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File: 1580555843150.jpeg (312.3 KB, 1012x941, 22EE6573-28ED-4105-B167-43C3BB…)

No. 926664

Thread for those involved in the goth community and other notorious altcows who whinge, binge, and beg their way through festivals and endless Killstar hauls.

Previous thread: >>893423


Jake Munro & Toxic Tears/Kaya
It's Black Friday
Adora Batbrat
Kat von D & Leafar Seyer
Of Herbs and Altars/Dorian
Aurelio Voltaire
The Witchy Goth Gang
Sebastian Columbine
Dre Ronayne
Erin Micklow
Avelina de Moray
Drac Makens
Julia Zelg & Eileen Van Arden
Father Sebastian/Todd Hoyt
Emily Boo
Jude Bishop
Orlee Stewart

No. 926666

I honestly don't understand why won't anyone bring new cows? Don't tell me that IBF, TT and Jake are the only cringeworthy people in the scene. The thread doesn't have to be only about youtubers either, I remember someone bringing an instagram goth who allegedly robbed a blind person, and she happens to be rather popular in the community. It's an anonymous imageboard, c'mon! Discuss anyone!

No. 926672


I agree but people are stuck on Freyja, TT, and Jake unfortunately.

No. 926693

But they have been bringing new cows? The thread pic is literally of a new cow.. We also discussed Sebastiaan a few threads back who is probably the most cow of all the cows, but hasn't been very milky lately. Same with Voltaire.

(Btw love the thread pic, kudos)

No. 926717

It's good to see a fresh face and fresh bullshit, but, again, all of them are youtubers. I mean, it's cool, but don't tell me that only youtubers can be cows.

No. 926734

Sebastiaan isn't really a youtuber. Like, he has a YouTube channel but it's miniscule and not what he's famous for.

No. 926744

I think it's a matter of the places people lurk. For example, I don't really lurk on Twitter or Instagram all that much. I mostly just lurk about on Youtube which is why I only ever really was engaged with the IBF, Toxic Tears, Jake, and Dorian. Oh and Dre Ronayne, Hello Batty, & Social Repose back when they were doing what they were doing.

I know someone brought up that Orlee chick in the last thread but I think the only reason I never heard of her was because I don't seek out occultist Youtubers since it's not really my thing.

No. 926772

this is a good point, but there have been some non-YT cows that just got forgotten or weren't milky enough.

a few threads back there was some goth alt-right/white nationalist guy on twitter. I can't remember his name though. he just sort of got forgotten.

someone brought this chick in the last thread who vaguely looked like adora and had a terrifyingly small waist who was only on instagram. but she wasn't really a cow I guess.

and who could forget kady rae? that whole thing was weird though and apparently it was raven posting her here.

No. 926830

Does anyone have milk on why Dre Ronayne and her boyfriend just broke up? She was visiting him in Mexico for the longest time and everything seemed fine until she got back home. They both purged their instagrams of each other completely and are not following each other.

Also, Alexis Marcelo seems milky in his own right; he comes across as condescending when interacting with his followers on Instagram, imo.

No. 926855

Most likely because they were milky enough but the same is being done with the current main cows that get discussed here. It's just getting a bit redundant with the main ones but the newer ones being brought up just don't seem interesting enough because their platforms may not be all that noticeable. I feel like a majority of people who post in the Altcows threads were people who were mostly from YouTube which is why so many kept talking about the main 3 so much.

No. 926856

Speaking of Orlee, she discusses being goth in this video. It starts at around 24:20. The only band mentioned is kittie, though she doesn't say they're goth.

I brought up Orlee. And I'd never heard of her either. The thread was getting stale. So I thought I'd see if father sebastian and company had any lols to offer. Searched "real vampire" and there she was.

Though I have to say, listening to her talk about her shitty childhood in the above video is sad. Not sad enough to excuse her charging gullible fragile people $699 for a "private ritual", but still sad.

No. 926873

File: 1580608866831.png (83.29 KB, 742x590, Chuck on blacks.PNG)


Chuckula occasionally gets brought up and he's got enough milk to bring some of the magic back into some of these threads. Why don't we fianlly address the cross-dressing elephant in the room?

No. 926874

File: 1580608897556.png (97.18 KB, 744x682, Chuck on blacks 2.PNG)

No. 926875


No. 926877

Absolutely agreed. This guy goes beyond cow into irredeemably awful human being. Could you provide some more info on him for us newfags?

No. 926879


lmao how old is this faggot? he needs to expand his vocabulary.

No. 926892

Who has robbed a blind person? That sounds very nasty.

No. 926893


He's a racist, sexist, cross-dressing, Trump loving wannabe vampire with an insatiable Goth girl fetish. He's had a presence online since at least the MySpace era and has only gotten more absurd over the years. He's had a bunch of "girlfriends" with all kinds of drama attached, most of these "girlfriends" have been trolls that ironically enough include actual Goth girls. A compelling argument could be made that he's the Gothic equivalent to Chris Chan. He's got a hilariously cringey masturbation video called "Chuckula's Sexual Tears" that he got tricked into doing by a fake girlfriend. He has a disappointingly page on Encyclopedia Dramatica. He's also gone on record bashing damn near every minority group under the sun from blacks to Asians all the way to women in the military.

TL;DR this fucker is an absolute goldmine

No. 926894

File: 1580611131057.jpeg (6.99 KB, 225x224, download.jpeg)

Now there's a troll worth going after.
For fuck's sake, look at this product of cousinfucking.

No. 926895


He may deserve his own thread, sounds like good milk. I am interested.

No. 926915

File: 1580614480659.jpg (61.78 KB, 497x200, women amirite.jpg)


This asshole is the perfect example of an altcow imo, it's just constant milk with him over and over again

No. 926924


It is almost feels like he is being this exaggerated for trolling purposes only. It is just too good to be true.

No. 926925

Oh my god, I had stumbled upon this guy online and legit thought it was a poor attempt at satire!

Im loving the new cows, it's a new era.

I think we have to discuss Christina Death, that woman who is obssessed with Rozz William, thinks very highly of herself just because she has some things that belonged to him. There's more milk on her, I'll try to make a summary.

No. 926927

Samefag to: Williams* kek

No. 926930

there might be information about that in the kelly eden fellowship thread.

No. 926932


I am enjoying all the new milk, I am glad you guys are bringing something unique to the table other than the usuals. Thank you!

No. 926986

File: 1580617997852.png (22.49 KB, 742x161, farquaad.PNG)


The real kicker is that he's been doing it since the mid to late 2000's. That's kinda long for it to just be a simple troll. If this is just some guy putting on a character then he's on par with Andy Kaufman

No. 927040

I feel like this guy is just trolling for the sake of trolling. If he's for real, he's an idiot if he thinks he'll be able to muster up a fan-base by being a racist.

Does this tool even have any followers? lol

It's just hard to take this guy seriously. He doesn't get likes on his asinine comments andhe doesn't seem to be interacting with anyone. It just feels like he's saying the most offensive thing he can to get a rise out of someone.

No. 927069

File: 1580637800833.png (117.46 KB, 720x858, Screenshot_2020-02-02-01-03-04…)

No. 927098


Indeed. He just seems like a parody of a far-right racist mysoginist dickbag. But if he's been doing it for this long he has to actually mean it.

No. 927134

File: 1580649112926.jpeg (241.32 KB, 1364x1188, 4AB32779-849D-4020-8456-17B8E5…)

IBF has a manager?

No. 927191

Post one yourself then? I personally just scroll past posts about smaller altcows or new ones because I'd rather keep up with the ones I'm familiar with already.

