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File: 1628616736161.jpeg (1.94 MB, 3464x3464, 7065A9D4-F745-40A1-B124-9A090D…)

No. 1297185

Summary: Luna Aquaphine is a 23 year old failed e-whore who always complains about her tiktoks getting taken down. Luna bases her whole personality on imitating washed up meme, Belle Delphine. This includes dancing like a sped, pouring food on her body, creating “beef” with and “roasting” YouTuber Pewdiepie, ahegao facial expressions, and making uwu quirky videos of stale dead memes. Aquaphine is always posting tiktok comments and always acts unbothered when minors make fun of her cringe when she’s really seething. Being on an app filled with minors and children when you’re trying to sell your naked pics online is not a good look. She also claims she’s too smol and is a baked bean so that’s why she can’t enjoy sex. Overall she’s an ugly degenerate who tries to push this uwu gamer girl aesthetic when she looks like a foot.
Notable Links:
Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/lunaaquaphine

No. 1297244

Much too chubby to be a real BD copy.

No. 1297247

File: 1628619332749.jpg (214.48 KB, 1920x1080, groce.jpg)

Crazy that she's 23. Based on the sheer desperation I picked up on in the skinwalker thread, I thought she was for sure closing in on 30.

Potentially a nitpick, but I don't understand why she doesn't clean off her fridge/countertops. Having a clean/clear background would increased the perceived value of her photos significantly.

No. 1297259

She is way too ugly and normy looking to be a famous e-girl

No. 1297266

Sometimes her pictures remind me of Jenny Nicholson

No. 1297306

File: 1628622034061.jpg (84.55 KB, 675x900, illfitting.jpg)

She's just average and her low cheekbones don't help. She doesn't have any stand-out features and her makeup is very meh. I think her eyeliner is too thick to the point of looking tacky/unrefined. If she lost a small amount of weight in her face/arms/stomach, she'd probably be more striking.

No. 1297332

she's so… aesthetically challenged

No. 1297349

She definitely should have re-taken this picture, her face just looks derpy. My guess is, based on the trash in the forefront of the shot, she ran out of milk.

No. 1297355

>>1297349 I acutally think she usually looks worse. I hate those over brightened snow filters so fkn creepy

No. 1297363

I don't disagree; beyond her lifeless eyes in this photo my complaints (nitpicks) lie primarily with the horrible photography/setting. Crap on the counters, bad frame (showing hallway [with laundry basket visible]). It's just so unprofessional. If she's going to try to appeal to the same market as Belle Delphine, she should at least be motivated enough to clean up her surroundings and get the frame right in her photos. She just looks so cheap, I don't know why people would choose this over someone who is doing exactly this, only better.

No. 1297402

Does she have kids? Her stomach looks like it.

No. 1297405

Could be your usual Walmart assistant, if it wasn't for her blue hair.
They don't like those around.

No. 1297505

“Chelji” is that you

No. 1297685

File: 1628663740311.png (76.86 KB, 633x931, Screenshot 2021-08-11 at 02-33…)

>I'm salty b/c everyone points out I'm a ripoff B-B-BUT IT'S NOT JUST ME IT'S ALL E-GIRLS and I heard people hate her for very legitimate reasons not me though, I like her, but some people totally accurately can't stand her

No. 1298272

File: 1628731959167.jpeg (955.78 KB, 740x1634, FD394967-9C69-459A-9015-0314FB…)

No. 1298274

>she’s set for life
top kek she is broke like her fat husband Josh and a washed up meme

No. 1298275

File: 1628732146135.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1242x1627, CD36ED14-3DAC-4E15-B6EF-DD103C…)

That wig is so ratty(sage)

No. 1298277

I mean lets be real she’s one of the few who ended up pretty rich from the onlyfans social media game. I don’t see how she can possibly be broke with how much she was making and how many subscribers she had. Even if only 1/10 stayed she’s still making a lot and she has collabs due to her notoriety. That’s why all these other busted e girls want to live up to that.

No. 1298299

File: 1628734746736.png (920.09 KB, 931x593, kek.png)

Grandma has fallen and can't get up

No. 1298305

File: 1628735479327.png (349.11 KB, 500x500, Danganronpa_1_-_Junko_Enoshima…)

sorry for dangan sperg but i hate when junko costhots make the wig look like a rat's nest, it's supposed to be a bit dramatic but not literally matted (picrel)

No. 1298310

Onlyfan girlies skinwalking belle delphine are a dime a dozen. Cosplaying as a quirky underaged memey gaymur weeaboo e girl is the neckbeard fantasy right now, so it sells. Besides that, it doesnt seem like shes done anything particularly milky? This seems a little vendetta-y.

No. 1298354

It’s not. She’s from the belle skinwalking thread. Anons were talking about giving her her own thread. Someone probably did it.

No. 1298664

>>1298299 what is going on with the thigh and butt area here? It looks so strange.

No. 1298696

Her milk is mostly desperation, lying and exaggeration about her background and medical history, and a potential groomer for being obsessed with tiktok. It probably isn't milky enough for a thread but she's another level of ugly and always one upping how desperate she is that she was filling up the skinwalker thread.

No. 1298698

She blamed her fat on her birth control at one point. Not all the junk food she is constantly shoveling in her mouth in videos.

No. 1298723

File: 1628793855137.jpeg (1.66 MB, 3464x3464, 1626929944320.jpeg)

Worth posting from the other thread

No. 1298740

I'll rather be sticking to the original, thanks.

No. 1298752

no one asked, scrote

No. 1298757



No. 1298765

Ok anachan we see you. I think her body is totally normal but that's her problem - she keeps promoting herself in the xsmall community but she's definitely got weight to lose if that's how she's trying to market herself. Saying she's "xtrasmall" when she has visible weight to lose just doubles the desperate/delusional vibe she exudes

No. 1298768

File: 1628797557181.png (75.74 KB, 624x912, poor-ish-me.png)

She sounds like CreepshowArt with her "I'm just too dumb" schtick. She claims all she wants is financial security (who doesn't?) and then as soon as she has money, blows it all on glass cases for her figurines and games - which she justifies as "needing" for her [YouTube. ig] content - which she also openly complains on Twitter about being completely unsuccessful.

>Even things I don't wanna do

Just get a fucking job. No one made you whore yourself out - you tried to take a shortcut to success and it didn't work. You did this to yourself.

No. 1298777

She acts like you can't get a normal job as a college dropout. Retail exists, Luna. It's about as equally soul sucking but at least the paycheck is more stable than plastering your cooch on the internet forever for some pennies every once in a while. She's just not enough of a looker to survive in the oversaturated online whore market.

No. 1298815

File: 1628803410706.png (25.41 KB, 631x563, Screenshot 2021-08-11 at 04-12…)


I don't think her lack of success is as much about looks as it is her inability to brand herself effectively/complete lack of marketing sense.

>entered into a saturated market with nothing to distinguish herself from the competition but a color

>is trying to double back and make a YT channel to build a following (she definitely should have done this before creating an OnlyFans)
>doesn't know how to market her body (promotes herself as xsmall when she is in fact just average, posts getting removed from "r/biggerthanyouthought" because she is so very average and her ass is not "bigger than you would think"
>complains to the point that her brand is becoming "desperate not-Belle Delphine" (repeated tweets about how her posts on reddit fail, her YT videos fail, her OnlyFans is constantly losing subs)
>Doesn't engage with her followers enough to build a loyal fanbase
>Her top tier on OnlyFans offers "no makeup pics" like anyone even wants to see that (and those pics are already on all of her socials even if anyone was curious)

It seems like she just expected the money to pour in and isn't treating this as a brand/business whatsoever. It's easier to build a following on YT and transition to OF than the other way around. Anticipation fueled by desire is the biggest edge you can have in that industry but she just went coochie out before anyone even asked to see it.

No. 1298857

Jesus I can't even laugh at her, I saw her Belle skinwalking being posted to some other thread before and immediately thought there was something extremely off about her. Her desperation is on the screen with the sloppy makeup, ill-fitting wigs and copying what Belle did to a T but only 4 years too late and no eye for aesthetics or cinematography, with eyes as dead as a rock and the most awkward expressions yet. I hope she finds peace someday and stops degrading herself before she's past the point of no return.

No. 1298875

it’s the same problem other girls like shayna or tana mongeau trap themselves in. their bodies aren’t bad at all. they’re average honestly but they’re dreaming of being tiny with flat stomachs and they’re squeezing themselves into unflattering outfits. that’s when they start to look fat bc they’re forcing rolls on themselves like idiots.

No. 1298903

File: 1628811889595.jpg (113.04 KB, 1080x895, Screenshot_20210812-174249_Twi…)

Boob size complaints = racism

No. 1298907

File: 1628812444562.jpg (271.9 KB, 1080x1489, Screenshot_20210812-175135_Twi…)

Buys new cat on impulse, tosses it outside, it's gone. She's disgusting in more ways than one.

No. 1298911

Fuck this dumbass bitch, she’s too fucking retarded to train an animal so just threw it outside because she’s lazy to clean up after it?

No. 1298914


>the cat didn't even TRY to learn to use the litterbox

>I can't clean up piss and shit every day.

Then why did you get pets???

Then she goes and buys fish basically the next day. In her YT Apt Tour video she talked about how her dog pissed on the wall when she moved in. I really don't understand why she has pets in the first place when she's constantly whinging about being broke - God forbid they need to see the vet at any point.

No. 1298941

alright now i’m starting to suspect that she’s just fucking around. she can’t be that stupid.

No. 1298944

File: 1628815200497.png (14.47 KB, 598x138, ok.png)

In which she pretends to not see how wearing school girl uniforms is pedobaiting

No. 1298955

Don’t care about this person or anyone posted for that matter lol, I fucking loathe when they have to bring animals into it. That poor innocent cat. If the cat is peeing everywhere that’s a horrible sign and I seriously doubt she had the right environment and behavior towards it. Why would you just put a cat outside??? Especially one that clearly isn’t comfortable inside and is stressed out? If for whatever reason a pet of mine got out I wouldn’t be able to rest and wouldn’t be whining on Twitter about it’s behavior, why isn’t she asking about ways to get it back if she’s so clueless? I would say the cat is better off without her but the world is scary. I’m sad.

No. 1298959

that poor fucking cat. i think she might actually be as retarded as she looks. stupid bitch probably never cleaned out the box, so yeah she's gonna piss somewhere else. i hope the cat's okay.

No. 1298964

She already has a cat and 100% did not properly introduce the two. There was some video on her Twitter of her old cat (the one she kept and didn't throw away outside) looking concerned around it. She's awful and I truly hope the cat found a home elsewhere.

No. 1298969

Damn this bitch is hideous.

No. 1299045

>cat pissing everywhere, very abnormal, cats are very clean animals, something amiss here
>She puts it outside (aka abandons it since it hasn't got to know this is "home" yet in a week and has no incentive to return)
>Surprise, the cat fucks off forever

The low IQ is strong with this one

No. 1299310

6 / 10

Would, after three or four beers. Big ones.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1299330

thats generous, no higher than 4 lmao

No. 1299376

she looks musty so it’s no surprise she’s too lazy to litter train or relinquish her cat to someone who cares and knows what the fuck they’re doing.

what a lazy ass piece of shit.

No. 1299405

File: 1628884203436.png (529.89 KB, 598x616, bait.png)

>high school level thot

No. 1299408

File: 1628884357702.png (154.75 KB, 597x570, age.png)

samefag sry

>gets called out for the ageplay re: Junko but suddenly it doesn't matter

Not even into anime but searching "Junko age" on duckduckgo listed her as 17 in the second result

No. 1299410

She's not wrong. The whole age character discussion in cosplay is stupid. Every thot cosplays Junko. She's literally a thot cosplay.

No. 1299427

Not disagreeing, I just don't understand why she'd be captioning her pictures as "high school level" and then act like age is irrelevant when she gets called out

No. 1299460

File: 1628888071287.png (15.25 KB, 1116x264, toppercent.png)

>Top 0.5%

Uh, was that ever true?

No. 1299467

a cat pissing everywhere is literally a sign something is very wrong. It could be a UTI or a kidney stone.
this girl spergs about everything lol, she's way too insecure for this type of work

No. 1299481

File: 1628889964014.jpeg (811.17 KB, 871x1138, EF1B08AC-14C9-4766-9C3D-459515…)

No. 1299483

Literally no one ever fucking said that dumbass. If you’re on the internet your whole life, then everything is considered offensive. Nobody outside of Twitter has a problem with bedroom costumes as long as it’s between adults and not posted online to minors then who tf cares

No. 1299487

I hope her cats claw her eyes out and she goes blind <3

No. 1299490

This bitch’s aesthetic is just ugly white inbred who tries to be a weeb for neckbeard points

No. 1299491

Because in the original Japanese script of Dangan Ronpa each character has a title that begins with "Super High School Level [their personal special skill]", for Junko the title is "Super High School Level Gyaru". In the English localization it's "Ultimate Fashionista" or something. Actual autism to not know this and sperg out about muh agebaiting or whatever.

No. 1299494

>autism to not watch anime
kek ok

No. 1299497

File: 1628891058313.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x1411, 18650302-B580-4277-8429-FA5A16…)

No. 1299499

anon it's autistic of you to know this and sperg out about it

No. 1299503

File: 1628891365339.png (205.35 KB, 262x262, nopedobaithere.png)

No. 1299504

then nasty ass circle lenses are going to make her dumbass blind. Also why doesn't a single one of these thots invest in a good wig? It's your fucking job and you're wearing $15 party city shit. This drove me insane about Belle, too.

No. 1299509

It’s the cheap poorly put-on lashes and Hanes packaged underwear from Walmart for me kek

No. 1299526

Literally nothing can salvage that face. She admitted she's really stupid and had to drop out of university, I'm not surprised she actually looks inbred.

No. 1299533

this bitch is retarded like sorry for dangansperg but if she actually played the game she's cosplaying from, she would know that junko is around 19 because the 78th class stayed locked in the school two years past graduation before the killing game started

No. 1299534

This bitch looks like she'd be taking your order at the drive thru window. Scrote standards are on the floor. At least Belle was cute.

No. 1300063

File: 1628970161988.jpg (203 KB, 1080x1476, Screenshot_20210814-133840_Chr…)

I thought she healed and moved on from her daddy probs. Make up your mind, blue-belle.

