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File: 1584792762663.png (332.17 KB, 735x357, 1584559934785.png)

No. 529483

Thread for discussing shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists
-Talk about art youtubers, since the worst of the worst usually crawls out of there
-Ask about art supplies, because surprisingly that's not derailing the thread digitalfags
-Discuss trashy art trends
-And so much more salt

Useful resources:

The fastest way to improve:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon

No. 529484

wtf happened with the name lmao

No. 529486

Previous thread >>517491

No. 529499

Sage for non milk, but why does this guy turn off all his comment sections?

No. 529518

Sometimes youtube will disable the comment section for whatever reason. Whoever runs this channel may have just decided to turn it off though.

No. 529534

File: 1584803645287.jpg (1.35 MB, 1920x1920, CollageMaker_20200321_11085092…)

Why do many shitty artist want to make art tutorials? I used to like filling my feed with them because every so often I'd learn a little art trick, but I had to stop because my recs were this endless stream of shit. Half of the tutorials are basic stuff or stuff even the creator of the tip isnt good at. What idiot looks at these and says "I want to learn off this"

The tutorials are how to draw a background, how to render hair, and how to avoid same face syndrome.

No. 529538

That’s why I never used online tutorials- they either sucked or I could never figure out what they did differently and made me mimick what their movements rather than understand why they did it and how it can apply to my own medium

No. 529551

Anons, what’s the best way to get back into drawing daily? I haven’t drawing in nearly a year and I feel like I’ve regressed pretty bad. I still have watercolors and gouache that have untouched and now sees, like the perfect opportunity to get into some exercises. I mainly wanna improve anatomy and values.

No. 529597

Seconded, I haven't been drawing since fucking January and I hate it, there's so much I could be doing (from the fundamentals to 'let's do fucking blind contour, it'll be hilarious') but I can't bring myself to do any of it

No. 529598

Not that you expected a real answer, but it's not so much that I care what weebs think, but it's hard not to say anything when one presents their stupid opinion with authority. You'll just have to own up to the fact you don't know what women look like and you can't draw either

No. 529600

Just start drawing daily. There's no magic button to press. It's like exercise. Get in the habit of drawing daily if that's what you want to do.

No. 529601

Frankly if you haven't drawn in a year and try to suddenly get back to drawing everyday, I can bet my money that you're just going to burn your fuse out. A better solution would probably to just find out why you enjoy drawing and chase that feeling to get back to it.

No. 529604

>Just draw
Thanks, definitely didn't think of that

No. 529606

I agree with anon ( >>529600 ), if you just start drawing now, force yourself to do it, you’ll see better progress than not doing it at all.
But there are some ways to not make it feel like a chore by awarding yourself with food afterwards,
Personally, after looking at concept art or professionals (like sinix or industry artists) talk about art- it makes me motivated

No. 529607

there's really nothing special to it though like that anon said, just stop being lazy and do it.

No. 529609

it probably makes them feel important and like they're a better artist than they actually are.

No. 529610

>Just do it
Thanks, definitely didn't think of that, you're so helpful; do you also tell people to 'just cheer up' when they're feeling low?

No. 529611

File: 1584814694890.jpg (306.13 KB, 1189x1800, open-uri20191002-4-56lnyc.jpg)

I want to draw with a pencil but then it's hard to show it around and participate in talk over the stuff you fabricated.
I also don't want to draw happenings and not instagram faces.
Those are my thoughts.
How to prevent snoring during sleep?

No. 529612

NTA but unfortunately, but that's just how it is. There's no trick or shortcut to it, you just have to keep in mind that whatever made you quit drawing before can be overcome. I went through the same thing (quit for two years, tried to get back into it several times and failed the first few times because my lack of skill discouraged me) and the only thing that helped was finding ways to have fun, to distract myself from my usual negative thoughts. Use supplies you're not used to, do gimmick-y exercises, draw your favourite characters; whatever is easy/entertaining enough that you can get comfortable with drawing again. After that you can start working on your fundamentals and doing studies, but remember not to get too discouraged when you don't see improvement at first.

No. 529613

I think that this is the most toxic mindset of All.
If you think you have depression, any tips on here may not help because you have a medical problem that makes you feel like shit for whatever you do
If you’re lazy, the tips here will not help because you expect immediate results for no effort in working towards them :)

No. 529614

I would consider this art good

No. 529615

guess you can also be a whining idiot who wants everything handed to them, but that won't get you anywhere.

No. 529617

Not asking for tricks or shortcuts. Just tips/ advice about what other anons do to get out of a funk, it's not that deep. Thanks though, you're the only legit reply so far

How exactly did you get 'I have depression' out of my post asking for tips about art block lmao

Please explain how 'help, I've been art blocked for months' is 'wanting everything handed to me' "Just draw" isn't a tip when I don't know what to even begin drawing again, landscapes? Anime? Fanart? Figure drawing??

No. 529620

What I meant to say is that there’s this toxic ideology that you need to feel ‘excited’ and ‘100% passionate’ for what you do, otherwise, there’s something wrong with you.
This is not the case, you do not need to feel excited for something if you want to become better at it- if you do, that’s good, but for a majority of people, surprisingly they don’t feel as motivated.
But now, there’s a difference between being stuck in this ideology, becoming lazy and thinking there’s something wrong with you vs general depression

No. 529621

You're not entitled to strangers dedicating their time to look for solutions for you, especially with that bitchy attitude. Look back to whatever motivated you to draw in the first place, and just fucking draw.

No. 529622

you are not ""art blocked"", that's not a thing. you lack creativity to come up with something to draw, and it seems drive too if you can't look for prompts or challenges to do. there are so many challenges on the internet (inktober, huember, mermay), and so many places you can lift ideas from (dtiys challenges, drawing fanart) or you could just draw from life. you can't just rely on "but idk what to start with!!!!" every time, being this indecisive will get you nowhere.

No. 529623

Anon, others gave some tips, if you’re not happy with their reasoning, look elsewhere.

No. 529624

"Art blocked" has become the general catch-all term for
>I'm burned out/ I can't think of anything to draw/ I don't like anything I've been producing/ nothing's been inspiring me
nowadays me thinks, can mean any of those

No. 529625

Hey anon, it’s really just a mindset of not thinking too much about art.
lowkey, Picasso or someshit was right about the fact that a person needs to have a child’s mindset and not worry about the consequences to enjoy art and to actually do it

No. 529626

yea but kids love to use it as "a powerful unknown force is keeping from drawing and i can't do anything about it besides complain", so when people use that it's hard to not assume the worst variant.

No. 529627

>strangers dedicating their time to look for solutions for you
>Is on Lolcow
How precious can your time be if you're here, retard

No. 529629

Damn, Anon caught us lmao
Please let this be a future banner

No. 529630

Nah, low hanging fruit imo, don't feed the troll

No. 529634

Sometimes you need to force yourself to do something to get better at something.

People have to force themselves to go to gym for a first few months before they start enjoying it.

The same thing with art. You have to force yourself until you start loving it.

Either do it or don't. There is no other trick

No. 529638

Artists being like "I hate drawing" while drawing is a common experience for a reason lol

No. 529641

Because an experienced artist spent years of trying.

No. 529654

Just get yourself an artbook on a subject you like, anatomy, scenery or whatever and do all the exercises. Even if you don't ENJOY it you'll improve and that will push you to draw more

No. 529667

Is Waffles a complete moron? She whines about the price of the 120 brush marker set, but it works out to 83 cents a marker, which is nothing in comparison to other brush markers that don't completely suck.

No. 529671

Adding to this, what really gets me inspired fo some reason is screenshot redraws. I watch live action movies or series (anime is alright but it's usually easier because it's already 2D), take screenshots of parts I liked, then try to redraw that. Sometimes I exaggerate the pose, sometimes I do a simple color study, sometimes it's just about trying out new watercolors, etc. Dunno why but I love doing that. Also works as an exercise of "Why do I like this scene? Is it the colors, the composition, the subject? What about it do I want to emulate in my own work?"

No. 529676

It's a cycle of self loathing the longer you let it last. If you can't stand everything you draw just draw perspective shapes and circles to keep your hand muscles fresh. I've gone two weeks and have a lot of anxiety about it lol. Also grab references and printer paper and go crazy. Don't try to sketch anywhere permanent like a sketch book when it's been a while you'll just get discouraged.

No. 529677

No. 529686

Why do people even want to make art if they don't enjoy it and aren't excited about it? I legitimately don't understand why you would force yourself to do this thing you obviously don't want to do. Find another hobby, this one is a dead end for you.

No. 529693

usually one of the two or both:
1. they were good at it as kids and worry that it's their best/only skill so they don't feel like they can quit
2. they can genuinely like it and once did but they're way too caught up in their own heads and insecure that they overthink themselves into misery and impotence. this is extremely common and seems to happen with drawing especially.

No. 529697

Also 3. They liked it once upon a time and gained a fanbase online, so now they're doing it just for the profit. See Holly Brown, Sakimichan, and more.

No. 529700

nta but I feel like I'm a bit of #1 except I kept doing it for money. I came from a shithole country so dollars are worth a lot.

No. 529728

makes sense. i wrote that post and i don't think that being in either one of those camps means you should stop. they're just common hurdles. art is like any other discipline in that some days it's easy and feels like your calling and some days (or months or years) it's unbearable and you question why you even do it. 9 times out of 10 it's just a matter of breaking bad mental habits imo. i loved art as a kid, then hated doing it for years as a teen/young 20s and quit, now i like it again because i approach it much differently. it's naive for people to expect to love it forever and never waiver.

No. 529742

I stopped drawing for two weeks because of carpel tunnel it wasn't a choice lol. Idk maybe the amount people want to draw just shows where they should concentrate rather than give up. Illustrators tend to focus more on the color and rendering than drawing constantly vs a comic artist has to LOVE to draw or they are fucked lol

No. 529764

"Just draw" is a good enough tip when you're asking how to get back into drawing everyday. Draw your hand everyday if you don't have any ideas on what to draw. If you don't have any ideas, why bother learning to draw. Drawing is just a tool to convey your ideas. I don't understand people who talk about wanting to draw but never do, just pick up a pencil and put a line down. You're not going to get better overnight so being able to draw well or wanting to be popular online can't be your only motivation to keep drawing.

No. 529770

I'm in the same boat and agree completely. I used to be really fragile/precious about my art as a teen/early 20s and wrapped it up way too much with my mental health and identity and what not. It really does get better/easier when you break the bad habits and learn discipline.

I think one of the best things I did was get away from the online art communities tbh. It really poisoned my mind as a kid because it can be so competitive and petty and there is a lot of really bad advice that's taken as gospel and passed around. Taking actual classes and studying pros/books helped me form that discipline and stop being so wrapped up in being better than other people or views/comments/etc.

No. 529808

File: 1584832761572.png (1.9 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20200321-152651.png)

I've been starting to watch Kattvalk again and I always like the way she draws animals and talks through her process. Her non realism is pretty meh though which is disappointing as hell

No. 529896

Realism and non-realism are completely different ways of going about art, you're not going to find that many artists that do both well imo.
Just supplement her videos with someone else's non-realism you like.

No. 529902

wow same. i had to detach myself from the idea of art as a super sacred spiritual self expression and just relearn it as an almost physical activity. you don't need to come up with something original every time, it's ok to copy others if it's to learn and you don't publish it, there's always some practice exercise you can do no matter how uninspired you are etc. then later on you can apply all you've learned to something more creative and personal.

i also agree about online communities. i observe two major camps that are pretty opposite. one is very adamant about all art being good as long as it's ~your style~ and the other can be quite closed minded and ocd about which techniques you should do and exactly how to do them etc. the latter is definitely more useful but i overthink in different ways if i spend too long in either of them. it's more important to just keep your head down and focus on specific goals imo

No. 529944

I can personally say try drawing once a week. It can be literally anything. Then after you get into the habit of drawing weekly, the feeling of wanting to draw will come in no time. Happened to me throughout the years, despite my current rut.

No. 530013

This isn't really what you're asking for but I'll tell you what I do when I'm really wanting to create but can't bother to pick up my tablet pen. Well, its two things I have to choose between.

The first option is just forcing some warmups. These can be the most basic warm-ups (circles, lines, spirals, cubes, etc) or something more detailed like gesture drawing. Either way, its nothing I'll have personal attachment to and its something quick that I can't go "I don't have time for that" at. Just enough to keep your brain flexible.

Second option is to just do something I don't normally do. Learn a 3D art program, craft with clay, pick up some watercolors, anything you don't really know how to do. Even switching from digital to traditional sketching can be enough. And its not just the medium you can change, change up your subject matter. Do you mostly draw portraits of pretty girls facing to the left? Draw a Transformer robot. Draw still life of the precarious stack of dishes you have piling up in your room.
Exploring other mediums like this is beneficial for two reasons. One, it can help you learn other stuff can be fun/you can have a surprising amount of talent for them. Or two, it can make you crawl back to your comfort zone with new perspective and appreciation.

Basically you just gotta get out there and fuck it up.

No. 530038

What's your prefered social media platform for sharing art?

I recently started to post on twitter since deviantart is dying but I don't gain any followers there. People with a similar style who are also new manage to gain 500+ followers in their first week and they don't even tag their posts…

No. 530043

I only post on instagram now. don't have a fuckload of followers but it seems like a good way to form professional relationships.

No. 530211

honestly, I like twitter. It's very customizable, and all my idols are there and interact. I just mute/block people or words that annoy me, and only post art or make funny quips with my followers. I like the fact it has no anonymous options, that's what made tumblr intolerable

No. 530244

I agree with a lot of this but I cannot stand the image cuts and lack of viable tags.

No. 530287

That's exactly what I was asking for actually, thanks, anon!

No. 530385

File: 1584913854576.png (469.16 KB, 720x903, Screenshot_2020-03-22-17-46-07…)


No. 530390

File: 1584914045844.png (144.67 KB, 711x930, Screenshot_2020-03-22-17-49-37…)

The real milk is her stans defending this shit.

No. 530391

File: 1584914682872.jpg (33.88 KB, 728x412, XFqHtXEg.jpg)

No. 530394

my god people should fucking stop posting their art online if they don't want anything beyond blind praise.

No. 530426

File: 1584917094734.jpeg (263.94 KB, 1242x1534, BBB811B3-E1F2-4BDF-A39D-C15DD6…)

look at the fucking MOUTH

No. 530463

There's no way this artist is over 16 lol.

No. 530509

What is it with weebs shading the corners of the eyes with brown?

No. 530614

I don't normally like to talk shit about minors, especially for such a minor offense like weeb stagnation, but holy shit how does this artist have 12K followers?

No. 530676

NTA but oh wow thanks anon! I would have never thought of this and I think I might try it!

With all this covid shit going on I haven't been inspired or motivated in weeks so this might help!

Can't wait to try.

No. 530677

No. 530690

File: 1584951654486.png (262.62 KB, 757x735, Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 4.20…)


you're telling me ergojosh can't be fucked to learn anatomy? what ever could've given someone that idea? (pic related)

No. 530691

File: 1584952007570.png (400.85 KB, 595x735, Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 4.21…)


idk if hes never seen a black woman before or is just way too used to drawing anatomically inaccurate instathot pictures

No. 530778

kek, she looks like some weird lizard monster

No. 530779

oh god are the proportions supposed to be demonic on purpose? he could kinda sell that with the slit eyes, but it also feels like he just didn't know how the fuck to do it and couldn't be fucked to look up a single picture of a black person. kinda racist feeling ngl.

No. 530814

Every other decent black artist I've seen puts a lot of effort drawing black women. Man is this disappointing

No. 530900


…isn't he black? Like shade his art all you want but calling a black guy racist because he sucks at drawing is more milky than the drawing itself kek. That's some Tumblr bullshit

No. 530910


I was thinking the exact same thing.
A one-trick pony sure, bad at proportions, ok. but racist for not knowing how to draw black people? Lol no.
All he's been drawing is youthful insta-women. It looks like he's just now attempting to put some age on the ladies he draws.

I think he gets a lot of shade for just doing boring head/bust shots in general though, which is why he's trying to draw more figures to prove he can do it. At least he's attempting.

No. 530922

File: 1584986462206.png (263.24 KB, 376x1000, vamphug pinterest trace.png)

She's been caught tracing shit she found on pinterest more than once

No. 530923

i don't check every artist's race you retard lmao, he is obviously not racist then. but then the question of how has he not seen a single black women in his life or why couldn't he at least look for a reference comes up.

can you stop spamming terezah's old drama, everyone knows this shit.

No. 530942

Clearly >>528936 didn't know, chill tf out lmao

No. 530945

The exact same image was posted in the last thread though.

No. 530946

exactly, someone has been sperging about terezah for the entire last half of that thread and it's getting annoying. this is all old shit, and doesn't she have a thread anyway?

No. 530951


Dude, his hands are clearly visible in the video thumbnail. lol

No. 530952

Dollieguts thread >>>/w/18232

No. 530954

yeah i remembered right, there's no reason for people to keep reposting her old milk and if there's something new it should go in there.

and i only checked the last post fam-buddy-pal, can we drop it? his proportions still suck, they just so happen to suck in a way that would also give racist vibes if he wasn't black.

No. 530991

Watched waffles video with that huge ohuhu set. She was crindgy as hell. Also I didn't know she had different characters to draw, I thought she was drawing the same girl over and over in all her videos

No. 530993

Would be nice if you provided a link.

No. 530997

File: 1584998248182.png (2.85 MB, 1881x847, Capture.PNG)

The post above me reminds me instagram is having a #toonme, draw your self as a cartoon along with an IRL photo. 90% of the people who're doing the trend have the same art style so I thought it was just some autist repeating subject matter and not a bunch of different artist. How do you achieve such hegemony?

No. 531036

File: 1585006325377.png (Spoiler Image, 4.06 MB, 3547x3045, 20200323_162819.png)

hopefully noone has talked about deputyrust yet. its no exageration when i say that all of his female characters have the exact same hair and body. his male characters are somewhat diverse, but thats not saying much. it shocks me how stuck he is on this one particular style of woman.

No. 531045

It just exposed talentless artists

No. 531047

File: 1585008077306.jpg (27.75 KB, 395x717, ETlwI5HWsAAvFT6-1.jpg)

Empahis on the "that's not saying much"

No. 531050


No. 531054

Apparently it looks better if you have a ‘realistic’ cartoony style- some of the artists I’ve seen changed their style specifically for this challenge, then went back to their normal hype stylized anime/cartoon style

No. 531055

File: 1585009813861.jpg (55.62 KB, 975x600, kingpin-intothespiderverse.jpg)

Kingpin's lost son

No. 531059

Ew I detest artists like this
Probably draws rule 34 trash too not surprising

No. 531066

File: 1585010768507.png (539.38 KB, 713x734, 2334363.PNG)

Thats a shame because it looks better with less realistic art.

No. 531076

File: 1585012583670.jpg (229.71 KB, 720x1136, 20200323_181311.jpg)

this was one of his tweets that blew up and some might recognise. its funny knowing how he exagerattes male bodies to the extreme, but female bods are always hourglassed shaped, the only thing that changes is boobsize.

No. 531081

File: 1585013472206.jpg (51.39 KB, 637x638, barbie-vs-he-man.jpg)

That observations been around for years you're not unique or edgy rusty. 'her spine XD' fags are annoying, but they sometimes have a point.

No. 531101

Yall. Spare me cause I'm actually fuckin retarded. I cant understand basic reading shit and trying to learn perspective. Course if you bend down, your eye level changes. But the horizon wouldnt move with you course aye? I got pg 14 and actually went fuckin dead.

No. 531117

File: 1585023339763.jpg (382.6 KB, 4096x1590, this nigga can't draw.jpg)

Those two things are all he can draw, the him making the point that they look equally like shit despite criticism is pretty ironic.

Also Moo and fuckheads like this have made me hate the word "lewd." For fuck's sake just say "erotic" or "smutty."

No. 531118

mj's design is the worst one

No. 531129

Anime has ruined the word lewd

No. 531131

Because not knowing how to draw black people isn't inherently racist /retard/. Again head to Tumblr if you need a place to sperg.

No. 531133

The horizon stays the same but the vantage point changes. Bend now and watch your point of view that's the vantage point the horizon is still the same.

No. 531143

No. 531147

This. People bitching about artists not drawing/not knowing how to draw black people and calling them racist for it is the worst meme yet. Let people draw whatever the fuck they want, even if they drew realistic looking black people they would be called racist for drawing them with negroid features or racist for whitewashing them if they don't. Someone will always have a problem with it because artists love being petty cunts.

No. 531148

One of my students wants to be a pro artist but she keeps painting black and white portraits, any idea how I can get her into something else in a friendly way? She seems to be on her way to becoming an art lolcow.

No. 531158

Drawing black and white portraits isn't lolcow behavior, unless she's a giant snowflake about it and freaks out or something. Plenty of pro artists favor graphite and charcoal portraits and shit.

No. 531195

Why have you decided that she has to draw something else? Drawing black and white portraits isn't wrong. Is it just because you personally don't like them?

No. 531201

Nah, the black and white portraits aren't an issue. She wants to get into the art academy here but they request a variety of techniques in your portfolio and she ignored the advice of her mentor (I give her German lessons as a native speaker and we talked about art).

No. 531210

File: 1585049021537.jpeg (399.07 KB, 2048x1025, 5724A558-0658-4293-8150-D16626…)

Artists that draw thicc women are all bad. Pic related is Froggywithfries. None of them know any anatomy

No. 531211

File: 1585049193427.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 362.32 KB, 1391x2048, 668E1078-2038-4E8B-A2BB-DAA346…)

Shadman is a good example too.

No. 531251

you are completely brain dead aren't you? this isn't about not knowing how to draw black people, it's about the caricatureish big ass mouth and making them look like a fucking lizard person in his case. just because you are blind to the specific mistakes don't act like my criticism isn't valid. you act more like a tumblrite with how you think everyone is wrong besides you, little piss stain.

No. 531267


sure, not knowing how to draw black people or people of color isn't inherently racist. but refusing to learn how to, or when you do, giving them white features because that's all you know how to draw, isn't helpful at all to improve.

No. 531309

This is what i dislike about him. All he has is edge but his anatomy is shitty.

No. 531327


exactly. shad's anatomy is most known for having characters with broken spines, lordosis, or nonexistent pelvises. his work is essentially well-polished turds. if he wasn't a controversial and edgy shitposter and catered to degenerates, he wouldn't be nearly as popular as he is

No. 531346

File: 1585074010452.jpeg (415.05 KB, 833x1665, F824BD89-C602-4849-9AE5-CFBE91…)

Look at the dumbasses (Cadence Chambers) in the comments trying to defend this video, yes he didn’t technically say you don’t have to learn proper anatomy but young naive artists certainly will take that away from this video.

No. 531348

Lmao you can’t be racist to your own race.

No. 531350

Is MJ supposed to be 'curvy' or what? She looks like a pudgy fatass even tho there's that tiny little waist

No. 531355

are you sure, mate

No. 531356

Internalized racism like internalized misogyny exist ya know

No. 531359

Holy shit anon yes please keep calling a black man racist because of how he draws black people please it's honestly hilarious. Die on this hill it's fun to watch

No. 531361

File: 1585076022322.jpeg (126.92 KB, 574x1405, 69801E9A-8B67-464D-8019-82BFA4…)

Lmao okay sjws and femcels. Just because you can’t draw lips properly, doesn’t make you racist nor misogynist.

No. 531364

This black man is raaaacist! A white girl on Tumblr told me so uwu

No. 531365

>sjws and femcels

No. 531372

Why are you losing your shit over one anon lmao

No. 531377

I'll bite. The idea that it's racist is because he doesn't draw bad, but the fact what he draws depends heavily on old racist black caricatures. You can draw a black person badly without making it look like a bunch of old tropes.

No. 531379

That took me two seconds lol. White Tumblr girls just amuse me

No. 531381

Lol you're white

No. 531383

How do you know they're white, samefag?

No. 531384

You do know he uses photos for every drawing. Are black people caricature to you if they don't look white enough?

No. 531386

No. 531388

ah, it's retarded

No. 531391

File: 1585076993692.png (1.96 MB, 4096x1590, lean.png)

samefag but I posted the wrong pic

No. 531394

Your last leg to stand on I see whitey lol

No. 531395

can you fuck off? you're shitting up the thread.

No. 531396


You gunna answer or what retard?

