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No. 1330198

General conspiracy thread. Discussions surrounding government coverups, entertainment industry secrets, predictions, political intrigues etc, are all welcome here.

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No. 1330454

I'll go first, here are the following things I believe:

One. The rise in so-called AI art creation technologies has nothing to do with 'democratising art' (what the fuck does that mean, pick up a pencil you pricks). The techbros who are pushing this obviously want to make a buck off of turning the AIs into subscription services and/or making NFTs. But it goes deeper than that, there is no doubt in my mind that it is currently and will continue to be used to facilitate CP.

Two. Most people are unaware that there is a cabal of pedos and perverts who push through policies simple so they can continue to run roughshod over the general public. I estimate that it's like 300,000 to 1 million degenerates pulling the strings. They're in academia, media/entertainment, politics, everywhere.

Three. Covid is not a hoax but was used surreptitiously to push through policies and ideas into public discourse. I also think it was used to create watchlists from the general public. Let's put it this way, a person who keeps complaining about lockdowns, or refuses a vaccine, and thinks pronouns are bullshit - regardless of what you think about this person, they are dangerous to authority. The government absolutely keeps tabs on this shit and collects data from social media companies. They know who the people are who won't abide by the rules.

Four. If AI continues unregulated, humans will have nothing to do. The governments can't just allow millions of sheeple to sit around consooming (especially given those consumers won't have an income in the first place). No government in the world has a solid policy for dealing with total automation and a possible singularity. I assume the elite will just allow starvation and disease to take its course and kill off a chunk of the population. Covid might very well have just been a test run.

Five. Aliens are real and possibly have observed us before. We can't detect them because they have ways of obfuscating themselves. Probably they're waiting to see if we kill ourselves in WWIII, I imagine that most species go through a trial by fire and it's a 50/50 shot whether a species makes it or goes extinct during the crucible.

No. 1330457

nona you are so based and i agree with you on most of this. can we be best friends? i really wish i could meet more people with their tinfoil hat on in person everyone looks at me like im crazy.

No. 1330460

This particular picture upsets me so much. The universe is so beautiful and big and yet…

No. 1330587

Can we all be besties then? I need friends to discuss tinfoil with and you are both lovely, nonnies

No. 1330702


First anon here, I wish we could all be best friends, too.

I've still got my tinfoil hat on, so there was one last point about the people pulling the strings. I think there's significant overlap between the perverts and sickos running things and people who are pursuing a transhumanist agenda.

I was horrified to read about the experiment in China wherein they grafted a female rodent to a male one, just so the male could use the female's reproductive system to gestate a fetus. Beyond evil, but why?

There is AI that can perfectly replicate human voices. AI chatbots so sophisticated they can fool engineers (consider the Google engineer who got fired earlier this year for suggesting that the chatbot he was working on was sentient).

What is the end goal of these technologies? There's no doubt in my mind that it's an effort by deranged, disturbed and truly dangerous men, who want slaves made in the image of women, but with none of our spirit or humanity. Every technology they push has the end game of creating their fantasy sex slave and the rest of us be damned.

No. 1330713

not really tin-foily im just really frustrated with the state of privacy right now, i don't have tiktok but my sister has. me and her often chat on whatsapp. i never said the names of the following people out loud and Yet. she has been getting people from my contacts all over her tiktok for you page under the tag 'people you may know'. she has never interacted with them otherwise so how the fuck is tiktok on her phone pulling from my contact list holy shit i have been telling people in my life for months now about how terrible tiktok is (yes everything spies but i feel like this takes the cake) but i have legit been told by some that they just don't give a fuck about privacy/ just looove pop culture and can't live without it. i feel more doomer about this every day how have people lost all sense of wanting privacy

No. 1330715

samefag but also does anybody else find that people are more suspicious when they find out you don't have any social media/don't share every second of your life online kek

No. 1330742

Yeah. I’m about ready to live off grid in a little bit in the woods or something. Really hate that ANYTHING needs your id, phone number, etc

No. 1330778

Outer space doesn't exist, nona, d'uh

No. 1330830

with you until aliens, purely because it needs more nuance. do you mean extra terrestrials from space, or the ocean, or from the earth core?
the UFOs I saw I think were government related but I'd love to hear other nonas experiences (is there a ufo thread already?)
vidrel is pretty much what I saw, but my area is a well known hotspot for UFO activity. also there were three and when I pointed them out to my bf at the time they saw me point and bailed and he didn't see. I felt them see me see them if you know what I mean. it was a super weird experience
but yeah could be government drones?? what I saw looked like some harry potter lumos shit. I hate to know its just our shitty earth doing it I wish it was aliens. I've never felt more elated than when I saw that shit, and the only people who believe me are people who have seen something similar. one actually had photos on his phone of what him and his work crew saw one night but that's all I wanna say cause that shit was too fucken real.

No. 1330834

oh nona how i wish we could be friends. ive had friends tell me that men are going to be pedophiles either way so why does it matter if girls pedobait/do ddlg shit. she did agree that all pedophiles should die though thank god and shes not all about that TRA shit but. people refuse to accept that there are very very bad people out there and their MAIN PREROGATIVE is hurting women and children. there are so many batshit laws out there that just protect those people too, and of course theyre the ones to push that policy through. people in the last thread were talking a lot about cannibalism and it ties in with this stuff for me. like they want to consume women and children so badly, take the spirit and youth of them however they can. through blood, rape, murder, sacrifice. its all mostly just for sociopathic kicks but i think there has to be another reason they do this. maybe some sort of soul harvesting? like in the live action scooby doo? idfk ladies. but im glad theres lots of us out here trying to question everything we can.

No. 1330838

same fag but id like to mention the women/children hate, trans shit, and transhumanism all tie together so well for me. like males want to become females and also would like to be children. also the people pushing this trans agenda shit want both sexes to be more more child like and analgous. think about it, kids are slightly more androgynous, so they want to literally delay their puberty and keep them in that weird "in between" sort of state as long as they can. even trans mtf doctors have come out and said that shit is fucked because their penis ends up so small they cant even turn it into a vagina… like why the fuck do medical professionals wanna give males tiny useless penis' and give females flat chests? its literally pedophilia. most pedophiles dont care about sex either, its a power thing, most men who commit assault even onto male children are straight men. its honestly so fucked up when you really think about it. the transhumanism/cyber shit factors in too because those crazy fuckers pretty much just want robot womb machines so they can kill off all biological females and just fuck other males with cyborg genitals and impregnate themselves. i wouldnt be surprised if some of those 1 percent type troons (that one whos like a military high up and was given some
medals idk military or gov shit i just know of this troon) consume women and childrens blood or maybe even organs cuz they think itll make them more feminine or something.

No. 1330878

File: 1662641184091.jpeg (364.48 KB, 1322x845, 68116B31-F8E9-4FA2-8BC6-F996DC…)

I definitely believe the cannibal thing is plausible. Marina Abrimovac and Lady Gaga eating that human cake comes to mind. Rich people might just not die in their 60s or 70s because they aren’t on the poor working class paint thinner crap in the food , or maybe because they’re doing weird blood transfusions.

No. 1330898

the young blood transfusions is a real thing, there are firms out there dedicated to it but they dont advertise to masses, their target audience comes to them. blood from young doners is literally the most rejuvenating thing you can do as an ancient shithead trying to hang on a bit longer.

No. 1330913

i read about foreskin facials recently, what the fuck. i think i actually did see i through lc. cate blanchette uses them. totally makes sense shes so scary looking her face is so tight. she has a very demonic energy. and tabloids report on this shit like its "wacky" and not like some dystopian shit when they're literally harvesting baby foreskins to keep celebrities and the uber rich looking young.

No. 1330923

File: 1662642736948.png (354.45 KB, 1248x904, Screenshot 2022-09-08 at 14.12…)

Holy shit not even a tinfoil

No. 1330924

i heard the words penis facials i had no idea it was baby foreskins??? i though it was just cum

No. 1330930

the media is definitely trying to fucking normalize this shit too like why are they reporting on this? foaming at the mouth to normalize selling little bits of people to consumers.

No. 1330957

Like fuck scrotes but I'm so against cutting up little baby dicks.

Here's a horrifying YouTube about Nabokov, early Hollywood pedophilia, and more. It's part of a series and the whole thing is great. A lot of Nabokov's work was subtly trying to out the pedophile elite, including known pervert Lewis Carroll. Alice in Wonderland is great but boy do I feel funny enjoying it. (Same goes for Back to the Future. Rumor is it that Speilberg was raping kids on set in a casting couch scenario. Crispin Glover objected and had his likeness famously stolen in the sequel. He wrote an essay about it, it's archived online somewhere.)

No. 1330962

Samefagging in with an excerpt from "What Is It?" an essay by Crispin Hellion Glover about his film of the same name (which I have yet to watch).

"Do you believe Steven Spielberg is an ideal guide and influence for our culture? Do Steven Spielberg’s films question our culture? What do Steven Spielberg’s films question? Does Steven Spielberg focus much of his fantasy life on young people? Did he portray children wallowing in sewers filled with fecal matter in Schindler’s List? Did he use children to finger paint an adult in Hook? Does he collect the illustrations of Norman Rockwell, such as the one showing a young boy in his underwear examined by a doctor? Are the inclinations of Steven Spielberg above suspicion by the media-fed culture? Was Steven Spielberg very friendly with Michael Jackson? Wasn’t Michael Jackson supposed to play Peter Pan in Steven Spielberg’s version of the story? Now that Michael Jackson is no longer held in favor by the mass media, does Spielberg associate with him? Do Michael Jackson and Steven Spielberg share similar opinions about the sexuality of young boys?"

No. 1330967

i knew nonas were weirdly obsessed with crispin glover on here for a reason i thought they just thought he was hot! he seems absolutely based, do you know where i could find his film? could i download it easily?

No. 1330970

heres a link to the essay for anyone interested, was kind of hard to find in a simple search: https://archive.ph/2012.06.02-064734/http://thecrispincorner.com/essay.html

No. 1330976

Thank you nona, I could only find it copied on some Qanon blog. That (Q) was such a successful psyop but I think it might backfire on them eventually. Sure right now it seems like only retards believe in an evil pedophile cabal, but those retards ARE doing research and some of it is even useful.

I torrented it ages ago but have since lost the file. It's on the Pirate Bay with like two seeds.

Another based celeb is Bowie, he wrote a song called Shopping for Girls with the band Tin Machine in the 80s where he straight up admits he's being used by the cabal to traffick children and calls out Michael Jackson.

No. 1330980

File: 1662646877614.jpg (176.21 KB, 986x1000, le-chanteur-anglais-david-bowi…)

"Between the dead ring ash of extreme defense
The lonely groups of company boys
Snapping pictures of scrawny limbs and toothy grins
These are children riding naked on their tourist pals
While the hollows that pass for eyes swell from withdrawal
And he lies on a mattress in a rat infested room
Talking 'bout his family and the cold back home
Between the dull cold eyes and the mind unstable
Noone over here reads the papers pal
'Tween the dull cold eyes and the mind unstable
He's a clean trick and he's shopping for girls
A small black someone jumps over the crazy white guard
Cranking up the volume of a Michael Jackson song
Between the dull cold eyes and the mind unstable
Noone over here reads the papers pal
'Tween the dull cold eyes and the mind unstable
He's a clean trick and he's shopping for girls
Where the frangipani scents the air
She mouths a word that breaks his stare
He grunts his reply in a garrulous croak
"That's a mighty big word for a nine year old"
Between the dull cold eyes and the mind unstable
Noone over here reads the papers pal
'Tween the dull cold eyes and the mind unstable
He's a clean trick and he's shopping for girls
Shopping for girls, shopping for girls
You gaze down into her eyes for a million miles
You wanna give her a name and a clean rag doll"

As for why I personally think that song is autobiographical, I think the line "no one over here reads the papers, pal" implies that no one recognizes him.

There's plenty of other tinfoil-y stuff in his work but I can't give everything away.

No. 1330982

didn't bowie fuck teenagers tho

No. 1330986

He absolutely did. He called out the cabal on numerous occasions yet he was born into it, his mother was a Nazi. I don't doubt he took part in the fucked up shit, but he also exposed it. Flawed but still based imo.

No. 1330987

don't forger Oingo boingo's infamous song

No. 1330990

i really hate that only the right wing reports on pedo type shit. like i will find a youtube video reporting on creepy tiktok accounts and stuff but its like they always focus on the most surface level shit. like they never really go after big people or companies or anything like that just creepy internet accounts. like dont get me wrong predators being exposed is great but a lot of it seems like its an agenda being pushed that leftism is super accepting of pedophilia when the right wing is exactly the same. im sure a lot of those trumpy boomers who follow q shit and are obsessed with all gay men being pedos are attracted to little teen girls or have gay leanings themselves. weird projection on a lot of peoples parts. i would really love to see BOTH sides exposed much more by unbiased parties. i don't really consider myself to have any political affiliations because i don't really believe in our government (im a burger) and i dont think anyone whos a politician can be a good person. i do lean left for sure but i do not align with most leftists at all because im not about TRA shit and i think feminism nowadays is just used to sell products and make females feel like dehumanizing and degrading things are actually the "feminist" thing to do. i hope anti pedophilia activism becomes more mainstream and accepted, abuse of children seems like one of the longest running trends on this planet.

No. 1330992

danny elfman is a scientologist though nona. i think i've heard some more creepy rumours about him too.

No. 1330994

You just reminded me that they took away independent as a voting category in my area. You’re either dem, lib, rep, or undecided. No, I’m an independent who refuses to acknowledge and vote party lines. I want your actions, policies and words to represent me and the people.

No. 1330996

It sucks because I was literally a victim of this shit, I was sex trafficked as a child, they tried to brainwash me in an MK-adjacent cult, come from a family with generational incest in a region of the country where a lot of MK stuff took place. I'm second gen, and it didn't work as well on children of MK assets because they had robots trying to make robots essentially… and when I've tried to confide in people about it, I've had asshole leftists call me a liar. Like did you miss the Epstein case you simpleminded cuck? You trust your government? Like… this shit is on Wikipedia you head-in-the-sand, nonce-supporting cumrags.

Anyway I'll just be over here, programmed to kill myself and drinking heavily, lol

No. 1330999

Oh yeah and my friend who was an activist against this shit recently got caught up in a sex trafficking ring in my hometown and now she's in jail and I'm just fucking pissed.

No. 1331001

nona if your friend was an activist against sex trafficking how would she have ended up working with a sex trafficking ring?

No. 1331003

A tale as old as time… she started dating a scrote. Where she's at, being present at a crime is culpability, and she was in the house (probably out of her mind on drugs) while said scrote raped another woman. He had been traffcking her too, though she never admitted to being trafficked, just told me she was investigating it from the inside.

No. 1331005

he was notoriously blacklisted for speaking out against pedowood. I remember seeing him saying something about how every bedroom set on Back To the Future was basically where directors/producers would take the younger stars. pls nonas if you can find it post it I'm looking now
Makes the whole marty mcfly/his mum trying to root him in her own bed thing make a bit more sense jfc moids with money are literally the worst

No. 1331006

USA didn't go to the moon

No. 1331007

amberlynn reid posts here confirmed

No. 1331011

File: 1662648649071.jpg (37.22 KB, 622x367, IMG_20220908_105113.jpg)

I never saw the actual quote but I read the rumor on CDAN and that plus his essay had me convinced. I'm sure a direct quote would have been wiped from the new internet, just like all the other good shit.

On a more positive note, Deoxy.org is back online. I love that website.

No. 1331012

moon shit is all fake. like embarrassingly so. even if we did go what they televised was fake.

I'll keep hunting but it was a genuine multiple-actor expose about the pedo shit going on in most if not all Spielberg films. crispin was one of the main whistleblowers and he hasn't had work since. this is the first I've seen of anyone discussing it since a few years ago when I read it but I'll have a dig around see if anything hasn't been nuked off clearweb. he seems to be one of the good ones or at the very worst a patsy.

No. 1331017

nona pls elaborate if you can. please

No. 1331026

This reminds me of something, In Back to the Future Marty Mcfly was originally played by Eric Stoltz but 5 weeks after shooting he was replaced with Michael J. Fox, the movie was essentially was redone with Micheal J.Fox and this ended up costing around extra $4 million dollars, tell me why would any studio be willing to spend that much money over one actor, no sensible studio would ever risk it

No. 1331028

File: 1662649597031.jpg (30.69 KB, 518x473, LBFD.jpg)

Queen Elizabeth II about to die apparently, London bridge is falling down!

No. 1331032

No. 1331037

I think she might have already passed. Not tinfoil really.

No. 1331039

I genuinely don't remember most of it, it's repressed or I have some kind of disassociative disorder. I can only assume this is my mind protecting me. I've had weird occult stuff happen to me, found out a person I thought was my friend for years was my handler. I'm in therapy but don't discuss the tinfoil stuff, I focus on the incest and child sex trafficking. My guardian was batshit insane with multiple personalities.

Unpopular opinion but I think some of these internet DID cases have a basis in reality, but because they're leaning into it for internet points they go off the deep end and end up making themselves crazier. You're supposed to integrate these personalities, not roleplay with them. Making tulpas willynilly is playing with your sanity. Plus all these DID fakers make it impossible for people who actually have it to be taken seriously. It's like Qanon, a distraction to ruin the credibility of anyone who tries to discuss it.

No. 1331042

No. 1331044

Like my friend who's in jail now was actually diagnosed with DID, and integrated years ago. That said, I wonder if she split again during her time with that cursed scrote. She had been much more public about speaking out on CSA, and put a target on her back. (Not that I haven't with my reckless ass posting over the years… Lol hello NSA agent)

No. 1331048

nona my heart reaches out to you. a lot of specialists now a days believe bpd and did to be a spectrum. people misuse those terms so much, bpd isnt just slutty bitches who use people for attention, did isnt multiple personalities. the real disorders come from places of deep trauma, abuse, and neglect. someone like shayna or luna or pixielocks doesnt have bpd or did. they have no trauma rooted in childhood. bpd isnt some hoe disorder, you actually lose so much in your life and relationships. im diagnosed bpd and ive always heavily heavily related to what the "accurate" depictions of what did is. i dissociate and black out very often and i will forget whole events or fights that have happened with people. i feel like "multiple people" but not in the way tiktokers do with outfits and makeup and the kinnie shit. i genuinely have different thoughts and opinions at different times and will react to situations in totally different ways depending on what "mode" im in. sometimes im completely immoral and unempathetic, sometimes im filled with so much guilt and pain and sorrow for myself and everyone else i can't even handle it. doesn't really belong in the tinfoil thread but i had to respond to you nona. i will throw in a tinfoil here and say that bpd is so fucking stigmatized because people don't want to deal with hurt women, with traumatized women, with women who have anger and fear. sending good energies your way, i hope you are healing and im sorry if i overshared too much im also having a manic episode and lolcow is my only outlet right now

No. 1331068

You have not over shared, and I get you nona, sometimes anonymous message boards are the only outlet. I didn't know that about DID/BPD, thank you for sharing. That's mostly how I've experienced whatever dissociative disorder I have as well. Only a couple times have I encountered separate 'alters' and they didn't show up as full-fledged individuals with names and shit, though I did name them after to make things easier. They're not really different though, it's still me, just with different memories or lived experience. I don't role my eyes into the back of my head and 'switch', sometimes I just find myself doing crazy nonsensical shit and I realize I'm missing some chunk of memory, and have to backtrack to figure out why I'm acting the way I am.

Thank you for being such a sweet bean and I hope your manic session calms down soon so you can relax. I'd send you lavender tea if I could.

RE: Queen, she might have been a lizard person who killed Diana and covered for her pedophile brother, but she seemed like as good of a Queen as she could be under the circumstances, regardless. She was definitely better than Chucklefuck Charles will be. Back to scrotes on the throne, ladies.

No. 1331078

oh hey, an anon in the prediction thread called it

No. 1331129

Is anyone else creeped out by the AI avatars in popular twitter tags? I looked up the queen one and some of the first results are find are from accounts like
btw I had the same experience when corona mandates were tweeted about in my country

No. 1331132

Only semi-related, and maybe belongs in the Royal thread, but has anyone else heard the theory that Meagan was a 'yacht girl'? Aka a prostitute. CDAN claimed that's how Harry and Meagan met… he was her John.

No. 1331151

A lot of celebrities have hormonal disorders, possibly because ED and drug shenanigans. But also I dont discard doping with female celebrities, testosterone is a performance enhancer after all even if is also posion. I mean if you're filming +15 hrs a day of content and practicing intricate dance rutines while being Ana i could see why you would take t (and meth)
Something that is disturbing me is that a few weeks ago i tried to reseach some info about doping in female athletes and i didn't find a lot. I remember a few years ago that information was very accessible everywhere and even a parody theme on mainstream media. I remember seeing the testimonials of ex-eastern germany/other commie countries athletes detalling the horrible effects that doping (with testosterone) did to their bodies. Now that information isn't that accesible anymore, between that and TRA dogs barking that "anti doping laws affect cis woman too!!" I think it's the confirmation that there is a lot of hormonal disorders and doping between celebrities/elite and they want to normalize it.

No. 1331155

i didn't but i don't think it matters much, if she was so what? It doesn't really change much a lot of actresses and models and such had to do sex work sometimes

No. 1331158

yea i was going to reply this too. she's an actress and was on a bad cable show before harry, of course she was an escort or prostitute of some kind, most actresses and models are. shouldn't be news in the tinfoil thread kek.

No. 1331191

Prince/King Charles is WEF

No. 1331365

World Economic Forum?

No. 1332304

the kardashians / jenners are a coven of witches who harvest the energies of scrotes for their own benefit (their businesses etc) (not angry over that, it’s based but i always found it sus how the moids they get attached too always end up flopping later in life) they also harvest the energies of the people who hate them & that’s why they will never really go away.

No. 1332314

Wtf I love the kardashians now

No. 1332332


Alienfag here again, well there's no doubt there are undiscovered species under the earth and in the ocean, but my main interest is in life on other planets. Statistically, it's unlikely to think there wouldn't be.

Even if only 1% of planets in our galaxy alone had life, and only 1% of them were intelligent, we're still talking about thousands of sapient races. The issue is with the vastness between stars, but I truly feel that the technology exists to cross these distances when we start getting into shit like wormholes and non-euclidean theories of space. So why haven't these intelligent races really reached out to us yet?

Because they're waiting to see what we do next. Until then we are in the 'bubble' - no communication in or out.

No. 1332369

She went to my high school, kek. Idk if she was a yacht girl but considering how limp her acting career was, maybe this was how she got work.

No. 1332371

Well we've got radio waves, and television waves. All of our shit from 50, 60, 70 years ago is now being seen/heard on some distant planet. Weird, huh?

No. 1332376

Are all gay men pedophiles ? like when I see the way gay men act and their activism(which has always included the right to rape children) I can't unsee it, at 9:20 this man makes out with a 12 year old

No. 1332378

>at 9:20 the man makes out with a 12 year old
Well why the fuck would you want to show that to other people

No. 1332433

you always pretend to be offended by pedophiles but you collect these things obsessively. its not about awareness or canceling, its you being a total creep

No. 1332482

I’m thinking it’s the anon upthread who posted the half naked pic of an underaged boy and said they save everything pertaining to them they come across. This is starting to seem like a genuine pedophile camping here to seek out more child abuse material or discuss it.

No. 1332815

File: 1662714858478.jpg (293.05 KB, 1080x1602, Screenshot_20220909-021401_Chr…)

I think circumcision is big in America (and Korea apparently) because the medical industry makes money off of the stem cells in the discarded scrotums. Picrel is the only article left I could find about this which is weird because there were more results when I searched it up months ago. The woman referred to is Sandra Bullock.

No. 1332916

>Are all gay men pedophiles ?
Yeah, most men, gay or not, are pedophiles. The prevalence on gay men seems to be higher, but maybe straight and bi men try more to cover it up, not that I think that they accomplish this. My tinfoil is that all men are gay.

No. 1332933

I kinda don't give a shit if a woman gets to look younger for the price of some dick skin, scrotes can handle it. Big Pharma is right for that one.

No. 1332943

No, they're just retarded and maleable. For most of the story, attraction to grown men and attraction to young boys were two different categories, and the second ones used to look down on the frist. Only when (us, woman, clearly) managed to establish the notion that children are people is when things started to look rough for pedos. That's why even after centuries of beef with actual gays pedos joined them in the formative days of the LGTB activism, by that they were desesperate. Males as retarded they are thought "oooh poor marginalized pedos" without thinking twice at the implications or the fact that pedos are the first people to find sex between grown men disgusting. It wasn't until the lesbians kicked them out + conservative campaigns when the gays publicly backtracked (and im generalizing because even if i'm not a burger the nambla shitshow affected the whole west) but the pedos always stayed in the background, leeching the LGBT movement. The average gay man is as retarded as Harry Hay, they just don't think at all. When gays went out of fashion, they move into trannies. And those were more to their liking because after all castrated young people looks like children.

No. 1332945

>pretending crusty dick skin has magical powers
I knew the kiwi scrotes would be here in no time. It’s because they’re sick of having to shake hands with men who pick their foreskins the way they pick their noses. In a couple centuries the world will look back at Europeans as savage primitive peoples for allowing such vile health concerns walk around freely. Uncircumcised men are a barbaric tribe that will go extinct soon. If foreskin was so normal our ancestors would not have spent millennias trying to free men of it. There is a direct link between mental illness and foreskin fanaticism (faggots love uncircumcised men, for example) and I’m inclined to believe looking at the unsightly bundle of skin every time they take off their pants has made these males mentally ill. Go spread your schizophrenic disinformation elsewhere, demon.

No. 1332948

The reason pedophiles are not in the “LGBTQ” acronym is because lesbians have been rallying against it since the late 70’s. If it were up to the men, target would be selling pedo-pride pins.

No. 1332956

That, and AIDS. Pedophiles want good publicity after all and the AIDS crisis killed all the goodwill that gays could hold for a while. That is where most of the pedophile activism groups disbanded. Males are retarded and aside from not undestranding the inherent degeneracy of pedos (because they don't spend time with children) they don't realize pedos are fairweather friends. When the shit hit the fan they're the frist ones to hide like the disgusting rats they're. Again, they don't even hang with gays that much anymore! They chose the trannies, they have many more similarities after all.

No. 1332964

Samefag. Never forgot that male sexuality is a meme. Aside from a general guideline, they would fuck what their peers want to fuck too. When pedos stopped hanging with gays, "mascxmasc" "no fems" started to rise again (and of course the academic branch of pedophilia, the queer studies attacked them for being attracted to grown ass males who look like males) So no, i don't think they're "naturally pedos", pedos are pedos and gay moids are gay moids. There is an overlap in the sense that there are a lot of pedos who are extreme omnivores and would fuck whatever they can, but you can attach those to straight moids too.

No. 1333127

Cow-related tinfoil here but does anyone else think Amberlynn Reid killed Destiny's cat Gracie?

No. 1333130

You should post this on the "whats your opinion on cows" thread, it will gain more tracktion

No. 1333139

wasn't there some research, where men were found to have on average more frequent erection with seeing images of young boys more then adult women

No. 1333146

Will do, thanks anon

No. 1333181

I’d love to see a source (not sarcasm) because that sounds interesting. Lesbian history is always cool to hear and learn about

No. 1333183

she definitely let the cat out on purpose kek. i love how in his videos about her mr snowflake always puts a RIP gracie graphic in the beginning.

No. 1333191

Idk but that wouldn't surprise me at all, who needs a probably biased reserach conducted by a male owned laboratory when you have the experience of a lifetime to prove this?

No. 1333194

Men spent so many years trying to remove foreskin because in their retarded minds it's better to just cut it off than to clean it. Men are just disgusting and will mutilate children instead of fucking teaching them (and themselves) to just fucking shower and wash properly. The same men also spent years trying to cut off healthy parts of female genitals out of pure spite.

Men don't really have a sexuality. Men will literally fuck anything and anyone, and I guess that does make them all straight, gay, pedos and zoophiles at the same time kek. The only thing stopping male degeneracy are taught female morals and legal concequences. Without those you get soldiers dismembering and raping little girls for fun and religions where marrying, fucking and killing children is fine and even better.

No. 1333201

thank you. men literally just started cutting off foreskin cuz theyre too lazy to clean and want an excuse to touch baby dick like wtf. in what world is it ok to just cut something off a baby, especially if they're harvesting it for celeb womens facials? fgm is still a huge issue in america too, which is so much worse. the whole point is that a baby cannot ever consent to something like that happening to them. i only think circumcision is necessary for health reasons like if that thing where the pee goes up back into the dick or whatever, like my half sister whos crunchy as fuck said she did it because that runs in her dads side of the family.

No. 1333203

File: 1662743432633.jpeg (241.93 KB, 962x1442, 4034D753-3BDD-492D-A563-09BD0D…)

That shirt can't be a coincidence

No. 1333213

No. 1333238

A huge part of the reason most boys need circumcision in the first place is because people dont know how to clean baby boys. You don’t pull back the foreskin on a baby. You wipe like a finger. The amount of old women especially day care workers I’ve had to fight about this and I don’t even have a son and won’t ever have one.
Until the little boy can pop the damn thing out of his foreskin himself that thing is basically fused on. When you force your way underneath to clean you’re causing micro tears and ripping the two layers of skin apart before the baby boy is read. Which A is torture to the child and B leads to infections from micro tears.

No. 1333241

Just the average mental breakdown from the average nepo baby with a wealthy family. Like Kirsten Stewart, they enjoy doing drugs and dressing like shit for the lolz.

No. 1333256

She kind of fucked up by banging on about how much she wanted a cat that was HERS and then every time she referred to gracie she would put so much emphasis on it beng destinys cat and not her cat. It was weird before the cat even went missing. That alone stood out to me at the time. Seeing as they lived together and amber is usually the queen of moving fast and claiming you as hers.. why wouldn't gracie kinda be ambers cat too?? Thats how that usually works. Shared home, shared life.. you live with the cat so close enough.

She could've just kept some of that talk to herself and never set off peoples suspicions. She told us destiny said
>gracie has to die before we can get another cat
And just like that, poof, cat gone.
Its similar to that incident with twinkie where she was called out for neglect as soon as the dog had a medical incident that required attention. She went out to eat and left the dog shivering in pain at home. Insisted there were no vets open when the 24 hurs vet was right next to the place she had dinner that night. Again could've just said less and people would've never known that happened.

No. 1333261

Finally someone see this, we have undercover pedophiles here and even people who are open about it.

No. 1333371

I’m starting to think they’re coming here because they’ve heard of the tranny spamming CSAM when the mods are asleep.

No. 1333373

did this bitch say traction as "tracktion" and nobody cares
anon you are my new fave I dub you trackianon and I love you forever

No. 1333430

There's definitely one or multiple that hangs out in the child sex abuse in hollywood thread. Theres a really gross anon who posts 'random facts' about people sexualizing young boys, posting pictures about how cute a boy looked when he was young or calling them 'shotas'

No. 1333452

I think I’m with you on this one. Honestly it’s just too fucking sad to think, that we’re completely alone. The universe is far too big, aliens are out there and we’ll hear from them, when we’re ready.
Also the whole ocean thing is a bit terrifying. I don’t think we’re even close to discovering half of what awaits us in the deepest, darkest parts of it. I can even believe that sentient life exists here, since dolphins and octopi are so damn smart. If octopi could live for longer than a few years, they would totally become our cute, slimy overlords. We’re lucky they’re so stupid with their reproductive choices.

