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File: 1645741827411.jpg (1.18 MB, 1280x1944, 439b087073ec186dfe2e8e0881a5bc…)

No. 1068732

General conspiracy thread. Discussions surrounding government coverups, entertainment industry secrets, predictions, political intrigues, ect, are all welcome here.

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No. 1068746

Why is the threadpic an edgy iceberg with /pol/ tier jew-hating theories?

No. 1068750

You're asking the wrong questions. Why is MKUltra level 5 when it literally happened?

No. 1068752

Because they're ranked by edginess

No. 1068753

My tinfoils go even deeper than those haha. Even polfags are not on my same schizofoil dimension

No. 1068762

Write about your tinfoils in the actual thread im curious anon

No. 1068779

Pro-avatarfagging anon is racescience anon, who’s a Swiss anon who’s been harassed by Muzzies anon. Polanon is a third anon who’s afflicted by a similar retardation (please recite a prayer for her wellbeing; many such cases), but she’s a Francofag. Witchanon is Karenanon who’s really just a Twitterfag. Also tradthot anon is probably pro-avatarfagging anon. No moids, no noise, only cunts.

No. 1068790

Because icebergs are naturally edgy by nature, duh. Also what's a true conspiracy/tinfoil thread without namedropping teh jews. You gotta admit, they're a curious bunch. Aren't they?

No. 1068796

File: 1645744490588.png (76.87 KB, 340x234, 1645335677916.png)

Behold the progenitor of modern evil.

No. 1068805

Lvl 1-5 should be gathered and be lvl 1-2. This is beginner stuff lol. I’m just playing around

No. 1068827

File: 1645745958695.jpg (31.05 KB, 250x338, FaceApp_1645411566250.jpg)

No. 1068834

If we sacrifice Chris, will it all stop? Is he really Jesus CHRISt

No. 1068838

Anon, that's Level 6 Classified information. You better delete this post before the CIA comes to redact you. You've been warned.

No. 1068895

No tbh all these are household names isn’t there a better tinfoil iceberg chart anywhere ??

No. 1068931

Wendigoon the youtuber did an explanation on a better one with more niche and unheard of stuff.

No. 1068949

File: 1645753297870.jpg (486.31 KB, 1600x816, OHMYGOD.jpg)

Happy birthday you piece of shit, may the Ukraine last longer than you do in prison. Also did anyone else see the CDC's now dropping mask mandates and shit? HAHAHAHAHAHA not like they're trying to distract from anything!

No. 1068960

He's the anti-christ. Sonichu died for our sins

No. 1069002

I don't know if sacrificing Chris would help. If Jesus sacrificed himself for our sins, and the world we live in is that canon, then he didn't really stop the progression of evils. The rapture never came, either. If Chris sacrifices himself, we'd be absolved of current sin but still continue to devolve. It's like the global and century spanning equivalent of going once a year to a priest for Confession.

No. 1069019

To be fair, this normie iceberg is more favorable for the majority of nonnies here.

No. 1069417

File: 1645796312303.jpg (42.95 KB, 554x640, ScreenHunter-6305-554x640.jpg)

Theory that Russia is invading Ukraine to shut down US funded biological warfare labs.

No. 1069518

I enjoyed Plandemic a lot, do any anons have any recs for documentaries that aren't explicitly alt-right or conservative but also decent/well-evidenced conspiracy documentaries?
I always thought covid as a virus had to be engineered when I started hearing of people dying of strokes after covid had been confirmed a respiratory illness. Did any anons have a similar feeling where you felt in your gut that it was too good of a naturally occurring virus to be true?

No. 1069631

What JFK assassination tinfoil do you subscribe to? My dad was a huge JFK fanboy in his boomer youth and he always insisted that JFK’s dad just hated him and got the mob to kill him and Oswald. I don’t really know if I buy that but it seems more plausible than most of the other theories. I honestly just think Oswald did it because he was a schizo commie sympathizer and the CIA theory seems the most retarded to me.

No. 1069645

America is ruining the world

No. 1069646

Somehow I don't think they would take an airport, murder a warship and bring tanks if they wanted to take out some labs.

No. 1069648

The Chris Chan larping shit up this thread. Fuck you with your kiwiscrote "humor".

No. 1069657

The "Ukraine/Russia war is a distraction for the plandemic being exposed for the fraud it is" conspiracy theory feels like such a cop-out to me. Although I believe the elites often use events to cover up secrets from unfolding to the public, this current event has been building up for decades. The only people who can believe this are people who (naively) believe all of the world's elites work in synchronicity to each other. If only it was that simple…

No. 1069669

My theory is that they're doing this to unite the former Russian territories together under an Empire/Kingdom that protects itself from the perceived corruption and degeneracy of Western values. I suspect Putin wants to, in part, restore the monarchy of the old Russian Empire with the economic power of the USSR although I don't have much evidence beyond him being sentimental over Russia's past and surprisingly allowing the first royal marriage to be publicly broadcasted a century after the Romanovs were executed by the Communists.

No. 1069675

In order to gain unimpeded access to the labs, they need to neutralize the Ukrainian armed forces. It could be that whatever is in the labs is too dangerous to risk it being released by targeting the labs with an air strike. Also considering the speed with which Russian forces took control of Chernobyl I'm wondering if there is nuclear research that they are also interested in.

No. 1069686

Does Russia have a Royal family now? Do you know more I like hearing about royal families and don't know much about Russia

No. 1069725

I legitimately think that Chris Chan is Jesus adjacent and that the dimensional merge is "real" so shut the fuck up.

No. 1069745

You're one of those "ironic" schizoaffective autists aren't you?

No. 1069760

Russia's had a royal family for centuries. You can research more about the Romanov royal family and the Russian aristocracy on a search engine to find articles or books.

No. 1069961

At this point if the dimensional merge happened I wouldn't even blink

No. 1069997

File: 1645817907244.jpeg (134.58 KB, 1080x1071, D173DB2B-0743-47B1-9AE6-0B78F5…)

NWO coming soon, also note the shape of the snowflake

No. 1069999


No. 1070001

I'll start believing in the Jewish conspiracy when my part Ashkenazi ass starts getting SorosBux every month. Until then, ta ta cunts

No. 1070002

Also I stick to what I said at the end of the previous thread about Revelation coming to pass. Go read if you're curious. Even if I'm wrong, we must do everything we can to stay awake.

No. 1070011

One World is a mistake.

No. 1070018

It's not about that. That's like a white person responding to accusations of privilege with "I was born poor how are we privileged?" you know how they'd be dismissed. Anyway I personally don't buy into the hate against all Jews, it's evil. But there is something going on at the top for sure. I'm also doubtful that these people (NWO types) actually believe in traditional Judaism but in something else. Either it's to do with Israel/Zionism or something more esoteric represented by the star. Again, this isn't about your average person including average Jewish people, but the people whatever their type ruling over us.

No. 1070021

I think they're a mix of European ethnicities and Jewish people.

No. 1070028

It's probably more to do with something like freemasonry that has infiltrated other religions. Ordinary people including jews are suffering due to the policies of the elites, I don't buy that it's all jews, all christains, all muslims or any other race, religion or ethnicity. There's something else that connects the elites and they clearly do not believe in any religion that would be recognizable by outsiders.

No. 1070033

File: 1645819139662.jpeg (1008.83 KB, 1125x723, 4DB89792-C2F9-4966-A73E-933835…)

Much like >>1070028 said. It isn't as important to me as their true belief system and what they are planning. That is what I want to spread awareness of, even if we can't be sure of everything. They are revealing more and more. It's unfolding.

No. 1070043

Since the early 20th century, several countries across the globe were ordered with aggressive coups that demolished their previous system of government (the majority were monarchies) so it could be replaced by republics (many of those which were at first installed with outright fascist or communist forms of government) which are notoriously much more easier to infiltrate (by foreign elements) than a traditional monarchy is. WW1 and WW2 were already planned to usher in the NWO a century ago. Now we are witnessing the consequences of this new elite, who are much more callous and ruthlessly materialistic than the previous order that ruled their countries (not gonna say world because the world didn't become unified until the 20th century).

Whoever that elite actually "is" is up for debate but they reveal their intentions through the messages they push in society within the media, social reinforcement, and propaganda. I think of other tinfoils stop to pay attention to how recent this new elite actually is and how they differ drastically from the old forms of rulers they would probably become more paranoid than they already are kek. Either way, the current Ukraine-Russia situation is set to escalate whatever power rush they've been meaning to push since this is step 500 out of their century long plan to finally get the world to resemble what they want.

No. 1070044

No. 1070049

China was always in the favor of the elites because it also has its own Illuminati family which are cool with the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s. I’ve posted about the Li family in previous threads but no one seems to give a shit. They are (one of or only) the most powerful family in Asia to the point were CLAMP made references to them in Cardcaptor Sakura.

No. 1070050

Are they descendants of nobility? Post about em again, anon.

No. 1070052

File: 1645820367241.webm (1.56 MB, 480x360, 1644840102093.webm)

Found this webm, thought it might be relevant.

No. 1070061

It's wanting control and defiling women/kids.

No. 1070070

Seconding. I would love an info dump.

No. 1070081

File: 1645821469150.jpeg (268.36 KB, 1125x680, 75DC95A0-D144-4CAB-9226-F850A8…)

Yeah, they’re connected to one of the first Chinese emperors and helped Mao enforce communism throughout China. They were/also top govt officials in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. The article doesn’t mention (because it’s old) that two officials in Xi’s entourage are Li’s.


>The Rothschild, and the Rockefeller families have a very high respect for the Chinese and Japanese people in relation to some of the other peoples in the world. That is one reason why China and Japan are being given the chance to be important players in the New World Order.

No. 1070083

I didn’t see you there lol but just posted it.

No. 1070087

File: 1645821586785.png (18.39 MB, 3024x4032, 6E47982A-A70B-4731-A60D-0CD840…)

Made this, form your own opinions, some theories may be off track may be onto something but missing key info. Most importantly: How can anyone still think there's nothing going on? Everything you learned about our past, our religions, our gods, our myths, our scriptures, our planets and signs, it is all meaningful, it is all relevant. Now more than ever. Just stay vigilant.

No. 1070096

File: 1645821734458.jpeg (296.74 KB, 1125x752, 75DACC31-93B2-4AAB-914B-AD753C…)

No. 1070103

As figured, it was never about the Jews

No. 1070112

Whats up with those images center right? Above the 2:22 clock

No. 1070115

Wondering about this and the images on the left, underneath the Olympic NWO pic

No. 1070124

File: 1645822388442.jpeg (Spoiler Image,185.87 KB, 616x853, B431DA3D-79F3-41A3-9BE5-08607E…)

It is and isn't. I say just don't hate your neighbors.

I wanted to add that I left a lot out of things from my schizo collage, including context and connections. For instance, Remphan = Saturn. Another thing, the art piece in Gloria Vanderbilt's home is being compared to ancient grave stone markers at tophets, where children were "passed through the fire" (sacrificed) including to Moloch. That's what you see pictured >>1070112 Also I forgot to include pics of the art owned by the Podestas which has naked child abuse victims etc, red shoes, as well as a sculpture whose pose mimics one of Dahmer's victims (you can find the photograph but I'd rather not subject you all myself, it's horrific). There's just too much to remain ignorant.

No. 1070135

>underneath the Olympic NWO pic
They are from a Metaverse ad you can watch for yourself which has blatant symbolism galore. Saturn, a portal, garden of Eden, one eye (the buffalo), and the pyramid paintings are in the far back in the beginning. It's very sinister to even the normie-est of normies.

No. 1070139

>Yeah, they’re connected to one of the first Chinese emperors and helped Mao enforce communism throughout China.
Isn't commmunism anti-beneficial to monarchic power structures though?
>The Rothschild, and the Rockefeller families have a very high respect for the Chinese and Japanese people in relation to some of the other peoples in the world. That is one reason why China and Japan are being given the chance to be important players in the New World Order.
Why do these elite families seem to have exactly the same beliefs about race as the Nazis and /pol/tards do?

No. 1070175

I fucking knew the Metaverse was evil.

No. 1070199

File: 1645824137889.png (Spoiler Image,308.45 KB, 604x783, AC9D1C6D-8DD6-44DA-9098-38F572…)

What are your thoughts on Marina Abramović? She obviously has connections to the Podesta’s in leaked emails and is known for organizing spirit cooking events but she’s a “~vanguard/avant-garde artist~ you wouldn’t understand uwu”. She’s friends with Gaga and the Kardashians.

Yet the normies won’t wake up

China is probably testing grounds for the elites’ plans. North Korea is probably controlled by that family too.

No. 1070201

File: 1645824234993.jpeg (582.43 KB, 1279x917, 0F3BB167-53CA-456A-9D54-167D4C…)

I have one last sperg to make to summarize where I'm going with this. From what I can gather:

They are trying to usher in their own age of Saturn. This involves the NWO, Metaverse, as you can see in the Metaverse ad. As for child sacrifice it has obvious associations with Saturn/Cronus. They are trying to be their own gods and create the world anew because we are no longer in the "golden age" of Saturn/Cronus (the first of the Ages of Man). Similar to the garden of Eden which we lost part of and the world descended into suffering. This is their solution to the decay in the ages over time, also a way to usurp God. It's my belief that the buffalo is akin to the sacrificial bull of various creation myths, who is slain to begin the world— they are creating their own world, so you can see why it's there. I'm telling you all these myths connect (some occultists say they came from the same lost source) for example the Flood, the giants/Nephilim, the garden of Eden and the Fall, the Ages, Tower of Babel, you will find parallels for all of them. I think they did come from the same source or the same experience. Or at least these people think so. They want to overcome what happened in the Fall of Man, or the ending of the Golden Age, and recover what was lost in the Flood and the fall of Babel, and other great losses of history/myth. They're trying to override God and creating their own renewal of what was lost. You can see how to them they are being noble.

>The Golden Age is the only age that falls within the rule of Cronus. Created by the immortals who live on Olympus, these humans were said to live among the gods and freely mingled with them. Peace and harmony prevailed during this age. Humans did not have to work to feed themselves, for the earth provided food in abundance. They lived to very old age but with a youthful appearance and eventually died peacefully. Their spirits live on as "guardians".


No. 1070218

Do you think that troonyism aligns with the idea of child sacrifice? Especially since troons and troon supporters target children especially.

No. 1070223

I can see how Marina Abramovic could be read as a simple edgy artist but it seems likely she's involved. The same motives of a shock-artist are there, that's why she doesn't care about the rest. She started her own institute, I believe she's in it for her own success and essentially as a wannabe cult leader. After seeing a pic of her posing covering the eyes of a naked child (iirc) I could no longer write her off as a mere provocateur, that she is but it's obvious she has no moral qualms either. Like you said her connections are many. That said I don't think she is all that deep in it as a matter of fact, she's after her own vision. I don't know how much she knows or has witnessed but it's obvious why they like her.

No. 1070226

File: 1645824822952.jpg (28.61 KB, 551x197, Screenshot_1.jpg)

I think it's most likely a mixture of Rosicrucians, Druids, Astara, The Elks, Templar Knights, Shriners, Eastern Stars, Tall Cedars of Lebanon, The Boy Scouts, Sororities and Fraternities
Them bringing scientists like Nikola Tesla, Eric Neumann, Albert Einstein, Emil Kurtnauer and others to America to make cool stuff and communicate with aliens via the teslascope but since Teslas creations also gave Nations new stuff to fight over and he created the Anti-War Machine which eventually got him Epstein'd and it has not been used even once.
Also everything is out of tune, we're running on 8 beats while the earth is going at 7 it's all in A at 440hz and increasing it should be C and since we're not vibing anymore time is speeding up and disturbing our vibes which has caused the insanity because they are taking you to negative dimensions because that's where they vibrate

No. 1070232

Probably somehow, but the overall idea of erasing gender has many uses. Maybe that is part of their ideal world and age of man, to rid us of all boundaries. Maybe they are just degenerates. It definitely has its use to make kids property of the state and tame them to make easy subjects to rule over. Also depopulation. There's a million things you could say about it, but it's undoubtedly significant, see this ad from the previous thread with Celine Dion, it's where the 'New Order' baby pic came from.
>Our children are not our own
>replaces the gendered symbols and colors with all black, new order

No. 1070248

>haha i cant believe they called security! im celine dion!
>haha im celine dion you can't arrest me
>blows some fucking powder over the babies erasing the colors
I've seen it said before and it bears saying again, but they aren't even subtle anymore. Also
>our children are not our own
This is just blatantly eerie, if they are not the children of the humans who birth and raise them, then who are they the children of? And the fact that it really is never answered. Neither is it answered why some random celebrity broke into a hospital to alter the children. I don't understand how that video can be perceived as anything but really unnerving.

No. 1070260

Samefag, I mustered the courage to click on the link to take me to the direct YouTube video. Glad to see the comments agree. Also, what the fuck is this even advertising?

No. 1070294

The fuck even is this ad

No. 1070337

Good. It should infuriate you.
Thank you anon, very enlightening and I'm sorry that our posts pushed yours upthread too quickly. It's interesting to learn how the groundworks got laid out everywhere. Where can I read more?
The first topic— good to look into because they use the same esoteric sources our elites draw from. These combine with the sciences much like alchemy. In fact, certain alchemical concepts could be part of why they like troons. The second, about vibrations— to me this is off track.

No. 1070353

Sorry for deleting my post, lol. I'm not sure where to find information about my theory specifically but I researched into global history in several continents (Asia, Africa, and Americas) and the "revolutions" that occurred there during the 19th to 20th century added in with my general historical knowledge of Western countries.

No. 1070362

Thanks nonna! It's okay, I delete a lot myself. I almost feel like we should write our own papers about this stuff, kek. I'll try and follow your lead with research but it's true that there's a tendency to be USA-centric sadly that I fall in myself. Or I get too bogged down in ancient history while knowing too little about the rest. I hope you keep sharing what you find, feels like we're piecing together the whole picture.

No. 1070373

I come to the conclusion that stranger danger was a psyop of the car industry.

No. 1070375

No problem, and I'll try!

No. 1070376

No. 1070448

> Also everything is out of tune, we're running on 8 beats while the earth is going at 7 it's all in A at 440hz and increasing it should be C

Never heard of this. Tell me more please.

No. 1070472

>they use the same esoteric sources our elites draw from
they are literally your elites so it shouldn't come as too big of a surprise
>The second, about vibrations— to me this is off track.
off track from what? if sound creates heat and sound waves get into the cells of meat which you are then you will be microwaved, every time the beat repeats itself a new being walks in and tries to take you to their level of vibration and it has an effect on you when you get depressed you immediately go into a dim room and turn on the sad songs and more demons walk in, make evil seem fair and so fun it's actually dangerous then call it recreation
why is so far fetched that you might get killed by 9mm wielding kid whose toes you accidentally stepped on and they'll say the music made them do it
it's just pseudoscience and I'm just passing time and I even got it wrong it's the earth that's going on 8beats per second and we're going 55 times that

No. 1070487

Ayrt. That same article if you scroll before through Li article, has many articles about different bloodless which also mention the Kennedy’s and Onassis’.

No. 1070521

Earth pulsates? See I didn’t even know that.

No. 1070536

>it's the earth that's going on 8beats per second and we're going 55 times that
It's weird. For a few years I've had this feeling that time is moving faster. I thought it was just part of getting older but maybe there's more to it.

No. 1070566

File: 1645837933260.jpeg (185.5 KB, 1200x797, 1A5BE50D-32D8-4422-A9DC-3AC748…)

The world is run by people who belive in and worship Satan/Demons. AMA.

No. 1070582

File: 1645838366450.jpeg (57.27 KB, 532x303, 2DEF10FE-AA79-4CA0-ACBD-FB9EB1…)

No. 1070584

File: 1645838577181.jpeg (131.34 KB, 976x640, 01F01367-A53E-48BC-9175-3BC7D2…)

Yes, what >>1070018 said, most jewish people that have power are white and not even believers. We arent talking about poor or orthodox semetic Jews, we are talking rich mostly white billionare Zionists.

No. 1070587

File: 1645838761388.jpeg (126.08 KB, 849x1200, B8FA666C-D330-4FF0-A7A6-8C4F4A…)

We know what they belive in.

No. 1070592

The Talmud literally states that Non-Jews don't count as human and that they're literally meant to be slave/cattle. I always remember that, and I find it really funny that goys pretend they don't know

No. 1070593

Revelation 3:9
>Behold, I will make those of the synagogue of Satan who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie — behold, I will make them come and bow down before your feet, and learn that I have loved you.

How do you define a white jew? Are you referring to Khazars who were originally from Hungary or something else?

No. 1070596

Not only that, she was in a microsoft commercial that was since taken down due to massive back lash.


No. 1070605

those in power believe in Jewish Kabbalah, you should read the spooky book of Abremlin the Mage

No. 1070607

File: 1645839968144.jpeg (Spoiler Image,154.16 KB, 1024x640, 52EFADE9-6856-4B63-99E1-6D73E3…)

Semetic perhaps orthodox(alteast jews of faith) aka “actual” jews

No. 1070611

File: 1645840019906.jpeg (138.34 KB, 1200x1810, D78468C1-E9F3-4362-BAF8-1DFC9C…)


White rich zionist “jew” billionare Jacob Rothschild, can you see the difference?

Accidental spoiler on the first pic oops

No. 1070615

Should of spoilered this one

No. 1070635

File: 1645843298703.png (131.48 KB, 480x360, 24BEF196-819A-4EB9-BFFA-8A4213…)

Mr. Burns irl kek

No. 1070647

That's essentially the plot of Tarkov

No. 1070677

Where is this image from?

No. 1070710

Isn't it because of the Internet and everything being so fast now as a result?

No. 1070991

/pol/tards would screech how he "totally looks like a jew" because he looks elderly kek

No. 1071005

i saw someone say that "there was a virus being developed there, that's why russia invaded and wanted to shut it down". why would anyone develop any kind of biological warfare in a publicly known research location, especially with constant threats from russia? those places have amazing security and aren't just transparent with what they do

No. 1071059

Mr. Burns was actually based on him kek

No. 1071061

/pol are a bunch of racist retards, moids dont understand nuance.

No. 1071087

Russia isnt doing anything wrong.

No. 1071088

File: 1645878310800.jpg (73.37 KB, 540x677, f4b.jpg)

No. 1071100

Niles' Weekly Register, Volume 49 had the following to say about the Rothschilds influence on international high finance in 1836;

"The Rothschilds are the wonders of modern banking … we see the descendants of Judah, after a persecution of two thousand years, peering above kings, rising higher than emperors, and holding a whole continent in the hollow of their hands. The Rothschilds govern a Christian world. Not a cabinet moves without their advice. They stretch their hand, with equal ease, from Petersburgh to Vienna, from Vienna to Paris, from Paris to London, from London to Washington. Baron Rothschild, the head of the house, is the true king of Judah, the prince of the captivity, the Messiah so long looked for by this extraordinary people. He holds the keys of peace or war, blessing or cursing. … They are the brokers and counselors of the kings of Europe and of the republican chiefs of America. What more can they desire?"[37]

No. 1071104

No. 1071197

File: 1645883410132.jpeg (52.38 KB, 400x546, 1A059E1D-C228-4B05-8FC2-574B03…)

No. 1071265

Back to 4chin

No. 1071445

File: 1645890704801.jpg (69.87 KB, 800x1200, why-you-shouldnt-use-pore-stri…)

I feel like dermatologists spread the rumors about how "cheap scrubs, pore strips, cleansers are so bad for your skin!" in order to shill out expensive products and beauty treatments that are 20 times are irritating and harsh on your skin

>Muh don't use scrubs you buy from the drugstore, they cause micro tears, it will literally cause you to turn into a grandma by next week

>Instead get this 200 dollar micro needling treatment, it works because of the microtears. Trust me I'm a dermatologist

No. 1071457

Kek I think you may be onto something here nonnie. Kinda reminds me of all the false info surrounding electric toothbrushes. They literally make no difference in terms of getting rid of plaque and keeping cavities at bay than regular $1 toothbrushes. People out here be buying $50 toothbrushes for no damn reason.

No. 1071465

>micro tears

that shit was a meme. there's so much about skincare that just spreads through the internet and we can't question it whatsoever. a scrub of any kind whether its a loofah or a cleanser wont do damage if you aren't aggressive with it. Its like saying a razor will make you bleed, yeah if you push it into your skin like an ogre.

I've been to dermatologists dozens of times in my life, they can barely treat eczema and psoriasis, they absolutely do not give a fuck about consumer products and aesthetics unless they're trying to build an online persona and following, the ones with a brain work in burn units and the ones who dont give a fuck see young adults and haphazardly prescribe them the same treatment as everyone else, usually BP and then accutane (which has side effects ranging from uncomfortable to horrible and permanent)

No. 1071489

File: 1645892047900.jpeg (272.82 KB, 1600x1600, download (1).jpeg)

Nonna, not the ayrt, just scrolling by. Have you ever tried this? It's amazing, like 5 dollars, and all natural. works on my psoriasis on my hand! I had a coworker use it on a iron burn, 5 inches wide, and within a a week the skin was healing nicely and the scarring is minimal. I also use it on private areas sometimes (nics, razor bumps) and I put it on scarring I had from picking my face.
I've also read it's safe for doggos to, but I'd definitely confirm first.

No. 1071492

This. Dermatologists are so fucking useless. Estheticians are so much better. I know sperges will rant about how "but but they spend 10 years in an extremely competitive school and are required to be in the top 5% of GPA!!" like yeah okay, if you had all this schooling done then you should be able to help me achieve better skin more than Karen from the beauty bar would help me but apparently fucking not

No. 1071499

ironically its their schooling that makes them tunnel-visioned when it comes to treating common skin ailments. In my experience, derms will put you in a pipeline, a standard protocol of prescriptions, and when none of them work they just tell you keep at it and come back in a couple of months. Their top GPA was spent in chemistry and biology classes (usually 20 years ago) and it doesn't necessarily translate into a drive to keep on top of new innovations. For example my last derm was an old fart who didn't know what PHAs were.

Estheticians are more likely to actually read up on ingredients, don't immediately jump to standard conclusions, and will have an interest in what you've already tried, and even as far as your diet. Not to mention will actually see you for more than 5 minutes.

No. 1071506

>micro tears
This is true but i cant take dermatologists or skin influencers who talk about this seriously because they are the same people who will then shill a ton of chemical exfoliants products to their viewers.
You dont need that much chemical exfoliants in your skincare, this huge shilling of acids (use it in your cream, use it your toner, use it 15% weekly) is horrible for the skin and its way worse than whatever tiny micro tear you would get with a normal mechanical scrub.

No. 1071507

Same angry anon, forgot to add:

my eczema of 15 years ended up being caused by a very common ingredient in the US: Methylisothiazolinone.

Its banned in EU and is a proven toxin and very common skin irritant, eliminating it solved most of my problems. Its so common here its even in baby shampoo. None of my derm visits did they care to listen to this revelation, and just gave a limp "oh thats nice" or "you likely have rare sensitivities to certain ingredients", as if this shouldnt be common knowledge among them and they of all professions should be rallying to get this shit banned. Hippocratic Oath my ass.

No. 1071508

File: 1645893451932.jpg (95 KB, 1500x1500, 61nfzyOA5 L._SL1500_.jpg)

Personally the best way for me to remove dead skin cells is to just use my fingers or use one of those cheap silicone exfoliants.

No. 1071561

File: 1645896889615.jpg (122.94 KB, 800x534, azov group.jpg)

More info on what might be happening in Ukraine and why

Article from 2014 about a meeting between Amnesty International and the Ukrainian government about war crimes being committed in Donbas by Ukrainian volunteer battalions.

Article from 2014 warning of the infiltration of Ukraine's military by neo-nazis from volunteer battalions.

Article from 2015 that gives the same warnings.

From Putin's speech
>The purpose of this operation is to protect people who, for eight years now, have been facing humiliation and genocide perpetrated by the Kiev regime. To this end, we will seek to demilitarise and denazify Ukraine, as well as bring to trial those who perpetrated numerous bloody crimes against civilians, including against citizens of the Russian Federation.

I don't know what to believe anymore. NATO supporting neo-nazi militias and Putin being the one to fight against them is just too clown world for me.

No. 1071624

Has to be true because my dentist would bug me about getting an electric toothbrush. Then he would tell me my teeth look good and to keep it up, so I'd just lie about owning one. If it helps, he's also Jewish.

No. 1071631

And the libtards are caping for their freedom? Hahahaha

No. 1071643

File: 1645900782030.jpeg (66.59 KB, 960x669, 2D5FC2C1-155A-4416-8669-BCCC9E…)

Here's an image that will blow your minds

No. 1071689

File: 1645902635652.png (18.21 MB, 3024x4032, E49EF85D-DC6E-4ED9-83BB-297156…)

Also added it to my haphazard collage, it's too important

No. 1071698

I buy electric toothbrushes for my coochie

No. 1071889

File: 1645911196979.jpg (64.08 KB, 697x727, 1520490338963.jpg)

That pic is from the 2011 MOCA Gala event titled "An Artist's Life Manifesto", directed by none other than Marina Abramovic. It had a very heavy cannibalism theme to it and a lot of notable celebs were in attendance. Besides Jay-Z and Lady Gaga, there was Debbie Harry who was also singing at the event and cut into a life-like cake of herself.

No. 1071923

I always figured Dita von Teese would be a cringey satanic freak

No. 1071937

Same. Her youthful skin has always made me suspicious too, just like Marina (she's 75 but looks like she's in her 40s). Maybe they bathe in childrens blood like Elizabeth Bathory did in ye old day, or maybe they do direct blood transfusions instead, or maybe they get a direct hook-up of fresh fetus to eat, fetus cells to inject, pills to ingest, or maybe Hollywood has some niche fetus based skincare products exclusively for the rich and famous. Because that kind of skin is definitely not from religious Cerave use like Dita claimed on a leddit AMA, kek.