No. 531398

i'm not that anon, dumbfuck. quit embarrassing yourself

No. 531402

I'm really sorry totally not that anon and I'm super embarrassed cuz like this black man was being racist by drawing photos of black people exactly how they look in their photos but he had no idea how offensive and racist white people find it when black people don't look white enough uwu

No. 531416

Lol okay so the take away from the last two fights on this thread are:
Black people = racist if drawn how they look
Women = men if drawn how they look.

Art community autistic confirmed.

No. 531419

Even in the photo you coted he deviates in ways assicted with stereotypes (the biggest example being how the drawing lips are bigger)
But anon I am black?

No. 531424

Hey me too small world. Sorry my lips are racist uwu

No. 531425


NTA and don't know what the argument is about but that drawing looks like absolute shit compared to the photo lol

It's like he tried to turn her into a Planet of the Apes extra but she's actually cute IRL. The lips are so fucked

No. 531426

the argument is just >>531424 sperging the fuck out and ruining the thread over nothing.

No. 531430


have you seen a black person before? cause i assure you they don't look like that ergo.josh drawing

No. 531437

ok very old news (1 month ago) but kasey golden, who has type 1 diabetes moved to japan with her sister in this pandemic. i don't get it?

No. 531439

imagine looking like this

No. 531442

Can anyone recommend useful art youtubers. Ones that help/teach art skills. Right now I'm focusing on perspective but anyone who actually knows what there talking about.

No. 531444

Try going to art classes for that anon.

No. 531445

I see a plus in this Kasey will realise how judgmental Japanese society is then she'll style herself more and get rid of that ugly coconut bob and probably start acting her age

No. 531451

I've really been enjoying Marco Bucci's content, I like his outlook on drawing (he cares about having fun and expressing himself, but has enough knowledge of fundamentals to do it purposefully). He's a teacher IRL so he's good at explaining things clearly.
Obviously Proko is good for anatomy/figure stuff, and though I don't like his style, Sinix has a good grasp on fundamentals.
Most art youtubers focus heavily on anatomy/painting techniques though, I haven't seen much perspective content.

No. 531461

Everyone's dresses are riding up their asscheeks, gross. These characters look like babboons, and the center and far right ones have broken necks.

Thirsty men uplift the shittiest artists I stg.

No. 531484


Didn't know she had a podcast. Not gonna listen but in the comments she mentioned she moved "because of anime", what an idiot. Now she's in the middle of Corona.

No. 531485

I'd recommend Tyler Edlin and Baban Illustration. I'm getting back into drawing and I've found their channels pretty helpful.

No. 531489

This is Jackie's 7th squishy video and she still hasn't progressed in simple paint jobs.

No. 531540

File: 1585102108849.jpg (126.3 KB, 998x1142, IMG_20200324_131041.jpg)

do ever just see a seemingly innocent artpiece that by just looking at it, you know that the artist draws degenerate porn?
heres an example

No. 531551

You have a serious case of coomer brain anon.

No. 531568

The way she paints you can see right away that she doesn't draw or do anything on a 2D surface as often as she should.

I hate that I know exactly what you mean, the unnecessary shines and odd line weight screams "I draw borderline inflation porn."

No. 531581

What the fuck is wrong with both of you

No. 531582


I like most of her craft kit reviews but I think all of her videos like this are just cringy. The annoying voices she puts on, the dumb faces, the awkward pauses, leaving in parts where she laughs at her own retarded jokes, then to top it all off, the projects always end up looking like shit. If she wasn't on camera I would think she was 12 years old.

No. 531583

She’s been sculpting clay for years and hasn’t progressed at that either. The hamburger bear did make me laugh.

No. 531600

She also left her husband back in Canada lmao.

No. 531608

Question is, does she still leech on his income? Or is he finally free from Kasey’s man-hands in his check book?

No. 531609

She definitely makes enough money from youtube now that she doesn't need his money. But it's weird that she chose to stay in Japan during a pandemic than go back home. Canada has been sending planes out to bring citizen back, too. I can't imagine being separated from my husband during this shit.

No. 531613

On what kind of visa though? Or are they overstaying tourist visa?

No. 531620

Dunno about art channels but this is probably my favorite video regarding perspective and I shill it to pretty much everyone when I have the chance. Maybe check out the rest of his channel too.

No. 531623

File: 1585123310026.jpg (84.77 KB, 640x640, fake food.jpg)

I agree, anon. The problem with this painting is that the artist applies the same "glossy" texture to literally everything.

I wouldn't have thought of porn if you didn't mention it, though. My mind mostly just went to when restaurants have those epoxy desserts for displays. But porn does make since, given how most porn artists making everything (skin, hair) look glossy for some reason.

Texture variety is important.

No. 531635

Doesn't he have an entire video about not drawing perfect Instagram girls, yet so far all we've seen is perfect Instagram girls of some sort

No. 531636

come now anon, dessert displays look better than >>531540

No. 531641

Does any of you guys ever felt old? Im hitting 20 this April soon but i felt like an old mediocre art fag already kek.

No. 531642

Yeah, I know the feeling. I turned 21 not long ago.

Honestly though, I think there's an advantage to people judging your art objectively instead of on the curve of "being a kid/teenager." Your achievements don't have any less value just because they happened in adulthood.

Just make art, work on improving, and eventually someone will appreciate you for it regardless of your age.

No. 531656

those anons are kind of right. i don't think that post signals "i draw 2d porn", necessarily, but there are definitely innocent drawings by artists out there that give you the hint. between the exaggerated lighting and lack of texture, you can tell

No. 531658

wow i'm not even gonna find all the posts of that 4channer sounding anon but they must be completely retarded and attention hungry to keep using the tumblr insult in 20 fucking 20, and to call anyone having a problem with this dude's anatomy an incel. get a life retard, no one is dying on a hill expect for you. be grateful this website is anonymous cus otherwise you'd never have such a big mouth, you fucking pile of dogshit.

No. 531668

File: 1585139530746.jpg (43.25 KB, 540x810, goth.jpg)

I wanna compare the drawing to the photo it's based on

No. 531669

an exact likeness if i've ever seen one

No. 531671

Jesus Christ he did her dirty

No. 531677

Would including studies (like value/colour studies) in my portfolio be considered stupid? I'm trying to make myself a proper portfolio but I'm awfully self-critical and not too sure what I should and shouldn't put on there, I've heard some people say to display only your best stuff and some people say that just add anything that you think can showcase your skill and what you can do and I'm kinda lost

No. 531678

Seeing the comparison I think he got confused by the slight upwards angle, tbh. He tried to convey that on the lips and nose but doesn't understand planes well enough to do it properly (you can tell by how he placed his shadows, they're too low/small and that makes the features look abnormally bloated in this context) and he symbol-drew completely flat eyes. He also made the skull way too wide for some reason, I don't understand why.
This is why you need to think in 3D and planes, in any case. Any slight angle will fuck you up otherwise.

No. 531680

I'd say it depends on where you plan on taking said portfolio, perhaps a few studies towards the middle and end and have your best stuff be in the middle. From my experience it's the first few pages they pay the most attention to, but it could definitely be worth showing some of your working / studies

No. 531681

Thank you! I plan to get into game graphics, not sure if it makes a difference.

No. 531684

is this a job portfolio or university portfolio? if job you'd probably wanna only include technical work that has to do with the specific field, but if it's university, they like to see a mix of studies showing your general skill plus your specialized technical work.

damn he really did do her dirty, so different in almost all areas of her face and he was only drawing her face. did he even end up coloring it?

No. 531752

Someone mentioned about perspective, and I'd just like to share one of the vids that helped me understand it better. It's short, but it gets to the point.

No. 531753

someone compensating for a lack of understanding textures in fruit and cream and making it shiny as a crutch =/= porny dogwhistles. nobody is going out of their way to study fruit unless they want to austically photocopy textures, but a lot of people understand basic light/highlight rendering, thus the over reliance on highlights. you guys want things to be more pornified then they are to justify your saltiness over every little thing you see.

No. 531757

i dont think those desserts give a huge "porny" sign but if you seriously think those textures are even close to accurate, or that's anything close to how light reflects off of those desserts, you're insane. it's not even like a little exaggerating, the texture and shine is completely off

No. 531759

definitely not porny, but not wanting to understand the textures of something you are drawing is retarded. it looks wrong as hell, over reliance on highlights that make no sense is ugly as fuck.

No. 531824

>Nobody is going out of their way to draw fruit
Except for the old master's and literally anyone who's taken a painting or still life class.

The issue here isn't necessarily that the textures aren't "accurate"– it's also that all those highlights are distracting compositionally. You put the most detail and contrast in the focal point of the painting, that's composition 101.

Also not to get too autistic but there's a tangent where a nub on the pie crust lines up with the stem of the glass.

No. 531924

I can't stand these shitty, coomer brained artists who only draw one type of hyper sexualized woman.
They can't even be bothered to be at least a little more creative. they're hyper focused on one type of body that doesn't even look good.

No. 531926

It just looks ugly and unappatizing, looks like its been sitting out for a long time and the texture is hard and sticky

No. 531953

what is wrong with mj's legs? geez…

No. 531954


I don't mind bigger girls but how they go about drawing this body type feels off.

No. 531969

She looks like a racist caricature

No. 531973

Her actual face that is not just the drawing. The drawing just excentuates how racist her face is because a racist self hating black man drew it.

No. 531984

she would probably become like those unoriginal "foreigner in japan" vloggers, i'm calling it

>because of anime
so basically every weeb ever

i honestly don't get this, is it because of those artfags that brag how they're just 12 and can do well-rendered drawings already?

No. 531998

File: 1585181973685.jpeg (581.66 KB, 1163x889, 4763B554-D620-45CB-A20C-BDBA4F…)

Nah anon is right,that piece is this dudes sfw art.Seen him circle on Twitter

No. 532015

File: 1585183493125.png (1.64 MB, 1218x865, 24354646464.PNG)

I went through his twitter and it feels like he isn't even trying sometimes

No. 532016

First thing that came to my mind with that brush style was pixiv cum tutorials.

No. 532020

File: 1585183795824.png (2.08 MB, 1401x852, 42354646.PNG)

Same fag, but it'd his colors and line work that make it look so off. it reminds me of someone thinking their hard round opacity brush sketches should be style

No. 532022

File: 1585184412741.jpeg (12.36 KB, 555x176, 70442EBF-CE4E-4B95-B377-62BB87…)


No. 532024

File: 1585184762723.jpg (21.81 KB, 326x315, 99433d903400ce2bac54e2498b90d8…)

ew what the fuck? these look disgusting. the syrup or chocolate or whatever looks like tar. drawn food should look delicious or cute (or both) doesn't have to be realistic to scale but ffs. these look like boiled chicken skins covered in syrup.

No. 532030

…..Is that supposed to be pancakes or melting cheese pizza?

No. 532110

>A black woman wearing regular eye make up and black lipstick with white contacts. An overall high-fantasy look.
>Looks like a racist caricature
Anon, nothing about the photo or her face looks remotely like a racist caricature in any way. Maybe if she had bright red lips and a mammy scarf on or something, but she's doesn't. Sage for ot kinda.

No. 532171

my suspicions were correct

No. 532206

File: 1585231786453.jpg (325.06 KB, 1080x1080, 16_26872092_158488664807664_23…)

ergo.josh isn't racist, he's just shit at drawing, even with reference. most likely because of his (admitted) refusal to learn anatomy because he seems to think he's above it because he can "fake it so well"

sure thing, but i'll believe it when he's not displaying images as bad as pic related on his website. he puts himself on such a high horse i'm surprised more people don't criticize him

No. 532244

Yeah its really starting to annoy me

No. 532262

File: 1585239912913.jpeg (55.25 KB, 1300x1390, 4c2659b320cc9d2dd241f1eb3f4377…)


he acts all high and mighty just because he went to school for architecture and has a viewer base of mostly 12-16 year old hobbyists who he knows in no way compare to his mediocre art

idk how he thinks he can teach anatomy when that nose looks like a mushroom clipart

No. 532265

KEK anon its sad how accurate that comparison is.

No. 532442

who's the artist that made the art you posted?

No. 532504

I feel like it looks off because there's no sense to it. like blatant bimbo proportions, instead of something that makes sense and looks more aesthetically pleasing.
idk how to explain it but I feel like it'd look better if everything was more even with each other? like if you're gonna give her really thick thighs than she shouldn't have a two inch waist, otherwise she looks like a bimbo.

No. 532605

jesus. i know the answer is probably no, but does he even flip his canvas

No. 532642

ergo josh is racist

No. 532740

File: 1585315238674.jpg (116.09 KB, 470x560, 560.jpg)

Since a bunch of us will have free time to draw while social distancing should we make an art critique thread? Like IC, but less shit?

No. 532756


not this shit again

No. 532809

Honestly posting your art on lolcow seems like an even worse idea than posting your art to /ic/. Unlike /ic/, your art could stay up on lolcow for years. Plus, while actual industry pros admit to going on /ic/, it would hard to justify to outsiders if you're ever confronted with the fact you use a drama/gossip forum full of "problematic" stuff.
A discord chat or something would probably be a better idea, since you can restrict which people come in/out and outsiders won't be able to easily view it.

No. 532904

That definitely seems like a better option. But I suppose sending a link to it using this website or saying it’s discord name isn’t an option :/

No. 533164

Anons what are your opinions on what type of art style is the most tired and overused? For me it would be the "vintage" style with noise filter, yellow subs and red overlay.

No. 533185

You can already check out the redraw thread to see how well farmers take criticism so I think this is a really bad idea. I don't feel like offering advice to people who will fight me on it tooth and nail just to justify their dreams of grandiosity and then resort to calling me a pedophile weeb because I told them that a person's face doesn't work like this >>530691 or something. It's too tiring.

No. 533213

anime and anime inpired styles tbh. there are only so many ways people can draw some same faced anime girl with eyes the size of a tennis ball and a head the size of a watermelon before it gets boring. also, i just find it very bland and simple in general.

No. 533228

File: 1585399384479.png (399.7 KB, 784x681, EQj8TvxXYAYfGNd.png)

I don't deny many anime-western mix artists are supertalented, but they all copy eachother and mostly draw generic cute girls and it gets repetitive, and they're ALL influenced by Trigger

No. 533232

Unrelated question, but do you guys ever feel like art would look 100x better if they added noses? It would be a cute girl if it didn't look like voldemort.

No. 533251

File: 1585404392173.png (326.48 KB, 357x412, ccJ1h8P.png)

this one doesn't have a nose on purpose, its a monsters inc version of aqua from kingdom hearts. sora's version doesn't have a nose either, and this is based on that.

No. 533271

I like how she turned a frumpy middle aged woman into that. Would it kill these people to draw something other than dead faced pretty girls?

No. 533302

File: 1585410617750.jpg (672.5 KB, 1055x1835, 20200329_024810.jpg)

Kasey's dumb ass is finally leaving Japan. Her sister left too. I don't understand why they waited so long to leave when the pandemic situation was clearly not going to get better anytime soon, especially when her sister admitted not being able to speak the language at all. They're both idiots.

No. 533322

She planned to stay there for three months so she stayed for 3 months? And why can’t people do fun things? Yeah I guess it was probably poor timing on accident but seriously, who gives a shit? And people are still allowed to go to countries even if they don’t speak the language. Tourism wouldn’t exist without that.

No. 533324

Does anyone ever feel conscious about their art style? i currently have a fairly genetic style rn and it felt like id never stand out if i kept on drawing like this, its not that i hate it but im not really comfortable with my art yet at this stage.

No. 533332

Honestly, that is a good thing. Being satisfied with your artstyle gives you zero motivation to improve. It’s why artists like Danica Sills have stagnated. If you remain unsatisfied, you have a reason to keep honing in on your craft. Find satisfaction in milestones over products; celebrate that you completed a sketchbook, not what’s in it. That’s how I approach this.

No. 533339


Speaking of sketchbooks. I wonder what people, who fill their sketchbooks up in a short amount of time like Waffles, do with all their sketchbooks. Do they keep them until eternity or do they throw them away at some point. Like, it's just a huge pile of used paper occupying a lot of space. And most of it looks like trash because sketches.

No. 533340

File: 1585415259939.jpg (79.24 KB, 442x750, e7df6c0100a91af14589812f3569da…)

Vent art. For a genre based off of expressing emotion it's so samey. it ranges from good artists drawing mental illness for woke points using the most lame as metaphors to teens trying to vent by using popular insta art trends. Hey guys I used a red and black color scheme, hey guys I gave my character extra eyes, hey guys I drew a wolf! The comic version of the style are worse because they all tackle different subjects, but sound the same.
>Normal subject
>I'm fine
>I'm not fine

No. 533351

It depends I guess? I"ve seen some artists with a lot of following that sell their sketchbooks but these always feel like they've been filled out with the purpose of being eventually sold in the first place. Most of my artist colleagues kept they sketchbooks because it's motivating to look at old shit a long time later.

No. 533360

File: 1585416959264.png (5.94 MB, 2048x1536, C5D735DF-96D1-420A-A927-75FB06…)

They probably keep them

No. 533371

the instagram/youtube style which is somewhere between anime and sjw cartoons

No. 533375

Staying in a foreign country during the current pandemic when you do not speak the language is so incredibly reckless. If Kasey had gotten sick and wound up being one of the cases that needed hospitalisation (entirely possible given she is diabetic) then her sister would've been completely isolated. Yeah it sucks their trip got cut short but her weeb ass can stay home for a bit and try another time.

No. 533385

File: 1585421235157.png (2.97 MB, 1100x1373, ivyatoms_libido_trauma.png)

has ivy atoms ever been brought up in one of these threads? I know people who have had bad experiences with her before as a worker at one of her shows and her art truly is next-level furry garbage. she has some interesting concepts, but her entire career is based on her drawing glorified vent art using these two characters she writes comics about who are lesbian dog girls based off of these dolls she plays with. she definitely gives off cow vibes and i'm pretty sure the only reason she's successful is because she caters to the furry/tumblr crowd

No. 533388

What kind of bad experiences? I've seen her around at SFZF and some indie comics shows and she's always seemed really off personality wise but I just assumed she had cartoonist autism

No. 533413


someone i know used to work at a museum she had a show at and was talking with coworkers about how she didn't like ivy's art style and that if she (the worker) who's an art student presented something similar during a critique, she'd be laughed at. she didnt know what ivy looked like but i guess ivy overheard it and ended up telling management and literally crying because god forbid someone doesn't like her furry fetish art.

No. 533510

His really detail good work is literally him tracing over a black and white drawing. Which he did admit too in a video. He used those for his portfolio. I wonder if he disclosed that he traced on top of a photo (some he took, some he took off online).

No. 533523

I thought this art was by that creepy Aggy person.

No. 533549

Oh nevermind your friend must be a CCAD fag.

No. 533564

I recently got rid of all my books from before high-school, mainly because they were large books I only used 20-ish pages off. And the paper quality would not hold up to my style today. If they were salvageable, I tore out the pages I drew on and gave the books to my little sister, who is really young and does the whole ‘one drawing per page’ thing and goes through books like 3-am shredded cheese. If not, I tossed them. Now I keep all the ones from high school onward, because that is when I took art more seriously. They’re a good place to start if you are artblocked and need inspo, and I doubt I am ever going to miss pages of Naruto self-insert cringe, or Glee fanart.

No. 533574

The art is beautiful, don't be so square anon.

No. 533576

T. Huta-Chan

No. 533577

ivy atoms is absolutely a cow. she threatens people and gets her friends to attack anyone she doesn't like. i wish more people would talk about their experiences with her, because i know for a fact that she is a vicious bully. people don't speak up about her bullying them because she's popular (in certain furry circles), and her minions will immediately attack anyone who criticizes her. guaranteed, no one would give her the time of day if they weren't either afraid of her or wanted to work with her or both. her fanbase has a lot of overlap with girls rituals, who are both cows in their own right, too.

No. 533582

But it looks nothing like the character lol

No. 533598

Is an artist better off dating another artist, or a non-artist?

No. 533607

That's true. She just used a disney character as clickbait, she could've just said it's her own interpretation of the character from the book

No. 533619

if they arent up their own ass about their art it's fine. i think it depends on the person's personality more than anything. my ex controlled me a lot and would get angry at me for not drawing the way he did, but he was also a controlling person in general. i think both being artists is ok as long as you know the other person isnt a narcissist

No. 533620

Ivy Atoms has openly bragged about having copious amounts of shotacon saved, as well as photos of real little boys. She’s tried to cover this up, but it’s well known throughout the community that not only is she a sex pest, shes also terrible to work with, and a generally shitty person.

No. 533632

I ask because I'm an art student dating a stem major, and I want to know if I'm missing out on anything, out of curiousity.

No. 533641

Kinda stupid question tbf. I mean you date people you’re compatable with, sometimes those people are other artist sometimes they’re not. There’s really not much more to that, some artist partners can be say unsupportice while your stem bf might be very supportive, so you cannot even really say that artists dating artists always leads to some higher understanding.

No. 533647

that is the first ive ever heard of it but i'm not surprised at all. her comic about the dog doll characters is practically cub porn.

No. 533691


That's an odd and somewhat retarded way to look at it. People are people, whether they're involved in art, science, business, whatever, and people are different. Compatibility varies from person to person and it's complicated. It isn't narrowed down to simply being in the same field or even having similar interests. A successful relationship needs so much more than that.

No. 533693

you can't be older than 12 or not autistic. like the other anons said it's not about 100% having the same interests as the other person, you can be compatible with all kinds of people, heck lot of people say opposites attract each other. don't take romcoms too seriously and get out of the house more.

No. 533710


Do you remember any specific instances of her bullying people? She always seems up her own ass on her social media's, talking about how great her art is etc. So having a fragile ego wouldn't surprise me.

No. 533712

I don't get why other anons are being so aggressive to such a benign question. I've dated a steam major as well, and currently dating a fellow artist. Difference is that you can confront art progress, draw together which is always fun, and he understands the pressures and issues that come with an art career. It's not vital or as romantic as you might imagine, though. A guy from another major can be very supportive, and it's funny when he sees art as some kind of magic he can never do. If he's really into his major he can teach you something new as well! But as other anons have said, it's more important to have common interests. Just maybe avoid phylosophy majors or guys who "really want to become writers", they're fucking annoying

No. 533737


Fuck, that's a shit-ton.


I also thought about selling. But then again I wonder how to price them. (And what you said that said sketchbooks seem to be filled for that reason.)


You're right. I could totally tear out what I like and toss the rest.
It's so obvious that I'm too dumb to think of that. lol

No. 533742

Sounds like a wild one, anywhere have any info on her dirt?

No. 533774

File: 1585500400898.png (575.43 KB, 1154x552, Screenshot 2020-03-29 at 12.41…)


if there is a record of all her dirt, i'd love a link.

it's not dirt persay but she recently got hit by a car and somehow among her getting a concussion and needing multiple stitches after being rushed to the hospital, she found the time to have this photo taken to upload to her social media page.

not sure how true it is but i also heard rumors from ccad students that the only reason she got chosen to have that exhibition mentioned above is because her art is so shitty and unconventional/reprehensible compared to modern art that they basically just picked her to be the posterchild for "weirdo tumblr art"

No. 533794

is there a correlation between being a furry and being a shotacon/lolicon? I've seen so many like this lately.

No. 533807

Anime, and getting deeper down the weird porn rabbit hole. One Hing leads to another.

No. 533842

Thank you for this answer!

No. 533852

The slippery slope of fetish. Exposure to all sorts of weird fetishes and the close-knit nature of the furry community encourages the adoption of more and more degenerate kinks. It's the reason why we have so many incels and gooners fapping to futa loli guro.

No. 533897

anytime anyone has a problem with her, her sycophants go wild. any dirt on her can't be documented well because she'll bully anyone that has a problem with her, and her fans will agree with her no matter what. im curious about >>533620 , but i know if she's successfully covered that up, she has no problem silencing people that had bad experiences with her

No. 533904

this. I hate vent art with a passion. instead of being how you see it it's always influenced by how someone else sees it.

No. 534013

CCAD students really don't have much of a leg to stand on. All of the art I've seen come out of that school with the exception of like… Coey Kuhn… fucking sucks lol. Ivy's art is shit but I think the CCAD kids are just mad they wasted their money on an art school in fucking Ohio and some shitty furry artist is better on her hustle than they are. I've literally seen CCAD students draw porn fanart of veggie tales characters so like…

No. 534014

Pretty sure the photo was taken by her on again off again boyfriend. Half the indie comics community is pretty sure he's an abusive piece of shit, if her weird vent art is anything to go by.

