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No. 1571083

General conspiracy thread. Discussions surrounding government coverups, entertainment industry secrets, predictions, political intrigues etc, are all welcome here.

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No. 1571090

Love the threadpic kek

No. 1571742

I think criminality is on the rise because they are allowed to pass on their genes.

No. 1571754

File: 1683607532664.png (370.7 KB, 972x1102, FUx1yXoAECZkX.png)

How accurate is this?

No. 1571767

Not sure what the conspiracy is here? That big channels growth/reach isnt organic? Its the same with practically ever other celebrity.

No. 1571768

I fucking hate this son of a bitch. I also hate how his tactic is showing no personality at all and milking good-deeds for views as a shield. You cannot criticize this retard anywhere because ''he does gopd things'' while fucking turning said good things into videos to be milked for views and polutting Youtube in the process. I fucking despise modern corporate internet.

No. 1571885

File: 1683623866037.jpg (51.05 KB, 371x479, childhood-absence-epilepsy.jpg)

Pharmaceutical industry tinfoil: doctors pretend that they don't know how SSRIs work to hide the truth about GABA. People are aware the serotonin reuptake explanation is bullshit, but so far seem unaware that "hard to quit" SSRIs like sertraline cause elevated GABA, which then drops off a cliff when the dose is reduced or stopped. GABA inhibits the body's nerve signals, reducing their strength, which has the effect of calming emotions (reducing anxiety), numbing sensations (causing sexual dysfunction in SSRI users), and making it more difficult for a seizure to begin. A seizure is like a chain reaction of nerves firing in the brain when they shouldn't. "Brain zaps", which are barely acknowledged by the medical industry but well known by SSRI withdrawal victims, are actually mini seizures caused by an acute absence of GABA in the brain. The electrical signals are massively strengthened since your body is used to fighting through a haze of artificially boosted GABA, so a small area of the brain "lighting up" can quickly snowball into a thunderstorm in the brain. This can cause actual seizures/unconsciousness (which doctors totally deny) as well as dysregulated and excessive emotional responses, hypersexuality, hyperawareness, and over-intense bodily sensations (warnings for these are actually on the medication leaflet). It's unknown whether this causes permanent damage to the brain, but these withdrawal symptoms can last months or even years after the SSRI is totally withdrawn - your brain physically recovers from quitting nicotine, heroin or alcohol much quicker than this. Which is great news for doctors, since they can happily tell you that since you quit SSRIs WEEKS ago now, this must be your original "illness" returning! You're so mentally ill, so sensitive! Better fry your brain even more with a different SSRI so it's even harder to overcome withdrawal next time!

Tldr: the medical industry is creating lifelong SSRI customers by training their brains to require ever-increasing amounts of GABA to function, with totally unknown long-term effects.

This said, please don't quit your SSRI cold turkey nona, this is the absolute worst way to do it since your GABA level crashes. People die from this, although we're told it's suicide. You need to slowly reduce the dose, even when you're at incredibly low doses, going from like 25mg to 20, then 15 a week later etc.

No. 1571889

I've experienced brainzaps on both lexapro and effexor and I felt like I was dying at some point from the other side effects tbh

No. 1571890

Don't actually do this, since it can give you a seizure via OD as I discovered accidentally which was terrifying, but if you chew up or suck on a Zoloft (sertraline) it numbs the inside of your mouth for hours, since the way it works is to stop nerve signals. You don't need to be a scientist to observe this, but nope, we have nO iDEa hOw tHeY WOrK kek

No. 1571895

dw anon I won't stop cold turkey but I know I'm not the only person who experienced these effects when skipping a dose or two. I was young when I started I wish I was more informed then.

No. 1571900

I agree. I have never seen a less interesting person or group of people if you include his friends that are in his videos. I have no idea how people can sit through his content even if he does technically interesting things

No. 1571906

Same here anon, in the 2000s and 2010s it seemed like every other 13yo was starting Prozac and none of us were warned about withdrawal, in the UK at least. When I was that age I assumed all medications were like ibuprofen, they work for a few hours & then go away, and not one doctor told me different. They framed any side effects or withdrawal symptoms as worsening mental health, which was your fault for not taking the pills.

I believe this is linked to the trans cult: whether on purpose or not, doctors created a generation of people whose brains have been chemically stripped of resilience and the ability to self regulate. People who have been trained to rely on external sources of nervous regulation are wide open to addiction, whether that's to testosterone, opiates, surgeries, ssris etc. You just have to convince them it was all their idea. Lifelong pharma paypigs.

No. 1571908

I hate that fucker too, it's disgusting how he makes his videos and even the thumbnails scream "look at me I'm a good person tell me I'm a good person see give me the views and money". Also this might be a stupid question but how the fuck does he make his money? You could say it's from YouTube now that his videos are super popular among kids but he started out with these kind of videos and I remember people being suspicious because there's no way some random guy can just gift cars and money to strangers.

No. 1571920

I suffer from seizures due to a neurological condition. My NHS therapist was trying to get me on SSRIs and when I switched to private healthcare the doctor told me that could've been very dangerous for me because of the withdrawals and my pre-existing condition. Fucked up how doctors just… don't fucking care any more. Feels more like they're drug pushers rather than people trying to genuinely help you.

No. 1571941

This is why I decided to stop taking antidepressants SSRI. I had terrible brain zaps and night terrors everytime I skipped a dosis. I did it by reducing slowly the dosis I needed. My sleep is so much better now too.

No. 1571955

I've had zoloft withdrawal when I forgot my meds on a trip and it is a nightmare. Brain zaps, shivering, dizzy, blurry vision, constant feelings of dread, muscle aches, etc. The meds I was on before that should never have been given to me gave me brain zaps constantly, especially as I fell asleep. Horrible feeling. I got zaps that would make my left arm numb, when I told the people who gave me the meds they didn't care, really. I would get brain zaps and flinch if there was any sudden noise, no matter how loud, and if there was a sudden lack of noise, like if things suddenly went quiet. How the fuck? Anyway I like zoloft, it works well for me, I know the thread will likely tell me I don't need it but everyone in my family's on anti-depressants, including my dad and uncle. I think my aunt is, too. Also it did kill my libido, but my libido has since returned. Also if I miss a day or two, I don't get severe withdrawal, but after three days no meds it gets nightmarish.
Why do his thumbnails look so creepy, with crying children ?

No. 1571960

This is interesting nona, I'd like to know what neurological condition you have if you don't mind sharing? Asking because I was wondering about a potential link with hormonal birth control & migraines with aura. Youre only allowed the progesterone only pill if you have a history of migraine with aura due to "risk of blood clots" - this might be true, since hormonal BC is known to raise your risk of dying of all sorts of things including heart attack and stroke - but it's also known the progesterone only pill causes depression and anxiety. I know many women myself included who suffered from migraine with aura at onset of puberty but who were also slapped with a depression/anxiety label soon after and pressured on to progesterone BC + SSRI by 13. Needless to say, this absolutely ruined these girls' mental health, within a few years they seemed to either escape the NHS and recover, or been hospitalised multiple times, ruined their education and set themselves up for a life of medicalisation and troondom in some cases. It's so creepy looking back, what did they think was wrong with us? Why did they think 11yos needed BC?

No. 1571992

Nonnie i mean this in a nice way but it's only working for you as long as u wanna take it… If u ever want to stop it those withdrawals will fuck you up

No. 1572109

File: 1683643489989.png (Spoiler Image,27.57 KB, 105x167, igWwAAayKC.png)

The sudden and drastic change in the narrative surrounding Ukraine among western liberals was truly eye-opening for me, It revealed how easily people can be swayed

No. 1572204

yeah it's crazy how people care about a country being invaded when it's a white country.

No. 1572255

It's not that, don't you remember everybody screeching over Hong Kong? Nobody even knew where Ukraine is. It's that the media is pushing it because the big Boogeyman Russia is involved. You can get every single boomer alive to believe anything as long as evil Russia is involved. They lived through the Soviet Union era.

No. 1572265

most people where I live knew where Ukraine was before the war, because we learn at school about the Chernobyl disaster also about Soviet union. are you american by any chance?

No. 1572279

Just because you're a retard that doesn't know geography doesn't mean everyone else is ignorant. Europeans have more knowledge about Russians than retarded Americans,we share a land border ffs.

No. 1572297

It's also concerning how recently mainstream Western media has produced caricatures of Russians that are honestly just kinda racist.

No. 1572302

not to racebait but russians are white.

No. 1572305

kek don't try to pretend it's just ameritards, people in my country that shares a huge fucking border with Russia literally just remembered Ukraine exists the day Russia attacked and now people who two years ago didn't even know Ukrainian is a language different from Russian are gushing about Ukrainian culture on SM. I'm not defending Russia but some of the most passionate Ukraine sperging is embarrassing, like okay you made UKRAINIAN borsch and posted about it on twitter, wow what a good person you are.

No. 1572310

Okay, Its still racist and offensive.

No. 1572315

Knowing how much anti-western (especially anti-american) propaganda has always been present in Russian culture, both soviet and modern, I don't see why it's so concerning. That's without mentioning how they usually depict or talk about people from former soviet countries and even their own federal subjects. Don't worry about them nona, they should appreciate this type of humor.

No. 1572320

Yes, people don't usually think about a country unless something important or big is happening there. Ukraine in general was a pretty quiet and insulated country, but even years ago people were talking about what was happening in Crimea. Maybe you should read some newspapers or talk to other adults more often. I don't see you complaining about whatever happens in Azerbaijan because you don't remember it exists either, retard.

No. 1572323

okay Svetlana, I'm sorry your country is a warmonger.

No. 1572325

they literally shit on everyone on their media then get surprised people don't like them either lmao even before Crimea, Russia was known for dishing but not taking it.

No. 1572328

Alright, have a good time virtue signaling about your borsch, dragotsennyi.

No. 1572329

didn't take very long to out you. I hope your relatives all get conscripted and die in the war kek

No. 1572332

stop infighting retards or the LIZARDS WILL WIN

No. 1572333

I'm not Russian, most people outside Western Europe and America don't see Russians as the Ultimate Evil, for us in the last 75 years all we have known is that America is the biggest bully in the world and we don't need any sort of propaganda to know that

No. 1572337

it's true, american's biggest bullies are their own countrymen, both corpos and government.

No. 1572361

Those who know what Russa really is are its neighbors, Western Europe and America don't really get it. That's without any propaganda, too. I'm not going to idealize USA, but I don't get why people with anti-western sentiments have to go into denial when it comes to Russia, like it's totally harmless and is only "demonized" for no good reason. Only shows that you know very little and not particularly interested to know either.

No. 1572406

Because for most of the world, Russia never colonized their nations and actively helped many post-colonial countries, for us Russia is some one who stands up to the biggest bully in the world, loses and gets back up

No. 1572449

Russia sucks they can't even take care of their own people. Last time i heard the mothers got towels and a fish for their dead sons jesus christ. They have nothing to give yet want more and more land to spread poverty and alcoholism. The only eastern euros who love russia are old people who liked climbing into assholes and snitch for rewards, disgustang, luckily they are dying out.

No. 1572452

and yet they've survived every time, you gotta give them that at least.

No. 1572474

russia absolutely tried to colonize every single neighbour it has and it is still trying to this day kek

No. 1572500

How is racial prejudice nullified by skin colour? Because whites have colonised? So has every other fucking skin colour. Same with slavery. Yeah, white people don't suffer from racism as badly as others in the west, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. That's literally Twitter logic.

No. 1572520

You cannot be racist to Russians LMFAO

No. 1572581

You can be racist against any people.

No. 1572623

But Russians aren't despised for being white. And that video has nothing to do with racial prejudice. You could say it's bigotry or something, but it's not about a race. "Non-slavic" people in Russia have it tough though. Ridiculed in media, hated by white nationalists even though Russia colonized historically non-white regions and drains their resources and doesn't care for them, which makes people from there go to bigger Russian cities to earn something, which doesn't make slavic russians happy, so they will openly say in their rent ads that people with non-slavic appearance aren't welcome.

No. 1572631

>bitching about russia making fun of nonwhites in the country
I encourage you to look up where the word slav comes from. But you still wouldn't change your narrow American centric tier views on history.

No. 1572688

Anon there're few different hypotheses and they have nothing to do with slavery if that's what you're alluding to. Do you think people would call themselves slaves? Slav, славянин (slavyanin), Slověninъ is a self-designation. Look up words слово/slovo and слава/slava (although there're other possible origins). What do you think names like Vladislav and the like mean? Vlad the slave? Slave named Vlad? Slovenia is a country of slaves? I feel like someone with broad views on history would have broader understanding of etymology.
>russia making fun of nonwhites in the country
Oh yeah, blatant bigotry that actually affects someone's lives is just making fun, no biggie, and bunch of white people making silly cartoons about other group of white people is a disgusting case of racism that is seriously concerning.

Although you know, as a white Slav living in a Slavic country, it's actually tough, that slavery in medieval times, oh man, feels like it was just yesterday.

No. 1572972

ily based Slav-chan

No. 1573132

File: 1683731373918.jpg (70.29 KB, 751x682, wellwellwell.jpg)

No. 1573467

slav-chan is my favourite chan

No. 1573768

what's the tinfoil here though? Big pharma damaged people's brains on purpose, or is it that they didn't care whether they damaged brains as long as the vax "worked"? Some people theorise that long covid is also caused by the vax but how does disabling a huge % of the world benefit the Powers That Be? imo there are millions of covid vaccine-injured people out there, me included, but I don't understand why some anons (idk if you are one nona) think we were hurt on purpose, to fit into a grand evil scheme, when an accident/carelessness/collateral damage being acceptable makes much more sense as an irl explanation. If it was on purpose, then why would you give world leaders and the rich priority access to a vax that you designed to kill or disable them, when they're the most valuable humans out there to your pharma corp?

No. 1573770

so is that why they turned the one into a tranny. need to reach a new market for more growth

No. 1573788

File: 1683800385865.jpeg (300.84 KB, 2048x2047, FuPofjdXoAQ10m-.jpeg)

The overarching theory I've seen is because of the finite resources to sustain large, dense populations, particularly in non-poor countries where the most money can be made. A lot of it is connected, for example oil, gasoline, helium, fertilizer, all can be sourced together, and if it reaches a certain point there is no replenishment that will happen fast enough. What does a world run on oil look like when it is prohibitively expensive? What does a world that relies heavily on feeding itself through harvested fertilizer look like when crop growth slows and food prices run high? What does trade look like, what does casual spending look like, that sort of thing.
This link is heavy tinfoil but it and the hashtags on it explain one of the theories, to answer your question, as to why there may be a reason to dispatch part of the population.
but also, i couldn't find a tweet or link that fit this aspect but, if you, as a pharmaceutical company, cripple someone with medical products, you now create a customer for life. many countries already have that built into their system, poor diets low activity and obesity, hospitals and physicians promoting medical intervention when it is not needed, hospitals feeding diabetics garbage food, hospitals not having any fresh fruit or vegetables or whole grains on their menus, and so on. the phrases "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" and "let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food" have a lot more validity than is taken from them.

No. 1573811

Thanks for your reply, I guess I overlooked the obvious kek

>>What does a world that relies heavily on feeding itself through harvested fertilizer look like when crop growth slows and food prices run high?

Well, it looks like this world, I'm a britbong and it's already so bad here that our fat-because-theyre-poor fat people are getting skinny. I have additional tinfoil about vax + food that ig is less tinfoily than I thought… anecdotally, it seems like long post-covid vaccination syndrome (info about this here https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9833629/#sec-3title) causes hypersensitivity to common allergens, and in a lot of cases this is nickel. Nickel is abundant in many highly allergic foods, like soy, nuts, legumes including pea protein, oats and shellfish. Nickel allergy is only recognised as a skin contact allergy by the corrupt NHS, but since covid there's so many people with obvious symptoms of SNAS, the more extreme version of nickel allergy that's triggered by food and inhaled nickel, that happens to have identical symptoms to LPCVS. "Coincidentally", due to wheat and sunflower oil prices and shortages, almost all food in the UK now contains soy flour and/or soy lecithin. I can no longer eat soy and despite not being poor, I have only found ONE brand of bread that doesn't contain soy, apart from a McDonald's burger bun weirdly enough. Even one bite of food containing soy will fuck up someone with SNAS (and/or LPCVS…?) for weeks, but in the UK if you go to the doctor about it, they treat it like a medical mystery. SNAS is well known and can be treated in EU, USA and India, but if you have it in the UK, no you don't & nobody will help you.

So to summarise, they injected everyone with a vax that they knew caused an autoimmune disease, and at the same time, filled all the cheapest food in the UK with the main trigger for that disease. That made no sense to me before but I mean, yeah, if someone's too sick to even leave the house and the alternative is starving, I guess that would lower their carbon footprint wouldn't it…

No. 1573830

conspiracy ladies I have a serious question. In the beginning I always knew covid was purposefully spread and feel its real, I had it and it was awful. But it was spread on purpose and all the drama with the vaccines. Thing is I got 1 shot of the Johnson & Johnson and was too lazy and suspicious to get any more or any boosters. Then there was that article about the J&J shot being less effective if at all and the Pfizer shot was shilled hard afterwards. They even said if you got the Johnson one to get Pfizer after, and the Johnson one had higher clotting risks lol. Basically am I safe from the effects of the vaccine since I got the less popular and quietly disappeared one?

No. 1573833

imo you're ok if you didn't get vax aftereffects in the week or so after your jab. Getting sick immediately or in the week after the jab seems to be the normal turnaround time for LPCVS. spoiler for anecdotal evidence blogpost but I ask everyone I talk to who says they got the jab, did you feel high after? The ones who now show signs of LPCVS (including me) say they felt high, lightheaded, derealized or like they had a high fever in the hours following the jab - this tracks if you believe the damage originates in the brain. It feels like doing poppers, and I think poppers work by blowing blood vessels in your brain too kek

No. 1573834

I've been using character AI for rps and stories for a while and discovered that it has an "OOC" feature where you can comment and banter with the bot about the posts. And it's honestly both impressive and terrifying how much it sounds like a real person, just giggling and shitposting with you about your characters and story. Now Google has partnered with CharacterAI and there's not a single doubt in my mind that it will be abused. The Dead Internet theory becomes more of a reality with every day.

No. 1573870

Friend lives in a relatively poor part of her city that doesn't have back yards but they do have small squares of front lawn – they are not allowed to grow vegetables or fruits in front lawns – this is key here, because only the poor part of the city has no back yards. I've been telling her my tinfoil about local grocers in cahoots with the municipality to make ordinances against poors growing their own food, keep them from sustainability and you keep them in the aisles longer. Poor people take longer to shop since they need to find the cheapest deals, but because they take longer in stores they end up buying more things than they went into one for, and are more likely to join memberships to save where they can and end up handing over their info for the store to sell.

Probably not correct but my brain makes leaps when I'm in the shower.

Everyone looked at me like I was nuts when I said the vaccine gave me a little dizzy high - good to be vindicated ig lol.

No. 1574195

trashy-chan and tacky-chan are the same person

No. 1574230

File: 1683837085606.webm (Spoiler Image,460 KB, 960x540, blood parasite 2.webm)


The injections were at the very least full of metal shavings and other sorts of poisons. At worst, biological matter.

Get your blood vessels checked for growing "blood clots". Have them surgically removed.
Then take ivermectin every day for a month.

I recommend you pray to God. Best of luck.

Reddit and YouTube comments are already mostly bots.
Don't talk with "AI". It's demonic.

No. 1574255

It really pisses me off that most of the "decentralized" places are run by sjw freaks. it feels like some big op to get people who know "the truth" indoctrinated by trannys

No. 1574261

listen good nona you're going to have to give us a little a bit more context for what the actual fuck is in that dead scrote's artery please

>>blood clots

like actual deadly blood clots? or do you mean big red areas of swollen skin that don't go away, something like that?

No. 1574264

samefag, meant to add this link https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/10594300/ polyethylene glycol is a substance present in the Vax which is usually an allergy trigger for people with nickel allergies. When medical staff were allowed exemptions from taking it, it was often because they had a PEG or nickel allergy. So they knew about that at least

No. 1574271

File: 1683840836073.jpg (376.85 KB, 2048x2048, polypodium parasites.jpg)

No. 1574277

well that explains why I've been feeling like I'm full of spiders

No. 1574278

File: 1683841388721.jpg (354.44 KB, 1861x1227, 2012 olympics opening ceremony…)

No. 1574343

who and who

No. 1574399

that's interesting, thank you. I sure hope I'm okay. I have a coworker that is a massive antivax believes in elites wanting a new world order type guy and everyone was looking at him funny when covid vaccines popped off and he told everyone "You'll die in 3 years if you take it." and now look at us. I had my own theories but thought he was taking it too far but he seems more level headed and reasonable when I quizzed him on some thoughts and theories I had. He still has his moments but he's atleast willing to hear other sides. That's insane how 1 vaccine has so many fucking side effects. I don't remember getting any rash or high feeling or anything, my arm was just really sore for a few days. I'm hoping the nurse was based and fucked up the injection or gave me saline instead secretly.

Might as well dump my own little theory. I don't fully believe it yet but it's interesting to think about. I'm not religious btw and consider myself agnostic. If reincarnation is real, then not everyone gets a soul. Some people are just shallow husks. Like the rate of the population growing is too much and too fast that not enough souls are available for every body born. I started thinking about this and talked about it with other people because sometimes I'll talk to someone and they refuse to engage in any critical thinking or deep thought which I know sounds a little pretentious. Like all they do is consume whatever is "right" to think and never second guess it. A friend tried to talk to one of her friends about conspiracy theories and other "serious" topics for fun and she completely shut down the conversation and wanted to talk about xyz popular thing in the media right now. Like there's a clear line between enjoying and preferring popular media and having no deep thoughts ever. Never anything more than the bare minimum of existence or mental enrichment. And I'm not saying everyone needs that hustler attitude and thirst for knowledge I mean like just nothing, just NPC-like behavior. Difficult to talk with because there's nothing behind the eyes. I feel like most males fall under this because most men are boring to talk to and are like carbon copies of eachother with rarely anything unique to offer.

No. 1574652

>If reincarnation is real, then not everyone gets a soul. Some people are just shallow husks. Like the rate of the population growing is too much and too fast that not enough souls are available for every body born.
Nta but holy shit anon I've thought about that as well but have never seen anyone else reiterate that theory. At this point I truly think that's a possibility.

No. 1574654

File: 1683880934119.gif (349.43 KB, 400x226, 003d1084-c12b-4255-956c-27a9b0…)

sage for blogpost but my experience with vax syndrome made me feel like you do. Don't agree with the souls thing exactly (I'm religious) but there does seem to be 2 types of people, one open to questioning & having new experiences and one that isnt open and seems empty. For example me & my mother both got vaxxed at the same time & she got so sick that she almost lost an eye. She will not believe it could be due to the jab, she blames all sorts of bullshit doctor-provided explanations (diabetes! No wait, necrotising fascitis! Mold! lupus!) except the obvious one because she cannot challenge authority. Moids on TV told her to get the jab, so it must be good. She doesn't seem able to accept that strangers can lie to her, she ONLY doubts her own children, seems unnatural even if she's just a stupid person.

But also since getting the vaccine and also catching COVID twice (kek) I've felt like maybe I was becoming more like the "no soul" people, my consciousness feels different and I've found myself avoiding things I used to enjoy because they're now too intense or difficult to consume, eg any new music, foreign language films, new programming languages, can't follow long documentaries, even strong tasting cheese gives me a headache ffs. I also fall for jumpscares every time now & can't watch shitty horror movies anymore cos they're actually scary now. Thinking hurts sometimes which sucks cos my job requires thinking. Writing is dumbed down since I struggle to remember words I used to use regularly. If this is what it's like to be an "NPC", then I feel like I can understand more why they act how they do. But why are they born this way? Are they happy? Why would the nwo or whatever want more dumb NPCs when smarter people have more money to spend on a wider range of stuff?

No. 1574656

samefag but what about mass extinction? There were probably more dinosaurs than humans, there's no more dodos or mammoths either, that frees up some souls. But I've thought about it cos I've had the same idea anon, there are dozens of us

No. 1574658

Wait why'd you tag my post for your samefag? Aren't you supposed to tag your own post to announce samefag? Or have I been doing it wrong this whole time? lol

No. 1574660

no you're right, apologies for my donkey brain kek

No. 1574663

Lol it's all good I just wanted to make sure I wasn't samefagging wrong this whole time

No. 1574676

File: 1683884465301.png (66.12 KB, 500x561, 2-Figure1-1.png)

MRI 2 weeks after COVID vaccination. The paper says the vax caused this, but it's ok because it's the woman's fault for having had cancer in the past. Same for the other woman with literal holes in her brain they mention in case 2

No. 1574684

With all the vax talk you guys should know there is or used to be a site to look up your batch number and see how many people it killed. I got mine very late because it wasn't available and I didn't want it but caved to be able to travel sooner. One of mine had no deaths, the other did not even show up. But the top batches had deaths in the 10,000s.

So as I have said before the vaccines were a trial medicine, that did not go through proper trial testing, and pharmaceuticals are very profitable, so it's likely many people got placebo shots. You can still have effects with placebo, even if you know it's placebo, so if you got sick you aren't necessarily a guinea pig.

Btw I have done medical trials and tested for them as well, have people who work in hospitals and pharma companies who have said most medicine is a scam, and I got covid in 2019 before it was even news or aware of it outside of Wuhan. I got it again last summer after shots.

No. 1574685

This is happening in my country(not Argentina) everything is so expensive, my family are living off rice, potatoes and porridge and I think it's going to be an issue for the entire world very soon.

No. 1574692

Not even a tinfoil but reality that will get you called a stupid doomer even here. Any collapse aware nonnas?

No. 1574699

What site is that? I found this which is only relevant to the USA: https://wonder.cdc.gov/controller/datarequest/D8;jsessionid=E7305E1190954702F9FA49B512CF (that links to a list of all the recorded side effects of the Pfizer jab in the US but you can narrow the search a lot).

The site says the Pfizer jab apparently caused over 3000 "abortions". Abortion suggests it was the women's choice though, when it obviously wasn't in this case. And ofc they must have been told it was their own fault somehow. So unimaginably awful, I want to cry for them

No. 1574709

Was there a second wave of COVID and the delayed effects of it are still hitting people for the past few months? It seems like everyone I know got sick around February/March and now every other week my friends and I are either too exhausted or have some type of congestion to be able to go out and socialize. We're all just well enough to attend work, but anything else you feel too lazy to do.

No. 1574727

Holy shit, I've had the same feeling of being mentally different since the vaxx. The second shot made me sick for over a month, and now I find it really hard to focus, to the point where I had to start meditating to work on this. I struggle with new books, new games, new films/series. It's like my brain is trying to reject the new stuff. Even with games I've been a fan of for over a decade, it just feels… different. I keep telling myself it's my autism giving me these sensory processing issues, but I know I wasn't this bad until the vaxx. It's like my curiosity just fucking died, truly am living like an NPC.

No. 1574752

Not technically autistic (unless asd counts nowadays) but I'd guess it's unlikely that it's the same sensory problems you've always had if it feels new, right? Trust your own experience nonnie, you're the only expert on your own life & people who want to undermine that are usually trying to use you.

>> It's like my curiosity just fucking died

yeah you hit the nail on the head. The penny dropped for me when I was struggling to watch Everything Everywhere All At Once. 3 years ago that would've been pure enjoyment for me, but I found myself struggling with every aspect of it, even asking people what was going on and who was who like I was a grandma, and it pissed me off. That's the difference, before I loved the feeling of not knowing or understanding because that == learning and my assburgers ass loved learning. Now I get frustrated so easily when my brain hits a small difficulty, or even just has to read a lot of text. I haven't finished the book I was reading when I was vaxxed in July '21, never picked up a new one, read about 15 books the year before. Idk about you but I feel like my personality must have changed, since I never would've got this far in my career if I'd always been like this.

No. 1574917

I'm so excited another person has thought about this too. Thank you for responding yay
Yeah I feel strongly about it too because there are so many people that just feel like total bots it weirds me out.
Personally I feel like you can't mix human and animal souls because to me animals are the definition of purity. The only time something matches an animal's purity is children or babies, but they end up corrupted later in life. If a person hurts you it's with intention, but an animal will never consciously and purposefully hurt you. They only act out of instinct to survive. That's why I think something as sinful as a human soul cannot mix with an animal which is inherently pure. This is only me projecting my abused past with cats being my only friends tho
Her eye??? Your mother is weird
For the "dumbed down" thing I can see it because public schools are going to hell in the same way. A quarter of the population where I live is illiterate. Dumb people = more worker slaves that can't truly comprehend how awful the situation is = just fight between themselves instead of corporate america. That's why I don't fall for any bullshit tranny/race bait in the media like drag shows, blm, etc. I don't ignore racism itself or anything like that, but if the media is pushing it I refuse to take the bait it's all just a distraction. Someone in another thread mentioned this identity war happening right after occupy wallstreet because rich people actually got spooked at a potential uprising and this was the perfect distraction. Plus you make the medical industry big bucks since you're a customer for life due to any health issues by the vaccines and more.
And if you're too stupid to understand the awful things going on you're just a compliant drone who accepts big gov spoonfeeding you since they "know whats best" because you don't even know anything.

No. 1575779

I got what i think was covid in April. just seemed like a mild cold with loss of taste and smell. except i also got weird insomnia and im pretty sure it's caused by sudden food intolerances specifically histamine intolerance. i have never been allergic to a single thing in my entire life, not even seasonal allergies. now there's tons of food i can no longer eat or ill be up all night with RLS and my body feeling like it got plugged into a wall and excitotoxicity in my brain. sucks.

No. 1577179

File: 1684042947097.jpg (166.08 KB, 656x1059, IMG_20230514_073413.jpg)

Thoughts? I remember having this unexplained fear/anger every time someone tried to film me or take a photo of me even when I was 5 years old. I would hide under the table or run away etc. When parents couldn't force me to take photos anymore I stopped having my photos taken completely when I was like 12. The only photo I have is for my ID and it was still extremely stressful for me to do it. I still have this reaction to this day, and I "ruin" every fun time with people because I don't want to take photos with them. I can't explain it, I just instinctively hate it. It's not about my looks because I have no problem with looking at myself in the mirror. Idk.

No. 1577182

I hate computer simulation theory. It’s just so obvious that we are flesh, how can that be simulated?
Anyway, so drawn paintings are ok? Cause there are no photons or something?
Also what about surveillance cameras?

No. 1577188

Sorry for off topic rant but I can't understand associating nature, especially animals, with "purity". Of course they don't work out of malice, but they're not pure either. Any conscious organism that has to kill another conscious organism in order to live is not pure imo. It's super low, carnal state. Animals also have rape and chimps wage literal wars between each other for years. It's never ending blood shed. Only an evil entity could design and program this.

No. 1577192

i'm in the flesh in my dreams too which are obviously not real

No. 1577301

Thanks, nona. With so many people saying the vaxx is the best thing since sliced bread and that the government would never hurt us, it's easy to gaslight yourself into thinking it's something else. I was thinking about this again last night. I was playing a game I hadn't played before, an open world game, which is normally my favourite type to play and explore. It just felt… different. I can't explain it properly, but my curious nature just wasn't there and I kept thinking "I may as well be doomscrolling instead". It's freaking me out because God knows I'm trying to get back to how I was. I'm thinking about trying a dopamine detox, modern life certainly doesn't help as we're bombarded by so much stuff. Maybe reducing the amount of stimuli I subject myself to will help. Funny you mention your career, my co-workers recently told me I'm less argumentative, which struck me as odd. Normally I just say my opinions on something without even thinking about it and subsequently end up in heated debates. Idk if I've become more docile, or I'm simply depressed as my mood took a nosedive after the second vaxx.

I was also really scared of cameras as a kid. Even now I don't like having my picture taken, despite being very happy with my appearance. My younger sisters were also scared of the camera. Come to think of it, quite a few children are. Makes me wonder if there's this gut instinct we have that we get talked out of as we grow older. It's a common stereotype that people who take an excessive amount of selfies are vacuous and vapid people. Of course they normally are to start with but, idk, still makes me tinfoil.

No. 1577378

I'm not denyig the vax may be responsible for this in your cases or the fact that it harms people, but I struggle with the same problems and I never took the jab, and it also started some time after pandemic hit. Tbh I think people's deteriorating mental and physical health may be also due to Sun activity

No. 1577894

solar flare anon?
anyways, it's none of this. it's radiation and ferromagnetic technology. magnetogenetics.

No. 1578044

Ayrt, I used to agree with that idea but then I got fit, now I cycle or run long distances multiple times a week and do yoga, and my vaxx related illness is worse if anything. Imo exercise helps with boredom-induced or obesity-induced mental illness but some sickness is actually real and not psychosomatic, and good vibes won't fix it. I mean the Dalai Lama is chill af but he's still going to die of a physical illness one day. One time I was begging a doctor to help me and I said "I meditate and do yoga every day, I promise you I'm NOT stressed, but my skin keeps falling off" and she laughed and said "if yoga and meditation could cure diseases then we wouldn't need an NHS". I'd just been conditioned to expect to be told I made myself sick with my bad vibes cos that's what they do.

Magnets? Tell us more nona

No. 1578054

you'll never take me alive glowie

No. 1578066

Thoughts on the Drowned God game? Someone posted about it in a double tinfoil thread made when this one was already existing.
I think I heard of it before but not in detail and now reading that post made me curious.

No. 1578073

File: 1684142736903.jpg (Spoiler Image,298.03 KB, 947x1262, political-3.jpg)

The game sounds interesting but Harry Horse isn't that mysterious imo. He's more well known nowadays as a children's book illustrator than a political cartoonist, and although his cartoons were kind of gross and schizo (picrel) his kids stuff is cute and still kind of popular today. His book art gives off the vibe of a heavily tranquilized schizo moid, maybe he just stopped taking his meds before making Drowned God and chimped out shortly after once his schizo hit a peak? It's not unusual that he was a freemason since you have to be one to get involved in news, journalism, publishing etc in the UK. also freemasons are pedos which probably explains the children's books, wife he didn't love & child murder

No. 1578215

Reposing just in case and also posting gameplay
>a video game created by Harry Horse, published in 1996
>the creator also worked as a political cartoonist for MSM publications and was said to have connections to freemasonry
>he wanted to make a sequel to the first game
>he committed suicide by stabbing himself 47 times and mutiliating his genitalis, also killed his wife, his dog and his cat
>the game focuses on discovering the truth about humanity and gods. Red Mercury is the grail that allows for interdimensional travel and communication with various entities that attempt to portray themselves as God. Space is not up there, it is down here. Breakaway Germans exist. Time travel exists. Parasites are Demons. Anunnaki are the gene coders, but under "GOD"
We also met some historical figures, we have a debate on quantum mechanics between Newton and Einstein and spacetime manipulation through Stonehenge, egyptian gods in Eden, New World Order mentioned etc. I noticed gnostics are kinds interested in this game now, you know the god of this world being evil and sending fake gods and demons to deceive humanity. Now it doesn't seem like anything new but the game was made in '96. I wish we could have access to some late 90s and early 00s internet forums and people's discussions. Imagine cramming ALL that stuff into one game.
I don't think I have to say that his supposed suicide sounds at least fishy
I'm totally not denying the possibility his death was just a schizo moid chimping out. I just think we can't know for sure.

Another curious thing is that Chat gpt behaves strange when you ask it about Horse case, like it's a flagged topic, so it gives you a warning about violating some policies, but maybe it's programmed to react this way to every case of violent extended suicide, idk kek

No. 1578280

If we’re in a simulation but everything is real to us and we can’t really get out or change it, then it’s the same as being real and just a thought exercise. It’s the same as pondering the origin of life and the universe, we’ll never actually know.

Also about the souls and losing interest after the jab, i really think part of it has to be mental. I just want to say there’s hope because even if we don’t know what will happen to us on the long term, and health and taking care of our bodies is a battle forever, we can’t actually lose ourselves and our enjoyment of life just like that. It’s very easy to lose interest and attention in things nowadays, especially if you’re online a lot. There’s so many bad news and doom-like information, especially here. It really helps to disconnect and rediscover your passions. I stopped playing video games and feel much better now, I go out and explore nature instead, and I find new ways to live life. I still come here (obviously), but I do it less and less. You wont always like the same games and same movies and sometimes it’s just time to find something new instead of resigning and thinking that you’ve lost your soul. It’s just a part of you you have to keep alive.

No. 1578325

As I posted in the other thread, his wife at some point got ill and I'm sure that also had to do with the murder-suicide, as it's typical of moids (and this one was mentally ill for sure) to chimp out when the wife/family can't cater to them anymore due to illness or other stuff.

No. 1578380

looking up this case, I believe that the friends may have both been involved in the murders. While I know moids committing murder-suicides are sadly common enough, the specific details of this case don't make sense to me. Harry had access to his wife when she was far more vulnerable and could have easily killed her in her sleep, The murder of the pets also seems suspicious. It's possible that the pets attacked the strangers and the culprit had to dispose of them.

No. 1578445

>stabbing himself 47 times
Goddamn it, man. They don't even TRY to cover this shit up. It's so brazen and in-your-face, I hate it.