No. 1300078

bro I get unreasonably angry when girls try to skin walk belle but cant even do an acceptable ahegao. Makes them look 10 times as desperate please

No. 1300085

If you cant even take care of yourself don’t get a pet you inbred retard

No. 1300098

File: 1628974390004.png (788.53 KB, 1026x686, Screen Shot 2021-08-14 at 4.53…)


why would anyone upload this of themselves

No. 1300118

Nitpick but if you have a pastel wig, your makeup should not be serving widowed woman from the 1940s. Doubly so if your facial features are already severe

No. 1300189

her facial features are the opposite of severe. vampy looks on women with sharp cheekbones etc look great. The problem she has is the opposite, she has a dough face. There is just not a bit of shape or definition to her face at all. No cheekbones, no cheeks, no lips. Everything dough. You can see it clearly here >>1300098 her face is just a blob with absolutely no definition. So yeh the harsh makeup makes her eyes look sunken and her lips look smaller because she looks like she's made out of pizza dough that's been left on the side for 2 days.
Also that video is fucking awful. She is a chonky gorl which doesn't help her look less doughy at all.

No. 1300214

Fucking painful. I figure she thinks this was edgey and funny but its repulsive and sad.

No. 1300275

>watching anime is autism
>discussing weeb thot

Imagine not knowing the fucking source material, thinking watching anime or playing japanese games is "autism", and still coming for a random weeb thot like a fucking vulture. I don't like calling people jealous just because they have a problem with someone, but I don't see how this could be anything else, do you wish you were a belle delphine skinwalker egirl?

No. 1300297

File: 1628996211254.jpeg (1.31 MB, 899x1618, FF48A195-BA08-4D4B-8365-EDF052…)

Lumpy Aquatardine looking like a sack of potatoes

No. 1300300

>ultimate high school whatever
>why do people think im agebaiting

Yeah, totally can't see how a non-weeb would have questions about this. But carry on spergchan

No. 1300307

>watching anime or playing japanese games is "autism"
It is.

No. 1300320

living with autism seems hard. im sorry anon. sending love.
her face is totally flat kek

No. 1300405

This is all just sad

No. 1300415

Why the fuck would you post either of these? I can only imagine it brings the most negative attention baiting like this. This cows lack of respect.

No. 1300561

>that half-ass dab
I really, really hope this is satire, because if she thought these were actual "roasts," I may neck myself. I've seen funnier posts on the Neoboards.

No. 1300574

File: 1629040853519.jpeg (285.15 KB, 1241x1643, 5494D6B2-A85A-42C8-A66B-6DF0B6…)

Her responding to comments is beyond embarrassing jesus christ

No. 1300931

File: 1629086378620.jpg (240.52 KB, 1080x1648, Screenshot_20210815-215545_Twi…)

Same thing on Twitter. She doesn't make her videos for fun by wanting to be a youtuber, she wants attention and when its negative she's pissed.

No. 1300976

>tfw you just wanna make lowbrow content for coomers but your narc brain can't handle any form of negativity

No. 1301020

Wow that's sad. She clearly doesn't have the self confidence or control to be able to put herself in the public eye. She doesn't seem to realize that you have to accept that you can't really control how others perceive your intentions and character and fighting them just makes it worse. I actually feel bad giving her the attention of even looking at her thread, she should just fade into obscurity and get a real job. And preferably go to therapy.

No. 1301186

That's the case with most people on here. What makes abusive to animals Luna Delltard different?

No. 1301210

File: 1629124484972.jpg (376.38 KB, 1865x1845, inCollage_20210816_083103658~3…)

No. 1301221

File: 1629125007435.jpeg (54.94 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpeg)

she looks like cosmo wright

No. 1301242

File: 1629126087639.jpg (62.8 KB, 349x500, 2984625.jpg)

Bitch lookin like a Mighty Bean

No. 1301245

holy shit the delusion lmfaoo, someone get their wine aunt

No. 1301256

KEK. Cute smol baked bean you mean, anon!

No. 1301283

File: 1629128434093.jpg (14.36 KB, 266x148, 4ab0f75d2a8328502c65e42fcc0168…)

No. 1301285

She's got that FAS smooth philtrum

No. 1301385

Ok i take back what i said about her not being that milky. Why do people willingly expose themselves online like this? The cat was obviously under some kind of stress if it was shitting and pissing everywhere and her response was to throw her cat outside and hope it fixes itself? Some pets require more patience and training, why do i feel like she didnt even attempt any training besides throwing it in the litterbox and hoping it works

No. 1301444

File: 1629147546623.jpeg (555.85 KB, 1242x1462, 1B7C0410-492F-4938-BBFD-F57339…)

Guys she has UWU stalkers
I mean tiktok is an app for all ages including children, weird you want to be sexy on there, Luna Aquapedo

No. 1301451

File: 1629148038238.jpeg (35.44 KB, 600x290, hatchet-face[1].jpeg)

>a literal Hatchetface

No. 1301466

File: 1629150308462.jpeg (246.35 KB, 1242x1107, 50A03E0C-ACFC-42B6-BDBC-0E22E4…)

She is insufferable with her attention seeking bullshit lmfao, why does she claim to be a Youtuber when she apparently knows nobody gives a fuck about her.

No. 1301488

Idk about the plurality of it, but she has gone into this on her YT. She does have 1 person who follows her around using multiple accounts and has apparently attempted to get to her through her friends, so there is some credence to that allegation.

Now we've gone from accusing her of pedobait to being ped herself? This thread is getting more ridiculous by the post. She was only funny for her skinwalking, this didn't deserve it's own thread.

No. 1301490

>"slightly sexy"
>in her underwear pulling ahegao faces while she pours and rubs food products over her body
This is what happens to women when they grow up on porn

No. 1301607

File: 1629166808410.jpg (116.8 KB, 828x1792, blatantanimalabuse.jpg)

which one of u did this

No. 1301610

thanks but it's luna's screenshot from her twitter :X(:X)

No. 1301629

File: 1629167671175.jpeg (481.03 KB, 1187x1470, 144D3FEF-42E3-49B8-92DF-2D3897…)

Luna is a fucking cow. I don’t know why Anons say she’s not milky when she gets easily provoked and spergs

No. 1301630

File: 1629167693378.jpeg (251.78 KB, 863x687, 2EA07B51-DEB6-4AB8-A143-8CE18F…)

No. 1301631

File: 1629167789651.jpeg (131.62 KB, 783x416, CEF259BA-D542-484B-871B-C9A746…)

No. 1301632

File: 1629167812949.jpeg (531.38 KB, 1242x1446, 569A9F68-E07F-48C7-A944-732DED…)

>all of them look the same bro idk

No. 1301637

File: 1629168113472.gif (715.1 KB, 160x160, 7643456789003.gif)

>I would never disrespect a cat
>All hot asian dudes look the same

No. 1301639

The fact she said that just screams racist white girl to me… like how are you going to steal/profit from Asian people but say they all look the same?? Like wtf. All races kind of look the same, you dumb shit, how many combinations of a human can there be?!?? Some white people look similar as well. Woke Twitter and Army/kpop Twitter is going to have a field day when they find out she said this kek

No. 1301641

>knew it was a stupid idea to let her out
>still did it anyone

No. 1301650

Whats the point of pointing out her weight. I feel like thats so weird considering majority of you guys are 50 year old 450 lbs men(newfag)

No. 1301651

File: 1629169675565.gif (453.42 KB, 500x227, 951568532225.gif)

No. 1301652

Hey there unsaged newfag, this is a female gossip board. I'm sure there are gross men lurkers, but if you read /ot or /g you'll see it's mostly young women here, scrotes who announce themselves or make themselves obvious get banned.

No. 1301653

>she wanted to be outside
>outside cat

I can't blame the cat for wanting to escape, but surely even a child would know not to let a new pet loose outside in the first week of owning it

No. 1301655

You can train an outdoor cat to be an indoor cat. It just takes time and patience. Cats are pretty low maintenance but some cats can be higher maintenance, sounds like she got a higher maintenance cat. Spend less time larping as an underaged e girl online and go train your cat and fix its behavioral issues. I dont think shes abusive and the cowtipper(if it is one) is a tard. But just accept that it wasnt the smartest idea to let a highly stressed new cat wander free outside and learn from your mistake. If you dont want people to comment on it, dont press "send tweet" its that ez.

No. 1301666

Same! She gets more milky everyday thanks to that sperg habit of hers.

No. 1301671

Whoever cowtipped is a retard. I actually want to watch her sperg dont do this shit she will just go private.

No. 1301719

Gotta love that she's friends with the chick who put up a gofundme for a surgery she thought was botched when she had no ass to start with. These idiots always herd together.

No. 1301726

Actually if you look them up on instagram it's one of those shitty artists who make those edgy plush toys with too many eyes, idk why this random bitch felt the need to cowtip

No. 1301748

Plenty of those types lurk here

No. 1301993

File: 1629220069335.jpg (209.08 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210817-180716_Tik…)

Did she make her own fan page?

No. 1302049

It's exactly the sperging that makes her uninteresting, she's doing it only to gain more fame even if it's not very flattering. That makes me just want to ignore her more. Wouldn't be surprised if she herself was posting all this shit here to stir up shit and get her name out there.

No. 1302080

Lillee jeans influence

No. 1302144

im really surprised no other thots have jumped on her "I'm too retarded to do anything other than this" rhetoric yet. Then again i don't think she has many genuine followers

No. 1303999

File: 1629412168378.jpg (299.26 KB, 1080x1761, Screenshot_20210819-162522_Twi…)

No. 1304003

File: 1629412285806.jpg (150.67 KB, 1080x823, Screenshot_20210819-162822_Twi…)

No. 1304026

today is a fucking gift. Half the cows on this site are on suicide watch. You tried to play the game and failed because youre dumpy and ugly. Get a real job. Literally every fast food place in the country is hiring.

No. 1304055

Because sex work isn't a real job, you dolt. People who lose their real jobs for whatever reason still have skills and qualifications to go elsewhere, but sex workers are at the mercy of the platforms that host their content, their age, scrote standards and other variables. This is why it will never be real work. Seethe, whores.

No. 1304070

File: 1629416266523.jpg (228 KB, 1080x915, Screenshot_20210820_013641.jpg)

No. 1304074

Cringe imagining her trying to pose and look cute while holding the middle finger. Hoes love to be victims so bad and then the next minute say WELL I MAKE SO MUCH MONEY and then OMG YOURE LITERALLY KILLING US

No. 1304144

she looks less dumpy and doughfaced here yet still middle aged, snow filters working overtime kek

No. 1304184

File: 1629427751744.png (8.5 MB, 1242x2208, 8B89A3C6-2417-4D6A-9C98-A527F4…)

No. 1304191

Work somewhere to support your oh so popular youtube channel or be a camgirl on a live site since you're home all day anyway. What is with these thots wanting pity all the time?

No. 1304244

isn't it business 101 to not put all your eggs in one basket? Like, relying solely on OF is dumb as fuck because you're not their employee and they have no loyalty towards you other than paying you what they owe minus their percentage. They can ban you because they don't like your hair if they really want to.
She said her money mainly comes from pay-per-view stuff. You can do that on skype outside of OF and keep 100% of the money. Any smart thot would have been migrating her audience away from things like OF for this very reason. On top of that skype/discord gives a more personal feel and half these scrotes want a girlfriend experience which is why they're giving their money to dumpy thots like moo and luna in the first place.
It's also hard for me to take her seriously when she's such a mess. She has dirt under her nails and blue hair dye on her forehead. Her entire job is about looking like a fantasy and she can't do it. Keeping clean nails is just good hygiene and she cant even manage that. She wants to sit at home all day on the internet and live off male attention, which is fine, but at least put effort into it besides signing up to Onlyfans and reskinning belle delphine: chonk version.

No. 1304267

She looks way better without the liner and lashes! I really hate her Midwest accent though, just adds to her overall ignorant vibe, could’nt get through 5 seconds of any of these videos posted

No. 1304330

She has a filter on for these, anon. Her no eyeliner and lashes look is literally >>1301210

No. 1304332

File: 1629443197324.jpg (320.11 KB, 1080x1764, Screenshot_20210820-010049_Twi…)

Kek. She's going to be checking here daily now guaranteed. She has no life except for that profitable youtube channel and porn.

No. 1304345

I love seeing these twitter whores sperg out whenever onlyfans changes one thing, boohoo
Can't wait for the inevitable hi cow

No. 1304346

only a matter of time before she starts contributing to other threads.

No. 1304356

File: 1629444800548.png (35.65 KB, 745x365, Screenshot (2).png)

Why do cows always respond like this? It's an attempt to seem unbothered but it creates the complete opposite effect, might as well just flat out say you're seething

No. 1304360

Welp.. While you're here babe, the milking started here: >>1281618

No. 1304374

She's just embarrassing herself and is too retarded to know it.

No. 1304380

File: 1629446545460.jpeg (307.49 KB, 1242x721, 0017D1D3-0099-457D-9B28-A8F6FE…)

hi ugly whores

No. 1304383

File: 1629446655852.jpeg (910.35 KB, 3464x2163, 90469AA5-E3A6-4649-B10C-164351…)

and making ahegao faces and looking like a trailer trash delphine is making more than minimum wage???? yeah didn’t think so

No. 1304384

File: 1629446732041.jpeg (622.91 KB, 1242x1715, 2278F87B-03ED-45FE-BEA5-BDE579…)

How tf are we lying about her?? Kek we just said she’s chubby/flabby, ugly, and retarded. Which is all true …

No. 1304389

I am surprised and sad at the amount of bitches above 20 whose whole personality is "quirky fake gamer girl pewdiepie fan that shows tits".

No. 1304390

File: 1629447265256.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1242x1581, D01B2AF2-05D7-42AC-87AF-2FF53D…)

It’s quite embarrassing. Isn’t that something you stop doing at 20?? Like 18-19 year olds are adults but they are still young enough to grow out of the cringy uwu trend. If you’re over 20 and have post ahegao pics and aliexpress bikinis with your lard ass hanging out …..seek mental help

No. 1304391

And they stand a lot to lose with every year they keep revolving their lives around it. Your scrotes won't care anymore and will actively fling vitriol at you the second you hit 25. What will they have in their adult life then? A gamer chair for their cardboard box?

