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File: 1642253466075.jpeg (57.25 KB, 500x375, 8C35CC85-1862-4D8A-AD31-69B4E5…)

No. 1028464

General conspiracy thread. Discussions surrounding government coverups, entertainment industry secrets, predictions, political intrigues, ect, are all welcome here.

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No. 1028484

I’m first fatties

No. 1028500

I'm second skellies

No. 1028504

I'm third normies

No. 1028510

>If the vaccine was bad for you, it means you have SHITTY GENES
Then that means it shouldn't be enforced, no? If you believe you're so "superior" that you can and should take the shit, that's your choice, but why try to force it on everyone else, even while knowing that it can fuck them up? Do you like, actually want weaker people to die? Is this some sort of eugenics logic, lol? If so, what was the point of the lockdowns and general panic over COVID when we know it's weaker/older/fatter people it kills, not the average young person?
You and your whole family are living in fear of a flu, but it's the other people who decide not to take rushed, poorly made/improperly tested "shots" and those that do who (predictably) react badly to them and rightfully speak out that are the weaklings? The whole world had to pause over your paranoia, but you're the strong ones? Ok lol

No. 1028515

>Is this some sort of eugenics logic
I remember when people called me schizo for posting an article about the vaccine development being funded by the British Eugenics Society. Doesn't seem so schizo now does it?

No. 1028516

you failed the alliteration test. ur tinfoil card is revoked.

No. 1028518

Post the article

No. 1028521

Link to original post

No. 1028527

>Inventor of mRNA vaccines says it's cytotoxic and collects in the ovaries of women.
Oh shit.

No. 1028528

dude i don't care if you get natural selection'd either way. you bled for 20 days over a fucking flu vaccine, yet you have the gall to say these or those people die from the virus. i hope you don't catch it nonnerz.

No. 1028529

that video is literally fake news and it was taken down from youtube. it took 2 seconds to click on it and check. you "people" are truly low iq scum.

No. 1028532

>youtube is the arbiter of truth
Now that's a low IQ take.

No. 1028534

haha okay. find a real source then.

No. 1028541


They are studying it now. Which is really fucked up that they're doing these studies only after the vaccine was given to millions and millions of women. Shouldn't clinical trials be done before a drug is released to the public? You are the experiment.

No. 1028542

I'm not the anon and I literally had COVID. It was nothing, it was a fucking cold and you're terrified of actual natural selection lol. Good luck, hope the jab actually prevents The Scary Flu and you don't "mysteriously" end up with retarded problems in 6 years
I'm so glad I didn't fall for the fear porn and that natural immunity has been proven to be multiple times stronger

No. 1028544

wow so scary. all us experiments are gonna die off and you anti-vaxxers will take over the planet with your healthy eggs. am i getting close to describing your wet dreams? absolutely nothing will come out to any of this, but have fun fear mongering the very women you're pretending to give a shit about.

No. 1028546

Are you bored?
>go outside
Are you curious?
>read the previous threads
Are you a troll?
>be funnier
Sage. Take your lazy vendetta, and go elsewhere.

No. 1028548

take your own advice sperg

No. 1028550

NTA, but you're the one who claimed everyone else had "shitty genes" and went on about muh natural selection. Maybe you should stop projecting and ask yourself some important questions

No. 1028551

It will tire itself out
Same, mono was 100x worse than covid, it's being blown out of proportion. I'm so glad I didn't fall for the propaganda. I just got my cycle back to normal I just can't risk disrupting it for a vaccine that doesn't even stop you from getting sick

No. 1028556

>fear mongering
What did I say that was untrue though?


The FDA used real-life data from Israel as basis for extend the use of the authorized (not approved) Pfizer BioNTech vaccine. Why the fuck is Pfizer allowed to skip their own clinical trials and get away with their evidence being based on the general population? So long as companies and agencies are looking at your vaccine reactions for authorization and approval of the drug, you are the test subject.

No. 1028557

File: 1642258814320.png (118.11 KB, 412x641, 272562464026211.png)

Ladies and fellow retards, I present to you: Buyer's Remorse!

No. 1028563

Anon, I don't want to discourage you from making your point, and it's true that a lot of people really do feel the same way that the anon you're arguing with do, but a lot of places are shat up with shillposting to a point where they're barely usable. Anyone that looked into the whole atrizine deal and saw how government handled that shit would know how not fucking trustworthy any of these huge institutions are. Trying to convince people hellbent on thinking that everything is buttercups is an exercise in frustration though. I'm not saying don't do it, I'm just saying to be mindful of how miserable the experience might be for a net gain of stress and them still being a douche.
This weird little dude did a video on the atrizine thing,if you're interested. It's insane how contrived and absolutely batshit a lot of conspiracy theories end up sounding, and then you find out information like this.

No. 1028615

Never thought I'd see actual shills on fucking lolcow, but the last thread convinced me, even if they do it for free.

No. 1028620

There's been a influx of young twitterfags these past few months. That could be the source.

No. 1028644

Why come into a tinfoil thread to start shit with it? The whole point of the thread is to discuss things that are generally considered conspiracy theories. Anyhow, if it's shills, I'm assuming it's to cover all bases. Women-centric spaces are especially vulnerable to the whole social shaming tactics thing.
There's a paper on the Trilateral Commission and the Carter Administration by Economic and Political Weekly, and a later one from Rockefeller Foundation (that was supposedly "debunked") called
"Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development" that are pretty relevant to a lot that's been going on though.

No. 1028649

What does that paper cover Nona? Link?

No. 1028652

A solar flair is going to make all tech useless in the future and free ppl from the hell they're trying to make with surveillance/gene therapy/etc. Can't wait to back to worshipping the sun and sacrificing moids for volcano God.

No. 1028654

Unfortunately not all tech.

No. 1028657

the sun is a woman

No. 1028658

The second one is paid access, but there's an extension for Chrome called paperpanda that you can use, or just read it through online uni library. Trilateral Commission article goes over a bunch of things that we're seeing now, with huge companies basically turning life into a capitalism hellscape. Rockefeller Foundation paper goes over extremely similar hypothetical pandemic situations. It's long, but you can skim to the Scenario Narratives section to get to the good shit.

No. 1028722

so many mixed feelingsss
I can't wait, yet also hope it never comes - what will my internet addicted, attention defeciet disordered monkey brain even do with itself when the net blows??? Although I do KNOW once this happens humanity will return to greener, pre-mass internet homes of the early 2000s - truly different yet better times…

No. 1028724

I mean kill the internet, please, but also please leave me my DS

No. 1028726

If you pray to the sun goddess, your nintendogs may yet be spared

No. 1028747

It just occurred to me that the universe, just like our DNA, is, essentialy, information. The information comes from the mind. Information can only come from the mind because it's an effect of measurements. We are living in the matrix.

No. 1028765

This is why I have quite Terabytes worth of books, movies, music and games and emulators saved on multiple external hard drives
I have at least 600 GBs worth of film/tv series saved on 2 separate hard-dribes

No. 1028775

File: 1642272129536.png (257.38 KB, 600x480, WWSM_Nintendogs.png)

Praise the sun goddess

No. 1028794

But but… how will you access if no electricity?

No. 1028806

You can make your own electricity

No. 1028807

Motor Generator

No. 1029008

the seething of one or two obvious newfags is really funny lmao. guzzling the cum of covid vaccines so vehemently!

No. 1029057

i just got a booster and i'll continue to be breathing healthily unlike your hamshaped ass nona

No. 1029072

File: 1642289292382.jpg (36.03 KB, 564x400, Charles_Dana_Gibso_hatpin_girl…)

I believe the advice that women should not carry knives or other sharp objects to defend themselves in fear that they might have the knife taken and used on them is just men trying to manipulate women into not carrying effective means of self-defense. Just google hat pins and how men sought to banish their use in early 1900s because women used them for self defense. Why didn't they just overpower her and take the hatpin from her if it's so easy and dangerous for women to carry sharp objects, hm?

No. 1029314

Same rhetoric can be used for a gun. I think more people would hold if a gun is pulled on them but just having it isn't a meaningful way of defense if you don't know how to use it. I always hear people say 'Get a gun' without telling people you need to know the type, how to load it, what ammo to use for it, if it is even legal to conceal, how to fire it, etc.

No. 1029356

Now I want a hat pin.

No. 1029573

File: 1642345344144.jpeg (63.54 KB, 375x500, 7649B924-ABA1-4311-84FB-1E8FBD…)

What’s the red shoe club about? All these scrotes look creepy to me, Tony Podesta’s fatass is in it too.

No. 1029595

inside joke

No. 1029615

File: 1642348893592.png (15.61 KB, 677x213, redsandals.png)

Maybe related?

No. 1029648

I have googled the red shoe thing so many times, and this explanation makes so much more sense than the "baby blood" stuff I've seen; thanks anon

No. 1029765

>tinfoil thread

No. 1029768

The only thing I found was a Reddit post claiming it had to do with elite chomos and Satanism, but I did find this on DuckDuckGo:


Oh, speaking of which, thanks anon from the fucked up news thread!

No. 1029823

I don't get this, the people who tend to have bad reactions are healthy fit such as athletes, usually the people who don't have bad reactions are often very weak people

No. 1029925

Maybe that’s the goal. Get rid of the fit and healthy people who could overthrow the elite or make the elites genes the fittest, most likely to succeed, and most desirable by killing the competition.

No. 1030027

>Remove all nutrition from food with shit farming practices (gmo, sprayed to shit, depleated soil)
>Weaken kids and moms through shit birthing practices (bottle feeding, women having back issues from giving birth on back, cutting umbilical cord too soon) >Poisoning earth air and water
>Baby food and little kids food has lead and tons of artificial chemicals
>Force kid to sit still indoors for most of the day in school
>Back feet and knee breaking workplaces, not allowed to sit
>Provide temptations like vidya and junk food and tv
They try SO HARD to make themselves feel naturally superior by slowly killing and poising the masses. Like just invent gene therapy already and fuck off to your sky castles already. I'm literally thinking of moving to somewhere like Italy to escape the poison and ewugenics tier society.

No. 1030030

Honestly think it's not health and they literally made vac that targets a bad immune response in people who have the anti authoritarian gene or something.

No. 1030034

There’s no point in moving to Italy or anywhere in western Europe, that’s Illuminati central. I would suggest moving to some obscure country where there’s very little western influence.

No. 1030041

So the synagogue hostage situation in Texas sounds like an FBI setup. The guy was a Muslim man from the UK, but I'm more interested in this bit from the WSJ article:
"Matt DeSarno, special agent in charge for the FBI’s Dallas Field Office…Mr. DeSarno said Saturday that Mr. Akram 'was singularly focused on one issue, and it wasn’t specifically related to the Jewish community.'"
Really? I'd love to know what the reason was, then, because this sounds like a load of bullshit designed to keep allowing Muslim men into the US without ANY background check, etc.

No. 1030043

The food and healthcare isn't poison and ppl have community & mostly use cash.

No. 1030084

I watched this the other day and I'm not really sure what to make of it. It's fucked that the medical board and FDA went after him so much despite not having an issue with how effective his treatment is, but he also makes a LOT of money off his patients.

No. 1030095

Seriously. Vitamin D, zinc, etc has been lowering from all foods. The same exact brands I use to by with like 200% vitamin D are now only 14%. Milk has been doing this too, it's all less than 25% vitamin D now when I roughly use to remember that milk had way more vitamin D. Apartments being built for poor are slowly removing their ovens and stoves so poor people are forced to eat out or eat microwave food, this is especially common in American colleges, don't even get me started on the van life marketed to poor. People are getting fatter which makes it hard for women to breastfeed so people are forced to use shitty fake formulas for babies, people are lying to everyone claiming it's like a million dollars to raise a kid when it's nowhere close, and they also love leaving out the fact newborns get like 2000 dollars in tax returns so the baby basically pays for itself. Juices, sodas, etc are being loaded to the nines with sugar and everything is being made cheaper but getting more expensive.

No. 1030157

It's literally illegal to sell unpasteurized dairy (aka heating it to a temp where most of the good stuff gets killed) in America. Like??? Meanwhile Richie's enjoy soft unpasteurized cheese and drink fresh goat milk. I didn't know about the oven thing, interesting. It also seems like even the expensive household devices (stove, washer) become broken very quickly.

No. 1030158

Western culture societies are a death cult I can't say it enough. Harvesting human suffering for profit and pleasure.

No. 1030191

File: 1642392400576.jpg (61.21 KB, 620x782, kim-kardashian-mcdonalds-mega-…)

Richie's are also easily able to buy from high end grocery stores and have the nerve to tell us that groceries from Walmart are the exact same as all the bullshit they import. If GMOs and inorganic food are totally fine for us then why don't you eat Walmart produce? It's even funnier when elites try to blend in by posting pictures of themselves eating McDonald's or being super relatable with pizza even though everyone knows they threw it out after the photo. I also believe it's propaganda from the corporations to convince people that's it's okay to eat bullshit and see the Kardashians do it and are always hot and glowing so it can't be that bad for your body right?

No. 1030209

You should look up the relation between soy/wheat based baby foods (enfemil I think) and how children who are fed these become shorter than their parents through generations. It's a real thing.

No. 1030230

>It's even funnier when elites try to blend in by posting pictures of themselves eating McDonald's or being super relatable with pizza even though everyone knows they threw it out after the photo.
If you've never had junk food as a kid then it smells and tastes disgusting to you. Rich or literally living in a village parents can afford to keep their kid insulated from the garbage food. I grew up on a farm and most supermarket meat smells and tastes disgusting to me, tasteless and chemical laden shit. Milk tastes like unseasoned satan semen (whole milk is ok I guess but it still tastes sterile), and veg and fruit have no flavor/weird after taste/just taste like pure sugar not fruit. It's night and day, it might as well not be food.

No. 1030233

Samefag and it's no wonder ppl get sick, lots of ppl from villages who moved abroad report their health going to shit.

No. 1030264

I'm watching it now and my main question is why has he not sucked it up and jumped through the hoops to get it approved? He discovered this in 1977? Isn't that enough time? Maybe it does work, but if he really wanted to help people more than he wanted money, wouldn't he do that or at least move to another country that will approve it instead of complaining about regulations?

No. 1030827

File: 1642447999337.jpeg (Spoiler Image,374.63 KB, 1170x2071, D201A846-0DE7-4CC5-9E98-CEF2FD…)

A lot of the ads I get on mobile apps are for games that are disturbing. This one for example is rated for kids aged 9+ in the app store. This kind of feels like the continuation of Elsagate but milder. A lot of media targeted to children there days is really screwed up.

No. 1030830

File: 1642448213112.jpg (412.66 KB, 600x800, Wild strawberry Fragaria virgi…)

this is very true, my parents grew up in a rural eastern euro village and said that the wild strawberries they picked would fill the entire house with scent and would have very strong flavor in a tiny size

No. 1030838

I read this, thought to myself "Someone gets it", and was about to reply "And if you bother saying this, you're going to get called a schizo tinfoiler conspiracy theorist lol", then I realized this was the tinfoil thread
Someone will scroll past this while eating McDonald's, laugh and then later blame their genetics for their health problems (including mental issues). Another someone will do the same thing, suffer the same way and lie to themselves that as long as they're not fat, they're exempt

No. 1030854

are you american

No. 1030886

Wild strawberries and strawberries are two different fruits. Regular strawberries smell and taste like heaven too but only for like, 2-3 weeks in a year, anything outside these 2-3 weeks will be greenhouse strawberries that are not very good, theres no big conspiracy there going on though.
t. EE anon

No. 1030901

>It also seems like even the expensive household devices (stove, washer) become broken very quickly
????? Idk what shitty brands you buy but in my house our stove never "broke". Our dishwasher was always being repaired by my dad (a real handyman, last of a dying breed nowadays) with spare parts. If you can, you should buy older appliances, because chances are they're better quality than nowadays.

No. 1030970

I mean the newer household devices get broken easily and theyre specifically built so you can't easily repair them. Even if they're not "smart" ones. Right to repair is a huge thing rn in all sectors from hospital equipment to agriculture machines to consumer goods. They're trying to make it so only the manufacturer can fix the product.

No. 1030973

Tfw no indestructable Soviet era stove and dishwasher.

No. 1030976

What? The strawberries in my grandmas garden produce strawberries all summer long.

No. 1031020

There's many different varieties of strawberries (of any fruit or vegetable really), each with their own characteristics. Some may produce more or less, or longer or shorter, others may be bigger or smaller, taste sweeter or less sweet etc. Plus the same variety can behave different depending on climate or soil conditions.

No. 1031032

File: 1642458351436.jpg (93.65 KB, 700x933, axM1DdW_700b.jpg)

Either way pic related isn't normal or appetizing

No. 1031038

I always pick the packs with the least amount of these freaks in them

No. 1031079

you and I cancel each other out; I purposefully seek the pack with the most mutants

No. 1031081

You two should date and free yourselves from the struggle of which strawberry pack to pick!

No. 1031171

Anything from behind the Iron Curtain was dogshit, trust me. Which is a shame because their ads were so cute!

No. 1031183

Nonas who know a lot about the Covid vaccine(s), and the potential damage it can cause, is the majority of this damage done in the first or the second vaccination? Or an equal amount in each? What is the 'scientific' basis for needing two doses to be 'fully vaccinated'? Some of my family have only taken one and I'm wondering if I should bother trying to persuade them not to take the second, or if there's no point now they've had the initial one. Cheers

No. 1031336

As someone who took both by job pressure, both have fucked my period. First period without it and still having more intense cramps than pre-vax. I got Moderna.

No. 1031700

Is it just me or are "independent fact checkers" and "…but that's a good thing" seem to be the latest form of propaganda from major news outlets?

No. 1031704

If you want more anecdotal evidence I had 3x Pfizer and nothing happened at all, it's very individual

No. 1031716

same here, had 2 pfizer shots and it didn’t affect my period at all.

No. 1031725


Affinity maturation and other immunologic factors. You absolutely do need two doses.

As a matter of fact, the ideal dosing schedule would have been far longer than what is now recommended. Boosters are basically a fix for an erroneous (28 days) dosing schedule.

No. 1031729

Same could be said about covid. Some fared worse, death, and some felt a little off.

No. 1031759

It's not worth the risk for a failed vaccine tbh

No. 1031765

Who are some good tinfoilers to follow on twitter?

No. 1031810

File: 1642531653980.png (86.23 KB, 750x926, 1642526145056.png)

were doomed aren't we

No. 1031825

Constant uprise in weed stores, vaping, alcohol around every block, obesity and the influx of breast implants and women gaining weight to get larger breasts really fucked with the amount of people who get breastfed as babies or they're producing low quality breastmilk. On top of that women with smaller breasts are being convinced they may not be able to breastfeed when usually small and medium breasted women can produce way more so they don't even try. Coomers also fuel this sort of brainwashing as well.

No. 1031892

>Democracy dies in darkness

No. 1031967

File: 1642540658835.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.69 KB, 1080x1440, Tumblr_l_660604913388622.jpg)

No. 1032110

File: 1642547554257.jpg (50.29 KB, 550x897, josiao.jpg)

>Coomers also fuel this sort of brainwashing as well
Imagine listening to a coomer's opinion about ANYTHING.

No. 1032155

File: 1642550277779.jpeg (348.55 KB, 750x695, 4E921491-0DF0-4489-8DC1-DDF200…)

Limited hangout. They’re just laughing in our faces at this point. Also “Disinformation” is such a plastic word.

No. 1032362

I would love to live in this world but unfortunately coomers are most of the population

No. 1032379

I’m super healthy (each year blood tests come out perfect), athletic, cook my meals, exercise regularly.
I was incredibly sick for a week after the second shot (low blood pressure, fever, fatigue, dizziness) and had lingering complications for a month (leg pain, hormonal imbalance)
I had a covid arm after the first shot, and the doc said I should expect a fever during the night of the vaccination but no one warned me about these risks.
Where I live the hospital didn’t accept me because they said they can’t take any risks since they didn’t vaccinate me. Fuck that. I’m not going to risk my health if the government fails me. I’m not getting the booster shot. I’m not even an anti vax, I used to get my adult vaccinations prior to covid and had no issues except swelling and feeling under the weather for the next day. There is no freedom of speech when it comes to talking about negative experiences

No. 1032383

Every major news publication is owned by narcissists who HAVE to know every little thing said by people who don't think like them. It's astounding how mentally ill people have managed to control the media. At this point, I feel like the only cure for narcissism is death.

No. 1032387

you're right science is flawed by capitalism and narcissism

No. 1032400

Dis/misinformation is basically dog whistle for thoughtcrimes. After seeing how much media has made people (and me) crazy I just stopped consuming it. Lolcow and a few niche yt channels and blogs and that's it. No movies or shows. Looking back do much of my mental illness came from being groomed into depression by internet and tv.

No. 1032414

I wanna be your friend

No. 1032437

Usually vaccinations require 2-3 doses to become “fully immune”
After the first moderna shot I had a covid arm a week after the shot and my period was about 3 weeks late. I talked about it here on lolcow on the covid thread I think.
After the second shot I got very sick for a week:

No. 1032475

The authorities said they did background check him, and that he had no prior red flags that would somehow stop him from entering the US?

No. 1032561

I’ve watched the news religiously since childhood. April 2020 I turned it off! My anxiety has improved ten-fold. I get my “news” from imageboards, and watch entertainment media made from decades ago if I’m truly bored.

No. 1032662

I know how you feel. I have never watched much tv (and now haven't for years and years) but I just got rid of most of my social media except for what I need to talk to my family last year and the difference in my mental health was almost immediate and impressive. Same as you, I mostly just visit here and a few channels/pages I like.

>My anxiety has improved ten-fold
That's great, anon, glad to hear it!

No. 1032675

File: 1642596306661.jpeg (171.25 KB, 750x1132, 9FE66E20-024E-4480-9F82-A8FC7A…)

How the fuck is this so pervasive? The revamping of the site had to be within the last month or so. Scary

No. 1032676

File: 1642596338487.jpeg (234.16 KB, 745x1089, C8582054-096F-40BE-814B-F000D5…)

No. 1032742

How are genders “assigned” when they were literally born with a penis or vagina intact? This special gender phase is going nowhere as much as we’d like it to very much go away.

All according to keikaku

No. 1032841

File: 1642608994899.jpeg (358.21 KB, 1125x1007, A42CD7B9-3091-4530-B0E4-1B4EA3…)

Turns out one of my professors is related to this dude who has connections to Fauci and they’re all aware of the “conspiracies” and memes about the vaccines. Of course, said professor is open for debate.

No. 1032846

it's so useless. how does nonbinary differ from male/female in a medical sense?!

No. 1033096

I mean they don't bother to cater to women's physiology for nutrition or exercise so does it really make a difference. Most medicines aren't even tested on women.

No. 1033119

Is this supposed to be news? Why wouldn’t they be acutely aware of one of the biggest obstacles in them doing their jobs?

No. 1033212

Ask him how he feels about beagle torture

No. 1033344

Interesting considering all the "studies" about women's ass and tits, yet almost all gynecological problems never seem to have a cure. Hmmm

No. 1033360

Idk, I was originally gonna post this on the coof thread but this lot likes to “fact check” where one feels like they can’t question the narrative.

They’ll play dumb, I know they will. I originally wanted to ask about the vaccines killing people and the heart attacks they cause but I fear of ending up on a list because of ‘wrongthink’. My school is too liberal for its own good to the point they allow tankies to protest on campus grounds every other week.

No. 1033363

File: 1642639261118.jpg (111.34 KB, 959x685, 3095.jpg)

The push of degenerate and inappropriate shit for kids really fucks me up because it's so blatant and you'd think that most people would be outraged by it. But almost nobody cares at all. Like how Lil Nas X can perform on Sesame Street although he's basically a gay stripper with satanic symbolism and kids will be googling him.

When I played Love Nikki for a while there were examples of the game being censored, mostly sexualized outfits including some creepy bloody/BDSM themed outfits. Because it's Chinese game. I honestly felt relieved that there was at least one game that has some limits to how much pornish shit they can push on young audience. This is why I can't entirely hate on CCP censorship. At least they have some sensible values left, while we have absolutely none, anything goes in West nowadays.

No. 1033393

While on the topic I fucking hate how everything on tv has to include a sex scene. For no reason. I don't want to hear 2 actors boning from the living room it's basically watching porn.

No. 1033412

They just make things awkward as fuck to watch with family and regular friends. Especially because they're prolonged and very porny now. It used to be a few seconds and cut to next scene, now I have to endure 2 minutes of boning and moaning while grandmama looks on disapprovingly.

No. 1033439

It's to make the masses desensitized and addicted to porn in order for population control, the idea is that weak people who aren't headstrong will get addicted and thus ruin their own relationships and thus not have kids, it also keeps unrealistic expectations for women's bodies up so the diet and plastic surgery industry can benefit

Basically everyone wins - the mental health and relationship counseling industry wins, porn industry wins, plastic surgery, makeup, shape wear industry wins.

I also believe this is encouraging men to drop out of the workforce via porn addiction causing severe laziness and unmotivation, so stupid men addicted to porn can fap and work a shitty office job or something that has no requirements while intelligent men who didn't fall for the porn scam advance in life

No. 1033445

File: 1642645436963.png (932.2 KB, 1125x2436, IMG_7691.PNG)


No. 1033446

File: 1642645475469.png (1.88 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_7692.PNG)

and this

No. 1033450

>It's to make the masses desensitized and addicted to porn in order for population control, the idea is that weak people who aren't headstrong will get addicted and thus ruin their own relationships and thus not have kids
Haha nah. All the wrong types of people who shouldn't be having kids are definitely influenced by sex in media to pop out kids. The idea is to have the uneducated birth babies who will become the new desperate underclass who will work for the rich and not be able to critically think or build capital to save themselves from their situations. Porn is just a symptom of poor people with no options, no one who is educated, well to do, and who has options chooses porn willingly. It's always people with little prospects to be exploited by the industry and perverts.

Men aren't having employment problems because of porn lol, you should sooner blame video games for that one.

No. 1033465

Imagine willingly watching the shit they pass as movies and tv nowadays.
Porn has lots of uses for them: Circus (free entertainment) + grooming kids + keeping men placated enough and making them turn all their frustrations onto women + isolating people from eachother.
>to have the uneducated birth babies who will become the new desperate underclass who will work for the rich
People are having less sex nowadays though, plus we have easy access to bc.

No. 1033466

>I also believe this is encouraging men to drop out of the workforce via porn addiction causing severe laziness and unmotivation, so stupid men addicted to porn can fap and work a shitty office job or something that has no requirements while intelligent men who didn't fall for the porn scam advance in life
Go back to 4chin you reek of cum

No. 1033482

File: 1642647558534.jpg (207.71 KB, 1080x1309, Yepe.jpg)

>People are having less sex nowadays though.
Educated people are having less sex nowadays, especially seeing how kids lower one's socioeconomic standing and increase stress. Bc is a means to achieve those ends.
Uneducated low earners are still breeding like rabbits. Easier to be a mom when you have no career to ruin and the government will literally subsidize the kids you can't afford.