No. 534016

on/off again boyfriend? i know she dated girls rituals for a time, which also seemed unhealthy

No. 534056

similar to this are those uwu positivity "self care" pieces of art / comics that everyone is doing right now. it's like the new "keep calm and carry on". they're all so shallow and repeat the same generic stuff.

No. 534167

File: 1585577095872.png (15.51 KB, 937x185, 2020-03-30 15_03_52-Window.png)

which one is ccad? I googled it and I am not sure which ones you lot are refering to. (obviously it's not the dictionary one)

No. 534169

first one since the anon mentioned ohio.

No. 534179

fucken youtube gave me this video for some reason so i thought I'd bitch about it. nine months ago wacom sent this woman a new cintiq and she goes on and on about her 'digitwart journey' and - in the intervening nine months she has posted ZERO art made on this cintiq. like what is the point wacom.

also she says she's never had a problem with wacom which to me means she never uses the bloody things because have you ever ever had wacom drivers behave properly? no, me neither. or maybe they work with macs, IDK, but still.

also she clearly wants to be laura price, lolllll

also she says she likes it because it's not "messy". Jesus.

No. 534184

Tbf, I've used 3 different wacom tablets during the years and I've never any significant issues, especially my newest one has been working without a hitch, so that's a bit of a stupid nitpick.

No. 534185

you're right, stupid nitpick is a fair call, but here we are

I also love how she clearly traced the pic of Aquaman and conveniently skipped to the colouring in part. (what is the point of just copying a photo?)

also she always goes on about how only content like unboxing and 'troom troom hacks' does well on her channel, but she never seems to want to change that.

No. 534214

File: 1585588013454.jpeg (581.83 KB, 1535x1771, EUUCi2AUcAAY12l (1).jpeg)

I'm usually pretty tolerant of these sorts of things but… yuck.

No. 534227

super ugly, but fits the character

No. 534229

Of course Destiny makes the character that happens to have a unibrow fat and hairy

No. 534293

Maybe, if it didn't have all the terrible facial hair

No. 534313

Is she still a furry or is she supposed to be human? Cause as an anthro character the hair makes sense.

No. 534322

What is it with wacom sending out tablets to bad artist that don't, or very rarely, even do digital art? Baylee Jae also got two from them, the cintiq and a mobile studio.

No. 534337


Because they usually have larger followings and because if they never/rarely do digital art, then it would be harder for them to spot any problems in their tablets

No. 534344

File: 1585607395184.jpg (151.32 KB, 593x1091, EUX5TaAXYAAZkpX.jpg)

why are animal crossing fans like this

No. 534356

File: 1585609273256.png (108.06 KB, 633x655, 2114FF6C-21BA-45B3-9FEB-D8523B…)

pic related is probably the only good hazel fanart that I’ve seen so far. artist is heybiji on twitter

No. 534385

File: 1585618304263.png (96.17 KB, 633x655, hazel.png)

really cute; I made a quick edit on the eyes so it'll blend smoothly with the original design.
sort of had the right idea but unfortunately shoe-horned in a needless man beard.

No. 534388

File: 1585618840502.jpg (232.38 KB, 1200x1079, IMG_5957.JPG)

Are there any artists that make visually interesting vent art?

No. 534463

You only like this one because it's japanese. It's no different than ivy atom's art. I don't get why people nowadays think anything japanese is inherently better.

No. 534471

okay idk much about vent art but is vent art even supposed to be visually interesting? I thought of it just as a way for the artist to get something off their chest and imo if that's the goal, the quality of the art itself doesn't really matter as long as the artist feels better after venting on the canvas?

No. 534482

Now she looks like a katanagatari character lol

No. 534489

you can think whatever about her style and motives she draws but god I'm so bored of her videos now, its always the same thing, roller skating, food, cats and then cheap art supplies with a mermaid- just that her style regresses more and more oh and dont forget the squarespace sponsor

No. 534498

And you made it worse, congrats!

No. 534499

Nah, it looks a lot better.

No. 534540

Im tired of seeing Destiny Moon's vile art everywhere. She's the worst raging virtue signaly SJW artist I have ever seen in my life. She's the Peta of special snowflakes, always there to ruin every fandom.

No. 534609

He has such an obvious fetish for trans people even if he is one himself. The amount of times he's drawn luigi in a dress or pride pins stuck on characters for some reason, lol.

No. 534631

Isn't she not transgender? I could have sworn she wasn't, which only made the obsession more fetish like, but who knows. I avoid her account like the plague

No. 534647

File: 1585674722234.jpg (324.54 KB, 957x1200, EJy-XgZU4AAkK4F.jpg)


you're telling me someone who draws shit like this can't handle mean words about her rainbow vomit furry art? so surprised

No. 534656


No. 534699

what the fuck is even going on here, is there any context to those weird tentacles that connect to heads in her art or is that just her vague fetish?

No. 534718


i think its a character from her current comic about aliens connected to your brain hooked up through those weird tentacles, no clue what else is going on in that image though. pretty sure its just another way for her to implement her weird fetishes into her edgy vent art.

No. 534826

why would you spend your time to make something look worse?

No. 534864

This is a much needed improvement. It actually looks like Animal Crossing fanart and not generic weeb shit.

No. 534925

Because erasing the white in the eyes magically makes it non-anime style. You anons need your eyes checked.

No. 534927

Nta, but I think its better because the character itself doesn't have whites in the eyes so it actually matches the design. Not that its less "anime" its just less generically anime.

No. 534953

Because Hazel's model has no eye whites dumbass, nothing to do with the anime style.

No. 534956

It looks like shit on that art, you don't need to make humanizations 100% accurate.

No. 534989

File: 1585738128175.png (639.17 KB, 926x595, Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 6.46…)

can someone explain to me why this person has 294k followers? the art is atrocious, which could be forgiven if the comics were funny, but they're not.

No. 534995

lot of people's followers are a bunch of bots, or normies without an eye for art, or with a shitty sense of humor.

No. 535035

low effort relatable "comedy" strips are follower farming. I made one of these as a joke between me and my friends and it went viral some years ago. Both normies and the algorythm love this shit

No. 535108

That idea, Is Simply Disgusting…
What Do you think Guys about this vid?

No. 535111

Anon, I’m not clicking that shit today.

No. 535114

I'm Not Clicking on That Either Anon, I Mean the Video

No. 535116

Anon, with all due respect, you’re stupid as shit.

No. 535119

File: 1585766569624.jpg (415.53 KB, 1078x759, 20200401_114209.jpg)

I know a lot of people love Jazza, but I can't help but roll my eyes whenever I scroll past his videos. His whole "obnoxious but consistent" thing isn't as endearing as he thinks it is.

No. 535120

Kasey looks like she smells like pee

No. 535125

ok but what is it really..

No. 535132

oh its food dye

No. 535177


so she's not "painting with pee", she's painting with yellow and orange dyed paints and just putting that clickbait garbage in the thumbnail to garner clicks from her children fanbase who'd click it under the pretense of "EW PEE?" and actually believe this grown ass woman who looks like she smells like moth balls would do it

No. 535191

You anons DO realize it's April Fool's right?

No. 535207

Yes, you fucking drooling asshole, that’s why I specified that I’m not clicking on that shit TODAY. I’m not giving views to that idiot and her stupid April Fool’s piss clickbait when her work looks like it was painted with biowaste every other day of the year.

No. 535230

Yeah thats why i was trying to figure out what she was using without watching the video

No. 535233

File: 1585786437404.jpg (198.62 KB, 736x1030, 1577049919529.jpg)

If you don't feel like drawing now, use your time to find artists you like, make an inpiration and reference folder. I fell into a really deep depression two years ago and i have been a HikiNEET since then. Recently i had the will to pick up the pencil again thanks to getting inspired by looking at art i like, my reference folder also really helps when struggling with what to draw. It's really, really hard to get back, but try not to lose your sense of aesthetics and build a strong visual library when you don't feel mentally well enough to draw.

No. 535234

With all this Covid shit going on, people are boycotting (or…something) this day because of how much the world's been through already.

Do you anons think artists still using this day for jokes is needed?

No. 535243

This year, it’s truly exhausting. I don’t have much patience and joy is very fleeting for me. Maybe it’ll feel better next year. But I’m not going to call the joke police on anyone, I just don’t care enough.

No. 535244

File: 1585789813392.jpg (30.43 KB, 768x768, IMG.jpg)

? The one on the right looks better…

No. 535249

File: 1585791144923.png (106.88 KB, 406x223, 3425465.PNG)

They were trying to explain how to us highlights I assume? A lot of tuts squeeze out a lot of into in exchange for a simple x O format so it can fit on Instagram. Another one for the collection I guess >>529534

No. 535252

Incompetent artists making shitty tutorials will never not be funny to me

No. 535255

It's annoying. It would be great to have a regular April Fools day, but all I can think of is how, because of my work, I'm being exposed to several hundred people a day. I can bring the virus home to my family, not knowing I have it, and get them all sick, maybe even kill them. But while I have that fear, we have artists, who work from home and aren't at nearly the same risk, making jokes. The last thing I need to see is fucking piss jokes from the human embodiment of ance-scarring. I'm just exhausted by all of this.

No. 535635

Question for art anons:
Is there anything bad about having an anime-esque style?

When I was trying to find my own style I would force myself to do the opposite of anything anime – smaller eyes, bigger nose, bigger hands etc – but it never felt right and what I produced was actually really fucking ugly to me.

I like accentuating parts of the body I love like the eyes and hands. That's why I prefer to draw huge eyes in order to put detail into them and make them the focal point.

But I was always told anime was an inherently bad style and people that happen to draw in a style similar were weebs and stuff. So I was always afraid to let my style loose.

Back to the question,
If someone has an anime-esque style that forms after studying fundamentals and stuff, is it still bad? Or what if they like the look of certain anime choices and mold them into their own style, is that wrong?

Sorry for the long-winded bs but it's something I've struggled with for a while.

No. 535641

anime styles aren't inherently bad at all, the people around you were either weird art elitists who never delved into the diversity of the style or you simply hadn't gotten fundamentals and then it just looked off. but after a post like this i really gotta ask if you are old enough for this website, you don't have to have the exact same opinion as everyone around you in fear of not fitting in, or whyever the teens are so easily influenced to hate the normal things they like these days.

No. 535644

That's understandable. I've been perusing around this thread and other threads like this for a while and a common theme that goes around is basically "anime bad practice your fundies".
Yes, back then I was a very nervous teen and self-conscious about my art (still am) so much that I used people's criticisms as fact and stuck to them, trying to do the opposite of what I really wanted because I was afraid of being bashed for the way I draw, seeing as drawing is very personal to an artist.

And oh yes! I'm actually 26 years old currently, haha.

I don't think the same as back then with my style much anymore and I'm letting it grow naturally while also taking the time to practice aspects of other artists' styles I like to see if it works for me. And of course practicing my fundies.

It's not that I hate anime style, in all honestly I prefer it over most because of the eyes and hair details – it's detailed but not 100% realistic, cartoony but not 100% simple. But I'm still worried about getting shit on for having an anime style, even though it came naturally and it's MY style.

No. 535653

thing about anime styles is that people get often told that they shouldn't do that when they are still learning fundamentals because it will instill bad habits in them, which can be true and can happen with a lot of other cartoony styles too. problem is when somebody either words that badly, or misinterprets that advice as drawing in anime styles is never good. but you shouldn't care about someone shitting on you for your style alone, unless they explain how it's holding you back or why it's wrong. there will be always people being stingy about specific aspects of art and just have massive hate boners for the stuff they don't like. like you said letting your style grow naturally is the best as that's how it will truly be your own style, even if it can be put into the mold of "anime styles".

No. 535671

Anime style has a stigma but I would recommend looking into manga artists specifically. Anime is produced quickly and follows fads and in my opinion tends to be ugly and unappealing (just my opinion mind you) but so much manga art is actually really amazing. The biggest off put for anime for me is the child proportions but that isn't always the case. It tends to happen more with moe styles which are usually the most mocked.

No. 535674

A fair point! Thank you! I'll definitely keep that in mind.

Thank you very much anon, this was super helpful and I appreciate your advice.

No. 535683

you're welcome, i'm happy you found my posts helpful.

No. 535698

No. 535700

File: 1585875155920.png (1.73 MB, 1850x739, 345.PNG)

I really don't want to do this, but the original designs are better than half of these redraws. Look at how the artist tries and fails to draw a dynamic pose on snowflake when it's obvious they can only draw crappy 3/4 heads. The re draws are mostly done by delusional clout chasing insta artists who are trying to beat a, shitty albeit, professional industry artist. The worst part is most people only re-drew Snowflake/safespace because they just saw the headline. They forget about the other 3 cause that wont get clicks.

No. 535702

File: 1585875237442.png (635.08 KB, 1289x819, 345466.PNG)

people are praising this trash

No. 535714

on twitter ther a bunch of "as a nb person" that redesing the twins but they aren't even good redesing, juts the same but pastel colors and i knew it will happen becase they have to be the better sjw

No. 535756

I swear if YouTube recommends to me another one of these shitty redesign videos I'm going to have an aneurism.

No. 535817

File: 1585898231466.jpg (1.25 MB, 1953x922, tracey is back.jpg)

She's back at it again

Can you imagine being so bad at art you have to trace an illustration of a switch that someone else drew instead of tracing a reference photo

No. 535845

File: 1585906134518.png (717.67 KB, 925x1098, 1585842332378.png)

Just what were they trying to achieve here?

No. 535846

rendering is very good, no need to pick on it just because is has a japanese fighting game character anatomy

No. 535847

No but the unsettling aging up of a 14 year old character, plus the giant muscle body, plus super shininess of it, and the jarring babyface. It's better than a lot of art here, but it's still an example of bad art with good skill.

No. 535848

she also copied the concept extremely poorly.

No. 535849

the anatomy of the girl on both pictures is trashy, but og artist at least made the environment nice and appealing. tracers will never progress with their art and they need to be exposed as soon as possible for their own good and to stop them from stealing other people's art.

who's this character supposed to be? also agreed, the rendering doesn't excuse the shittyness of the art overall, so stiff and that weird lean back he is doing doesn't make any sense.

No. 535875

>I want to draw with a pencil but then it's hard to show it around
It's really not, there are so many artists that just snap a photo with their phone and use an editing app to boost the contrast/sharpness. It's also very fast to scribble some colour or shadow layer over the top using photoshop and will get you more attention, but don't fall into the trap of believing it's necessary.

If you want participation/interaction, don't just post stuff on instagram and expect it. Join drawing communities like the character design challenge and those on facebook groups, or take part in hashtagged challenges.

No. 535881

Come on anon it's just cartoon stylization, the arm muscles look way off but otherwise it's pretty competent–
>the unsettling aging up of a 14 year old character
Oh, you're one of these people. Please fuck off back to Twitter.

No. 535884

right. they don't want people to sexualize minors, but also don't want people to draw them older cause "sexualizing minors"? that doesn't make sense. that'd be like calling someone creepy for thinking their SO looked attractive in high school.

No. 535887

for some reason these people are so dumb they forget that everyone was a minor at some point so aged up characters to them is still "thinking of minors in a sexual way!!!!". they seriously just need to admit that they think sexuality is wrong and have a fucked up idea of purity and what should be allowed in art.

No. 535889

There are plenty of amazing anime artists who are skilled at rendering and know their anatomy. The "anime sucks reeee" people are often bitter about being told this by their art teachers and pass the fundamental on, and they often claim that people like Michiru Yamane or Ghibli "aren't anime style" as a cope.

Sticking with any style (including western cartoons or even just grayscale pencil portraits) without learning basic tools of trade like drawing from life and color studies makes your work look stunted. One of the most resourceful tutorial providers at the moment is Mangamaterials who does amazing anatomy studies and tutorials despite being a Japanese manga artist. Condensing an entire genre into "just anime style" and slapping a "detrimental" label on it is such a snobby look based on a crab bucket mentality instead of actually encouraging people to improve. 9 times out of 10 it's salty artfags who hate how an anime commissioner gets a queue of clients willing to pay big bucks for their basic ass cute anime girl drawing instead of handing their money to the ~real~ artists who aren't crowd pleasing. Like it or not but that's how it is.

A related story: I had an art teacher who absolutely hated my anime drawings. She kept on bitching about how I should stop drawing this crap and develop a style on my own, how unrealistic everything I drew was, the generic angry art faggot rant. I was so confused and discouraged, until I got a new art teacher. He never once mentioned my anime style, he only gave objective feedback based on anatomy, rendering, colors, composition, gave me suggestions on themes and inspiration and so on. Guess under which teacher did I develop my skills the most and felt most comfortable to try out new things?

No. 535891

>that'd be like calling someone creepy for thinking their SO looked attractive in high school.
Yeah seriously. Imagine telling someone they're a pedo for thinking a huge muscular guy in his 30's is attractive because he used to be a small boy at some point or because they thought their SO was cute as a kid when going through family photos. These people be fucking nuts with their woke takes

No. 535901

dude look at the picture. I don't know the character, but looking at that it's clearly an adult body.

No. 535911

Not only the body, but the face has a fucking beard, thick eyebrows and eyebags/wrinkles. Where the fuck is this "babyface" pedosperg anon is going on about?

No. 535919

whats up with the legs?

No. 535937

>Michiru Yamane
She is a bit more baroque than anime style lol

No. 535942

File: 1585928905296.jpg (48.93 KB, 476x506, IMG_20200403_174625.jpg)

>comment by artist who drew the gross Love Live interpretations
Even a broken clock is right twice a day, though I'm too late on this.

No. 535954

This is the most first world shit lmao, how is drawing voluptuous women oppressing anyone? But considering op drew those ugly ass love live headcanons (and is proud of them) I'm not surprised they think that drawings are LitEralLy KilLinG MinORitIEs.

It is pretty cringe how the artist had to put herself like that though. Don't position yourself as the "big tiddy female" who has to stand up for shit like this, lol

No. 535955

File: 1585931564397.jpg (69.24 KB, 720x1101, IMG_20200403_183243.jpg)

I think it's more about girls who are handmaidens/pickmeisha's and cater hard to the fetishes of male fans. Drawing big boobs is great, drawing them attractive and shapely is great, but then there's the plastic balloon style or Raita anatomy you see in shitty art. A lot of ecchi artists get away with shit tier embarassing drawings because it gets dicks hard.

So I guess the opression part is about uncomfortable looking tits

No. 535956

File: 1585931595895.png (1020.65 KB, 992x903, Capture.PNG)

"shut up SJW's talking about broken spines" has become the new "It's muh style". If you read the twitter thread all the people posting art that got the SJW mad are actually very bad at art. If Pic related is what got you insulted by the SJW's for a broken spine maybe they had a point
the thread

No. 535958

File: 1585931725909.png (936.88 KB, 692x859, 355656.PNG)

>It's the SJW who don't like my art right guys?

No. 535959

oppression is an over the top retarded way of wording it, what they are thinking of is the idiotic beauty standards in media and how that can hurt women. but i think besides manchildren who never leave their house no one actually expects irl woman to look like big titted anime characters, so really the only thing wrong with that kind of art is how fucking ugly it's, and how desperate the people who draw like that to find excuses for not learning anatomy.

No. 535978

The only thing oppressive about my massive tits is how I can't lay down on my stomach without crushing them. This a load of crap.

If your tits give you back problems, exercise. Fix your posture. Get a fucking breast reduction if you are lazy. Nothing about having big tits, let alone drawing big tits, is oppressive.

No. 535989

Way to miss the entire point, chestlet.

No. 536036

This looks traced lol it's ugly too

No. 536041

Thank you for the insight and your story anon! In truth I've never had an art teacher tell me I can't draw in the style, but it was most likely because at the time I was still forcing an anti-anime style as much as humanly possible.

It's reassuring to see so many positive views about this thing I struggle with that has been getting better, but still there.

Thank you all very much.

No. 536077

File: 1585944339693.gif (807.46 KB, 400x400, wosshu.gif)

No. 536080

File: 1585944718402.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 787.93 KB, 1190x1733, 92D912EE-6F09-423D-8206-C83CAC…)

Holy fuck.

No. 536083

This. That post reeks of LARP, either by someone who doesn't actually have "massive tits", or just doesn't have tits at all.

No. 536086

It's hilarious because I doubt anyone who DOES have a large chest would care to comment. And referring to them as massive? Hilarious.

I bet she thinks a C cup is huge.

No. 536092

Nice photo trace. I'm going to see that creature in my nightmares tonight.

No. 536115

File: 1585949447510.png (543.97 KB, 745x808, 33542321.PNG)

the delusion.

No. 536127

That's sooo embarrassing. You gotta be a real coomer if you can get off to badly drawn porn…

No. 536141

Those 4 cropped thumbnails tell me this person draws the most awkward porn imaginable.

No. 536200

File: 1585960940615.png (94.62 KB, 360x450, pokemon lana.png)

I don't think you haven't read enough manga/anime to realize that isn't the case.

No. 536225

That’s the worst analogy I’ve ever read . How is looking at a SO younger pics and going “aww you were so cute” comparable to aging up characters for sexual use? Calling people pedos over it is definitely harmful but how the hell do you even see the two situations remotely relatable

No. 536230

Because all kids grow up anon. All adults? They were once children crazy I know

No. 536235

Yeah like I'm not one to call people out for this, but with the plethora of adult-aged characters, why do so many people absolutely NEED to draw porn or lewd art of aged up child-aged characters? Like who sees a cartoon kid and thinks "I want to draw this kid older so I can jack off to them."

No. 536271

it's fucking weird. imagine looking at a kid and thinking damn she'll be hot when she'll hit eighteen!

No. 536287

File: 1585978478760.jpg (Spoiler Image, 98.4 KB, 601x595, Annotation 2020-04-04 002953.j…)

Speaking of minors, Lizbeth R Jimenez literally draws shota. Her main character is 16 but to make things worse he has the height and body of a child. And within the series his romantic interest is a grown ass adult. She also drew this child's penis in like the first volume. Most of her audience are minors. Yikes.

No. 536292

I'll admit, I always thought that character was a girl. Granted, I never read Sacred and only loosely keep up with Lizbeth because she's technically skilled. Her actual videos skew too young for me to watch with the volume on.

Going off this image alone I'd say 'height and body of a child' was pushing it, but then I went to the official site and…

>"Cecero is a soft spoken, petite, and VERY short young Mystic (he's only 4' 8" tall!), but don't be fooled by his appearance! In battle, he is virtually unbeatable. How, you ask? Because Cecero is the son of the great Lady Alumrion–future ruler of the mystic realm– and it's obvious he's inherited his mothers great abilities. Cecero has been awarded the status of Class-A mystic, which has earned both the respect and hatred of his classmates. This little neat-freak has become somewhat of a "house wife" to his childhood friend and room mate, Sheko (whom he cooks for, cleans for, and watches over 24/7! LOL). But when he's not repremanding Sheko (or popping one of his room mates blow-up dolls), their unbreakable bond is obvious to everyone."

I don't know where to start. Does Liz have an editor or is she getting published based on skill alone?

No. 536293

She does everything, but I think her bf is her editor. That's what she claims. But I know for sure this woman is like 34. Sexualizing this child.

No. 536295

>"Sheko is a is what's known in Grandome as a Demerian: people possessed by demons. He and Cecero have been best friends since they were little and now live in a dorm together with their pet "cat", Alegra. Though his messy habits (and gigantic porn collection) clash with Cecero's meticulously clean nature, these two are inseparable and care very deeply for each other. Sheko is a talented musician and singer and plays in the school orchestra. You would think that with all of this talent he could woo any girl he wanted…Well…you are sadly mistaken. Sheko's awkward and shy nature works against him every time he tries to speak to the girl of his dreams: Kayko LaLay. (and his attempts usually ends with him being chased or beaten by Kayko! Yikes!). "

This sounds like the set up of an early 2000s ecchi anime. Lizbeth is weirdly obsessed with the sex lives of her teenage characters. I know most anime sex comedies involve high schoolers but it sounds like she's going out of her way to interject sexuality into this bland magical school comic.

No. 536297

In the first few pages sheko is masturbating to porn.