No. 927193

If she'd seemed like a person who just made casual videos whenever she felt like it I'd be taken aback. But this is obviously not the case. She is a professional youtuber who presents herself in a calculated, albeit hackneyed, way. So getting a manager might mean she'll start actually creating content for the patreon supporters who are somehow still tj
Hrowing money at her. I hope this new manager knows what they've signed up for.

No. 927198


She didn’t think to do this before she got a manager? I’ve seen youtubers with thousands less subs than her have a consistent streaming schedule.

No. 927238

Harder to ignore comments and questions in a stream, without making it obvious that's what you're doing. Maybe she waited for the uproar over her recent bullshit to die down, and for her fans to fall over themselves patting her on the back for making any kind of content.

No. 927249

This. The cycle usually goes like
>There's no milk wah wah wah
> (a new potential cow gets posted)
>This isn't milk!!!!!! Talk about someone else because I'm the sole judge of milk potential!!!
Just scroll past and shut up

No. 927292

>>Not sad enough to excuse her charging gullible fragile people $699 for a "private ritual", but still sad.

Why care about are clients "in need" of black magic scammed? You sound like some strange version of white knight with your obsession about "fragile people getting scammed by evul black magician".

No. 927344

I don't care if fragile p ed ople get scammed by black magicians, evangelists, alternative health companies or pyramid schemes. Scammers are scammers. And people who use their alternative image to trick others into giving them money are altcows.

No. 927354

New to the thread and was wondering if toxic tears posting underage boudoir modelling photos has been talked about before? I noticed a few years back when she refused to tell her age but I just watched her new video and she used them in it. Bit weird as she definitely did them in order of age and said “don’t drink underage” no don’t take child porn disclaimer though? ok

No. 927358

Everyone posted "sexy" pics of themselves at 16, 17, get over it. She's not a child pornographer.

You people are obssessed with Toxic Tears. I propose that a thread is created to discuss her and Jake exclusively so you can go there. Most anons are sick of nitpicking every little thing they do because it is not milk and no one cares anymore. Please, just go to a thread of your own and everyone will be happy

No. 927379


I mean yikes at that
but fair enough, assuming “everyone” does that -
she was 14 or 15 (not that 16 or 17 is any less illegal) & it is a professional photo shoot, she’s fully in lingerie and underwear and there’s A LOT of them you absolute nonce. Your willingness to brush it off as perfectly fine and normal speaks volumes.

No. 927388

>no don’t take child porn disclaimer though? ok
Teenager over the age of consent, wearing lingerie is a child porn now? Where's child or porn here? It's just another amazing american law invented to punish "slutty" teenagers?

No. 927424

Indeed. And if you need to rage at anyone, blame the photographer, who was probably quite a bit older than she was.

Posting sexy pics of yourself as a teenager is not the smartest idea. You may regret it, and the internet never forgets. But that doesn't make it child pornography.

No. 927433

I didn't see the pics you're talking about but posing in lingerie w/o nudity isn't porn

No. 927437

Gotta agree. The fact that she needs a manager to do livestreaming is laughable when youtubers half her size are able to do it no problem at all, all on their own.

It's gonna be hilarious if she gets questions about her bullshit and she tries to scramble with her answers lol.

No. 927438

If it was a picture of her wearing a bikini at the beach at age sixteen, would you be offended?

No. 927464

Agree 100%

Fuck off with your Toxic Tears obssession. There wasn't anything to talk about her, you saw that people lost interest and started to get excited about discussing new people so you brought up this absolutely nonsensical subject. For real, create a fucking thread dedicated to discuss her and jake and stop clogging this thread with NOTHING. There is nothing to talk about her and jake at the moment, let the subject die, let us discuss other people.

Is this a personal vendetta of yours? Because it 100% looks like it. Fuck off

No. 927472

Agreed. I'm all for talking about Kaya, if there is actual milk. But there hasn't been any for so long now. Meanwhile we have a fullblown scammer who does cringy rituals for a fortune, and an actual garbage human who seems unable to stop yelling the n word.

But meh, Kaya posted some pics you don't like…

No. 927480


I was thinking about making a separate thread for Kaya and Jake when I did this one because their drama isn’t even goth related anymore.

I didn’t want to upset anyone or overstep boundaries so I just left it alone. I have no problem volunteering to make one at anytime. I have nothing else to do lol.

No. 927502

+1 Toxic Tears and Jake are still self-obsessed poseurs who will never be seen as Goth or taken seriously by actual Goths and that's pretty much it. There's nothing left to say about them so it's best to just move on and talk about other people and only bring the other two up if they do something cringe-inducing. There's no point in posting every little thing they do. We get it, Kaya is a slob who has terrible dress sense and can't dress for her size and Jake is a self-absorbed jackass.

That'll probably be best anon. They aren't Goth and at this point, their drama has nothing to do with the scene these days, it's just them being dimwits.

No. 927534


I made the TT and Jake thread. Sorry if isn't perfect, I just wanted this shit up so we can bring some fresh milk into the altcow threads.



No. 927606

Thanks anon!

No. 927791

It honestly may be awhile for fresh stuff as far as YouTube is concerned. It's been pretty quiet lol.

No. 927807


You’re very welcome, anon.


I know, but at least we have a dedicated space for TT now to make room for new cows. That way we won’t have friction between two opposing camps who want different things in the thread.

No. 927816

IBF did a livestream yesterday. Apparently she’s going to be more active. She received a stupid amount of donations too! For nothing, just talking, not really answering questions. Think live streaming for donations is going to be her new thing as she will be doing it once a week

No. 927820


You forgot to post the link anon lol.

No. 927835

She is surprised that people have stopped sending her subscription boxes to open. Really? She never does videos that she promises and is always hard to reach. I wonder why they won't work with her.
She's also thought of starting her own subscription box.
She's still renting the glasgow flat for her stuff. She briefly mentioned her cats still being in germany. One has been given away, the other one is being longtime cared for.

No. 927838

She live-streamed from her YouTube. Don’t think that stuff is saved on YouTube?

No. 927841


They usually are. I put up the youtube link.


>One has been given away, the other one is being longtime cared for.

Lol they have both been given away - who is she fooling. I think it was in thread 15 or 16 that someone came in who had one of her cats.

No. 927844

Yes. Some Anon said they had Moon Moon, and were planning on keeping her because they didn't want her to go through the trauma of being flown to New Zealand. And because IBF is a terrible pet owner. Best wishes to that Anon.

No. 927846


Did we ever get any info on what happened to her birds? I thought she had given them away too or in her words, "rehomed"? Apologies as my memory is shitty.

No. 927858

I think she just gave them away. Which is for the best.

No. 927918

Terrible english, the fangs make her sound fucking weird, terrible makeup, cringe af.

No. 927945


I could only get 30 seconds into the video with the sound on. I didn’t even recognize her in the thumbnail!

No. 927970

I never realized how bad her English was. I'd only seen her in videos with Adora, where she mostly posed as an accessoiry to batbrat. She sounds like she's had a stroke.

No. 928081

She also mentioned that she plans to go back to Scotland and move her cat there, I suppose she was talking about Moon Moon.

No. 928089

Good luck with that Freeza. Pretty sure after you've been kicked out of the country twice for overstayinv your visa, they'll be keeping an eye on you.

No. 928146

I don't have time to watch the video at the moment and I don't think I want to sit through a near 2 hour video of her getting sucked off by her fans.

What does she expect when she barely uploads videos?

Eugh… I guess she didn't take the advice of just staying in her home country for a few years and then move when she's more financially stable.