No. 1071938

The first layer of this is that it's a joke about the industry. "Everyone's had/having a slice of me. Hell, I've enjoyed myself too". I think everyone gets that, but they let it distract them from the other, less socially acceptable layers and start screaming "It's art, you philistines" lol

No. 1071942

To anon >>1070223, she’s definitely more “in on it” than you think.

What she does is way worse than 3edgy5u and supposedly she’s using pig’s blood.

No. 1071984

My mind is blown over how bad this photoshop is, that's for sure.

No. 1071992

All skin care products are BS. Apple cider vinegar cleared up my dermatitis way better than any prescription cream did.
Anti-aging products and hair supplement products like Nutrifol are the worst though. It's extreme garbage how they say you have to take the product for at least 3-6 months before you'll notice a difference. So they have you on the hook buying these products that don't work for months at a time.

No. 1072000

Find the originls then i’ll belive you.
Doesnt look shooped to me.

No. 1072066

File: 1645918982235.jpeg (779.5 KB, 1125x1320, 644C5AC4-94C4-4222-B6EF-CA2106…)

I'm genuinely curious if that's true, can you point out to me what's obviously shooped or show the originals?

No. 1072069

Also the funny thing is that for another pic I've seen with a Satan eating babies painting behind a Rothschild, that was shopped and had deboonk fact check articles gloating over it. But this one has no such articles and no alternative version that I can locate.

No. 1072075

File: 1645919549908.jpeg (62.89 KB, 234x275, 1645918982235.jpeg)

I could be wrong, but to me it looks like they are cut and pasted in.
Note how it looks like he has a glow or aura near his arm and shoulder. The painting does not this a lighter area.

No. 1072081

That's from the light above the painting illuminating the floor behind them.

No. 1072096

I fucking hate Snopes and Snopesfags
>see something that casts TPTB in a bad light
>make a subtle fake duplicate of that thing, or spread a more detailed fake narrative
>"debunk" your own fake version
>send people the link whenever they try to discuss the subject itself and vehemently insist "That's been debunked!"
>ignore and dismiss it whenever anyone points out it actually hasn't been
Aside from literally lying at times, they also purposely mislead people by jumping on the smallest technicalities to "debunk" things ("This big shot guy said they're planning to deliberately reduce birth rates in his Chicago speech? DEBUNKED! It actually wasn't in Chicago, but NYC"). They probably have a list of other slimy methods for their writers. There needs to be a word for that shit, it's like clickbait. Debunkbait?

No. 1072114

It does though, look above how certain areas are lighter on the paint from the lighting. Zoom in to where the two of them overlap, I can't find any issues there, shadows are in the right places. The colors of light/shadows on their clothes are the same tint. I'm convinced it's real or else fact checking weirdos would've had an easy time deboonking with the other one.
This, their job is pilpul

No. 1072118

File: 1645920946307.png (295.82 KB, 506x521, Screenshot 2022-02-26 7.04.10 …)

Here's a better picture that's a little bigger. I tried drawing a brown light around the halo. If you look at the original picture, there is no lighter spot in this area
His suit also looks a little weird to me and they seem to be in higher resolution than the frame is.
As I said, I could be wrong, but it looks a little off to me.

All these fact checkers are total bullshit. I remember the one about George Floyd not being a criminal. The "debunk" was something like
>Is George Floyd a criminal?
>Floyd was arrested 9 times in 10 years for a variety of reasons
>But he only spent time in jail, not prison
>Floyd getting arrested wasn't ackshully his fault
>He was caught with only less than a gram of cocaine
>He didn't have meth in his system at the time of his death (it was fentanyl, but we're going to go with the general public saying meth so we can debonk)
>Excuses excuses excuses
>Debunked - Floyd was an upstanding citizen!

No. 1072127

I mean, simply look above Satan's helmet nonny. There is a clear glare there from the lighting. I'm thinking you get the same thing. When you see a painting in person it has more texture and effects of the physical external lighting than the types of pictures you'll find online that try to eliminate that so it can be seen clearly. Also they look higher res because they are closer to the camera and there is a distance between them and the painting.

No. 1072147

File: 1645921875375.jpeg (39.24 KB, 426x719, E97D29E6-AFB5-416E-AD96-740615…)

I will drop it after this but I found evidence of it occurring, this was at a lecture she gave for the Rothschild Foundation at the Royal Academy of Arts

Here is a video from it, you can see she's dressed the same (I think) and same makeup, hairstyle:
But I think she's possibly done multiple?

No. 1072161

I posted her photos for Dust magazine but deleted since I realized posting a child like that might go against the rules. Look it up if you want to see how sick in the head she is. It's her covering a probably naked child's eyes with her hand while standing behind him. I get it could be written off by her with some artsy explanation, or others would say it's designed to provoke, well obviously but you still have to be sick to pose like that. There's variations where her other hand goes lower on the child's torso. With her connections it's sus. No wonder the Podestas love her art so much.

Btw I also looked into this Dust magazine. It's pedoshit, at least on many of their covers. I think pizzagate was actually onto something about these people, Marina and all those she associates with. Even though the pictures I saw are technically sfw it's just very obviously for pedos. I don't even wanna describe them.

No. 1072176

File: 1645924405654.jpeg (259.42 KB, 1080x1350, 426D49E1-DEA4-4EED-B88E-9430E1…)

This is the last of my posts, sorry to spam, but holy shit this is straight up a pedo publication that Marina Abramovic was in:
>Dust is a bi-annual magazine born in 2010 based between Berlin and London and distributed worldwide. The intent of the project is to explore the universe of youth, in the context of a present time marked by a continuous state of crisis.
>Our interest is to enlighten the genuine and non-codified aspects of youth and of the new emerging generation by directing our gaze far from institutionalised geography and trends, and above the current standardisation that tends to conform the experience of youth in regulated forms.
That last sentence is basically an admission. They like deregulated youth. Is there a way to report them? Probably wouldn't work… They have suggestive pics of underage models on their covers and I've only seen pics of naked guys (older) inside on google, I have to stop looking now because I don't want to see anything more. This world is fucked. As a side note they also had the common satanic imagery used by elites, a model in red holding a bust of her own head (exactly like Jared Leto did). "We have no fathers" the other with that caption was a likely underage boy dressed in a toga holding a fake baby dragon. Something's definitely going on.

No. 1072179

File: 1645924541765.jpg (642.07 KB, 1920x1290, duga-radar.jpg)

Real fucking schizo hours, this got weird.

Even if Putin claims he is invading Ukraine for humanitarian reasons (which I doubt) why is he attacking the areas that he is? A video was posted in the euro thread that suggested that it's for natural resources such as gas and oil, so maybe he's using the same excuse the US uses to get access to oil in the middle east. However that doesn't explain why he is entering central Ukraine and why Russian forces captured Chernobyl so quickly.

In the exclusion zone there is also an abandoned Soviet radar station known as DUGA 3. This is supposed to be a now defunct over-the-horizon radar that was part of the USSR's missile defense system. There was another DUGA radar system in the south of Ukraine. The locations overlap the areas that Putin is invading.

The DUGA radar system was capable of transmitting 10MW (10 million watts) of effective isotropic radiated power. For comparison the limit of radio transmission for broadcasts in the US is 50,000 watts EIRP. There are conspiracy theories that it wasn't a radar station and that it was everything from a direct energy weapon to a weather control or cloud seeding system. Some people believe that the Soviets used DUGA to limit the spread of radiation after the Chernobyl accident.

>This is the last of my posts, sorry to spam
Don't worry anon, your posts are appreciated.

No. 1072183

File: 1645924698687.jpg (223.57 KB, 1200x630, duga.jpg)

Image of the DUGA radar in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

No. 1072189

>Don't worry anon, your posts are appreciated.
Thank you nonna. I have to stop though. I tried to read yours but I can't focus. I'n scared something's going to happen to me for looking into this. Might distance from it now and just pray.

No. 1072198

Acv also cured my dandruff, no more expensive shampoo.

No. 1072202

File: 1645925499303.jpeg (118.16 KB, 762x1000, 891C6C54-9437-4D87-8123-B83FCC…)

Fuck it, here she's wearing the exact same jewelry thing that Jared Leto did

Nonnas how likely is it that I am gonna be suicided, am I too paranoid? I'm seriously shaken

No. 1072219

he's attacking places of econmoic or military interest. odesa is an important port on the black sea, kharkiv is an industrial hub etc.
there are probably some old soviet military installations he's interested in, but most of it has been left to rot in the 90s bc there was no money for it

No. 1072223

Probably not suicided, I feel like the average person who follows these clues and comes to these conclusions are labeled as crazy instead of suicided. You're not important enough to be assassinated, basically.

No. 1072225

I doubt anything will happen. So many people are now realizing what the elites are doing that you will be lost in the crowd. I always use a VPN when searching for elite related information but it's probably a placebo.

No. 1072229

Thanks anons… I guess I'll be okay since it is all public online in the first place. Here's a link to what I'm currently reading, an online edition I'm not done with yet:
You can get an insight into their views…
>Whether we are facing a social, economic, environmental, or health crisis, we know by now it’s always rooted in the same problem; the compromised and outdated premises on which the world hangs in the balance.
>On a personal level, we know where to detect this fracture within ourselves. It resides in that same fear that holds us from loving — in that same idea that keeps us separate from the whole as an organism; in the constant dualism, we are caught in. The duality is present. The struggle of not understanding our place in the world is real — it has always been — but now we’ve learned we are not here to cover this fracture as hypocrites; ignore it as apathetic youth; indulge in it as failed artists; intellectualise it as smart neurotics; accept it as cynics; fight it as confused romantics, or glamorise it as if we had nothing to lose. All we are here for is to heal and reconcile this crack occurring between our awareness of completeness and the sense of lack we are wired to perceive constantly. Buying into self-diminishing narratives isn’t part of our present anymore.
>If we are to dismantle the status quo, we know where to attack, where to go, because it’s only within ourselves that we can find the place where reality can be hacked and revised. Every single one of us can make the difference. We know that to generate a different future what is needed is to develop a mental capacity that can hold a higher quality existence based on heart-centred premises, and fueled by what we can call clean energy for the psyche. Imagining a different future requires the conscious choice to intervene on our mental vibratory input and create new premises on which a more just, inclusive and mutual reality can take its course.
This is seriously fascinating, I can't tell if they're talking about aiming for a future for pedophilia or a bigger ideology. I know it is just a "fashion magazine" and models have always been young but there is some other layer here as well with the Abramovic feature and the Leto parallels. I am discovering so much more but it's public online so I hope I'll be okay. The distress from seeing some things might be what got me upset enough to fear.

No. 1072246

It says so much but gives so little. It just sounds like a lot of buzzwords to make people support something they don't fully understand. Of course people will agree that yeah, a future where everyone is ~included~ sounds really nice on the surface to most people.
>heart-centered premises
>constant dualism… The duality is the present
>only within ourselves that we can find the place where reality can be hacked and revised
Very vague. It reads to me like a lot of pathos and very little else. It makes sense given the idea that people can be controlled through language. A lot of this doesn't really mean anything except for a few pieces that seem out of place, like the vibrations, or the idea of "hacking" at your inner reality. Also I don't get what they mean by present being a duality and it's more like a singular point to me but whatever. It's just nothingness.
>defending outdated privileges, and reacting with ignorance and resentment
If only this article could give an actual example of what is being reacted to with resentment yet also ignorance? Also what is an example of an outdated privilege?
>threatening our democratic cohesion
More buzzwords
>diverge and suffocate our 'r-evolution'
What does that even mean? A lot of this reads as really manipulative. It reminds me of how a narc writes using a lot of prose but no substance. Probably just a method of indoctrinating people without really letting them in on the truth.

No. 1072247

After talk about your inner life shaping reality (and vibrations which reminds me of an earlier anon's ideas), they start to address the NWO-esque changes going on and those of us everyday people resisting them:
>It’s a generational shift, and it’s happening now, it’s up to us whether we want to be part of it, or not. Those who are attached to the previous grid of reality are resisting this transition, defending outdated privileges, and reacting with ignorance and resentment. We see it happening in the world, sometimes even threatening our democratic cohesion. We are aware of the social and political forces in play trying to diverge and suffocate our ‘r-evolution’, but we know where to stand.
Scary wording but so far their beliefs expressed are nothing more than the typical media ones, about climate change etc. I'll stop posting unless I find something weird. It's eerie, but so far nothing as bad as their covers

No. 1072262

I agree with your impressions. Sorry for filling up the thread. Most of it is general woke type stuff, the elites espousing their usual beliefs and trying to make sense of the rest of us. It seems to me aimed at a gay male audience though. Consequently… There are some alarming things in the photographs but I'm going to drop out of this thread about it. I only dared to read on because it said there will be no humans pictured in this issue. Nothing really beyond gay scrotes being the way we already knew they were about young guys. Gross and wrong but I'd just be repeating myself. Sorry for the spam nonnies.

No. 1072330

File: 1645938104106.jpg (204.1 KB, 1024x539, loka_sno.jpg)

Continuing down this rabbit hole…

I've looked into other former Soviet radar sites and most of them have been demolished. The exception to this is a derelict radar station close to Transcarpathia which was under control of the Ukrainian Space Agency, probably related to the Lviv Centre of Institute for Space Research. Another radar station close is to Russia's border. This is part of the Instytut Ionosfery Ukrayiny. I don't speak Ukrainian but I'm guessing that it means Ukrainian Institute of Ionospheric Research. The radar is suspected of being an ionospheric heater but it has clearly been defunct for decades. The HAARP Research Station in Alaska is a functioning ionospheric heater and is the source of many conspiracy theories. Looking at the Ukrainian site on google maps it does resemble parts of HAARP on a smaller scale. Whatever was going on there has now stopped because it appears to have been hit by a Russian airstrike.

Image is the derelict radar near Transcarpathia.

No. 1072340

File: 1645939944485.jpg (141.69 KB, 1024x680, isopheric.jpg)

Another point of potential interest in the Chernobyl exclusion zone is the Jupiter Radiotechnology Factory in Pripyat. It was supposed to be a consumer electronics factory producing cassette players and radios but in reality it was a research and production facility for military semiconductors. Whatever was going on there was so important that the facility was used until the mid 90s despite being heavily contaminated by radiation. The factory is now abandoned and has been ransacked by looters.

Image is of the former ionospheric heater.

No. 1072354

Thoughts on this?

No. 1072360

I have the Mirena but at this point the only thing keeping me on birth control is the fear of being raped by a moid and getting pregnant from it.

No. 1072441

There is a depopulation agenda and people who can’t see it are retarded and NPCs (who are sadly a big percentage of the population). Most things nowadays are designed to kill us in the long run yet a lot of people don’t care at all and continue to blindly trust world governments when they don’t care about anyone but their pockets. If you try to point it out they will screech at you and throw buzzwords / adhominem such as ‘conspiracy theorist’ ‘misinformer’ ‘right wing’ but failing to address your point even when time and time again the so called conspiracy theorists have been right. It makes one even scared of questioning anything because of the attacks you will receive. All the mass brainwashing is working and it’s depressing. I fear for humanity’s future as everything is accelerating so fast.

No. 1072443

File: 1645953940501.jpg (215.65 KB, 960x1440, p8363_p_v8_ab.jpg)

maybe I'm looking to deep into this, but I believe that there is an agenda to demonize good looking males in media and glorify ugly looking pervy moids
I notice this a lot with horror films and pretty much every sex comedy film, the good looking males(the jocks) are always portrayed as irremeably horrible people and when they get brutally murdered, its presented as something the audience is supposed to celebrate, while in sex comedy films "the jocks" are never murdered, but they suffer elaborate humiliations often with emasculation, orchestrated by the main characters and again its presented as something we are supposed to celebrate

some examples I can think off the top of my head, In initiation (2020) all the good looking males are presented as scumbag rapists and the one "good" moid also happens to look like a piece of shit, in mallrats the character Shannon gets sent to prison and in the extended addition we are shown the character screaming after his rape in prison and the entire series "Revenge of the Nerds' is about jocks getting humiliated

No. 1072452

It's the same with 'bimbos' getting killed. House of Wax the marketing was focused on Paris Hilton getting murdered, people cheered in the cinema.

Personally I think due to nepotism in Hollywood a lot of leading actors just aren't very good lol. Or they're good actors but weird looking.

No. 1072507

>NATO supporting neo-nazi militias … is just too clown world for me.
Why? They're not the Avengers. NATO is a military alliance that supports any group that will help them reach their military objectives. They have a long history of propping up dubious groups to destabilise regions.

No. 1072514

Thats cause the people making movies are nerds who were bullied by jocks in high school.

No. 1072525

This, also I think there are more unattractive, insecure men who love to have their ego stroked by movies like that than confident jocks that probably wouldn't even care about movies like that.
Shittiest thing about this trope though it's putting in ugly nerds heads that they can get the hot girl too, making them suddenly too confident and aim too high, forgetting their place; therefore feeding incel mindset

No. 1072532

File: 1645960844543.jpg (61.08 KB, 586x907, FFhx0H1WUAcmBiX.jpg)

with Kevin Smith films it should be pretty obvious, most of his protagonists are idealized versions of himself, loser manchild slackers, but unlike him are thin and tall and get the hot girl in the end, and the mean preps or jocks gets their come comeuppance, which for him means them getting shot, raped in prison or sent to hell
This is less of some grand conspiracy theory and more the fact that pervy nerds are more likely end up in Hollywood production
kevin smith isn't part of any secret cabal, he is just a soyboy nerd with his own personal agenda

No. 1072555

>PCOS finally taken seriously and diagnosticated
>The average woman uses 12 different beauty products every day full of harmful chemicals
>Plastic is full of BPA and other chemicals poisoning us
>Male supremacy is attacking women's rights everywhere in the world
I wonder why women have so much health problems…

No. 1072859

File: 1645974218310.jpg (649.1 KB, 2550x3300, CIA-Bluebird_Page_7.jpg)

I'm surprised Project BLUEBIRD isn't talked about as much MKUltra, even though it potentially could have more real world impact
the project was about using mentally disturbed people as soldiers or assassins, whether they were successful or not is up for debate
The project was a series of human psychological experiments with the goal to destroy primary personalities in an Individual minds and the goal to force DID personality disorder

It was an offshoot/continuation of Project ARTICHOKE
>The CIA sought to establish control over what it perceived as the "weaker" and "less intelligent" segments of society,[12] or for potential agents, defectors, refugees, POWs and others.[13] A CIA report states that if hypnosis succeeded, assassins could be created to assassinate "a prominent [redacted] politician or if necessary, [an] American official."[2] The overseas operations took place in locations throughout Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and the Philippines.[12] Teams were assembled to manage these operations and they were told to "conduct at the overseas bases operational experiments utilizing aliens(non-citizens) as subjects."[13]


No. 1073623

File: 1645990158296.jpg (221.09 KB, 1600x876, par8002950.jpg)

Yet more information about nazi brigades in Ukraine

>2016 report by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights found that Azov soldiers had raped and tortured civilians during Russia’s 2014 invasion of Ukraine.

>Despite sometimes open acknowledgement of its Nazism — its former commander once said the “historic mission” of Ukraine is to “lead the White Races of the world in a final crusade for their survival” in “a crusade against the Semite-led Untermenschen”

>“Ukraine really does have a far-right problem, and it’s not a fiction of Kremlin propaganda. And it’s well past time to talk about it,” explained journalist and expert on the Ukrainian far right, Michael Colborne.

No. 1073705

File: 1645991578940.png (740.47 KB, 1200x807, 5EFD8542-36CF-4550-86DF-56B61C…)

Did you guys hear about “The Finders” cult?
Satanic pedo CIA fuckery, just more examples of this shit.
Metokur livestream about them:

No. 1074019

I do and I also remember the NXIVM cult. It's strange that it was all removed from public attention by the cvoid pandemic.

No. 1074687

File: 1646041890964.png (335.42 KB, 2244x1504, part 1.png)

Aleksandr Dugin is a Neo-Eurasianist who is apart of Putin's circle and his book,Foundations of Geopolitics, was a great influence to the Russian military. Take a look at these bulletin points which mirror a lot of the things done today.

No. 1074688

File: 1646041935934.png (97.57 KB, 2247x474, part 2.png)


No. 1074693

The way I see it, Putin is well aware that Russia is now a superpower and has to work with the little influence it has, it will try to weaken NATO and the best it can, creating tribalism, conflict and slowly build up Russia's strength to create a new order
Dugin believes in the same thing but he makes it spiritual, if you've read any of his writings its clear that he actually believes this, that there is a eurasianist civilization that has to be formed

No. 1074698

Same with the Epstein and Ghislaine rabbit hole

No. 1074711

>The book emphasizes that Russia must spread anti-Americanism everywhere
No need, the Americans are already doing a great job of it themselves.

No. 1074727

what dis one stoner say to the other? u aint putin on this maneee! kek. lol. kek. lmao.

No. 1074780

Thanks to spreading troon shit I have started hating burgers (sans farmers) when once I felt compelled to defend them.

No. 1075013


They definitely killed Kubrick because of this movie. Don't forget that they cut out around 25 minutes from the original film after he died and to this day nobody has seen it or knows what it's about. You'd think if it was harmless it would've just leaked out by now, hundreds of deleted scenes from past movies have been shown after all….

No. 1075558

Don't forget about all the hormones in food, meat, etc.

No. 1076386

What about that Napoleon film he was never able to make?

No. 1077967

File: 1646157862239.gif (416.01 KB, 1000x716, rexfeatures_10268557bx.gif)

This reminds me of Euphoria
basically all the attractive and fit males are presented as the worst scumbags and I think its deliberate, Nate Jacobs, Luke Kasten, all played by attractive males and all are presented as the worst type of men for teen girls, the good males are a fugly drug dealer and some short monkey
and when you realize the creator of Euphria looks like picrel you get it

No. 1078283

if this is true imma b real mad. bc then ive been conditioned to not like beauty.

No. 1078811

since the TI thread on cc is slow as fuck i'll try posting it here.
Does anyone here have any experience with gang stalking?
How long it's been going for you?
What do you think is the reason for your gang stalking?

myself, it's been now 5 years since they started targeting me. i mostly get obsessions (they make my mind fixate on specific extremely unpleasant things and situations, like painful rumination about sexual acts with the ones you'd never think about it <- also thought broadcasted; makes things you're made to think available to everyone.

No. 1078816

Anon im sorry but, gang stalking is clear cut schizophrenia and you need to see a doctor.

No. 1078819

i thought this was the thread for schizo tier shit? since i don't see a targeted individual/gangstalking thread on here anymore

No. 1078820

Tinfoiling isn't necessarily schizo shit, and usually delusional and harmful-to-oneself stuff is called out here.

No. 1078821

don't get how discussing gang stalking (harm done to oneself not by the self but the gang stalker which is a part of the stalking gang aka government security (usually; it can be different structures but gov security is the most common and is also the perps in my case so i'll talk about them) thus it's not self harm tier or anything, in fact it's mostly discussing protection against gang stalking and finding ways to shield yourself or mentally prepare and get better) so it's more like a support group and they aren't supposed to be harmful

No. 1078827

Because gang stalking isn't real anon, no one can broadcast your thoughts, that's physically impossible.
Please see a doctor.

No. 1078833

Sigh guess you MOTHER fuckers are hacking my internet now and following me around. God damn it.

No. 1078836

>that's physically impossible
research Project Bluebird, COINTELPRO, MK Ultra & Voice to Skull (v2k)

No. 1078845

File: 1646185158453.png (229.24 KB, 856x304, 29204824.png)

Yeah and all those projects got canned because they didn't fucking work, they were just torture with no results, heck more acess to individuals with so claimed DID even prove that on itself its most likely not a real mental illness, like Jill on /w/. Even Havana Syndrome was admitted to not be real, picrel.

Anon im some nobody weeb from a third world country, not even american, i have the best intentions when i say this, please seek help, you can have a good life thats not burdened by paranoia.

No. 1078851

>Yeah and all those projects got canned because they didn't fucking work, they were just torture with no results
do you genuinely believe in what the governments that conducted these inhumane projects in the first place say?
>individuals with so claimed DID even prove that on itself its most likely not a real mental illness
anon i know about did larpers, the fact that they can get an official diagnosis by larping is just another proof that psychiatry is bullshit upon bullshit. sure there are cases when you genuinely need medication but then again certainly not in my case. i was put on 5 different antipsychotics, none of which helped me but rather burdened me (chemically induced apathy/aboulia) as part of trying to control me in general - gang stalking / being a TI.

>you can have a good life thats not burdened by paranoia.

i had a good(ish) life before i was gang stalked, it wasn't the best and i'm not american/eu either but it was much better than it is now under constant surveillance and remote mind control. i detailed my experiences in the TI thread on cc. all of this can't be simply a product of my mind since i'm not a writer or some shit like that.

No. 1078886

File: 1646187709760.png (58.08 KB, 722x332, Screenshot 2022-03-01 9.14.42 …)

I had to look up gang stalking and found this article. The author is Marianne Williamson who tried running in the 2020 Democratic presidential election.


What the hell is she doing with this? This can do so much damage to people like above. This is almost equivalent to telling a suicidal person they're worthless.

Anon, please get help. This is not gang stalking right now. The article above is all bullshit. You don't have to go on anti psychotics, but please do go a therapist.

No. 1078921

even though you've been conditioned you can still break it, your natural urge is to be attracted to good looking kind men
people still thirst after Nate over the cast that we are meant to like

No. 1079040

no matter how they try to groom us and frame attractive men in a bad light, I will fight against them by thirsting after good looking men

No. 1079048

Is my tinfoil about Third Rome propaganda being pushed by the Russian ministry of culture still absurd?

No. 1079084

This isn’t even tinfoil, it’s an accepted fact in most movie/media critic circles. Most (male) writers are schlubby antisocial weirdos who have a massive chip on their shoulders about getting no attention from girls and all the cooler popular guys who pull more than they do.
Writing is the most popular artform for losers because there’s a low barrier to entry, it requires much less consistent skill and effort than art or music, and you have a much greater level of control over words you’re putting on a page than you do brushstrokes or music that needs to be recorded and mixed by a team. It’s also much easier to listen to a song or look at a painting and say “wow, this is dogshit” than it is to read an entire novel/script and know that it sucks, so their feefees are also protected. They also have the self-importance of being a “creator” even if all they have is half a draft of a pilot screenplay that’s never gonna get picked up
Tl;dr writer scrotes are the worst brand of scrotes

No. 1079105

File: 1646207811048.webm (1.53 MB, 830x720, 1644080686753.webm)

Joss Whedon, Kevin Smith and Sam Levison all came from the same mold
probably awkward nerds who were ignored by the girls they liked in high school and so live out their fantasies through their works
I will say however smith and whedon are a more tame example, they just live out the fantasies they had as teenagers with idealized versions of themselves that get the hot girl in the end and that's as far as it goes but Sam Levison seems much worse

He is a man so resentful that he wants to destroy teenagers and depict them as all being fucked up, some of the dumb zoomer fans will seriously try to claim that the series is about "real issues" that teens deal with and is a "cautionary" tale, but that's BS
The premise is just an excuse to depict minor-ID'd characters doing this stuff in order to build & maintain normalization of it.
There's no "lesson" or whatever in it. its him trying to normalize his fucked up fetishes and pedophilia to the public

No. 1079117

File: 1646208458184.jpeg (250.08 KB, 828x601, C88AA125-9FF2-4BF0-9FD9-719455…)

I fucking hate Levinson, I’ve hated him since I saw the first trailer for Assassination Nation. He’s a fucking vile coomer who’s managed to spin his compulsive consumption of teen porn into a feminist statement, and we all just sat back and let him. How can people claim we live in a post-feminism world while this 40 year old man is being allowed to define the teenage experience for an entire generation, creating a world where drug addiction, sex with grown men and camming is all acceptable behaviour and “growth” for underage girls?
At the very least normies seem to be waking up to the fact that he’s gross (constant nudity and underwear shots of teenaged characters, getting in a disagreement with a main cast member that led to her getting completely sidelined in s2) but his fellow coomers like picrel are still determined that the high schoolers who think this old man’s depiction of high schoolers is creepy are just #haters. You can’t win ‘em all.

No. 1079121

Its not just fellow male coomers, I have seen many women(usually woke zoomer girls) defend the show probably more then any other demographic

No. 1079272

Thank you for saying this, I personally know a few male writers who basically just stroke their own dick by writing shitty books about how lonely and persecuted they are. There's often the main character that's a self insert and acts all gloomy and incel-like and the jock and outgoing character painted in a bad light. They're so far up their asses that a lot of them don't see how shitty the writing is and how disgusting they end up sounding, especially when girls and sexuality are the themes. Japanese novels with a male main character that's an "outcast" come to mind (and on that note, I've read quite a few novels by japanese scrotes and it's worrying how rape is so present, and it's often done to the girl the mc self-insert is attracted to).
I thought for a long time how maybe I had no sense of humor or I just had a stick up my ass because novels made by moids rubbed me the wrong way even when they were widely praised, but after some time you come to realize that they really are shit and loser moids just love to stroke their own egos.

No. 1079568

File: 1646233220212.jpg (489.78 KB, 1797x2004, Overall - Demand VS Market Ave…)

I think what I hate most about Euphoria and its fans is how its presented in the mainstream media as a show the "defines a generation" and is so relatable to so many young teens, when it has just slightly above average viewings
Attack on Titan had 20x times the viewership of Europhia in just the US and I'm willing to bet there are more zoomer girls who watch attack on titan then Europhia
hell more people watch Cobra Kai then Europhia and imo the show where grown adults settle disputes with Karate fights is more realistic and grounded then Europhia

No. 1079748

wrong. why are you even in this thread lol basic research should be done first.

