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No. 8345

It's been a very long time since the community has gotten together to discuss the site and changes. I think it's about time to fix that so I've scheduled a townhall as seen on the announcements.The townhall chat is scheduled for Monday, February 4th, at 9 AM JST via cytube (a link will be posted).

I don't plan on rescheduling the projected date because it's futile to try to meet everyone's preferred time frame. Anyone that can't make it will be able to read a recap in this thread.
Please use this thread to bring up points of discussion you would like to bring up at the townhall.

No. 8363

>New board implementation
What is /w/, why we need it, etc.
>Possible/proposed new global rules
As mentioned in the announcement thread.
>Lolcow Awards results?
Might be a little more lighthearted

No. 8380

Time updated to 8:00 PM GMT rip admin waking up at 5am

No. 8678

Does she have to be a banned topic or what can we do about spergs not integrating… because she does have more than potential

No. 8680


This is 20 minutes from now.

Do we have to register on Cytube to participate?

No. 8681

No registration needed!
Shameless bump, townhall officially starts in 10 minutes to give everyone time to grab whatever they need.

No. 8682

File: 1549310393759.png (22.41 KB, 800x152, Screenshot_2019-02-04-11-57-56…)


Am I doing this wrong?

I rearranged my schedule today for this.

No. 8683

No that looks right.

No. 8684

>Return of manhate poll : Yes
>BUT there will be heavy consequences for femcel sperging, heavy bans for responding to bait and bans for handmaiden accusations everywhere
>responding to men or bait will result in a 3 day ban from /ot/, appeals will not be accepted
>/ot/ and /g/ merging poll : No >/media/ board poll : No
>/ot/ and /g/ differences will be defined in a sticky
>/g/ is for all things girly, bathroom talk for advice, fashion, cosmetics, makeup, periodtalk. Anything you would ask and talk about with your female friends. >/ot/ is for offtopic, discussions, debates and sperging.
>Return of PnP poll : No
>sage in /pt/ poll : Yes

tldr; /w/ is to sort out the /snow/ catalogue, it is only for drama. Rules of lolcow will be clarified and moderation will be more consistent, please keep an eye out for updates in /meta/. Manhate is allowed under a different name. Although PnP was not voted back I will be unlocking the thread, starting at autosage from the last. I'll be waiting for more feedback on a possible media board.
All hail the queen Pixyteri.

No. 8686


Clarification of the rule regarding minors:

Is discussion of underage celebrities permitted? Examples of ongoing discussions include the sexualization of the cast of Stranger Things in the Celeb thread; Desmond is Amazing in GC.

Photos and discussion of children of celebrities? eg. Angelina Jolie's kids in Celeb and GC, Tila Tequila's daughters.

Photos and discussion of adult celebrities when they were minors? eg. sexualization of the Olsen twins.

Should threads like Mommy Bloggers be nuked?

Memes and stock photos featuring children and teens?

Thanks, Admin!

No. 8716

Do you like understand how internet laws fucking work? The admin shouldn't have to explain what's fine and what's not.

Parents have rights over their child's photos. Parents don't have rights over stock photos or memes, nor do they have rights over anything if their kids are celebrities. These are issues of legality not morality.

No. 8717

*image laws

Not internet ffs.

No. 8718


Since the rule has been applied so unevenly, yes, it needs to be clarified.

Were you in the town hall? What Admin said there seemed contradictory, and the chat was going by so fast not everything was addressed.

>image laws

As in copyright or ownership of the image itself or rights of personality and publicity in countries such as Germany?

>Parents have rights over their child's photos.

Over photos and video taken by others?

No. 8719

Admin kind of basically said don't post stuff that would get you in trouble.

The site is in USA so the laws are USA laws. In the USA there are laws against "harassing" children and using their pictures for things other than their intended purpose or without the parent's permission. Parents have the right over their child's image unless they consent to it being used publicly. So even if someone posts their kid on IG it's a real grey area. Child stars don't have the same rights as a celeb's kids who aren't child stars.

No. 8720

File: 1549535584872.png (321.21 KB, 800x755, 1546362316786.png)


I asked because I've seen all of the examples in >>8686 both redtexted and deleted (even memes and stock images) and not despite being reported like >>>/snow/755698. Anons in the Celeb thread have asked for clarification. And look at the ban that happened in the Mommy Vloggers thread for asking for clarification, yet the pics and videos remain.

No. 8724

nitpicking kids is gross, even if they're in the public eye

No. 9366

It’s also weird as hell

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