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File: 1590802540361.jpg (63.97 KB, 940x627, 8682628-3x2-940x627.jpg)

No. 561095

Post about yourself as if you were your own personal lolcow. This thread can be used in the personal lolcow format, i.e. a greentext summary of your milkiest behaviour / what would warrant a thread, or simple one-offs that you're ashamed of. There's nothing wrong with self-awareness, farmers. Moo.

No. 561098

the OP image is perfect haha

No. 561102

I'm an assburger with deep childhood trauma and I have so many milky memories that whenever I remember I cringe very hard. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm paranoid and have no social media I would legit be a cow. Hopefully I can contribute with one tale or two lol

No. 561104

I basically met one of my current online friends via stalking all their social media and then entering their life forcefully
Not Yuno Gasai levels of stalking, but it was creepy for sure looking back on it
Plot twist: they have a mildly successful youtube channel

No. 561106

I see this bitch in the mirror constantly and I needed a thread where I could post her:

>Lost her virginity at 17 to a 40 year old unemployed domestic abuser who was released on remand

>Smell of cigarettes enters the room hours before she does
>Doesn't know how to ask men to use a condom, has never had protected sex, has a pregnancy scare every time
>Skinwalks several cows
>Stole a bike with the aforementioned man and sold it to buy drugs
>Drank ethanol from the chemistry lab at her old high school while on xanax
>Messy alcoholic, ended up in A&E last time she drank due to mixing pressed street xanax with vodka and now cannot drink more than a can of Monster without going off the rails
>Used to drink during school hours, put liquor in her morning coffee and drank vodka throughout the day
>Had sex with a random older man she met on the street within an hour on a public beach during lockdown
>Covered in terrible tumblr-esque stick and pokes and self-inflicted burns, both including her face
>Spent time in a psychiatric hospital after ODing and immediately calling an ambulance because I-I DON'T WANT TO DIE
>Vents about having a complicated sexuality and M-MUH UNRESOLVED TRAUMA when she's literally just a pickme whore
>Unironically WKs cows who act like her and spergs in ban appeal when redtexted
>Laughs at anons with bpd
>Diagnosed with bpd
>Claims to be aware of her behavior but continues to romanticize how much of a trainwreck her life is, copes by telling others she's an outsider and a tortured artist but without the art

I predict a milky future for this cow.

No. 561110

top fucking kek anon, you're a legend

No. 561114


Old milk
>lost virginity at 15 to an emotionally abusive drug addict
>they broke up after about a year, she's was so embarrassed about the whole thing so she claimed to be a 'born again virgin' and just tells everyone she never had sex
>begins dating long time friend of hers, G, telling him too that she's a virgin, and proceeds to take his virginity.
>they break up. Try to remain friends but petty drama ensues.
>eventually tell him the truth about 6 months after the fact and it ruins they're friendship beyond repair. She blames him for it, telling him he's shutting for care if she was a virgin or not
>tries to get with his best friend, S, afterwards, almost getting him to almost take her to prom before Going puts his foot down and makes S stop being friends with her
>to get back at S for cancelling their prom date last minute leaving her without a date and a ride there, she decided to blackmail him for $5 that he owed her. Having go threw all of their past messages and screenshotting everything that would effectively ruin his friendship with G.
>kept said screen shots in her email for a year 'just in case'

Newest milk
>claimed to be a lesbian for approx. 3 years, during which she went full dyke. Cutting her hair off, stopped shaving, and wearing men's clothing
>gets new job, suddenly lusting after mediocre looking, man child incel, named J
>changes whole look to attract him, starts shaving and wearing makeup again
>gets invited to another co-workers Halloween party about a month after starting job. Attends, gets sloppy drunk and makes out with J on the bathroom floor, after he threw up ofc
>also at said party, threw up on the hosts carpet and porch
>starts seeing J after party. Takes his virginity about 2 weeks in
>J cheats on her and eventually leaves her for a stereotypical e girl. She pretends to be okay about the whole thing while frequently making petty, passive aggressive comments about him at work, both to him and to all their now mutual friends
>J is out right dickish to her, coworkers frequently take her side.
>After an he yelled at her for asking him to do his job at work she began having a hostile attitude towards him.
>he threatens to quit because of it, leading to Her to have major sperg out at work, yelling at him, essentially telling him he's a bitch if he quits over her and that if he was nice to her she would be nice to him
>neither get fired, for who knows why but continue to have very loud and public issues with one another
>they begin acting civilly again. She decides to message him telling him that she still has feeling for him and that he really did hurt her. Does this repeatedly until he has to block her online.
>she now sports a more e girlish aesthetic, she claims it's because she's always liked it but shes probably skin walking J's (now ex) gf

>reconnected with S, becomes fwb with him.
>constantly upset bc he will goes days without talking to her and with repeatedly flake on her. She frequently does the same towards him as well
>crying constantly bc 'nobody cares about her'
>starts self harming again
>blocked her parents on social media bc her mom wouldn't come over and watch a movie with her
>got an std from S bc despite knowing he is having sex with multiple people she can't be fucked to use protection.
>still friends with him
>constantly unadding him on social media to see if he notices. He does so she stays friends with him
>probably going to wind up having sex with him again

I do plan on going to therapy and seeking help once everything opens back up. I realize most of my behavior is fucked up

No. 561116

You're all wild as hell but your small saving grace is a surprising amount of self awareness tbh.

No. 561125

Kek, thanks anon. When I think of what makes a prolific cow, it's usually people being incredibly frustrated at a cow's utter lack of self-awareness. You either have it or you don't and Shayna can dress up as a cow ~for the memes~ as much as she wants but she just doesn't get it. It's about thinking your behavior is in the right whereas we're very aware that we're in the wrong. I won't lie, I've been posted here maybe once or twice but ultimately deemed not milky which was very funny to me because I'm incredibly milky but you can be as milky as you want but still catch on as a proper cow. It's something about the way you speak about your behavior truly annoying other people and it's really interesting having this perspective sometimes as I can almost see things from every perspective sometimes. Anyway, moo.

No. 561128

I tried typing something but it got too all-over-the-place. Seriously lolcow, where does one even begin…

No. 561130

You can be aware that you're in the wrong but cover it up or defend yourself in a fake it till you make it way (to make naive people think you're right).
Or you can be aware that you're wrong in objective sense but right by your own standards (tho I think this goes a bit in cluster b territory).

No. 561132

If i'm making a long/"important" post, i quickly open up shrib.com which immediately makes a link to an auto-saving personal notepad for me to type it out and look at it. Maybe you could use that.
That's exactly it. It's the difference between a conman-type cow who relies on people not knowing any better and someone putting their hands up and admitting their faults in a take-it-or-leave-it manner. Neither are healthy, let's not kid ourselves, but you're very right

No. 561201

a self loathing thread? hell yeah

>former tumblr hybristo/dollanganger calf

>started posting on imageboards underage
>led (and continued to lead) men on for expensive gifts and money
>secretly kept a man in his late twenties in her room for a week, had violent sex with him and got into ddlg (all while very underage)
>always under the influence of weed
>dated a drug dealer and spent half a year blitzed out of her mind on painkillers, whippets, coke and alcohol
>left a nice guy, fucked someone he knew + 2 incels from /r9k/ in the span of a few months (all unprotected)
>went back to nice guy, hasn't told him a thing
>has cheated on every "partner" at least once
>drops people once they're not useful or she gets bored
>has manipulated men until they proposed then ghosted them; has a collection of engagement rings
>shopping problem, spends exorbitant amounts of money on expensive clothes
>been on prescription benzos for over a decade, probably has brain danage
>hasn't maintained a friendship in years
>has a death fetish–read about a cow here getting off to radiation poisoning, ended up finding it hot too

i've known i could be a cow since i started posting here, i suck

No. 561204

Kek anon, nice fic. My favourite part was the idea that someone would propose to you

No. 561209

File: 1590819800754.jpg (93.05 KB, 750x538, tool playing loudly in the bac…)

>has a death fetish–read about a cow here getting off to radiation poisoning, ended up finding it hot too
I have my own fair share of trash fetishes but what the fuck lmao. Good summary, I respect your honesty and self-awareness.

No. 561310

Former tumblrina, BPDfag, used to use hurting myself to upset people around me, would start arguments with boyfriends just to prove that I could win them over again, once took too much coke and tweeted that I was going to kill myself lol, toxically jealous of other women. I was a horrendous person a few years ago and I'm glad I've taken time to work on myself and stop wallowing in mental illness and self-pity and became a more stable less toxic person. But I'm so embarrassed of my past behaviour kek.

No. 561317

This bitch is a friend of a friend and I wish she had an active social media, that would be hilarious

>Dropped out of college twice

>Shoplifted and bragged about it
>Abused drugs and bragged about it
>Stalked ex and coerced him to date again only to break up with him months later
>On/off sex relationship with other ex
>Blocked that ex and start to fuck two men at once in secret
>These men are friends who don't discuss personal life with each other
>Sometimes she fucked them both in one day
>People around her try to avoid her because she is very obnoxious and self-centered
>Didn't have a job for two years
>Doesn't tell anyone where she gets money
>People think she has a job because she says so
>Actually still lives with parents and they give her money
>Has a diagnosis but doesn't medicate
>Lately is constantly drunk and calling her friends to talk about herself
>Is closer to 30s than you may think

No. 561318

Shit, I thought we present ourselves as somebody else, so I wrote "a friend of a friend", but nobody here does it, so okay, It's me actually

No. 561319

For the sake of curiosity, how did you do it, anon? Even mildly successful people receive a lot of attention in social media, at least in my experience.

No. 561330

Perfect timing, I was just hating myself

>Talks either too much or too little, doesn't know proper conversation etiquette, often interrupts people by accident

>Only female friends she's had in real life called her annoying and actively avoided her
>Talks about the same few topics over and over again, doesn't care about anything else
>Socializes only with boyfriend and two remaining friends, spent most of her life alone in her room
>Never dresses appropriately for the situation, always looks retarded but everyone feels too bad to say it to her face
>Has played the same videogame since she was 13, can't stop talking about it even though clearly nobody cares
>Obsessed with self-improvement, has been trying to "blossom" into a normal human being since she was 10
>Spoiler: she's in her mid-twenties, it still hasn't happened
>Doesn't communicate with people and then wonders why nobody likes her
>Probably lurks here

No. 561334

I would probably have my own thread in /snow/ (that I would lurk daily and derail to try to get it locked) if I wasn't so paranoid about social media and people finding me irl.

No. 561336

>I’m in this and I don’t like it

No. 561344

Wow, except for the fact that you have two friends besides the boyfriend, I could have written this

No. 561348

>Awkward geeky black girl
>No social skills whatsoever so she spends all her time online
>Spends all her time when she should be doing shit in the world talking to fucking robots from /r9k/
>Eventually marries a 4channer who groomed her when she was 15 and he was 20
>Guy is okay at first but gradually becomes a 8chan racist white warrior bullshit
>This lolcow can't deal with shit so she starts using heroin (dumbest fucking decision ever, please never try it)
>Goes to rehab twice and ends up never graduating college because addiction and a range of mental issues
>Narcisstic mother who makes her life worse
>Runs away multiple state to get away from her family and crazy Ex.

No. 561356

Please…. anon say sike. Take care of yourself.

No. 561367

I think you're less of a cow and more a of a.. victim? You don't sound cowish to me anon, just deeply troubled and in a rough situation. I hope you can recover and get on track. ❤

No. 561374


Thank you for your kind words anons. As soon as I get more stable, I'm heading straight to therapy. My mental state is horrible right now, I hardly leave my apartment and I get panic attacks when I go to the store.

No. 561375

Jesus christ anon, I'm so sorry…

No. 561436

ive been waiting for this
>was hated in the naruto tumblr community for owning a troll blog and harassing people who shipped my notp
>hated in my city for starting arguments on retarded political facebook posts for fun
>in a bunch of niche online communities
>had tumblr sjw phase and a /pol/ phase
>listens to brokencyde unironically
a lot of the things i see on here arent as bad as some of my worst moments but for some reason im ok with being this way

No. 561437

File: 1590862060994.jpg (41.15 KB, 400x533, uwu?.jpg)

>Part of the sad broken bbydoll Tumblr/IG community since before Nicole Dollanganger's prime
>Ironically enough, is blocked by Nicole for having directed Tumblr users to her thread years ago
>Mutuals with ND's orbiters
>Romanticized the shit out of her childhood abuse and poverty for years in due in part of being in the trauma blogs community – often overlaps with the sad bbydoll pale uwu cemeteries and emaciated girls side of Tumblr
>Was terrified of being posted when an anon wanted to make a trauma blogs general thread a while back
>Has kept up a tag for her creep ex that did a number on her years ago
>>>Was a classic BPDfag over him back in the day, still can be from time to time
>Relates too much to semi-cowish authors of traumaporn books such as My Dark Vanessa and Wasted
>Vents too often about ED, really should keep that shit on MPA or EDC
>Dropped out of college after only a year – would go back if she could do math to save her life and wasn't too proud to ask for a tutor
>Used to want to be a lawyer or at least a paralegal, now directionless and working the same retail job since she was 16
>Can not maintain friendships to save her life, most friends are really just close with her girlfriend and tolerate her
>Was much more likable before her granddad died a few months back, has now become a depressed shut-in who barely talks to her roommate/coworker or girlfriend
>Incredibly awkward when talking to people now, brain working faster than mouth and spitting out the wrong words
>Should really find another therapist after her previous one quit practicing ~1 month after her dad passed and only told her so with one more session left – was doing a lot better back then
>Probably should try meds, terrified to because her main problem is BPD and that apparently can't be medicated
>Been using this site for years, proud of having been the vendetta anon to post Erin despite having secretly having a popular agere blog
>Moved in March, too depressed to really unpack or put things away
>Still dresses kinda goth/emo despite turning 22 in a couple weeks

No. 561443

all I’m seeing in this thread is straight girls are most likely to be a dumpster trash fire and fuck pedos from the internet for self validation, love yourself jesus christ

No. 561444

>listens to brokencyde unironically
Worst offense itt.
Anon why

No. 561445

i like it

No. 561452

kek anon, this made me laugh out loud

Honestly guys being a cow is not that fun, hopelessly insecure cowtippers message you on your SM for even the most minor offenses telling you to kill yourself/get raped. Who cares if it's on an imageboard but it sucks getting it over SM.

No. 561502

I gotta know which Naruto ship was so heinous that you went out of your way to troll people who shipped it (no judgement cause I'd probably do the same thing back in the day kek)

No. 561506

File: 1590867213056.jpg (87.86 KB, 768x768, 1444375480407.jpg)

welcome to my trainweck of a life pls no bully
>dealing with an abusive, narcissistic mother through her entire childhood puts her in a defensive mood 24/7
>never ever talks with people and always ghosts their messages, will freak out if someone does the same to her
>thinks she's worthy of ignoring people but if they ignore her then they're a bunch of cunts
>is actually quite good at holding a conversation but talks too much garbage which weirds people out so she sticks to shutting the fuck up
>very fucking secretive with everything in her life
>might have a little victim complex (thanks mom)
>also might have a superiority complex (again, thanks mom)
>used to call herself god, godlike, boost her ego around and say how she's better than everyone
>someone once called her out on this and told her she's a piece of shit and no einstein 2.0
>proceeded to have a breakdown
>tfw insecure as fuck and refuses to say stuff like that anymore but still has a big ego
>hanging around in toxic places during her teen years made her identify as a fakeboi for 3-4 years
>will never confess it but it was one of the best times of her life
>really fucked up ideas and fetishes
>had a boyfriend who used to cut his name into her thighs and put cigarettes out on them
>she let him because she used to romanticize abuse and think it's uwu so cute uwu
>has also a lot of old self harm scars all over her body all thanks to running a traumacore account when she was around 15-17
>would actively cut herself open for some aesthetic pictures
>never forgot to tag those pictures with #broken #traumacore #depression #lanadelrey #follow4follow
>is very ashamed of her scars now
>used to think she has bpd and also had a "fp"
>would obsess over him and fight with his nasty friends
>this one friend of his was into incest and would constantly ask him to roleplay incest with her, insist to be his "sister"
>tfw she has bad childhood memories related to incest
>ended up fighting with her when she found out about her kink and made that incest bitch cry
>"fp" ended up leaving her because of the drama she caused
>got a girlfriend
>gf cheated on her
>smoked weed once and acted like she did heroin
>acts like she's all tough but she's just all bark no bite
>cannot even argue with anyone because it reminds her of her childhood
>hypocritical as fuck
>will bash on people for doing (X) thing but she will also do the same
>hateboner for all the people who have wronged her
>will constantly stalk them and check on their blogs for whatever reason she doesn't even know
>extremely creepy and stalkerish when she finds the perfect person to obsess over
>once stalked this one tumblr mutual for half a year, saved all their blog links on web.archive, kept an entire folder dedicated to things she found about them, saved all their selfies, even had a file with all their social media and other accounts, managed to find out where they work and where they exactly live
>hasn't ever talked to the said mutual and the obsession is now gone so she ended up deleting everything
>feels no shame or regret over that
>feels no shame or regret over anything she does
>insists that she's no weeb but she is
>used to bash on fujos during her fakeboi phase but is now one herself
>will immediately assume that someone is copying her/the way she talks or types all thanks to this one bitch who copied her entire personality once
>is now paranoid as fuck
>insists that she hates people who fake an ED and complain about being fat while not working on their weight but she's the complete same
>but for some reason thinks she's different than them
>tfw isn't even fat but is your good old ana-chan (thanks mom)
>now she barely has any social media, doesn't talk to anyone, has zero online or IRL friends, just spends the majority of her time reading yaoi and going on imageboards to bask in the great feeling of anonymity

No. 561518

File: 1590868922645.png (1.05 MB, 1061x800, herlifeinanutshell.png)

I'm so glad to have grown up on forums, habbo hotel and shitty imageboards instead of social media, like you wouldn't believe.

>ditched all her friends and their friend's friends in middleschool after some of them went through her bag without permission and read her edgy notebook/ventbook, is DEEPLY AFFECTED by it
>spent more of her last two years in senior high school skipping school than attending it
>only to take the same 5-something busrides and listen to music everytime she skipped
>prude, can't be sexual without feeling like shit because her mother had a meltdown at her once for watching porn as a kid and exposed that to the whole family
>catfished every online contact when being asked for pictures, had an internet bf who ended up being a catfishing girl too
>had another online bf who grows up to be a milder racist edgelord with an incel mindset, dumped her and made fun of her & racist jokes on her cost after she confessed to catfishing "to scare her away", still clinged to him and revived contact with him again and again for 7 years
>~traumatic csa twama~ that's isn't actually rape or abuse, but doctors and nurses mishandeling her when she needed to have her pee medically removed because dumbass 6yo her thought it was a good idea to hold it in as long as possible several times over the span of a week for some reason - which is now all a funny joke to her family "how it took 5 people to hold her down" and probably just a giant joke in general
>only close encounters irl with men post-childhood ended in her kicking them in the balls and apologizing for days after it, her getting hugged out of nowhere and autistically freezing up & tearing up or her yelling that she likes pussy (literally) to persistent flirting strangers
>spent most of her life denying she's a lesbian
>only ever had any remotely intimate experiences with women and enjoyed it, is indifferent to male bodies and was never able to imagine herself as a man's wife without cringing, self-inserts into men with great gfs and more
>wannarexic throughout her teens, and - surprise, surprise - ends up with actual anorexic tendencies, hate for eating and an even worse feeling for her body than before
>made an ana websites with ~OC content~ and reviews of shitty recipes, tips and mono diets, then fully deleted it when it became too popular because she couldn't handle to get in contact with more than 2 people
>made a pathetic suicide attempt at 15, stole a pack of regular sleeping pills from her best friend's mom, grinded them with the end of an umbrella and put them into her bologna, immediately puked it out afterwards and secretly visited a doctor during her schooltime because she was scared shitless she caused longtime damage to her intestines after a night of heavy googling
>became vegetarian for 2 years in hopes it gains her the right to prepare her own food again, ends up getting fed by mommy anyway and gaining 30 pounds
>used to be an EpIc hAxXoR because she was so butthurt and petty about paypal making shit decisions with her account and keeping her money, that she kept making fake accounts and used real ones to bring those fake accs into heavy negative balances on Paypal's cost
>shaved her whole head because she got fed up with her real hair and wore badly maintained lace wigs and normal wigs for about a year

>talks to her cats 24/7 and barely any actual humans
>hugs her dress form when in need of physical affection
>owns dolls, "jokingly" calls them her children but talks to them when alone and gets anxious when someone else wants to hold and handle them
>25yo virgin, still to chicken to get close to anyone
>still gets nervous breakdowns over eating one tiny thing too much and over feeling full, despite realising, after it passed, how stupid that is
>took a whole day to make a track out of a recording of her mother screaming at her "to cope", ends up deleting it anyway out of shame
>stalks her old friends and manages to find some of them despite them deleting and changing their handles 2-3 times, yet still too chicken to get in contact again
>doesn't get a therapist because she's afraid to get forced into medication that makes her fat or makes her dependent on it, afraid of ending up with bad therapists and afraid of having to invite her mother into it
>constantly shits on tumblr, twitter and facebook users on imageboards
>visits all 3 websites occasionally herself
>hardcore ~experimental~ j-fashion weeb, even wears it to sleep and is probably too autistic to admit she looks like an overgrown clown in it
>watches rotting food videos to calm down
>can't go a day without whining about how much she wants to move out and away from her controlling family, is still too poor for it, only recently got a barely above minimum wage job and probably has debt entries that will hinder her from getting a flat anyway
>only leaves her room for work or when she feels fat
>makes horrid 2deep4u music and drawings

To be fair, I only rarely really judge the cows I follow for obvious reasons.

No. 561529

naruhina and sasusaku. i ship sasunaru
you guys are cool

No. 561531

cool is the least thing i'd call myself
more like: absolutely pathetic

sasunaru is the best i am glad people like you exist

No. 561544

Definitely sasusaku, 2014 was truly the peak.

Also fucking sasunaru, I spent literally all of middle school and sophomore year of highschool on that ship. I would literally write paragraphs about how their love was true love on Tumblr. (I also had a ask blog on Tumblr with horrendous art.

No. 561547

>naruhina and sasusaku. i ship sasunaru
No u, anon. You are the cool one and the hero we need but don't deserve.

No. 561552

>Annoying SJW NEET living off parent's money, that lurks on image boards.
>20 something year old kiss less virgin.
>Unironically uses "Muh Depression" as an excuse to not get off her lazy ass and get a job.
>Can't keep a friendship for more than 7 years, complains how lonely she is and blames the other people when in reality she did shit things in the friendship too.
>"I won't have sex unless I love the person UWU" Doesn't put an effort to start a romantic relationship, only had been on one date and stonewalled the whole time.
>Spends all day on social media, makes herself angry over the most trivial shit online.
>Has narcissistic tendancies since she hasn't had to put an effort in to any thing, always received praise for her looks and minimal achievements.
>Thinks she has autism uses that as an excuse to put in zero effort in socializing or put effort in appearance.
>Tried therapy twice blamed the therapists even though it was her own inability to open up.
>goes on lolcow and is very critical of cows that remind her of herself to the point of nit-pick.
>Romanticizes addiction, is too afraid to even try coke.
>Romanticizes folk/crust punk vagabond lifestyle, is too afraid to even step outside.
>Thinks she can get an art job with f-tier digital painting style
>Thinks that music is a way to replace a lack of personality.

No. 561556

i feel like almost everyone in that community was a cow in some way, fallingforkonoha was probably my biggest personal cow of all time. wonder if i knew you kek

No. 561558


Arguing over ships is so funny to me. I read a lot of naruto fanfiction and I genuinely don't give a shit what the pairing is so long as it's believably written. The only one that I can almost never get behind is kakasaku, which for some reason is really popular. There are basically no circumstances in which that pairing makes sense/isn't super fucked up.

No. 561567

finally a thread for me

>NEET and highschool dropout

>blames failure on mysterious mental health issues
>is actually a lazy spoiled brat who is comfortable leeching off her parents
>romanticizes trailer lifestyle because she doesn't want to find a stable job and because she knows she couldn't ever buy a house with her spending habits
>hardly has any friends because few can tolerate someone that egotistical and annoying
>showers the only friends she has with gifts to condition them to like her, still ends up ghosting them because durr she's so superior and better than everyone
>thinks she's the smartest person on the planet because she watched philosophy crash course
>proper art cow/ocfag à la holly brown, the difference being holly sometimes finishes her projects
>super condescending to other artfags despite her art being dogshit
>scoffs at furry artists, draws torture porn
>wastes all money on deviantart adoptables
>created accounts pretending to steal her own art for negative attention and validation that her art isn't complete trash
>thought she was akshually a man because she doesn't like taking selfies
>went from being an ugly fakeboi to an ugly femcel in record two months
>was mad @ parents for not letting her buy a binder, doesn't even have titties
>stalked a chadlite fuckboy because he was the the first guy that acknowledged her existence and she decided they were soulmates, also because he looked like her animu hasubando
>scammed two people for $30 to buy a birthday present for said fuckboy
>never gave the present, never tried to return the money
>snuck creep shots of him that she hasn't deleted to this day
>fuckboy inevitably ghosted her after realizing she's too embarrassing to fuck, she continued to pester him for a month and had a bunch of retarted mental breakdowns over a relationship that never existed
>doesn't admit she's straight despite never having relationships with girls and thirsting after fictional men
>skinwalks fuckboy by attempting to copy his interests, vernacular, first language and musical taste
>envies lesbians, skinwalks several to a lesser extent
>still obsessed with homestuck and undertale but will call you immature for liking anime

No. 561568

90% of this is me. I feel so exposed.

No. 561577

> somehow both non-binary and a lesbian tumblrina snowflake
>23yrs old and consumes stuff made for kids, and surprise, its shit like She-Ra and Animal Crossing
>Woke(tm) angry black person
> drinks themselves to sleep everyday after work
> complains about having no friends but has no personality and is self-employed
>family kicked her out at 18 because they found a naked girl they specifically banned them from being around hiding in their room
>failed out of college
> claims to be vegan but ate 3 slices of cheesecake today despite being severely lactose intolerant anyway
>complains that they have no talent but doesnt actually work on improving themselves

theres more but i feel bad now lol. fun thread op.

No. 561578

No real milk I'd be one of the boring cows that just gains and loses 20lb over and over and generally sucks at being a human, a la Snoozy.
>former high level mod of r9k discord known for orbiting and grooming girls
>nasolabial folds

No. 561579

File: 1590873676788.jpeg (73.15 KB, 782x960, 1590269423752.jpeg)

>literally autistic
>obsessed with weebshit and 2d boys
>goes on rants for hours about how great japan is
>cried while reading japanese history textbook 10 times and read it aloud to her friends
>almost all her friends treat her like retarded child that needs to be protected and looked after 24/7
>only friends with other girls, no male friends
>only into short men, spergs about how gross tall men are all the time
>says she hates men, spergs out about men, openly states all girls should become lesbians, has a manlet fiancé anyway
>says misandrist shit to her fiancé but flips out if he reacts negatively
>doesn't initiate most outings with her friends
>still gets salty and passive-aggressive if she isn't invited every time
>unironically idenitified as being shotacon while she was 15 because ~it was cool~
>gets passive-aggressive when people don't work as fast as she does
>has been lying about knowing how to cook for 9 years, and that she eats a v healthy diet
>in reality doesn't know how to fry an egg and the reason she is not fat is that she never makes food, and only eats one takeout meal every day
>literally female version of angry worthless weeb gamer fedora tipping 4channer
>gets incredibly angry when people don't share her anime taste, can spend 10 hours arguing with people on /a/ or anitwitter
>banned on /a/ more times than she can count, on all her devices for being a sperg
>saved 12k for leg shortening surgery because ~5'8 girls can't be kawaii and Japanese uwu~
>screams out Japanese phrases randomly
>only gets along with elderly ladies at work, intentionally ignores and is being passive-aggressive towards anyone else
>keeps putting off wedding because she is afraid of her fiancé finding out her weird autistic stimming habits
>unironically obsessed with cats
>has bpd ex she only started dating because he was insanely good-looking
>even though she knew he is a giant fuck-up, she still went surprised pikachu when he started treatening suicide, killing animals, cutting himself in front of her, etc.
>still kinda thinks about him because he looked like a 10/10 2d guy
Man, I feel like a such a fucking sperg. Basically everyone itt suffered unimaginable traumas, or at least their behaviour is somewhat excusable. Meanwhile I'm just a piece of shit and lolcow with no excuses lol.

No. 561585

File: 1590874970040.jpg (29.41 KB, 590x350, Transport-Accident-Commission-…)

This is so fucking funny, good job OP.


>constantly overshares about everything in her life to strangers on the internet
>currently leeching off of her weeb boyfriend
>fatty-chan who believes in "muh genetics" meme and has the same mentality as Amberlynn Reid
>makes little to no fucking effort to find a job
>makes fun of cosplayers, youtubers, celebrities etc. when she looks like pic related
>won't make a fucking effort to style her hair or apply makeup and half the time is seen walking around with no bra on (yuck!)
>gets into online fights daily
>whinges about her living situation but doesn't take any steps to changing it
>is always right no matter what evidence she's presented with, obviously
>tries to appear intelligent when she's as dumb as a bag of rocks
>100% lurks here, hi aggressive-fatty-neet-chan!

No. 561589

>100% lurks here, hi aggressive-fatty-neet-chan!

How dare you mock me

No. 561590

>Has deep trauma from religious parents
>Still living with her shariah law parents, cannot move out
>Blames all her retarded behaviour on said trauma
>Has zero friends
>Uses depression as an excuse not to shower or do anything
>Constantly sperges about hating men yet still sends nudes to abusive robots for validation
>So retarded and deluded with 'muh depression' that she doesn't even have basic hobbies or any semblance of a personality outside physical urges
>Has a superiority complex despite being a complete degenerate who spends her life on imageboards
>Dislikes troons yet half of the music she listens too is troon music (Ayesha Erotica, 100gecs, Black Dresses ect)
>Has monthly breakdowns where she texts people from high school for basic human connection and fails pathetically
>Still self harms and feels bad for her retarded self
>Still a hopeless romantic and dreamer who thinks that someone perfect will fall in love with her and her life will get better if she tries

No. 561591

>secretly kept a man in his late twenties in her room for a week
I'm so curious, how did you do that? Seems insanely difficult. Please tell me more or I am gonna die from curiosity.

No. 561596

I feel so attacked right now
I'm basically the same anon

>my weeb bf calls me Moo

No. 561598

>half the time is seen walking around with no bra on
don't call me out like that

No. 561609

Why are you me anon? Like actually word for word.

No. 561610

off topic but LMAO I was introduced to 100 gecs when they were the opener at my brockhampton show and the troon legit had the dirtiest most unwashed hair up in a half bun and cover his face with a mask. His FTM girlfriend was there selling merch for them is fucking UGLY too, greasy pedo stache and unkempt hair. Absolute cows

No. 561615

>20 something year old kiss less virgin.

>25yo virgin, still to chicken to get close to anyone

This shit makes me sad. You're both young, you have plenty of time to embrace your own company or to meet someone.

No. 561620

File: 1590879005726.jpg (16.5 KB, 229x240, tumblr_e5ff45107e046ed34b783a0…)

>Depressed suburban white girl.
>"xD quirky" personality that's probably due to undiagnosed ADHD.
>Executive dysfunction due to probable undiagnosed ADHD. Can barely set up appointments or do her own taxes without a meltdown.
>Extreme resentment towards her parents for emotional abuse throughout childhood, still lives with them and happily takes their money at 24.
>Almost dropped out of college multiple times. Only reason she didn't was because her parents had enough money to keep her going.
>Art degree from a state school.
>Extremely strong opinions and reactions to literally almost everything. Keeps most to herself because she's afraid of being called out.
>Makes fun of consoomers despite being a huge consoomer herself.
>Writes fanfiction and draws fanart all the time. Current fanfic is longer than any paper she wrote in college.
>Technically did not graduate after 6 years of college due to a 1 credit class and is making it up this summer.
>Used to have absolute breakdowns when boys rejected her. Would pine over certain guys for months afterwards.
>Used male validation as a basis for her self esteem.
>Spent literal MONTHS heartbroken over a NEET guy who didn't shower.
>Spent an entire summer not showering and sleeping 17 hours a day when a guy left her for another girl.
>Despite having a new boyfriend, still has feelings for an ex who broke her heart twice and who is also a witch now.
>Cares about new boyfriend but is too afraid to admit that they don't have a future together.
>Despises having to bend over backwards for customers at her retail job but does it anyways because of overcompensation from trying to please parents in childhood.
>Simultaneously incredibly passive aggressive towards customers because everything bugs her.
>Talks about herself all the time; only way she can relate to people's problems is if she talks about her own experiences.
>Former Disney Girl™
>Extremely horny for random youtubers and 80's celebrities.
>Almost certain she's bi but has never done anything with a girl.
>Wants to get into the animation industry but has no idea how to form a portfolio, or any original ideas for that matter.
>Maladaptive daydreamer that spends a majority of her time imagining scenarios that will never happen.
>Typing all of this out at work because fuck it.

No. 561623

File: 1590879165094.jpg (222.03 KB, 1024x1024, 14090713840_1e0e6f4472_b.jpg)

>post yfw you're seeing yourself in all these posts

No. 561626

>nearly 25-year-old kissless virgin with no friends
>gained 90lbs, always fails diets, still blames it on muh ed from 9 years ago instead of nighly binge eating
>ages like Venus, nearly as bad hygiene, no sleep
>super lazy, still not finished university, lives at her parents, they pay for nearly everything
>self-diagnosed anxiety, depression, ocd and possibly autism
>whines about family (or other stuff) online but is too much of a chicken to confront them irl
>went from sjw fakeboi admirer to anti-sjw borderline racist pickme, to radfem, to nothing (or a bit of everything?) all while already above 20
>always copies others, even friends, no opinions of her own
>notorious liar
>constantly fights with people on the internet but takes it way too personally
>got banned from extremely niche discord, has rather popular tumblr account and all other people with that same interest hate her too (because she just can't shut up)
>shittalks things she secretly likes, e.g. kpop or weeb stuff despite being a fushoji herself, also massive yellow fever
>triggered by girls who are shorter, thinner, younger looking, with smaller tits than her
>hates neets because she's jealous that they have boyfriends and get to stay at home
>loves when she gets carded because obsessed with youth + can't stop talking about the ~5 times a man has hit on her, because that's at least some male attention
>posts on lc 24/7, made many threads, used to frequently samefag (while making the same esl mistakes) to try and get people to agree with her because she had no idea what an ip address is
Basically like an obnoxious teen boy with an idenity crisis in a bitter fat hag body. The only progress I made is to stop watching porn and no longer browsing 4chan and kf. And my only positive points are that I'm at least trying to get an education/job, plus me being so ugly stopped me from getting in relationships and getting hurt by men.
I'm one of those cows you just absolutely hate but also there's not much milk because nothing exciting happens in my life. Sometimes I'm paranoid that one day mods just decide to doxx me because I'm so doddamn annoying but the only thing you could find about me on social media is pictures from 3+ years ago in which old friends tagged me on facebook. I guess (or hope) that there's still much, much worse people on here lol

No. 561627

File: 1590879580077.jpg (67.87 KB, 639x904, nIbwybx.jpg)

No. 561628

I swear to god that's Ted Cruz.

No. 561636

Holy shit now I see it too

No. 561655

File: 1590882577559.jpeg (471.58 KB, 979x689, 19F88956-7916-4592-92AE-0242BA…)

>be me
>average looking with good skin, but knows how to put on makeup for own face and can dress own body properly
>17k followers on ig for my selfies and cosplays, it does make me feel validated and pretty
>also shitty fanfic writer, digital artist, and dancer but I know that’s not why ppl follow me
>secretly not secretly desperate for love and understanding
>went through a ~toxic~ breakup
>an ig orbiter picks up on this (through my many vague sadposts which I made to get attention) and reaches out to me
>my ig orbiter for years, he was always supportive and engaging with my posts and stories so I sorta got to know him
>handsome in the same way most Amerimutt men are, broad shoulders and straight nose, pretty hazel eye colour
>shit posture, sense of style, and hygiene though
>I end up crushing for him and sending him nudes because he was ~so nice and understanding~
>I used to browse r9k so I was aware but skeptical of the whole “soyboy feminist orbiters are just attempting to blend in with women to get laid” belief
>turns out to be all true
>he wasn’t fat or had a neckbeard, but
>he secretly a huge misogynist, thought women needed to be put in their place and that lesbians just needed “the right man”
>yet was also a cuckhold. I can’t make this shit up
>didn’t take long for the nice guy act to end
>bLoCkEd AnD deleeeted
>the orbiter who got away
>kinda heartbroken, resumes vague sadposting

Side milk:

>also highly anxious

>nearly failed uni a few times for my in-school panic attacks
>happens nearly every semester and I NEVER learn

No. 561657

Keep in mind this is an imageboard in the same format of 4chan 8chan etc. It’s not exactly a general straight girl issue lol

No. 561661

Hey chubby-butt chan, if you're a notorious liar how do we know any of this is true?

No. 561662

anything here could be a lie, there's no point in asking if their stories are true.

No. 561664

lmao why did the tranny delete his post? come baaack i wanna know your story!

No. 561667

File: 1590883973130.jpg (23.75 KB, 360x450, dad.jpg)

No. 561677

Alright I'm not usually someone who shares their life online but for milk's sake I'll tell you how it happened

This friend is a co-host of a youtube channel centered on a certain hobbie. I watched this channel for a while, and they were my favorite commentator. As a background, something very personal happened in my life (a convoluted heartbreak) and that made me go a bit nuts quite frankly. Can't say I am the most mentally stable person.
Then, in their channel, they uploaded a video. I saw this person's appearance for the first time, and I felt something weird for them. Like, I wanted to know more about them, and I felt something else entirely that I wasn't sure what it was.
Turned out to be I had a big fucking crush on someone from youtube lol. And of course they didn't know me.

