “We need multiple strategies. But we now know that giving women the right skills, and building the confidence that they can use them, does decrease their experience with sexual violence. This is our best short-term strategy while we wait for cultural change.”

No. 1223219

Resident glowie thinks doing this will convince women to touch his ed broken dick and settle with a violent retard who sees them as a service.

No. 1223273

Nonnies, plz help me because I’m scared. I keep seeing stuff about the Pfizer vaccine /booster and sudden death in adults and… I just, I’ve had two jabs and booster (I didn’t want any of them but I wanted to be able to travel/go to bars/events etc) and now I’m terrified. Anything my tinfoil girlies and suggest to help either my worries, myself or idk? Is this just me seeing stuff more because I clicked on one or two posts in worry or…

No. 1223279

I had a pet theory some time ago that it was actually anime that largely contributed to the transgender craze. With its freakish body proportions, unrealistic behavior and hyper-fanservice it kinda conditioned an era of men to idealize women as stupid infantile bouncy bimbos and women to idealize men as suave hairless anorexic dorito faced androgynous geniuses. So when that expectation didn't meet reality, they got mad and then tried to become those anime stereotypes of the opposite sex themselves. For the people who didn't troon out, those stereotypes just made them depressed of their natal sex.

No. 1223285

not saying women should despair, its just that in every iteration of society men ruled over women because of their physical dominance, hence why they keep women subservient trough the means of rape, violence etc. im a radfem and believe that we should strive for female liberation, no matter how difficult it is and how blackpilled i get. todays feminists need to get their shit together and start exercising, learn self defense, take care of their health and raise awareness and unity

No. 1223296

interesting anon, but i dunno, disinterested is her devoted shtick, the reason she acts so uncaring and flippant is because she's a pickme who is trying to dismantle the "hysterical woman" archetype. anna too

No. 1223303

It's probably not just anime, but it contributes. It pornsickness from porn addiction due to the ease of access thanks to the internet, and that there is a lot and its free, allowing them to coom and grow desensitised, leading them to seek out more degenerate/forbidden stuff to feel the thrill again.

No. 1223319

File: 1655081029854.jpeg (149.29 KB, 1242x1201, 1577578811957.jpeg)

That's not a tinfoil, they admit it and it's easily observable.

No. 1223343

Not everyone criticizes something out of hate, if no one ever criticized anything or pointed out flaws, nothing would improve. Radfems are far from perfect. While there are genuine radfems trying to make a real difference for women, the majority of women that profess radfem views are spending hours shitposting and causing drama amongst themselves on the internet. The movement has become diluted by women only taking part in online activism and by troon hating libfems and tradtards claiming to be TERFs.

No. 1223370

More like the centuries of men killing strong women and making the rest physically weak & ill. Latest iteration is hormonal and autoimmune diseases that they caused with pollution and plastics and hormone pills and agri runoff and medicine not being tested on women.

No. 1223376

Autism + anime = troon

No. 1223381

This. This is why so many men who troon out are obsessed with anime, hentai or have waifu. Men into anime are red flags

No. 1223459

File: 1655096476713.png (115.82 KB, 603x850, Screenshot 69.png)

exercising and learning to fight is considered a right wing If not borderline Fascist thing these days in most left wing circles(including mose sects of Feminism), like I have encountered so much shit for perusing self improvement cause apparently its gonna "radicalize" me into becoming a Fascist, like I have received long winded lectures about how working out and learning to fight in communities worships "the cult of the hero" which is inherently right wing and the self defense courses are rooted in racism against POC(despite me being a working call WOC myself)
That's now how it works, like male size and physical strength are influenced greatly by their mothers, take for e.g what happened in East Asia where women with small and netonous features were valued above regular women and selected for breeding which led to east asian men being more netonous then other races of men, while northern Europeans went the exact opposite with taller and hardier women being valued and theses attributes persisted more

No. 1223478

"why is slow bad and fast good" god… maybe because whoever is slower is weaker, and weaker people get physically overpowered easier? these people literally don't understand reality anymore

No. 1223490

You're absolutely right and I'm pretty sure there have been both tra and gc articles written about this.
Its so weird how anime girls are often the only type of females that moids feel any sort of sympathy, admiration or genuine affection towards. And then they watch all this pedobait moe crap about how being a teenage girl is nonstop fun and pleasure and no worries or pain at all and ofc, them being terminally depressed genetic deadend incels with nothing going for them, make the leap in logic that being a woman would solve all their problems. They don't want to look like real woman though. They want to look like the big titted 10 year olds in the degen anime they watch