No. 1333498

Yeah it’s definitely the same male. Really fucking weird. Really anyone could be trawling google for articles and depictions of sexual abuse in Hollywood and find this thread, and set up shop here hoping we cite material they can browse through. There are posts here that are too informative.

No. 1333505

>how cute a boy looked when he was young or calling them 'shotas'
We definitely have shota lovers here. I had an argument with them once.

No. 1333533

Thanks, Anon. I find that whenever I listen to so-called skeptics talk about the existence of alien life, a majority % of these talking heads are moids who dismiss the possibility simply because they can't understand why we haven't discovered them yet.

Typical scrote lack of imagination and pure narcissism. They actually think that in the entire Universe we are the only sapient species, and/or because they can't fathom how the galaxy could be crossed by advanced beings, they just dismiss it.

As for our kin on this planet, I hope that orcas and other whales inherit the earth after the women depart for an all-female colony on Mars (men have gone extinct by then I guess).

No. 1333535


She ate that cat.

No. 1333538

> As for our kin on this planet, I hope that orcas and other whales inherit the earth after the women depart for an all-female colony on Mars (men have gone extinct by then I guess

That made me smile and I’m about to go to sleep and dream of this. Thank you nonna.

No. 1333593

Maybe the universe does it on purpose. We just aren't meant to see another intelligent life on a different planet (on the same is fine, because we are all of the same genes and related) but to meet an isolated species made of the elements in their earth, even if they looked like us, it would be a mindfuck. Somehow the universe only generates a few hospitable planets, whose conditions only last a certain amount of time etc

No. 1333639

Well, it’s probably the same people who think that we’re a pinnacle of evolution. It’s the most stupid shit I’ve ever heard. Have you seen our spines?
And I’m all in for a lesbian paradise on Mars, let’s make it happen.

No. 1333694

i'm britbong if it matters and i think part of the reason such a big deal was made about the queen's platinum jubilee earlier this year was because they knew she was going to die very soon and wanted to test the peasant's loyalty before the incompetent cunt that is charles got to become king

No. 1333883

File: 1662787758728.jpg (230.44 KB, 1080x1923, AyIloQi.jpg)

No. 1333889

Kek and what a failure that was because so many pubs reported failed projections. They thought it was going to increase pub sales massively but it didn't. No one gave a shit. Good. Fuck the royal family.

No. 1333894

anon this looks like a smoke/vape ring kek

No. 1334131

this is a mistake. He along with others are chosen to show parts of the truth. The truth in plain sight setup is desirable because they think it absolves them of karmic responsibility.

Stop idolising any of these people.

No. 1334322

I know for a fact they killed Avicii cause he wanted to expose the pedo order, I literally refuse to believe otherwise

No. 1334354

Based Avicii exposing the truth via a cringe music video i bet that hit them really hard!

No. 1334372

File: 1662824644654.jpg (81.49 KB, 1135x499, FRb3MxcWQAEuZtc.jpg)

>cringe music video
okay pedo worshipper

No. 1334414

Avicii's dead he's not gonna fuck you

No. 1334515

Those men are being realistic and helpful to their future monistat-riddled partners by solving a problem. Better than being ambassador to the baggy dick smegma club like you are.

No. 1334558

They are not harvesting foreskin for women’s skincare you crazy faggot, I fucking wish they did so males would be useful for something at last.

Why are you so enthusiastic about fingering babies foreskins? This is the problem with SMEGMA CRUSADERS. “Oh, you don’t need a simple clean operation when you can suck the dick-cheese straight out of the flap like a mini vacuum for 18 years until the boy learns how to do it on his own! I’m sure the same males who think it’s gay to wipe their asses after taking a shit will take the time to finger their dicks.” Lmao get a life

No. 1334869

anon take a look at >>1330923 they literally are kek why don't people skim threads before posting

No. 1334924

you're right they do it so they deprive women of pleasure and ruin their own stimulation in the process, leaving their dicks alone is far better than a simple clean operation because it's a huge net-loss for communities if you're not gonna straight up kill them off
just look at any society that practices it as a medical or ritual necessity they are by far the shittiest countries in the world

No. 1335664

>my third world country is shitty because we practice circumcision
I have never seen anons this retarded anywhere else. Average smegma crusader logic.
Good. What do you expect me to say? “Nooo, not my heckin’ nigelerinoos!”

No. 1336177

>my third world country is shitty because we practice circumcision
Sorry for your circumstance but it's true

No. 1336304

I mean at the end of the day, there will always be circumsized and non-curcumsized Nigels to choose from, who really cares? What does this have to do with the Reptilian overlords, ancient astronauts, or our hollow Earth?

No. 1336593

He followed me back on Instagram

No. 1336615

Jewpilled and cringe.(racebait)

No. 1336634

>Why are you so enthusiastic about fingering babies foreskins?
Anon was talking about cleaning a baby, which is necessary, but you have to turn it into a sexual thing because you're most likely a filthy tranny who wants to mutilate little boys. I bet you also think that mothers breastfeeding are hot and getting off to it. Join the 41%.

No. 1336802

Wrong. Males are born mutilated and circumcision fixes them.
Smegma crusader + L + reported for racebait

No. 1336967

Disney only casts black actors and characters when they aren't confident in a product. Like with tPatF, the 2d department was on a downward spiral and they chose then and only then to make the first black princess. They also use this as outrage bait. "OMGZ they made this character black!1!!! Time for racism"
You cannot tell me that the blue fairy from the Pinocchio remake was seen by an entire team of people and they thought "yep looks great send it". I also think China not liking black people has something to do with this as well.

No. 1336974

No one is born mutilated just like you aren't a woman with a "birth defect" (dick). Do you want to eat their foreskin or something? You're disgusting.

No. 1336979

Circumcision is ugly. I hate sleeping with men with fugly, broken dicks. Smegma is only a problem if the scrote doesn't shower, and why would you even bother with a guy like that?

No. 1336982

So you’d rather cause physical harm and destress to an infant with unnecessary medical procedure that kills a small handful of babies even in the US. That can cause life long complications and mutilates them. Circumcised men have an easier time raping women. They’re more dry and even in positive relationships they’re worse for the women. The entire American obsession with wet pussy is because they broke their dicks and had to blame women.
You’re the fucking pedo if you read wipe the child and don’t peel their penis like a banana and you think finger them for smegma. What the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 1337018

my cut ex boyfriend is literally dry as a rock with no precum and literally gave me yeasties and utis constantly. they literally get lazy as fuck and think they dont need to clean cuz they're cut. men are disgusting, i figure if they have a foreskin they probably keep themselves much cleaner than a cut guy, and they tend to be more self concious and overcompensate at least in my experience with an uncut man, plus his dick felt so much better in my hand and mouth and inside me also cut dicks look way worse, especially when they have a big nasty mushroom head.

No. 1337485

File: 1663034195471.jpg (11.4 KB, 220x306, east_german.jpg)

Celebrities have hormonal disorders and look like shit because their invert parents give them wrong-sex hormones. This is the "nepotism" you're always hearing about - you don't get anywhere unless you're born into it. The doping scandal was to make normies believe they could easily identify women on cross sex hormones. They have no clue it was just a feminized male because the regular olympians are already inverted. How fucked is that kek It's all of them, unless they claim to be "trans" or are directly part of that agenda. The information probably isn't accessible because it wouldn't hold up to scrutiny today or is in the way of another red herring they've constructed since.


The kardashians / jenners are also freemason trannies. The "moids" they're contracted to be photographed or breed with are (freemason) ftms on hgh and t. Rob Kardashian is their ftm breeder baby factory. This is the simple reason you never see her and obviously the weight issue. If you can't see, it's because you don't want to or you're one of them.

No. 1337659

> calling Robert kardashian “her”

No. 1337938

File: 1663079263670.png (544.66 KB, 1589x792, the_big_secret.png)

It's the least I can do, being the only real female in that disgusting family is a fate worse than death. Remember when they said "The Handmaid's Tale" was based on real events/religions and atrocities? They were referring to the handmaids too ffs (and that bullshit ceremony). Also check out Rob's tiny and close features vs. big brother Kim's lion smile. They ALL have the wrong skeletons. Kim's son North West was definitely carried by Rob but it's possible Scott, Kanye and Tristan might have popped out a few critter babies. Anyways enjoy, it's the big secret! The greatest show on earth kek

No. 1338010

File: 1663084973637.jpg (461.72 KB, 1439x1039, shxtou thumbnail.jpg)

I've been hearing some of my friends who barely even watch VTubers talk a lot about this one V-Tuber called Shxtou that seems to be really coomerish and egocentric according to them, and after reading a bit more about him I'm now for some reason really sure that the popular male VTubers are all incels and sex pests behind the anime masks and that within the next few years at least one of them is going to be outed for grooming one or more members of their underage fanbase on Discord, which I really hope happens, to be honest.
To be honest, I've always been iffy with VTubers and have never actually gotten into them because I don't really know or trust whoever's behind their anime avatar masks, but male VTubers even less so, and their simultaneous fujo and yumepandering acts only make them distrust even more than the female ones, which are just massive pickmes with a tendency to catfight each other.

No. 1338022

I'm not into VTubers but I popped into Sho's stream one morning and now I do it every morning at work for some background noise (no one else I actually like to watch streams as early as he does), but he's been getting on my nerves. I originally stayed because I liked the sound of his voice and his avatar design, but now he gets on my nerves the same way Sykkuno always has. The soft spokenness is grating. I also thought it was weird that he openly promotes nsfw art of himself/his avatar, and has a dedicated tag for it on his twitter.

No. 1338025

wasnt vox accused of being a pedo/groomer? the female vtubers are cool but the male ones are so fucking annoying, Mysta is such an attention whore. They are also all super fucking ugly behind the avatar, the girls are just normal, maybe fat but average, but the guys are fucking hideous.

No. 1338032

I always see them as the next Cryaotics. Just a bunch of fat or ugly sex pests hiding behind a cute anime avatar to get young female fans.

No. 1338044

>wasnt vox accused of being a pedo/groomer?
Really? I mean, if he's still popular to this day I wouldn't be surprised if it got covered more than a woman in Afghanistan, but hearing that for some reason makes me surprised, since I expected the outings to happen by the next year or two.
>the female vtubers are cool but the male ones are so fucking annoying, Mysta is such an attention whore. They are also all super fucking ugly behind the avatar, the girls are just normal, maybe fat but average, but the guys are fucking hideous.
Not surprised about that. The only VTuber I ever tried to follow is a HoloEN girl and she actually look pretty average when I accidentally stumbled upon her supposed doxx, and while I've never delved into male VTubers because my sixth sense tells me they have rotting corpses in their closets I fully believe in the idea that they all look just like Dre- I mean, Clayton Ray Huff IRL.
Incels who try to get into female weeb culture in order to sex pest their way into fame.

No. 1338045

its true that most female vtubers are just average and not as ugly as the male ones but i noticed that a lot of them are lolipandering or yuribaiting. Kinda the same thing like what the male vtubers are doing.

No. 1338048

Yeah, that's also true. So many of them have loli-like designs it's a downright cliche at this point.
And Nyanners must be doing Olympic-level mental gymnastics to be lolipandering as hard she does while simultaneously unpersoning her old 4chan era, Pomf Pomf and all of that included. I hate her for that reason

No. 1338050

mostly just the hololive ones, the nijisanji ones and indie are pretty cool

No. 1338056

File: 1663088774396.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 288.71 KB, 2163x1173, FXN-WL6VEAMKGlI.jpeg)

>doesnt know nijiJP degeneracy
>nijiEN literally has a woman hating tranny in the making and some guy who raped his gf
>nijisanji has a literal lolicon guy
>indies are either slutty lewdpandering vtubers either loli panderers
Let that sink in. Picrelated also posts shotacon art for her patreons.

No. 1338065

its like saying youtubers are all pedophiles that fuck cats because of shane dawson, there are a bunch that obviously do it for the money but there is also people that just enjoys having an anime avatar because it makes the stream less boring and more eyecatching

No. 1338096

Men are born mutilated because maleness is a birth defect in and of itself. Nothin’ personal, buddy boy.
You sound like dog owners that defend tongue kissing their pooches by saying they brush it’s teeth. I don’t care if you clicker trained Nigel to get in the bathtub and stand still while you power wash him with a hose. I still have to smell his dick cheese stank when he leaves the house. This is a matter of public health.
Vaccinate your pooch, circumcise your scrote.

No. 1338118

File: 1663091975632.jpg (157.31 KB, 545x600, chemical-1-1.jpg)

None of this is remotely interesting. If you're going to derail from Orange 33 Phoenix Tranny Club, at least bring up something better than this? No one cares about a bunch of ftm weeabos pretending to be horny males. Have you not noticed the bread is dry and the circus is boring? They want people to find out, you're not helping. I'm trying to enlighten the masses, you know like your hero? You'd think you guys would like that but you're just hypocrites who love being in on a stupid secret and tricking people better than you.

No. 1338265

Why waste time and money trying to "fix" a male that will always be dirty anyway? You act like cut dicks are cleaner when in reality it will still reek of shit and piss. Also, go dilate your axe wound and stop masturbating to mutilated babies.

No. 1338538

I believe there is something very, very off with QR codes starting to be introduced into every part of our daily lives. QR bus tickets, QR vaccination codes, QR restaurant menus, so on and on. I am more than sure that the ones who provide the QRs can read off date, time and location of the QR code read, but I can't pin-point what other information they could be storing/receiving and, well, worst of all is that I can not explain to my husband why QR codes are so off to me. I'm not well-informed on tech-slang and such, but, I swear to you all, I have a serious fucking hunch about this. Someone, responsible for the QR code push, is making a good load of money selling the data collected by the codes.

No. 1338628

Might as well argue for the legalisation of public defecation because the streets will always be dirty.
Circumcision is free, don’t you have a pair of scissors at home? Or do you post from a hobo commune inside the NYC sewer system? Stop huffing boxers and go easy on the crack.

No. 1339358

Agenda 2030 anyone?

No. 1339373

File: 1663162462467.jpg (3.86 KB, 260x194, Z.jpg)

Just let us implant it in your palm nonna! It's the wave of the future! So convenient and not at all shady! Social credit system!!

No. 1339599

I don't know how tinfoily this is but I believe human beings aren't meant to live in cities and the constant push towards urbanization is an attempt by humans in power to further weaken the average person's body and alienate us from each other. Most developed areas lack adequate access to nature which contribute to depression and other mental health issues, and there are fewer opportunities to use one's body in daily life compared to rural, village, or even suburban living.

A silly example. Where I live, city landscapers will run through the neighborhoods every week and use power tools to trim the bushes and mow the grass. This robs opportunities from residents to do or control how their yardwork is done, and some of our bodies become soft from losing what should be a routine form of exercise. Where before people would talk to their neighbors and exchange help with yardwork anynonny else had a neighbor pay them to shovel their driveway in the winter?, it's now outsourced to bands of scrote strangers. After some years of this you have a bunch of helpless adults who don't know how to take care of a yard and may not know anyone else who can either. How convenient. Guess we gotta keep paying the landscapers and build a whole unnecessary industry on outdoor urban grooming. All of this just to make some decorative plants in front of a sidewalk look good.

Some hobbies, especially DIY ones, are harder or impossible to do. Try woodworking when you live in an 80sqft apartment. Even if you found a way to muffle the hammering noise, where would you keep your tools? Your projects? Are you supposed to go to a friend's garage every time you want to run a table saw? Someone living in that apartment has limitations on what they can do in their spare time because they live so close to other people and have little space to themselves. Since they don't have the means or ability to woodwork in their apartment, they're SOL if furniture breaks. Oh well. Guess we need to buy new furniture and keep that industry afloat too. These are just two examples, and among my sillier ones at that. Anyway, sorry for reddit spacing but this was long and I didn't know how to make it more readable. Thanks for reading my tinfoil nonnies, keep on crunching

No. 1339661

File: 1663178374371.jpg (34.68 KB, 474x381, link0la.jpg)

Hard agree. Also moving people into cities means it's easier to exploit natural resources in a destructive way (mining, logging etc.) since a) city people are by default more dependent on imported resources and geared towards mindless consoomerism, and b) there's nobody there to actually know the place, as in use the natural resources in a sustainable way and recognize when they are being destroyed by exploitation. There's nobody who could protest. Ofc many rural people are consoomers as well nowadays esp in 1st world countries, but in the city it's ramped up to a whole new level.

No. 1339695

No can do, no one will give you little boy foreskin to sniff and jack off to and you retarded males will have to learn how to fucking clean your infection riddled rape rods by yourselves just like girls can clean their private parts just fine. Maybe start talking less horse piss hormones because it's clouding your already unstable thoughts.
>Whoops I don't want to clean my hands all the time, let me just cut it off so everything's cleaner uwu. Don't feel like brushing your teeth? Just have them removed as soon as they grow in! Fuck it.
Imagine being this much of a retard.

No. 1339704

Moving the underclass from land to the city is how the new capitalist upper class removed the old feudal upper class and took it's place.
This is not tinfoil, just history.
But you must know, you would not be more free out of the cities, you would just have different overlords.

No. 1339719

God the amount of consooming I've had to do since my family moved to the city is prohibitive. I've learned some terrible habits growing into an adult and I just wish I could go back to doing most things myself. It's almost pointless when almost any new shirt I buy is cheaper than if I made the same shirt myself. Unnecessary overabundance is a great way to kill a DIY spirit I tell you.
Different overlords, sure, but at least I'd be allowed to keep a prairie meadow in my front yard and not live in a tiny drywall box that amplifies outside noise and sits right next to another tiny drywall box with its own miserable struggling person.

No. 1339727

People from rural areas fuck their cousins and are generally mentally ill/socially awkward. If belonging in polite society weakens us so be it. Better dead than a hick

No. 1339729

Don’t care + didn’t read + uncircumcised males will burn in hell for all of eternity by God’s command

No. 1339740

male druggies on the streets and subways aren't any different

No. 1339749

Sure but have you met a homeless city scrote? Mental illness does not even begin to cover that mess. Moids are defective no matter where you go but packing a bunch of them into a smaller area can't be good for anyone.

No. 1339761

>have you met a homeless city scrote
I will not accept any personal anecdotes in /tinfoil/ short of "I saw an alien"

No. 1339842

Male druggies are not human so I don’t include them in the “polite society member urbanites” category.

No. 1339851

Yet you cared enough to reply, you silly little fuck. Choke on your beloved circumcised dicks. Also God doesn't like trannies.

No. 1339949

File: 1663190224748.jpeg (86.69 KB, 640x480, A099944D-E776-48FC-8077-C6E5D9…)

they say that aliens dont like chocolate, cocoa powder, etc, and people who are under grey control display an aversion to chocolate. I wonder if that's mental conditioning from their brainwashing or if it's a purely physical reaction. I remembered this because my hemorrhoid has gotten worse since using suppositories with cocoa butter. any other thoughts

No. 1339970

>any other thoughts
kek nonnie stop using cocoa butter suppositories if they make your hemorrhoids worse

No. 1339977

nonnie apply some petroleum lube or TRA tree oil inside/out your anus or a suppository with NO fragrance it’s going to inflame it even more kek

No. 1339979

I think we can only draw one logical conclusion from this nonny, and that is that your hemorrhoid is actually a growth of alien origin. This is how it begins.

No. 1339984

two options
>1) you move to bumfuck no where full of creepy old people and large families of 10 who feel culty, the nearest bulk stores and hospital is miles away, your crops die off and dry out as the winter approaches making you live off of scraps and worse of all you end up getting abducted by aliens, your neighbors are probably going to hate you or don’t even know who you are because everything is so sprawled out and you have no sense of community
>move to a city full of fattened rats running around, dirty and unkempt public transport, tourists and implants making places inaccessible and too expensive, male violence and sex crimes are rampant, people are incapable of maintaining clean public restrooms so they decide to piss and shit on the streets, sleazy landlords and old apartments and lofts renovated = they paint over everything even the mold, wow at least there’s um.. a park? and um, thrift stores?

there is no escape, i rather live in a cemetery than choose either

No. 1339989

Are you trying to imply that your hemorrhoid is an alien, or that you are under alien control and your hemorrhoid is how you realized this?

No. 1340021

this isnt even tinfoil in my mind, even living in a small town is stifiling

No. 1340031

I think i dated a demon

No. 1340038

before anyone asks he had horns in his head (he told me it was a genetic deformation) and his skin was literally red ( i though it was normal since he was from the south), so i let my suspicions go since he was hot and bought me stuff, but looking back there was something odd about him since he was able to shot lasers out of his eyes….

No. 1340044

this is what all nonnas sound like when they post about their ex nigels

No. 1340046

>any other thoughts
after reading this? no

No. 1340051

I know someone with a horn too. They're kind of a dick. Concidence? I think not.
I'm sorry hemroid alien nonnie, that sounds awful. Hopefully regular lax will work fine.

Anyone ever hear of this alien that looks like a praying mantis, that feeds on love? I remember my tinfoil dad bringing it up but I can't remember if its an alien or a presence.

No. 1340096

I thought Satan was supposed to be a bishie angel but evil

No. 1340123

You might be onto something nonna. I used to enjoy chocolate but after the aliens invaded my home I started feeling nauseous at mere thought of eating anything chocolate. Then they simply left, I know for a fact these bastards left, it's been peaceful now and I'm feeling much better.
I'd load my gun with chocolate bars but in my country real chocolate is more expensive than fucking bullets. Don't suppose vegetable fat would kill them parasites eh?

I heard that from my dad also, might be a dad presence cus that sounds like bullshit

No. 1340150

Did they probe your anus while riding the flying saucer?

No. 1340208

No but imma probe your sarcastic ass with chocolate bars extra milk, even if the price kills me mf

No. 1340279

File: 1663209472521.jpg (38.35 KB, 435x600, ftm.jpg)

Wow posting about Orange 33 Phoenix Tranny Club is like pulling a lever for boring content in this thread. I wouldn't be surprised if you're all just signal boosting to each other most places at this point since you've succeeded in dwindling your audience. B-but who'll Watch the Watchers??? kek not so funny now I guess. Especially when the signal is that there are too many of you - not us. I hope this image of Jason Priestley's scarred nippies, female shoulders and digit ratio (google the "wife" KEK) will yield even more fluffy content. Surely regular people looking for tinfoil want to discuss QR codes and anime. Is it true you all have arrested development and a juvenile sense of humor because of hormonal/mental issues and sodomy? jw

No. 1340301

Oooh big chocolate dick!!!

No. 1340435

God you people are a sort of unhinged I couldn’t tap into at my lowest and I find it so fascinating

No. 1340555

Fuck you

No. 1340598

File: 1663239791569.jpg (81.07 KB, 356x496, Archigallus.jpg)

Are you upset that your "Purple Reign" ended before it began? Or that your "goddess" used and mutilated you as means to end. Maybe you should try starting another troon crime youtube channel or do latex body suit porn. The world is your tranny oyster! What a time to be alive kek

No. 1341028

I can't be the only once who's noticed that for the past two years or so, there's been this massive increase in pregnancy fetishization on social media. It's crazy how often I've been recommended pregnancy content despite never having searched for it or things even closely related to it. Suddenly I see so many posts of "happy" pregnant teens and shit about "breeding" and fertility. It makes me feel like it's a psyop to sell pregnancy as this oh so wonderful and fulfilling thing without also shining light on the bad sides/risks, especially since women have started to desire having kids less and less for multiple reasons. I'm not saying that pregnancies can't be wonderful for some but the way they portray it is too romanticized and it's sus to me how there's so much mainstream (as in something that got recommended to you without you even looking for it) content about it all of a sudden. I believe it's to manipulate women into wanting children and making them feel like they're worth less than mothers and that they'll be miserable without kids.

No. 1341029

I’m really afraid to have kids because of shit like this. The normalization of “Yeah let’s all have like 3 kids!” and “baby boom” culture is not only unsettling but it’s a breeding ground for maternity care to become even poorer quality than it already is. Women and Mothers don’t gain any kind of benefit from the expectation of having to create new life if the environment is shitty and unstable.

No. 1341030

i have a theory about the decades nay centuries long conspiracy to supress slavic people orchestrated by the west, i am a little sleep deprived right now i might come back and write it out when i have the nerves i just wanted to express my frustration at the state of the search result page when searching for anything slavic and for pages it's just the russo ukranian war even when it is specifically about a non eastern slavic group but hey we are all the same of course.
one of the more recent examples is the western Lidl brand coming into the market, having enough capital to lower their prices and sell at a loss, get everybody hooked, all the competition has to pack up and leave, and then raise the price to hell and back. have seen them do it several times, banale example but i know of neighbourhoods that had tens of small local and bigger shops but after lidl its 3-4 stores max, none of them locally owned.
tip of the iceberg idk

No. 1341033

It honestly makes me sad, especially with how many couples will have children to "fix" their relationships or give their relationships/lives meaning while the child is born into a possibly unstable environment. Shit like this is dangerous and I vomit every time I see people in the comments cooing over babies and how they feel like their life would be so much better with a baby because they want to be loved unconditionally or something like that. That's not fair to the child at all. These people don't realize how serious raising a human being is and that many pregnancies aren't as smooth as people on social media make them out to be (and I don't just mean fatigue, morning sickness etc. but postpartum depression, ruptures, body image issues etc.).

No. 1341041

interresting, come back and share more

No. 1341044

As a Baltic nonna who attended a Russian-language school and has mostly a Russian speaking family I keep getting this feeling that ever since the cold war (or even, when U.S. got Alaska..) U.S. and the co-horde have been trying to get rid of Russia/Slavics or try to win them over to their side with devious ways. In my country, since NATO entered, it's been "Us VS them (Russians)" in schools, in politics, in parts of cities and even entire regions said to be "uncivilized" almost due to the amount of Russian-speakers/proximity to Russia, so with the Ukrainian happenings the state of this is worsening and there are people openly going around and calling Russian speakers horrible slurs.. But I know that this is EXACTLY what the west wants. Russia has always seemed great, both in size and resources, so it's no wonder U.S. scum would wish to taint it just like they did with most of Europe.

No. 1341052

i'm a slav and my country is also in NATO and sucks major american scrotum, it's truly mindboggling how much anti east propaganda there is. to be frank most of it is towards the socialist aspects, i won't comment on whatever is going on there right now lol, but the red scare never ended, even people who call themselves communists today regurgitate western propaganda like their life depends on it kek

No. 1341061

I think it's to be expected. U.S. can't take a loss, so they try to win with every underhanded tactic there is. One look at the wars over oil started by America and you understand the greed humanity can possess. It just saddens me that everyday people are set to hate each other even though they suffered USSR together; there's still this hate towards all Russians, as if they're all Putin or whichever other Russian leader they want to compare to the devil. When I put my thoughts like this, I start to understand why BLM is such a prevailing topic in America. It's the same tactic of "Us VS them" so the people don't notice the bigger issue of the government itself being evil and corrupt, rather blaming each other.
By the way, have you (or anyone else reading this) heard about Russian males being called into military, sent into "training missions" only to end up being killed and never heard from again? A Russian moid told me about this and I've been wondering ever since, but I know I wouldn't be able to verify this anywhere.

No. 1341334

jeez I thought this level of pro ukraine propaganda was reserved for the West. conversation with people about this here is unbearable, the media is so brazen with their pro ukraine bias and the discourse that prevails is so utterly black and white. Anyone with even a high school education level of modern history should be able to understand not is all as it seems and yet it is all I stand with ukraine weaponised mimicry. I wish they would provide a Russian perspective that isn't totally demonised

No. 1341644

I live in a Slavic country that became a nato member too and it has been ruined so much I'm pretty convinced it won't even exist as a country in a few years

No. 1342743

When there’s peace in the Middle East and Solomon’s temple is rebuilt, the Antichrist will come according to my pastor

No. 1342783

It's weird how westerners completely ignore that Ukraine was pushed to go to war with Russia by the US and they're so deluded they think Ukraine has a chance of winning. Everyone accepts that the US fucked up in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet they can't seem to process that America would do the exact same shit in Europe. The American elites don't care how many Ukrainians die. When there's no more Ukrainians left to fight, it will be to last Pole and to the last Romanian, then through the rest of Europe until the last Irishman. America doesn't give a fuck about Europe, they're content to use Europe as a weapon against Russia while the European economy collapses into social unrest and potentially civil war.

No. 1342806

Ukraine got pushed into war with Russia how, by having Russian troops walk into Ukrainian territory and attacking? And they were supposed to just sit there unprovoked? Is letting Russia just walk in and take your territory really better than fighting for your country and culture's independency? Most of the worst periods of my country's history is when russia took and held it; but surely this time will be different and fighting back is just swallowing american propaganda.

No. 1343283

The causes of the war go back years. No war is ever as simple as one country invading another for the sake of it. The two regions of Donbas, Luhansk and Donetsk wanted greater autonomy within Ukraine and closer ties to Russia. It was an internal issue that should have been solved diplomatically. Both Russia and Ukraine signed the two Minsk Agreements trying to do just that. America didn't want a peaceful solution because America wants to weaken and attack Russia without being directly involved in a war with Russia. The result is hundreds of thousands of Russians and Ukrainians are going to die in a war that serves America's interest instead of their own. Putin is an asshole and no one really knows what he's truly capable of, yet America kept poking him because they know that it will be Europeans dying in a war while they're safe across the other side of the world. America is going fight Russia to the last Ukrainian, then it will be to the last Pole, to the last Romanian and eventually it will be to last Irishman, all while the European economy collapses and big American business can buy up European companies and technology at rock bottom prices.

No. 1343466

I love my children so much but I honestly regret brining them into this fucked up world, quite literally everything in this world wants to hurt them and exploit them, I can't trust anything or anyone at this point, all I can do now is try to protect them

No. 1343475

The US is also pushing for war in China.
>> Biden last night we will attack China over Taiwan.
>> White House Officials Our position hasn’t changed we’re not going to attack China
Last month Pelosi did the same thing

No. 1343517

What do you think would happen if this site got fucked with in some way? More people are likely to start viewing this website as a target like KF, and might want to do something like expose information about jannies, or post histories. How bad do you think someone could damage this website if they really wanted to?

No. 1343559

I'm pretty sure I have been abducted multiple times throughout my life. Can't speak on chocolate aversion, I like it don't love it. I have been considering for years hypnotic regression to see if I can recover more memories. I only have a few.

No. 1343570

~Cult and extremist researchers~ from twitter are monitoring lolcow. And despite what they think, it's just a low-moderated gossip imageboard, not a highly organised freespeech extremist nazi forum. If there's any KF-like drama, admins probably will delete everything and move on with their life.

No. 1344111

Lol wtf what is chocolate aversion and what does it symbolise. I've hated it since I was a child and on easter my parents used to allow me fruit lollies instead. Although I do love the darkest chocolate available in my country which is like 90%

No. 1344164

I keep being amazed by how most history education I've had in high school and university has turned out to be bogus or far from the full story. Especially when it comes to how a country was created. It's always such an idealized depiction and acts like everyone had a say in it and agreed with it. I figured out how some pretty important legal documents because of that, technically don't apply to people from that region, because they were never asked for a signature or any say in the matter centuries ago (while all the other regions did). So technically the region is only a part of the EU now, but not of the country. It's not even completely schizo, because politicians in that region do act already like they're independent at times and give permission to change the signs to reflect that.