So, I searched them out, they had a link on their personal channel that gave me more links, and then one of those links gave me a full name. I came across many accounts. And soon enough I learned… quite a lot about them. Including their irl job. God, I was really fucking creepy lol.

I obsessed about them for a while. I have never, ever obsessed over anyone this hard in my life.
Then, I took it even further.
I contacted them on social media. Out of the blue. Just like that. They do receive a lot of random messages, but I took more steps.
In the span of some months, after some talking, we became friends. Then good friends. Then we got really personal. Then we got… very, very personal. I hope you understand what I'm implying.

In the end, now I we have become very close friends who appreciate each other a lot, and I know more about them than before, but in a healthy way. Youtubers are people too after all, and we happen to have a lot of things in common. They accepted me into their life because I genuinely care about them and what they have to say always. I'm not just a spectator, but someone part of their life, and for them I'm super grateful.

…Silver lining? We actually want to meet each other irl. And do stuff. They might visit me after covid shit is over.

No. 561678

Don't worry anon I have aspergers too lol

No. 561679

>I ship sasunaru
BRO high five lol

No. 561683

samefag, but
tl;dr: creepy obsessive stalker convinces a youtuber to be friends and then get sexual together

No. 561687

I wish I could meet you anon, this is like I could’ve written it— minus the parents giving me money part kek

Also, great thread OP

No. 561693

I want to know!

No. 561714

i think that highlighting your own trauma/half justifying your actions with negative personal experiences kind of misses the point of the thread, just a thought. like, having depression isn't milk, it just sets the tone for the rest of the post so we're supposed to feel sorry for you instead of disgusted

then again i guess it's kind of milky to use trauma/mental illness as an excuse so go off

No. 561747

>csa survivor and using it as an excuse to completely fail at life and not even try
>has been planning/threatening to sudoku since 9yo but has never made a proper attempt because coward
>posted said threats on various boards online as a teen and basked in the attention
>muh mentals since childhood
>dropped out of several schools, still has no education
>has never had a proper job
>happens to live in a country where it's possible to live independently while being a totally useless leech
>goes from terrible abusive relationship to the next
>latest being a raging bpd anachan troon with also a csa past but who fetishized the abuse, now so traumatized by the relationship hasn't let anyone touch her for three years
>paranoid as fuck but endlessly vents to a small, loyal IG following, all of whom are sick of her shit
>"nobody understands meeeee!!11"
>posts a mixture of drunken crytyping and pseudointellectual rants
>anachan since teens, but has spiraled into alcoholism and not-giving-a-shit-ism past few years so expected to balloon uncontrollably
>in love with a guy who's treated her like shit for over a decade and it's never going to lead to anything, but uwu ~unrequited love~
>in therapy and treatment since forever but doesn't even try to get better or achieve anything, only plans she's able to make revolve around offing herself
>which somehow never happens and the cycle just repeats
>recluse with no friends or social life, doesn't want any because mISaNThRopY, but honestly actually does
>almost fucking 30

No. 561752

File: 1590892525370.gif (3.73 MB, 480x270, existential crisis.gif)

>mfw I start describing myself and realize that my shitty life isn't even shitty in an interesting way.

No. 561770

>spends all day crying about declining mental health, does nothing about it
>spends all day crying about social issues, also does nothing to get involved
>currently not wanting to get a job working in public due to health complications that could be fatal with covid, has skills that can be done at home but too lazy to exploit them
>relying on boyfriend and parents for food and money, justifies it with the above statement
>always bitching about how terrible facebook is but won't deactivate. also has a second facebook for lurking
>is instead heavily invested in drama on the internet, surfing youtube and drama boards because it's an easy distraction
>constantly claims to be quitting cigarettes (which can also worsen the health issue), walks out of the gas station with a pack of smokes every other week

No. 561806

It's not milky to have a mental illness but a lot of cow behavior is extremely exacerbated by not being all there. A lot of my most milky moments were when I was extremely unwell.

Also you gotta set the stage a little when anonymously presenting yourself lol.

No. 561817

> Horrifically lazy
>No friends, only solication is lurking discord and vidya
>Been trying to get a univeristy degree for almost 5 years. Brother who is 6 years yonger than me is catching up.
> Knows the resonable thing to do is to give up, parents threaten to kick them out if i leave the course, even if they promise to get a job and pay rent to keep living with them and intend on going back to university to get a degree at some point.
>All problems in life would be solved by moving out and cutting off family and being independent. Too afraid parents will send police to come and get them and laugh and bully them for being stupid.
>Suck at getting jobs
>constantly makes excuses for weight gain
>Hates men, only because They fear being seen as attractive and see sex and intimacy as a form of violation no matter what. Good thing they are ugly and antisocial.
>wastes money on clothes they are too ugly to wear.
>Too ashamed to make friends
>Stuck in a perpetual cycle of self loathing, depression and fear of the future.
>Has had councelling and help for depression, never ever works out.
>Somewhate convinced they may have some kind of autism, too ashamed to go get a diagnosis.

I feel like even if i had a social media pressence, i am too boring to even have a thread or to have followers that aren't porn bots.

No. 561820

None of this is milk..

No. 561832

It's more like a self brag kek

No. 561853

File: 1590903764918.gif (17.59 KB, 220x224, tenor.gif)

let the milk flow (this is my first time telling this story, kind of therapeutic)

both my parents work, making it easy to assess their schedule. i could trace their phones so i was able to determine when they were on their way home. it allowed me to sneak him in and out, even if i wasn't there. i also had control over the security system and cameras so i was able to redirect them during entry/exit. my folks never came into my room and didn't question me bringing snacks and stuff in there since i did that anyway.

this goes without saying that it was (is) ~traumatic~ because i had been groomed so much that i did what i did. should have known better, and i largely choose to forget it happened because it's too disturbing in retrospect

No. 561861

>highlighting your own trauma/half justifying your actions with negative personal experiences kind of misses the point of the thread

I'd half expect anons to be self-aware and either a lot of this stuff is in the past or are actively working on it currently. Not shocking at all, this is exactly why they don't wind up like the cows on this site.

No. 561889

File: 1590911967794.jpg (170.1 KB, 688x662, IMG_20200531_095623.jpg)

>depending on parents at age 32
>several skin deseases left untreated for yrs because too ashamed to see professional
>takes twice as long for degree because no immediate gratification = no motivation to study
>ghosted therapist because upcoming topics tOo hAwD rAtHeR nOt cHaNgE aNyThInG
>flat looks like a hoarder's place
>sometimes smells like one, too because can't be fucked to take out trash and take care of mould
>fell madly in love and the guy even showed interest - refused him as she is unworthy of him because see above
>thinks of him everyday for yrs but instead of working on herself…
>sleeps in and surfs the internetz for at least 4 hrs/day
>obsessed with fat lolcows because WeLLL aT LeAsT aaaiii AM nOt fAt uwu
>all because of mUh MeNtAlS obviously, no trauma, just sooper vulnerable sensitive snowflake

No. 561916

Anon this is way too fucking vague but very specific I hate it, I am this cow KEK

No. 562054

you could be describing me

No. 562178

>is a poorfag now, but if you dig far enough back, you'll find out she was born pretty middle class, and that her granddad was a small town tobacco industry richfag.
>it's easier to name relatives who don't have drug and alcohol problems.
>CSA survivor, but it happened so young, the only reason she knows is because her older brother could remember the same happening to him.
>dad literally necked himself.
>dropped out of high school.
>been on anti-depressants since she was 10.
>was one of the "smelly kids" in middle school because she'd go without showering for so long.
>lives like a hoarder, always has.
>made out with a 40 year old man at 19.
>can count how many times she's had sex on one hand.
>been in two relationships, they imploded because both sides were retarded. The fact that she is terrible at intimacy and affection probably doesn't help.
>busted for weed in early 20s, did a year probation.
>partially wants to work, to have money coming in, but partially doesn't want to work because shitposting on the internet all day is more fun.
>has used actual emotionally manipulative behavior on people in fandoms who are almost ten years younger than her.
>stalked multiple personal cows, usually because something about them both pissed her off and made her jealous.
>probably partially contributed to at least one Discord fandom group shutting down.
>follows people for political shit on Twitter, but is half the time too afraid to speak up with them, feels appropriately guilty and cowardly.
>looks at cartoon porn and doesn't care who knows it.
>mental breakdown in 2019.
>became 70 pounds overweight for a while.
>miraculously hasn't become an alcoholic, not for lack of trying.
>lives with an alcoholic relative, who is a constant asshole and never pays bills like they should.
>no drivers license, can't drive worth a shit.
>older than she'd like to admit because of all this shit.

No. 562187

Most posters on here aren't cows because of what you revealed (although also because of that), but because you're trying to subtly defend yourselves and also add small humblebrags next to the milk.

No. 562213

>lifes in bumvucc, U.S.
>ovedros;;ed on xanax 4 tim jus tes
>SScammd peoople ont tunglr for rent (and xanax) mobry
>her nudes were once leaked no 4chan, but that didn..'`t stolp he rfrom contouing to do sex w..or k
>datyed a 35 yo mab whrm she wa..s 17
>wrjtes emu-tker melodrAmatic peoyry
>usec tto edjt fher eyes blue ,even if it wax obfioux ho evrreyb]ody tthey qere ohsoped

No. 562215


No. 562219

ohh;; yuo maen oll..;;ie??

No. 562221


No. 562225

nno..;tahts amu tual tehy wre xcnaceldt

No. 562228

No. 562235

>28 year old who still lives at home with emotionally manipulative family
>Drinking and drug problem (cocaine). Still has a superiority complex over those who do harder drugs and who are bigger alcoholics than me.
>Short tempered and has a massive chip on shoulder. Thinks everyone is out to get me. Starts arguments often.
>Feminist and a strong believer in women's rights yet extremely catty, especially to other women.
>Scared of men because I've been sexually assaulted more than once. Also at one point was convinced that my dad raped my mom and that's how I was conceived.
>Loves to make fun of weebs but my personal interests aren't much better (massive true crimefag)
>Pushes everyone away because I think they will end up hurting me or discover that I'm a massive loser with no redeeming qualities.
>Constantly makes fun of celebrities and people with a prominent online presence to avoid how much I hate myself.
>Chronic ezscema on fingers
>Severe depression. Can't be motivated to do anything.

I have a minimal online presence though so idk if I'm a true cow.

No. 562794

> had kid as a teen
> now 30 but still tries desperately to hold on to her fading and missed youth
> humblebrags about “still getting ID’ed”, but it’s really because she dresses in clothes she’s too old for
> got an art degree that she never uses but still thinks she’s smarter than others because she “graduated from college”
> thinks she’s doing better than her old coworkers because she got out of there, when really she just moved from one shithole to another
> gained 15lbs and thought it was gains and totally not because she drinks everyday
> uses work as an excuse to not raise her own child

No. 562839

File: 1591013015984.png (15.29 KB, 251x215, tumblr_inline_nljrhfEPOO1qgmgf…)

>had a very cringy anti feminist reactionary phase not too long ago
>used to run a short-lived proana blog
>posted in a fujoshit community and drew bara traced from porn images
>sensitive as hell and gets triggered easily
>manipulated her ex boyfriend because she wanted to larp as a bad bitch to hide the fact that she's actually a loser with few friends
>shit social skills, awkward as hell around people which results in embarrassing moments all over
>unstable, yells like an autistic demon at her parents when triggered
>used to have really bad hygiene and showered rarely
>facetunes herself to the point of catfishing

Moo moo my sisters

No. 562859

i don't think there are many 'harder' drugs than cocaine, sniffany

No. 562869

She's picking on the homeless people they take heroin or the old ladies addicted to opiates. I've been to a few parties with a lot of coke, I know how anon feels about those 50yo lady cokeheads they'll run up all over your man without a care. Cat fight! Just a side effect of euphoria uwu

No. 562872

crack, heroin, meth, fent to name a few

No. 562882

>decided to study abroad at 18, but dropped out to move back in with her parents after 2 years
>racked up 18k in debt that parents still pay for
>constantly steals expensive whiskey and liquor from parents' liquor cabinet cuz "muh alcoholism" and "muh depression"
>gave herself alcohol poisoning and nearly died during one of her alcohol binges
>starts dating an emotionally abusive guy cuz no self esteem
>only does anal and oral sex because she's too afraid to lose her virginity and claims it "doesn't really count"
>later starts dating an actually caring and gentle guy, but treats him like an absolute doormat because she was "totally emotionally abused, it's not my fault"
>breaks up with gentle-kun to get with a guy who only sees her as a fwb
>thinks hooking up with him and sending him nudes will totally make him fall in love with her
>claims she's now finally over him, but she's clearly not
>now almost 23 and still lives with her parents, mooches off of them, and drinks their liquor

No. 563100

this bitch matched with a girl on tinder, had an unfortunate conversation, was left on read, stalked her insta and now is madly in love with her.

No. 563101

what was the conversation

No. 563125

I barely remember, I think I sad i was going to commit seppuku because i was embarrassed about something. she had no idea what seppuku meant, i explained her and it became weird after that

No. 563350

found out the guy I’m in love with has a shitty take that I can not get passed. Ended up getting into an argument through text about it and called him a stupid idiot and daft. Got mad at me for calling him names even though he never called me names. I apologize but we still keep arguing over the thing because I’m very passionate about it as it affects me as a person. He decides to be a bigger person and say let’s agree to disagree. Instead of doing that get more data on the topic in my defense and just word vomits it out. He ignores me. Now I’m horny because I got him mad at me. And now I’m imagining ways to get him even more angry and fantasizing about him hate fucking me and smacking me around. But I know he won’t because he’s not that type of guy. Realize that i love arguing with people because exchanging intense dialogue about something we are both passionate about makes me horny. Feel disgusting because it not only affects me but society as a whole and I should probably stop talking to him. But I can’t because he’s really sweet and this is just one thing but I can’t get over it. I end up listening to drama cds and masturbating non stop for an hour. Like what the fuck is wrong with me I think I’m just angry about what’s going on in the world and I just want to fuck to escape reality. But I do this all the time! Like Everytime something bad happens I just want to fuck nonstop because it makes me forget my problems. Only it’s not healthy because it’s caused me to lose my job and just be a bum. I seriously feel like misato from Eva except less cool and leading a less fulfilled life. I hate me

No. 563356

sounds like she's the weird one

No. 563395

No it doesn't, unless you're a weeb or familiar with seppuku as a meme it would be weird as hell to hear someone use a random Japanese word to talk about killing themselves. Without context it's cringy at best and disturbing at worst.

No. 563410

>Without context it's cringy at best and disturbing at worst.
if you're older than most millenials or just a stuck up bitch with no humor whatsoever, then yes, a self deprecating joke might be too much for you. also, what kind of dumbass doesn't know about japanese suicidal rituals? you don't even need to be a weeb to be aware that samurais used to kill themselves to save their honor

if you saw what i think you saw, say nothing

No. 563417

She was probably a normie any time I made self deprecating jokes around normie co-workers they always looked at me like I needed a therapist on speed dial, while all my non normie coworkers got them as jokes. It's not that deep anon, some people are just very normal and well adjusted.

No. 563435

>what kind of dumbass doesn't know about japanese suicidal rituals?
like 90% of normal people lmao, sometimes it amazes me how people on this site can't see past their bubble

No. 563436

The world doesn't revolve around Japan or their kawaii~ culture

No. 563438

Eh the average person is pretty uncultured and can't tell the difference between japanese and chinese, I wouldn't expect them to know a specific honor killing ritual and a play on the word as a joke.

No. 563442

File: 1591067625985.jpg (62.8 KB, 540x405, i see myself.jpg)

>deranged half-asian too autistic for r/hapas
>self-hating southeast asian who larps as east asian to be more attractive
>obsessed with race and talks about how much she hates white people despite being half white
>overshared TMI details about dating and having sex older men while a minor
>fucked over 40 different guys by her 18th birthday
>serial cheater
>posts nudes for free on reddit for easy validation
>brags about being hot and desirable but is actually a friendless loser irl
>had an edgelord redpilled phase
>used to eat rocks and sticks and garbage in middle school for attention
>rarely seen leaving the house she's going to hook up with some guy
>spends almost the entire day on the internet

No. 563443

the part about Asian.. that's seriously me too I feel you anon ;-;

No. 563445

love urself anon

No. 563452

same, i relish in being sexy/trashy/crazy and revisit the positive comments i get on /r/trashyboners whenever i feel bad

No. 563466

File: 1591071554585.jpg (63.92 KB, 645x387, JPEG.jpg)

No. 563677

anon are you bestdressed lmao

No. 563716

>proana phase, lost 3kg and got bored
>totally faked her ed even though shes still obsessed with calories and starves herself when she even comes close to having a normal bmi
>still makes fun of people on the proana thread on /snow/
>has no personality, acts the same as the person she is currently hanging out with
>self hating half black
>had a "yeah im based and redpilled trad wife" phase
>lurks /r9k/ and /pol/
>4 diagnosed disorders, completely in denial over the fact that these rule her life
>currently trying to get a diagnosis for the fifth one
>is 100% certain that everyone in her life is a paid actor
>the people on the television talk to her sometimes
>sees everything as a sign
>has had meltdowns over the fact that someone installed a camera in her room and is currently watching her through her phone camera
>convinced that there is a secret site on the dark web where people make fun of other people, they found her while hacking webcams and she has become their lolcow because of all the retarded shit she does
>signed a petition against pornhub, was a porn addicted coomer when they were 12 and still is to this day
>made several friends and lost them all in the span of a month because she is to scared to talk to them
>still depressed about the fact that she only has 4 friends
>had a personal cow
>thought about making a snow thread, would never actually do it because shes so paranoid about posting anything online
>her phone breaks and she absolutely looses her shit, 100% convinced that this is a sign and starts praying for a solid 30 minutes for forgiveness and never looks at said cows account again
>has a friend who is a charicature of a "toxic" friend, expects everyone to bend over backwards for her but will refuse to help anybody else, sometimes even making fun of their problems
>"no you dont understand shes really nice she occasionally acts mean but shes a really good friend! im pretty sure im the problem here you guys shes really nice ok!!!"
>acts insanely similair to said friend, just doesnt say it out loud
>had dysphoria since she was 11
>wears binder every day
>addicted to caffeine and shopping, buys the most useless shit on impulse and is sure this new thing will fix all of her problems
>has done absolutely nothing during the the lockdown, except getting, no joke, nine 1s because she makes no assignments and doesnt attend class
>embarassingly long list of fetishes
>unironically likes cringy tumblr traumacore shit
>grew up extremely privelleged, has both parents and has no trauma whatsoever
>except that time she got molested but that totally doesnt count because it only happend twice and she barely remembers it
>obsessed with shit made for kids, constantly buys games that are made for literal toddlers and will play them for hours
>has no talent or hobbies because she drops any new interest instantly
>sometimes wants to be a lolcow so atleast someone can get enjoyment from her existence
>wants to be a trad housewaifu with 3 kids and a loving husband, knows this will never become a reality because all of her kids will turn out just as fucked as her
>to socially retarded to even post stuff on anonymous boards

shes so retarded lol

No. 563718

jfc this is so long sorry

No. 563722

>fucked tons of guys 10 years younger than her from tinder
>has bpd freakouts on every man she has ever fucked
>technically married and cheating
>selling nudes to men she met on tinder
>had sex with a guy for 100$. When he asked her to leave she forced him to let her stay. Cried all night in his bed
>gets drunk and high with men she doesnt even know
>100 lbs ana chan and is proud of her ability to starve
>got drunk at work and was all over her boss
>went on a drunken binder with a 20 year old boy. Lost her car keys and never got them back. Hasn't been able to drive her car in a month.

Oof I cringe reading this myself

No. 563798

File: 1591116777305.png (146.33 KB, 563x501, ssplained - Edited.png)

i stayed with a man who psychologically tortured me, gaslit me with his ex girlfriend, accepted nudes from this ex girlfriend, and then, when it finally all fell apart, published a series of humiliating posts on facebook detailing all my mistakes (mistakes meaning crying and clinging to him when he said mean sutff eg stupid, annoying, not good enough) and also said that i was obsessed with and jealous of his ex girlfriend, for mentioning that i found it unacceptable that she sent him ass pics and pictures of them kissing from 2016.

ironically, his ex also started making her own posts about how im a crazy BPD abuser etc etc and sent me the following message on facebook before blocking me. (this was in response to an apology)

anyway, im a fuckin retard and i have never suffered so much in my life. i wish i had the courage to kill myself

No. 563805

i know i was a cow in this situation too but honestly, my ex bf and his ex gf deserve their own thread (i would make them anonymous) detailing the entire drama, because honestly, it's buckwild

No. 563819

I'm sorry anon, but don't kill yourself. Take the time to recover and learn from this mistake, the good part is you'll never have to suffer this emotional rollercoaster again and now he's some other bitch's problem.

Tbh this girl sounds like she's in denial about what a shitty guy he is.
>The way Josh treats you isn't normal for him.
So she admits he treated you abhorrently but you're supposed to dismiss it because he treated her so well? Stupid bitch.
>physical violence like smashing your phone and calling the cops on you is what you get for him thinking you're being emotionally manipulative!
Cope for a violent man, this woman is a pickme.
>When I was 15 I was violent too!
See? They're a match made it heaven, let them massacre each other. Don't even believe her saying that they never argued and fought because I can guarantee that's 100% bullshit.

But anyways anon, you do need to leave these people and never look back. Block them if you have to.

No. 563822

>their kawaii~ culture
apparently knowing the littlest bit of information about japan makes you automatically a weeb, sad. just like how a man who breathes near a woman is labelled a simp. seppuku is often referenced in medias and it's a stereotype about how japanese people are willing to an hero but i guess if you're an ignorant person, you're most likely to be hanging around other ignorant people as well.

No. 563878



This message is such an enormous telling on herself for me. I didn't realise it at the time but her perception of reality is really, really just… amazing.

No. 564239

shut up, people not knowing what japanese word has what meaning in an instant doesn't make them ignorant. this isn't the weeb millionaire show

No. 565376

>Only it’s not healthy because it’s caused me to lose my job
I'm a bit afraid to ask, but how did that caused you to loose your job?

No. 565422

lmao is bestdressed anything like that ? she seems pretty normal from the vids I've seen, are there cowish tendencies lurking beneath ??

No. 565458

This is like every PULL user obsessing over white expat girls in Japan but missing the diagnosed BPD/bipolar.

No. 565575

>25 years old and doesn't even know her own cup size because she wore sports bras the entire time and it barely matters with a borderline flat chest
>ears have no piercings
>never wore makeup before
>gets up and walks around with bed hair
>is ok about quarantine because everyone else has to be shut in too
>made gaming videos with no mic or facecam as if its still 2009
>less than 1000 views lmao completely irrelevant
>writes fanfiction
>uses obscure open source software alternative because privacy nut

No. 565581

>uses obscure open source software alternative because privacy nut
Anon i'm browsing from probably the same hat-themed open source software, that's based and may seem spergy but is very good ethics

No. 565582

>Anon i'm browsing from probably the same hat-themed open source software, that's based and may seem spergy but is very good ethics
That might be normal for an anonymous imageboard but everywhere else including real life I got responses like
>"uhm where's microsoft word on ur computer?"
>why don't you just install windows 10 its free lol"
>"does't affect me" / "I got nothing to hide"
>"omg why don't you use discord join our channel already"
>"that spyware watchdog site looks sketchier than any other site I've seen XD"

No. 565587

I was actually put onto it by my dad who would always annoy me by putting the default search engine to duckduckgo when I was younger. He's a smart man, it still fucking sucks trying to use the terminal though i'm not gonna lie

No. 565588

Win10 looks better and has more features, idk, I tried free software and it has this "sad" vibe to it

No. 565590

The third quote in
is from my dad. I tried running my own instance of YaCy and building my own index, which unsurprisingly gives a lot of relevant results to my interests. Obvious bias as to how I'm steering the web crawler; but it's also shocking how much authority a search engine operator has and how much can be gamed. For example, if I tweaked the search engine to prefer older pages, I get stuff like documentation, but if I tweaked it to prefer new pages, I get magazines and mainstream news.

But it's really not great to run on my old toaster and I should get a proper server rack for it.

No. 565592

Also I get way less news clickbait if I told the web crawler to stay the fuck away from Twitter and Reddit.

No. 565595

>former shitposter in various imageboards
>dated robots who then would post about it
>had ltr with older men when she was underage
>took it as a win for her
>pro-ana phase
>all about male validation, and pick-me-up girl who denied being one
>left the 'internet scene' and weebs to get into indie scene, tried to change her personality almost completely to fit but still being a 'socially awkward horse-faced girl' so every friendship in that time period was forced as fuck
>despite that is extremely flirty with men and surprisingly they fall for her
>ghost them for fun or after they send gifts or food
>refused to talk to the people who ghosted but wrote long-ass blog entries to vent about it

No. 565605

File: 1591315721262.jpg (1.32 MB, 2560x1440, 2020-06-04-170813_2560x1440_de…)

How software looks is essentially the lowest on my list of priorities when it comes to stuff like memory usage and performance honestly. Before I could buy own pc components turning off Windows 7's Aero glass meant frame rate improvements, so my choices just look pragmatic. I'm not a fan of the flat color + easter egg colored icons + rounded rectangles look.

My shit is so basic I just put a wallpaper and set transparency.

No. 565611

Ancient milk
>weeb in highschool
>didn't shower often
>never showed up
>told her classmates to "eat shit" on their facebook page and didn't attend graduation.
>somehow graduates

Recent Milk
>now 26
>cuts people out after being used for rides and got 40 nintendy games stolen lol
>met her bf on KF and now in the best relationship she's ever been in. Downside is she can never tell anyone how they met.
>Friends get featured on lolcow and ghosts them.
>Had an ok office job and after a month has a mental breakdown.
>boss tells her the day after she cannot have anymore sick days and she dresses "too inappropriately at work"
>lol bye
>oh shit probably shouldn't have done that
>now lives with parents
>always miserable because she lost her "freedom" to do whatever she wants.
>will probably move countries to be with her bf.

No. 565613

>unix-based shit
You're cool as fuck to me anon

No. 565621


Is KF bf really that nice anon? Every guy i've seen posting here sounds absolutely nuts lol.
Im glad you lucked out.

No. 565627

Anon pls love yourself, none of that is milky or anything to be embarassed/ashamed about.

No. 565628

I know what you mean, anon it's hard to talk to most kiwis because they're too spergy. I've met my bf irl too and he's very sweet. We'll be together for two years next month.

No. 565635

What assumption comes first when a girl says she doesn't know her own bra size at 25? That she's retarded or flatchested?

No. 565638

No assumption, because correct bra sizes are notoriously difficult to work out and there's nothing milky about wearing a fucking sports bra, who gives a shit?

No. 565643

Flatchested kek

No. 565691

Have you even met this guy irl?

No. 565728

I love it
>has trauma but won’t get help for it
>maladaptive daydreams to sleep at night
>abuses meds and has new alcohol problem
>smells like cigarette and labia
>looks like man even though cis white girl and parents cringe
>listens to shitty music
>more talk than action
>stayed in an abusive relationship for years even though they knew it was abusive - total denial mode
>only posts on lolcow when drunk
>cares too much to the point of self-sabotage about what people think of her
>constantly pretending to be mature when really vengeful and full of hate
>probably closeted lesbian

Sage because not milky personal vendetta

No. 565730

File: 1591331827715.jpg (35.74 KB, 450x495, ▄█▀ █▬█ █ █ █ █ █ █ ▀█▀.jpg)

>smells like cigarette and labia

No. 565733

I assume she probably never found one that properly fit her hence not knowing her size
And if you say you know your size I assume you probably incorrectly sized yourself

No. 565741

Anon, she did as stated in previous posts.

No. 566077

lol anon you sound like me except for the closet part. nurture that hate and let it drive you to action. maybe get into weed instead

No. 566185

>eternal (dead) daddy issues
>mental health go brrr in mid teens
>self harmer
>starts smoking cigarettes and weed
>drops out of high school despite being (mostly) pretty capable
>intimacy issues with guys both physically and emotionally
>unable to maintain weight within the normal for my height
>gets psych treatment, feels better, confidently decides to stop going to treatment
>eventually drops out again
>ghosts boyfriend at the time
>tries more illegal drugs
>paralyzed by fear of failure, does almost nothing productive in life
>manages to get new boyfriend (poor fuck)
>asks for help from healthcare system, gets rejected
>blacks out on alcohol every now and then

No. 566582

Haha. The only reason I say closeted is I don’t know how to explore my feelings and have only dated men. I can’t decide whether I want to be her or fuck her, you know what I mean?

Already been there with weed, sometimes I smoke it but it makes me too anxious and paranoid, I end up thinking about my cat and crying hoping he’s happy and worrying about if he’s bored or stressed and I can’t tell. I’d rather just do stims and drink. No sex drive for like 3 years and I’m almost 30.

I’ll add more to keep contributing
>angry lefty
>constantly justifies posting on lolcow while simultaneously thinking it’s really hurtful and harmful
>addicted to celebrity drama
>took a bunch of money out of a CD and am trying to sneakily replenish it
>former bulimic
>never contacts friends but always worries if they hate her for it
>yells at birds
>had an abortion and will never tell
>has egotistical fantasies about being influential dogooder
>would rather post on lolcow than make moms birthday card
>squanders art degree and still has parents helping with loans

No. 566643

>average looking NEET with a lot of issues, mainly drugs and attentionwhoring
>of course mentally ill uwu
>went doctor shopping to get the diagnosis ptsd for validation and got it
>years later they correct her diagnosis to NPD
>started to pop opiates as a teen until early 20
>occasionaly pops them still
>takes all the drugs and never want to change that
>is a stoner for a year because of her bf, never had anything to do with weed before
>opens an stoner social media account
>ultimate poser and pick me
>DMs companies if they want to see her pussy
>still grew a decent following in no time because of her (shooped) looks
>thirst baiting, calls every man baby etc
>doesn't shower for weeks
>doll up one day and make all those shooped pics
>lays around all day in bed

No. 566644

god anon i would unironically love to be your friend kek

No. 566645

ayrt, we're still very similar for the first six points except for the CD part. i wonder how many angry guilty lefties are on lolcow, i know there's at least one more of us as she is a close friend of mine.

No. 566648

Why should angry lefties feel more guilty about being on lolcow? I'm not angry and not as far left as many people my age but lolcow still makes me feel dirty in some ways but I just try to be mindful of what I post.

No. 566649

The absolute state of lefitsts.

No. 566650

So is lolcow some kind of right wing site now? That would explain the nuking of the man hate thread. Kek.

No. 566651

Many lefties wouldn't consider me a lefty because I'm not a commie or socialist so I'm basically alt-right to some anyway lol.

No. 566652

Nta but leftists are supposed to not offend anyone, not hate anyone, only do good things…

No. 566653

I personally feel bad thinking that for most of these people on lolcow it won’t be a wake up call to change but instead potentially make things worse. So by proxy using this site I am contributing to a persons self perpetuating downfall. I don’t like to root for people to crash and burn but I’m still pretty vengeful and angry and hateful sometimes and lolcow is my gender friendly girls club to gawk at people with serious issues. But I’m still here so fuck my feelings really either shit or get off the pot as they say.

No. 566654

i don't understand these women thinking themselves into spirals about am i bad? no. it's literally human nature to call out outsiders and always has been

No. 566812

>Both sides of family are absolutely riddled with extreme mental illness
>As child was extremely withdrawn and would either ignore you or start crying if you tried to interact with her
>When did speak was annoying and spergy and would humiliate herself
>Spent copious amounts of time isolating herself and fantasizing/daydreaming from very young age
>Only became friend with people who persistently tried to befriend her then she would then cling to them
>Those people quickly realized they made a mistake, but were stuck with her because of pity
>Developed trichotillomania in middle school and would go through periods with no eyelashes or eyebrows
>Started cutting in high school (doesn't anymore)
>Would make herself vomit up cereal in the morning to stay home from school so often her family though she had a medical condition making her sick a lot, this also fucked her teeth hard
>Had a big crush (obsession) on a boy her friend was dating, gave him a blowjob while they were together and ended up dating him and after they broke up and loses virginity to him
>Did very poorly her last two years of high school and almost dropped out
>Now 28
>Friendless and has had basically no interaction with anyone other than boyfriend and two family members since high school
>Still extreme weeb (and lolicon/shotacon apologist)
>Still dating friend's ex
>Still can't tie shoes (has extreme visual-spatial awareness and motor skill issues)
>Still has edgelord humor
>Weird kinks
>Sometimes self-harms when in distress by pinching self or hitting self in head or stomach in private only
>Sometimes has fatalistic magical thinking bordering on delusions
>NEET, borderline hikkikomori for almost 11 years
>Except that time she had a job at Target for a few months which ended in suicide attempt
>Only social media is Youtube and Instagram but doesn't post or interact with anything or use real name/picture
>Has fear about having picture taken and hasn't taken own picture in maybe 5 years and avoids having picture taken by others
>Only posts on anonymous imageboards
>Spends 80% of time reading, browsing the internet, watching movies/shows/anime/youtube, playing (single player only) games, and listening to music while maladaptive daydreaming about inserting her mary-sue idealized self into whatever fictional world is her current obsession
>Other 20% of time is housework
>Has tried 10 or so different anti-depressant/psychotic medications since mid-teens that either made her worse or did nothing and had intolerable side effects and then refused to try more
>Can't try more now anyway due to lack of insurance and hasn't seen doctor in years
>Is extremely lazy and just cannot care or focus on absolutely anything unless it's something she's interested in
>Is entirely dependent on boyfriend and family for everything and can't go in public alone without having breakdown
>Only takes out garbage and goes to apartment's laundromat in dead of night so no one sees her.
>Used to like getting drunk once in a while but quit completely months ago because it started to make her have extreme delusions and sometimes hallucinations
>Fears what will happen when her enablers die/leave her but also does not want to change at all and insists she would rather fuck off into the woods and die when the time comes than have to not be a shut-in and have to be part of society

No. 566815

It's feels very ironic when lefties hangs in there and laugh at cows just as much as us.
Like it's actually funny to me to see them trying to reconcile their views with the shit they're actually doing.

Love you lefty anons but you're real hypocrites that don't actually like their safe spaces and want to be catty bitches as much as anyone. Just admit it, you'll feel better.

No. 566831

You can still be a cunt personally, but want good things to happen to humanity in general

No. 566884

I mean with the absolute state of the left I don't even identify with that side of politics at this point. I don't feel bad about what I post on this site honestly.
The most ironic thing about lolcow are all the radfem-types who put women as a whole on a pedestal yet trash women who don't fit into their agenda at the same time.

No. 566885

I love this thread

first chapter:

>extremely insecure and needy during childhood and preteen years because ugly fat and not popular

>parents hate each other and not around
>loses virginity at 14 to 15-year- old bf but can't recall the occasion to this day
>stays with said bf until 16 lmao our families though we were going to marry ew
>we had sex anywhere anytime possible it was disgusting what the fuck is wrong with teenagers
>breaks up with bf via messenger because can't handle conflict
>ex bf gets depressed, is obsessed with me, goes to my house and school out of nowhere
>fucks a random guy from school without really wanting to and feel used
>the fuckboy tells ppl at school but denies it and his claims don't stick since nobody ever seen them talk + quiet & innocent reputation
>"yeah close call guess I shouldn't fuck random guys I don't even want to date" genius

chapter 2:

>lost weight and drop the weeaboo makeup, ends up pretty cute

>gets into university and go to parties and make out with pretty boys
>some of them want to keep talking and date but I ghost all of them
>gets into another relationship
>moves abroad for studying
>still flirts too much with other guys for the male validation
>recognizes they are mostly losers so never cheat on long-term bf
>gets master's degree in a subject I don't even like
>feels like can't grow up and hold a normal job - only skill is studying
>gets depressed and whiny from time to time even though I have everything I need
>gets bored of current bf but also very emotionally and financially dependent

No. 566904

That’s not true, before the radfem threads were banned admin complained that they were never active on other parts of the site. Not everyone uses /snow/

No. 566925

Anon if the whole userbase of this site was a big singularity that had unified behavior and thoughts we would have zero infighting in the threads. Radfem types hate cows for being awful human beings based on proof of things like lying, manipulation, thievery, abuse, narcissism etc. and are usually the ones to tell catty anons nitpicking someone's appearance to shut up.

No. 566931

Proof outside of your personal 'everyone who's gencrit must be rational, logical and level-minded individuals like me'? Radfem types can be as retarded as anyone else

No. 566989

>>CSA victim, can't forget it and won't let anyone else either
>>Degenerate otherkin and furry shit
>>Useless at everything
>>Weird obsessions with children's media and toys
>>Disgusting bulimic
>>"this man showed me positive attention, time to fuck him!"
I can't think of anything else cuz I'm drunk but you get it

No. 566996

>had a shitty doormat mom and a pedo dad
>her own sister fucked her molester
>got abused by her girlfriend whom she used to starve because she couldn't afford to feed 2 people
>used to be a skinny teen who dressed slutty for attention even though shes ugly
>now a whale
>has done drugs as a teen, stole, fucked in public and was a general shitstain
>hasn't improved and is a self-hating neet who refuses to get help
>shitty at coping and lashes out about little things
>extremely anxious and annoyed people with her agoraphobia and hypochondria
>self-harms after doing embarrassing shit in public or getting told off for being a dumbass
>fended off retards in self-defense but also felt good about hurting someone
>'terf' that still hates women and pickmes immensely
>projects on anons for fun because she loves attention

i'm insufferable but who cares since i don't try to make friends anyway

No. 567009

Bitch I'm >>566989 and are u me
I wish the best for you

No. 567024

I wasn't criticizing their attitude towards cows for the most part, more other female posters but let's just forget about it honestly lol

No. 567443

>flight attendant-chan. became one because no real friends
>BDDfag. spends half the time ogling at self in mirror, other half hiding from hideous altfag reflection
>so vain I whip out my iphone and disable the filters just to gaze upon my own pure, unfiltered beauty
>very subtly and casually rips on others for using far more makeup than me
>had to delete ig because scrotes were nonstop stalking, dming/leaving creepy comments
>actually a lesbian but tries to catch the attention of fit married men by winking at them during flights
>wears padded undershirts/pants beneath uniform
>actually fucking evil - I was an armour trimmer back in og rs days
>massive hypocrite
>plays mmorpgs yet despises and looks down upon others who do the same
>long distance relationship with girlfriend. has never met with her. has no intentions of meeting with her. for now only keeping her due to exclusivity because she's really cute.
>secretly a gamer and weeb yet cant stand all weebs/gamers.
>wishes to cosplay sailor jupiter but perhaps will never
>currently laid off and considering new career paths. accepting all suggestions from anons!