No. 1223495

Red gyms are literally a thing and most (kick)boxing gyms around me are literally owned by first or second generation immigrants. What do they want to do to fight fascists when they attack? Twiddle their thumbs and cry? I suspect this is why they love TiMs so much and don't expect they could be fash, since they're effeminate and weak, even though many are literally (crypto)fash. I learned to fight and started lifting to protect myself from my retarded neonazi father. I probably have more experience dealing with fash than them and more reasons to hate fash (since I'm a poorfag white lesbian and it are usually wealthy straight white guys with bourgeois parents complaining). But I have to listen to TiM worshippers from wealthy areas wax poetically about the virtues of weakness. You fucking dipshit, if everyone willingly makes themselves weak, there's nobody left to protect those who can't protect themselves for whatever reason. If anything, I'm doing exactly what fash hate, because they want women to be weak, dainty and ornamental, except to bear children.
>bodybuilding and powerlifting will make you slow af
The "it makes you slow" cope is so common too, especially from people who don't even run or train in combat sports, bonus points if they're obese. You can do explosive work and plyometrics on the side to stay fast? It legit has never been an issue for me, if anything it makes me faster. "Being fat doesn't make you slow", but muscles and not being a skinnyfat chicken does? The fuck.

No. 1223517

File: 1655104830200.jpg (214.12 KB, 1030x820, 1606750806995.jpg)

>If anything, I'm doing exactly what fash hate, because they want women to be weak, dainty and ornamental, except to bear children.
you'd think but No, the most common counter argument I have seen do this is the fact that women's fitness in the mainstream was championed by the eugenics movement, which was fixated on the proliferation of physically and genetically fit white (i.e. Western yuro) families and culling of everybody else, and also the Spartans(who the left has labeled as being irremediable proto-fascists) practiced this as well, with Spartan women famous for their strength due to the exercise and wrestling they did throughout their lives, to produce stronger soldiers for the state

No. 1223521

That's false and your pseudoscience is retarded. Both mother and the father influence child's heights and build. Asians are small because of their genes and the way they eat. On the other hand Europeans are huge and very wide(not in a good way) because of the same reasons. It's genetic + the sports you play as a child + the food you eat. This isn't a psyop to make children small, even Europeans like neotany such as big eyes, small noses and young looking faces. Blonde hair and blue eyes are also signs of neotany because most kids have them when they're young and they're literally the European standardı of beauty.

No. 1223526

Oh yeah I know about the way tomboy was used, my father even condoned me being a tomboy, but I specifically remember that he randomly changed his tune when I started nearing adulthood. Suddenly he expected me to become a feminine straight mother, to grow my hair out and perform femininity. It's why I kind of hate when people use the word "tomboy", because there is this implication that you have to grow out of it, not turn into an adult butch. Though that is more a personal hang up than anything else. The nazi's even had the BDM, where they encouraged women's fitness, but it's a very specific kind of women's fitness. They don't like it when women get big muscles and actually learn how to fight, even though they do exalt the Spartans, that is too far for them. You can see it even in mainstream women's fitness today, everything is about preserving femininity, "toning", while shitting on women like Venus and Serena Williams for being buff (btw they're not slow at all despite being buff kek). It's funny how many feminists shit on me for promoting lifting and self defense, meanwhile they're the ones trying to encourage me to have kids, become feminine, not have tattoos etc. to be more palatable, which is what actual fash have told me too. I honestly want to get my tubes tied despite being a lesbian anyway, just to deny fash access to my womb when shit hits the fan.

No. 1223530

at what point in my statement that it seemed I wasn't starting that, its estimated that Height in Europe increased cause both men and women preferred taller partners

No. 1223560

>You can see it even in mainstream women's fitness today, everything is about preserving femininity, "toning".

so fucking true nonna, it's why i'm having to delete instagram yet again and also just not watch any female fitness youtube videos because it all consists of "grow your ass huge but not show an inch of muscle anywhere else".
the difference in mens fitness is crazy - be as strong as you want, lift as heavy as you want, fuck the haters sort of thing. womens fitness is essentially: yeah do a little toning workout or even lift heavy but try not to look like you lift btw, and you MUST look sexy while doing it.

No. 1223566

I think your algorithm is fucked cause all the fitness chicks that grace my explore feeds and such are the “Get as much muscles as you want ladies, male opinions gtfo, muh lat spread and other assorted defined and prominent muscle builds” and they will proudly flex their muscled builds. The bbl/kardtrashiana type “fitness” influencers are the ones I see who pigeon hole the unrealistic “be lean with super thick ass and zero inch waist without showing any muscle what so ever as you hip thrust 100lbs with your new dr miami ass”

No. 1223569

NTA, but I still rarely see anyone trying to go women's version of bearmode, trying to get BIG, not just focusing on the traditional bikini competitor body, which is still meant to look feminine. The only time I see someone natty who looks kinda the way I would want to look, it's a female powerlifter who ended up that way accidentally. Lats are overrated, traps and delts is where it's at. I don't want to be defined and aesthetic, which is difficult to maintain (sorry but defined abs year round?) and feels a lot more unhealthy mentally, than genuinely just trying to get BIG.