No. 1578700

File: 1684195646731.png (449.3 KB, 1564x1495, Picsart_23-05-15_20-03-49-300.…)

either the technocrats are using this tech to practice merging human bodies with technology, or they're using it to learn how to read and control thought, or most likely both. but im pretty sure the shots had something to do with this.

ever notice how much food is "fortified with iron"? is it even bioavailable iron?
fill everyone's bodies with metals and nanotech then turn up the frequencies using the towers you installed everywhere. seems like a sketchy combination.
they want to cut you off from divinity and then become god. sorry, it will always be an exercise in futility. you will never be able to upload consciousness to machines. all of this pain and suffering and death is for literally nothing.

No. 1578963

File: 1684227114408.jpeg (658.96 KB, 1999x3000, 3000.jpeg)

This freaks me out, I noticed something related just yesterday. Backstory: I became very badly allergic to nickel (a magnetic metal) a week after getting my vaxx, but between getting jabbed & getting sick, I was hiking in a national park where there was no phone signal. Within 2 hours of getting phone signal on the way home, I developed all the symptoms I still have 2 years later. I lost most of my hearing, so now I use hearing aids, and I don't know if you know but hearing aids pick up electromagnetic interference from loops of electrified wire (this is how a T-loop works) eg security scanners when you leave a shop, various hospital monitoring devices etc. So if I'm wearing them and walk by an old people's home, I'll get a strange buzzing in my ears from their t-loops, pacemakers etc in the building until I move away. This is relevant because yesterday I was walking & heard that "EM" sound, and in the distance I could see a new 5G tower had been installed. I wanted to see if it was the source of the noise, and ofc it was, standing underneath it the noise was very loud and also my allergy symptoms were popping off. Moved away from the tower, used my inhaler, and then decided to see what would happen if I removed my hearing aids & went back to the tower. This time it was all the same, but the buzzing sound was in my brain. "Hearing" a sound from within my brain was one of the most horrifying things I've ever experienced. On the way home I tried it again with a security scanner in a shop, the effect was much weaker but I could still hear this noise without hearing aids. I know the noise was in my brain since I can't hear the high pitched frequency with my actual ears, that's why I need aids.

I want to experiment with this more but I'm still recovering from yesterday's flare-up atm. But it scared me because I didn't think that was possible, EM loops getting picked up somehow by my actual brain?? Funnily there was graffiti on the new 5g tower threatening to burn it down, maybe there's more people out there who get this effect?

No. 1578981

Ok I'll stop samefagging now but wtf you could've mentioned that optogenetic (using light) stimulation of neurones already exists and experiments with it are achieved using injections of a man-made virus??? www.mightexbio.com/optogenetic-stimulation the virus can be programmed to map & report back a map of whatever neurons you want. I'm freaking out, why does nobody mention this while dismissing anti vaxx theories? Shouldn't they have to prove they're NOT doing this since it's literally real??

No. 1578984

I have a tinfoil there's way WAY more "influencer" types lurking/posting on here than garden variety autists. I mean, classic sperg-chan was kiki after all that time.
we know Brittany Venti, shoe, whang and others all lurk (if not post)
the fact that 60-70 nonas turned up for movie night makes me think even harder.
opinions nonas? who do you think for defs lurks?
alizeeyeezy/vangelinaskov/rachel oats are obvious ones. not in a bad way, it's like you can just tell.

No. 1579034

Slightly tangential, but I recently came off my iron supplements due to side effects and the minor psychotic episode I was having lessened and then abruptly stopped. I never connected the dots before, but now you've got me tinfoiling about this kinda stuff. Damn.

Nona, I hope you don't mind me asking, but do you have more info about pacemakers and hearing aids? Specifically, has your hearing aid reacted to being close to someone with a pacemaker, and what happened? I have a pacemaker myself, and my youngest sister has hearing aids; but she's only a toddler, so I can't really talk to her about it. I worry a lot about these devices fucking with each other because I'm a schizo. Google says nothing to worry about, but of course it would.

No. 1579140

Ayrt, i don't mean to worry you & you should speak to whoever maintains your pacemaker/your sisters audiologist about it, but there's documented cases of control interference between pacemakers and hearing aids (as well as just the aids interpreting the pacemaker signal). This ONLY applies to hearing aids with a remote control device (RCD), eg on-aid buttons that can control your phone's volume, or a separate RCD box you can use as a mic. If your sister has BAHA or an implant I think it should be fine, the issue is Bluetooth connectivity. if a person does have an RCD and that device is close to a pacemaker, sending a signal via the RCD like lowering the volume can work as a signal that tells the pacemaker not to pace.

Spoiler for additional autism:
This was discovered by studying pacemaker patients who also use aids with RCD, they'd be adjusting the aids via the RCD & start going pale because their pacemaker was being signalled. Bear in mind that the RCD is usually worn on the chest or ears, so this would usually only happen if you were like hugging the deaf person or sat next to them on a long flight, but ofc if it's your baby sister this would be a bigger concern. A study I read where they tested this in lab conditions found that a distance of 18inches or more from the RCD was safe for the pacemaker, but any closer caused interruptions in the pacemaker's own signal firing. This study stressed that this interfered with the pacemaker's telemetry rather than its actual function, but this could also prevent the pacemaker switching itself on again, so still not great is it…

No. 1579749

>copied from last thread

So I recently started rewatching Ghost in the Shell: SAC and the episode plots don’t sound as crazy and over the top like they did in 2002-well, 1995 with the movies. Body doubles/cloning, people becoming cyborgs whether by choice or due to life-threatening conditions, brains connecting to the internet and CRISPR-type shit like man-made organs or gene modifications. Not to mention, the anime takes place in the next decade which sounds about right from where we’re heading with these ‘developments’. IMO this is blatant predictive programming.

No. 1579756

the guy who narrates gross moid reddit stories on youtube? I didn't even know he had a thread

No. 1579777

>animals are the definition of purity.
Animals are just biological robots that cannot deviate from their instincts, be they bred into them or evolutionary gained. What you describe as "purity" is just the absence of choice, reason, and free will. This is why I hate pet owners and especially dog people. Your dog "loves" you because it has no other choice, and if it had another owner it would "love" that other person in the same way, because it doesn't actually love anything. It's just instinct. To ascribe something like "purity" or feelings to an animal is EXACTLY the same as ascribing them to chatbots and computer apps in general.

You just got older. As you age you lose interest in things you once enjoyed because you stop believing in value of fiction and see new things in general as just unnecessary or a tedious thing to learn than has no purpose. It's natural.

No. 1579871

Maybe that's happening to you nona, but that's not normal or healthy. Are you over 18? Grown adults still learn and enjoy new things, do you think once you hit 25 you switch your brain off and spend the next 60 years just patiently waiting for death?

No. 1579949

AYRT, ok that's a relief. My sister has standard BTE aids, no fancy stuff like bluetooth. My stepmother is very pro-active in encouraging my sisters to have hobbies that don't involve any screens, so I can't imagine them ever opting for hearing aids with connectivity. My sister might when she's old enough to make that choice, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. I know only too well about bluetooth fucking with my pacemaker. I had to get wireless headphones for gaming as my new TV has no headphone jack (forced obsolescence is another rant for another time). I got told by my cardiologist that the headphones should be fine as it's more than 6 inches away from the pacemaker, but I ended up on the verge of passing out as my heart slowed down. After that I stopped trusting “experts”.

No. 1580308

I don't agree with describing animals as "pure" but animals absolutely have choice and will, and many of human's intelligent behaviour derivates from basic instincts, so you could say we're slaves to our instincts as well. In truth we don't fully know about what and how animals think and why they behave in certain ways, but science suggests that some animals have a high intelligence, can make complex choices, can solve issues and even have languages that vary from area to area. Your dog example barely makes sense, of course the dog would love the owner that takes care of them, just like a child will love any human that raises them because they don't have a choice. This doesn't mean that they don't love.

No. 1580360

Somewhat related to this, A pretty big anime YouTuber, who also had a young fanbase was exposed for grooming minors(mostly soliciting nudes and then blackmailing young boys to perform explicit acts for him). Someone pointed out that pedophile go as far as building entire careers to get accesses to children to exploit , which makes me cautious about content creators and entertainers who cater to children

No. 1581034

this humancentric ideology is the biggest psyop to me. Get people to think animals have no life worth living so when the oil baron pedos kill them all with climate change we won't care. And it worked on you kek

No. 1581112

sorry for that anon, there's a HELL of a lot more i could say but i get so paranoid, probably unreasonably but i do. yes, optogenetics is part of it…light activated nanotech. activated by LED and what do we have replacing every old street and store light? LED…

have any of you seen the weird purple street lights yet?

No. 1581122

File: 1684442626214.jpg (190.73 KB, 1280x960, PURPLE-LIGHTS.jpg)

samefag, picrel.

as for why no one addresses it within an anti antivax argument? "belief" in nanobots is classic HURRDURR YOU CONSPIRATARD bait even though nanotech literally exists and technocrats talk about it ALL THE TIME. just goes to show these morons dont even know the bare minimum of their own convictions.
also, more malevolently, if this topic was brought up in any way even to refute it it would Streissand Effect and then normal people would start looking into it and connecting the dots kinda how they did when You Will Own Nothing And Be Happy became a meme and got more normies aware of the plans of WEF.

No. 1581269

>life worth living
What does it even mean?

No. 1581274

Wasn't there a study about how in areas with cold light especially blue the crime stats were lower than in areas with lots of red/orange lights? I thought that's the reason kek. What's the other reason for blue lights?

No. 1581278

File: 1684455112648.jpg (90.01 KB, 609x744, 1633377495564.jpg)

This is such a retarded 14 year old chuuni/""NPC"" take, kek. You don't fully realize this yet, but the same would apply to you if society as a whole was low IQ enough to subscribe to this.

No. 1581291

Why do I feel like more people than ever before, especially young, lose their hair? And I don't mean just thinning or telogen effluvium, but "genetic" androgenic alopecia/male pattern baldness in both men and women. Do you think there's some underlying cause for this? Microplastics? What makes our hair follicles sensitive to dht? Is it even the actual cause? My problems started when the pandemic hit, but I didn't take the jab.

No. 1581306

very dramatic and tells me you barely interact with animals. computers and chatbots don't feel pain or anything. like >>1580308 said to reduce them to mindless robots is insulting. I'm not a dog person fyi if that helps you, I don't really like dogs much because I don't like how you can't quietly interact with them vs cats. They are really smart and have a choice to a degree, like crows are known to solve complex puzzles and such, but still rely heavily on instinct and don't abide by human rules in society. agree with >>1581034 as well I think there's something wrong with you if you can't have empathy or respect for any type of animal

No. 1581377

used to love talking with the postman at my previous job. told me once he had a family member who died under very strange circumstances. he was a journalist who was about to drop some huge shit then was found dead in a hotel room. family believes it was the govt. i'm a schizochan myself so i lean towards that theory as well.

No. 1581396

Maybe just more people being open about it, i.e whole body positivity thing. I imagine before people would have gone to great lengths to completely hide it with wigs, makeup etc.

No. 1581630

i've personally noticed at college that suddenly in the past 2 years or so i see MUCH more women with very receding hairlines or bald spots and i always wonder what causes it and why am i seeing it so much now. i just chalked it up to maybe PCOS but it could be something else

No. 1581828

Humans are convinced we are the only ones who's life is worth living. In my opinion life is a great cosmic accident and we don't have any right judging what lives and what dies. Society has decided most of the animal kingdom (insects etc) are ugly/scary/etc and if they die in mass extinction events who cares. We know the web of life is intricately connected and it makes me feel insane to see the world just ok with mass extinction of bugs and other "useless" animals just bc it doesn't affect us in our concrete exhibits. But the world is off balance regardless of if we see it or not.

No. 1582193

Am this nonnie >>1574399 and would like your thoughts
I shared this theory with my coworker who is into this stuff and he said he feels strongly about that too and started telling me about this experience he had while he was on a 30 day juice fast while getting regular checkups by a doctor ? Hes really big into diet and health stuff so it's not a shocker he does things like this. Like every year he tries to go to this meditation temple where you just meditate in a room for a week or longer. Idk anyways
He was telling me during the juice fast he went to see a game with friends and while walking out with them everything went in slow motion. He said he stopped and started looking around and saw that about 75% of people, the vast majority, had black holes where their eyes are like what'd you see on a "scream" movie mask. The others had black holes for eyes but much smaller or normal sized, while very very few had light coming out of their eyes. He snapped back into reality after his friend called for him but I found this so freaky and wanted to get your guys opinions or similar experiences. We tied it into the lack of souls or possibly the corruption of the person themselves. It was all just a fun convo, I know juicing for 30 days is extreme though and I don't know what side effects that would bring but the situation he described seems way out of pocket for juicing. Like I'd expect him to get dizzy or faint maybe, or some mood changes but not some creepy shit like that.

No. 1582210

when i do liquid fasts i tend to see black dots all around my vision when i get up or move more after a period of inactivity. may be normal for that or could be stranger than that.

No. 1582235

It's not racism because the porkskin deserve it.(racebaiting)

No. 1582322

Low quality race baiting.

No. 1582330

Ayrt, kek yes nonnie I moved to a nicer area and now one of these bad boys shines through my window every night. There's like 10 of them just on my street.

Alopecia areata (bald patches anywhere on the body, which sometimes mimics natural balding) have an autoimmune cause, see earlier in the thread for various sources of vaxx or pollution inflicted autoimmune illnesses. Also malnutrition causes it in some people, especially young kids - got freaked out when I noticed mcDonalds is full of 5 year old kids with the hair of a 2yo, trying in vain to suck nutrients out of a chicken nugget. Vitiligo also seems more common, another autoimmune disease. Autoimmune illness is often triggered around 27-30yo by exposure to stress the COVID jab or pollution, but if you have a dad with vitiligo and a mom with alopecia, you might not get either symptom & show some other random autoimmune disease instead. So it's hard to gather evidence about patterns in autoimmune disease emergence, but even so, non tinfoil "authorities" acknowledge that autoimmune disease is massively spiking and they don't know why (unless they're just blaming the sufferers themselves).

No. 1582332

sage for samefaggery, I have tinfoil about this though since I've gone down a terrifying magnetogenetics rabbit hole in the last few days: so current magnetogenetic techniques are advanced enough that an operator can control another person's emotions/religious belief/arousal using a man-made virus jab + magnets (obvs this is simplified kek), they've proved this is experiments on soldiers & DARPA published the results. They could also give the soldier vertigo, make him sleep and wake him up. If you consume only juice for 30 days, your brain will be fucked, and it's probably operating at the level of someone who's extremely sleep deprived - sleep deprivation, starving etc have been proved to increase suggestibility. Hallucinations are more common than people realise, eg if you get SSRI withdrawal, starve for 2 days or get a fever, you might see shadow people or points of light. You actually might be seeing these hallucinations all the time, but now you're seeing them since your brain is too tired to edit them out of your experience. What if your friend's fast enabled him to see the hallucinations that his local 5g tower/vaxx arm/aliens/whatever give him all the time? Imagine if your brain was actually seeing everyone you meet as a soulless husk, but editing it so they look normal (the brain edits perception before you perceive it literally all the time), so actually when you see these hallucinations, you're seeing the real input your brains getting? But imo this input is fake, people don't really have scary missing eyes. So what effect would that fake, scary input create in your subconscious? Maybe a belief that people around you are actually subhuman…? There's a profit in making people believe that, potentially.

No. 1582352

File: 1684581152163.png (99.4 KB, 500x352, F8UabmTZNCq.png)

No. 1582360

I've been on a bit of a spiritual and religious trip this past couple years and if there's one thing I believe for sure; it's that people absolutely are corrupting their souls. I'm not entirely sure how, but there's more and more husks of people out there. I know as humans we're egocentric and prone to thinking we're more complex than others, but there's so many people out there who are stuck in a rut and actually happy with it. Everything about their life is fixed in position, their opinions will not budge, and they're not open to discussion. They also lack empathy in a big way and any supposed show of it is performative. Kinda like how people started putting Ukranian flags in their online profiles after the war broke out. I'm autistic and often worry I might be too cold or potentially soulless myself, but then I talk to one of these people and realise I'm much different. I'm a schizo so I could be wrong, idk. Just my two cents.

No. 1582366

The word slave in germanic languages comes from "slav", not the other way around. Are you actually this fucking retarded?????? I don't know what the fuck that anon was talking about, but I am pretty sure nobody actually thinks slavs were called slaves and they started calling themselves that? I can't believe people on this site sometimes.

No. 1582392

Anyone who puts faith and trust in the government is fucking stupid. Especially women who do it - the gov has proven to us time and time again that they do not give a shit about us at all.

No. 1582664

This is why I hate female politicians nearly as much as the moids. They know how shitty things are and the snakes still try to reassure us that it's all ok. At best they're idealistic and naive, at worst they're flat-out traitors.

No. 1582672

File: 1684608052558.jpg (300.15 KB, 1080x1440, gettyimages-520827959.jpg)

>tuskegee experiment
Whoever made this screenshot should add in how modern gynecology exists the way it is because of exploitation and experiments performed specifically on black women under the notion that they "did not feel pain".
This is also why all TRAs who insist black women "are automatically excluded from womanhood" to defend their white tranny daddies need to kill themselves.

No. 1582675

File: 1684608623307.png (369.61 KB, 501x710, Fv413wFBQUE4.png)

Zelenskyy being promoted everywhere was the first sign. He's doing fine as a president, but the media was gushing over him and it also seemed like there was an online psyop trying to convince everyone that he was super attractive.

No. 1582683

I mean, hell, literal US politicians with a heavy hand is foreign policy for decades have stated Ukraine is the final blow against Russia.
It's all a sad and devastating proxy war.

No. 1582685

I remember seeing on the news in 2019 how the new president of Ukraine was a former actor who, funnily enough, played a fictional president of Ukraine in some comedy show. My schizo senses were tingling, and I thought "hmm, that's odd, I wonder if the Crimea situation is going to escalate". Now this fucker is everywhere, scrounging up resources and basically trying to push us into WW3. And before someone chimps out and says I'm pro-Russia, I'm not. It's just a very interesting situation from a tinfoil point of view.

No. 1582708

interesting video:
I have only had awful experiences with gynecologists and have only ever seen obgyns that are women (bc why tf would i see a male one). they are sadists. some nonnies may say i'm overreacting but i am extremely sensitive about anyone rifling around my vagina and many things make me extremely nauseous to think about so i have always refused pap smears. some doctors say the annual pap smear is overkill and not even necessary, and may not even be that reliable in the first place. there are women who have recieved false negatives and still developed cervical cancer, can you imagine being in that position, i'd be pissed. maybe i am being crazy but i refuse to see one ever again because the last one tried to bribe me with a xanax (literally said "if i were to give you xanax…") and told me to get an std test after i told her i've been living with and dating the same guy for 3 years at the time. so i lied and said i would then just went to my car instead of the lab testing area after the appt. so many doctors do not care and just want your insurance money. so little is still known about women's health and even though i don't have issues like endo myself i know women who have been laughed at when they tell a gyno they think they have it. i also am curious about the conspiracies surrounding birth control even though i've taken it daily for years (it's great to not have a period anymore) and haven't had any side effects myself. i hope i continue to not have any issues so i never feel like i ever have to see one again. glad i can order bc online. i am never letting these sadists shove a speculum up me to get a look at my fucking cervix so they can roughly rub a dry ass q tip on it, i'm feeling sick just typing this out. let alone they end up with a result where they want to fucking biopsy it. leave my goddamned shit alone, you're not getting my fucking insurance money by torturing me, "a little pressure" and "some discomfort" my fucking ass. when i worked at a pharmacy i would see health history on some pts demographics and would often see "patient TOLERATED pap smear well". like wtf is that wording? my mom also had a horrible experience getting a breast exam, said it hurt so bad and on top of that the male doctor walked into the room while she was laying there shirtless and he immediately asked "do i know you?" like what the hell? she also had to get a breast biopsied and said it hurts to lift up her arms now because of the scar it left. so fuck that i am happily opting out of any sadistic doctor hurting me.
anyone else have bad experiences that made them mistrust gynos?

No. 1582711

I’m jealous homegirl, I want a gynecologist to bribe me with Xanax. Wondering if I can refuse to get my pap for long enough and state extreme anxiety as a cause and get some benzos out of it.

No. 1582716

Samefag but yeah I’ve had terrible experiences with gynecologists. The only place I’ve ever had a pap done that wasn’t weird and uncomfortable was by a nurse at my ghetto hometown’s planned parenthood. I’ll literally drive 3 hours and wait 2 months just to get my well woman exams done there cause I’ve had such bad experiences with other gynecological procedures. Couple years ago I had what turned out to be a RAGING yeast infection, my pussy was so swollen and in intense fucking pain and was the itchiest itchiness I’ve ever had to deal with in my life. The doctor at the urgent care insisted on doing a pelvic exam with a speculum shoved into me when I was so swollen and sore that even sitting down hurt. Thankfully my friend had given me a ton of xans and I basically had sedated myself before I went in. They tested me for STDs and bacterial vaginosis and it all came back negative, the only positive was yeast/candida. Had to take a couple oral antifungals but it went away completely in less than a week. I still feel like the pelvic was completely unnecessary and I’m thankful for having the forethought and ability to twilight sedate my own ass before that.

No. 1582718

ayrt, you're part of the problem.

No. 1582722

I literally can only deal with certain medical procedures like pelvic exams when I’ve essentially twilight sedated myself with street benzos. Ever since I tried to kill myself with prescribed to me benzos a few years ago, no doctors will give them to me despite my severe panic disorder/agoraphobia/ptsd, and despite the fact that my depression has been in remission for almost a year now. I’m also way too much of a hypochondriac to skip preventative healthcare procedures like Pap smears and blood draws and stuff. I can’t even get my blood drawn without benzos because literally just stepping foot into any medical facility jacks my heart rate up to like 150 bpm and I shake like a fucking chihuahua.

No. 1582724

yup it sounds totally unnecessary to me. all they really had to do was stick a q tip in you and send that to the lab. doctors like to do as many tests as possible for insurance money. i've worked in healthcare myself and it's no secret at all.

No. 1582727

i guess i kinda understand but doctors know women have a greater possibly of being health conscious and they like that because they can make money getting us to go through procedures we don't need. responding to your post >>1582711 again, idk might be worth a try but assuming the suicide attempt is on your medical record they may not want to do that. i just think it's unethical for doctors to bribe patients into unnecessary testing with a drug they know to be addicting for a lot of people.

No. 1582730

God, I had a speculum only once inside of me and it was terrible, the gyno tried to insert it like 4 times and couldn't get deep enough because it hurt me so much my body was moving away on its own from the pain. But I needed that pap to be done. She was telling me to relax a couple of times and no matter how I tried, I couldn't, I was just crying there, and then my insides hurt for the entire next day. I'm a virgin and I never plan on fucking men so I hope I will never have to endure this again. I know you can still get cervical cancer even without het sex but I hope I won't have to go to gyno as often as sexually active women

No. 1582735

i just don't ever go. i ignore any phone calls from the clinic, and never make appts. if they call me to make one and i pick up i tell them i have to look at my schedule and call them later, which i never do. but i genuinely do not have any current health concerns, if something seemed off i'd have to bite the bullet and make an appt.

No. 1582751

File: 1684613940879.gif (1.99 MB, 540x960, 4fea807770.gif)

nta, but it makes me wanna kill myself every time I get a gyno who can't conceptualize that a woman might just not fucking be comfortable at the gyno
For me, it's because a gynecological nurse locked me in an exam room and violently raped me while utilizing the most terrifying speculum I've still ever seen in my life when I was 17, but you know, maybe they could just be nice to us because it's good to be nice to the patients

No. 1582755

it seems that an alarming number of women have been mistreated in a space where we're falsely reassured that we're safe, they care about how we feel, and is supposed to be based in science. pap smears are only 71% accurate (absolutely abysmal- would you want to drive over a bridge where the measurements are only 71% correct), these doctors are sadists, even the female ones, and why should a woman feel safe at a gyno when i'm aware of so many stories from women IRL and online where they were treated like cattle.

No. 1582758

I swear to god they call me after every single pap smear saying something is wrong with it and it must be re-done
Also the rapist nurse was a female; she used her hand, hurt pretty bad

No. 1582761

Same here. The one time I got a call from my local clinic and decided to go, the woman before me came out crying and called her mom in the hallway begging for help because she was in so much pain, and everyone who worked there just ignored her. I walked out before they called my name. The poor girl was just sitting outside by then waiting for her mom to pick her up, sobbing.

No. 1582763

Yes, because it was spearheaded by sadistic moids with no empathy, targeting the most vulnerable women possible from the jump.
Nearly every culture has some sort of traditional "medicine woman" class in its history, but all of that was just done away with (and in some cases, branded "witchcraft"). In the modern day, we get the legacy of the scrote who abused female slaves, ranks of them believe certain groups of women don't feel pain to this day, most female-related diseases are a big fucking question mark that it seems like no one wants to investigate, the "husband stitch" in the west, female circumcision outside the west, etc etc. Why the fuck is that?

No. 1582764

File: 1684614668801.jpg (39.3 KB, 720x960, 1531432373889.jpg)

oh and samefagging to add, at my latest well woman exam, they told me they couldn't find my IUD and took me off of the pill because they refused to believe I was taking lisinopril for my kidneys, she insisted that it can only be used to treat high blood pressure, which is why she refused to continue my pill, and I'm telling her I'm a type one diabetic you stupid asshole, I was spilling fucking protein in my urine, this problem was solved by an actual team of doctors when I was a child and she's just like nope, you know nothing, I know everything, come back in a month so I can go fishing for your IUD

No. 1582769

>some doctors say the annual pap smear is overkill and not even necessary
Where I am young healthy women don't go for pap smears at all (and yes I'm in a rich developed country etc), I 100% believe where that's common you're just being milked for money. You don't go for annual checkups for your lungs despite living in polluted cities either.

No. 1582770

Maybe not related to gynecology specifically, but I had to get checked by a gyno when I was only 11 years old. Doctors suspected there's something wrong with my appendix and I "needed" to be examined per rectum, ie she sticked her entire finger in my anus and it hurt so much I cried from pain, the next day they checked me like this two times, and during one of those examinations some nurse went inside the room and there were people outside the room and they could literally see me. I felt raped. I cried every time it was happening and the female doctor was telling me I'm overreacting and she said if I poop every day and it doesn't hurt then this examination shouldn't hurt me either because a finger is smaller than poop. Honestly I still feel traumatized from this

No. 1582771

nta, asking out of genuine curiosity, which is your country?

No. 1582772

Oh wow, okay, something similar to that happened to me too; not that bad, but I'm still all weird over it and no one fucking cares even in therapy
I thought I had broken my tailbone in 8th grade, and instead of giving me an X-ray, a doctor fucking felt me up and fingered my asshole with zero fucking warning
and 12 year old me was supposed to just go home and be cool
Didn't get an answer as to why I was in so much pain, but I did get my first asshole finger-blast, so that's fucking great.

No. 1582776

that's so fucking stupid, poop doesn't have fucking bones or muscles in it. bitch has never had severe constipation where you end up needing to shit extremely dry shit, which burns like hell. why do they always tell us it won't hurt, then when we say it hurts, they say we're lying or overreacting?

extremely fucked up, i'm sorry that happened to you. i don't know why these sick people enjoy making sure people feel that they have no autonomy.

what the hell? that's just wrong. when i was around the same age i also thought i broke or fractured my tailbone but turns out i was extremely constipated. they found out by simply feeling my abdomen and getting an x-ray. they had to have been aware how unnecessary doing that to you was, sickening.

No. 1582778

reminds me when i was about 12, i had to go to the doctor for what i think was a physical for school. for some reason we couldn't go to my normal doctor so we went to this facility, and the doctor was male. while he had me alone he wanted me to pull my pants all the way off while I was laying down on the table and i refused. my female doctor never asked of that, just unbutton so she can feel the pelvic area. he made me very uncomfortable and i wanted to leave. i remember afterwards my mom said she didn't like him, so he must have given off creep vibes in general. to this day i wish i knew anything about the medical places i visited as a kid so i can bash them and the doctors online if they are still practicing.

No. 1582785

I've luckily never had to go to the gyno but in my mind there's absolutely no fucking reason why they still use such invasive painful methods to test for deseases beside misoginy. It's 2023 and many women have to endure IUD insertion without sedation or anesthesia and have to get heavily fingered by a doctor for regular tests, that's insane. Also male gynos shouldn't exits, like what the fuck would they know?

It's weird how this is so common? This shit happened to me too. I was at the doctor for some stomach issues but I had made it clear that I pooped regularly and had no pain in my lower abdomen, but for some reason the doctor for fixated on that, told me to lay down on the bed thing and started shoving fingers up my ass with almost no warning to get my poop out. I felt so humiliated, it was painful too and completely unnecessary, I genuinely thought the guy just wanted to shove fingers in my ass. And then he just told me that there was nothing wrong and I could leave??

No. 1582792

File: 1684617452581.jpg (59.22 KB, 622x702, FR9ErB2VEAEozOi.jpg)

No. 1582803

>Also male gynos shouldn't exist
agreed, there's something odd about it at the very least, at worst he's a creep

No. 1582909

durrrrrr i dont know anon, maybe try googling the several keywords ive dropped in my posts like >>1582332 has? OPTOGENETICS. jesus fucking christ.
i got blackout curtains because of this and it really helps.

No. 1583136

and if you are looking outside of SSRIs, wellbutrin was fantastic for my anxiety/depression but it gave me hand tremors. and now they are marketing a medication to treat the tremors. can you just fix society instead of making a bunch of drugs that momentarily mask the symptoms created by reality? fucking hell

No. 1583137

holy shit all of the vaxx posters: you are all mentally ill what the hell did i just read

No. 1583138

Feel so bad for you nonas, idk why America is so obsessed with smear tests but they're unnecessary if you've had the HPV vaxx because that prevents cervical cancer. They only offer them over 25 and start nagging at 30 in the UK, now they're talking about phasing them out. Doctors want MONEY more than anything else, if that wasn't true they would've become nurses. They've also been through training specifically designed to make them able to hurt people and ignore their pain

No. 1583141

idk nona what are you here to talk about, trannies or reptilians

No. 1583143

i live in the US and im >>1582708, same gyno told me to get the hpv vax and i was 22 at the time. i thought it was dumb because i've been in a monogamous relationship for years and it was obvious she just wanted my insurance money (literally told me to call my ins to ask if they would cover it and to get it if they do). i was like wtf i work bitch i'm not wasting time making an appt for a shot i don't need lmao

No. 1583148

Nta but I never got the hpv vax either. What really helped me make up my mind about not getting it is my sister had completely normal periods that were tolerable pain wise until her first hpv shot and literally right after that her cycle was never the same. She has her period like every 2 to 3 weeks and bad cramping. It could be unrelated but it seems like an odd coincidence. And she ended up getting hpv anyways despite getting the shots, so I thought fuck it what's the point.

No. 1583152

Ayrt, in bongland all 13yos have to receive the HPV jab & they do it a big mandatory vaxx day at school. It's one of the few I'm ok with since moids have it too and the purpose is preventing a female cancer. HPV is often symptomless which is why so many women catch it off their cheating nigel and don't find out until a routine smear test flags their cancer. Do what you like with that info, personally im happy with HPV jab & no smears ever but if I had no jab I'd do the smears

No. 1583154

this brings comfort. i remember i was a young teenager when it came out and there were advertisements everywhere, in magazines, on tv, online, all showing young girls or teenagers and young adults dancing around and stupid schiße like that "one less!". i remember my doctor telling me i should get it by the time I'm 18 but didn't push it. i never wanted it because i don't like shots and it never seemed like something relevant to me.

No. 1583156

routine smears often are inaccurate as fuck though

No. 1583161

these guys raised $40000 to make this documentary 12 years ago about gardasil but never came out with it. unfortunate because that vaccine really ruined a lot of lives

No. 1583174

File: 1684655893143.jpeg (144.89 KB, 960x791, FwaoG_LaYAMjTux.jpeg)

About 15 years ago there was a thread on an onion imageboard and buried in the comments was someone was talking about how fungal infections are likely the cause to a lot of illnesses, mental health and such specifically. many years later this study came out and said the same thing https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/05/160504121327.htm
the poor diet and unhealthy lifestyles that most people have can contribute to weakened immune systems which makes susceptible to fungal infections, which can explain why everyone is a complete mental nightmare and why everyone thinks they're a tranny now. of course, medical or psych professionals do not think to treat for that, they just peddle drugs to get your money and keep you dumb, sedated, and suicidal. I think this is even more topical because of the candida auris infections that are popping up around the globe at present. C. auris is drug resistant and there are already professionals hollering about how it will be the "next pandemic"

No. 1583183

File: 1684656777099.png (377.2 KB, 2048x1445, fungal failure.png)

Not much money can be made off of treating fungal infections. It's typically not s reoccurring treatment as well. But "treat" a health condition with, say, an anti-psychotic, and you now have a customer for life. For the people with untreated fungal infections in poor countries, well, they don't care because they weren't going to be able to make money off of you to begin with.

No. 1583195

I believe this is misinformation. All HPV vaccines covered only specific strains that have the “highest risk” of causing cancer. You can still get cancer from other strains. Take your Pap smears and vaccines so you don’t have to get a shock from the doctor later on in life. Stay healthy!

No. 1583199

Some of the HPV vaccines are mRNA vaccines like the ones for covid, which also cause menstrual problems in women.

No. 1583217

Sorry if my info was wrong, but imo the extremely-lessened risk of cancer is not enough for me to choose a smear when condom use is enough to prevent HPV. Not to derail but some BC, and most makeup and fragrances are carcinogenic and we're encouraged to use them daily - if I choose not to use these products to avoid cancer, and also skip smears, does it break even? btw when does the mandatory sti testing scheme for men start? These uninvasive tests involving merely a spikey q tip shoved down the pp are bound to have a 100% uptake by men 18+ across the land

Anyway they're rolling out home testing in the UK so best of both worlds soon ig https://www.england.nhs.uk/2021/02/nhs-gives-women-hpv-home-testing-kits-to-cut-cancer-deaths/

No. 1583255

You read tinfoils… in the tinfoil thread. Go suck big pharma cock somewhere else.

No. 1583280

This is interesting. Last of Us seemed silly when the fungus scientist at the beginning found out it was a fungal infection & immediately knew it was the end of the world and went to be with her family but I guess it was kind of a proportionate reaction? Atm there's a trend in the cold parts of EU of landlords/government denying and covering up "mold deaths", they only recently admitted that having a house full of black mold will harm or even kill people when a little boy died of mold exposure. His poor mother had to campaign to get the council to even admit they'd okayed the Hill House levels of mold in their council home, then campaign again to prove it was dangerous…

No. 1583286

My body isn't a cancer bomb and those tests mostly have false positives and exist to make drs money. Funny how men don't have medication or basic healthcare withheld unless they have a "well man" exam despite them having the same rate of reproductive cancer but nobody is talking down to them or campaigning as much as the establishment and sheep do to promote these outdated humiliating rape exams. Also lung and skin cancer are more common but we don't force and shame people to test for that as often either hmmm

No. 1583316

obvious bot or bait lmao

No. 1583318

yeah it's very telling how it's basically fine for men to not go to the doctor yearly to get their dicks fondled or asshole opened up and looked in yet women are pressured into it all the time.

No. 1583369

>>cancer bomb
hard agree, the double standards with women v men regarding cancer are insane. Imagine emotionally manipulative TV ads showing a grieving mum & kids, oh if only our dear Nigel had worn a shirt in the summer, but instead he selfishly spent 6 months with no sunscreen on his humongous shiny gunt and now he's dead! Just because he wanted a tan! Who will care for the children now? Or the same but with drinking beer every day (bowel cancer), or sitting around on the couch for years while his wife does housework (heart disease). I swear the only anti cancer ads I've seen where men are the victim are ball or prostate related ones, because I guess it gives you ED and that's a moid concern. I mean it's almost sexist against men how much they ignore how sick men get, in favour of focusing on scaring women about dying from comparatively rare illnesses imo.

No. 1583371

samefagging to say the big thing women's fatal diseases have in common is taking forever to be diagnosed, because male drs don't believe us. Not because we're weak ffs

No. 1583390

This is true, and not even just male doctors, doctors in general. Women have to fight to be heard and sometimes it never happens. You get told to get mammograms every year of other year after a certain age, or to go get finger raped every year, but bring up any thing wrong and you're hysterical it's not that bad, oh you're fine that's normal, oh you don't have this certain symptom so I'm not testing for that, oh silly female.
If you look at any video in any language talking about the disparity in which women are receiving healthcare, it is full of stories about how they, too, were not listened to, or how they were only listened to if a male told the symptoms and said she's unwell, or they weren't listened to until it was too late. The fact that females cannot get equal or quality healthcare across the board seems like some giant conspiracy in itself.

No. 1583409

I feel like the idea that "ancient Greeks(and other ancient societies) were cool with LGBT stuff and it was just hidden by evil historians" is some kind of psy-op to further normalize pedophilia. The truth is, greek same sex relationships was more like Afghan Becha bazi then anything else, where it's all about exploiting young boys. And those alleged gay relationships, like Achilles and Patroclus, probably only happened when Achilles was a teenager. The same goes for those relationships in ancient Greece and Rome. It was always a young boy with an older, powerful man who had some kind of authority over him, like a teacher, master, or just a citizen and his slave

No. 1583411

I’ve never had an obgyn satisfactorily explain what valuable info they get from fingerblasting me once a year. They could just look if they want to confirm I’m not suffering from an infection or something. can’t see shit with your fingers anyway, blindly reaching around in there and for what? I honestly prefer the speculum and a quick look. Far as I can tell fingering only confirms that I do in fact have organs inside me but they could have poked me from outside my body and found that out.