No. 536299

She says she dedicates this horrific series to God. kek

No. 536300

Another character profile lol

>"Don't let his ponytails fool you! This chain-smoking cellist has a real way with the ladies, and a serious soft spot for his best friend Sheko. Skylar (like Sheko) is possessed by a demon and is one of the hundreds of people in Grandome who are known as Demerians. Sheko really brings out the loving, protective big brother out of Skylar, and like a big brother, he loves to tease Sheko–lovingly, of course. When Skylar isn't playing his cello—in the nude—he's selling porn to the lonely boys of Grandome. Yes. You read right: He sells PORN."

The fuck is up with this chick? Sexualizing teenagers aside, this sounds like it was written by a 15-year-old fujo deviantart user.

No. 536302

I asked her if she was into shota. And she deleted my comment.

No. 536304

I don't think she's a pedophile, she likes drawing beautiful young men but that's probably cause that was the media she grew upon and nothing nefarious

No. 536309

You're right, she just wants to be a little boy.

No. 536325

Do you people get an uncanny feeling from popular artists Instagram captions and comments? I don't know how exactly to explain it but it just feels so… Artificially relatable.

No. 536326

File: 1585990568269.jpg (2.17 MB, 1920x3251, CollageMaker_20200404_16551578…)

Like this

No. 536328

File: 1585990770963.jpeg (515.28 KB, 1125x1764, 843B3BFA-2F08-4DE2-BFDE-488952…)

I cannot… fathom why this is a good idea. At all.

No. 536330

That seems like a weak attempt at getting it viral like corona-chan's design so that artist can farm fame points.

No. 536331

the thigh gap is sending me

No. 536339


i hate to say it, but this could have been good if a little more effort was put in. like if her hair was brown and in ringlets reminiscent of cardboard tubes, or even if she was wearing a white empire waist dress with the serrated square pattern on it. she could even keep her weird tp shoulder bows.

idk. if youre going to do something this dumb, at least DO IT. this is just Pink Haired Anime Girl #456 dressed up as a slutty toilet paper mummy

No. 536349

Jfc ten years ago people were drawing Naruto characters as adults and no one bats an eye but triggered Tumblr rad fems are here now to save the fucking day when Bakugo is drawn as an adult man the audacity clearly everyone involved in aging up a cartoon character is a pedo you got them good job

No. 536358

>rad fems
I'm not denying they have mindset like that as well but it's mostly wokies being vocal about it.

No. 536359

Not radfems but more so neo tumblr users.

No. 536368

File: 1586002840799.jpg (7.51 KB, 201x251, download.jpeg-1.jpg)

No I mistook the character for bakugo when i posted this >>535845
I was disturbed not because the artist aged him up, I was disturbed that he fetishized him into a muscly body.

No. 536370

So you saw someone else’s art of an adult character and assumed it was for a teenage anime character you’re obsessed with…and you call them the perverted one.

No. 536398

i thought it was bakugo too, but then i wasn't sure cus the other idiot anon called him 14 years old when he's clearly older. none of you idiots who take fictional characters so seriously know how certain ages look and how aging works, huh?

No. 536408

He literally looks like him, how am I the perverted one? What a reach. I don't look at a grown ass man and think "let me go through my visual catalogue of young boys" I saw it and thought "did they muscle mass and sexualize bakugo?"

No. 536414

>triggered Tumblr rad fems

why does this debate always come up?

No. 536416

Who the fuck cares even if they did we are not gonna derail into shitty "durr underage cartoon character porn BAD" discussions again like every single time a new thread is made. No one cares about your autistic need to protect fictional characters from porn, especially when the so called sexualization doesn't resemble a child one bit

No. 536441

Not the same anon, but it isn’t rare for some one to have big breast. Your insecurities are leaking.

No. 536442

>anon talks about her MASSIVE tits when it has nothing to do with the thread
>Your INseCurITiES are lEAKinG.

No. 536444

> rad fems
Literally the only ones who screech about it nowadays are wokey sjws.

No. 536445

Bakugou is not real and he will not fuck you for defending his 16 year old ass. Shut up already.

Can we please ban the "aging up child character = PEDOPHILIA!" AND THE "aging up child character =/= not pedophilia" discussion that we always need to have in these threads like how nitpicking was banned in the kpop critical threads?

No. 536446

>"aging up child character = PEDOPHILIA!"
>"aging up child character =/= not pedophilia"
that's the same thing

No. 536448

Anon, if you were familiar at all with image board culture, you'd know humblebragging is ridiculed because no one cares about the anonymous poster trying to get validation.

No. 536457

>Replying to my comment with another comment that has nothing to do with the comment in question possibly to subtly hint that you in fact have BIG BREASTS when you most likely don't
Your insecurities are leaking.

No. 536476

Wait did you guys think that these were the same character? They don't have the same outfit and last time i check that guy has explosion powers not water powers. The only thing they have in common is eye color and spikey hair.

No. 536479

> Spikey hair
> Bleach blonde, same hue as Bakugou
> Red eyes
> Slant, angry eyes
> Similar collar design

I mean, could you blame us? I thought the water droplet was put there for design effect or something.

No. 536485

exactly this. at this point i just wanna know if this is an oc or is this character even aged up or originally like this. op anon needs to post the source.

No. 536493

File: 1586026130897.png (233.44 KB, 482x754, Screenshot_1.png)

Reverse image searches work wonders.

I guess he IS supposed to be an OC.

No. 536494

So this was all literally about nothing, aside bara being ugly as sin

No. 536495

I wonder if OP even read the description.

No. 536498

No I stole it from 4chan. Didnt see the twitter thing.

No. 536505

File: 1586027062429.png (360.11 KB, 589x538, Screenshot_29.png)

Rin blaming the watercolour paper, when really it's her oily fingers touching the paper surface that's making her paint application look splotchy and bad.

No. 536506

I'm getting so tired of her repetitious art ngl. I used to watch all of her videos in succession but everything looks the exact same no matter what medium she uses.

And blaming the paper for her own callous mistakes? Stupid. She obviously hasn't studied how to use watercolors or else she would know that you're not supposed to touch the paper.

Everything of hers just blends in now.

No. 536517

Kek the only thing you can say. Flat chested girls

No. 536519

thank you for proving that it was nothing but a sad attempt at trolling

No. 536521

File: 1586029315791.jpg (29.52 KB, 592x422, CX4oGmkWsAAtEkd (1).jpg)

No. 536526

Is there some sort of debate in this statement lol.

No. 536532

File: 1586031666426.png (176.4 KB, 500x274, theyre-the-same-picture-ziggy-…)

No. 536533

No. 536534

>can you blame us?
Yes because it’s a fucking stupid comparison

No. 536536

Say you're a radfem on twitter and wait

No. 536539

Woah there anon, you need some chocolate? You need a warm bath? Chill out.

It's not as stupid as you think, they look very similar.

No. 536550

your life is really so sad you have to act high and mighty on lc to make yourself feel better, huh. no one cares, chill.

No. 536559

NTA but OP is the one who came to this thread to rant about her husbando being drawn in a way that offended her without taking five seconds to check if it was actually her husbando. How is that any better?

No. 536565

obviously not better, but thinking this was a fanart of a similar looking character is not the end of the world, nor is it a reason for some anon to ride on a high horse. just stating the obvious that they're similar so that's why the mix up happened doesn't mean we agree with op's sperging.

No. 536586

You have to be either retarded or a scrote to think those 2 are the same. Radfems are mostly normalfags who don't have anime close to their priority list while woke culture is very integrated in social media. Even in pinkpill if you see anime it's not a deep long convo, unless you think "it's just a drawing" is the only appropriate reaction to lolicon.

No. 536679

Bringing up Naruto is a good point because Shippuden and Boruto are a thing. The mangaka himself aged them up, so if you draw the characters who used to be kids, now as adults, is it okay because you got the mangaka's canon interpretation of them as adults?
I always thought changing ages of characters interesting, you can make up reasons for their behaviors in canon by things happening to them when they were younger, or you can have the long term effects of things happening to them in canon affect them years down the line as an adult.
Obviously making past/future headcanons isn't pedophilic (i think), but what if someone likes my interpretation of this adult version of a character and starts feeling a certain way about them? Is it still fucked up?

No. 536711

Your reply is so cringey I don’t doubt you’ve got some kind of mental malfunction. This is taking “all anime character look same” to a new level.

No. 536716

No. 536807

You're an outsider trying to start drama. Say no more.

No. 536808

Yup. Found me out, good job.

No. 536869


They always seem to read in the same weird tone of voice. It feels terribly clunky and childish. Those posts all feel like they're from the same person. I know they aren't.

Just like how a lot of them have samey art styles, they adopt samey online writing style.

No. 536876

iirc correctly the insta algorithm loves longs desc. and comments. this ends up with them all imitating the same 'ideal instagram' description.
> I drew X
> Blogpost 2-3 sentences
> Question
> forced emojis
It sounds childish and clunky because they're putting the literal bare minimum into the description.

No. 536879

Yes! Finally someone else noticed. It feels so cringey and fake. Like they'll ask something so generic just for interaction I guess. "What's your favorite color?" "How do you like your eggs?" I think part of it is being as plastic and polished as possible, so you don't have anything problematic in your descriptions (such as actually talking about what you're going through or how you feel, even if it may be unpopular.)

No. 536890

Because god forbid they develop interesting personalities when they can just spew out the same hype garbage and become Instagram influencers

No. 536911

Using a small brush to fill in big spaces didn't help, either, even though she had a bigger slanted brush from the box she "liked this one bEtTeR" (the one in the screenshot)

I've got literally nothing against Rin, I still watch her videos anyway, but she's stagnated HARD. She always tries to make all art supplies bend to her usual way of making art instead of trying to draw anything other than colored in lineart of girls with very detailed faces.

No. 536944


it's just a tactic for interaction, since literally every youtube video or skillshare course on growing your Instagram audience, even for non-artists, will tell you to put a call to action in your caption. the easiest type to do is a simple question hardly related to the image that anyone can answer, so like "what's your favorite color" or "how do you like your eggs?" on a drawing of eggs. It's a way to get people who see your post to comment on it and start a conversation so they can get more interaction and reach with their content.

No. 537326

she's 34? Damn thought she's 20

No. 537369

damn u got any more cheap tactics to gain followers on Insta?

No. 537397

It's embarrassing how a tactic so simple is so effective all because of an algorithm.

No. 537436

I'm surprised Lizbeth has never been called out on that stuff, especially now when the internet is looking for any excuse to cancel someone.

No. 537519

File: 1586207932749.jpg (179.94 KB, 589x462, 2020-04-06.jpg)

Bust adopts are a thing…? Seems really low effort to me.

No. 537532

true but hey, if you could get an easy $15 just by drawing some low effort bust shots would you not do it?

No. 537535

The biggest sin is that gigantic fucking head.

No. 537543

Considering they keep having to bump the tweet because no one is buying them, I think I would try to put in some more work tbh.

No. 537613


She seems legitimately autistic.

No. 537615

Same, but I wonder if the same people who would even bother with callouts are the same that probably get into her work, or if she feels a little too big to come for. I noticed callouts are reserved for artists who are just starting to become noticed or don't speak enough of the language to defend themselves.

No. 537670

Speaking of only certain people being called out why is it always the crappiest artists calling out other people? Creepshow, Hyojin, and that becker guy all make call outs and their art ranges from shit to semi decent. All the 'deviant art drama' youtubers are literal bottom of the barrel. I guess crabs and all, but why hasn't the art community had an idubbz, idubbz before all the simp shit and all

No. 537696

This is the mindset of the average Lore Olympics fan

review starts at 1:24

No. 537701

From what I've seen she is really LGBTQ+ friendly, she is also skilled in terms of visuals so there isn't much to call her out on considering the attitude of most fujoshis and queer supporters.

No. 537702

I don't think they said anything weird, anon

No. 537739


Because people who are good at art won't waste their time with pointless videos. They would rather draw.

No. 537751

I dont't get Ethan Becker hate on this website. Have you guys watched any of his videos or just base your opinion on clickbaity titles and first minute of the content? He has a bit of an edgy, pewdiepie-like persona, but despite the clickbait he ALWAYS speaks of the artists featured in the title with respect and gives really good drawing tips - even if delivered in a brash way.

No. 537754

She has a rather stupid way of talking. Is that a legitimate accent or just her sperging out?

No. 537764

I've watched a couple of his videos and was surprised by how little he actually drew. All I saw him do was be "sarcastic" as he redlined flat shapes that made no sense, and he only "fixed" the art he criticised at the end of the video, but really just made it be in his own style with no improvements. I honestly didn't even understand what concepts he was trying to convey because his attempts at being funny confused everything. I'd rather watch artists who aren't trying to be edgy memers but know how to convey information.

Also you can't make such obnoxious clickbait titles and expect people not to be put off, anon. No matter how "respectful" he is in videos (and I'd argue using these artists for clickbait isn't respectful at all when he's calling their art garbage), he's chosen a persona and people are allowed not to like it.

No. 537828

File: 1586262734520.jpg (65.51 KB, 1280x817, ff.jpg)

Problem with him is he talks like he's hot shit cause he worked on voltron, a cheap anime knockoff, and despite having a good sense of dynamism his art is ugly most of the time. He's got that RCDart thing where the lines are polished and some skill is clearly present but the stylization is just. Yuk

No. 537843

File: 1586264465325.png (645.12 KB, 948x548, Capture.PNG)

went to his IG, notice that he has drawn disproportionately mainly black women

No. 537844

he's obsessed with big lips

No. 537857

Lots of anons on /ic/ seem to think he has jungle fever/ black woman fetish because he draws mainly black women and the fact that he gives them 'dick sucking lips'.Even though I don't really see how the way he draws lips are 'dick sucking lips', I do think he probably prefers black woman (though he might just be virtue signaling how much he likes black people)

No. 537861

dick sucking lips are lips that are unusually big, plump, and pouty -aka pornified lips-, and it might be an unconscious choice but it's definitely for sexual purposes.

I support the theory that he has a black fetish.

No. 537873

sage for off-topic but I knew a guy who was racist as shit(this was before the alt-right though) who would claim that he couldn't possibly be racist because his wife was Caribbean and he had 2 kids with her, the thing was that his was an huge anti Semite as well

No. 537874


i've watched numerous videos of his and at first, the persona bit was kind of weird and refreshing, but after the 2-3 video and especially the clickbait 'callout/fix' videos, it just got boring. even if it is just an act, the thumbnails turn people off if they're not the type of person to fall for clickbait. and especially for someone working in the industry, even if he has worked on shows like voltron before, embarrassing and making an ass out of himself for a mediocre youtube persona isn't going to help his status or future job prospects.

No. 537876

File: 1586267419118.png (277.35 KB, 758x730, 34525.PNG)

Plus on the "has talent, but waste it in shit style" point. I watched his videos and the concepts he covers are the lowest of the low. It's always something someone else has covered better on YT or something so basic even mother fucking "drawing on the right side of the brain" covers it. His audience is the lowest level of art normie who thinks "abrasive=right"

No. 537880

File: 1586267757778.jpeg (250.77 KB, 1280x817, becker.jpeg)

Did you look at his art past his instagram page which is only fast sketches though? For example finished pieces from his tumblr, character sheets, stuff compiled in his character design references interview and so on. Dude has a great grasp of shape language and wide range of stuff he's capable to do, he definitely knows what he's talking about.

This said I totally get how his persona may be unlikable, or how his stylization unappealing, it's subjective. What's objective though is that he is an accomplished creator and has good knowledge of fundamentals, and all of the comments about him I've seen here in the past were just like "reeee untalented trash", which is a bit unjustified.

No. 537889

how old is this piece? it looks so ridiculously different from anything i've seen from him, if it's not recent he must have stagnated hard.

No. 537902

Not recent, it's around ~2016 or earlier but he's been working full time recent years on a project under NDA, it's pretty typical artists with full time jobs are not creating fully rendered personal works anymore, there's a limit how much one can paint per day.

No. 537903

Not gonna pretend he's a talentless hack or anything because he's not, but he is a godawful teacher. Also the Fear and Loathing larp persona is pretty cringe.

No. 537906

even if all his stuff on his insta are sketches they show no knowledge of fundamentals you speak of, his anatomy is horrendous and he can't foreshorten for shit. just because they're sketches doesn't mean he needs to ignore fundamentals, it just looks like he doesn't know them in the first place.

No. 537947

A little off topic, but has anybody here actually studied under another artist, like, was actually taught by one that wasn’t a grade school teacher?
Personally I haven’t, but at times I question if you really need to, when it seems like you can understand what the person is doing just by looking at their process

No. 537949


+1 on the black fetish thing, thought I was the only one who saw it. he has a video that's a conceptual animatic that's, I guess, a personal project of his and the characters (that we can see) are black.

in the description/comments he's asking if it's "cultural appropriation" and his fans are like "NAH, as long as you're respectful you're good, I'm black this is so cool" etc. Link related. Make of it what you will. But I think he's got a fixation, definitely.

No. 537957


Especially in the current environment, fetishes and virtue signalling have a lot of overlap. It'd be one thing if that were just features he liked in a woman, but this is downright grotesque.

A lot of my core skills came from studying under several local illustrators, and I'm grateful for it. Depending on your learning style, it can be a great experience. You don't need to, but if you feel stagnant, learning with someone who is already at a stage where you want to be (in my case, illustrating and drafting professionally) can accelerate your process. I'm a kinesthetic learner, so Youtube videos and books, while very helpful, only go so far for me.
tl;dr not necessary but can be incredibly valuable with a good instructor

No. 537961

File: 1586280334976.png (39.15 KB, 1065x319, 8tng1hke11p41.png)

>Especially in the current environment, fetishes and virtue signalling have a lot of overlap
reminds me of this

No. 538109

We haven't talked about him in quite a while.

I just don't like his art style. Seconding other anons, it feels gross and cumbrain-y to me. This doesn't strike me as respectful towards black women, it strikes me as fetishistic.

He also just isn't a very good teacher.

The environment is nice but the characters look just as shitty as his other character art. Also the painting is very competent but styles like this are really common and not particularly unique.

Becker seems like he's much better at landscapes than he is at human characters. Which is fine, it's okay to have a specialty.

Why are you caping so hard for this guy, anyway?

No. 538207

File: 1586310935484.png (708.32 KB, 768x1024, Untitled9.png)

Sage for ot & old tweets, but I think this on top of her comic should answer that question for you

No. 538245

File: 1586315993458.jpg (75.83 KB, 512x659, picrelated.JPG)

ever notice how merch production has become so accessible through the years. sometimes i think about this and the amount of plastic people are wasting just because manus will print anything for a price

inb4 gatekeeping

No. 538369

>Why are you caping so hard for this guy, anyway?

tbh I don't even know, I just wanted to ask about the negative bias because I do like his art/videos, but with the discussion ensuing I ended up caping. I guess this is how all internet feuds begin, haha

In the end it's all subjective, some people will enjoy and some will not. And that's it.

No. 538378

Some of his suggestion were useful to me, but his persona is so full of shit, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a MAGA hat on him. He gives me the misogyny vibe, as a good looking redneck. Which honestly are the worst.

No. 538441

File: 1586354909243.png (1.69 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200408-090205.png)

On an unrelated note, I don't understand how Sara Tepes has such a large following. 75% of the stuff she posts is just slightly polished pencil sketches like attached. She's got 340K subs on YouTube and 250K+ followers on insta. No vendetta, I'm just confused about her popularity.

No. 538452

File: 1586356892569.png (11.77 KB, 443x499, 1479611997914.png)

>A new YoI movie is coming out!!
>Apr 29, 2017

No. 538454

I'm really sick of seeing Nadiaxel's shitty instagram art all over my youtube. Especially that generic devil character she has.

No. 538466

Yeah i totlly thought his drawings of black women are disrespectful fetsihistic and even ugly, but no one seems to want to call him out.
I don't fully get rcdart incident because most of trans artists draw their characters with boobs/ or post surgery bruises. Seems like everyone just jumped the bandwagon

No. 538477

I don't have a problem with this, you need to put something short and simple at the start of a caption because it's going to be cropped off, so you put something short that will make sense.
And then below that, they write what they actually wanted to write.

The question part is of course a forced way to invoke interaction for the algorithm but that's just par for the course if you want your art to be seen, and it also starts to feel pretty weird just posting without receiving interaction.

What's the point in them not taking advantage of the algorithm? This stuff is no different to doing a pr drive for an album or advertising a new product, it's not immoral, it's just the way it's done.

No. 538491

File: 1586363056060.png (1.27 MB, 1389x2048, Screenshot_20200408-112229.png)

She's very basic imo. I like her coloring (sometimes) I thought her BEASTARS fanart was kek-worthy. The rabbits face, I mean…

No. 538502

I have honestly seen some black women praise him, because rarely do people ever draw attractive black female characters

No. 538511

It doesn't seem like a fetish to me. Watching the video, the big lipped women are barely in it, and the stuff that is refined is dramatically shot and not hyper sexualized at all. It is one thing to look at still images like >>537843 and get the idea he had a thing for black women, or at least big lips, but seeing the animation, I get a different vibe. If anything, those still images are character designs or starts for the animatic. The comment he put on the video even asking if it is cultural appropriation seems like he knows he isn't 'his place' to make something like this. He clearly wants to but doesn't want to get crucified and have his career in shambles over the internet mobs because's he's a white dude making a story with predominately black characters. I never understood that, but he at least is trying to cover his own ass from woke butthurt Twitter threads.

I would actually love to see more of this Delinquents project, it seems like a cyberpunk-meets-modern ghetto action-drama and I am down for that. He seems to have two obvious inspirations for this; Carbi-B's song, and American-anime style fight scenes. Especially at the 0:25 in the video, that is a clear call to Legend of Korra. Empire crossed with ATLA, maybe? I'd be down for that.

No. 538530

File: 1586369726241.png (1.47 MB, 1963x944, DEB574EB-2B88-4CF9-9F1A-3B477B…)

Not that much surprised I guess

No. 538541

what is this meant to prove anon?

No. 538545

>As a 15 year old I approve of ur pedophilia

That's not gonna age well for the person who wrote it.

No. 538546

What is wrong with that? It's a very popular villager because it's a goth sheep. Of course people are going to make gijinka of her as black curly hair girl in lolita dress.

No. 538557

That's probably the cutest and least obnoxious gijinka of Muffy I've ever seen. She's not weird-looking, fat or stricken with vitiligo.

No. 538589

huh ? this is beautiful

No. 538592

yeah this gijinka is completely fine, little similar but doesn't mean it's a rip off

this smells of self post so much, both you and godsdogg put a space before a punctuation mark lol

No. 538596

lmao cool assumption but wrong, sometimes I forget to apply english punctuation when I type fast, it's how you use punctuation in french though

No. 538621

File: 1586388917647.jpeg (772.62 KB, 1185x1303, 2BFEBC01-E413-4ED0-BB9F-EE7F5E…)

The “new guy” comic artist has now uploaded another terrible comic that justifies shoplifting from art supply stores because they’re “big corporations”

No. 538622

File: 1586388940942.jpeg (909.25 KB, 3000x3744, D844FE80-569C-46D7-B63D-CAB3C4…)

No. 538623

Imagine unironically being ok with aging up teens to sexualize them

No. 538624

please go back to twitter, no one cares about your retarded ideas of what's allowed in art or how aging works. you are not even old enough to use this website.

No. 538626

Wow, you're really into this creep. We get it already.

No. 538630

File: 1586391741641.jpeg (425.92 KB, 741x983, FAE86A33-FBB1-4754-A69D-7262B1…)

She deliberately shows shoplifting numerous of art supplies and shows it as “quirky” and is surprised that people have a moral system

No. 538632

>publicly admitting you shoplift from Blick

I wonder how that's going to work out for her

No. 538633

File: 1586391793021.jpg (403.54 KB, 447x754, 4cIBvSA.jpg)


At least it isn't as ugly as some of her other comics.

No. 538634


Oh god not this shitter again. After the Good Employee comic, he knows exactly what he's doing.

No. 538637

Do you get mad at all the Japanese artists who've been making doujinshi for decades, or do you only keep this energy for western artists?

No. 538642

People like this like to act like they support minimum wage workers but then forget who gets into trouble when stock goes missing

No. 538643


the point of this was to acknowledge how the one made by godsdogg (they also made the post on twitter I just noticed it first on instagram since it came up in the explore page) looks so similar to the one on the left, should’ve circled the dates but at this point it seems like random sperg.