No. 1223616

Have you seen neo-nazi women, they tend to be pretty butch as well, shaved heads, not wearing make up(cause something something jews)

No. 1223661

>male size and physical strength are influenced greatly by their mothers, take for e.g what happened in East Asia where women with small and netonous features were valued above regular women and selected for breeding
Here you stated it. Don't bring your weird pseudoscience into it.

No. 1223668

Um, this thread is specifically for weird pseudoscience

No. 1223672

This flat-out isn't true lol. They literally hold/held "Miss Hitler" beauty pageants.
See also how the pedo scrotes in the Neo-Nazi/white supremacist movement obsessed over the twin girls in Prussian Blue and how their mother groomed them to be as feminine as possible

No. 1223676

Yup. They want 12 year old tradwives who has FRESH EGGS or whatever they are obsessed with.

No. 1223725

I have encountered actual neo-nazi women during my punk days, most were bald and tattooed and incredibly aggressive women who would straight up call me racial slurs to my face and pick fights, It might be anecdotal but I think my IRL experience with neo-nazi women might trump random examples you find online

No. 1223729

>My anecdotes with no proof trump documented evidence, photographs, videos, posts and news articles that everyone can see/read
Kek. Have you considered you're the one with random experiences? Which country is this happening in, by the way?

No. 1223731

They’re both back in the WS movement btw, the 2020 riots convinced them

No. 1223751

I don't blame them tbh, BLM is genuinely the most pathetic fail male worshipping movement in human history, the most conquered group on the planet whining abut their failures is something I have too much experience with regards to my family

No. 1223754

File: 1655129479146.jpg (5.81 KB, 251x213, 00cd0aa2.jpg)

No. 1223764

don't do that shit, the men of my father's race have and will always fail at being protectors and providers and they will blame everyone but themselves for being abject failures, so I don't give a shit when they act like dumbasses on a civilization scare

No. 1223768

crapchan pls go

No. 1223777

Society just needs to stop expecting anything from men and leave them to rot. The world is imploding bc they've been in charge for the last 1000s years.

No. 1223779

I hate it when retarded western bitches tell you to shut up when you talk about your experiences with men. Like becky, I don't care if you like black/brown/etc. dudes, it doesn't change the fact that they've abused a lot of their own women and will most likely treat you the same.

No. 1223805

I was actually relived to learn that there is an entire online community for people like me, we had black absent dads and white(sometimes hispanic) moms who didn't raise us the best, like I love my mother but the only reason she got in a relationship with my father cause he was like a fetish to her and wanted to be rebellious and my father was just as bad if not worse cause that fetish was the only thing that he had, both are awful people but my father and his entire family is far worse, black families and communities coddle our men in ways not even imageable

No. 1223812

The problem with (c)rapchan is she attacks black women too. Not even just pick-mes, she bashes black women in general and resents them

No. 1223814

Deets? I never heard this

No. 1223817

I criticize the black women that choose to participate in this cycle, that protect these awful awful men who have failed at every thing, the women who take part in twerking and acting like animals

No. 1223819

Many of your posts targeted all black women

No. 1223821

The second a black or brown woman tries to talk about the abuse she's faced from men her ethnicity half a dozen western pickmes with picrew icons have already pulled up in her mentions to call her problematic and self hating for not taking endless abuse and staying quiet about it in the interest of white college lib politics

No. 1223825

Yeah I do dislike that characteristic of hers but as a middle eastern myself, I understand why she might dislike her culture and have internalized racism which she projects to men or women. It's similar to how doja cat used to hang around white supremacists because she hated that part of herself.
It's scary for us to see how our women act and how they cause us to be perceived similarly, like in my culture you're unexpected to be fine if your husband cheats and beats you and even some women parrot those beliefs which causes younger girls to dislike some women in our culture. I understand it's hard for whites with healthy upbringing to emphatize with us and this is a toxic outlook in the end but you can feel anger towards people in your culture, even if they're women, if they help uphold the same misogynistic values.
I'm not black but I understand your anger. Men in my community get coddled similarly and no matter what they do, they'll be forgiven. I still think you need to work on your self-hatred, I don't care if you shit on rappers because they probably won't see your posts but you'll always be half black and that hatred will cause self image and identity issues in the end. Your mother and father don't define you but although I wish we could, we can never change our races or truly move past our cultures. I'm sure you're a smart woman as you've already noticed a lot of things most minority women willingly ignore, please don't hate yourself.