No. 567527

>currently laid off and considering new career paths. accepting all suggestions from anons

It's a shame that your company didn't offer you the opportunity to switch to the ATO or reservations. At least it would have kept you in your industry unless you work for a certain airline that filed for bankruptcy recently.
I was gonna say how you seem attractive enough to make a killing working at a bar or some kind of hostess industry in the meantime, but covid lel. Sorry anon I got nothing, but good luck to you.

No. 567583

>so vain I whip out my iphone and disable the filters just to gaze upon my own pure, unfiltered beauty

this is destroying me

No. 567829

The only opening I could find was receptionist at a medical clinic. And it's not something I would take up because the face mask is mandatory and I won't be able to enjoy my reflection as much. Oh and becoming a frontline medical-related worker would be risky, so there's that too. I have also considered live streaming on twitch but I would not be able to withhold my contempt for a scrote audience for long. I'd probably end up sperging at them. OnlyFans is also off the table because I don't wish to diminish my future employment prospects. I might start a dog walking business because I love dogs but I dunno how to go about it.

No. 567965

File: 1591740268375.jpg (53.58 KB, 768x691, smug-anime-face-yuru-yuri-768x…)

>>be that quiet nerdy girl growing up
>>have a emo and scene phase in high school
>>things are ok for awhile, until they're not
>>father gets murdered when you are 17 by some dumb bitch after your parents separate
>>as an older teen you start to remember bits and pieces of being raped as a child
>>decide to move far away from it all
>>end up addicted to painkillers and dating an abusive man just before you leave
>>he follows you to your new city and makes sure you don't get clean
>>drop out of college because its impossible to go to school and stay high
>>scam thousands out of the government to afford your junkie lifestyle
>>steal from anyone and everyone when you have the opportunity
>>make your mom fund your heroin habit without her knowing
>>OD on xanax laced with fentanyl in public, wake up in the hospital many hours later
>>break in to your pill dealers apartment when they dont answer
>>they are asleep and you decide to steal their pills
>>they wake up when someone else knocks and you almost get caught
>>get arrested  in a different incident along with a different drug dealer just as theyre handing the pills to you
>>"i-i dont have a doctor, i neeeed them!"
>>the cops actually decide to let you go with no charge and your money back
>>cue yourself going to buy more drugs as soon as they release you lol
>>steal a quarter from an ex dealer when hes fucked up and justify it to yourself by thinking he didnt need any more drugs anyway, he was out of his mind on benzoes
>>get into benzoes for a few months yourself
>>cue uncontrollable stealing from every store you go into
>>at one store, you try to walk out with your jacket so stuffed with clothes that they are just falling out
>>get caught, friend ends up paying for everything
>>dabble in other drugs, such as crack, coke, ghb
>>wipe out on your first time doing ghb and scare friend who desperately tries to wake you
>>she calls 911 & they place an oxygen mask on you to wake you up
>>proceed to try to make out with the emt as you think youre in a porno until you see their uniforms and slowly realize what happened…
>>i was CONFUSED ok?
>>scam banks by cashing old cheques
>>generally just be a shit
>>years go by like this, occasionally hopping from city to city but always coming back

its been a crazy few years for me, but thankfully im clean now! its been almost 2 years since i quit the "lifestyle" i had and the daily use of heroin. im not "sober" in the traditional sense but that was never my goal anyway. ill use coke or mdma for a night out a few times a year and i drink alcohol daily… like 2 beers a day. i dont regret anything, the scope of experiences ive had, the fun along the way, the lessons learned were worth it.

No. 567968

This thread is really focused on some combination of sex, school, or career (lack of).

No. 567973

heroinfag who just posted, here is my updated/new milk

>>terf, antinatalist, member of VHEMT

>>"i only have guy friends because theyre less drama"
>>from heroin addict to internet addict
>>never leaves the fucking bed
>>completely useless
>>was in university but her retarded ass didnt pay her tuition with the student loan
>>genuinely hates humanity
>>is terrified of collapse but gets pleasure from knowing the super wealthy will no longer be on top and probably wont last long in a world where money no longer matters
>>obsessed with true crime, finds ted bundy and luka magnotta strangely attractive
>>fantasizes about having contact with magnotta
>>superiority complex even though shes not particulary good at anything, average looks
>>believes in eugenics and population control even though shed probably be a target for both
>>parasitic lifestyle; gets others to pay for everything and do everything for her because shes a lazy piece of shit with no drive or motivation

No. 567976

Anons this is a cow thread, not a vent/biography thread.. You're supposed to tell us about all the dumb milky stuff you did/still do that would justify a thread on /snow/ at least.

No. 567981

File: 1591744890562.jpg (43.86 KB, 500x500, 1565402130300.jpg)

old milk

>11 years old and became depressed/anxious

>became sucidal
>skipped most classes
>would have meltdown if i was forced to go to school
>realize i am bi
>over eat constantly because of mental illness
>mom doesnt care about me
>get very bad grades
>become obese
>get acne
>doesnt like showering
>only spends time playing stupid video games

new milk

>still very obese (221 lbs)

>still have acne but not as bad
>diagnosed with pcos
>her mom makes her feel awful everyday
>has plans how to move out but wont be able to until she finishes her education
>wants to starve herself to lose weight
>have an extreme dislike of people and thinks everyone has malicious intent
>maldaptive day dreams
>has had no gf or bf
>each time she was close to having one she was either used or rejected
>extremely lonley
>despite it all she's still trying to have a better life

No. 567986

Oh God, it's like I'm reading my own description in your new milk, except that I weigh less, but my acne has never been so bad and I'm a disgusting hairy woman.

No. 568721

>had multiple public spergouts in high school, at least once a month she would publicly, verbally abuse a teacher or a fellow student
>prostituted herself when she was underage for drugs
>friend took a video of her snorting Vicodin in the school bathroom and posted it on snapchat, later in the day when the school wanted to search her bag she called her principal a cunt and ran out of the school
>transferred schools after having so many sperg moments, didn’t change and continued to abuse drugs at school and sperg out when caught
>started dating a coke dealer in his thirties a couple weeks after she turned 18
>cheated on him with a guy in a different country, moved to the country and didn’t tell her boyfriend until she got to said country
>now a lazy alcoholic living in her boyfriends parents house, constantly visa hopping
>gets drunk and harasses people from her past because she can’t get over high school

No. 569038

File: 1591942691300.png (21.44 KB, 431x594, selfie.png)

she looks like pic related
>Pretended to be retarded in middle school and was so universally mocked for it she had to switch schools
>In high school tried to be Normal, but people still talked about the insane behavior she did in middle school
>Extremely ugly (very bad bone structure) thought she could fix it by learning makeup, wasted lots of time and money trying to act like a stacy
>Senior year of high school had a crush on a freshman cheerleader girl who she sat next to in class. Creepy age gap (18 vs 14), however her crush was very nice to her and said she was the funniest person ever, waved to her from the school bus one time
>actually started thinking maybe she isn't a loser, like a loser
>Goes off to college, visits old HS friend. Friend's little sister turns out to be friends with old crush, who is also over to hang out
>"omg (Crush's name) it's been so long how are you?"
>crush deadass cannot remember who the hell she is, even after she tries to jog her memory
>wants to kill herself out of embarrassment
>Eventually loses contact with all old HS friends while simultaneously making no new friends in college, like actually zero. Now is about to graduate and never made a single friend. Only people she can talk to for fun are her parents
>Can't get interested in any mainstream shows, movies, or music, so cannot talk to people about anything
>Listens exclusively to vocaloid, nothing else. In fact, refuses to listen to anything else after a bad experience getting obsessed with a real singer in high school who turned out to be a very bad dude
>Can't tell anyone about music taste. Has to pretend she doesn't like any music.
>Thinks she's a genius, like actually, despite not being able to do chem and misreading almost every social cue thrown at her
>Has been told by random people her whole life she gives off weird vibes, but cannot figure out what is causing said vibes.
>despite being a huge weirdo herself, she hates other weirdos. Despises other weirdos. Will not interact with any weirdos. Looks down on everyone she meets and wonders why she has no friends.

No. 569051

ok i hate myself haha

>sister sexually abused/raped me multiple times as a very young kid (around 6)

>now i have repressed trauma and everytime i date someone i have trouble with intimacy and end up breaking up/ghosting because im a piece of shit
>realize that everyone ive dated reminds me of my sister in some way

fucking kill myself

No. 569058

I am so sorry, anon. Fuck that woman. I am dealing with the same thing as you, in some ways, I got molested as a child for some years by an older man with a good reputation in the neighbourhood and every man I've felt I've allowed to be close to me has been so similiar to him and also I leave them way too soon. It sucks feeling like I'll never have a healthy relationship.
Stay strong anon, ily

No. 569059

You should tell us more about those times in middle school when you pretended to be retarded.

No. 569061

Oh god molested by sister gang is literal hell. Started when I was 8… I legitimately was terrified of intimacy with women after for so long, couldn't believe we were both gay, thought it was half my fault for ages…
She's dating somebody a lot like me now, too. It's rough out here, anon, but all we can really do is try to look past similarities between our abusers and partners- if it's of some comfort, people tend to be cut from the same cloth pretty often without actually being the same as each other- and look for someone who's just genuinely kind, loving and cares about our agency first and foremost. The thing that your abuser will always lack is the ability to truly give a shit about others' well being, so if you pick up someone who can, you should be ok, even if it's gross to think of passing similarities between them. Things like being taller or dark haired or having a certain type of nose are surface level, but really having a good heart is most important.
You have a heart too, so don't be afraid to listen to it and b gentle with yourself. It's easier to let kindness and intimacy in if you've primed yourself with a little love first… Even if you can't fully love yourself, cut yourself a break and try to understand the way you are more thoroughly. I had a lot of trouble with intimacy, feeling emotions, letting myself be open until I introspected for a long while, and now I've been loved for almost 5 years now and understand my own heart like the back of my hand. It really helps for both guiding your actions/thoughts on a good path and protecting you from people who want to exploit your hurt.
Sorry about the longpost, but I've been in those exact shoes before and, well… You're not a piece of shit, it's normal-ish, natural, and there are ways out into a better self image! Can't change the past, but the future is yours to make what you want… just give yourself the kindness you were denied and things will be better someday.

No. 569268

seriously thank you guys

No. 569369

this made me sad. anon, this doesn't make you a cow, you experienced genuine trauma and it's not milky. your sister is terrible and i hope you stay strong. we're all rooting for you. i can't imagine what that must be like unraveling and noticing the patterns.

No. 569379

File: 1592007344799.jpg (61.88 KB, 944x717, Du3dBc_XgAAXvLC.jpg)

Wew…here goes. I'm gonna try and keep it milky, not bio

>Ex-emo/scene girl turned goth

>Went through hardcore political extremist phases, starting with alt-right and going into fascism then Ted K eco-fascism
>Banned off twitter through multiple accounts, in the midst of people being doxxed left and right, joined comicsgate and a few other loser movements
>Got found out by abusive ex when he posted all the pages she liked on her social media
>Had to go dark for a year, delete everything
>Came back to join an edgy discord, got into feud with the mods and lost friends
>ducked out of using social media as a way to meet people, sticks with IRL friends now
>Still has edgy beliefs, but it's more terf and radfem now

No. 569399

Not the anon you replied to, but you are a sweet heart and that part was very kindly worded.

No. 569405

Was gonna say you sound like someone I'd enjoy being pals with if we knew each other irl, but then read the last point.
Lack of weirdo solidarity is truly the only negative. Maybe the age gap thing, too.

No. 569406

are we the same person lol

No. 569413

Not to pile on but listening exclusively to vocaloid shit is a hobby worth hiding too, but it does take some self-awareness to know this.

No. 569461

Nta but This is the nicest thing I’ve read on this hellsite.

No. 569652

File: 1592064135450.gif (80.96 KB, 220x165, LHx6smP.gif)

>is an autist
>her only "romantic" relationship was online
>total femcel
>fat and ugly
>hates other fat women
>hates the "fat acceptance" movement (aka landwhales making excuses to stay fat)
>secret terf
>Thinks JK Rowling is right and publicly supports her on twitter
>bosses everyone around
>super meticulous about how things should be done and if they aren't done that way throws a fit
>gets angry easily
>sees every argument like a court case or something she must win
>is super distrustful of others even of people she has known for years
>total bitch
>hates everyone around her
>big sister left so she is now in charge of the family business
>use to be a cutter
>use to be bulimic
>attempted suicide a few times (going to the ER three times)
>parents sent her to the most expensive schools ended up studying some shit degree
>2 years later the school stopped offering that shit degree due to low demand and low job opportunities
>she secretly hates her brother and wants him to leave as well
>brother is a schizo piece of shit cow himself
>will do what it takes to make someone's life a living hell
>super vengeful and petty, if someone crosses her she will never forgive them until the end of time
>total hypocrite at times
>use to have friends but they all left because she never even attempted to connect with them

No. 569807

>the typical overweight child in weird clothes who doesn't talk to anyone and gets bullied, with an alcoholic dad and doormat mom
>social anxiety, no self esteem, depression yada yada
>basically no life from puberty on, stopped going to school
>developed an ED as a teen with periods of relapse until mid 20's and no one knows
>met first boyfriend on the internet at 17, thought he was ugly but desperately clinged onto the relationship for about 5 years despite him being a cringey narcissistic edgelord and neoliberal
>managed to get a life and some friends as an adult, a better boyfriend and started university
>took an embarrassingly long time to finish university because mental health uwu, still has to write one last paper since last summer and hasn't even started, so the last year was a NEET lifestyle in disguise full of lies and still no master's
>likes to shit on boyfriend over minor things and housework while being a lazy hypocritical fuck
>developed a drug habit at 22 (mainly ampethamines) to make up for lack of teenage years and felt badass for it, started taking drugs again at 30 but less often and doesn't want to stop, hides it from anti-drug friend because coward
>engaging in misogynistic cattiness with said friend which goes against personal beliefs
>generally tends to hide stuff so now she can't make some of her friends meet because her lies could come out and everything could fall apart
>constantly worried that some friends don't like her enough to hang out more so she sticks to the two friends she's not worried about despite wanting to get closer with the others (this has been going on for like 8 years with no improvement)
>secretly despises her best friends for certain things which sometimes leads to passive aggressiveness or shit talking behind their backs
>spends too much time online
>was happy about the quarantine because now she could live in isolation without being questioned
>sometimes doesn't leave the house for days
>feels strong personal connection with twitter friends she barely knows and thinks about them a lot and is too scared to talk to them more, feels like a creep for it
>ghosted a literal anonymous discord with online friends because muh anxiety and "they all secretly hate me", deeply regretted it
>has strong opinions about things like politics and feminism but barely ever expresses them, even online because of being a paranoid mess
>recently conflicted about transphobic thoughts and starting to sympathize with terf beliefs since the J K Rowling thing
>buys games she never plays

No. 569821

>Came out as 'pansexual' at 11 years old and then wondered why I was bullied so hard by my classmates that I had to change schools
>dated a girl from spain for 2 days before ghosting her completely
>SJW at the age of 11
>Ran a fan account for the 'emo trinity'
>many deleted sperges came from this including one of me claiming I can afford expensive things like Abercrombie & fitch (I owned one thrifted shirt and also am working class and cannot afford those things)
>cringy emo who used 'smol bean' and obsessed over p!atd
>self-diagnosing with an ED and self-harming for attention
>SH becomes a genuine problem after a while and an addiction at worst
>still struggling w this at 18, thanks twelvie me
>moves school at 13 due to actual knife threats and changes to straight to stop bullying
>also am now anti-feminist, religion and 'not like other girls' due to internalized misogyny
>befriends the slutty girls, terrible influence
>smoking and drinking in parks with 20+ year-old men, flirting and enabling pedo behaviours
>hooks up with a popular boy at 14 and lets him finger me in a park, the whole school finds out
>then gets accused of claiming he raped me
>several other similar issues occur with nudes and popular boys however gained my status so I milked it
>then makes a cancer joke to someone who had it (a close friend who joked abt it herself)
>someone hears and calls me out
>refuses to take accountability and am now an awful person to the whole yeargroup
>had no friends for a whole summer
>eventually everyone forgot and i'm back to being a cunt
>huge attention whore, school skirt barely reached my mid thigh and was tight as hell
>flirted with and teased guys in lessons even though I was 15 and everyone in the class could see me
>regardless of this behaviour I was edating a guy from australia for nearly a year
>dumped him for an irl ginger who ended up ghosting me
>started getting piercings for edge points
>definitely a compulsive liar, tell white lies to seem cooler than I am
>identify as bisexual but would probably never date a girl because of internalised homophobia
>SJW again but still uses slurs when no one's around- preaches the opposite to my peers
>had sex with a guy I met online after 1 hour of knowing him IRL
>Am now an 18 year old burnout with no work ethic trying to drop out of my college courses as I am too retarded to complete them
>Blame this all on daddy issues as I have a narcissist father but really I'm just a cunt in denial
>hoping for a BPD diagnosis to explain my shitty behaviour, but probably not

No. 571004

I was an inconsiderate shell of a kid.
>was bigger than the kids around her so she ate a lot
>was selectively mute and couldn’t keep friends
>stuffed her face and chewed with her mouth open because she sat alone at lunch and couldn’t be bothered. also self-served so much frijoles it spilled and a lunch lady had to wipe it up.
>”militant atheist” “agnostic” phase
>identified as a man and obsessed over manhood. watched jordan peterson.
>after years of embarrassment and making people uncomfortable, wanted to be woman again.
>identified with the term “crybaby” when mm was popular and eventually became overly sensitive 💧
>got into mgtow and stefan molyneux, believed as a woman she must be cRaZy like these men said.
>16, still ate a lot because wanted to have enough nutrients for a healthy nonexistent baby. (see above)
>16, rushed into relationship with weeb coomer pedo bf 3 years older who doesn’t believe in respecting women. felt pressured to do “girlfriend things” for him. got caught getting fingered on the bus. gave him my virginity after we broke up because i felt bad. he pulled up hentai immediately after he came as i expected.
>we got together then broke up again. i spammed him while crying violently. snuck out to give him $20 because i heard he didn’t have food which he lied about.
>i was caught then mom threatened to call the police and i screamed and my grandma had to go to the hospital after fainting from shock. i’m a horrible person but she’s ok with a new brain diagnosis. continues thinking about him every day.
>year later, family drama. stuck up for my sister and told mom she was a bitch. she pointed scissors at me, grabbed my hair, threw me down and put her hands around my neck. i stupidly cried about it to a teacher then cps was called and mom said she regretted giving birth to me.

That’s all the milky milk. The best thing to come out of that “relationship” was being introduced to Jesus. And family is strained for other reasons but mom and I are on much better terms now. Trauma produces growth if you’ll reflect. Drink water and be kind to your worst enemies, especially yourself.

No. 571010

anon i love you and relate to you so hard, maybe we are all cows….

No. 571012

>actually fucking evil - I was an armour trimmer back in og rs days
alright that's it, we're enemies for life

No. 571013

I'd love to be friends with you ngl

No. 571047

File: 1592303713603.jpg (320.4 KB, 1843x2053, 1591614743094682435580.jpg)

Kek reminds me of pic related anon

I'd dump my mediocre bf for you. Mfw no pretty textbook mean girl to have a toxic relationship with

No. 571065

File: 1592306132655.jpg (21.95 KB, 315x303, tumblr_3b04b58b434dc95707d6a0f…)

posting this here but she is definitely /pt/ material, what a fucking cow
>literally autistic
>really into art but no talent or progress ever
>falls in love with any man that treats her well, and manipulates the shit out of them
>been telling everyone that shes an innocent virgin girl when she had a full blown club thot phase while living overseas for a year
>'no, i never kissed anyone actually haha. i'm a virgin still. i never even been to a club or used any drug, guess i'm lame haha' are commonly heard lies from this cow, and those couldn't be further from the truth
>tells men that she is really socially awkward and has no friends, uses the autism diagnosis to back it up, makes them feel bad for her even though her social life is doing well and she can do just fine socially
>pretend shes really nice and friendly but will absolutely talk shit about you and be very mean
>cant change her snake ways even though she tried
>is the creator of inner circles and shit talking channels in all servers she joins
>people just think its a harmless interest in gossip because uwu shes so innocent and shes autistic guysss
>been getting into e-relationships online since 2013 and always stops talking to them after a year at most, but comes back to them after a few years just to get some attention and then leave them again
>maintained e-relationships while dating irl with dudes overseas that she didnt even tell her mum about
>talking about mum, holy shit, this bitch is spoiled as fuck
>never pays for anything because mum will always cover it up
>wouldn't have gotten anywhere without nepotism, including job, uni and the place she lives

What a snake, fuck her and her nasolabial folds

No. 571103

Only possible treat is Pathological lying.

> Lied so much through life, she can't even tell what's real and not anymore about some aspects.

> Lied about dating a certain person for like… a whole year ( and after obsessive stalking, dated this person). Lied a lot to him too, then ghosted him.

> Lied about her past, about abuse.

> Actually had some abuse in her past but can't tell anymore what's real and what's not.

> Aways changing friends (3 unfinished University colleges, several jobs) and social circles due to her compulsive lying, I don't even know how she didn't end up being called out for her bs lol

> Lies to therapists, when feeling said therapist is starting to suspect, ghost and get a new therapist.

> Lies about having a degree but dropped University 3x.

> Once even manage to get a fucking job on chemistry teaching without a degree

> Tried to be honest once or twice but aways end up lying.

Probably lied about something while writing this.

No. 571222

Damn you sound like the girl I wouldnt mind be bullied to. Bully me pls queen! call me a fat and ugly lesbian I dont mind! I'll give you my money! seriously you're like an IRL regina George.

No. 571273

File: 1592341894550.jpg (56.22 KB, 1080x809, FB_IMG_1589871804681.jpg)

holy shit im not alone
bless u anon, were both filthy liars

No. 571276

>grow up in crazy conservative country
>become contrarian edgy atheist and start doing things like saying "hail satan" during mandatory school prayer sessions
>homestuck phase where i did nothing but draw homestuck over all of my books, teachers confiscated them thinking they were demons
>dad dies in junior year, don't tell anyone but completely spiral out of control
>cutting myself frequently, have an ED where i do nothing but eat 3 spoonfuls of peanut butter a day
>steal pictures of cute japanese girls from myspace and catfish guys online into thinking i'm their ideal japanese waifu
>skip so many classes they threaten to not allow me to graduate
>become a fakeboi in college. convinced i am an IRL anime boy.
>have straight As until i have a mental breakdown and skip all of my exams and get a letter saying ive been kicked out of my ivy league school(that i had a scholarship for)
>sister so mad at me because she paid for my college fees that we don't talk for years
>become a neet for 2 years and attempt suicide about 3-4 times and blame it on my mom whose the only person who gives a shit about me
>date men because internalized homophobia but never fuck them, ruin and shatter their confidence by telling them i find them unattractive

Now I'm just your average employed, alcoholic lesbian.

No. 571277

How the fuck did you get kicked out of an ivy league school? I don't even go to an ivy, but I skipped my exams and they had no problem with letting me come back. I'm guessing you don't even know what the Ivy League actually is, right?

No. 571278

I skipped all of my exams and also went MIA suicidal mode while not replying to any of my professors. I got a few emails of them trying to assist me but I ignored them.
I am sure you are correct in that they would have let me retake them or reschedule but I cut off all communication with my school for months.

No. 571284

Sucks for you. If you put the minimum of effort you could have gone back. Actually tbh my parents wrote them some basic things and they let me back easy. Elite private schools generally like to pamper their students.

Also another thing is that Ivy Leagues dont' give out scholarships generally.Everyone is on financial aid only pretty much and its pretty generous. I lost some scholarships when I had to take time off of my university but they take scholarships away from your FA so it didn't really make a difference. Most elite universities with good FA are like this.

So many Americans think any random private school is an ivy league lmao. OT but at least my college never gets mistake for an Ivy. We're just the Harvard of the South lmao

No. 571287

I'm aware of this now. I wasted a huge opportunity as well. I was an international student and it was my only ticket to a better future out of my third world shithole country(I'm stuck here now).

Anyway. Don't fuck up your life like I did, anon. I could be making at least thrice what I make now and be living in some comfy, modern apartment.

No. 571319

>Harvard of the South
So I can think of 3 that people have said. Vanderbilt, Tulane, Rice
Was it Brown? If it actually was an Ivy League.

No. 571461

File: 1592415501986.png (1.74 MB, 768x1024, 4757DDEF-0A26-4391-BB34-BB15BD…)

>has clingy, overbearing mother
>father is extremely passive aggressive and she looks like the female version of him
>both of them divorced when she was nine
>skeletal (but skinny fat) but taller than average
>unfortunate facial features and a terribly placed birthmark
>obsessed with getting plastic surgery, wears a face of makeup even just to go to the grocery store
>was bullied in elementary school for being the weird girl, got picked on by both of her groups of friends, bullied another weird girl because she thought she was somehow superior
>wanted to rename her megatron bc she was obsessed with OG transformers, starscream was the ideal husbando
>created an art contest at school with the help of her friends because she knew she would win. she did
>became addicted to the internet at a young age, constantly browsed deviantart to make fun of terrible artists (that she was on the same level as)
>sent hate anons to mutuals on tumblr
>continues school, gets horrible grades simply because she does not care and refuses to do the work
>constantly lie and cheat on tests because teachers give her leniency bc of her ADHD
>has no friends, except for two younger girls obsessed with video games, still treats them like shit anyways
>spends any money she gets immediately on stupid shit, like corsets that she somehow will think makes her hotter (it won’t)
>owned a sans the skeleton body pillow and then gave it away to a friend because the game got too popular
>extreme contrarian, leftist in theory but hates any type of identity politics
> internalized misogynist and honestly isn’t even feeling bad for most of the women’s shitty relationships in this thread
>gained popularity in the true crime community on tumblr because she made fun of the hybristophiles despite being one herself
>this gave her an extreme femdom fetish for torturing evil men. just this year became obsessed with one of the worst men that walked the earth and couldn’t stop talking about how much he wanted to peg him
>listens to the same five songs on repeat and daydreams her alternate universe where she is famous for various reasons, usually in the past
>her husbando is a guy who died 20 years before she was born, an overweight drug addicted asshole. still in love with him anyways and collects anything about him
>autistically is writing a nonsensical novel right now with a guy who isn’t even interested in her

i’m a clown AMA

No. 571579

Man i have a huge cow background, including being part of the tumblr nymphet community and being a fakeboi in weeb/fujo communities and decided against posting all of my history just in case someone idenfies me because i used to be very open about my life. I thankfully grew out of it since that shit happened when i was very underage, and nowadays am a very private person with little to no stalkeable social media and i keep my meltdowns for my close friends only. But ngl, i live in fear that someone i know irl will dig up my past and/or expose my CP pics from back then.

No. 571637

welcome to my circus yall

>csa victim, start cutting at 10 years old

>both parents use drugs, crazy and fight constantly
>dad weird as hell, accuses everyone else's dad of being a pedo
>turns out dad is the pedo
>tried to come out at 14, parents ban spending time with secret gf in response
>pretend to be a boy online for a month to flirt with girls she knows from school
>shit gets too real
>says that boy killed himself because at 14 that seemed like a good and easy solution
>police, parents, and school get involved, refuse to speak about it
>relationships strained with everyone afterwards, very disliked
>start doing drugs
>has sex with and then dates a boy she doesn't even like so her mom stops having breakdowns about her being gay
>drink cough syrup constantly, use psychedelics all the time, loves cocaine
>thinks she's got self inflicted brain damage now
>pine for girl who is obviously leading her on, get pimped out at 16 by her while super fucked up
>more upset about girl cutting off contact afterwards than anything else
>2 failed suicide attempts in 2 weeks, spend a month in a crisis center
>runs away from home but gets arrested in another state for it and sent to juvie, parents have to come get her
>mom cheats and parents divorce
>drops out of HS and gets GED instead, kicked out at 17
>become stripper as soon as possible to escape minimum wage hell
>no self esteem, customers comment on scars but keep cutting anyway
>estranged from entire family
>no regard for personal safety, gets drunk and walks around alone all night several times a week
>gets into arguments with total strangers in public often
>whines all the time about being a useless drug addict and whore to only friend, but makes zero effort to change
>spent like an entire decade high
>turn 24, decide to go to college since she can get free money for it now
>quit strip clubs and camming to serve in restaurants, become borderline alcoholic
>fail community college classes like public speaking twice because panic attacks when trying to talk about herself
>starts studying cs because friend suggested it and she wasn't doing shit anyway
>discover autistic interest in computer networks and security
>friendship with drugs over, now computer is best friend
>still retarded from abusing them though
>much older than classmates and nothing in common
>terrified of old camshows being discovered
>goes to therapy and takes meds for smorgasbord of trauma because again her only friend suggested it
>still day dreaming about dying
>still unsure if lesbian or bisexual

i'm still a clown, but a little bit less so than before

No. 571715

Whos the husbando anon??

No. 571728

>traumatizing childhood that later leads to multiple mental illnesses
>first tried to commit suicide at age 9
>started cutting age 11
>put on medications at a v young age that probably weren't made for kids
>problematic parents
>humorous but capable of being caustic father, workaholic, only around on and off again
>exceedingly overemotional bpdfag mother prone to horrible emotional, psychological, and physical abuse
>raised to feel inferior and retarded
>raised to believe emotion is bad while dealing with emotionally abusive family members
>parents always fighting
>compared to my younger sister constantly
>parents divorce in my early teens
>over money problems
>they're horribly irresponsible with money and in general
>bullied at school, abused at home
>dont really realize what's happening to me at all but i hate it
>mom has a stroke shortly after divorce is filed
>mom has multiple abusive psychopath boyfriends after divorce that steal from her and take advantage of her being near handicapped
>dont know what the fuck to do
>she becomes even more abusive as time goes on, maybe it's the brain damage
>instances where she falsely calls the cops on me and threatens to get me arrested multiple times for fights that she started
>publicly humiliates me by having cops pretend to "arrest me"
>tries to choke me
>when i'm almost legal i move out and i'm finally free of her after coming to my senses fully and realizing i cant take it anymore or ill end my own life
>move in with dad
>sister becomes self entitled as a result of her superiority complex formed by my familys preference for her
>shows downright sociopath behavior including starting fights with me for no reason
>dogging me to cut and harm myself
>is now a psychology major at a university
>funny how someone with almost no empathy is a psych major lmao

internet saga
>take to the internet
>get involved in multiple communities
>start off out on a weeb forum where it's cringey but nothing serious
>hospitalized three times when i was a minor, luckily not as an adult yet!

>discover tumblr around age 15

>become cow of high caliber when i piss off people in a weeb fandom by not being pc enough for them
>try to escape my main acct by using an rp account to rp my unpopular fav character
>end up in semi relationship with a fandom translator only to have her go nonbinary cringe on me
>end up with obsessive crush on german fakeboi
>get found there bc german fakeboi is in the rp community
>drama continues
>desperately try and escape drama only to end up entrenched back in it
>callout post is made
>am angry and resentful at that point
>find out what my frenemy's twitter is and start stalking her under a different alias
>she believes i'm a different person
>she finds out i'm me
>say i have her dox just to scare her
>fucking get blocked for good
>around this time start to theorize that i'm bipolar or bpd
>convince therapist to diagnose me
>find out it's indeed true and i am a mood disordered bpdfag
>start medications and think my quality of life will vastly be improved

irl shit in the meantime
>drop out of hs at 19 after shit math scores and getting behind in self paced school
>one year behind
>everyone i knew graduated a year prior
>fuck high school
>get ged
>work dead ended job for a year b4 attending community college
>attend community college, have almost no friends
>befriends stoners at work
>realize i am now in a love dodecohedron
>leads to more drama
>am used by an infidel asshole who lies about not having a gf
>have short lived relationship with coworker only to have him blueball me when we were about to have sex
>heartbroken, get rebound bf
>turned off sex but he begins to gaslight me and abuse me when i dont let him touch me
>say i want to wait to have sex and am faced with constantly being coerced into letting him finger me bc he's angry i wont fuck him and that i'm scared
>generally allow myself to be stomped on and further abused
>have more bad relationships
>give myself cigarette burns and more cuts from the pain of my relationships
>i have around 30 burns and cuts now

but it doesn't end there
>to escape tumblr, joins weeb forum
>become known troll on weeb forum after deciding that good faith debates with the alt right fags there won't do me any good
>get "in" with their equivalent of the spam and shitpost community
>become member of their discord servers
>things proceed in a mostly peaceful manner for around 1.5 years other than the occasional cow in the server
>drama ensues when me and three other users make a blog to roast users of the site
>get harassed by pedophile woman and her pedophile gf who are server users for calling them out
>one of the callouts i think was more than rightful
>they get me kicked from a server i was a member of for two years
>mods are fags and made one of them a mod
>she suicide baits mods and makes up false story abt going to a mental hospital to try and make me look bad
>meanwhile i'm mentally staggered dealing with irl shit
>cutting myself, burning myself, and trying to overdose constantly as a result of my mental instability
>nobody notices irl
>continue to deal with drama between me and pedo bitches
>end up deleting drama blog which'd started to become inactive to appease them
>it doesn't help
>they start threatening me
>other group of harassers possibly aided by them spread nudes i posted when drunk and photoshopped deepfakes of me
>mental health stoops lower and lower
>nobody does anything about it and everyone starts saying that i'm a piece of shit
>get to the lowest boiling point
>eventually pedos dox me and proceed to harass my family, school, workplace and my local police department
>luckily nothing comes of it, still i get exceedingly paranoid of wtf is to come
>contemplate quitting the internet
>end up cutting a slice in my fucking wrist that needs 4 stitches and lie to hospital about it since i have to go back to work the next day
>activity wanes and the site dies down
>eventually decide to implode accounts altogether 1 yr later bc i cant deal with it
>i was a member for 2 years on that fucking site with almost nothing dramatic happening and i got a worse retread of tumblr except with a dollop of having to deal with female pedophiles who everyone defended for some reason and actualized doxing
>and everyone shrugged it off
>admittedly i dramawhored, but no way did i deserve for things to escalate that far
>the drama has been a fucking lesson and a half
>also traumatizing

>overall now i prefer to lay low compared to how i used to be

>i dont miss having an obnoxious cow persona
>it got me nothing but shit
>festering in community college and have changed major twice with no sense of direction
>family refuses to fund me going to uni
>my sister drove me to have a mental breakdown and i end up moving out of my dads
>stuck with abuser mom currently
>closer to 25 than 20 and still a virgin after being traumatized by my abusive exes trying to initiate sex with me when i didnt want it
>corona has rekt my mental health and my last ditch effort to try and convince my parents to let me move the fuck out and go to the nearest uni

other embarrassing shit
>general daddy issues
>likes older men
>or troubled men
>liked men with dead girlfriends or abusive pasts
>wants to try and fix broken men or hope that their brokenness is somehow compatible with mine
>wanting to date an older guy who i know will probably treat me like shit half the time
>no resemblance of knowing what a healthy relationship is like at all

>journaled in middle school about how i wanted to murder my classmates in gruesome detail

>have since moved on from that but use writing about abusive situations as a coping mechanism to try and rationalize my abuse
>stained my middle school journals with self harm blood
>have moved onto healthier vent journals but draw really ugly ass vent art

>stanned male adult characters who are outright abusive misogynist freaks

>roleplayed as them
>written stories about them from their perspective
>wonder how i could be so vile

>stanned irl dude whos alleged to abuse his ex

>difficult to accept this
>feel like my perception is tainted
>still think he's handsome, looking at his face makes me fluster, and want to die
>have fantasized about him hurting me which makes me feel like i must be as fucking brain damaged as my bpdfag mother

>generally cringey tendency to crush on women and then move onto another woman to crush on

>too flustered to ever admit i like a woman with the fear she'll reject me
>my gaydar/bi-dar is garbage

>best friends with a tranny who is probably one of the few things that helped me when i was mentally woeful

>he means a lot to me
>i'm not gc so it doesn't bother me and he's a very good person who isnt defined by identity politics
>i withhold some of my controversial views from my friends and sometimes i feel ashamed that i do
>only because i dont want to make them uncomfortable or be shat upon for not being leftist enough, i'm plenty leftist, i just dont agree with some shit the left is spewing
>idk what else

No. 571729

Reading this thread makes me feel infinitely better about my life and that I can still turn things around. So thank you for that lol.

No. 571734

>>571728 damn anon you win. Well, you and that anon who drank ethanol in hs.

No. 571735

honestly anon I just feel bad all that shit happened to you, and I'm glad you're still living. I don't think you'd even be a cow compared to other girls who had easy lives but fucked it up for themselves in some way.

No. 571744

>Banned off twitter through multiple accounts, picking fights with discord mods
Bless you anon. What did you do to get banned?