No. 538656

see point here >>538502

No. 538667

File: 1586398117411.png (203.92 KB, 603x419, h.png)

I just noticed this after having been following them for a while but…isn't this going a little too far? Forcing people to DM you an agreement to follow you?

No. 538669

"Be crimes, do gay" You're… fighting the establishment by stealing non essential items and possibly getting workers fired?
Also, I love the detail of the screen tablet/ipad. Really helps to cement the image of a person that is well off financially but feels the need to be trashy.

No. 538676

Is this the person who deleted their account a while ago due to reposting and criticism?

No. 538680

Nitpick, but the amount of paint she squeezes out just to do a swatch is so upsetting. Also, a shit painting as always.

No. 538690

I'm black and I know fetishy shit when I see it. Black women need to raise their fucking standards when it comes to how artists depict us. Worshipping someone just because they're not drawing jiggaboo mammies is the dumbest fucking thing. Miss me with that point.

No. 538695

File: 1586403221633.png (595.11 KB, 696x696, claire.png)

i love when people struggle to draw actual humans because they've learned everything from anime and haven't bothered to learn the fundamentals because they might impact MuH sTyLe

i added an actual pic for reference so you can see that claire looks like an actual human woman and not a k-pop reject with enormous hulking man shoulders

No. 538697

File: 1586403418281.jpeg (435.55 KB, 750x1057, A7B0D7EA-B8AB-44F4-91F0-FBBADC…)

Her reasoning is so retarded

No. 538698

Looks more like webtoon art than anime imo

No. 538702

looks like some "eunuch"tier shit tbh

No. 538732

Imagine being so sheltered that you care more about fucking drawings than the hundreds of other appalling things that happen to real women and children every day.

Loli is gross. I would argue that it's a gateway drug to actual CP. But this isn't loli. It isn't even shota. It's bara fanart of a character that's above the age of consent anyway. Hell, it's not even fanart– it's an OC that happens to look like Bakugou.

I don't want to get banned for race discussion, but you're literally using the "black friends" argument. That's all I'm gonna say.

Lmao I came here specifically because I knew this trainwreck would be discussed.

Sure, plenty of people steal when they're teenagers. That doesn't make it okay. Teenagers are stupid sociopaths whose brains aren't done developing. The artist who made this is a grown-ass man and should know better by now. Theft doesn't affect higher-ups, because they make six and seven digit salaries. It does affect employees making ten bucks an hour. While it's melodramatic to say that people get fired for it, people do get penalized, especially employees who work in loss prevention.

Also, it's been pointed out before, but it's doubly gross that a character with a fucking pen display is shop-lifting. You can afford a seven hundred dollar piece of equipment, but not a few seven dollar copics? Come the fuck on. I understand that it's fiction, and that you can have fictional characters do all sorts of fucked up shit. The main issue isn't necessarily the comic itself, its the fact that Jesse is defending it so relentlessly. All he had to say was, "my OC is kind of a shitty person, that's why she's doing this," but instead he's dying on the hill of shoplifting.

No. 538733

File: 1586408738814.jpg (103.07 KB, 685x960, 89014047_869045233539417_24885…)

What bothered me the most is that she turned her into a webtoon thin 20 year old character.
he only features she seemed replicate to be is her hair
my guess is that Vicki wanted to draw a bakery girl and was like "oh I can make it claire fan art" last minute

>I thought this Bon appetit piece was cute though

No. 538764

This is cute, but it reminds me of the weird shipping culture surrounding the B.A. brand. It's almost as if Claire and Brad aren't married coworkers who probably aren't even very close outside of the occassional videos they interact in.

No. 538767

it's basically a friendship simulator.

(Chris is obviously the best ba)

No. 538769

Wondering the same thing…
It looks like she draws the same girl over and over again. Is it the same character or same face syndrome?

No. 538771


Can you give an example of a good artist please?

No. 538772

It bothers me so much that she’s a pinhead, like that’s usually the opposite problem of people who learn from anime cuz they try to cram so much in. But she also doesn’t even get the hair streaks correctly, like she’s too apprehensive of making her look old but that’s part of her look (and Claire is not old, I think she’s like 34?)

It reminds me that like the internet was sad that on mythbusters, Jamie and Adam weren’t friends outside of the show but like these are all delusional, lonely people who think you have to be friends with all your coworkers. The internet just makes personality based content of real people kind of creepy

No. 538793


The resemblance just. Isn't there. Like if she didn't write 'claire' in bubble letters, no one would know who she was trying to draw.

I get wanting to keep your art cutesy or aesthetic, but if I was Claire I would find this a little insulting tbh, like the only way this artist finds her pretty is by stripping away all of her unique features and rendering her as a bizarre doll creature that looks nothing like her.

And don't even get me started on those shoulders lol

No. 538810

File: 1586427080701.png (1.23 MB, 1435x2082, 2020-04-09 15.06.02.png)

Have you guys seen @ la___aura's art on instagram? I mean, no joke their work is really gorgeous and detailed and amazing but I saw her process videos she uploads on instagram and I don't know, it feels so mechanical to me, the massive amount of guidelines etc is just weird? Every process vid shows this many and even more guidelines. Is it really weird or am I being retarded here?

No. 538812

i really wonder if she really uses those guidelines or just draws them out of habit. looks odd

No. 538815

The guidelines in the pic you posted are pretty common, especially when you're working with a slight angle like this. But the features actually seem angled differently to me (nose is VERY upwards but the chin barely is), so she might not be using them correctly. I also find it a little funny that the head is in a proper box but doesn't actually have planes and the neck is just a flat shape.

No. 538819

Some people just prefer to work that way. I also like to have a lot of guidelines (not this many though) when I'm sketching, even though I don't always follow them exactly.

No. 538840

I saw this just now and had to check immediately if this was posted here already. This makes me too mad for words. All the actual art supply stores I know are owned by private people simply wanting to make ends meet and if every entitled twitter artist stole $100 worth of supplies it'd affect their bottom line considerably, in the worst case they'd have to lay off employees or raise the prices even more. Professional supplies are not cheap because they take a lot of labor and expensive materials to produce, have a niche audience that can't afford to spend big bucks constantly and you barely get yours back retailing them. And even if it was a ~big bad corporation~ selling these supplies it wouldn't matter. It's still wrong.

Fucking christ what a dick. I've worked retail and got yelled at for not noticing a shoplifter. Even if it was my boss who was in the wrong for blaming me, the thief is the one who instigated the whole chain of events. Even in the comic itself this bitch has the audacity to look down on employees for "reciting garbage" like they were thoughtless NPCs. Vain shoplifters pocketing non-essentials are trash and this is one of the worst takes I've seen in a while.

And of course it's a narc tranny. Why wouldn't it be. The art style alone was a dead giveaway but I just had to double check.

No. 538842

Just take the L and fuck off, anon. Your moralfagging is so retarded that it makes me want to physically cringe.
>m-muh aging up of MHA characters
Your kind is the cancer of our time. I hope after you turn 18 this will come back to you and you'll get cancelled yourself for stanning fictional cartoon ~minors~ by a new wave of entitled, sociopathic twitter swat team.

jesus what the fuck is your problem. get help soon

No. 538855

This is how professional artists work, unironically.

No. 538985

exposing myself as a sad amateur yet again
gotta incorporate some into my work too i suppose

No. 538993

lmao this looks all for show to impress normies. she's not even using the guides properly and picking and choosing planes for aesthetic. the angle of the face is not correct. sure professionals could use guides like this but anyone actually worth their salt wouldn't lay in flat ass shading in the nostrils like that.

No. 538998

read Loomis books or any other art guide

No. 539016

File: 1586463820162.jpeg (906.72 KB, 1242x1645, 76310175-A65C-49D1-ADA9-10D798…)

why do people draw blush on fucking animals

No. 539019


idk i think it's cute especially with this style.

No. 539119


it adds a certain innocence and cutesy vibe, i suppose

No. 539172

RCDart was something else for the fact that Rory's trans character was actually realistic/respectful at first (Cap had a defined jawline and looked male with the exception of having surgery scars, Peggy was feminine) but it later devolved into dumbell-shaped men with their tits out and make-up on and trans women looking like big muscled brutes in skirts

No. 539206

File: 1586492435065.png (443.55 KB, 588x491, ElJ5vHc.png)

These have to be some of the most boring, uninspired gijinkas I've ever seen.

No. 539215

its better than the fat and obese ones

No. 539223

I felt bad for them at the beginning but this is 5 head full blown autism. With the size of his audience there's no fucking way to police everyone to prevent leaks

No. 539242

File: 1586498520327.png (1.68 MB, 1524x2048, Screenshot_20200410-020145.png)

At least it's not this tumblr shit

No. 539243

Honestly, I'd rather see weird fat tumblr ones than the same anime guy four times with different colour hair. At least they're being a little creative.

No. 539257

wtf did they do to my boy raymond i am filled with autismal rage. +"gijinkas" are so boring when they give everyone the same skintone/ethnicity

No. 539267

What character is this supposed to be? Cherry? Flick?

No. 539272

I'd much, much rather see these than the constant "Isabelle is a proud ugly trans wymmyn drawn in extremely shitty tumblr style uwu" crap I see on my feed. At least this is aesthetically pleasing and isn't trying to be woke.

No. 539277

Because they're japanese and japanese artists rarely draw someone with darker skin, but also raymond looks exactly how i imagined him as a human lol. Totally not my type of anime character though.

No. 539278

As if transboys don't constantly preach "even if we're men we can wear make up too" or no transwomen do nothing to look female and still are valid~

No. 539282

I swear like one third of the people posting in this thread would have their own cow threads here if they outed themselves.

No. 539298

File: 1586516077801.jpg (84.71 KB, 678x960, 1586450547147.jpg)

I wouldn't want this flower.

No. 539305

File: 1586518157318.png (318.23 KB, 790x790, muffy.png)

They both drew the same clothing Muffy is wearing in-game. Chill tf out. Hopefully u can also see the ribbon on this render.

No. 539311

I agree but the way you said it makes you look like a racist redditor.

No. 539317

Flick and Isabelle are so cute though

No. 539338

yeah, thats supposed to be cherry. i don't know why she looks like a fucking olive tho

No. 539353

im scared

No. 539390

File: 1586539175568.png (584 KB, 532x842, sfsdffggf.PNG)

Sageing but this comes off as heavily narcissistic. The "let's start a tag!" just seems to down play that. I love her art but she always comes off super self absorbed.

No. 539396

who is the tracer?? i actually follow the original artist but who is this tracing lady im curious

No. 539405

looks like lanajay art to me but that's just a guess

a person who only draws herself, her daily outfits, or her face on characters that are just her with a different hairstyle is self absorbed? shocking /s

no but seriously cyarin is such a fake nice person and it's so transparent to me. i used to love her work but seeing the way she talks to others including her own followers is offputting and over time I just got sick of seeing her on my feed. she's a major bitch and I wish more people would talk about their bad experiences with her

No. 539424

>I'm influenced by my own features
Kek who the fuck actually says that? Embarrassing. It looks like she wanted to humblebrag about her "nice proportions" and used the tag idea as an excuse.

No. 539430

bro i didnt know asian people weren't aware that other skintones existed lmao. must be hard not to be able to see, google shit and read books. and what kind of excuse is that when you're an artist? you seem to think that not drawing the same face over and over again is the same thing as tumblr art. SAD(racebait)

No. 539432

File: 1586545272691.png (635 KB, 526x861, uwu.PNG)

Her constant uwu posting is so irritating. Instead of uwuing and being fake maybe she should try fixing her same face syndrome.

No. 539440

this isn't a personal vent thread anon, no one cares about your dumb artist friend, you didn't even show what her art is like. learn to sage.

No. 539458

File: 1586553339779.png (381.78 KB, 562x702, white privilege lmao.png)

Update on thieving tranny over here, his ko-fi is under review.

No. 539459

Honestly, what did she think was gonna happen?

No. 539460

The theft comic comes across to me like a publicity stunt gone wrong. She probably thought she'd upload this 'spicy' content, rouse up people with common sense, she'd make a few snippy remarks to try and safe face, collect sympathy donations then go back into hiding for a few more months until she's ready to repeat. Guess that wasn't the case this time.

Countdown till Jessica uploads a cutesy comic about licking and coughing on expensive things in the department store because eat the rich tee hee anarchy guys.

No. 539463

This was just a thinly veiled excuse to post a selfie and pretend it was even slightly art-related.

No. 539466

File: 1586555465803.png (116.97 KB, 1096x418, Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 5.50…)


bet they're gonna suicide bait now.

No. 539478

OH I recognize this bitch. She was the one crying earlier last year that bi lesbians were a thing and lesbians were being biphobic for not agreeing

No. 539483

File: 1586558058760.jpeg (132.61 KB, 1031x900, 655D609F-FA5F-48BA-9C60-6E8D63…)

No. 539484

If this is meant to "poke fun at lack of diversity" then they really just treat japanese as white huh? Tom nook is a reference to japanese folkrole of course they're going to be drawn as light skinned "white" (in reality japanese). western fandoms of japanese media are retarded.

No. 539487

Pretty accurate, but of course weebs will be triggered by this

No. 539490

nice self-post

No. 539496

ajuilustra on Instagram
I would've turned a blind eye to her shitty tracings but it becomes something else when you sell those tracings at conventions

No. 539498

File: 1586562051954.jpg (55.35 KB, 646x431, 6829A8er9455.jpg)

>Everyone who disagrees with me is the same person

No. 539501


She looks rather plain to me. There isn't anything defining about her features.

No. 539502

LMAO of course she’s gonna be suicidal now.

No. 539520

This is dumb, like duh of course your portraits look like you, this is actually a problem for real portrait artists because your own face is the one you see the most often. It’s a skill to NOT make a portrait look like your face.

But yeah her entire Thing is her painted portraits that are cartoon versions of her but she draws more or less like a Loish without the range

No. 539524

>pretty accurate


No. 539529

File: 1586565558826.png (216.02 KB, 516x900, gross.png)

I don't hate this artist or think her art is bad, but the style is disgusting to me. This trend of massive tits and asses disproportionate to everything.

Also, this is how fat chicks think they look. You are not "thicc", you're fucking fat.

No. 539530

File: 1586565652422.jpg (179.32 KB, 1280x720, ~Diversity~.jpg)

Thank you for your insightful comment.

No. 539531

Literally all you would have to do to fix this is extend the waist back. What a shame.

No. 539534

File: 1586565784458.png (299.06 KB, 551x1250, tumblr_por07zZrdz1qboi42o1_r2_…)

Yeah… it's not a bad technique or style overall, but the Kim K proportions are hideous.

No. 539535

I think twitter would be a better place to discuss how many different skin colors someone should have in their artwork. Now please stop.

No. 539537

All i see are japanese characters with japanese names

No. 539538

I didn't demand y'all to pull a Tumblr and draw a crippled black girl wearing a hijab, jesus christ. I said that if you were willing to draw the human version of the villagers in AC, at least make it fun and different instead of the same Webtoon fuckboy/moe girl. Idk why you're so bothered by this?

No. 539540

File: 1586566380954.gif (54.32 KB, 300x200, 1kXXSEc.gif)

No. 539543

What's your point? Suddenly japanese people can't have shows with japanese characters?

No. 539544

Cute. What is this from?

No. 539546

Idolm@ater. Dunno what series though never seen it.

No. 539547

Thank you!

No. 539552

Good lord. The lolicon defenders and now this. I thought this was the art thread? Anyway, it's pointless to talk to all of you. Keep fingering yourself to the sameface blobs I guess

No. 539554

Based twitter tard

No. 539557

Anime art might be samefaced but don't expect diversity from monoethnic country.

No. 539558

i thought it was established long ago that characters with japanese names in anime are japanese. it doesn't matter if you as a westerner think they "look white". japanese people see them as japanese or some other kind of asian, if they have a different asian name.

japanese anime characters = should be considered japanese

animal crossing characters, who are a bunch of animals with random names taken from all kinds of sources = whatever you want

No. 539560

It's fucking hilarious when twitter wokies go crazy at japanese artist drawing in anime style and claiming the characters look "white". It's like THEY'RE the racists who think anyone with fair skin and pleasing face features is white

No. 539562


i didnt even talk about anime characters lmao

No. 539563

i saw some video detailing why "blackwashing" is okay while someone made sailor moon black and used her as an example. like usagi is white. she's japanese, karen.

No. 539565

Who are you? The one who sperged about the japanese gijinkas, the one who posted anime image to "prove their point" or are you all of the above? We didn't even quote you.

No. 539566

my post was talking about gijinkas, you retards. learn how to read

this one is pretty cute

No. 539568

Holy shit twitterfags are literally subhuman

No. 539572

i had someone lose their shit about what i said so i assume it's the same group of ppl. btw guys, life isnt black and white. theres a middle ground between twitter and anime degeneracy. also its kinda funny that you call everyone who disagrees with you a twitter user when you act offended on the behalf of japanese people kek(continuous infighting)

No. 539575

Sorry your agruments just didn't make sense? I hate moefag coomers too and anime is mostly aimed at them but i don't see a problem with a japanese girl making gijinkas not knowing better and making them all fair skinned

No. 539576

i wasn't angry at the person who made the art for political reasons, i just said that the aesthetic boring.

>not knowing better

lame excuse but whatever. i don't understand why people victimize japanese people.

No. 539579

So do you think she's a racist then lmao. Yeah the aesthetics are instantly better when you add black people.

No. 539587

File: 1586569834148.jpg (189.53 KB, 1200x795, anime vs real.jpg)

Thiis. Westerners will look at the left and think "two white girls". Japanese people will look at it and think of the pic on the right.

This debate is dead and boring. Tired of narcissistic white people and insecure POCs making everything about themselves.

No. 539620

File: 1586573111784.jpeg (43.84 KB, 504x608, images (6).jpeg)

Goddamit anon you triggered flashbacks with those crazy eunuch russian sisters

No. 539624

keep putting words in my mouth. i don't think she's racist, just bland.

those things don't even register as humans to me. i'm talking about the left btw.

No. 539632

Is that supposed to be one of the Zoroastrian gods

No. 539637

Ethnicity completely aside, do we see how the two people on the right have distinct and individual features, while the two characters on the left are completely visually identical besides the hair? This is the original problem with >>539206, it's not that they aren't diverse enough but that it's the same fucking guy five times. Can we at least agree that that's artistically lazy and boring?

No. 539644

I dont think so
I think its bagoas. They love drawing that mofo

No. 539649

Finally someone said it lmao
There are some mangas other there, like MHA, that actually have a physically diverse cast

No. 539668

File: 1586581509321.png (82.76 KB, 648x312, boy4SBW.png)

I'm convinced trans artists want to be able to get away with anything they please purely because they are trans.

No. 539669

File: 1586581614825.png (61.92 KB, 604x480, AcSRsjz.png)

Cis artists get called out for weird shit all the time. Too bad so sad Mallorie's trans pass bounced.

No. 539674

Still not nearly as racist as ergo josh.

No. 539675

Except Japan has various skin tones including the darker skinned natives that deal with colorism on a daily basis but go off lol

No. 539682

I don't get how he is racist. He just can't draw, especially if there any sort of perspective.

No. 539691

Trannies are so delusional. If you hold them to the same standards as everyone else you "won't let them make anything" and if you kiss their asses then you're virtue signaling. Maybe it isn't because you're trans, maybe it's because you make shitty content and call anyone who has a problem with it twansphobic. Also kek @ "cute comic about shoplifting" peak privilege right there

No. 539705

>Tom nook is a reference to japanese folkrole of course they're going to be drawn as light skinned "white" (in reality japanese). western fandoms of japanese media are retarded.

How do you even breathe with this level of autism?

No. 539716

I'm 100% sure this was how it was supposed to go. He's managed to do it multiple times before but this one happened to backfire because instead of being "just" sociopathic it's actually portraying a crime. And not only that, he was extremely condescending and aggressive towards people who brought up how wrong this is.

It's a man. What did you expect from him tbh.

This x 100%. I'll report every goddamn "not enough skintones!!!" post from now on for retarded americentric racebaiting.

No. 539726

you're the one autistic if you think japanese people drawing their characters as japanese is somehow wrong

No. 539727

File: 1586599090002.jpg (594.96 KB, 1080x1805, Screenshot_20200411_105219_com…)

So I've been following this artist for a while, but I've only just noticed how much her art suffers from same face syndrome

No. 539736

Haven't actually seen the video so I'm going purely based off the thumbnail, but I don't think it looks too bad. What is it that people find so ugly about it? Or is it the content of the video itself?

No. 539745

no, you fucking retard, learn to integrate. It's obvious when you samefag

No. 539748


i really don't know why anon got her panties in such a bunch. no one gives a shit about tom nook's skin tone in this, >>539483 is a badly done drawing and belongs in the bad art thread no matter what.

No. 539755

It's pretty fucking funny he lost his Ko-fi. Like why is he asking for money if he doesn't pay for shit anyway?

No one is saying what you can and can't draw. For fuck's sake, if you're this afraid of feedback, don't post your shit online.

The fact that it's a "cute" comic about theft is precisely the issue. It's making the point that this harmful behavior is cute and relatable. No, it harms real peoples' livelihoods. The author defending it instead of just saying his OC is morally grey also makes matters worse.

No. 539772

You know you messed up when you've got the tumblr refugees angry about the super-popular 'be gay do crimes' meme. So many pride flag people in the replies pointing out that framing REAL crimes as something cute and fun just plays into the 'sexual minorities are morally degenerate' stereotype.

No. 539812

The fuck does that even mean, dumbass? Are you that angry because I interrupted your circlejerk? Consider killing yourself if you genuinely believe this.(infighting)

No. 539817

i believe it is a parody drawing about how copy and paste boring gijinkas are

No. 539840

why are you even here if you can't use an imageboard lmao

No. 539842

nigga you retarted

No. 539846

File: 1586634846991.jpeg (786.47 KB, 1066x1511, 5FF5B7E4-AA2F-4714-B6F0-428A88…)

what’s up with her always liking her own posts? you can check out the original post and it’s got both her accounts liking it.

you can like your own posts for all I care, have your own reasons for it, but with cyarin it just seems to add up to her self absorption when you think of it as a whole.

No. 539850

it's a bad attempt at satire regardless.

No. 539858

it's bait, ignore

just because it hurt your feelings doesn't mean it's bad kek

No. 539859

no, the art is legitimately bad.

No. 539860

That's why it's so good

No. 539863

Stop talking to yourself

No. 539865

We are all the same person

No. 539866

Is her right arm ok? Keeps making me think her head is on backwards

No. 539867

Ergo Josh is still very racist

No. 539877

Wow look at how long the neck is. It's almost as if her head is floating.

No. 539908

it is bad because it doesn't really poke fun at anything that exists? i've never seen those characters drawn as skinny white dudes but as baras

No. 539910

File: 1586645383513.png (307.5 KB, 720x928, classic cumbrain art.png)

Anyone see this trainwreck earlier?

No. 539919

Nothing about either of those looks realistic it just looks disgusting

No. 539920

i look like that irl tho

No. 539922

Bitch no you don’t

No. 539925

proof or gtfo
people who use posers without any idea of anatomy are stupid. a poser can be helpful but youre so much better off using a human reference because then you dont get shitty balloon tits.

No. 539928

The balloon tits are honestly the least of the problem here

No. 539961


That was hilarious but also very sad and cringe, anon.

No. 539978

File: 1586654522960.jpg (65.74 KB, 1487x1146, 0af5fe31d25281fa2db0faaa1885dd…)

No. 539985

Is this the same anon who said she had big tits and was jealous of small tits?

No. 539990

why would i be jealous of femlets

No. 540008

File: 1586659208149.png (2.36 MB, 1529x2048, Screenshot_20200411-213916.png)

Lana Jay has some of the worst sameface in her art. They all look like the same person

No. 540016

Both of these made me cringe so hard because the blatant same-face here coupled with the number of likes upsets me.

And people say it's only in anime this happens.

No. 540017

I don't really know shit about art or tracing but wow, never realized so many artists had same face syndrome.

No. 540024

Love this “challenge” exposing all these so called artists. Same faces all over the place.