No. 1033541

In most shows I watch I find that the sex scenes tend to be casual sex scenes. Like it's rarely between a couple but between strangers who just met somewhere in public. It feels like they want to promote an agenda.
In the past most people would watch shows on the TV in their living room with speakers where the whole family could hear. Now most people watch on streaming services by themselves. Maybe that's part of it too, it's less awkward to have those scenes if only 1 person is watching.

No. 1033589

yeah i'm not watching euphoria s2, but everyone keeps posting about it good or bad lol. it's total garbage

No. 1033812

On a different note I just hate how the media puts young women on a pedestal, only to dump and scrutinize them once they stray from the “virginal innocent girl” image and actually live their life and experience things. Never happens to men. No junkie, rapist, abusive scrote is put under conservatorship and their violent misogynistic lyrics are celebrated as “artistic freedom”

No. 1033814

>Like it's rarely between a couple but between strangers who just met somewhere in public.
I've noticed this too, I think it's one of the main issues I have with it. In popculture casual flings and cheating is glorified and shown as exciting, and established couples are written boring and def not very sexual; feeds into tinder hookup culture of nowadays very well. Most of these things are written/directed by men so of course they promote this kind of thing, since they benefit from hookup culture which endangers women.
not saying some women dont enjoy casual sex but it's not a default and most that engage in it do it because they have issues

No. 1033837

The wrong type of people are having kids because a lot of poor people usually don't have internet and therefore are unable to be a coomer who masturbates all day, they're not educated on finances or how to raise kids simply because they don't have access to that and poor people's families tend to shove it down their throat. Working long hours/helping out the family to get by = less time in school and schools never teach about budgeting either

Rich, upper middle class people tend to be the worst of this, the men in these scenarios are lazy porn addicts and the girls are usually desperate pickmes who just let men treat them horribly out of desperation and because they're brainwashed to believe that being "loyal" to a shit man is super courageous and literally the best thing a woman go do because "it never happens!!" (Ofc most women are loyal to shit men but they just like to neg women to lower their standards even more, especially that weird wave of "eastern girls are actually loyal unlike you western thots" between 2011-2016

No. 1033911

You can try and try again to budget and manage your poverty but the slight unpredictability of the economy and life will always get you. I’m tired of seeing this poor people/eugenics discourse in this thread like they’re a group of people to be dissected and picked apart like a science experience. It’s cute when anons talk about “weak/strong people” even though if your own mother ever saw a glimpse of your post history she would go back in time and take no hesitation to turkey baste your smuckers jam fetus out of her body, get real dumbass

No. 1033935

>because a lot of poor people usually don't have internet
Have you even met a poor person? Lots of them have internet. I'd bet the majority of poor people have access to a cheap smart phone than their houses having effective heat and plumbing.
>they're not educated on finances or how to raise kids simply because they don't have access to that
They don't have access to formal education and they tend not to come from families who are educated on the subjects to pass knowledge down. It's not that they theoretically couldn't look it up, it just never crosses their minds to do so until they're already in the shit and can't take their choices back.
There's a reason why children of doctors tend to go into medicine, children of lawyers get into law, etc. Generational knowledge and wealth are passed on and it's very hard to come out of poverty by oneself. Which is why governments have a vested interest in keeping the working poor and encourage kids because they foster government dependency and settling for low wage jobs just to put food on their tables.

It's funny that you think poor people aren't coomers and pickmes though. Because that is the opposite from what I've seen. Poor people love to be degen and fuck because that's all some of them have to offer and often they don't have and can't afford anything else to occupy their time. Poor women are some of the biggest pickmes due to the influences of religious beliefs and the meme that if they're subservient to men that they will provide.

>I’m tired of seeing this poor people/eugenics discourse in this thread like they’re a group of people to be dissected and picked apart like a science experience
If you want to steer the conversation away from poor people that's fine, it got brought up because there was a strange argument that porn in media causes people to not have kids when in actuality sexual exposure in media that glamorizes it often does the opposite to the groups with the most vulnerabilities. And I'm sorry, those vulnerable groups usually aren't found among the social classes that can buy their way out of problems.

No. 1034668

This, especially when you are from a banana republic where inflation is out of control and finding job, let alone a well paid job, is difficult. Save some money? good luck, in a few months is gonna be devalued. Saving in dollars? good luck with the taxes. Is nearly impossible to escape poverty in these shitholes.
Aaand my tinfoil is that third world countries with important natural resources are ruled by puppets from corporations. The democracy here is a lie.

No. 1034671

Thats not tinfoil at all. It's not even a secret, it's widely known.

No. 1034711

Don't forget all the nagging wives and fighting couples. Long term monogamous relationships are almost always shown as shitty, miserable and boring. Same with kids. I'm femcel who will never have a family but I still hate this message, it definitely feels like deliberate brainwashing.

No. 1034764

Kek you don't need brainwashing to see that male family are usually lazy entitled and stress causing. I already hated 90% of my male family without any outside influence.

No. 1034924

Is her body cold yet?

No. 1034972

Jim Henson must be spinning in his grave.

No. 1034975

It's funny 'cause reading books and diaries from a few hundred years ago, you get the sense that older married couples enjoyed each others' company far more than they do now. I wish time travel would exist so I could escape back into the comfy, simplistic past.

No. 1035003

Yes anon it's the economies fault adults that are "barely scraping by" spend hundreds a month on subscription boxes, weed, food delivery, streaming services, and onlyfans hoes all while living in the inner city with no car because of how struggling they are

I get it's not as easy for a lot of people, but the poor tend to eat up consoomerism, and while it's propaganda, it IS part of the budgeting education to not that when you're barely scraping by for rent maybe it's not a good idea to spend 80$ a week on wish.com and order doordash every few days. People simply don't know how to budget or properly prioritize needs. Not saying it's a new thing either since stupid old people who claim to be poor are the first ones to hit up department store "sales" and spend $200 on 3 pairs of jeans that will sit in the back of their closet. The only people who tend to be better at budgeting are asian and middle eastern families, even if they live in the west

No. 1035007

This so much. I'm hating the influx of movies of young girls being whores as a part of "discovering themselves in a totally aesthetic cinematic way uwu" like I hope you discover that syphilis medication too

No. 1035025

You're thinking of middle class kids who larp as poor. Try again.

No. 1035026

Literally grooming media

No. 1035028

Cope and cringe. You think any diaries talking shit about men would see the light of day when historians and book keepers and inheritors were all men, until very recently?

No. 1035036

>Dark ages took place after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, characterizing it as marked by economic, intellectual, and cultural decline
I think the dark ages was a time of female advancement, in almost all emergency situations it's the women who organize and distribute and aid and try to rebuild a civilized society. This age was covered up by triggered men who burned everything and then did the witch trials as an excuse to get back at women, seize their land, and steal the fruits of women's labor. All in order to establish a new age and larp as builders of society. I've seen this pattern in daily life and I get a strong feeling that's what happened in that time, too.

No. 1035106

maybe in burgerland, but in third world shitholes is not like that at all.

No. 1035415

Elaborate with examples I’m curious.

No. 1035485

only if you enjoy being treated like a kid with no autonomy and bound to the deciding hands of your hubby, no matter how retarded he is

No. 1035525


No. 1035542

I think the witches were burned because they were wise women who knew the healing properties of herbs. They were safe as long as their clients (patients) didn’t have a fallout with them and report them to the authorities but sadly that wasn’t always the case. The church wanted to retain the absolute power, and didn’t want any competition aka women with possession of knowledge.
Ofcourse the men have zero tolerance for women in power, their spawns are amongst us today.

No. 1035551

Definitely in burgerland, the thing is third world countries don't have access to these amenities or at least as often. And consoomerism isn't pushed as much on people who's entire day depends around survival, poor people in western countries are talked into buying into consoomerism, especially with constant microtransaction-like things irl but also find themselves completely fucked and on the verge of homelessness as soon as they get a flat tire or need to make a home repair. Also living well above your means in order to show off to people you don't like is big in America, every single person at my old job in fast food are going on lavish vacations, buying exotic animals as pets, buying tons of weed and alcohol, etc

No. 1035584

Glorious Israel once hacked televisions in Palestine I believe and broadcasted porn so I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

No. 1035618

Nobody cares because they've been desensitized to it, anon. Lil Nas X has a very sexually explicit image but we're supposed to believe he, and other people like him, are wholesome for embracing their identity even though it's basically just becoming fuck pieces for the elites and for the entire world to mindlessly consume. There's no boundaries or hard limits made because we're expected to just roll with anything that comes our way. It entirely speaks to the current state of our society and how it celebrates people for mutilating their bodies and pushing nonsensical ideals all in the name of "freedumb" but oh, if you disagree you get labeled a bigot and basically blacklisted from participating in discussion.
Same, it fucking disgusts me how much sex is pushed in every instance even when it doesn't feel necessary. How much of those shitty 10 minute sex scenes they can use to develop actual plot and characterization? Also with these sex scenes they love portraying everyone as DTF and loose boundaries like some weird hippie free love libertine shit.

No. 1035620

I am absolutely not surprised, at all. These people run the entertainment industry and are associated with the most hyper leftie degenerate ideals to exist. Honestly i fucking hate to say it but this goes reactionaries type some ground. We can address this without going full /pol/tard fashytard though.

No. 1035629

File: 1642784421451.png (398.11 KB, 495x435, 1642122173867.png)

Has anyone else noticed that during the 20th century there was an attempt to reconstruct the ideals of masculinity and femininity globally (but mostly in the West) affected by the bourgeoisie replacing the aristocrats as the ideal of society, the industrial revolution, and the two world wars? Studying Western history (and having some knowledge of other societies) masculinity was always related to virile traits but kept more elements of discipline, self-control, elegance, and beauty that seemed to slowly disappear in the 20th century until brutishness and ugliness got associated with masculinity and elegance and beauty became exclusively a feminine thing. It's obviously not true world wide (Eastern countries still have the old ideal) and not that much of an issue in European western countries but in the U.S it's very true. Anyways, any tinfoil nonnies want to try telling me why they separated masculinity from its positive side and transformed the gender roles into caricatures in the mid 20th century?

No. 1035643

Read up on some laws in any time period pre 21st century.

No. 1035684

Is anyone familiar with "vetting processes" for activist organizations? They're asking for names and phone numbers of two friends as some sort of character witness, and I don't understand the need when they've already irl met the person who is applying. Seems sketchy. Don't know where else to ask

No. 1035734

Whoa can you give me some general dates (ranges of years) I’d like to dig into this.

No. 1035738

the 1950s were a masculinist backlash against all the social progress made by women and gender nonconformists in the first half of the 20th century. The culture was reshaped to restore male supremacist patriarchy as the overriding social norm. Watch over 9000 (American) movies made before 1950 and you can watch it happen. Like you said, pre ww2 men were allowed to be much more elegant and 'feminine' in a way that would be considered weak and queer in the post 50s world. Women in films made before the 50s were often portrayed as assertive, dynamic, intelligent,competent, shrewd, witty, and resourceful. Post ww2 their characters became submissive and started serving drinks. Women were taken out of the suits they had been wearing since the 1920s and coerced into adopting the 'new look' which was a throwback to the fucking 1800s. Its no wonder they all started taking pills. This is a topic I'm obsessed with and I could sperg on about for hours, but not on lolcow. Youre very smart and correct though, nonna. God I hate the 1950s so fucking much it's unreal.

No. 1035742

For masculine beauty standards: 1500s to 1920s. You can see the kind I'm talking about the most with the aristocrats of the 16th to early 19th centuries tho

No. 1035792

Nailed it right on the head, anon. It amuses me to see trad larpers and other types of spazzes reference 50s reactionary gender roles that was all about portraying women as submissive and stupid sex dolls (which was inevitably tied to the pornographic industry explosion and normalisation of objectifying misogyny) and men as boring serious older types (Hollywood loved pairing older men with younger girls) as true and traditional but conveniently ignoring every other information about gender roles before that time, kek. I feel you, the 50s gender roles irreparably ruined how people view both genders and caused a lot of disordered thinking surrounding how relationships work and sexuality to today.
I feel like there was a backlash in the 60s against this that lasted up until the 90s but yeah, obviously the 50s reactionary gender roles had a longer lasting effect than anything else before or after that time.

No. 1035806

>1750s vs. 1850s woman vs. 1950s woman.

No. 1035969

Good observation anon. I wouldn’t mind if you sperged a bit more

No. 1036074

kek I said I wouldn't sperg about this here but I can't stop myself as I feel the exact same way about trad larpers and their short sighted idealization of the phony ass 1950's. It's ironic since the music lyrics of the 1920's and 30's more accurately reflect the traditionalist ideals of falling in love, getting married, having children, and growing old together, as well as supporting each other during difficult times with love and affection. ("Though hair so golden may turn to gray, I'll call you sweet heart and always say…") But it was all sung by men with exceedingly 'womanly' voices. Vidrel.

I could go on, but Anna Biller (extremely based woman and director of the Love Witch) has a blog post on this topic which I'll just link to instead. It's pretty long and covers a lot of ground but it's worth reading. Especially important is the section about powerful female stars of the 20's-40's (Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in particular) being caricaturized and maligned in the post war, male dominated culture.


Also before anyone jumps my case for romanticizing the past, I know men have always been shit and have always treated women like shit. But they used to be more tolerable in their mannerisms, idgaf what anyone tries to tell me.

No. 1036209

kek i wish u had your own thread to sperg on. this is cool and insightful stuff.

No. 1036317

I didn't know she had a blog. I read that post and her other ones and they were interesting but also really depressing.

No. 1036610

Anon I love the sperg and I wish you had your thread where you could post about your insight

No. 1036700

File: 1642859471125.png (599.84 KB, 1086x2048, Screenshot_20220122-073804.png)

Starting Feb 2 the US government isn't going to require hospitals to report any of these numbers to them. It's very weird to me that they won't have to report covid deaths anymore. They're also going to start requiring a lot of data about pediatric beds available and # of pediatric covid cases, etc. It all stinks.

No. 1036701

Twitter bots are so fucking creepy. When I look at popular pro vaccine tweets and trending hashtags, especially when certain journalists started them, a good 1/3 of it are AI generated profile pics with the same formular in their bios.

No. 1036702

What's interesting is that while this form of singing (high voiced male singers, themes about romance, growing old together, courting the woman, ect) more or less disappeared in mainstream Western culture it remained in African American forms of music until the late 90s.

No. 1036726

My guess is that too many people are starting to catch onto the fact that anyone who died "with COVID" aka a positive test that they don't even bother investigating the amount of faulty tests, and there is A LOT of false positives

There was data being released that only 10% of people who were listed as a COVID death, actually died from COVID related complications, I assume that's why they want to hide it because eventually people get ahold of it and they can no longer fear mongers, and the same fear porn news stations will still keep screaming "uwu 800k people! We're all going to die! Get your 12th booster!"

No. 1036734

At this point any large anti gov/pharma/etc group online is a honeypot. They shut that shit down fast nowadays.

No. 1036741

Ugh they're really going after the kids now I guess. By spring it will be over. This is the last straw.

No. 1036795

File: 1642865671628.gif (111.84 KB, 500x372, 150b7f126bfbc11e6641337a774e16…)

this crap is all so scary.. can we just all move to an island and start a new society?

No. 1036840

I have a habit of typing random things in the Twitter search bar to see what people are saying, and quite often with the political topics I come across tweets that are copy-pasted word for word between different accounts on the same day. And I mean specific, complex sentences that can't be copied just by chance. That just proved to me that bots are real and never to take political discourse on social media seriously.

No. 1036960

Have you ever read Lord of Flies? Unless we keep scrotes away from the island, than it can maybe work

No. 1037095

Bots are getting absolutely out of control, I feel like there are definitely more bots now than ever before

No. 1037182

File: 1642880669977.jpg (13.35 KB, 268x372, The_Holocaust_Industry,_first_…)

I found Norman Finklesteins "The Holocaust Industry" a fascinating read that basically explains away the ridiculous takes the revisionists have(on both sides). Some of it is obvious but I wish more /pol/tards would read it and realize the ridiculous stories or number discrepancies aren't actually the historical consensus and that a small number of rich Jews trying to compensate off a genocide by exaggerating doesn't mean the genocide didn't happen. Finklestein makes a distinction between the Nazi holocaust (the actual event) and The Holocaust (the politicised story the industry promotes). The big one being that The Holocaust is framed in such a way that Jews are presented as the only victim, ignoring Romanis, Slavic peoples, Jehovah's witnesses, the mentally ill and such.

The main take away from it is the actual victims of the holocaust were used in order to gain larger compensation from guilty nations to be given to holocaust tragedies under the guise of dying victims needing healthcare, but the money is then largely skimmed for those running the show.
It's an infuriating but informative read, to see rich American Jews profit off the misery of actual victims is pretty sickening.

No. 1037191

File: 1642880996379.jpg (14.26 KB, 266x189, 163490542043.jpg)

No. 1037240

>given to holocaust tragedies under the guise of dying victims needing healthcare, but the money is then largely skimmed for those running the show.

this is still happening, vid related

No. 1037246

Norman Finklesteins is Jewish and his parents literally lived through Auschwitz , the book makes it very clear that the Holocaust happened and the deaths were in the millions
the book is more about the narrative about what a handful of individuals(not some scheming oligarchy of Jews) have managed to create

No. 1037250

I predict within the next 25 years there’s going to be a new severe STD. Mostly because of all the casual sex going on and people raw dogging.

No. 1037252

Plus all the anal stuff, lots more bacteria going around

No. 1037257

>Slavic peoples
Slavic people's history (which for some old people is their personal reality) still aknowledges Jews as the primary targets.
How do you explain that. By that logic we were supposedly both victims of the Holocaust, and participants in the Holocaust industry. How does that make sense?

No. 1037261

nta but thats what she said? that the industry only shows jews as victims, then in reality slavs etc were victims too

No. 1037262

There were some collaborators who were given positions of power in occupied Poland, not all that complicated

No. 1037271

There is not just one propaganda. Slavs get their own propaganda. If Slav and Enemy propaganda match it can mean one of two things. Either they have a common goal or it's true. Having had the opportunity to talk to people who survived it, I believe it's the latter.

No. 1037275

I'm surprised we haven't there hasn't been a new type of AIDs yet
I know its fucked but honestly I wish we could have another AIDs scare, It might get the Zoomers to wake up from their polycue kinky sex bullshit

No. 1037282

Aren’t fags getting parasites from eating ass or was that a meme?

No. 1037302

File: 1642885592356.jpeg (171.46 KB, 480x544, 7_gm_133861F1V1x480.jpeg)

first of all, it is not called the dark ages, that is a renaissance term that was created in order to diminish the progress actually made during that time. the middle ages spanned basically a thousand years and was not marked by any decline (except the plague). look at byzantium, it was extremely powerful. either way, the witch trials and burnings only happened during the renaissance, not in the middle ages.
women having no power during this period is a huge myth.

No. 1037303

File: 1642885672636.jpg (51.24 KB, 640x640, 1a07ca187fd4937a28b2151ddc03cf…)

The butthole worms are real and they travel from ass to mouth via itchy ass and then fingers on mouth. Gays just make the pipeline simpler and thus they are thriving a la AIDS

No. 1037306

They don't care, males carry HPV all over the place and give women cervical cancer already and no one gives a shit.

No. 1037316

you should just read some literature that comes from the slavic victims such as Tadeusz Borowski or Gustaw Herling - Gruziński, they explain the mechanism of camps and gulags and how they were actiong out of the behavioural urge an environment like this provides. They were conditioned to be the offender to make their own life easier, we can't rally judge someone in their position either.

No. 1037322

Or I could literally talk to my old neighbours, relatives and aquaintances, which I did.
I'm gen X.

No. 1037326

do you want me to stand up and clap for you? You said you didn't know how it made sense so i gave you an instance of an explanation that may help you with this concept

No. 1037332

I'm pretty pissed after reading an article advertised over on Yahoo days ago. Basically this female gynecologist states that nearly everyone that has had sex has had HPV at some point. I mean, maybe of nongenital origin, but trying to just handwave the STD versions as being completely normal for anyone sexually active is fucking disgusting.

No. 1037341

This reminds me of the new Harley Quinn show, one of the characters tries to make fun of Harley for likely catching something from the Joker, then Harley replies with something along the lines "x of sextually active adults have HPV and the stigma around STD's is drawn from homophobia" and its presented as some feminist take down, but I found it just disturbing and it really came out of nowhere

No. 1037364

Do you think Murrica will lift the vaccination requirement for tourism this summer?

No. 1037372

No. 1037375

I hope so. I'm supposed to fly there and I managed to not get vaxxed in a country where it's pratically becoming illegal. I will not get a jab for a vacation

No. 1037387

I got my third vaxx 3 weeks ago and I think my motion sickness has become worse.

No. 1037441

I think they'll probably lift it, but who knows. I just predict it will be so unpopular it won't last long

No. 1037485

My tinfoil is that infecting women w aids will be next porn kink. It's already happened with infecting women with covid.

No. 1037487

Covid stays in the balls so…

No. 1037491

I've been having an intense motion sickness for a month after my second dose…

No. 1037500

wasn't there already this bug catching thing or whatever in the early 2000s?

No. 1037643

Was there? I wasn't old enough to notice.

No. 1037650

The vac targets women's ovaries and DNA in order to GMO women into what the scrotes in power want women to be. Socializing and normal breeding to make women weak and servile just wasn't enough, they made GMO food, why not GMO women.

No. 1037659

They GMOd women by reproducing exclusively with genetically inferior women, they also push this on other men since a lot of men's attraction is that they choose women that they believe will impress other men, women use to be very strong and built but now because scrotes don't like that they reproduce with anorexic midgets because actual strong and smart women aren't going to impress the boys. I also believe this is why men fetishized the dumb girl stereotype for so long. I also believe they keep pushing women to obsess over their ass/tit/lip/waist size as a means to keep them down even though great diversity in these features is living proof most men don't give two shits about what your tits or lips look like unless it's to make you arm candy for impressing other men

No. 1037669

Give it a few centuries/decades and men will domesticate women with technology

No. 1037695

There was for gay men, men specifically seeking aids as a badge of honour and spreading it.

No. 1037752

I remember getting ads on Snapchat on "what to do if you have an STD". Don't these same libs bitch about how expensive their medical bills are anyway while purposely putting themselves at risk of infections that cost hundreds to treat?

No. 1037756

I can’t believe there are people who still believe in climate change

No. 1037763

I mean yeah for 10 000 years or more men have been offing healthy and smart women, and breeding till they literally die in childbirth servile women. But with IVF and gene modding they're going full on. Only comfort is that once they do play god with god it won't work out, either in 1 or 100 generations GMO humans will die or become completely animalistic. The problem with getting rid of female gatekeeping evolution is that the margin for error is endless. Even just GMO food has contributed to so many health issues (obesity, autoimmunes of all kinds, cancer). Apparently it's now normal for people at 60 to start falling apart, when just a generation ago most people were healthy as a horse until a few years before they died.

No. 1037769

Radiation making women dumber/autistic/get autoimmune diseases, estrogen in everything fucking up women's hormones, GMOs preventing nutrient uptake, pharma pipeline of birth control getting in the way of hormones reinforcing memory and bone density so women get frail weak and dementia, 1000's psych drugs to fuck up women's brain permanently (with most antidepressants having a ton of fluoride added in, how funny), back and hip and bladder and shit problems from being forced to give birth on back, literal torture via sleep deprivation and stress of having to raise a baby in a nuclear family, exposed to dangerous chemicals from beauty shit and in workplaces (google radiation girls for ex), hmm what else? Not to mention the brainwashing since we're inside the womb. Probably even a man putting his dick in a pregnant woman fucks up kids long term. Like literally everything in modern world is meant to kill you or make you suffer. And then men screech about the birth rate and girls not wanting to fuck anymore.

No. 1037781

NTA but are butthole worms really that common with gay moids? Isn’t it mostly a children’s disease?

No. 1038010

Why are so many people dying this month? Is it winter solstice sacrifice season?

No. 1038014

Mercury retrograde iykyk

No. 1038071

I looked at the dates and they seem to align with celebrity and normie deaths. Or it could just be coincidences lol

No. 1038208

File: 1642952574700.jpg (101.29 KB, 1080x1029, 7325da9bbb7e2b06268bc6ac03e512…)

They also gaslight us by calling women Karen's if you call out the fact that our living conditions are being overly dangerous towards us

Also - COVID vaccine aside. Pre- COVID what was the whole witch hunt against antivax mom's about? I remember reading about how antivax karens are bringing back polio and smallpox even though most USA kids don't even get vaccinated for polio and smallpox anymore? They can for sure but it's never a requirement and nobody really does it nowadays anyway. How would a disease that hasn't had cases for decades even come back just because Susan didn't vaccinate? It all seems like fishy to me. And the idea that all unvaccinated kids will die at 2 yrs old. How do they even think kids manage to survive before vaccines were common and other countries where vaccines aren't required or common for kids? Oh and mocking women for doing things like enjoying yoga and shopping at natural grocery stores also screams propaganda

No. 1038227

Can't believe there are people who still don't believe in climate change

No. 1038235

>anti-vaxx witchhunt
I'm convinced it was predictive programming to make people more likely to get the vaccine once covid hit. Those unfunny anti-vaxx memes came out of nowhere in around 2018, and shilled around reddit and instagram to all the normies and zoomers (some pick-me goth chicks i followed at the time used to post them to be edgy and impress soyboy moids)
I also think the weird syringes in elsa gate videos on YouTube were meant for some predictive programming for kids, to give them weird fear-based fetishes.

No. 1038236

keep paying carbon taxes in the name of the environment

No. 1038244

Yeah I remember that huge wave of "dumb Sahm's aren't getting their kids vac'd and whole private schools are getting polio1! Thing like 4 years ago. The whole foods thing isn't as ridiculed anymore but ppl definetly jerk off to "entitled Karen asks if restaurant food is nongmo", even though if you consume any GMO on a non GMO diet it basically cancels out the advantages. Women literally trying their best to keep their family alive in a necrophilic world while still being ridiculed and witch hunted.

No. 1038249

I believe in pollution of the earth and it's air, I don't believe in dedicating millions of dollars to organizations that do nothing about it, but push for more donations.

No. 1038251

Aka "let's keep fucking the environment but rake in some more cash from the serfs by making them obligated for shit out of their control".

No. 1038266

The climate change industry exists so in a couple of years, they can justify a one world organization to fight against it. It's always about the consolidation of power, hadoy

No. 1038430

No. 1038441

File: 1642962641878.jpg (15.14 KB, 369x360, Tumblr_l_80800581576414.jpg)

Yes butt worms are a children's disease, so is pink eye, but it runs rampant when your ideal night in is penetrating men's asses and your hygene isn't much better than a child's

No. 1038486

Clothing websites have been purposefully making dresses look less flattering on skinnier models vs plus size so they can promote the body positivity/death fat agenda

No. 1038490

File: 1642964397172.gif (950.61 KB, 396x250, Jag.gif)

Awwwww skinny model got put in a potato sack wahhhhh awwww skinny model deserves to be pretty pretty princess wahhhhh

No. 1038493

Well climate change itself is real, the main controversy seems to be whether anthropogenic climate change is real or it is only being caused by natural cycles.