No. 1080043

>weeb from some third world shithole
Ntayrt but yeah, of course you wouldn’t expect to be gangstalked because your government doesn’t give a fuck about you but most of us anons live in developed countries while all part of/aligned with the 5 eyes alliance.

No. 1080436

It just occurred to me that the reason young people watch so much anime these days is because western media is so shit. I got into anime not because I was a weeb but because I never enjoyed watching western television and films.

No. 1080806

It seems like western media is just the same shit over again. Anime seems fun and new bc ppl didn't grow up with japanese media tropes.
Wasn't havana some kind of assassination thing that destroyed ppls brains?

No. 1080906

No. 1081304

Lol, nice selection.

No. 1082021

File: 1646325064421.jpeg (46.53 KB, 680x675, 4224A813-74F7-4BFF-8DCE-D1F08C…)

No. 1082028

File: 1646325214453.jpeg (195.85 KB, 1080x1080, science.jpeg)

"Misinformation" = Anything that doesn't conform to the narrative/popular propaganda, for any reason lol

No. 1082044

That reminds me of the twitterfags who kept saying studies shouldn't even be open to the general public to read because we might "misinterpret" them

No. 1082248

1984 was supposed to be fiction!

No. 1082302

File: 1646334359188.jpeg (169.19 KB, 640x785, 92AADAE1-BEA3-4138-A1A1-ED7732…)

The absolute irony of your knee jerk reactions to the title instead of reading the article

anyway holy shit, they actually have to be taught this? It’s common sense man we really are getting more retarded as a species as time goes on

No. 1082361

Daaaamn satan could get it

No. 1082415

File: 1646337034354.jpg (45.82 KB, 680x402, 1d7.jpg)

He's emo (prince of darkness)
He's sexy (canon in both testaments)
He's formerly an angel (wow sephiroth vibes)
He punishes bad guys (god could never)

No. 1082549

Wow sold, satan CAN get it

No. 1084087

No. 1084133

File: 1646399677546.webm (2.3 MB, 1280x720, 3040997-c6595bac4213ecd8b67d95…)

Head of Pharma for Beyer Pharmaceuticals straight up admits mRNA vaccines are gene therapy.

No. 1084423

File: 1646407515511.jpg (42.88 KB, 362x550, satanic.jpg)

fun fact there was 19th century esoteric proto-feminist movement that viewed Satan as the liberator of womankind
This book actually details this movement, Satanic Feminism
It examines association of Satan and specifically lucifer as the liberator of women, from the 11th century many patriarchal church figures built up this association of women being the "natural followers of Satan"(cause of eve) and of course this was meant with negative conations, however in the 19th century certain proto-feminists performed counter-readings of these misogynist traditions
Lucifer was recontextualized as a liberator of womankind, and Eve became a heroine. In these reimaginings, Satan is a beautiful man with a knightly-essence(this isn't even out of nowhere either, Satan was supposed to be the most beautiful out of all the angels) fighting against an unjust God and his male priests
This wasn't a global phenomena of course, it was exclusively in the Anglosphere and lasted only to the early 20th century before fizzling out, it also gives a lot of context of the various esortic movements that were popular at that time, including Romantic Satanism or luciferianism(a recontextualization of how lucifer was presented in Christianity) which Satanic Feminism is a sub-sect of essentially

interesting right, Women had these feminist ideas and knew the system was fucked up but didn't have the correct discourse to talk about the issues, It was Marxist feminism that eventually became the ground-work of the many radfem positions we have today

No. 1084431

Did you copy and paste this from another slightly older post (it's nearly word for word what I read recently) or is this a topic you're very interested in anon? (Not poking fun at you, I'm curious)

No. 1084437

I posted this on /2X/ and copy pasted this but I am interested in the subject as well
I'm not a Christian but I find Christian history and interpterion to be fascinating, Satan stands out cause its likely he was a mixture of three separate figures creating one of the greatest literary characters in history, a tragic and beautiful man

No. 1084456

Yo that sounds interesting as fuck. I just bought myself a copy rn.

No. 1084599

Reeks of eugenics

No. 1084703

For one, who wants to read NYT. For another, all that is kind of meaningless because "trusted news outlets" means nothing anymore

No. 1084752

the ukraine/russia thread is full of normies who believe everything the mainstream media says. its depressing to see who brainrotted ppl are even after covid you think people would be more critical of the media and be able to tell propaganda when they see it. im reaally surprised no one has mentioned it here…

No. 1084774

Not only eugenics, editing the masses genes to be hardworking bots

No. 1084812


No. 1085009

Remember when Robert Malone said that the vaccine collected in the ovaries of women and any woman reporting menstrual issues was told to shut up? Depopulation.

No. 1085032

You have the same energy as elaborate anon and its creepy fuck off

No. 1085038

What do you believe? Not attacking you here, I genuinely want to know how you see it

No. 1085042

Clean your balls

No. 1085049

Even being around vacd ppl affected some women's cycle. So much gaslighting about it though. Silly wimmens! They'll die out bc they wouldn't listen to women, natural selection at work.

No. 1085057

Especially considering all the countries that condemn Russia, are doing way worse things in other countries, right now. Even my friends who didn't believe covid and thought is was all msm lies, swallow everything msm says about Ukraine.

Funny that Russian news is now blocked in the west. Can't have us hear both sides now.

No. 1085064

and russia is doing those same things as the "other countries" so why bother taking russias side? kek

No. 1085082

Who said I was taking Russias side? Why are all brainwashed people like this? You do know its possible to condemn both sides, right? Why bother taking even worse countries side, just so you aren't on Russias side?

Its legal to think for yourself, you don't have a government mandatory neuralink chip implanted yet you know.

No. 1085143

nta but I noticed vaccinated people are very have become very robotic and irrational. Never questioning anything, getting irrationally angry at those who don't follow.

taking away fertility = no babies, no parental leave, etc
myocarditis and other heart and lung problems = can't work out = forced to work because you have nothing better to do

they advise you not to workout 3 days after getting the jab, it boggles my mind why no one bothers to question it and just mindlessly gets it without knowing how it affects their body?

No. 1085186

File: 1646436583624.jpeg (88.02 KB, 976x726, E84ACF35-E78A-4DB4-A8B5-22706E…)

You’re only noticing this now? Are you new to tinfoil anon?

No. 1085366

Yes and yes! Anon I am right on your side, I refuse to really take a side. Literally everyone involved is in the wrong, its too complex to make it a black and white thing. I also say this as someone who lives in the West and isnt Russian/Ukranian. People are jumping into this like theyre experts on this shit when even my dad went on youtube to get some history news and found that there was lectures years ago about how Putin had this in his plans. The media is lying yet again and I dont know how anyone could believe anything, its best to not act like you are high and mighty saying “x is the bad guy ahhhhh compared to other guy”. The only people i feel bad for right now are regular day people in both countries.

No. 1085407

I don't feel like I fit in with the other tinfoilers. I did get vaccinated, but I understand others who didn't and who are skeptical. It generally feels like being yelled at by both sides (please don't yell at me immediately too). I'm not conservative, liberal, trad, alt right, tankie or whatever. I just don't understand why normies suddenly forgot that during war both sides lie and make propaganda. While I don't think the RT ban cuts us off from important info necessarily, it's concerning either way and counterproductive. I don't agree with the invasion of Ukraine and I think Putin is using bullshit excuses, he's not going to denazify, he has his own nazi problem. For some reason this means I have to also deny that there is a neo nazi problem in Ukraine. You can't question anything, or else it's assumed you support the invasion.

No. 1085475

You are correct

No. 1085482

File: 1646449874259.jpg (58.59 KB, 700x320, 1984-1956-1.jpg)

nta but i feel the same way, the media in my country is completely biased and we dont even have huge stakes in the war, it feels straight out of 1984 and i even ranted about media woobifying ukraine to my friends and family like some crazy person kek.
I got vaccinated because im engaged to someone who lives in a different country, no way around that, didn't feel anything either and im someone who already has heart issues so im pretty w/e on vaccines.

No. 1085505

The 5g is working with the magnetic shit in vac just fine it seems

No. 1085536

I agree with you and am basically in the same position, anon. I still read the war thread but object to the black and white thinking even though what's happening is scary

No. 1085669

for me the past couple days made it clear how retarded Western liberals really are, in case you needed any more evidence of that. The most astonishing thing is how these so called leftists are ready to believe blatantly made up stories like the "Ghost of Kiev" and want to intervene in this conflict

No. 1085670

I'm an unvaccinated russian-american. How fucked am I?

No. 1085729

AYRT, half of the Russian propaganda is just reframed things which the Ukrainian government themselves posted and it's like I'm going crazy too. About a week ago the Ukrainian MoD posted a photo of their equipment being in a neighborhood, explaining that they are cornered and have no other place to put it. Few days later those civilian areas are being shelled and Russia is saying Ukrainians put military equipment in civilian areas. Well yeah, it's true, they did put military equipment in civilian areas and posted the photos themselves. It just doesn't justify shelling and use of cluster munition in a neighborhood. But no, you have to chant with the rest and pretend that those photos were never posted. They weren't removed either, but the pressure to get along with the program shapes the new reality. To me it just all shows that people do genuinely believe that all those things are justification to harm civilians. If it wasn't a justification to them, then it wouldn't be a problem to admit it did happen. People are scary af.

No. 1085801

I never bothered about Russia Today but when the invasion started, I wanted to read reporting from both sides, so I started to check out RT regularily for the last few days, and I'm quite impressed by it. Their writing style is much less emotionally charged, much more neutral, the way it should be/used to be standard in journalism (f.e. "Pres. Biden says he wants X" instead of "Pres Biden wants X"). Also, I didn't get the impression that unflattering information is ostensively surpressed or tendentiously represented, f.e. the reporting on peace demonstrations I read didn't make use of any derogatory framing at all, which stands in total contrast to what I got used to in western media's reporting on covid demonstrations. Of course I guess one must also assume a bias in the presentation of information, but at least the reporting doesn't impose that much of a moral judgement on the reader, that is, it doesn't seem to assume the reader is too stupid to form their own moral judgement. Russia scores serious soft power points with RT, imo

No. 1085816

File: 1646477833597.jpg (256.02 KB, 720x1003, Screenshot_20220305-115520_Chr…)


Here are your trusted news outlets anon, they would never lie to you.

No. 1085830

mRNA can't change DNA. It's produced by DNA but humans don't have the enzyme needed to reverse transcript and produce DNA parts from mRNA. Even if we did, how would it get in your DNA sequence at the exact perfect position it's supposed to, when even gene therapy on its own can't do that and the pieces getting in wrong positions end up giving completely different effects since the sequence is very complicated. I'm not English so the wording may be off but it's not possible.

No. 1085837

>derogatory framing
The US media overdoes it so hard I can't watch any of their news stations. The way they smear everyone and everything backfires and makes me dusgusted with them.
The US media has singlehandedly ruined the image of America for me by shitting on their own politicians, on their own people and on literally everything they report on.
They're the real Hate Machine and literally everything is their target.

No. 1085840

Head of bayer literally says its gene therapy, I trust him over you. Did you even read the posts I linked?

>>1084133 here ut is again since clicking is hard.

No. 1085841

And that's why it was banned. A lot of people in the UK started using RT for news because the BBC is pure horse shit reporting, produced by the pedos who covered for Jimmy Saville and lied about girls being raped in Rotherham. Russia bad, pedos good just about says it all about the current western elite.

I hope you're right because the alternative is terrifying.

No. 1085847

It can't modify your DNA and if you had highschool biology knowledge you'd know that. if you consider mRNA to be gene therapy, hpv vaccine which is mandatory for all is also gene therapy.
I hope so too. Even though I didn't get the mRNA vaccine because I don't trust is, I hope the people who got it won't suffer from side effects. Then again this isn't the first mRNA vaccine and as I've stated above, HPV vaccine is also a mRNA vaccine which afaik didn't have and weird side effects

No. 1085850

RT is pretty good when it comes to reporting on the US, but they also post highly emotional op-eds and obvious propaganda pieces from the Kremlin. They're so obvious though that I don't see the point of the ban. People who did believe the actual propaganda, are only going to feel more suspicious after the ban, so it's counterproductive.

No. 1085874

Did you even watch the video. THE HEAD OF BAYERS PHARMACEUTICAL DIVISION is saying the vaccine is gene therapy. Or do you think he also lacks high school biology?

No. 1085886

Do you realize that any mRNA vaccine could be counted as gene therapy since RNA is genome? Do you also think hpv vaccine that is mandatory to every girl sterilizes them? Are you going to say HPV mRNA vavcine is the reason America's fertility rates are lower instead of the obesity or food they knowingly put into their bodies?

No. 1085906

File: 1646480986785.jpg (107.85 KB, 1137x984, disappointed but not surprised…)

From the Russo war thred

EU to ban all Russia Media outlets

>The European Union will ban Russian media outlets Russia Today and Sputnik, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Sunday.

>Saying that the EU will ban "Kremlin's media machine," von der Leyen added that "State-owned Russia Today and Sputnik, as well as their subsidiaries, will no longer be able to spread their lies to justify Putin's war and to sow division in our union."
>"We are shutting down the EU airspace for Russians," von der Leyen said.


No. 1085911

wish we'd keep this same energy by banning all american products when they wage wars

No. 1085938

nonna, afaik it's just a fact of nomenclature that mrna tech is labeled as gene therapy (or at least it used to be before the pandemic). Application of the label doesn't have to depend on whether actual changes of dna are taking place, so your point might very well stand and yet mrna tech can still be legitimately labeled as gene therapy. I figure the point of the label is highlighting a shared origin of the therapeutic technologies in gene sequencing?
Also, hpv vaccine isn't mandatory for all, idk from which country you're generalizing this to the whole world.

No. 1086031

Where's the HPV vaccine mandatory?

No. 1086136

File: 1646489114287.png (24.82 KB, 956x160, hpv.PNG)

What does gardasil also potentially being a gene therapy change about what the Bayer rep said though? And it seems like you are saying if it is gene therapy that isn't necessarily a bad thing, so why fight so hard to say it's not if you don't think gene therapy is inherently negative or harmful?

nta but I was curious too and this was all I found

No. 1086313

based, i agree with you completely

or even just have this same energy for china

No. 1086359


It's always funny when reuters owns themselves. In convinced they're being paid by pfizer

No. 1086363

I wouldnt be surprised either, they are on the same level of those fake fact-check sites which are biased and paid off

No. 1086401

They'll make a special camp for you

No. 1086582

My tinfoil is that the nonnies in the Ukraine/Russia thread who won’t stop sperging about America Bad and supporting Russia are Americans (not all but most). Specifically American tankies from twitter.

No. 1086592

Why would tankies be on a website with less that 15 users active at any given moment

No. 1086659

Because of the celeb and tiktok cows and youtubers/twitterfags constantly namedropping lolcow, directing them here.

No. 1086660

This is why lolcow should block search engines. They'd never figure out the url themselves

No. 1086777

you do realize tankies have nothing to do with that and a lot of tankies are woke. There's only a small percentage of tankies which support Russia and are non woke.

No. 1086845


Still has nothing to do with the point that its gene therapy and all fact check sites claim its not.

No. 1087054

I’ve been noticing a lot of identical posts from that thread and the genzedong subreddit so there’s overlap there. Especially with the claims of Russophobia posts that are very obviously bait but these tards fall for it every single time.

No. 1087068

Not in those four states but it was mandatory for me to get that vaccine attend school as well

No. 1087166

Californians GET OUT. Richies mass sold all their land there, there's gonna be massive earthquake that dumps Cali into the sea.

No. 1087205

The mass spamming of capeshit movies over the years is designed to prime, prep and normalize humanity to the existence and presence of extraterrestrial beings on earth. The one thing I'm curious about is what modern technologies could be considered alien derived?

No. 1087212

File: 1646547540086.jpeg (144.14 KB, 980x699, CBA58BDF-EE38-4074-A1AD-188DFF…)

If aliens are real, I hope they’re hot.

No. 1087249

No. 1087252

Yes it's mandatory whether you like it or not. Guess you've already been subjected to gene therapy so that you won't get a cancer and literally die. How evil of big pharma! It's totally the vaccines' fault people are dying because having shit genetics, being obese and literally eating nothing but carbs along with having deficiencies can't possible be the cause of covid death rates.

No. 1087301

The only opinion I support here.

No. 1087331

theyre not though. we all know they got big heads, devices to make you levitate so they can abduct you, and probes

No. 1087641

I hope so too

I don't think anyone could or was trying to say the HPV shot is a bad thing regardless of if it counts as gene therapy or not, just questioning if/where it was mandated. Not everyone grew up in the USA, relax with the exaggerations. Again, if gene therapy is not inherently a bad thing and you know it then who cares if someone uses the term when talking about mrna?

No. 1087934

When Israel is the peace negotiator between Russia and Ukraine thats when you know this war is fake as fuck.

No. 1087943

>It's totally the vaccines' fault people are dying because having shit genetics, being obese and literally eating nothing but carbs along with having deficiencies can't possible be the cause of covid death rates.
No offense, but you also won't die and don't need the vaccine in the first place if you aren't obese and eat healthy. If you're so sure your genetics are so shit you "need" the vaccine, that's your business and shouldn't be enforced on others. Simple as

No. 1087959

What a shitty useless vaccine then, doesn't even protect the group that needs it.

No. 1088105

Right, like that anon's post is an unintentional reinforcement that healthy people can survive covid fine without it anyway

No. 1088957

Kpop genshin and among us are brainwashing kids to accept future chingchong rule.(racebait )

No. 1088963

/pol/fag begone

No. 1088996

>among us

No. 1089300

i know pfizer chans mock the athletes deaths because they got nothing else to say but I'll bring it up again, if it's only people who are unhealthy dying from the jab then why do healthy, young, athletic adults die after getting it the most? if anything it seems like elderly and obese have the least side effects, you can't even work out a few days after a booster ffs.

No. 1089478

File: 1646687303925.png (464.84 KB, 887x718, mh370.png)

Likely Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 crash site located from analysis of HAM Radio signals

No. 1089717

I wouldn’t mind being ruled by Asians tbh

No. 1091357

File: 1646789105658.jpg (54.87 KB, 1000x500, Untitled-design---2022-03-08T1…)

Confirmed as being real
The US funded bio labs in Ukraine exist
Confirmed by Victoria Nuland, the US Secretary of State for Political Affairs.

>Ukraine neo-nazi battalions

>Ukraine US funded bio labs
>Ukraine making nuclear weapons
Not yet confirmed but there are adequate amounts of nuclear material and a former Soviet missile factory located in Ukraine. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuzhmash

No. 1091430

glad its been confirmed so theres some clarity, but what can we conclude from this?

No. 1091482

We can confirm that this is the whole reason Russia is invading Ukraine, because Russia does not want US ANYTHING near them, it would put them in an unfavorable position.

No. 1091527

My personal conspiracy theory is all religions/Gods are aliens who have placed bets on how many humans they can get to follow them…. I think about this almost non stop.

No. 1091627

Stopped cooperation on breast cancer research with Russia. Testing bio weapons. Pushing useless vaccines.
I'm starting to really dislike organic chemists and molecular biologists

No. 1091652

That’s a retarded take, I’m fit, I exercise regularly, eat as healthy as possible, have a good protein, vitamin etc intake and I was sick for almost a month and had pretty bad side effects.

No. 1091686

What about Heaven's Gate?

No. 1091784

File: 1646833250598.jpeg (45.89 KB, 400x400, 28B48BDF-553E-4AAD-ADA4-F73AF0…)

For real? What the actual fuck.

No. 1091786

File: 1646833531753.jpeg (43.91 KB, 620x348, B02CE60A-A37B-4421-A8D5-14DC52…)

I would, they do the most heinous shit to their citizens. I’d much rather have Russia.

No. 1091830

Wait, wait, please elaborate on the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, anony. I'm so curious.

No. 1091968

Then you're not healthy or have genetic immunological issues. I was only sick for 1 week and barely had anything worse than a sore throat. Most of my friends had an easy time too.

No. 1091998

Zelensky is part of the World Economic Forum

No. 1092025

I hope they find it, this has been on my mind for ages

I will take this a step further and say that if they are all extraterrestrials that the only ones who can communicate with them directly from Earth are cats. I think one of my cats does this regularly.

No. 1092413

What's the backstory on this photo? Please tell me this woman is free now? Also Nona this isn't something that only Asians do it's something men do, you took the wrong red pill lol

No. 1092549

So is Xi Jinping, two members of the Quad [India, Japan] in the same position as the enemy, how interesting…


Supposedly she was trafficked but I don’t remember reading the rest, unfortunately

No. 1092605

Isnt Putin the only one not part of WEF? Apparently he used to be, but hes against it now

No. 1092645

File: 1646883652241.jpeg (83.93 KB, 700x359, 147E7289-FA80-4512-9E4B-0EDDDB…)

No. 1092873

Nice gaslighting cunt.

No. 1092881


Not your anon but you do come off a bit fat now sorry.

No. 1092897

Does anyone know about crime statistics or stuff like that in Asia? I've heard of so many vile crimes committed to against women and most go unpunished or men get a few years for violently raping and torturing women.

No. 1092904

A man went to Ukraine and found that at least part of the war is fake

He includes videos of the media setting up scenes before filming.

No. 1092911

Statistics can't exist when reporting doesn't matter, women can't escape or they can't say anything, and reputable reports don't exist

No. 1092919

File: 1646920332114.jpg (366.56 KB, 1250x1008, Ramon Casas The Young Decadent…)

Wouldn't be surprised honestly. The most dangerous opinion to have now is complete ambivalence and disinterest, you are required to have a stake and emotional response in this war. As such they need new imagery constantly for the news cycle, and it will all be for the purpose of easing us into the state of mind of embracing and even rooting for hyperinflation and war, to herd us mentally into lowering our standard of living beyond recognition and accepting it all without hesitation.

No. 1092924

Wait this is the tinfoil thread you can’t post absolute truth here

No. 1092958

>scrolling by
>wow i have a lil crush on ur brain
You're not wrong.

No. 1092968

Yeah you're right. I meant to ask for people who had experience living in Asian countries. Crime is unreported in most countries so you can only know the reality if you live there.

No. 1093024

I wouldn’t trust or give money to any of the “free independent journalist” companies who report on the war. Plus, every time you remind people that this has been an ongoing conflict since 2014 and that Russians AND Ukrainians have been killing each other in the separatist regions for years with tens of thousands of casualties, you get called a fucking Russian bot. I just don’t bother talking to anyone about this conflict anymore.

No. 1093069

The videos aren't loading for me, does he actually visit parts of Kyiv that are fine which the media has shown as bombed and destroyed??
Is he just walking on a random street saying no war here!
He sounds pretty schizo from the text, the 33 obsession, and calling soldiers Mr Smith I mean come on

No. 1093256

this take isn't dangerous lol, you're not counter-culture for feeling ambivalent and disinterested, that is the norm.

ambivalence towards the world and our political climate is the mediocre consensus of the standard sheltered Westerner whose only exposure to the outside world is through terminally online twitter takes, aka most of America especially post-COVID.

you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who makes a public take or has an opinion offline who isn't a self-defined "free-thinker/independent/on-the-fence" or just refers to themselves as a centrist when it comes down to it, especially in the current reactionary climate of the US where folks are too scared/busy walking on eggshells to avoid the newest boogeyman, "getting cancelled".

if you are emotional about anything or a specific issue, you're accused of virtue signalling. it is difficult to get anyone to give a shit about anything nowadays. the only place where people pretend to give a shit about anything or actually identify their beliefs on either side of the spectrum online is via Instagram infographics or tweets.

No. 1093660

Jussie Smollett's only getting 150 days in prison for the hate crime/race crime hoax. Not to be all Republican boomer-tier but you KNOW if the tables were reversed…

No. 1093666

I wanna be friends with you, anon.

No. 1093749

File: 1646976044816.jpeg (110.48 KB, 493x822, BAFD422B-C316-4887-874D-268D9F…)

For new schizo-chans asking why the elites do what they do, this is why:

>maintain population under 5000,000,000

>be not a cancer on this earth
>leave room for nature
>leave room for nature

No. 1093768

I don't think the elites have been using stone slabs for their communication ever since ancient Egypt.

No. 1093772

I think they do it because they're mentally ill. But I wanna turn that slab into a nice rock garden.

No. 1093780

Has anyone mentioned Russell Brand speaking out about covid and other relevant current events? Maybe it's silly but I feel genuinely relieved to have someone this well-known on our side so to speak. This comes right when I was lamenting, "surely there's people up there who have a problem with the nwo, there's no way they all think in complete unison — when's the ball going to drop and they come out with it?" I'm pretty happy nonnas. Apparently he's been doing this for a while but I had no idea. Is it being kept mostly hushed by the media for fear of spreading his words? There might be more from him recently that the anon was referring to in the confession thread (where I found out) but so far what I've found was his YT channel: https://youtube.com/c/RussellBrand
You guys probably know more.

No. 1093782

russell brand has always had a spurious set of principles and he is genuinely going down the right wing grift pipeline but whatever hershey-heads, go for it

No. 1093789

I haven't watched that many of his videos and don't claim the guy to be a saint worth hanging onto his every word, just glad someone is offering a different opinion to the constant mainstream muck. From what I watched he didn't say anything even that right wing, just asking for more data and sharing facts about WEF and the US government, he repeatedly spoke to the effect he wants to expand the discussion that is getting censored and none of it sounded like hate.

No. 1093800

Every time he opens his mouth all I can think of is the time he and Johnathan Ross called up that old man and left messages on his answering machine about having sex with his grand daughter. Once a cunt, always a cunt.

No. 1093818

I haven't personally watched his videos, so I don't know how valid his takes are, but I've always had my reservations about him given where he comes from (Hollywood). He could be controlled opposition that's been planted onto YouTube on purpose. Also, I remember the days where he was dating Katie Perry when she was fresh into her stardom and there was speculation that he was her handler.

No. 1094451

>He could be controlled opposition
Of course he is, "wrong" videos literally go down a few minutes after they're uploaded. Censoring is extremely fast and effective, they only allow counter stuff if they can control it/it generates fear/they can use it as a honey pot to track the ppl who sign up to his off youtube platform.

No. 1094457

I read some interesting tinfoil about this on LA: "Jussie did not orchestrate this event. He was a pawn, a hired actor, for politicians. Now he's afraid they are going to kill him and try to make it look like a suicide. That's why he's talking like this." Honestly this creeps me out because of how plausible it sounds, because what other motive would you have to do that and possibly screw up your career unless you were pressured to do so? Except he didn't know that the plan all along was to get him exposed for orchestrating the hoax

No. 1094606

Jsyk, Dugin is a based pro-feminist lmao. In his youth he even was a supporter of Wirth's model of nordic matriarchy. And consistently said shit like:
>"…женщина, это высшее и чистейшее существо, идеальный пол, превосходство которого несомненно и освобождение которого из-под гнета неблагородной, семитической, южной психологии является нашей духовной и национальной задачей (магической и политической одновременно)."
>"…a woman is the highest and purest being, the ideal sex, whose superiority is unquestionable and whose emancipation from oppression of ignoble, semitic, southern psychology is our spiritual and national goal (magical and political at the same time)."
Anyway if pootin actually have read him it would be a great kek. I approve.(no one cares, moid)

No. 1094775

Speculation where? Id like to read. Was he a handler in like Britney's conservatorship or like an mk ultra handler? I find mk ultra stuff fascinating

No. 1094799

Now I’m gonna add the cat situation to my thoughts on this haha

No. 1094953

File: 1647065872612.jpg (717.15 KB, 2700x1800, fat goblina walk vs the stacy …)

My absolute tinfoil is that all the nlogs, pickmes, fatties and general unsavoury women got all into the queer cult (maybe even the tradthots) in spite for the women they're jealous of. They know they can't compete with them (the stacies which most likely are just normie women who buy at the container store) and so they latch onto these ideologies and the men who promote it.

No. 1094974

Movies are so shitty lately, predictable and painful to sit through. Maybe they do it on purpose so we can just be on our phones and play vidya all the time. We can be given more ads while scrollingl

No. 1094977

File: 1647068747899.jpg (103.58 KB, 1200x1200, picture.jpg)

Any thoughts on Sandy Hook?

No. 1094983

>to have someone this well'known on our side
>on our side
There are no taking sides here. By taking "sides" you're feeding into the powers that be (TPTB). Keep an open mind and be a critical thinker. Taking sides is division, which is what TPTB wants. Listen to others, have convictions, and ask questions.

No. 1094996

best post itt.

No. 1095000

No. 1095001

this post has activated my almonds

No. 1095071

Yes, read a fucking book or the documents at schoolshooters.info. No tinfoils to be had here unless you are retarded. Just an extremely unfortunate combination of mental illness, hyperfixation on children (possibly pedophilic) and the usual scrotery.

No. 1095437

China is purposely letting fentanyl flow into the US as a way of warfare. But also the US is fine with it as means to thin out the junkie community, who are not productive members of society.

No. 1095451

Thank you, anon. You are right on the money.