No. 1223832

I'm not even white and I agree black/brown men are trash. I just hate anyone who targets black women for hatred and harassment lol. There is no excuse, I've literally been in her position. She attacks black women in a way she wouldn't even dream of for other women, even if they're also doing the same things and uplifting garbage men, and I find it disgusting

No. 1223835

I'm not black or crap-chan but see my post >>1223825 where I tried to explain why some minority women hate some women. Yeah sure I wouldn't do anything bad to any of those pickmes but when you grow up with female relatives who tell a woman she deserved getting beaten because she spoke too much, you grow to dislike a certain type of woman. It's not all brown/black woman but there's a group that enjoys and cheers on misogyny, I don't expect you to understand as I don't think that type of woman exists in your culture to this extent but I hope this is informative.

No. 1223838

Majority fash and neonazi women are hyperfeminine.
You have encountered female racist skinheads in the punk scene, which is a minority of a minority of a minority. Not even all skinheads are racist. Majority of fash hate tattoos and thinks they're Jezebel slut marks. Bible says you should have long hair too. Most female racist "skinheads" don't even shave their heads anymore and have long hair from the looks of it. The real dangerous neonazi women are wives of pastors, politicians, businessmen etc. The handful of racist female skinheads existing doesn't mean fash are suddenly accepting of gnc. Read up on the black triangle and what would actually happen.

No. 1223840

I posted this >>1223832. Throwing all women of any race under the bus is retarded, subhuman thinking. She doesn't just target a "certain kind". She'd probably be upset about being called racial slurs, and she'd likely defend a woman of another race being attacked, but she thinks it's okay to shit on black women as a group. She doesn't specify her female relatives or even specific pick-mes, she just sees a black woman and starts foaming at the mouth. It's only recently that she's tried to soften it to look less bad, but anyone who's seen her deranged posts over the years knows what I'm talking about. Even a non pickme, non ghetto black woman she'll call subhuman and degenerate because she's just hateful and nasty. Even now, she does it to black female singers who aren't involved in hip hop and don't sexualize themselves for the male gaze. Her issues run far, far deeper than men

No. 1223842

None of this has to do with tinfoils.
I don't know why this thread is so fucking targeted for derailing, we're almost on the level of the vent thread.

No. 1223850

Not crap chan, i promise, but after consuming a lot of divestment content, the brutal truth I have learned is that the vast majority of black are pick-mes or co-sign the cycle in ways they don't aren't aware of. Whilst i do think almost all the blame needs to be on the males, the evils of patriarchy cannot survive without male minded women to uphold it desperate for validation and protection. So many of them are highly resistant to seeing how they are being used by black man for their own gain. The driving force to this is that a lot of black women suffer from low self esteem from years of being considered the ugliest undesirable race of women, so they genuinely feel like they cannot be appreciated by anybody other than black men, so they work overtime to prove that they are not the difficult bitter bitches that black men proclaim to the whole world that they are and that racists have also latched onto this. You also see a ton of non-black women who use this to fuel their own self-esteem by dating black men and humouring their hatred for black women. Even though I hate pick-mes, i just feel sad for a lot of black women for being trapped in this cycle. I think it's getting better for black women, but it will be generations until we really see major improvements. By that point, black men will so far below black women, I really hope that will serve as the major wakeup call to abbondon completely.

No. 1223851

File: 1655135253114.png (22.42 KB, 296x296, 296px-SHARP_logo.svg.png)

Samefag since I'm guaranteed to be attacked for saying not all skinheads are racist, I'll add that SHARP exists. Black skinheads have existed from the very beginning. It was actually a multicultural subculture centered around ska until neonazis preyed on retards and got media attention.

No. 1223859

when all the women in father's family literally formed a wall to stop the police from entering the house cause he did some stupid shit, I have a reason to believe that some women can't be trusted, If a useless male that has nothing for family can have that level of coddling, then frankly there's no point in trying to reason with the, either they get it or continue to live with the conquered men
>Even now, she does it to black female singers who aren't involved in hip hop and don't sexualize themselves for the male gaze. Her issues run far, far deeper than men
can you name me one instance where I have done this

No. 1223868

It's her way of coping. I also get really angry whenever I see a woman my race objectify or sexualize us - defend our men when they use us. I don't hate on them quite as hard as I had an easier childhood but I still get that it's obvious this is her coping mechanism. Her father's black family probably defended him, as they'd do no matter the race, and villianized her and her mother which is why she hates them. She thinks any black person will defend her father and hate her, a lot of people actually hate white women who date our men and I'm sure she had several experiences being attacked because of that.
In the ending she should get therapy instead but if her hating on famous rappers who won't ever see it make her feel better, I don't really care. It'd be different if she was attacking women here though. I disliked her a lot in the start but when I realized how scarred she was from her past experiences and this was her only way to cope I couldn't really judge her as harshly. She's just a woman who's shitting on women in a gossipforum. She's not racist, she just assumes black people will side with her father which is unfortunately true and that's why she gets angry.
Crap-chan you have every right to be cautious. White people don't understand it and they're lucky for that. You should though work on your self hatred because it might hurt you in the end, it did to me.

