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File: 1579129568145.gif (95.85 KB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

No. 13215

This is the thread where you voice your thoughts about the GC/PP changes that will occur in the near future.
I will post a list of new features along with the final board layout once I'm ready to deploy things.

What's new and confirmed?
>watch thread
>improved catalog
>better filters to hide threads, and individual posts
>ability to ban all TOR posters
>integrated captcha options

Clarification on the poll outcome for /2X/
I see that many anons were confused about my two recent posts on the topic. /2X/ is not staying because of the number of anons who don't know what it is, and the potential for an increase in scrot bait and racebait if it's listed.
When the new server is deployed, or even after a much needed break, Pink Pill/ Man Hate can come back because it's more of a vent thread than a political thread like GC was.
You can mock mentally ill trannies in the following threads:
>you are derailing if you take the troon discussion outside of the subject or topic at hand

How things will be until server migration
You have /2X/ until I archive things. PP and GC threads will stay locked in /ot/ for now. Contrary to what anons believe, I did not say that /2X/ would remain hidden. What I meant is that the board can stay until server migration.

Things that will earn you a ban
>going to /ot/ to infight when you can use this thread
>using the complaints thread to lose your shit over the GC verdict
>pronoun derailing in any drama board (especially the onision thread)
>infighting in /ot/ and screeching about handmaidens whenever there is a disagreement

No. 13216

>/2X/ is not staying

No. 13218

i once got labelled as someone else so i know not to believe the bullshit you guys say

No. 13222

Is it pronoun derailing if we would for example call blaire white a he instead of a she. I just need to know this.

No. 13223

Why do you even need to ask this question? It takes less than a second to type the s so I don't see the issue.

No. 13224

If you were posting from a friend's house, or used a VPN/TOR then that could have been a mistake.
I'm pretty sure that the posts anon had in the nikkitutorials thread is telling that that is indeed a radfem attempting to bait (off of the same IP range). I called out anti-PP anons for trying to bait a few weeks ago as well so take it or leave it I guess.
No that's not derailing. It's pronoun derailing to sperg if someone uses either pronoun for whatever reason, it clogs up the thread.

No. 13226

File: 1579131788439.jpg (26.87 KB, 564x564, 1578901123974.jpg)

Thank you for clarification admin! I'm glad that we can still keep man hate threads, I hope they won't get clogged up with political shit yet again.
But I have one more question, can posting misandrist/transphobic insults outside of man hate thread get you banned?

No. 13228

An anon on /2X/ asked these questions before >>>/2X/1993. I'm just reiterating the ones that don't seem to have obvious answers:
>Case 3: Some anon unironically says she identifies as "nonbinary" and chimps out when anons laugh at her delusions.
Do the offending anons get banned for "GC discussion"?
>Case 4: A very recent example: An anon posts about her abusive TiM boyfriend in the Vent thread, detailing how he uses his "transitioning" and "dysphoria" as an excuse to fuck her up.
Will she be banned for "GC discussion" on your "apolitical site"?
>Case 5: An OBVIOUS assmad tranny is posting on the site, maybe even admitting to the fact. People tell him to fuck off and go dilate.
Will anons be banned for "GC discussion"?

What is the line, and how would you differentiate complaints from autists fresh out of Tumblr/Twitter/Reddit who think that anything that's not tranny-positive is "TERF/GC sperging" from actual GC sperging?

No. 13229

No, why would it?
>Case 3: Some anon unironically says she identifies as "nonbinary" and chimps out when anons laugh at her delusions.
No one would get banned, not even the cringeposter if they don't have a phallus. It could be amusing until it derails a thread I guess.
>>Case 4: A very recent example: An anon posts about her abusive TiM boyfriend in the Vent thread, detailing how he uses his "transitioning" and "dysphoria" as an excuse to fuck her up.
Why would this be banned?
>Case 5: An OBVIOUS assmad tranny is posting on the site, maybe even admitting to the fact. People tell him to fuck off and go dilate.
Why would this be banned?

Tumblr and reddit sperging
>I wanna respek krai's pronouns
>stop being a meanie transphobe
GC sperg
>you're a scrot/tranny reee
>you're a handmaiden ree
>you're just a pickmee ree
>derailing a snow thread about anything that can go on r/GC

No. 13234

Why were >>>/snow/917725 and >>>/snow/917677 labelled as GC? Are trans cows' meds/surgeries banned subjects?

No. 13236

I'm probably off track of the main debate here since I'm not an /ot/ poster and only found out about /2X/ via threads here in /meta/. I'm a little confused to why anons not knowing what it was is reason to axe it per the OP? I got the impression it was deliberately not being publicised and that was part of the debate, whether to list it as a board or keep it quiet.