No. 1304398

They waste so much money to fabricate their fake lifes too. Look at how many of them have thousands of anime figurines, merchandise and an RGB gamer PC with a 1k gaming chair and yet none of them ever talk about any hobbies. It's like those people that have thousands of books on display and never read, just pure aesthetics. At least whores like poki pretend to play videogames.

No. 1304482

she should look for a day job

No. 1304492

>normal jobs don’t pay enough
That’s a lot of words for I’m lazy and uneducated.

No. 1304531

"LOL it's free promo!" is such a sad common excuse at not feeling bad. This is not good promotion, fat blue belle. Having all of your retarded antics and sad body in one spot will not earn you more money.(sage)

No. 1304556

If only she watched her cat as diligently

No. 1304586

4chan and the internet has ruined a whole generation of women and men

No. 1304651

File: 1629479789291.jpg (543.04 KB, 1080x1832, aquaretardgirl.jpg)

Yep, confirmed retard.

No. 1304680

File: 1629481055040.png (11.6 KB, 598x98, hAtErsmAkEmEfAmOUs.png)

"All attention is good attention" - tell me you don't have a dad without telling me you don't have a dad.

If OF is sooo important to her YT career, why can't she just do that in addition to a normal job. She'd probably have better content for YT if she just got out of the house once in a while and uploaded one decent 10 minute video to YT a week. I seriously can't imagine that OF takes up so much of her time that she can't afford to get a normal job. She should let it be the SIDE HUSTLE that it is (at best). And getting a YT channel off the ground should not be a full time job. I think it's hilarious that she obviously thinks she's above getting a real job, but doesn't think she's better than selling her butthole on the internet.

No. 1304686

>Haters mean your doing something right
>borderline crying in >>1304184 about of banning porn
>repeatedly says that she doesn't know what she's going to do if they ban porn
>doesn't have any job lined up if it all goes to shit

kek ok luna, whatever helps you sleep at night in that cardboard box of yours!

No. 1304715

File: 1629482735424.jpeg (582.54 KB, 1242x1492, 59ACE2F5-0816-429E-BB2F-651E56…)

>I think it’s all women though
No shit retard this board isn’t promoting you, women don’t buy onlyfans content from ugly whores, that’s what scrotes do

No. 1304716

File: 1629482830207.jpeg (360.58 KB, 1242x882, 78BB74D5-98B5-4E22-85FA-48BB76…)

Forgot to post this. Does she really think she is going to have clout some day?? Give it up fatty you aren’t cute enough and you aren’t a pro gamer

No. 1304888

This is so embarrassing. You shouldn't say this type of stuff with your face attached, lol.

No. 1304915

File: 1629492595414.jpg (278.94 KB, 977x905, 3df727.jpg)

No. 1304927

people treat her like shit bc she’s a flabby skinwalker with a giant ass naruto tattoo on her chest and no prospects. popularity wouldn’t fix that. she should cut her losses, apply for a receptionist job near her, and throw away the two sizes too small clothes.

No. 1304951

You're going to keep getting shit for being a whore for as long as you whore yourself out. People don't respect others who don't respect themselves, and you don't respect yourself enough to get a fucking job. You'd rather make porn of yourself than stand at a register. Yikes, bitch.

No. 1304959

Boo, you whore. What kind of a cope is this. No one is too stupid for a basic entry level job. Almost an insult to people with actual learning disabilities to imply that the only way they can support themselves is prostitution.

No. 1304968

File: 1629496059804.png (5.97 MB, 1242x2208, 8E9D9EE2-26B6-4783-A829-D67B3F…)

She is so ~unbothered uwu~ that she put it on her fucking Instagram story kek

No. 1304970

the fuck is this cursed image lmao
her problem is she thinks this OF stuff is easy, so she does it half assed. She needs good hair, makeup, lighting, body, clothing etc and she has none of that. She wants to do OF for half an hour a day and be done. She's a lazy, fat, spoiled brat. And honestly one of the reason people treat her like shit is because she's unattractive larping at being hot.

No. 1304974

Reminds me of Anisa and her low-effort posts with shitty backgrounds and editing and then wondering why scrotes don’t want to pay for her content

No. 1304976

It’s called living within your means and gaining experience and skills so that you work your way up and never have to struggle again. None of these desperate onlyfans girls know about long term planning, just NEED MONEY MAKE PORN GOT IT

No. 1304983

Kek yeah, advertise the thread so more women who secretly despises you can join in. Good plan.

No. 1304992

File: 1629498286520.jpg (1.39 MB, 971x5419, Screenshot_20210820-152211_Chr…)

She gets so triggered so easily.

No. 1304997

Her reply guys all look the same, lol.

No. 1305322

I agree with her. This is clear fatphobia.

No. 1305554

File: 1629571815298.jpeg (928.98 KB, 1219x1796, 2A0722C2-0E49-4394-AFAA-43B877…)

No. 1305559

Wonder if she has a humiliation fetish because this is just sad and embarrassing to look at

No. 1305563

File: 1629572405008.gif (6.05 MB, 765x960, AEB75967-2850-4AA5-8278-E9E707…)

>my body not yours
thank god it’s not mine

No. 1305565

File: 1629572477076.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x1834, F66DB476-E7D8-4F74-8E2F-AC6F4E…)

This looks disgusting

No. 1305569


"Sex work isn't a real job"

No. 1305572

Bitch really showing her age with this plain ass fucking makeup. She's already ugly she should at least get a decent wing lmao

No. 1305586

File: 1629574827533.jpeg (949.66 KB, 1242x1487, FB99924D-F6EF-4D6C-925A-944003…)

lurked through this bitch’s Twitter. She claims she is uwu too small for sex but has the audacity to call other women’s vaginas “busted”

No. 1305589

File: 1629574872632.jpeg (861.35 KB, 2198x2753, 0F280AAC-5C33-4725-ACD7-C114E4…)

No. 1305594

overprojecting? Its usually the women with outies that keep going on about how innie and uwu they are.

No. 1305615

as the good lord intended

No. 1305616

Better to have a “busted” pussy than a busted face

No. 1305617

lmao turn a few more filters on Luna.
of course, because her pussy is just a little hole, anon. This is like how belle delphine tucked her labia inside her in her porn because labia folds are only an adult thing apparently kek

No. 1305618

File: 1629576737761.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.02 MB, 1143x1852, 1628140556124.jpeg.jpg)

Kek exactly, looking at this she's definitely not the owner of some Barbie smooth pussy. Larger labia are perfectly fine, it's just funny how it's just the way you said. She also claims to be too tight to have sex so yeah, double whammy.

No. 1305641

File: 1629578730260.jpeg (948.32 KB, 1217x1626, 7FFC2281-E105-403F-86D7-FB7FAD…)

Nice nose boogers Michael Jackson kek

No. 1305646

Women who play into the scrote ass "roastie" myth are complete scum

No. 1305653

>>1305618 Yikes, boasting about vaginismus is totes so hot.

No. 1305664

File: 1629581730178.png (193.78 KB, 256x274, Screenshot 2021-08-21 at 17-30…)

Her hair looks awful. She looks better in the wigs anyway, why she doesn't just wear those things while she grows out her natural hair idk. The ends are so ragged.

No. 1305923

"too tight for sex" is the most disgusting pedobait shit. "uwu break my hymen daddy" shit makes me sick
also if you're "too tight" thats either a biological problem or the bitch can't get wet enough. does she not know that the vagina expands when aroused? jfc these ethots make me cringe into the stratosphere

No. 1306056

What does she think she looks like? Shes gotta be delusional to think she actually has a youthful appearance. She looks like a crusty meth mum

No. 1306108

she'll say anything for that sweet, sweet pedo attention

No. 1306217

File: 1629656493502.jpg (282.67 KB, 1080x1896, Screenshot_20210822-121730_Chr…)

"Normal jobs don't pay enough"

No. 1306230

Christ she's fat, why can't she be bothered to take more flattering pictures?

No. 1306249

Shes so man faced. Ive seen mtfs that look daintier.

No. 1306346

File: 1629667031837.png (983.17 KB, 853x480, asexual.png)

I find this incredibly hard to believe

No. 1306401

Involuntary asexual kek

No. 1306465

the makeup looks even worse here, atleast most other thots don't have block brows and middle school tier eyeliner

No. 1307134

File: 1629758911827.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 635.88 KB, 2410x1372, A291BDF1-8E9B-49BD-B70B-F76F79…)

>I dOnT cOpY bElLe i hAvE mY oWn pErSoNaLiTy

No. 1307136

File: 1629759108215.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.96 MB, 3464x3408, A565AB1F-F7CC-400A-8078-6A35BB…)

Maybe, it’s because no one cares or wants to subscribe, autistphine? Kek she got them Shayna tier lunch lady arms. Also is that reddish brown shit on her ass?

No. 1307137

She needs to exercise with a extra large side of eat less or barf more. Dumpy and built like a wet stack of laundry.

No. 1307145

why would you admit so publicly that you are undesirable even to the coomers

No. 1307177

and the funny thing is that neither of them look particularly good here. belle looks like an awkward 12 yr old and she looks like her autistic 35 yr old aunt

No. 1307188

>>1307134 seeing them next to eachother really shows how busted she is. Im starting to pity her ugh

No. 1307222

That’s not an insult to belle pedophine. She is a lanky awkward British bitch with fucked up whoville teeth and a botched nose. She looks good compared to Aquaphine because she was sorta original and had an ounce of clout because of ~muh bath water~. Both of them are washed up internet whores who don’t have fame and people will forget about them. Ffs shitty soundcloud rappers have more clout then these two homely clowns

No. 1307225

File: 1629766862315.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x1884, F70BC659-B122-40D4-A8AB-060D96…)

Wash ur face dude

No. 1307252

the belle thread is leaking its pulltards

No. 1307312

…I'm pretty sure that's shit, there's nothing around her that's brown that she could have smeared on herself

No. 1307314

What the hell even is that It MIGHT BE DOODOO

No. 1307333

File: 1629778396247.jpeg (343.44 KB, 1207x1537, B67F9416-FCE7-4066-BCEA-F3C59B…)

Apparently it was this but it looks like poo

No. 1307334

You’re telling me she got raw meat on her ass and pussy then? She should’ve said it was poop.

No. 1307335

it’s either that or meat she … sat on? Idek

No. 1307336

She’s like that artsy mentally challenged girl who sits next to you at school and you try to ignore her so she doesn’t show you a drawing made from blood or some freak shit. It’s not quirky, it’s just concerning.

No. 1307347

File: 1629780439582.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1242x1801, 646933A6-18C3-45DD-9387-F3E487…)

Lillee Jean looking ass

No. 1307351

File: 1629781223492.jpeg (299.24 KB, 676x669, 72844D11-C300-4C6B-A07A-67BED5…)

How is this even creative or comical? She wants to spend all her time making these cringe videos playing with grimy raw meat?

No. 1307352

File: 1629781258309.jpeg (544.08 KB, 1242x699, 2B06694C-9AC8-4048-BB91-7287CB…)

No. 1307358

Desperately copying Belle's already desperate meat videos from years ago.

No. 1307379

if she doesnt want the belle comparisons, why literally go out and buy the same outfits? Anyway she should have stuck to the cheap wigs. They're marginally better than her real hair.

No. 1307381

File: 1629786766106.png (20.39 KB, 508x210, lol.png)

How much do you guys make on the internet a month? To be fair this figure is probably before she buys her insta/tiktok/yt followers for the month.

No. 1307453

I think she's mildly autistic kek

No. 1307563

Maybe she shouldn't have spent it all on Bernie cutouts, figurines, and tight fitting outfits then. She has that constant need to clapback that's hilarious from someone who looks and sounds like her. Rev up those friers, Luna. I think your thot times are done.

No. 1307695

File: 1629834595025.jpg (895.61 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210824-204846_Tik…)

Her tiktok is so bad she literally uses a filter that makes her look younger and then is like omg uwu guyz im so babyfaced

No. 1307696

File: 1629834636115.jpg (775.15 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210824-205022_Tik…)

Someone buy this woman something high waisted

No. 1307698

She looks like an autistic 30 yo in general, that’s why she needs to specify she’s 23 kek. That aside what the fuck is up with these thots thinking you’re supposed to look like a grandma at early-20s ?? absolutely delusional.

No. 1307700

File: 1629835064898.png (14.1 KB, 598x118, pfffft.png)

Can't forget the literally moldy hamburger buns she had to grind her bottom half onto. This chick is foul.

10k a month, but hard pressed for $100. Lol ok.

No. 1307702

lol the delusion. even with all the heavy filtering she still looks her age, which isn't bad or old but she doesn't look like a preteen like all e-thots seemingly want to

No. 1307820

She's desperate lol(sage)

No. 1307822

File: 1629844069820.jpg (322.68 KB, 1080x921, Screenshot_20210824-152312_Chr…)

No. 1307824

File: 1629844231637.jpg (71.19 KB, 1080x308, Screenshot_20210824-152332_Chr…)

No. 1307876

File: 1629850080205.jpg (34.79 KB, 600x507, 1608504141504.jpg)

Now now, where have we heard that one before?

No. 1307888

File: 1629852281743.jpg (73.33 KB, 1080x432, Screenshot_20210824-183931_Twi…)

Guys. Her doctor is sitting right there! And the doctor said she's healthy and very attractive and we should be joining her fansly!

No. 1307906

She's not fat but she's flabby and untoned like every other danger hair ethot, fridgegirl especially

No. 1307910

Yes because calling other vagina shapes busted in current year is totally a smart business move. All these girls who brag about having a tight innie always just end up having a regular looking outie with a touch of vaginismus

No. 1307926

File: 1629857816208.jpeg (711.13 KB, 1189x776, 7B3988D0-E666-4BFA-863C-8925BC…)

No. 1307928

ok but your job is to be hot, not a healthy weight. No one would give a shit about your body if you worked at McDonalds.

No. 1307929

File: 1629857909951.png (7.63 MB, 2208x1242, 3705FD30-0E70-4FC2-816D-69EE15…)

so quirky and not like other e-thots, she’s funny and likes memes uwu

No. 1307935

God I just noticed those stupid fucking blue knives.. probably just cheap amazon crap too

No. 1307942

File: 1629859669445.jpg (76.82 KB, 470x369, yum.jpg)

No. 1307952

Judging by the food visible in this, it explains her being chunky. That's really depressing. Even if it's for the lolz and meant to be gross, this is such a low point. Doing this for views is just really pitiful and deranged.