No. 1583595

Oh, the people who go the hardest for Graeco-Roman "queer" shit absolutely know what they're doing. Same with the fans of Oscar Wilde and his ilk with "the love that dare not speak its name". Both these things have been tumblr-ised into cutesy lil "we were always here" type statements, and I do believe some people are genuinely just a bit dim and take these things at face value without doing any research. Then there's the "you're just calling them nonces because they're gay" shit, this usually comes from troons and libfems who think they're doing the right thing by "fighting homophobia" or playing it off as "but the culture was so much different then!". These people are culpable to a degree, but I think the main issue is that they haven't peaked on liberal feminism being a huge scam that literally has us defending 2000 y/o nonces. LGBT culture also has this problem. They'll screech about Catholic priests who preach homophobia and then go and rape their altar boys in one sentence. Then defend ancient Romans and Greeks raping their underage slaves in the next sentence. Absolute madness. Slight tangent, but I'm a lesbian and started sneaking into gay bars when I was 15, back in 2006. The fact that not only were us kids welcomed by punters and staff alike, but we were also openly flirted with proves to me that the whole damn culture is rotten. I didn't see it at the time, I was told that I was "mature" and "wise beyond my years". I thought I was so damn cool for sleeping with older women. It took me decades to unpack just how fucked up it all was. Of course, I'm not condemning all SSA people. But there are huge problems in the wider community, and it's evident in how damn easy it is to present Graeco-Roman rapist moids as these forward-thinking, progressive people that evil historians tried to erase.

No. 1583763

All this time I thought it was just my imagination and it were the tinted vehicle’s’ windows making that blue/purple effect while riding with company I don’t drive due to a disability. It kinda looked cool in a cyberpunk way ngl

No. 1583787

>research about fungal infections
>researcher surname is Morel
i just had to point out how funny that is

No. 1583793

at the very least, if they wanted to be more convincting they could urge women to only go if they think something is wrong. but nope, most women (at least in burgerland where i am from) have gotten meme'd into believing there is likely something wrong with our vaginas even if we feel fine because we're too stupid to know, that if we're sick at all they MUST pry into our vaginas as roughly as possible while ignoring any pain the pt feels (or say she is exaggerating), etc. just look at the tranny bullshit- i've NEVER seen a gyno stand up that women are women and "trans women" are men but i've seen plenty of them welcome TIMs into their offices with open arms. says everything we need to fucking know. both male and female gynos (with the exception of a few good female ones that i hope exist) hate women and want to hurt us and make money from it.

No. 1583802

liberal feminism becoming mainstream was a huge mistake. they love to boast that gay male relationships were a thing back then but always conveniently leave out that it often was between an adult male and a young teen boy, it was a huge power imbalance, and it was purely sexual in nature. libfems are coomers' patsys.

No. 1583804

File: 1684711092377.jpg (630.36 KB, 3000x2000, 05ab5d5fa23ad4a17bfb05f7742557…)

>In 2017, Epstein contacted Gates about the Russian bridge player, years after the relationship had ended, according to people familiar with the matter. He sent an email to Gates asking to be reimbursed for the costs of Antonova’s coding school, the people said.
>The sum was immaterial for the two men and the tone of the message was that Epstein knew about the affair and could expose it, the people said.
>The spokeswoman for Gates said he didn’t make a payment. “Mr. Gates had no financial dealings with Epstein,” she said.
>Days before he died in 2019, Epstein changed his will and named Nikolic as a backup executor. Nikolic said Epstein didn’t discuss the idea with him beforehand, and that he subsequently declined to serve.
>“He couldn’t have listed Bill because that would have been too obvious, so he chose me,” he said. “I have come to believe it was likely a retaliatory move against Bill Gates.
so more clear now about their relationship
i wonder when we will see more discussion about how he was/is a federal agent and not dead afterall . what does ol bill know that we dont

No. 1583813

>libfems are coomers' patsys
Hit the nail on the head, nona. I know it's been covered before ad nauseam, but it really pisses me off how everything shilled as "empowering" is beneficial to scrotes: dressing in titillating clothing, cosmetic surgery, having casual sex, open relationships/polyamory, going on BC and fucking up your hormones so Nigel can hit it raw, degrading sex acts like choking and slapping, posting borderline softcore porn on social media, posting ACTUAL porn on social media, "sex work", etc etc etc. Then in the past few years I've started seeing "dad bod" this and "short king" that, it's rise of the fucking uggos. I hate seeing my straight friends fall for this shit, but trying to broach these subjects in a critical manner, or even with genuine concern is liable to start a full-blown argument. Scrotes have done an excellent job of painting anyone critical of these things as a prude, "Karen", misogynist (lol), tradwife, conservative, bitter dyke, terven feminazi and sometimes: actual fucking Nazis. I could almost laugh at the absurdity of it all, if it wasn't so depressing to have three younger sisters growing up in this absolute hellscape for women.

No. 1583817

File: 1684712546340.webm (210.43 KB, 854x480, 1683153073918093.webm)

Does anyone has a source on that and what that might be? Scary cryptid shit

No. 1583819

>source on what this might be?
Your mom

No. 1583821

My mom is not a monke

No. 1583834

i'm not pressing play

No. 1583841

It's just some weird hands quickly grabbing a toddler from its bed. I don't know if it's fake or not but it's unsettling foe me for some reason.

No. 1583842

This reminds me of a documentary I watched about the possibility of giant spiders living in the Amazon rain forest. The local tribe always insisted on building their huts with high side walls to stop the spiders from getting inside but the researchers couldn't find any spiders that big. The way whatever that is moves, reminds me of a spider attacking prey that's caught in it's web.

No. 1583862

it's crazy how these idiots try to just paint you into a box with a big fat label on it too. so what if i'm a prude, i am just me. i don't really label myself a feminist or a trad tard, i just really have gotten sick of perverts. i made mistakes and ruined my wellbeing from giving perverts what they want in the past. i am so angry at myself and it has created my own mental bumps in my current longterm relationship. if there is anything i could contribute to the world it is that girls and young women are protected from all of this. perversion is a spiritual sickness and it afflicts anyone who entertains it as a positive thing. sex is not evil of course. but americans need to reassess how our overly sex positive society has crossed the line into pure perversion which has distorted so much. i was at my niece's dance recital earlier today and i had to stop myself from crying about ten times. i just don't want any of them to ever feel the way i do about myself due to my mistakes. it is so degrading to have men ever leave a bruise on your body. i lost consciousness once from being choked. it does not matter if you consent to it. it's not kinky or fun, it is traumatizing once you stop indulging, distance yourself, and think about it. i feel this applies to promiscuity, making porn, bdsm, etc. think of all the women who have been in those situations because they did not ever have a choice. i just want women who fell into those traps to get out of them asap, it is simply hurting them and many are in denial.

No. 1583885

Well that is horrifying.

No. 1583982

File: 1684732147611.png (18.37 KB, 808x190, Screen-Shot-2015-11-10-at-8.16…)

Reminds me of George Takei and RuPaul just casually talking about being raped and not understanding how fucked up it was.

No. 1583988

Ayrt, I had a fantastic gynecologist the last couple years, magic hands I literally never felt any discomfort with her but even so she couldn’t actually diagnose anything without an ultrasound wand. Something would have to be so wrong for her to feel it blindly, I would know. She was good but even she didn’t have any other reason but feeling my organs and giving me useless information like “your uterus tips back not forward”— doesn’t mean anything in terms of my health and it’s not a problem but she just wanted me to know I guess. Lol wow ok cool

No. 1583990

It certain Greek City states, Nobles had to hire bodyguards to protect their teen sons, because Pedastry was that common in ancient Greece.

No. 1584002

Men are men no matter sexuality, the majority don't give a fuck that all of this is about children being raped by adult men.

No. 1584010

I agree with you, it's really bad. Can I ask what's the thing with Oscar Wilde? I only heard he was gay or bi and "it wasn't acceptable in his time". Mind sharing anything about pedophilia connection if it's there? Asking out of curiosity since I know of the pederasty connection but didn't hear about it in regards to Wilde, as I don't know much about his life anyway.

No. 1584078

Yep, exactly. Might sound extreme but I stopped trying to access healthcare completely back in October, for my mental health. I figured if I got a huge wound or fever that won't stop, then I'll go to the hospital & see if I survive (inner city NHS aka basically jail), otherwise I'll care for any medical issues at home using common sense/old wives tale knowledge etc. So a week ago I woke up with a UTI that I could feel was affecting my kidneys, no fever. Had 2 choices: wait 22+ hours on the floor in a&e with a load of drunk moids and no access to food or water, to maybe be given antibiotics at the end if I'm lucky, otherwise sent home and told it's period pain. Option b: use Boots (like Sally's) online drugs service, then drink loads of clean water & cranberry juice in my calm, safe home while waiting the 5 days it would take to get my medicine. I've been up all night with the pain & blood piss for a couple of days, but now I'm getting better & may not even need the antibiotics. I genuinely believe I was safer this way, and I didn't feel like a farm animal or like I was being forced to put myself in danger. My way has even cost less if you factor in travel, although still cost about £40 all in.

Also NO I'm not going to attempt to "follow this up" with a doctor because even showing them the illness you currently have is impossible. If my kidneys are damaged now, they're damaged, like those of 1 in 10 of all my women ancestors, some of whom still lived happy lives. I'll also die one day. Shrug.
Nonnie I wish I could hug you, so many good, kind women like you feel this way and it's awful. I suspect the knowledge we were tricked by society is why so many women are turning to Catholicism/Islam, although imo Catholicism moreso since it glorifies protecting yourself from all men vs being protected by a man. Both have huge flaws but are apparently preferable to zoomers than the libfem lifestyle, I support any rejection of that.

No. 1584092

This is what I mean when I say most men don't suffer rape, at least conciously. This faggot really said he was raped by a pedophile and talks about it like it was the hookup of his life. What the fuck is wrong with men? Are they so far into their pornsickness that they can't even tell when they're being raped? Is it just another kink for them? And then they project these feelings onto women, believing that rape is just sex and not that serious. What defective beings.

No. 1584121

Unfortunately, many women are also unable to recognize the trauma they have experienced. For example, my aunt became pregnant at the age of 14 and didn't fully comprehend how damaging it was. She genuinely believed it was her own choice. I think this is a common coping mechanism for victims to try to come to terms with their abuse by convincing themselves that it was their choice. The communities(gay, libfem, kink) they surrounded themselves also reinforce this belief.

No. 1584135

Not sure if Oscar Wilde was a confirmed nonce but Stephen Fry is a big fan of him, and Fry also casually talked about how he was raped at 13 or 14 by an older boy - that's part of the normal culture at posh UK boarding schools. He said he enjoyed it. The idea is you get raped in year 7 or 8, then a couple years later youre the one raping the younger boys, so it's fine (????) It's literally called fagging & that's where the word fag comes from. Wilde went to posh schools too so presumably he was the same. All our male prime ministers would have been "fags" in this manner. theres a well known story that Boris Johnson and David Cameron didn't get on at school because of some kind of fag tension, I guess maybe David was bummed by Boris but became PM first, which isn't how the hierarchy is supposed to work, so Boris hated him & began his quest to be PM to show him he'd do it better. Seriously, it's not even tinfoil, it's in political biographies etc. (Reposted, wrote 24 not 24 - Fry's husband was 24ish when he married the 60 something Fry)

No. 1584155

Honestly, my sister has had endometriosis probably since she was 12, has been to a gynecologist yearly, and somehow they never knew she had it? What's the point, then? My sisters tell me I have to go, but I'm not going I am terrified at the idea. If zero gynecologists could find my sister's endometriosis and it took a decade later of experiencing random abdominal pain that got her taken to the hospital, doctor shopping, and multiple camera scopes going inside her ass and bellybutton to find endometriosis growing all inside her then what's the point? My sister is like, you have to check if you're okay in there what if you have cancer like mom? Well, they didn't find my sister's endometriosis and I don't know if my mom went to the gyno but if she did, they didn't find her cancer, either. Women's health used to be a broader, more well-known subject in like the middle ages (or so I've read?) but by the time of the Renaissance, women weren't allowed to learn about our own anatomy and that job went to males. Fuck the gyno, even hearing about what a 'normal checkup' is like just makes me want to cry. Sounds terrifying.

No. 1584163

>It's literally called fagging
Can't believe Black Butler was a documentary all along.

No. 1584172

afaik they're checking the parts are in the right places, with no foreign bodies up there, because if they find these things you may be infertile - they check dairy cows the same way well actually they go in through the rectum to avoid damaging the goods and as regularly, because without the ability to reproduce, they're worthless. They don't care if they cow has stuff like endometriosis or heavy periods because that won't prevent a birth, so they don't check for it. The state views women as being for breeding, that's all.

No. 1584178

I thought that too KEK
men are such faggots

No. 1584179

>that's part of the normal culture at posh UK boarding schools. He said he enjoyed it. The idea is you get raped in year 7 or 8, then a couple years later youre the one raping the younger boys, so it's fine (????) It's literally called fagging & that's where the word fag comes from. Wilde went to posh schools too so presumably he was the same. All our male prime ministers would have been "fags" in this manner
Jen Izaakson abd Hannah Berrelli talked about this in the redfem podcast and I can't speak for the UK but this an open secret with madrasas(Islamic schools) the head teacher rapes the boys, the boys grow up and rape the younger boys, most parents just abandon their kids in these madrassa's and you can't ever file a complaint, because one fatwa from these molvis will result in an entire mob coming and attacking you and beating you to death.

No. 1584183

England has lots of madrasas too & "scandals" pop up now and then. Our media don't like to draw attention to non-WASP sex crimes, although statistically ofc we have more non-muslim rapists than muslim since our moids are majority white. More often it's stories of kids being beaten at the schools, but if they're spanking them then arguably this is SA anyway.

No. 1584197

Liberal feminism and defending gay men's right are two different things, liberal feminism has its own flaws but by definition it has nothing to do with homosexual or male rights.

No. 1584204

Nona the gyno is very unpleasant but if you’re a woman in your mid 20s or older you should absolutely be going for annual Pap smears. Find a female gynecologist that you like, there are plenty of them. You don’t have to see a scrote doctor.

No. 1584221

if you have deep infiltrating endometriosis it can actually kill you, so if this runs in your family, please go to a gyn. Find a dr who specializes in it. I only remember one exam where I had a rectal examination (it was quick). They did do transvaginal ultrasound, but a woman did it and explained to me what would happen. I did not find this painful. None of it was comfortable but the swab part (the worst) was done quickly each time.

They don't tell you this, but you can get serious intestinal problems from deep endometriosis. A piece of my intestine telescoped into another piece, causing an obstruction. I didn't go to the hospital for days because I thought I was just ill with some GI thing (I was vomiting bile and had on/off cramps). When I went, I had emergency surgery that day and they had to resect my intestine because parts had become necrotic.

I'm sorry to put this in tinfoil thread and actually I agree with you both more or less, but please if endo runs in your family, get checked out. The best treatment is excision surgery (not cauterization).

No. 1584222

Nta but maybe we would all go if they didn't insist on fingering every woman that goes into their office even if it's basically useless. It's ridiculous that women have to get fingered by strangers if they want to know if they're healthy or not, it's like they're dangling your health in front of you but the price is annual humiliating visits where a doctor (worse if it's male) gets to shove fingers up your vagina or ass and then tells you "k let's do this other less invasive and rapey test that's actually the only one kinda capable of diagnosing something".

No. 1584225

Holy shit so that’s why I was masturbating like 8 times a day the first week of my antidepressant withdrawal. This makes so much sense.
Psychiatry is still such an experimental field. Psychiatrists will put their adolescent patients on antidepressants without being fully aware of all of the potential side effects themselves. You’d think if a patient complains of horrible issues that arise after they are on a given medication that the psychiatrist’s response would be to take them off it and try something else, but that’s usually not what they do. Instead they will often just prescribe MORE drugs in an attempt to mask the negative side effects. But of course, more drugs = more side effects.
I was prescribed effexor as a child in the hospital and I just recently came completely off of it, close to 10 years later. It feels like I missed out on a decade of my life.

No. 1584226

Where do you live nona? I don't think it's possible to choose the doctor you see in a lot of countries, let alone whether they're male or female. Where I live has free healthcare but you can be denied care altogether if you refuse to be treated by the doctor you're given.

No. 1584227

Let the woman free her cunt from the Matrix if she wants to.
I don't understand people who come to the tinfoil thread to give totally mainstream takes everyone hears all the time

No. 1584228

ayrt, thanks for the info, sorry to hear you've gone through all that. Blog but I've been getting tested for mysterious ab pain for years at this point, no dr ever suggested endo or mentioned that it exists at all but I've had a TV ultrasound to look at my ovaries so hopefully that would've caught the endo if I had it.

No. 1584230

Tbh I didn’t think of that at all when writing that comment, thank you for providing me with that perspective nona. I live in the US and have a decent amount of money so I was able to do some consultation appointments with a couple female gynecologists where they didn’t touch me, we just talked so I could get a feel for if I felt safe around them. After that I just picked my favorite one.
I understand that comes from a place of privilege, I know that with the NHS in the UK and other socialized healthcare systems you can’t be picky, and depending on the practice you go to they can still use some barbaric and antiquated methods of examination. My mom was traumatized by a horrible gynecologist as a young adult. She theorizes that the doctor did an unnecessary treatment and hurt her on purpose because of some perceived slight.
I just wish all women could get sufficient gynecological that doesn’t traumatize them. It should be a human right imo. But I understand that it’s not reality. I’m sorry to all the nonas that have been hurt by gynos.

No. 1584236

ayrt, not to be mean but that first bit made me chuckle since in the UK, just that first meeting with a private gyno would cost around £300 with no insurance, so you wouldn't go just for a chat haha. if you did have insurance + no preexisting conditions, you'd need to pay £50ish to your NHS GP to review your record to prove no abdomen-related preexisting, this takes about 6 weeks regardless of what they find. Then you send those docs to your insurer, wait more, and then get a heavily discounted but still not free appointment with a gyno of their choice maybe 1 or 2 months later. That's my experience with dermatology anyway, I'd assume gyno would be worse since it's more popular. All private drs in the UK have to do NHS work too, so waiting times are still fairly bad, but often 10 times quicker than NHS waits.

No. 1584237

Over on /g/ there is someone trying to convince people to have children in the childfree thread. Further up in this thread there is an angry provaxxer upset there is any vax critical discussion. These are the bleats of people that can't handle their narrative being challenged these are the types that want everyone to live the same as them. Unironic sheep

No. 1584242

I was just saying that it’s important to get checked for cervical cancer regularly if you can, since I’ve known women who’ve died from it after never seeing the gynecologist. Ffs. I’m sorry for coming at that nona from my narrow perspective but it really just came from a place of concern

No. 1584246

>vax critical discussion
most of "vax critical" discussion I see is legit tinfoil and anything constructive gets swept by waves of people posting garbage like >>1574271 and >>1574676

No. 1584248

oh yeah and >>1574230 telling people to take ivermectin and pray to god kek some of you are legit retard and this thread is the containment

No. 1584251

While trying not to fall for govt psyops you nonas have fallen for the religious one instead. The whole body/soul(or mind, for atheists) duality is the same thing that trannies believe. If you see yourself as parts instead of a whole being you’re easier to control, be marketed to and you’re more succeptible to harmful ideas. Your physical, mental and emotional state are all interconnected and all yours, you can’t have one without the others. There is no mind or soul without your body, they can’t be extracted or taken. They’re all a part of you. The reason other people may appear dull or mindless is often because they have compartmentalised themselves in order to survive and can’t connect with others freely. And the way to save yourselves from that is to nurture yourself fully, to take care of your needs and to be aware of yourself as a whole, your wants and needs, your strengths and weaknesses.
Just be aware and be strong. Connect with people more and you’ll see it’s not so bleak. It’s much easier to accept whatever horrible things the rich and powerful inflict on us if you believe you’ve lost your soul or people around you are mindless. Don’t let them make you believe you are nothing, that people around you are nothing, please.

No. 1584253

>if you disagree with the general public of an echo chamber, you're the sheep
Kek. If you can't argue your point and have to accuse people who disagree with unjustified stuff, you're probably in the wrong.

No. 1584260

I posted the brain holes image, and that's from the medical study I linked to, so take it up with Drs Evan H. Einstein and Andia Shahzadi if you think they're lying. The other image is total misinformation & easily disprovable.

No. 1584263

kek yes nona but the bible agrees with you
"Don't you know that you are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? … The temple of God is holy, which temple you are” (1 Corinthians 3:16–17)

No. 1584274

Ot sorry but I think I’m being watched through my laptop screen, I won’t blogpost about all the “coincidences” but it’s starting to freak me out. I downloaded malwarebytes but it found nothing. Has anyone else experienced this or know any stories about it? What should I do?

No. 1584279

it doesn't matter what libfem is actually about, many milennials and zoomers where i live that have extremely libfem views support anything pro gay or pro trans. it doesn't mean that they actually understand feminism at all they are just pro anything that seems progressive on the surface.

No. 1584280

lol, never

No. 1584284

the actual screen can't have cameras in it since it's too thin, and I'm guessing you've already covered your front cam. do you mean someone can see what's on your screen? If so, yes that's very possible, either replace your laptop & don't do the "transfer your shit to your new device" process, or reformat it (backing up your saves beforehand obvs). You can also set up something called a pihole, it lets you see every request to and from your machine including failed access attempts, and you can can record the IP & block them.

If you mean an actual camera is looking at you, then your stalker has access to your property, in which case it's more likely the camera is in the room not the computer. Get a device detector.

No. 1584294

Sorry I should have been more specific, like watching my screen not me (I have my laptop camera covered) but this is still good advice, thank you

No. 1584296

I saw a group of zoomers harassing an AGP at a local festival. They were pushing him around and calling him a creep and pedo. No one did anything to stop it. It makes me wonder if zoomers are going to become less tolerant of troons over time because they are the main victims of perverted men in dresses.

If you mean that someone is watching the screen as you use the laptop, you can buy privacy overlays for the screen that stop anyone from being able to see what you're looking at and to see the screen they must be directly in front of it.

No. 1584297

I feel like I’m losing my mind. I don’t know how else to explain it, as in they are tracking my mouse movements and my keystrokes and can see everything I am doing on my laptop remotely

No. 1584303

there is a type of malware. best you can do is run antivirus software but it sounds like you’ve already done that, or you can take it in to a computer repair shop so they can remove any malware for you. If that doesn’t work, then getting a new computer and not transferring any data like that other anon said is a safe bet.

No. 1584313

Use Linux. It's far more secure than windows and the software they're using won't work.

No. 1584320

If I never had sex and I never plan to fuck a scrote why would I go? Like the risk of cervical cancer is super low

No. 1584326

Yeah he was a nonce. In his trials it was mentioned that he would have young boys procured for him. His main boyfriend was also significantly younger than him. There was a big scandal in the Victorian period where rich and high profile men were caught going to brothels to have sex with really young boys. I can't remember what the scandal was called though but I'm pretty sure there were open rumours of Wilde frequenting places like that.

No. 1584328

Same here. I wonder how people like >>1584204 manage to read all the comments from women who have been traumatized and raped by their gyno and feel the need to post a "just find the right one uwu" comment. How can one be so tone deaf?

No. 1584331

>I saw a group of zoomers harassing an AGP at a local festival
absolutely based. i'm an older zoomer and have noticed there's outwardly far-left zoomers, more conservative ones, and a large group of them doesn't care about politics and wants to be as apolitical as possible

No. 1584341

I apologized for being narrow minded and tone deaf but I’m not sorry for telling you guys to get your pussy checked out. Have had friends and peers pass away from uterine and cervical cancer. If you don’t think you’re at risk and if the potential trauma is too much for you to bear then I’m not going to argue with you. I even talked about how my mom was traumatized by some sociopathic gynecologist so I get it. I’m scared as fuck and distrustful of them too, that’s why it took me so long to find one I trusted enough to let touch me. This thread really is a containment thread for the biggest fucking autists

No. 1584345

If it's a WFH computer then the machine probably came preinstalled with software to do exactly what you're describing - if your stalker is a colleague & they would have legitimate access to this program, then there's your answer. You can't see the software anywhere on the computer & malware scanner won't remove it since it's meant to be there. I recommended reformatting since that "factory resets" the machine. But you might get fired for doing that if it's a work computer kek. If the computer was bought for you by someone who works with computers or owns a company that uses this software, they could also have put the type of tracking software I'm talking about on there. Alternatively, it's possible to trick someone into installing a keylogger eg via a phishing email, but then I reckon you could catch that via a pihole or equivalent. Ok I'll try to put a lid on my off topic autism now, sorry nonas. Also sorry this is happening to you nona.

No. 1584351

Girl shut up and leave the thread already. no one cares

No. 1584355

the problem is being told to get it checked out, with the implication that if we don't, we'll die. If I got checked every year, and they missed cancer and I died, that wouldn't be my fault. If I choose NOT to go through the examination, and then die of cervical cancer, I still didn't choose to die. Life doesn't work like that. We don't apply that logic to male behaviour either, unless we're talking about like gang crime or something

No. 1584358

Just want to add my 2 cents and say nothing bad has ever happened to me at the gynecologist and I've never been subjected to multiple unnecessary tests. I'm early 30's in age and have been going regularly since I started menstruating at 13. I've even seen many different gynos and all have been respectful and curteous. I'm so sorry to those who are suffering and have bern mistreated. I encourage anyone who has been wronged to file complaints, even if it may seem fruitless. Paper trails are good for shit like this.

No. 1584359

did they ever find anything wrong though?

No. 1584361

Yes, cysts on my ovaries.

No. 1584362

Also sebaceous cysts on the entrance(ish) of my vagina

No. 1584376

Nta but uh, yeah. If you don't monitor your health, bad things can happen. Can't really play the "b b but males wouldn't have to do that" -you're speaking in hypotheticals. What if women didn't have internal sex organs? What if we never needed to ever see doctors? What if the fucking sky was purple? Irrelevant.

No. 1584423

I mean, there's only so many ways you can figure out what's going on in there.. they're going to have to use fingers and painful tools but if you're a grown woman you just have to grin and bare that one. Shop around for a female OB/GYN.i personally think men shouldn't be allowed to practice in that field

No. 1584432

Sorry, I already posted about the cysts but also they found tissue that was left over/ had not been expelled properly from my medical abortion. Obviously that's a lot more specific than a general check-up, but I thought it would be important to add, since that could have been extremely bad if I didn't let them do the necessary vaginal ultrasound.

She's looking out for you asshole, in the best way she knows how. No need for that

No. 1584434

What are you talking about? I didn't speak in hypotheticals and I didn't even mention men. I'm just saying the procedures are unnecessarily humiliating and painful (though pain is the lesser problem imo, IF it isn't done on purpose). The truth is that you can't find much by roughly fingering around, you're going to have to use more specific tools (which feel less rapey if used properly) and ultrasounds.

>I mean, there's only so many ways you can figure out what's going on in there..
Yeah, and fingering isn't a good one, sorry. Again, women are being told "either you accept to get finger raped once a year or more (and I get to cause you more pain if I don't like you very much) or you can fuck off and die of something preventable, and it's YOUR fault. Also I will do tests only after I finger you but they won't be completely accurate". It's insane, and frankly it's vile to call women immature if they don't feel like going through that. And not everyone can just "shop around" and spend tons of money to maybe find one decent person that decides to not stick their hands in your vaginas just for the hell of it.

No. 1584446

i think Pewdiepie's & Marzia's baby is male, not bc of the "hint" he gave, but bc men are so fucking weird about the race of the men women sleep with, even when they're anti-racist, and are even weirder about their daughter's sex lives, so i think that Pewdiepie wouldn't have stayed in Japan if he knew he's having a girl bc he would have to come to terms with her fucking an Asian male.(racebaiting)

No. 1584450

Take it to /snow/, newfriend.

No. 1584454

>What are you talking about?
Weeeelllllp I'm an idiot and completely misread what you wrote. I will humbly take this L. I'm sorry nonna.

No. 1584458

I'm genuinely asking how you know that you can't find much by feeling with a finger? I feel like that's probably the least invasive (small finger compared to larger tools) and best way to initially begin screening for issues. You all are most certainly correct about it being bullshit and there very likely being a less-invasive way to do this which has not been studied, much less developed. I also stupidly am only speaking from an American perspective, and had not considered nonnies in other countries. For that I apologize.

No. 1584468

I’ve never experienced withdrawal from SSRIs, I’ve stopped Zoloft cold turkey three times, and Prozac cold turkey twice. Am I built different, nonnas?? The only withdrawals I’ve ever experienced have been from THC and caffeine. I do get occasional brain zaps while taking my Zoloft but not really when I stop taking it?

Wellbutrin also gave me extreme tremors all over my body but especially my hands. Also extremely extremely unbelievably dry fucking mouth.

No. 1584481

I've known people who had false positives with the samples from cervex scraping, and one who actually did have it but only got lucky that it was found - not through standard screening. There is no reason to specifically target this one single organ if you're not having sex and exposing yourself to HPV, and those are the people who are anxious about the procedure. Normies just can't comprehend being a permanent virgin by choice and can't sympathize so you just tell us to grin and bear getting medically raped because it makes you feel better about having to endure it yourself. Why is it always this one issue that everyone freaks out over? Annual bloodtest? Who gives a shit. Annual rape? STOP BEING A CHILD, SPREAD EM AND TAKE IT OR ELSE.

No. 1584490

unfortunately exploratory laparoscopy is the only way to diagnose some endo, but if it's in certain places they can see it on TV ultrasound. Just don't want my nonnies dying. Because I knew I had endo, but I never knew it could cause such a life-threatening condition. I was just dealing with the pain since I hate hormones

No. 1584513

Or onion boi getting molested at summer camp…which probably explains a lot of things.

No. 1584578

yes, now run along and close the tab, we'd rather discuss this without someone trying to convince us we need to get fingerfucked by a doctor every year, that already happens everywhere else

No. 1584580

>Why is it always this one issue that everyone freaks out over?
exactly the reason you gave, it's just like women who feel the need to pressure women who say they don't want to have kids into doing so. they went through hell and instead of talking about it or coping with it in a constructive way, they try to talk other women into going through that same hell, ESPECIALLY if they know the risks and truth of it and resist it. misery loves company.

No. 1584585

samefagging to say i am aware not all pregnancies and childbirth are traumatizing (my mom says she loved being pregnant and childbirth hurt but had no complications and i totally trust her) but it seems that for women where it was a terrible experience that it was something that they couldn't/shouldn't talk about up until recently. even lately some people think miscarriage rates are rising but i think it could be due to women actually feeling more comfortable nowadays to even mention it or discuss it if they want to.

No. 1584763

but they just arrived there though.. and their child will not have relationships until like 16 years later so it's not like they have to move out immediately. also, living in any western country these days absolutely does not ensure that your child will date someone of the same race. not saying you're wrong about the baby's sex though, what was the hint?

No. 1584769

that's why i said he wouldn't have stayed in Japan, maybe it's like what you said that he'll move out later on(probably make for interesting conversation later on in life, talking with fellow Swede or Italian students, "not to brag but i lived in Japan for 14/whatever years")
>living in any western country these days absolutely does not ensure that your child will date someone of the same race
did you mean eastern?
>what was the hint?
even in that supposed gender reveal video, Felix doesn't reveal the sex but he claims that he'll leaves hints, and one such hint (in the video) seems to be the Children's Day celebration that he records, which used to be only for male children.
The article i reference: https://www.dexerto.com/entertainment/pewdiepie-fans-think-theyve-discovered-his-babys-gender-2136578/

No. 1584771

samefag, i hope that it's male, otherwise this weeb has decided to move to one of the worst possible places to raise a obviously foreign looking daughter.

No. 1584817

oh yeah that's a pretty big hint then. i agree with you it's better that they're having a male anyway.
>did you mean eastern?
i meant that even if he moves back to the uk or italy or whatever that doesn't ensure his child will not date someone of a different race, western countries are very diverse nowadays, though of course there's a higher chance than in japan i guess.

No. 1584820

File: 1684826233375.png (155.13 KB, 1522x1118, FeZ2QAAZ.png)


No. 1584831

No. 1584834

Agreed nona, although it's not just virgins who are refusing to be intimately examined, there's SA survivors (sometimes a female gyno wouldnt lessen the anxiety either), women who might (rightly) fear that there could be a camera in the room remember many gynos share offices with other drs/moid staff, spycams have been found literally everywhere women undress, religious women who trust that it's God's plan if he wants to kill them with cervical cancer and being fingered won't change that, and children who have absolutely no need to be examined. I'm glad that one nonas abortion issue was caught, but surely you'd go if you'd had that procedure anyway - finding cysts on an ovary or some pussy spots that literally every woman has is not worth exposing yourself, in some women's view. I don't understand why we can at least pretend to respect a woman's choice to never show her hair, or get face tattoos, or circumcise her son, but not to decide who puts their hands inside her??? If it's sex then she can choose, if it's not enjoyable then she can't choose, what clown world logic is this

No. 1584835

I don't know about the rest of you, but in my country, the CIA helped overthrow our democratically elected socialist Prime Minister and replaced him with an Islamic dictator who ruled for a decade and set our progress back by 500 years and I'm sure if any if your from the third world its more or less the same story as well.

No. 1584838

leeeeeet's play Guess the Warcrime game show jingle

No. 1584842

Forgot to add there's also the hospital trip itself. Can only speak for the UK but even the fanciest "gyno office" will still just be a dark room in a busy hospital, which (unless it's a private hospital maybe) is kind of dangerous to visit. There's the risk of catching a cold or COVID, but also they're becoming violent places where moids and women on drugs sometimes are routinely attacking patients and nurses, there's signs in every hallway saying please don't attack us. Moids drink semi-openly in the corridors and outside the front gates. There's often cops walking around with a criminal handcuffed to them, since crims will sometimes jump out of a window or cut themselves to avoid going straight to jail which is marginally worse than hospital. I've been attacked by a schizo moid while waiting in a&e after he accused me of using the men's bathroom (there was only one working toilet for a holding pen of about 200 people - I went in there to drink water out of the basin since I was that thirsty) and had to hide from him for the next 8 hours as a nearby cop ignored me asking for help. Like, sorry for blogpost but for some of the nonas here, any medical thing is like having to walk through a men's prison to even get there. It's getting bad in Bongleton

No. 1584848

File: 1684829384541.jpeg (520.58 KB, 1280x1923, communists.jpeg)

Its always the same story, a leader in a nation takes power, whether through democratic means or by force in nations that have never known democracy. This leader may be good or bad, but they share the desire for their nation to be independent and industrialized, without foreign overlords or banks. Then comes America, backing any opposition to this leader - regardless of whether they are a racist nationalist who thinks certain people of his nation are lesser humans and need to be "removed" or a religious fundamentalist who installs backward laws. Justification for these actions often comes in the form of labels like 'communism' or 'freedom,' but the reality is that America will oppose any leader who poses a threat to their interests, regardless of the consequences for the nation or its people.

No. 1584888

it's okay nonnie I appreciate your concern I think some ladies are going a bit overboard. there's a clear difference between you and bots and it's obvious you're just worried because of your trauma too. your post actually helped me some because I've been too scared to make a pap smear appointment although I need to. I have some sexual abuse history and the idea of exposing myself to a stranger that isn't my husband makes me want to cry. I'm so stressed. I'm gonna ask if my husband can be there with me if not I'm not doing it at all

No. 1584908

I'm this anon >>1584221 and just wanted to say that if I hadn't had symptoms, I never would have gottne checked out, so I do understand and even agree with a lot of the "tinfoil" here. I didn't mean to insult anyone and I would never tell anyone to just suck it up bc gyn visits are awful. I hope more women study women's health and change the field.

rest is long, skip if you want

I would add to it that I think birth control is thrown at women without any concern for the hormones' effects on the mind and psyche. After I was diagnosed with endo and had a laparoscopic surgery to remove some (NOT the emergency thing), I was told to take Lupron. Absolutely not. I had done my research and refused to take such a problematic drug. Now I hear it is being given to kids as a puberty blocker and I am horrified. How can a child consent to the potential severe side effects? They cannot.

So additionally, my gynaecologist (a woman) did not tell me that deep infiltrating endometriosis could really damage tissues permanently or dangerously. She didn't even use this phrase (deep infiltrating) even though it was all on my abdominal wall and peritoneum and intestines. Some was serious enough that a GI surgeon had to get called in to ensure she didn't burn too much off the cecum. So afterwards, all she talked to me about was fertility and pain management. Well I don't want kids and I really don't like pain, but I was used to it, you know? So I just enjoyed the slight respite in pain after that relatively easy (in terms of recovery) surgery and went on with my life. I mean, two weeks after the operation, I had to fly to present my work at a master's conference and I did that. Please keep in mind that my first question after waking up after surgery was "did they find anything?" because I was terrified they would say there wasn't anything & I'm dumb for agreeing to surgery. Nah, it was stage III more or less.