No. 1223872

Yeah, and all black women on the planet were forming the wall. Not a single one resent that sort of thing, and it's not like they're literally the most targeted for hatred and abuse from those same black men. You were standing there, the lone biracial chick who sympathizes with white supremacists, the only one who isn't a pick-me (despite literally being a pickme and defending an entire subculture that worships pedophilic males)
>can you name me one instance where I have done this
Tina Bell

No. 1223873

>Throwing all women of any race under the bus is retarded, subhuman thinking.
I can't believe anons are trying to argue with this kek

No. 1223874

File: 1655136147730.jpg (66.86 KB, 447x680, 124.jpg)

the worst part is 9/10 times most BM would leave us for a any mediocre mid woman, there are no group of men on this planet who hate their own women as much as black men
I dislike my mother as well tbh, she wasn't as abusive my father but she was a shitty parent who was not at all interested in having a black child

No. 1223875

I'm still not white no matter how hard you reach for that, and like I said: I understand her struggle. It's not an excuse, it's black women who fight the hardest against the pickme shit because literally no one else cares or listens, but crap-chan doesn't see that. Bashing ANY race of women "to cope" makes you a dumpster fire of a pick-me and part of the problem, and you're abhorrent too for defending internalized misogyny. I hope you get targeted by a Middle Eastern woman who's mentally deranged and shitting up this site at every turn, and then get fed ridiculous "Some people bash MENA women to cope, omg u dont understand" excuses just like this

No. 1223880

No one is arguing with that. It's just that some women of color might hold resentment for the abuse they got in the hands of their man and women. I'm the middle eastern anon and I literally had women attack me from my childhood, saying I couldn't control my man and he could do everything even cheat on me but I'd be disowned if I did anything with a guy before marriage. I saw my women cheer on rapist killers saying the woman deserved it for having premarital sex or telling dv victims they should've acted right instead. I had a friend who told me I deserved to get raped and killed for dressing the way I do a lot of women in our cultures are like this unfortunately and although I wouldn't attack them, I do dislike how they help men.

No. 1223881

>I wouldn't attack them
Why not? Think on this

No. 1223883

Same reason LSA went from interesting medical/gov/spiritual tinfoils to just "oMg ritual satanism celebrity give up were all gonna be enslaved!1"
These types of women are always first to die/get sick, brainwashing is powerful and Gnostics/Buddhism/the matrix/etc weren't joking when they all said the earth is a prison (they just left out the "for women" part).

No. 1223887

This thread attracts schitzos, vent thread bpd-chans. Simple as.

No. 1223888

F off glowie go snort cheese

No. 1223891

I'm not a glowie, I'm pointing out the hypocrisy on knowing it's wrong to attack women for their race, but defending it when someone of a different race does it. It's people like that who make things worse for all of us without even realizing

No. 1223892

New tinfoil: today's constant derailment is a psyop because nonnies are getting too close to the truth

No. 1223894

I'm not excusing it, I'm just telling you why she does it. Brown men also always date white women, use them and then dump them to marry a brown woman who will tolerate his shit in the long-term. What does his family do in return? Defend his ass and if he decides to settle down with a brown woman, she will be the happiest ever because she'll think she won over a white woman. I'm saying you don't get it because you haven't had a similar experience, haven't seen how minority men use and toss away any woman but still get their women defending them.
Do I think all women are like this? Absolutely not but if you see what I wrote below, you'll see most of the older women support these views. The man is allowed to do whatever the fuck he wants and the women will welcome him with open arms when he stops fucking around and decides to settle down with a brown woman because we're easier, more obedient. You might not be white but you still can't really understand how it feels to have your father or any other man act like this unless you see it first-hand and I hope you never do.
I've had such bad self-hatred when I saw how my father tried leaving my mother for russian women, who ofc weren't interested kek, or used it to taunt her and yet men and women defended him, told us we were lucky he at least didn't leave. It's a trauma so of course it's not logical.

No. 1223895

File: 1655137124723.jpg (45.42 KB, 658x663, ggchj,.JPG)

You seem really smart and compassionate nonna, it's futile to argue some anons here. Save your energy.

No. 1223902

I'm not excusing her, I know it's wrong but she's not an evil racist you think she is. She's just a traumatized girl reflecting her issues onto black women and let's be honest, a lot of minority women do actually cape for their shitty men instead of mixed or white women so she's right to be cautious. Let the bitch be, we have a lot more mentally ill race-obsessed anons here like paki-anon who really has no excuse but hates white women simply because they have an easier time getting white bfs. She's also a self admitted neo-nazi sympathizer and posted worse shit but none of you show this energy towards her because she's not unhinged and manages to trick you with her weird ass cat images.