No. 928245


> I don't have time to watch the video at the moment and I don't think I want to sit through a near 2 hour video of her getting sucked off by her fans.

Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything. It was just her being really fake and trying to come off as soooooo humble by all her “support”.

No. 928359

She did say tho that she doesn't know when exactly it will happen, so it's just vague plans I guess. Maybe won't happen at all.

No. 928365


She will do it the moment she gets enough money from donations.

I just wonder how she is paying for the “shitty” apartment that is currently her hoard stash.

No. 928400

File: 1580882605962.jpeg (498.6 KB, 1242x2208, 30564749-21B1-4B17-AF9D-B57FF4…)

Adora being insensitive and vulgar as usual. She really didn’t learn to keep her mouth shut after the whole “I’m a black girl lulz” drama. I’m surprised people follow her when it’s been confirmed that she was previously a nazi sympathizer and clearly, still a racist.

No. 928421

What the actual fuck Adora!
Also, what's this about her being a nazi sympathiser?

No. 928510

Since when was Adora a nazi sympathizer?
Is this more delusional bullshit like "Freya is a white supremist because she has skin lightening products!!!!!" or do you actually have proof?

No. 928621

There’s no proof and it has never been posted. Can the sjw fuck off from here already and goto pull or some other retarded hurt hurt place?
The things adora has done, and that has been posted, is her shitty parenting, lies about her body and cringed posts on Instagram. Everything else has been speculation.
Get some real milk already

No. 928765

Have y'all never seen the picture from her 20s where she's wearing a nazi germany military jacket as a fashion statement? I can't find the photo rn but will post if I do.
She also openly listens to and promotes faschwave which has telling lyrics.

No. 928769

The pic was posted on her old blogspot back in 2013 or so, which has been deleted since. If any other anons have the photo please post it.

No. 928778

If true then yes, that would absolutely make her at least okay enough with nazi shit to think of it as entertainment. What a cunt.

No. 928782

File: 1580975355638.jpg (307.03 KB, 1241x2178, IMG_3572.jpg)

Sebastian Columbine still pushing her whole non- binary thing. Girl, maybe if you presented as anything other than a hyper feminine girly girl once in a while we'd take it a bit more seriously.

I have some friends who identify as non binary but they're all androgynous af and genuinely don't fit into male/ female stereotype so I can kinda understand the label. Sebastian is just out here trying to feel special.

No. 928803

In that case you better denounced Siouxsie Sioux too

No. 928816

Genuine question; is Victoria Lovelace special needs? Or does she have a speech impediment or something.

No. 928838

I am not saying that it is okay just because Siouxsie did it, but they wore the swastika more to be provocative than to support nazis. Adora has always been provocative in many other ways, that has always been her so it is unsurprising. She does it so that people stare and talk. Siouxsie pretty much admitted to doing the same. They are not nazis, anon just failed to read between the lines and think a bit deeper.

I don't consider Victoria to be a cow because I do not think she displayed much cowish behavior? Correct me if I am wrong.

No. 928840

Siouxsie has adressed her past use of nazi imagery. She's said that it was deeply stupid, she regrets it, and she has apologized to anyone she may have hurt.

If Adora does the same, rather than pretend it didn't happen, I wouldn't denounce her.

No. 928842


>Have y'all never seen the picture from her 20s where she's wearing a nazi germany military jacket as a fashion statement?

I have seen numerous people wearing numerous pieces of uniforms of different armies from past and nowadays in my life. Also many trendy pieces of clothing originated as army clothing.

Explain me how the fuck wearing a jacket tells anything about wearer other than the fact that wearer likes the look?

If you wear trench coat it makes you supporter of British Empire and it's crimes in colonies? If you wear steel toed combat boots it makes you supporter of war crimes of US Army during Vietnam war?

Please don't continue that retardation.

>I can't find the photo rn but will post if I do.

Posting it would not change a lot TBH.

> She also openly listens to and promotes faschwave which has telling lyrics.

Pics or didn't happen.

No. 928844

She struggles with English obviously plus I guess her permanent fangs make speaking harder. Also she kinda tries too hard to "act American".

No. 928852

There's a difference between wearing army gear, or army insoired fashion, or even modern German military attire, and wearing Nazi stuff. Depends of course on the kind of jacket. Are we talking "similar cut" or "full on nazi symbols." Because one is fine, and the other is not. There's a reason why wearing Nazi symbols is illegal in Germany.

The problem with Adora is not just the stuff she foes. It's how she brushes off any criticism she may recieve, because she is just so edgy and shocking, and it was a joke you guys!

No. 928870

File: 1581004435483.jpg (28.81 KB, 600x327, nazis-nazis-everywhere.jpg)

If you have any proofs of your claims that she has anything to do with being Nazi just support your claims with proof otherwise quit your shitposting. You return with that theory of yours regular since many threads and so far you posted literally nothing to support that claims.Otherwise there is literally zero reason to treat you even remotely seriously.

No. 928922

Not that Anon. But I've seen her dancing to Nachtmahr and throwing nazi salutes at M'era Luna. Realize this is anecdotal. She was laughing throughout, so I assume she was kidding. But it is something that happened. I have zero proof of this beyond my own testimony, because I honestly wasn't thinking about that at the time. You can believe me or not. But it happened.

No. 928979

In non-nazi news; emily boo shaved her head because she has terrible personal hygiene and craves attention.

Her hair had been fried by bleach, and she couldn't keep her scalp clean. She plans to wear wigs for the next year. At the end of the video she looks like a significantly grimier version of uncle fester.

No. 928994

tbh, shaving her head was truly for the best.

No. 928999

She got asberger, but I've met her a bunch of times while she still lived in Sweden and she is kinda slow…

No. 929011

Yeah. I honestly think it's a combination of bad English, being self concious and awkward, and just not being the brightest crayon in the box.

I tend to think of victoria as kind of harmless. The one thing that irks me about her is her clinging to the goth label but only ever talking about metal. But she hasn't done anything truly horrible or anything. She's just kind of boring.

No. 929039

I bet its a fan who volunteered to help her lol. As if she could afford to pay someone. What a joke.

No. 929041

Thats disgusting. Do people not watch the news? There are much better things for people to donate money to. Not some bludger from NZ.

No. 929147

Dorian, Adora and Victoria. Wtf is up with all these goth chicks having Asperger's?

No. 929180

Yeah she's harmless but her main goal in life is to be famous… she got a super boring personality.
She has been in swedens next top model (didn't win, duh), swedens project runway (didn't win that either), a shitshow called "outsiders" when she got her permanent fangs… she's a fucking joke and I can't stand her or her retarded voice.

No. 929208

It's weird too. Because most Swedish people I know speak English very well. Their educational system gives them a lot of opportunity to learn. So this one is really on her.

No. 929215

She sounds the same when she speaks swedish, so I really belive she got something wrong with her development…

No. 929399

She was also on Barcroft which screams "trying really hard to get famous"

No. 929401

Yeah. This was posted on an earlier thread. It's amazing how many of these cows (julia, victoria, jude) have been featured on that show.

Speaking of which, has anybody ever brought up rottingdoll and her creepy puppeteer boyfriend here?

No. 929454


She's had at least one thread with her hot Barry Manilowesque ex-bf

No. 929502

Anon, I think you're confused. You put "hot" and "Barry Mannilow" in the same sentence.

No. 929535

File: 1581131149908.jpeg (25.11 KB, 213x320, 3F2040DC-DC90-45D0-A039-0E5B75…)


He does look like a young Manilow before all the plastic surgery.

The hot part? Whatever floats your boat I guess lol.