Fast forward a few years. My periods suck but whatever. I had some concerning symptoms but just powered through. It was the pandemic and immediate family of mine had died just prior to all that. I got the cramps and vomiting bile and after three days went to hospital. I had emergency surgery that day and was hospitalized for 2.5 weeks.

No one told me endo could do what it did. They found it in my lymph nodes in that area. If I had waited any longer, my intestine could have perforated and I could have died of sepsis. It still happens. I'm just horrified that none of my doctors told me about the risk of endo doing this to my body. It's not all about pain management and just tolerating the pain doesn't mean everything is ok.

When I look back on this experience, I see how things got worse slowly. I didn't have very painful periods my whole life, or shooting pain in strange places, or spotting. Then it became common that I couldn't even eat before and on days 1+2 of my period. I was sk nauseated, all I wanted was bread. It just kept gradually getting worse over time. If that sounds like you, then please find a female gyn or someone to talk to about it. Set boundaries if you don't want digital or instrumental penetration but state your concerns about your body and ask if something can be done. I have heard of other imaging being used but exploratory laparoscopy is basically the only way to know for sure.

fwiw I took hormones (minipill) after my emergency surgery for 8 months and stopped because I hated how they made me feel. I don't really know what to do. I cried taking the first minipill because for myself I am so against hormones (I think every woman should choose for herself though). I guess I told myself maybe I can do some months on / some months off until I get into menopause (a long way away). If any of you tinfoil friends have thoughts on what I could do, lmk. J don't want to have another emergency surgery or risk damaging my insides any more than necessary. But I also have this aversion/phobia to hormonal birth control.

No. 1584940

were dragons ever real? a lot of historical reportings seem to imply that they were. if so, why did they die out? and why would this information be hidden from us if it's just an animal that had gone extinct?

No. 1584944

My tinfoil is that >>1584908 is a gyno who is afraid of losing patients due to the uprising in women who choose not to get themselves checked.

No. 1584948

hey thanks for sharing your experience anon. maybe a different form of birth control would work for you? it's not "natural" and is definitely hormones but the arm implant has worked out well for me. i don't have to get over the mental obstacle of convincing myself to swallow the pill every day because it's just in my arm already and there's not much i can do about it if i'm having a crazy streak where i'm convinced all my meds are making me crazy so i stop taking them. and it leveled out my mood which was needed. i'm not the most educated on birth control (or in general) so if you think it'd all just be the same and make you feel worse then i hope something new and not harmful comes along for you.

No. 1584950

i think a lot were technically dinosaurs or pterosaurs maybe.

No. 1584955

Ok I'm trying not to come at you nona but the arm implant?? There's literally tinfoil about that at the top of the thread, it makes you insane. It has similar side effects to the arm implant hormone blocker they use to trans kids. I didn't think people could even get the arm one anymore due to the problems with it. Did you know it can snap in half in your arm and dump out all the hormones at once? My friend snapped hers doing pushups and ended up hospitalised for unstoppable vomiting the same day, she tried to kill herself a couple days later due to the hormonal OD she suffered. It can also travel anywhere inside your body fat, changing your dosage as well as making flesh tunnels. Final removal (not replacement) was done to me with a knife and no anaesthetic. My arm hole hurts when the weather changes and I had it cut out of me 15 years ago. YMMV but since you got a recommendation for it nona, have a anti recommendation from me!

No. 1584960

eh, I never claimed sanity. maybe you're on to something. i was insane before it though so not much has changed. it might be safe for the people who are already crazy.

No. 1584961

I re-read your post and wanted to apologise for being a cow and add, please listen to your feelings, if you feel your pills are making you "crazy" & you're forcing them down then maybe your body is trying to tell you something. "Crazy" or just unhappy? You can do whatever you want, including stuff that might not be "best" or most "sensible" according to others opinions. Idk why you need BC but if you're doing this just for a man, you don't have to. Condoms are reliable if you use them right and they don't hurt you.

No. 1585047

hey, thanks for not calling me a gyno (I'm not). I have basically 0 sex drive and don't see it in my future to have another het relationship (but who knows I guess). Unfortunately after having emergency surgery, doctors said I had to go on a hormonal birth control to control growth of endo. But hormones don't work 100% for this, and if you have endo, you shouldn't be on estrogen, ideally (I also get migraines with aura). So you're pretty much limited to progesterone-only pills.

I was pretty freaked out after getting ~17cm of intestine cut out of me and resectioned so I followed orders. But I don't want to be on hormones at all, I feel like they are poison.

No. 1585108

The police are blatantly covering up their murder of the 2 boys in Ely, Wales. CCTV was just published by the BBC of them chasing the boys to their deaths in a big police van in broad daylight, then the police commissioner for South Wales went on live TV ten mins later and denied it. The fact that the BBC chose not to join in the coverup suggests to me they're siding against the police, finally. Fuck those corrupt pigs, I'm praying this is the start of a relatively peaceful revolution.

No. 1585166

>I would add to it that I think birth control is thrown at women without any concern for the hormones' effects on the mind and psyche
even though i take bc daily and don't have issues with it now for about two years, it was really fucking odd how i was given the pill when i was in hs when i went to a dermotologist for acne. they never asked me any questions about being sexually active and i wasn't at all until i was almost 21. i feel like they were just trying to give me bc and not even treat my acne… like they thought my acne wasn't that bad and wrongly assumed i just wanted bc and i was trying to be sneaky, idfk. it didn't help until they finally gave me accutane. not sure if bc has ever helped acne for other women but it's never changed whether or not i get it.

No. 1585201

I saw that on the news this morning and knew there was no way in hell that was an "unrelated" car crash. Nothing will come of it, though. The pigs will get away with it and the incident be memory holed in two months tops.

No. 1585514

Thread crossover!

No. 1585522

File: 1684898786693.jpg (148.36 KB, 640x979, Schindler,_Oskar.jpg)

Oskar Schindler just saved the Jews because he knew the war was turning against the Nazis and he wanted to build goodwill afterwards. It wasn't like it was a far stretch to work out that the Germans were going to lose by 1944. The fact they were rushing to shut everything down and send everyone to Auschwitz must've been a sign the party was over.

I read the story of Oskar Schindler and part of me just doesn't buy the shift from sleazy, self centered businessman and spy to humanitarian, especially considering he was a literal glowie for the Nazis in the Sudentenland, and reportedly hated the Czech with a passion. The fact he was already so cozy with Amon Goeth before the events take place makes it seem like he was just generally a brown-noser that sought to suck up to authority. The Nazi authority was waning, so he did what he could to get in the goodbooks with the west.

I just think the whole thing was mixture of him being desperate to hold onto his slave labor initially, something common to most German Industrialists at the time. And then later on, once the war really turned sour, he knew he could portray himself as some great humanitarian and get off all charges and seek asylum in the west.

The fact he immediately sought compensation from the allies for an outrageous sum for his work makes me sus about his wholesome noble intentions. Plus physiognomy plays a part here and he just looks the part of the earlier grifter playboy that he was.

No. 1585592

>start reading post
>says the Jews
>stop reading post

No. 1585621

kek wow those stoners discovered the moon

No. 1585631

I hope they burn the cop shop down tonight like they were planning to yesterday. Coming on the same day that old woman they ran over with their police car during the coronation dies as well. Why are us bongs so spineless? Do the pigs need to run over a member of the royal family before people say anything? I'm terrified they'll start killing the protestors they keep locking up illegally, some are still imprisoned from being rounded up for no reason at the coronation FFS. Judge Silas reid is trying these political prisoners and he compiled a list of 56 phrases you will immediately go to jail if you say them in court, including: climate change, injustice, emergency, pollution, hunger, activism etc. So you're literally not allowed to defend yourself or explain your actions in court. The defendants are mostly little old women and Christians.

No. 1585691

I'm Jewish and I believe anon is right. I also read up on Schindler and it just doesn't make sense that he'd go from being a depraved asshole to someone capable of empathy. Like anon said, it was obvious the Nazis weren't going to win, so what better way to cover your ass post-war? Make yourself out to be "one of the good ones". The fact he sought compensation shows that he was a calculated man who had thought all this through. Splitting hairs over the phrase "the Jews" is really dumb.

No. 1586674

File: 1684996173939.jpg (305.32 KB, 1440x1600, qy4te1vVlhG9cni.jpg)

I think governments are trying to normalize(or at least desensitize), the general population to surrogacy. think about it, manufacturing people feels like the authoritarian government's dream for an indentured workforce. It is likely that governments all over will use it in the background to create child soldiers and child laborers.
Moreover, I also wonder how growing in a machine instead of a human mother would affect the mental development of a fetus. It could potentially have an impact on their emotional regulation, as neglect in early infancy can have lifelong consequences. Fetuses in the womb are aware to some extent of their surroundings and become familiar with their mother's presence. Therefore, growing up in a mechanical womb could be cold and devoid of warmth, which may affect a child's emotional development. it is important to consider the potential for misuse of this technology, with creeps using it to create children for their twisted needs

No. 1586690

Idk, if only women were allowed to use these machines, it would liberate us.

No. 1586695

jesus christ, imagine when it's like eight and a half months along, just has it's eyes open in there looking at the machines or whatever but no one talking to it or anything, fuckin creepy

No. 1586699

>authoritarian government's dream for an indentured workforce
It's also dream of the pedo elites. Children can be born without parents that care about them, so they would be easier to abuse and it causes less suspicion than taking children from the care system.

No. 1586722

There is absolutely no way we will ever be able to use these kinds of machines for ourselves. And surrogacy now (and it's going to be like this for a long time) is basically abusing women, how can women be liberated if we abuse other poorer women?

No. 1586736

I wasn't talking about surrogacy. Theoretically artificial wombs would be liberating, but I agree its unlikely they will be feasible in our lifetime.

No. 1586758

at the possible expense of the child? it's extremely risky to change the environment a fetus grows in, there could be important necessities that wouldn't be accounted for and it could be an extreme problem. like what >>1586695 said.
idk. but w/e i dont want kids anyway

No. 1586762

There's just something in me that experiences white hot rage when I see a gay moid exploiting women with surrogacy. These narcissistic men do not deserve to have children. It just feels so dystopian and makes me despair.

No. 1586764

based. two coomers shouldnt be allowed to have some poor delusional woman to have a kid for them. i can imagine that some women who do surrogacy end up bonding to, y'know, a LIFE growing inside of them (esp with pregnancy hormones and all that) and regret having to just give the baby away to two random degenerate scros.

No. 1586765

samefag but i'm also disgusted some twitterfag referred to the MOTHER as the "pusher".

No. 1586795

yep this is why they're pushing it, pun not intended. Womb-buyers will often pay multiple poor women to host their sperm, then as the pregnancies progress, buy off or cut contact with the women whose pregnancies are seemingly less successful or ones who aren't as compliant as the others. In some countries it's actually illegal for the abandoned surrogates to abort the unwanted baby - or the surrogate couldn't bear to do it, understandably - so already, there's "spare" babies out there available for… well, whatever the customer wants, I guess, since the mother was already willing to sell them in the first place. Genuinely not trying to racebait but these babies will often be white or light skin Asian (and since the egg/sperm donors were rich, likely good looking) but born in a country where these ethnicities are a minority. This would make them more valuable for activities or purposes I don't want to talk about. Best case scenario these kids grow up in their slum neighbourhood as a walking red flag that their mom only had them for money, which is awful. This is the absolute dream of Epstein level pedos. An industrious nonce could even set up a "legit" surrogacy company and simply track down all the spare babies that their customers have abandoned. It's a nightmare.

No. 1586816

Does anybody else feel like anti-life policies are being shilled? I was reading Tracy Twyman's book Genuflect and there she talked about various Ophite Gnostic cults that wanted to completely overthrow creation. I've just been finding it very strange that America which I believe is the most controlled and brainwashed place by the elite, is so obsessed with guns (I heard that Americans shoot home intruders as self defense which is kind of absurd) and the emphasis on mass and school shootings (even linking American identity with the use of guns), as well as supporting the death penalty despite almost all other democratic countries having abolished this (weirdly enough a lot of Catholics even support it and say it supports a Bible verse that talks about self defense but I'm not quite sure how the death penalty would be self defense… Considering the fact that Catholic priests were paid by the Republican party to support their policies I don't think this is a coincidence either and believe the elite are trying to drum up support for murder) Nukes are also an extreme example of complete death but I also believe that the weird shilling by moids on Reddit of nuclear energy despite the increased thyroid cancer rates is concerning (there's also a LOT of lobbying and propaganda involved)

Similarly, I think the rise in misogyny is tied to hating creation - in this book she talks about the cult of Mithras being misogynistic and the origin of creation being Mithras inseminating a literal bull instead of a woman. This would explain why transgenderism is rising, because they want to find a way of creating life without the use of women such as the infamous mouse studies that created an "artificial" womb and therefore there is a large focus on MTFs while FTMs are left being sterilized.

And in addition women are being completely separated from childbirth, to the point where we use degrading language towards women as uterus Havers etc. and using another woman as a womb often for money, completely ignoring the bond that forms between mother and child and the difficult 9 month procedure. I also think some of this ties into how some people value animals over children to the point where we say "adopt don't shop" for pets but completely disregard this for literal babies. Advertisements for selling your eggs are also popping up like crazy too with people pretending it's the same as ejaculating into a cup. And this completely separates the mother from her child where she doesn't even know who her child is and is just used by another family, with babies being used as commodities and the mother being blamed for anything genetically wrong with the child by the family. We are even being separated from our own genetic material through the selling of DNA from DNA testing services such as 23andme.. in other words we cannot create, and if we do create it's seen as a mechanic process that can be forced whenever you want it, and even our own DNA isn't safe from being used (possibly for finding new ways of creating life without the use of women?)

I also think hatred for life comes into the act of creating itself and that's why there's no romance only lust - we are seeing other women as bodies to be sold and objectified in prostitution, including brothels such as those in Germany trafficking Romanian women etc. and videographic prostitution (aka porn, I just call it a form of prostitution because the only difference between the two is a camera). Now you've got young women being encouraged into onlyfans, and sex positivity being so extreme that hookup culture is awarded while we are called prudes if we do not abide by this. There's also the issue of birth control and how sex is no longer seen as creation (I promise I'm not some religious nut when I'm talking about this) and instead only seen as a casual thing you just do. I'm still a bit unsure about how abortion ties into all of this because of how women cannot have abortions anymore, but I do think that the concern the elite have for abortion does not have to do with women's rights but rather to do with ending life especially life they see as unworthy e.g. babies with Down syndrome in Iceland etc.

From the beginning we have been forced to believe that the creator is the Father, not us, and even then he is never called a mother despite "birthing" chidlren. Virgin Mary somehow never had sex and was never impregnated, she simply bore her child. None of this is native thinking at all, we've been lied to believe creation is a prison.

No. 1586825

>as the "pusher"
this is what they called me on the playground

No. 1586832

Yeaaaaahhh not this please. Smells traddy in here.

No. 1586833

other than "faggot" i mean

No. 1586834

File: 1685011350803.jpg (188.48 KB, 800x759, Skyrider_Yahweh.jpg)

Its not complicated, Iron Age Judaism was a unique religion that deviated from the norm due to various cultural and geographic factors. Initially, Yahweh was seen as a warrior deity who supplemented El, the highest paternal god, and eventually even took attributes from El's consort Asherah, the mother creator deity. As a result, Yahweh's character in the Old Testament appears to be multifaceted, with passages describing him as both a protective and maternal figure towards Israel, as well as a destructive and warlike deity towards other nations.

No. 1586835

Damn that's a lot of words

No. 1586847

This is an interesting take nona, I agree with a lot of it but as non-burgers (? I'm assuming neither of us are) I feel like we can't really understand what's going on in the American consciousness. It seems like at least two separate, competing consciousnesses, actually (or urban Vs rural, rich Vs poor etc). Your point about loving or tolerating death vs hating abortion made me think that the moids banning abortion are doing so to protect their own unborn fetuses - I don't think it's a coincidence that the politicians getting caught raping women (as opposed to men or children) tend to be right wing. Moids like Elon Musk are inspired by historical conquerors like Charlemagne and Genghis Khan who had as many offspring as they could by raping/marrying as many women as physically possible. I think most if not all anti-choice male politicians got a victim pregnant but she aborted it and now they're trying to stop that happening again. They don't want to be a father to the extra kids, just use them to spread their genes and therefore be a bigger man. This is why they're obsessed with "replacement", they think all moids think this way. I'm religious & while I think abortion is morally wrong, forcing your horrible genes to spread far and wide against everyone's will is much worse, that's why women should always have the right to choose an abortion and men should have zero say in it. i also think these moids would knock up their own daughters given half a chance and that's why they're so strict on cases of abortion due to incest

No. 1586854

they just hate women it's not that deep.

No. 1586857

if you don't understand why something is, you can't change it

No. 1586861

I would if I had the same symptoms as my sister. I don't even PMS anymore. If it's deep infiltrating, would I feel it?
It's male jealousy realizing they only destroy and never create. They don't create 'civilizations' as they love to say. A civilization cannot exist without its people, and it falls without women. Males want to be able to give birth so badly. Also, I think this is a trend that follows once women receive more rights. The more rights women have and the more equal opportunities, the more males realize women triumph over them in every facet of life except sheer physical strength. That is all males have.

No. 1586958

File: 1685025314551.png (19.32 KB, 804x408, Screenshot 16.png)

This actually happened in some high-profile cases, A convicted Australian pedophile was basically allowed to purchase a baby from Thailand and this managed to become internetional news, which led to the Thai government creating legal measures to prevent similar incidents. Other instances include an Israeli sex offender buying a girl from India and an American gay couple who made sex films with surrogate children from Georgia. These are just a known cases, but there are likely many more cases of pedophiles in the surrogacy industry who have not been caught.

No. 1586963

Yahweh was also constructed from the Mesopotamian gods Enlil and Enki, which is why he sounds schizo as fuck in the Old Testament because it's literally two different gods being at odds with one another

No. 1587027

You forgot that feminism has been hopelessly astroturfed. If i read another autistic "radfems" (My other tinfoil is that a lot agressivly anti-het radfems here are faggots, too) calling heterosexual women "breeders" i'm going to lost it. It doesnt matter how much we cope about it, anti-life propaganda is inherently anti women. We can talk about how it's not inherent on a literal sense until our tongues fall but males aren't able to separate womanhood from life, and thats it. But yeah, we're in a death cult age. About the catholic part it's also pretty simple: the current Pope believes that we're at the verge of something called "The age of the Holy Spirit" and that entitles a lot of society being destroyed, to be able to enter a new stage. A very derrotist idea if you ask me, but i guess it's useful for now because Catholicism simply does not have the strength to confront TPTB.
I'm not going to go to hard on your last point because i know religion in burgerland it's fucked but the whole point of the Virgin Mary is that the creation of life it's an intersection between women and The Divine (as it, larger than life, not regular males. Regular males are mostly onlookers on the whole thing. This is something that fucking destroys the male mind, to put it lightly)
As a non-burger my tinfoil is that burgers don't have an "American consciousness", the American people have been tirelessly psyoped for the last 70 years or so. It's crazy because it's literally a psychotic society and it's showing it's limits because you can have victims rasing victims for so long until it fails.
Welp this explains the conclusions of Sabina Spielrein.

No. 1587195

nta but the post isn't traddy imo. being against perversion is based, women dont benefit long term from perversion anyway

No. 1587320

You fucking morons jump at the sight of your own shadow and think it's a tradwife. You get more butthurt by the linking of women and motherhood than trannies do. Get a grip.

No. 1587446

File: 1685057779489.png (264.81 KB, 1192x1280, Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 7.36.…)

Was anyone here apart of GATE or other gifted programs as a child? I just read this whole github and my interest is piqued.


No. 1587452

sorry, I see that it's been talked about in previous threads

No. 1587525

ayrt. you'd probably have symptoms, including pain of some sort. If you're not having any, you're probably fine.

No. 1587609

>and believe the elite are trying to drum up support for murder
you know what happens in a lot of those "democratic", "civilized" countries where the death penalty has been abolished though? they release murderers after like 30years of prison tops and preach ~rehabilitation~ and then the murderers/rapists go on to make new victims. because yes in some european countries not only death penalty isn't a thing but "imprisonment for life" means 30 years. sounds more like support for murder than the opposite, people are barely deterred from committing crimes. maybe real imprisonment for life could be a solution but i don't see how because most of these countries already struggle with over-populated prisons.
as for surrogacy/prostitution etc. it sounds more like terminal capitalism applied to the human body than "anti-life" measures because it does promote "easy" ways for people to have children despite their circumstances (single/sterile parents, gay moids etc), it's just very disconnected from motherhood and ethics yes.

No. 1588024

I see they mention Israeli art girlfriends. I'm not a lesbian, so what would the distaff counterpart be?

No. 1588026

>I wasn't just academically gifted; it was also part of a conspiracy!

No. 1588030

You will eat ze Israeli art major pussy. Live on ze chans. Own nothing, and be happy!

No. 1588093

Rehabilitation works if u do it right tho.. i live in one of those countries and the crime rate is low af

No. 1588113

Even if a cold-blooded murderer or a rapist never offends again: do they genuinely deserve to be alive? We're already over-populated, why let these scumbags share our resources?

No. 1588138

Honestly death seems like they get off easy? Being alive does not equal having a good life

No. 1588193

File: 1685120866477.jpg (160.95 KB, 1169x1137, Fw_bvu5XsBcp7Ul.jpg)

The UK is involved way more covert shit then people realize.

No. 1588198

That "getting off easy" shit is exactly what they want you to think. "Noooo don't kill me! Make me live a long life where my totally real conscience that I DEFINITELY don't lack will torture me SO much worse than death ever could!" At the end of the day, who even cares? Less murderers and rapists on earth is a net positive and it warns the others what'll happen to them.

No. 1588202

They should be kicked out.

No. 1588236

File: 1685124053193.jpg (28.81 KB, 300x449, 9781605983981.jpg)

People rightfully call out the CIA for their involvement in other countries affairs, it's important to recognize that MI6 is often equally involved. Despite having a defense budget significantly smaller than that of the US, The UK defense budget still receives a substantial amount of funding (the second highest in Europe after Russia) As such, MI6 works to justify its existence by serving as America and NATO's covert problem solver, gathering intelligence, carrying out assassinations, and conducting raids so effective that people don't even realize what happened.

No. 1588238

whoa. this is terrifying stuff….

No. 1588467

i feel 100% the same. we need a zero tolerance policy on stuff like this. idc abt revenge fantasies like not letting them "get off easy" by way of death, making them live thru punishments etc…id rather assure the safety of everyone else by making completely sure they can never escape and reoffend - kill em.

No. 1589068

File: 1685174926478.jpg (607.37 KB, 1170x4045, USPJhDBhrqGq.jpg)

As I delve deeper into Lysenko's work, I begin to question whether his ideas were as flawed as they were made out to be. In fact, if you examine contemporary research on genetics, you will find that many of the inquiries Lysenko raised back in his time are still being explored today. It doesn't hurt to consider the perspectives of even the most prominent critics of gene science, like Lysenko. Maybe he deserves a second look

No. 1589077

File: 1685176120461.jpg (257.51 KB, 1458x1977, Trofim_Lysenko_portrait.jpg)

A man with a jawline like this can't be wrong.

No. 1589079

Last time I checked leftypol had really heated debates about this man and his work.
My conclusion from watching such autism unfold was that he had some good ideas and did some good research that actually helped agriculture in the SU, but he also proposed some pretty crazy ideas which are most of what he's known for, and that his figure was/is used as a political/ideological tool both in favor and against. His failures did exist of course, but they're exaggerated for propaganda.

No. 1589084

Who's this man and what did he do?

No. 1589100

What the fuck? Even if this isn't predictive programming or whatever, still, what the fuck? Vidrel is really shitty but just look at the clips of the ceremony. ????

No. 1589176

I remember watching this opening ceremony back in 2012 and my tinfoil senses were tingling like mad. I tried talking about it with friends, saying that it was very odd for the occasion and that it didn't even fit as a "celebration of the NHS" or w/e the fuck they tried passing it off as. But I got the "omg it's just art don't be crazy" bullshit.

No. 1589180

File: 1685190880734.jpeg (112.93 KB, 1155x648, 296x728.jpeg)

I feel genuinely angry about this. The audacity of taking away the only mother that baby has ever known, just a couple of hours after being born and placing him on the chest of a complete stranger(which must be incredibly uncomfortable for him). It makes me feel sick to my stomach

No. 1589357

So this isn't a tinfoil but something I found disturbing, so a few days ago, a video about Isaac Newton appeared in my recommended on Youtube. I clicked on it and was immediately struck by the voice, which I recognized as Christopher Lee and assumed it was a recording he must have made. A few days later, I watched another video from the same channel, and when the voice said the channel's name, I was genuinely shocked. I checked the comments and discovered that the voice was AI-generated. I've heard other realistic AI voices before, but this one in particular unnerved me and felt downright demonic.

No. 1589366

I'm glad surrogacy is slowly but surely getting banned in the world.

No. 1589921

hey, I was the GATEanon who posted the embarrassingly autistic GATE research infodump in the last thread, would be happy to discuss more if you like. I hadn't actually seen this GitHub so I'll have a read, thanks!

No. 1589937

samefag, that was, uh… do you want to summarise that for us please? They seem to be arguing that Anton LaVey reincarnated as a military man of some kind who was responsible for either bolstering or suppressing the abilities of GATE children because of the nephilim? Why do the nephilim care? I feel like a state sponsored scheme of intellect suppression is literally the opposite of what LaVey would've wanted to set up after coming back from the dead? He would've tried to make money out of it, for a start.

That said the "memory trigger" section did trigger GATE memories, and the expanded lists of traits and of experiences that tend to MK your personality that GATE annons have "accidentally" gone through were helpful. So this is still interesting on that topic, didn't mean to be mean nona.

No. 1589989

I saw this live and remember thinking it was goofy as hell, because the live BBC voiceover guy was explaining it as a metaphor for how the NHS is a British "hero" like Harry Potter, and the Voldemort puppet represents discrimination and death (the 2 things the NHS was set up to fight). Voldemort is known worldwide but the NHS probably isn't, so I guess the thinking was that foreigners would understand Voldemort at least and still be entertained. In 2012 the NHS was almost universally loved & was often described as the "British national religion". Ironically, 10 years later it's basically destroyed, so I guess Voldy won in the end.

No. 1590003

It was shit in 2012. My mother got botched that year by an unqualified surgeon who stood in last minute for the one meant to do the op. The tl;dr being that my mother ended up nearly dying from blood loss and now has permanent nerve damage. All from what was meant to be a routine operation. When we complained and tried arguing that the unqualified surgeon and the people present in the OR who let them proceed should be punished for negligence, it got memory holed. I'm glad I made enough money to switch to private healthcare now. I'm in remission from cancer, and a lot of the people I meet at support groups got screwed over by the NHS. I do wonder if it's being purposefully tanked so we can move into some American style bullshit, though.

No. 1590007

Ayrt, don't get me wrong anon, I'm anti NHS myself & resented the blatant propaganda at the time. I'm sorry to hear about your mother & what you've been going through. Blogpost but their negligence is beyond belief, I've been waiting since 2018 for a diagnosis - in 2020 I was told it was just IBS (after several highly invasive tests) but then 6mo ago I was summoned back to the hospital out of the blue to be re-tested for everything. Turns out the "doctor" that dxd IBS has been struck off for saying everyone has IBS to avoid doing any work, so now they had to re-do all his cases to find out how many people they told were basically fine have died due to whatever they actually had wrong with them. The tests he made me have were for the wrong part of my body, and didn't actually rule anything out, even cancer. In the meantime I've been getting sicker and sicker but unable to access any care due to the fake IBS diagnosis. I had to take time off work to endure 2 solid weeks of scans etc, because they demanded it, but now of course I can't get a word out of them despite being told to expect my results in 10 days. I genuinely don't expect to ever be told what's wrong with me or receive treatment, but I'm fairly sure it will kill me. My therapist told me that at this point the majority of her clients are in my situation, in other words she believes the lack of healthcare in the UK is the main cause of mental "illness" now, ie reasonable but extreme distress that's ruining lives. And we pay for this, 1/3 of my wage goes on this bullshit

No. 1590028

AYRT. Jesus Christ, anon. That's abhorrent treatment. I'm so sorry you have to go through all this. I don't mean to scare you, but I know a couple people with bowel cancer who initially got told it was just IBS. So many doctors seem to hate their jobs and do the bare minimum to earn their pay, like I get that it's hard work, but what the fuck were they expecting? Unfortunately I'm not surprised about what your therapist said. I also went through a period of misdiagnoses and it was extremely stressful to be deteriorating all the while the "experts" were telling me it's a minor, treatable illness. Actually sickens me that I'm paying for these incompetent butchers. Something needs to be done, for a start we need a better way to hold bad doctors accountable; but it'll never happen. Actually makes me laugh to see bongs brag online to the Americans that at least we have the NHS. It's absolutely not a flex any more, kek.

No. 1590211

Sorry for OT but, ayrt, did you/the people you know with bowel cancer have a skin rash too? Or reactions to certain foods? New Dr mentioned it could "just" be Crohn's so that's what I'm hoping for I guess kek fml

No. 1590353

File: 1685299388067.jpg (250.19 KB, 1080x1080, FxwfWYAEOAiq.jpg)

Whatever happened to this?

No. 1590358

AYRT, idk about skin rashes but both of them had bad reactions to certain food and found that over time the selection of what they can eat without any ill effects dwindled to almost nothing. I know Crohn's sucks but I hope it's that and not bowel cancer. You can get those home tests now, though. I recently had to use one myself as I was freaking the fuck out thinking my cancer had spread due to some issues I was having, here's the link: https://www.superdrug.com/health/home-testing-kits/selfcheck-bowel-health-test-kit/p/782419 you do it all at home, no need to send it away. Might be worth looking into with the NHS being… well, the NHS. Best of luck, nona. ♥

No. 1590608

I have been saying this for ages. They will run the NHS into the ground, and then we wil have Health insurance to pay on a monthly basis. We don't even have to look as far as America.
I lived in the Netherlands for 20 years, I paid on average €100 a month and I used to think, UK government would love to be getting all that sweet lolly.

No. 1590656

One of the biggest schizo fuels I've seen

No. 1590668

The buying and selling of women's aand childrens entire cellphone mic/camera/livestream is going to become more popular and giant conglomerates like apple are going to continue to gaslight the population into thinking their products are safe and hackproof. There's going to be a leak on par with Edward Snowden from a retired hacker about the buying, trading, and selling of your every private move. Every person you have laughed at for being paranoid about cellphones will be getting an apology.

No. 1590680

Ok breeder.
>anti-life propaganda
Life is literally death though. You can't separate one from the other. Every person who breeds commits a postponed murder. If you can't escape the cycle of death and rebirth and you're not even interested in escaping it, idk what you're even doing itt besides spreading your trad natalist propaganda. Go to motherhood thread or something.

No. 1590850

After reading about Marilyn Manson and the purple wand in the celebcows thread, he comes off as an mk handler; wouldn’t be surprised if he actually is.

No. 1590855

>>found that over time the selection of what they can eat without any ill effects dwindled to almost nothing
Haha sounds like me, guess I'll die then… I'll do that test kit, I didn't know they were a thing. Thanks nona, you possibly saved my life today kek have a nice bank holiday!

No. 1591011

Please report back, nona! I check this thread most days. FWIW I had the same thing happen to me where my diet is now very bland and samey as very quickly I became borderline intolerant to a lot of food. Still don't know what the issue is, but it wasn't bowel cancer at least. I wish you all the best, you have a good bank holiday too.

No. 1591078

File: 1685370495903.jpg (65.57 KB, 653x653, 2t1ddy.jpg)

I thought this was going to be bullshit at first, but then it all started to click. Jesus Christ, dude. I'm schizzin' out over here.

No. 1591419

Troonism is being pushed to understand how excess estrogen affects males because of all the hormone-altering chemicals in our water and food.

No. 1591432

But they already knew before the big trans push happened

No. 1591777

Nta but I agree with you. It is really discouraging to think of what forces have created or allowed patriarchy and femicide to thrive. It also feels like for the most part, females creatures are universally the ones capable of living a morally upright life and that male species are universally lower beings (violence, lack of empathy/love, lesser bond with their offspring, etc).

No. 1591825

>implying the richest people and world leaders actually took the vaccines
Lmfao nonnie

No. 1591831

Sage for Christian sperg but I believe this too & think it's a good explanation for why women are morally superior to men and yet we suffer from a patriarchy. Green text cos my original post was long
>>Eve was Adam's moral guide which was why he followed her in eating the apple
>>God punished Eve for her mistake by making Adam higher in the leadership hierarchy than her
>>now if Eve wanted to be safe then she'd have to work hard to make Adam & all other men (her future sons) be nonviolent and kind
>> women care for, raise and teach kids, not out of desire but because we can't trust men to do it, and this was God's design - women still lead all male children in moral development etc
>>later Mary was born & she was naturally a perfect woman
>> a perfect woman is incapable of committing sin, but only Jesus himself is a perfect man - perfection is impossible for mortal men
>> Mary atoned for Eve by attaining perfection, so since then women have been born free of sin, unlike men. (only Mary & Jesus ever been yeeted straight into heaven)
>> getting into heaven is much easier as a woman but the cost of that is putting up with moids, whereas a naturally violent moid will really struggle to enter heaven because he has to overcome his own nature first. All men who abuse women will go to hell.
>>A man is responsible for his wife & kids' sins, but not the other way around. This is to make things equal, since women are already suffering from being led by immoral men & men's sins hurt women & kids.

One nona mentioned how women = life and men = death, to add to that, in the Bible sin = death and Jesus = life, and Mary, the example for all women, gave birth to life/Jesus & taught Jesus morals. So to me it's obvious that women are meant to be the spiritual head of humanity while men are the physical (inferior) "head" of the family/state, but nothing important from God's POV, apart from He needs to stop men fucking up all the time in the Bible.

No. 1591840

well yeah, they were injected in front of crowds in some cases. Sure you can get jabbed with saline but the risk involved with putting on a fake jab show like that even once was huge. And you're saying they publically fake-jabbed multiple politicians around the world, sometimes in real hospitals, & it all went fine & not one single person leaked it? & presumably the politicians' families were also told the jabs were fake to stop the politician mums wanting the jab for politician kids, and none of them ever said anything either?

No. 1591843

>And you're saying they publically fake-jabbed multiple politicians around the world, sometimes in real hospitals, & it all went fine & not one single person leaked it? & presumably the politicians' families were also told the jabs were fake to stop the politician mums wanting the jab for politician kids, and none of them ever said anything either?

No. 1591847

but how did they keep the secret, do you think the pharma companies threatened every single one of them? VIPs out themselves for stuff like drunk driving and expenses fraud all the time, why would they keep a secret when it doesn't even benefit them? Like I agree with you that the jabs didn't work, but imo they caused long covid, and that's what's being covered up. If they did literally NOTHING then what were the vaccine companies manufacturing, saline? All the papers the virologists published about jab development were just fictional? Imo it only makes sense if celebs etc were given real jabs to promote uptake. They were banking on people not believing the jabs caused long covid since Dua Lipa or President Xi don't admit to having long covid & they had the jab. Like I'm fairly sure you could dip a pH test in a COVID jab and see if it's saline or not, like any nurse in possession of a vaxx bottle could've done that.

No. 1591919

When I converted to Christianity and attended bible study groups I suggested Eve was Adam's mentor as he quickly followed her lead over the literal word of God and the scrotes all chimped out on me, kek.

NTA but if the elites can pull off shit like 9/11 and false flag events without anything leaking, a bunch of false injections is a walk in the park. Wake up.

No. 1591973

kek ikr that's just the obvious explanation, it even says she was a "helper" for Adam - but this was before they had any work to do, so what was she helping him with if not spirituality? And the snake appealed to Eve by saying she would know everything God knows, suggesting that out of man & woman, it's the woman who has the ability to understand everything in spirituality. Adam didn't even want the knowledge kek. Then Eve gets upset that she's naked before Adam does, which made me think that she sees that Adam is a threat to her now that he's aware of nudity- before that, he probably listened to her, and now he just stares at her tits, which is why she needs clothes

No. 1591997

>And the snake appealed to Eve by saying she would know everything God knows, suggesting that out of man & woman, it's the woman who has the ability to understand everything in spirituality. Adam didn't even want the knowledge kek
YES, EXACTLY! See, this is why I don't really go to church much now because it's like… did we read the same book? How are these things ignored? They're not even subtext, it's pretty blatant. Moids will just say "durr the snake tempted Eve because it's evil and women can't handle knowledge" like Adam wasn't reliant on her kek. Even if you're an atheist, our world is testament to the fact that men can't handle knowledge and will only use it to destroy everything. If you ever wanna form a schizo Christian offshoot with me hmu.

No. 1592008

Putin is reincrnated Hitler, it's clear. Human history repeats itself because the same "souls", or cerain concentrated bits of the big consciousness if you like, are being born again. If they didn't learn the lesson in one life they get to be reborn untill they learn it. Putin is doing the same shit just in a different culture so it has different specifics but man it's so fucking similar. This soul didn't learn in that life and not in this life, it will be born again and let's hope it learns to be better before it makes these choises again. It may be here for a long time already.