No it isn't, fuck u

No. 571750

File: 1592466289050.jpg (22.57 KB, 500x406, 57be30b7cd11e50d56a7f9c9d7836d…)

Well I've been ruminating on it for a few weeks, might as well give it a go:
>ugly duckling child that turned into ugly goose adult out of general negligence of her body from not giving a fuck out of spite
>went through phase of annoying people for attention then wondered why everyone despised her and didn't want to be her friend
>molested and assaulted by males and abandoned by biological dad
>stepparent and mother imprinted terrible narcissistic/defensive traits that only in recent years she has become self-aware of via lots of ego injury
>even as adult can't stop blaming parents for general failure
>still angry as an adult for childhood shit like moving away and losing all friends just to be bullied and outcast in new school
>constantly feels misunderstood by people but it's her fault majority of the time
>deserves the outcome for being a fucking weirdo
>two degrees yet professionally unaccomplished and underpaid
>can't even live alone cause unable to meet costs of living combined with insurmountable debt
>bitter against anyone in better life situations or who she feels "didn't earn it"
>hypocritically gets hurt when worse-off friends have aforementioned mindset towards her
>desperate and pandering pickme from preteens to the age of 27
>burned multiple times by parasitic and abusive men yet nary changed ways despite knowing better
>multiple abortions and years of hormonal abuse on body because she self-harmed with risky sex and isn't sorry for it
>constantly fighting urges to cater to males out of loneliness but luckily bad body and bitter mentality acts as a male repellent >only the ugliest orbiters darken her doorstep who are then easily rejected and balls quashed yet she should probably be thankful for even their attention
>will die alone because she doesn't want an uggo low effort male even though she is uggo low effort female
>has female friends but weird undertone of competitiveness with all but maybe one or two >internalizes the comparative tones out of a future notion that one day she will be prettier than female rivals and have vengeance
>probably a high-functioning depressive personality but can't afford help and internal aversion from mother saying mental illness was for excuse makers
>sometimes judges people with illnesses as excuse makers even though she was just as hurt by those accusations herself
>most 'talents' are mimics if not blatant ripoffs of more talented persons
>spends inconceivable amount of time doing unproductive shit like arguing on the internet yet makes fun of others caught doing the same
>virtue signals for self-esteem but has the worst self-esteem of all
>wants a family but has little nurturing instinct for other babies as it is, would probably be as bad of a mother as her own was to her
>looks down on copes and escapisms in others but would totally drown herself in drug and alcohol benders if she could get away with it
>disgustingly finds most of her happiness in material things
>internally loves to be angry, loves drama, loves conflict, and loves problems even though she outwardly denies it
>chronically lazy and feels entitled to an easy life despite no one owing her shit

tl;dr I'm a hateful hypocrite with a vendetta against groups of people who I allowed to hurt me so my brain doesn't spend all its time hating myself. No, it doesn't work. Usually.

Repost for format.

No. 571751

Oh shit it's like looking into a distorted mirror showing what would happen if a father and shitty sister joined the party, down to the vent journals, helper syndrome fantasys, mother having a stroke resulting in brain damage making her behaviour worse(or blaming it on that) and the rping and writing as vile male characters.
Do you think going to uni would make your situation better? It sounds more like you really need to get away from your family as first priority.

No. 571752

Well, the expectations to get it over with at a certain age run kind of deep, since it's often considered a part of adulthood/becoming an adult/having "serious" relationships, which might even be true. I feel infantile for still being inexperienced in something like that tbh.

No. 571813

Anon either commit to posting or at least stop bumping the thread.

No. 571894

samefag, think it would, yes. I am not the most responsible person but I do believe they're part of what's bringing me down and having to be surrounded by them isn't helping me

No. 572361

Not as severe as y’all’s posts but here it goes:

>was diagnosed with depression at age 11.

>used to have a crush every single year of school since 8th grade, probably due to the fact that she hadn’t received much love at home due to living in an abusive home and suffering CSA at the hands of her faggot stepfather.
>used to proclaim she was a witch to seek cool and to stave off bullies, doubt it worked.
>used to proclaim atheism so her Wiccan friend would recruit her into her coven or “teach her the ways”.
>thought she was bi, only to turn away an ally which became her enemy in the end as she didn’t know what “feelings” and “falling in love” were to experience towards another woman.
>Had a crush on a dude slightly younger than her which became an on-and-off obsession for 10 years.
>did nothing after graduating high school for the first 5 years, only to whine and bitch about it to her friends only for them to get tired of hearing it and avoid her.
>pathological liar.
>attended rehab services for her disability and got her life turned around…sorta.


>changed beliefs of magic/agnostic-atheism and converted to Christianity.

>is still an edgelord and suicidal, finds many ways to self harm with her own health issues.
>slowly develops a victim complex.
>is still battling depression
>still a woman child, only in private (family) as she fears her childish behavior with shun away any ventures academically and professionally.
>still a momma’s girl despite said mother being distant in the past as well as being physically and emotionally abusive in the past (and still has a victim complex).
>doesn’t care about nor love her stepfather, only tries to be civil as he is almost non-existent in her world.
>constantly looks down on her younger siblings for not going to college and is trying to stop since college is not for everyone.
>still has no idea what she wants to major in her bachelor’s, she just wants to get a cushy office job with her degree.
>currently unemployed and half-neet.
>still gets into fights with her siblings despite pushing 30.
>is trying her damndest to forgive her family and the people in her past for all the shit they put her through even though she sometimes doesn’t want to when they do her wrong.
>is trying to take accountability for her actions and coming to terms with her lack of innocence as well.
>is still a cis virgin, was never bi.

I’d like to thank my faith in Jesus that keeps me going otherwise I would’ve successfully an hero’ed a long time ago.

No. 572995

idk, like she's got some cow-like tendencies but she doesn't really…do anything

No. 573242

>Been using this site for years, proud of having been the vendetta anon to post Erin despite having secretly having a popular agere blog

based. thank you for the milk. erin was my favorite cow.

No. 573278

>cis virgin

No. 573320

Meant to say “hetero virgin”, I’ve fucked up

No. 573461

Stupid influencer with plenty of clout, surgery, money, and knows plenty of e-celebs but no true friends. Only social interactions they find fulfilling are posting updates of cows on lolcow that they literally don’t even give a shit about. Having people reply to the new “milk” is what keeps them going, pathetic bitch.

No. 573884

I feel bad posting mine because some of you guys went through some horrible shit. I’m just here to laugh at myself

>cutter during preteen years, ~muh intense emptiness~

>I hAtE my PaReNtS tHeY dOnT LisTen To mOi (is an adult)
>boyfriend cheats
>remains in relationship with said boyfriend because cant let go and lol can forgive I guess
>stalks the girl that he cheated with via social media and gets sooper jealous and cries bc me no pretty like her!!!11!!!
>I miSs SeLf HarM!!!1
>is an adult; goes on MPA
>relies on calendar method
>eating “disorder” all through teens, has only lost five pounds and feels soopa disordered when fasting until 2pm and eating fruit until binging at 5pm UwU
>went through big fake boi phase and regrets it but friends don’t drop it
>no tits. I want tits now after all.

That’s it. I’m just a cringelord and part of my brain is stuck at 15 years old kek
Really though I hope the rest of you guys figure yourselves out and get the best out of life you can, sorry for cheesiness

No. 573904

ok but who didnt cut themselves in 8th grade

No. 573912

a lot of people that didn't have issues tbh

No. 574114

oh boy this will be fun

old milk
> wannabe ana-chan since 7th grade, still struggling with binge/purge behavior at times in latter 20s
> middle school fakeboi phase before fakebois were a thing
> yaoi fag/weeb; made unfortunate sasuke cosplay out of dad's clothes
> black sheep of the family aka emo/scene wannabe that wasn't allowed to go to shows
> swelf-hawrm

current milk
> remained living with ex-bf for 4 months after breakup
> cucked myself/allowed him to keep fucking my asshole even after finding out he was dating another girl
> moved out, made amazing friends and connections
> finally started dating someone else that i actually had feelings for
> he's a decade older and dumped me over text
> months later he claims to not have realized we broke up (despite not seeing each other) and i consider taking him back
> still kinda working through that tbh

No. 574757

>CSA victim and uses that all the time to justify woe is me mentality
>autistic, bipolar and probably BPD but don’t quote her on that
>is an unironic furry, weeb and a juggalo
>severe attachment and abandonment issues
>jumps into long term relationships quickly and goes from relationship to relationship, hasn’t been properly single in years
>very terrible at holding a job for more than a few months, longest job kept was at a fast food restaurant
>drug addict pill popper, got asked to resign at her last job because they suspected she was using
>thrives on male validation, probably needs it to survive at this point
>has cheated on most of her past partners, trying not to do it with current bf

If I think of any more milk I’ll let y’all know.

No. 574764

>also a brony (forgot your add that part)
>hangs around incel spaces and reads what they have to say because she finds their point of views “interesting” and sometimes sympathizes with them
>does this while also indentifying herself as a radfem
>radfem beliefs but also carries some disdain towards women and finds it hard to befriend them, has one very close female friend she hangs onto for dear life even though she’s a shitty person
>has a very deep personal vendetta against trannies and makes it known to everyone
>the only thing that makes her feel better and not like such a failure is laughing at trannies

No. 574953

The fact that there is such a huge portion of radfems who also have an incel fetish and use /r9k/ as a dating website is so bizarre and pathetic to me, like why do those Venn diagrams overlap as much as they do it’s so strange and counter intuitive

No. 575353

File: 1593164387265.jpg (12.55 KB, 500x169, yasss.jpg)

No. 576289

> came here to feel slightly better about self
> saw others are simply stating embarrassing flaws and don’t actively hurt people
> realized “other people are probably secretly worse than me” was a farce
> lacks enough empathy to care about improving sociopathic tendencies

No. 577891

New milk
>got shadowbanned
>the boss of the company wanted to see her pussy
>got of her psych meds just to snort them through her nose
>is going to hook up with one of her followers who is more than 10 years older and from another country
>loves mushrooms, got fungi in her puss

No. 580203

oh boy here we go

>"nonbinary lesbian"

>depressed, anxious and has ocd (the constant horrific thoughts and images kind)
>probably has autism
>has experienced straight up delusions
>isolated childhood and bullied throughout all of school
>had gastro-intestinal problems growing up so had toileting problems up until mid-teens
>ugly fat weeb kid who couldn't dress
>cutter since 14
>dropped out of first college course because of mental breakdown and had to be picked up by the police
>spent a year floundering about doing retail and skipping meals
>studying art
>had to resit first year of new college course
>didn't lose virginity until 20
>can't enjoy sex sober
>cries at the drop of the hat
>no motivation to do art and has no sense of what to do in the future
>got blackout drunk once and had a sperg out and punched a friend
>fantasises about being seriously hurt or sexually assaulted because they feel like they deserve it
>claims to think lolcow/kiwifarms people are pathetic but still lurks anyway
>probably fucked up the greentext

at least im living with my girlfriend now lol

No. 580273

i hate this stupid bitch

>fat since childhood

>looks like shane dawson in a wig
>simultaneously austistic enough to have dysphoria yet not autistic enough to play into tranny identity shit
>the epitome of social and romantic failure - 22 year old friendless kissless virgin
>dropout since middle school to full time shut in
>probably has autism or assburgers or adhd or whatever stupid shit on top of severe anxiety and depression
>starting drinking for the first time only last year after getting jealous that 18 year olds had more experience and fun than me
>well on the way to alcoholism
>if had any social connections would surely get into drugs in a heartbeat
>hasnt felt joy since age 10
>contemplates suicide everyday
>applying for shitty jobs since 17 and never even had an interview

fuck i cant believe im crying over typing this shit, i need to fucking kill myself

No. 580274

Just stop being fat, really.

No. 580278

thanks, real helpful, im already working on it anachan

No. 580286

I tick everything on that same list except I'm not fat… I'm still pretty fucked.

No. 580297

>mean narcissistic trust fund baby married to hot rich guy with too low of self-esteem to realize how much better he could do
>fat with bad skin, but used to have perfect ballerina body which makes it even more pathetic
>wino and fast food addict
>absurdly materialistic and cares more about things than people other than husband
>painfully awkward
>fujoshi trash
>no healthy friendships, all friends are also trainwrecks and worthy of their own threads

No. 580308

Would follow your thread

No. 580342

You sound really juicy.

No. 580485

File: 1594092832257.jpeg (59.95 KB, 370x600, 26E322C2-CBC8-440B-9812-92AEEF…)

Most of my milk is old and just me being socially stupid, so here’s my dumb bitch old milk:

>unironically calls someone “waifu”

>is ugly but somehow has simps she never uses because moralfag
>still tries to convert them into actual functioning people
>pretended to be “uwu Bi” because no friends
>too straight for that gay shit
>always wanted to have group of girl friends
>joined a 18+ group with lesbian women
>managed to always deflect the horny people
>became admin i still wonder how
>was worst admin ever
>complete pushover because hated being in the middle of drama
>still loved watching the constant infighting and drama unfold
>somehow managed to avoid getting sucked into drama
>somehow managed to become friends with most of the involved parties
>toxic member somehow always simped for me
>still feels bad about it wtf girl I never asked for it, I actively told you I didn’t want you to do it wtf

After a few days of inactivity

>unironically joined “uwuowo” cute groups on discord

>unironically has an “uwu“ discord tag and pfp
>left those “uwuowo“ cute groups
>most of the people somehow thought I was a guy the majority of the time
>I still somehow got people simping for me
>still feels disgusted because of inexplicable hate for simps in general

I don’t know how, but I think it’s the genuine use of “uwu” emojis what makes people want to orbit others, so take notes everyone, use “uwu” emojis and squiggly symbols if you ever want some simps.

I honestly don’t understand how anyone can handle simps though, I instantly felt disgusted and did my best to make them stop trying to do anything for a stranger on the internet.

No. 580578

File: 1594114076375.jpg (47.1 KB, 800x800, 1320173811222.jpg)

>daddy issues
>went through a lolita phase at 17 and found 50+ year old guys hot
>fat since always
>would only masturbate to hentai until 3 years ago
>dropped out of 8th grade to go to cyber school
>cheated in said cyber school to graduate high school
>found my bf in lolcow
>went to college part time for 5 years and still never graduated
>15K in student loan debt
>still can't drive in mid 20s
>from 12-15 would spam artists to make request drawings on Deviant of my shitty OC's
>had over 600 images of said OC drawings
>used to yaoi RP and say "ugu" at the end of my sentences at 16

No. 580599

>found my bf in lolcow
why and how

No. 580600

Through the friend finder thread.

No. 581593

>dates a scrote that added you on discord or some rando social media site through lolcow

kek! seriously?! eww either that guy is an incel or lurks r9k and is probably plotting something to hurt you, love yourself more anon. scrotes and trannies that lurk this site are probably shit and usually hate women.

No. 582165

Neither actually, been together 3 years now. So a little late for that.
But he doesn't lurk and came one time, now here we are.

No. 582167

Not sure what other anon's problem is but good for you anon, hope he treats you well lol

No. 582494

I’ve been super boring and unmilky for years now so here’s ages 17-21 lol

>>diagnosed bpdfag wannabe mia

>>daddy issues
>>gets kicked out at 17 for standing up to abusive father
>>latches on to any Mexican guy that will give her attention
>>first bf is abusive, ldr & cheats with his ex so as punishment, I make him fist his asshole on webcam (screenshots galore)
>>never show anyone the screenshots but tell people the story because I think it’s funny
>>force bf to move all over country for me only to end up dumping him for bf #2
>>bf #2 gets me into hard drugs, I become dealer
>>drugs potentiate mental illness, become incredibly unstable
>>begin to believe I have special powers and start doing crazy shit like putting my period blood into bf’s food for spiritual purposes
>>relationship crumbles due to both our instability
>>give him laxative to ruin his trip out of town
>>during break in relationship, contemplate cheating on him with a friend who begins to act strangely
>>get raped while on drugs by said guy friend. He suicide baits and fools me into forgiveness
>>commending retard era where I begin to date my rapist, bf #3
>>he ruins all of my friendships and relationship with family, actively begins isolating me. He threatens suicide and holds all of my items and pet hostage when I try to leave
>>a year of hell passes with him, I start to sneak out. I go to clubs and hookup with guys and girls
>>he finds out, acts like he still wants to continue our relationship while simultaneously projecting hatred on to me
>>I sign up for WWOOF and run away to a literal hippie commune ran by an older lesbian woman in the mountains of norcal where I trim marijuana and take care of goats
>>live there for several months, make friends from all over the globe and open myself up to spirituality
>>discover my passions, ditch bad people and bad habits, make encouraging new friends and live happily ever after

No. 582499

Anon you sound like a GTA chola character

No. 582503

I stopped reading at fist

No. 582544

File: 1594447110315.png (2.4 KB, 800x600, F3700E59-3133-43F2-A60E-CAC536…)

More of a cow description than milk, but anyway…
>almost in her 30s
>spent her whole life as a neet femcel until 27
>still no bf
>still lives with parents, doesn’t cook, doesn’t clean, doesn’t pay for shit womanchild
>adult picky eater with a 10 year old’s palate, would starve before eating a basic salad
>bone thin with bloated fupa due to poor diet and no exercise. You’d think she has worms or something.
>discovered she can eat almonds!!!! Much health. This will finally be the thing to change her life forever!
>looks like female projared, kind of like chin-chan if she had eyebrows
>middle class parents paid for expensive art college tuition, failed any basic English requirement and anything involving reading and writing, several times
>no dyslexia, takes 20 minutes to read a single page anyways. Then feels too mentally exhausted to go on, but not enough to keep her from spending hours on reddit, and now lc
>graduated eventually but art still sucks, too lazy to improve
>bad at therapy. 2dumb, can’t articulate thoughts well enough to make any progress, can’t handle being told what she doesn’t want to hear, lies to avoid discomfort
>always wakes up late, could sleep the whole day, fuck self improvement
>doesn’t get the trans hate on this site. Just recently became more open minded towards the non-binaries because she watched some Dorian Electra music videos

No. 584475

Claims to be uwu all natural yogi spiritual queen but
Has nose job and veneers
Gets spray tans, bleaches hair, eyelash extensions
Wears tons of overpriced makeup but tries to make it look like she wears none
Lies about plastic surgery
Uses Facetune
Preaches political equality and tries to be relatable but old Uber capitalist boyfriend pays all her bills
Tries to act down to earth and relatable but her head is so big it might pop
Judges materialistic ig girls while wearing 3000$ ‘no name’ designer purses
Traded out Benz for Prius when she tried to change up her image to ‘relatable yogi queen’
Tries to start serious yoga channel, is laughably bad, only people watching are pathetic male simps

No. 584477

Wow after typing that out I realized how deeply hatable I am, and that I’m glad I’m not interesting enough to ever actually have a thread on here

No. 584495

Cont from above
Calls girls who have to use OF to make money peasants but secretly has grimy SW past
23 yo who doesn’t work but has to hire maid cause won’t clean own house
Preaches healthy eating and yoga while doing coke
Tells other girls they can look like her if they do yoga, eat healthy, and ‘love themselves’ , irl wouldn’t be hot without her rhinoplasty, veneers, Botox Brow life and ultra high maintenance beauty routine
Constantly humble brags about her money
If her boyfriend ever ditches her it will be hilarious to see her lose her plush lifestyle and have to resort to OF to maintain her ridiculous beauty routine
Positivity is a mindset! You can have anything you want in life if you get rid of negativity
Absolutely insufferable and rude

No. 584496

I hate you too Anon

No. 584498

I’m a deeply hatable person

No. 584503

In all seriousness maybe don't lie so much? Why even do this?

No. 584508

Not lieing? It’s not particularly hard to take out a loan for plastic surgery, and then find an older guy to date who wants eye candy. All you have to do is be moderately smart and not trash your face like pnp

No. 584526

This all seems particularly miserable
Keep going on that spiritual path tho, fake it and you might make it

No. 584534

I'm not even an incel and you're giving me incel rage, anon

No. 584555

bruh I'm fucking jealous of your life. Give me that Uber daddy and a nose job!

Everyone's fake anon, life's a bitch and you gotta fight to survive. You're owning it

No. 584561

hey anon can you help me join some celebrity cults? sound like you know some

No. 584568

>Everyone's fake

No. 584583

I don’t mess with celebrity cults, not my thing.

No. 584596


okay not to be mean but why are you 23 and doing botox

No. 584641

>oldcow autist/recovering BPDfag in early 30s still doing the same shit and engaging in the same internet culture bullshit since middle school, classic internet/social media addict with arrested development and no attention span left due lifetime of internet abuse, on and off NEET who has achieved nothing in life

>moved to US at age 7 but still has problems with english language; can't speak native language correctly either, literally illiterate

>BS design related degree; has only worked dead end minimum wage jobs in her field; laid off from all of them, never achieved true financial independence

>physically, psychological and borderline sexually abused in childhood which no one every really talks about or acknowledges, manifesting in severe childhood hypochondria and later BPD

>3 major depressive episodes since early 20s one requiring hospitalization, finally sort of got over BPD in 2016-2018

>gets to live in rich dad's old apartment alone with no roommates rent free but lives in incel squalor due to muh depression and muh anxiety, kitchen is falling apart, holes in walls, roaches

>pothead since late 2017 who smokes weed everyday, managed to quit for 4 months then relapsed last week

>80+ year old Grandfather still works to save more money to leave her after he dies because of what a failure she clearly is

>autist who has never had any social metric value or more then 3 friends at a time, most "friendships" are short-term male orbiterships waiting for chance to try to bang

>mentalcel who is afraid of talking to men and hasn't been on a date since dec 2019 and hasn't been in relationship since 2018, cannot have sex with new person without being wasted

>lost virginity at age 20 to 40 y/o nasty fat myspace era hipster/scene dude who was also sleeping with a 15 year old at the time; ended up raping her and bunch of other scene girls (not dahvie vanity)

>flew to another country once to see a clearly mentally unstable model she met only once only before only to be blown off, still obsessed with him to this day and tries to cyberstalk him

>Dysfunctional on and off NEET lifestyle thats been going on for over 10+ years; has unlimited time to pursue any dream of goal but doesn't do anything for the last 6 months besides surf internet all day, do a little drawing and hatewatch other people living their best life

>allowed a heroin addicted drug dealer to move in her apt with his GF and slept on couch for 3 years while they lived in bedroom and trashed the place, dabbled in heroin with him

> face related body dysmorphia; obsessed with getting plastic surgery when she has no job or income

>on and off ex of almost 7 years wasted her and his time, is now almost 50 and has decided he wants to leave the city and live some david dubinsky trad farm lifestyle in the middle of rural colorado

>probably never going to have a family or kids at this point, unlikely to ever have a real career or good job

>dead end existence with no purpose or future, mentally asks God to take her out at least once a week, too afraid to actually an hero herself

>Father moved back to old country and throws 800 a month at cow to not have to take active role in failure daughter's life

>secretly signed up for SA account this month in desperate attempt to achieve financial independence/stop being incel, zero takers so far

No. 584643

what's sa?

No. 584645

Seeking Arrangements

No. 584650

Botox brow lift is different from regular Botox. It raises your eyebrows so you have more lid space for eye makeup and gives your eyes a more open look, also evens out your eyebrows and makes them perfectly symmetrical. They do surgical brow lifts too, but they have a long recovery period and potential side effects.

No. 584652

File: 1594807177357.jpeg (354.26 KB, 828x577, 3AB983A8-7D02-4A59-A734-B7E637…)

Example of before and after brow lift (I think hers was surgical though)

No. 584670

God I would love to shit talk you on your own thread. You sound like shit.

No. 584673

File: 1594812320270.jpg (36.76 KB, 398x398, 4619b827ea9fb1401ddf85c59ef81a…)

old milk:
>was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression due to childhood medical trauma at 8, tried to commit suicide a few times/would cut almost every night.
>was put on meds
>developed ed around this time
>not much love/attention at all from emotionally absent cop father
>ungodly amount of self hatred
>left school beginning of 4th grade
>became a homeschooled socially awkward emo
>used to rp on google +
>couldn't even come into contact with anything relating to hospitals or medical related anything without going into a full blown anxiety attack that would cause dissociation that could last for hours

new milk
>diagnosed with a dissociative disorder after thinking said episodes were "normal"and that they were just "away with the fairies"
>started smoking weed
>thought their dealer was crushing on them; newsflash, he's just a friendly person
>thinks everyone either loves them or wants them dead, nothing in-between
>just started classes after years of not attending a real school, everyone already dislikes them/thinks they're clingy
>relapsing back into ed related habits ever since covid
>always "forgetting" to take medications and do physiotherapy for chronic illness (in reality is just a lazy sack of shit)
>hasn't felt "real" since late last year
>still collects old toys they grew up with due to lack of childhood/childhood trauma (barbies, bratz, any fashion doll)

No. 584678

Sorry, just saw this reply.
I got banned off multiple twitter accounts for having incredibly conflicting mutuals, for example radfem accounts and altright accounts. Last time I got banned was for retweeting a holocaust denying meme and a radfem account reported me and I got banned because I wouldn't delete the retweet. Another time was for pissing off a gamergate guy who got his personal army to go through my account and report everything.
The discord story is more interesting. Basically had a friend who invited me into her friends discord. I'd met the mod before IRL so I felt comfortable being myself, but I learned pretty quickly that they were in fact not being themselves, pretending to be men. (just the mod, not the friend who invited me in)
It was an edgy discord, and my extremist beliefs conflicted a lot with the mod and the mod's boyfriends beliefs, and we would constantly argue. They'd post memes they knew would piss me off, and eventually my partner joined the discord to argue w them too, and my friend who invited me in was way more on the mod's side than my side (the mod and her partner were very cultish and would ban everyone but me that would argue w her, only kept me around to keep things interesting).

I eventually left the discord, but then had a few people message me privately from the discord to tell me they were mad shittalking me and bringing up stuff from my private life (because friend who invited me in and mod knew me IRL). I lashed out at the friend who invited me in and basically told her I never wanted to talk to her again because she betrayed my trust, telling discord weirdos private life details (phone number etc). We had a massive blow out fight and now we don't talk at all, blocked each other on everything.

No. 584750

I don't have to assume because she said she had a borderline flat chest though.

No. 584764

nta but i thought i was flat but am actually c cup. she might not know.

No. 584788

fwiw, you're a fantastic cow. i can imagine you constantly being posted in the altright pick me thread or something. btw, you forgot to mention an age. please say you're like 35 for that little extra oomph this needs

No. 584869

Most girls don’t know their actual bra sizes anyway. They have smaller bands and bigger cups than they think. If you think your a 34B your probably a 32C, especially if you got fitted somewhere like Victoria’s Secret that don’t know what they’re doing.

No. 599164

Not even getting into my childhood, bc it is is mess I do not remeber

Ana-saga (age 14)
>randomly see pro ana site, and get obsessed
>already underweight
>become very neurotic about food
>work out for hours
>obsessed with MPA and pro ana tumblr
>reactive eating causes me to be a bulimic
>being hungry causes bitchiness and lose all friends
>develop fears about contamination and ghosts

Loner-saga (age 16)
>Stop talking to people
>Insane levels of anxiety
>huge arguments with mom who tries to kill herself constantly
>move to dads place
>I have no friends
>Dad reads my journal about spicy political shit, we have fight and I have to move back home
>My mom tries to choke me bc she is upset, call the cops and she gets arrested
>also was fairly popular on alt right tumblr at some point and had orbiter who sent me amazon giftcards

Failed new start (18 to now)
>stop reading news
>move to first apartment, that gets filled with trash bc I was terrified of taking it out to the wrong dumpster
>finally make a new good female friend (still the only one)
>get a good sized inheritance, but be a retard about spending it, bc I was so broke before
>go on 6 vacations in 2 years
>have such degenerate sexual behavior it is recognizeable on lc
>only get crushes on foreign (mostly German) guys and obsess about them for hours everyday, even a year after
>oops broke and in debt, money run out
>seriously consider prostituting myself

Other garbage
>addicted to porn from age 9, sometimes spend hours masturbating
>snuff fetish bc everything else is boring
>can’t stop sperging out at my friends/random people, no wonder I cant get a second date
>stil have multiple male stalkers though
>too retarded to read instructions to book a therapist appointment
>getting drunk everyday I have money to stave off social anxiety
>thousands of matches on tinder, but I only can arrange dates when I’m super wasted

No. 600072

I would be your friend anon. You don't sound so bad or cowish, just a humble neet? I would also help fix your kitchen / apartment problems, since it's easier to clean up other people's houses instead of your own.

No. 600287

General stuff:
>Massive retard with suspected aspergers (obviously)
>Probably has BPD
>Dresses androgynously and lowkey wants to be a guy but not really
>Piss fetish
>Fear of loneliness
>Binge-purges often
>Impulsive, no self control
>Miserable slut
>Repressed trauma

Pre-teen stuff:
>Grew up poor as shit, literally slept on the floor but pretended to be rich
>Would shoplift at 9/10 and got caught multiple times
>Masturbated and looked at porn constantly
>Used to cut at 10-13 (mostly for attention)
>Faked suicide about 3 times and attempted twice
>Tried to steal a knife from school
>Retarded pro ana phase that just developed into bulimia, never fully recovered
>Mixed raced but kinda racist

Early teen years:
>Tried to cut her face open to cut some of the jaw fat/muscle out
>Tried to fuck her history teacher at 14, got excluded
>Started drinking at 14 for about 3 months and got sexually abused by step dad
>Got her best friend drunk and fucked her in a public toilet
>Didnt try in school and was a massive cunt

Late teens:
>Got hit by a car and bragged about it
>Scammed paedophiles
>Faked being half Japanese to impress some weebs
>Weird plastic surgery obsession/interest

18 to now:
>Changed her whole name as soon as she turned 18
>Got a 3 surgeries to become a model, got hired a couple of times but was super broke and in debt and prostituted herself
>Occasionally cheats on boyfriend and feels like shit about it
>Draws porn for money

No. 600292

I wanna be friends with u

No. 600309

>have such degenerate sexual behavior it is recognizeable on lc
finnanon is that u?

No. 600317

No. Please stop calling every bpdfag finnanon, you're encouraging namefaggotry

No. 600363

File: 1596988940569.jpeg (34.55 KB, 320x320, 9F86052C-B376-4476-861A-E388FC…)

But it is me ..

No. 600365

Can you stfu no1curr quit attention whoring

No. 600369

Finnanon, you're fucking annoying.

Sincerely, anon.

No. 600371

No. 600393

You were funny at first but now this is just sad. Find something else to do and quit shitting up the boards.

No. 600397

>Got her best friend drunk and fucked her in a public toilet
So… you raped her.

No. 600404


I was drunk too and it was her idea i guess, but holy shit I never thought about it like that :((:()

No. 600408

can we all stop giving this fucking attention whore what she wants? Just fucking ignore her. She thinks this site is her personal blog and the "finnanon is that you?" posts are cancer.

This trainwreck is a literal rapist that admitted to getting her friend drunk and fucking her only to change the story when called out. She gets what she deserves.

No. 600411

I don't think the anon that got her friend drunk is finnanon but fuck, I agree with you. She's insufferable. Also idk who that Mexican bitch is, but she's insufferable too. Fuck them both

No. 600413

She's not the one who got her friend drunk but she DOES have a snuff fetish. Watching women getting raped and killed and getting off on it is disgusting as fuck.

No. 600415

Im not finnanon but I agree, the rape thing is horrific I genuinely feel like shit about doing it, I'm gonna try and apologise to her.

No. 600419

It's two different posts from two different anons, scroll up

No. 600437

>try and apologise
Why don't you just leave her the hell alone and go to therapy or something? If I were in her position I'd hope to forget all about you and only hear your name again if you died suddenly. What the fuck has this thread turned into

No. 600479

cows acting like cows cause they finally got the narcissistic pleasure of talking about themself and showing how actually not self aware they are which is a prime cow trait

No. 600515


We were best friends for years after it and we still talk to each other occasionally.
What I did was very bad, but I honestly didn't plan for it to happen and we both had decided we wanted to do it whilst drunk. I was 13/14 and she was 15, I was extremely immature and just being dumb. Sorry for the shitty choice of words.

No. 600545

just an obvious narcissist with a fucked up childhood, nothing new. also kids experiment and do weird crap like that, its not rape

both of you need to get therapy and learn from your childhood. its fucking disturbing

No. 600569

I have no idea why people are attacking you so much for that post. It sounds like you're aware that it was messed up. Technically I don't think it was even really rape if both of you wanted it and were also drunk. You we both also young. Ffs you still are extremely young. It sounds like you've been through a lot and I hope you're still seeking therapy. You're definitely not beyond redemption and other anons need to chill.

No. 600683

Snuff fetish =/= wanting to see other people tortured/killed. You can also want to be the ”victim”. Even then it’s degenerate tho

No. 600696


No. 600699

Why is the pubic hair so straight? what is that? spoiler it anon

No. 600711

Looks like he trimmed it and it grew straight kek, what a weird picture

No. 600712

Is it not normal to have straight pubes??

No. 600724

I thought everyones pubes grew curly but I have kinky hair so maybe that's why.

No. 600725

I thought people saying they were curly was like a joke

No. 600741

>Homeschooled sheltered Christian girl
>Got hooked on DA vore fetish porn at the age of 10
>Self harmer and probably has mental issues but doesn't trust psychiatrists enough to get a diagnosis
>Was a pickme from befriending 4chan shitposter moids for a few years
>Hates men and male coomers but into gross yaoi and oneshota
>Ardent TERF but has a femboy/male crossdressing fetish anyways
>Decides to swear off porn and be a good Christian every other month, never follows through with it
>Basically no IRL friends besides BF
>LARPs as a libfem to maintain online friendships now
>Only signifigance in life is being a webcomic artist, terrified of ending up on lolcow someday a la HC brown

No. 600778

old milk:
>be me
>discover 4chan and cgl
>want to become internet famous cosplayer
>sew some shitty costumes
>shoop the everliving FUCK out of my face
>skinblurimus maximus. pores are for losers; gotta have that so-edited-that-I-glow halo.
>eyes are 50% of my face now
>nasolabial folds? none.
>tag Instagram pics with shit like #Asian, #Asiangirl, #kawaiiAsian for maximum thirst followers
>post in cgl selfpost threads
>using a VPN, reply to my own posts with mean comments
>call myself "ugly chink" and "overphotoshopped bitch", etc.
>random people jump to my defense and follow me on sm
>rinse and repeat multiple times

I already nuked all of my accounts from that era and now only have an inactive Instagram that I only post to about once a month. I stopped caring about becoming "famous" and social media bullshit after I turned 20.

No. 600789

Doesn't 4chan block all VPNs?

No. 600849

I'm a dirty agnostic but I'd like to be friends with you

No. 600851

No. 600896

A lot of these sound like veiled cries for help, I want to give you all hugs.
Humble beginnings
>Thought speaking in rhymes was cool
>Read so much that she added 'I said' on the end of everything in her head, occasionally slipped and said it out loud
>Did not understand why the above two things were considered weird
>White girl who thought The Moldy Peaches was rap music because 'rap is just a song without a tune'.
>Tried to rap in front of classmates by speak-singing Loose Lips by Kimya Dawson and claiming she wrote it
>Attempted to use glitter glue as 'lipstick' regularly at the age of 14 - 15
>Generally embarrassing but harmless

Newer milk / late teen years
>Discovered the internet, desperately wants to be cool
>Bounced between embarrassingly earnest and a fake mean girl persona
>Claimed to speak Japanese, copy pasted Vocaloid lyrics to prove it
>Wore halloween store blue wigs in grainy webcam selfies to look like Hatsune Miku
>At best resembled a budget Cookie Monster
>Got so invested in persona that she dropped out of school with no qualifications
>So she could call people names on Skype and block them before they responded
>No discernible skills, no job prospects

Fresh milk
>Dropped the mean shtick when screencaps were sent to parents
>Still reverts to it whenever she wants to impress people
>Discovered the farms
>Formed an obsession with Luna and Shay
>Has several full notebooks of drawings of them
>Wants to fix them, too embarrassed to talk to them
>Quietly jealous of them for e-fame
>Fatty who dates anorexics to try and fix them
>Decided to get first job during a pandemic because risk felt cool
>Nothing says cool like a 19 yr old working a fast food job
>Still wants to be Hatsune Miku

No. 600902

I used a vpn app that was meant for Netflix. The app was new and 4ch was slow to block all of its servers so I was able to use it for a good couple of months before they all got shut down.

Your humble beginnings and newer milk sound relatively harmless and just stupid kid behavior, but the obsession part in fresh milk is weird. Please seek help.

No. 607688

File: 1597770385859.jpeg (119.18 KB, 512x384, C463CF8C-66E7-4D93-88CF-445344…)

>diagnosed with aspergers, demanded to have it changed to bpd for ages because of self-diagnosing denial
>used to browse pull where she became obsessed with spookycharms and obsessively mimicked her down to the makeup products she used
>lost virginity at 22 to a sugar daddy after her dad died, has some daddy issues and pretended to have a daddy kink so sugar daddy would keep giving her money, had sex with another older sugar daddy for money
>dresses like a wannabe influencer teenage thot despite being in her 20s
>can’t handle having money, spends it all on clothes and makeup like she’s a 15yo with no self-control
>lives with her mom bc can’t handle being independent, hates being alone, terrified her mom will die 24/7 and convinced she’ll die too when that day comes
>embarrassingly naïve and self-pitying womanchild who needs constant praise and validation from others

No. 607705

I actually like you anon and I want the best for you!

No. 607711

nothing in the post is even mildly tolerable, are you also a crazy-chan?
hope you get help though OP, granted that retardation can be cured.

No. 607716

idk man I like them and I wouldnt mind being friends with OP, and yeah I can relate to OP in some way so I am def a crazy chan too.

No. 607725

agree. not a cow, just need to get your shit together. good luck op

No. 607732

>diagnosed with aspergers, demanded to have it changed to bpd for ages because of self-diagnosing denial

No. 607741

I know of multiple BPDers who have self diagnosed themselves with autism in an attempt to get away from the stigma of BPD and have a more 'please pity me' type of disorder.

I think people generally have more empathy for those with autism compared to personalities disorders

No. 607763

aww thank you anon! this made me smile. i wish you the best! ♡

thank you anon! i’m working on it. wish you the best!

this is valid. it was six years ago now, i was still a minor at the time. glad i grew out of it.

that’s interesting, i did not expect that. it really sucks that it’s so difficult for a lot of people to embrace their disorders because of all the stigma.