No. 929619

Thanks Anon! Also ex? Who would have known that wasn't a love for the ages!

No. 929720

How is Victoria a cow? What did she do that was so bad to deserve to be put here? Everyone else has reasons because they are scammers and liars but what did Victoria actually do? Is this just a thread for bashing goths now, cow or not?

No. 929777

You're probably new to this thread I'm guessing. This thread has always gossiped about alt people who are virtually milkless like Reeree Phillips. Victoria is just kind of cringey, I guess that's why she got mentioned. Also I don't see anyone "bashing" her.

No. 929795

Being mentioned once isn't "bashing", moralfag

No. 929891

Not milk but Dre Ronayne appears in this New Years Day music video.

No. 929983

You brought her up on the last thread too for no reason other than "she is a goth and I am insecure". I thought we had reasons to call them cows and no I am not new here, I have seen some of you defending your reason for bitching because they scammed people, are greedy and liars. So basically that is what this is now, a bunch of miserable nobodies go on a forum to anonymously obsess over ANY alt girl that intimidates them and makes them feel insecure, and we call them cows? Even if they did nothing? I remember a time where we had valid reasons to rip on altcows, now a lot of you are beyond desperate trying too hard to keep your obsession alive and end up being worse than the listed cows. I suppose it is all you have.
"Kaya deserves to be bullied because she bullied fat people on PULL! I have morals! But actually I can bully whoever I want because I am worse than Kaya and I know it"

No. 930036

OK moralfag

No. 930049

You can always leave the forum if the gossip is not up to your standards. I’m tired of you moralfag anons constantly littering the thread with “this isn’t milk!!11” or “this is bullying!!1”

Make your own thread then.
No one said Victoria is a cow but her thirst for fame, haul videos and way of speaking was enough to start talking about her.

I’m sorry if it’s you and we hurt your feelings, or if you’re a fan and don’t like people gossiping about your idol, but seriously, get over yourself.

Stop bitching at people for gossiping on a gossip forum.

No. 930058

oh no, you called us insecure nobodies, that really hurt anon. I have to go cry in the bathroom for an hour. look what you've done!

but anon, don't you know that gossiping on a gossip forum is literally worse than murder? we have to be careful with what we say, otherwise the people who only care about who gets mentioned on a gossip forum (you know, instead of caring about real problems in the world like poverty and war) well, their feelings will be hurt.

No. 930169

Go back to tumblr

In other news, ibf is live streaming. Same thing again. Fake happiness every time she gets money and dances/doesn’t answer questions

No. 930186

No. 930301


Milk: Matthias blocked her bc of Krazy Karen's harassment and also she admitted to having "problems with MoonMoon".

No. 930306

I think it's clear that IBF sees this as a new way to get money for doing fuck all. Expect to see more Livestreams throughout the year lol

No. 930307

It's about damn time.

No. 930373

That completely tracks. We've seen how Karen acts in public, just imagine what she's like in private.

I hope the anon who has MoonMoon sticks to their guns and does what's best for the kitty.

No. 930434


She needs to let her cats go to stable owners permanently. Why is she trying to take them back? I don’t understand her crazy thinking sometimes.

No. 930467

I remember an anon saying they had one of her cats and posted a pic. Was that moon moon or another cat?

No. 930485

That was MoonMoon. She's officially given her other cat and her birds away.

No. 930539

It's hilarious that IBF's mom is named Karen because she IS a Karen.

No. 930571

I CANNOT mcfreaking believe I ever respected this chick. I was so touched by the ~bringing MoonMoon to Germany because I can't be away from her!! ~ video because I was projecting hard (ohmigoshI'dhavedonethesame) If only I knew what the future would bring on the topic.

No. 930636

Around the time after the NYD music video, Dre got with the guy she modeled for Blackcraft with. She then got ultra wanna be goth web and bat head tattoos. Every post was them. Suddenly they’ve wiped each other from all media. I really want to know what happened there. Also he lived in Mexico so she was traveling non stop. Side note: have you seen her “Mall Goth” line with Hot Topic? I can’t.

No. 930766

And then didn't she make a bunch of vague passive aggressive posts on her Instagram story after that about "toxic people"? People were speculating it was about Kelly. And yeah I think her mall goth stuff was shared in the last thread and she even got accused of plagiarism but the idea wasn't super original to begin with tbh.

No. 930768

Yea its amazing how so many people fell for her emo bullshit. Like she actually cared about her animals and audience in general. It's all about the $$$.

No. 930772

File: 1581411555019.jpeg (261.79 KB, 1112x1785, 931E4313-5F3F-412A-8DF1-76A852…)

What in the muppet hell is this? I can only imagine the upkeep you need to do after every walk outside.

Is anyone planning to go back to buying kvd beauty now that Kat sold her shares and rights to kendo?

Also, can’t believe the crap she tried to spin about why she sold her brand.


Kat always blames something or someone else for her problems. Does she really not believe that it is her anti Semitic and antivaxx beliefs that hurt her sales?

No. 930785

Dre/kelly shit belongs in the FotR thread.

No. 930803

Seems to be the case and now she's found a new way to exploit her sucker fans with these livestreams since it's clear they are still willing to throw money at her for doing nothing. Well at least her pets are in a better living situation and won't have to worry about being moved all over again.

No. 930839

File: 1581431007189.png (810.34 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200211-142202.png)

No. 930853


I think she really meant to say
>there’s a lot of things I could do, but none of them are appealing right now, so I’d rather not.

No. 930863

Her shoe line is literally Demonia but more expensive. Mall goth ass strikes again leaving a sea of ill dressed posers in its wake.

No. 930879

But Dre is an alt cow too.

No. 930927

>>929147 It's Adora's 'sister'/daughter that has Asperger's not herself

No. 930942

Okay, thanks for clarifying. In previous threads anons said it was her who has Asperger's.

No. 930956

Wait. I thought she'd named her questionable music project "asperger's syndrome" as a nod to her own condition. But if it's not her diagnosis but her daughter's, that feels less like empowerment and more like Adora being a dick to her kids again.

No. 930957

Wow dat spin. Reminds me of Manic Moth's clothing brand which tanked because anyone doing actual work abandoned her. She tried to blame the manufacturer and accused some other business partner of stealing, turns out she is making up stories to assign blame.
I suspect there might be a similar story about KvD. Does someone here know more?

No. 930958


>Shane Dawson said he asked Kat Von D to stop sending him free makeup while working with Jeffree Star

>Jeffree Star jokes that Von D is a struggling tattoo artist and "needs work," to which Dawson laughs

These people are acting like retarded high schoolers.

No. 931005

this is like when doe deere stepped back from running lime crime after that whole data breech thing. wouldn't support either of them now b/c there's plenty of other vegan/cruelty free brand that don't have their drama etc.

also i find it really funny that j* talks shit on kvd b/c she did a lot of his tattoos and he'll have to tote them around forever.

No. 931024

File: 1581457827868.png (154.35 KB, 720x1235, Screenshot_2020-02-11-12-49-36…)

I googled 'adora batbrat aspergers' and this came up


No. 931109

File: 1581464511885.png (40.24 KB, 475x619, ibf tags.PNG)

Its Black Friday is still attention-seeking in the metatags

No. 931157

That is so fucking pathetic. Can she never stop riding otherpeople's coattails?

No. 931165

Isn't that against YT's guidelines?

No. 931172

Huh. Maybe I was wrong for calling her callous then. Which is good. I'd rather she not be a dick to her kids. My bad.