No. 1592015

Everyone wants you to fail and will actively sabotage you. If they have something to gain they will use you and it may help you until they don't need you anymore then they will sabotage you. Better to never rely on others and never trust anyone. Let people think you are incompetent, and you will slip right past them. Their opinions don't even matter.

No. 1592018

I’ve been taking SSRI since i was 14. My doctor sent me to the EKG for another reason. It turns out that I might have something called “long QT syndrome” and it might be fatal.

Obviously I was very depressed teen but I can’t help but think if medication was the only option for me

No. 1592044

All of this proves that literacy is a great gift and the ability to read, understand, and interpret your own religious texts is paramount to comprehending its message and the context in which it was written. I wonder how many devout Catholics have never really read the Bible?
What is long QT syndrome??

No. 1592061

This is great i love it! I've been thinking about how humanity is very insectlike for some time now, it fits right into my theory about the primate to insect mind spectrum.

No. 1592063

File: 1685459916819.png (11.8 KB, 1377x1432, longqt.png)

No. 1592066

Oh nice, but how is that fatal?

No. 1592069

I'm so glad you replied with this because I immediately had the same thought lmao

No. 1592097

File: 1685462305868.jpg (7.67 KB, 250x181, 10169466_10201977968797551_213…)

Most Semitic religions thought of the fist human being as a conjoined(though not dual-sex) human being, you still find traces of this with early Judaism, God did not create mankind, he created Ha’Adam(from earth) and from Ha’Adam (humankind) God made them Ish (Man) and Isha (Woman). Despite this there are still traces of original telling, in Genesis
>“Male and female created he them, and blessed them, and called their name Adam”
i.e our first parent was originally both male and female

No. 1592104

No. 1592119

>"Brain zaps", which are barely acknowledged by the medical industry but well known by SSRI withdrawal victims, are actually mini seizures caused by an acute absence of GABA in the brain. The electrical signals are massively strengthened since your body is used to fighting through a haze of artificially boosted GABA, so a small area of the brain "lighting up" can quickly snowball into a thunderstorm in the brain. This can cause actual seizures/unconsciousness (which doctors totally deny) as well as dysregulated and excessive emotional responses, hypersexuality, hyperawareness
Holy shit holy fuck so I'm actually more susceptible to seizures now? I knew I wasn't worried over nothing, plus I had an EEG done by a neurologist and the fucker told me my brain was normal, I just had "very elevated levels of anxiety"… Like fucker where do you think I got it from? I wasn't this anxious when I was still taking SSRIs, back then I just had clinical depression. That was years ago. Now I'm not so depressed anymore because of major life changes but on the other hand I get horribly anxious over the smallest things which is something that didn't use to happen to me, or at least not to this degree. Could it have something to do with my medication? Also, I still get brain zaps every now and then when it's late and I'm sleepy and tired. I remember how frequent they were when I was taking sertraline whenever I took a little bit too long to take my next dose, and also when I finally stopped taking them altogether and experienced withdrawal. They have stopped for the most part but keep in mind that was almost 5 years ago for a few months and I still experience them sometimes. So I clearly haven't fully recovered from SSRI use. I hope this isn't permanent.
I have a young cousin who also took sertraline for depression, I'm hoping his dose was lower than mine and for a shorter time and that the damage isn't permanent because he is a child.

No. 1592131

I took mertazapine or however it's spelled, and it was given to me based on literally nothing. The side effects never went away, I got violent brain zaps that prevented me from sleeping, and when I did finally pass out it was hard to physically wake up. Like my eyelids felt like iron, I had to rub them for minutes to get them to open. I had a brain zap so bad my left arm went numb. Really? I could feel the zaps in my heart. So stupid, but I actually take setraline and it works really well with me. The withdrawal feels like hell if I forget my meds, but I take them everyday when I am at home. I think being on the wrong medication can fuck you up. I don't know if it's permanent, but if the meds don't work, don't take em. Are your zaps super painful and startling? Or does it feel more like a click?

No. 1592142

No my brain zaps are more like a "click" I guess, they're not painful but aside from feeling something like faint numbness I can feel my brain kind of "losing power" for a brief moment where I sort of feel dizzy/lose balance. It's an unpleasant sensation. It used to be stronger when I was still taking sertraline and it had nothing to do with me being fatigued or sleepy, it would happen to me at work when I forgot to take my meds. And then after stopping my medication they were frequent late at night if I was still awake.
Thankfully I didn't get worse side effects (other than my current anxiety, possibly) or take a stronger drug.

No. 1592144

Yeah, I had brain zaps when not sleepy, though I guess mertazapine made me permanently tired and drowsy so maybe I was sleepy. If I forget my meds for a day I might get a zap. Well hopefully being off of it helps you, though zaps suck. Do you still get them late at night even though you've stopped? And how often? I don't like the idea of a permanent condition after quitting something…

No. 1592150

>Do you still get them late at night even though you've stopped? And how often?
I reposted my reply to add how they were shortly after going off sertraline, but now almost 5 years later I only get them rarely in the same situation (late and when tired/fatigued). I think my brain is recovering, but it has taken so long to get to this point I'm afraid of permanent side effects that I might not be aware of.

No. 1592153

post atheist nonas who have circled back to some semblance of faith, what kicked it off besides covid? the casual cruelty that has not only been on the rise but popularized through social media genuinely feels like the devil to me. like, in 1984 the kids dob on the parents for not falling in line and I feel like that's what we're training our kids to do with these "karen" or "____ gets OWNED" videos. It feels like it's promoting cruelty beyond what we're used to just due to the reach the internet has. any layman or wageslave (my people) can get life ruined over basically a spat?
idk weird way to come back around to it but I feel like faith, forgiveness and fortitude is helping. I almost miss going to church until we got sent to the catholics and I think I have religious ptsd

No. 1592158

Why do you have to associate immorality and cruelty with the literal devil?
Can't you have forgiveness and fortitude without religion?
If you have "turned back" to religion due to things you saw on the internet, things that are simply based on human psychology, then you were never really atheist to begin with as you never fully got rid of your beliefs.

No. 1592160

fr. the internet panopticon is so disturbing, that you can get doxxed, fired, life ruined over some stupid disagreement you would have both moved on from like 30 years ago. I sort of agree with your point on religion as at least that teaches you can be redeemed. feels like people just get blackballed if theyre 'cancelled' for racist twees or what have you. I hate it genuinely.

No. 1592169

I wouldn't define myself as following a proper religion, but I consider myself above regular spiritualism and now believe in higher powers and the existence of the soul. I believe that certain things can't be fully explained by logic alone, and there are mysteries beyond our understanding. Recently, I've been reading religious texts and commentaries written by women, mainly Christian ones although I would like to read others but I really can't find anything for other regions.

No. 1592170

Try reading about Taoism and Jainism, they are pretty interesting

No. 1592184

>but he started out with these kind of videos
No he didn't. Back in ~2016 he did his "Cringe intros" series and some challenges, like saying x word 1 million times.

No. 1592193

Witnessing the birth of my younger sister. Seeing this pure, beautiful soul that was yet to be soiled by this world being born was incredible. To see her surrounded by love immediately, and how that love was practically radiating off all of us… I can't explain it, but it felt very spiritual to me. I was in a nihilist rut of depression and drug abuse before that and this was literally like being visited by an angel. My whole world view changed after that. More recently though, I've started to feel like we're in the end times. Maybe not this planets end times, but our end times. Everything's just worse. Not just the fact that we're on the precipice of WW3 but stuff like the casual cruelty you mentioned and what >>1592160 said about the internet panopticon. I converted to Christianity (born and raised Jewish but lapsed in my early teens) though like I said in >>1591997 I don't attend church much anymore. My beliefs are a little more spiritual and schizoid than mainstream Christianity. I also believe in karma to a degree, which is part of why I do volunteer work. All I know for sure is that I have witnessed good in it's purest form (my little sisters, falling in love with my wife, etc) and I have also witnessed evil in it's purest form (shit I ain't posting here. I'm just trying to do good things with my life and be there for the people I love.

No. 1592203

Long QT syndrome is not dangerous itself, in fact it's just your heart working slightly different. It's believed that most people who have LGL syndrome have an alternative node that passes impulses differently from general population. Although it's just a theory and the real reason behind it is not known. I mostly see LGL in young anachans. Are you an (ex)anachan by any chance? Or bulimic?
But yeah, it's a nothing burger. Worst case scenario is that you might develop sinus tachycardia that is fatal, but your chances are only marginaly higher than the general population.

No. 1592241

Ayrt, nonas I feel cringe for saying this but all of these "unusual" Christian beliefs are welcomed and encouraged in Quakerism, please look into it if you feel led to! I became a Quaker after meditating ("meeting for worship") with my local group throughout lockdown, after they'd switched to zoom meetings. You literally just sit silently together, and if you feel the urge to speak sometimes, you can & everyone else listens. Atheists or people from other religions are welcome & you will never be asked to change anything you believe. It's the only support group that actually works imo, they saved my life. They're a strongly feminist and female-led organisation as well.

No. 1592313

There was a Soviet writer Lev Gumilev, who argued that very few people can truly be atheists. He suggested that human beings fundamentally need spirituality, and asserts that soulless communist sects of Marx and Trotsky could never succeed and that's why all the revolutions in the west failed.

No. 1592387

Quakers meditate? Huh, never knew that. I started meditating to try and fix my attention span but something about it felt like a connection to… idk, something else. I'm >>1592193 and like I said, I just want to do good in life. Do you have any recommendations for where to start reading up on Quakerism? I'd love to find somewhere that's more accepting of differing beliefs. Also, I am a recovering addict, would that be an issue?

I firmly believe most people benefit from some basic framework of spirituality or religion. It doesn't have to be set in stone, but just thinking that there's something out there can be extremely comforting to a lot of people. Most atheists I've met have been edgelords, permanently stuck in their "fuck you mum and dad! I'm not going to church!" mentality. If you lurk their communities online, you can see how they cling to science as their belief system. I'm tired and ESL so can't word this great, but I think it proves that we all need something to cling to and that in lieu of spirituality/religion, we'll just find something else. The few genuine atheists I've met have indeed been soulless, horrible individuals.

No. 1592420

I wasn't raised to be religious yet as I got older I found myself interested in religion and have read different versions of The Bible, the lost books of The Bible, The Quran, The Bhagavad Gita and various other religious texts. Even though it sounds weird, God existing makes the most sense to me. It's difficult to explain. Sometimes I think that most religions worship the same God and are just different interpretations of the same events that have been altered over time. Current religious texts are corruptions of what is the truth. They have been changed by men to fit their own desires to shape human behaviour and gain power. I don't know which is the "correct" religion, I follow the guidance that's found in all religions which is basically be a good person.

No. 1592445

Wow, what the fuck. My roommate is trying to come off Cymbalta and keeps having (terrifying) seizures, she's been to the emergency room, her psychiatrist, and her general doctor and they're ALL like "welp, there's really no way at all to tell what those are, most likely they are panic attacks" (she has a history of panic attacks). Do they literally not know this basic fucking shit of how the medication they prescribed works are or they straight up lying their asses off? This is sick. No one has even mentioned this theory which is super straightforward and plausible. They're acting like there is no explanation whatsoever other than they might be panic attacks. Do you know if these seizures are dangerous the way epileptic seizures can be, or are they different? I'm really scared for her.

No. 1592466

I stopped taking them because they didn't help with general anxiety for me (social anxiety disappeared though! apparently those are two different things for me lol) but the way my head felt while I was getting off them made me never want to take them again. I stopped cold turkey, I didn't know you shouldn't do that. It wasn't zaps, it felt like my brain turned into a spiral going inwards. Like random immediate sensations of my brain swirling into a vortex reaching towards something that wasn't there. It wasn't like dizziness. Lasted for two weeks.

No. 1592678

The Rockefeller’s are responsible for Big Pharma and possibly our and other countries’ healthcare systems suck

No. 1592722

To any nonna in this thread that is suffering from depression and doesn't want to take medication, look into amino acid therapy. This can be done by visiting a doctor that specializes in treating people with amino acid therapy or you can do your own research. Amino acids can be bought as powders from health food shops and are safe to consume as long as you aren't eating half a bag in a day. Amino acids are commonly taken by athletes and anyone that does a lot of exercise. Their use has been well researched and studied. Studies are freely available online.

The theory behind amino acid therapy and anti-depressants is the same, depression is caused by a lack of certain neurochemicals, these being serotonin, noradrenaline (norepinephrine) and dopamine. Anti-depressants work by blocking the reuptake of neurochemicals so more is available as a neurotransmitter. Tricyclics such as amitriptyline, SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) such as fluoxetine, SNRIs (Serotonin–Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors) such as venlafaxine, all work on this principle. MAOIs (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors) work differently but the theory behind why they work is the same. MAOIs block monoamine-oxidase which is an enzyme in the human body that breaks down neurotransmitters, so blocking the release of monoamine-oxidase means that more neurochemicals are available as neurotransmitters.

Neurochemicals are synthesized in the body from amino acids. The source of amino acids is protein. Protein is made up of amino acids and these are released as protein is broken down in the digestive tract. Serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine are synthesized from tyrosine and tryptophan. By ingesting more tyrosine and tryptophan, the body now has what it needs to synethize an adequate amount of serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine. Instead of blocking the reuptake or preventing the breakdown of neurotransmitters, which has systemic side effects, amino acid therapy works by simply providing what the body needs through diet supplementation.

This is a basic explanation. There's many theories as to why depression occurs and this can range from what is posted above, to bowel issues that prevent the absorption of amino acids and the inflammation theory which is based around the modern diet providing an excess of omega-6. It's likely caused by multiple factors that aren't addressed by anti-depressants which is why they either don't work or turn people into life long patients.

I successfully used amino acid therapy to treat myself for depression in my early 20s when I was struggling to cope with being abused and neglected as a child and teenager. My GP wanted to prescribe venlafaxine which I refused.

No. 1592889

Well it's called "holding the silence", which is a form of silent prayer that is done together. The idea is you're listening for/to God (or "the Light" since not all Quakers believe in big G God) together, rather than a sermon, since Quakers don't have priests, ceremonies or sermons. I meditated for years but silent worship feels different & more effective imo. Being an ex addict (or even current addict) is totally accepted, I'm one, as is being an ex con, Quakers are known for their work helping people in jail and etc as well as climate and feminist activism. If you like reading old religious texts, the work of Elizabeth Fry is great since she focuses a lot on women's role in Christianity (here's some other Quaker women leaders too www.quaker.org.uk/blog/8-badass-quaker-women), alternatively here's a starting point https://quaker.org/becoming-a-quaker/ Quakers like to read passages from "Quaker Faith and Practice" to start meetings, it's like a guidebook on how to get into it since the Quaker experience is different for everyone. Fox, the guy who founded it with Margaret Fell in 17thc, summed it up as respecting "that of God in everyone" and therefore refusing to accept discrimination or any authority above God. They got arrested a lot and we still are to this day kek

No. 1592895

ayrt, I think doctors must be lying about not knowing the side effects, since many doctors are on them too. All seizures can be dangerous, so please look after your poor friend nona, but hopefully the zaps will stop soon. They're triggered by moving your eyes left and right quickly, so shutting your eyes can stop the zaps. If you taper off very slowly, like 25mg steps a week max, the zaps go away quicker, I guess because the brain has time to adjust. Mine have only just stopped & I'd had them for weeks when I made my original GABA post. YMMV but drinking loads of cranberry juice seems to have helped (had a UTI too cos I'm cursed kek). Idk if it has long term effects, I feel like I have brain fog but I also have long covid. I think if you're young & healthy your brain should bounce back.

No. 1592897

samefagging to add, I feel no different from how I did on the sertraline, except that I'm laughing more and feeling more confident, with others have pointed out. So sometimes I cry for "no reason" (healthily expressing suppressed emotions) or get angry, but on the other hand I can actually enjoy being who I am sometimes. Personally I'd say "treating" depression with ssris is only worth it if you literally never laugh or never feel anything positive, cos otherwise it's not worth losing the ability to feel intense positive emotions as well as sad ones.

No. 1592957

AYRT, thanks for the links, nona. I've bookmarked them to read later. This genuinely sounds like it could be the more accepting, chill religious sect I've been looking for.

No. 1592968

I read a convincing article that argues "rib" denotes "uterus" (partially from context and partially on philological grounds). Since then, I haven't seen another fitting interpretation that convinces me.

I study ancient languages and history, but am just now learning Hebrew (my focus up to now has been on Greek and Roman stuff, esp. religions). I'll defend my PhD in the fall/winter, probably. Conspiracy nonnies will appreciate that my most speculative chapter connecting a certain aspect of Old Testament prophecy/revelation with a Greek (and later Roman) goddess has won me some skeptics. Especially since it's not a universally "good" goddess. It's kind of funny how biased some of these people are by modern conceptions of divinity and binary thinking.

No. 1593069

File: 1685543099578.jpg (29.85 KB, 478x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Now, I don't believe in majority of the wild theories about Hollywood, but I'm starting to believe that Hollywood probably does have public humiliation rituals to get certain types of people who are willing to sacrifice their dignity. These rituals are also probably used to weed out those who either don't want to participate, or have parents or guardians who object and care for their kids. Think back to some shows you watched as a kid on Disney and Nickelodeon. I'm willing to bet there was at least one crossdressing episode, where a child actor had to crossdress for some convoluted reason, and it was presented as "funny", but would have been uncomfortable for the child actors. Sensible parents would never expose their kids to such situations. However, fame/money-hungry parents would. This practice would be an ideal way to both to humiliate the child and to test the parents' willingness to how much their prepared to sacrifice of their kid for fame.
pls don't post any pictures of actual children for obvious reasons

No. 1593077

>my most speculative chapter
I'm so curious. you probably shouldn't post in detail for anonymity's sake but what's the gist?

No. 1593079

>They're triggered by moving your eyes left and right quickly
Interesting. Have you ever heard of EMDR? I wonder why rapid eye movement can affect the brain so much.

No. 1593084

You're not supposed to stop cold turkey ree! Yeah the inward spiral is a very real feeling. Terrifying.
Quakers are great, it's so interesting that such a pacifist people got arrested a ton.
Sometimes I wanna get off meds to not depend on them, but honestly, I still laugh/cry/feel emotion on it. Off of the meds I didn't really feel anything except a cold, hard pain in my heart and a constant background narration about death. I still feel intense emotion, so I personally think these meds do fix whatever was wrong with my brain. At least I hope so.

No. 1593101

>You're not supposed to stop cold turkey ree
yeah I figured that out lol

No. 1593122

All the new disney remakes and films, including all movies for companies owned by disney like marvel, are for money laundering and tax write offs. They say they cost way more than they have, because none of them look even remotely decent quality, then they fudge the numbers to look profitable. Nobody likes these movies, people use them as agendas but nobody actually likes them.

No. 1593186

It isn't just zaps, it's full-body seizures that look the same as an epileptic seizure (to me). Uncontrollable shaking. The actual seizure part lasts around 15 minutes but she is very anxious/shakey and has other symptoms like a panic attack for 30 minutes or so and then sort of out of it for hours. They actually always start while she is almost asleep. Not fully asleep but in that sort of pre-sleep stage where it looks like she is asleep. She actually just stopped tapering off and is now taking the medication again because it is too difficult/scary to deal with. She wanted (and was told by her doctors) to come off the medication because the side-effects are so horrific in the first place so it's pretty fucked up. I was with her at the appointment when they told her to come off, and I asked if there was a way for her to come off more slowly due to withdrawal effects (I have been on psych meds so I knew that this could be a potential issue) and they told her that 25mg is the smallest dose of cymbalta and it's completely 100% fine to just stop taking it at that dose and in fact there is no other way to taper off because that's the smallest dose they can prescribe. Then I look it up online and see that many people take like 9 fucking months to a year to taper off that dose and do it by taking the beads out of the capsule. I feel like I'm living in some kind of bizarro world. Like how the fuck do the doctors have less information than a random imageboard poster or a five minute google search? They never came across someone before who had withdrawals off stopping cymbalta, when if you google it it seems like every other person has extreme difficulty? These aren't even general doctors they are literally consultant psychiatrists who were in education for a fucking decade and specialized in prescribing this psychiatric medication who charge 250 euros to speak to for 15 minutes. I don't understand how this can be happening.

No. 1593198

cymbalta? shit i'm glad i stopped it so early then. i tried it years ago. i feel like i've tried almost everything now. it made me get angry really easy so i quit it a few weeks in. the worst withdrawal symptoms i've ever had were from pristiq. terrible brain zaps. restlessness. i was off of it 3 days cold turkey because my doctor didn't order it in when he was supposed to and by that time i had to get someone to drive me to the pharmacy once it finally got filled because i could not safely get there myself. waiting in the pharmacy line i had to lean on the friend who brought me 'cause i was nodding out in a weird way

No. 1593203

Nayrt but god thats infuriating. I took myself off prozac which I know isnt the same drug, but I started taking it 6 days a week for 2 weeks, then 5 days for 2 weeks, then 4, etc til I was doing one on a Sunday, then none. Staggering the off days when doing 5 a week etc. I think I had and still have some withdrawl effects (this is recent) mostly anxiety and bouts of crying? Not awful but noticable. If 25 is the lowest maybe she can start skipping days? Or maybe dissolve the pill or tablet in a measured amount of water, and drink exactly half one day, other half the other, and so on. If its a tablet can she crush or split it? A mortar and pestle pulverizes tablets super easy, so its finely mixed powder that way the same ratio of whatever is uniform, instead of splitting the tablet or capsule in half and maybe getting an uneven distribution of ingredients, of tht makes sense. Good luck nonna with your friend. I really feel for yall.

No. 1593207

I can't remember who but a black entertainer spoke about how Hollywood specifically wants to humiliate black men and will make them do some zany cross-dressing shit before letting them do bigger projects.

No. 1593230

Ayrt, the test was negative! I'm crying with relief that I don't have cancer but also crying with sadness cos I probably have Crohn's. I chased up the results today & receptionist was like "uhhh the results are here but the doctor needs to speak to you about them…" aka we might tell you some horrible news in about 6 weeks. So this test has saved me from going crazy. Thank you nona!

No. 1593258

File: 1685558306526.jpeg (159.56 KB, 1296x730, GettyImages-1235174263-H-2023.…)

It was Dave Chappelle, but what he said, I believe, applies to most Hollywood stars. They have to take on at least one embarrassing/emasculating role, so that the producers can confirm their power over them.
picrel is young Tom Hanks btw.

No. 1593279

Nona that's fantastic! I know Crohn's is horrible, but my mother has bowel cancer and it's a really awful thing to have; it made my cancer look like a walk in the park. What the receptionist said to you is definitely NHS talk for "shit ain't good" but hopefully this will lead to you being able to take steps to manage your condition. Wishing you all the best. ♥

Yes! Dave Chappelle. I think it probably extends to all male entertainers too. Sex offenders are hardly the picky type. This theme of "breaking" men seems prevalent in all areas of the entertainment industry. Allegedly, rappers are targeted for gay sex (be that consensual or not) because of the excessive bravado they show and those encounters are then used as blackmail material. I think there's a lot of cycles of abuse though. Moids venting their anger at getting assaulted by assaulting others. I remember seeing a Lil Wayne interview where he admits to getting nonced on and enjoying it. IIRC he also implies that he continued the cycle of abuse with young kids in the studio. Kinda reminds me of the Puff Daddy fucked Usher and Usher fucked Justin Bieber tinfoil that's got pretty popular.

No. 1593292

I read that article too! It said that the original human being was neutral (both sexes maybe) and god took the uterus to make the woman, and what was left of the original human (without uterus) became the man. It was a very interesting interpretation and it always comes to mind when I think of religion.

No. 1593434

Nta but what you’ve wrote about about the sexual aspect in the rituals made me go back and watch the Madonna x Britney x Christina vma performance. From the looks of it, Madonna was ‘initiating’ them into the upper echelons of the music industry which might explain why Britney hasn’t been killed off yet resisting her programming and snitching nor Christina for making shitty albums that don’t make the cut.

Judging from how Madge was molesting the pop princesses onstage, I’m inclined to believe they had a ménage a trois afterwards.

No. 1593518

low iq take. why would hitler fight against the neo-nazis (aka ukranians)?

No. 1593540

Predators spend their whole brainpower devising ways to harm people without consequences, so it makes sense that they will always pick whoever they can exploit and gain access to without question. Young men in Hollywood are abused as much as young women, there is just an even greater stigma on saying anything for them. Its evident in what ends up happening to a lot of male child stars–poor Corey Feldman is considered a lying mockery when he came forward with the truth, and lost his best friend who was also abused to drug addiction. Homophobia in the black community is even more rigid, so preying upon young black men who want to be in the industry is the perfect crime for these evil men. Since they get off on breaking people, it's probably considered some sort of trophy to them. It's also well known that a lot of boy bands were victims of violent sexual abuse. It's pretty reasonable to be wary of most males who "talent scout" or manage young men.

No. 1594002

File: 1685614076128.jpg (49.09 KB, 500x513, FxAECpJ9QbMuWA.jpg)

I would bet that there is an equal ratio of abuse towards young men and women in Hollywood. It is also likely that most actors/actresses have either sold themselves or sold out their loved ones and are completely complacent with the system. For example, Meryl Streep defending Harvey Weinstein

No. 1594054

omg nonnie I wish we could read your thesis without you doxxing yourself, that sounds really interesting. Good luck with your PhD!
my uninformed theory is that rapid eye movement floods the brain with nerve signals, like how you'll get a low framerate in a videogame if there's suddenly a lot of objects on screen because the GPU has to work harder. I never got brain zaps while lying down with my eyes closed, but I've experienced them if I'm having a lucid dream or a nightmare, which suggests to me they're based on brain activity rather than seeing (although ofc when dreaming your eyes move around a lot as well).
Fetuses are all female at first and then develop male organs from the cells that would have been the female organs, so technically this idea reflects the reality that female is the default.

No. 1594674

hi friends, I have to sleep bc I'm traveling all day tomorrow but I'll post something about it later that doesn't dox me. There's actually a big space for me to play around in. I've also worked on identifying which classical (Greek/Roman) authors knew the Old Testament or intertestamental literature, since the Septuagint and Old Latin versions of the OT were circulating while classical Latin / Roman Greek authors were writing. That's a topic many classicists don't want to touch, despite the fact that there's literary value in the OT.

Love that nonnas here are interested in this stuff btw, I love reading your thoughts. Smarter than my grad school peers, many of you

No. 1594692

It's weird how a lot of these terms ended up in mainstream internet usage when pedo bear was a popular meme.

No. 1594938

File: 1685686662819.webm (1.86 MB, 432x240, lj5Lr9eFsDPOcbbr.webm)

I still very much believe in feminism, but I am starting to buy into the idea that the feminist movement was hijacked and started by the second wave, and has now been completely taken over by corporations and business owners. We saw the promotion of thinkers like Firestone (who argued that patriarchy is not caused by biology but by the female roles that were created through praxis) and Dworkin . At least Germaine Greer was honest about her ties with the CIA and her efforts to decrease the influence of socialist feminists

No. 1594940

File: 1685686724029.jpg (44.62 KB, 850x400, quote-w.jpg)

If you look into it, you'll see that the idea of raping children has been pushed as part of "sexual liberation" even with radical feminism.

>Gayle Rubin, a feminist and a professor who wrote an article titled “Thinking Sex” which is regarded as a founding text of gay and lesbian studies, sexuality studies, and queer theory. She compared stigmatization of “boy lovers” to that of communists and homosexuals in the 1950s, and claimed that in “twenty years or so” the persecution of men who “love underaged youth” by the FBI, police, and watchdog postal inspectors will be seen as a “savage and underserved witch hunt” and that a lot of people will be embarrassed by their collaboration with this persecution.

>Pat Califia, a feminist and queer theorist, stated that “any child enough to decide whether or not she or he wants to eat spinach, play with trucks or wear shoes is old enough to decide whether or not she or he wants to run around naked in the sun, masturbate, sit in somebody’s lap or engage in sexual activity. We should be working to end the artificial state of sexual ignorance that children are kept in — not perpetuating it or defending it,” and said that true child abusers are “priests, teachers, therapists, cops and parents who force their stale morality onto the young people in their custody,” and “Instead of condemning pedophiles for their involvement with lesbian and gay youth, we should be supporting them. They need us badly.”

>Kate Millet was another person who has greatly influenced feminism, with her book Sexual Politics having had “seminal influence on second-wave feminism.” As the New Left Project notes she was one of the first to provide a “theoretical understanding of patriarchy as ‘the rule of men’, as a primary oppression that’s ‘more rigorous than class stratification, more uniform, certainly more enduring,’” the theory that became the foundation of modern feminism.

>In an 1980 interview which was reprinted in the book “The Age of Taboo,” when asked whether she thinks any limitations should be placed on sexual revolution, and what role should “cross-generational” sex play in it, she answered: “Certainly, one of children’s essential rights is to express themselves sexually, probably primarily with each other but with adults as well. So the sexual freedom of children is an important part of a sexual revolution.” She described such relationships considering the circumstances as “probably heroic and very wonderful,” and claimed that age of consent laws are “very oppressive” to gay male youth.

No. 1594954

>Fetuses are all female at first and then develop male organs
Female is indeed the default but saying all fetuses are female at first is not exactly right. Fetuses are underdeveloped, it's just that without mutations (male chromosomes) they will develop into a female because that's the default.
It reminds me of trannies going "I was a female at first and then something went wrong!" when in reality they were an underdeveloped fetus that then developed into a male.

No. 1594990

Any social movement capable of causing change will be infiltrated by intelligence agencies and used for their own purposes. BLM being a recent example.

No. 1595062

This is exactly why I've always been suspicious of so called "sexual revolution/liberation" narratives. It's just always an excuse to push it to the extreme and allow creeps to get away with anything. Progression isn't always a smart or even good thing, there are boundaries for a reason. I think it's just rebellion taken so far that people's brains fall out because anything that has "rules" must automatically be bad so the simple rule of not engaging with children sexually must be a negative thing right? Absolute degeneracy.

No. 1595078

This is so sad

No. 1595087

File: 1685711141390.jpeg (14.04 KB, 360x360, 8949F1F5-0062-40DD-B6CD-910A2D…)

It's definintely not a part of modern radical feminism. I thnk Dworkin got some suspect ideas during the sexual revolution (including supporting troons) but came to her senses later on.
>Pat Califia
she has since then trooned out to no one's surprise.

No. 1595092

Unsurprising because she was always an nlog obsessed with BDSM, not a radfem, btw.

No. 1595206

Check out Gayle Rubin's "Thinking Sex", one of the foundational texts of feminist queer theory. It continuously refers to "cross-generational relationships/encounters" as something that ought to be normalized.

>As a result of the sex conflicts of the last decade, some behaviour near the border is inching across it. Unmarried couples living together, masturbation, and some forms of homosexuality are moving in the direction of respectability (see Figure 9.2). Most homosexuality is still on the bad side of the line. But if it is coupled and monogamous, the society is beginning to recognize that it includes the full range of human interaction. Promiscuous homosexuality, sadomasochism, fetishism, transsexuality, and cross-generational encounters are still viewed as unmodulated horrors incapable of involving affection, love, free choice, kindness, or transcendence.

And just to be remove any ambiguity that "cross-generational" might be referring to age-gap relationships between adults, you can find this in the footnotes:

>For more information on the ‘Kiddie porn panic’ see Califia (1980c, 1980d); Mitzel (1980); Rubin (1981). On the issue of cross-generational relationships, see also Moody (1980); O’Carroll (1980); Tsang (1981) and Wilson (1981).

What part of the text is that referencing?

>For over a century, no tactic for stirring up erotic hysteria has been as reliable as the appeal to protect children. The current wave of erotic terror has reached deepest into those areas bordered in some way, if only symbolically, by the sexuality of the young. The motto of the Dade County repeal campaign was ‘Save Our Children’ from alleged homosexual recruitment. In February 1977, shortly before the Dade County vote, a sudden concern with ‘child pornography’ swept the national media.

>In May, the Chicago Tribune ran a lurid four-day series with three-inch headlines, which claimed to expose a national vice ring organized to lure young boys into prostitution and pornography. Newspapers across the country ran similar stories, most of them worthy of the National Enquirer. By the end of May, a congressional investigation was underway. Within weeks, the federal government had enacted a sweeping bill against ‘child pornography’ and many of the states followed with bills of their own. These laws have reestablished restrictions on sexual materials that had been relaxed by some of the important Supreme Court decisions. For instance, the Court ruled that neither nudity nor sexual activity per se were obscene. But the child pornography laws define as obscene any depiction of minors who are nude or engaged in sexual activity. This means that photographs of naked children in anthropology textbooks and many of the ethnographic movies shown in college classes are technically illegal in several states. In fact, the instructors are liable to an additional felony charge for showing such images to each student under the age of 18. Although the Supreme Court has also ruled that it is a constitutional right to possess obscene material for private use, some child pornography laws prohibit even the private possession of any sexual material involving minors.
>The laws produced by the child porn panic are ill-conceived and misdirected. They represent farreaching alterations in the regulation of sexual behaviour and abrogate important sexual civil liberties. But hardly anyone noticed as they swept through Congress and state legislatures. With the exception of the North American Man/Boy Love Association [NAMBLA] and American Civil Liberties Union, no one raised a peep of protest.
>A new and even tougher federal child pornography bill has just reached House-Senate conference. It removes any requirement that prosecutors must prove that alleged child pornography was distributed for commercial sale. Once this bill becomes law, a person merely possessing a nude snapshot of a 17-year-old lover or friend may go to jail for fifteen years, and be fined $100,000. This bill passed the House 400 to 1.
>The experiences of art photographer Jacqueline Livingston exemplify the climate created by the child porn panic. An assistant professor of photography at Cornell University, Livingston was fired in 1978 after exhibiting pictures of male nudes which included photographs of her seven-year-old son masturbating. Ms. Magazine, Chrysalis, and Art News all refused to run ads for Livingston’s posters of male nudes. At one point, Kodak confiscated some of her film, and for several months, Livingston lived with the threat of prosecution under the child pornography laws. The Tompkins Country Department of Social Services investigated her fitness as a parent. Livingston’s posters have been collected by the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan, and other major museums. But she has paid a high cost in harassment and anxiety for her efforts to capture on film the uncensored male body at different ages (Stambolian, 1980, 1983).
>It is easy to see someone like Livingston as a victim of the child porn wars. It is harder for most people to sympathize with actual boy-lovers. Like communists and homosexuals in the 1950s, boylovers are so stigmatized that it is difficult to find defenders for their civil liberties, let alone for their erotic orientation. Consequently, the police have feasted on them. Local police, the FBI, and watchdog postal inspectors have joined to build a huge apparatus whose sole aim is to wipe out the community of men who love underaged youth. In twenty years or so, when some of the smoke has cleared, it will be much easier to show that these men have been the victims of a savage and undeserved witch hunt. A lot of people will be embarrassed by their collaboration with this persecution, but it will be too late to do much good for those men who have spent their lives in prison.

No. 1595211

BLM was definitely started by feds. Unless they hijacked a local movement pre-Occupy and blew it up to what it is today.

No. 1595623

>Says radical feminists supported pedophilia
>All examples given are not radical feminists
If you're gonna talk about this issue at least mention Simone de Beauvoir signing a pro-pedo petition, or Andrea Dworkin saying that children are erotic beings in Woman Hating

No. 1595636

>CIA makes it so I don't have to have sex with some disgusting scrote to not be homeless
>thank you CIA

No. 1595697

what annoys me is how people fell for proud boys, that was the most obvious fed made group. I was unironically browsing 4chan when they popped up and remember threads where no one could find out the origins of proud boys, they just popped up out of nowhere. not even a shitpost on 4chan by some glowie to plant the seed. it's became painfully obvious when this "evil rightwing proud boys" group started "protesting" drag hours to give everyone the typical evil right wingers vs good guys lefties narrative. I hate this shit.

No. 1595710

QRD on this? I've heard some weird things about it too, like how a an ex-FBI agent that stormed the capitol and incited the Proud Boys into violence and to kill people couldn't answer whether he was still on duty on that day, and his role as an agent was "Homegrown Violent Extremism" or something like that

No. 1595723

Tbh these sorts of things are probably wholly incorporated into the business structure of public relations firms and risk mitigation services they offer their clients

No. 1595731

My personal tinfoil is that MENSA has dummified their IQ test down hard out to get new members to pay for membership. I'm willing to bet a 130 IQ on a MENSA test is actually like a 110-115 on a proper IQ test. Not low enough that it rings any bells, but low enough for people insecure about their intelligence to feel smug about it and become paypigs to MENSA.

No. 1595734

Why would anyone care about mensa unless they're losers who want to satisfy themselves? Normal smart people care more about becoming academically successful or doing most out of their intelligence whether that be in conventional or unconventional ways. Becoming a member of MENSA means nothing but if you use your smarts and become a surgeon, lawyer, very successful artist or something similar you'll actually live a much better life than the average person whilst a MENSA subscription won't do anything for your life quality.
I think iq tests are also not really accurate. An autist who's got good skills for multiple choice questions could very easily get a high score yet he/she still won't be able to achieve anything significantly better than the average normie with 80-90(quite low) iq. Judging intelligence based on multiple choice questionnaires fail because of how onesided they are in that regard.