No. 1038500

If average customer is fat then it’s only reasonable to model clothes for the average customer’s body

Not saying if it’s good thing that people are overweight but fat models makes sense

No. 1038515

But she's not pissed about fat models being advertised, she's pissed that the fat models are being styled to look nicer lmao.

No. 1038522

Not necessarily. Skinny/average people are better models for clothes because their proportions will vary less so the customer can get a better idea of what the item is supposed to look like. You know your proportions and can make guesses on how the clothes would look on you by looking at sizing and accommodating. Plus fat people have extremely varying body proportions.
I was shopping for a bridesmaids dress and we were given a choice of difference dresses we could pick from. The dress I thought I liked most was on a fat model, but I couldn't tell what the dress was supposed to look like. Was it supposed to hug your curves like that, or was she just fat?
Unless it's plus size clothing, it's better to have smaller models. Or use one skinny model and one fat model to show how it fits.

No. 1038534

Who says I'm even mad? It's just a thing I noticed. Did I strike a nerve nonnie?

No. 1038535

You've gotta be pretty bothered about it to think there's a conspiracy and an agenda nonz, bomblattys living rent-free.

No. 1038550

Not really. Look at the thread we're in. You can't deny that there's a lot of journalism out there nowadays that is fighting against diet culture and promoting body positivity, even pushing back on the medical idea that being obese is unhealthy.
Most clothing photoshoots use pinning and modifications to make it look flattering, depending on the body type.
I've seen a lot more dresses just awkwardly draped over skinnier models, doesn't look pinned at all. Obviously, bigger girls will fill them out more, and it looks better. See >>1038522 I never noticed this until recent days. Before, both sizes looked flattering and the clothes fit them well.
Body positivity is trendy right now. So is it entirely out of the question that some clothing brands are purposefully trying to make the skinnier ones look bad? I'm not dismissing it.
And before you accuse me of being an anachan, I've been overweight myself most of my life. But even I can see how obesity is being celebrated in our culture more.

No. 1038561

The obsession with "curves" but also loose clothes being trendy, skinny women have nice curves usually but it gets blocked out when it's draped but fat girls can show off boobs and butt in loose clothes without showing off their rolls in form fitting clothes, I also notice it's a lot easier for fat girls to obtain better shape wear. I don't consider myself skinny by any sense but all waist trainers are way too big on me, and bra inserts or wearing double bras seem to becoming more common, sometimes it feels impossible to find a padded bra without any sort of push up, even sports bras are overly padded. Insecurity and increasing obesity creates ugly loose clothes for everyone

No. 1038566

I agree with you anon. I was trying to point out why it doesn't make sense to have bigger models. It's not to help the consumer see what the clothes would look like, it's to seem more inclusive and body positivity/HAES garbage. It's dangerous imo.
For most people it's easier to become overweight than underweight. If we have overweight becoming the new normal, fat is going to become even fatter, which means more medical issues a more unhealthy population.
Is validating fat people and saving their self-esteem worth the consequential health problems they'll feel later on later in life because of their weight? Seeing fat models won't make people fat, but it will become more acceptable and people won't feel the urge to eat healthy and exercise to be a lower weight.
But we also live in a gross consumer culture where you can just return anything easily. I try to buy clothes so I don't have to return them because I know they'll probably be thrown into a landfill somewhere.

No. 1038583

>there's an agenda that fat models are sometimes more flattered than skinny models

Anachan seethe hour, as if the majority of the fashion industry isn't formulated around thin frames you have to throw an adult tantrum in the few instances when it's not. Conspiracy that fat women want to look nice.
Love to see it.

No. 1038587

File: 1642969155944.jpg (414.18 KB, 2000x1000, ugly.jpg)

Prairie dresses were such a weird thing. They were everywhere last year for a good amount of time but I've never see anyone wear them. I tried on several and none of them looked good. They're not flattering on any body type. I needed a dress for a wedding and shapeless granny floral dresses were the only option at some stores. It's so bizarre how so many stores have these ugly ass things in stock for so long when no one brought them. Don't stores put research into what clothes will sell?
My tinfoil was it was to help trannys fit in because you can't see their manly bodies in the shapeless sacks. They never caught on with trannys either.

No. 1038642

File: 1642971903446.jpeg (77.24 KB, 578x577, images (1).jpeg)

Prairie dresses can look cute if they're not obviously made to try to hide out of shape figures as much as possible, even clothing stores I vaguely remember selling sexier items such as hot topic, forever 21, etc are now all resorting to the garbage bag trends
>Inb4 well it's good scrotes can't sexualize us
Lol. This is the kinda stuff I'd imagine abusive boyfriends shove their girlfriends into if they didn't want other men to look at her. You can dress in a way that flatters your figure without it being all for men. Vanity sizing has been fucking up everything too and all I can really wear now are my boyfriend's xl shirts and just some jeans or sweats, fabric is getting a lot shittier and they're printing stupid shit on fabric

No. 1038648

+ A lot of body con skirts and dresses and sewn in weird ways that move your fat around and make your ass look flat and your stomach pronounced. It's hard to find a decent fitting bodycon skirt or dress

No. 1038825

yay, can't wait for the covid crazies to turn into climate crazies. crazier than the current ones.

No. 1038843

I swear to god climate has been so bizarre this year. One week it will feel nice, then a blizzard, then burning, then a blizzard again

No. 1038863

The Climate Change is due to geoengineering. They are controling the weather and its not a conspiracy theory like there are hundreds of patents only in USA:
Ignore the source, just look at the links of the patents.

No. 1038888

>A lot of body con skirts and dresses and sewn in weird ways that move your fat around and make your ass look flat and your stomach pronounced.
I think part of this might be an actual conspiracy to make women more likely to invest in shapewear (obviously/mostly sold by the same companies) to flatten their stomachs, lift their asses, wear push-up bras, buy more dresses/skirts to compare or try and find what's most "flattering", etc and generally feel inadequate about their bodies

No. 1038897

File: 1642983706865.jpg (555.73 KB, 1885x2048, space-mirrors-focus-sunlight-m…)

No. 1038947

File: 1642988834070.jpeg (62.75 KB, 960x720, C7ED7959-D7C9-4D63-928A-3CA20A…)

you got it!


yep everyone is crazy but you have everything figured out kek

No. 1038952

This would also explain why so many dresses, even high end ones highlight any sort of dimension your stomach has, I've had abs before and some dresses still made it look like I had a pooch. Could also be a conspiracy from the plastic surgery industry since women are increasingly called liars and catfishes for wearing shapewear. I also notice a lot of non-push-up bras are very flimsy and misshapen and are more close to minimizers than they are bras, there's been a lot of fashion blogs encouraging the use of two or more bras which does seem like a company scheme, on top of that women have to have large boobs now or else people will relentlessly point out how they have "no boobs" (seriously, I've seen multiple articles call women like Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lawrence, and Mila Kunis flat)

It also does seem like a lot of tops flatten people out in the top area too

No. 1038962

File: 1642989968366.gif (1.83 MB, 427x240, F47EA683-AC57-4AA5-BFF0-B105A0…)

im not a fan of fanatics nonna. if you’re one, then I don’t like you.

No. 1038992

my point is that most people arent fanatics. if people were honest about shit and generally did things to benefit society i think much of the conspiracies that people think up wouldnt exist. when we are constantly kept in the dark and the truth is hidden, well no duh people are going to make their own theories, dig up more info, etc. its nothing about craziness or fanatics kek i have yet to meet one and i would never consider myself one. i would say we are normal people who are tired of bs and want people held accountable.

No. 1039094

This reminds me of something I experienced only a couple of days ago. I sometimes go to a bar in my neighborhood to meet up with friends, I haven't gone lately because I've decided to cut drinking. I happened to pass by while getting off the bus and it was about 7pm. Three woman were drunk out of their minds and had two kids with them. Kids are allowed in bars up til 9pm, which is something that is debatable anyways that's aside the point. Well, I was outside and on the speakers was that awful WAP song that's been popular lately. I go inside to see a 7 yr old girl and her gendie 11 year old sister, singing this song and acting out the dance moves. It was disturbing to say the least but what got me was the moms were laughing their asses off, ordering shots, watching their kids perform on stage. After sitting down next to a friend, he said the bartender bet them a round if they got their kids to go up and sing. Complete debauchery, I'm never going there again. I heard the owner wasn't pleased about what happened but still. Just shows how many parents have been demoralized to the point they'll basically let their own children sing some hypersexualized song in front a bunch of drunk assholes. The bartender was even filming it! Fucked up.

No. 1039344

Ladies I think it's just because clothing factories are all staffed by underpaid workers/victims of globalization who dgaf and machines that mass produce random-fitting clothes because it's cheap and consoomers will buy what they're told to anyway.

No. 1039440

Yeah but "locally sourced" and high end clothing is even worse with the draping and unflattering styles, now is especially a good time to make shitty fitting clothes since fitting rooms are closed and most people don't bother bringing back the ugly clothes so people just buy whatever looks cute at face value

No. 1039444

Why the fuck does it cost so much to be poor in America?

No. 1039480


No. 1039483

All the posts above and this bit here specially.
>women use to be very strong and built but now because scrotes don't like that they reproduce with anorexic midgets because actual strong and smart women aren't going to impress the boys.
This topic is so interesting and scary to learn about. I think anyone that believes there are actually women in the innner circles of the world's elite must be delusional. This war has always been against us.

No. 1039489

Id add onto that those men probably also only have kids with the most sociopathic women in order to concentrate the evilness in their genes.

No. 1039508

Global warming isn't real. Climate change is real but it's not man made. The earth's climate changes due to solar cycles.
solar maximum = warmer
solar minimum = colder
We are entering a grand solar minimum that could last until 2070.

CO2 isn't dangerous or a threat to humans, it's quite fucking literally what plants need to exist. Anyone who has done the minimal amount of research knows it's all bullshit.
>clean up nuclear waste from weapons testing and power plants?
>clean up former toxic dumps full of carcinogenic and teratogenic chemicals?
>clean up micro plastics from the oceans?
>waste billions of dollars campaigning for less of what plants need to breath?

No. 1039536

>The earth's climate changes due to solar cycles
Over recent decades, the sun has been slightly cooling & is irrelevant to recent global warming.

The sun has not warmed since 1970 and so cannot be driving global warming.

>CO2 isn't dangerous or a threat to humans

Although it has some very important and beneficial effects, CO2 meets the legal and encyclopedic definitions of a "pollutant", and human CO2 emissions pose a threat to public health and welfare.
>what plants need to exist
The effects of enhanced CO2 on terrestrial plants are variable and complex and dependent on numerous factors

>for less of what plants need to breath

CO2 limits won't cool the planet, but they can make the difference between continued accelerating global warming to catastrophic levels vs. slowing and eventually stopping the warming at hopefully safe levels.


Fuck corporations though.

No. 1039894

Pinch is meant to reduce ppls lifespan to ~70, elites want fast reproducing pop that don't live long enough to gather wisdom and get out of the pen. At 60 ppl stop producing most of their glutathione, the most powerful antioxidant. The pinch makes the shitty parts of someone's immune system even shittier, and when they're 60 they'll start to break apart very quickly. I think they've done this process lots of times, in old texts like bible they mention ppl who are 600.

No. 1039897

I believe the trans idea is an agenda of the government and pharma to sterilize unwanted and mentally ill people, clearing them out of the gene pool while also taking their money. The amount of trans inclusive and almost advertising media, websites and such I see which often appeal to autistic and mentally ill people, such as reddit, 4chan and maybe twitter, also make me believe this.

No. 1039904

A scrote breeding with an anorexic midget means his sons will also be anorexic midgets. Women and men don't have different gene pools, you get %50 of your dna from one parent so by that logic men would've gone physically weaker as well, and they actually did because we, especially female homo dapiens mostly likely, as humans chose compassion and intelligence in mates rather than pure strength.

No. 1039918

I'm not one to buy into most conspiracy theories but I believe this too and have for quite some time. Trans people used to be serious mental health cases and rarely did they approve people for hormones or surgeries because there are so many physical and mental health risks to doing that, it's like giving someone with BDD free reign for all the plastic surgeries they want, knowing that it's going to make their situation and overall health much worse. The sudden shift to pushing hormones on any person who expresses dissatisfaction with life as a member of their sex or a curiosity towards life as the opposite sex is alarming and frankly suspicious. Despite evidence that hormone therapy causes so many irreversible health problems and that most trannies who get SRS kermit, they're now playing it off like it's cool and trendy (and totally reversible and safe!) to trans, targeting the mentally ill who have always been social outcasts and desperate for approval. Idgaf about agp hons but they're doing it to kids to stop the gene flow early, when these kids could just spend some time in therapy unpacking why they want to distance themselves from their gender and go on to live normal lives.

No. 1040005

I’m convinced this west elm Caleb person doesn’t exist and entire drama surrounding them was a viral marketing ad campaign to sell more furniture and to help advertise someone’s new dating app.

No. 1040038

tinfoil, what are your thoughts on weed?

No. 1040069

Tinfoils, what do you think of how monarchies were aggressively scrubbed from most countries under the guise of independence? Why did the elites want to do away with monarchies so bad? because of their religious connotations?

No. 1040073

It smells absolutely horrible and I personally hope it never gets legalised on a grand scale because it means i won't be able to go outside and breathe nice air without a headache. I hate cigarettes too, but at least the smell doesn't linger the way weed does even though i see them both as equally trashy. Once it becomes more accepted in wider society, it would probably open the flood gates for all drugs in general to be legalised.

No. 1040076

No. 1040077

you should stay inside.

No. 1040078

Because it is a power structure that cant be easily slithered into; if you want to subvert a nation and they are a pure monarchy with firece loyalties, and you aren't born to them, then tough shit. Vs I want to subvert and control a nation, I back a phony "elected politician" and he acts as my puppet. Keep doing that and before you know it, that little country is a sham independent "democracy".

As many downsides as it comes with, local, small-scale state power aligned through family and culture is one of the surest ways to guard from corruption.

No. 1040082

Interesting, men do seem to fetishize and romanticize toxic traits in women, like the "all hot girls are crazy" thing

No. 1040085

Considering how rarely this information gets touched on even in tinfoil circles it would be interesting to see how far the ball can get rolling on this discussion. I have been having an urge to research a lot about monarchies lately and look up how they started fading away because of how the current decade is going into a technocratic surveillance state with other parts of the NWO being established with the pandemic crisis being manipulated by the elites. Also with how I feel switching out your rulers every 4 to 8 years is proven to have disastrous effects on society and politics.

No. 1040086

It really does smell, it makes me feel sick. I have zero moral qualms with weed but I can't help finding it gross purely on a visceral level from both the smell and how physically unclean it can be.

No. 1040155

The Western version of opium.

No. 1040159

same belief for weed as with shrooms- that we don’t put enough into using them seriously. but in general weed being illegal (at least in my country) whilst alcohol being shoved down your throats is crazy to me. in a perfect world every drug would be legalised and people could just use what works for them but unfortunately everything is shit and self restraint doesn’t exist for most drugs lol. still wish weed was legalised though, it’s not physically addictive (not talking habitually) at least unlike booze or cigs

No. 1040161

>Also with how I feel switching out your rulers every 4 to 8 years is proven to have disastrous effects on society and politics
As opposed to a life-long dictator?

No. 1040201

File: 1643074556167.jpg (39.21 KB, 636x351, 1639765437825.jpg)

I've thought about this a lot. With a monarch, power is settled, they can actually focus on legitimate diplomacy and governance vs circlejerking with the media about parties and elections. He or she is not seeking to skirt by, make some elite connections, and then check out and do a book deal or whatever presidents do after fucking their country over.

A typical politician never advocates for legitimate long-term improvements that would greatly benefit the country, because a 20-year long plan that doesn't extort the populace doesn't align with a 4 year election cycle.

No. 1040209

Oh, now I see where you're coming from. I'll look more into this thanks to you!

No. 1040218

Why they really want to get rid of paper/plastic money and make everything digital so they can track it.

No. 1040221

Has anyone else noticed a recent surge of news stories highlighting women "behaving badly" on popular news feeds that usually report more serious business?
I'm just trying to understand the motive, it's almost like there's a narrative about "See?! Women can be just as bad as men!" except these are petty crimes compared to, oh, say murder and assaults that men frequently commit.

No. 1040223

I've seen a lot of the one tiktoker who had a girl put her hand on his junk, and it's used as a checkmate about most rapists totally not being men. Another boomer male talking point.

No. 1040224

Ifunny use to be like this. I remember a guy pushing his girlfriend off a cliff for a "joke" was laughed at and anyone who showed concern was called weak and a feminazi but then when a girl pushed her boyfriend off the bed it was horrifying domestic abuse

No. 1040274

File: 1643081220054.jpg (135.04 KB, 341x462, Peaches_Geldof_London_Crop.jpg)

Anyone else remember Peaches Geldof? She died to a fatal heroin overdose in 2014 months after revealing the names of the mothers of Ian Watkins victims' mothers on Twitter. She also was a member of Ordo Templi Orientis, which was a weird sex cult. Marilyn Manson is a part of that as well, i think, and she also dated him at some point. Peaches mother Paula Yates died the same way. I've heard of Peaches death being compared to the movie Eyes Wide Shut. Peaches dad Bob Geldof also had connections to Jimmy Savile. Every facet of it all is so ugly and depraved. I hope Peaches is in a better place.

No. 1040430

This is not talked about enough

No. 1040540

Shit like this is not talked about enough because the threads are overridden with vax sperging so other interesting shit gets buried within the posts. Like we get it; vacc bad, we’re all gonna die. Next.

I suggest y’all move to the Covid thread, I hear other anons waking up

No. 1040541

Any scrote who pushes his wife/gf off a cliff, into a pool etc gives wild domestic abuse vibes. Super cringe to watch.

No. 1040544

It's probably to prepare for the female violence statistics that trannies will mess with

No. 1040585

Paula Yates was aslo married to INXS's singer Michael Hutchence who died of erotic asphyxiation (suicide). They had a daughter, younger than Peaches, and Bob Geldof didn't want Hutchence very much.

No. 1040645

The guberment is allowing misinfo around Covid because it wants weak, old, obese, and uneducated people to not get vaccinated in order to die off.

It solves many problems involving housing shortages, money being spent on these groups of people (who are often unemployed or receiving benefits), etc.

No. 1040661

How are they allowing misinfo? Anyone even questioning poke has their stuff quickly removed from big social media sites.

No. 1040662


Yeah but I see that as an extremely low-level, performative action.

I don't see much effort being put into educating those groups of people on why they are wrong to be anti-vax.

In my country, there were many deaths due to Covid, and the majority of those dying were old people (in hospices) and immigrants. Even once we learned that not much was done to protect or educate these groups. Nurses in hospices still don't wear face masks. Immigrants are still allowed to not get vaxxed, etc. it is convenient for the middle class and above if those people die off, so we just kinda let them.

The irony is that low-income, no education types are HAPPY not to get vaxxed. They don't stand a chance.

No. 1040665

This response: >>1040662
Was to this post: >>1040661

Yes, I am retarded.

No. 1040679

Pharma lobbied to make it illegal because they couldn't profit off of it. Now they are marketing it as medicine, selling it for an insane amount of money, and of course, profiting.
Agree with >>1040159. I think since it's natural and from the earth with minimal processing it's fine as long as you're not smoking all day every day.

Anon, people who still get the vaccine are dying too. How many "unvaccinated" folks in hospitals were there as a result of complications less than 14 days after their second dose?

No. 1040697

this isnt the big brain post you think its is pfizer-chan. anyone can talk about what they want to talk about at the same time in the thread, if you want to bring something to the table then go ahead kek no one is stopping you!

No. 1040701

Of curse, but to a much, much lesser degree, hence vaccine = good.

This is like saying "some people who got a flu vaccine still caught a flu and died". Sure it happens, but you need to look at the volume of people it happens to. This is a quant question, not a qual one.

No. 1040707

Mandating injections or threatening to mandate an injection that can give a person serious side-effects is unethical. While sickness is natural and a part of life, forced injections are not. There is a difference.

No. 1040716

>to a much, much lesser degree
How many people died that received a jab were considered unvaccinated because it was < 14 days after their second dose? They do that to inflate the effectiveness of vaccine numbers.

No. 1040719

When you agree to live in a society (lol) you agree to many mandates. Mandatory schooling, many mandatory vaccines, mandatory state ID, following the rule of law, etc. You could draw arbitrary arguments around any of these mandates having serious side effects and consequences.

Why draw the line at the Covid vaccine?

I did not come here to argue, and overall I don't care. I am in the group that benefits from idiots not taking the vaccine and dying off. I just think it's sad and stupid these people are dying due to not being educated enough to know better.

Oh, and that they are contributing to others, who have valid reasons they cannot get vaxxed, getting sick/dying. That's shitty no matter how you look at it.

No. 1040723

Schooling, state ID's, and following laws are completely unrelated to medical choice and body autonomy. These things also do not involve a new technology that has never successfully been used on humans before. This is why we should draw the line at the COVID vaccine.
>I did not come here to argue
>Spacing after every few sentences
Go back to Reddit

I think it's sad and stupid people took the vaccine because the government said it would protect them from COVID. Meanwhile case numbers are exploding and people have died from vaccine side-effects. People have also died from COVID, but these people were unhealthy and over 75% had at least 3 other co-morbidities.

No. 1040731

Lol, I don't reddit, I just enjoy being able to read wtf I am writing when making a longer response. Stop seething because you perceive to be losing an argument.

>Schooling, state ID's, and following laws are completely unrelated to medical choice and body autonomy.

They are not, though. They are mandated and you must follow the rules, else there are consequences. Except consequences for not following those mandates are more severe than not geting vaxxed. Try keeping your kids out of school or driving drunk and see what happens.

>These things also do not involve a new technology that has never successfully been used on humans before. This is why we should draw the line at the COVID vaccine.

Kind of a good point, but this type of vaccine has been in development for the past 10+ years. By this line of reasoning, we should never try new things because they are all, at first, experimental. Where would we get as a species if this was how the world functioned?

>I think it's sad and stupid people took the vaccine because the government said it would protect them from COVID. Meanwhile case numbers are exploding and people have died from vaccine side-effects. People have also died from COVID, but these people were unhealthy and over 75% had at least 3 other co-morbidities.

The government (at least where I live) said it would protect from death and long-term side effects, not from getting sick. Again, similar to how flu vaccines work. You can still catch flu, but it does not chain you to your bed for 10+ days, and you do not die of it.

>Meanwhile case numbers are exploding

Because of a crazy large amount of anti-vaxers that help spawn various variants, yes. Kind of a closed circle, that.

>People have also died from COVID, but these people were unhealthy and over 75% had at least 3 other co-morbidities.

>How many people died that received a jab were considered unvaccinated because it was < 14 days after their second dose? They do that to inflate the effectiveness of vaccine numbers.

How do you not see these two opinions are conflicting? Which is it, are people dying due to the vaccine, or because they are unhealthy and have other co-morbidities?

No. 1040734

>Anti vaxxers spawn new variants
Do you not know how variants are created? That's like claiming new infections exist because of people who don't take antibiotics

No. 1040735

File: 1643123678909.gif (60.58 KB, 220x183, tenor-1.gif)

No. 1040736

You can't deny that people not vaccinating is adding to the speed/amount/spread of variants.

We will never change each other's minds, Nona. You wear your tinfoli hat and I'll wear mine. Cheers.

No. 1040744

Variants aren't created by people not vaccinating anon. Even extremely pro vaccine people can admit this. Why can't you?
Is this a joke? The government has been jumping through hoops to censor the ever-loving shit out of anything that says anything remotely negative about the vaccines. If they wanted to kill people by allowing them to not get vaccinated mandates and all this insanity would never exist
>Comparing the government hounding people for papers for a vaccine that doesn't even work to drunk driving
You've got to be kidding me

No. 1040745

nta but you can deny it because that is incorrect kek its just a fact so you can keep believing what you want despite it not being grounded in reality

No. 1040750

You are bringing no tinfoil to the thread. You are rehashing government "safe and effective" talking points.

> They are mandated and you must follow the rules, else there are consequences. Except consequences for not following those mandates are more severe than not geting vaxxed.

Mandates should be there for a serious need. If the government mandated a rule that we can't eat meat on Fridays, would you also support that? Schooling, state ID's and following laws to not state you have to inject something into your body that you can't take out.
>this type of vaccine has been in development for the past 10+ years
Just because it's been developed doesn't mean it's safe. That's why these vaccines should have been tested on a controlled clinical population rather than millions of people around the globe. If scientists don't know how the booster will react in 6 months, they didn't do proper clinical trials. They're using real-world data as their trials. That is not ethical.
>The government (at least where I live) said it would protect from death and long-term side effects, not from getting sick.
Where do you live? Fauci has gone on record saying the vaccines will prevent contracting and transmitting COVID. This was a blatent lie.
>Because of a crazy large amount of anti-vaxers that help spawn various variants, yes.
>How do you not see these two opinions are conflicting? Which is it, are people dying due to the vaccine, or because they are unhealthy and have other co-morbidities?
It doesn't have to be one or the other, it could be both. The issue is the media is calling people in the hospital who received two doses of the jab as unvaccinated. It doesn't give a clear or true picture of how many people who received 0 jabs are in the hospital for COVID.

No. 1040753



>the virus replicates quicker in unvaccinated people, increasing the chance of mutations.

>If you let the virus replicate itself 900,000 times, odds are that the advantageous mutation will occur. But if you limit the overall replication of the virus to 1,000 times, then it's much less likely that the random advantageous mutation is going to occur. And that's where public health interventions really help us a lot during this pandemic—by reducing the total amount of virus replication and therefore reducing the chances that the virus can improve or adapt.



Literally 1 minute of Googling.

No. 1040758

We went from
>The vaccine is SAFE and effective, it will protect you from COVID! The big scary Delta is out and going to kill all of us unless you get vaccinated now
>Okay maybe it doesn't protect you completely and it does have side effects but that is extremely RARE so get vaccinated now! Also ignore the fact you won't be helped in the situation that you suffer from injury
>Okay maybe breakthrough infections aren't that rare and side effects are more common than we think but it prevents the tiny chance of hospitalization and death! Ignore the fact the rate of hospitalizations and death haven't changed a bit since vaccine roll outs and countries with 90%+ vaccinated rates and still dealing with mass deaths and hospitalizations! This is totally about your health though so get vaccinated or you can't do anything

>Side effects are rare and won't happen, but if they are it's rare and treatable, and if it isn't it's a placebo and all in your head, and if it's not then it's your fault. Get the jab anyway

They keep changing their story every other minute, how people can trust them is beyond me

No. 1040759

File: 1643124898706.png (23.42 KB, 608x263, Screenshot 2022-01-25 10.32.25…)

Then how do you explain Gibraltar's massive spike in cases? 99% of their population received 2 jabs in June 2021. It's a requirement to be vaccinated to come on the island.