No. 607786

AYRT I'm 29.

No. 663050

i’m a fully grown adult, 19 and allow a male to abuse me, humiliate me, post on facebook about how jealous and obsessed i am with his ex when it’s clearly reversed in reality, and text said uggo ex ‘ily’ every day

he has such a hold on me i literally cannot walk away from or sever the extreme attachment i have to this disgusting evil loser creep

No. 663151

>fully grown adult
pick one lol

No. 663182

>i literally cannot walk away from or sever the extreme attachment i have to this disgusting evil loser creep
You may feel that way now, but you're only human, anon. You'll reach a breaking point eventually and when you do I hope you are able to kick this asshole out of your life and be better off.

No. 663188

>csa victim
>literally cannot date any guy or gal she has a strong emotional bond to when all the conditions are met for dating, leads them all on
>develops stupid impossible retarded crushes on randoms she see frequently

god fucking help me

No. 663196

God dammit anon you've posted about this on other boards and I just want to shake you until it clicks that you can and should just leave.

No. 663221

these are just sad, just like most of the posts in this thread. you guys should get help for your issues - being a victim doesn't inherently make you a cow. it's not too late to change

No. 663517

>consistently horrible taste in men
>starts with csa but can’t cope since it was never physical, just virtual
>continues with wannabe gangster who claims affiliation with MS-13
>calls him Daddy
>blogs their relationship and sexual exploits on private tumblr
>is also 16 at this time
>decides being a camwhore will be her saving grace to escape s o c i e t y
>starts dating ex heroin addict
>ex heroin addict moves from halfway house into her apartment while convincing her to stop camwhoring
>best friend continues camwhoring and moves out
>ex heroin addict boyfriend becomes heroin addict boyfriend and is layed out on the floor one night OD’ed
>”it’s either me or heroin, anon!!”
>pick both
>move home with parents after quitting heroin
>24 this year
>no education
>lives with parents
>had messy alcoholic bout last year
>best friend graduated to become porn star
>despise men and the sex industry, somehow gain Greek god status boyfriend who loves me and puts up with my shit constantly, don’t deserve him

No. 663521

>dresses like a wannabe influencer teenage thot despite being in her 20s

I felt this one, anon. Sage for samefag

No. 663585

File: 1604114643814.jpeg (92.03 KB, 720x900, 1A1A4057-45C3-45B7-A440-0C76DC…)

>art school dropout
>25 and can't drive
>lives at home with her mom
>eats absolute garbage fast food and doesn't work out
>can't hold down a job for more than 3 months without having an emotional breakdown and quitting
>mooches off rich autistic boyfriend who doesn't know any better
>created her own unhappiness but blames it all on muh depression

fuckin hate this bitch

No. 663648

Anon you have to share those notebooks

No. 663807

>>nasolabial folds? none.
god I keked so hard

No. 663834

>32” waist chan

No. 663846

No. 664114

>ana chan
>probably has bpd but too scared to go to the doctor to check
>got tattooed by a junkie at his home
>cant wear shorts cause of disgusting prison tattoos on her legs
>desperately tries to be cool
>slept with like 20 guys to fit in
>most of them disgusting junkies
>says cringy things without thinking, trying to make jokes
>they never land
>she seems like she is super conceited
>talks to herself
>sometimes literally screams random things
>cuts people off from her life cause they make her anxious
>even her best friends

Kek, anons, I am past most of those, but me 5 years ago was a massive cow.

No. 664119

File: 1604187207990.jpg (78.57 KB, 640x635, yeah.jpg)

> definitely a bpd-chan, out of control
> sometimes i steal my familys shoes for my own personal use, no one ever finds out
> mooch off of my family, they pay for my food, my bills, my doctors appointments, etc
> when i really have to take a shit, sometimes i shit inside my parents room in spite
> always loud as fuck, never shut the hell up
> sometimes i bite people
> i often jump on people when im annoyed
> sometimes i chew on staircases and eat whatevers left of the rug
> dont do any chores
> i've pissed on my moms new couch before
> i lied about it
> sometimes when im scared i piss myself and make other people clean it up
> pic related
> pic is me

No. 664211

>mfw when i didn’t get the joke untill halfway

No. 664384

omg I want to be frens with you anon

No. 665846

File: 1604411749690.jpg (82.4 KB, 569x762, m8i4d9oBpO1ql0h2wo1_640.jpg)

>had potential in school, decided to waste her time shitposting on the internet instead.
>one of those annoying cunts who has to let people know she's ex-gifted, even on anonymous sites.
>had a shoplifting phase and got arrested for it in a very low budget clothing shop
>nearly died from alcohol poisoning twice before turning 18
>currently devoloping alcoholism, drinks warm vodka
>now facing zero job prospects outside her shitty part time work.
>probably procrastinating studying for the exam to get into university where she lives rn. I bet she has literally 2 weeks to learn 2 years of material and still hasn't started.
>wants to leave her parents house in her hometown more than anything, still can't be bothered to put in the work???
>probably has adhd but won't get checked out because she doesn't trust doctors
>thinking about applying to art school (lmao faggot), probably won't ever
>extremely vain and anachan, still manages to look like shit
>thinks if she doesn't look people in the eye they somehow won't be able to see her hideous face, like a child playing hide and seek thinks you can't see them if they can't see you kek
>afraid to even leave the house, needs a pound of makeup on if she ever does
>freak that wears full length jeans and a denim jacket in the summer
>who still cuts themselves in 2020
>shifts girls who are flirting with bisexuality to look cool to boys and don't even like her back, doesn't care
>afraid to have sex though, will probably die a virgin
>her parents are disappointed beyond belief with her, who can blame them
>has like 2 friends, who are sick of her bullshit and will probably end up dumping her (as they should)
>fantasises about commiting suicide everyday via a very violent method liking slitting her throat, definitely too much of a pussy to follow through with that

No. 665852

forgot to mention she's retaking the exam I mentioned cause she failed the first time round lolololololol what a loser. and she thinks she's smart, she's just pretentious tbh

No. 665893

File: 1604416164941.gif (159.96 KB, 400x399, original.gif)

>military wife, married at 18
>retard-tier ADHD, refuses to take meds because they make me feel weird
>crippling social anxiety
>no irl friends
>edgy as fuck, makes fun of well-adjusted people
>has a million piercings and dresses like 2003 hot topic exploded onto an industrial rave
>too scared and retarded to try to take the next step in life
>instead makes mediocre art, surfs the internet, and writes all day

No. 665916

idk i kinda wanna be your friend

No. 665930


what the hell how is this exactly me. down to the shoplifting phase. down to the fantasizing about violently dying, but I usually go with decapitation. Whenever I get too stressed at night I just imagine someone slicing my head off and it helps somehow

No. 665968

anon we can slice off our heads together

No. 665975

im willing to be friends with any farmers honestly. but im allergic to discord

No. 666004

File: 1604425009509.gif (2.72 MB, 480x360, giphy.gif)

To think all of this happened in the past 5 years:
>used to start tumblr naruto drama by making hate-troll blogs with the shippingtards
>would catfish random guys for years just to get online game shit
>dropped a total of 6k on a gacha game using their money
>faked an entire funeral for these catfished men over the phone
>constantly made men rub their cum on their faces and hurt themselves because she wanted to feel something, felt nothing
>let a bunch of random men use her in a weird way (revenge porn/humiliation) because she was a repressed suicidal v*rgin
>the usual anafag and cutting combo
>became a camgirl
>paranoid 24/7 of being identified in public, so she constantly changes her clothes and hair into every possible style that exists including a tranny phase
>pretty sure a guy gave her a foot fetish
>said guy also gave her a thing for r*ssian men
>goes out her way to date cops, military men, alcoholics, etc the ones more likely to be abusive
>kinda wants to be abused, kinda wants to be murdered
>2 suicide failed attempts, 3 head shaves, and hoards stuffed toys to cope
>unironically plays with said stuffed toys
>writes fanfics about politicians and draws gay porn
>dedicated to becoming a spinster 4 life

No. 666046

I think I love you anon

No. 666090

Damn anon are you me? Well, save for the me being a year old, never went to art school and no rich autistic boyfriend part, the rest applies to me pretty well.

No. 689786

>25 year old with the humor of an edgy teen
>doesn't realize other people don't get it
>too autistic to communicate she was joking
>people start stealing from her and destroying her things
>too retarded to realize it is not a coincidence
>blames it on being confused from drugs
>despite this, doesn't stop using drugs

>changes friend groups often because communicating is cringe

>hates judgmental people yet extremely picky over who she befriends
>hates crowds and having to small talk
>fantasizes about belonging to a large and stable friend group despite doing things above
>naive and easily attached yet larps as a cold hearted bitch who "has seen it all"
>disappears for months at a time for self-care
>doesn't understand why her friends are upset from this
>when people call her out, she thinks ~they're just jealous~

>hates addicts yet it's the only type she dates

>surprised pikachu face when they turn out abusive
>tries dating for money instead of love
>spergs out and breaks her own heart
>get stalked by her ex and orbiters
>thinks it's hot, until harassment starts
>wants to delete all socials but fomo
>judges people with slutty photos, has slutty photos herself
>posts like an influencer, despite the nearly nonexistent follower count
>sjw snowflake on socials, while enjoying pol tier humor on imageboards

No. 689849

Hello, it's me.

No. 689872

File: 1607402565284.png (366.33 KB, 745x496, 1601141460365.png)

I am the girl in the pic eating spaghetti out of a bag. I only found out about the image a few months ago and apparently it's ALL over the internet. I'm still trying to process it, really. I have never told anyone else about this and nowhere else to say it, but I had to get it off my chest, and I couldn't think of anywhere else where people might understand a little more (I've been here only a few times before).
Thanks for reading.

No. 689876

File: 1607403328699.jpg (29.88 KB, 480x480, 0y0KJCL.jpg)

This one?! Story pls, bag why? Do you not own tupperware? No sauce? Was it room temp? Was this prepared just for a bagged lunch, or was it leftovers? Is this a normal meal for you or just something grabbed last minute because you had nothing else? If it was leftovers, was the original meal also just plain cooked spaghetti or did you make a sauce? Why store the spaghetti and sauce separately? If you could go back in time and relive this day, would you do it all again?

No. 689878

rich wall street mom has munchausens by proxy
has super-wealthy former wall-street age gap boyfriend, is literally a clone of MBP wall street mom
lives off of boyfriend and spends money on lots of superficial stuff to feel better about trainwreck of life
develops social media following to feel better about life
has plastic surgery
is rude af to cover DEEP insecurity
cocaine and xanax
went through a brief poverty larp from 17-18, humiliatingly cringe to look back on
pretends to be super spiritually awake and to have a perfect life

No. 689879

Double post, but reading this back now it sounds more accusatory than I meant it to, and I apologize. I'm not judging you for your past, I've done similar things with other sources of carbohydrates myself. I'm just curious, and I got a little excited because you're the most famous person I've had a chance to talk to directly. I hope I have not frightened you off.

No. 689880

File: 1607403762996.jpg (151.01 KB, 750x1000, 7896132.jpg)

The story is I had a friend who brought lunch to school everyday that she didn't eat because she had a cool older boyfriend that got her McDonalds every day. I was happy to eat her lunch. I don't know why it was plain spaghetti in a bag. Apparently it's somewhat common for Latino and Filipino people (I am neither) to put their food in bags like this. I never questioned why.

Would I do this again? Sure, maybe with spaghetti squash or something, but I couldn't carb overload like that anymore.

No. 689883

fun game: guess what threads anons are most active on based on their cow posts

for this anon I am guessing Shayna

No. 689884

More ancient milk:
> It's 2010 and at 16 had a LDR with a guy she met online.
>Met at an anime convention in real life
>He's creepy and smelly irl
>Ran away whenever he saw her
>Completely lost interest
>Made out with him anyway

No. 689888

you better confirm that shit. i can copypasta this towards any image on the internet and it seem neutral enough to believe.

No. 689891

My ex is meme and it’s so weird to see him as the picture in like, random girl’s finsta posts. The pic of him popped up on reddit with a really popular caption about Donnie darko like 2 years ago, idk if I want to share the pic but iykyk. I just think it’s really funny I can’t even imagine seeing yourself all over the place on the internet!! Eating pasta out of a bag isn’t even that weird, I hope it was good

No. 689892


No. 689895


OP, I just saw this but if you ever see this random anon thank you for the kind words. I'm glad to report since that post I'm a lot less depressed and almost entirely quit smoking weed, no longer have incel squalor or a roach problem, talk to a doctor about my OCD/BDD, don't want to do plastic surgery anymore, learning financial management and cooking skills, am studying for qualifications to teach my first language as a foreign language in US and have a clear plan on how to achieve said goals, and the guy who ghosted me all those years ago followed my instagram during quarantine and is now lowkey orbiting me with cringey messages and watches all my stories. It gets better anons.

No. 689902

File: 1607407485048.jpg (70.01 KB, 800x550, vq0i48duufq41.jpg)

Yeah, it's pretty tormenting considering I don't think I've posted myself online. Oh well, the primary reaction to the picture seems to be "relatable LOL" which is as good as it gets for being an internet meme I guess. I've come to accept it as a karmic payback of sorts for having saved and shared thousands of candid random pictures of people turned into memes over the years.

No. 689921

Don't have anything to say but godspeed spaghettianon

No. 689952

>full time decent job
>outwardly presents as a functioning human being
>rampant fujoshi
>lost all her real life friends because she dated a NEET she met on /soc/ who ended up trying to draw furry porn for a living
>now single, so lonely that she spends most of her time on imageboards or daydreaming
>wants to move back to her parents' house because at least she won't be lonely there

No. 689972

The "i'm so mature for my age" saga (11-13):
>> No friends due to moving school
>> Draws to escape. Becomes a furry
>> Gets groomed by furries
>> Is in a relationship with a 19 yr old furry who lied about attempting suicide, and would blame me for their suicide attempts.
>> start seeking out alcohol to cope.

the "drugs to cope" saga (13-17)
>> Start drinking
>> Finds weed
>> Weed feels nice as fuck. Forget about all my other problems
>> Discovers ADHD meds, wow my social anxiety is gone! This shit rocks
>> Tries Ecstacy
>> during new year I spent it with some stranger 5 hours away from my town, in some random staircase.
>> tries xanax
>> Develops xanax addiction
>>Hates everyone and start treating everyone like shit
>> OD on xanax and alcohol and end up in the hospital.
>> claims to have no issues. I'm not a druggy.
>>ends up in outpatient rehab

I'm not as milky now, I haven't done drugs in 2 years but the fact I abused it so hard during my teen years has def messed me up for life. I've hurt so many people as well. oh well

No. 689974

Sorry I am stupid, what is /soc/ lol

No. 689976

board on 4chan

No. 690014

i started reading the thread from the beginning and was mindblown at first before realizing that some parts of anons' stories were clearly bullshited or really exaggerated

No. 690994

are you allergic to snap

No. 691199

>24 year old GNC woman
>weird childhood, spawned weird hypersexual internet-addicted teenagehood
>cat fished people as a kid and had full fledged meaningful relationships in second life with them
>furry artist
>dated a girl i met online through bullying people on deviantart
>big surprise, she's abusive
>we meet up and have unpleasant sexual encounters
>we break up aka I run away from her ass and she spreads rumours about me that I do insane party drugs
>"no i dont!"
>inb4 crazy party drug phase
>dad gives her weed
>mom is a narcissist
>haven't had a job since march
>bought myself a $1,400 gaming computer with government unemployment money that i use to cry on tumblr, read lolcow, and occasionally play one of the 3 games i've been playing almost my entire life nonstop
>constantly stoned loser
>reads lolcow yet judges all the mean people on lolcow consistently

No. 691266

>meets up with /pol/tard
>immediately falls in love with him

No. 691411

tell us more, are you together?

No. 691482

yeah and honestly i dont care about his opinions, our relationship works practically. i live with him and have since march and we are both quiet people who just want to browse imageboards and play video games and get high. its nearly a perfect relationship. i get home before him and i look forward to seeing him every day. he is really a sweet person. buuut. he really wants kids and i dont. been together since octoberish 2019 and still in the honeymoon phase or something, i still am madly in love with him. we met on /soc/ just to have sex and i think he is hot as fuck. even though we browse /pol/ together and he probably hates me for not wanting kids (it makes me a broken woman in scrotes eyes) he is genuinely in love with me because he doesnt know what to do. i know i sound like a cow myself which is why i posted about it here. i have no idea if he is going to leave me or not. he may be a poltard full of hate but he is so sweet to me and cried all night when i finally said "ive been trying to convince myself that i want to have kids but honestly i really dont".

i guess my point is… its so odd sometimes being with a guy like that who hates so many people. he has never been cruel to me. it just proves to me that every man seriously just does want someone to love them. explains why guys on pol are so salty girls dont like them lol. dont know if im making sense but im like yeah the women haters on pol would always make an exception for a girl who seriously just loves them even if they arent perfect. i will be so gutted if he dumps me. sorry this is long.

No. 691485

>it just proves to me that every man seriously just does want someone to love them. explains why guys on pol are so salty girls dont like them lol.

2019 isnt that long. If hes an
asshole to other people he will eventually start being an asshole to you. You are in the honey moon period. It took my a year to find out the scrote I was dating from 4chan was secretly taking nude photos of his own sister. Enjoy what you have for now but dont get too comfortable.

No. 691488

hes really not an asshole at all to people, he is like me, we are both just really quiet and avoid people. we both just talk to each other and our families. he isnt cruel to anyone, he is just a /pol/tard and we all know the ideology of the most vocal posters there. other than that i have no milk on this guy. he isnt secretive or anything. i have really good judgement. i met other guys on 4chan and always had a bad feeling about them and they were always fucked up in some way. when he is home from work we just browse /b/ or /pol/ together or play games. we have talked so much especially if we smoke we know a lot of information on each other. this guy is a poltard but has no milk really lol. would probably even be boring to a lot of girls, but i just like how pretty he is and how much we get along. i am always waiting for him to say something mean to me but i think any guy makes an exception for a pretty girl who is fairly younger than they are, and ive always been sweet to him because hes never given me a reason not to be. he is just a pothead who is late to everything and a bit messy. i seriously thought he was gonna kill me in the woods bianca devin style when we met irl but i always liked seeing him and his dog is obsessed with him and such a happy, even tempered dog i knew he was actually a stable person, just has an odd personality, much like me. again, yeah i AM waiting for him to be a dick to me but hasnt happened yet. i really will be heartbroken the first time in my life if he really would rather have kids with some old crusty bitch than date a youthful attractive thin girl who likes nearly everything he does. yes i know i sound cow-ish.

No. 691489

I would give yourself time for the kids conversation, time to enjoy yourself and to actually have a relationship first. Not a soul wants to hear this, but people do sometimes change their minds on how they feel about major life decisions like that. People change something as serious as political ideologies all the time, or they get comfortable and decide that fears about this and that were unwarranted, etc.

No. 691491

>pretty and young
>old crusty bitch

You ever wonder if hes still going to value you once you're older or if you get sick?you wont be young and healthy forever.

No. 691492

Samefag. Based off your language I'm guessing this is an age gap relationship and hes at least a decade older?

No. 691493

You deserve to be heartbroken wtf. And no you don't sound cowish, you are a cow. This is on the same level as that 18 year old in the other thread that's dating some divorced father 20 years her senior. People like you are perpetually stuck between having zero self esteem and being egotistical.

No. 691497

i was already pretty right leaning when we met but ever since /pol/ i did get sorta radicalized and started really thinking that i was gonna have kids with him. i love him so much, but i care too much about my appearance to be comfortable being pregnant multiple times. /pol/ also made me depressed at times, self hating being a woman, but i dont really go on it often anymore and all the woman haters are just salty they dont have a girl that loves them.

i really tried for about a year of our relationship to convince myself that i want kids. but i seriously just want to finish college and get a better job than the one i have now. i just want to get married and buy a nice house and work lol. and travel because ive never been outside of the us. i have my whole life ahead of me, if he leaves me i can find someone else but everything about him i love, im so comfortable with him, we have a quiet life together but he wants me to squeeze out a bunch of babies i dont want.

good question. i can ask him. i always am not afraid to openly ask him something. but yes im 22 and he is 37. i havent said it, but we both know if he leaves me he is gonna have a hard time finding a woman who is okay with his ideology, or a girl he can even openly be opinionated around. im basically a poltard too so we have a lot of interesting discussions.

he has told me many many times that i am beautiful (i have been insecure as fuck in the past, i am an anachan, gotten cosmetic surgery but nothing to augment rather just to remove scars and shit like that) and that i will always be beautiful and loved by him (ive asked before because of the whole "wall" thing etc etc) and especially when we talk about a possible break up i cry and say i will always love and respect him, and he says the same thing to me. he genuinely isnt manipulating me, we both have the same opinions (i know, that makes me a cow) and do the same things. we dont like going out and we dont like normie shit.

man his ex was ugly as fuck and a huge liberal, he knows im more than a step up from that girl. but you can see the woman hating coming out of me now, oops. i guess its born out of insecurity. really though, i am leagues ahead of her.

No. 691499

>People like you are perpetually stuck between having zero self esteem and being egotistical

honestly, true. but i seriously havent met a single person who isnt the same way. its part of being human, we want to be the best so we convince ourselves we are, but then when we're reminded we are probably NOT the best we feel shame and insecurity.

you are a nasty bitch for saying i deserve him to break up with me though. maybe we deserve each other. i thought most users here hate pol ideology and here i am admitting to you that i hate many groups of people right alongside him.

No. 691501

>a pot head
>trying to have kids with a 22 year old
>37 and still shit posting on pol
>despite being 37 and attractive he still hasnt been able to find a partner to have kids with and marriage
>a racist

Holy shit anon this is hilarious. You cant really be this dumb?

No. 691502

How am I a nasty bitch when you're dating some retarded loser that's almost 40? It's just the truth. If you're not trolling you genuinely deserve to have that happen so it can knock some fucking sense into you, because you will obviously never gain some self respect and break up with him on your own.

No. 691503

im completely aware of how it all looks lol

ive used this site nonstop since about may 2018 and refrained from talking about him because i knew the backlash would be crazy.

all i can say is, hey, everyone is capable of someone being in love with them.

No. 691505

kek i knew you bitches would just seethe instead of having a proper discussion. this is why i dont befriend other women irl…

No. 691508

You say hes pretty….I have a hard time finding scrotes who look good at 28. I have a hard time believing he actually looks attractive. Is this a cope for you?

No. 691510

I'm not seething… tone down the buzzwords you learnt from your geriatric /pol/ack. You don't have female friends because they don't want to be around you, don't pretend it's a choice lmao.

No. 691512

>~30 y.o. autist from Nashville
>muh abusive childhood, muh PTSD
>won't shut the fuck up about how leftists hate her after she helped put two of their comrades in jail for threatening violence and being creepy stalkers
>writes cringy lesbian fiction, not porn but like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies type of shit
>types like a zoomer, is almost 30
>made a Tumblr post in 2014 accusing some ugly weeaboo of rape and then sperged when she got anon hate from other weeaboos; dove head first into libfem idpol after the claims turned out to be true
>started dating a retarded tankie while in the closet
>Developed a leftthot persona after said tankie cheated on her and blamed her for it

Sadly for hypothetical farmers my milk is pretty much dry since I'm no longer as active on social media that encourages surrendering anonymity.

No. 691513

and honestly like 90% of the time even when i didnt browse lolcow for a while i have had our own little thread in my head. it would be crazy if we used social media and had an internet following. people would think we are just really autistic. but we dont want attention we just want to be left alone lol

i mean, look at the "men you would fuck" threads. ive been shocked over and over again that women find certain kinds of men attractive. i have been told before i have an odd taste in men. he has nice hair (esp since a lot of guys by then have very little hair kek), a nice face structure, clear skin, barely any body hair, he is athletic, lean but muscular build, pretty good in bed. only guy that has actually made me orgasm when for years i thought it would never happen. he is very sweet, texts me funny or nice things, buys me flowers a lot, takes care of me when im sick, buys me weed. our families get along too.

No. 691514

No. 691517

>geriatric /pol/ack
i laughed irl, actually funny as fuck lol

>You don't have female friends because they don't want to be around you

not true, i am really quiet and take really good care of myself and am pretty good looking irl, in college ive had a couple girls hard pressed to be my bestie and i always shrug them off cause i know i couldnt be myself around them because id be "problematic"

No. 691519

Samefag but I forgot to mention I'm not with the lefttard anymore and I am out.

No. 691520

fuck, i knew i was really outing myself. ill refrain from talking about myself ever again on this site

horseshoe theory is real this site is just a feminist /pol/ nobody actually cares about challenging their own views you are all like the woman haters on /pol/ sigh

No. 691521

If you brought home some young girls your bf would probably try to fuck one.

No. 691522

he hates 99% of women and would be annoyed as fuck by them, and i would be too kek thats why i dont befriend fellow zoomettes they all listen to nig music and suck black cocks

No. 691523

That's you projecting, there's lots of people who are comfortable with themselves, or only have low self esteem or too high, since they don't have a certain personality disorder that includes rapidly changing self image from one extreme to the other that people like you have.

No. 691525

Enjoy spending your 30s and 40s changing your bfs diapers and being his live in nurse.

No. 691526

No. 691527

God I can't believe how dumb you are. If you think the posts in this thread are anywhere near as bad as you're describing you're absolutely deluded. In fact it's been pretty toned down. What is there to challenge even? Yes let's all dwell on the fact that this 40 year old scrote is using you like a fiddle to nurture his complexes since he hasn't been able to actually have a family of his own up until this point and you obviously have some traumas or mental illnesses you decided to forego mentioning. It's really not complicated and it's a bit sick to even dwell on.

No. 691529

Racist-chan strikes again >>>/g/162770 you were right earlier. You and your bf deserve each other. You're both bigoted outcasts who have deluded yourselves into believing you're better than everyone else kek. Fortunately, his ex got out just in time.

No. 691530

Yeah right. Your bf is already pushing babies on you and you barely know each other.

No. 691536

i regret posting here. all i can say is you guys dont actually know much other than my posts. again im glad we dont use any social media, thank you for reminding me why i dont let anybody into my life. at least my parents love and support me and my relationship, imperfect as it may be. you guys are exactly like /pol/, just feminists instead of anti feminists. i hate both groups of people. everybody here gets off on thinking they are better than other anons. fuck you.

you alienated another woman into still hating women, good job. you judgemental utter cunts. feminists dont care about women, they only care about women doing everything they think they need to do, which is oddly EXACTLY how /pol/ thinks.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 691537

No. 691538

ugly bitch check

No. 691539

Huh no you hate women because you were brain washed by your ugly old scrote. Dont blame us. In 5 years you're going to be a shell of a person with a bunch of kids you dont want because you got meme'd into being a trader wife. You are even too dumb to realize him crying about wanting babies was just a form of manipulation.

No. 691540

File: 1607618736582.jpg (30.1 KB, 540x332, d96.jpg)

No. 691541

Dramatic irony.

No. 691543

and stop armchairing me. i had a normal childhood, never had trauma or been abused. i dont have a personality disorder. ive been to therapy as a teen twice and im honestly just a functioning dysthymic and obviously am remembering now why i refrain from making friends. my relationship may make me a cow but you retarded cunts will never have the satisfaction of knowing anything else or seeing what we look like. i bet you would all just love to make a thread about my life and point and laugh.

>>691538 no. i can guarantee you would feel insecure around me lol

>>691539 ive hated other women since i was young. just like most women do. fuck this echo chamber NON "feminist" website. ugly cunts.

No. 691544

File: 1607618796240.png (238.32 KB, 820x567, 1D26A811-BA68-4891-B4A3-918071…)

bye bye daddy’s girl

No. 691545

im not ever having kids. i use birth control. thanks.

No. 691547

stop baiting dude, we all know you are a bored poltard writing a fanfic

No. 691549

You're 22. You've got time to graduate and work for a little while, even see a few places outside the country first. Don't be pressed to breed yet. Even at 27 you would have technically had a time to do all sorts of shit.

No. 691550

Yeah yeah all women hate women. Nobody here is trying to help you see how retarded and unhealthy your "relationship" is. What else did the scrote teach you? Something else that isn't manipulative propaganda, I hope. But I sincerely doubt.

No. 691582

lol you're such a pick me. only a dumbass pick me would do half the things you mentioned, any girl or person who wanted to befriend you was lucky you wanted nothing to do with it

No. 691583

samefag sorry aimed at >>691517

No. 691588

you meet up with ugly faggots from /soc/ to have sex i guarantee you look like shit

No. 691592

It makes me happy to see farmers that are this close by.

To stay on topic:
>spent years in a /vg/ gen simping for muh 2D man despite being in a relationship
>argued with anons over in incestuous gen between lorefagging
>use 4chan lingo that's bled into irl conversation by accident
>makes grown men uncomfortable after they compliment by autistic spergfest about shit they don't care about
>spent chunk of adult years simping for the downtrodden man incel, despite seeing the underbelly of /r9k/
>still simp for some of them, trying to find good where it's probably dead
>mommy issues
>offensive when unmedicated
>probably too old to be here

I don't know how milky any of this is.

No. 691603

File: 1607623374538.jpg (72.88 KB, 352x341, milk.jpg)

I know I'm late to this but jesus I can't help myself
>i have really good judgement.
Don't say shit like this if you're fucking dudes from /soc/, lmao.
>i seriously thought he was gonna kill me in the woods bianca devin style when we met irl
>his dog likes him so he must be a great person
Hitler was great with dogs, too. Did you already know that because he told you, by the way?
>i really will be heartbroken the first time in my life if he really would rather have kids with some old crusty bitch than date a youthful attractive thin girl who likes nearly everything he does.
Lmao, you're ready to fight some "old crusty bitch" for some aged crusty scrote with expired cum who will surely give you autistic, maladjusted children after he strong-arms you into a pregnancy you don't really want.
>37 years old
HAHAHAHAHA HOLY FUCK. I thought he was 28 before getting to this part. I bet he's balding and smells like old milk too, lmao.
>man his ex was ugly as fuck
Well, yeah, he's a 37 year old loser who sits at home playing video games. No woman would waste time with him unless they were severely mentally ill and/or had like zero other options. You're insisting you're thin and attractive, without a personality disorder, but you're somehow stuck fucking /soc/ incels pushing their 40s instead of like, sane, attractive, young men, so.

No. 691609

Seriously, imagine being close to your 40s and being a male 4channer, searching for pussy on /soc/.
The only thing worse than that is unironically dating someone like that.
Hilarious that they're /pol/tards, too. I imagine most of that crowd are like this. The only thing that'd make things even better is if one of them was a furry.

No. 691622

>how do you do fellow wahmen

No. 692024

File: 1607658714436.gif (696.12 KB, 480x360, 3C551528-28DB-4BEC-B81B-235165…)

>Complete NEET that never works

>Life entirely funded by orbiting submissive scrotes
>Buys likes because the pathetic desperation for attention is limitless
>Shoops hard
>Untreated narcissism and probably other cluster B mental illnesses
>Formerly obsessed with Felice Fawn and still would be if she didn’t go awol
>Edgelord with cringey hybristophilia tendencies
>Used to have a bigger online presence but now makes chaotic meme content only middle schoolers would laugh at for a non-existent audience

No. 692028

It'd be funnier if you posted your age.

You and every other person that's posted in this thread makes me wonder what cows you all shit on despite not being much different or in some cases worse than them.

No. 692030

it's not just "how it looks," you and your loser boyfriend sound legitimately psychotic, please get help. you sound like you're mostly trying to convince yourself you're attractive. no one attractive goes on about how hot they are like this and then mentions that they're anorexic in the same sentence. get help

No. 692093

I hate bimbo-core, I hate that it's mostly on tiktok, out there for young girls to aspire to be. I see some people saying that being a bimbo is about accepting everyone and being super feminine but it's really about being a slut and pandering to the male gaze.

No. 692099

I don’t know but I’m getting Erin painter vibes as this idiot’s cow of choice

No. 692177

This. Kek, anon you're definitely a future cow if you stay with him.

No. 692188

The fact that you supposedly had a normal childhood and still turned out to be a complete fucking retard who can't get a decent person to be around them except an old fucking man who still posts on 4chan is honestly hilarious. I genuinely do not understand how women like you have so much unwarranted self-confidence, I'm sure the women on here who don't need to fuck retards from /soc/ are much better uglier than you, it definitely makes sense that women "uglier" than you would have much higher standards. Clearly the lack of nutrients your intaking from your anachan ways is causing your brain to malfunction.

No. 692194

>schizo weeb neet, and unironic kinnie past the age of 18
>only watches moe but acts like an anime elitist
>entire wardrobe consists of japanese children's clothing she starves herself to fit into and tacky shit from dolls kill, leaves the house looking like a weeaboo brat-grrl
>mixed but lies and claims to be fully white because of /pol/, however embraces nonwhite side on normie profiles for asspats
>used to sell pictures of her self harm scars and ana body checks to guys when she was a minor
>has a thing for fakebois/nonbinary girls, created a grindr account pretending to be a fakeboi so she can hook up with them
>caught feelings for a guy she met off of 4chan who paid to fuck her multiple times, got rejected
>only started going back to therapy because she didn't want to spend her entire adulthood being /snow/ material

No. 692206

Why did he reject you?

No. 692223

he was 100% convinced i only liked him for money and thought it was a joke when i asked if we could spend time together without sex or any type of payment

it all worked out for the best though i guess, i'm still upset about it but even if he had liked me back it would not have been a healthy relationship

No. 694005

>>BPDfag psychotic weeb neet and unironic kinnie past the age of 18
>>PTSD from being fucked with as a young child and cant get over it a decade later
>>intense hatred for loli and lolicons and pedos and wants to torture them to death legit
>>mixed but passes as southeast asian so pretends to be vietnamese
>>only likes magical girl anime
>>star of plenty of cp videos
>>covered in disgusting gigantic self harm scars where she needed stiches but didnt want to go to hospital so just let them heal and its bad
>>history of being abused by men she met on /soc/
I'm on medication and in therapy and in a healthy relationship now, though. I don't really take myself seriously and can laugh at my dumb kinnie shit etc, but in general, I'm a lot better off now than I used to be. You reminded me of myself a lot and inspired me to post. I hope you get better and I wish we could be friends.

No. 694719

i swear if my parents were even slightly more permissive i would have actually turned out to be a lolcow
>borderline ana-chan
>in denial about all of the above
>often neglects to take meds several days in a row
>spoiled brat with no ambition or drive to do anything
>extremely negligent, rarely finishes anything on time, almost got fired once because of this
>munchie tendencies, would often fake being sick in order to avoid going to class or get out of housework
>posts things that would only be appropriate on imageboards on normie social media to be seen by IRL friends and family
>laughs at male coomers, is gigantic coomer herself
>may or may not have yellow fever
>never had actual friends due to her tendency to ghost people after getting bored of them, usually after a few weeks

No. 694722


oh, and
>compulsive spender, spends half of salary on video games, hasn't even played half of them yet

No. 694909

>says she's had enough of relationships
>still nurtures dear hope someone will swoop her away and be the one
>only dated two men, both long distance
>one conned her into sending nudes and was a shit
>the other was a nice guy but infantilized her too much due to being mid 30s without a single relationship
kek this might be me but I 100% have yellow fever and I regret nothing

No. 694965

File: 1608089352078.jpg (77.58 KB, 960x953, egntqtqvcri21.jpg)

>be me, mostly unremarkable
>have danger hair
>send a girl to the psych ward by sending physical anon mail through a paid letter writing service and other forum posts
>continue to fuck with her by signing her up for emails
>feel guilty about it for a little bit but shrug your shoulders and move on with your life
>actually panic a little maybe they know it was me
>realize you might actually have some serious mental problems that you aren't disclosing to your therapist and are shitposting about
>call into work sick just because for 3 days in a row
>continue to be a huge lying hypocrite about what websites I know about
>do next to nothing at work and bullshit your way through the rest of it
>cheat on every man you've been with
>become Karen when things don't go your way, but only over the phone because you're a pussy
>lie about all of the above constantly to anyone important

Clearly, I'm perfectly fine and there's nothing wrong with me. I should probably check myself into the mental hospital I put someone in when they leave and my vacation time rolls over. Hm.

No. 694971

File: 1608090218074.jpg (59.1 KB, 960x960, 98fe14615d45f82b5e4dae1765e79a…)

>addicted to xanax and adderall at 15, reminisces it publicly
>skinnyfat anachan
>used to selfpost on /mu/ and /soc/ until a tripfag stalked her and sent her CP to her boss
>cuts and posts online, always dirty deletes
>hate follows and adds people just to cap them and put it into folders
>stalks multiple people online
>made fiance delete all his exes and sex worker friends off his social media because of insecurity
>skinwalks cows when she gets too emotionally invested in their stories
>kinnie who kins griffith, asuka soryu, satoko from higurashi and other demented characters. always either a loli/defenseless victim or a psychopath/tsundere/yandere
>violent BPDfag
>used to try and fight people on tumblr and twitter by sending her address and telling people to "pull the fuck up"
>beefed with semi-famous tumblr users for clout, only got hate that drove them offline
>lesbian but only dates neckbeards out of comp het
>fakeboi that doesn't want to be but fears retaliation if she publicly "reverts" back to cis
>mommy kink
>sells nudes for weed and clothes, doesn't care about repercussions
>changes name every year or two to something weeb-y and retarded that no one is actually going to use
>goes on live crying often
>could have been a charming femme but gave up, looks like an haggard egirl reject at 23

No. 695249

>send a girl to the psych ward by sending physical anon mail through a paid letter writing service and other forum posts
>continue to fuck with her by signing her up for emails

Okay but why

No. 695330

Partly because I wanted to, partly because she used me for money and to cart her fat ass around. She's also a jobless mooch and cheater with zero self awareness. She's gotten through life by taking advantage of the kindness of others and has never once suffered any consequences.
I'm not some grand arbiter of justice, I'm just some crazy bitch with a vindictive streak who does way too many psychedelics so my brain is fried. Cest la vie.