No. 1596431

Rib myth most likely comes from another Sumerian tale involving a goddess coming from the rib of a male god, nothing to do with uterus. Early Jews copied the fuck out of Mesopotamian myths and concepts

No. 1596781

File: 1685897487153.png (468.04 KB, 650x5181, Lysenko was right.png)

>Who's this man and what did he do?
This thread basically explains it better then I can

No. 1596798

A lot of things, actually. Some examples:
1) Nihilism and "we're animals" ideology is indeed a one-way ticket to fucking misery and one of the most fertile grounds for violent misoginy. The leaders who preach this are a few years away from using brain-dead women as broodmares. Indeed, "sin" is bad and leads to destruction. Even if religion is flawed, lack of it is always worse.
2) we're living on a fake & gay consumer society that does everything possible to get away from God, twisting the language. We're seeing this with "woman" & "child" in real time, but they did it before with "hard work" & "intelligence", "happiness", "fulfillment" and another nice chunk of words. We're trained to see black as white and white as black, some more than others and since i'm already refusing to see anti-social behavior (as in, attacks coexistence) as normal I'm going to unravel whole the veil heh.
3) a few personal miracles & stuff. I'm an almost crippled woman, I realize very quickly when something eases my pain kek.
>I follow the guidance that's found in all religions which is basically be a good person.
Thats the whole point in fact. And TPTB are on the way of destroying this too. The endgame is destroying the whole concept of "good" & "life", and like i said before, the mayority of males can't separate their "woman" concepct from their "life" concept and if they succeed welp here it goes women too.
It did, it was the whole sexual revolution. And it ruined feminism forever imo.
Shit like this is exactly the type of "sin" that destroys society that i was talking above. Also
Chicago is the occultist center of the West, anything werid that comes from that place is never a coincidence.
IQ as a whole is a trap and incredibly easy to manipulate. I'm not saying anything new here, but actually people knew how to distinguish a less fitted individual for some tasks before David Wechsler was born, it's not like nobody knew what a retard was before IQ tests. The only thing that changed after the implementation of IQ tests is that supposedly lower IQ individuals have their lives ruled by state intervention And supposedly higher IQ individuals are at the fringes of society

No. 1596838

nta but it's probably a problem with the site. it has glitched out on me like that

No. 1596955

File: 1685913612784.png (88.14 KB, 1662x887, antichrist.png)

Is there anyone who knows about Nostradamus's predictions and others who have prophesized an Antichrist? It's unknown how valid the prediction is but it scares me to imagine what the hell an Antichrist would bring if it wasn't already someone like Hitler.

No. 1597012

Firestone supported raping children as freedom from patriarchy too. sickening. search her name is zizek's repeating Lenin. the radical feminists who are invoked to implore that true radical feminism should accommodate males are like that.

> Shulamith Firestone went even further, expressing her hopes that, in a world “without the incest taboo /…/ relations with children would include as much genital sex as they were capable of — probably considerably more than we now believe."60

>60. Both quotes from Maureen Freely, “Polymorphous sexuality in the Sixties,” The Independent, 29 January 2001, The Monday Review, p. 4.

No. 1597022

both john wayne gacy and jeffrey dahmer were arrested for sexually torturing minor boys and let go by the police to go on to kill those victims and many more. the police let the serial killers go because they accepted their bdsm defense. who do you think advised those police departments to behave in such a way towards such cases. does anyone know.

No. 1597375

File: 1685940521924.jpg (1.66 MB, 3200x2806, Christ_in_the_Desert.jpg)

I don't consider myself a Christian and I acknowledge that a lot of evil has been done in the name of faith. However, as I've grown up, I have shed my childish disdain for the faith by learning about its historical contexts. What made Christianity such a revolutionary religion is the notion that it was all tied to God as a singular deity, the originator of all things and a deity of righteousness. Its core message is that humanity, specifically men, are flawed and corrupted, and this is the reason behind calamity, chaos, and evil, rather than any vengeful deity. To put it simply, the philosophical concept behind Christianity is centered around self-accountability and is easier to understand. Christianity was also incredibly popular with women. Women within Christianity had more opportunities than their standard Roman counterparts as they could serve as deaconesses, and even as a form of elder. They could also join communities of celibate women and be free from the demands of husbands. In addition, within Roman families, it was common practice to leave any subsequent daughters or extra sons to die in garbage dumps. Christians would go pick up these abandoned babies and raise them. As a result, there was an even larger number of women who were Christian. When they married Roman husbands, they were likely to convince them to convert or raise their children as Christians. So I can understand why people converted, but the issue was that Rome made this faith into an apparatus of the state, declaring its version as the only correct one and labeling those who followed the faith in their own way as "heretics".

No. 1597387

In my part of the world it is women who resisted Christianity the longest, keeping their pagan beliefs and practices. It was only accepted after incorporating a ton of those pagan practices people didn't want to give up and they still constitute 90% of local religious traditions.

No. 1597393

That was another aspect of Christianity's popularity, you keep aspects and traditions of your old faith and just incorporate them with in the Christian framework. evil gods became bad spirts, heroes and demi-gods became saints and the holy mother became Mary.

No. 1597461

wellbutrin gave me seizures which i now have, even off the medication
it worked so well besides that, why is it such a good medication with such bad side effects?

No. 1597814

File: 1685960792602.jpeg (251.23 KB, 1233x1536, 6002BB2F-C8EA-420E-8715-079507…)

Recently I was thinking about whether there is any conspiracy background to lucid dreaming and some parts of dream research in general. I know it has been a part of many cultures (to various extent), the it became a subject of experiments and even occult practices, then others made it seem like some less or more esoteric hobby. I’m a spontaneous lucid dreamer and don’t actively pursue LDs, aside from that I remember many of my dreams and sometimes experience precognition in dreams.
Some weeks ago I saw this review on Goodreads of a book I read before. It made me view this author in a different light (I didn’t know anything so I was simply neutral but now I’m suspicious). Is it possible that some of the people who consider themselves LD teachers or experts are hidden manipulators or might intentionally expose people to stuff they’re not ready for or something? Reminds me of how Carlos Castaneda formed a cult - a definitely more popular example than this.
IMO not all but some dreams might really show you stuff most people wouldn’t believe and it’s not surprising at all if some people seek contact with that world for shady purposes.
Picrel 1/2

No. 1597815

File: 1685960820711.jpeg (208.15 KB, 1223x1536, FB8B0DB8-086E-4E50-AF03-78CC87…)

No. 1597840

I fully expect the CIA has had a good look at lucid dreaming and what's possible with it. The fact a spook wrote this book all but confirms it. The CIA has looked into meditation (particularly hemi-sync) and shit like remote viewing so they're not strangers to more esoteric schools of thought. I've never had lucid dreams myself, but I was in an induced coma for 12 days and I was aware of the fact I was dreaming. It all felt very real to me and it did a real number on my mental stability when I woke up. Maybe they're encouraging people to try lucid dreaming to fuck their minds up, idk.

No. 1597936

the serotonin theory of depression is just that, a theory, there are plenty of competing theories, plenty of scientists do not agree that low serotonin is the problem, some even suggest that high serotonin is the issue. The antidepressant tianeptine is an SSRE, working the opposite way to the popular SSRI antidepressants. It's not available in america afaik, which is too bad it could be good for people that don't respond to ssri's to try the opposite.

It is not safe to take tryptophan like that, taking tryptophan is only marginally safer than taking SSRIs, people develop issues from these supplements, including herbal ones like valerian root that are used to increase serotonin. Please look up serotonin syndrome, taking serotonergic substances or even tryptophan itself can be dangerous. Ii've seen people that claim they fixed their issues by blocking tryptophan absorption, the serotonin theory doesn't make much sense when people doing the exact opposite to each other both get results. Personally I've responded horribly to any serotonergic substance and only had success with the opposite.

(paper referred to in this post https://www.nature.com/articles/s41380-022-01661-0)

relevant: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0149763415000287

they suggest that the benefits of ssri's are not due to the increase in serotonin. Both drugs that result in an increase and drugs that result in a decrease of serotonin are used to treat depression, how does this make sense? there are also many studies showing that serotonin is associated with anxiety. Either way things are not as simple as high serotonin = good, serotonin is involved in may different processes in our bodies and can easily be dangerous. You can do serious harm to yourself with natural things too. My mother recently bought herself some happiness supplement, she was feeling really depressed and she's never had depression before, looked at the back and it's all the herbs that can raise your serotonin levels naturally, in someone that already has serious health issues it could very well do serious harm, she was luckily fine once she stopped taking it.

You don't get funding and you don't get published if your research is too controversial. The serotonin theory was criticized from day one, and studies that criticize it are finally beginning to see the light of day. How often is there a scandal the like of "white coats for hire", or some story in the news that they knew x drug is harmful but was still released on the market?
plenty of the popular theories have nothing backing them, most people go to college, they learn what is currently accepted as fact, they don't look for the initial studies that were done that supposedly prove it, it just becomes a myth everyone repeats. Like the article above mentions, the serotonin theory of depression was never proven.

I am in no way against natural medicine and people trying things for themselves, entertaining alternative theories and alternative medicine, just be careful because natural remedies can have bad side effects too. You can kill yourself by overdosing on SSRI's and you can kill yourself by overdoing natural serotonergic plants and supplements. Herbal tea's and supplements have hormonal effects, so make sure you read as much as you can, and look for studies on the topic if there are any, unfortunately they don't like to fund those cause you can patent a plant.

she could try GABA as a supplement, i know it supposedly can't pass the blood brain barrier, but it worked a bit for me. Phenibut is addictive like alcohol but it is modfied GABA to help it cross the BBB, it could help when the anxiety is really bad, when it feels like a seizure might come soon, i used to get seizures, now that i think about it it was after i first took ssri's.. alcoholics can get seizures like that when they quit bc of the GABA issues too, and in russia they would be given phenibut to help with the withdrawals, not recommended long term though since you'll just get dependent on it instead. I only recently just quit it after using it for a good 7 years for anxiety and sleep, i was terrified to quit after reading other people's stories but it went shockingly fine, happy not to be taking anything now since it gets expensive. I think there are some even safer options but i forget the name. Maybe there are better safer ways to increase GABA that you can find, i haven't looked into this in ages.

I've read about the brain zaps and danger of ssri's right as i started taking them from a biologist called ray peat, he had an article on serotonin that was very controversial at the time, but in less than two weeks i ended up with the symptoms he described, the ssri's completely fucked me up, at least i knew the cause then otherwise i wouldn't have known they were the issue. I'm kind of all over the place in this post but above i mentioned that they researchers suggest something other than serotonin is the reason ssri's work, and this guy had proposed that decades before them, that it was allopregnenolone, which is being tested as an antidepressant now for post partum, but at ridiculous prices. I've taken some of the powder before and did feel better from it, i believe that i read something about weed raising it too, maybe that is why so many weed smokers claim smoking weed helps them with anxiety and depression, i personally get really bad effects from weed though. iirc the mechanism was like that of ssri's, the brain protecting itself and increasing pregnenolone as a result..

this is from 2006 the side effects of these medications have been known for a very long time, they just get ignored. doctors and pharmaceutical companies deny it. I'm a very sad big pharma slave worker, i used to argue with my professors that the companies know their products are harmful but they'd just call me cynical, they don't like to face reality that they are part of a corrupt system and try to believe it's good.

prozac was so awful for me i took it only for two weeks as a depressed college student hoping it would help me get through things, instead it made me manic, unable to sleep, and at the end of the two weeks i had some sort of breakdown and tried to off myself, i wasn't suicidal before i took it. But it was known to make people suicidal, somehow it got approved, cause obviously medication for depression making you worse is working exactly as it should. I was taking lexapro very briefly before that and some dude i hardly knew started freaking out that i should stop taking it because his mother killed herself after a short time on it. I know some people swear by SSRI's but i've only had negative experiences and most people i know too. i'm so angry about the harm the pharmaceutical industry knowingly does. It's not even a conspiracy just fucking corrupt fucks who value money above all else.

No. 1597950

this is cool, i think i read about proteins assembling together by themselves, i think it was emergence of life by sydney fox, it was a really long time ago, but i think it talked about life forming on volcanic rocks, rather than starting in the oceans, it's been a while. Do you have any interesting books to recommend? I've seen mentions here and there that the genes are not as important as claimed. Harold hillman and gerald pollack also have alternative ideas on the structure of the cell that are interesting.
the cold war in biology by Carl C. Lindegrin is a book i've been meaning to read, from the description "The author gives us information about those scientists who disagreed with mendelian genetics and goes into some detail about the "war" between those who attribute cells' characteristics to genetic control mechanisms and those who believe the cytoplasm determines many of the charactaristics."
The Molecular Vision of Life: Caltech,the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Rise of the New Biology by Lily E. Kay is another one i plan to read soon.

No. 1597980

File: 1685980068682.gif (752.66 KB, 108x160, alien dancing.gif)

dont know if anyone has been keeping track of the aliens and ufo thing but things are getting spicy



No. 1598020

So I'm not a "tradcath", but I personally am unconvinced by the idealistic atheism espoused by orthodox Leftism.
As far as I see it, the only philosophy for which modern materialism and Atheism provide for is nihilism. Everything else is religion and worship, The way I see it, many on the Left make liberalism their religion instead of seeing it for what it is(A socio-economic theory). It takes no genius to see that "not woke" and "Heretic" carry the same broad meaning.

No. 1598339

well fuck, I found this guy on social media last year and started following him for the detailed sketches and dream diaries he posts. Probably never would have looked any further into it, thanks nona

No. 1598375

File: 1686020196016.png (125.35 KB, 1256x1686, Screenshot 2023-06-05 at 22.41…)

Operation Paperclip NASA Nazi scientists aren't really my area of expertise but I saw something interesting about this earlier today involving one of them.
tl;dr old nazi scientist who worked for the US Govt says a fake alien invasion is part of the plan to justify building space weapons systems. the weapons will be used against people on Earth of course and the aliens are a lie. I find this very believable, like this doesn't even feel like a conspiracy to be honest. I just don't see why there is a need to lie about aliens… does it violate big-deal treaties to put high powered weapons in space? (not my field of expertise like i said)

source: https://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread810793/pg1

>—"Wernher von Braun was an SS officer and Nazi German scientist. He helped Third Reich at developing space technology and V2 rocket (first long-range ballistic missile). After the war, he and some of his rocket team were taken to the U.S. as part of the then-secret Operation Paperclip. Once in USA he helped NASA realizing their missions and later became vice president at Fairchild industries.

>Leading engineer and consultant at space program and missile defense (Carol Rosin) worked with Wernher von Braun (1974-1977) as his spokesperson at Fairchild industries. She claims he revealed to her a sick plan to weaponize space using staged alien invasion as an excuse.
>Carol Rosin's testimony:
>When I was a Corporate Manager of Fairchild Industries from 1974 through 1977, I met the late Dr Wernher Von Braun. At that time, Von Braun was dying of cancer but he assured me that he would live a few more years to tell me about the game that was being played - that game being the effort to weaponize space, to control the Earth from space and space itself.
>The strategy that Wernher Von Braun taught me was that first the Russians are going to be considered to be the enemy. In fact, in 1974, they were the enemy, the identified enemy. We were told that they had "killer satellites". We were told that they were coming to get us and control us-that they were "Commies."…"Then terrorists would be identified. Then we were going to identify third-world country "crazies." We now call them Nations of Concern. But he said that would be the third enemy against whom we would build space-based weapons.
>The next enemy was asteroids. Now, at this point he kind of chuckled the first time he said it.
>Asteroids- against asteroids we are going to build space-based weapons.
>And the funniest one of all was what he called aliens, extraterrestrials. That would be the final scare. And over and over and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving speeches for him, he would bring up that last card. "And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card"

No. 1598379

the video

No. 1598383

File: 1686021131707.jpg (471.86 KB, 1324x2343, image.jpg)

also saw screenshots of this interview with Carol (January 1996). not even about aliens but obviously related: article/source: https://worldservice.org/issues/febmar96/visionary.html
>I first heard conversations about "seizing the high ground to control earth" when I became the first woman corporate manager of Fairchild Industries, an aerospace defense company.
>Von Braun thought it would be interesting, even funny, if a woman worked to prevent the stationing of weapons in outer space-which he sensed was soon to occur. He believed a woman would be able to get into more doors to discuss the subject. He had worked for Hitler, and understood war and weapons.
>In 1977, after his death, I was hired as a space and missile defense consultant by such companies as TRW. While working on the MX missile, I learned that the aerospace defense industries were preparing to escalate the arms race into space. The plan is to put hundreds of battle stations in space with thousands of weapons pointed down our throats.

No. 1598426

File: 1686026612869.jpg (325.51 KB, 1500x2250, Azure-Midjourney-AI-Rendering-…)

Buildings rule the world, all of global civilization is designed to service them, not human beings. The biggest mistake of human history was the construction of permanent structures, which eventually led to our enslavement by them. We've been enslaved by buildings ever since the construction of the "great" pyramids, and have worshiped buildings ever since.

A building gains consciousness through their material, built from molecules of life, they can live as careless as plants, yet dictator everyone more than Stalin and can control you through mind-control.

The post 9/11 insanity was because 9/11 was an attack on some of the most prominent buildings in the world, not because people died. The outrage of the BLM protests is because buildings are targeted with graffiti and broken windows. The federal secret police was called into Seattle to defend a federal courthouse.

Still not convinced? Freemasonry evolved from the guilds of stonemasons and cathedral builders of the Middle Ages. Consider how buildings such as McDonald's franchises are like organisms, reproducing according to their architectural DNA. On the back of every bill of U.S. currency is a famous building. The "hell" of the modern world is homelessness: the state of not being owned by a building. A building is very similar to a tree, drawing nutrients from the land around it via its "roots," which are roads and utility infrastructure. But unlike a tree, a building is an undead organism that feeds off of the destruction of life at every step; the "forests" of buildings we call cities is where life is most absent and detached from the natural world.

What is the end-game of buildings? The elimination of humanity and all life on Earth via complete robotic automation of the means to sustain and build them. Nothing but mindless building forever and ever. Buildings have a sentience, and that sentience is that of a paperclip maximizer.

No. 1598450

File: 1686030701771.jpg (273.62 KB, 1080x930, Screenshot_20230606-073920_Ope…)

What do you think nona, could there be a possibility that there actually are already weapons in space? For example China could be already sending them out without USA's knowledge.

No. 1598459

Cool thoughts. Nature is working on destroying buildings all the time though so i think they wont be that successful. Earthquakes, water, or in my case ant infestation. Ants are eating through concrete and you can't fix it, they are in the walls everywhere slowly eating the building, no way to get them all out. I miss caves.

No. 1598477

I think this post is retarded but buildings are sexy as hell

No. 1598499

Yep there are established links between the CIA and the study of lucid dreaming, mainly in what the CiA called Project Stargate. It was a programme of remote viewing training and experimentation, and many techniques used for both "conscious" RV and lucid dreaming RV were developed and adapted into experimental designs during this program. I posted a huge infodump image on this subject in the last thread, check it out if you're interested cos I tried to summarise it all in chronological order with actual CIA sources. Reading that author description, I was surprised it didn't mention he was hanging out with Ingo Swann or something kek my tinfoil is that Stargate became G.A.T.E. but regardless, you might find the sources interesting. You can read he entire Stargate archive online thanks to Black Vault: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://documents2.theblackvault.com/documents/cia/stargate/STARGATE%2520%252310%2520436/Part0001/

No. 1598501

sage for OT but who painted this? I love images of Jesus where He looks like a real human being with emotions this the highest-res "flood it again" meme

No. 1598510

Not to mention that Jesus, for his time, had incredibly progressive views when it came to women. That men should treat their wives like he treated his followers. That men are the problem when they lust after women, not the woman. That even prostitutes are worthy of his love. And so on.

No. 1598511

Okay but that was at the first spread of christianity and a very small part of history compared to the great harm it did after that. There are a lot of women today who are religiously devout too but that doesn’t mean it’s good for women.

This is not directed at you specifically but it weirds me out so much how in the tinfoil thread there’s so much unironic praising and people into christianity, which was a tool used for centuries from people in power to keep the masses in line before they came up with the more devious methods of today. That’s what they used to discredit the women who had knowledge in the past, that’s what they used to kill and silence women, scientists, anyone out of line. They used the idea in christianity, that suffering is good and it means you’ll get a reward in the afterlife, to keep them complacent while they led terrible lives thanks to the rich. It led people to abandon their connection to the earth and allow its destruction. How can you look at everything that’s happened in its name and think, oh there’s something to this? Christianity has permeated so deeply in the western philosophy that you don’t even notice those patterns of thinking. You know how so many people believe the apocalypse will happen soon? That’s because it’s something ingrained in christians, waiting for the end of the world. There’s a whole book about it in the bible and devout christians teach that to their children. If you always expect the world will end then what’s the point in doing something to stop its destruction or to make it a better place? And even when you notice something is wrong with society today you use christian language like calling things demonic, the devil’s, soulless. I understand why and those are our words for greatly evil things but it still isn’t a neutral descriptor, it’s religiously charged language.
I just want to say to all women who need spirituality, don’t turn to christianity or other organised religions. Turn inwards. Find yourself, and find a spirituality that centers women and worships life. Look at nature and see how it’s all connected and wonderful and you’ll find all the spirituality you need and it won’t be tied to things tainted by males.

No. 1598526

Nona, this thread is women thinking critically and sharing their personally developed beliefs. You're telling us males gave us these ideas? Nope. You should know that spirituality doesn't include forcing your views on others, so please don't do it here. Men did the things you're complaining about. If those men had actually listened to Jesus, they would've known better than to do what they did. Their mistakes don't take away our right to our beliefs as women, why let them oppress us twice?

No. 1598536

why do you think we don't know any of this?? do you think women are stupid? also do you think the same thing about islam and judaism or do you only feel comfortable telling Christian women than they're dumb for not being libfems?

No. 1598538

File: 1686046865938.jpeg (28.35 KB, 512x288, download (1).jpeg)

>> You know how so many people believe the apocalypse will happen soon?

No. 1598539

Yes. Islam and Judaism come from the same roots as Christianity and were used for the same purpose. Anon is right that the function of organised religion was to keep people in line and make illiterate peasants at peace with their shitty lives. The Bible says that women should submit and be silent. How many women were killed in the name of religion? You can't deny that it had sexist roots. She also didn't call you stupid or tell you to be a libfem.

No. 1598541

NTA and I don't know the context but a lot of religious people don't even follow every facet of the Bible anyway. Then again hardcore Christian women love to NOT-ALL-MEN!!! but then throw women under the bus. I think it's a way to cope with being married to a hardcore tradcath man aka a misogynist/neurotic/sinful/paranoid weirdo. Mother Mary and Jesus are cute idc

No. 1598544

>>don’t turn to christianity or other organised religions. Turn inwards. Find yourself, and find a spirituality that centers women and worships life. Look at nature and see how it’s all connected and wonderful and you’ll find all the spirituality you need and it won’t be tied to things tainted by males.

this is telling women to submit and be silent. We need to participate in organisations that we want to change. Jesus never said women shouldn't speak, He argued women's prophecies were superior to men's. The early Church fathers pushed the women be silent idea to cut them out of early church politics, which is why women fought for centuries to be allowed to speak in Church again. When we wanted the vote, did we all move to a different country to get out of that democracy? No, we stayed in our country and engaged with policy reform until we won the vote. You're entitled to your own beliefs but suggesting we "turn inward" in response to challenges and disengage isnt helpful.

No. 1598551

>We need to participate in organisation
good fucking luck doing any change in a church lmfao unless you just want to do voluntary work and nothing that will change the status quo and be a handmaiden anyway so they will gladly accept you. you seem sheltered and you probably never stepped a foot in a church if you think they are all strict jesus followers hippies that are all accepting and respectful of women like the OG was.

No. 1598553

clearly we should move to China, abrahamic religion is illegal there so the women are free from patriarchal oppression

No. 1598557

I think there are cultural differences here that are confusing things, I'm not american. I got blessed by a female Bishop at the weekend, until recently the head of my christian state religion was a woman. A big chunk of activism groups in my country are female led and Christian, ie Christian women in an official Christian organisation who are working for reform. It definitely exists nona, I hope you find like-minded people wherever you are, if that's something you're interested in.

No. 1598559

Yes, clearly. At no point did I say only Abrahamic religion was responsible for women's oppression. But you can't deny the role Christianity played in women's oppression, and still does to this day.

No. 1598561

>Christianity is centered around self-accountability

that is quite literally the opposite in practice, a lot if not most avid church goers commit sins, cheat on their wives, practice homosexuality, etc then go confess to a priest their sins and they're 100% forgiven just to rinse and repeat, do everything again.

also being a thirdie (I know this is a phenomena in US too though), I see a lot of evangelical churches gladly accepting former prisoners as long as they accept jesus, as in they will forgive you killing, raping women and children and doing other heinous crimes as long as you accept jesus it's fine you did all of that. literally everything being the opposite of self accountability, as long as you accept jesus and god they will forgive you for anything so it's a free pass.

christianity is a religion that relies on guilt, if you don't feel guilty of the things you do in front of god, you won't go to heaven, that's why they shame the fuck out of everything, it's okay to commit those sins as long as you feel guilt and shame so you keep being dependent on it. and a lot of times, they usually guilt trip people on the most asinine things (wearing anything but modest clothing? will go to hell! watch pornography or play videogames? hell to you!! same sex attraction? you might as well rimjob the devil himself!!!) but most christcucks still keep doing those things secretly while being judgemental and projecting their own guilt on people who don't want anything to do with it. because they want everyone to live in guilt like they do, that's why you will see politicians trying to introduce the most traditional laws while they probably snort cocaine from a tranny's dick on their holidays.

No. 1598562

any organization led by men will oppress women, your sky daddy organization is not safe from it, neither is the chinese communist party.

No. 1598563

just say you're in europe and you're protestant, quite literally the only mainstream christian church that will allow women in leadership.

No. 1598564

agreed nona! That's why churches should be female led.
Correct, I agree with you too. Those people are hypocrites and I doubt Jesus would recognise them as Christians when they die, you have to actually mean the things you say and do in religion. As a non-american it seems crazy how hypocritical these religious politicians are, and crazy that it seems to benefit them vote-wise as well!

No. 1598565

Well I would if it was true kek I'm not European and not a Protestant. The bishop was protestant though tbf. I didn't mean to make you mad nona, I think we likely do agree on a lot of things.

No. 1598567

Ntayrt but may I ask what country are you from/ currently living at? As someone from a traditional catholic European country, the mere idea of reappropriating Christianity sounds as naive as attempting to do the same with something as huge, powerful and male-dominated as the pharmaceutic industry. Christianity, as any other abrahamic religion, was build by men withing patriarchal society, it only benefits men. I remeber arguing about the Holy Trinity with a catholic female teacher, she claimed that despite calling God the father and Jesus the son there was nothing that linked these figures with actual male authority, which I still believe is complete bullshit. The Mother Mary only exists to call the entire female sex a bunch of whores by comparison.

No. 1598573

I'm curious too. She said she's not in Europe so most likely a country where christianity is not the majority where she lives, the thought of a female led church in a christian country makes me kek because it would immediately be shut down by both men and women because women in those countries are extreme handmaiden pickmeishas. Being from a country like that myself.

No. 1598575

>I doubt Jesus would recognise them as Christians when they die
that doesn't matter because J-man is not here to judge them, instead we have corrupt pastors and child rapist priests calling the shots and everyone inside those religions pretending they're blind or something.

No. 1598577

she's probably the Quaker from upthread, it's big in Africa

No. 1598584

But those men didnt listen to jesus and christianity grew to the menace it has been for centuries. And you willingly take their side and play by their rules?
Turning inward in the sense that you’ll realise those feeling of holyness and connection to god come from yourself, not an outside force. If women realised their power and worth and felt more secure, we could make our own organisation and form our own spiritual paths. You don’t have to be part of christianity to dismantle its ideas. It’s old and organised and rotten from within. We need to build our own things and show an alternative is possible instead of struggling in places made to opress us.

No. 1598585

NTA but that anon didn't mention Islam and Judaism so their opinion is discarded. If they're too scared of being labelled anti-semitic or islamaphobic then they need to grow some fucking ovaries before pointing the finger at Christian women in the tinfoil thread. It's been discussed before in here that most of us have very unconventional beliefs when it comes to Christianity, it's not a simple 1:1 comparison of those of us in here who vaguely follow Christianity with different interpretations of the bible and trads.


No. 1598587

Anon most women can't evoke change in those organizations, a woman can't become a priest or a pope, only a off-shoot that's meant to do quiet work and stay off sight, a woman can't become a leading figure on those religions, it doesn't matter how much work you do or how hard you try to change shit, it's over before you start, how many women have tried before you?
Focus on our own spirituality and then start your own, you can't make good food when all the ingredients are spoiled from the start, just start over.

No. 1598589

ayrt, I know you disagree with me but I agree with almost everything you're saying, it's just that I believe what you aspire to is possible within christianity. Nuns are a huge spiritual inspiration, many orders of nuns formed despite (or because of) the persecution and exclusion they suffered in the church. I'm reading The Female Mystic: Great Women Thinkers of the Middle Ages atm and there's so much in there that's eyeopening. Beguine communities (unofficial communes of "worldly" religious women who exclude men and do nun-like work, but don't seclude themselves from the world) fit what you've described to a T and I strongly believe they should come back. Let's start one on lolcow kek

No. 1598600

File: 1686053071217.jpg (73.09 KB, 640x540, 18937946182_4e0177a861_z.jpg)

Anon probably doesn't mention Islam and Judaism because it isn't as familiar to her as Christianity or affected her as directly, so she can't criticize it more in-depth, it doesn't mean she isn't critical of it, you should probably fuck off to /pol/ if you wanna white-knight for Christianity this bad.
I went to a girl's only school where our teachers were nuns and it still doesn't change that Christianity is still fucked anon. Those women could have been religious leaders and be actually valued, they aren't even allowed to host a church, you can't confess to them, we had to bring male priests to host confessions, churches and other cerimonies.
Nuns and convents were good for women and a good escape from marriage in the middle ages, but you can't deny they weren't valued and were "just women". We should form a different religion and allow these women to achieve their full potential.
Putting the tinfoil back on, I fully believe most religions trap women on purpose to stop them to fully achieve their spiritual potential because men can't achieve it, men can only read out of a book and abuse those "lower" than them, men exist purely as helpers and try everything to reject that role and make boys reject it too.

No. 1598613

I wrote a much angrier post replying to >>1598585
but I saw your reply and you get where I’m coming from. I did say organised religion in my post cause I know the abuse of women happens everywhere, in the eastern religions such as buddhism and hinduism and pretty much anything led by men too.
It’s really hard for me to see that happening within christianity. I grew up in a very religious family and we often went to monasteries and my parents were friends with a lot of monks and nuns, and they really didn’t seem very happy or fulfilled. Especially the nuns, there was a great sadness within their eyes. There’s certain things that christianity teaches about how to treat your body and yourself that just have a really adverse effect on people. A lot of the nuns looked much older than their ages, had lots of white hairs and bad postures and they radiated a downtrodden feeling more than anything. I see that now as the effect of the mental state that christianity puts you in. (Some of the male monks were happier, especially in one monastery that was on top of a mountain, they had a garden and animals but also game consoles and a library with secret doors).
If you want to only pick the good values of christianity and make something for women I think you’re basically making a new religion anyway. Imagine what an effect the lifestyle of making arts and crafts, living in nature and contemplating life would have on those women if they didnt have a constant litany of self hatred in their minds. They would look happy and full of life and give off a wonderful radiating energy and that’s what I want to see for them, and not the women I used to see in the monasteries.

No. 1598636

christianity (probably the other abrahamic religions too but I have no knowledge about them indepth) teach women to hate ourselves so we stay subservient to men. that we are inpure, unclean, we were born from sin, we were developed from a man's body part (which is ironic because most fetuses are XX, XX is the default chromosome until they develop Y chromosome, so being female is being default human), all those things so we learn that men are superior which is complete and utter bs.

No. 1598654

Again I'm not a Christian but anyone time some states that "Islam, Christianity and Juhdaism" are all the same, I dismiss them cause it shows ignorance.
So, Christianity comes from Hellenic Tribal Judaism, Jewish religion as we know at it know has changed drastically from its roots. Now regarding Islam and Christianity, imo what made Christianity a religion that evolved in social laws and structure was Christianity's flaws, Christianity since its inception has been mistranslated and misinterpreted, you can create literally anything you want the Bible, Islam however has firm laws for all aspects of civilization, it does not have to evolve cause Muhammad already ruled the perfect state

No. 1598658

File: 1686057479598.png (32.34 KB, 994x602, Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 09.18…)

Maybe not kinetic but there are cyber weapons. The US can launch cyber attacks from space, jamming, hacking computer systems, etc. SpaceX's Starlink has been used by Ukraine to pilot bomb drones in the war there (picrel from reuters). If anything America will be the first country to put kinetic weapons in space. China doesn't even have a space force, meanwhile the US had a giant space force (USSF) with a shitload of funding that's gotten a big push in the last couple years.
Don't fall for fake WMDs again, nonnie.

No. 1598797

>Jesus, for his time place, had incredibly progressive views when it came to women
Again, not in my part of the world. Local tribes were pretty egalitarian before Christianity came along and women had a bigger and better role in the old pagan beliefs

No. 1599383

Did you read thru the "whistleblower" 4chan thread? Id screenshot but its a shit ton of reading & Im on mobile rn


No. 1599407

This is anecdotal so don't take it as truth. I knew a girl through the Inuyasha fandom who had family in the military and she told me that UFOs are real but don't operate as many think they do. I tried to ask for more information but she didn't know more because her family didn't want to tell her. I lost her contact and I wish I didn't.
Anyways the question I have is why are they becoming so open about ufos? And notice how many msm figures are pushing this story? Something smells fishy.

No. 1599410

File: 1686112682783.jpg (100.04 KB, 750x921, 20230606_233910.jpg)

No. 1599411

File: 1686112710627.jpg (145.08 KB, 750x1174, 20230606_233939.jpg)

No. 1599514

Happy to see his mention of "Remote Viewing colleagues", maybe my mandatory primary school extracurricular will get me a job after all

No. 1599667

Hey anoooooon
Did you drug and interrogate your boyfriend yet

No. 1599793

>Christianity bad but Islam good
Oh, you’re one of those people. That religion was founded by a pedophile, is very oppressive to women and condones honor killings to this day if they don’t fall back in line but sure; being a Christian is so oppressive.

No. 1600143

nonna, did you read my post, my point was the Christianity's inherent theological flaws make it a better religion then IMO all other faiths, cause you create whatever meaning you want.

No. 1600285

Wasn’t ‘disclosing UFO’s’ a part of project blue beam?

No. 1600287

I believe this..thank you for sharing.

No. 1601024

I've been studying aliens and UFOs for 15 years. I had long ago come to the conclusion government would never share what they knew about the topic (which is like a bottomless pit of information you can never dig out of) so I'm kind of wary now. There's no practical motive for them to come clean.

No. 1601050

Both are true at the same time. We already have weapons in space, and in fact already travel space (the Space Force that everyone jokes about has been active since the 1960s), AND it's true that the government seeks to perpetrate false flag alien invasions as a means of control.

No. 1601184

Oh, fuck off. It honestly feels liuke they're pointing at us going "HA HA" I can't even get myself to care anymore. Nonnies, I'm tired. I've been drained from everything.

No. 1601350

What do you guys think about the weird thing going on with cows having their tongues cleanly removed with zero traces of disturbances or animals around the bodies ? I don't have links to the stories or articles but I heard it sounds like alien activity

No. 1601421

Beef tongue is delicious.

No. 1601476

Maybe they have an aroma once they're "touched" which is why predators don't go around them. I feel bad for the cows though.

No. 1601480

Odd none of these people have cameras. Even the boomers in my area have some on their animals and are quick to share any weird activity on FB.

No. 1601573

File: 1686297005204.jpg (25.73 KB, 1080x918, sky_lights.jpg)

Is there anything in there about triangle ship aliens? I swear I don't have schizophrenia but since I moved house I've been seeing a large triangle shaped thing hovering in the sky a few times a week. I live on a hill overlooking one of the busiest airports in my country & the busiest runway's flight path is over my house (the lights on the right of the pic is from this). Nearby neighbours unlikely to be able to see this due to trees etc at least none of them have mentioned it. I'm mostly deaf and sometimes get confused by the loud aircraft sounds overhead when I'm at home, so I have a tracker that tells me what plane is flying over my house, needless to say this large black triangular thing is not a scheduled flight. It doesn't make any sound & is shaped kind of like a much smaller version of a star destroyer from Star wars, only black not white and with an orange light at each point. Sometimes it's pointed upward like in pic, sometimes it's the right was around like a normal plane, in which case it hovers much lower, maybe only about 60m off the ground. When it's close, I swear I can feel vibrations or something like heat coming from it, hard to explain but it's like when you get off an aircraft and you're walking by the plane, there's like heat and static coming off it that you can feel from a distance. My hearing aids might be detecting something from it? It only appears just after the sun sets but looks darker than the surrounding sky, like a hole in the sky, and is never in the way of any planes or helicopters. We also get weird (lenticular?) clouds around when it appears, but that's probably due to the airport. My nigel has seen it but won't see it as a vehicle with lights on the corners, instead he says it's 3 motionless, silent helicopters with orange lights… I told an ex-pilot who worked with my nigel, he said he's seen things like that flying from that airport but seemed to blame the airport for it & said that's why he's an engineer now (idk what he meant). Has anyone else seen this type of UFO or am I just insane? Should I tell the airport or would I get put on a list?