No. 1040761

Why has Google been proven to hide multiple scholarly articles that say anything negative about the vaccine anon? And what makes my studies different from yours? Mine came out of the mouth of a noble prize wining virologist. Also if this was the case areas that are mostly vaccinated would have no variants but they're suffering the most. If this was also true we wouldn't have to get boosters

No. 1040764

My tinfoil is, the governments are not really trying to make people get vaxxed because it is better for the economy to let them die. The little they do (Deleting Facebook posts and the like) is all for show, to give an appearance of doing something.

Not my fault if you don't like my foil.

>If the government mandated a rule that we can't eat meat on Fridays, would you also support that?

No. Because I think the vaccine mandate makes sense and saves lives to a substantial degree while skipping meat would not have as big of an impact.

>Where do you live?

Sweden. I don't know what Fauci claimed, I only know what the communication strategy was here and in some other EU countries.


I just linked 2 sources above. If you really care, you can read those articles, and keep Googling. You can also dip into Google Scholar to learn more.

>It doesn't have to be one or the other, it could be both.

You are right.

>The issue is the media is calling people in the hospital who received two doses of the jab as unvaccinated. It doesn't give a clear or true picture of how many people who received 0 jabs are in the hospital for COVID.

I don't know enough about this to be able to comment.


I can't explain anything because I don't know how Gibraltar is handling testing, or how/whether they had lockdown measures and if they did, when those measures were relaxed/tightened, etc. One screenshot shown out of context is nothing to explain.

No. 1040765

Anon thinks less than 10% of her population is causing mass chaos and breeding insane variants even though unvaccinated people in her country are treated worse than sex offenders kek. Imagine worshipping a vaccine so weak that you think 10% of the population is strong enough to cause this amount of breakthroughs, variants and deaths

No. 1040766

You're so right anon! How were we all not dropping like flies before the COVID vaccine? Those pesky minorities

No. 1040768

i love you nonny, took the words out of my mouth yet vaccine shills will still reappear in this thread every few days with the same talking points and a huge ego despite looking really stupid. it gets tiring to have to reply when theyre clearly on their high horse and get mad for people discussing their beloved vaccine

this isnt tinfoil you sound like a gov shill. deleting posts and flagging things as misinformation just because it goes against a false crafted narrative is little? appearance of doing something? this doesnt even make sense you arent making a suggestion of anything and you sound misinformed

No. 1040773

Vaccine shills are the worse since they're allowing and defending companies who made shitty flunking vaccines to not try to improve. If all the vaccine shills are worshipping these companies then why try to make a vaccine that actually works? If the government is presenting this us as some sort of miracle that needs to be enforced everywhere then why try to create a new one? If we're stuck in COVID forever, I'm blaming them. They're the only ones who seem to be getting COVID anymore anyway

No. 1040779

File: 1643125874032.png (19.75 KB, 628x254, Screenshot 2022-01-25 10.50.20…)

>I think the vaccine mandate makes sense and saves lives to a substantial degree
>I just linked 2 sources above.
Your sources are from July and August and focus on Delta, which is outdated. Healthline is a biased source as well. I want studies and data from the source.
>I don't know enough about this [numbers and data related to hospitalization rates] to be able to comment.
But I wouldn't this information be necessary to evaluate how effective the vaccines actually are? You know that protocols and classifications are important…
>I can't explain anything because I don't know how Gibraltar is handling testing, or how/whether they had lockdown measures and if they did, when those measures were relaxed/tightened
Yes factors are important. So to evaluate vaccine effectiveness, you must be knowledgeable and have clear figures for how cases were tested for, rate of testing, hospitalizations, and actual cause of death. Classifying COVID deaths has been a shit show with no real standard definition. They were calling people who died in car accidents COVID deaths.

Let me add another highly vaccinated country then. Portugal is the second most vaccinated country with 85% of their population receiving two jabs. How come they also had such a massive COVID spike if the vaccine reduces transmission/chances of replication?

No. 1040781

unfortunately those aren't dying much either, especially not after omicron so that seems like a pretty retarded execution. Double especially now that they want to make the ""effective"", """working""" vaxx mandatory.

No. 1040782

exactly, plus theyre the ones acting like mini dictators shaming the unvaxxed or anyone without a booster or anyone who dares to go outside. theyre clearly weak-minded people in most cases especially because they continue doing things which have been proven not to work/unnecessary. some people know its a joke and they continue to comply and theyre prolonging things for everyone because the government sees we are dumb enough to fall for whatever they demand. how much you want to bet these are the same people who constantly preach inclusion and diversity and discuss "microagressions" when they are raking part in excluding people as we speak. this is what segregation looks like.

No. 1040788

In an ideal world people would have asked questions, gotten answers, looked at the studies for the experiments, compared the actual effectiveness, called out misinformation on both ends, etc

What did we do? Scream at people who aren't doctors for questioning the vaccine, censor and ban people who question it, ban and censor actual doctors who questioned the vaccine, hid research papers from companies, allowed companies to refuse to reveal to us vital information about the vaccine, continued to allow people to change their story every other minute but still didn't call them out for lying or being false, and when it was revealed the vaccine didn't work like it claimed they just claimed it would prevent death but not once showed legitimate proof of the death rates changing for the vaccinated. Also lying about peoples vaccine status when they die, skewing the COVID death and hospitalization statistics, constant false positives, etc. No effective and safe vaccine needs an army of people to witch-hunt anyone who questions, that alone should have told you everything you need to know
>In b4 but they're just mad they did the right thing and others aren't!!
No they have buyers remorse, they're pissed the vaccine wasn't as safe or effective as they made it seem and every single day we get more information on how much the government is lying to us about the effectiveness of the vaccine, how non-deadly COVID actually is, how safe the vaccine truly is, etc and none of it looks good. The more truth being revealed the more pissed off vaccine shills get, it was never about protecting us

No. 1040790

>What did we do?
None of this "we" shit.

No. 1040794

*What did you do

No. 1040799

>Sweden. I don't know what Fauci claimed, I only know what the communication strategy was here and in some other EU countries.

The main selling point of the vaccine was that you won't get it, this applied for all countries kek. They didn't claim it reduces hospitalizations or death because since the pandemic COVID already had an extremely rare chance of hospitalizations and deaths, now that's all they're closing on to because it.does.not.work.

No. 1040800

Has anyone else realized and worried about how much female on female or female on male rape stats are going to rise because of trannies? Most trannies have at least committed one sexual crime and they're transitioning like crazy, it'll definitely change the gender ratio of serious crimes such as murder or rape if they count trans women as women statistically.

No. 1040803

dont forget PM Turdeau who called unvaxxed Canadians racists and misogynists

No. 1040806

File: 1643127165538.png (76.05 KB, 1297x350, gubberment.png)

I consider "we" to be the powers that be.
Just like a recent December press briefing from the White House that essentially wished severe illness and death for the unvaccinated. I'm still waiting for my hospital stay and severe illness that Biden promised my dirty unvaccinated self.

Not to mention the French president who called the unvaccinated non-citizens.

This was in replay to above. I deleted and reposted.

No. 1040809

I'm unvaccinated and work around COVID patients daily since the beginning of the pandemic, I'm pregnant now and not once gotten hospitalized or died. I did have COVID that lasted for a few days and was nothing more than a cold. Try scaring me again to get the clotshot

No. 1040814

File: 1643127478382.png (148.4 KB, 610x613, b9d.png)

(S)he does it for free.

No. 1040817

I remember that.. I was like is this motherfucker losing his mind? I can't believe you have a Twittertard as a president, Canadanons

No. 1040820

oh fuck he pisses me off so much. hes a complete douche asshole and i knew since the day he was voted in that he was gonna fuck us all. now he has gone on the record and said he doesnt want unvaccinated people going near people in planes or trains. sounds like castro's son.

No. 1040833

You know what, the more I hear about these shitty leaders who keep being switched around the more I have hatred for the current democratic system shilled on the world for being supposedly "efficient"

No. 1040836

he hasnt been switched lol thats the worst part. its the wokies who vote him in because "anything is worse than conservatives!!! ebil111!!!" meanwhile i have never seen anyone more evil than the ndp and libs in canada

No. 1040837

File: 1643128309251.png (856.9 KB, 1080x1756, Screenshot_20220125-103032-012…)

Glowies are you still lying to men about your vaccination status for some dick?

No. 1040838

Then I can easily talk about my boredom with this discussion. Oh and I like how you assumed that I’m pro-vax; always thinking in black and white, huh?

No. 1040839

Man if Blackface Trudeau is calling ME a racist, hoo boy…

No. 1040841

I want to bully Turdeau so bad, like you wouldn't believe. Those videos of him getting ignored were so hot.

No. 1040850

I always thought vaccines weren’t supposed to be given in the beginning of a pandemic because it’d cause the virus to become resistant. Is this true?

No. 1040852

NTA but everywhere on the internet has been highly censored anything relating to the vaccine. Literally every single outlet you can easily go to if you don't want to discuss the vaccine, let us live. On top of that this effects us directly and daily and there's a lot of conspiracies that are coming out as true relating the the vaccine and COVID, of course it's going to blow up at. This effects a lot us daily so why can't we talk about it ? Because you, personally, don't like seeing vaccine discussions?

No. 1040853

No. 1040855

Imagine caring what men think of your fertility when they themselves are ruining theirs with their porn addiction. Sad!

No. 1040860

well said. those takes bother me so much… like if you think something should be discussed more then discuss it! if you have enough to say you can drown us out

No. 1040864

Okay but you have the Covid thread for that, don’t you? Help your fellow nonnas wake up lol

No. 1040866

amazing, thank you nonna

No. 1040867

bro stfu i dont mind the vaccination discussion

No. 1040871

Imagine sterilizing yourself for elites and then having to lie to porn addicted scrotes because you're that desperate for dick

No. 1040872

Okay in the COVID thread sperges tell vaccine discussions to go to the tinfoil thread kek. Just grow up and leave if it bothers you, you have the rest of the damn internet. Sorry you can't control what people talk about

No. 1040881

Imagine using women's fertility to deter their value. I don't cwre about the vaxx but mocking women with fertility issues as a gotcha is scrote tier argument.

No. 1040886

NTAYRT, but I don't think she's mocking women with fertility issues. I think it was more intended to be a sarcastic comment on how little pharma cares about women and makes no effort to see how a drug will effect women differently from men. They didn't even make any effort for pregnancy studies before shilling it to the masses.
Women should be empowered to research what pharma practices, and we should continue pushing back and raising awareness about how drugs should be tested with women in mind too.

No. 1040896

Women with fertility issues aren't less valuable, I have them myself, but attempting to mass sterilize women is a whole other ballpark, especially since infertility isn't just not having babies it's a whole bunch of issues that lower your quality of life such as hormonal issues, painful periods and extreme cramping, medication after medication, etc. Willingly sterilizing yourself for a vaccine that doesn't work is mockable since now you have to live with these issues and get zero benefits outside of free donuts from Krispy Kreme and a job that underpays you anyway

No. 1040897

>just wants to discuss Peaches Geldof and weird coincidences
>threads full of vax-shills instead

No. 1040900

>Millions of other conspiracy boards
>But you need to talk about what III wanna talk about!! Why can't I control you???

No. 1040905

To add to this, most anons run into threads wanting to discuss certain things but just simply can't and live with it or go somewhere else if they really want to discuss the subject. You made no effort to discuss what you wanted and just went straight into derailing about how no one is talking about what you want at the moment

No. 1040931

File: 1643131994875.jpg (76.4 KB, 680x653, 1642803660886.jpg)

Anon, you're the one who keeps shitting up the thread with your same bullshit replies. You're the one who won't let it go.

On a different note, my tinfoil is the left in america was infiltrated from the inside trojan horse style to remove freedom of expression. It feels like we're heading towards a Social Credit system like there is in China

No. 1040935

>it gets tiring to have to reply when theyre clearly on their high horse and get mad for people discussing their beloved vaccine
Nta but those types of ppl fall for authoritative shit because it strokes their ego and lets them feel safe & secure bc they think they understand how the world works. There's no use in arguing they just get off on it, like a religious person that wants to masturbate to "turning" someone to their faith/"saving" the non believers.

No. 1040937

dude just fucking post. i posted about monarchies upthread

No. 1040944

There was last night and it got derailed into covid talk immediately kek

No. 1040948

File: 1643132662653.jpeg (155.98 KB, 1024x562, 1641938945465.jpeg)

The vaxxers where I am are completely insane at this point. Also will wear mask + face shield but walk right into you? Give me space retard

No. 1040954

I personally believe her and Amy Winehouse were "taken" out.

No. 1040957

File: 1643132977478.jpg (93.83 KB, 599x503, BYNmAGWIEAA1E6T.jpg)

>dancing plague of 1518

Fakest shit I ever fucking heard of, I'm now doubting history more than ever. I've been trying to read up on history lately, but lack interest as a lot of it seems like absolute bullshit made up stories. History is the soyest shit ever. Imagine reading about a ''dancing plague'' and thinking it's actually possible whatsoever.

No. 1040960

Yes and this angers me a lot.

No. 1040962

>religious ecstasy
Sounds like "gender euphoria" kek

No. 1040966

What do you think this was? Probably as it said was something like contamination or poison in the form of medicine. There are so many stories from the past that could serve as good examples if we knew the truth

No. 1040967

And it happened in current day Strasbourg? wowzers

No. 1040968

Not just america. When I look at political leanings and organizations in my country, it's like entering opposite-land.

No. 1040974

pretty sure they have been this way all along (full of shit) and theyre true colours are showing now

No. 1040976

What happened was some scrote made up a funny little story in his funny little brain, convinced other gullible scrotes it happened, and then it became known as truth.

No. 1040982

There were lots of doctors of the church who were women, though, mostly in Catholicism. I think like everything where men hold power they ignored the teachings of God and declared all positions for women to be lower and lower.

No. 1040984

Interesting, I don't know anything about Amy. Did she ever reveal any sensitive information or have connections to the British royal family?
I remember seeing that as well. It seems weird that so many people around Bob Geldof die in such strange ways, especially the women. I also saw that Bob Geldof received knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II in 1986.

No. 1040985

There were also female rulers in places like the Byzantine Empire and some countries in West Europe.

No. 1040989

You're right that it's unreliable the earlier in time you go. When I first learned how thin the evidence for any "fact" we took for granted is when it comes to anything in the ancient time period, I was fucking baffled.
Number one rule when working with history is to always throughout check, scan and question the root-sources (aka in your case where and from whom this phenomenon was actually recorded). Number two is to consider under what circumstances of the time period.

No. 1040997

Yep, and if women were not holding important roles in these religious societies they would not acknowledge female Saints. This is why I believe those who were killed on witchcraft accusations were done so simply because of dogma and the fear of being condemned to Hell and there wasn't much else to it than that. That's probably my most "closed minded" take

No. 1040998

Okay nona I misunderstood her. I agree women should be informed about health practices and their effects on their fertility, vavcines, birth control methods and gmo foods all mess up women's fertility and it's never talked about.

No. 1041000

CGP grey made an interesting dealing with this subject
how utterly false information gets accepted almost as historical fact just cause of some mistranslation or misinterpretation of various archivers who were centuries apart from each other

No. 1041002

Whoa I couldn’t put my finger on it. Is there one for the Right kek?

No. 1041004

Y’all wanna talk about Covid? Fine, here you go! From everyone’s favorite tinfoil site:


No. 1041011

I'm sure there is.
>Inb4 its all CIA driven karen memes
What has changed where you are?
Anons, stop. no one is talking about covid anymore. There are several other discussions going on. If you're gonna post a link at least talk about what's fuckin in it.

No. 1041014

No one's bring drowned out on this slow ass site. Reply to the posts of interest to you and ignore the posts you don't like.

No. 1041023

This. How are some of you that immature. Stop whining and start sperging tinfoils.

No. 1041045

File: 1643137090541.png (6.6 KB, 224x225, A29930D2-C14E-4D0C-A20F-29592A…)

When exactly do you think feminism was infiltrated and co-opted?

No. 1041056

During the industrial revolution, when nasty scrotes who came from old money decided to allow women to work to tax us as well

No. 1041057

File: 1643137394717.jpg (165.38 KB, 479x724, smoking-1.jpg)

From day one, and grew less and les subtle.

No. 1041058

When it became about sex work and corporate "femininity" (being a sex object) being empowering. 1980s?

No. 1041065

Ehh, but early feminism did a lot of good stuff like outlaw legal pedophilia and set up protections for married women in the United States

No. 1041073

True, I just meant the corp intersts were snaking their way into the movement very early for profit

No. 1041084

When it began to threatened corporate profits.

No. 1041106

When was that?

No. 1041178

Around the 70's when second wavers flocked to teach Universities and Colleges

No. 1041359

Doublespace anon is friends with the mods or maybe a mod herself and that's why she never gets red texted

No. 1041364


No. 1041416

Peaches was a bit of a personal cow for me back then kek. Not really tinfoil but I think she was just addicted to drugs and relapsed. Drug use is/was pretty rampant in her social circles anyway. It was obvious she was using towards the end of her days (and most people overdose during a relapse as their tolerance takes a dive) and she seemed more focused on her parenting than the cult stuff at the time (which I think she joined because she has always been kinky.)

No. 1041433

When women could work, own things, get bank accounts etc. on their own. Basically exist in society without compulsory need for moid to do basic things like own property and get job so you could own property. It happened as progressive wins (you can vote now but not open a bank account and control your own money > okay you can open a bank account now and control your own money but if you fall in love with a moid and want to get married you're still basically property and can be legally raped and all assets you own will default to being your moids property + the economy is shit so good luck not needing a moid to buy anything if you do end up getting a job with the bias against women being bascially children and not considered necessaru for the workforce after they got a lot of work during the two world wars when most men were drafted because without workers society would collapse, can't keep women out of work when all the men are gone or businesses would go under, but the men came back from war and wanted their jobs back even if women could do it better and with less fuss/expectation of reward through promotion etc. the same way we now take in poor foreigners because they are willing to work for less than not at all and are experienced being treated like shit). Elites want power, power is money (avoid consequence of laws the elites create to pretend they are fair so no one riots), money is freedom, money/power/freedom is put at risk when moids see other moids with something they want. Moids riot to get it, so elite moids (elitism came along time ago through physical violence and stayed because kings promised to stop taking harems to sacrifice the less desirable women to distract and keep busy the moids willing to challenge the power structure) use women as a sacrifice/distraction to stop other moids from physically taking their shit. Also, womens freedom from men means less need to appeal to them, so no need to spend money on shit that is not necessary to live (makeup, fashion, beauty shit, etc), threatening an industry that makes elite moids money, so it must be infiltrated and stopped. If it was done by repressing the movement people would recognise what's going on, so instead they have to pretend it's totally part of the movement ala "Eye-liner so sharp I could kill a man" retardation. This allows for new industry growth opportunities such as prostitution to make elite moids more money as well via adding "sex-work" aka prostitution to camgirling to the movement rather than wanting their protection and freedom from selling themselves, they want them to use them to make money because moids will buy it and those moids will be distracted from seeing how the elite moids have a tone of power they abuse.

Tldr; women distract moids from taking power from elite moids + womens freedom from moids also means less money for elite moids, so better infiltrate (because repression is obvious and will be opposed) to destroy a movement which prevents elite moids from gaining and maintaining power to live as total hedonists.

No. 1041436

Kek, sorry for the manifesto. But it's so obvious I can't help but sperg.

No. 1041439

NTAYRT. It's the good kind of sperging, thanks.

No. 1041442

To add, women are the ultimate resource in the eyes of men since they are the first point of contact for children and do majority of child rearing. Control the women and you can control how the next generation thinks and behaves, creating coonsumers to spend more money for example, giving elite moids more power via money which the whole system opperates on. Elite women would otherwise not go along with this (in the chance an elite moid cannot find a moid successor/want something done only a woman can do like gain trust), so they go along with it to be one of the few women given a pass to ascend to the elite moids position of power/given to total hedonism. aka ultimate pickme style.


No. 1041512

Don't even need to control the women in order to brainwash kids though. They just need mothers to keep the kid alive while they indoctrinate kid with media and school.

No. 1041525

do you not realize that admitting that your "research" comes from one minute of googling severely diminishes your point kek

No. 1041790

Just like many men are lying about their ED status due to being addicted to porn kek

No. 1041813

Where is the hemp industry we were told was suppressed by weed being illegal? Where's the hemp rope, paper, fuel, whatever. Why is it not part of the discussion anymore and feels forgotten.
This is my biggest gripe.

No. 1041870

This reads like a threat. So fucking creepy.

No. 1041908

they don't look good because that's a fast fashion attempt to cash in on a trend, no fast fashion shit looks good. it's not comparable to genuine nice vintage pieces you can find on e.g. etsy

No. 1041983

File: 1643202659843.png (246.74 KB, 1755x1035, boy wiki huh.png)

So google will ban results leading to conspiracy websites, anti vax theories, conservative websites, anti-TRA theories, possibly competitive websites, but they will allow a Boy Love wiki to appear in the search engine despite it being a website to shill pro-pedophile legislation?? huh?? don't come in here to tell me i got this because i searched for a topic relating to this either, i search for topics relating to the first stuff i mentioned but i only get results denouncing or vilifying it.

No. 1042042

Because saying other countries prescribe ivermectin for COVID is dangerous misinformation that is literally killing grandma's, but molesting kids is just perfectly fine

No. 1042046

Silly, thats sustainable so big corps don't want it

No. 1042049

Another conspiracy theory but I believe that big corps such as google, youtube, twitter, reddit defend and protect pedophiles and pedophilia. There have been youtubers who expose Pedo's or pedo video chambers on YouTube and most got their videos removed and warned for it. On Twitter MAPs were thriving for quite a while until it got out of hand very badly.

No. 1042064

I had a shitposting twitter a few years back and discovered that if you put "MAPs supporter" in your bio, they wouldn't ban you. I could be as racist and awful as I desired and suffered no repercussions by it. Before that point I was banned constantly. It was like a cheatcode

No. 1042073

Kek, you're probably on a government watchlist nonna

No. 1042078

Once they watched me play Cash Cow 2 for four hours on Webkinz they obviously stopped monitoring me thank god

No. 1042123

Governments don’t want to solve the housing crisis, they want more people to drive up demand and keep increasing the price of housing. A lot of people working in government have investment properties so they directly benefit from that. Also they want to put off popping the bubble for as long as possible because they allowed real estate to make up a large percent of their countrys GDP and there’s gonna be a lot of trouble when it pops.

No. 1042195

File: 1643214680162.jpg (91.7 KB, 1024x741, ixiqidfrptj41.jpg)

Flat earthers were almost there

No. 1042218

Earth is a bendi boi

No. 1042257

möbius earth > flat earth

No. 1042289

File: 1643217571245.jpeg (281.98 KB, 900x900, A7A25868-4CAA-4C6A-8044-63B7B8…)

I would’ve loved this as a kid, specially as a track for those mini trucks that could go up metallic surfaces. They were kind of like pic related but you could buy them separately and get a colorful plastic racing track that was ridiculously small and had some magnetic stuff inside.

No. 1042477

Revving up those monster trucks was so much fun

No. 1043412

I used to think photography didn't advance as fast as it seems to have. Like, the time period photography developed, the quality, even the period that color was available (yes, I am aware that the pic I included of the confederate prisoners has been modern colored, that's not what I am talking about). I have made a compilation of photos that seem like they shouldn't exist. One detail that I think is strange, is that I remember old photos being posted with people with straight faces because of the long exposure times for action shots, but there are many old photos from the 1800's of people in motion. Also, I find that these photos pop up more and more and every time it's from an older time period. Look at the pics I compiled. The most shocking to me? This video from 1911. I find this strange, it almost seems like things were concealed and a certain subset of privileged people had access to photography hundreds of years than recorded, just wait, things will come out more and more

No. 1043413

File: 1643282191525.jpg (936.6 KB, 1752x1512, photos.jpg)

I just find it weird, notably the motion photos

No. 1043433

Eh, Dark Ages absolutely applied to Western Europe. It wasn't a global or even Europe wide phenomenon, but saying that collapse of population, literacy, and knowledge about architecture and engineering and all forms of knowledge and philosophy is somehow not a bad thing, is some real ivory tower "I hate civilisation" bullshit.
Of course things didn't stay equally shit until the renaissance unearthed the wisdom of the ancients and ushered in a golden age like some people think, but the downfall was absolutely real.

No. 1043442

It probably helped that Queen Victoria's husband Albert was very passionate about photography & funded a lot of photographers right as the art form was started. Having the money of literal royalty backing you tends to an advance something pretty fast

No. 1043443

File: 1643285305027.jpg (268.63 KB, 673x817, portrait-collection-daguerreot…)

>first cat picture
This is simply wrong tho. People have taken pictures of their pets since the beginning of photography.
This daguerreotype is most likely 20-30 years older than this 1880 cat pic.

No. 1043474

His white socks are so fucking adorable omg

No. 1043529

It’s pretty well-known that the elites hoard technology that’s 20-30 years in advance for their own purposes.

No. 1043546


No. 1043596

The older I get and the more I learn history the more I feel like the 1800s weren't actually that far away. When I was younger it used to feel like an eternity away, now anything past 1750 feels more modern and anything before that feels more historical.

No. 1043603

nayrt but it is pretty well documented, if you just look. hate to throw around the old "spoonfeeding" term but bitch bone up, you have the internet. shit is way more elaborate and evil than you can ever imagine, you just need to look. and read. god speed

No. 1043607

lazy response. there always seems to be a lot of "claims" thrown around about the elites and their super advanced technologies. yet no proof of this being a thing? im a fellow tinfoiler, but i think it's just wishful thinking tbh

No. 1043611

I believe this footage is CGI.

No. 1043715

gay and lazy response, stop being gay and lazy and look into some shit for your own good
p.s. love you

No. 1043777

Then you’re not a true tinfoiler, sorry anon

No. 1043856

File: 1643311816758.jpg (41.47 KB, 400x371, 14jnp0.jpg)

so be it. I'd love for it to be true and see what some of the brightest minds are capable of. there's no trace of said technology so it's a big "?" as of now

No. 1043928

In film photography there's different types of film that are "faster" because they allow higher shutter speeds. Lot's of light also allows for less exposure time. Photographs would either need to be taken outside in high light conditions or inside with special lighting. Film became more sensitive as chemical technology improved over time.

No. 1044024

The proof wouldn't readily be available on the internet anyway or would get wiped off the internet with severe penalties. You'd probably need some heavy clearance to access the info/pics in the first place and land jail time if you got caught leaking it. Anons on lolcow don't have the proof kek

No. 1044094

Nonna those old videos are contemporarily enhanced by machine learning algorithms. It's similar technology like deep fake…

No. 1044128

Nonna pls there's even a comparison of the original footage and the ML enhanced upscale video at the end..

No. 1044272

When will they finally release the cyborg husbandos and waifus, I just know they already have them.