No. 1095486

This isn't a tinfoil. The US law enforcement doesn't just let it happen, they have been circulating dangerous drugs in poor communities for decades. We learn about it in history classes here and it's still ongoing even though they've been caught red-handed, because they are the law. They not only do it so people will die, but also to lock up the survivors so they can't vote and upset the status quo.
>Keep the poor desperate and miserable, gatekeep them from decent paying jobs and education
>refuse them access to adequate care so they eventually turn to street drugs for relief
>cut drugs with dangerous substances that can get them addicted and killed
>catch the large scale suppliers and distribute the lethal drugs under their operations
It's the real reason that the many party drugs that are proven to be safer than alcohol are still not legalized. If these substances would be made regulated and safe for consumers like cannabis, law enforcement wouldn't be able to cut in Chinese garbage chems that can kill people or at least give them neurological damage or addiction to harder substances. They want to keep the poor powerless and they're very successful at it. They distribute poison while locking up dealers with purer and safer substances under the guise of a "war on drugs" designed to "keep Americans safe." It's not a tinfoil. It's reality.

No. 1095564

File: 1647113626983.gif (397.46 KB, 400x217, Mclovin.gif)

Ntayrt but why are you so condescending in a tinfoil thread on lolcow.farm

No. 1095578

File: 1647114497060.jpg (86.6 KB, 1200x900, picture.jpg)

>read a book

No. 1095854

because there is nothing to tinfoil about in this case

No. 1095866

What about the contents on lanzas hard drive? There's always something to discuss. Why are you the expert kek

No. 1095873

Then why the fuck are you here then, “ normal intellectual”(/s)?

No. 1095967

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN is turning on again this month which means another major shift is coming. It was turned on between 2009-2012 and 2015-2018 which coincides with when most people report feeling like everything about reality changed and their lives stopped “feeling real”.

No. 1095972

File: 1647152313951.gif (346.56 KB, 500x280, Tumblr_l_75183433591162.gif)

What's the point, they really need to leave those particles alone.

No. 1095974

Mine got waaaay better since then, so I almost welcome it. Sorry everyone else

No. 1095990

Sure, Jan

No. 1096217

Damn monsterfuckers get yourselves ready they're bringing demons from another dimension

No. 1096222

yall really believe in this time-loop shit?

No. 1096227

File: 1647182391509.jpg (28.15 KB, 180x240, 180.jpg)

you mean husbandos from another dimension

No. 1096234

File: 1647183307883.png (243.91 KB, 377x512, kawwai.png)

''why do they judge us so much'' he asks me with a bored expression.
''i dont know baby, they just don't understand your kind well'' i say as i lean over.
''almost all human misery is caused by humans but they like to blame us for everything, they either hate us or use us for rituals'' he said while drinking some wine (my demon husbando is a alcoholic).
''i have to go to work now'' he says.
He then gets dressed and takes his suitcase to go to hell incorporated where he works as a lawyer.
He pecks me a kiss before he opens a portal and goes to work.

After that i spend most of my day in bed bcus sore from the D.

No. 1096399

Not time loops but alternate timelines or parallel dimensions maybe. Everybody always says life hasn’t felt right since 2012 which coincides with when they discovered the Higgs Boson particle. A lot of people also say 2015-16 was when they felt life really started feeling weird and surreal which coincides with the LHC 2nd run. I believe each time they start the experiments something happens to the fabric of reality. This time it has 2x power so it’s going to get really weird.

No. 1096416

My tinfoil:
With all the claims of cp/raids and likely persistent sperging by certain cow retards, lolcow has become a potential FBI honeypot similar to 4chan /b/.

That's the real reason admin gave up the site in such an odd and long stretched manner. New admin is just a front or placeholder, doesn't matter really if they're aware or not, but it does contribute to why they have no real control of the site. When the site went down and that posting error persisted it was part of the set up; it's a common happening with darknet sites when FBI takes their servers. It isn't a coincidence it affected the boards which get raided the most.

This is also why admin, new admin and the mod team have been largely silent and uninformative even when they do address things. They've either been replaced or instructed by FBI not to speak. Old admin hasn't left despite being "so tired of this site and its users" because she is still assisting with ongoing investigations. (investigations against cp posters, not against lolcow or admin).

Even if we see our site is relatively tame, I think the FBI could easily see it as under an umbrella of 4chan boards, so would just treat it like that and feel more justified in take over.

/B/ on 4chan has no Jannie positions because it's fully taken over by FBI; my tinfoil with LC is a similar (potentially lesser) scenario.

No. 1096425

Then why is the FBI taking /m/ hostage? Afair it's the safest board in terms of spam. When will /m/ return…

No. 1096427

Fucking great, though I have definitely convinced myself that life is just absurd and makes no sense; I know it's cope. Though I wonder if it's another phenomenon that makes things feel fake, like due to the internet age. Though when I learn about history, I realize that things must have seemed equally as absurd back then. I mean hundreds of years ago, thousands of years ago, not just decades ago. The Crusades for example is just such a weird ass time, people really sent their children to go conquer holy lands. Half of the people in the crusades ended up dead and the other half sold into slavery. What was the real purpose? Shaving down the population?

No. 1096429

The mods and admin are just lazy and need to be replaced. Anons will make up any excuse except for holding the new team responsible.

No. 1096433

then why would admin have to ask for donations or for users to apply as the new admin? I think the admins are just lazy and don't care that much about the site anymore…

tbh I want to imagine a middle aged FBI agent having to go undercover as a shaynafag to infiltrate lolcow from the inside kek

No. 1096435

Imagine infighting with an FBI agent

No. 1096441

I think it could just be a coincidental casualty: it's code got fucked while implementing and admin is only alotted low involvement in fixing things, because FBI investigation takes priority. That or admin could fix it but has become hands off because of this.
Nah, I'm not trying to excuse them. I think even before FBI take over happened the laziness was showing. But even if you only vaguely followed meta, admin went from full in and vendetta promises etc to absolute silence. 1-100. It wasn't the slow burn of involvement I'd have expected, nor what I've witnessed when the burn out happened with every admin prior. And yes, I've been a lifeless fag from the beginning to slowly watch it all.
It's not unfeasible to me admin wanted to have her side of the bills paid off (or back) prior to the FBI acquisition cut off date, knowing this wouldn't be "her" site anymore. Even then admin never pushed this very hard.

We can also question why it took so long to find a replacement, and the claims of that there was no one qualified or willing seem unlikely, because there appeared to be quite a bit of interest by qualified anons in meta. How much of that was sincere or not just retards like Josh shills or Elaine I don't honestly know, but it never took that much in the past to find a new admin. Even when we got Shayna admin, she's been hugely silent other than admitting she has no real control or back end. That seems like a pretty decent cover to me. Again, I don't tinfoil Shayna admin is even for sure in the know with this, admin could be keeping her in the dark and just using her as an easy cover to avoid having to discuss things with the site herself.

Tho shaynafag FBI undercover would be fucking hilarious.. it's no secret LC and admins have always worked with/complied with FBI when dealing with cp, so if FBI decided they wanted a heavier hand it wouldn't be a total shock.

No. 1096449

To add: it seems odd to me no recent ex mods have spoken up about anything, at all. No current mods have said anything, at all. Generally on a gossip/drama driven board even a loyal mod or Jannie will have said something to someone and it slips out. But if they can't say anything even after being demodded because FBI investigation, that'd reasonably keep their lips sealed.

No. 1096451

If it was just "everyone lazy", then why the absolute silence? In the past when admins were just lazy, mods and exmods spoke up and gossip got out. So it's hard for me to fully sub to >>1096429's pov any longer, despite that previously I would have agreed.

No. 1096457

I would love this but moids always cheat on their Stacy gfs with pickmes

No. 1096459

Imagine an FBI agent here becomes a nonner and you're infighting with her but then you fall in love

No. 1096460

Agent daddies where are you I'm single.

No. 1096466

Thats because the whole team is lazy lmao. How can there be gossip when all the mods here probably spent 5 minutes max moderating this site daily.

No. 1096467

One last point:

What are the reasons we think mods are being lazy, outside of no communication? Bans are still being handed out and threads locked… Or, most of them. What kind of thread/post has been a consistent issue lately that looks like it hasn't been properly followed up on?

Could it be the same kind of userbase who would be likely to raid with CP, etc? I WONDER

There could be two simple reasons for this, of course:
>Ban evading sperg that won't give up
Just maybe . . .

No. 1096468

File: 1647200794584.jpeg (112.07 KB, 675x1154, 93999DFA-7FCA-4507-A45A-646B5E…)

When I bring MY demon boyfriend he will be an incubus with a golden heart that will take care of me and will mysteriously bring lots of money home. The mystery is that he’s the few people with successful NFTs and bitcoin investments he eats pussy like a starving man, is gentle when he fucks and loves to use nice smelling creams, soaps and splashes to keep himself looking nice.

No. 1096469

>>give me example of mods being lazy.
Have you taken a look at w/ and the majority of ot/ threads.
Or how the meta complaints are all ignored lol.

No. 1096470

Who asked

No. 1096472

No. 1096473

> 2015-16 was when they felt life really started feeling weird and surreal
What do you mean? Isn't it just ppl waking up to the fact that society fucking sucks bc it's run by psycho scrotes?

No. 1096475

>it is 3 AM, and y/n is scrolling lolcow as usual, since you are a neet with no life
>you check the thread of your favorite cow. it recently got bumped, and you are excited at the prospect of new milk.
>you frown
>the thread was bumped because of an obviously unintegrated newfag who had forgotten to sage their post
>"there are too many newfags these days," you angrily think to yourself. annoyed, you type up a response quickly
>"learn to sage retard"
>you hit post
>a few seconds later, a response comes from the same newfag
>"kys oldfag no need to be so rude. just doing my job here"
>intrigued, you reply quickly
>"what are you talking about?"
>a response comes rapidly, and unsaged again
>"i don't want to be posting in this shit thread either. when i signed up for the FBI training academy i thought i'd get to catch serial killers and solve mysteries, but instead they put me in the cyber crimes unit and now i'm stuck monitoring this weird 4chan ripoff. i hate it here. who the fuck is shayna"
>is this newfag claiming to be an fbi agent? you roll your eyes at their autism
>"proof or gtfo retard"
>a few minutes later you try to shitpost in another thread but you are hit with a ban message
>weird but okay
>the ban message text says "since you asked…" with an imgur link. you click it and there is a selfie attached of a really hot woman in a FBI uniform sitting at a computer
>wow… she's so pretty
>is this stacy FBI lady the nonnie you had just called retarded???

to be continued…

No. 1096478

File: 1647201389437.gif (4.71 MB, 498x498, fbi-glow.gif)

Having new glowie overlords doesn't have to mean the mods/admins are excused of laziness, denial-chan. Both things can coexist.

I personally never was onboard with expecting the mods to religiously watch the boards and old admin made it clear in farmhand sign ups that it was casual volunteer work and not a strict job, anyway. But even if I agreed 100% on their laziness with you, it wouldn't negate FBI tinfoil.

We need picrel but Stacy FBI glow

No. 1096480

File: 1647201613896.jpg (87.97 KB, 1280x720, Gasai_Yuno (1).jpg)

>MFW this fic was written by an undercover FBI operative trying to psyop romanticizing them

No. 1096492

KEK I want to fight one now

No. 1096494

Happens all the time on /pol/ and /leftypol/. Wouldnt be surprised if some particular retarded #radfem anons (the ones with demoralising&short sided views, yk) were a psyop by feds.

No. 1096499

Anon, please tell me more

No. 1096503

File: 1647203122163.jpg (27.44 KB, 496x700, 9166150.jpg)

No. 1096506

When lolcow went down KF was also down for a long time. Do you think those were related?

No. 1096507

wasnt KF ddosed by some cow

No. 1096511

Why would fbi take over a gossip forum whose users are fully female?

No. 1096516

to try and catch the people posting cp, did you not read the posts?

No. 1096545

First of all, OP asked about thoughts and those were mine
>Why are you the expert kek
Because I've been interested in the case for a long time, and OP sounded like they don't have a clue with that half-assed post. I immediately have expected a retarded discussion about crisis actors and the government brainwashing anorectic autists to commit massacre to push some nonexistant gun laws.
You are right that there are things to discuss and I wouldn't have jumped to the conclusion had the original post been worded better. I agree that the destroyed hard drive is the last mystery after unearthing Lanza's cursed youtube channel. Some people believe it's all been cp on that drive, but IDK. He did leave those pedophile manifestos for FBI to find, so why would he be ashamed/secretive? On the other hand, I don't have any good idea of what else could he have destroyed. There is always a chance of that being something nobody would come up with because it was shameful to Lanza only… I would consider that giving too strong idea of what his motive was, but an entire hard drive is a bit much
Where does it say that it's specifically an Adam Lanza conspiracy thread?
Go back to twitter, why isn't it a bannable offense yet kek
IDK how realistic that it is, but it's an interesting theory to read. Dark as hell though.
>When the site went down and that posting error persisted it was part of the set up; it's a common happening with darknet sites when FBI takes their servers.
Can more about this be read somewhere or have you experienced it personally?
>They've either been replaced or instructed by FBI not to speak
That's so fucking ominous and unsettling
>/B/ on 4chan has no Jannie positions because it's fully taken over by FBI;
Wait, it's tinfoil too, right? I couldn't find anything more about it

No. 1096548

Oh… But it happens so rare that I didn't think fbi would take over the site for it. I wish theyd catch these spammers and the ones in reddit that spam illegal content to subreddits they want shut down, especially the trannies that post abuse material of real people to transphobic or women's subreddits in an effort to get them down.

No. 1096550

>"haha i read the tinfoil thread for fun, people believe in silly things"
>clicks on the link
>firefox shuts itself immediately
>half of the programs currebtly running crash
>time to dig out my tinfoil

No. 1096554

Unfortunately fbi moids are as ugly as the rest but id love my own personal buff monitoring agent

No. 1096556

So the shooter was an autist who was disgusted by pedophilia but thought child-adult relationships could be beneficial and specifically went after and killed children. Perhaps he was a pedophile but felt so uncomfortable with the fact that he went ahead and destroyed the object of his attraction in the anger and shame he felt for himself.

No. 1096564

he could have also been 'saving' the children from growing old and being ruined by society (like Travis the Chimp was), but he has disgustingly mocked them (or at least one boy) before their death so he certainly wasn't doing it out of what could have passed for goodness of heart in his twisted mind

No. 1096570

Yeah I think it was his own shame that drove him android that'd explain his aggressive mockery. I've known a lot of pedos who share the same thoughts of child adult relationships being beneficial and advocate for it while they pretend to be disgusted by pedos. Child adult relationships can never be beneficial because even if you ignore the psychologic side of things, the child will be permanently physically hurt and could even be left infertile like a famous case of a little girl.

No. 1096573

File: 1647206657569.jpg (14.14 KB, 415x233, hc-1544215371-isoxhny39t-snap-…)

Adam Lanza seemed more like a groomed child himself IMO. A very autistic child who was considered "gifted/intelligent" and then neglected, leading to abuse by others. He probably had a lot of issues that were a dead giveaway for sexual abuse, but they were chalked up to his autism and left unaddressed

No. 1096575

i agree with you, and apologize if i came off as rude. i dont know how much i believe it, but im open to the idea, i guess. i just wanted to clarify what they were implying because i thought it was pretty obvious, but i totally came off like a bitch, so im sorry anon.

No. 1096576

Ovs, any feminist stuff that isn't wallowing in despair/hateful/1984 slavery is freedom libfem is quickly deleted.

No. 1096579

I thought of this too but I'm unsure. His obsessive changing clothes and not wanting to touch anything without tissues, isolating himself and being anorexic are dead giveaways. Though his hatred for women, how he described pedophilia as a good thing and such make me question this. I've known autistic men who acted very off and had trouble eating food or touching things so it may have just been his autism.

No. 1096580

It's ok anon. I read them but I was tired so couldn't make sense of them. Initially I thought they came because this is an image board and most imageboards are riddled with weird ass shit which are borederline illegal

No. 1096582

he could have been sexually abused by a woman, and thats why he hated them, but still had complex feelings about pedophilia, just throwing it out there, and i thought anorexia was more of a female thing even within the context of autism.

No. 1096585

>>he could have been sexually abused
aka this never happened, stop capping for this gross pedo.
Are you some scrote boomer (since threads like this attract your types) or the honeypot fb1 baiting.

No. 1096586

That or it was another scrote, but his mother didn't do anything even after he tried to tell her (this happens quite frequently), so he seethed at all women ever after the fact

No. 1096590

i never said i believe it i was just joining the conversation that is happening.

No. 1096592

>the trannies that post abuse material of real people to transphobic or women's subreddits in an effort to get them down
Nona FBI scrotes dgaf, infact they target radfems that are too uppity and given them the ol' ~mysterious~ cancer.

No. 1096594

Nah repeating myself is just autism, I know an anorexic turbo autist who also hates women and has ocd qualities. Those are autistic traits, not signs of child abuse in this case. Women dont rape boys. In the rare case it happens, it's a weird teacher and a 17 yo boy which would've been impossible considering how he never went outside and looks so repelling.

No. 1096596

The 4chan /b/ thing has been an open "secret" for years, moot was forced to work with FBI wayyy back due to the amount of CP posted there. If you go on 4chan archives and search about it I'm sure you'd be able to find some more conclusive evidence, but I'm honestly fucking lazy right now I'm sorry anon.

As for the darknet sites thing, I listen to a lot of investigatory/true crime podcasts and such, so that's where I'm getting that info from. I believe some of the larger YouTube channels will have touched on similar tactics while covering large drug site takedowns, and if this kind of thing interests you then the podcast "Hunting Warhead" gives a really intimate, 1st person account of some of the tactics that were used to arrest a huge CP operation on the darknet – albeit not specifically concerning solely the FBI. (It's actually a really well done podcast imo, but obvious warning it does cover the sensitive topic of pedophiles and child abuse).
No idea. I don't know enough about KF on its own or the technical side of things to speculate that. I am sure Josh has had plenty of FBI knocks over the years, especially with that failed chan spinoff he had to close because of how spammed it was with CP, or whatever.

As for those who are doubting it's severe enough for glowies: I think we would get extra weight of consideration because in most people's eyes, we're a subset of 4chan and the like. I assume we'd just be a little blip under a large umbrella vs being the sole focus of investigation. Maybe they're watching user(s) with overlap between lolcow and KF and them both going down has some credence. Maybe it isn't about CP and involves something else, I don't know. Catching CP just seems like the most likely motive to me.

If the CP was rarely spammed but all related back to a single user or group of users, and the images they used were of investigatory interest, maybe that's enough? I don't know how glowies gauge that, I just make little hats out of tinfoil

No. 1096597

How do they target radfems? And yeah I didn't believe that that theory either because I heard an fbi scrote say that they cant do anything for men who got illegal content unless it's a very good big deal amount because most men have it and they'd need to arrest like 1/3 of men.

No. 1096602

Why else would they investigate this site? There's no illegal content here since we dont have a male majority like reddit, 4chan or kiwifarms.

No. 1096607

My best guess for "other reason" would be if there was suspicious activity regarding a cow, or user behavior towards a cow, or something. I'm not sure that would warrant honeypot tier though. I'm just leaving openings for possible variables because I ultimately can't know these things for certain.

Gossip here is mostly just catty stuff, but we have had some horror cows and user cross over from KF who, as I understand, like to smear themselves in the shit. Maybe something happened that warranted it, or they felt there was enough to want to keep a closer eye on it/monitoring.

No. 1096614

It happens probably more than you think sadly. A friend of mine was going to grad school for counseling and told me a story about a mother who had her very very young son "shoot" her "target/bullseye" with his "gun". Men are definitely fucking twisted and typically the abuser, but there are some sick, sick women out there too.

No. 1096628

I don't get the whole "they're looking for cp!1" shit. Major sites like Yt Reddit and fb let cp and extreme violence up for hours/days. Meanwhile a Karen talking about how she got fucked up from mandatory vac is banned in literally 1 minute. Cp and violence isn't their priority and if you think otherwise you're delusional about men/a man yourself.

No. 1096631

Bc it's a female space, those are illegal

No. 1096633

The ol ~mysterious~ cancer

No. 1096832

i'm not even going to allow for the speculation that adam lanza's full encompassing retardation is at all or even partially owed to imaginary sexual abuse committed by women, of all people. he was just a fucking asshole misogynist like 99.99999% of men. men can have their dicks licked and mouths fed every night by women who give them no trouble yet still absolutely hate them

No. 1096854

If anything, Lanza was raped or molested by a man. I remember him referring to therapists as "the rapist"

No. 1096978

>Meanwhile a Karen talking about how she got fucked up from mandatory vac is banned in literally 1 minute
If the FBI was going to take an interest in this site, I think it would be because it allows mostly uncensored discussion. The elites want everyone funneled into Big Tech social media sites where they have full control over who is allowed to post and what is allowed to be posted. Maybe they're trying to shut down smaller image boards so the only one left is 4chan so it's easier to monitor.

No. 1096979

The vast majority of the online gruntwork from the feds aint done by actual agents but Investigative Analysts.

Like this position:

No. 1097006

This is exactly it. They don't want discussions and don't want people questioning authority and the government. I really wish i could be proven wrong. I would love to be wrong more than anything, but it really feels like the new world order and one world government is coming true at a rapid rate. It really depresses me. I feel like we're all in platos cave and lolcow is one of my only outlets on seeing what really causes the shadows and can have a discussion with other women.

No. 1097077

The push to avoid the sun because it's literally the worst thing in the world for you because you'll get wrinkles (gasp!) is an op to keep the general population - especially women - chronically ill. Look at the link between vitamin D levels and serious illness with COVID as well as immune dysregulation and development of autoimmune disease. So many profits met for the pharmaceutical and beauty industries with this. I've heard people say you need to wear SPF 50 every day even indoors just in case you sit nearby an open window. I of course believe you should be using SPF when you're in direct sunlight for a long period but Jesus Christ god forbid you get the needed vitamin D for your body to function properly and a freckle or wrinkle or two in the process.

No. 1097079

File: 1647236948136.jpg (118.08 KB, 735x916, 43706da7c1658217ecdb3cee2a05cb…)

Lmao just wear a sun hat outside, you can absorb vitamin d through other parts of your skin

No. 1097080

This. My entire family is European and neglect sunscreen while fucking around outside all summer and they all have perfect skin. It's only an issue if you have seriously sensitive skin or spend hours a day every single day outside

On another note - does anyone think these cleaning tiktoks are consoomer propaganda? It's very weird how they all have the exact same cookie cutter boring room set ups, no personality to their room. It all involves either overpriced containers to just rearrange stuff uselessly or piling on literal pounds of cleaning product? Why the fuck are they using so much product? And several products too. Most of the time they're cleaning already clean objects too. It's very shady

No. 1097081

Stfu retard. Here is adam lanzas files which contained pro-pedo man boy love agenda which prove, like all men, he's the abuser. Stop saying women rape men. Imagine caping for an autismo who killed 30 kids. His pedophilic views and his thoughts here https://thedesk.net/2013/11/hard-drive-used-by-adam-lanza-contained-pro-pedophile-material/

No. 1097204

I have my own version of Hanlon's razor when it comes to consumer products:
>Never attribute to malice which can be adequately explained by greed

That said, this specific thing, hiding from the sun, gives me really malicious vibes too, and I'm glad I'm not the only one sensing it.

No. 1097214

Wrinkles aside, skin cancer is a legit issue to be concerned about here too so I wouldn't necessarily consider sunscreen all-out evil but it's true that entire generation of women was memed into becoming completely insane about it. I used to be in a skincare group on fb and there were legitimately people asking is it better to apply sunscreen before sleep or wake before sunrise and apply it then. Next tier insane. Add to that how expensive sunscreens tend to be and you have a booming industry.

No. 1097221

>skin cancer is a legit issue
Nah. Maybe if you spend all day working in the fields, not if you have an office job. Most city people actually lack sun exposure.
I think it's just a marketing scare tactic. There are many other carcinogens we are exposed to in our daily lives that don't get avoided neurotically like that. Nobody is pushing you to wear masks to protect from carcinogenic smog for example.

No. 1097222

It's definitely propaganda but not deliberate, it kinda just birthed itself, like an adult version of the Slime movement. Cleantok gets easy clicks but I also hate so wasteful and bad for the environment it is and it's nothing to do with cleanliness at this point. AuriKatariina is a pretty good Cleantokker though, I watch her videos on YouTube and she's got good tips.

No. 1097224

>Most city people actually lack sun exposure.
Sun exposure is going to differ by location because people have different skin tones and there are different levels of UV around the world. Skin cancer is a genuine issue in some places, I live in the melanoma capital of the world. Our native people are naturally extremely dark, white migrants from Europe cannot handle the UV intensity and sun avoidance needs to be a priority for health reasons.

No. 1097225

How to say you’re Aussie
Without actually saying you’re Aussie

No. 1097337

Holy shit you're flying off the handles with your logical fallacies. I agree that a woman didn't rape Lanza but you're sperging about women NEVERRR rape boys. I'll be the first to admit men are to blame almost all of the time but you're seething over nothing here and looking like a looney-ass bitch.

No. 1097365

This. Nobody cares us silly woombys gossiping teehee

No. 1097438

What's the run-down on that he didn't exist when the Sandy Hook happened (him and his mother died years prior), or that he didn't exist at all?

No. 1097461

Holy shit i want that hat

No. 1097487

>inb4 lanza-chan spergs out on you
I mean, I'd like to know what the logic in those theories are, not saying i believe it. but i like to question everything and don't believe everything i'm told at face value. kinda like flat-earth shit, i like to at least try to wonder why people think the way they do kek

No. 1097489

My cancer tinfoil is that the huge rise in cancer is due to escaped HeLa cells. I remember reading that it has taken over almost every other human cell lines, so they are all HeLa cells instead of what they originally were, making many studies obsolete/wrong. And if they can easily take over other cell lines in petri dishes in the research part of a hospital, it isnt that far fetched I think to think it can spread way further, into patients and scientists themselves.

No. 1097500

Cleaning vids really got me out of a depression nest rut, in which I had bugs running around and shit. Specifically Aurikatariinas videos. I see the consoom side of it but I already only use dish soap and natural cleaners (my favorite for glass is rubbing alcohol with a few drops of lemon essential oil). Smells good.

No. 1097501

… And not the GMOs, pollution, plastics, radiation, extreme stress, malnutrition, and electrical devices…? It's never one thing nona.

No. 1097900

Anon, I had no idea about this shit but I’m literally starting a podcast on it at work but I’ll just say THANK GOD I was not aware of this while it was in its prime kek

No. 1097984

Samefag, two episodes in and never mind. I don’t think aliens give a flying fuck about us. I just think they all have a huge bet to see how many of us they can fool (god-alien did okay but allah-alien is giving him a run for his money) and the jokes on us we just fuckin die when we die, no religious style after life at all.

No. 1098079

My tinfoil is that this is exactly what is happening in the mtf thread on /snow/ right now. Anons are all chimping out in there and it reeks of dirty scrote energy

No. 1098088

>Specifically Aurikatariinas videos
Sorry to derail a little but I love her videos too, anon. I'm kind of a clean freak out of necessity but they're still motivating and give lots of good tips and tricks, her oven cleaning hack is genius

No. 1098091

Just got back from the super market, holy fuck they got rid of their gay ass mask mandates. Although I did see some old people, a balding incel manlet, and some moms still wearing them. Funny how that same masked minority nearly ruined us all.

No. 1098332

>Nah. Maybe if you spend all day working in the field
Tell that to all the suspicious moles my dermatologist has had to chop off me over the years. Also I can tell you as a Californian that nobody in our cities "lacks" sun exposure. Brains, yes, but not sun exposure.

No. 1098527

I'm always wondering what's the ultimate motivation of the elite: greed or evil? I believe it's mainly greed but you can't help realise how death is always somehow liked with greed, when people die others take what was owned by the decased and there's also the depopulation agenda, illegal gun traffic, diseases and cures sold by the pharmaceutical industry, etc… They literally sell us poison and brand it as sunscreen, make-up, shampoo, food, cleaning products….

No. 1098781

File: 1647368782259.jpeg (399.21 KB, 1280x720, 03F02744-8EE4-42A1-95F3-823AB9…)

Britney was being mk’ed by glowniggers, guess they never “officially” stopped.(back to /pol/, faggot)

No. 1098783

File: 1647368827191.jpeg (101.74 KB, 465x640, 2D88CA43-4186-49C3-B489-7064ED…)

No. 1098793

this is a female imageboard.
you should probably go back to 4chan, Y chromosome defect.

No. 1098828

I think 4chan is broken right now.
I don't know if this count as tinfoilery or just being schizo but is anyone else interested in the GCP dot?

No. 1098834

Now you’re being too paranoid

No. 1098836

Greed is evil

No. 1098865

>>literal exact fucking 4chan lingo, words only used there(i know because i lurk there)
>>the joooz
>>suddenly this is paranoid out of all the posts here.


No. 1098877

I meant she was implying who was really in control of her, those were her ig posts before promptly deleting them.

P.S: most of us use ‘4chan lingo’ all the time, not everyone (including me) is a scrote; paranoid anon

No. 1098882

you should probably try to integrate before you get banned like the >>1098781 male did which you said is not a scrote lol.

No. 1098947

I’m watching something about that was it a CIA honeypot of trafficking ?

No. 1098958

Bitch I never said women don't ever rape but your petty ass was trying to justify a pedophile who got off on killing 20 literal kids by saying an evil woman raped him and that he's killing the kids to save them. If you're not a male please get therapy. Wtf.

No. 1098966

Adam Lanza's ghost posting ITT, get the fuck out

No. 1098969

But you can do evil without earning something back.