No. 540025

who actually says that

No. 540027

File: 1586662571369.jpg (232.48 KB, 1572x469, same face .jpg)

It looks like she just copied and pasted 4/6 of the faces lmao

No. 540034

We are talking about a spoiled rotten woman in her 20s that is holier than thou with everyone she meets IRL It’s not surprising her work is only uwu points

No. 540044

You'd be surprised

No. 540046

Except this looks like anime…? So is moe the only anime style that counts now or some shit.

No. 540048

File: 1586668597067.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1462, 20200412_011524.png)

I know we're all tired of the new six fan art trend going around, but this has to be one of the worst ones by far…

No. 540061

this anon has been samefagging for ages

No. 540063

Anons if I may ask a question in regards to screen tablets…what is your experience with XP pen pro screen tablets? I'm undecided between xp pen and the cintiq 16 or a Wacom one. I feel I can't trust reviews on YouTube as many have been compelled to give positive reviews for free gifts. I have only used an intuos and an iPad pro. I hated how very frequently my intuos would stop working because of the drivers and have no wish to repeat such experiences. Having to constantly restart my computer just to draw has put me off Wacom but that was three years ago now that I used my intuos to any regularity. I apologise if this has come up often but I do appreciate any responses to those with experience with these tablets.

No. 540070

I feel like you have some milk on her
Pls spill it

No. 540075


I hate how this girl draws eyebrows so much. Fucking disgusting. Her ears are also complete wack.

No. 540087

the entire face is fucking disgusting, everyone looks like some weird old man, only thing they did differently for the women is give them eyelashes which doesn't make them more feminine at all. the only one they got minimally right is kuzco but that's because they eased up on the wrinkles on him and he actually has those feature they draw for everyone.

No. 540118

How come I didn't get redtexted for samefagging then, autismus prime?

No. 540119

Surely, if I was samefagging, I would have been redtexted. Don't you think, autismus prime?>>540061

No. 540130

They all look like extremely unfortunate 12 year old girls with huge eyebrows

No. 540134

Does anyone know the song that starts at 8:20? I always hear it in her videos

No. 540145

All these faces looks supremely punchable

No. 540148


Which Intuos and which OS are you using? I used to have a lot of issues with Win7 back when I still used my Intuos4 and Bamboo Fun P/T with drivers randomly quitting. Since the Create (what I've used for the past 6 years) uses the same driver as the Bamboo Fun I had issues with that one too. I found that I could get around the rebooting issue by keeping a tablet preferences backup file and restoring preferences from that when the driver quit. The other method of stopping and starting the driver service rarely ever worked for me. For the preferences file:

Wacom Preferences File Utility -> Backup

when the driver quits:

Wacom Preferences File Utility -> Restore -> select your backup file

While this would occasionally fail it worked more often than not.

I will say that for all of Win10's faults I have much, much better experiences with the same Wacom driver and have never had it just up and die on me. I've been using my Create with Win10 for three years and not had any issues. If you're still using Win7 (etc) it may honestly just be how the OS handles driver software.

While I have no direct experience with XP-Pen I have at least heard good things. Gaomon pen displays are also good, but be aware of color bit depth. Some pen displays out there are only 6-bit/channel instead of 8-bit/channel and this leads to fewer colors displayed, usually biased toward green and against red. I have a Gaomon PD1560 with this feature but I don't care much because I don't like coloring or shading with pen displays for a reason that also plagues the ever-expensive Cintiqs: input lag. Even Cintiqs as well as "off-brand" pen displays have some degree of input latency, which can be seen in some videos out there of tablets in use. I use a lot of quick scrubbing motions for coloring and shading and the latency throws me off really bad, making me over or underestimate my stroke distance. Tablets have this normally, but because with surface tablets you're looking at your monitor and not your hand it's far less noticeable. If this doesn't bother you then don't worry about it, but it may still be worth keeping in the back of your mind.

Hope this helps at least a little bit!

No. 540164

No. 540209

Give it a rest.

No. 540336

File: 1586744464990.jpeg (852.67 KB, 750x863, 7DE81436-E5C8-40B9-90C9-814E58…)

This isn’t very milky but I hate the way roxartss uses color literally her portraits look like clowns I can’t stand it there old art is so much more pleasing to the eye

No. 540337

File: 1586744544308.jpeg (707.77 KB, 750x909, C364611C-ED8C-482D-A386-98E5DA…)

Their* also here’s an older peice

No. 540357

File: 1586749720143.png (195.17 KB, 500x553, EqvQKjI.png)

Such gorgeous art.

No. 540370

I'm not a huge fan either way but at least that one looks like it was going for a colour scheme instead of general clown makeup

No. 540387

File: 1586760794552.png (891.07 KB, 792x894, Screenshot_20200412-232640.png)

Saged because there's no milk;

I hate how hypersexualized dorotero's art gets (pic related) Their non sexual shit looks nice but their porn gets overly repetitive. 'sAcHiEl gEtS fUcKeD bY dOgGy DiCkS or rAnDoM mEn aNd sHeS tOtAlLy tRaNs!!' or 'BIG BOOBIES AND TENTACLES OR DILDOS!!'

No. 540391

Wait, you're complaining about hypersexualization in porn?

No. 540397

I checked out this artist and to be honest the sameface syndrome doesn't really apply here. The faces are visually identical but her drawings have a lot of variety with poses and arrangements. The sameface syndrome goes a level deeper than just facial features, it's also the character's body language, attire, colorization and expressions. Sure most of her drawings are just pretty fairy/witch girls or something but they still look like distinguishable pieces to me. You can make stick figures look different by using other means than just facial features.

But then again this artist >>539727 (lesly.oh) has characters with identical body language, expressions, poses, aesthetics, settings and rendering techniques. Because their faces are more detailed than the artist above (lanajay) you end up paying more attention to how identical they look. They all have the identical full lips, hooded eyes, thick eyebrows, straight noses and angular face shape with very little variation in fashion styles. When you draw very simple faces like lanajay you tend to focus on other things around them more, making their art pieces more like a complete picture than just facial/half body portraits like lesly.oh does.

I'm an ESLfag so I don't know if I got my point across right but this is how I see it. Don't really care for either artist but lanajay seemed to be much more stimulating when it comes to the sameface debate.

No. 540400

Why draw the ORGANS?? Like wtf

No. 540411

You just explained exactly what sameface syndrome is in your first comparison…
>The faces are visually identical
That's what sameface is.

No. 540412

File: 1586774240478.jpg (424.9 KB, 1199x1563, Screenshot_20200413-123629_Twi…)

No. 540421

This is retarded, you may like the design and think that it's a good base for an attractive adult character. Though I guess it would be pretty fucking skeevy to see a Dora the Explorer porn, aged up or not. Each case is different, but I guess for those people ie aging the new generation of Harry Potter characters makes one a pedo kek

No. 540425

This is so fucking stupid. So, most of the Harry Potter Fandom is a bunch of pedos then? What an idiot.

No. 540438

Congrats on not reading the rest of the post and not understanding the point at all.

No. 540439

Don't people age them up because they're NOT pedos? If you're drawing NSFW art of Bakugo at age 35 or something I assume that's because there's certain aspects of the character that you like, but you're literally being put off by the idea of having sex with a 15-year-old.

Are the people who get mad about this all really young? I wonder if they're not old enough to have experience of relating to a character much younger than you because all the characters much younger than them are like… 6.

No. 540442

kek I can already hear the "AGING UP UNDERAGE CHARACTERS IS DISGUSTING" sperg anon rushing to call you a pedo

They're usually in the age range of 16-22 and haven't yet realized that they themselves are (or are soon to be) adults. It's been said again and again but it'll come back to haunt them when they get a bit older and the next wave of woke 16-year olds starts turning against them when they stan a 15-year old anime character with indeterminate features that could very well be 22 if the high school story setting didn't force them to be underage. A lot of these people completely forget that the characters are made by adults and don't represent real people at all.

I remember back in the day seeing Misty porn (from Pokemon) and nobody thought there was anything weird about it because she was always aged up to have an adult body and you pretty much assumed that this was an adult character despite her canonly being like 11. The same goes for people shipping Gary and Ash, even when I was Ash's age I didn't really consider him my "peer". Fictional characters represent concepts, not actual people. 20 years later I still have a very hard time thinking of him being 10 because it's such an ageless entity. You're attracted to the character as a trope and an idea, not an actual physical being. No matter what's your stance on underage characters there's a world of difference between finding a fictional character attractive because you project your own interpretation to it and admire the idea of this personality and then jacking it to toddler porn or grooming real life teenagers. People are so goddamn privileged when they can give their time of the day to be more worried about fictional characters' rights than actual people.

No. 540445

This is so annoying. Shounen anime was a mistake cause it let all these annoying ass kids into anime. Do they attack japanese artists who've been this shit for years? I would to see japanese reactions to stuff like this, considering how funny the reactions to tomatomagica's cringy ass love live art were. It's just so funny to me because even their favorite shounen anime has big boobed anime girls doing ecchi things, but they act like it doesn't happen.

No. 540464

Same face is when the faces are the same. It doesn’t matter how distinct the rest of the design is. You wrote all that stupid shit for no reason.

No. 540465


Anon please spill the milk on lanajay and save us from the same pedo spergout we've had like ten times this week

No. 540473

>the sameface syndrome doesn't really apply here
>literally the very next sentence
>The faces are visually identical
That's what sameface syndrome is. If you take away the character's clothes, colours, pose (all these make them distinguishable, I don't disagree with you, it's just not the point of sameface syndrome) they'd be identical. Their facial features and expressions are the exact same.

No. 540513

Y'all always post this kind of tweets in the threads and react the same way everytime. What's the point of doing it over and over again? I feel like I'm on reddit lmao

No. 540516

what's the point of these idiots mentioning this point over and over besides gaining brownie points? this kind of retarded view needs to be shunned. also if you are bothered by something getting posted here then fuck off or change the topic shittard.

No. 540518

Me saying it's boring doesn't mean I agree with them? Also calm down, kind of pathetic to namecall someone who didn't disrespect you.

No. 540520

if you can't take a little name calling after acting like an idiot you are truly on the wrong website.

No. 540522

You just sound aggro for no reason which invalidates your opinion. Keep reposting the same thing again as if your takes were revolutionary. That's not autistic at all.

No. 540528

I beg of you all, please make a thread if you want to discuss this we already had this conversation and there's no middle ground on this, you either think its not a big deal or that doing this somehow means you want to fiddle kids, it's so tiring…

No. 540533

Beg all you want, it's about art so it can be here. You guys always come here to complain instead of changing the topic, the complaining drawing out the discussion way more.

No. 540534

NTAYRT but it's the first time I complain about this. Just because there's nothing to talk about doesn't mean you have to reach for content

No. 540535

And discussing something that you don't care about is not "reach for content". again CHANGE THE TOPIC IF YOU DON'T WANNA TALK ABOUT THIS OR STOP COMPLAINING.

No. 540539

File: 1586808353954.jpg (3.83 MB, 1985x2825, 1059763.jpg)

bro get yourself a cup of water and look at these cute anime girls to calm yourself down

No. 540559

>Do they attack japanese artists who've been this shit for years?
Yes. Western SJWs are already a huge joke and a nuisance in the Asian artist circles. They attack Asian artists on Twitter calling them out for whatever stupid woke reasons they can come up with and rile people up to dogpile on them, and the artists can barely defend themselves because they don't speak fluent English. They've retreated more and more into their own spaces and a lot of them refuse to be commissioned by foreigners at this point and put their accounts on protected mode to keep all the psychotic snowflakes out. You can even see the spergy anons in this thread throwing a fit over a Japanese artist drawing their precious kids game gijinkas with fair skin. I ended up deleting my English account altogether and avoid interacting with anyone who's from the US or UK.

No. 540605

File: 1586817821455.jpg (29.99 KB, 361x298, enough.JPG)

i have no idea why i keep seeing redraws of this particular sailor moon frame

also, clip studio tips is now being plagued by shitty how to draw anime eye tutorials. do they actually give real money for winning tutorials anyway?

No. 540638

File: 1586824072071.png (159.26 KB, 605x701, snowflakes.png)

>drawing rights activists spergouts single handedly scaring off non western artists
The joke writes itself, holy shit. Nobody gets to draw anything spicier than a coffee shop soft gay au anymore, because anything outside of that gets a target painted on your back for all the snowflakes to see.

No. 540642

Bless you anon, I almost cried with laughter

No. 540651

File: 1586825982103.png (526.93 KB, 1194x1186, Mioree.png)

Since the threads a little dry, anyone seen this commission drama going on between two artists?
sorry, there's a lot of screenshots so i'm linking the thread

No. 540654

File: 1586826128347.png (332.91 KB, 1194x1184, Cjxanderr.png)

No. 540657

File: 1586826371502.png (163.19 KB, 1228x580, why are you booing me i'm righ…)

And this just made me kek. Reading through the chat, I understood where he was coming from and why he'd get annoyed at Mioree for repeatedly saying she'd provide thumbnails and then putting off delivering. But his response to her explaining the situation is where I completely sided with Mioree, he acted like an asshole.

No. 540664

File: 1586826936085.png (189.92 KB, 1198x528, Very professional.png)

No. 540692

anon do you have the picture in this tweet saved? he privated his twitter after the backlash it looks like so can't read the rest of it.

No. 540706

File: 1586832075318.png (378.44 KB, 1194x1186, Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 6.19…)

Sadly I didn't save that particular post before he deleted the thread, but the gist of it was just him saying "She hadn't even started so I asked for a refund which she refused to give me", and echoing some of what he said to Mioree in the chat, that she shouldn't have taken on work she knew she couldn't handle, don't ever work with artists like this, said she "broke her TOS" and called her a scammer. He included a small portion of the chat as well (which is included in Mioree's thread with the entire thing)

I have a few of his replies though.

No. 540710

samefag, he also said if paypal didn't work out he was prepared to take her to court

No. 540720

wow imagine being so entitled that you can break your own TOS and take commissions you cant handle

No. 540738

I side with CJ and hope paypal agrees to the chargeback. They usually side with buyers anyways.

Commissions of that cost should be done via emails instead of a discord chat wtf

No. 540763

You can make out carrer of tracing artwork right now


No. 540784

Honestly ESH. CJ's being a little impatient bitch towards someone who SAID they were busy in the very beginning and was warned before hand. As for Mioree, they should have just shown the thumbnails they said they drew. Honestly it would have been something cause it was VERY apparent CJ wanted something even though they were being very overbearing with wanting something despite their due date being in May.

No. 540801

Come on this is like the most popular poses/expressions in anime art. She's just paranoid

No. 540810

this is the weirdest post i've ever read here honestly. there's absolutely nothing entitled about taking a commission when someone is willing to pay the extra fee, and she did mention in a post that they have mutual friends so she probably thought he wasn't so bitchy. it's way more entitled to commission someone when they clearly say they are busy (even have their commissions closed) and then ask for a refund before the deadline is even over. one month is enough for a shit ton of artists to finish a drawing with no background and a basic pose, he underestimated her ability, and that makes me even more confused as to why he commissioned her.

lot of artists like to talk through twitter/discord/instagram/ect because it's way faster to get a response. maybe it doesn't give you that ~professional~ flair or whatever you expect, but being able to discuss matters in real time is very useful and obviously gets things done faster.

No. 540835

eh he lost any sympathy from me once he started the name calling. For someone claiming to be in the industry he sure knows how to keep it professional.

And I 100% agree about doing this over email. Stop fucking using DMs and discord and whatever the hell else when it comes to these kinds of things. As soon as I saw the screenshots of a discord chat my eyes rolled so far back.

No. 540841

Not only commissioned her but was willing to pay such an exorbitant price in the first place. We obviously aren't seeing the whole story from the commissioner. Seems like he just wanted his 1 grand back for some other shit and thought it would be ok to demand it back since he hadn't gotten the piece yet. If it had been past the deadline it'd be one thing, but it wasn't and she is totally in the right to refuse a full refund, him being a piece of shit notwithstanding. That's just good business. Dude's a fucking moron.

No. 540847

exactly, he basically shoot himself in the foot for no reason. instead of going full rage mode he could have have waited more, and if she didn't finish the piece even after the deadline he could have asked for a refund or make a charge back on paypal since then he definitely would be in the right. he just lost 1 grand over being impatient and stupid.

No. 540861

>hmm, nail, head, hit.
It's so narcissistic to say this about your own comment. Like you're literally complimenting yourself, lmao.

No. 540864

He seemed fine with waiting up until the 12th and when she finally decides to show something he just backs out? Plus she still did have around a month to complete it. That said will her TOS actually hold up? I know it says no refunds but I can't imagine keeping all of the money when she wasn't that far into making the picture.

No. 540865

she did explain she gave up a better opportunity because she was expecting to work on this, even if she didn't loose out on too much time she lost out on money. also you know there's a global pandemic going on so having some spare money to just pay the bills if she has less money coming in is useful.

No. 540870

Emails have legal value, anon.

No. 540882

Yeah, he’s right. If you can’t take the commission because you’re busy, then don’t take it. The dude paid a grand, the ToS he agreed to was broke, he demands a refund. All he needed was a progress report, three weeks is wayyyy too long to not get anything. Especially if he just wanted thumbnails, SOMETHING to show the project had started. He paid a large sum, and wanted to be sure his investment was being acknowledged.

As far as calling her a entitled little slut; yeah, she is. She got a commission worth a GRAND, and didn’t bother to even start it/post proof of progress for three weeks?? That’s fucking stupid. Especially when, as an artist that takes commissions, you write your own ToS to avoid shit like this! Yeah, she is 100% a dumb, entitled little slut. Not a good one, though, since she lost out on an EASY 1000$ for something a 30-minute sketch could save.

No. 540898

most people don't plan to take every commission they do to court, and any text evidence submitted to court can have legal value if it's approved.

No. 540901

yes, but her commissions were CLOSED. If she needed/wanted some extra money she would have opened them again, I mean, It's not like she has to go out?

No. 540911

You're truly an idiot aren't you? A commission worth a grand with rush fees isn't a lot on a word of properly priced art. She was just about to give him the thumbnails, and then he bails out, loosing a grand. Her TOS is very straight forward and understandable, she started work and he didn't refund within the 2 week period so he doesn't get his money back. Your idiotic name calling is really giving me the vibe that you are CJ himself coming to complain here, but there are plenty of other idiots on this website.

No. 540936

Except he demanded a refund before the due date so, no? He sperged out and now he's cancelled congrats on a lesson in social skills online.

No. 540944

I’ve seen this everywhere but I honestly don’t see tracing, maybe slight inspiration but that’s a fucking reach.

I usually don’t say this but honestly it looks like the accusers are jealous and bitter over someone else’s success

No. 540975

Yeah, the namecalling is uncalled for.
But according to the discord convos, the artist said that CJ will receive the sketches on that day( April 12 9:15pm)later that night states how she is too sick to wrk (April 13 5:29 am). CJ continuously states how they needed the piece by a date, but has not received any info about illustration and was given the estimated date of the first week of April to see the sketches- mind you the artists might have started by roughly March 21, as she states that she may on that day on discord.
Personally, the artist should have known ahead of time if she was able to complete such a task during that time or keep her customer more informed about her process- a rough estimate on how long it take her to complete commissioned work, especially if this piece requires ALOT

No. 540977

Can I also include that in her 4/7 thread,
She said how she planned to start the commission on 4/13, past the date where she said that she would already have the sketches for her customer, CJ. Never informing him that, while yes she had other projects, she never did state her process of when exactly that she was starting on CJ’s commission, only that he’ll receive the sketches on the first week of April.
She alludes throughout her thread on discord that she had already started on CJ’s commission piece, so it would make sense that CJ would asssume that he wouldn’t need to immediately need to ask for a refund if he was lead to the assumption that the sketches were almost done

No. 540980

>>540936 from my understanding, he wanted an UPDATE to the progress of his commission and asked for thumbnails sketches; he wasn't looking for a final piece. A pretty simple request after two weeks. She said to contact later as she was busy and he contacted her again a week later. Should be noted that she told him that she would have his sketches then and she didn't pony up when he contacted again. At that point he got irritated and started this whole meltdown. This guy is a dick but he's not entirely wrong, I would probably ask for a refund too if your there was no kind of basic update to be presented to me a week after the date you told you would have them.

This whole situation could have been avoided if either of them just noticed from the start that Mioree was already overbooked and just backed away. But no, Mioree got in over herself and took the money while CJ just assumed his project would top precedent over all of her other commissions.

No. 540987

Exactly, an update that she never provided, she said that he’ll receive the sketches roughly the first week of April, he reminds her of the deadline, then she continue to state “I have some thumbnails” (April 10) right before the date due for a refund, then states how on 4/13 she planned to do the thumbnail work on that date- she LIED
and told him that he cannot get a refund despite no work has been done during that 14 day wait- which goes against her TOS

No. 540999

definitely think that it was dumb she didn't just send the thumbnails, but i don't think it's that she never started the commission (which means she never broke her own tos), but she wanted to show work she is confident in. dude waaaay over reacted though, he either should have pushed for her to post the thumbnails so he'd know if she actually started work, or wait a little bit more. there was way enough time for her to still finish it by the deadline. also even if she actually didn't start work and he should have receive his refund it was a completely asshole move to go public with this and use paypal charge back. paypal always favors the customers so she has no chance of making an argument to them even with all the logs so he completely fucked her over.

No. 541001

File: 1586900571430.jpeg (471.44 KB, 1800x1298, 6F014309-F599-4F5E-BEBF-CB1960…)

Jfc Moiree, stop victimizing yourself and give the guy his money-

No. 541005

What sucks is that we won’t know when or if she did the thumbnails because she states that she’ll work on them around 3/21, claiming to have them finished by first week of April and that she wanted more sketches done, but then contradicts herself by saying that she planned to start on them on 4/13, on the same day that JC wanted a refund because he was worried about her work progress.
Maybe if she did show at least one sketch of the thumbnail, it would prove otherwise, that she had considered his commission, making her TOS valuable to protect her and to keep the money, but she never did, and claimed to never lie to him

No. 541009

she doesn't contradict herself on when she started though, she is talking about resuming work on the sketches. i think the problem is that they were thinking completely differently, in her mind the thumbnails were actually something she shouldn't have done at all and just started on the main piece so she didn't post them, but to him it would have shown that she made progress. after asking for a refund not once does he ask again if she could show the thumbnails to show proof that she indeed didn't lie and didn't break her own tos. though of course she could have just posted them on her own to show proof.

No. 541012

Can you start saging your posts and stop fucking wking for some random asshole who has no idea how commissions work. He fucked himself over by requesting a refund so early on, since he was over her 2 week refund policy in her TOS he might as well have waited longer and probably would have gotten the sketches.

No. 541020

But we still don’t know if she even started on them because she never posted them :/
And He did ask for the thumbnails later on 4/12 9:15pm, she responded later that night, then 8 hours later on 4/13 5:29 am, that she won’t be able to show him because she’s too sick, then states after he asks for a refund that she was going to work on them on that day.

IF she had then provided a few images of the work that she has started on, it would have validated her in her agreement, but she never did, she could have stated: hey, this is what I have right now, and I do plan on seeing this commission through. But instead, she never does this or tells him about the two “90% finished commission” that had caught her attention for those near 3 weeks, that now she can pay 100% on his commission.

I really love the artist, her work is outstanding and beautiful, and I do pity her for feeling overwhelmed, but there was a better way of communicating. Especially when this customer asked of her for a refund-

No. 541024

“He fucked himself over by asking for a refund so early on”
“he was over her 2 week refund policy in her TOS”
Which is it???
Like I get that the guy became an asshole for saying that Moiree is a slut or someshit, but her guidelines specify that work must have been done, and we or him have never seen any of the progress that she has made on his commission and just alludes to the idea that she has, only to contradict that on 4/13

No. 541027

don't think she had no faults in this, that was definitely her cue to post something so he wouldn't think she is a scammer, but she didn't. but she also had her commissions closed after all and was generally busy so it's not that weird to not try to ask a particularly difficult customer to consider not refunding.

No. 541056

Congrats on not understanding what same face syndrome actually is and writing a pointless ramble under the guise of self-importance.

I did read the entire post, you nitwit. It doesn't matter if you're an ESL fag, you still have no idea what same face syndrome is so I was correcting you.

Don't get your panties in a twist or make assumptions.

No. 541124

Jfc nta but chill lol. I mean you're right same face syndrome is drawing the same face pretty self explanatory but like…take a walk.