No. 931181

It is. In fact she could get banned not just from YouTube for doing it (let alone to the extent of which she's done it) but she could also get her Google account banned for it

No. 931272

The Buzzfeed, Grav3yardgirl, Jeffree Star, Jenna Marbles, etc tags are hilarious. Is this how her channel got popular? That she kept using clickbaity hashtags of popular youTubers that forced her into the algorithm?

No. 931299

Wow. She's a loser. Try something new… back making videos with no substance just because people who haven't clued on still think shes relevant. IBF is still a nobody.

No. 931301

I thought she was returning home to marry her doormat? Oh wait. She wanted kids too. A fortune teller told her that… bitch its almost March and you're on a room with terrible lighting and back to vacuous content. Just fuck off.

No. 931366


Same thoughts anon. She lies about everything. All that time she disappeared and she could have married Barnaby and started trying to do something different with her life.

No. 931389

It's really reeks of desperation for ibf to tag safiya nygaard and jenna marbles. They have nothing to do with the goth scene.

How did you check the metatags?

No. 931395

>also i find it really funny that j* talks shit on kvd b/c she did a lot of his tattoos and he'll have to tote them around forever.
Imagine the awkwardness each time j* is asked about those tattoos.

No. 931408

>How did you check the metatags?
nta, right click (not on the video player, just somewhere on the background)> View source> search "video:tag"

No. 931428

A big part of her getting popular was her feud with Onision, that was when her subscribers dramatically increased.

Which is ironic, because she said that Onision was exploiting Eugenia Cooney, but Eugenia Cooney was one of the tags she used to abuse on irrelevant videos like her Mohawk one. When people pointed this out she freaked out and removed them from those videos but people already knew what she did.

It's a common tactic of desperate YouTubers. Ride the coattails of bigger ones.

No. 931453

That's the funny thing, IBF is slowly fading out of relevance even within Goth because her videos are boring and somewhat pointless. And with people like Angela Benedict, Radically Dark, Accumortis, Kai Decadence, Rose Nocturnalia, and Ligeia Ressurected around and actually making engaging content that isn't hauls and non-engaging videos. I just can't help but feel like she's on her last legs of her "YouTube career". Hell even Dorian as insufferable as she can be, at least her content is kinda engaging even if she takes forever to get to her point.
How she has oodles of people still supporting her Patreon and apparently now throwing money at her in her livestreams is very perplexing.

No. 931454

>It's really reeks of desperation for ibf to tag safiya nygaard and jenna marbles. They have nothing to do with the goth scene.

Definitely anon. Totally desperate and that perhaps even she knows her content can't stand on its own and so has to tag shit that has nothing to do with her video.

Oh right, I forgot she got into it with Onision way back when and how she was using Eugenia's name in her tags yet was shaming Onion for exploiting her name.

> It's a common tactic of desperate YouTubers. Ride the coattails of bigger ones.

I mean, I suppose I could understand why smaller YouTubers would do that as sometimes it can be hard for their content to get out there even if it's genuinely good. But still, to tag shit that has nothing to do with the video is just dumb.

No. 931501

I can’t really remember Freyja’s videos ever being interesting. She just seemed to benefit from there not being a big goth presence on youtube at the time.

Now she’s making cooking videos, even though she claimed when she was with Matts that she doesn’t really like it lol.

No. 931506

Same anon from >>931453 but I think you're right. I actually went to IBF's channel to see the kinds of videos she used to make as it's been awhile and honestly I think you're right about this. My first video of Freya's I ever watched was her "Romantic Goth Tag" video but she did a crap ton of makeup videos and I never really watched any of them.

But back around this time there really weren't many other Goth Youtubers aside from Sebastian Columbine, Laila Autumn, and one other person I'm forgetting. I guess I'll just be honest that I was initially intrigued by Freya because of her look which did look very old school and more authentic to Goth in the way Sebastian Columbine's deathrock phase made me think even though Sebastian was ripping off Patsy.

But now in the current year with other goth Youtubers like I've mentioned who actually upload more worthwhile and engaging content, it really made me realize how vapid and boring Freya's videos actually are. And I don't really get why she's trying to become a cooking channel all of a sudden, is this the next new trend? lol

No. 931514

Ibf used to diy vids and how to dress yourself on a budget type vids. But this was before companies started throwing clothes at her and it all stopped. It was engaging since she was a budget goth but then it was haul vids, rap vids and react videos. You can that crap anywhere on YouTube

No. 931515


She appeals to normies partially for the way she dresses and then she portrays herself as supersweet and positive, which is more normie bait.

The food videos are just more of her basic nonsense and normie bait. She knows people go mad over someone with a dark aesthetic, doing cutesy things, whilst making sure you get a nice view of her boobs for the male clicks.

A regular goth is too busy wandering in the mists of some long forgotten castle to need validation on the internet.

No. 931541

Whatever happened to Allison Eckfeldt?

No. 931553

yea i'm kind of curious, some ppl know already but for those who don't, does he avoid answering or lie or what.

that's kind of sad, like ppl care more about getting the free stuff and put in minimal effort which just kills creativity and the want for it. she's barely putting out any kind of content and doesn't even have her stuff, what does she actually have to offer her audience.

No. 931567

she basically made a video talking about how youtube wasn’t fun for her anymore and she’s focusing on her art/music instead and might come back to making vlogs in the future but that was almost a year ago now

No. 931623

Lol good point anon. It does seem like it's mostly normie types who eat up her content and think she's some unique person whereas people within the Goth scene are pretty "meh" to indifferent about her from my experience. Well normies or Mallgoths who aren't really Goth. And oh right, I forgot that she would pull a Trisha Paytas making sure the camera was placed in an angle to show off her cleavage (and hide her gut).

Pretty much what >>931567 said. She was not having fun with YouTube anymore and wanted to pursue her work with her band Esoterik and traveling. She's still relatively active on her Instagram but that's about it. It's a shame that she deleted/privated most of her videos because some of them were pretty good.

No. 931624

Ahh good old Kazlovesbats. I miss her videos.

Allison has always gone through phases with her aesthetic/ fashion/ music etc.
Three years ago her style started to become more viking/ witchy/ nordic mixed with goth.
Eventually she started to introduce more color and in 2019 she dropped the goth look altogether. She still listens to goth though.

I met her and she's definitely a very kind and sensitive person, so I imagine youtube was too much for her. I remember people were hating on her for various reasons, like her pagan faith or her exploring different gothic fashion styles. She told me that she had enough.

Like the anons above said, she also quit because she wanted to focus more on her band, which is a shame since she's completely tone deaf and can't sing for shit.
I also feel like she has regressed skill wise in her art; she went to an art school and yet her drawings look like my 13yo sister's. I honestly feel like she was better back in 2012 but idk how thats possible.

I used to really enjoy her content so its a shame the direction she went.

No. 931670

Last time I found IBF videos really interesting was few months after she moved to Germany. She was filming events and you could have actually seen local scene in them. She was still mostly DIY at that time.

No. 931672

But TBH here aiming for normies is logical if she wants to do yt for living. "No one" watches goths only channels. Especially if youtuber happens to be male. At least not quantities that would make channel profitable.

No. 931711


I don’t necessarily think what Freyja does is bad or anything. If she prefers to make donuts and basically live off of viewer welfare, more power to her, I guess lol.

No. 931731

Honestly, good for Allison that she admitted she couldn't do it anymore. So many snowflakes and cows hate doing Youtube/ social media but keep clinging to it because it strokes their ego and brings them income, whining about "haters" and "how terribly hard it is to be me" (aka the struggle is real) the entire time. At least Allison admitted that she couldn't handle it and bolted.

No. 931766

Yeah. Even though she's definitely profiting off her goff image.