No. 1098979

i am not sure if any of you nonnies here are into astrology, but i started going down the rabbit hole of “deep” astrology, especially mundane astrology which focuses on mass events. basically, the general consensus in some circles is that we are currently entering the age of aquarius and seeing as aquarius’s traditional ruling planet is saturn, that this is not going to be the perfect age the hippies claimed it would be.

lada duncheva made a long video talking about it and her reading aligns a lot with the late robert zoller’s predictions of a scorpionic, plutocratic death cult elite class ruling from the shadows and basically encouraging the “goyim” to focus entirely on themselves in purely hedonistic bliss. 2020 coincided with a saturn-pluto conjunction which is a much feared generational aspect that lasts about 30 something years and symbolizes fear mongering, tightening control on the people, slavery/indentured servitude, etc.

the only people who seem to be talking about this are eurobeans, sadly too many burger astrologers are focused on uwu positive vibes only new age type shit. i know it isn’t for everyone but i think it is interesting.

No. 1098992


No. 1099053

i was gonna ignore your fact lacking braindead twitter-esque posts but you just replied again 28 minutes ago lol. firstly he killed 20 not 30 (at least you finally corrected yourself), get your ducks in a row or piss off. and secondly, there are many cases of women sexually abusing children (nobody said women raping grown men, brainlet) its vastly vastly less than moids and usually less harmful. we all fucking know this, but your weird delusional sperg and also insistence to not bring up any tinfoils about lanza in a tinfoil thread is retarded and agitating. some of us have actually read the files and information on sandy hook hence the theories and tinfoiling IN THE TINFOIL THREAD.

anyway, it's a fact that lanza's former child psychiatrist (a man) was convicted for raping a teenager. it's plausible he was molested by him, but nobody will ever know for sure

No. 1099134

I would really prefer if something, anything improves before 28 years from now but maybe that's asking too much

No. 1099216

Just ignore this literal retard. She's just sperging out and acting insane on a tinfoil thread on lolcow.farm of all places. This whole site's getting infiltrated by dumbasses spouting logical fallacies and derailing thread after thread. Feels like this god forsaken site is getting sabotaged. If it's not intentional, she should take her own advice and seek therapy for spitting and foaming at the mouth. Maybe she missed her weekly Risperdal shot

No. 1099331

File: 1647404814376.jpg (204.35 KB, 640x556, 11516702483_0c0465d29b_z.jpg)

Don't need astrology to see what's happening rn. Stop paying attention to the shadows on the cave wall (politics, current events, media, left vs right, fearporn, us vs them) and work on inner peace love and hands on alternatives to the system.

No. 1099334

No. 1099359

File: 1647408068281.jpg (163.83 KB, 1102x1102, pluto in aqua.jpg)

im very into mundane astrology, we arent entering the age of Aquarius, but what i would call the era of Aquarius, pluto moves out of capricorn into Aquarius.

all eras have a dark and light side

No. 1099372

Why are you defending him so hard? There's no proof he was molested. He killed 20 kids and 6 adults, it's why I rounded it up to 30.

No. 1099881

File: 1647448569288.jpg (139.32 KB, 595x1000, 2002-pokemon-neo-destiny-107-s…)

My tinfoil is that like the housing market, Pokemon and other TCG cards were purposely being bought out to encourage people to sell their collections. Part of the "you will own nothing and be happy" narritive. They want people to buy/collect/play with digital cards online. Online gacha games and NFT are conditionining everyone for it.
No one is defending him, you psychotic schizo.

No. 1099914

Why did you round up? Just type 26. You don’t round up or down when talking about murder.

No. 1100072

Saying he probably got raped and killed the kids to save them is defending him.
You're the one saying he was raped and molested without a proof, getting angry when I post proof he was a pedo who had gay pedophilic content on his computer and also frequently played games where he killed kids. Yet me not writing the count right is what's bothering you? If you're going to argue, at least show us some proof as to why you think you're right.

No. 1100075

Also >>1099053 wrote it wrong too. She said he killed 20 people, rounding 26 to 20 just like I did.

No. 1100083

>Youtube, Reddit and Facebook
Hrmmm, and they all seem to be against free speech, are heavily left-leaning, and will ban people for "misinformation"… HRRRMMMM…

No. 1100087

Literally no one said he was trying to save him besides you. You need to take your meds anon. You're still seething over the ideas in your own head KEK
funny "coincidence"

No. 1100094

Nta and idc about left or rightbbut they also support pedos, trannies and all of those degenerate stuff while acting like it's exclusivity and acceptance. You're more likely to get banned for bullying a pedo than declaring your attraction to kids.
What meds? The one who needs meds is the one assuming every criminal male is raped as a child.

No. 1100101

Once again, no one said that gaslight-chan. I'm convinced you're a scrote at this point with how much you've shit up this thread with nonsense. Moving on ~

No. 1100119

I'm a scrote for saying a male child murderer is a pedophile with no good qualities? For posting proof he's indeed a pedophile who still had pedophilic content on his pc even though he broke the hard drive which probably contained more illegal data? How?

No. 1100515

They are adding islamophobia in UN human rights violations
What anons think of that?

No. 1100524

Have you ever read the UN human rights? Freedom of religion and freedom from being mistreated on the basis of your religion are pretty standard and span a bunch of different articles.

No. 1100552

The U.N. is a fucking joke and has been for over 80 years

No. 1100569

Why are anons in this thread islamaphobic and antisemitic? It feels like scrotes at this point.

No. 1100572

>why don't anons like horrible sexist religions that heavily enforce gender roles, demean and even kill their women
fuck off back to twitter and stop using our words.

No. 1100577

The UN and EU is why I support Russia and China

No. 1100580

Christianity is sexist too. Stop acting like a /pol/tard.

No. 1100588

no one was talking about that though, now were we. sit down and let adults talk, moving goalposts must be tiring for you, you seem cranky!

No. 1100593

Are you retarded? There's nothing adult about hating jews, lmao.

No. 1100594

>our words.
Ok newfag. Continue on hating on anyone who's not a wasp, totally not a moid thing to do.

No. 1100598

You’re aware that a big portion of the republics that belong to Russia are Muslim right? Just last year there were some extremists from the Russian Caucasus who beheaded a man from France because he said smth about Muslims/Quran etc. And in general tons of degenerate Muslims have been migrating to Russia from smaller Central Asian republics, Moscow is like 20% Muslim immigrants

No. 1100599

does your daddy work for the US government or something? go to bed.

No. 1100607

What's with these middle school tier comebacks? This whole thread started off antisemitic and some posts reek of /pol/ ideology because you guys seem to share a lot of opinions, only those men would never accept you as one of them and mock you the way they mock jews.

No. 1100609

Was about to say this. Love how they're trying to act based and islamaphobic but end up supporting countries that almost have Muslim majorities. I really wish russia did, though. They're not islamaphobic or really separatist in most ways other European countries and America are.

No. 1100610

this is cute and all but you should go back.

No. 1100618

She actually posted this?

No. 1100620

Integrate, newfag. Your obnoxious writing style makes you identifiable.

No. 1100622

See >>1098781 it's against the rules to act like a /pol/moid and you must be the one who recently found the website since you're so clueless about the rules. If you want to hate on jews, go back to /pol/, don't let it slip you're a woman though.

No. 1100892

Wonder how much we-wuzzery propaganda is gonna be promoted in this, also I instinctively jumped when reading about "black love" being mentioned, for those unaware black love is a false promise promoted in the african american community, used to shame black women for not dating low value males who don't even have jobs and instead we blame white supremacy for keeping the black man down, vidrel explains it better then I can


No. 1101010

So does this mean I should kill myself ?

No. 1101014

How did this person act like a /pol/moid, is it the use of the word glownigger? Is glowie fine to say?

No. 1101053

>black love is a false promise promoted in the african american community, used to shame black women for not dating low value males who don't even have jobs and instead we blame white supremacy for keeping the black man down

that's not what black love means at all kek are you even american?

No. 1101105

Russia and China has always had muslims as part of their population and as a result they don't treat muslims as a protected class like the west. Putin even said something along the lines of "minority rights are important but they should not come at the expense of the majority". Russian and Chinese police would not tolerate any of the shit that muslims do in Europe like no-go areas, riots and child rape gangs.

No. 1101217

Wtf why did that man choke the woman in the first minute of the video? Completely unwarranted. Moids should be in cages all of them

No. 1101267

I'm sure glowie is fine. If we can't say glowie then we know they are watching.

No. 1101319

>believing china and Russia dont tolerate rape when even their own citizens condone it and literally have the biggest human trafficking rings
W*sterners are retarded.

No. 1101323

I think that big tech and governments are complicit in the proliferation of child sex abuse material and only begrudgingly clamp down on it. For governments they enjoy the existence of these easy honeypots that might entrap potential threats or enemies, and hence it gives them leverage over the people that view it. For big tech, they're playing a fabian game of incrementally looking to sexualize children in order to profit off of it. children's mind's are malleable and big tech in a sense is already grooming children by advertising sex to them and preying off their insecurities. If society ever drops its guard, they'd gleefully and openly start to incorporate overt sexual content into kids shows.

I read somewhere that there's something like an estimated 30,000 to 50,000 people in the UK viewing that stuff, there's no way big tech doesn't know, and with the surveillance and clampdowns they've been able to do with covid shit, there's no way they couldn't do the same with child sex abuse content. If we're at the point where my phone can detect that I have hip pain based on starting a new job, throw constant adverts at me based on it for a few weeks before moving onto something else, how can big tech pretend to not know about pedos? We have the technology to have a final solution to the pedo problem, but they're just unwilling to implement it.

No. 1101346

I love this video.

Different anon, but you don't need to be American to know about this. Black men all over the world tend to have the exact same mentality when it comes to women, it's just that African cultures push men to get married more than men in the western world do. Even then, they are all eager to grab the opportunity to date a non-black woman either because they think women with lighter skin are more submissive and will let them do whatever they want or they think that they can climb the societal ladder by being with a lighter woman. I would say 90% of black women are turbo pick-mes and refuse to accept that black men do not prefer them and are the ones leading the hate campaign against them and I honestly give up on trying to convince them at this point. I live in the UK and black moids there behave identically to black moids in the US, it's grim.

No. 1101362

it's true that social media websites don't take down suggestive content including minors a lot of the time but they can't do so automatically because they simply can't scan thousands of images/posts per second. it has to be reported and a lot of the time, circles surrounding illegal material will be private and hermetic so there's no one to find and report it. google removes around 500k csam links per 6 months, so you can assume there's hundreds of thousands of those websites (clearnet only) and only some of them are honeypots. you're underestimating the fact that a lot of those people use extreme measures to anonymize their traffic and not get caught. the world is led by pedophiles but it's simply not that easy to just track down every sex offender even if the authorities want to.

No. 1101376

Why is content on youtube about narcissistic personality disorder and how to deal with people who have it so popular in the past few years? A lot of these videos have millions of views. Something about the sudden popularity feels suspicious to me.

No. 1101382

Idk about child porn but I've been told by an ex mi5 agent they regularly blackmail people of interest and allow prostitution to entrap married men etc. I was telling this person about an ex bf and how I could name locations of brothels and corruption and rather than this person be concerned it inspired them to tell me anecdotes of past experiences of blackmail and entraption. Like it was a laugh. Yet I'm traumatised by being indirectly involved. So you're probably right.

No. 1101498

Jesus was/is cool with everyone, can’t say the same about some of his fan club which I’m apart of

No. 1101504

Yeah, she was trying to give her audience a clue on what was really going on. I tried to tell y’all but ended up getting called a Jew-hater by obvious Twitterfags larping as farmers see I just said fuck it.

No. 1101508

You’re making shit up lol

No. 1101921

Have you read the bible, retard? Men can take multiple wives, homosexuality is a sin, you can't have sex before marriage, etc.? It's not that different from judaism or islam but you guys are really clueless.

No. 1101953

File: 1647584212140.jpeg (67.78 KB, 960x745, 1B140ABC-9670-4F97-8561-87C3FC…)

Your general point is correct but
>Men can take multiple wives
is only true about the OT, at least is the common interpretation.
Picrel is basically what ayrt sounds like. I don't think Christianity is actually all that sexist though in practice when compared to the others. It's a spectrum though of how people interpret it and choose to live. In its day at least it was actually a better option for women than regular Judaism or the surrounding culture. Women actually played a major if not main role in spreading it. Nowadays we've moved beyond some of the values

No. 1101959

Christians don't follow The Old Testament, they follow The New Testament.

No. 1101970

NTA, but I'm pretty sure that "homosexuality" is a bad translation and they meant pederasty, since pedophilia towards young boys was a bit of a Greek problem. You got to keep in mind what the audience was for the bible. Other things probably have more to do that back in the day they didn't have proper condoms or birth control, so some things are probably more preventative measures from back in the day, than something relevant for us now. Having sex with only one person the rest of your life is one way to prevent STDs. John Chrysostom, one of the so-called church fathers, held a sermon where it makes it quite clear that something changed about Christianity at some point, since it used to be men who got blamed.
>Men turn prostitutes into murderesses, and “make a chamber of procreation a chamber for murder, and arm the woman that was given for childbearing unto slaughter”. This was not the worst of it. Many of these men were married, “[w]hence the mischief is the greater [because] sorceries are applied not to the womb that is prostituted, but to the injured wife”.
To put it bluntly: husbands ended up treating their wives like sex workers. Remarkably, when discussing the abortions procured by prostitutes, Chrysostom precluded a specifically male get-out,
>for “even if the daring deed be hers, yet the causing of it is thine.”
And wives who had abortions, far from doing so underhandedly and nefariously, were “injured”. The focus was squarely – and extraordinarily so – on male culpability for abortion. There's a reason that in the Eastern Roman Empire you had female physicians who regularly performed abortions and prescribed ancient forms of birth control. Male and female assistants also got paid the same btw. The retarded abortion debate within Christianity is actually a fairly new phenomenon, because the assumptions were either 1. it is the man's fault anyway, 2. you can't really consider the fetus alive, 3. pregnancy is dangerous af so abortificants are preferable:
>The problem of weighing the life of the mother against that of her child was rarely a subject of ethical scrutiny among Christian writers. Two references, however, reflect the dilemma of the predicaments in which it arose. Around the turn of the third century, Tertullian mentioned embryotomy and even conveyed certain practical details in his treatise on the soul, De anima. An instrument opened up the genitals, he said, while another was used to dissect the foetus. In context, Tertullian was arguing from authority to support his contention that the product of conception was a living or souled being. In a tangent, he used the practice of embryotomy – taught, so he said, by Hippocrates, Asclepiades, Herophilus, Erasistratus, and even the “milder” Soranus – to prove his point: to speak of killing the foetus presumed that it had been alive.
>Danielle Gourevitch has drawn attention to the remains of a newborn infant dating from c.350 found at a gravesite in Poundbury, Dorset. The infant had been decapitated, was missing a right arm and leg, and had suffered multiple mutilations and fractures, strongly suggesting that she (the infant was probably female) had died in an embryotomy (or her remains had been extracted through embryotomy). The mother probably survived given that she was not buried too. Gourevitch also notes another set of fourth-century remains found in a tomb at Beth Shemesh, Israel, of a girl of appropximately fourteen years, whose pelvic cavity contained a full-term foetus of around forty weeks. Pelvic measurements suggest that normal birth would have been impossible. The heavily pregnant girl probably died of an internal haemorrhage in or before labour. These grave dangers make sense of the fact that authors like Priscianus articulated distaste for abortion but also gave abortifacient prescriptions.
Btw thanks to the large amount of female physicians, they were even making progress on uterine cancer treatments. Imagine where women's healthcare would be now if that trend could've continued?

No. 1101972

This shouldn't have gotten a ban, it was posted by Britney. It's real but because it just so happens to have offensive possible interpretations, no one wants to look at it despite every other Britney post being tinfoil material. Maybe Benny boy was onto something about facts over feelings kek

No. 1101986

Why is it so hard to understand that the God of of the old testament was far removed from even other deities, Semitic people had loads of gods for every little thing, It was the Hebrews(who were at one time, a violent nomadic group) who had their chief war god turned into their only god due to the constant conflict they were in, no one people could really control it

>Originally he seems to have been a god of thunder, dwelling in the hills and worshiped for the same reason that the youthful Gorki was a believer when it thundered. The authors of the Pentateuch, to whom religion was an instrument of statesmanship, formed this Vulcan into Mars, so that in their energetic hands Yahveh became predominantly an imperialistic, expansionist God of Hosts, who fights for his people as fiercely as the gods of the Iliad. “The Lord is a man of war,” says “Moses ” and David echoes him: “He teacheth my hands to war.”" Yahveh promises to “destroy all the people to whom the Jews shall come,” and to drive out the Hivite, the Canaanite and the Hittite “by little and little” and he claims as his own all the territory conquered by the Jews. He will have no pacifist nonsense; he knows that even a Promised Land can be won, and held, only by the sword; he is a god of war because he has to be; it will take centuries of military defeat, political subjugation, and moral development, to transform him into the gentle and loving Father of Hillel and Christ.

>He is as vain as a soldier; he drinks up praise with a bottomless appetite, and he is anxious to display his prowess by drowning the Egyptians: “They shall know that I am the Lord when I have gotten me honor upon Pharaoh.” To gain successes for his people he commits or commands brutalities as repugnant to our taste as they were acceptable to the morals of the age; he slaughters whole tribes for the sin of one

No. 1101988

You can't defend bullshit by saying it's "bad translation" and the audience argument can be made for any religion. Most religions have the same rules and little difference in their books so if you're going to dunk on Islam for being backwards, then so is Judaism and Christianity and vice versa.

No. 1101994

Translations do matter. It does matter whether some butthurt pedo scrote decided that it wasn't pedophilia which is being condemned, nah it must be homosexuality.

No. 1101999

What does this have to do with my post? kek

No. 1102005

You should also take into consideration the culture around them, how they are practiced in this day and age. While I don't entirely agree with the other anon about the biblical stance on homosexuality, she's a perfect example of how the practice of religion differs between people, as well as the overall differences between cultures and time periods. She is right to point out that Christianity has gone through transformations over time. Criticisms of it will hold different weight depending on how it is practiced currently, and right now it is a lot less sexist than the other Abrahamic faiths as it is practiced today. That said it is still totally valid to look at the original text and decide based on your own understanding, but that doesn't encompass it as a "religion" exactly.

No. 1102008

Of course it's homosexuality. Homosexuality is banned for the same reason premarital sex is banned, to push people to marry and make as many kids as they can so there'd be more believers of the said religion.

No. 1102011

explain the monastic tradition then

No. 1102015

Religious authorities are seen as sexless but Christianity doesn't encourage everyone to become monks, retard. You really are slow.

No. 1102045

NTA. Most Christians view a vow of chastity as the highest way of living, at least that's what I was raised to believe and reminded of constantly, but was also taught that living that way is hard for most people (obviously) so it is not the most common. Marriage is expected of most people because sex is what most people want, but marriage was a way to temper that instead of risking children out of wedlock. What you said about making more believers makes sense as one of the reasons marriage is encouraged (not the only one) but I don't see why that is a bad or underhanded reason. Premarital sex started off being banned because birth control was hardly a thing and people would be having babies left and right without devoted parents (esp. fathers) to care for them otherwise, this is just the logical historical reason and applies to the other religions too I would think

Maybe this is a tangent since you were talking about homosexuality but I disagree with your exact reasoning, we are pretty off topic tho so maybe we can get back to tinfoiling again kek, though I guess some of this is tinfoil like the theories about why religions promote marriage

No. 1102053

the specific circumstances that led to Judaism to have its unique brands of misogyny and homophobia, weren't ever present in other religions and cultures, the specific disdain towards homosexuals and abortions Judaism had was cause they were population hinderance
the Hebrews needed large numbers to fight their many neighboring enemies and to an extent it worked, they were the dominant in the levant due to their military might up until the conquest by the Assyrians

No. 1102056

I can see that, Judaism had a whole lot of other rules against things that would hinder their survival even as a faith ie don't adopt the ways of the predominant people, else you will get absorbed into them. Hence circumcision as the biggest reminder

No. 1102078

there was a chance during the Seleucid occupation of Judea of Judaism either disappearing or being so altered that it wouldn't even resemble we have today
but one Hebrew rabbi had a chimpout and murdered other Jewish priests who were accommodating greek rituals, fucked off to the mountains with his sons and got a bunch of inbred tribals to wage a holy way against them, Judah maccabee has more common with an Taliban member more then any modern jewish figure today, he was fanatical inbred who beat his own people to death with a war hammer for not being proper jews

No. 1102127

this tinfoil is mostly my partners but it hasnt left my head

china strategically released covid in time to break us down before the ukraine invasion, they are supporting russia more than they are letting on and this is the beginning of the new order.

first, WW3 which will be fought mainly with technology and chemical warfare, the media will hide the fact this is going on or be silenced via mass hackings. Population control ensues (already started with covid killing the sick/old) eventually a new dystopian government arises from the ashes and we are all forced to travel everywhere using electric scooters due to rising gas prices, while they mine the arctic for precious minerals and oil.

Thats all my predictions so far, I do believe i'll see the break down of society in my lifetime and i've already said fuck it. Move to a tiny island farming country while you can anons, bunkers wont save you

No. 1102129

one more thing, once sex robots become a thing (already in progress unfortunately) the pedos will further blur the lines. they will call these robots 'short' 'petite' 'flat chested' but still 'technically adults' and it will pass under the radar because its fucking robots. pedos will defend their actions by saying it curbs their urges, but as pornography has shown us, it will only exuberate the problem. this will either lead to the age of consent slowly being lowered or, ideally, men being forcibly drugged with libido lowering drugs (something we should have done a long time ago)

No. 1102134

>Move to a tiny island farming country
I wish, that sounds great and kind of reminds me of Harvest Moon, not going to lie. I would want to do this in general and not just to escape the NWO.

No. 1102135

as someone who already lives in a tiny farming country its less harvest moon and more shirtless crackheads setting fires to peoples decks. but there are benefits to being forgotten by the rest of the world.

No. 1102142

In regards to the bible and being a Christian it's all about interpretation. Which is why there are so many sects. The more modern science based way of a person who believes in science but has faith is taking the biblical text in contextual ways and applying modern life to the men that wrote the books of the Bible etc. We know rightfully people are prone to human error, mistakes, embellishment, manipulation, subverting causes for personal gains etc etc etc. There's a foundational message of a creator and morals and reasonings. It's having a common consensus on meaning and actions. Jesus is saw as a bringer of peace and lifting each other up. Humankind is a very special and unique gift compared to the other lifeforms on this planet. We can choose to believe we are an embodiment of a bigger consciousness in the universe and pushing towards full enlightenment or we can get caught up on having a brief moment in space and time and worrying about all the man made bullshit and bureaucracy etc.

No. 1102151

File: 1647606723678.jpg (180.48 KB, 718x931, 743cynr82734yt8yr.jpg)

>“Defendants have known that there is a proved association between the use of oral contraceptives and the development of hepatic ademoma. Evidence indicates that estrogen consumption is the primary risk factor for their development,” Smith’s lawsuit states. “Defendants have also known that the longer the duration of use, the greater the risk for developing a hepatic ademona.”
>According to the complaint, Teva at first downplayed the risks of hepatic adenomas in the warning labels for Seasonale and Seasonique, claiming that their occurrence is rare in the U.S. Those warnings appeared on the 2003 label of Seasonale and the 2006 label of Seasonique, stating:
>“Benign hepatic adenomas are associated with oral contraceptive use, although their occurrence is rare in the United States. Indirect calculations have estimated that attributable risk to be in the range of 3.3 cases/100,000 for users, a risk that increases after four or more years of use.”
>However, the labels were changed in 2010, stating:
>“Studies have shown an increase risk of developing hepatocellular carcinoma in long-term (>8 years) [oral contraceptive] users. However, the attributable risk of liver cancers in [oral contraceptive] users is less than one care per million users.”
>The Seasonale and Seasonique lawsuit claims that both labels are deficient, by calling the rate of occurrence rare. It also notes that the 2010 update removed the fact that hepatic-adenoma risk increased with long-term use by only mentioning hepatoceulluar carcinoma.
>Smith presents claims for defective design, failure to warn, negligence, and negligent failure to warn. She is seeking compensatory and punitive damages.
greentext: https://www.aboutlawsuits.com/seasonique-and-seasonale-lawsuit-128975/
pic: https://www.health.com/condition/birth-control/how-my-birth-control-gave-me-a-tumor
I don't think this is going to be the last lawsuit or that this is the only brand which can cause this. I'm not saying if you take birth control that you should panic or that you should avoid it, but if you keep having abdominal pain, you might not be imagining it.

No. 1102265

Birth control pills are a way to kill, harm and sterilize women. Change my mind. There are so many complications and they've taught us that you're literally not supposed to prescribe it for women who are 35+ because the health risks are that high! You can get bloodclots, cancer, mood disorders and much more which are all IRREVERSIBLE!

No. 1102352

File: 1647615426534.png (617.81 KB, 764x640, unknown.png)

FUCK THIS GAY EARTH. GOD I HATE THE GOVERNMENT. Hrmmmm funny how it's suddenly NOT crazy horse dewormer? Boy I can't wait to see CNN try and spin this as totally normal.

No. 1102357

>I think that big tech and governments are complicit in the proliferation of child sex abuse material
DUH, have you seen Joe Biden? Netflix? Cuties? All those creepy Youtube vids of Elsa and Spiderman and shit? All these people are probably pedophiles themselves.

No. 1102461

File: 1647619645898.png (520.86 KB, 820x646, 985fuj845u3f589.png)

AYRT, I do kinda hope my cancer is reversible tho. I'm too young for this shit kek

No. 1102511

File: 1647622343542.gif (72.73 KB, 249x246, 1623307755231.gif)

Anyone else looking forward to the end of the petrodollar?

No. 1102599

Suddenly moving from my city to a small farming island doesn't sound like it would be that much of a change

No. 1102938

so can I safely bring up here how strange it is Helen Mirren did this Baphomet ass hand signal to Gaga? I'm usually not as certain about this shit as I am here. it's the intimacy of the clip, the strange affirming nod between them, the way Mirren pauses and presses her hands forward in the air in emphasis; it's like she's seeking to affirm something before moving on. don't know why the "rock on" hand symbol would be treated so carefully but go off normies

No. 1103079

File: 1647653108620.jpg (89.17 KB, 1200x630, heartinsideaheart.jpg)

I think Helen wanted to be cool and Gaga is smart and can think fast on how to react in social situations.
Like if some old person or autist came up to you doing a fun symbolic hand symbol, I'd say you would probably end up doing the same thing because what would you say? Gaga copied her energy and acknowledged her while still being able to walk away.
I thought the Lady Gaga pink Oreos and the heart symbol looking like the pedophile symbol of whatever it is was interesting though.

No. 1103167

This is probable and so sad.

No. 1103210

If only saudis got more balls than their schlong. can't they ask China for assist against usa battleship?

No. 1103218

nona please, saudis balls are bigger than two bowling balls under an elephant trunk. a little look at history will prove that.

No. 1103223

Saudi princes pay Instagram model gold diggers to fuck animals.

No. 1103227

>pay “gold diggers” to do stuff
As opposed to the lovely ladies that’d do it out if the kindness of their hearts?

No. 1103234

File: 1647667479900.png (359.44 KB, 506x2920, Help me Grace.png)

This tumblr post was made over 4 years ago but I feel we are heading towards this reality and I refuse to live in it, I have a beautiful child and I'm hoping for a daughter sometime soon and letting any of these animals near them I'll cut myself from society to protect my children from this hell world

No. 1103239

We've already been on step 8 so I think the order is messed up. And the deep fake arguments will go the same way as loli hentai. "It's not REEEEal!"

Especially the last part about women who fight back against sexualizing children just being "old and jealous". I've been getting told that by 4chan pedos since forever. Ironically far back enough that I was a minor myself. Imagine if we took that approach whenever a male talked about about pedophile clergy or boys scout leaders. "You're just mad that you're old and not sexy anymore kek"

It's all so ironic, men will sperg about degeneracy, civilization, honor, etc but be exactly that which makes this world a horrible place to be born into.

No. 1103246

I don't think the real pedos care, they will sexulize and abuse boys and girl and its up to parents, esplically us mothers to stop them
to protect our children

No. 1103248

Well you can cure it but the issue is a drug shouldn't give you irreversible side effects unless it's a drug you need to use to save your life or some shit. Most side effects disappear after you stop taking the said drugs and that's what I meant by reversible, the effects of birth control aren't reversible in that sense.

No. 1103251

When I was a 14 year old girl, I'd go to hebe boards and try to explain why girls my age wouldn't go for 30 year old expired neet men because I thought I could prevent these men from raping the said girls if I did that. When it didn't work I just sent them gore and images of dead decayed male bodies, for a group that supported rape and abuse of kids they seemed to be quite bothered and uncomfortable when I did that. Pedos are huge snowflakes and even though they act like their attraction makes women jealous or triggers them, they're the ones who get most triggered when they get rejected by their objects of desire or face something they aren't attracted to themselves, which in this case was necro.

No. 1103303

File: 1647673137869.jpg (50.41 KB, 570x581, wat.jpg)

If Lolcow is being controlled by the FBI now, does that mean we should not post in the friend finder thread anymore? Rip to my trip to disneyland

No. 1103342

Proof of fbi?