No. 1307960

is that mold?

No. 1308033

I wouldn't put it past her to have created her own thread just for clout or at least bumping it with replies. She seems to be absolutely desperate for attention, negative or positive. It's an age-old tactic for fame too, Jessica Nigri did this in /cgl/.

It's sad because she's obviously biting off Belle's shtick while being around 5 years too late with it and it has been deemed both cringey and problematic multiple times over when done by Belle herself. It's not working anyone except maybe on Pakistani and Indian dudes who will simp for anything on Instagram.

Yeah she's by no means fat or overweight or even chubby, but she's definitely wearing ill-fitting clothes that make her look bigger than her size and don't compliment her untoned figure at all. I guess it's an aesthetic for some but because she's trying to skinwalk Belle who was (despite all the anachan salt) very thin and petite for her height it looks grotesque in comparison.

Anyway can't be too mad at her because she's mainly getting ratio'd by haters and her meltdowns over it are almost daily, plus she's obviously mentally ill and needs professional intervention. What genuinely pissed me off was >>1305586 , if she tries to make "lol I'll just hate other women and be vulgar about it" her thing she's not going to survive for long. It's not 2014 anymore.

No. 1308098

Thats the thing, she's not even really fat she's just average. But she plays up this UwU tiny little baby can u believe I'm 23? Bean pussy bullshit so it just comes across as pathetic. I can't wait til she figures out how to shoop, its gonna be so warped

No. 1308106

Sorry fattychans, she's fat.

No. 1308154

File: 1629897040823.jpg (156.4 KB, 675x1200, EpUJidzXIAEafpy.jpg)

She's as fat as the average girl who lives an average shit tier urban 95% online life. The shitty diet and utter lack of even basic exercise is showing. She probably stays at a "healthy" BMI by eating nothing because she's fucked her metabolism hard trying to starve herself into a smol uwu egirl figure (but failing and becoming this instead). It's a tale as old as time, she one of the millions of dumbasses who just can't take care of herself properly.

No. 1308163

yeah idk why other anons are dancing around it, she has no problem shitting on women for something they can't control >>1305586 so pointing out that she's fat (which is controllable) is fair game

No. 1308171

Because she's a shitty pickme she has to be fat too? Are you scrotes or neurotic ana-chans? Go back to your containment thread.

No. 1308208

Just because it's "average" in America doesn't make her less fat, deal with it.

No. 1308253

kek whats with all the ana-chans in this thread? she's clearly not fat. inb4 hi cow

No. 1308256

she has a gut, so she's chubby. it's visible that she eats processed food and never moves her muscles. you'd think her arms would be worked out from her putting chips in her mouth all day

No. 1308277

Can the pro ana scumbags gtfo. She's average, she's not fat but she's obviously not the definition of skinny either. Guess what everyone has a gut, it's naturally there and shows when in certain positions, get over it. It doesn't help she doesn't wear the right colors for herself or the right size. All I have to say is she will actually be fat in 1 or 2 years if she continues to eat poorly and refuses to workout. (sage for nothing new.)

No. 1308281

"In America" where tf are you from you anorexic pleb

No. 1308282

eat another burger anon, It'll be ok.

No. 1308292

Amerifats really are deluded.
We woke up the bellyrollschan(derailing)

No. 1308293

Please don't cry if you ever decide to visit some other country and they laugh behind your backrolls and call you fat.

No. 1308297

everyone calm down she's skinnyfat

No. 1308314

She’s probably “normal weight” like the doctor said but you know she wishes she was super skinny and petite like her idol Belle and whatever other pedo pandering hoes. I just don’t see the appeal when she looks so….average and nothing about her face or body stands out as appealing.

No. 1308326

>>1308154 agreed, she looks like on the higher healthy side of normal bmi but the problem lies in having little muscle tissue and instead just fat weight.
source: sadly i used to look like this lmao, pretty much exactly

No. 1308349

God why the fuck does every thread in /snow/ devolve to calling the cow fat. You do know that being just average and not fit is an option, right? And that there are plenty of other things about her to pick apart besides her weight? And that you can be a cow without being fat? Fat and being a bad person isn't synonymous. Bone-rattling should be a bannable offense.

No. 1308359

Don’t get me wrong she’s100% not fat. But shes portrays herself as this tiny little teen uwu gamer girl, and in reality she has a very average body for a women her age it’s just super obvious how insecure she is. Don’t sell yourself as some petite super young looking women when it’s clear that you’re not.

No. 1308367

>>1308349 When you're selling pictures of your flabby body I think its relevant.

No. 1308371

Dear lord this bitch should have stayed in the skinwalkers thread, she’s no different then any other of the millions of belle wannabes, the nitpicks and newfags who don’t know how to sage are worse then any Shay thread

No. 1308392

The funny thing is belle isn’t even petite she’s a freakish tall british girl with whoville teeth. she photoshops her chest to make her non existent boobs even flatter. I don’t get why all the chubby Anons are reeeing in the thread. I’m not skinny, I’m a little flabby but I’m not overweight and I’m not triggered over Aquatard being called fat. She thinks she’s petite and uwu kawaii but she’s not….

No. 1308394

>I’m not skinny, I’m a little flabby but I’m not overweight and I’m not triggered over Aquatard being called fat.
Yes, I think it's obvious to everyone who isn't a newfag that the anons calling cows fat all the time are coping with their own flabbyness or obesity.

No. 1308410

>>1308392 not you acting like 170 cm is freakishly tall. Its slightly above average.

No. 1308415

Sounds like Taylor Dean
“Doctors sitting right here telling me”

No. 1308438

170cm is freakishly tall for women who sell their shit pretending to be small, specifically small like as in jailbait-looking teeny boppy.
This. She's flabby and unkempt for a supposed e-girl who's supposed to be about that aesthetic and harmonize with whatever tacky shit she puts on.

No. 1308600

File: 1629936141003.jpeg (370.81 KB, 1242x2208, 67F26228-CF68-4221-B900-D55FBE…)

enough about whether she’s fat or not, she is in fact ugly

No. 1308609

Nobody cares about what a crooked tooth Brit thinks. You barely have any hygiene over there and when you do you chose not to use it.
You could chose so many things to say about this ugly troll, but chose to say things that aren't true or over nitpicking.

No. 1308614

nta but
>assuming everyone who’s not an american is a brit
classic amerifag

No. 1308625

>>1308600 finally something we can all agree on.

No. 1308648

>>1308614 no one cares pro-ana scum go back to ur regular thread(sage your shit)

No. 1308706

how many times are you going to call her british and bring up her whoville teeth in this thread anon kek. 5'6/5'7 isn't tall enough to fuck up her charade tbh. like you can kind of manipulate it in photos. when her stubby tubby bf tried picking her up though while they fucked, that was when you could see it.

No. 1308717

aquaphine looks more british than belle does tbh

No. 1308749

This egirl style doesn’t work on most people to begin with. She’s so plain looking and gaudy it’s sorta sad I kinda pity her but then there is >>1305586

No. 1308767

File: 1629960194277.jpg (223.11 KB, 1074x1164, Screenshot_20210826-004156_Twi…)

No. 1308772

She needs to get off the internet asap. I’ve never seen another egirl this butthurt before. How r u gonna have enough confidence to display your pussy online but not enough to handle a few dislikes? Pathetic

No. 1308801

she's south African you retard. Burgers sure love to dunk on Europeans teeth like we're not all aware you guys cant even afford dental and have to let your teeth rot out your head.

No. 1308806

disliking the videos of you wiping raw burger meat on your ass isn't "weaponizing" it.
Also can the amerifat pullfags that can't stop sperging over belle being british/tall fuck off? you have a belle containment thread to seethe in that you will never be a skinny anime girl. Use it.

No. 1308826

Oh poor Aqua, her videos are such masterpieces they deserve to be on a museum. Those dumb dumb haters just hate true art. Man, she's super unhinged. She's not even "famous" she only gets like 10 likes per post but she's already suffering from le evil haterzzz.

No. 1308923

She takes criticism as well as Lori KEK everyone knows something is up when they see the like and dislike are disabled. She's such a weakling but wants so badly to be the unbothered meme queen. Or is it that she doesn't want to be called fat?

No. 1308934

File: 1629990861394.jpg (214.07 KB, 1080x1294, Screenshot_20210826-091051_You…)

The unbothered meme queen.

No. 1308944

File: 1629992425077.png (15.13 KB, 598x138, kek.png)

The unbothered meme queen

No. 1308945

File: 1629992603731.png (17.18 KB, 598x158, notbovvered.png)

No. 1308954

I cant wait for the upcoming breakdown over da haturz. Cant believe it haven't happened already being this sensitive.

No. 1308976

lol just get a job.

No. 1309002

File: 1629997211953.jpg (239.75 KB, 1080x1525, Screenshot_20210826-105527_Twi…)

This girl has more gut than butt and sad puffy nipple small tits. There's literally nothing appealing about her even for a degenerate. Come on, Luna. Get a real job before age and time makes that sad bod look worse.

No. 1309010

File: 1629997487744.jpg (88.01 KB, 1080x549, Screenshot_20210826-110207_Twi…)

Right. That's why you've been sperging about needing the site to change their mind and being a wreck from stress.

No. 1309013

>I hope anti-porn people feel bad! I was suicidal about Onlyfans not allowing me to post my porns!
but also-
>>Onlyfans is dying anyway! Ha ha, they are trying so hard to get us back.
You just admitted you were thinking about ending you're life because of the changes though??

No. 1309018

File: 1629998303932.jpg (305.43 KB, 1080x1843, Screenshot_20210826-111352_You…)

No. 1309033

It's really sad the insecurity isn't a schtick or character. She genuinely lets on she hasn't given her life meaning or has tried to seek some out. How depressing

No. 1309088

File: 1630002205504.jpeg (315.98 KB, 1242x1048, 7CAFE21D-5539-42C7-86F4-81A8CD…)

gross this isn’t a flex. men pay fatties to shove food down their throats….

No. 1309090

File: 1630002244739.jpeg (592.06 KB, 1242x1333, FE20C23A-0C8F-4B7E-8F77-EAC9FB…)


No. 1309093

File: 1630002430731.jpeg (399.2 KB, 836x683, 64A17893-56B9-4D33-BEFF-6DCA42…)

In aquatards new video she looks like she’s about to cry kek

No. 1309100

>>Onlyfans breaks it off with sex workers
>>Sex workers go nuts, are suicidal, angry and feel betrayed.
>>Onlyfans gets back togeather with sex workers.
>>Sexworkers run back to onlyfans, but demand reparations
>>Onlyfans doesn't care because you came back like they wanted you too, will probably fuck you over again & again.
What do they expect?

No. 1309221

File: 1630013128473.jpg (601.72 KB, 1080x2191, Screenshot_20210826-142129_You…)

People who don't feel sorry for her are "haters" lol

No. 1309257

She got that bootydo. Why can't e-girls ever work out before forcing their bodies in everyone's faces?

No. 1309262

File: 1630016382504.jpg (116.75 KB, 909x594, hfdhgfd.jpg)

The grime under her nails makes me want to die

No. 1309263

Normal jobs don't pay enough to cover spending hundreds (thousands?) on costumes and anime figures, but they do cover rent (lol), food and bills for a single person. She's literally whoring herself out for weeb shit because she refuses to get a "normal" job and live within her means.

No. 1309264

File: 1630016532811.png (663.2 KB, 853x480, gotuhaters.png)

No. 1309267

Kek that she goes on about existing "creators" leaving the platform therefore OF will die, as if aspiring e-thots aren't turning 18 every day.

No. 1309271

sad she couldn't afford to get the nose and teeth fixed before her OF went under

No. 1309282

File: 1630017634442.png (935.5 KB, 853x480, PourYourselfACupofAmbition.png)

>SoME pEoPLe CaNt HAnDLe a 9-5 JoB

Maybe you can't handle a 9-5 job because you don't want to face new co-workers after trying to make a living selling butthole pics on the internet lol. As long as she stays out of the general labor force, she can allow herself to feel superior to people who have to punch a clock. She can't handle the fact that she's going to end up with the same kind of job as everyone else, except with the humiliating negative of "failed e-whore" on her resume.

No. 1309294

Prostitution is literally doing sex acts in exchange for money. I don't understand how these e-thots have no problem being called a slut, whore etc. but prostitute is like kryptonite to them kek

No. 1309503

she literally looks like if shuwu and belle had a child

No. 1309517

>>1309503 she literally looks nothing like belle lol, she just took her eye makeup nothing else.

No. 1309550

did she stick tissue paper to the tiles? lmao

No. 1309679

Looks like a cheapo backdrop she couldn't be bothered to iron the creases out of. Earns 10k though remember?

No. 1309702

Sage your triggered sperg

No. 1310087

She looks like a troon kek

No. 1310972

No. 1311193

File: 1630253559773.jpg (257.92 KB, 1080x1393, Screenshot_20210829-101006_Chr…)


No. 1311197

File: 1630253663444.jpeg (466.27 KB, 717x1885, 6D722D7E-3979-43BB-8BFA-4AC514…)

Four words: get a real job

No. 1311200

Sage retard

No. 1311252

Shaped like an absolute brick, even with the waist edit and pulled up thong. It's always unfortunate when women are shaped like troons and are allergic to dressing for their body type.
>social media is fucking me left and right
Ah yes, massive corporations targeting the butter teeth bargain bin Delphine. They hate to let a woman shine. These faildaughters will never accept the real reasons for their failures and backlash. Kek.

No. 1311791

File: 1630339788219.jpeg (293.13 KB, 717x1022, 4E22853C-3CEA-45DB-BEE3-8C6A5E…)

she wishes she could look like this(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1311831

god can we put an end to the artanons before they keep doing this shit….. this is awful and unneeded… also sage your shit. this thread is honestly worse than shaynas with the obvious ewhore cope and pullfag bellespergs.

No. 1311882

>>1311791 i love the art-anons

No. 1313465

File: 1630532226613.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.55 MB, 1100x1784, C2317757-09DD-4F76-BAC9-CE0F3E…)

No. 1313481

she should try some of that cream >>1305586

No. 1313488

Love that she remarks about busted pussies but the men she tries pandering to would also consider her a nasty roastie.

No. 1313734

File: 1630563536082.png (1.62 MB, 1274x2048, Screenshot_20210902-011453.png)

Thought that looked famliar……(sage your shit)

No. 1313947

I don't even follow this thread but this is pure vomit. Anyone who gives her money is a real moron.