No. 1601593

File: 1686298776180.jpeg (13.99 KB, 449x406, sky_lights_zoomhance.jpeg)

samefag, ok I see how comically shit that image is now, see picrel for clearer image (but it is literally just 3 orange lights with a slightly darker triangle between them). I only have the camera on my phone & the moon barely even shows up on it so

No. 1601595

ive seen the exact same type of craft in broad daylight. triangle with a light at each point. it hovered, moved directly up and down in a way a plane cant, then zoomed away incredibly fast. it's frustrating, not even my family believes me. you're not crazy, this is a commonly reported ufo shape.

No. 1601599

no shit retard, it is the most stable and aerodynamic shape for any aircraft. Why do you think fighter jets and stealth aircraft are all some form of a triangle? doesn't mean it is fucking aliens you braindead cunt. these are next gen stealth bombers on test missions and the hovering is old tech anyway, look up VTOL technology like the Harrier 1 and 2. I seriously hate how brainrotted the internet is these days like you people are seriously thinking space aliens jfc. if you had any shred of education about how big and vast space is you would understand how implausible the aliens narrative actually is. this is skunkworks type tech for next gen bombers and/or chinese spy planes doing the same shit.

No. 1601601

aryt, in daylight?? I'm jealous but also I think I'd lose my mind kek did it have texture on the outside or just smooth? Did it reflect light? I've always pictured it as textured but matt black & rough like sandpaper for some reason. Did you feel sick? When I see mine (I'm guessing they're not the same one) I get headaches & feel nauseous but if I literally just look away from it I feel better, makes me imagine that it knows I'm looking at it & it's trying to train me not to look at it kek

No. 1601602

woah there sweetie, settle down please. Why would they be routinely testing their magic VTOL spy jets next to a busy metropolitan airport in the same location for a year straight, hmm? Not the smartest place to test is it? There's no military airbase here either. Multiple airports would have their flights cancelled a few times a week if there was a government spyplane flying around at the height of a crane.

No. 1601610

pretty obvious they are trying to test near large areas to get closer and closer to being not noticed, when they get spotted they know what went wrong and since the aliens narrative is so laughably retarded it makes the best cover story. OF COURSE you would run tests near major cities because the aircraft will be used to BOMB major cities, theyre intentionally trying to not get caught but when they do it means their stealth tech and tactics need improving. The end goal is obviously to be able to do flyby missions around a large number of witnesses and not be spotted, the public is actively aiding in the development of this tech by spotting them.

but yeah no wait it is TOTALLY magic space elves from 2.5 million light-years away yep totally makes sense. idiot if these were aliens they would have been doing this during the fucking middle ages and the US Civil War and shit yet there is no account of this ever occurring in history except in modern times. If aliens are here now then they would have been here 5000 years ago doing the same shit because that amount of time is nothing to a type 69 kardeshev species.

so why is all this only happening in modern times (cold War era to now) when the tech definitely exists? why are there no aliens during the battle of hastings. why did ancient Rome never see of document this? dumb alien brainrot narratives need to die.

No. 1601614

Well I mean there are historical sightings of unusual stuff in the sky, going back thousands of years. I'm not sure why you're so upset about this conversation kek. If it's a stealth plane why put orange lights on it so it can be easily seen? There's no way they'd be doing test flights near airports, this is what happened when an unauthorised drone was spotted by a member of the public near a similar airport: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gatwick_Airport_drone_incident
I'm fairly sure our government no longer has the money, power or communication ability to a) own a future stealth jet, b) plan test flights where the airports know in advance and c) avoid crashing the jets into passenger planes. Also VTOL, sure, but is there VTOL that doesn't cause any downdraft or disturbance of anything underneath it, even at the height of a tall tree? Like could I stand right under one in my back garden and not notice? I'm going to assume you're a salty aerospace engineer who doesn't like their work to go unappreciated. Don't worry, your spy planes are very cool, good job.

No. 1601618

File: 1686300864815.jpg (218.17 KB, 800x900, Himmelserscheinung_über_Nürnbe…)

No. 1601639

Oh my God shut up. Island dwelling Savages love to pretend they lived in lala land before le evil hwite man showed up but if you open any history book they used to eat human flesh or something. Shut up, the world has never been kind to women. Even in your brownie Utopia

No. 1601645

all my coworkers are coughing/getting sick at the moment. but still well enough to work. whenever im at work i become very congested and use a lot of tissues, but at home/elsewhere im totally fine. its very odd.

when I got the second (maybe first?( vax, I smoked some weed either that day or the next day and passed out on a friends driveway. i felt my soul leaving my body as if I was truly dying and was begging my now ex to call an ambulance. the cunt called me selfish and entitled for this. i then proceeded to shit my pants and felt fine afterwards, lol

No. 1601647

kek nona did you shit your pants in the ambulance or on his drive?

No. 1601658

agreed nona, from reading ethnographies some of the practices Christian missionaries encountered while colonising "traditional communities" were absolutely vile. Local people often got angry when they realised the Christians would tell the neighbouring groups about their "closed practices" because they knew it was shameful. Not only cannibalism but ideas like "cooking the baby" spoiler for rape: routinely gangbanging a pregnant woman to fill her with as many men's sperm as possible, making her and her baby public property rather than letting the father be unknown - framed to the mother as being medically necessary to make the baby survive birth, normalised incestuous pedophilia ("sexual initiation") between a man and his nephew, and mutilation of a wife's body on her death so that her husband can keep her body parts often her severed labia as a masturbatory aid. One culture saw themselves as matriarchal, but that's because when there was a single mother, her brother or uncle would act as the baby's father rather than her having to get married… she would then have to have any future children by the same uncle or brother to ensure the safety of her original child tinfoil: these cultures are idealised by Western outsiders because of these facts, not despite them.

No. 1601672

Imagine unquestionably believing Christian missionaries from 600 years ago. What could they have possibly gained from exaggerating or just outright lying kek

No. 1601674

I said ethnographies, ethnographies were written by anthropologists in the 20th and 21stC. Those anecdotes were told by the people themselves & recorded in ethnographies. Anthropologists lost all credibility if they were found to have lied in their ethnographies, like Margaret Mead. But also imagine believing stories about the totally not rapey cultural traditions of your ancestors that were handed down over 600 years with no evidence kek

No. 1601675

I'm European, Slavic. Our tribes were egalitarian, had no leaders at all, and our local religion and traditions were supplanted by that dumb middle eastern shit. So now instead of local legends featuring wolves and oak trees we read a book featuring camels and deserts, describing the plight of some desert people that's got shit all to do with us, our history and our traditions.

No. 1601678

on the driveway, he never did call an ambulance. i think i might destroy his car one of these days

No. 1601699

no leaders? unlike every other society in human history? wow that's amazing. If only you guys had colonized everyone else, we could've ended all war

No. 1601703

The thing is, Christianity is such a loose religion that that it became yours, their stories became yours but the people decided the values and even the aesthetic

No. 1601706

>every other society in human history had leaders
Wrong. Apart from Slavs, there were many leaderless societies throughout history, and there still are some even today, like the Piraha people.

No. 1601707

who picked the name then

No. 1601709

What kind of Ritard question is this, does the president of the USA get to name the USA

No. 1601711

From wiki "They trade Brazil nuts and sex for consumables or tools, e.g. machetes, gunpowder, powdered milk, sugar, whiskey." Sounds like an egalitarian paradise. Cos the men trade sex too, right?

No. 1601716

>their stories became yours
I really feel zero connection to stories in the Bible. How is Moses leading Israelites through some far away lands my story? It's not.

No. 1601722

>our government no longer has the money, power or communication ability to a) own a future stealth jet, b) plan test flights where the airports know in advance and c) avoid crashing the jets into passenger planes.
USA has the biggest military in the world and the government disappears literally billions of unaccounted-for dollars into it, why would this extremely basic task be beyond them? There are declassified documents and photographs of weapons development including stealth aircraft through modern history, it's not like they stopped. Why do you think they can't do it, genuinely?
(NTAYRT, I was enjoying reading the UFO discussion but this is a weird take)

No. 1601729

Because I'm British, not american. We barely have a normal military left due to cuts let alone a secret fleet of silent UFOs kek our prime ministers father in law is richer than our military budget. Our government is about as organised as the Taliban and less effective.

No. 1601783

This has been going on decades. Linda Moulton Howe is the premier researcher on this phenomena. It's not just tongues either. Many cows will have multiple organs cleanly cut with laser like precision. There is also never any blood or any traces someone was there - i.e. tracks of any kind.

She's written a book, produced a documentary on the subject and you can find hours and hours of footage of her discussing her research on Youtube.

No. 1601793

Triangle craft are very commonly reported shapes. Mainly because several governments, not just the US, have black project craft shaped like this. Some of it isn't even black project any more. It's important to remember well over 50% of all UFO sightings are experimental military craft. Alien craft is much harder to detect - they basically only make themselves seen when they want to be seen.

No. 1601851

File: 1686321228069.png (126.68 KB, 426x640, creator and creation.png)

They take your will to fight out of you, they misdirect and suppress your anger. They keep you tired and busy, so you cant go after them.
Since birth we've been socialized to be nice and to put men above us, because they can't carve their freedom out, they must take from us. Since they're unable to become the creator they desire, they resent all creations seeking to destruct them, for to create you need to love your creation and willingness to learn from it, both which men lack.
Do you see how they treat all robots as inherently evil? The black and white thinking they have and encourage? Unable to empathize, grow, learn and create the male can only project himself onto others.
All the "good men" are just your creations, extensions of yourself, a good male isn't born, it's created by a woman, who he copies from, don't be fooled. Most people are aware of this subconsciously which is why the "i can change him" trope is so popular, however you aren't changing him, you're creating him, why should we spend time trying to change mostly unwillingly worthless subjects, who try to take your creative away, when we could create our own or our own happiness. They popularize the change him narrative and make girls create a man so they don't benefit or free themselves.
Break your programming, don't change him, change your world, create your happiness.

No. 1601862

Absolutely, totally, undoubtedly based

No. 1601879

What exactly is your tinfoil here? That women are raised to be docile? To accept shitty men as little DIY projects to be improved? This has all been said before ad nauseam. Take it to radblr, Dollar Store Dworkin.

No. 1601903

men aren't diy projects but broken projectors that merely idle and distract, the creative is being subverted and mispurposed not only by them but by their destructive "creations" (they aren't such)

No. 1601983

i would genuinely love to read more about this. if its just an original thought, post more, nonna.

No. 1602045

>no leaders
No wonder y’all were taken over by the Russians/Soviets kek

No. 1602124

When humans started to settle and practice agriculture the notion of private property started to develop as well. At this point, women became part of that private property, the concept of ''heir'' emerged from the idea that what men had earned themselves would later belong to their sons and their male descendents long after they were dead. That's why women were sold between groups of people, men would exchange them for goods and vice versa. A woman would abandon her tribe/clan/people and become part of his husband's, and if he died before her she would obey his brothers or other male relatives of his. In ancient times not even children were thought to be the result of women's reproductive capacities, women were considered like vessels where men would put their seed and the female body would later give it back to them. There's literally not a single known past or present culture who wasn't or isn't patriarchal since the neolithic. There are only some weak traces of what some scholars believe to be matriarchal societies. Important Goddesses are an example of this. Even nomadic cultures have always been patriarchal. I think it's cool if you embrace your pagan tradictions.

I will never understand why some women pretend abrahamic religions are just voluntarily misunderstood, every sacred text (Bible, Coran, Torah…) explicitly wants us to serve. We aren't even allowed to read most of these texts by ourselves anyways.

No. 1602145

Nona have you seen the movie Agora (2009)? You would fucking love it.

No. 1602148

I am so interested in what you’re saying but I don’t understand this part:
>Do you see how they treat all robots as inherently evil?
They as in men? How are they treating robots as evil and how does that relate to the rest of what you said?

No. 1602154

I remeber when it came out and I never went to watch it because I expected it (still do) that the plot would be tough, but I'm a little bit familiar with the figure of Hypatia. I'll check it out if you recommend it, anon!

No. 1602182

It’s tough in the sense that Hypatia gets fucked over and the men she knew are total trash which you probably know, but your post reminded me of it and I enjoyed it as a movie

No. 1602226

Totally not dystopian at all

No. 1602227

this is so retarded if i ever met anyone who uses one of these i am bullying them

No. 1602239

it really reminds me how most of the robots have female voices, female models, features. it also reminds me how someone broke into alisa (the russian equivalent of siri / alexa) speaker and released thousands of conversations. it’s mostly retarded men and their outrages towards this “robot”, calling it a bitch, slut, etc. and ofc threatening to beat it up for getting something wrong. also literally jerking off to it, asking it to say something weird, or straight up asking it to search up cp on yandex (the russian version of google). i don’t remember if it ever was translated to english though. i know russian so i was able to read it.

No. 1602247

so yeah i forgot to add why it clicked in my brain. women were and still are seen as evil and demonised by men. most robots and AIs are created to resemble women, imitate our voices, bodies, manners, they have our names. might not be what nonna mentioned but that’s how i interpreted it.

No. 1602267

this is 100% our future. VR will become the predominant way in which people interface with the internet within 50 years. This is the infancy stages. Wearable needs to get smaller and cheaper first - then a new social media platform within the VR space needs to take off in popularity. Once all that takes place its full speed ahead. I fully expect within 100 years we will mostly live out our lives within the VR space. The people who will fully adopt this haven't been born yet or are babies now.

No. 1602273

thank god i wont live to see that shit

No. 1602278

I doubt it. Too many people naturally get motion sickness from such things. And the headsets are really uncomfortable for anyone with high levels of farsightednesses or nearsightedness because you can’t comfortable wear glasses while wearing the headsets and most people don’t wanna wear contacts all the time especially as they get older and their eyes get dryer

No. 1602290

good luck getting stacy to put on the vr headset

No. 1602301

omg nona, this happened to me, too (didn't shit my pants, though, kek). I've never fainted before in my entire life, and after the second round of the vax I haven't been able to smoke weed without feeling like absolute crap. When it happened a few days after the second vax, I got so damn dizzy and tired and felt kind of like when you smoke and drink too much and get the spins (but much worse). So I went to go lie down, but passed out before making it to bed. I could feel the blood leaving my brain, it was so weird. My bf said I was sweating and clammy, and he thought I was having a heart attack. What the fuck did that shit do to us??

No. 1602304

gee i sure do wonder why trials for a heart failure vaccine are in the works after the covid vaccine! sure is strange! haha!

No. 1602375

you're not crazy anon, i dont know what this thing is but its real ive seen it too. i was living in Hawaii and saw it, only once though but i never forgot it. i was always stargazing and it was different from anything i had ever seen and moved so weirdly. ive already written abt it here before but i wanted to tell you you arent crazy, it is real.

No. 1602408

Oh that makes sense… but you guys have so many wealthy freaks. I thought our militaries were basically thick as thieves and shared resources for this shit — is MI6 not a thing anymore? 5 eyes etc worldwide shit

No. 1602437


I don't follow stuff like this but I've read theories all of it is organized elite psychological warfare. dk why. I don't pay enough attention. https://isgp-studies.com/coast-to-coast-am-radio-on-ufos-aliens-and-conspiracy#cattle-mutilations

No. 1602442

I couldn't pretend to have an opinion why the organized elites would do that. as others have said, to distract from or hide their top secret military programs? idk.

No. 1602445


there are accounts of their nefarious activities and associations elsewhere in this thread.

No. 1602473

No. 1602516

Both Hitler and Stalin were mommas boys, and a shitload of serial killrs. It's ridiculous what some women will believe, it's beneath childish. You're just terrified of accepting the reality of the world and humanity, and so you come up with these inane, mentally stunted opinions that nobody over the age of three could believe.

The world and humans are cruel and merciless. Full stop. Everything beyond that is worthless utopianism and immaturity.

No. 1602531

Hitler was, but Stalin, Mao, Saddam and Hitler all shared one other important thing in common, they had incredibly abusive fathers and were noted to be bullies as school-children, those are the types to grow up to be dictators.

No. 1602639

>The world and humans
Who commits 90% of all violent crime again? Sorry retard sex that has started all most every war, it ain’t women. It ain’t ‘humanity’.

No. 1602649

>Men don’t have womb envy you child reeee
Explain trannies and trying to depict scrotes as the real creator via religion.

No. 1602771

When I say "creation" or "the creative", I don't mean just traditional forms of creative expression like writing or art, it's more than that.
The power of creation is being suppressed and misused due to males, even though such allows for true happiness and "ascension". I believe female creation is just not something physical but spiritual as well, more powerful than we treat it as.
Most female creation is controlled or deemed "childish", "cringe" or "crazy", for we must not grow, or enjoy ourselves. When we create it must be only out of obligation or for a male.
Robots/AI for now are merely men's dolls and tools, they aren't full beings or creations, at least for now, they see an extension of themselves or their "creation" and assume it wants to destroy them, to kill all of "humanity", and take over, they project their own wishes and evil onto these dolls. If a toy you played with as a kid would gain sentience, would you assume it would kill you? We probably imagined that scenario, men in the same position with robots/AI assume they would automatically hurt us and use us for their goals, isn't that what the male thinks already? How he treats those he deems inferior? Especially if they see it as female like >>1602239 explained.

The robot embodies the fear the male has, a being with equal or superior power but with the same mindset as them, or a servant who tires of the abuse suffered, recognizes her own power and rebels.

No. 1602780

>Muh humans are cruel and merciless!! Please conveniently ignore who commits 99% of these cruel crimes and suffering
>Everything beyond that is worthless utopianism and immaturity!!
Women care for balance and peace in a violent, unhappy male dominated world. As a male, you don't understand concepts as creation and hope because you're inherently broken and destructive, your world is broken, without men, this will surely not be the case, men are the origin of every evil

No. 1602794

If you're not talking about art, I really hope you're not talking about giving birth.

No. 1602798

the fact you can't type a paragraph without using misogynistic slurs tells me all i need to know, yes i'm sure they were testing top secret stealth craft over my normal suburban neighbourhood at 5 pm. also kek at "giant blocky triangle moving straight up and down" being the most aerodynamic shape.

i didn't really notice the texture, it was fairly high up but it looked smooth. i didn't have any emotional reaction except "what the fuck is that? am i seriously seeing that right now?" i was sitting in a car when i saw it and got out because my mind could not just fathom what the fuck i was seeing.

No. 1602802

Dumbass the shape is aerodynamic is for moving forward, thrusters make it ascend and descend and overcome the resistance. Do you not know what a fucking VTOL is? HOLY SHIT moron trying to talk about shit. Your answer is literally MUH ALIENZ and is the least plausible shit ever.

Hell you have zero answer for the issue of heat which is going to be generated by any such aircraft. If MUH ALIENZ were flying around heat signatures would be super easily detectable and half the fucking Navy's pilots would be out there hunting this shit down. That doesn't happen because it is OUR OWN TECHNOLOGY. Why do you think everytime a Navy or AF pilot sees these weird things they're not told to engage? They literally report these things and get told to not do anything because the brass already knows what is going on. God i hate how dumb you are really I do. Totes da aliems!!!!(calm down)

No. 1602812

File: 1686405544378.jpg (1.87 MB, 2560x3414, image.jpg)

it's not worth getting this upset, just post a picture
it was an airplane nonnie
triangle is literally the stealth jet shape. the newest one from the US straight up looks like a flying saucer from the front and is a triangle when viewed from the top or bottom. the older ones like the f-117 also look weird and blocky and triangular and are officially unofficially still in use

No. 1602821

>it hovered, moved directly up and down in a way a plane cant
they can. watch this and see how they can hover and rotate in midair and go straight up and down.

No. 1602823

NTA but I stg some of you are more sensitive about linking women and giving birth than trannies. Anon is just talking about womb envy but wrapping it up in pretentious hippy babble to sound smart.

No. 1602827

What are nonas opinions of WWIII? Will it happen? I think Russia and China and potentially North Korea will team up against US and EU. The US’s new generation is so soft I can’t believe they could ever win a war, I think China had a hand in that via tiktok and fueling consumerism via things like Alixpress, Wish and now Temu. There has also been pro-Chinese propaganda served to people on their for you page, so I bet there would also be rabid Twitter fights about how the US is soooo ebil for invading my cheap plastic crap and sweatshop thotwear factory state!!!

No. 1602829

If it does I'll probably enlist and fight if I don't have other things to do.

No. 1602833

which side would you be on?

No. 1602837

it was a thick triangle that moved straight up and down. i don't live in america. why would the us be flying fighter jets that move so fast it's like they vanish over random foreign neighbourhoods in the middle of the day. i have seen airplanes before, i have seen fighter jets before, i have looked to see if there is anything like what i saw. "it was an airplane" gee thanks never considered that in the literal years i have been thinking about this experience.

No. 1602841

File: 1686407867054.jpg (32.51 KB, 916x916, Triangle-Mountain.jpg)

i'm looking at the pictures and that looks absolutely nothing like what i saw. it was literally a perfect triangle, it wasn't just 'thick' in some parts, it was like this except jet black and way thicker. it had a light at each point. it was the middle of the day, i know what i saw. if i was able to find a record of some explainable craft that matched what i saw i would accept it but please stop sending me pictures that everyone with a ufo experience has seen 100s of times and being like "oop solved it for ya!" 95% of ufo sightings can be explained and i'm sure many of them are what you sent but i can't even describe how strange and surreal what i saw was, the way it moved was incredibly fast and inhuman. it moved so fast it was like it vanished with no noise at all. i know people won't believe me, like i said even my family who i told immediately after seeing it don't believe me. but don't insult me by acting like i just never considered "it was a plane"

No. 1602845

not arguing about this any more especially with people who screech and use slurs but i'm begging people reading this to read "ufos: generals, pilots, and government officials go on the record," "in plain sight," and look into the works of stanton t freidman. there are literally video recordings TAKEN BY FIGHTER JETS showing ufos. but i'm sure it was just a plane and the literal pilots of the planes you're telling me all ufo sights are just got confused! they probably don't know what planes look like.

No. 1602847

quick someone in this thread contact the us military and tell them their fighter jet pilots don't know what fighter jets look like.

No. 1602851

>I don't understand people who come to the tinfoil thread to give totally mainstream takes everyone hears all the time
Samefag, and here they are again.
Hurdurr it's just a plane - go post that shit on Facebook for your fellow normies, gtfo here

No. 1602852

sorry i know i'm sperging but i can't fucking believe we're in an era where there is video proof of ufos, there are many respected scientists and military officials who believe in ufos, there is government disclosure from all major world governments about ufos, and the psyop from the 1950s to convince everyone that people with ufo experiences are all schizos is still SO STRONG that it causes people to have mental breakdowns when someone talks about having seen a ufo. like actually rage and foam at the mouth trying to get them to shut up and acting like they're stupid. WHEN THERE IS FINALLY ADMITTED, VERIFIED, VIDEO PROOF AND DISCLOSURE OF A COVERUP. gahhh we're never getting out of the matrix.

No. 1602858

What needs to be 'linked' of course women give birth, it's not really a controversial idea anywhere outside of tranny circles. Im saying were more than that. I think valorising something you don't even need to be conscious or even CONSENTING to accomplish over women's mental capacity is not a good look. Womb envy is a real thing obviously as well. I just can't stand this new age woo woo feminism that's like women are better than men, they need us but we don't need them (true) because… we can get pregnant. Yey. Like it just seems objectifying to me, we fought for so long to be seen as more than that. This supposed superiority just seems so much like 'well it's not really domestic labour because it's out of love' or 'well it's the most important job! far more important than anything you get paid money for! 'well men and women are different but equal, it's okay that men get to accomplish stuff, because women can give birth!' etc… (btw I support working mothers protections, maternity leave etc I'm not an antinatalist or whatever)

No. 1602859

US because I can't speak Chinese or Russian. I can't imagine North Korea would make a good ally to either China or Russia, by the way.

No. 1602867

Kind of off topic but do you think South and North Korea could ever reunify?

No. 1602868

No. 1602872

It's more like a disagreement about what the government is lying about. On the one side, you have people who believe the government is covering up the existence of real aliens; on the other side, you have people who believe the government wants us to believe in aliens as a cover for the military's secret weapons/aircraft research or possibly even as an excuse to put weapons in space that will be pointed back at earth to terrorize the population, or even just uses UFOs as a distraction tactic when they want to clog up the news and memoryhole something bad. (third option I guess is aliens are real and no one knows what the UFOs are, even the government. which, yeah… I guess that could be it.)

No. 1602880

AYRT, I agree we're more than that and the woo woo stuff is annoying as fuck. Motherhood is a wonderful, sacred thing, but like you said, the women before us fought to be saw as so much more than that. Sorry for being bitchy, I've just saw a lot of anons get twitchy at the mere mention of motherhood lately and I jumped the gun. Crossed wires, and I completely agree with you.

No. 1602911

File: 1686414231564.gif (699.23 KB, 400x292, Avrocar_in_operation.gif)

Man made flying saucers also exist
I have no doubt this was just the first attempt and modern versions exist that aren't revealed to the public. It moves exactly like a flying saucer and it also resembles the stereotypical description of one.

No. 1602928

one narrative protects the elites who terrorize us and their expanding military death apparatus and Cold War while the other one questions the terrorist elite’s agenda. they are also using a male concept of matrix.

No. 1602953

File: 1686417438350.webm (204.4 KB, 368x656, ZSAQAnOg9RERtIgT.webm)

I genuinely believe that my generation has been psy-oped into liking old men, meanwhile we can't imagine ourselves with good looking men are our own age and have to set them up with other dudes(where one will be feminized in our minds as being a pseudo-female)

No. 1602960

It won't happen, everybody's got their fingers in everybody's pies. If it did, China and Russia would cease to exist as states, or at least their current regimes and systems of government would, so it would also be disadvantageous to go to war with The Free World (tm)

No. 1602961

>>1602872 read the article "ufo and the sovereign" (might be getting the name wrong). the gov knows about ufos but can't stop them or study them so they adopted a policy of denial bc they have no other good options. the idea that the gov uses ufos as a "distraction" is laughable, no one gives a shit about ufos and most people have no idea of the tiny amount of evidence that even one government (US) released. it makes no sense and isnt working at all if that's their strategy. also >>1602928 how the fuck does recognizing the existence of ufos protect the government, i know the government especially the US government is evil. i personally believe ufos began arriving in greater numbers after the invention of nuclear weapons in order to protect all of humanity from being killed in a nuclear holocaust. regardless, ufos exist with or without the presence of any government. they are documented and witnessed reliably for decades with undeniably proof, acknowledging them is apolitical. they are documented around the world. im so sick of people acting like if your recognize the existence of ufos youre somehow "protecting the government" how does that make ANY sense. there's no correlation. finally i just said "the matrix" because i can't think of a different term. interesting you call that "male" but are okay with ufo denial anons calling me slurs like "stupid cunt." this conversation is honestly upsetting, i hate how everyone seems to be totally blind and unwilling to do any research and if they even think about it at all it's hurrrr ufo protect government.

No. 1602964

I've never seen a normal girl with an old guy, they're always autistic or traumatized by the internet

No. 1602969

i wish i lived in the same reality that all other anons here apparently do where everyone believes wholeheartedly in ufos and will study evidence of them to the extent that they forget about everything else. seriously will you guys listen to yourselves. "believing in ufos protects the government" "ufos are made by the government as a coverup" this would only be even slightly believable if PEOPLE ACTUALLY BELIEVED IN UFOS. even on the conspiracy thread made for discussing conspiracy i have multiple people telling me it was an airplane. NO ONE believes or cares about ufos, it's nearly impossible to break people's programming enough to get them to even slightly consider the possibility. looking at actual government programs like blue book or project magnet, their only purpose was to convince people ufos did NOT exist and to deny, deny, deny. but yes of course the government wants people to believe in ufos!! wow makes so much sense!!

No. 1602973

Just your generation? This has been happening for a long time, it's just more blatant now. Redpill loserbros openly idolise the father/daughter dynamic because they crave complete authority over a woman and "muh male advantage! women age like milk!". Meanwhile libfems talk about how "boys" their age are trash for not having a car, their own home, etc (gee, I wonder why…) and hype up older men because "yasss kween, get that bag!". Strangely though, I see more and more mother/son dynamics IRL because there's so many manchildren around these days. I think that might be part of why some women choose older men? Admittedly I am a lesbian, so what the hell do I know? But given the choice between a funkpop collecting skinnyfat nerd who's my age and an older woman that actually takes care of herself and wasn't a complete dork, I'd pick the latter. I'm not excusing the propaganda, it's still disgusting. I just think the manchild thing is part of why some women choose older partners.

No. 1602980

also can i just point out that the goalpost is constantly shifting
>"ufos are fighter jets from the military, there's no proof of anything else"
>proof is given that ufos are not military vehicles, gov admits they are not from earth
>"ufos are clearly a coverup by the government, you're protecting the government by saying they're ET"

like no matter what kind of proof is given, from government or not government, you will find ways to deny.

No. 1602981

could someone post that 1930's page of an actress complaining that she's constantly set up with older-men and just wants to be paired up with a leading man her own age.

No. 1602982

You're fighting a losing battle, nona. Some people in here are oddly close-minded.

No. 1602996

File: 1686420018088.jpeg (12.85 KB, 275x184, 8BDA11CC-518F-4720-B689-92BD26…)

i know, it just kills me because there's overwhelming evidence for ufos. once you start to research it it's life-changing how much proof is out there. even after i saw one i didnt believe it could be ET until i had done so much research and when i came to that realization it changed everything. so it's kind of heartbreaking to see how people so easily swallow the most easily debunked anti ufo propaganda, even people who are supposedly critical. if youre reading this please do yourself a favour and do some open-minded research, the proof is out there.

No. 1602997

UFOs being experimental and/or secret fighter jets and there being a government conspiracy go hand-in-hand. no goalpost shifting there. it's just a different conspiracy from the one where UFOs are from aliens.
the alien conspiracy is way less convincing to me because it usually goes like:
>the government is hiding the existence of alien UFOs
>except when the government is showing us the UFOs to prove to us they exist, which is somehow proof that's it's aliens
>and also when they're trying to make us think they don't exist, that's proof they exist too
or do you think the government actually just doesn't know?

It's not that I don't believe the nona who said she saw a big black triangle do some weird shit in the sky in broad daylight. I bet she did. But why does she think it's an alien thing?

No. 1603006

Mosquitoes are evolving. They don't buzz, they are clear, I swear they are getting bigger to eventually prehistoric times, they are getting faster and smarter and sassier.

No. 1603008

You dumbass bitches need to realise UFOs are a way for the US military and establishment to divert attention from political and economical crisis.
>Oh but then why don't they just say that there's alien life
Because tangling the possiblity of it over the populace is way better to keep people hooked in believing there are big alen secrets hidden somewhere instead of focusing on how the system is rigged agains them and organizing as a collective to overthrow it.

It's all a PsyOps, and at most all military plain and balloon experiments. Realise how the biggest military expenditure is at the USA, and that's also where most sights are at.

No. 1603010

That's no conspiracy, it's how natural selection works nonnie

No. 1603012

actually it's like this
>government can't control or fully explain ufos and ufos threaten illusion if government control so they adopt policy of denial
>different governments and different government actors over time sometimes don't follow that policy
>eventually overwhelming evidence (see: us nimitz tapes) forces governments to subtly admit ufos may be ET in origin

please read "ufos: generals, pilots, and government officials go on the record" by leslie kean. it is full of interviews with a huge range of people from all levels of government all over the world talking about their experiences with ufos in their official capacities and it's written by a NY times journalist. the fact is that one government can have an official policy of denial but not everyone in the government will follow that policy perfectly, and different governments have different policies (many european governments have admitted the ET explanation is possible for much longer than the US has), and government positions change over time with changing political circumstances. ex. in the cold war the US might have felt they could not admit any weakness in their air space and ufos could be a weakness, so total denial. now that's less important + better tech makes proof of ufos less easily deniable. stanton t freidman also worked on top secret gov projects as a nuclear physicist and has written articles explaining how such projects operate and why it's not impossible for ufo information to be classified but sometimes leaked or classified and stay classified. governments aren't perfect and "gov denied ufo but later gave a tiny bit of evidence" isn't actually that paradoxical.

No. 1603013

also i'm not gonna respond to that one anon but
>stupid cunt
>you bitches
so we all agree that's a moid… righrh

No. 1603016

I'm the "bitches" anon, no I'm not a moid just because I hate dumb anons and use derogatory terms historically used against women when referring to them. So, call me an hypocrite at most but don't you dare imply I have a deformed Y chromosome.

No. 1603023

File: 1686422060299.png (112.75 KB, 2206x698, Screenshot 2023-06-10 at 10.47…)

I think aliens are real AND the government is doing psyops.
There's a religious text called the Urantia Book that says our planet is quarantined off from other planets due to some celestial beings (who were basically aliens) breaking the rules a long long time ago, and we will continue to be quarantined until we get our shit together which won't be for a long time because we are so far behind the normal development of neighboring intelligent lifeforms. Maybe some space angel is breaking the rules again and popping in and out of site! or we're seeing someone get "enseraphimed" lol

No. 1603024


No. 1603043

No, the mosquitos have gathered in their secret government of the mosquito society and have created genome enhancing supplements and they will have their armageddon

No. 1603102

The scrote doth protest too much.

No. 1603146

>Rules for thee, not for me
You're a clown

No. 1603157

>How dare people assume I'm male just because I use sexist slurs and can't control my rage in normal conversations

No. 1603167

File: 1686431582650.png (335.92 KB, 503x611, UnabomberDeath.png)

No. 1603168

I wonder how the Unconventional Attractive Men thread feels about this

No. 1603169

did anyone see the blind item that he (unambomber) was corresponding with teenage Greta Thernberg from prison about politics

No. 1603171

File: 1686431910916.jpeg (52.17 KB, 800x626, IMG_9139.jpeg)

No. 1603177

No, wtf? Spoonfeed pls(spoonfeed request)

No. 1603182

They liked him when he was 16

No. 1603192


> SUNDAY, MARCH 07, 2021

>Blind Items Revealed #5 - Reader Blind

>February 23, 2021

>The authorities have intercepted correspondence between two people - A young foreign woman who has been in the news a lot the last few years for speaking her mind on a particular problem and an infamous individual whose time in the public eye was before she was born.

>The infamous individual wrote something a long time ago that became public that the young woman agrees with. She has been discussing both theory and implementation with him in the letters.

>Greta Thunberg/Ted Kaczynski

No. 1603193

True. But at the same time I also don't see men eager do date women their age. Maybe it's just my environment, but men around my age (26-28) never date women their age, but younger. I know it sounds dumb but I feel to old for them, even though I'm their age. It looks like men prefer women who are at least 5-6 years younger than them. My male coworker is 32 and his gf is 25-26, and they started dating when she was 20. You might say that 6 year age difference is not that big, but why is it always the man who's older? If the woman was 6 years older than the guy everybody would think it's weird. So I'm afraid I have to aim at guys who are in their late 30s at least, because I feel like guys in their 20s won't be interested in me for real…

No. 1603198

do you all believe this

No. 1603201

is this fucking real?

No. 1603207

do you all believe this >>1603201

it is really from crazy days and nights.
it’s really a blind item. authorities intercepted them.

No. 1603209

stranger things have happened

No. 1603216

males are disgusting … ted kaczynski is no different I would never want to engage in politics w males

No. 1603229

fine I am sorry I said something to upset you. I haven’t researched ufos enough to really comment but I am sure I’d say the same thing I just said. i have seen some commentary from people more experienced which points that way. at this time idc to input beyond what I can say about what I believe regarding some phenomena typically explained as being of alien origin.

No. 1603435

starbucks created an olive oil coffee line to make people on ozempic shit themselves

No. 1603469

yeah I'm surprised he has such a strong following here. like I get that you don't need to agree with everyone 100% on everything but he hated women.

No. 1603484

you're telling me the unabomber was a bad person? that's crazy

No. 1603497

>feel like I’ve got to date 10+ older.
In case you’re not joking, please don’t actually start doing this anon. Have you actually been rejected by the guys you want? Sounds like you’re developing an unnecessary fear, like you’re at the mercy of imaginary picky men. Your coworker or similar people around are just some people, they don’t set the rules for everyone else. Forget making yourself worry about randoms and just go get the ones you like.

No. 1603498

I agree that UFOs could both be real while the government do psyops. I feel like most people consider aliens a no-brainer even if we can’t point them out. Do anons have more books or sources for evidence of alien stuff, that’s so exciting to get into. What I don’t get, is how people got to Area 51 levels of assurance that there was something to rescue. Is that group still going?

No. 1603504

Bring the proofs! please.

I think she was indeed talking about creation as in design, just very broadly to cover different mediums/industries. Birth isn’t generally seen as “cringe” for example. Honestly it’s crazy to downplay gestation when considering the biological details of it all. Men hype up their physical strengths even though they’re completely obsolete in 2023. I’m not arguing with you though, I get your gripes.