No. 695337

anon i would love to watch a reality show that you were starring in

No. 695342

Seek help, freak

No. 695358

I hope you can get help

No. 699795

Me up until today:

>starts secondary school, Weeb, thinks acting like an animé protagonist is cool.

>don't make eye contact with anyone. Act reserved bc animé mc. Make zero friends.

>cry non-stop because I don't have any friends because I act like an autistic anime protagonist.

>Randomly do animé voice impressions in public.

>cuts hair and becomes an ftm. Pretend to be an mtf "" trap"" online for attention.

>Guy likes me, reject him because I'm an immature ftm.

>become pickme ass anti feminist. Watch skeptic anti sjw YouTube channels. Claim to be pro trump in class, at school ( I still cringe)

>realise all that shits dumb as hell.

>start smoking and drinking at 15. Get black out drunk in front of my grandad and parents, grandad is worried but it blows overs because my parents don't give a fuck about what I do. Dad takes my bedroom door off the hinges.

>start taking anti depressants, drinking alcohol on my antidepressants. Fuck up my chances up with guy I like because I'm retarded.

>come out to my friend as a "" lesbian""to cope with my dumbass ftm feelings.

>guy who likes me gives me serious transgrrl vibes, confirms he has dysphoria uwu in a group chat.

>no friends some aquaintences, alcoholic at 17 parents don't give a shit.

>tell friend I'm not actually a lesbian. She invites me to go to Poland.

>maladaptive daydream about being a male even though I'm a gender critical feminist at this point.

>Have a crush on some dumb ass asian guy who's openly into futantari hentai.

>age 18, say fuck it and ask to kiss him. Obsess over this guy who doesn't give a shit about me, I pursue him, he never texts first and I have to ask him out.

>have no job. Mature slower than my peers.

Hope I can go to Poland tho ladies (after Covid) .

No. 699811


>sets fire to random shit.

>femdom fetish.
>obsessed with counting calories, can't bring myself to go full ana tho.
>annoying bitch, try hard. Insecure about my boring personality.
>Gets drunk at 11am.
>Parents don't talk to me.

No. 700696

updated milk

>fully relapsed self harm habit after nearly a year of good behavior

>self harmed on and off for nearly a week
>stressmoking again
>obsessions and hyperfixations have gotten deeper and more demented
>keeps dreaming about either being abused to the point of suicide or her life ending in a dramatic and horrible death
>extremely horny and wants to be fucked but is too taken aback by her fear of dating apps and men to actually get fucked by a low tier idiot on there
>faps and cries a lot
>desperately horny for irl problematic man she stans and fantasizes about him constantly
>on new birth control that made small acne better and caused cysts to blossom
>hormones are completely whacked and not making sense
>is scared birth control has caused her to gain weight and wants to become anachan again
>absolutely mortified at the state of her own physicality and how haggard her lifestyles made her look lately, knows that if she weren't so exhausted she'd look better
>takes shit tier mirror selfies during hypomanic upswings as some sort of reassurance she isn't as ugly as she frets herself to be
>or feels insanely powerful and narcissistic in makeup
>compares pics of herself when she was 19 and 110 or less lbs to current pics and balks
>too afraid to change medication drastically out of fear she'll attempt sudoku and won't wake up this time

>got kicked out of abuser mom's house and am back at dad's house

>because of some completely random and unseen altercation involving narc mom trying to forcefully shoehorn herself into school life
>last anon checked that bitch has never paid for a cent of schooling, not one cent
>room keeps piling up shit and is full of random excess her father stuffed in there because he presumed she wasn't coming back, and her sister stole half her furniture for her uni townhome
>tried to get rid of a bunch of belongings to appease the pigstye, it does not work
>wants to throw out half her shit but has no idea where to begin
>ignored by workaholic dad half the time or have to face his objective and unemotional takes on life while he insults life choices
>psychopathic sister is back from uni and pretends like she never did anything wrong
>barely talks to anyone because everyone else is working or she is too busy working
>or is too scared to talk to people
>scared for immunosuppressed irl friends and barely get to see them which deepens anger and self loathing

>still hates not being able to interact proper with other human beings except for the sake of glorifying the garbage holiday she's already tired of pedaling since july

>fuck you, don't have a merry christmas, this year has been terribad

>working too many hours and is on the verge of dropping like a fly

>spends off days unproductively sleeping and eating
>hasn't registered for the new semester of classes thanks to exhaustion and is afraid there won't be any options left
>has new coworker she fucking hates and is envious of because she got hired on as a manager despite having no experience in retail itself, just some shitty job at a family owned office, that's not retail hun
>amateur manager is one year younger and extremely chipper and fake seeming
>feels bad for putting amateur down after learning her brother allegedly had cancer, but still doesn't like her
>she doesn't really want to hate people but she forms preemptive opinions of people based on her intuitions because she's a dumb bitch bpdbipolarfag
>main manager does not see potential in her after 3 years of hard work and continues to demean her for not being a good doormat and openly yapped and screamed at her on multiple occasions
>having to hide from everyone except therapist self harm scars, keeps picking the scabs off
>if that makes them scar worse, good

>wants to finish degree and escape to los angeles or new york to work in entertainment industry as a behind the scenes person

>covid fucked that over
>or she is doomed to become a starfucker if she can't make it and does go there once this is all done
>has mental list of celebs she wants to fuck
>doesn't care what she contracts if she does
>wants to become a social climber just to prove she has power that everyone her entire life has taken away from her by using the rich to further her own agenda
>has inheritance she's trying to use when she btfo's that she won't get till next year but is afraid of going full ingrid goes west except unsuccessfully and blowing it before she even loses her virginity
>will just commit suicide if this happens

>doesn't know what the future holds or where she wants to go, what she wants to be fully

>has a goal in mind that's vague and difficult, at least it's something
>but at a place mentally where it's very hard to handle life at all and hates how she's wallowing in her own discomfort and pain
>if she took the easy way out and focused on something shallow and vain she could become a tiktoker, youtuber, or ewhore, but she wants to slime her way up a different ladder
>if all else fails she may become one of those things

all in all still a mess

No. 701994

File: 1608829933839.jpg (51.52 KB, 1080x1440, f78499a054919b40951f7d4f6cf50c…)

you would love the current season, heres my updates:
>"quit" sex work but continued to post shooped lewds for attention; all got less than 1/4th avg likes
>made secret blog to vent about identity and other dumb shit
>reclaiming "femcel"
>had a breakdown about instagram shadowbanning my ethot account
>tweezed eyebrows and realized i made myself look like a pudgy trans version of sugarf4iry
>i fucking cried for an hour
>only eaten coffee and egg salad last two days
>reeks of weed all the time now
>shit on my partners dick during anal; never want to think about sex or my butt again
>everyone in my house opened their presents from family, everyone notices i still have received nothing

No. 702007

File: 1608830932932.jpg (30.28 KB, 525x525, 4b371650bebb80ffa4c99048db0969…)

Im not even sure if i am cow worthy but

>16-17 had a weird obsession with dom/sub shit

>massive weeb and tradthot thinks she is the shit and one of the boys
>massive hentai freak
>has a folder full of hentai with fucked up fetishes and kinks
>always dating the psychopaths and males who used me
>always asked for dick pics from men on discord whenever i wanted to "date" them
>had alot of unhealthy and toxic relationships
>massive LGBT phobe and racist would always make "jokes" about killing blacks etc.
>adored hitler for some odd reason
>raided servers full of anachans and even LGBT servers with gore pictures and racist captions
>never brushed my teeth or took a bath unless told so
>cried whenever i got called out but played it off like i didnt care
>thinks that her partner choking her and wanting to carve shit into her skin is somehow "healthy"
>brushed friends off for giving advice to leave abusive relationship
>is now mentally ill and suffers trauma

And all of this because my parent's never cared to monitor my behaviour online. Anyway i hate my younger self i really wanna punch her.

No. 702034


cow myself is just deliberately staying in an abusive relationship for years against everyone’s advice

i’m a bad role model to my students

No. 702076

i dont think im necessarily a cow but here goes nothing

>desperate for male attention

>has a list of people she knows irl and would like to date and/or have sex with, chooses one and tries to make it happen somehow when most of them barely know her name
>retarded sexual fantasizes about femdom and celebrities but also degenerate, degrading women-tier kinks due to discovering tumblr way too early
>a few friends but lonely and desperately needs more
>bisexual and cries about muh internalized homophobia
>problematic family but too much of a pussy to confront anyone
>a zoomer and used to post on imageboards and pull (i know) underage
>drinks alone
>nic addiction because she bought an overprized vape when she was 16
>constantly romanticizes and glamorizes horrible things due to her cool girl complex
>wants to be a manic dream girl
>claims to hate capitalism but constantly online shops and dreams about clothing

No. 702100

actually thought of more

>was weirdly obsessed with a guy, constantly sperged about how he will never love her and cried about it, screenrecorded his snaps and posted them on her private twitter

>doesnt talk to anyone she knows in real life about her problems but overshares on the internet constantly
>used to be "friends" with a 18yo neet who watched anime when she was 15, he would constantly make sex jokes and request sex as a joke + they would cuddle which is weird as hell considering she was underage, had a fallout because he called her annoying (extremely true but she doesnt accept criticism) and other petty stuff
>read lc in front of her sister then had to explain what it was to her
>used to lowkey (highkey) skinwalk people and had an extremely weird obsession with a woman 13 years older than her, wanted to be just like her
>wants to try sugardating
>third time deleting and posting again because keeps thinking of more milk (bitch the milk is cold)

No. 703124

Im starting from 18 years old as everyone is cringy when underage right?

>pick me with zero self esteem

>thinks mental health issues are a personality
>has boyfriend, cleans his flat, cooks for him, (terribly) larps as pornstar in bed
>gets treated like shit, the scrote literally farts at her face
>upgrades to a drug dealer
>doesnt even get free drugs
>smokes too much weed, gets psychosis
>does too much mdma, gets seizures (dealer makes sure she pays for the mdma afterwards)
>iq probably dropped 30 points

>somehow manages to go studying and to therapy

>now empowered feminist and single
>not really milky

No. 732285

Internalised misogyny is such a pathetic thing to see in a young woman. Imagine hating your own sex, your sisters and even yourself that you stoop to such a low standard and romanticise, idealise and defend a scrote who is absolute garbage who brings nothing to the table and adds no value to your life. An undesirable. He will bring you trouble for sure and bring you down with him.
Other women are the only ones who will give a fuck about you in life, men won't. Another thing, the huge age gap between you and this scrote is a huge red flag, he wants power and control over you. You are 22, you know nothing. You think you do but you don't. You're incredibly naive and you'll find out the hard way which is a very tough path you will have to walk down to see for yourself what others with more sense were telling you. You're pathetically alone and dying to be loved and adored so you attach and cling to him desperately because you have no friends or other options. He will get tired of the codependency because since you don't have friends, you will be dumping everything onto him, using him as an emotional dumping ground something all scrotes hate and can't even deal with. Men can't even navigate the emotions of a relationship for chrissakes. He will get tired of you because he's most attracted to the novelty of it all. You are a novelty to him and the thing you got going for you most is your age that is all because let's face it, it's certainly not brains. He's with you because young women like you don't know much. He can't get women his age not only because he is a loser no smart attractive woman wants, but he doesn't want women his age because they know too much. They wouldn't take his shit. As I said though, he will tire of this thing with you because he'll be done with the conversations only a 22 year old can provide. With that massive age gap, there are two very different mindsets and maturity levels. But then again he does sound like he has an intellectual disability so perhaps you have more in common than I originally thought. I wonder how he talks about you on the boards he visits? He probably refers to you as 'free pussy,' his 'Dumb bitch cum receptacle,' laughing at and hating on you. I highly doubt he is respectful of you when he's talking about you to the other scrotes.

I would pity you, but you are insufferable and rotten inside. You're male identified, tainted and your mind is twisted.
You deserve what you get.

No. 732287

based anon, pickmes btfo

No. 732296

>>732287 Anon, i'm not even finished with this intellectually disabled bitch yet:

>i met other guys on 4chan and always had a bad feeling about them and they were always fucked up in some way.
>i seriously thought he was gonna kill me in the woods bianca devin style when we met irl

>i have really good judgement.

She just admitted he is fucked up because she initially got some serious murderer vibes off him and her experience with scrotes before tells her bad vibes correlate directly with them being seriously fucked up. Then she's telling us she's got "really good judgement"? Bitch is dumb as a box of rocks. How long before the mask this scrote wears slips? He's only doing enough and acting tolerable so she will become invested in him and by the sounds of it, she already is.
Her gut feeling was trying to tell her this is not a good idea but she overrode it and shut it down. She is retarded.

No. 732316

File: 1612681416795.jpg (55.24 KB, 828x864, IMG_20200422_164653.jpg)

I'm an sfm coomer. It's shameful. I need to kms

No. 732358

This reads like copypasta despite you being correct

No. 732428

This should be something…I don’t hate myself like I did as a teen but I definitely have flaws that can be fun to pick at.
>physically abused as a child, ptsd ridden but forgets to go back to therapy and lays around the house
>skipped school constantly during highschool and would force self to vomit in order to avoid going
>had social anxiety for a few years
>attention whore, spends a lot of time on image boards due to depression
>fujoshi with weird fetishes
>lives up to the stereotype and needs to bathe more
>has gingivitis
>huge procrastinator on her art despite genuinely enjoying drawing and wanting to go to school for it
>spergs out when people do niche hobbies like collecting anime merch incorrectly or buy bootlegs
>mom buys her lolita fashion out of guilt from her childhood, rarely pays her back
>can barely cook

No. 733134


don't be ashamed of your gingivitis mouth anon just get some listerine something

No. 733147

Great tastes.

No. 733182

I laughed, you sound like a trip. I would want to be friends with you but yes, I would criticize you at times.

No. 733210

I already take it :)

No. 733522

Jesus anon, I'm begging you to seek help, get actual (female) friends and quit the internet.

No. 738126

>daughter of a socialist and a helicopter parent
> adderalled up from the age of 6
>jaded by the age of 15 to the point where she couldn't actually enjoy things, too autistic to talk to kids irl anyway
>hasn't stayed in the same community irl for more than 2 years at a time as a result
>progressivism compels her to tolerate kinnies and mogai weirdos but can never truly like them enough to be friends with them, vice versa for /pol/ types
>ugly child who went on a power trip once puberty hit and spent a lot of time underage and on dating sites for validation
>surprise it's actually comphet coping
>still sleeping with one of those dating app guys 5 years later, he has repulsive beliefs but great taste in culture and head game
>current pseudo NEET from not having the drive to do anything, coasting on parents guilt for being boomers and knowing it'll be impossible for me to achieve their sane standard of living myself
>life is truly meaningless and the only thing that keeps me going is fear of the unknown and wanting to know what happens next

I've always joked that what I really need is a dominatrix with a psych degree, so I'm kinda looking forward to your worst. it's almost certainly not as bad as what I say to myself in my head and at this point it might even rouse me into making something of my life

No. 738128

idk if you'll ever come back but how did you end up being gender critical? I've never felt a drop of dysphoria in my life but it's always seemed kinda dumb to assume all transes are unhinged attention seekers like the ones that get posted here

No. 738132

NTA but they're not all unhinged attention seekers, it's just that all of them will cape for said unhinged attention seekers when push comes to shove and throw any woman, even one who supports poor uguu trannies, under the bus.
I'm not radfem and even I can tell you that.

No. 738133

Sometimes I feel bad I wasted my youth sitting on the computer watching anime and sperging about it with my friends instead of "having fun and experimenting" but then I see posts like this and feel glad that I was safe at home being a nerdy pussy weeb.

No. 738138

Not2derail but anyone who has ever had dysphoria is unhinged, no exceptions. Even radfems with dysphoria are unhinged. You'd be surprised to see that normal people don't think or even know about this stuff.

No. 738153

File: 1613218130810.jpeg (37.33 KB, 625x626, B317B152-0A75-41E4-A97F-11167E…)

>anyone who has ever had dysphoria is unhinged, no exceptions

No. 738156

>I'm kinda looking forward to your worst
Don't beg for attention on lolcow.

No. 738176

>Kids who had pro trump phases at 14-15 are now legal adults that can effect society
I feel very old and a bit scared. I still think of trump as a recent thing.

No. 738178

you sound like an awful person to be around

No. 738225

aw thank you for giving it to me!
could you say more?

No. 742754

>half chinese, pretends to be 1/4
>posts on imageboards to feel better abt herself, skinwalks several cows and derails their threads
>heavily exaggerated her trauma, uses it as an excuse for being retarded
>addicted to internet from a young age, used to harass people on deviantart and tumblr, got several callouts. became hated in multiple fandoms for "trolling"/being annoying
>failed high school
>obsessed with celebrities and internet drama to distract from her boring life
>flirted with old men on chat rooms at age 12, pretended to be 19
>baited pedophiles, doxxed them when they stopped giving her attention out of spite
>currently living vicariously through reminiscing about high school glory days, picks fights online for fun

No. 742854

>muh comphet
>still fucking a guy
Haha, it's like looking in a mirror

No. 742869

File: 1613685060424.jpg (13.9 KB, 382x400, ophelia.jpg)

>sleeping pill addict
>no job
>no education
>freeloading off rich bf
>delusional lolita/liz lisa fashion cope
>sleeps as much as possible to avoid thinking
>sleeps to avoid explosive bouts of rage
>when forced to be awake, compelled to dress up for literally no reason other than delusional cope
>dresses to avoid explosive bouts of rage
>no hobbies other than 4000 step korean skincare routine
>no interests besides clothes
>no hope
>no dreams
>boring as shit
>in love with a pigeon

No. 742870

How is being pathetic and generally mentally ill cow behavior? Aren't cows attention whores and narcissist drama queens ?

No. 742991

do you even go here

No. 743396

I feel ur pain queen

No. 743792

Tbf, the new word on the street is that every single woman is affected by comphet. So a straight woman simping for male attention is affected by comphet too

No. 744229

well… it's kind of true I guess. not in the way it sounds. it's not that we're all actually into women but the existence of pickmeism is a testament to how most of us start out catering to men, because we live in a society

No. 746197

>26 and still living with family even though I hate them (I don't have the money to move out)
>Have a dog and feel like she's ruining my life and many moments I wish she was dead or have the urge to kill her despite her being a "good dog" because she is a breed that's extremely energetic and high-maitenance
>Wish my mother and brother were dead a lot of the time
>Just got hired for my first full-time job but feels like my family will ruin it
>Still won't make enough money to move out with salary
>50K in student loan debt from degree that won't make a lot of money
>Crippling anxiety that caused benzo dependence. Was off benzos but now on them again because I can't live without them.
>Vulvodynia and chronic sinus issues
>Wants to suicide every day due to my family and thinks that they will ruin my job and my life
>Has never had a good social life or friends and has only been in 2 shitty relationships
>Never partied or did much in life due to controlling mother and generalized anxiety/also I'm a huge coward
>Still depends on ex and talks to them every day (ex is in another country too)
>OCD and shopping addiction…so self-sabotages myself by spending money so I can't move out
>Buys and returns things constantly, including things like glasses
>Can't think of a positive future. Everything seems hopeless and tells myself that if I can't keep this job then I will kill myself.
>Wastes hours watching shit YouTube videos, TikTok, and browsing the Internet
>Talks to various men for YEARS in hopes that someone will "save me" but no one ever does.
>Views normal daily activities like brushing teeth, putting on lotion, taking meds, and putting on makeup as a chore
>Wishes and prays every day to be normal and not have any mental or physical issues.
>Only exercises due to the stupid dog
>Has never felt any happiness after 12 years old. Only misery.

The only good things are that I'm in therapy, see a psychiatrist, and I'm also doing physical therapy. But I still don't have much hope that things are gonna work out.

No. 746200

Anon I hate you for hating your dog. The fact that you're bitching about having a job and salary in a pandemic is inexcusable.

No. 746203

Anon here. I don't blame you for hating me. I know I'm an entitled bitch too.

No. 746212

>mental illness is inexcusable
lmao bitch

No. 746224

On paper you sound lucky but then given your mental state everything good only becomes a source of stress. I get it. I've been there and now that I've got very little on paper (deaths, abandoned by people, no supports to fall back on) I wish I'd somehow addressed my issues better/sooner. In a way being abandoned gave me a kick up the ass though. Tough way to learn.

Hope you get on top of things.

No. 746231

you literally have the urge to kill your dog because your dumb ass can’t take care of her? give her to a family who actually deserves her and who will give her the love she deserves, what the actual fuck. that is so incredibly not normal. gross.

No. 746233

She's not my dog. She's my brother's and we all take care of her.
Thanks anon

No. 746234

Sounds like that comment struck a nerve.

No. 746243

sorry if I hurt your feelings with two words

No. 746246

old milk
>huge stoner and cough syrup abuser
>got sent to alternative school for trading her ambien for her friends kpins
>almost flunked out
>didnt go to college
>works at a bakery at a local grocery store chain and talks about politics online

oldish milk
>bihet terf
>dated an emotional abusive femdom fetishist with AGP
>got hooked on speed
>got "clean" just an drunk now

new milk
>dating a conservative now
>will probably marry him
>calls herself "gender critical" now

No. 746249

I wasn't even the anon you were responding to lol.

No. 746253

that's genuinely even weirder

No. 753210

You remind me of my friend who wanted me to leave a pig head on her exes door step.

No. 756409

> 24
> never had a boyfriend, meaning never been kissed and a virgin.
> suffered from depression and social anxiety since 2013 and have been on various medication since.
> been in full time education my whole life, graduate during pandemic
> frightened always regarding work and life
> worry always about everything and everyone close to me
> take everything to heart, hate confrontation as I am too sensitive.
> other stuff but I don’t want to sound even more pathetic than I already do in this list

No. 756411


No. 756480

File: 1615152984697.jpg (79.24 KB, 750x937, 9589c8998586897bf9bd637c4c9919…)

>mid 20s
> laundry list of mental health diagnoses, probably just retarded, age regression x10000, mentally stunted in early teens
> BPDchan with histrionic levels of suggestibility
> Squandered all opportunities education and work wise by becoming a barely functioning alcoholic in early 20s, settle for minimum wage jobs despite being overqualified
> House looks like an episode of hoarders: buried alive
> Suicide baiter, uses shitty mental health for attention
> smells like body odour

No. 860992

my bf has so many parallels to Johnny Craig/Onision but i’m too much of a bpd retard to ever leave him. when he left me i attempted suicide.

i’m too much of a punk to attempt again and i’m getting help for my bpd but honestly i think i might be beyond help. i hope i 11% or whatever the sui rate is for bpd

No. 860999

fellow codependentchan. cmon girly, watch some psych videos about love on youtube or something. you don’t have to kill yourself right now or later.

No. 861012

>Hates men and thinks they're all either degenerates or control freaks
>Has multiple dildos and reads hentai
>Hates troons but reads futa
>Pretends to be a lesbian online to deal with cognitive dissonance of hating men and being high libido hetero
>Took own virginity when young bc didn't want a man to get the satisfaction
>First time a man touched her was during physio therapy
>Freezes up and dislikes physical contact even with family
Yeah I don't even know whats wrong with me anymore. Can I just get a lobotomy and call it a day.

No. 861016

This post is still funny
I hope 22 anon broke up with her retarded 37 /pol/ack bf

This is more sad than cowish imo. You gotta lay off the porn anon, it can really rot your brain.
tbh Trannies and futas aren't comparable, especially since most trannies are ugly IRL

No. 861020

>Took own virginity when young bc didn't want a man to get the satisfaction
hashtag girlboss

No. 861027

File: 1627009342485.png (254.1 KB, 665x608, 1596320699317.png)

>snooty bpdfag who looks down on self-diagnosers
>cheated on ex gf with two men and one woman because she was convinced her ex judged her for not fucking enough men
>bisexual who hates and is jealous of other bi women for fucking more men than her
>sends piss videos and other degenerate shit to men she meets on 4chan to feel better about the above
>once let an unwashed man sit on her face 20 minutes after they met to feel better about the above
>it didn't work
>cuts neck, cuts the word "dyke" into her body, restricts eating and tells so-called best friends it's their fault for not validating her sexuality delusions
>jealous of the other cows itt for man-fucking related reasons
>overdoses when not getting enough attention
>unemployed, had to give up last job because muh bpd, went to dbt therapy and failed at it
>claims to want to improve life but still obsesses over ex, friends, sexuality issues and tries to trigger herself on purpose

No. 861057

>sends piss videos and other degenerate shit to men she meets on 4chan to feel better about the above
>once let an unwashed man sit on her face 20 minutes after they met to feel better about the above

You give the rest of us bad rep you bitch

No. 861067

You sound like a nice person.

No. 861068

>Hates men and thinks they're all either degenerates or control freaks
Not a problem unless you think it extremely interferes in ability to function everyday in contact with them (not close contact just like as colleagues or as your boss).
>Has multiple dildos
>reads hentai
Not the best but if it's less fetishistic and normal content not the worst. Do try weaning yourself off it if you can.
>Hates troons
>reads futa
you gotta put it down especially if you tie hating trans and it together, that is weird.
>Pretends to be a lesbian online to deal with cognitive dissonance of hating men and being high libido hetero
Why the usage of the term cognitive dissonance? Hating men for what you know they can be like and having a sex drive as a straight woman, wanting pleasant sexual experiences are not opposing ideas to hold. Pretending to be a lesbian is harmful when people are homophobic and think they only like women due to trauma or hate, etc. You should stop that, and it is bad (especially if you have a large following) but otherwise in the grand scheme of things there's so much other crap hurting lesbians you aren't their biggest problem.
>Took own virginity when young bc didn't want a man to get the satisfaction
This is based. Only having the reasoning of it being against men is limited thinking, though a logical reason when men are creepy about virginity. More women should feel comfortable using dildos and masturbating before considering having sex with a man because it's important we learn what we enjoy to be less easily manipulated.
>First time a man touched her was during physio therapy
Once again non-issue. If this is about being a KHHV or something like that then that's not an issue either.
>Freezes up and dislikes physical contact even with family
Also non-issue. Some people don't like touch for many reasons. I'm sorry if they don't understand.

No. 861210

how so?

No. 861342

>you gotta put it down especially if you tie hating trans and it together, that is weird.
The "girls with dicks" trope is attractive, but I find irl trans disgusting. They're seperate concepts but similar enough that it bugs me. I don't read futa as a hate thing and I'm not attracted to irl trans.
>Why the usage of the term cognitive dissonance? Hating men for what you know they can be like and having a sex drive as a straight woman, wanting pleasant sexual experiences are not opposing ideas to hold. Pretending to be a lesbian is harmful when people are homophobic and think they only like women due to trauma or hate, etc. You should stop that, and it is bad (especially if you have a large following) but otherwise in the grand scheme of things there's so much other crap hurting lesbians you aren't their biggest problem.
It's cognitive dissonance because I know I'll never have good and non risky sexual experiences with men. I wish I could just get rid of all sex drive because it's futile and causes me stress.

No. 861568

wow, you sound like an actual cow nonita. why bisexuals are so obsessed with balls i will never understand

No. 861593

i think it was sarcasm

No. 1023855

>Semi-close with one coworker, uses him as her emotional support animal
>Has a crush on him even though he's fugly
>Gets upset at the slightest inconvenience, hyper-focuses on it until she finds something new to be mad about
>Victim mentality all her life, tries to stop but knows it'll never truly go away
>Knows no irl dealers so buys it off the internet
>Started talking like an idiot due to drug use, uses words wrong and can't write coherently anymore
>Tried to get clean, got bored after a week and started using again
>Way too strong opinions about everything, is a pick-me irl because she doesn't dare to say what she thinks half the time except if it's family
>Trve kvlt 'metalhead' when she was 12-13, only barely liked the music but took it way too seriously nonetheless
>Raging feminist, randomly starts man-hating any time someone brings it up
>Used to be so insecure about her (normal looking) nose she started saving for plastic surgery
>Friends with a troon, thinks it's retarded and disgusting but doesn't dare to say it to her face
>Cares way too much what moids think of her, knows it's retarded, doesn't know how to stop
>Still has terf bangs, will never grow them out because she's convinced styled hair makes her human blanket fort style acceptable

This used to be my favorite thread, let's revive it!

No. 1023911

100% agree we need to revive this so

>skinwalks a mutual but its not skinwalking its just inspiration!!!

>nic addict, occasional sleeping pill abuser and constantly drinking but still preaches about how processed food and snacks are unhealthy and will literally kill you
>∼anger issues∼
>bored housewife with no kids so turns to questionable behavior to keep self entertained
>said behavior includes hooking up with the boy next door who's 7? years younger than her..this behavior is also known as cheating on her husband

No. 1023927

No. 1023999

Can we be friends lol

No. 1024004

File: 1641947839504.png (744.74 KB, 640x579, C2CE4A6D-D59D-484E-BA4C-7577D9…)

>kissless, handholdless virgin
>has been lying to her internet friends about her real name for years for some inexplicable reason
>has yellow fever, vehemently denies it
>hates bdsm, kink culture, and scrotes but masturbates to fanfiction about anime men beating and raping women
>unironic communist
>threatened to upload pictures of her cutting herself after getting into an argument on 4chan

No. 1024014

average female 4chan user

No. 1024022

and when we needed her most, she apppeared

No. 1024028

No. 1024040

>currently spends 75% of the time braless with half washed hair
>lives in baggy clothing
>spends too much money on takeout and drinks
>so disimpassioned she can barely focus on movies or tv shows anymore
>stares at menacing blue light all day
>harmful amounts of hours on spotify
>bipolar bpdfag, former anachan
>mental disorders aren't treating her well
>currently unmedicated knowing she won't be able to afford health insurance at 26 and it's wrecking her
>in an endless slumber until 12pm everyday to circumvent depression
>dreams are better than reality
>hasn't gotten associates, will hopefully obtain it soon
>otherwise no chance she'll get a job even with all her wasted hours of school if she doesn't graduate
>years major hopping like an idiot
>multiple mental breakdowns between semesters
>gotten into drama and squabbles that's led to many of those breakdowns
>still living with parent
>family treats her like shit and there is a long and storied history of them using her as the clan punching bag
>pitted against her sister from a young age
>sister grows up to be a successful nigh sociopath who like the rest of her family abuses anon
>anon is compared to sister constantly
>"why couldn't you have been a sorority bitch? why aren't you out of college yet?"
>anon tries to be a good person, more assertive and less of a recluse
>only for people to treat her badly
>self harming at worst to cope
>over 5 relapses the last year
>took up other self destructive habits that are now hard to let go
>tries to hide this from everyone except friends and therapist knowing family will put her down
>sexual experiences have traumatized her
>ex basically raped her
>hasn't done anything sexual in 2 years
>now lives in fear of men
>except for male celeb she's obsessed with
>trying to write screenplays and books but never finishes them
>her few finished projects are useless and contribute nothing to society
>perpetually self defeating
>even when she tries something and actually achieves it she fears she's going to fail
>tries to pretend she has a positive outlook while hiding intrusive thoughts and wanting to drop dead
>has fantasies she can never convert into words and is enraged that none of her manifestations have gone right
>petrified post pandemic social awkwardness will demolish her chances at getting a job after grad
>that she'll somehow end up a corpse or abused again once she moves out
>thanks poor financial skillz
>so led by her self defeatism that she never does anything of note
>no longer wants to be a dwelling sewer rat
>but it's so hard to escape this pain
>dumb bitch for continuing to fall pray to this cycle
>everyone says JUST GET OUT OF IT like it's easy
>and maybe it is
>but she's not willing to stoop to the level of ewhores or tiktok to be able to make enough money to live

No. 1024045

I think you're supposed to talk about the cringey shit you did, not write a cringey bio. Spill the deets nona, what'd you do?

No. 1024046

ngl you don’t sound like a cow you just sound kinda sad

holy shit kek. girlboss?

No. 1024070

not even that bad

No. 1024075

Definitely cow material.
Some of these aren't even your fault. I'm sorry people keep treating you like shit.

No. 1024079

>>hates bdsm, kink culture, and scrotes but masturbates to fanfiction about anime men beating and raping women
I wish those of you afflicted with this disease would at least have enough shame to stay quiet about it.

No. 1024092

we are in a “cow yourself” thread, nonna

No. 1024099

Update because last year changed me
>Prolific toe sucker
>Compulsively pulls pubes out
>Developed pica for tissues somehow
>Moves in with a bpd self proclaimed femcel out of impulse that she met off 4chan
>Starts dating said femcel and gets a nose job with her
>Cigarette and weed addiction because she thinks its cOol post 2 months surgery
>Begins drawing futa yiff and other degeneracy for money to sustain her addictions
>Open relationship because bpd gf begged for it
>Foursomes with a het couple
>The dude is an ex of hers, finds out and punches her in the face
>Gets arrested, but gets bailed out by her
>Gets married a week later in a courthouse out of impulse and thinking it will improve our relationship
>Relationship quickly goes sour again
>Immediate retarded regret hits
>Wife sorta wants to troon out because she thinks her brick body is too manly despite being super short
>Anon also starts to self id as ftm online for the clout
>Anon creates emergency ftm donation link thats really just for maplestory gachas
>Wife disapproves, but also does the exact same thing except its to buy some 3k designer cat
>Wife somehow accidentally let the cat loose after 5 days
>Get matching tramp stamp tattoos of an xfile alien smoking pot
>Starts doing coke after meeting sister in law because she thinks shes fiona apple or some shit
I'm trailer trash and a massive cow kek

No. 1024104

Some things should never be spoken of regardless.

No. 1024110

File: 1641956810038.png (100.59 KB, 250x206, 2994940383.png)

I wanna cow myself but then I realized I don't do… anything really. Besides being here. The milk has already run dry. I need to take some lessons from some of you

No. 1024114

you shouldn’t be taking lessons. you should be proud of yourself

No. 1024117

tbh i'm a normie

No. 1024124

No. 1024129

everyone has cow moments, nonnie

No. 1024195

>crybaby as a child so her siblings hated her
>immediately gets crushes on any new man in her life
>no work ethic and cannot hold down a job past the training period
>obsessed with being thin despite being 160 lbs
> self esteem so weak she cannot handle the idea of people talking shit about her, so she cuts off everyone she meets eventually
>is probably lesbian but has a manlet fiance for financial support
>convinced said manlet to relocate across the country so she could be a NEET
>did drugs as a teenager and can't ever shut up about it because she thinks it makes her sound cool

No. 1024927

kinda wanna be your friend you absolute trainwreck you <3

No. 1025476

I have a tendency to fall in and out of relationships by causing cringey drama or getting involved with cringey drama. Like every community and space and group I'm in somehow gets horribly ravaged by drama and I end up somewhere in it no matter how hard I try and avoid it. The past few years has been better but I am scared at anytime that something bad will demolish my reputation because I have been very close to having my life ruined

Nowadays I'm more of a silent stalker type and hyper vigilant about what I post and who I talk to, have gotten more private and oriented around DM's or smaller groups. I'm sure something bad will happen because I tend to put my foot in my mouth and say retarded shit. end up in someone's drama. I used to be the manufacturer of drama and sometimes I still want to start shit, troll people, send false tips and "tea" about celebrities, but I often opt not to. I have a bunch of interconnected dots and dirt about celebrity blinds and anon gossip and I'd love to blow my top and admit who I think is behind each alleged blind, or at least one bombshell I think people would be interested in, I'm too scared of potential legal repercussions and nobody believing me

It's just my luck that my most boring years dramatically are also the years I want to kms and am fed up with my existence. I should be doing something more dramatic but all the while I'm scared if I do what I want to do that's cowlike or put forth my "exposes" that they will have no effect because people will say they're based on heresy and not truth

No. 1025575

same about the celebrity stuff kek. fellow obsessive former groupie? you sound interesting

No. 1025698

> worked as a waitress since 15 to support her whole household
> now gets decent income from drawing furry inflation fetish on instagram, bought a car with it
> spends hours of her days getting into twitter fights with minors
> got an ear piecing that didn’t heal right. Immediately went and got a nose piercing that also didn’t heal right. Had the wonderful idea of getting a navel one that also didn’t heal right. Turns out her body gets keloids easily. Still considering a clit hood piercing anyway
> has weekly breakdowns over being stuck in South America and not knowing like-minded people. Still won’t leave the house to socialize
> Militant vegan who believes cows and pigs should be treated like dogs and cats and cries while dressed as a chicken at slaughterhouses vigils
> proship
> not fully anti-porn/kink so not welcome on radfem spaces; agrees with radfems on literally everything else so not welcome on non-radfem spaces either
> obsessed with hating on they/themmies and how stupid and sexist she finds them
> literally staying alive for a they/themmie from Canada, sends her money every month, exclusively masturbates to her and fantasizes about marrying her but cant even check her Instagram because it says “they/them’ and she hates they/thems so much she’ll literally start throwing up if she reads it but also she one sidedly loves her
> makes sock puppet accounts and posts “hahaha Mariah sent me the funniest thing!” even if Mariah doesn’t exist. Makes entire personalities for the socks, photographs random cats and dogs so she can pretend they’re the sock’s pets
> doesn’t reply to her actual friends who basically beg her to hang out because muh anxiety
> moved briefly to another country for a rich man who expressed interest on marrying her only for him to pick her up at the airport and tell her he was already seeing someone
> still had sex with him once because didn’t want to feel like the trip was a waste
> her father constantly places bets on how he’s sure she’s gonna troon out
> dream job is being a fursuit maker
> can’t remember her whole week in New York City because she was too piss drunk, now is too broke to travel anywhere

No. 1026007

I wish I was a groupie kek
I did try and make myself a place in communities where I wasn't known for my face and got horribly mixed up with some nasty people. I didn't actually want to stir shit, I made what was initially parody and satire posts about the condition of the groups I was in and they were taken literally. Then I became too literal in retaliation. I have a gallows sense of humor, it doesn't fit with the current social mojo. Problem is I'm a dumb bitch who doesn't always know to shut up. It might benefit me one day? For now it's what's cowed.