No. 931858

Hmmmmmm Is there any proper cold waver blogger from continental Europe? All I see is USA, USA, USA herbs from UK and Freya currently NZ. Well, there are/were few grufftis but they rarely post and it's all in German so their reach is limited.

No. 931871

Radically dark is UK, and features music a lot.

No. 931913

Freyas content only attracts people who can stand watching her mouth move. I cant get past it.

No. 931915

She said in an interview at WGT that her fetish was modesty. She should work on not having her tits out every video. But she never says what she means anyway. These cooking videos are lame.

No. 931932

Shame she dropped her goth-self altogether, I used to watch her from 2012-15 during my rekindled interest in goth subculture/aesthetic then proceeded to follow her after making an instagram account.

After a year of absence, I went to check her out again after seeing her recent post only to find nothing really gothic about her anymore but was digging the Nordic hippie-witch vibe she gives, albeit over the top but whatever. Thank you for explaining why she dropped it.

Her music is also changing too; it’s no longer trying to be 80’s goth but more like folksy synth pop. It’s alright, I guess

No. 931946

maybe this is an unpopular opinion here but I thought she used to have great content, particularly her travel vlogs and event vlogs of places like wiggy T, m'era luna etc. even though I hate her as a person I would totally be down to watch more of those. I think her best content is her non-goth content and with her loyal subscribers it probably wouldn't even be hard for her to float on it, but she's just lazy as hell and screwing her own channel with her inconsistency.

she said that because the interviewer was trying to get her and mattias to say something kinky (he seemed to think all goths are into bdsm/kink) so they said modesty and monogamy to be funny. ironic since both of them cheated allegedly.

No. 931979

Same anon, Back when Allison was going by "KazLovesBats", I can say unironically that I did like her old content from 2011-2014. She had some pretty engaging videos and she's someone I can say was an actual Goth. I didn't know that she dropped the Goth thing aesthetically but it's cool that she still likes the music.

I also have to agree about the singing. I didn't mind her voice for her band's first song "Indigo Children". It was not good but I think the melody of the song was catchy enough to where I could let the mediocre singing slide. Same for their third single "Necrodancer". But when she came back after her long hiatus, I don't know why but I just could not ignore the singing in the newer music because it just sticks out way too much. That said I do think it's cool that she's pursuing music as that is what she is passionate about so I'll give her props for that.

I mean you're not wrong. I think most actual Goth youtubers do understand that Goth content will never be popular on YouTube because most people aren't into Goth music and the scene but I don't think it bothers them because a lot of these people like Angela, Accumortis, Skullgirdle, and Cadaver Kelly for example, they have professions/jobs outside of YouTube so they don't need to cave and pump out half-baked content like IBF does.

No. 931980

It's just that she really doesn't say anything interesting at all.

I remember her saying that in a Q&A as well and I never understood what she meant when she has her tits popping out of her tops usually. Isn't that like the opposite of modest? lol I'm guessing she only said that to make her look "unique" and Victorian even though her look contradicts that notion.

I'll be honest, I liked the travel vlogs too and it was those videos that kinda tricked me into thinking her content was ever good lol I say that because if you've read the past threads, you may have read how she acquired the money to do that much traveling.

No. 932177

So Dre and Alexis got back together? Even the old deleted instagram pics of them are back online.

No. 932193

According to the FotR thread yes.

No. 932470

>I didn't know that she dropped the Goth thing aesthetically

Just because someone is not copying same old known cliches all over and over like 90 percent of so called trad crowd does not yet mean dropping goth aesthetics.

Going trough here recent photos the only noticeable change I see is that she wears more colors that she used to. But I see all black too occassionaly. The rest is still within late new wave boundary.

I find the notion that you have to wear at least one black thing to consider your outfit to be goth ridiculous. There were times and regions where black was not even dominant color in goth clubs.

No. 932478

I should've specified. I meant dropped the Goth aesthetic. I wasn't implying that she was no longer a Goth anymore, she still enjoys Goth music and that's really all that's required to be a Goth.

No. 932509

File: 1581795586651.png (236.96 KB, 367x440, whatisgoff.png)

What is goff?
Baby don't hurt me!
Don't hurt me!
No more!

No. 932517

You did say "dropped the Goth thing aesthetically" so I'd say you were pretty clear, that other anon just wanted to preach about what is and isn't goth aethetics

No. 932529


>preach about goff aesthetics

Kek we seem to always have this discussion every thread, at least once.

No. 932544

It's fun to "preach" especially in times of instagram xeroboys and xerogirls

No. 932585

File: 1581810479771.jpg (1.5 MB, 2005x1440, file_6283051544_original.jpg)

Wow, Such creativity, much unique. Would be a shame if people would copy such great and intricate craftsmanship.

No. 932587

File: 1581810701948.jpg (2.5 MB, 2252x2252, file_275a52617b_original.jpg)

Totally worth 69$, its really hard to tie some jersey fabric strings to an already existing forged item.

No. 932619

>she went to an art school and yet her drawings look like my 13yo sister's.

Admission to art school doesn't mean someone is good at art. Mai's human blanket fort fashion is evidence that the art lessons were pretty much wasted on her. Manic Moth isn't good either. Her school has online exhibitions of graduates, which were real award winning artists. Bottom feeders like them can't get work anywhere, they have no career outside instagram. Their only way to earn money is to scam dumb followers with play dough jewelry and hideous jersey scraps.

No. 932631

Indeed. Which art school did Moth attend to? If you know of course. I am so sick of Mai's constant whining about her "art" being stolen. God forbid if someone wants to make an inspired jersey belt from a simple i-cord tutorial,lol. But the scrap belts are the next level of laziness.

No. 932636

Yes. That's the thing. Her work is so bog standard. Belts like that are incredibly common. You can find a dozen tutorials online, most of which predate Mai making them.

But no, somebody stole her idea of knitting an eyecord and attaching it to hardware she bought. Also she owns runes, so…

No. 932651

Yeah I did mean "Aesthetic" but not Goth itself because again, she likes the music. I myself don't look dressed to the nines in the standard Goth look myself so one wouldn't really know I was a Goth until they heard what kind of music I listened to lol But fair enough.

"Xerogirls/Xeroboys" I guess I'm getting old now because I've never heard that term before lol

70 dollars for that??? She's kidding right? lol Thing should be no more than at least $10 and I'm being very generous with that keke. Though if someone actually buys it for that much then I guess she's doing something right lol.

No. 932663

File: 1581823194932.jpeg (447.2 KB, 734x1118, 69A446AC-FCF3-4FEB-A509-48686B…)

Speaking of Mai Magi and the Mushroom Witches…she deleted most of the videos on her channel relating to her home. All the vlogs of her moving in and such are gone, but she kept up most of the few videos she made with Mara. I find it kind odd since Mara scrubbed her channel of anything to do with her ex BFFS.

She and Annika continue to post hashtag twinfies of themselves like the Mean Girls of the Far North as well and continually preach friendship, positivity, and love.

No. 932732

Not surprised. Mara is relatively popular and still brings in some views. And mai just wants money.

No. 932788


Moth is a sore loser compared to her peers. You don't see anyone else slapping runes on ready-made shirts and call herself "fashion designer".

No. 932796

Anons here were digging Mai's financial background and she got scared, me thinks. I hope anons can dig some more and find out where her family's wealth comes from.

Mara deleted them because she was hurt, it was very obvious. Mai and Annika sucked up to her for fame, then they turned on her like twin judas. Now the backstabbers act like they did nothing wrong.