No. 1344304

Why are academics totally blind to critical childhood studies?

recently read this 4w article about the pedophilic underbelly of critical childhood studies (ccs). A few users posted about it so I’ll link them here:


In short, many of the ccs scholars quoted have a central argument of dismantling the very existence of childhood and viewing children as “young adults.” They have also tied their work to both critical race studies and queer theory.
like I don't understand, why do we even need an academic field devoted to the dismantling of childhood? Besides pedophilia, what is the purpose of this? What benefit do these studies bring to the lives of children? I’ve tried to read the publications written by these scholars, and I’m not convinced that this area brings much to the playing field, let alone academic ideas.
Secondly, how are other academics not seeing through this nonsense? To argue that children have a sexuality and that black children are raised better(Mary Zaborskis a Professor of Gender Studies said that childhood innocence is a white european construct) which is so fucked up and dangerous. We know from scientific studies that young adults don’t finish puberty until their mid-20s. To argue that children have a sexuality and are capable of consent is something that Freud supported, and we know now that he was a quack. Why don’t other academics openly push back against this field? I understand why most scholars don’t want to be openly gender critical, since gender studies has a much larger following than ccs, but this seems like an area where they can openly disagree on the existence of this field.

and the weirded thing for me is that its mostly female academics who are pushing this rhetoric, so why is no one paying attention to this?

No. 1344312

They hate to see women connecting to each other and waking up, any female majority community is something to be destroyed.

No. 1344327

I guess it makes sense to question the concept of childhood to a degree, like in law children are often practically treated like objects and that parents end up having more rights than the child. Or that it's not required everywhere to also get input from children on decisions that affect them, like visitation rights. So I can see an argument to want to reevaluate the current situation and try to center things more on the protection of the child and also acknowledging the child's opinion. Which can range from whether they are actually okay with hugging that family member (when parents force it), legal decisions like visitation rights, or style of education (dictating information at a class vs actually engaging with them in a sort of dialogue). Problem is that it's like pandora's box, bound to attract pedo's who want to steer the conversation once it's started. So anyone who wants to start the conversation, is understandably also viewed with suspicion.

No. 1344348

They never learn. The result of kicking off the more radical elements of 4chan was 8ch which was even more extreme and radicalised more people. They then shut down 8ch which splintered the userbase all over the internet to spread their ideology to other websites. There may one day be a very legitimate reason for taking taking a site offline and now Josh, 8kun and others are aware of how to bring back a site regardless of how much it's attacked all because someone dared tell the truth about trannies grooming children.

No. 1344358

And you think Putin just woke up one day and decided to invade a country for shits and giggles? He's an ass but he's not crazy. He knew the US was doing everything in their power to influence Europe to join them against Russia. And while they play war from their pretty chairs, the victims are all the civilians who don't know what the fuck is happening and doesn't give a shit about what their government does. This caused people to see all russians as "evil" while in reality most of them don't want war and don't like Putin and all Ukranians as "good" when their soldiers also rape children and women.

No. 1344384

Why are so many tinfoilers unable to comprehend the fact Russia vs rest of Europe is centuries of history of tension and conflict and not everything is about USA? Enjoy being a contrarian though.

No. 1344406

File: 1663674877634.jpg (8.78 KB, 229x204, f92598f36620a52f.jpg)

>mfw i recently started disliking chocolate out of the blue

No. 1344437

I don't know where you live but nobody was trying to influence us against anybody, we don't like russia because they were trouble for europe for a long fucking time so OBVIOUSLY europeans don't trust them and we have every right to do so according to how they behave now. It's not about the beef of america with russia, it's about the beef of europe and russia. America you can help, thanks, but it's not about you.

No. 1344490

Because that's the reality. Historical tension is not enough to justify a war fought with advanced modern weapons and especially involving a country that has a nuclear arsenal which Russia does. The amount of people killed and the cost of rebuilding lost infrastructure is too damaging to either country, it's more beneficial for both countries to maintain the status quo even if it isn't ideal. What are Russia and Ukraine getting out of the war? Dead civilians, dead soldiers and destroyed infrastructure. What is America getting out of this? The biggest threat to it's global dominance and the most mineral rich country on earth is now fighting a protracted war that is likely to escalate. The American elites are using Ukraine as a tool to weaken Russia and they give zero fucks about Europeans.

Europe is dependent on Russian energy to function. Germany can not fuel it's industry without Russian gas and oil. If the German economy collapses the rest of the EU goes with it. If Europeans don't trust Russia why did they put themselves in this position?

No. 1344516

Idk another tinfoil anon said aliens make abductees hate chocolate kek

No. 1344522

Putin was already planning this shit long before, because he regrets the fall of the USSR and he wrote enough essays about it. Even if the US and EU would've done fuck all, he would eventually before his death try to fix that "mistake". It's an ego project.

No. 1344534

How would you explain 12 other armed conflicts russia had with it's neighbouring countries in it's modern history (starting from the 90s)? A proof it's a peaceful country first and foremost focused on taking care of it's people's safety and wealth? For the entire time of Putin's leadership (1999-now) there was not a single year when Russia wouldn't be involved in some kind of war. But hey, he's good but americans keep provoking him

No. 1344566

According the Ahmadiyya sect of Islam(a sect deemed heretical in most of the Muslim world) who have their own view on conflict between Russia and United states, they believe that the figures of Gog and Magog had emerged from the Slavic and Germanic peoples respectively, conflict between Russia and the United States(and the UK) as two superpowers is thus seen as having occurred in accordance with prophecies concerning Gog and Magog. These powers cannot be defeated through military force and can only be defeated through divine intervention, more and more I'm starting to believe this view

No. 1344605

Russia hasn't been a democracy since Boris Yeltsin launched a coup against parliament kek. And he appointed Putin. A free democratic Russia was already dead before Putin was even in power.

No. 1344608

Depends on what the intentions of the attacker are and how they'll frame. From a purely PR perspective they'd probably first go for the fact that it's full of women if they wanted to smear it, woman on woman warfare, calling us femcels, etc. From a technical standpoint if there was a way to reveal certain posters identities and track all their posts, reveal those in an act of public humiliation, maybe? Basically find a way to mass humiliate the site even though we've done nothing as bad as kiwifarms

No. 1344613

Good thing I’m proud of every single one of my posts.

No. 1344619

I have a schizo tinfoil someone's cyberstalked me for months and maybe has tabs or hacked my devices so if they want to publicly humiliate me they don't need lc to do it. but I wonder if and when they're going to fully confront me, this passive aggressive shit is a real yawn

No. 1345909

File: 1663737033699.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1640x877, 3532419C-7CCD-48F1-B8BB-503BE0…)

So what do you guys think about this episode? Isaac Hayes was a Scientologist, and his character Chef was in a group that goes around the world molesting children because they believe it will make them immortal.

> You see, the Super Adventure Club was founded by the greatest explorer of all time, William P. Phinehas! Phinehas climbed the highest peaks, tamed the mightiest rivers, but every time he got somewhere, he realized that other explorers had beat him to it. Phinehas was depressed, until he realized that if he couldn't be the first to discover places, he could be the first to have sex with the native children that inhabited those areas! Phinehas quickly went down in history books as the first man to have sex with the Aborigine children at Uluru, and the first explorer to bugger all the underage mountainfolk of Nepal. But now the most wonderful part: you see, after having sex with all those children, Phinehas realized that molesting all those kids had made him immortal.

>at the bottom of the screen there is text that say “this is actually what super adventure club believes

It reminds me of another South Park episode wherein it disses on Scientology and has the Scientology creationist story and at the bottom there is text that says “This is actually what Scientologists believe” it was really on the nose…


Isaac Hayes’ son said that he didn’t even quit the show, someone in the Scientology group quit on his behalf.

No. 1345915

This unironically happened to me and it isn’t a schizo delusion. Moids are evil and do not care who they hurt or violate and will do and say anything to justify what they do to women. Reminder to all of you that if a man wants to violate you via technology, he absolutely can. For as little as $100 someone can pay any mediocre hacker on tor right now to completely remotely cyberstalk your devices and give them a perfect screen mirror of everything you’re doing real time. They can listen to you sleep, shit, eat, everything as long as your phone is nearby. Iphones aren’t actually “shut off” and are actually in a state of low power mode that appears to be shut down to you. Even the NHS has now released statements about how you should disable a lot of options on your phone and keep your camera lens covered. This stuff is unfortunately very real and a lot of these tech men do not care about women outside of making money, so.

No. 1345978

Cool. I've been waiting for this annoyance to stop for months now and audibly groan everytime my phone has a random shutdown or goes wonky. I know something is there, I'm just not sure who. Could be multiple who's. Who(ever) doesn't seem to realize I'm out of fucks to give. Cheap tricks no climax is sure lame. I guess dragging it out is supposed to drive me insane? I was already insane before this! Good luck driving me much more insane!

No. 1345992

File: 1663744210852.jpeg (121.3 KB, 928x1200, 1FBED80D-06AA-41AD-A50C-EC4697…)

Anyone know about Tracy Twyman? She was a pedogate researcher who got suicided. I keep trying to find her obituary but they took it down. Like 70% of any articles I click on about her are 404’d and the first result I get when searching her name on google is a completely unrelated Christian mental health outreach resource like as if searching for her means you’re probably a schizo.

No. 1345994

have you ever checked if any articles of hers or on her have archival links

No. 1346005

If you believe someone is hacking you, get a new device completely fresh and with no ties to your old one whatsoever. Your phone could be spazzing out for other reasons—you downloaded iOS 16 which majorly drains battery, your phone provider is trying to push the model you have into obsolescence, etc.

No. 1346008

Yeah a couple of the articles are but her obituary unfortunately isn’t

No. 1346012

File: 1663746177880.jpeg (179.97 KB, 812x804, 47BA77B6-758F-48A9-BAC4-C2AAC2…)

YouTube is seriously disgusting for this wtf.

No. 1346016

What’s “tryfg” ?

No. 1346025

I looked it up and apparently it's an ARG?

No. 1346052

File: 1663750614809.png (15.41 KB, 634x214, tryfg.PNG)

No. 1346056

>tryfg cp

No. 1346111

I just saw the Sandy Hooks video, where the father of one of the murdered children is laughing before he suddenly does a speech, where he pretends to cry (but no tear comes out) and always thought before I saw the video "how can someone say a parent laughed and smiled weird and that he is an actor, we all deal with pain differently?", but the video is so weird. The father even does the breathing technique actors do to get into their role and to calm down. Also, he does not even look alike to his daughter and the daughter looks weirdly like a child model (even in the picture she was very much styled and very pretty). Also, several Youtube comments complained that the link they shared with the laughing evidence gets almost always blocked by Youtube or the video gets deleted before it could get even 1 view. I don't know what to think of the whole thing.

This reminded me of like 2 years ago, when there was this famous pedophile documentary uploaded on Youtube and you could only find through the Youtube search bar videos critising the documentary and not even the documentary at all. One of the critisers even changed her position and said it was weird that she can't even share the link in the info box and in the comments and that it gets deleted off everywhere on Youtube. I tried to post the link and sometimes only the name of the documentary for several days on Youtube and my comments were "posted" but they never showed up anywhere, even when I clicked on newest comments. Others wrote about this too. If I remember it correctly the documentary also talked about politicans/celebrities being part of the pedophile rings. And from what I remember it was even hard googeling the documentary, even when it had (at least) over 2 mio. views.

The same thing happened when reddit edited and deleted comments mentioning the troon, who was supposed to be a mod, for over two weeks, who helped his father get a job in the green party, when his father raped and tortured his 10 year old sister (several reports hint that it wasn't just a random girl) for months and held her captive in the attic (? or basement) and alledgly neither he nor his mother ever heard her screams. Sub-reddits protested against it until reddit suddenly said "we never googeled her, we are sorry, we didn't know it", when they literally edited, deleted and banned people for even mentioning his troon name Aimee Challenor https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aimee_Challenor

I hate how pedophiles get away with everything, they get more and more support by those big companies and politicans

No. 1346270

File: 1663770206273.jpeg (122.19 KB, 828x298, 889D5C06-086E-4837-A7A6-73E9EE…)

thought you had to making that last part up til i clicked the wiki article. what the fuck. also this man sounds like a terrorist with violent tendencies, why was he ever in office in the first place? fucking sicko, hate that we have to refer to people like him by his "proper pronouns".

No. 1346317

Any way you can find links? Was the video "pedogate 2020" by mouthy Buddha? If so his videos are still on butchute but he doesn't make new ones because he was being stalked

No. 1346408

I mean I'm not swimming in money so I can't exactly replace my phone and transfer everything right now. the restarts are almost all soft restarts. the kind that doesn't halt your activities when it shuts off your screen for 15 seconds

i've been researching some people who tend to employ gangstalking tactics and have a lot of money and power. within six months or less, my phone has increasingly acted up. I've had a paranoid intuition for about that long as well that something is on me, I just haven't had much proof of it happening. feels like a warfare on my mind and I am in a much better headspace than I was three months ago. if I can convince someone to help buy me a new phone for me for christmas I'm ditching this sucker

No. 1346661

File: 1663788246312.jpeg (1019.49 KB, 2320x2765, 3BF3B7E6-7912-4853-A42A-DFAB7A…)

Go full schizo and only use the library internet

No. 1346796

Maybe the reason rappers rap about ‘bitches and hoes’ and degrade them in music videos is because they want to feel empowered by putting women down through humiliating acts as a cope for them (the rappers) to deal with the trauma of being ‘turned out’ by higher-ups, whether the ordeal was consensual or not.

No. 1346804

One theory I have is if rappers really are doing all these drugs and then talking about all the hoes and bitches is because they're compensating for the fact that they probably have ED or something. I posted this in the last thread but I think it's funny and plausible. I can't listen to rap even muh intellectual rappers like J Cole and Kotah the friend have to mention bitches at their disposal

Some lyrics from this 21 savage song called Immortal
>She tried to give me head it was boring, codeine got a nigga snoring

No. 1346807

Youtube deletes schizo community videos even if the footage is legit and completely normal when their algorithm picks up that it's used by undesirable communities. It happens to a bunch of holocaust related videos that are public domain and just historical recordings, because they're exclusively posted and shared by holocaust deniers.

Sandy Hooks parents got insane harassment and death threats IRL so youtube might delete those videos based on that.

The documentary might similarly be flagged as schizophrenic and facilitating harmful discourse.

The Reddit troon was a different thing because it was a group of pedophiles protecting on of their own through personal intervention and every part of it was in the open after a couple reddit jannies complain about it publicly.

No. 1346853

File: 1663799595381.jpg (22.12 KB, 311x315, 5715790f8fe3e79897359c54705cda…)

It's because they're male, so they are coomers, have no soul or sensibility. The rap part is just a cultural backdrop. All men everywhere are the same, whether they're rapping about bitches and hoes or they work for Goldman Sachs and make group spreadsheets ranking women by fuckability.

No. 1346864

Nah she's just a special breed of pickme who is tough as an image but irl has never associated with a male that treats her well

No. 1347198

File: 1663817873756.jpeg (42.18 KB, 620x393, 34EA1265-20C8-4878-8302-CD5B8C…)

Why do they do this thing with their fingers? Like they mangle them up

No. 1347206


I believe it and find it funny when moids have their never ending little debate on who’s the greatest male rapper…… no one, gay boys. not until they stop being uncreative and actually find something compelling to rap about without putting “biches” down. Not Even Kendrick when he’s bearable.

No. 1347256


No. 1347268

File: 1663823462228.jpg (1.62 MB, 3000x3500, eovzuoS.jpg)

intelligent life came from mars to earth after its destruction, whether these beings were human or not is unknown. they came to earth after the destruction of their planet, and were able to blend in with humanity, while also bringing their technology to it (ancient civilizations). but this technology, much like ours now, can be lost at any given moment. and even if we were able to access it, it would be impossible for us to comprehend it. therefore their race and history is lost forever–but continuously intertwined with ours. the clues are everywhere.

No. 1347366

File: 1663832953595.jpg (432.44 KB, 1650x1100, RTX6TGGR-4267486964.jpg)

if AOC is cia plant
what her actions has achieved?

No. 1347368

This is a horrifically unflattering picture. Poor AOC.

No. 1347586

i feel like tech companies are pushing this “learn to code” “work in tech” shit on social media. like actively. i swear to god my twitter, tiktok fyp, is just i inundated with shit about how YOU should be pursuing a career in tech. but it’s crazy bc all the videos are also coupled with this soulless shit about how they hate their jobs but at least they’re making 6 figures ??

No. 1347591

they always try to make her look insane when AOC is actually super adorable

No. 1347628

The same thing as the 70’s cia. Inserting identity politics and pedos into feminism via the trans movement this time. Look at her support of mermaids and the current lawsuit mermaid has in the UK.

No. 1347863

Do you have any links or sources for it? I’m interested to know more
They probably are pushing it because they’re owned by people who see how white/asian non-women dominated it is and know what kind of shitty biased products come out of that. Women have historically been left out of the conversation and in order to fix it, we have to push ourselves in. It sucks because those workplace environments are terrible if you’re the only woman but enough time and it will be gender balanced and eventually all the good jobs will be female dominated because non-women are underacheiving so much that only extreme gender bias for them (like in Japan/Tokyo admissions) can save them kek

No. 1348537

File: 1663922304276.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1073x1486, 1F4307EA-336D-4EFE-B4FC-801A92…)

Globohomo is marketing living in pods and eating bugs to kids

No. 1348703

wtf, where’d you find this nonna?

No. 1348958

Vigilant Citizen…

No. 1349631

maybe the aliens have nickel allergy

No. 1349952

Some day it's going to come out that all this "eat da bugs" shit came from some rich sick fuck scrote with a humiliation fetish and ties to some giant corporation that shits out cheap garbage food products full of HFCS and carcinogenic oils. Mark my words. It's the same way troons have Eunuch Archives and Pritzker.

No. 1350173

File: 1663990946631.png (1.6 MB, 1500x720, Evil Moschino Skirt.png)

I was just looking for a vintage Moschino skirt and blazer set and I came across this creepy print.

>Young girl's shoe made of pizza

>themes of men wearing womens clothes
>"In pizza we trust"

I checked other pieces with the gallery print and they include some other weird iconography, including an image of an adult necktie next to a childish pink bow with a heart between the two surrounded by a childish frame featuring things like cute clowns and icecream cones

No. 1350175

Post more

No. 1350176

i dont see anything wrong with this skirt

No. 1350203

File: 1663992934842.jpg (66.19 KB, 772x560, Capture.JPG)

This is the best shot I could find of the weird childish frame and a closer look at the girls pizza shoe. I wouldn't have really noticed it was a child's shoe initially but if you look into the weird pedo art that people like Podesta keep in their homes, this style of girls shoe is used frequently.

No. 1350216

are you unfamiliar with moschino or something? like most things moschino releases have childlike/whimsical elements to them. idk about that left one though i can't tell if it's saying a tie is the female equivalent of a bow or if it's something more nasty but the shoe is fine imo

No. 1350226

File: 1663993821954.png (970.63 KB, 552x639, gallery.png)

I love vintage Moschino in particular because of the whimsical elements, but this print in particular smells really off to me. It's the context of these images proximity to one another that makes it seem weird.

No. 1350246

sorry i meant male equivalent of a bow**
idk it really doesn't look that suspicious to me anon. could've been planned to be weird i guess but it doesn't set off alarm bells for me personally

No. 1350501

File: 1664016693708.png (360.87 KB, 603x618, r.png)

how many steps away are we from the stage of capitalism where rich people will be ordering designer babies via amazon?

No. 1350506

Eating bugs is normal, calm down miss mayo monkey.

No. 1350514

Different anon but serious question, I've never eaten a bug but it's possible to do so in my country, meaning these snacky ones, what should I go for?

No. 1350524

File: 1664018007462.jpg (34.93 KB, 500x500, c7c2df86dcb20796bab2346760fbb7…)

The fact that she posed in a bed is disgusting. Wouldn't doubt she made her get up after the labor to take pics there. But it's just the principle of it. They won't even say the name of the surrogate aka the woman who's body they took advantage of. ("Surrogate" is like "human trafficking"- sanitizing words to hide the ugliness of a concept in the media.) Plus why propagate his genes, she is literally acting out baby mama drama as a multi millionaire for no good reason.

No. 1350530

“Drunk driving” isn’t a real problem. The vast majority of fatal accidents annihilating entire families are caused by sober males taking risks for pleasure. Their cognitive abilities are impaired by excessive testosterone in their bodies, the hormonal imbalance causing them to lack inhibitions. Personal vehicle and life insurance prices are already much higher for them due to their affinity to killing others and themselves. Being honest about their lack of intoxication at the time of the accident would lead to prices surging even higher, “driving away” (pun intended) male customers from purchasing insurance at all. Worst of all, it would have families questioning why men are allowed to drive at all. You could obey all traffic laws, put your children in kiddy seats at the back until they start college, spend your life savings on a car deemed the “safest” and still end up getting murdered by a traffic terrorist. The only high he’s experiencing is the thrill of death. He’s entertained and driven by death and it’s not because of some no-no chemical, that’s just how he’s like.
Corrupt police officers bribed by the insurance companies skew the results of breathalyser tests in official records.
All this for you to not question why we’re giving the 50% of the population responsible for ALL mass shootings the right to crush children with a 3 ton murder machine.

No. 1350533

I like chapulines. They're a bit spicy and very crunchy.

No. 1350547

File: 1664019449408.gif (4.65 MB, 586x640, 252CFA4D-D0CC-4A16-89DA-9454AF…)

I swear the mods must be stalking me and other anons. Every time I show up in a thread and post they are always automatically there now and when I call it out they either delete their posts or deny their presence being there, they are corrupt asf. I must have upset the fujo mods but for being adamant against gay men kek

No. 1350550


No. 1350551

>globohomo promotes living in pods
And where do you think human babies are grown in? Basically in a huge pod-like sac filled with fluid.

No. 1350553

you're not special

No. 1350563

Textbook schizophrenia

No. 1350566

Yes she is i love her

No. 1350581

flu shots are just upsell services done at retail pharmacies, how could the government create flu shots every year but the flu supposedly is different each year…

No. 1350612

Imagine thinking having to get 90% of your protein from roaches and grubs because your country is too poor and filthy to raise decent quality livestock is a flex, bleak.

No. 1350667

I was worried for a second that this was going to be one of those things written by an alcoholic who thinks drunk driving is NBD because they haven't crashed into a lake yet.
This is what it took for me to finally flip to "fuck no" on the morality of all surrogacy. There can't even be an exemption for the health of the non-mother, because rich bitches would just lie about their mentals, fibro, lyme disease, WTF ever.
Living in the pod is bleak, because you know these fucks are promoting extreme "minimalism" just to make poverty look stylish and aspirational to what was formerly the middle class. Because once a certain kind of retard (like Moviebob) sees these things as aspirational and celebrity-adjacent, even if they previously never wanted it themselves, it becomes morally righteous, and they will defend shoving people into 200 square foot apartments as hard as they do castrating children.

No. 1350669

Right like I’m not eating bugs?? That’s so unnecessary why the fuck would I even feel the need.

No. 1350683

>buy an item that is very specific that no normal person would want like an enormous pink banana
>a few days later someone on lolcow posts about buying an enormous pink banana
I hadn't posted about it anywhere.. that's just too much of a coincidence for me

No. 1350768

the way they showed that scene in the show was sick too…they literally filmed the moment of birth with the surrogate mother disembodied and cut out of the camera frame. the way that family treats their babies like the newest product in their brand is so twisted

No. 1350780

>because you know these fucks are promoting extreme "minimalism" just to make poverty seem glamorous

Consoomers who get asshurt about being told to roll back their hyper consumption is hilarious

No. 1350811

jesus christ, this is like girlboss gilead

No. 1350870

File: 1664038293649.jpg (95.91 KB, 1026x581, ‎Merav Michaeli.jpg)

This reminded of something, there was a rather well respected feminist Israeli politician Merav Michaeli, who is Israel’s transportation minister and is in her 50’s, used a surrogate. and this was a big deal and caused online debates for months, some feminists were even defending her, claiming she was fighting against the patriarchy on her own terms

>Michaeli herself had spoken passionately against the very idea of surrogacy. In fact, she was often condemned for doing so.

>It was eight years ago when Michaeli — then just another member of the Knesset — told an interviewer: “I see it as being very problematic. It is a form of trading in women’s bodies and reveling in it in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable. … The fact that people who cannot conceive approach a woman who must then undergo hormone treatments, pregnancy and childbirth with all that this entails, only to give up that child, seems — how shall I say it — unreasonable. After all, the women who do it are desperate for the money. In other words, the element of choice seems to be rather questionable.” In that same interview, Michaeli suggested couples who cannot conceive should consider adoption instead.
>These quotes from the past have been raised repeatedly on social media over the last few days.
>Michaeli noted, “This was a journey with lots of attempts. I’m glad that I went through it. I now know what it means for me personally and what it involves. I know what it is like to undergo fertility treatments, but we’ll talk about that some other time. We had the incredible good luck to meet Kelsey, an amazing young American woman, who wanted to help people in our situation, while at the same time supporting her wonderful family. Thanks to her, Uri was born yesterday.”
>All of this came as a complete surprise. Michaeli and her partner were determined to keep their efforts to have a child a secret and only reveal it when the time was convenient for the mother. That is why some people said this was in many ways a PR stunt. They even suggested that causing a commotion about the coronavirus (her traveling abroad) was just a ploy and it afforded her an opportunity to distract people from the main issue: Michaeli had just turned her back on everything she once believed in.
>Michaeli was never one to follow the flow. She has a partner 12 years her junior, but they live in separate apartments in the same building. Ever since she entered politics, she has worn only black, claiming this way people listen to what she has to say instead of focusing on what she’s wearing. She also makes a point of using the feminine gender in speech, even when she is referring to men — a particular trait with which she has come to be identified. All of this is done to empower women.
>The big breakthrough in her political career happened last year. She managed to get elected head of the Labor Party and rehabilitate it after so many years on the wane. Then she won a remarkable seven seats in the last election and was appointed minister of transportation. At the same time, she is also a member of the Security Cabinet. In fact, Michaeli is now the most senior woman in the new government’s Cabinet.
>The commotion surrounding Michaeli is far from dying down. There is no doubt that once she returns to Israel, the media will pummel her with questions and she will have to give answers. Why did she change her mind about surrogacy? Doesn’t the fact that both she and her partner are people of means constitute a form of exploitation, as she used to argue? And why didn’t they try adoption? Michaeli certainly has the right to change her mind, but the fact that she is a public figure, a high-ranking Cabinet member and one of the country’s top feminist opinionmakers would seem to mean she owes some kind of explanation as to why she suddenly changed her mind. And as for her new position on surrogacy, she should probably be as outspoken about it as she was about her anti-surrogacy — and nonparenthood — campaigns in the past.

No. 1350897

>propoganda specifically aimed at children
>bugs dont take up much room so we have more room for the growing population
>advertising for kids that eating bugs can help them stay skinny
Kids don't give a shit about that kek
>its fun to tell kids how good they taste

No. 1350916

>more land for the growing population
They just state it like it's an inevitable fact that we just have to accept, but why? I remember being that age and horrified that there were already 6 billion people living on Earth. Now we're at 7.98 billion people and we're still selling the "growing population" idea to kids who don't know any different.

No. 1351166

I think veterinary science is way more primative than most laypeople realise and there will be some kind of huge scandal regarding vets in the near future. I don’t think the average vet is malicious or dishonest or anything, but I think way more of the job is kind of making it up as you go along than people hope.

No. 1351172

Pretty offensive to read as a practicing vet

No. 1351184

Very interesting thought.

No. 1351197

Ntayrt but I actually had something similar happen about 2 months ago but forgot to post about it
first example:
>thinking a celeb was going to be posted in a certain thread, imagined myself responding to what anons would say
>then, well it happens (I ended up being prepared I guess lol)
>had an old song from evanescence stuck in my head
>few hours later an anon posts about evanescence
>had fanart of an animated film saved recently
>eventually see a modified version of it posted
all of this happened within one day

No. 1351203

why is that offensive? have you seen veterinary scandals? there are tons and tons of sadistic and exploitative vets, it's not even a secret. i don't even participate in these tinfoil threads but have experience with years of many shelters and it's out in the open how vets get away with literal murder. it doesn't mean you're one.

No. 1351220

No, of course that happens, same as with doctors; being in such position of power over someone, human or animal, definitely is something that attracts some awful sociopaths to the professions. I was mostly upset about the implications that vets don't know what they're doing and are making it up as their go; since the studies itself are insanely hard, then only the best will land a job because competition is too big and at least in my social circle I have yet to meet a vet that would not continue to broaden the qualifications and specialize more.

No. 1351236

I’m the OP and I think maybe that was the wrong way of phrasing it, this still might sound offensive I think but I didn’t mean the vets don’t know what they’re doing but more meant like making an educated guess/ doing the most they can with what they have, but more that the base amount of understanding/information we have available about a lot of more complicated animal illnesses is in the early stages. I guess it’s kind of a similar thing to how a lot of people feel about psychology.

No. 1351418

so not being able to stomach living in a shoebox is hyper consumption? retard alert

No. 1351512

File: 1664079254866.jpg (31.54 KB, 500x500, 1661541115910865.jpg)

No. 1351546

File: 1664081244279.jpg (667.58 KB, 1980x1320, bugs.jpg)

nta but it literally is ok to snack on bugs

No. 1351574

File: 1664082513723.jpg (13.08 KB, 275x275, 1664079254866.jpg)

No. 1351584

NTA but there's plenty of land for people to live in, you're only "forced" to live in a 200 sq foot shoebox if you wanna be a in a city and close to stuff. Americans really be out there thinking it's normal and not government-subsidized consoomerism to live in a massive, rural-sized (but with urban amenities!) single family house kek. That was the american dream, you're simply waking up to reality

No. 1351591

NTA but you realize the US is huge right? If you live far away from cities (where most people work) you're going to have to make up for it with car maintenance, gas, and, most importantly time. The latter of which most people already have barely any of.

Yes, hilarious, as mega conglomerates eat up every single resource recklessly, then have the gall to tell normies to "save power uwu turn off your air conditioner during 100+ degree weather at the hottest part of the day" "uwu save the planet (while making sustainable options 2x the price)," all the while, everything is plummeting in quality (namely food) and skyrocketing in price. They keep taking more and more and giving less and less. Planned obsolescence is a thing therefore you have to consoom more often because, again, everything is made like shit.

No. 1351592

Samefag but forgot to mention that public transit is hardly available in most states.

No. 1351602

why are you so retarded? i'm not even in usa anyway.

No. 1351681

>I remember being that age and horrified that there were already 6 billion people living on Earth
Sage for OT but I feel this so hard, in my pre teens I used to frequent this site called sixbillionsecrets and I went back to it in my later teens and it was changed to sevenbillionsecrets and I remember being so scared about how rapidly the population had grown in just my childhood alone. It's terrifying, I don't understand how people keep claiming the birth rates are at a decline, if that's true then why is the population increasing?

No. 1351699

because they continually compare it to the baby boom. if you compare anything to the baby boom it'll seem like it's on a "decline", but it's really not and it's entirely unsustainable. it's not about pure land space, it's about medical waste, it's about plague, it's about everything else that people don't necessarily think about. of course we can, with difficulty and suffering, fit the entire population into all of texas, but it'd result in decreased quality of life and countless problems.

No. 1351769

Reminder that the hairspray killed the ozone in the 80’s was a lie. Most of it was due to coal burning in the industrial revolution and then refrigeration and off gassing from big corps in the 70’s and 80’s because they wanted to cut corners and save money. They made policies to regulate them behind the scenes while blaming that destruction on citizens big hair.