The other thing is that I'm very prideful, no matter how hideous I think I look. I don't want tweak my face or body before my 40s or give into capital based patriarchal beauty standards that I know are going to change. I hate the idea of catering to moids. But I'm somewhat of a human meat puppet onto myself. I think my features are both bland and exaggeratedly ugly when they start moving. If I weren't so insecure about my looks I probably would've banked off them. If I had the willingness to sell myself I probably would have been a tiktoker or instawhore or something and even more of a cow onto myself, but the way I look on camera outside of selfies disgusts me

No. 1033012

>prominent anachan
>does a 1 week chocolate mono to lose weight
>leeching off parents
>experimental sense of fashion

No. 1038895

>lost her virginity at 12 to a narcissistic drug addict
>bpd ana-chan cow who swears she's going to get better soon but never does
>has a "i've really changed guise" phase at least once a month
>obsessed with watching other people's downfalls to feel better abt her own life
>former dollanganger calf
>obsessed with 30 yr old white male youtubers despite claiming to hate white men
>does everything for ~the aesthetic~
>used to have a shoplifting blog where she would post "lifting hauls"
>former adderall addict and preaches about recovery despite formerly complaining about being forced into recovery
>fauxbian for 2 years, actually just craves male attention
>pushes away any potential friend and constantly self-sabotages relationships
>self proclaimed femcel
>has literally sucked dick for drugs
>can't decide if she's afraid of death or suicidal

No. 1040238

HOLY FUCK. We’re either mutuals on twitter or you’re a carbon copy of one of my mutuals.

No. 1642022

>Get a crush on random tumblr girl she was talking to, started innocently enough
>Find out she had a boyfriend the entire time when she started being weird and came onto me first
>Fully aware not even a fake e-dating romance could ever happen and knows she'll never have a chance and never even had one in the first place
>Gets irrationally angry anyway
>Starts obsessing over her and obsessively cyberstalking her
>Finds her home address, full name, facebook profile, high school, university, and other personal information she posted herself
>Starts triangulating any and all information across all her accounts
>She only knows the name she gave her in comparison
>Victim doesn't know she's being stalked by a tumblr girl obviously
>If anyone did this to stalkerchan she would flip shit but it's fine when she does it tho
>Does something worse that will not be described because it's guaranteed going to get [me] suicide baited
>Obsession has mostly subsided now but it's always ready to be reignited at any moment

No. 1642032

Glad you bumped this thread cause it seems fun, but I wish you’d bumped it up with a more on topic post, this would go better in the vent thread.

No. 1642091

gonna update mine

>"post-wall" bpdfag anachan, not diagnosed with autism but only because she refuses to be tested, thinks it would make her ugly/retarded

>bi, obsessed with ex friends, ex internet gf and women she went on 1 or 2 dates with 5+ years ago, often stalks their social media to use as motivation to not eat anything
>functionally asexual for about 2 years due to eating disorder with a weird gross body. showers sometimes only once a week, bleeds from any kind of vaginal penetration due to chronically dry ana pussy, bloats enough to look pregnant despite being <80lbs and shits mucus almost every day
>huge autistic self harm problem, hands covered in scabs from scratching, biting, marks on neck, throws self down the stairs when upset and whacks legs to the point where they're covered in bruises, sometimes in front of her family but often alone
>still overly concerned with being "pretty" despite nearing 30, always wondering if she's cuter than other women or more fuckable despite not fucking anyone in 2+ years due to eating disorder
>one of her few joys in life is shitposting on lolcur, mostly an irl social hermit too afraid to meet new people due to the above ongoing meltdown being set off by friendship breakdowns

No. 1642191

Ew stfu, her post was completely on topic

No. 1642241

File: 1690165890908.jpeg (111.28 KB, 1170x1142, 3D391CEF-5170-407A-94E0-D213B7…)

>middle class child w no trauma other than being ambiguously autistic and very homely
>addicted to internet by fourth grade
>peaked in middle school due to making friends for the first time
>moves to ghetto neighborhood on disgusting, humid hellhole island (Guam) and is too lazy to make friends
>decides to be weird loner because socializing is too much effort/too scary
>no hobbies other than gaming, looking at gore, and internet
>gets second chance at having a normal high school life
>too lazy to try and puts the smallest of effort in anything
>feels lonely even though she rebuffs all attempts at people trying to befriend her
>lost virginity at 17 to 26 year old who looks like uglier Ed Sheeran
>started sex work at 17 because she had no hobbies and not enough social skills to do fast food
>50 year old scrote (married btw) attempts to blackmail her despite being the one who paid a minor for sex
>lives with constant anxiety from blackmail instead of getting any help from adults
>finally starts getting therapy again
>therapist calls police and parents find out
>joined the army after high school despite hating being told what to do and being too autistic to socialize
>embarrasses herself several times until getting herself kicked out
>becomes obsessed over narcissist scrote from tinder
>gets too drunk and lets random moid give her a shitty ringworm looking tattoo in his living room despite knowing better
>starts doing sex work again
>wastes money on mid rhinoplasty after doing no research
>doesnt take up any meaningful hobbies during copevid, wastes tons of money on ugly dollskill crap and talking to literal pedophiles on tor
>developed hybristophilia due to spending unhealthy amounts of time on the internet
>constantly having intrusive thoughts of spree killers all day
>forms parasocial relationships with neckbeards on a internet drama discord instead of meeting people irl
>finally starts making friends after getting a chance to start over
>tries to cut tattoo off due to self loathing instead of spending time with family on the fourth of july and posts pictures on discord for attention
>impulsively leaves great job and new friend group and runs away across the state for a porn addict she met on discord two months ago
>has quit yet another job just because she got bored
>terminally online despite “quitting the internet” a hundred times due to being extremely addicted to edgy content, internet drama, and lolcows

I usually don’t overshare this much but I really need to quit the internet, it’s like crack to me at this point and its been ruining my life for too long.
Maybe the true cow all along was myself.

No. 1642243

>terminally online despite “quitting the internet” a hundred times due to being extremely addicted

I feel this to my core

No. 1642343

damn you should make a thread on yourself.

No. 1642472

File: 1690196485034.jpg (18.6 KB, 400x409, 676446ab5e3c93eca655d85e7a2e65…)

that was a stressing post

No. 1647791

im so damn milky honestly im glad i have the self awareness to not be a sperg online and attract attention to myself at least because KEK the shit i did from ages 15-18 was prime material

No. 1647921

File: 1690605505660.jpeg (50.02 KB, 399x600, 1605844259232.jpeg)

>at 7 pantomimed hanging herself in front room to see if anyone was watching her
>socially retarded homeschool kid trope
>met best friend online when she was 11, faked entire life to her because paranoid of strangers on the internet
>10 years later, stuck loving friend (platonically) under a weird alter ego and its too late to be honest
>obsessed and clingy with friends
>raised by encyclopedia dramatica, PULL, stamina rose and the farms
>anachan, schizochan, addict, diagnosed with a litany of diagnoses
>lost virginity blacked out in a 3-way with a married couple who were burnout whippet addicts
>tried and failed to sugar/escort due to social retardation and homosexuality
>wants to do opiates but is too socially retarded to find a connect
>had sex with a guy for some bunk coke
>wants a caretaker
>move in with codependent caretaker gf, promptly almost get trafficked because of own stupidity
>alcoholism intensifies, does not explain why to gf
>ruined relationship with codependent caretaker gf because of drunk/high outbursts and 5150s
>fringe conspiratard
>disavows the “edgy sad misunderstood mentally ill artist uwu” trope, secretly identifies with it
>makes shitty word salad art
>drinks at work
>fake nice to gendie coworkers
>goes off her meds because it feels more real and she likes the attention when she’s not doing well and she doesn’t want to get fat
>mommy issues, living under parents’ roof at 22
>complains about dilapidated state of house, does nothing to contribute
>little to no intention of getting clean and sober

reposted because i forgot some good milk

No. 1647930

File: 1690606419036.jpeg (49.04 KB, 526x526, ana whippet.jpeg)

>whippet addicts
explain? did they snort the dog's fur to get high or what
>makes shitty word salad art

No. 1647937

whippets are like the stuff in canned whipped cream or computer duster, the air or something, it gets you high for a second but it kills your brain cells. when this guy did them in front of me he seriously looked dead.
thank you for the whippet, love a good dog picture


drawfag and writerfag, i wish i could make music but i don't get it.

No. 1647940

>in the early 00s was polyamorous and flagrantly NLOG
>once told all her friends some cringy edgelord story about having sex in a church – it wasn't true
>once dated a DID faker
>knew he was faking and still went along with it for six months
>participated in threesomes with other NLOGs for male attention
>didn't bother to develop any other skills besides drug and alcohol tolerance until her late 20s
>was a lazy "party girl" who for over a decade cared about nothing else but parties and shows
>made "party girl" her entire personality, with all the annoying shit that entails
>sobered up and got married 4 years ago
>except now she's secretly drinking again
>and is completely obsessed with some other moid at work
>constantly thinks about cheating or just leaving town
>husband doesn't want to get a job so this idiot pickme works 2 jobs
>needs to go back to therapy but won't

No. 1647950

>Abused autist anachan teenager makes a Tumblr account
>Groomed by a female pedo K-pop fan at 15 and got into lesbian DDLG
>Escaped to tranny DID larp Tumblr and got groomed again
>Trooned out and larped DID so hard she got a formal diagnosis
>Was also diagnosed with BPD and ended up in a psych ward
>Regularly got into slapfights on kinnie Tumblr, became infamous for calling anime kinnies racist and telling them to die
>Lost her virginity to a TIF who barked during sex
>Was convinced to be a camwhore by her TIF gf
>TIF gf detransitioned and then started sperging about trannies and doxxed her and her mother
>Immediately after the breakup, she entered a codepedent relationship with another Kinblr TIF who also barked during sex and had "recovered memories" of incestuous abuse
>Got addicted to benzos and weed to cope with her trainwreck life
>Lost her shit and vanished one day with no warning, people wondered if she died
>5 years later
>Turns out she moved away, detransitioned, and is a friendless borderline agoraphobic NEET who lives with her mom and still smokes too much weed

No. 1647963

File: 1690612871306.png (115.5 KB, 391x410, 1602972760528.png)

Old Milk
>Internet addicted almost from the time family got internet, has spent most of her life online since
>Was literally an unwashed freak with mental problems throughout most of her schooling years, and had multiple emotional breakdowns throughout school, cried almost every day in HS
>Physically attacked bullies, even drew blood once and got a reputation for being an insane psycho
>Treated like a borderline retard in school because completely unable to focus on anything due to emotional/mental problems
>Desperate for friends, yet would only cling to people who treated her like shit, ran away from genuinely nice people because she figured they just pitied her
>Would Type Like This For Years And Didn't Stop Until At Least Some Point After Graduating HS
>Purposefully hung out with 4chan retards and even in creepy chatrooms as a teenager until early 20s for validation and attention
>Even met up with some irl, secretly wanted something bad to happen because she deserves it
>Somehow managed to graduate highschool in spite of crying every day and skipping most classes. Has done nothing with her life since
>Used to act overly apologetic and appeasing when trying to approach other women, just weirded them out
>Hung out with moids who sexually harassed her in order to not be alone

Current Milk
>Socially isolated immature womanchild
>Room covered in anime garbage, plushies and trash from childhood. Looks like it belongs to a 12 year old
>Cries about not having any friends but ghosts literally everyone she comes into contact with
>Only ever gets approached by men, women instantly know she's a basket case
>Hoards clothing and keeps buying more but only ever wears leggings and oversized sweaters out because she looks ugly in everything
>Insecure but obsessed with appearance regardless
>Uses 'muh abusive dad'/'muh codependent mother', 'muh neglectful childhood', 'muh learned helplessness', as an excuse for being a failure
>Never went to college
>Still doing entry level menial labor in late 20s
>Virgin in her late 20s
>Sexually confused and afraid of intimacy in general, feels disassociated during any attempts at sexual intimacy with men, feels ashamed of attraction to women/feels that they deserve something better
>Gurofag, into weird BDSM shit. Goes through periods of hating sex and being disgusted by it and then periods of being ashamed of being an adult virgin. Probably going to die a virgin
>Plays weird degen hentai games and VNs
>Has cried in public multiple times & had messy emotional breakdowns at almost every job she's had
>Always wanted to be an artist, let other people's discouragements stop them from pursuing it
>Planned on committing suicide at 25 but pussied out
>Started drinking and isolating harder to deal with being a failure and the fact she's done nothing since she graduated since she planned on being dead by now

No. 1648025

are you me

No. 1648026

Is this made up? I hope so.

No. 1648049

I thought I was a bit of a cow but reading all these posts I realize I'm not kek

No. 1648059

File: 1690627828877.png (1.89 MB, 1280x829, unknown_5.png)

>lost virginity to a literal rando on a houseparty while drunk at 16
>at 17 found some 23yo NEET loser on a gaming convention, decided to move him with him in order to not live with abusive mom
>be live-in prostitute basically to live at his parents house for free
>smoke weed constantly
>at 19 move out and immediately cheat on said "bf" with roommate
>get schizophrenic and post a lot online while high on LSD and other drugs, no education or real job just schizo retardation
>try posting incoherent writings and absolute shit sounding music online
>enjoy getting orbited by the most disfigured looking mouthbreathing incels
>at 22yo groom a 15yo boy for no reason and have sex with him on vacation
>even met his mom and claim to be 16
>commit credit card fraud in the thousands
>at 24yo finally snap out of it
>find a virgin 22yo boy whos Christian and with good values
>act tradthot ever since so I can once again move in with him and embrace life as a live-in-prostie again

No. 1648063

Drop husbands ass and date your coworker fuck it

No. 1648092

File: 1690631200121.jpg (142.49 KB, 700x480, You-Never-Go-Full-Retard-01-41…)

don't even know where to start so i will go with her recent milk
>dark triad stacy larper assburger
>lies in groupchats about working in stem and travelling the world
>is actually a burnout druggie college dropout immigrant poorfag
>bipolar and various schizo traits sometimes
>doctors think it's migraines and she is hypochondriac
>only consistent friends are online, even there:
>get kicked out of autistic interest groups for ghosting
>shitposts about female separatism yet only hangs with moids
>even druggie female friends ghost her, she thinks it's because she hallucinates
>literally nobody tells her she hallucinates
>bi but can barely say hi to women without hyping herself up
>constantly depressed since dropping out after 4 years
>doesn't shower for days on end, gets acne, bacne and greasy hair, has bad posture, still thinks she is hot
>keeps getting emotionally or physically cheated on by boyfriends ever since the druggie one
>every guy seems to think she is into him, bad or not, she keeps talking to them
>wants to settle down and form a family since childhood but doesn't believe benevolent moids exist
>starts cheating instead of getting therapy and avoiding relationships with scrotes
>masochistic lifestyle, literally chews her cheeks constantly, refuses to hide stims
>is nearly 30, yet even teenage coworkers show no respect because she acts childish
>barely sleeps 5 hours a day then gets offended when people say she looks tired
>"a-at least i look young from never getting sunshine for most of my life!"
>can barely form a paragraph of thought, fails everything ever since, could barely pass the driving exam
>drops out of lower than bachelor level courses because muh mathematics made her cry
>works a minimum wage job where coworkers think she doesn't speak english nor understands it properly
>plays stupid to avoid more responsibility at said job and keep getting "retrained", wasting their time
>thinks it's an own towards the workplace, while every normie she talks to thinks she is embarrassing for working there
>forgets to eat vegetables for months on end, suddenly thinks she is dying of heart attacks and cancers and organ failures
>wanted to actually travel around in a car for years, is too lazy to save up for one, too materialistic to not hoard shit

No. 1648099

>grooms a 15 year old and fucks him at 22
Thats really truly disgusting and terrible anon. Are you an actual pedophile?

No. 1648100

wanna be friends kek

No. 1648123

Most anons posting itt are more interesting and milky than cows in /snow/

No. 1648126

I made a post here a few years ago but let's start again:
>Assburger, tries to hide it but still doesn't know if it's successful or people are too nice
>Smart in school, popped enough pills to melt 10+ IQ points once out of high school
>Can't keep a job or study for more than half a year
>Getting sober as we speak but still barely any direction in life
>Opting for beauty school because I've killed my brain too much to study at a university and hair and makeup is fun
>Actually enjoying withdrawal to some extent because people don't expect shit from me even though it's basically the flu and mentally really not that bad
>Can't say no but will open a floodgate when something is the last straw
>Pity dated an autist with aggression problems, cautious when walking outside because who knows
>Hyper-sensitive about war and true crime, avoids the news at all costs because of this
>Has considered breaking off friendships over irl gossip, visits LC every day
>It's 3 pm, still in bed typing this
Writing this shit down, how do I have friends left kek.

No. 1648128

You sound like a good but also very sensitive person unlike other cows itt, please know that you're worth being loved and try to limit the time you spend here.
The people you're talking to in here are either pedochan who fucked an underage boy, sexworkerchan who's probably too coked up to form sentences, "manhater" anon whose only friends are misogynistic incel men.

No. 1648133

you are not a "schizophrenic," get real. you're just disgusting and want to act like statutory rape is a quirky mentally ill woman thing.

No. 1648146

Thanks nonnie, that's really sweet of you. I'm turning 20 in the fall so enough time for redemption, I still think I have cowish ways but it will be alright if I keep my head up.
Also >>1648059 kys for the good of society, absolutely vile.

No. 1648148

>Lost her virginity to a TIF who barked during sex
I'm very sorry for everything that you went through but this made me laugh kek

No. 1648150

you sound fine and not very cow-ish imo, at least compared to pretty much everyone else itt. you've still got time to figure things out and get your life on track. i wish you luck getting sober!

No. 1648159

>I'm turning 20 in the fall
you are super young, you have tons of times nonners, choose life.

No. 1648164

you are an actual parasite, okay, i read on, you fucked a 15 year old? why? that is still a child no matter how low the age of consent is in your 3rd world country, you should feel ashamed and disgusting for doing that.

No. 1648168

>at 22yo groom a 15yo boy
Holy shit anon you're short even by the weird moid half your age plus seven rule. How do you live with yourself?

No. 1648204

the failed russian despair novel protagonist is back
>attention grabbing attempts go too far
>she really really wanted famous guys attention, and she starts feeling this impending sense of dread
>she no longer wants his attention and aims to scrub her accounts and fandom even though she is still attracted to him
>stumbles across rumors and tea that shed new light on his actions
>turns heel on him
>connecting dots where she's not supposed to and doing "research"
>article comes out implicating him as possibly being a mass sexual abuser without revealing his identity, but it sounds like celebrity
>she feels guilty
>wants to make a powerpoint with friends to expose him around the time he's promoting his next movie, ends up shelving it
>it won't work
>too terrified of the consequence
>discovers that he has connections to lawyer who kills people and shady russian oligarch who also kills people
>months later she sprains her ankle and is forced to be out of work for a week when she's already at rock bottom
>ends up covered in self harm blood on the kitchen floor
>while visualizing him as a hallucination telling her to slit her throat
>if she died her body would've festered for days
>her technology starts glitching including one night where a speaker randomly triggers in the house and starts playing a song telling her she's crazy
>she snaps posting pseudo article on celeb receipting him for the things she thinks he's done… quietly
>thinking nobody will see it
>around original planned drop date for the initial powerpoint
>he comments on current event sounding purposely obtuse
>response is divisive
>the internet explodes in outrage over his response
>using similar talking points
>nobody ever cites her "article" but she believes it's the catalyst point
>his career tanks
>celeb leaves entertainment industry cold turkey
>she mentally folds and breaks for months and almost kills herself again
>was it manifestation or was it something worse
>meets people trying to find information on him suspecting maybe it wasn't a coincidence
>she does
>they're like her little research sisters
>in the process, shes possibly targeted
>talking to them and to a potential "source" or two confirms the validity of what she already knows
>the lengths people will go to in order to remain famous
>the little coalition of women she's a part of is publicly humiliated
>threatened with doxing and falsely accused of things they didn't do
>ad hominem to the extreme
>including going insofar as to hack the groups teeny discord impersonating the mod and delete channels
>infiltrate almost every one of their chats
>turn other people against them using heresy and drama based on lies
>creating harassment accounts to post photoshopped and out of context screenshots of deleted discord channels so they can't defend themselves
>one of the "sources" turns out to be a two faced traitor
>the entire time someone has been feeding information to the higher ups and they're not even sure who the higher ups are
>likely elites, including actor, his fixers, his pr people, other celebs who are involved people, and attorneys
>the group mentally breaks down
>by the way, half of this list of individuals literally murders people
>weirder things start happening
>she continues to egg it on thinking someone will come out against celeb, or ruin his reputation, or he'll do something drastic if she continues screaming and writing on the internet wall
>she's a media major, she knows how to generate buzz
>pain causes her to spiral out and relapse hardcore in self harming
>why does he have this halo of protection around him
>why can't she fucking get anyone to listen
>eerie things continue to occur in anon's life
>some of which correlate to the content of her private logs, which should not be visible to anyone
>harassed off multiple social platforms in an almost orchestrated manner similar to what happened during the first smear
>and even gets creepy comments on imageboards
>she swears up down and sideways that she's being watched
>just can't prove it
>nobody believes her no matter how hard she tries, nor when she approached it much more objectively and journalistically
>when she removes her own troubles she now believes celebrity to be an abuser and a stalker who's probably killed someone
>this man hates women
>this man apparently has 90 alt accounts and lurks his own name constantly
>he's extremely homophobic towards lesbian and bi women and has likely abused several ex girlfriends and is a revenge porn hoarder
>he's probably been sexually abusing women since before anon was born
>anon is young enough to be his daughter
>he has a daughter
>would he abuse his daughter like this
>because she already has severe ptsd and other issues, she wants to take what's happening as erotomania, no. she witnessed several people around her get mentally railroaded
>she doesn't believe all the things happening are coincidences
>there is a tipping point
>it's too many
>everytime she finds someone they leave or end up harmed in some way
>nobody wants to talk to an aborted attempt at an indie journalist
>nobody wants to talk to mainstream ones either I mean look what happened to ronan farrow
>she has had her issues since she was 19
>she knows her mental health enough to be able to distinguish between psychosis and delusion and reality
>so in this she gained some kind of a watcher
>and that watcher may be the guy she was fawning over in the first place
>she loathes him
>she's afraid he's doing even worse now and she has to just sit back and watch false praise pour out
>while this fucker is possibly in a cult and abusing women en masse
>while this fucker may have edged her towards suicide
>knowing he uses PR and bots and people don't know the things she knows
>it ruined her life
>was it worth it to do this to a survivor of abuse who was already hurting, mr super star?
>anon is in therapy and trying to let this go
>plagued by nightmares
>interrupted sleep
>intrusive thoughts
>legs and arms look like they were mauled by wolverines
>crying and panic attacks
>bodily aches
>heart arrhythmia
>worsened chronic ibs
>her body and face are both so wasted by this, she was never pretty but now she looks heinous
>she's afraid she will have an aneurism or a heart attack
>it doesn't matter if she continued to challenge the abusive man
>he deserves her vitriol
>fuck it, it's not about her
>she cared about and felt so guilted by the idea he'd harmed so many other women that she stood up there
>screamed what nobody else wanted to hear
>till it destroyed her from the inside out
>waned off social media for two months yet lingering addiction to it, went back on reddit of all platforms
>just got harassed recently
>she only mentioned him a couple times when someone else did, not provocatively
>and here it goes again
>here it goes again
>she still has hope for her future and recovery, its a long, hard road
>she graduated college amid it and still has a chance
>he didn't kill her
>in all the times she wanted to die in life she never felt more like she wanted to die than with the idea the thing she put the most faith in would hurt her like this
>that's her own fault
>this showed she had passion, even if it was cowish
>it went on for too long
>there is still love and life in her
>she should've been extending her efforts to actually improving her life
>instead of channeling it into this smear that was never gonna work coming from a nobody
>she wanted to be in the industry herself, she just wanted someone to listen to her
>in all this she lost herself, and she's deeply wounded
>if it's all true
>if he's aware, she's afraid she will die one day
>even after this is over and she's out of therapy
>if she one day succeeds and is a happy, healthy woman again
>and he's still alive
>there is nothing she can do to stop someone else's money and power from potentially harming her later down the line
>she is afraid he has her dox, knows what she looks like, has collateral, and nobody ever truly helped her in all this to confirm she wasn't crazy
>she has to live with the uncertainty in a life knee deep in abuse and misogyny long before she encountered this worm
>and the only way it'll stop is if someone actually does something
>somebody stop him
>nobody ever does
>and if it's all a delusion or a manifestation gone wrong…
>what a waste of worldly energy.
>she was a cow, but she was a cow with a cause
>fuck her life

No. 1648208

Fake and gay but I’m happy you’re miserable

No. 1648213

What the hell is appealing about 15 year old boys? jesus christ as if men aren't annoying enough? What do you shotafag women who unironically fetishize younger men see in them, yuck

No. 1648216

Thank you so much nonnies, sage for blog but I'm doing alright so far. I feel clear-minded for the first time in a few years, it's nice. I have supportive people around me and I'm going to therapy, it will be okay.

No. 1648217

I don't have enough to actually get anyone to take me seriously and I'm tired of fighting. I wish I could just send all my research to someone who'd be willing to take on the job. Nobody will, though. Not even my own friend/s because if I put that burden on them, it hurts them too. I'm a walking radioactive isotope at this rate. I know too much, but I don't know jackshit and I have no money and no real protection. I can't believe I ever wanted to become a real investigative journalist, this shit fucking slaughters you. Thought I was so much tougher, smarter, strategic but no, I come out sounding like an asinine cow.

No. 1648218

Jim Carrey nonna, I wanted to tell you, I have believed you since I first read your posts in the tinfoil thread I think it was last year? And everyone who comments negatively towards you gives/gave me creepy fixer vibes. If you start getting a bunch of weirdly aggressive comments on this post, I’ll be damned.

No. 1648234

rooting 4 u!

No. 1648253

The saddest thing not even me I'm most concerned about, it's all the other girls who he's harmed directly and physically and the possible revenge porn victims. My damage is minimal next to theirs. I want justice for them. I don't care just about me. I've followed celebrity abuse cases that aren't just his own, and I am very passionate about reformation and holding men accountable. It's wanting a safer world for those whove been targeted by violence. Because the majority of women who are targeted by men like him are already victims.

he's got a culture of silence around him very similar to Jared Leto. Leto rapes girls, but has never had formal accusations. Yet everyone knows, who is into gossip at all, of his reputation, or they come by it. Leto also allegedly sticks his fans/bots on and harasses ex-members of his fandom. Last night I was reading about Jay Z's alleged mistress's death. This isn't just a Jim problem and it isn't just tinfoil nonsense. This goes around in whisper networks, but is the brutal truth nobody wants to speak about. There are literally women who end up dead or forever entrapped in silence. Just knowing that existentially fucks someone up, and what's worse is the idea you could end up dead or so tormented you kill yourself, when you're floating too close to the fire, even though you're not in the blaze

It would be no better time than now to break the levee. If I speak freely anymore it'll have the same result. And if I don't stop it's gonna give me a heart attack. My physical health is so awful and I can't afford to fully treat it. I'm in therapy, I even found a nice DBT book and have been scrawling down my intrusive thoughts on paper, but the effects of this will linger forever.

if I hadn't gone the selfish direction involving myself which I did in a misdirected rage, people would believe me. I hoped to reframe it more informationally. Too late.

I just wish he could realize for once in his life how much pain he causes, but that isn't my problem to bear. Six decades is too little too late for basic human decency. I always deep down wanted him to realize what he'd done wrong. Didn't want to hate him. At some points I was irrational, attention whoring, and crazy, but I was just coping with my situation and surroundings. I'm not perfect, I admit I'm not perfect, unlike the PR postured bitch, and that's why people hate to hear it coming from my mouth. Like I appreciated his work, but why did the artist have to be a fucking murderer. Why did this have to happen to me? I ask myself that all the time, and nobody ever brings me solace. In the end I have to bring myself solace when I'm sick as a dog after all this

No. 1648346

(multiple times)

No. 1648360

I was 15 when a 22 yo woman groomed me and that shit fucks you up so badly, it isn't quirky, I hope you are miserable

No. 1648440

This close tbh

No. 1648459

It's not made up, though I'm not sure about the party girl part? Other people probably had different perceptions of me during that time, but "the sooper fun gal who is down 4 anything" is the person I strove to be, unfortunately. Like, I had no other goals. The absurdly idiotic stuff happened 10 - 12 years ago. I would have deserved to be on LC for many things. There is more. Thank fuck none of it ended up on social media.

However, I'm still a cow in that I work 2 jobs to support myself and a moid who can't hold a job down, and I am crushing hard on another man. I drink in secret with a NEET friend of mine about once a week at her place. I am not proud of any of this, kek. Not sure why I'm responding. Probably because I am retarded.

No. 1648481

nta but why not divorce if he's parasiting off you and you want to cheat? does your state/country not allow one-sided divorce or do you think he'll drag out proceedings?

No. 1648872

I would follow your thread and get into infights for whiteknighting you because I would feel bad for you and kind of see myself in you

No. 1648936

The anon you're replying to, you're mentally unstable, you shouldn't let someone parasite off of you in that state. Please get divorced and don't date until you fix your issues.

No. 1648947

classic groomed by 4chan with BPD traits cow, friends with a minor youtube drama cow that i encourage purely for lols, delusional

No. 1648968

Who is the cow?

No. 1649001

> reads lolcow in public

No. 1649004

Penis, ass, cunt, fuck, titties

No. 1649062

No. 1649105

File: 1690730525835.png (264.97 KB, 1080x1039, Screenshot_20220902-124905.png)

No. 1649163

same and idgaf. not likely anyone would recognize it in morocco anyway

No. 1649211

Me too but I literally don’t care

No. 1649222

I doubt anyone irl would recognise it anyway, I also have a different style on that doesn't resemble typical 4chan look.

No. 1649226

in italy i can guarantee no one even knows what a lolcow is so idgaf i am scrolling at the grocery store

No. 1649232

not OP but what do you do when the site gets raided or that porkchop banner shows up?

No. 1649251

Has never happened to me but even if it did I don’t care. At least I’m not a scrote eyeballing 14 year old girls. And if people are staring at my phone screen on lowest brightness they’re weirdos anyway.

No. 1649254


No. 1649272

doesn't happen often but if there's a raid i quickly scroll so nothing can be discerned not even by me then and shut off my screen all as fast as possible, if it's that banner i just scroll down fast idrc it just looks like an ad really. my screen is always set to the dimmest option anyway

No. 1649548

>claims to have an eating disorder but lowest weight was barely underweight and now fluctuates the same 10-15 pounds while crying about muh mental illness
>loses it over small inconveniences, cries in the shower if a restaurant messes up my food delivery order or if something is misplaced or lost
>rude to strangers in public, can’t make eye contact and doesn’t respond to small talk
>bad OCD and can’t drink water at other peoples houses because it’s “contaminated” and not from personal water filter
>deeply insecure and spends hours either staring at the mirror in different angles and taking photos to analyze or covers all mirrors and avoids reflective surfaces depending on the day
>spends impulsively on crap as soon as money comes in then complains about being broke and has to survive with a negative account balance after paying rent
I’ve gotten better at the last one recently, I’ve cancelled my amazon subscription and keep a list of things I want and treat myself when appropriate rather than just buying it right away. I recommend it to nonnies with a shopping problem, it also helps to ensure you really want something rather than wasting money on something you won’t use.

No. 1649564

spying on me i see?

No. 1649621

I have a privacy screen on my phone which makes it a little less worse

No. 1649888

You don't seem like much of a cow, at least you're self aware. Hang in there nonna.

No. 1650739

>absolutely NO social skills whatsoever since birth
>will never speak or look at anyone to the point of regularly being mistaken for having a mental disability
>can go weeks without speaking unless someone she knows personally (ie family member) directly asks her something
>hasn't had any friends since age 11. not even online friends.
>dropped out of school altogether at 12 due to bullying and stress, did schoolwork at home instead
>has school shooter-tier fantasies about her bullies
>never crushed on anyone irl, is exclusively attracted to fictional characters and a couple of celebrities at most
>pretends to be tough and aloof online but will cry if someone makes fun of something she likes
>sometimes will cry over literally nothing
>will also have panic attacks over nothing
>wants to kill herself just from interacting with strangers irl
>too retarded to go outside by herself, parents are perma tardranglers
>has vomited and fainted in public more than once, mostly vomiting
>always vomits in car and train rides especially, doesn't matter how slow or fast
>has pissed herself (and vomited) in school an endless amount of times, was once close to shitting herself
>has not seen a doctor since highschool
>has never seen a gyno at all
>has never seen a therapist, psychologist, or any specialist because her family doesn't believe in therapy etc.
>has the teeth of a methhead due to depression and genetics, too poor to fix it
>the one time she tries to get help the dentists didn't even want to deal with her anymore
>extreme digital hoarder and e-stalker
>will have millions of copies of the same photo (always of famous people, OCs, other people/characters in general, never herself) with slightly different tiny variations that no one except for her notices
>will stay up for days without sleeping and eating if a topic or person interests her enough, even if that same topic makes her depressed
>leaves about 400 tabs and 6 windows open 24/7 about her favorite person/topic until the computer crashes, reopens them all again, repeat
>cares more about her imagination than her own life to the point where she forgets to eat, clean herself, and get out of bed at all
>husbando and parents are the only reason she hasn't offed herself
>developed a huge spanking fetish due to child abuse
>still likes her parents despite that
>is a closet masochist in general but sometimes the reverse
>lives in a house where one half of the basic necessities (showers, sinks, toilets) don't even work properly
>occasionally gets a mouse or two roaming around (they're eventually caught tho, until another shows up a few years later)
>used to have cockroaches everywhere during childhood (although that eventually stopped completely)
>house rarely looks clean even when things are actually cleaned due to parents hoarding junk + too much furniture in smaller rooms
>cannot walk more than 2 steps in her own bedroom which is also partially a 4th closet for her parents
>regularly picks her skin until it bleeds, immediately picks at it again once it heals
>uncontrollable weird throat noises whenever she eats or drinks anything
>cannot go for a basic walk or run without getting tired easily despite being rail-thin

No. 1651689

you guys are just crying about being traumatized, i thought this would be a funny read
anyway i'm here to bring you some old fandom cringe i was part of. nowhere near as wild as anything else in this thread but at least it's a little lighter.
>has dozens of banned deviantart accounts
>roleplays edgy 2deep4u mary sue oc's
>roleplays several oc couples with other people
>accidentally got into a relationship with one of them because he didn't understand it was just roleplaying and actually thought they were in love
>too much of a people pleaser to tell him to fuck off so she roleplayed as his gf for two years (he broke up one day, trooned out shortly after)
>both made cringy AMVs to emo music and uploaded those to youtube (if you find them feel free to post tbh, i'm not connected to any of those old online aliases)
>landed on several hate/ bad-art-tumblr blogs for making very ugly sparkledog designs
>sold very shitty adoptables for a dollar a piece, 10 characters per page, one upload a day
>ended up on more hate blogs for that
>made a catfish deviantart with purposefully ugly art to troll people, somehow ended up with a genuine small fanbase of preteens
>left said account and broke a fans heart, they still posted jounrals years later saying they miss her

>started drama by selfshipping with favorite naruto character
>had public fights with other selfshippers over who said character REALLY loves
>made such a stink about it, mutuals drew fanart to support the cause

current "milk":
>still draws cringy oc art
>browsing lolcow and typing up this garbage instead of working on my college assignments

No. 1651756

Girl you're not a cow you just got handed a shit deal by your parents. I hope you can get help someday, your life sounds awful but it doesn't make you a bad person by any means.

No. 1651759

tbh anyone who would recognize the site would be someone where i wouldn't mind them knowing, right? if someone browses lolcow themselves who cares if they see me browsing in public, might even make a new friend in that situation.

No. 1651906

File: 1690992071298.gif (132.97 KB, 800x800, anonymous mask.gif)

>shitposts about female separatism yet only hangs with moids
If it makes you feel any better me and one of my friends did the same thing, even though we both had boyfriends, but we'd pretend to be separatist lesbians with a daughter online, we even lied about aborting two of our pregnancies when we found out they were male, IDK why we did it, like I don't even hate men that much, I just thought it was funny and got a thrill of pretending and people believing what I said.

No. 1651917

If there was a thread where a-logging was allowed I would be a-logging about you and everyone like you in it

No. 1651918

absolute KEK nonny, you are insane, love u 2 bits

No. 1651939

this is objectively funny

stay mad retard

No. 1651952

i always knew it was bitches like you forming our modern-day discourses through your tumblr retardation

No. 1652003

File: 1690999691514.jpg (34.79 KB, 480x463, notpepe.jpg)

>bitter late 20's burnout
>got groomed by a 30 year old man as a young teen and knew what she was doing was wrong but enjoyed the attention
>writes off all women even if she pretends she is "totally over it" and would be open to female friends
>hates men but talks to them constantly because they are easy attention and she's a mental midget
>stayed with an ugly fat guy for years to feel control over her life
>became an alcoholic to cope with having to fuck said ugly fat guy
>became codependent on him and couldn't even get an oil change for her car without him
>complete womanchild with no sense of responsibility
>always the victim in all of her failed friendships and if other people don't like her they are just being mean
>pretends to be a lone wolf to cope with complete social inability
>dresses like she raided a Kmart dumpster and has the same haircut from 2007
>considers it a good week if she didn't drink and took consistent showers
>her only friend is her now ex bf and the men she is "using" for casual sex
>she will probably cry when they stop talking to her

No. 1652014

Make new friends and try what >>1648059 did, and find some young dude(not a minor) and try to have a stable life.

No. 1652015

You deserve better. I hope you get some good friends who value you.

No. 1652055

Exactly, 99% of tumblr and twitter "radfems" are just retarded larpers. Anyone who's mad at you just hates to have the truth they already know finally said out loud.