No. 1044285

File: 1643331162006.png (1.07 MB, 898x1456, 00248058973530593.png)

This guy just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Is he control opp? Why does this billionaire try to appeal to us when he's most likely in cahoots with the other 1%. His vision of the ideal future is also unsettling.
>Funny how rapid the virus narrative has been changing this month. Why now?

No. 1044293

Guess TPTB want elon's hoard of techbros to forget about COVID. My theory is they are pushing for a war with Russia. Ukraine has cobalt and lithium deposits, both of which Elon needs to make his deathtrap teslas. Looks like the US is investigating the autopilot/videogame feature and Elon is a petty bitch so I bet he does shit like this to ruffle feathers.

No. 1044296

That makes a lot of sense actually. Admittedly, I haven't kept up with the Russia vs.Ukraine/US situation.

No. 1044299

I hope they have actually good looking malebots and not just bill next door ver bc scrotes egos can't be offended

No. 1044301

Like anon said above, or he's starting to pander to masses so he doesn't get deheaded when things really go to shit in the next years.

No. 1044327

Idk but I hope CERN’s hydron collider emits dimensional portals so I can explore the anime world and find a husbando

No. 1044331

I hate to say this because nobody here likes that site but your first start is reading any and every article from the vigilant citizen. Their articles are thorough and easy to follow.

No. 1044334

Do the powers that be really want the Ukraine and Russia war tho? There's always talks of war happening close to the western world but it always gets cooled off then a war pops off on the other parts of the world like in Asia or Africa.

Also what do you think of Denmark and UK loosening covid restrictions? France and Germany next?

No. 1044342

God the prez in France is on a power trip and there's also the upcoming elections, so idk.. Germany might be the wildcard. It had to be done in the UK because of the scandalous politicians methinks. The people had had enough of the hypocrisy.

No. 1044350

I wonder what’s the real reason they’re trying to go to war with China over Taiwan aside from the computer chips, they all seem serious about that too.

I think the U.S/tptb just miss being in wars and are trying to profit from them. Leaving Afghanistan made them a little more crazy.

No. 1044377

Russia doesn't want war, just your media framing shit so when the warmongering starts its not resisted by the public as it was "a defensive strategy" or "the fight to preserve the FrEE WoRLd"

No. 1044382

Nope. We're in full propaganda mode to the point any word out of politician's mouth are easily disputable lies, whole agencies getting busted for lying and larping as doctors for pro-vaxx campaigns, federal ministries are openly spreading old recycled misinfo on social media again (à la "vaxxing prevents spread"), every single popular Tv news channel claiming phone surveys with 1k participants are representive for the opinion of the whole country, straight up faking/botting online surveys, claiming only nazis are anti-vaxx mandate despite thousands of people protesting nearly every day now and many more bullshittery.
They want to enforce those shitty mandates, vaxx passes and everything that eventually follows, no matter what.

No. 1044415

There's a difference, Wars in Asia are almost always separatist insurgencies and wars in Africa are separatist insurgencies done by people who can't fight and incompetent Governments
My father was a Major in the Army(of our Asian nation) he said that European, North American, along with some Asian nation are the only true Armies in the world, the rest are glorified extended police forces e.g most Arab armies
a war between 2 real armies will be disastrous

No. 1044418

Isn't it bc Arab troops are shit at following orders and doing their jobs, saw a vid on it how they just goof off. No wonder, spoiled princelings don't do well in war.

No. 1044436

It's because they don't even know how to exercise alone train for real.

No. 1044452

the fed is most likely going to raise rates in march so the war would likely their way of "saving" the economy. also the elites are big population control and WWIII would be devastating.

No. 1044456

My father actually has trained Arabs, he told me they are some of the most incompetent layabouts he's ever seen
The officers were like spoiled princes from centuries ago, they expected to be pampered at all times, the soldiers were all conscripts who just wanted to leave and were constantly back stabbing each other, from his experience they were all like with this(with the exception of the Jordanians)

The Iranians actually knew this and had a pretty decent solution, they set up local tribal based Miltias who work in coalition with each other and have proven to be far more effective then a conventional Arab Army
The Early American forces were like this as well, local Militias under the state, it took over a half century for the gradual formation of a Modern Army in the United States, Arab states just kinda jumped into it

No. 1044610

File: 1643362166701.jpg (78.8 KB, 900x818, FKDN-nQWQAEhE2F.jpg)

No. 1044644

Those success stories of rich people starting from the bottom, McDonalds etc are just elites promoting burger flipping jobs to the masses to keep the system going

No. 1044651

And give false hopes to people

No. 1044657

what's funny is the Original McDonald's founders ended up being screwed over and hated what the corporation represented

A milkshake machine salesman by the name of Ray Kroc came across their small restaurant. Ray was impressed by the efficiency and cleanliness of the McDonald's restaurant and franchised the concept in partnership with the McDonald brothers April 1955 in Des Plaines, Illinois. In 1961 Ray bought the entire company except for this original location which the McDonald brothers declined to sell. This location continued operation as "The Big M" because the brothers had sold rights to the McDonald's name.
From what I’ve read on this, the McDonald brothers were promised that they keep their .5 percent royalty of gross sales. This was all done on a gentleman’s handshake which I guess actually meant something back in the day. After the contracts were signed Kroc changed his mind because he felt the McDonald’s were being petty in keeping their original location out of the sale

No. 1044659

Here's a cool song about Ray Kroc by Mark Knopfler

No. 1044667

The McDonald's brother story always makes me sad, they seemed like decent guys and were even against any segregation of their racists at the time and the fact their name will always be associated with corporate brand

No. 1044696

Weren't the McDonald's brother really just interested in making money? Like I thought their life's goal was to become millionaires before the age of 50 and McDonald's was just the one business they tried that actually succeeded.

Its sad to see them screwed over but that's the game they played.

No. 1044734

Not on my fucking watch. There are several people, me included, who are documenting and archiving the truth.

No. 1044737

File: 1643374549812.png (577.48 KB, 1878x1334, sus.png)

It's creepy how like almost all the tweets that get randomly viral (usually relating to politics or sexuality/romance) have accounts attached to them that feel like they were written by an a.i or troll farm like this for example

what's the end goal here?

No. 1044744

what about that account reads as fake to you? it just seems like your average zoomery diary twitter to me

No. 1044752

File: 1643375615892.jpeg (200.97 KB, 1125x901, B9117542-023A-4070-897C-463963…)

But will there be war against the Chinese? Now that sleepy Joe conned his way into the presidency, they can admit all their dirty deeds.


No. 1044754

because they only say trendy quotables and the app had popular bot accounts problem not too long ago.

No. 1044755

I'm seeing rates of autoimmune rise especially in women.

No. 1044756

I'm sure we'll be ridiculed for being paranoid old farts when the next generation gets fucked in the ass by pharma.

No. 1044758

I feel pretty safe in Canada, after all they launder their $ into our housing market, wouldn't do to destroy it.

No. 1044761

So the glass cliff op begins, give a doomed to fail thing to a woman and then blame women when it does go to shit.

No. 1044815

I'm pretty sure birth control pills are a conspiracy. I'm not sure if it's something esoteric & sinister or if it's just a generic capitalist conspiracy to [sell more products].
But fucking with your hormones is NOT natural. It's horrifying to me that doctors are encouraging young women to start messing around with their endocrine systems as soon they start menstruating.

Also the rise in SSRI prescriptions is totally just big pharma trying to cash in on the mental health crisis without solving the problem at all.
Depression has become so prevalent in cities because so many people are living without long-term purpose and are addicted to instant gratification. Young people especially are flooding ourselves with dopamine hits, but we have none of the serotonin that comes from long-term success, and feeling valued in our community.
The only way that a pill can "fix" that is if it's used as a stepping stone to keep someone's spirits up until they can latch onto something that will give them that long-term fulfillment. SSRIs are meant to be used temporarily in conjunction with therapy & tangible life changes. But people are using them as permanent medication.

No. 1044841

We don’t need conspiracy theories to realize that below average moids feel entitled to gorgeous girls with great personality and bully girls they don’t deem worthy of a relationship into “fixing” themselves

No. 1044848

Yeah in the past people who were chronically mentally ill or had messed up hormones would just peacefuly die in a young age and now big pharma makes them live longer so they can be exploited by capitalism

No. 1044849

File: 1643385126830.png (1.07 MB, 984x736, Screen Shot 2021-12-30 at 21.2…)

ADHD is not genetic at all.
It's developed in a child's formative years (2-6) by exposing them to fast-paced media at the time when they're initially forming their worldview.
Kids' media is hardly ever a linear narrative that follows real time. Animated kids' shows are far more fast-paced & colourful than a kids' real life is (which is part of why it's so hypnotizing to them). And they don't need to actively DO anything to make these rapid changes happen. It's a fairly important lesson for kids to learn that change comes from input. But ipad children just passively consume rapid change. These children grow up to be impatient with the true pace of the world in comparison to the mental bombardment that they're acclimatized to via visual media.

Rather than overhauling children's media & coming across as The Bad Guy, both parents & the government have chosen to address the problem by putting the kids on speed. And now it seems like half of America under 30 is ADHD.
The real conspiracy is that there is no conspiracy. So much youtube content for kids is made by small-time normies rather than big corporations. So many parents just dgaf about parking their kid in front of a screen as long as it gets them a moment of silence. There is no evil board of shadowy figures that's plotting to give all the kids attention problems so that they can sell more ritalin or whatever. It's just dumb people becoming parents & perpetuating a positive feedback loop of dumbness.

No. 1044850

Clearly I'm not talking about people with medical issues, dumbass. I highly doubt that 90% of women have hormonal imbalances, and yet every woman I know is taking or has taken bc. And pushing that shit on 13 yo's is just wrong.

No. 1044852

i agree with some of this. i can't really place what part of it is a scam either. i felt horrible on the pill, and wearing pads. a few years back i read about tampons and pads and how in africa always gives them out for free, and how people have done some sort of tests and believe that they put some sort of chemicals on those pads/tampons that makes women menstruate more frequently and heavier (im not a science bitch sorry i will try and link it at the end). after reading this i immediately made the switch to period underwear and i noticed a large switch in my flows. on bc and using pads i could be spotting and bleeding for up to two weeks. now with period pads and no bc i have heavy bleeding maybe one or two days and otherwise just spot, maybe up to 5-7 days total (which seems like it should be normal to me). bc also seemed to have great adverse affects on me and made my periods much longer and emotions insane and my boobs hurt so bad. this is not the exact thing i remember reading but censorship is so bad ofc always isn't gonna let me find it but here: https://qz.com/africa/1807045/kenyan-women-take-pg-to-task-over-always-burning-pads/

No. 1044854

nta but it seems like they were just being autistic not insulting your point. a lot of us would rather be dead i think than exist in this system and i think humans would have better quality of life if we were just allowed to end our suffering

No. 1044856

I don't think that's possible. At least when actual historians try to discover what happened, since the lies and certain tactics were so blatant this time.

No. 1044857

Sorry, was being aggro.

Very interesting. This makes me want to create some kind of crowdsourced menstruation database lol

No. 1044864

i love that idea!! i think most women on this site and others would be very interested in some sort of data bank and i feel like it could prove useful to other females in the future !! if you ever do it please post here nona

No. 1044867

samefag thought i should mention im unjabbed and the reason i wont get it is cause of menstruation i won't fuck with it!

No. 1044883

Now that's a cool programming project… ty for the idea

No. 1044887

It's very easy to scrub anon, especially since they're so anal about having documentation saying "I consented to getting vac" even though they'll kick you out of school/work if you don't.

No. 1044897

I have a similar experience. I have never taken bc, but ever since switching to organic pads and tampons my periods have been shorter and less painful. Two days of heavy/medium bleeding and the rest is light enough for liners

No. 1044899

I solely used Always pads and few years ago I found that study about how they have tons of carcinogens in them. It's a fucking slap in the face. Switched to cloth pads and my periods are indeed shorter. But I really worry that those years of consistent exposure is going to give me vulva cancer. Yet when I talked about it irl and how I feel so betrayed and am switching to everything non plastic and "natural" I get meme'd as a paranoid stupid girl. You can never win.
I got scared out of taking pinch bc my family got them and immediately after my periods got fucked up. Idk if my body is just sensitive but if it can fuck up your period by just exposure to pinched then no way am I getting it. Oh and ofc this makes me an ebil antiwaxer.

No. 1045156

What kind of data would you guys be interested in seeing collected?

No. 1045185

That "abortion clinics use fetuses for blood magic!1" shit. Except they use fetuses and hysterectomied wombs & ovaries for stem cell research & medicine for the rich. Women are being farmed and usually paying for it to be done, even. Like why can't you take it home with you in a bag. Sus.
They push it so women can have her hormones fucked up so they can harvest the stem cells and eggs via hysterectomies. Also you gotta pay for fake hormones for rest of life, afterwards.

No. 1045255

I assume China (and probably Russia for that matter, by way of Ukraine) has dirt on Biden. America is p dependent on the Chinese for outsourcing manufacturing jobs. That is probably keeping Joe Biden in line when it comes to war with China. Pres Xi even told us to calm down the other day kek.

No. 1045338

No need they have infiltrators in every major country's top positions of pharma, banks, law firms, etc.

No. 1045351

File: 1643408256214.jpg (384.95 KB, 1179x1864, 940964890468434318957402324535…)

>derailing, so sorry
Anyone know where i can buy safe and effective period underwear or cloth pads online?(wrong thread)

No. 1045370

When I was in HS, every single girl I know who's family allowed her to take BC for "health reasons" were also scarfing down junk food regularly and living sedentary lifestyles. Did people give into brainwashing so much that they forgot how to take basic care of their own health that didn't involve taking tons of side effect causing prescriptions daily? Are people that scared to be labeled an anti pharma conspiracy theorist?

Even if it is hormone balances, loading up on estrogen fucks it up even more especially PCOS, women with PCOS are told not to consume lots of soy but given estrogen pills that contain twice that? Sure

No. 1045374

No. 1045397

I'd be interested in tracking the method of dealing with menstrual flow vs severity of symptoms. Also tracking whether or not birth control is used & what method so that any correlation in that regard can be examined. You could even team up with the ladies who run Clue! They probably have a wealth of non-specific period data already.

No. 1045459

Thanks for nothing anon, I’m scared of what I just learned and you shit on me. What brand am I supposed to trust now if the one I’ve relied on for years might give me cancer??

No. 1045491

You can go to most retailers and see various organic cotton pads and tampons, they'll cost you though

No. 1045496

I don’t think my country supplies those kinds of things. That’s why I specified online. Thanks though

No. 1045510

Just get the cloth pads, Etsy is best bc they're not mass produced and have lower amount of shit. You can get the organic fancy kind for the heavy days. Vidrel how to wash.

No. 1045522

Oh thank you, I wonder how simple it is to DIY them.

No. 1045533

>insert CIA bait meme.jpg

No. 1045536

ADHD medication doesn't only work on people with ADHD, it works on everyone. Adderall and the various other related stimulants are excellent for productivity. People want whatever edge they can get and normal human variation is pathologized. From the perspective of the suppliers they are profiting, from the perspective of their customers they are more productive and organized. I've seen friends in tough industries struggle with this, it is hard to match the pace of their peers who are all on stimulants and incentivizes people to start in order to catch up.

How it relates to children is IMO more complicated. When fewer people attended school the children with the wrong personalities for structured education tended not to stay in school, they got filtered out. Shorter recess, lunch and less after school play means you've got lots of pent up energy. Boys and children on the younger age range are more likely to be diagnosed. From a parental perspective it can be hard to dismiss the utility of the medication when the kid gets better grades on them. The overprescription of stimulant drugs in children is a side effect of an educational system that is less willing to flunk and kick out students. Proper pacing of kid's content is likewise complicated, youtube content is often trash but traditional (legacy media) edutainment would collaborate with child psychologists to write and structure their content.

No. 1045545

Birth control is one of those cases where if it were invented today it likely wouldn't pass muster with the FDA, but if you do enough reading from before its release you get a better idea of why it was passed/released to begin with, it really was a different world. The thing that makes me go 'hmm' is wondering why it isn't made with bio-identical hormones, they are made with synthetic versions and our body responds to them differently than it would to bio-identical equivalents. I can't find a good reason as to why they are still made with synthetic analogues. When you hear about hormone replacement therapy for menopause being dangerous and implicated in cancers it was the synthetics that were associated with all the health issues (iirc early HRT protocols didn't have access to bio-identicals for a while). The bio-identical hormones weren't as dangerous. India has also had effective, non hormonal weekly birth control pills but this stuff has never really made it outside of the country. Europe likewise has a broader assortment of copper IUDs that may better fit some women

No. 1045551

Snappies, absorbent cloth for interior that doesn't get stank, PUL on the side that touches your undies, and a top layer to wick everything away. Patterns should be free somewhere, google probably.

No. 1045563

so unlike other anon i'm not gonna assume this is tranny bait and point you towards joyja and modibodi …. seriously i don't think an agp would have the nuance to use this pic

No. 1045574

Bc US is unironically a death & disease cult

No. 1045586

You're right. That's not real.

No. 1045906

BC also likes to prey on women's insecurities like "ooo it makes your acne clear up and makes your tits bigger" when in reality it does fuck all for acne but rarely changes breast size, at least by a lot. There's so many girls on BC for the sake of bigger tits and just the obsession with big tits in America is a conspiracy within itself

No. 1046461

Does anyone else believe about female pop stars/celebrities being forced to pay homage to Marilyn Monroe because she was the first mk victim or sex-slave to the elite? Or are those just “coincidences” and they all really like her, kinda creepy imo

No. 1046484

I believe it, the obsession with her among women does seem a bit forced. She never did anything remotely iconic other than be the start up for Playboy but no one seems to mention that, especially since many other pinups helped start up popular dirty magazine companies that never get acknowledged, I don't even think most people who gloat about her care about playboy. She did help with racism and kids though but she also was involved in a lot of scandals. Her acting, singing and modeling skills were just as good as most popular people in the industry. She gets blown up by normie women because she's shilled as the most beautiful woman to walk the planet but is also very realistic and healthy looking

No. 1046495

not gonna comment on the tinfoil, but she has acted in some very memorable and successful movies and created the type of a slightly childish blonde beauty (idk how to explain better). Plus she was a relatable, good person with a painful life which is why a lot of women like her (beyond the obvious). I want to mention that she was constantly fighting with scrote directors to give her heroines some depth and not just write them as them dumb bimbos.

No. 1046502

My theory is that common core, memes, unnecessarily intense and useless courses with mind rotting tech and porn being encouraged to teenagers has created generations of people mind numbing easy for manipulation, they love using different methods but lots of reverse psychology and the "herd mentality" type deal

>Girls younger than ever are encouraged to look like bimbo sex dolls, be super kinky and willing to be beat and raped by men. Sex work is especially encouraged and a lot of these girls will find themselves groomed by pedophiles or worse by trying to follow this trend. Instead of telling girls it's wrong to be with a man who beats them they were told it's kinky and sexy, instead of being told to eat healthy and workout they were told to just get super fat in order to get big tits and ass and then wear a waist trainer, which is also why waist trainers, bra inserts, etc seem to be pushed more and more. This way created by the elites to find slaves to abuse but it also benefits abusive men

>Open relationships, polygamy, etc are being pushed onto mostly women, reverting back to cult like relationships to the point where people are calling women abusive and gaslighting them if they don't allow their boyfriends to cheat and creep on girls

>"Love is love" creating a slippery slope a long time ago that try to encourage pedophilia, since has got shut down so now they try to worm their way into pedophilia being normalized in other ways.

I remember there was a picture circulating of a "love is love" thing, had an inneracial and gay relationship but had a 13 yr old girl dating an 18 yr old. Also shows like pretty little liars shilled this as well as marketing older men to little girls as studs

>People just happily allow the government to pick up on all of their info with things like TikTok just because it's cool

>Witch craft being shilled to girls in order to get them to join cults as an edgy and sexy cool thing to do

>People who eat healthy and do things like yoga are mocked for being basic Karen's, this benefits the fast food industry as well as the medical industry who happily take their money for the amount of issues it causes to their body, nowadays it seems like everyone and their mom has tons of medical issues

>Hustle culture and media romanticizing "hard work for low pay" in order to keep people in slave like conditions. I remember a few years back there was a bunch of lovey dovey stuff about how making minimum wage is so cute and romantic and comfy, rise againsts swing life away is an example

>Consoomerism and young adults pretending to be billionaires, fake stories about how they were bullied and now everyone regrets being an ass to them, has made people live well above their means

No. 1046574

This actually makes so much sense wtf

No. 1046575

This, not everything is a fucking conspiracy.

No. 1046581

My conspiracy theory: humanity might end in max 200 years due to free market capitalism and political organization

I think that democracy is an
illusion, or that simply democracy results in more authoritarianism. Freedom needs to be regulated in order to remain free. If there's nothing regulating freedom and everything is truly democratic and free, self interested people end up rulling the world in very non ethical ways. Democracy is an illusion and people are made to be ruled by an upper hierarchical power that ensures ethical conduct and good values. If everything is free like in free market capitalism those that rule the world end up to be the richest, but the richest do not want good for the people or humanity, they want to fill their pockets.

I think troonery and cancerous leftism is a result of free market capitalism and democracy. The left is now media owned and they use it as a political tool to brainwash people(kind of like Christian religion). They spread all this propaganda about having to take hormones and having to pay all your money to the big pharma. The left shouldn't have been like this, it is literally the opposite of what it is supposed to be. The left should be fighting against the government and capitalism and question things raised by the officials but they do the opposite. The left has started to radically change when the internet appeared, mass media outlets and the internet are owned by mega corporations that encourage new leftist thought because it makes them money, not to mention leftist politicians are always the richest although they preach communism.

Democracy and freedom need regulation, if not regulated the freedom allows evil people to rise to power and control society for their gain. This is not democracy nor freedom we are living in, it's nothing but a lie. My conspiracy is: humanity will end if we don't fix politics and the social sphere. Money is destroying the world and the right wing is morphing slowly into the new left wing

No. 1046585

Yeah, the left is not the left anymore. It got trojan'd.

No. 1046590

Tbh agree with a lot of this anon, but common core? The education standards?

No. 1046600

Nta, but the education standards are a disaster and common core just created a gap between the generation using it in the US, anyone in private schools that don't use the curriculum, and other countries. You've fucked an entire generation of public school kids by making their education worthless against better private schools.

No. 1046601

The media (tv and movies) is for sure completely for the left. I honestly think it’s an overcorrection from the Raegan years since he was from Hollywood. I mean how many unabashed conservative movies or tv shows are there from the last 10 years that have anyone relevant in them?

No. 1046607

Music and arts programs in schools were removed in order to kill off any potential creativity that children have. You can see the results of this in how shit modern music has become. Here's an interesting fact: DC Public School system had one of the most robust music programs in the nation until standardized testing came through and killed these programs off.

No. 1046612

>Music and arts programs in schools were removed
What the fuck USA?!?! What the fuck

No. 1046613

No idea what this nonnie is talking about.
> Fully 92% of traditional public high schools offered at least one arts course and 96% of special program or magnet schools offered at least one arts course. Among alternative education schools, 83% offered at least one arts course and 71% of vocational high schools offered at least one arts course. Public charter schools, by far, have the lowest availability of arts courses: only 37% of public charter high schools offered any arts instruction at all.

No. 1046617

Man you have lotsa types of school, I don't know what most of those even are. So only charter schools (whatever those are) are bad with art, got it

No. 1046662

As someone who went through the American public education system, the art classes are only mandatory for one year and barely go over anything while math and science courses are very detailed and shoved in your face for all years of middle and high school. You can only get good training from arts and music if you sign up for advanced placement class, same with language learning and history.

No. 1046840

Not to mention that her house was completely wiretapped and she was very close to the Kennedy bros. There may be some truth about her being a presidential model who knew about certain confidential things, including the existence of aliens. She also had a lot of handlers who micromanaged her life until she died.

Go away, non-schizo. No one likes you.

No. 1046908

Common core has been brainwashing children against using logic, instead of basic math using logic they're told that the correct way is wrong, this will fuck them up in the long run since mathematics is used to function normally. They're overloaded with homework that completely obliterates all sort of logic too so they never develop logical thoughts to understand what is wrong is wrong and what is right and right, this makes them more submissive and less likely to question propaganda

Zero tolerance also has been fucking kids up too, it twists their idea of morals so now they think that defending themselves makes them also in the wrong or that being attacked makes them in the wrong, kids have a completely fucked up moral compass and anyone who is around kids a lot knows this

No. 1046936

i like you, non-schizo anon

No. 1046942

No. 1046959

i think this has always been the left's true colours and people are only realizing it now because they have been more easily exposed due to the internet. at a young age you are meant to feel/think that left=good and right= bad, though i was a self-identified conservative from a young age due to upbringing. when the woke era began to rise (around the 2010s, maybe it started 2013-14 earliest) my views socially started to change and i began to be more influenced by leftist claims through twitter or tumblr, etc. so i started to have a conflict with where i sat politically a bit. thankfully, i held onto this thinking throughout uni (until the end, like the last two years or so, i started to peak and my beliefs reverted back to normal non woke bs) so i was able to get through my major successfully as it was something i wouldve definitely struggled with if i peaked earlier and i probably wouldve gotten lower marks.

ive been dumped by a lot of people overtime though i was always a known conservative voter because once the woke mindset was gone, they left too thinking im a "bigot" or whatever. despite not having any friends with similar views, i have seen my older sister and little sister also change and i noticed the conservative movement has grown a ton (which i connected with too) and its almost like being conservative is growing more at least in some online spaces where libs are considered cucks (? weak i cant think of the right word) and conservatives are the cool ones (thats my take i know the wording is wrong but surely someone will get what im trying to convey kek). despite becoming a woke thinker in the past, even then i hated the leftist leaders in my country and saw them as evil… all talk no action much like any politician, but even worse because they misuse your money, tax you to death, and truly dont mean anything they say at all. most rich people here tend to vote liberal so its no coincidence to me either.

agree with this all, well said nonny

No. 1046963

not trolling, because im quite ignorant. biases aside, why is the right demonized? what exactly is wrong with them? the left is out of control so what's going on the opposite end of the spectrum?

No. 1046973

I don't feel bad for vaccine nazis screaming their damn heads off about how everyone and their moms should get this flunking vaccine and now have to pay triple prices for everything. Sorry you can't forcefully inject people for a virus that's just a cold for 99%

No. 1046977

no worries anon, not ignorant at all! this has been my experience at least where i live and it seems to be similar in america too. the view is that the right is racist, greedy, dont care about others, white supremacists, and pretty much the opposite of any positive trait the left may have attributed to them. it may be different in other countries, but as a westerner this is what ive seen/how i have been treated/what ive heard from others overtime.