No. 1351774

1. pharmacies do not give the shots in every country, like in mine they are only given in clinics (and healthcare is free here so the government only loses money by giving them out)

2. they make new flu shots because the flu mutates? i don't get the logic

No. 1351777

And he's still going to cheat on Khloe and leave her once he stops getting any kind of money from their family. She's so desperate it is pathetic.

No. 1352068

People in developed or developing nations are living longer and have lowered their maternal+infant mortality compared to even the last 100 years (burgers notwithstanding, sorry us). These are good things, but basic instincts and social pressures haven't caught up so people are still having too many children and 'civilization' is still expanding. Way more people would have to abstain from having kids at all and society would have to shift to accommodate generations that are smaller than their predecessors before our population stabilizes.

No. 1352076

File: 1664127947100.jpeg (2.78 MB, 1427x2279, 359ABCE0-825C-48D9-819A-C504DD…)

A thread or two ago, someone mentioned the weird GIA website that seem to have replaced girlsgogames in 2002. I was reading “born to buy” and came across this passage about it. So yeah, it was an actual legal corporation making money off using little children to advertise to their friends.

No. 1352241

"People" aren't having too many children, husbans are raping women pregnant. No woman in her right mind has 9 kids. Just start castrating and the problem will fix itself.

No. 1352360

>My boring ass normie boyfriend had a full blown npc breakdown because I said hollywood is built on paedophilia and degeneracy
Where do I find a based schizo chad I literally can't deal with simping for literal degen trash

No. 1352376

He's a scrote, he wouldn't understand it even if he were a schizo.

No. 1352392

I just can't understand moids and their simping for famous scrote actors that wouldn't spit on them if they were on fire, because muh movies kek. The argument started because he was simping for johnny depp and I happened to say well I wouldn't support any because they're all pedos and pedo sympathizers and he started screaming about Amber heard and throwing things, npc moids are wild.

No. 1352418

Break up with your bf, he sounds unhealthy to be around if he’s throwing a tantrum over this, also he’s retarded if he doesn’t understand the degeneracy of the elites. Aside from that I relate to your frustration, I wish I had people I could talk to about how fucked up the world is.

No. 1352432

> simps got Johnny Depp
> hates Amber Heard
If you don’t break up with this mf now, I swear to fucking god I’m going to a-log. This is why men get away with the shit that they do. Moids like this shouldn’t have girlfriends.

No. 1352436

Because the wealthy educated women of highly developed countries are less likely to get married and have kids and that to them is terrifying as genetic defects that feel entitled to passing down their genes. Women in these counties are not giving them access to do that. True female liberation would most likely fix the overpopulation issue.

No. 1352437

File: 1664145836271.jpeg (835.25 KB, 1125x1099, 33E596D7-BAEA-4DDC-AFCD-1091AA…)

Never seen a metal band sell out to globohomo this hard, was sacrificing Cliff Burton worth it?

No. 1352455


No. 1352468

Jonas brothers? I had to double check the date of this thing.

No. 1352470

I completely agree honestly nonas in my mind we're pretty much at the end of the relationship, I just had to share his recent npc bot malfunction with the world though kekkek.

No. 1352493

Wtf, I remember playing girlsgames.go and there were a bunch of risqué ads, aren’t they the ones that had those weird elsegate games too ?

No. 1352501

There's a schitzo waiting for you in the grimes thread on snow right now, but I can't guarantee he's a chad

No. 1352505

That anon is fascinating. I want to know how does ot feel to be so lost in the sauce

No. 1352512

It’s a Chinese company, dumbass polfag

No. 1352515

I think mods don't like me too. Or at least the previous mods, the newer ones don't mind me.

No. 1352542

Meh no, I don't really feel any attraction towards anyone just life happens and I ended up where I ended up and too lazy to do anything about it I guess. Again not excusing or endorsing it so don't know why you need to be so aggressive kek.

No. 1352545

So yes, you do have to shut off your brain to be this passive and thoughtless.

No. 1352552

Passive yea sure, not sure about thoughtless though.

No. 1352555

Eating bugs isn't about poverty, it's about geographic location. Europeans don't eat insects because the majority of insect species in Europe aren't edible. If Europeans did start eating insects it would do more damage to the environment than eating meat.

No. 1352584

Pirated e-books on places like libgen and zlib have edited/changed content compared to the real books

No. 1352597


No. 1352627

This showed up in my feed. No, I don’t want to eat bugs, fuck you globohomo!!!

No. 1352763

How the fuck is this not racebaiting? Retard.
Hoping you find a chad antiporn Hollywood-hating elite-hating schizo bf soon. Maybe one you can even doomsday prep with

No. 1352776

File: 1664177457059.jpeg (37.31 KB, 656x370, ninas-en-la-gincana-porno-orga…)


>Spanish Community Group Apologizes to Parents for Sexually-Charged Youth Summer Games

>A small community in Spain has issued a formal apology to parents for hosting a disturbing summer event in which children were exposed to highly sexual “games.”

>The event, which took place on July 22 in Vilassar de Mar, a small municipality in Catalonia, included activities in which children were instructed to imitate sexual positions taken from the Kama-sutra with each other, form genitals from play-dough, and learn about hardcore drugs.
>The city’s youth department had organized the event, known as a “gimcana” – a boisterous summer event involving a series of playful challenges. The Vilassar de Mar gimcana was called Juliol Jove, and targeted at youth as young as 12, but allowed adults up to 30 years of age to participate.
>In another game, a balloon was placed between two children, who were then told to simulate sexual thrusting against each other until it popped.
>In addition to sexual activities, the kids were also taught about hardcore drugs in a game called “injected or inhaled,” during which they had to match the illicit substance to their method of consumption. If they answered incorrectly, a sticky, white paste made of water and wheat starch was poured on them.
>Disturbingly, multiple mothers reported that they had found photos of their children performing the inappropriate activities had been uploaded to social media without their consent.
>Shortly after the news went viral, the City Council of Vilassar de Mar issued a statement defending the activities, justifying the children’s exposure to the highly sexual “games” by asserting that minors are often exposed to pornography at a young age.
>“We have detected that teenagers aged 11, 12, 13 watch pornographic content and build an image of sexuality based on what they see in porn … We try to break this dynamic by being open to talking about these issues so that they can share them with adults and try to prevent them from building a sexual imaginary with sexist, violent and unhealthy attitudes,” the statement read.

when did this shit become tolerate by wokeoids, what do they hope to achieve by exposing children to drugs, kink, drag queens and other degenerate shit

No. 1352784


No. 1352790

>screaming about Amber heard and throwing things

wtf dump him

No. 1352795

They cope because they aspire to be the Hollywood degenerate, they're their inspiration stories.

No. 1352816


No. 1352830

lurk more

No. 1352837

Sorry but these people are pedophiles. Not even normies would agree to this. You have to be a pedophile to participate and defend this. There is no excuse.

No. 1352858

You lurk more, this is LC not 4chan

No. 1352866

Where do you think LC originated from?

No. 1352870

Anons have been told off for using that retarded scrote term before, as they should.

No. 1352931

Not contributing shit, but quite honestly your comments have made me laugh till I cried. Made my night

No. 1352935

This is literally grooming tactics, that's exactly what later exposed pedophiles do. They introduce this woth games and then slowly escalate it to full csa. This is fucking horrifying,how did none of the sane adults stop this?

No. 1352936

Conspiracy theory: Crapchan is Doja cat.

No. 1352938

Crapchan is also pakichan as confirmed by a farmhand, so that doesn't add up but still, kek.

No. 1353132

Just how many people is paki-chan? She was also the fujosperg who posted her and her brother's hand and also that one anon who posted her grandma. How does she have the time to write on lolcow so much about multiple topics?

No. 1353144

File: 1664208029463.jpeg (639.51 KB, 1000x714, 5E34DE4F-EEF7-40E0-BCC7-DA4174…)

If this isn’t proof that orange man bad was cool with the elites, I dunno what is. can’t say I’m surprised tbh

No. 1353166

File: 1664209276652.jpeg (43.02 KB, 529x529, CEF524DE-B2D6-4D0C-BA74-F39F4E…)

Does anyone feel like we live in some sort of simulation where everything is already planned to happen and things like picrel are intentional Easter eggs sprinkled in by our “creator”?
picrel was the only example I can think of. I really don’t want to encourage 9/11 is a hoax sperging, I know people who died in the towers and the kids they left behind. I am beyond sickened when I see annoying conspiracy fuckers talking about it being fake on the videos of victims last words or victims memorials. I hate how desensitized humans are to others suffering; if only these retards would read the fucking room and think of the children and families who have to read that shit constantly.

No. 1353255

A little bit because sometimes something will happen and then I look back on previous events and things people said and it’s like,”was it all foreshadowing?”

No. 1353413

yeah somewhat because i believe in i guess the concept of a demiurge figure being influential over the events of our shared reality here.

also, ive never seen anyone in the conspiratard world say 9/11 was outright fake and no one died. people just claim it was an intentional inside job that the US intelligence community probably had a hand in executing. no need to get triggered over a conversation that isnt really happening.

No. 1353514

It's still disrespectful to try and divert conversations to the so-called multiple explosions in the buildings or some other theories of what "really happened". Save it for tinfoil websites and not documentaries meant to commemorate and educate people on the victims' lives and suffering.

No. 1353548

They didnt just barge into these documentaries, they were invited. They have just as much a right as anyone else to be there. Media was never meant to honour you, your feelings or the deceased.

No. 1353549

Instead of being sad for the rest of time be angry that the government caused these deaths.

No. 1353605

It’s definitely not the norm but I’ve known a few people who think it was completely faked. Soundstage and all. They’re not the brightest though kek

No. 1353662

I don't see how it's disrespectful unless it's being treated as a joke. The people killed during 9/11 were murdered. Finding out who was actually responsible should be a priority so they can be brought to justice and so they can't kill more people in the future.

No. 1353762

what a dumb argument, "don't question 9/11 because it hurts people's feelings!"

there are people that claim no one died, and that the people claimed to have died did not exist, see cluesforum.info the VicSims Report for their arguments if you're interested. They tried to find evidence for every person on the list existing. They also argue that the pictures of the victims are computer generated, don't remember much beyond that cause i read it years ago.

No. 1353825

Ah yes, not wanting humanity to be a bunch of bug-eating subsistence workers living and sleeping in capsules is racist. Are you honestly so fucking dumb that you think the push to make westerners eat bugs is done in the name of cultural enrichment?

No. 1353826

> Humans shouldn't live in pods!
> Human beings gestate in their mother's womb prior to birth! Gotcha!

You are retarded.

No. 1353836

wtf wtf wtf mothers aren't pods and women aren't just wombs

No. 1353860

File: 1664250155025.jpg (13.01 KB, 275x251, 38640756_10216916723010276_163…)

>people with wombs
leave tranny

No. 1353868

"people with wombs" is a tranny cope because they get offended by women being called women, see "people who get periods"

No. 1353875

File: 1664251154135.jpeg (89.12 KB, 559x276, F8CCA3DD-8D16-42BA-AE17-02A3D5…)

what does this have to do with anything weirdo

No. 1353891

File: 1664252477260.jpg (358.14 KB, 1080x2310, 8pHuwUppujHx.jpg)

anyone else (esp gen z like me) aware of all these beauty subliminals? even ones that claim to change" eyecolour?

It's a wild ass rabbit hole to jump down but when you look at the affirmations on them … they're so unrealistic & it's like no wonder teen girls are so miserable trying to meet impossible standards.

No. 1353896

what the fuck is that. Don’t answer that actually I don’t want to know

No. 1353898

pass me the enemies one its worth a try

No. 1353899

Yaay I gained psychic damage

No. 1353904

File: 1664253137402.png (190.44 KB, 1037x433, Screenshot 2022-09-26 at 21-31…)

Nona if you think those are weird you should see the mental illness ones.

No. 1353905

its kinda hard to describe, youtube subliminals are a "genre" of vidoes that are very popular with gen-z(overwhelmingly with young girls) the vidoes and mostly affirmations under a sound or a heavily edited song, they believe that it will reprogram your subconscious or something like that, its related to the manifesting trend as well

No. 1353908

No. 1353909

wish there was a video documentary about these things i am really curious to know how it started and why is people trying to induce mental illness on themselves, you would think gen z, the most atheist generation, would be less open to this kind of crap.

No. 1353916

>concave stomach
I don't disbelieve that you can hypnotize your mind into believing certain things to change you body or health, but nobodies brain will understand words like uni shaped lips, gonial angle etc
these videos have been on youtube for a long time though, like those eye color hypnosis videos, gain superpowers through hypnosis bla bla bla, I guess it comes and goes with every new generation of insecure weirdos

No. 1353932

File: 1664254143954.png (440.63 KB, 1155x687, Screenshot 3.png)

the superpower one's are usually the one's watched by mostly young boys

No. 1353934

I don't know anon I was pretty autistic and watched hypnosis videos to be able to control air and shit at one point as a teen

No. 1353935

Did you unlock airbender abilities?

No. 1353938

I was convinced I had

No. 1353942

what's wrong with eating bugs
locusts taste delectable

No. 1354009

Putting ice in soft drinks is a corporate psy-op to sell people watered-down product for the same price. I have extensively researched this and have asked multiple boomers when this trend first started and everything adds up- you would see it once in a great while in the 40s/50s/60s but it wasn't until the 70s/80s that it really took off, promoted mainly by penny-pinching fast food joints. Everyone hated it at first because dumping 2 cups of water, even if it's frozen water, into a coke is gross and fucks up the flavor, but it persisted and so everyone just accepted it. This tactic also coincides with the huge jump in profits the food industries saw during this time period because if you can arch what was formally a months worth of syrup into 3 months by watering it down you can you may only save 3 cents per cup but when you sell 30,000 cups a month that's money right there. If you accept ice in your drink you are literally ruining it and making corpo scum rich so they can donate ngos to trans your kids.

A similar tactic is used by the ice cream industry with nuts. NO ONE ever fixing put nuts IN ice cream until the 80s/90s, sometimes you sprinkled some crushed nuts on top but putting a whole nut in the ice cream is lunacy. But if you can fill a fourth of your ice cream cartoon with nuts, especially something cheap like peanuts, you just extended your product with filler but convinced people to pay full price. Luckily the rise in nut allergies reined this in some but if you ever wonder why half of all ice cream flavors have shitty fucking nuts in them this is why.

Fuck the ice and nut cabal.

No. 1354011

fuck ice in softdrinks. i never get a drink with ice, it's such a scam. shocks me the way people are happy to have half of a glass of the actual product. you don't even need anywhere near the amount of ice they put in, but people LOVE having egregious amounts of ice in their drinks. i rarely see people taking an issue with the 50% ice they're paying $5 for and it's unbelievable the way people just take it, and love it.

i disagree on the nuts though. even peanuts i would think are more expensive than the actual ice cream. ice cream in bulk is not that expensive.

No. 1354022

I don’t care for this Ice makes drinks better even if you get less kek

No. 1354032

I'm glad we're finally talking about Big Ice and their psyops

No. 1354050

I believe you. I also believe this is an American phenomenon.

No. 1354105

I remember when they were talking about the new little mermaid a few years ago it happened to be a trending topic around when Epstein's island was raided. Wonder what they are distracting us from now…

No. 1354110

Maxwells trial and the fact they didn’t read the eight names they promised from the black book probably. The ex assistant fbi director of the United States talking to the pedo tranny on Twitter. The same tranny helping illegally attack KF right before US midterms. We also Russia shit. The Italy election. Etc etc. take your pick.

No. 1354276

No, fuck ice haters. I like my drinks extra cold and chewing on the ice cubes afterwards.

No. 1354280

ice isn't going to fuck you, stop caping

No. 1354326

I will never stop tinfoiling about how this whole tranny shit is just another way to groom children, first they say that kids can consent to get invasive surgeries and cross-sex hormones, then they will say that kids should be allowed to have sex at 5 because
>~It’s just how they express themselves uwu~
This whole tranny shit is seriously disgusting.

No. 1354334

nonna that isn’t even a tinfoil at this point

No. 1354487

Queer theory and the sex is a spectrum guy both in detail wrote about wanting to fuck little boys so yeah I mean started by pedos for pedos.

No. 1354539

File: 1664301024541.png (135.49 KB, 1088x496, strangely self aware male.png)

I think that David Hogg kid is gonna troon out. He has the signs of a cluster B disorder as well as the dead unfocused mild autism eyes. And shitty registered democrat parents who are likely pro-trans.
the taking-it-too-far vibe from him is, i think, a result of the search for identity cluster b's have. picrel - he has bad feelings but is self-aware and has the desire to change and work on himself, but unfortunately the current climate means it's highly likely a therapist or teacher will tell him he's trans instead of sending him to CBT.

No. 1354542

samefag, by taking-it-too-far i mean the reflexively annoyed/pissed off feeling you get when you see his activism, even if you agree that we need more gun control. he's like anthony reed going super hard into whatever identity he's adopted this year.

No. 1354727

Of course it's not surprising, he's literally an elite himself. Idk why his followers act like he's any different when he's a fucking billionaire.

No. 1354788

Since you brought that up, Andrew Tate also seems like another closeted troon. If you look past the beard and scowl, his facial structure especially his eyes look like Violet Chacki the drag queen's when he's not wearing makeup. Same point with the cluster B disorders, but add the unusual extra hatred for women and desire to make them have less in little ways and miserable on purpose. Also, his followers hate this narrative passaround since it makes Tate seem a disingenious facade.

No. 1354884

After months of avoiding the third shot I'm gonna have to take it to travel. Sigh. Wish me luck.

No. 1354963

ayrt yes hogg is the confused sexist autist form of troon (some think being disinterested in sex or violent porn makes them women?), tate is the angry-jealous GIB ME EASY MODE type. two sides of the same coin i guess. one scared of sex, one addicted to it.

No. 1355005

he receives constant death threats and so have his parents, for years. they started receiving them like right after the shooting since he was a kid. no wonder he'd be hypervigilant and fucked up, then factor in receiving media attention at a young age after experiencing a major school shooting. feel bad for him, i don't think this means he's going to troon out at all.

No. 1355059

Tate is literally a textbook HSTS LARPing as a transmaxxer, because for males that is less pathetic that being a regular homo somehow. it's just a matter of time and i swear to god is going to be a massive shitshow. Commonman trannies already feel entitled to have their whole "pre-transition history" deleted and once their grown their hair start LARPing as the most feminist person even, i can't imagine the mess that Tate would cause.

No. 1355131

>textbook HSTS LARPing as a transmaxxer, because for males that is less pathetic that being a regular homo somehow.
i got this feeling from will thomas too. gay with a white hot hatred for women who thinks he deserves their boyfriends because straight men should love him instead of icky wimminz but somehow can't admit publically he's gay

No. 1355170


Idk it feels like Andrew would be more of a transbian-identifying TiM though if he ever came out, his eyes and body language is obvious that he's too much of a rapey hon for women to defer to men, also with an insane obsession of the female form and (what makes it pretty, maybe).

There was an interview segment where Andrew told about how a hairdresser cut his hair wrong, and his dad brought him back to the same salon and shaved his head off. He actually admitted he was traumatised at that time, but "got over it and now he doesnt give a fuck about how men have their haircut viewed anymore". Sounds like the same classic transwymon hon 'long-hair obsessed since young' story they always have to tell.

No. 1355207

Hogg is a crisis actor, if this was a real person it might be cause for concern but David Hogg is a fictional character, like Batman

No. 1355216

he is literally born and raised by elites why are you retards deluded into the idea he'd be at all subversive? tradwife brainrot?

yeah but ice makes my drink cold living in this disgusting desertous excuse of a wasteland. i will take a little less drink so it can be cold, also this is the funniest tinfoil I've seen in ages

No. 1355739

>crisis actor
this is male speech kek. just like "BBC", it's a phrase women don't use.

No. 1355869

Idk,for me HSTS are the original incels, is a fine line for sure. The only difference between HSTS and transmaxxers is that the frist are homosexuals and the second are straight, otherwise their discourse and reasoning is the same. Tate might be bi but i feel in recent years he has leaned more towards men. I would give him a 4 in Kinsey scale and i'm being generous.

No. 1356041

agreed. the obsession with straight men is very incel-y. it's the same rage that straight men have at lesbians.

No. 1356139

File: 1664398619691.jpg (42.79 KB, 451x451, f2d1bb812f4ba9640b6c6efa016ce2…)

has anyone else noticed a severe increase in trannyops in the mtf thread the last few days? not really a conspiracy, just not sure where else this would go

No. 1356149

They're everywhere recently. Vent thread, things you hate, snow

No. 1356169

i don't know how to explain it but it's obvious sometimes who is and isn't a tranny. i'm sure some of them pass without detection but i can't start questioning everything or else i'll go insane.

No. 1356190

I try not to think about all the trannies/scrotes that are infesting this place. They're a lot like cockroaches, you pretend they don't exist until you see one crawling right in front of you.

No. 1356204

i think there's more of them recently because of kiwifarms getting shut down for a bit. i've noticed an increase of posts alogging or bullying trannies in the main thread that read like they're written by fifty year old men, which they probably are. anyway i think their ultimate goal is to alog hard enough to try and get law enforcement to take the site down. this is also why they spam cp. now that we're on the topic isn't it funny how all the trannies have cp ready to go lol, almost as if there's a link between agp and other fetishes. but that's just a theory… a tranny theory.

No. 1356392

Donald Trump was a DNC plant designed to destabilize the GOP and help Hilary win 2016. Only problem is Trump's WWE kayfabe heel role worked way to well for Americans and he won. He legitimately did not expect to win the election and it showed in his reaction on election night.

No. 1356410

Literally cannot imagine thinking that you are somehow doing some sort of civid duty by using cp. like you absolutely have to be a man to think that’s in any way excusable.

No. 1356413

They've sold out since the Napster controversy and got what was coming to them in that embarrassing twitch stream concert. Only the biggest music cucks will defend Lars and his campaign against Napster

No. 1357036

It’s been glaringly obvious that Putin was pulling his strings since 2016.

No. 1358111

File: 1664517444193.png (110.9 KB, 275x271, 1663564389001.png)

I never believed the "official explanation" for deja-vus. Many people can predict a row of things that happen next as soon as they recognize the deja-vu and can even act accordingly. Saying it's just a teehee memory error seems like a very cheap explanation.

No. 1358127

Coincidence exists. I think narcs are especially fond of creating pathways and tunnels between themselves and their object of obsession and want to believe they have some sort of psychic conscious, but human behavior and patterns are very predictable, hence why algorithms are so spot on

No. 1358261


yes nonnitas, I get what you're saying, my tinfoil is that only women have the ability to perceive this "foreshadowing". we evolved to be more perceptive of small visual details, smells, most of all about other people. scrotes barely have empathy but more importantly they only remember details relevant to them (ever asked your nigel what his friends wore to the party? they may as well have been naked cos he has no clue). all these details stay in our minds and give our subconscious much more input than a man's, and that allows us all (some women more than others) to put these facts together subconsciously and know things and predict things that men can't.

I also believe that while all our ancient ancestors experienced the bicameral mind, women retained that ability whereas men didn't. a scrote has to obey what his boss says to succeed, he can't display independent thought from an "outside source" unless he's already an elite, so men de-evolved and their minds closed off the "other room". But for the same reason, women retained the ability because they often could only rely on their own minds for protection, and seeing which way the wind was blowing helped their self preservation (blindly obeying their male superiors would only hurt them).

Some evidence for this is how seemingly all patriarchal religion deny women the right to openly discuss prophecies. The Bible even says that women may make prophecies (because it was mostly women who did) but only men could discuss the prophecies and decide their meaning, "women must stay silent". This was men's way of controlling and suppressing the powers of women. Lean in to your deja vu or foreshadowing or whatever you call it, it's literally saved women's lives before nonnies

No. 1358267

nonnie you sound like you have PTSD and are constantly scanning your environment for threats

No. 1358280

That is literally just called intuition

No. 1358288

yeah but we're told it's not real

No. 1358329

>Coincidence exists.
Glowie pls, this is the tinfoil thread.
>I think narcs are especially fond of creating pathways and tunnels between themselves and their object of obsession
This is not usually what happens in deja-vus.

No. 1358403

what about spergs?

No. 1358421

>By fucking who

No. 1358532

The great seers who wrote all the holy books (that were later edited into uselessness by y chromosome tards) were basically genocided because they predicted all the shit men would get up to once their little woman hating transhumanist pedo cult got international.

No. 1358539

Other politicians are also being paid off by China and Russia. China is just being more subtle by using long term honeypots.

No. 1358541

Remember they burned Joan of Arc for witchcraft because she heard the voice of god.

No. 1358542

Chinas plan from what I can tell is if I own everything I own you.

No. 1358545

Even though that was common to claim back then, they burned her for witch craft because she became more popular and supported by the noble men than the king of france was.

No. 1358558

Yep. They were fine when she was winning their battles. The second Joan said the holy men weren’t 100% and she became a threat to their potential power they burned her alive. Pretty sure it’s the perfect example of why men will never get close to anything holy if it exists. Too obsessed with ego and greed.

No. 1358563

Nah the king always hated her and her main supporting dukes tbh, it was always his plan to throw them under the bus after the end of the war aka as soon as he could

No. 1358648

Tbh all the women without intuition are just brainwashed/in narc relationships and/or feel they need to suppress every impure thought. Even in my neet days i had a intuition and it salved my ass. That's why liberalism is so dangerous, it tells women to ignore their healthy life-salving gut feelings saying that is "wrongthink" and they're bigots.

No. 1358651

YES! That's always been my exact thoughts, women have an extra sense that men do not have and it's not from raising though it can be suppressed by it and yeah uh, not tied to genetics either actually.

No. 1358656

Btw this is more of a Question than a tinfoil but what was the meaning of the moon in mkultra code? If i'm not wrong i think it was about the elite/theta program but i can't find it anywhere

No. 1358836

I mean we have more brain cells for scent detection so we can actually smell more than men. It would make sense if we have a lot of other things no one is aware of that gives us a “special sense”.

No. 1359024

File: 1664582592529.jpg (201.48 KB, 541x355, feature2.jpg)

I was thinking about the happenings in Iran and I thought about how a month ago, my youtube shorts feed was like 25% hijab and hijab information-related videos when it's usually all cooking and diy stuff. Since google knows if you're male or female for "marketing purposes", I think these videos were mostly seen by female users. Even in the tiktok/yt short hate thread, there's anons complaining about the same exact thing one month ago. The videos are always about the hijab instead of other islamic stuff. The top comments are usually all muslim moids followed by western handmaidens. I believe a lot of money was invested to push these videos to the top to influence the reaction of westerners, specifically western women, to the protests in Iran. It reminds me of when in 2016 and 2017, feminist protests all featured the poster in picrel

No. 1359038

And of course >>1358402 was the tranny. Nonna is right, we shoukd trust our intuition more.

No. 1359347

File: 1664609974127.jpg (102.65 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

My tinfoil is that Mister Metokur is faking his cancer
>has an unholy amount of symptoms that he keeps adding to that often contradict eachother
>claims to have been to like a million places for a proper diagnosis but they can't get one somehow
>says he is massively immunocompromised to the point where small contact with people can kill him but is just fine opening his front door on stream to random people (delivery men, a swat team, etc)
I'm somewhat convinced this is a long running shit post based on the old internet joke about how looking at cringe gives you cancer

No. 1359377

He says that the cancer gave him massive auto-immune issues, and he is on immunosuppressants to keep his immune system from destroying some organs of his. He says the treatment of the cancer is pretty straightforward and wouldn't be as big an issue, but the auto immune things are what cause him problems and are why he is in research medicine.

TBH what he said about coping with severe sickness resonated with me, so I believe him until proven otherwise.

It also explains why he streams so rarely (too fatigued to stream, you can tell even in the Josh stream that he gets extremely tired towards the end even though it was a very comfortable time for Jim), why he stopped streaming (too sick and distracted), and why he restarted (needs money for medical bills and coped with the psychological effects).

Chemo is often once a month and wipes out people for weeks after, so it could explain why he usually streams at the end of the month, but some autist can check his history to see whether that holds up.

No. 1359382

Based, I agree. He is a munchie and is using his "canceraids" To grift and be lazy when he doesn't want to do streams.

No. 1359397

He has a 1000+ page kiwifarms thread that discusses the legitimacy of his illness whenever he updates the situation, and autists have already gone to frankly astonishing levels of effort to debunk his illness claims. I do believe he is in some way sick due to his stream behaviour but it seems very likely that he doesn't have what he says he has. Close to the beginning he claimed respiratory issues and yet here we are years later when he ia supposedly in far worse condition but still chainsmokes on his streams with no issue

He keeps pushing back the acerthorn stream he's been promising for months now. His recent Year of the Chud streams have been so boring with the exception of the Keffals vs Kiwifarms coverage last month. He could do the acerthorn stream but he chooses the same boring Ethan Ralph bitch slapping and pissing on Nick Fuentes content every single month

No. 1359466

The Elites fetishe children and are utterly obsessed with eternal youth. Defying nature and death itself, the most powerful people in the planet look like children and they have lived through millennia, only those who aren't rich and powerful enough die of illness/old age

No. 1359553

His KF thread is 1000 pages of ass-kissing from other scrotes that view him as a father figure. The few people who try to have critical discussion about him are always chased off by the sycophants. There is nothing critical of Jim in that thread.

No. 1359646

INXJs exists, somewhere, but regular populations can't access them, as they're a secret lineage. Their ways are unknown, and their minds incomprehensible for they foresee the future itself. They're neutral, but malicious on their executions for the great plan

No. 1359668

>Ni is also more mystic than Ne, Ni makes you prophetic while Ne just makes you connect things in front of you.
what if i'm neither, then what's my type

No. 1359697

Do you have any examples of powerful people looking young?

No. 1359701

nah that's the opposite of me. all the tests keep giving me intp but i'm nowhere near that smart. the only part that feels accurate is I and P.

No. 1359739

QR codes are completely unnecessary. They make nothing better or easier. I think they are being pushed to increase people's dependencies on cells.

No. 1359810

It's weird to push that onto kids. If you grew up eating bugs, cool. But marketing materials designed to convince kids to eat bugs is messed up.

>NO ONE ever fixing put nuts IN ice cream until the 80s/90s, sometimes you sprinkled some crushed nuts on top but putting a whole nut in the ice cream is lunacy.

But I really like butter pecan ice cream and praline ice cream, though.

No. 1359829

Tests give me INFJ but idk. I have the dreams and the profession, but somewhat feels wrong.

No. 1359971

No. 1359983

Nta but like if bugs are edible and then global meat industry is causing irreversible damage… ya gotta think perhaps now is the time. Not push it necessarily but maybe gently introduce it as an option. Anyone who wants to eat meat can eat meat and if theres some people who decide to eat bugs then that's not a bad thing. Giving kids the opportunity to eat bug candy or something isn't a horrible thing as long as they're given the option to decline

No. 1360019

File: 1664652563348.jpeg (112.36 KB, 540x960, CDEEB238-353E-49EB-8985-4EC93D…)

They just get plastic surgery. For some reason plastic surgery doesn’t look too good imo, it just make you look stiff. I was talking to someone who had a faceLift the other day and her eyelids disturbed me, the looked separate from the rest of her face and pointy.
My tinfoil is that plastic surgery is a scam, constantly needing “revisions” and those BBL baddies who get surgery like “8” times just to get their look. If plastic surgery wasn’t a sham you wouldn’t see people like this. Plastic surgeons don’t give af about how you look or your health they just want shekels and prey on your insecurities, remember when hip dips became a thing that people wanted to correct?