No. 1103361

File: 1647677602179.jpg (128.55 KB, 981x661, 84uv584u589urt.jpg)

AYRT yeah, you're not kidding. I quit them after a decade in the hopes to shrink what I had, instead it ended up doubling in size. The damage has already been done and it already turned. I probably have endometriosis and instead of doing further investigation, they just prescribed birth control. At least that is a medical use for it, but to think that GP's will prescribe it even for things like youth acne. I read a book where someone prescribed birth control pills as the edible panopticon, will share some quotes you might like:
>Protocols of research and evaluation of the Pill’s technical effectiveness reveal its disciplinary and colonial roots. After the success of the preliminary Boston trials for the Pill in 1954 and 1955, John Rock and Gregory Pincus needed a large-scale human group to test the new molecule in order to receive approval from the US Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, to bring the drug to market. The first large clinical contraceptive pill trials were performed by Searle on several groups of female psychiatric patients at Worcester State Hospital and on male prison inmates in the state of Oregon in 1956–57. The tests were intended to measure the effectiveness of using synthetic oral hormones as a method of birth control in women, and also the effectiveness of these substances in controlling and decreasing “homosexual tendencies”.
>In 1955, American physician Edris Rice-Wray, the medical director of the Puerto Rican Family Planning Association, already working with Searle, offered Pincus the possibility of conducting the Pill trials at Rio Piedras, a suburb of San Juan where a new housing project had been set up as part of a slum clearance campaign. In the summer of 1955, Pincus visited Puerto Rico and immediately decided that the Rio Piedras housing was the perfect location for a large-population, long-term Pill trial.
>Puerto Rico’s trials are not an exception but rather belong to a larger history of colonial and hygienist scientific experimentation involving humans that occurred during the twentieth century: “Doctors and biohygenists became the determinators of a bioracially constituted state; they saw themselves as its gatekeepers and guardians, programmed with the mission to secure a utopian healthy society.” However, after World War II, with the scandals of Nazi medicine and the Nuremberg Code, the role of the state in pharmacological and medical experimentation became less clearly visible, as this experimentation moved from state institutions to industrial pharmacological companies
>For Rangelova, the traditional European and North American segregation of spaces according to gender (private/public, domestic/nondomestic) and sexuality (places for family and places for prostitution) was reorganized in Puerto Rico according to a colonial logic that separated reproductive spaces from prostitutional spaces in terms of race. Black and poor working-class women were often represented as prostitutes, being excluded from the nineteenth-century autonomist narrative of the “gran familia of Puerto Rico.” Kept separate from the “white” and the “mother” figure, poor nonwhite women were not understood as bodies for the reproduction of the nation, but rather as “deviants” (elementos divergentes) to be medically and legally monitored. Poor nonwhite women were first redefined and managed as potential sex workers. The same bodies would later be the object of contraception management and experimentation, enabling an unexpected transformation from colonial brothel to pharmacopornographic laboratory.
>Puerto Rican women’s resistance to following instructions caused Searle to suspect that commercialization for American women could be difficult without pharmacological control. Although highly efficient, the routine of taking hormonal pills seemed almost impossible to control outside the pharmacological housing programs: never before had a pharmacological product depended so much on disciplining the patient in a domestic setting. As we shall see, the invention of a domestic, portable dispenser for the Pill in the early 1960s would answer this need for self-surveillance and discipline.
>For Gossel, the invention of the dispenser for the Pill indicates the emergence of a new model of pharmaceutical design, one that does not rely on the aims of advertising
companies aims, but rather on the designer-user relationship. Following Gossel’s design history, we could argue that the Pill (taking into account the difficulties of the intake schedule) is not only a chemical product (the molecule isolated and marketed as edible capsule) but also an individual portable pharmacomechanism, able to discipline the tablets’ intake.
>It functions as a device for the domestic self-surveillance of female sexuality, like a molecular, endocrinological, high-tech mandala, a book of hours, or the daily examination of conscience in Ignatius’s Spiritual Exercises. It is a hormonal domestic microprosthesis that regulates ovulation, but it also produces the “mind” and living body of the heterosexual woman as modern sexual reproductive subject
>As historian Patricia Peck Gossel recalls: “A Philadelphia women’s health clinic recommended that women take their Pill when they heard the theme music for the 11 o’clock news, at bedtime,” something that amounts to trying to transform a national broadcasting media into a technique to regulate intake.
>We can think of the Pill as a lightweight, portable, individualized, chemical panopticon with the potential to change behavior, program action, regulate sexual activity, control population growth and racial purity, and redesign the sexual appearance (by refeminizing it synthetically) of the bodies that self-administer it. The surveillance tower has been replaced by the eyes of the (not always) docile user of the Pill who regulates her own administration without the need for external supervision, following the spatial calendar marked on the circular or rectangular package. The whip has been replaced by a convenient system of oral administration. Henceforth, the prison cell has become the body of the consumer, which sees itself chemically modified without being able to determine the exact effects or where they come from, once the hormonal compound has been ingested. Punishments and edifying sermons have been replaced by rewards and promises of freedom and sexual emancipation for women. The Pill is a miniaturized pharmacopornographic laboratory distributed within the domestic environment and destined to be placed inside the body of each consumer
I can see how the birth control pill also freed a lot of women and many think it's a great help, but it's kinda messed up we have been memed into ignoring side effects and just being compliant. It's insane how these companies can get away with downplaying the risks, just because so many women take it. It ends up becoming difficult to prove whether there is correlation or causation.

No. 1103403

Another reason i’m not gonna have children, i would love a daughter but i don’t think this world would be kind to her as it wasn’t kind to me

No. 1103406

the celebricow thread had people gaslighting and calling nonnies schizo for pointing out elite child raping jews doing weird hand signals at each other

No. 1103462

Holy shit you're right

No. 1103540

Not a tinfoil - this is literally true and there are mountains of evidence supporting this to be the case. There have been porn websites masquerading as websites designed for children to lead them to pornography, Epstein, a huge underground pedophilia ring and the child porn industry worth literal billions of dollars. I think there has been a lot of propaganda to convince the masses that pedophiles are just the creepy basement dweller with no friends or family. But they aren't just that. They're the CEOs, the politicians, the husbands, the fathers. They're the leading toy manufacturers. They're everywhere.

No. 1103816

>There have been porn websites masquerading as websites designed for children to lead them to pornography

No. 1103817

Did anyone call those out? or…

No. 1103838

marry me nonny

No. 1103953

tor is literally owned and created by the u.s military but doesn't crack down on onion servers and the distribution of cp much, this isn't really much of a secret

No. 1103973

File: 1647722898811.jpeg (38.67 KB, 717x408, A271ED84-5F60-4F6A-A840-9F5985…)

just because we told you guys you were being too schizo does not make us any less right. now continue to flip flop on whether or not celebrities are "exposing" themselves or the "enemy". Like it would be nice if tinfoiling would lead to investigative theory if you're concerned, but all you do is use hand signals as a foundation for something more nefarious. There's stuff going on… and you are all concerned about hand signals.

actually, I like tinfoiling regarding celebrity gossip, and I've got some nice interconnected theories that make me fear for my life if I spread them. you guys gotta come up with something deeper tbh. because I can promise you, there's a lot of scum if you know where to look, and once you start noticing a pattern and there's real info or even blind items and witness accounts out there to corroborate, there's no going back. your brain starts seeing a full picture of a potential truth. it's not like I worship them, but celebrity is a fascinating puzzle, the problem is the lack of people tinfoiling who see celebrities as individuals or pockets. a lot of u see them as a massive "cabal". that's an overarching problem I have with conspiracy. people are not collective. there's a reason why massive cults end in failure or exposure. small pockets or individuals are the ones up to more nefarious deeds.

that's why I'm willing to have nuance and say not everyone who knew epstein was aware of his bs, as he was a richie financier who knew many famous people, but some of them (cough kevin spacey cough) turned out to be horrible people themselves. we have to remember that too much collectivism is just as bad as too much individualism when it comes to tinfoiling, and like everything in life, it's neither black nor white, it's a grayish admixture and often confusing. reality is weird

No. 1103987

I do realize that birth control made things easier for many women but having birth control pushed to women instead of men, who would have much lighter side effects if they took it, is something we should think about. Taking birth control pills as a woman is normalized but male pills or other male contraceptives are demonized and advertised as emasculating. Meanwhile they try and make birth control pills sound and look feminizing when in reality it ruins most women's hormonal balance and femininity.

No. 1103997

AYRT, I 100% agree

No. 1104032

Based but we need to remember that males are the overwhelming perpetrators of reproductive coercion. Even if birth control pills etc were geared toward men we would still have to take other precautions.

No. 1104173

Nta but I’ve seen some shit on discord that were meant to be memes and were like really obscure among us and minions animated porn and stuff like that. Never let your kids online and I mean EVER. If you do watch them closely. My nephew watched Huggy Wuggy stuff and one time we caught him looking at suggested videos with big titties on a girl huggy wuggy????

No. 1104174

And it seemed like it was targeted towards kids

No. 1104178

glowie post. don't interact.

No. 1104213

even back when i was a child in like 2005/2006 there were sites designed like flash game sites with just porn games, so for me this isn't surprising at all. elsa gate too

No. 1104239

File: 1647742750177.png (249.09 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20220319-191306.png)

Disney is in line with the illuminati, some stuff is going to come out, and that's why they don't want you blogging/posting about them during designated blackout dates.

We need to press Kanyequest, the Canadian government, and Hennessey for more information.

No. 1104247

File: 1647743288157.jpeg (32.53 KB, 447x424, 09029752-A0BC-4ED6-9C97-B17C0C…)

I've been on this site for 2 years retardo, maybe you should leave this thread and your room every once in awhile

No. 1104275

I find it super strange how these YouTube Kids with vile content have been allowed to exist for years and YouTube has yet to crack down on it. It’s like they don’t care. All these videos also seem A.I generated since many of them make no sense. This rabbit hole goes deep and the fact that it’s still a problem when other creators have been banned for less is alarming.

No. 1104277

Samefag but forgot to add that apps like Tiktok also push for the sexualization and grooming of children and many times give a platform for predators to cause harm. They don’t care about the safety of kids and ignorant parents are oblivious to the dangers of seemingly innocent apps like Tiktok or Likee since they are advertised as child friendly when they are far from that. If they really wanted to ensure child safety, they would.

No. 1104279

Aside from the view I lean towards that occultists' values are satanic, what is it about the occult that makes it bad to most people? A lot of people view it negatively while not even believing in satan or agreeing that it all involves him. I noticed others saying "this guy's into the occult" negatively about someone with no further comment, and it made me wonder why they specifically are against it. On the surface a lot of it is being really into ancient history & religion (which I am) as well as mystical mumbo jumbo (nah) but I suppose it goes deeper? Maybe the general slant of occultists' goals for humanity (nwo)? Black magic? Secrecy? Don't like any of these things myself but I wanna know what it is for others. They often say it's "dark shit" but don't go into detail what is dark to them specifically.

No. 1104323

I've always held the theory that 4chan is responsible for exposing and normalizing a lot of the fucked up fetishes to millennial and zoomer men as that site has paralleled their coming of age years. They were exposed to real CP and lolicon shit in their teens to early 20s and now they're in there 30s grooming kids or traveling to to developing countries to exploit kids.

There's also the sick fucks who target single mothers with daughters and take advantage of both the mother and daughter.

No. 1104325

I just feel like these apps and youtube videos and games and media are normalizing hypersexualization to children since very young. And then when they grow up they will see this shit as "something normal kids look at" and continue the cycle. Why parents let their kids near this shit is beyond me. I'm a millenial/zoomer cusp, and I would just never let my child near this fucking content. I just don't want to have children at all tbh.

No. 1104339

I hope there is a turn of the tides, I hope this "progress" is stopped. Unfortunately as technology advances it seems we are all stuck on the ride against our wills. tedkaczynski.jpeg

People say the pendulum always swings the other way, well I can't fucking wait, although that'll bring its own new problems for us. Open degeneracy like this has certainly happened other times in history which come to mind, but the pushback is rarely gentle to say the least.

No. 1104346

such advancement cant be reversed. the pendulum cant swing back and pretend like it never went forward. we cant just "unsee'' our phone screens. if you really want to be revolutionary we would have to let go of phones completely which would be hypocritical in the long run. it does come with its positives as well though such as ease of access and convenience. as far as "hypersezualization'' and things of that matter we simply have to abstain from it

No. 1104788

top left cookie looks like a wrinkled scrotum

No. 1104794

Nta but the implication was gold diggers as opposed to normal, non-degen women who wouldn't fuck an animal for cash.

No. 1105149

>I'm hoping for a daughter sometime soon
Literal retard birthing innocent girls into this hellworld.

No. 1105314

File: 1647814602481.jpg (86.99 KB, 640x795, 1647811986844.jpg)

Lol how is not taking a piss
Like are they serious

No. 1105340

Why does hunter biden have the finger lakes on his back

No. 1105345

File: 1647816357931.jpeg (147.03 KB, 1169x673, 82576480-F39F-4FB2-B78A-592562…)

No. 1105359

id expect that to be a caption in an article from the onion jfc

No. 1105566

I will protect her with all my love and strength, I won't let the degen's and NWO win

No. 1105641

File: 1647837003745.jpg (39.62 KB, 735x693, 8e2ba9b28a41c146a092928ece8bca…)

Then she downloads TikTok behind your back and a week later she tells you she's nonbinary, she has no pronouns, and that she's in an online polycule with postmodernist transhumanist Hungarian lizard-furries.

No. 1105682

This is so scary and harrowing. I heard of tiktok compilations on pornhub and some of the girls were minors. I hate it all, I hate the “teen” trend why the fuck is it the actual term for teenagers?
Older woman is milf or mommy
But a younger lady is just teen why can’t they use an entirely different word like they’re using an actual innocent term to blur the lines between “fantasy” and “reality” I hate how most porn plots are coercion or straight up rape.

No. 1105687

Please don't call her retarded. This might be a hell world but it isn't her fault, it's the fault of fucking elites.

No. 1105699

Anon I love how innocent you are, you’d make a great mom
adopt me

No. 1105722

Kek anon

No. 1106099

Actual economists know that those tips are not going to do jack shit for consumption alone. Managing is retarded when the real solution is to let the Fed increase interest rates. They have a multitude of ways to raise the interest rate that aren’t blaming poor people for how they spend their money. Ffs I hate the elite controlled media and how normal it is for us to suffer and be blamed for so many issues (like the environment issues which start 100% with the elite). I used to be a liberal myself and it seems that liberals either accept blame for these things or they don’t and go full tankie communism which I can’t get behind with my own econ background and fundamental understanding of how badly state-controlled anything goes.

No. 1106580

File: 1647945748676.jpg (311.86 KB, 1043x1571, 1647791209865-1.jpg)

People still insist that those wokes and liberals are different people and sometimes dont see eye to eye

There is a reason most elites are shills for liberal ideology, ots clear they benefit from it

All types of people are put into this vortex of globalism, and i can see ot being imploded in the future
Things will get much more dangerous for women, seeing innocent minority halo around refugees and muslim scrotes and anyone falling under liberals good graces
Rapists being let off easy, punishments getting lenient
Anarchy is confirmed for the future

No. 1106607

>Nobody said this would be fun
Whoever wrote this tweet is such a dick

No. 1106669

Definitely someone who believes in other people privilege

I hate but i can see people that ate "privileged" (not to be confused with actual privileged " will have far more shit to worry about when climate change roles in

No. 1106670

No. 1106707

TikTok also influences men into becoming pedophiles. Women will get makeup, funny videos, animals etc, while men get teen girls doing suggestive dances without ever having looked at of search that on the app.

Me and my ex downloaded tiktok together to check it out, i got normal shit, he was instantly bombarded with pedophile shit.

No. 1106719

Tiktok algorithm is influenced by which videos he watched for the longs and which he skipped. If he watched minors thirstrapping, those same videos will be recommended to him. Stop caping for pedo men and pretending its not their fault they magically get cp suggested to them when normal men dont.

No. 1106724

File: 1647953169681.jpg (1.18 MB, 1800x2164, Overall - Demand VS Market Ave…)

somewhat related, regarding the show Euphoria, I believe mainstream pushes it seem like the show is so "relatable" to so many young teens, here's the thing though Attack on Titan is currently the most watched show in America by metrics which do not even capture half its actual audience through piracy, yet I have never seen an article claiming AoT defines a generation
Its like "real life" culture is entirely fake. A couple journalists will now write something like "what euphoria shows about gen-z culture": but its entirely fake.

No. 1106726

i've never downloaded tiktok but if >>1106719 is true then it's a good thing you aren't with him anymore. if your next partner has it installed you should check through it to make sure he isn't a creep

No. 1106728

There is something oddly comforting about AoT and Spongebob being the most watched shows in the US right now

No. 1106735

i'm amazed that spongebob is still being aired after 30 years

No. 1106743

Well worded anon, hellyeah.
Also when anyone downloads tiktok on their phone they allow the app to data mine your messages, other apps, recent searches, etc (its in the user terms everyone accepts but does not read)
So yea, any man getting that feed is not worth your time. My dad is a old man and not on sm, but he told me how disgusted he was with the feed his friend showed him.(my dad said “WHY are there “child strippers”?!)I sat my dad down and explained how the main feed is made, and he was so mad he left the house, drove to his friends house and “ripped him a new one”. He still hasnt talked to that guy. (Sorry for dad blogpost but im proud of him)

No. 1106770

Your dad sounds amazing anon. Slightly off topic but I like when I discover that someone new I've met has never used social media. It makes them more likeable in my eyes or something, more approachable.

No. 1106785

I welcome you over any time. My dad is pretty cool; Im fortunate he raised me well ♥
Hes still not clear on the AlGorRythyms (he says it like that) , but he is trying to learn . I have a brother, wayyyy younger. And hes not allowed on sm, doesnt have a cellphone, and still gets “limited screen time”. (Age 8) Sometime he plays minecraft. I am
Curious to see how he is different than other kids his age, long term. I think some parents keep kids zombied out with screens

No. 1106787

I'm that anon and yeah, my dad and I use tiktok and while my dad got some women in videos, all were older and he mostly got cat or dog videos because that's what he watched. I also get that and some makeup and fashiom stuff. Anyone who has borderline cp suggested is a huge redflag and moids so everything to act like they're innocent and cp is being advertised when they're purposefully searching for it!

No. 1106795

Bless the good dads, a rarity in the sea of men scum. I like imagining a dad scrolling through pet videos happily. Warms my soul, tellyahwhat

No. 1106818

>they allow the app to data mine your messages, other apps, recent searches, etc
that's… terrifying but at the same time makes it a good tool for monitoring scrotes. i'm glad you have such a cool dad

No. 1106838

it happens on fb, pinterest, twitter, tumblr too. Its more data used for creating brain addicting news feeds (dopamine and serotonin reaction). And adverts. Truth is, those companies know how ethically invasive it is, and they bank on the user not realizing it.
Theres a documentary called “the social dilemma” on netflix. Its a bunch of well paid coders and such whistle blowing google (oh yea, gmail is not private at all) and the other companies. I recommend anyone to watch it. It explains how the apps are not only data invasive, but they also track how long your eyes look, what you look at.
They design the news feeds to creat happy, mad, sad reactions from the users bc it requires your participation. They male money off of the scrolling and will do anything to keep you hooked.

No. 1106840

Samefag, heres thw trailer

No. 1107491

File: 1648003278108.jpg (233.4 KB, 1080x1584, IMG_6680.JPG)

New youtube info panel just dropped

No. 1107521

I'm glad wikipedia is always begging for money handouts, I bet they barely get any donations. Fuck them

No. 1108036

I'm totally disconnected from current pop culture but whenever someone posts current music videos, it's unsettling how in-your-face the occult symbolism now is. A lot of the visuals are also kinda disgusting and evil if that makes sense? I try not to read too much into it but what bothers me more is how many people watch these and apparently notice nothing out of the ordinary. I can't help thinking if you showed someone these a few years ago, even with things already being messed up back then, they would also feel uncomfortable and weirded out.

No. 1108050

No man is perfect but plenty of them would be bearable if they never watched porn. My dad is also great like yours and it makes me happy to hear of guys like them, but also saddens me because I believe the reason they're decent is that they never became pornsick. I'm depressed that guys my age are indoctrinated into porn very young and no longer capable of being any way decent. But I refuse to be blackpilled, I have some hope I can find one of the few who aren't pornsick, but if I don't then I'll be okay, just even more sad at the state of things.
This 100%, also a lot of the people who use social media have a scary look in their eyes 24/7. It becomes the fluoride stare meme when they find out you don't use social media.

No. 1110625

Image boards are still social media anon

No. 1110682

Nta. Sure, its a form of social media, but its not powered by the billion dollars of advertisements in the feed (or in our case, threads)

No. 1110697

nta but you're jumping to conclusions. I get suspicious stuff recommended to me on Pinterest when my pinterest is literally nothing but mom stuff, and snapchat is also notorious for using photoshopped proportions/ porn bait for clickbait. Also why would there be an algorithm if he only recently made tiktok? sounds like you're watering down the big issue with porn being shoved into everyones face

No. 1110715

I'm older gen z and it's bad, I remember when I was 11-14 the boys in school would brag about how they watched weird porn like surprise anal and xxl boob job porn since they were 9. social media apps a few years ago would have ddlg groups consisting of mostly teenagers as well. I also feel like it's because their pornsick dads will expose them to it as well

No. 1110796

File: 1648234814281.jpg (139 KB, 611x867, Stasi_richtlinie1_76.jpg)

I believe that over the last ten years with the rise of social media and our interconnected society, Zersetzung has covertly become a staple glowie technique.

>Zersetzung (pronounced [tsɛɐˈzɛtsʊŋ], German for "decomposition" and "disruption") was a psychological warfare technique used by the Ministry for State Security (Stasi) to repress political opponents in East Germany during the 1970s and 1980s. Zersetzung served to combat alleged and actual dissidents through covert means, using secret methods of abusive control and psychological manipulation to prevent anti-government activities. People were commonly targeted on a preventative basis, for politically incorrect activities they may have gone on to perform, and not on the basis of crimes they had actually committed. Zersetzung methods were designed to break down, undermine, and paralyze people behind a facade of social normality in a form of 'silent repression'

Schizos are probably right in that glowies are going around sabotaging people's lives.

No. 1111103

If one knows anything about scrotes they'd know shit like that is real.

No. 1111163

File: 1648255273963.jpeg (959.06 KB, 1125x1367, 43932807-902D-45A8-98FE-3AD9C9…)

Like pedophelia, occult practices are slowly being normalized in normal settings.

No. 1112265

Hi anons, apologies because I couldn’t find a rad fem thread anywhere. I’m reading the scum manifesto and I wanted to figure out a way to distribute it throughout campus (I’m thinking of a QR code sticker that links to the pdf because I’m an ecofag and don’t want people throwing away a bunch of printed zines) and I thought of all the TIFs who might read it. I thought it might be empowering to them to realize there’s no shame in being female from Solanas’s point of view, since women are all positive attributes: sincerity, individuality, empathy, strength, independence. It got me thinking that maybe girls transition to male/non-binary because they can’t relate to the male-created theory that women are all things male: passive, insecure, timid (from Solanas’s point of view). So they transition from women (negative attributes) to men (positive attributes) because societal implications of their sex don’t align with how they see themselves. Essentially their internal misogyny becomes externalized as they reject female pronouns and potentially female hormones. Just my autist take on things. I’m going crazy reading Solanas and having nobody to talk to about it too so I wish I could just pink pill my whole liberal campus.

No. 1112311

There’s an entire board for this.

No. 1112329

Why are the cause celebrity deaths all of the sudden being hidden from the public?

No. 1112331

Probably because they were killed by the covid vax.

No. 1112377

sometimes they hide the cause for a while if it's a suicide or overdose but >>1112331 also has a point

No. 1112384

go to /2X/

No. 1112389

Who's death was hidden? I've seen two celeb deaths trending in the past two days

No. 1112419

i thought the same thing, but it's weird to me since the media was never shy about blasting celebrities who died of OD, suicide, etc. Betty whites CoD was changed several times too which is sus to me, same with anne rice
they're esp not shy with rockstars dying from drug related things or suicide, it just makes no sense how the media, out of nowhere, decides to go out of their way to hide CoDs or change them
>inb4 they're just old
if you ever watched a human or animal die of old age you'd know that it's a slow process of them slowing down, getting health issues, etc. They don't just drop dead and are happy and healthy days before then suddenly drop dead

I also feel like to vaccine shills, they literally think it's more stable to conspire about how the CoD was some bizarre satanic sacrifice to the elites than it is to think that the media is hiding vaccine deaths kek. What did CNN do to this generation

No. 1113145

Allegedly, foo fighters kept trying to pressure their drummer into getting the vaccine when he didn't want to, he gets it and then dies. Foo fighters also have been really pushing the jab too at concerts. Anyone notice this trend?

No. 1113180

They found 10 different substances in his body so I'm leaning towards it being a drug death.

No. 1113190


No. 1113268

>>1113145 he was a lifelong junkie. Yeah maybe it was a "too many sustances & the vac didnt help" (some pharmaceutical drugs have werid effects on addicts) thing but is very unlikely that it was the vaccine alone.

No. 1113269

>>1113190 nta but
https://amp.marca.com/en/lifestyle/music/2022/03/26/623f6bbf22601db8758b461b.html and i know that isnt the best source but this is mostly talked by spanish speaking tabloids

No. 1113271

>He was dead on arrival
>Urine tests said he was on drugs
>Toxicology reports coming out this fast (it usually takes several days)
This is obviously bullshit. You can't urine test a corpse

No. 1113304

Urine tests are a common part of post-mortem toxicology, what are you talking about?

No. 1113885

File: 1648437538100.jpg (853.08 KB, 4200x2800, BEB74D2160248D1BB165F174DEC7D7…)

Twitter doctors after posting a novel about how disgusted they are with people not wearing masks

No. 1114001

Anti vaxxers after screaming at people about all the harmful chemicals in the vaccines and about how they don’t know what’s in it.

No. 1114021

lol shit like this is why no one takes this thread seriously, you're all so dumb. and how can they do blood tests if his heart is not beating?!!!1!

No. 1114209

Wasn’t sure whether to post it here or celebricows but I think most rappers have ED or have trouble getting it up at least think of your average rap song
>I do drugs
>I get bitches
>I am so rich
>I am so hard etc. bragging about conquests with women seems like overcompensating and lean makes you slower and weed causes impotence, I imagine xannies and percs for recreational use aren’t great for sexual health too. The way some rappers talk about women disgusts me;
”she said I never wanna make you mad I just wanna make you proud, I said baby just make me cum then don’t make a sound” a lot of rappers sound how incels sound to cope with constant rejection like you don’t matter just what you do for me (sexually) Some Rappers are probably salty that they can never get it up and just take it out on “bitches” realistically speaking these men can have whoever they want. Also most mainstream rap is pornsick psyop shit

No. 1114438

This isn't new, a lot of rappers are the dictionary definitions of wanna be tough guys, real tough guys don't need to show off, only a complete Idiot would believe that someone like Tupac was actually a "gangster" and gangster themselves are the least masculine warrior image in the world
a bunch of drug delaers with their pants literally down

No. 1114446

File: 1648466229619.png (195.58 KB, 322x527, 951.png)

No. 1114630

No one forces and harasses me for not doing coke karen

No. 1115205

>I won't do nothin' with the bitch, she can't even get me hard
>Somethin' wrong with the pussy
They absolutely have sexual dysfunction, whether it be drugs or ptsd or woman hating. (Lyrics from young thug, by the way)

No. 1115221

For real, the fbi tinfoil sounds more true each day with one of these retarded mansplainers in EVERY fucking thread jesus christ

No. 1115231

Still cringing at the glowie who tried to shut anons up who reported vaccine side effects by claiming only fat girls have period changes kek… As if we can't see the skinny girls on twitter reporting side effects

No. 1115240

there's no way you actually think federal agents are gaslighting women about their periods on lolcow.farm

No. 1115339

File: 1648522945804.png (505.02 KB, 882x634, p3ZZNPc.png)

They aren't even being subtle anymore

No. 1115357

Subtle about what?

No. 1115375

could light an entire farmhouse with that glow
shills have been active on even smaller imageboards with various tactics, it's nothing new and we definitely had a few here during the pandemic

No. 1115384

Another big mass shooting, bomb, stabbing spree or van attack might happen soon. For some reason the powers that be have selected April to be the month when most of these major attacks happen.

No. 1115392

Old milk that hasn’t been posted yet but warmonger, child and Serb-killer Madeline Albright died a few days ago, she was 84. May God forgive her.

No. 1115398

Why do they need so many deaths/sacrifices this soon?

No. 1115410

I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the Satanic imagery/“girls love me like Satan” and obvious sex-slavery references aside from the “he’s just another scrote rapper, ew”.

At least in 2012, women were still women and men were still men; the only silver lining I guess

No. 1115443

Yeah something is about to go down or has happened. That’s why everybody is buzzing about the stupid Chris rock will smith thing. It’s just a distraction.

No. 1115447

Ntayrt but yes i fucking do. You're either a moid or straight up ignorant. Do some research on eugenics and compulsory sterilization done on women. Educate yourself, anon.

No. 1115456

I know 4chins/pol/ is full of shills (in addition to the nasty scrotes and incels). Which other image boards are compromised, anon?

No. 1115560

File: 1648541323923.jpeg (235.77 KB, 1125x634, D010397F-621C-47C6-9DC8-453BCC…)

No. 1115562

Take your pills and don't hang out in sexist spaces like 4chan where they wouldn't consider a woman as a person.

No. 1115566

You sound fat.

No. 1115569

Smells like ball sweat and dilators in here

No. 1115577

>Telling you, you shouldn't go to a website filled with incels and womenhating moids who post violent fantasies on the regular
>Y-Y-You're m-moid!! 4chan who always had fbi agents on it because men spam cp is definitely based and totally wasn't filled with shills until like yesterday!!
Kek. Take your meds, schizo-chan. You have 4chan brainrot if you think that website was good at all. I can't believe you're genuinely defending 4chan while accusing others of being men in the same sentence.