No. 932804

File: 1581876958820.jpg (56.75 KB, 640x640, 82283232_787642428421217_80122…)

any milk on the youtuber ch527kerosene?

No. 932831

File: 1581886717536.jpeg (484.05 KB, 750x1170, 301E03E6-7880-45A6-A583-4C7B2A…)


I find it so gross and cruel how they make a big deal about being these female empowered witches, and yet they basically trashed Mara once they got what they wanted.

I don’t think they would have gotten all their sponsorships without being connected to her.

No. 932856

I have an old bangle, tshirt and a pair of scicssors. Time to make myself a 70 dollar belt guys.

No. 932857

Maimagi wouldn't have gotten anywhere without Psychara. Before that she was weeaboo trash. These days she uses her grandpa's inheritance to pretend to be successful to her impressionable followers. Manicmoth is full of manipulative bullshit like Mai. She keeps leeching off sponsors for free stuff, just to bitch about them later. If she thinks Celtic Fusion and Punkrave aren't good enough for her she can go eff herself. Previously they have been dumped by Mera Luna festival because they bitched about the accommodations they got for free. They are rude and inconsiderate, it's a miracle someone still wants to work with them.

No. 932885

Wait, what's this about M'era Luna not working with them anymore? I was there the year they were complaining. The premium shelters were flooded. But then everything was flooded. It was the worst rain I've ever seen at a festival. There was just no preparing for it. We were all flooded out. So yes. If you paid a lot for a fancy premade shelter, and then still end up hunkering in the mud like we were on the campground, that would suck. But it's also just the risk you run at a festival. And they didn't have to foot the bill for it.

No. 932933

Which year was it? Their videos are gone and I can't remember when it happened anymore. If someone has the videos please upload them.
In hindsight these videos were narcissistic tantrums in plain sight. The self-proclaimed viking queens became unglued once they realized they wouldn't get better treatment than anyone else, lmfao.

No. 932937


I think it may have been 2017.

No. 932938

File: 1581912122585.jpeg (96.25 KB, 740x270, 57B743C1-FE23-404F-AE58-F64EC6…)

No. 932940

So what exactly was the problem? Their tents got flooded, so what? The organizers were struggling to fix it. Wouldn't normal people be grateful?

No. 932945


I don’t know, them three kept acting like it was somehow M’era’s fault they were soaked. I am not sure how disorganized is equal to inclement weather.

They should have booked an hotel like Adora

No. 932946

File: 1581913462269.jpg (915.56 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200217-042310.jpg)

Seems like these two are back together…

No. 932952

They can't afford hotels, that's part of the joke. Freeloading and still being ungrateful to the point to bitch in a video about the host, wow. It seems no one taught them manners at home.

No. 932954


They probably could if they stopped spending so much of their meager incomes on thrift shopping and magic rocks.

No. 932985

This is at least their second breakup so far. I can imagine fans are losing interest by now.

No. 933028

No. 933033

A video from Freezer. Her and mr. Owl went to the garden/park then a cemetery. She of course made more radioactive cupcakes and brought them with her and then tried shoving them off onto helpless bystanders (she was too chickenshit to do it herself so made mr owl do it instead). They quizzed one another on how well they know each other and it was as lame and pointless as you’d expect. she put more effort into her look than the video itself.

No. 933036

It is a mutually beneficial arrangement usually. Those shelters are available for rent to regular festival-goers, if you're willing to shill out quite a bit of money. It's very much glamping, and I can see how having influencers promote them would make sense.
But complaining about it when the festival is clearly doing all it can in the face of downright ridiculous weatheris just a dick move. The volunteers were working their butts of that year in the streaming rain and ankle-deep mud, spreading straw around, keeping access to vital areas (first aid, bathrooms) available first, and trying to redirect traffic because the parking grounds and the roads up to them were flooded and people were getting stuck in the mud and had to be towed out.
So I'm sorry cummunication wasn't as good as you might have hoped ladies. That must have been hard for you.

No. 933082

You would think they would embrace the chaotic forces of the natural world, since they’re always harping on about trees and saving the earth.

No. 933188

Toxic Tears just released a 20 minute video whining about how she's not part of the goth community because she's "too scared" and that her Youtube career is "limited" because of the way she looks as a goth and that Fake was normal for those couple of years because of the bUlLiEs.
So there's that.

No. 933190

…But then she posts a video unpacking two witch moon sub boxes. 1) some brands do work with her and 2) she doesn't use the tat they send which might tell smarter brands she's not worth sending things to. But kaya hides behind eLiTiSm as an excuse for her laziness.

No. 933192

If I could laugh any harder, I’m sure I’d explode. She’s not apart of the community because all SHE does is call everyone an elitist and fake isn’t and was never goth to begin with!

No. 933198

Not to mention his constant complaining about goth music. I wonder why the scene hates him.

No. 933209

There's a separate thread for Kaya/Jake >>>/snow/927531

No. 933217

Cry me a fucking river. She's not part of the Goth community because she's not a Goth nor was she ever one. The only reason she was able to skate by as being called Goth from back in her early days of YouTube was because there weren't many Goth youtubers back then and even then, I remember that if people did talk about Goth music, they'd get called "elitist". That's part of the reason why Sebastian Columbine deleted her video on Goth music that she did back when she was still an active part of the Deathrock scene.

"Scared" my ass. The music was always there but she didn't like it, she said it "wasn't her cup of tea" and that she preferred other music which is fine but that meant she was not a Goth. And the only reason she started listening to it was by obligation and desperation because of how she got lambasted on that Gothquisition podcast back in 2018 when they brought that up. As for being too Goff for sponsors, bullshit. Alternative sponsors are a thing like >>933190 mentioned, it's just that she's lazy and does a piss ass job presenting the products so of course not many are gonna wanna work with her when she half-asses it.

Exactly. He can go fuck himself with that woe is me, "they're all bully elitist" attitude, he brought it on himself.

No. 933400

Not to be the center of the universe for 10 minutes, that's harsh. How dare they ignore us GOff qWEeNs to help other 25,000 PAYING guests first? LOOOL.

No. 933842

More why-I-am-not-like-others navel gazing from Dorian.

My Normality Phase: The Dark Truth…

Of Herbs and Altars
73.8K subscribers
Published on Feb 19, 2020

When trying to become someone else nearly killed me…

No. 933844

She's overreacting… I get that sometimes alternative people go through a time where we question the things we do in life just like any other person but I hate how some of these people take it so seriously where they feel they're dying or some shit. I remember Snowy Lowther kind did the same thing awhile back and I was just thinking "Overreacting much?"

No. 933863

To be fair, she didn't claim that dressing mainstream made her feel miserable. She just said that people assumed she was happy when she dressed mainstream even though she was miserable and O.D'd. And that they assume she's depressed now that she dresses goth, even though she is a lot better now.

Having said that, it's amazing that Dorian can talk about doing insane ammounts of speed and coke for days on end, and still be surprised that this somehow led to her life falling apart and her having a massive breakdown. She's quite the detective.

No. 933864

Saged because TT has her own board now. But her music q&a is hilarious.

We get it, you like one Sisters of Mercy song.

No. 934125

i wonder if she ever thinks about how her life is now .. still living with and relying on her parents .. never functional and independent and constantly reminiscing about the past that will never come back

No. 934147

She doesn't ever seem to address the elephant in the room. 35 years old, still living with mom in her childhood bedroom and doesn't even have a normal sleep schedule cos she has less responsibility in life than an actual child.

No it's better to concentrate on important topics like perfume, make up and maybe gender feelings for the hundredth video. Priorities..