No. 1046978

They cant control what other people want to do with there own bodies. Ntm all the fucked up thoughts basically segregating ppl based on there vaccination status and all the “hur dur we should round up every unvaxxed/unbolted people and force them or its death” idk its very much black and white thinking, istg 90% of those people are autistic

No. 1046983

ive noticed these are typically the same people who are leftists or who claim to be oppressed due to race or whatever else (BLM allies, part of the lqydvgdgvd+ community), meanwhile they are super passionate about continuing the divide between vaxxed/unvaxxed and geneuinely enjoy casting the unvaxxed out of public spaces

No. 1046988

I second that as the original non-schizo I think that Marilyn may have absolutely been killed due to knowing too much (doubt that she was brainwashed or knew about aliens, though… more like sexual abuse going behind the scenes), but her suicide is just as much likely in my eyes. People can tinfoil, I just heavily disagree with saying that Marilyn hasn't done anything justifying her icon status or female fans. Seems to me like someone saying that isn't informed on her life and impact - and I absolutely don't mean that farmers should be stans. Marilyn wasn't just a random braindead sex kitten pushed on people for no reason and it's unfair to portray her like that. Especially when she's been fighting with that perception her whole life

No. 1047003

Why is the media picking on Adele so much lately? Is she the newest subject for the humiliation ritual?

No. 1047019

These same liberal vaccine nazis were anti vax while trump was in office and now they wanna execute anyone for QUESTIONING authority once their precious Biden is in office

No. 1047024

>the right is racist, greedy, dont care about others, white supremacists
shit…if you look at it through "woke" perspective..the left is basically the right now kekekek

No. 1047037

>Especially when she's been fighting with that perception her whole life
That's the really sad part for me. She can't escape it, even in death.

No. 1047042

She broke the rules by losing weight, she's supposed to be the fat lovable Oprah for millennials, now the whole illuminati triangle is lopsided

No. 1047070

File: 1643574514213.jpeg (443.02 KB, 947x2048, FKS9ciBXEAQAmvy.jpeg)

Nothing can convince me all these social media posts about how being a housewife is getting a free ride to do nothing all day and spend tons of money aren't government propaganda to get birth rates up

No. 1047076

Oh it's definitely propaganda. It's literally advertising the non-existent free lunch.
I just don't see how it's natality propaganda. I mean, it's got nothing to do with kids as far as I can see. So please elaborate.

No. 1047084

Isn't this just being a neet but for normies?

No. 1047090

Except that was the whole point of her abuse, she was the prototype and all the other starlets are being subjected to the same abuse as she was and are much more docile. They are completely stripped of any morality and rebellion which is needed to carry out agendas.


No. 1047093

How would this be propaganda for babies? Anyone in this position would take birth control religiously to keep their easy life

No. 1047096

Hate to break it to you but she’s not ‘breaking away’ anytime soon.

No. 1047103

Pretty sure it's just propaganda to get women dependant on shitty scrotes. Remember TikTok was made by Chinese incels.

No. 1047104

Opposite to what some nonnies think, that the government wants people to have more kids, I think that birth control is going to end up becoming mandatory. The government has always been obsessed with controlling who can have kids, and I’ve seen it countless times from people on the left basically calling for eugenics to save the earth from overpopulation. If we get an earthnutter in a position of power I could see them calling for all women to have mandatory BC and you can only have a baby of approved by the gov.

No. 1047108

Hardly anyone is aware that she started her own production studio to have control over her movies and make the money she deserved instead of lining rich scrotes' pockets, she's been working very hard at her acting skills (taking classes to be the best and get treated seriously)… she was an intelligent and well read women. There is a lot of good stuff to be said about her beyond "she was pretty".
Even if you believe that she's been abused her whole from the moment she was born to be a "presidential model" (I can roughly see the tinfoil potential with her mother working for Hollywood film studios and the mysterious father, but I don't subscribe to the theory) it's very sad to reduce her legacy - her life - to just that.

No. 1047110

I wish my neet friends had mega rich spouses, kek

No. 1047114

Oh please like they'd bother informing women. Already sterilizing masses with pollutants GMO and certain medicines. Scrotes want to control reproduction and run the species into the ground bc they want to replicate their y parasite so much. IVF will be the norm and you'll only get it of you have good social score or are rich. If they get away with it in a few centuries humans will live to 60 and look like gollum. They really want their slave race.

No. 1047124

kek it’s malevolent the way you’ve put this.

No. 1047165

My tinfoil is that women are having PCOS induced either due to medication or diet. I can’t really point to any specific culprit, I just find it strange how so many women in my life have been diagnosed with it, even if it is one of the most common hormonal imbalances in women.

No. 1047173

My sister was a kid during a time where everything was fixed with an ungodly amount of antibiotics and she has always had a shit diet but none of my friends who have PCOS have any meds or diet similarities between them. I just think it's common and was very underdiagnosed.

No. 1047221

>They really want their slave race.
They already have that through the prison system. The freed black people from the cotton fields and put them into the prison yards and chain gangs.

No. 1047232

What are is the name of the current elite who overthrew the monarchy in the through the French Revolution and finished their job with WW1 and WW2 in the 20th century? They're definitely more bloodthirsty, lawless, and less bound to any tangible loyalty than kings were

No. 1047236

*is, not are is

No. 1047256

I believe this PCOS conspiracy. I've known countless women with PCOS and all of them were very male-leaning as well. It's as if men are giving women this disease so that they're just as horny and egoistical as men while also being almost infertile.

No. 1047272

No. 1047280


No. 1047281


No. 1047296

File: 1643586819627.jpg (127.43 KB, 753x669, chem.jpg)

It's probably a combination of things. Since the beginning of the 20th century the environment has been pumped with a huge amount of unnatural chemicals from industry. This includes pesticides and herbicides. Nearly all of these chemicals are either teratogens (causes birth defects) or endocrine disruptors. If you want to read more about this search for dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB). Another factor may be the decline in the use of animal fat for cooking and it's replacement with industrially processed seed oils.

No. 1047315

This is a really good video on the topic of how outside factors are affecting reproductive health and our children.

No. 1047325

File: 1643589504250.png (947.1 KB, 912x884, 4858877543.png)

So both sexes are getting fucked with? the future of humanity looks bleak asf. Poor kids

No. 1047329

Welcome to /tinfoil/, enjoy your existential crises and complementary manufactured distractions

No. 1047332

no wonder scrotes look extra scrote-like nowadays.

No. 1047340

File: 1643591169067.png (2.71 MB, 1241x1872, 1643378362654.png)

Henry Kissinger fuckin' called it

No. 1047354

eugenics are already being pushed by the left. i know that birth control isn't for every woman, but aside from BC, its the left that wants to troon out people en masse, removing testicles and uterus from individuals groomed by trannies and big pharma cult. they said its subversive and fighting the…ummm…society? by reinforcing retarded gender stereotypes??…and it doesn't end there. i remember a stupid tiktok trend of woman pushing for hysterectomies, saying that you can sell your uterus for (money quantity), but obviously never mentioning that said surgery can lead to atrophy, prolapse and dementia, also that these effects are worse the younger you remove your uterus. again, this one was being pushed as easy and girlboss money…

No. 1047366

I've met several women with PCOS who were very feminine acting and appearing, it just feels like these diagnoses are just given out without a long term investigation, I know a lot of people often mistake endometromas for PCOS cysts too on the ultrasound which leads a lot of women getting mistakenly diagnosed. And most women are overstressed from being expected to perform traditionally female duties, have hobbies, while also being expected to have an education and full time job. I also notice a lot of women with be extremely healthy and then get into relationships with shitty men and then mysteriously come down with several health issues, I believe are related to the stress of being with the average scrote nowadays

No. 1047368

Illuminat, they’re more than a meme.

No. 1047370

It's fucking everything, even hot showers can be considered carcinogenic or hormonally disruptive. Look up your local water quality and testing: I researched mine and there were so many bolded chemicals found that were explained as bad for human consumption, and they just get inhaled in water vapor or soaked in skin via a hot bath.

No. 1047373

Stripping women of their femininity = making them insecure. Especially with the push about how ugly things are the PCOS causes (hairiness, small breasts, weight gain, etc)

There's a bizarre push of "whatever most women can't obtain is the most attractive". If most women are naturally brunettes then blonde is the standard, if most women are white then asian is the standard, is most women are pale then tan is the standard. If most women are skinny with small curves then being chubby and curvy is the standard. There's was even a weird thing about how women with long index fingers are more attractive, feminine, etc and women with longer ring fingers are infertile, lesbian, and unattractive… Even though the vast majority of women have longer ring fingers? I remember an anon pointed this out a while back and was blasted for it but it does seem fishy that they would claim something weird like that when most women have the longer ring finger. Just seems like a ridiculous way to get women to blow money on useless items while being more desperate for scrote attention when in reality scrotes rarely care what we look like as long as if it makes them look good, even then men will cheat on model trophy wives with uggos so who the hell cares, they just love keeping women insecure

No. 1047375

I’m not sure how new some or most of you ladies are to tinfoil but population control was always part of the plan, one way or another. They just threw shit against the wall to see what sticks, troonism and men’s/women’s health issues due to environment and psychological conditioning were the things that stuck.

No. 1047381

File: 1643594816587.jpeg (110.48 KB, 493x822, 18BEDE6C-7675-421E-A8A3-734DF0…)

Liters the first line

No. 1047392

jesus christ we are fucked. my desire to move to the countryside is growing more and more.

No. 1047403

If the ones with mento Illinois want to sterilize themselves and remove their balls let 'em. Though why would they want people with left leaning views to not have kids?
The deeply conservative people in my family are not even using bc, they are having as many kids as 'God' allows them. If this is really the left's goal then they're playing some serious 4D chess kek

No. 1047411

its not like the left realizes how intentional its their own extermination, they see it more as a way to virtue signal and stay in "the good side" of history. today, seems more like the left is aligned with power and the right is the opposition.

No. 1047437

File: 1643599071546.jpg (96.95 KB, 1024x609, 1643301735533m.jpg)

Most kids born to conservatives lean moderate to liberal. It does not matter if they don't have kids; liberals reproduce in universities. Conservatives aren't real anyway; they are a shadow always chasing and relenting to current progressive ideals.

No. 1047441

cant tell if this is serious or not

No. 1047453

Its worse than ever since a lot of people who aren't obedient enough are the ones reproducing, now with sterilization from the jab it hurts elites even more and it's going to be funny when their plan backfires since the people who are repelling authority will just teach their kids to do the same

No. 1047454

how are they giving up on him? hes been called a funny old guy for calling the media and everyone asking questions about economic stability a stupid son of a bitch as a collective. and news hasn't even broke over the 31 million he and his son received over the years from Chinese business execs tied to foreign state intel

media not focusing on someone/something or red herring is just as much of a maneuver as picking one apart

No. 1047456

So it’s a big nothingburger then? Alright, carry on

No. 1047535

Let me rephrase, they want a gmo'd human subspecies that lives till 60 and needs approval to reproduce

No. 1047540

Wow so an ad to sell your organs for $ how legal kek.

No. 1047542

Stress greatly effects hormones and immune system so it wouldn't be surprising.

No. 1047544

It doesn't matter what they teach kids, if they can just "convert" them via school. Lots of states are tightening home schooling laws too, (not) weirdly enough.

No. 1047580

The suctional vibrator artificial meme is a strange marketing ploy to make money with intrigue on new experiences but it will result in women with permanently enlarged clitorises. Clit enlargement is easier than you'd think

No. 1047594

does it work well on nipples tho?

No. 1047627

!st off all nothing wrong with enlarged clit but 2ndly, would it be permanent? Body recovers from everything minor like that, otherwise people after cupping therapy or whatnot would walk all deformed, and that's an extreme example not really comparable to suction vibrator.
Fun conspiracy theory tho so thanks for bringing sth fresh to the table!

No. 1047680

Because no rich scrote will pamper you without you shitting his precious spawn so he can have "mini-me"'s around and feed into his narcissism even more.

No. 1047828

The weird and forced push for extremely curvy bodies is gross and eyebrow raising

No. 1047878

Was Matt Groening a Freemason?

No. 1047923

File: 1643651148408.png (103.52 KB, 1360x514, Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 9.45…)

he definitely glows that's for sure

No. 1047942

File: 1643652952129.png (667.83 KB, 1122x1074, FKcNxyUVkAEnCv_.png)

I fuckin love the trucker convoy for pissing off soyboy redditors and exposing Trudeau for the massive communist fag he is

No. 1047996

same nonny

No. 1047997

Even the radio is throwing shade at him, guess the controlled resistance is under way. Atleast we won't have to see his smug shitface for much longer.

No. 1047999

which station?

No. 1048003

HA no way, last I heard all the major networks were just kissing his ass. I too wanna know what station?

No. 1048046

Wonder how all the unvaccinated truckers aren't having mass COVID outbreaks but triple boosted Trudeau is

No. 1048064

the general push of more and more extreme sex toys feels like a lead up towards some kind of infertility. Manufacturers keep using more harmful ingredients in sex toys and they think people don't notice

No. 1048065

It had a caller saying how all this stuff is reactionary and putting people into boxes, and vast # of truckers are peaceful and respectful of police and citizens. And that "leaders" are just fear mongering and focusing over some nozies and teens who decided to tag along and be nuisances, ignoring the whole reason for the event. Then they played Trudeau saying how the truckers are dangerous thought criminals. It was pretty funny.

No. 1048069

Nonnie I don't think you took health class, clits can't become huge just from sucking.

No. 1048073

I was thinking about this recently, are you gonna go back to carving dildoes out of rocks nonnies? I threw mine out a while ago and got a glass one, silicone and plastic are iffy. I'd also question condoms especially, they probably have some shit in them.

No. 1048074

time to recalibrate our fingering techniques, ladies

No. 1048100

His "speech". Anyone else get Gildeory Lockheart vibes kek. Except he's gotten grey and pudgy, can't even bear to look at that uggo now. He should've put more work to stay hot it would've helped him.

No. 1048102

File: 1643663269544.jpg (357.13 KB, 1406x818, dnager.jpg)

>a redditor was injured with tearing, blood, and months long pain requiring medication with a lelo sona, who dodged responsibility towards her
>rikochan, a pornstar famous for her big clit, claims she used no hormones and many pump enthusiasts say they recieve results slower, but steadily with pumping alone
So, there is a risk of injury with these sex toys and if use is frequent enough, permanent body modification, especially for a woman with naturally high test levels
This reminds me of how menstrual cups became suddenly popular and recommended by everyone and their grandmother, even though they don't work for everyone and there are health risks associated with them, like pelvic organ prolapse. These companies don't give a shit about women's health and they hide behind a shield of wokeism and sexual liberation while their products aren't regulated, there is little to not safety testing and they dodge responsibility when their customers are inured.
I read further in that reddit thread, by the way, and apparently Lelo is on Lilly's Blacklist, which "tests toys for safety and also writes about company ethics". Apparently Lelo has also designed a condom that doesn't look broken after it's punctured.

No. 1048118

There are times he looks hot and times he looks ugly like here. Probably been too long since his last dose of adrenochrome.

No. 1048150




pull yourselves together please

No. 1048165

File: 1643667549811.jpg (160.44 KB, 1360x910, 2017_03_03_22734_1488522675._l…)

Rip they rot so quickly after ripening

No. 1048169

Or he's been stuffing his piggy face with alcohol and food while cowering in his hidey hole

No. 1048202

jesus christ he hit the wall fast

No. 1048287

File: 1643672359577.png (501.13 KB, 1017x531, group.png)

Americans might do it too, planning to arrive in DC on March 1. The facebook group already has 100k members. Although I wonder if DC would be the best city to target, for example if they shut down a large economic centre like NYC for a few days shit would really hit the fan.

No. 1048775

This. I think plastic sex toys are weird & gross tbh.

No. 1048776

Divacups are the shit though. I've paid for like, 2 boxes of tampons in my entire life.

No. 1048835

How do you change it outdoors? Isn't there a chance of infection unless you sterilize it, which is almost impossible?aren't you scared of prolapse or is that a rare thing? I used to see a lot of men shill these cups because they were environmentally friendly because women buying stuff for biological needs is less important than the luxury plastic shit men buy apparently, so they left a bad taste in my mouth.

No. 1048846

I do bushwork for a living & there's not really a clean way to deal w periods in the field, no matter what method you use. But I can't be dropping non-degradable litter around, so it's certainly better than carrying a bunch of used tampons in a baggie kek. I pretty much just bring a ziploc bag with a shitton of wet tissues & another one with dry tissues. Use one hand. Extra water for washing everything & hand sanitizer.
It's gross, but so is taking a shit in the bush lol.

I don't think you can prolapse your vagina nonnie… And if you could then tampons would prolapse it too because of the absorbancy.
Plus I can't imagine that the ultra-treated & bleached cotton-adjacent material in tampons is very good for you.
I don't wanna cup sperg too hard bc I know some people just aren't comfortable using them & that's fine. But don't demonize them because of moids. I didn't even realize that scrotes knew about these… it's weird to think of men shilling any period product.

But yeah, I'm not about paying monthly subscription services for anything, least of all for being a woman kek

No. 1048847

Oh & boil the shit out of it to sterilize.

No. 1048864

File: 1643710020438.jpg (Spoiler Image,10.84 KB, 383x450, 412JQ9VlA4L._AC_SY450_.jpg)

Not defending lelo's vibrator or whatever, it's it's bad then it's important to spread awareness but are you aware that clitoral pump is a different kind of device altogether? Like, we totally can have a conspiracy theory without misinformation, right?

No. 1048916

How long was it when Anonymous got infiltrated by glowies?

No. 1048917

File: 1643717303754.jpg (33.93 KB, 400x257, chinese pyramid.jpg)

Dragons are real. They're dinosaur-adjacent creatures that lasted through the Cretaceous-Permian extinction like alligators did. They were hunted to extinction before written human history, but were passed down through legends & fairy tales. Their bones are treated as sacred & housed in the Chinese pyramids, which remain unexcavated.

No. 1048946

>pelvic organ prolapse
Sorry for asking to be spoonfed but do you have a source on this? I did extensive research on menstrual cups when they were new to the mainstream market and never heard about this

No. 1048950

Damn anon I just watched a documentary about the Chinese pyramids yesterday. Not sure about Dragons, but.. They’re hiding something out there for sure

No. 1048966


You can take it with a grain of salt since I'm just an anon and this is personal experience, but I did give myself minor prolapse after a few months of trying to use the cup. The way it happened to me is that the cup's suction was too strong because the holes got clogged up and while removing it I had to pull on it a lot to get it out, after a particularly painful effort I realised that my cervix was very low, basically reaching the pubic bone at the entrance of the vagina. Anyway after that I did some kegels to get it back in place and never used the cup again.
I dont think tampons can cause something like that.

No. 1048983

That's normal, your cervix naturally drops down during your period. Unless you're saying that it came right out or something?
That's how I can always tell when I'm 1 day before my peiod even though my cycles aren't always 28 days. When I feel my cervix has dropped, it's time lol.

No. 1049002


I can understand it slightly dropping but is it really normal if it reaches almost to the entrance? It was really disturbing and it certainly hasn't been that low on my periods before or after.

No. 1049041

File: 1643732330567.jpg (327.63 KB, 1410x918, dangerous.jpg)

Yes, I am aware they are different devices. I'm saying that any device that produces suction can have these side effects of damage to clitoral tissue and blood vessels and sometimes permanent pain and loss of sensation. "Safe" pressures for clit suction devices are considered "to be less than 5 in-Hg of vacuum or 0.17 atm (16 kPa" from what I've read and like I said these products aren't regulated. It's important to be cautious of things like this, right? Right.
You can find multiple articles about it. The main one from BBC and mentions multiple experiences from women that have suffered from these cups. One woman in the article says there was no warning that could happen and she was following all the instructions. I don't know about you but I think it should be a bigger deal that this hip new eco period product can literally cause injury even when you are using it carefully. Whenever I bring it up I just hear "well I use it right and I have no problems!" that's great for you but how about the next unlucky woman that goes in blind and thinks she's doing everything correctly? There is a risk of weakening the pelvic floor and prolapse, you should never remove it by the steam or "bearing" the cup, apparently.
Off-topic but I was recently on reddit and I saw a single father asking for period advice for his 9 year old daughter and I saw like 3 fucking people recommend her a menstrual cup. For a 9 YEAR OLD. I don't know about you but at that age I could barely keep my hair brushed, a kid shouldn't have to bear the risk of using an intrusive and dangerous device and it just shows how far the doctrine goes with cupfags

No. 1049055

Idk, it still sounds like a wives' tale to me. I've been using exclusively the cup since somewhere around my 3rd period & I never had the "learning curve" that people talk about, never experienced any weird side effects or anything. It's pretty much insert & go. The article says that women were pushing the cup down using their pelvic muscles. Seems like a pretty obvious thing not to do imo. You're not even supposed to push your pelvic muscles to pee.

No. 1049083

Don't most cups have instructions on how to take it out? I don't use them, but I watched reviews and stuff in the past and every single person talked about how you need to bend it to take it out, because of the seal that forms. Seems logical. You have to be kind of special to forcibly pull it out, and do it enough times it actually causes you damage.

No. 1049115

welllll I already didn't like my cup that much but now I'm definitely not using it anymore.

No. 1049120

Since the beginning.

No. 1049155

I can see how some women have prolapse if they just pull on it. I used to reach around the cup with one finger and collapse it first, releasing the vacuum, then pull it down easily. Yeah it was more messy but I have a faucet I can reach from the toilet so id take care of it easy. Otherwise it's basically a small plunger if you don't break the seal.

No. 1049158

Forgot to add I agree about the last part and would never recommend a cup to a 9 year old. Or even a teen. I wouldn't even recommend it to most women. The only reason I used it was because when working from home and not wanting to dispose of tampons constantly, it's convenient since I have a sink nearby and am confident when it comes to maneuvering objects in my pussy

No. 1049178

File: 1643741037863.jpeg (52.16 KB, 624x467, 3C3F3AE3-89C1-44DE-8339-EFB651…)

Are there anything like this dragon?

No. 1049203

Definitely in the pyramid of 藍眼睛白龍

No. 1049329


No. 1049574

Do Chick-fil-A drive thru drivers exist?

No. 1049594

Chick fil a is actually not all that busy…

They hire people to circle the drive thru all day to make it seem better than it actually is and hoping people will make memes aka more business. No one likes chick fil a this much folks. No one wants mediocre chicken daily. It's just capitalist stupidity and pettyness because they want to be the iconic chicken joint.

Want proof? How many people do you know in your city or town where chick fil a is always crowded? Now think about how many of them actually get chick fil a often. Or keep an eye on the cars there. You'll see a lot of the same exact cars there daily

How do I know this? I was a chick fil a drive thru paid customer

No. 1049600

aliens used to come visit humans until we invented guns. they are too scared to come back now :((:()

No. 1049603

File: 1643777510894.gif (537.46 KB, 425x239, giphy (1) (3).gif)


No. 1049604

Girl it's copypasta

No. 1049623

File: 1643779582232.jpg (4.06 KB, 250x250, 1643352981485.jpg)

Lolcow is actually not all that busy…

They hire people to shitpost all day to make it seem better than it actually is and hoping people will make memes aka more shitposts. No one likes imageboards this much folks. No one wants mediocre gossip and shitposts. It's just capitalist stupidity and pettyness because they want to be the iconic retard imageboard.

Want proof? How many people do you know in your discord or groupchat? Now think about how many of them actually post on lolcow often. Or keep an eye on the names here. You'll see a lot of the same exact Anonymous here daily

How do I know this? I was an unpaid lolcow janny

No. 1049638

File: 1643781019735.gif (1.52 MB, 500x222, 1520042546405.gif)

Where is the anti-smartphone and anti-internet movement?
>anyone can take a photo of you or record you and post it for millions to see
>Anyone can manipulate photos to make it look like you're doing anything, mostly porn
>Human monkey brain means that if someone has your picture and full name you can become the target of mass harassment, literally people can just make shit up about you and send a mob after you
>Voluntarily carrying around a literal tracking device with all your info
Is it because people are too addicted to the serotonin? Are we really so weak and retarded we're just gonna let this happen? This is the scariest shit ever to me

No. 1049639

>Where is the anti-smartphone and anti-internet movement?
Not on the internet

No. 1049664

I wish for the the internet to just one day disappear completely in Jesus' name amen

No. 1049695


No. 1049697

Just don't ever EVER give your irl name on the internet for fuck's sake. Didn't your parents teach you this? Even when I had a cuckbook I always used fake names.

No. 1049756

yeah, it's nice that all your classmates and irl acquaintances can't dox you if you've never posted your real full name on the internet EVER in your life

No. 1049836

The good news is that billions of people use the internet. The truth is as long as you lay low and never become a person of high importance (if you're here you won't so don't worry lol) you share strength in numbers being that you will just saturate into the background.
There are only two types of "private" information anyone wants from you: Your browsing data so advertisers can target you for specific ads to get you to spend money, and your monetary accounts tapped by scammers to rob you of your savings.
Other than that literally no one is aware of your existence to care about making deepfake porn or cancelling your Twitter account. It truthfully only happens to celebs (duh) and popular e-personalities who made nuisances of themselves.

No. 1050027

i am, on the smartphone front, but i always just get told to shut up and end up being called a boomer by people older than me

No. 1050225

I'd also add, if you use shit like Brave and VPNs that's going to put you on a list too. They wouldn't allow that shit if it actually protected your privacy. Best approach is to just use one of the bigger browsers like Firefox and config it to give out as little information as possible.

No. 1050397

File: 1643836865536.png (180.03 KB, 365x391, blogto.png)

"Freedom" is codeword for antivax now kek. The establishment is actually just telling on themselves when they do this because few people would have made this connection otherwise.

No. 1050414

>quotes blogTO
Yes, because blogTO isn't a shitty clickbait site trying to get clicks. BlogTO is the only source that this comes up. Come on, anon. Stop trying to feel so victimized.

No. 1050416

Thats not the establishment, that's some blog quoting some twiterfags

No. 1050455

In my country "going for a walk" (anti-mandate protests have been forbidden because a chunk of goers doesn't wear masks even though all other registered protests don't take that so seriously either, so anti-mandate protesters now do it unregistered as "just going for a walk") and "outside the box thinker" are also anti-vax words now, with the later being used as an established insult now, kek.

No. 1050699

kek blogto is definitely bought and paid for like all the other mainstream media sources in canada. how much you wanna bet someone on their staff spraypainted that so they could make a story on it to continue bashing the freedom protests? i wouldnt be surprised at all

No. 1050716

except that "freedom" is the word dumbass conservatives use to do whatever they want

No. 1050742

File: 1643864827457.jpeg (218.78 KB, 750x1115, 0D47AB40-18BB-4B50-91D2-4E8F34…)

there will always be cameras and surveillance around, there has been for years. you'd have to be living in the bumfuck mountains and render yourself unrecognizable to truly be an invisible human. or idk, be like that psychopath from se7en, live in constant paranoia which it sounds like you already do

how do you function day to day when you brace in fear at the waves that radiate out of your toaster? born in a sea of technology, you will die in a sea of technology

No. 1051059

File: 1643906813380.jpeg (63.52 KB, 960x766, 398F2E63-E7B4-4E4A-9EE0-99A54A…)

What tf us up with Khloe’s hands? Did she stopped taking her adrenochrome?

No. 1051067

I believe it's a combo of makeup on her face plus the windshield effect; some cars windshields will alter colors near them esp if they're tinted in a unique way, mine left a blue-ish hue, if you look at her dress near her shoulder it's much warmer in that light.