No. 1115583

I think you need to take your pills, glowie gas-light chan.
>I know 4chins/pol/ is full of shills (in addition to the nasty scrotes and incels). Which other image boards are compromised, anon?
Where does this say or imply I hang out with 4chan moids? How does asking which other boards have feds means I need to take meds? I think that's you with your terrible reading comprehension, you fucking retard

No. 1115587

samefagging to ask how is saying that 4chan has sills means I'm "defending" them? I also think Reddit is full of fucking shills and that's on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Why do you and people like you come shit up these fucking tinfoil threads when people ask questions? Why are you so bent over it?

No. 1115591

>saying reddit and 4chan are on the opposite spectrums
>both userbase consist of altright and altleft incels who hate womens rights and advocate for pedophilia
Wow. I heard schizophrenia decreased iq but I didn't know its effects were this much…

No. 1115594

File: 1648543557256.jpg (454.51 KB, 1200x630, Strawman_Fallacy.jpg)

You never answered how I'm saying I'm defending them? What does pedophilia have to do with any of this? You're hallucinating and upset over nothing anon.

No. 1115597

What I'm saying it, they mostly have the same ideaologies down to thwir obsession with putting women down and advocating for pedophilia, something that'd only further remove women's rights. They're not the opposite spectrums, their posts usually have the same undertones and basic moidlogic.

No. 1115602

And what does that even have to do with this >>1115375 conversation ? Which was the post I was replying to before you started sperging and foaming at the mouth with your strawman arguments. You're the one derailing going on a completely unrelated tangent.

No. 1115609

See >>1115587
>I also think Reddit is full of fucking shills and that's on the complete opposite end of the spectrum.
>opposite end of the spectrum
She said they were opposite and brought up reddit herself and I corrected it, it's not derailing, schizo-chan. Also telling them not to go to male-dominated websites is also not derailing because that anon was obviously on the search of a website to sperg in, schizo-chan.

No. 1115612

I think you should take your own advice, since you sound straight out of there. Integrate and then post.

No. 1115629

>she said
I said that, dumbass. You're definitely hallucinating and desperately need your risperdal. You don't make any fucking sense lol
They will never be a woman

No. 1115640

> Also telling them not to go to male-dominated websites is also not derailing because that anon was obviously on the search of a website to sperg in, schizo-chan.
Nice gatekeeping, scrote

No. 1115646

You do realize scrotes enjoy having pickmes and girls they can either mock or get nudes out of on 4chan,right? You're not some based edgy queen but a loser for actually going low enough to engage with 4chan moids.
Why would I take your pills? Anyways, telling you not to go to toxic circlejerks filled with men doesn't make me a male. Men would beg you to go there, they love pickmes or mentally ill women that can ridicule.

No. 1115651

>more derailing and jumping to conclusions and assuming things
Goodnight tranny, you silly goose

No. 1115668

I think the increasing rates of obesity and hormones in food are deliberate and to make it harder for women to conceive while giving them hormonal imbalances at the same time. Women used to go into puberty much later and get menopause later too, they used to have less hormonal health issues even though Healthcare conditions were much worse. Birth control pills are also a part of this scheme, causing many health problems in women even though most women are forced to take them because male contraceptives are seen as unmanly and dangerous by the same society that literally advocates women into taking pills that will give them cancer, blood clots and infertility.

No. 1115669

Jesus christ stop this stupid infight and get a stressball or something, we all know 4chan is shit, the original anon simply asked what other small imageboard get the shill treatment.

I know some boards on 8chan were and a few country specific imageboards with their own agendas. I had a really nice recruitment ad saved with the goals and motivation of a specific agency against "misinformation" who talked about imageboard and how to behave on them but I can't find it for the life of me.

No. 1115674

>we all know 4chan is shit
Then why is >>1115640 crying and calling everyone a man for saying 4chan has always been shit?

No. 1115705

Because they probably think you're a moid sperging out because he doesn't want women in his spaces, since it's such a stupid detail. Now stop it already.

No. 1115708

I've been hearing about pcos everywhere lately. I was watching an ftm detransition vid where they even talked about how pre-transition ftms have higher rates of pcos than on average. You usually get blood taken right before you start T and it's a well known thing within these services that most women going down that route have higher than normal levels of testosterone already during that first baseline blood test. It's a link that's just there but not investigated or seen as a concern. Surely a hormone imbalance (of fucking male hormones) has the ability to make you feel off in your body and identity?

Why are womens hormone levels such a non-concern to doctors in general? You can easily get a pill or an injection but they never have real answers on WHY young women are suffering with hormone imbalances. I had a surprise extra period this month, first time that's ever happened and on googling it to get a general idea of causes it brought up alot of talk about 'pandemic stress' doing this to lots of women.

No. 1115729

Yeah this is what I'm talking about. Healthcare never cares about women's hormonal and reproductive health. Women even used to get tightening unnecessary stitches after they gave birth without their own consent because the doctor assumed she'd want to be tighter for her husband, puke. I hate how women are expected to give up their health for contraceptives, abortion and even when giving birth while men don't even have to take any responsibility. They don't even help raising the child. That's why birthrates are plummeting, women used to need men for financial security and now that women can work and live independently, no woman will go through all of that just because her husband wants to.
Still makes no sense. A moid is more likely to defend 4chan or beg women to come so they can have her as a pickme or cow. Anon going out of her way to defend some weird male board is more suspicious if anything.

No. 1116021

Interesting take. I grew up on no fast food except maybe a once a month pizza and didn't start my period until 14, never had weight issues and look young at 23. A lot of the women I grew up with who I knew would eat fast food constantly often gain tons of weight and have a laundry list of health issues before they even hit 25 and they're always infertile with PCOS too.

I feel like women in general are often taught that if they're not extremely feminine from head to toe then there is something wrong with them. For the longest time I remember scrotes running around screaming women with peach fuzz have hormonal imbalances are either trans or with very unhealthy hormonal issues. On top of that men are losing a grasp on what real, healthy and normal women look like due to things like hair and eyelash extensions, glutathione injections and fake tanning, a lot of women get very overweight and have large breasts because of it, and/or wear push up bras/double bras regularly so moids have a fucked up sense of how naturally developed breasts on healthy women look and porn. Makeup, plastic surgery, shapewear, cool sculpting and even cheaper forms of body modification being the norm for women

This is especially true for lower class women who end up facing most or if not all of these issues due to men bashing them. I grew up poor and so many girls I knew who were also poor ended up spending lots of money on artificial body mods due to moids making them feel like there is something wrong with them if they don't look like that. I always thought I was flat chested with thin hair and no eyelashes but when I grew up and started being around higher class people who don't regularly do these things they actually considered me large busted with long lashes and thick hair, it's just these people have never seen natural women so not seeing some extreme, artificial version of the thing then it's not there to them.

It just makes no sense to me why it seems like poorer women are expected to dish out loads of money to keep up with the artificial beauty standards poor moids push on them. Maybe it was pushed by the beauty industry since poor folks are often easier to manipulate?

No. 1116074

Lots of factors, ones that make them $$$ & resources and keep peasents under control.
Gmos are (unoffically) known to cause inflammation cancer and infertility.
Hormone fed animal products, plastics, modern day low vitamin D levels, stress from being around scrotes 24/7, all fucking up womens hormones.
Birth control being pushed so scrotes can fuck and control women easier and give women more hormonal issues.
Make $$$ off keeping women on birth control, ivf, and fake hormones. Get stemcell research resources from abortion and hysteractamies.

Astrologyfags around the world say the world is starting to enter the cycle where women lead and create society, steralizing and traumatizing women is a last ditch effort to prevent this natural cycle. Only the women they deem worthy (patriarchy aligned) will get to have kids via ivf, the ancient war of scrotes trying to control reproduction id coming to a close and they're trying to grip on as tightly as they can.

No. 1116081

File: 1648573490218.jpg (37.17 KB, 353x452, FO9Q65EWYAY47gG.jpg)

I think about this comment every time I stumble across the celebricows thread

No. 1116127

File: 1648576661102.jpg (Spoiler Image,167.86 KB, 834x1102, biden.jpg)

It's kinda crazy if Hunter Biden actually fucked his niece Natalie.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1116128

Thanks anon for actually understanding lmao, i would love to see that info graphic if you ever find it

No. 1116136

Almost all processed food i see in the grocery store has soy, soybean oil, etc as preservatives. I have to really check ingredients and mostly shop at natural health food stores. I had to cut soy out of my diet because it gives me horrific periods, painful ovulation due to huge cysts on my ovaries, and deep cystic hormonal acne. I think all the soy was throwing my hormones majorly off.

No. 1116139

Isn't her nose different and the moles look different sizes/colour and the location is slightly off?
Alsp is it just me or does the one in the bj photo have quite masculine bone structure/headshape ?

No. 1116176

I also grew up on almost no fast food and my family always tried their best to have some natural foods as least (to this day I've never eaten a store-bought egg and for years we ate our own chickens, rabbits and other meats) and I also look younger at 23 (I'm not bragging, I've had people mistake me for a teenager but maybe I'm just ugly lol). I've also always been thinner and "less developed" than my peers and many younger girl who are often bustier, have full breasts at 13 and have had their periods at 8 years old. The way foods is processed is absolutely fucking up our hormones. I remember reading a thesis by a doctor in my country about how apparently food dyes (that are often listed as codes on the ingredient list) interfere with hormone production.

No. 1116184

I believe you lookin' fine Nona but at 23 many people can be mistaken for older teenagers lol, at least where I live.

No. 1116188

My family is similar and as a result we have similar outcomes such as not developing as early, being skinny (I'm the skinniest of the family though, my sisters both kind of got fatter due to poor dieting recently) and being mistaken as younger. I really do think it has to do with junk food. My friends' houses always had way more junkfood and they'd drink soda instead of water.

No. 1116191

Based. I hope more women stop having kids or marrying low value men so men's manipulation will be wasted. It's absolutely disgusting how they ruin women's health more and more as women gain more power in workspaces and become independent.

No. 1116197

go back to 4chan scrote

No. 1116199

You sound like a fucking bot.

No. 1116206

Yeah they posted porn, I was shocked when I opened it.
But it's true. Porn has also become more humiliating and degrading for women as women became more independent.

No. 1116218

>That pic
Why are there so many porn addicted scrotes here?

No. 1116221

We had a pokeautist pedo raid today, kiwi incels and probably many more. Report all the posts that are suspicious and Dontrelle give them attention. It's annoying, though.

No. 1116233

I still keep in touch with a lot of those girls who had periods at 8 and D cups at 12, most if not all of them are extremely fat with upper heavy/inverted triangle/apple bodies with thyroid issues, PCOS, and often mentally ill. I'm busty now but I developed a lot later. I assume it's because they get massive doses of estrogen when they're young, get busty but it's not substantial long term because their bodies will stop producing estrogen on their own which is why a lot of them seem to have bad skin and hair by the time they hit 20

No. 1116239

not caping for scrotes but farmers use to post porn all the time kek. The femdom thread, camgirl threads, etc. There was even a rule against posting revenge porn because farmers use to post it so much, don't act like farmers here would never lay their eyes on sinful porn, especially when it pertains to gossip, come on now(samefag)

No. 1116246


unrelated to eating, but still relevant and I thought would be interesting to add. From "The Body Keeps The Score" also referred to as the holy bible of C-PTSD recovery, it is noted and cited in the book that there have been studies done that show that young girls who are victims of sexual abuse at a young age are also at an increased likelihood of developing puberty at a startling young age compared to their peers, due to trauma from the CSA causing a spike in estrogen. with the rising stats of CSA in the US and the amount of women getting assaulted, traumatized, or born into families where they're only seen as commodities or bodies to be sold everyday, it is no wonder so many more are starting puberty younger and younger. hell, I had mine at age 8.

related to the food theory, this is one of the main reasons i've gone vegan in the past two years and have gone more and more natural/clean eating for half a decade now. read "the sexual politics of eating meat" for more of an in-depth analysis into the feminist history and science behind it all, but you're completely right.

big dairy, nestle, and our current meat/dairy industries are built on misogyny, mass-rape, and mass-brutalization of these animals. these companies also directly correlate to the government subsidies they get for putting everything from milk powder, meat scraps, and crushed up animal bones in everything from jello to supposed "health" foods. almost all western factory farms and even smaller "family owned/free-range" farms in the US that tote themselves as healthier pump their chickens up with artifical growth hormones that cause cancer and tumors, which in turn gets digested, in particularly disproportionate rates by our lower to middle class. hell, just research what Nestle did with their breastmilk formula and literally starving and killing Asian mothers and their newborns overseas after getting them hooked on free samples of baby formula via their fake "nurses" then once they stopped producing milk, forced them to buy Nestle or work for pennies selling the powder or their kids would starve.

our entire animal agriculture system and this capitalist hellscape we live in is based on viewing what we refer to as "mother earth" the planet that we all live on as a resource rather than a living being, and literally raping it to death of its "resources" and living creatures en masse under "its normal" just like scrotes do to our human women. it runs deep

No. 1116247

This is porn of an alleged ugly moid raping(because incest and powers imbalance?) his niece. No woman would post it and we can see through it.

No. 1116258

>No woman would post that
You clearly haven't met farmers kek
>Inb4 they're just larping
Nope, I've met farmers who would post this on discord back in the day when you had to verify you're female via voice. You're really deluding yourself if you truly, down to earth wouldn't believe the fucking gossip site known for spreading mysterys revenge porn nudes wouldn't post porn relating to a gossip theory. What do you think this is? Some Christian board?

No. 1116261

I always, always think of that viocemail he left one of his ex-wives in which he yells, "I CAN SEE YOUR PUSSY FROM BEHIND" because he thinks she dresses slutty

No. 1116267

Incest and a power imbalance doesn't automatically make it rape, that would mean most men in power are rapists by default. Why does there seem to be a huge influx of prudes lately who think women are incapable of looking at and posting porn? She was also just posting it as evidence and not boasting about how great it is or anything. Are you that immature and incapable of having discussions relating to sex scandals? Obviously if there's porn relating to sex scandals people will post it, this really isn't the place for you if you can't handle that.

No. 1116269

>Incest and a power imbalance doesn't automatically make it rape, that would mean most men in power are rapists by default
Are you stupid?

No. 1116270

> that would mean most men in power are rapists by default
Yes, anon that is correct.

No. 1116272

Next time, post your disgusting porn in 4chan,scrote.

No. 1116277

NTA but most men in power are rapists but it doesn't mean every single case of them having sex is rape. I miss the days when you could discuss sex scandals here without you paranoid tards crying scrote because you saw CENSORED porn ffs, and then detail against the point of the post because uwu perfect innocent farmers would never feast their eyes upon any sort of weird scandalous videos kek

No. 1116278

Hey I didn’t say a woman would never post it, I just made a joke that all men in power are rapists. Talk about who’s ruining the board zzzz

No. 1116292

You're the one who derailed with multiple posts and even complained in other threads because anons were upset you posted disgusting porn. You could've censored his dick fully or said it was a pornographic image. It's against the rules to post images such as the one you did, either way.

No. 1116296

File: 1648584828559.jpg (89.16 KB, 900x900, i laffed.jpg)

I have mostly worked in female dominated areas my adult life and when I switched careers to a male dominated field, I can say that I have only seen those types of intense overreactions from misogynistic men, whether it be at work or in a private personal setting. They start to chimp out, act condescending, and want to silence women by trying to make them feel stupid.
It's also VERY telling to me that there is an influx of these types of fallacious posts on lolcow over the past few weeks specifically in the MTF tranny (but not the fakebois), Celebricows, and this tinfoil thread. They're very similar to the freakouts you see in Coof related threads on any site where people get dog piled for asking simple questions that "go against the narrative". Very funny coincidence to me! >>1115375

No. 1116305

You have a good point, I noticed a huge influx of farmers showing off their anger issues lately over nothing. Troons from CC maybe?

No. 1116311

File: 1648585306336.jpg (161.54 KB, 1200x675, pesticide_exposure.jpg)

>i've gone vegan in the past two years
The vegan diet is chronically deficient in B12, iron and essential amino acids. Factory farmed meat is bad for the animal, the environment and the person eating it but going full retard in the other direction is equally as damaging.

Veganism is worse for the environment than eating pasture raised meat and wild game. The minerals required for artificial fertiliser are open pit mined which causes environmental damage such as acid mine drainage. When used on crops artificial fertiliser then contaminates ground water and depletes soil. Pesticides are also used for growing crops. Pesticides are toxic and have already caused a massive amount of environmental harm, look up what DDT is for an example. Pesticides such as glyphosate and atrazine are carcinogenic (causes cancer in humans and animals) and teratogenic (causes birth defects in humans and animals).

Pic is dead chicks that hatched with birth defects due to pesticide exposure.

No. 1116313

Troons are the biggest narcissists on this planet so I would say most likely. They probably congregate on some discord with their animu profile pics, thinning hair, massive foreheads, and programming socks. Their HRT is probably making them irrational and angry and they think that REAL women won't be able to tell the difference.
These angry farmers remind me of your typical libertarian/conservitard scrotes who derail college/university classes and argue with the female professors for the entire class period over insignificant details.

No. 1116314

Im the anon that told her not to go on 4chan and got called a moid. This >>1115668 post and this >>1115729 are also mine if that matters. I don't get how trying to convince a woman what 4chan and reddit is like is moid behavior? Other anons would've known 4chan was shit but she kept saying I must've been a moid "gatekeeping" 4chan from her just because I dared to warn her and pointed out it had always been taken over by fbi.

No. 1116317

Nta but you need to farm more to feed animals when you eat meat compared to how much you'd need to farm to feed someone vegan.

No. 1116319

File: 1648585540036.jpg (61.4 KB, 1280x720, plz stop.jpg)

Anon, you don't understand. And it's funny that you've been camped out here since last night. How much do you get paid to do this? kek

No. 1116325

The best solution to the global food crisis is to consume locally grown, cooked and produced products, as well as raised or hunted wildlife. Of course this isn't sustainable to a large population and the hippie folk would cry if their prepackaged granola and protein bars that are wrapped in layers of plastic to be disposed weren't readily available.

No. 1116327

I'm not camping? I was here yesterday and I came back to check and saw your post.
This is true but unrealistic.

No. 1116330

>I was just trying to warn her about the evil scrotes and incels! I'm totally not a moid!
>Also tells her to shut the fuck up and take her pills over and over for hours
Classic 4chan incel behavior.

No. 1116333

File: 1648586129733.jpeg (1.02 MB, 866x1449, B83C1BFC-771E-455A-A1FB-9250C0…)

Satanic/occult tinfoil senses tingling at how celebrities dressed at the Oscars, like it's Halloween or something even though we're in spring. The weird demonic dress and "Sancti Spiritus" on her shoulders, aka Holy Spirit in reversed order, what? Sort of continuation of >>1108036, how come I'm the only person noticing how rampantly dark and macabre things have gotten in pop culture? I mean it's always leaned this way but lately it's just constant like it's Halloween 24/7. It seems so out of place but no one's said anything? Am I just going insane.

No. 1116336

Oh and the bag is made of human hair. I know celebrities are weird but pretty much everyone dons dark and often occult themes in their clothes, songs, videos, it's gotten so blatant even though I try to ignore.

No. 1116338

Absolutely anon. I noticed this heavily too. When people try to call it out, shit like this happens >>1103973

No. 1116343

File: 1648586647188.jpeg (106.02 KB, 640x845, 66240AE5-F316-4F8C-BDCA-E99E53…)

I'm relieved I'm not the only one at least. I don't give a damn about these celebrities' made-up drama or diminishing "talent" so maybe that's why it's more obvious to me (and you?) as we're not so enamored with them? Even got the triangles going on with the award guy inside them, on its own it would feel crazy to tinfoil over but at this point it's not standalone symbols, it's a theme.

No. 1116346

Calm down. Anon posted the pornographic image because it's relevant to the thread. The Hunter Biden laptop leak contains everything from images of him having sex with is niece, national security keys and evidence of corruption in Ukrainian energy firms a biological warefare labs that triggered the Russian invasion.

Meat is the most nutritionally dense food on earth. An average cow can produce 200kg of meat which makes enough for 800 servings of beef. Cows take something humans can't eat (grass) and convert it into highly nutritious protein and fat. Anything not edible can be used for everything from leather to industrial lubricants that are a non-toxic alternative to petrochemicals and organic fertiliser.

No. 1116351

Most cows dont wander around and eat grass, people feed them stuff they grow and the stuff they feed them takes more water and manure than it'd take to grow plants to feed people. It takes a lot to feed a cow until it's old and big enough to be killed.
Also that isn't his niece.

No. 1116353

In my opinion, the people who overlook it or enjoy it were raised strictly with religion, like Christianity and Catholicism, and they try to cling to occult shit as a way of rebelling against fucked up things they were taught growing up.
What they fail to realize is that not everything is black and white and that they're just falling for a different cult with other forms of brainwashing. I know plenty of pick-mes irl who brag about being members of the Satanic church and other shit because of their negative experiences with asshole christians.

No. 1116358

It's possible to raise livestock entirely on pasture and this is common outside of America. Rotating fields between pasture and crop growing also reverses soil depletion, reduces the need for artificial fertilizer and benefits the local ecosystem by allowing insect species to thrive in the absence of pesticides.

No. 1116363

You're right, anon. I didn't think of it that way.

No. 1116370

Ancestoral diets are a meme but a true meme. I was vegan for a while and did awfully on it but I'm Slavic and when I started eating smaller proportions of meat and veggies I do a lot better and am more fit

No. 1116371

I can definitely see that. A lot of it (like this music video) intertwines with progressive messages like feminism, and is an outright "F you" to religions like Christianity, so the witchy and satanic symbolism is obviously intentional and appropriate to the message. I've considered the possibility that most celebrities are similar to the regular people you mentioned, they are just being rebellious and following an overall cultural movement that rejects tradition by embracing its sworn enemy. I suppose that is the most likely case especially on the lower levels, but it goes so far to the point I'm convinced some of them do truly hold beliefs in the occult etc. That said, people who get into that stuff all the way back to Crowley usually do it from the same base need to reject mainstream religion/Christianity as well, usually from an inner bitterness, so in the end it is all edginess motivated even if they do believe it. It still unnerves me though and it's ugly. Like you said I don't think they realize they're embracing something that can also cause troubles, several notorious occultists were known for being abusive pieces of shit with others, hypocrites and liars, but the bitterness is strong enough not to notice the parallels I guess. I just hope whatever practices they do in the name of these beliefs don't go to the extreme, that's the most tinfoil it gets and I don't want to believe it because honestly it's scary. The rest is unsettling but has that logical explanation

No. 1116375

File: 1648588153014.png (1.42 MB, 992x1004, auxilio.png)

The normalization of hypersexualism is gonna be our downfall. They're gonna legalise paedophilia and zoophilia sooner than we expect. I'm starting to think 90% of people are soft paedophiles because of the current state in internet apps access and usage. I can't trust anyone, what the fuck are we going to do???

No. 1116377

Veganism is anti-womanhood in and of itself. Women need meat and animal products more than scrotes, enjoy your slow decline into peri menopause. I was raised vegetarian and had been vegan for 6 years I ate an allegedly healthy nutritious vegan diet and had numerous hormonal and health issues. Our leaders want you sick, weak and infertile relying on multiple pills and supplements to get by.

No. 1116389

Anon,while nutritional deficits can definitely lead to hormonal irregularities and further problems, it's not the only contributing factor.

No. 1116395

This and "veganism is good for women" was a meme started by hoteps to blame women for all of their menstrual issues instead of outside factors. Women shouldn't be ashamed to eat meat or dairy, I also feel like it was a form of misogyny to blame women instead of men who run medical and food industries that have fucked up women's bodies way more than women not going vegan

No. 1116396

She's 17, so if you thought this was her or could be her (which I doubt it is) why would you post this? Gtfo.

No. 1116408

>90% of people are soft paedophiles
More like 99% of men are pedophiles and 99% of us will be obssessed with youth and looking young at some point in our lives. They've been marketing this ''look young or look hideous'' thing at us for decades. I'm tired of seeing that my female relatives' main discussion topic is aging and how it affects your looks. I'm also tired of teen celebrities. Female socialization makes us remain dependent children and men get off to it.

No. 1116410

NTA but anons have posted legitimate CP before that was uncensored, such as the Brooke Shields playboy photoshoot, to discuss how fucked up it was. Why are we so stuck on the fact that anon posted alleged video instead of just discussing how fucked up it really was? It's almost ironic how we could all be sitting here shitting on hunter biden for being a creep and pedo instead of.. bashing the anon who exposed him for allegedly being a creep and a pedo. It almost sounds like you're siding with him and trying to silence anons who expose his creepiness

No. 1116417

File: 1648590247168.jpg (9.01 KB, 292x172, khaled.jpg)

100% agreed anon. I think we found anotha one

No. 1116422

Meat is shit, honestly. It doesn't even taste good. If you don't want to die of cancer at a young age don't eat it.

No. 1116446

God, go the fuck do back lsa. The satanic celebrities shit is so boring and shit tier diversion tactic.

No. 1116451

I'm not silencing anyone, and how am I siding with him by saying that if anon thinks that is a photo of an underaged girl, she should not be posting that shit here? You can expose his creepiness without posting an image like that. How can you seriously think it's ok to post that kind of material here as long as it's to "have a discussion about it"? The playboy photoshoot shouldn't be posted either, CP should not have a pass just because you want to tinfoil about it on an imageboard, weirdo.

No. 1116455

Do you not know how conspiracy threads work? part of discussing disturbing conspiracies is seeing disturbing shit (because we can't just post crazy stuff without evidence), including crime scenes, gore, pics of politicians groping women, etc. I'm not supporting CP but screaming scrote and derailing the thread to the point where we can't even discuss the true creep is literally silencing anons who expose creepy scrotes whether it was on purpose or not

if you can't handle seeing stuff like that then discussing conspiracies isn't for you

No. 1116457

File: 1648592200326.jpg (79.76 KB, 1024x512, alistair crowley.jpg)

NTAYRT, but maybe we should stop equating all occult to satanism. That occult shit with celebrities is definitely real. You should try researching Ordo Templi Orientis and Aleister Crowley. Plenty of mainstream celebrities are part of OTO. There is a lot of info out there you just need to look at it.

No. 1116471

File: 1648592775337.jpg (63.24 KB, 400x265, Aleister-Crowly-David-Bowie.jp…)

Here is a link for you. David Bowie is a huge fucking creep for sleeping with 13 year old groupies (Lori Mattix for example). He is apparently a Crowleyfag as well
For the past 7 years, when I try to bring up Bowie being a creep, women I know say shit like, "Wow I wish david bowie fucked me when I was 13!" and proves how forgiving and accepting this shit is.
If you wanna see how disgusting Crowley is, he has diaries:
>The Magical Record of The Beast 666 – The Diaries of Aleister Crowley, 1914-1920 (Duckworth)
Where he discusses disgusting shit about infants. I can see how this shit can be confused with Satanism because it's all so fucking deplorable. I don't believe in magic, occult, gods, or any of this for what it's worth. I think that humans are just fucking disgusting degenerates. Same with the ancient greek gods. People love worshipping degeneracy

No. 1116477

I never called anyone a scrote. If telling people not to post stuff that they think is CP is silencing them, then so be it. You have huge issues if you're defending CP.

No. 1116498

Bowie is overrated anyway

No. 1116499

It's literally censored and it wasn't even confirmed her, I'm not defending it I'm saying this is the kind of stuff you'll see when discussing scandals. On top of that if she just posted it with no proof then anons would just ask for proof. There's no winning

No. 1116501

I agree. I was glad when he died.
>there is no winning
Yep, unfortunately no one wins in this mess.

No. 1116515

File: 1648594641540.jpg (109.16 KB, 1300x951, frankfurter-sausage-cut-scisso…)

No. 1116522

stop bumping this scrote boomer thread while complaining about scrotes at the same time you retarded fuck.

No. 1116524

You aren't even trying to sound original, c'om. Go back.
Who cares if celebrities do occult shit, tinfoil the "ooOOOoo occult celebs" is a psyop to keep tinfilers busy with useless shit.
Cowley was a little bitch scrote who stole and perverted practices. I wish those occult/witchy girls would drop him it's basically just as bad as beliving in christianity.
>Where he discusses disgusting shit about infants. I can see how this shit can be confused with Satanism because it's all so fucking deplorable. I don't believe in magic, occult, gods, or any of this for what it's worth. I think that humans are just fucking disgusting degenerates. Same with the ancient greek gods. People love worshipping degeneracy
Men. Men are degens. Go back to 4chan you reek of cum.

No. 1116535

Okay I see how it is, you're the one accusing people left and right of being scrotes, what is so cummy about that anon's post? Beause she said people love to worship degeneracy and not 'men love to worship degeneracy'? How pedantic. You must be genuinely autistic.

No. 1116541

>Most men in power are rapists
>Hunter Biden is a creep and pedophile
Ah yes, exactly something a scrote would say
This is what anons mean by you moid witch-hunters being bots

No. 1116552

Lol it's clearly some moid/troon trying to do a reverse uno on these threads. Its tiring but we should just ignore it.

No. 1116578

It's so funny seeing these angry responses on threads where people call out celebrities and post links and sources. Every fucking time.

No. 1116756

It really is
>Omg why would you post evidence going along with your post? I don't want to see THAT
Like come on we have a spoiler here for a reason, no one forced you to open it. If you knew it was going to disturb you don't fucking open it and hide the thread. Lolcow literally has several different ways to protect people from getting triggered (thread hiding, lolcow lite, spoiled images with warnings before you open it). Why would you even go to a board like lolcow when there's always gross shit being discussed? Imagine raging because you control the entire internet to cater to your needs

No. 1116819

Finally a scrote witch hunter who knows how to tell them apart. Anyone who disagrees is dumb, imo. These anons listed have either posted cp or defended the posting of it, even going as far as blaming the cp/gore stuff on the female users like a moid would.