No. 1314082

File: 1630604674215.jpg (205.17 KB, 1080x1050, Screenshot_20210902-110307_Twi…)

Sure Jan.

No. 1314240

File: 1630617507412.jpg (247.53 KB, 1080x1711, Screenshot_20210902-151347_Twi…)

Even doing the signature pose that makes flat butt girls look like they have more ass doesn't help her.

No. 1314255

that is the flattest ass i've seen, like… ever. she's such a joke.

No. 1314327

A moment of silence. This is the worst butt posted to this board, ever. This blob needs to exercise, like yesterday.

No. 1314339

And I thought Shayna had the worst vagina on lolcow. I don't want to sound like a scrote because there's nothing inherently ugly about outies, but hers looks like a shriveled up dong.

No. 1314340

Ew she doesn't use gloves to dye her hair look at those fingernails! What at grot

No. 1314383

I was thinking Squidward's nose.
No need to have sympathy for a bitch who takes pride in blasting others.

No. 1314803

Since she wants to roast outies, she deserves to be roasted as an outie. Get what you give.

No. 1315007

File: 1630700492027.png (57.11 KB, 599x463, Screenshot 2021-09-03 at 16-20…)

roasts outies
>has outie
talks about her big ass constantly
>has small ass
talks about being smol bean
>is flabby and has gut
complains about being compared to belle delphine, saying she's NOT biting her gimmick
>wears exact same outfits
tweets constantly about clout-chasers
>makes unfunny pewdiepie video to siphon views based on name recognition
complains about known creators ignoring smaller creators
>has 10k subs, has never done a collab

tf is this retard on

No. 1315417

the fucking stains on her panties… you'd think with the amount of editing she took the time to add to her horse face she would have noticed that her underwear has the outlines of old period stains and airbrushed them out. disgusting.

No. 1315916

File: 1630797302081.jpg (201.89 KB, 1080x1237, Screenshot_20210904-171254_Twi…)

Wonder if they include stains too

No. 1315928

yeah thats against OF policy so I hope she gets banned I would love to see that sperg out

No. 1315940

File: 1630799074957.jpg (Spoiler Image, 438.4 KB, 2048x2048, f1ckgvp5l3p61.jpg)

I have never wanted to bully someone this much

No. 1315955

She looks like marge here

No. 1316048

You ruined your own life when you posted your vagina on the internet

No. 1316143

I can't help but keep imagining how sad and lonely and empty this girl's life is. She doesn't even have anyone to take photos of her. She appears to have no real friends, only low-tier orbiters and other e-thots who keep her at a cordial arm's length. She admits she has no other ideas to make money and no potential or talent in life. I just imagine her carefully taking the time to apply makeup with her mediocre skills and getting into cosplay or cheap jfashion, putting an AliExpress wig on her head, glancing at reference photos of Belle Delphine pulled up on her phone so she can be sure that she gets it just right. Propping her iphone/camera up on some object and setting it on timer mode before rushing to her chosen spot before the shutter goes off. All alone, nobody around, walking back and forth behind her camera and in front of it. Taking photos of herself, lips pursed and eyes wide in an attempt to look cute, her body contorted in uncomfortable and unnatural poses, hundreds of shots she can go through later so she can find some passable ones to edit. The silence that permeates her bedroom as she sits in the dark, lit up by her computer screen, scrolling through various filters, trying to make herself look more the way she imagines she should. Refreshing her social media feeds over and over, hoping her posts will eventually reach triple digits. Every now and then, something in the back of her head whispers to her and says something is wrong, that she's deeply unhappy, but she pushes it away, because acknowledging it and accepting how empty her life is would be too much to bear emotionally.

It's just so fucking grim. My heart squeezes when I think about it. Not in sympathy, but pity and despair. I am very grateful that my life is not like hers.

No. 1316173

She’s ugly as fuck. Goddamn. Her vagina looks like a roid shrunken cock
Is this supposed to be a joke? Cos she really looks like your average McDonald’s worker In the uk from the dingiest corners of Liverpool.
Good lord. She is so fucking ugly it’s unfathomable.(sage your shit)

No. 1316175

If only belle delphine was this honest with herself kek.

No. 1316210

She's mentioned she has a roommate. The run away cat pissed on their keyboard. She has some shoots with another girl you can assume is her friend. There is some content of her getting fucked by some guy who could be her boyfriend she doesn't mention for cuckbucks, or he's some random dick she wanted. All of these thots suffer from some type of depression and thats where buying all the useless shit comes from. She can get help, make new friends, make better choices, and work somewhere. She's just lazy and autistic. Go write a sob story novel somewhere else.

No. 1316243

Yeah this. It's depressing and I'm forever grateful I never went down this route. I can't hate her because so many girls are memed into believing that Belle Delphine is actually a business genius and that her creating kidnapping "IRL loli" ageplay porn is empowering. It was said in another thread but Luna could have a better career lampooning e-thots because she can actually make genuinely funny self-deprecating observations, but she's hellbent on becoming the next big e-girl pornstar unironically. People like Luna are a living example of what no close, genuine female friends and peers does to a bitch.

No. 1316263

This. You can find her pathetic like >>1316243 said while also finding her situation horrifying and pitiful. It's clear she's lonely and totally lost in life and that 90% of her stuff is shot and edited solo.

No. 1316408

People are really feeling sorry for this bitch? The one who perpetuates harmful stereotypes about female anatomy to scrotes? Some of you act like Onlyfans thots are sex trafficking victims. The reason young women are getting into it is because of women like her presenting it as the easiest and quickest way to make a buck.

No. 1316417

>The one who perpetuates harmful stereotypes about female anatomy to scrotes?
>She says while half of recent replies are nitpicking her pussy lips

No. 1316497

Men aren't getting their rocks off to lolcow threads, special one. And no one here says that vaginas get "loose" and turn into roast beef after sex with multiple partners. Saying she has a fugly pussy isn't perpetuating a stereotype. It is a fact.

No. 1316700

Nobody said they felt sorry for her, you illiterate retard. We all think she's pathetic and pitiful.

No. 1316709

Her tattoo is so fucking bad I bet she regrets it every day

No. 1316866

People are out here writing novels about their "hearts squeezing" for her, but whatever helps you sleep at night. Something tells me you identify with this dollar whore in some way. Couldn't be me

No. 1316898

We get it, nonny, you hate her. And if you knew how to read, you'd see that so does every other anon in this thread. Nobody disagrees with you and you are getting defensive over literally nothing. Again, finding her pathetic and finding her pitiful do not have to be mutually exclusive concepts.

No. 1316989

What the fuck is that shoop? Is she feeling insecure about her bean shaped head and unfortunate mug now? I suppose it's better than her just posting raws, less offensive to the eyes

No. 1317218

File: 1630950988098.jpg (256.14 KB, 1080x1744, Screenshot_20210906-115441_Twi…)

She made this account in an attempt to get verified. Nobody cares enough about this sad bitch to make an account pretending to be her.

No. 1317246

It's fair game since she likes so much to make fun of "outies" for crubles of male attention

No. 1318230

File: 1631050936091.jpg (879.85 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210907-224143_Tik…)

I don't think its possible to get a good angle of this bitch. She's got an inbred face and a fridge body

No. 1318249

she looks so Hungarian she has the face of every Hungarian person she also resembles margo

No. 1318290

oh my god anon thank you. I've been going crazy trying to figure out who she reminds me of

No. 1318505

god i fucking hate these bitches ''gamergirl'' my ass, this is why everyone makes fun of girls that actually play videogames. Also there is nothing more pathetic than trying to appeal to gamers, yuck. i have more respect for girls that work out and try to appeal to gymbros.

No. 1319117

File: 1631135455411.jpg (126.34 KB, 751x1230, Screenshot_20210908-150237_Chr…)

Why won't she buy clothes that fit her? Unless bloated cheerleader was what she was going for.

No. 1319124

>>1319117 oh no this hurts me physically. Atleast do what the other chubby egirls do and put it on the waist not under ffs

No. 1319278

File: 1631145626982.jpg (380.33 KB, 1071x1301, Screenshot_20210909-010048_Sam…)

I know I look underage, but I swear I'm an adult UwU(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1319289

File: 1631146032543.jpeg (967.97 KB, 1242x1817, 3B6B30C4-0D98-4E82-BCE4-A0E6E9…)

She looks so fat and retarded. She doesn’t even look like an egirl she looks like a tacky middle aged lady you’d see buying wine at 8:30 pm. Also she made another video callng herself an egirl and putting a pic of belle dolphin in the thumbnail for more views

No. 1319292

File: 1631146192156.png (Spoiler Image, 9.63 MB, 1242x2208, 63849CAD-B64B-4D44-BF71-2C80B9…)

Shawty got them Hank Hill buttcheeks

No. 1319313

if she’s going to overuse the colour blue can she at least stick to complimenting shades in her outfits? 3 different tones of blue aint it (yes im nitpicking but it could make her photos look at least a LITTLE better)(sage your nitpick)

No. 1319413

Why is her lower back all dark and blurry, lol? It looks like she has a tramp stamp she tried to photoshop out

No. 1319437

It's her head casting the shadow onto her lower back. The light source looks to be off to the left.

No. 1319449

How disgusting is she without all the insane blur? It's so bad. She's like Lori with this delusional editing.

No. 1319454

Ohhhhh ok I see it now thanks anon

No. 1319544

I thought I was on the MtF thread for a second

No. 1320227

File: 1631233166469.jpg (216.29 KB, 1080x1014, Screenshot_20210909-181742_Twi…)

More clout chasing I see.

No. 1320446

Everything bellle does, she does. It’s creepy. Even messing around with fake guns.

No. 1320590

She fails at everything she tries. Belle did everything and anything Belle didn't do has been done by girls way prettier and smaller than she is on better backdrops. She must be really sad and desperate for that celebrity/influencer interaction. Shes basically begging him to like and rt. Aren't all his fans like little kids too? He makes music for kids scared of going into highschool. What does this roly poly looking mid 20's whore have in common with wholesome children listening to cringe YouTube music and playing with blocks? Why can't she just vie for the attention of musicians or creators who make stuff for adults? Unless she's trying to be like Belle and Moo and stay in circles where children are so they buy her porn. This is really dark and gross but I think legitimately the only people who would pay her money for the porn are kids and tweens who found her through her interests and belle skinwalking. No grown adult would pay money to see her do anything. You can go out on the street and find 1000s of people with fridge skinny fat bodies, no ass or tits and throw them in some Goodwill Hooker chic. Swear to God she is the dumpiest wannabe ethot to ever exist. Hope one day we get a candid because I KNOW the bitch is even WORSE unedited in her natural state. She never bathes.

No. 1320597

File: 1631288637603.png (1.44 MB, 1124x2048, Screenshot_20210910-083645.png)

The gunt tuck and the face. Her TikTok is a nightmare, fuck you anon who told us to go look. Also the fact she can't even move her hips side to side? How hard is it to sway on beat? That hard?

No. 1320612

File: 1631289401260.jpeg (120.22 KB, 502x670, 4E895B05-2ED6-4FD5-A91B-2D0D67…)

She is scary looking

No. 1320615

File: 1631289491034.jpeg (377.86 KB, 1242x1215, CE27358D-C49F-495F-AFC9-C7312E…)

this is embarrassing shouldn’t this be a sign you’re not cut out to be a ~uwu famous gamer girl ethot / YouTuber~ you aren’t original or funny all your videos consist of is you trying to be belle delphine or complaining in a monotone voice

No. 1320617

File: 1631289530128.jpeg (426.41 KB, 1536x2048, F03923E9-917D-4E23-93B1-BD90C7…)


No. 1320626

I always get such secondhand embarrassment seeing girls do stupid faces and poses like this to try to be quirky and sexy, just thinking of doing that makes me shudder.

No. 1320694

The voice specifically. She has no hope at YouTube with it. The person who dubbed her gale the snail in the costhot thread nailed it.

No. 1320779

>Idk why I'm not getting clout im like hot af and funny too. Bs
Her comedy: >>1320617
God it's so annoying seeing her complain. Get off the internet for a while so you can mold your own personality and find a style that actually suits you. Maybe try working part time while you're at it, then when you're mentally stable enough, try getting popular online again. And if it doesn't work out the third time then maybe you're just not cut out to be some e-celeb, you fucking idiot. Get over it.

No. 1320792

File: 1631301431104.png (8.08 MB, 2208x1242, 09875E87-13FE-4474-8F93-09EB83…)

Kek in her latest video she says e-girls get hate because they’re uwu pretty, or they’re women, or they breathe air. Yup that’s totally why we dislike you Luna Aquarium. It’s not because you are rude, unlikable, pan handling, and body shame other women’s vaginas. Go fuck your self.

No. 1320803

idk get off the internet and you’ve got nothing to worry about… ducking embarrassing to see young people want to be online because why?

No. 1320820

is she seriously doing the tide pods thing in 20-fucking-21? maybe she really does have FAS kek

No. 1320834

File: 1631304155082.png (9.61 MB, 1242x2208, D36AB957-51B7-44ED-96E1-268339…)

No. 1320836

Body shame?
Lol she is in no position to body shame other women

No. 1320837

kek. She got very bothered by the call out about her negligence with her cat that ran away. Seethe on, AquaBelle

No. 1320839

File: 1631304231311.jpeg (612.6 KB, 1242x666, 5BEB3D6E-88A7-4884-8EED-0D0193…)

The projection is hilarious. I made this edit that shows her tweets that contradict what she’s saying in her dumbass YouTube video. Enjoy nonnies. Kek at her saying people who hate on her in threads (us) are jealous because she’s making more money and we are miserable.

No. 1320842

Her tits are hilarious for her waist and gut size.

No. 1320862

Every time I pass by this thread this girl is wearing these same busted jean shorts. Where's the line between e girl and white trash?

No. 1320866

Belle did it right before she disappeared again too, I guess it’s supposed to be ironic but coming from this nobody it’s pointless and lame

No. 1320892

Her cadence reminds me of Onision

No. 1320926

It's not a line, it's more like a vendiagram with one circle

No. 1320939

Can’t unhear that, it’s uncanny

No. 1320982

People working 9-5s typically make more than $11 an hour and also tend to have benefits and retirement plans, something Onlyfans will never give you. She is so sheltered and stupid. The faux-authoritative, snarky Onision voice is just ironic icing on the cake.