No. 13237

admin is too kind. this is a special kind of cancer

No. 13238

So the gist of this is, we can still REEE about troons and vent but don't sperg out entire essays expecting everyone to agree with you?
Obviously it's pretty hard to ignore when a good handful of influencers, cows, & celebs are coming out as trans or nonbinary lol.

I agree the random anons replying just to correct whatever pronouns they view the cows by clogs up so much.

Either way, I'm excited about thread watching feature & better catalog. Also filters are nice. Good layout choices, admin.

No. 13239

Thank you for clarifying, this is much easier to understand. Not too happy about the captcha though..

I think the main point is to not derail the thread into actual gc discussion from a political point of view and to not cause infighting by calling other anons trannies/handmaidens/etc.

No. 13243

Admin, you said before (not even too long ago) that Tor posting would be allowed. Are you now banning it to disable people from attacking against you or out of actual concern for the post quality? I'm willing to deal with ban-evading scrotes tbh if people can keep posting anonymously.

>Why would this be banned?
You already banned people for replying something along the lines of "fuck off tranny" so obviously it's considered a bannable offense. And someone got banned for "gc bait" for posting about being tired of genderspecial weebs forcing the "x-gender" tag, only saying something like "I'm too old for this", not even a wall of text sort of spergpost. It seems to be a line drawn in the water honestly, it's hard for people to figure out what's "GC sperging" and what's not. It's just like during one of the previous admin's meltdowns when you could get banned for whatever erratic reason while someone else would go unpunished for posting something identical.

>Obviously it's pretty hard to ignore when a good handful of influencers, cows, & celebs are coming out as trans or nonbinary lol.
This. It's such a hot issue at the moment that it's pretty hard to refrain 100% from addressing any trans issues. A lot of my personal cows (some necessarily don't have a thread here) have come out as trans and a lot of it relates to their past behavior (such as the NLOG syndrome, sexual deviancy etc). It seems strange that we would be able to nitpick the cow's appearance and every other menial issue that encourages autistic behavior but discussing why they trooned out gets us banned.

No. 13244

I didn't mean to imply TOR posting would be banned, I mean we will have the capability for it. This applies to location flags and IDs as well, but I don't think we will be using any of that.
We have had bot spam in the past so I think it could be a useful tool during spam influxes when and if they occur. Tor is used for bots more than actual posting these days.
>You already banned people
Stop assuming I make every ban. I'm drawing the line here so there is no confusion between anons and the mods.
[Not addressing the last point because it's been discussed to death.]

No. 13247

AYRT and thanks for the civilized reply. I hate political infighting and derailing as much as any other person but I'm just worried (due to past admin experiences I mentioned) that the site moderation would become a wild west where bans are decided on a dice throw.

No. 13248

Thanks for having this thread up to help clarify previous points Admin.

No. 13249

not to detract from this post admin, but wanted to ask again what about brave rewards? wouldn't that help with site costs?

No. 13251

i have a bunch of BAT if admin needs, just dont be like Josh and get yourself publicly shamed haha

No. 13255

can we still have lesbian general since its not really political? i dont get why its on 2X anyway. can it please be moved to /ot/ when 2X gets axed. the lesbian anons are very pure.

No. 13256

I was thinking about this but I didn't want to move it back yet so anons won't be confused. It can definitely go to /ot/.
I don't know if we would meet their ToS after looking into it. I don't know if anyone would prefer kofi or patreon either.

No. 13263

eh, that sucks. i like the fact that it's all fairly anonymous and easy, i just allocate my tips for my sites and then send it along.

why is lolcow not approved? kf can use BAT, wtf. can you take pre-paid cards?

No. 13266

Actually if kf hasn't had their ToS terminated then we'll probably be fine then. Thanks for letting me know, I'll look into it more.
I don't know if it would be wild to accept bitcoin donations but if anyone is interested then I can set that up.

No. 13268

love bitcoin, so there's that.

i think the way it works with brave and BAT is that you sign the site up to receive contributions/get verified by them, then ask users to install brave as their browser and slowly but surely you begin to generate some cash. i know KF couldn't take BAT for a while, but they're verified now. it's just a nice way for the site to collect revenue that's easy on the users, too.

hope it works out!

No. 13774

Are (You)s coming anytime soon? I'm autistic and can't tell when someone is replying to me

No. 13806

File: 1581314296492.png (75.43 KB, 657x315, you.png)

I tested it right now to confirm.
This is also a dark theme but it won't be the default site theme. I guess a re-invented version of the default staminarose theme is best unless anyone disagrees.

No. 13814

That looks great, thanks.

No. 13830

I didn't even know tor posting was allowed because it was never mentioned…
>Tor is used for bots more than actual posting these days
Maybe it because what I've mentioned above? There are tor-only IBs so I think your assumption might be wrong.

No. 13832

No. 14016

I thought the problem I've had uploading images was completely due to my decrepit tablet, but the new server fixed it (ie failure to upload due to insufficient memory).