Plus I wouldn't put it past the Kardashians to orchestrate this; last time they had an unflattering photo make the rounds the whole internet was talking about it.

No. 1051073

True also it could've been that she used darker foundation like all of them do but forgot to faketan.
Sincerely hoping this is ironic.

No. 1051086


No. 1051095

kek they stretched them out in this one

No. 1051102

Bitch, do you know where you are? Besides, the Kardashians are known witches

No. 1051106

Implant illness is very real

No. 1051682

File: 1643946672082.jpeg (72.45 KB, 364x440, F02D4B45-369D-4B0D-9A5D-73858E…)

Tranny agenda is alive and strong

No. 1051683

These are the new Apple emojis btw

No. 1051694

say sike rn

No. 1051695

absolutely no one needed this

No. 1051697

I wish I could, they’ll be available on iOS 15.4

No. 1051698

I can see this used to troll. Spam this when a fat ass male is acting up.

No. 1051739

Just what we needed, short haired women and full from eating man emojis kek.

No. 1051740

Lucky I don't update IOS so Apple can eat shit.

No. 1051741

If we use this enough to bully men will they take it away?

No. 1051743

File: 1643952755101.jpg (356.31 KB, 755x567, beer_gut.jpg)

It just reminds me of a man with a beer belly.

No. 1051748

No. 1051762

I’m honestly very excited to use this emoji for thanksgiving and other overeating shenanigans.

No. 1052212

File: 1644001344276.png (316.85 KB, 961x768, nunavut islands.png)

I have a feeling something is being hidden on those uninhabited arctic islands

No. 1052232

info on that painting nonna? it looks like ghislaine maxwell to me, creepy.

No. 1052236

File: 1644002360999.jpg (513.67 KB, 1500x1000, tsar bomba.jpg)

Former nuclear test sites maybe. The Soviet Union dropped the most powerful nuclear bomb ever developed on Severny Island which is a mostly uninhabited arctic island in Northern Russia.

No. 1052244

nta, but I've been on a real nuclear war kick (lol) given the stuff with Russia and Ukraine. scary thing about the tsar bomba is that they didn't test it with uranium because they were worried about the fallout, so the true impact of that bomb isn't even fully known.

No. 1052253

No. 1052289

My sister shared this on our family group chat…a week after getting her daughter vaccinated for school.

No. 1052291

Dasani puts chemicals in their water to make u dehydrated to keep u drinking more

No. 1052327

Yeah,anon…it’s called salt

No. 1052339

Girl that's the least bad thing they put in water

No. 1052350

I legit put a drop of dasani water in a petri dish and looked through a microscope once and there were formaldehyde cells and a worm. WTF

No. 1052353

No. 1052361

Sorry, I dont have any pics bc this was from about 28 weeks ago. The worm was about 8cm in length

No. 1052369

You need a microscope for that? Bitch why you buying water with big old worms in it.

No. 1052373

how did you determine there were formaldehyde cells? correct me if i'm wrong but there are no formaldehyde "cells", just a chemical structure? which you def will not see with a home microscope? correct me if i'm wrong anons

No. 1052670

File: 1644041626581.jpg (423.77 KB, 810x1593, 1643854592536 (1).jpg)

The Whoopi Goldberg Holocaust thing made the ADL change their definition of racism. That's three times in one year. But now their NEW definition confirms that affirmative action is racist.

No. 1052686

The Streisand effect. They blew this up when no one even watches the View. Now they just look stupid

No. 1052695

>formaldehyde cells
You wouldn't be able to see a tiny ass chemical structure on a basic microscope.
>only saw 8cm worm when using microscope
How? You would've seen it just with your eyes if it was really there, it's either a reflection or something or more likely a hair, etc.

No. 1052752

fake. the "WHO council on eugenics" has never been a thing.

No. 1052855

File: 1644072809384.jpeg (99.56 KB, 1169x274, 4E205E16-5279-40B8-9995-6857E3…)

I believe in the “Russian chaos agent” tumblr users and I’m not American. I fully believe that at some point Russia used identity politics for it’s own advantage against America during the Trump era and there was proof that some trolls were actually in Russia

No. 1052857

You're actually calling me a liar in the tinfoil thread? I would show you if I had pictures.

No. 1052861

can you explain?

No. 1052869

During 2018 a lot of big BLM activist blogs got banned which was very suspicious an the explanation given was that they were Russian sponsored blogs that were sowing discord on tumblr from the start of 2016 which kind of adds up because that’s when tumblr, and eventually the internet, started obsessing with identity politics and the divide between democrats and republicans grew even sharper.

Now people on tumblr dismiss the whole thing and look back to it as a “wow can’t believe people thought there were Russian agents fabricating a culture war during the US presidential elections, staff just wanted to censor BLM blogs”

No. 1052871

This isn’t really a tinfoil, Russia’s troll farms have been known about for years.

No. 1052874

Yeah i have heard of this too but i wasnt sure how it related to tumblr blogs

I havent heard of this until now though if this is truly the case, it seems to me like BLM activists ate that shit up anyway because much of what they stand for involves identity politics as the average person with BLM in their bio tends to heavily focus on race and racism even when its not an issue.

No. 1052876

This is an auto-download, so be forewarned. The format of thisis probably going to be fucked because I'm phoneposting.
1.4 Major uses and sources in drinking-water
Formaldehyde in drinking-water arises mainly from the oxidation of natural organic
(humic) matter during ozonation (Glaze et al., 1989) and chlorination (Becher et al.,1992). It also enters drinking-water via leaching from polyacetal plastic fittings in
which the protective coating has been broken (IPCS, 2002).
Formaldehyde’s main industrial use is in the production of urea–formaldehyde, phenolic, melamine, pentaerythritol, and polyacetal resins. Its second largest use is in
the industrial synthesis of a number of organic compounds. It is also used in
cosmetics, fungicides, textiles, and embalming fluids (IPCS, 1989).
2.2 Water
In water, formaldehyde is hydrated and found largely in the form of methylene glycol
and its oligomers (IPCS, 1989; OECD, 2002). Formaldehyde concentrations of up to
30 µg/litre have been found in ozonated drinking-water (Krasner et al., 1989; Tomkins et al., 1989). In a study in Taiwan, formaldehyde concentrations in bottled
and packaged drinking-water were all below the detection limit of 129 µg/litre (Chia-
Fen et al., 2003).
Drinking-water treated with ozone is unlikely to contain formaldehyde at
concentrations exceeding 50 µg/litre and so will be a minor source of exposure. It is
uncertain whether boiling will have a significant impact on the concentration of
formaldehyde in drinking-water. Formaldehyde is considered to be highly soluble in
water, and its Henry’s law constant (3 × 10-5 kPa·m3
/mol) suggests that it will be very
unlikely to volatilize from water. Exposure by inhalation during showering is
therefore expected to be low. This view is supported by experimental data from
Takahashi (1990).

No. 1052898

Well I included it here since every post I see that references it on tumblr paints it as a tinfoil conspiracy theory

No. 1052901

Thank you. Finally someone to back me up. Thought I was going crazy…

No. 1052959

I'm not backing up the claims of its visibility in a petri dish. There's no telling what you saw, and I wasn't there to see it myself to confirm. Whatever it was, if it wasn't just water then it wasn't supposed to be seen on a regular brightfield microscope.

No. 1053067

This isn't even a tinfoil, cake story channels(often titled "cake storytimes" or "cake decorating storytimes") are a new pedo online mass-grooming psyop
now the videos seem innocent enough and so even the few vigilant parents might not be able to notice what's going on
see the "stories" which are dubbed over the cake footage can feature stories which have beyond disturbing themes, e.g girls getting kidnapped and sold to arab slavers, a father forcing his daughter's boyfriend to wear her lingere and taking photos as blackmail, a girl poisoning her sister and you can actually find these videos on fucking youtube kids

There are literally tens of thousands of these video's on tiktok and youtube, with them having anywhere between 100'000+ to a million views

No. 1053118

Climate change is reversible, elites won't be short sighted enough to fuck up where they live too.

No. 1053137

climate change isnt real throughout history climate has gone through cycles and thats just how it is. If elites actually believed all the things they say about climate change, they wouldnt keep buying beachfront properties. I think its good to take care of the world as much as possible but these zero carbon fantasies are bullshit and another money grab.

No. 1053147

The imagery they use while telling the story feels kind of hypnotic. I agree something about this trend feels wrong.

No. 1053181

apparently it's supposed to be a member of bts? i just found it on pinterest

this is the artists twitter

No. 1053184

Reminds me of some videos I caught my 8 year old nephew watching. No cake decorating, but illustrated story times. One was a disturbing kidnapping story that was definitely leading up to some kind of serial killer situation, the other was blatant transformation fetishism where the character talks about how warm, exciting, scary, and "tingly" the transformation was, and stroking their body parts. Both videos had that "hypnotic" vibe in music, sound effects, tone of voice, and the story is told in second person (as in, all these things are happening to you, the victim). Both were on YouTube kids "cute animal videos" playlists. My nephew was too freaked out to shut them off himself, couldn't sleep a wink that night and had nightmares for a week after. I tried to show his parents the videos in hopes they would monitor his activity a little better and they said that kid's content was too annoying to pay attention to and parents shouldn't be expected to watch what their kids are watching, that if it was so bad YouTube would take it down.

No. 1053187

File: 1644091548584.jpg (95.22 KB, 879x790, Screenshot_20220205-140516.jpg)

Climate change is a way to rally exuberant amounts of money from countries, defying these taxes is takin to a moral "sin"

If they championed a quantifiable and actionable cause, notably reducing pollution, then theyd actually have to show progress, cleanup, changing capitalistic manufacturing, etc.

But they champion climate change and not pollution as they can collect hundreds of millions and give us back a few scientific studies that talk about ice melting and that we're all assholes

No. 1053189

For someone who larps as scientific, you aren't very smart or good at it considering nobody stated what type of microscope was used. Cringe.

No. 1053192

> I tried to show his parents the videos in hopes they would monitor his activity a little better and they said that kid's content was too annoying to pay attention to and parents shouldn't be expected to watch what their kids are watching, that if it was so bad YouTube would take it down.
I hate this so fucking much, I try to monitor my brother and sister's YouTube activity(both are pre-teens) and while most of it is innocent, I can find some anime eidts with sexually explict rap music(about fucking bitches and hoes) or these creepy storytime vids, oh how I try to inform my parents about this but every fucking time they always into a lecture about any inconsequential shit I may have done
and this isn't just parents, my uncles and aunts all do this with their kids, they leave them alone in front of a tablet for hours on end

No. 1053231

are you anons familiar with the ElsaGate stuff that happened a few years ago? it sounds very similar, in terms of the video themes and stuff. All the ElsaGate videos were on YouTube kids too. Almost all had something about spiders, pregnancy, and poop. It was so freaking weird.

No. 1053237

Yeah I think most of us are aware of those vids, they seemed to have died down in recent years(maybe enough people were starting to notice)

No. 1053238

I remember seeing some of the Elsagate videos and there was also this weird almost sexual/fetishy tone to the way the actors interacted with each other. Other themes were injections and healing nasty stuff.
This also reminds me that some videos aimed at kids sometimes have scary images flashing as a way of trolling, which could disturb a child. Some apps using images from children's cartoons contained scary/odd audio too (I remember that there was at some point an unofficial app about a cartoon with talking cars that played creepy voices occasionally). It's fucked and it's the reason why kids shouldn't mindlessly watch through videos or download content.

No. 1053256

Those parents are dicks, it sounds like they don’t really care about your nephew’s wellbeing and are just lazy fucks. Get custody

No. 1053264

List the methods and materials you used then, you haughty bitch. Bottles for bottled water and plastics in general are known to carry chemicals that disrupt endocrinological processes among a log of other terrible things, but stating that you examined a worm and formaldehyde under a microscope needs more to back it up than "NO, it REALLY happened guys!". The bottles aren't great for people nor the environment, but that shit sounds like a quality control issue on either their end or yours.

No. 1053292

But my question is; will the water turn the frogs gay?

No. 1053294

well everyone who uses tumblr is retarded so that probably explains that

No. 1053309

Ok nonnies, answer me one thing: What is it about U.S culture that raises a lot of manchildren who base their identity on their childhood attachment to fantasy genres who become arrogant assholes despite having relatively no life experience or massive achievements? Is this proof U.S culture coddles people for being mediocre and stupid more than other cultures do, seeing as this phenomena of know-it-all autistic manchildren is less common in just about any place outside of the U.S?
also a lot of lolcows and infamous internet narcs come from the U.S too…

No. 1053314

I think the vast majority of belligerent internet posters could be said to be apart of a troll farm or heavily influenced by it as they repeat the same opinions depending on their "persona" as if they were reading off a script. Many of the non-paid shills heading this operation are easily influenced schizophrenics/schizoids/autists so basically what you have here is a political and social discourse landscape moved by bots, shills, and heavily mentally ill individuals.

No. 1053354

I would understand if they made these vids for cheap profit and little cost
But for what reason would they need to add those grotesque and well sexual themes in thier content, from a purely financial standpoint it serves no purpose

No. 1053363

I'm not sure how this is relevant to what I said or the replies I quoted but I'll bite. If you remember from late 2000s and early 2010s conspiracy theories they said the elites' goal was to desensitize the masses into accepting more extremities and depravities so they can get the world they wanted.

No. 1053365

Samefagging to add on to myself, while I believe there is struggles within internal groups trying to gain more power over the other; I generally strongly believe that if something was heavily looked down on by the ones controlling the platforms it would be wiped out almost immediately. Yet, stuff like ElsaGate and other bizarre material is allowed to stay while anyone else notices how other material gets swiftly taken down and its supporters punished.

No. 1053440

We've been pushing the theme of older and older adolescents being considered as still children. Less expectations are placed on young adults (depending on culture and family backgrounds), more coddling into later teen years and early adulthood leads to less long-term life planning, some priveleges taken away (smoking age raised to 21+ when you're legally an adult at 18), and earlier sex and sexualization is emphasized in most media with general societal acceptance. We're having fewer people coming out on their own as emotionally prepared to handle shittier aspects of human nature that we encounter through employers, businesses that want our money, and even government organizations and representatives. There's a big emphasis on trying to keep kids naive of the world around them and believe that society is one big group hug that is there to cater to them and protect them from harm. Institutionalized consumerism plays a part too. It's depressing to see so many people now in a state of distress encountering the real world, so I can understand wanting to fall into escapism. The levels that it's taken to, and the arrogance that can come with it is detrimental though. I'm assuming there's no real drive to have more or work to be more because there's maybe a feeling of there being no point? Most people are struggling to pay rent or ever get a mortgage to start the process on settling down, so wasting money on inane garbage and cooming their lives away while whining about it seems to be where a lot end up. We've also got different standards for what's considered as "grown up" now too, with societal punishment being mostly tossed out the window.
And I'm not trying to be a scrotoid apologist here, but it's rampant in women's circles as well with Disney and Harry Potter shit, etc.. Goals changed, escapism and consuming is in.

No. 1053482

I can’t respect people who are too weak to handle the real world especially when they are adults. It’s exactly what the elites want, for people to be mindless drones who only escape and consoom. Growing up entails facing reality and the horrors that often come with it. How do the people hundreds of years ago coped with the world? Most of them faced it which is why humanity has evolved. Social media had created coddling spaces where any opposing opinion gets bombarded with hate. Don’t these people get bored with everyone arguing with them? There is no dialogue because it’s usually 1 opposing force vs. a crowd of screeching retards. Now with more technological, mind numbing technology such as the Metaverse it will only become worse. This is part of the agenda and unless people stop being pussies this won’t stop.

No. 1053512

I feel that in North American school culture they have this persistent meme about jocks and nerds. Media always portrays high school as arrogant bonehead jocks bullying innocent nerds. The nerdy people might develop a complex or resentment from their experience at school so when they go online/leave school they develop the personality you described to compensate.

No. 1053602

Lol true. The dichotomy makes it so that every shrimpy little trenchcoat moid thinks he's an intellectual just because he's not a jock.

No. 1053608

I've seen speculation that they're AI generated to mash together topics that get the most clicks/ad revenue. That ends up being kid's cartoons mixed in with weird, provocative, clickbait shit.

No. 1053621

I saw a vid of a talk show from the 70s and Jacques Cousteau was on it. He said the best way to start a grassroots movement to fight pollution was to start with mothers. Show them what their children will be inheriting (this was back when pollution was rampant, rivers and seas were still used for dumping). And now look at what it's mutated into: the elite class badgering and punishing the average person for something no longer in their control. They never go after the actual ones responsible for it (India, China).

No. 1054800

moot was right. autism can be weaponized.

No. 1054805

Crazy and sad how so many people carry their high school trauma with them into adulthood.

No. 1055646

File: 1644253926623.png (1.03 MB, 1178x786, dirty-trial-pictures_csp258672…)

Do you know a documentary exposing the corruption of the justice legal system? itself? American preferably, and not centered on racial matters.

No. 1056428

File: 1644283907707.png (663.71 KB, 899x618, trudeau2.png)

1 week later this is what he looks like. Honestly watching the video makes me think he's using body doubles.

No. 1056432


No. 1056978

Looks like he shaved got better lighting and did cool sculpting. Adrenaline has way bigger effects they look like literal ghouls without it.

No. 1058013

He showed up for Parliament Question Time, got yelled at BY BOTH SIDES, and promptly ran the fuck away. Hahahahahahaha

No. 1058030

Poor himbo

No. 1058159

File: 1644376810507.png (633.45 KB, 2048x1985, Screenshot_20220208-211227.png)

Conspiracy theories are listed above calls for violence in the latest terrorism advisory bulletin wtf

No. 1058197

Typical, hes done that his whole career

No. 1058216

I know governments have always been crazy unfair to the people, but it sucks being raised with the American mindset (yay freedom) only to realize once you grow up that your rulers hate you and increasingly make it obvious we are all living in a dystopia

No. 1058217

>Gilderoy Lockheart vibes
This is the only HP reference in politics I can tolerate because it is spot on, that's a real type of person. Smarmy mf

No. 1058219

Idk I’d agree with that. How many school or church shootings would it take to kill the same number of people who have died as a result of covid conspiracy theories in the past couple years? I know a doctor who’s still constantly losing unvaxxed patients to covid, almost a year since the vaccine became widely available.

No. 1058285

My tinfoil is the racist/obviously derailing posts are all by the same scrotes that raid us. I wish anons wouldn't reply and they'd leave.

No. 1058305

I agree to an extent, but I also believe there are just some fucked up, intolerant women here who expect us to be a hive mind for them just because we are all autistic retards. I also believe there are scrotes in most if not all the threads that contains someone in sex work.

No. 1058547

I’m scared. I can’t believe this is real.

No. 1058684

pfizer-chan, god bless your soul

youre correct and i fell for it once, but now never again kek

No. 1058753

mercy, i want real racists to make a comeback so they get a fat slap in the face. this is so fucking stupid.

No. 1059488

File: 1644459805341.png (2.79 MB, 1904x1068, 1644457181929.png)

From tonight's show: "Every day we're getting accounts from people across the country of what it looks like. We just got this account last night from an employee at a major commercial carrier who works out of an airport in Texas."

No. 1059542

I want him.

No. 1059632

I really do believe diabetes was a scam on some level, as it came with needles. (inb4 government gives us all diabetic eye problems for talking about it) dye (lighter fluid, pigment) ya (groove to the rhythm of your unique sister) beeties (depressant, price point, fattener)

And there was an in-sue-lynn who was supposed to know. (And have sex, to know.)

"Whats good?" "There's beef" goes back to human meat and Puerto Rico. (Food just putting you to sleep. Crazy, culty, nepotism there. we have to stop Puerto Rico from selling heroin ((snortystock nose, knows, thanos)) stock to other Africans though. As they will make things ONE HUNDRED PERCENT WORSE)

Crack is becoming a real problem again near me, the police won't do anything about it. There's stuff in the cream cheese and diet soda that can make you stay awake for like 2 days straight. There's Environmental concern in crack too. The water is being poisoned (monkey and fish shit and piss, lighter fluid, bitterant, depressant in the house food) I don't want to leave in case it gets worse/ I feel like I have a responsibility in stopping the people of this house, even if it's just schizophrenia. I live in America BTW

Genome/hormone modification is real. Dissolve things in acid, further dilute. We never got rid of psychopaths and mostly it is beauty product.

I am being talked to 24/7 and occasionally brain controlled to act retarded. They want me to bless in a religious sense, tell me I can't die and they tried to kill me. Apparently there's a lot of hidden info on deep fried (Clarissa). I don't think it will show up for me.

Every day I pray that trey parker would come save me from this horrible, wretched place. And then together we save america. And the general idea of health and goodness.

No. 1059633

No. 1059635

No. 1059640

But if trey doesn't want me that's ok lol.

No. 1059671

Plastic surgery is being pushed on women so troons can pass better.

No. 1059674

Holy shit

No. 1059677

>They want me to bless in a religious sense, tell me I can't die and they tried to kill me. Apparently there's a lot of hidden info on deep fried (Clarissa). I don't think it will show up for me.
I know I will get told off for saying this in the Tinfoil thread, but do you have schizophrenia? I'm genuinely asking.

No. 1059680

I'm surprised you felt the need to ask her. I hope she stays away from this thread it probably isn't helping…

No. 1059700

i guess this is a thing, huh? like, I never really took my dreams or lol this particular "dream" too seriously - just thought it was some sort of subconcious bullshit from puberty tbh, it happened when I was 11/12, but it was way too memorable, I don't think I could ever forget about it even if I tried. And I mean, my 'dream' didn't go the Exact same way as in the cartoon, and I refuse to tell my entire 'dream' in full detail, but everything matched with the basics -

>2 girls who are actually a singular person and they do not realize this.

>the original, who has color, dies in a entirely preventable and cruel way and she then "wakes up" as the other girl, whom she, while aware of, never really interacted with.
>Other girl is completely white in color, even her hair and clothes.
>albino girl is quieter and keeps to herself unlike the original, who was a complete people person - very bright/social/kind/etc.
>there's this/these adult(s) in the background who're basically the cause/moving shit along lol mine was this female singer who played as a teacher/camp councelior rather than cartoon woman's doctor/experimenter man.

I suppose really I did become albino girl in 'reality'.

No. 1059707

Someone tell lucinda that this is what schizophrenia actually sounds like. (no offense anon, and it's just hard to understand what you mean)

No. 1059751

Kek you're so right.

No. 1059765

No offense but you like, shat up this thread with your clearly drug induced schizophrenic or manic ranting.

No. 1059773

Anyone getting tired of Youtube filtering our your comments? I find my comments get filtered out every time I either express a controversial opinion or use a particular choice of wording that their internal system deems as "problematic". It's even for inoffensive stuff too

No. 1059774


inb4 someone makes a dumb joke about spamming the n word

No. 1059784

this is not tranny they aren't trying to appear like women
this is homosexuals having an artificial womb surgically implanted or something

No. 1059792

No. 1059798

Kek. Anon, your 100% right, there is something in the water, because this shit is unintelligible other than the fact you think people are secretly giving you something.
>Trey Parker

No. 1059837

I’m ignorant to the immigrant situation…but I hate going through airports because of the security theatre and passport BS. So I’m jealous and upset here that they go on with nothing lol

No. 1059856

File: 1644499737898.webm (1.23 MB, 1280x720, 089677.webm)

The elites won't even let us have even semi-fit men
were supposed to settle for obese and weak consoomer moids and we'll be told that we are reactionary bigots for wanting to be with a man with even a flat stomach, I hate this hell world so much

No. 1059861

For all the complaining about "ugly women are being pushed on us" that moids do ugly men have sure been getting pushed on us. Hollywood popularized old man x young woman couple as the" ideal" and the 2000s got rid of any decent standards for male grooming and fashion.

No. 1059875

File: 1644501103465.jpg (202.68 KB, 630x788, 1644315077913.jpg)

we had this discussion in the celebc thread, picrel is what normal and healthy men are supposed to like, this is the physical average
now we are expected to deal with either except 90% skinny-fat soy-boys or 10% steroid gym freaks with severe body dysmorphia, its pure madness

No. 1059877

3 of these men look like shit

No. 1059883

I know their faces are juts "meh" I'm just staying that this is what adult healthy men's bodies should look like

No. 1059887

File: 1644502636132.jpg (33.91 KB, 480x480, 1642694864378.jpg)

What about this? It looks more on par with the super thin standard they keep pushing for the gurls

No. 1059890

I mean, they look fine for their age but most of these men are on the older side. They look like fridges.
See, this guy actually has a smaller waist + wide shoulders so he doesn't look shapeless. Weird ass outfit though.

No. 1059893

Well they're fit that's for sure, but that's normal in my country so i didn't see the difference, i forgot we were talking about america kek sorry
This looks good

No. 1059895

Too skinny not defined enough. Men should be somewhat toned and their muscles should be visible.

No. 1059898

No. 1059900

A skinny man is more "natural" to his male form than a skinny woman is, you're just brainwashed.

No. 1059904

Ngl, I think most of them look too fat and old.

No. 1059908

I didn't mean skinny as in not having enough body fat, I meant skinny as in not muscular enough. I think fat men and fat women both look like shit. However, I'm not into weak, effeminate looking men like that Johnny Depp pic. Did you read where I said "toned"? That means little body fat, more muscle.

No. 1059909

File: 1644503435460.jpg (32.48 KB, 422x594, 8ea96faf5f668f66564b24b15aab39…)

yes as well, there are diverse types of fit male body types
also Ralph Machio was such a cutie when he was young
I found the pic online but my point still stand, when was the last time you saw 40-50 year old men with those body types
truly good looking men should be anexception, they can be either toned or skinny but as long as they are thin, it's all good

there are only two acceptable body types for men, fit males with all natural muscles for labor and thin and beautiful men who serve women

No. 1059912

>thin and beautiful men who serve women
Nah I'd rather some toned muscular man serve me tbh.

No. 1059917

The old fat men you posted looked like for 40 year old mothers, not for something teenage and young adult women to like

No. 1059919

I think they look gross with their super broad body types and oblong heads but hey, we can have two separate beauty standards.

No. 1059921

I'm not the one who posted that pic but I do think they look better than some of the twig men you all have posted although some of them do look a little old. If they were younger and less fat they'd be more my type. I'm in my early 20s

No. 1059925

>super broad body types
That's kinda what happens when men start to build muscle, their upper bodies start to highlight where their natural strengths are, while women's is set in our lower body

No. 1059928

how are they twigs? step out of fatass america and you'll see more very skinny men before you see very skinny women (which are often controlled by extreme dieting and restriction while its easier to attain for men naturally) yet the latter is considered more acceptable to lust over

No. 1059929

also samefag inb4 i get accused of being a fatass i actually like thin and athletic body types on women too, but it's legitimately more natural and common occurring on men

No. 1059931

i think it depends on their body type. there's some men who have a lot of definition but who are still very lean or in between the bulky and lean look which i find great

No. 1059935

File: 1644504242482.jpg (603.21 KB, 2048x1365, getyourselfahimbononnies.jpg)

skinny and good looking males should be preserved for their beauty, In certain celtic societies young men spent their nights with the female druids(who were not allowed to marry) that ensured the survival of the druid class, removed some of the difficulties of celibacy for the women and gave the young men experience in how to pleasure their future wives, even after christnaization this was practice was continued in certain communities
>Women over the age of 40 were to act as sexual "mentors" to adolescent boys, because these relationships had a minimal chance of conceiving. Furthermore, these women became religious role models for the young men.