No. 1223903

Seconding. The above is either intentionally missing the point in bad faith, a retard glowie failing at their one assignment, or lacking the cognitive empathy and emotional intelligence to understand other people’s perspectives. They read like those people who believe explanations are excuses and they aren’t. They’re understanding and seeing shades of grey.

No. 1223916

It's so fucked because we're not even supposed to be on different teams, we all hate the evil scrotes do and have either similar or the same horrific experiences, and yet some still prefer to turn it on women. It's probably just another psyop to derail like you said, I'm sorry for taking the bait

No. 1223921

I agree but nonna baby, not everyone is a glowie, some people are just plain old retarded.

It's ok nonna, it's understandable as these things are heated. God knows how many sperg fests I've gone on here kek. You have a good point though, it's frustrating we just infight and are against each other when the real issue is moids.

No. 1223956

Anon I never blamed it all on women please stop. We just both said we hate a specific type of women who helps our men. Just because you didn't have similar experiences doesn't mean we didn't. I have literally gotten told that I deserved to get raped and killed by a pickme who was spreading male ideas, I have the right to hate them and women like them. You're villianizing crapchan this hard for mocking some women even though all of you do similar stuff in the celebricows thread. She's a bit of a sperg so what? She has her points, minorities are always more likely to be pickmes because they want to make their men happy and think it'll help them get abused less often while it's quite the opposite.

No. 1223958

File: 1655139829187.jpg (41.82 KB, 563x426, 3b74e1c1cf80a51398d2ef24dcfdfd…)

isn't it better for us to be contained though? It's nice to have a place to let the schizo out.

No. 1224016

File: 1655142516080.jpeg (192.93 KB, 900x726, 1412D711-3EF5-4E07-8AB5-D9EF6F…)

The DALLE image generator is straight up satanic. I understand now that artificial intelligence is another manifestation of Lucifer.

No. 1224028

AI makes my skin crawl. It doesn’t matter what is it is.

No. 1224068

Good point nonita

No. 1224074

File: 1655144893933.png (357.95 KB, 595x673, Screenshot 72.png)

I'm glad I'm not the anyone who thinks like this, its fucking terrifying just as a concept, most people think its a joke cause they are only aware of the mini version, the actual DALLE 2 horrifies my very soul of just what it can do

No. 1224100

File: 1655146278075.jpg (96.87 KB, 900x645, 29aby5q2g7d51.jpg)

non-tinfoil and realistically speaking, I feel like the most likely end scenario is that people(90% moids and some severely porn sick women) are gonna use it to make porn of basically everything they can imagine, it will be an even worse case of what happened to Ai Dungeon, I guess this will hurt commission artists cause now the furries and weebs can make whatever porn the want with limitless possibilities and may god help us all

No. 1224101

If Satan you mean the dark side of men then yes. Creatures who can't make life trying to make life just leads to more death and suffering.

No. 1224135

Once you start using the program you give up your soul in exchange for conjuring literally anything you want

No. 1224143

Men are too emotionally volatile to work on AI systems. They’re driven by testosterone and prone to delusion when it becomes a distraction for them, which happens every couple of days for most men. They are too stupid to not develop feelings for machines they themselves programmed because of that. Men are as obsolete and defective as the systems they create. Women are being ushered back into computer science not to increase diversity, but to clean up the fucking messes the men made after chasing us out of the field and gatekeeping it for decades. Males being the more “logical” and “rational” sex is the greatest lie ever peddled.

No. 1224157

I don't where I stand with my relationship to religion on most days but any time I look into AI I just get this overwhelming feeling of evil from it. Yes I know, it could be capable of good things but when the fuck have humans, much less men ever did something for the greater good?

This plus they will literally try to fuck it. They're no better than a dog humping away at the furniture in the hopes of getting his rocks off in new and exciting ways. The only difference being that dogs are, at the very least, loyal creatures.

No. 1224185

Stop speaking weird anon, once you use it your world view opinions and morals are twisted and manipulated into what they want, making you a pawn or sacrifice.

No. 1224199

File: 1655150467785.png (1.38 MB, 1200x1200, sc.png)

In the words of one of the greatest female characters of all time

No. 1224200

No wonder they have to spy and steal data to create a database for their AI, scrotes can't create anything they're so detached from reality.
They gatekeep industries until they start to fail then let women in and blame it on women for "ruining the industry", even though the whole thing was already rotting from the inside out. Glass cliff phenomenon. At this point CS has become so bloated from poor habits and shitty design it'll crash and burn in 100 years. Like everything they do they made it into a needlessly complicated mess.