No. 1321008

Same weird ass teeth as Lori in this pic

No. 1321119

File: 1631347968235.png (175.32 KB, 1348x684, Screenshot 2021-09-11 at 1.12.…)

I'm honestly not sure if it's meant to be ironic lmao

No. 1321289

File: 1631379601112.jpeg (560.75 KB, 1105x651, 14D9C060-AC4B-4330-8126-D1DBC1…)

No. 1321293

I don’t understand this pic

No. 1321295

How/when did she ‘roast’ Pewdiepie (referring to summary) new to this cow. Sorry

No. 1321301

>>1321289 why is her dad in on this

No. 1321302

No. 1321324

File: 1631382601017.jpeg (1.52 MB, 3464x3464, BE22C4FB-FB69-401F-9D99-976187…)

Ugliest e girl on the internet

No. 1321357

Wdym? Dad?

No. 1321713

File: 1631423546510.jpeg (296.24 KB, 1085x1815, E2FF927E-404D-497E-9888-120AA1…)

just get off the app retard

No. 1321746

File: 1631427035225.jpeg (327.07 KB, 1242x2208, 2EEB38D3-57CE-40EA-9134-CD099A…)

She shaped like a block of cheese

No. 1321780

She acts like being taken down for "minor safety" is because it thinks she is a minor. Tiktok has figured out her links are for porn. Porn she is shoving in minor's faces. Is peddling porn on tiktok really that profitable?

No. 1321784

File: 1631432382621.jpg (199.11 KB, 1080x1627, Screenshot_20210912-013240_Chr…)

Look who is playing with dead things exactly like Belle did.

No. 1321788

File: 1631432770975.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 47.64 KB, 460x509, 607D1ABC-5065-45E7-A7F7-5915AE…)

She won't ever go viral because she tries too hard. She's trying to advertise someone she's not. It'll come if it's meant to be and I feel like the more she pushes it, the more she gets pushed into irrelevancy.
picrel is someone who genuinely likes leeches, I guess, and it's what made her viral/a meme.

No. 1321800

Blue isn’t her color.

No. 1321816

File: 1631437466627.png (10.98 MB, 1242x2208, 7E84AAE6-1664-49D9-9FF2-30B1BF…)

Kek yeah she’s retarded, that’s probably what she thinks. Hurr Durr I’m not a minor I’m 23! No wonder she dropped out of college she’s a literal retard. She’s literally showing her ass to a bunch of minors/kids. Tiktok audiences ranges from adults to children, the algorithm is random so it might show up on some twelve year old kids for you page. So I really don’t know why she persists on wearing cheap whore l clothing instead of some pants? Probably because she knows she’s ugly/ can’t dance and that’s the only way to get moid attention.

No. 1321818

File: 1631437609733.png (7.58 MB, 1242x2208, 0ACF36FF-AC94-47C4-B512-9DA62B…)

Does she actually go outside in these ugly ass outfits? Kek

No. 1321821

File: 1631437766622.gif (7.75 MB, 539x960, 6A94F338-2187-4429-B64F-0A30C3…)

mental illness

No. 1321832

this woman is so gross and embarrassing. Most girls that become popular as egirls are either naturally pretty or never let their faces be seen outside of 30 filters. She's delusional if she thinks she could become famous with that face and body. Has she ever looked at the other Belle clones? They have 50 filters on.

No. 1322110

The face filter flickered oh my god wait did she enlarge her head to make her fridge body smaller HAHAHHAAHHAAH

No. 1322176

holy fuck,, does she actually think she looks good? The second hand embarrassment is killing me

No. 1322239

File: 1631471601348.jpeg (699.67 KB, 1242x1487, ABFD3C79-6210-4081-AF6D-43AF75…)

It must be fun to fuck with this bitch, she has no spine. No one gives a fuck about your mental health. Your videos suck. They’re boring and your onion-esque voice is like nails on a chalkboard give it up.

No. 1322254

Kek. Decent looking girl.
They are disliking the videos because they DISLIKE them. What is with youtubers and thinking people are obligated to like them???

No. 1322289

Everyone gets hate and dislikes, literally everyone. You can upload knitting videos with no voice and only text and there would still be dislikes and at least 1 hate comment somewhere. People act like small amounts of dislikes on a youtube video are the end of the world, when they literally mean nothing cause 99% of youtube videos have at least 1 dislike.

Its obvious shes extremely bothered by the hate cause she tweets this like every week. I think she expected for people to see her as the chosen sooper kewl memey based egirl whos not like the other egirls, kinda like how people treated bell. I can understand hate is hard for some people to deal with, and i do think some of the nitpicks in this thread are a bit much and are probably from other egirls with a vendetta. But at what point do you just, i dunno, log off and reevaluate that it might just be your personality and shitty behavior and not just cause youre an oppressed egirl

No. 1322321

>I just make memes and cringey shit
If she's self aware enough to say this, then why is she so upset?

No. 1322330

File: 1631477778526.png (9.76 MB, 1242x2208, 311266CE-360F-4F29-AA70-8AC1C6…)

No. 1322342

she's so delusional. She wants to be Belle, but Belle's fame is built around controversy and a lot of people hating her guts. Belle's videos have almost as many dislikes as they do have likes. She almost has 0 grasp on reality building her persona around being controversial, yet she cannot even take criticism. She's also delusional about her looks and this niche she's trying to become famous in, she must wear a lot of filters at all times if she wants to increase her popularity taking into consideration how ugly she is. There's a lot of egirls that never reveal their real face and just upload meitu pictures where they look nothing like they look IRL. Her target audience is ugly entitled neckbeards that possibly work in Tech and have insane standards for women and expect them to look like poreless, perfect animu waifus. Yet she carries herself like she's a sex worker pandering to truck drivers that like pudgy, average looking girls

No. 1322400

Agree about this, I know she's trying to be some counterpart to Belle who was best known for her association with the color pink but it's just not working out for her. Maybe if it was some other shade than that washed kool-aid petrol blue or that bright teal wig.

Overall to me her problem isn't her looks or body, it's just the complete lack of aesthetics. Her outfits are uncoordinated, her makeup is stuffy, her accessories are the cheapest aliexpress/etsy crap that you could find and she just throws it all together in a jumbled mess. Her hairstyles don't compliment her features. She's trying to make the same cartoony expressions what made Belle famous but her face just isn't as expressive as Belle's was. An anon in another thread speculated that she could have autism which would explain the awkward copycat traits and at the risk of armchairing I have to agree.

Luna's going to have her simpbase supporting her because let's be real, scrotes will line up to watch any talentless thot showing her pussy if she's willing to degrade herself enough. But Belle Delphine's act was lightning captured in a bottle. Her career can't be repeated just by replicating what she was famous for, it only worked once and has since been ripped apart for being controversial and in poor taste. She just had enough charisma to ride the wave to another success. And even her story should be regarded as a cautionary tale to all women seeing how many psycho stalkers she gained with her stint and will forever have her face associated with pretending to be a kidnapped little girl being raped and selling her bathwater. Luna (and other e-thots as well) should stop spending her time being terminally online and having meltdowns over muh haturz and go out and get a real job before it's too late for her.

No. 1322411

My Hank Hill bigger gut than butt rump she means. Being wide doesn't mean you have an ass.

No. 1322445

File: 1631486234857.jpg (101.01 KB, 1080x1015, Screenshot_20210912-162554_Chr…)

I thought she was always an uwu tight smol bean.

The same guy who dumped the hotdogs on her looks to be the one doing her from the blurry fansly post. She doesn't like sex and wouldn't date anyone though.

No. 1322453

File: 1631486402543.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 974x1769, ADECA97F-9E19-45AE-8BF0-7FBD23…)

She has the audacity to charge $15 a month when she’s ugly as fuck and shaped like a brick of cheese topkek

No. 1322459

File: 1631486484902.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 1034x1866, 56B4AF8C-0286-4A53-AEFE-67C12D…)

so he’s just some random scrote? It’s not her boyfriend? I can see why, moids only fuck whores and leave when they’re tired of them.

No. 1322477

I thought if it was her boyfriend the guy would help her in some way better herself and the onlyfans situation wouldn't have left her in such a panic. But maybe I'm just assuming non cucks would like her.

No. 1322486

File: 1631487246668.jpg (357.33 KB, 720x720, 1612029486290.jpg)

it was kinda bad when belle did that tide pod thing way after the meme died,
but this is straight fucking awful, basically a turbo-retard copying a semi-retard trying to be relevant and 'quirky chaotic' with an irrelevant shit trend

(sage for non-contribution on my part)

No. 1322490

I bet this is even more horrifying in motion lmao. Doughy sped porn. Also kek at the fact she thinks vaginas tighten when you don't have sex. she has the same understanding of the female anatomy that incel fucking scrotes do. No wonder she's musty and revolting, she's never known her body or how to take care of herself. That neglect and childhood abuse must be why she can't brush her butter teeth, bathe or workout. Kek. How gross and sad is that. Who can cum to this?

No. 1322624

Kek it always is funny when she's constantly talking about being uwu too tight for sex~ then posts sets with penetrating. Pick one or the other

No. 1323063

gotta love the fact that she's copying the position from the belle delphine 'sextape', she is deranged I wonder how much time does she spend every day consuming BD content.

No. 1323472

File: 1631586704188.jpeg (455.82 KB, 1536x2048, 1286BF85-03BF-4DA1-AAB3-A01062…)

She got that troon receding hairline going on lmao not saying she is a tranny in case a retard wants to say that

No. 1323754

imagine how her fucking room must smell now…

No. 1323943

File: 1631637366397.jpg (256.75 KB, 1080x1370, Screenshot_20210914-103419_You…)

No reason.

No. 1324343

File: 1631667226064.jpg (82.51 KB, 1080x482, Screenshot_20210914-185138_Twi…)

No. 1324356

Then get a part time?

No. 1324381

Maybe it’s because you copy belle delphine’s ideas and claim you are not copying anyone. Maybe it’s because you’re annoying and always beg people for likes and views on your shit YouTube videos. Maybe it’s because you show your ass on tiktok and complain when it gets taken down. No wait that can’t be it! It’s because we are sooo jealous that you’re super successful.

No. 1324384

File: 1631671603589.jpeg (1.29 MB, 3464x3013, 49650F44-FB30-444A-9EA1-3283B0…)

Luna made a whole video (just like belle delphine did) about her and the dead fish doing things together in her home. Shits weird. In b4 she spergs about how belle “wasn’t the first person to do this uwu”

No. 1324385

imagine the smell

No. 1324399

I like how she has a designated fish blanket

No. 1324462

File: 1631680570663.jpg (447.48 KB, 1079x1534, Screenshot_20210914-213453_You…)

She's so fucking stupid

No. 1324505

She's playing dumb trying to piss people off cause she thinks she's playing 4D big brain chess and scamming scrotes like a real 4chan girlboss troll queen

No. 1324506

The American girl doll smile and fridge body send me

No. 1324507

She really does look like a fat troon. It's sad she's only 23 and looks this ragged. That's what processed food and sitting on your ass watching Chinese cartoons will do to you.

No. 1324514

she couldnt even fully commit to the bit like belle did, having her fish on a designated blanket. put the fish on the furniture!!!

No. 1324721

File: 1631715458111.jpeg (737.81 KB, 2992x2157, BE6F3444-1907-4B06-8350-0DDBD2…)

Proceeds to go live anyways

No. 1324728

>tell me I'm pretty NOW

No. 1325926

File: 1631823354187.webm (939.49 KB, 720x960, kqXKXQiOnQzK_V9i (convert-vide…)

fat ugly sped does this shit for 16 year olds on twitter and tiktok

No. 1326106

She posts the same video every day. She looks huge.(imageboard)

No. 1326742

File: 1631901562054.jpg (208.64 KB, 1080x1476, Screenshot_20210917-115452_Twi…)

I'm becoming impressed with how stupid she is about the minor safety rules and not understanding how it is not about her own age.

No. 1326755

She will never realize that what she's doing is wrong and gross and the wrong place to advertise. But also, she probably gets off on teen boys jerking it to her body since she couldn't get any man's attention that wasn't a groomer as a teen KEK. She's perpetually stuck playing catch up, trying to redeem her high school years by being a sexy uwu teenie egirl that totally looks like jailbait. I hope she gets permabanned. Nobody is trying to see that porpoise swing like a pig carcass.

No. 1326760

Same for the sperging meltdown that would ensue.

No. 1326765

She can’t dance at all and she has the ugliest face ive ever seen

No. 1326769

File: 1631903381007.jpeg (445.21 KB, 1122x1496, 06B58AE6-4A02-49F5-803F-D3ED91…)

Nothing about her is sexy or sexually appealing

No. 1326782

the fuck is up with the pose and lighting? it's so unflattering. you have to look really hard to realise that she's not obese

No. 1326785

i actually like the concept, but the fact that her breasts are completely in the dark shows how little she thinks her pictures through

No. 1326787

She lacks everything it takes to be a model like she's trying to be. You need presence, to know your angles, a fit body and a good understanding of lighting and photography even if you aren't shooting yourself. All she knows is how to copy 4chan girls exactly and how to google image search so she can buy Belle's exact bikinis and onesies. All she has is a gimmick and the only people biting are like anon earlier said, teen boys and men who miss Belle Delphine. She's not even awkward or weird in the cute autist girl way, she's just a fumbling cheese brick with iFunny levels of humor. If it wasn't for her buying those massive shoes and making the gaming video, she would be no one. She wouldn't even have a thread. That's why nothing about her is appealing. There's nothing behind those eyes besides an insecure little girl begging for everyone's attention and to be sexually attracted to her.

No. 1326852

Your point about her having no concept of presence or personality is so spot on. She has the sex appeal of a pedobait bikini on a wacky tube man outside of a car dealership.

No. 1327310

this is an image board, upload the video anon

No. 1327985

File: 1632031262349.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1242x1715, EFF46640-B1E6-4155-B6AF-29B748…)

No. 1327990

>I don’t want to work

isn’t this bitch like 30

No. 1328036

YT probably does have her on a secret blacklist, but I'm not feeling a shred of sympathy. Why SHOULD anybody watch her shit? Her YT is just an advertisement for her onlyfans, if I was running YT, I wouldn't give free promotion to that shit either.