This was the norm many societies around the globe before the patriarchy, the warrior class(males) serve the intellectual/spiritual class(women) that is how the world is supposed to work

No. 1059936

i agree. the pic you posted is a healthy and fit man. the super-sculpted abs look is recent in human history and a result of extremely targeted workouts + rigid diet + dehydration, it's not actually a great indicator of fitness.

No. 1059938

They're twigs because they don't have any muscle on their bones. It's not about being fat/not being fat, plz read

No. 1059939

he would be cuter without the shitty facial hair. a slim guy like that should go full twink

No. 1059941

See, just be honest about what you want. You want skinny no-muscle or tone "twink" men who look like women you can coo over because you're threatened by strong men (this is common for young or inexperienced women) while me and some other women admire strong and muscular men for their beauty and raw power.

No. 1059942

he has some muscles though and would still be 20x stronger than i am so who gives a damn lol

No. 1059944

Where? I can't see any

No. 1059945


A lot of these guys look old and soggy.

No. 1059946

ew dont use twink thats a homo term
they don't look like women though, are you delusional?
>because you're threatened by strong men (this is common for young or inexperienced women) while me and some other women admire strong and muscular men for their beauty and raw power.
the men you're arguing for as a standard of beauty are older and have broader bodies due to being fatter, anon. young men who are fit have a narrower body type and features youd consider "womanly" because of your weird complex

No. 1059948

The anon I replied to called them "twinks," twink literally means feminine gay man lmao. Are you retarded? I never argued for the man in the pics, I'm not the one who posted them, I just argued against the Johnny Depp pic which does look twinkish.

No. 1059950

Twink isn't supposed to be used for a catchall term for every thin framed man with softer features since it refers to a specific subset of men in LGBT culture. Are you retarded?

No. 1059952

Again, they called them twinks, not me. I'm using their wording.

No. 1059954

yeah, thats why i replied to the op who used the word telling them not to use it lol

No. 1059955

File: 1644505393585.gif (623.19 KB, 275x123, 7735CAAD-2EE8-44A2-8543-85004E…)


No. 1059958

NTA but
>How dare women not like what I like!
The scrote-driven psyops continue. You can't force anyone to like musclegoblins just because you want to spend your life lifting, have a muscle fetish, need a man to be huge to make you feel small and uwu and/or have daddy issues
I am not "threatened", I am disgusted. I straight up don't want to see them, they're ugly to my eyes. Your own perspective may be different. Take them all if you want, or become one if you have a scrotum between your legs (which I suspect you do, as men love to pathologize women not sharing their desires/traits and treat it like a problem)

No. 1059960

I'm the anon who posted >>1059875 and >>1059856
I absolutely didn't intend to mean that I think these >>1059875 are the exact ideal male bodytypes, the point of my post was that there's an agenda to ensure men stay unhealthy, to be fat and to consume and also upon women to comply with these standards and be shamed if prefer to be with a healthy and fit men(your ageist if you don't wanna be with some 50 year old scrote or your racist and homophobic if you don't wanna be with a scrote whose fat and is HIV+)

I didn't meant to turn this into some stupid and pointless discussion about thin vs buff men and I'm pretty sure the anon who is insulting thin-males and using "twink"(degenerate gay male term) is a consistent troll
and regardless of what you prefer we can all admit the moids in vidrel are all nobody's choice and are part of some psyop plan

No. 1059974

File: 1644506322184.png (586.63 KB, 946x531, god_forgive_us.png)

stop arguing thin vs fit men, this is what men are now "supposed" to like and if you find these men disgusting then yoy are considered a hateful and ignorant bigot

No. 1059997

sigh i miss masculine men

No. 1060010

I want thin or healthily fit men to be the norm so badly. You can be “soft” but still have a muscular frame. I personally don’t want this fatso positivity, sickly frail and potbellied weaklings to be the ideal. Minimal exceptions are fine..but it shouldn’t be the majority wtf.

No. 1060029

This guy's arms look like mine, kek. I'm all for beauty in guys but they shouldn't be as thin as a young girl.

No. 1060057

File: 1644509457020.png (669.24 KB, 797x838, putin.png)

What do my fellow tinfoilers think of this war the US/Nato are trying to instigate against Russia? Thoughts on the potential outcomes?
sauce: https://twitter.com/ashindestad/status/1491728720117350401

No. 1060060

I'm wondering if it's a FTM. Men even when they're skinny usually have some muscle definition in their arms.

Neocons need another war for profiteering because Afghanistan isn't available anymore.

No. 1060064

I don't think it looks like mine at all. It's longer and connected to broader shoulders.

No. 1060065

Where did you get this info? Because anything about unwritten civilizations are highly debatable especially ancient ones.

No. 1060071

This is what every dude near me looks like and they always brag about how girls like "dad bods" baby that ain't a dad bod you literally look like when the beef patty and mayo falls out of the soggy burger bun

No. 1060074

They didn't, they're just larping ancient history like all the women who say we should "return to the ancient matriarchy" which never existed

No. 1060075

well in Japan and the Levant it is recorded that elite women did sleep with beautiful, affeminate young men soo….

No. 1060082

Yeah, elite women. There have always been exceptions for rich women or women connected to power through their lineages but my point is it's never been common amongst women as a whole and there has never been a matriarchy.

No. 1060091

I mean the celts and scandinavian women had more freedom in society pre-christianity. But you're right, the only society that was actually matriarchal were native american tribes.

No. 1060093

File: 1644510765218.jpg (125.45 KB, 541x342, 11.jpg)

Roman historians who were disgusted by the fact that the celtic and germanic peoples treated the women in their communities actual human beings and not subhuman lesser beings

No. 1060097

kek I was just about to mention that the dad bod trend from a few years ago really accelerated this fat acceptance movement with men. I think it's all a way to perpetuate unhealthiness being the norm. My boyfriend has been told he has an eating disorder because he limits his sugars and carbs. I've been (somewhat jokingly) made fun of for suggesting non-pharmaceutical solutions for some of my friends' health issues. Even reading the ingredient lists of foods I buy makes me "odd". The only time health consciousness really matters is the beginning of the year because that's when most people go out of their way to buy exercise clothes/equipment or healthier food options that are otherwise slow moving products

No. 1060098

Ok yeah, I already knew that since I'm a historian. That doesn't mean the society was matriarchal.

No. 1060100

Honestly I hate to say it but women are the worst offenders of the body positivity movement and it's this attitude that makes men think this shit is okay. So many of my friends have let themselves go especially after giving birth. Most women after they settle down, have kids or turn 30 become fat. Idc if it's "natural" it'll always be gross to me and I'm done hearing their passive aggressive remarks about how I need to "get some meat on my bones" or accused of being anorexic for being healthy and fit

No. 1060101

I am aware of the fact that there can never can be anything close to a matriarchal society in history, however we can have a more eggetarian and "natural" system
where men are the warriors and builders of society and women the leaders and spiritual guides
that's what the goddess intended

No. 1060104


No. 1060106

reminds me of the typo "souly" in another thread kek

No. 1060110

Alright sister. I have to agree.

No. 1060119

I agree nonna. Obviously I respect that womens bodies change a lot during pregnancy and birth but I really don't think theres an excuse to still be obese or very out of shape years after you've had the child. I had a science teacher who had the same "pregnant belly" 3 years after her child because she just didn't even bother to try and get healthy. I'm not talking about normal things like sagging breasts loose skin tummy pouch cellulite hormonal fluctuations etc but just literally being fucking fat. I gained "relationship weight" after settling down over covid and I've always held myself accountable for just being lazy and not moving enough, I'm not sure why some women pretend it's normal to be obese with like 40% body fat, absolutely no muscle, and exhausted all the time. A lot of them don't even hold themselves accountable and then in 10 years they wonder why they have so many hormonal issues, why their sex drive is dogshit and why they feel terrible about themselves. What we put in our mouths and how much we move directly correlates to health in every sense of the word and it feels bewildering to watch people say "I'm fat and I'm happy!"

No. 1060125

File: 1644512082668.jpeg (105.76 KB, 1200x1200, 0_588661.jpeg)

samefag but dont even get me started on fat men kek they expect their ladies to be super thick hairless and bear their children yet not have any of the physical characteristics that come with being a mom. so hypocritical given that they all look like picrel

No. 1060130

Fucking shut up you retards, who you want to fuck doesnt belong in the tinfoil thread.

No. 1060137

File: 1644512718396.png (815.62 KB, 950x694, 0248295820398.png)

No. 1060164

File: 1644513829569.jpg (2.04 MB, 3264x3264, 860876567532985.jpg)

I hate picking on women's bodies. But I'm also upset at the current epidemic of obesity. In my opinion, mothers are fine if they gain and keep weight.(Red Shirt) Exercise, not hardcore, should be pushed with have the goal of fun and good blood flow.But those who completely let go, get flabby, and neglect themselves–that behavior and the result is a problem. (Black shirt)

What did you mean by "eggetarian?"

No. 1060175

I agree. The problem is obesity in general has been normalized so much for women especially American women. I think gaining weight during and keeping some after pregnancy is totally natural. But when you gain 50-100 pounds and keep it after years and claim that's natural that's a problem. And instead of admitting it's a problem women would rather deny it and make excuses for themselves or claim men "prefer thick girls" when thick doesn't mean obese it generally means having a slim waist and big boobs/butt.

No. 1060249


bumping my own post

The fact nobody wants to talk about this makes me think something is gonna happen I know when the internet panics about shit stuff doesn't end up happening because of misdirected energy I guess I can imagine the energy is being shifted to somewhere else because the threat of war is actually legit this time, unlike in the past 10 years.

Still, it would be nice if an informed tinfoiler on this situation replies.

No. 1060271

Americans don't even know what big boobs and butt look like anymore on slim women. They expect slim women to have similar boob and butt sizes to hamplanets that are morbidly obese with disgusting 20 lbs of misshapen fat stuck to their chest. That's why so many of them run around claiming women like Reese Witherspoon, Jlaw, Emrata,etc have small boobs/butt. Because everyone else is so fucking fat kek

It is sad though since I knew a few American women who ruined their bodies attempting to gain unhealthy weight to get "curves" when they were perfectly curvy before and men just eat it up. It's like everyone forgot RATIOS are what make someone curvy, not just being fat

No. 1060272

I would like to read more discussion about it between anons but I can’t contribute because I haven’t kept up with what’s happening.
Would this potentially result in a ww3 situation? Or something closer to another Cold War?

No. 1060456

Men act like insecure women, they kinda do…The making you feel like you’re dumber, constantly competing, constantly feeling like they need to assert themselves. It’s easier to spot it in a woman since we’re all women and women in general play nice and mind their business but all men act that way its all textbook insecurity, i think insecurity is what defines moid behavior

No. 1060462

Literally the opposite in my experience. Women are made more easily insecure by other women and men are generally chill.

No. 1060469

Two things can be true nonnies.

No. 1060471

Hey where'd that hairy gorilla man go

No. 1060476

To be fair the Romans treated their women so badly, that even the slightest drop of respect shown to women in other civilizations would’ve been downright shocking and ground breaking to them, so it doesn’t really mean much when we see it from their perspective.

No. 1060595

God bless your soul, holy shit.

No. 1060673

Maybe thats why moids love the roman civilization so much

No. 1060680

It’s exactly why, although normie moids who are so into it seem to never bring up the amount of male on male rape and gay shit that was normalized in the empire. People who praise ancient Rome are usually very uneducated on it since it was in no way shape or form an utopia, it was a hot mess of homos and pedophiles from day one. They literally didn’t consider women humans until they birthed a number of children, and even then the rights they did get were very limited. Sorry for Rome sperging but god I hate Ancient Rome.

No. 1060687

Let's not forget how similar Ancient Greece was. The entire mediterranean coast was a mess.

No. 1060688

Which period in antiquity do you like the most anon?

No. 1060703

File: 1644535431294.jpg (76.73 KB, 576x1024, IOchTJHiiC6XBDoi.jpg)

I assume all misogynistic men are gay or something. Or those men who lead on women and then claim she's creepy or something when she shows interest back

No. 1060709

Yes exactly if moids think you’re barely a human being do you think they would love you? Or care about you? You can’t respect and love someone who you view as lesser than. They’re all faggots and emotionally homosexual

No. 1060715

Obesity and mental health issues are linked but nobody wants to talk about that.

No. 1060717

You’re right, what the hell was in the water back then? I find that any civilization that had a culture of pederasty actually originally learned it from the Greeks, such as the Persian empire.
To be quite honest anon, none. They were all heavily misogynistic and pedophilic, while things are not perfect today we have evolved for the best. Although personally I find Nubia and Ancient Egypt quite fascinating, mostly the female figures such as Amanishakheto. I reslized that learning about antiquity only made me more of a misandrist. I do find history interesting moreso because it’s kind of crazy to see how fucked things used to be. >>1060703
I agree anon, it’s especially proven by how misogynistic gay men tend to be. Like I simply can’t imagine someone who genuinely likes women thinking of them as subhuman.

No. 1060765

A lot of personality disorders are made up by the patriarchy to either demonize women or coddle men, like BPD. There's lot of bullshit going around in psychology.

No. 1060778

I agree to an extent, but BPD bitches are insufferable.

No. 1060801

I don’t wanna sound like a boomer. But I feel like BPD, among other things, are an excuse for people to be assholes and inconsiderate. We’ve become too empathetic.

No. 1060808

File: 1644540686171.gif (681.34 KB, 498x280, C1126456-BD32-4373-ABEF-24C2E2…)

Shut. The. Fuck. Up.
You have a million threads for this shit, please just let us tinfoils have this one in peace.

No. 1060811

So, did any of you watch “Plandemic” and what do you think about it?
Link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/zQbu1UvCml1i/

I showed it to a family member and they get where i’m coming from now and have totally opened their eyes to the corruption not just in the U.S but the entire world.

No. 1060814

Distraction born from a real issue, but nevertheless a distraction. Afghan women's rights, Chinese, etc, those are direct issues, not much I can do about a nuke. Though I did see Ireland's (something) minister politely suggest Russia postpone their activities indefinitely. Made me kek

No. 1060845

File: 1644542731490.jpg (337.19 KB, 1716x1740, 1586404022416.jpg)

4chan is responsible for bringing a lot of fucked up fetishes into the mainstream amongst Millennial men. A lot of those dudes had their first sexual awakenings being exposed to fucked up shit like hentai, loli/CP, incest, traps/trannies and femboys. Kinda explains why a lot of them want to become women all of a sudden. That and pedophilia.

No. 1060855

There's soooo many historical examples of men in antiquity, classical, or early modern times amongst the higher classes being well dressed and better groomed than modern men of any social status is today. There's legit a psyop that men were always the ugly sex and never had to put effort in their looks and im tired of it. This is actually a very recent phenomenon but no one treats it as such and uses it to push their ugly moid/hot woman agenda.

No. 1060856

This. I believe 4chan was backed by the CIA or psyop intel agencies as well

No. 1060861

Plandemic made sense then, it got confusing when YouTube was so quick to take it down, and now it makes even more sense than it did upon first watch.

No. 1060869

Gamergate is what really put more eyes onto that place. That bullshit is where a lot of the reactionary right wing characters come from. 2016 amplified it with state and private entities jumping in. I can talk all day about 4chan's influence on people.

No. 1060875

Russia won’t do shit.

No. 1060877

File: 1644544789593.jpeg (31.22 KB, 398x600, 025EF0E8-41B5-44A2-A676-58DB73…)

Anon, while I get what you were trying to get at, I don’t think men have really “devolved”, men in antiquity maybe put more effort into their appearance, and that’s a very generous maybe, but men have and will always be the uglier sex. I think you have a very false and romanticized view of men in antiquity or the olden days.

No. 1060880

They're obviously less attractive but they're not supposed to be pigdisgusting blobs with boobs and unwashed clothes either

No. 1060883

I guess you’re right since it was probably a lot harder for a man to be obese back then, personally i’m too disgusted by what the men in those days used to do so somehow that makes the gross hamplanets not look as bad in comparison, at least they’re too fat and immobile to go out and do the sick shit they probably think about, unlike the men back in the day who could basically do anything they wanted with no repercussions. I do think we need to take the internet away from men and force them back into manual labor but not give them any political power, the only way to actually make decent men.

No. 1060893

>at least they’re too fat and immobile to go out and do the sick shit they probably think about,
Bad news sis, I see you've never seen the faces of sex tourism. Nothing but old fat sloppy white guys traveling to SEA to rape kids. These sick fucks have also shifted to African countries now that NGOs are going after them in Thailand and the Philippines.

No. 1060904

When I was teenager I had a salad at work and some fat chicks made fun of me saying it was rabbit food. My favorite thing is watching people I used to know get fat kek.
How much do you want to bet that pharma is behind HAES and deathfat acceptance. Fat people need more medication and hospital care. This leads to more profits for Pharma and hospitals.

No. 1060912

jfc am I the only actually straight person here? I don’t find women to be the fairer sex. Not saying that men aren’t disgusting and don’t take care of themselves, ruining all of that. It’s a sad fact.

No. 1060921

File: 1644548517870.jpeg (93.9 KB, 828x216, 5BD38DEA-E29C-4A10-B8C2-4CE876…)

AYRT, i’m straight. Men can be attractive but most don’t take the time to do so while women do, because sadly that’s all we’re valued for, and that ends up with women being more attractive overall. Also attractive people tend to have daughters, which leads to more attractive women.

No. 1060931

Confirmed, only ugly ppl give birth to moids.

No. 1060935

This is why I’m never having kids. I’d kms if I found out I’m having a son and confirmed ugly on the same day.

No. 1060951

Please talk more, I'm dying to hear anon

No. 1060964

They are twigs muscleless men who look like they work an office job and never had to do heavy work.

No. 1060989

Other Tuckeranon, is that you!?

No. 1060994

The situation is the U.S. government has been smuggling in males from third world countries, most recently from Afghanistan (first under the guise of "oh they're refugees, translators, etc. from Afghanistan"). They fly them in and bus them to U.S. Army bases, where they're then allowed to roam off the site and into towns and cities. Keep in mind, NONE of these men have been checked or vetted. There are probably dozens of rapists and pedophiles among them.

No. 1060998

I love him and I agree with a lot of his hot takes but I would never say that irl lmao

No. 1061001

If you look back at Mesolithic hunter-gatherer societies, you'll see that. When people rely on one another to survive from day to day, suddenly all the bullshit stops. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2015/may/14/early-men-women-equal-scientists

No. 1061002

LOL well this is him reading out what an anonymous airline worker sent to his show.

No. 1061024

Women and men both hunted (obviously, everyone's gotta help take that 12 ton mammoth down). Men being hunters and women gatherers in prehistory is a myth

No. 1061043

tbf the Greeks took a lot of culture from the near-east, according to Will Durant they had "taken" more culture from the civilization from the middle east then they had "given" to the western world, the Greeks were culturally the most Semitic of the Indo-European peoples, the north Indian civilization had taken a lot culture from the dravadians of India
all settled cultures in the middle east, In India and in China were patriarchies, where women were devalued and considered no more then tools for breeding, all these cultures also had high levels of pederasty

It was the "barbarian" cultures of Indo-European and those in the steppes that had any semblance of equality between men and women

No. 1061077

Governments want to roll out digital ID and force everyone to use it which is basically going to become the social credit system in the West. The vaccine passport is the prototype of this system and we made a huge mistake allowing them to test it on us. I think when digital ID rolls out people will realize smartphones were a mistake and abandon them en masse to get away from it.

No. 1061081

Zoomers willingly download Chinese spyware because it has funny dances on it, you really think they’d abandon their phones over a digital ID?

No. 1061092

at the end of the day chinese hegemony is refreshing compared to the zogged out west

No. 1061126

I know I'm late on this, but it truly is pathetic how America seems to rely so much on their celebrities on how to think and shape society. Is there any other country so absolutely obsessed with celebs to the point they're seen as some kind of moral code or model to emulate or dictate on how things should be or change? It's like certain topics only exist or come into the public consciousness if someone famous does/says something and then they are the only example of that topic. I hope I'm making sense lol. America's celebrity worship is absolutely pathetic

No. 1061137

Oh trust me. We don't. Only fags in the major cities and lolcows, and indeed celebs themselves, care about celebs.

No. 1061175

>ya (groove to the rhythm of your unique sister)

No. 1061306

File: 1644578049527.jpg (132.7 KB, 1160x742, FLQ3INkXMAcM9LB.jpg)

Y'all…. Biden's new hire to the Department of Energy is some "non binary" loon named Sam Brinton who posts about his kinks involving petplay and allegedly making up stories about his conversion therapy. Holy kek, if this guy had more of an internet presence he could be a full fledged lolcow. How TWO furfags (this guy and the guy who worked on Moderna)have a highly visible role in extremely important matters in the world? I feel like we're gonna hear of pro bestiality legislation being pushed very soon

No. 1061308

File: 1644578639442.png (155.82 KB, 800x1283, brainlet.png)

Of course braindead retards are defending this..

No. 1061354

I've met more bpd men than bpd women. Bpd is a male personality disorder

No. 1061423

Why is literally no one talking about the fact that there is active state backed ethnic cleansing going on right now by the Ethiopian military in the Tigray region
Its not even a question of opinion, it is an actual attempt at genocide and no one is talking about, not the mainstream media nor activists online are talking about


No. 1061426

You can say this in terms of traits but in terms of actual diagnoses this isn't the case.

No. 1061428

The alt-news I followed mentioned this briefly 4 months ago. A bombing? So much is going on, it’s hard to keep up.

No. 1061439

>You think he is unfit for public office because he is kinky in the bedroom
What an asshole. He's clearly taking his kinks outside of the bedroom. We need to bring back kink shaming as a society. No one gives a shit about what you do in the bedroom. It's when you take it out of the bedroom is the problem.

No. 1061441

Is this inter ethnic conflict religious related?

No. 1061447

File: 1644588250259.jpg (204.99 KB, 1024x638, 15365207086_93239338f1_b-1024x…)

ethnic based, Tigrayns are mountain people and speak a different language, have different customs and a different history
they even have a different phenotypes then other Ethiopians

No. 1061453

Now I heard that Ethiopia lived peacefully with different of tribes for centuries and the monarchy got violently usurped by Communist coups which seems to be a sum of non-stop western invasions to the country that have been largely unsuccessful. Still,with Ethiopia's history of a largely succesful kingdom with integrating different ethnicities to live together the news about the civil war is surprising for anyone who knows the history of this country. They say its instigated by Facebook , another Western entity. We all know Western entities like to destabilize non western powers to exert their influence and control over them.

No. 1061566

Because no one cares about Ethiopia, it’s all about muh Uyghurs and Chinese genocide

No. 1061718

Well, we can talk about how white supremacists took a mass exodus from stormfront and now camp out on 4chan to spread their bullshit to a wider audience. A few mass shooters were influenced by /pol/ fuckery. Now on the topic of foreign state sponsored presence, that can be seen in "demoralization" threads in regards to how fucked up the US is. 2014 and 2016 is what really fucked 4chan up.

No. 1061780

absolute kek anon
I check up on /pol/ from time to time and everytime most of the threads are either about either some dumb film remake where x character is now played by a non-white person, blacked porn spamming, white on black or Indian porn counter-spamming

I really don't understand how anyone takes /pol/ seriously, 4chann /pol/ is literally just a handful of overly online neets with nothing better to do, the new zealand shooter used /8chan's/ which was more moderated and banned meme discussion

No. 1061782

have those racist moids gone full "tfw no slave gf" coomtard yet?

No. 1062155

File: 1644632998556.png (207.12 KB, 606x994, 982482947.png)

Unreal. I'm face palming so hard right now. Very classy of you Big Pharma, real classy kek.


No. 1062172

Big Phagma. Unironically think we should bring back murder. Elitefags with money got power through violence, outlawed violence so their power could never be contested, implemented a puppet justice system so people would think things are fair and not feel the need to revolt, and then avoid any punishment for the abuse they inflict on the people via bribery since the system they implemented runs on money.

No. 1062179

Using autism to describe some positive traits (creativity, passion, intellectualism) feels like a psyop for normies to think autists are geniuses.

No. 1062187

100%. Autists want to stop being made fun of so they present only positive aspects of abnormal brain behaviour, while ignoring the bad parts of the behaviour (like the more sad being shit at social cues, chimpout violence, troonism, face blindness, etc). Like calling retarded people special, when in context it means they are unfortunate.

No. 1062195

What are good websites to discuss tinfoil theories? I used to like a lot but they got co-opted by crap in 2016.

No. 1062218

File: 1644636298813.jpg (244.72 KB, 960x1661, 1644110902160.jpg)

Anyone sperging out against the convoy is either A: a narcissist or B: a fake commie. They seethe because they know their few years of harassing normal people is going to come to a screeching halt.

No. 1062221

No their new fetish is Khazar women (ironically).

No. 1062984

How they function, poison you then give you an antidote that includes a different poison, etc. Forever until you die.

No. 1062987

Pretty sure it's to stop ppl from questioning why so many kids are being born with brain damage.

No. 1063012

>Who can reply? People @moderna_tx follows or mentioned can reply
kek it's like reading a parody but it's not a joke and real

No. 1063154

re people shitting on simu liu in the celeb thread:
the fact that he has been chosen to be the next asian hollywood star when there would be so many younger and more attractive guys trying to make it who also appeal to a female audience (e.g. mackenyu) makes me believe in the tinfoil that white hollywood moids choose ugly pocs on purpose to shill white moid visual supperiority

No. 1063157

mackenyu is qt
of course they wouldn't push him, he mogs all of the white actors out there

No. 1063176

File: 1644696711656.jpg (36.81 KB, 400x259, mackenyu-shirtless-in-one-driv…)

i mean he's even totally jacked now, he'd also appeal to the average gay-in-denial capeshit moid
and it's not like simu is a good actor either, china is rightfully pissed about this

No. 1063375

Please elaborate anon kek

No. 1063457

Go check out the Canada thread, that'll explain it better (and show some fake commies lol).

No. 1063522

The US version of the convoy that's being planned according to the media feels like a glow op

No. 1063525

It'll be another Jan 6th with glowies leading a pack of naive, patriotic retards into social and career doom

No. 1063541

I'm not into asian guys but I think you are right. White men hate seeing women simp for asian men because AM are more successful than WM. As long as AM are desexualized they are not seen as a threat to white guys. If asian guys were promoted as sex symbols, that combined with the fact that they earn more and are more educated etc would make white guys very insecure. Same guys of course will sexualize asian women and pair them with WM in media.