No. 1116829

This actually raises an interesting point. I'm curious if the anons itt could share why celebrities being into occult stuff doesn't sit right with them. Not coming from an oppositional perspective, it doesn't sit right with me either but I'm not sure why. Maybe because it's so secretive and could involve all kinds of morally questionable practices done for the thrill.

No. 1116878

File: 1648621606531.jpg (14.94 KB, 327x240, unnamed-4.jpg)

I'll bite. It bothers me because the celebrity cults are very fraternity like. It isn't goth girls wearing Satan is waitin panties or doing tarot cards while lighting candles, there is way more violence towards women, children, and animals.
I think about Marina Abramovic and her heavy influence on the art world, connections to cult leader and rapist John of God, who also had connections with Oprah, as well as her influence on Lady Gaga and the music industry.
It doesn't sit right with me because it's blatant and in our faces and talking about it gets people calling you a schizo.
It bothers me because it's a legitimate government psyop. See Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino who is a child molester and satanist. It's pretty hard to find on the internet anymore but he controlled the Green Berets in the Vietnam war, which the cousin or uncle of Richard Ramirez was apart of, the same relative who raped women and showed pictures to Ramirez and inspired him to become a serial killer. Oprah Winfrey also had Lt Colonel Michael Aquino on her show in the 90s.
It bothers me because i was buying into the fads and ignored how obvious it all really is.

No. 1116890

Damn. Thanks for the answer anon, learned some things. These people are fucked in the head. I hate that they have so much influence and power.

No. 1116900

No problem, it's infected into everything and really makes it hard for me to enjoy anything in mainstream pop culture anymore. Best way I manage is to follow and support small, local, indy, and/or women owned artists/companies/music/etc

No. 1116908

I've had the same experience of things being ruined. Even one of the less current bands I like has openly occult themed lyrics, their songwriter used to blog about it. Maybe I shouldn't but I listen anyway, it's not like I've had negative effects unless I worry myself over it. But what you're doing is probably better and more ethical, god knows what these people get up to. I hope you continue to share your thoughts and findings itt because some of us need the reminders.

No. 1116929

File: 1648625392813.jpg (55 KB, 736x736, 45e06be77f9747e8afd86c98ba6748…)

speaking of appropriation, one fact I found interesting was that Anton Levine's Satanist Bible was apparently a direct rip-off from some other schizoid social darwanist manifesto

>Much of the first book of The Satanic Bible is taken from parts of Redbeard's Might Is Right, edited to remove racism, antisemitism, and misogyny

>through Redbeard, Levine strongly advocates social Darwinism, saying, "Death to the weakling, wealth to the strong
actually have read Might is Right btw, its really the unhinged ramblings of a social darwanist who hates everybody but I will say at least in that book the author is clear on why he hates Christianity and Jesus, he clearly states that he hates Jesus cause he was brown, semitic and a pacifist

No. 1117154

Cheap meat from big industrial farms (very common in America) tastes like shit, but meat that's taken from animals that are kept "more naturally" tastes good and can be higly nutricious. Pig meat is kind of trash, but chicken, turkey, some parts of beef and other less common meats like rabbit, horse, hare, quail, pigeon or deer are very good. Certain organs (like livers, hearts, stomachs, kidneys and even the skins) that are often scrapped because "ewwww that looks gross" are also great for health and are sources of a lot of vitamins that most people nowadays tend to lack. Also, vegetables and fruits grown with pesticides, artificial fertilizers, poisons and contaminated waters can be equally harmful.

No. 1117185

No1curr or believes that anyone that you tagged are scrotes outside of yourself. You're just a laughing stock in other threads

No. 1117316

The witchhunter wasn't me, schizo. Didn't they already ban you? Are you ban evading?

No. 1117368

You're baiting at this point

No. 1117374

I suspect they could be samefagging too. It’s the same shit in every /ot/ thread at this point.

No. 1117401

They're baiting, same fagging, and calling people schizos constantly. Same energy as when someone (probably Greg) was doing this shit in the Onision thread last year. I remember some aggro would respond to posts calling them stupid and saying narcissistic shit like, "stop this. You're embarrassing yourself." In a scolding tone when anons were talking about his child abuse situation/allegations when his daughter "fell out" of a window. These condescending scrotey posts on sooooo many threads lately feels like some kind of damage control. From now on, when I see overreactions, it'll make me look and see what post originally set them off and do my own research. "SHUT UP MOVE ALONG SCHIZO HAHA YOURE SO STUPID" type comments make me feel like people are starting to get on to something.

No. 1117413

I'm sticking to my theory that it's a scrote trying to silence women who expose creepy men, no woman would act this defensive when faults of shitty men are discussed

No. 1117431

They’re in the confession thread now accusing anons discussing sex toys of being “scrotes with a female masturbation fetish” and calling them schizos kek. Next they will go to /meta and ask admins to ban “all of the scrotes shitting up the board!” Absolutely insufferable.

No. 1117444

Lol, considering what they define as a scrote we would have to ban the entire damn board. What tradthot wondered in here with "women only have pure and innocent thoughts and discuss innocent things!"

No. 1117469

I didn't realize that saying "If you think or know something is CP, don't post it here" was going to be so fucking controversial, and I don't know why your advocating so hard for the right to post abuse content. It doesn't matter if this is the tinfoil thread, no one should post that shit anywhere. If that anon had said "I don't want to post that image because she is underage and it could be her" I think everyone here would have understood, especially considering all of the raids we've been subjected to.
Besides, if you actually wanted to discuss Hunter Biden, you would be doing that instead of arguing over how you should be able to post CP because this is the tinfoil thread.

No. 1117471

Samefag but also, exposing creepy men doesn't mean you have to expose their victims in compromising positions as well. I'll stop now since I know anons are just going to keep telling me I'm wrong for saying that CP shouldn't be posted.

No. 1117475

Theres ways to go about this without derailing and claiming people who obviously aren't moids, are moids. It's literally censored and no one knew she was 17 until it was pointed out. You could've handled this in a much better way that wouldn't have started an argument at all

No. 1117484

+ No one even mentioned she was 17, it was all about "you're a scrote for posting porn!!!", They only used it as a defense at last minute when they had nothing else, they didn't care that she was 17 at all in the first place

No. 1117486

That was the entire thing, anons got defensive because a laundry list of anons got accused of being scizo moids by someone who never cared she was 17 in the first place

No. 1117487

You keep saying that but I never called anyone a moid.
>You could've handled this in a much better way that wouldn't have started an argument at all
My initial post wasn't even offensive. This argument started because you got upset at me saying to not post stuff that could potentially be CP. Also, censoring CP doesn't make it ok.
Once again, I never called anyone a moid. I don't care about anyone posted porn.
>No one even mentioned she was 17
I literally did.

No. 1117490

Funny how after the scrotehunters were shooed away the site goes down the crapper. Natural law in action.

No. 1117505

Then just report and stay out of it? what did you expect by involving yourself in an infight?
>I literally did.
No one said you didn't, it's that nobody cared she was 17 until after a shit-flinging fest
>pretending this site wasn't going down the crapper as if when scrote witchhunting was at it's peak, farmers were accusing people such as the woman who was abused into a miscarriage of being a scrote
the best way to handle scrotes are reporting and letting admin investigate, you just cause infights and shit up thread, and scrote paranoia has lead to some extremely sick accusations that still make me nauseous just thinking about

No. 1117514

>farmers were accusing people such as the woman who was abused into a miscarriage of being a scrote
Subhuman behaviour

No. 1117516

Admins don't have a good scrote sense. There it is. All I posted was a pic with a list, this level of melodramatics is "methinks thou protest too much".

No. 1117521

it was fucking morbid and she eventually just disappeared and was harassed out of getting help. When she begged for a legit reason why she was a scrote anons just kept beating around the bush and eventually said "well you're a scrote because you didn't mention going to the hospital" or some stupid shit like that. It makes me sick because all I can think about is some poor young girl trapped and made to feel like there was something wrong with her for having this happen. There was a huge influx of accusations similar, of women coming out about being abused by others and then getting accused of being a scrote for that reason. It does seem like some bizarre scrote witchhunt bot like the other anons mentioned which explains the word vomit

No. 1117522

why are you here? just asking

No. 1117526

>admins don't have a good sense
and neither do you apparently

No. 1117527

File: 1648667109135.jpeg (176.02 KB, 506x572, C7A3ECE2-8C8A-43B7-A716-D962C5…)

Like this? It’s so fucked up.

No. 1117535

How do moids benefit from women being black pilled? It makes absolutely no sense at all. Men are obsessed with getting some sort of validation and attention for women to the point where they self destruct when they feel like they aren't getting it i.e incels, red pill ect. Every being of their existence revolves around women.

No. 1117536

I'd honestly rather have "moids larp as abused women to troll" and get away than to have legitimately abused women be made to feel like they're doing something wrong by speaking out/venting

what disgusting psycho even thinks this way? just let the moids reveal themselves instead of further traumatizing women who seek help holy fucking shit. Maybe the "scrote witchhunters are scrotes who use it to shut women up about abuse" have a point and this is solid fucking proof

No. 1117538

>what did you expect by involving yourself in an infight?
My first post was not a part of an infight.
>until after a shit-flinging fest
I don't see why you keep bringing up other posts that have nothing to do with me. Like I said, I don't care about anons posting regular porn here. I replied to the post after those anons called OP a scrote because that's when I saw the post. Did that infight mean that no one else should be able to reply to the OP anymore?

I don't even understand what you're arguing with me about at this point or why my initial post was so bad. It honestly just sounds like you're saying you were upset at some different anons calling OP a scrote, and that's why you got mad at me and decided to say that CP is fine because this is the tinfoil thread (if that was even you, I don't even know anymore. Goodnight.)(infighting)

No. 1117558

>the best way to handle scrotes are reporting
Yeah, we saw how that turned out in the past few days.

That sound extremely exaggerated and is probably not the reason they got called a scrote.

No. 1117566

File: 1648669463590.jpg (12.79 KB, 352x395, 1631936959086.jpg)

>mention shills on imageboards
>thread gets repeatedly derailed for 2 days straight with nonsense

No. 1117618

Still no reason to call abused women scrotes

No. 1117697

probably not what actually happened, but whatever

No. 1117739

Did you not see the unhinged anons post of them claiming a lot of abused women are larping moids?

No. 1117751

That wasn't the context of the screenshot you now posted in 3 different threads and I don't see what any of that has to do with conspirancy theories.

No. 1117762

Can’t we just go back to talking about the Illuminati and it’s puppets? Because that’s the whole point of these threads.

No. 1117767

File: 1648679778289.jpg (70.18 KB, 709x318, 1648246231334.jpg)

No. 1117772

What the hell are you talking about? I haven't posted any screenshot. Everyone who's been on lolcow knows that the peak scrote witch hunting resulted in a lot of women discussing being abused and getting accused of being a scrote larping a fetish

No. 1117797

File: 1648681396694.jpeg (311.38 KB, 828x834, BB491E24-942E-4B78-9D51-EABAB5…)

I just blackpilled myself completely by accident. I wanted to see who owns MTV to find out what streaming service Jackass Forever is on/will be on when it comes out. Googled it, found out it was ViacomCBS, who are themselves owned by Paramount. Assumed that the buck stopped there, but Paramount has shareholders, and the majority stake of the business is owned by National Amusements, which was founded by one guy in the 30s and run by his son for like sixty years until he died last year. Now it’s his daughter and some shareholders in charge. This old guy (Sumner Redstone) forced MTV to air a shit reality show about a fake girl group in 2011, and when this became public knowledge he offered to pay off the journalist who revealed it if he revealed his source. Literally told this guy “we’re not gonna kill him, we just want to talk to him.”
It’s this cycle repeated everywhere I look. Food, drink, tv, movies, newspapers, medicine, infrastructure, fucking everything everywhere, no matter the business, if you keep climbing the pyramid, you’ll reach the top and find a fat old man so inconceivably wealthy that he may as well be from another planet. What’s the point in going on if I’m at the mercy of a world-ruling overclass who are going to determine what I eat, watch, read, think and feel for the rest of my life?

No. 1117807

File: 1648681973833.jpg (147.51 KB, 736x1076, 1f4d139af31a4f16e78dc061e79082…)

Thinking about this shit is what leads to my mid day Death Note fantasies

No. 1117821

Point is to motivate you to stop doom scrolling and create an alternative society with like minded people (who are also willing to put in the work) that isn't dependant on those old psycho fucks. Stop consuming media, diy/buy local your everyday purchases, create/get a job that isn't depending on the current system.

No. 1117843

How anyone can read this and want to follow it is beyond me. It's just edgy. The meek shall inherit? No actually it's fuck the meek. You think peace is a good thing? Actually violence is le epic! Rich people get more money and poor people should die! It's just the opposite of any common sense. If we should live in a world where everyone hates and attacks each other and hoards wealth there will be nobody left in the end. I guess that's the point.

No. 1118061

That person was revealed to be a scrote because after they got called out, they went and told everyone to kill themselves and then posted CP. We had a raid and it was one of those guys who posted the "assault" larp, retard. If it wasn't, that anon wouldn't have shit up 3 threads while telling anyone that didn't disagree with him to kill themselves or die while boasting about not getting banned after fighting with everyone.

No. 1118069

>look up early life section
sigh, why is this so often the case, seriously I have jewish friends who I love dearly but pretending this connection doesn't exist is also dumb

No. 1118077

File: 1648709250899.jpg (364.51 KB, 759x510, disneygay.jpg)

No. 1118088

You are so convinced you’re right about everything that it’s just not worth arguing with you. You’re delusional. Please log off.

No. 1118089

You knew what? That Disney's been milking woke agenda and featuring racial and sexual minorities like every other media outlet is?

No. 1118093

Check meta and things we hate thread. That person's been shitting up there too, you don't have any arguments as to why an assaulted woman would tell other women to kill themselves when they offered help and told her she could get therapy or try to change her workplace, do you? "she" had a violent breakdown and attacked everyone that suggested anything other than not bathing and smelling very bad, which doesn't repel scrotes because they don't pick targets based on any of those and a woman shouldn't have to change herself or give up something she loves just to escape male gaze.

"she" also went on threads like things we hate and attacked anons there too, telling them to die while saying them crying in meta wouldn't help because "she" never gets banned. Sounds like behavior of a woman? Not to me.

No. 1118098

Kek you are so pathetic and I hope they ban you for a really long time.

No. 1118100

Girl lost her legs after getting infected with covid-19 despite being double vaxxed- the news reporter says the booster shot is now ready and available. How are they this obvious and no one realizes? The fearmongering is ready and real

No. 1118102

>I-I-I hope they b-b-ban y-y-you!
For what? Pointing out a normal woman wouldn't tell everyone to kill themselves when they're trying to help her? That a normal woman wouldn't spend as much time arguing how the men who harass her definitely wanna get with her because they're physically abusing her? Get a grip.(stop)

No. 1118103

I am a normal woman who is ragging it right now and I think you should kill yourself. I beg you log off for just one fucking day and don’t shit up every board in /ot/ with your infighting.(infighting)

No. 1118116

LOL wow. No one is THAT retarded that they couldn't see how poorly-timed that "get the booster" is. God I hate news outlets.
Well, I knew the woke shit, but admitting to pushing it onto little kids is gross.

No. 1118124

>Well, I knew the woke shit, but admitting to pushing it onto little kids is gross.
You're right but media pushes overly sexual stuff on children all the time so it's not even shocking anymore. Also it's trendy and makes adult audiences watch the movies too if they appeal to woke Twitter crowd.

No. 1118220

File: 1648723526110.png (326.4 KB, 640x390, 1643785101778.png)

The one silver lining I have with these Great Reset boomers is that they will all eventually croak one day because they are old as fuck, and will mostly likely do so before their gay LARP plan gets into serious motion.
While I won't deny that there's a zionist/jewish supremacism going on with the elite, be careful not to fall for the Hitler meme. Even during the haydays of the Weimar republic, the common jew suffered from the hands of the corrupt elite who turned the area into a massive brothel.
Aside from the morality angle think of it this way: it's much easier to go after commoners and non-elites than the actual elites who are responsible for this faggotry, and they can easily escape any conflict with private jets and what not. And when everyone starts playing nazi and begins rounding up your neighboring jew, the elites, from the comfort of their villas, will exploit the victim's sufferings. And after the war dies down, they'll profit from the suffering of the commoners like they always do.

No. 1118226

I am well aware of that, there was a book I read that actually explained this dichotomy with regards to Jews in the Weimar republic(The Wages of Destruction)
Jews both made up a disproportionate amount of the upper class and at the same time the average jew was poorer then the average german, I think a similar dynamic likely exists today

No. 1118357

Tinfoil rich Germans and Jews joined forces to fuck everyone over and create a sexdeath cult in western societies. Nationality, sex, religion, none of those matter to the rich as long as they have the same goal.

No. 1118413

You might wanna read up on the Bolsheviks too

No. 1118486

OG tinfoil they're sterilizing women with hormones plastics and "medicine" because we're about to start parthogenisis.

No. 1118624

File: 1648749090012.jpeg (183.75 KB, 1125x577, 80B56AD4-AA1D-40EF-9C67-F977FB…)

I understand how most feel about Vigilant Citizen but I thought the article was an interesting read.


No. 1118632

If the goal is parthenogenesis, wouldn't it make more sense to sterilize men? Why would women be sterilized? Anyways, based

No. 1118663

File: 1648751192333.jpg (37.52 KB, 709x456, peaches_oto.jpg)

Article shows the connections to Ordo Templi Orientis, like also mentioned here:
And he died with a fatal drug overdose like Peaches did >>1040274
They make it easy to cover up by claiming they're sex addicted drug addicts and moving on. It's interesting to see a common theme with these celebrities. Wonder if they're sacrifices or killing them to suppress information from coming out. We'll never really know.

No. 1118743

I’ve read in the article’s comments section that between the months of late-March and May is when blood sacrifices are made, and supposedly Dave Grohl may be linked to Kurt Cobain’s death too, not just Courtney

No. 1118793

what do you guys think of the pipergate/youtube pedo ring allegations? i am too lazy to give a thorough rundown myself but basically:

>cgi and deepfaked kiddie porn

copy paste from lsa on nick crowley’s original video:

>Last year, in December, someone made a reddit thread about a youtube channel, called isabel piper, claiming to be a '10 to 11 year old girl that does video edits. However, the channel is disturbing due to its content and the closing titles of the video

>Upon further inspection, the videos themselves appear to well edited, but with crude, sexual humor. For example, the closing titles of the video (which are censored in the video above and I STRONGLY suggest against looking for these videos to see it for yourself) are a Looney Tunes' styled, That's All Folks, graphic encircled around an upskirt shot of a young girl's underwear.

>Not to mention, the comments of an equally sexual nature, of which many of these people would express their (assumed) sexual/romantic love for the 11 year old, Piper, the aforementioned little girl behind the isabel piper account. It's also revealed that Piper has several accounts on youtube, sometimes also using the name 'Charlotte Black', and reposting her content.

>The content itself is random, but creepy. Disturbing clips of actresses like Amanda Bynes or even youtubers around the ages of 9 to 13 edited with weird backgrounds, or being held or in the laps of 3D animated men or the images of adult actors, usually male. Crude humor is often seen, such as a young actress petting a penis shaped rocket or the words 'Back Seat Fun' scrolling behind a mostly innocuous clip of Jan Brady (played by Eve Plumb) from the Brady Bunch.

>Eventually, this channel and its related channels caught the attention of an unlikely place - 4ch@n, and is where the situation received it's nickname Pipergate.

>Many wanted to believe that this was just a honeypot, either by the police or a vigilante, to out and catch pedophiles in the wild. But the truth would be far more unsettling once 'Piper', let her voice be heard.

>On the 7:40 mark, you will see that 'Piper' uploaded a video entitled, 'In the woods Editing my Video', where she acknowledges her audience in a voiceover. However, anyone with a brain can see that this is obviously a grown man trying to mimic a young girl.

>I'll fast forward a bit and let you know that at the 13:05 mark, the actual identity behind the account was a man in his 60's from Mississippi, named 'William Glenn Whitaker' who was discovered to have at least 30 email accounts. William Glenn Whitaker, unfortunately, was exactly the type of person you'd think would run such an account. In 2001, he was arrested for possession of child sexual abuse imagery (or CP, as it's abbreviated as). After this arrest, he also used to scam families with celebrity and fame aspirations for their children and would even have the children visit his home, where they would be recorded dancing or singing, and would promise the parents that he would take these tapes to professionals in Hollywood. However, no one knows what he would do with these tapes, although it's likely it was either for his own personal use or shared on the dark web.

>The likely scenarios behind his youtube channels, and something I believe, is that they're actually fronts for trading and chatting with other pedophiles. William also had at least 1 twitter account, where it's possible where he traded with other perverts online.

>Thankfully, due to his death in March of 2020, he will no longer be able to return to the internet. However, that doesn't stop the possiblity that there may more channels like his, lurking on various corners of internet, posing as children. His videos have even made it to Youtube Kids, so it's more than likely that there are similar channels floating about.

>The person that made this deep dive about this channel, has also mentioned that he will probably make another video about William/Piper's activities on twitter.

No. 1118795

When I first found about this and watched a video I shit myself. I mean, not literally but it's so eery and has cp vibes even though it technically isn't. Check the 8chan thread, they uncovered a very deep cp ring on clearnet that was connected to this.

No. 1118814

File: 1648758773078.jpeg (13.05 KB, 258x195, me.jpeg)

>Grohl is possessed by a “living book made from human flesh”. These books actually do exist.

No. 1118924

I got that vibe too. My guess is that OTO is just another fraternity, like freemasons, illuminati, order of the skull & bones, etc. They all have different names and symbology. OTO just happens to be the dark sex cult edgelord variation. The more I hear about OTO, the worse it gets. I heard Jay Z has had imagery on his clothing. I wonder which other celebrities are involved.
Kinda related regarding fraternities, Vidrel is a cartoon from 1931, it is made by Fleischer Studios, Disney's biggest rival at the time. Disney has lots of freemason/illuminati symbols in their old cartoons.
They eventually get the character to want to be a part of the brotherhood by luring him in with sex, after he gets hazed in by other cartoonish torture. Sex, rituals, sacrifice and symbology are huge in these frats/cults whatever you want to call them.

No. 1118937

Skull and bones everywhere. And what the hell is wrong with Betty Boop's earlobes?

No. 1118944

Early betty boop had dog ears lol

No. 1118963

Betty was originally designed as a dog. Furries existed in the 20s too kek

No. 1119000


why are you posting links that resolve to malicious files you fucking freak?

i already reported this post but please nonas dont download it.

No. 1119001

I mean nature/our genes will start parthogenisis. They want to prevent that. Hence trying to sterilize women like crazy. A dying parasite will try to take it's host down with him when he's dying.

No. 1119126

this is so weird and fucked up

No. 1119154

Shit like this proves how incompetent the CIA and FBI are. If 4chan can track these guys down… Maybe if the CIA wasn't so busy getting all woke and redesigning their shitty logo they might catch some of these fucks.

No. 1119164

File: 1648792348264.jpeg (Spoiler Image,712.6 KB, 1170x1420, E2FBDA57-F9C1-4F5C-A025-A1B258…)

sadly the content is still up on youtube except i think the isabel videos with the blonde haired deepfake. when google was hiding results due to covid, it looked like it had been removed, but they’ve relaxed the algorithm again so they come up now if you search “piper bynes”. i stopped using twitter a long time ago so i have no idea if they are still laissez faire about violent or dangerous content because of “muh free speech”.

No. 1119292

I was thinking about this earlier with the Azov Battalion in Ukraine. I wonder if the elites encourage and fund the formation of nazi groups to ferment unrest, political disruption and eventually war knowing that it's ordinary jews who haven't done anything to anyone who will be killed for being jewish, while the elite jews stay safe in other countries. I also wonder the same about immigrants. Illegal immigrants do cause a lot of problems in Europe such as increased crime and violence against women, but they're being blamed for much more and if civil unrest or civil war happens in Europe non-white immigrants are going to be targeted. The elites seem to use certain groups as a useful buffer so they don't have to face the consequences of their own policies.

No. 1119452

>assuming the CIA and FBI care about moral justice or the common man
Why would they? They’re too busy fucking up society themselves.

No. 1119461

File: 1648817311985.jpg (12.23 KB, 275x261, 1646676123099.jpg)

>watch the video
>decide to check out the channel because interesting
at least he brought traction to the topic based on the comment section

No. 1120138

I always knew he was a tranny because his voice and the shitty wig.

No. 1121250

Bump jannies plz do something

No. 1121565

What are some examples of jobs not depending on the current system? Help

No. 1121647

Yep these pedo rings exist on all platforms. I once found a group on DeviantArt a while back that did digital rendering of naked children who was definitely doing more sinister shit in the DMs. The accounts were adults dedicated to art of children and they just gave that creepy feeling like another anon described. It’s enough give away to other pedos that they’re open to trading but also obscure enough that it can just be written off as a fringe individual and not one person in a pedo network. If you went to the comments you could see them interacting with each other which confirms imo that there is a community of these people.
After coming across other accs like this on multiple platforms like Twitter and YouTube I came to the conclusion that I don’t think the government cares at all. I reported them but have yet to see it taken down. I believe that the few stories of success of catching pedos come from lower-level government employees that may have some empathy for children and are relentlessly persistent, probably even defying supervisors’ orders to let pedos go. There are definitely elites who want pedophilia normalized, it’s happening right in front of us. After the discussion about the motive behind Sandy Hook, I wonder if Lanza’s pedophilia motive was overlooked and unaddressed within MSM on purpose? It seems like an obvious conclusion with the evidence presented so I am very confused why it was never brought up. It could be deliberate. We know that pedo elites control MSM as well as non pedo elites.

No. 1123324

Will this era finally be the end of the globohomo nwo or are we just getting started?

No. 1123364

we will oscillate between religious fundamentalism and postmodern insanity for the rest of time, methinks

No. 1123528

>The first ever study of the health effects of 5G radiation on humans shows that 5G causes typical symptoms of microwave syndrome as well as a massive increase in microwave radiation. The case study also confirms once again that radiation well below levels allowed by the authorities causes ill health."

The study was published in the journal Medicinsk Access no. 1/2022 and was carried out by the oncologist and researcher Lennart Hardell from the Research Foundation for Environment & Cancer and Mona Nilsson from the Radiation Protection Foundation. The study concerns the health consequences for a man and a woman who received a 5G base station directly above the apartment, only 5 meters above the bedroom… The symptoms that occurred in the man and woman after the start of 5G are typical of the microwave syndrome: fatigue, difficulty sleeping. emotional impact, nosebleeds, increasing tinnitus and skin problems in the man. The woman had more symptoms than the man with severe sleep disorders and dizziness, followed by skin problems (burning sensation, tingling in the skin of the hands and arms), concentration problems, irritability, tinnitus, balance problems, impaired short-term memory, confusion, fatigue, tendency to depression, heart and lung symptoms (palpitations, heaviness over the chest) and feeling of warmth in the body. All symptoms decreased or disappeared completely after 24 hours after moving to another home with significantly lower radiation…”

No. 1123729

File: 1649107151661.png (4.75 KB, 406x100, jesterplanet.png)

We're just getting started.

No. 1125043

i dont want to sound dumb but what are free masons really? i have been too scared to look it up but i watched that video a few days okay and ive been scared ever since but also at the same time wanting to understand a bit more

sadly i think its far from over but it would be fun if we can stop it lol

No. 1125049

kek exactly, read up on what the cia's done with drugs if you haven't, they're too busy spreading corruption themselves

No. 1125053

>what are free masons really

The cult that founded the united States

No. 1125059

how though?? i know walt disney (apparently) is one bc that video, but the actual founders?? i find that hard to believe

No. 1125073

File: 1649215130758.jpg (209.09 KB, 1080x875, Screenshot_20220405-220143.jpg)

Pentagon won't deny that aliens exist

No. 1125091

Unidentified Flying Objects don't always denote aliens I don't get why people think this.

No. 1125164

Imagine your job is compiling alien sex stories. Some people have all the fun working

No. 1125290

Part of the reason I started watching a lot of anime is because all the western shows I enjoyed took a nose dive with bad writing, post modernist themes over substance, or just plain ended. I would have loved to continue watching western stuff, but like this parody half jokingly mentioned, very little of it is any good these days.

No. 1125301

What is it then smarty pants, russian-chinese secret weapons?

No. 1125318

Because of popular culture people don't realize any object that couldn't be identified is an UFO, not just flying disks carrying green three-eyed aliens.

No. 1125350

Having a job compiling any alien stories in general would be so much fun

No. 1125407

The most watched and googled show in history was a Chinese Period Drama "Yanxi Palace" and yet no one has even heard of it,

No. 1125517

If you really want the answer

>Another example of a model of a new world economic order, which we called integral (due to the fact that the state in it unites all social groups of different interests), is India. It has a different political system, but it also has the primacy of public interests over private ones, and the state seeks to maximize growth rates in order to fight poverty. In this sense, the new world economic order is socialist in ideology. At the same time, it uses market mechanisms of competition, which makes it possible to provide the highest concentration of resources for making a technological revolution with goals to ensure economic leaps based on a new advanced technological order. If we look at growth rates after 1995, we see that the Chinese economy has grown 10 times, while the US economy has grown by only 15 percent. Thus, it is already obvious to everyone that at present the pace of world economic development is shifting to Asia: China, India and the countries of Southeast Asia already produce more products than the US and the EU. If we add to them Japan or Korea, in which the management system is similar in its principles to the integration of society around the goal of increasing public welfare, then we can say that today this new world economic structure already dominates the world, and the center of reproduction of the world economy has moved to Southeast Asia. Of course, the American ruling elite cannot agree with this.

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