No. 1360035

>global meat industry is causing irreversible damage…
But it isn't. Anyone who parrots this is a fucking brain damaged retard. If meat was harmful to the environment it wouldn't have been able to sustain human life for the entirety of our existence. There are harmful farming methods but this isn't exclusive to livestock rearing. Growing plants requires massive amounts of artificial fertilizer and toxic pesticides that does more damage to local ecosystems than a cow in field ever will.

People should be free to eat insects if they want to, pushing it as the default protein source is not going to work or create any benefit to the environment. People that do eat insects as part of their traditional diet live in warm climates with large edible insect species. People that avoid eating insects live in cold or temperate climates with smaller and mostly non-edible insect species. For insects to be eaten on a mass scale in Europe, insects would either need to be imported, which creates pollution through the burning of fossil fuel for planes and ships or the insects would need to be farmed in Europe. To do this edible insects would need to be kept in a controlled climate which would use massive amounts of energy to heat, that would potentially damage the environment through the increased use of fossil fuel power plants.

No. 1360042

You sound like a glowie

No. 1360044

Is it even tinfoil to call plastic surgery a scam? Plastic surgery is just elective medicine not meant to "cure" anything in the first place, of course it will need constant revision and never look right or good, because they have people cutting healthy body parts and filling themselves with fungus and plastic. Modern media has made it highly profitable because you can slap some belly fat on Kim Kardashian's hips and stick silicone in her buttcheeks and then you'll have hundreds of braindead consoomers vying for the same procedure at many thousands a head. Even a boob job is 5k, and they've been so normalized that you have 20-30 year old women who have no reason to get them except "muh self-esteem" committing to a life of having to have them redone every ten years. Of course it's a scam.

No. 1360059

Yo I'm an intj, how do I join in on this?!

No. 1360062

according to our intelligent nihilistic nonna with a wicked sense of humor you're just a poser

No. 1360063

I got INTJ on a test, sometimes ENTJ even though I'm blatantly an introvert but I guess since I like people watching it gave me extroverted. I also know someone who claims to be INTJ but he's a moid so who knows. With how many INTJs I see and how I somehow consistently score some sort of -NTJ makes me think it's all bogus

No. 1360098

File: 1664657292419.png (1.48 MB, 991x671, insect_farm.png)

>To do this edible insects would need to be kept in a controlled climate which would use massive amounts of energy to heat
Farming insects is extremely economic, when you look at the ratio protein/space used, you can very easily stack them. I understand that some people could be against insects but that genuinely the most stupid argument that you could make against it.

>growing plants requires massive amounts of artificial fertilizer and toxic pesticides that does more damage to local ecosystems than a cow in field ever will

Grass is obviously not enough and most animals necessitate food who had to be cultivated first as a big portion of their meals.

>If meat was harmful to the environment it wouldn't have been able to sustain human life for the entirety of our existence

The whole point is that what was fine for the environment when we were 1 billion on te planet is not going to be enough for the future.

No. 1360106

you sound like a glowie

No. 1360116

as an INFJ who consistently scores INFJ for years i can tell you that i cannot foresee the future and we are not part of any great plan

No. 1360118

Stop making excuses, glowie. No one wants to eat bugs!

No. 1360120

Stop deflecting, glowie

No. 1360145

>when you look at the ratio protein/space used
Heating a warehouse in a cold country is not economical, especially when people could just eat their ancestral diet with minimal harm to environment.

>Grass is obviously not enough

Grass is what grazing animals eat and it's more than enough. It's possible to raise livestock on nothing but pasture.

>The whole point is that what was fine for the environment when we were 1 billion on te planet is not going to be enough for the future.

Eating what is available locally is perfectly sustainable.

No. 1360222

They already kill the elderly in hospital by ODing them on morphine. Euthanasia has been happening on the downlow for a long time now in countries with socialized healthcare. Doctors do it under implicit pressure from admins to avoid the hospital getting in shit for not having enough beds. As soon as they see the person tick over the average life expectancy, it becomes non-conspicuous, no matter how many they kill this way.

No. 1360246

File: 1664662949889.jpg (30.31 KB, 908x454, 160809_GIZ_Urbanet_Infografike…)

>Eating what is available locally is perfectly sustainable.
As much as I agree with you that eating locally is the best for the environment it is not realistic for most people. The area surrounding most cities is not big enough to sustain the population that live in them, you will be forced to import most of your food. Most of the world population live in cities now and it's only going to get worse in the future. This is my main issue with the "eating locally" argument (I do wish that it was possible though), only people who live in the countryside or maybe the ultra rich could do it.

>Heating a warehouse in a cold country is not economical

It's not that bad. If you make the comparison with a pig farm for exemple, where the animals live at 20°c (insects can be farmed around 25 °C), their life span is much shorter, you can stock a large quatity of them, they have extremely hight ratio of protein per g, they don't need as much food and they make less waste. I mean the size of an insect farm is not worse that your average mall.

>It's possible to raise livestock on nothing but pasture

You know what, I can admit that you are right on this one, but it will reduce the output and you would still have to collect hay and straw, which necessite even more space but it's still possible for cows and sheeps I guess.

No. 1360253

I bet a cricket bar would taste better than those protein bars gym rats eat.

No. 1360644

I'm starting to think the entire hate for Ai art is government's newest way to censor and prevent open source projects to be shared:

No. 1360650

File: 1664685827996.png (147.94 KB, 640x456, tumblr_pdrfwjGwLi1vy2bnto2_640…)

No. 1360666

Bug eaters and meat eaters are so obnoxious. Too afraid to admit you’re beanphobic and refuse to eat delicious beans in place of your constant meat/egg protein because your weak ass digestive system can’t digest it but can somehow digest the complex proteins and fleshy structure of rotting animal flesh that is extremely taxing to digest in the first place. You’re both gay and I think eating is overrated and I’m not an anachan I enjoy food sometimes but this whole big debate over thinking every human group has eaten meat is so false, not every group were hunter gatherers, the people who did not hunt or consume meat were likely hunted by hunter gatherers or nomads in the first place. There are even theories said of them poisoning other people’s water supply with dairy even though back then early humans were mostly lactose intolerant. I agree with the idea that drinking milk is dumb as fuck, it’s like if cows were to drink from a woman’s breasts, it’s not your resource. We treat animals like human women.

No. 1360680

Remember that bean disease only affects xy's, eat your beans to dunk on TiMs.

No. 1360684

i think we have a new board cow blossoming on /ot/. Ainon, perhaps.
is kirby anon making kirby-ized reaction pictures now? kek i hate this place so much

No. 1360688

File: 1664687454124.jpeg (68.28 KB, 652x443, DEDEB6B5-A366-4A3D-976F-E0C737…)

this is was the rothschild globalists want to take from you. they take away your beans filled reeses peanut butter cup and they laugh at you

No. 1360704

File: 1664687985952.jpg (132.05 KB, 1267x315, terfbeans.jpg)

Respect the bean

No. 1360708

This is awful.

No. 1360724

>only people who live in the countryside or maybe the ultra rich could do it
I live in the countryside and I grow my own vegetables and keep my own livestock. I nearly always have more produce than my family can consume. It's not difficult for a rural farming community to produce enough food for themselves and food that could be sold within a regional city. Game is also a seasonal option as a source of food.

>If you make the comparison with a pig farm for exemple

You're using a factory farm as an example. Factory farms are not sustainable and do harm to the environment so an insect factory farm being slightly less polluting than a pig factory farm is not a benefit. Pasture raised animals can be left out in nearly all weathers by using an appropriate breed for the local climate. There are hundreds of different breeds adapted to different parts of the world.

>but it will reduce the output and you would still have to collect hay and straw

Yes, this is part of crop rotation which is a system of responsible land management that reduces the need for artificial fertilizer and allows local fauna to regenerate after the use of pesticides. Pasture raised animals can also have their diet supplemented by chaff from grain crops and rape seed oil production. Chaff is the parts of plants that are inedible to humans.

It's more likely to be liberal arts majors that produce corporate memphis adverts shitting themselves that AI will replace them.

No. 1360725

An /ai/ board on lolcow? Lol, lmao even
No one in this site likes Ai generated things, I would be the only user of that board.

No. 1360726

File: 1664689397589.jpeg (54.88 KB, 640x960, A44278F5-017D-4A67-8A92-276492…)

This your first time on the internet?

No. 1360728

anon, read it again, slower this time.

No. 1360732

Most intelligent AI bootlicker

No. 1360743

AI as in artificial intelligence not /ai/ as in Aikatsu general.

No. 1360850

But how do we feed people who live in cities with this sytem though. It's really nice that you can live like this but how to you propose we feed a capital city with this logic ?

No. 1360899

File: 1664705066144.jpg (13.63 KB, 275x275, 1664563261858.jpg)

No. 1361123

I'm a smallholder and still produce excess food that I don't need. Imagine the excess food that could be produced by an actual farmer with acres of land.

No. 1361145

a whole capital city with millions of inabitants fed only by local organic farms in the surrounding area ? This is delusional.

No. 1361191

If only more normie women and girls knew that -
Root causes of misogyny and male supremacy:
1. Males have this "rape-maxx reapmaxx" as many women as possible mindset, get a harem, only settle down when 50 - 60, with a young virgin from 4 decades his junior. "The main purpose of Man is to spread his seed" is code for "maxxrape maxxreap as many women as possible for beauty variety and pussy".

2. Believing men are better than women, that men are just made and born more superior in all shit they do, that men have more worth and value "potential" than women, biologically and naturally. Aka "might is right".

3. Not believing that women are people too, but just "eye-candy decorations and window dressing which are quiet, passive, docile, with little functions and abilities to ever be as built as that of a man". In order for men to treat their partners this way, they must first dehumanize her in his mind to feel ok treating her this way.

Yes even the "Good Men" have these same 3 base desires, "getting sex" explains most male actions towards girls and female friends. Also, they believe that other men's cum can taint women and make them dirty and gay bait, that is why they always scold high bodycount girls, because they are afraid of touching other men's cum.
True nature of men should be spread till men cannot control the narrative and always play the misunderstood card anymore

No. 1361192

Yes I drink milk, cry about it lactosintolerenttards

No. 1361236

File: 1664729044286.png (80.25 KB, 240x197, lain.PNG)

>in the tinfoil thread
>complains about autism
nta, but who is the real autist here?

No. 1361239

File: 1664729262911.jpg (697.18 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20221002_094724_com…)

Don't forget the supermale gene which is just an excuse for men to rape women.


No. 1361293

Kek my prof was talking about chromosomes on a biology lecture and only way he acnowledged intersex/chromosome disorder conditions was saying how the extra Y makes men violent and is often found in criminals. He was clearly very gay but thankfully not Woke(tm) it seemed.

No. 1361448

I remember that, except I learned it in high school biology and it was called “xyy syndrome”. Some women on the other hand have “xxx syndrome” but nothing in known about it other than “being more womanly” is a guess.

No. 1361620

dae think the mandarinposter is a man going super surreal to prove that moidy /b/troons can get in here undercover

No. 1361622

samefag, also all the unsaged posts lately are the men. why is that so hard for mods to understand&remove

No. 1361717

Pedophiles will be accepted and represented in the LGBTQ+ community by 2026.
As we have seen on these last couple of years the world's opinion on things are determined by Twitter, I think the government's plan is to plant a movement of "acceptance" in the app and slowly build up into forgiving pedophiles, including known politiciana and by 2026, the president might even have a 6 year old wife.

No. 1361723

I fully expect within a generation. I don't even hear pedo killing jokes anymore

No. 1361737

Right? Back on the early 2010s, the only cure for pedophilia was a bullet to the head.
Nowadays everyone seems to say "they need to seek help", "we shouldn't harrass them, we have to get them help".
Fuck, the world has been on a downfall since the late 90s

No. 1361744

What gets me thinking is, how do they have so much influence? How did we go from thinking sanely about child predators, to people believing that instead of imprisonment pedos need therapy and should be allowed to walk around like ticking time bombs in a matter of years? Is it connected to the fact that so many pedos "happen" to be of the elite?

No. 1361754

It’s alarming how accepting Christian’s are of sexual deviancy at this point. I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens because even in most religious groups and churches the younger generation is very Twitter minded and brainwashed. Nothing can save us

No. 1361803

lol what are you talking about? christians have always been sexual deviants

No. 1361839

File: 1664767000255.jpg (144.23 KB, 597x954, 01.jpg)

we discussed this before, the logic is that beating pedophiles will literally lead to fascism and genocide

No. 1361852

File: 1664768169325.jpg (68.96 KB, 876x438, Muslim Brotherhood.jpg)

>I believe a lot of money was invested to push these videos to the top to influence the reaction of westerners
This has been going on for a while now,even before the protests, I think many people should be aware that Islamist groups aren't all ISIS and Taliban, many are far more politically savvy and know how to put on a good face to appease liberals while furthering their own aims, many people are aware the Muslim Brotherhood but there are many other groups such as Jamaat-e-Islami the imrcusa and others whose main goal is spreading Islamist propaganda, they have more then enough money thanks do donations but most importantly they have the approval of western liberals which allows them to further their aims, thanks to the image and how they present themselves, The Afghan Islamist is a breaded illiterate mountain peasant but the Islamists from these groups are often educated and can be doctors or engineers and their daughters will be going to universities, for western liberals it might seem too good to be true and these people could help spread a more "tolerant" version of Muslim, but what they don't understand is that these people fundamentally despise them and want nothing more then to spread the religion of the Arab pedophile

No. 1361860

>genocide of pedophiles
thank god

No. 1361863

I feel gaslighted. How is calling people groomers is genocide? For fucks sake. They really want to diddle kids if this is the case.

No. 1361876

Those ‘Christians’ are not even legit Christians and Jesus was very much against pedophiles, claiming they deserve death for harming a child like that.

No. 1361997

Because you ARE being gaslit. Guess who the pedophiles are, nonna. There's a reason why outspoken MAP activists are always without fail either a mtf troon trying to get away with his shit of a ftm fujoshit who got too caught up in her yaoi to realise that pedophiles are fucking disgusting

No. 1362310

I'm an eslfag so every time i see some histrionic pro-pedo dogwhistle i literally lost my words. I don't think i have the words in my mother tongue to describe what i feel either. I feel so attacked yet so vulnerable and disgusted. Thanks, i was saying gaslight as an approximation of what I feel but i guess is really it.

No. 1362567

love the thought you've put into this nonnie. but what about snails, we could farm them in europe

No. 1362573

nona I also believe this but only because hope it's true, since it seems more humane. but families could request autopsies and if they were also doing coverups with that, they'd have been caught already imo. In the NHS for example that would mean thousands of normal people would have to be keeping their involvement in multiple "accidental" deaths secret from their families etc

No. 1363195

The creator of Stable Diffusion (open source) has repeatedly made comments that indicate he a) does not understand why people make art in the first place and b) is principally concerned with making a buck.

Stable Diffusion I guarantee you is being used predominately to make porn and CP, same as with the rest in due course. People have a problem with AI images because they are meaningless (as a result of being effortless - might as well get a medal for taking a shit), dangerous for workers, and just lines the pockets of our tech overlords.

Look up Taika Waititi, that hack fuckface, making fun of the horrible CGI in his own movie Thor 4. Not even acknowledging how hard those artists worked to deliver within an unrealistic deadline. This guy's attitude is on par with most pro-AI shills, and that's why no one likes them (or you), because you denigrate the worker and suck corporate dick.

No. 1363199

I'm in favour of a genocide of perverts, pedos and rapists. This isn't a conspiracy theory. It's conspiracy fact. I would kill them all if I could and I'd sleep soundly afterwards.

No. 1363250

File: 1664880054691.jpg (15.25 KB, 250x188, ezgif.com-gif-maker.jpg)

Absolutely based

No. 1363254

You'd probably decimate the male population kek but that's fine

No. 1363264

sorry if this has been posted in a previous thread but i wanted to hear other people's opinions on this doc, i am not currently in means of starting the oils and stuff but if anybody has experience with this i'd love to hear it

No. 1363278

I've been seeing the /cdf/ genereal on the schitzo board for a while but that place is so full of bots that I could barely read two coherent posts in a row. I'm checking that file today, first pages provide an entertaining read.

No. 1363279

File: 1664883801104.png (163.75 KB, 767x464, Screenshot 2022-10-04 at 11-43…)

this disinfo is kek

No. 1363331

I bet this was written by an obese scrote.

No. 1363419

Could also be written by someone who coesn't understand the concept of aromatization.

No. 1363761

why is he using a good looking, fit moid with terrible fashion taste as an example? this was written by either a skinny fat or obese nerd moid

No. 1364498

What are your thoughts on fluoride in the human diet?

No. 1365147

File: 1665003403208.gif (304.06 KB, 220x220, aluhut-shocked.gif)

Dae think some nonnas and at least one of the jannies are just negging the tranny at this point?

No. 1366379

Idk about phytostrogens but pesticides, plastic and forever chemicals do cause hormonal imbalances, câncer and infertility

No. 1366462

No. 1367458

File: 1665202488666.jpeg (968.96 KB, 1125x1327, 4EB0FECB-9205-4007-A91A-221201…)

Just as we suspected, Britney is definitely not free.

No. 1367479

she's trying to expose the truth. the only person right now who has gotten close is kanye.

No. 1367480

Do you believe the chick fil as drive thru driver conspiracy?

No. 1367505

Can you explain anon? I buy a lot of chick fil a ..

No. 1367513

A while back an anon posted claiming to be a chick fil a drive thru driver and that she was paid to circle the drive thru all day to give the image the place was busy

No. 1367545

Sadly that’s not true, she has a new set of handlers and her recent haircut was inspired by Khloe Kardashian. According to other tinfoil sources, the Kardashians are witches though I’m sure some anons are cool with that.

No. 1367898

My tinfoil is that Beyoncé is demonically possessed while still under mind control.

No. 1367906

Why do you think so nonnie?

No. 1367907

big if tru

No. 1367935

Whatever happened to that dancer who claimed Beyonce sacrificed her puppy or smth

No. 1367964

Look closely at her performances and aesthetics, not to mention she always has a blank look in her eyes. Btw Jay-Z is friends with Marina Abramovic

No. 1367977

>believing Marina is anything more than an edgy attention whore

No. 1369241

Does anyone else believe that the extreme pandering and virtue signaling is actually a government strategy to ostracized marginalized groups even further in the near future?
It's like ever since late 2015 big companies began to go full retard with the LGBT and blacks inclusion, since then it has gotten so bad that it has created more are homophobes and racist than any board on 4chan could ever hope for.

No. 1369256

>pedos are an oppressed group of people
They aren't being oppressed enough

No. 1369281

Yeah it's designed to make our legitimate struggles which could prompt an actual revolution look like a bunch of whiny clowns so the movements are set back further than where they began before all this "representation".
At the same time though, I think white males are the most triggered by it to an unreasonable extent. My own dad REEEEs any time he sees a multi-racial cast with no white people on his TV. White male protagonists are hardly re-written, it's usually the female characters who get altered because it's like producers know that changing white males in media themselves may actually prompt a shooting. See how many males reacted in comparison to white females when a black woman (Halle Bailey) was casted to play Ariel. They're so fucking dramatic.

No. 1369363

I believe it. I feel like our media created a whole new generation of racists with their own stereotypes and reasons for oppression different than their ancestors.

Blacks are so screwed in this new techno-dystopia.

No. 1369367

Yeah, you’re right about scrotes being the most triggered. Likely due to believing in their own propaganda so they believe they truly are the best and need to be on top of everything and can’t comprehend anyone other than them being prioritised. I’ve seen scrotes seethe most goodreads page authors/characters are female, but also ree when women point out most videogame shit is male focused and featuring. Moids think they should be the main demographic for everything, even when they’re 2% of the audience. Even when 90% of things pander to them they chimpout over the 10% that doesn’t because they believe their own bullshit superiority crap. Seeing a push for something more balanced with new stuff focusing on others after years of mainly male pandering stuff they lose their mind kek.

No. 1369368

Samefag, especially when they say women should be just empathise with male characters, but then seethe at the idea of female lead media and refuse to ‘empathise’ with female characters.

No. 1369374



Root causes of misogyny and male supremacy:
1. Males have this "rape-maxx reapmaxx" as many women as possible mindset, get a harem, only settle down when 50 - 60, with a young virgin from 4 decades his junior. "The main purpose of Man is to spread his seed" is code for "maxxrape maxxreap as many women as possible for beauty variety and pussy".

2. Believing men are better than women, that men are just made and born more superior in all shit they do, that men have more worth and value "potential" than women, biologically and naturally. Aka "might is right".

3. Not believing that women are people too, but just "eye-candy decorations and window dressing which are quiet, passive, docile, with little functions and abilities to ever be as built as that of a man". In order for men to treat their partners this way, they must first dehumanize her in his mind to feel ok treating her this way.

Yes even the "Good Men" have these same 3 base desires, "getting sex" explains most male actions towards girls and female friends. Also, they believe that other men's cum can taint women and make them dirty and gay bait, that is why they always scold high bodycount girls, because they are afraid of touching other men's cum.
True nature of men should be spread till men cannot control the narrative and always play the misunderstood card anymore

No. 1369377

And how they're purposely writing all the feminist/female-led movies and shows like she hulk and ww84 badly, hoping more women suddenly feel foolish and turn antifeminist/support less women-centered writing, and giving scrotes a loophole to gather and throw insult comments to the actresses like turd flinging monkeys

No. 1369383

The cia already did this with communism. Pro-tip, if they're quoting Focault the odds that they're cia plants skyrocket. They're using minorities as shield for globohomo (don't scream at me, i don't know how to call it otherwise) but a true global homogenization would mean total oppression for minorities. We're going back to roman times where the only citizens are white males that own land, but with a LGTB flag that was made by a marketing company

No. 1369388

It’s no coincidence the ‘feminism’ the media supports is pro company profits over womens liberation and humanisation eg. troons, makeup/fashion, self-selecting oppression aka labels deciding who or who is oppressed rather than based purely on unchangeable characteristics like sex, pro sex-work selling yourself trying to equate camming and full blown prostitution.

No. 1369397

it's a shame that this is in the tinfoil thread because it's just the truth and anyone can see it.

same with these posts

>especially when they say women should be just empathise with male characters
it's funny because we have all been forced to empathize more with male characters than female ones, there's no shortage of pickmes who shit on female characters and praise male ones just because of their sex, and we have a troon epidemic among teenage girls who think they are male because they relate more to male characters than poorly written stereotypes of women.

No. 1369399

don't forget advertising "sex work" (e.g. OnlyFans) as empowering for women

No. 1369417

another way in which communism is being discredited is by associating it with troonery, furries and other kinds of degenerates. those people are just in it for the aesthetics. turning a radical ideology/movement, like communism or radical feminism, into an aesthetic or product is such a capitalist thing to do, look up "capitalist recuperation". right-wing politicians and propagandists also attribute random shit to communism and retards believe it and think we're living in a communist dystopia because joe biden (a capitalist) is the american president, liberal feminism (also capitalist) is popular, and there are black people in movies. meanwhile, centrist politicians aka liberals, take advantage of this because they appeal to those "leftists" who are in it just for the aesthetic and basic or fake progressive shit. while actual leftists or feminists are censored and silenced, for example when you aren't allowed to criticize policies that allow any man to be legally recognized as a woman, because then you're "transphobic" and you're equated to neo-nazis since "progress" to those people is allowing males to exploit oppressive traditional gender roles to live out a fetish.

No. 1369447

well I'm a WOC(I hate that term btw) and I'm not fond of the casting of the little mermaid either, Its clearly pointless and pandering and made to cause controversy and create a culture war situation where if you consider yourself liberal you have to watch the film, its stupid

No. 1369456


Feels like the hate Halle has been getting is because she doesn't have a 7/10 face and isnt very cute and adorable. They should have chosen Yara Shahidi (Dior ambassador) for the lead maybe it would get less hate.

No. 1369567

My theory is that when the white population has enough and starts to revolt against the elites, the elites will point at minorities and immigrants while claiming it was them and not the elites that made their lives worse. When I look at what is happening in Europe it's obvious that what is being done is to intentionally cause anger. Illegal immigrants get welfare, food, free accommodation and are provided things like mobile phones paid for with taxes while Europeans are seeing their public services collapse and living standards decline. It also doesn't help that immigrants are seemingly never punished for the crimes they commit against the native population.

I feel that it's intentionally divisive and extremely lazy. There are so many stories from non-white culture that are worth sharing with the wider world. Non-American countries have their own film industries that could have been asked to work with Disney to create something that was truly unique and representative of their culture. Instead we get a story written by a white man, filmed by a white crew and any profits made go straight back to an American mega corp while the film gets sold as woke to white liberals.

No. 1369627

I think we also are experiencing at this point a complete turn or opposition of political values in practice or complete Hegelian dialectics. We are experiencing the antithesis of what political movements should have been. Basically nowadays you can find more anarchy or criticism of the government (capitalist) or of the capitalist structure from right wingers in their discourse but at a political level when it comes to voting with either of the parties, it is completely useless. They're both money hungry capitalists. It is sad we live in a world in which not even voting can grand us any sort of choice. It is an illusion of choice. We have nothing to say or reform in this system, nothing ever changes.

No. 1369744

I reached that point years ago. I feel like I'm wearing They Live glasses when after living under the jackboot to 'fight terrorism' I'm now expected to have an orgasm at a bridge getting blown up, and want to buy some ukrainian postage stamp that reminds me of 9/11 only it's a bridge.

No. 1369822

My dad just gets upset whenever he sees anyone who isn't white on TV, especially interracial couples. He's convinced that they're using advertisements to brainwash blonde blue eyed women into sleeping with brown men, instead of it obviously just being a forced diversity thing with no such agenda.
>It also doesn't help that immigrants are seemingly never punished for the crimes they commit against the native population.
Keyword "seemingly". People legit act like immigrants have invented rape and that rape didn't exist in Europe prior. It was just never reported on until "outsiders" started predating on "their women". Same thing with them not being punished, as if European men are punished for raping European women. They just never reported on that and it only became suddenly special when "outsiders" came into play. Or they believe that European men didn't rape until brown people taught them how to, no joke, I hear this argument regularly.
Look into the book "Occult Features of Anarchism: With Attention to the Conspiracy of Kings and the Conspiracy of the Peoples", this happens regularly. Also right wingers have always spouted semi-left talking points, Mussolini literally started at a socialist newspaper and Hitler coopted left wing talking points to make himself popular, it's also literally in the name NSDAP. The more modern version of this is this insistence that the right is the only ones who care about the white working class, while never doing anything for them either.
>It is sad we live in a world in which not even voting can grand us any sort of choice. It is an illusion of choice. We have nothing to say or reform in this system, nothing ever changes.
That has always been the case? Emma Goldman warned everyone. It's not even just a problem in the US, it's always an illusion of choice. Most governments were created as a result of a bourgeois revolution. Due to the illusion of choice they can actually get away with more than the monarch would've! Also a great way to divide and conquer, people are too busy with campaigning and fighting over their fave politician, to realize they're probably buddies behind the scenes and are playing all of us.
People love praising the Netherlands for the insane amount of choices when voting as an example, but then forget that it's still a monarchy and that Thorbecke literally created the structure to protect the neck of the king and appease the nobles. Parliament also has an effect where everything is turned centrist, so in this case, neoliberal. You can't reform a system which is inherently resistant to reform. You have to let go of your ideals and compromise on your beliefs to even end up in parliament, even in a country where it's relatively easy. The most left wing party you can vote on is libfem and the other one is trying to pretend to be natsoc, because they lost voters to a natsoc party and they also kicked out all the actual left wing radicals from the party, just to get the literal fash voters back. So there's not even a PROPER left wing party in parliament, yet people constantly screech that D66 (very neolib) is commie af. 37 parties to choose from and it's still just fuckall.

No. 1369927

File: 1665425834624.png (312.16 KB, 646x616, 3.png)

posted in another thread but I suspect that commercial surrogacy is going to be marketed towards wealthy single women and going to become far common, public figures like Jamie Chung, Priyanka Chopra, Sarah Jessica Parker, Amber Heard and both Khloe and Kim Kardashian have all used Surrogates for their babies, instead of dealing with the any of the actual risk of pregnancy and childbirth, you can just get a poor woman to do it for them and when the baby's born, get another poor woman to raise them for you, instant gratification but with human life

No. 1369939

great post. it's so true and it makes me so angry.

No. 1370080

> People legit act like immigrants have invented rape and that rape didn't exist in Europe prior
Situations like Rotherham and Cologne are caused my muslim scrote immigration. All men commit rape but some do it more than others, especially when they are taught since birth that it is their divine right to rape and enslave kafir women and children.

No. 1370090

Almost certain I'm being stalked. For the past few months there's been multiple vans (transit vans and a few camper vans) with solar panels on the roof parked outside my house. I live in a small semi-rural town in bumfuck nowhere with no real tourist attractions. People here all know each other and suddenly there are multiple vans with people I've never seen before. At first I thought they were visiting my neighbours and couldn't find another parking space, but I watch them when they get out and they walk all the way down the road, seemingly visiting no one. I once pulled back the curtain to watch one driver go into a van (she was looking for something in there, came out with what looked like a notebook) as she'd had her van with blacked out windows and two large solar panels on the roof parked outside my house for over a week. She spotted me and had a really shocked look on her face, like she was worried about being caught doing something. She got into the van and drove off, I've not seen her since but another van showed up a couple days later to replace her. Even my mother who thinks I'm a complete nut has started noticing these vans and strange people and has become worried too. There's been a lot of weird happenings with our tech while this has been going on, my TV, laptop and my mothers smartphone and laptop are all acting bizarre and restarting or turning off out of nowhere when previously there were no faults with them. A radiator in my bedroom that has not been touched in a year or so suddenly had a loose nut on it and was leaking gas. I've also been experiencing a constant humming sound only I seem to hear (yeah yeah, schizo, I know) and sudden bursts of anger and mental discomfort with no actual root cause. Why this is happening to me, I don't know. Maybe because I've been outspoken about conspiracies and mistrusting authorities (particularly the NHS and the police) both online and off? I guess experimenting on provoking my mental health and pushing me to kill myself would be the perfect crime as my medical record shows I've already tried to commit suicide and have a history of mental health issues. I think also they are trying to see if I go so nuts I kill my nonce grandfather. I've had a huge uptick in thoughts about that since these fuckers showed up. Idk why I'm posting about this but fuck it, it's all out in the open now. They know I know and I know they know, so let's see what their end goal is with me.

No. 1370093

Lol or one of your neighbors uses those vanlife sites that advertises themselves as a safe place to park for the night, I forget the name of it but it’s pretty popular.

No. 1370096

Same anon- something like boondockers welcome

No. 1370100

all men commit rapes, christian men, sikh men, and indigenous men who worship the great crow god, but Muslim men are the only whose religion that is very open that its okay to "claim" kafir women, if you are a non-muslim woman then you are fair game Muslim man to take, cause the greatest human being who will ever exist(Muhammad) did that, that's the difference
Pakistani muslim men and Sikh men in the UK are racially and genetically the same, they are from the exact same ethnic groups but there has never been a sikh rape gang or a numerous Sikh terrorist attacks, you should be afraid of Islam more then other faiths, its common sense

No. 1370104

This site has a theory on the capabilities of a domestic surveillance that covertly attacks civilians. It sounds exactly like what you are experiencing.