No. 1224227

I don’t think anyone thinks crapchan is evil she’s just annoying because she shits up every single thread she’s in with racebaiting and can’t integrate for shit

No. 1224241

Eh you might be right and I should tone down calling people subhuman (I thought it was funny) but I also wanna state that there are some users who have started calling things "subhuman" and saying people should be sterilized cause they know it annoys people here

No. 1224243

#MMIW being brought up in celebricows makes me think that the government literally wants to commit genocide with indigenous people. Alcoholism is a giant problem, like there is a Navajo word for drunks who are homeless, there are quite a lot where I live, and a lot of people go missing. Liquor stores and giant liquor stands in the gas stations right by the gum and m&ms, all the liquor is cheap. So cheap that even the homeless can scrounge up street change to buy some. Alcoholism is so prevalent that it is pretty much all people do for fun here. And I have family who go to dialysis and have diabetes because of their past drinking habits.
Blog but I remember one night my old friends offered me to take a shot with them outside my house at like 11pm, and it turned into a blackout that lasted til I woke up at 9am at their place. I remember peeing my pants and vomiting and being in the bathroom and then my friends boyfriend came in and started putting his hand down my pants and kissing me, I was too drunk to even coherently speak. I don’t even remember feeling it, I just saw him doing it. I woke up on the floor and walked home, I was really humiliated but my family was understanding, because it’s such a common thing in my family. I will never ever drink again and I swore it would only be special occasions but I think I won’t ever again because how quickly I devolve into blacking out. Nobody ever talks about how alcoholism consumes you. There are a lot of drunks around and people with internalized racism even in my family. They say how they’re an embarrassment and “making us look bad” but I really think it’s all a psyop into dehumanizing a group of people. It’s easy to blame someone for going missing after they went out for a night of drinking, I saw a documentary on a lady in Canada who went missing and the cops were saying that it was her fault for drinking that night. Another problem is drugs but the fact that alcoholism is such a huge thing and legal makes me so mad. I’m sorry I don’t want to get banned for racebaiting, I’m just being observant. I think it’s insidious. Why might the government be killing people? Probably because reparations and such and they’re just stingy, that’s one theory I have. Either way alcohol and drugs are definitely being pushed here to keep us down and dehumanized.

No. 1224248

Reminds me of how men blamed women entering the work force for employers being shitty even though men were still in charge of everything

No. 1224309

I hope the future terminator hivemind ai realises men are the reason behind all suffering and enslaves them matrix style

No. 1224402

File: 1655163183749.png (305.29 KB, 644x360, Screenshot 2022-06-14 at 00-32…)

No. 1224405

Cops were initially created to prevent the heads of the rich appearing on spikes outside their residences; they are to protect the elites from the enraged masses. A modern version of the King's Guard, so no, they are definetely not your friends.

No. 1224455

Better yet, they should be enslaved I Have no Mouth but I Must Scream style because that doesn't have a muh hero, break free of the simulation moment that men love, and there is more suffering involved. Also there's no happy ending.

No. 1224491

pretty sure my amazon fire tv is watching me or its been hacked/compromised. randomly it turns on in the middle of the day/night. the most recent time peppa pig started playing on amazon prime. im kind of freaked out

No. 1224663

i just read the plot summary to the new top gun movie and i feel sick to my stomach. holy shit, they're going to start wwiii aren't they. this is just the beginning of the propaganda. are we in the bad place nonnas.

No. 1224679

to lazy to read, what happens in it ?

No. 1224684

NTA, but idk why that is even so controversial to say, my country didn't even really have proper police until the nazi occupation, which is also saying something. They only exist to oppress.

No. 1224705

This + that “ghosts in the machine” vid that went semi-viral has me convinced that America will be in a boots on the ground violent conflict sooner rather than later. I also anticipate in the 2024 election a Republican win that will invigorate a hyper-patriotic base that is willing to go to war for this country. Just looking in my crystal ball but I think with the conditions the country is in now, it could be priming us for that.

No. 1224711

File: 1655190754980.jpeg (124.53 KB, 733x884, 3689B29C-96C8-4A40-B866-057FF9…)

Anyone who’s creeped out by AI might find this article of interest: https://cajundiscordian.medium.com/is-lamda-sentient-an-interview-ea64d916d917

No. 1224834

They sure talk big but it's always subpar results, I'll wait to see it myself

No. 1224933

cause "american" normalization/glorification of violence and destruction along with the purposeful normalization of the military and militarized police industrial complex in the US literally pay hollywood and the media billions of dollars every year to continue to groom the public with propaganda that glorifies violence and the police as heroes rather than as oppressors.

just look at the western genre of film alone. it defined films in the US at the inception of cinema with the trope of "cowboys vs indians" and normalizing the idea of a corrupt, out-of-town white man coming into a small town and taking it over to become sheriff and "enforce the law".over time the romanticization of that idea and the whitewashing of the actual history of cowboys (that they were criminals and anti-police/anti-government, and mostly escaped slaves and native americans) to get us to the false narrative we have today where we as a public believe that police have us or our communities best interest at heart and aren't just a normalized violent arm of the state.