No. 1652072

File: 1691005651837.jpeg (357.47 KB, 1151x691, IMG_8584.jpeg)

oh don't forget

>made what feels like 10,000 reddit alts to try and fight his propaganda on top of main account

>deleted alts over and over when efforts to fight his propaganda with her own failed
>he always wins
>torn down over and over and over!
>she sassed a ton of the bots and alts with snark
>which only aggravated them
>believes she has the identity one of his alts that is in use but is too cowardly to dm it
>on the off chance it's not actually him, she doesn't want to confront it
>she's back online but constantly trying to micromanage everything she says and says it sparsely
>screencaps fucking everything that bothers, interests or susses her out
>has address for his 26 million dollar brentwood house that's up for sale
>thanks to the listing being public
>not doxing if it's public hun
>jim why is your house so ugly
>frequently has nightmares about the eyes wide shut bathroom in picrel since viewing it

>swears she has a sixth sense and wants to secretly break into the house or "take a tour"

>lives nowhere near la and thinks she'll get killed if she leaves her post
>so she won't ever do anything
>to take a tour of a 26 million dollar house you'd have to pass an amex black card credit check who is she kidding
>really wants to get a reading and visit the mirror bathroom in particular
>the eyes wide shut bathroom screams the epicenter of evil

>can't tell mostly abusive family his name even though one member of her family now knows about the online harassment junket involving a celeb

>family member is fine with her withholding his identity because it came out in an immature burst of emotion
>and family member does not care deep down enough to pry
>still in therapy and doing dbt but struggling to sleep more than ever
>prays and wishes and burns candles during the witching hours to ward off the evil and help her pass out to curb the insomnia
>is afraid she'll have a heart attack soon

this bathroom has haunted me for like two weeks now

No. 1652103

File: 1691009428655.jpg (383.09 KB, 1080x1275, Screenshot_2023-08-02-22-51-20…)

Why did someone sent this to some radfem on twitter

No. 1652113

>some radfem
>kpop girl profile pic
Weirder than anon's post

No. 1652211

I know who this is kek. What is it about adoptables that draws in such cows

No. 1653678

Old milk:
>couldn’t wash her hair properly until she was 14
>argues with mom constantly
>best friend goes to a mental hospital 6 times and is super munchy. Is still munchy to this day.
>accidentally meets favorite youtuber at 15 (i won’t say who it is, nor would she be the type to get on here)
>annoys her with sperging
>begins shittalking guy friend to impress her
>obviously backfires
>everyone hates her so they fight all the time
>realizes she a crush on the youtuber for some fucking reason
>her “best friend” (wink wink) bans her for being annoying
>tries repeatedly to get back in as if that will make her more likable
>they literally draw her dying
>finds milk on the best friend about her catfishing people from years ago
>meanwhile the youtuber’s sister gets cancelled on twitter and it gets on the trending page even though she wasn’t that big in the first place
>everyone is talking about it
>will ramble about this to anyone online who will listen instead of riding the clout train
>makes a new friend but we never get close because we’re both too anxious idk
>starts writing a dumbass book that doesn’t even get 1/3 of the way finished
>a few months later
>go on shitty date where the date was literally texting her ex on the date and talking about how she used to be suicidal
>find out the “best friend” was her girlfriend
>assumes that she’s extremely ugly irl or something and tries to move on with her life
>also realizes that the girlfriend may have been cheating on her ex at some point although its not confirmed
>fast forward to march
>she’s actually extremely pretty
>anon has a glowup that took like way too long because of it
>loses inspiration to make art for some reason
>fast forward a bit
>joins friend group with a pair of really rude twins and only actually hangs out with like 2 people (one is from earlier)
>has 3 jobs within the span of a year but they’re all seasonal (not even trying tho…)
>accidentally finds the youtuber and her gf’s addresses but doesn’t use them for anything
>graduates high school (hated it)

Newer milk:
>constantly horny and masturbates every day
>stops using mainstream social media because she doesnt want to see peoples lives
>youtuber apologizes after a long while and i join her gc after a few months. I develop and even worse crush on her and tell her to get it off my chest (i pretend i dont know about the gf)
>friend from group I had a good thing with moves away
>only has one irl friend now and she’s nice but super lazy
>is writing a stupid book based loosely on real events but has been procrastinating on it. like 60% through the first draft.
>argued with youtuber’s sister about how she doesnt have autism when the sister was having a 10 hour manic episode
>starts saying mean shit in the chat on purpose just to see how people will react
>may have literal ocd about how hair looks
>unfriends guy friend from early because he came out as a tranny (not ashamed of that, it just seems like it would be included)
>finds out that recently the sister was told someone to off themselves because she created a group dm where people were exclusive making fun of a specific person and that person found it somehow
>youtuber stops going on the internet altogether probably because of her sister
>gets a new job but forgets/misses paperwork emails TWICE
>gets in argument with yt’s friends and is now beginning to realize that they just don’t get along and maybe a second chance was a bad idea

im retarded and so is everyone around me. i also need to stop following and also fueling this retarded ass drama. ik it dates back a long time but its like a reality show to me please help nonas. i know im like a terrible person but its so fun sometimes, but the interesting parts are over i think.

No. 1653683

Sorry about the typos, I wrote this at like 2 am but I didn’t post it cuz the wifi was down.

No. 1653697

What the fuck, I hope you’re in a better situation someday.

No. 1655725

File: 1691315499363.gif (95.24 KB, 220x154, IMG_9939.gif)

>cringey tard rage moments in high school
>terrible fashion sense
>after years and years of wearing it, still can’t do makeup
>unmanageable jewfro despite no Jewish heritage
>every single memory I have is attached to a cringey thing I have done
>flashbacks of all these moments play in my head constantly giving me hand flicking tics
>obsessive and stalkerish tendencies
>in my thirties and obsessed with a celebrity

No. 1655726

what celebrity?

No. 1655727

a minor league sportsperson
not a household name or anything
Unsure if it makes it worse

No. 1655728

you are so me

No. 1655765

Not too be a big pharma advocate, but are you aware that you have OCD? That's why your thoughts obsessively circle and you only think about the bad memories.

No. 1655794

>nearly 30 yo ex autistic stripper with vague career prospects
>child prodigy turned mentally unstable, avoidant, stunted, and emotionally retarded in adulthood
>autistic parents whos special interest was telling her that she is headed to hell unless she does what (they) God says
>edgy reddit athiest for a time once freedom was tasted
>zero discipline to finish projects despite obvious innate talent, inability to capitalize on said 'gift'
>depends financially on her nigel and has a melt down about it every 3 months, attempts to start a new career, gets discouraged, goes back to 'housewife' acceptance, rinse and repeat.
>has begun multiple different career paths to abandon each one. Currently in the longest stretch of 'success' by bringing in $600 a month.
>has strange underlying avoidance of speaking to other women despite craving a female friend, yet recognizes she spent early 20s only befriending men due to their low standards and near zero failure in forming said 'friendships'
>wears the same clothes from 5 to 10 years ago despite gaining weight and the clothes falling apart
>sleeps on the floor
>gets very interested in a hobby, goes very hard for about 3 months, abandons it. Rinse and repeat.
>bounces between being confident that having real friends is optional, and existential dispair about how socially inept she is. Cant let go of very high standards for other people if they were to become friends.
>extreme phone phobia, wont answer or return calls. Takes a week to muster strength enough to answer an email or text, not that they come much.
>probably giving herself lung cancer due to unsafe studio practices working with fine particulate, but hey at least she tries.
>3 cats, all cute.
>stereotypical male interests, good with hands and handiwork but cannot seem to command respect for it. Men will speak over her in favor of her nigel, so she shrinks down and gives up even if she knows she is right about something.
>main social outlet is pretending she is enrolled in college classes by watching lectures online.
>probably will move in with her mother if shit hits the fan with her nigel/finances, despite being nearly 30.
>continuously disappoints old aquaintances, and new, by not 'making it' yet in a field she was prophesied to excel in. Cant handle all the 'you should do x!' She gets from people and avoids them. She should be able to do those things, but, cant seem to.

No. 1655826

Lol this is actually very cow ish but more because you actually think you're sooper special and talented than anything else

No. 1655830

File: 1691323842681.png (39.64 KB, 275x275, IMG_3254.png)

my nona
I figured it was OCD or anxiety or something not normal. I don’t believe in therapy and I worry if I ask my doctor for something for anxiety that the jig might be up with my years long opiate prescription. What a mess nonnies.

No. 1655837

Kek, yeah I hated writing that and I hate people knowing I am good at insert thing but my whole life I have been told I am supposed to turn that thing into work for God blah blah blah it really, really fucked me up. Like those autists that can redraw a city from looking at it one time. Def not that good, and not that particular thing, but I know now I am not special I just had a weird talent and never developed discipline to do anything with it so now I am comparable to those that actually worked hard to get skilled. This is probably the last time I am ever going to admit to being good at anything, because I know it comes across as stuck up. And of course, that is what I am told bt an anon when saying it. I hate talking about it irl and rarely, rarely do unless someone bugs me really hard. I did recieve a lot of recognition as a child on a national level. I live a pretty tame life now, but had a cult like fucked up upbringing that literally told me God was working through me. Really messed me up. Believe me or not, i dont really care, I still ended up scrolling on my phone like most everyone else.

No. 1655846

What was the talent you got recognized for? You sound like a typical low functioning autist, they usually behave differently as kids and get mistaken as genius or gifted kids but have difficulty in life later on, knew a few like those whose parents shilled as geniuses yet they couldn't even finish the college or hold jobs.

No. 1655847

>nearing 30 y/o woman
>still lives at home
>raised by single father who caters to her every whim
>writes awful fanfiction
>can't hold down a job because she has no work ethic
>black & white thinking, everyone is either a saint or the devil
>hates her bipolar mother, once told her that she will always love her dad more
>former kf user, pickme for alt-right scrotes
>english degree, useless
>habitual liar, no remorse

No. 1655851

>former kf user, pickme for alt-right scrotes
take that to the grave that's so embarrassing

No. 1655856

Reading posts like this makes me want to close my tabs this site and never return. I feel genuinely ashamed sharing a site with anons who are this comfortable writing down how dysfunctional and destructive they are as people, I'm sorry.

No. 1655860

I agree. We didn't have this many dysfunctional anons before the site went down, I think the only anons that stayed after that incident are the no life neets like these

No. 1655865

The only therapy that can fix OCD is EMDR. It takes a lot of effort and time because you basically have to reprocess every main memory that causes you to spiral, but in the end you are actually fixed.
What are you taking opiates for, and do you source them legally? Because depending on that, will depend on how much your doctor cares. The most common prescription for OCD is Prozac.
But if you really want to be discrete, find an online psychiatrist who doesn't take insurance. You have to visit them once in person, and then every three months you have to have a zoom meeting, but they won't share your medical records and anything you get stays off your medical record. And since they don't check your other medical history, when they ask if you're taking any other medications, just lie.

No. 1655868

You're ashamed that mentally ill people exist? That's not very cash money of you.
Please nonnie, I need the milk on you. What is your special talent?

No. 1655869

(Absolutely off topic and nta, but..) Anon i hope you are my irl bff because she says “cash money of you” quite often

No. 1655884

No, mentally ill people who also do terrible things feeling no shame are the problem. I don't think the generic "autistic and clinically depressed" anons are worth to shake a stick at but the ones bragging about hurting the people around them like it made them cool while being failed NEET losers themselves make me feel sick.

No. 1655885

I can draw human faces with extreme realism and accuracy. Does not translate to digital, only by hand. I dont really practice, and I am face blind to an extent so idk. When I was little I wanted to be a human printer when I grew up kek. Was on my way to being a tatto artist that specialized in portraiture, I wanted to be the best in the country. But I couldnt handle the people and am socially awkward. My church made me illustrate books when I was a kid and I hated it but couldnt say no. Yeah, im one of those (high functioning to a point) autists that can not be a real adult now. If someone finds out I am good at drawing they start telling me all the ways I could be successful, all the things I should do, try to get a commission from me for pennies, then my soul shrivels up because it just isnt that easy, not for me and they wont pay me more than like a dollar an hour anyway when I try to talk price. Im a hermit now basically lol. I got flown to NY for my talent and several weird awards before turning 18, just general recognition I guess and the assumption that my life would just sort of play out into some sort of artistic success for God? Yeah, I needed more education, support, help navigating life and understanding how things work in the real world and never got it. After I turned 18 idk wtf I am/was doing. I decided in recent years I am only drawing for me, and learned to say no to people in that particular vein because it would send me into crisis mode. I actually refused to draw anything for like 5 years at one point even though I enjoy it.. I still owe drawings and paintings to several family members but I just never do them and avoid them, kek. I am trying though, I have moved on to other things that still is art related, which I do enjoy, but might be less stressful and more feasible making decent money at.

No. 1656244

File: 1691356025357.jpg (65.44 KB, 500x364, maidooki.jpg)

I dunno anon, I don't like it either but I do think to some degree some of these could be made up or are half truths. I think anons just need some friends. Or therapy. Or both.

I always remember an anon on here who posted a cute black cat in the cat love thread and its name was "cash money". Also reminds me of this old meme that I loved posting in 2014 KEK

No. 1656289

if you have OCD read Brain Lock: Free Yourself from Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior.

No. 1656306

those got to you but not the anon who fucked a 15 year old?

No. 1656321

Is it that easy to say someone has OCD? Nta but I relate completely to that post (I mean the memory and flashback stuff, not the jewfro), I've been in treatment for years but I don't think I've been diagnosed with OCD (or at least not told about it).

No. 1656348

That is super cool. I hope you find the peace that you are missing. Possible career suggestion though if you're interested You should go to festivals and fairs and draw people's faces. Put up a sign that says you're mute and partially dead and to please be patient and you'll be rolling in it while not having to make conversation.

My best friend is a therapist that specializes in OCD and you would be surprised at the number of people who have a treatable mental illness but they're not aware so they just suffer. If your thoughts circle endlessly around how you acted in every situation and how you hate yourself for it or you constantly think about all the bad or "cringy" things you've done even when everyone says the social interaction went fine, you should see a specialist about OCD. Those are pretty classic symptoms. Another symptom that most people don't realize is if you obsessively fear how your loved ones could be hurt or die and so constantly worry about how to prevent it. Especially if you make up little rituals to prevent it like clicking your teeth before going down stairs or breathing whenever you see a white car.

No. 1656391

File: 1691363582323.jpeg (Spoiler Image,418.7 KB, 828x555, IMG_5902.jpeg)

but like, what if we really are friends in real life?

No. 1656412

I plan to

No. 1656457

Your cat is named cash money? So dignified

No. 1657482

This is the anon from the super long post about the youtube shit. If it makes you feel any better, I’m only 18.

No. 1658778

File: 1691582084323.jpg (84.79 KB, 1079x807, 1592256546554.jpg)

AYRT, I have heard of EMDR and it did sound promising, the only thing is finding a practitioner which is daunting but I know I just need to woman up. I broke my leg years ago and was prescribed the standard tramadol etc post surgery and then when I mentioned it remitted my depression (surprise surprise) to my psychiatrist at the time, he agreed it could work long term off label. He was right, but I am definitely scared to get off it if I ever needed to in the future and afraid the jig will be up one day and my current dr. won't prescribe it anymore (my old psychiatrist went to jail not long after kek).

No. 1658781

NTAYRT, but holy shit that final paragraph is spot on. My impression is that OCD is like the least treatable mental illness.

No. 1658819

EMDR is woo woo bullshit. Unless you’re easily hypnotized it’s useless.

No. 1658829

Inception milk
>sexual trauma with physical/emotional abuse beginning at very young age
>father was a schizo method head
>mother a legitimately lovely woman who was simply fearful and misguided
>years of spastic behavior throughout elementary
>mother divorces dad just before junior high
>close male relative begins sexual relationship at the age of 13
>relationship continues until age 22
>junior high/high school involves years of spergy, pick me behavior and emotional outbursts
>retarded level of absences, getting embarrassingly high/drunk on high school campus
>repeatedly getting into fights, acts out sexually with several loser scrotes but never actually engages in sex
>drops boyfriends as quickly as she gets them
>mocks and humiliates them afterwards totally he point she may actually end up murdered
>chronically lusting after one pathetic scrote for reasons unknown who toys with her for ages
>pathological lying, pickmeism out the ass and when she finally comes clean about the monster raping her and threatening her with death, no one believes her
>gets deathly ill during senior year
>comes back a month later severely behind on all studies
>in a state where "no child gets left behind" is treated as a joke
>has no friends, no one wants her around due to her insanity
>realizes this and drops out
>GED time
>gets temp job a long ways out of town with grandmother at 17
>grandmother tries to set her up with a fat incel who is nearly forty
>toys with incel for months before ghosting him
>even convinces him to try and run for president
>scrote gets committed and job ends
>another job in retail
>gets her shit together temporarily and works very hard, acquires store management at 20
>realizes store management is absolute hell
>panics and quits with workfriend to join a start up company
This is where the fun begins
>cue alcoholism saga
>drinking culture rampant throughout office
>is chased by several lonely scrotes
>toys with all of them
>engages in an affair with a scrote who tells her he's in an "open relationship"
>ends about as well as can be expected
>insane from alcohol addiction, goes off rails
>gets her first car wrecked three days after acquisition
>scrote she's having affair with is in the car
>kicks him out before moid relative can show up to assist with wreck, forcing scrote to walk back to office building
>moid relative eventually discovers affair
>flips the fuck out, breaks into her house and destroys all her personal belongings
>fucks off to the desert to kill himself or some shit
>affair scrote ghosts her and she loses her damn mind
>eventually moid relative contacts her and they formally end things
>clarity for our cow commences
>realizes she no longer has to live her life like she'll be murdered tomorrow
>starts contemplating the future in earnest, wants to be a vet tech
>eases up on drinking/insane pot use
>visits OB for first time as abusive male relative was paranoid about doctor visits
>learn she has HPV and early cervical cancer from his filthy ass
>loses her mind again
>walks out of job, gets vehicle repo and spirals into depression for three months until cancer resolves
>told she'll never have children as a result
Present Milk
>after cancer scare decides to restart life
>gets job as vet assistant
>enjoys work, still drinks but not nearly as heavily
>all but stops pot
>a couple months in decides to try a dating site, because what could go wrong?
>meets a man within 48 hours
>speak every day for three months
>Jesus arc
>becomes christian
>he drives several hours for one visit, with a much older woman who is apparently his tenant??
>confused but she seems like a person who is just a little broken, needs help
>empathy for woman
>decide to move several states away with man, want to get married
>woman starts acting erratically
>a few months in the woman is feeding them alcohol, behaving insanely and using emotional terrorism to keep us in check
>she loves the man so much she stays
>becomes pregnant after six months
>woman loses her fucking shit
>goes full on batshit
>cow starts finding creepy ass drawings woman made of herself pregnant with cow's baby
>man and cow are planning wedding, woman is self inserting to a frightening level
>nightly arguments and fights with woman
>cow learns she has high risk pregnancy due to previous cervical procedure
>panic fills her
>calls stepfather and asks him to visit temporarily during wedding planning
>he arrives and is appalled by what's going on
>cow convinces stepfather to take her out of situation
>one day when woman and her fiance leave for work, she splits
>leaving behind a note, her engagement ring and necklace gifted by man, stating she'll be in contact within two weeks bit is too terrified to stay any longer
>fucking legendary drama ensues
>does this two weeks before wedding date
>months pass while man is desperately trying to reconstruct relationship with cow, while the woman is still leeched onto him
>cow finally stands her ground and tells him she has to go
>takes fucking six months to remove the psycho
>learn shes opened several lines of credit in his name, convinces him to hand over a car, several possessions or she'll kill herself in said car
>splits soon after baby is born
>repeatedly harasses cow and man for money, threatening insane situations to report that never happened
>cow and man unite, tell her to fuck right off
>for two years after psycho woman harasses with packages, phone calls etc until police are involved
>during this time, cow learns she has a legit health condition that is debilitating
>gives up alcohol
>does her best to be a great mother for her daughter
>becoming a mother changes her entire attitude
>redemption arc?
>life is fairly quiet now
>she's still a mental basket case, but working hard to recover
>not so milky anymore
I'm so fucking glad I never engaged in social media otherwise my dumb ass would be all over this site.

No. 1658890

I hope your child grows up okay despite having psychotic unstable retards for parents. Poor little girl.

No. 1659518

File: 1691638909708.jpeg (46.13 KB, 512x512, IMG_8691.jpeg)

this is all shit i did in middle school / high school before my brain was developed

>used to act like i listened to “real rap” and not that “mumble rap shit” because i listened to one kanye west album

>one day i brought a speaker on the bus to show i listen to “real rap” and my bus driver started screaming at me because the lyrics had swear words
>on the spectrum so i believed anything anyone told me
>spent my whole kiddie job paycheck on luxury perfumes that smelt like they were for 60 year olds despite being broke
>acted like i was oppressed for being a virgin

No. 1659570

Damn this was my old post and I’m glad I’m doing so much better. My shitty abusive dad died and I have a cool job and a college degree and clear skin. Still heartbroken over a moid but at least I have more things going for me overall now.

No. 1663046

>meet married moid online
>become said moids therapist and confidant
>said moid says he will meet other women using a cheating app, have a jealousy meltdown and tell him he shouldn't do it because it'd be betraying his wife and he'd give her stds
>moid sends me money to buy stuff and we sext after I convince him not to cheat
>moid offers to fly me out but I refuse
>moid randomly cuts off contact
>says he wants to fix his relationship with his wife because she's now willing to do sexual stuff he wants
>lowkey guess he's met a cuter girl on that cheating app
>everyone I talk to blames me for not telling his wife because of misogyny and their bfs cheating on them with younger women like me
>I'd never be able to tell his wife because I still hope he comes back

No. 1663057

I think I've seen you in the vent thread.
>I'd never be able to tell his wife because I still hope he comes back

No. 1663215

she's literally me

No. 1663223

>spent her formative years terminally online, now suffers from a tragic lack of situational awareness
<compensates for said lack with ridiculous amounts of social anxiety, which ends up backfiring, and she always manages to demonstrate her shit-tier social skills anyway
>falls in love with any mediocre scrote as long as he's just the slightest bit attractive
<never manages to actually seduce any of those guys despite being decently attractive, bc her off-putting personality is too much to handle
>half-munched an autism diagnosis years ago, now only believes in her supposed autism when it's convenient
>sporadically deletes all of her social media
<sporadically joins social media sites again
>randomly starts crying in public spaces after hurting her own feelings with the scenarios she decides to daydream about
>larps being a radfem, is actually a pickme and participates in the most ridiculous beauty rituals because muh ugly duckling syndrome
>flip-flops between thinking she's hot shit and thinking she's Satan incarnate

No. 1663256

had a blast reading this, thank you nona

No. 1663261

File: 1691932054209.png (83.99 KB, 275x247, 1667896621496.png)

>be me, 15 y/o
>had toxic LDR with TIF for five years and became a shitty person to be around because of it
>Socially awkward because of it, she was all I had as a friend because family was kinda neglectful
>BPD made me cling onto anyone else when TIF and I would have our million breakups
>would constantly post pictures with other friends / post about how amazing they are to make gf jealous
>Would cry a lot in class and also be a little inappropriate with friends, making stupid sexual jokes that make me cringe now
>would post emo song lyrics any time me and gf had argument or weird bpd shit (we were both BPD) mostly so she could see it as usual
>would act like uwu smol bean wearing flower crowns to school and skipping to class (yes, skipping/galloping)
>put on fake piercings aka 2 craft pearls glued on my cheeks with eyelash glue, supposed to be dimple piercings
>when me and TIF had final break up I had a crush on this guy simply because I was socially awkward and mistook our humour as liking each other
>ended up dating
>he broke up with me because I was a BPD mess
>sent him a long paragraph about how shitty he was
>later on still posting passive-aggressive stuff on instagram hoping he would see it
>still bpd, liked new guy, but wanted to be actually healthy so I got help and shit
and idk my life has been normal from there. I'd have a thread on here I think. I was so retarded as a teen

No. 1663281

>moids cheat with muh younger women like me
A true cow indeed. Are you everywoman420?

No. 1663379

if she is, then i am not going to apologize for shitting up her askbox every time she comes up on my dash

No. 1663400

File: 1691946380991.jpg (51.45 KB, 407x468, 1687317923360.jpg)

>me at 14-17
>friendless loser autist
>post on an online forum with equally retarded autists
>larp as a boy
>write homoerotic yaoi rp fanfiction on said forum
>posts still up years later and cannot be deleted
>develop crush on a guy I was DMing with, meet him irl
>mental health breakdown
>he thinks I'm crazy, tells me to get psychiatric help and cuts contact
>BPDchan all over his and other forum friend's DMs
>land in mental hospital
>learn nothing from this experience

No. 1663576

wow you are literally me nona

No. 1663600

>be me, vain and obsessed with appearances and myself
>22, honestly average or maybe a little below average looking but with an inflated ego because moids want to fuck me (they’ll fuck anything with or without a heartbeat)
>obsessed with pretty people
>not just moids I wanna fuck, I have pictures saved of strikingly beautiful women like Adriana Lima and Brooke Shields also just cute actresses like Michelle Trachtenberg and Phoebe Cates etc. on my phone for “ fashion inspo,” these eomen could pull off wearing a sack, I just like looking at them!
>when I had instagram I would look at pretty people who I know irl and just ogle the pics they posted. I would check their old photos and I’d have to go back to their profiles to make sure I didn’t like an old post
>I think I am pretty sometimes and I will stare at myself for 15 minutes just “popping pimples and tweezing my eyebrows” is what I will tell my family when I am taking long in the restroom, I am actually just talking to myself and making faces and sometimes I’ll wash my face and feel even prettier than I am without makeup
>posted myself on truerateme
>ATL: posted myself on a /soc/ rating thread
>I go on starbyface, betaface, pictriev and pinkmirror like at least once a week (or more) just to see who I sort of resemble
>I am also into kibbe I just wanna categorize and understand my beauty
>I am so autistic and dumb and lack discretion I posted my weight on my close friends story and goal weight (wtf is wrong with me I think about this and cringe still)
>If I see a decorative mirror, a car mirror or even a reflective window I will get distracted by my reflection and stare at it so I have to avoid looking at it
>was hesitant to delete social media because I wanted to show off my ~beautiful~ mug I’m still honestly a little burnt I can’t now
>I keep getting full of myself cause people think I’m 16 but I am young still of course I could pass for a teen I was one not too long ago also this is nothing to even get full of yourself over, I feel like a cringe DDLG lanapilled cottagecore ethot when I catch myself thinking like this
>take long to do makeup and pick outfits before i go anywhere because I’m staring at myself for a long time
>went on tinder and I just liked people calling me hot and cute I didn’t even wanna really meet up or fuck or go on a date (but I did fuck around with this one guy cause he was gorgeous, he was like the prettiest man I’ve ever seen tbh I’d honestly have his babies cause he had pretty genes but alas he was a whore and 5’7” so not worthy to marry)
>Most people wouldn’t even take me as very like this, I don’t wear makeup most times and I dress really plain, when I do wear makeup it’s just filled in eyebrows and like mascara I am rather unremarkable looking maybe a little attractive idk where my ego comes from honestly I was bullied for my appearance too but I’ve also been told I look way too pretty
>sometimes I think I’m very ugly and I can’t look in the mirror otherwise it will put me in a bad mood and I can’t even try to wear makeup cause it’ll just feel like I look dirty
> I fish for compliments sometimes
>I have a very hollow existence, I don’t have a lot of friends I haven’t had a best friend since high school, I can’t connect deeply with anyone it seems
>I’m like
>sometimes I think I’m some sort of NPC because I just run out of things to talk about with people
>sometimes I think other people are NPCs
>I have tried to date people and after a certain point it’s exhausting because I just can’t connect if you know what I mean
>I have been trying to focus on things besides appearance but sometimes when I’m out in a nature walk I get distracted by a beautiful person
>sometimes I stay up late and think of what other people say about me
>dated ugly guys because I liked hearing I was pretty and could do better

No. 1663626

That just sounds exhausting, BPD is rough

No. 1663632

You're not a cow, you're just a woman who's overwhelmed by the beauty standards and probably struggles from body dysmorphia. I'm sorry anon, please don't send your pictures on places or get ratings, you're enough and your looks don't dictate your worth.

No. 1663957

Thank you anon, it’s reassuring, I don’t post myself anymore because it’s just also hard to categorize and understand beauty like how I wanted to do desperately, it also doesn’t matter and I’m trying to take things one day at a time and just enjoy myself, my goal is to not give af but it’ll take some work
You think BPD? I always thought I was obsessed with that bs in an autistic way, I think a lot of people who circle those subreddits and looksmaxxing online spheres especially the moids are, I talked to my therapist about my internal struggles with appearance and obsession and he said I just seem to care a lot about what other people think which is normal.. I honestly hope it’s not BPD I mostly just don’t want a trendy tiktok mental illness kek

No. 1663982

Scary how I relate to some of these points kek

No. 1663986

>trendy tiktok mental illness

it feels like every mental illness goes through a social media "trend" cycle unless it's something unfathomably obscure, bpd went through this on tumblr too

hell now it's even trendy to be autistic, back when I was misdiagnosed with it the 'tism just made you a fucking retard

No. 1664160

>never manages to actually seduce any of those guys despite being decently attractive, bc her off-putting personality is too much to handle
Same girl, same

No. 1664593

File: 1692044046194.png (159.17 KB, 559x371, IMG_2330.png)

Me, the skinny version of Amberlynn Reid

>24 year old virgin

>conventionally attractive and vain
>thinks she’s special
>actually really insecure
>obsessed with pretty things and pretty people
>never leaves her home
>just wants a true best friend
>has 4 friends
>still judges them
>has GAD but hasn’t gone to therapy for years
>gives up and cries way too much
>has browsed lc since she was 17
>consumes escapisms to an absurd degree
>daily 3 hour Pinterest scrolling sessions
>actually has some talents that she wastes
>hates men to an insane degree
>never interacts with men more than 10 minutes
>will die a virgin

No. 1664596

>less obese amberlynn reid
>conventionally attractive
Sure jan.

No. 1664599

Dying a virgin isn’t too bad as someone who used to be a slut sex really isn’t even all that.

No. 1664618

Kek yeah I’m pretty but that might be way too generous to call ALR even if she got skinny. I meant that my personality sounds like her. Pretending you’re doing stuff and that you have friends when you don’t.
Yeah I don’t think I’ll find it special tbh it’s just a complex affecting my vanity and ego

No. 1664646

it's giving closeted lesbian, not for the celibacy but having friends and judging them so hard and still seeking that one true one? You looking for a wife or what

No. 1664813

Not a cow, just boring

No. 1665430

Fuck. I’ve been wondering that myself honestly cause lesbians always say I seem like a lesbian
Kek I will take that as a compliment

No. 1665432

Amberlynn isn't ugly though tbh. She could be average cute if she lost weight.

No. 1665479

You're shockingly full of yourself for how little you have going on.

No. 1665597

File: 1692121573334.png (44.51 KB, 1034x973, spilled milk.png)

>alternates between being a troon panderer and a fake "radfem"
>schizophrenic bippie wannarexic turboautist
>abusive, bordering on horrorcow-tier behaviour in relationships
>zero friends since elementary school
>lurked imageboards since elementary school, posted since middle school
>an older zoomer, has no idea how to interact with other zoomers, millenials and boomers alike. completely out of touch with pop culture

No. 1665602

That's why she posted herself as a lolcow.

No. 1665663

>draws imitation bara on tumblr to get the praise of a gay moid or a very in-touch tif (either way coombrained)
>calls herself a separatist but really just can't get men to like her
>nor women for that matter, but gets pity talks every once in a while
>hugs nasty stuffed animals to bed
>still cyberstalks weeaboo tif crush she had from high school
>still upset about it
>"i love coding" can't code for shit
>mediocre at all hobbies, doesn't even do them often
>has two rubik's cubes, can't solve last layer
>pathetic yaoi fanfiction but caters to audience with no content so she's all they have
>they got sick of her so they started posting their own works
>"Her nails dug so far in they lift marks." actual line from reluctantly deleted fic
>loves artcows because she's projecting

what a cow amirite

No. 1665704

Literally me

No. 1665720

we'll get through this

No. 1669452

Although I’m not proud to admit it, I’m pretty similar to pixyteri without the troon shit

>parents introduced her and her younger siblings to Asian culture through watching kung-fu/ninja/samurai movies and going out to Chinese buffets as a kid

>mom introduced anime whether on English or Spanish channels during morning hours before going to school or church
>25-26 year-old brother is obsessed with Dragon Ball (franchise) to this day and recently had to explain that Bardock was Goku’s daddy, not Master Roshi
>used to want to be Asian/Japanese during her early 20’s and was upset to have little to no Asian dna/features aside from my mom or siblings my material great grandfather was Filipino
>mentally stunted at 15-20 but that’s due to traumatic reasons/never really having to enjoy childhood
>used to act like an autist and tried to get boys attention during high school
>used to have arguments with my mother regarding the weeb shit during my teen years


>30+ year-old weeb/neet living in her parents house

>lives in Texas
>spends her days after babysitting for money holed up in her room watching anime
>sometimes thinks the male waiters are flirting with her when they are probably just nicely asking for her order when going to restaurants alone
>unsuccessful in landing jobs
>hasn’t completed her bachelor’s degree due to money constraints and has been going to uni since 2018 because her grades suck
>can sometimes feel lonely
>recently prefers watching subs

Only differences are I’m too self-conscious and understand not to act like a spaz during public outings, usually keep the weeb shit between myself and immediate family - partially due to our Hispanic culture/customs but my mom no longer picks on my love for anime/Asian culture and my siblings like that I’m introducing older anime I used to watch to my niece and nephew, am looking for jobs in order to have more income to help my parents despite being unsuccessful, never met Sarah and live in a city.

No. 1669458

You honestly seem cute in a cringefail girloser sort of way. I'd be your friend.

No. 1670203

>Friendless loser autist and terminally online
>Unironically uses incel-speak
>Still lives with parents
>Refuses therapy because she hates talking about herself because she's afraid of sounding whiny
>No real problems in life and had a solid middle-class second-gen immigrant upbringing and still throws herself a pity party daily
>Bullied in school at an early age which permanently stunted her social skills
>Unabashed narcissism, probably has severe AvPD

>Maladaptive daydreaming cope. Looks forward to bedtime every day so she can fully concentrate on her inner world which is plagiarized from a bunch of other series

>Inner world used to involve overly-sexualized Mary Sue self-inserts in different fictional universes interacting with favourite characters, now mostly involves multiple OCs interacting with each other in said universes (improvement?)

>Made up a dream boyfriend in her head she jacks off to in the body of her ideal fictional self who is a different race. Race-hating tendencies

>Has an entirely separate daydream where she is a successful Youtuber & blogger who makes content about society, culture, class, science… literally anything, and has a huge following because all of her content is intellectual & scientifically-sound
>In this cope, massive news organizations take notice of her content and frequently cite her work, people across the Internet respect her content and every penny she earns goes to charity because she wants to look woke

>Might actually be good looking if she put effort in

>Refuses to wear makeup because it's too expensive
>Began skincare regimen late
>Began eating healthy late


>Virgin at age 30, just too autistic to form genuine relationships or fall in love

>Wants more representation and normalization of loser virgin women in the mainstream due to being one
>As a late middle schooler/teen, lurked 4chan during the Habbo Hotel raids and was obsessed with /a/, /b/, /fa/ and /x/
>Before 4chan, in middle school, hung out on random forums and came into contact with mentally-ill adults. Started hanging out in self-harm cliques & began having suicidal ideation as a friendless child
>Fortunately didn't have a lasting effect on psyche due to narcissism and attention-whoring, moved on from those

>Read every single page on ED in high school like a true autist. Strong hatred of KYM since its inception

>Joined Tumblr during college and began hating 4chan
>Annoying woke leftist phase as a result, came out of it in middle age
>Began hanging out on reddit in college (during its early days when the jailbait subreddit was around), turned into a moid pleaser. Still have shades of that. Main subreddit of choice was TwoXChromosomes (wasn't so bad back then)
>Was a jobless loser with student loans throughout college and after it. Forced to get a job or get kicked out/married off, so found a really shitty one by lying about work experience

>Sucked at it and was laid off, became a jobless NEET. Forced to find another job

>Actually decent at the second job, but it involved social interactions and normies
>Started learning how to drive extremely late in life
>Lucked into a decent job during pandemic and even made a down payment on an apartment

>Despite this, is afraid to move out & wants to live with parents forever

>Still no friends and virginity still intact
>Fugly with bad skin and bad teeth so never takes any pictures
>Honestly thinks she has a shot at dating in spite of being friendless and ugly. Delusional enough to think the apps will work
>50/50 chance of falling for the first man who gives her any attention and being used for sex, or dying a virgin

Therapy can't fix this. Bitch needs SSRIs

No. 1840107

why are there so many fucking male obsessed whores itt, you guys are so weak(bait)

No. 1840125

im embarrassing

>uwu emo all through high school then went full stoner hippie as soon as emo went out of style

>used to sui bait boys so they'd stay with her, sadly probably still would under the right unhinged circumstances

>openly bisexual but lives for male validation anyway

>cam modeled for a bit, looks down on the porn industry despite contributing to it in the past

>sjw-style activist on public socials yet inexplicably addicted to lurking anonymous message boards where bigotry is the bread and butter

>single parent living with family because she can't make ends meet, isn't on speaking terms with the father

>spends all day scrolling online or playing video games, posts videos of her vaping to look cool despite being in mid 20s

No. 1840222

>Autistic woman still writing fanfiction about husbandos
>Stuck in the early 2000s, cannot move on from high school because had so much fun and misses that comfy atmosphere (Went to an artistic school and everyone was weird like her, sperging about anime all day)
>Agoraphobic, sometimes will starve instead of buying groceries and delivery isn't a thing where she lives
>Bi with a preference for women, doesn't know how to flirt with women, cries ab