No. 1370117

Please don’t encourage her. They have solar panels because they’re vanlifers living out of their vehicles and the spot has been identified as a safe place to sleep at night.

No. 1370131

This town has had an influx of weekend hippy type yuppies so it's plausible. I did some googling and found spots listed in my town but they were mostly carparks, not residential streets. And the thing is, this neighbourhood isn't actually all that safe. Tire slashings and cars being broke into is pretty common. It's also quite a full road that seldom has spare places to park. So yeah, these vanlife people might be in my town, but to be constantly frequenting this road and parking outside my house still seems off. Also I've not seen many campers have blacked out windows.

I'm a Britfag but thank you anyway. I'm gonna give this site a read as I believe most (if not all) allied countries share their technological capabilities. There's no way TPTB would confine this sort of stuff to the US alone.

No. 1370146

Boondockers purposely pick residential streets and cycle around them so they are less likely to be bothered. The girl left when she saw you because she got scared you’d call the cops on her.

No. 1370298

US and the UK are part of the 5 Eyes alliance, they all spy for each other.

No. 1370409

Thanks paki-chan, this is the one topic you’re kind of based on

No. 1370412

Nta but what the fuck is that article? The person is talking about how they’ve got a bunch of ARs, loved violence or survival activities since childhood, are prepared to go to war against some boogeyman, and are in right wing conspiracy groups. I’m assuming this person has a Y chromosome too with a skin tone the color of paper? This non-woman has more red flags than North Korea and is why I hate non-women who are into conspiracies, they’re usually just political extremists who are looking to feel persecuted or blame their own shortcomings so they can later inflict violence upon others.

No. 1370426

I posted a link to the article because it's a theory I have never seen posted anywhere else and yet I keep seeing people report the same issues. I live in the middle of nowhere, deep in the country and I still see suspicious activity sometimes. No one has any reason to come into this area unless they live here. I even see it in the winter months when travelling around here can be dangerous due to the weather.

No. 1370521

How’s illegally sneaking into the US working out for you?

No. 1370960

This is not a conspiracy it's a fact that my country uses homeless people as spies. But since the intelligence agency here copies everything from burgeland because the CIA are their masters,i think it's something that you anons should be wary of.

No. 1370997

Late but yeah
"Only 0.001% are bad" is bulshit
I have seen regular muslims that seem normal at first agree an awful lot with hardcore Islamists
This can also be seen on Twitter

No. 1371123

White men will go on and on trying to check mate people who want to see themselves represented in the media with " heh you can only empathize and relate to people that look like you? Seems like you aren't as mentally mature as me heh" and then have a category 5 man moment when asked to empathize with a protag that isn't white and/or male.

No. 1371134

Be grateful for conspiracy sources of information, you don't have to fully agree with who someone is to assess the information within the article. Making this post for the humans reading the thread, not for the 'anon' I responded to

No. 1372004

I agree with pakianon, y’all say all men are the same but I don’t see you moving to middle eastern countries either…

No. 1372177

No they won’t lol

No. 1372178

Rule one of active listening is setting aside judgements to really hear what the other person is saying. Listening doesn’t mean agreeing. You can listen and then analyze and take what you agree with.

No. 1372182

I'm the paranoid anon you replied to with that article initially and it sent me down a very interesting rabbit hole. I'm grateful you posted it. Yeah the guy who wrote it sounds a bit nutty (find me one person in the tinfoil community that doesn't though) but due to how much suppression there is we have to take what we can get.

Also this. I'm sick of right wing/left wing shitflinging.
Both sides are controlled by TPTB anyway, let's be honest here.

No. 1372199

This is from a horror movie releasing in January. The childlike doll dancing like this makes me uncomfortable. It’s oddly sexual to me. It reminds of those child sex dolls pedophiles say will help stop them from offending.

No. 1372220

I think something will happen. Covid proved that we are dependent on technology to get things done, but there will be something that will take it away for an extended period of time. I think we will be left to die in that period. In the end, it won't be disease that will take us out, but our oen inability to adapt.

No. 1372225

Not talking about that. I mean people who literally and explicitly say that they believe Muslims, or brown men in general, taught white European men to rape and that "THIS NEVER HAPPENED" before. I would show them radfem stats of rape in the 70's, try to explain that marital rape was still legal, but nope. That jus never happened, white Euro men are uwu innocent babies who naturally want to protect white women and it just never happened until outsiders taught them how to be evil. Like they legit believe that if brown people had never set foot in the country, men would've never taught of raping women. Meanwhile the reality is that rape did happen, it did already exist, but they just never persecuted it and discouraged women from reporting it or it wasn't even considered rape (in the case of marital rape). I'm not sure if you can even say that in my country immigrants are disproportionally never punished for the crimes they commit against the native population, when it's not like the native men in my country were ever punished for the crimes they commit against the native women in the first place either. Even without any immigrant men ever having set foot on this land, there still would be a problem, but I have legit come across a lot of people who completely deny this.

No. 1372246

I don't believe in airplanes

No. 1372248

I used to live near Telford
It was Sikhs and white working class men that intervened to make sure that I didn't become another statistic so fuck off with this shit. It's people like you that stop anything from being done about it. All men commit rape but there is a religion that condones rape and encourages men to rape women a children and this is being allowed to happen all over the world right now.

No. 1372256

What the fuck are you even upset about? What is "this shit"? I didn't say Islam is a religion of peace with no fucking problems or whatever the fuck you imagined I said.
>All men commit rape
Yeah and I'm talking about people who unironically believe that is not the case and that white European men never raped, until immigrants set foot on this soil. I don't understand what the fuck I said which set you off.

No. 1372262

More Muslim men led to more rape. Less Muslim men less rape. Not zero rape, but less rape.

No. 1372263

Because it's inane whataboutism.
>muslim men are raping women and children in europe right now
>b-but all men rape!

All men commit rape and the risk of rape is never going to eliminated as long as men walk the earth. The point is that the immigration of muslim men into Europe means that more women are raped because everywhere they go muslim men rape women and children because it is recognised as a form of jihad and is considered a holy act.

>I'm talking about people who unironically believe that is not the case and that white European men never raped

Has anyone in this thread ever denied that?

No. 1372266

Yeah and there are people who unironically believe that it would be zero rape and they don't make a distinction between Muslim, Sikh or Hindu. If you are brown you are brown and that even includes southern Europeans. They unironically believe that rape wasn't a thing, until brown people entered the country. Am I not allowed to be bewildered by that? Does this automatically mean I'm a huge obstacle and the reason women are being raped by Muslims? I'm just saying that even if you'd kick every brown person out of the country, rape would still be a thing and I actually have to deal with people who think white men were taught to rape by brown men.
>Has anyone in this thread ever denied that?
No because I'm not ranting about people in this fucking thread in the first place, but people irl.

No. 1372267

>No because I'm not ranting about people in this fucking thread in the first place, but people irl
And how is this relevant to this thread?

No. 1372269

Are you only allowed to talk about this thread in this thread? I'm confused. Elite rich misogynistic antifeminist scrotes have managed to convince women that their rapists are poor victims themselves who were brainwashed by brown men into raping white women. It was in response to this >>1369567 anon. What the fuck is your problem?

No. 1372275

>there are people who believe it would be zero rape
I don't care about them. I also doubt that.

No. 1372282

NTA, but why even respond then? She's right, there are morons who think white men can't rape. Just accept it and move on

No. 1372293

The OP of the reply chain asks if the intention of what's being done to the west is to create anger against marginalised groups. I replied with an example of how mass immigration is causing anger in Europe and how the inaction of authorities to stop it is creating a dangerous situation. How is b-but all men rape relevant to that conversation? It comes across as a sycophantic defense of muslim men. No one is denying that all men rape. The topic of conversation is that the elites encouraged muslim immigration to Europe knowing what would happen and that it would eventually cause political instability and possibly civil war.

No. 1372301

One of them is my criminal law professor and he was rejected to be a judge. Not because of his shitty opinions, but because of a lottery system.
You're continuing to argue about something I never said. I never said that Muslim men rape less than white men or don't or whatever the fuck. I never defended Muslim men. What I am saying is that the elites are using Muslim men as an excuse to say white men didn't rape before brown men set foot on this soil. I'm not saying "all men rape" as whataboutism, I'm saying that NOT EVERYONE BELIEVES ALL MEN RAPE. How the fuck is that defending Muslim men?
>No one is denying that all men rape.

No. 1372315

how the fuck do you explain the fact that Sikh men who are genetically the exact same as paki moids in the UK don't have grooming game cases of a reputation of rape, I really want to know your opinion on that

No. 1372318

Not everyone is from the UK and not everyone who hates brown people makes any distinctions between different types of brown or religions. Yeah Islam is fucking terrible, that is not the point. You do realize that there are people who see Sikhs just like Muslims, same with Greek Christians or Latinos or any other kind of brown? They don't actually fucking care whether someone is actually Muslim. Those are the kind of people I'm talking about. I never meant to fucking trigger your persecution complex about how everyone is secretly wanting to defend Muslim men.

No. 1372325

File: 1665602868033.jpg (74.56 KB, 578x433, youfuckingbongretard.jpg)

samefag, it's like you fucking retards forgot that the rest of the world still thinks Sikhs are Muslim.

No. 1372331

But that isn't what you said at all. You never mentioned that the elites are intentionally minimizing the effects of white men raping women. You posted that some people think that rape didn't exist in Europe until muslim moids arrived.

You're talking to two different anons.
>Yeah Islam is fucking terrible, that is not the point
The original point was exactly that and if it was being used to anger the native population of Europe.

So muslim child rapists shouldn't be prosecuted because someone might think they're Sikhs? I'm not sure what the point of this is.

No. 1372347

>But that isn't what you said at all. You never mentioned that the elites are intentionally minimizing the effects of white men raping women. You posted that some people think that rape didn't exist in Europe until muslim moids arrived.
Yeah and they think that because of the elites. I would think you can safely assume that in this thread, do I have to spell it out every time to prevent this kind of retarded freakout?
>The original point was exactly that and if it was being used to anger the native population of Europe.
Yeah they are being used to anger the native population of Europe and DRAW ATTENTION AWAY FROM WHAT THE ELITES AND SCROTES ARE ALREADY DOING. You keep focusing on the Muzzies when they are just tools, I'm saying that the distraction is working so well, people actually are denying that rape was a thing before Muzzies were a thing. My country already had a problem with police telling women to not report rapes, WAY BEFORE MUZZIES SET FOOT HERE. The police and the elites get to use Muzzies as an excuse to absolve themselves.
>So muslim child rapists shouldn't be prosecuted because someone might think they're Sikhs? I'm not sure what the point of this is.
Where the fuck did you get that from? You're imagining things. Where did I say that Muzzie child rapists shouldn't be prosecuted? I'm saying that white european men shouldn't be allowed to get away with rape, just because they can point to a vaguely brown person and say "oh if it weren't for him I would've never gotten the idea". This might be a new idea to you, but maybe all rapists should be prosecuted, not just the Muzzies.

No. 1372356

I'm just sick and fucking tired that people in my country keep pretending like if it weren't for any vaguely brown person being here, it would be a feminist paradise, because apparently scrotes from South America taught white men to rape and they are now retroactively considered Muzzies, because brown = Muzzie now to the average person. I don't get to suggest any improvements or changes to the system, like maybe the police should actually take women in general seriously? No, every discussion is shut down, just throw the Muzzies out, all the brown people out and then we don't have any problems. Start a shelter? No need, we wouldn't have any rapes if we'd just kick the Muzzies out. Foodbanks? No need if we didn't have Muzzies. Homelessness wouldn't exist, if it weren't for the fucking Muzzies apparently. They are being used as an excuse for every single fucking thing, when all these problems already existed, albeit to a lesser extent, prior to them ever being here. The elites can kick the Muzzies out and make everyone happy and never have to lift a finger to actually make meaningful changes and they'll be worshipped for it. Meanwhile it'll become a huge fucking shock when people find out that yes really, native men do actually rape native women. The elites can just import Muzzies in and out, whenever people complain about anything systemic, because if you point out that there are systemic issues that go beyond just the fucking Muzzies it's a whataboutism and everyone will pile on you. You're not allowed to fucking talk about anything else except MUZZIE MUZZIE MUZZIE MUZZIE.

No. 1372456

File: 1665611402284.jpg (26.49 KB, 540x360, 360_F_190928973_1rQ1nipXxnL6Y2…)

WTF are you on about ?

No. 1372497

I went to a "Dollar Store' I won't say whitch and I was browsing the candy isle, while there, I swear to you, I saw a guy with a walmart bag, replacing some of the White choclate Kit Kats with what came out of the walmart bag. He was wearing an employee shirt. Interested, I went over and I got one of the "Walmart bag" Kitkat packs and then one of the ones I was sure wasn't touched. He only took out like three or four,and replaced them with the candy out of the bag.
I put one in one bag, and the other in another bag, So I could remember which was which.
When I went home, ONE tasted very fucking cheap, super sugarly, not really…crunchy just off. Just sweet. That was the one that was from the store and wasn't replaced.
Meanwhile, the "Walmart Bag" kit kat tasted delicious and more like it should.
The dollar Tree candy HAS to be "Lower Quality" Candy and this employee was probably realizing that some people have tastebuds that actually taste so he was told to get real kit kat bars and mix them.

No. 1372530

I'll spell it out
>radfems complain about rape and lack of prosecution in the 70's, so yes it was a thing already
>the only brown people arriving were Christians or Hindus from South America and Asia.
>neolib policies enforced in 70's
>forcing wages down
>destroying the welfare state
>create biggest wealth gap in the world
>import Muzzies in 90's, they cause problems
>right wing pedo killed by white guy
>now forever you cannot criticize rapey pedo right wing misogynistic scrotes, because you are literally endangering them!!
>don't complain about any problems we've been having even before the Muzzies showed up, that is whataboutism, "how dare you suggest that the system is designed in such a way that it was already shit before they arrived?!"
>"Oh I can't prosecute Muzzies because of the woke mob"
Nobody is interested in solutions to systemic problems, nope everything was apparently already perfect until the brown nation attacked. So called feminists nowadays kissing the ass of a rich asshole who wrote a book about how all women wish we were raped, but he's such a based defender of women's rights and totally actually cares about rapey troons and Muzzies. Not like he's using those two groups to distract everyone from his own rapey ass. Oh yeah and it's such whataboutism to acknowledge that it's fucking weird the situation has led to supposed feminists supporting a party which is against women voting. But pointing that out means you literally think Muzzie child rapists shouldn't be punished!

No. 1372650

Decided to rewatch Blood+ after a decade when I last saw it on TV. I didn’t realize there’s a lot of references to the Rothschild family as well as bordering-schizo tinfoil references. Funny how they leave this shit out in the open, because everyone knows cartoons aren’t real.

No. 1372672

This is 100% true. As you observed, even the name brand shit is crappier quality. Ironically I think Walmart has the same thing going on too, to a lesser extent.

No. 1372824

Well, today I learned how dangerous cellular phone radiation actually is.
I was already concerned enough about my sister sleeping with her phone on next to her head (the dumbass won't put it on the dresser), because many years ago I saw a report on the news about a guy whose brain was cooked like ground beef after sleeping with his phone super close to his head every night.

This is like the ultimate reason to stop your phone addiction. And today I had a dream where I had to have a brain tumor removed. Spooky.

>Many biologists and electromagnetic field scientists believe the modulation of wireless devices makes the energy more biologically active, which interferes with our cellular mechanisms, opening up calcium channels, for example, and allowing calcium to flow into the cell and into the mitochondria within the cell, interfering with our natural cellular processes and leading to the creation of stress proteins and free radicals and, possibly, DNA damage. And, in other cases, it may lead to cell death.

>In 2001, based upon the biologic and human epidemiologic research, low-frequency fields were classified as “possibly carcinogenic” by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization. In 2011, the IARC classified radiofrequency radiation as “possibly carcinogenic to humans,” based upon studies of cellphone radiation and brain tumor risk in humans. Currently, we have considerably more evidence that would warrant a stronger classification.
>Most recently, on March 1, 2021, a report was released by the former director of the National Center for Environmental Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which concluded that there is a “high probability” that radiofrequency radiation emitted by cellphones causes gliomas and acoustic neuromas, two types of brain tumors.

>First, minimize your use of cellphones or cordless phones — use a landline whenever possible. If you do use a cellphone, turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if you’re not using them. However, when near a Wi-Fi router, you would be better off using your cellphone on Wi-Fi and turning off the cellular because this will likely result in less radiation exposure than using the cellular network.

>Second, distance is your friend. Keeping your cellphone 10 inches away from your body, as compared to one-tenth of an inch, results in a 10,000-fold reduction in exposure. So, keep your phone away from your head and body. Store your phone in a purse or backpack. If you have to put it in your pocket, put it on airplane mode. Text, use wired headphones or speakerphone for calls. Don’t sleep with it next to your head — turn it off or put it in another room.
>Third, use your phone only when the signal is strong. Cellphones are programmed to increase radiation when the signal is poor, that is when one or two bars are displayed on your phone. For example, don’t use your phone in an elevator or in a car, as metal structures interfere with the signal.


No. 1372830

These are the sounds of a muslima coping

No. 1372833

nta but if you can't comprehend the post because you couldn't be bothered to read it in full then stfu. She's right about muslim immigrant scrotes being used to distract from non-immigrant rapist moids.

No. 1372849

the government literally protects them and covers up their crimes, more than 1,000 children were raped and sexually exploited over 30 years in Telford where police and council officials ignored abuse over fears of 'inflaming racial tensions

no one is saying that rape culture wouldn't exist in the if it weren't Muslim men, but you know for a fact that Muslims are far more organized, they have their entire communities take part in these rapes, in my there are between 5000-9000 cases of "conversion marriages" in my Muslim country, in a country that's already 96% Muslim, people still want to "purify" the land from infidel influence, so what many men stalk, kidnap and rape girls from non-muslim communities(hindu, christian, sikhs, but also girls from the Ahmadiyya Muslim group who are considered heretical sect) and then the girls are forced to marry their rapist and publicly convert to Islam(and in Pakistan and many others Muslims countries, once someone converts to Islam, you can't convert back legally cause leaving your faith is considered blasphemy and thus leads to the death penalty) and its not just groups of men doing this on their own, their mothers, their families and local molvis are active participants in these conversion marriages
that's Islam, no other religion has this fucked up behavior, nothing comes close to it

No. 1372852

No these are the sounds of someone who's brain is fried after trying to get the police and prosecutors to actually prosecute any rapist scrote in general and it's like talking to a fucking wall with them (most depressing job I've ever had). It doesn't matter if the report is from a woman who was raped by a Muzzie scrote or from a woman who was raped by a native scrote, the police still do fuck all, but hide behind "muh scary woke mob". If it was just the woke mob's fault, they'd at least prosecute the native scrotes, but they don't do that either. Same thing with stalking, domestic violence etc. They also fire female police officers who complain about rapey superiors and fire police officers who whistleblow about how they have whatsapp groups where they share evidence photos of rape victims. I've also tried the politics route, I've tried talking to the one "radfem" organization in my country, but then they stan a rapey scrote politician who writes rapey scrote books and talks about how women are slutty racemixers who shouldn't be allowed to vote, meanwhile he posts nudes of himself online. This is clown world. I don't have to be a Muslima to be baffled about this. It's not worth it to stan scrotes like that, who are literally the elite, just because they are "based Muzzie and troon haters".

No. 1372889

The west also protects its rapists, CPS is infamous for ignoring abuse cases, the Dutroux affair is the tip of the iceberg re: Europe, western countries are rife with human trafficking, child marriage is still legal in the southern parts of the US, etc. Anon isn't wrong to say Muzzie scrotes and white scrotes are shit, no matter what.
If you're the person who said American women deserve to lose their rights to abortion and laughed at them because the condition in your country is bad, then I know it's a lost cause with you.

No. 1372927

Okay everyone, it's just Pakichan

No. 1372937

Doppelgangers exist and I know because I finally saw one.

I had dinner with my dad over the weekend and went back to my house which is a few cities away when I decided to go to the Walmart. My dad doesn't drive nor does he ever go to my city so I was very surprised when I saw EXACTLY him. From the bandana, to shirt and pants and to how he stood. I actually stopped for a moment because it was so uncanny, calling him and asking- and in fact, it was not him, but his doppelganger. From head to toe. His friends have also spotted the doppelganger before, but not to the extent where they're right THERE. But there he was.

I don't know if it's really a tinfoil but doppelgangers exist and are out there, dressing and looking exactly like you. Same/similar age, same mannerisms and stance. Bizarre.

No. 1372950

What exactly did he say when you talked to him?

No. 1372953

I talked to my dad but not the doppelganger, when called, my dad told me he was surprised but not off guard, as he has heard of 'himself' being at these places or situations so he was aware he had one. Just didn't know it was so close.

No. 1372984

Have any of you seen this video? I’ve never seen anyone outside of the rightwing who theorizes that TikTok and Covid are part of a greater [Chinese] agenda

No. 1372986

I think Moon is kind of right wing leaning though

No. 1373027


That guy is red pill, has older videos titled about pron making men weak and why simps are betas

No. 1373096

i liked his tiktok videos until i took a look at his twitter and he supports retards like p*terson. now i only imagine him as a tiny insecure loser who lives in a basement.

No. 1373283

i think its the fact that they gave her a teenage face caked up with makeup and a childs body which makes this looks weird.

No. 1373348

Really? Shit I agreed with him in that video but I should have known after watching a bit of his video on American Psycho. It was absolutely terrible and blatantly untrue, the majority of men like Patrick Bateman for no deeper reason other than him being a womanizing psychopath.

No. 1373391


This is why men are so drawn to pua red pill and manosphere shit, they really have base desire to 1) want to deflower as many girls as possible and have a rotating harem every week. The selfishness and rapey tendencies of male nature knows no bounds, they like even if they know its rationally horrible.

No. 1373417

I can't help but have a feeling something really bad is going to happen. I know that there's a lot of medical reasons for the kind of paranoia I feel, but I don't think that medical reasons alone explain it. I just feel like more and more, the world is headed to a bad place. I'm not a religious person at all, and I don't necessarily believe in a total apocalypse, but I can't help but feel like in the next 20 years or so, at least 30% of us will die. And I don't mean naturally. I know it's worthless to think about and worry over because there's nothing you could do if nuclear war broke out or whatever but I just can't believe the number of people who just seem to be, like, blind to this?
I know this is more of a rant than a concrete thought but I just feel like tensions are raising. Everyone around me's angrier and angrier, they seem more and more likely to snap everyday. Men in particular scare me. I don't dare to talk about it outside this website but I feel like men are the one's driving this whole planet into the ground. They're so violent. I don't even know how to explain it. It makes me sick.

No. 1373436

I feel that too nonnie, but I've had this impending sense of doom ever since I was really young and mine is probably from religious trauma. The world is certainly going through a dark period and it's certainly gonna be worse before it gets better. The sick part of the internet is how you just have this great awareness of all the suffering that will happen and it's just too much to handle. I wish I knew how to make it stop but the most I can do is focus on the things that I love and that help me feel like I'm in the moment. There's really not much we can do about the large scale dealings of the world.

No. 1373818

I relate to all of this anon. I've been having this feeling since Covid started, but it really ramped up last year. Had a mental breakdown because I just felt like something horrible was coming. It's tough. Staying offline helps, but I'm bad at that personally.
Like that other anon said, all we can really do is spend time focusing on what we love and stay in the moment. It's easy to slip into the doomer mindstate, especially when realistically things are not looking great.
Ily nonita, men are shit and have ruined this world but us anons will always have each other ♥ wishing you the best

No. 1373857

Same. The world is going to shit even more in the coming years. I'm not even sure I'll be there to witness it at this point, around me I only see people getting sick and dying, killing themselves or becoming violent. I feel like I'm the only one seeing this but I guess it makes sense that a lot of people want to ignore the incoming disaster.
I just miss those years where people (including myself) had hope for the future. Now I feel like the future is going to be hellish regardless and it's useless thinking about it.

No. 1373862

I felt that when I went to the store and there were barely any eggs, it reminded me of the Covid food shortage. Also prices are getting so goddamn high, food is expensive as hell and so are places and I wonder how I’m ever gonna make it, why the fuck is this happening?!

No. 1373877

Same as you all here nonnies, there's been so much tension and not a moment of break from awful things happening, and they all influence each other in some ways; it feels like there's just no way it will peacefully blow over

No. 1373878

Don't ignore it. It's your natural instincts telling you to prepare for what's coming so you can survive. You don't have to go to extremes, just keep a small store of tinned food and a few essentials like a first aid kit and a light source that can operate without mains electricity. You could look into building a bug out bag. Any preparation is better than none. If something bad were to happen like a natural disaster, riots or loss of utilities such as power and water you will have significantly increased your ability to deal with it.

No. 1373903

File: 1665743091811.png (249.45 KB, 680x521, bc3.png)

>I just feel like more and more, the world is headed to a bad place. I'm not a religious person at all, and I don't necessarily believe in a total apocalypse, but I can't help but feel like in the next 20 years or so, at least 30% of us will die
I hope so nonnie

No. 1373914

same, i started building my small garden to at least get tomatoes and pumpkins and i was thinking about getting chickens. I hate moids so fucking much, they despise humanity and want to destroy it for some reason, they are truly genetic diseases. They only people that defend AI crap is moids, ALWAYS.

No. 1373951

This. At my new house I've got a big garden ready to go so I can grow as much produce as I can and I'm also gonna get some chickens as we're 100% looking down the barrel at major food shortages. I'm also preparing the basement to function as somewhere my wife and I can live in if shit hits the fan and people go feral. It's no bomb shelter but I've got it looking pretty cushy. I've got stockpiles of food for about 4 months atm but I'm trying to up my supplies as much as I can. There's food shortages at all major supermarkets where I live and where I go to bulk buy things too. Bug out bags are where I started, and I can't recommend them enough. Like anon said, they're good to have for other disasters too. I would also go camping if you can - even just for a night here and there - get used to living outdoors and learn how to prep your tent and cooking setup so you're well practiced when the time comes. Honestly though, I do all this and I'm still rampantly suicidal when I think about the state of the world. I guess the mindset for post-shit-hitting-the-fan survival is the one thing you can't train. Bleak.

No. 1373957

I tried to grow some things this summer to store the produce for the winter but nothing grew. The soil, water and weather are so bad that it's nearly impossible to grow some vegetables without a lot of poisonous pesticides. At least my father has chickens though. I also wanted to stock up on wood in case heating doesn't work anymore but it's already so pricy.

No. 1373967

I don't know why people like you can't just kill themselves instead of wishing misery on others. It's typical moid shit.

No. 1373993

can you elaborate?

No. 1373997

This makes a lot of sense because homeless people are ignored, and people who commit crimes are more likely to overlook them. I don’t think any of us have anything to worry about seeing as we aren’t war criminals or crate members though anon lol

No. 1374234

The Uvalde shooting happened in order to draw the attention away from the Buffalo race killings. Something extremely drastic needed to happen in order to prevent an honest to god race war from kicking off in the US. and this "counter mass shooting" shut that down.

That was some MKULTRA that happened here.

No. 1374239

Wait which Uvalde shooting? The only ones that show up in my news feed are ones that happened before the Buffalo shooting.

No. 1374248

The Buffalo mass shooting happened on May 14th. The Uvalde school shooting happened on May 24th.

No. 1374272

Oh sorry I was going off the most recent articles, that was dumb of me. I remember those shootings but I only saw the Uvalde shooting being talked about on the news. The Buffalo shooting was partially livestreamed and the videos ended up on 4chan. That actually would make sense as to why the media was looking for a distraction, and it's creepy both shooters were 18 at the time. Why else do you suspect it was MKultra related?

No. 1374278

Not likely, mass shootings happen in clusters because moids are so homoromantic that they are peer influenced into ruining their lives and murdering people. My conspiracy is that shooting conspiracies are moids trying to distract from or deny the actual cause of shootings which is extreme male entitlement and narcissism. Why hasn’t anyone in mainstream media picked up that this is a MALE problem before it’s any sort of a race issue?

No. 1374307

Globohomo, boo! Are you scared of the word?

No. 1374359


No. 1374369

Nta but here in Germany they even mention that tactic in documentaries about real events, so it isn't even a conspiracy. I saw it in one about the police busting an organized crime ring in my city.

No. 1374384

They do. They intentionally write with the passive voice because that’s what they’re paid to do. They don’t work for the people. They’re nepotism babies that work for the politicians and their campaigns. They can’t name the problem because then they would have to address it and even good old Joe went on national television and laughed about leaving a dead dog on a female politicians door steps in the old days. This shit stinks. They smell it. It’s all over there fucking shoes anon.

No. 1374415

Shooters are getting younger and younger. Here in my city there are 16 year olds killing 14 year olds for funsies, or realistically for racial reasons/gang shit. But really, at 16? Do these boys have nothing to look forward to in life already at 16 they are willing to throw their lives away to kill another teen? And I doubt the upcoming election is going to change anything. Cops are also starting to get ambushed and killed now. I bet plenty of people think it's a good thing, but because cops are focused on solving the murders and shootings that happen everyday, it's basically not illegal to rob stores anymore. Cops don't enforce it unless the store pays to keep a security guard around at a fucking convenience store, otherwise a bunch of kids will come in and empty the shelves.

No. 1374440

BLM was a Soros funded scam and the covid vaccines have been confirmed not to work. The last three years were a complete lie.

No. 1374472

File: 1665775381525.jpg (96.76 KB, 660x660, hF7FB2DDE.jpg)

Why are you guys so ominous with your posts lol, it's like 1 or 2 vague sentences then no follow up. A few threads ago I posted about that kids games website collecting data from the kids unknowingly and I posted like 15 screenshots, I was worried someone was going to tell me to knock it off lol. Give more info nonnies! Post screencaps, receipts, I wanna know why you think the homeless people are spies! And why certain shooters are MKultra victims! Bring it on shizos I want all the tinfoil!

No. 1374504

I live in a small rural town and the young moids here are acting like inner city thugs and forming gangs. It's so odd, literally all over the UK this is happening a la USA. I'd say it's a conspiracy but it could just be the Y chromosome kek.

Ok so I've volunteered with the homeless for a few years now. In my time I've noticed that homeless men seem to lure women into drug addiction so they can force them into prostitution - but the thing is, they don't actually make much money off it - I've seen guys I can confirm that are involved in organised crime from my days as a junkie speaking to these men. They always look pissed off if they're spotted and quickly leave, I think the homeless men are used as middle men as they'll do anything for quick cash or free drugs. I've known several women just drop off the face of the planet and the police do fuck all. My fear is that they've been sex trafficked. When I was homeless myself I got told to steer clear of any Polish men as the ones in my town are involved in prostitution and other illegal shit. I think it's possibly them sending these women abroad. One time I was putting up posters for a woman who went missing and I canvassed the whole town - in appropriate places, nowhere they shouldn't be - and within TWO DAYS they were all took down. It's so odd because other posters stayed up, only my missing person posters were removed. You cannot convince that wasn't a sinister act to cover up this crime. As for spying, I may be paranoid but I do seem to get observed a lot. When I arrive, when I leave. I've even had a homeless guy I've met via the shelter and kitchen show up at both my AA and NA meeting, despite the fact he's not a 12 stepper. Nothing happened, I was too scared to talk in those sessions and after three times at each meeting he left. Honestly it did scare the piss out of me and I now carry protection with me when volunteering. Long story short, if criminals can put desperate homeless people to work for them, then the government absolutely can, and most probably will.