No. 15437

get your shit together admin pls

No. 15936

How serious is that ban for pronoun thing? a lot of tranny cow threads have people ignoring the drama to nitpick about pronouns

No. 16028

who tf cares about pronouns, jesus

No. 16486

is it time to bring back the Pink Pill/ Man Hate threads? i need a place to vent

No. 16501

You know you don't have to start replying to everyone commenting ">they" with "Well I'm sorry but I RESPECT their identity and" right? Just ignore for gods sake.

No. 16511

THIS. I want these threads back just so the idiots in the Art Salt Thread will finally leave.

No. 16571

Please bring them back! Maybe having manhate in the catalog will remind scrotes of their place.

No. 16577

If only. It will probably attract more raids.

No. 16601

Agree, it has been nice not seeing scat/cp/gore.

No. 16659

They post that shit anyway though. Most of them already know there’s a lot of women here. Same thing happens on /cgl/

No. 16820

>literally got raided so hard a whole board shut down
Doormats never win.

No. 16825

I mean I it does make sense that having a gender critical thread would attract unstable trannies and other kinds of hateful men but I guess men in general will always want to mess up women spaces so no win.
How many more farm hands do we need to deal with the raids? I'm thinking of applying.

No. 16826

Same, I work from home and do very little as it is so I could help out.

No. 16827

They've been doing that anyway.

How many times do they have to raid and spam before you understand that they're going to do what they want BECAUSE this is a female chan? It has nothing to do with the content here, it's to do with anons having boobs and vagina giving attention to or being upset by those disruptions. They like that they're engaging with women, as pathetic and autistic that may be.

The only way proven to make angry boys give up is: Delete all their posts immediately. Even denoting a moid by giving his bait posting a robot badge and a ban is still rewarding that behavior by giving it platform. Not to mention some farmers can't resist replying even when they know it's bait which causes derailment.
Men are big time attention whores, take that ability to ho away and they've got little business here.

No. 16828

>men in general will always want to mess up women spaces so no win.
It's only fair after us women ruined anime, video games, and magic the gathering

No. 16829

Very based. Always bothers me when they don’t just delete male posts/threads, only redtext and lock at most. We know they take pride in leaving skid marks.

No. 16830

Seconded. They will raid no matter what we post, all the man critical threads were locked, so why the literal 5 day shut down of /ot now?
They're looking for attention doesn't matter if it's good or bad, delete all their shit and they will quickly see that there's no attention coming from their efforts.

No. 16833

No. 16891

Its locked because it were discussing meta and admin all day yesterday and posting screenshots. She just locked the complaint thread, too.

No. 16893

>Its locked because it were discussing meta and admin all day yesterday and posting screenshots.
What happened exactly?

No. 16898

Admin sperging about white women and saying how much she hates the userbase basically. Screenshots of her self harm cuts. Some were posted in the complaint thread today and it doesn't paint a good picture.

No. 16909

Cow behavior every single time

No. 16952

>Screenshots of her self harm cuts
admin is a cow confirmed

No. 16963

File: 1603237068665.jpg (8.28 KB, 209x242, kek.jpg)

the funniest part of the whole thing is she posted it to prove she wasn't a tranny. We need a thread on admin.

No. 16969

The fuck is that retarded photoshop. The original image had nothing red, just faint marks.

No. 16973

it's highlighter, sperg.

No. 17008

I am not in control of what happens on the site anon, I understand you’re frustrated, but I am not a punching bag, dude.

No. 17209

File: 1603316152744.jpg (302.28 KB, 988x1144, 1600000359482.jpg)

this is the actual non-thumbnail pic

No. 17218

couldn't find this anywhere. Saved, thanks.

No. 17336

Am I the only one who's confused how this verified anything

No. 17347

It was meant to verify she doesn't have manhands but instead verified she's mentally unwell kek

No. 17349


I might be falling for weird meme bait, but how does that make her mentally unwell? To me this looks like the arm of the average person who owns a cat.

Or is this some weird scrote tier meme where women who own cats are insane?

No. 17350

poor naive anon

No. 17360

cat scratches and razor blade cuts heal very differently, retard.

No. 17379


sorry i might be naive, but i have cats and my arm looks like that. i really dont get the tinfoil.

btw, how can you tell the difference? is it from experience?

No. 17380

you have to be at least 18 to use this site, anon

No. 17470

I'm a grown up.

No. 17480

kek anon pretending she doesn't know what self harm scars look like. you're an imageboardfag, pls

No. 17572

…You do realise anon was making fun out of you guys for being experts on self harm scars?

No. 17573

This is a very autistic thread

No. 17574

Sorry that we're not all cluster bees

No. 17581

tfw cluster b calling the kettle cluster b

No. 17735


You don't have to be cluster b to self-harm, dumb dumbs.

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