No. 541196

No there’s nothing entitled about taking a commission and taking the fee, but to break your own TOS and refuse to give the customer a refund is entitled in my opinion. I don’t entirely agree with the customer, he shouldn’t have called the artist a slut and shit, but like other than that he’s in the right to me. It would be a different story if she had shown proof of the sketches though.

No. 541208

Exactly. Why wouldn't she just show the sketches to settle it? Even showing him the sketches at the point where he was asking for a refund might have resolved the situation. The way he handled it was shitty for sure, but the excuses she gave to avoid showing him the thumbnails sound like the exact excuses I use when I need to delay a submission because I haven't started on work lmao

No. 541240

Why do you guys keep bringing up TOS, at the end of the day PayPal isn’t going to look at that shit. She didn’t even send an invoice and PayPal tends to auto accept chargebacks for non physical goods

No. 541243

File: 1586943362041.png (647.38 KB, 482x603, Capture.PNG)

I don't understand how Stephanie Priscilla has 391k when her art looks like a 12 year old drew it

No. 541293

Anon the same can be said for any and every instagram "aesthetic" artist. Theyre talentless hacks who know how to milk the algorithm, save for a few

No. 541298

you two simpletons are probably one of these woke art connaisseurs going around saying Picasso's talentless because his iconic style is not a realistic rendering too.

No. 541303

No. 541305

Because it's atmospheric and tells a story. Creativity over skill.

No. 541308

People who don't draw can't tell between a deliberately simplified style, lame scribbles and whatever is inbetween
this one isnt so bad, people look like they're made of glass, have no legs, and girl looks like she has a dick but the focus is on the background which is cute and the colours are clean and look nice

No. 541315

The background looks awful, the perspective is all over the place, the floor has the ugliest texture, and the posters make everything look chunky.

No. 541320

i honestly don't see why anons are wking this. yes it's not the worst thing in the world but it's boring, it doesn't tell a story, it's badly done and there's nothing unique to it.

No. 541321

This feels like such a petty complaint. Sure as art it's pretty shitty, the anatomy and perspective is very off but generally it's a cute and chill picture with at least some thought put behind it. I mean people here constantly complain about pretty girl portraits but help a god when someone actually tries to draw something different and even that's not good enough.

No. 541322

The criteria for good art isn't "not a pretty girl portrait", it's "technically well done and conceptually good thing that can be called an art piece without feeling awkward about it".

No. 541324

It's very clear this particular drawing was made pretty quick (as compared to her other artworks), instagram is not a professional portfolio and it should be totally fine for artists to post stuff like this without being called out, especially since it's a good concept.

No. 541326

How is anons expressing they don't like this drawing "calling her out"? This is an anonymous forum, no one's sending the artist death threats over this. Calm down.

No. 541329

that is some holly brown perspective

No. 541330

Are you appealing for people to calm down every time someone disagrees with someone else? Anons had an uneducated take on the matter and I had an opinion about that and that's it. I don't think we have to agree on everything here.

No. 541331

Because not everyone of us have so low self-esteem that we need to shit on every single piece that's not ruan jia tier art. Art can have value outside of being just technically good you know.

Sure it's not "good art" but it's not bad either. It's just generally makes you look like a very sad person if you get so butthurt over some rando having a following online for art you deem as "not deserving it". Sometimes you could at least appreciate the hustle.

No. 541356

weird how everyone is defending this piece of shit art

No. 541364

Not the best but not the worst drawing i see. Prespective and anatomy need some work. Anatomy part especially in male jeans pant seems off,female hip part need some work look like having a dick. For the storytelling is ok giving those a couple aesthetic chill vibe to in
Need to disagree,a good art doesn't need to be technicially or fundamentally correct but instend give a intersting storytelling behind the canvas.I don't think profesional artist feels awkward when they draw a "bad piece" ,most of them are chill hey its just a drawing.

Need to add here instagram artist market is not profesional lots of them full of amateur pastel,anime artist or some aesthethic pastel meyoco bootleg /knock off artist.
If you want to go see profesional stuff go to artstation , pixiv (doing for the anime/manga/japanese industry)

No. 541367

Yes art can have value outside of technical skill, this doesn't though. It's boring and extremely basic bitch. Also stop associating people having a different taste to you with low self-esteem, makes it sound like you are projecting.

No. 541379

>It's boring and extremely basic bitch
Yeah, so is the post. Someone's salty that a mediocre artist has a lot of followers? Wow stop the presses nobody's ever seen that before.

No. 541384

>Wow stop the presses nobody's ever seen that before.
the entire thread is this

No. 541385

I don't give a fuck about their follower count, I just find it weird how much anons like this basic ass piece lol.

No. 541386

They're chimping out bc they feel called out.

No. 541388

Really tells a lot about a person when they feel like they are getting attacked for someone else having a different opinion.

No. 541392

File: 1586973902250.jpg (214.23 KB, 1000x858, IMG_20200416_005930.jpg)

Lol anon hate the drawing because have popular type of aesthethics behind it.
having basic bitch aesthethic isn't a bad thing.Example is nakedcherryart its have the "basicbitch" aesthethic but with good undestanding in funde .

No. 541395

Can you not put words in my mouth because you can't rationalize someone not agreeing with you lol. It's not about its popularity at all, I like nakedcherry's art. But hers is faaaaaar from basic bitch.

No. 541398

Have to agree here on value outside of technical skill. I'd say >>529483 is an unfair comparison, it's not that art like this isn't realistic/well-rendered, there are just a lot of characteristics of amateur art that makes the piece overall weak and best enjoyed as a cute doodle. I wouldn't say it's the worst art I've ever seen or that Priscilla has no skill, it just leaves no impression.

I also get confused why art like this becomes so wildly popular, but ultimately I guess that's just what the majority of users on Instagram want to see. I could understand why a lot of young people would be drawn to it though, and that's probably the largest audience of art like this and other 'aesthetic' artists.

The only salt I have with all this is that it floods my recommended page with art I have no interest in no matter what I do/who I follow. Only solution is stop using IG honestly

No. 541400

are you crytyping or just retarded

No. 541408

Ok i understand that cleary naked cherryart is far from basic bitch (see her oldart) but her recent art has the type of aesthethic that instagramers like
Go back worshipping ruanjia asshole

No. 541410

Um… No. This is also bad. The woman looks like she was pasted in there at the last minute, the perspective is fucked and so is her anatomy. Did you see the wrists and hands? This looks like it's from one of those shitty choose your own relationship adventure iphone games.

No. 541426

Personally, idk why but I find this:
Better than:

It’s certainly not the technical skill, but I assume the colours/mood created to tell a story

No. 541432

lol your art is probably shit too

No. 541434

Same as you fag

No. 541436

File: 1586979193559.png (78.44 KB, 248x380, 13421.png)

your mom fat kek

No. 541439

anon, this is clearly traced from a 3d model of an enviroment. Both the girl and the objects behind her are so morphed and rushed, contrary to the perfect furniture.

No. 541441

I dislike both but >>541392 has such weird proportions (the character is really small compared to all her furniture), it makes me suspect the entire background is made from traced 3D models (it has that trace-y line quality, too) and they compressed the image weirdly to hide it. Why is everything slightly blurry when the character's eyes are SO crisp? The other drawing is super wonky but it doesn't make my head hurt, at least.

No. 541444

File: 1586981021029.jpg (2.6 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20200416_030331301.jpg)

Any thought for a kpop fanartist that only redraw kpop idol from photo(fansite or offical photo) and modifiy the image little bit to make them look pretty
Pic related

No. 541455

If I’m being honest k-pop is a pretty good niche to get popular as an artist, it has both genders and if you draw from fan cams or dance videos you could get some dynamic poses. Overall the artist’s rendering is pretty good, they could use better colors though, the hair looks like it’s photoshopped on. Also their prices look pretty stagnant. Overall I don’t hate it, it’s better than drawing pretty headshots of white girls with big eyes and lips and tiny noses looking into the distance.

No. 541456

Lol are you like 40

No. 541465

A lot of kpop art(as well a ig model art) looks like they just traced on top of a photo.

No. 541479

achieving perfect likeness without tracing is easy once you practice a bit, especially in the digital medium. But even if people trace, the real challenge is rendering, not base drawing, so honestly, I wouldn't pay too much attention to it. As long as people are not stealing other people's work of course.

No. 541487

Tracing is still used by professionals. Many realisitc/hyper-realistic portrait artists trace their reference to guarantee accuracy and speed up workflow. It's okay because they have the skill to render and make it look realistic. Like you said, it's only a problem when you're stealing what doesn't belong to you like >>540763

No. 541494

Yeah they do trace. It’s easier to do with digital programs now a days so it’s kind of unavoidable.

No. 541579

File: 1587008920980.png (28.44 KB, 591x239, Screenshot_2.png)


I still say style theft and closely trying to emulate a style aren't as bad as people make it out to be. And those that are blowing it out of proportion are stupid.

No. 541583

The "style theft" is not a problem, because it's not real, but acting like a copycat stalker is

No. 541586

Style theft? I mean yeah I would say it’s unoriginal but it’s not entirely wrong. In the industry you are forced to adapt to many different art styles because things such as games, animation, etc. need to be consistent. In my opinion you won’t get anywhere as an artist from doing one art style for the rest of your life. You have to be flexible.

No. 541597

it's inevitable that artists get "inspired" by certain elements of works they see

but perhaps it's a completely different story when you emulate something established, say, like the styles of The Simpsons and claim that's your style. Thoughts?

also i just got reminded of those tearzah clones

No. 541606

Yea no one can own a style but it does get pretty creepy when people copy your entire trademark. When someone just copies your style there's not much you can whine about, especially if they still have a personal twist to their work but when they copy the topics, the themes, colors, characters, poses and every single other element then yea I feel like you have a right to say something. It's sort of weird how online type of identity "theft" is accepted or even glamorized yet in real life if you copied someone to the T it would be a good enough reason for a restraining order. You see plenty now a days how people don't just become copycat artist but downright try to copy their whole identity from their way of typing to pages layouts etc. It does get creepy and I feel like it is valid to call these people out in those cases.

No. 541610

like >>541583 said, style theft is not really that big of an issue and i think most artists that have been copied will agree to that.

but the fucking skinwalkers running rampant, i once had a girl copy my art style to a T, she named her OC after me IRL because she got my name through commissioning me on paypal.
her social media usernames are a reference to something i said once when she wasnt even present.
she dated a guy i'm friends with just because people thought me and this dude liked each other.
and then when i got married to my husband like 2 weeks later she was calling her boyfriend "hubby" and "husband" even though there was no proof they got married. lol.

but ive had so many people tell me shes not copying me and i cant "own" my art style even though thats only the surface of what these people do.

No. 541615

People who claim style theft to be the biggest hypocrites ever. They themselves are either copying Steven universe, Disney, or basic tumblr art and claiming it as original. I don't think it's wrong, do whatever you want man. As long as you're not copying/tracing.

Like above anons have said, in most professional work you HAVE to adapt and stick to a certain style. Like look at the animation team who had to stick to Vizzie pops art style. Are they stealing a style? No one is claiming that. It isn't original true. I think you can pin point inspiration for a style, but can't put a trademark on it.

Whining about style theft is just as stupid as color palate theft

No. 541618

I don't think style theft is a real issue, but I think it's pretty damn cringy to see artists try to copy whatever artists are popular at the moment to nab some popularity without any originality. It always just screams a lack of vision and passion to me, like all those meyoco copycats who got mentioned in previous threads. While I get why people would be defensive of their personal styles, calling other people out for it is silly. However, it's just as silly to steal someone else's style imho.

No. 541628

Style “theft” can be pretty obvious, and obnoxious. Think of all the Loish clones out there. It’s cheap and boring to emulate another person’s style so closely.

No. 541629

File: 1587019881167.jpg (45.16 KB, 800x450, C-658VsXoAo3ovC.jpg)

Jesus Christ, are there enough lens flares in this picture?

The girl's legs and hips look really weird compared to her torso. Why is she taking a bath in her underwear and a tee shirt? Why is she cross-eyed?

It cracks me up when Instagram *~*aesthetic*~* artists accuse each other of style theft. All these Instagram artists draw the same because they're basic hoes with a hard-on for uwu kawaii pastel animu crap. They all copy each other and all have the same influences, so their art is as inbred as a West Virginia trailer park.

No. 541639

File: 1587022263219.jpg (498.75 KB, 2896x2255, PicsArt_04-16-02.09.21.jpg)

I think emulating style/copying style is a good tool for learning.But It is cross the line when the artist stole the aesthethic or the brand from the artist own. I think youngster feel preasured to be unique with their own art today because socia media. In the end they be grown out as an artist,giving death threat or hate won't probably help them. The best way is to encourage them to find their own artsyle in the end
Speaking of art style theif
Guweiz used to be Illya Copycat until the illya fans started attacking him, after that he devolped his own style

No. 541640

can you carry this on in the personal cows thread? I'm interested

No. 541641

File: 1587022920409.png (219.05 KB, 651x402, Keys to drawing chapter 2 snip…)

I wish i can slap this quote for overbutthurt instagram artist who claim to own an artstyle and the original by attacking copycat artist with their fan

No. 541642

File: 1587023117993.gif (1.84 MB, 400x225, 0C351A34-1BC2-4F25-A14C-5C9146…)

Actual milk? I’m unsure if this qualifies but here’s my rant

Her first words to my group of friends was “do you guys have insta?” You know so she could flex her follower account.

She’s insufferable and according to her ex refuses to work/clean after herself, leeches off her parents and spent most of her time living off gov benefits whilst going to a community college that she didn’t even finish to “start her business”.

The quintessential NLOG she made fun of a girl behind her back at a con and that’s when my group decided to not talk to her anymore.

The Sydney cosplay community is already a shit place to be but she takes the cake as the most up herself person I’ve met in that community.

She’s nice to everyone on their face then shit talks people behind their back

No. 541647

Agreed with >>541640 I'd like to know more about this. Sounds crazy.

No. 541649

Funny how just two weeks ago she was saying that 'copying other artists and their styles is okay!11 I would feel flattered if someone did that to me!' lmao

No. 541667

File: 1587027627571.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x1843, 5D113BC1-85A6-40FE-99AF-0ADA81…)

this must be a fetish thing, she even gave her animal crossing character ridiculous body hair.

No. 541668

Thanks for the milk anon
She just sounds like a basic bogan bitch

From what I heard all she does is complain at Cons so I'm glad she didn't do Sydney Madfest this year

No. 541692

'ridiculous body hair, must be a fetish' seriously? lol it's a bit of dark arm hair, girls can have dark arm hair anon am I missing something here

No. 541717

Anons here just have ridiculous views of women - they have this "shell" women need to fit into perfectly or else something is wrong

No. 541722

i feel like some people here immediately assume a haired woman is a tranny and the ideal woman only has pubes and that's it

No. 541753

File: 1587039604128.png (742.39 KB, 476x592, grossPNG.PNG)

this artist constantly draws women with abundance of hair

No. 541755

Anons are probably just on edge because of the Aggy fiasco.
It happens all to often where people will discover artists who draw seemingly harmless shit only for them to reveal it's fetish related.

No. 541763

Jfc, where did these Twitterfags come from?

It's bizarre that the artist gave the character arm hair when it doesn't even have fingers. That's just a stylistic inconsistency, a bizarre unnecessary detail that creates visual noise. No one is saying your arm hair is gross.

Lolcow is not a hivemind. It would be psychotic if someone upheld literally every beauty standard indicated by the nitpicks on this site. Also, we obviously don't hold ordinary people to the same standards we hold cows– most cows are obligated by their professions (as SWs, cosplayers, MUAs) to be conventionally attractive, so aesthetic nitpicks are understandable.

No. 541956

File: 1587066344251.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1242x1838, 9CB3A7C7-610C-4B28-89E5-E33613…)

definitely a fetish

No. 541957


Why the fuck would you focus on tiny little blond hairs when there's that WONKY EYE just staring straight at you anon

No. 541961

this is reverse rcdart lmao those big ass hands

No. 541973

>It's bizarre that the artist gave the character arm hair when it doesn't even have fingers. That's just a stylistic inconsistency, a bizarre unnecessary detail that creates visual noise.

Thank you, I couldn't properly articulate what felt so off about these types of images.
Everything about this style is extremely cartoonish and disproportionate, why start adding hyper realism? This artist didn't draw the eyebrows as individual hairs, so why the fuck would he do that with stomach and leg hair?

No. 541976

don't use twitter and don't have dark arm hair, so calm down with your dumb assumptions. No shit this isn't a hivemind, so why are you acting so defensive over someone pointing out labelling an 'a stylistic inconsistency, a bizarre unnecessary detail' as a fetish is ott

No. 542017

It's cuz half the anons here are beckies and karens

No. 542044

Fuck that is such a great shift of style

Fuck ilya

No. 542046

It's like a cycle. Too conventionally attractive? Boring. Basic. Same face. Too unconventional? Looks like a man. SJW. Caricature. You gotta find that middle ground to please the widest audience tbh. Though going so conventionally attractive every woman has the same face is more popular than drawing people how they actually look, these threads can attest to that lol. Loomis draws man women and ergo Josh is a racist. People will bend over backwards to be offended by women that don't look like what they prefer. It's weird that isn't the case with dudes as much huh

No. 542056

personally I feel like anons wouldn't care if somebody drew unconventional looking people - as long as it was drawn well and with a certain level of professionalism.

I think the issue is that anons see young/beginner artists who haven't developed a high level of skill yet and aren't patient enough for them to learn. Of course a beginner tier, stephen universe-esque cartoon blob with dark skin and acne scars is going to look like stupid diversity pandering. But if that same type of person was well drawn and rendered by a professional grade artist, I don't think anyone would mind.

I think it's actually great that new artists are trying to draw a wide range of people, because they won't get trapped in the "I can only draw pretty skinny white 20 year olds from the bust up with a 3/4 view" stagnation swamp. When I started drawing six years ago, it probably looked like the type of stuff that would get posted here and made fun of for trying too hard to be diverse, but at least now I know how to draw humans in all their forms. I think it made me a stronger artist. Anons are free to disagree, these are just my thoughts.

No. 542076

What makes him racist? I've seen this been said before but not explained why

No. 542091

Who or what is this from? I’d like to read more.

According to some anons here, he draws women with same face big lips and hair so that makes him racist.

No. 542109

he seems to only ever draw black women, he seems to have a problematic colonization fetish for black women(twitter, racebait)

No. 542118

File: 1587101357662.jpeg (1.08 MB, 933x1164, 58A62036-49DD-47B9-B8C7-526AE0…)

Going through their Instagram I have to agree; almost every single female character has just an inordinate amount of body hair that’s really emphasized. For a lot of artists featuring more unconventional aspects of a character can be interesting but when almost every illustration you do includes a certain feature it’s, at the very least, a fixation.

Ultimately in terms of weird fetishes it’s a fairly harmless one but I guess it’s disappointing seeing a very arbitrary taboo for women still sexualized. At least for me personally it’s not really about an individual artist or fetish but more just an overall feeling that no matter what women do it’ll be turned into cumbrain fodder. I really do love their coloring style though

No. 542119

Not necessarily, you can make any decision with your art weather it be to make something very conventionally pretty, or on the other end of the spectrum. The real question is are you doing it right. The problem we have with most unconventional art is that they don’t push it far enough. Usually they do something cal arts with body hair. Someone who is a cartoonist who enjoys working with themes of unconventional beauty should look at artists like studio killer. on the other hand artists who work with characters who are conventionally beautiful feel somewhat vanilla as you said. The thing that’s bothersome with these artists is that they clearly don’t push themselves. They basically draw the same thing over and over again making their art stagnant. These sort of artists should experiment with drawing different kinds of people in their styles (old, young, different genders, different races,).

No. 542174

File: 1587109805684.png (447.06 KB, 853x437, baddragon.png)

I like Jackie's craft kit reviews but, MAN her sculpting and understanding of art beyond kid stuff is really embarrassing. You look at her gelatos review or her guide to 16 different polymer clays video and you notice how immature her understanding of the mediums really are. Her sculptures look so juvenile and messy while someone like Tina Yu has such amazing detail. You could argue that she just does it as a hobby and her channel is aimed at kids so she doesn't have to be extremely good but, then she goes on rants about different clay brands and has no idea what she's talking about from a professional standpoint. The dragon sculpture below is just really ugly.

No. 542177

People here assume anything deviating from the norm must be a sexual fetish. It really sounds like projection or a cheap shot at devaluing someone to be a degenerate when most likely it's just for edgy clout points to be woke by making every woman a hairy ape.

No. 542180

The fact that both sides of this discussion are treating arm hair like it's unnatural tells me all I need to know.

No. 542182

no1curr about the armhair or thinking it's gross or not, it was calling arm hair a fetish just because she added it on there

what is wrong with you that you think adding hair to women automatically makes things sexual? that's like claiming anyone who draws characters with big noses, acne, or any other unattractive feature must be a fetish

No. 542187

Don't play dumb. Adding thick, visible hair on bodyparts women usually don't have it (all over the thighs and arms for example) is a pretty telling sign that it's done for aesthetics and not to portray natural women. Especially when drawing fanart of clean-shaven characters it's obvious it's done to intentionally provoke people.
>inb4 but muh hormone and ethnicity diversity
I'm not ready for another round of this shit.

No. 542191

And so what? No one ever bats an eye if someone draws only white people or only asian people but if you draw only blacks it's automatically a fetish? Something just really doesn't add up here.

No. 542193

It's the racebaiters that have been invading every thread on this board for at least two weeks now. Ignore them.

No. 542194

Gotcha, not like we don't have enough infighting here to begin with.

No. 542195

Is it really though or are you just used to most idealized depictions of women being generally hairless?

No. 542197

File: 1587116807752.jpg (688.68 KB, 900x900, EVBFKAGVAAIUbCl.jpg)

Late to this but at first I thought it was jealous and petty reaching but then I checked out more evidence on Twitter. Hanamura's work has many telltale signs of someone who relies on tracing and plagiarism such as messed up hands, body proportions and foreshortening being fucked up on top of double joints because she clearly has no actual idea of how a human body works. It could be a coincidence though because the poses and expressions are extremely generic but this one really made me go hmm. https://twitter.com/ezdodanbe/status/1247573795356815360

As an interesting tidbit Hanamura is an ex-Otomate artist and they're notorious for tracing because the company is apparently encouraging it and offering reference images to rip off from.

No. 542199

Is this guy seriously trying to argue that someone traced one half of a generic anime face?

This seems like a reach.

No. 542200

really looks like they frankenstein everything they draw together. the parts being a 100% match and them not having proper anatomy knowledge is a real teller.

No. 542201

This isn't a feminist site, guys. Most people are grossed out by women with tons of body hair. That's just how it is. Feel free to cry about it on Tumblr.

Also, most artists don't even draw men with arm or leg hair because it's such a tiny, superfluous detail. It's fucking weird, and definitely virtue signalling or a fetish when people with cartoony art styles draw women with a bunch of body hair.

No. 542203

i think it also comes down to visual language most of us adapted. in a simplistic cartoony style any visible hair implies it being thick, but if for instance that peach fanart was drawn in a realistic style and they drew little hairs on her arm we'd just assume it's a normal thin amount because a realistic style can imply that better. but also anons calling this a fetish are over dramatizing, a lot of fake woke people draw character with body hair who otherwise have none, it's just done for woke points.

No. 542211

The argument wasn't whether or not body hair is gross or weird, the argument was whether or not the inclusion of it on cartoon artwork is fetishistic.

No. 542213

>This isn't a feminist site, guys.
But the majority of us are women.

>Most people are grossed out by women with tons of body hair.

Yeah tons of body hair, but not a little arm hair here and there and on the belly too. Also, do you know how immature you really have to be to be grossed out by something as natural as that? Same level as those guys who go "ewww periodssss!".

Sure, most artists don't draw arm hair or leg hair because it's a very stupid detail to put focus on, but you can easily put 2+2 together and see that the person who drew that is doing it for SJW woke points like every other artist who is the same as them. It's the same as those people who just have to include a fat POC person with disabilities in their drawings so that everyone sees how "diverse" they are.

No. 542230

>This isn't a feminist site, guys. Most people are grossed out by women with tons of body hair. That's just how it is. Feel free to cry about it on Tumblr.