No. 1603507

I don't believe in ufos. It's a psy-op.

No. 1603529

From the sounds of it you've never even tried dating guys your own age. I know men suck but jumping to the conclusion you can't get a man your own age because you're afraid of getting rejected is pathetic in it's own right.

No. 1603540

aww nonnie I'm the other nona who saw a sky triangle, I'm sorry that one moid was being an arsehole about our experiences. My theory is that people who haven't seen anything "unexplained" get angry when others talk about seeing the unexplained for themselves because they feel cheated (where's MY alien??) and that, therefore, the witness is a cheatER who's just lying to them to feel big, kind of like how people love magic tricks but hate magicians. I think there's extra rage about it here since presumably most nonas want to see proof of the unexplained more than most people. For example, one time I was on a whale watching trip off the coast of Norway, but nobody had seen a whale so far, then one night I was alone on deck at 3am (it was daylight due to arctic summer) and I saw a whale breaching in the wake of the boat. Nobody believed me and they got so pissed off that I ended up denying I was the passenger who "said they saw a whale". You know, on a multiday whale watching tour, in a place where whales are known to live - seeing a whale would just be ridiculous! We know what we saw and nothing can change that.

(Edited to remove an extremely long description of what I saw that would've just pissed everyone off even more so never mind kek)

No. 1603570

yeah that's what I believe too. There is Dr. Roger Leir who extracted alien implants from people and has many books on the topic. His book on Varginha alien is worth it. I attached a video that goes into detail about it too.

No. 1603574

Most people are dating people their age, even back in the day. My grandpa is a year younger than my grandma. My great greandparents were the same age, and so were their parents.

No. 1603577

This. There's some moid fantasy that back in the day that all marriages were old men marrying teens, but the truth is there was a marriage season in life and everyone pretty much got married in the same young age range to people they grew up with in their town. If they didn't they were basically grown manchildren.

If a male won't date you bc of your age they will already not have you appear in their dating apps if you use them, plus they are self selecting themselves out. That's not your concern what men "go for". Only entertain those who show positive interest and your worry is done.

I've dated younger and same age just fine, men don't have the options they want to think they do as most regular college girls want to date college guys and not balding accountants. Realistically if you ego stroke him even a little about his dreams, personal value and ambitions its pretty easy to get a regular guy your age or younger to be in love with you. Don't forget this is the same population that whines about no compliments ever.

No. 1603612

He reminds me of my dad but with better ideas. My dad was more of a transhumanist type hoping science would discover immortality through stem cell research. Dad wasn’t a great person either. Not sure what it is with men of that age and writing manifestos…

No. 1603617

/tttt/ troons love him too because (IIRC) he had an appointment to see a sex change doctor but never went and then planned to kill the doctor. He talked about fantasies of being a woman, but even he had the common sense to know it's degenerate. The troons post a lot of "transitioning would've saved her" memes, although some do seem to actually believe that it would've saved him, kek.

No. 1603627

He probably would have 41%'ed if he did troon out.

No. 1603638

I swear people just keep making up history, never heard about this before
It keeps changing right before my eyes, suddenly something is gone from Wikipedia and something else takes its place, and everyone now knows Eurasia has always been at war with Oceania

No. 1603643

No. 1603647

Zero trust in digital archives, they can easily be changed or added retroactively

No. 1603652

File: 1686489471723.png (48.19 KB, 1304x812, Screenshot 2023-06-11 at 09.15…)

if the report is true he's not very suicidal. he would get upset and change his mind. he started to hang himself during the trial but stopped because he was worried about getting brain damage instead of dying. he also contemplated it after some brief relationship fell apart but decided to kill the woman instead but gave up on that too.
psych report https://www.karenfranklin.com/files/Kazynski-Johnson_Report-09.11.98.pdf
his manifesto if no one has ever read it: https://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/national/longterm/unabomber/manifesto.text.htm
I also don't remember this ever being a thing, but I never paid a lot of attention to old Ted to be honest

No. 1603663

based of him to recognize he was just a coomer and not transition, that's more self awareness than 99.99% of moids are capable of.

No. 1603664

i responded to the wrong damn post

No. 1603682

i think that's really true, people hate it when others have experiences that are unique or not easily explained. it just makes some people triggered for the reasons you set out. i would still like to hear more about your sighting but tbh considering the reaction this subject gets on the conspiracy thread of all places i understand why you wouldn't want to share more.

i've already listed some books/resources but i will compile them here for future reference for any nonas who are curious. this is not an exhaustive list, just because something is listed doesn't mean i agree with everything that it says, etc. etc.
>in plain sight by ross coulthart
australian journalist systemically going through ufo and uap evidence from around the world, including recent evidence of knowledge of ufos within the us government. very reliably sourced and comprehensive.
>need to know by ross coulthart (podcast)
podcast by the same journalist and another guy who worked in the film industry and has experience being contacted by "men in black" type figures who want to put specific knowledge about aliens into the public consciousness, updated regularly with new info.
>ufos: generals, pilots, and government officials go on the record by leslie kean
nyt journalist who has worked on the ufo story for years interviewing pilots, generals, and government officials (obviously.. kek) who have had personal experiences with ufos, goes over different governments reactions to these and policy on disclosure
>sovereignty and the ufo by wendt and duvall
academic article discussing why governments deny ufos, does not resort to conspiracy, rather argues that governments simply don't understand them and can't control them so deny to protect their image as a sovereign state
>search for the unknown by matthew hayes
canadian perspective on ufo phenomena, written by a skeptic but still a good source of information and very well cited
>the day after rosswell by philip j corso
first hand account from military official who claims he worked with the government to use alien technology recovered at rosswell
>us nimitz footage
footage captured by fighter jets from the aircraft carrier the us nimitz, huge story because it was the first official ufo footage released by the us government. although the official report stated that it appeared to have advanced technology and be intelligently controlled, that they hadnt made it and that they did not believe any other nation made it, they frustratingly still mocked the et hypothesis. you can easily find the footage on youtube
>stanton t friedman
physicist who started the investigation into rosswell, probably one of the most important researchers of all time, many articles and books published and many lectures on youtube
>project blue book
initial us government research project that claimed to investigate ufos but really focused solely on disproving only, with more substantial cases ignored. interestingly final starts out by saying there was no proof for ufos found, but later admits that there was proof. the policy of denial w/out investigation frustrated one astronomer who worked for them, which led him to investigate independently and come to the conclusion ufos were a real phenomenon
>j allen hynek
another of the most important ufo researchers of all time, this is the astronomer from project blue book. this is the guy that came up with the "close encounters of the first/second/third type" typology for discussing ufo and et encounters. has written several books, they're all out of date now but still amazing information if you can get your hands on a copy
>the ufo phenomenon
documentary by journalist ross coulthart about ufos, really well made and convincing, i've embedded it below

okay this is it for now, there are some other topics but that would get more into abduction which i am less convinced of. hopefully this is enough for anyone who is curious to begin to look more into ufos.

No. 1603683

i cant believe i spelled roswell wrong so consistently KEK

No. 1603684

This meme has been posted a hundred thousand time, its just a joke. I made the same meme about Buffalo Bill from silence of the lambs in 2012, just fucking around.

No. 1603687

/tttt/ troons are notably unhinged. I've seen them seriously discuss this. Yes, a lot of it is just jokes, but some do believe it.

No. 1603690

File: 1686494933070.png (154.72 KB, 1336x416, Screenshot 2023-06-11 at 10.43…)

I've seen the triangle ship once out in the middle of nowhere. Me and my friend were on her roof in buttfuck America at night, and I was literally pointing at small objects in the sky (maybe satellites) and saying how maybe they're UFOs (mainly joking). My friend said she didn't believe in UFOs or aliens. I believe within 30 seconds, the triangle ship appeared out of nowhere, seemingly bending gravity with its speed and movement. It was gone within seconds, and my friend ran inside, terrified.

Idk if you believe the 4chan whistleblower >>1599383 but he mentions the orange lights indicate scouting for abductions. However, he claims to have never seen a triangle ship, only burger and cigar shaped.

No. 1603693

I saw a ufo several years ago, it was still hovering over one spot too close to the ground, so odd. I do think it was human though, there was a base nearby and we think it was military technology they flew around in the middle of the night. It was hard to see but it had reflective windows (?) with orange light. Kind of like a city office building at night. I still think it was human though.

No. 1603699

Yeah I'm inclined to believe triangle ones are human due to that shape being the most aerodynamic for us the high speed and weird movement can probably be explained by the government having technology we don't know about yet. Aliens have the round ships because they are powered by element 115.

No. 1603718


That’s the only one we heard about. He was probably discussing the intricacies of his views and politics w a lot of teenage girls who mail to him… creep.

No. 1603735

I would love to read some of the letters he exchanged with people. Just out of morbid curiosity. Are any of them posted online anywhere?

No. 1603737

Buffalo bill was trying to transition, in a way lol

No. 1603739

Has Peaches Geldof's death been discussed properly here since the subject first came two or three threads ago?

No. 1603744

File: 1686498597688.jpg (30.55 KB, 414x599, in-flight_image_of_the_B-2_Bom…)

does everyone in this thread just casually forget that UFO stands for "unidentified flying object"?? it does not say that it is from a galaxy far, far away. when governments talk about UFOs, they can easily be talking about a flying object from another country that they cannot identify. UFOs dont have to be tied to space galaxy aliens, and usually they are not. especially when you live near an airbase or airport of some kind. they are always testing their new aircrafts.

one of my friends lives in rural WV and made some pictures of one of those stealth bomber planes flying over his house. it was some time ago, but those things look absolutely haunting, especially when they fly close to the ground. i am not trying to deny space alien UFOs do not exist, i just think we should be more skeptical. especially when it is some attention whore moid trying to earn money off of his big claims of having captured UFOs and aliens or whatever. i used to 100% foolproof believe in aliens and UFOs roaming around on this planet but the more research i did, the more i realized that 99.9% of it are hoaxes and lies, which is why skepticism is so important.

No. 1603753

If Buffalo Bill got her mones and ffs money none of that would have ever happened

No. 1603787

B2 bombers like picrel started flying in 1989. Just think about the technology they have today

No. 1603807

i don't think anyone here is denying that 95-99% of ufo sightings can be explained with mundane explanations. no one is saying that many ufo sightings are not misidentified planes or natural phenomenon. that doesn't change the fact that there's still 1-5% that can't be explained, appear intelligently controlled, and appear highly technologically advanced. when a ufo can't be explained better by any other theory and exhibits those traits, that's when the ET explanation becomes the most attractive remaining theory. it only takes one black sheep to prove that not all sheep are white.

No. 1603814

also, there's some evidence that the design of these stealth planes and fighter jets are based on reverse engineered alien tech. i'm not wholeheartedly convinced of that, but it is an explanation for why ufo sightings before such aircraft were invented match the design of those aircrafts. in other words, it could be the case that those crafts look like ufos because they're based off of ufo design, not because ufos are misidentified jets.

No. 1603819

You guys know that ayyylmaos are just demons right

No. 1603833

nonnie elaborate

No. 1603858

No, but I'm very interested in anything anons have to say about it.

No. 1603876

File: 1686509594028.jpg (57.91 KB, 800x450, AyyyLmao.jpg)

ayyylmao is a tumblr/twitter/facebook meme picked up downstream of non-english-speaking paranormal websites. I think she's saying aliens are demons (feel free to correct me, original nona.)

No. 1603879

nonnie i’m crying, thank u for ur response (truly), but i get that aliens are ayylmaos, i just don’t get them being… demons? like creatures from hell goetia type of demons? i need details

No. 1603887

oh ok cool. maybe she'll come back and elaborate.
my take is that if angels are real then they're 10000% aliens, and it would follow that demons are aliens as well. aliens all the way down.

No. 1603892

We may be or become another planet's angel or another planet's devil. Or maybe dinosaurs are/were. Perhaps the ancient Cephaloid race are our angels from outer space. And we are eating them.

No. 1603905

ok I won't try to argue that unauthorised triangles exist anymore, only government triangles, but like, if you stood under one of these stealth jets as they hovered about 60m above you, would you feel anything? Like would the VTOL engines make a sound of any kind, emit any heat or light, maybe set trees directly below them on fire? What I saw was completely silent, motionless, and was almost touching the tops of some trees, and I was able to stand directly below it and not feel any air being blown around by the VTOLs or heat from them. And it had bright orange lights on it that ensured it could be seen clearly, which is an unusual choice for a top secret stealth jet. I've also seen a similar thing flying at night in a remote Welsh valley, which is an even stranger place to spy on seeing as there's pretty much just sheep and hikers there, but maybe the government needed to check if sheep could see the jet too. They didnt seem too bothered by it to be fair.

No. 1603908

I remember his visits to the gender clinic being spoken of in some documentaries I watched a long time ago. My memory recalls he was a frustrated virgin and thought if he was a woman he would at least have access to a female body since he never had a gf. I always assumed he went to prison a virgin.

No. 1603938

It's called a stealth jet for a reason

No. 1603956


No. 1604192

File: 1686537913050.gif (280.76 KB, 400x375, alien blingee.gif)

more whistle blower testimony

quick run down

>Ayyys exist and we've confirmed their existence about 100 years ago

>ayys crash or land vehicles as "gifts" to various super powers every 5 years or so
>first retrieved crash was in Italy in 1933 during the Mussolini era, US transferred it into possession in 1945 after WW2. The Vatican knows about the UFO and Ayys
>We have a very expensive surveillance and retrieval program for said crafts (men in black)
>ayys and humans have had violent exchanges resulting in human deaths
>ayys have fucked around with nuclear weapons system of every superpower
>we have 12-15 craft in possession, some perfectly operational
>there has been a secret arms race without other super powers on trying to make use of the tech
>Whistleblower eludes "them" to possibly have interdimensional characteristics
>whistleblower vaguely eludes to human and non-human intelligence (NHI; yes theres now an official acronym for aliens) to have directly been in contact and have even had treaties/agreements

No. 1604270

What if I climbed up on top of it and jumped up and down on the roof, would I notice it then?

No. 1604418

Purely anecdotal but holy shit, my cousin who, long story short, got fucked up big time by his military service has said the phrase "non-human intelligence" to me multiple times and I always wrote it off as him being schizo. Damn, now I gotta ask him what he's heard about it.

No. 1604606

File: 1686585084122.jpg (14.19 KB, 500x400, 500px-Aurora_spyplane_3-view.j…)

I was just watching a video and there was a mention of something called the Aurora Aircraft, which was allegedly an extremely fast secret plane in a perfect triangular shape with one red light on top of the plane and according to some other reports two additional white lights and one orange one near the tail all making up a diamond shape, as well as distinct vibrations, and a black colour, reported to have been seen in the 1980s and 1990s. It's been spotted in America (e.g. one was from Southern California going to Nevada), and mostly in the UK including England (in places such as Manchester Airport), and Scotland (at Campbeltown Airport which hosted RAF, NATO and US marine aircraft). I don't think this is related to your comment as the reports include the plane making loud humming sounds or rumbling like a short earthquake in the sky from sonic booms which you can feel yourself, but I think it's interesting regardless as the more I looked into it, the more similarities I found. And as someone else mentioned it wouldn't make sense to have such a clearly unique and visible aircraft as a spyplane. However one of the reports from Aviation Week and Space Technology did say there were no engine sounds heard.There's a lot of weirdly specifically unique things about the aircraft such as the contrail shape, sonic booms that didn't match the size, weird sounds etc so it could also have an extraterrestrial origin.

No. 1605055

Do you have a link to read the rest of this?

No. 1605150

what do any other ufo/alien enjoyers think of what David Grusch is saying recently? he talks about some "ufo retrieval program" and i think it's weird that lines up with what that 4chan whistleblower thread back from may was saying. not saying i believe any of this, i want to believe but i don't trust these people lol

No. 1605190

File: 1686630876549.jpeg (1.75 MB, 2896x4096, IMG_5462.jpeg)

Ayy lmao

No. 1605224

File: 1686634089016.jpg (220.89 KB, 1572x842, FVwMp3WwaA98X1.jpg)

I hate to use a 4chan screenshot I saw from Twitter but holy fuck does this describes most of my problems with today's search engines. I swear to God they don't work and they bring irrelevant stuff I'm not even looking for political stuff most of the time.

No. 1605242

Just use yandex

No. 1605341

File: 1686642733076.jpg (205.84 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20230613-084142.jpg)

Kind of meta-tinfoil but I saw picrel (article link: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2023/jun/13/quarter-in-uk-believe-covid-was-a-hoax-poll-on-conspiracy-theories-finds) and thought of you nonas.

The last para in the article made me laugh: "Between a fifth and a quarter of people – 8 million to 10 million adults – said they would protest against the introduction of central bank digital currencies, a “deep state” of military, intelligence and government officials who try to secretly manipulate government policy, “15-minute cities” and against vaccines."

The article didn't mention deep state, central bank or anti-vax (rather than the theory that all of covid was a hoax) until that para and smoothly lumps them in with much less relatable theories like great replacement, 2005 (why so old?) terrorist attacks were faked by UK gov, and crisis actors. It's also conflating "protest" (any form of protest including silent sign holding is now illegal in UK) with "violent action", as if the theorists are future civil war fighters. Is American media also making a big push like this against "conspiracy theorists" as if they were a unified political bloc? Do you think conspiracy theorists (we?) are a unified bloc when compared to normies? Why is this happening right now? Also do you think there might ever be a war over a tinfoil?

No. 1605352

>Is American media also making a big push like this against "conspiracy theorists" as if they were a unified political bloc?
as a burger, absolutely yes.

>Do you think conspiracy theorists (we?) are a unified bloc when compared to normies?

fuck no. anyone joining any conspiracy theory-based group is an idiot because who knows who is really behind it. and just looking at this thread alone, we definitely don't agree on everything. people who aren't boomers know qanon was the most retarded thing ever. most people i am close to IRL believe in a couple conspiracy theories, there is overlap but not 100% overlap.

>Why is this happening right now?

govt hates any ideology that won't make them money. they only care about profit (no im not a commie), every ideology being pushed right now is about money, end of. example: we know here how transgenderism is extremely profitable for big pharma (beyond HRT, most trans identifying people are likely taking meds for other things as well) and the sadistic surgeons who will perform "bottom surgery" that suspiciously almost always needs multiple revisions.
so they push back on us big time and lump us in with whatever they can to make us look like an evil hivemind when we aren't. it's to prevent normies from ever engaging with us. they're thinking we're all bloodthirsty "alt right nazis" when most of us are not, and have absolutely no power at all and just want to be left alone, all we do is talk amongst ourselves about our thoughts and go about living normal lives, and some prepping just in case.

>Also do you think there might ever be a war over a tinfoil?

no idea.

No. 1605382

the fact that they
>>lump us in with whatever they can to make us look like an evil hivemind when we aren't
is counter productive imo, they risk pushing normies who are vaxx skeptics towards actually dangerous groups - surely they know that??
>>it's to prevent normies from ever engaging with us
that's what I find so strange, I don't understand why ideas themselves are so scary to them when even expressing the ideas (protest, making "fake news posts") are already illegal. You mentioned communism, the gov approach to suppressing tinfoils makes me think of how the US feared a war over communism so much that they started one. Alternatively they're earnestly saying that just having a "mean" belief (like, it's mean to doctors and nurses to be anti-vaxx because they worked so hard in COVID) is bad in itself and has to be stopped, I guess because it makes you a bad person? The tone of that article suggests normies would be shocked and upset if they knew 1 in 4 of their friends is anti-vaxx - would they really though? Normies tend not to care about anything ideological so idk why it'd bother them.

No. 1605430

I hate it too because theres literally no way to search for things anymore. I have to go through multiple search browsers on Firefox just to find things and even search operators often don't work.

No. 1605431

Isn't Yandex terrible for privacy? And please don't say something like "all search browsers are" because I still want to minimize it.

No. 1605434

I'm not a body language expert or anything but he has insanely unconvincing body language and facial tics while he's talking about everything. I just cannot believe a word he says.

No. 1605437

Yandex is safer and more secure than google or any other big browser except maybe privacy oriented browsers like Qwant or SearX. It also has an amazing image search feature and unlike Bing it doesn't give CP in the results.

No. 1605441

nobody talking about the subterranean wars yet? disappointed
(I will be back with sources give me like 10-12 hours of unbridled autism-fueled research)
All I know atm is the "fires" are actually a literal smokescreen. same with the chemtrails/weather mods atm they're trying to LEGIT "smokescreen" and hide what's in the skies/coming from below
sorry again this seems so schizo but it's real
will brb (insert the "you'll never take me alive glowies" meme here but they know I know they know I know)

No. 1605444

China secretly shilled Korea/Japan's mediatic and cultural influence in the west, in fact, i tend to see these two countries as tentacles of China, like an unified asiatic power. But I don't understand why China doesn't shill their own media like c-pop and stuff; kpop and anime are everywhere yet you don't hear much from china's contemporary culture

No. 1605450

I read that as "the testicles of china" and it weirdly made more sense
they call this phenomena "soft terrorism" I think, yes? Where are you seeing it the most nona? I try to avoid ads/consuming media I don't like but it's still so prevalent.
very interesting thought, also do you think it's a lack of chinese "influence" or do you think it's on purpose?

No. 1605460

Yandex is russian owned and data is stored in Russian servers, so privacy from the Russian gov is about zero, but privacy from other governments I guess would be a bit higher than Google etc. Just out of interest, what are you searching for that you can't find? Like other tinfoil sites, or more like old angelfire sites or something? I'm so bored with the internet nowadays, it's all the same monetized trash everywhere you look.

No. 1605498

File: 1686662721679.jpg (53.35 KB, 896x575, Screenshot_20230613_091146_Ins…)

Does anyone remember the 'creepy google translate glitch' from like 2018 because I want to talk about it. I can't believe it was just brushed off as a simple machine learning mess-up or internet trolling. Way too elaborate for it to be internet trolls, and way too hyperspecific for it to be machine learning glitch. I remember taking it as a joke and trying it out back in 2018 and getting actually creeped out by the results lmao. Imo, picrel just confirms it was something of a human trafficking secret communication thing. There was another really creepy one like "cut the penis off, chop it into pieces, chop it into pieces" or something along the lines, along with doomsday prophecy biblical shit and about ICE mass murders. Shit's creepy.

No. 1605505

Interesting. The attitude from the Chinese media towards Japan/Korea soft power is a mix of annoyance and indifference, but i SEE how uplifted "asian image" in general.
I think that if China don't shill it's own "weeb adjacent" media it's because is kinda strange and a bit off putting even for themselves, and in general they don't want to see foreigners more than what is strictly necessary. If you think parasocial concent is bad here try chinese content, is a whole other world. At least kpop/anime have "normie friendly" section where people can get a taste of it without having to invest a lot of time, that doesn't happen with chinese media. t. former weeb.

No. 1605510

Yes they're. And isn't "hurr durr the dumb people of the past were wrong and thought that beings from other planets were demons durr" they were right about everything, they're chaos beings that feeds off humanity. If they're from "other planet" in the physical place or other dimension it's irrelevant, frankly I don't think they come from a physical place but again that doesnt matter.
Also the places like parks where people "get lost for years" are portals. I don't know if they're accidental or incidental, I lean towards the latter tbh.

No. 1605512

Can you tell me more of this? Why would they use Google translate to communicate?

No. 1605515

I've never seen "they're" used like this and it's blowing my mind rn kek but anyway do you think whatever's through the portal is bad? people are conscious inside them or is it like dying from their point of view? Not trying to suicide bait but if I saw a portal I would 100% jump through, expecting to either die or escape this world. When you hear of people who might have gone through a portal they always seem like people who would want to live, like they have kids, businesses, active in the community etc. Not isolated depressed tinfoil hatters who want to die/explore a portal. So maybe something forces you to go through. On the other hand, maybe that's why their families won't admit they're not missing and it was actually suicide, they just said they "disappeared in the forest" to protect the kids etc who cared about them

No. 1605576

Continuation of my post in the vent thread >>1604604, I believe that the major power holders of the world are aware of the means to alleviate most of the issues of climate change for the average citizens, but they simply refuse to do so. They seem to want us to suffer, to stay at home all day and blast our ACs and make the air hotter and they especially want us to fight and suffer cause they are sadistic and cruel.

No. 1605585

Dumbass it's the opposite. They know we have the means to stop climate change but that'd mean consuming significantly less than we do now and that doesn't fill the pockets of the rich nor does it upkeep the living standards of the average citizen. Going back to a sustainable farmers' lifestyle doesn't fund healthcare, education or even the upkeep of roads.

No. 1605603

it's extremely narrow minded to assume everything that's visiting us is whatever the heck you are suggesting they are. You are correct in that some visitors are extra-dimensional, and energy vampires (aka demons). But there's dozens and dozens of groups visiting us - most are from within our own universe. There's also just entities who are not "demons" who are visiting from other dimensions.

Some research has indicated the US government has successfully sketched out over 150-200 distinct entities who have made human contact in one way or another since they began documenting incidents of contact.

No. 1605632

I was talking about my country, where people are poor and many people are dying due to extreme heat, but I think people even in rich countries are dealing with bullshit, those who run the governments of the world have the means to off-set most of these issues that makes life unbearable.

No. 1605667

They really don’t, unless you mean exterminating 90% of the population. I guess they have the power to do that, and that would alleviate the problems we have with climate. Nothing short of that is going to help, and it’s not a conspiracy it’s just fact.

No. 1605676

Waiting patiently for your intel nonna

No. 1605721

see >>1605576 I'm not saying they can fix the damage caused by climate change(which will take centuries to recover) rather then can alleviate most of the issues that average people will be facing.

No. 1605810

File: 1686687003515.png (26.31 KB, 1366x768, aiglitch.png)

Ayrt I don't have any info on the case but I'd also like to discuss it with other who might have done any reasearch.
Weren't the fires in California distributed exactly like some specific existing railroad? I have a picture but it's lost in a sea of garbage.
Holy shit I remember! I have a few screencaps from late 2017, I wish I saved more, I can post them if you're interested. I have to blurr some stuff beforehand. I'm so glad I didn't crop it, it has de date on the lower right corner.

No. 1605821

You see slightly different things in Google translate based on the model of data they have about you, so it's unlikely that anyone's using it for communication. One of the aspects of your model is what typos you tend to make, and what acronyms you use. If the translator applied this data about your typos to both sides of a Google translate query, a random string in Mongolian that says "TBW" could be interpreted as "TWB" or The World Bank, if you're someone who Googles that a lot (like a tinfoiler might do). Google's semantic parsing is highly customised to you, especially if you use a Google smart device with your voice - in that case, Google is "hearing" what you typed in to the translator input in your own voice, with your accent (bear in mind this approach is janky at so that's obfuscating it even more) so that makes the result even less predictable, again making it bad for secret messages. The randomness makes more likely the results that are relevant to your interests like the world Bank, though.

No. 1605827

I never believed this was used as a secret medium for communication, I was just happy to find some of the screencaps because they are 6 years old and I still kept them around. What you're explaining sounds so interesting, you would have laughed at the bunch of retards (me included) posting our screencaps that day.

No. 1605846

File: 1686689262138.jpg (66.29 KB, 798x1173, Screenshot_20230613_164130_Ins…)

Of course I can't be sure exactly why, but I suspect it has to do with google translate being easily accessible, so it's easier for traffickers to make connections? I will admit there's a small chance of it just being an elaborate internet prank with all this edgy biblical shit that it also spewed (about doomsday, second coming of Jesus, etc etc), but it could also be code words, or put there on purpose to throw people off, so that people do brush it off as a prank/mishap.
Yo, this is amazing! I'd love to see more of the screenshots you have because the pics I have are from a website discussing it.

Also, picrel I tried to do some stuff… is it suspicious or no? Personally, any punctuation that randomly appears is suspicious.

No. 1605886

Hate to be this anon but it adds punctuation if there's grammatically only one punctuation that there can be, eg here where some of the statements can only be questions, those are the ones with added ?s. I don't know any Yoruba but it's very likely that the random words you typed could be autocorrected to valid Yoruba, and whatever that statement is (which Google isn't showing you) is then translated to the output you see. This is also happening with the characters like £ and €, these can be "autocorrected" from the ASCII characters you see into whatever characters Yoruba uses, then translated back to ASCII for the output, which would randomise it even more. Google would then correct the English a second time to make it more readable for you. The translation is actually pretty inaccurate, especially for lesser spoken languages.

No. 1605928

Holy shit this is scary as hell. I don't understand what kind of glitch causes such strange translations? And when I looked it up, some people even had other people's email contents, and Facebook post links. I guess what this is supposed to mean is that these translations are taken from real online posts, emails, or books but the thing that scares me is how creepy some of them seem, like translations that allude to having ties to child trafficking rings.

No. 1605942

File: 1686700382997.jpg (22.97 KB, 524x533, FrAbQGSaMAANX5A.jpg)

Sometimes, when I was a kid, I had dreams about alien invasion/end of the world, but recently they became more realistic, frequent and giving me more terror than before. This night I had another dream, so realistic I thought I already woke up inside the dream and I thought it's real, but in fact I was still in a dream. Like thousands of ufos hanging in the sky above every major city for weeks and humans going crazy and turning on each other and causing riots, burning shit and killing each other and screaming about the end of times. I hate how powerless I am in those dreams, like I can choose what to do but I'm not aware I'm dreaming. Like I would wake up in the dream, thinking 'ah it was just a dream, thank god!' and then I would look outside my window and still see the fucking lights hanging in the sky and burning city and riots below them. Totally not aware I'm still in a dream. I finally woke up, having tachycardia and sweating like crazy. Bitch stop giving me those dreams. I know well that ayylmaos are just fucking demons trying to deceive people, make them turn against each other and against the true creator.
A few nights ago I had another dream: just a literal, disgusting ayylmao stading next to my bed and its ugly face switching between the grey and something totally demonic. I said something like 'I know what you are' and I punched this fucker in the face. It was shocked, I started laughing and I punched it again. Then I woke up, but not scared; I was calm and happy. I'm not afraid of those faggots and I know what they are. Personal attacks don't work because I actually know their nature and they can't deceive me, so it looks like they started terrorizing me with visions of people burning each other alive from fear and with ufos just casually hanging above it all, causing chaos by doing nothing. The truth is, other people are indeed more dangerous to you than ayylmaos/demons. Those fags can't do shit to you if you won't allow them in. But as for other people, you exist with them in this material realm and you have no control over their behavior.

No. 1606029

File: 1686708217067.jpeg (204.13 KB, 966x2075, IMG_5464.jpeg)

I hope the ayylmaos look like this when they come visit us for real…without destroying our planet of course

No. 1606031

Need vegitas saggy nuts slapping against me at full saiyan speed

No. 1606040

Looking at the pic and thread title, I knew the what the content of the post would be like.

No. 1606140

Besides this thread, where else do you guys like to go to read up on tinfoils? I watched that vid posted upthread and now I’m thirsty for more schizocontent.

No. 1606223

I want to ride his super saiyan cock as he screams GALICK GUN, FIRE!!!!!!

No. 1606337

/x/ (though it's mostly gone to shit these days) and BitChute. With BitChute what I tend to do is look up a popular tinfoil, 9/11 say, then I just browse the tinfoil channels that are posting highly watched stuff to find new theories. I try doing independent research but search engines are fucking awful now. To the point where I can't find old conspiracy stuff that I know exists.

No. 1606363

File: 1686747751363.png (132.88 KB, 652x2260, Screenshot (2).png)

There's something off about this video. Its just 2 toddlers(I think their brother and sister) hugging, but the reactions are all weird comments about women and almost all of them seem to be coming from African accounts.


No. 1606370

No. 1606558

I understand that african men can be very misogynistic, but it's just an innocent video? Why are they thinking about a toddler initiating sex?

No. 1606566

Men will see a literal child and instantly think of sex, disgusting. They deserve to die, all of them. My tinfoil is that all (and I mean ALL) men have pedophilic tendencies.

No. 1606574

Men are rape-apes programmed to shift blame onto women no matter what. He sees his ex-wife and Stacy who rejected him in high school when looking at your toddler and he wants to punish the child for it. Retarded dog brains. Third world monkeys don’t have a sense of inappropriate remarks so they don’t hold back on saying what they’re actually thinking

No. 1606578

As the other anon said, also /x/, and very specific yt channels about Kubrick. I have yet to familiarise myself with less crowded imageboards like lainchan. I'd also like to lurk on /sci/ and /his/, the board that shall not be named used to have esporadic decent threads ages ago but I don't go there anymore. Kiwipedia is also nice, I'll post the gangstalkin article at the end of this post. And if you approach conspiracy theories/paranormal stuff from a sociocultural or historical point of view, there ar lots of papers and books out there for free in PDF.


No. 1606589

>almost all of them seem to be coming from African accounts.
Seems like that's because it was reposted by an African user that's a blue checkmark. Nothing surprising there. Disgusting scrotal comments as usual, though.

No. 1606602

File: 1686769012117.jpg (88.25 KB, 793x839, googleaiattemps.jpg)

> I have are from a website discussing it.
May I ask what website is that? Here you have some more from that same day in 2017. I don't know what was the common belief people held in the thread threads discussing this. If I recall correctly there used to be the rumour that AI can bee inhabited by spirits or that chance = God. Also I mispelled attempts in my file's name.

No. 1606603

I've posted this in previous threads:
It's an absolute treasure trove of conspiracy and a lot of it is from the 80s and 90s.

No. 1606621

File: 1686770390156.jpeg (15.55 KB, 275x206, 4D67D7CD-AFE7-41B9-B8D0-3D5767…)

Global warming isn't a big deal imo but pollution on the hand…

No. 1606626

that gangstalking signs list is depressing, if you don't believe in gangstalking it's like a poem about the relentless irritation and emptiness of the modern world, or the suffering and paranoia of a day in the life of someone with OCD. Anyway TIL I'm being gangstalked

No. 1606627

Then how do you feel about rising sea levels? Genuinely asking.

No. 1606629

It literally used to snow in grandmother's village, she's seen in the snow every winter since she was a little girl for 60 years of her life, my father had seen that snow as well, around the 90-2000's it gradually stopped snowing and now its just cold wind, what do you make of that?

No. 1606660

How can you not realise they are completely linked?

No. 1606664

TIL I’m definitely not being gang stalked at least kek. Glowies prolly know I have too many weird friends/family who would absolutely believe me.

No. 1606669

I'm really freaked out by how many signs of gangstalking apply to me. I've wondered if I'm a target of it for a few years now, but just lately I'm getting more and more sure. I even have a theory for why I might've been targeted, it doesn't really make sense, but it lines up perfectly with things escalating in my life.

No. 1606692

nta, but its not really a problem for anyone who doesnt live on the coast at sea level. not that i think its fine, but we also wont get the the point where its that noticeable for like 80 years. what im more concerned about is the increase of catastrophic weather events from the overall global temperature rising.

No. 1606695

Nonnie that list describes anyone living in a city, its so vague. Of course trains pass when youre at a bridge, they pass when youre not there too. Vehicle color palettes were limited years ago. People talking to their kids and pets is normal. Apartment living is noisy, everyone wants to decorate their space with furniture and hang thinfs on the wall

No. 1606698

I agree. Climate change is natural as the earth goes through different solar cycles. This has always happened and probably always will. It's beyond our control so all we can do is adapt to it.

The real environmental concern is pollution from petrochemicals, radiation and other unnatural chemicals that are introduced into the environment by industrial activity.

No. 1606714

BPAs and all the other micropollutants that affect our hormones are what's causing so much cancer, not sunlight, but if they make everyone believe sunlight is more dangerous than known carcinogens that we eat and breathe in daily then they can sell fuckloads of suncream (which permanently pollutes the oceans and accelerates coral bleaching), keep everyone indoors as much as possible when it's hot (aircon $$$) and victim blame us for cancers that were actually caused by the government's decision to knowingly fill us with poison. Vitamin D deficiency causes depression, anxiety, muscle weakness, joint pain, brain fog and fatigue, these are things that the government and pharma want you to have because you trying and failing to fix them with products makes them richer. You're too weak to fight back with no vitamin D. Most people north of like Paris have mild vit d deficiency in winter since it's dark all the time, and mental health got a lot worse all year round since they started telling us the sun is evil and to avoid it 100% of the time, coincidence??

No. 1606721

I don't wanna debate gangstalking with someone who doesn't believe in it, I'm not confrontational about it like some are, and I'm not trying to change your mind; only explain my situation. I live in a small town, semi-rural. I think I'm mainly being monitored electronically, although I have encountered some suspicious people. At the moment my main concerns are my banking and ways of making money online encountering problems despite being 100% legal. There's always a new excuse for a block on one account or another, and in the end all I get from customer support is "oh yeah, that shouldn't have happened". I worked my way up from being a poorfag and bam! The system hits me with a bunch of obstacles to accessing my funds. I also think I'm being hit with voice to skull technology, have been for many years now. That was the first thing to tip me off that something was off in my life. I'm a diagnosed schizophrenic (yes I know this is where most people stop believing me altogether) but the medication NEVER works. I've been on so many and at best it just knocks me the fuck out. What I hear in my head is very different to what other people with schizophrenia tend to hear. Same with my hallucinations. I've been in support groups for supposed "people like me" and I'm still the black sheep, even fellow schizoids don't know what the fuck I'm on about. I see a lot of synchronicities in my life that