No. 934163

>I know I said I don't like goth music. But that was six years ago. And I've discovered a lot of goth music since then that I love. I wish people would stop judging me on my old videos, and take the time to actually figure out what my musical tastes are.

But then…

>I like a handfull of songs by one, very well known, gothband. But I really just wanna talk about 90s pop, Kpop, and Disney songs.

Well, guess we misjudged her all this time.

No. 934171

>I wish people would [….] take the time to actually figure out what my musical tastes are.
Give me one good reason why anyone should waste their time and brainpower on THAT.

No. 934179

Is Psychara still being invited by M'era Luna?

No. 934194

No idea. She was still friends with the other two back then, and they complained about it together. So I doubt it.

No. 934211

File: 1582220693994.jpeg (378.23 KB, 750x838, 1400F1B8-B677-4BA1-B5D0-B51B0F…)

At least Mara and Nina have some originality and creativity opposed to Mai and Moth. Just sayin.

No. 934224

I hate to admit it but you're right. I know that some of us progress at different rates as we age and I think that's fine. I don't think Dorian still living with her mom is inherently bad if her mom genuinely doesn't mind but it's the fact that she has done nothing with her life which makes her boring and uninteresting to even bother with these kinds of videos. She doesn't work, she hasn't really pursued a type of creative project long scale (when she definitely has the time to do so in her situation), and her interests are just base level uninteresting (you can only talk about makeup for so long) and the gender stuff is bullcrap attention-seeking. All she can talk about is the aforementioned two things and how she used to be a druggie and club all the time. She's boring which I guess some people don't mind but it's just… Can you imagine how it's gonna be for her when she's 40 and still in the same spot?

No. 934228


She's full of shit. We don't need to spend time "figuring out her musical tastes" when she makes it apparent that she's not into Goth music. If she really was, she would have no problem actually namedropping some of her favorite Goth bands and songs she likes without being vague about it. No one is saying that she can't like non-Goth music and that was never the issue, it was just how so clear that she was not into Goth music and clearly using the "Goth" label for attention and the moment more people started pointing that out, she scrambles to the most popular Goth band and listens to like 2 songs and calls it a day.

She's so desperate to be seen as a Goth and I think deep down she's bothered that most of her fans are not Goths and that most of the actual Goth YouTubers like Angela, Skullgirdle, Ligeia, Kai, Accumortis, Cemetery Confessions, and the like don't think much of her at all and think she's a poser. She only appeals to young teens and non-Goths and nothing more.

No. 934261

I think her living at home is a problem tbh, she doesn't seem equipped to look after herself if something were to happen to her mom tomorrow. She also lives with the stepdad and we don't know how he feels about her presence being a seemingly permanent thing. I know parents rarely come out and say it bluntly but by 35 you certainly do want your kids to have their own lives and own home.

Her sleeping all day shows how little responsibility she has. Even unemployed (disabled) friends of mine have to keep a normal sleep schedule for the sake of running the usual errands that come with just being an adult.

I don't dislike her but I've seen her cockily giving out advice in vids and acting like she's wise and it's astounding how little self awareness she has around her own circumstances. Living that eternal teen-life and somehow still acting like you're wise as shit?

No. 934323

I don't dislike her either. And I think she has real medical issues that make it more difficult to live on her own.
But that is exactly why she needs to get her ass into gear and start building a life for herself. Because she's getting older, and the longer she waits, the harder it will be. One of these days her parents are either not going to be around, or will be too old to care for her. Imagine having to do that at an advanced age. And if she gets thrust out into the world she won't manage.

Mental issues and being aneurotypical are a genuine concern. But she can, and should, get help in order to live independently.

No. 934341

Good point anon. Yes you're right that Dorian is in a place where it does seem like she won't have the necessary skills to support herself if something bad happens to her mom (or worse) and for all we know, her stepfather may not be too thrilled with the situation as well. I'm not sure when the last time she had a job was but I'm guessing she hasn't worked in such a long time that she has next to no work experience and while she does get disability, it's hard to know if she even knows how to properly budget herself and be responsible since it seems like her mom does most things for her.

> I don't dislike her but I've seen her cockily giving out advice in vids and acting like she's wise and it's astounding how little self awareness she has around her own circumstances. Living that eternal teen-life and somehow still acting like you're wise as shit?

EXACTLY. That's the biggest thing that was always in the back of my head whenever she does these kinds of videos. She doesn't have any actual adult experience and she thinks she has it all figured out when she hasn't done much of anything with her adult years? Like I would give her more leeway if she was actually pursuing a creative project. I know she writes some music and wrote a book but she's not very ccnsistent with it at all and it just makes her come off as a lazy teenager with no structure or ambition.

Yeah I think her gaining some independence will do her some good. She could try looking into assisted independent living if her medical issues are that big of a hindrance. Like I won't say I like her but she's not the worst person and I do hope she rises above it all because as of now, I just can't help but think of her as the less insane Chris Chan who you're just waiting to see how they'll handle life when their mothers pass away and they'll have to fend for themselves.

No. 934402


Sad if true. They ruined a great opportunity due to retardation and privilege. Shallow as pans, and yet preach as though they’ve been to Asgard.

No. 934566

No. 934608

I'm not sure if you're only bringing him up because he's talking about Jake but I am SO glad someone is talking about this guy. He was known for being sexist and inflammatory on the Gothic Amino app, making gross comments towards women until he eventually got banned.
In response to people's complaints about him he made this video, trying to repaint himself as some kind of champion for women. His shots of him up close to the camera trying to look threatening as he declares how angry he is at sexism are laughable.
Some highlights include:
> 4:25 - Can't be sexist because he drew a picture of Alex from the Clockwork Orange with a severed head. He pretends not to know the name of the character for some reason.
> 5:50 Says being sexist to goth women is tempting fate because they have a reputation for being kinky and dangerous so they might rape you.
> 6:05 Says "Show some fucking respect or else because some of us carry knives" whilst showing a switchblade to the camera.
> 7:56 Says "Show some respect or else" and grabs the camera in an attempt to seem intimidating.

No. 934650

What the actual fuck is this troglodyte? Wow.

No. 934964

Is that a wig? Jfc.

No. 934978

>>934608 This is so much cringe; I couldn't watch all of it. His voice sounds much younger than I'd expect from his features - is he actually quite young, just prematurely beardy? He certainly seems like he's just doing a bunch of edgy teenager posturing, and the room he's in strikes me as 'parents attic, and they won't let me paint it blacl' especially with the halloween bats stuck up everywhere

No. 934980

File: 1582322287551.jpg (1.52 MB, 2249x3000, Dwight_.jpg)


omg goth dwight

No. 934987

His voice is like a South Park character.

No. 935088

Does anybody have any info on this bearded angry manchild?

No. 935133


Apparently he's 23 - I found his account on a dating site for goths/alternative people.


He says on his profile "I do believe I can thoroughly trust their [goth women's] judgement much deeper than female outsiders who often laugh me out of a room just for entering." Sounds like an incel who thinks if the normal girls wont have him, he can find a goth girlfriend.

He has a video on his channel about getting banned from the gothic amino.

No. 935167

How much do you wanna get this guy posts here? Hahahaa.

No. 935196

File: 1582348637395.jpg (137.95 KB, 958x699, comment1.jpg)

From Angela's most recent Q&A. I desperately wanna know who the people are they're talking about.

No. 935200

File: 1582349987715.jpg (130.07 KB, 938x725, comment2.jpg)

No. 935291

Hagraven had blue hair for a long time.

It doesn't sound like thegothicalice. She would be too young. Kazlovesbats was known for het blue hair, but that was years ago.

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