I honestly can't imagine being so brainwashed to think there's anything disgusting about naturally growing hair. If you prefer to be shaved and prefer your partners to be shaved, that's cool, it's an aesthetic choice. But to be grossed out by something naturally happening to bodies of all human beings is just very sad. You'll realize that when you're a bit older I suppose.

No. 542240

>Most people are grossed out by women with tons of body hair. That's just how it is

I think you mean most men. Plenty of women stop shaving their body in the winter/when they are single. Yeah there's a pressure to shave but how many women (beyond their teens) are truly 'grossed out' by body hair? My friends are usually like "Shit I have a date, time to shave for the first time in 6 months lol"

No. 542252

File: 1587131639514.png (1.76 MB, 960x1172, Screenshot 2020-04-17 at 14.45…)

>most artists don't draw arm hair or leg hair because it's a very stupid detail to put focus on

This is the real point, right? If you include a detail that small on style that simple it means you want to draw attention to that detail for some reason. I don't know if that reason has to be a fetish, it could be for woke points, or the artist has thick body hair IRL and likes to imagine their faves have it too or something.

It's definitely not 'realism' though because prepubescent boy Link here wouldn't have adult body hair unless he has a hormone problem.

No. 542255


What a weird thing to give a shit about lol I also don't like it when men draw women with XS waists and boobs the size of watermelons but alas, it's their art, not mine.

This person's art is overall completely harmless and just fun and silly. If you don't like it, block them and find something actually worth throwing a fuss about.

Quarantine is turning your brain into peas.

No. 542267


You've guessed my terrible secret, I don't actually care about the hair I'm just really really bored.

No. 542313

I'm actually starting to find this person's art charming.

No. 542315

you must be lost. this is the art salt thread. fiy lolcow is not a place for moralfagging, nobody cares whether cringe drawings are harmless

No. 542322

I also like it TBH, I think that Link picture is kind of adorable. The body hair is weird and distracting in some of the pics (it looks weirder on some characters than others IMO) but I like the rest of the style.

No. 542362

big yikes. this thread really brings out the retards.

No. 542365


She would be better of doing bulky sculptures intentionally or going abstract instead of stagnating at this kindergarten level. And finally buying actual sculpting tools. Like she has a shitton of Sophie and Toffee stuff but only sculpts with that ball tool.

No. 542404


Jackie's crafting videos are always painful to sit through. There are so many simple things she can do to improve her sculptures, like just smoothing out that tail so it isn't a lumpy turd. But she NEVER does it. You can't even really write it off as her videos being made for kids because she has repeatedly insisted that her viewers are mostly adults, and not the mention her cringy "dirty" jokes and constant "that's what she said" and "get your mind out of the gutter" she peppers into every single video. She's just not good at it.

No. 542416

I agree, her humor is pretty fucking cringy and she has this kind of "not like other girls" personality. She tries to say that craft kits aren't just for kids but, her shit still looks like art projects you do in elementary school.

No. 542440

Plenty of "naturally growing" things are gross. Skin tags are gross. Pimples are gross. Dandruff is gross. I'm sorry that society expects you to put minimal effort into grooming yourself.

Also I didn't say body hair in general is gross, I said tons of it is gross. The women this artist draws with hair on their stomachs are examples of "too much."

I literally have leg hair right now, but you literally can't see it unless you get really close to me. Very few actual women are as hairy as this artist is depicting them. Plus I think both sexes should shave their underarms, since hair holds onto odor-causing bacteria.

No. 542441


Her Tom Nook as a dragon sculpture when she started sculpting the horns and went into the whole 'I'm just talking about the horns on his head, guys get your minds out of the gutter!' was peak cringe. She reaches so hard for dirty jokes and if she reaches any further she's going to throw her back out.

No. 542443

Lol you guys aren't talking about Ergo. Ergo Josh is a black man that draws instathots. Anons here are claiming he is racist against other black people because he draws them with lips that are too big.

No. 542444

Lmao that's a take

No. 542446

>Plus I think both sexes should shave their underarms, since hair holds onto odor-causing bacteria.

This is due to the type of bacteria you're hosting, not the hair. If you have the wrong type it'll stink no matter how smooth you are.

No. 542450

Anon, if you smell then the answer is to wash yourself more thoroughly, not shave off your arm hair.

No. 542452

>Plus I think both sexes should shave their underarms, since hair holds onto odor-causing bacteria

I used to think this was true but ime it wasn't. I've gone back and forth between natural and shaved and found no real difference.

No. 542502

Don't worry the jury is out on the actual science of it. Wash regularly and you want have bacteria sticking to your hair. Shave or don't shave anywhere, just wash regularly.

No. 542509

I like drawing, how about you?

No. 542512

I'm about to blow your mind here by saying that acne, skin tags, and dandruff are all things that can happen to normal hygienic people and are not indicators of living in filth. Human bodies are weird and varied. Features that you find aesthetically unpleasant are not always the result of being unhygienic. Shocking, I know. More news at 8.(derailing)

No. 542518

Found the anon that doesn't bathe regularly.

No. 542519

Can you dumbasses kindly make a fucking body odor discussion thread instead of shitting this one up with your stupid ass debates on whether or not a hair strand on a chick's leg makes you wet? The artist mayy or may not have a fetish for body hair. End of fucking debate.

No. 542521


No. 542532

Bruh that’s supposed to be tom nook? Other than it being brown and having a bell bag it really isnt a good representation of him. Not even a raccoon mask

No. 542536

Anons I feel like I'm stagnating and not learning anything anymore. I don't really know where I should be focusing because I just draw without thinking most of the time and it's starting to grate on me.

I can do gestures or drawing from life, maybe try another medium and start fresh but nothing feels like it's sticking. I'm mostly self taught but had some experience with schooling. I think emulating that school atmosphere might help again. Are there any online courses or resources anons can recommend that might help me get back on track? Maybe some kind of "basics to advanced" type shite that encompasses everything. There are so many resources for online courses I don't know where to start.

No. 542537

Any artfags who take commissions?
If so,what do you draw and what would you NOT draw?any weird shit you refused to draw???how can you handle lots of requests?
I just want to see the amount of responses I'll get

No. 542541

have you ever used the internet for chatting before cus you talk weird as fuck

No. 542542

I take commissions a few times a year, since I'm just a hobbyist. I'll give most anything a shot but I won't draw eccentric fetish shit like the Wonderbread guy or lolishota, and I only take 3 clients at a time.

Not everyone here is EFL. Don't be a sperg.

No. 542543

Nta but you sound rude af

No. 542546


No. 542547

Says the one who can't spell the word "because",what are you?12?lol

No. 542548

i'm not either if that wasn't apparent. that's not weird english use, the way they talk would be weird in any language.

luckily sounding rude isn't being rude, that just means you find me rude for being straightforward.

No. 542551

File: 1587166442890.png (7.41 KB, 252x256, 1584557730243.png)

No. 542552

How is that bait?

Can you stfu? Why do you retards always have to derail the thread omg

No. 542554

How is that not bait? That anon is obviously being pedantic and idiotic for no reason.

No. 542555

>if you don't believe in sexualizing children you're just another twitterfag
Back to 8chan, retard. We don't need another pro/anti-lolicon discussion because you want to finger a cartoon child.

No. 542556

if you idiots didn't get so easily upset by everything than there would be no derailing.

it's hilarious how upset you are about 9 day old posts.

No. 542561

It's nine days, who cares? I wanted to add to the discussion.

No. 542563

guys pls let's not derail this thread every single time

I took commissions for a period and wouldn't do stuff outside my 'specialty' aka comfort zone. Not because I wasn't practicing different subjects (I am now able to draw properly many more things than back then), but because I didn't want to disappoint the client.

You won't get weird requests if you don't normally post weird art. What I was asked to do was pretty much in line with what I usually post.

Depends where you're lacking. There are some recommendations earlier itt like >>531451

No. 542564

but you added nothing expect more annoying whining. you guys love to complain here and act like that's adding something of value.

No. 542589

File: 1587170963579.png (96.66 KB, 500x409, how-original-wow-claps-4-u-so-…)

How vacuous can you be?

No. 542597

File: 1587171850862.jpg (24.62 KB, 600x600, 1584557406772.jpg)

No. 542620

This is the edgelord middle aged anon that never sages

No. 542626

Yo farmhands, can you all just kindly puts these dumbasses out to pasture so we can get back to talking about art.

No. 542629

File: 1587179457849.png (355.74 KB, 360x640, image1 (1).png)

so back to actual content relevant to the thread, i was just on tiktok and saw that the instagram artist and self-proclaimed "ex disney artist" honeyandabsinthe just made a tiktok accusing the instagram artist lord_gris of copying her work.

i can kind of see the inspiration in one or two, but most of it seems like bullshit and she's just being overly defensive of anything that looks remotely to her work. all of the comments are tearing her apart. here's a link if anyone wants to see: https://www.tiktok.com/@honeyandabsinthe?lang=en

pic related is from the video, one of her pieces she's claiming was copied

No. 542631

File: 1587179642987.png (330.59 KB, 360x640, image2.png)


and here's one of lord_gris' piece she's claiming is copied from the pic above. i also forgot to include the link to the specific tiktok so here's that, but she might delete it considering nobody is siding with her


No. 542633

These look NOTHING alike the fuck. The other artist's art is way better anyways so I smell envyy. I don't have a Tiktok so, could you post pictures of the comments? I would love to see people tearing her a new one.

No. 542635

She sounds like a kid with a cold complaining about his classmate to his teacher lmao. I thought it was a fucking parody at first

No. 542637

File: 1587180118714.png (1.8 MB, 951x954, lmao bitch.PNG)

Is this bitch retarded?
I guess if you google "red skin demon girl art"
All those other artists "copied her art"

No. 542639

File: 1587180706195.png (876.03 KB, 1200x1200, lord-gris:honeyabsinthe.png)


here's some of the comments i screenshotted on the post of her doubling down on this bad take

No. 542641

>There is a difference between tracing yes but copying not only concept and execution IS copying. Several times in a row and for profit
>It's always after I've done something a year ago and I'm just asking for it to stop

Wow this bitch is delusional. She isn't tracing and your concepts weren't even original to begin with. I'm glad people aren't falling for her shit and are calling her out. I hope Lord_Gris doesn't get too affected by this idiot because their art is superior in every way.

No. 542643


honestly. i don't even like lord_gris' work that much but i'm completely on her side here. what's the point in hertelling people she's an "ex disney artist" if she acts so damn unprofessional

No. 542646

File: 1587185599160.jpeg (165.79 KB, 534x468, EV3C2zRWkAIVqG5.jpeg)

thus is the first pic of sakimichan that I have no qualms in saying its gross, there's just something wrong in this

No. 542649

That tiny, feminine head.

No. 542650

The head looks so weird and disproportionate.
It's like she drew a male's body, then realized she had no idea how to draw a male's head or face and was like "You know what? Fuck it, same difference. People like twinks, anyway".

No. 542652

Why is she like this

No. 542653

Yeah theres something really bazaar about it but its hard to describe, it just looks so wrong.

No. 542654

File: 1587186025875.jpeg (3.57 KB, 86x107, EVxSsPkXkAEnbg8.jpeg)

No. 542655

Lmao how did I not notice this

No. 542659

God this looks so bad. Does she trace?? The body looks so different from the head and hands…

No. 542667

the neck is extremely short, there's no back of the skull, the glasses are bigger on the left than on the right and are also magically floating on his face. The collarbone is twisted so that it looks like hes facing forward but his torso and the arm on the right suggest that his torso is actually turned to the left. The left shoulder almost looks like its popping out. The more that i look at this the worse it gets, its an absolute mess.

No. 542670

Pretty sure she doesn't trace, she just doesn't give a shit about the quality of her art anymore

No. 542674

She’s kind of known now in animation circles cuz she released that “why I quit Disney” video that got traction and she basically was just an egocentric blowhard who thought they were too good to work storyboard and left to do her omocat knockoff apparel at cons instead cuz she says it pays more. (But haha, all cons are cancelled now cuz of the virus)

Tho I’m not surprised she’s going after this, it sounds like she’s having a mental break as well as being an overall idiot, like there’s only so many concepts you can do by doing Instagram girl art and it’s not a trace and you can’t copyright an idea. There’s no standing for “I also drew a vaguely white girl facing forward except worse so I should be credited for it”. I wonder if she has BPD as well as being a big old turd

No. 542675

Art prof on YouTube is a great rea or even to look at their vids are really good for students, as the founder is a professor at risd.

No. 542678

She’s absolutely delusional. The compositions aren’t copied, the compositions are just basic front view headshots slapped in the middle of a peice for most of them. And the concepts are all pretty basic and cliche. It’s such a stretch I’m so glad people didn’t fall for this one.

No. 542679

File: 1587193140604.jpeg (231.98 KB, 828x1449, 0C32CECF-48C2-4022-BDA1-E2C8B6…)

Oh lol I went to check out lord_gris’ IG stories and she is like “I have never heard or seen this girl before but she’s accusing me of copying her???” And already she’s had tiktok kids coming after her on tiktok

No. 542680

File: 1587193196505.jpeg (258.59 KB, 780x1439, 09E8CF1F-7EA7-4823-924D-4E5F79…)

No. 542681

File: 1587193263415.jpeg (138.92 KB, 828x1113, CFE050DA-0B85-4851-B939-668C3A…)

I thought this one was funny tho

No. 542682

Oh so we’re going to copyright lines now???

This is so stupid

No. 542687

These dumb kids believing her christ. Nice to know Lord_gris is taking humor in this though. she doesn't owe her shit.

No. 542689

Yeah and I’m thinking this is pure narcissism on honeyabsinthe’s part cuz tiktok is the only platform that she has beat on lord_gris too. Gris is most popular on IG and she has at least 30x the followers on there vs this bitch. Honeyabsinthe pretty much burned all her connections to other artists and the animation industry by being an asshole that thinks she’s bulletproof but now that tons of shit is being cancelled due to everything going on, this is a shitty way to take out frustration for like no reason other than like trying to compare herself to another artist.

No. 542690


It is nice to see how many people are calling her bs on that tiktok. I wonder if she'll ever come to accept that her art isn't as unique as she obviously thinks it is.

No. 542708

Now this is dumb but I follow around 700 twitter artists of all backgrounds, from LA animators to indipendent to foreign to anti-LA edgelords, and literally none of them follow her even though she's pretty active. Didn't she get a boost from her Disney video? Is she actively trying not to build any type of bridge?

No. 542718

It is the same fucking girl that complain her job at disney and later quit because the director at the production doesn't treat her like a snowflake

No. 542720

Same, I know people through twitter and irl in animation and they basically all subtweeted her when she posted that video cuz a lot of what she says was very immature and specific like cliques and stuff, but she literally only has 300 followers on there. She’s really burned that bridge for herself especially since twitter really is the medium for networking with other professionals and artists. She has only about 25k on IG (Gris has 655k) but on tiktok she as about 121k, I don’t use it but I know the user base is very young so she’s probably using whatever clout she has with 12 year old idiots to go after a perceived “original” idea while also using gris’ own clout for net gain. Same why she uses “ex-Disney” as a title, cuz that brings her more controversy and a sense of entitlement over other people.

that’s why I’m like armchair guessing that she might have BPD and going through a weird manic episode, I knew a couple people with it and they had a very inflated sense of self about themselves to where they were super delusional. The same though occurred when she posted the Disney video and then said she was making money with selling her apparel line at cons (tbh I don’t think she is, her art style is super generic and the apparel looks too much like she’s trying to rip off omocat styles)

No. 542737

File: 1587207163409.png (774.54 KB, 719x958, 20200418_183931.png)

Never liked this persons art

They suffer a severe same face syndrome even the bodies are similar af

No. 542745

Man, Sakimichan's work has really taken a huge dip in the recent years. I guess it takes a toll on your work when you create a patreon to fulfill evergrowing demand and push out piece after piece as fast as possible. She's still very skilled when it comes to shading and colorization but the anatomy and the faces have degraded a lot.

It looks more like the result of using a 3D body model than tracing. You can tell that the muscles and faces are just glued on a figure while the pose itself is quite stiff due to being basically a jointed 3D doll hastily put into a flat pose.

No. 542749

I miss the old sakimichan art style. This shit is just downright depressing to look at.

No. 542750

Where have you been the last years, everything she paints now looks disgusting and wrong.

No. 542754

this looks like something out of the 2019 version of cats holy fucking shit. is that supposed to be that ugly cat from animal crossing everyone is wet for right now?

honestly i'd think she is delusional if not for the fact that she made that video. to me it just seems like trying to get attention anyway she can, since she isolated herself from the industry, so now she is relying children dumb enough to believe that gris was copying her. which would be apparent to anyone else that that's a bad tactic, not only because she won't have different kind of opportunities in the future, but in the present those children don't even have money to support her.

No. 542767

>that’s why I’m like armchair guessing that she might have BPD

sorry anon but that seems a bit excessive. Sometimes people are just narcissistic assholes

No. 542809

Everyone looks like they're wearing shoulder pads, including Elena and Starfire who don't even have their shoulders covered

No. 542818

oh this is the one with the shitty pearl redraw lmao.
how do people like this not get bored of drawing the same garbage over and over?

No. 542819

File: 1587222011920.jpeg (675.45 KB, 1242x1272, 10475F38-5BD4-4C6A-AE46-10B2A1…)

dropped the image, my bad

No. 542825

2019 looks actually better and shows the artist got a grasp of anatomy

No. 542826

really? with the dead fish eyes, jagged ass, and football shoulders? nah.

No. 542828

I unfollowed her Patreon years ago after she first opened it, but I’ve always been suspect of how fast she can make images. Does she trace from her own images or does she have help? It could explain why this is so off if someone else is helping her.

No. 542830


That's because it was originally a woman


No. 542838

…that's still a man.

No. 542845

I'm like 90% sure she uses 3D models to render a pose and traces over it because it saves a lot of time, as someone who does that as a study to memorize body proportions it looks very similar to what those sessions produce. After looking into it there are some rumors that she just sketches the characters over those 3D models and has a team finish them so she can produce 4-5 detailed HD pinup paintings per month but I don't believe she has a support team, the quality/style is so consistent that it's most likely her doing all the work. It's just that when you don't give a shit about 100% accurate anatomy and just draw/color the same thing over and over again it becomes a routine, I'm certain she has premade textures/patterns and brushes to help speed up the process too.

Anyway I don't really judge her for what she's doing because it's obviously just a day job to make money, not great artistic escapades. She's just giving her audience what they want. It's sad that her current work lacks the originality and soul of her older style but ehh, I would draw mediocre titties and dicks for 20-40+k a month if I was given the offer too. It's not like her stuff is atrocious because her painting is really, really good and her anatomy isn't that bad either despite some consistent hiccups.

No. 542848

File: 1587225996828.jpg (641.87 KB, 684x1000, oopsmyboobsfelldown.jpg)

>her anatomy isn't that bad
I really have to disagree.

No. 542852

File: 1587226865852.jpeg (43.41 KB, 499x338, 345F416F-14BB-40A1-A2AC-BAB1AD…)

The only “boost” she got from other industry people was, like the other anon said, awkward subtweets, catty tumblr posts, and Twitter-wide conversations about how stupid her Disney video was. It was actually kind of exciting to see a lot of my favorite industry people very gently call her out about her perception of animation industry work. I could talk about how awful that Disney video was for days. The fact that her work is so stunningly derivative and she thinks other people are ripping her off is delicious icing on the clown cake.

I don’t believe she’s BPD though, I sincerely think she’s just a really dumb asshole. I think I’ll watch that video again just to get mad for fun.

No. 542857

Most men don’t care lmao. At least the ones that aren’t 12.

And it a called looking presentable. Imagine if a guy showed up to a date and he hasn’t shaved in six months and showed up looking like a caveman or didn’t bother doing some basic maintenance on himself to look presentable. I highly doubt there would be a second date.

No. 542859


God, her IG is so obnoxious, every post of hers has loud stupid music.
And I guess this is how she thinks she'll be making more money now, huh; shitting out bland fanart and starting shit with other artists that would otherwise never give her the time of day.
And she wants to call someone else out on being unoriginal? The art she's claiming was being copied is from 2 years ago and still isn't very original work, thematically OR in execution. She's got some nerve bitching about a Disney job she probably bought her way into. Even Ethan Becker had some shit to say about that video that I actually agreed with.

She's burnt all her bridges at this point. Chuck her into the irrelevant artist pile with Holly and Bailey Jae and the rest of them.

No. 542867

Luckily because the attention span of these kids and the internet in general is short as fuck, people will probably forget about it in a week's time now unless she presses the matter further. Lord_gris just needs to ignore all these kids and continue about her day.

No. 542869


Somebody get this woman to a therapy. Simoly delusional artiat who likes to bitching complaining about her job on disney which doesn't met her expectations to be treated like a special snowflake.Yet she called out another artist for copying lord_gris' concept of art smh. Dude, you can't own a concept. People CAN HAVE the same exact concept BUT with different premise or idea on the excution.

Maybe she's started to go insane after quitting disney then lockdown somehow made her mentality worse. And that's proven.

No. 542872

File: 1587229846356.png (230.79 KB, 375x613, Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 1.09…)


good on lord_gris for absolutely not taking this shit. it's funny to see other ig artists join in as well on speaking out against this joke

No. 542873

File: 1587229996651.png (1022.99 KB, 2048x2896, 583fa5c8-0c99-4418-b66b-c83168…)

Ever heard of Miyushortie on twitter or Miyukikyun on IG? I lowkey hate her art, it strains a lot of my eyes thanks to oversaturated hue and shitty anatomy

No. 542875

honestly these kinds of bad artists are a dime a dozen, it's just really meh art. there isn't anything that's so bad that it's discussable imo, they have the problem of working more on rendering than their fundamentals like every other bad artist.

No. 542884

A video in which Kasey complains for almost 14 minutes about disliking all the characters she has to draw for this meme.

It's just so tiring.

No. 542891


why does kasey always have something to bitch about? she already looks like the human embodiment of the word uptight. if she doesn't like the characters so much, don't draw them and draw characters suggested that you actually like. such an avoidable whine.

No. 542893

>a literal nobody teenage weeb artist with generic amateur hobbyist art
Smells like a vendetta. Take your high school drama outside.

No. 542909

Lord_gris is gonna get a follow out of me for this lol. I know honeyandabsinthe is fuming right now.

No. 542911

because its her 'brand' she said before she doesn't like being happy so I guess that's her whole persona now

No. 542926

File: 1587241048890.png (478.44 KB, 600x833, Red art.PNG)

No. 542930

She’s bragged about making more money off of her apparel and stuff at cons but they just cancelled AX and Comic Con yesterday and there’s probably not gonna be any other cons for the foreseeable year, considering she’s shit at networking and burned so many bridges she’s probably flailing cuz all her means of income have stopped too. But still doesn’t give her the right to be an asshole

No. 542938

They even got Loish doing this. Fucking kek.

No. 542972

File: 1587248647852.jpg (37.92 KB, 164x275, Wv5hKK3.jpg)


Hentai anatomy.

No. 542975


yeah you know she's burned any remaining bridges with networking with other artists at this point when even fuckin loish is even joining in on taking a jab at her bs

No. 542990

Jfc people fap to this shit?? She looks like something from a horror video game

No. 542994

File: 1587251397366.jpeg (940.32 KB, 828x1505, CB4B9502-F31C-4114-B446-6D4EFD…)

There’s a hashtag now on insta lol

No. 543008

Honestly this chick annoys me to no end. Her life is lined with opportunities most people could only dream a fraction of but it’s still not good enough for her. Like just by the virtue of having worked at disney she can now forever flaunt that banner and get hired, which is not the kind of advance most people have. Like if this chick was born into some small european country (like some of us) with no driving art schools or a fucking disney’s studio, she wouldn’t have even half of the work or followers she got now. Everything she got so far is only due to good connections that were basically given to her by her art school and whatever friend she got in LA, yet she’s not even a bit grateful about it. I usually try to not assign people’s success to outside factors as it just feels very disrespectful towards their work ethic and overall seems bitter but she’s so detached from normal people it’s disgusting. Like imagine having all these privaledges and then just snorting your nose and whining how you didn’t get more. I really cannot wait when her class palace comes shattering down with all the rocks she’s throwing around.

No. 543009

this is a nitpick but she has the most annoying, nasally voice I have ever heard come out of a human being.

No. 543012

File: 1587253685198.png (684.34 KB, 1794x806, EV5yoxwXgAEXvuw.png)