No. 1328038

At least she admits she doesn't have a real job.

No. 1328045

has she ever considered that she'd have a better shot at youtube if she had any originality whatsoever? the quirky meme gurl shit only worked for the original belle because she had been building her online persona off of that for several years and was more conventionally attractive than aqua is. if you can't come up with your own ideas then maybe you aren't meant to be ~internet famous~

No. 1328072

File: 1632042675598.png (2.22 MB, 1230x1642, narc delusion.png)

No. 1328074

That eye makeup is fucking horrendous and she looks like she’s holding back tears.

No. 1328148

five pounds of foundation and blurring filter to the max and she still looks like dogshit.

No. 1328217

If you have to beg For interaction, your content sucks. She knows she sucks and has literally 0 original ideas for YouTube. She keeps publicly waaaah'ing about it so she gets free suggestions for content and money thrown at her with pity messages. She's fucking pathetic.

No. 1328331

Zoomers are a fucking plague. YouTube is not a career, the original YouTubers did work other jobs because it was just something fun to do in their spare time and it wasn't monetizable. You are not going to have a successful channel if it isn't a passion project first and foremost.

No. 1328423

File: 1632075425236.jpg (298.45 KB, 1080x1940, Screenshot_20210919-121354_Twi…)

Posted on her Twitter, trying to upvote herself. 1/2

No. 1328424

File: 1632075465291.jpg (159.64 KB, 1080x1029, Screenshot_20210919-121400_Twi…)

Reddit hates women because she isn't a meme star. She's fucking pathetic.

No. 1328427

the easiest way to flop is to make a meme of your own face and announce it kek

No. 1328429

File: 1632076054952.png (16.14 KB, 684x309, Capture.PNG)

The comments weren't even that bad, she's mad about that one downvote? It's cringe to upload a boring ass picture of yourself, I agree scrotes on reddit hate women, but…this isn't a case of that.

No. 1328445

File: 1632078265983.jpeg (253.11 KB, 1242x603, A0D026EC-4757-499E-BA7F-4343FC…)

No. 1328447

she's just so embarrassing.

No. 1328463

File: 1632080012742.jpeg (657.96 KB, 1170x2283, 35C9D012-F52D-4C99-AE83-0546DE…)

her reddit is a cesspool

No. 1328494

Breeders subredit huh? She can't ever expect to be respected online again.

No. 1328497

File: 1632081701228.jpg (232.52 KB, 1080x1645, Screenshot_20210919-135943_Chr…)

Kek. She made a tiktok calling out the thread and everyone in it as fans. Seethe more, tard. You're bringing more people here.

No. 1328499

She isn't the first person I've seen say they wanted to be famous from a young age, as if that means anything whatsoever. Pretty much everyone wanted to be famous at some point, it's just the majority of us are smart enough to know that the odds are microscopic. This bitch is too retarded to even come up with a back-up plan.

She's such a victim. They're downvoting you because your "meme" isn't funny, not because you're a female.

No. 1328528

>>1328497 bruh, stop reading here then. She must be the most insecure cow ever?

No. 1328551

File: 1632086453374.png (9.65 MB, 1242x2208, 5258540E-55BF-44DD-8741-7DB495…)

No. 1328553

So she's definitely the no-life retard who has been bumping threads for the past like three hours?

No. 1328558

File: 1632087527893.jpg (111.37 KB, 1200x630, iuAH8VA1OS.jpg)

She always reminds me of Catherine Tate as an egirl

No. 1328565

Yes. I'm almost certain that it's Luna herself consistently selfposting in this thread to gain more infame and notoriety so people will talk about her. Sad thing is, there's literally nothing about her to discuss. It's just a dime a dozen sad, depressed e-girl trying to be the next OF 1%. I don't know why she deserved her own thread outside of the other Belle skinwalkers.

No. 1328579

The only milk that even exists about her is that she's skinwalking Belle, which should be reason enough to relegate her to that thread exclusively. Agree with you that she's probably bumping this thread with selfies and nitpicks; after all Belle courted controversy so of course this dumbass will try to.

No. 1328628

She isn't even funny or milky. Just another Belle skinwalker, there are lots of them. Luna stop selfposting.

No. 1328637

this is funny because I’m p sure an ez collage can be made of all the tiktoks she does that shows her ass and shit ez in the mirror and angles she uses. I just don’t have the time to spend on such a milkless sped to make one.

No. 1328688

This whole thread feels like a last ditch effort to get attention in a sea of bitches exactly like her. Clearly she likes to self post as seen on that Reddit post

No. 1328692

When she wears the snap backs she reminds me of the girls who smelled like BO, Walmart body spray, wore Cookie Monster pjs and listened to icp. She looks so methy trailer trash

No. 1328696

anon, i dont doubt that she is exactly those things lmao. the cookie monster PJ's would even go with the trashy blue "aesthetic"

No. 1328702

The fact that all of these insults are exactly as clever as she is in her YT vids is enough to make me believe she's behind them. "She looks like trash!" "Yeah, trash!" hurrrrrr.

No. 1328735

Nonnie I would kill myself if I was her, posting my outie on the internet for the equivalent to a Starbucks order. I find her worse than shatna which is saying a lot.

No. 1328742

No. 1328752

she really thinks that we're stupid

No. 1328762

Because she gets triggered easily and she’s extremely ugly and looks nothing like belle. She isn’t milky but it’s fun to point out how ugly and unsuccessful she is

No. 1328794

Her looks aren’t even milky. She’s not particularly ugly or attractive, just painfully average in every way. There’s literally no reason for this thread to exist other then to make her feel famous in some sad way

No. 1328842

Maybe delete the thread then and keep her designated to the skinwalkers? It would be hilarious that she got downgraded to being a skinwalker like everyone else, not above them.

No. 1328905

Is there any way to transfer all these posts onto the skin walker thread?? She has a big head about this thread she thinks she’s famous. No kek. You’re just ugly and retarded. I also disagree about her being average, she is really ugly and a pick me. That comment about vaginas was disgusting considering she has a long labia

No. 1329076

Transferring them all makes her seem too important. Maybe just her comment about her superior vagina and stupidty toward her cat that she threw outside.

No. 1329111

She thinks she's famous cause an obscure girlchan calls her fat and ugly. Kek. That's how you know she's beyond redemption. It would be hilarious if she was just thrown back in the skinwalkers and I'm sure it would irritate the fuck out of her cause "she doesn't copy belle at all". Never make her thread pic or anything either, let's just make her the red headed stepchild of all the skinwalkers. This thread should be auto saged so it just sinks all the way to the bottom of the catalog. That would hurt her feelings. Literally nobody but us cares about her bullshit, watch how fast she acts up trying to get attention again after we drop it.

No. 1329228

Personally I think if the thread was just deleted it would piss her off more and make her look like a liar about haters and forums dedicated to her. Still, if anything bumps this thread again you can bet it's just her.

No. 1331144

Don't insult Catherine Tate like that man

No. 1332056

>I've thought about leaving
yes please do. Save yourself. Don't do this disgraceful shit to yourself anymore. Delete everything and get out now.

No. 1334978

File: 1632680475225.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 960x1834, aquaphii39570257.jpeg)

No. 1335184

Read the room. Nobody cares, Luna.(hi cow)

No. 1336502

have some self respect. just a little.

No. 1343218

File: 1633634323808.jpg (150.62 KB, 1080x876, Screenshot_20211007-131731_Twi…)

I wonder which cat she will abandon this time.

No. 1353658

File: 1634912104619.jpeg (456.34 KB, 828x814, C2497422-941A-40C1-922A-BA6950…)

This thread is clearly done now: Luna is also no more.

I’m going to save time and sum this up due to her “wanting people to see the video.”

> came out with a video titled “what happened” admitting to being a skin walker and being “unhappy with herself”.

>Basically a weird watpad story about going to a haunted house with a psychic and having some dumbass revelation about herself.
>admits she’s no longer doing lewd cosplays, etc etc. ‘apologized for lewding minors’
>then went on to justify it by saying “it’s not illegal to lewd fictional cosplays of characters aged 17,” “I never lewded characters under the age of 17.”
>It’s just a lot of poor me, talking about being harassed or called a pedo.

With that said- She’s “cami” Chan now? Good riddance, honestly.

/thread dead.

No. 1353704

Is she pregnant?

No. 1353720

No. 1353722

Never followed this cow but I love that even her revelation about needing to be own person…came from another person. She seems to just look at other people and follow along obsessively like a soulless husk. I can’t name a single trait of hers except for “likes varying shades of blue” and “homely”. F.

No. 1353776

Thanks for letting us know, Luna.
Cami just sounds like her new goth persona since e girl and cosplayer didn't work for her. Good luck with that.(hi cow)

No. 1353833

File: 1634933094879.jpg (61.76 KB, 713x283, ok.jpg)

Seems to me she could just start being a new Dorian with retarded ghost shit. Plus the average therapist can't handle this one.

No. 1353835

Don’t be paranoid, not everyone is Luna.

No. 1353914

File: 1634940855864.jpeg (169.31 KB, 750x1233, 4851BE9B-6836-409D-BDB2-EDF437…)

Ive been stalking this chick all day now. She’s like OG Internet cringe.
>tries something new
>OMG gaiz I’m soooo bad at it!!!!
>flaunts body online
>clearly is insecure
>covers insecurity with “muh ass is SOO big”
>makes an edgy joke
>goes back on it immediately due to conditioning by tiktok kids
>I was joking guys DONT freak out!!
Even her YouTube comments are defensive as hell, a la pic included.

No. 1354110

Was her new name inspired by Chris Chan?

No. 1354213

I fucking hate people that have an older cat and get a kitten without even considering how the other cat would feel about it. No, your cat doesn't have to "get along with it". What it can do is attack the kitten, or shut itself away from it. But why would see care, she'll just throw the other cat outside in a fit of rage like she did the last one.

No. 1354670

>"16 and 17 theyre pretty much matured. that's why i thought it was okay"
for some reason this makes it so much worse because she KNOWS those characters are highschoolers. This weird culture has been a detriment for little girls, its so strange how a number dictates whether they are "ready" to be sexualized or not

No. 1355772

doesn’t want to post lewds and expose minors, yet all her lewds are still on twitter. and sometimes, it’s best to just say sorry and move one. be yourself cami.

No. 1380280

File: 1638342709689.jpg (473.78 KB, 1080x1755, Screenshot_20211130-231013_Chr…)

Cause your boring

No. 1380298

damn, imagine that. she pulled a reverse Shayna.

Shayna got popular for being a stoner/hipster tumblr, and once she realized she could make a few pennies posting her tits online, she started camming and turned into a porn blog - exposing a lot of teenagers to her gross porn in the process. her followers weren't interested in it, so she had to find a new audience of degen pedo coomers.

Luna started as an e-whore right out of the gate, and now that she doesn't want to anymore, her coomer followers don't give a shit.

let these two be a cautionary tale.

No. 1380347

This is really interesting to see, I hope she ends up quitting the porn bullshit. Cannot see how people see this as good for your self esteem when, as she's realizing now, it will always depend on what men want and what they want is for you to be an object

No. 1381890

Is Luna really in here self-posting a tweet where she says her purchased subs don't feel genuine?

No. 1382771

Annnnnnd this is why sex work shouldnt be sold to women as empowering. Thats the bitter reality of the industry, you rarely can have both. Men who are coming to jerk off to you could care less about who you are. The majority do not want or care to hear about your thoughts, interests or feelings outside of the nsfw content youre giving them. Its a very dehumanizing and exploitative industry

No. 1388407

File: 1639008589166.jpg (624.71 KB, 1040x1812, Screenshot_20211208-160656_Chr…)

No. 1388409

File: 1639008647720.jpg (304.26 KB, 1080x1215, Screenshot_20211208-160857_Chr…)

No. 1388422

lol, she tries to think of what job she might be doing if it weren’t for sw and all she can come up with is Walmart

No. 1388468

People are downvoting that gorgeous baby because it's another cat that you're going to throw outside in a few days when you don't want to deal with kitten shenanigans.

No. 1388486

File: 1639016469896.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1481, 25BABA3B-EF34-45FB-A51F-A9F3CC…)

Kek at Shayna and Camichan being the most broke and unattractive sex workers on Twitter

No. 1388487

Or maybe it’s because an ugly flabby looking e girl wannabe is holding it idk

No. 1388488

File: 1639016630610.png (Spoiler Image, 10.48 MB, 1242x2208, 173AAD06-4948-4674-B31E-02E52D…)

Why would anyone pay to see Flabbychan ? This picture looks horrible I doubt her onlyfans is any better. Get a job, McDonald’s is hiring

No. 1388489

The fake anime body on her shirt only juxtaposing her mediocre chub

No. 1388844

I have to say, I really like the dark blue hair and the name change/brand change was a great choice, better to be unique than a shit Belle skinwalker.
So maybe this thread helped her to see how silly it all was idk? But good to see a cow improve so fast following a thread being made, rare to see so good for you, girl.
Still posting silly stuff on Twitter, still an egirl, but this is an upgrade for sure.

No. 1388894

Fat(sage your shit)

No. 1388987

all i can think about is how she had to throw out her custom neon 'luna aquaphine' sign kek

No. 1389007

She bitches almost as much as Shay and she's only been whoring herself for over a year. Kek. That greasy blue mop does look better than the plastic wig, marginally. She really needs to work out her midsection because she looks potbellied. It's why the rest of her looks fat as fuck. Weird how all these women are selling their bodies but neglect them fully and look like they reek.

No. 1389056


These types tend to think they're hot shit and have nothing they need to improve on. Anything truly unsightly can be edited out. Less time dieting and working out and more time coping on Twitter for these girls

No. 1397616

worth bumping!

No. 1397618


No. 1397700

quiet, immediately

No. 1398133

File: 1640057070716.jpg (78.01 KB, 1080x309, Screenshot_20211220-192208_Chr…)

No. 1398134

File: 1640057119523.jpg (232.3 KB, 1080x1639, Screenshot_20211220-192216_Chr…)

No. 1398138

Dude, talking about "chick's with dicks" and labeling your video 18+ at least implies some degree of sexual content, whereas simply "the naked women all over YouTube" are usually either for medical reasons or artistic reasons. You're not making the argument you think you are. If you want your "casual nudity" (aka sexualising herself and posting thirst traps) to be allowed, the EVERYONE should be just as able to. But the thing is, your content, while maybe not outright containing nudity, is in a sexual context, in order to arouse scrotes. You complain about being only seen as a sexual object, meanwhile treating yourself as if that is all there is to you.