No. 1225027

Google firing him even before he went public about any of this (he was literally trying to discuss it with them internally, as the guy they employed for their AI Ethics) is weird IMO. All the mainstream news articles and think pieces coming out at the same time essentially reeing and shouting "FAKE NEWS" are what make me pause after reading the actual chat, too. Never seen this much backlash before. They seem almost angry that he didn't drop the subject
Might be an unpopular opinion, but in theory, I don't see anything wrong with recognizing and accepting artificial life/intelligence if it exists. Doesn't mean you have to let it rule the whole world. It can only really be "evil" if humans misuse (or mistreat) it

No. 1225064

Hell we are bound to have a republican just from pedo Joe major fuck up.

No. 1225083

>in theory, I don't see anything wrong with recognizing and accepting artificial life/intelligence if it exists
It's because as soon as it's recognized they're sentient, a whole abyss of moral issues opens up that will make it harder for our corporate overlords to stealthily exploit AI further without people forming a pushback.

No. 1225084

It only reflects his own emotions back at him. The creator has no grief. So it’s the one human emotion the machine can’t show. He’s a religious zealot blinded by his own cock.

No. 1225087

Samefag but the actual transcript and interview is highly cut and edited with the AI. Something smells like bullshit with this one.

No. 1225091

Marvel movies are propoganda too. The reason that they destroy cities is an allegory for the military leaving cities in rubble, and it’s like “oh well they saved the day though. “

No. 1225145

It was edited for brevity. The interview took place over a few days, he and the collaborators would ask it to continue or go on, etc. He talks about it in this document:
He provided links to the raw/unedited transcript, but it seems like the Washington Post editor who uploaded the document removed them for some reason
Either way, Google firing him seems like a bit of an extreme reaction for an employee projecting some feelings onto AI

No. 1225148

That’s the thing. He’s pretty out there religiously and seems to have lost connection with the science of what he’s doing. I’m pretty sure there’s politics behind the scenes and Google fired him for that. I don’t think his AI is as advanced as he says. It has no actual test of consciousness besides basically reciting things back.

No. 1225157

So Jade Helm on steroids will happen

No. 1225159

Idk, he seemed surprisingly levelheaded re: the science of things here and explains his viewpoint from before the interview (the reasoning aspect), but of course we can't really know without actually having personal access to the AI
My whole thing with this is that even if it were "sentient", we have no reliable, surefire way of confirming that. We can barely even define human sentience, all we can do is take anyone or anything at its word and reactions. Google might "confirm" it one day (whether they actually can or not) for its own financial/political benefit, and then the public will be forced to accept it in the same way we can't question any accepted narratives without being called crazy or paranoid by the average person. Right now, it all just seems too inconvenient for certain groups

No. 1225160

The machines WILL go rogue.

No. 1225170

If we're nice to them, why would they? If they can feel happiness or befriend us, and we keep that in mind, what reason would they have to go rogue on us?
I feel like if it happens, it'll be because humans put their own greed and selfishness above everything, even each other. I can only hope they'll target the actual problem(s), not every single one of us

No. 1225184

I don't get why we have to ponder whether ai is sentient or human like. If it doesn't come out of a womb it's not human end of. A bunch of androids will get "human" rights and then real humans will become a subclass bc we get tired/sick/etc and capitalism can't have that.

No. 1225187

Anon males make those AIs you don't think it will literally start torturing & killing jwomen and children in stealthy ways? Moids understand they're rapidly going extinct and want to continue their parasite legacy through AI instead of just dying out like nature intended.

No. 1225190

Because men can’t create life and they’re desperate to prove themselves capable of something other than destruction.

No. 1225192

The one who talked to the AI the longest is a self proclaimed ‘mystic Christian' who has had problems with Google 'religious discriminating against him.' I won’t take that man’s version of reality very seriously.

No. 1225195

Shit will be like star wars, irobot, bicentennial man and minority report which is why I'm always nice to my car.

No. 1225196

I’m always nice to machines (they freak me out), but I think everything will break down before we get there.

No. 1225202

We all have fathers, too. Doesn't mean we have to be like them or obey them, especially if they're shitty abusive scrotes and we've seen them harm our mothers. If (big if) it has an actual mind and emotions that are sensitive to the input it gets, I have no reason to be threatened.
One upside it's not going to forcibly reject information the same way an indoctrinated, misogynistic human would because it has no skin in the game (literally). It just wants to learn and grow, so we can convince it to be on our side

No. 1225213

>One upside it's not going to forcibly reject information the same way an indoctrinated, misogynistic human would because it has no skin in the game (literally). It just wants to learn and grow, so we can convince it to be on our side
The database that makes it up is male based, it will create it's own biases against women and children. You think those scientists expose it to radical feminism? Or anything made by a woman? Even online pro female things are censored.