No. 1374529

Used to be in a high homeless pop area a decade ago and as someone the system didn’t give a single shit about the craziest homeless dudes saved my life I’m pretty sure. This one was crazy smart but had a brain injury and couldn’t talk. Twitched and barked etc. Made friends with him and a few others. Those men scared the shit out of the thuggy street corner fucks (one of which was known to pimp teenagers from rough homes) and would walk me across parks and shit to keep me safe. Without them I was literally a homeless teen dodging drunk homeless bums in broad day light. Not a single cop or “good citizen” gives a single fuck. Poor women are literally told to avoid cops. They’re more likely to traffic or rape you too then help you.

No. 1374540

Oh god that was a lot darker than I expected. But I believe it, that the government would take part in human trafficking. It's already been done before by the CIA back in the 50's and 60's when they would use homeless volunteers as test subjects for medications but then lie to them about the possible side effects. And the time the CIA used prostitutes to set up a brothel to lure in men to be drugged and god knows what else. I have no doubt that the government is still taking advantage of people they know they could easily victimize, they're probably just being more careful about not getting caught. It's scary to think about what they could be using them for, maybe that's why governments don't seem to help much with the homelessness problem, so they have a continuous supply of victims. Fuck that's sad. Thanks for sharing Nona and I hope you stay as safe as you can in that line of volunteer work, you're a very caring person to put yourself at risk to help women who need it. Feel free to share more if you come across more evidence of something shady going on.

No. 1374552

>anon asked for context
>personal anecdote that looks more indicative of mental illness
Every time

No. 1374558

Oh don't get me wrong, not all homeless men are like that and the police are even worse because they'll at best arrest you for trying to live your fucking life or at worst take advantage in a horrible way. I had good male friends who helped me when I was homeless as I was young and had no idea what I was doing. But there's undeniably a lot of them that will take advantage of you or pimp you out for a single hit. I've known homeless women to coerce others too, especially the ones who've been prostitutes for a long time and have been groomed into believing their pimp cares about them, but by and large it's the men doing this shit.

Thank you, nona, that's very nice of you to say. I just couldn't not volunteer after living that life myself.

Well fuck me, inspector gadget. Remind me to use my powers of investigation to get documentation next time.

No. 1374562

Have you seen the old Chinese case about the brothers. They would abduct prostitutes and force them to bring more victims or kill them too?

No. 1374566

No, you got a link?

No. 1374572

Don't be rude, I believe her experience and I appreciate her giving more info. Why are you in the tinfoil thread if you don't want to see the tinfoils. I like the personal anecdotes, the best theories are started from them. I'm going to bed some of you tire the shit out of me with your endless need to live out some highschool mean girl fantasy or whatever, you don't have to always leave a snarky comment, jeez. not to mention that nona is actually trying to make a difference in this shitty world by volunteering to help women, something I doubt you or the lot of us do, it's a noble cause don't shit on people like that, we need more of them not snarky little keyboard warriors.

No. 1374585

No. 1374587

Samefag The YouTube doc I watched has been removed took me a minute to find it. Couldn’t think of the brothers name for a second.

No. 1374602

Another thing I've noticed is that there is a MASSIVE increase in child and teen suicides going on. As for violence, DC just had a 15 year old murdered on his grandmothers porch by a car full of other teens.

No. 1374605

Keep in mind to look at the data and the actual numbers. The clowns in my area keep conflating suicidal ideation and suicide as the same number and that’s a very dangerous slope that’s going to make it worse.

No. 1374611

Jesus Christ, I wasn't prepared for them being cannibals as well. I don't think I could handle watching a documentary about these sick fucks anyway.
>They had plotted the murders after they lost money when their Lanzhou auto parts business failed.
Speechless. Did they not consider, oh, I don't know, getting a fucking job?! Some people are just born evil, I stg.

No. 1374614

That was literally their reason anon. When asked in interrogation why did you do this?
> Because we are evil

No. 1374627

>BLM was a Soros funded scam
Nope BLM is a NEO COINTELPRO op designed to decentralize and even suppress new black civil rights movements. Want proof of this? See what happened to Darren Seals.

The FBI has a file on him.


No. 1374630

I don't think it's a conspiracy but that this is what happens when you sell a bunch of guns in a country. They happen to get in kids hands and kids don't have a fully developed brain. Add in the fact that boys play shooter games, watch extreme content fed to them by algorithms, and participate in echo chambers online. How the government let it get this bad after Columbine happened is absolutely shameful. I wish we could just cull all moids who even think about doing a shooting. Just get rid of all of them, it's a threat to national security.

No. 1374678

I 100% believe this and I am not a tinfoiler. But tbh, black civil rights movements have always had sketchy and downright demonic elements to them, For example, one of the leaders of the black panthers was a sexual deviant who was obsessed with wanting to rape white women, but practiced his raping skills on black women first. Martin Luther King's main motivation for his activism was purely because he wanted to get with a white women and was bitter about being stuck with his wife, who was quite the catch at that. What i am leading to is that in a way black civil rights movements also inflicts damage on the civil rights on black women because it scares black women away from being feminists by calling them anti-black for addressing the high femicide rate and high rate of rape against black women primarily caused by black men. I'd imagine if this was addressed, it was was a domino effect of causing all women in general to have a harder stance on men in society and push for harsher laws for rape and sexual assault. I know it sounds like i am conflicting your point, but in a way, i think they can kind of both be true, idk.

I think it has something to do with the fact that a lot of these boys tend to be stuck in echo chambers that teach them they are the victim and society is the agitator. These echo chambers and varied and strong, whether they get sucked in by white supremacists, incels, islamic extremism, hotep/afrocentralism bullshit, it's all the same imo. They have an inherent sense entitlement and feel like they can do whatever they want. Access to the internet makes it easier for them to obtain information much easier on accessing guns to carry out these attacks and make them as lethal as possible. A lot of men online hold these men as martyrs to their cause. No matter how the attack goes, presuming the attack happened in the US, the media will be all over it and there names and faces will be everywhere. I just wish nobody was allowed to own anything more than 1 handgun and the fbi would spy on these moids in their echo chambers and start arresting them for even conspiring to do a shooting or hurt anybody. I don't care if they are technically innocent, they need to suffer for subjected us all to living in fear.

No. 1374687

Yeah it totally has to be a conspiracy for black people to not want to be victims to police brutality in America.

No. 1374692

nonny, my point is that police brutality is being used as a way to deflect from the actual issues in the black community that are mainly caused by black men against black women and children and that most black male activists are demons. Please get some reading comprehension, I don't want to get banned for race bait for getting into more detail.

No. 1374702

You're thinking of mass shooters, these shootings I'm talking about are spontaneous. Even the ones at the schools are due to coincidence, because the teenage target is there. It's gang stuff. Lots of these kids do just own a handgun, they have it to shoot at each other if they see each other. I don't know about them conspiring.

No. 1374711

Shit point. Police brutality isn’t “deflecting” from the issues within their community (which aren’t my business, or yours if you aren’t black too) it’s a legitimate issue that has caused horrific violence in America. These two things are separate from eachother. If your point is that “black men are violent misogynists within their community” it is because all men of all ethnicities are violent misogynists within their communities and again, is an issue entirely separate from the fear and pain racist police brutality has caused.

No. 1374718

Where do you live

No. 1374724

America. Where police brutality is a legitimate issue that kills thousands of people.

No. 1374771

>Not United States of

No. 1374777

This is a huge tinfoil but I saw on LSA how a lot of black people are not with the democratic party for this upcoming election and with the most recent mass shooting happening I'm wondering if they're trying to incite some racist incel to carry out a racist attack that can mobilize black Americans to vote blue again. I have a feeling that the media is blowing up the shooting in hopes that it creates other attacks so anti-gun voters run to the polls. I'm pretty anti-gun myself but it's never going to change anyway.

No. 1374785

An incel shooting a bunch of black people aren't going to make black people vote anti-gun.

No. 1374797

No. 1374799

>using LSA as a source

No. 1374800

Nta, but who actually says the full United Stated of America? For most people it's America or the US.

No. 1374802

We don’t, they just want to argue

No. 1374985

I agree with you, one of the things that pisses me off about blm is they've collected millions of dollars to supposedly help the black community but none of it has gone into helping them. They could do so much with the money they collect but do nothing.

>(which aren’t my business, or yours if you aren’t black too)
That is the worst take I've ever seen, so because it's not directly affecting a person they don't get to share an opinion about it? I'm not personally affected by female genital mutilation going on in the middle east so I'm supposed to what? Just go "oh that's not my business." If everyone did that, no one would get help, domestic violence victims, homeless people, victims of police brutality. Bizarre stance to have. Also the issue of police brutality affects everyone not just black people, most male cops are violent narcissistic pricks. I've seen them shove fragile elderly white women with dementia into the concrete, I've seen them tackle a 40 year old Asian woman with epilepsy to the ground and then continue to handcuff her while she seizes. Police brutality is not just a black persons issue.

No. 1375294

Do you think the mtf trannies endgoal is to recreate a Patriarchy 2.0 where women cannot reject male predatory advances and they still get to dictate what women say/cis women must agree or not say any statements out of their tra bubble, but in 2.0 the males get to wear dresses and cheap wigs while slapping the wrong shade of foundation on their faces?

Seems like their maleness is making it head that way, what with their violent rapey threats and actions and AGP craziness amplifying.

No. 1375511

>Don't even think about research or form opinions on this topic because muh outrage.
Hey since you aren't black yourself, maybe you should take your own advice and pipe down

No. 1375762

I sometimes think those criminals themselves work for the government or the elites
If anyone from working class steps out ,these are the people that take care of that
If government or elites want a distraction these people provide distraction and people and murder

No. 1376019

Not American, but events like the Waukesha parade (I think I spelled that right), where the attacker hated white people and had a history of abusing women, seems an indication to me that mass killings are less about race and more about moids being moids. Women can be anti-semitic/white/black/asian/whatever but they don't go out executing random people the same way men do.

No. 1376047

You suggest people shouldn't discuss issues outside their own ethnic group because it's 'not their business'. Well, actually, it is their business. Here is an example: in Country X, people from Group A and B live together. Group B's economic/social outcomes are at some point going to affect Group A, and vice versa. The unscrupulous element in any ethnic group are going to at some point affect people outside of their pond, this is reality.

No. 1376296

File: 1665917198128.jpeg (169.79 KB, 1174x1174, 5A677939-295C-4EE5-9B0C-548ABD…)

DID was creating by pedophiles to control the children they abused and trafficked. It was most widely used and fleshed out in the 60s and 70s in the UK and Germany. In the past, the only people afflicted with DID were victims of child sex trafficking. It was adopted by grifters and then even later YouTubers and in current tiktokers. Seeing retards take something that was genuinely created and used by the most evil and predatory people in order to fragment children into separate personas so they can continue to hurt them without incident and make it some quirky fun persona is very sad. It was genuinely just a way to make kids adopt different personas for different occasions and clients while keeping them from becoming hysterical and giving them plausible deniability as they got older—if they had multiple personalities living inside them, they are wrote off as mentally ill and thus everything they say becomes questionable. There’s a pedophile handbook on it in the same vein that there’s that corny mkultra mind control book abusers like Epstein were obsessed with. This isn’t even a tinfoil it’s 100% the truth.

No. 1376307

still boggles my mind that the ministry of justice openly said they don't want to ban the spread of pedo handbooks bc muh free speech. I know the government is full of pedo's, but do they havevto be this blatant about it? Especially when the biggest CP leak ever was done by them on the official site and waved away as an oopsie w/o anyone getting fired.

No. 1376312

They say that a majority of pedophiles are with government agencies and it makes the most sense, in the same category that child protective services do the most child trafficking.

No. 1376323

god cps is so fucking useless, they won't let you move in with female family members. Either you have to stay in the shitty situation or end up getting trafficked, which is what I was blatantly warned about. Later it actually came out that indeed the scrote running one of those centers molested all the kids there. It's not like those kids when they've grown up ever receive true compensation or compassion. As soon as you're an adult, everything is your responsibility and you just have to get over it. Normie retards don't fucking understand that no, there is no proper help, the system is shit and full of pedos and pickmes who help them. If you don't go to one of those centers you're still fucked at home, but people assume it must've not been so bad. Listen I'll take beating, choking, kicking, but rape and molestation is a step too far, which doesn't make the rest "not that bad".

No. 1376330

Most children in cps are molested, and it’s really depressing that this isn’t an exaggeration. I dealt with them several times as a child starting in second grade, and I’ll never forget those interactions. I have family members that were molested in short term foster care stays while we were begging to be able to take them in, I’m talking literally just a few weeks. It’s depressing.

No. 1376354

they hypnotized me to react sexually to a code name. i did not know what sex was of course, the abuser told me what to do and how, and forced me with beatings and death threats. once i almost died i remembered waking up as another person. i did not know words and thought i was an animal because i was outside. i never thought i had this shit until my adult life was affected by forgetfulness aka memory loss. i am angry at larpers who pretend to switch into an entirely coherent whole other persona. abuse doesn't create cool characters, it breaks your will and sense of self. with enough therapy i could get rid of the code word reactions but still had ptsd. i have conflicting beliefs and emotions can make me into full embodiment of that emotion if i let them. a close second to did is wanting to transition. you think as the other sex you could not get as hurt. you don't want the reminders.

No. 1376357

I think you're right tbh. The gangs themselves might not even know they're taking orders from the government as they're jackals that'll do anything for money, no questions asked. Undercover agents also exist and we have no idea what the fuck they're doing as those files are behind miles of red tape. It's also a perfect distraction like you mentioned as the average person won't think any deeper on it being anything other than crooks being crooks.

If you've not heard of her already, check out Kim Noble and her paintings. A certain James Alefantis happens to a fan of hers. What a crazy coincidence, huh?

No. 1376364

>tbh, black civil rights movements have always had sketchy and downright demonic elements to them

retards are gonna retard. black women had a very vital role in the black panthers but they were sadly pushed aside because of the obvious machismo elements that are hard to escape. according to many sources, they were not angery militant black monkeys walking around antagonizing the wrong people, actually most of their work was centered through helping their own communities. any male-dominated political movement or group, right-wing or left-wing, are bound to have rapists and degenerates in their ranks. women no matter how they politically lean always get the short-end of the stick, leftist men even lean into social conservative values because it benefits them at the end of day. this is so ridiculous, there are plenty of white-led groups that are similar to this but they never get cast a light because some dumbass immoral negro wrote about justifying rape and engaging in violent misogyny, so now the entire movement is broken? why do people operate through this insane pinhole logic? BLM still stands. The ideas that Black Panthers had, including the WOMEN who were black feminists/womanists btw, still stands. An organization that took these genuine revolutionary ideas and used them to grift for financial gain should be the main issue. It’s disturbing that saying “black lives matter” is something that people are secretly thinking in their heads “it can’t be true”. You people are dependent on black women being on lower social ranks than you, and it’s obvious.

No. 1376374

>while we were begging to be able to take them in, I’m talking literally just a few weeks. It’s depressing
and they always have a bullshit excuse for it. In my case they said it was because the bedroom my grandma prepared for me wasn't up to their standards. Even though it literally still had more than the bedroom you would've gotten in any of those facilities. I have been in one of those facilities before as an infant though, again (both parents were very mentally ill, my mother's actions are more understandable tho) because they had something against my grandma. In the meantime they did jackshit about my mother's mental health and apparently they wanted to use me as a form of therapy for other people? I don't know the exact details, but apparently a psychologist stopped it and got me out. I don't know how all that shit affects me exactly, because I don't even remember the worst of it, but there's no therapy for those kinds of things. CPS is pure fucking evil, wish I could take revenge for all the girls who were wronged by them.

No. 1376713

File: 1665948422571.png (425.32 KB, 1180x434, WTF.png)

I just went to visit youtube and this is what is on the front page. Since when do dolls have genitalia this realistic?

No. 1376938

My tinfoil as a nonburger is that the only thing that is containing USA to go full balistic actual-war-declaration against Rusia is that before they could do that Rusia would instigate a full civil war/race war. The elements are all here. The blacks (or the alt right whites, whatever) only need a 1/4 of what the chechens have to fucking destroy USA. If they send their resources there it wouldn't be any country to come back.

No. 1376951

AYRT i don't know how to explain this with my piss poor english and without reveal from which country I speak but to make it short:
Every time there was an important political event, there it was a "homeless" person around either casually around or casually killed around. Every fucking time. There was a political assassination not so long ago here and a few days after a homeless person is killed in an very particular way that barely leff a body on that area. Mind you, it was a very exclusive for-rich-people only area completely surrounded by police, what a homeless person was doing there for starters?
Obviously not all homeless. It's mostly a facade for the actual feds, and there is some actually homeless people working with them, they pay for information. It's also related to the infiltration of the left-wing spaces, since they usually have soup kitchens and other public services. It's easy to pretend you're a homeless guy (or pay pennies for drugs to an actual homeless person) because people inherently let their guard down around homeless people. Other nonnie mentioned news in Germany and frankly i'm not surprised, maybe if she is still around can post a link even if it's in german.

No. 1377354

File: 1666012375127.png (407.33 KB, 920x1106, 5ADF2C8D-5735-4C58-A47A-4578C3…)

Adding to this post, all five of Diva’s chevaliers including David and Julia are named after members of the Rothschild family. The ‘Red Shield’ organization which is set up to protect and die for Saya is based on the family’s coat of arms and German translation of their name.

They basically made this anime as an homage to the Rothschilds.

No. 1377390

could it be one of those dolls they use in American highschools for some class? idk what it's called (forgive me, I wasn't allowed to go to school) but I remember girls saying the penises were pretty realistic. if this isn't a part of school in other places, basically kids in highschool had to take home and "care for" a fake baby to learn …something? there was even a Zack and Cody episode centered around it. lol one of the schools here didn't make everyone have a doll (they probably couldn't afford enough) so one girl I knew just carried around a sack of flour dressed in baby clothes.

No. 1377397

I've actually been meaning to post a similar tinfoil but have been too lazy to type it all fleshed out. Am from Burgerland tho. Basically I believe the Russian government has been conducting a psyop targeted at the U.S. to fan the flames of racism and division. The intent is to have us focus on race and forget about class altogether. They started with agents and bots seeding this division and slowly it has crept into the minds of U.S. citizens (also some Brits) so people are parroting the propoganda themselves. This is why there's so many "I hate yt people" and "yt women" shit on twitter. it doesn't matter if the person is actually mixed either. if they're perceived as white enough then "ew I hate white people" instead of like…hating on the individual regardless of race? this will cripple society here even further because instead of making allies and supporting class consciousness we're focused on fucking skin tones.
Idk how to explain this any better, but people have underestimated the extent of Russian operations on the internet. I already know they've have an agent stalking all social media accounts connected to my legal name (because reasons) and the fact they're determined enough to do that indicates something much larger.

No. 1377412

I feel like this isn’t even a tinfoil and it’s even confirmed that china and Russia are trying to make America is stupid as possible, not that we need any help

No. 1377548

China and Russia simply do not have the required soft power to do what you're suggesting. Look at what is happening in Ukraine. It doesn't matter what the truth is, the "Russia bad" narrative is what is dominant in the west because the media is owned by a small number of individuals. The influence of Russian media on the west is extremely small and China's is slowly entering western media spaces through video games and social media sites like tiktok.

Both countries are probably more involved in military and industrial espionage.

No. 1377682

>the "Russia bad" narrative is what is dominant in the west because the media is owned by a small number of individuals.
Aren’t they the same individuals responsible for killing off the Romanov family during the Russian Revolution?

No. 1377713

Russians literally helped rig the election what are you talking about? And china has infested america with their most powerful spyware—tiktok, which can voyeur your entire device at any time, and they make sure that they market the stupidest content imaginable to Americans while pushing for ingenuity and invention to their citizens.

No. 1378207

Lc's videogames thread is at least 70% male

No. 1378212

elaborate pls

No. 1378224

What more is there for her to say

No. 1378246

This nonna speaks truth

No. 1378268

File: 1666089668812.jpg (401.65 KB, 2159x1197, orCB4J2ega.jpg)

both are true, Russia is a barely function slightly above average middle power and is not even 1/100th the threat the united states politicians makes it out to be, at the same time the Russian state is doing whatever it thinks it can to challenge the US and the west, it's been confirmed that they have been using social media to cause division in the united states and western nations and hope to cause a culture war
here's an example not related russia, I'm from a shitty third world muslim nation, but we are allied to america and we have issues Iranian state propaganda being posted in our social media spaces and groups,

No. 1378270

please for the love of goddess will someone look into my tinfoil of the postmodern art director leading the Russian propaganda campaign. I feel like I'm yelling into the wind. Vladislav Surkov.

No. 1378275

Lc as a whole is at least 40% males.

No. 1378277

File: 1666090024252.jpg (362.47 KB, 1214x1131, CIUCzUp8HLlGmX.jpg)

samefag the Iranian online propaganda is pretty interesting, mostly in how they try to present Iran to the American and Western European left and rightwing circles

For normie left wingers they try to present Iran as practicing moderate Islam and how pointing out how they allow Trannies to transition, as well as how many female doctors and graduates they have compared to regressive Arab counties that the US supports
For commie aligned left wingers they present Iran as revolutionary state that stands up to American global capitalism
The right winger shilling is the most interesting, they have very little appeal for trump supporters and Republicans, but they have support among the far Right, Alt-Right and Neo-Nazi parties and they capitalize on this support
They present themselves as "based Aryans" that dab on Arabs and Jews, and how the refugee crisis is the fault of Israel and they should petition their governments to stop sanctions against Iran which will the fix the whole thing, hell a couple years ago Iran invited tons of neo-Nazis as part of a global Holocaust denial summit

No. 1378298

Girl look at what happened at the buffalo shooting

No. 1378381

I've seen shorts like that too with female baby dolls who have really detailed genitals. Something about the vids just feel OFF. Like it was made just to show off a naked baby without getting banned.

No. 1378686

I'm half Persian and my retard bio father who converted to Islam keeps spouting this "only sane arab nation, based politics, it's not as bad you think!" shit. It's so fucking annoying, like I've tried telling him that if I was arrested for being gay there I'd be trooned against my will and his response is that at least I won't get homophobic comments if I'm """male""". He used to fucking hate Iran because it all went downhill after '79 and as he and I were born and raised Jewish we're naturally not viewed too favourably by other Iranians. Ever since he's started consuming Iranian media he's changed his tune big time, literal brainwashing.

No. 1378705

someone here said that the biggest CP leak was done by the FBI, does anyone have a source on that?

No. 1378748

It was a leak that happened on their website actually but I’m not googling that sorry

No. 1378792

ever since those lolsurprise dolls started adding dick and balls on the male ones

No. 1378803

You’re kidding

No. 1378816

File: 1666126395726.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.94 KB, 450x238, 1604832820665.jpg)

i wish. it's not as blatant as that other one but still pretty weird considering the other controversies with these dolls

No. 1378818

File: 1666126464081.jpg (497.69 KB, 750x1182, 112-074332190.jpg)

samefag even their wiki page acknowledges it

No. 1378995

Wtf toys are so cursed nowadays

No. 1379056

Oh my god these pedo ass toys. Everyone thought it was fucked up that it gave them fishnets and pasties when you got them wet, now this? Lol

No. 1379117

these things are ugly as sin i dont understand why little girls like them so much

No. 1379439

You'd be surprised by how many little girls get these because of peer pressure or because "they're girls so they need to have hip girl toys". I remember being little and pretending I was into Barbies because that's what you're supposed to be into while I didn't really give a shit about them.

No. 1380316

BLM's founders are grifters and frauds. From where I stand (non-American, in Asian country), the riots damaged opinion of American black community. Increased scrutiny of BLM's bad dealings casts the rest in a very bad light. No one here thought black lives didn't matter before, now though I often here that black people think their lives matter MORE

No. 1380323

You have no idea what you’re talking about and where you stand means absolutely nothing. BLM as some sort of brand may have been picked up by grifters and scammers as literally all movements are, but the sentiment was very much real and police brutality in the US is terrifying and has harmed more families and instilled more fear into marginalized people than should ever, ever be okay. I hate people like you, I really do.

No. 1380342

The fact that it has 37M views.

No. 1380390

(East) Asians usually have the dumbest takes on Western politics even though they can’t handle their own political problems and corruption so I’m not surprised.

No. 1380526

File: 1666269956636.jpg (161.91 KB, 737x956, SK4ZlwNO5UyDEZcb.jpg)

absolute hell world

No. 1380541

Holy fuck, my jaw nearly hit the floor reading that. Shit like this is why I'm starting to consider not leaving my body for science/transplants and getting it cremated instead.

No. 1380542

Fuck fuck fuck at this point when I die I'd rather be thrown in a ditch in the middle of a forest. At least the animals and plants will take me before some sick fucker can. Not even cremation seems safe anymore, I'm pretty sure out there some moid buys human ashes to jerk off to or whatever.

No. 1380545

>I'm pretty sure out there some moid buys human ashes to jerk off to or whatever
Y'know what I think you're onto something with the forest burial.

No. 1380551

I had the displeasure of knowing a guy who works at a mortuary and he kept making necrophilia jokes. Constantly. Just give the report and fuck off. Later someone leaked his voice memos where he wanted to necro roleplay with a sort of coworker of his, idk if he ever got fired but I have no hope for the world so no he probably didn't

No. 1380554

Is it illegal to bury your own parents somewhere far and deep away from everyone? They're my parents so there shouldn't be a problem, right?

No. 1380561

Fucking bleak. I hope that scrote gets cremated alive.

I imagine the only thing that matters is where you bury them, you'd probably need permission from the land owner or to own the land yourself in order to do that.

No. 1380573

everyday I regret more and more not just helping them out a little in that department

No. 1380578

I know how you feel. It's just dawned on me that I've never even discussed this stuff with my wife. I gotta get some long term planning going on for the people I care about.

No. 1380589

>I'm starting to consider not leaving my body for science/transplants
Don't do it. People think that donating your body to science means that they're going to treat you like an important resource to further research on things like cancer or incurable illnesses, but in reality they're going to use you for some useless experiment like >>1380526 where even a child can predict the outcome without using real bodies. The truth is that many researchers and doctors are psycopaths and like to play with bodies to "find out" irrelevant shit.
Donating organs may not be as you think either, there are hospitals who will sell organs to rich moids (or even worse, trannies if they start testing uterus transplants) instead of giving them to people who actually need them to live a normal life. There are sick moids who buy organs just to eat them, Dr. Gloves (don't google it) played with dead fetuses and babies and posted them on 4chan. The world is fucked.

No. 1380590

oh that is sweet kek, I was more thinking I should've pushed him

No. 1380617

Yeah that reply almost made me mad, they’re so confident in their shit retard opinions too. I hate listening to non-burgers talk so loudly about issues like police brutality in America which they know literally fuckall about. If they saw what cops did here especially to black people they would shut the fuck up.

No. 1380618

File: 1666276065907.jpg (60.01 KB, 807x602, Untitled.jpg)

>There are sick moids who buy organs just to eat them, Dr. Gloves (don't google it) played with dead fetuses and babies and posted them on 4chan.
I googled it.

No. 1380642

Ew me too. While it’s super fucked up and disturbing, also grabbing the kid by the hair made me shudder, it really just reads like some asshole being edgy. Desensitized to his job and trying to fuck with people. It reminds me of an even more taboo version of that Russian plastic surgeon who would take selfies with his comatose naked patients.

No. 1380724

File: 1666282198604.png (1.09 MB, 648x1868, Iran p.png)

Iranian state propaganda shills are also very easy to spot, they suck so bad that even my retarded thirdworld countrymen can spot it

No. 1380845

kek kinda ironic that their profile pics have women without hijab.

No. 1380963

I watched a documenetary a while back about The MC martin Preschool trails, kids accused a pre school of doing all kinds of disgusting things to them, but it was all said to be a "Lie" and " Satanic Panic".
And I watched a Mister Metakour video, i'm not done with it yet though On how they actually did find tunnels beneath the school and they lead to someone's house, and there was pentagrams and animal bones etc.
I can't really explain it but it blew my mind, anyone else heard about this?

No. 1380979

I thought something was off with Anne Heche's death after seeing the footage of her fighting to get off that stretcher. After reading this I'm convinced she was murdered. Makes you wonder which entertainment industry slave is gonna get hit next. My money's on Kanye West.


No. 1380993

can you link the video? But yeah I did hear about it before, I was looking up whether there were similar cases to the Amsterdam sex crime case (daycare CP production, 83 victims) and just found about MC martin and how it was supposedly all a lie. Which I don't buy, at all.

No. 1381012

Here's part one. If you aren't used to this scrote, it may not be your tastes, he pauses and talks a lot. It's about some other cult that includes kids that was supposedly covered up, ##randomly in the FBI files, they talk about the tunnels and Mc martin, it has nothing to do with the "Case" of the "finders", just something that was added in offical FBI PDF's.
I've watched a good bit of it and I enjoy it, I can't give a time stamp nonnie though

No. 1381013

Holy shit, I always heard about that case as an example of mass hysteria and panic. Even Jordan fucking Peterson uses that as an example of why not to believe every claim, hope that story blows up and he can once again eat his words like the useless moron he is. Damn I gotta watch that video

No. 1381026

Im going to watch this and tell you if it also talks about McMartin as well. The whole situation is crazy, some say it was just "Burial grounds" under the school or something, like where they put trash.

No. 1381080

That's funny I just put that one in my watch later. It's weird not a lot of videos pop up in support of the theory that there was abuse going on. Even when I type in "mcmartin preschool tunnels" the top like 75 videos are just ones defending the preschool.

No. 1381099

I think these tweets are supposed to be for non-Iranians, but they are awful at it, the account on the bottom "Nayab Malik" is specifically targeting Pakistani's, but the urdu she writes is straight google translate and plus every other post she makes or retweets is about how fucking awesome Ali Khamenei is and every account she retweets has the exact formula

like they really suck at this

No. 1381106

Also reminds me of that movie with Mads Mikkelsen about a falsely accused male daycare worker. Feels like one big psyop to just discredit children further.

No. 1381159

If I remember correctly the “tunnels” were just pipes, the bones and pentagrams were added afterward. People who explored the area and shared pictures showed this.

No. 1381170

It’s been awhile, a few years I think, but I did a deep dive into this (yay being a schizoid) and found nothing to corroborate the conspiracy, genuinely nothing. I’ll try doing one again and see if I can find the posts that made me realize it was in fact bullshit. That said though, pedophiles do purposely implant children with “false memories” and take advantage of their inability to separate reality from fantasy in order to make them sound like they’re retelling dreams, it’s pretty fucked up. Like for example if they wanted to scare a child they would take a baby doll and pretend to “kill” it with ketchup packets or something of that nature and say that’s what would happen if they told—thus making them sound crazy if they say they sacrificed babies. It isn’t actually about sacrifice, it’s about sexually abusing children.

No. 1381261

Oh wow do you have a link for that?

No. 1381363

Looking for them currently. If I remember correctly the actual proof surrounding the so-called tunnels is non-existent, and many people have tried to get proof of the actual photos and the “archeologist” will only claim to give them out for large sums of money which completely goes against California law. As far the carcasses of animals, there were only a few class pets that died of natural causes (turtles, a couple rabbits) and all other carcasses were believed to be dumped well after the fact.