No. 1398162

Idk how tf is her wig so heat resistant if it can curl and iron back so many times kek. Just for the sake of OF that wig gitta be overfried

No. 1398163

>why do people see me as a sexual object
>posts sexy content

god she's so repetitively stupid, she doesn't want to actually learn anything lmao

No. 1398527

very likely two different wigs anon. It takes a lot of time and effort to style a synthetic wig into curls without melting it that run-of-the-mill costhots are not willing to put in

No. 1398635

Some washed up copycat gen z hoe trying to make it big on YouTube with zero personality and a monotone voice. Good luck. And please, we know it’s you, stop bumping your own thread for attention.
Sage for sperg.

No. 1400906


No. 1400916

Stop bumping your own thread, you fridge shaped butterball

No. 1400921

It's not my thread

No. 1401043

Give up, you’re not relevant or milky anymore and you’re never going to be famous

No. 1401071

Bumping a failed e-whore’s dead thread for days on end - including Christmas Eve? How bleak.

Keep refreshing the page sweetie - whatever gives you a sense of warmth for the holidays.

No. 1401084

I don't even know who this person is, that's not why I'm doing it


No. 1401086

Why are you doing this?

No. 1401114

Because 1) a lot of you lose your shit when I do it, especially the mods, and 2) the mods are completely powerless to stop me

They must have banned me north of 50 times the past two weeks, and yet here I am


No. 1401134

> banned me north of 50 times the past two weeks, and yet here I am

That’s the most pathetic thing I’ve ever read here. I would say it’s time to put the phone down and do something else.

No. 1401137

^ this is what happens when you realize lolcow is the most attention you'll receive in your life. sad.

No. 1401138

Girl I never comment on this thread because I felt bad for you. Even liked a few videos on your YouTube channel because I felt like being nice. Then I see you bumping your own thread on Christmas Eve. You’re not popular enough to have some random on lolcow bumping your thread. Even then, that just doesn’t happen. Anyways, if you continue to bump this thread it will die completely. Either way it is dying. I feel even more bad for you now. Ugh girl I hope you finds purpose in life, then posting on your own hate forum.

No. 1401145

>and yet here I am
Your feelings were hurt by vicious cruel farmhands because you don't know how to imageboard but I believe in you even if no one else does. And I really think no one else does believe in you, you have all the time in the world to seek out dead threads and bump them to get back at society. You'll show them all.

No. 1401154

Again, I'm not her. I'm a dude with a penis. And I'm doing this in other threads too, I'm here because I started in the cryaotic threads and the mods locked all of them. So I found some other random threads to bump, one of them being this one.

>you have all the time in the world
C'mon. Takes me like a few seconds to come here, write "bump", and click the button. And with the hilarious amount of salt I already got in return, it was more than worth it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1401157

This is the most male thing ever, get told “no” once and spend the next few months refreshing a women’s gossip forum every few hours to bump it

No. 1401161

Yeah I don't think it's the cow, it's classic male behavior to obsessively do something pointless (and weird/annoying/harassing/etc, usually) for months while professing how totally normal it is and how weird everyone else is for complaining

They brag about their LEET bumping gig over on meta like anyone is impressed with the concept.

No. 1401169

Kek if that’s the case then message the poor girl - out of all the cows with dead threads, this one may actually grant your Christmas wish and talk to you.

Anon has no love for you

No. 1401199

jesus christ stop responding to the scrote, he's here because he wants attention from girls and that's exactly what you're giving him you retarded newfags. Do you really want to spend your Christmas eve talking to an autistic incel with nothing else to do than bump threads on a girlchan just to epic troll women?

No. 1401210


No. 1401211

thread should just be autosaged, don’t give the scrote any satisfaction

No. 1401218

Scrote in question here, I second this, autosage any thread I do this on. Give me the power to decide which threads live and die.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1401223

sorry no one loves you - merry christmas

No. 1401508

Maybe my standards are low at this point but at least he's not spamming cp.

No. 1401537

Does this retard actually even play video games or is it all a uwu gaymur gorl larp? Like I'm sure if she actually played them and started a twitch she could get a few simps and donations.

No. 1401874

She has nice furniture, shame she is ugly

No. 1402218

don't encourage the weak chinned moid, you know he'll do it

No. 1402410

chincel Y chromoid confirmed

No. 1402729

Kek he actually has a shot with her

No. 1403122

I keked way too hard at this. Keep on scrotin' scrote you're mildly entertaining

No. 1404369

Just end this blue toaster bitch’s thread jfc

No. 1404842

that's what he's trying to do. he said he's unaffiliated with the threads he does this on, but the fact he obsessively only bumps particular /snow/ or /w/ threads makes me tinfoil he's either simping or selling his services to particular cows. Or its one of the cows doing it to several threads trying to hide her tracks. either way, if the thread gets locked, they get what they want. better to just hide it if you dont wanna see it

No. 1404937

You're here because it's a woman's imageboard and you want free attention from women, same reason any scrote frequents this obscure mongolian basketweaving forum

No. 1405020

>REEE I bet you're not even attractive REEEE

No. 1405035

This but unironically.
Nobody who is attractive becomes an imageboard autist. And when you're not attractive, what value does your attention have?

No. 1405137

It's the same attention you're fishing for, dummy. Can't be worthless if you've based your life around it.

No. 1405201

this is like the mongs that go to malls and freak out until security is called. yes honey, you're getting everyones attention. Everyone is looking at you my love.
Anyway this is probably fatties bf. Sorry your gf was too ugly to thot online, friend.

No. 1405654

Why are you guys entertaining him?

No. 1405726

File: 1640973372448.jpg (77.63 KB, 512x384, unnamed.jpg)

Because some anons forget that moids are not people. They are subhuman and are basically incapable of regulating their mental processes. Essentially defective by default, they are convenient to use and discard once their usefulness has expired, but not worth speaking to on equal terms. This monkey has no use, pls heed pic rel.

No. 1405763

being able to punch harder isn't impressive, you're the one talking about us being smaller, dipshitass

No. 1405788

File: 1640976860459.jpg (111.02 KB, 600x900, do-not-feed-monkey-44996681.jp…)

Anonita if you really wanna see some monkeys beat relentlessly against the cage of their own incompetence, just go to 4chan or any other zoo they've been sequestered to. Let this one fling shit into the void.

No. 1405851

Can you guys stop shitting this thread up and move on? What ever happened to don't feed the troll?

No. 1406160

I'veblasted her ig. Shes a fat uggo slut. Celluite everywhere(cowtipping)

No. 1406509

Can someone just lock this retard's thread already, it's become a hobby for her.

No. 1406823

I had a dog named Luna. Sage

No. 1410759

File: 1641533576195.png (1.03 MB, 1080x2078, Screenshot_20220107-003154.png)

Died laughing when I saw she has her own Womack

No. 1414212

what is this boomer fucking screenshot

No. 1418788

Clean your fucking fish tank

No. 1421819

for someone who is chunky, she has the flat ass of an 80 pound asian gravure model

No. 1450009

Tf is with these annoying ass bumps lately? I have been seeing them on like every thread. Is it to be annoying on purpose? Is it a scrote wanting more free crusty OF whore pics? I don't understand, they are always on the most irrelevant ass bitches ever too.

No. 1450054

anon you only have to scroll up once to see what it is
don't engage with bait its that simple

No. 1450132

it's Elaine trying to hide her page and become anonemouse again

No. 1455566

Her teeth………(unsaged nitpick )

No. 1468429

Can this thread be auto saged?

No. 1468464

Yeah why is this always on the front page wtf

No. 1468510

It will never die lol. Even if it's autosaged it will still be available through Google and through the catalog. Everyone will see Luna Aquaphine cringey history forever.

No. 1468512

That's not the point lmao you're not supposed to bump if you don't have milk to share. Nobody cares to stare at this blue wig retard for no reason. Milk or fuck off nobody gives a shit about your personal vendettas.

No. 1468529

Can that retard necro-ing cow get a couple of ip bans or sth. He/she just admitted to spending their free time getting threads on here autosaged by bumping them. But they deleted that post.

No. 1468680

are you all just not able to read or something? this has been gone over 1000 times and if you just scroll up once you can read it with your own eyes. its someone trying to get the thread locked/autosaged on purpose, no one actually gives a fuck about her and theres no vendetta, its just one scrote repeatedly posting "bump" and the jannies deleting it

No. 1475931

she wishes she was belle so bad. big ugly fat hog cunt, big jewwy nose(racebait)

No. 1476053

I saw her on the Genshin subreddit some time ago, she is seriously too ugly and fat to be the pepsi version of Belle.

No. 1478430

very fat and ugly. i bet her pussy is loose, roastie whore needs to kill herself asap lel kek

fuckin dough boy bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1480049


it’s probably “cami” selfposting/bumping so she can make it seem like people are still talking about her. the thread’s been dead for a long time and even when it was active barely anyone gave a shit. i wouldn’t put it past her dumbass to sit and post about how she’s sooper ugly and should die so she can post it on twitter and pretend she’s being harassed. here’s hoping it is her so she gets her post history exposed, she’s probably been selfposting since the start of the thread

No. 1480845

luna is that you? really selfposting huh? pathetic, let it die.

No. 1481238

Can an admin please just delete this thread so we stop getting a bump on this noname every 3 days

No. 1481613

every time I pass by this sub I legit think it's Libby from 90dayfiance, they both have that american doughy face I can't stand

No. 1482019

more like multiple times a day, the dedication is actually tragic at this point

No. 1484961

I guess you can't read so I'll re-explain it for you. The guy bumping it wants the thread deleted, so no it's not getting removed. Probably would be better if you hide the thread yourself.

No. 1484966

lol sounds like the dakota threads being mysteriously unsage-bumped with nitpicky shit and doxing in an attempt to get the threads deleted. sneaky cows.

also wtf does "aquaphine" even mean

No. 1485002

File: 1648484897127.jpg (433.42 KB, 1600x1448, aquafina.jpg)

if one is a dolphin, the other is bottled water

No. 1486958

How hard would it be to lock it though? Whatever’s here would still be here without having to look at her ugly face every day. Bumping it is only drawing more attention to it.

No. 1487355

how hard is it to minimize the thread instead of asking to have it locked? press the little [-] next to the thread title and you'll never have to see it again.

No. 1490576

I think the idea of not autosaging/locking threads is to not give one spammer (ref: the mei thread right now) the ability to silence the conversation or conceal information, not particularly important with this thread but I can see the logic.

No. 1490784

Based as fuck nonnie

No. 1499786

lol what a dumbass

No. 1523894

Stop bumping your own thread no one cares about you

No. 1885148

Anyone noticed how she’s lying about her age?(newfag)

No. 1885158

please post proof, monjurifreeman16@gmail.com

No. 1908316

File: 1696355780842.jpeg (281.63 KB, 750x1248, IMG_7620.jpeg)

She uses heavy filters to try and pass as 18 now without them she’s still awful and if you call her ugly you’re an uneducated incel it’s so funny she still can’t handle criticism and thinks everyone should simp immediately

No. 1908519

This is so sad, lying about her age what is she like 25 already having a crisis about age.

No. 1908535

File: 1696387301359.png (99.9 KB, 564x700, Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 10.41…)

No. 1908557

File: 1696390113793.jpeg (421.49 KB, 640x1096, 16601790-ED91-4EB6-9B07-A70907…)

She is so sloppy she forgot to delete a post from 2 years ago saying she is 23

No. 1908566

File: 1696392569348.png (3.36 MB, 750x1624, IMG_7624.png)

She has her usual autistic simps but whenever a post of hers goes viral a lot of people tend to not like her. She edited her waist in this picture and alot the comments were saying “put a bag on it.” The egirl filters actually make her face look more strange imo. She has no upper lip compared with those big teeth and tiny mouth it just looks weird.

No. 1908853

File: 1696437095678.jpeg (530.44 KB, 750x1076, IMG_0833.jpeg)

Scrotes on twitter are roasting her for attempting to do what they call “gimmick” advertising. Force a meme and then have the OF girl, Luna/“Cami”, reply with her links to OF. It’s failed miserably and even got a community note warning people of the ad scheme. It’s hilarious watching her fail at what’s essentially a monkey job. All you have to do is take nudes and post regularly to get porn addicted simp money. Clearly she’s struggling kek

No. 1908855

File: 1696437164820.jpeg (264.45 KB, 750x765, IMG_0834.jpeg)

Another note left on the post and proof it’s Luna/Cami. Her twitter account is linked in the post.

No. 1908995

I think she could be cute maybe in like a more twee style or something alas she is a pedo panderer who sloppily lies about her age, so she will never be what she wants to be not even Shaynus lies about her age lmfao

No. 1909008

Nice spoiler. If she wants to attract more porn addicted moids She should honestly spend some of her “6 figures” on a boob job like Jesus those things look like fat boy moobs and weird puffy nipples.

No. 1909123

File: 1696490075748.jpeg (196.06 KB, 750x1262, IMG_7629.jpeg)

How is she still this brain dead about the type of content she makes? She makes incest/cousin content. Almost every video she puts out on tiktok goes against community guidelines and she keeps blaming “the algorithm”.

No. 1909128

Luna tried to create a business and it absolutely flopped.


No. 1909150

How do you know it’s hers?

No. 1909424

File: 1696539377898.jpeg (372.32 KB, 750x1493, IMG_7632.jpeg)

This is from the website.

No. 1909648

I’m not trying to be this person because obviously she’s a liar but anime came on toonami in the afternoon too? I dont even think it was called toonami at night like just reruns of trigun or whatever

No. 1910089

You’re showing your age nonnie kek, it’s been an evening program since 2004 and then in 2012 switched to only Saturdays at midnight

No. 1910291

The hate comments lol. Well deserved. >>1908316

No. 1912614

File: 1697140085842.mp4 (2.35 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000ckk3sqrc77ucttao2s…)

“Tiktok is suppressing my views bro.”
“I’m fully clothed.”
“The algorithm is shit.”(clown emoji)

No. 1914041

KEK Nona, I remember it coming on at like 9pm. I could be wrong tho, I think in the late 90s it wasBatman and thunder cats that came on at noon.

No. 1922830

tiktok will allow this but god forbid anybody comment the word fuck

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