No. 1381375

i don't know why nonnies act like this liberal globalist hell fueled by usa is about to collapse. We have at least+40 yrs of this nonsense, with usa in zombie mode (so if they get better it could be even more). We aren't seeing the end of this any time soon. There is no mass peaking, COVID wasnt a "turing point" people are more sheepish than ever. If anything it's just going to get worse and worse. It's exactly the plan thought.
The same happens with alien stuff. They fake the abduction so the victims can be discredited. It's not a coincidence that most of "alien abductions" victims are young girls.

No. 1381386

I am a proud beaner

No. 1382090

speaking of which, anyone notice the common trope of the "evil manipulate child" who manipulate the adults around them, now I'm not denying that kids can't be cruel, kids can be violent and they can and do lie, but this trope essentially makes them adults in children's bodies and this might be a plan to normalize the idea that kids can "consent to "adult acts"

No. 1382096

It’s because it’s scary to certain types of people. It’s just like how female serial killer / black widow tropes sell so well. These are always roles as fictional as paranormal horror, completely made up in some man’s brain, meant to scare adults. It’s like how they use clowns to scare children, they’re just trying to tap into peoples fears. What could wealthy middle aged men possibly fear? Thus female psycho killers and seductive pseudo-children are invented.

No. 1382126

I can buy "we need to talk about Kevin", because scrotes do be like that. But this shit is indeed concerning. I enjoyed the movie the Orphan, but at the same time it kinda feels like it's in the same genre.
I think there can be a place for "female serial killer" movies in the revenge genre, but they're usually not the ones to become popular, unless they're heavily sexualized, since I guess it hits too close to home.

No. 1382137

For example Barbarian (2022) was not a bad movie, but as a woman you will be able to guess the entire plot within like, a half hour likely. They made a woman who was a product of rape and torture into a naked, horrifying, murderous inbred beast to scare men. It’s kind of depressing that this is what creates shock value.

No. 1382227

A woman who dated a scrote who worked in this area got a yeast infection that wouldn’t go away when she went to the doctor it was found out she had a bacteria that only developed in rotting corpses

No. 1382241

wasnt the orphan based on real life events?

No. 1382256

File: 1666388330395.jpg (42.47 KB, 800x450, plant.jpg)

you got to be shitting me, absolutely horrifying
idk if it really was a kid or not, but I don't think anyone actually got murdered in the irl situation, I just don't like that a child actor had to pretend to try to seduce an adult.

No. 1382260

No. 1382267

Isnt there a current case of a houston woman getting infected by std by the hospitals janitor?

No. 1382291

Nonnie what if I told I heard another story similar to this one on a confessions website? A woman hooked up with a scrote and he ejaculated on her face which left some weird burns she got it checked out and the doctors told her that only happens when the scrote either has sex with an animal or a corpse.

No. 1382292

This story I told happened in my country but the person who told could have copied from that link idk but what I know is that scrotes can get genital cancer when they do shit like this

No. 1382306

Yeah I remember my sister's ex from like 15 years ago said a similar story about a female friend of his, except it was some sort of fungal infection.

No. 1382314

File: 1666392350821.jpg (35.94 KB, 561x561, IMG_20210731_004716.jpg)

My very sensible tinfoil for today is:

Muscular physiques for women have never really become a trend like thicc, fat or skinny/ana have because muscular and strong women are at their healthiest, thus the patriarchy would be less likely to control them physically and mentally. I'm not talking bodybuilder 5% body fat muscle either btw, but simply healthy and strong with a healthy diet.

When you reduce a woman's value down to the width of her hips or waist or size of her ass you distract her from the very attainable goal of becoming strong and in good health with a lower risk of osteoporosis and other health issues thus being more in tune with her female body and being capable of great things. The Elite Scrotes don't want this, they want soft and weak or bony and weak subservient women who rely on them both emotionally and physically and who are stuck in a revolving door of body dysmorphia.
One of the best things a woman can do to seperate herself from the corruption of moids is get into some cardio and do strength training as well. Women in general really have no clue what their bodies are capable of…we can make an entire human being inside there and push it out, shed blood every month, but the thought of weight lifting and developing muscle scares us? Pick up that barbell and do a deadlift before you end up with brittle bones sis. Your body will thank you.

No. 1382323

thank you, this has sincerely inspired me to get off of my ana bullshit

No. 1382330

because of climate change-induced crop failures most of the world will be starving in less than 20 years, it really is the beginning of the end. i recommend browsing r/collapse if you want to understand how things will be falling apart

No. 1382364

You’ve enlightened me strong noona

No. 1382376

This looks to be just a sub of unfunny memes just like all of Reddit

No. 1382395

screenshotting this for inspiration. thank you nona

No. 1382456

It is a trend now though, men became obsessed with women lifting the instant they realised it makes your ass bigger.

No. 1382517


No. 1382637

File: 1666420111276.jpg (14.46 KB, 275x206, 1581639639042.jpg)

Is it possible that my doctors are lying about me having a lung disease? I've not seen anything on scans and they're saying this based on bloodtests. Now they're sending/spamming me urgent letters to get several vaccines. I have health problems, but my lungs feel fine?

No. 1382649

NTA but you're only allowed to train the aesthetic muscles for a woman or else it's not socially acceptable. You will be looked at very differently if you don't just follow the bootybuilder 9000 workouts and actually focus more on your upperbody. Go have bigger traps, delts, triceps and forearms than scrotes and come back to me (biceps are overrated and don't account for most of the size of your arms). Actually try to become the Hulk. Bring a gallon water of jug to the gym (or everywhere really, hydration is important), use smelling salts, use a WWE intro to come into the powerrack, dance to assert dominance, wear a sweater around your waist so nobody can see the booty, become GLORIOUS. Be a formnazi to scrotes, tell them they look dyel, point out their bad shoe choices, become an expert in one lift so you can outlift all the scrotes in the gym on that one specific thing and ruin their confidence for the rest of the month, then go hit the bags, then go do sparring and kick all the scrotes who say lifting makes you slow in the head. AUAUAUAU

No. 1382726

samefag in case you prefer a themesong sung by a woman, this one is good too, I use it as my alarm.

No. 1382763

Girl they are doctors omg get them shots

No. 1382772

I haven't even had my appointment with the lung specialist yet. What does a GP and gastroenterologist know?

No. 1382784

Clearly enough if your blood is producing something that causes for immediately intervention. Doctors acting with urgency is such a bad sign lol they don’t give a fuck about anything unless it’s serious

No. 1382889

I wish all you nonnas the best of luck in your journey to becoming fit and healthy Stacy's. Every time you feel down about yourself just remember what your body is capable of, I'm still a lifting noob but this is the only thought that keeps me going when I feel like shit. We can do this!

Men are only obsessed with it for the ass like you said but you can still distance yourself from what scrotes think and work on your stamina, endurance and overall strength instead of stuffing your ass into Shein booty scrunch leggings and only training legs. Like the other nonna said, upper body training is key and the bonus is when you get strong enough you won't have to rely on a scrote for picking up or lifting certain shit.

No. 1382893

ntayrt, but thank you for your posts, anon. You're amazing.

No. 1382924

File: 1666445283044.png (659.2 KB, 512x890, absa.png)

This has to be some sort of mass psy-op, so many young women are getting convinced they can become sugar babies and find an older rich man to be their daddy


No. 1382945

it's all part of the plan to push women out of the workforce and public life

No. 1383196

The fact that they made a virus by taking pieces of covid and omicron and who knows what with 80% mortality rate is beyond fucked. What are they going to use it for? When will they release it this time? Do they just plan to kill most of the population with viruses and shittily made vaccines for said viruses?

No. 1383277

who cares, you'll be dead. it won't be you anymore.

No. 1383305

Neither of those anons but can you not try to start an infight over 2 day old posts that have very common beliefs of not wanting your corpse to be mistreated? Okay thanks, and sage your shit dumbass.

No. 1383324

File: 1666472675495.webm (12.7 MB, 944x720, Jinx and MrCatLover99 - ghisla…)

the epstein/ghislaine outcome has been so disheartening. no list of clients. jeff dead, maxwell trail speedy as fuck and then out of the news. there should have been been public executions over this, girls are used and abused by the rich and powerful and it's like Oh well moving on. how do the women involved live with themselves?

No. 1383326

My body is still me, even if it's rotting and cold. We are our bodies too, and I don't want moids to use mine as a fleshlight or to tear it apart to make the lining of a tranny's disgusting amhole.

No. 1383328

tale old as time. you need women to recruit new girls to the brothel. yes it is a psyop in a way, they're trying to make it look glamorous to attract more girls for men to abuse.

No. 1383329

Is that a fucking fancam? Do they actually have hybristophile fangirls or is this some kind of subtle pr scheme in favour of Maxwell?

No. 1383332

it's from a conspiracy video account. it's not pro-maxwell but yes it is made like a fancam. the point of this one is there are other women just like maxwell still doing this and they're not hard to find and no one is doing anything about it. the girlboss music is a dark joke.

No. 1383333

or maybe you're right and it is a subtle pr scheme in favour of Maxwell. this is the tinfoil thread so go crazy lol

No. 1383415

NTA and I agree with you but isn’t sage only necessary In cow threads?

No. 1383440

File: 1666481351742.png (276.65 KB, 455x761, Screenshot_2022-10-22_23-28-20…)

smiling is a psyop by Big Photo to sell you more photos

No. 1383447

Aw fuck I always forget that

No. 1383705

I agree and I always wondered why we are buried in fancy boxes that just sit there when we should be getting buried so the Earth takes us whole without fabrics and whatnot. Wouldn't that be better for the soil?

No. 1383774

>say prunes
imagining this old timey duckface phrase made me laugh, thank you nona. that's good shit.

No. 1383780

I remember reading that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen did the prune this for photos too kek

No. 1383807

OT but anyone knows what exactly is his accent called? I watch him just to listen to that sweet accent and i want to listen to it more.

No. 1383825

It's a southern England accent nonnie, I can't really pinpoint which city it would be from as I am a northfag but it just sounds like a general southern accent outside of London.

No. 1383827

Also the article that spurred this discussion was about a son who had found his mother got blown to pieces by the US military when he donated her body to try and fight Alzheimer's. I can't imagine the pain he must've felt finding that out and I don't my relatives to be traumatised by the fact that I've been repurposed as tranny parts or god knows what else.

No. 1384521

WHY? This has no fucking benefit for society, the practice of fucking around and engineering the most lethal viruses should have been outlawed long ago. It will get out again. You’d think after Covid that the UN or WHO would have recognized how these manmade diseases are a public health disaster but now they’re trying to make something even worse than the original Covid? Fucking psychopaths. Trying not to a-log but it would probably be best for people to take out these psychos who are insistent on making bioterrorism tools. Their names are published in the papers no? What’s stopping some of these crazed alt-right moids from actually doing a good thing and saving humanity instead of shooting up a synagogue or abortion clinic?

I wonder if funding for this research is because Covid didn’t kill enough people (as many speculated its original intent was population control).

No. 1384533

anon i just wanna reply and say you're 100% right. my microbiology professor (graduated from harvard mind you) told all of us covid-19 is a retrovirus and i have never been the same since. you can't google it bcus nothing comes up. but think about "long covid" and the hundreds of thousands who are now stuck w/ that condition. i dont trust anything anymore

No. 1384542

Long covid isn't real it's malingering bullshit like chronic lyme disease

No. 1384548

idk talk to a bedridden 58yr old who was totally self sufficient and capable of independence until she got covid and come back to say that. covid has obvious neurological effects, specifically loss of smell/taste. i've treated people with covid that have had the hallmarks of someone going through opioid withdrawal and they were not the same afterwards. whatever though we're not gonna know literally ANYTHING about this virus until 30-40 years from now after research has been conducted and the government feels like its not too big of a risk to tell us what the virus actually does to people.

No. 1384605

Nta but the smell/taste thing is so creepy to me because it's proof that covid fucks with the person neurologically. I had covid in the summer and everything smelt like a rotting corpse, except coffee which smelt like a burning tire. It was driving me nuts and it took over 3 weeks for that awful smell to go away and then over 6 weeks for things to taste normal again. But it's weird some stuff still tastes kind of off, not bad but different. For some reason dark chocolate tastes very chalky to me now, and cucumbers and peppers have sort of a chemical after taste to them. I'm hoping that'll go away with time, I guess I'm pretty lucky in the grand scheme of things that that's the only lasting symptom I got though.

No. 1384627

File: 1666596401346.jpg (75.35 KB, 960x359, https___static.nieuwsblad.be_A…)

>What’s stopping some of these crazed alt-right moids from actually doing a good thing and saving humanity instead of shooting up a synagogue or abortion clinic?
Getting lost in the forest kek

No. 1384640

thanks nonny

No. 1384682

The repeated vaccines have been giving people the same effects of long-covid and honestly I believe they made these because the original covid didn't get enough people. The amount of people getting heart attacks and heart damage from the vaccines at a young age is honestly scary, considering that in some countries the population is "vaccinated" up to 95%.

No. 1384708

Long COVID is real and is caused by material leftover in the blood stream limiting oxygen supply around the body as well as things like varying levels of organ damage. Even in illnesses like strep they can spread and permanently damage organs or kill you.
That doesn’t mean the vaccine was handled well and long COVID in theory is possible from the vaccine to since it’s caused by the spike protein. COVID does impact you neurological, since someone else mentioned it. It’s causing brain damage to your “scent cells”. We know that. There’s a glad towards the front of your brain for scent we don’t why it does. We just know it does for some people. Some people improve there some don’t.
FDA trials for the vaccine were a joke and ignored whistle blowers, pharmacists giving vaccines killed people since the blood clots that especially women were getting were caused by pharmacist giving the vaccine too deep not in the muscle but in the bloodstream and then the protein in the vaccine would cause the clot.

No. 1384709

Samefag but the argument on the vaccine and the spike protein was this you’re going to be exposed wither way.
> “Do you want the 1-2 day “danger window” with the worst damage to happen with the vaccine or do you want the unpredictable 14 days with full COVID?”
But of course we can’t be honest and say that and everything is a money making opportunity for these dicks and so more people had to die.

No. 1384741

What’s the reason that those countries who were investigating the virus haven’t had any definitive answer that it was man made? Plandemic talked about how the UNC lab which had viruses escape got moved overseas and that some of its research moved to Wuhan (while some moved to Ukraine I think). So is it because the US is also responsible that they’ll cover it up? I’m so sick of normies pretending like Covid ever naturally evolving in our lifetime was fucking possible—you have to be retarded to think that Covid, which spreads more easily than SARS and MERS and kills you via stroke, respiratory failure, heart attack, pulmonary embolism, organ failure and septic shock, among other causes of death, is just an evolved version of some other virus. Yet this is somehow a crazy rightwing conspiracy to acknowledge that this virus was definitely a science experiment by some irresponsible virologist.

No. 1384744

[citation needed]

No. 1384762

always thought closed smiles looked better than teeth ones, now i feel truly justified

No. 1385037

Citation is reality, but also a hundred of studies in various different countries on the effectiveness and dangers of the vaccines. There's a reason why the vaccine was pushed so hard despite being still in its experimental phase (it wasn't tested on pregnant women but was strongly recommended to them, Pfizer's letter about not being sure about the vaccine's effectiveness and recently admitting that they "didn't think" about testing it to avoid virus spread) and their "public" documents being almost entirely blanked out. The vaccine is almost more dangerous than the virus itself at this point, considering that it fused with a flu at some point becoming Omicron (while the vaccines are still based on the original covid's spike protein), having less dangerous symptoms in a longer time window, also allowing eventual medication (that's available eveywhere now) to work and ease any heavier symptom.
It is not normal to take 1-4 vaccine shots in the span of six months or less. Data shows that vaccines don't stop the spread or severe illness. A vaxxed person can catch covid even a week after the last dose with high fever. Introducing that many spike proteins into your body in such a short amount of time AND catching covid on top of that will fucking kill you. I'm not against people getting vaccines of course, but people should really be more cautious.

No. 1385252

why don't you link these studies and data to which you refer

No. 1385441

You're in the tinfoil thread, this isn't reddit just stop please

No. 1385559

File: 1666675605491.jpg (56.09 KB, 827x344, FU_h0jDWIAI1ePt.jpg)

fun fact, kim kardashian paid her surrogate $45k. she literally has purses worth 10x more, this sum is less than the minimum wage

No. 1385566

Fucking disgusting. Commercial surrogacy should be illegal. If a woman who’s had relatively easy pregnancies in the past wants to be a surrogate for a loved one (like an infertile sibling or something) I guess that’s fine but the commercial shit should not exist.

No. 1385567

Yeah… I'm waiting a week to see what the lung specialist will say. I'm done with their alarmist bullshit. First it was cancer according to them, now suddenly an inflammatory lung disease they want me to take several vaccines for pronto. If I do have it, it's possible that it was even triggered by previous vaccines or covid infections.

No. 1385646

This is really weird to me. Surrogacy was something I never really thought about until recently, these people make more than the amount they pay the surrogate in a month. These women literally incubate human babies for nine months, bear them, and have them taken away from them and they’re paid what is barely a livable years salary. They aren’t paid for the permanent damages or changes done to their body. It completely takes advantage of poor women. I never noticed how insane surrogacy was until recently now that it seems so common. Tbh I think celebs are lying when they claim they can’t have anymore kids due to “health issues” and the surrogacy is just an excuse to not ruin their bodies.

No. 1385746

I agree. It should be something done out of love, not a cold and uncaring financial transaction. There's still problems with that model as gay scrotes typically lean hard on female friends and relatives when looking for a surrogate (I've seen it happen and it's infuriating) and I'm sure rich people would find a workaround, but shit, it'd be a start.

I can't imagine being that filthy rich and not paying at least a million dollars to the surrogate. These women are giving them the most precious gift they'll ever receive and they let them live on crumbs. It's fucked up.

No. 1385866

This is actually very common in south asia with Bollywood celebrities of all levels, its so normalized that no takes an issue of it so it never becomes news, a bollywood actress could spend the entire year working on to 3-5 films, they need surrogacy out of convince rather then sacrifice their moments of fame, one famous actor Salman Khan is not even married but got a child through a romanian surrogate
the actors featured in vidrel aren't minor stars btw, these are the south asian equivalent of Scarlett Johansson, Stephen Colbert and Beyonce using surrogates

I truly do believe that this will likely become the norm for Hollywood celebrities as well

No. 1385883

It's so secist and it's disgusting to see rich women pay pennies on the dime to use financially desperate women for babies. This just enhances the male misogyny of women are only good for birthing babies. Im so angry right now

No. 1385885

I don't get this because if you don't have time to cary your own pregnancy how the fuck are you gonna have time to take care of a new baby human? I guess if you're a movie star you might think there's something special about you that you want to pass down but caring about genetic lineage is stupid, these people should just adopt a teenager or something if all they're doing is sponsor a life from afar.

I know then people would say it's a sex slave or whatever because people are sickos but oh well! use your enormous PR team to make up a better story.

No. 1385902

>how the fuck are you gonna have time to take care of a new baby human?
live in servants, very normalized in south asia, even middle class in south asia can hire maids that will be working from dawn to dusk, that is the way it is here, its super messed up

No. 1386275

It’s similar in Mexico and along the border. Domestic servants are absolutely not limited to the wealthy in much of the world.

No. 1386500

This is fucked of me to say but I hope that like IVF babies, who have above average rates of autism compared to normal babies, these surrogate children end up having some major issues that rules out surrogate gestation entirely. An ethical argument will never work, the kids will have to all turn out to have some shortened lifespan or be unavoidably retarded for celebrities and other selfish rich pricks to stop.

No. 1386517

find a PHD who agrees with you and do some "studies", publish a paper, voila.

No. 1386562

I could see some mental health issues arising due to how a mother’s mood during their pregnancy effect’s the child. At least I think I’ve read something like that, idk how accurate it is or if I’m making any sense.

No. 1386604

The effects of pregnancy sound terrifying, I couldn’t imagine. Going through that sort of major change on the body for chump change and for the child you created to be pawned of on some celebrity that payed you an amount they could make a day just seems so degrading. Post partum depression is also a real concern.

No. 1386649

Has anyone ever heard the theory that human brains are shrinking because a larger population doesn’t need to have lots of intelligence? It makes me think of farm animals like chickens, what if the elites don’t wanna whittle down the population but just keep us producing more people, maybe that’s why tradwife propoganda is so prevalent everywhere, because more people working and buying things and then eating shitty food and dying quickly is ideal to the Illuminopoly, in Minecraft.

No. 1386653

Absolutely evil and horrible. These people deserve worse than hell.

No. 1387895

File: 1666854319333.png (432.12 KB, 584x1034, Gh.png)

while Individual blame is important, I also think the state of the current system they are in the main cause, these people have more "incentive" to hire a surrogate then have a natural pregnancy, the vain rich famous man doesn't want his at home model wife to look "flawed" in any, and the rich women either wants to maintain her figure and or just not to deal with any of the risk of natural pregnancy, its just how it is

No. 1387922

i feel like tradwife propaganda is made by people not the elites. People are scared there will be a collapse of society because there are less people for capitalism… less white people really, everybody else is doing fine. But the elites have everything, they aren't scared that the society is going to end, they're maybe scared the planet will get damaged from people, or some other reason i don't know… but from what i heard and seen, rich people are working on killing and castrating people more than they'd try to make the population bigger.

No. 1387930

the elites need capitalism to keep going as long as possible though? Look at the abortion restrictions in China, look at the overturning of Roe V Wade, look at Poland, look at how the surrogacy capital Ukraine is going to be included in the EU soon, it are the elites doing it. Without a large underclass which constantly has to be resupplied, they are nothing.

No. 1387936

>everybody else is doing fine
you have to be completely delusion to actually think that, 1/3rd of my country is underwater and we have the largest internal refugee crisis in the 21st century
global elites are such a moronic concept, like there are probably deep states with in most nations, but they have their own personal interests, not some planned greater collective

No. 1387956

the uber rich have class solidarity, just like men have class solidarity, oppressors generally have more solidarity than the oppressed, but keep thinking it's all random. Their personal interests only come out when there's nobody to oppress near them.

No. 1387961

that's why the great powers Germany, Austira, Russia, Ottoman and Britain destroyed themselves in WW1, joint interests even though no one gained anything(except maybe the americans)

No. 1387963

that's because of family squabbles, the rise of nationalism and Germany feeling left out of the colonization business. Nowadays there are tons of unrelated rich politicians and oligarchs instead of just a handful of monarchs who are all related.

No. 1387977

doesn't that go agaist your logic, if handful monarchs who were also related, could ruin their empires, wouldn't more people with their ambitions(rather then their nations) be more scattered and prone to in-fighting

No. 1387986

No, because thanks to capitalism, their ambitions align in the sense of trying to get as rich as possible and that's it, nothing personal. The only infighting you see is superficial, like the dems vs the republicans in the US as an example, behind closed doors they're all buddies. Or the idea of big government vs businesses, when really capitalism and big businesses wouldn't be able to exist without the protection of the nation-state. They might have some retarded pet projects, like Elon Musk's transhumanism, but they're still not going to give away the game over it, because it would mean the end of their collective existence.

No. 1388008

you are basing on the writings of mediocre social theorist

No. 1388022

>mediocre social theorist

nta but if you think capitalism is a net positive for women you’re a fucking retard

No. 1388034

not saying it is, but basing how the world works based on Marx is dumb asf

No. 1388035

No. 1388038

I'm not a Marxist kek and I'm basing this on the writings of Emma Goldman, Lucy Parsons, Voltairine De Cleyre etc. Marx was a plagiarist and a retard, he and Engels based much of their writings on the writings of a Native Americanboo. I don't believe in the "withering away of the state" or other utopian nonsense, nor do I do leftist Unity and I also hate anarcho communists.

No. 1388060

Nta but not every critic of capitalism it's marxist you braindead retard

No. 1388420

Shaddup commie

No. 1389012

>Emma Goldman
the woman who misjudged how effective her ragtag group of university students were and was crushed by a police unit in a week and let to all their deaths

No. 1389014

NTA but why is it dumb

No. 1389021

It's retarded to dismiss everything she said and fought for just because of that

No. 1389047

Egoism isn't communism.

No. 1389048

Because Marxs entire theory is born from jealously and when you understand that each of his theories fall apart. The LTV for example has been conclusively disproven

No. 1389083

It pleases my ego to support women, so I support women. Patriarchy, capitalism, communism, fascism, the nation-state, neoliberalism etc doesn't please my ego and can fuck off. Fascism and monarchism is too collectivist for my tastes, I'm not listening to anybody I don't want to and "the greater good" can suck itself. Ayn Rand is a pickme handmaiden, wanting to regulate the ego with "objectivism". Helping other women is altruistic and thus bad in her eyes, but simping for retarded scrote CEO's is great? I can't talk openly about my solution of what to do without prisons, without catching a ban for alogging for what would happen to scrotes, but I guarantee my method would be more effective than the current one, women go free btw. Everything I want to do is illegal without going through Kafkaesque bureaucracy and "haha you're just jealous", only makes you sound like a Bezos and Muskrat simp, but be my guest. No I don't want to be a corporote drone doing bullshit jobs, because useful fulfilling shit doesn't pay either. I'm not going to be a housewife either, because I'm a lesbian and personally would rather die than give birth (no hate to the cute couple currently trying, good luck!). I want to live in the forest or on a farm, be self sufficient and not let any scrotes on my land and no I don't want to beg the uwu patriarchy for it and "work hard", since they screwed everything up for everybody and made it near impossible thanks to kafkaesque bureaucracy. I'd be willing to share some food with the local Nonna commune if it pleases my ego, but I can't function in one and I'm not going to be forced to do jackshit. I just want to be as close as possible to returning to monke. How is that being a commie, unless your name is McCarthy and you call anyone not sucking Reagan off a commie. I'm not an ancap either, because property rights are just as much a fiction as the rest of them and only exist as much as you can defend them. Hurrdurr muh NAP, well scrotes violate it by being walking talking aggressors, how about that?

No. 1389133

typical anti-commie arguments without substance, yawn

No. 1389329

you can tell it was sloppily made by a moid who’s too lazy to use /pol/ right now, it’s such a brainlet argument kek

No. 1389406

I think is a kf migrant who think that this thread is just like their a&h subforum and the same shit that works there should work here. I've been seeing it all over /ot/, but i still don't know if it's a group of them or the same moid.

No. 1389418

nta but why do you automatically assume that poster is a moid for being against communism?

No. 1389424

Nta but: laziness, the way that it was completely out of context (OP said nothing about marxism, she was just criticizing capitalism) the fact that usually the right wingers and left wingers on this site usually ignore each other yet the retard is low-quality posting, bordeline baiting in the schizo thread. At the very least is a lost migrant.

No. 1390674

Why don't you go for second opinion

No. 1390675

These assholes then have the audacity to virtue signal
Most virtue signalling in Hollywood have a huge closet full of skeletons

No. 1390676

I didn't even get my first opinion from the actual lung specialist yet. The gastroenterologist and GP are speaking out of line imo, I don't know why they think it's so urgent to get shots that I can't just wait till next week to actually talk to the lung specialist.

No. 1390708

If your entire ideology could be beaten by a group of local police officers, maybe you should rethink your worldview

No. 1390879

i was really into the idea of "filler people" you know how in games, there's NPC's? people who serve no purpose or programed to do a certain task? Well I was once really int that before it was "Cool". Anyway, i think there's fake bugs. Just yesterday i was sitting on my porch, I smooshed a ant that was on me and it just disappeared. Like no guts, nothing, could'nt find a body. I looked and i look. Sometimes I DO think that the goverment "Sends" things people way. Like a test of some sort. I try not to think too much into it because yeah, i don't want to go down the deep end.

No. 1391002

File: 1667063222535.jpg (43.51 KB, 564x564, you_are_my_property.jpg)

Nta, but the anon who mentioned Goldman first. I already explained before, but my worldview is me, myself and I. If I can't be the dictator of a 1984 Orwellian Totalitarian state where I can oppress scrotes, then I don't want any state to exist and wish to do whatever the fuck I want. Half unironic Orwellian feminazi Darwinist who wants to get rid of the weak Y chromosome, half "back to monke" anarchist, my ideology is schizo like me. Everything else is too collectivist for my taste. The only reason I wish to be altruistic to other women, is because I LIKE women, I LOVE women and because it screws over scrotes. My worldview will be defeated when I die and that's fine by me. I'll continue cherry picking and being a hypocritical asshole until then. Capitalism doesn't please my ego, am I supposed to like it for you, for anyone else? That is too collectivist for me, no thanks.

No. 1391137

Scary but intriguing schizo fantasy. Come back and tell us if you ever manage to establish a scrote-free totalitarian state, I will join your sisterwifehandmaid crew that keeps a respectable distance from you and caries out your every wish and command.

No. 1391508

the anosmia/parosmia aspect of covid is so weird. it was my only symptom besides disturbing heart problems. i never had respiratory symptoms of any kind. just 100% lost ALL taste and smell for 3 weeks and dealt with parosmia making everything taste and smell like rotting burning trash for months after. took a while to get my heart back to normal too. i also felt the most deep terrifying sadness and fear - many talk abt covid altering their mental state. i was not one of the people who were terrified of covid so it wasnt fear of the illness making me feel that way. it all happened after my coworkers got vaxxed the first time, a year into things even tho i worked with the public in grocery retail since day 1 of the "pandemic" (i am unvaxxed)

some speculate that symptoms of covid mimic symptoms of radiation exposure. anosmia and parosmia are symptoms of radiation exposure. i wonder abt the lipid nanoparticles and potential ferromagnetic nanotech in the shots and other things. the research and patents exist for all these things….eventually they have to be tested on the guinea pigs.

No. 1391715

I don't want to be disrespectful and i know the bodies are still warm as i type this but something else happened with itaewon. The fact that is/was the place where USA's soldiers used to live and pretty much globohomo central in Korea. it's not a coincidence. Someone said it felt like a terrorist attack and i think that's not far for the truth. Also, this is the biggest tragedy in Korea since the Sewol Ferry and we know that one was orchestrated by a cult (Salvation Sect) I still don't know if this was pro-globohomo, anti-globohomo, an internal work, a case of cat out of the bag/someone saw something that it wasnt supposed to see, a cult sacrifice (again?) or whatever but i know this isn't just because people were a bit excited for a big party after COVID and teheee they just crushed themselves to death.

No. 1392801

I have a theory that stuff like this is orchestrated by whatever elite force wants us to live inside tiny houses and never leave except to work and then quickly return to our tiny house. Stuff like covid and terrorist attacks and mass shootings as well, I feel like they're trying to get us scared enough to stay inside and not leave and if we deem the outside world too dangerous it makes us more willing to do so. So stuff like concerts and festivals and holiday activities will be seen as too dangerous for the risk. I hope not though, makes me sad to think about people going out to have fun and instead being put through trauma, injury, and possibly death. Also kind of schizo but Elon Musk had an exclusive elites only party in Dracula's castle in Romania that same night, and the guests had to sign non disclosure agreements. Kind of a weird coincidence.

No. 1393072

I agree, nonna. Whoever did this got what they wanted.

No. 1393122

I have some vids idk how to save from instagram where it looks like they're giving CPR to a bunch of what looks like actors or dummies. I know imageboard etc. but it's a private account and I don't know how. would dropping the handle help? it's weird, was the first I've heard of it today and nobody said it was a crushing/stampede situation.
does anyone have legit footage? this one is fucky